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 - Class of 1952

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I s x 1 E ! 1 i 4 K 'ga g MV ll ill 152635 'D -0 I I Tl-IE" JDCKSONIQN ,..-,,,- -Xxx, , -Q., . Q 1 V , QM.. -vw 4...g..,. .. ..,,,---ws. ,ff - .. .f-H ...Z , 1 v K , Z! LHB rSk9CK28vWv!V5 "' 2 2 - ffi+39fw R235 'J ' Q -U ,,,.,,.-fd 1 5 fag, Y V A J ' 1, Q 59? -' if Eg 3-N"""W"-1 i- if 1 1? .ig L-'T-,, , , g ,M g111111'1111'1111'1'1'4'1 1Q'11111l1111!1lI EDITOR ..... . .Barbara Carney ADMINISTRATION . . .Emogene Haynes SENIOR CLASS . . . .Pat Radford UNDERCLASSMEN . . .Betty Slider Marilyn Kincaid ORGANIZATIONS . . . Freda Simon ATHLETICS ...... Stan Clifton GIRLS' ATHLETICS . . .Carolyn Boling FEATURES ....... Mary Chandler BUSINESS MANAGER . .Patsy Carter ADVERTISING MANAGER Betty Jean Smith Roger Baird BOOKKEEPER . . . Virginia Porterfield SUBSCRIPTIONS . . .Mary Lou Legg PHOTOGRAPHY . . .Robert Kushner ART ..... . .Don Lee Richard Bartlett LAYOUTS . . .Kenneth Shaw TYPISTS .... . .Natalie Strickler Imogene Waybright STAFF ASSISTANTS2 Lynn Bedell, Jim Burgess, Mitchell Burrus, Lois Cham- bers, Betty Coulter, Helen Dixon, Jean Dodd, Betty Fields, Roseanne Forbes, Lou Ann Hall, Nancy Henry, Ann Hud- dy, Evelyn Jordan, Sally Leonard, June Mefford, Ben Mahmoud, Sue McClain, Judy McCutcheon, Betty Miller, Helen Montgomery, Diana Park, Shirley Phillips, Everett Parsons, Douglas Rabel, Jerry Ray, Myrna Ross, Joe Ser- gent, Carolyn Shaver, Dolores Tate, Don Tate, Pat Wal- ters, Doris Warner. ADVISERS ,..,,.,,, ,,.....,,.. M ary E. Kennedy E. Byron Meyer Copyright Deluxe Studio O 1.15, i Q ,Q , 'b 1, 4 xxx , -. W, 'xy XXX x X , 'w q E xx Q , X, :ab 'R xg 1 'Illia- WUI: "Showboat 'round the bend!" A century ago this phrase connotated plea- sure, excitement, and also plenty of work. The arrival of the boat was anticipated by the people along the river who worked hard and planned carefully in order to enjoy to the fullest the fun afforded during the stay of the showboat. The playbill received on board was a to- ken through which visitors could recall with nostalgiathe good times-now gone forever. This symbol made possible living again and again the gay times aboard the showboat. This year's annual is made with the one hope that it may accord the graduating class pleasant memories of the bright moments experienced at Stonewall in much the same manner as the showboat playbill recalled the jolly times on the river. W 41 JMU! ggy 2 6 AH had To 5JfOmwa!l Ja.d45on ii: I Q wQa Jf1J1QwJw J 1 Pledgg Our' ,Qjalv -- we Srkdrlcil U, 6 E JJ: J Jig .ww GL1mx. M64 dzWf,,f, We Wm 4w,,0,nf1,ww.We'zf 6 I JJLQJQ :LU 1 J ALJ i 5 - I X S. S. Jackscnian Presents Act l Administration Act ll Slasses Scene l: Seniors Scene ll: Juniors Scene lll: Sophomores Act lll organizations Act lll Athletics Scene l: Football Scene ll: Basketball s ball Scene lll: Bae Scene lv: Track Actv Features Act lll Advertising 1 - f l?'S fo ll "' W 17570 70' QW fm "' ' if ,WI ,img , 0 1 "!f7'f 0 W 'f . u , 'Q 0' ' 42 I av X1 xg 'i "' 6 ' v X 6 4 I' Il f, X I ag " Yao gg, if vw Q' llll 'Ill N X Q Q' xlibs! 1 XG' ' - ex NX! i?xWw xx Qc! S 3 ig X A X Buss 3' 1 AQ FQ? 'F -Q P G3 5 f ' 'N E I :Q E ce s -g X sung - wa' u 55 N t ' . . X 'EP 1fr221f.' , Zf 132: :E 'ii I ,ff B-vig! 91 i YZ : " -il Of.f,:e.. ' -5 , ,,, " , .'-ii..0"0i I. Ig 1 - ag, . ' gi H X 5 3' .3 'JR' aj - ' 4 ' a 5 I .gi f , ' ' - E 55 , op J ' ' --'ob I '- S 5 pun- X -fp f , ,. ' : ' -, I ,K E- Q' "3 vi '51 f'-3 " xl ' 13" 1 ""' ef 5 1 9 78' 0, A U . 896 ff' ,Z -e .sw X '-A R - 0 -QX ,. X Q ' f 22 Q Q X ll llll ,,,, 0,9 X J? ',?. In llllh ,Alt ,gl ,faq Q. . 'bm-ff' SW it 0730 vi? f aifxvx le 9 7 ' 'l" I '01 fl' I 4' ug I 'lj ,"! N T vt' Q A Q' ' 0 X "J ,Lf 42? X ' f I 0: w 1. 0" Llllq .7 600' X 'j' 'I -1. I ' UI ,, LMI, gn' ,gf , 7 J f X N J! M I I ' ' W' I ,il M' 1' i f 5? f' if jx' W jg Zu 'fly 37, wg 6,2 Z 4, ? if WA" x wmkxk MADMINISTRATION EW 63224 q II 2 S5 1 C , X " 7 YWI- 11:9 I' "Q I-S. -. 9-7 A A ,rp J O lg? :Q 4 ll 0' 1, I? , I X sg: , - Y-- 0:1 I V ! W ua ' ,H Q" ' 'W 1 a "If, U 5 0. 7 I! r 9 I Ugg, 'ltr' 0,3 "Oy Ill' 11" M' ill, 'ca 1 9 Iliff Q ll 4 W ini' f , 'I 1 Throughout the school day, Miss Virginia Atkinson, our charming Dean of Girls, is busy taking care of the problems that arise from many differ- ent activities. It would be impossible to find a more eflicient dean who would take as great an interest in the girls. Good-natured and always coopera- tive describes Stonewall's Dean of Boys, Mr. George E. Steadman. The personal problems of the boys are soon alleviated under his skillful guid- ance. He well deserves the position he has secured as one of the most popular executives at Stonewall. Mrs. Juanita Auer competently acts as secretary of our school. She effi- ciently performs her many duties, which include handling finances, mail, and school records as well as aiding students and teachers whenever pos- sible. Stonewall students owe much to their capable secretary. LUCILLE ARMSTRONG ORRAL BURDETTE DORIS CHEESMAN RALPH B. CURREY STUART P. ARMSTRONG ELAINE BUSH WILLIAM CLINE JENNIE BACKUS 212. REBA cAs'rlLLos BERENI CE COLLINS JEAN BOURNE RUBY CHAPMAN AGNES CRABTREE LUCILLE ARMSTRONG: History, Fu- ture Teachers of America, A.B., M.A., Glenville State College, Marshall Col- lege. STUART P. ARMSTRONG: English and Journalism, Head of English De- partment, Jackson Journal, Quill and Scroll, A.B., M.A., West Virginia Uni- versity. JENNIE BACKUS: History, Sopho- more Sponsor, A.B., M.A., West Vir- ginia Wesleyan College, Ohio State. JEAN BOURNE: English, Co-director of Troupers, A.B., West Virginia Uni- versity. ORRAL L. BURCETTE: Biology, Amer- ican Red Cross, Ed.M., B.S., West Vir- ginia Institute of Technology, Duke University. ELAINE BUSH: Latin and English, Latin Club, A.B., West Virginia Uni- versity. REBA CASTILLOS: Spanish, Spanish Club, A.B., M.A., Marshall College, Na- tional University of Mexico. RUBY CHAPMAN: French and Eng- lish, French Club, B.A. M.A., Marshall College, George Peabody College for Teachers. DORIS CHEESMAN: Biology, Student Council, B.S., M.A., West Virginia Uni- versity, Columbia University. WILLIAM F. CLINE: Related Science and Drawing, Head of Vocational De- partment, B.S., M.A., Ohio University. BERENICE E. COLLINS: Biology, Head of Science Department, National Honor Society, A.B., M.S., Randolph-Macon, University of Virginia. AGNES CRABTREE: Social Science, Head of Social Studies Department, So- cial Studies Council, A.B., M.A., Wes- leyan, Columbia University. RALPH B. CURREY: Distributive Edu- cation, -Co-director of Troupers. Na- tional Thespians, A.B., M.Ed., Glen- ville State Teachers, College, Univer- sity of Pittsburgh. GERTRUDE GLADA DRASNIN: Phy- sical education, Girls' Athletic Associa- tion, B.S., B.P.E., University of Wis- consin. GERTRUDE DRASNIN STONEWALL IS MUCH IN DEBT TO MR. MARTIN FOR DIRECTING OUR MOVIE PROGRAM 12 LLOYD ERHARD: Bookkeeping, Busi- ness law, General Business, B. S., M.A., West Virginia University, Uni- versity of Kentucky, Harvard Univer- sity. REBA FAIRCLOTH: History, Y-Teens, B.S., M.A., Mary Washington College of Virginia, West Virginia University. CECIL GEE: Industrial Electricity. FERG GIANNAKIS: Physical Educa- tion, B.S., Morris Harvey College. WILLIAM S. GILBERT: History, Uni- ted Nations Club, A.B., M.A., Univer- sity of Kentucky, Indiana University. NORA GOAD: T y p i n g , Shorthand, Bookkeeping, P.T.A. Representative, A.B., Ed. M., New River State College, University of Pittsburgh. ELIZABETH HAMILTON: English, B. S., Bowling Green State University, Ohio State University. J. LANDON HAMILTON: Mathematics, Head of Mathematics Department, A.B., M.A., Wittenberg College, Ohio State University. M. D. HARPER: Machine Shop. THOMAS HILL: Mathematics, A.B., West Liberty State Teachers' College, Duke University. CLYDE B. HUTSON: Physical Educa- tion and Coaching, A.B., Davis and Elkins College. VIRGINIA KARNES: Chemistry, Sci- ence Club, A.B., West Virginia Uni- versity. ELOISE KELLER: English, Senior Class Sponsor, A.B., M.A., Columbia University, Marshall College. MARY E. KENNEDY: English, Jack- sonian, A.B., M.A., Wilson College, Cor- nell University. LLOYD ERHARD REBA FAIRCLOTH WILLIAM S. GILBERT NORA GOAD M. D. HARPER THOMAS HILL CECIL GEE ELIZABETH HAMILTON CLYDE B. HUTSON FERG GIANNAKIS J. LAND ON HAMILTON VIRGINIA KARNES ELOISE KELLER POPULAR MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY ARE BUSY READING MORNING MAIL IN THE OFFICE. MARY E. KENNEDY 13 14 JANICE KIRBY MARY KYLE BETTY LANDAU LEE D. LAUGHLIN MAYTE LAUGHLIN DAISY B. LGMASTER EDGAR LOAR CORNELIA MARSHALL ---395, 1 C. H. MARTIN QUEED MCILHATTAN ILA MCQUEEN LUCILLE MEADOWS JANICE KIRBY: English, A.B., M.A., West Virginia University, University of Wisconsin, Marshall College. MARY KYLE: Biology, A.B., M.S., West Virginia University. BETTY LANDAU: Economic Geogra- phy, General Business, Typing Co-di- rector of Future Business Leaders of America, B.S., Ed.M., West Virginia University. LEE D. LAUGHLIN: Mechanical Draw- ing and Trade School, Athletic Busi- ness Manager. MAYTE LAUGHLIN: English, A.B., West Virginia University. DAISY B. LEMASTER: Mathematics, A.B., M.A., University of Iowa, Colum- bia University. EDGAR LOAR: Band and Orchestra, B.Mus., Ed., Sherwood Music School, Marshall College, Ohio University. CORNELIA MARSHALL: History, A.B., M.A., West Virginia University, Ohio State University. C. H. MARTIN: Physics, Visual Educa- tion, A.B., M.A., West Virginia Univer- sity. QUEED McILHATTAN: Dietician. ILA McQUEEN: Shorthand, Typing, A.B., M.A., Marshall College, Columbia University. LUCILLE MEADOWS: Clerical Pro- cedure, Office Practice, Bookkeeping, Tying, Co-director of Future Business Leaders of America, A.B., Glenville State Teachers' College. TEACHERS AS WELL AS STUDENTS PROMOTE SCHOOL SPIRIT BY ATTENDING THE GAMES. 'in GULLEGE PREPARATUR Designed to prepare high school graduates for specialized study is the College Preparatory Course. The curriculum is carefully planned so that each student may meet the require- ments for the advanced education of his choice. Subjects which the course includes are those required by most colleges and universities. In mathematics, two or more years' credit is required for entrance. Schools of engineering require two years of algebra, plus plane and solid geometry. Thorough mathematical training is offered for those majoring in physical science, nursing, statistics, and aviation. Chemistry, an essential for those who continue into college chemistry, and a laboratory course in the fundamentals of physics, for those who plan to go to college and specialize in fields requiring math and science, is also offered. Language courses are a vital part of the college preparatory curriculum. Medical schools require two or three years of Latin, and most nursing schools require one or two years. In addition to the electives mentioned, all students are re- quired to have American history, world history, biology, and four years of English. A full schedule is supplied to meet all requirements for college entrance, thus providing the prerequi- sites needed by students who intend to enter the professions. In the plane geometry class, John Warner explains a theorem which aids the students in solving the required problems. -I I i Current publications help the P. O. D. class to understand Latin posters are very interesting to Nina Keffer and David World affairs. Savage. , Hill ix Us Qiiffa Mrf P.-rl X Burette equipment aids Connie Campbell and Jim Smith in doing an experiment in chemistry class. 17 GENERAL UUURSE For those students who do not wish to follow any definite course of study, Stonewall offers the General Curriculum. A wide range of subjects is offered in this course. One may take any of the electives he desires, but along with these he must also take certain required subjects. Students take the General Course for many reasons. Some, perhaps, do not plan to enter college and therefore see no reason for following the college preparatory sequence. Others possibly began one course but decided they no longer wanted to continue in that curriculumg therefore they switch to the General Course. Then finally there are those students who just can not decide what they will do when they finish school, so they take a variety of subjects. In this way they can enrich their experiences and broaden their interests without choosing a specialized curriculum. Strength and vitality are obtained through the exercise of playing Keeping the proper weight by balanced meals IS important to basketball good health. e 2 Q 1 -5 l'-W ' xwlfffxh f Q f gif Af f'V,,7m,, h,,M,.,. M.,,M..A www , Y , , gy, A, P w a 2-21' 2553 - si me mm ' V,gVg"15:lf'zg f if W I - F wi-r,,sgfu 'z h ,,.- - I ,M - ,V ,.. H .. ., ,, QQ? ,QM fx 7 MG, -'iii awww K, -'rr ' S 'V' Accuracy and efficiency are the keynotes of training for business students in the shorthand classes. We avr- .Vg,fl5l-fqek . t - 1 ight: 'if A , , .,- ., In bookkeeping class Jack Clark balances his worksheet. Good salesmanship as learned in D. E. class is demonstrated by Tommy Harpold. BUSINESS EDUSATIUN Ranking as the largest in Stonewall, the Business Education Department is composed of a great many students under the supervision of seven teachers. It trains a student in English usage, shorthand, bookkeep- ing, typing, business math, office practice, filing, and many other useful subjects to help a student in obtaining a position immediately after graduating from high school. The department's plan is to provide guidance, training, placement, and follow-up. Every five years the business teachers of Kanawha County conduct a follow-up of the business education graduates for the purpose of evaluat- ing instructional material and curriculum. The common business principles and practices that everyone should know are incorporated in the more technical as well as the social business subjects. A closely associated organi- zation is the Future Business Leaders of America. fha Learning how to use different office machines is an essential part of the business course taught in the ofiice practice class. PRAUTIUAL ARTS To encourage healthful, happy living is one of the goals of the Home Economics department. Food and clothing classes offer training for the more practical side of home life. In these classes, future homemakers have an oppor- tunity to become familiar with the practical arts of the home. Those who follow the foods course learn the funda- mentals of cooking and the making of an attractive table setting. Scientific study of foods, nutrition, and proper choice and preparation of meals are included in this course. Cooking is not confined to girls alone, however, the boys may enroll for the chefs' class as an elected subject. Clothing courses begin with construction and theory. Under able direction, the girls advance at their own speed. Sewing, poise, and good grooming are a few of the essentials which are taught in the sewing class. All girls could benefit from the training offered in the Homemaking Department, because the most important vocation of life is that of homemaking. All the boys in Miss Rose s chef class are gathered around watching the demonstration un' .4 ,.,A , In foods class Lois Wilkinson and Peggy Hall are carefully mixing The style show iS all annual Event Sponsored by the Clflthiflg the batter. department' Knowing the art of sewing is an essential part of every girl's life. In the sewing class all methods of sewing are introduced. One ensemble of the music department is the string trio composed of Louise, Lou Ann and John. A trio arrangement is rehearsed in music class by Bob, Jay, and Dale. PINE ARTS The art curriculum serves varied needs. A beginning course includes perspective, letter- ing, and design. Here students learn to cul- tivate the artist's ideas in line and color and enrich their work by training the powers of observation and appreciation of beauty. Com- plete freedom is given to the advanced art students who may work in any desired Held so that they may be better prepared for a bright future in art. An enjoyable and varied program is offered by the Music Department. Subjects taught are general music, which includes an intro- duction to the related subjects of music his- tory and appreciationg harmony, which is required of music majorsg chorus, which pro- vides for both sight reading and stage expe- rience during concert season. In the art department, Everett is seen as he works on one of his proJects VUUATIUNAL Providing for those who must earn a living after graduation is the purpose of the Vocational Shop De- partment. It offers unlimited opportunities for the boy who works well with tools and machines. Industrial arts, mechanical drawing, electric and machine shop, sheet metal, and other subjects enable the student to become a skilled tradesman in the field of his choice. Each shop course is organized to present practical experience and knowledge in the basic methods of industrial production and the application of trade fundamentals. All related subjects provide the student with general shop informa- tion as to safety, mathematics, and science. The course is opened only to junior and senior boys who can best profit from shop experience. After successfully complet- ing the vocational course, the student is able to take his position as a skilled worker in the community. With compass poised and pencil ready, Dick Miller explains the intricacies of the blueprints to Roy Summerfield Herb Fitzsimmons, and Nelson Harrison. l I u 1 ,AAAAXJQIXIAJ ,AAsA-.AA 0 ' Q r o ' 'N f - Q s X 1 ' . Q O -J . cmssns 28 -AA: .AJ .AAI QA. E ND".- I 3 'S f"d""4'w Af v,jf .J Q, QW ,X . X I 5, ...W- L 1- - gb! 1 11 g . 'fans 1.f:'s'v-if.i5f'rki"' ' wwf M3244 -gi p5,Qq..1 , .3 tgisggfg- -Y xA- g jk, AA-AA .JN-A MAWQ 11 4' Q : in UN -A 'Vt MF . 4 ,W if ' ff? -v SE btw .ff ' A as ., S E R QPFT, DON J' is GRADUATING DONALD ADKINS CARL AGSTEN FRANCES ALDERSON MINNIE FLO ALLISON EUGENE AMORY PEGGY ANDERSON ROSE ANDERSON SUKAROL ANDERSON LOLA ANKROM C. B. ARNETT, JR. TAMARA ASHMORE EARL ASHWORTH JAMES ASHWORTH BETTY BAILEY DENVER BAILEY STAN BAKER HUGH BALLARD, JR. MELVIN BALLARD CONNIE BARKER. 30 DONALD ADKINS: Vocational: Foot- ball, Track, Student Council .... CARL AGSTEN: College Preparatory: Band .... FRANCES ALDERSON: College Preparatory: Orchestra, G.A.A., Social Studies C o u n c i 1 , Troupers, Spanish Club, Latin Club, U. N. Club, Y-Teens, Stitch and Stir, Science Club, Library Assistant, Jackson Journal. MINNIE FLO ALLISON: College Pre- paratory: G. A. A., Stitch and Stir, French Club, Troupers, Y-Teens .... EUGENE AMORY: General: Band, Boys' Chorus .... PEGGY ANDER- SON: General .... ROSE ELLEN AN- DERSON: Stenographic. SUKAROL ANDERSON: College Pre- paratory: Latin Club, Girls' Glee Club, Y-Teens, F. T. A .... LOLA MARIE ANKROM: Home Economics: Stitch and Stir, Junior Red Cross, Y-Teens, G. A. A., Band, Majorettes, Troupers. . . . C. B. ARNETT, JR.: College Pre- paratory: Orchestra, Latin Club, Sci- ence Club, French Club, Band, Jackson Journal .... TAMARA ASHMORE: College Preparatory: French Club, Band, Orchestra, F. T. A., Stitch and Stir, G. A. A. EARL ASHWORTH: General: Varsity Club, Football .... JAMES ASH- WORTH: Vocational . . . BETTY ANN BAILEY: Bookkeeping: G. A. A., Junior Red Cross .... DENVER BAILEY: Vocational. STAN BAKER: Art .... HUGH C. "DUSTY" BALLARD, JR.: College Preparatory .... MELVIN BALLARD: General: Band .... CONNIE BARKER: Stenographic: F. T. A., Library Club, Y-Teens. RICHARD BARTLETT: Art: Jack- sonian .... CARL H. BEANE: Col- lege Preparatory: Band, F. B. L. A. . . . WALTON ULERIC BEAUVAIS: Bookkeeping: Hi-Y, F. B. L. A., Track, Visual Aid. JIM BEHELER: General: French Club, Social Studies Council .... EARL L. BERKEBILE: College Preparatory .... JAMES RAY BIBBEE: Vocational .... WANDA BIRD: Distributive Educa- tion. JACK BISHOP: Vocational .... SUE BLANKENSHIP: Stenographic: Y- Teens, F. B. L. A., F. T. A .... GARY R. BLOSS: General: Varsity Club, Base- ball .... CHRISTIE ELAINE BOGG- ESS: Clerical. MARGARET BOTKINS: Bookkeeping: F. T. A., Y-Teens, Library Club .... CAROLYN BOWLES: Clerical: Band, Orchestra, F. T. A., F. B. L. A .... HELEN BRIDGES: General: Stitch and Stir, Girls' Glee Club, F. B. L. A .... JOSEPH BROWN, JR.: Vocational. CHARLES BUCHANAN: Vocational. . . . CARL BURDETTE: Vocational. . . . JAY BURDETTE: General: Boys' Chorus .... RAYMOND BURGESS: Vocational. RICHARD BAm'LE'r'r CARL BEANE wAL1'oN YBEAUVAIS JIM BEHELER EARL BERKEBILE JAMES BIBBEE WANDA BIRD JACK BISHOP SUE BLANKENSHIP GARY BLOSS CHRISTIE BOGGESS MARGARET BOTKINS CAROLYN BOWLES HELEN BRIDGES JOSEPH BROWN. JR. CHARLES BUCHANAN CARL BURDETTE JAY BURDETTE RAYMOND BURGESS . .un T-.- OTTIS BURGHER BILLY BURTON RODNEY BUSH FRANK CABELL ROCCO CALABRESE CONNIE CAMPBELL KENNETH CANTERBURY CARY CAPERTON BARBARA CARNEY CAROLE CARR JANET CARR DOT CARRICO OTTIS LYLE BURGHER: General: Bas- ketball, Hi-Y, Troupers .... BILLY BURTON: Vocational .... RODNEY BUSH: Vocational .... FRANK CABELL: College Preparatory: Latin Club, Spanish Club. ROCCO CALABRESE: General: Hi-Y, Varsity Club, Basketball Manager, So- cial Studies Council .... CONNIE CAMPBELL: C o l l e g e Preparatory: Girls' Glee Club, Student Council, Ex- ecutive Council, Social Studies Coun- cil, Stitch and Stir, Troupers, Jackson Journal, Latin Club, National Honor Society .... KENNETH CANTER- BURY: General: Hi-Y .... CARY CAPERTON: College Preparatory: Or- chestra, Cheerleader, National Honor Society, Thespian, Jackson Journal, Spanish Club, Latin Club, G. A. A., Troupers, Office Assistant, Honorary Science Club. BARBARA CARNEY: College Pre- paratory: National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Thespian, Troupers, Jack- sonian Editor, Latin Club, French Club, Executive Council .... CAROLE CARR: Stenographic: Junior Red Cross, F. B. L. A .... JANET "JIMMIE" CARR: Distributive Edu- cation: Girls' Glee Club .... DOT CARRICO: College Preparatory: Jack- son Journal, G. A. A., French Club, Latin Club, Quill and Scroll, Troup- ers, Thespian, National Honor Society, Junior Red Cross, Executive Council, Student Council, Girls' State. PATSY CARTER: College Preparatory: Latin Club, G. A. A., U. N. Club, So- cial Studies Council, Jacksonian, Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society. . . . OSCAR CASDORPH: Vocational. VELMA CASDORPH: Stenographic: F. B. L. A .... LOUISE "CASEY" CASE- BOLT: General: Y-Teens, G. A. A., Stitch and Stir, F. B. L. A., Gym Lead- ers, Troupers, Social Studies Council. PATSY CARTER OSCAR CASDOR GILBERT SEARS, FRANCINE YOUNG, AND BOB JOHNSON-SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS VELMA CASDORPH LOUISE CASEBOLT ROCHELLE CASHDAN: College Pre- paratory: G. A. A., Troupers, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Jackson Journal, Science Club, Quill and Scroll, Na- tional Honor Society, Thespians, Ex- ecutive Council, Girls' State .... JAMES CASTO: Vocational . . . HAR- OLD WILSON CAVENDER: Voca- tional .... HARVEY CARROLL CAV- ENDER: Art. LOIS CHAMBERS: College Prepara- tory: Girls' Glee Club, Jacksonian, Latin Club, Quill and Scroll, Orchestra, Stitch and Stir .... JOE CHANDLER: College Preparatory: Hi-Y, F. B. L. A. . . . ERMA CHAPMAN: Distributive Education .... JAMES CI-IIPMAN: General: Band. JANET LEE CLENDENIN: General: Y-Teens, Office Assistant, F. B. L. A., Stitch and Stir .... STAN CLIFTON: College Preparatory: Spanish Club, Junior Red Cross, Executive Council, Boys' State, Baseball, Varsity Club, J acksonian, Hi-Y, Quill and Scroll .... LIBBIE CLINE: College Preparatory: Girls' Glee Club, Latin Club, Spanish Club, U. N. Club, National Honor So- ciety, Quill and Scroll, Jackson Jour- nal, G. A. A., Troupers, Executive Council, Cheerleader, Girls' State .... ROBERT COLE: College Preparatory: Spanish Club. CYNTHIA COMERFORD: College Pre- paratory: Jackson Journal, G. A. A., Executive Council, Troupers, Thes- pians, Latin Club, Science Club, Cheer- leader, Quill and Scroll .... SHER- MAN OLIVER COONROD: College Preparatory: Hi-Y, French Club. SAMMY COREY: College Prepara- tory: Hi-Y .... BILL COTTRELL: Distributive Education. FRANCES, FRAN, AND TONI, SENIOR BEAUTIES, TAKE TIME TO SMILE FOR CAMERA ROCHELLE CASHDAN JAMES CASTO HAROLD CAVENDER HARVEY CAVENDER LOIS CHAMBERS JOE CHANDLER ERMA CHAPMAN JAMES CHIPMAN JANET CLENDENIN STAN CLIFTON LIBBIE CLINE ROBERT COLE CYNTHIA COMERFORD OLIVER COONROD SAMMY COREY BILL COTTRELL PEGGY COTTRILL BILL COURTNEY PATRICIA COVERT FRANK CRAZE k STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS JACK AND SAM PARTICIPATE IN MANY ACTIVITIES JAMES CREWS MARJORIE C3055 RICHARD cnownnn WILMA cnowifizii I EDDY CUNNINGHAM JAN CUMMINGS BRYAN CURREY LORETTA CYR-US PEGGY COTTRILL: General: Y-Teens, Stitch and Stir, F. B. L. A., Troupers. . . . BILL COURTNEY: Vocational. PATRICIA ANNE COVERT: Steno- graphic: G. A. A.: F. B. L. A., Troup- ers, Office Assistant .... FRANK D. CRAZE: College Preparatory: Varsity Club, Spanish Club, Hi-Y, Football. JAMES CREWS: Business .... MAR- JORIE CROSS: Stenographic: F. T. A. . . . RICHARD CROWDER: Dis- tributive Education .... WILMA CROWDER: Stenographic: G. A. A. EDDY CUNNINGHAM: Distributive Education .... JAN CUMMINGS: Gen- eral: Girls' Glee Club, G. A. A .... BRYAN CURREY: General: F. T. A., LORETTA CYRUS: Stenographic: G. A. A. CHRIS DASKALOS: Vocational: Hi-Y. . . . JOHNNY DASKALOS, JR.: Voca- tional: Thespians .... CARL DEAN: Vocational .... MARY JANE DePUE: General: Girls' Glee Club, Stitch and Stir. CHRIS DASKALOS JOHNNY DASKALOS, JR. CARL DEAN MARY DePUE Troupers, Social Studies Council .... DOLORES, CASEY, AND BARBARA DEMONSTRATE EXERCISE TECHNIQUES IN GYM ALLEENE DEVRICK: Distributive Education .... BEULAH DOBREFF: Stenographic: G. A. A. VIRGINIA DONALDSON: General: Jr. Red Cross, Latin Club .... DONNA DOUGLAS: Clerical: Girls' Glee Club. JACK DOYLE: College Preparatory: Varsity Club, Baseball .... PATSY DUFF: Distributive Education: G. A. A. . . . WIRT REXFORD DUFF: College Preparatory: Latin Club, U. N. Club, Student Council, Jackson Journal, Sci- ence Club .... PAT DUNBAR: Steno- graphic: G. A. A., F. B. L. A. WILLA JEAN DYKE: College Prepara- tory: Latin Club, Girls' Glee Club .... PHYLLIS EADES:'Clerical: G. A. A., Y-Teens .... BETTY ANN EARY: Stenographic: F. B. L. A., Jackson Journal .... WILMA EARY: Art: G. A. A., Library Assistant. JOHN BENNETT EASLEY, JR.: Col- lege Preparatory: Band, Boys' Chorus, Spanish Club .... DOROTHY MAE EDENS: Clarical .... HOBSON DA- VIS FISHER: Distributive Education . . . JIM FISHER: Vocational. ALLEENE DEVRICK BEULAH DOBREFF VIRGINIA DONALDSON DONNA DOUGLAS , 'U JACK DOYLE PATSY DUFF WIRT DUFF PAT DUNBAR JEAN DYKE PHYLLIS EADES BETTY EARY WILMA EARY JOHN EASLEY, JR. DOROTHY EDENS DAVIS FISHER JIM FISHER HERBERT FITZSIMMONS: Voca- tional: Varsity, Football .... DORIS FIZER: General: Orchestra, Band .... DELORES FLESHER: General: Span- ish Club, Gym Leader .... SAM FLESHMAN: College Preparatory: Jackson Journal, Latin Club, Troupers, Student Council, Executive Council. NANCY DON FREED: College Pre paratory: Latin Club, G. A. A., Spanisl Club, Student Council, Troupers, Jack son Journal, National Honor Society, Thespians, Cheerleader CHeadJ .... DALE FREELAND: College Prepara- tory: Latin Club, Boys' Chorus, Jack- son Journal .... JERRY FRENCH: General: Baseball, Social Studies Coun' cil .... CAROLYN LEE FRIEDMAN: Stenographic. MOE FULKS: General .... CAROL FULKS: General: Girls' Glee Club .... ELEANOR GARNETT: Business: Stitch and Stir, Girls' Glee Club .... MAR- GARET GARNES: Home Economics. BRUCE GARRETT: College Prepara- tory: Band .... ROGER CAMERON GOAD: College Preparatory: Latin Club, Spanish Club. MARY JANE GOFF: Stenographic. . . . CLYDE GRAHAM: General. HAROLD FULKS CAROL FULKS ELEANOR GARNETT MARGARET GARNES BRUCE GARRETT ROGER GOAD MARY GOFF CLYDE GRAHAM JIM, WAYNE, AND FRANK STOP IN THE HALL T0 DISCUSS PAST FOOTBALL GAMES JACK GREENWOOD: College Pre- paratory: Social Studies Council .... JOHN GREGORY: College Prepara- tory: Latin Club, Troupers, Orchestra, Band, Science Club, U. N. Club .... BOB GRIM: Vocational .... BENNY GUILLEMETTE: Distributive Educa- tion. LOU ANN HALL: College Prepara- tory: Science Club, Latin Club, Troup- ers, Band, Orchestra, Girls' Glee Club, National Honor Society, Jacksonian, U. N. Club .... BILL HALL: General. . . . SUE ANN HAMILTON: College Preparatory: Junior Red Cross, Science Club, Y-Teens, National Honor So- ciety, Quill and Scroll, Latin Club, Troupers, Jackson Journal .... JOHN PORTER HAMRIC: College Prepara- tory: Varsity Club, Basketball, Base- ball. BILL HANNA: General: Boys' Chorus, Football .... VIRGIL HARDING: Dis- tributive Education .... MARLIN "BUTCH" HARDMAN: College Pre- paratory: Boys' Chorus, French Club, Band, Social Studies Council .... THOMAS H. HARPOLD: Distributive Education: Visual Aid. ALLEN LEWIS HARRAH: College Preparatory: Spanish Club, Jackson Journal, Troupers, Boys' Chorus, Hi-Y. . . . BETTY JO HARRISON: Dis- tributive Education. HOBART HARRISON: Vocational. . . . JO ANN HARRISON: Distributive Education. JACK GREENWOOD JOHN GREGORY BOB GRIM BENNY GUILLEMETTE LOU ANN HALL BILL HALL SUE ANN HAMILTON, JOHN HAMRIC BILL HANNA VIRGIL HARDING MARLIN HARDMAN THOMAS HARPOLD ALLEN HARRAH BETTY JO HARRISON MANY SENIOR s'rUnENTs scmsnuus Fon LAs:r TIME AT s'roNEwALL JACKSON RORART HARRISON JO ANN HARRISON 37 NELSON HARRISON JOE HAS!-I JACKIE HAYES JIMMY IIAYNES ALTI-IA IIAYNES EMOGENE I-IAYNES SHIRLEY I-IEARN PAT HELMICK FLORRENE HERRALD DOLORES I-IOLLEY JOHN HOLSTEIN EDWIN HUDDLE BETTY IIUFFMAN LLOYD IIUMPHREYS JAMES IIYPES EDDIE JACKSON PAT AND EMOGENE WORK TOGETHER ON SEPARATE SECTIONS FOR JACKSONIAN BYRON NELSON HARRISON: Voca- tional: Hi-Y, Junior Red Cross, Visual Aid .... JOE I-IASII: College Prepara- tory: Baseball, Social Studies Council. JACKIE HAYES: Music: Band, French Club, Girls' Glee Club, G. A. A., Or- chestra .... JIMMY HAYNES: Voca- tional. -- ALTHA HAYNES: Distributive Edu- cation: F. B. L. A .... EMOGENE IIAYNES: College Preparatory: G. A. A., Jacksonian, Quill and Scroll .... SHIRLEY HEARN: Music: National Honor Society, Troupers, Girls' Glee Club, Stitch and Stir, Junior Red Cross, French Club .... PAT I-IELMICK: Distributive Education: Troupers, G. A. A. FLORRENE HERRALD: Stenographict G. A. A .... DOLORES HOLLEY: Stenographic: G. A. A., F. B. L. A., Gym Leader, Y-Teens .... JOHN HOL- STEIN: General: Band, Orchestra .... EDWIN HUDDLE: College Prepara- tory: Jackson Journal, Spanish Club, Thespians, Troupers, Science Club, Executive Council, Boys' State. BETTY I-IUFFMAN: College Prepara- tory: Majorette, Y-Teens, Stitch and Stir, Troupers, French Club, Social Studies Council, Band .... LLOYD HUMPIIREYS: General: Hi-Y .... JAMES I-IYPES: College Preparatory: Varsity Club, Spanish Club, Social Studies Council .... EDDIE JACK- SON: College Preparatory: French Club, Troupers. ff- ' ,. JIM, BOB, EUGENE, DALE, JAY, AND ALIJEN PRACTICE FOR CHRISTMAS PROGRAM TOMMY JACKSON: College Prepara- tory: Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Baseball. . . . BOYCE EDWIN JARRETT: Vocational: Varsity Club, Football, Track. BOB JOHNSON: College Preparatory: Latin Club, Spanish Club, Student Council, Boys' Chorus, Executive Coun- cil, Troupers, Jackson Journal, Social Studies Council .... EDDIE JOHN- SON: College Preparatory: Varsity Club, Football, Track, Hi-Y, Social Studies Council. BETTY JEAN JONES: Stenographic: G. A. A .... WANDA LOUISE JONES: Clerical: Y-Teens, G. A. A .... ALTON JONES: Vocational .... JACK JONES: College Preparatory: Baseball, Basket- ball, Spanish Club, Varsity Club. KEITH JONES: Vocational .... KEN- NETH JONES: General: Basketball Manager .... BILLIE JORDAN: Stenographic: G. A. A .... ED JOR- DAF: General: F. B. L. A., HiY, Base- bal . TONI JUDY: Art: G. A. A., Head Ma- jorette, Band, Social Studies Council, Miss Stonewall Jackson .... GRETA KEFFER: Stenographic: Girls' Glee Club, Troupers, Y-Teens, F. B. L. A. . . . R. CHRISTINE KERSHNER: College Preparatory: Junior Red Cross, G. A. A., F. T. A., Troupers, Oilice Assistant, French Club .... JOYCE KESSLER: Distributive Education. TOMMY JACKSON BOYCE JARRETT BOB JOHNSON EDDIE JOHNSON BETTY JONES WANDA JONES ALTON JONES JACK JONES KEITH JONES KENNETH JONES BILLIE JORDAN ED JORDAN TONI JUDY GRETA KEFFER CHRISTINE KERSHNER JOYCE KESSLER V L DELORIS KHURI DOYLE KING DOROTHY KING JANE ANN KING DELORIS KHURI: General: Spanish Club, Y-Teens, Stitch and Stir, G. A. A., F. B. L. A .... DOYLE EDWIN KING: Distributive Education: Foot- ball, F. T. A .... DOROTHY JEAN KING: Business Education: G. A. A. . . . JANE ANN KING: Stenographic: F. B. L. A., Troupers, Stitch and Stir, Junior Red Cross, Majorette, Jackson Journal, Executive Council. JOHN KITTINGER: General .... JATTA LEE KISER: General: Science Club, Girls' Glee Club, Stitch and Stir. . . . EUGENE W. KLAMER: College Preparatory: Varsity Club, Hi-Y, Foot- ball, Baseball, Basketball .... JACK DONALD KOCH: College Preparatory: Hi-Y, Spanish Club. JAMES LEE KRANTZ: College Pre- paratory: Band, Boys' Chorus, Science Club, Spanish Club .... BOB KUSH- NER: College Preparatory: Hi-Y, Span- ish Club, Troupers, Science Club, Quill and Scroll, Boys' Chorus .... BOBBY LAMBERT: Vocational .... RICHARD KEITH LANHAM: cation: Track, Hi-Y JACK LAWHORN: Council, President .lonN KITTINGER JATTA LEE Krsna EUGENE KLAMER Jack Koen graphic: G. A. A. CAROLYN LEAKE: Preparatory. JAMES KRANTZ BOB KUSHNER BOBBY LAMBERT KEITH LANHAM v tory: Varsity Club, Football, Basketball, Distributive Edu- Boys' Chorus. College Prepara- Jackson Journal, Baseball, Student of Student Body, Boys' State .... MARY LAYNE: Steno- Bookkeeping .... CHARLES EDWARD LEE: College JACK LAWHORN MARY LAYNE CAROLYN LEAKE CHARLES LEE BETTY TAKES TIME OUT TO SHOW BARBARA AND PATSY PRIZE-WINNING ANNUAL DONALD LEE: Art: Jacksonian, Jack- son Journal .... NANCY LOU LEM- MON: College Preparatory: G. A. A., Stitch aid Stir, Executive Council, Troupers, French Club, Girls' Glee Club, Junior Red Cross, Y-Teens, U. N. Club, Gym Leader .... RETHA LILLY: Stenographic .... CAROL LINCOLN: Stenographic: G. A. A. JAMES I-I. LITTON: College Prepara- tory: Band, Orchestra, National Honor Society, Jackson Journal, French Club, Latin Club, Boys' State .... RAY LITTON: Vocational .... JACK LOVE: Business Education: Basketball, Track, Varsity Club .... JAMES WILSON LOWE: Vocational. CI-IARLEY LOWMAN: College Pre- paratory: Latin Club, F. B. L. A .... DAYTON MACE: Bookkeeping: F. B. L. A .... JEAN MADDOX: Steno- graphic .... TOMMY MADDOX: Col- lege Preparatory: F. B. L. A. RICHARD MARION: College Prepara- tory: Spanish Club, F. T. A., Boys' Chorus, Jackson Journal, National Hon- or Society .... WYATTE MARTIN: Vocational: Basketball. RUTH LOUISE MARTIN: College Pre- paratory: Library Assistant, French Club, Junior Red Cross .... JACK MASSAU: College Preparatory: Bauch and Lomb Award, Jackson Journal, Troupers, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Social Studies Coun- cil, F. T. A., Latin Club, Science Club, U. N. Club, Boys' State. DONALD LEE NAN'CYx-LEMMON RETHA LILLY CAROL LINCOLN JAMES Lrr'r0N RAY L1'r'roN ,' fp VJACK LOVE JAMES Lowa CHARLEY LOWMAN DAYTON MACE JEAN MADDOX TOMMY MADDOX RICHARD MARION WYATTE MARTIN EMILY AND ALLEN RECEIVE TOUCHES OF MAKE-UP BEFORE OPERETTA "PEPITA" RUTH MARTIN JACK MASSAU DANIEL MCCRACKEN JOHN MCDAVID BILL MERICAL DENVER MILLER DICK MILLER JACKIE .MONDAY SHIRLEY MONROE HELEN MOORE JIM MORGAN JOHN MORGAN MADELINE MOSS SHIRLEY MOSS RICHARD MYERS CHARLES IVIYNES CHARLES NASEEF ETHEL NICHOLAS PATTY DEMONSTRATES A ROUTINE AS BETTY LOU, JACKIE, AND TONI LOOK ON DANIEL E. McCRACKEN: Vocational. . . . JOHN McDAVID: College Prepara- tory: Jackson Journal, Jacksonian, Varsity Club, Football and Track Man- ager, Latin Club, Science Club, Visual Aid, Track. BILL MERICAL: College Preparatory: Band, Social Studies Council .... DENVER MILLER: Vocational: Base- ball. DICK MILLER: Vocational .... JACKIE MONDAY: Stenographic: Troupers, F. B. L. A., Y-Teens, Major- ette, Stitch and Stir, G. A. A .... SHIRLEY MONROE: Stenographic: G. A. A., F. B. L. A .... HELEN MOORE: Stenographic: G. A. A., Troupers, Of- fice Assistant. JIM MORGAN: General .... JOHN MORGAN: General: Spanish Club .... MADELINE MOSS: Distributive Edu- cation .... SHIRLEY JEAN MOSS: Stenographic: Band, Orchestra. RICHARD MYERS: College Prepara- tory: Varsity Club, French Club, Bas- ketball .... CHARLIE MYNES: Col- lege Preparatory: Band .... CHARLES NASEEF: College Preparatory .... ETHEL LOU NICHOLAS: Steno- graphic. STANLEY, JOE, AND KENNETH LooK OVER soME PICTURES Fon THE JACKSONIAN JOHN NIEDERMYER: College Prepara- tory: Football, Track, Varsity Club .... MARTHA NORMAN: Business Educa- tion. JUANITA B. O'DELL: Clerical: Troup- ers, F. B. L. A .... GLENDA LEE PAINTER: Stenographic: G. A. A., Stitch and Stir, Y-Teens, Library Assistant, Omce Assistant. DEAN PARKINS: College Prepara- tory: Jackson Journal, Latin Club, Quill and Scroll. . . . JEAN PARKINS: College Preparatory: Jackson Journal, Quill and Scroll, Troupers, National Honor Society, G. A. A., Latin Club, Stitch and Stir .... BOB PARSONS: General: Boys' Chorus .... EVERETT PARSONS: General: Jacksonian. JEAN PATTERSON: Stenographic: Y- Teens, Stitch and Stir, G. A. A., Office Assistant, F. B. L. A .... BARBARA ANN PATTON: Clerical .... JOE PATTON: College Preparatory: Latin Club .... BETTIE PAULEY: Clerical: Y-Teens, Stitch and Stir, F. B. L. A., Office Assistant. FRED PAULEY: Distributive Educa- tion .... FRANK I. PECKHAM: Gen- eral .... NANCY LEE PERDUE: Col- lege Preparatory: Troupers, Oflice Assistant .... LOUISE PERROW: Col- lege Preparatory: Latin Club, Troup- ers, Science Club, Orchestra, Band. JOHN NIEDERMYER MARTHA NORMAN JUANITA 0'DELL GLENDA PAINTER DEAN PARKINS JEAN PARKINS BOB PARSONS EVERETT PARSONS JEAN PATTERSON BARBARA PATTON JOE PATTON BETTIE PAULEY FRED PAULEY FRANK PECKHAM NANCY PERDUE LOUISE PERROW JUDITII PERRY RONNIE PETERS GERVAISE PITCIIFORD ROBERT PLOTT VIRGINIA PORTERFIELD PATTY PRIESTLEY JIM PRITT KATHLEEN PROCTOR SHIRLEY PRUDEN BURTON QUICK DOUGLAS RABEL LYNN RADCLIFF JUDITI-I PERRY: Stenographic: G. A. A., Junior Red Cross, Y-Teens, Oflice Assistant, Stitch and Stir .... RONNIE PETERS: Distributive Education: Band. . . . GERVAISE ELAINE PITCHFORD: Stenographic: G. A. A., Band .... ROB- ERT PLOTT: College Preparatory: Band, Orchestra. VIRGINIA PORTERFIELD: General: G. A. A., F. B. L. A., Jacksonian, Quill and Scroll, Y-Teens .... PATTY PRIESTLEY: Stenographic: F. B. L. A., G. A. A., Y-Teens, Oflice Assistant .... JIM PRITT: General: Varsity Club, Football, Basketball, Track .... KATH- LEEN PROCTOR: Business Educa- tion: Y-Teens, Library Assistant, Junior Red Cross. SHIRLEY ANN PRUDEN: Steno- graphic: G. A. A .... BURTON D. QUICK: General: Spanish Club, Var- sity Club, Basketball Manager .... DOUGLAS E. RABEL: College Pre- paratory: Jacksonian, Quill and Scroll. . . . LYNN RADCLIFF: College Pre- paratory: Hi-Y, Baseball, Football. PAT RADFORD: Art: G. A. A., Y- Teens, Stitch and Stir, Girls' Glee Club, J acksonian, Quill and Scroll .... BOB RAISBECK: College Preparatory: Baseball, Spanish Club. BOBBIE RANDOLPH: Stenographic: F. B. L. A., G. A. A .... NORMA JEAN RANKIN: Distributive Education: French Club, G. A. A., Girls' State, Library Assistant. PAT RADFORD BOB RAISBECK Bosnia nANnoLPn NORMA RANKIN GENE AND EARL, MEMBERS or FOOTBALL TEAM, SPEND EXTRA TIME IN LIBRARY WAYNE REBER: General: Varsity Club, Football, Basketball, Track .... MARY REED: Stenographic: Band .... JOHN REYNOLD: College Prepara- tory .... CLYDE Rl-IODES: Vocational. JAMES ROACI-I: General: Baseball and Basketball manager, Hi-Y, Varsity Club .... JIMMY ROBERTS: Voca- tional .... Tl-IELMA ROGERS: Steno- graphic: G. A. A .... RONNIE RONK: College Preparatory: Latin Club, Hi-Y, F. B. L. A., Basketball. GRETA MAE ROSS: Bookkeeping: G. A. A .... EVERETT ROUSI-I: College Preparatory: Science Club, Band, Boys' Chorus, Orchestra, National Honor So- ciety, U. N. Club. JEAN RUCKER: Bookkeeping: Y- Teens, Junior Red Cross, Stitch and Stir, Troupers, Majorette, F. B. L. A. . . . I-IARTER RUPERT: College Pre- paratory: Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Social Studies Council. IRENE SANDERS: Clerical: G. A. A., Spanish Club, Gym Leader, Y-Teens .... JANE SAUNDERS: College Prepara- tory: G. A. A., Spanish Club, Cheer- leader. CHARLES SCHUMANN: General: Band .... GILBERT SEARS: College Preparatory: Varsity Club, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Science Club, Jackson Journal, Basketball, Senior Class Presi- dent, Boys' State. " ""'----....4.L,, E 2' 2.55 5 f gif 4 ii f i S f T ' Q- S 5 ' Q , ww 1 . JAMES ROACH JIMMY ROBERTS THELMA ROGERS RONNIE RONK GRETA MAE ROSS EVERETT ROUSH JEAN RUCKER HARTER RUPERT IRENE SANDERS JANE SAUNDERS JACK, JOHNNY, AND BLIND JOHN LEAVE FOR PRACTICE AT MORRIS HARVEY CHARLES SCHUMANN GILBERT SEARS JOE SERGENT JIMMY SEWARD ANNA MAE SHAFER PERRY SHAMBLEN FRANCES SHAMBLIN NORMA SHAMBLIN W KATHRYN SHAW KENNETH SHAW CARL SHEETS BETTY SHELTON HELEN SHILTZ RAYMOND SHINGLER BEVERLEY snorvr GLENN snonr FREID SIMMONS DIXIE SIMMS RICHARD, ROGER, OTTIS, AND EVERETT WATCH DON DRAW FOR SCHOLASTICS JOE SERGENT: College Preparatory: Varsity Club, Jacksonian, Basketball, French Club .... JIMMY SEWARD: General: Hi-Y, Track, Basketball. ANNA MAE SHAFER: Distributive Education: F. B. L. A .... PERRY Sl-IAMBLEN: Vocational. FRANCES SI-IAMBLIN: Stenographic: Y-Teens, F. B. L. A., Stitch and Stir, Oi- fice Assistant .... NORMA SHAMB- LIN: Clerical .... KATHRYN SHAW: College Preparatory: G. A. A., Stitch and Stir, Social Studies Council, Troup- ers, Orchestra, National Honor So- ciety, Cheerleader. Latin Club, Office Assistant .... KENNETH A. SHAW: College Preparatory: Latin Club, Sci- ence Club, Hi-Y, Trouper, Jacksonian, Quill and Scroll. PETE SHEETS: General .... BETTY ANN Sl-IELTON: College Preparatory: F. T. A., Stitch and Stir, Band .... HELEN SHILTZ: General .... RAY- MOND SHINGLER: Bookkeeping. BEVERLEY SHORT: College Prepara- tory: G. A. A., Latin Club, Orchestra. . . . GLENN SHORT: College Prepara- tory, Latin Club .... FRED SIMMONS: General .... DIXIE SUE SIMMS: Stenographic: Band, G. A. A. DICK STONE: College Preparatory: Hi- Y, Band, Orchestra .... HELEN ST. CLAIR: Bookkeeping .... ROGER STOVER: College Preparatory: Varsity Club, Student Council, Football, Track. . . . NATALIE STRICKLER: College Preparatory: Latin Club, Girls' Glee Club, Science Club, Stitch and Stir, Jacksonian, Quill and Scroll. RAY SUMMERFIELD: Vocational: Football, Track .... BOB SUTLER: College Preparatory: Hi-Y, Visual Aid, Track .... CHARLES SWIGGER: Gen- eral .... NORMA LEE SWINDLER: Distributive Education. DICK STONE HELEN ST. CLAIR ROGER STOVER NATALIE STRICKLER RAY SUMMERFIELD BOB SUTLER CHARLES SWIGGER NORMA SWINDLER MARY ELLA TABET: Clerical: Junior Red Cross .... DOLORES TATE: Stenographic: Girls' Glee Club, Sci- ence Club, U. N. Club, Gym Leader, G. A. A., Troupers, Jacksonian, F. B. L. A., Quill and Scroll .... DONALD TATE: College Preparatory: Jack- sonian .... HARRISON -L. TAYLOR: Vocational. PATSY TAYLOR: Stenographic: G. A. A., Troupers, Stitch and Stir .... GLADYS THAXTON: Distributive Education. WILLIAM HERMAN THOMAS: Dis- tributive Education .... MARSHALL M. THOMAS: General. MARY ELLA TABET DOLORES TATE DONALD TATE HARRISON TAYLOR PATSY TAYLOR GLADYS THAXTON HERMAN THOMAS MARSHALL THOMAS I-rf I MISS STONEWALL JACKSON AND ATTENDANTS RECEIVE FLOWERS AT HALFTIME JOHNNY FINDS PHOTOGRAPHY AND DEVELOPING ARE INTERESTING PASTIMES FREDA SIMON: College Preparatory: Troupers, Latin Club, French Club, Girls' Glee Club, Jacksonian, Quill and Scroll .... JOHN CYRUS SINE: College Preparatory: Band. EVELYN SKEEN: Stenographic: G. A. A., F. B. L. A .... BETTY LEE SLATER: Bookkeeping: F. B. L. A., Junior Red Cross, G. A. A. EARL SLATER: College Preparatory: Band, Spanish Club, Boys' Chorus, U. N. Club .... ANN SMITH: General. . . . BETTY JEAN SMITH: College Preparatory: Library Assistant, Latin Club, Jacksonian, Quill and Scroll, Junior Red Cross, U. N. Club, Science Club .... DON SMITH: College Pre- paratory: French Club. HELEN SMITH: General: Troupers, Girls' Glee Club .... MARYLEE SMITH: College Preparatory: Band, Girls' Glee Club, Latin Club, Spanish Club .... ROGER SMITH: Business Education: Visual Aid .... DEBORAH SPARKES: College Preparatory: Troup- ers, French Club, National Honor So- ciety, Thespians. FOLVA LOIS SPENCER: General: Troupers .... RONALD SPENCER: Vo- cational .... JACKIE K. STAATS: Business Education .... JULIA STEA- LEY: College Preparatory: Latin Club, Spanish Club, Troupers, Science Club, Stitch and Stir, Majorette, Y-Teens, Of- fice Assistant. . rf I .. FREDA SIMON JOHN SINE EVELYN SKEEN BETTY SLATER EARL SLATER ANN SMITH BETTY JEAN SMITH DON SMITH HELEN SMITH MARYLEE slvrrrn Room: slwrrn DEBORAH srmmcns FOLVA SPENCER RONALD SPENCER, JACKIE STAATS JULIA STEALEY , ,744 ' 'K ,nw 'ffy' RONALD GLEN THOMPSON: Dis- tributive Education .... RHEDA , TUCKER: Clerical: G. A. A., Office Assistant, F. B. L.- A .... J0 ANN TYREE: Clerical .... DELMA LEE UNDERWO0D:, Stenographic: F. B. L. A. HARRY VANCE: Distributive Educa- tion .... JACKIE VANCE: Steno- graphic: Girls' Glee Club .... EVA LEE VANDERGRIFF: College Pre- paratory: Latin Club, Office Assistant, Library Assistant, Stitch and Stir, Y- Teens. BARBARA LOU VAUGHAN: College Preparatory: G. A. A., Span- ish Club, Y-Teens, Gym Leader. FRANCES VENITSANOS: Clerical: Girls' Glee Club, G. A. A., Troupers. . . . EMILY VIA: Music: Girls' Glee Club, National Honor Society, Troup- ers, Junior Red Cross .... JIM VIN- CENT: College Preparatory: Varsity Club, Football, Basketball .... NINA WALLS: Clerical: Gym Leader, G. A. A., U. N. Club. - CARL LELAND WARNER: Bookkeep- ing: Science Club, Hi-Y, French Club, Visual Aid, Troupers, Basketball, Foot- ball, Track, F. B. L. A., Varsity Club. . . . GLENDELL WARNER: Bookkeep- ing: F. B. L. A., Troupers, Baseball. RONALD THOMPSON RHEDA TUCKER JO ANN TYREE DELMA UNDERWOOD HARRY VANCE JACKIE VANCE EVA VANDERGRIFF BARBARA VAUGHAN MARGARET WATTS: Stenographict Latin Club, Girls' Glee Club, F. B. L. A., G. A. A .... JAMES WATSON: College Preparatory: Hi-Y, Social Studies Council, Boys' Chorus. Band. FRANCES VENITSANOS EMILY VIA CHEERLEADERS SEEM VERY PLEASED WITH RESULTS OF THE PARKERSBURG GAME JIM VINCENT NINA WALLS CARL WARNER GLENDELL WARNER MARGARET WATTS JAMES WATSON CAROLYN WAYBRIGHT JEAN EMMETTE WAUGH PAT WAUGH PAUL WEHRLE BOB WEIFORD DICK WELLS JAMES' WHEELER RUTH WILLIAMS MAXINE WILLIAMSON RITA WILSON RICHARD WILSON J CONNIE, AND FRANCES FIND MODELING AT STYLE SHOW VERY INTERESTING 1 EMMETTE "RUSTY" WAUGH: Col- lege preparatory: Varsity Club, Hi-Y, Social Studies Council, Student Coun- cil, Football and Track Manager .... PAT WAUGH: Stenographic: Ofiice Assistant .... CAROLYN ANNE WAYBRIGHT: Col- lege Preparatory: Spanish Club, F. T. A., F. B. L. A., Y-Teens, Office Assist- ant, Orchestra .... JEAN WAY- BRIGHT: College Preparatory: Span- ish Club, Troupers, Stitch and Stir, Girls, Glee Club, Y-Teens, Jacksonian, Office Assistant, Quill and Scroll, Thes- pians. PAUL E. WEI-IRLE: Distributive Edu- cation .... BOB WEIFORD: College Preparatory: Jackson Journal, Troup- ers, Social Studies Council, Spanish Club, Hi-Y, Executive Council .... DICK WELLS: Art: Varsity Club, Hi-Y. . . . JAMES WHEELER: Vocational. HAROLD C. WHITE: General .... nosAL1E MAE WHITE: Bookkeeping. . . . EDDIE WHITTINGTON: Voca- tional . . . LOIS ANN WILKINSON: General: Y-Teens, Stitch and Stir. RUTH WILLIAMS: Distributive Edu- cation .... MAXINE WILLIAMSON: Distributive Education: G. A. A., Y- Teens .... RITA WILSON: Steno- graphic: G. A. A., Cheerleader, Office Assistant .... RICHARD WILSON: Vocational. W1 if , I BOYCE AND HERB LOOK OVER SOME TROPHIES AS THEY THINK OF THEIR FUTURE SUZANN WILSON: College Prepara- tory: F. B. L. A., Troupers, Spanish Club .... FRANK WINGO: Vocational. PAUL WINKLER: General .... MARIE WITHROW: General: Troup- CFS. JOHN THOMAS WITHROW: College Preparatory: Hi-Y .... PIIYLLIS WITI-IROW: Stenographic .... JOEL WOODRUM: College Preparatory .... JACKIE LEE WOLFE: Bookkeeping: F. B. L. A., Visual Aid. CARL WRIGHT: General .... MARY ELLEN WRIGHT: College Preparatory: Spanish Club, Y-Teens, Girls' Glee Club .... ALICE RUTH WOOTEN: Clerical .... FRANCINE YOUNG: Stenographic: Student Council, G. A. A., Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Execu- tive Council, Oliice Assistant, Library Assistant. JACK YOUNG: Vocational: Football, Track .... KIETH YOUNG: College Preparatory: Varsity Club, Hi-Y, Track. . . . KENNETH YOUNG: Gen- eral. In Memoriam: DIANE KING Not Pictured: BOB HIGGINBOTI-IAM, JOHNNY JACKSON, MARY MAL- LORY, MALCOLM THOMAS. SUZANN WILSON FRANK WINGO PAUL WINKLER MARIE WITHROW JOHN WITHROW PHYLLIS WITI-IROW JOEL WOODRUM JACKIE WOLFE CARL WRIGHT MARY ELLEN WRIGHT Ames woo'rEN FRANCINE YOUNG JACK YOUNG KEITH YOUNG KENNETH YOUNG DIANE KING 1934- 1951 JUNIURS Junior Class Oztiicersz Don Griffith, President, Ruth Thacker, Secretary and Treasurer Junior Home Room Presidents First Row: M. Hunicutt, P. Legg, P. Hall, J. Sigmon. Second Row: A. Griffiths, G. OlDell, B. Rodgers, D. Stalder, B. Williamson. Third Row: M. Carlisle, R. Farley, R. Cantrell, J. Kiser. 203 First Row: B. Coulter, L. Bedell D. Park, M. Summers, A. Huddy B. Slider, M. Chandler, H. Mont gomery, H. Dixon, P. Walters, C Shaffer. Second Row: B. Miller, B Mahoud, D. Edens, M. Burrus, J Ray, J. Burgess, H. Williamson Baird, D. Beck, R. Forbes, J. Boggs. Third Row: J. Dodd, C. Boling, M Ross, P. Gentry, J. McCutcheon, S. Leonard, S. Phillips, M. Kincaid, E. Jordan, M. Legg, D. Warner, S. McClain. 52 Frank Taylor, Vice President. 214-C First Row: J. Bruni, J. Gregory, L. Mullins, P. Legg, M. Gillespie, C. Miller, P. Pendleton, P. Web- ster, I. Conley, P. Hall. Second Row: D. Kelley, W. Asbury, L. McClure, J. Patterson, M. Clen- denin, B. Cable, B. Monday, A. Hinzman, G. Bonham, G. Parsons, Third Row: R. Songer, B. DeBbrd, C. Pendell, J. Childress, H. Sum- mers, J .,Clatworthy, D. Shamblin, G. Bailey, J. Jack, J. Mangus. 227 First Row: J. Mullins, N. Ochel- tree, B. Dolin, B. Jones, A. Drake, J. Epling, B. Bupp, E. Hendrick- son, M. Hunicutt, S. Stonestreet. Second Row: P. Price, P. Taylor, P. Matheney, B. Moales, M. Mac- Donald, D. Isner, P. Hess, P. Smith, A. Spencer, J. Sevy. Third Row: B. Morgan, J. Johnson, A. LeRoy, T. Rainforth, R. Quick, F. Bond, E. Bragg, B. Hoylman, P. Jones, R. Downs, B. Elliott. 317-308 , J. smith. A V f"' 1 1173 r fM'l'l 135 First Row: M. Vandergrilf. W. Mc- Coe, V. Rhodes, B. Caldwell, J. Santee, B. Jones, J. Kuhn, M. Par- sons, H. Mason, D. Mallory. Second Row: C. Slater, M. Boggess, J. Hein, L. Goff, L. White, S. Stew- art, T. Heiges, P. Carpenter, L. Holmes, J. Kiser. Third Row: J. Gross, B. Edens, D. Young, R. Mitchell, G. Goff, F. Withrow, R. Morris, L. Harper, C. Summers, R. Ross. First Row: P. Lanham, M Glass A. Woodrum, D. Cole, J. Campbell B. Johnson, P. Hendrickson P Kessel. Second Row: J. Meador B McGinnis, N. White, D. Grifhth E Strock, F. Taylor, B. Wall, A Bevu Third Row: V. Hanna, R. Layden D. Tucker, B. Ballard, A Mc Camey, D. Stalder, L. Alexander 204 First Row: F. Sevy, B. Brady, K Harrison, J. Cox, P. Duke, F. Wil son, S. Morlis, N. Burnem, G Sevy, Second Row: B. Boschian H. Powell, C. Fore, J. Walker, M Grimmett, B. Kelly, A. Griffiths B. McCutcheon. Third Row: B Workman, D. Kerns, V. Ware, R. Williams, D. Norman, F. Hoferer, P. Heavener, D. Dawson, S. Hunt. 114 306 First Row: C. Beaver, D. Jones, N Finney, M. Guthrie, D. Polston, R Moore, D. Martin, V. Affolter. Sec ond Row: B. Cavender, M. Persohn V. Marion, H. Watson, W. Lytton H. Myers, L. Wallace. Third Row stone, C. Brick, R. Tweedy, G O'Dell, K. Gandee, M. Simpson. ' A. Young, C. Mason, D. Water- First Row: S. St. Clair, D Bryant J. Cobb, L. Wallace, G. Blessing A. Burford, N. Casto, J. Ashby B. Smith. Second Row: P. Affolter J. Allinder, R. Horgus, H. School craft, J. Wolfe, L. Perkins, J Powell, C. Sloan, E. Lanham, P LaMont. Third Row: D. Cummings R. Peet, B. Price, J. Monday, H Bentley, S. Canterbury, P. Reed J. Hartman, B. Cochran, R. Gra ham. 134 x r 54 First Row: P. Casdorph, M. Camp- bell, B. Thomas, S. Poling, N. Cof- fin, C. Brenneman, N. Lowen, F. Hudkins, L. Smith, M. Hall, C Clendenin. Second Row: B. Fowler, C. Burgess, D. Copen, R. Westfall D. Harper, J. Smith, H. Lance, J Harmon, C. Priestley, B. O'Dell Third Row: J. Pritt, Waggy, R Reber, R. Cantrell, J. Maddox, J Gantz, R. Legg, J. Clark, J Holmes, C. Moore, J. Harmon. 101 First Row: A. Jones, S. Winemiller, J. Lynn, L. Pauley, J. White, P. Way, J. Williams, N. Hatfield, J Mullins. Second Row: C. Michael M. MacDonald, R. Humphreys, D Galewood, R. Chandler, D. Long, B. Davis, J. Harmon, C. Donovan B. Barnett, K. Cavender, D. Har- graves. Third Row: F. Lovell, B Parsons, F. Ballard, W. Young, J Burford, R. Staab, L. Grayson, J. Edelman, B. Caldwell. 301, 321, 125, 126, 127 First Row: E. Underwood, K Milam, Jr., J. Pritt, G. Smith, C Riggs, D. Hundley, B. Campbell C. Birthisel, B. White, D. Ranson B. Faulkner. Second Row: D Myers, R. McKinney, J. Baria, L Litton, L. Cavender, J. McCormick, R. Rhodes, C. Lacy, R. Gadd, J Butcher, D. Weaver. Third Row M. Carlisle, C. Raines, R. Harpold W. Wolf, B. Smolder, C. Wier Steiner, T. Ellison, B. Morris, J Wilcher, J. Wyatt, D. Anderson J. Jarrett. Fourth Row: J. Booth A. Lilly, W. Wood, W. Pyles, C Evans, P. Feazell, T. Boylen, W Dawson, R. Wagner, S. Haynes, K Cowan, B. Buchanan. 206 First Row: D. Stanley, A. Walker, M. Taylor, N. Burns, J. Sigmon, M. Rhodes, Z. Staats, R. Renick, S. Janney, M. Salamie. Second Row: P. Jones, C. Williams, N. Duckworth, H. Larch, H. McPher- son, D. Hickman, S. Stewart, R. Layne, P. Landers, N. Oates, M. Sigmon. Third Row: R. Jarrett, D. Flowers, G. Morgan, B. Jarrett, R. Bowles, .I. Cook, D. Miller, J. Smithers, M. Cunningham, R. Thacker. 326 H. Summers, D. Perrow. First Row: D. Rhodes, W Skaff D. Wright, L. Spencer, E. Paxton A. Cottrill, S. Bowden, J Snod grass, S. Reveal. Second Row B Mundy, J. Dawson, B. Rider S Rider, J. Baria, G. Edens, P Edens B. Dunlap, B. Rogers. Third Row H. Stutler, G. Jones, L. Carper C Christian, R. Snyder, R. Conner SUPHUMURE 328 First Row: N. Simon, J. Pyles, D Harvey, J. Eskins, J. McDaniel C. Newhouse, S. Ellis. Second Row T. Asbury, L. Haddad, W. Rut ledge, P. Withrow, F. Todd, B Hammack, B. Hill, C. Broyles Third Row: T. Carpenter, L. Ash worth, R. Ryan, S. Harrah, C. Mor gan, B. Fisher, R. Rollins. 303 First Row: B. White, Y. Hohnson P. Ice, E. Keefer, S. Davis, D Cottrell, J. Jarrett, L. Mullins, J Ingram. Second Row: J. Lilly, H Campbell, B. Jones, W. Woodfell D. Williams, S. Jeffries, E. Bird, L. Park. Third Row: C. Harpold, D Webb, H. Burke, H. Fisher, C Moffatt, G. Parsons, B. Caldwell V. Haynes, B. Burford. 305 First Row: K. Matheny, P. Gadd J. West, S. Kish, N. Walker, M Tackett, D. Boggess, G. Burdette Second Row: J. Wolf, B. Isaac M. Hershberger, S. Adkins, J Bailey, G. Holmes, B. Rupert Third Row: T. Allen, R. O'De1l, J Reed, R. Currey, D. Mahmoud, W Jones, S. Warner, O. Cottrill. 231 First Row: B. Rollins, D. Perkins, P. Anderson, D. Harrison, J. Har- per, C. Haynes, B. Hedrick, N. Holmes, M. Anderson. Second Row S. Holmes, D. Whaley, B. Burns B. Cox, R. Hanna, J. Vineyard, C Thomas, O. Jones, D. Newhouse Third Row: U. Lucas, H. Hill, H Clark, R. Casto, T. Coffman, H Harper, P. Ashworth, F. Whittaker N. Willey. v 202 First Row: V. Bibbee, H. Haynes, N. Harrah, D. Withrow, P. Watson, B. Osborne, Y. Craigo. Second Row: S. Layne, B. Shamblin, S. Vanhoose, B. Conner, M. Bur- groff, S. Clovis, N. Henry, J. Cook. Third Row: E. Canter, K. Adkins, C. Surface, E. Marion, D. Gillespie, P. Rosenberger, W. Cavender, H. Ray, J. Markham. 302 First Row: C. Hanly, C. Jarrett, E Jackson, B. Jarrett, S. Wilber, A Martin, M. Farnsworth, M. Riley Second Row: T. Given, J. Given F. Hamrick, R. Cavender, C. Dodd S. Nelson, B. Burgher, C. Flesher. Third Row: J. Preston, G. Douglas, B. Morgan, C. Simpson, R. Thomas, J. Brightwell, T. Mazzella, B. Mc- Whorter, N. Carr. 208 First Row: C. Clendenin, A. Carte S. Carr, S. Cozart, A. Casdorph J. King, L. Saddler, O. Swindler J. Baker. Second Row: L. Ran dolph, P. Borders, W. Warner, L King, B. Bryant, C. Holmes, W Crouch, H. Ashworth. Third Row B. Parr, J. Birthsiel, H. Paxton, T Fink, H. Butler, G. Tate, J. Ford S. Bevins. 201 First Row: J. Vineyard, R. Sprad ling, R. Newberry, D. Raptis, D Pauley, V. Burdette, M. Stevens N. Wallace, N. Jones. Second Row M. Kesmodel, R. Faulkner, I. Long D. Melton, G. Eary, G. Meador, R Boggs, M. Carter, W. Cummings Third Row: B. Letendre, J. Press ley, C. Miller, R. Morris, F. Schoon over, N. Stumbo, J. Fulks, M. Sim mons, J. O'Dell, J. Lutz, T. Pauley 132 First Row: M. Schaefer, B. Bar- rows, L. Casebolt, B. Tucker, D. Sharp, D. Neal, V. Heater, J. Han son, N. Armstrong. Second Row J. Abbott, F. Williams, C. Given L. Johnstone, B. Landers, L. Casto B. Watts, M. Higgins, R. McC1ana han. Third Row: D. Roberts, J Martin, B. Fast, P. Grandal, J Long, E. Miller, T. Spadafore, D Edens, H. Harris. 106 First Row: M. Moyer, C. Bennett, W. Jacobson, B. Harmon, B. Buck- ley, C. Craig, N. Keffer, N. Wat- kins J. Wilson, C. Meadows. Sec- ond Row: B. Cabell, F. Tow, E. Day, J. Stonestreet, D. Gilbert, G. Runyon, B, Carter, N. Louft, N. Walder, B. Niedermyer. Third Row: D. Savage, F. Himes, J. Kef- fer, F. Fuller, C. Casto, G. Teel, R. Preisman, J. Cook, J. Kelley. 133 First Row: S. Duff, J. Hunt, J Groves, C. Wheeler, B. Jordan, D Stone, J. Mullins, D. Mace, A Fisher, D. Harrick. Second Row: W. Thaxton, J. Griffith, J. Bur- dette, C. Hareford, R. Spencer, N. Jenkins, C. Robinson, N. Perry, E Miller, D. Hash. Third Row: J. Craft, J. Eaton, J. Warner, C. Hud- son, C. Jividen, J. Trammell, R. Klamer, T. McKinney, B. Watson, P. Watkins, H. Waybright. 103 First Row: R. Thom, J. Cook, N. Smith, C. Crowder, N. Naylor, P. Shumate, G. Wolfe, A. Davis, K. Beddow, P. Trail, J . Harrison. Sec- ond Row: H. Bidd, S. Roberts, A. Buck, E. Titlow, N. Johnson, A. Staats, J. Mefford, B. Spradling, B. Sparkes, S. Looper, J. Hornor. Third Row: J. Lance, J. Ray, R. Rickard, K. Burdette, L. Hemm- ings, J. Laughlin, R. Thompson, C. Parkins, K. Horton, T. Clovis, R. Hart. Not pictured: Frank Martin. 225-C First Row: D. Carter, L. Sigmon R. Skaff, R. Rollins, M. Hundley P. Casto, E. Legg, D. Fisher, B Rhodes. Second Row: P. Ashworth B. Lucas, C. Combs, M. Davis, H Walker, D. Anderson, J. Gaylor P. Evans. Third Row: R. Weaver R. Hamilton, J. Lilly, D. Green- field, O. Lilly, B. Conner, J. White head, P. Lewis, R. Krebs, F. Gates 332 First Row: P. Kemple, P. Layne, J. Eads, V. Haid, M. Smith, S. Jenkins, R. Spaulding, M. Fribbs, H. Cottrell, B. Simpson. Second Row: B. Fields, E. Frame, K. Ad- kins, C. Wiblin, A. Haynes, J. Meadows, R. Beck, T. Harper, J. Robinson. Third Row: R. Caven- der, A. Tennant, 'J. Taylor, B. Kel- ley, G. Sutler, J. Hendricks, C. Westfall, V. Barazzone, A. Lewis, 331 First Row: A Milam, S. Crowder, I. Jones, M. Farmer, K. McWhor- ter, B. Fridley, S. Fisher, S. Older, T. Quick, M. Kratohiwill. Second Row: J. Simmons, G. Monday, C. Ellison, M. Crowell, R. Reed, B. Wright, B. Zirkle, E. Jones, W. Bird. Third Row: C. Vance, J. French, B. Scragg, S. Walker, E. Graham, C. Carnes, T. Grifiith, J. Gibson, S. McLane. 230-317 B. Stadler. First Row: N. Griffee, M. Eskew C. Simpson, M. Given, D. Gilles pie, P. Newcomer, J. Ellis, J Hayzlett, M. Cummings, J. Sum merfield. Second Row: D. Cunning- ham, G. Dent, D. Cole, E. Means, W. Russell, P. Gunnoe, T. Dodd, C. Skeen, L. Robinson. Third Row B. McAllister, L. Botkins, B. Casto, L. Shamblen, H. Walker, H. Burns, B. Sarber, V. Naseef, J. Glover, S. Samples, B. Nichols, B. Given. .59 f. 4 '-'Q S f"'N 3' fx!! f-x in S: Ns JJDDDD DD JD D I Dill: 0 lo 0101010 ral: "' "' Il'l'l01:o1ra:aa11v 0:apuv11aa1pp I I A I I IPA!! Ill I Ill! Illl fi i5 fx l f"'N 7, I0 60 Q ff- I 17 4' C I i oth: ll iilllllll ltlllll I I x M K X L xx xx U M K ' K y R C v 'V V " x' A 5 2 i 1 Band. First row: B. Plott, C. Schumann, R. Layden, C. Clendenin, J. Gregory, L. Hall, E. Roush, M. L. Smith, C. Bowles, N. White H. White, D. Cole. Second row: C. Brenneman, C. Beane, J. Lynn, S. Moss, H. Harris, B. Dollan, N. Griffee, B. McAllister, D. Stalder J. Krantz, L. Perrow, D. Cole, F. Gates, D. Tucker, C. Jividen, B. Merical, J. Glover, E. Slater. Third row: R. Conner, M. Reed, T Judy, J. Monday, J. Holmes, B. Rupert, J. Mullin, B. Johnson, D. Cunningham, M. Ballard, J. Lance, H. Bibb, E. Bragg, J. Smith A SUAALBT AND GRE BAND Majorettes. T. Judy, Head Majorette, P. Ankrom, P. Hendrickson, B. Johnson, P. Way, C. Brenneman, J . Monday, J. McCutcheon, P. Kessel, J. Lynn, J . Rucker. Standing: B. Huffman. 1nnnul7" P. Ballard, C. Mynes. Fourth row: T. Allen, P. Ankrom, P. Kessel, J. Rucker, P. Hendrickson, B. Huffman, P. Way, J. McCutcheon, D. Greenfield, B. Casto, S. Thaxton, B. Elliot, J. Monday, J. Kelly, G. Runyan. Fifth row: J, Griffith, T. Cloves, R. Quick, J. John- son, B. Hardman, G. Thompson, L. Alexander, B. Conner, V. Hanna, R. Krebs, J. Cook, J. Burdette, J. Easley, T. Rainforth, T. Ashmore, J. Hayes, J. Litton, T. McKenny, T. Waybright, J. Robinson, D. Copen, J. Holstein, J. Sines, R. Peters, C. Agsten, C. Arnett. T AT UAN'T BE BEAT Under the direction of Edgar Loar the Scarlet and Gray Band could be seen at the football games pepping the crowd with their classic jazz and school songs. The band also performed in pep assemblies and at the Band Festival in May of 1951 in Hunting- ton where it received an A+ rating, The Scarlet and Gray Band partici- pated in the Majorette Festival for all Kanawha County high schools in September at Laidley Field. Another colorful feature of the band activities was the Spring Concert, where the music of Chopin, Bach, and other well known composers was heard. The band had 66 marching males and about 106 concert members. Drum Major was Dave Stalder while Charles Schuman was quarter-master. Toni Judy led the high stepping ma- jorettes, most of whom played in- struments in the band during concert season. Band Council. First row: E. Roush, B. Plott, B. Hardman, P. Ballard, C. Arnett, Mr Loar, D. Fizer, D. Stalder. Second row: J. Holstein, V. Hanna, B. Merical, E. Schu mann, J. Easley, E. Amory, C. Mines, L. Perrow. LANGUAGE ULUBS ENUUUAAGE WUALD TRAVEL La Tertulia, the Spanish Club, under the super- vision of Mrs. Costillos, has spent many enjoyable afternoons listening to interesting speakers, discuss- ing the customs and dress of the Spaniards, and watching Spanish dances. Movies which furnish fascinating tours of Spain and Mexico enabled mem- bers to become acquainted with the colorful land of bull fights and fiestas. Playing Latin games, singing Latin songs, listen- ing to reports of Roman customs and laws, taking part in plays-these were among the Latin Club's activities this year. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Bush, it was one of the most popular language clubs in Stonewall. "Magnifique" is the word used to explain the suc- cess of the French Club, under the sponsorship of Miss Ruby Chapman. Something new was added this year-conversation groups after school on Fridays. In the homecoming game the club received third prize for their float entry-the money was used for a Care package. Along with the French Club of Charleston High School, they were guests at the Mardi Gras Celebration given by the South Charles- ton French Club. ln April they presented a play, "La Lecon de Francois." Also in April, Emily Via, and Jimmy Litton participated in a musical program for the meeting of the West Virginia Chapter of American Association for Teachers of French. Spanish Club. First Picture: First row: B. Bupp, M. Wright, R. Cashdan, B. Miller, L. Bedell, L. Cline, F. Alderson, J. Saunders, J. Stealey, M. Chandler. Second row: M. Smith, N. Freed, D. Flesher, C. Caperton, B. Cole, S. Wilson, B. Weiford, A. Bew, G. Sears, J. Lynn, M. Taylor. Third row: R. Snyder, F. Craze, B. Moales, E. Huddle, B. Kushner, J. White, J. Koch, R. Humphreys, J. Hypes. Fourth row: E. Slater, J. Morgan, H. Rupert, B. Johnson, A. Harrah, B. Quick, R. Marion, T. Jackson. Spanish Club. Second Picture: First row: P. Walters, P. Smith, P. Kessell, B. Johnson, E. Strock, D. Raptis, . Mullins, A. Woodrum, M. Ross. Second row: L. Pauley, H. Dixon, B. Niedermeyer, D. Warner, S. McClain, S. Leonard, M. Kincaid, M. Legg, E. Jordon. Third row: F. Tow, C. Flesher, J. Burdette, M. Gillispie, R. Spencer, J. Walker, P. Price, A. Spencer, B. McGinnis, P. Matheny. Fourth row: H. Lance, D. Galperin, H. Waybright, B. Downs, B. Cantrell, D. Beck, D. Tucker, R. Songer, B. O'De1l. Fifth row: C. Miller, R. Westfall, K. Gandy, L. Grayson, A. McCamey, D. Stalder, R. Legg, T. McKinney, B. Barnette. 64 :KS Latin Club. First Picture: First row: N. Watkins, M. Moyer, N. Walker, N. Kefler, S. Roberts, C. Hanly, R. Thom, K. Horton, J. Wilson N. Hatfield, J. Sevy. Second row: A. Martin, S. Wilber, B. Harmon, N. Perry, S. Looper, B. Jarrett, C. Bennett, I. Long, B. Watts, B Buckley, B. Smith, B. McAllister. Third row: C. Moore, K. Beddow, M. Farnsworth, B. Rickard, P. Grandal, D. Roberts, J. Warner, C Jarrett, E. Jackson, C. Crowder, J. Hornor, B. Cabell. Fourth row: J. Craft, F. Himes, J. Cook, F. Cabell, C. Casto, H. Burns, J. Preston H. Whitehead, R. Hamilton, D. Cole, F. Hamrick. Latin Club. Second Picture: First row: M. Persohn, M. Glass, B. Short, S. Anderson, N. White, S. Phillips, C. Comerford, J. Campbell C. Brenneman, P. Hendrickson, P. Lanham, A. Woodrum. Second row: D. Gilbert, L. Cline, J. Stealey, S. Hamilton, M. Summers, K. Har rison, J. Williams, F. Alderson, D. Carrico, J. Parkins, F. Taylor, J. Meador. Third row: C. Boling, C. Craig, D. Warner, C. Campbell, D Savage, M. Legg, B. Carney, A. Staats, N. Louft, J. Cox, P. Lance, R. Cashdan. Fourth row: B. Jordan, J. Dyke, P. Heavener, J. Massau, G Eary, B. Caldwell, B. Johnson, W. Duff, A Griffiths, P. Carter, S. Leonard, S. Nelson. ' French Club. First row: T. Ashmore, M. Hard- man, M. Allison, J. Hayes, R. Forbes, S. Hearn. Second row: C. Meadows, C, Kershner, R. Mar- tin, M. Persohn, M. Summers, N. Lemmon, F. Sevy. Third row: J. Sergent, E. Jackson, R. Pries- man, J. Litton, J. Beheler, C. Warner, J. Edelman. 65 Gym Leaders. First row: G. Edens, P. Duke, J. Bruni, B. Cobb, B. Moales, N. Lemmon, I. Sanders, L. Casebolt, N. Walls. Second row: E. Lanham, D. Flesher, D. Holley, P. Hall, B. Jones, D. Polston, W. McCoy. Third row: C. Fore, M. Taylor, B. Vaughn, Miss Gertrude G. Drasnin, B. Bupp, A. Woodrum. S. A. A. 'S ENJO PNN, PRULIS, 'N SUNSHINE Looking trim and neat the Gym Leaders Corps excel in conducting sports and refereeing games. Cheerleaders must possess many qualities, the most important of which is a good personality and the ability to inspire a crowd to yell. They must be scholastically eligible and have at least two years of physical education. The Girls' Athletic Association is known as the most active group of girls in our school. They sponsor a wide variety of activities such as hikes, cookouts, and best of all their ever popular square dances. lil-I Cheerleaders: N. Freed, K. Shaw, C. Comerford, J. Saunders, C. Caperton, L. Cline. G. A. A. First Picture: First row: D. Carter, Y. Craigo, L. Mullins, R. Spradling, B. Shamblin, D. Withrow, M. Smith, V. Heater, B. Rhodes, V. Fisher. Second row: W. Jones, M. Hershberger, G. Holmes, P. Newcomer, I. Jones, P. Ice, J. Vineyard, B. White, N. Simon, S. Older. Third row: W. McCoy, M. Vandergriff, J. Wolf, M. Eskew, J. Hornor, K. Beddow, E. Jackson, L. Haddad, C. Wheeler, B. Simpson. Fourth row: B. Burgher, A. Staats, J. Mefford, C. Hanly, D. Perkins, S. Roberts, C. Crowder, S. Looper, P. Withrow, J. King. Fifth row: D. Harvey, M. Cummings, G. Burdette, S. Holmes, S. Jeffries, J. Vineyard, H. Haynes, D. Raptis, B. Fridly. G. A. A. Second Picture: First row: N. Walls, D. Harrick, D. Simms, J. Patterson, D. Holley, M. Cunningham, N. Hatfield, J. Lynn, J. Pritt, P. Ankrom. Second row: V. Rhodes, D. Hash, G. Pitchford, P. Dunbar, B. Kelly, J. Harmon, M. Hall, S. Phillips, P. Jordan, B. Monday. Third row: N. Keffer, A. Carte, S. Kish, J. Williams, S. Winemiller, C. Boling, J. Boggs, D. Tate, J. Monday, B. Coulter. Fourth row: K. Matheny, N. Henry, C. Skeen, B. Carter, J. Summerfield, M. Allison, N. Watkins, B. Harmon, B. Buckley, F. Wilson. Fifth row: M. Riley, D. Warner, B. Jones, F. Young, F. Shamblin, P. Radford, B. Fields, S. McClain, D. Rhodes, J. Sigmon. G. A. A. Third Picture: First row: R. Cashdan, J. Cummings, L. Casebolt, D. Khuri, I. Sanders, Miss Drasnin, N. Lemmon, K. Shaw, B. Vaughan, D. Carrico. Second row: C. Shaver, J. Bruni, S. Morris, E. Frame, G. Painter, B, Wall, C. Fore, N. Cotiin, R. Thacker, D. Polston. Third row: R. Renick, H. Mason, J. Abbott, C. Meadows, J. Baker, P. Walters, J. Walker, P. Hall, B. Dunlap, M. Taylor. Fourth row: K. Procter, B. Bupp, M. Farnsworth, C. Jarrett, E. Miller S. Reveal, M. Salamie, S. Leonard, P. Wallace, M. Legg. Fifth Row: J. Saunders, M. Kincaid, E. Strock, H. Larch, F. Alderson, L. Cline, R. Layne, N. Walker, C. Kershner, P. Covert. 67 National Honor Society. First row: R. Cashdan, D. Carrico, D. Sparkes, J. Parkins, N. Freed, C. Caperton, C. Campbell. Second row: S. Hearn, E. Via, L. Hall, P. Carter, B. Carney, K. Shaw, S. Hamilton. Third row: R. Marion, J. Litton, E. Roush, G. Sears. NATIUNAL UNUR SUUIETIES ARE IGHLIG TS Requirements for National Honor Society are scholarship, character, leadership, and service. To become a member, one must be in the upper quar- ter of his class. Each year fifteen per cent of the graduating class are initiated. Last year the first initiation on the lawn of the school was held. The students being initiated wore long gowns, and a loud speaker was used, enabling the ceremony to be heard from the lower campus. Quill and Scroll is an International Honor Society. Membership in the organization is bestowed on stu- dents who have done outstanding work in the field of journalism. This honor is achieved by students working on either "The Jackson Journal" or the "Jacksonian." Members must have completed one year or more service on the publication, be at least junior A's, and be in the upper quarter of their class. The Quill and Scroll of Stonewall Jackson is under the capable leadership of Miss Mary Kennedy and Mr. S. P. Armstrong. Quill and Scroll. First row: L. Cline, P. Radford, R. Cashdan, D. Carrico, J. Parkins, E. Haynes, J. Porterfield. Second row: B. Smith K Shaw, D. Rabel, B. Carney, P. Carter, S. Hamilton. Student Council. First row: Judy McCutcheon, Peggy Gentry, Don Adkins, Francine Young, Ruth Thacker, Jack Lawhorn, Gil Sears, Con- nie Campbell, Nina Keffer, "Rat" Thom. Second row: Buddy Boschain, Dick Beck, Don Griffith, Bob Johnson, Jim Laughlin, Sam Fleshman, Frank Taylor. TUDENT GUVERNMENT REPS THE BUAT RBI-LING The Stonewall Jackson Student Council under the guidance of Miss Doris Cheesman has done a grand job in promoting student activities and aiding in the administration of Stonewall Jackson. Ofiicers included Jack Lawhorn, president, Sam Fleshman, vice-president, and Connie Campbell, Secretary. The Student Council sponsors the paper store, takes charge of the lost and found, plans and sponsors the various assemblies. Another part of the Student Council is the Execu- tive Council, which is made up usually of the presi- dents of all the organizations and the officers of the school. Its purpose is to unify student organizations and encourage service toward the school. Executive Council. First row: J. McCutcheon, L. Cline, J. King, F. Young, R. Thacker, N. Lemmon, P. Gentry, B. Coulter, K. Shaw, Second row: B. Weiford, F. Taylor, N. Keffer, C. Comerford, D. Carrico, C. Campbell, T. Ashmore, R. Cashdan, R. Thom. Third row: G. Sears, E. Huddle, G. Thompson, S. Clifton, J. Laughlin, B. Johnson, S. Fleshman, E. Klamer, J. Massau. 69 Troupers. First row: P. Way, A. Ankrom, P. Hendrickson, C. Brenneman, S. Bowden, P. Cottrill, J. Rucker, P. Lanham, C. Shaver, G. Wolfe, B. Bupp, B. Miller, N. Freed. Second row:.S. Winemiller, N. Lemmon, D. Tate, M. Monday, B. Kelly, N. White, C. Comerford, F. Alderson, J. Parkins, B. Huffman, M. Allison, N. Watkins. Third row: C. Boling, J. Williams, P. Covert, C. Kershner, K. Harrison, M. L. Grimmett, M. Knapp, M. Hunicutt, J. Epling, A. Drake, L. Bedell, H. Dixon. Fourth row: S. Kish, N. Keffer, C. Campbell, J. Waybright, J. Wilson, M. Hundley, S. Phillips, S. Leonard, P. Wallace, S. Nelson, D. Warner, R. Forbes, P. Smith. TRUUPERS, THHSPIANS, AN MINSTREL UPPER "Act well your part, there all honor lies." This is the challenging motto of the Thespians. This national dramatic organization was founded at Stonewall Jackson in 1942 and has since grown to its present membership of 19 well seasoned actors. Exceptional work in some of the many school plays or in the staging of them, leading to the earning of 100 points for the student is the chief requirement for membership to the organization. Each year new students are taken into the ranks of the Thespians. The officers this year are Cynthia Comerford, Edwin Huddle, Deborah Sparkes, Dot Carrico, and Rochelle Cashdan. Mr. Ralph Currey is the spon- sor of this club. Thespians are in charge of each committee for the Junior and Senior Plays and instruct small groups. Each year the Thespians observe National Thespian Week with the producing of a one-act play. Being closely connected with the production of the various plays, the members of this organization gain valuable and needed experience. Thespians. First row: D. Carrico, B. Carney, E. Huddle, C. Comerford, R. Cashdan, C. Caperton. Second row: J. Boggs, P. Lanham P Hendrickson, J. Meador, L. Cline, S. Phillips, J. Waybright, S. Fleshman, F. Taylor, P. Heavener. Troupers, First row: B. Coulter, P. Kessel, J. Stealey, B. Niedermeyer, M. Gillespie, J. King, B. Weiford, O. Burgher, P. Walters, J. Lynn B. Johnson, B. Jordan, S. Looper. Second row: N. Walker, D. Carrico, R. Thacker, H. Montgomery, B. Kushner, B. Preisman, B. Carney, A Staats, J. Mefford, N. Louft, G. Ketfer, P. Lance, N. Smith. Third row: R. Cashdan, J. Hornor, K. Beddow, B. Simpson, C. Hanley, D. Gil bert, M. Kincaid, D. Savage, S. Waggy, D. Sparkes, M. MacDonald, C. Craig, P. Hess. Fourth row: J. Meador, L. Cline, E. Jackson, C Caperton, E. Strock, J. Keiffer, G. Teel, B. Johnson, B. Currey, A. Harrah, C. Warner, F. Taylor, K. Shaw. TUP-NUTEN ENTERTAINMENT EEN STUDENTS Bringing excellent entertainment to the Stone- wall Jackson student bocv, Troupers are proud of accomplished casts, excellent productions, and brilliant climaxes. The major productions each year are three three-act plays which are extremely popular at Jackson Heights. Troupers offer their services in the junior and senior class plays. Many positions are available in Troupers other than the actual participation in the performances. Some work in the roles of make-up and proper- ties committees, set builders, painters, and back- stage carpenters. A very popular club at Stonewally Troupers boast of over one hundred members. The very willing and efficient sponsors of this club are Mr. Ralph Currey and Mrs. Jeanne Bourne. Also work- ing for the success of the Troupers are the able of- ficers: Bob Weiford, president, Jean Waybright, vice president, and Jane Ann King, secretary. One of the most colorful events that took place this year at Stonewall Jackson was the minstrel. It was highlighted by songs, jokes, and dances. Un- der' the supervision of Mr. Edgar Loar and Mr. Ralph Currey, this stellar attraction was a colossal success. wa' Junior Red Cross. First row: B. Coulter, B. Kelly, B. Jordan, B. Niedermeyer, L. Wilkinson, L. Haddad, P. Ankrom, J. Rucker, M. Eskew, C. Crowder. Second row: J. Ingram, P. Kemple, J. Wolf, L. Martin, G. Edens, R. Hanna, B. Walker, J. Harmon, M. Clendenen, S. Hearn, B. Bupp, B. Miller, S. Winemiller. Third row: J. Vineyard, D. Roberts, J. King, S. Walker, P. Reed, E. Klamer, I. Hartman, N. Harrison, C. Carr, A. Woodrum, N. Lemmon, B. Shamblin, K. Proctor. RED URUSS AND -TEENS The Stonewall Chapter of Junior Red Cross is sponsored by Mr. Orral Burdette. Membership in this or- ganization is made up of 45 mem- bers. Meetings are held once a month after school. Once a year a drive is held to collect money. The money is sent to the Kanawha Chapter where it is disposed of in many helpful ways. Also this Council sponsors movies, fills boxes to send overseas to help needy families, and supports our school in parades and camp activi- ties. Each year two members of the Council are selected to go to a train- ing camp to learn more about the running of the organization. Y-Teen Activity. First row: N. Perry, M. Hunicutt. Second row: C. Dodd, M. Grimett. Third row: N. Naylor, E. Tittlow, W. Jones, D. Hash. 72 P Y Y-Teens. First row: B. Bupp, C. Boling, S. Bowden, P. Ankrom, A. Buffold, M. Schaefer, G. Keffer, L. Wilkinson, J. Lynn, M. Botkins, D. Hargraves, L. Mullins, J. Boggs. Second row: C. Michael, J. Sevy, N. Ocheltree, P. Eades, D. Holley, B. Jones, J. Waybright, D. Khuri, J. Monday, B. Vaughn, J. Patterson, B. Miller. Third row: P. Kemple, M. Wright, M. Taylor, W. Jones, M. Grimmett, M. Knapp, M. Mac- Donald, J. Stealey, S. Hamilton, F. Alderson, B. Huffman, M. Riley. Fourth row: C. Wheeler, G. Wolfe, N. Griffee, A. Davis, N. Harrah, R. Newberry, Y. Craigo, J. Pyles, B. Monday, D. Rhodes, J. Sigmon, H. Dixon, P. Shumate. Fifth row: B. Dolin, C. Barker, N. Naylor, S. Blankenship, N. Johnson, P. Jordan, E. Titlow, M. MacDonald, M. Legg, D. Warner, S. McClain, B. Burns, F. Todd. REAU ACROSS T E SEA To build fellowship-of girls devoted to the task of projects such as sending chocolate bars to Europe. They realizing in our common life those means of personal participated in the World Day of Prayer Assembly, a and social living to which we are committed by our faith as Christians is the main purpose of the Y-Teens. Mrs. Faircloth, Y-Teen Adviser, said that the most essen- tial thing in the club work is to help girls grow to be greens and 3150-019 Sending Of 'COYS to the Davis Child intelligent adults. The Y-Teens have accomplished many Shelter and the Cerebral Palsy Clinic. world fellowship program, and a radio skit called "The Chocolate Bar." They assisted in the hanging of the Y-Teens. First row: K. McWhorter, B. Buckley, B. Harmon, N. Burns, J. Harmon, B. Dunlap, D. Harrick, B. Jordan, B. Simpson, P. Cottrill, P. Priestley, G. Painter, M. Hunicutt. Second row: C. Meadows, S. Duff, D. Mace, J. Meiford, A. Fisher, A. Drake, R. Moore, G. Blessing, C. Craig, N. Keffer, D. Isner, B. Rhodes. Third row: M. Allison, M. Vandergriff, D. Stone, S. Anderson, N. Smith, H. Montgomery, V. Rhodes, J. Gregory, N. Hatfield, B. Brady, F. Shamblin, K. Harrison, F. Young, S. Winemiller. Fourth row: B. Jones, H. Powell, M. Glass, M. Hundley, D. Pauley, N. Perry, R. Forbes, D. Hash, J. Campbell, N. Lemmon, J. Williams, B. Bupp, J. Perry, B. Pauley, R. Wilson, Fifth row: M. Cunningham, B. Carter, N. Henry, B. Moales, J. Walker, R. Layne, I. Sanders, J. Clendenin, P. Radford, L. Casebolt, P. Anderson, C. Waybright, E. Vandergriff, S. Fisher. 73 Y Boys' Glee Club. First row: S. Hearn, accompanist, D. Cole, J. Hendricks, A. Lewis, R. Songer, J. Burford, J. Watson, E. Means, B. Hardman. Second row: F. Gates, E. Amory, J. Whitehead, J. Meadows, E. Slater, J. Easley, R. Hamilton. Third row: P. Lewis, R. Krebs, B. Johnson, D. Freeland, A. Harrah, J. Krantz, B. Conner, J. Burdette. T EWS A SUNG IN THE AIR Male Chorus. First row: D. Cole, J. Meadows, E. Means, J. Hendricks, J. Burford, J. Burdette, A. Lewis, J. 'Watson, R. Songer, Accompanist, S. Hearn Second Row: B. Johnson, A. Harrah, D. Freeland. 74 "Pepita," was the echo heard floating through the halls. This successful Mexican operetta, given in November by the eighty members of the Boys' and Girls' Chorus un- der the direction of Miss Eleanor Thomasson, proved to be one of the most colorful events of the year at Stonewall. Remember the chant of Christmas carols-it was the Glee Club, attired in scarlet and gray robes, mak- ing a picturesque holiday scene. The chorus presented special assemblies and furnished music for various clubs and organizations. A program of favorites was given in February with both the mixed chorus and orchestra par- ticipating. Some of the favorites were "Chiapanecas" and "The Donkey Serenade." Also they participated in baccalaureate serv- ice and all-state and county choral festivals. To bring musical enjoyment to the school and public is the goal and purpose of this energetic group. Girls' Glee Club. First row: B. Cavender, P. Trail, J. Mullins, C. Campbell, P. Smith, P. Watts, J. Waybright, J. Hayes, W. Jacobson, D. Bryant, M. Gillespie, C. Miller, P. Pendleton. Second row: J. Cook, E. Titlow, M. Smith, H. Bridges, A. Jones, B. McCutcheon, D. Douglas, N. Burns, C. Michael, S. Anderson, J. Epling, N. Smith, M. Elkins, D. Cole. Third Row: P. Legg, J. Kiser, V. Burdette, P. Ma- theney, I. Mullins, D. Hickman, A. Drake, M. Hundley, J. Wilson, G. Burdette, C. Craig, E. Hendrickson, S. Hearn, E. Via. Fourth row: J. Cummings, A. Hinzman, J. Dyke, B. .Sprad1ing, S. Clovis, C. Pendell, N. Louft, L. Pauley, M. Knapp, P. Hess, E. Garnett, B. Jarrett. Nancy Johnson, accompanist, absent from picture. RUUND U URUS AND DRG ESTRA The tones of well known and much loved music can be heard flowing from the instru- ments of the thirty-three members of the Stonewall Jackson Orchestra in the mornings at eight o'clock. The orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Edgar Loar, is the only or- chestra in Kanawha County and one of the five in the state. The music for the operetta, "Pepita" was provided by this group. "A Program of Favorites" was presented by the chorus and orchestra. Gershwin's "Little Rhapsody in Blue" and "Carmen" were two of the many favorites played. The orchestra contributes greatly to school activities by playing for school plays, graduation exer- cises, and Parent Teachers Association meet- ings. The most outstanding members are chosen to play in the All-State Orchestra and some of the members belong to the Charles- ton Symphony Orchestra. These are honors which almost all strive to attain. Orchestra. First row: J. Gregory, F. Alderson, L. Perrow, L. Hall, M. Per- sohn, C. Caperton. Second row: D. Cole, E. Lanham, D. Cole, H. Burns, C. Bowles, B. Plott, E. Roush, B. Layden, D. Tucker, J. Glover. Third row: N. Griffee, B. McCallister, D. Stalder, D. Fizer, J. Holstein, D. Cunningham, J. Smith, P. Ballard, B. Casto. Fourth row: T. Ashmore, S. Moss, V. Hanna, J. Litton, L. Alexander, Mr. Loar, 75 Library Assistants. First Row: B. Rhodes, S. St. Clair, J. Cobb, J. Gregory, P. Lamont, M. Clendenen, P. Landers, N. Harrah, C. Meadows, D. Bryant, N. Simon. Second row: R. Martin, J. Cooke, C. Barker, B. Conner, B. Carter, R. Spradling, D. Gillespie, B. Hedrick. LIBRAR AND OFFICE ASSISTANTS, MOVIE One of the most helpful groups in Stone- wall Jackson is library assistants. They have the job not only of carding, shelving, and checking out books, but also of directing puzzled or bewildered students to the right shelf. These efficient girls are trained to assist students in using the Readers Guide. They help in keeping the library attractive by planning and decorating the bulletin boards. The library serves as center of information of the school. The girls are here to help stu- dents at all times. The ofiicers of library assistants are Mar- garet Botkins, president, Rita Renick, vice president, Rose Newberry, secretary-treas- urerg and Ruth Layne, reporter. Library Club Officers: R. Newberry, R. Renick, M. Botkins, R. Layne. 76 r l Office Assistants. First row: P. Priestley, J. O'Dell, C. Shaver, M. Hall, S. Bowden, F. Hudkins, E. Skeen, K. Harrison, K. Shaw, B. Wall. Second row: H. Powell, P. Covert, J. Clendenin, R. Tucker, C. Caperton, J. Stealey, C. Kershner, M. Grimmett, C. Waybright, E. Vander- griff, R. Thacker. Third row: R. Wilson, G. Painter, F. Young, J. Cox, N. Perdue, F. Shamblin, J. Patterson, J , Perry, P. Jones, B. Pauley. PRUJEUTURS CLUB GIVE VALUABLE SERVICE To qualify as an office assistant, a girl must have a "C" average or better and should be ap- proved by at least one faculty member. The oflice assistants do not receive any credit for their work and serve as assistants during their study hall pe- riods. Some of the jobs performed by these girls are filing, answering the phone, collecting absence slips, calling homes about the absentees, and help- ing the student body in scheduling. These girls can be found in the offices of Mr. Fred Hill, Mr. George Steadman, and Miss Virginia Atkinson at all times doing their various jobs. Quick and efficient. That describes the work of the thirteen members of Motion Picture Projec- tion Club under the sponsorship of Mr. C. H. Mar- tin. By the use of study hall periods and other spare time, these operators run, in an average year, around 150 pictures and from sixty to seventy film strips. Their efficient work goes unnoticed for the most part, but is a fine example of careful and skillful handling of equipment for the benefit of the student body. Among the projects for this year is a drive to secure funds to purchase a new projector. ' 9 7 Movie Projectors. First row: R. Boggs, B. Jones, B. Sutler, R. Smith, C. War- ner, J. Wolfe, H. Waybright, T. Griiiith. Second row: R. Conner, F. Withrow, W. Beauvais, E. Bragg, P. Ballard. 77 in i SEIENEE ELUE AND FUTURE UMEMA EES To educate students interested in scientific mat- ters is the purpose of the Stonewall Chapter of the West Virginia Junior Academy of Science. There are twenty-five members in the club. Under the guidance of the faculty adviser, Miss Virginia Karnes, and the leadership of Rochelle Cashdan, it has become a very successful organization. To become a member a student must have completed two years of science with an A average or three "Toward New Horizons" is the motto of the Fu- ture Homemakers of America. Members can al- ways be seen around school helping others. Some of their activities for the past year have been entering a winning float in the homecoming game and baking cookies for extra money. At the re- gional meeting in Gassaway, the Stonewall chap- ter had charge of the balloting. Among the inter- esting speakers were Miss Waterman, who spoke years with a B average. Induction is after the third nine-weeks' grades are received. on home life in England, and Miss Newman, whose subject was "Personality" Science Club. Seated: E. Huddle, B. Kushner, D. Parkins. Standing: K. Shaw, B. Smith, N. Freed, L. Perrow, L. Chambers, S. Hamilton C. Comerford, C. Caperton, L. Hall, J. Gregory, E. Roush, J. Chandler, R. Marion, N. Strickler, R. Cashdan. Future Homemakers. First row: K. Shaw, M. Allison, C. Shaver, J. King, B. McGinnis, L. Pauley, L. Chambers, J. Parkins, J. Stealey, M. Eskew, C. Meadows. Second row: J. Patterson, M. Sigmon, S. Older, A. Hinzman, L. McClure, J. Patterson, W. Woodfell, B. Carter, J. Waybright, D. Warner, P. Ankrom, D. Khuri, J. Eskins. Third row: J. Monday, B. Pauley, J. Rucker, E. Garrett, J. Wolf, J. Vineyard, N. Strickler, F. Alderson, J. Kiser, S. Hearn, B. Jones, P. Way, M. Steven, J. West. Fourth row: Z. Staats, L. Wilkinson, T. Ashmore, H. Bridges, P. Wallace, S. Leonard, J. Vineyard, C. Pendell, J. Bailey, N. Wallace, P. Newcomer, I. Jones, J. Groves. L.:-fl 78 F. B. L. A. First picture: First row: B. Wall, G. Painter, M. Taylor, B. Pauley, J. Clendenin, J. Rucker, A. Walker, B. Coulter, B. John- son Second row: M. Goff, L. Cyrus, V. Rhodes, B. Fowler, A. Cottrill, J. Cummings, J. Bruni, B. Monday, G. Bonham. Third row: B. Dunlap, C. Barker, S. Blankenship, B. Slater, D. Khuri, P. Watts, J. Sigmon, N. Walls, F. Venitsanos. Fourth row: P. Affolter, R. Layne, P. Taylor, H. McPherson, B. Rogers, P. Dunbar, B. Randolph, L. Casebolt, H. Bridges. Fifth row: D. Rhodes, M. Cunningham, N. Hatfield, B. Kelly, J. Monday, T. Rogers, F. Herrald, W. Crowder, T. Maddox, C. Slater. Sixth row: J. Burford, J. Chandler, R. Ronk, C. Lowman, J. Brown, W. Beauvais, G. Short, R. Smith, J. Johnson. F. B. L. A. Second Picture: First row: D. Park, J. O'Del1, B. Eary, P. Cashdorph, J. King, J. Patterson, M. Hunicutt, J. Mullins, N. Ochel- tree, C. Michael. Second row: J. Mullins, H. Montgomery, S. Poling, C. Bowles, B. Vaughan, D. Holley, K. Proctor, P. Withrow, P. Car- penter, D. Bryant. Third row: R. Lilly, F. Hudkins, C. Boggess, J. Maddox, R. Anderson, D. Underwood, R. Moore, G. Blessing, B. Brady, N. Burnem. Fourth row: G. Keffer, D. Tate, N. Duckworth, D. Martin, S. Morris, M. Campbell, M. Guthrie, F. Young, D. Kelly. Fifth row: K. Harrison, S. Bowden, D. Hargraves, E. Strock, M. Clendenen, A. Huddy, S. Rider, V. Casdorph. F. B. L. A. SPUNSURS GULD DIGGERS' SUCK HUP A club for all students enrolled in the business for small things in the business department. This department, is the uFUtU1'9 Business Leaders Of year it sponsored a spring dance called the Gold America." The aim of this organization is the de-4 velopment of aggressive, competent business lead- ers. This club of 120 active members holds parties and contests throughout the year to raise money Diggers' Sock Hop. The event that is looked for- ward to most is the choosing of "Miss Secretary" in the early spring. 79 o E Ab g i l P Social Studies Council. First row: J. Boggs, M. Guthrie, B. Brady, N. Naylor, A Casdorph, S. Kish, B. Wall, E. Frame, J. Sevy, N. Ochel- tree. Second row: D. Fisher, B. Huffman, F. Alderson, M. Chandler, M. Hunicutt, M. Givens, C. Campbell, J. Vineyard, K. Matheny, M. Eskew, P. Walters. Third row: J. Kiser, M. Taylor, B. McGinnis, J. Walker, M. Persohn, L. Casebolt, J. Williams, P. Way, P. Carter, L. Casebolt, C. Arnett, J. French, G. Sears, D. Beck, K. Shaw, B. O'Dell. Fourth row: R. Faulknier, B. Mahmoud, B. Jones, E. Bird, B. Weiford, B. Cantrell, P. Heavener, C. Jividen, J . O'Dell, J . Smith, J . Birthisel, D. Dawson, J. Eaton, F. Fuller. Fifth row: B. Currey, H. Williamson, K. Burdette, E. Klamer, J . Hypes, J . Beheler, B. Johnson, B. Merical, J . Burford, R. Waugh, H. Rupert, J . Watson, J . Hash. Under the capable leadership of Coach Russ Par- sons, the Varsity Club is doing an excellent job in promoting better sportsmanship in the student body. 4'Save your rebel dollars, the South'll rise again!" This was the stirring slogan of the Hi-Y Homecoming float at the Parkersburg game. The Stonewall Hi-Y under the leadership of Frank Taylor, president, and Mr. George Steadman, sponsor, have had a varied program. The Thanksgiving program, the annual ini- tiation held each March, and the popular hayrides given each spring and fall, along with the task of building a Youth Center at the Y. M. C. A., are some of the undertakings of this club. The membership of the social studies council con- sists of two representatives elected each semester from all the history classes. This year they were honored by hearing Miss Jean Ryburn, who has just returned from three years of teaching at a girls' mission school in Cairo, Egypt. Sponsored by Mrs. S. P. Armstrong, the active members of our Future Teachers of America at- tended the installation of the Elkview chapter. Their year's activities were high lighted by a study of Mar- garet Moyer's book, "The Career of Teaching." F. T. A. First row: S. Roberts, R. Marion, N. Walker. Second row: F. Martin, L. Hemmings, M. Moyer, J. Massau. 81 Four key members on the Journal staff this year are left to right, 'Jack Massau, first semester editor, Rochelle Cashdan, associate editorgand Jean Parkins and Libbie Cline, co-editors for the second semester. JAG SUN JUURNAL Through the halls, in and out of forty-five class- rooms, and up and down the stairs, travel the sixty- five news hungry reporters of the Jackson Journal. The Journal, which is published bi-monthly, is one of the most outstanding school papers in the United States. Editor for the first semester was Jack Massau, co- editors for the second semester were Libbie Cline and Jean Parkins. They were assisted by Rochelle Cashdan and Peggy Lanham, associate editors, Con- nie Campbell and Jimmy Meador, news editors, Sam Fleshman, sports editor, and Cynthia Comerford, personnel editor. Under the experienced direction of Mr. Stuart P. Armstrong, the Jackson Journal has achieved nation- wide recognition and many honors. Among them are National Scholastic, All-American, Quill and Scroll, George Gallup Honor Award, Southern Interschol- astic Press Association, Pacemaker, All-Columbian Literary Honors, and All-Columbian Advertising Honors. Sponsored activities were the A'Jackson Jollities" and a trip taken to the Columbia Scholastic Press Association convention in New York. Going over advertising for the Christ- mas issue of the Journal are Nancy White and Elaine Strock, editorial page editors, Bob Johnson, advertising man- ager, Sue Ann Hamilton, business man- agerg and Connie Campbell, news editor. Marching to the call of duty in 308 are these Journal stalwartsz Don Lee, art edi- torg Gilbert Sears, former sports editorg Don Griffith, sports reporterg Dean Parkins, circulation managerg and Frank Taylor, sports reporter. 4 1 One job of Journal staff members is to review publications from other schools and keep abreast of Journal- istic advances. Gathered around the magazine rack in 308 are Cynthia Comerford, personnel managerg Peggy Lanham, associate editorg Dot Carrico, picture editorg and Jimmy Meador, news editor. Talking over shop before home room pe- riod are Jane Ann King and Betty Eary, Journal typistsg Bob Weiford, former veep of 3083 Ed Huddle, 308 ex-prexyg and John HBarre1" McDavid, Journal photographer. 83 Jacksonian Staff. B. Carney, Editor. JAG SUNIAN STAFF "Two copies of everything" and "Remember March 12 is the deadline" are phrases that regularly drifted from the an- nual ofiice during the day. The Jacksonian staff had a great responsibility to compile a pictorial account of the entire school year. The iirst part of the year was spent in organizing and pre- paring a general plan for the book. By February everything was completed, and a final check was made before going to press. The J acksonian staff agrees that in order to appreciate the annual you must assist in producing it. KENNETH SHAW H. Dixon, D. Edens, E. Parsons, D. Lee, R. Bartlett, B. Mahmoud, L. Bedell. 'YJ PAT RADFORD BOB KUSHNER First Row: S. McClain, M. Chandler, M. Ross, R. Forbes. Second Row: J . Sergent, D. Beck, A. Huddy. EMOGENE HAYNES STANLEY CLIFTON I N Jacksonian Staff: P. Carter, Business Manager. First Row: V. Porterfield, R. Baird. Second Row: H. Montgomery, M. Legg, D. Parks. First Row: L. Chambers, D. Tate, S. Leonard: Sec- ond row: J. Ray, L. Hall, M. Burrus. First Row: B. Miller, E. Jordon, N. Strickler, B. Coulter, D. Warner. Sec- ond row: P. Walters, J. Boggs, C. Shaver. - 1 Z' S 1 " z .- W J,..-Iliff:-mi,QI'2.s-" . . Y - A . Pr- ' 3 jf-.11 , i ' 53.-5 A L 3? K 5 -' f -. A A .K A 1.-. ' f l DON LEE BETTY JEAN SMITH FREDA SIMON ..54,,,4,f ' 1 , . ,.,1LQfff'V7" 85 mv . W '!!!" f "' ll.. 'Qt . N--- .. 5' X. 5 Z ig El-5,1 F v ij- N,--ll-inn, U of ut'f . .nun t . . " In d"""'...0'll.v u Q ' Q fo. ls. in I 'U O o.' I .0 I uno . 1.4 , o 1 3 g'K5fi'flK5l5a F wx' 1 Q, X lg.. f 553 w fd' 3' Ai Q-, K A ff:-9556 up E U , L. f I C X X I. fl" Us Us 'Ii . lfZ':m?5b. 'I' 'lp' IIIIII' Aflllll In r ' Wu, w,"'- ' I ' ' , 4 'lf - QQ ' . ' o ' VI' y W , .A ' ' , ' . 1' 7-4: . " "f 1 H 434 O s 'Q 1 ' E 4lll:" -1 4g,"l 'ww 1 "4w1zw1v 'WA' 'X " 'ww' . X 6 ' ' ' is M7 'Q .va C s U ox' oo, "' no 'o an , s , o A 9 n j . i'i"": xi... f'QE:k:1L !.1'5.1: ,WZ N - 1 s 4 . 05 w I.. O . ,: Q n mf ,XV X N U. Q gfi-1 " "' 'O' 1 0. ' s s :'oao ,',sv. ' ':.'s .nina , qq','a'o':' Lf-, Lo""' 0'0" 'U' FAST QQHLFTIUS DPQQJL 9 N First row: D. Edens, J. McDavid, B. Jarrett, J. Hartman, J. Pritt, H. Fitzsimmons, R. Stover, R. Staab, E. Johnson, E. Ashworth, H. Sum- mers, D. Grifiith, J. Lawhorn, J. Hoferer, F. Hamrick. Second row: Coach Parsons, G. Reed, J. Craze, R. Summerfield, E. Klamer, C. Evans, N. Carr, R. Klamer, W. Reber, L. Radcliff, B. McWhorter, F. Ballard, B. Downs, Coach Hutson, B. Boschian, Assistant Coach Giannakis, T. Bailey. Third row: D. Adkins, E. Ramsey, B. Parkins, J. Young, B. Cottrill, S. Mazella, G. Sutler, T. Simpson, R. Rollins, J. Smith, B Watson, T. Givens, A. Tenent. FIRST DOWN AND GUAL T0 G0 Displaying a stalwart forward line and a bruising back-field, the Stone- wall Jackson Generals produced their most successful team since 1947, when FOOTBALL RECORD 19-12. The last three games of the season contained elements of surprise, joy- fulness, and utter despair. The sur- they went unbeaten and became Co- we They prise was registered in the Parkers- champions of the State. S. J- Vs. Logan ---b- i-"- 1 9 0 burg game in which Stonewall romped Led by co-captains, Boyce Jarrett to a 40-13 triumph, avenging last and Herb FltZSiI'IlITlOl'1S and quarter- S. J. VS. Ashland .... ..... 4 7 20 year'S defeat, The jgyfulness came back Don Griffith, the Generals from the 1200 loyal fans who jour- smashed Logan in their opening con- S' 'INS' East Bank ""iii " 6 0 neyed to Huntington to see Stone- test 19-0, and continued their tri- S. Jivslweirton Vvrw '--i- 2 7 20 wall smash the Highlanders 34-6, in umphant march by smothering Ash- a game bogged down by a blizzard. land, Ky. 47-20 in a game highlighted S. J. VS. Ripley ......--....--- ----- 4 0 0 The utter despair came from the by the pass completions and intercep- , hearts of loyal Stonewall fans as the tions by right end Henry Summers. S' J' VS' Fairmont West """" 19 12 unbeaten Generals met the oft-beaten Supporters of Stonewall received a S. J' vs. Parkersburg U uvwvgg gA-- 4 0 13 Charleston High Mountain Lions, only terrific scare in the East Bank game to receive a stunning 33-27 defeat. as the Generals squeaked past East S. J. vs. Huntington East .... 34 6 Outstanding players for the year Bank, 6-0. However, this did not slow - - were Don Grifiith, Henry Summers, the Generals down as they outraced S'J'VS'Char1eStOnf ""i"'i" 27 33 Ike Hartman, and Bob Downs, and the Weirton Red Riders 27-20, smeared all-staters Herb Fitzsimmons and Ripley 40-0, and smashed Fairmont, Boyce Jarrett. ,, .. o 0 6 0 0 0 0 "" ' s -f---ff'S47l . I ' L- -- "'V'4v- . D-'ff-P-"'-' -ff ts vt' 911 mal .Sa 1 ... L4 'll' 01. GENERALS UUMPLETE SEASUN STONEWALL vs. LOGAN The Stonewall Jackson Generals began their 1951 season with a smashing win over the Logan Wildcats. The Generals were the better team of the contest, although they got off to a slow start. Boyce Jarrett was the leading ground-gainer in the game, racking up 121 yards. The accurate passing of Donnie Grif- fith accounted for two S. J. touchdowns, while Roger Stover and Herb Fitzsimmons were outstanding line- men. The team showed great promise in their first game, and the outlook for the oncoming season was bright. STONEWALL vs. ASHLAND Led by the outstanding play of Henry Summers, who tallied four times, the Generals skinned the Ashland Tomcats, 47-20. Stonewall was blessed with good luck from the very beginning, when Summers scooped up a fumble and ran 94 yards for a T. D. The bullet-like passing of Donnie Griffith was one of the deciding factors in a game that was slowed by wet ground. Fullback Jack Lawhorn received a broken ankle in the game and did not see any more action this season. STONEWALL vs. EAST BANK Edging past East Bank by the narrow margin of one touchdown, Stonewall kept their hopes for a state championship alive. The Generals went score- less until early in the fourth period, when Donnie fthe Brainl Griffith fired a forty-yard pass to Ike Hartman for the lone touchdown of the game. Boyce J arrett's attempt for the conversion was low and the score remained 6-0. STONEWALL vs. WEIRTON A thunderous ground attack, superior coaching, and a burning desire to win spelled out catastrophe to Weirton High School, as the "mighty mites from Jackson Heights" remained unbeaten. Approximately 9,000 sweltering fans witnessed one of the most thrill- ing games of the 1951 season as the Generals posted a 27-20 victory over the Red Riders of Weirton High. Stonewall's scoring was evenly distributed between Don Griffith, Jim Pritt, Bobby Downs, and Eddie Johnson. Boyce Jarrett made three out of four placements to complete the scoring. STONEWALL vs. RIPLEY The Ripley Vikings proved to be no match for the power-laden Stonewall team, as the Generals rode to an easy 40-0 victory. The game was highlighted by long runs, as Boyce Jarrett scored the first touch- down with a 96-yard run. However, Don Griffith out- did Boyce as he ran 99 9f10 yards for another touch- down. Scoring honors for this game went to Bob Downs and Boyce Jarrett, who scored two TDs each, and Don Griffith and Eddie Johnson, who also chipped in with one each. STONEWALL vs. FAIRMONT WEST Long runs and the undying will to win gave the S. J. Generals a penalty-ridden, 19-13 victory over the Fairmont West Polar Bears. Jerry Hartman was the standout of the game as he scored all of Stone- wall's touchdowns and was the sparkplulg of the de- fensive attack. For this outstanding p ay, he was chosen "Player of the Week." The Generals were penalized 130 yards to the 90 yards of the Polar Bears, and this helped to slow up the game. STONEWALL vs. PARKERSBURG Stonewall Jackson lowered the boom on the Big Reds from Parkersburg, 40-13, as they completely outplayed last year's state Champs in one of the most exciting games of the season. From the time the Generals cut short an opening Parkersburg drive and bulldozed .61 yards to score in eight plays, the game was in Stonewall's control. The bruising line, the outstanding ground-gaining of Bobby Downs, Boyce Jarrett, and Ike Hartman, and Don Grifiith's slick quarterbacking, were the big factors for mov- ing the Generals one step closer to the coveted state title. STONEWALL vs. HUNTINGTON EAST Playing before 1200 loyal, but frozen Stonewall fans and half as many Huntington supporters at Fair- field Stadium, Stonewall proved that they could play in any kind of weather, as they swamped the Hunt- ington East Highlanders, 34-6. Spearheading the attack were Jarrett, Hartman, Johnson, and Sum- mers. Henry Summers appeared in his old form as he ran two Huntington fumbles for touchdowns. Some of the highlights of the battle were Grifiith's 30-yard touchdown pass to "Ike" Hartman. Eddie J ohnson's great showing in the fullback position, and the undying will to win of the General's squad. STONEWALL vs. CHARLESTON The General's hopes for the State championship and return of the Elk Bucket were smashed by the "lucky 'leven" from Charleston High School, with a smash-bank victory of 33-27. Stonewall led at the end of the first half, 13-7, but the rejuvenated Moun- tain Lions came back in the third quarter to rack up 20 points to none for the Generals, which snuffed out any hopes for the return of the ol' Elk Bucket to the West side. However, this did not upset the fighting spirit of the team, for they unleased a vicious attack in the final quarter, scoring 14 points. This was not enough, for Charleston also scored and the game ended, 33-27. wp , A Q, V,,h , V ,Qty ,.'.,,- may Wg ::'ml,wiWff1,53,lg, , 2:A:jsHi .f-ff? -, , gg,,w, 1, i fk-- - K .K H 3 ' 4 JIM PRITT H agf - -2 x Sig 5, jqffa 'V 54,5 fi ' QE? 5 ai '- Z? H 33 'm he ie! RQ, 'H 5, . N . 4-A fl 'ww yi ii? iff-5? CEPHAS LS ,K 1 im fx If , kgiffff 37- . , . 1.5, Qbw A al .335 3 Uk A8 EDDIE JOHNSON 90 7 ,, PM ww WR f. y 45 if if aff 35 NICKQQIIARR ,s Q H91-iam 1 iw QQ J' 5 , Ei it 5 L 5 5 BOYf? QfETTi Q 1 4 , as 1. I si K K we vw ff V if FRANK QALLARD ew. , fn ,, Q, , A, w, S? -ww W v " ii 'Y , A giwg Biff 'aygf.J?x.: ' 3 W N, fx , rg L Q vk.., 3: .- ,z45i.,. REBER STOVER Yjwsifwk , , , I ,aff .2 er n K 'V Q- , V34 ' Y ' , ay: . Q A 51? ' ,361 if J I 7 cf' K , J DON GRIFHQQH s 'm EUGENEJQLAMER 51? L :iin 5 x 1 , w . ,Mx A A . xi-53 1,533 'I JACK LAWHORN x l 'xii-V: , - I ..,f ay, ',f.f .3 .. ,A QL , yr 55- S .wx 5.54 x I dv r' ' g,. ff ' .,,,,. W .N , 'yrs X4 . , A H I W9 HENR MERS E? xx, , J .if . Q 5 . HER 1 MMOIQS Q! E 5 J E 5 2 , 6 , g 2 E 'Bd VQWNS!"' X ,, .-' 1 'ar g . 1 2 ,f 2' r er. X xx. f ,E , x Q if Ni L A H' W as 'i EY Af- . N T323 ' 1 x , " 1 F1 wi S EARL ASHWORTH 1 'J ,ff - 2. SHA., If 1 x ag. 5 33 f vw J lit "BO" McWI1I :TER . . ,s 3. W if ,'AA fd Q ff vf ,E 93 ' ' gf E RAY STAAB Stover, Craze, and Pritt close in on Parkersburg's Ed Rayburn. "Lefty" Pritt snatches a pass to help S. J.'s cause Don Grifhth leaps high to deflect a Parkersburg pass. Bob "Overdrive" Downs flies for a sizeable gain. 92 Front Row: Frank Martin, Allyn Grifiiths, Ike Hartman, Jack Lawhorn, Jim Pritt, Bob Tweedy, Gene Klamer, Jim Vincent, Gilbert Sears Second Row: Joe Kiser, Jim Roach, Rocky Calabrese, Jack Smithers, Dick Myers, John Hamric, Jim Laughlin, Larry Hemmings, Kenny Burdette, Don Griffith, Burton Quick, Coach Hutson. The 1952 Stonewall Jackson basketball team ended its regular season with a record of 12 wins and 8 losses. In the Kanawha Valley Conference, the Gen- erals wound up in third place, preceded by Charles- ton and South Charleston, the only teams in the Con- ference to beat Stonewall, both defeating the Gen- erals twice. As for games outside the conference, the Generals dropped all four of the games, two to Huntington Central, one to Huntington East, and one to Parkers- burg. Stonewall swept through the sectionals, defeating Nitro 69-49, and walloping Dunbar 76-54 in the finals. In the regionals, the Generals met with the strong Charleston team and were defeated 72-58 to stop the Generals drive toward Morgantown and the state tournament. The first five consisted of Jack Lawhorn and Eu- gene Klamer at guards, Bob Tweedy and Jim Pritt at forwards, and Jerry Hartman at center. Substitu- tions were Jim Vincent, Don Griiiith, Allyn Griffiths, John Hamric. and Jim Laughlin. EENBRALS UUMPLETE JIN ED SEASUN Elkview ....................... . Alumni ................................ Huntington Central ........ St. Albans .... ..........,....... . .- Clendenin .......... Dunbar .......... Charleston ........ Parkersburg ....,. ...... .... East Bank .........,...... South Charleston r...,.... Huntington East ..,,... .... DuPont..- ..... ,.... ....... . . .. Dunbar ,..,..... .. Catholic ............. . .......... Charleston ..,..,................ .... Huntington Central. ......,. ..., ElkV16W ........................... South Charleston. ......... East Bank ..............,. Clendenin.. ..... T St. Albans ......... .,,.................. Sectional Nitro ...,,... ........,,,...,,,,,,., Dunbar ...,.., .............,.....,,, Regional Charleston .....,.......,..,,...,....., ,,.,, Opp 27 62 67 56 50 49 66 71 61 75 56 49 47 64 63 83 52 55 52 67 68 49 54 72 we M KAW' 1 K gi 4-Qi ff 'V S "W1W'Maf:H'1f'v+"'F if 1w"f"wwa 'N'1Y'W''Yfix - L. .-Q .-+1.91-wfj fjxw-mf'4gfgwygwgr-yrss5ffrwggex:ij1fa75pfg7 -gAiw,rs"ozv D+ lp V1,7EZ.35535gL, , A . V- . -- fr . AL,i P t 2 ii? ' K g gf I GMM Y I , gl. ii: we W h - W Y i ' f -:" S fe X ' I ' ' 'W F -If J 2 fi - --- if 2 f A QQ QQ H 'M' X' v -. YQ 7-iw' .1 'gun ' 5 ' t fzj - fx . A . ' W! ' N in -. ' Q X k f ,',, -1-ik M A .I M ri 'W W gi I k,.,VVyV , divx, . at r, v' , is A f N ,A -if ' ' ," , Q , W - A 'R V g .. - . Ai' V334 ,, f 1-Q iv- fx f W if gy -, , 9 . , ,Q My vi. ,M A .Y ' ' g Fi H , EUGENE KLQMER G , . 11-f Q: DICK My s. - KX , -nf' XA ,K 15' f f 'M H '5 - :S 5 " M V xg, g , HAMRIC ,gi ' ' Xu ,, V- . 'lf Iv, 2-A5 , Q ' W K ur W' if "l' I H as VU- - 1 3 , T-,, 5 ? . . ,, S Fxkkxv . , 5 wx , d 1 4 ' Qi! I 'XX ' 2,5 3 ,. Q" 'V lf' IVAA K MA ' JIM VINCENT Qf .am .ng f fi 'Y 'A - f 'i 'M' ' P S1 Wigs, ft . V '1' X: 'auf A 4 7-f Ev 1 kfyfv 'WISH' X, 'JVM Q 11 FZLN' 5- ,-,. ,, Y - Q 4"IKE" f RTMAN 'Q 2 1 5 ' .' ' we 4. sv X 5, E ,, , z av? 7 . . - I wi , Q . XY' I ,I VSV, ' gilillq , 129w.wxwWi .Q xv A Z gay ll I L . ,WWW m k, ,A ,,,L, ' K A VV N M L Y V ' K ' , 1. -yi DON GWRIFFITH JACK SMITHERS 94 , 4 f- ,NY ,V , ,ff U 1 ,wmv i JIM PRITT Q N, 3 f 'LIAR N135-ff 1 I a ' 6 . . x H 1 ' 1 'fFf QifQQf,, is f ff: W f . f bki Q' W GILBERT SEARS -.I AN -wg. A ik 'Q 5 2 ik 5 W, Q i I BOB TWEEDY I rf Q 3 I 3 . X 5 E iq k Q, LS: ,V X A IV. it 3 ik Qi? 52 I 2' ... ,J S . K 3' QW 35 Q JACK LAWHORN . 1 X v,,-' v 9 ,ff 6 , "" X' , K .flwgf K . x if o 'K W . A " X4,1 'Af'53 ' , f s- , I 1,51 , A V 'Ax as A ff '55 A Q 5 Sitting on floor: "Rat" Thom, Jim Craft, Joe Preston, Bill Fast. Seated: Ronald Hart, Frank Martin, Larry Hemmings, Jim Laughlin, Kenny Burdette, "Chuck" Simpson, Bill Morgan. Standing: Bob Reber, Jack Long, Ralph Klamer, Roy Bliz- zard, George Teel, 'Vincent Barazzone, Dean Jones, Jim Maddox, Manager Richard Legg, Coach Ferg Giannakis. LITTLE GENERALS S UW GREAT PROMISE The Little Generals of Stonewall Jackson proved that there were great things to come as they rode to an un- defeated season, posting 19 wins and no losses. Led by such promising prospects as Jim Laughlin, Kenny Burdette, and Larry Hemmings, the Generals held their opponents to an average of 47.1 points per game as they racked up an average of 70.7 points per game. As for individual averages, Jim Laughlin led the team with an 18.3 average and was followed by Kenny Burdette, who had a 14.9 average, and Larry Hemmings, who had a 13.0 average. Others high in scoring were Frank Martin and "Chuck" Simpson, who proved their value at the guard positions. ' The most exciting game of the season was played with East Bank as the Little Generals battled the Little Pioneers through three overtimes to defeat them 86-84. Of the three years that Coach Giannakis has coached the "B" team, the 1951 season was his most successful. SEASON RECORD ElkV1eW ............ ................,. Huntington Central Clendenln ..............., Dunbar ....LLLLL. Charleston ,...LL DuPont .LLL..LLLLLLL . East Bank .LL.. cLL.L,.c..L vs. South Charleston ......LL LL.LL vs. Charleston Catholic vs. DuPont ......... . ....L.,.LLLL.L.LL. L vs. Dunbar ......,.c. .cL....L..L. . .L Sissonville . L ...,.....LLLL..L Charleston Catholic Huntington Central South Charleston ..r.. vs. East Bank L L..L L.LL.LLLL . Sissonville L vs. Clendenin Lc,.L vs. Charleston LLLLL.L . 6 70 47 71 68 69 58 68 70 67 75 78 57 73 82 58 86 65 56 89 They 24 37 45 43 60 52 54 52 46 57 31. 42 44 59 49 84 52 45 68 95 BASEBALL TEAM. First row: Bob Johnson, John Hamric, John Farris, Jim Graham, Jack Lawhorn, Eugene Klamer, Jack Smithers Jack Jones. Second row: Coach Hutson, Gary Bloss, Floyd Jeffreys, Dick Wells, Dave Frame, Bob Parsons, Jack Doyle, Bob Lynn, Rick Farley Third row: Don Denison, Bobby Cobb, Lennis Harper, Lynn Radcliff, Charles Swigger, Joe Kiser, Jim Roach, Stan Clifton. TA E ME UUT T0 T E BALL GAME The able pitching of Bob Parsons, Jack Doyle, and Jack Jones led the S. J. baseballers to a season record of ll wins and 8 losses. Although the team was inexperi- enced, it showed much promise in fielding and hitting. Outstanding se- niors were Bob Parsons, Bob John- son, Dave Frame, Jimmy Graham, and John Farris. Bob Johnson played a stellar role in the hot corner, While Jimmy Gra- ham and Gary Bloss covered the ter- ritory around second base. Jack Smithers played a big part at first base. Outfielders were John Farris, Bob Lynn, Floyd Jeffreys, Jack Lawhorn, Eugene Klamer, and John Hamric. Most of the first team graduated, but the sophomore prospects looked good. VS VS VS VS VS VS VS VS VS VS VS SEASON RECORD . Charleston . Elkview .....,,..,,,scclc,. . St. Albans W 10 22 3 0 . South Charleston ..... . .. . St. Albans . Eastbank 11 6 . Huntington East .ccc, ccc, 1 1 vs. Nitro cccc..,..,..l.......c, , .... .... , ,. . Huntington Central .,,..,,. . Sissonyille . Catholic,cccccccccc . Nitro ....., vs. Catholic ,,..,c,,,ccccc,c vs. Parkersburg cc,c,.cc, vs. Charleston vs. Elkview . South Charleston ..,.c.c VS VS . East Bank vs. Sissonville VS VS . St. Albans . East Bank Sectionals 3 3 2 2 ll 16 13 10 16 6 2 9 12 0 e They 1 1 6 1 9 11 1 6 6 0 3 1 3 1 4 4 4 7 3 0 1 3 XX infill S . bf Q ini 4. 5, A zips s , C . fu ' 4 X on f Graham and Bloss show their skill by nailing a man at second. ,sl Watch this one Dave says Bob Cobb Its faster than it looks "Now, fellows," says Bob Parsons, "if it's a slow curve you want . . . " mm 'ff ,. 1 L ' A , X X .aim 0 K ' ' I 'Q img, 1 " "You linowj' says Jack Lawhorn, "I still think that pitch was high." 97 . J. GENERALS SUP First row: J. Pritt, J. Love, R. Jones, J. Hamilton, R. Bunting, D. Dugger, D. Maddox, J. Vanhoose, E. Johnson, B. Jarrett, R. Stover B Hanna Second row: B. Boschian, D. Perrow, C. Summers, J. Hartman, R. Stabb, D. Bailey, W. Reber, D. Adkins, D. Young, C. Warner B Sutler, R. Summerfield, K. Lanham. Third row: Coach Parsons, Manager J. McDavid, T. Spidafore, H. Summers, J. Smith, P Jones D Griffith, B. Downs, A. Griffiths, R. Blizzard, S. Chilton, F. Hoferer, Coach Giannakis. Fourth row: D. Ford, W. Wood, P. Feazel C Brick C Evans, F. Ballard, B. Faulkner, B. Parsons, B.,Reber. The Stonewall Jackson thin- clads ended the 1951 season with a perfect record. The Generals, at the beginning of the season, started slowly, but gathered momentum with ev- ery meet they won. Fighting from beginning to end, a team composed mostly of sophomores and juniors went all the way for Stone- wall Jackson. With the able coaching of Russ Parsons and his assistant, Ferg Giannakis, the team was unsurpassed. Many points were gained in the broad jump by the special coaching of Mr. Hamilton. Some of the mainstays of the track team were big Dean Dugger, who broke the State record in the shot put in the SEASON RECORD Stonewall Invitational. ......... . ..... Won Parkersburg Invitational ........ ..Won Beckley Invitational. ................... Won Huntington Relays ..................... .Won Gazette Relays ............. ......... W on Sectional Relays ........., ......... W on State Track Meet ,....... .....,... W on State meet, and little Bobby Downs, who ran a number of events and was high point man in the State meet. Ike Hartman, Jay Hamilton, and Don Grifiith were some of the top hurdlers, and foremost in the dashes were Hartman and Downs, while Stover, John- son, Jones, and Summers were the top men in the distance runs. Our relay teams also did a great job. This is the fourth consecu- tive time the Generals have Won the State title. This rec- ord is tied only by Charleston high. Next year we hope to break the tie by winning the State title five times in suc- cession. TUURTH STATE TITLE ig . 1: . - IQ QV, , 'K fr. if , l Cx ry 5 his -M' T - - Upper left: Record-breaker Dean Dugger prepares to hurl the discus. Upper right: Eddie Johnson leads the field in a hard-fought 440 yard run. Lower left: Ike Hartman warms up before winning the 180-yard run. Lower right: Jay Hamilton glides gracefully over a hurdle 99 A Moa. . A. , - V .L H . .X me Q . N, .L V M , V ,. ,koi V Y Mk' L ' .,wf4,,,:A lm. cg, h Qu GIRLS ENJO Stonewall girls have a full program of athletic activities including softball, volleyball, basketball, badminton, and table tennis. Although the girls do not participate in interscholastic competition, they travel to Huntington annually for an invitational "Play Day." Also included in the well rounded athletic program are hikes, cook-outs, swimming, and horseback riding. Under the wise leadership of Miss Gertrude Drasnin the Girls' Physical Education Department Top: The G. A. A. council, whose purpose it is to make the G. A. A. projects a success, gather in the gym. Upper left: Volleyball champions were D. Tate, D. Holley, B. Vaughn, N. Coflin, P. Hall, P. Gentry, C. Fore, C. Carr, and P. Jordon. Cen- ter left: Gymnastic stunts are being demonstrated by the first period gym class. Lower left: 1951 basketball champs: D. Holley, B. Vaughn, R. Wherle, J. Monday, C. Clendenen, and T. Rogers. Bottom: This sixth period gym class enjoys a lively game of vol- leyball. x MM l Z M WW I E XX Z YA,.,2! X x ,ff Y-V V' jf Z1 XX, XX? f 4 f TLTIL-1 X X X J .1 11 Q. Jxfwx, RN 1 I 1 N111 "Xl 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 V A 1 . 1 1 1 5 1 1 , 1 V I 111 I 1 11 1X' 1 1 1' - 1 11 1 J I 1 M 1 3 If K, f 1 1 5 1 f i 1 . 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 . :5 4 , 1 1 1, 1 , 1 1 X I , LM f '1 1 1 1 1 ' V 2 , 1 , 1 14 11 1 1 1 5 W 111 11 11 E f , X xl X 1 f 1 tr! I iq lvl ,411 5 1 1 W 1 '+- --v- itnunnnf-v-1 FEATURE J MISS STUNSWALL JAS SUN Miss Toni Judy, senior and head majorette of Stonewal1's Scarlet and Gray Band, was elected by the student body to reign at the football game with Charleston High. She Won two gold keys in the National Scholastic art contest this year and has attained many other honors. Her attendants are on the following page. JAG SUN JILLS Fran Alderson: An active senior with a bright sparkle in her eyes, possesses a pleasant and enthusiastic personality. Fran is especial- ly active in extra-curricular activities includ- ing Y-Teens, G. A. A., and orchestra. .s-WJ' Jane Saunders: One of Stone- wall's attractive senior cheer- leaders, Jane is an ardent sup- porter of S. J. Her cheerful personality bubbles over in her sweet smile. Nancy Don Freed: Popular head-cheerleader of the peppy S. J. cheering squad, has a friendly "hello" for everyone. Nancy is a girl of many talents. Cary Caperton: Assistant head cheerleader, pretty, popular Cary is an active se- nior. She is well known for being president of the Spanish Club and performing in plays. Pat Ankrom: Lovely senior member of S. J.'s majorette corps, she is also active in the G. A. A. A pleasant disposition and smiling eyes are char- acteristic of Pat. Frances Shamblin: A striking blonde with blue eyes and a quiet personality is Frances Shamblin. She is active in many school ac- tivities and clubs. She has participated in Y-Teen assemblies such as the World Day of Prayer and is vice president of the club. A 105 MEET GURLISS ARG HR The Junior Class presented "Meet Corliss Archer," a comedy in three acts. It was di- rected by Mrs. Jean Bourne, assisted by Mr. Ralph Currey. Prompters were Helen Powell and Lois Rollins. Student director was Jimmy Meador. Upper left: "Corliss, please don't die!" These are Dexter's words to pretending Corliss. Upper right: "Bottle!", screams the horrified Agnes to the be- wildered Archer family. Center: Shocked at the realization that Dexter is a juvenile delinquent, the two families sit in stunned silence thinking of the calamity. Lower left: On her return from the hos- pital, Corliss finds herself the center of attraction, but the absence of Dexter saddens her. CAST Corliss Archer ....,..., .i.... J oyce Boggs Dexter Franklin ......,, David Kerns Mr. Archer ...... .,...i..... F rank Taylor Mrs. Archer .....,. .....,. P atty Hendrickson Aunt Agnes ....... ,...... S hirley Phillips Mildred ............. .....,.. P eggy Lanham Mrs. Franklin .... ...,.... Polly Kessel Mr. Franklin ..,.... .. ..., Paul Heavener Maid-Louise.-. ..... ......, L ona Pauley Betty .,..,.... ......... B arbara Wall Doctor ...... ..... . Jack Burford Nurse .,...... ...... E laine Strock ' K 139' "UQW'iii'?"W V, My 'Ziff' 5, ' H , Q ff ,- rugm QF g -21' I M V. 2 W Q 5, A ,WM b H Y if ' ' 4-My M ff' N page lf W f My-Q -- . ex 1' LF 'L P Q , a , 1 31 H xx K . Q 1. LA' I Numan S Q ' Lew 3' ' SQ lit, WW' -Nagy ' fi- is 4 ' NA 'J 8525 , xi f-N -L ,Q 1.. , xl 5 Q gig Q ,, 5? kk W ,. Q . Xk h A 5 Q Q fi? S -11 .W , ,vs Y - Q .f,..:pg.W ,asf L if ef.. ,, My 5- ie if Wei? W ff, Q 5324 Wilt 4 Q ,.., mug Q' qi 6 1 5 'V I fi M. .W L it Y-,, awww iam, A m 'gain A- ,ff - ' 'za gm Ah F5-im, ' EW -A ,,, wff' A153525 nw ' I Q 5 3? iq, ma Y .. .. M ff-We-my ffm- bw av rx fr Q. M rx iw -f' fy' Q 151 fi ' , Q fxkx N ' x gf fx JM , 9-4 .J K I, J. f fg 5 va 'B at 5 - 1 . X 3 3 gs ytyi E., N 2 ff' 5 S55 . 5 E 3' Z ,..,A. X . J xx.. 'T--.-...,,,..N + , Q , T5 'Q X! "Lfff1"m N 1-.DEM Eg azzsmaisv ' ""'lnu.::i ,pd , 1 lxli . ,R r . EU' wx Q :J ,Fx Wa-533 sf 5 1 1,., ., ,L ,,Q, Y -1 QS hA L : , 5 5 .W 5' Q .Q .. . ke, . gf E V " .aa -. 3, ' A '32 M, W ,,7K,,Y-,. .-, ELE- x A X I V -I an Q. X Tx ENHICH YOUR Upper left: Sally Leonard, playing for the Classic Piano Recital sponsored semi-an- nually by the "Journal," Upper right: Stone- wall Jackson placed three winners in the Charleston Symphony Poster contest: Csec- ond from leftj Richard Bartlett, Cthirdj Everett Parsons, ffourthy Don Lee. Center: Dave Stalder, runner up, is congratulating Jimmy Massey of Charles- ton High, winner of the Drum Major competition in the Kanawha County Majorette Festival sponsored by the Charleston Daily Mail. Below: Y-Teen girls who presented the World Day of Prayer Assembly. fFirst rowj D. Harrick, N. Ocheltree, L. Rollins, P. Shu- mate, C. Boling, K. Harrison, S. Bowden. CSecond row! D. Hargraves, W. Jones, F. Shamblin, F. Alderson, N. Naylor, J. Campbell, D. War- ner, M. MacDonald, M. Grimmett. Sus' -N ilu. .-1..L..L, Q 'M' f 2 , . 'fff-ew-Sem 5 S R . M41 Sexiest, S J rx, A' , 7' PM QW- '. , . . 7 J A Wh H, 1, .N L, . . M539 Ak., 1 -X , , L, m W V, ,,LL, 3 .x1, . , L, , WW, V . . .-,vm A. ,W w W, Y , fn 154 fu v W TW .f A YW'', bmi, XPS. 5, g Q xW:fws.Qfs" -Xjfffs. MQW -w S - 1 0, ', ,. E f- ,siifz .. S2 ,, My ' M. . Q .. , ,NJ ,',ig ,iiuyr Q . , . ,- .. Vx . f- my , 9 Q +1 . . - F .,,W.5.J I .,V,, 1 KM . W. . , kv ,L-,-, .,fw,, ' n il Al if 5' 1 f ig ox' G 1 , K 15344 'fx p Subs . ' 1 f 1 if 1, ww fl.?u,f'B"' M ff ,.,:3,,v-+ Q38 3 .V M V Q A Eay K Y U if 1 W 2 W ,J,. if M . 'x P' f ff' R AL Jag f912VAUjU67 ff Jero 1 SHOW BOAT SO HERE f' " r dome S Harm s Qffwf, I 3 fy f f ip ,-...,....-- 7.3.5 ""' MT... Fw W4 s s CONLON West Virginia's Finest Bakery . XX of X 'X t .srss 5 'r e me 2- 15 .Q-.... fn ' Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow has not comeg Today is here- Put only the best in today. DeLUXE STUDIO. 71015 Lee Street. Phone 3-3225. LOWMAN'S DRUG STORE Roger, Patsy, and Diana enjoy a delicious treat while re- ceiving dependable prescription service at LOWMAN'S DRUG STORE. 1507 Washington Street, W. Phone 3-4567. A group of Stonewall girls talk over the easy plans for their dream car with a representative of MILLER -BROTHERS USED CARS. 411 Washington Street. E. Phone 6-3136. MILLER BROTHERS USED CARS ff Anvnwnsrwu 'AA ff r PEN DELL'S DELICATESSEN Many of the people from Jackson Heights stop in PEN- DELL'S DELICATESSEN, before and after the games and all social events. 759 Washington Street, W. 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JONES FOOD STORES STONEWALL BEECHWOOD 1205 Washington Street, W. 1457 Washington Street, W Dial 6-0592 Dial 6-0594 Shop with us where shopping is a pleasure I STAN'S AUTO ELECT-RIC 4l3 FLORIDA STREET DIAL 3-6341 Expert Automotive Electrician W. B. JONES, Owner DISTINCTION VALUE L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro Massachusetts Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations - Diplomas Personal Cards Club Insignia - Medals and Trophies Representative: Mr. C. Joseph Richardson P. O. Box l95 Sistersville, W. Va. QUALITY SERVICE BONH11M'S for the best in Dairy Products SISSONVILLE STAR ROUTE PHONE 3-4111 -GENERAL GLASS- F ull Line Distributors IMPERIAL LIBBY-OWENS-FQRD CLEANERS AuToMoBrLE GLASS DOOR GLASS For Better Cleaning RE511-VERING 416 BROAD STREET PHONE 3-5579 115 Virginia Street, West X Bra EE Wm Q: F-T: THIS ANNUAL WAS LITHOGRAPHED BY MATHEWS PRINTING Cr LITHOGRAPHING COMPANY soo-soz cAPlToL smear CHARLESTON, wes'r vmGlNlA 55 'i 5 C Il Q. 01 SP if N ! 1 7- nz: -1 Q '1q,.: X5 4 5509 AG N0 LEDGMENT As the show is over and the audience begins to leave, the cast is left with a feeling of joy that the play is over and with.a deep feeling of grati- tude towards those who have been indispensable in producing this annual. With loud cheers of thanks to Mathews Printing and Lithographing Company for their fine workmanshipg to Mr. W. W. Wallace of DeLuxe Stu- dio for his excellent photographing of our seniors, organizations, athletics, and facultyg to Miss Mary Kennedy for her unlimited time and work in directing the publication of this bookg to Mr. Byron Meyers for his valuable advice to the art staff-we begin to leave port and start toward our next destination. But as we go, we certainly can not forget our sponsors and advertisers who have loyally supported us through the stormy weather. To the cast and crew of the "Jacksonian Showboat" for their boundless patience and cooperation in the success of this annual, we hope that this book will be a gay reminder of all the happy carefree hours they spent aboard the "Showboat." SPUNSURS Advertising Incorporated Barton Street Grocery Capitol Restaurant Beverage Equipment Company Cathryn Brown Central Cash Grocery Checkerboard Feed Store Corner Drug Store Cunningham Grocery Embees of Charleston Eschan Jeweler Fulknier Hardware Galperin's Jewelers Harper's Amoco Service Station Industrial Rubber Company Jarrett Printing Company Jean's Dress Shop Lovetts Department Store McCormick Jewelers Nuckles Realtors Perry Awning Company Shewey's Drug Store U The "Him" Store Waybright Cafeteria West End Feed Company West End Printing Paper Company , I 'Bri ffl: vgiyg ww s.I?TYf A8zS Food ADVERTISERS' INDEX Market ...........,.....,,......,.............,. ....., Appalachian Electric Power Company ........ Baird Hardware ................ ,...., L. G. Balfour Company ......,, .,.,,, Bartlett Funeral Home .......... ...... Ben's Fruit Store ..,..,....a............... ,..... Boll Furniture .......,.........,.. , .,.,,..,,.,,. Bonham's Dairy, Incorporated ....... ...... Bradley Department Store ...... J ..... ...... Burford's Pharmacy .................. ...... Cablish Baking Company ..,.... ...... Camp Drug Store r,.....,.... ......... Carey Neon Sign Company ......,........,.... Central Glass Company .........,.......... ......,... ...,.. Charleston Charleston Charleston Charleston Charleston Charleston Charleston Charleston Building Trades Company ........ ...... Cut Flower ............................... ....., Daily Mail .....,......,...,.,.........,...,.,........,. . Gazette ........,,. .,........,,.......,..,...........,... . . Laundry and Dry Cleaning Company Motors, Incorporated ....,..,,...,.....,....... Printing Company ......... ...,.. Transit Company .r...... ...... Coffman Optical Company ........ Community Beauty Shop. .,... . Conlon Baking Company ...,..,.....,...... ...... Corrie Hardware ...............,......., . ......... ...... Cunningham Ambulance Service, ......... ...... Delaware Avenue Pharmacy ........... ...... DeLuxe Studio .,..,..................,.... Electronic Specialty Company .,.....,.....,..............,... Elite Dry Cleaning and Laundry Company l..,,... Elk Finance and Loan Company- .......................... H. D. Ellis Grocery .............,...,...,.............,...,..,...,..... Evans Super Market ........,......,............... ...... Farmers Building and Loan Association . ., Fife Street Shoe Shop ...,.........,...,.,...,...... First Advent Christian Church, ,.,... Florida Street Store .........,..,........... Freeland Furniture Company ....,.... G. Russell French Company .,.......... ,. ...t...... .... . . Gates Paint Company ..................... ........ General Glass Company, Incorporated .....,,....,.... General Grill ..................,............................... ....... Glamour Beauty Salon ,...,.......,................... ....... Goff-Mathews Plumbing Company ,...... Golden Flake Donuts ..,,,...,,.................. J. P. Gunther Jewelers v..........,.....,... Hanna Insurance Company ......... .,........ . . Holsum Baking Company ......................,.. .. ...... . Hugh Stewart Motors, Incorporated... Imperial Cleaners ...,... .......... J1m's Cafe ..........,.................. Jones Printing Company .....,. . Kanawha Furniture .......... Q' 128 147 146 148 135 136 121 149 122 123 136 122 144 123 130 123 144 129 133 130 137 120 120 123 117 145 140 137 117 137 126 127 127 138 134 116 131 142 145 124 143 149 139 142 123 122 142 120 126 128 149 120 135 142 Kanawha Gasoline ..,,..,.4.,,...,.....,.,, ,,,,, Kanawha Valley Insurance ......... ,,,,, Kelleys Men Shop .,,.,,,.,.,....,,..,,,..,,,,A, Laird Ollice Equipment Company ,r,,,,,,- ,,4,, Lincoln Jewelers .......,.,r...,.........,...,,,,,,,, ,,,,- Lowman's Drug Store. ..,. ..,.,....,, , ,..., , .MacFadden Ignition Company ......,, ,,,,, Madison's Incorporated ,..,...,............ ..,., Magic Manufacturing Company -,,,,,,,,, -,-,, Mann Jewelers .,,.................,,..,..,r,,, ,... ,r,..,,.,,,,,. , , ,,,,, , Maple Grocery ............,......,...,,,,,,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,- . ,-,--, . Mathews Printing and Lithographing Company Michael's Food Market .......,..,..r...,..,,,,----,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Miller Brothers Used Cars ,.....,.,,,,, ,,,,,,,, S. Spencer Moore Company .,......, ,,,,,, O. J. Morrison .......,.,,., 5 ..,,.....,.,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,-,- ,,,.,, Mount Vernon Dairy ...,..,. . ,.,......,,,.,..,,,.,,,,,,- ,,,,,, Mountain Cigar and Candy Company ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,. Park Realty Company ..............,,,,.,, , ...,.,, ,,,, , ,, Parkins Motors, Incorporated ....,.,., ,,,,, Pauley Cleaners ........r..........,..,,.. ,,.,,- Pendel1's Delicatessen ,.,,.,,..,,..,.. ,,,,,, Persinger's Incorporated ............. ,,,,A, F. M. Pile Hardware Company ....... ...... Pilot Life Insurance Companyig ,,,,,,,, B. Preiser and Company .,,..,,,,,,,,,, p,,,,, Purity Maid Baking Company --,--,,,, ,,,,, Radford Paint Company ,,,,.,,,,,,, ,,,-,, Schrader's Cafe .....,.,.... , ...,, ,.., ,,.,, , Scott Brothers Drug Store .......... ,,,,,, Simpson Funeral Home .,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, .,--,- Singer Sewing .,................., , ....,,,,, , ,,4,, . Moses Skaff Grocery .......... ,-.,,, Skyline Cab Company ,,..,,,,,,,,, -.-.,. Stonewall Food Market, .....,..,,.,. ,,,,,, Stonewall Jackson Cafeteria .-,,-,-,..,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,..,-,,-, Stonewall Jackson Club ,...,,..,,,,,,...,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,. Superior Laundry and Dry Cleaning Company... Sutler Paint Company ,,,,,,,,,--,-.,,,,. , ,,,,,,,,,-,.,,,,,..,,,,, Taylor's Grocery .......,..,,.,..,,,,,.,,,,,., .,,,,, Teamster's Local Number 175 ,,-,,,,,, ,----. Thaxton Drug Stores.. .,...,..,..,....,,, Tip Top Barbecue ..,,....,,...,,,,.,,,.,, ,.,.,, United Carbon Company ,,,,--, ,.,.,. United Fuel Gas Company ,-----,, Ang, l - Valley Bell Dairy ,...,..,,..,,,,,, U Valley Motor Sales ........... ..,...,. ,.,,,, Virginian Electric Company ....,,.. 4,,-,, The Vogue, Incorporated .,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,.-,', Walters Linoleum-Carpet Service ,,,,,,,, , .,,,,,, -,,,,, West Virginia Water Service Company ,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,, F. C. White Garage ,.,.,,,,,,,,-,--,-,,, ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.-.,, ,,-,-, Withrow Music Company ......,...., , .,,,,,,,,,.,,,, ,,,,, Y. M. C. A ....................., ,...,..., . Young Floral Company ........ ,,,,,, fb? W if X3 I if U6 H2 f Kg 5351 X 2 . S x E Q fi .xxx . 'xx gxl R N MAN L!l!l! I! Tuff- Jr-ncxsorancom n 9' 'F Q .mfg M-Jckaom-m gwxgxi .,,.,,,, V, A I L-gb-x' + .,.Xs 1 S 'XX Krsmw f Q iii: fu 1 f-Z' seg ll :S fi 13 5 S gf, we fa is Q Q ki ii? 5 J fg- ,Q

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