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 - Class of 1949

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s Q w 5 , W , .S EM 7 a E? 5 f ' X -Z' A 4 :ik . L in 1, m' fixil. V - 2 dia il ' S! ki! , I , P v f M P-3 r X V 5 ' N T ff A .K i iw ' , K 1,K E Q Kw 4- ,a 5 W ,gig Q Kg Q .VV M KW K im K' K K K 7 5 V. - -V K. V. . M I V A I I V ' f ,,.,.,,1-M3 5 V A Q V V .Kr f - V V if nw VK M135 M Q K K In K V KN.. E, K K VV Z ,A .KV KK gg? :K W. is 5 K ,Q K V V . K V V wnagf ,, E mKK.gKKiKV3Vvf?5NiCf7fgVnI,a - 'T' K ,W ' K KK 5 2' K 2 "" -'jK jg ,AK 4w"'ug, 9 K H W 1 K, K V- Vw- V K4 K H K, f. QL f . K - as 5 K f - K .K V- K Q A ' V A' ' ,K V f K V V Vg V ' A Kms ' K m A " ' K 2 gg ,KKK .K f K 11, Q K V' K Q ' KKK J K fi A " ' I 15? in-I W ff- ' .K 5 7 K MFE-,E if P K. ' 'wwmfy q 4' ' f K+ L K Z'-. 3 . f'1V-.Kay ' 1 1? YHWY ' wi MK 2 W . if Hwg 2' ,V .,,,.,,,. KW fi -my-.:,.,,,,,,.wKK K K K K f85M7,.:,,.K KV . VQ?3i352i,K,.KKK K ,mayb ,May V K LA KK K . KK sw -' I k31yW,ggfL,.Z,n'4Nigr- ' K ' ,QQ J K L f V V K '- Jigga K, V A V 1 V V wg? K- K , K Q VX' 5 Q W Lggfgfg i QL' Em in in ,1 v,,.,v-n 'I' , ,gg K ' K Lvl y . ' 'Www 1 W ff ' 9' ""'A' 1 TF i? V ' ' ' Rl 'ii Q V V V V V K K V QQ K ' Vx W K V +V l XM 'K K 5 " t K ,K ,.. V. . K - V K VK V. ---, - K V- :K . K K - . 'V - f 1 K K ffgifi' -f - .. ,K K 9 -KW M VV KV KAKMK K ' 54. KK: ,K KK 3 main KK K .K Q KK W K KK- f " V. A x 'Y f M . Aww V A 4 K 3 ' - -A -HfS2f.wVf,,..V-Ji 'gf 5 K KM.-V 3 K A W ' ' ' , ,V M ' K ' ' K V, KK ff K K4 ff '.4'?uVV'fK K ' ' f :V .V .1 - 'af M Ka-eQf?K:.K.. f A ' . -K - .af K ' W W ' ' if M y V K 4,3 KK K I 5? gk K 1 .. f 1. e V 2 K Q ' . VV 2 5V - Utiilwrtgrs :UV , V 3, ,WN K I K - 1 K K - -A QKKHWX VV K . K ..' " Q TL Q . ' ffm. f ' W WMV Vw K if ----' . Q V V A K ,yi . V ' ff V 5 'z - ,. , ' A HM? A ' 'K 1 K W V V V Q V V KK, ' gf T G X K ',Q. Y f K K ' V- V is ,lg K .- Kg H V K ,KK K V 1 gy K 3 K 6 wif? 'W' "W"f?ma'tK ,K.fg,g f' V AV- ' I K ,Q KK K 1,36 ' AEM 'vw .0 .KK K 1. K K K Q ,V 1' -v, - VV V '5 2 ' ' KK,K,.,.,,smiV,1iM 'fwwff' Kwgf K f EY' ' 1 , K ig mf" 1 " K K5 - ss M K y I VKWKKV N 'L F KW Mr? ,.,..K ,KKK l I gk., Ai A V, aw, f ff gg K. A Hg - ' K K .V W K 5 K V , ,gf 3 5' " K KK.., V K V K ,V ,K K WK ,KU K JK f KK K7 M, VV 'V ' MVK gg , 'MV Q., , , 'KK V 2 2 A , -4 3' K . s 5 -M A Kf,,3Ka Y , Si?f552k2'2'.K3!gKf?'39 VXQJKS ag'-pw KQV' YIVK V . V ' K' 4 K. ' V ,X K ,K 7? Q ff VVV g wx M' iw V VA , fi I K V 'ff 2 ftvn-!.'K ,U K JL-+,.w,KVf,gg A?KKS, wwxwwl .V K N MP ff V V 1' V KV , ?? W. . V V Kf.,fffKfK K K :V 3 K '. .ff 'z W 7 QL ' "ff + K K' EK 2 K 2 ' 2' -w,:'ff'as ' W Vzi' - I an , WWWV ' ,L K K ,vi 'Fx ' aff? 'V f ' ' K I Aff ' V? ,fem A. W... X ,KKK I ,KV K K KV ,4 .K V K KK K K VZ I 2 ' 'NW-m K W W' V , JL VWVeVU'1QVVff9fVe f A K KV V VV K ' 'H X K 'V ,gwfff ' 1 U K. K K-ir. Y , f-+5 K S V V s ,V'L A Q 1 K K 1 V2 6 ff- V. 5 EK 1 ,H K ,Kan V K ? i O' il ' I .. f.,L ' K K -4 1 V ' L Sli, 13 .KK it K V gggw? KKNVQKS V K f V V VV VV Q V K K. V KV. Maru. KV KK W g E , n ' k K' V KK- ' , 's - 1 r. . K 2 ' W ff ' 1 . V SK f- A ' f? f ' xi ' ,gf V V ' Y K - . . K Qi' if K KW u K if KK - ,. s Ry. KK . V K K M - V :KK -- .K af Kyra " N9 V 1 'i if f ' y '-V, W 2 'fi' ' sz Hg I K .' KKKK.i-fy? if . 'A ' 52 , , K -V5 ,- .K:-,WK ' ' f-v ' f K 'WK K VK i ,V V V " 1 ' V ' 'A is A M iii- "' ' K K 'V ,K KWWK M 1 VV K KKK,1M,KKgKg.,.V:Kf1w'i , KV V ji 'K 5 K K 7 E. KU fr -f 4: if Q: A, KK K ' v 53 K .Ki ai . 2 9--' K V KK 5 J: ff E ' ff 1 K V ' Af Q? .V S KK ' 2 Q V V K K. .5 Ma Keff VwfLTfr'VV'1 K ' .. i ' ' V 'A Qf Y :Fif,:,ulU:.,K,L.n Ks.. mug If I KV , Ks KK . KK V fs w - Kp Q K .V 1-35 Pi? if K KKK K K KV, KKK it-HQ Kg if K 3, K Q -I rw "1 , L? K "iff -" ' : . ,:sAml ' - . -1 lt-' ea,,f,W.7:aa,,,a , 7,54 'T T 'T I I 5. .LQA-, E.. , . V 3 ' . ,- -K 7 ----- -fha-P I fa fffmawa .H -A an , .awgazwaa .C....,.,--s -- .-., W..----la if' -I, W-, .gl ... , I , ...- kh . A Y,- -V yackonian .Siu ! CO-EDITORS . I. Natalie Brooks ART EDITOR . . PRODUCTION MANAGER . ADMINISTRATION Jackie McWhorter Bill Graham Stanton Kincaid Evelyn DiTosto Janet Jo Fischer SENIOR SECTION Lou Ann Rhodes Margaret Grass ORGANIZATIONS Ann Brandenburg Nancy Litsinger Carolyn Pauley ATHLETICS I . . Dane Boggs FEATURE SECTION Barbara Banks Marjorie Hall ADVERTISING . Sheldon Baker A 1 June Boggess SUBSCRIPTIONS Jo Ann Carpenter PHOTOGRAPHY . Curtis Patterson Joe Childress TYPISTS . Jean Ann Koch Carol Schaefer BOOKKEEPER . Jean Perfater STAFF ASSISTANTS Martha Bailey, Carolyn Barrar, Teddy Boggess, Pat Caldwell, Barbara Currley, Mary DiTosto, Clara Fields, Pauline Fite, Herman Hambrick, Evelyn Hoisington, Bernice Jeffries, Carolyn Johnson, Eunice Johnson, Janet Layne, Stanley Oxley, Buddy Ranson, Pat Schell, Charles Smith, Ellen Stalder, Robert Stanley, Virginia Titlow, Tom Walker, David Waugh, Robert Yeager. ADVISER ..... . Mary E. Kennedy af gr Un- COPYRIGHT DELUXE STUDIO Y 0l"9 WOW' "The only way to have a friend," said Emerson, "is to be one." Right here at Stonewall Iackson we havea wonderful opportunity for cultivating the ideals of friendship. We feel that Stonewall is noted for being a friendly school, and this is a reputation of which we should be proud. Everywhere in school a friendly feeling is sensed among the students and the faculty. Co-operation is the keynote of our organizations, and good sportsmanship is found in our athletic fields. Not only do we make friends with our classmates, but we are laying the foundation for world friendships. Through books we meet people of other lands and all times be different in dress or custonrsg-twe,,.ggggt2fTtffi?e'ality all ver. mticlii the samdiiiatlflgrough letter writing 1 T ' f . f w'.:.,f .f 'rti 1 T-e.rl71"f7?t5S"' - . encouraged in classrooms and 'ibecorneeg ,quainted with if X. ff.3..v. 'ew 34, -: X I "'. 5 gh ,:,'jf5I,tyLR' h . 79 ,lf I young people of' our own time . gm other? ni,ElQS, have A ,. . interests much- the samevas'ours. ' Through travew biiwgirmldel1ghtflflt,'gtSf3i5C1E1't-Q tions and broaden, our knowledge of ani' ,A,t'... . ln order Qke Al. 'ing peace it is ,very if rtant we the tanding ,emstof others ffilt JQEV 1 1 wif QQ: M' .4 ",.' 'iff '.-' I t .. ' will ehdbw ,f i 40 di if , elp,.glQ'Ginfl'il,Q?fsd'r11xnp ortanttttgiirienu j,Sy1Tf1pa-thy if 1 'A4 J 'll'-' A ' for those les 1. r t g hap"g2l32ess andwglope p,,. t o-1, M a A gvsrillrglve t'w" uf ,t,. g "'ffYg,h 'I , ,. 't ' "A' us personal satisfac'Q55.,lLgter . nEikthe laqattiyitiels - " I 4.L,jf3t'vff' l I breakable bond of friendshfgfjfo-o i, ,A4 qett ' f.-f ong with others and in working together for lasffhd? peace. Unselfish joy in the ac- complishments of others can play a big part in molding friendships. Trust in our neighbors all over the world will help to bring all nations closer together.. Tolerance for people of all races and creeds must be practiced if world friendship is to thrive. Our way of life is like a tree. We have to tend it in mutual friendship and trust! Only then can it grow-its branches reaching upward into the fresh, clean .air of world peace. M M Aim nz F ,,mv W 'f V! ,, .M 2 3 .3 R , more ,':4y,: V- , pw f ,, 4 in iw. up 3? Q M,,., A... Vhf. WW ,LL., , Y A . , , 'J :frfwekfxf n W, ,I-.w,,,,.-,, Qfssww f f2S2Eif2fia5i 5225535 ., ., i?.y'f,9iNfff' ,. M' m ' ,. A bw Jas auf?-zQkL xl .rrf w 5 QM.. W 'Q V 1. KM., M. 3 .2 wg rf, V ff . ufxw Q- L U .. , X MVP' ,,.. My Q 1 . f, 4. L Kp A W . A. f -Q A K w ' . X w v 1 nik X "'f4.v Q. ll' v-Mn . 'Q W - ww my Q, A . 4 M aw. .,,k, 45011. a' 'ha 'Aww up lip . " 5:" if gg ,, Q F Q YAWT Mfrs some l x ' ws xs .. KM .52 xv f -5' fig! I V K, ll 57 '25 2 gg A Q 3 . gg fi i Q si , y,Z wh!-'w!'!?na-w-v-W-Q-........M.W-, fl I ,LAM ' f 2 imma www' FE x ' w. 'ln r T M .L V 1 ,,,,,. , W , H ' ,sf 1 2? " Q , ff Q I n Q f, 4. 5 iw: , ? Q, K A "fm 'IiQ,",,! W, W -My iff: W5 A 4 LL.. , .'L.L .Y AL.,. ,V f xiitfafii. e 'L I "Y X- 1 -22: K if . V '., J' 4 A' " H im N"z'?-Q. V ' y 4 'K VMMMWWWW, ,ffW"" ,A X Ofgffem gm en vw 0lf'iZ0lfL6 f if 55, ,fe:,oH3-H. A 5659 if ra, ' X gigggyif, S fzmi 'ka' f wma? if di I 'Q-Mx, A94 I L ,1.:f,,, :ef I. r ,Q JN 1 7:3-,ga 9 4""?4fZ J VI J 1 H-Lv ff AxV7,LgAV m3,,,,.. A 17, ',i.7m""'h"""""' I .,f V V 'hi S155 A-:WJ , Ji' A M 451- , T H, QQPYBHOH PRF' 6 R, aiflx 0.9-Q9 fe -Qnunqra' ' , ocffaie .Q Jpfyb ,A,. fflfe' ?"-"-- aid 5 at A-mfmtwfgw WA ,, V.,, f 'Q Mfr """'-'E'-'E'-E' 5 'f-Wm. 0.6.3 hgW6g"4rf W 6.4525 634926105 g 5 vm? ffm-ftff, 53,5250 ima .gm 1 .fn K QS imm- WM? 4,4 ,L I""V""0n...,..4 'ifw B 5. X -.. A 2 5 tg fmyxwr ,MV nm AM Wk fm V WZ. VV ,gm AX Hal I I WJ '1:t""" 7 A Fl-t':u.x-11 fm , l n , f j: l l l n I l l l Cnfenfg rgcmizalfiond page 2 ff1rfeff'f3L . WW 50 ' w 7- JQfLLtzC4 Page 78 W 5Qafure5 page 96 .!g6!l!8l"flf6iI'1,Z page 108' .fgcfmmzdtmtzon f9f1g270 i Q! Z Q2 My ' 5, 6 ff es, T.,- .J 59,54-1 f' -if 1 V ,QV f 7 Q ,K m 9 jrzfenoffy jacwgfy ,YJ .fgfwayd i , Q 'ff M i ' 'MVAE Urlfmfla I ll I l I u n l ll ll El m a s I l l 1 H ,,,,, , , - l I I AA,, , ZZ- ld' n V n l 1 n u NATIONAL CAPITOL Washington, D. C., U.S.A. In this famous domed building the administrative power ofthe United States is centered. mp 2 ,Maw 4 X., y K V, Q M.....,,,. -ww J, ,X f ., 'K V, 2 i O fw, 3? A 5 f' 39 5 li ip 7 1 3 X i Q ' ? - If" AP' i 45 is A gag Q VV24 U f ff ii 3 -f 4, WN X Yi? ' ,M M v.,,..... .aw A A, ,., X ..'- W -J :Lf W ,f wfe" 1- ax 5 ,A f.:f,,5X.Xrgi, 1-gwzggx, ,A fm- Aw, 5 if ,f,,, Q W A.,.. ,- ywim- KL . F,iWe.ES3?3 J? W2 www, ,, an '15 if -2- ,- v--M ,A vw gylfaicfed fo ffm jzfafvwe Mr. Hornor, one of the students' rnost valuable friends, is never too busy to help or encour- age a pupil and constantly gives friendly advice to them. Through his varied activities he gains the useful experience needed in his work as our principal. Mrs. Juanita Auer, Stonewall's efficent secretary, practically keeps the school running and gives capable assistance to teachers and students. Along with this she possesses the necessary qualities of under- standing and patience. Mr. Steadman, one of the best known and most popular per- sons around Stonewall, holds the executive position of Dean of Boys. Being highly trained for this position, he works quickly and efficiently in solv- ing the many problems that confront the Stonewall boys. Miss Atkinson, our competent Dean of Girls, is the patient counselor of every girl in school. Because of her under- standing, she is helping to de- velop better future citizens for the world. lxfmi LS E Friendship throughout. the world is the main idea of these Stonewall students as they write letters to pen pals in other lands. Shown here are Norma Huston and Beverly Smith. 14965 L5 fha .Aff 0 Cmmlfufzicalfion Journalism covers the field of the newspaper from the time of a news occurrence until the story is in print, Here Bill Dickinson practices selling ad- vertisements with Bill Pauley. ways: 1- q,..,4xmw5f.13'- . umm In the effective speaking class- es the student is taught self- assurance and given a useful foundation in learning to orate before audiences. s ln solid geometry class the study of total area, lateral area, and volume is applied to solid figures. Solid geometry is a requirement for future engi'- neering students. Under the capable direction of Mr. Hamilton, boys and girls learn the difficult steps in solving algebra equations, clear and logical thinking is de- veloped in these classes. Wafhemaficd eacfrw ne Z A The study of aviation, under the direction of Mrs Hill, in- cludes ground school training, drafting for use in aviation manufacturing and actual flight training in airplanes. anglfwzge ncrecwed Mr!! jzriencfdfuyo V f ,, W .aaa G , Q As the world grows smaller in this atomic age and the people of all countries come into closer contact, a thorough knowledge of foreign language is necessary. For much lan- guage study Latin is a good foundation. After a year of Spanish, taught by Mrs. Reba Castillios, stu- dents prepare for exciting tours through South America and Mexico. Even with limited vo- cabulary these students sing Spanish songs. ln the study of the French lan- guage a student is offered an opportunity to learn and un- derstand the habits and cus- toms of the French nation across the sea. l:5f0l"y cqominfd M wiffr Qffaer Waflfona A panel discussion is being pre- sented for the bi-monthly Town Meeting. Taking part are Stan- ley Dickinson, June Boggess, Paul Williams, Mary Sue Hol- den, Lou Ann Rhodes, and Jerry Zoe Lovell. gm ' ,JMU ' nv Aff ,gm 5 ., I Maxw my if . History courses increase our knowledge of national and in- ternational problems, and thus enable us to be more friendly toward the countries of the world. In Mr. Gilbert's American his- tory class these girls are carry- ing on a debate in order to become better acquainted with current national problems. Through the use of modern equipment, these chemistry students strive to look deeper into the mystery connected with the irritating odors that come from the chemistry lab. dence 06045 fo fire mf! of lmowfow ln biology the student is taught about the plants and animals and the scientific method of thinking. During a period out- ot-doors this biology class is studying the parts of leaves. ln physics class, conducted by Mr. Martin, future engineers and atomic bomb experts look into the hidden treasures that guide our universe from the beginning of time up to the present. Architectural drawing aims to give its students an apprecia- tion and working knowledge of details in a good modern dwell- ing and the study of construc- tion and requirements set down in our building codes. ocoafrolfmf Cmmw repowe Ar ffm cyno!1fL5fria! Future mechanics in the voca- tional school learn the art of sheet metal as well as many other courses which will lead them to big jobs in the indus- tries of tomorrow. Vllwfd Ceramics, an art dating back to the time of the Indians, is a course offered by few high -schools. Here Stanley Oxley and Joe Wheeler are making pottery dishes. These girls of Miss Munsey's sewing class make their own dresses and lovely formal frocks, which they construct after the latest fashions. ln Miss Rose's home economics class these future chefs, fortu- nate to have an opportunity to become familiar with the prac- tical arts, are taught scientific study of foods, nutrition, and proper choice and preparation of meals. 2858 xS?lfL6!QlfLf5 V8 5 li ages ing ow Ar fLL8 jmfnre Typewriting courses develop ability to type for personal use and to produce business letters with a degree of accuracy and at a rate acceptable to employ- ers. Here rhythm is taught by typing to music. In shorthand class, where speed and accuracy in taking dicta- tion are taught, Miss McQueen plays the part of the business executive while future secre- taries quickly take notes to be transcribed later. lwm. "Hd phydncaf glcifmcafaon cm ea lf! The boys in health class learn much about the physical con- ditions of the body. Here they are studying the ear under the direction of Coach Hutson. Deriving real enjoyment from their football practice in gym class, these young athletes are also developing strong phy- siques and powerful muscles. Maui e M wiffz Sun ln home nursing our students learn how to perform important duties such as administering medicine, taking tempera- tures, pulse, and respiration, making the patient comfort- able with bed devices, bathing, and giving fresh air and sun- shine. Striving 'to take advantage of opportunity for the develop- ment of sound attitudes and habits of wholesome living, these girls in their physical education class learn to play field ball. iii X X x 5 . A 1 'X w.. , E if ' 5f E .- .'l.L X' x LL l,L iz h X Q , ,. , L ,S 4 .xff , , gf: Q L: ' X, i si 75 F , fffsw -so ,s :V N 'Su Q' N Sli -u L N. in A ww . I Six ,L 1 5 c iw 5 Q- ' ' ,g .tt i f ww a nag QQ ' Q if Ks! 9 pw X X V? fury' 1 4- : V V. 1355 I I if "k' 64 Alfblfftf KOLCLQIWOULVL ts To cultivate the expression of the artist's ideas in line and color is the purpose of the Fine Arts Department. Here Myrna Bibb and Mr. Meyer discuss Ifier fashion drawings. Art classes also enrich life by training the powers of obser- vation and appreciation of the beauty of one's environment. fonewaf 2 Kffzga jak fyccwowe if i l l l l l I fag ,,.,-f-f-f""Z4'f, I'-'1 is 44" 1 , 1 'I ,- 5' 'QQ r-1 .,f' Oy" l aw.. WK, f 4,3050 1 - 'I Wg, ' 'ri ,K-J 5634 - 24, FJ I aye, '4 - -dzga. I fweifggmo f, , A -I?-Zsfs-f. Q zz' . 5 2' E421-. 5 ff X: if ' -f - ' W ,A UNITED NATIONS BUILDING Lake Success, N. Y., U.S.A. Although not yet constructed, a building to house this world organization for peace and triendship has been planned. , l I ! ,sam-weaWi-MMatI.,aHma,,MMes I -L . H' Y' .5 M lg , 'ik 'tri kg. 'L,,f' a,'+ 2 ,W , Q V MmtL.LfiFe'5 .a z.,, gg 2 at I Q ..1. , ,M ,X .W 22 f. pf, ,w w f?f5E' !H3.ilWz4 MSE? N ,-ff? Executive Council, Student Council. First row: C. Raines, B. Riley, M. Hamrick, E. Ruqeley, T. Miller lpresidentl, J. Martin, J. Hamilton, B. Jeffries. Second row: E. Johnson, J. Jones, J. Dean, M. Dudley, C. Smith, N. Litsinger, J. McWhorter, V. Titlow. Third row: J. Lovell, N- Cook, B. Banks, R. Stadler, N. Brooks, B. Graham, M. Holden, C. Gillispie. cgflfacfenf Goufwi! .!gCflJl!ifl:85 ncozfwag Tom Miller, president, and Ed Rugeley, vice president, are S. J.'s capable stu- dent council officers. Foremost among organizations to promote student activities and to foster ideals of friend- ship and scholarship is the Student Council. Aiding in the administration of the school, sponsoring the paper store, taking full charge of the lost and found, planning and sponsoring assemblies are among accomplishments of this group. The membership consists of school and class officers. Outstanding work is done by the Executive Council, which is made up of presidents of the clubs and officers of the school. The purpose of this group is to unify student organizations and encourage service to the school. Representatives of the Social Studies Coun- cil are elected in history classes. Two of the most important jobs of this organization have been the sponsoring of the Junior Town Meet- ing every two weeks and the furthering of good citizenship week. Under the leadership of Tom Miller, presi- dent of the Student Council and Executive Council, and John Dean, president of the So- cial Studies Council, these organizations have functioned to benefit the school and encourage the students towards scholarship, citizenship, and friendship. Student Council. First row: C. Gillispie, B. Jeffries, M. Hamrick, E. Rugeley, T. Miller lpresidentl, J. Martin, J. Hamilton, B. Riley. Second row: E. Johnson, C. Smith, C. Beddow, B. Dickinson, C. Raines. Gfizend LP an Cgikofalmliiyo Social Studies. First row: J. Dean lpresidentl, J. Boggess, B. -Jeffries, S. Bailey, J. Lovell, P. Porter, M. Armstrong B. Riley. Second row: D. Fisher, M. Woodrum, B. Cummings, L. Fox, P. Carter, V. Turnes, D. Humphreys, B. Hargus J. Burford. Third row: N. Huddle, A. Brandenburg, R. Martin, J. Pryce, R'.StanIey, B. Patton, R. Bostick, B. Ward Office Assistants. First row: M. Hamrick, R. Marks, B. Dixon,NJ.lLovell, B, Cfverstreet, B. Plaster, K. McLaughlin, L. Caldwell, J. Roush, K. Mollohan. Second row: B. Staais, C. Johnson, M. Pinson, M. Di Tosto, W. Rhodes, D. Cavender, E. Miller, L. Suddeth, M. Shipley, J. Billingsley, P. Cole, B. Beckett, C. Harkins, J. Carson, J. Wood, J. Boggess, P. Carroll, M. Hall. Two of the most helpful and efficient groups in Stonewall Jackson are the Library and Office Assistants. Miss Susanna Rose, our new librarian, com- mends highly her assistants who work in the library during their study hall periods. Among the duties of these industrious students are carding, shelving, and checking out books. Because of the importance of office records careful and accurate students are selected to work with Miss Atkinson and Mr. Steadman. Courtesy and poise are valuable assets in this line of work. Stitch and Stir members are very active in rendering services to the school. Their most outstanding activities of the year were sending fruit baskets to hospitals in the vicinity of Charleston and preparing gift boxes to send to Scotland. The officers elected for the past year were Jerry Zoe Lovell, president, Carolyn England, vice president, and Pat Carroll, secretary. These organizations help to promote friend- ly relations with the student body and the teachers, and they are a credit to the school. A5i5fanf5 an er Mafwadi Cggruice Stitch and Stir Club, represented by Loretta Miskell, Phyllis Yates, Patty Carroll, and Betty Hendricks, demon- strated the correct procedure of Christmas gift wrapping to the Women's Club. JACKIE McWHORTER NATALIE BROOKS LOU ANN RHODES DANE BOGGS JUNE BOGGESS SHELDON BAKER Under the capable direction of our co-editors, Jackie McWhorter and Natalie Brooks, the l949 Jacksonian Staff strive to put out a pictorial record of the year based on the theme, friend- ship. Helping in its production, the literary staff have been working on captions and write-ups, while the ar- tists and photographers have been drawing and taking pictures. Under business managers, Sheldon Baker, June Boggess, and Jo Ann Carpenter, the advertising and subscriptions staffs accomplish the enormous task of financing the book. Jacksonian Business Staff. First row: E. Hoisington, J. Koch, C, Schaefer, J. Perfater, P. Fite, P. Caldwell. Second row: R. Stanley, S. Oxley. l CAROLYN PAULEY Jacksonian Assistants: C. Fields, M. Grass, J. Fischer, M. Hall, M. Bailey, B. Jeffries, E. Johnson. NANCY LITSINGER ANN BRANDENBURG Jacksonian Art Staff. First row: T. Walker, J. Childress. Second row: P. Schell, T. Boggess. Third row: R. Nicely, C. Patterson, C. Barrar. JO ANN CARPENTER STANTON KiNcAm BARBARA BANKS EVELYN oiTosTo BILL GRAHAM MARY DU DLEY ALICE WOODRUM NANCY COOK JANE MARTIN FRANK HAMRIC STANLEY DICKINSON Z8 J 61, CL5 Olflf 0lfLlf'IfL6L Shouts of excitement and anticipa- tion greet the arrival of the Jackson Journal. This bi-monthly publication is one of the outstanding student newspapers in the United States. Leads, lay-outs, headlines and many more journalistic points are stressed to the staff by the adviser, Stuart P. Armstrong. Not only does the Journal room put out those dynamic issues of our school paper, but during the last year they presented the school with a Hammond organ and have Contributed much to another successful year by putting on the ever popular "Jollities" and the annual piano concert. Among honors won by this well known publication are: Pacemaker, National Scholastic, All -American, Medalist, Quill and Scroll, International Honor, All-Columbian Literary, West Virginia First Honor, and Southern ln- ternational Press Association Honor Award. Stonewall is not only fortunate in having a newspaper and year-book, but it also publishes a magazine, "The Yearlingf' The staff consists of five students chosen from the fall journal- ism classes. Poetry, essays, one-act plays, and short stories submitted by English students are carefully judged by members of the staff. This year's staff is composed of Sally Hawes, edi- tor, Phyllis Branard, Bob O'Connor, Pat Bornmann, and Alice Shaver, who are working diligently to make this the best "Yearling" yet. Journal Assistants lan, S, Dickinson, B zel, J. Hollandsworth, C Harkins, C. Witherell D. Stricklen. Seated: P. Jenkins. Stand- ing: J. Reger, J. McMil- Mann, A. Shaver, M. Pel- Journal Assistants. Seated: B. Garcelon, P. Branard. Standing: P, Bornrnann, C, Arnett, B. Dyke, L, Montague, B. O'C0nner, P. Rexroad, B. Dent, P. Pickering, B. Pauley, B. Davis, S. Har- pole. Yearling: S. Hawes, B. O'Conner, P. Bornmann, A, Shaver, P. Branard. Journal Assistants Seated: S. Hawes, V. Rut- ledge. Standing: M Chambers, D. Santee, L Hamilton, C. Woodrum M. Young, J. Oxley, A Fischer. Junior Red Cross. First row: M. Hall, N, Branscome, N. Monroe, C. Hatfield, M. Hall, R. Martin, J. Brennerrfan, N. Wyatt, M. Shipley. Second row: E. Stuck, R. Truman, M. Williams, E. Taylor, W. Rhodes, C. Stuck, D. Shrewsbury, M. Warren, J. Bradley, H, Rankin. Third row: l.. Miskell, V. Maser, D. Thompson, L. Newcomer, C. Witherell, B. Ward, E. Mitchell, E. Bailey, N. Led- better, V, Titlow, R. Hickman. riencdd Wed in lfmior Q 6055, F. T. A. First row: A. James, E. DiTosto, J. Hollandsworth, B, Davis. Second row: J. Kessel, P. Caldwell, E. Hoisington, E. Stalder, M. Armstrong, B. Dixon, join, , ' .Q - 4 mi. -, Science Club. First row: M. DiTosto, E. Stalder, L. Rhodes, J. Perfater, B. Banks, S. Hawes, L. Suddeth, B. O'Dell, C. Beddow, S. Shaar, P. Bew, B. Barney. Second row: P. Fite, P. Caldwell, B. Fischer, P. Bornmann, H. White, M. Dudley, A. Shaver, L. Hamilton, E. DiTosto, M. Pinson, J. Fischer. Third row: K. Chambers, D. Counts, S. Baker, P. Sears, E. Jarrett, F. Wilson, A. Saunders, S. Lewis, M, Derrick, L. Tyler, E. Hoisington, M. Chandler, T. Smith, S. Love. Fourth row: D. Thompson, J. Taylor, B, Houghton, C. Tully, C, Hutton, L. Montague, D. Boggs, S. Kincaid, B. Graham, F. Hamric, H. Harnbrick. Zac em, dence, ana! Cgzorffwanad Shorthand Club. First row: G. Barnett, M.'Barnett, M. Long, P. Jenkins, A. Luzader. Second row: P. Bowles, E. Estep, H. Jones, S. Harpole, M. Reed. Third row: J. Gentry, P. Hunt, G. Young, M. Coffey, B. Lowe. Fourth row: C. Harkins, J. Margolis, M. Erwin, E. Ratcliffe, O. Black, T. Smith. G J. D G P B 38 i I Q l 5 . i . A. A. First Picture. First row: P. Hurlbert, P. Carter, N. Diaz, M. Fennell, L. Rhodes, Layne, P. Hager, L. Hamilton, M. Bailey, J. Boggess, N. Cook lpresidentl, G. rasnin. Second row: P. Edwards, B. Hendricks, M, Hall, W. Garnes, M. DiTosto, . Khuri, C, Arnett, P. Hunt, E. Cox, H. Jones, J. Beaver. Third row: B, Cottrell 1 , Fite, Y. Jividen, M. Ashworth, J. Layne, B. Jeffries, J, Buckley, T. Ervin, D. Cobb, D . Burtord, A. Dean. Fourth row: G. Barnett, B. Lanham, L. Copenhaver, B. Davis, , Banks, L. Guthrie, M. Haynes, M, Barnett, B. Hodges, J. Dean, C. Gregory. QM, g,,. Os.. 5 Gym Leaders. First row: V. Maser, W. Lowe, J. Beaver, F. Wilson, P. Jannis, J. McElroy, V. Walls Second row: Y. Boggess, M. Bibb, J. Geene, F. Parsons, J. Givens, L, Bailey, B. Clark. Third row: A Thomas M. Fennell. C. Welcher F Fields .J layne A Saunders B. Huff. G. A. A., Second Picture. First row: A. Fisher, A. Saunders, C. Welcker, A. Brandenburg, E. t-loisington, P. Caldwell, T. Smith, E. Mobley, E. Stalder, J. Withrow, B. Plaster, S. Shaar. Second row: E. Johnson, M. Armstrong, C. Barrar, B. Beckett, R. Marks, J. Fischer, N. Monroe, B. Hull, D. Adams, L. Coleman, A. Clarke, M. Woodrum, J. Harrison. Third row: A. Luzader, J. Margolis, M. Dobretf, P. Cobb, L. White, M. Simons, E. Ratclitfe, B. Currey, D. Parrish, A. Woodrum, W. Robinson, V. Maser, J. Reveal. Fourth row: J. Ross, L. Mullins, L. Irwin, J. Wood, M. Fisher, F. Parsons, C. Roush, J. Williamson, M. McKinney, P. Porter, L. Caldwell, P. Boso. 5 ncozfwozge Qu! Lgroorlfdmand L70 Girl Scouts. First row: A. Marshall, E. Quick. Second row: C. Beddow, R. Sauvageot, M. Sergent, R. Roates, l. Bailey. Sponsored by Miss Gertrude Drasnin, the Girls' Athletic Association is one ot the most enthusiastic groups of girls in our school. To gain membership, girls must be willing to take an active interest in athletics. Although handi- capped by the lack ot equipment, they hold play nights where the girls assemble to play games. Various other activities are bake sales, hikes, and cook outs. Responsibility tor the girls' gym classes lies largely in the hands of the Leaders' Corps, composed ot girls who help take charge of classes during their respective gym periods. The technique of handling other students is taught to them while they are on the training squad. After serving a semester on this squad, the girls become gym leaders. One ot the more recent clubs in our school is the Senior Scout Troop under the direction ot Miss Doris Cheesman. There are approxi- mately ten girls in this troop. Since they or- ganized in September, they have sent clothing abroad to the needy people of Europe. These girls are busy working on their future plans. 39 nnnm,..,.,,,,.'-M f K .. .V I . . V. i N Lkr' K. , xy. M may Www ffik , H I wwfia ""' W'- 'li In . Troupers. First row: S. Kincaid, J. Jones, J. McMillian, M. Warren, B. Kiser, B. Deitz, M. Bibb, J. l-lollandsworth, N. Brooks, B. Graham, M. Chandler, J. Taylor. Second row: L. Rhodes, L. Farley, J. Loveall, N. Diaz, E. Johnson, N. Monroe, M. Fennell, C. Schaefer, J. Koch, L. Cheever, B. Hammer, M. Chambers, P. Vance, P. Sigmon, V. Maser. Third row: N. Branscome, J. McGovran, N. Schrader, J. Pertater, M. Smythe, J. l-laynes, P. Bornmann, l-l. White, A. Shaver, B. Banks, L. Hamilton, E. Hoisington, J. McWhorter, N. Huddle, B. Garcelon, S. Shaar, D. Adams. Fourthrow: V. Shetter, A. Marshall, M. DiToso, P. l-lager, E. Stalder, R. Rootes, C. Beddow, A. Brandenburg, S. Hawes, E. Wehrle, G. Khuri, K. Lowe, P. Caldwell, P. Fite, C. Johnson, J. Taylor, M. Short. Fifth row: N. Edworthy, B. Jeffries, P. Blade, R. Pierson, D, Denison, R. Shamblen, E. Rice, B. Basham, L. Suddeth, E. Miller, H. Rankin, B. Goodwin, G. Bail, B. Fisher. rozfapem, ijdedpialfw Maui e ilizferlfazfnmeni Thespians. Seated: N. Brooks, J. Hollandsworth, M. Warren, S. Kincaid, M. Bibb. Standing: J. Jones, B. Graham, J. Taylor, B. Kiser, Latin Club. First Picture. First row: D. Harris, B. Campbell, C. McCarney, B. Griffith, B. Fischer lpresidentl, C. Beddow, M. Dudley, DiTosto, M. Ashworth. Second row: N. Finn, H. Dunn, W. Kelley, G. Bail, B. Goodwin, N. Gillen, J. Fischer, C. Henry, N. Jack, B. Brow Third row: M. Bell, B. Barney, M. DiTosto, P. Bew, E. Hoisington, L. Hamilton, B. Davis, N. Bowden, P. Caldwell, P. Fite. Fourth row: Carson, R. Cook, D. Andrews, B. Dykc, J.'Davis, J. Hamilton, H. Hambrick, L. Copenhaver, P. Hammond. Jafin, locmzfd , ana! jrelfw Spanish Club. First row: N. Branscome, N. Wyatt, P. Hager, N. Brooks, N. Cook, B. Banks lpresidentl, J. Layne, B. Lewis, J. Roush, M. Pelzel, M. Barney, J. Kessel. Second row: E. Taylor, M. Holden, M. Hall, A. Brandenburg, B. Plaster, J. Koch, J. Haynes, C. Surface, L. Suddefh, C. Raines, N. Holden, N. Diaz. Third row: B. Ward, M. Bibb, A. Thomas, M. Smythe, M. Grass, P. McCullough. Fourth row: K. Chambers, C. Duff, C. Tully, A. Black, S. Baker, S. Lowe. n Club, Second Picture. First row: l-l, White, H. Byrnside, P. Sigmon, P. Rogers, J. Perfater, N. Litsinger, B. O'Dell, E. Shelton, D. Baer, Aann. Second row: J. McGovran, S. Shaar, R. Marks, L. Campbell, S. Hawes, A. Shaver, I. White, K. Mollohan, R. Sauvageot, B. Thabet. d row: B. Shamblen, S. Easter, R, Walter, M. Mclntosh, E. Wehrle, P. Macormac, E. Stalder, F. Wilson, M. Sergent, D. Ingram, M. Pinson. 'th row: J. Gates, E. Schroeder, P. Pickering, E. Rice, P. Sampson, F. Shaffer, S. Chilton, D. Pierson, P. Sears. yugo CylfL5l0lJlf'8 MAP!! Ezriencfdfuyo Three of the most popular and ac- tive organizations of Stonewall Jackson High School are La Tertulia, the Span- ish Club, Les Amis des Francais, the French Club, and the Latin Club. At the meeting of La Tertulia, held every other Tuesday, readings and talks are given in Spanish. Often students give Spanish dances, attired in the na- tive costumes, and enjoy group singing of folk songs. Les Amis des Francais, the French Club, aware that only by helping and knowing our foreign neighbors can we further our relations with them, high- lighted this year's activities by sending a Christmas package to a girl in Wales. Although the Latin Club has been organized but a year, its various ac- tivities have made it outstanding. Pre- senting a play for the State Teachers' Association was among the important activities of the year. The purpose of the language clubs is to increase an interest in the lan- guages and to encourage and enable the average American student to be- come acquainted-with the life of these countries. Thus the foundation is laid for real world friendship. French Club. First row: M. Bailey, E. Miller. Second row: P. Branard, V Shetter, J. Boggess, J. Carpenter. Third row: J. Carter, B. Jeffries, l-l. White P, Williams. 43: ' .Qs 75, if JE if Vi 3? 552 Vi B Y' 5 f 1 --f- 3 we 2 X 3 31 ' In s ' Q 5 g 3, If .... , H it tk 1. Q s W L, Pm A .ff ,J af ,gi , ,, , ' A,AQ All l l l C. A. P. C. First row: Commanding Officer Gobbles, D. Horton, W. Vance, R, Blankenship, D. Ivtairs, J. Thomas, W. Wetherholt. Second row: D. Richardson, C. Jones, M. Singer, I. Chandler, M. Sergent, P. Ellsworth, L. White, E. Hager. Gui! Ar pafmf gacfelb .Are .fgcfiue Captain Charles Yeager, famed jet pilot, poses with the Stonewall Jackson C. A. P. C. during a brief visit to Charleston's Coonskin Ridge Airport. A. P. C. instructor, Ross Arnold, points out the tail assembly to :se flyers of tomorrow. ew ff.,fmstsszsimzeisitaiswz.smagfasaesh Band. Left side, First row: B. Ashmore, N. White. Second row: J. Wheeler, G. Gillespie, B. Allen, R. Hunt, Third row H. Mullens, J. Pell, A. Pauley. Fourth row: l. Belcher, P. Sampson, J. Farris, G. Smith, J. Totten, O. Wilkinson G Henkel. Fifth row: F. Nicholson, C. Simpson, J. Smith, S. Meyer, T. Tabor, J. Sigmon, C. Witherell, R. Reynolds N. Shuck. Julian Spencer, Director fonewozf 3 gan! parficipafi Toe-tapping tunes and marches played by the Stonewall Jackson band are easily recognized by its ardent fol- lowers. These snappy musical rendi- tions, brag the boosters of the band, are the trade mark of this fine musical aggregation. The Scarlet and Gray Band enlivens the half time of every football game and capably performs at parades and rallies. ln addition to these activities the band highlights the year by pre- senting a spring concert. Supporting the band with tricky rou- tines and artful baton twirling are the maiorettes. These eleven beauties cli- max their activities in the Maiorette Festival. Directing and aiding these two fine organizations is popular and competent Julian Spencer. Center, First row: S. Dickinson, F. Froley, M. Smythe. Second row: D. Ayres, C. Gregory, P. Caldwell, S. Chipman. Third row: R. Swoope, R. Collins, J. Romine, A. James, P. Jones, J. Haynes. Fourth row: P. Bourne, C. Hutton, J. Reger, M. Lewis, H. Kiser. Right side, First row: J. Kraus, J. Stephens, R. Nicely, N. Edworthy. Second row: R. Whiteman, S. Wehrle, L. Hundley. Third row: P. Campbell, V. Metter, J. Williams, L. Newcomer, R. Blankinship, C. Robinson, R. Cook, J. Henkel. Fourth row: D. Thompson, D..Ford, D. Young, D. Kelly, B. Carpenter, J. Gates, B. Handley, E. Amory. Fifth row: H. Long, K. Brown, D. Ward, J. Chipman, B. Carter, D. Edelman, W. Kirk, P. Rogers. in any W 14566 rogramd - 5 Mariorettes: N. Geene, S. Mullens, P. Ewing, J. Kessel, J. Partlow, B. Dudderar, A. Thomas, M. Barney, D. Bol linger, A. Wall, J. Peebles. Glee Club. First row: B. Thabet, l. White, J. Lynn, N. Huddle, C. McCamey, R. Bostick, N. Farley, F. Bostic, P. Sigmon, J. Taylor D. Roach, P. Macormac, N. Schrader. Second row: S. Hughes, P. Burns, D. Silverman, B. Smith, D. Vantaelen, B. Griffith, B. Stonel street, P. Lewis, E. Marion, J. Dorsey, B. Ward lpresidenti, L. Tyler, E. Wehrle, R. Hennen. Third row: J. Butler, C. Green J. Walker, M. Elkins, G. Shamblin, D. Hutton, E. Leach, S. Faulkner, M. Jackson, D. Haynes, A. Walker, E. Quick, P. Hickman, J Spradling, C. Jones, D. Ross. Fourth row: D. Martin, M. McDonough, B. Gillispie, D. Wood, P. Carter, P. Dodd, B. Cummings, M Chabot, J. Starcher, E. Adams, M. Woodall, B. Campbell, R. Sauvageot, P. Sears, L. Fox. Fifth row: J. Ranson, P. Ellsworth, L Pruett, D. Shrewsbury, E. Casto, N. Ryder, C. Surface, D. Fike, E. Jarrett, P. Smith, B. Wehrle, M. Williams, J. Carr, C. Casto N. Jack, J. Bunting, C. Henry. gmferfain Shoo! can Cilmmunilfy The Sfrains of Well known and much loved Musical leaders, Bill Basham, Barbara Ward, and music can be heard floating from 317 during home room period. Under the supervision of Mr. Julian L. Spencer the Stonewall Jackson High School Orchestra learns to appreciate the work of the great masters and to cooperate as a group. These musicians contribute greatly to school affairs, some of which are the school plays, Christmas assembly, S. E. A., and gradua- tion exercises. Each year the most outstanding members of the orchestra are chosen to be in the All-State Orchestra. Some of the members belong to the Charleston Symphony Orchestra, and almost all strive to attain this honor. Dick Whiteman, presidents of Mixed Chorus, Glee Club and Orchestra, discuss their activities. The Girls' Glee Club, under the direction of Mrs. Betty Jo Erwin and Miss Eleanor Thomas- son, has had an exceptionally fine season. Faithful attendance at all practices and fine spirit of cooperation have made for perfect harmony. During third period every day this worthwhile and enjoyable organization meets. They sing for style shows, Christmas programs, Baccalaureate services, and various civic clubs. 1 gifozoflfmlfzfon my emfom i 1'i?ifT3""?l"J"ggmmmlEE1 mimi fxflW PARTHENON Athens, Greece The most nearly perfect build- ing ever constructed, the Par- thenon is a symbol of the knowledge and education of ancient Greece. F xcifemenlf WMA jaeir Wang 37rienc!5 0ZlfLM,0Ll" CKOZJ5 JERRY ADAMS SHELDON BAKER JOAN BILLINGSLEY FRANCES BRYANT EVELYN CALL BETTY CANTRELL MARY ANN DUDLEY AND JANE MARTIN ARE WINNERS OF PHI BETA KAPPA AWARDS JERRY ADAMS: General .... WANDA LEE BAILES: Stenographic, F. B. L. A., Stitch and Stir, G. A. A. SHELDON BAKER: College Preparatory, National Honor Society, Jacksonian, Sci- ence Club, Quill and Scroll, Spanish Club, Cheerleader ..,. BETTY BIBBEE: Y- Teens, F. B. L. A., Library Assistant, Miss Seamstress. JOAN BILLINGSLEY: College Prepara- tory, Secretary-Treasurer of January Class, Office Assistant, Stitch and Stir, G. A. A., Home Room-President .... FRANCES BRYANT: General Course .... FAYE LOUISE BURDETTE: Bookkeeping, Stitch and Stir, Library Assistant, G. A. A .... BETTY BYRNSIDE: Distributive Educa- tion, F. B. L. A., Distributive Education Club. EVELYN CALL: Clerical, F. B. L. A., All- State Chorus .... BETTY CANTRELL: General, Stitch and Stir, Home Room- President .... AL CAREY: College Prep- aratory, Football, Baseball, Track, Varsity Club .... WILLARD M. CARTER: Vo- cational. WANDA LEE BAILES BETTY BIBBEE FAYE LOUISE BURDETTE BETTY BYRNSIDE l i i AL CAREY WILLARD M. CARTEI KENNETH CAVENDER DOYLE C. COUNTS ERMA DAVIDSON BETTY DEITZ MARY ANN DUDLEY WANDA DUDLEY SHELDON BAKER, A STONEWALL CHEERLEADER, ASSUMES POSITION FOR THE "GENERAL SPELLER" KENNETH CAVENDER: Vocational .... BARBARA CLARK: Art, Gym Leader. DOYLE C. COUNTS: College Preparatory, National Honor Society, Science Club, Bausch and Lomb, Civil Air Patrol Cadet. . . . DOTTIE COX: Stenographic, Library Assistant, Office Assistant, F. B. L. A., Stitch and Stir, Y-Teens. ERMA DAVIDSON: General, Business Ed, Office Assistant .... BETTY DEITZ: College Preparatory, G. A. A., Thespian, Troupers, Stitch and Stir, Library Assist- ant, Spanish Club, Miss Cook .... MA- RIEDA DERRICK: Bookkeeping, F. B. L. A., G. A. A .... STANLEY KEY DICK- INSON: College Preparatory, Jackson Journal, Science Club, Band, National Honor Society, Boys State, Quill and Scroll. MARY ANN DUDLEY: College Prepara- tory, Science Club-President, Quill and Scroll, Jackson Journal-Editor, National Honor Society, Phi Beta Kappa, Student Council, Latin Club .... WANDA DUD- LEY: Clerical .... MARGARET DUN- CAN: Clerical, Business Ed. Office As- sistant, F. B. L. A., Stitch and Stir. . . . BILL FARLEY: General, Football, Track, Varsity Club. TOMMY FLUTY: General, Chef .... BOB FOLDEN: General, Track, Football, Varsity Club .... RALPH HARRY FOS- TER: Vocational .... SHIRLEY GALE: Distributive Education, Distributive Edu- cation Club, Distributive E d u c a tio n Award. BARBARA CLARK DOTTIE COX MARIEDA DERRICK STANLEY KEY DICKINSON MARGARET DUNCAN BILL FARLEY TOMMY FLUTY BOB FOLDEN RALPH HARRY FOSTER SHIRLEY GALE GLORIA GIVEN RHODA FAITH GREISEI SARAH MULLINS AND BETTY JO KISER DISPLAY CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES OF THE ART DEPARTMENT FRANK HAMRIC CARMEN JEAN HARKINS NORA ANN HUDDLESTON GERRY JACOBSON BOBBY JARVIS DONALD JONES JOSEPH CLARENCE JONES GLORIA G VEN: Stenographic, Y-Teens. . . i. R FAITH GREISER: Distribu- ti eil CBII, n, G, A. A., Y-Teens, Thes- iLns Troupers Science Club, Distribu- lklfaye lidufaiion Club. A W y1!PlRANK HAMRIC: College Preparatory, 1 National Honor Society-President, Boys State, Quill and Scroll, Varsity Club, Jackson Journal, F. B. L. A., Science Club, Track .... RUDY CONRAD HARD- MAN: College Preparatory, Band-All State, Orchestra-All State, Hi-Y. CARMEN JEAN HARKINS: Stenographic, G. A. A., Miss Secretary .... NORA ANN HUDDLESTON: Stenographic, F. B. L. A., Business Ed. Gffice Assistant, Stitch and Stir, Home Room-President .... BETTY JEAN HUFF: Stenographic, G. A. A., Science Club, Gym Leader .... NORMA JEANNE HUMPHREYS: General, F. B, L. A., Stitch and Stir, Vocational Division Assistant. GERRY JACOBSON: General, G. A. A. . . . BOBBY JARVIS: Business Education, President of Sophomore and Junior Class, National Honor Society, Student Coun- cil, Track, Chef, Bookkeeping Award .... KITTY JOHNSON: Clerical, Office As- sistant, Stitch and Stir .... CARL JONES: General. DONALD JONES: General .... JOSEPH CLARENCE JONES: Vocational, Troup- ers, Thespian, Student Council, President of Vocational Division .... OKEY ED- WARD JONES: Vocational .... BETTY JO KISER: Art, Student Council, Troup- ers, Thespian, G. A. A., Social Studies Council. RUDY CONRAD HARDMA BETTY JEAN HUFF NORMA JEANNE HUMPHI KITTY JOHNSON CARL JONES OKEY EDWARD JONES BETTY JO KISER JACK KRAUS PINKY CAREY, ALBERT WINGO, BILL FARLEY, MEMBERS OF STONEWALUS UNBEATEN FOOTBALL TEAM JUANITA LEAKE JACK KRAUS: General, Band .... WIL- LIAM EDWARD LASURE: Vocational, Hi-Y, Home Room-President. JUANITA LEAKE: General .... NANCY LITSINGER: Stenographic, G. A. A., Jacksonian, Troupers, Social Studies Council, Quill and Scroll, Student Council, National Honor Society, Typing Award. WINFERD LITTON JACK LYNN BOB MANGUS WINFERD LITTON: Vocational .... JACK LYNN: College Preparatory, Foot- ball, Track, Varsity Club, F. B. L. A .... BOB MANGUS: General .... JANE MARTIN: College Preparatory, Student Council, Jackson Journal, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Yearling, Phi Beta Kappa, Senior Class-President. BARBARA MASSEY: College Preparatory, Stitch and Stir, Troupers, Social Studies Council, G. A. A .... PHYLLIS MA- THENEY: Stenographic, F. B. L. A .... BETTY McCRARY: Clerical, Business Ed. Office Assistant .... MAXINE Mc- DONOUGH: General, Glee Club. BARBARA MASSEY PHYLLIS MATHENEY BETTY MCCRARY JIM McDOUGAL: Vocational, Track .... JANIS IRENE McELROY: Stenographic, Student Council, F. B. L. A., Science Club, National Honor Society, Gym Leader .... JOHN McMILLIAN: College Preparatory, Jackson Journal, Thespian, Troupers .... RUTH MEREDITH: Stenographic, Social Studies Council, F. B. L. A. JIM MCDOUGAL JANIS IRENE McELROY JOHN MCMILLIAN WILLIAM EDWARD ,LASURE NANCY LITSINGER JANE MARTIN MAXINE McDONOUGH RUTH MEREDITH ROBERT MOALES .M-5' CAROLYN PAULEY ENJOYS SITTING FOR A SKETCH DONE BY ARTIST PAT SCHELL SARAH MULLINS STELLA PACIFICO VERLIE MAE PARKER CAROLYN PAULEY LAQUITA JOY PAULEY RICHARD LEE RHODES PAT SCHELL MARY SHAFER ROBERT MOALE5: College Preparatory, Hi-Y ,... SARAH MULLINS: College Preparatory, Majorette, Office Assistant, Troupers. STELLA PACIFICO: Clerical, Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Y-Teens, G. A. A. . . . VERLIE MAE PARKER: Distributive Education, Distributive Education Award, Distributive Education Club-Vice Presi- dent. CAROLYN PAULEY: College Preparatory, G. A. A., Jacksonian, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll .... LAQUITA JOY PAULEY: Stenographic, Glee Club, F. B. L. A., Troupers .... TONY P0- TESTA: Distributive Education, Distribu- tive Education Club .... CAROL VIR- GINIA RAINES: College Preparatory, Stu- dent Council, Stitch and Stir, G. A. A., Spanish Club, Jackson Journal, National Honor Society, Spanish Award, Home Room-President. MARY JO RANKIN: Clerical, Glee Club, Y-Teens, G. A, A., Home Room-Presi- dent .... RICHARD LEE RHODES: Vo- cational .... LORETTA RUBY: Steno- graphic, G. A. A .... VIRGINIA RUT- LEDGE: Stenographic, Y-Teens, F. B, L. A., Jackson Journal, National Honor Society. PAT SCHELL: Art, Football, Baseball, Varsity Club, Jacksonian, National Honor. . . . MARY SHAFER: College Preparatory, G. A .A., French Club, National Honor Society, Science Club, Glee Club. . . RUTH LENORE SHAMBLIN: Distributive Education .... BILL SKINNER: College Preparatory. TONY POTESTA CAROL LORETTA RUBY VIRGINIA RUTLEDGE RUTH LENORE SHAMBLIN BILL SKINNER QIA RAINE RICHARD C. STADLER EDDIE TAYLOR ZATHRYN ANN TYLER BILLY WARD ONE OF STONEWALL'S TALENTED PIANISTS, NANCY LITSINGER, PARTICIPATES IN SCHOOL EROGRAMS RICHARD C. STADLER: General, Home Room-President .... BETTY LOUISE STONESTREET: General, Glee Club, Li- brary Assistant, Stitch and Stir. EDDIE TAYLOR: College Preparatory. . , . ANNABELLE THOMAS: General, Majorette, CATHRYN ANN TYLER: Distributive Education, Glee Club, Orchestra .... BILLY WARD: College Preparatory, Sci- ence Club .... PERRY WATSON, JR.: General, Football, Basketball .... CHARLES NORMAN WESTFALL: Gen- eral. CHEEB WHITE: General, Varsity Club, Basketball, Football .... JAMES WHITE: General, Track, Football, Varsity Club. ALBERT WINGO: College Preparatory, BETTY LOUISE STONESTREET ANNABELLE THOMAS PERRY WATSON, JR. CHARLES WESTFALL CHEEB WHITE Track, Football, Varsity Club .... PHYLLIS JEAN YATES: Clerical, Busi- ness Ed. Office Assistant, F. B. L. A., Stitch and Stir. Not pictured: GEORGE VENITSANES. JAMES WHITE ALBERT WINGO PHYLLIS JEAN uns IRVING ALLEN JERRY BAILEY MARTHA BAILEY BARBARA JANE BANKS lftlfle CALM JOHN DEAN IS DEEPLY ENGROSSED IN HIS STUDY OF THE PROBLEMS OF DEMOCRACY IRVING ALLEN: College Preparatory. . . . DAVID L. AYRES: Business Educa- tion, Band, Orchestra, Movie Projector Operator. JERRY BAILEY: Vocational .... LOUISE BAILEY: Home Economics, G. A. A., Stitch and Stir. MARTHA BAILEY: College Preparatory, Jacksonian, G. A. A., French Club, Na- tional Honor Society .... BARBARA JANE BANKS: College Preparatory, G. A. A., Jacksonian, Quill and Scroll, Na- tional Honor Society, Student Council, Spanish Club--President, Stitch and Stir, Y-Teens, Cheerleader, Science Club, Troupers .... BILL BASHAM: College Preparatory, Social Studies Council, Mixed Chorus .... MYRNA LEE BIBB: College Preparatory, National Honor, Jackson Journal, Social Studies Council, Thespians, G. A. A., Spanish Club. WANDA BISHOP: Stenographic, G. A. A., F. B. L. A .... ANDREW BLACK: College Preparatory, Jackson Journal, Spanish Club .... MILDRED BLACK: College Preparatory .... JUNE BOGGESS: College Preparatory, Jacksonian, National Honor Society, Social Studies Council, G. A. A., Quill and Scroll, French Club, F. T. A. DAVID L. AYRES LOUISE BAILEY BILL BASHAM MYRNA LEE BIBB wAnnA sisi-lor ANDREW BLACK MILDRED Bl-ACK JUNE VIVIAN BOGGESS BARBARA PLASTER, JENNY KESSEL, BARBARA DUDDERAR ARE MAJORETTES AND CHEERLEADERS YVON N E BOGGESS DANE BOGGS FONDA GAY BOSTIC ROSE BOSTICK PHILIP BOURNE ELIZABETH BRAMMER ANN BRANDENBURG DICK BRITT MARY JO BROCE VIVIAN BOGGESS: Home Economics, Stitch and Stir .... YVONNE BOGGESS: Stenographic, F. B. L. A. DANE BOGGS: College Preparatory, Na- tional Honor Society, Football, Track, Basketball, Varsity Club, Student Council, Jacksonian, Hi-Y, Boy's State, Quill and Scroll .... FONDA GAY BOSTIC: Book- keeping, Orchestra. ROSE BOSTICK: Music and Fine Arts, Glee Club, Orchestra, Social Studies Council .... PHILIP BOURNE: College Preparatory, Band, Orchestra .... MIL- DRED PATRICIA BOWLES: General .... JOYCE BRADSHAW: Stenographic, F. B. L. A. ELIZABETH BRAMMER: College Prepa- ratory, Social Studies Council, Y-Teens, G. A. A., Stitch and Stir, Troupers .... ANN BRANDENBURG: College Prepara- tory, National Honor Society, G A. A., Troupers, Quill and Scroll, Social Studies Council, Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Yearling, Jacksonian, Home Room-President .... NELLA RUTH BRANSCOME: College Preparatory, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Y-Teens, Troupers, Spanish Club, Red Cross, National Honor Society .... BILL BRIGGS: General. DICK BRITT: College Preparatory, Var- sity Club, Football, Basketball, Track .... MARY JO BRUCE: Stenographic, F. B. L. A., G. A. A., Stitch and Stir .... JACKIE BROOKS: General, Football, Track .... NATALIE BROOKS: College Preparatory, Jacksonian-Editor, Spanish Club, Troupers, Thespians, Student Coun- cil, Quill and Scroll, Girl's State, G. A. A., National Honor Society. MILDRED PATRICIA BOWLES JOYCE BRADSHAW NELLA RUTH BRANSCOME BILL BRIGGS JACKIE BROOKS NATALIE BROOKS DORIS BURFORD STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS, MARILYN HAMRICK AND ED RUGELEY, PARTICIPATE IN MANY SCHOOL ACTIVITIES l VIRGINIA MAE BURFOF VERNIE BYRD BETTY JO CADLE LOUISE CALDWELL JO ANN CARPENTER JAMES CARTER ROBERT CARTER DORIS BURFORD: Distributive Education, G. A. A., Distributive Education Club .... VIRGINIA MAE BURFORD: Stenograph- ic, Y-Teens, F. B. L. A. VERNIE BYRD: Distributive Education, Distributive Education Club .... BEI IY JO CADLE: General. LOUISE CALDWELL: Bookkeeping, G. A. A., Y-Teens .... JO ANN CARPENTER: College Preparatory, Y-Teens, Quill and Scroll, Jacksonian, French Club, Library Assistant .... PATTY CARROLL: Home Economics, Stitch and Stir, G. A, A., Office Assistant .... ROBERT CARTE: College Preparatory, Track. JAMES CARTER: College Preparatory, French Club ,... ROBERT CARTER: College Preparatory, Band, Baseball, Latin Club .... BILL CASEBOLT: College Preparatory, Football, Track, Varsity Club. . . . JAMES ROBERT CAULFIELD: Col- lege Preparatory, Varsity Club, Baseball. McKINLEY CHANDLER, JR.: General, Troupers, Thespians, Social Studies Coun- cil, Hi-Y, F. B. L. A., Track .... KENNON CHAMBERS: College Prepara- tory, Science Club, Spanish Club, Junior Red Cross, Football .... MARGARET CHAMBERS: General, Jackson Journal, Glee Club, Junior Red Cross, Y-Teens, Troupers .... BETTY JO CHAPMAN: Stenographic, G. A. A. PATTY CARROLL ROBERT CARTE l BILL CASEBOLT JAMES ROBERT CAUFIEI is E. MCKINLEY CHANDLER KENNON CHAMBERS MARGARET'CHAMBERS BETTY JO CHAPMAN i .Q I' I MOLLY JO FENNELL, MYRNA BIBB, AND NIEVAS DIAZ SING FOR THE JACKSON JOLLITIES K, fY' l HENRY H. CHINN KENNETH 'cocxnsu HARRY M. cocAN iii CLAUDE 'CONNER BILL COTTRELL JOE CHILDRESS: General, Spanish Club, Jacksonian .... HENRY H. CHINN: College Preparatory, Football, Track, Var- sity Club. JACKIE LOU CLARKE: Distributive Edu- cation, Distributive Education Club. .-. . EDGAR CLENDENEN: College Prepara- tory, Hi-Y, Varsity Club, Track, Football. KENNETH COCKRELL: General .... HARRY M. COGAN III: College Prepara- tory, Hi-Y .... RALPH COLLINS: Col- lege Preparatory, Band, Spanish Club. . . , NANCY COOK: College Preparatory, Jackson Journal, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, G. A. A.-President, Social Studies Council, Spanish Club- Vice President, Troupers, Cheerleader, Executive Council of Student Council. CLAUDE CONNER: Vocational .... BILL COTTRELL: General .... PHILIP COX: General, Football, Track, Varsity Club. . . . GOLDEN ARTHUR CUMMINGS: Distributive Education, Distributive Edu- cation Club. DENNIS CUNNINGHAM: Vocational, Glee Club .... PAT DARNELL: Steno- graphic .... JOHN ROSS DEAN: College Preparatory, Social Studies Council, Hi-Y, Student Council .... J. FRANK DEAR- IEN: Fine Arts, Varsity Club, Track, Football, French Club. RALPHY COLLINS NANCY COOK PHILIP COX GOLDEN ARTHUR CUMMINGS ENNIS CUNNINGHAM PAT DARNELL JOHN ROSS DEAN J. FRANK DEARIEN f WILMA DENNIS BILL DENT JEAN PERFATER AND JO ANN CARPENTER WORK ON SUBSCRIPTIONS AND BOOKKEEPING BETTY JEAN DEVRICK Nggvgg DIA1 EVELYN DITOSTO BARBARA DIXON CAS ARNOLD DOWNS BARBARA DUDDERAR if ' DON DUGGER ROSEMARY DUNCAN WILMA DENNIS: Stenographic, F. B. L. A .... BILL DENT: College Preparatory, Jackson Journal, Yearling, Boys State. BETTY JEAN DEVRICK: Practical Arts. . . . NIEVES DIAZ: Stenographic, G. A. A., F. B. L. A., Troupers. EVELYN DITOSTO: College Preparatory, Jacksonian, Quill and Scroll, G. A. A., Science Club, F. T. A., Social Studies Council, Latin Club .... BARBARA DIXON: College Preparatory, G. A. A., Y-Teens. . WILLIAM LEE DOLLEN- MAYER: College Preparatory, National Honor Society, Bausch and Lomb Award, Motion Picture Club .... JOHN ROBERT DOWLER, JR.: Business, Track. CAS ARNOLD DOWNS: College Prepara- tory, Varsity Club, Baseball .... BAR- BARA DUDDERAR: College Preparatory, Maiorette, Glee Club .... CHARLES DUFF: College Preparatory, Spanish Club. . . . HELEN DUFF: General, Citizenship Award. DON DUGGER: College Preparatory, Na- tional Honor Society, -Football, Basket- ball, Track, Varsity Club .... ROSEMARY DUNCAN: Distributive Education, Dis- tributive Education Club .... CHARLEY ELKINS: Bookkeeping, F. B. L. A., Hi-Y. . . . CAROLYN ENGLAND: Home Eco- nornics, Stitch and Stir-Vice President, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus. WILLIAM LEE DOLENMAYER JOHN ROBERT DOWLER CHARLES DUFF HELEN DUFF CHARLEY ELKINS CAROLYN ENGLAND BOBBIE EWING ROBERT REYNOLDS ADDS THE FINISHING TOUCHES T0 ONE OF HIS MANY PRIZE PICTURES . PAT EWING am. LURA FARLEY NORMA JEAN FARLEY MOLLY JO FENNELL BARBARALU FISCHER JAMES H. FISHER JAMES FISHER BOBBIE EWING: General, Glee Club, Stitch and Stir, G. A. A .... PAT EWING: General, Majorette, Stitch and Stir. LURA FARLEY: General, Troupers, Social Studies Council .... NORMA JEAN FARLEY: Stenographic, Glee Club, Stitch and Stir, Y-Teens, F. B. L. A. MOLLY JO FENNELL: Stenographic, Y- Teens, G. A. A., Troupers, F. B. L. A., Social Studies Council .... BARBARALU FISCHER: College Preparatory, Orchestra, Band, Science Club, Latin Club-Presi- dent, National Honor Society, Jackson Journal, Bausch and Lomb Award .... ARETTA FISHER: General, G. A. A., Jackson Journal, F. B. L. A .... BETTY RUTH FISHER: Bookkeeping, F. B. L. A. JAMES H. FISHER: Bookkeeping .... JAMES FISHER: General .... KENDALL FISHER: Vocational .... MARY FISHER: Clerical, G. A. A., F. B .L. A. GLENNA FOLDEN: Stenographic, F. B. L. A., Y-Teens .... KATHLEEN FOX: Clerical, F. B. L. A .... WANDA GARNES: General, G. A. A., Y-Teens. . . . FRANCES GATES: College Prepara- tory, G. A. A., Stitch and Stir, Library Assistant. ARETTA FISHER BETTY RUTH FISHER KENDALL FISHER MARY FISHER GLENNA FOLDEN KATHLEEN FOX WANDA GARNES FRANCES GATES if JOAN LEE GEENE GROGAN GODBEY, JR. EDWIN L. GOELLER NADINE GOFF MARGARET GRASS JACK LEE GULLION Muuokls LOU HALL BETTY LOU HAMMER JACKIE MCWHORTER AND NATALIE BROOKS, C0-EDITORS OF THE JACKSONIAN, DISCUSS EXCHANGES l . i l NANCY GEENE PAT GODBEY JOAN LEE GEENE: General, G. A. A., Gym Leader, Y-Teens .... NANCY GEENE: College Preparatory, Mariorette, Y-Teens, Social Studies Council, G. A. A., Troupers. GROGAN GODBEY, JR.: Distributive Education, Distributive Education Club, Hi-Y .... PAT GODBEY: Clerical, G. A. A., F. B. L. A.-Vice President, Y-Teens, Library Assistant. ECCA GO DE Eowm L. GOELLER: College Prepara- REB 0 Bm' GRAHAM tory .... NADINE GOFF: Distributive Education, Distributive Education Club. , . . . REBECCA GOODE: Distributive Edu- 3 cation, Distributive Education Club .... BILL GRAHAM: College Preparatory, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, 2 Thespian-President, Boys State, All l State Chorus, Jacksonian, Glee Club, County Chorus, Social Studies Council, Student Council, Hi-Y - President, Troupers. MARGARET GRASS: College Preparatory, Jacksonian, Spanish Club .... JACK LEE GULLION: General, Movie Projector Op- erator, President of Sophomore Class .... BOOTS GUNNOE: General .... LOIS GUNTER: Stenographic, G. A. A., F. B. L. A., Y-Teens. Ren eumiof LOIS GIHTTERX MARJORIE LOU HALL: College Prepara- tory, Jacksonian, Spanish Club, G. A. A., Stitch and Stir, Junior Red Cross .... BET1'Y LOU HAMMER: College Prepa- ratory, Spanish Club, Troupers .... MARILYN HAMRICK: College Prepara- tory, National Honor Society, President of Junior and Senior Classes, G. A. A., Social Studies Council, Office Assistant, Girls' State, National and County Association Q of Student Councils .... DALE LYNN HARMON: College Preparatory. MARILYN HAMRICK DALE LYNN HARMON DOROTHY HARTLEY CONRAD HAYNES TOM MILLER AND FRANK DEARIAN FIND THE STUDY OF WILD BIRD LIFE VERY AMUSING JEAN HAYNES BILLY HAYNES JANET HENDRICKSON LINDSEY HICKMAN AMES HAROLD HODGES MARY SUE HOLDEN DOROTHY HARTLEY: Stenographic, G. A. A., F. B. L. A., Social Studies Council. . . . CONRAD HAYNES: Vocational. JEAN HAYNES: General, F. B. L. A. . . BILLY HAYNES: General. JANET HENDRICKSON: Stenographic. . . . LINDSEY HICKMAN: Distributive Education, Glee Club, Distributive Educa- tion Club. . .. ERMETH JUNE HILL: Bookkeeping, F. B .L. A .... ROBERT HITCHCOCK: General, Varsity Club, Football. JAMES HAROLD HODGES: General .... MARY SUE HOLDEN: College Prepara- tcry, Troupers, Student Council, Spanish Club, Stitch and Stir, Student Co-Gov- ernment Association, Secretary Junior Class .... JEAN HOLLANDSWORTH: College Preparatory, National Honor So- ciety, Tbespian, Troupers, Jackson Jour- nal, Latin Club, Y-Teens, G. A. A ..,. THOMAS DEE HORTON: College Pre- paratory. JIMMY HUDDLESTON: Vocational .... LOLA ILENE HUGHES: General, F, B. L. A .... HELEN FAYE HUMPHREYS: Stenographic .... LEWIS RAY HUND- LEY: General, Band, F. B. L. A., Baseball. ERMETH JUNE HILL ROBERT HITCHCOCK JEAN HOLLANDSWORTH THOMAS DEE HORTON JIMMY HUDDLESTON LOLA ILENE HUGHES HELEN FAYE HUMPHREYS LEWIS RAY HUNDLEY HELEN JEAN HUNT STANTON KINCAID. BILL GRAHAM, AND McKINLEY CHANDLER REPRESENT ORGANIZATIONS HELPED RICHARD HUNT CARROLL HUTTON BETTY LEE INGRAM DOLORES JACK KATHERINE JACK JULIAN W. JORDAN BOB JORDAN HELEN JEAN HUNT: Bookkeeping, F. B. L. A .... RICHARD HUNT: College Pre- paratory, Band Orchestra. CARROLL HUTTON: College Prepara- tory, Orchestra, Band, Science Club .... BETTY LEE INGRAM: Stenographic, F. B. L. A. DOLORES JACK: General, F. B. L. A., G. A. Ai, Stitch and Stir .... KATHERINE JACK: Clerical, F, B, L. A., Glee Club, . , . PAT JARVIS: Horne Economics, Stitch and Stir, G A. A., Gym Leader, Y-Teens .... HASKEL JONES: General. JULIAN W. JORDAN: College Prepara- tory ..,. BOB JORDAN: College Pre- paratory .... WILLIAM EDWARD KELLY: College Preparatory, Track, Base- ball, Football .... PEGGY KERSHNER: General, F. B. L. A. JENNY KESSEL: College Preparatory, Majorette, Spanish Club, Glee Club, Y- Teens, Miss Stonewall Jackson .... JOSEPH M. KESSLER, JR.: General, Bas- ketball .... STANTON KINCAID: Col- lege Preparatory, Jacksonian, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Thespian, Troupers, HJ-Y, Science Club, Social Studies Council, Latin Club, Boys' State, Basketball, Track .... ROBERT KIRBY: Vocational. PAT Mavis ' I-usual. J6NEs .. .Y-jc. JENNY KESSEL JOSEPH M. KESSLER, JR. STANTON KINCAID ROBERT KIRBY WARDEN KISER G. A. A. OFFICERS, NANCY COOK AND ANN SAUNDERS, ENJOY A GAME OF PING-PONG tsl JEAN AN N KOCH RAY KQQNTZ LUCILLE LATON PAT LAWHORN JO ANN LAYNE BETTY W. LEWIS PHYLLIS LEWIS "Y Ei. 'Cu WARDEN KISER: General, Varsity Club, Basketball, Baseball. .. . . JEAN ANN KOCH: College Preparatory, Spanish Club, Jacksonian, Y-Teens, Stitch and Stir, Girls' Glee Club, Troupers. RAY KOONTZ: Vocational .... LU- CILLE LATON: Distributive Education, Stitch and Stir, Distributive Education Club. PAT LAWHORN: General, G. A. A., Y- Teens, Gym Leader .... JO ANN LAYNE: College Preparatory, Spanish Club, Y- Teens, G. A. A., Gym Leader .... TEL- FORD LAYNE: General .... DOROTHA LEMON: Bookkeeping, F. B. L. A. BETTY W. LEWIS: General, Girls' Glee Club, Spanish Club .... PHYLLIS LEWIS: Home Economics, Glee Club-Vice Presi- dent, Stitch and Stir, Home Room-Presb dent .... GEORGE LILLY: Vocational. . . . HAROLD LONG: General, Band, Home Room-President. JOANNE LOVEALL: College Preparatory, National Honor Society, Office Assistant, Spanish Club, Social Studies Council .... JERRY ZOE LOVELL: College Prepara- tory, Stitch and Stir, Office Assistant, Social Studies Council .... WANDA LOWE: College Preparatory, F. B. L. A., Gym Leader. . . . DONALD LUCAS: General. TELFORD LAYNE DOROTHA LEMON GEORGE LILLY HAROLD LONG JOANNE LOVEALL JERRY ZOE LOVELL WANDA LOWE DONALD LUCAS l i 2 l l E i PHYLLIS LYNN 743--"' JACK MADDOX HOWARD MARION RUTH ANN MARKS JAMES EARL MARTIN JAMES MASLEY PATSY McCORMICK PATTY McCULLOUGH OPAL MAE MACE PAT LAWHORN ADDS FINAL TOUCHES TO HER FORMAL IN PREPARATION FOR CLOTHING EXHIBIT PHYLLIS LYNN: Stenographic .... OPAL MAE MACE: Stenographic, F. B. L. A. JACK MADDOX: College -Preparatory, Jackson Journal, Band .... HAROLD WAYNE MARION: Vocational. HOWARD MARION: College Prepara- tory, Varsity Club, Basketball, Track .... RUTH ANN MARKS: College Prepara- tory, National Honor Society, G. A. A., Social Studies Council, Y-Teens, Office Assistant, Orchestra, Latin Club .... PAT MARSHALL: General, Stitch and Stir, Glee Club .... DOROTHY MARTIN: General, F. B. L. A. JAMES EARL MARTIN: Distributive Edu- cation, Distributive Education Club, Home Room-President .... JAMES MASLEY: Vocational .... NANCY MacCOLLOM: College Preparatory, G. A. A., Stitch and Stir, Y-Teens, Home Room-President. . . . NORA MCCLANAHAN: Stenographic, Orchestra, F. B. L. A. PATSY MCCORMICK: Stenographic, G. A. A., F. B. L. A .... PATTY McCUL- LOUGH: College Preparatory, Stitch and Stir, Spanish Club .... KATHRYN Mc- LAUGHLIN: College Preparatory .... JACKIE McWHORTER: College Prepara- tory, Jacksonian-Editor, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Student Council, Social Studies Council, G. A. A., Troup- ers, Jackson's Mill. V HAROLD WAYNE MARI W PAT MARSHALL DOROTHY MARTIN NANCY MacCOLLOM NORA M:CLANAHAl .. ..... , v.,. LWYNLL, L 'LL . TOM MEADOWS 'HELEN JEAN MILLER 'IOMAS EUGENE MILLER LOWELL MILLER EDWIN S. MITCHELL KATHRYN MOLLOHAN JERRY LOVELL AND CARL YOUNG COMPLETE ARRANGEMENTS OF SALVATION ARMY FOOD' DISPLAY TOM MEADOWS: College Preparatory, Football, Baseball. . . . EUGENE A. MILAM: Business, Mixed Chorus, Glee Club. HELEN JEAN MILLER: sfenographic .... ROBERT LEE MILLER: Vocational. THOMAS EUGENE MILLER: College Pre- paratory, Student Council-President, Varsity Club, Football, Track, Basketball. . . . LOWELL MILLER: Bookkeeping, Football, Track, F, B. L. A., Hi-Y . . . JIM MIRANDA: College Preparatory, Vice President of Sophomore Class, All State Chorus, All County Chorus, Home Room-President, Mixed Chorus, Social Studies Council, Student Council, Track. . . . LORETTA MISKELL: Distributive Education, Stitch and Stir, Junior Red Cross. EDWIN S. MITCHELL: College Prepara- tory, Glee Club, Hi-Y .... KATHRYN MOLLOHAN: College Preparatory, Na- tional Honor Society, Troupers, Office Assistant, Latin Club .... JAMES MON- ROE: Bookkeeping, Student Council, Mo- tion Picture Club, Track, Baseball .... JOE MOORE: General, Varsity Club, F. B. L. A., Baseball, LOIS MORRIS: General, G. A. A., Stitch and Stir .,.. PATRICIA ANN MRINZO: General .... ELLA JEAN NEIL: Distribu- tive Education, Troupers, Thespian, Dis- tributive Education Club, Orchestra .... RONALD LEE NICELY: College Prepara- tory, Band, Orchestra, Science Club, Jacksonian, Jackson Journal. EUGENE A. MILAM K. -rrf :V',:, - , ytei 2 iii .r,, 2 , a ,. , lf.. ,. - -. ROBERT LEE MILLER JIM MIRANDA LORETTA, MISKELL JAMES MONROE JOE MOORE Lglg Mqgglg PATRICIA ANN MRINZO ELLA JEAN NEIL RONALD LEE NICELY FRED NICHOLSON PEGGY NORMAN BARBARA OVERSTREET BOB PARKINS EMOGENE PATTON KATHRYN PATTON MARY KATE PAXTON MARVIN PAYNE WARDEN KISER, 5. J. GUARD, DRIBBLES DOWN SIDELINE, AS HOWARD MARION CLOSES IN FRED NICHOLSON: College Preparatory, Band, Student Council .... LOUIE NO- LAN NOMAR, JR.: Distributive Educa- tion, Distributive Education Club. PEGGY NORMAN: Distributive Educa- tion, Home Room-President, Distribu- tive Education Club .... ELEANOR OLDAKER: Distributive Education, Y- Teens, Distributive Education Club, BARBARA OVERSTREET: Art, Cheer- leader, Home Room-President, Office Assistant, National Honor Society ,... BOB PARKINS: General, Varsity Club, F. B. L. A., Football, Track .... BILL PARSONS: General ..,. JOANNE PART- LOW: General, Majorette. EMOGENE PATTON: Stenographic .... KATHRYN PATTON: Stenograpbic .... KUMEN PATTON: General .... WIL- LIAM DANIEL PAULEY: Vocational. MARY KATE PAXTON: General .... MARVIN PAYNE: Vocational .,.. BETTY JEAN PEDERSEN: Bookkeeping, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Stitch and Stir, F. B. L. A .... MIRIAM PEL- ZEL: College Preparatory, Jackson Jour- nal. LOUIE NOLAN NOMAR, J ELEANOR OLDAKER BILL PARSONS JOANNE PARTLOW KUMEN PATTON WILLIAM DANIEL PAUL! BETTY JEAN PEDERSEN MIRIAM PELZEL JEAN PERFATER LOUISE PERRY MODELING FOR THE CHRISTMAS STYLE SHOW ARE JEAN WITHROW AND BARBARA OVERSTREETQ ILMA ARLENE PITCHFORD Q BARBARA Pl-ASTER PAULINE PORTER WILLIAM PRING NANCY Raorokn MAE RANSOM JAMES RHODES LOU ANN RHODES A 'Zi s'- JEAN PERFATER: College Preparatory, Jacksonian, Quill and Scroll, Y-Teens, Glee Club, Science Club, Latin Club .... LOUISE PERRY: Business. WILMA ARLENE PITCHFORD: Steno- qraphic, Mixed Chorus, Y-Teens .... BARBARA PLASTER: College Prepara- tory, National Honor Society, Cheerleader, Social Studies Council, G. A. A., Office Assistant, Y-Teens, Orchestra, Spanish Club. PAULINE PORTER: College Preparatory, G. A. A., Troupers, Stitch and Stir, Social Studies Council .... WILLIAM PRING: Distributive Education, Band, F. B. L. A., Distributive Education Club .... LYN- DALL PRITT: Music, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Junior Red Cross .... LOUISE PRUETT: Music, Glee Club. NANCY RADFORD: Stenographic, Glee Club, F. B. L. A .... MAE RANSON: General, G. A. A .... GENEVA AILEEN REVEAL: Stenographic, F. B. L. A .... ROBERT JACK REYNOLDS: College Pre- paratory, Band, Orchestra. JAMES RHODES: Vocational, Varsity Club .... LOU ANN RHODES: College Preparatory, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Jacksonian, Troupers, Stitch and Stir, Latin Club, Science Club, Y- Teens, Office Assistant .... EDDY ROB- INSON: General .... BARBARA ROCK- HOLD: College Preparatory, Glee Club, Y-Teens. LYNDALL PRITT LOUISE PRUETT GENEVA AILEEN REVEAL ROBERT JACK REYNOLDS EDDY ROBINSON BARBARA ROCKHOLD fi PATTY su: noesns WORKING DILIGENTLY ON THE SCHOOL PAPER ARE BILL DENT AND DON SANTEE 1 l A fl, ' ,nf .56 rw.. i If'A'fa+' -' ' VELMA ROSE WANDA R055 JOAN ROUSH NEZABETH ROUSH ED RUGELEY DONALD SAMPSON DON SANTEE PATTY SUE ROGERS: College Prepara- tory, National 'Honor Society, Orchestra, Band, Latin Club, F. B. L. A., Y-Teens, Troupers, All State Orchestra, National High School Poetry Association .... VELMA ROSE: Stenographic, F. B. L. A. WANDA ROSS: Bookkeeping, G. A. A., Y-Teens .... JOAN ROUSH: College Preparatory, Spanish Club, Office As- sistant. NEZABETH ROUSH: Stenographic .... ED RUGELEY: College Preparatory, Stu- dent Council, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Social Studies Council, Hi-Y, Varsity Club, Baseball, Basketball, Jackson Journal, Boys' State .... ANDY SALISBURY: General .... EMOGENE SAMPLES: General. DONALD SAMPSON: General .... DON SANTEE: Clerical, Jackson Journal, F. B. L. A .... ANN SAUNDERS-1 College Preparatory, G. A. A., Science Club, French Club .... NORMA SAYRE: Dis- tributive Education, Distributive Educa- tion Club. CAROL SCHAEFER: Bookkeeping, Jack- sonian, Troupers, Glee Club, Y-Teens, F. B. L. A., Stitch and Stir .... VIR- GINIA SHETTER: College Preparatory, Troupers, French Club .... ROBERT SHIFLETT: Business .... EDWARD SHORT: Vocational. ANDY SALISBURY EMOGENE SAMPLES ANN SAUNDERS NORMA SAYRE CAROL SCHAEFER VIRGINIA SI-IETTER ROBERT SHIFLETT EDWARD SHORT JOE SIGMON DOROTHY SISSON JOROTHY JEAN SLOAN BARBARA SMITH MILDRED SMITH TEDDY SMITH JEAN HOLLANDSWORTH ACTS AS STUDENT DIRECTOR OF "OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND' GAY" JOE SIGMON: General, Band, F. B. L. A. . . . JACK SIMPSON: Distributive Educa- tion, Distributive Education Club. DOROTHY SISSON: Distributive Educa- tion, Distributive Education Club .... DONALD SKEEN: General. DOROTHY JEAN SLOAN: Clerical, F. B. L. A .... BARBARA SMITH: General. . . . CLAUDE SMITH: College Prepara- tory, Social Studies Council, Student Council .... JIMMIE SMITH: General, F. B. L. A., Band. MILDRED SMITH: Stenographic, F. B. L. A .... TEDDY SMITH: College Pre- paratory, National Honor Society, Science Club, Football, Track .... CARL SNOD- GRASS: Vocational ..,. RAYMOND SNODGRASS: Business, Home Room- President, Spanish Club, Basketball, Foot- ball, Baseball. ROBERT E. SPRADLING: Vocational, Band .... BERNARD LEE SPROUSE: Vocational .... ROBERT STANLEY: College Preparatory, Jacksonian, Social Studies Council .... JAMES STEPHENS: Clerical, Band, F. B. L. A. DONALD SKEEN CLAUDE SMITH MMM? SMIT X L, CARL SNODGRASS RAYMOND SNODGRASS DBERT E. SPRADLING BERNARD LEE SPROUSE ROBERT lSTANLEY JAMES STEPHENS JACK SIMPSON 9' DOROTHY STRICKLEN MM A Ca. . SHIRLEY SUMMERS RANDALL SUTTON BILL TATE JAMES LEROY TENNEY RALPH EUGENE THACKER syn 1" H, Wm-an-'A f f STT, ' My lt. rg ,jr my VW :ik t IV, I r i V. , Z ' ff Kin- ,H .g r I 'yyk ED MITCHELL LENDS A HELPING HAND TO BILL BASHAM WHILE "JOHNNY" LOVEALL LOOKS ON DOROTHY STRICKLEN: College Prepara- tory, Jackson Journal, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, National Honor Society, Yearling, French Club, Social Studies Council .... PATTY SULLIVAN: General, G. A. A., Y-Teens. SHIRLEY SUMMERS: College Prepara- tory .... LUTHER SUTTON: Vocational. RANDALL SUTTON: College Preparatory, Baseball .... BILL TATE: Vocational .... JOHN TAYLOR: General, Thespian, Troupers .... PAT TAYLOR: Home Economics. JAMES LEROY TENNEY: General .... RALPH EUGENE THACKER: Business,' F. B. L. A., Football, Track .... WIL- LIAM R. THOMAS: Vocational .... ANEITA THOMPSON: Bookkeeping. BILL THOMPSON: Distributive Educa-' tion, F. B. L. A., Distributive Education Club .... JAMES TRENT: Vocational, PATTY SULLIVAN LUTHER SUTTON JOHN TAYLOR PAT TAYLOR WILLIAM R. THOMAS ANEITA THOMPSON . . . BETTY ANN TRUITT: College Pre- paratory, Band .... CLARENCE D. TULLY: College Preparatory, Spanish Club, Band, Science Club. BILL THOMPSON JAMES TRENT BETTY ANN TRUITT CLARENCE D. TULLY -Q"""-----..., 1 l sos uNoERwooo 5 Z JEAN WALKER BARBARA WARD STACY LOUIS WEHRLE NDELL RAY WETHERHOLT JO ANN WHITE 2 2' . -.. BARBARA BANKS, AMONG OTHER ACTIVITIES, SERVES AS STONEWALL'S HEAD CHEERLEADER BOB UNDERWOOD: College Preparatory, Track ,,.. DIANE VANTAELEN: College Preparatory, Glee Club, Library Assistant, French Club, Y-Teens. JEAN WALKER: Stenographic, Glee Club, F. B. L. A .,.. ANN WALL: Bookkeep- ing, Majorette, G. A. A., Y-Teens. BARBARA WARD: College Preparatory, Glee Club-President, Y-Teens, Social Studies Council, Spanish Club .... STACY LOUIS WEHRLE: College Preparatory, Band, Orchestra .... CAROL WELCKER: College Preparatory, G. A. A., Science Club .... JEAN WEST: Home Economics, Stitch and Stir. WENDELL RAY WETHERHOLT: Gen- eral .... JO ANN WHITE: General, Y- Teens .... NEIL WHITE: College Pre- paratory, Band .... RICHARD KAY WHITEMAN: College Preparatory, Band, Jackson Journal, Yearling, Orchestra, Na- tional Honor Society. MARION EDGAR WILLIAMS: Voca- tional .... PAUL WILLIAMS II: College Preparatory, Glee Club, Social Studies Council, Mixed Chorus, French Club .... FRANCES WILSON: College Preparatory, G. A. A., Latin Club, Science Club .... CLARENCE WINGO: Vocational. M., -...SNQM """"'-'--C .... DIANE VANTAELEN Y A' wi Q sa- CAROL WELCKER JEAN WEST NEIL WHITE RICHARD KAY WHITEMAN uuou EDGAR wn.uAMs Mui. wii.uAMs ii rnmczs wii,50N cunsncs wmco CHARLES WITHERELL JOE CHILDRESS FINDS PHOTOGRAPHY AN INTERESTING AND E JEAN WITHROW PHYLLIS WITTERS CARL STEPHEN WOLF! RUTH WOLFE DOLLY WOOD CARL YOUNG MARY YOUNG PAUL ASBURY CHARLES WITHERELL: College Prepara- tory, National Honor Society, Jackson Journal, Band .... JEAN WITHROW: General, Cheerleader, Stitch and Stir, G. A. A. PHYLLIS WITTERS: General, G. A. A., Y-Teens, Troupers ,... CARL STEPHEN WOLFE: General. RUTH WOLFE: Bookkeeping, G. A. A. . . . DOLLY WOOD: Stenographic, G. A. A., Glee Club .... ALICE WOODRUM: College Preparatory, Jackson Journal, Troupers, National Honor Society, Stitch and Stir, Quill and Scroll, Social Studies Council, G. A. A .... NANCY WYATT: College Preparatory, Y-Teens, Spanish Club. CARL YOUNG: College Preparatory, Var- sity Club, Football, Basketball, Track, Home Room-President .... MARY YOUNG: Stenographic, G. A. A., F. B. L. A., Jackson Journal. RALPH YOUNG: Business Education, Home Room--President, Football, Base- ball .... JO ANN CARTER: College Preparatory, Science Club, G. A. A., Y-Teens. PAUL MONROE- ASBURY: Vocational. . . . FRANK BURDETTE: General. Not Pictured: KENNY DAVIS, LEROY FLOWERS, JAMES HERBERT GARNES, EUGENE McDONOUGH, EDWARD MIL- LER, JAMES RAINES, ARDEN STULL, QUENTIN YOUNG. --,..-... , ...U.-. RALPH YOUNG JO ANN CARTER FRANK BURDETTE 5mm lf! fD ,HC Fa n Caygn GW Z LI W Wa fy ga ll fill - 'f mam 7 'ILZZFV I Q 5 '91 . "' f 5' ii.'r.: ,wg fy w ifi, ' if 5 1 y ease: rw .. QM-f' M fy W4 ' i ' V XQC 1 QS of , -K3 W wmxm w x 63752432 7? ,da 3 Ffofl 'Daw L. B ,A I J ig'-' Q ' fl QW I Q h -" -- A ,k,x . ,- 'fy Q5 ' ll Q' ,lf if If-411 2553 M' v Qi iam? W cb' if f A -A - '- GJ Egg? ww, :Eg E!- t IH ,E w 'Eu ge? I' 5 4hA',-1.4, in f . E - vi '45 L lf. , 1 6 glaccalrw-ea.'t as 60 ww 6411! J fa. j X Zguwldybwymmf unirfnd 00 :TMJ O6 F My CM Z I 7 2, ,N N -- Safgw N -iz 'Nu ' . 0'5" XX s f 1-'Z nm -x An D X W MW, A lv' xg lk' X Y! f ' 7 5 .D f Xl if , fy f Z I XX sf 1 f ,, f Z, A r Q XXI X 'E 4 ' "1 v-1 U Co ' al N xx X X x XXX 0 4 XX mx 70 XSX. "LA, . X xx ,lf 77 Olflfl' . Af85 LDQJVW lljdfflfe of C COLOSSEUM ROME, ITALY This mammoth unroofed build- ing has been universally known as the athletic center of the Romans. .1 3' 1 i ! ,gjoorlfdmcufznfa anno! jrienjfy gaudy omedicfe EJQIMPLIA5 inidd jim! in First row: Wendell Turley, Bill Jones, Eugene Watson, Al Carey, Ralph Holmes, Jimmy Rhodes, Carl Beaver, Bill Landers, David Sadd. Second row: "Amy" Wines, Joe Moore, Pat Schell, Bob Caufield, Cas Downs, Ed Rugeley, John Cundift, Ralph "Red" Holmes, Bryan Smithers, Third row: Bob Riley lManagerl, Poochie Gardner, Paul Pickering, Jim Cavender, Teddy Boggess, Bill Lance, Carroll Miller, Dick Bradley lManagerl, Coach Hutson. SEASON RECORD S. J., 8-Washington District, 7 S. J., 3-Sissonville, 4 S. J., l9TCharleston Catholic, 4 S. J., O-East Bank, 7 S. J., 5-Huntington East, 6 S. J., 5-Sissonville, 4 S. J., 8-Nitro, l S. J., l-St. Albans, 5 S. J., 2-St. Albans, 5 S. J., 3-Nitro, 7 S. J., l2-Huntington High, 8 S. J., 5-Charleston High, l PROSPECTS Returning from the starting nine are Jimmy Rhodes, ZB, Bill Jones, 3-B, Bob Cau- field, P, and Joe Moore, C. There will be many other returning lettermen from last year's squad. There are Poochie Gardner, Bill Lowe, Bryan Smithers, Ralph Holmes, and Amy Wines. Outfielders are Jim Cavender, Ed Ruge- ley, and Paul Pickering. On the mound will be pitchers Wendell Turley and Teddy Bog- gess, and catcher Carroll Miller. These boys, along with the newcomers, are hoping to become part of the S. J. Base- ball Team. , Stonewall's versa- tile baseball coach, Clyde "Pud" Hutson. fi 5 ll' . 1 ' The Stonewall Horsehide Hurlers and Hitters broke even in a fair season with a 6-6 record. The Generals were runners up in the sectional tournament and third in the Kanawha Valley Conference. Caufield, Sadd, Holmes, and Turley were our hurlers, with Caufield seeing the heaviest pitching duty. Big Joe Moore was behind the plate. Cas Downs, left fielder, and "Otho" Holmes, short stop, led in batting average for the year. At first base was Bill Louders, second base, Jimmy Rhodes, third base, Bill Jones, center field, Eugene Watson, and in right field, Dave Sadd, Pat Schell, "Pinky" Carey, and "Bunkey" Rugeley also saw lots of action. E Nfl 'F m, ,mf 1 an f sg .gi ' , mv! ,Q K- y ,P we ,. 5 E ',A, Xff . , 15 .fa 3 S ' f 1 is . 'P J , Q K X A , .,. H F " . t '- Y i 1 L. .v I A . , v 5 Q'-' - ,T N51 . , g 1,5 , a x Y - .,. . . g' W, A , ? X . iv 4552. s 5-. wg - VT, x xx- ' gf- v V. .W e- L a.,,A,, enemg 'Sweep ,Sifafe jfacg Cgfeamloiond LVO First row: Hamrick, Lynn, Kiser, Hansbarger, Farley, Samples, Harper, Wingo, Hillenbrand, Stump, Folden. Second row: Kirby, Miller, Harrah, Ward, Parkins, Bailey, H. Marion, Boggs, Jarrett, C. Marion, Dugger, Fox, H. Chinn, Britt, Shores. Third row: Coach Parsons, Manager Young, Holliday, Lamont, watson, Bedinger, Coiner, Cox, Welcher, Hamric, Duff, Center, McCauley, Young. Fourth row: Manager Clendenen, Weiford, Meader, Leeds, Hughes, Harper, Milam, Henry, Bailey, T. Chinn, Vance, Priestly,.Manager Bailey, Manager Thaxton. I SEASON RECORD Stonewall made a clean sweep in track, capturing the following six meets before being defeated by a nar- row margin by Marietta in the Marietta Relays. Won - Stonewall lnvitational Huntington Relays Wheeling Invitational Big Five Meet Gazette Relays Regional Meet W. Va. State Track Meet Lost Marietta Relays 82 Coach Parsons grins happily meet. . t. l V x ij, x S x X after tr i wifi.. winning regional The l948 track season was the mos successful in our brief history. Thi thinclads swept to seven straight vic tories including the all important Wes Virginia State track meet. Our onl' misfortune befell us in the Marietta Ohio, Night Relays, the last meet o the season in which we lost by a scan margin to the Marietta team. S. J. has an extremely well rounded team, plac ing men in every event in the majority of the meets, Hillenbrand, White Grimes, Marion, Jarrett, and Hamricl were outstanding in the hurdles, whicl' were our strongest point. ln the dasFef Farley, Samples, and Boggs carried the main load while Shores, Wingo, anc Hamrick were the mainstays in thi middle distances. Hansbarger shone az the miler, and Samples was outstand ing in the shot put. Folden in the dis cus, Grimes, White, and Chinn in the high jump, Harrah and Grimes in broac jump rounded out the field event squad. Our relay teams consisted o Grimes, Hillenbrand, Jarrett, and Ma rion in the Shuttle Hurdle, Boggs Samples, Britt, and Wingo, in the Med ley, and Hamrick, Britt, Boggs anc Farley in'the Mile Relay. ,ff Hoppy Shores, double winner in the middle distance races, crouches for a trial start on Laidlev Field's back stretch. t Virginia's number one hurdler, Derald Hillenbrand, hits the timber but on to win in the finals of the llO yard highs. Grimes is keeping a close Wd. 'he timber toppers of Stonewall Jackson have long been the backbone of the team. Coach Parsons seems to develop them as his specialty. Two out of state Hurdle records are held in the bulging trophy cases of S. J. Derald nbrand, probably the best hurdler the state has ever seen, broke the ZOO low record last year. The Shuttle Hurdle Relay record is held by Hildenbrand, gs, Lilly, and Grimes. Nile Samples heaves the shot to a state title. v f-if' :agar 1. ,gt . an W "Skylight" Grimes breaks the tape far in the lead on the last leg of the shuttle hurdle relay. - . M,"i ?"' State Winners in the shuttle hurdle relay are Carl Marion, Ernest Grimes, Derald Hillenbrand, and Bill Jarrett. These timber toppers won in all meets but the Gazette Relays, when they lost a close decision to Charleston. l i Echols l-lansbarger leads as he goes into the third lap of the mil going on to take second in the Stonewall Invitational. l l i 2 l el Carrying the brunt of the medley relay team is Albert Wingo, who ran the open 880 and repeated the tough race again in the medley. enema 5 ffffwfegafecf in 24 armed First row: Harrah, Farley, Boggs, Dugger, Carey, Morgan, Casebolt, Folelen, Young, Miller, Shores. Second row: Kirby, C. White, Britt, Meadows, Schell, Parsons, Chinn, Cox, Wingo, J. White, Hamilton, Jarrett. Third row: Duff, Lynn, Thacker, Bedinger, Coiner, Nicholas, T. Miller, Dearien, Thompson, Welcher, Coach Parsons. Fourth row: Coach Hutson, T. Chinn, Kelly, Koontz, Walker, Miller, Morgan, Helmick, Thompson, Weiford, Arose, Coach Miller. GENERALS UNDEFEATED The l948 edition of the Stonewall Jackson football team was a great success from all points of view. The boys blocked, tackled, and ran hard UNDEFEATED SEASON all season to run the victory streak to twenty-four straight games with only one tie to mar the otherwise perfect record. This came in a hard-fought game with the Highlanders from Huntington, The cross town rival, Charles- S' lf 68-Sutton' O ton High, bowed low before the scarlet scourge in the traditional battle of the east and west. The highly touted Dunbar grid crew were slaughtered S J I3-Weirton 7 52-O in one of the hardest hitting battles ever seen in the Mud Bowl lLaiclley Field to all who still think there's grass sornewherel. ln the last quarter Dunbar started a later regretted free-for-all, but by the end of the S J 9-Aghland iKen,l , O game at least the players were friends again. Hoppy Shores was the hero of the year with his record-breaking lO3 yard run to score the second touchdown against Huntington. The Hopper S. J., 48-East Bank, 18 caught a punt and amid superb blocking raced across the end-zone and all the wa down the side-line to score. Bill Farley's arm was one of the most valuabl weapons Stonewall possessed. With Doc Young, Dane Boggs, S' J" 20-South Charleston' O Zack Nicholas, Shores, and Jarrett on the receiving ends of Farley's heaves a large portion of the Generals' touchdowns were made through the air. S J 14-Huntington East, 14 Greasegun Miller, bone crushing fullback, piled up more yardage through the middle than anyone else while Shores, Jarrett, and Harrah ran wild around the outside. S. J., 28-Fairmont, O A line to be proud of the name "Stonewall" was composed of Boggs and Young at the ends, Dugger and Folden at tackles, Casebolt and Carey . ., . ., or Chinn at the guards and Big Buck Morgan at center. Stonewall placed S' lf 53-Dunbar' O Morgan and Shores on the second all-state team and Folden, Young, Miller, Boggs and Dugger all received honorable mention. Quarter-back Farley S J ZITC H S 12 was given a place on the third team, While the play of these boys showed they were better than the honors received, the team play left room for no great star. fm 5 H 2, .354 iq., f a ,J "LN vm w 1 Vhg ' ff CK 4, -A-if Q gglgjgf , h If 5951 fr M QQ - H4 1 KLLWS'-"'z Y .,'-, H5 , ,fly 5 - fmQ,5u,Y " t if W W A Q. WP 4 N WI, 9 nge, K I iv' iffy We Ti? Q 1 fv M V H is I ,,,ff 1, ,, '-,1. Q .X , , Ti 3 ,L F 4 in 'H H P 'wwgdv 4' ad., 41 L We , ,, Q 2 - aw 'ww 'ww 'Lum wwf. - w Q A Q, M, ' 19545 4 f siik ' L f K ,S i 1' -' ' - .4,,,,- ,. is VK, A. x- . Sig X , V . 2 fgfz Q f M2225 'J :tiff 4 g N Q I I 2 z 1 5 i ig Q -ig? ,4," ' K A A ,. I, V. K V.,, I .fy , ,55iLffmQ .Q.m5e?M aww 15,66 A V - ".' 1v-,s waz Q Q . , J , A, 7.,, W . , Q-1 Wg xwmmfq WV -MM' mqfiymmid .,-' - X vb Hoppy Shores puts out every- thing he's got to demonstrate the determination that help- ed to make him an all-state back. Greasegun Miller sidesteps a would-be tackler in the hair- raising Wierton game. Vicious blockers and hard running backs are a combi- nation that are hard to beat. Jim Miller does the running as Bill Casebolt and Buck Morgan clear the way. s ECLJOVL S. J. SWAMPS SUTTON 68-0 The Generals started out the "48" season in great style, putting on a 68-O high-scoring spree. l-loppy Shores ran wild, scoring three touchdowns, one a sensational punt run-back. Bill Farley, regular quarterback, recuperating from a broken foot, was used only to kick extra points. Doc Young did an excellent fill-in job at the pivot spot. The substitutes took over for almost half the game, and the score still went up with James White, a sub fullback, tallying two. EDGE WEIRTON 'l3-7 One of those cold winds, known specifically as Weirton, blew out of the north and tried unsuccessfully to chill General Stonewall Jack- son in what turned out to be one of the toughest games of the season. Jim Miller scored first for S. J., but by half time Weirton was in the lead at 7-6. The Generals came back strong the second half to take the lead once and for all, when one of Farley's accurate aerials found Britt in the end zone. WHIP ASHLAND 9-0 The scarlet scourge left Laidley field for the first time this season to journey to Ashland, Kentucky. The game started in high gear, all the scoring was over after three minutes of play. Stonewall scored a safety when Britt's opening kickoff went into the end-zone. Four plays later "Greasegun" Miller went off tackle for the full distance to complete the scoring. The Tomcats then turned it into one of the roughest battle of the year, SMOTHER EAST BANK 40-18 Co-captains Shores and Farley starred as S. J. marked up their fourth win of the year. lt was a high scoring, wide open game all the way. The benchwarmers took to the gridiron midway in the second quarter, and East Bank found this to their liking, scoring three touchdowns, the most points scored against Stonewall in 23 games. The Pioneers were the last team to defeat Stonewall, although most people can't remember that far back, it was in l946. ELIMINATE SOUTH CHARLESTON Z0-0 The Black Eagles were really "up" for the game as is usually the case with the heated rivalry between S. J. and S. C. At the end of the half the scoreboard registered a big goose egg for both teams. The Generals put a stop to this, scoring three touchdowns in the second half. Big Buck Morgan showed the style that gave him a berth on the second all-state team as he played a bruising defensive game. rw ,Wyw W ff ' Q we .. ? 1 K "N, " ,L " -. 5 Q Q x I 3 f-' ,Q , 7 wg? , W P ' WA , , L' 1 L L . L E 7 ' ' 5 A I ik Vykk 3 QAM' 5 a -3 3, may W' 'M an., M vifx V Mr" ww' have mf' Vxw' fa ,ff ,OV 1 ' 's Q 'T A W LL H ,,L . , , ,A ,V 'QL I -N ,L , up 1 4 M f . Q WWW rv Myv' I ggwwd, ,ww-f"" ,M fi A my ' Z, S' , f Q, Wy ' gg ' 'fx . 'X V ' WF' , jf? , .33-ff ,Q f ,, , 17 ,, , Wu flak wif fi 'M .2 A My A -V ' -, -, ' gg 5.5-ML wjw ew if K0 EN Everybody carries the ball. Big Buck Morgan, S. J. center, intercepts a pass and takes off in the South Charleston game. THE SPORT OF FOOTBALL This is an open letter to all fans of the greatest sport on earth. The game of football was designed primarily for physical exercise and recreation for a group of boys. lt has grown now until not only is it recreation, it is an institution. Football is essen- tially a clean game. There are no hard feelings be- tween the players, only a sense of good clean rivalry. Let us keep it that way. The fans naturally become excited as do the boys, but let this excitement and hardfeeling end with the game. lf the fans will carry on the spirit of sportsmanship that is con- tinually demonstrated by the players, it will be a better game for everyone. Letfs don't spoil the greatest sport on earth by over-emphasizing the rivalry or by becoming bitter toward another team or school. After running over the Dunbar star, Jenkins lin back- groundl, Bill Jarrett is about to be pulled to the ground. ,, , M M NGN ,, ,ti ' f AA 9 'Q S r 0 Nj, ' RWM M..W,, g,,,i,. A W ' is ' Q 2 M 1 i Q F W, 2, mf -.-, Y ,,,, x -' f 111 1 G? if 4. N51 , i K m+fT!l!4WkM ,AW 4v.,,, My A H V W5 ' ' E 3 - f fm X , ,,,. ,, - ,, A 4 A wi fm m - V L VF, N mf.. A.. Wfbr 1,5 U. ' L mf We , , g ,M , if 1. f ,. I. N1 , Q. , x Q .gf J ,M 'S ' ' 1 G H3 f K . .A W .2 ' - K if 1' X- 1 - ,V tu + H -U . ' , Y: , .' WW 'L bg 1 41 V V W xi ,g , js A L . , U - ' :J ' A ' f x- . , 4, K K 2? Y 'Bi , Qi A ,Av f B J, . Us jg 'vu 4- 7 L .EE , 533 ,FK 4 mem 4, KMJAQEAQK, 7 94 9 Basketball Team. First row: Bill Jarrett, Howard Marion, Carl Marion, Zach Nicholas, Warden Kiser, Eugene Reese, Dick Harrah. Second row: Ed Rugely, "Red" Ralph Holmes, Jim Cavender, "Hoppy" Shores, Bob Parsons, Jack Jarrett, Denzil O'Dell. Third row: Bill Dyke-Manager, Bob Riley-Man- ager, Jerry Bollinger, John Oxley, Ritchie Thompson, Hubert Cunningham-Manager, Coach Clyde "Pud" Hutson. GENERALS WIN KANAWHA VALLEY CONFERENCE The Generals of Stonewall Jackson enjoyed one of their most successful sea- sons in years. Sporting a regular season record of l6 won and 4 lost, they won the .fanawha Valley Conference. ln tournament play Coach Hutson's quintet swept through the sectional and regional tournaments before being stopped by Wheeling in the state championship play-offs at Morgantown. Stonewall, in winning the K. V. C. for the 'third time, gained permanent possession of the trophy. Zach Nicholas and Hoppy Shores made the Kanawha Valley team and the sectional and regional tournament teams. Red Holmes made the sectional along with Warden Kiser. Carl Marion received mention on the all tournament team also. There were no great stars on the Stonewall aggregation for, as usual, Coach Hutson fielded a well balanced team with no one boy 'holding the limelight. In the sectional tournament Stonewall defeated Dunbar and a strong Nitro team and in the regional beat East Bank and Charleston High. The game with Charleston was a battle royal, both teams having won one game during the regular season. The Generals played great ball. Ralph Holmes was as hot as his red hair and all the boys gave everything they had. Warden Kiser played only one quarter on account of an ankle injury suffered in the East Bank game. Zack Nickolas, our great center, celebrated the most unhappy birthday of his life when he became 20 years old and thereby ineligible three days before the state tournament. Had the Generals had him, the story of the tournament might have been quite different. ln the State Basketball Tournament the Generals met a big Wheeling team the first round. Stonewall fought hard but could never quite get ahead of the Wildcats from the north. Marion and Jarrett fouled out, and Kiser played a great ball game on a bad ankle. Wheeling went on to the finals before losing to West Fairmont. We are all proud of a great ball club who have proved themselves among the best in the state. Regular season personal scoring ran as follows for 20 games: Nickolas-192, Kiser-212, Shores-l75, Holmes-l 59, C. Marion-l 54. This record shows clearly that our team was a well rounded aggregation. They and the other boys on the squad were all great ball players. Regular Season Team S.J. Opp. Elkview ,, ,,..,,.. . , 48 35 St. Albans ,... . ,. . 4l 29 Clendenin . . 55 5l Huntington East 43 45 Parkersburg ...... . 69 40 Charleston .. .. .. ,. 32 44 Huntington Central . . 48 47 East Bank... .. 62 50 South Charleston .. 64 28 Charleston Catholic 45 53 DuPont .. 64 47 Dunbar . . . .. 67 29 Huntington Central .. 50 63 Charleston . W 50 45 Huntington East , 45 62 South Charleston .. 45 43 East Bank .,,,,,, 74 51 St. Albans . 74 5l Dunbar 64 46 Clendenin . ., 46 43 Sectional Tournament Dunbar ..... . . 63 45 Nitro , . . . . 66 56 Regional Tournament East Bank .. .. .. . 6l 45 Charleston .,........ . . . 5l 39 State Tournament ' 58 Wheeling H.. ........ .. . . .. 50 xx -wi 'Tr S, wf J 'W . Vive. Q xffx 4 'Fx xg, ygwli, , ,L Q, -x 2 2 J www Ma1s. m.,uv wewwm 1,,:f,,--. , B TEAM -Madison 42 Catholic 25 Clendenin 56 -Charleston 43 -Dunbar 28 East Bank 3 3 -Madison 55 -Elkview I9 South Charleston 24 -Catholic 35 -DuPont I8 -Elkvlew 22 -Dunbar 44 -Huntington Central 36 -DuPont 27 -Charleston 52 Huntington Central 34 South Charleston 25 B TEAM -East Bank 44 -Clendenin 53 Coach Miller continued his winning ways as his hustling mites from Jack- son Heights won I8 out of 20. Yeager, Dugger, and Jarrett played great ball all season as did Parsons, Thompson, and Bolinger. All these boys will some day be stars for the varsity, and it looks as if Stonewall is due for another State Championship when these sophomores become seniors. First row: Bollinger, Helmick, Newman, Parsons, Lynn, Thompson, Jarrett. Second row: Libel- Manager, Jeffrey, Coates, Dugger, Yeager, Robinson, Tesch, Coach Rex Miller. Zack Nickolas scoles as the referee watches closely. Good officiating makes for a good game. . lfonewaf ,S?vLc!e1fLf5 gap? I LL : ig! E QW I I IA' N Q23 f V2 ,-X E IA ' 'fm Ez 'tw WN f K 4 'Y'2if,g, IN V EIF F EL TOWER PARIS, FRANCE One of the most popular fea- tures to attract tourists is the famous Eiffel Tower. 1. if 1 ,X 1 'QI' 1 L X 9 ,1 t Q V' 5 ' w. MIK ' ,A vig .7 ' if Q? . .Li K g ,, .. ,, W Q -1 ' -I . I Y? ,, L? f . X V nf ' ., , XL,L A .. QW Hgfsifw I. :isi- v2 5235? A "" H ifigzffi A 4 . J ,GZ -K . jigf 5 fi W V 5525 iw ,1 . ,MQ ' 2751, a .Q W x S r Nr Y 4 ,821 w 2 s P s 5 K X H 15 v F 655 lfonewcaf Jowkdon are y c CMJ ,. Kr K5 ..., I A jx f X. 3 , ik , X15 ,,iA m . .U ,.... gy as J , c X fi ggxfi ' 1 X' 5 nf , , Y ,f ff f Vivacious Jenny Kessel was elected by the student body as Miss Stonewall Jackson to represent the school in the annual football classic with Charleston High School. Jenny is a mem- ber ot the June graduating class and one of the high-stepping majorettes in the Scarlet and Gray Band. l-ler two attendants and other candidates tor the title are shown on the opposite page. I QR I . J V ' li f 3 . " 9 . ffc-H ' J E' is ,X Q J' my rl A K kkri 1 I i xi' A Z - i 2fl"'9t'?'x" if by gb J 'S KA ,is Meow . s 'Jw ' x l rirt Marilyn Hamrick Barbara Dudderar Attendant Marilyn is a popular senior who has always Attractive Barbara Dudderar, who was head been active in the student council. l-ler winning malorelle ln her lumor and. Semor years? has added sparkle to the half-tame ceremonies at ways have won her many friends at Stonewall. our foofball gamegl l Sarah Mullins Sarah is another high stepper in the Scarlet and Gray Band. She is a popular member of the January graduating class. ampzfw Cjnfiw A peppy S J cheerleader, petite Barbara Overstreet, is a well-liked member of the senior class and has been active in many school Barbara Overstreet A lovely blonde, Betty Kiser, is also a mem- A striking brunette, Barbara Plaster, is a ber of the January graduating class and is loyal Stonewall cheerleader and has participated known for her gay and bubbling personality. in various school organizations. activities. Barbara Plaster Betty Kiser Attendant The Junior class play, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," was presented on December 3, l948, under the direction of Mrs. Charlotte S. Waggy. This was Mrs. Waggy's first play at Stonewall. The play was adapted from the best-selling book by Cor- nelia Otis Skinner and Emily Kimbrough. The setting of the first two acts was in the cabin on shipboard, while the third act was in their hotel room in Paris. ' Upper left: Mrs. Skinner is ordering her husband to be sure the room is rid of the bedbugs that have plagued the girls during their stay at the hotel in Paris. Right: Emily gets a sudden attack of seasickness, and Cornelia seems worried as she watches her friend. Below: The entire cast of the play is shown doing bits of acting from various scenes of the play. lftlf' 86Ll"f5 Olftlflfg 0'LlfL6! QOL? ' umm 1 . ..-vnnvvt ' . CAST Steward ..,...,,.. . .......,........ Bob O'Conner Mrs. Skinner. ,... .Evelyn Hoisington Cornelia Otis Skinner..l.enore Hamilton Otis Skinner. ..,.,,,,,,,.,.,..,.. Jack Riggs Emily Kimbrough ...,.. Norma Edworthy Purse-r . ........... . ...Hubert Moles Stewardess ..... .Laura Suddeth Dick Winters ......... . .... Bill Dickinson Admiral. .. .. .... ...Jack Harper Harriet.. ...... ...... ...Geneva Khuri Winifred .... .. Margaret Woodrum Leo McEvoy . . Paul Pickering 'Inspector ........ ........ . .Bill Pauley Theresi ......... . . ..Mildred Hall Madame Elise .Eileen Miller Monsieur De La Croix . Cliff Robinson Window cleaner . .. .Bill Dyke ijfieyoiand rwenf ff MMC! . 77 LVL? .ga Bob Tisdale Alice Grayson Archie .,,,,, Ted ,,..,,,., Mrs. Tisdale . Mr. Grayson . Miss Grayson... - -W M. fu. CAST . . Stanton Kincaid ......Jean Hollandsworth .,,,,,.JOhn Taylor ..,,,,,Bill Graham ,,,,,,, Marilyn Warren McKinley Chandler ,........Natalie Brooks As houselights dimmed, Stonewallites were entertained with the hilarious comedy, "A Wedding," which was presented by the Thespians, Stonewall's honorary dramatic organization, on February l l, l949, under the able direction of Myrna Bibb, student director. As the play began, the groom, who was already nervous and upset, lost his collar button, Although the best man, groomsman, and even the bride tried to help him, it only resulted in more confusion. Upper right: Myrna Bibb gives a few helpful pointers to members of the cast during one of the dress rehearsals. Left: The bride and groom, oblivious of their surroundings, exchange loving glances before they begin that walk down the aisle. Lower right: In the cast picture there seems to be a slight difference of opinion between the bride and groom and their friends and relations. But by the time of the wedding, how- ever, all is forgiven. Jacgaon Jofgfied The i948 Jackson Jollities, SJ student's own talent show, was presented on October l9. The many acts were unusual, enter- taining, and full of originality. A few of them are pictured here, with the jingles that announced their appearance. Twice each year the Jackson Journal, the school paper, sponsors this variety show. All the students look forward to the production, and attendance records are broken on the day of the Jackson Jollities. The cast of the l948 Jackson Jollities is pictured above. Left to right they are: First row: Bob Justice, Pat Waterstone, Mary Lou Asbury, Dione Vantaeleen, Shirley Summers, Myrna Bibb, Molly Jo Fennell, Lenore Cheevers, and Nieves Diaz. Second row: Nancy Geene, Pat Edwards, Lura Farley, Jean Hollandsworth, Pat Cole, Joan Billingsley, Norma Edworthy, Betty Lou Hodges, Jenny Kessel, Sarah Mullins, and Alice Lou Dean. Third row: Bill Millbee, Ruth Brown, Carroll Hutton, Dick Hunt, and Bob Carter. Bronson Garcelon is a gal, Who's already won some fame. Today she's got a Song in l-ler l-leart, She's one we know you'll acclaim. These two misses were swell MC'sl They performed on the Jollities with style and ease, Each one was cute as Christmas and twice as gay, They helped to make the show a hit that was cer- tainly or Kris Now Alice Lou Dean and that Cheevers gal Have an act that's really all right, lf you think the color of these gals has changed, Then maybe it's just the Blue Lights! Norma Schrader will now perform, l-ler act is really swell, A Mexican l-lat Dance with lots of oomph, Just watch her ring the bell. X91 'Q 4 'fs -K x 1 W f 9: 'fi ' .T Avy.. A gr, A' Aff " 1 JW J N4 'Q 2 0 , '-. , x I fig' -S4 ,lf .. If 'Vu, 'xg if' Q a i Fi Eh 2 ,, J' nge' wx , qv , Es , i , f M. ...pun , I 36 5 ,A A? it x , g . , --if 13 Q 5 E Et .ti gk, Y , Sp 5 Q ,JW .il ,,-' '51 ik ,, 4+ ff? x x ' Y ,. Az , ,f iw , ' V V ,iffy kim 5 , ,f xi frf-ff? , , ' Sgiigggfw ' 14514 Tb as: X 1 Q , . ,,V , , 4 viii, W , gb -. ' Y , ,L ,lv , L,,, 7 5 ,- 3-an 21 7 4' - a X EL' V 'V5'V?1i ' -5:525 5 1' 'fN 1 a 3 if A V6 3 ,, ,, X it A hgh, 1, R' . ,. HQ , . ,F A F3635 "5 f N g" -5 5,3 1 ., E K , . f W f X, 'Ss 5 'Ji ? Q 'Se .1 F L. as 4 5 Ri ga Q :u h e 2 Q . ,. L ! 4 JV riff 1. I S 2 , .k,k ,2- . , , , Wifi' Y V 2 Q W w 9 wi! ifii, . Tr. 5,7 my L AEK 4, ' ask' N Sf A' z 3 " V mv .M i Mm i ew S 3 Qrw run lil The "Red River Valley Boys," members of the January gradu- ating class, entertained us on Senior Class Day with their version of the popular western song, Stonewallites will long remem- ber Miss Gladys Hay, Scottish exchange teacher at Stonewall two years ago. As a token of friendship, they joined in send- ing Scottish Christmas gifts which Alice Woodrum displays here for Mr. Hornor. :rua , CQVLE5 af y6LCA:50 Mary Ann Dudley presents to Mr. Hornor the key to our organ, as other participants of the program look on. The organ was a gift to the school from the Jackson Journal. cgiglifo eigfafd Miss Drasnin seems to approve of the perky S. J. pennants that the cheerleaders are selling in the hall each noon in order to raise funds for new mego- phones. Some gal! Wouldn't you know there's only one explanation- she's Mrs. Hildegarde Meyer, grandmother of prominent S. J. teacher, Byron Meyer. "lth thith where my daddy comth every Thaturday night?" asks Betty Jo Kiser as she imi- tates a little boy who has a very one-sided and comical conver- sation with a disgusted bar- tender. 1Aiw+f i P Our .Jyc!uerlfi6enfLenlf5 .gpfww M U. , mv. '. Yr . X xl , 'N ' ru , V, f K , ' I J H 7 U A M I , In QW .W--e r r STATUE OF LIBERTY NEW YORK, N, Y., U.S.A. To the newcomers to our shores the Statue of Liberty advertises a land of opportunity. eww. Q? 'U "'T'N" rifle . , ' Jw N fm 1 ia . Q 45 'QWYEVI 1 , , fm, in 'S l ' ' E Q . 3 L , :?l mm! ' is L ' "" " 304, , 2 ,Z e S .SQ .' 12 i ,ii 3 Se if f 1 fit ,ww ,H 'Ww- ?X ., g J Q ,. Q' i swf Q, hav ,Q M K I ",. D dr 1 7 if W ,Q Q A 1 "L h 1 ' wwllff m f K . 7 ff i S . .. " f fzf zii?2iiiE.42w: Lv XfX9f?2:2L2z?3 ,M ,,f,,, L3 ,.-',- .,.. , :T i w g . ,ggvfxy -2 zffirsfg, fuk V V W I n HOLSUM is the favorite bread of these two wise young shop- pers. Jean Koch and Carol Schaefer realize that if they had a million dollars, they couldn't buy better bread than HOLSUM. .A ,, s v z , Mi., Ann Brandenburg watches Stanton Kincaid give a stirring performance, while Mrs. "Mac" attends to the coffee in the S. J. CAFETERIA. RATE? "lgnore them Jackie says Natalie Brooks trying her best to act nonchalant Oh well Dane Boggs and Bill Graham seem to enjoy it anyway and so does Jackie McWhorter Or is it that delicious Ice cream cone from PENDELLS CUT Some members of the football squad look with appre- ciation at the trophy presented to us by the members of the STONEWALL JACKSON CLUB who have given their heartiest support to the Stonewall Jackson Generals. Hmm .... lt looks as if Bill- ingsley's car broke down! Joan looks disgusted, and Bob Carte and Frances Field realize some- thing is missing and that something can be replaced at BALDWIN SUPPLY CORPO- RATION. For superb poultry products, feed your chickens on quality feed from the CAPI- TOL FEED STORE. Popular students of Stonewall are often seen having fun at the CHARLESTON RECRE- ATION CENTER. A new Ford from the VALLEY MOTOR SALES is what Dorothy Hartley chooses for comfort in transportation. Licking and liking the ice cream cones from the MT. VERNON DAIRY are Pat Cald- well, Ellen Stalder, and Herman Hambrick Looking over cafeteria equip- ment coming from ANCHOR FIXTURE are Ralph Young, Randall Sutton, Warden Kiser, Leland Butler and Stella Pa- cifico. Barbara Dudderar displays the baton which was awarded to her when chosen "Miss Colonel- ette" at the annual North- South game, sponsored by the CHARLESTON GAZETTE, West Virginia's leading news- paper. fTr "Gee," exclaims Mary Long, "I'm sitting in a new Chrysler," Pleased are her companions, Bobby George and Bobby La- mont, at PRITCHARD MOTORS. Boys, are you planning to paint your car? Or maybe you girls want to dazzle up your room a bit? Ritchie Thompson and Leland Butler tell everybody to get the best paint at RAD- FORD'S PAINT STORE. Want something printed? Mar- jorie Hall and Joan Morris know that JONES PRINTING is the best place to get it done. Mary Di Tosto and Pauline Fite agree that SCOTT'S DRUG is the synonym for cool refresh- ing drinks. After a hard day at school Har- riet White, Alice Shaver, and Corky Bedinger stop at BUT- TERWORTH'S GROCERY for a refreshing drink. "Oh golly, look what I've got on my skirt." Janet Jo Fischer tells Martha Bailey the best thing to do is to send it to CUNNINGHAM CLEANERS for quick and efficient clean- ing. This is station WKNA, your personality station. Bob Prov- ence, Paul Williams, and D. D. Duffield are broadcasting over the ABC network. Getting ready for that big game hunt, girls? Joan Morris and Evelyn Hoisington know that BRINDLE'S SPORT CENTER has the best of everything in sports equipment. Check that modern phonograph at BOLL FURNITURE. Mar- jorie Hall and Margaret Grass are playing the latest jazz "Dance, Ballerina, Dance." Norma Schrader and Patty Bowles are displaying the dance routines which they learned at SCHRADER'S DANCE STUDIO. record. 4 was These girls look tired, but after a cool refreshing drink at FRED'S PARK their problem is solved. For that new look be sure to include a basic black dress from BRADLEY'S DEPART- MENT STORE as shown here by Alice Lou Dean and "Josie" Beaver. Clara Fields and Curtis Patter- son admire the spacious new Philco refrigerator on display at FRAME REFRIGERATION. Clerk Bob Swoope seems to agree as Vance Mitter selects a scrumptious chocolate cake from the complete line of gro- ceries at MICHAEL'S FOOD MARKET. James Plantz, Roger Cum- mings, Stanley Oxley and Joe Wheeler are learning the value of good tools from PILE HARDWARE. For that bold look, take Teddy Boggess' and Tommy Walker's advice in buying your clothes from KELLEY'S MEN'S' SHOP. Stanton Kincaid indulges on a very tasty bread and jelly sand- wich. For such a treat, take Stanton's advice and buy your bread from the CABLISH BAKING COMPANY. Bill Dyke selects a choice cut of meat from a wide variety of fresh meats at SKAFF'S GRO- CERY. Evidently Betty Kay Lowe en- joys the "service with a smile" of Sue Ann Faulkner at the DELAWARE PHARMACY. "Oh, look here, aren't we pretty?" Cliff Robinson, Sally Shaar, Buck Chinn and some of the gang are going for a joy ride, and they agree that the Studebaker convertible from PARKINS is positively dreamy. Bernice Jeffries suggests that you buy your new typewriter or have your old one repaired at LAIRD OFFICE EQUIPMENT. Mary Lou Coffey finds that her school equipment is easily sup- plied by MOORE'S BOOK STORE. For quick efficient transporta- tion in our city, always ride a CHARLESTON TRANSIT bus. Ellen Stalder and Carolyn Johnson look over some of the splendid examples of quality type done by the CHARLES- TON PRINTING COMPANY. Gilbert Priestly and Harold Long are learning something about the printing press at MATHEWS PRINTING Cv LITHOGRAPHING CO. Barbara Rockhold happily re- ceives from Jack Gullion this lovely bouquet of flowers, pur- chased at YOUNG FLORAL COMPANY. Ronald Nicely enjoys reading THE CHARLESTON DAILY MAIL, the city's outstanding paper. Barbara Banks prepares for the shock as Marjorie Hall and Evelyn Di Tosto cautiously mix chemicals bought from B. PREISER AND CO. Stonewall students are seen proudly taking their clothes to SUPERIOR LAUNDRY. Three of StonewaII's popular majorettes, Marilyn Barney, Jo Anne Partlow, and Ann Wall, enjoy a coke at the recently remodeled LOWMAN'S DRUG STORE. MEANS BETTER HOMES OI' NATURAL GAS- your farfhfui year round household servanf UNITED run uns co. The MAGIC FLAME as I Patty Blade and Phyllis Bassee "lt's GENERAL INN for the admire Sheila Barrack's hair, besf 'cakes' and 'pepsies' in styled bv fhe GLAMOUR town," readily agree Jerry Wil- BEAUTY SHOP. liams and Janet Harrison. XXXXXWM .X Barbara Brown proves that ve- netian blinds from T. E. PERRY are the beston the market. Martha Harris and Juha Peebles smile as they wish for a new Packard from the J B RUBY MOTORS COMPANY David Waugh and Virginia Titlow look admirmgly at their watches from MANN JEWELERS Jimmy Cavender and Pete Cop- ley stop for a moment to ad- mire Lorena White's neat clothes cleaned at PEERLESS CLEANERS. J Y K, GENERAL GLASS, an outstand- ing achievement in glass mak- ing, protects the GeneraI's trophies for outstanding achievement in athletics. Check those admiring glances which Barbara Ward bestows upon the neatly pressed and cleaned clothes of Frank Dear- ien-proof of the efficiency of the work of IMPERIAL CLEANERS. Ralph Young and Randall Sut- ton inspect the skilled work- manship of GOFF-MATHEWS PLUMBING CO. ' S Admiring a refrigerator fron' HINER REFRIGERATION are Yvonne 'Jividen and Geneva Khuri. Many Stonewall boys find place for wholesome recrea tion at the Y. M. C. A. For streamlined transportation, Charles Smith, Russell Hick- man, and Herman Hambrick consider a GMC truck at the GENERAL TRUCK SALES showroom. George Dunnett and Nora Mc- Clanahan look as though their visit to the UNITED CARBON BUILDING has been successful. .v.....M..r , I ,J . Claude Lacy takes a tip and goes to the TIP TOP for an after date snack. is -,ft--n.ww.rvfw A For good food and prompt serv- ice Bill Hill and Betty Reedy enjoy the atmosphere of the EMPIRE DINER. StonewalI's Seniors proudly display their new rings from HERFF JONES. After a movie Pat Caldwell, Evelyn Hoisington, Nora Bow- den, and Pat Bornmann stop in PHILLIPS for a special treat. Jo Ann Carpenter points out that CAREY SIGNS is the best place to go when you need some outdoor adver- tising. i ,"."""'illu- -ll-my-,,. For that evening of en- tertainment with that "spec-ial date" go tb the CASA LOMA for dining and dancing. 131 This lovely picture of Jenny Kessel was taken by the DELUXE STUDIO. It clearly illustrates the expert work- manship ofthe portrait photog- rapher for the Jacksonian. Looking satisfied at her shoe iust recently finished at the FIFE STREET SHOE SHOP is Patty Carroll. N N 'K 'Y ,..w""S To satisfy that "sweet tooth" follow the advice of Jimmy Cavender, Carl Marion, "Red" Ralph Holmes, Warden Kiser and Bill Jarrett and enjoy the delicious, melt-in-your-mouth ice cream at the VALLEY BELL. MS Lois Campbell and lrving Allen look as though they're thor- oughly enjoying their "root beer-float" from the CHARLESTON DRUG COM- PANY. PURITY MAID BREAD for de- licious sandwiches is just the thing for Sonny Holmes, Bill Dyke, "Red" Ralph Holmes, and Dick Britt. The excellent atmosphere at SCHRADER'S RESTAURANT seems to be enjoyed by Barbara Currey and Keith Fisher as they wait to be served. For the good health possessed by these football boys, Roddy Thacker, Jim Miller, Dick Har- rah, and Phillip Cox, buy your foods from DUDLEY MAR- KETS. Washington at Broad Street 0072606 Nth gc ldB F SALES and SERVICE A W mfnwnv "Nothing Could Be Newer" Charleston Motors, Inc. "Your L1NcoLN-MERCURY Dealer" Ph ne 30-188 TO BUILD OR REPAIR Buy Right at ,X o , 51-,...,9.,1. W -41h AVLGSTDCKTDII ST. Y ' :, " Joyce Harrison and Dora Thompson want a streamlined smooth riding automobile from TAG GALYEAN. .f , :wwfffy e R IT V! ' I Sue and Nancy Holden inspect the current issues of ,popular magazines always to be found at CAMPS DRUG STORE. DON EVANS is your WGKV I .Ham 'n' Eggs PLATTER SPINNER MON DAY thru SATU RDAY 6:00 A. M. - 9:30 P. M. NBC AFFILIATE 1490 ON YOUR DIAL CAMPBELL OIL AND TOOL 1506 Hansford Street 3-6745 CHARLESTON SCHOOL of COMMERCE Morrison B Id g Ph 3 0126 3 0127 PIERSON FIELDING BUILDING HARDWARE CO 302 WEST WASHINGTON ST. PHONE 3 7575 PERSINGERS INC. MINE - MILL - INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT Phone 6-5341 GATES PAINTS Phone 2-2121 SUMMERS AND VIRGINIA STREET LINCOLN JEWELERS 124 Capitol Street Phone 2-5351 MADlSON'S INCGRPORATED HOME FURNISHINGS 711 PARK AVENUE Ph 6 4962 JIM'S CAFE 743 VIRGINIA STREET, WEST CHARLESTON. W. VA. "CHEER UP" ELITE I LIIUNDRY I Virginia Street West Ph 2 1125 SH N SH EWEY'S PHARMACY II07 West Washington Street DRUGS TOILETRIES FOUNTAIN SERVICE AIR CONDITIONING Phone 31551 Serving many West Virginia Communities with a Dependable Supply of Pure Sparkling Water WEST VIRGINIA WIITER SERVICE BARTLETT FUN-ERAL HOME BRUCE BARTLETT, Proprietor TENNESSEE AVENUE and FAYETTE STREET Phone 2OI8I MBIUNIIIN SUPPLY HIINNII INSURANCE CUMPIINY IIGENCY, INC. Kanawha Valley Bank Bldg. S T E E L I: O R G I N G 5 Phone 3-5558 J O B L O T S I MACHINE WORKS is B1 -'35 'ff QB' f X I OFFICES IN STUDENTS SI-I ULD HAVE ADEQUATE UGHT, UNITED CARBON BUILDING E I. E CT R I C I T Y IS CHEAP and OFFICE TEI.EPI-IoNE DEPENDABLE 26144 APPALACHIAN ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY Congratulations to the Class of '49 CENTRAL ELKHORN C0l-IL 00. ll-ICIISUN MINING 00. LIIMBERT COIlL 00. GEORGE WASHINGTON LIFE INSURANCE CO. IOI4 Kanawha Blvd East od workmanship h by rd of WHI'l1E'S GARAGE PHO e 20175 A pl fh h f k ' CHARLESTON HARLEY - DAVIDSON CO. 12 Virginia Street Motorcycles - Bicycles Soles ond Service A ,-L, 1 ' ',.V . k W " is HEL. jarii-Q ' - hV'x:: XN7f'gfW Q ,wmmf eefmqggg?I PFIIFF I-IND SMITH BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. READY Mlxsn coNcRETE Phone 2-5177 R. H. KYLE AND CO. WHOLESALE FURNITURE 1352 Hanstord Street Phone 2-6134 :pzanwfs:nse1 1, S: if xn.1Lsfe:'.u W 1 Receiving their Iaundry from the PAULEY CLEANERS are Edgar Clendenin, Barbara Nichols, and Charles Elkins. mow ed l i " l xl :nd of another yel N-A ya P .sincere appreciatlw. ..,e....v-- ,,.,,,, W, ve ,o .,g?,.- ,indimlnnublncin niihlisbinq 1'hi5 annual, SpedaU:edRmP s Print., ,A npany for their fill excellent senior l lall our advertisers l K . . f ,faculty and studeg I helpful. We sinl l Pld many memorie? y Q L, -,, N , V A l ' i i f,ix,e,,, , PUMA awww? l l l ,.c . . -..e.-e-J L.- o -.- ., , o , .,,,,,.,,,,,, -..e - Frcaae News Agency A Robert Eschfan Jewelers l 1.,i l z l l l -so . e -ec-.,,o-,e ,c,...,,.l --N--.4--as W.......,--. -.,....J Coffman Optical Company Thaxton Drug Store ,N s,t"1, l Z W 2 Q W .ggi , M Qfiln Qarol Ohrginia guinea 349-49 xg l ' " 455090 1 3 l ' 'W' in- .I D 143 11 I. aj ' ,, . st , -,x w . 4 A ' -I 1- .-i.ugi'f'..1-, .vu , --1 ,Ffip -. , Z -L .."'1 J, .ft - . 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Suggestions in the Stonewall Jackson High School - Jacksonian Yearbook (Charleston, WV) collection:

Stonewall Jackson High School - Jacksonian Yearbook (Charleston, WV) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


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Stonewall Jackson High School - Jacksonian Yearbook (Charleston, WV) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Stonewall Jackson High School - Jacksonian Yearbook (Charleston, WV) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Stonewall Jackson High School - Jacksonian Yearbook (Charleston, WV) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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