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,f , . ff, V -fw " ' wi ' ' . M, 'F ' '11 .f ' 1' Clif f ' .Q . ,Lv .-,, il .- ' . - - 4 ,.,fg' , A , N, r . ,. X - , .FS - if V 4 A THE gfwggfmei Presented By The CLASS OF 1953 We, th e class standing and co this annual a Lemaire. of '53, proudly dedicate this annual Mrs. Lemaire. Without her under- to our advisor, -operation we 001110 HCVC1' have made success. Our thanks to you, Mrs. Co-Editors ---- Business Manager- - - Typist- - Art- - - Advertising- - - Snapshots- - - Senior Class History- - Bits About Seniors- - - School Calendar- - - Senior Biographies- - - Senior Class Will- - Senior Class Prophesy- Junior Class History- - Sophomore Class History- - Freshman Class History- - Baseball- - Basketball- - Track- - Music- - G.A.A, - - Career Club- - - S. Club- - F, F. A, - F. H. A. - - U15 Staff - MARY DeMICHAEL JACK KERWIN - - DARLINE BLOME - - JANICE WHITSETT - - RALPH LAWLER - - HARRY BLOME RONALD TURNER ' ' CLOYD STAPLES MARY ANN PRICE BARBARA WILLIAMS CAROLE ANN BROWN WILMA BOLLINGER ROGER REEH GERALD HURELBRINK JAMES SANDERS - JOYCE BLAKEMAN - - - LOWELL BECK GLENDA COLLIER - - - -FRED BROWN CLOYD STAPLES - - - - PAT CORBY DALE LeVAULT -----PATCLARK SANDRA MARTIN - ' - DIANE CHILDS CONNIE BATTY - -BARBARA BERTONI RICHARD WATTLET -----JOHNMAY - - FRED BROWN - - -JACK KERWIN - - -JOYCE BLAKEMAN - - KAY HARBARGER - MARY ANN MINOR - RAYMOND POIRIEZ - - - KEITH SWIGERT ' - VIVIAN MATSON Sfmy 5:11065 Sfaff www., L FEL X M tad?-!3?,,i:1k,9 ss. -1 .gr NL1- .mid N V R idna-wb I ALLEN BUCHANAN MICHAEL CORBY B. Ed., I. S. S. U. B. S., University of Illinois M. A. , University of Illinois High School Principal Superintendent l5'oard of ffducafiarz V i if .ttt tit' 1 Eill A1 Eiil E2 7 . Q A .rkr Iik ki 2, K K aww? DORRIS ROBINSON, TOM DOYLE, LOUIS BRIGGS, WALTER KLAY, LESTER POLLOCK. JOHN SANDERS, JOE LYNN I -I 0 ?MfQ l FRANCES HOLBEN LYNETTE LEMAIRE MARY ALICE MORRISSEY B. S., Millikin University B. S., University of Illinois B. Ed., I. S. N. U. Home Economics Commerce English, Latin, P. E. DALE FAHSBENDER JAMES MERIDITH CHARLES TAYLOR B, S., 1, 3, N, U, B. S., University ofluinois B. S., Kansas State College Coach, Science, Agriculture Science and Mathmetics Social Studies ROLAND SHIMP CHARLOUISE DUCY ROBERT SMITH B. 0fMu,-,ic Ed., Illinois A. B., MacMurry College B. S., I. S. N. U. Wesleyan Music M. A. , University of Illinois Biology and Drivers English and History Training. ARLENE sA1LsBERY Homes SHEWMAKER LEONA BROWN Secretary Janitor SeCl'ef3l'V '?if'?1"'Di'Pf"' . Seniors: J uniorsg Sophomoresg Freshmen: Seniors: Juniors: Sophomores: Freshmen: flauar Kal! FIRST SEMESTER HIGH HONORS Mary DeMichael Darlene Blome Jack Kerwin Janice Whitsett Patricia Corby Sandra Martin Faraby Myers Barbara Williams Kay Harbarger Diane Childs Howard Young Ralph Dude Nina Sanders Gloria Shimp Barbara Bertoni Marilyn Hodges HONORS Joyce Blakeman Harry Blome Fred Brown Lowell Beck Gerald Hurlebrink Alice Carpenter Patricia Clark Dewain Krueger Mary Ann Minor Ruth Ann Guthrie Maris Kline Joyce Simpson Richard Wattelet Donna Downs Phyllis Traughber Patricia Watson Wa-F,-.? V dig, 'V ,h I. ..-an 4" ,fx RFSSQ. u Q mnxwifl IACK KERWIN Basketball--1-2-3-4g Baseball--1-2g Track 1-2-3-4g Photography Club--1g S Club--1- 2-3-4: Band--1-2-3-4: Secretary Student Council--45 President Senior Class--4: Stony Echoes Staff--4--Co-editorg Junior Play--35 Senior Play--4. CLOYD STAPLES Ch0rUS--1-2: Basketball- 1-4: Baseball--1-2-3-4: Science Club--1g Stony 3-45 Photography Club-- 2-4g Class Vice President N 4. 3 LOWELL BECK Chorus--1-2-3-4: S Club--2-3-4: FFA-- 1-2-3-4g Secretary--3g President--43 Bas- ketball--1-2-3-4: Track--23 Stony Echoes Staff--4g Class Treasurer--4g Senior Play-- 4. Echoes Staff--4g S Club-- JOYCE BLAKEMAN Girls Chorus--1-2-3-4: Mixed Chorus--1- 2-3-4: Band--2-3-4: Octette--3g District Soloist--43 FHA--1-2-3-4: Project Chair- man--3: Vice President--43 Publicity Chair- man Section 6--4g GAA--1-2-3-4g Career Club--3-4g S Club--3-4: Science Club--1: Stony Echoes Staff--2-3-4: Student Coun- cil--4: Treasurer--4: Cheer1eader--1-2-3- 4: Junior Play--35 Senior Play--4. HARRY BLOME FFA--1-2-3-4g Treasurer--2g Reporter--4g Student Council--4. DARLINE BLOME Science Club--15 Photog raphy Club--2g FHA--1- 2-3-4g Historian--3g Par- l.ifU6l1I8I'i3Il--4g Chorus-- 2-3g Career Club-- 4: Stony Echoes Staff--3-45 GAA--3. WILMA BOLLINGER A FRED BROWN Baseball--1-2-3-4g Basketball--1-2-3-4: Track--1-2-3: Chorus--1-2g S Club--1-2- 3-4g Stony Echoes Staff--2-3-4. Chorus--2-3-4g Career Club--33 FHA--1- 2-3-4g Recreation Chairman--3g Stony Ec- hoes Staff--4g Science Club--15 GAA--2-3: Photography Club--2-3. CAROLE ANN BROWN Career Club--3-4g S Club 2-3-43 President--45 FHA 1-2-3-4g Vice President-- 3g Science Club--1: Vice President--1: Stony Echoes Staff--3-4g Cheerleader-- 1-2-3-4g GAA--1-2-4: Junior Play--33 Senior Play 43 Student Council- -4: President--4. GLEN DA COLLIER Blue Mound High School--1-23 Chorus-- 3g GAA--3: FHA--3-4g Career Club--3- 4g Stony Echoes Staff--4. MARY DeMICHAEL FHA--1-2-3-45 Section VI Projects Chairman--23 Treasurer--23 President-- 3-4g GAA--1-2-3-4g Ca- reer Club--3-4g Stony Ec- hoes Staff--1-2-3-4g Co- editor--4: Band--1-2-3- 43 S Club--2-3-4: Junior Play--35 Senior Play--4g Class President--3: Class Treasurer--25 2nd Team Cheerleader--35 Photog- raphy Club--4g Science Club--1g Student Council 4. GERALD HURELBRINK sand--1-2-3-4: chorus--2-3-4: FFA--1- 2-3-45 Secretary--4: Baseball--1-2-3-45 S Club--2-3-4: Photography Club--4: Senior Play--43 Junior Play--3. S 8 RA LPH LAWLER JOHN MAY B2S2b8ll--1-2-3-43 Chorus--1-2-3-45 Band 1-2-3-4: FFA--1-2-3-4: Reporter--2g S ClUb"2'3-4: Track--1:Jur1ior Play--35 St0ny Echoes Staff--4, Class President--2g Science Club--25 Ca- reer Club--3: Iunior Play--3. VIVIAN MATSON Chorus--35 Career Club 3-4g FHA--2-3-43 Parli mentarian--35 Degree Chairman--43 Stony Ec- hoes,Staff--4g GAA --1 3-4. RAYMOND POIRIEZ Basketball--1-4g Baseball- 3-4: Stony Echoes Staff--4. -1-2-3-45 S Club ROGER REEH MARY ANN PRICE Chorus--1-2-3-4: GAA 1-2-3-4: Career Club-- 3-4g Stony Echoes staff 4. Basketball--1g Chorus--1-2-3-45 Photog.. YHPTIY Club--4: Career Club--3-4g Stony Echoes Staff-4g Junior Play--3, KEITH SWIGERT IANICE WHITSETT Stony Echoes Staff--1-43 S Club--2-3-4: Science Club--1: FHA--1. FFA--1-2-3-4g Watch Dog--3-4g Junior Play--3: Career Club--4g Basketball--3: Stony Echoes staff--4. JAMES SANDERS Photography Club--1-2- 3-4g FFA--1-2-3-4: Ca- reer Club--3-4g S Club-- 3-4: Band--2-3: Student Council--4g Stony Ec- hoes Staff--4. Seniar Mstary On Thursday, September 1. the dreaded day arrived when 29 'Green Freshles' en- tered Stonington High School for their first year. After two days of initiation we settled down to the grind and elected class officers. President ------------------- FRED BROWN Vice President - - - - - PEGGY DOWDY Secretary ---- ---- L OWELL BECK Treasurer --------------- CAROLE ANN BROWN Everyone enjoyed our class party February 1. Mr. Pankey was our class advisor. The class was active in sports and school activities. To start the Sophomore year we had only 25 members. At our class meeting we elected the following officers. President ----- - ---- RALPH LAWLER Vice President - - - - DOROTHY VINCENT Treasurer ---------------- MARY DeMICHAEL We were glad to gain a new student, Doris Cole. Under the leadership of Mr. Tay- lor, our class advisor. we sponsored an all school party. It was well attended and every- one seemed to enjoy himself. Two of our girls were elected cheerleadersg Carole Ann Brown for the Varsity and Joyce Blakeman for the Second Team. Wilma Meridith placed first in our home music preliminary. Ready to begin our third year we entered the good old halls of SCHS. Our officers for the year were: President ---------------- MARY DeMICHAEL Vice President ------ - - ---- FRED BROWN Secretary and Treasurer --------- LORETTA STIVERS The Junior Class Play, 'Junior Prom," went on record as a big success. thanks to Miss Morrissey, our class advisor During our Junior year we gained Glenda Collier. but lost Vemon Yates and Bill Southard before the beginning of the year. To raise money our class sold subscriptions to magazines. We also sold candy at noon hour to help finance our year's activities. At our class party we had no dancing but played games instead. Our class sponsored the Junior and Senior Banquet on May 13 and the annual Junior and Senior trip. We decorated for graduation exercises. Many of our Junior boys took part in athletics. Three of our girls were elected cheer- leadersg Carole Ann Brown, Varsity and Joyce Blakeman and Mary DeMichael, Second Team. Dorothy Vincent was elected Public Relations Chairman for Section 6 in F. H. A On September 2, 1952, we started our last year as students of SCHS. We lost two of our classmates, Dorothy Vincent and Loretta Stivers, and gained Janice Whitsett. The following officers were elected by the class. President ------------------- JACK KERWIN Vice President -------------- CLOYD STAPLES Secretary and Treasurer ----------- LOWELL BECK Our class party was held on October 14. Everyone improved their features somewhat since it was a masquerade party. Games were played and refreshments were served. The Senior Play was held March 31 directed by Mrs. Ducy, our class advisor. We hope that everyone has as much fun as we have had in Stonington High School. Having fun? What? a fave: Best Banquet Ever qtrnn 8 D S? Poor Chevy! mwnliiliw - X Q Pm Oy The day afper Going home? Name IT Lema1re's Angels? 'The Menu Kids Senior Hlass Praplzccy January 10, 1965 My Dearest Friend, l have just returned from my trip to Florida as you know and I thought you might like to know of some of the old classmates I happened to run into. My first night out I stopped at a motel just outside of Tupolo, Miss. where I by ac- cident ran into Joyce Blakeman. She was working as foreman of a repair gang on the hard road U.S. 53. Her experience as a cheerleader has proved to be a great asset to her. She can out-yell them all. The next morinng I got an early start but soon I stopped to fill up with gas. I turned into a small station and who do you suppose the attendent was! One of my old class- mates, Keith Swigert, who was surprised in more than one way to see me. At the early hour I had caught him filling his gas storage tanks with the garden hose. I regretted that I could not spend more time with Keith but I had to travel on. About 8:00 o'clock I stopped for a slight snack at a little place in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. "Lawler's Take A Chance Cafe' was the name of the establishment with none other than Ralphie Lawler as the proprietor. His specialities were dogfish soup and shark pie. He did not recognize me at first but after I mentioned good old Stonington High, he began reminiscing and he forgot his other customers. After ruining his business, I left very reluctantly. That night I stopped at a hotel in Perry, Florida. As I was checking in, a fellow danced in and tapped me on the shoulder. He turned out to be Lowell Beck who was employed as an instructor of the Hampshire Hop, the latest dance step. He told me we were the guests of Gerald Hurelbrink who had been running the hotel since he got Ou! of the pen a couple of years ago. He was sent up for driving too slowly down the Main Street in his Crosley. That night we didn't sleep, because the three of us talked about old times until the sun was beginning to rise and I had lost a considerable sum of mon- ey. The next day, Saturday, I journeyed on to Miami Beach where I planned to soak up plenty of Florida Sun. This proved to be one of the most interesting days of the trip. As I was lying there I noticed the Life Guards patrolling the beach. All at once one jumped into the water and started swimming toward a fellow who had gone too far out into the water and was velling for help. I walked to the water's edge when the Life Guard came up through the shallows carrying the victim. I at once recognized the he- roine as Janice Whitsett and who should she be carrying but Jack Kerwin. 1 was really surprised as Janice always loved strenuous exercise and enjoyed P.E. especially on cold days. After Jack recovered from his shock he spent the rest of the day with me giving me a personal tour of Miami beach and taking me around to see all of our old classmates who had drifted to Florida in the past few years. Due to amorous reverses Jack had become a beachcomber and woman hater. Our first stop was for dinner at a very quaint cafe whose specialty was lobster dimmer which was prepared by a chef who had had much experience in the preparation of de- licious Sea Foods. Jack and I enjoyed this delicacy--at my expense. After the dinner was complete, the chef came out to say hello. Jack had not told me that the famous chef was one of our old classmates, Vivian Matson. She couldn't visit with us very long because her husband who was cleaning turkeys in the kitchen insisted she come back to work if she wanted her full allowance. After dinner we went back to the beach because Jack said that we would probably see a few more of our old friends there, stealing a few hours offfrom their offices. The first of them we ran on to was John May, now a big swamp-recoverer contractor. He employs Mary DeMichael as his date receptionest whom he was forced to hire because of his many admirers: and Carol Ann Brown as a translater of his foreign love letters. It seems that Jack and I had run on to John at the right moment because his secretaries were making out invitations to a New Year's Eve party at his country home for all the members of the C1355 gf '53 now living in Florida. With a little pressure John "insisted" that I spend the rest of my vacation as his house guest. Arriving via space ship for the party were Fred Brown and Spike Staples and their wives. I must say they have done rather well for themselves, they are joint proprietors of a bowling alley using mummified heads from the South Seas as balls and unsold wilt- ed celery stalks for pins, courtesy of Spike's uncle. Even their pin boy, Roger Reeh, and their chauffer, Raymond Poiriez, came to add to the guests. Next to arrive was Jim Sanders and his wife. Jim is now the largest cattle raiser in Florida and also as a side line raises monkeys which he has trained to milk so mat he W0r1'I have to get up so early. We all ran out on the front porch to investigate a noise and racket. A speeding car came to a squealing stop near the front steps. When the dust cleared, Harry Blome step- ped from the sleek hot rod, removed his crash helmet and stepped up on the porch. We had all forgotten momentarily that Harry was now a hot rod manufacturer and would, no doubt, come to the party in one of his latest models. After l-Iarry's arrival, John called us all out to the patio where we were seated and prepared for the entertainment. John announced that we would be entertained by four more of our successful classmates. First-we were charmed by a demonsuation of weight lifting by Wilma Bollinger, the new champion heavy weight Lifter of the world. After Wilma had finished her act she took a seat with the rest of us so she could watch Glenda Collier who was next to perform. 'Glenda the Great" had gotten a leave from Ringling Brothers Circus to come to the party. She has taken up the dainty act of snake charming. Her act was very breath-taking at times especially for Glenda. She ended her act by putting her twenty foot cobra in a match box. She also joined the audience to watch the others perform. Darline Blome was next and I must say I was a little startled. She was dr6S86d in one of the gayest Hill-Billy garbs I have ever seen. Darline has taken the place of Cousin Minnie Pearl on the Barn Dance. She told us about her reumatism and boy friend Ezra. After her version of "She'll be coming round the Mountain," she too, joined us. The last to perform was Mary Ann Price, now a great opera star, fPardon me, the once great opera star.p She sang Paggliacci although personally I couldn't tell much difference between Paggliacci and Darline's "She'll be coming round the Mountain' ex- cept that Mary Ann could do a much better job of calling the pigs to feed. The next morning I thanked John for his hospitality and began my long trip home. Nothing of interest happened on the way home so I shall close for now. Sincerely yours, THE TRAVELER Senior Elass Will We, the Seniors of 1953, being of sound mind qaccording to our own testimony, we refuse to consult anyone else on this statusj do give and bequeath our treasured posses- sions to those we leave behind. No doubt you wonder what these are and, if so valuable, why we leave them to you, you lucky people. To relieve your doubts we enumerate the following: unfound books, un-skipped days,.un-smoked cigarettes, space at the head of the stairs, lost arguments, lost on the round trip between study hall and office fafter four years we're still huntingj. These we leave alike to faculty and students with no discrimination. As a final bequeath, we leave the following valuable possessions individually: I, Lowell Beck, will my A's in Ag to Donnie Swigert providing he doesn't work to hard. I, Joyce Blakeman, will my Blue Mound boy friends to my sister, Marilyn, providing she g08S OU! with two a week. I, Darline Blome, will my quietness to Pat Clark, I, Harry Blome, will my ability to raise GRAND CHAMPION SHEEP to Carroll Myers. I, Wilma Bollinger, will my Florida sun tan to Patty Dye. I, Carole Ann Brown, will my freckles to Dickie Wattelet, providing he doesn't try to get rid of them. I, Fred Brown, will my Taylorville girl friends to Bob Taylor. I. Glenda Collier, will my ability to do my bookkeeping without any mistakes to Pat Corby, I, Mary DeMichael, will my private parties to Sandra Martin, provided she has as much fun as I did. I, Gerald Hurelbrink, will my huskiness to Jerry Pierce. I, Jack Kerwin, will my ability to skip school to Terry Poiriez, providing he doesn't get into any trouble. I, Ralph Lawler, will my dog to Kay Harbarger, providing she takes him for a walk every day. l, Vivian Matson, will my ability to get along with teachers to Mary Ann Minor. I, John May, will my new convertible to my little brother, providing he washes it every day. I, Raymond Poiriez, will my ability to get along with Mr. Fahsbender to Harold Ethe- ridge. I, Mary Ann Price, will my hidden talents which were revealed at the Dairy Lane to Mary Alice Adams. I, Roger Reeh, will my long sideburns to Bobby Gebhart, providing he doesn't shave them off. I, Cloyd Staples, will my ability to get kicked out of classes to anyone who thinks he can beat my record. I, Keith Swigert, will my carton of cigarettes to the Ag class if they promise to smoke them on a field trip. I, Jim Sanders, will my flat top to Ronnie Turner, if he will get it trimmed each week. I, Janice Whitsett, will my ability to wash diapers' to Diane Childs. Hits ,Maul cniars NAME Lowell Beck Joyce Blakeman Darline Blome Harry Blome Carole Ann Brown Fred Brown Wilma Bollinger Glenda Collier Mary DeMichael Gerald Hurelbrink Jack Kerwin Ralph Lawler Vivian Matson John May Raymond Poiriez Mary Ann Price Roger Reeh Cloyd Staples Keith Swigert James Sanders Janice Whitsett BESETTING SIN Nina Charlie Nyle T alking Red hair Basketball Southern Drawl Men Blue Chevrolet Billy Ann Girls Sonny Exaggerating Temper Heighth Taylorville Barbara Fast Driving Ag. Class Griping NICKNAME Charlie Atlas Grandma Rosie Bloomers Freckles Brownie Irma You All Aggie Grandpa Spagetti Ralphie Vivie Johnny Ramoni Caponi Map Preach Spike Clem Jimmy Jannie A MB ITION Farmer Housewife Marry Nyle Prize flock of oxfords Airline stewardess Basketball coach Secretary To say Chingachgook Home Ec. teacher A Perfect 36 Accountant Own a pet shop Get along with Glenda Own a red convertible To loaf Own the Roxy Learn to drive None Ambulance driver Garage mechanic Run a nursery SAYING You just wait! Oh, Crumbl Aw! You'd like to know, wouldn't you? Gee Whiz I ain't got any What? My gosh You don't know, do your Darn'd if I know Where is Billy Ann? Oh you ignorant thing Nuts! For cow sakes Makes you wonder, don't it? Huh? Shake the bushes Sh ------- uger Get off my back Now, Mr. Meridith Well, Golly DESTINY President of school board Old Maid Marry Gale Raising pedigreed mongrels Pearl diver Cowboy Dishwasher in Sherman Hotel Mayor of Blue Mound Marry a preacher Traffic Cop Shoe-shine boy Dog Catcher Raise turkeys Woman hater Efficiency Expert Invent an unzippable zipper Preacher Horse Doctor Hearse Driver Grease monkey Mother of first sextuplets x A 1 . 14. n o e'- as vagal ,MR o. -Q. X. 'R " 1518 v N-T .-A" i ti Q X 4!l"""""' 4 -.. Y ' 9 'A if I WWW! junior 611155 First row: Robert Taylor, Don ald Swigert, Patricia Corby, Alice Carpenter, Dale LeVault, Car rol Myers, Marvin Hodges. Second row: Sandra Martin, Mary Ann Minor, Faraby Myers, Ronald Turner, Duwain Krueger, Patricia Hancock, Norma Allen, Miss Morrissey. Third row: Patricia Clark, Patricia Dye, Kay Harbarger, Diane Ater, Ioan Allen, Barbara Williams, Patricia Smith President ---- - - -ALICE CARPENTER Vice President- - - - - - DALE LeVAULT Secretary-Treasurer- - - -PATRICIA CORBY vi, - 1? "' . N W xv QE 7 1 meer? J . 1 4' NM 'x f , Q f X,-,- Charlie is resting Qalphiv rn QS Y - Scrub W and his harew LOTUS img, , ,A fx, 8 x XA, 1, 1' Y .K Sq , 4' X' 5, Thirsty IOC? y5Pf Arr !L"'? V-f ,iS QI s -fix 5 fmsias, G+ Av p. 4 , Q 1' Av Wx 3, Y'qV r Q rfortable? . NOW, GiPlS! w., X Working hard? Jrhn, 'P' X fc? A .pf Drink up ,ff N I' fb tk 251153 M. T- X vm, non! I f I Pat After the game f N IOANN ALLEN NORMA ALLEN DIANE ATER A LICE FAYE CARPENTER PATRICIA CLARK PATRICIA CORBY PATRICIA DYE PATRICIA HANCOCK KAY HARBARGER MARVIN HODGES DEWAIN KRUEGER DALE LCVAULT f SANDRA MARTIN MARY ANN MINOR CARROLL MYERS FARABY MYERS PATRICIA SMITH DONALD SWIGERT ROBERT TAYLOR RONALD TURNER BARBARA WILLIAMS Q ., ga'-:gig N Q.. ,N vm W N. 'Qt X.. 13 f .F 'Eg ' gi, . . N ,il Q-4 X + W .N If x . . - if V' w k -'44 'ffa 'S A 'kg , . I . I ,QI 4. .1 . 'U f Q, ff , f -Q-f . fm 'ff ' -vi .' ,Af-" ,, 'A gygfv ' , - 'l,.jzFFi'5,, - .Q 4 .,,..f..n'5.'-W-. ' ' ,..lQ-f'y4g wg, .M ,. .. ,V k,-.. . - , - . v ' v' 'fl ,, il ,gs:.-Q-"'Y"kgx3'L5sf L-,. , i. .. Y, . . .rf 6 ,M .winixiw ' ' 1 6 . ,. f",fp.' -.-3 -. . Y . . . H YW 'E vi' 5 - -1 ?.,w,fs. -f 3 f . ,':' ' 'Y . ,inks-N-'qvx f .. - -Q . ' ' 4 - - --vw 1 X - . . ' eg' gl , ",'5.":k K k ' Q'?f"li5.f"'i T. - . P- -g 'fsQ.,,. X 'Q'am.r,:,,KQ .., ' .,'.Xg .ffhffgwwff ff, X' ' ' .. I ,: -.. ,KW M mi , .5 . -,iss , ,-1 -Q. -. ,u x 5 W ' ff , -'. L1 , w x A , A , ' Q .rw .' K u 0 . 1'gv ab - v ,,. ' ,pifywx AX ' ,gl-. Mui .1 T. ,ew fs F" "'-fi: figs.. 34. ws, ,fl . . ff. 55 , . -. . X . 'g . .. N' . ' 4. n. xt ' X ah K -' ff, ws. .T" K NJA .1 O A W 'Q' A , .1 , J. Sul' ...+'f.4a,v fy +.. 3' ,name if si. ,ix J ' li , Gr S- 1 QV. f t , . . viii 5 N S, f . i 1 41. is 5- vii . r. " . Q -X we A . .9 X ' C1 Hlkviill -QQ .xl 4.1,- .-Y .-,,.v- 'H Saphamarc 611155 First row: Gloria Shimp, Nancy Cook, Connie Batty, Helen Clark, Jerry Lawler, Jackie Pile, Mary Alice Adams, Ruth Ann Guthrie, Second row: Joe Pardi, Lyle Moma, Ralph Dude, Howard Young, Dale Downs, Tom Black, James Meridith, Dwight Myers, Mr, Taylor. Third row: George Rueff, Donna Hill, Patty Lee, Charles Price, Anna Price, Marguerite Hancock, John Woods, Glenna Krueger, Ivern Manley. Fourth row: Richard Poling, Nina Sanders, Maxine Beck, Terry Poiriez, Carrol Curry, Robert Gebhart, Phyl lis Coleman, Diane Childs, Jerry Pierce. President ----- - - -Helen Ann Clark Vice President- - - - - - Jerry Lawler Secretary ---- - - Connie Batty Treasurer- - - - - -J-Mikie Pile 'Q n -Q. l ' - v""1 -sf How is it? Ch, GSGS. ' QWf'Ig,Q f Nina Diane sax i Q g What's this? X 'Y Nami 5 .4 f' In My feet hurt guess who? Mary Ann Sh'mp Posts vi, l A 0 Q .L :Um ,Lx vnu? - irq- 515 .QCA O - Girls ff Q 1 'Nth E Na - g 5 Wu it S . w ' Q I '4 x M, ,... N, f x A .if ' A X 'S is Daddy Date rmffm Ymmff and mmcent ,V Q: , urn- , X , XAW. , QP f 'null' Glenna Krueger Jerry Lawler Patty Lee Jim Meridith Ivern Manley Lyle Moma Joe Pardi .Jerry Pierce Jack Pile Terry Poiriez Anna Price Charles Price George Rueff Nina Sanders Gloria Shimp John Woods Howard Yolmg Dwight Myers at iw wi 9 ma 'ia v-nl I given L, si if , f lgw mimi so 'ir ' if X is 1 it 1 Mary Alice Adams Maxine Beck Connie Batty Tom Black Diane Childs Helen Ann Clark Phyllis Coleman Nancy Cook Carroll Curry Dale Downs Ralph Dude Robert Gebhart Ruth Ann Guthrie Marguerite Hancock Donna Hill :,, Q, .,1' x W g 'P arm, 5 ii , ,, . ,av wr G' if i s. Y-'ie 3 . f' x J 'S ' ,s . , F If .AH A .xv J. t kk t iyrr Y,,,,,,,D, ,W , 4.1, , i .'X .- in ik- 5 Xxx' K gm YS K X E- 11.15 ' ie- -1 i. 1 adm 57rv.s'l1ma11 61455 First row: Marilyn Hodges, Nancy Spickard, Phyllis Traughber, Richard Wattelet , Bar- bara Bertoni, Nola Vincent, Annette Lemaire, Patricia Dooley, Second row: Sue Ever- len, Viola Ostermeier, Joann Spain, Maris Kline, Joyce Simpson, Sandra Beamer, Lesi la Dishon, Cora Hughes, Melba Skinner. Third row: Donna Downs, Leslie Nolen, James Buis, Richard Taylor, Harold Ethridge, Charles Brookd, George Rodgers, Joann Wright, Marilyn Yonker. Fourth row: Patricia Watson, Roy Young, Leroy Stivers, Delmar Collie Ronald Causey, Ray Allen, Roy Swigert, Bernard May, Marilyn Blakeman. - - Richard Wattelet - - -Phyllis Traughber - - Barbara Bertoni President ---- - Vice President- - - Secretary-Treasurer- - - ? . 'Y 1 500 Z - 5, f" 6 , ff T WML Il T. UhiYdren will play Q4 Nw ri K 956 Russel A W 9x4 Da QQ ng ' ' '1 K! Interesting n ,W Hifi Q '-. 'Q Q m ?" m Q 5 3 SD M '1 CD ' fa Luz na 4 ,.AM5?w' E? 1-1.11: '1 :,: ' ' gg,L,wvJWw EU find 1.1: 5 fx' in Q n,.,. , 1-af n M II' T? L -N 1, f A +1- ., , , ,.,m,,,, if 4 i ,lllll. Little Herbn, R Helpers. iw JL wa,- Fishermen A I t 1 Il v I I 8 1 Q t 'F Alice '-.fag ,Qsxkg Q ad e il Cn top of old Smokey Norma Hillbillies ? Ola USCHS, Little Geerge C Photographers? SHE? vga 4 Z 1 5 I Don't fall in! E 1 'Ish' A 3- sq -I ' 1 Z 4 if-,A Q, , A if iii mf M 6 if xg fs' 7 h is Ray Allen Sandra Beamer Barbara Berroni Marilyn Blakeman Charles Brooks James Buis Delmar Collier Leslia Dishon Patricia Dooley Donna Downs M A in Harold Ethridge ' Z, Sue Everlen V A Marilyn Hodges ,T y Eg-if ij Cora Hughes "' A J A A Q .,:E: 15 ' Maris Kline .nj .gA.,akx7k vm. Annette Lemaire Q , It it V J Q " ,J ' y I V 1 Bernard May 1 . A N .5 A 7 Leslie Nolen v A , in -- A. .Q' Viola Ostermeir x M ' George Rodgers Joyce Simpson Melba Skinner ii .y S Io Anne Spain I g f i :li gf., Nancy Spickard A V' Leroy Stivers '- xiii! Q A M , D Roy Swigert Mg ' ' J g Richard Taylor 2 C A J 'L 'Q ' , 'HV V Phyllis Traughber f.,g 2 Nola Vincent Mg ' yy Phyllis Watson 2 . 4 f if s al 'ss t A Richard Wattelet Jo Ann Wright Marilyn Yonker Roy Young Johnnie Tirey Wilma Clark .ft A566524 I Baseball First row: L. Nolen, J. Pardi, F. Brown, C. Curry. J. May, R. Poiriez, R. Taylor, C Myers, C. Staples. Second row: R. Wattelet, G. Rueff, R. Causey, D. Swigert, G. Hurelbrink, I. Meridith, H. Ethridge, R. Turner, T. Poiriez, L. Stivers, Mr. Fahs- bender. Average Name AB H Brown 21 4 . 195 Curry ' 21 8 . 381 Staples 20 9 .450 May 17 'I .410 Myers 19 5 . 263 Taylor 21 2 . 095 Pardi 17 2 . 131 R. Poriez 20 3 . 150 Nolan 12 1 . 086 Hurelbrink 2 0 . 000 Stivers 1 0 . O00 T. Poirez 5 2 .400 Meridith 1 0 . 000 Ethridge 3 0 . 000 Games Opponents SCHS Niantic 4 8 Macon 4 6 F inlay 4 6 Warrensburg 4 3 E dinburgh 5 9 Kenny 10 3 B lue Mound 5 4 ln early September 19 boys came out to practice. We got off to a good start by winning our first 3 games. Then we lost a good game to Warrensburg by a score of 4-3. We beat Edinburgh, then lost two straight games to Kenny and Blue Mound. Un- der the leadership of our new coach, Mr. Fahsbender, we closed the season with 4 wins and 3 losses. lsmffmll sqm 3 R r M 138 K3 X ash 334 gf ... "'jl,l 22 33 24 al First row, 1, Pile, C, Curry, F. Brown, C. Myers, J. Kerwin, R. Taylor. L. Beck. Second ww, 1. woods. R. Turner. J. Meridirh. D. Swigerf. R- Dude- H- Ethfidger T- Black, Mr. Fahsbender. Third row: R. Wattelet, T. Poiriez. I. Pardi. C- Brooks. R. Causey, L. Stivers, G. Rueff, R. Gebhart. '15'.'??3" I' My is f ! 5 'w lk ' 4' N T gs y x r WIN fnf'TT' X " 1 SX' If s o r x' ' The squad this year which dressed for regular games and tournaments consisted of four seniors: Jack Kerwin, Fred Brown, Cloyd Staples, Lowell Becky three juniors: Carroll Myers, Bob Taylor, Ronnie Turnerg five sophomores: Carroll Curry, Dale Downs Tom Black, Jim Meridith, Jack Pile. With so many underclassmen on the team the future looks bright. The varsity record was not as good as the team would have liked it to be with seven wins and eighteen losses. The brightest spot was winning third place in the Meridian Tourney with wins over Blue Mound and Tower Hill, losing to Illopolis, the Tourney winner. The "B" team had a record of twelve wins and eight losses. FIRST TEAM GA MES 38 29 50 32 63 64 44 58 66 44 67 52 56 47 48 47 47 56 63 63 55 66 66 65 66 U Mt. Auburn 44 Stonington ' Macon 40 Stonington ' Stonington 51 Tower Hill Rochester 49 Stonington ' Moweaqua 64 Stonington ' Blue Mound 68 Stonington ' Findlay 65 Stonington Stonington 69 Morrisonville Edinburg '71 Stonington Stewardson-Strasburg 61 Stonington ' Macon 79 Stonington Stonington 66 Rochester ' ' Stonington 57 Blue Mound ' ' Illiopolis 67 Stonington ' ' Stonington 60 Tower Hill ' llliopolis 54 Stonington Edinburg 55 Stonington ' ' Kincaid 80 Stonington ' Stonington 71 Assumption ' Moweaqua 85 Stonington ' Tower Hill 56 Stonington ' Assumption 68 Stonington ' Blue Mound 72 Stonington Stonington 78 Mt. Auburn " Blue Mound '72 Stonington ' ' denotes Tournament Games ' denotes Conference Games NAME POINTS GAMES AVERAGE Curry 273 25 9 Brown 300 25 Staples 282 25 2 Taylor 104 17 1 Myers 185 25 .4 Kerwin 183 20 1 R. Poiriez 47 8 8 Beck 7 -- -- Downs 11 -- "- Turner 8 Pile 7 -- SECOND TEAM GAMES Stonington 31 Mt. Auburn 17 Macon Stonington Macon 66 Stonington 38 Stonington Rochester Stonington 36 Tower Hill 35 Stonington Illiopolis Stonington 34 Rochester 30 Edinburg Stonington Stonington 42 Moweaqua 39 Stonington Assumption Blue Mound 44 Stonington 28 Stonington Moweaqua Stonington 32 Findlay 30 Tower Hill Stonington Stonington 43 Morrisouville 38 Stonington Assumption Edinburg 49 Stonington 39 Blue Mound Stonington Steward. -Stras.69 Stonington 28 Stonington Mt, Auburn Blue Mound 72 Stonington . K, - r LOWELL BECK TOM BLACK FRED BROWN CARROLL CURRY DALE DOWNS JACK KERWIN JIM MERIDITH CARROLL MYERS JACKIE FILE CLOYD STAPLES BOB TAYLOR RONNIE TURNER gflffl' faders Alice Carpenter, Carole Ann Brown Pat Corby, Joyce Blakeman Marilyn Blakeman Mary Alice Adams Crack Team 4 First row: J. Pile, C. Curry, F. Brown, I. Kerwin, C. Myers, R. Taylor, H. Young. Second row: L. Stivers, G. Rueff. I. Meridith, H. Ethridge, R. Dude, R. Turner, I. Buis, L. Nolen, Mr. Fahsbender. Stonington's track team completed the 1952 season with a .500 record for the regular season. We won second in the Mid-Plains and third in the Meridian meets. We had only two regular season meets because our school competed in Spring baseball, The individual scores for the season were: Fred Brown 51 l!4 Bob Taylor 10 Jack Kerwin 34 114 Lyle Swigert 6 Donnie Blakeman 29 Louis Coins 4 314 Chester Hodges 27 Kenny Adams 4 Billie Pile 21 Howard Young 2 1!4 Carroll Curry 15 Carroll Myers 1 1f4 During the track season this year we played baseball. This was the first year that we played spring baseball. We ended the season with a 3-2 record. We lost to St. Teresa of Decatur by a score of 1-0 in the District Tournament. Stonington 13 Blue Mound 3 Stonington 6 Morrisonville 4 St. Teresa 1 Stonington 0 Nokomis 13 Stonington 1 Stonington 3 Blue Mound 2 y4cZ'2iQ?aZf ss-Lf' V N 'Q 5 First day of school. There is only one thing wrong with a va- 'tw rg? M . . 2 , , cation, it always has to end. 24 FHA entertained the freshmen girls with a weiner roast. Too xi N W H N I I l 1 H I bad we couldn't have entertained them with an initiation al- so. 26 G. A. A. sponsored the first all school party. The Freshmen boys were honored by having the Senior girls dance with them. We were very happy to get out of a few classes to have Annual - 2 pictures taken today. Huh, Mary and Jack? The Junior Class presented their play, 'Sing for Your Supper." l J " Everyone enjoyed the show, especially a certain Grade School boy. 14 Seniors had a Halloween party. Boy! did it rain! ll 16 8a 17 No school, teachers institute. "OH HAPPY DAY" 23 G. G. A. Weiner Roast. The speed ball game was really exciting. Just ask the girls in the 4th hour class. 24 Report cards came out for the first six weeks, Is everyone bright? 30 FHA entertained Edinburg FHA at a chili supper, Did anyone go Halloweening af- ! Q 'J 10 terwards? 31 Who was the naughtiest?????? A 4 FHA Mother and Daughter Tea. 4, ' ' is 27 No school, Thanksgiving Vacation. X5 28 How was the turkey? S QIIYA Nl I ll PII + 3 Choral Festival at Mt. Auburn. , ' 'F' 5 Report cards handed out. How many were on the "Ornery" -f, 4' 'K 14 A large crowd attended the Christmas Vespers. I1 H I I DI I 17 FHA sponsored a Winter Formal. Did you have fun afterwards, Keith? 19 Christmas Vacation started at 3:00 P. M. Hallejuah! I l l ll . . . . -- 1 - ' if N 5 School started again after too short a vacation. , ,o , 5. 6, 7. 8: 8 Meridian Conference tournament at Taylorville. '- ' 4, , I Stonington won 3rd place. 15 "The Case of the Sli ed Zi er" b Ro er Reeh and Ra mond menu uv PP PP Y g Y 27 Spike and Barbara were quite late for the basketball game tonight. Where could they have been? 28 March of Dimes Dance at the High School. Everyone had a good time, especially Maxine and Fred. How about it, Fred? 30 Report cards handed out again. Egadsl! 3 FHA held their second annual Daddy Date Night. Z 11 G. A. A. Chiu supper. When did you join, spike: F , 12 No School, Lincoln's birthday, hurrahl A - X 20 We won our homecoming game with Mt. Auburn. The girls il DI 1 I looked very pretty in their formals. l hear John May had the jitters. 24-27 District tournament here. We lost a thrilling game to Blue Mound. YH m .: si 5-6 XX F X 10 'riff' 31 7, S W1 2 f WW? ffl 'MQ 12 ' NH 17 .-I Ll II I 18 No School. Teacher's institute. Did you teachers learn a lot? Freshman Class Party. Senior Play, "Toby Helps Out." Best Senior Play ever. QWe hopely Spring Concert--Band and Choruses participating. Good Friday, no school! FHA Mother-Daughter Banquet. All school party sponsored by FFA. FHA Spring Rally at Taylorville. What a mob of girls! ' K "S SG 6 Band Festival at Kincaid fairy, 1 12 Junior-Senior Banquet. Ny Baccalaureate at High School. 29 Commencement. 'Is Everybody Happy?" QQJDQQSEQQQQQSESIQQ Q359Mf7.155 539529 532:-ESQFEFS, M5355 53'Efki'7gj??t2E,57g5?2S5 Arg be Hand First row: P. Corby, P. Clark, G. Shimp, S. Martin, L. Sckowska, I. Corby, D. Chill. B. Williams, N. Sanders, H. Clark. Second row: M. Blakeman, M. Kline, R. Guthrie, H. Young, A. Carpenter, C. Brooks, R. Poiriez, T. Black, M. Minor, P. Dooley, K, Batty, L, Beck, G. Hurelbrink, I. Blakeman, Third row: P. Hancock, G. Hurelbrink, W. Beck. N. Moore, J, Kerwin, J. May. I. Meridith, R. Dude, R. Gebhart, J. Woods, I. Spain, M. DeMichael, F. Myers, R. Adams, R, Dunbar. Fourth row: N. Allen, D. Ater, M. Childs, J, Buis, K. Harbarger, Mr. Shimp, The Stonington Unit Band has continued its growth during the year and consists of 58 members. Our band was directed by our new music teacher, R. J. Shimp and with the help of Mr. Shimp we formed a marching band and marched in several events. We marched in the parade at the Soybean Festival in Taylorville, at the Moweaqua Cen- tennial, and in the Santa Claus parade in Taylorville. Our band also played at several school assembly programs, the Band Festival at Kincaid, Graduation and the Junior and Senior plays. The band also entered the District Music Contest held in April. This year again Stonington High School has three choruses, mixed, girls and boys. All three sang at the Annual Choral Festival at Mt. Auburn and all three entered the District Contest held at Havana Ill. in April. We also sang at a school assembly held in November, The Amrual Spring Concert will be held in April with the band, boys and girls chorus and mixed chorus participating. Stonington had several entries in the Solo-ensemble District Music Contest held at Havana lll. Those participating in the vocal solo contests were Mary Ann Price, Diane Ater, Gloria Shimp, Joyce Blakeman, Ralph Dude, and Howard Young. Instrumental entries were: Flute Quartet, Barbara Williams, Nina Sanders, Helen Clark, and Diane Childs: Cornet Trio, Jim Meridith, Tom Black, and Bobby Gebhartg Saxophone Solo, Lowell Beck, Clarinet Solo, Charles Brooks, Piano Solo, Nina Sanders. Serie! Patricia Corby, Joyce Blakeman, Nancy Spickard, Gloria Shimp, Diane Ater, Norma Allen, Joann Spain. ,flfiiwd Glzorzzs Girls' 67101115 First row: H. Clark, N, Cook, W, Clark, M, Beck, S, Martin, D, Hill, I, Spain, N, Allen, D, Ater, Second row: M. Hodges, J, Simpson, P, Hancock, P, Corby, A, Price, M. Hancock, M, Price, I, Blakeman, P, Traughber, F. Myers, A, Carpenter. Third row: G. Shimp, N, Vincent, A, Lemaire, V, Ostermeier, D. Downs, M, Minor, M, Kline, R, Guthrie, N. Spickard, W. Bollinger, M. Skinner, Fourth row: B. Williams, M Blakeman, P, Watson, B, Bertoni, P, Dye, K, Harbarger, P, Dooley, N, Sanders, P, Clark, D, Childs, C, Batty. Hays' Hharus First row: L, Beck, C, Curry, R. Reeh, D, Downs, G. Hurelbrink, I. May, C. Brooks, Second row: H, Young, I. Woods, T, Black, R. Taylor, R. Dude, I. Meridith, D, Le- Vault. Third row: G, Rueff, R, Allen, I. Buis, R, Taylor, R, Gebhart, B, May, J, Pierce, --' -pfkfrx 3 , ,111 p ?ufure ffamcmakcrs af America First row: D, Blome, M. Minor, F. Myers, B. Williams, M. DeMichael, Joyce Blake- man, C. Brown, A. Carpenter, H. Clark. Second row: J. Spain. J. Simpson, D. Downs, P. Corby, A. Price, P. Traughber. I. Wright, N. Cook, V. Matson, N. Vincent, Miss Holben. Third row: M. Hodges, N. Spickard, M. Kline, P. Dooley, R. Guthrie, M. Adams, D. Hill, G. Collier, W. Clark, A. Lemaire. Fourth row: P. Watson, M. Blake- man, B. Bertoni, N. Sanders, K. Harbarger, M. Beck. W. Bollinger, M. Skinner, P. Clark, P. Dye, C. Batty. Our theme, which we carried out through the year, was "Our Eight Purposes Beckon- ing Us." Joyce Blakeman attended Leadership Camp at Bloomington, Illinois. Mary Ann Minor was elected to serve as Section VI Chairman of Recreation at the Fall Rally in Springfield. Six other girls from Stonington attended the Rally. In September we had a weiner roast in honor of the Freshmen and observed FHA Week in November. We sponsored a Winter Formal, December 17 and had our Annual Daddy Date Night, February 3. We held our Mother-Daughter Banquet, April 14. Our last meeting in May was a tea for the eighth grade girls. Our officers for the year were: President -------- - - Mary DeMichael Vice President ---- - - Joyce Blakeman Secretary ---- - - - Carole Ann Brown Treasurer ---- - - - Barbara Williams Chapter Sponsor ----------- Miss Frances Holben Chapter Mother ---------- Mrs. Marjory Williams We have a membership of 40, which is the highest of any in the history of FHA in this school. We are looking forward to many more successful years, as this one has been. 5'ufurc 5'armers df America First row: M. Hodges, K. Swigert, H. Young, D. Swigert, L. Beck, G. Hurelbrink, H. Blome. Second row: J. Pardi, G. Rodgers, J. Woods, D. Downs, I, Meridith, L. Moms, Mr. Meridith. Third row: R. Young, D. Collier, R. Gebhart, D. Myers, C. Brooks, J. Sanders, B. May, R. Swigert. Our FFA has participated in several acitivities during the year. At our first regular meeting the following officers were elected: President -------------------- Lowell Beck Vice President - - - - - Donald Swigert Secretary ---- - - - Gerald Hurelbrink Treasurer - - - - - Howard Young Reporter - - - - - Harry Blome Watch Dog ---- ------ K eith Swigert Advisor -------------------- Mr. Meridith On March 1 our grain and poultry teams went to Shelbyville and on April 30, our Dairy and Fat Stock teams went to Farmersville. In June, all of our teams entered the State Judging Contest in Champaign. Our Section held its agriculture fair at Taylorville. Harry Blome and Lowell Beck participated in this fair. Harry entered three lambs in the Junior Show at the State Fair and received top honors in his class. On September 16, our five officers went to Pana to the leadership training school. Those boys with Grain Projects took samples of their grain to Assumption in November Nine FFA boys and their fathers went to Chicago on November 29 and 30 to the ln- ternational Livestock Exposition. We also visited Swifts' Packing Plant while we were in Chicago. Girly Athletic Assaciafiau First row: S. Martin, M. Minor, F. Myers, C. Batty, A. Carpenter, H. Clark, P. Hancock, N. Allen, D, Ater, Second row: J. Spain. J. Simpson, D. Downs, P. Corby J. Blakeman, M. Price, P. Traughber, J. Wright, C. Brown, Miss Morrissey. Third row: N. Vincent, M. Hodges, M. Kline, P. Dooley, R. Guthrie, M. Adams, D. Hill P, Lee, V. Matson, M. DeMichael, B. Williams. Fourth row: P. Smith, P. Watson, M. Blakeman, B. Bertoni, N. Sanders, K. Harbarger, N. Cook, M. Beck, P. Clark, P. Dye, D. Childs. The following served as officers for G.A.A. for 1952-53: President --------------- Alice Faye Carpenter Vice President -------- ------ H elen Ann Clark Secretary and Treasurer ------------ Connie Batty Forty girls from all the classes joining, each paying fifty cents dues for the year. G.A,A. sponsored the first all-school party which was held on September 26th. A large crowd attended enabling the girls to add to their treasury for the years activities. On October 16 there was a weiner roast held on the school grounds. Everyone was surprised it didn't rain, The remainder of the evening was spent in playing volleyball in the gym. Future plans include a Chili Supper followed by games on Tuesday, March 17. The last meeting on May 11 will be a picnic and election of officers. The club entered the League sponsored basket shooting contest which is conducted by mail. ' Diane Childs, Donna Hill, Connie Batty and Helen Ann Clark, all Freshmen dur- ing 1951-52, won first year activity awards. These girls are working this year on their second year awards. ,Si gfllb First row: H. Clark, D. Ater, I. Whitsett, B. Williams, C. Brown, M. DeMichael, G. Hurelbrink, K. Harbarger, A. Carpenter, N, Allen. Second row: I. Meridith, I. Woods, R. Dude, H, Young, T. Black, D. Swigert, C. Myers, R. Taylor, R. Poiriez, Mr. Fahsbender. Third row: P. Hancock, F. Myers, P. Corby, L. Beck. I. Kerwin, I. May, C. Staples, J. Blakeman, M. Minor, R. Guthrie. Fourth row: P. Clark, N. San- ders, I. Pile, G. Rueff, C. Curry. I. Sanders. F. Brown, R. Gebhart, S. Martin, D. Childs. Earcvr 61116 First row: S. Martin, M. Minor, B. Williams, K. Harbarger, A. Carpenter, C. Brown, C. Batty, P. Clark, P. Dye, M. DeMichael. Second row: J. Woods, R. Dude, H. Young, K. Swigert, T. Black, R, Reeh, D. Swigert, C. Myers, M. Hodges, R. Tay- lor, R. Turner, Mrs. Taylor. Third row: D. Blome, H. Clark, M. Beck, C. Price, L. Moma, P. Corby, M. Rice. J. Blakeman, J. Lawler, C. Curry, D. Ater, W. Bollin- ger, G. Collier. Fourth row: I. Pierce, R. Young, B. May, N. Allen, F. Myers, 1. Buis. C. Brooks, I. Sanders, R. Gebhart, V. Matson, N. Cook, G, Rueff, I. Pile. Photography 61116 First row: D. Childs, A. Carpenter, C. Staples, D. Swigert. J. Sanders. K. Harbarger. B. Williams. Second row: Mr. Smith, G. Hurelbrink, D. Downs. J. Kerwin, R. Reeh, R. Turner. Third row: P. Clark, H. Clark, D. LeVault, P. Corby, M. Minor, M. De- Michael. The Photography Club began the year by electing the following officers: President ----- - - - - - - Cloyd Staples Vice President ----- - - Donnie Swigert Secretary and Treasurer - - - - - Alice Carpenter Advisor ---------- - - Mr. Robert Smith During the year we had many night get-togethers at which we developed film and printed pictures. Our membership has grown too--and we hope to increase it even more next year. The Club has been represented at nearly every activity connected with the school to take pictures of the happenings. One of our biggest accomplishments this year was to develop an efficient dark room in which we could work. We also gave a demonstration of developing and enlarging pictures at one of the PTA meeting. The Club would like to steal a little space here to thank Mr. Smith for the time and patience he has spent with us trying to teach us a little about photography. juniar Play 6467 On floor: Diane Ater, Kay Harbarger. Seated: Barbara Williams, Mary Ann Minor, Dale LeVault, Faraby Myers, Pat Corby, Pat Clark. Standing: Norma Allen, Dommie Swigert, Dewhin Krueger, Bob Taylor, Ronnie Turner, Alice Carpenter, Sandra Martin, Patty Dye. Senior Play 6451 First row: Wilma Bollinger, Vivian Matson, Mary DeMichael, Carole Ann Brown, Joyce Blakeman. Second row: Jack Kerwin, Lowell Beck, Cloyd Staples, Gerald Hurelbrink, Keith Swigert, John May. ffamew The Fourth Annual Basketball Homecoming was held February 20 following the Mt. Auburn game. A large crowd was present to watch the colorful Coronation Ceremony. For the Queen Contest each class chose three contestants and from those 12 the Queen was selected by a penny-a-vote contest. The three contestants receiving the most votes in each of the other classes were special attendants to the Queen and the other eight girls were a part of the court. Gloria Shimp played the processional and John May played the fanfares. Mary De- Michael announced the contestants as they were escorted into the gymnasium, The girls marched the full length of the floor to the throne. The climax of the evening was reached when Marilyn Blakeman, escorted by Bernard May, was crowned Homecoming Queen of 1953 by Jack Kerwin, Co-editor of the Annual. Her junior escorts were Margery Doyle, who wore an aqua formal with black velvet trim, and J. J. Norville, attired in a dark blue suit. The special attendants to the Queen were as follows: Carole Ann Brown, senior attendant, escorted by Fred Browng Barbara Williams junior attendant, escorted by Cloyd Staples, Helen Ann Clark, sophomore attendant, es- corted by Dale Downs. Other members of the Queen's court were: Mary Ann Price, es- corted by Ralph Lawlerg Darline Blome, escorted by Harry Blomeg Alice Carpenter, es- corted by Bob Taylorg Pat Clark, escorted by Dale LeVaultg Diane Childs, escorted by Tom Black, Connie Batty, escorted by Jimmie Meridithg Nola Vincent, escorted by Richard Taylor, Barbara Bertoni, escorted by Leroy Stivers. The Queen and her special attendants received engraved gold basketballs given as a token of remembrance by the Stony Echoes staff. Kay Harbarger played the recessional as the Queen and her court marched out of the gym. if .vw- VJ 'V M We Ii ,G 4 1 xg 231526 Lmterwszinn Game? The Non -vw .A + 3HfwP'V QfE4 Fave Nw Somp fxaa-X I, 1117 qs 6 ' '9 rx rv 1.0 ,YQ . '60 rv' . 1 '7 F' 71-2 53,- ,....-P' 7, ,fx T .-- '-V -. - ?L6'E' wifi.-1': Han Ln LY" atc?" a Dr- i ni: i ri Tf T . Flv U ' '10 W QV::JY1?3c'vr1 of' 4-wp 1..1xl-' I 1 5 5. 4. 'A : ' 51-Q W R' . N' : , . - f 2 ' ig' Q i X b yi U ' Q wg CO LJOFAN YQv1'1'Q Out, N x ' rx cv,, W Yr' ! ' . 'Tue '1"E,r1PT QQ. Q- 9 ,-Q .qqs .,f .5 , L- dm x' v""f'i Pig , 3 Q fxlmyev-,Q . , , Wm1r'X"h!"'V'!"Wm I I a ,gn .W 14 rf qfvf .. ,X s rw, I'ff 4 'ff' I Gntzwer arvwnci UCPIIS Iwi? nl G The Uh' Of KSU! My eyes hurti -Vhc ' s who - Z A .qw f' ..A"' ' ,-' A, . .,- . , ' '41 . 'Sf' ga' "Rf: We owe our sincere appreciation to the following business con- cerns and individuals for their cooperation in sponsoring the 1953 Stony Echoes. We are very grateful to them for making it possible for us to print this annual. The Stoney Echoes Staff Doyle's Drug Store, Stonington, Illinois Weber's Insurance Agency, Stonington, Illinois Walter Tumiati, General Tricking, Stonington, Illinois Stonington Lurnber Company, Stonington, Illinois The Electric House, Stonington, Illinois Marucco's Clover Farm Store, Stonington, Illinois McWard's Hardware 8: Dry Goods Store, Stonington, Illinois Gamble's Dealer, Stonington, Illinois Letcher's Grocery, Stonington, Illinois Clark's Cafe, Stonington, Illinois Harbarger Motor Sales, Inc., Stonington, Illinois Turner's Superway, Stonington, Illinois Younker's Standard Service, Stonington, Illinois The Dairy Lane, Stonington, Illinois Stonington Co-operative Grain Company, Stonington, Illinois Lee Bauer, Agent for Standard Oil, Stonington, Illinois Club 2.1, Stonington, Illinois Murphy's Barbar Shop, Stonington, Illinois Bertoni's Tavern, Stonington, Illinois Maurice Young, Stonington, Illinois Stonington Electric and Plumbing Company, Stonington, Illinois Roxy Theater, Stonington, Illinois Stonington Star, Stonington, Illinois Adrian's Shoe Store, Taylorville, Illinois Cohn's Furniture Store, Taylorville, Illinois DiPlotti Shoe Store, Taylorville, Illinois Rene's Drug Store, Taylorville, Illinois Morton's Drug Store, Taylorville, Illinois Bryan 8: Burns Furniture Store, Taylorville, Illinois Gilbert H, Large and Company, Taylorville, Illinois Chestnut, Pearce and Connolly, Taylorville, Illinois Bla.kely's Department Store, Taylorville, Illinois Scotty's Super Market, Blue Mound, Illinois The State Bank of Blue Mound, Blue Mound, Illinois Dr. E. C. Jourdan, Dentist, Blue Mound, Illi.nois C. B. Moore, Inc., Blue Mound, Illinois V. B. Feed Store, Blue Mound, Illinois Mi1ler's Furniture Company, Blue Mound, Illinois Kirk's Appliances, Blue Mound, lllinois Heitz and Hauskins International, Blue Mound, Illinois Melle Ca1loway's, Taylorville, Illinois First Trust and Savings, Member FDIC, Taylorville, Illinois Marcella's, Taylorville, Illinois Taylorville Theater Company, Taylorville, Illinois J'ewell's Market, Taylorville, Illinois Paul's Shoe Store, Taylorville, Illinois Don Anderson, Royal Typewriters, Springfield, Illinois YEARBOOK DALLAS - TEXAS i E- A LITHOGRAPHED

Suggestions in the Stonington High School - Stony Echoes Yearbook (Stonington, IL) collection:

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