Stonewall Jackson High School - Jacksonian Yearbook (Charleston, WV)

 - Class of 1951

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ADMINISTRATION . . simon cuss . . UNDERCLASSMEN - Q . . ATHLETICS . . GIRLS' ATHLETICS . FEATURES .... Booicicsenea . , Aovshrismo . susscniprioms. . PHGTOGRAPHY. . ART .... LAYOUTS. . TYPISTS .... STAFF ASSBTANTS-ROQQI Lynn Bedell, Lois Chambers, Patsy Carter, Stanley Clifton, Ann Forbes, Emogene Haynes, Marilyn Kincaid, Mary Lou Miller, Joanne Nelson, Nina ,guy Herman Hambrick Il Jodie Fischer ' 4' Eleanor Shelton I Eileen Wehrle Nancy Gillen , Q Ann Heiier A Billie Carol Griffith Rose'WaIter James Coulter ' Charles Smith . Robert Yeager Rena Sauvageot - I Ruthe1Rootes . Virginia Porterfield Pe99v'Dbdd George Park Phyllis Carter John McDavid A I Mary Lou Summers Donna Long ' Mike Griffith I - Barbara Cummirrgs Kenneth Shaw A John Williams ' Phyllis Goff. Phyllis Hager Baird, Rohm-Biker, oacii Back, ,Carolyn Boling, Barbara Carney. Helen Dixon, Jean Dodd, Roi: oumlai Handley, Nancy mum, Legg, Judy McCutcheon, Batty -Ocheltreeg' Shirley Phillips, Dick Pierson, Douglas Rabel, Pat Radford, Jerry-Ray, Edward Rite, Edgar Schroeder, Joe Sargent, Freda Simon, Betty Slider, 'Betty Summers, Donald Tate, Pit Walters, Harold Williamson. ' ADVISERS .... . :Mary E. Kennedy ' Q E. Byron Meyer ' We dedicate this booln to the boys of our school, who have left Kanawha Valley forlthe service of our country. l .i -'mam , M,,..i-...W .., Lo, the Valley of Kanawha Lured the settlers ever on. Hand-hewn logs soon formed the cabins Tepees from the banks were gone. There were many early settlers- History gives us but a fewg Yet so much could still be written Of their strength and courage true. Products from this magic valley, Products known both far and near- Wealth from out the mountains poured And blessed the work of the pioneer, Steamboats on the river wide, Tunnels through the mountains high, Good roads for the speeding cars, Silver airplanes in the sky Now bring glory to the mountains And the valleys wide and deep. We shall cherish ever, always This our heritage to keeps We are thankful tor the splendor Ot the beauties that we see, And to us the hills are saying, "Mountaineers are always free," --Peggy Geyer. .jcznaw an ua ey - Ifzelfz ana! Wow If Daniel Boone, Simon Kenton, or George Clendenin could return today, he would be surprised by what would confront him. . On a spot where once stood a rude log fcrt, he would find a budding metropolis. Instead of a few scattered farms and a salt well, founded at Malden in seventeen eighty-five, he would see a multi-million dollar chemicdlbusiness, plus innumerable smaller industries. Instead of a few roving Indians and the Morris brothers, the first settlers in the valley, he would discover a population of over two hundred thousand. Instead of a few British or American army officers, the only administrative power of a district which at that time was just a frontier of Virginia, he would perceive, housed in a magnificent capitol building, the machinery for one of the most progres- sive and democratic states pf America today. Instead of a rude log building, thirty by forty feet he would view a spacious stone courthouse. Instead of canoes and flatboats, he would glimpse modern diesel tugboats pushing coal barges up and down the river. Instead of the Kanawha and Iames River Turnpike, the only road then in the Kanawha Valley, he would espy a network of modern highways. I-Ie would also find bus lines and four railroads which carry passengers to and from our valley in ease. Since the seventeen hundreds our valley has progressed in every way. It has become the chemical center of the world. Even while this is being written, a new chemical plant is being constructed at Institute. During the last war, a plant was constructed at Institute for the making of synthetic rubber. Located in Kanawha City are two large glass plants, one making plate glass and the other making bottles. Near Sissonville are located oil wells, and along the Kanawha River gas springs are found. West Virginia is noted for its coal, and while the Kanawha Valley is not the center of the coal industry, nevertheless there are several mines located here. These are but a few of the valley's many industries, too numerous to list. Developing from its humble beginnings, the business of the valley has become one of the most healthy in the nation and its prospects for the future look better. This fact is witnessed by the rapidly increasing number of buildings which have recently been constructed. Not only in business, but also in civic accomplishments, has our valley prospered. The magnificent and breath-taking Kanawha County Airport, where once Simon Kenton camped, was built only after a mountain was moved. This airport has been declared one of the nation's and certainly West Virginia's finest. From the new, million-dollar terminal, which is one ol the most beautiful structures in the state, there are more than forty flights a day. In fact, the airport is third in passenger use in the nation, with a ratio of 96 passengers boarding per one hundred people. This figure is exceeded only by Atlanta and Miami. If one of our early pioneers could come back today and stand on a mountain over- looking the teeming Kanawha Valley and could see the millions of lights, the fine roads, and the beautiful buildings, he would feel that all the hardships and dangers he had endured had not been in vain. we I .. - QMW. ,, . Q 0 v x .W e - f fxgfkw .gf 4 gg f Yi 1,35 6 -an K , ,KL ,M 5212 -5 251, Q, was Q W ,QSM ,RW V3 'K Q f Q - I ? s . iw K, ,X , kk? x .W ...- ,. . ,.,. . .- 2 A t ,, 1 Q , D 2-me ,UM vm x Q 1 .-ks' in-wfM.J gnu if Q -' L , 'Qwu S , WYQT7 Q 1' gfwr . ,+P ,S?s"- Q- 'N at awww I an ,. -:xml AA Y 'W W - X 7 H if Q " g "" as T- ? ' ' .nr 4 .ar ka W E ' nw,,, 2- pq, 'l K Y ' W. W 'PS 4 ,QQ ldv -I Z ' 1 V 1, Y , D 4 5 , r ' Q va,-f 'w1EQ""'r-1 "' :sf ,. M...- f ,K 5 1 .., n 1 4' , u 'Q QM ' , 'Q P A , V it ,V N 554- O' x V 1' ' ,f 9 Q I - ' X I 1 f I' Q ..,, . A , - , fb i ""J'lFp.- "" ' ff" ' V rf A . 11 ur 7 ii ', . Q A , h - , . .4 V t .. , f v , Y , A ., , A. W. ..- f . . ' . . , Q. 'ff' ,.,:, V'1"' 1- . , 9 Z Q R ,vf-jr: M ,V if. me 'P " , ,Wm .4 Q . , 4 '11 . . ,, ., di 9, Y . .3 -M, if' X, 4 ik 55 ..- . , 1 ., 0 , a.,,., W! J -X !f,g Li, g X '4 g f 5 , H- 9' h ff ' A . V w Q, ww Q, A tr ,1wQ' Q ,:" M ' ,N "wiv ji? ' .J gut V V. ,-"" '.' ,f any 1 4 -fri-P -Q A apbiiv- . ' NI ' all ' X Q' 'M W -an Down me mn or msronv an me umnwmx vnuzv ' 4' Q . I. 43 gp Aomnmsmnou N l, e 6 ' ZQE QS ,df XX Wired an 6 4 xg f x , ly!! W X QW' ix g ', FR mf: ? pu g. dh W V ' ' Ilx A4 xg ' f -A f I f--L-f ', x RJ 1 ORGANIZATIO page 53 . Myffy m Z Ar ff 5 x-Kbxif' ,N 'I 1 r gif fvff' W f M X M ' t- 'S f ' I ff X QQ, ,. 41" gk I ' 'S , -4- ,Q 51 . , ,, .x fb V fun: 'ij gffiff ATHLETICS 4 f 1 N Y Xxxfq ff- if Q Q -2-fl ji K' -, I' page ,XMI f QQ Aovsnnsmc "Hp 44 1 -I ,569'jf5:,'Q L K Nfff 'f , , - 5.J' ll I ' I f I , if, l rd 1 is , 9 I f if 4 ! A 4 x M2 page no QW J Q 5 ,S MQ 5 T , T ,Wi 5 .. 3 . 6 'if f ia, 4 A K ne' MV". ygiiifgpl X' , , I is 11513 :ln 52 Q, ' X of iigtpxlirfig H "' 'Cf 'KS sg X ,, , w 'Ri' Q , X W '1- 9 47' pm Q. O M, wi K: 4 1 'L+-,r ,N -..H , M owe fwfgjuideg ,I ,,, kwin? "W Qifowda 3, 2' ry 14 n' Mx Y," D ' ' V fi si RMK"-- -,.-V--Y ' -' i f- ,A ., , ,I W, nil 815 2 1 T g 19 'I E " - 11 196 wa M ,' I 'I 1 glzq , gf - " I- .-... I Q 4 W .. - - ... f 'T' t 1' Q- ' , 1 --:f:-r-f--3-' If gl ,' "' , T 37 1 -- y-- , 4' 1: i - fn if ' -sE:..11, ,v W V '- ' ' 1-, 2--'f - f 1- , 1 'V -- - - I "5 ff J X 'til X' K , ,e x ' I' gg, I A yy f X In-Q -ax? gx : A 'Sl ,glflb xl? 'MA NH 1' XA -fi 2' 1 1? -N .:,.1,,..-1--29" 'Q' ..,..., a Qfi: K 9- cw T:,v?"fTI ,1EU" J Nhif X 2 ffx 7 yywT'?f'h':fl1ff,Th 'fi gm ':! "" - - gb 2 SSM!! Q was WW NRM VfW ? 11'1Lvw A W7 " av, Q , Flu XAXQQML Jnmgkg-C fig Hx -..:,,u,.q.wQ Seiy a?- f"' 'vw n ,fxfh ,A 15" ' -,Lig a X M' Qtr!! - ' A ,ff ' v x 1.3 .,. S iw! M- 'll ' ' A! g, ,Q YD, X -i -F Y' 51 i 5 '- 5 1511 'Z'--5? I AE' " lx' I 'fir 'AA I nk il:-'x 'X' iii' X NX1 L. 141':: -15.2-1'L:"N X' K Mx 1 'fluid' J" 4 A-" X fx-il-:X X- ,, 1 Ari-i"""A' A, .12 24.5321 .1 "" I Q x . wr? X, rgfn-1 Z .JM Q-'L""':-,-- A 5, J?- fg I' JK 8 A,f"'x is-if to I r 5 7 F' 2 I U?-X J ' 0 o IWLLVLLI5 l"6'L fLOlfL h 7 4 5 WX. -I' -.':fm"-x jg in - A'- A. ,11- Gl1' 11. 5 ,gnu -.fa ..-Q 3 l 'ii .i:.l' g 3,-qs.. ' QF'-in 4 QFYFAU 47"t:-S' Y ':-f":' Lgrn bgkwfn' 1Dgl..,w.s:-r-, ffx 'R l ----'- 1,-,..,--' ONE OF THE FIRST SCHOOLS IN KANAWHA COUNTY ..... OJ-asv? 'TQ -Q ii' One of the most popular executives at Stonewall Jack- son is Mr. George Steadman, dean of boys. For seven years he has capably held this posi- tion, coping with the problems of boys. Everyone's friend, he is always willing to help others. Our vivacious dean of girls, Miss Virginia Atkinson, is in- tensely interested in educa- tional promotion. Though she has a variety of interests, her enthusiasm for our many projf ects and her conscientious work encourage students and faculty participants. ll A friendly f'Can I help you? when you enter the administra- tive offices is spoken by Mrs. Harry Auer. An alumna of the class of "42", very much inter- ested in all Stonewall activities, Mrs. Auer is responsible for all our curricular records. '11 's...,,A QUEED McILHATTAN For nutritious lunch- es, StonewalI's cafeteria is tops. Its popularity is evident at noon when long lines of students form at the counters. Kakferia, an rar mae syncfidloendagg SUSANNA ROSE A.B. Fairmont State College Western Reserve University Our library has ap- proximately 6,85O vol- umes. The sections most used by students are literature lpoetry, drama, and fictionl and history ltravel and bi- ographyl . 11 10,3515 61,141 .!J6!l!6'LIfLC6 ln English there is an emphasis on the science of communication. Students L are pictured demonstrating the structure of sentences. , STUART P. ARMSTRONG DOROTHY ELLIOT LUCY JAYNE JAVINS ELOISE KELLER A.B.. M.A. A.B., M.A. A,B,, M.A. ADB., MA. West Virginia University Oberlin College Concord College Marshall College Western Reserve University Columbia University Columbia University MARY E. KENNEDY MAYTE LAUGHLIN PAULINE PRATT RUTH RICE CHARLOTTE S. WAGGY A-B-, M.A. A,B, A.B., M.A. A.B., M.A. A.B., M.A. Wilson College West Virginia University West Virginia University Duke University Morris Harvey College C0I'f1Ell Uf'1iVeF5lYY Columbia University West Virginia University 12 -f .MA for? oozmw HVLCJZPJ fanckng Within the Social Studies Department, each class stresses international relations, believing that history is past, present, and future. AGNES CRABTREE A.B., MA. Wesleyan Columbia University JENNIE BACKUS REBA FAIRCLOTH A.B., M.A. B,S., M.A. West Virginia Wesleyan College Mary Washington College Ohio State University West Virginia University WILLIAM S. GILBERT ELIZABETH HAMILTON CORNELIA MARSHALL HAZEL SIMMONS A-B-, MA. B.S. A.B., M.A. B.S., M.A. University of Kentucky Bowling Green State University West Virginia University Alderson-Broaddus Indiana University Ohio State University Ohio State University West Virgnia University Columbia University 13 The Latin Department offers four years of Latin to Stonewall students. The courses consist of grammar, vocabulary, and a study of English derivatives. In addition to literary, cultural, and scientific value the study of French affords most students much pleasure and personal satisfaction. The course enables one to meet the language entrance requirement of many colleges. The Spanish classes and La Ter- tulia, the affiliated Spanish Club of Stonewall, offer opportunities for profitable learning and pleasurable use of the Spanish language. czngozage unc! Wczffiemalfica ELAINE BUSH AB. West Virginia University REBA CASTILLOS AB., M.A. Marshall College National University of Mexico RUBY CHAPMAN A.B., M.A. Marshall College George Peabody College for Teachers ' J. LANDON HAMILTON , A.B., M.A. Wittenberg College Ohio State University romofe Jdccurafe, jnfendiue ejailfziing Here we see students making a start in first year algebra. Students who can think clearly and work ac- curately find mathematics interest- ing. First year algebra is followed by plane geometry and second year algebra. Pre-engineering students and others interested in math take solid geometry and trigonometry in their senior year. The Math Depart- ment cooperates with the Business Education Department in teaching business math. Because of the rapid advance in science and engineering, math is more important today than ever be- fore. af" THOMAS P. HILL A.B. West Liberty State C ollege DAISY B. LeMASTER A.B., M.A. University of Iowa Columbia University 15 Nearly half of Stonewall's student body is studying some phase of sci- ence whether it be biology, chemis- try, or physics. ln our science- minded chemical valley, students realize that they need all the science possible for their futures, whether they are to be in industry, in nursing, in medicine, in military service, in homemaking, in dentistry, or in keeping up with the world of to- morrow. BERENICE E. COLLINS A.B., M.S. Randolph-Macon University of Virginia cience unc! gndinedd DORIS CHEESMAN VIRGINIA KARNES MARY KYLE C. H. MARTIN B.S., MA. A.B. A.B., Ms. AB., MA. West Virginia University West Virginia University West Virginia University 'West Virginia University Columbia University 16 EDNA V. PETTIT LLOYD ERHARD NORA GOAD BETTY LANDAU A.B,, M.A. B,S., M.A. A.B., Ed.M. B.S. Ed. Central College, Iowa West Virginia University West Virginia Institute of West Virginia University Colorado State Teachers University of Kentucky Technology College Harvard University University of Pittsburgh 6 5 ff u.A Menu EEN pe a 6 Maiiiil ,gales Columbia University The Business Education Depart- ment, which is one of the most popu- lar of the departments at Stonewall Jackson, prepares the students for immediate employment after school and, in so far as facilities permit, provides training for those in the academic courses. The common bus- iness principles and practices that everyone should know are incorpo- rated in the more technical as well as social business subjects. LUCILLE MEADOWS A.B. Glenville State College 17 l E. BYRON MEYER EDGAR LOAR ELEANORE THOMASSON A.B, Art Education B. Mus. Ed. BVM-, MA- Pratt Institute Sherwood Music School Cincinnati ConservatorY Morris Harvey Marshall College Of MUSIC Ohio University Columbia University 9555'- .ff 7 'f , . 'Zi' xi Wmmlllllllll .Ari unc! Wu5ic Cfadded .yncfuce Cfazfrfrrcfj .xqayoreciczlfion Stonewall Jackson's Music Depart- ment offers a varied program, both vocal and instrumental. The band, which includes a fine majorette corps, has won much recognition, and has played for football games, parades, concerts, and other community ac- tivities. The orchestra, also under the direction of Mr. Loar, provides an op- portunity for concert work, and often assists in concerts and operettas. The choral groups, under the direction of Miss Eleanore Thomasson, are proud of their organization, too. They partici- pate in community activities and as- semblies, they also present operettas and special programs. E 1 16 is ogy, ,Ah f 'Qi 1 igiiii W fig life! Q-' T .lill J! -- 1'- , - K ig - 19"-sq' I S59 T bi? N1 s 1411 Q Under the supervision of Mr. E. Byron Meyer, art students learn many fascinating facts about the art world.- Given in his .first period class, begin- ning art, are the fundamentals of the subject, such as perspective, lettering, and design. NThe second period class majors solely in design, while third period students are working hard at lettering. Two hours are devoted to advanced art in the afternoonlfor stu- dents 'who are preparing to major in art in college or who plan to attend an art school after graduation. Art pro- vides an outlet- for a student's creative and constructive ability. 19 Stonewall's Home Economics Depart- ments offer excellent training for every girl, whether she plans to go on to college or to become a homemaker. Home economics presents many oppor- tunities for employment and is one in which the demand is never filled. The food department, under the direction of Miss Ethel Rose, maintains a high standard. ln addition to the fundamentals of cooking, the girls learn the art of serving and the making of an attractive table setting. This field is not confined to girls. Stone- wall is veryproud of the chef class. Here the boys also try their hand at Cooking. ' Miss Maude Munsey heads the cloth- ing department. Under her able direc- tion, the girls learn not only sewing but also poise and good grooming. Q7 f ,X J i J V. 11: V1 . ' N l C f .-tvs E x ' ' Qf ds-3 "Retailing is the oldest business and the newest professionf' The fact that it has become a profession presents a challenge to high school students who are interested in the practical side of business. Distributive Education is a type of training, specifically vocational in na- ture, revolving around a group of skills, knowledges, understandings, apprecia- tions, and judgments that are inte- grated with such subjects as retail sell- ing, principles of retailing, store opera- tion and management, advertising, merchandise information and other allied subjects. The primary objective of this program is to train individuals to participate more efficiently in the distribution of goods and services. ome conomica ana! lZ5i5lfriA1fafiue gyncafion 20 gcc QUQAIQ gmciency ' ' x s N Q 'xo gi X1 55 'ff 4' ' X - If if Y' 'll 5 SARAH ETH EL ROSE MA. Columbia University RALPH D. CURREY A.B,, M.Ed. Glenville State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh .25 H4 .X Q- QM if - A .i 1 41- flf5ll"5g W MAUDE M U NSEY Bs., MA. Radford College Columbia University In the Vocational Department students combine hand and head in developing skills for a better tomorrow. At the machines and benches, skills are acquired by students who are to be our future mechanics. Mcafionafugwdfbcfa, .ync!oL5Ifria!.f4flf5, WILLIAM F. CLINE M. D. HARPER B.S., M-.A. Ohio University CECIL GEE J. A. SKIBA 22 Industrial arts is for general education. Anyone interested may profit 'X V. if 4 , RONALD B. THOMAS B.S. West Virginia Institute of Technology by a course regardless of the career he may be pursuing. ana! ibraning repvwe Ca fdmen , ,ij.y,. I zvww f 1 at I Nwavrh I I ., I LEE D. LAUGHLIN A.B. Stout Institute The architectural drawing class studies the construction of a dweIIing Pictured is the instructor explaining the procedure of drawing. 23 ,L -I l CLYDE B. HUTSON Davis and Elkins College Health habits are everyday mustsg this required subject is offered to the young men and women during their second year in high school. RUSS PARSONS !9A75ica! gyozcafion unc! ,J41Qa,A!i Each Stonewall student may enter into some phase of physical activity, be it the intramural program or the varsity competition. A,B.. B.P.E. West Virginia Tech FERG GIANNAKIS B.S. Morris Harvey 24 GERTRUDE GLADA DRASNIN B.S., B.P.E. University ot Wisconsin At Stonewall we have a varied physical education program. The program consists of basketball, volleyball, badminton, and many other sports. ncozfwage CAM, wing ana! .giaorlfamamw LP Q35 v rms:-v1'x -' v 5o?Y?T'k?'i- ' !:,:Qxa,EgqQ' ki3x:Y,f5 5,3 ' '- 3 R . I ,EJ J-1' 5'9" ' . - ' .f , 14,114 ,- 5232524391244 'bfi' 4- I f V l , S ,N .... -P 5 1 : , . Ny Q -f ..'-f .. U 4' A . -':.1i l x The girls' health class, instructed by Miss Gertrude Drasnin, studies the structure, function, and care of the human body. 25 g"6L6!lfL6'Lf85 01204 x?0l"bUCLl"6! fo tA8 iylftflftlfg OKJQLHJWAJ T f? CEM SE ICR ERNESTINE ADAMS MARILYN AKERS DONALD ANDREWS MARION ARDSE ERNESTINE ADAMS: Distributive Education, G. A, A., Stitch and Stir, F. B. L. A. MARILYN AKERS: Stenographic, Head Majorette, National Honor Society, Miss Stonewall Jackson. BARBARA ALLEN: Stenographic. ISABELL ANDERSON: Stenograph- ic, F. B. L, A. ' DONALD ANDREWS: College Pre- paratory, Latin Club. MARION AROSE: General, Foot- ball, Varsity Club. BOB ASHMORE: College Prepara- tory, Band, Orchestra. NANCY ATKINS: Clerical, G. A. A,. F. B. L .A. WILLIAM AULTZ: General, U. N. Club. GERRY BAIL: College Preparatory, Troupers, Latin Club, G. A. A., Cheerleader, Spanish Club, Sci- ence Club. ELIZABETH BAILEY: Bookkeep- ing, Red Cross, F, B. L. A., Stitch and Stir, Y-Teens. INDIA BAILEY: General, Gym Leader, Girl Scouts, G. AA. A., U. N. Club. BARBARA ALLEN ISABELL ANDERSON BOB ASHMORE NANCY ATKINS WILLIAM AULTZ OFFICERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS. DEAN DUGGER, ROBERT YEAGER, AND DAVID FRAME GERRY BAIL ELIZABETH BAILEY INDIA BAILEY WAN uiuv mms niuv SHEILA BARRACK PHYLLIS BASSEE IRA BELCNEII LEON IENDER IVAN BAILEY: General. JAMES BAILEY: Vocational. ROBERT BAKER: College Prepara- tory, Spanish Club, Jacksonian. BETTY BANE: Distributive Educa- tion, G. A. A., F. B. L. A. SHEILA BARRACK: College Pre- paratory, Spanish Club. PHYLLIS BASSEE: General, Majorette, PRISCILLA BEAVER: Stenographic, Science Club, Stitch and Stir. CAROLINE BEDDOW: College Pre- paratory, Troupers, Thespians, Jackson Journal, Quill and Scroll, Latin Club, Science Club, Senior Scouts, Student Council, Red Cross, Girls' State, National Honor Society. IRA BELCHER: College Preparatory, Band, French Club. LEON BENDER: Distributive Edu- cation. PATRICIA BEW: College Prepara- tory, Science Club, G. A. A., Latin Club, Jackson Journal, Quill and Scroll, Troupers, Na- tional Honor Society. GRACIE BIVANS: General, G.A.A. DICK BLANKINSHIP: College Pre- paratory, Band, Hi-Y, Science Club. JAMES BOGGESS: Distributive Education. PATTY BOGGESS: Stenographic, G, A. A., Office Assistant, F. B. L. A. JERRY BOLLINGER: College Pre- paratory, Spanish Club, Basket- ball, Varsity Club. ROBERT BAKER BETTY BANE PRISCILLA BEAVER CAROLINE BEDDOW PATRICIA BEW GRACIE BIVANS DICK BLANKINSHIP I i i DICK AND HERMAN, OFFICERS OF STUDENT COUNCIL, TAKE TIME OUT FROM THEIR DUTIES JAMES BOGGESS PATTY 5066555 JERRY BOLLINGER .rf MARY BOSSIE JO ANN BRADLEY , m y ix DOUGLAS BRICKLES ROY BUNTING JOHNNIE BURGESS HARRY BUSH MARY BOSSIE: Clerical, Troupers, Junior Red Cross, Stitch and Stir, Office Assistant. JO ANN BRADLEY: Clerical. JOAN BRADLEY: Clerical, Mayor- ette, Junior Red Cross. BETTY BREEDEN: Clerical, G. A. A., Y-Teens, F. B. L. A. DOUGLAS BRICKLES: Vocational. ROY BUNTING: College Prepara- tory, Jackson Journal, Latin Club, Science Club, l-li-Y, Social Studies Council, Thespians, Na- tional Honor Society, Troupers, Boys' State, U. N. Club, Execu- tive COuncil, Quill and Scroll. BEN BURFORD: College Preparatory, JEAN BURFORD: Stenographic, Y- Teens, G. A, A., Office Assistant, Social Studies Council, F. B. L. A., Attendant to Miss Stonewall. JOHNNIE BURGESS: General. HARRY BUSH: General. JIMMY BUTCHER: General, French Club. JANET BUTLER: Stenographic, Girls' Glee Club, Y-Teens, Li- brary Assistant, F, B. L. A. RALPH BYRNSIDE: Distributive Education. CHARLES CALDWELL: General. BETTY CAMPBELL: College Pre- paratory, Band, Crchcstra, Glee Club, G. A. A JOHN CARPENTER: General. JOAN BRADLEY BETTY BREEDEN BEN BURFORD JEAN BURFORD JIMMY BUTCHER JANET BUTLER RALPH BYRNSIDE CHARLES CALDWELL ' igg CAROLINE GEORGE BEDDOW AND JACQUITA STARCHER FIND SEWING HARD BUT INTERESTING .4 BETTY CAMPBELL JOHN CARPENTER 30 ""v,e4'f'f" Y M.. 37. ORVILLE CARPENTER JANET CARSON 'X . A 7 if if '71 A ' 3:1 ' .Q GENEVIEVE CASDORPH HERBERT CASDORPH 'QV ea it fl H+ . CONNIE CASTO ' MARY CHABOT 4' .,.-ev f -. X Q f , fs i " " , .fl "5 f' 'L 'Q I lla, l SAM CHILTON MARSHALL CASTO ORVILLE CARPENTER: Steno- graphic, F. B. L. A., F. T. A., National Honor Society. JANET CARSON: College Prepara- tory, Office Assistant, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Troupers, F. B. L. A., National Honor Society. PHYLLIS CARTER: College Prepar- atory, G. A. A., Girls' Glee Club, Latin Club, Science Club, Jack- sonian, Jr. Red Cross, Quill and Scroll. BASIL CASDORPH: General. GENEVIEVE CASDORPH: Book- keeping. HERBERT CASDORPH: General. PAUL CASDORPH: College Pre- paratory, Latin Club. PAULINE CASSIS: Stenographic, G. A. A., Y-Teens, Library Assist- ant, F. B. L. A. CONNIE CASTO: Stenographic, Y- Teens, Library Assistant, Girls' Glee Club. MARSHALL CASTO: General. DOROTHY CAVENDER: General, F. B. L. A. LILA CAVENDER: Bookkeeping, Office Assistant. MARY CHABOT: General, Glee Club. HARRY CHILDRESS: Commercial. SAM CHILTON: College Prepara- tory, Latin Club, U. N. Club, Football Manager, JAMES CHIPMAN: Bookkeeping, Band. 6' PHYLLIS CARTER BASIL CASDORPH 2 PAUL CASDORPH PAULINE CASSIS DOROTHY CAVENDER LILA CAVENDER HARRY CHILDRESS RENA AND VIRGINIA ADMIRE A FEW OF THE MANY TROPHIES OUR SCHOOL HAS WON JAMES CHIPMAN 31 NUNA CLAWSON SAMUEL COATES' ga CHARLES COINER GLORIA COLEMAN JOHN COOKE GLORIA coorn NINA CLAWSON: Stenographic, Girls' Glee Club. ' SAMUEL COATES: Bookkeeping, Varsity Club, Baseball, Basket- ball. BOBBY COBB: Distributive Education. TOM COFFMAN: College Preparatory. CHARLES COINER: General. GLORIA COLEMAN: Bookkeeping, Junior Red Cross, F. B, L. A. JANICE COMBS: Stenographic. RICHARD COOK: .College Prepara- tory, Latin Club, Band, Orchestra. JOHN COOKE: College Prepara- tory, Spanish Club, Baseball. GLORIA COOPER: General. JAMES COULTER: College Prepar- atory, Jacksonian, Hi-Y, Quill and Scroll. JEAN CRAFT: Bookkeeping. BASIL CRAIG: College Preparatory, French Club. BARBARA CUMMINGS: Art, G. A. A., Gym Leader, Glee Club, Jacksonian, Executive Council. DONALD CUMMINGS: Vocational. ROGER CUMMINGS: General. BOBBY COBB TOM COFFMAN JANICE COMBS RICHARD COOK JAMES COULTER JEAN CRAFT Q ij: BASIL CRAIG Q' PAT BEW AND RICHARD TESCH FIND TIME TO ENJOY THEMSELVES DURING SCHOOL HOURS BARBARA CUMMINGS DONALD cuMMlNGg ROGER CUMMINGS C Q GERALD CYRUS MARGARET DERRICK PEGGY DODD GERALD CYRUS: College Prepara- I tory, Hi-Y, French Club, Visual 1 Aide. l JAMES DAVIS: College Prepara- . tory, Latin Club, Hi-Y, Science E Club, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Troupers, Jack- son Journal. ORUS DEARMAN: General, Band. DON DENISON: General, Hi-Y, National Honor Society, Troup- ers, Thespians, Executive Council. MARGARET DERRICK: Steno- graphic, Gym Leader, Science Club, F. B. L. A. PEGGY DODD: College Prepara- tory, Jacksonian, Glee Club, Latin Club, National Honor So- ciety, Quill and Scroll. RUTHIE DONEGAN: Stenographic, F. B. L. A. 43 Q f. ff JAMES DAVIS ORUS DEARMAN JEAN ANN DORSEY: Stenographic, Jr. Red Cross, Glee Club, Science , Club, Stitch and Stir, F. B. L. A. NORMAN DRUMMOND: College Preparatory, Hi-Y, Troupers, Thespians, Science Club. DEAN DUGGER: College Prepara- tory, Varsity Club, Senior Class President, Football, Basketball, Track. S-my 5g .- .jr-3 Y ' x X ,N-Ke S J DON DENISON RUTHIE DONEGAN JEAN ANN DORSEY I, . A GENE DUNLAP: General. f HELEN DUNN: College Prepare- V ' tory, Latin Club, Spanish Club, . . ,, ,. Jackson Journal, Troupers, Quill and Scroll, National Honor So- '4 Ciety- : y KENNETH EDENS: General. T 1 ' BETTY EDWARDS: Stenographic, A ' Troupers, Stitch and Stir, Y- I iil A' ,V lr ' i Teens. T A 3 ." ' T SALLY EDWARDS: General, Troup- A fllff ers, Spanish Club. l A it E BETTY EPLING: slenegfephle. NORMAN DRUMMOND DEAN DUGGER GENE DUNLAP HELEN DUNN ' l KE!-l' 'It EDENS SALLY EDWARDS WORKING ON THE SCHOOL PAPER ARE NANCY FINN, DORIS HARRIS, AND WILMA ROBERTSON BETTY EDWAR DS BETTY EPLING TERESA ERVIN SYBIL FARLEY JODIE FISCHER BILLIE FISHER LEONA FORE LUCILLE FOX TERESA ERVIN: Distributive Edu- cation, F. B. L. A., Stitch and Stir, G. A. A. SYBIL FARLEY: Stenographic, F. B. L. A., Office Assistant. JOHNNY FARRIS: College Prepara- tory, Band, Baseball. NANCY FINN: College Prepara- tory, Jackson Journal, Quill and Scroll, G. A. A., Spanish Club, Latin Club, Troupers, Science Club, National Honor Society. JODIE FISCHER: College Prepara- tory, Jacksonian, Spanish Club, G. A. A., Stitch and Stir, Girl Scouts, Science Club, Latin Club, Quill and Scroll, Troupers, Na- tional Honor Society. BILLIE FISHER: Stenographic, Troupers, F. B. L. A. DOROTHY FISHER: Clerical, Glee Club, Y-Teens, F.T.A., F.B.L.A. DAYTON FORD: College Prepara- tory, Band, Orchestra, National Honor Society, Troupers, Sci- ence Club, Latin Club. LEONA FORE: Stenographic. LUCILLE FOX: Stenographic, G. A. A., Social Studies Council, Office Assistant, F. B. L. A., Troupers, National Honor Society. DAVID FRAME: General, Baseball, F. B. L. A. JOE GATES: College Preparatory, Band, Latin Club, Science Club.- PEGGY GEYER: General. NANCY GILLEN: College Prepara- tory, Latin Club, Science Club, Jacksonian, Stitch and Stir, Span- ish Club, Quill and Scroll, Office Assistant, Jr. Red Cross. CLYDE GILLESPIE: Business Edu- cation, President of Student Council, Band, Hi-Y. BARBARA GILLISPIE: Stenograph- ic, Glee Club. JOHNNY FARRIS NANCY FINN DOROTHY FISHER DAYTON fokp DAVID FRAME JOE GATES rzccv ann S MARION AROSE AND TOM SUMMERS ENJOY CLOWNING AROUND SCHOOL DURING LUNCH HOUR NANCY GILLEN CLYDE GILLESPIE BARBARA GILLISFIE PHYLLIS GOFF GEORGIA GOOD Ma' . 1 JIMMY GRAHAM CARRIE GREEN BILLIE CAROL GRIFFITH CHARLIE GRIFFITH rHYLus corn' sienogfaphac, G. A. A., Jacksonian, F. B. L. A., Gym Leader. GEORGIA GOOD: General. BARBARA GOODWIN: College Preparatory, Troupers, Latin Club, Cheerleader, Spanish Club, G. A. A. coNNi: GORDON: sienogfaphac, G. A. A. JIMMY GRAHAM: College Prepar- atory. CARRIE GREEN: College Prepara- tory, Library Assistant, Gym Leader, Stitch and Stir, Glee Club, Latin Club. LEONA GREENLEAF: Stenographic. CHARLES GREGORY: General, Band, Orchestra. BILLIE CAROL GRIFFITH: College Preparatory, Jacksonian, Latin Club, G. A. A., Science Club, Cheerleader, National Honor, Glee Club, Quill and Scroll. CHARLIE GRIFFITH: General, Hi- Y, Basketball. MIKE GRIFFITH: College Prepara- tory, Jacksonian. ERNEST GROVER: Vocational. MARY LOU GUINN: Distributive Education. HUGH GUTHRIE: College Prepara- tory, Band, Student Council, Na- tional Honor Society. JACK GUTHRIE: General. PHYLLIS HAGER: College Prepara- tory, G. A. A., Spanish Club, Jacksonian, Science Club, Troup- ers, Girl Scouts, Quill and Scroll, Thespians. BARBARA GOODWIN CONNIE GORDON LEONA GRIENLEAF CHARLES GREGORY MIKE GRIFFITH ERNEST GROVER MARY LOU GUINN .' Q A HUGH GUTHRIE 'ff M I BUSY PRACTICING FOR THE BOYS' CHORUS ARE NORMAN SKIDMORE AND EUGENE STUMBO I A l JACK GUTHRIE PHYLLIS HAGER LUCILLE HAID: General. MARGUERITE HALSTEAD: Steno- graphic. THEODORE HALSTEAD: Distribu- tive Education, HERMAN HAMBRICK II: College Preparatory, Editor of Jacksonian, Student Council, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Boys' State, Band, Latin Club, Troup- ers, Science Club, Yearling Staff. I ,eff "U GARY HAMILTON: Art. LUCILLE RAID MARGUERITE HALSTEAD JAY HAMILTON: College Prepara- tor Jackson Journal National 1' - Yi , Q' .xi Honor Society, Student Council, - '- ' Latin Club, Science Club, Hi-Y, I Varsity Club, Football, Track, Bausch-Lomb. I i ' 5' -- ALAN HAMRICK: College Pre- .if ' Li Q' paratory, Student Council, So- ' ' 5' cial Studies Council, Executive Q I Council, Hi-Y, Junior Class President, Troupers. - L i,l" BILL HANDLEY: Vocational, Band. L. C. HANNA: Distributive Education. aim, A GARY uauuuon JAY HAMILTON ALAN MAMRICK non HARDMAN: Ari. Vfi ' il' g DAVE Hunnius: vocational. If " I HARRY HARKINS: General. 'Q lf I-'U ooNALn R. HARPER: K ' Bookkeeping. LONNIE HARPER: Vocational. JAMES HARPOLD: Vocational. BILL HARRIS: Art. L. C. HANNA DON HARDMAN DAVI HARKINS '1- filll ,J llll 'rusooonr nALs'r:Ao HERMAN Huuanicx, ii BILL HANDLEY HARRY HARKINS A DONALD R. HARPER JERRY AND WENDELL LOOK ON WHILE BEN DOES SOME CRAMMING FOR THAT DREADED EXAM JAMES HARPOLD LONNIE HARPER BILL HARRIS 'Wi 5? af' 'VD' it DORIS HARRIS JACQUELINE HARRISON s 'F ff iff' g 4 1: S ' A TEE ' r f . ,aa swag asf as X, CHARLES HATFIELD KENNETH HATFIELD ANN HEIZER GORDON HENKEL E4 CARLA HENRY DORIS HARRIS: College Prepara- tory, Jackson Journal, Quill and Scroll, G. A. A., Spanish Club, Latin Club, Troupers, Science Club. JACQUELINE HARRISON: Distrib- utive Education, Jr. Red Cross. JOYCE HARRISON: General, G. A. A., Y-Teens. AUDREY HARTLEY: Distributive Education, F. B. L. A., Glee Club. CHARLES HATFIELD: Distributive Education, KENNETH HATFIELD: College Preparatory. DOLORES HAYNES: Stenographic, Glee Club. PAULINE HAYNES: Bookkeeping, G. A. A., Y-Teens. ANN HEIZER: College Preparatory, Cheerleader, Jacksonian, G. A. A., Latin Club, Science Club, Quill and Scroll. GORDON HENKEL: General, Base- ball, Varsity Club, Band. BILL HENNEGEN: Vocational. RUBY HENNEN: Distributive Edu- cation, Glee Club, Jr. Red Cross. CARLA HENRY: General, Latin Club, Glee Club, Troupers, Y- Teens, Jr. Red Cross, Stitch and Stir, F. B. L. A. RUSSELL HICKMAN: Stenograph- ic, F. B. L. A., F. T. A., National Honor Society. BERNICE HILL: Stenographic, Stitch and Stir, Y-Teens, F. B. L. A. JORETTA HILL: Stenographic, Jackson Journal, F. B. L. A. You JOYCE HARRISON AUDREY HARTLEY ,na an-.MM DOLORES HAYNES PAULINE HAYNES I 1 ip s i f K . K iff . Q- , as Q -. - i Q 4' ' .Q .- . BILL HENNEGEN RUBY HENNEN JACKIE, STONEWALL'S BASKETBALL CAPTAIN, LEAVES FOR A GAME AT MORRIS HARVEY 2' K . r h .f K W ' QQ-wry? . Z 'ii .. :- , A - Illtx .itz RUSSELL HICKMAN BERNICE HILL JORETTA HILL 37 CONNIE HIVELY EARNESTINE HOFFMAN BOB HOLLIDAY DELORIS HOLLIDAY PAT HOOVER NANCY HUDDLE CONNIE HIVELY: Stenographic, Glee Club, Thespians, Stitch and Stir, Y-Teens, Troupers. EARNESTINE HOFFMAN: Steno- graphic, Y-Teens, Stitch and Stir, F. B. L. A. HELEN HOFFMAN: Distributive Education. JACK HOLDEN: College Preparatory. i BOB HOLLIDAY: Vocational, Var- sity Club, Track. DELORIS HOLLIDAY: Stenograph- ic, Y-Teens, Stitch and Stir, MARY HOLMES: Home Economics. HELEN HOOVER: Stenographic, Gym Leader. PAT HOOVER: General, Gym Leader. NANCY HUDDLE: Music, Nation- al Honor Society, Spanish Club, Troupers, Senior Scouts, Social Studies Council, Maiorette, Glee Club. DOT HUMPHREYS: Stenographic. BARBARA HUNDLEY: Distribu- tive Education, G. A. A., F. B. L. A. DORIS HUTTON: Bookkeeping, G. A. A., Glee Club, Stitch and Stir, Majorette. DOTTIE INGRAM: Bookkeeping, G. A. A., Library Assistant, F. B. L .A., Latin Club. JO ANN ISAAC: Stenographic, Y- Teens, F. B. L, A., Gym Leader, NORMA JACK: Home Economics, Glee Club, Stitch and Stir, Jr. Red Cross, G. A. A., Mixed Chorus. HELEN HOFFMAN JACK HOLDEN MARY H05-M55 HELEN HOOVER DOT HUMPHREYS BARBARA HUNDLEY l l DORIS HUTTON JAY APPEARS TO BE VERY PLEASED WITH THE RESULTS OF HIS CHEMISTRY EXPERIMENT DOTTIE INGRAM JO ANN ISAAC NORMA JACK t MARY LOU JACKSON NANCY -IACK50N FLOYD JEFFREY MARY JENKINS BOB JOHNSON CHARLES JONES MARY LOU JACKSON: Steno- graphic, Glee Club, Office As- sistant, Y-Teens, F. B. L. A., Stitch and Stir, Junior Red Cross. NANCY JACKSON: Art, G. A. A. BARBARA JARRETT: Clerical, G. A. A., Y-Teens. JACK JARRETT: General, Basket- ball, Varsity Club. FLOYD JEFFREY: General, Basket- ball, Baseball. MARY JENKINS: College Prepara- tory, Stitch and Stir, G. A. A., Library Assistant, Junior Red Cross, National Honor Society. NORMA JENKINS: Bookkeeping, Stitch and Stir, Y-Teens, F. B. L. A. PATRICIA JIVIDEN: Bookkeeping, G. A. A., Stitch and Stir, Gym Leader, Library Assistant. BOB JOHNSON: General, Baseball, CHARLES JONES: Vocational. RALPH JONES: Vocational, Foot- ball, Track. WILLIAM JORDAN: Vocational, Hi-Y. JOHN JUDY: General, Troupers, Visual Aide. DAVID KAPP: Vocational. TEDDY KAUFMAN: General, Stitch and Stir. FRANK KELLEY: General, Football. BARBARA JARRETT JACK JARRETT NORMA JENKINS PATRICIA JIVIDEN RALPH JONES WILLIAM JORDAN JOHN JUDY ANN HEIZER HAS JUST BEEN CROWNED "QUEEN OF HEARTS" AT THE G. A. A. VALENTINE DANCE DAVID KAPP TEDDY KAUFMAN FRANK KELLEY MACK KELLY mms Ksssmz PAUL KOONTZ LIBBY LEACH CHARLES LIEBLE HILDA LILLY MACK KELLY: Vocational. JAMES KESSLER: Distributive Education. KEITH KING: General. MEREDITH KINNARD: College Preparatory, Orchestra, National Honor Society, Gym Leader, French Club, Jackson Journal, Art Editor. PAUL KOONTZ: Vocational, Foot- ball, Track. LIBBY LEACH: Stenographic, Y- Teens, Glee Club, F. B. L. A., Stitch and Stir. RICHARD LEGGE: Vocational. MARCUS LEWIS: General, Band, Mixed Chorus. CHARLES LIEBLE: General. HILDA LILLY: Stenographic, F. B. L. A., Office Assistant. RUBY LILLY: Bookkeeping, G. A. A., F. B. L. A. DONNA LONG: Art, Troupers, Jacksonian, F. B. L. A., Gym Leader, G. A. A., Yearling Staff, Stitch and Stir. GERALDINE LONG: Business Education. JO ANN LYNN: Stenographic, Glee Club, Troupers, F. B. L. A., Y- Teens. BOB LYNN: Art. RONALD LYTTON: General. KEITH KING MEREDITH KINNARD nicminn LEGGE MARCUS LEWIS RUBY LILLY DONNA LONG GERALDINE LONG BOB, BILL, AND GARY SEEM T0 ENJOY WATCHING DON AND JACK WORK ON ART PROJECTS JO ANN LYNN aol LYNN RONALD LYTTDN PATRICIA MACORMAC: College Preparatory, Orchestra, Glee Club, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Jackson Journal, Troupers, So- cial Studies Council, National Honor Society. DALE MADDOX: General, Varsity Club, Football, Track. MARY ELLEN MALLORY: Clerical. CLIFFORD MANLEY: General, Current Events Club. JAMES MARION: Vocational. MARGIE MARKHAM: Stenograph- ic, Stitch and Stir, F. B. L. A. PA'riuciA MAconMAc one nutnoox ADA'-INF MARSHAI-L1 COHGQG MARY ELLEN MAu.onY curronp Mniuv Preparatory, Jackson Journal, Cheerleader, National Honor So- ciety, Quill and Scroll, Spanish Club, G. A. A., Yearling Staff, Troupers, Latin Club, Executive Council. EUGENE MARTIN: General. BETTY JO MATTHEWS: Book- keeping. RAYMOND MAX: General, French Club, F. B. L. A. CAROLYN McCAMEY: College Preparatory, National Honor So- ciety, Quill and Scroll, Thespians, Jackson Journal - Editor, Girls' State, Yearling Editor, Student Council, Troupers, Spanish Club, :Ames MARION MARGIE MARKHAM Science Club, Glee Club, Latin Annu: MAnsHAi.L zusmz MARTIN Club, Executive Council. CHARLIE McCUTCHEON: Vocational. FRANKLIN McGLOTHIN: Gen- eral,Hi-Y, Track, Football, Var- Sity Club. JESSIE McGOVRAN: College Pre- paratory, Jackson Journal-Edi- tor, Troupers, Latin Club, Quill and Scroll, National Honor So- ciety, Spanish Club. MARY McINTOSH: College Pre- 'X paratory, Latin Club, French Club, Gym Leader. ELIZABETH McLANE: Bookkeep- ing, F. T. A., F. B. L. A. BETTY JO MATTHEWS RAYMOND MAX CAROI-YN MCCAMEY CHARLIE M:CUTCHEON it . 'V' . .f f FRANKLIN McGLOTHLIN JESSIE McGOVRAN CO-CAPTAINS OF STONEWALL'S 1950 FOOTBALL TEAM: DEAN DUGGER AND BOB PARSONS MARY McINTOSH ELIZABETH McLANE , . BILL MEADOWS RONALD MELTON HELEN MILTON DOLORES MOFFATT ROSETTA MORGAN JOAN MORRIS BILL MEADOWS: General, F. B. L. A. RONALD MELTON: General. CARL MILLER: Vocational, Base- ball, Varsity Club. RALPH MILLER: General. HELEN MILTON: College Prepara- tory, National Honor Society, French Club, Latin Club. DELORES MOFFATT: Stenograph- ic, Library Assistant, Stitch and Stir, Y-Teens, F. B. L. A. JAMES MOORE: College Prepara- tory. EARL MOORE: General, Track, Hi- Y, F. B. L. A. ROSETTA MORGAN: General. JOAN MORRIS: College Prepara- tory, French Club, Stitch and Stir. BETTY MYERS: Business Education. CHESTER NICHOLS: Vocational. LEVINA O'DELL: General, Stitch and Stir, G. A. A. MARTHA O'DELL: General, Stitch and Stir. GEORGE PARK: College Prepara- tOry, Jacksonian, Quill and Scroll. FRED PARRISH: Vocational. CARL MILLER RALPH MILLER JAMES MOORE EARL MOORE BETTY MYERS CHESTER NICHOLS LEVINA O'DELL MILDRED AND MARY LOU WORK ON THE SCHEDULING CARDS IN MR. STEADMAN'S OFFICE MARTHA O'DELL GEORGE PARK FRED PARRISI1 ROBERT PARSONS SHIRLEY PARSONS PHYLLIS PATTERSON FRED PEET ROBERT PARSONS: General, Var- sity Club, Football, Basketball, Baseball. SHIRLEY PARSONS: Stenographic. TEXIE PARSONS: Stenographic. JOYCE PATTERSON: Stenographic, G. A. A., Y-Teens, Stitch and Stir, Jr. Red Cross, Office As- sistant. PHYLLIS PATTERSON: Steno- graphic, F. B. L. A., Stitch and Stir, Gym Leader. FRED PEET: Vocational. JIMMIE PELL: General, Band, Or- chestra, French Club, Troupers. DICK PIERSON: College Prepara- tory, President Student Council, Executive Council, Hi-Y, Jack- sonian, Troupers, National Hon- or Society. ALICE PINSON: General, Thes- pians, Jr. Red Cross. EMILY PRUETT: Home Economics, Spanish Club, Stitch and Stir, G. A. A., Office Assistant, Na- tional Honor Society. JAMES PRYCE: College Prepara- tory, Hi-Y, Troupers, Social Studies Council, Glee Club. ELAINE QUICK: College Prepara- tory, Glee Club, Senior Scouts, Y-Teens, G. A. A., Spanish Club. FAYE QUICK: Bookkeeping, F. B. L. A. BOBBY RAINES: General. CHARLOTTE RAINES: Steno- graphic, G. A. A., Junior Red Cross, F. B. L. A. MINERVA RAINES: Stenographic, Stitch and Stir, G. A. A., F. B. L. A. TEXIE PARSONS JOYCE PATTERSON JIMMIE PELL DICK PIERSON Auce PiNsoN :Min Pnus'r'r MMS PRYCE ELAINE QUICK FAYE QUICK fn' ' JOHN WILLIAMS, WORKING WITH ENTHUSIASM, ADDS FINISHING TOUCHES TO LAYOUTS BOBBY RAINES CHARLOTTE RAINES MlNgRVA RAINES RUTHE ROOTES GLADA RANDOLPH HELEN RANKIN RUBY REED BILL REESE Downes noAcH sm nossnrs GLADA RANDOLPH: Distributive Education, F. B. L, A. HELEN RANKIN: Fine Arts, G. A. A., Troupers, Thespians, Jr. Red Cross, French Club, Gym Leader, U. N. Club. JANET RANSON: Clerical, Orches- tra, Glee Club, F. T. A., F. H. A., Science Club, Library Assistant. ELOISE RAY: Clerical, F, B. L. A. RUBY REED: Distributive Educa- tion, F. B. L. A. BILL REESE: Stenographic, Jackson Journal, F. B. L. A. JO ELLEN RHODES: College Pre- paratory, Jackson Journal, Latin Club, Troupers, G. A. A., Office Assistant, Quill and Scroll, Na- tional Honor Society. EDWARD RICE: College Prepara- tory, Troupers, Latin Club, Thes- pians, Jacksonian, French Club, Science Club, U. N. Club. DOLORES ROACH: Distributive Education. BILL ROBERTS: Bookkeeping. DORCAS ROBERTS: General, G. A. A. WILMA ROBERTSON: College Preparatory, National Honor S0- ciety, Quill and Scroll, Thespians, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Junior Red Cross, Science Club, Troup- ers, Jackson Journal. RUTHE ROOTES: College Prepara- tory, Jacksonian, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Jackson Journal, Troupers, Thespians, Spanish Club, Executive Council, Social Studies Council, Senior Scouts, G. A. A., Science Club. CHARLES ROY: General, Baseball. PHILIP SAMPSON: College Pre- paratory, Band, Orchestra. EVERETT SANTEE: Col lege Preparatory. JANET RANSON ELOISE RAY Jo ELLEN Rs-cones EDWARD RICE ON THE FLOOR SHOW AT THE VALENTINE SQUARE DANCE, MARY MCINTOSH TAP DANCES DORCAS ROBERTS WILMA ROBERTSON . 5 .. 5 is Y si it J iw, is Sz 5 S' i 5 CHARLES ROY PHILIP SAMPSON EVERETT SANTEE JAMES SANTROCK JOYCE SANDERS HARRY SCHWENDER PATRICIA SEARS JAMES SANTROCK: General. JOYCE SANDERS: General, Gym Leader, Spanish Club, G. A. A., Library Assistant. RENA SAUVAGEOT: College Pre- paratory, Jacksonian, Senior Scouts, Latin Club, Science Club, G. A. A., Stitch and Stir, French Club, Quill and Scroll. EDGAR SCHROEDER: College Pre- paratory, Latin Club, Troupers, Spanish Club, Jacksonian, Sci- ence Club. HARRY SCHWENDER: College Preparatory. PATRICIA SEARS: College Prepar- atory, National Honor Society, Latin Club, Glee Club, Executive Council, Senior Scouts, Jackson Journal, Science Club. MARY SERGENT: College Prepara- tory, Stitch and Stir, Senior Scouts, Latin Club, F. B. L. A., Civil Air Patrol. PAT SEVY: General, Y-Teens. BETTY SHAMBLEN: College Pre- paratory, Stitch and Stir, French Club, Library Assistant, Latin Club, G. A. A., Glee Club. ELEANOR SHELTON: College Pre- paratory, Latin Club, Troupers, G. A. A., Science Club, Jack- sonian, Senior Scouts, Quill and Scroll. CECIL SHORT: Vocational, Foot- ball, Track. MILDRED SHORT: Stenographic, Troupers, G. A. A., Quill and Scroll, Office Assistant, Jackson Journal, F. B. L. A., National Honor Society. PATSY SIGMON: College Prepara- tory, Stitch and Stir, Troupers, Latin Club, F. B. L. A. CAROLYN SIMPSON: Stenograph- ic, Band, F. B. L. A. CHARLES SINGLETON: College Preparatory. NORMAN SKIDMORE: General. RENA SAUVAGEOT EDGAR SCHROEDER MARY SERGENT PAT SEVY BETTY SHAMBLEN ELEANOR SI-IELTON CECIL SHQRT Mlumgp SHORT PATSY SIGMON CHARLES SI NGLETON LUCILLE FOX RUNS OFF AN ANNOUNCEMENT ON THE MIMEOGRAPH MACHINE IN THE OFFICE J' CA ROLYN SIMPSON NORMAN SKIDMORE BURT SMART BONNIE SMITH Q , LAWRENCE SMITH, JR. IDA SNEAD EUNICE SPRADLING JAMES SPRADLING BURT SMART: College Prepara- tory, Jackson Journal, Troupers, Latin Club, Science Club. BONNIE SMITH: Stenographic, Glee Club, F. B. L. A. CHARLES SMITH: College Pre- paratory, Jacksonian, Student Council, Quill and Scroll, Boys' State, National Honor Society. GUILFORD SMITH, JR.: College Preparatory, Band, Science Club, F, B. L. A., Latin Club. LAWRENCE SMITH, JR.: General. IDA SN EAD: Stenographic. JACK SOTHEN: College Prepara- tory, Track. OVAL SPENCER: Vocational. EUNICE SPRADLING: Stenograph- ic, Stitch and Stir, Y-Teens. JAMES SPRADLING: Vocational. JO ANN SPRADLING: Clerical, Glee Club, Jackson Journal, F. B. L. A. GEORGE STANLEY: Vocational. JACQUITA STARCHER: General, Glee Club, Stitch and Stir, F. T. A., Y-Teens. MILDRED STEVENS: Distributive Education, Stitch and Stir, G. A. A., F. B. L. A. RUTH STONESTREET: Bookkeep- ing, F. T. A., F. B. L. A., Library Assistant. NELSON STOOPS, JR.: College Preparatory, Troupers, CHARLES SMITH GUILFORD SMITH, JR JACK SOTHEN OVAL SPENCER JO ANN SPRADLING GEORGE STANLEY JACQUITA STARCHER O' MILDRED STEVENS ROSE, HELEN, EILEEN, AND ELEANOR MAKE UP THE UKULELE QUARTET AT STONEWALI. RUTH STONESTREET NELSON STOOPS, JR. 46 JOHNNY STOWERS RUBERT STRAIN F R' EUGENE STUMBO TOM SUMMERS LORETTA TAYLOR RICHARD TESCH JOHNNY STOWERS: Distributive Education, Thespians. ROBERT STRAIN: Bookkeeping, Hi-Y. CAROL STUCK: General, Maiorette. ARDEN STULL: General. EUGENE STUMBO: General, Glee Club. TOM SUMMERS: General, Football, Track, Hi-Y, Varsity Club. ELEANOR SURFACE: Stenographic. JO ANN TAYLOR: Bookkeeping, Thespians, Troupers, Glee Club, F. B. L. A., National Honor So- ciety. LORETTA TAYLOR: Stenographic. RICHARD TESCH: College Prepar- atory, Jackson Journal, Hi-Y, Latin Club, Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society, Boys' State, Student Council, Varsity Club, Baseball, Basketball, Foot- ball. BARBARA THABET: College Pre- paratory, Science Club, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Glee Club, Senior Scouts, Junior Red Cross, Y-Teens. EVELYN THAXTON: Stenographic. JAMES THAXTON: Vocational. BOB THOMAS: Vocational, Football. FRANKLIN THOMAS: General. LORENA THOMAS: Distributive Education. CAROL STUCK ARDEN STULL ELEANOR SURFACE JO ANN TAYLOR BARBARA THABET EVELYN THAXTON JAMES THAXTON JEAN, PHYLLIS, AND NANCY RUN THROUGH ONE OF THE NUMEROUS MAJORETTE ROUTINES BOB THOMAS 4 FRANKLIN THOMAS i.oRsNA ri-ioMAs PAUL THOMAS CHARLES THOMPSON RICHARD THOMPSON -'AMES TINCHFR RUBY TRUMAN WENDELL TURLEY I-Il-I-IAN TYLER JAMES VANHOOSE PAUL THOMAS: Vocational, Baseball. CHARLES THOMPSON: Vocational. DON THOMPSON: College Pre- paratory, Band, French Club, Science Club. DORA THOMPSON: Clerical, Dance Band, Jr. Red Cross, F. B. L. A. RICHARD THOMPSON: General, Football, Basketball, Track. JAMES TINCHER: General, Bas- ketball, Baseball. VIRGINIA TITLOW: Clerical, Stu- dent Council, Jacksonian, Office Assistant, National Honor So- ciety. JAMES TOTTEN: College Prepara- tory, Band, Orchestra. RUBY TRUMAN: Distributive Edu- cation, Y-Teens, G. A. A., Li- brary Assistant. WENDELL TURLEY: General, Base- ball, Varsity Club. VELMA TURNES: General, Stitch and Stir, Junior Red Cross. WILDA TURNES: Distributive Education. LILLIAN TYLER: General, Glee Club, Orchestra, F. B. L. A., F. T. A., Science Club, Spanish Club, Stitch and Stir, Jackson Journal. JAMES VANHOOSE: College Pre- paratory, Football, Track. DAVID VAN NOY: Vocational. JANICE VEALEY: Bookkeeping, Stitch and Stir, Y-Teens. HANSON VINCENT: College Preparatory. ARBUTUS WALKER: Stenographic, Glee Club, Jackson Journal, F. B. L. A., Y-Teens, Stitch and Stir. WANDA WALKER: Stenographic. ROSE WALTER: College Prepara- tory, Latin Club, Jacksonian, Spanish Club, G. A. A., Troup- ers, Quill and Scroll. BILL WEAVER: Bookkeeping, Band, Orchestra, Glee Club, F. B. L. A. DON THOMPSON DORA THOMPSON VIRGINIA TITLOW JAMES TOTTEN VELMA TURNES wiun fumes DAVID VANNOY JANICE VEALEY HANSON VINCENT ARBUTUS WALKER WANDA WALKER Ros: WALTER Blu. wuvea DONALD WEEKLEY EILEEN WEHRLE BERNEDA WHITED BURTON WHITED ORIN WILKINSON JOHN WILLIAMS CHARLES WINN JANET WINTER DONALD WEEKLEY: General. EILEEN WEHRLE: College Prepar- atory, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Jacksonian, G. A. A., National Honor Society, Glee Club, Troup- ers, Jr. Red Cross, Quill and Scroll. ROSEMARY WEHRLE: Bookkeep- ing, G. A, A., Y-Teens, Gym Leader, F. B. L. A. IRIS WHITE: College Preparatory, Glee Club. BERNEDA WHITED: Distributive Education, F. B. L. A. BURTON WHITED: Vocational. SARA WILCHER: Distributive Edu- cation, Y-Teens, G. A. A., Li- brary Assistant. MAXINE WILKINSON: Clerical, G. A. A., F.kB. L. A., F. T. A, ORIN WILKINSON: General, Band, Glee Club. JOHN WILLIAMS: Art, Band, Hi- Y, Student Council, Quill and Scroll. RICHARD WILTON: Stenographic. FRANK WINGO: Vocational. CHARLES WINN: College Prepara- tory, Hi-Y, Troupers. JANET WINTER: General. WILLIAM WITHROW: Vocational. JEAN WOOD: Stenographic, G. A. A., Office Assistant, Maiorette, Social Studies Council. DAYNESE WOOTEN: General, Glee Club. BETTY WRIGHT: General, G. A. A. BOB YEAGER: College Preparatory, Vice-President of Junior and Senior Class, Varsity Club, Jack- sonian, Quill and Scroll. DON YOUNG General, Band. Not pictured: KENNETH BUTLER JOHNNY JARRETT LARRY LANHAM JOSEPH DAVID MIKLES PAUL TANNER WALTER WILTON ROSEMARY WEHRLE IRIS WHITE SARA WILCHER MAXINE WILKINSON RICHARD WILTON FRANK WINGO WILLIAM WITHROW JEAN W009 DAYNESF WOOTEN BETTY WR'G"'T sos Yemen non YouNG l I Junior Home Room Presidents First row: B. Hardman, V. Porterfield, P. Covert, I. Sanders, C. Barker, C. Campbell, J. Perry. Second row: G. Warner, D, Smith, S. Clifton, J. Chandler, L. Radcliffe, F. Gillespie. K- FRANCINE YOUNG V ...., A N 'Y - ,'5'llN.?' 7-." X if FEQFEEJ' ,' of H' Q "" TER Z2x:2'- . - Y it ,Ta A .f , ' v'.- is-Y -. A 17, QV . V we . ix X BOB JOHNSON Secretary Vice President CONNIE CAMPBELL President 205 First row: M. Thomas, R, Martin . Anderson, S. Wilson, R. Williams, . Saunders, P. Wattes, K. Shaw, . S J M Allison. Second row: J. Doyle, O. Coonrod, M. Ballard, R. Peters, S. Corey, B. Garrett, F. Ashworth, B. Weiford, P. Priestley. Third row: R. Thompson, J. Sergent, J. Reynolds, J. Love, E. Parsons, J. Koch, R. Good, E. Johnson, J. Gibson. Fourth row: R. Tucker, B. Marion, J. Sine, J. Hamric, G. Short, N. Rankin, J. Chandler. ifg19E 317 First row: C. Caperton, F. Alderson, H. Bridges, J. Kiser, E. Garnett, J. Vance, J. Cummings, S. Hearn, F. Simon. Second row: J. Hayes, T. Ash- more, L. Perrow, L. Hall, L. Chambers, C. Bowles, M. Smith, S. Moss, D. Fizer, B. Short. Third row: B, Hardman, C. Waybright, E. Amory, J. Holstein, R. Plott, C. Arnett, J. Gregory, J. Litton. Fourth row: E. Slater, J. Easley, G. Angle, J. Burdette, E. Roush, A. Harrah, M. Hager. 331 First row: P. Waugh, V. Young, M. Norman, J. O'DeIl, A. Devrick, V. Cas- dorph, R. Lilly, D. King, A. Shafer, M. Moss. Second row: L. Blackshire, J. Dawson, P, Alexander, M. William- son, J. Perry, A. Haynes, C. Fulks, E. Nicholas, H. Moore, S. Monroe. Third row: J. Haid, E, Jordon, V. Harding, B. Gullenmette, H. White, C. Wright, J. Bishop, E. Cunningham, B. Birch. Fourth row: D. Smith, T. Harpold, J. Dodd, K. Jones, R. Lutz, E. Ashworth, T. Byrd, B. Cottrill. 220 First row: B. Jordan, B. Dobreft, E. Barnes, C. Ellsworth, J. Kessler, A, Wooten, S. Pruden, M. Goff, G. Pitch- ford. Second row: P. Covert, C. Fried- man, M. Burgess, D. Tate, S. Romeo, D. Rhodes, J. Harrison, J. Matheny, B. Bailey. Third row: D. Holley, N. Lemmon, G. Keffer, P. Anderson, J. Wiley, R. White, M. Layne, J. Vance. Fourth row: C. Schumann, F. Simmons, J. Jones, R. McFarland, C. Duff, J. Crews, J. Morgan, K. Lanham. 228 First row: K. Arnold, H. Shiltz, C Leake, B. Short, G. Ross, M. Reed J, Patton, F. Craze, J. Stealey, J. King Second row: J. Pritt, D. Estep, M. Kirk M. DePue, R. Stover, J, Seward, G Donaldson, M. Wright. Third row: M Simmons, J. Taylor, J. Withrow, D Wells, J. Woodrum, L. Wilkinson, M Withrow, D. Smith. Fourth row: l-l Fulks, B. Parsons, H. Vance, J. Vin- cent, E. Waugh, C. Naseef, E. Jack- son, R. Meyers, 301, 125, 126 and 321 First row: M. Thomas, B. Courtney D. Miller, K. Jones, B. Burton, D. Miller, B. Grim, R. Wilson, J. Roberts, B. Patton, F. Garnes. Second row: J. Bibbee, J. Fisher, S. McLane, O. Cas- dorph, R. Burgess, R. Summerfield, B. Hanley, J. Casto, C. Buchanan, E. Whittington. Third row: B. Higgin- botham, B. Jarrett, H. Fitzsimmons, C. Burdette, J. Lowe, J. Wheeler, R, Lit- ton, R. Rhodes. Fourth row: N, Harri- son, D. Adkins, D. Bailey, D, Harper, H. Cavender, J. Ashworth, A. Jones, D. McCracken, J. Upton, C, Dean. I 203 and 308 First row: J. McDavid, J. Lawhorn, G Sears, J. Parkins, C. Cornerford, P Radford, V. Porterfield, E. Haynes Second row: K. Shaw, P. Carter, J Nelson, S. Fleshman, R. Cashdan, D Carrico, L. Cline, N. Freed, S. Hamil- ton. Third row: D. Rabel, B. Johnson D. Freeland, W. Duff, J. Wermescher, E. Huddle, D. Parkins, J. Massau, B. Carney. 202 First row: P. Dye, W. Bird, M. Belcher, J. Maddox, R. Anderson, B. Jones, C. Boggess, J. Patterson, D. Khuri. Sec- ond row: N. Perdue, C. Barker, S. Blankenship, M. Botkins, P. Taylor, G. Traxton, W. Jones, J. Clendenin. Third row: T. Jackson, R. Kushner, D. Ballard, J. Baria, C. Carr, W. Crowder, D. Flesher. Fourth row: C Lee, J. Hypes, F. Lincoln, D. Tate, J Madison, J. Krantz, C. Beane. 314 and l3lI First row: J. Simon, l. Sanders, F. Young, G. Painter, L. Casebolt, E. Skeen, J. Tyree, T. Judy, C. Kershner, B. Huffman. Second row: H. Cavender, L. Martin, F. Spencer, B. Fox, N. Swindler, J. Surface, E. Chapman, B. Patton, N. Shamblin, N. Walker. Third row: R. Bartlett, J. Rooch, R. Shingler, F. Gillispie, D. Lee, B. Quick, C. Sheets, G. Bloss, G. Stalnaker, D Mace, O. Burgher. 232 First row: F. Hearld, P. Dunbar, J Harrison, A. Smith, D. Grover, P. Ank- rom, J. Stalnaker, C. Ward, D. Simms, R. Wilson. Second row: D. Edens, J. Dyke, K. Young, T. Maddox, H. Jones, F. Cabell, U. Laxton, F. Pauley. Third row: J. Niedermyer, J. Staats, B. Cole, W. Martin, C. Loaman, R. Ronk, R. Calabrese. Fourth row: W. Beauvais, C. Warner, C. Agsten, S. Clifton, C. Mynes, B. Merical. 328 First row: B, Randolph, V. Ohlinger D, Shaflter, H. St. Clair, L. Cyrus, J Rucker, B, Pauley, T. Underwood, B Eary, Second row: R Smith, M. Games, D, Douglas, F, Sharnblem, P. Helmick B. Slater, T, Rogers, C N. Walls, Clendenin, Third row: R. Sutler, J Harper, J. Beheler, P. Winkler, G McClaskie, L. Humphreys, H. Foster P, Wehrle, H. Thomas, G, Warner. 229 and 127 First row: M. Cochran, F. Venitsanos, B Vaughan, N. Strickler, D, King, C Graham, B. Smith, R. Lynn, C. Lincoln, E. Vandergiff. Second row: C. Wilson, J. Morgan, B, Hull, L. Radcliff, B Swiger, J. Jackson, E, Klarner, J. Kit- tinger, J, Hash, H. Forbes. Third row B. Lambert, R. Spencer, B. Farris, D, Burforcl, D. Beaver, D. Marker, D. Fisher, W. Reber, J. French, J. Diaz, H. Taylor. 4 7- f 4 I 42.1 Ili Q if I bali. l Q C f Hz? J 3 T'q."4-.Ol :- iles 19 '- 1 . , 1 ixv Junior activities include a class in cheerleading. Here Barbara Goodwin, head cheerleader, instructs juniors: Nancy Freed, Cary Caperton, Cynthia Comerford, Jane Saunders, Kathryn Shaw, and Libbie Cline. -? Quaysmmxwx . xx, X Iv x UN mxxxxmwe ,3 . '.4- yy .-':-. Ln by v :., X Q X l K X si 4,44 First row: D. Bryant, P. Affolder, E. Lanham, C. Sloan, J. Cobb, B. Marion, A. Huddy, P. LaMont, S. St. Clair Second row: R, Hargus, T. Osborne B. Morris, J. Wolfe, D. Anderson, B Smolder, W. Wolf, B. Smith, J. Ashby Third row: L. Perkins, R, Peet, J. Fox P, Reed, R. Walker, R. Graham, J Thomas, G. Smith, C. Tinsley. 214 First row: D. Kelly, M. Berry, P. Wil- liamson, L. Harkins, P. Webster, I. Conley, B. Hunt, C. Shaver, M. Keun, W. Asberry. Second row: L. McClure, G. Bonham, B. Cobb, J. Bruni, M. Clendenen, J. Gregory, B. Monday, J. Jack, B. Hill, C. Pendell, P. Hall. Third row: J. Patterson, A. Hinsman, F. Rock, C. Henson, L. Gibson, J. Chil- dress, C. Burt, J. Mangus, G. Parsons, J. Meador. Fourth row: E. McKensy, B. Deboard, H. Summers, D, Shamblin, J. Clatworthy, L. Stanford, F. Ballalii, J. Butcher, B. Burchet, G. Bailey, J. Burgess. RUTH THACKER BARBARA WALL Secretary DON GRIFFITH Vice President President U34 First row: P. Walters, C. Brenneman M. Summers, N. Coffin, C. Clenden- nin, S. Poling, P. Hendrickson, M, Hall F. Hudkins, J. Boggs. Second row: J Pritt, J. Harmon, S. Waggy, S. Leonard N. White, E. Jordan, J. Harmon, R Legg, J. Clark, C. Burgess, B. O'Dell Third row: C. Riggs, H. Lance, D Beck, D. Seaton, B. Reber, J. Smith S. Canterbury, J. Maddox, R. West- fall, D. Harper, R. Cantrell. P l33' First row: S. Morris, D. Martin, M Campbell, N. Finney, V. Marian, J Baria, A. Spencer, F. Sevy, C. Priestly. Second row: B. Cochran, H. Simpson B. Boschian, T. Ellison, M. Guthrie, D. Jones, J. Dodd, R. Jarrett, B. Ran- dolph, D. Ranson. Third row: H. Wat- son, B. Campbell, R. Conner, R. Quick, R. Tweedy, D. Norman, R. Baird, W. Lytton, J. Gantz. 332 First row: D. Polston, M. Balser, H. Randolph, V. Fisher, V, Affolter, B. Bupp, C. Holley, B. Brady, C. Hunley. Second row: F. Wilson, D. lsner, B. Horton, M. Gillespie, D. Wright, J. Carter, H. Rucker, F. Rucker, C. Ma- son. Third row: H. M ers L. Har er Y f D i F. Montague, W. Sherrill, D. Weaver, J. Lasure, C. Brick, W. Dawson, J. McCormick, R. Harpold, D. Gillispie. 206 First row: S. Janndy, D. Stanley, M. Cunningham, B. Johnson, M. Solamie, E. Staats, H. Larch, L. Litton, H. Stut- ler, B. Coulter. Second row: C. Wil- liams, N. Duckworth, D. Flowers, J. Wilcher, C. Wierstiener, R. Wagner, R. Layne, R. Rinick, J. Sigmon, P. Landers, D. Miller, P. Jones. Third row: B. Wall, R. Thacker, K. Milam, R. Bowles, J. Booth, S. Haynes, J. Smithers, H. Summers, W. Wood, J. Jones, A. Walker. 305 First row: C. Moore, L. Smith, N. Lowen, B. Jones, R. McGinnis, M. Knapp, P. Wallace, J. Holmes, P. Gentry. Second row: J. Taylor, L. Cantley, R. McKinney, J. Johnson, S. Kelley, P. Pendleton, P. Taylor, B. Caldwell, L. Goff, S. Stonestreet. Third row: C. Lacy, N. Fisher, A. LeRoy, R. Hoylrnan, G. Kelly, R. Blizzard, J. Byrd, D. Waterstone, A. Young. 204 First row: S. Phillips, K. Harrison, J. Cox, J. Campbell, L. Rollins, J. Walk! er, M. Glass, H. Powell, C. Fore, A. Woodrum. Second row: F. Taylor, D. Griffith, A. Griffiths, P. Lanham, M. Legg, E. Strock, M. Kincaid, M. Burrus, S. Hunt, R. Rhodes. Third row: R. Galperin, V. Ware, D. Dawson, R. Wil- Iiams, H. Williamson, F. Hoferer, F. Tornoe, D. Kerns, P. Heavener. 230 First row: B. Kelly, N. Caston, P. Car- penter, N. Jividen, L. Holmes, S. Stew- art, J. Allender, G. Blessing, A. Bur- ford, C. Beaver. Second row: W. Phles, B. Davis, B. Cobb, D. Myers, P. Haynes, L. White, R. Moore, S Shamblin, G. Sevy. Third row: R Songer, J. Powell, M. Quigley, J. Dean B. Hardwick, M. Pritt, E. Fields, H Schoolcratt, J. Jarrett. l32 First row: L. Henson, M. Colc, B Fowler, J. Jordan, D. Hickman, A Jones, N. Burns, C. Miller, J. Sheets H. McPherson. Second row: E. Under- wood, J. Pritt, T, Cavender, B. Spencer J. Edes, L. Spencer, W. Skaff, V Christy, M. Johnson, P, Thompson Third row: W. Jarrett, P. Feazell, C Evans, J. l-lartrnan, H. Bentley, B Buchannon, K. Gandee, J. Cook, D Griffith. 326 First row: C. Roberts, S. Bowden, B Mundy, J. Snodgrass, B. Revall, G Rhodes, E. Paxton, C. Feazell, A. Cot- trill. Second row: H. Montgomery, N Pennington, B. Rogers, P. Edens, B Dunlap, G. Edens, S. Rider, B. Rider, D. Rhodes. Third row: R. Gadd, G. Jones, B. Faulkner, C. Christian, D Gillispie, A. Lilly, F. James, J. Witt D. Webb, B. Garnett, B. Graham. i 231-317 First row: M. Sigmon, P. Casedorph N. Burnern, B. Cavender, D. Cole, R Forbes, J. Samples, P. Duke, M. Taylor. Second row: D. Cummings, F. Noel N. Oates, M. Bumpers, M. Rhodes, J Casto, B. McCutcheon, F. Young, B Miller. Third row: J. Mundy, G. Bran- ham, A. McCarney, L. Alexander, J Buriord, T, Tucker, G. Thompson, C Summers, J. Wyatt, D. Morris. l0I First row: A. Butler, J. White, J. Lynn H. Dixon, C. Boling, D. Warner, S McClain, P. Way, S. Winemiller, J Williams. Second row: B. Barnett, M MacDonald, J. McCutcheon, L. Pauley N. Harfield, R. Humphreys, M. Ross C. Michael, B. Miller. Third row: K Cavender, B. Parsons, J. Edelman, D. Hundley, C. Donovan, F. Lovell, R Farley, D. Gatewood, B. Caldwell Fourth row: D. Tucker, R. Chandler, W. Young, L. Grayson, D, Long, R Staab, J. Hundley, D. Perrow, J Harmon. 1 l35 First row: F. Withrow, R. Mitchell, D Young, L. Mullins, B, Jones, J. Santee R. Rose, J. Gross. Second row: H Mason, W. McCoy, M. Parsons, B Raines, S. Stewart, B. Rhodes, M. Van- dergritf, B. Slider, C. Mullins, J. Kiser Third row: J. Hines, T, Heiges, L. Sig- mon, T. Boylen, F. Duffield, B. Edens G. Goff, C. Slater. 227 First row: P. Smith, M. McDonald, M. Darlington, J. Mullins, N. Ocheltree, P. Hess, A. Bew, E. Hendrickson, D. Park, L. Bedell. Second row: B, Elliott, M. Chandler, B. Moales, M, Vannoy, P. Price, L. Matheney, P. Kessel, B. Mahmoud, J. McCoy, D. Edens. Third row: T. Rainforth, J. Smith, P. Jones, R. Downs, D. Stalder, E. Bragg, F. Bond, P. Ballard, J. Ray, R. Layden, V. Hanna. I 1 zj f, ff 71 ,Q LW qLlf4U4466!'iiZL9HZbAAU'615 6l Q 'J , he -- 9 ik . S X WWE EM? 5X fi 'i!.?XWif1 W Q5 5 S s E. S' Q s Q QQ SYN- Q: Q5 . I-NI -N lg. .XWf29W'x.N-M., 451: WH 'QLHQQQ W 4 X! I rj -J Ltd,- qfg 'V M' J L . '2:fff5?z157f':.x D f 'fww '- P .M 1mm ' ...f.3.-gga' ,:'::f?1X' 7' rv! 'Hr 'A" ' Q 1' mar' N ,J rf1i:If'4.,iu5Kf:'h -H 1' Q Q f iw, N11-N ? W WNwQgRQ'eQhgv'- 574 AW 'S 91-5 1 I ., , U ii, ,Q-fliwig Xfvf X -1? ' I fx, t,N'N,,' i t.wTnmfmW5mr1i311mg.'S :rig I-il-,H -j.S15'S'ihQi 1 " if . 3315: S wif rpg ,N r ' 1 N mfh Q MX S531 f-lv' 5 Mm hh - X -. :W:v""' W ' gf t.:-Qglvlwl I . 1 g,1 Yu, v Il-eglnzll, QV , ,, , BM Mmmms !w2P9b99Jb52X 'wW,,gL.XQ33gbN ,sSWWWv?wggQ SWE . sv f- J 13. N , I. 1 ll-Y S 'N' fr -". , k K ' H.-.s llslh A . 1 Q N W,-qs ., .. .-LL. Nrrr? .2-iff 434 1 Q- -- -9:4 S -7--4 - T-3 347' 555, t-I ' 'J 'T' 5.3Gfif3" 'L i f' - Sfiislufg- --., -. ,A rganizafiolfw K -J Girls' Glee Club. First row: N. Jack, J. Starcher, S. Hearn, M. DePue, E. Leach, D. Fisher, F. Simon, J. Taylor, M. Elkins, J. Lynn. Second row: P. Watts, C. Campbell, L. Mullens, B. Thabet, S. Anderson, M. Smith, B. Shamblin, J. Cummings, J. Hayes, P. Hess, P. Smith. Third row: J. Hatcher, E. Hendrickson, B. McCutcheon, J. Butler, S. Janney, P. Welcher, J. Vance, G. Keffer, D. Douglas P. Sears, J. Dyke, D. Hickman. Fourth row: B. Smith, M. Timmons, L. Henson, L. Tyler, D. Haynes, N. Jividen, C. Casto, M, Gillispie, R. McGinnis, B. Fowler. Fifth row: J. Jordan, M. Knapp, P. Legg, D. Park, C. Miller, P. Pendleton, B. Cavender, C. Law- rence, L. Matheney, H. Bridges, J. Kiser, A. Butler, J. Kuhn. r ixec! CAOPMA unc! gf, A "Ready, let's sing," is a familiar call to the members of the Glee Clubs of Stonewall. These organizations, under the direction of Miss Eleanor Thomasson, participate in many school, city, and state activities. To bring musical enjoyment to the school and public is the pur- pose of this energetic group. Students must possess abilities for teamwork, as well as talent to make the Glee Clubs a success. The boys' and girls' choruses, containing twenty-seven and sixty members, respectively, take part in operettas, spring concerts, bacca- laureate service, and all-state and county cho- ral festivals. They also present special assem- blies and furnish music for various clubs and organizations. This fall the boys' and girls' choruses gave an operetta, "Pirates of Penzance," and a spring concert with many interesting songs, accompanied by the orchestra, under the di- rection of Edgar Loar. Mixed Chorus. First row: J. Starcher, S. Hearn, N. Jack, J. Lynn, B. Smith, J. Pryce, J. Burdette, E. Stumbo, O. Wilkinson, D. Fisher, F. Simon. Second row: M. Timmons, J. Hayes, L. Tyler, J. Cummings, M. Smith, E. Roush, W. Kirk, B. Weaver, J. Burford, J. Easley, G. Keffer, D. Douglas, J. Dyke, J. Vance. Third row: C. Lawrence, P. Sears, B. Shamblen, N. Huddle, O. Dearman, E. Slater, M. Lewis, T. Ellison, J. Holstein, R. Kushner, J. Kiser, H. Bridges, B. Thabet. Fourth row: J. Hatcher, N. Skidmore, D. Freeland, A. Harrah, J. Wermescher, M. Hager, B. Bond, B. Johnson, J. Kiser, D. Haynes, C. Casto. Fifth row: J. Butler, J. Taylor, M. Elkins, S. Fleshman, R. Songer, E. Amory, G. Angle, B. Hardman, S. Anderson, M. DePue, E. Leach. Boys' Glee Club. First row: J. Holstein G. Angle, S. Fleshman, R. Songer, M. Lewis, O. Dearman, E. Amory, B. Weaver, B. Hardman, Second row: O. Wilkinson, J. Pryce, E. Stumbo, E. Roush, E. Slater, T. Ellison, J. Burford, J. Easley, J. Burdette. Third row: N Skidmore, D. Freeland, A. Harrah, W. Kirk, M. Hager, J. Wermescher, B. Johnson, B. Kushner, B. Bond. gaferfain Lgifroofanof Gmmunify 61 Latin Club. First picture, first row: B. Carney, M. Kincaid, K. Harrison, N. Coffin, C. Fore, P. Lanham, M. Summers, B. Wall, J Parkins, L. Perrow. Second row: F. Alderson, P. Carter, L. Chambers, N. Strickler, E. Strock, D. Warner, C. Caperton, J. Stealey E. Vandergriff, P. Dodd. Third row: J. Meador, V. Ware, N. White, P. Heavener, V. Hanna, S. Waggy, F. Taylor, S. Leonard, C Brenneman, P. Hendrickson. Fourth row: R. Chandler, A. Griffiths, H. Williamson, F. Tornoe, D. Griffith, B. Johnson, J. Patton B. Valdwell, P. Smith, P. Hess. Ofafin, renc , unc! Lgioanidk C6445 Lggriue if Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Bush, the Latin Club has become one of the largest and most popular language organi- - zations in Stonewall. Talks and plays are often given at the meetings which are held on the third Wednesday of each month. The ambition of the French club is to have a better under- standing of the French people and their background. The ac- complishments of this year have been many and varied. A constitution in French was drawn up, new members were initiated at a weiner roast, and a play in French was presented in assembly. La Tertulia is sponsored by Mrs. Costillos. The programs include guest speakers. There are about sixty-five members. At Christmas a pinata filled with sweets is hung from the ceiling. When it has been broken by a long stick, every- French Club. First row: D. Carrico, M. Mclntosh, M. Allison, J. Hayes, T. Ashmore. Second body tries to get the Candy. All row: B. Hardman, R. Forbes, H. Melton, F. Simon, S. Hearn. Third row: J. Sergeant, R. Myers, members enjoy the Club and J. Litton, J. Pell, O. Coonrod, J. Butcher, B, Craig, N. Rankin, R, Sauvageot. have made if one of Stonewallfs most active groups. Latin Club. Second picture, first row: C. Campbell, R. Cashdan, L. Hall, E. Wehrle, N. Gillen, J. Nelson, H. Dunn, L. Rollins, S Phillips, A. Woodrum. Second row: H. Milton, A. Heizer, R. Walter, J. Rhodes, G. Beddow, C. Comerford, J. Walker, J. Fischer P. Kessel, M. Mclntosh, M. Glass. Third row: P. Sears, S. Anderson, L. Cline, P. Walters, A. Marshall, P. Bew, J .WiIliams, J McCutcheon, J. Cox, M. Legg, E. Shelton, B. Short. Fourth row: N. Freed, J. Wassau, B. Smart, R, Bunting, J. Davis, J. Hamilton R. Tesch, H. Hambrick, J. Campbell. fo Qfomofe lglflfer mr!! Qfccfiond LP 'Z rv-Q O4 Spanish Club. First row: B. Goodwin, J. McGowan, R. Walter, J. Carson, N. Finn, A. Marshall, G. Bail. Second row: C. Waybright L. Tyler, W. Robertson, P. Macormac, R. Rootes, N. Gillen, H. Dunn, J. Fischer, B. Thabet. Third row: E. Wehrle, E. Schroeder J. Krantz, J. Cooke, R. Baker, R. Marion, N. Huddle. 1 1 1 Quill and Scroll. First row: P. Bew, C. McCarney, J. McGovran, R. Sauvageot, A. Marshall. Second row: D. Harris, W. Robertson, P. Dodd, J. Fischer, M. Short, H. Dunn, N. Finn. Third row: R. Tesch, H. Hambrick Il, R. Rootes, U. Davis, G. Park, C. Smith. ociefied ncoowage Cgifaofcwlfilc Cgiancfarjd National Honor Society. First row: P. Sears, E. Pruett, W. Robertson, A. Marshall, J, McGovran, B. Griffith, P. Dodd. Second row: M. Akers, D. Denison, H. Harnbrick II, D. Ford, C. McCamey, E. Wehrle. Third row: N. Huddle, R. Tesch, J. Davis, J. Hamilton, R. Bunting, R. Rootes. Student Council. First row: N. Freed, C. Campbell, H. Hambrick, D. Pierson, C. McCamey, F. Young, B. Wall. Second row: R. Thacker, D. Griffith, B. Parsons, J. Lawhorn, D. Dugger, B. Johnson, W. Duff, B. Yeager, D. Frame, G. Beddow. Cgiucfenle gjrecufiue oomci 5 produce Oda em Executive Council. First row: R. Stonestreet, R. Thacker, B. Wall, A. Marshall, R. Rootes, C. McCamey, E. Pruett, B. Cummings, P, Sears. Second row: D. Griffith, N. Drummond, B. Thabet, N. Jack, R. Sauvageot, J. Starcher, C. Campbell, H. Hambrick ll, D. Pierson, D. Frame. Third row: D. Denison, J. Lawhorn, O. Spencer, W. Duff. D. Dugger, B. Yeager, J. Butcher, B. Parsons. Quill and Scroll is awarded to students who do outstanding work in the field of journalism. This organization is an international honor so- ciety for high school journalists. The Quill and Scroll of Stonewall Jackson High School is under the wise leadership ot Miss Mary Ken- nedy and Mr. Stuart P. Armstrong. To be a member of the National Honor So- ciety is the greatest reward a high school student can hope to obtain. Members of this society are chosen on the basis of character, service, leadership, and scholarship. The mem- bers are initiated in impressive candle-light ceremonies which are held each semester. Membership in the Student Council consists of school and class officers. Besides aiding in the administration of the school, the council also sponsors the paper store, plans and spon- sors the assemblies, and takes charge of the lost and found. The organization is foremost in promoting student activities. The Executive Council is made up of rep- resentatives from all organizations and the officers of the school. This group works to- gether to service the school and to guide all activities. This year, the Council chose nomi- nees for the Student of the Month. 65 Troupers. First row: B. Carney, C. Comerford, N. Huddle, P. Hager, F. Alderson, S. Wilson, C. Kushner, R. Forbes, H. Rankin, J. Stealey, J. King, J. Carson. Second row: T. Ashmore, E. Strock, B. Kelly, J. Williams, B. Waugh, J. Fischer, H. Dunn, E. Shelton, M. Kincaid, L. Rollins, S. Phillips, J. Taylor. Third row: P. Lanham, J. Lynn, L. Fox, R. Thacker, M. Short, M. MacDonald, K. Har- rison, P. Way, N. Freed, L. Cline, J. Rhodes, R. Cashdan, J. Parkins, E. Wehrle, J. Gregory. Fourth row: S. Winemiller, D. Long, lvl. MacDonald, N. Perdue, S. Pinson, P. Macormac, P. Bew, W. Robertson, A. Marshall, R. Rootes, C. McCamey, G. Beddow, D. Denison, D. Pierson, N. Drummond. Fifth row: D. Kerns, D. Waterstone, B. Smart, N- Stoops, J. Davis, E. Rice, B. Johnson, R. Bunting, D. Ford, J. Pell, H. Hambrick ll, C. Winn, J. Pryce. roupero, .7A8:5l9i6Ll'L5 rwenf pfayal The Troupers and Thespians opened the season with the Junior Class Play, "Cheaper by the Dozen," Troupers' performance of "The Bishop's Mantle" and the Senior Class production ended the year. The club offers experiences in all phases of play production. Although noted for its Thanksgiving and Easter assemblies, the Hi-Y Club has other activities such as selling re- freshments at the school dances. Act- ing as president this year is Alan Ham- rick ln the Varsity Club, each member has won a letter in at least one sport here at Stonewall Jackson. Thus he is an outstanding boy in either track, baseball, basketball, or football. Bob Parsons, a senior, is the president for Thespians. First row: J. Taylor, W. Robertson, C. McCamey, R. Rootes. Second row: C. l-lively, R. Bunting, H. Rankin, N. Drummond, D. Denison. this year' 66 Hi-Y. First row: A. Hamrick, N. Drummond, D. Denison, C. Griffith, J. Withrow, G. Cyrus, D. Pierson, K. Shaw. Second row: B Sutler, J, Hamilton, J. Seward, C. Warner, D. Wells, B. Jordan, P. Reed, J. Coulter, C. Winn. Third row: J, Madison, R, Tesch, J. Davis, D, Dugger, T. Summers, R. Bunting, J. Pryce, O. Burgher. XM- yan llizmiify Cffcdd Qomofe .gioorlfdmand ip l Varsity Club. First row: J. Hamilton, R. Tesch, B. Parsons, Coach Parsons, D. Dugger, F. Kelley, J. Jarrett. Second row: F, McGlothIin H. Fitzsimmon, J. Lawhorn, G. Henkel, S. Coates, W. Turley, C. Miller. Third row: M. Arose, D. Maddox, T. Summers, J. Bollinger J, Pritt, D. Frame. f 1 67 Y-Teens. First picture, first row: P. Priestley, J. Patterson, J. Perry, B. Pauley, F. Shamblin, P, Radford, S. Bowden, E. Leach, J. Burford, J. Butler. Second row: B. Brady, C. Hively, M, Darlington, H. Dixon, A. Burford, B. Edwards, J. Isaac, M. Jackson, A. Walker, P. Cassis, Third row: R. Wehrle, S. McClain, J. Vealey, P, Haynes, E. Bailey, N, Jenkins, C. Boling, A, Cottrill, C, Casto, M. Summers. -lend, Lgzfcfz a,1f1,c!.Sifir ,xgre jnfere5feJ Y-Teens. Second picture, first row: C. Clendenin, J. Mullins, E. Hendrickson, J. Jordan, D. Hickman, H. Montgomery, J. Patterson, J. Patterson, J. Cox, M. Glass. Second row: L. Bedell, N. Ocheltree, A. Bew, D. Holliday, D. Moffatt, B. McCutcheon, M. Cunningham, B, Johnson, N. Jividen, G. Painter, F. Young. Third row: R. Humphreys, P. Price, E. Spradling, P. Jones, D. Rhodes, B. Hill, L. Henson, C. Henry, D. Warner, P, Haynes, R. Layne. Stitch and Stir. First row: C. Green, D. Bryant, N. Jenkins, Bailey, P. Jones, D. Moffatt, E. Hoffman, B. Hill. Second row: E. Pruett, J. Starcher, P. Jividen, N. Jack, M. Jenkins, K. Shaw, M. Allison, D. Holliday, L. Tyler. Third row: C. Pendell, M. Jackson S. Poling, C. Shaver, C, Henry, J. Patterson, C. Hively, E. Leach, R. Sauvageot, M, Sergent, J. Nelson. Fourth row: J. Harrison, E. Spradling, J. Fischer, J. King, M. Clendenin, A. Walker, B. McGinnis, B. Jones, E. Barnes, P. Beaver. in C!ir1f51fi6ufL .ycfeag To develop Christian character is the purpose of the Y-Teens. This group of girls has participated in many activities such as sending Christmas-gifts to the children of the Davis Child Shelter and sending chocolates to Europe. They also presented the student body with a religious assembly during World Prayer Week. Stone- wall Booster tags and bake sales were sponsored to raise money for sending delegates to Jackson's Mill. CLVL r QM! jefiwa L79 Equally important is the Stitch and Stir. This group has served at many events such as the West Virginia Education Association meeting. Last summer at the State Fair, the Stitch and Stir won first prize for the foods they had canned. Emily Pruett, the club president, attended a three-day conference of the Future Home- makers of America. E i I 69 Library Assistants. First row: R. Stonestreet, B. Shamblin, J. Butler, D. Ingram, C. Casto, P. Cassis, E. Vandergriff, J. Ranson, D. Moffatt, M. Botkins, C. Barker. Second row: M. Glass, M. Clendenin, R. Layne, M. Jenkins, lvl. Kincaid, S. Monroe, H. Moore, B. Smith, C. Green, S. St. Clair. og vary, Umm 55i5fa,1fLf5, Cfreerdaoferd, Books, books, and more books? Wouldn't we be in a fix, if we went to look for a book and had to look on every shelf in the library? We would, if it were not for our card files and library assistants. Their duties consist of filing, shelving, and checking out books. They work under the direction of Miss Susanna Rose, our librarian, who finds them very efficient. Some of the most useful and dependable girls in Stone- wall Jackson are the office assistants. They do various jobs to help Mrs. Auer, Miss Atkinson, and Mr. Stead- man. Office assistants must have some of the following qualities: honesty, accuracy, and courtesy. They also help Mr. Steadman and Miss Atkinson with scheduling. Junior Red Cross is sponsored by Mr. Ora! Burdette. This organization consists of a representative from each home room. Each year the Junior Red Cross sponsors our Red Cross drive and sends boxes overseas to needy families. They meet once a month. Most of the people of the Kanawha Valley give recog- nition to Stonewall Jackson for the intense enthusiasm in backing its school. teams. But few realize that the cheerleaders are the inspiring spirit behind all this school interest. These girls should be especially commended for their loyalty and good work. Cheerleaders: Billie Carol Griffith, Barbara Goodwin, Ann Heizer, Lynn Marshall, and Gerry Bail. 70 Office Assistants. First row: P. Covert, J. Patterson, F, Shamblin, J. Perry, L Harktns, J, Patterson, S, Farley, C, Stmpson, J Carson- Second row: J. O'Dell, R. Wilson, J. Burford, J. Rhodes, N. Gillen, J. Gibson, M. Jackson, l-l. Lilly, L. Fox. Third row: K. Shaw, C. Caperton, E. Pruett, B. Horton, M. Short, P. Boggess, M. Bossie, C. Waybrlght, C. Knrshncr r. Q 6054 rain Kar W 01,446 eruice Jr. Red Cross. First row: M. Clendenen, D. Kung, J. Kessler, V. Marion, W. Robertson, C Muller, P Prlestley, B. Coulter Second row: R. Williams, B. Thabet, G. Edens, M. Knapp, B. Kelly, J. Kung, C. Kerslwner, S. Wlncmlllcr Third row: M. Jackson, S Pinson, E. Bailey, N. Perdue, R. Jordan, G. Coleman, J. Dorsey, C. Henry. F. B. L. A. First picture, first row: L. Fox, B. Breeden, C. Simpson, J. Burford, J. Spradling, J. O'Dell, S. Wilson. Second row: M. Short, J. Hill, J. Lynn, B. Smith, C. Casto, M. Derrick, D. Long, J. Butler, S. Blankenship. Third row: D. Holliday, H. Hoover, C. Raines, B. Hill, G. Coleman, J. Dorsey, P. Boggess, D. Fisher, P. Goff, R. Wehrle. Fourth row: E. Leach, P. Patterson, O. Carpenter, R. Hickman, D. Beaver, G. Smith, B. Reese, D. Frame, R. Stonestreet. cience an . . . .M I9 Science Club. First row: S. Haynes, J. Krantz, J. Gregory, B. Smart, D. Blankinship, N. Drummond, C. Arnett. Second row: E. Huddle, G. Sears, E. Roush, N. Strickler, A. Heizer, J. Stealey, L. Perrow, M. Knapp, S. Hamilton, R. Cashdan. Third row: P. Sears, B. Thabet, R. Sauvageot, B. Kushner, J. Gates, D. Ford, C. Beddow, H. Hambrick ll, R. Rootes, G. Smith, J. Hamilton, L. Hall, C. McCamey, E. Schroeder, J. Fischer. F. B. L. A. Second picture, first row: E. Adams, B. Hundley, M. Stevens, G. Randolph, A. Hartley, T. Ervin, B. Whited, R. Reed, B. Bane. Second row: S. Farley, B. Huffman, J. King, J. Clendenin, E. Spradling, L. Tyler, C. Waybright, B. Randolph, B. Eary. Third row: V. Casdorph, E. Hoffman, D. Moffatt, M. Jackson, A. Haynes, A. Walker, B. Slater, S. Monroe, A. Shafer, D. Underwood. Fourth row: V. Porterfield, E. Skeen, D. lngram, F. Shamblin, H. Lilly, B. Pawley, P. Covert, J. Carson, N. Atkins, P. Priestley. Wake !QA0gre55 in .xgcozcfemic Swdfecfd To develop competent, aggressive leaders i of business is the purpose of the Future Busi- ness Leaders of America. Sponsored by Mrs. . l Meadows, this group of seventy-five members 5 1 . has been very active this year. Besides the 3 many interesting meetings consisting of par- i ties and guest speakers, this organization also sponsored a "Miss Secretary" contest and a community tour. To educate students who are interested in scientific matters is the main purpose of the Stonewall Chapter of the West Virginia Junior Academy of Science. This active club, under the direction of its officers, Rochelle Cashdan, Herman Hambrick, Carolyn Beddow, and Miss Virginia Karnes, faculty advisor, hold regular meetings at which interesting demonstrations are given. The Esso Bulk Plant was the scene of a tour in which many interesting phases of i this industry were explained and demonstrated. illllli' qw--H-1 G. A. A. First picture, first row: R. Cashdan, P. Jividen, H. Rankin, B. Vaughan, N. Lemmon, N. Atkins, E, Pruett, C. Comerford, E. Quick, D. Carrico, A. Heizer, L. Casebolt, B. Cummings. Second row: B. Griffith, A. Marshall, R. Rootes, R. Tucker, P. Taylor, J. Walker, Miss Drasnin, B. Johnson, P. Walters, B. Shamblen, M. Taylor, B. Coulter. Third row: L. Cline, G. Pitchford, J. Fischer, W, Jones, R. Sauvageot, B. Jarrett, E. Strock, P. Cassis, S. Monroe, I. Bailey, D. Tate, N. Coffin, B. Miller. Fourth row: G. Painter, M, Vandergriff, F. Young, B. Breeden, C. Fore, H. Larch, S. Stewart, E. Jordan, J. McCutcheon, B. Wall, J. Cox, J. Patterson, D. Simms, M. Summers. . . ., . . ., ana! gym can Gym Leaders. First row: C. Green, R. Wehrle, P. Jividen, N. Lemmon, A. Shaper, M. Mclntoch, P. Hoover. Second row: N. Walls, M. Williamson, I. Bailey, H. Rankin. Third row: J. Sanders, J. Isaac, E. Quick, l. Sanders, G. Bivans, H. Moore. 8l":5 G. A. A. Second picture, first row: V. Porterfield, B. Slater, R. Layne, Nl. Kincaid, N. Rankin, J. Parkins, P. Hager. Second row: B. Goodwin, K. Shaw, R. Thacker, J. Patterson, D. Khuri, G. Bail, E. Shelton, B. Kelley, C. Kershner, P. Covert, S. McClain, M. Short. Third row: M, Salamis, M. Hall, F. Wilson, D. Polston, P. Radford, N. Walls, G. Bivans, P. Carter, E. Haynes, H. Moore, C. Gordon, P. Priestley, M. Allison. Fourth row: R. Wilson, D. lngram, F. Shamblin, L. O'Dell, N. Freed, D. Long, N. Jackson, A. Woodrurn. P. Landers, M. Legg, B. Bupp, S. Bowden, J. Sigmon, R. Remick. gui!! wiffa an QQ fo fda jwfure Actively successful describes the G.A.A. whose objective is to encourage and promote better attitudes and ideals of sportsmanship. This group under the direction of Miss Dras- nin, participate in both intramural sports and outside sports. Some of the most successful dances of the school year, sponsored by the G.A.A. are the square dances given on such occasions as Thanksgiving and Christmas. To encourage students to enter the teaching profession is the purpose of the Future Teach- ers of America club. Under thesponsorship of Miss Susanna Rose, this organization offers many varied programs including discussions of the advantages of teaching and the qualifi- cations of a good teacher. The highlight of the year was a speech by Mr. Thomas R. Hor- nor on "Teaching and lts Good and Bad Points." Officers of the club are president, Jacquita Starcher, vice president, Richard Ma- rion, secretary-treasurer, Ruth Stonestreet. "Fall in," is the familiar cry echoing through the gymnasium. lt is the gym leaders assem- bling the class for roll call. These leaders con- duct physical education classes under the su- pervision of Miss Drasnin. Their duties include attending to equipment and keeping the gym- nasium clean. This efficient corps makes it possible for the physical education classes to be well organized and the year's training pro- gram accomplished. F. T. A. First row: J. Starcher, R. Marion, R. Stonestreet, J. Ranson, M. Botkins, C. Barker, V. Young. Second row: C. Kershner, J. Walker, J. Campbell, C. Bowles, D. Fisher, S. Blankenship, E. McLane. Third row: M. Glass, C. Waybright, L. Tyler, J. Massau, M, Chandler, R. Humphreys. 75 Band. Left side, first row: B. Ashmore, J. Pell. Second row: P. Sampson, O. Wilkinson, I. Belcher, J. Totten. Third row: C. Bean, S. Moss J. Mullins, M. Reed, B. Plott, C. Gregory. Fourth row: B. Garrett, R. Layden, R. Conner, C. Slater, C. Brenneman, C. Clendenin. Fifth row B. Huffman, P. Hendrickson, T. Judy, J. Rucker, P. Ankrom. Sixth row: E. Loar-Director, B. Hardman, J. Johnson, C. Quick, A. McCamey G. Thompson, B. Weaver, C. Simpson, L. Alexander, R. Ross. Middle, first row: J. Gregory, E. Roush, D. Stanlev. Second row: M. Hager, D gan! Waf'0reffe5, ana! Qrclledfra Maui 0 Orchestra. First row: J. Gregory, F. Alderson, C. Caperton. Second row: L. Perrow, L. Chambers, C. Bowles, D. Cole, L. Hall, C. Waybright. Third row: J. Ransom, B. Short, L. Tyler, B. Campbell, D. Fizer, P. Sampson, J. Totten, J. Pell. Fourth row: B. Plott, C. Gregory, R. Cook, D. Ford, C. Arnett. Fifth row: T. Ashmore, S. Moss, J. Hayes, L. Alexander, G. Thompson, J. Litton, A. McCamey, Mr. Loar. I Q "'! lf", uf af T yi xi -1' f M 2 'Sh we A ,, I 5 M- W, M Z ? K gf A 'V " TTMQ M if ,f x wi I A 53' nf? gift Q' 3 gk' ,Q vi 5' it 9' f fe AE? Q A. if X 3' ff' 5 'XM I , ff ' M f 5 7 5 i' 1' iii . im 5 v ,iffy 4, ' 2 is .., I 41 nut If Ea t 'I 5 3' f 'HA' I if 4? 12f ' W Q .,Q,' w ' 3 Fw, i 4 E If 1, ,ny ,X J, f w Q 1 ' wa. ,S 'hn- 42 'Q' 2j,, 2 f P51 .X ' N. z sk g eg, xy gi 5 5 , fu g R 3, M 2' 1 W 3 my M vw Gm .f mf A" M ft , Z v sf gy W' 'W J . M . ., , O 'Www 7 f 61925 ,, , , X M '14 -'Ms 'M ' M4 4...-, 'af -di flffffyfi' " . nk M, EF +L Agn' 9' . W gg 'wliilfeff .Mk rw W :A i MI 95 1 Shag, :AV Tlinfzw 5 2 ,gf E ff yu-g,.,,q luuuu A y6lCL.'J0lfL 0lfl,I"l'IJ6'lJ A I-5. iii s. qi- - Q. . ,x 'rf f '. fc. I ng, 1 K fy is apr!"- Wi ifiitli stir is .ii WTR s , X -7 ,fu A R 25, 5 .'v..Vj: V: I, ' .2 it .5 ",fQf11i'Q?:Qafg32iWs f ' aff 2, .' . ff 4 .W A X A f -1' X V .' Miiiifa i wr' J - ' J., 'Y I f'2fh5 'r :if I if ilffffw 7 i 1 i -iw Q i , Mfg i..iyi.iir:cw -,aiigmgi ft 'T i 4 " ' ' f fig .:j'fbKw+t it ' A ff-w isdii .fzkfg r fi.-giztqtyjygiywi 7 51:1--1. 4.5 . ' 'N ' ., WFS J J' 1 -' 1.11 L' Fi., -5,5.'2r'2f. tif f . 1 J An organization of which Stonewall can cer- tainly be proud is the Jackson Journal. This school paper, published bi-monthly, is one of the most outstanding high school papers in the United States. Year after year, under the capable direction of Mr. Stuart P. Armstrong, the Jackson Jour- nal has won many honors. Among the honors won are Pacemaker, National Scholastic All- American, Columbia Scholastic Press Associa- tion, Quill and Scroll, International Honor, George H. Gallup Honor Award, Southern ln- terscholastic Press Association Honor Award, All-Columbian Literary Honors, and All-Co- Iumbian Advertising Honors. Besides putting out such wonderful issues of our school papers, the Journal homeroom sponsors many other popular features, as the Jackson Jollities, presented each fall and spring and the piano concert, occurring in April. The outstanding achievement of the Journal this year was the special Christmas edition which was vastly different from any Journal ever published in Stonewall. lt was published in magazine form, the cover design having been selected by a contest. Its I76 pages were filled with a great variety of school news and pictures of past, present, and future events at Stonewall. Editors , . News Editors . . Editorial Page Editors Sports Editor . Business Manager . Advertising Manager Art Editor , , . Photographer Typists . Staff Jessie McGowan Carolyn McCamey Libbie Cline, Helen Dunn Adaline Marshall, Jack Massau Dot Carrico Rochelle Cashdan Richard Tesch Sue Ann Hamilton Bob Johnson Meredith Kinnard John McDavid Joretta Hill, Jo Ann Soradling Lillian Tyler, Arbutus Walker ,5s3.f.,5sf1-12 g it --s ,ff ... ,ff Assistants: Caroline George Beddow, Patty Bew, Connie Campbell, Cynthia Comerford, Nancy Finn, Nancy Freed, Doris Harris, Pat Macor- mac, Jean Parkins, Jo Ellen Rhodes, Wilma Robertson, Patricia Sears, Mildred Short. Roy Bunting, James Davis, Wirt Duff, Sam Fleshman, Dale Freeland, Jay Hamilton, Edw:n Huddle, Jack Lawhorn, Richard Marion, Dean Parkins, Bill Reese, Gilbert Sears, Burt Smart, John Wermescher. Adviser: Stuart P, Armstrong. -5 HERMAN HAMBRICK, II - Ads, left to right: P. Carter, R, Baker, G. Parks, B. Smith, E. Haynes. JozcL50n1fan Under the capable direction of our editor, Herman Harnbrick ll, the l95l Jacksonian staff have striven to present a pictorial record of the year based on the theme, Kanawha Val- ley. ln publishing this year's annual, the staff have endeavored to reflect the growth and development of our own Kanawha Valley. With a capable and hard-working staff handling the soliciting, planning, laying out, and writing of copy for the ads, the advertising and subscription staffs have accomplished the enormous task of financing the book. Manag- ing the business was the full-time job of Peggy Dodd and Phyllis Carter. ELEANOR SHELTON l JODIE FISCHER EILEEN wel-mi.: 80 PEGGY DODD Typists, left to right: N. Gillen, P. Hager, P. Goff, D. Pierson. Athletics, left to right: E. Schroeder, C. Smith, D. Rabel, R. Yeager. SW Helping in the production of the annual, the literary staff worked on write-ups and captions under Assistant Editors Jodie Fischer, Eileen Wehrle, and Eleanor Shelton. The Art Department, under Donna Long, handled their important assignment with great skill. They contributed cartoons and sketches to make the book attractive and to carry out the general theme. The unique end pages were done by Mike Griffith. Of course an annual cannot be published without pictures, and a great deal of credit goes to our deserving student photographers, John McDavid and Mary Lou Summers, for their excellent work and ready cooperation. Assistants, left to right: P. Radford, B. Carney, V. Porterfield, J. Nelson ANN HEIZER Classes, left to right: B. Griffith, K. Shaw, D. Williams, R. Walter. X . . Qu., . A RENA SAUVAGEOT JAMES eOULTER Art, left to right: N. Jackson, B. Cummings, E. Rice, M. Griffith. ooN NA i.oNG PHYLLIS CARTER 81 S e I Q 1, ,KM if 1531 41522-' 1? an , Qin ,fn W gy-'f 1, a ' W.. 'W , ii, 'A ,L,, . , V ,Qi f , me-5 ,N fd v Q 2 P V ,M I , 2 x 1 " Q 5 R 4 . 1 K, l '- 7 1 f s . n ' , o 2 Q an bf sniff ' Q , ' ' 'V ' FW' n 4 7 A. 'iglgum ,, ' D .,.,,unzg? ,Q MPA M5 orgoflfen during ,1 .,, O O ow , J me Lined ,.. l m: As! i "' V l 'I N - - - ' a X - . M , W X Q Z ,M X, , ,, NX -ii 1 I 27 -'Z X 14 f X ww 'ff' q1",4 ' 1" A XX + ' 9,49 , f 'QI Q ,... M C I ' f ' X, X 1: x I f 1 x K W, Q 1 Al' hh ' Zz ,b R xfxy . 3 ',?NM.'x'gQl f " X lx 1 rf' I '43 6' . l- W . dl ff 1 ip ,Elm A fi L If 4 'il'i'QW' ix X17 v Y X ,O f J? .14-21 ' + W xt? nv SAM X " 43 " W6 :'d X'-Ng.g Qjfff ' A if 'N f ' ' 7 X X 7 I N ff X ' f A , . 1 954' X ,f', f ' ' N1 04 ffifiy 1 ' X .ff l ' 'f AM, ' 1...-ff f' W 1 ' A 1 I f fl! ,fs X C-F. , A J X Tl 4 X " Nf P "' f I "UI X 4,91 7 ,H 1, W if W.. f X X ' V ' , W - , ' X fm 'f' ,ff ' ' gf", X k WL 2 X' I K! 5 flm X xx, EW ' ffl!! Q it ff 'Guff f25K. : .f?. - "H, 1 , x , 7 A H . 4, 6 jii L! Q A , I - fl f . Qo,N'gf.l.8?! , ' T2 3 J' - -,,,,,,.- jea fared f0lfL8 Wd! JLZCLJOVL X W ff an" N" 8 .5 lf? Jsfkfl 2 aff! -- ,E l fs' r ,MXN f M l I , , N 4 1 , M L.-5:2 Jj Q , 35. N '9 I wxinx at X 9 ., 551 hiv, .Q T' ' WX V :A y .JC W ,,.,4'V f .Z 1? Z Q f f L ry M ly Ak h by th tdtbdy M Sf uJk uh N Chl t Hghg M ly h d 1 ff fsf u ppl p d ug d f J gm, yi Doris Hutton: Cheerful smile and fun-loving disposition are characteristics of Doris Hutton, popular member of the senior class and one of Stonewall's majorettes. Jean Burford: Jean, with dark hair, pretty eyes and a gentle disposition, is one of the best liked and most active girls in StonewaIl's senior class. Ann Heizer: Vivacious Ann Heizer, one of Stonewall's cheerleaders, has won many friends in school because of her cheery smile and willing- ness to help others. Nancy Huddlez "With a song in her heart"'could well de- scribe charming blonde Nancy Huddle, who will be long re-- membered for her lovely sing- ing and as a majorette. Dora Thompson: Another blonde Dora could be described as sweet and lovely." Dora is best known as the pretty and capable singer for the Stone- wall dance band. Jean Wood: Pretty Jean Wood, who has blonde hair and blue eyes, is another of Stonewall's majorettes and is a well-liked, popular member of her class. lflflfLL0l"- Zlfllf Ol" l"0l'l'L Upper left: Pat and Carolyn make wishes as Jim and Norman watch. Center: Eleanor and Herman, Roy and Lynn while dancing at the Prom. Lower left: Refreshments and favors are given out by the girls. Upper right: Ann Heizer and Richard Tesch enjoying the Prom. Lower right: Patty Bew and Dick Pierson seem to enjoy the limelight for a moment. I 1 ya,cA50n Jofglfied The fall edition of the ever-popular Jackson Jollities was presented this year on October l8. Two performances were given, one in the morning for students and an evening program for adults. As usual the Jollities were a smash hit! There was an unusually large array of talent, presented in a very entertaining way. Each fall and spring the Jackson Journal sponsors the Jackson Jollities. This provides a chance for some stu- dents to use their talents and others to enjoy watching them. Upper left: The Ene Sisters, as they wail, "You Can't Get a Man with a Gun." Upper right: Lovely Nancy Hud- dle singing "l've Told Every Little Star." Lower left: Phyllis Hager looks guilty as the naive younger sister in her monologue. Lower right: The Clar- inet Quartette look as it they're really concentrating on their act. NCAQGZIOQI' fA8 202814, H MEMBERS OF THE CAST Mr. Gilbreth, Dad . . Edwin Huddle Mrs. Gilbreth, Mother Cynthia Comertord Ernestine . . Nancy Don Freed Frank . . Jackie . . Dan . Bill . Fred ...... Sam Fleshman Jimmy Meador John Gregory Bobby Weiford Edward Jackson Anne , . . Cary Caperton Lillian . . . Juanita O'Dell Martha ..... Rochelle Cashdan Mrs, Fitzgerald, the housekeeper- Barbara Carney Dr, Burton, the family doctor- Jack Massau Joe Scales, a cheerleader . Ottis Burgher Miss Brill, a teacher . Dorothy Carrico Larry, someone special . Bob Johnson Nh 9 l .sunny ., t xt X ,H 1 ,J I , xx K ""l Anne and Larry seem too interested in each other to notice Bill's dis- gusted expression. 89 :je go 0,93 Wanfi " Upper left: Hastings looks per- turbed, but Lex and Hilary look delighted. Lower left: Hettie, Dick, Samantha, Mr. Alvord, and Mrs. Reed, looking at the much discussed canary. February 23 was the date of the Troupers' play, "The Bishop's MantIe," given in StonewaIl's auditorium under the direction of Mr. Ralph B. Currey. lt was Mr. Currey's first production in Stonewall and cer- tainly proved him to be a capable director. His direc- tion, combined with an excellent cast, produced a fine play. MEMBERS OF THE CAST Hilary Laurens . . . Roy Bunting Dick Laurens . . . . Frank Taylor Hastings . . . Don Denison J. V. Dunn . . . Ed Huddle Mr. Alvord ..... . . Dick Pierson Alexa l"Lex"l McColly . . Jean Waybright Miss Mowbray . . Caroline George Beddow Mrs. Warner Reed . . . . Dot Carrico Samantha Adams . . . Carolyn McCamey Maudie Dunn ,..... Jo Ann Taylor Miss Hettie Breckenridge . Barbara Carney Mary Perkins McComb . . . Lynn Marshall 5ZgAf5 around! JacL50n, eigfib Upper: "Mom" Dugger, Mrs. Stonewall Jackson, speaking on assembly. Lower: Patty Hen- drickson carried triumphantly by a group of band boys. Upper: A student choral group giving "Go Forth and Teach" for assembly. Lower: Miss Ka- nawha Majorette, Pat Hen- drickson, and the two runners- up smile at the judges. X .xx .xg ' V fig X EPZ 6614, UPPe" left? STOVTQWBIVS df3"TCe band, Undef CHVGCHOV1 Of MV- Lower left: During the Majoretfe Festival, the winning drum Edgar Loaf, DOSGS affef an 5'559mb'Y- UPPCV "i9hf3 FVGWCIW majors look very pleased. Lower right: Mr. George "Red" Cll-lb m9mbefS Shown dUfinQ 3 SP9Cia' a55embIY TCO" 5fUde"1fS' Bird with Mr, Loar helps band members with their routines, 92 . Aw wav ililulON5 D M' Upper left: At the Cl-lS assembly Ross Culpepper seems Lower right: Another uke trio, Bob, Dick and Carl, look unhappy about those "Mountain Kitties." Upper right: happier than the girls. Lower center: Richard Tesch, mod- Eleanor Shelton, Helen Dunn, and Libbie Cline with ukes. erator, officiates at a Junior Town Meeting. 93 Y Y se an K as l wg. ,Mar V -w wai- X M Q 'fin MA ff owe met 'man engefi ,,,'vff- N "N xx f 1.1.55- X! .c- F' ,11- ,.. Q EQ as in-ifvrx xe- 'Q '74 Ai W Lfgzffagfim J J enera 5 in J' if ... First row: J. Sothen, D. Harrah, B. Holliday, C. Marion, B. Jarrett, B. Coiner, B. Welcher, J. Fox, B. Barber, R. Ward, B. Birch and Manager Keith Young. Second row: Manager D. Waugh, B. Nieman, B. Schneider, R. Jones, J. Hamilton, F. Shaffer, D. Maddox, D. Dugger, C. Lieble, D. Vannoy, F. McGlothin, J. Harper, J. VanHoose and Manager Jack Lawhorn. Third row: W. Beauvais, W. Reber, J. McDavid, B. Kushner, J. Upton, J. Pritt, J. Love, B. Hanna, R. Stover, E. Johnson, J. Hypes, F. Young, F. Craze and Coach Russ Parsons. The Generals turned in a very outstanding record for the l950 track season, winning six and dropping one. Our lone defeat came at the hands of Marietta at the Huntington Re- lays. We wound up our season by winning the state track meet the third successive time. Our squad piled up an impressive fifty-four points while the near- est contender, Huntington Central, had only thirty-five and one-half. Jarrett took high point honors placing first in l80 yard low hurdles, l20 yard high hurdles, broad jump, anci he also helped the points in the shuttle hurdle relay, in which we placed second. Also scoring high were Dick Harrah and Dean Dugger, who between Won Stonewall Invitational Parkersburg Invitational Beckley Invitational Gazette Relays Sectional Meet West Virginia State Track Meet Lost Huntington Relays them earned thirteen and one- half points. They took the fol- lowing: 440 yard dash, fourth place, discus, first place, broad jump, third place. Our mainstays in the pole vault were Reuben Ward and Frank Shaffer. Flash Harper, our leading dash man, also turned in a very successful sea-- son. Our mile relay team, the best in the state, consisted of Jerry Fox, Jay Hamilton, Bob "Lips" Coiner, and Dick Har- rah. Although they did not win first place in the state meet, our shuttle-hurdle relay team, consisting of Bob Holli- day, Jack Sothen, Dick Harrah, and Bill Jarrett, placed second. lm! 521 fe ,slid S X 6 ,,i,43?fW' Coach Parsons confers with Bill Jarrett at the state track meet. "Flash" Bob Comer, Jerry Fox, Dick Harrah, Bill Jarrett, members ot the 6 A isis,- 1 M ..'f',f-V ' M "fQ?,f5.:'isT'.3'3 'L , K vs ,,. - 7 - tw., .ff -1 i. 'sw 4 . it , 7,v,-5 " me th' ' W 12' 'L Harper gets set in mile-relay team. ,M .Y ' . W?" . .,..A, . - J fy, .ws , ,-- the dash starting block f ing Ns... ' A . X ev 4 I. 11+ . Bob Holliday, Jack Sothen, Bill Jarrett, Carl Marlon, Dick Harrah, members of shuttle hurdle relay team, Big Dean Dugger gets ready to heave the shot. Carl Marion places the bar for his next jump. Vie J' 2 Om- Hffofjflifej 1 l fl I .'x il! , .. , VX flll l f.'lf x ,A gwh fllsf lf? Q 'jlpwfiev l 'WS .311 X I I. f "" NX 'W M ff ff? XX .WOPNM +I? l' Jack Jarrett-Basketbanja ll'llfi'2fll?l'Si'lf all ll f l H '- Qllllff f a Ql I ' 'l' lx gglla ll fa 5? Q . W WV full ill 1 " ll 1 , li' l' l 'l D ' 1 9 1 l W - Baffin All W an ' l xx ' fi ' 1 A Jay Hamilt n-mack, Football I j f " B glam ff Dean Dugger---Track, Football, Basketball 'Mlll l Bob Parsons-Basketball, Football, Baseb Y f - jf- y' 'N J' QR f "Wiz -'f sr' ' A .1 'f ls. ' .,"1.'. x jk f .wx :ffm ?ll51 .ox J to Fa' l Qc ! 4 Dale Maddox-Football, Track N7 'EH' Jerry Bollinger-Basketball . N N X ' .-. km , .' ' -:uf ,E l .." , I kagx -.xx . Y N U h N ,li Y- ix lx , 'N mv .51 I am, David Fra me--Ba seba l I 99 First row: Jim Cavender, "Red" Holmes, "Poochie" Gardner, Amy Wines, Bill Lance, Dick Bradley, Don Miller. Second row: Wendell Turley, Eugene Klamer, Paul Pickering, Bob Parsons, "Kissy" Henkle, Richard Tesch, Teddy Boggess. Third row: Coach Hutson, Bob Selby, John Hamrick, Bryan Smithers, Jack Doyle, David Frame, Carl Miller, Sammy Coates. gaaegaf ZZJW ring ome ffm gacon With spectacular fielding and hard hitting, S. J.'s baseball team turned in the best record yet. Under the leader- ship of Clyde "Pud" Hutson, S. J. got off on the right toot with five straight wins. The able pitching of Bob Parsons made Catholic and Nitro the first two of the tive. Turley and Boggess teamed up to win over Huntington East. Tesch's timely singles plus the pitching of Par- sons and Turley completed the five victories. Midway through the season Coach Hutson discovered the pitching ability of Jack Doyle, Doyle went on to turn in an outstanding record of five wins and one loss. As S. J. started the season with a five game winning streak, it ended with the same. Stonewall closed a very successful season by defeating Nitro, Sissonville, East Bank, Charles- ton, South Charleston, only to lose to Madison 3-2 in the state tournament. 100 0 I , I 'A .5 ' Stonewall J A .-" lo I if.-AX N .g' . 4 N 5 , . . 4 -milf -gf -4'1'f." ' . 141' 'sq ' ,. -'Q IO Rs' N il 2 I 2 W- In 2 is . ily K 'V -S, l - A. fl, 8 la' . V l 1 - A f 3 . . 'fin I Q' flip: I . 'ch uf, K f A , , 8 url- g V1 7 'ff I ' ' I I ,f lu . I Al, U h . 5 . , 9 ,L. K ' I8 2 6 2 Opponents Catholic 4 Nitro 3 South Charleston 2 Huntington East 4 Charleston 3 St. Albans 9 Catholic 2 Sissonville l3 St. Albans 5 Huntington East 5 Huntington Central 4 Parkersburg 2 East Bank l3 Nitro 3 Sissonville 5 East Bank 7 Charleston l South Charleston 5 Madison 3 Doyle, Turley, Parsons and Boggess are the mainstay of David Frame's hustle keeps S. J.'s hurlers in form S. J.'s ace pitching staff. "Uncle Pud" calls a conference on the mound to discuss the KVC chances. 101 Y - 5 . -Q, . .-- Xa.:-,vast-.t. -yew ww - - ' ww- fs First row: M. Arose, J. Harper, D. Dugger, H. Fitzsimmons, R. Stover, C. Lieble, E, Johnson, D. Maddox, J. Lawhorn, B. Jarrett. Second vow: G. Reed, J. Hartman, F. Kelley, E. Ashworth, W. Reber, H. Summers, F. Craze, T. Summers, R. Jones, J. Upton, J. Hamilton. Third row: J. McDavid, B. Downs J. Hypes, J. Pritt, T. Boylen, D. Adkins, R. Staab, J. Young, C. Evens, R. Blizzard, D. Griffith, B. Fulkner. Fourth row: Coach Parsons, B. Parsons C. Warner, R. Summerfield, J. Neidermyer, F. Ballard, B. Caldwell, J. Witt, B. Jarrett, D. Bailey, J. Smith, B. Boschian, Coach Giannakis. Fifth row Coach Hutson, P. Fitzell, T. Jackson, D. Tesch, D. Sherrel, C. Brick, J. Powell, G. Klamer, G. Sears, S. Chilton. 1 1 fonewaf Qriobronem own in DLCCQJISKUL Despite a month suspension handed down to us by the West Virginia Athletic Association, the S. J. Generals turned in a successful season. The suspen- sion seemed unjust to the ma- jority of the people in this sec- tion since several other schools suffered as a result. Our sea- son record was five wins and two losses. Also, we did not play Weirton, which was a re- scheduled game, due to the weather. The younger mem- bers of our squad did surpris- ingly well as they made up most of our team. Donnie Grif- fith, lke Hartman, Parky Reed and several other sophomores played "heads up" ball all sea- 102 'st son. We were also well stocked with juniors in the persons of Boyce Jarrett, Eddie Johnson, Roger Stover, Lefty Pritt and other potential stars. Senior Bob Parsons, who was all-state, was a defensive star. Also Dean Dugger, Jay Hamilton, and Ma- rion Arose saw a great deal of action as seniors. Extra points were booted by Jay Hamilton, Dean Dugger, and occasionally Donnie Griffith ran one. As Coach Parsons said in assem- bly, "These boys are perhaps the best ball club to ever rep- resent Stonewall on the grid- iron. What they lacked in size and experience they made up in practice and determination. lke Hartman closes in on an enemy ball carrier H UNTI NGTON EAST 44-20 A greatly improved Stonewall team, with sophomore Donnie Griffith starting at quarterback, romped over Huntington East 44-20, in the second game ofthe season. The Generals, before a home crowd, surprised every- one by jumping to a 24-O lead at the half. The B team played most of the second halt, moon Ream! : 7 wud, Q Olbwea LOGAN -- 26-7 Rolling back after a heart- breaking loss to C. H. S., the Generals defeated Logan 26-7 in their season finale. The Gens scored their first two touchdowns an the first quarter, but missed the extra points. However, in the second period, the Wildcats came back to score a touchdown. The half- time score was I2-7. The Gens tallied twice in the second halt to end the scoring. A late touchdown by Ike Hartman was called back because of his step- ping out of bounds, A Logan drive with only seconds to go was stalled by the Generals. "Flash" Harper, backfield ace, on one of his fast dashes. SOUTH CHARLESTON-20-O ln their first game after the month suspension, the Stone- wall Jackson Generals white- washed the South Charleston Eagles 20-O. Boyce Jarrett dashed 45 yards oft tackle for the first touchdown in the sec- ond quarter. The other two touchdowns were scored in the final quarter when Junior Arose returned a punt 23 yards and Ike Hartman plunged one yard. Dean Dugger kicked both extra Doints. lr was a hard fought contest with the Generals be- ing penalized l86 yards during the game. 103 Roger Stover, star lineman, brings down opposition's ball-carrier. PARKERSBURG - O-28 The Generals went down to a disappointing defeat at the hands of a good Parkersburg team. The Big Reds just had too many guns for the boys from Stonewall who never quite got started and penetrated into Parkersburg territory only twice, The Generals held their own through the first quarter but then the roof caved in and Parkersburg scored twice be- fore the half ended. Stover played good defensive ball. SETH - 38-6 Under a heavy downpour, sub - quarterback John Upton led the Generals to a 38-6 win over Seth. Seth started out with a bang by rolling off 27 yards. However, Seth was called off side, but nevertheless made a touchdown and Dugger broke through to block the extra point. Due to the excellent defensive play of Bob Parsons, Roger Stover, and Dean Dug- ger, Stonewall held Seth score- less the rest of the garne while they tallied 38 points. Sophomore quarterback, Donnie Grif- fith, eludes would-be tacklers. Host of Stonewall boys closc in on East Bank ball-carrier. FAIRMONT WEST -- l2-7 The Generals had to wait until late in the fourth quarter before scoring the winning touchdown to beat a surpris- ingly tough Fairmont West team, I2-7. John "Flash" Har- per scooted 45 yards behind perfect blocking with only min- utes remaining to give the vic- tory to Stonewall. Our first touchdown was scored in the first half on a pass from quar- terback Donnie Griffith to end Ralph Jones. The Stonewall line, led by Stover and co-Cap- tains Parsons and Dugger, held the Polar Bears to only 52 yards rushing. Boyce Jarrett, behind good blocking, racks up yardage. Boyce Jarrett rushes prospective tackler, CHARLESTON - I4-l 3 Despite the fine running of our backfield and the holding ability of the line, the Charles- ton High Mountain Lines over- came a l3-O lead attained in the first quarter. Too many fumbles and no pass defense or offense cost the Generals dearly. Our first touchdown was made by Boyce Jarrett on the first play from scrimmage. The second touchdown was made by Donnie Griffith, our sophomore quarterback, on the famous "bootleg" play. Z?MAefMf.fQ5f First row: J. Vincent, D. Griffith, E. Klamer, J. Jarrett, J. Bollinger, J. Pritt. Second row: A. Griffiths, J. Love, J. Hamrick, B. Yeager, D. Dugger, J. Lawhorn, R. Myers. Third row: B. Quick, R. Calabresse, Managers, l. Hartman, B. Parsons, J. Smithers, B. Tweedy, J. Sergent, S. Roach, Manager, Coach "Pud" Hutson. The Stonewall Jackson Generals ended their reg- ular Kanawha Valley Conference season with a record of l0 wins and 5 losses, which earned them the fifth place berth in the Conference. ' The Generals found competition tougher outside the Conference but managed to win 2 games while dropping 3. They won from Parkersburg, split a two- game series with Huntington Central and dropped two games to Huntington East. The Generals opened their Kanawha Valley Confer- ence season with an impressive victory over St. Albans by a score of 55 to 45 but dropped the next game to the potential Conference champs, Clendenin. The Generals bounced back to nose out the Dunbar Bull- dogs by a score of 53 to 52, but then in turn lost to a strong Charleston aggregation. After this they de- feated Elkview, lost to East Bank, beat South Charles- ton and then were surprisingly upset by DuPont 70 to 69. The Generals then hit their stride to a six-game winning streak. In this streak their victims were Dun- bar, Charleston, St. Albans, South Charleston, Cath- olic, and Clendenin. Then Stonewall dropped two remaining games, to East Bank, 65 to 49, and to Dunbar 6l to 53. The starting five usually consisted of Jackie Jarrett and Jerry Bollinger as guards, "Lefty" Pritt and Bob Parsons as forwards, and Dean Dugger as center. Lead- ing substitutes were Bob Yeager, Jack Lawhorn, and Ike Hartman. 106 REGULAR SEASON Team Parkersburg . . Huntington Central Huntington East Huntington Central Huntington East St. Albans . . Clendenin . Dunbar . Charleston . Elkview . . East Bank . . South Charleston . DuPont . . Dunbar . . Charleston . St. Albans . . South Charleston . Catholic . . Clendenin . . East Bank . Dunbar . SECTIONAL Opp 53 53 57 70 50 45 54 52 69 35 70 39 70 50 57 64 68 36 52 65 61 N These girls are volleyball champions: First row: lsabell Anderson, Minnie Allison Loretta Cyrus. Second row: Deloris Khuri, Jane Saunders Altha Haynes, Dorcas Roberts, and Loretta Taylor. Left: Donna Long is considered to be one of the best all round girl athletes in Stonewall. Right: lrene Sanders has shown her ability in badminton by becoming the champion. IJ!" :J J Girls' sports, led by the G. A. A., gives those of the supposed weaker sex a chance to demonstrate their athletic ability. The main goal of the department is total participation in its varied program of activities planned to keep the girls physically as well as men- tally fit. This organization is under the able lead- ership of Miss Drasnin and has sponsored many dances and parties in addition to lead- ing the school in such activities as the bowl- ing, softball, volleyball, ping-pong, and mixed couples' badminton tournaments. Among the noon-time tournaments which Many of the students at Stonewall can be found at the Y W C A swimming pool. These girls seem to be enioying themselves as well as gaining some healthful and perhaps much needed exercise. are especially enjoyed by everyone are vol- leyball, conducted with stiff competition, and basketball, met with much enthusiasm among all the sports-minded students of the school. Included in the well-rounded program of the G. A. A. are the exhibition games that are thoroughly enjoyed by the boys as well as the girls. The participants in these games are girls from Stonewall who are ac- tively interested in athletics. The Physical Education Department also takes an active part in furthering the sports- manship and well being of all the students of the school. These girls are representing Stonewall at the Huntington G. A. A. play day! A. Heizer, J. Sanders, B Jarrett E Pruett, P. Jividen, N. Atkins, H. Rankin, B. Cummings l. Bailey. ha 0 N a yt if 'S Edwin Huddle and Clary Caperfon ap- Showing their capability in bowling are pear to be happy after becoming the mixed doubles badminton champions the following girls: N. Lemmon, P. Jividen, E. Pruett, F. Young, G. of the school. Painter. Enjoying their basketball under the able direction of Miss Drasnin are these girls from the physical education class. These girls have been very valuable to Miss Drasnin in G. A. A. work: A. Heizer, E. Pruett, P. Jividen, and H. Rankin. These girls agree that softball, al- though a rugged sport, is a very popular activity with many girls at Stonewall. Volleyball, always one of the favorite sports played at Stonewall, seems to be enjoyed by all these Sophomore girls. 109 51 - W-9-ssvvll ,M-c.,rf""9K ' ,vi ..- 711 Q.--ff' 945, fi -A 0- X ,,. A ,, 4, 'v ' W.. x.-4,5 M.. Al fa fy' f ,Q-?1ff. ,,,,,,.ab- 1. fra. .au-0 f 1 f s Il 5 Y .Q .f .. ffl. 'fc-ff 'FY' I '. ' 4 K 1. ,,., Q-. ML Ziwfw Ar DU" mnfd am! me 4 ,,,g,g11yLag Aw JN f -- war: --, ,.,, -.1,3f"' P Qs 4, 7 ,ji 1.---F-,,... , W iv' Y ,.-YZ? - 5 5 Q1---+ .!g6!l!8lf'Ifi6ilfL 11 BON HAM'S DAIRY For the best in dairy products both at home and at school take a hint from Emoqene Haynes and Virginia Porteriield and try BONHAM'S DAIRY, SIS- SONVILLE STAR ROUTE, PHONE 3-4111. This is the CAREY NEON SIGN COMPANY, the home oi "Mr, Sian" himself Al Carey. This firm does all prominent outdoor advertising in our commu nity. 74 WASHINGTON STREET, W. PHONE 2-0169. CAREY NEON SIGN COMPANY n94r1!rn745bf' L K Q - ' ,xv Q a , ,, Ei. W 4 I I - ,i...,ij,, . , 3 V. .L 5 f s . 1 ,M my I5 1, ...,is,if,1f ,,mW, 3 A I It 6 Y, Tj "' " A A s a X..Lf.,f,.5'f9f,. rw x V 9, K ,M sf. P. .. I I W A, ,J if? 4,, i,l .Wu , ,,.1' ' f.,hl,m .M .4 , M: I - 1. S. gg, ffm' ' .Auf 5 fm? e .- 6 qw .... . , , My 3 m fi ,Q qv ' V. N -. 1. y ,si 1' 35 as , .,LW,, .F ,,,. , ,,. if . . f., Q, .Q ,, 5- 'S . 5329 HW M .8 wvgfk " W Main? , 'BENQ iw X x .- fn A ' Q... ... ,.. ...tiff I Aim Q r ii S ' , ",- L .Q sry' L. . . My .ff-'Y 'hp- .. 'W W.. .. .-ag .45 1- X ,,.f"N-... ,R -n-....,.,,Q-Q , 0 Y , AX url. mv. ,. fn, -2, 1 1 f 5 5.21 . 4 gf Q? 4 Q Q -- A 2454 3 J y. x Q A N NY' v' in 5 , H, 4' Y in . . 3' . 5 , ff, G , . Z y .f. 5 , .,m,, . 4 Y f ff W if ,gn . " Ai - . , 12, f-QAXQMV .X L. K X D K g 5 Q -,. 1 155 , , ,fs i ' if 55 5 3, k gg h i if ,f 4:1713 A ' X' .,.r1- -1' .Vs .i ,, xg ri ff: ,gif :QL X J' 3 r,-:sv-fv,:s": , fr: na W gs, f2.g-1fz:i.::i:: ' E M- ','q'j'w-fc M 1:2-my . :Sw ff - -vw, F1-gg-gf :QQ-Q . M 3w 9'w2Q'Xvf1 2' 3322 'fx W 1 J ww x1mH.,-mf 1 w L- .. f sg mama -2, mais' .53 K, -- mga? gm.i,. ' If W, ,L A M - iw? Wg 'E'--,iv 2? 431.5 1 swan - fi 19,4 L K N- 5,1 ' - K we nl , 4 4 my . N , Vw l s mam sa, Nm , V x Q .5 1 1 .Sf K, ff " wr-' I 4 kk' in-4 . xp 3 5 Q r 4 , , Mg .iw k.QQ235Mk -N 1 +9 M F' 2 X X f , X ' A ' a , -,QQ EFS ' M, . K 1 af H K K Y . ff, ....:g,i.i',v Y 4 . fx b -- . ,gg N .. 4 ' a 5 Q' I V gf .ww-me-nm, STONEWALL JACKSON CLUB Billy Thomas, ot the Stonewall lackson Club, is known in business Circles as a lawyer, but to everyone on the West Side, he is known as General Stonewall lackson. He has been ridina his horse, Colonel, at the qarnes at Laidley Field for many years and is an ardent supporter ot Stonewall. F R E E D 0 M 285 A810 tA8 2lfl!f5l96Ll98l" 5786 Free om Goes Where . The New er Goes Consider the contents of your newspaper. Here is harsh, stark news, told without bias, of interna- tional crises so that you may be forewarned of the challenge to freedom. Here are the issues in a local election with both sides clearly stated for you to judge. 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Once you try the delicious ice cream and dairy products from MOUNT VER- NON DAIRY you will agree that it is the best you have ever tasted. 800 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. PHONE 2-3109. MOUNT VERNON DAIRY COFFMAN OPTICAL COMPANY DISPEN SING OPTICIAN S WESTERN ELECTRIC HEARING AIDS ZENITH HEARING AIDS 323 PROFESSIONAL BUILDING PHONE 2-77I3 HANNA INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. KANAWHA VALLEY BANK BUILDING PHONE 3-5558 GENERAL GLASS Full Line Distributors LIBBEY-OWENS-FORD AUTOMOBILE GLASS DOOR GLASS RESILVERING 416 BROAD STREET PHONE 3-5579 CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS from KANAWHA DISTRIBUTORS 800 VIRGINIA STREET, WEST PHONE 3-9321 MATHEWS PRINTING 6' LITHOGRAPHING COMPANY All you need to do to Verify the excellence ot the MATHEWS PRINTING AND LITHO- GRAPHING COMPANY is either to ask the students shown in the pictures or to observe the fine qualities displayed in the Stonewall lackson Yearbook, "The Iacksonian. 600 CAPITOL STREET. PHQNE 2-4197. CHARLESTON MOTORS INCORPORATED Seekina beauty and Comfort at a reasonable price? Be sure to consult CHARLESTON MOTORS INCORPORATED when buyina a new car. EAST WASHINGTON at BROAD STREET. PHONE 3-Ul87. Photographs like this, from DELUXE STUDIO, make annuals like the lack- sonian possible. 7lOVz LEE STREET. PHONE 3-3225. POT T119 best UT ffO-2911 fOOClS cmd Olhef Prod- A delicious lunch dmidsi pledsohi surround- iicis idke ii from Bob Ashmore dhd shop dt ings is Sgyvgd evgfy dqy in the STONEWALL MICHAEL'S FOOD MARKET, 27 DELAWARE CAFETERIA hy Queed Mcllhditoh cmd her AVENUE- PHQNE 2-594i dhle ossistdhts. STQNEWALL IACKSQN HIGH SCHCDCDL, WASHlNGTQN STREET, W. PHONE 6-2822. iiA',l.1Mai in TQ mgkg fhg dfggm gf Qwninq C1 CGI' COIDQ FOI' ll'1CIl I'I'1OClGTTl look in liI'1OlGL1fT1 bL1'y' ll HOITI irue dlohq with the cohvehiehce cmd irdvel WALTERS I-INOLEUM COMPANY' WYIO S199- ii will provide, visii VALLEY MOTOR SALES, Cifllize in C111 Wives Of floor Coverinqs. 747 321 VIRGINIA sTREET, W. PHoNE 2-0123. VIRGINIA STREET, W- PHONE 6-6502- 124 Gngralfoafalfiond mm 1lM's cm CHARLESTON O PRINTING 743 VIRGINIA STREET, WEST Q--u CHARLESTON, W. VA. 810 VIRGINIA STREET, WEST PHONE 3-9408 gong af H. R. JUDY C1 SON 0 . ' Distributors for M Briggs C1 Stotton Automotive Locks Yole Automotive Locks Yole Combination ond Key Locks tor Sotes ond Vaults I I I I MAPLE STREET PHONE 3-488' I08 MCFARLAND STREET PHONE 3-3043 125 A favorite stopping place for the S. I. West Siders is the THAXTON DRUG STORE Where you can get a snack at any time. 1539 WASH- INGTON STREET, W. PHONE 3-1353. CUNNINGHAM AMBULANCE SERVICE bw I325 WASHINGTON STREET, WEST PHONE 3-I36I CONGRATULATIONS tromo FRIEND There is a treat in store for those students from Stonewall Who show excellent judgment by dining at SCHRADER'S CAFE, 421 VIR- GINIA STREET, W. PHONE 2-9101. For the best in refreshments, stop at the CORNER DRUG STORE. as these girls from Stonewall Iackson are doing. 1000 CENTRAL AVENUE. PHONE 2-5313. J. M. SUTLER PAINT COMPANY AII Purpose Point for Inside or Out We Carry a Complete Line of Point Supplies 739 VIRGINIA STREET, WEST PHONE 2-59I8 L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations - Personal Cards Diplomas Club Insignia - Memorial Plaques Represented by-Mr. C. loseph Richardson P. O. Box 195 Sistersville, West Virginia .XQZVLJ ja , jl"88! QRS NEWS 9 f 4' ,T L ik Y ft 1 3 H ML... Us ,O J I If A UAFRYT 0 9 - -I N n K J f V 12 Q f' ,f K U5 . 2, r - iii? J ff Y : SL ' ' HH A ' 5, 'K 1 . 94' I, . lt is more than mere coincidence that the countries which have a free press also have free people. The facts on which the American people exercise the freedom of choice are made avail- able to them through the newspapers which seek out and publish the truth Without fear of reprisal. THIS IS THE TRUE ESSENCE OF DEMOCRACY. HE News EVIEW Circulation and News Office: 505 CENTRAL AVENUE-PHONE 6-4574 'X Sy? .fqifxl 1 ' f 2 "K 1 8 v Q W X' fi A ' fi, h if 1? 'H6HMa,wv,F , fy B jf in .A - Q Q as-an Qimkwg, .,,f. Q R Q 'wks X QW C LEAN EB 4 M1 we 1. 'Avy ' ' r M if WWE h,,,,, E f ff? 'ww i4f",,U,' ww- 4 vm , ffm ww, g?4xifQE'f 'Q 1 sf? " .agiggziw AMW, Q 4L,,,m,,,,.W11Q 338953 6EZ35f MKGFME "iii3l5,2'C gg gi, 3 , . . 'Q' Nag k 5 it 19' . 3 X Q, ,W N L ' Q f fi S 9 Q V W, 2 5? 3 , , , .5,,.M,,,,,. W,zV,j f V JFH7' Af15i71E5N:UQ'W K ff 'H' 1 Wim www , Q wQ HWYGQW J M - H gh, . MQSQWM ,- ,Y ,i ,i,,. ' gwmmm..-W. f 4 Q ,u V I -w Q ,Nw 3 " .w..w-"Raul -. an V: " W 5 iw fr 5 .rm 5 i sq P Q iwq 5 Y CHARLESTON DAILY MAI L Eor a complete report on all world events and up to the minute reports on all the latest happenings read the CHARLESTON DAILY MAIL every evening. IUUI VIRGINIA STREET, E. PI-IQNE 2-2l4I. For that tasty after school snack and beverage treat be sure to stop at the GENERAL GRILL, the meeting place tor all Stonewall students. 807 WASH- INGTON STREET, W. PHONE 2-9709. GENERAL GRILL HUGH STEWART MOTORS INCORPORATED These Stonewall students know that one ot the best buys in cars is a Buick which may be purchased at HUGH STEWART MOTORS. INCORPORATED. l406 WASHINGTON STREET, E. PI-IONE 3-5534. A striking example of handsome architecture is the UNITED CARBON BUILDING. I-Iere We tincl the offices ot many important firms in the community. UNITED CARBON BUILDING. PI-IONE 2-ll6l. UNITED CARBON BUILDING g-.-.., Are you looking for the best in quality cmd For the best advice on hair-styling and to service? Buy your groceries qt MQSES keep in fashion, your best bet is IACKSON SKAFF GROCERY Where Service with G HAIR STYLIST. 229V2 CAPITOL STREET. smile is assured. 1031 RED oAK STREET. PHONE 2-4725 PHONE 3-9267. TIP TOP BARBECUE ...for... HOTEL and CURB SERVICE RIVERVIEW, WEST VIRGINIA PHONE 5-3741 For ali your hardware needs do as these qiris from Stonewall Iackson are cioinq, qo to CORRIE HARDWARE COMPANY, PENNSYL- VANIA AVENUE and WASHINGTON ST., W. PHONE 3-3313. , ::"P1'H.L?iT-41I?E?'I11 ' WHlTE'S GARAGE INC. C. E. RHODES MOTOR SALES O See Us Betore Buying, Selling or Complete Auto and Truck Service Trading for Best 24 Hours Daily- prices 7 Days o Week O I 1015 VIRGINIA STREET, EAST 415 WASHINGTON STREET, EAST PHONE 3-9486 PHONE 6-0252 The "Home-Ec" Girls at Stonewall Learn Early . . . L-S As this picture proves, the girl Stonewall Jackson High School H Economics classes I arn early lf that "Where Food I F t l Cooked With Gas" . th G Cook'ng offers the m d h m k lt'tud f g t ff f d y gh f in ffdydiihghhdpd bllglf fthb ffl ff :Af iGRg locquitot Storcher cmd Mary Ienkins proving that "Where Food Is Finest It's Cooked with Gas" UNITED FUEL GAS COMPANY CHARLESTON GAZETTE Almost everyone ot Stonewall lorckson High School reads the CHARLESTON GAZETTE 210 HALE STREET. PHONE 2-6161. FOR THE BEST IN SERVICE buy ot TAYLOR'S GROCERY 813 MARIANA STREET PHONE 3-5629 JARRETT PRINTING COMPANY A Complete Printing Service QUALITY PRINTING 501 CAPITOL STREET PHONE 2-3191 SIMPSON FUNERAL HOME I. A. Uerryb Adams, Owner Funeral Cars - Limousines Ambulances A 210 BROAD STREET PHONE 2-6131 SERVING MANY WEST VIRGINIA COMMUNITIES WITH A DEPENDABLE SUPPLY OF PURE, SPARKLING WATER WEST VIRGINIA WATER SERVICE MOUNTAIN CIGAR AND CANDY COMPANY S-I 701 VIRGINIA STREET, WEST PHONE 2-2031 You will be sure of on enjoyable evening, if your home hos some musicoI instruments from WITHROW MUSIC, 713 VIRGINIA STREET, E. PHONE 3-6811. A . . nn, F - , 4,yQ,,'Q Q A y 4: 7" N A 150 V 'Ff.i' !?- ,K fi ,sfi3ZS ' L,,f al H F2 Q, ,r NY ,fin 3 I LL 4 YJ ta lf R is Jw ' . 5 - wf-QW -. 4 7 -5..-f Q' rgxgye Q ' I -3... ' k gigapzfk lie ig 4 AA , .,. glfiqkff ,ygmk fejwfif me -27,,'f f2f2,-,my 'W W A .V .gm fly-- ,ff4fe55i,A :Mig-s. gsm 21912555 V 1 Wi Twzqiff ' .I 'VTFEV' W .5 ' 7 Q 7 1 imgfihz -1, ,Xalan u ,, K' ' 2 2 1 f ii?g,Z5w+ .'f,' , K ' ,, L'gZf?f-'THQ fi' if A., , MM. .1-.A 4.-fm. 9- : few .. 5QW"'f?g'2fvw': 4 fi 1 -, A ' f 4g,., f. A Q , .wmyff 'QM 4 nz, ml M ' .4 L 1 t-1 FTP QE r . X. if -4. ,.,W.. - .14 . Q4 V VVV: 'iw Lv M .ff uw Q Nw 6 fem '4 XJ ff k W Q U ,1 A . 51.5 , K ' . 5 WL XQM 'L-A 54,51-.liz-11. ' EA .E 6, I, fc. 1 ., , Q Q 9 i k 3' 4 ,MF u f 4,4 ,wmv Y z 555.2 1, 3 x LOWMAN'S DRUG COMPANY Patty Bew and Iirn Coulter have the right idea when they stop at LOWMAN'S DRUG COMPANY tor a tasty treat after a hard day's work at Stonewall lack- son. l507 WASHINGTON STREET, W. PHONE 3-4567. Iohn McDavid and Nelson Stoops look over the fine array of used cars with a representative from MILLER BROTHERS USED CAR ESTABLISHMENT. 411 WASHINGTON STREET, E. PHONE 6-3136. MILLER BROTHERS USED CARS 4 q E 1 Q P-se , .fl jf, U 5 LM iv s 1 Q r 1 5 t, S 3 1 ag 3 HSS?" 1 1 as Q 5 iw , ' , L 5 5 W 3 Q 3 , g K "y- 5 Usrxt. Q 4 hx ms gf ,I 4 W 1, gm .gr . xg W.. A ,TJ -Q 1 fb fa A 1 J H ,z ,, J .1 . ' f fu. NNW. . ,an NK VL as Ve B' nf. if 3 Mk P' 3 5 ' 6 ,. ,F Q id, ., ,, N fww 'F ,. ? X Nbr- M qu, L? V55 f '3'w.3.Qm Y f L ' in , Nw 4 gf .rw A ', we hrs W W M qu-W ' ff. "' ,rn 'M MW, 4 an ww 112 'W :sg , Gwwwwxw SE' it 16 , - Q. V .M if "Blom ,.. , ,ea 'V ii. 'Q 3 -'I . C33-'Q W , -A was Q , Q 1' I M' 5 i 1 M , -gm tin xx 'I 'gm rl . -W ,, , 1-, -ww-1.1:-.rg 1 f 1 G. RUSSELL FRENCH COMPANY Deoler ond Distributor BUILDING MATERIALS MARYLAND AVENUE AT WASHINGTON STREET PHONE 2-3l34 CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORSI Music has been a source oi enjoyment for all of you. lt has enriched school lite in some man- ner tor every student. Our special congratulations to those who have served Stonewall by participation in the band, orchestra, chorus, Glee Club, dance band, lack- son lollities, and other musical activities. GIILPERIN MUSIC CO. I7 Capitol Street "Serving Every Musical Need" Now, as you take your places in the adult com- munity, music will become an even more im- portant part oi your life. Let us continue to serve your musical needs and help solve problems concerning your further study of music. Want an outstanding evening of enjoyable entertainment with that "special someone"? Go to the CASA LOMA tor dining and dancing. MacCORKLE AVENUE. PHONE 2-9253. CASA LOMA 139 CONGRATULATIONS TO STUDENTS AND TEACHERS FOR A GREAT JOB WELL DONE . . . from W. B. JONES FOOD STORES STONEWALL BEECHWOOD 1205 Washington Street, W. 1457 Washington Street, W Dial 6-0592 Dial 6-0594 Shop with us where shopping is 0 pleasure O STAN'S AUTO ELECTRIC 413 FLORIDA STREET DIAL 3-6341 Expert Automotive Electrician W. B. JONES, Owner CONLON West Virginia's Finest Bakery Bakers of RFK X , ,X X X X 'XXX X-A --.,,,.., .,4..,...1. CMMN X I I ww .5-. -' "f- - X It rw :'-'- "':"' I U ---f " iss .5 x ...iz A. . .155 ,,.:, if i ii? ---'r r W - -t - fret- X- tr '3'-fit , if f ELLIS FOOD MARKET MADISON'S INC. GROCERIES-MEATS 7,1 porkmenue VEGETABLES HOUSE FURNISHINGS INAOIFI SI. - CI'1CIFIeSI'OI"I, VO. RETAIL PHONE DIAL PHONE 3-5 S. J. Maiorette s prove themselves superior in competition with other Majorettes fi. S A Riggs +5 5 --M nn ,Q m f N N XXNQ1 155 -il f, ' !'7iiWi'3lJf' 5 C Il W 01 ix fp me 13" 4550-ts .XgCAlfl0lflfLJgQn'L8VLf We wish to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to all who have made this yearbook possible. First, to Mathews Printing and Lithographing Company for their fine work, we give our sincere thanks. Also to Mr. W. W. Wallace, of DeLuxe Studio, for a job well done in photographing our seniors and organizations we say, "Thanks a Million." We are indebted to the West Virginia lndustrial and Publicity Commission for an aerial View of Kanawha Valley by Bollinger and to Eastern Air Lines for a photo of the airport. We are grateful for permission to use quotations from "Moving Mountains to Build Kanawha Airport," and also for information found in West Virginia State Magazine. To oumztdvertisers and sponsors who have contributed largely in financing our book, we wish to express our gratitude. Last but not least, we wish to say that the splendid coopera- tion which we have received from all the students and faculty has made the success of this yearbook possible. ln return for what each of you has done, we trust you will find this lacksonian a storehouse of memories. l90lfLf50l"5 Amick Refrigeration Gravely and Moore Photographers Barrack Auto Company l-laynes Music Center Barton Street Grocery Kanawha lnsurance lncorporated Bridges ESSC Station l.ovett's Department Store Checkerboard Feed Store Pay and Take Market Corey Grocery Peerless Dry Cleaning Cox Morton Motor Sales Shewey's Pharmacy Cunningham Grocery West End Printing and Paper Company Frame Befrigeration West Side Pharmacy Fulknier Hardware Yankee Photo Service 2""'wit: iw' lllfl-: LH... qi... 'ssnzea WI -Q 4 I . ' l 4 ' 1 Anchor Fixture Company..,----- Appalachian Company ........ L. G. Balfour Company ........ Bartlett Funeral Home ,,,..,.,... Blossom Dairy Company .........,.. Bonham's Dairy, Incorporated .,.,,, Bradley Department Store u,...,.... Cablish Bakery Company ,..,,,, Carey Neon Sign .,.........., ..,... Casa Loma, Incorporated ......A.,.....,,,. Central West Coal Company ......,....... Charleston Building Trades Company ...... Charleston Cut Flower .. ,,....,... .. ........ . The Charleston Daily Mail ........ Charleston Drug ,,,.,,A,,,....,........... Charleston Gazette ,.,,......... .............. Charleston Motors, Incorporated ..,..... Charleston Printing Company ...,...., Charleston Transit Company ,,,,.... Coffman Optical Company ,,,,,,, Community Beauty Shop ....,.,,. Conlon BBISIYIQ Company ,,,,,, Cooper's Grocery ,.,.s,,,,, Corner Drug Store ........,.,..,.,,.a,.. Corrie Hardware .,...,..........,...,,.,,.. Cunningham Ambulance Service ......,. Delaware Avenue Pharmacy. ,,..,. - DeLuxe Studio ..,.,,,,,...,....,.,sa, .. Electronic Specialty Company ....,, H. D. Ellis Grocery. ,,,.,,.,..,,ss,,,, Fischer and Fischer ,,,,, Florida Street Store ..,,,,,,,,,,,.,......,,,,,,. GaIperin's ,,,,,,,,.,......,,,,.,,... . ...s,...,,,,..., Gates Paint Manufacturing Company General Grill ,,,,,,,,,,,.....,,,..,,,,,,,,... General Glass Company, Incorporated General Truck Sales ,,,.,.,.,,,,,,,,.,.....,,, Glamour Beauty Shop ,,,,,,,..,.,..s.,.,,,,,. Greyhound Shoe Repair Shop ,csa,,, J. P. Gunther Jewelers ,c,, ,s,.,..,. ADVERTISING INDEX 117 119 127 119 117 112 114 136 112 139 116 127 114 130 118 134 123 125 113 121 114 140 114 126 132 126 136 123 -... 138 ..-- 141 1 17 1 14 139 138 1 30 121 136 1 18 1 18 I 14 Hanna Insurance Company, Incorporated ,,,,,,, ,,,, 1 21 HIM Store ,,...,.,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,... . ,,,,,, ,,,,a,,,,,,,,,, , . 119 Holsum Bakery Company ,,,.. .. ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,c, ,,,, 1 2 8 Hugh Stewart Motors, Incorporated ,....,,. ,,,a 1 31 Imperial Cleaners ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, . .. .. 136 Jackson Hair Stylist ....,...,,,,,,, Jarrett Printing Company ,,,,,,, Jim's Cafe ,,,,,,,..,,.,,..,,,,,,,,,, Jones Printing Company ,,,a.,... 132 135 125 118 L1 I H. R. Judy and Son ...,..., Kampus Korner .....,,.... Kanawha Distributors .,.... Kanawha Furniture .....,. Kelleys Mens Shop fgngg Laird Office Equipment Company .,,,.... Lincoln Jewelers ........,...,,,,.,,,,,.,...,... Lowman's Drug Store ....,, .,.,.,,.,,.. MadiS0f1'S,lncorporated ....... Maggard Studio .....,,,,.,. Mann Jewelers ...................,,..,..,.,...,..,.,,.,..,,.. .,,,, Maple Grocery ,.,.,..,..............,,,,,,,,,......,,.,,,..,....,,,, Mathews Printing and Lithographing Company .,,,.,.. A 1 Michael s Food Market ,..,...,.,,,,,,.....,,.,,,,,,,,,.,......,,., Miller Brothers Used Cars .,........,. S. Spencer Moore Company .,....,,,,.,.... Mount Vernon D ..., ,..,,..,,....,..,,,,,,, Mountain Cigar an Candy Company ,,,,,,, ,,,., R. R. Nuckels Realty Company ....... I -- Pauley Cleaners ............,.......... Pendell's Cut Rate ......................... F. M. Pile Hardware Company. ............. B. Preiser Company, Incorporated ........ Radford Paint Company ...............,.,.......... ..... C. E. Rhodes Motor Sales ..,,..............,........... ,,,.. G. Russell French Company, Incorporated ,....... ..... Schrader's Cafe ..... . .................................. ..... Scott Brothers Drug ........... Simpson Funeral Home .......... Sixth Avenue Food Market ....... Moses Skaff Grocery .,...... . Stonewall Food Market ......................... ..... Stonewall Jackson Club .....,.... ...............,., ........ ...., Stonewall Jackson High School Cafeteria ...... ...... . , Superior Laundry and Dry Cleaning Company ........ . Sutler Paint . ............................. ......... ..... . . Tag Galyean, Incorporated .. Tayior's Grocery . Teamsters' Local Number 175 ....... Thaxton Drug . . .... Tip Top Barbecue .... .... . . United Carbon Building ....... United Fuel Gas Company ....... Valley Motor Sales ....... Vanity Beauty Shop . ...... .. . Walters Linoleum-Carpet Service ...,.. .... , , West Virginia Water Service Company ....., . F. C. White Garage ..., ......,,,.........,., , . , , Withrow Music Company... 125 138 121 113 113 119 128 137 141 119 117 125 122 124 137 129 120 135 119 128 120 128 129 129 133 139 126 113 135 118 132 140 115 124 129 126 118 135 116 126 132 131 133 124 138 124 135 133 135 Q 1 E s i E H 5 2 5 " " f

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