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f fl' , C ,C If ,,,. , ,, ,, -1 , up 3 S li 'I ' '74 L' X' - f Lf yiffv, 'xZA3x.,z,,d 1 , ,, . 'A , , , T J 1 ' ,I ,AM g1zffe:z7ca42, A 'W , , pf' f ,I , 4 ff 4,122 -Z1!"?f4,ff-ff to ,af .fwfff-l ' " ' f f I Q , ,L 7 ,, ., J ff Lf f LW JM Af ww ff - 1 A , -ffm vd , .L,L,, ,oc 'fc -67141 LC -Ai .1 ,-7161,-6.1-Cffffdvz C I-M342 ' W, wwfekf 4414 fff+fbffffff M A 44fCf6e'i,C L ,!ycf'-,cQ7fw,f,ag,cf,f:g,, 4,46 ' ,dikwcffazff 1502 " ff' Alfffflffii ,1424,f,f, , - 4401 T, J , 22 A M. 4, -'LfC,,f' " "4 4' f' Q ,656-e cl Xgdif'-'7,, C'-fill' fl" ' 7 1-cqfdf 171s I I Lf, - X51 If A .-, GYM ?0U4J3,,LgLU ,mf f f El .gZ"4'7fCL 2 T CT' 'IMC.f.g 6,6 , gf.CQ5.g g6.,,.72YC,C 246 47,6 6,1 ,fc-fag L, ,4.L,g4f lf., ,e elif, OLj,,Z,c4f 1'4" 7:1125--'aj ,f D '11-11 '1f.1ff"C-f? LL: r4,Ly.1,.g,i,h,f,'f ,. If if j I, f - , A V , C , 4 -ff1iz?KCf!fA'.ff.f'1fff-iff, , 4' f' ., fwfcfd 7152-Mic 4,1-Q1 ., .1 ' ' J A 4 A 4 ,Jf!,,,6f:!f-f 1 LJ ,fL,d4i' ,,4?.iLc,.aLcc:,,f4fjf1f! ,fl , I i ,f7ffge,,4,L,L 7:47161-K ,wc 1 sz af? fi!-fT 7f,l!47cf.ffCi'6f1f 9"z-1,02 'Z 1 f 'Q ,-Q: , f ,Af x ,, , I f fs,,,Wvf,fQ ff--. A- ffm J ff lj, ,3w. ff ifa ,L , ,j:.Af7w vdsff-ff-X2-'fy " L, 'num-fswww-Q ' N. 5 f If,1,,,,',Q,, - f ' 'f 1 V - N """+-4 Q I . D , I ---A . . 'in Jxww J'f:f:mnzf'i,fmw I-f2.4s7A SJ, 1 zg 1 - 4 SN W fiivi , JM ' W mg? KW M K6 Qf'fM :6l:.T.fJZ5'J- 'LM knee!! . V Jr: ' ,,, ,,,..,.4 fgtvffx BME i2'?f?lfff-ww fini WM - 59- 4' . QZMH744 'z 40 lmffff, W in Q I , .9 9 il Q31 fdwwfwf , ' G iv at QV ...ff , Q2 7411, 1 QW ' A 1 W X 'VJ it 1? iw q ,Md . q WA www- gym W MW' Mifw UW We W' W 4 www' A wgeffgs M .mlfxivibqx 'if MQ 4 S ggfa-1fCL06',. ,fy fi, FM I pflfffi, 5713K s X' 9 M +, , u - A an A ' r " I . N X Q 1 W - p A -I ,, Q -fl-A 5... 'sm fx 1 . J "W '15 1 L ff 'Q .' 2 1 1 S 'i ' 1 ,F ' f,. Q ' , H A , if awfw' WM! X"H'4j1,.iaf wb,' yMDy 5 WMZW MMMMUTQ Wyw iff Www? ,fLf1fv0!'24"'47A"!p4DlVlJ-4AJQQ0-c4.f-,fLJ awww ,uAfffff'- L,,,,lof"""L'L' ...- 'A --v-, IQVAV' "'-Vv J., 76,1-,I ua V ".' A A ' ri 2 ,,, . - . -fix' ' WMA! s ' izu-J, ,QQ-It f I . A H ,Q DJ MMV J ' V 1 J A ,mfw 74 KfZWjZuWkfMMQ ZWMJKQ WW! WQMMVWWMWQJ, D D 1 7, f09"7'5y al-46144 ' 4.1 f 7,71 5 ,.Zfff 5-5f " ' - A.. '.,1A. 1 ...nfzah-,... 4.1 ..- x' " -in A. , fu t . ., 2 - 1 . 111: ,, ' va 4 v ,I ' ,,v- xy 1 2 4g .A Fl 1-a. J,-- q . A N f ' - wk- .- ' . , , .. .4 U15 may fclzves Between the covers of this Stony Echoes '58 you will catch a glimpse of the students and the activities of good ole S, H, S, Let this book serve as a bridge to the past, a reminder of the present, and bring joyful memories in the future. THE CLASS OF '58 4? ' We, the Senior Class of 1958, wish to dedicate this annual to our coach, Mr. Dettro. Mr. Dettro comes to our school with an outstanding record in basketball, and his ability is an inspiration to our team. His pleasant disposition has made him well-liked by all. Stung 501065 Staff BETTY HODGES - Editor Seated: Patricia Everlen, Jerry Spickard, Betty Hodges, Brenda Whitlow, Ruth Nation, Joyce Hodges, Standing: Mack Smith, Minor Dishon, Charles Grant, Ronnie Taylor, Lonnie Stivers, Dee Ann Delvlichael, Kenneth Spires, Carol Ware, Nedda Moore, Tom Watson, Suzanne Swigert, Bob Adams, Cleta Wiseman, Tom Marucco, Joann Stout, Jarvis Allen, Roger Coffey, an W. nd w '5 4 77k1 Q ,J Q S B M K ' H M 1 v 3 4 gf ,g .Q ,s X ve' xx A 3 A EW ,-,: . XL J ,- if sf J W' v-wr' A : ai 1 x Q fsgggmf gk "Y gi 1 F! 'M-, , -"' I . ' , L a a-, .. ,: :fI,' ' if - f ww 5? I ' - uM....W. .X,.,.M..N - .rw LMA Y 7 -Af-mm. v 4, -? 1 ' ' ff A5 W ? Q . 9 J X4 - L it V t jf, cw,-M, ,ik-4.0-ynn.,, 1' Q pf' Bw 9 6.71 V Q.,-, -Aim QW ,T S ,J wg Q . ,qt af-1,.,, . Q?7,f?" C9794 f .9 sf k Q Q. -v Q 1 4:3479 , ,gnnmnmfm 1, wlwwwnaz w ADMINISTRATION 'ik f K .-.fgtx . .W Ml' The quality of mercy ix not strainedg It droppeth, ay the genfle rain from heaven Upon the plare heneathg it if twice hle55'd - It hlenezh him that gives, and him that takes. A SHAKESPEARE Heard of Education Seated: Mr, Joe Lynn, Mr, Richard Covington, Mr, Wesley McChristy, Mr, Tom Doyle, Standing: Mr, Dorris Robinson, Mr, Louis Briggs, Mr, Lester Pollock, Adminisfratian Superintendent Prine iP31 MR, ALLEN BUCHANAN MR- VI-RGIL BOLERJACK B.Ea.. s.1.U. B-Edu E-S-Q M. A. . University of Illinois A. M. . University of Illinois .411 ajlwfk I F , 7-Eli' Q DALE BARTHEL FLORENCE BOONE M,A,, University of Illinois B. S.. University Of Illinois Agyiculture Commerce CI-IARLOUISE DUCY FRANCES HOLBEN A.B. , MacMurray College B, S, , Millikin University M,A, , University of Illinois Home Economics English and History 'pr JA CK DETTRO B, S, , Millikin University Physical Education, Social Science, Coaching MARY ALICE MORRISSEY B, Ed, , Illinois State Normal University English, Girls' Physical Edu- cation N28 ROLAND SHIMP B, Music Education, Illinois Wesleyan University Music ROGER BUNTING B, S, , University of Illinois Science, Mathematics f' -ax" Qfiaii., gif? 5 Q I was I if-'23,-11' I 2939.154 S .g .,:, -3' ROBERT SMITH CHARLES TAYLOR B, S, , Illinois State Normal University Biology, Driver Training, Physical Education Science, Mathematics I-Faculty LEONA BROWN KENNETH COFFEY Secretary Janitor B. S. . Kansas State College I' , 3 5 , n COOKS Mrs. Marge Buis Mrs. Ethel Crist BUS DRIVERS Mrs, Olga Hemingway Mrs. Frances Watson Mr, Roy Batty Mrs. Wanda Marucco Mrs, Louise Coffey l E U IIE SHOW!! MMG CQISUUAKTS KCTIOUK Present at Illinois Association of School Boards and Administrators: Mr. Lynn, Mr, Buchanan, Mr, Pollock, Mr, McChristy. Q- rv 4' '54- s Q, . I S .f - 55: X 4.1 I 55 X -nv 2 qi + 2 m iff. fx' 4- Q . 4' 'R ,,,, , , ' x, , X V Q 4. 4 7 ' ' 'Q' 'T S . , 5 x 'H S N aw ,, X is M- ,w XJ sf. fx X5 v. 1 fx - ,Q wx xii Q N wig. x 3-N' .M ., X N 'QM . K. ,V ,gi ,. , .,.. , - 7 I ' 1 X' 1 X .V 'V . . M 'if ' fi I 'P' , , Q . W,, ' gn. lx W 0 ' 5: 'H , ,WJ9 ,J QM 'Q ft 'wt " '-:' E53- 'WH as 4' ff ,E lf ',5, 1 '-. , ..h....,, Aea,. . s N S x Q 3 . , I, X x V hg- h-...v ,,..,. 'QZFT' 51 af? 1 '- 4 37' O-. 7 - 72. lik 4 . 5 2114 A X ,V f ,--. 1 gg:-f 11, .. " L Q X g 1 ,A X I , a , , 4 uk. Q'-sr -f,f- A, . fm K .vga L' P 552f,s2i-!', .V 1 W SENIORS GSH I Senior 6111.95 0Mcers President --------'----------- SUZANNE SWIGILRT Vice President - - - - - BRENDA WHITLOW Secretary-Treasurer - - - - - RUTH ELLEN NATION Sponsor ------- ----- MR S, DUCY HONOR STUDENTS Seven Semesters: BETTY HODGES NEDDA MOORE SUZA NNE SWIGERT BRENDA WHIT LOW Wlwlm Z7.,4.lZ. This year Brenda Whitlow was chosen by the members of her class and the faculty to receive the D,A,R, Award, Citizenship is the basis upon which this award is made, KENT CLARK Stony Echoes Staff 4. ROGER COFFEY Chonu lg Class President 2g Band 1,23 Junior Class Playg Track lg Basketball 1.2.35 Baseball 1.2.3, 4g "S" Club 2g Prom Committee 35 Stony Echoes Staff 4, BOB ADAMS Basketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4p Track 1,2 3,43 Chorus 1,2,3g Boys' Ensemble 1,2.3g Band 1,35 Stony Echoes staff 45 Mixed Chorus 1,3g "S" Club 2: District Music 1. 2: Junior Class Playg Senior Class Play. JARVIS ALLEN Duncan V, Fletcher High School, Jacksonville Beach, Florida 1,2,3g Band 1.2.35 Student Coun- cil 1,2g Debate Club 3g Prom Committee 3: Stony Echoes Staff 4g Senior Class Play, DEE ANN DE MICHAEL FHA 1,2,3,4g GRA 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 1,2 mittee 3g Stony Echoes Staff 4. MINOR DISHON KNO Picturey FFA 1,2,3,4g FFA Sentinel 2,3g Track 1, 2.3.4 Stony Echoes Staff 4. PATRICIA EV ERLEN Chorus 2, FHA 1, 25 Stony Echoes staff 4. CHARLES GRANT FFA 1, 2,3,4g Stony Echoes staff 4. Junior Class Play, Student Director, Prom Com- BETTY HODGES FHA 1,2,3,45 FHA Treasurer 35 FHA Vice Presi- dent 45 Section 6 FHA Treasurer 45 GRA 1,2,3,45 FFA Chapter Sweetheart 35 Junior Class Play5 "S" Club 25 Librarian 3,45 Class Vice President 35 Homecoming Attendant 35 Ensemble 15 Girls' Chorus 1, 25 Editor, Stony Echoes 45 Senior Class Play. JOYCE HODGES FHA 1,2,3,45 Chairman of Projects 35 Chairman of Public Relations 45 GRA 1,2,3,45 Junior Class Play5 "S" Club 35 Librarian 2.3.45 Stony Echoes Staff 4. TOM MARUCCO Student Council 1,25 Track 1,25 Basketball 1.2. 3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Junior Class Play5 Shutter Bug 1, 25 "S" Club 2.35 Prom Committee 35 Stony Echoes Staff 45 Senior Class Play. NEDDA MOGIE QNo Picturej FHA 1,2,3,45 GRA 1,2,3,45 "S" Club 2,35 Cam- era Club 15 Librarian 35 Band 15 Girls' Chorus 15 Mixed Chorus 15 Cheerleader 2.3.45 Junior Class Play5 Homecoming Queen Candidate 15 Home- coming Queen 45 Class President 35 Stony Echoes Staff 4, ,, 1,-1 ,, 5 1-sf. 4. S Aycilable RUTH ELLEN NATION FHA 1,2,3,4g GRA 1,25 GRA Secretary-Treasurer 3,43 Class Secretary-Treasurer 4, Band 1g Home- coming Queen Candidate 3,4g Student Council 43 Librarian 4g Stony Echoes staff 4g Senior Class Play. MACK SMITH Band 1, 2.3.43 "S" Club 1,2,3g Track 3g Stony Echoes Staff 4. JERRY SPICKARD Chorus 1, 2,3g Band 1,2,3,4g District Music 1, 2, 3,45 State Music 2,3g Track 1.2, Baseball 1g Stony Echoes Staff 45 Shutter Bug 1, 2,39 "S" Club 2: Career Club L KENNETH SPIRES FFA 1,2,3,4g FFA Reporter 2,3g Chorus 2.3, Mixed Chorus 2,33 District Music 3,43 Track 1, 2, 3,43 Baseball 2g Stony Echoes Staff 4, LONNIE STIVERS "S" Club 2g Junior Class Play: Shutter Bug 2,33 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3g Boys' Chorus 1, 25 Basketball, Manager 1, 2g Stony Echoes Staff 4g Senior Class Play, IOANN STOUT Junior Class Playg Stony Echoes Staff 43 Class Vice President 2: Chorus 2,35 Mixed Chorus 2.3: Betty Crocker Homemaker Award, SUZANNE SWIGERT FHA 1,2,3,4g FHA Secretary 43 GRA 1,2,3,4g GRA Vice President 3: Class President 45 Home- coming Queen Candidate 2g Junior Class Play, Student Council 1,4g Class Secretary 3: "S" Club 2,33 Stony Echoes Staff 43 Senior Class Play. 1, - .,l. ,W .51 r 'E MET' . ' lf llglwltf ls ,Y ' RONNIE TAYLOR QNo Picturej W Track 1, 2, 3,4g Baseball 1.2, ag Basketball 1, 2: A 'iiii fi?,f'T'f3i S NM- "S" Club 2, Chorus 1g Stony Echoes Staff 4, 2 S ' y Aydihme CAROL WARE La Porte, Indiana lg Lakeview, Decatur 2g GRA 3,4g Chorus 3g Junior Class Play, Student Director Prom Committee 33 Stony Echoes Staff 4g Home- coming Queen Candidate 3.4. TOM WATSON Chorus 2,3g Prom Committee 3g Junior Class Play Basketball, Manager 2,45 Stony Echoes Staff 4. BRENDA WHITLOW FHA 1,2,3,4, Chairman of Degrees 3g FHA Treas- urer 4g GRA 1, 2,3,4g GRA President 33 Class Pres- ident lg Class Treasurer 25 Class Vice President 45 Student Council 4g Stony Echoes, Business Man- ager 4g "S" Club 2,3g Editor, Channel 7, 4: Jun- ior Class Playg DAR Award 4g Homecoming Queen Candidate 1.2: Senior Class Play. CLETA WISEMAN GRA 1g Mixed Chorus 3g Chorus 1,2g Stony Echoes Staff 4. NAMES Bob Adams Iarvis Allen Kent Clark Roger Coffey Dee Ann DeMichael Minor Dishon Patricia Everlen Charles Grant Betty Hodges Joyce Hodges Tommy Marucco Nedda Moore Ruth Ellen Nation Mack Smith Ierry Spickard Kenneth Spires Lonnie Stivers Joann Stivers Suzanne Swigert Ronnie Taylor Tommy Watson Brenda Whitlow Carol Ware Cleta Wiseman DESTINY Wyatt Earp's second Raise little cheerleaders Furniture maker Virg's little helper Policewoman Poor dirt farmer Mother of a basketball team College professor Baby sitter Qher ownj Home Ec teacher Movies Farmer's wife Owner of Blu Mo Dog catcher Take over for Groucho Tractor pilot Kiddie car engineer Old maid English professor Sam, Louie, and Ronnie's Husband Raise cats and dogs Homewife Raising skunks BESETTING SIN looking one way Cheerleaders Sweet disposition Nedda Gangs Blondes Athletics Cars A Golden Hawk Red Fords Nurses Roger Leslie Mt. Auburn Pipes and females Pretty girls Carol R. L. B. Juniors A page boy locomotives Work Lonnie Taylorville boys NICKNAME Smiley Iarvie Superman Rout Dee Dee Dish Patti Grunt Bet Hodgie Marucc Naze Goofey Max Spick Horse Soup Io Suzie Temo Watty Bren Caroline Gurt AMBITION Aviator Frogman Engineer Lawyer Artist Millionaire Airline hostess Farmer Secretary Housewife Engineer Fashion designer Brown's College Secretary Commercial artist Jet Mechanic Stock car driver Mrs. Burch Psychiatrist President A success Lawyer Nurse Secretary SAYING You tell us No sweat Oh, shut up Whad'ya say? Well, Inever! Feature that All right, all right What? See him at noon Let me see Let me go, girl Really? Ever what he said Now listen, you All right, already I never ask you ln the schdober Ain't that a blast Forevermore Huh? You tell me Hurry! Wait for me Well, honestly - 'K 'ii- 1... D Q-if ' Rv 5 I. . .X H Y' , SQA V -gl ' V. J AN " 'EE Q5 Vg w ' if 4 My Ai? X 'QQ H R35 ng: - -, Qus x ...M Rail. 5 4 1 A x 15525 "'Ds... 'ff ' . gl f ,ff ,, xx' I ' M gig f ww A Omwl YRAVYU QZZ2-f 2 P ' . v fi ',g wff 6.11 -1. -' -' -' iQ A . E? , i . 1 x Q: .' .' .' .' .' .' .' 1 fzfllg 6 Senior Lflass History On September 1, 1954, thirty-four green freshmen entered the halls of good old SCHS, Mr. Corby was our advisor for the year. At our first class meeting we elected the following officers: President ----- - - - - - BRENDA WHITLOW Vice President - - - ' ' " JOYCE HODGES Secretary-Treasurer - - - - NEDDA MOORE Several of our boys were active in athletics and Sandra Wattelet was elected to the second team cheerleaders. Sandra Wattelet was the freshman attendant at the Homecoming, Nedda Moore and Brenda Whitlow were part of the Queen's court, At the beginning of our sophomore year we had thirty students back to start our second year. Mr. Taylor was our class advisor, and our class officers for the year were: President ----- - - - ROGER COFFEY Vice President - - - - - - JOANN STOUT Secretary ---- - - SANDRA WATTELET Treasurer - - - - - -BRENDA WHITLOW Sandra Wattelet was elected as a varsity cheerleader. Suzanne Swigert was sophomore attendant to the Homecoming Queen, Sandra Wattelet and Brenda Whitlow were members of the Queen's court, At the beginning of our junior year twenty-seven students were enrolled. Miss Morrissey was our advisor, We elected the following class officers: President ---- - - - NEDDA MOORE Vice President - - - - - - BETTY HODGES Secretary-Treasurer - - - - SUZANNE SWIGERT Sandra Wattelet was elected as a varsity cheerleader, and Nedda Moore was a second team cheerleader, Betty Hodges was junior attendant at the Home coming, Carol Ware and Ruth Nation were part of the Queen's court. On October 5 we presented our class play, "Good Night, Ladies, " The Junior-Senior banquet and prom was held on May 4. Our theme was "Destinations Unlimited. " We went to Nation's, Moore's, Taylor's. and Whitlow's for parties after the prom. We had breakfast in the woods. We went to St. Louis for our Junior-Senior trip. All of us took sack lunches, and we visited many places of interest, Back for the final year came twenty-three seniors. Under our advisor, Mrs. Ducy, we elected the following class officers: President ---------------- SUZANNE SWIGERT Vice President ---- - - BRENDA WHITLOW Secretary-Treasurer - - - - RUTH ELLEN NATION Our activities for the year centered around the publication of the an- nual which the seniors sponsor, To make money for the annual we sold Christ mas cards, and solicited advertising to appear in the annual. At the Home- coming we sponsored a cake walk, and a dance, The Homecoming was held February 21, following the basketball game with Findlay. The senior girls who were members of the Queen's court were Ruth Ellen Nation and Carol Ware. Nedda Moore was elected Queen. Several of the boys from our class have been outstanding in sports. A number of our girls have been leaders in home economics and 4-H work, and several of the boys have been prominent in F, F, A. and agriculture, Brenda Whitlow was selected by her classmates and the faculty to re- ceive the D. A, R, Award which is given to a senior girl each year on the basis of citizenship. On March 28, we presented our senior class play, "Kissin' Cousin. " The last few weeks of our senior year were full of plans for Junior-Sen- ior Prom, Baccalaureate, and Commencement. As the final days of our high school career drew to a close we all remembered the good times we had at good old SCHS, Senivr 611155 Prophecy In the western part of our great nation, in the year 1970, the years of scientific research and the result of much effort are being combined for future use. The long-awaited event is the launching of the first artificial planet known as "Pluteria. " As "Operation S" fsuicidey un- folds, the lives of a great many people are afflicted, we mean af- fected. The scene is the Mt. Adams Atomic Research Center named after the famous atomic physicist, Bob Adams. News of the launching of "Pluteria" was released to the national presses by General Roger Coffey, the commanding officer of the re- search center. It has also been revealed that a long-time friend and a valuable co-worker at the center, Captain Ronald Taylor, will man the artificial planet in its outer space position. qThe Captain did not volunteer for this task.j Meanwhile,at a nearby mountain ski lodge owned by Nedda Moore and Suzanne Swigert, guests are flocking in from far and near to witness the history-making event. Carol Ware was the first person to arrive. Carol is now an internationally known figure in the field of fashion. She designs hats in Paris. Her award-winning creation re- sembled the Eiffel Tower. Next, arrived the former Cleta Wiseman, now the wife of a Texas oil tycoon. Her arrival is immediately followed by Dee Ann DeMichael. Dee Ann is the proprietoress of De- Michael's "Pizza Palace" near Niagara Falls. Working at the lodge is the entertainment world's latest singing sensation, the one and only Lonnie Lincoln, formerly known back in a small town as Lonnie Stivers. Lonnie's great talent was discovered by Suzanne . . . and Nedda. Also the world's ski champion, Betty Hodges is present as the lodge's ski instructor. Meanwhile back at the Center, under the cover of the darkness, a mysterious form appears at a laboratory window. He is watching the eccentric scientist, Doctor Jarvis Allen, preparing secret formulas. As midnight approaches, Dr. Allen finishes his work and begins to leave. As he leaves, he is attacked and carried off in a laundry bag. He is thrown into the back of a station wagon. After a short ride they arrive at the lodge. He is unsuspectingly carried in with the luggage and locked in a guest room. Dr. Allen quickly concludes that he has been kidnapped by foreign agents wishing to acquire his valuable secret formulas. Unknown to Dr. Allen, however, his kidnapper was none other than Lonnie Stivers. Lonnie has been hired by Suzanne and Nedda to abduct the doctor. Due to his eccentric behavior, he would not attend the class reunion being planned by Nedcla and Suzanne, that is, unless he was "persuaded" to attend. Also on the way to the lodge are Joyce Hodges, Ruth Nation, and Brenda Whitlow. These girls are, coincidentally, working for the same newspaper. Joyce is dabbling in astrology, Ruth is writing advice to the lovelorn, and Brenda is a fashion reporter. Tom Marucco is there for business as well as the reunion. He is a member of the Secret Service and has been assigned to safeguard "Operation S. " Kenneth Spires and Minor Dishon arrive from their nearby experimental "Hampshire Haven." Theirs is the largest hog farm in the world. Tom Watson, now an important executive at Universal Motors in Detroit, has taken time off from designing the "Wonder Car." This car is equipped with radar and is positively guaranteed to stop at all rail- roads. Unfortunately Joann Stout could not be present. Joann runs a girls school in Florida and could not leave her girls. Charles Grant could not leave his store in New York, which specializes in space equipment, due to the recent increase in business. This also explains the absence of Patricia Everlen, who is Charles' head clerk, and Kent Clark who models cosmic ray-proof vests in Charlie's store. Jerry Spcikard and Mack Smith are now quite famous court reporters. Their training in shorthand became quite valuable. The three-day reunion turned our to be quite a success. However, it was a little sad to say goodbye once more to all the old friends from S.H.S. ln case you're wondering--the launching of "Pluteria" was can- celled indefinitely. It seems Tom Marucco wasn't up to par and there came about quite a mix-up in Dr. Allen's formulas for atomic fuel and Dee Ann's pizza recipes. Smizfr Hass Will We, the Seniors of 1958, being of small body and no mind, declare this our Last Will and Testament. To the Board of Education and Faculty, we leave peace and quiet. To the Juniors, our good habits and behavior. To the Sophomores, we leave our grades so they may improve them. To the Freshmen, we will our ability to get along with each other. I Bob Adams, will my smiles to Roy Sims providing he uses them to a good advantage. I, Jarvis Allen, will my hot rod driving to Gene Hurelbrink provided he keeps my reputation. I, Kent Clark, will my manly physique to Cecil Chesser. I Roger Coffey, will my flat top to Coach Dettro. Then maybe the girls will notice him. I, Dee Ann DeMichael, will my quietness to Carolyn Schowska because she needs it. I, Minor Dishon, will my 'bold' manner to Wayne Dortch who, although he doesn't need it, will fully develop it. I, Pat Everlen, will my Social Studies to no one. I, Charles Grant, will Aggie to the hoot owls. I, Betty Hodges, will my freckles to anyone who will take them. I Joyce Hodges, will my intelligence to Deloris Downs so that she may get on the honor roll. I, Tom Marucco, will my basketball suit to Phillip Beck providing he grows taller. I, Nedda Moore, will my ability to play softball to Carolyn Rufty if she promises to strike out every other time. I, Ruth Ellen Nation, will my car to anyone who can afford to buy gas for it. I, Mack Smith, will my horn to anyone who thinks they are windy enough to blow it. I, Jerry Spickard, will my talking ability to Richard Myers if he asks at least five questions in each class. I, Kenneth Spires, will all my old girl friends to the freshman boys. I Lonnie Stivers, will my whiskers to Fred Letcher providing he shaves only once a week. I Joann Stout, will my diamond to anyone who thinks they can get it away from me. I, Suzanne Swigert, will my sore toes to Miss Morrissey providing someone steps on them at least twice a day. I, Ronnie Taylor, will my ability to get along with teachers to Jim Colbrook. I, Carol Ware, will my ability to go steady for at least a year to Nancy Allen. I, Tom Watson, will leave quietly and peacefully. I, Brenda Whitlow, will my red hair to Susie Buis if she promises not to get it cut. I, Cleta Wiseman, will all my aches and pains to anyone foolish enough to take them. LASSES And :lm our lzfe, exempt from publzc haunt, H Find: tongnes in treex, books in the running . nffif brbokx, Q Sermons in Jtonef, and good in everything. SHAKESPEARE I I' 611155 Oficers President ------ ---- - - MARILYN MILLER Vice President - - - ----- BILL BECK Secretary-Treasurer - - - - NANCY ALLEN Sponsor --------------- - - Mlss MORRISSEY HONOR STUDENTS: Five Semesters: NANCY ALLEN MARILYN MILLER A' 5 , Q A :,.. . A NANCY ALLEN I l 3 ' s . - -A. L L "vi N-f A le I A RONNIE BAUER M BILL BECK I kjf. l I f ,J xt R A f' ' C C g A A P. I JOE BLESSENT f I TOM BOLLINGER M - .:,f ,T .:', if GARY BROWN A A SHIRLEY BUCHTER ,f ,Y Lf , . I A ,IAI , ff. an s "' ,1"" IIII BOB CARLS CECIL CHESSER HAROLD COFF EY BILL COLBROOK DON COLEMAN DELORIS DOWNS ERROL DUNI MYRNA FRY AGNES GRAHA M GENE HURELBRINK IUDITH IOUGLET MARILYN MILLER ROZELLA RUNNELS ROY SIMS BOB SMITH JERRY SMITH MIKE STAPLES RALPH STEVENS DEAN TABACCHI BEVERLY TEBO GEORGE THOMA SON RI CHA RD T HOMPSON RONA LD TILT ON CAROL WINGLER ' an-sq ' ,U ' ii 42 1 2 5 moto 'I' f , ' Nd Avdlllh , ,S - Y ' 6111.95 0fWcers President - - - ---------- - Vice President - - - - - - Secretary-Treasurer - - - Sp ons or -------- ""' IOEMARRON - - - BILL MCCHRISTY - MARY LOU WATSON - - - - MR, TAYLOR HONOR STUDENTS: Three Semesters: MARY LOU WATSON Beverly Bad man Scarlett Beard Larry Besson Sharon Brown A Sharon Childs ggp I Elsie Coffey James Colbrook P ij ,T ,.,l nsns ssrrs YIII A Ann DeMichael 93 ,5 1 ef-if' D .t T,-1 I .l - new ,s . 4 .-1 S N -' 1, : ff . - 4 Q , - Q :il .. . 5, -srl . Richard Myers Janet Nation Linda Pile Janet Pollock Amos Reed Sharon Schroyer George Tabacchi Sheila Thomason Nancy Ware Mary Lou Watson Pat Wise man Delores Wright Nl 'al r-.,,. Bob Emerson Roy Erbes Dorothy Grant Fred Hill Ralph Hodges Sharon La monte Fred Letcher Bill McChristy "W" x Joe Marron Louis Masset Bill Moma John Myers "'s...--v"s I' 6' 5 611155 0fHccrs llfl President ---- - - - CHARLES ATER Vice President ---- - - KATHLEEN DOYLE 6 Secretary-Treasurer - - - - - - RONALD BECK Sponsor ------- - - MR, SHIMP HONOR STUDENTS: OHS SCITICSICYZ VICKI BUCHANAN LORRAINE HODGES 1155 Q, 5 A gr 7 Q Ah , Z if l W , 'XQQL 712-ff, V fr' -L L - 1... ' + First row: David Allen, Charles Ater. Second row: Phillip Beck, Ronnie Beck, Leonard Blackwell, Vickie Buchanan, Susie Buis, Otis Clark. Third row: Leah Coffey, Pete Coins, Garrett Collenberger, Virginia Coy, Janet Crist, Jim Curtner. Fourth row: Larry Dooley, Wayne Dortch, Dianna Downs, Kathleen Doyle, Tom Everlen, Sharon Gisinger, Bruce Rohdemann Carolyn Rufty Carolyn Sckowska larry Smith Francis Sparr Larry Spires Jackie Swanner Shirley Tebo Phyllis Tippitt Janet Watson Tom Wattelet Mary Ann Woods James Graham lawrence Grant Lorraine Hodges Paul Johnson A fnpgqn Linn 3 5,1-fSandra McPeek Eugene Manley Sandra Marron Mike Marucco Sandra Milliman David Moore Bruce Robinson .. .r,. Pi N ,,1y:: at fx' x xx- ' ,MN A it ii' W S s sw 6-N: , , ff x Emi, r Q www 'M Cfabw' X JJZUVQ. 2 2 MJD rj ---'-EV 7Zm,5f7c4!6! iifaffdlfw All the worldhf a stage Ana' all the merz and womerz merel players: h They have their exif: ami their emrar2ce.v,' And one mah in his time plays many parts, . . . SHAKESPEARE E S fc 5x 'U C1 N CD 5x H .aa E McC ancy Andrea Young, N S H OW ine D 3 DW S De loris Down s Graham, r, Agne n Traughbe 103 I IOWZ Fits Dean La- Junior Workman, T, r Schroye -I E N 3 U3 on 'vd .ac O Ll vi' 1: 3 o Q N :: N 'v-4 Q -7 na N .c: E on Q I-l eu o.. -J N1 E C! :: su l-4 N bd 5 o I-4 'U cs o o nz VJ CD OD O M CI I2 42 'Y W:Ma I0 Third Sckowska, yn gias Garwood , Carol OU ay, D ingw Bauer, Jerry Spickard, Austin Hemm H112 Do hue , E E CD .aa 5 E 3 ... an 2 N Q 2 .2 N :s UD E 5 ebo, Roger annie Brown, Shirley T Adarrs, Je an, Mary Lynn m Blake Janet Crist, Ware, Richard Phares, Batty, Patty 2 th 31' rt, M kha Ill' Carol Kochis, Judy B S ood W Mary Ann mf Charles Graha Director: Mr, Shimp, David Moore. indent Hauncil First row: Mr, Smith, Errol Duni, Bi11McChristy, Gene Hurelbrink, Sharon Brown, Bill Beck, Second row: Chuck Ater, Janet Pollock, Mary Lou Watson, Suzanne Swigert, Ruth Nation, Brenda Whitlow, Nancy Allen, Zwzrlers Deloris Downs, Carolyn Sckowska, Agnes Graham, Dianna Downs aim. First row: Miss Holben, Joyce Hodges, Ruth Ellen Nation, Brenda Whitlow, Betty Hodges, Medda Moore, Suzanne Swigert, Deloris Downs, Nancy Allen, Mary Lou Watson, Janet Pollock. Second row: Carolyn Sckowska, Kathy Doyle, Janet Crist, Sandra Marron, Mary Ann Woods, Susie Buis, Deloris Wright, Sharon Lamonte, Janet Nation, Marilyn Miller, Dorothy Grant, Shirley Buchter. Third row: Myrna Fry, Sheila Thomason, Dianna Downs, Sharon Gisinger, Sharon Schroyer, Sandra McPeek, Elsie Coffey, Phyllis Tippitt, Lorraine Hodges, Carolyn Rufty. Fourth row: Ann DeMichae1, Linda Pile, Agnes Graham, Beverly Tebo, Sharon Brown, Jackie Swanner, Shirley Tebo, Sharon Childs. if-LA. Ofhcers V President - NEDDA MOORE Vice President - BETTY HODGES Secretary - SUZANNE SWIGERT Treasurer - BRENDA WHITLOW Chairman of Degrees - RUTH ELLEN NATION Chairman of Projects - MARY LOU WATSON Chairman of Public Relations - JOYCE HODGES Parliamentarian - JANET POLLOCK Chairman of Recreation - DELORIS DOWNS Historian - NANCY ALLEN Z ZA. First row: Bill Beck, Bob Carls, Tom Bollinger, Gene Hurelbrink, Bill McChri.sty, Ronnie Bauer, Jerry Smith. Second row: Bruce Robinson, Eugene Manley, Leonard Blackwell, Richard Myers, Jim Colbrook, Fred Hill, Minor Dishon. Third row: Bill Moma, Jim Graham, Larry Spires, Mr. Barthel, Phillip Beck, Bill Colbrook, Harold Coffey, Ralph Hodges, Charles Grant, Dixon Linn. Z ZA. Ofhcers President - BILL BECK Vice President - BILL MCCHRISTY Reporter - RONNIE BAUER Chapter Sweetheart - BETTY HODGES Secretary - GENE HURELBRINK Treasurer - TOM BOLLINGER Sentinel - BOB CARLS 441' k jgfcrri AQJCQAZ' ? 'Q J- 'ax If E k.,,. 4 . Sv 2 1, Q K3 g xgxg vi 1 Q , 2 5 L fi 'g 5 kM""M"""""""'-1:-:QQ ' , A if M , 0Jv1,4SLlo-,frenz e QQMQ K -. V, U. r-, Cm CMAQ A2 l fgzgiQ:i:j :fr A,'fLV35L.i.,g4i W?""" 'H Seeretaries Seated: Agnes Graham. Standing: Beverly Tebo, Kathleen Doyle, Marilyn Miller- librarians First row: Vicki Buchanan, Janet Pollock, Ruth Ellen Nation, Joe Marron, Betty Hodges, Nancy Allen, Marilyn Miller. Second row: Errol Duni, Elsie Coffey, Joyce Hodges, Mary Lou Watson, Miss Morrissey, Iudy Jouglet, Sandra Marron, Lorraine Hodges, Carol Wingler, Janet Watson, Brenda Whitlow. 5.1e.,4. First row: Brenda Whitlow, Carol Ware, Ruth Nation, Sharon Brown, Janet Pollock, Marilyn Miller, Nancy Allen, Betty Hodges, Shirley Buchter, Joyce Hodges, Second row: Miss Morrissey, Dorothy Grant, Carolyn Sckowska, Sandra Marron, Mary Ann Woods, Janet Crist, Suzanne Swigert, Nedda Moore, Deloris Downs, Vickie Buchanan, Susie Buis, Third row: Carol Wingler, Dianna Downs, Sandra McPeek, Mary Lou Wat- son, Elsie Coffey, Sandra Milliman, Kathy Doyle, Janet Nation, Nancy Ware, Dee Ann DeMichael, Fourth row: Sandra Dye, Ann DeMichael, Agnes Graham, Scarlet Beard, Linda Pile, Judy Jouglet, Phyllis Tippitt, Lorraine Hodges, Jackie Swanner, Janet Wat- son, Hhanmrl 7 Staff First row: Sharon Brown, Suzanne Swigert, Brenda Whitlow, Ruth Nation, Mary Lou Watson, Nancy Allen, Second row: Chuck Ater, Errol Duni, Gene Hurelbrink, Janet Pollock, Bill Beck, Bill McChristy, Mr, Smith, W. F' 'Si wr I I Q 2 , Q lg Q4 L x .,,. 11 , 53N 1 K , , mf L f 4 A ,v VNV' V .4 K wwmw, ., . if N 'QE' 55 sf J QW' junier 6111.95 Presents "Che Perfect Jade!" Margaret Tennyson - - - - Jackie Tennyson - - - Rhodora ------- Roger Tennyson ---- Walter P, Latherby - - - Daniel Tennyson - - - Anhur Bamard - - - Miss Baker - - - Linda Bamard - - - Jeannie Wilson ----- A loysius QPuf0 Witomski Carla Carlson ------ A Policeman ------ Dr. Hockhorst Von Barf - - - Miss Booth ------- Student Director - - Director - - - - - Make-Up - - - CAST - DELORIS DOWNS - - TOM BOLLINGER SHIRLEY BUCHTER GENE HURELBRINK - - - ERROL DUNI ' ' - ' 'BILL BECK - ' ' CECIL CHESSER ' " ' JUDY IOUGLET MARILYN MILLER ' ' ' NANCY ALLEN - - -GARY BROWN - CAROL WINGLER - - -RICHARD THOMPSON - BILL COLBROOK - - BEVERLY TEBO - - AGNES GRAHAM MISS MORRISSEY - - - MRS, DUCY L , .- g , + v , .-,-..n 'War ldssiu' Hausiff' Seniar 6111.15 Pkg It looks like a wonderful summer for Jemii and her teenage friends - Jodie and Bruce, Mollie and Harry. Jenni isn't especially interested in anyone as a matter of choice, Then there is Tom, who is a little shy, and who is a friend of all of them. This cozy arrangement is disrupted when sweet-talking Lucy Lee, from South Carolina, arrives for a visit with her "kissin' kinfolk" up North, Even Tom is smitten, and the girls decide to make him more attractive for Lucy so that their boy friends will be safe, Of course, Jenni then decides Tom is the one boy she has been waiting for. Randolph arrives from Lucy's home town, and in a fit of temper Lucy announces her engagement to Tom, much to the surprise of everyone including Tom. Things turn out happily for all, however, and it proves to be a wonderful summer. HER KISSIN' COUSIN CAST Jodie Armstrong - - - - - SUZANNE SWIGERT Jenni Desmond ----- RUTH ELLEN NATION Lucy Lee Saunders ----- BRENDA WHITLOW Mollie Farrell - - - - - - BETTY HODGES Tam Jackson ---- - - TOM MARUCCO Randolph Fitzhugh - - - - ' -IARVIS ALLEN Bruce Bartlett - - - - - BOB ADAMS Harry Ames - - ' - -LONNIE STIVERS Hnmcwming The Ninth Annual Homecoming was sponsored by the Stony Echoes Staff on Feb- ruary 21, 1958. Each class nominated three girls to represent their class in the coronation cere- monies, From these twelve girls the student body selected a Queen and three Attend- antsg the other girls were the Queen's court, Beverly Tebo played the processional and recessional, and Kenneth Spires announced the girls and escorts, Following a trumpet salute by Mack Smith, the coronation ceremony began with the entrance of Lauralu Griffith, 1957 Queen, escorted by Bob Adams, Then came the girls of the Queen's court with their escorts, followed by the special Attendants who preceded Nedda Moore, 1958 Queen, escorted by Roger Coffey, Special Attendants to the Queen were Carol Wingler, Junior, escorted by Tom Bollingerg Delores Wright, Sophomore, escorted by Richard Thompson, Vickie Buchanan Freshman, escorted by Gary Brown, Debra Swigert was the flower girl, and Glenn Nation the crown bearer. Other members of the court were Kathy Doyle escorted by Bill MeChristy, Mary Ann Woods escorted by Bruce Robinson, Sharon Brown escorted by Jarvis Allen, Janet Pollock escorted by Gene Hurelbrink, Nancy Allen escorted by Donald Kramer, Marilyn Miller escorted by Charles Ray Hudson, Ruth Nation escorted by Leslie Nolan, and Carol Ware escorted by Lonnie Stivers. 4,3 X 3 93 f A 1? WN 'fl' 0 1' for 71'1Vc7 x'ff .F llLf',,, ITT? Q-. A 4 me A Mi if Y x fy X' "1 , 6 iw K'-I . Q l iz: Wgg. , ' L fiilgii . f' iv ww. fu, tl.. I My t. , 'N M ' ATHLETICS First row: Tom Marucco, Bob Adams, Gene Hurelbrink, George Thomason, Roger Coffey, Dean Tabacchi, Gary Brown, Mike Staples, Bruce Robinson, Second row: Bob Emerson, Manager, David Moore, Larry Dooley, Torn Wattelet, George Tabacchi, B111 Colbrook, Fred Letcher, Ronnie Bauer, Managerg Coach Demo, PIT CHERS G, Hurelbrink T, Marucco M 'Wx SX g Ss. N, I K' I ff -.: f WSF' - H - ' - A ' f .TIPKF 'ix VICTORIES DEFEATS Findlay None Rochester Macon Tower Hill Blue Mound SEASON RECORD 1 Victory O Defeats 2 Victories 2 Defeats PLAYER Larry Dooley Roger Coffey George Thomason Tom Marucco Bob Adams Gary Brown Dean Tabacchi Gene Hurelbrink Tom Wattelet Mike Staples Harold Coffey l G 5: E TIMES TOTA L A T HITS BA T 17 7 14 4 18 10 15 4 17 2 16 4 17 4 7 3 5 0 2 0 10 2 TOTAL HITS FOR SEA SON TOTAL TIMES AT BAT TEAM BATTING AVERAGE . George Thomason hit a Grand Slam home run against Blue Mound, This was the only one of the year, Season Record was 3 Victories 2 Defeats 290 SEASON BA TTING AVERAGE . 412 . 286 . 555 . 266 . 118 . 250 . 235 . 428 . 000 . 000 . 200 Varsity l6'askcf1uzll Gum First row: Bill Beck, Tom Bollinger, Tom Marucco, Bob Adams, Gary Brown, George Thomason, Second row: Coach Dettro, Ronnie Bauer, Manager, Fred Letcher, Bill McChristy, Ralph Stevens, Richard Thompson, Dean Tabacchi, Larry Dooley, Tom Watson, Manager, juuiar Varsity Kwkctball Umm First row: Chuck Ater, Phillip Beck, Ronnie Beck, George Tabacchi, Bob Emerson, Larry Dooley, Second row: Richard Myers, Fred Lercher, Bruce Robinson, Bill Mc- Christy, Ralph Stevens, Richard Thompson, Dean Tabacchi, OPP 35 34 49 47 46 52 28 49 45 57 55 44 49 42 37 40 43 37 64 38 BASKETBA LL SCORES "B" TEAM VARSITY TEAM sus Opp. 60 Edinburg 53 53 Niantic 69 54 ' Tower Hill 50 41 ' Blue Mound 59 54 ' Moweaqua 42 48 ' Findlay 53 31 Morrisonville 41 27 ' Macon '10 41 ' Assumption 45 46 ' Illiopolis 66 69 Rochester 67 46 Mt. Auburn 46 42 Raymond 53 50 ' Moweaqua 49 32 Edinburg 56 34 ' Assumption 61 48 ' Blue Mound 55 50 Mt, Auburn 58 37 ' Macon '70 40 ' Findlay 55 ' Conference Games MERIDIAN TOURNAMENT Blue Mound 54 SHS 56 Illiopolis 32 SHS 38 Tower Hill 40 SHS 55 First 4-STAR TOURNA MENT Assumption 47 SHS 65 Edinburg so SHS 52 First INDIVIDUAL AVERAGES Player Points Games Average Adams 464 18. 5 Bollinger 367 14, 7 Marucco 312 13. 0 Beck 214 8. 5 Brown 112 4. 6 Thomason '7 1. '7 Letcher 6 1. 5 Stevens 4 2. Dooley 4 2. SHS 67 65 70 50 68 6 1 59 53 50 70 57 48 70 69 66 76 42 66 65 75 Gary Brown Bob Adams Tom Marucco Tom Bollinger Bill Beck George Thomason Fred Letcher C' 9 Q Q: , A 5:22, LZ 3 5 K llibm., MJ Q Q Ralf ai ,.. M44--4+-1+ .W '4 ', Y! 42 K xv' ly! xi i! jg i h ...ff q if r' mf Q5 Saw 5 ' 9 ,ft fe Q S 4 . .2 if , sz -'WN ,- , : 5,-set: , ,!T an L Q X Ka K W in farm ,,. W, W, W 'QFL C 4 4 55 ,QM-3 ,Q ' X 2 3 'B A, 1+ V. , X I 3 W 4 Q "'!' I K , :-h N K gig K .f ,L ,ivh 3,5 if if 1 h t...,.er-W W . . , g at mi i .A A , as V MW, -A ,ss I i H ,.-ff' ,,.,,,,,w AQ " Q,,,,,, -.L 1, Nedda Moore Varsity Cheerleaders junior Varsity Hhecrleadrrs Ann DeMichael Susie Buis Vickie Buchanan Kathy Doyle Sh P L,k, Thiy ahove all - to thine own :elf he true, Ami it maft follow, as the night the clay, Thou camt not then he false to any man. SHAKESPEARE G n 9 -6" 'EPI 'MQW tu Q 1 ax .8 " kv! If ' X W 4 "fl 1, Vx .. ,A '9Qf v ' r'iTf1X Cl Y, ,.-.w"l" Y -:lyifffggew fi sv!! Congratulations to the Seniors of 1958 SNVDE'l?'S SUPERWAY Lowest Prices Every Day Compliments Clas s of '5 8 CLAR K 'S CAFE Phone 2 O42 CCDX FEED STORE Phone 4022 GENERAL TRUCKING 0111" Q LIMESTONE - FERTILIZER SPREADING HE:m?,.,f',-,-hf..-3.,1:. A: 'DEPENDABLE Phone 4471 gi. DR UGGIST .. Your Health I f . E V 0 1 Lp M5 LL! A U" - 'V ,llffb W 'U 5 q A if df i ' Is Our Busine s s 2 0646623 DOYLE 'S Phone 25 3 1 Stonington, Illinois The Friendly Store Better Value s CABINET AND SPECIALTY Phone 4021 Stonington, Illinois getty: Valued 1 MJWMZ5 L1:TcHER's N GROCERY STORE DAIRY LANE Coffee and Sandwich Shop Phone 2521 Congratulations to Class of '58 Stonington, Illinois HARBARGER MOTOR SALES I Y I I Y Stonington, Illinois Sales and Service Ford Cars - Trucks, Tractors, and Implements Your Ford Dealer Since 1929 I X' OU T? 4 AUT 3 REPAIRS Cixi. I 'ff V tsses ,Jil 3,5 ,: Ziff S 0 C. B. IVICDOIZE mc. DON THIE LE C. B. MOORE Your Local Chevrolet Dealer See Us for Your Car and Truck Needs Blue Mound, Illinois ECVD S use EIS D-X SERVICE STATION "Because You Like Nice Things' Tires - Batteries and Accessories Phone 1118 Blue Mound, Illinois South Side Square Taylorville, Illinois Compliments of I QM was Taylo rville, Illinois KIRK APPLIANCE COMPANY Skelgas and General Electric Blue Mound, Illinois Tl-I E STATE BAN K OF BLUE MOUND Blue Mound, Illinois Assures You of Complete Service Modern Safe Deposit Vault and Boxes Drive Up and Night Depository for Your Convenience Phone 2 14 1 . .,l.:: fzzfifiiiiiiifags :egEgiiiiigigigzgagegfe :1.:., 96 I M218 Eiiiimiiiii Z7 STANDARD SERVICE Atlas Tires, Batteries and Accessories zyw Wddgzzme FURNITURE STORE Taylorville, Illinois 102 East Market Street Phone 1510 Where Your Dollars Have More Cents I International Trucks E S and Farm Equipment DEPARTMENT STORE I Dry Goods, Ready-to-Wear and Millinery The Store of Fashion Prestige The largest Parts Pelfartment in Central Illinois xTaylorvil1e, Illinois Phone 1219 1 L' See You at the ,E W lf I ,Eff W IVI I DVNAAY ' Ab-N 5, I L!! Ib. ff :Y Where Old Friends Meet and Make New Friends Stonington, Illinois SCCWTV5 SUPER MARKET 1. in f '9ff42 our C Q .1 f.n""7'r'? n"'- ' 14--,715- "'Q rA..'-.g:5'- ' 1, '-5 . Qui E. RUIEPENDABLE 4 DR UGGIST Compliments of Blue Mound, Illinois 'IDE AECE DRUG STORE Q C If N. E. Corner Square if Taynn-ville, Illinois ff -. -c-,Em I f H Phone 9 NEVV HOME JCI. 'DENNEV FURNITURE COMPANY ' It Pays to Shop at Penney's "We Sell the Best for Less' Route 48 We st Taylorville, Illinois Phone 16041 Taylo rville , Illinois EST:-4 E123 BEAUTY SHOPPE 1 AQ-F S SHELL SERVICE Waves - Shampoos - Permanents Complete Line of Shell Products Phone 25 91 Washing - Greasing Blue Mound, Illinois ANDERSO N JE WE LERS Finest in Watches Congratulations BTQCDO KS DRIVE-IN Taylo rville , Illinois Phone Diamonds and Jewelry Since 1875 Taylorville , Illinois TAYLORVILLE SAVINGS LOAN AND BUILDING ASSOCIATION 223 W. Franklin St. Taylorville, Illinois Phone 6 Buy With Confidence at CMM FURNITURE STORES Complete Home Furnishings Taylorville Store "On the Square" V 5 SI W 'E Members Retail Stores Service, Inc. I Over 270 Store Buying Power W 3 Phone 59 I , 9 D1 Ploiiis X 625 QM sian Roblee SHOP Air Step Buster Brown Exclusive Ladies' Ready-to-wear Glamour Debs Life Stride Taylorville, Illinois Phone 303 Taylorville CLYDE PEARCE GUS SEIDEL, JR. mzcex ez!! FUNERAL HOME 327 North Clay Street - Phone 75 Taylorville , Illinois Dependable Service BUESINGER'S PAY LESS CHRISTIAN COUNTY AGENCY FARMER'S SUPPLY COMPANY ROBERT COOK, Agent Phone 25 9 l Cosmetic s, Toys , Gifts See Us and Pay Less Taylorville, Illinois Watch, Clock, and Jewelry Repairing All Work Guaranteed ABE L. JEWELRY 103 E. Main St. Taylorville ,I FLOWERS MRS. SPURLING XY-I , Gifts and Fannie May Candies West Side Square CHRISTINE D. SPURLING V . ' : f Groceries I .. ta ng, Quality l S J1 Wi E: 1 Compliments of maa:w5 CLOVER FARM STORE Phone Z 3 7 1 Stonington, Illinoi s 'X 'ZNX . 1, Q . it ,TWXX N , :st-ix-X A N : . k X wx. - 'f,-ie fag- J . . ' .X of . , . X - - , , . VsNx ?X gsm S W 1 .'. , 3 '7 QL H, K, 1 I 'H N 1 X I ...Jx. 'N x ' , N . , . g X X 2 4, ',v.,,fS"f X U A - 713.5 -N 1 - V-.3 T: --,- I l - 1 '- v-f Xl V gb -1- ,- -:.. - One important kind of progress that the 4-H Clubs and the Future Farmers of America foster is progress in community cooperation. On that score, our local farm youth organizations can count us in. We are always ready BANK CREDIT I"f1Jf'bE5f to cooperate with them - and FARM CREDIT with their individual members. EEST laWugs1 STAND SAVINGS-HANK OF TAYLORVILLE "1- ' '-': V , ,g..,., 'Christian County's Largest Bank" 'y in 1-. ..i,.V "1 South Side Square it 4---f - Member F.D.I. C. H 7 ,5 Taylorville, Illinois IF You like progress and advancement as a part of your daily digest of educative information and news- - - BE a subscriber to VI N-vom usb , 1: f, w Na+--"gf. r' 7 reezelifnurier Christian County's Only Daily 212 SOUTH MAIN STREET TAYLORVILLE. ILLINOIS PHONE 12 OR 13 KEEP ABREAST OF: Associated press local, state, national and inter national news Pictorial accounts of county wide news events Independent political treatment of all subjects Advertising of the best integrity only Daily delivery to your home in Stonington An excellent product at a reasonable price An ever improving service institution Serving This Area for Over 63 years IF l'I"S GOOD Foo You mum.. g in - W-'ff MA-S N Home -made Pie s Plate Lunche s Sandwiche s Taylorville, Illinois THE TAYLOR ABSTRACT CO. Abstracts and Title Service West Side Square Taylorville, Illinois Your Dependable Druggist Your Health Is Our Business QENEYS DRUG STORE Prescription Druggist Taylorville, 111. For the Most Fun in Town SKY I-MSX!!-EN! LYLE JEAN STONINGTON COOPERATIVE GRAIN COMPANY Grain Coal Feed Seed Stonington, Illinois TO SUIT TEX DISCOUNT STORE in Taylorville Is Central NX Z YOUR Illinois' Only Discount Store f 6 Quality Furniture at Prices TASTE You can Afford L s BROOKS p f " DRIVE-INN l Block South of the Square ff Q N j Taylorville, Illinois Taylorville, 111. Compliments W I Dealer in Edsel Studebake r Packard Car s Taylorville , Illinois First Grade MRS. BUIS' ROOM Eighth Grade Graduation TWELVE YEARS TOGETHER Joyce Hodges, Dee Ann DeMichael, Brenda Whit- low, Nedda Moore, Lonnie Stivers, Tom Watson, Tom Marucco, Roger Coffey. 5 jfifgjz if MX ww 3Qy fiiflilzgffgif www-Sf? W WV My My Www X sg W g21? 'v l'QlQ,x Q C 'm-.Q TP 2629 My Q 1mfw2fQMw EX 3 wmgvmfpiii gp? ' ' Q fs M H MW? gwyg? Ni fWQj2Zgf:5 X E W F' W W paw aM , frQ, E iii EFS 5 ig fflfffffazwf - A P . 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Suggestions in the Stonington High School - Stony Echoes Yearbook (Stonington, IL) collection:

Stonington High School - Stony Echoes Yearbook (Stonington, IL) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Stonington High School - Stony Echoes Yearbook (Stonington, IL) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Stonington High School - Stony Echoes Yearbook (Stonington, IL) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Stonington High School - Stony Echoes Yearbook (Stonington, IL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Stonington High School - Stony Echoes Yearbook (Stonington, IL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Stonington High School - Stony Echoes Yearbook (Stonington, IL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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