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jnHM| mm ' j : m f$!gf I M jE| 1: LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA DIVISION OF EXTENSION THE CONFEDERATE NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT Published By The S enior Class of STONEWALL HIGH SCHOOL Clearbrook, Virginia GIFT JUL 29 4S foreword We, the Confederate Staff of ’48, do wish to give to our fellow classmates and schoolmates an annual that will be a pleasure of many quiet hours. This book we feel will hold many pleasant and dear memories in time to come. There are many things that we can’t record, but we have tried to hit the high spots of this wonderful year together. Although we may never return to the walls of Stone¬ wall, we will hold many fond memories of the people in it and those that have in¬ structed us throughout our school life. Since there is no witchcraft to keep the memories of Stonewall in 1947 and ’48 burning in our heart and mind, we hope that this annual will take the place of witchcraft. Betsy Stockdale Editor-in-Chief PROPERTY OF ILiS LIBRAE? 07 VEKHNI KC ' VA I. FACULTY II. OFFICES, SENIORS, WILL, HISTORY, SONG, POEM, PLAY, WHO’S WHO, AND PICTURES AROUND SCHOOL III. UNDERGRADUATES IV. ACTIVITIES V. SPORTS VI. GRADES AND FEATURES ( 4 ) Stonewall High School Clearbrook, Virginia J dedication To Mrs. Bateman, who came to us in our Senior year and has been our mother, friend and helper through the toughest spots, we the class of ' 48 dedicate the sixth volume of The Confederate. She has given us unselfishly of her time, energy, patience, and understanding, which we shall always remember. To us, words are very empty when we try to describe our feelings of gratitude for the many little things that she has done to help us through this trying year. ( 5 ) BRYANT R. HARPER Principal 1928—Graduated from Handley High School 1932—Graduated from Hampden Sydney College Taught Elementary School in Frederick County 1938—Math, teacher and athletic coach of McIntyre High School at Charlottesville, Virginia 1940— Principal of Check High School 1941— Became principal of Stonewall High School Mr. Harper has been so kind and understanding that we don’t know what we would have done without him. We all feel that his great ability of leadership has made us strive to reach our goal. ( 6 ) acuity. « 3 Mr. Bryant R. Harper rincipal, Mathematics . B. Hampden-Sidney M. A. Univ. of Va. Mrs. Ruby Bateman Science, English Shenandoah College A. B. Lebanon Valley College Shepherd College Mr. Samuel Weiss Social Studies Physical Education A. B. Louisiana State University Mrs. M. S. Christjohn Mathematics Clarion State Teachers College Penna. State CoPege Univ. of Pittsburgh Northwestern Univ. Mrs. Lucille L. Kersey English, Spanish Librarian A. B. Westhampton College Richmond, Virginia Mrs. Mary Jane Light English, History Mathematics B. S. Farmville State Teachers College Mrs. Margaret Tabler Shorthand, Typing General Business Bridgewater College A. B. Shepherd College Shepherdstown ( 8 ) Mrs. Audrey Combs Third Grade Shepherd College Shepherdstown Miss Grace Carpenter First, Second, and Third Grades Madison College Harrisonburg Shepherdstown Miss Grace Clevenger Fourth Grade B. S. Madison College Harrisonburg Miss Evelyn Ellis Science, Biology, Home Arts A. B. Shepherd College Shepherdstown Miss Jane Gold Dean English, History Typing A. B. Shepherd College Mrs. Llano Keller First Grade Madison College Harrisonburg Miss Anna Marie Clark Second Grade Madison College Harrisonburg ( 9 ) Front Row: Mrs. Bateman, Sponsor; Betsy Stockdale, Editor-in-Chief; Betty Carper, Assistant Editor; Betty Franks, Business Manager. Back Row: Rudell Shiley, Grade Editor; Hilda Henry, Class Will; Jack Lowman, Photographic Editor; Frances Kerns, Art Editor; Catherine Clark, Typist; Janet DeHaven, Sports Editor; John Carter, Assistant Sports Editor; Pauline Shiley, Literary Editor; Charles Lewis, Assistant Business Manager; Betty Fahnestock, Typist; James Crim, Historian; Stella DeHaven, Chief Typist. Not Shown: Betty Pugh, Class Prophet. (10) Seniors . . . (ID MRS. RUBY ANN BATEMAN Sponsor Mrs. Bateman has only been with us one year, but her thoughtfulness and good advice makes her seem like she has been with us much longer. She has been our guiding light for the most important year of our lives. Words cannot express the admiration and respect we have for her. Mrs. Bateman graduated from Jefferson High School in Roanoke, Virginia. She then attended Shenan¬ doah College at Dayton, Virginia, receiving a diploma in 1926. In 1928 she received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Lebanon Valley College at Annville, Pennsylvania. After graduation, Mrs. Bateman taught two years at Woodrow Wilson Jr. High School in Roanoke, Virginia. Since then she has done substitute teaching in both Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Mrs. Bateman has had extension work at Shepherd College, Shepherdstown, W. Va., and holds the Collegiate Professional Certificate, majoring in History and English. ( 12 ) Senior Officer! President—James Crim Vice-President—Betty Carper Sponsor—Mrs. Secretary—Pauline Shiley Treasurer—Betty Trenary Bateman Motto: Always strive to do your best and success will surely follow. Color: Blue and White Flower: Red Rose ( 13 ) NINA CATHERINE AFFLECK • “Nina” “A girl of few words. " ou very seldom know when Nina is around because she is so quiet. She is liked by all and let s hope that she always remains her quiet, sweet, self. 1943- 44—Member: Glee 1944- 45—Member: Glee 1945- 46—Member: Glee 1946- 47—Member: Glee 1947- 48—Member: Glee Club, Social Club. Club, Social Club. Club, Social Club. Club, Social Club. Club, Softball, Basketball. BETTY JEAN CARPER “Betty” “Succeeds in everything she does. " Betty usually comes through with flying colors. At all times she is ready to lend a helping hand. She is one of those people that we’re sure will get ahead in the world. 1944- 45—Member: Dramatic Club, Glee Club. 1945- 46—Member: Glee Club, Social Club. 1946- 47—Member: Spanish Club, Social Club. Glee Club. 1947- 48—Member: Annual Staff, Glee Club, S.C.A. Council, Patrol, Literary Club, Vice- President, Senior Class. RONALD GRIFFITH CARPER “Ronnie” “Why can ' t they be sensible like me? " Whenever an idea is needed for the Senior Class, Ronald is always ready to give his. He is cautious in all of his attempts and always figures things out slowly and carefully, then gives the answer. 1944- 45—Member: Paper Club, Football, Track. 1945- 46—Secretary of S.C.A. Council, Member: Social Club, Paper Club, Monogram Club, Baseball Squad, Basketball. 1946- 47—President, Junior Class. Member: Social Club, Paper Club, Football, Basketball, Baseball. 1947- 48—Member: Football, Baseball, Basketball, S.C.A. Council, Literary Club, Monogram Club. ( 14 ) JOHN RICHARD CARTER “Dick” “Diamond City is the place to live. " It seems that Dick is trying to get to Diamond City fast. Every morning he is always very busy working on his lessons. “That is one way to get there, isn’t it Dick?” 1944- 45—Member: Football, Baseball Squad. 1945- 46—Member: Literary Club, Football, Base¬ ball Squad. 1946- 47—-Member: Social Club, Spanish Club, Monogram Club, Football Squad. 1947- 48—-Member: Monogram Club, Football. Base¬ ball, Annual Staff, Manager Basketball. CATHERINE MARIE CLARK “Kitty” “Live and let live. " Kitty is one of those people who is very much alive. Those sparkling eyes and witty remarks soon show you how she enjoys life. She can really get down to business and is proving this by being one of our typists on the annual staff. 1943-44—Member: Glee Club. 1946- 47—Member: Spanish Club. 1947- 48—Member: Annual Staff, Softball. IDEL MARIE CLEVENGER “Ree” “An explosion of laughter. " Ree is well noted for her hearty laugh and it can be heard most any time. Also, with her laughs are cute dimples that attract vour attention. 1944-45—Member: Glee Club. 1946- 47—Member: Spanish Club. 1947- 48—Member: Softball. ( 15 ) DONAL STEWART CLINE " Donnie” “Oh for a barn full of horses.” The tall, black curly haired boy is no other than Donnie, who is one of our stand-bys. Yes, if anyone ever needs help Donnie is there. He has done much for our class, as well as the whole school. We all hope Donnie will keep up the gocd work and keep his pleasant personality. 1944- 45—Member: Newspaper Club, Dramatic Club Track. 1945- 46—Member: Newspaper Club, Social Club, Monogram Club. 1946- 47—Treasurer, Social Club, Editor of News¬ paper, Monogram Club. 1947- 48—Member: Monogram Club, Manager, Foot¬ ball, Track. JAMES MERRITH CRIM " Jim” “If you don ' t have fun what’s the use of living ?” Jim, being President of our class, has quite a responsibility, which he shoulders very well. This is about the only time he is really serious, for he has a dynamic personality. Jim’s success in sports has helped to win his popularity. 1944- 45—Member: Football, Baseball Squad. 1945- 46—Member: Social Club, Literary Club Football Squad, Baseball, Basketball. 1946- 47—Secretary: Junior Class, Treasurer: Monogram Club, Member: Social Club, Spanish Club, Manager: Basketball. 1947- 48—President: Senior Class, Member: Mono¬ gram Club, Annual Staff, Football Squad, Track. JANET LEE DeHAVEN “Janet” “I ' d rather work when I want to, than be bossed around by others.” Janet is very fond of sports and that is why she is the Sports Editor on our annual staff. We don’t know her secret ambition but we all think she would make a good Physical Education teacher. 1944- 45—Miller School. 1945- 46—Member: Social Club, Glee Club, Softball Squad, Basketball. 1946- 47—Treasurer: Junior Class, Member: Social Club, Glee Club, Monogram Club, Basket¬ ball Squad, Softball Squad. 1947- 48—Monogram Club, Softball Squad, Annual staff. Basketball, President: Glee Club. ( 16 ) STELLA ARBUTUS DeHAVEN “Stella” “Not too sober, not too gay, but a sweet, girl in every way. " Stella accomplishes everything she undertakes. She is Chief Typist on the annual staff and the way she goes at it reminds you of an experienced secretary. 1944- 45—Member: Dramatic Club, Glee Club. 1945- 46—Member: Glee Club, Social Club. 1946- 47—Member: Glee Club, Social Club. 1947- 48—Member: Annual Staff, Softball, Basket¬ ball, Glee Club. BETTY JOSEPHINE FAHNESTOCK “Fanny” “A hearty• laugh, is better than none.” Betty’s hearty laugh seems to tell you that it isn ' t fun to laugh low. You can tell by her sparkling blue eyes, that she enjoys fun. 1944- 45—Attended Miller School. 1945- 46—Member: Social Club, Glee Club, Softball Literary Club. 1946- 47—Member: Literary Club, Glee Club Softball. 1947- 48—Member: Glee Club, Softball, Literary Club. RUBY VIRGINIA FISHEL “Ruby” “Silence is golden.” You can’t blame noisy laughter and talking on Ruby, because you can hardly hear her talk. She is the smallest Senior, but she really gets places in her studies. 1945- 46—Member: Social Club, Glee Club. 1946- 47—Member: Softball. 1947- 48—Member: Softball. ( 17 ) BETTY LEE FRANKS “Betty " “A quick smile is always worth while.” You usually see two Bettys together but you can tell Betty Lee from the other Betty, by her dark hair and brown eyes. She is often seen smiling even though she has the tough job being Business Manager. 1944- 45—Treasurer of Freshman Class. 1945- 46—Member: Glee Club, Social Club, Softball. 1946- 47—Member: Social Club, Glee Club, Softball, Treasurer of Spanish Club. 1947- 48—Business Manager of Annual Staff, Member: Softball, Basketball, Glee Club Literary Club. DIXIE ANN HAGER “Dee” “Some mocl ' st people still blush.” Dee has a fine personality and a very nice smile for everyone. When you hear a jingle you know she is around, because she carries the keys to the office in case anyone would want school supplies. 1945- 46—Member: Glee Club. 1946- 47— Member: Social Club, Spanish Club Softball. 1947- 48—Member: Softball. HILDA MAE HENRY “Mae” I go to school just to have something to do.” Hilda’s fine personality and winning ways make her one of the most popular girls of Stonewall. When you hear a laugh that ends in a squeak you know it belongs to her. We don’t know what we would do without Hilda because she puts life into the class. 1944- 45—Member: S.C.A. Council, Dramatic Club. Softball. 1945- 46—Member: S.C.A. Council, Social Club Paper Club, Softball, President of Glee Club. 1946- 47—Member: Paper Club, Monogram Club Softball Squad, Basketball, Vice Pres’’ dent of S.C.A. Council, Secretary of Social Club. 1947- 48—Member: Monogram Club. Annual Staff Softball, Basketball, President of S.C.A. ( 18 ) LORETTA MAXINE HOOVER “Hoover” “You’re only young once. " Loretta has been with Stonewall since it was built. You can easily distinguish her from the rest by her dark hair and large brown eyes, that don ' t seem to miss anything. 1945- 46—Member: Glee Club, Social Club, Softball. 1946- 47—Member: Glee Club, Softball. 1947- 48—Member: Softball. ESTHER ELIZABETH KACKLEY “Red” “A curly head man was the cause of it all.” Red is another of those Seniors who always has her homework. Red’s hair doesn’t rule her disposition, because she is as gentle as a lamb and has won many friends. May she always keep that disposition. 1945- 46—Member: Social Club. 1946- 47—Member: Social Club. FRANCES ELIZABETH KERNS “Frankie” “A penny saved is a pocket burned. " Brown hair and dark brown eyes fills the description of “Frankie,” the one who is always in debt trying to keep up with the new look. Her ability to draw gives her the job of being Art Editor on the Annual. Keep up the good work Frankie. 1943- 44—Member: Glee Club, Library Club. 1944- 45—Member: Social Club, Glee Club, Softball Squad, Dramatic Club. 1945- 46—Member: Glee Club, Social Club. J946-47—Member: Social Club, Glee Club, Basket¬ ball, Softball. 1947-48—Member: Annual Staff, Softball, Literary Club, Basketball, Glee Club. ( 19 ) CHARLES RICHARD LEWIS “Dickie” “It isn’t a sin to be argumentative.’’ Dickie is argumentative, but we know he only does it in tun. He has loads of fun pulling pranks on his fellow students. Once he makes up his mind to do something, he usually accomplishes it. 1945- 46—Member: Social Club, Baseball Squad. 1946- 47—Member: Social Club, Monogram Club, Football Squad. 1947- 48—Member: Annual Staff, Monogram Club. Football Squad. JOHN LAWRENCE LOWMAN “Jack” “School isn ' t so hard if you study.” The quiet studious boy is none other than Jack. Bv the way he goes after lessons and manages ether things he undertakes, we know that Jack wi ' l be very successful. 1945- 46—Member: Literary Club. 1946- 47—Member: Social Club, Literary Club. 1947- 48:—Member: Annual Staff, Football Squad Literary Club, Bus Patrol. JOSEPH ALLEN McABOY “Jody” “It’s fellows like me that make the world go ’round.” When you hear someon; talking about a fire you know it must be Jody. He belongs to the Clearbrook Fire Company and has fought fire several times. Let’s hope that he is as alert a fireman, as he has been a student. 1944- 45—Member: Football Squad, Baseball Squad. 1945- 46—Member: Social Club, Basketball Squad Football, Baseball, Manager: Track. 1946- 47—Member: Social Club, Monogram Club Basketball Squad, Baseball. Football. 1947- 48—Member: Basketball, Monogram Club, Baseball. ( 20 ) GERALDINE LOUISE McCARTY “Jerry” “Some day I will find him.” If you should look around and see someone laughing, that’s Jerry- Jerry is always cheerful and has a fine personality. She has made many friends in the past at Stonewall. We all know that she will keep that cheerful smPe and winning way. 1944- 45—Miller School. 1945- 46—Member: Social Club. G ' ee Club Softball. 1946- 47—Member: Social Club, Glee Club, Basket¬ ball, Softball. 1947- 48—Member: Softball Squad, Manager, Bas¬ ketball, Glee Club. BETTY MARIE PUGH “Stinky” “Likes all, loves one.” Betty is the kind hearted little Senior, who wears a big sparkling ring. She is always willing and has done much for our class. We all wish her lots of happiness, for she really deserves it. 1944- 45—Miller School. 1945- 46—Member: Social Club, Glee Club, Softball. 1946- 47—Member: Social Club Softball, Basket¬ ball. 1947- 48—Member: Annual Staff, Softball, Bas¬ ketball, Literary Club. AMY MARGARET RUSSELL “Margaret” “To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.” Margaret being one of our quiet Seniors has very little to say. However, when she has some¬ thing to say, it is usually worth listening to. With this type of personality she is bound to be a suc¬ cess. 1944- 45—Member: Glee Club, Dramatic Club. 1945- 46—Member: Social Club, Glee Club. 1946- 47—Member: Glee Club, Social Club. 1947- 48—Manager: Softball, Member: Glee Club. ( 21 ) MATLEEN RUDELL LEE SH1LEY “Dell” “Always willing and able. " That girl with a shorthand book in her hand most of the time is none other than Dell. She is very interested in business subjects. I have heard she has several secret admirers, I wonder who they are. 1945- 46—Member: Glee Club, Social Club, Softball. 1946- 47—Member: Glee Club, Softball. 1947- 48—Member: Annual Staff, Softball, Glee Club. PAULINE SMITH SHI LEY “Polly " ‘7 put all my worries down in my heart mid sit on the lid and smile.” Who could that sweet girl be, that we see flying around here with a smile for everyone? Why, it’s none other than Polly. She is good in her work, as well as neat in appearance. 1944- 45—Secretary: Freshman Class. 1945- 46—Vice-President: Sophomore Class, Member: Glee Club, Social Club. 1946- 47—Member: Social Club, Spanish Club, Paper Club, Softball. 1947- 48—Secretary: Senior Class, Member: Annual Staff, Softball. BERTIE ELIZABETH STOCKDALE “Betsy Ann” “Intellects can be nice people. " Betsy is one of our quiet, dignified Seniors. Being Editor-in-Chief of the Annual, she is always kept quite busy. When it isn’t that type of work, it’s Physics. We all know, this studious girl will be a success. 1944- 45—Attended Miller School. 1945- 46—Member: Glee Club, Social Club, Softball. 1946- 47—Member: Glee Club, Social Club, Spanish Club, Literary Club, Softball. 1947- 48—Member: Softball, Literary Club, Glee Club, S.C.A. Council, Editor: Annual. ( 22 ) BETTY JEAN TRENARY “Trenary” “My man will have to be tall, dark, and rich.’ ' This tall graceful Senior has been with us since the eighth grade. Betty has the certain little habit of always eating. How can you do it, Betty, and still be so graceful? 1944- 45—Member: Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Softball. 1945- 46—Treasurer: Social Club, Member: Glee Club, Basketball, Softball. 1946- 47—Member: Glee Club, Social Club, S.C.A. Council, Monogram Club, Basketball, Softball. 1947- 48— 1 Treasurer: Senior Class, Member: Mono¬ gram Club, Softball, BasketbaT, Captain of Bus Patrol. LEROY FRANKLIN WHITE, ,JR. " Leroy” “ hope to become a great man some day. " Leroy is a liberal minded person with a light and pleasing disposition. He is liked by everyone and is inclined to do only what he wishes—bu usually, has the good judgment to do the proper things at the proper time. 1944- 45—Member: Newspaper, Football, Base¬ ball Squad. 1945- 46—Member: Literary Club, Social Club Football Squad, Baseball, Basketball. 1946- 47—Business Manager: Paper Club, Member: Social Club, Monogram Club, Football Track, Basketball. 1947- 48—Member: Monogram Club, Football, Track, Literary Club, Baseball. ( 23 ) Clad 3 J4id t ory In the famous Shenandoah Valley where apple trees hang pink and sweet with blossoms in the springtime and bear their burdens of luscious red and yellow apples in the fall, there stands an institution by the name of Stonewall High School. So to Stonewall in 1945 came the present Senior Class, from Miller, White Hall, and Round Hill and other schools. Some of us were strangers but not for long. We soon became acquainted and our friendships have grown through the years. Mrs. Annie Barker was our sponsor that first year and Room 8 was our home room. Our Sophmore year brought us back to school in September with great expectations of a happy school year. This time Miss Eleanor Lloyd was our sponsor. New students entered school and became members of our class. By this time our home room which was Room 7 became too small so we were moved to the library. Here we have been ever since. Miss Lloyd gave us a Halloween Party at her summer cabin where we enjoyed games and eats. In February we had a Valentine Party in our home room. A most memorable thing that came our way our Sophomore year was the War Memorial Drive. Whenever a class was ahead, a little flag was raised in the auditorium. All morning the f’ag had been up and down first for the Seniors and then the Sophomores. We were almost even then at noon the Sophomores took the lead and finished with a score of $104.00 for the War Memorial in Winchester. In the spring as May day approached, the Clearbrook Flour Mill wishing to have a repre¬ sentative at the Berryville Beauty Contest asked Mr. Harper to select six girls, with the teachers as judges. Two were selected from each class: Sophomore, Junior, and Senior. Hilda Henry and Betty Franks represented the Sophomore class. Winnie Knight a Junior won first place. Sept. 1940 arrived with the war over but we went back as soldiers to our third year at Stonewall to take up the fight where we laid it down in May. Miss Lloyd became our spon¬ sor but the second semester Mr. Brockman Winifrey took her place. In Oct. we went in to Rush’s Studio to have our pictures taken for the annual. This was to be a busy year for we must sponsor a Junior-Senior banquet and Prom. So we went to work with a will and sold hundreds of hot dog and cheese sandwiches, gallons of soup, tons of potato chips, pop corn and candy. By April 11th our dream was realized and we donned our " best bib and tucker” and to the Sarah Zane Fire Hall in Winchester Va., we went to enjoy the fruits of our efforts. The Diplomats played, pictures were taken, we received our class rings, we ate, we danced, O glorious Night. But all must end sometime, so our Junior year ended with the election of class officers and the Editor-in-Chief of ‘‘The Con¬ federate.” Sept. 1947. The end was in sight. Again we returned to the library but this time we were " Seniors.” We had that certain feeling of im¬ portance that all seniors have. But we came down to earth when classes began for we realized that it is now that we must make good grades. Unless, we made the grade we should net wear the caps and gowns. This year we had a new sponsor, Mrs. Ruby Ann Bateman. One cf the first things we needed to think about was our annual, " The Confeder¬ ate,” so we elected the staff. Betsy Stockdale having been selected as Editor-in-Chief the year before. So we bega n by having our pictures taken for the annual. As the Christmas season rolled around we learned there would be a contest for the best decorated room. So with many ideas and willing hands we finally decorated the library in holiday style. Dec. 23rd the last school day before Christmas the whole school was assembled in the auditorium to sing Christmas Carols. There we learned, our room had won the prize. How we yelled! ! ! Back to our home room where Mrs. Bateman entertained us at a Christmas Party. It wasn ' t long until examination time rolled around. How we held our breath to see if any F’s appeared beside our names. For it was ‘‘dQ or die” now. In February " The Confederate” went to press. Then we centered our attention on our Class Play " The Life of Riley.” The year was nearly over. In fact four years have gone into history. ( 24 ) Commencement was in the near future. We take renewed hope for we must not fail now. So much depends on it. Our parents and our teach¬ ers have high hopes in us. We must not " let them down.” We have been a noisy class and we have made our mistakes but through it all we have tried to keep our goals high. We are proud of our school. May she always stand high because of those who have entered her doors and found learning. We hope that our class has had a part in making this come true for we arc the Class of ’48. Class Historian James Crim 7jhanlc3 As our childhood work is over, And we go to face the world, We want to thank our loyal friends Who’ve helped us reach this goal. First, we wish to thank our parents Who’ve been so kind and dear. They’ve helped with our lessons As we’ve grown through the years. Our principal was always kind And led us in each game. He taught us to be good sports In failing or in fame. To all our friendly teachers We give our thanks next. They taught us how to read and write The way they knew was best. Our undergraduates we want to thank For many a glorious day. We’ve had our ups and downs But, “That is life,” they say. Each fellowclassmate we wish to thank For friendship through the years. Our school life has been a happy time With memories we shall hold most dear. To many we’ve given thanks for help In all the days gone by But now we wish to give Our dearest thanks to “Stonewall High.” Class Poet Stella DeHaven (25) Now 3a Ohe Oime (Tune " Now Is The Hour”) First verse: Stonewall High we love you best, Hours with you are growing less; As we leave with hearts of sorrow, Only to return some glad tomorrow. Chorus: Now is the time When we must say good-bye; Soon we ' ll be leaving Dear old Stonewall High; As we depart and journey on our way, We leave the thought of us with you on this day Second Verse: The time has come to say good-bye But in your walls our memories lie, Stonewall High we’ll miss you so But time is here that we must go. Chorus (repeat). Betty Carper Betty Trenary (26) ClaAA Will o{ u 48 ” As we depart and leave old Stonewall we. the class of nineteen hundred forty-eight, of Stonewall High School, town of Clear brook state of Virginia, United States of America, in rem mbrance of the good times we had, do hereby make our last will and testament. We do bequeath to the understated heirs the following: To our principal, Mr. Harper, the senior class leaves a football team that doesn ' t need any practice and the success of winning every game. To Mrs. Bateman, our sponsor and guardian we leave the future full of happiness along with a blue ribbon saying, " Our annual won first prize in the state contest for annuals.” To Mrs. Kersey, our Librarian, we leave tickets for a six weeks trip to Cuba. To Mrs. Light, who is always around when you need her, we leave the honor of saying, " 1 taught the senior class of ’48.” To Mr. Weiss, we leave a cabinet to keep all his money in, so as to give his feet a res+ from walking to the office. To Mrs. Christjohn, our new teacher, we leave a chauffeur to drive her to school every morning. To Mrs. Tabler, we will an extra pair of eyes to watch both softball teams at once. To Miss Ellis, we leave the privilege ot teaching half a day, so she can get old Bessie her car, home before dark. To Miss Dean, we will a room upstairs with all new furniture. To elementary teachers, we leave air con ditioned rooms in the summer time and warm rooms in the winter. To the incoming Freshmen, we leave the privilege of choosing their own sponsor. To the approaching Sophomores, we leave memories of their Freshman year. To the former faculty, we leave the privi¬ lege of visiting Stonewall at any time. To Mr. Morrison, the doors will always be open. To Mr. Davis, we leave a clean library. To the bus drivers, we will larger buses. To the following Junior boys, Philip O’Con¬ nell, Jack Patton, Bobby Lewis and William Cannon, we leave a basket of A’s for their report cards. Ronald Carper and Leroy White leave to Thomas DcHaven their ability to be football stars. Betty Trenary wills to Helen Penningtor the privilege of playing any position she wants t d on the softball team. Donnie Cline leaves his job of being manager of the footba’l Squad to Deaver Carr. Frances Kerns leaves her loohs and charm to Betty Fishback plus the saying, “I gradu¬ ated from Stonewall. " Geraldine McCarty and Betty Pugh leave to Delores Coffelt a free meal at Mrs. McCarty’s any time she wishes. John Lowman, John Carter, and Joseph Me- Abov. will to Charles Keckley their manners of letting the girls walk in the door first. James Crim and Charles Lewis leave tr Andy Todd their funny little way of flirting with girls. B°tsy Stockdale, Betty Carper, Betty Franks and Pauline Shiley will to Sarah Kelsoe and Florence Mauzy, their names of being the smartest girls in the senior class. Janet DeHaven leases to Josephine Kirk the back seat of the bus plus her old by-word " Givr me time.” Margaret Russell and Nina Affleck leave to Anna Dellinger and Jean Dove the privi¬ lege of being first in the pop line. Stella DeHaven and Catherine Clark will to Charlotte Fishbac-k their ability to be a good typist. Rudell Shiley and Ruby Fishel leave to Mary Fishel and Rubv Castleman the honor of sitting next to each other in all their classes. Dixie Hager leaves to Ruby Milburn and Evelyn Milburn lots of A’s so the cousins can graduate together. Marie Clevenger and Loretta Hoover leave to Marylyn Grove a reserve seat in the library so she can enjoy her book “Gone With the Wind.” Betty Fahnestock and Esther Keckley leave to the coming Juniors all the Luck in the world. Hilda Henry leaves to the coming Presi¬ dent of the Student Council the companionship of Mrs. Light. In witness whereof, I, Hilda Mae Henry, the testatrix, have set my hand and seal hereto this third day of June in the year of our Lord, (27 one thousand nine hundred and forty-eight (1948). HILDA MAE HENRY (Seal ' Signed, sealed, pub’ished and declared a r and for cur last will and testament by Hilda Mae Henry, the above named testatrix in the presence of her and of each other, has sub scribed our names hereto as witnesses on the day and year last aforesaid. SENIOR CLASf ClaA3 (Prophecy “48” As I was waiting for a bus in London who should I see but, Miss Geraldine McCarty, who is here in London. I invited her to have lunch with me. While eating, our conversation went back to 25 years ago, about our classmates of 1948. Ronald Carper the former President of all A P Stores in Virginia, is now Mayor of Jack- son Avenue. Hilda Henry is now head nurse in the baby ward. Leroy White and Dickie Lewis, who still seem to stick together so much, have just finished a ten year sentence in Alcatraz for breaking into Stonewall to get one last look. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Russell Jr., the former Betty Trenary, have just opened a large skat¬ ing rink on Jackson Avenue. Joseph McAboy, is now the Chief of the Clearbrook Fire Company. Donnie Cline, the heart throb of millions of girls, is now singing over station CLB, Clear¬ brook. Virginia. Betsy Stockdale is teaching Spanish at the University of Albin. Esther Kackley has just opened a beauty shoppe on 14 South Main, New York, New York. Betty Carper has just opened a flower shoppe where she specializes in roses of sky blue pink. Janet DeHaven is teaching Physical Edu¬ cation at Raceburg College. Bettv Fahnestock has won the title of being the " World’s Greatest speller.” Margaret Russell is new manager for th girls softball team at the University of Clear- brock. Pauline Shiley and Dixie Hager are working in the Pentagon Building in Washington, D. C. Rudell Shiley is now the private secretary for the President of the Novick Transfer Com¬ pany. John Carter is spending a month’s vacation in Spain using his Spanish that Mrs. Kersey taught him in " 48.” James Crim has taken over Mr. Carpenter’s Job as bus driver to Stonewall. Frances Kerns is now a dress maker in New York. Jack Lowman, the bashful boy of our class just married the daughter of a well known preacher. Ruby Fishel and Loretta Hoover are working in Government Offices in Washington, D. C. Catherine Clark has just won the title of the world’s greatest typist. Stella DeHaven has just opened a shoe store where she has the assistance of hubby. Betty Franks has just opened her office where she solves love affairs. Nina Affleck and Marie Clevenger have just finished a nursing course. Having finished our lunch and the discus¬ sion of our old classmates we bade good-bye and went on our way. Class Prophet Betty Pugh (28) u T)ke Jjfe 0 Smiley,” By HARVEY MASON Presented by the Senior Class April 23, 1948 CAST OF CHARACTERS Lovey Riley, a baby-talk bride . Geraldine McCarty Celia Masters, her sister . Hilda Henry Mrs. Beulah Master, their domineering mother . Betty Trenary Terry Riley, Lovey’s adoring young husband . Ronald Carper Mrs. Ted Riley, (Thelma) Terry’s sister-in-law . Margaret Russell Sadie Cohen, the Rileys’ newly engaged maid . Frances Kerns Mrs. Michael Casey (Rosella) who lives next door . Dixie Hager Tim Sweeney, a G-Man . John Lowman Warner C. Steele, Terry’s close friend . Leroy White Two-Time Riley, a desperate character . Donnie C ine Mona Morris, a swimming champion . Stella DeHaven Time: The Present Act 1. A morning in June. Act II. Fifteen minutes later. Act III. Half an hour later. Prompters: Betty Pugh Rudell Shiley Costumes: Janet DeHaven Ruby Fishel Loretta Hoover Stupe Properties: James Crim John Carter Joseph McAboy Betsy Stockdale Advertising — Tickets—Programs : Pau ine Shiley Betty Franks Esther Kackley Ushers: Betty Fahnestock Nina Affleck Bettv Carper Catherine Clark Marie Clevenger (29) Who J Who Be At J ookintf: HILDA HENRY RONALD CARPER (BeAt dancer: BETTY TFENARY DONNIE CLINE BiygeAt !7lirt: ESTHER KECKLEY DONAL CLINE BeAt ZbreAAed: HILDA HENRY RONALD CARPER yiioAt (Popular: HILDA HENRY DICKIE LEWIS (30) WkoJ Who yUoJt Studious: BETSY STOCKDALE JOHN LOWMAN Aio3t Athletic: JANET DeHAVEN JAMES GRIM %Vittie3t: BETTY PUGH DICKIE LEWIS Se3t All Around: DONNIE CLTNE HILDA HENRY yiio3t Apt to Succeed: BETTY CARPER JOHN LOWMAN (31) (32) Snapshots of the Junior-Senior Prom, Sarah Zane Fire Hall, Winchester, Virginia, April 11, 1947 Senior Cnri3tma3 Party December 23, 1947, the last school day before Christmas, was a welcome day to all of us. Were we not going to have two weeks of vacation? We came to school that morning with plenty of excitement, for two reasons—One, to find who had drawn our name and would give us a gift, and the other, tc see which room would win the prize for the best-decorated room. When the bell rang we all went to the auditorium to sing Christmas carols. Then Mr. Harper kept us in suspense while reading out the winners of the best¬ decorated rooms in the grade school and the high school. At last he finished reading the decision of the judges. We answered with a yell, for we were the high school winners. Then back to the library to make merry, to open our gifts, to eat, sing, and have our picture taken in front of the Christmas tree. Then it was time to go home. The decorations were all pulled down, the trimmings removed from the tree, and with our gifts and candy canes we made our usual dash for the bus. There was a tone of sadness through it all. This was our last Christmas together as the Class of ' 48. {341 tin clerg radu a te3 (35) Junior! ROBERT McSIlERRY LEWIS " Bobby” “Better late than never. " Bobby is one of those students who can’t quite make it on time, but gets there just the same. C me on Bobby, we are betting- on you. 1943-44—Dramatic Club, Baseball. 1945-46—Social Club, Baseball. 1947-48—Baseball. PHILIP BRINING O ' CONNELL •Phil” “For he’s a jolly good fellow. " The class is silent but suddenly there are peals of laughter. You can distinguish one hearty laugh from the rest. It isn’t Santa Claus so it must be Phi 1 , because of his jolly disposition and twinkling eyes. 1947-48—kOotball, Basketball, Baseball, Track Monogram Club. CHARLES HENRY PATTON ‘‘Jack” “What’s the use of worrying? It never was worthwhile.” When you hear someone talking about trapping skunks you know it is none other than Jack. He probably will be making fur coats soon. Anyway we know he will be successful. 1944- 45—Baseball, Social Club. 1945- 46—Baseball, Social Club. 1946- 47—-Social Club, Baseball, Monogram. 1947- 48—Football, Baseball, Monogram. WILLIAM RICHARD CARMON ‘Billy” “Sling away sorrow, cast away care.” Billy came to Stonewall in January from Fayetteville High School, North Carolina. Even though he is a “Tar Heel,” he is liked by every¬ one. His favorite subject is History and Football is his favorite sport. We all know that Billy will make a fine dignified Senior. (36) 1 1. What a pretty pose, Mary Jane. 2 . Mary Jane and Hudson in a place you would never guess. 3. Janet, getting ready to go home. 4. Janet and Delores posing. 5. Frankie and Sam, get going Kid. 6. Loretta Hoover. 7. Marylyn and Charles. 8. An unsuspected snap. 9. Delores and Ronald, some¬ thing old. 10. Stella in her evening togs. 11. Betty Ann in Washington. 12. Three seniors, sweet aren’t they? 13. Jerry, who socked you? 14. Betty Ann and Helen. 15. Jerry looks natural. 16. The Orndoff children and dog. 17. Our mascot. 18. Mary Jane. 19. Janet. 20. Ruby Fishel, Soph opnomore OHicerd FIRST SEMESTER President . Delores Coffelt Vice-President . Helen Penningtor Secretary . Dale Heaster Treasurer . Jean Dove Sponsor: Motto: Not for Colors: C SECOND SEMESTER President . Delores Coffelt Vice-President .... Helen Penningtor Secretary . Florence Mauzy Treasurer . Jean Dove Mrs. Tabler ourselves but for all. rchid and White. Flowers: Sweetpeas—Yellow, Orchid, White. 38 omore J Deaver Caleb Carr Ruby Faye Castleman Delores Arlene Coffelt Anna Marie Dellinger Thomas Howard DeHaven Jean Elizabeth Dove Betty Jean Fishback Mary Elizabeth Fishel Marylyn Virginia Grove Dale Thomas Heaster Charles Kenneth Keckley Sarah Armeda Kelsoe Josephine Louise Kirk Florence Elizabeth Mauzy Evelyn Virginia Milburn Ruby Fayetta Milburn He’en Clara Pennington Andrew James Todd, Jr. Not Pictured: Charlotte Virginia Fishback J hne cA and J3 Row 1: Jerry White, President 9A, Victor Crim, Marshall DeHaven, Treasurer DA, Gene Hoover, President 9B, Emmogene Omps, Treasurer 9B, Gardner Brannom Vice President 9A, Graham Teets, Secretary 9A, Dewey Gillespie, Vice President 9B, Eugene Oats, Secrtary 9B. Row 2: Doris Brown, Iris Racey, Jane Clevenger, Carolyn Solenberger, Otto Fuller, Jeanette Barrett, Helen Newcome, Hilda DeHaven, Dorothy Taylor, Eloise Renner, Julian Ebersole, Charlotte Harrison, Royston Shiley, Kitty Bragg, Mary Bragg. Row 3: Mrs. Christjohn, Sponsor 9B, Jerry Brady, Harry Pingley, Dwain Place, Roger Pennington, Larry Heaster, M. Weiss, Sponsor 9B. Row J: Dorothy Ebersole, Dorothy Orndoff, Dolores Dorsey, Betty Owens, Helen Owens. Row 5: Jackson Robinson, Jack Dorsey, Donald Kerns, John Russell. Row 6: Jean Robinson, Betty Wolford, Irene Russell, Nancy Cather, Betty Hoover. I (40) £ig,Ut g 4 and Row 1: Dan Dyke, Secretary of 8B, Evelyn Kirk, Secretary of 8A, Dorothy Payne, Treasurer of 8A, Lucy Clevenger, Luther Dorsey, President of 8B, Douglas Carper, President of 8A, Barbara Hannura, Vice-President of 8A, Bobby Hoover. Row 2: Earl Brill, Richard Willis, Herbert Feltner, William Lupton, William Hepner, Paul Wine, Charles Leight, Glenn Lofton, Charles Fuller. Row 3: Miss Ellis, Sponsor 8B, Mable Goodlove, Georgia Russell, Oneta Jobe, Louise Payne, Madeline Castleman, Roselia Shiley, Miss Dean, Sponsor 8A. Row J: Nancy Boyles, Thelma Taylor, Betty Morrison, Marilyn Anderson, Jean Dorsey, Mary Fahnestock. Row 5: Daniel Boone, Calvin Shirley, Fred Snyder, Harry Todd, John Braithwaite. Ro ' w 0: Linda Miller, Mary Jane Webber, Frances Dyke, Betty Robinson, Anna Lee Michael. Row 7: James Dye, Junior Godlove, Allen Jobe, Billy Fawcett, Albert Nicholson. ( 41 ) 1. Howard, why the forced smile? 2. Donnie, at Rehobuh beach. 3. Marylyn and Phil, cute, yes. 4. Mr. Davis, our Janitor. 5. the new monogram members. 6. Big mule for two girls. 7. BESSIE brings them everyday to school. 8. The four angels. 9. The twins. 10. Why not every day girls? 11. Leroy’s hobby, airplanes. 12. Vick and his new girl friend Deaver. 13. Betty Carper. 14. Those long underwear, Jack. 15. Betty Fahnestock. 16. Hilda, blond hair. 17 Marylyn Grove, sweet isn’t she? ( 42 ) {Activities . . . (43) c. Sponsor: Mrs. Light Front Row: Anna Dellinger, Representative 10th; Deaver Carr, Vice-President; Hilda Henry, President; Mrs. Light, Sponsor; Graham Teets, Treasurer; Thomas DeHaven, Secretary; Betty Fishback, Chairman of Programs. Bade Row: Immogene Omps, Chairman of Safety Committee; Kugene Hoovei, Representative of 9B; Betty Carper, Chairman of Library; Ronald Carper, Repie- sentative of 11th; Donald Cline, Chairman of Recreation; Robert Hoover, Represent¬ ative of 8B; Betsy Stockdale, Chairman of Health; Victor Crim (Chairman of Grounds. AIMS AND PURPOSES 1. Citizenship. 2. Cooperation 3. Health. 4. Recreation. 5. Self-Improvement. ( 44 ) Jtyterary, Club Sponsor: Mrs. Light First, row: Delores Coffelt, Betty Fishback, Betty Fahnestock, Betty Franks, Betty Carper, Marie Clevenger, Doi-othy Ebersole, Anna Dellinger. Second, row: Betsy Stockdale, Iris Racey, Jane Clevenger, Doris Brown, Denver Carr, Marylyn Grove, Florence Mauzy, Frances Kerns. Third row: Leroy White, Ronald Carper, William Cornwell, Thomas Dehaven, Jack Lowman. Purpose: To send representatives to the District and State meet. This year we have made plans to enter the Literary Contest at Bridgewater College. Contestants may enter: Boys and Girls Prose Reading, Boys and Girls Public Speaking, Poetry Reading, Spelling. In 1947, Delores Coffelt won first place at Massanutten Academy, and 2nd at Bridgewater College. ( 45 ) Qlee Club Sponsor: Mrs. Bateman Front row: Mrs. Bateman, Mabel Godlove, Rudell Shiley, Doris Brown, Mai’garet Russell, Anna Dellinger, Betty Fishback, Helen Pennington, Nina Affleck, Iris Racey, Florence Mauzy, Betty Morrison. Second row: Rosella Shiley, Geraldine McCarty, Marylyn Grove, Betty Fahnestock, Linda Miller, Jane Clevenger, Stella DeHaven, Delores Coffelt, Frances Kerns, Mary Jane Webber, Mary Bragg, Jean Dorsey. Third row: Douglas Carper, Betsy Stockdale, Janet DeHaven, Betty Trenary, Betty Carper, Betty Jo Roberts, Dorothy Orndeff, Betty Franks. Fourth row: Georgia Russell, Madeline Castleman, Carolyn Solenberger, Mary Fahnestock, Barbara Hannum, Anna Lee Michael, Irene Russell, Anna Dyke, Oneta Jobe, Nancy Boyles, Kitty Bragg. President . Janet DeHaven Secretary . Kitty Bragg Vice-President . Josephine Kirk Treasurer . Mary Jane Webber Purpose: To help with commencement exercises. To improve girls’ voices and also find pleasure in singing. (4G) Cl Club Cdpanol Sponsor: Mrs. Kersey Seated at piano: Sarah Kelsoe, Dixie Hager, Pauline Shiley, Betsy Stockdale, Betty Fishback, Charlotte Fishback, Anna Dellinger, Delores Coffelt, Philip O’Connell. Hablamos espanol Our main purpose is to learn to speak the language. Por supuesto we want to learn about the customs and habits of our Spanish Speaking Neighbors of the world. Films, records and correspondence with our neighbors have given us many new ideas about them. ( 47 ) -Monogram Club Sponsor: Mr. Harper First row: Marylyn Grove, Delores Coffelt, Hilda Henry, Betty Hoover, Janet Dellaven, Betty Trenary, Margaret Russell, Dorothy Orndoff, Mary Fishel, Ruby Milburn. Second row: Mr. Harper, Leroy White, William Cornwell, Ronald Carper, Donnie Cline, Thomas DeHaven, Joseph McAboy, Jack Lowman, Charles Keckley, Jack Patton. Third row: Deaver Carr, Victor Crim, Charles Gillespie, Charles Lewis, Dewey Gillespie, Philip O’Connell, John Carter, James Crim. OFFICERS President . Thomas DeHaven Secretary . Delores Coffelt Vice-President . Ronald Carper Treasurer . Leroy White The members of this organization are proud to wear their letters because of the difficult task in obtaining them. To get your letter you must have twenty activity points or play at least fifty percent of the games. Something the whole school looks forward to every year is initiation, all except those who are being initiated. (48) Patrol Sponsor: Mr. Harper First row: William Lupton, Carolyn Solenberger, Lieutenant Thomas DeHaven, Captain Betty Trenary, Dwain Place, Ruby Milburn, Eddie Bromley. Second row: Jane Clevenger, Victor Grim, Nancy Cather, John Lowman, Roger Pennington, Betty Carper, Pat Russell. Purpose: Protect children when crossing highways. Motto: Stop! Look! Listen! This group was organized at the request of the State Department. Students were chosen from the Elementary and High School classes. Each bus has a member of the patrol who is in charge of the pupils safety at the bus stops along the highway. (49) 1. Polly, isn’t she sweet. 2. What a view. 3. Doug’as! don’t do that. 4 What a cute couple. 5. Quit squeezing, Janet. 6. What’s the matter, ran out of pep? 7. Wonder what they have? 8. Four fresh¬ men. 9. It ' s loaded Frankie. 10. One afternoon. 11. Nancy’s Doe. 12. Betty Carper. 13. Our softball team. 14. Phil lover of animals. 15. Andrew Todd. 16. Jack Lowman. 17. Smile Helen. 18. Mrs. Light. 19. Smile Pretty. 20. An old love never dies. 21. Red and Janet posing. 22. Watch out Phil, Ouch. Sportd . . . (51) Front row: Mrs. Tabler, Coach; Kitty Bragg, Dorothy Orndoff, Hilda Henry, Betty Trenary, Delores Coffelt, Helen Pennington, Janet DeHaven, Betty Hoover, Mary Fishel, Mrs. Christjohn, Assistant Coach. Back row: Margaret Russell, Manager; Betty Fahnestock, Rudell Shiley, Irene Russell, Frances Kerns, Mary Bragg, Helen Newc-ome, Hilda DeHaven, Delora Dorsey, Ruby Milburn, Evelyn Milburn, Anna Dellinger. SCHEDULE September 24 . Stonewall at Stephens City September 30 . Stonewall at Gore October 2 . Boycer at Stonewall October 8 . Gainesboro at Stonewall October 14 . Stonewall at Berryville October 10 . Stephens City at Stonewall October 22 . Gore at StonewaM October 28 . Stonewall at Boyce October 30 . Stonewall at Gainesboro November 5 . Berryvi le at Stonewall ( 52 ) iPhysical Education Evelyn Kirk, Nancy Boyles, Douglas Carper, Madeline Castleman, Lucy Clevenger, Dorothy Payne, Mary Fahnestock,, Thelma Taylor, Oneta Jobe, Marilyn Anderson, Anna Michael, Linda Miller, Mabel Godlove, Anna Dyke, Betty Owens, Jane Cleven¬ ger, Louise Payne, Nina Affleck, Betty Carper, Marie Clevenger, Stella DeHaven, Ruby Fishel, Betty Franks, Dixie Hager, Esther Kackley, Betty Pugh, Pauline Shiley, Betsy Stockdale, Ruby Castleman, Jean Dove, Betty Fishback, Charlotte Fishback, Marylyn Grove, Sarah Kelsoe, Josephine Kirk, Florence Mauzy, Doris Brown, Dorothy Ebersole, Charlotte Harrison, Mary Hildebrand, Helen Owens, Iris Racey, Jean Robinson, Carolyn Solenberger, Jeanetta Barrett, Nancy Cather, Fmnio- gene Omps, Eloise Renner, Dorothy Taylor, Betty Wolford, Barbara Hannum, Mary Helsley, Betty Morrison, Judy Nicholson, Janet Pitcoek, Betty Roberts, Georgia Russell, Rosella Shiley, Mary Webber. Front row: Charles Leight, Mr. Weiss, Director, Patrick Russell. Second Row: Paul Wine, Herbert Feltner, Harry Pingley, Calvin Shirley, Julian Eversole, Jerry Brady, William Hepner, Dwain Place, Dale Heaster, Donald Kerns, Freddy Snyder, Earl Brill. Third row: Andrew Todd, Charles Owens, Daniel Dyke, Otto Fullth 1 , Graham Teets, Gardiner Brannon, John Brathwaite, James Dye, Junior Godlove, Larry Heaster, Jack Robinson, Charles Fuller, football Front row: Dewey Gillespie, Billy Cornwell, John Carter, Leroy White, Philip O’Connell, Thomas DeHaven, Charles Lewis, Victor Crim, Charles Gillespie, Ronald Carper, Billy Lupton, Assistant Manager, Deaver Carr. Second row: Coach, Mr. Harper, Manager, Donal Cline, Marshall DeHaven, Eugene Oats, Jerry White, Jack Patton, Jack Lawman, Donald Bragg, Allen Jobe, Robert Hoover, Roger Pennington, Luther Dorsey, Jack Dorsey. October 3 . Stephens City at Stonewall October 7 . Stonewall at Strasburg October 14 . Stonewall at Hedgesville October 24 . Woodstock at Stonewall October 31 . Boyce at Stonewall November 7 . Stonewall at Berryville Novmeber 13 . Stonewall at New Market November 21 . Hedgesville at Stonewall November 27 . Stonewall at Stephens City ( 54 ) 1947 football Top row: Lewis, Carter, Gillespie. Middle row: DeHaven, V. Grim, Carper, Lowman. Bottom row: D. Gillespie, Keckley, White, Cornwell, J. Crim, ( 55 ) Basketball Back row: Mr. Harper, Coach, Donald Bragg, Joseph McAboy, Charles Gillespie, John Carter, Manager. Front row: James Crim, Dewey Gillespie, Thomas D:Haven, Philip O’Connell, Ronald Carper, Leroy White. January 7 .•. Strasburg at Stonewall January 14 . Boyce at Stonewall January 21 . Stephens City at Stonewall January 22 . Stonewall at Tom’s Brook January 30 . Stonewall at Berrvville February 7 . Stonewall at Boyce February 11 . Stonewall at Stephens City February 12 Stonewall at Winchester Business College February 18 . Berryville at Stonewall February 20 . . Stonewall at Washington High School February 23 . Stonewall at Bunker Hill February 25 . . Washington High School at Stonewall March 2 ... Stonewall at Strasburg (56) Qirld ’ Malketball First row: Helen Newcome, Frances Kerns, Janet DeHaven, Betty Trenary, Captain Hilda Henry, Delores Coffelt, Jane Clevenger. Second row: Assistant Coach Howard Carper, Betty Franks, Imogene Omps, Nina Affleck, Betty Wolford, Nancy Gather, Anna Dellinger, Stella DeHaven, Manager Geraldine McCarty, Coach Mr. Harper. Not shown: Betty Pugh. January 7 . Strasburg at Stonewall January 14 . Boyce at Stonewall January 21 . Stephens City at Stonewall January 22 . Stonewall at Tom’s Brook January 30 . Stonewall at Berryville February 7 . Stonewall at Boyce February 11 .. Stonewall at Stephens City February 12 Stonewall at Winchester Business College February 18 ... . Berryville at Stonewall February 20 .. Stonewall at Washington High School February 23 . Stonewall at Bunker Hill February 25 .. Washington High School at Stonewall (57) JSadeball First row: Philip O’Connell, James Crim, Charles Gillespie, Deaver Carr, Ronald Carper, Leroy White, Victor Crim, Dewey Gillespie. Second, row: Gene Hoover, Robert Hoover, Jack Patton, Joe McAboy, Thoma DeHaven, Billy Cornwell, John Carter, Robert Lewis, Eugene Oates. Third row: William Lupton, Marshall DeHaven, Daniel Dyke, Luther Dorsey, William Fawcett, Jerry White, Allen Jobe, Roger Pennington, Daniel Boone, Julian Eversole. ( 58 ) O rack Front row: Philip O’Connell, Ronald Carper, Leroy White, Victor Crim, Donal Cline, Dewey Gillespie, James Crim. Back row: Otto Fuller, Gene Hoover, Charles Gillespie, William Cornwell, Thomas DeHaven, Bobby Hoover, Freddy Snyder, Mr. Harper, Coach. We have had track for 4 years, with the district meets being held at Bridgewater College. The first year we came in third at Bridgewater, the second year we came in first, the third year we came in fourth and this year we hope to come in first. ( 59 ) Jj,ne-Vlp3 at Stonewall ( 60 ) Z)he QradeA . . . ( 61 ) iJirdt Cjrade First row: Joseph Kenney, Mary Kay Carpenter, Mary Jane McDonald, Virginia Painter, Kitty Crosen, George Kenney, Jimmy Vance, Shirley Funkhouser, Ann Marie Heckert, Eugene Funkhouser, Curtis Robinson. Second row: Brady Ellis, Patsy Russell, Joanne Kline, Arlene Perivrer, William Orndoff, Mrs. Llano Keller, Teacher. Third row: Betty Jane Mai’tin, William Tharpe, Ronald Banner, Florence Hiett, William Renner, Joan Mowery, Phyllis Brannon, Frederick Burleson. Second Qrade First row: Patsy Lamp, Betty Snapp, Dora Vance, Ruby Morrison, Ruth Morrison. Second row: Thomas Robinson, Austin Lupton, Donald Faircloth, Franklin Kenney, Harry Michael, Miss Anna Marie Clark, Teacher. Thnd row: Charles Emery, Peggy Russell, Mary Frances Owens, Patsy Newcome, Dickie Milburn. Fourth row: Bernice Didrickson, Frenehie Hiett, ohn Payne, Paul Shumaker, Boyd Neff, Louise Starnes, Velma McCarty. Fifth row: James Hoover, Robert Dyke, Aham Myers, Earl Nicholson, Georgia Crosen. Left Side: John Hart, Billy Owens, William Woodward. Right Side: Julian Dorsey, Nable Welsh, James Nicholson. First row: Betty Joe Benner, Jean Russell, Geraldine Parkinson, Mary Catherine Barton, Helen Collins, Susan Gore, Cornelia Duvall, Bethel Neff, Janet Dennis, Miss Clevenger, Teacher. Second row: Barbara A.brell, Mary Jo Dove, Delorise Grove Maxine Nicholson. Third row: Wiley Roberts, Meredith Boyd, Billy Morrison, Charles Shepherd, Paul Polak, Richard Jobe. Fourth row: Wilmer Mason, Preston Hudson, B. B. Dorsey, Ralph DeHaven, Eddie Bromley. Fifth row: John Funkhouser, Charles Hodson, Allen Shiley, Lowell Brannon, Hunter Cooper. Sixth row: Bobby Yowell, Shelton Fincham, Tommy Nicholson, Chester Shoemaker, Robert Lee, John Wright First row: Peggy Jobe, Gail Hamilton, Margaret Orndoff, Christine Painter, •Joanne Robertson, Phyllis Taylor, Orpha Russell, Claudette Hummer. Second roxv: Miss Grace Carpenter, Teacher, Betty Ixm Tharpe, Donald Shirley, Wilbur Dove, Eddy Newcome, William DeHaven, James Castleman, Walter Mason, Frances Myers, Mrs. Audrey Combs, Teacher. Third row: Betty Rickstts, Barbara Kenney, Dickie Duvall, Peggy Ann Shepherd, Pauline Lee, Stanley Cook. Fourth row: Lewis Clark Leonard Ellis, Nancy Robinson, Elmer Dorsey, Saundra Leach, Janney Dennis, Rodger Jobe, Ella Jean Shifflett. Fifth row: James Owens, William Funkhouser, Charles Shifflett, Dewie Barton, Glen Russell, Donald Perdue. Sixth row: Eugene Richetts, Charles Allamong, Robert Orndoff, Harry Martin. J3ible Cla33 First row: Ralph DeHaven, Glen Russell, Peggy Jobe, Barbara Kenny, Richard Duvall, James Castleman, Phyllis Taylor, Hilda Dyke, Gail Hamilton, Christine Painter, Mary Jo Dove, Helen Collins, Cornelia Duvall, Susan Gore, Claudette Hummer, Maxine Nicholson, Orpha Russell, Delorise Grove, Wilbur Dove, Allen Shirley, Donald Shirley, Peggy Shepherd, Joanne Robertson, Peggy Orndoff. Second row: Nancy Robinson, Ella Jean Shifflett, Elmer Dorsey, Walter Mason, Miss Jean Baker, Teacher, Richard Jobe, Leonard Ellis, Wilmer Mason, John Wright, Lowell Brannon, Harry Martin, Janney Dennis, Charles Shifflett, Stanley Cook, Charles Shephard, Meredith Boyd, Willy Roberts, Dervie Barton, William Funk- houser, Paul Polak. Third row: Donald Perdue, Roger Jobe, William DeHaven, Billy Morrison, Preston Hodson, Benjamin Dorsey, Geraldine Parkinson, Mary Catherine Barton, Barbara Abrell, Jean Russell, Pauline Lee. 1 64 » Stonewall Well class it’s time we re leaving, But let’s not have any grieving. Our life is really not ending, Why no it’s just the beginning. We’ve studied hard the past years, What’s the use a shedding tears. We’ve all looked forward to this day, And helped each other in every way. We ' ve had some fun I’ll admit, But also worked quite a bit, Times came when we felt blue, But with God we all came through. T guess sometimes that we were bad, And made the teachers very mad, In later years they’ll relate, We had that class of “48.” The teachers all were very kind. We really hate to leave them behind, And I guess after our graduation, They will need a long vacation. Our principal we can’t thank enough, For us he has done so much, Always willing to lend a hand, Trying to make us understand. We’ve made many friends, From the beginning to the end, Friends that were sincere and true, In helping us to get through. Now that we have reached our goal, We leave with all body and soul, Best wishes, luck and love to all, We won’t forget thee, old Stonewall. By Betty Carper F ante In youth for greatness we prepare, All greatness has too start somewhere, It’s not just how you get your fame. It’s all the way you play the game. We the Class of ’48, Are now about to graduate, Our aims were high and our grades were low, But from our school we now must go. We’ve worked our way through the halls of learning, And now we’ve come to a point of turning, We’ve had our joys and sorrows too, And now we’re here to say, “Adieu.” By Ronald Carper (fib) Aly £bay,A at §toneuall Our days at Stonewall we’ve enjoyed much, In spite of lessons, tests and such. Now that they are about to stop We feel we’re spinning like a top. Of course, right now we ' re very proud, To have the privileges and joys allowed. To all the Seniors throughout the land, And in everything to take a hand. All through the years from Freshmen till now. We’ve looked up to the Seniors with a bow. But now we’re in their very shoes And do most anything we choose. Some day after we all depart, From Stonewall’s halls but not its hear We hope to look upon this day And remember the way we used to play. Now after all is said and done, And after thinking of all the fun We’ve had in school at Stonewall High, We’ll remember those carefree days with a sigh. By Dixie Hager Our Cla33 This is a short summary Of the class of ’48, We hope you’ll miss us When we pass through the gates. Jim is our president We think him very fine, Betty Carper our vice Who is so devine. Jerry and Janet who sing all the time, Ronald and Leroy whose names won’t rime. Betsy and Jack who study most of the time Catherine, Rudell and Stella are the com¬ mercial kind. Donnie who rides his horse around, Hilda and Trenary catch the ball on the rebound. Joseph’s firetruc-k, Oh! what a sound. Red and Dickie can flirt with so much ease, Frances and Dixie wiz by with a breeze. Fanny and Marie can spell, so it seems, While Nina and Margaret make up a team. Loretta and Ruby are never apart, Betty Lee and Pauline are ready to depart, Dick is ready for baseball to start. Well my friends, I hope you know The class of ’48 A s a whole. By Betty Pugh Dick C.Brucetown Store .Fishing for something to hunt Smarties .Boxer Jack " P.Ridgeway Rink .Driving a car .Wild Women . Athlete Jody’ M.Clearbrock Fire Hall . . Going Hunting .Girls .T n A Fire Chief Billy C.Owen s .Dating Girls . ..Good Boys . To be a dancer Marie” C.Movies .Star gazing .Fussy People .To Graduate M td So £ fD G - -b 2 HJ 3 ° w to w cd o to s - S 3 to! B 3 fD O c a ! 3 c 5- £ o o 0 = to o £ a 3 to 5 ' to O O O to toe to m “ 3 3 5 TO cfi a S S» to M 3 O crq £ V toe to 3- ' 3 a O- ' C to |-e 3 , to " 3 fO W 3 5 ' 3 3 in o ' 3 pd o W £ ps, td O to p o CD rto o HJ 5’ p " 2. o o C-H P O p, CD ' C £ Orq CD CD « 5 o cd ' C 2 P o r P " 2. o O P CD cro pr P 11; 02 O to C 2 cS H to 3 C 2 o p CD — H to to CD 2 a a CD e td to 3 3 TO 3 ' to TO o o » 3 ?q I TO 5 ' ff« S ' TO rro O o tr rD r h- 3 CTQ , 03 C Jij O- i rr W to ' C 3 3 ■ ! CD as. C 2 C 2 td td a c 3 a ° dr 2 g.“ “o to c d O td to ' to “ I ' 2.1 to to o o d 3 ' C tO C 3 2 o C 2 CD 6 Oro pr p to d to te toe to 3 ' 3 r+ —■ to 3 to ' 3 3 3 3 3 to to ' TO to! ' - 3 3 to (— TO rq t tr a 3 3 Cro ffo 3 2 . 3 ' to cro cr o V! toto totdtototo tocottooccotto td o in to) 3 3 O to to CO c- rt 3 TO H 2 CD £ P ft T CD C 2 td td 5 o HH c 2 “ CD C 0 Vj CD n 2. O c i rs 0- a p P ! CZ5 CD CD O O ' CD CD r-f- e-f- P ' C —h o Q ST ?r Q p cr h-j c 3 ° § cd cd O 3 § 3 to todOdSitotototoOto tod to ,-rr to — • to CD ffl O O CD O o 2 .’ c 2 03 O- ui cro dr cr p 5’ Qrq t-to. 5- O CD Ci a ;o cr c p td o c a o o o o o o; S ' cro w O H W !z CTj to O 50 cr crc w cro O. cr CD Or 0 O c CD - a cr td o o s w toC. td © k- ST to (-H to O to to o o toe cr £ to to o _ to tp to § O 50 n b to 3 TO toto to to to to to to cr 3 (67) Calendar 0 CventA September 8—School Opens 12—Annual Staff elected 16—Who’s Who were nominated 19—Annual Staff met with Mr. Harper 22—First S.C.A. meeting- 24—Stonewall softball team vs. Stephens City 27—Annual Staff had second meeting 30— Stonewall softball team vs. Gore October 2—Boyce team vs. Stonewall softball team 3—Plans were started for Sophomore-Senior Banquet, Stonewall football team vs. Stephens City 8— Stonewall softball team vs. Gainesboro 10—Another Football game 14—Football Softball teams have games 16— Seniors had pictures taken 17— Sophomores had pictures taken 22—Softball game Stonewall vs. Gore 24—Representatives from Stonewall left for Mary Washington 31— Seniors gave Annual “stunt” to sell annuals November 7—Football game Stonewall vs. Berryville 12—Mr. Day came and we ordered name cards 19— Had movie “Junior Miss” 21— Football game Hedgesville vs. Stonewall 22— Drew names for Christmas 27—Football game Stonewall vs. Stephens City December 9—8A had a Party 10—Mr. Rush came down to take Annual Pictures 20— Started Basketball practice 23— Seniors chanced off turkey. Christmas Holidays January 2—Christmas holidays over. Miss Kendig returns as Mrs. Tabler 7—First Basketball game 9— Sophomore-Senior Banquet plans coming along fine 14—Stonewall vs. Boyce, Basketball game 21— Stonewall vs. Stephens City, Basketball game 23—Stonewall vs. Toms Brook, Basketball game 26-28—Exams (68) Calendar o £ vent 3 February March April May J une 2— -Senior Class voted on their design for program for graduation 3— Seniors voted on King and Queen from their class 6— Basketball game—Stonewall vs. Boyce 11— Basketball game—Stonewall vs. Stephens City 12— Business College vs. Stonewall 18— ANNUAL GOES TO PRESS! RAH! 19— Sophomores had party—Esther and Deaver were King and Queen 26—Sophomores had movie 8— Track practice starts 17—Baseball practice starts 26— 29—Easter Holidays, RAH ! 27— District Forensic Meet 2— Senior Class went to Washington 9— Sophomores entertain Seniors 10— Regional Forensic Meet 13— Baseball—Gainesboro at Stonewall 17— District Track Meet 20— Baseball—Gore at Stonewall 23—Baseball—Stonewall at Boyce 23— Senior Play 24— Regional Track Meet 30—Holiday for Apple Blossom 4— Baseball—Stonewall at Gainesboro 7— Tennis Tournament at Charlottesville 8— State Track Meet 11— Baseball—Middletown at Stonewall 14— Baseball—Stonewall at Gore 18— Baseball—Boyce at Stonewall 21— Baseball—Stonewall at Stephens City 25— Baseball—Berryville at Stonewall 28— All Star Game 30—Baccalaureate Service 3— Graduation ( 69 ) Sweetheart Party Left to right: Charles Gillespie, Betty Fishback, Carolyn Solenberger, Mary Jo Dove, Mrs. Kersey, Esther Kackley, Deaver Carr, Enimagene Omps, Douglas Carper, Jerry Brady. REPRESENTATIVES FROM EACH ROOM 8th Grade . Douglas Carper, James Dye y A . Carolyn Solenberger, Jerry Brady yB . Enimagene Omps, Charles Gillespie 10th Grade . Betty Fishback, Deaver Carr 11th Grade . Esther Kackley, William Carmon Esther Kackley, a Senior, and Deaver Carr, a Sophomore, were crowned “Sweetheart King and Queen at the Sweetheart Party sponsored by the Sophomore Class, Thursday, February 19, at the school. Mrs. Kersey crowned the Queen with a wreath of red carnations and made an appropriate and entertaining speech. Mary Jo Dove was crown bearer. This party climaxed a contest of about thr e weeks in which there were eight other contestants, four boys and four girls, representing each class. Anyone could vote for their favorite contestants as many times as they wished for one cent a vote. Two different Sophomores were responsible for the publicity of the candidates fiom each room. These contestants made up the Queen s Court. Decorations were carried out in red and white and followed the sweetheait or valentine theme. Dancing, games, and fortune telling provided entertainment. (70) E. W. Armstrong Company DISTRIBUTORS Metal Weatherstrips Screens—W ood—Rollscreens Radiator Shields—Enclosures Venetian Blinds—Window Shades Awnings 37 East Piccadilly Street Phone 4643 Winchester, Virginia Pingley Carper Cleaners 31 East Piccadilly Street Winchester, Virginia Dial 461 1 Jokes First Drunk: We are getting closer to town. Second Drunk: How can you tell? First Drunk: We are hitting more people. Compliments Of Roy A. Lee Complete Line PLUMBING HEATING Phone 4859 15 S. Kent Street Winchester, Virginia Compliments Of Snapp Foundry, Inc. FOUNDERS MACHINES JOBBERS Winchester, Virginia Shenandoah Motor Company, Inc. SALES SERVICE Opposite Handley School Winchester, Virginia Smith’s Garage 204 E. Piccadilly Street Complete Weaver Equipment Front End Alignment Wheel Balancing and Straightening Willard Batteries Motor Reboring Steam Cleaning Generator Service Phones: Garage 4454 Residence 4713 Brooks’ Pharmacy PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST THE REXALL STORE Phone 6461 Winchester, Va. “Service With Satisfaction ” ( 71 ) Compliments Of H. F. Nelson DISTRIBUTOR SUNOCO PRODUCTS ard NASH CARS Phone 5633 1000 North Street Winchester, Virginia Compliments Of Red Wing Restaurant CARL LEWIS, Manager 15 W. Water Street Winchester, Virginia Clowe’s Jewelry Store WATCHES, DIAMONDS JEWELRY and SILVERWARE Phone 3721 7 North Loudoun Street Winchester, Virginia Proprietors M. B. Clowe, Sr. and M. B. Clowe, Jr. Valley Photo Centre 107 S. Loudoun Street Winchester, Virginia “Your- Camera Headquarters " NATURAL COLOR PORTRAITS WEDDINGS A SPECIALTY DEVELOPING — PRINTING ENLARGING HOMESITTING ( 72 ) Compliments Of McCrory’s 5, 10 25c Store 125 North Loudoun Street Winchester, Virginia Compliments Of E. D. Moor ' s Service Station Winchester, Virginia Joseph F. T. Hulver QUALITY LINE OF MEATS VEGETABLES GROCERIES Phone 8130 Compliments of Chapman Motor Co. Phone 3577 WENDERS Winchester’s Largest and Most Exclusive Store for Women “Ask Your Neighbor’’ Riteway Cleaners CLOTHES - RUGS - DRAPERIES Phone 4323 Compliments Of Piccadilly Soda Shop Braddock Piccadilly St. “Sodas and Sundaes Our Specialty Valley News Stand 30 East Piccadilly St. Leading Newspapers and Magazines ( 73 ) Weyanoke Diner HOME COOKED FOODS ALL FOODS VALUABLE PRICES Southern States Winchester Service Winchester, Virginia FEEDS, SEEDS, FERTILIZERS and FARM SUPPLIES Duff’s Record Shop Winchester, Virginia Compliments Of F. A. Shyrock Company Winchester, Virginia Compliments Of The Checkerboard Feed Store B. 5k S. Poultry Company BUYERS of POULTRY and EGGS Winchester, Virginia Compliments Of Ba rr’s Studio Winchester, Virginia Compliments Of The Sanitary Dairy Winchester, Virginia ( 74 ) I I O. M. SWIMLEY BOX FACTORY £ Clearbrook, Virginia Maker Of | ORCHARD, STORAGE, PACKING BOXES l BOX TOPS BOTTOMS, REPAIR MATERIALS CIDER PRESS RACKS and SLATS X BEE HIVES and SUPERS ; Compliments Of The Woolen Shop | Layton H. Stockdale 304 S. Braddock St. : FRUITS Winchester, Virginia THE ZEROPACK CO. ; Winchester, Virginia ( 75 ) - N - E. W. Barr APPLES Winchester, Virginia Virginia Aople Storage Winchester, Virginia Truck Supplies, Inc, WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE PARTS and TIRES 24 W. German Street Winchester, Virginia Dial 3418 George W. Clower TRANSFER and STORAGE 21 Clark Street Winchester, Virginia Phone 6263 Old Mill Storage APPLES and PEACHES Winchester, Virginia Buncutter Tire Company 620 South Braddock Street Telephone 5277 Winchester, Virginia Turner Sencindiver Truck Bodies Built to Order 21 Clark Street Winchester, Virginia Phone 6263 George Washington Garage PACKARD MOTOR CARS THE GENERAL TIRE Winchester, Virginia ( 76 ) A. C. Oates LUMBERS and BUILDING MATERIAL Telephone 6414 Winchester, Virginia Waton’s Cash Grocerv GROCERIES — VEGETABLES FRUITS Phone 5461 Corner Of Cameron and Piccadilly Streets Winchester, Virginia The Friendly Family Store “We Turn A House Into A Home” Winchester Furniture Co. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS Phone 611.1 7 South Main Street Diamonds—Like Education An Investment for the Future Hodgon and Brown 41 W. Boscawen Street Winchester, Virginia Dial 3231 Compliments Of The Winchester Woolen Co. Winchester, Virginia TIRES — SPORTING GOODS AUTO ACCESSORIES PAINTS — VARNISHES JOE The Motorists Friends 101 N. Loudoun Street Winchester, Virginia S. N. Johnston OWNER Watches, Jewelry, Silverware Gifts, Watch Repairing Dial 7733 LOYALTY DIAMONDS Martha Washington GOOD HOME COOKED FOOD Sandwiches and Fountain Service 19 E. Piccadilly Street Winchester, Virginia ( 77 ) Compliments Of JOHN W. ROSENBURGER AND COMPANY 31 South Braddcck St. Winchester, Virginia Compliments Of HARRY W. AIKENS General Contractor Clearbrook, Virginia Compliments Of B. M. Chevrolet Sales Co. YOUR FRIENDLY DEALER Winchester, Virginia Washington Barber Shop 17 East Piccadilly 2 Winchester, Virginia | (79) Compliments Of GULF OIL PRODUCTS JOHN D. GLOVER, Distributor Dial 3710 Colonial Kitchen Home-Made Candies and Ice Cream Attractive Packages Made In Our Kitchen J. H. Lowden Confectioner 35 W. Boscawen St. Winchester, Va. Compliments Of Bickers Motor Company North Loudoun Street Winchester, Virginia Modernage Shoppe “Fashion of Distinction ” 109 S. Loudoun Street Winchester, Va. Molden Electric Co. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Sales HOTPOINT Service Winchester, Virginia The Shoe Center, Inc. Shoes for the Entire Family Popular Prices — X-Ray Fitting Winchester, Virginia L. F. Bargain Store WAR SURPLUS 220 N. Cameron Street Winchester, Virginia (SO) Compliments Of THE VIRGINIA WOOLEN COMPANY WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA (81) I Thrift Auto Store | Your Dollars Buy More at the Working Man’s Store 1 133 North Loudoun Street I AUTO SUPPLIES | Winchester, Virginia ! and 1 SPORTING GOODS ! Ready to Wear Clothing for Men and Boys i ! Compliments Of Compliments Of : C. B. Smalts Son J. H. Heing Company FLORISTS ! Winchester, Virginia 442 National Avenue Winchester, Virginia J Courtesy Of SINGER SEWING CENTER ; Sewing Cabinets Singer Dress Forms 1 Singer Vacuum Cleaners ; Notions, Gifts Belts Buckles, Button Holes and Hem Stitching Reconditioned, Used Machines All Makes Repaired : 25 N. LOUDOUN ST. WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA (82) WHITEHOUSE VINEGAR National Fruit Product Company Oak Grove Service Station LUNCHES — GROCERIES TOBACCOS — SOFT DRINKS TEXACO GAS Make It AMOCO All The Way Phone Winchester 6033 CLEARBROOK, VIRGINIA Proprietor, Manuel C. DeHaven CORK and MAIN STREET WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA I’M REDDY KILOWATT Make Good Use of Me There are dozens and dozens of jobs I can do for you— and the more you use me THE LOWER MY RATE fllir J) ompany, nc. Qfuic iester. Northern Va. Power Co. (84) Very Best U. B. UNGER’S STATION 120 NORTH CAMERON STREET WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA R. M. COLLIS AND SON DEALERS IN LIME MARL DELIVERED and SPREAD ON FARMS MARL BED LOCATED AT CLEARBROOK, VIRGINIA Phone Inwood 27 F 5 Clearbrook, Virginia Compliments Of | THE HOME Hansbrough and Carter OF BETTER VALUES INSURANCE Leggett’s Dept. Store Winchester, Virginia | 23 North Loudoun Street ! Winchester, Virginia ; ; For More Nutritious Bread use CRYSTAL and MAGNOLIA ENRICHED FLOUR Winchester Seed Co ; You can buy an INFERIOR feed for ! LESS MONEY, but you CANNOT ■ buy a better feed for even MORE ; money than i; Phone 3497 1 QUALITY SUNSHINE FEEDS ALL YOU NEED 1 Manufactured By IN SEEDS avd FEEDS ; Winchester Milling Corporation ! Winchester, Virginia (86) Compliments Of V. M. Cline Compliments Of GENERAL MERCHANDISE j PERSONNEL OF A. P. Super Market DIAL (5000 ; CLEARBROOK, VIRGINIA i ' • Compliments Of j , Compliments Of j Pine Motor Company ; (Incorporated) ; Winchester, Virginia ! H. W. Ebert ; BUICK SALES and SERVICE ; Distributor For ' DODGE CARS and TRUCKS | PLYMOUTH CARS I Parts Wholesale avd Retail j i! For Chrysler Products | Winchester, Virginia ’ ‘Wot t ie Sesf, But as Good as the Rest ; Home-Like Cooking’’ | Baker’s Restaurant ! Compliments Of A Friend ; J. V. Arthur ; 109 W. Boscawen Street ; Winchester, Virginia ! Compliments Of ; Clearbrook Service Station | ; Clearbrook Flour Mill ; S. C. Whetzel, Prop. ! Clearbrook, Virginia | Phone G008 ] Clearh " ock, Virginia ] j Tommy D. Lockhart ; Compliments Of : REAL ESTATE j Capitol Restaurant I Farms Homes 109 North Loudoun Street ; Winchester, Virginia ! Phone 7470 ’ BRADDOCK BOSCAWEN Winchester, Virginia 1 Compliments Of : Slonaker Grocery The Valley Service Station : Fresh Meats—Feeds of All Kinds 22 Amherst Street ; Winchester, Virginia ! Inwood, West Virginia ; Phone 25F3 1 (88) yf ' NCVr . ' Herbert Bryant, Inc. ; Compliments Of FEED SEED i H. W. Butler Bro. j FERTILIZER ; CUSTOM GRINDING j Winchester, Virginia j MIXING ; Winchester, Virginia ! Schenck Cheese Co. ! Miller Anderson J CANDY—POPCORN—NUTS PLUMBING — HEATING i FOOD SPECIALTIES j APPLIANCES ; At Wholesale Only ! ; Winchester, Virginia ! ; Winchester, Virginia (89) Compliments Of CLEARBROOK WOOLEN CO. CLEARBROOK, VIRGINIA (90) FOR UNSURPASSED ACTIVE VINEGAR use “Apple Pie Ridge” Made By SHENANDOAH VALLEY APPLE CIDER AND VINEGAR COMPANY Winchester, Virginia Compliments Of DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY Bottlers Of DR. PEPPER GRAPETTE PAL-ADE Winchester, Virginia ! (91) Compliments Of 7 White Palace Restaurant i 168 N. Loudoun Street Winchester, Virginia Compliments Of Miller’s Drug Store 107 North Loudoun Street “Your Druggist Since 175U " MEN’S and BOYS’ QUALITY CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS H. C. Sheetz Son Winchester, Virginia Huntsberry’s FASHION FOOTWEAR Winchester, Virginia Front Royal, Virginia Jhambersburg, Pennsylvania Compliments Of Earl L. Mason GENERAL INSURANCE Dial 6211 Mill er’s Hardware PAINTS HARDWARE FARM SUPPLIES George W. Kurtz FINE FURNITURE FUNERAL DIRECTOR Over 75 Years of Service to Winchester and Frederick County Compliments Of Raylass Department Store “Your Family Store. " (92) The Grill I Compliments Of When You Think of Sandwiches J E. Earl Shade Think of The Grill North Loudoun Street Ext. ! 16 East Piccadilly Street J ; Compliments Of | ; Muivey’s Haberdashery j Baker Anderson ' 5 West Boscawen Street ! “Where Fashion Begins ” Alson S. Hatt 113 N. Loudoun Street Winchester, Virginia ! Compliments Of ; GENERAL INSURANCE : Henry T. Goode 1 Life , Accident and Health 1 Hospitalization, and Automobile ; Dial 6209 Office 1153 ; INSURANCE j Winchester, Virginia 1 ’ Compliments Of : George R. Mayer ; ; Room 2 ! | Cammer’s Cleaners | Farmers Merchants Bank Bldg. 1 Automobile, Fire, Life ! 118 South Braddoek Street ! Liability, Workmen ' s Compensation ; ! Winchester, Virginia 1 Hospitalization ; Dial 7756-6785 A (93) ! Compliments Of : Garvin J. Walter Oscar Nebel Hosiery Corp. ; General Automobile Repair Shop ; Willard Batteries, Oils and Repair ! ! 4 Fairfax Lane ! Winchester, Virginia ; Dial 6441 J Lovetts | Compliments Of ! Shoe St Dress Shoppe ; Winchester Dry Cleaning ! 1 158 North Loudoun Street | ! Winchester, Virginia j 1 Winchester, Virginia J z - -- , Jamison Sc Gore General Ins. « ; Compliments Of FIRE - LIFE - AUTOMOBILE | Room 6 ! Sanitary Laundry ; [ Farmers Merchants Bank Bldg. ! ' Winchester, Virginia Golden Glow Restaurant ; Jewel Box ; | Meet Your Friends At The Golden “Your Friendly Credit Jeweler " ! ; Glow Restaurant Also Fountain Service • 151 North Loudoun Street ! Winchester, Virginia ! 25 E. Gerrad Street ! Winchester, Virginia ! (94) THE ZEROPACK COMPANY FROZEN FOOD PACKERS Cash Prices Paid for All Kinds of Fresh Fruits APPLES CHERRIES PEACHES RASPBERRIES BOYSENBERRIES STRAWBERRIES BLUEBERRIES HUCKLEBERRIES BLACKBERRIES LOGANBERRIES Phone 3386 550 N. Cameron Street Winchester, Virginia I WINCHESTER AUTOMOTIVE " Your NAPA Jobber” AUTO — TRUCK — TRACTOR PARTS COMPLETE MACHINE SHOP SERVICE 811 South Loudoun St. Winchester, Virginia (95) ; Winchester News Company ; “Best Wishes to the Class of ' It8 ” | Omps Funeral ! North Loudoun St. at North Ave. | ; 15 South Loudoun Street ! Winchester, Virginia j Phone 7311 ■ Winchester, Virginia ! ! We Deliver Dial 6454 | | : The Food Center ; ; Edward B. Capper, Jeweler ; 103 N. Loudoun Street j ; VEGETABLES, FRUIT, POULTRY ■ 5 West Water Street ; Winchester, Virginia w ; MEAT, GROCERIES “None But the Best ” J Winchester, Virginia J ; Barrs Orchard and Farm P. W. Plumly j Supply Fumber Corp. ; ; Allis Chalmers Tractors New Idea Farm Implements ! Manufacturers ! BAND SAWN HARDWOOD LUMBER j 1 Hardie Sprayers i Phone 3839—3830 ! Winchester, Virginia J : Phone 3892 The Bell Clothes Store : Compliments Of WHERE YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Dunlop Tire and Rubber Corp. ; ’ Winchester Front Royal j ( 96 ) Lunsford s Grocery GROCERIES — VEGETABLES FRUITS — FRESH MEATS Phone 8255 North Main Street Winchester, Virginia WHERE QUALITY AND PRICE MEET J. W. Grove, Furniture We Sell For Less on Easy Terms Furniture, For Entire Home Phone 7260—6472 Fred S. Boyd The PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Corner Main Water Streets Winchester, Virginia SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY AT Kenny’s Shoe Store Winchester, Virginia Gray Eddy HABERDASHERS “Where Quality Is A Tradition” Phone 6277 Winchester Business College “The School of Service” 40 W. Boscawen Street Winchester, Virginia C. F. Prickett, President Dial 4701 Brucetown General Grocery GROCERIES, FRESH MEATS FRUITS and VEGETABLES HARDWARE Proprietor — C. R. Lewis Compliments Of The Flower Shop Phone 3517 197 ) Compliments Of Margaret L. Hodgson HAT AND DRESS SHOP Winchester. Virginia L. J. Cleveger Sons Certified ESSO Lubrication Main and Mai’ket Street Winchester, Virginia Phone 6961 M. A. Keckley GEORGE WASHINGTON HOTEL BARBER SHOP HAVE YOUR TIRES RECAPPED AND VULCANIZED at the Valley Tire Service Clearbrook, Virginia B. R. PLACE Phone 5080 Gaunt’s PRESCRIPTIONS Dial 4104 Cor. Maine Valley Ave. Winchester, Virginia Bayliss and Patterson Radio and Electrical Appliances SALES and SERVICE EXPERT ELECTRICAL WIRING and REPAIRING Free Estimate On All Work Dial 5526 207 N. Cameron St. John H. Clayton DISTRIBUTOR Telephone 3787 37 Amherst Street Winchester, Virginia Harry Murphy Bro. FEED, FENCE, FERTILIZER, FLOUR, GAS and OIL Penna. R. R. Dial 5545 1981 Compliments Of Lupton Orchard Service Co. Phone 3484 Winchester, Virginia FULL LINE OF FARM ORCHARD EQUIPMENT Compliments Of J. A. Hotinger MUTUAL INSURANCE 105 North Loudoun Street DIAL 5317 Compliments Of John S. Solenberger Co. HARDWARE, MILL AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Winchester, Virginia Hershey s Drive In FIERSHEY’S ICE CREAM The World’s Largest Selling Pint Package Winchester, Virginia ( 99 ) Compliments Of C. I. Brumhack Son, Inc. FARM ORCHARD SUPPLIES Winchester, Virginia WHEN IT’S SERVICE YOU WANT Call Polly’s Cab Phone 3313 28 W. Cork Street Winchester, Virginia When You Want A Cab In A Hurry CALL Diamond Cab Phone 4106 Your Cab Will Be Dispatched To You By 2-Way Radio COURTEOUS CHAUFFEURS INSURED CABS 20 E. Piccadilly Street Winchester, Virginia Compliments Of C. L. Robinson Ice and Cold Storage LOCKER SERVICE Winchester, Virginia ( 100 ) Compliments Of THE GREEN CHEMICAL COMPANY Winchester, Virginia CONGRATULATIONS To the Graduating Class of 1948, Stonewall High School. We have served your fathers, your grandfathers, and your great-grandfathers since 1854. We shall enjoy the pleasure of serving you, as well. GLAIZE BRO. Winchester, Virginia GLASS LUMBER SPRAY TANKS EXPLOSIVES PAINT HARDWARE WATER STORAGE TANKS CUSTOM MILL WORK ( 101 ) Compliments Of BRANNON’S CLEANERS Berryville Avenue at City Limits Winchester, Virginia Phone 7161 Compliments Of J. R. Alexander, Jr.—General Insurance KEAL ESTATE — 113 NORTH LOUDOUN STREET — TEL. 4202—3502 WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA Our Policy, " The Golden Ride " THE LITTLE KITTENS SPRING IS HER E Three little kittens sat in a shell. One looked out and the other two fell. One little kitten hurt his nose. The other one jumped and mashed his toes. The two little kittens then sat in a pan. The other one jumped over in the sand. The three little kittens never could tell Because they all fell in the well. By Dickie Livengood Duvall Grade Three, Age 8 THE WIND The wind is blowing all day long. The wind that sings so loud a song; Soon spring will come, we will be full of cheer; 0 Goody! Goody! Spring is here! By Susan Jane Gore Grade Four, Age 9 VALENTINE I made a little Valentine And sent it to my mother She said, “Be sure And send her another.” By Mary Kay Carpenter Grade One, Age 6 The birds were singing one morning in May We’re Happy We re Happy,” they seemed to say Winter is gone and spring is here. No snow to bother us anymore this year We ' ll make a nest high up in a tree. We’ll raise our little ones three. For worms each morning we will go. To make our little ones sing and grow. By Saundra Deloris Leach Grade Three, Age 9 MY DOG I have a dog his name is Dick He can do many a trick He can dance and he can walk And sometimes I think He will even talk By Jane Phyllis Branner Grade One, Age 6 SCHOOL There is a place for me; There is a place for you; There is a place for everyone; Who likes to go to school. By Cornelia Nevitte Duvall Grade Four, Age 9 ( 102 ) (103) THE LIBRARY OF VIRGINIA 1000758564 T DERMAN LIB ' book is ■ i bp’ I

Suggestions in the Stonewall High School - Confederate Yearbook (Clearbrook, VA) collection:

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