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. . I ■ • I 1 We, the class of 1952, proudly yet humbly dedicate our yearbook to Rosemary Batty We feel that our lives were happier because Rosemary was our classmate and friend though all too short a time During her illness her smile that was so characteristic of her, never left her I STONY ECHOES STAFF Editor ............. Arlene Sailsbery Assistant Editor .•••••••• . • ••••••••• .Rosemary Young Typist • ..Jo Ann Bode Art Richard Stahr Advertising. . . . . . Snapshots.. . Senior Class History . Bits About Seniors . . School Calendar. . . . Senior Biographies . . Senior Class Will. . . Senior Class Prophesy. Junior Class History • Sophomore Class History Freshmen Class History Baseball .•••••• Basketball • ••••• Track. • ••••••• Music.. . . . G. A. A. ...... . Career Club. • • . . . S. Club. F. F. A. F. H. A. Carole Sue Williams Darline Blome . . . . John Curtin Leroy Durand Richard Bollinger . . . .Anne Puckett Carole Joe Brown Anna Tirey . . . . .Eula Brown Beverly Cochran Irene Fry . . . . Lois Carson . . Peggy Carpenter Carole Lee . . . .Iyle Swigert Chester Hodges Charles Burnett . • • • .Fred Brown Mary DeMichael . .Carole Ann Brown Loretta Stivers • • • • • Pat Corby Barbara Williams • • • • Helen Clark Terry Poiriez • • Donnie Blakeman • • • Joe DeMichael • . • • Lloyd Clark • • • Richard Corby • • Alice Carpenter ... .Faraby ifyers • • .Joyce Blakeman • • Charles Guthrie Jean Lee STONY ECHOES STAFF Editor First Row: J, Lee, M. DeMichael, B Williams, D. Blome, A Sailsbeiy, R. Young, J Bode, P Carpenter, H. Clark Second Row: A. Tirey, L Stivers, C Lee, C Brown, P. Corby, L Carson, J • Blakeman, F Myers, C Brown, Mrs Lemaire Third Row: I Fry, C Burnett, C. Hodges, J Curtin, R. Corby, L Swigert, L 0 Clark, D Blakeman, E Brown Fourth Row: A Puckett, C Williams, F Brown, R. Stahr, C Guthrie, J DeMichael, L Durand, T. Poiriez, A Carpenter, B Cochran. •Dorris Robinson John Sanders La irence Curtin Lester Pollock Walter Klay Joe Lynn Louis Briggs William R» Abernathy, Principal and Superintendent Michael Corby, Assistant Principal Coach Charlouise Ducy English . History Frances Holben Home Economics lynette Lemaire Commerce Mary Alice Morrissey English P E. C. 0, Traylor Music John Pankey Science Math James Meridith Agriculture Charles Taylor Science Horace Shewmaker Janitor ■I RICHARD STAHR Baseball—1-2-3-li 5 Basketball— 1 - 2 - 3 -!;; S Club—1-2-3-h; President— h; Story Echo Staff—U; Vice President of Class— 2- 3; President of Class— h; Class Play— 3- lij Photography Club—1 . LLOYD CLARK Basketball—1« Echo Staff—3- 2-3-b; Baseball—3; Stony h; S Club—3-U; Vice Photography Club—U. RICHARD CORBY Basketball— 2—3— U; Mixed Chorus— 3-U; Class Play—3-U$ Moweaqua High School— 1 ; Chorus— 3-U; Band— 2-3-U; Career Club— h; Secretary of Class— 2-3; Treasurer— 3-U; Stony Echo Staff— U DONALD BLAKEMAN Basketball— 1-2-3-h Baseball— 1-2-3-h; Club— 1-2-3-U Class Play—3-h; Annual Staff— h; S Stony Echo Staff— 1-2-3-U; Girls Chorus— 1-2-3-U; GAA— 1-2; S Club— 3-U; Class Play— 3; District Solo— 1-2-3-U Ninette-— 1; Octet—U; Mixed Chorus— 2-3- U. $ RICHARD BOLLINGER FFA— 1-2-3-U; Stony Echo Staff—U CAROLE JOfcBROWN Career Club— U; Chorus— 1; FAA— 1-2-3-U; FHA— 1-2-U; Class Play—3; Stony Echo Staff—U. EULA FAYE BROWN Stony Echo Staff—U; GAA— 2-3-U; Girls Chorus— 1-2-3; Career Club—U; Class Play—U CHARLES BURNETT Career Club—L$ Track—2; Staff— h; FFA—1-2-3-h; Vice U; Watch Dog—3; Photography Stony Echo President— Club—U PEGGY ANN CARPENTER Girls Chorus—1-2-3-iij Mixed Chorus—2 -3-U; Octet—Uj Science Club—1; FRA—1 -2-3-h; Chairman of Public Relations—U; GAA—1-2-3-Uj Career Club— h; Photo¬ graphy Club—2-ii; Stony Echo Staff— h; Moweaqua High School—1-2; Stony Echo Staff—U; GAA—3-U; Girls State—3; Class Play—U. BEVERLY COCHRAN Career Club— k; Cheerleader—2-3-Uj Chorus—2; GAA—1-2-3-U; Vice President- -h; Stony Echo Staff—U; Treasurer of Class—2; Class Play—3-U. 5 1 | JOHN CURTIN Chaninade Clayton, Missouri—1; Boys Chorus—2-3-U; Mixed Chorus—2-3-b; Photography Club—2-3-k; Career Club—lij Basketball—2-3-1;; Class Play—3-U; Stony Echo Staff—3-U; Science Club—2- h. JOE DEMICHAEL Baseball—1-2-3-U; S Club—1-2-3-1;; Basketball—1-2-3-U; Stony Echo Staff—2 -Uj Science Club—U; Photography Club— lw Basketball—2j Manager—1-3; S Club—1-2 -3-U; Sargent at Arms—3; Photography Club—U; Stony Echo Staff—U; Vice President of Class—1; President of Class—3; Class Play—3 ENE FRY rls Chorus—1-2—3—U; Mixed Chorus—2-3 District Solo—2-3-U I CHARLES GUTHRIE EFA— 1-2-3-U; Stony Echo Staff— U; Science Club—1-2-3; Baseball—1-2-3 CHESTER HODGES Chorus— U; Baseball— 1-2-3-U; Track— 1-2 -3-U; S Club— 1-2-3-U; Sargent at Arms— 1;; Career Club— U; Basketball— 1-2-3-U; Stony Echo Staff— U; FFA— 1-2-3-U; Watch Dog—2; President—3-U; Photography Club—U. y SfAROLE LEE Class Play—3; Stony Echo Staff—U; GAA— 1-2-3-U; FHA— 1-2-U; Career Club— JEAN LEE GAA— 1-2-U j Degree Chairman—3; Secre¬ tary— U; Career Club— U; Stony Echo Staff— U ANNE PUCKETT Sacred Heart Academy—1-2; Storey Echo Staff— U; Career Club— U; GAA— 3-U; Photography Club—U; Class Play—U ARLENE’ SAILSBERY FHA--1-2-U; GAA—3-U; Vice President—3; Editor of Stony Echo Staff—U LYLE SWIGERT Basketball— 3-U; Baseball— U; Career Club— U; Track— 2-3-U; Stony Echo Staff- -U; S Club— 3-U; FFA— 1-2-3-U; reporter - 1 - 2 . ANNA MARIE TIREY GAA—1; FHA—1; Chorus— 1-2-3-U; Mixed Chorus— 2-3; Stony Echo Staff—U CAROLE SUE WILLIAMS Stony Echo Stuff— U; OAA— 1-2-3-U; Girls Chorus— 1-2-3-U ; Class Play— 3-U; Career Club— Uj Mixed Chorus— 2-3-U; Photography Club— 3-U; Science— 1-Uj FHA —1-2-3-U; Parlimentarian— 2$ Chairman of Projects—3. ROSEMARY YOUNG Class Play— 3-U; S Club— 2—3— Uw Presi¬ dent of Class—2; Career Club—U; FHA— 1$ GAA— 1-2-3-U; President— U; Stony Echo Staff— 1-2-3-U; Assistant Editor— U SENIOR CLASS HISTORY On September 1, 19U8, thirty-two " Green Freshies " entered the halls of SCHS. The following class officers were elected: President. . Leland Coffey Vice President ..«.•••••...»•.. .Leroy Durand Secretary and Treasurer. • .Dale Allen We were grieved to have our admired friend, Rosemary Batty, pass away on January 2. Our class advisor was Francis E. Bailey. We gave the first all school party on October 11. It was quite a success. On September 1, 19h9, thirty-three Sophomores returned to SCHS. At our first class meeting, the following officers were elected: President. • .. •••• .Rosemary Young Vice President . ....... Richard Stahr Secretary. Richard Corby Treasurer. ••••••••••••••••••• .Beverly Moma Our class advisor was Mr. Taylor. We sponsored the all school Christmas Party which was enjoyed by all. After a successful year, we looked forward to finally being referred to as upper classmen. On September 5, 1950, there were thirty-one Juniors. During the year we gained two new pupils, Anne Puckett and Lois Carson. We lost Leland Coffey when he enlisted in the Navy Our class officers for the year were: President. . ... .Leroy Durand Vice President •• . ...... Richard Stahr Secretary and Treasurer. •••.•••••••• Richard Corby Our class advisor was Miss Morrissey. She also sponsored our class play, " Seventeen is Awful Young. " It was a big success. We sponsored the Jr.-Sr. Banquet on May 8 and the trip to St. Louis on May 12. What a trip ! The Homecoming Queen for the year was Carole Jo Brown who represented the class. Beverly Moma was chosen as one of the Varsity Cheerleaders. On September 5, 1951, we started our last year as students at SCHS. The following officers were elected by the class: President. •••••••.•.•• . Richard Stahr Vice President.... Lloyd Clark Secretary and Treasurer. •••••••...•• Richard Corby The class party was held on October 25 Everyone had improved their features somewhat because it was a masquarade. Games were played and refreshments were served. How about those flat tires? We all hope to be able to use the graduation announcements we sent for. These last four years have been happy ones, in most cases, and have gone by fast. SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY We were strolling down Madison Avenue in old Chicago when attracted by a young man who insisted he had something marvelous to demonstrate to us n I have in my back room a wonderful invention I call it the electro¬ television future-caster With it you can pick up reflected light from stars 20 or less light years away instantaneously by the new fast light pickup Thus you do not predict the future, you see it " We were not too sold on this scientific hocus-pocus but were intrigued by the young brain’s earnest sincerity, so we decided to have a look. " Take us forward the limit of 20 years then,” we said ’’I ' ll focus you on Centaurus, " and we heard the whir of machinery We sat before a yard square screen which suddenly flashed with an errie purple light and then to milky white Suddenly a picture burst onto the screen The Marque of a theatre came plainly into view and on it we saw the name of one of the most famous movie stars in the world, Beverly Cochran. Then as suddenly as the picture appeared it faded away and one after the other we saw many scenes reacted before our eyes Now we see an old man selling newspapers and magazines on the corner of a busy street. It proves to be Donnie Blakeman. Then we were taken to Madison Square Gardens where we witness a highly publi¬ cized wrestling match. Immediately we recognized one of our old school mates known to the public as " The Blond Tigress’’ but to us as Peggy Carpenter. Glancing through one of the newspapers on the rack we are happy to learn of the fortunes of many of our former schoolmates A column in the newspaper, " Advice to the Lovelorne " is edited by Joe De- Michael • We see an ad for turkeys and are surprised to find that Rosemary Young is owner of a Turkey farm We see a picture of Lois Carson and Anna Marie Tirey. Lois has become one of the most famous designers of fashions in New York and has employed Anna Marie as a model One of the headlines tells of a secret discovery by Charles Guthrie for Dupont. Charles is now a famed chemist Now we are taken to a scene centered around a happy, though large, home Here are Mr and Mrs Lyle Swigert. Mrs Swigert is the former Anne Puckett now the mother of twelve children The next scene is that of a busy city block. One building is a beauty shop owned by Carole Sue Williams. It seems that she has become an expert on dyeing hair Next to this building we are amazed and rather shocked to see a Bookie Joint owned by Chester Hodges and Lloyd Clark. Carole Joe Brown is their most regular customer. Across the street we see another schoolmate ”Duck Durand”, the owner of a tavern. It seems he is having trouble with his latest torch singer, Jo Ann Bode. Coming out of Durand ' s Tavern we see ex-millionaire, Richard Bollinger. He has lost all his money in a card game in Florida and is now a bum. We hear music and looking down the street we see a circus parade. Richard Stahr is advertised as the World ' s thinnest man. W e change to a scene in Carnigie Hall where we discover a recital being given by Richard Corby, a great concert pianist. Arlene Sailsbery is Richard ' s booking agent. In the audience we see Carole and Jean Lee. They seem to be doing quite well as society ladies. The scene shifts to oriental China where we see Irene Fry and Eula Brown. They are both quite happy as missionairies. Another change and we are taken to a cattle ranch in Texas owned by John Curtin. Charles Burnett is employed as a cow hand. After this the amazing young man tells us that because of this intricate mechanism of the machine he can run it for only a short period of time. We thank the man kindly and depart with ever lingering thoughts of our former school mates. SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the class of 1951, realize that our fun has ended and that the hour of our departure is near at hand. The bitter doses of lessons we have taken have hastened rather than prolonged our class demise, and being in full possession of alert minds and memories that put the most extensive encyclopedias to shame, we do make this our last will and testament. SECTION I. We beaueath to the " beloved " faculty all our undone assignments--(of which there were lenty,) notes, broken pencils, and worries and sundry of other valued possessions. We, the Seniors, leave the Juniors our Senior dignity. Uphold it with becoming seriousness. We also will you our studious ways. We the Seniors, leave the Sophomores our fine behavior when teachers are looking and our tendency to make a little knowledge go a long way in the classroom We, the Seniors, leave the Freshmen our debts in the office and our strongly entrenched places in the hearts of the faculty. SECTION II. f“ C “ lty we . wi11 the following enumerated articles along with our sym¬ pathy in their depressing attempts to pound knowledge into our thick skulls. We, the Seniors, leave Mr. Abernathy the Joy of seeing this class graduate, private ' Seni ° rs ’ leave Ur Corb y a « of King Edward cigars to be smoked in We, the Seniors, leave Mr. Meridith a quieter and better Agriculture class. We, the Seniors, leave Mr. Pankey all the Chemistry bills to pay. We, the Seniors, leave Mr. Traylor a case of coke hoping it will last him two or three days We, the Seniors, leave Miss Morrissey the prospects of a better P. E. class. We, the Seniors, leave Miss Holben a book entitled, " Learning to Cook. " We, the Seniors, leave Mrs. Lemaire a new pair of glasses so she can find our typing errors. We, the Seniors, leave Horace a wrecked building to repair before next September. We, the Seniors, leave the bus drivers a complete set of mud-free roads SECTION III. The following valuable personal properties are freely and fully given (with¬ out tax,) to be treasured as a constant reminder of the abundant and overwhelming generosity of this class. I, Donnie Blakeman, leave my baritone horn to some other windy fool 1, Jo Ann Bode, leave my typing ability to Roger Reeh so he can type the annual next year. I, Richard Bollinger, leave ny ability to go to Florida to anyone who has money. I, Carole Jo Brown, leave before grades are averaged. I, Eula Faye Brown, leave my giggle to Fred Brown • I, Charles Burnett, leave ny Mercury to anyone that never drives under 100 miles an hour. I, Peggy Carpenter, leave my flirting ways to Mary Alice Adams. I, Lois Carson, will leave nothing. If I can ' t take it with me, I won ' t go. I, Lloyd Clark, leave ay sister to Ralph Dude. I, Beverly Cochran, leave my elassy chassis to Nina Sanders. I, Richard Corby, leave my musical ability to Wilma Meridith. I, John Curtin, leave all my secret parking places to anyone who can find them. I, Joe DeMichael, leave an example of rapid typing speed to future typing classes. I, Leroy Durand, leave my lofty height to Kenneth Adams. I, Irene Fry, leave ny optomistic view of life to Spike Staples. I, Charles Gutherie, leave ny Chemistry book to some other sucker. I, Chester Hodges, leave my ability to sleep on buses at night to Carrol Curry. I, Carole Lee, leave my ability to get a man to any desparate female. I, Jean Lee, leave ny Taylorville boyfriends to Mary Ann Price. I, Anne Puckett, leave lyle to the hoot owls. I, Arlene Sailsbery, leave ny position in the office to Pat Corby. I, Richard Stahr, leave for a grave undertaking. I, Lyle Swigert, leave-my " crew cut " to Miss Morrissey if she promises to keep it combed every day. I, Anna Marie Tirey, leave my ability to skip school to anyone who can get ty with it. I, Carole Sue Williams, leave my many steady boyfriends to Barbara profiding she is as diplomatic toward them as I am. I, Rosemary Young, leave ny A ' s to Alice Carpenter. Signed•••• The Class of 1952. Witnessed: Signed, sealed, published, and declared by the Senior Class as their last will and testament in the presence of the above mentioned witnesses and in the presence of each other, have hereto set out premature minds to this will this first day of December, one thousand nine hundred and fifty-one. BITS ABOUT SENIORS NICKNAME SAYING 1. Donnie Blakeman Donnie 2. Jo Ann Bode Jody 3. Richard Bollinger Richard 1 . Carole Joe Brown Moe 5. Eula Faye Brown Lu 6. Charles Burnett Charlie 7 Peggy Carpenter Peg 8. Lois Carson Looie 9. Beverly Cochran Bev 10. Lloyd Clark Lloyd 11. Richard Corby Richard 12. John Curtin Corney 13. Joe DeMichael Joe ll . Leroy Durand Duck 15. Irene Fry Rene 16. Charles Guthrie " Schobean " 17. Chester Hodges Cheddar 18 . Carole Lee Carole 19. Jean Lee Bean 20. Anne Puckett Anne 21. Arlene Sailsbery Arlie 22. Richard Stahr Meeker 23. Lyle Swigert Ugh or T. V 2l . Anna Marie Tirey Fireball 25 Carole Sue Williams Suzy 26. Rosemary Young Rosie Where 1 s Pat? I might have known Ahhh Shi-ugar I ' ll never tell Hi, stupid l Do you know what? Golly ding You know Aw, heck I think so, tool aw-w-w Wanta ' bet? (Censored) Well, I don ' t know That ' s all right Think so? Is that so? That ' s tough. Kid Go home, will ya? Yeah Oh, shucks Where ' s Anne? Golly jeepers, it made me mad Sure 0. K. BESETTING SIN AMBITION DESTINY 1. Pat 2. The Derby 3» Flirting 1 . ' •? 5 Joe W. 6 Freshmen girls 7 Home Ec. III 8 Man-hater 9. Bragging on P. C. 10, Hates noisy girls 11 • Good grades 12• A certain Sophomore 13 Athletics 11 • Peace and quiet 15 Sulking 16, Ag. class 17 Sr. class romeo 18. Beanfields 19. Two-timing 20. Iyle and Chester 21. Smart remarks 22. Ideal of girls 23. Anne, of course 21 . Criping in typing 25 Changing styles 26. Mile Charles Atlas ' protege Sunday-School Supt. 2nd Billy Rose Married woman Nurse College Professor College? None Career Woman 11 Bookkeeping teacher Concert pianist International Championship Umpire in Big Leagues H. S. diploma Missionery Star farmer Navy fullback Secretary of High School Boss of the A. W. Dying millionere ' s nurse 1st woman President 2nd Milton Beryl High class undertaker Married Settle down Pres, of Skyscrappers Horse Doctor Sweet old lady 5th Avenue tramp Commercial teacher Run a dog kennel Pro-ballet dancer Cub reporter Hash-slinger Apartment hunter Volleyball coach Cowboy star in movies Sell papers on Gambles ' Corner Win 1st place in crochet contest Preacher Comedy star Movie producer Have to work for a living Gay Widow Marry a miser Millionere or bust l Secretary Raise alligators in Florida Grave-digger Old maid at 70 Metropolitan opera singer Torch singer ' Wnnunw flUIIIID M ' fl wii " ifmiuun First Row: Vivian Matson, Dorthy Vincent, Loretta Stivers, Mary DeMichael, Fred Brown, Wilma Meridith, Darline Blome, Doris Cole, Glenda Collier Second Row: Carole Ann Brown, Joyce Blakeman, Harry Blome, John May, Roger Reeh, Raymond Poiriez, Mary Ann Price, Miss Morrissey » Third Row: Lowell Beck, Cloyd Staples, Jack Kerwin, Bruce Clark, Ralph Lawler, Keith Swigert, Gerald Hurelbrink, Jim Sanders JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY On Thursday, September 1, the dreaded day arrived when 29 " green freshies " entered Stonington High School for their first year After two days of initiation we settled down to the grind and elected class officers President • •••. ••••••.•••.••• .Fred Grown Vice President. . Peggy Dowdy Secretary. ...... .. Lowell Beck Treasurer. •••••. . •••• .Carole Ann Brown Everyone enjoyed our class party on February 1 Mr Pankey was our class advisor The class was active in sports and school activities At the end of the year Opal Blackwell, Barbara Phelps, Peggy Dowdy, and Howard Hudson moved away To start the Sophomore year we had only 25 members. At our class meeting we elected the following officers: President . ••«••••• .Ralph Lawler Vice President .Dorthy Vincent Secretary .. ...•• .Carole Ann Brown Treasurer.... Mary De Michael We were glad to gain a new student, Doris Cole. Under the leadership of Mr. Taylor, our cl$ss advisor, we sponsored an all school Christmas party. It was well attended and everyone seemed to enjqy himself. Money for activities was raised by selling candy at basketball games. Our class was well represented in school activities. Two of our girls were elected cheerleaders, Joyce Blakeman for second team and Carole Ann Brown for the Varsity. One of our boys was on the Varsity team, and Wilma Meridith placed first in our home music preliminary. Ready to begin our third year, we entered the good old halls of SCHS. Our officers for the year are: President. ••••• . • .Mary DeMichael Vice President . ••••••••• .Fred Brown Secretary and Treasurer. •••• . Loretta Stivers The Junior Class Play, " Junior Prom, " went on record as a big success, thanks to Miss Morrissey, our class advisor. During our Junior year we have gained Glenda Collier, but lost Vernon Yates and Bill Southard before the beginning of the year. To raise money our class sold subscriptions to magazines. We topped all other Junior classes with our high sales. The high salemen were Harry Blome, Jack Kerwin, Gerald Hurelbrink, Loretta Stivers, Raymond Poriez and Glenda Collier. We also sold candy at noon hour to help finance our year ' s activities. At our class party we had no dancing but played games instead. Our class sponsored the Junior and Senior Banquet on May 13 and the annual Junior and Senior trip. We decorated for the graduation excerises. Many of our Junior boys took part in athletics. Three of our girls were elected cheerleaders; Carole Ann Brown, Varsity, and Joyce Blakeman and Mary De- Michael for second team. Dorthy Vincent was elected Public Relation Chairman for Section 6 in FHA. SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row: Pat Clark, Pat Dye, Barbara Williams, Kenr y Adams, Billie Pile, Bob Taylor, Dale LeVault, Norma Allen, Diane Ater, Sandra Martin Second Row: Betty Tirey, Patsy Hancock, Thelma Eads, Kaye Everlen, Marguerite Hancock, Mary Ann Minor, Pat Corby, Faraby Myers, Mr Taylor Third Row: Donna Anderson, Max Skinner, ‘Dewain Krueger, Donnie Swigert, Marvin Hodges, Carroll Myers, Ronnie Turner. Alice Carpenter, Norma Allen SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY On September 5 1950, the faculty realized the presence of thirty-four new headaches, eager to learn more about the three R’s. We did not knowhow the school had possibly gotten along without us, John Pankey served as freshman advisor, and the officers were as follows: President. • • Vice President Secretary, • • Treasurer, • • Patricia Clark Patricia Corby •Thelma Eades • .Joan Allen Alice Carpenter cheered for the second team, and Bob Taylor, Kenney Adams, Carrol layers, and Billie Pile represented the freshmen in athletics. To pay for our St Patrick’s day class party on March 15, we sold the annual basketball schedule pencils. We gained Joyce Blackwell, but lost Roy Lee, Raymond Wiseman, and John Coleman to become a total of thirty-three. Our sophomore year was started with thirty-four, having gained Donna Anderson and Max Skinner and lost Joe Woods, Bob Southard, and Alice Jones, Shortly after school started, Joyce Blackwell, Sarah and William Closson, left us, Charles Taylor advised us on anything of importance, and helped us earn funds by selling candy at home basketball games. This year the boys got even with the girls for last years offices: President. . Billie Pile Vice President ,,,, . .Dale Levault Secretary.... .Kenney Adams Treasurer.. ,.... .Bob Taylor Our representation in extra curricular activities and athletics was an honor. Alice Carpenter and Pat Corby were Varsity cheerleaders. The same boys went out for athletics, A Sadie Hawkins day class party was planned for December 6 and the sophomores sponsored the all-school party for December 20. First Row: Wilma Clark, Patsy Cowell, Nina Sanders, Jim Meridith, Terry Poiriez, Helen Clark, Connie Batty, Ruth Guthrie, Diane Childs- Second Row: Patty Lee, Nancy Cook, Donna Hill, Mary Alice Adams, Anna Price, Ivem Manley, Glenna Krueger, Maxine Beck, Mr Pankey Third Row: Iyle Moma, Dwight Myers, Dale Downs, Lewis Coins, Tom Black, Ralph Dude, Howard Young, Joe Pardi Fourth Row: Gene Wiseman, Robert Gebhart, John Woods, Carrol Curry, Jerry Lawler, Charles Price, Jackie Pile, Jerry Pierce FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY On Tuesday, September U, 1951 about UO timid freshmen crept into the high school doors. Luckily, there was no freshman initiation this year. At our first class meeting we elected the following officers: President, • • Vice President Secretary, . • Treasurer, • . •Terry Poriez • Helen Clark •Connie Batty James Meridith There were four freshmen girls who tried out for cheerleader. Most all the freshmen boys went out for sports. Many freshmen girls were in girls chorus and a few freshmen were in the band. After a few dances the freshmen began slowly to leave their chairs on the side lines and learn to dance. We attended some hayrides, invitational parties, and weiner roasts. We have two new pupils this year. They are Ralph Dude and Thomas Black. Before long we will be called silly sophomores instead of green freshmen. ' Firs . Stahr, L. Swigert, R. Poiriez. Second Row: F. Brown, C. Curry, B. Taylor, Meridith, Mr. Corby 5S ( K Admas, C Myers, J May, R. J. We had our first practice the last of August. Twenty-three boys reported for practice; eight freshmen, four sophomores, five juniors and five seniors. We got off to a bad start by losing our first 3 games to Niantic, Macon and Morrisonville Niantic and Macon were league games. But after these three games we won six games in a row. After these games there was a four-way tie for first place in the Macon County League. We had a play off at Decatur at the Johns Hill diamond. We won our first game in the play off by beating Niantic 7-2, but lost the second to Warrens- burg, £-0. We think we had a pretty good season with seven wins and four losses. BATTING AVERAGE Name AB. H. Pot. Year Richard Stahr 31 lU .150 Senior Joe De Michael 29 12 •1»17 Senior Raymond Poriez 28 11 .390 Junior Spike Staples 29 10 • 3 l »0 Junior Chester Hodges 33 11 .333 Senior Donnie Blakeman 39 7 •251i Senior Fred Brown 31 5 .250 Junior Carroll Curry 31 2 .130 Freshman Iyle Swigert 15 1 .133 Senior John May 15 7 .U 60 Junior Carroll Jfyers 5 1 .200 Sophomore Bob Taylor 5 1 .200 Sophomore Kenney Adams 2 1 .500 Sophomore Jim Meridith 5 2 .ItOO Freshman Gerald Hurelbrink 2 0 .000 Junior basketba First Row: J. Curtin, L. Swigert, R. Stahr, J. DeMichael, C. Hodges, D. Blakeraan, R. Corby, L. Clark. Second Row: B. Pile, F. Brown, B. Taylor, K. Adams, C. Ifyers, J. Kerwin, K. Swigert, J. Meridith, Mr. Corby. Third Row: C. Price, J. Pile, C. Curry, T. Black, L. Beck, R. Turner, J. Pardi, T. Poiriez, R. Dude. The Wildcats enjoyed another successful basketball season this year. We ended the season with 20 victories and 10 defeats, bringing our total for the last two years to 6i victories and 26 defeats. We placed fourth in the Meridian Conference with a 7 won and 5 lost record. In non-conference games we had a 6 won and 2 lost record. We had still more success in the tournaments, playing in the championship game of two tournaments and in the consolation game of another. The team scored 1672 points in 30 games for an average of 56 points a game. Of these 1672 points U52 were free throws and 610 were field goals. Our second team had an excellent record also. They won 11 conference games and in non-conference play they won 8 and lost none for a total of 19 victories and 1 defeat. We seniors wish next year s team the best of luck and we know they will carry Stonington on to another victorious basketball season. We are proud that we have had the privilege of playing for the school and Mr. Corby and on a team which showed such team spirit. FIRST TEAM GAMES Stonington 63 Mt, Auburn 29 Stonington 53 Niantic h9 S tonington 65 Macon 6k ■ Stonington 60 Tower Hill 18 As sumption 58 Stonington 55 Stonington 50 Mowequa 39 Blue Mound 5k Stonington 53 Findlay 77 Stonington 60 Stonington 76 Morrisonville 56 Stonington 83 Edinburg h9 Strasburg 72 Stonington 56 ■ Stonington 56 Tower Hill U3 frMacon 50 Stonington U6 Mt, Zion 53 Stonington 50 Stonington 56 Edinburg h2 Stonington 52 Illiopolis hi Blue Mound h9 Stonington k5 Stonington 53 Assumption h9 Stonington 50 Moweaqua U8 Stonington 68 Mt, Auburn U8 denotes Conference Games NAME POINTS GAMES AVERAGE Blakeman E19 30 lE Corby 293 29 10 Swigert 293 30 8 DeMichael 206 2E 9 Hodges 182 26 7 Stahr 1U2 30 5 Clark 69 20 U Curtin 10 — — Adams h5 — Brown h5 — Kerwin 22 -- TOURNAMENT GAMES Meridian Tournament 1 Stonington 52 Assumption h6 2’. Stonington h9 Illiopolis h8 3• Blue Mound 1x0 Stonington 39 Mid Plains Tournament 1, Stonington hh Morrisonville 38 2 Kincaid 67 Stonington 53 3, Stonington 51 Raymond hS District Tournament 1. Stonington Edinburg 33 2, Stonington 5k Moweaqua 52 3« Stonington 71 Macon 55 Regional Tournament 1. Kincaid 61“ Stonington 51 f ClA rUVl VARSITY CHEERLEADERS V Pat Corby Carole Ann Broim Alice Faye Carpenter Beverly Cochran SECOND TEAM CHEERLEADERS Joyce Blakeman Mary DeMichael » TRAC First Row: C. layers, F. Brown, R. Stahr. Second Row: Mr. Corby, Kerwin, K. Swigert. Third Row: J. Pile, C. T. Poiriez. J. DeMichael, B Pile, D. Blakeman, C. Hodges, L. Swigert, R. Dude, L„ Coins, B. Taylor, K. Adams, T. Black, J. Pr ice, C. Curry, R. Turner, L. Beck, J. Meridith, J. Pardi, Stonington ' s 1951 track team, enjoyed a very successful season. They took first in the Meridian Conference, first in the Mid Plains, fourth in the Pana Open, and won all of their dual meets. Those boys who were out for track in 1951 were: Bennie Carpenter, Chester Hodges, Vernon Yates, Fred Brown, Billie Pile, Ralph Sanders, Iyle Swigert, Donnie Blakeman, Bob Taylor, Kenney Adams, Carroll Ityers, Jack Kerwin, Richard Stahr, Joe Woods. Stoningtcn is proud of Bennie Carpenter outstanding accomplishments in track activities. In the district meet, Bennie tied for first place in the pole-vault and placed second in the broad-jumps. In the state meet Bennie placed fifth with a jump of 21 feet inches. Player B. Carpenter C. Hodges V. Yates F. Brown B. Pile R. Sanders L. Swigert Individual Track Scores: Points Player Points 157 D. Blakeman 15 1 3 111 B. Taylor 13 5 6 8U 3A K. Adams 8 1A2 hh C. Ifyers 5 1 3 36 1 2 J. Kerwin 2 5 R. Stahr 1 3 J. Woods i iA calendar SEPTEMBER h About one hundred and fifteen shining faces turned toward school as classes began. 12 A lot of Ipana smiles were in evidence as pictures were taken. 26 The history classes went to Edinburg to see movies. Wonder why Mrs. Ducy tried to pretend she didn’t know part of the Stoningten students. OCTOBER 5 The first all-school party was sponsered by the GAA. 12 The Junior class presented their play, ’’Junior Prom.” It seems that Miss Morrissey had difficulty keeping the attention of two of the actors during rehearsals. 25 The Senior class party was a masquerade in honor of Halloween. There were quite a few clean faces after they tried bobbing for apples. 26 Grade cards came out for the first six-weeks. ”Egads l Wait until Mom and Pop see this.” 3 The Senior and Sophomore English classes went to Edinburg to see the movie, ’’Macbeth.” Some of them were still shaking -when they got back. NOVEMBER 7 Junior class party. What happened? 13 We beat Mt. Auburn in the season’s first basketball game. lU Open House saw fond parents proudly viewing the student’s handicraft. 21 The FHA sponsered an all-school party. 22 Thanksgiving vacation. Day of resting and eating. DECEMBER 1 The Stony Echoes staff sponsered a bakery sale. 7 Grade cards came out. ”Holy cowl lli Despite bad weather there was a good turn out for the Christmas vespers. 19 A half-and-half dance was sponsered by the Sophomore class. 22 All happily departed for the Christmas holidays. JANUARY 3 Joy, joy, school began again. 5 Stonington took second place in the Meridian tournament after losing a thrill¬ ing game-to Blue Mound. 9 The little man with the big camera came to take group pictures. 13 The basketball team temporarily lost three players. How was the coon-hunting, boys? 2h Semester exams left many feeling limp. 30 We all said good-bye to our science teacher, Mr. Pankey, and hello to his suc¬ cessor, Mr. Kay. FEBRUARY 1 Again—grade cards. Enough said. 8 We iron our Homecoming game with Moweaqua by a close margin of two points. 12 School was let out as we all celebrated Lincoln ' s birthday. 29 We won the District tourney and the right to go to the Taylorville Regional by defeating Macon. MARCH 6 There were two very red faces as a couple of girls tried to ride up-town on a bus which just doesn ' t go that way. II The S Club enjoyed their annual chilli supper. 13 There were a lot of full tummies after the FFA banquet. III Grade cards came out again. " Enough is enough of any bad thing. " 15 The soloists went to the district music contest. 25 The FHA tried something novel in a " Daddy-Date " night with the fathers escorting their daughters. 28 The S Club sponsered an all-school party. APRIL 8 After quite a lot of work and not a little fun, the Senior class presented their play, " Summer Rash. " II Good Friday and no school. III Easter vacation gave us another day for loafing. 25 You guessed it—grade cards. MAY 3 The FHA sponsered the spring formal dance in the gym. 6 The track boys cometed in the Mid-Plains tournament. 7 The band had the opportunity to show off their new uniforms at the band festi val in Kincaid. 13 The Junior class honored the Seniors with a banquet. 17 The Juniors and Seniors took their annual trip. 23 Many students received their letters and other awards at the award assembly. 25 Baccalauereate was held in the high school gym. 26 Final exams. " Hurray, I passed l Commencement, here I cornel " 30 Commencement and the Seniors closed the doors on four wonderful years. On February 8, 1952 after a victorious basketball game with Moweaqua, Anne Puckett was crowned " Homecoming Queen " , by Carole Jo Brown, queen of 1951 Anne was chosen from a field of twelve contestants by a penny-a-vote contest The members of the court and the new queen were escorted to the flooded throne, where Carole Jo was seated. Leroy Durand announced the contestants as they entered and Richard Corby played the processional and fanfare Mary Doyle, flower girl, and Johnny Marucco, her escort, led the Queen to her throne Anne Puckett was escorted by lyle Swigert Mary carried flowers and a gold basketball for the queen and each of the contestants. The members of the court were: Carole Ann Brown, Junior attendant, escorted by Jack Kerwin, Pat Corby, Sophomore attendent, escorted by Donnie Blakeman, Helen Ann Clark, Fresh¬ man attendant, escorted by Jimmie Meridith, Lois Carson, escorted by Lloyd Clark, Rosemary Young, escorted by Chester Hodges, Darline Blome, escorted by Richard Stahr, Dorothy Vincent, escorted by Keith Swigert, Connie Batty, escorted by Cloyd Staples, Alice Carpenter, escorted by John Curtin, Barbara Williams, escorted by Donnie Swigert, Nancy Cook, escorted by Fred Brown. The next event of the evening was a cakewalk, followed by a dance. The cake walk was very successful and the dance was better than expected since the juke box failed to play. We were fortunate to have some musician in the crowd. We are proud to be able to say that the third Annual Homecoming was a success and hope that the event will continue to be one of the high lights of the school year. , vj U D CAST SENIOR AY CAST First Row: P. Corby, P. Clark, S. Martin, L. Schowska, K. Everlen, R. Corby, M. Minor, P. Dooley, B. Williams, N. Sanders, H. Clark. Second Row: M. E akeman, M. Kline, R. Guthrie, H. Young, A. Carpenter, C Brooks, J. Kerwin, J. May, R. Dude, R. Gebhart, J. Meridith, R. Poriez, G. Hurelbrink, J. Blakeman, K. Batty, L. Beck D. Childs, J. Corby. Third Row: P. Hancock, G. Hurelbrink, B. Beck, N. Moore, M. Childs, J. Buis, N. Allen, Mr. Traylor, J. Spain, J. Woods, D. Blakeman, M. DeMichael, F. Jfyers, R. Adams, R. Dunbar, J. Sanders, L. Stivers. The Band during the past year consisted of forty-six members and was directed by C. 0. Traylor. The highlight of the year for all the band members was the pur¬ chase of uniforms. They arrived early in March. The Band attended the St. Louis Muncipal Opera in Forest Park where they saw The Great Waltz, the life of Johann Strauss. We made several appearances during the year. These included the Band Festi¬ val at Kincaid, participation in the Memorial Day service, the Stonington Co¬ operative Grain Elevator meeting at the high school, several school assembly programs, the Junior and Senior plays, and Graduation. Our three choruses—Boys, Girls, and Mixed—showed marked improvement this year. All three took part in the Second Annual Choral Festival at Farmersville on November 28 and entered the District Contest at Beardstown. A girls ensemble group, called the Octet was organized last fall. Their first performance was at the Choral Festival and subsequent ones have been at the Men s Council Banquet, and the FHA Mother-Daughter Banquet. The annual Spring concert will be held on March 27 with the Band, the boys, girls, and mixed choruses participating. Stonington had seven entries in the Solo-Ensemble District Music Contest held at Beardstown. Those receiving second division ratings were Jo Ann Bode, Loretta, Stivers, Nina Sanders, and the Girls Ensemble; third division, Irene Fry, Ralph Dude, and Wilma Meridith, OCTET Doris Cole, Diane Ater, Loretta Stivers, Jo Ann Bode, Joyce Blakeman, Pat Corby, Alice Carpenter, Peggy Carpenter,, M X ED CHORUS Second Row: R. Corby, W. Meridith, D. Ater, F. Myers, P. Hancock, T, Eads, N. Allen, B . Pile, J. Woods, R, Dude, D. Blakeman, S. Martin, D. Childs, N. Sanders, R. Guthrie, D. Cole, Mr, Traylor. Third Row: H. Clark, M. Beck, W. Clark, B. Tirey, A. Price, M. Hodges, J. Curtin, C. Hodges, C. Staples, D. LeVault, J. Meridith, H. Young, K. Everlen, I. Fry, M. Minor, Fourth Row: C. Batty, D. Hill, N, Cook, R. Gebhart, G, Hurelbrink, L. Beck, R, Stahr, C, Curry, J, Pierce, D. Vincent, D. Blome, G, Collier, P. Clark, P. Dye, RIS CHORUS First Row: P. Dye, S. Martin, P. Clark, N, Allen, C, Williams, P. Carpenter, L. Stivers, D. Cole, D, Ater, Bo Williams, Second Row: Mr, Traylor, B, Tirey, D, Everlen, M, Price, A. Price, J, Blakeraan, F, layers, Corby, M. Minor, Third Row: V, Matson, I, Fry, A, Carpenter, T, Eads, J, Bode, N. Cook, D, Hill, H, Clark, G Collier, Fourth Row: D, Childs, N, Sanders, D, Vincent, W, Clark, R, Guthrie, P, Hancock, M, Beck, W, Meridith, D, Blome, C, Batty, BOYS CHORUS 1 HJJNGA moots J ► ■ First Row: Jo Meridith, R, Dude, C, Staples, J, May, R, Stahr, D, LeVault, J. Second Row: Mr. Taylor, R. Reeh, M. Hodges, R. Coroy, J. Curtin, C, Hodges, D. Blakeman. Third Row: C. Curry, H. Young, B. Pile, G. Hurelbrink, L. Beck, J, Woods, R, Gebhart, F HA « First Row: V. Matson, D. Blome, D. Vincent, J. Lee, M. DeMichael, C. Brown. J Blakeman, P. Carpenter, W. Meridith. Second Row: Miss Holben, C. Williams, C. Brown, M. Minor, M. Price, P. Corby, F Myers, M. Adams, P. Lee. Third Row: P. Clark, D. Hill, N. Cook, L. Stivers, A. Carpenter, H. Clark, A Sailsbery, C. Batty. Fourth Row: Cowell, P. Dye, G. Collier, P. Hancock, R. Guthrie, N. Sanders, W Clark, B. Williams. The FHA theme is “Working Together For A Better FHA. " The officers are as follows: President • . .Mary DeMichael Vice President. ••••••••• .Carole Ann Brown Secretary •••••• . ••••••••• .Jean Lee Treasury. ... . ......... Dorothy Vincent Other officers and Chairmen included Vivian Matson, Darline Blome, Peggy Carpenter Wilma Meridith, Joyce Blakeman, Mary Ann Minor. The Chapter Mother was Mrs. Forrest Williams. During the summer Mary DeMichael attended Camp Bloomington. At the Fall Rally Dorothy Vincent was elected as the Chairman of Public Relations of Section 6. On September 25 the Senior FHA ' ers entertained other members of the Club at a weiner roast at Jean and Carole Lee’s home. Other activities of the year included a Mother Daughter Banquet and Daddy Date Nite. The FHA sponsored an all-school party and on November 7 received the Bankers Plague Award for being the outstanding chapter in Section 6. First Row: K. Swigert, L. Swigert, J. Curtin, C. Hodges, C. Burnett, L. Beck, G Hurelbrink, J. Woods Second Row: C. Guthrie, D Swigert, C Myers, M. Hodges, H. Blome, J. May, D Downs, Mr. Meridith. ' Third Row: R. Gebhart, D. Myers, L. Moma, J. Meridith, H. Young, J. Sanders. J Pardi, G. Wiseman The officers for the year were: President • ••••.•••••••••••• .Chester Hodges Vice President . Charles Burnett Secretary.Lowell Beck Treasurer.John Curtin Reporter.Iyle Swigert Watchdog . Keith Swigert On March 13, the FFA boys had their annual FFA Banquet. On June 19, the FFA went to Champaign to the State Judging Contest. John Curtin, Harry Blome, Lowell Beck and Gerald Hurelbrink showed their projects at Findlay at the Sectional Fair July 12-13. John Curtin showed Grand Champion Steer of the Junior Show at the State Fair. He also showed his steer at the International Livestock Show in Chicago on November 2k where he won third in his class. On September 18, the officers attended Leadership Training School at Taylor- ville. Keith, Lyle, and Donnie Swigert showed samples of grain at the Sectional Grain Show at Mt. Auburn on November 9 First Row: D Blome, S Martin, P Dye, D. Cole, B. Cochran, R. Young, A, Carpenter, P Carpenter, B. Williams, D Ater, G. Collier Second Row: Miss Morrissey, C. Brown, C Williams, J Blakeman, M Price, L Carson, F Ifyers, P Corby, M Minor, P. Hancock, I Manley Third Row: G Krueger, A Puckett, M. DeMichael, L Stivers, N. Allen, V. Matson, E. Brown, M Adams, J Lee, J Bode, D Hill Fourth Row: W. Meridith, A Sailsbery, D. Vincent, P Clark, M Beck, W. Clark , R Guthrie, N Sanders, N. Cook, H. Clark, C Batty, D Childs. The officers elected for the 1951-52 school term were: President ••••••••••••• ••••• .Rosemary Young Vice-President. ' ♦.Beverly Cochran Secretary and Treasurer • •••••••••• Alice Carpenter The GAA consisted of i 8 members, the majority of the girls in high-school Dues for the year were 50 cents The first all-school party was sponsored by the GAA on October 5 At the first meeting the president appointed a committee for each meeting to be responsible for entertainment and refreshments We plan to have a chili supper in February and a swimming party at the " Y M in Decatur soon First Row: C. Williams, ?• Dye, B. Williams, W. Meridith, P. Carpenter, P. Clark. L. Stivers, M. DeMichael, D. Vincent, Second Row: J. Lee, tf. Matson, F. layers, C. Brown, J. Blakeman, P. Corby, M. Minor, C. Brown, Mr, Taylor, Third Row: F, Brown, R, Stahr, C, Hodges, L, Swigert, R, Corby, J, Curtin, D, Blakeman, E. Brown, Fourth Row: A, Sailsbery, G, Collier, S, Martin, B, Cochran, P, Hancock, A, Carpenter, I, Fry, R. Young, A, Puckett. The purpose of the Career Club is to furnish information concerning different types of vocations that one might choose It has met three times so far this year, and two more meetings are scheduled No definite membership has been established; however, these meetings have been well attended. At each meeting, we had a speaker who told us about his particular type of work. The first was our superintendent, Mr. Abernathy, who told us about Civil Service, the second was a social security worker, and the third a local doctbr. Dr. Puckett. Material concerning these vocations was left and placed in our school library. No officers or dues have been decided upon. Our advisor is Mr. Taylor. -IONOR ROLL FIRST SEMESTER HIGH HONORS Freshmens Ralph Dude 5.0 Nina Sanders U.8 Howard Young U.5 Sophomores: Alice Carpenter 5.0 Pat Corby 5.0 Dewain Kruger U.5 Sandra Martin 5.o Mary Ann Minor U.5 Faraby Ifyers U.5 Barbara Williams 5.0 Juniors: Mary DeMichael U.5 Jack Kerwin U.5 Seniors: Jo Ann Bode U.8 Lois Carson 5.0 Lloyd Clark U.8 Richard Corley 5.0 Leroy Durand U.5 Arlene Sailsbery U.5 Richard Stahr HONORS U.6 Freshmens Diane Childs li.o Sophomores: Norma Allen IwO Donald Swigert U.3 Juniors: Joyce Blakeman lt.0 Darline Blome U.3 Fred Brown U.3 Gerald Hurlebrink U.3 Seniors: Iyle Swigert U.o Rosemary Young li.o S CLUB First Raw: R Young, S. Martin, A. Carpenter, C Hodges, R. Corby, R. Stahr, F Brown, B Williams, B Cochran, P Clark Second Row: J. Bode, K Everlen, F layers, L. Carson, M Minor, P Corby, C. Brown, M. DeMichael, Mr Corby Third Row: N. Allen, C Staples, L Clark, K. Adams, C liters, L. Swigert, J May, D. Blakeman, R Poiriez, B. Pile, J Blakeman Fourth Row: L Beck, J Meridith, B. Taylor, J Kerwin, B. Clark, J DeMichael, G. Hurelbrink, J Sanders, C. Curry, L Durand The " S " Club met on October 19, 1951 and elected the following officersr. President • • • • Vice President • • Secretary-Treasurer Sergeant-At-Arms . Richard Stahr . .Fred Brown Richard Corby Chester Hodges There are h 1 members this year who have earned a letter in a sport, for scholarship, or for band We are looking forward to our Annual Chili supper in the Spring Ij ■ f i»|| The G-a£aT lov£f{ Si f CoOfr Ffcon , _ —- J :V Wkc l-jj Ha ! Ha ■ yiiM jgjjtts $ j i • THPIsk . JafA Sifi M®gfe£ jaap- “tey» ■ rs %fty L f L kJ?J 1 ’I t;- •■ , ■ , IfJaesS FLop BftTTtrp up X FaTcW ri£ Hubn f H u b ! Nic£ 5C.£N£RY PftTTy i.ou X ' 1 ' " •4 — -O.-0£ f ' -O - • JU $j. ' 4 z y’c e. . s 2jQs ' A j -- y? cc Ay { ' t - £■ z Jh r ' j : s sf a x? . a -£ Z ' 77l-JfP . 11 1 ? £— c We owe our sincere appreciation to the following business concerns and indi¬ viduals for their cooperation in sponsoring the 1952 Stony Echoes We are very grateful to them for making it possible for us to print this annual The Story Echoes Staff Doyle ' s Drug Store, Stonington, Illinois Turner ' s Grocery Store, Stonington, Illinois Weber ' s Insurance Agency, Stonington, Illinois Murphy ' s Barbar Shop, Stonington, Illinois McWard ' s Store, Stonington, Illinois Gamble ' s, Stonington, Illinois Clark ' s Cafe, Stonington, Illinois Stonington Co-operative Grain Company, Stonington, Illinois Stonington Electric and Plumbing Supply Company, Stonington, Illinois Horace Warner Co., Carl Nebold, owner, Stonington, Illinois Marucco ' s Clover Farm Store, Stonington, Illinois Bertoni ' s Tavern, Stonington, Illinois Club 21, Stonington, Illinois The Stonington Star, Stonington, Illinois Harbarger ' s Motor Sales, Stonington, Illinois The Dairy Lane, Stonington, Illinois Lee Bauer, Agent for Standard Oil, Stonington, Illinois Younker ' s Standard Service, Stonington, Illinois Walter Tumiati, General Trucking, Stonington, Illinois Esther ' s Beauty Shop, Stonington, Illinois Roxy Theater, Stonington, Illinois Maurice Young, Stonington, Illinois Stonington Lumber Company, Stonington, Illinois G and R. Food Store, Blue Mound, Illinois John Botoner Son, John Deer Implements, Blue Mound, Illinois C. B Moore, Inc , Blue Mound, Illinois The Blue Mo Cafe, Blue Mound, Illinois Kirk ' s Appliances, Blue Mound, Illinois Doty Jewelers, Blue Mound, Illinois The State Bank of Blue Mound, Blue Mound, Illinois Miller ' s Furniture Company, Blue Mound, Illinois John C. Howell Sales Service, Blue Mound, Illinois Hartwig Appliances, Blue Mound, Illinois Scotty’s Super Market, Blue Mound, Illinois Anderson ' s Jewelry Store, Taylorville, Illinois Slatten ' s Department Store, Taylorville, Illinois Slaybaugh Jewelers, Taylorville, Illinois Gilpin ' s Furniture Store, Taylorville, Illinois Rene ' s Drug Store, Taylorville, Illinois Diplotti ' s Shoe Store, Taylorville, Illinois Bryan Burns Furniture Store, Taylorville, Illinois Blakely ' s Department Store, Taylorville, Illinois Adrian ' s Shoe Store, Taylorville, Illinois Cohn Furniture Store, Taylorville, Illinois Chestnut, Pearce and Connolly Funeral Home, Taylorville, Illinois Don Anderson, Royal Typewriters, Springfield, Illinois . ■ w ■ sr ' ' ‘ 8 t . ■ « ' . . k » . • ' V ■ • ' ' i V . ' .

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