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1 ,X X ,X ..,. N..,,k -.L X N 115g Xk 'S X w X ,V ' ,X I : K 'i ' f . , ix V , N 1:-: A X , " . 5' .deff ,.-n :wf ' . '. -' rf' - .., . ,-:S "-:::.21 -5.-if 4'1-,- ..f :::.- iq: -? ""' -, Eh -i-,."irrbffff:-.'.IzQ'Vfi2S.:Q."WT-:fri-:.. 1- "Y V I 1 . . . -- :11f'f1i2g-f.':M:-.:-"':.-ff L-14-:re-. 1 V 11,e:,Q1L2'g.- 1 - .Q "--' 1: '.-.- mg:-.'. W- .3 A"1-., it T' .' "-"-fff:'4::..5-., ' 'f' '- f' ' L 5' . ':i5i'A:E':-, V V K A '. -T?" 4 xiii. '.' I -LU' g'.fu:5i'..- C V ' 1P"'- 'ex L---:hu A - Lv-,. e-T',+u,, :I Z. '1r::- " - , g- -' 1 '-1,-- H 'H 'rf 1. rf. 'f' 'eb---.,-.x ..-12 xg.: :- 953 " . 'ffli'-:. ., ... f""'f'7. ' ""' 53' . MJ ,ff-::..V"'Q " ' K 'sig-'.j1Z:-.-,..-b'-,ffa5?i3fH:::,:,:355'.'fay.--, , -:, Q:-'Zg'1j- A ' .. ' 11:3 Q"' .X .f f""'fx1"f-"Q, K. ff"'J5- :' 'r.':"-.Vi fu .. 1- 1-: 'f-"- '- 5...-2 ' w.f' " '- -' -,j-is-, fgiIi..,.-ZX ,. ::::.3, ,, .-,-1-.- ,. vi 44 -: .:L "- 5,1 '-'.',,::-.-11. -- Sf . -5 11",-:.'-',-Ygi-. '. . 9- 5. -1,1 , -g: .-5 :it '--fx'-'.. 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' ., f 3 F - X Z , lf' f . 2 Q ff f Q -4 .--Lllm XXV if f+"" . 42 f ' , Lf Ef' fu'-A Vj fs-A lfwj '.'5 f ' WV 5 7.x A X, ,J f'Nx,:'Xf.j A' V 'XJXAI VW ....,pglf49Hl1 -1, 'w f xt ew 5 N N lr PF? ,vb - we AQ sf? . fffffif i t ot L . . , ' jf wg sift We Y w R Jimi? by X to - i yi fy my I N Win Q tiigffj gif VN By special permission of Miss Lucy Quarrier "Glenwood" has been made the theme of this 1953 JACKSONIAN. With gratitude for her assistance and generosity we of the yearbook staff dedicate this edition to her. , ' I f ,.i 612 W00 Jifiolz --r 'Me I Copyright Deluxe Studio 5 a Y . wi. .ag xx ,R X R M Agni NX 'X R- Q ,, ',, nhv 5 3 i ' -. V A V , S , N ., ,-. E ws? W k ,W . . 0 5 'Jw . 1" Q 5 sw .V I I YHA .. 15 - h J V A :K N .4 , ,e A , M13 Mkt . 13,2 3 'Q .. s , . .. ' Min+, w .,'L ' V41 3, f Tk ,, was Aff '45 . gf ? wr if . 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Eiga V VS in W ff x X 5-N 4 f' X, mizzik ra ' q f I yi 8 nf, X Q Q f l ' x l XJ, l I chool, in my early days, was an individual family concern. Parents, if they could afford it, sent their children to private institutions. Gradually public schools were accepted and education became a com- munity project. X, gi "" "'! "rnn n fQgQf ff Xlnbyf X L! Dear Stonewall. Students: Before you leave for your vacations I should like to have a word with each of you. I should like to thank each of you for your contributions in making Stonewall the outstanding school it is. After all it is really you, the boys and girls, not the building, that makes the school. Since your abilities and talents differ, naturally your contributions to your school have not been the same. Some of you have excelled in major subjects, some in cultural subjects such as art, drama, or musicg and some have been outstanding in interschol- astic athletics. We do not wish that our school be a melting pot where standardized students are produced, but rather that it be like a sym- phony where there is harmony, as each plays his own individual part. You can indeed be proud of the Hne record that most of your predecessors have made. Many of our Stonewall graduates have earned scholarships to some of our institutions of higher learning. Some have made enviable records in colleges and universities. Most of our graduates have become desirable, upstanding citizens, and that, after all, is the primary aim of education-to teach one to adjust- himself to life, to his job and his neighbors. Before you leave, I wish that you know how much genuine pleasure the faculty and I have derived from our relationships with you. We place a very high value on your friendships. You may not realize it, but your welfare is our chief concern. One of the greatest compensations for our type of work is the feeling that perhaps we have helped our students over some rough spots-that we perhaps dropped a word of encouragement when you needed it-that we have steered you forward when you faltered. I wish to congratulate those of you who are graduating-those who will not return next year .We wish you much success in your future endeavors. We hope that you will think with pleasure on the years you spent at Alma Mater-Stonewall Jackson High School. We hope that your school can be proud of the record you make in life. In closing, may I wish 'all of you a happy vacation and may I say, "Thank you for some wonderful memories of the happy times we have had together in Stonewall Jackson High School". 8 .Mazza minisfrafiozz raves asf gfefpfuf Truly a friend of the students at Stonewall is Mr. Fred B. Hill, our principal. He is con- cerned with maintaining the high scholastic standard of the school and helping the stu- dents become adjusted to the problems of high school life. He works for complete understanding between the teachers and the students, approving of all student activities is another of his jobs. Mr. Hill also encour- ages guidance in extra-curricular activities to help the student better prepare himself for later life. MR. I GEORGE STEADMAN MISS VIRGINIA ATKINSON MRS. JUANITA AUER Assisting Mr. Hill in the office are Miss Atkinson, Mr. Steadman, and Mrs. Auer. Miss Atkinson can -often be found giving words of sound advice to those who seek it. Mr. Steadman receives letters every day from business concerns inquiring about students' high school records. "Can I help you?" are often the first words you hear when you enter the office at Stonewall Jackson. This is the friendly inquiry of Mrs. Auer, the secretary, who answers the phone and takes care of the mail and record-keeping at Stonewall, BARBARA AND CLARA ARE TWO OF THE MANY THAT VISIT MR. ARMSTRONG AS IIE BROADCASTS NSTEINWAY STYLINGS3' LUCILLE ARMSTRONG STUART P. ARMSTRONG JENNIE BACKUS JEAN BOURNE ORRAL L. BURDETTE ELAINE BUSH REBA CASTILLOS RUBY CHAPMAN DORIS CHEESMAN WILLIAM F. CLINE LUCILLE ARMSTRONG: History, Future Teachers of America, A. B., M .A., Glenville State College, Marshall College .... STUART P. ARMSTRONG: English and Journalism, Head of English Department, Jackson Journal, Quill and Scroll, A. B., M. A., West Virginia University .... JENNIE BACKUS: History, A. B., M. A., West Virginia Wesleyan College, Ohio State. . . . JEAN B-OURNE: English, Co-director of Troupers, A. B., West Virginia University .... ORRAL L. BURDETTE: Biol- ogy, American Red Cross, M. Ed., B. S., West Virginia Institute of Technology, Duke University. ELAINE BUSH: Latin and English, Latin Club, A. B., West Virginia University .... REBA CASTILLOS: Spanish, Spanish Club, A. B., M. A., Marshall College, National University of Mexico .... RUBY CHAPMAN: French and English, French Club, B. A., M. A., Marshall College, George Peabody College for Teachers .... DORIS CHEESEMAN: Biology, Student Council, B. S., M. A., West Virginia University, Coloumbia University .... WILLIAM F. CLINE: Related Science and Draw- ing, Head of Vocational Department, B. S., M. A., Ohio University. BERENICE E. COLLINS AGNES CRABTREE RALPH B. CURREY GERTRUDE GLADA DRASNIN LLOYD ERHARD REBIE FAIRCLOTH CECIL GEE FERG GIANNAKIS WILLIAM S. GILBERT NORA GOAD BERENICE E. COLLINS: Biology, Head of Science Department, National Honor Society, A. B., M. S., Randolph-Macon, Uni- versity of Virginia .... AGNES CRABTREE: Social Science, Head of Social Studies Department, Social Studies Council, A. B., M. A., Wesleyan, Columbia University .... RALPH B. CURREY: Distributive Education, Co-director of Troupers, Na- tional Thespians, A. B., M. Ed., Glenville State Teachers' College, University of Pittsburgh .... GERTRUDE GLADA DRASNIN: Physical Education, Girls' Athletic Association, B. S., B. P. E., University of Wisconsin .... LLOYD ERHARD: Bookkeeping, Business Law, General Business, B. S., M. A., West Virginia University, University of Kentucky, Harvard University. REBA FAIRCLOTH: History, Y-Teens, B. S., M. A., Mary Washington College of Virginia, West Virginia University .... CECIL GEE: Industrial Electricity, Electronics, Marshall, West Virginia Tech .... FERG GIANNAKIS: Physical Education, B. S., M. S., Morris Harvey College, West Virginia University. . . . WILLIAM S. GILBERT: History, United Nations Club, A. B., M. A., University of Kentucky, Indiana University .... NORA GOAD: Typing, Shorthand, Ed. M., A. B., New River State College, University of Pittsburgh. BIJI, BEVERLY, ANN, BIARGARET, KAKA, BETTY JO, 8: KYLENEVIUNIOR CHEERLEADERS, GIVE MISS DRASNIN BIG SEND OFF. MISS DRASNIN, MR. STEADMAN, MRS. HAMILTON, AND MR. GIANNAKIS HAVE AS MUCH FUN AS THE STUDENTS AT A SCHOOL DANCE. ELIZABETH HAMILTON J. LANDON HAMILTON M. D. HARPER THOMAS HILL CLYDE B. HUTSON VIRGINIA KARNES ELOISE KELLER MARY E. KENNEDY JANNES KIBBY MARY KYLE ELIZABETH HAMILTON: English, B. S., Bowling Green State University, Ohio State University .... J. LANDON HAMIL- TON: Mathematics, Head of Mathematics Department, A. B., M. A., Wittenberg College, Ohio State University .... M. D. HARPER: Machine Shop .... THOMAS P. HILL: Mathematics, A. B., West Liberty State Teachers College, Duke Univer- sity .... CLYDE B. HUTSON: Physical Education, Coaching, A. B., Davis and Elkins College. VIRGINIA KARNES: Chemistry, Science Club, A. B., West Virginia University .... ELOISE KELLER: English, Senior Class Sponsor, A. B., M. A., Columbia University, Marshall College .... MARY E. KENNEDY: English, Jacksonian, A. B., M. A., Wilson College, Cornell University .... JANNES KIRBY: A. B., M. A., West 'Virginia University, University of Wis- consin, Marshall College .... MARY KYLE: A. B., M. S., West Virginia University. BETTY LANDAU LEE D. LAUGI-ILIN MAYTE LAUGHLIN DAISY B. LEMASTER EDGAR LOAR CORNELIA MARSHALL C. H. MARTIN QUEED MCILIIATTAN ILA McQUEEN LUCILLE MEADOWS BETTY LANDAU: Economic Georgaphy, General Business, Typing, Co-director of F. B. L. A., -B. S. Ed., West Virginia Uni versity .... MAYTE LAUGHLIN: English, A. B., West Virginia University .... LEE D. LAUGI-ILIN: Mechanical Draw ing, Trade School, Athletic Business Manager, B. S., Stout Institute .... DAISY B. LEMASTER: Mathematics, A. B., M A., University of Iowa, Columbia .... EDGAR LOAR: Band. Orchestra, B. Mus. Ed., M. A., Sherwood Music School, Mar shall College, Ohio University. CORNELIA MARSHALL: History, A. B., M. A., West Virginia University, Ohio State University .... C. H. MARTIN: Phys ics, Visual Education, A. B., M. A., West Virginia University .... QUEED McILHATTAN .... ILA McQUEEN: Shorthand Typing, A. B., M. A., Marshall College, Columbia University. . . . LUCILLE MEADOWS: Clerical Procedure, Omce Prac tice, Bookkeeping, Typing, Co-director of F. B. L. A., P. T. A. Teacher Representative, A. B., Glenville State Teachers College M Q' .lf if ' . b j. 4 A lk MISS SIMMONS, MISS McQUEEN, MRS. I-IILL, AND MISS KENNEDY, ENJOY A GOOD LUNCH IN THE CAFETERIA. NGNWU E. BYRON MEYER iid CHEERING wrru THE STUDENTS AT AN IMPORTANT GAME ARE Miss CHEESEMAN, Mics. HAMILTON, MAUDE MUNSEY . AND Mns. LAUGHLIN. RUSS PARSONS EDNA V. PETTIT PAULINE PRATT RUTH S. RICE SARAH ETHEL ROSE SUSANNA ROSE HAZEL SIMMONS RONALD B. THOMAS ELEANORE THOMASSON CHARLES WHITED E. BYRON MEYER: Art, A. B., Art Education, Pratt Institute, Morris Harvey College .... MAUDE MUNSEY: Home Mak- ing, B. S., M. A., Radford College, Columbia University .... RUSS PARSONS: Physical Education, Coaching, Athletic Di- rector, Varsity Club, A. B., B. P. E., West Virginia Tech .... EDNA V. PETTIT: Oflice Practice, Ad vanced Typewriting, Head of Business Education Department, A. B., M. A., Central College, Iowa, Colorado State Teachers College .... PAULINE PRATT: English, Junior Class Sponsor, A. B., M. A., West Virginia University, Columbia University. RUTH RICE: A. B., M. A., Concord College, Duke University .... SARAH ETHEL ROSE: M. A., Columbia University, Ad- viser Future Homemakers of America Chapter, Head Homemaking Department .... SUSANNA ROSE: A. B., Fairmont State College, Western Reserve University, Library Club .... HAZEL SIMMONS: B. S., M. A., Columbia University, Alder- son-Broaddus .... RONALD B. THOMAS: Industrial Arts, Aviation, B. S., West Virginia Institute of Technology, M. Ed., Wayne University .... ELEANORE THOMASSON: Music, Glee Club, B. M., M. F. A., Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Teachers College, Columbia University .... CHARLES VVHITED: Sheet Metal, Marietta Business College, West Virginia University, New River State College. Cgnqfislz eve ops 00 ersonafify It is required that all stu- dents who are graduated have four units in English, with the exception of the steno- graphic students in business education and vocational school enrollees, A11 profes- sions and careers recognize the importance of English in de- veloping the ability to mix with people and make a good impression on them. Effective speaking is taught as an elec- tive, while journalism is open to juniors as a substitute for the regular junior English. . t LY. ,J W-3 mii- MARY THOMSON AND CASEY SMITH CHOOSE A BIOGRAPHY FROM THE BULLETIN BOARD. WITH THE HELP OF JOE KISER, PATTY HENDRICKSON PRACTICES WITH THE RECORDER BEFORE THE EFFECTIVE SPEAKING CLASS. 15 cuzquaqes reafe nivena! unify NANCY, RALPH, SUSAN, AND FRANK EXAMINE A BALLISTA IN LATIN CLASS. ,af , Of the languages offered at Stonewall, Latin is an import- ant part of the college prepar- atory curriculum. Not only does it give students a picture of Roman life, but it is a foun- dation for other languages. The study of Spanish is very desirable in its broadening and cultural influence, enabling us to break down barriers to mu- tual understanding. French is a great literary and cultural language, widely spoken and understood. Sci- entists all over the world use French as a standard lan- guage. DP BING POINTS SOMETHING T0 POLLY, ANN, ELAINE, AND DICK IN THE FIRST ISSUE OF LIFE WRTTEN ENTIRELY IN SPANISH aflz QJVOVZ es asis for gufure fvocafiolz Mathematics is a basic sub- ject for many vocations. Most schools r e q u i r e two years of mathematics. Engineering schools require two years of algebra, plane geometry, and solid geometry. Stonewall of- fers all of these courses, plus thorough math training for those interested in aviation, statistics, and physical science. The capable math teachers are ready and willing to help the students with any difficulties which may arise. DORIS WARNER AND LARRY HEMMINGS WORK TOGETHER ON A GRAPH IN ALGEBRA JERRY VERNON, MITCHELL, AND MARY WORK ON PROBLEMS AND DRAWINGS AT THE BOARD IN SOLID GEOMETRY AND TRIGONOMETRY. 17 ine rfs feack Guffu ra Gfppreciafiolz EXAMINING PRACTICE DESIGNS OF THIS TALENTED ART CLASS IS NANCY NAYLOR. Stonewall Jackson's Music Department includes the band, orchestra, and glee club. Each division has earned various honors in many fields through continuous practice, drill, and in many excellent programs directed by Mr. Edgar Loar and Miss Eleanore Thornasson. Art students acquire crea- tiveness, skill, and facts in the art World from Mr. Byron Meyer. Work in perspective, design, and lettering gives an opportunity to the students to practice g o o d construction. Participation in exhibits gives each young artist practical ex- perience and a chance at valu- able scholarships. W ...f"" MEMBERS OF THE ORCHESTRA UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MR. LOAR PREPARE T0 PLAY DURING A PRACTICE SESSION IN THE BAND ROOM 18 omesfic rfs Qdfepare young mama ers Stonewall offers the girls as well as the boys four semes- ters of foods under the super- vision of Miss Rose. The girls are taught to plan a good meal with a well balanced diet. In the classes, they have demon- strations and learn to follow and cook by recipes. For the girls' future needs in sewing, Miss Munsey teaches a course in clothing. Girls learn to cut and sew their own dresses. They also learn to evaluate and know good material. The girls pre- sent a style show semi-annu- ally. BETTY JONES, NORETA COFFIN AND ROSE ANN FORBES WORK IN CLOTHING GOING GROCERY SHOPPING FOR MISS ROSE AND THE COOKING CLASSES OF STONEWALL JACKSON ARE CHEFS, JACK AND KENNY 4 afeferia, .gidrary Lmzis e axafion OUR SCHOOL LIBRARY IS UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS ROSE AN HER ASSISTANTS. Stonewall Jackson's cafete- ria and library measure up to the high standards maintained in other departments. Under the eiiicient management of Mrs. Mclllhattan, head dieti- cian, the cafeteria serves good, wholesome food at a low cost. Miss Susanna Rose is in charge of the library, which amply provides reference material and books for the wise use of leisure hours. Magazines are subscribed for and kept on file. The bulletin board changes frequently to correspond with class work. MRS. MCILLAHATAN AND MRS. RAMSEY PREPARE DAILY DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS LUNCHEONS FOR HUNGRY STUDENTS 8: TEACHERS 20 Tkysica! Cgducafiolz CQIZIZKUZCZS 00 "Up 2-3-4, down 2-3-4", calls the instructor as the classes do their daily exercises. In- cluded in each class is the roll call, exercises, and games. Girls participate in such sports as basketball, volleyball, soft- ball, badminton. The boys have basketball, fo o t b all, track, and baseball as major activities. We compete with other schools in many activi- ties and in doing so receive many awards and honors. Miss Drasnin and Mr. Parsons are the physical education direc- tors. WARMING UP EXERCISES ARE BEING PRACTICED BY THIS GYM CLASS OF BOYS STRETCI-IING EXERCISES FOR KEEPING THE FIGURE NEAT AND TRIM ARE BEING PUT T0 GOOD USE BY THIS GIRLS' GYM CLAS.. . . . ocafiolzaf an lzdusfriaf Gfri STUDYING MECHANICAL DRAWING ARE BILL, ALFRED, GLENN AND BUDDY. The Vocational Shop De- partment includes three shops, each offering the opportunity of important training in skilled trade for boys whose future work is to be technical, with tools and machines. The three shops are Electric, Ma- chine shop and Sheet Metal. Industrial Art may be pre- vocational or avocational for the student's appreciation and cultural artistic development. There are two separate courses, General Shop I and General Shop II. Aviation Engines and Structures course is sometimes referred to as Industrial Laboratories. THIS LOVELY TABLE FOR SOME LUCKY HOME IS THE PROJECT IN WOODWORKING CLASS OF CLYDE SURFACE AND BENNY ROSS dence cquainfs eop e wiflz Wafure Stonewall's Science Depart- ment is one of the most mod- ern in the state. Over half of the students are enrolled in one of the courses of this de- partment. Biology, a general study of living things, is re- quired of all tenth-grade stu- dents. General chemistry, es- pecially as it applies to the Kanawha Valley, is furnished as an elective for those who plan to go into industry or go to college in the near future. Physics is available for those who plan to specialize in mathematics and science at college. FRANK, BETTY, POLLY, AND BOB MIX A SOLUTION T0 BLOW UP THE CHEMISTRY ROOM ,JV t 11536. PROBING A THEORY OF BALANCE IN A PHYSICS PROBLEM ARE JIM MEADOR., CAROLYN BOLING, PAUL HEAVENER., AND MYRNA ROSS. 23 usilzess Ccducafiolz QJM aces .genders wi? CLERICAL PROCEDURE CLASS IS USEFUL AND INTERESTS BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS. The Business-Education De- partment has a four-way pro- gram-guidance, training, placement, and follow up. Guidance, given in the sopho- more year, helps students decide on the proper sequence -stenographic, clerical, book- keeping, or distributive edu- cation-for further training. An effort is made to place students in their initial jobs after graduation. Every five years a follow up of graduates is made to evaluate the cur- riculum, teaching methods, and working conditions. L...-. FLYING FINGERS AND CLEAR MINDS ARE AT THE TOP OF THE "MUST HAVE" LIST FOR THIS LARGE TYPING CLASS OFI BOYS AND GIRLS 24 acid! Studies ri qes asf an QJresemf The Stonewall Jackson So- cial Studies Department offers a variety of courses. World history gives students a con- nected story of civilization and develops an appreciation of nations. American history is the story of the building of our United States, socially, politically, c ul t u r ally, and spiritually. Problems of de- mocracy prepares students for a satisfying life with participa- tion in public affairs. With the help of modern records and movies the past and present become a living reality. GSW' JANE, LLOYD, AND BILL STUDY POSTERS FOR PROBLEMS OF DEMOCRACY. A I In 'Ed A iffy, - ' yy A CURRENT EVENTS PANEL DISCUSSION IS UNDER WAY IN HISTORY CLASS BY FRANK MARTIN, SUE KISH, PEGGY TONEY, AND BILL FAST. 25 WI! 1 I 1 l 1 IJ 1 i 65565 .XV -V7 x ' I-' K wp X .Q v 5. ..,., X 1 fb, N . 4- 'u- 4- A ,,,ll.L.1- - ii..-l X Y Classes are still the foundation of student activities. All the classes that have ' graduated from Stonewall have been X widely known for their progress and accom X plishments. M R My Sam! 1 NZ A Il A Q A ! N if M PHYLLIS AFFOLTER JO ANN ALLINDER LEWIS ALEXANDER DANIEL' ANDERSON JOSEPHINE ASHBY GEORGE BAILEY ROGER BAIRD FRANK BALLARD JANE BARIA BLAND BARNETT CAROL BEAVER DICK BECK LYNN BEDELL ANN BEW CECIL BIRTHISEL GERTRUDE BLESSING ALLYN AND GEORGE CONSULT Tl-IE PAPER FOR RESULTS OF LAST NlGllT'S GAMES 28 ' '-'V,E:i. A 1 4 A1 A AAA as ELAE af on amp, neenisa .Latin emu, in fr. A3 TT EEAAA A. A.,g fS2lIiiieSA Cdkmcilf NSUOHSI, V'W Sddigty. ' Q A 2 O ' Q BYQQN Hi3541W2+ ASM Q 1 ff Af' fir T? A E Yarsity Club, StudezitWCounci1,E Cpuncil, Fpotbali, Basket-Ag A " A A A , BOWDEN: 'Stenographicfg Ag A4 Oifice Assistant, Student? C1 Y-Teens, Troupers, Na- Q M vopauonax, 1-'o0aba11..5 EA A Esmmzrapmc, ui Awreens, jSocia1 Lsmdiega Dfw: Assistant, f Nafiwwlf College Preparil Visual Afids-A ' ' 6 Coliege Prelj Qiaifatnrymatin C1ub,'Band, F. T. Au Troupers, ,Jackson J our-. i 1Olf?32S1fifc,'OAfA1r+'reens,A Social Studies 1 EOTO f ff 5 :2 7 Clerical, G. 2 L g 5 WC1eriCa1, F: Hbiw? H f21'18Si8f84 , , nh , AVOCWOHSI- 1A gbglezgelgrecsiar 1 31321, Af' V1-4, K G. AQ A., Tmupers. - our-ann: sfewdg Yqreegs, stitch and stiff? f :, A . " - A Lgleiimgglus A - fl .',, fial ' x:5 ,',, Qq gi.,-4 - '2b, i,' 2 1- ROY BLIZZARD JOYCE BOGGS CAROLYNIBOLING GEORGIANN BONHAM BUD BOSCHIAN SHIRLEY BOWDEN THEO BOYLEN BETTIE BRADY EDWARD BRAGG CAROL BRENNEMAN JENNIEVEE BRUNI DORIS BRYANT BOB BUCHANAN BEVERLY BUPP ANN HUDDY AND MRS. LOVELL, THE HEALTH NURSE, CHECK X-RAY RESULTS. ANNA MAE BURFORD JACK BURFORD l i CONNIE BURGESS JIM BURGESS NORITA BURNEM JERRY BUTCHER MISS S. J. AND ATTENDANTS ARE SHOWN AT THE C. H. S. FOOTBALL GAME MITCHELL BURRUS BETTY CALDWELL BENJAMIN CALDWELL BILL CAMPBELL JANE CAMPBELL MARY CAMPBELL ROBERT CANTRELL MONTA CARLISLE PAT CARPENTER PHYLLIS CASDORPH NORA CASTO KEITH CAVENDER J - i 5 L s- .7 A N I 'Ev' f"45' ' 'QTY ,, ' , 3' 4 , A-ff .1 r , L L, Miki' ig, . "SI nu f j 334 'f 1 ff? si' 5 2 1 x 5 351 2 232 ' .L L .5 DELORES STANLEY CASTS HER BALL L www. . -1, ,313-,s. W' fsff fuyk 1 r fbi S 4. F? M I R A . A A fffwi, - I Y. Q. ,Lp Af. V R . ,L y 4 ?v'ZiGH0H1a11,+ R9 i f - 2 LL I, C-1 3 E a 1543 A - L L .f g, -, . W.. f.1LLw4 , fn... , as rw 4 A ILLL. L A' -si' 5 , , 4 . if 1, v L: L S L L L 1' 1. . . in X gg 2 s fe ' .Ir 'J Bw s 5 . ree. . L LL 5f.523S251'f3f,gsjf?'tgfvzyc Q",.N'f4jk!f L,.. fi:-ffji-'-,,z Q7 1 ' Lfw.ijggg?,f.4i? w - ,W ' . -"' . 7 'f f ' 'ww-'f, 5 INN GLENDENIN Coll gg L A 'LL' L ' Bind, L. ' 7 QCLEND LLLL Zfiawnwi 9 -L teh and Stir, Junior Red Crossgg Assistant, F. B. 'L. Aggf JL MRSOH Journal- A L I . L , I LLLL 5 sm - 60138: L swncmpzue, LLL J Lg L L G4 ,LL' LL WAL LL L Q 4 L A L L LL M? A7 LL A . QWN!-EY: Clerical, Yea - .", - 7 ,ff 3 LL-' Xiisuaiki, ebwa 9695-Coll Pwam 5 .L 'S Q- S 'gg'-'Mw+ :Gmail-fggf A v gif -js Q yi -.fry ,, 41139 z 1.5 ,, .L ., '- QL '1 j7Lugg7,7L,Q,L: mv - f1f,1,j- , K' QQ: 'ii V721 . L Y' - fn H- M WN-LL,', H. ff ,f ,gf f- ., gi, L :-he iqzgifackyg Q, . L ai H" ' L' ' ll 9'5"-Pff ' 14 l 1 LOWELL CAVENDER MARY CHANDLER OT IN A MOCK PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. ROBERT CHANDLER CHARLES CHRISTIAN JACK CLARK J. C. CLATWORTHY CAROLYN CLENDENIN MARY CLENDENEN I JOHNSIE COBB BILL COCHRAN NORETA COFFIN DOROTHY COLE f I fi: IMOGENE CONLEY RONALD CONNER JIMMY COOK ALICE COTTRILL 31 1 1 ,,.- DAVID COPEN BETTY COULTER KENNETH COWAN DALLAS CUMMINGS MARY LOU CUNNINGI-IAM MARY JO DARLINGTON BILL DAVIS DAVID DAWSON WAYNE DAWSON BILL DEBOARD HELEN DIXON JEAN DODD RONALD DOLD BETTY DOLIN CHARLES DONOVAN ROBERT DOWNS FRANK AND CEPHAS LOOK PROUD T0 HAVE POSSESSION OF THE ELK BUCKET 32 Q '1 - . Q .. lv: 5, I A..:k, g?..i-g.f'A:5hL.. A 1 ' , Z - ax SOSSS ZOE Hia' "f??"f54f' . 323'-f,' L' ' I ' 'V,,3'3g 511-53 'iv Y T , 4+ A -", A - . W-kh Y w i gs :wzy lziiw-Ffif ff-' wff-'xz. ,sh - .- .. . WL, W . .,nz,:.s Qu egg 'Q -AP3 112.52 - ., ig -If B f ,glgyfh f f I-fl'-72 5' 'S ' L, , ,f 'f 3- f V H f ff -f - - f - --- -- f- - - -- ,-- - "" w f V- 'F-5, 5 " W x" Wi'-P'i7i'KfNfEA , f,,, ' gt 5.,i1551,.2rifggfyiigmifw.fg5 I - k :ri A 'LEE V-"f':L1 if ii' I A M I , Q W -fp fill? v - p ' 1 ,I 5 - -nj -f,' , f 'jx I J az, AB AL A. A ' ' w I " In M"' , ' I ,gfgm,lAg.., as'-f1gf15gg'g',s -. . i fan -.L' K--' - il A -gi EIT ,"' '7" , " , . College Prepara 'fif - ' S 0 ' , club. ' f I - f ' Q , .4 EPLING: Sienbgraphic, Club, F-ABL A., Club' 4 Q k,,r KK' .-,-, I - If . , QQ in K 3? JAMES E. DELMAN DAVID EDENS GENIVE EDENS WILLIAM EDENS Ar, - ESTEB:,,Co11ege Preparatory., www , 2 H 4 .5 1 , ag I L... Ei M.kVi.w . k,,iVJik:3?l- VV :W ' A I 4' ' 'if 5 1 . ' Nami K i' III 1. f Oxfam '5-1-U' Wi 5-'lyzzf,'f5fiL,k,,'-bfxs 'Y i H I QW .f :ICE ' 12:5 ff" "JS JM, G- ,, ff'Sf'5v ff? ZW 1 94431 7J,3i?fL?1? :1f:'f:,- 'Q ,.f' 1 ew U V' . A' Y' 1 ,, A x f A Z , , A I Ai -V: '- my ii W8 ' ' . 'az A 33 1 5 ' f I :-Qi: 'fL: B. 'L,zvZ ' ' - A' 9' . gym., K , l m iii' f 'w ig'-, ,- ,,.. V ' 1, f . V nfl- - 'z. f "f w F:'?, f fw gg'fwK ,ff L L f 2. 'flff w T2 vim, - ' Q. . .- I i "-' ' " ' 521?rfQP:f . fzf fi Z2 ,H -I A ,ig v 'I BING ELLIOT Jocl-:LYN EPLING Es'rEL I-:STEP CEPHAS EVANS O RICKY FARLEY ROBERT FAULKNER R I 1 FRANK TAYLOR ACTS AS MASTER OF CEREMONIES AT THE JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM. CAROLYN FEAZELL NAOMI PINNEY 1 ROSE ANN FORBES HOWARD FORBES JAMES, RAY, JACK, AND LLOYD SING A SONG AT THE PEP ASSEMBLY CAROL FORE BARBARA FOWLER ROY GADD RICHARD GALPERIN KENT GANDEE JAMES GANTZ W DONALD GATEWOOD PEGGY GENTRY MARCIA GLASS REUBEN GRAHAM LLOYD GRAYSON' J" JOAN GREGORY DONALD GRIFFITH ALLYN GRIFFITHS 34 ,Z JIM, PAT, AND FRANK REPRESENT STONEWALL AT THE S.A.S.C. IN FLORIDA. 1 '.A:'z' ff? and Stir. Office State, Nafiblwi. A AAIA . A Al AI1 A A., F. B. L. A., National? 4- G. A. A., F. H. A., 'xv HANNA: couege Band, Orchestra, Latin Clubg State, National Honor Society, losamnynqmb. A HARGRAVES: seenogra- phic, F. B. L. A., Y-Teens, Jr. Red 'ig ,'.. 11 , HARMON. College Prepara- HARMON: conege Prepara- G. A. A., Y-Teens, Jr. Red F. B. L. A. .R asmus 1-ummom College Pre- . O o .Genera1, Hi-Y. . General, il. ll HABPOR LD: Vowfi 'College Preparaii 5I4oi11l.Q131bi. B- L+ A-, Yrf Assistant, Troupersgg ol I College Prepargg A. A.,.F. B. L. Studies .P College Preparaii Basketball, Trak Redcmssf Varsity Club' . o.,l l 7UL'H8ATYENER: Col1e36 -1 . . 1 7 ' Jgickson J ournal, Latin III ,"'." Hi-Y. A A A .'.. .Bmw C . MARY GRIMMETT MARGARET ANN HALL PEGGY HALL VERNON HANNA DOLORES HARGRAVES JAMES HARMON JANE HARMON JENNINGS HARMON Q, 1 " 'Y' 'W '7i' , W.. f 'H -W' f ' A Mr: fy A .E.. 1 a ffix ffl f . , .. r, -Q A .4 if 'Y N " J X iffy 1 l if A H, 'i .. 5. , 9 ' gm f". T- N., 5 ix iq X S DANA HARPER LENNIS HARPER ROBERT HARPOLD KAY HARRISON NANCY HATFIELD JERRY HARTMAN PAUL HEAVENER PAT I-IAYNES 35 "ii :E '::iy:..-,riff-F'?.',1-riffggu , ,V-:gli-s!22f,i.:g":t-n.::rwg,S5i5,52s-:QI Q , 85 1.1,--ir.. 5 I 1 , ff-V -w x zQ fn:f,,Af....1:m EMTH,.'-7.5-.5ggfJ.'g'2,Ziggy-zz--12: 5 . l n AZ A HOA A , A b ff ,k "'- ' 1 9 wth , 12? wig A A if A Nix z A WI , " ' mf A ww 5fem 2.x, 3 mu 1 f X K li! A Mawr A xim K y ,E ,. ' ' ' 5 3. PW f if ,G I K , L ,X Q W , 4 , fllxEfif1w . E521 f , SVYHUQ if 51,3 , 4 rum! 1X V A .Qing :m imi Z mQs1Afy1iwMiXQd2H.A . I .,L,,L. O, . . . ,LL,,... . . Em O. Qi " 1 d 1 S A A A ' ' is - K w Q K A 'N , AM , , Q I S A y is 1 a gs Egg x THELMA HEIGES JANET HEIN EDITH HENDRICKSON PATTY HENDRICKSON glgfifgf ,S ... -wzs-'H xx' A . - f,gbif,.g-.-k:g1,s'-5 . . A ,.., .. . 'K i - . .. .. .-W: swlgfg. 153'-H? VUL I I I g is 2 QL W W X x an 4 1, 2 I w mftsix W X A V S A in 1-,:,,'.-, 7 . V, , - , . CEBERT HENSON PATRICIA HESS DOLORES IIICKMAN SUSAN HILLARD Q A :wr I, , , .,.A,...: ,. i1i11wzfa:f,l:,11f LL-' .LL, 15 --'- 4 LL'7 1 seen? L A 'A af mg ' .r . , ?-ii his 5555? 3 as 7 ff S' 3' M Maw QQQYQ A H+ 1 Akkig ,kx. k.k?LL.. ,..ryXL 4 gf ,ilQ7-L 7 -f,: S-.v g A 1. -., . H . A . - ,. vmxgi--. I i EOAE L Biff? fig A WQ W OOOA E Q " ' EEEA f L5 NV 5 7 'z-x i N R5 i Y I gig -. A Sfiifi-L , OEAO A EEAAEAO A . .. . A in:- OOOOO I EOOO AEAEE N xl! aw AAES 5 EEEO L, N952 ' 1"L V OAOA A I , 4 A A 'Af -if '5 A 551 N 35 7 X 5 1 A ll A 3 L' 11 EEL? Q37 35 if T' :: 1': 1 I - ' . . W1 ww-fy? zsw simw wig -ff- eww-zgsgf-Q--A-I-1 . .E fi 5 HBILIKINQ' I. M A .L ,..,.. A I . 1- -V ,.N. A . e.: 1 Q: i ,Q 25, I -w QW? E 'Iii if jf' -' V V Omn i f 'Z G 1 'C A f-5 ., QSM - -sea-:f'.nf :fi5':e.1 ' M1345 1-wg Vwgfggaf-sza sa i- fJ , skit . I g , ,.-,.. ,..: , , .,.,, . .,..,,.:, , .,., E . ,. .. ,:,.:,.,, . .. , .... -,VV.x,: - vw, nf N FRANK HOFERER RAY HOLDREN .10 ANN HOLMES LOIS HOLMES " ' BOB IIOYLMAN ANN HUDDY F, FRANKIE I-IUDKINS RACHEL HUMPHREYS GLEN WORKS ON A DECORATION FOR THE DAILY MAIL CHRISTMAS CONTEST. 36 " ' ' " f f L Y H A XL A A ' J . 'WNLEY2 General' mx' seneim, smaenii xereens, F. B. L. A.. B H .J eoee , U B A A g J J College Prepardf L.Je I . H .JOAU W"'f'5?1 ISNER' Stenographic ,y, DON HUNDLEY COLLEEN HUNLEY M1TzE HUNICUTT BETTY HUNT - ' fi' . ' y eg. . lb IQ JAIKRETT: Vocatlonal. ' v iii- ',,g',, ...ei ',,,g 1 - . -B ,K f Q uin T Mzfvk- ' .W A JARETT: msn-ibuuve Edu- AA. A A A J A I JARRETT: College Prepar- Football, Track. , any Jonsson: couege Pre- ,8r8t0ryg Jackson Journal, G. A, A. .K ' Pl . 6 I' X, , . J 2, .M K '34 Club, Y4'I'eens, Band. Ma' f jgiorette, Troupers, F. B. L. A. Clefiffii, Band, STANLEY HUNT DONNA ISNER JIMMIE JARRETT RUTH JARRETT A Jorms: Distributivi fEducation, G1ee Club. . o' T - :'jQf,'f , I JONES: Business Edu! ggqcation, G.. A. A., Y-Teens, Gym FAB- gums: Home Economi H-Af .4..He A 8 S H eel ,. eoell I A - f -...i ff 1 WILLIAM JARRETT BEVERLY JOHNSON JOHN JOHNSON ALVARETTA JONES BARBARA JONES BETTY JONES I' CAROL FORE AND BEVERLY BUPP DEMONSTRATE GOOD BASKETBALL FORM. DOVIE JONES KENNETH JONES 37 MARGARET JONES PATRICIA JONES BEN MAI-IMOUD LOOKS ON AS HELEN SKETCHES A POTRAIT OF SANDRA WAGGY PHILIP JONES EVELYN JORDAN -. Q, BARBARA KELLY DELLA KELLY DAVID KERNS POLLY KESSEL MARILYN KINCAID JOE KISER MARIANNA KNAPP PATRICIA LAMONT HAROLD LANCE PHYLLIS LANDERS EVELYN LANHAM PEGGY LANHAMVW W, HELEN LARCH ROBERT LAYDEN maann-.....,.. RAY AND DON, CO-CAPTAINS OF THE FOOTBALL TEAM, DISCUSS A GOOD SEASON. RUTH LAYNE MARY LOU LEGG I I V if RICHARD LEGG WILLIAM LEIDIG SALLY LEONARD ALFRED LEROY MARGARET LILLY LOY LITTON DAVID LONG FRANK LOVELL JANE LYNN WELDON LYTTON MARILYN MacDONALD MARIAN MacDONALD 39 JAMES MADDOX BEN MAHMOUD DOROTHY MALLORY JOE MANGUS HELEN MASON CRAIG MASON PEGGY MATHENY PHYLLIS MAYS N i SUE MCCLAIN ARTHUR MCCAMEY LUELLEN MCCLURE JIM MCCORMICK WANDA MCCOY BETTY MCCUTCHEON JUDY MCCUTCHEON REBECCA MCGINNIS JIM EXAMINES ANNUAL PROCEDURES EXPLAINED BY MYRNA, ROGER, AND BETTY ii W .J RAYMOND MCKINNEY HELEN MCPHERSON JAMES MEADOR WES MEDLEY -4-'H CONNIE MICHAEL BETTY MILLER CONSTANCE MILLER DONALD MILLER ,f-nu., 'Ui 4 RAY MITCHELL BARBARA MOALES BARBARA MONDAY JOHN MONDAY HELEN MONTGOMERY ROSEMARY MOORE DON GRIFFITH, RUTH THACKER, AND BARBARA WALL-SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. GARRETT MORGAN RICHARD Momus 41 ",. ,..LQ, .4 3 X SHIRLEY MORRIS BILLY MORRIS JERRY AND MITCHELL GET HELP FROM CAREER CONSULTATION REPRESENTA TIVES. JANET MULLINS JANE MULLINS JUANITA MULLINS DONALD MYERS HARRY MYERS DENNIS NORMAN NORMA OATES NINA OCHELTREE GEORGE 0'DELL ROBERT 0'DELL DIANA PARK GENE PARSONS- BILL PARSONS MONA PARSONS LONA CLAIRE PAULEY ROBERT PEET PEGGY GENTRY AND PEGGY HALL ARE PRACTICING FOR, THE BIG C. H. S. GAME. CAROL PENDELL PEGGY PENDELTON EALE1 GEAAA A at li. 'QLPHHSISI Y F1 A JTLW H PM L A ?13:i0i10f ,ffi ELLE I f f A V , lE G' LEEA EAL G TE f ' L' ? 3' fi'AiPENDLETdN: stenograpmc, Troupers, F.' B. L. A., I A . A z "A' f ,'-- A ' LLGGE AAAG l PEltB.mM,Cn11ege,1?I:eparaf. 15 3 .4 E ZE ,Footba11,'Traclc, Varsity'C1ub, , A I DANIEL PERROW MARY PERSOHN SHIRLEY PHILLIPS SHQNNE1-TE POLING . College Honor Sue M21 E Miz- sz , ' ggi , ' A f PHILLIPS: College Prepar- . Latin club, G. A. A., Y-Teens, 39330188111 TheSPi8I1S, 1 . ,.,. .,., , . , , ,l,-,:AG,, I I ' " , ,I Council. ' 'V I 6. W: if .21 ' , ' , ' rourm: sumomfaphie, F. B.EL. A. . I roLs1+oI-I: Busimss. H'-wiflessy 24110845 nonom-I-Iv POLSTON HELEN POWELL JAMES POWELL PATRICIA PRICE F.. B. L. A., TroupeI's,w V ' LEIEII A L ff ..AI. iii 'LII' 1 College ' V' Lf f I ' "f' L"'- ..'Q ,I L?H"f4,-fz'1 L"' 'S -vyf H . f . L... I L "ffl 2 tv v' 4 afz.S1z3,f:.2gw- 7: MP1 f fs. ,L I .M L , .M-,,f-..x. -.ww 1's?fg-.fjigfz-gp QW.. f,'1fafi4-,.f.w ,fiir 2,52 fg5f,,fQL5,zgf 7 ., , -' Iiifii v g gw 1e11i:,21:a1 -23 55 Gaz? 1 I -.Iv - . , fy-f . , fha.. mfs:-, II- CAROLYN PRIESTLEY JACKIE PRITT JANET PRITT WOODROW PYLES 43 'X RICHARD QUICK CARL RAINES TOM RAINFORTH DAVID RANSON JERRY RAY BOB REBER GEORGE REED BARBARA REVEAL DOLORES RHODES MARIAN RHODES VIRGINIA RHODES BARBARA RIDER mruma:-u nmucmm mf J- in Human flight- SHIRLEY RIDER CARL RIGGS r JOAN ROGERS BERNIECE ROGERS PAT, WES, AND LLOYD FIND PAMPHLETS HELPFUL IN LEARNING ABOUT THE U. N.. 1 i-1 'ir I 1 'W' ' " ' ' 11' Lols ROLLINS MYRNA Ross MARY SALAMIE Jo ANN SANTEE EAIQOYDYSCHOOLCRAFT GAYLE sEvY JEAN sEvY FAYE ssvy t um A . fl, , Ac. 'iltumfz O, fqvvk- ' ' " 'FEW S L ' .5 . ' we Q 5. 'hr ,Q fi? H V gli? x A ss ' W' if A CAROLYN Sl-IAVER JUANITA SIGMON MARY SIGMON MICHAEL SIMPSON ,Q A f, Z1 if , WANDA SKAFF CARL SLATER 2 .exif LN . t max' 'awed ANN, MARY, AND PHYLLIS ACT AS HOSTESSES AT C0-GOVERNMENT TEAS. BETTY SLIDER, CHARLOTTE SLOAN 45 l ll BETTY SMITH GERALD SMITH JAMES A. SMITH JAMES II. SMITH PHOEBE SMITH JACK SMITHERS WILLIAM SMOLDER JEAN SNODGRASS ROGER SNYDER RONALD SONGER ANNE SPENCER LILA SPENCER ROBERT SPENCER RAYMOND STAAB ZELMA STAATS DAVID STALDER CAROLYN MODELS ONE OF THE MANY PROJECTS MADE IN CLOTHING CLASS. OCOH ASHSS ' A Club. A , Y' smrn: vocmmq. Track. I'?AA if EAS College , S ,ARS A Orchestra, s. , -Q Honor iigswdiw Cvimcil- if AESSHS f f SSv.S 'H i ESLAS I .S SSLO 5 Ha if LSL? Latin emi LfEA Aflapelia Choir, 'I'r0upers,jY'T' S Girls' Chorus, Mixed Basebau, .S A 'SMOLDER: Vocationdgi Smaegpiskcouncu. .. A swozs-GRASS: Sf9f10S1'3Phi. A ' A 1'S yffii V'SS,SS O1 mn swans: canegefcere - gory, spanish club. , A gm-n-SQNGER: Mus1QMa1eEES !fY'81LLlG1?0.?1ub2 A LHH C Asrniaicnm ' Club, Y-rw, A S Fi . S mstribumre I SSf HAAL I NHE,SSAS fi 4 lHH S 'f 3- ' R SSA A AISS HLIS SANDRA WAGGY BOB WAGNER ANN WALKER JANE WALKER I Q il ,,,Y BARBARA WALL LEIOTA WALLACE LOUISE WALLACE PATRICIA WALLTCBI 1 PATRICIA WALTERS VICTOR WARE DORIS WARNER DONALD WATERSTONE PAT WAY DON WEAVER PHYLLIS WEBSTER RONNIE WESTFALL JO ANN WHITE LOLA WHITE 48 l nl ff E' NANCY WHITE SHIRLEY WHITE CARL WIERSTEINER JOHN WILCHER .. f i-'W' 4 Q, if f f X Joyce WILLIAMS ROGER WILLIAMS FAYI-: WILSON smnuzv WINEMILLEII FRANKLIN wrrrmow osIIEL woLI-'E WILLIAM woLI-' ANN WOODRUM DORIS WRIGHT JOE WYATT ALBERT YOUNG DONALD YOUNG WES YOUNG Officers of the Junior Class are Cseatedj Betty Fields, representative, Nina Keffer, sec- retary, Margaret Ann Riley, representative. Cstandingb Dean Jones, representative, Bo McWhorter, president, and Nick Carr, vice president. V 103 First Row: B. White, M. Cummings, A. Davis W. Woodfell, C. Skeen, P. Withrow, S. Van- hoose, P. Gunnoe, J. Ingram, B. Rupert, N. Smith. Second Row: C. Meadows, B. Nieder- meyer, J. Meiford, S. Jefferies, F. Martin, K. Horton, B. Carter, N. Johnson, J. Cook. Third Row: B. Cabell, C. Parkins, B. Stadler, F. Fuller, B. Thompson, G. Teel, T. Ritter, J. Stonestreet, J. Luzader. Fourth Row: R. Hart, J. Ray, J. Kelly, B. Sarber, J. Cook, K. Bur- dette, R. Hamilton, R. Rickard, T. Clovis. 132 First Row: R. McClanahan, D. Cottrell, D. Sharp, M. Schaefer, J. Hanson, L. Casebolt, M. Higgin, N. Holmes, C. Haynes, J. Abbott. Second Row: B. Hendrick, M. Hershberger, M. Fribbs, B. Tucker, G. Holmes, D. Neal. D. Harrison, V. Heater, N. Armstrong, Third Row: T. Spadafore, B. Watts, C. Given, Da Roberts, R. Beck, E. Miller, D. Edens, H.' Harris. Fourth Row: L. Johnson, V. Barazzone, B. Landers, L. Casto, J. Long, P. Grandal, J. Martin. 133 First Row: D. Herrick, C. Wheeler, D. Will- iams, E. Legg, P. Morton, P. Anderson, D. Mace, J. Mullins, D. Stone, J. McDaniel. Swv ond Row: N. Simon, C. Newhouse, J. Harper, L. Haddad, E. Miller, D. Hash, A. Fisher, N. Perry, J. Groves. Third Row: 'J. Hunt, R.. Hanna, N. Jenkins, J. Trammell, R. Klamer, S. Duff, C. Robinson. Fourth Row: J. Griffith, B. Watson, J. Eaton, Tj McKeny, C. Hudson, J. Watkins, J . Burdette. 208 'lrst Row: C. Akers, M. Eskew, M. Landers, D. Swindler, B. Simpson, S. Carr. J. Ellis, E. 'rame, J. Baker. Second Row: J. Richardson. '. Mitchell, L. King, J. King, B. Bryant, C. iigmon, H. Cottrell, E. Day. Third Row: A. Iarte, S. Jenkins, V. Haid, L. Robinson, P. lemple, C. King, L. Saddler, M. Givens, N. iammons. Fourth Row: W. Parr, H. Clark, 3. Casto, H. Buttler, D. Stater, C. Wiblin, A. .ucas, B. Kelley. 225 first Row: D. Carter, R. Skaff, D. Fisher, P. Iewcomer, P. Casto, J. Hayzlett, B. Rhodes, T. Quick. Second Row: D. Harvey, E. Legg. J. Summerfield, N. Walker, J. Wolf, R. Rollins, '. West. Third Bow: J. Jinks, B. Hill, B. Lucas, fl. Blizzard, W. Russell, J. Gaylor, B. Marion. fourth Row: J. Booth, C. Bowles, B. Wright, J. Greenfield, H. Walker, E. Shaffer, H. Coates. . 231 J t iw: Y. Johnson, L. Mullins, D. Boggess, . Ton y, R. Sigmon, M. Kesmodel, D. Raptis, . Th l as,V., Burdette, J. Jarrett, D. Pauley. eoond Row: W. Cummings, N. Jones, J. Vine- ard, N. Wallace, S. Adkins, J. Bailey, J. Barea, . Stevens, M. Johnson, S. Davis. Third Bow: I. Long, R. Morris, J. Presley, N. Stumbo, F. choonover, C. Miller, D. Melton, R. Boggs. .north Row: J. Lutz, J. Fulks, T. Pauley, M. immggig, H. Bentley, J. O'Dell, R. Bowles, B. ten . Ent Faulkner, J. Harrison, W. Tenn , O. Cottrill, QD 9' -in P 09" 1 I 's . ,, tgiin X 5 . 1 vs K '. QI Q: f 1' Q9 mv, 6 WW K lil an-ff WWW ,..f.7.' 'rx ,Q L-a ,mug 'Voigt - B Team games and 302 First Row: S. Wilber, M. Smith, M. Burgoff N. Lesher, S. Nelson, S. Clovis, N. Umberger, C. Hanley, C. Flesher, M. Farnsworth. Second Row: A. Martin, B. Jarret, R. Spaudling, B. Conner, W. Rutledge, B. Burger, J. Pyles, M. Rogers. Third Row: F. Hambrich, A. Percival, R. Cavender, G. Douglas, D. Hable, R. Ryan, J. Given, C. Moore. Fourth Row: S. Harrah, S. Mazella, E. Ramsey, C. Simpson, J. Bright- well, R. Carr, J. Preston, W. Morgan, T. Bailey. First Row: K. Matheny, D. Perkins, I. Jones, B. Fridley, J. Dudding, H. Haynes, P. Way- bright, 'S. Crowder, A. Milam. Second Row: N. Harrah, M. Farmer, C. Ellison, D. New- house, S. Holmes, E. Jones, B. Rollins K. McWhorter. Third Row: T. Griffith, S. Wa R. Reed, J. Vineyard, B. Zerkle, B. Issac, Vance, W. Bird. Fourth Row: B. Scraggs, Gibson, B. Grover, J. Childress, C. Tosh, Monday. ' 125-126-127 First Row: B. Nichols, R. 0'De11, B. Burford, K. Adkins, G. Dent J. Lilly, J. Simmons.Socond Row son, C. Harpold, H. Burke, J. J. Warner, R. Weaver, D. Seaton J. Taylor, J. Birthisel, 0. Lilly, Bucklen, M. Carter.Fourth Row: D C. Morgan, H. Walker, K. Atkinson, L. len, H. Paxton. , ' s Margaret Riley Kylene Staats Betty Simpson, Bev Beddow engoy their ositxon leaders These girls ead the seniorfeheerleadersgl F 131-321 First Row: H. Ashworth, H. Wilton, J. Robin- son, W. Wood, H. Campbell, T. Allen, B. Isaac. Second Row: R. Hargus, R. Mace, B. Cox, D. Mahmoud, V. Naseef, R. Hutchinson. Third Row: L. Perkins, T. Carpenter, E. Wolfe, L. Botkins, G. Goff, C. Moffatt. Fourth Row: C. Jiviclen, L. Hemmings, J. Laughlin, E. Graham, B. McWhorter, E. Marion. 203-C First Row: P. Shumate, N. Watkins, W. Jacob- son. C. Crowder, J. Wilson, P. Ice, B. Harmon, B. Buckley, G. Wolfe. Second Row: F. Tow, S. Looper, A. Buck, E. Jackson, N. Henry, C. Dodd, D. Whaley, E. Titlow, N. Naylor, R. Newberry. Third Row: S. Older, M. Hundley, L. Park, H. Bibb. B. Conner, B. Fast, G. Burdette, B. Shamblin, D. Withrow, P. Layne. Fourth Rowz G. Runyon, E. Means, J. Hen- dricks, A. Lewis, J. Keiffer, F. Gates, E. Bird, B. Krebs. 308-317 . First Row: E. Daugherty, K. Beddow, J. Hor- nor, B. Sparkes, S. Roberts, M. Moyer, S. Kish, M. Riley, N. Griffee. Second ,Bows P. Lance, N.lWa1ker, C. Craig, A. Staats, A. Cas- dorph, N. Louft, N. Keller, C. Bennett. Third Bow: D. Cole, J. Glover, B. Casto, J. Craft, R. Spencer, B. McAllister, H, Waybright, D. Cun- ningham. Fourth Bow: D. Savage, F. Himes, Eary, R.. Preisman, C. Casto, B. Caldwell, for oizbenga. 1-nom. A A I I lookfoverfafikuyh of exchange annuals, ,which .cDfXi0i'if0 the .Jaeksonian eachoyearq iTh0Se'9?mW1S . , 1 'W-e.l.g,..-zfy. f.-' , .wif f . J . ' 'C '11 ' " I Qs' AX 'bv-. . 4 .-.3 .i 'L 1,75 . 1 -E291-, .. , we my y . .. fs. i. ,W "Wg ,ty , f .. . ex .Q .J-.1 ...X 1 Officers of the sophomore class are Cseated Jimmy Dent, representative, and Mary An Thompson, secretary, fstandingb Barry Hine president, Bill McClure, vice president, an Milton Eblin, representative. Absent' whe the picture was taken is another represent tive, Betty Goff. 230 First Row: H. Moore, H. Fisher, S. Morton B. Mullins, D. Bailes, J. Bailes, D. Fisher Second Row: M. Woods. A. Rankin, D Roberts, P. Mounts, P. Friedman, E. Fishe Third Row: G. Stutler, R. Wolfe, R. Mor land, E. Jarvis, D. Stratton, V. Seato Fourth Row: J. Ankrom, R. Adams, B. Fishe B. Guthrie, B. Arthur, F. Kent. 303 First Row: B. Crowder, B. Lake, H. Husso L. Barrack, M. Thompson, W. Lambert, Carte, A. Crouch, P. Kolb, M. Bornmann Second Row: J. Akers, B. Bowles, M. Unge E. Dean, R. Bowen, N. Lang, L. Baird, Hamilton, J. Rainforth. Thlrdllow: K. Bupp J. Hughes, A. French, J. Cleveland, B. Hi . .f P. Haas, C. McCol1am, D. Hammock. Fo Row: J. Jenkins, G. Taylor, F. Smith, 1 Carter, R. Ailstock, R. Rutledge, T. Carte, F t Hart. it i.Vkk. E . . Sfiflffisiiif -1 -few. igfigfrf .. .ww A ' A W i .' 5 ' 205 J J J Nffififii - we e F'il'pi.,BOW: R. -Coffman, -C. B.,iCx.iee1, P. NME, M: J. ri.. frghn- R0WRDfKRhns , . J J c oy, .' omas, . f ,vppa ,fp R. Stanley, G. Meredith. B. McLane, D. Ingalls, ijt., M. Dyke, J. Wells, K. J R.. ts.. Mares. B+ sa. T- ...S i ,S..e,... S..?" . ...J 5 I .f.- 7.1, K' . 2513 E sggizifrgi 1 V .. ' 'W ' , f .:. V- ...,-:,,5.+. .... . .. Mi., -L. b 15.5 ,,., 1 ,.. , , 214 First Row: C. Young, P. Harpold, P. West, E. Jenkins, B. Morton, M. McCracken, C. Ranson, M. Jeffrey, S. Walker. Second Row: . Pyatt, P. Parsons, A. Eads, D. Spradline, Carte, S. Hall, B. Goff, S. Bess. Third Row: . Turnes, F. Lloyd, J. Ramella, J. Phillips, Hall. Fourth Row: R. Taylor, C. McGraw, Waugh, D. Reynolds, D. Carter, J. Marshall, Rhodes. :-ff-'Q-'seo 220 First Row: C. Corkhill, M. Lucas, L. Holmes. C. Fisher, J. Hill, M. Stark, P. Eminger, F. Randolph. Second Row: B. Welch, D. Eades. M. Simmons, J. Luthy, M. Layne, G. Watson, C. Leach, G. Allhen. Third Row: W. Hardy, W. Randolph, M. Huffman, J. Boggess, J. Wisburn, R. Carr, D. Bibbee, B. Kidd. Fourth Row: J. Guthrie, J. Underwood, B. Dodd, T. Morris, J. Lacy, R. Hunt, H. Hutton, W. Saunders. 229 First Row: F. Lloyd, S. Cavender, J. Ash- worth, M. Bedell, B. Ensley, M. Anderson, J. Bailes, D. Mace, C. Carnes. Second Row: R. Collins. C. Kapple, W. Barker, N. Butler, C. Long. S. Armstrong, E. Anderson, W. Caven- der. Third Row: S. Parrish, L. Lilly, R. Mc- Cartney, G. Martyn, J. Dent, B. Clendenen, M. Burgess, E. Jacobs. Fourth Row: B. Thurs- ton, R. Boggess, A. Cottrill, A. Carpenter, J. Derrick, C. Rose. .Bowi cg Lilly, W JR. Ransbottomf E. Mace BN. .Chabot Lyons, Marion, J. Mazellag Second liow: VS. Pricegf' ,m.c.1sMazey,om. rsyra. 'num iB"JaeQb B Darb C' Patterson' J B' Gite . ,..,., Sf.: f . . Y, i..,. . ..,e.. , ..,, Cgtwa11:erg3r.snyaa. J nfl -' -f1Z'12'I 'im-.. , 'fi . - . H Efff Q . 21' f. Em'- WQQQXL ' ' if f X' s-fan. we V . .... S-arf! rw- fs' 2i'if'fFe?lSse '.:,.f1s2g 1,1 x I 2.31 f is 'ff sgs or i n I1 5, W W, 'N- avi --. .fxmfN..'a5: Afzfix ' at N5 'v .LX W .QA 20.25 pf. CNE Qi XM? 2 228 First Row: B. Johnson, L. Hanna, E. McLane B. Moffatt, F. Stogdon, T. Allender, N. Clay C. Calabrese, J. Wheeler. Second Row: K Kemple, D. Beard, M. 0'De1l, P. Kittinger B. Conner, B. McComas, D. Parlsey, F. Shane Third Row: L. Hill, H. Hein, B. Ballard. G Schade, R. Burgess, B. Whited, L. Doutghty B. Shea. Fourth Row: B. Simon, P. Legge B. Perrow, B. Stanton, C. New, B. Conkl P. Ware. B 201 First Row: L. Simon, M. Varney, J. Priestly D. Tackett, S. Baker, B. Wolfe, C. Atfolter L. Sturgeon, D. Spradling. Second Row: L Tate, K. Vaughan, N. Bailey, S. Watson, L Fields, S. Whitley, M. Rice, P. Smithefs. Th - Row: G. Hall, M. Jarrett, J. Garnett., B McCarty, P. Underwood, C. Guthrie, S. Dye Fourth Row: S. Samples, C. Young. B. Laton B. Smith, D. Ballengee, C. Harper, J. Harkins 232 First Row: V. Matheny, E. Walker, S. Tennan D. Mathews, S. Kelley, D. Jividen, M. Burd S. McDowell. Second Bow: C. Bailey, - Bowyer, C. Morgan, M. Morgan, B. Cawqender P. Paxton, B. Moore, B. Parsons. Third Row J. Patton, R. Haynes, D. McKinney, S. I-Iarkins D. Eary, D. Rogers, C. Jones. Fourth Row D., Ellison, W..Evans, J. Games, P.-Tay1or, Snyder, A. Rectenwald. t E' if Y . Ng., . .K ..,,,..,. . - vI9f?'.'lWi-SXT' ' -X ,Q .zmidenffsfvf rooms yj .Subscription chart, :to . . 1 M other M E . . S N V' ' ,ix , irg si I . . ., ' fi . .f 1--p-,fir 'fwziwr Lei: mx 4-lylqzlfi'- -g. 1. ,Q,f7fQIs1,.vf. .- jggaaff N -ig. pw., nf., Q-.1-L: 1- ' L-.,w..epeWx:ff- at-A -. . wr f -fill: '2i5u:'1'tf" f 1 V. Mf..'Q-wiv-so .ff ffriw Wffpf .ms N WQXQTXAI-f'f.2-1. lk'-fir my Y J t o Sw. ..-tQ3o.,Nv3.N ALIRSLQ f . . Ng- iffi zgif Q QQNILIQ AND MXH? MQQQV :Mx " -ole ' X- X p. QfKi +f '?iQ " , , - A W ' war- f'-4 .r f."-.rn-.mi-'L ,..-Jr. 155 .Tw Q , 5 -we J 'e- .fa '- lf'-.- ' V + V "'-Qs. 'N " I I iii,,,,, I 5.-..:...,-.:. fwfuf. H : gf.--.-,. ',, ., . 106 First Row: S. Stonestreet, L. Humphreys, J. Sparks, S. Radford, D. Carte, H. Vig, C. Kincaid, B. Cummings, S. Stevens. Second Row: F. Dobbs, J. McDougal, J. Clark, N. Nutter, S. Anderson, R. Sigmon, R. Barnett, S. Smallwood. Third Row: J. Shaver, F. Greenwood. O. McKinney. D. Rice. J. Strother, E. White, R. Gandv, J. Stone. Fourth Row: E. Bachelder, T. Tompkins, J. Waggy, R. Dulaney, L. Duckworth, R. Myers, B. Darnell, J. Heavener. . 135 First Row: E. Hill, L. Robinson, A. Younz, B. Barker, D. Hickman, S. McClure, J. Bird, D. Harrison. S. Parsons. Second Row: C. Reedy, C. Woodall. N. Reynolds, B. Berry, P. Farmer, M. Berry, J. Robinson. Third Bow: J.' Smith. M. Sneed. C. Jones, H. Keefer, J. Belcher, P. Shroyer. M. Skeens. Fourth Row: J. Clen- dinen, D. Holley, D. Rader, K. Sayre, C. Caldwell, T. Smith. 202 First Row: E. Carney, M. Dudding, D. Petry, S. Olaker. C. Guthrie, J. Griffin, A. Cavender, B. Carnell. B. Harrison. Second Row: A. John- son, J. Duff, S. Davis, B. Coiner, L. Campbell, J. Perry, M. Givens. Thirdskowz K. Ferris, K. Harding, S. Mallory, R. Johnson. M. Daskolas, R. Johnson, B. Weikle. Fourth Bow: R. Godbey, L. Wyatt. B. Cunningham, B. Kelley, D. Smith, B. Cunningham, G. Pappas. Wally gg. 0 305 First Row: M. Bebbes, S. Turner, S. McCre J. Smith, J. Wilson, C. Sturm, P. Shaffer, Thompson. Second Row: B. Thaxton, ' Turner. L. Rice, B. Skeens, N. I-lively, Rose, J. Guthrie, S. Mays. Third Row: ' Tenney, B. McCracken. R.. Cook, D. Hall, ' Turner, C. Hutchinson, L. Jones. Fourth Ro I. Ordonia, B. Tate, B. Gillispie, M. Wills, ' Lilly, K. Lilly. 314 P . First Bow: P. Ralston, S. Edwards, S. Rad Q1 N. Thomas, J. Anderson, M, Houghton. . Price, D. Eskins, M. Pittman. Second Q- D. Garrett, B. Clendinen, J. Underwood, 1 Bock, N. Miller, R. Brunty, B. Zabel, I Skidmore, G. Moore. ' Third Row: C. Cle denen, D. Robinson, D. Reynolds, A. Brad T. Taylor.. B. Hartman, L. Duff, E. Ash. I Kessell. Fourth Row: E. Breeden, M. Fla nery, B. McClure, J. Davis. C. Smith, - Garnett, B. Wheeler, H. White: 328 First Row: G. Kinder, P. Alexander, M. Wate stone, L. Jarrell, L. Morris, M, Hughes, Simon, P. Fox. Second Row: J. Turner, ' Thaxton, D. Parsons, N. Ingram, J. Gastinea A D. Smith, C. Finney. Third Row: C. Fo -- J. Boseo, C. Clifton, A. Fisher, B. Cam L. Gandy, J. Snodgrass. Fourth Row: Tilghman, B. Hunt, J. Taylor, L. Poling, 1 Eb n. . ? . Qjiifif' , .rig . . .s..,.,,.k is , p , , . . V , . -gwgz, H V ., . . . , . ,. ' , - Y '5-' I . - . . Q. . ,, .,., .. . f -. . 6 V flilickel, M. Wilson, B. Cyrus, M. Ee if P Row: JJ. Kiser, M. Jones, S. i a.,., Cevender.' .Second Row: F. Stuck, N. " L. Layne, J. Me11att.,.E. Maxim, 9, K li.. F4 I-1021633 Eisifmfiulwwi iiii if iii.f B .+K.f1 J B... is if W 1-J'-5 7: K' A Riagg -11 f f' T'' ' , ,gs ..,,,f...exf.,,,, ,. 1 - ...La .. ,... . ,,..,. , J . J- , ' gin 1 A ,, X., pf... ...iw V , PVT? " ' K ' w " wer- f f , f 5' f- .-fl"ge.15?fq.lt5i'l. A 'I X ,- . - , p 5s! : I 67' ses?-as . w a l., ,fix' 1 -.fs-Q.. .asqsz-.. i..Rg,gs , s,Ff7 g?4,w1gy. is fj,.g1g,,Q1. wf' .. k, 'kkk f .tg aw- 1 lasers.. - ' .yn ff --" 'x.'f .1 . . 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' ' .I HL' , . . Qppap ,X X J . I i. ,xi- p ' v QQSENX: 51, 3+ X, A l g Q- ,! l ,i3l?fWQ , 'J' ANS , E5 if ff if 1' pf' q , l X ,'V W?Zf4 , pi - liiiew j U 'iw 'X ily '2 5 ',',,V Q afgiy i W X IQ, Q gl Q , - J ,hm lg, 'N ui 2' X Th' n l,-1 ,ylfvgf 2yg','5,:,w e Jie l 'f i ff lf'f1::112' ,. 'la 'www tlfngllmif' :M r l ck fe W' wif 1w7i1t 'Ww W., XMXQX it Q .I J .51 p, L Tlirafif-rye iffifff-hi V Xxiilllil W vi N 91"W"' pigfff W 2 X' l ' ' ' i gf C, ' - 1-fix Q ' Lili, - xzlltifn' L e l he 2 a W ff' l R ts' eg ' I ' '7z'5:..N. '-' K ' i , A f 3,1 , 'JU I wvli- X X X ' : ffm fl ks .,-,- ' N ax ,- 9 tx Qi" QLZX. ' w-4 f Da i e l m f will , ' . '74 J45" -JS X 0 mf l l V Wi: NWN tim 'alll' ll f e - wx 'W w w-: ww h ,W O h eff KJ Lf t Will:-It "f f yi If LLU4JlUlLLJlMLLU? ,af Hs ,mf X, P J. f 1 , Q 1. - of A X ' Q -- k r - l ' flrmz Af A.nG,' 'I' s W ! 2'si,+'Fg3Nis3W01QhaWm e 430' ' Qlmmagffx ms N - i V 5 - - u R ' X he u f e e e ,ur F X N ,ex X nys Y,,,,'-TUX! N i "v JA- mist Ufwlfik I - , p p e 'eei' ' . x ,k 6 ,f To ff fp 51 'ul WW N! 'X fiM'yV1"Wii 'mil fill lil .dw iXlN Ilv1 X' ,i T 31 i il li I M W! ml Hip H! .yrs ,, ymfntp p, 4, 'h W!! M Ny I Nj, J li'7'f!lIffW l'eliHl"'i i M We W lhwlmfli iff Wi' H,fXW,K Mill will .I ity ' f ,Mfr MHII4 irq fm lllllsfyh MN ,M "M Q W ff!! U ffl" 'lf N WM, 1 W J Ni Xilinx' Wjfxxfifl ixiiximiiix Q HA iii W K! l , ,ily 1 E l I i N i iv Il, pi, ,Vw .kxyi in ',, "XA It F- ,XX 'i ix W ,X Ryu L xl N ' xw M ' NQH,,'fffp,,'ll'fi Wf'i , f k if l - ill ap if lf' I as M NJ jim yi mb x A S A ' S. .Ban EIZOWIZEJ fkrouqlzouf State "East Side, West Side, All Around The Town". That's where the melodious, and rhythmic mu- sic of the Scarlet and Grey Band may be heard at major functions within the city. Win or lose-no football game is complete without the half-time ceremonies created by this dazzling musical and yet military-like group. In addition, the band performs at parades and community events. The spring season is officially opened only when the Stonewall General's band have entertained at their annual Spring concert. The flash of twirling batons, the waving plumes, and the wonderful array of Hashy uniforms always precede the band in all parades and community affairs. This lovely group of talented toe-tossers is a major part of the big band events. Carrying off five trophies in the annual Major- ette Festival, they are the talk of the town. U gg 155536 . 1.31, H am,-swipe 11w1A1.ffcffw5w 1 lui- ir, 1, ki Band. First Row: Mr. Loar, D. Stalder, J. Lance, D. Cunningham, B. Thurston, G. Taylor, A. McCamey, G. Thompson, J. Robinson P. Kessel, D. Copen, J. Taylor, R. Spencer, R. Quarnstrom, H. Waybright, B. Cunningham. Second Row: J. Hughes, B. McAllister1 L. Alexander, E. Fisher, J. Glover, R. Ailstock, B. Cunningham, J. Griflith, F. Gates, L. Robinson, J. Hamilton, F. Smith, C. Jividen, T McKinney, D. Cole. Third Row: C. Clendenin, L. Daugherty, A. Rankin, S. Boyer, H. Harris, J. Johnson, T. Clovis, D. Cole, T. Allen 62 fl. ' V1 1 Q, 'f W ,, w ,wus fi 'E ll if Q --X! 4 it , 9- 56. H im i A KT? ,in-1' I 5 M Amir' k W , ,i , wr I is iii: Ol ,L Ma in-..f if o , A ,, V ' 'ms P' 5 , 1 A A ,A . , , , n 3, W , I M... Q3 E 7i'L- , W ".Ba Cerfufia, es mi rcuzcais Spanish Club. Second Year Students. First Row: D. Beck, B. Niedemeyer, L. Rollins, B. Johnson, P. Kessel, P. Walters, L. Bedell, H. Dixon. Second Row: B. McGinnis, J. Mullins, P. Price, L. Pauley, J. Gregory, C. Clendenin, D. Raptis, P. Smith, D. Warner, J. Walker, B. Miller. Third Row: F. Tow, P. Bibb, B. Downs, M. Kincaid, M. Legg, E. Jordan, R. Humphreys, C. Flesher, M. Miller, B. gauge, Cunnginham. Fourth Row: D. Galperin, B. Casto, R. Spencer, K. Gandee, L. Grayson, A. McCamey, D. Legg, R. Westfall, . uc er. French and Spanish Club Officers: D. Beck, B. Johnson, P. Walters, S. Leonard, M. Persohn, P. White, C. Meadows, M. Grimmett. 64 gurfker jnferzzafiolza glfiendskip French Club. Standing: E. Bachelder, J. Glover, M. Summers, B. Preisman, M. Grimmett, D. Stone, J. Harmon. Seated: L. Haddad, D. Cole, M. Persohn, C. Meadows, J. Mefford, F. Sevy. "Cuando tendremos la proxima reunion?' is a ques- tion always being asked by members of the Spanish Club. A visit to St. Albans' Spanish meeting, a picnic, "Learn-a-lingo" games, Spanish visitors and movies were some of the activities which added up to keep the 120 members more than entertained. Officers were Dick Beck, president, Sally Leonard, vice-president, Bev Johnson, secretary, and Pat Walters, treasurer. Talks by people of French descent proved interesting and educational to members of the French Club. Slides, games, and songs were among the program activities with such events as a Christmas Party helping to stimu- late an active interest in the club. Spanish Club Pinata: M. Ross, C. Flesher, K. Gandee, B. Lance, R. Westfall, B. Johnson, S. Leonard, L. Grayson, P. Kessel. In the foreground: H. Bibb. 65 afuabfe Zrailzinq is eceive in Y Jr. Red Cross. First Row: D. Gilbert, N. Doll, P. Harpold, C. Shaver, K. Harrison, Y. Staats, M. Hundley, S. Anderson, R. Taylor. Second Row: M. Jones, D. Carter, L. Haddad, C. Jarrett, N. Lang, B. Coiner, R. Moreland, G. Edens, J. Mullins. Third Row: D. Eades, V. Heater, R. Collins, J. Smith, M. Taylor, J. Harmon, M. McDonald, N. Johnson, D. Hargraves. Fourth Row: S. Parsons, D. Bryant, N. Armstrong, H. Cabell, B. Isaac, K. Kemple, M. Kincaid, M. Stevens. Fifth Row: A.,Tennant, B. Wells, G. Sutler, B. Hunt, C. Caldwell, S. Walker, D. Eary. Consisting of a representative from each home-room, the Junior Red Cross is active in the Red Cross Drive and sends boxes to needy families. Sponsoring the group is Mr. Oral Burdette. To assist Mrs. Auer, Miss Atkinson, and Mr. Stead- man with their many duties, girls who do their school work accurately and honestly are chosen to work in the ofiice during their study hall periods. They do odd jobs such as takirlg up attendance reports, answering the telephone, running office errands, helping with scheduling in the spring, and watching the ollice in the absence of the Deans. Oiiice Assistants. First Row: M. Cummings, M. Hall, S. Bowden, Z. Staats, K. Harrison, I. Jones, R. Thacker, J. Wolfe, F. Randolph, M..HUHH1CUtt,J..IHgI13m. Second Row: P. Walters, J. Hornor, S. Holmes, C. Flesher, C. Jarrett, G. Burdette, B. Hill, H. Powell, M. Grimmett, S. Winemiller. Third Row: C. Shaver, C. Meadows, F. Hudkins, P. Pendleton, S. Duff, B. Carter, E. Jones, C. Skeen, V. Haid, D. Mace. 66 ry, fjqce, e G ross an in ovies Movie Projectors. First Row: B. Rhodes, E. Jacobs, D. Beard, T. Grillith, H. Waybright, F. Dobbs, J. Hull. Second Row: H. Hutton G. Sutler, R. Boggs, L. Doughty, J. Strother, J. Shaver. Third Row: R. Conner, P. Ballard, J. Morton, G. Teel. Under the patient direction and supervision of Mr. C. H. Martin, the 17 movie projector operators render a valuable service each year to the school. They run Have you noticed the busy girls in the library? They belong to one of the most helpful organizations in Stonewall. They are the library assistants, who help Miss Rose, the librarian. They check in books, arrange them on the shelves, and help students find books. During the club meetings, instead of looking for recog- nition, these industrious girls write overdue book slips and make themselves useful. movies during their study hall periods and spare time for various classes. These boys perform their tasks not for special recognition, but for the purpose of aiding the school. Library Assistants. First Row: S. Walker, S. St. Clair, C. Haynes, R. Newberry, J. Gregory, P. Landers, M. Clendenen, S. McCreery, N. Harrah, J. White, B. Rhodes. Second Row: D. Bryant, C. Woodall, D. Kelley, B. McCutcheon, C. Douglas, R. Layne, C. Robinson, E. Carney, C. Cummings, J. Harper, C. Ranson, N. Simon. 67 gl Qyeave mmafic Spa!! Troupers. Second Picture. First Row: P. Walters, J. Meador, D. Kerns, P. Heavener, S. Phillips, L. Casto, R. Priesman, R. Ailstock, D. Savage, S. Leonard. Second Row: H. Montgomery, S. Stonestreet, D. Parsley, N. Clay, E. Titlow, P. Way, N. Nutter, H. Powell, S. Looper, B. Sparkes. Third Row: K. Harrison, C. Sturm, H. Vig, C. Martin, E. Jackson, N. Louft, M. Grimmett, P. Hess, P. Smith, C. Kincaid. .Fourth ltow: M. Thompson, K. Beddow, C. Boling, P. Lance, C. Hanly, A. Staats, N. Walker, R. Collins, M. Moyer. Fifth Row: M. Dudding, S. Wilber, B. Jarrett, M. Dasholas, P. Withrow, L. Pauley, S. Waggy, M. Knapp, J. Boggs. To become a Thespian is the ambition of all students interested in dramatics. The National Thespian Society is an honorary organization, but only in the sense that students are given recognition for having met certain requirements. Membership in the Thespians is not only a reward for meritorious participation in dramatic arts, but is also evidence of the student's desire to be associated with other high school boys and girls throughout the country who are performing superior work in this field. Membership places upon students the-solemn obligation of performing even greater work after they have taken the Thespian pledge. The duty of the Thespians is to promote interest in dramatics. They help in all dramatic productions not only by acting but by assisting with make-up, staging, lighting and directing. The Thespians' organization in Stonewall is under the capable direction of Mr. Ralph Curry. Thespians. Standing: J. Boggs. Seated: P. Hendrickson. P. Lanham, D. Kerns, R. Holdren. Standing: L. Dugherty, J. Meador, F. Taylor, s. Phillips. 69 olzor ociefies and Gonna National Honor. First Row: S. Bowden, P. Lanham, L. Rollins, J. Smith, J. Meador, J. Ray, V. Hanna, B. Wall, P. Walter. Second Row H. Montgomery, M. Glass, F. Sevy, M. Grimmett, M. Persohn, D. Cole, L. Pauley, P. Kessell, A. Woodrum. Third Row: E. Hendrickson M. Ross, B. Brady, B. McCutcheon, B. Kelly, M. Hall, B. McGinnis, C. Clendenen, C. Brenneman. Fourth Row: P. Hendrickson, J. Mc Cutcheon, P. Gentry, M. Burrus, D. Griffith, B. Mahmoud, R. Baird, N. White, J. Campbell. Membership in the National Honor Society is the greatest award a high school student can hope to attain. Character, scholarship, leadership, and service are con- sidered in choosing members. Impressive campus cere- monies are held each semester to initiate new members. Composed of the school officers and representatives of all the various organizations, the Executive Council works together to serve Stonewall and to guide all its activities. ZX Executive Council. First Row: M. Taylor, B. Fields, P. Hendrickson, P. Gentry, B. Wall, M. Riley, J. Lynn, M. Grimmett, C. Wheeler Second Row: R. Thacker, N. Kelfer, D. Warner, J. McCutcheon, B. Kelly, B. McGinnis, N. Walker, B. Goff, M. Thompson. Third Row: M. Ebbin, B. Himes, F. Taylor, D. Beck, J. Smith, B. Watson, J. Dent, D. Savage, J. Meador. Fourth Row: D. Griflith, B. McClure, L. Hemmings, B. Tweedy, G. Thompson, C. Jividen, N. Carr, B. McWhorter. 70 ewar eservizzq Students Student Council. First Row: M. Ebin, J. Hitt, M. Thompson, B. Goff, J. Smith, F. Taylor, M. Riley, B. Fields, N. Keffer, J. Lynn C Wheeler. Second Row: B. Watson, B. Hines, P. Gentry, J. McCutcheon, B. Wall, R. Thacker. Third Row: D. Jones, B. Tweedy B McWhortor, C. Jividen, L. Hemmings, B. McClure, N. Carr, D. Griftiths. ' "All those in favor say ayeg opposed likewise." These words ring out through the halls of Stonewall as the Student Council, consisting of school and class officers and headed by the president, Frank Taylor, vote on another issue. This group renders many valuable serv- ices to the student body including publishing the school directory, sponsoring the paper store, being in charge of assemblies and finding lost things and losing found things. Many social events are planned by this import- ant organization which is sponsored by Miss Cheesman. Quill and Scroll, an international honor society for high school journalists, inducts new members annually. Here at Stonewall, Quill and Scroll is under the capable leadership of Miss Mary Kennedy and Mr. Stuart Armstrong. Quill and Scroll. Seated: S. Leonard, D. Park, M. Kincaid, M. Ross, P. Lanham. Standing: B. Coulter, M. Burrus, J. Ray, R. Baird J. Burgess, E. Strock, J. Meador. A Capella Choir. First Row: W. Jacobson, V. Burdette, E. Titlow, P. Hess, P. Smith, S. McClure, M. Hundley, J. Cook, N. Smith. Second Row: N. Louft, R. Songer, E. Bachelder. R. Holdren, J. Burford, A. Lewis, J. Hendricks, E. Means, J. Mullins. usic 0 rclzesfm, G? Gapeffa G ' I hear music! lt's fifth period, and from room 317 come the harmonizing voices of the ACappella Choir. Songs which have echoed through the old house many times, echo through the halls of Stonewall for the first time. ACappella Choir includes about twenty boys and girls, picked from the boy's and girls' chorus, who par- ticipate in special engagements and All-State and All- County Chorus. It is directed by Miss Thomasson. Mr. Loar, the able director of the band and majorettes, also supervises the tuneful activities of the school or- chestra. Many noteworthy school affairs are keynoted by the earful strains coming from this musical group. As the curtain goes down and the lights go on, a burst of applause greets the members of the Boys' and Girls' Chorus who have just presented the Operetta, "A Waltz Dream". Boys' Glee Club: A. French, R. Songer, E. Bachelder, E. Means, R. Holdren, J. Burford, L. Alexander, J. Hendricks, B. Conner, D. Reyn olds, A. Lewis, J. Marshall. Orchestra. First Row: C. Craig. Second Row: D. Cole, M. Bedell, S. Leonard, D. Cole, M. Persohnn. Third Row: C. Kopple, B Thurston, R. Conner, B. Layden, R. Spencer, D. Cunningham, R. Thomas, B. Casto, T. Ashmore. Fourth Row: L. Daugherty, Mr Loar, J. Glover, D. Stalder, N. Griffee, A. McCamey, B. McCallister, L. Alexander, V. Hanna. 9 ee fab c es flzrouq use Girls Glee Club. First Row: V. Matheny, C. Kincaid, S. Tennant, B. Mullins, S. Hilliard, T. Allender, B. Rupert, D. Bailes, P. Webster, J. Bailes, Second Row: D. Matthews, B. Golf, S. Kelly, B. Cavender, B. Jarrett, L. Sturgon, C. Kopple, B. Smith, E. Walker, C. Michael. Third Row: M. Morgan, S. Clovis, E. Dean, N. Lang, C. Pendell, J. Phillips, B. Spradling, M. Blizzard, L. Pauley. 7.3 . , geens romofe gfiqk jdeafs F. H. A. First. Row: P. Hall, B. Jones, B. Carter, D. Warner, B. McGinnis, S. Leonard, C. Shaver, E. Titlow, N. Naylor. Second Row: A. Spencer, P. Price, S. St. Clair, Z. Staats, C. Pendell, N. Oates, L. Pauley, J. White, C. Boling, P. Walters. Third Row: P. Webster, M. Grimmett, F. Sevy, P. Hess, B. Reveal, H. McPherson, A. Cottrill, E. Strock, J. Walker, S. McClain. Fourth Row: J. White, P. Harpold, C. Woodall, D. Newhouse, C. Hanly, N. Umberger, M. Farnsworth, N. Johnson, B. Smith, C. Michael, J. Metford. Fifth Row: J. Hornor, P. Waybright, E. Carney, S. Duff, E. Walker, C. Dodd, N. Armstrong, M. Schaefer, S. Older, P. Shumate. Sixth Row: F. Lloyd, S. Hall, M. Stevens, J. Bailey, J. Vineyard, N. Wallace, C. Ranson, S. Anderson, J. Wolfe, J. Vineyard. Under the Sponsorship of Mrs. Faircloth, the Y-TeenS Future Homemakers have contril uted much to Stone- devote themselves to the task of creating, maintaining, wa11'S SUCCESS in the PaS'C YSHFS- Ulliier the SpO11SOrShip and extending high standards of Christian character. Of M155 ROSQ, the Club has engaged ifl VHUOUS HCtiVitieS, Among their projects were sending chocolate bars among which were decorating a Christmas Tree in overseas and badly needed clothing to Japan, participat- the front hall, sending cookies in gaily decorated coffee ing in the hanging of the greens, and presenting World cans to Marmet Crippled Children's Hospital, and pro- Day of Prayer program, moting ticket sales for the Minstrel. ps , is ...SH 1 its A 5 .5 muffin F. l-I. A. Oiiiicers. B. Jones, N. Naylor, E. Titlow, B. Carter, S. Leonard, B. McGinnis, P. Hall, C. Shaver, D. Warner. 74 Y-Teens. First Row: S. Walker, E. Walker, L. Rollins, N. Doll, M. Givens, S. Olaker, C. Calabrese, M. Bird, F. Sevy, K. Vaughn, C. Cork hill. Second Row: J. Monrow, H. Dixon, S. Mays, D. Roberts, M. Thompson, P. Walters, J.. Campbell, D. Warner, S. Leonard, B. Moales M. Grimmett, P. Smith. Third Row: T. Allender, M. Ross, B. Miller, N. Jenkins, B. Cavender, N. White, S. Phillips, P. Hess, M. Farnsworth D. Mace, P. Lanham, C. Boling. Fourth Row: W. Lambert, C. Brennernan, M. Taylor, M. Bornmann, C. Craig, M. Persohn, R. Spaulding, M. Morgan, A. Staats, P. Lance, S. McClain, A. Huddy. Second Picture. First Row: D. Harrick, N. Ocheltree, J. White, J. Sevy, S. Stonestreet, C. Michael, S. Kelly, S. Tennant, D. Matthews, S. Edwards, B. Harrison, S. McCreery, L. Jarrell, D. Petry. Second Row: B. Cummings, M. Glass, A. Spencer, I. Conley, J. Smith, J. Cook, N. Johnson, B. Coiner, B. Mullins, D. Carter, F. Stogden, M. Wilson, M. Stark. Third Row: S. Kish, S. Hash, E Titlow, M. Hoghton, D. Jividen, C. Robinson, S. Whitley, J. Harmon, M. Legg, M. Kincaid, H. McPherson, S. Hatfield. Fourth Row: N. Hatfield, D. Har- graves, J. Smith, S. Duff, D. Isnen, J. Walker, R. Layne, C. Clifton, C. Fore, M. Huffman, M. Cunningham, H. Montgomery, M. Darlington. Third Picture. 'First Row: L. Haddad, P. Costo, J. Ingram, P. Shumate, J. Bird, S. Bowden, C. Woodall, K. Beddow, G. Wolfe, D. Pauley, Sm1th,.B.. Bupp, B. Rupert. Second Row: D. Parsley, N. Clay, K. McWhorter, A. Johnson, M. Griffin, S. Stevens, R. Bowen, K. Harrison, S. Hilliard, D. Raptis, M. Riley, C. Shaver, M. Pittman. Third Row: B. Brady, B. Crowder, L. Hanna, S. Radford, S. Stonestreet, E. Carney, P. Evans,..S. Armstrong, B. Reveal, B. Fowler, A. Cottrill, M. O'Del1, N. Henry. Fourth Row: L. Tate, C. Meadows C. Jarrett, L. Sigmon, S. McDowell, D. Hickman, D. Smith, N. Nutter, M. McDonald, B. Dolan, E. Daugherty, P. Shaffer, J. Wheeler M Hunnicutt. ' 75 ir 5' fkfefics verffow wif Gym Leaders. First Row: A. Bew, S. Kish, G. Bruni, C. Bennett, W. McCoy, D. Polston. Second Row: M. Stevens, J. Williams, J. King, P. Gunnoe, J. Harmon, P. Withrow, C. Skeens. Third Row: Miss Drasnin, B. Bupp, A. Woodrum, E. Lanham, B. Moales, G. Edens, P. Duke. G. A. A. First Picture. First Row: K. Beddow, J. Hornor, M. Stevens, M. Taylor, R. Thacker, Miss Drasnin, B. Wall, R. Layne, B. Burgher, A. Woodrum, N. Cofiin, S. Kish. Second Row: R. Newberry, C. Crowder, C. Skeens, P. Duke, S. Jeffries, C. Fore, E. Jordan, J. King, G. Holmes, P. Withrow, C. Jarrett, I. Jones. Third Row: M. Vandergriff, A. Carte, C. Sigmon, E. Titlow, B. Reveal, S. Holmes, J. Vineyard, S. Roberts, H. Larch, J. Vineyard, V. Rhodes, L. Mullins, B. Rhodes. Fourth Row: D. Carter, S. Winemiller, M. Farns- worth, J. Abbitt, P. Lance, D. Hash, E. Jackson, J. Williams, V. Heater, J. Lynn, S. Older, P. Lanham, D. Harrick. 76 ep, iqor, cuz izfafify G. A. A. Second Picture. First Row: K. Matheny, N. Watkins, C. Boling, N. Keffer, C. Hanley, C. Dodd, E. Strock, P. Gunnoe, M. Hall, M. Eskew, M. Cummings, B. Coulter, J. Baker. Second Row: J. Boggs, C. Wheeler, E. Miller, L. Casebolt, J. Summerfield, W. Mc- Coy, S. Leonard, N. Walker, D. Withrow, P. Newcomber, D. Perkins, M. Bupp, M. Riley. Third Row: G. Bruni, B. Buckley, B. Jones, B. Harmon, B. Dunlap, P. Hall, J. Harmon, F. Wilson, D. Raptis, S. Looper, S. McClain, P. Walter, C. Shaver. Fourth Row: C. Craig, D. Warner, G. Burdette, B. Carter, A. Staats, J. Mefford, S. Phillips, M. Legg, M. Kincaid, J. Walker, B. Monday, B. Fridley, J. Wolfe, N. Simon. Gym leaders conduct physical education classes under the supervision of Miss Drasnin. A few of their duties include attending to equipment and keeping the gym- nasium clean. The familiar cry heard echoing through the gymnasium is 'tfall in". This is the gym leaders signal for class attention and roll call. Headed by Miss Gertrude Drasnin, the Girls' Athletic Association sponsors unforgettable square dances for the entire school. Playnights, outings, and intramural sports are some of the members' activities. Entertain- ment is not the only purpose of the G. A. A. Each member strives to attain a better attitude and better ideals of sportsmanship. With Miss Drasnin's aid, they usually reach their goal. Few people realize that the cheerleaders are the inspiring spirit behind all the intense enthusiasm at Stonewall Jackson. People throughout the Kanawha Valley give recognition to the students for the way they back their school teams. The cheerleaders should be especially commended for their good work. Cheerleaders: J. Boggs, P. Gentry, C. Fore, B. Wall, P. Hall. 77 an 1 K A Y , F. B. L. A. First Picture. First Row: B. Kelly, B. Brady, S. Poling, S. Bowden, H. Montgomery, G. Blessing, B. McCutcheon, D. Har- graves. Second Row: N. Armstrong, N. Hatfield, M. Cunningham, M. Hunnicutt, D. Bryant, S. Winemiller, J. Williams, S. Holmes. Third Row: C. Feazell, J. Mullins, C. Williams, J. Hein, P. Casto, N. Simon, D. Perkins, P. Withrow, M. Clendenen. Fourth Row: B. Rogers, B. Dunlap, N. Duckworth, B. Fowler, L. Holmes, F. Hudkins, B. Monday, C. Beaver, R. Layne. Fifth Row: G. Bruni, G. Bon- ham, N. Burnem, P. Newcomber, J. Sigmon, J. Santee, P. Gunnoe, C. Skeen, J. Ellis. Sixth Row: J. Johnson, C. Christian, J. Gibson, J. Burford, M. Taylor, M. Cummings, S. Stonestreet, M. Ingram, B. Spradling. V F. B. L. A. Second Picture. First Row: B. Coulter, N. Ocheltree, Z. Staats, M. Salamie, 'D. Park, M. Hall, M. Thomas, R. Moore, P. Casdorph, J. Baker. Second Row: E. Miller, B. Shamblin, J. Harper, J. King, M. Schaeffer, V. Burdette, D. Mace, J. Dodd, G. Wolfe. Third Row: M. Vandergriff, E. Hendrickson, B. Slider, J. Snodgrass, D. Sharp, A. Cottrill, B. Reveal, P. Layne, H. Haynes, J. Ashby. Fourth Row: P. Evans, G. Holmes, L. Haddad, A. Buck, R. Reed, H. McPherson, A. Casdorph, P. Carpenter, M. Parson. Fifth Row: B. Fridley, K. Harrison, N. Casto, G. Edens, S. Jenkins, V. Rhodes, J. Gaylor, P. Ice, B. Hill. Sixth Row: L. Robinson, D. Whaley, B. Dodd, W. Russell, S. Rider, B. Rider, B. Moales. 78 HVZ g'LLlfLLV6 .Edd ETS Have you heard the saying "busy as a beaver"? Well, this is typical of the Future Business Leaders of Amer- ica. The purpose of this organization is the fact that the future of America depends upon mutual under- standing and cooperation of business, industry, labor and the church. It teaches the student to take responsi- bility for carrying out assigned tasks in a manner that will refiect credit to himself. It trains him to work eiiiciently and to think clearly. Future Teachers of America, sponsored by Mrs. Lucille Armstrong, presented to a select group the movie entitled, "What Greater Gift". Other activities of the year included a weekend at a state conference at Jackson's Mill for club representatives. Organized to further interest in teaching as a career, F. T. A. pro- vides interesting meetings Which the students plan and in which the members take an active part. F. T. A. Seated: H. Dixon, F. Sevy, M. Ross, C. Boling, N. Miller, S. Anderson. Standing: S. Roberts, J. Campbell, N. Walker, L Rollins, M. Moyer, C. Flesher, J. Walker, S. Leonard, B. Boch. 79 l-Ii-Y. First Row: Mr. Steadman, D. Rice, J. Heavener, J. Meador, P. Heavener, J. Keiffer. Second Row: D. Kerns, B. Cantrell, A McCamey, L. Carter, L. Grayson, R. Ailstock, T. Tompkins. Third Row: J. Cook, K. Thurston, G. Suttler, C. Tinsley, V. Ware, E. White Hi-Y, one of Stonewallis most active organizations, is sponsored by Mr. George Steadman, Dean of Boys. We are indebted to this group of active boys for our noted Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter assemblies. Their purpose is to create throughout school and com- munity high standards of Christian character. Participation in sports is the main object of the Var- L- sity Club. Earning a letter in one of the four sports, football, basketball, baseball or track entitles a boy to membership in this organization. Under the capable athletic direction of the coaches, Russ Parsons, Pud Hudson, and Ferg Ginnakis, these athletes bring Stone- wall to victory time and time again before the cheering fans in the stands. ' U ardfy, Soda! Studi Varsity Club: First Row: J. Smithers, B. Tweedy, D. Hundley, R. Farley, G. O'Dell, B. Boschian, A. Grifliths, C. Evans, J. Smith. Second Row: I. Hartman, R. Blizzard, D. Norman, H. Forbes, R. Staab, F. Hoferer, H. Summers, B. Faulknier. Third Row: C. Donvan, H. Sum- mers, F. Ballard, D. Jones, K. Burdette, B. McWhorter, N. Carr, Fourth Row: P. Grandal, M. Miller, B. Wells, L. Harper, B. Reber, L. Hemmings, P. Watkins, F. Martin. Fifth Row: B. Morgan, D. Ballangee, C. Summers, B. McClure, D. Griffith, R. Klamer, B. Darnell, E. Ramsey, J. Kiser. Sixth Row: T. Bailey, H. Hannick, C. Simpson, J. Laughlin, B. Downs, B. Parsons, R. Young. 80 Social Studies Council. First Row: L. Simon, S. Turner, S. Jordan, S. Kish, C. Brenneman, B. Moales, P. Walters, S. Kelley, A. Bew, M. Eskew, G. Wolfe. Second Row: S. Mallory, M. Glass, M. O'Dell, P. Gentry, J. Boggs, S. Waggy, M. Lilly, N. Hatfield, B. Sparks, C. Guthrie, B. Bowles.Third Row: R. Thom, D. Savage, J. Warner, B. McClure, A. McCamey, C. Casto, K. Burdette, J. Morton, C. McCollam. .Jowzcif gfiqltfy ated Gfcfivifies The Social Studies Council is composed of two representatives elec- ted each semester from all history classes: World history, A m e r i c a n his- tory, and problems of de- mocracy. One of the most useful tasks that this busy club has accomplished 2 has been the registration of voters for school offi- cers. fSee rightj 81 M- nm.,- T71 Four very prominent members on the Jour- nal staff this year are fleft to rightj Peggy Lanham, first semester editorg Ann Wood- rum, associate editorg Jim Meador, second semester co-editorg and Jane Campbell, associate editor. These executives supervise the bi-monthly publication. G26 Jac C5012 OLLVIZCL "Have you got it yet?" This is a normal question around Stonewall every other Friday morning when the Jackson Journals are distributed. Peggy Lanham edited the paper during the first semester and Jim Meador and Elaine Strock were co-editors for the second semester. Mr. Stuart P. Armstrong is advisor. Associate editors are Jane Campbell, Nancy White, and Ann Woodrum. Judy Hornor and Shirley Roberts are news editors while Nancy Louft, Margaret Moyer, and Nancy Walker have the editorial page. Sports are handled by David Savage. Students who work on the Journal comprise a home- room which devotes the homeroom periods to Journal work. The Jackson Journal has won every possible honor, including Columbia Scholastic Press Association Medalist, Quill and Scroll International Honor, and All Columbia Advertising Honors. The big edition of the Journal is the one which comes out at Christmas time. It is composed of about two hundred pages and is in magazine form. Besides the publishing of the school newspaper, the Journal staff also sponsors the semi-annual Jackson Jollities and the two classical piano concerts. All in all, the Journal staff is very busy and enthusiastic group. On the spot and ready for action are these Hve energetic and dependable boys of the 308 staff. Left to right, they are David Savage, sports editor, Donald Gilbert, staff assistantg Fred Himes, circulation manager, Glen Thompson, art editor, and Paul Hea- vener, Journal photographer. 82 Looking over the latest Journal which is "hot off the press" are Judy Hornor, news editor, Nancy Louft and Nancy Walker, editorial page editorsg Bob Preisman and Charles Casto, assistant sports editors. Here are the Journal's "jacks of all trades", Lois Rollins and Frank Taylor, helpers, Nancy White, associate editorg and Marcia Glass working on ads and subscriptions, trying to make the deadline for the Christ- mas issue of the Jackson Journal. All journalists strive to express main thoughts in their headlines. Working on headlines in the sport section are Margaret Moyer, editorial page editorg Ann Staats. business manager and Ann Casdorph, Jour- nal assistant. -1- -mg Editor .................. Clie 79 3 ac smzimz Organizations. ....... Athletics .............. Features ....... - ........ ,,..,,.., Layouts ,.....,,. Art .........,. Photography ....... Typists ,...,.........,,. Advertising ............ ROGER BAIRD Subscriptions. ........ Bookkeeper ..w......... Staff Assistants: MITCHELL BURRUS Administration ......... ,.,..,... Underclassmen ......... - ,..... Literary Editor ,....... ..,,,,., Business Manager ....... ......,. .Roger Baird Shirley Phillips Myrna Ross Betty Miller Carolyn Boling Betty Slider Sally Leonard im Burgess Sue McClain Jane Walker J erry Ray Ben Mahmoud Lynn Bedell Helen Dixon Robert Kushner Jim Keiffer Ann Huddy Diana Park Anna Buck Mitchell Burrus Betty Coulter Helen Montgomery Jean Dodd Harold Bibb, Eddie Bird, Barbara Buckley, Robert Can- trell, Mary Chandler, Carrie Crowder, Clara Dodd, Bill Fast, Lloyd Grayson, Bettie Harmon, Nancy Henry, Patsy Ice, Ellen Jackson, Peggy Layne, Shelbia Looper, Judy McCut- cheon, Betty Miller, Nancy Naylor, Sue Older, Linda Park, Gene Runyan, Betty Shamblin, Carolyn Shaver, Phyllis Shumate, Mary Lou Summers, Eloise Titlow, Freddie Tow, Pat Wallace, Doris Warner, Nancy Watkins, Dawna Whaley, Dolores Withrow, Greta Wolfe. Ben Mahmoud, Lynn Bedell, and Helen Dixon, art editors, prepare drawings which add so much to the J acksonian. 84 A typical scene as the staff works diligently to prepare the Jacksonian for press. Staff eef eadfine or elzwood edition "I am sorry but you will have to leaveg I am closing the building now." "But we have a deadline to meet by tomorrow," is the anguished reply of the staff. Copy and layouts disappear, and what about the ads that were to be in by the first of March? The days seem to pass as the pressing deadline for the publication of the year- book draws near. May comes, and the 1953 JACKSO- NIAN is handed out to the anxiously waiting students. What was that sound? Only the JACKSONIAN staff exhaling a happy sigh of relief that the job and the fun of publishing "The Glenwood Edition" is finished. 3 5 55 ,t,a . . Executive Department. Seated in the foreground: C. Boling, S. Leonard, J. Ray. Seated in the second row: B. Coulter, D. Park, H. Mont gomery, S. McClain, S. Phillips, A. Huddy. Standing: J. Burgess, B. Slider, J. Dodd. I l kk'QPx ,,.IylJb, Ili!!! ' f VQJ V KK ,QXYQX WDW JJ QQ KKK, D .024-'K x SX- f 2 k A M y QQUL 1 Kfkkqk-E " '1 , A . if 4, Ci IU lf- K' ' r WCW Bw My ff M N M11 i"ff35Fwgf Q M KYVQ UV aj? qgqffd 'Q I Kg' Sk 44 fl fii kOQ4QY Q 6 LCS ww M52 ,K W Y, xx 1 ,yl ,lx ig-L kKi7EjQ,1Jpk QM Qi if 5yySJ Qy41wL 435,8- M, 1159 W WSW My ,MK W, if .lfffhfv Q W VJK5',. 'fm-xfv ,-2ZVYXif5KWf:f' f X 'J' .J K 'P Q MLM NFf,Pj-1JJgQki1.SSi.?'ggg ffkx -JD xjlbf gg9,kf1,Afgff'f' -f wx 0 ff fm ,wwxm wi Q61 tk .-M76 MQ if f m N. "Z9f'4f'Sy ,, 4 , . X 33 ig 5 mf, J J - ,a 7 Y J 1, -.V I MJ! i2!2Wwffo 1. ggff svgdiigm v fr JJJJMT, J N' JJ!! "f Q X f 7 V 1 4 " ' K r ig N ff Qiff-Jff PM .gk ,Q 4 ff-6 -6 Jy X. nf 'Q Q-'ZK'!f1'2 JQQ E xg Q lj VQ5'fbfS,?fK K ' V41 'MJD W? 2 W2 uf' Q- E WGSQK ww Q , -41 Q9 4, yu ,pw - X Xl. Z Sify!! MSU B Qgfygffu fJ"S,4x4J!w XXX X,f1 QQ f2,f5f,gyJ'1 In 4 f 'F W E WJ! 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A ' nik '1f'1V ' 5 . ' it i 7 I ,V 4 ri ' L if 'S -f,iggQM Y w , V 'ff l , f' FM' t X X!! X , f, fill! 1 'gl gl Q 'l 4 Lf .ff bg 4 ' Fiji -xxx 4 s'X4f' f' -ff, 'N' ,f, f f X I l X , .s V I if, sf M Xia, ff - . ,Ha I . A 5 Z U, ,. t , fi SJW. ,KT K ff ff ' 'xiggir J x l 4,4 N. '-' DJ. A ,1 ' f V ,if--" , JZfwi'ff-:- 5.-fy Y- f ff7ff2:2:4-f" ff ,iris 5 -I . ... 1 F 5.92: -Fl' . "f'.g..- 5 ,' ,f"'f , 1. ff ,nf , '- i ns A -Q, . 5-,p .,'l i. ig - k , . fpgirlzlhf " ' :ill-'EW' " A f '-:' LK" , . ,I -F L "'?'i-:tr-n' 1 ff. ,f ' :fmt . 'gf,lH:gf-.ff 4 1!!!5:gg.q:2, .1 fr,sgfgg,4 I IW !S2if12.-no-.51 X it0f7f2W"'!7 "W lllifilf HU' 22- '7 FW f pw If: ililiibf ' 2 'ef X ' ll"'i'e.7l . !!f"19.-A , 7 ' W Wu - ills, if" ' 25:55,-3 fi f -. 1 ,-if f f 51 If-.. r, we-sw Q has .Jeff f llisgefmf' :I . 11: :Nh-j.V " H5 , f " u "Ji J 5 1 'anim Reggie f tw, lI".- '2-' . - . - s,p',l'f.nL' X255 L f' ,E17',?'i"-" ill? ' H 1. . 5 ,' :fini ,v- ' 'X ,"f I i'i'l3 ' ,Z I il '. , - x ,, ,-',-.N at A955 ' , ' -"Safe . Wlffiif ff E213-:Ea jnffwf an 9- af' -K 'lt A .17 15' if f9'Wf1" ."" "Milli 'N J., S ,L ' 'lg 9- a 492' ' ,T V 351 2222165 hilt ' X, ' - -X I' ports, which have always been popular, t xx f have become even more prominent 1 'NQN 'iss' If with students of today. Stonewall students -. M xx 5 build strong character as well as develop athletic ability on the playing field. . Mcfory gfiqkfiqkfs rig Season - 'A y ,u.,.-.....--A-M----' J A1 .1 4 V M k .ff . , 1 l ol l l AN. . ,A A. ,m.,...,... - Il. First Row: J. Hartman, D. Griffith, E. Ramsey, E. Evans, F. Ballard, R. Staab, N. Carr, B. McWhorter, H. Summers, B. Downs, J. Smith Second Row: H. White, B. McClure, R. Blizzard, D. Hall, B. Wells, G. Schade, C. Parkins, D. Mayes, B. Parsons, C. Simpson, B. Boschian Third Row: F. Hart, B. Hines, B. Thompson, S. Mazzella, C. Clendenen, C. Morgan, G. Douglas, R. Young, R. Klamer, P. Grandal, E Miller. Fourth Row: F. Lovell, B. Smith, K. Smith, A. Rectenwald, P. Wells, B. Kelly, B. Shea, N. Williamson, D. Ballengee, M. Leroy M. Jarrett. Fifth Row: M. Wells, B. Gillespie, L. Ashworth, N. Stumbo, J. Tramell, B. Wheeler, B. Darnell, H. Clark, D. Norman, T Carte, D. Perrow. Sixth Row: C. Reedy-manager, J. Luthy, A. Cottrill, L. King, J. Derrick, L. Botkins, G. Watson, O. McKinney, F. Ham rick, T. Bailey-manager, F. Hoferer. Seventh Row: Coach "Pud" Hutson, Coach Russ Parsons, and Coach Ferg Giannakis. "Let's get in there and fight!" 88 Griffith to Ballengee pass scores tally that trips Mt. Lions. Don Griffith GRIFFITH WINS STATE KENNEDY AWARD GENERALS BRING HOME ELK BUCKET Don Griffith, ace quarterback and co-captain of the Generals, was named state winner of the Kennedy Award, which is presented to West Virginia's most outstanding high school football player each year. He was named over many other gridiron stars of the state because of his exceptional passing ability and team leadership. For the first time in three years the Generalites of Stonewall brought home the Elk Bucket. It was a joyous'occasion when the bucket was received by Mr. Hill in behalf of the student body. We find that the bucket was worth waiting for and hope to decor- ate our trophy case with it for many years to come. Enthused followers carry Coach Parsons off the field after West Happy SJ D1aY91'S Tip Ch3f1GSt0D COIOTS from the Old Elk Bucket- Side victory. 89 Buddy Boschian skirts right end for a sizable gain. Don Griffith shows Speed which helps make him an all-state back. Determination replaces size as Boschian smashes through East Bank line. "Daring Don" picks up several yards on end around play. 6615 012 GENER-ALS AND LOGAN BATTLE TO A 6-6 TIE Opening their grid season at Logan, the Generals found a keyed up Wild- cat delegation but managed to gain a 6-6 tie. The Wildcats scored first by downing an S. J. punt and then marching forty-five yards to paydirt. The Generals lone tally came in the second quarter when Griiiith scored from the two on a quarterback sneak. GENERALS DOWN LINSLEY 26-13 Stonewall downed a stubborn Lins- ley eleven 26-13. The Generals scored in the opening period, but trailed at half-time 13-7. Stonewall came back to tie the score in the third quarter on Jim Smith's seven yard sprint. In the final period Linsley couldn't keep pace with the S. J. machine, and went down to defeat as the Generals scored two more TD's. S. J. AND ASHLAND DEADLOCK WITH 7-7 TIE A well balenced Ashland Tom Cat eleven played Stonewall to a 7-7 tie. The Generals scored first on a pass from quarterback Griffith to end Sum- mers, and Hartman added the extra point. Ashland scored later in the same period. In the second half both teams went scoreless. Although the Generals scored, the play was called back. GEN ERALS SMOTHER HUNTINGTON 38-7 The Generals, played one of their better games of the season, defeating a strong and well coached Huntington Pony Express eleven by the tune of 38-7. GrifTith's sparkling pass comple- tions and Frank Ballard's aggressive line play helped provide the victory and roll up the highest point output of the season for the Scarlet Scourge. WEIRTON SPANKS S. J. 47-18 After a hectic battle the Generals came out on the short end of a 47-18 score with a rough and powerful Red Rider eleven. Displaying an early scoring punch Weirton rolled up a 20-7 half-time lead, and proceeded to keep up the torrid pace during the second half. Stonewal1's Simpson was S. J.'s only bright spot, as the substitute quarterback scored 2 TD's. 660V GENERALS DOWN EAST 14-12 The Generals had to come from behind to down a determined Hun- tington aggregation, 14-12. After'East had scored twice in the first quarter, the Generals came back strong in the second stanza to score two TD's in five minutes, and this provided the win- ning margin. The second half was a defensive battle staged in the mud by both teams. GENERALS BOW TO FAIRMONT 21-20 A strong Polar Bear machine, spark- ed by their ace quarterback Johnny Bruzzy, defeated the Generals 21-20. All three Fairmont touchdowns re- sulted from S. J. fumbles and inter- cepted passes. Stonewall's TD's came on a fifty yard gallop by Bobby Downs, and two pass completions by Griffith to Henry Summers and Dewey Bal- lengee. GENERALS UPSET BIG REDS 13-6 Embarrassing a favored Parkers- burg eleven, the Generals downed the Big Reds 13-6. Parkersburg scored the initial tally but failed to convert the extra point. A Stonewall drive, climaxed by a pass to Boschian, scored S. J .'s Hrst tallyg and Griff1th's sensa- tional run completed the scoring for the night, giving the Generals a joyful triumph. GENERALS SURPRISE MOUNTAIN LIONS 14-7 The Scarlet Scourge surprised a talented and colorful C h a r l e s to n eleven by the score of 14-7. The Mt. Lions started things off with a touch- down in the Hrst quarter, but the Generals rallied, to tie at half time. A defensive battle took place in the third quarter, but a Charleston fumble set the stage for a Griffith to Ballengee winning pass. S. J. CLOSES SEASON DEFEATING E. B. Winding up the '52 season, the Gen- erals walloped the East Bank Pioneers to the tune of 26-7. Although the Gen- erals have had better won and lost records in the past, the team ranked as one of the more powerful squads of the state, defeating such teams as Parkersburg, Charleston, Wheeling Linsley, and Huntington. Boschian drives through Charleston line. Griffith dances around right end. Boschian plows through on a handoff from Griffith. "Get out of my way," says Hartman, 'Tm coming through askefeers xce IZ fool' First Row: Ronald Hart, Rat Thom, Jon Watkins, Ike Hartman, Allyn Griffiths, Frank Martin. Second Row: Coach Hutson, Jim Mad- dox, George O'Dell. Third Row: Joe Kiser, Jim Craft, Kenny Burdette, Don Grifiith, Jack Smithers, Chuck Simpson, Bill Morgan. Fourth Row: Bill Lance, Bob Smith, Bill McClure, Jim Laughlin, Larry Hemmings, Bob Tweedy, Richard Legg. SEASON RECORD Team S. J. Opp. Elkview T .oooooo .103 36 Alumni 7oo7o,,o 5 85 70 St. Albans H . 73 54 Clendenin t 99 87 Dunbar .5 ,oso . 72 57 Charleston ooot 62 71 Parkersburg 5 A , 72 55 East Bank ,,,,c.o 5 49 55 South Charleston 65 67 DuPont ,. , 88 77 St. Albans H . 82 48 Dunbar t 86 39 Catholic ece5,,o ,, 69 52 Charleston ,. , . 65 74 Huntington East A s,5s , T 97 87 Huntington High . leeeet T 83 59 Nitro t tttt c ttt,t 85 52 South Charleston 70 59 East Bank 5t.5 80 49 Clendenin tt,t . to tttttt 90 56 Elkview t,tt t,,t 8 5 7 94 67 Sectional Tournament Dunbar , l,,ttttt . ttt, , 98 64 Nitro c ttttttt 5, ,,t,,5 . t ttt. .. T 77 65 Regional Tournament South Charleston .. ttttt,tt 57 66 92 JUMP BALL! GENERALS SHOW ABILITY Under the coaching of Clyde "Pud" Hutson, the Generals completed a suc- cessful season with a record of 18 Wins and 5 losses. They ranked third in the K. V. C. with a 13-4 record pre- ceded by Charleston and South Char- leston, who handed them three of their four defeats. The fourth loss came at the hands of a determined East Bank quintet. Outside the conference, the Generals had a perfect record, de- feating Parkersburg, Huntington East, and Huntington High. The Generals swept through the sectionals defeating Dunbar 98-64 and Nitro 77-65. In the regionals the Gen- erals, branded as the darkhorse of the tournament, met a well balanced South Charleston quintet and were defeated 66-57. This year's regular team consisted of Jerry "Ike" Hartman, Bob Tweedy, Jim Laughlin, Larry Hemmings, Frank Martin and Allyn Grifiiths. ifffe enemfs Qrove ersafife First Row: Jim Dent, Tom Carte, Barry Hines, Harold White, Sammy Dye. Second Row: Bob Darnell, Ralph Rutledge, Dewey Ballengee Lefty Jones, Raymond Myers, Freddy Shane. Third Row: Sammy Parrish, Bill Kelly, George Schade, Bill McClure, Bob Smith, Bill Gillespie, Ferg Giannakis. Under the superb coaching of Ferg Giannakis the Little Generals ended their 1952 and 1953 cage season with a record of 17-3. The Genreals, com- posed of sophomores and juniors, showed great promise for the future, as they piled up a 71.3 average per game and a total season output of 1425 points. Stalwarts for the Little Generals were Bill McClure, who scored 360 points in 15 games for a 24 point average, and Bob Smith, whose 44 points were the highest ever scored by any B team or var- sity player at Stonewall. Smith scored 293 points in 16 games for an 18.3 average. Defeating the Generals were Charleston East Bank, and Clendenin. The B's under Giannakis have showed fine cooperation and aggresiveness and have the making of a great varsity team in the future. 7 94 Giannakis shows McClure, Smith and White the finer points of the game. SEASON RECORD Team St. Albans i......... ....... Clendenin ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,. Dunbar ,,,,,i,.,......,,,,,,. Huntington High ,,,,,,, ,,,,, Charleston ,,,,,,...,,, ,.,,,,, Sissonville ....... . .... . East Bank .................. ...... . South Charleston ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,. Dupont ,,.....,......,,.. ....,., St. Albans ................ ...... . Dunbar .,..,..,..,.........,.,,. .,....i Charleston Catholic i.....,. ..,.... Charleston ..,....,...,.,,.... .,.,,,i Dupont ,,,.,,,.,,,,,l......,, .,,.,,. Huntington High ..,.... .,.o,,, South Charleston .,,,.,, ....... East Bank ..,..,..,.,i.,,,,.,., ,.,,,,. Charleston Catholic .,.... ,,,,,,. Clendenm .,,.,,,,,,,.,.,.,, ...,e,, Sissonville ,,,, , ,..... , ODD 34 53 58 50 69 63 '75 54 63 48 60 57 56 76 57 66 84 48 72 48 Track Squad. First Row: Manager, J. McDavid, D. Atkins, R. Hargus, E. Johnson, J. Pritt, H. Forbes, H. Summers, C. Simpson, R. Stover, B. Downs, W. Reber, J. Young. Second Row: B. Boschian, E. Miller, J. McCormick, D. Perrow, D. Griffith, R. Blizzard, R. Staab, J. Hart- man, A. Griffith, J. Smith, B. Parsons, F. Lovell, Manager F. Hoferer. Third Row: Coach Ferg Giannakis, Manager H. Hamrick, P. Watkins, B. Watson, R. Spencer, G. Sutler, C. Morgan, K. Burdette, L. Hemmings, W. Ramsey, R. Klamer, B. McWhorter, T. Bailey, N. Carr, T. Mazzella, K. Atkins. Fourth Row: S. Anderson, T. Given, H. Clark, B. Latendre, J. Long, N. Sturnbo, J. Brightwell, B. Caldwell, G. Douglas, F. Fuller, T. Asbury, M. Kesmodel, B. Isaac. elzemfs 80,0 Sfraiqkf SEASON RECORD Stonewall closed an un- defeated season, winning the following eight meets by large margins. WON Stonewall Invitational Big Four Track Meet Beckley J. C. Invitational Huntington Relays Gazette Relays Ohio Valley Night Relays Sectional Meet State Track Meet -1 ar" -of it w Sleepy Glenn congratulates Coach Russ Parsons on Stonewall's win- ning its Hfth consecutive State Track Championship. Winning the state cham- pionship for the fifth consec- utive year, the Stonewall Jackson thinclads establish- ed a new West Virginia re- cord. Under the coaching of Russ Parsons, Ferg Gianna- kis, and Landon Hamilton, the Generals were unsur- passed throughout the sea- son. This ran their victory string to 19 consecutive track meets in which they competed against schools in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. High point man for Stonewall this year in every meet was Bobby Downsg also outstanding was Henry Summers, who broke the Shot Put record in the Ga- zette Relays. Many other Stonewall track men piled up valuable points by cop- ping second and third places in many of the events, and thus helping to make vic- tory certainj 95 Perrow and Grifiiths glide smoothly over the hurdles. Henry Summers breaks the Sh0t Put !'9C0I'd- Grihiths, Atkins, Simpson, and Grandall are big factors in Hartman, Downs, and Johnson prepare for a fast start S. J.'s success. 96 Stonewa11's Bobby Downs beats Parkersburg's Jimmy Bush in a hard fought race. ,F A K - ' Q 53ej1gJ-gy. ,, , aim ' ' I -ff", 5-, " ,V gr' 75 "-E-151' ' t , s d . W? tl .. - ,,,, 'X L' as-1 . V a a Qi,.fy'f"Q.i':- .., .4 . Q. ,f-Y, N, I Danny Perrow leads Parkersburg's Bickle in the 440 yard low hurdles. Ike Hartman warms up on the hurdles before the State Track Meet N 1 1 Staab and Summers work out with the shot. 97 Baseball Team. First Row: G. Bloss, R. Klamer, J. Lawhorn, J. Doyle J. Hamric, J. Jones, D. Miller. Second Row: R. Farley, L. Harper, C. Swigger, J. Smithers, H. Summers, D. Wells, B. Fulkner. Third Row: D. Hundley, D. Jones, C. Donavan, V. Barazzone, J. Laughlin, B Morgan, R. Young. Fourth Row: D. Lee, Manager, D. Jones, M. Miller, F. Martin, H. Landrith, Manager, B. Reber, Coach Hutson. elzemfs Cake Kbird gyace in . . SEASON RECORD Team S. J. Opp. Dunbar ..... .... ..... 1 0 2 St. Albans ...... 8 0 Charleston ....... 9 0 Huntington ....... 8 5 Catholic ......... .......... 1 6 1 East Bank ......... ....... 6 1 Catholic . ..v..... ....... 8 4 Charleston ,...,., 5 10 East Bank .,.,.,. 1 3 Dunbar ,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,..... .,.,.,. 4 0 South Charleston ...... ....... 2 3 Nitro .......................... ........... l 8 1 South Charleston ...... ....... 2 3 Sissonville ......,.., ........... 1 l 0 Sectional Poca ,,,, ,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,.,,...,...,... 2 1 Poca ....., , . 8 2 Regionals East Bank ...................................... 4 7 98 , , ,ff if ff Wwpapzii 3 1ff',97!X XX ' 1' ' Q rw ' ' f, flfrgll xr. ' Under the superb coaching of Clyde "Pud" Hutson the Stonewall Jackson Generals ended their schedule of 1953, with third place in the Kanawha Val- ley Conference, only two games off the pace of the leader, East Bank. The Generals started the season in full swing, winning seven straight before being defeated by Charleston, East Bank, and twice by South Charleston. The Scarlet and Gray team entered the sectionals with a bang, beating Poca 2-1 and 8-2 but slumped in the regionals, losing to a strong Pioneer team from East Bank. Composing the General's snappy infield were first baseman, Jack Smithersg spark plug, Rick Farley at second, Slugger, Gary Bloss, at short stop, Harold Summers at third, with Dick Wells catching. Outfielders were Jack Lawhorn, Den- ver Miller, Eugene Klamer, Johnny Hamric, and Hobie Harrison. Making up the pitching staff were Jack Jones, Don Hundley, Jack Doyle, Charlie Donovan, and Bob Price. All in all the Generals turned in a fine season record of 13-5. Stonewa11's ace pitcher, Jack J ones Rick Farley batting, Wells catching Jack Doyle, Stonewa11's Sal Maglie Coach Hutson gives batting instructions to Lennis, Bob, and Charley N J ,N . A36 I ,. . X Q 'V - , ri' . - ff . , :1 2 -33 -f'55 , M Vrxry f in i ? -s I 5 .4 -. , or '15 x' , A Vx" 'Q , .- -W 'It fx' A D i t t 41 A' 'S"f 5 is . t we ,,i. I Q , f,,f-f , , , .J - 5' Y ',-' . .i ii .N ., . 1 , f "SQ N If gig? x :F i ,g W' r ,five ' , K , ' ' K .- ii' A F 14 3 'K v iM5ifv..aff' ' ,. t t' ,. if J., ..,,..: ,..- Q' EfIf.""!:-ff , m l. . 'iff 5 1 . , 'gf 'f .r 'Q" --5 , w ,, A , st'n or ' . , ' . -. . -- qw-K K-, ,1, ,.4 A. - -K ":g,f,a.s3w:: 4 . ,, . ' Hobie, Denver, Gene, John, and J rick Dick Wells pegs one to second Gary, Ricky, Harold, and Jack l N 1 I 99 eafu res N 1 ti!! fl , .P 1' ' 1 J K W YB Al- N x f, , X fffg IP f my Q P w X ff Kf A AX ff! X N5 Ks A ' Q X . w xx ,ij X .k gi' N M b J Y! i fu X I 2 X.. X,-F 'X 'X X ,jj ff- 0,0 xx " N A Y ,- lg-I , ff ", I N J f ...P- XXX X I. , f 1,1 ,7- f ,gvx NN " - XX x if N J! xxx W K-X5 ' 'xx '- e :wx jg 27 fl :X ' J i gl sk M32 'ma f N im f w New my Q X 54 XX If ff X X X a b an A M gu,,1' ' .I A NB., -,X XX X X' ,I - l 'vw X X 1 I 1 'V i., 'laik J! 1 X-X I w 7 a x ,zx,,.! X' iff' f'x. f N ! 1 M ,VS Q c 1 ' .. -fx!" fxf KH kj 2 Features in my time were few and far between-perhaps a barn dance or a quilting party. Today's high school students participate in assemblies, plays, operettas, minstrels. dances. and manv other activities Z55 Sfwzewaff ac son s i I Sparkling sonthern belle is Jane Lynn., this year's "Miss Stonewall Jacksonn. Along with being a member of the Student Council, Jane is a high stepping Scarlet and Gray majorette of this year's championship corps. She has attended every S. J . football game since the sixth grade, thus showing the strong feeling for Stonewall. Jim Cook was the escort for this pretty miss. 102 kv W I Q 'TTQQ Q 'umq' Southern eyes Barbara a popular miss at Stonewall, participates in many school activities, but cheerleading seems to top her list. Love- ly Judy McCutcheon is assistant head majorette, among her many other activities. She has a winning smile that puts her on top. Petite Joyce Boggs is head cheerleader and an active student with a friendly greeting for everyone. Pat is a most talented belleg she participates in many extra-curricular activities and heads the S. J. Majorette Corps. The belle with a bubbling personality is Peggy Hall, one of S. J .'s attractive Miss Barbara Wall-Attendant y , IJ, , tl ' S Q V U cheerleaders. She is active around Stonewall. Miss Judy McCutcheon-Attendant .f fa 1 if t - ' Z A I Z 1 Miss Joyce Boggs Miss Pat Hendrickson Miss Peggy Hall N'-. Luz aff e Luzior- efzior rom Upper left: Enjoying the refresh- ments at the punch bowl are Con- nee Crowder, Carolyn Shaver, and Carol Fore. Upper right: Mary, John, Carolyn, and Jim waltz dreamily. Center: Dancing the pop- ular jitterbug are Beverly Bupp and Charles Naseef. Lower left: Fran and Dale smile gaily at their many friends. Lower right: Acting as master of ceremonies is popular Frank Taylor. Pretty girls! Handsome boys! Fun galore! On May 17th, the spotlight shone on dancing couples at the Junior-Senior Prom, where glittering stars and white picket fence were symbolic of a beautiful May evening at Jackson Heights. Sfmzewaff gfonors Above: Ben Mahmoud is shown receiv- ing a S10 reward from Miss Hillabold for his prize poster on the United Nations. Peggy Gentry, president of the Social Studies Council, looks on. Below: Frank Taylor wins a third plaque in the Ameri- can Legion oratorical contest. Frank won his first on the theme "Our Constitution, Worth Having, Worth Keeping" in the ninth grade. His second plaque was re- ceived in the tenth grade. Head maJorette Patty Hendrlck Abovei Looking over the prize winning '52 Jacksonian are last years' art editors, Don Lee and Richard Bartlettg last year's editors, Barbara Carney and Patsy Car- ter, and present editor, Roger Baird. Below: Our own lovely Sue Hatfield is presented flowers after being chosen "Miss Flame Queen" of the annual Fire- man's Ball. son is receiving the awards from Mr. Hill for the S. J. part in the majorette fes- tival. The other lovely ma 'orettes share the J spotlight. ffgazfber of the rr ev "Father of the Bride," a comedy in three acts, was presented by the junior class under the capable direction of Mrs. Jean Bourne on November 21. Upsetting a peaceful home, Kay Banks brings the news of her engagement to Buck- ley Dunstan. Kay and Buckley want a small wedding, but the list grows and grows. Mr. Banks becomes more and more distraught. Kay and Buckley argue, but he disappears. He returns, however, and they decide to have any kind of wedding. In the midst of the con- fusion and uproar, Mr. Banks and Kay leave for the church. Top Left: Kay Banks reveals her wedding plans to the family at the breakfast table. ' Top Right: "Mr, Banks," says Miss Bellamy, "I agree with Lincoln, 'A house divided against itself cannot stand'." Center: The cast have rest period as they talk over plans for their class play.Bottom: Mr. Mas- soula imagines he hears the music at the reception, while Delilah fusses at one of the florists about the mud on his feet. CAST Mr. Banks ...... ....,..... ..,,,.... L o well Casto Mrs. Banks ,....., Kay Banks .,,.r.. Biji Niedermyer .,,..,,,,Nancy Taylor Ben Banks ,....,........ ,.,,......, B ill Caldwell Tommy Banks ,,..,.,,..c ........,. . Andy Percival Buckley Dunstan ...,...,.,.,,l Robert Preisman Buzzy Taylor, .....,.,.. r ...,.......,..r,r James Keiffer Peggy Seift ,....., ..,.,. K aka Herbert Beddow Delilah .....,.,,,..... ,.,,cc... ..,..... J u dy Horner Miss Bellamy ..,,,.c ,..... C arolyn Hanly Mr. Massoula ,....., v,,.l. . David Savage Joe .,.......i.......,....,.. Mr. Wisegold ,....r, Whitie, ,.,..,............. Tim's man ,... - ,...,,,r, ..,....,Gene Eary Joe Preston Jack Kelley James Lance H Waltz reamn we "A Waltz Dream," gay, merry, oper- etta, was presented by the mixed chorus and orchestra, November 14, 1952. It was very capably directed by Miss Eleanore Thomasson. Top: The entire court assemble to greet the fiance of Princess Helene. Center left: Princess Helene sings to Niki of her true love for him. Bottom left: Cafe chorus girls sing and dance for the guests. Bottom right: Niki is trying to convince the king and the ladies of the court that he loves Princess Helene. CAST Maximilian X-King of Sylvania Ronald Songer Princess Helena-his daughter Jerri Wilson Prince Rupert-her cousin Jack Burford Lieutenant Niki-Austrian officer Ray Holdren Kay Robinson-American artist Jane Mullins Princess Matilds-sister to the king Mary Blizzard Lieutenant Montschi-Sylvanian soldier David Kerns Louisaf-a Dutchess r............YV... Lona Pauley Betram Budgett-American eliiclency ex- pert ............,.,...,......r...............,. Ed Bachelder Count Sigismund ol' Sylvanlan Court Amel French Nicholas of Sylvania Court Charles Clendenen Fifi, a Chorus Girl .... .,.... .,..,..... ...A P a t Hess Annerl-a chorus girl ,.... ..... P hoebe Smith 107 Lovely Miss Sharon Mallory was chosen sophomore attendant. She is a substitute majorette and will head next year's corps. Her escort was Barry Hines. mecomilzq ueelz Miss Peggy Hall reigns over Stone- wall-Eastbank Grad game as Stone- wall's first "Homecoming Queen." Her escort is Jack Burford, and her attend- ants are Margaret Riley and Sharon Mallory. This event leaves an imprint in her life that she will never forget. Peggy is quite popular among her fel- low students with her winning per- sonality. She keeps school spirit at its highest as one of the peppy Scarlet and Gray Cheerleaders. She belongs to Future Homemakers and is treas- urer of the Girls Athletic Association. Sports seem to be her hobby and she lists swimming as the top sport. To her the most important events around Stonewall are the football gamesg for, as you can tell, Peggy is always ready for excitement. Margaret Ann Riley, sweet SJ lass, mem- ber of the Junior cheerleading squad was chosen as junior attendent. She was es- corted by Kenny Burdette. 108 Mr. Dana R. Ervin, principal of East Bank High School, presents the reigning queen and attendants with a large bouquet. Mr. B. A. Hill likewise honors 'tMiss Pio- neer", Donna Lawson, and attend- ants with chrysanthemums. The excitement of the moment ap- pears in the expressions of Sharon. Margaret Ann and Peggyg while on the other hand, Barry, Jack, and Kenny show more concern about the situation. .. ,writ .limi The important queens have re- ceived their bouquets and pose for a final and memorable picture. The boys look as if they are quite pleased to be escorts to these lovely lassies. frwqkf of cuzuary 16flZv "There will be no interferences with my witnesses, Mr. Stephens!" "Larry, no, he can't be dead! I don't believe it." CAST Prison Matron. ...77 Balllif ..... .... ,.,.,, , 7 , ,.,,.. . Mary Lee Grimmet . .,7,7, Frank Hoferer Judge Heath ,,.. ...,.,,7l..,7,,.. 7,,,,777, J i mmy Meador District Attorney Flint Y,,.l, ,,,v,..., F rank Taylor 'His Secretary ..,.,.,..,..7,7777 ,,.lA., S hirley Bowden Defense Attorney o..o.., ,,,..,w D avid Kerns I-hs Secretary ,,,,......7,,. Sue McClain Clerk of the Court .l.,7,,. .,,,,v,,v,7.7, D avid Dawson Karen Andre, ,,,,,7777, , Doctor Kirkland ,ll7l., Mrs. John Hutchens Homer Van Fleet .,.s, Elmer Sweeny Yw.,r, ,. Nancy Lee Faulkner .....,, Patty Hendrickson Lloyd Grayson Peggy Hall Paul Heavener . , Ben Mahmoud 7 ,,rs, Beverly Bupp Magda Svenson, ,,,,,,s,,,s....,,,sr..,,,, Shirley Phillips John Graham Whitfield ,,.vY........r.. James Smith Jane Chandler ...,,..,,,,e......... r,,re,,r C arolyn Boling Sigurd Jungquist ,...,, ,v... D avid Copen Larry Regan ,,.......,.....,......,,.,e,,,,. . ..., Ray I-loldren Roberta Van Rensselarer ..,ere Beverly Johnson Stenographer ..,.e,....,eee,e...,,,,e.v....,..,..... Lois Rollins Policemen. .... Edward Bragg, Theodore Boylen Court Attendant,..eee.e,.......... Cephas Evans Congratulations were in order for the cast after the over-whelming success of 'The Night of January 16", This action- packed drama kept all in suspense until the verdit was renderedg "Not guiltyll' Reverend Colpepper is giving a "pep talk" to those "mountain kitties". Mr. and Mrs Cameron Warner are being ushered to their seats by Carolyn Boling. iqkfiqlzfs af Guests in the night club scene from the popular Jackson J ollities. These boys are singing a number from the annual Stonewall Jackson Minstrel. 1 12 Mrs. Fred Hartman, mother of SJ 's popular "Ike" Hartman, was crowned "Mrs. Stonewall Jackson". Upon being chosen, Mrs. Hartman's first exclamation was, "Oh! how wonderful." Mrs. Hartman has had several other children to graduate from Stonewall, among them i'Whitey" and "Red", who were out- standing athletes. At the present, besides Ike, she has another son, Bob Jack, a sophomore here at Stonewall. Other than raising her own children, Mrs. Hartman has assumed the obligation of raising several State Children. We salute you, "Mom Hartman", the honor given you was well deserved. Peggy Lanham and Carolyn Boling apply make up to Shelbia Looper and Jim Keiffer. Ray Holdren looks on. V . E -run-ne,-...N ,M 'iiltug 'U'-lu-...,,,, Peggy Gentry and Peggy Hall study a canning chart in the foods lab. John Fulks displays his decorative trivet that he made in the foundry. Esggguliagegikgfvguggvirgllips' hem line While Beverly Johnson 55c3g?a Pat Hess consult representatives of West 113 13 Two familiar models around the school are Betty Jones and Norita Coffin. Little Becky Jones and Janice O'Conner proudly model their skirts that the older girls have made Lynda Humphries at the piano looks on. X'-I' NN-A Ai- . SN-L., N1..q., At Left: The Champion volleyball team is composed of Della Kelly, Janet Pritt, Mona Parsons, Naomi Finney, "Funky" Jordan, Jane Har- mon, and Betty Caldwell. The officers of the S. J. Y-Teen Club are being installed at the Y. W. C. A. The ceremony is a very impressive affair. Seated: K Harrison, M. Glass, E. Titlow, P. Shumate, B. Moales, D. Warner, C. Boling, F. Young, F. Shamblin, N. Ochletree, S. Bowden, and M MacDonald. Standing: J. Wilson, and C. Michael. ll4 'lf ,M de, In , , r 4 ' an -f fu . , A ,gg . Y ffm V Q,gf' !: 3' 3, 7' xl, as V, 1 A fiffsjiggu . f : W, 65 , L www wm- ,of V fa 4 '-2-mirbfl Aw' NX 4 M ,w' ani' Z' x J if 11. . ff I ffm X px if N 1 I V f ' I f v f,, s 1,' X X N l j f C 1 digs? ,W A . X, xx 'Y N . N' ,ll V, fL'4x 2 , f EV: ' - , ,. mp" ' I' K, 1 ' 7 ll-32' " '. q3cQQ 'z W ' I -' ..-. , 'I J' YV! V 1 -ni ff? " vi , ' c 'x .' 'H' 'X If ,xii I 'Y '11, I UL' E 12,5 M ww ff- A it gf 'Kp' I' rbi, , Z.. ' 1 ,ex ' I ,I jf , JL Q g,-1 A . ' , Nl! ,yfi in ,-J.f4'I 4-if , ,V Uhr :W I 1' V 1, , 4 X fi , pf ,ggi , , f ffm' . 1 , :riff 4- .1 Af, 5, 1 . y V. f 5 p I fri. "Q ' wif 5 .' 35, . - A Og, , b nk I E E .9-',f"' 1, .9 V' '4"7a?5Su O. U N x 1 x K 's K H '1 V f"4 l' 6 f ,Z 1:1 ,gf 1 If fl 1 g3'fgQ . L- 4., f- A 4,5 x5R ,..,,. . Xxx ' F fff"f xl if 1. 0 , 4 .. 4. , m X . .. vp ,. . x 1 ,i in IN J . ' I . 1' , lf 5 I ,.y. L' 1 fl' J 'U , , ' LN ' H ,J nf,-JR7' x .w 4 QWX K X-glib ,ff J ,1f 1?:ff?p:3'!r .x. M -v'.' 44 C5'L'l,-fsi""1 1 ' l,1ff,gy5gg:5,.H X f, lp, of 1 W 'f f 'I ,: 1 f 4 72 fi , . 4 yu X, X il' tal Q 'I ' ' :A xr- 'H ' 1 Q f1Hl,v 4 .', img. ' ','ff'!Z'V 3 'fl , , L W-'Qfil41'i-'U' 11 w H' ,ifzfzfgfkm,f'1r. x 1 My A-.. five, zfiifw.geY,,'LH.:Jf,'r V W 1 M fm V' KRW ANT' rfllkq " .ulgl-Ai! ! "J ix, u E lv 'l?i3lJ' :112Q'4!1f' VL 8 3. ,!,. '. , rf 1, 1, 1 F. , . ,g ' N xx If fi W, i X Y x f N X 'Kg I I fu 1 -W .1.V " 'A J ' ' ' ' X ' 4 I , -55. ,xx 1 , . X ,X X 1 yn V Y 'fav X ' r V , ' x 1. 5 gr., av 'IT . ff 4 Q my If ' if My N 11.3 ' xa--Que-.wx-Sf . , ,, , 0-E!-V--E114-' F' ' .. .. K ,bug Y X gLu.1L..L' ,359- I WIT' X, - ' WN! ' X :X .. ,I , XXL by .. -Rl qlqrlwix ,- :kr - .x 'fgfgizx X H .W I. ,sf ' ' ' ' U ,S X , X 8 un- - 5 ,lm W Itfrmv. 1. Ln- 1-LF' . ,'l, -Q.. 5 - ' .,-'. .. .uklb f 1.:'ff.- ' . I r, X xx Hu," C!" 1" 1 1 JA W xNf"Q11'9I'f" wwf ,. W, , ,B xx WN N ,ana Lx f I 53,1 ' 1 J wx XX v S l H, . +- - ..-7 - , , -Q- b vpn A, r 'ij f' .N -" L s, ' f- :J !,,':", If 4 5, :jf fl' X P X f3i."' ' f - - K f.',' 3' V. A T K ,, '-4 fslrs-Q N 1 ', mv ,." . Ur". xx-4 , 'rv5X':'3,-YJH' , Mg 5:5 ,Ig f T 45 9- ' ' 'J 2 '. ' u ry' ' "inf . Ayr, V,1i' 3,- AWK, K- fl. . X -w,3: . -yi-' 'I fb ' , ' " ' 'Qi 'Iii 'gl -' :SN sul V, LJ. V , ...- 4 I x-3 ..- X XX" H I xl!! E ' x X K v rfis X -.I GYTX W X f M 1 1 1V hrough the years men have c 1 know that "It pays to adve . I have i ' noticed that Stonewall studen ppreciate those firms that advertise in 1 - JACK- SONIAN, for our faithful a I rtlsers ake' this annual possible V . . 111 .SJW f '-- 1 V. if X, 1 1 1 1 1 1 f I X L 1 il , 1 N K r ' V ,-,Ji if 1 1 111' , ' 1 1 ff' l 1 W '17'27Q?Fi?+2- 1 ' 1 1 X 1 1 V H tw i X 1 ' H X11 nwifi 1 1 Y M, fj tl Y I 1 1. - N ' 'two 1 " i 5 , W 5 -1 or ' Q J l 'X F1111 51 f 1 l 1 ,-are 1 , ax .1 1 1 1 - , i, 1 ig-sir' V J 1 ,N 14, ., K , ,. !"'GL, " .W i 4, , ILL! '- -4---1 -ff .i e :1 11 --ee 'P -1 ' -af 1 . 1 eeva ix I 1 , 'Q Lf 111ml 1 if A 6 111 1 1 fa giellgia f X-X gl!'cf'x- , Q H ,J 4, 1 . '5rr:':1 -il 'X 1 f -X A fffmf ' 1. 'Wfil' 'QW' 1-N 1 - 1 fi 1 nf 1 A 11 1 1 Off. , 1 1 lim i his-1111112111 1, 1 'l fl ' ' " 1: .131-, '1 ii ff' l iff lx ,,. 1131.2 A1 1- 1 ' 1 Q ', 1 5 1 ,,? gift '.'w1WY1+1.1, 1 fif.rg.X -1 ,F-T-1,1 1 51111 51 4 ' 'Af W1 1 , Y X'?'iHx :i'r'1 ii' if A ' l f 411- 1 u.l.l1l 1 v l 'ig'-Q' A ' 1 N f lg 1 ' ,xlfwl , 1E.1,,5Y'1,11'i1,'lf l. f ,iff J Ffffif- ff, 1 i1 1' - 1" J ,. 11f'f-L-354' "" 121 1' , 1 X 1 'fm' 1?"lQR'.-?iY,:1 i Q 1. ' 1 2' il p-- " 1 fa I 1 if 'ff " 1!. H'-. f 111 .I 12 1 '1 1 11 'H' l 1 V- V, . -' Q11 gn lllrvl -Y-A ' I I' mix' ' yfmgklff' jj-73 4 sf- jr l if LZ' I 1 nfl W l f 1 gif fl' 1 1 nfl , 1- 315, 51 q ig '1 ., fi 11,1 'lifs ', - 1X 1 1: ' N A 1a-5:11254 j fi' f ,i g Q f if , Q' -'1 1. my 1 ' I, 6 ', ,if ll -"' G nl Q., I,-. 'X4 . Q L .ia . W ' f'11f E' V , .Z 1' Q . A I - I I, .1 0 Z 1 ,.,1 . . ' fab NNN xiii? CAREY SYSTEM INC. The satisfactory results obtained from the service of Carey System Incorporated Signs cannot be topped. 74 Washington Street West. 2-0169. Follow the advice of Freddie and his friends. Buy your Buick at Hugh Stewart Motors. 1406 Washington Street East. 3-5534. HUGH STEWART MOTOR CO. For efficiency and expert service, take your printing problems to Charleston Printing. 810 Virginia Street West. 3-9408. HAN NA INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. KANAWHA VALLEY BAN K BUILDING PHONE 3-5558 x . J ,. N 4' 'VX H, lg VIIJIIII IIIII , J A- 'E' w mm' if 1 ,Y C ,, qu ? I.. ,rl -1.-'nuns-Q - lllllllllll W, lllllll H '- Wm VIRGINIA BRICK COMPANY For Permanence and Beauty ilWllVlIlf!ICl'IJ'6I'S of CLAY PRODUCTS - HIGRADE FACING TILE FACE. COMMON and FIRE BRICK Featuring Utility Flex Blox 442 Virginia St., E. Phone 2-7149 CHARLESTON 24, W, VA. 120 You can always be sure of healthful and appetizing meals when you eat in the S. J. Cafeteria, under the supervision of Mrs. Mcllhattan. 6-2822. Buddy and Jane are very well pleased wlth the rmgs they choose at McCormick Jewelers. 214 Washingt Street West. 6-6242. SERVING MANY WEST VIRGINIA COMMUNITIES WITH A DEPENDABLE SUPPLY OF PURE, SPARKLING WATER WEST VIRGINIA WATER SERVICE CALL IMPERIAL CLEANERS For Better Cleaning 2-6104 II5 Virginia Street, West 3 jg Qisfgy, It rw' I Betty certainly does look lovely, doesnlt she? Of course, that is only natural when the formal is from the Vogue. 3-113. 121 McCIures Home Appliances and Furniture Corner FAYETTE ST. and PENNSYLVANIA AVE. CHARLESTON, W. VA. Complete I Line of Television For redecoration these girls certainly know that Pile Ref"l9e"3l'0"5 Hardware offers a variety of selections. 1541 Washing- APPLIANCES and Sfqyeg ton Street West. 3-7578. Famous for Good Food- Empire Diner I94 Summers Street Charleston l, W. Va. Jones Printing offers the very best in printing service 611 Pennsylvania Avenue. 3-9562. Amick Refrigeration Service Distributors for YORK AIR-CONDITIONING and REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT Bettie, Barbara, and Dolores, enjoy the pleasant atmos- 414 TENNESSEE AVENUE phere at Thaxton Drug Co. 1539 Washington Street West. 3-1353. phone 2-0154 122 Make old things look like new with 0'Brien's paints distributed by J. M. Sutler, 739 Virginia Street West 2-5918. MIRRORS GLASS DIAL 2-2121 GATES PAINTS Made in Charleston Gates Paint Mfg. Company Since 1861 WALL PAPER WINDOW SHADES Compliments of C. W. Fulknier Hardware, Inc. "The Complete Hardware Store" PHONES 3-5603 - 3-5604 1521 West Washington Street Charleston, W. Va. Do you want a hobby that saves money, girls? Then buy your Singer Sewing Machine at 920 Quarrier Street Phone 3-9547. CONGRATULATIONS LAI RD OFFICE EQUIPMENT COM PAN Y Distributors for A. B. DICK DUPLICATING Ellis Food Market offers efficient service and pleasant surroundings. 629 Main Street. Atlas Building Phone 6-5353 123 -gl BANK OF WEST VIRGINIA For safe and convenient banking service, take your account to the Bank of West Virginia. Tennessee Avenue and Roane. 6-0496. Lf-"I I I "It's Pauley Cleaners for us," say Peggy and Bill. It's con- veniently located at 527 Washington Street, West. 2-2113. PAULEY CLEANERS FIFE STREET SHOE SHOP The superior service rendered at Fife Street Shoe Shop can- not be excelled. 708 Fife Street. 3-1013. You certainly can't blame Dolores and Clara for admiring this lovely car at Charleston Motors. Washington East and Broad. 3-0187. CHARLESTON MOTORS I C O N L O N West Virginia's Finest Bakery Bakers of X QNX X xx vm XX X we .,-. ----- X- NSY e.,. E.Jz"i--'--- ,fl X- K X by '.,A W4 .... 'X" V .fcfjfi-f" -- X Q egnm, , , ?"-4' ,.. 4 .,, 53: ' z. 4. - ' 1. , . rrlifl " '2"6 .fW' ...m m PEN DELL'S DELICATESSEN For years, Stonewall students have preferred the conveni- ence and good service of Pendell's Delicatessen. 759 Wash- ington Street West. 2-3000. Wouldn't you like to own a car like this? The answer to your dreams can be found at Miller Brothers. 21 Virginia Street. 2-2993. MILLER BROTHERS USED CARS F swift and efficient service in dry cleaning, d C th arolyn know e best place is One Hour M g 107 Capitol Street 3-6750 Fred arti Compliments of CHARLESTUN LAUNDRY LAUNDERERS CLEANERS BOLL FURNITURE COMPANY HOME FURNISHINGS PHONE 3-9527 209 WASHINGTON STREET WEST Relax . . . And you can relax watchin a T V set fro E Electronic Specialty Company. Virginia Street W I t P k Ph 8-2275. 0 HOLSUM ld-'Qi , i RUM ixgxglv' Betty realizes, as every student should, that Holsum Bread is both healthful and delicious. 1325 Washington Street East. 2-0191. For Your Party- GRIFFIN'S GOLDEN FLAKE DON UTS 710 BIGLEY AVENUE 6-3210 CHARLESTON, W. VA. QOL! OZILLCA' eniom from If it's gay you wish to be, Then it's us that you must see, To look as fresh as a spring breeze, Our bouquets are sure to please. Young Floral Co. 205 Pennsylvania Avenue H. B. AGSTEN, JR., INC. General Contractors 702 Pennsylvania Avenue Charleston 2, West Virginia Students of Stonewall certainly agree that eating at Sterling Restaurant is a treat. 811 Washington Street East. 3-2243. CENTRAL GLASS COMPANY WEST VIRGINIA I I03 CENTRAL AVENUE 3-5669 For your afternoon snack or after a date, stop t Florida Drug located at Florida and Central Avenu 3-2112. AMERICAN HEALTH INSURANCE CORPORATION WE SPECIALIZE IN MEDICAL INSURANCE Mark A. Bird, State Manager Beech Avenue Beauty Shop offers efficient service, with always the best of results. 812 Beech Avenue. 6-6689. phone 3-6713 130 HOSPITALIZATION C1 SURGICAL- Dolores and Bettie are thoroughly enjoying the corn- fortable furniture at Kanawha Furniture. 506 Virginia Street East. Phone 2-0333. BARTLETT FUNERAL HOME Toby Chandler, Owner O TENNESSEE AVENUE AND FAYETTE STREET PHONE 2-0181 njo . . . the NYM Young Men's Christian Association Capitol Street Everyone loves the beauty of flowers. Send a bouquet from Charleston Cut Flower. 19 Capitol Street. Phone 3-5166. BURFORD'S PHARMACY Complete Prescription Service 2342 West Washington Street Girls who combine economy and beauty stop at Glam- our Beauty Shop. 210 Washington Street, West. Phone 6-5521. 131 B ' ,wh .gum .Him fizai' . im., . v 1- ,M ,,,f1 WL 'S .,.. ' A - as-1- -+ .- -kv 'UWJFQKPW LOWMAN'S DRUG STORE When Dolores and Bettie need cosmetics they know their best bet is Lowman's Drug Store. 1507 Washington Street West. 3-4567. Yun V. E 7?-.'rBl5' :mcg P M 'I Viv - ws La: E For efficient service with good results, visit Wright Tire and Battery Company. 414 Washington Street East. Phone 3-1742. WRIGHT TIRE Gr BATTERY CO. H, ' I ' W if Wise students know they can save as Well as get best quality merchandise at Kelley's Men Shop. 111 Wash- ington Street West. Phone 2-1862. SCOTT BROTHERS DRUG STORE SANDWICHES SODAS BEVERAGES 227 CAPITOL STREET Phone 3-2853 ga4erin3 BALDWIN, HAMILTON, ACROSONIC and WURLITZER PIANOS . . . HAMMOND ORGANS . . . MAGNAVOX RADIO-PHONOGRAPHS and TELEVISION . . . CONN, PAN AMERICAN and GETZEN BAND INSTRUMENTS . . LEEDY-LUDWIG DRUMS . . . RECORDS . . . SHEET MUSIC and MUSIC SUPPLIES . . . INSTRUMENT REPAIRS . . . 134 -4-AE up The students of Stonewall realize that Charleston Transit offers a safe, convenient means of transporta- tion. 155O Fourth Avenue. Phone 3-7586, Seems pleasing as Betty, Jim, Peggy, and Bill sip their cokes at an after school gathering at Delaware Phar- macy at 27 Delaware Avenue. PERSINGERS MINE AND MILL SUPPLIES 520 ELIZABETH STREET Phone 6-5341 PURITY BAKING COMPANY Bakers of Purity Maid I007 BIGLEY AVENUE CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA , ,Q ,sun ...moan Bread Cakes ies 2, N" ff This machine is one of the many at Superior Laundry which gives quality workmanship. Kanawha Boulevard at Truslow. Phone 2-6115. 135 ' 9 S -For .Adventures in Good Eating .,A, Recommended by DUNCAN H I NES An Adventure ln: ' VARIETY MENUS 0 PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE 0 SUPERB FooD ' CHARCOAL STEAKS UNITED CARBON A striking example of handsome architecture is the United Carbon Building. Here we find the office of the UNITED CARBON COMPANY and many other important firms. Phone 2-1161. If It's Safe . .. If It's Clean... If It's Cool . .. If It's Fast . .. If It's Economical ...THEN "Of course It's ELECTRIC" Dolores Withrow APPALACHIAN ELECTRIC POWER CO.. we xi, fa 22,1 N 1, X? X mf w We fax! A ,. K , 4. 1 ' 1 -,magma f 451 i 1 X ' .r x M. Q " H- ? X AGSZSIQ. sw: 'WN vi Mm Q Q W' ,, ' Lf, xx g A -+"f .. . S A 3 A , guy It J - o n S x S k 'Wings ,X RQ 4 f Q -M ,fa Y . 1 -945 W . A w f W - 5. . - 1 A 1 - . ,f .SN , gp-NM , W bv- K A HL' A . .. mfakgv - X Y' : EL - .-.lysisir .Kg . fE,,:,m:f .I:'. 1 .ww ye ne: 9. , if 3-41 A 8 4 ai, Y Q s Q i K :kg x . .. .... 4.-W-f 'M' I 57 f"Y'5 Sf il v 4 . Ni Y K 1- MS S' im ek x H 1-J Y wi? S35 A g Y A mei ll :gf xii. Va .LZ Wi' 'MW' ,Rif f Q 1 m x if Q 1 L.we wr. A is CJn9rafufafi0n5, ,gzniom jam BAIRD HARDWARE C0 331 WASHINGTON STREET, WEST DIAL Z-5173 BONH11M'S for the best in Dairy Products SISSONVILLE STAR ROUTE PHONE 3-4111 Gimp Alflflfelflf fo of .14 Syriana! CZm,.6mmf5 Of fiae CHARLESTDN BUILDING AND CDNSTRUGTIDN TRADES CDUNCIL Affiliated Local Unions A. F. of L. N ncy knows she can always Obtain fruit and vege a t bles f the finest quality at Bcns Fruit Store. 616 Virginia eet E. Phone 2-5333. PARKINS MOTORS, INC. HOPES THAT EACH ORAOUATING SENIOR OF I9S3 WILL MAKE A NAME FOR HIMSELE IN THE WORLD, A NAME THAT WILL WIN FAME FOR HIMSELE, HIS FAMILY, HIS FRIENDS, ANO OF COURSE FOR STONEWALL JACKSON l 4 ,Ann Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow has not comeg Today is here- Put only the best in today. DeLUXE STUDIO. 710Vz Lee Street. Phone 3-3225. """" 142 CONGRATULATIONS SEN I ORS from ELK FINANCE COMPANY CORNER OF WASHINGTON STREET AND BIGLEY, OVER VALLEY BELL DAIRY GRADE PASTEURIZED ilk- Cream Mount Vernon Dairy Company DIAL 2-3109 800 Pennsylvania Avenue Elite Dry Cleaning and Laundry o PHONE 2-1 125 N lionally advertised in OGUE o MADEMOISELLE M C EAN'S W. VA. SATURDAY EVE NG POST LADIES' HOM J SPECIALIZED AUTOMOTIVE SALES AND SERVICE MacFadden Ignition Company I06-I08 Broad Street Charleston, W. Va. SIMPSON FUNERAL HOME J. A. IJERRYI ADAMS, Owner Air Conditioned Funeral Cars - Limousines AMBULANCES 2I0 Broad Street Phone 2-6I 3I WHITE'S GARAGE, INC. Complete Auto and Truck Service 24 HOURS DAILY 7 DAYS A WEEK IOI6 Virginia Street, East Phone 3-9486 143 Compliments of THE QUALITY PRESS, INC. CORRIE HARDWARE CO. Phone 2-6125 PRINTING - LITHOGRAPHING ENGRAVING 810 KANAWHA BOULEVARD, EAST CHARLESTON, W. VA. Pennsylvania Ave. G' Washington St. PHONE 6-0418 G ls, the perfect place to buy that ring you're dreaming The quality service of Bradley's Department Store ca f IS Mann Jewelers. 103 Capitol Street. Phone 6-0355. not be excelled. 1603 Washington Street West. 3-1343 The Safe Assurance- PILOT LIFE INSURANCE Professional Building Phone 6-3821 144 Capital City Commercial College PHONE 3-2435 H. L. COTTON DISPENSING OPTICIAN 1027 Quarrier Street GOFF-MATTH EWS PLUMBING COMPANY 506-08 Capitol Street Phone 3-2133 Charleston l, W. Vo. EDWIN W. TABOR LAKE R BELL l 1 l l Bill, Ann, Barbara, and Freddy stop for a refreshing A11 budget-wise girls know that the Community Beauty snack at Jim's Cafe. 714 Virginia Street West. Shop does outstanding work for prices that will fit your budget. 1505-A Washington Street W. Phone 2-8531. We offer courses in Accounting, Shorthand, Secretarial, Calculating Machines, Speedwrit- ing and all allied subjects. Approved for Veterans ENTER ANY MONDAY Charleston School of Commerce A. H. DAINGERFIELD DON HOFF President Vice P.-Registrar MORRISON BLDG. PHONE 3-0l26 LOVETT'S DEPARTMENT STORE o 205 WEST WASHINGTON STREET CHARLESTON, W. VA. Phone 3-4170 145 a Congratulations to Students and Teachers For a Great Job Well Done . . . from W. B. JONES FOOD STORES STONEWALL SECOND AVENUE 1205 Washington Street, W. 239 2nd Ave., So. Charlest Dial 6-0592 Dial 4-1993 Shop with us where shopping is a pleasure STAN'S AUTO ELECTRIC 413 FLORIDA STREET DIAL 3-6341 Expert Automatic Electrician W. B. Jones, Owner OWLIQ AWLZVL fri 0 EllMSTER'S ocAL 175 A. r. L. 0 D1sT1NcT1oN VALUE L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro Massachusetts Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations - Diplomas Personal Cards Club Insignia - Medals and Trophies Representative: Mr. C. Joseph Richardson P. O. Box l95 Sistersville, W. Va. QUALITY SERVICE STAY WELL INF QRMEDI The only Charleston newspaper which brings you the combined reports of: -The Associated Press 'The United Press the uJorld's two greatest news-gathering agencies THE CHARLESTDN DAILY MAIL CQFFMAN CABLISH OPTICAL COMPANY BAKING COMPANY DISPEN SING OPTICIANS The Home of Fine Agency for Leading Hearing Aids 900 Christopher Street 323 PROFESSIONAL BUILDING 2 Charleston, W. Va. first in circulation first in advertising first in public service The Charleston Gazette The State Newspaper n.. VS , ,Q iyui, U .ii-. di. 1 M6-iw' .ef we flfififf QU' if of 15,41 . i:i.15LQJ'iC'1f I M15 H 5 for .1-,K A. V - , .Y , gg, I ' A fi 4. 0' f.84:'fw fe.. ff' J' 3. JW' A , gpg' 4 k Rf . ,ff ju 55 an f' www iw 2' ' J ' ff .1 Q M' gr 7 q f 1 m izfiwj -MAQJVJJ 1212434 13 fre Q A J' W' ' For a delightful after school snack with the gang, stop at Schrader's Cafe. 421 Virginia Street W. Phone 2-9101. .. ..... I 'ru E ls TA ne : h Between Amr two Points 149 It . THIS ANNUAL WAS LITHOGRAPHED BY MATHEWS PRINTING Cr LITHOGRAPHING COMPANY 600-602 CAPITOL STREET CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA P0125 01' 5 sry ,x 0 9 Q-r Q 'L F5 ' in 4 Q .4 Q FJ. Q Y " A5519 c no wfedqmemf Now as many of us must leave the vicinity of 'tGlenwood," the staff wish to take this opportunity to express deepest appreciation to all who have made this yearbook possible. To Mathews Printing and Lithographing Company for their fine work in lithographing this annualg to Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wallace of DeLuxe Studio for the excellent portraits of our faculty and seniors, as well as group pictures in organization and athletic sectionsg to Miss Mary E. Ken- nedy for her unlimited time and work in publishing this bookg to Mr. E. Byron Meyer for his valuable advice to the art staffg to Miss Berenice Collins for her suggestion of "Glenwood" as the themeg and to The Charleston Daily Mail for athletic action shots-we extend heartiest thanks. Certainly the advertisers and sponsors who have loyally supported this annual throughout the years cannot be forgotten, for without their vital assistance this yearbook could not exist. To the staff for their boundless patience and cooperation in the pro- duction of the Glenwood Edition of the Jacksonian, we express the hope that it will be a reminder of happy times in the school that has grown up in the shadow of t'Glenwood." o f Jvnl that v N S, -x , , 5 sk' sdlfiifiiif "J , 5 if JW 'LQ I l' ' ' if t -. ,,,-v A Friend Arrowood Jewelry Company Baker Equipment Company Barrack Auto Supply Barton Street Grocery Capitol City Body Works Corner Drug Store Cunningham Grocery Embees of Charleston Eschan Jewelers Goldfarb Supply Company Gravely and Moore I-fm if ' L51 iii' it HQ :fini '33 3 I 51147 It Grayson's Jewelers J. P. Gunther, Jeweler Kanawha Spring Service Inc. Haynes Music Company Herndon Wholesale Company Jarrett Printing Company Joe's Surplus and Supplies Madison's Incorporated Merrill's Photo N uckles Realtors Schoolfield Harvey Electric Trojan Steel Company K ADVERTISERS' INDEX H. B. Agsten, Jr. ,.,,,,,,..,..,.7.,w..................,.,.A,.., .AAA,, r Amick Refrigeration A,..,.,.,,,,...v..,.....,..........,,.,,....,..,,. American Health Insurance Corporation Y,A,,,,.,,.. Appalachian Electric Power Company, .,.,,,,,,,,.,,, ,, Bailey 8x Kelly ,...................,.. Baird Hardware Company ,..,r,, Balfour, L. G., Company ..,.,. . Bank of West Virginia ..,...,.. Bartlett Funeral Home r,.....,,,.., Beech Avenue Beauty Shop ,...,.. Ben's Fruit Store, .,...r,.,...,,,,.,,,., Boll Furniture. .r.r,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, Bonham Dairy ,.,............,...,..,.,r,.,,,. Bradley Department Store .....,. Burford's Pharmacy ,r,.,,,,,,,,,,,ir Cablish Baking Company i,.i,,,,,,,,,,, Capital City Commerce College ,.rr,r Carey System Inc. ,r,,,r..,,,,,,,,,,,,i,, Central Glass ,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,.,.,,,r,ri. ,,,, Charleston Building Trades ......, Charleston Cut Flowers .....,,.,, Charleston Da1ly Mail .... ....,r.r Charleston Gazette ........., Charleston Laundry ,..,...,rrr.vr....r..r Charleston Motors. ..rr...r,,,.,,,,, ,, ,,,,, Charleston Printing Company ,rV....., Charleston School of Commerce ......t Charleston Transit .,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,r,,7AA,7v, Coffman Optical t.....,..i...,r,,v,., Community Beauty Shop ...... Conlon Bakery ,,,,,,,rrri.,,,r,,,, Corrie Hardware H. L. Cotton ............,,.,,.,,.,,i,,,.,, Delaware Avenue Pharmacy ......,.. DeLuxe Studio ,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,77Vv,,,,ii Electronic Specialty Company ......,,. Elite Laundry ,..,...rrr,, ,.,.,,,.,,,.,,.,,,,77i,V Elk Laundry ...,.,,,,,,,,,..,, H. D. Ellis Grocery ,,....,.. Empire Diner ,.,,.,r, ,,.,.,,, Fife Street Shoe Shop ,..,.,,r,,r. Florida Street Drug Store ,V,..,,, Fulknier Hardware .,,r,,,,,,,-,,Ai,, G. Russell French Company v......, Galperin Music Company, .,...... Gates Paint Company ,,,,iA,,,,-- General Truck Sales ,rrrr,,,M,, , Glamour Beauty Shop ,v,Y,,,,,A.YY,,..,.AAA,vVVv Goff-Matthews Plumbing Company ,..,rr, Golden Flake Donuts ,r,r,r,,,,,,,,,vi,pA,i7, Greyhound ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.A,i777v,w,,A. Hanna Insurance Company ,t.... Holsum Bakery. ,v,,.,,,,-,,,,,,,i,io,-,- , Hugh Stewart Motors ....,,,v... Imperial Cleaners ...,.... Jxm's Cafe .....................,......, Jones Printing Company- Kanawha Furniture ..........., Ke1ly's Men Shop ...,..., King's Restaurant ...,...,.,.,,., Laird Office Equipment Company Lincoln Jewelers ................. Lovett's Department Store Lowman's Drug Store .,..... MacFadden Ignition Company Mann Jewelers..- ............. Mathews Printing and Lithographxng Company McClures Appliances. ..,.,,,... McCormick Jewelers ....,...... Miller Brothers Used Cars O. J. Morrison ..,.....,..,........ Mount Vernon Dairy ........ One-Hour Martinizing ...... .. Parkins Motors ..,........... Pauley Cleaners, ...,............. Pende1l's Delicatessen ,..,..... Persinger's Incorporated.. Phillip's Drive-in r..,,., ,,,.,,,,, Pile Hardware ,....,,,..........., Pilot Life Insurance. ,,..,..., B. Preiser 8z Company ,... Purity Maid Bakery ..,,,r. Quality Press .......,...... Schrader's Cafe c........,..... Scott Drug .............,.......,...... Simpson Funeral Home .... Singer Sewing Center ..,..... Moses Skaff Grocery ,,r.,., S. Spencer Moore ....,...,....... Sterling Restaurant. ...,..... Stonewall Jackson Cafeteria Stonewall Jackson Club .... Stonewall Food Market... Superior Laundry ........,..,,. Sutler Paint Company ,,,.., Teamster's Local No. 175 Thaxton Drug Store .,.t.,.,t United Carbon Company.. Valley Motors r..,........,,.,,..,,, The Vogue ...,.,..,,..... Walter's Linoleum ,,........,.. West Virginia Brick ,.,,,...r. West Virginia Water Service wh1t8'S Garage, ......r..,..,...i., Wright Tire and Battery Company Y. M. C. A ...............,..... ,..... Young Floral Company .... -zraiiii 717""'?33"'6v. 515333555-g41f:::,,,,. -rw W l-:N . 31 .--'1l'f':..-F3QEi5i.:z., ::. 1. XX 'l 'N F 'A" A' ' -mf'-'2e.s:. ru, .. V-N X Xxla " "" . .. . ' ' 1 . .-4f'1:-.e.xf-..:af::- 7 .... '-Q ' -. -A F YA -sh: .V In , 'x.'.j,-2 RX MV I :-Q ..... . .. .,.. -.-..-. .,.. X -V h ,"' X, ' "'r1." . Q XX- X 1' .f 4 . ,lf If x rx- K- , Auf L KR? P,-A-,,... is 9 2 5 1:1 9 I ! 1 A ,,.-5 .R -' 55 .NJ ,XX 'XL-1,-'F X H 3 M , -R ..,w v:x,.. f' '- W. .. . W -sr,-X I X,-. .y X X . 5. -xx X -1' If K.-f--Si .. N., 4-1 , ' ' 'Z af- G2 5 Vw' '- F 5: f' T. -. , X ...x -..x . ,, . f 1 Q P , ' MM A y ,Z Y - 5 91 W P X 2 vt X' x 1 v : 4 x N X-. .ff-"Zyl . f-ff' FJ 'N N . , W Q 'XX V ff A -lxfsx -- 1 3 C , 5 -X.,--' 3 E H 2 E 1 K xx X, . I - 1 A NX I Q i V -. Q H555-'92-5- ' Q 7 "X , I 5 M , .J ffg -A IA df 5 XX jf Q ff I. , 1 ' - ,N NA K - If -- ' x V -.1 ' . . if 5 ,kg .pin .,Z ,' . I XJ -..,.,- f .- ' I I XM! fi Q x WF H fNi'X.f!X'.,? ,,Aj'X,f"X-' T N X.- , ,lxvfv AJ JV -71 A 1953 f. gqjijwl ,,,,HfjL1lU aj4UD": f A ,,,Q. ,I XV! I f ' f ..-.,,.Q

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Stonewall Jackson High School - Jacksonian Yearbook (Charleston, WV) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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