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Comments on 1946 Publications Contest ANNUALS Judge: Kr. C. Harold Lauck Journalism Laboratory Press Washington and Lee University Lexington, Virginia Croup 4 The Confederate. Stonewall high School, Clear!rook. The main flaw in this annual is the printing, which is very carelessly anu unprofessionally done. The makeup is fair ana the artwork average, The photography varies a great deal but is in general fairly good. The senior pictures appeared to us to lack uniformity, the faces being too large in some caseB. In its class, however, this is a good book. Good M 1 ft THE CONFEDERATE 1946 Published by The Senior Class of Nineteen Forty-Six zt Stonewall High School Clearbrook, Virginia 3 Contents FACULTY : Page High School. 10 Elementary. 11 CONFEDERATE STAFF. 12 SENIORS: Sponsor. 14 Officers . 15 Individual Pictures. 16 Class History. 25 Class Poem. 26 Class Song. 27 Prophecy. 28 Last Will and Testament. 29 Senior Plav. 30 Who’s Who. 32 What’s What. 33 Boys in Service. 34 Senior Snapshots. 36 UNDERGRADUATES: Junior Class Officers. 38 Junior Class. 39 Sophomore Class. 40 Freshman Class. 41 Seventh Grade. 42 GRADES: Sixth Grade. 44 Fifth Grade. 45 Fourth Grade. 46 Third Grade. 47 Special Grade. 48 Second Grade. 49 First Grade. 50 Grade Snapshots. 51 Snapshots . 52 ACTIVITIES: S. C. A. 54 Monogram Club. 55 Stonewall News. 56 Glee Club. 57 Social Club. 58 Literary Club.r. . 59 Spanish Club. 60 Bible Class. 61 Junior Play. 62 SPORTS: Football.,. 64 Track . 67 Baseball . 68 Basketball . 69 Girls’ Sports Snapshots. 70 Softball . 71 CALENDAR .,. 72 JOKES . 74 ADVERTISEMENTS . 77 PROPERTY OF TAHRAH? OF VIRGINIA 3CPM(TP),VA Hail to Stonewall Tune—Boola-Boola To Stonewall High School the school we love, The grandest place that we know. We raise our voices in song to thee, Wherever we may go. From Stonewall we shall ne’re forget, The dear friends that we’ve met. We make the air with “Stonewall” ring, Where’er we are you’ll hear us sing. Chorus: Hail to Stonewall, Stonewall High School, With her colors Maroon and Gray. When we see them flyin g high, We know then what to say. Stonewall High School, Stonewall High School. There’s no other quite like you. Words By Virginia Herrell 5 Foreword In this, the fourth volume of the CONFEDERATE we, the first peacetime graduates of this recently founded school have endeavored to portray to our classmates and to the public a summary of the ac¬ tivities which have been carried on in the true spirit of school life. We sincerely hope our aim has been accomplished and that this book will be enjoyed by its readers as we have enjoyed its preparation. May its contents keep fresh the memories of those who care. To our alumni we present a record of progress, to our schoolmates a daily of never-to-be-forgotten days and to others who are interested a faithful al¬ though probably incomplete, a record of Stonewall High School. Editor-in-chief Nancy Lodge 6 Dedication To one who has given unselfishly of her time, energy, and person¬ ality to the sponsoring of our annual, we, the staff, dedicate the fourth volume of the Confederate to Miss Helen E. Slifer. She has listened patiently and sympathetically since we were sopho¬ mores. Mere words could never express how much we appreciate what she has done for us. 7 BRYANT R. HARPER Principal 1928—Graduated from Handley High School 1932—Graduated from Hampton Sydney College Taught Elementary School in Frederick County 1934—Math teacher and athletic coach of McIntyre High School at Charlottesville, Virginia 1940— Principal of Check High School 1941— Became Principal of Stonewall High School With the utmost tact, Mr. Harper has gladdened our hearts with the wit of keen understanding and has won the true esteem of all of us. We, the Senior Class, owe to him our sincere gratitude in appre¬ ciation for all he has done for us since we entered High School. 9 High School MISS HELEN E. SHIER Science and Home Arts B. S., Madison College Harrisonburg, Va. MISS .t V l V. ALTHER English. History B., Shepherd College Shephcrdsto ' v n. V . a. MRS. LC TLLE L. KERSEY It. A., Westhampton College Richmond, Va. MK. HRVANT K. HARPER Principal. Mathematics It. A., Hampden-Sidney ( ollegc M. A Ennersity of V irginia MR. EMORY S. ELL MORE Geography, Mathematics. History A. B., sbury College W ilmore, Keniuck H. ! .. Emory Cniversity Georgia Faculty MISS ELEANOR LEE LLOYD English, History, Mathematics Western Maryland College Westminster, Maryland V. B., Shepherd College Shepherdstown. W, Va. MISS MARGARET CHLOE KEN DIG English, Shorthand. Typing Bridgewater College Bridgewater, Va. A, B., Shepherd ( ' ollege Sbepherdsiovvn. W, Va. 10 Elementary MRS. VIRGINIA HOMAR First Grade Averett College DanviRe, Va. MISS GRACE V. CARPENTER Third Grade Madison College ' Harrisonburg. Va. MRS. ANNA BELL DICK Special Students 2nd, 3rd. Hh Columbia College Hagerstown. Mar} land MISS ACOREY ODESSA SHILEA Fourth Grade Shepherd College Shepherdstown. W. a. MRS. DORA A. PERRINE Sixth Grade Shepherd allege Shepherdslown, VV. Va, Faculty MISS FRANCES SMILEY Second Grade Madison 1 ollege Harrisonburg. Va. 11 Confederate Staff N A NO LOIX«K Assistant Editor DAVID V AH.NKsTOCK Art Editor ANS MARIE ( LARK VIRGINIA HERREIJ, UtV ' IT v m;4 mm® ji . i i ' u f - HUa Roj ' s sports Editor AI4REJD ARM EL cuiation Manager Assistant Rusim CURTIS WILSON Lradr Editor ROBERT W HITMORi Business unai;rl ATHEHINE TRAVERS WILLIAM CASTLEM AN I ' hi t Typist i’HVllis McDonald lass Hrophft JENNIE LOl MILLER (Jias Spdrts JEANNE H(H»ER t lub Editor KATHLEEN SHU.KY Literary Editor MARY El SI I BACK Class Kisiot iim ROBERT DKIV Eft Photographic Editor i; LENA II. WHIT ACRE MISS SLIFER Sponsor Miss Slifer, our sponsor, has helped us over “The Rough Places” of our high school life. Many’s the time we would have been failures if it weren’t for her quiet and unassuming helpfulness and understand¬ ing of our many problems. We will always remember Miss Slifer more for what she didn’t say to us when we were inclined to err rather than what she said to us, for her positive manner in dealing with uls was almost like a sermon. She has indeed grown into our hearts and will always stay there. Miss Slifer attended Handley High School in Winchester, Virginia, and graduated in 1933. She then entered Madison College where she majored in Home Economics and Science and graduated with a B. S. Degree in 1938. Before coming to Stonewall in 1942 she taught in Piitsylvania County. Since our Sophomore year she has been a won¬ derful sponsor and teacher. 14 Senior Class Officers ‘ W , ' 111 •‘III COLOR—Blue and White FLOWER—American Beaut.v Rose MOTTO—Cooperation Leads to Success ,,n V nV 1 tv easu " .v- vot 15 Alfred William Armel If you see a bunch of blond curls sailing around in the air after its owner, who’s making a touch¬ down or collecting a fistful of good grades, you can bet that’s “Armel.” He does all right, not to mention all the trotting he does on the side. 1942- 43—Hobby Club. Baseball team-sub. 1943- 44—Library Club, Monogram Club, Football team, Baseball team. 1944- 45—Treasurer - Junior Class; Monogram Club, Foot¬ ball team, Baseball team. 1945- 46—Secretary - Senior Class, President— Monogram Club, Social Club, Track, Football team. Base¬ ball team, Annual Staff. Anna Marie Clark Anna is the girl with the ready smile and ever- helping hand. She’s everybody’s friend and no one’s enemy, along with brains too. 1942- 43—Dramatic Club, Library Club, Glee Club. 1943- 44—Glee Club, S. C. A., Softball team-sub. 1944- 45—Junior Class President, Dramatic Club, Paper Club, Chairman of Finance Committee, Softball team-sub. 1945- 46—Paper Club, Library Club, Glee Club, Literary Club, Annual Staff, Monogram Club. 16 William Benjamin Castlenian Buddy, also, holds his place among the well- liked seniors. If it’s a job you want done, or an athlete you need, or a student, or maybe just a sweet all-around fellow, call on “Buddy” - He’ll fill your bill. 1942-43—Hobby Club, Athletic Club, Football squad, Baseball team. 194.3-44—Treasurer - Sophomore Class, Monogram Club, Football squad, Baseball team. 1944- 45—Secretary-Junnior Class, Monogram Club, Foot¬ ball team. Baseball team. Track, Basketball team. 1945- 46—Vice President-Senior Class, Social Club, Mono¬ gram Club, Track, Football team. Baseball team, Annual Staff. Virginia Paxton Herrell Here is “Bunny” Herrell - Stonewall’s songbird and dancer. With a gleam in her eyes and a smile, she’s made a countless number of us happy with a song. 1942- 43—Dramatic Club, President-Glee Club. 1943- 44—Dramatic Club, Softball team. Glee Club. 1944- 45—Monogram Club, Dramatic Club, Softball team. 1945- 46—President-Social Club, Secretary-Spanish Club, Paper Club, Monogram Club, Vice President- Glee Club, Annual Staff. 17 Mary Iden Fish back Pretty to look at and capable as a leader. Mary has steered the senior class through a smooth an d perfect year. The seniors, as well as Stonewall, appreciate her proficiency. 1942- 43—Glee Club, Library Club. 1943- 44—Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Paper Club, Soft¬ ball-sub. 1944- 45—S. C. A., Dramatic Club, Softball-Sub., Glee Club. 1945- 46—President - Senior Class, Secretary - Glee Club, Treasurer-Spanish Club, Social Club, Annual Staff, Monogram Club. .Jeanne Ocherman Hoover She is a whiz on the softball field or at most anything athletic. A rare sense of humor plus friendliness make up our Jeanne. 1942- 43—Library Club, Glee Club. 1943- 44—Glee Club, Softball team. 1944- 45—Monogram Club. Dramatic Club, Softball team. 1915-16—Glee Club, Social Club, Monogram Club, Library Club, Softball team. 18 Lillian Marie Lockhart Lillian has all the qualities one desires in a sincere good friend. Her law for fun and doing for others has won a place in our hearts. 1941-44—Student of Plainfield High School 1944- 45—Vice President-Junior Class, Paper Club, Dra¬ matic Club. 1945- 46—Paper Club. Spanish Club, Annual Staff. Sure success is headed “Nance’s” way. Not only because she edited the Confederate in fine fashion but because of her all-around abilities. Her wit and friendliness will be an asset anywhere. 1942- 43—Treasurer-S. C. A., Glee Club, Annual Staff. 1943- 44—Secretary-S. C. A., Secretary-Sophomore Class, Chairman of Finance Committee, Dramatic Club, Softball team. 1944- 45—President-Dramatic Club, Vice President-S. C. A., Monogram Club, Softball team. 1945- 46—Editor of Annual, Vice President-Literary Club, Secretary - Monogram Club, Vice President- Spanish Club, Social Club. " •t V Nancy Bruce Lodge 19 Robert Wallace Driver “Bob by” or “Driver” is that big husky fellow who we see often around the office. If you see a flock of girls and can’t see who is in the middle you can well expect it’s Bobby Driver. In fact, he was the best all-around boy in our class. 1942-43—Freshman Class-President, Paper Club, Drama¬ tic Club, Monogram Club, Football team, Base¬ ball team. 194.3-44—Sophomore Class - Vice President, Treasurer - Dramatic Club, Paper Club, Monogram Club, Football team, Baseball team. 1944- 45—Monogram Club-President, Dramatic Club-Treas¬ urer, Dramatic Play, Assisttant Editor—School Paper, Literary Winner-School Contest, Foot¬ ball team. Baseball team, Basketball team. Track. 1945- 46—S. C. A.-President, Social Club-Vice President, Sport Editor-Paper Club, Literary Club, Span¬ ish Club, Monogram Club. Football, Baseball teams, Feature Editor-Annual. Phyllis Gretna McDonald “Phil”—The baby of the senior class - has a keen perception and understanding that greatly belie her status as “our youngster. - ’ And if you don’t think there’s dynamite lurking behind those long-lashed wide blue eyes, then you just haven’t seen Phil in action. 1942-43—Glee Club, Library Club. 194.3-44—Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Softball-sub. 1944- 45—Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Softball-sub. 1945- 16—Literary Club, Spanish Club, Social Club, Paper Club. Annual Staff. 20 Robert Wilson Whitmore One of our most dignified seniors is Bobby Whitmore whose quiet, but interesting personality has won many lifelong friends. He is willing to remain in the background, yet is always ready to lend a helping hand. 1942-43—Hobby Club. 1945-46—Spanish Club, Annual Staff. .Jennie Lou Miller Sparkling eyes, long brown hair and always a smile, rate her at tops among the students at Stonewall. We just wonder how she manages to do all she does and still do her homework. 1942- 43—Vice President-Freshman Class, Glee Club, Dra¬ matic Club. 1943- 44—Dramatic Club, Paper Club. 1944- 45—Paper Club, Dramatic Club. 1945- 46—Literary Club, Spanish Club, Social Club, Paper Club, Monogram Club. Annual Staff. 21 " H David Allen Fahnestock Full of life, pep, and vitality and that easy-to- get-along with personality is “Fannie”. Can any¬ one ever forget that smile and contagious laugh ? Never! 1942- 43—Hobby Club. Baseball Squad. 1943- 44—Dramatic Club, Literary Winner-School Spelling. 1944- 45—Treasurer-Senior Class, Editor-School Paper, Treasurer - Literary Club, Assistant Editor- Annual. Kathleen Levenia Shiley In that quiet undisturbed manner, “Kate” seems always to accomplish what she sets out to do, yet with it all, she manages to do her part in fun-making. 1941- 42—Glee Club, Dramatic Club. 1942- 43—Glee Club. 1943- 44—Glee Club. 1944- 45—Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Softball-sub. 1945- 46—Social Club, Glee Club, Library Club. 22 Curtis Wendell Wilson “Curt ’ is known for his good looks and humor, and he has been one of our more popular seniors. He had to struggle for his grades because he says “1 just can’t put my mind on this stuff!” 1942- 43—Hobby Club, Baseball Squad. 1943- 44—Literary Club, Baseball team. 1944- 46—Basebail team. 1945- 46—Glee Club, Spanish Club, Social Club, Monogram Club, Baseball team. Track, Assistant Business Manager - Annual, Business Manager - School Paper. Catherine Childs Travers With a winsome smile and happy greeting, Kitty has always been ready to lend a helping hand. She is known around Stonewall as being neat as a pin. Surely we have all benefited by her high ideals. 1942- 43—Dramatic Club, Glee Club, S. C. A. — 1943- 44—Paper Club, Dramatic Club, Softball team-sub. 1944- 45—Dramatic Club, Paper Club, Chairman-Social and Recreation, Winner-School Contest, Dra¬ matic Play. 1945- 46—Vice President-Monogram Club, Literary, Social, Spanish, Paper Clubs, Business Manager-Annual. Charles Glenvil Whitacre Glenvil is one of our most studious and digni¬ fied seniors. He is rarely seen without his camera. Due to his photographic ability he has made our Stonewall Confederate very real to our life at school. We are also indebted to Glenvil for the success of the school paper. 1941- 42—Dramatic Club, Hobby Club, Glee Club. 1942- 43—Paper Club. 1943- 44—Publisher-School Paper. 1944- 45—Publisher-School Paper, Photo, Editor-Stone¬ wall Confederate, Football team. 24 Class History ‘46 When Stonewall started as a consolidated school in this district in 1941, we were seventh graders. Ever since, we, the present day Seniors, have been a grow¬ ing and a busy class. In our Freshman year, we had Miss Betty Jo Wright for our class sponsor. That year, we sponsored: “The Schools at War Program;” The Sale of War Bonds and Stamps; and joined the entire School in the Scrap Campaign and First Aid Program. Our Sophomore year brought us a new sponsor, Miss Helen Slifer, and new interest in the way of laying aside money for our biggest years ahead as Juniors and Seniors. We sold home-made candy and hot dogs to the students once a week. The Junior year brought us within sight of our goal through our High School years—“Graduation.” This year, also, brought the problem of making a great deal of money which we ac complished by selling candy, hot dogs, potato chips, popcorn, etc. Early in the year, we chose a class ring which was presented at the Junior and Senior Banquet held at Tokes Inn. The Banquet at Stonewall is the main event in a Junior’s life, and for the first time in the history of the school, we en¬ tertained the Seniors with a prom after the banquet. We thought that this affair given by the class of “46” was the best ever given. At long last, we reached our goal. We were Seniors,and with hard study and a little luck, we would in a short 36 weeks be alumni. Early in the year, we started the publication of the Annual which we all worked and sweated over to make a big success. Next, came the Senior play—one of the high points in our lives. The last, and by far, the greatest event of our Senior year—“Graduation.” Through the years of our school life, we have had many additions to our ciass and many who have dropped out, but from this day forward, there can be no ad¬ ditions, and no subtractions from this, the class of 1946. Until death do us part. Robert W. Driver Class Historian 25 The Class Poem The class of ’46, our very own, Oh, How swiftly the years have flown— Since first we entered Stonewall High. It isn’t so easy to say goodbye— To teachers, students, and classmates dear, Who filled our school days With love and cheer. As we go out in the world so gay, We’ll never forget the Maroon and Gray. The colors that kept our courage bright Throughout the day and throughout the night. A spark of love will brightly burn, As back to Stonewall our thoughts oft turn. We go out from you with our spirits high— With other brave lessons and tasks to try. But we will come back you know— So glad to come, But so sad to go. As we bid you farewell and say adieu, May the peace of God abide with you. By Mary Fishback 26 Our Farewell Song (Tune:—Follow The Gleam) To our classmates of Stonewall High As we sing our last adieu, Happy school days are over now And from old Stonewall we must go. Chorus: Farewell, farewell, farewell to thee As we go out all o’er the world. Farewell, farewell, farewell to thee We will miss you and Stonewall High. Our friends that we leave behind We’ll remember o’er all the years. Will you pause in the year to come And remember our farewell song. By: Catherine C. Travers 27 Class Prophecy As I was sitting in one of my most exclusive dress shops in Hollywood, who should walk in but Mrs. Catrina Cline, the former Miss Catherine Travers, Avho is now playing with Van Johnson in “Bony As They Come.” While fitting her dress, Catrina told me she had just returned from a personal appearance tour, and that her last appearance was at the Stephenson Opera House on Brucetown Avenue in Clearbrook, Virginia, the home of our Stonewall High School where we graduated in 1946, twenty years ago. I was interested to hear all she had to tell me about our classmates. Phyllis and “hubby” have started a large chicken farm so they could use the excess chicken feed from Southern States. Buddy Castleman has been the football coach at Nocre Dame University for five years and his team hasn’t won a game. (Incidentally he got his experience from Coach Harper.) Nancy Lodge, who has had her fifth divorce, is at last writing her experiences in true scory magazine. It’s going around that she hopes to become editor of True uomance Magazine. Jeanne Hoover has given up house keeping to coach a girl’s Baseball Team in the new consolidated county school which has just opened. Bobby Whitmore, or the great Bob Whitmore, has taken Frank Sinitra’s place. The girls drool and swoon over his looks instead of his voice. Lillian Lockhart and her husband have just returned from a five year mis¬ sionary trip to Iwo Jirna. Kathleen Shiley and Ken have just moved into their new home on Whitmore Avenue, at Rest, Virginia. Virginia Herrell and Fred Astair just finished their last picture together. Bobby Driver, the Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia, is running against David Fahnestock who is the Republican candidate. Alfred Armel is the most eligible bachelor. He keeps breaking one girl’s heart after another. He just isn’t the marrying type. Anna Marie Clark who has been a Spanish stenographer in Cuba has now come back to the United States to keep house for an American senor. Glenvil Whitacre who is now the world’s greatest scientist has just invented the new atomic capsule. (One capsule furnishes energy for a lifetime.) Mary Fishback and her husband have gone into the furniture business. They specialize in selling baby cribs and high chairs. Curtis Wilson is now following in Bing Crosby’s footsteps in more ways than one. Crooning as well as raising enough boys for a gaseball team. Having so many customers I had to get back to my dress designing and Catrina left for home after telling me what an enjoyable evening she had had. CLASS PROPHET, Jennie Lou Miller 28 Class Will We, the Senior Class of 1946, of the city of Clearbrook, county of Frederick, and state of Vir¬ ginia, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking any will or wills made by us. To Mr. Harper, the Senior Class leaves a sardine can to pack the extra students in next year. Anna Marie Clark leaves to Anna Kerns and Nancy Inskip her ability to substitute for a teacher at any time. To Betty Carpenter, Mary Fishback leaves her good luck of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. To Grover Light, Alfred Armel leaves his ability to be a star football player. Kathleen Shiley leaves to Constance Brown and Betty Owens her quietness and ability to always be ready to help. To Annabelle Jobe and Jean Rudolph, Catherine Travers and Jeanne Hoover leavve their ath¬ letic abilities. David Fahnestock leaves to Grover Teets his pet saying when he leaves class, “I’ll be back in a flash.” Virginia Herrell leaves to Lucy Bragg and Doris Morrison, her dancing abilities. Jennie Lou Miller leaves to Betty Boden and Dorothy Morrison, her old saying, “I don’t have my homework today because I went bowling last night.” Robert Whitmore leaves to Robert Lewis his good work in Geometry Class. To Winifred Knight and Marie Boyd, Nancy Lodge leaves her good looks. William Castleman leaves to Herbert Taylor his ability to know every answer to questions asked in History Class. To Thomas Stickles, Glenvil Whitacre leaves his job as publisher of the school paper. Curtis Wilson leaves the right of having a favorite grade teacher to John Ritter. To John Cole, Robert Driver leaves his pet name as “a ladies man.” To Mr. Morrison, the Senior Class leave an order to a local flower shop to deliver daily a flower for him to wear in his hat. The Senior Class leaves to Mrs. Homar and Miss Frances Shiley their room, Room 5, so they can get out of the basement. To Miss Carpenter, the Senior Class leaves the privilege to have a classroom the year through. We leave to Mrs. Dick and Miss Audrey Shiley a chauffeur to drive them to and from school on icy days. To Miss Alther, The Senior Class leaves ai} undistributed period for her Glee Club practice. The Senior Class leaves to Miss Clevenger the privilege to get out of all bus duty forever. We leave to Mrs. Perrine the right to go to Hagerstown any week-end she wishes to. To Mr. Elmore, the Senior Class leaves the right for him to lose his temper. To Miss Lloyd, we leave some “A’s” to give to the future senior History and English Classes. We leave to Mrs. Kersey the privilege to take next year’s Spanish students to Cuba. The Senior Class leaves to Miss Kendig a home room. To Miss Slifer, we leave memories of our good behavior. And last of all, we leave to Donal Cline, our adopted orphan, the privilege to help next year’s seniors as he has helped us. In witness hereof, I, Virginia Paxton Herrell, the testatrix, have set my hand and seal hereto this day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty-six (1946). Virginia Paxton Herrell (Seal) Signed, sealed, published, and declared as and for our last will and testament by Virginia Paxton Herrell, the above named testatrix in the presence of us, who, at our request and in the presence of her and of each other, have subscribed our names hereto as witnesses on the day and year last aforesaid. Senior Class 29 The Senior Class of Stonewall High School presents “Miss Smarty” by Wilbur Braun March 22, 194fi Cast of Characters: Janice Burbank, who becomes “Miss Smarty” against her will.Nancy Lodge Professor Eramus Eberfield, Dean of Barwell College.Glenvil Whitacre Pleasant Hickey, the college chaperon..Anna Marie Clark Lizabeth Smart, who longs for a movie career.Catherine Travers Shelley Smart, her adventurous young brother.Alfred Armel Brant Robson, a friend of Shelley’s.Bobby Driver Morton Gordon, who is interested in football.Buddy Castleman Swifty Trent, who never moves in a hurry.David Fahnestock Virginia Stearns, a charming young co-ed.Mary Fishback Dodie Balmer, beautiful but dumb.Jennie Lou Miller Helen Westfield, who has a will or her own.Jeanne Hoover Ilka Crawley, her young niece.Phyllis McDonald COMMITTEES: Prompters and Properties:—Virginia Herrell, Kathleen Shiley, Bobby Whitmore Advertising:—Curtis Wilson, Lillian Lockhart Ushers:—Dorothy Morrison, Dora Alice Lamp, Winifred Knight, Doris Morrison Extras:—Dora Alice Lamp, Curtis Wilson, Virginia Herrell, Kathleen Shiley, Donald Cline, Robert Whitmore. NOTE:—The Senior Class wishes to thank Mrs. Homer, Dora Alice Lamp, Donald Cline, Dorothy and Doris Morrison, and Winifred Knight for helping to make our play a success. 30 Left to right:—Anna Marie Clark, Glenvil Whitacre, Mary Fishback, David Fahne¬ stock, Catherine Travers, Virginia Herrell, Donald Cline, Alfred Arm-el, Curtis Wilson, Dona Alies Lamp, Robert Driver, Nancy Lodge, Robert Whit¬ more, Jennie Lou Miller, Kathleen Shiley, Buddy Castleman, Jeanne Hoover, and Phyllis MacDonald. Act I—An afternoon in September Song—Symphony - Virginia Herrell Dorothy Morrison Act II— Evening- of the same day Song—Some Sunday Morning- Song—I Can’t Begin To Tell You - Dorothy Morrison Virginia Herrell Act Ill- Scene I—Noon of the following ' day Scene II— Afternoon of the same day The entire action of the play takes place in a living room in the Recreation Hall that is used as a gathering place for the students, over¬ looking the campus of Harwell, a co-ed college in California. 31 BEST DANCERS Virginia Herrell Robert Driver Katherine Travers Alfred Arm el Who ' s Who BEST LOOKING Alfred Armel Nancy Lodge MOST STUDIOUS Lillian Lockhart Gienville Whitacre BEST ALL-AROUND Mary Fish back Robert Driver 32 What ' s What X E ■i 73 ft ££ 03 5 03 7 ft oo oo © 73 » J-i cO ft Jh fS c p ft X T3 - - ! J 5 .ft o 05 03 -ft O H 03 t . Q Sw - 4 -J _ 03 ft ft a cj 03 £ ft ■g 03 £5 hC ft 3 J Q ft - l 4 ft o u 03 T3 S3 © JhTS o 03 05 S-ft 72 ft 03 o ££ as c a) W 5 £ H T5 xri fa - ' a.E co c 03 7 03 ? 4 CQ he G £ CO 03 -ft O E-i 03 42 ft- S3 +»o , O PQ 03 e ft “3 C 03 ft 03 -ft Eh 03 3 » G C O -ft 03 he ft OQ o, o 03 ft 4 o PQ o -ft m 03 -ft ft O 5 8 h E o £ 03 X in a he c E -M ft 03 ft 03 he 03 he W • 03 ft 03 o ft t, o £ o £ 03 ft he •ft o3 S3 he G 03 CQ 03 £ £ he G ’-3 cO Q -ft he 03 ft -a O c 3 03 2 ft £ -ft O 03 CQ O 5 -ft -ft o CQ he c - - 03 Q ft, ft he c ' % © 6 03 2 03 G he G 03 -ft 4- o £ 03 H he 03 CQ .■ft ft .2 ' 1 a be ?X _ n - bi O If CQCQ he .£ he he ft -ft +- o c tJ S 5 - c « £ •- CS fcCQ m x -» 03 ft -C «ft 72 ft£ he ° — 72 .ft ft, 03 £ -ft O c 2 Zft ft O O -2 ft «5 he .£ 03 -ft -ft o £ © rG ft -ft » £ he .£ 03 CQ -ft o CQ ae ft he ft 03 o Vl he ft P he o he G © - - he .£ in a 73 ft m © he .£ ft ft © 3 03 he © © - © ft he o ft, be © r£ .2 £ ft £ © - 1 ft ft ft -i- £ G £ c 73 " j_, he 73 T3 .2 he c © £ .£ £ o : 72 72 _c ’ft ft he .£ 73 " § © ft © © H Si ft Q 3 CQ © a Q ft Q P o ft © 3 ft « he c c O £ he .£ £ c oe ft ft c £ A C 2 C 2 03 .S -ft -ft -ft ft ft T3 . . -2 3 J l£ 72 ft S-S in .£ £ ft o 3 © oe ft ft K » ft £ © he 2 s ft © M T3 ft ft ft © -ft H Gi¬ ft o » ft ft .2 73 ft £ 2 co © £ ft 03 ' ft © £ rX ft ft ft ft t C ft o © © 03 Q 7: © .£ .° © © 2 £ £ he 2 © , ft p in 72 C 2 p -ft he G E, © J 2 £ ft £ 72 ft 73 ft 1 1 ( u Lh 13 he £ V 3 -c ft k ft ft CO p Q £ CQ O s © V o ft ft ft c c 3 CQ v o o B be -o o -Q x ft, .S ' 3 c ai •-5 3S c« W W • as U a = c as ft. 3 o •p C as O " c CC 83 great orator Our Honor Roll ★ ★ ★ ★ Miss Lucille Jackson.WAC James F. Huyett.Army Robert W. Smith.Army 1 Neil Driver.Army Rudolph Hepner.Navy Roy Williams.Army : Raymond Gibbs.Navy Winifred Cooke.Army Robert B. Clevenger, Jr.Navy Miss Betty Jo Wright.WAC Leslie Pope.Army Charles Kerns.Navy William Lewis.Navy Charles DeHaven.Army John Henry Gibbs. Jr.Navy Harold Hensley.Navy Floyd Painter.Army Murphy Leake.Army Fenton Travers.Navy Austin Tusing.Navy Hildren Blanford.Navy James Hutton.Navy George Russell.Army Eugene Funkhouser.Army Harold Lamp.Navy Walter Kackley.Navy Guy DeHaven.Navy Discharged 34 They Serve Their Country Top:—Roy Williams, George Russell. James Huyette, Robert Clevenger. Bottom:—Fenton Travers, Robert Smith, Rudolph Hepner. 35 1.—She’s waiting for the fleet to come in. 2.—Good lookers of the Senior Class. 3.—Senior girls in Washington. 4—The Football Stars of the Senior Class. 5—Fannie and his transportation. 6—Oh! These dignified Seniors. 7.—Aren’t they cute. 8—Our most dignified Senior. 9—Hubba, Hubba. 10—Doesn ' t he look studious. My, My. 11—Jeanne, our future bride. 12—He sure resembles Sinatra. 13—What would we do without our post graduate. 14—Watch the birdie, Alfred. 15—Oh, the geometry problems. Junior Class Officers COLORS—Red and White. MOTTO_Do your best and it will come bach to ou. 38 Junior 3§ John (ole Class Lucy Bragg f- » 0P |1 ■2$. I p- Robert Lewis. . m Annabelle Jobe Harold Lamp, k mk J. Constance Brov»n Betty Boden Betty Carpenter at Helen trim ■ i , ■ i ■ ' ' M I Doris Morrison. Winifred Knight Marie Boyd anc) inski;) Jean Rudolph i u J ■I I Anna Kerns Grover Leight Betty Owens 39 i SOPHOMORE CLASS SPONSOR—MISS LLOYD First Row, left to right:—Betty Franks, Treasurer; Colleen Ware, Secretary; Miss Lloyd, Pauline Shiley, Vice- President; Donnie Cline, President. Second Row, left to right:—Geraldine McCarty, Mary Cole, Hilda Henry, Ethel Lee, Ruby Fishel, Rudell Shiley, Marie Clevenger. Third Row, left to right:—Charles Patton, John Carter, Leroy White, James Crim, Carl Williams. Fourth Row, left to right:—Ronald Cai-per, Betsy Stock dale, Betty Fahnestock, Stella DeHaven, Charles Lewis, Fifth Row, left to right:—Margaret Russell, Wayne Painter, Betty Pugh, Charles Anderson, Loretta Hoover. Sixth Row, left to 1 ' ight:—Nina Affleck, Betty Smith, Dixie Hager, Colleen Hottle, Frances Kerns. Seventh Row, left to right:—Joseph McAboy, Betty Trenary, Betty Carper, Janet DeHaven, Jack Lowman. 40 FRESHMEN SPONSOR—MR. ELMORE First Row, left to right:—Emma Cooper, Treas.; Helen Pennington, Sec.; Mr. Ellmore, Teacher; Ruby Castle- man, Vice-Pres.; Florence Mauzy, President. Second Row, left to right:—Juanita Payne, Mary Fishel, Evelyn Milburn, Jean Dove, Betty Fishback, Ruby Milburn. Third Row, left to right:—Devar Carr, Donald Jobe, Marshall DeHaven, Jerry Brady, James Lewis. Fourth Row, left to right:—Charles Gillespie, Josephine Kirk, Janet Taylor, Charlotte Fishback, Jack Dorsey. Fifth Row, left to right:—Billy Cornwell, Mildred Ashby, Mary Hildebrand, Thelma Painter, Andrew Todd. Sixth Row, left to right:—Charles Keckley, Horace Leight, George Travers, Russell Elliott. Seventh Row, left to right:—James Dye, Buddy Miller, Harold Dyke, Alleston See. 41 SEVENTH GRADE TEACHER—MISS ALTHER First Row, left to right:—John Russell, Sec.; Dwain Place, Treas.; Miss Alther, Teacher; Jane Clevenger, Vice-President; Roger Pennington, President. Second Row, left to right:—Helen Smith, Mary Bragg, Doris Brown, Catherine Bragg, Margaret Deal. Third Row, left to right:—Charles Owens, Royston Shiley, Charles Leight, Victor Crim. Fourth Row, left to right:—Emmagene Omps, Charlotte Harrison, Irene Russell, Carolyn Solenberger, Helen Newcome, Helen Owens. Fifth Row, left to right:—Donald Kerns, William Bragg, Alvin Nicholson, Calvin Shirley, Charles Leake. Sixth Row, left to right:—Allen Jobe, Judy Nicholson, Jean Robinson, Betty Ann Owens, Dorothy Orndoff, Phineas Dorsey. Seventh Row, left to right:—William Braithwaite, Charles Robertson, Donald Bragg, Douglas Files. 42 (sfs) 43 SIXTH GRADE TEACHER—MRS. PERRINE First Row, left to right:—Donald Braithwaite, Rosezella, Shiley, Oneta Jobe, Madeline Castleman, Dickie Willis, Mrs. Perrine (Teacher). , ‘T Second Row, left to right:—Jean Dorsey, William Hepner, Glenn Lofton, Peachie Dorsey, Betty Lou Morrison. Third Row, left to right:—Paul Wine, Georgia Mae Russell, Mary Jane Webber, Alberta Puffinberger, Wesley Milburn. Fourth Row, left to right:—Barbara Lou Hannum, Douglas Cai ' per. Fifth Row, left to right:—Edna Dodson, Elsie Emery, Genevieve Welsh. Sixth Row, left to right:—Dan Dyke, John Braithwaite. Seventh Row, left to right:—William Jenkins, Anna Lee Michael, Frank Russell, Eva Haines. 44 FIFTH GRADE TEACHER—MISS CLEVENGER First Row, left to Right:—Jimmy Parsons, Donald Leight, Howard Ashby, James Bromley, Earl Collins, Miss Clevenger, (Teacher). Second Row, left to right:—Caroline Whitmore, Ruth McCann, Artye Stipe, Dorothy Hart, Sue Dorsey, Lena Fishel, Marie Harman. Third Row, left to right:—James Painter, Charles Taylor, Keven Omps, Russell Shifflett, Paul Chrisinan, Glenn Deal. Fourth Row, left to right:—Ruth Owens, Shirley Hundley, Florence Kenney, Jane Hart, Patricia Pennington, Freeda Miller. Fifth Row, left to right:—Cohleen Dennis, Jeanne Brown, Esther Clark, Ann Bragg. Sixth Row, left to right:—Betty Mae Robinson, William Allamong, Vilice Russell, Charles Shanholtz, Rachel Fincham. 45 TEACHER—MISS AUDREY SHILEY First Row, left to right:—Ray Taylor, Stella Paffenberger, Betty Welsh, Irene Heitt, Jean Fiddler, Bobby Willis. Second Row, left to right:—Janet Knighting, Denny Place, Calvin Adams, Kent Hadlock, Ralph Robinson, Evelyn Pennington, (Teacher); Miss Audrey Shiley. Third Row, left to right:—Thomas McCann, Shirley Orndoff, Mildred Faircloth, Ruby Emery, Lillian New- come, Harold Painter. Fourth Row, left to right:—Shirley Jean Michael, George Heitt, Shirley Benner, Richard Feshel, Beverly Gardner, Gail Carper. Fifth Row, left to right:—Eugene Laird, Beatrice Fincham, Frances Jenkins, Lucille Milburn, Vivian Russell, Stewart Ellis. Sixth Row, left to right:—Shelton Fincham, Curtis Dodson, Auther Shifflett, Warren Shifflett. Seventh Row, left to right:—Freddie Hildebrand, Manuel Ricketts, Samuel Haines. FOURTH GRADE 46 THIRD GRADE TEACHER—MISS CARPENTER First Row, left to right:—Rosalie Gibbs, Betty Jane Williams, Frederick Jobe, Virginia Burke, Arthur Bragg, Betty Ann Braithwaite, Shirley Snapp, Miss Carpenter, (Teacher). Second Row, left to right:—Melvin Castlenian, Evelyn Leight, Richard Jobe, Mary Jeanne Robinson, James Dorsey, Ruby Shirkey, Robert Butler. Third Row, left to right:—Betty Teets, David Robertson, Jean Ritter, Anna Lou Mauzy, Mary Lee, Robert Parkinson, Evelyn Ganoe. Fourth Row, left to right:—Thomas Hart, Betty Lou Tharp. Ralph DeHaven, Geraline Brown, Roland Tharp, Nina Ganoe, Edward Bromley. Fifth Row, left to right:—William Riley, Charles Haines, Charlotte Fishel, Mary Scott, Harry Carter, Edward Jenkins. Sixth Row, left to right:—Jimmie Bragg, Golden Caldwell, Henry Waters, John Ganoe, Maynard Wilson, Walter Hoover. 47 SPECIAL CLASS TEACHER—MRS. DICK First Row, left to right:—Junior Fitzwater, Betty Lou Milburn, Catherine Welsh, Betty Marie Ricketts, Don¬ ald Shirley, Mrs. Dick (Teacher). Second Row, left to right:—Allen Shirley, Betty Jean Reed, Charlotte Shumaker, Reatha Fitzwater, Walter Mason. Tihrd Row, left to right:—Betty Tharpe, Andrew Shanholtz, Bobby Orndoff, Eugene Ricketts, Betty Jo Benner. Fourth Row, left to right:—Hubert Lee, Ruby Nickolson, Margaret Braithwaite, Frances Ricketts, Charles Allamong. Fifth Row, left to right:—Meredith Russell, Bobby Carter, Tommy Nickolson, Richard Allamong, Marshall Mason, Melvin Shumaker, Chester Shumaker. 48 SECOND GRADE TEACHER-MISS FRANCES SHILEY First Row, left to right:—Kenneth Michael, Mary Jo Dove, Helen Collins, Susan Gore, Shirley Butler, Billy Morrison, Frances Shiley, (Teacher). Second Row, left to right:—Preston Hodson, Joyce Crosen, Geraldine Parkinson, Irene Ganoe, Evelyn Shanholts, Charles Shephard. Third Row, left to right:—Elmer Dorsey, Jr., Annie Waters, Mary Catherine Barton, Kinswell Jenkins, Joanne Vincent, Robert Dyke. Fourth Row, left to right:—Meredith Boyd, Barbara Abrell, Janet Dennis, Jean Russell, Maxine Nicholson, Donald Dodson. Fifdi Row, left to right:—Benjamin Dorsey, Glen Russell, James Owens, Janny Dennis, Coddie Shifflett, Paul Milburn. Sixth Row, left to right:—Wilmer Mason, Charles Hodson, Clarence Caldwell, Robert Lee, Hunter Cooper, John 49 FIRST GRADE TEACHER—MRS. VIRGINIA HOMAR First Row, left to right:—Donald Paul Homar, Claudette Hummer, Phyllis Taylor, John Hart, Margaret Ann Shephard, William DeHaven, Mrs. Virginia Homar, (Teacher). Second Row, left to right:—Stanley Cook, Margaret OrndofF, Joanne Robertson, Orpha Russell, Joyce Conard, James Castleman. Third Row, left to right:—Eddy Newcome, Christine Painter, Barbara Ann Kenney, Peggy Lou Jobe, Mary Frances Owens, Dervil Lee Barton. Fourth Row, left to right:—Dorothy Brooks, Donald Moulden, Charles Shiflett, Bobby Dodson, Charles Emery, Josephine Dellinger. Fifth Row, left to rig’ht:—Ruth Virginia Benner, Lewis Haines, Leonard Ellis, Earl Nicholson, Roger Jobe, Pauline Lee. Sixth Row, left to right:—Nancy Lou Robinson, Richard Ritter, James Nicholson, Harry Jo Brooks Louis Clark, Ella Jean Shiflett. 50 HERE AND THERE IN THE GRADES. 1 The children at play on the grounds. 2—Lena Fishel. 3.—Barbara Riley. 4.—Donald Shirley, a Dan Drake. 6.—Allen Shirley. 7.—Third and fifth grade having class in the auditorium. 8.—The third grade having class in the auditorium. 9.—Calvin Adams playing marbles. 10.—Samuel Haines. 11.—I he children at play. 12. Recess is a big time for the grades. 13.—Jerry Brown and Rosalie Gibbs at the third grade Hal¬ lowe’en party. 51 1.—My, what a way to pose! 2.—Heading for a touchdown. 3.—Shh, typists at work...4.—Something funny? 5.—A couple often seen together. 6.—Carper seems to be quite a man. 7.—Just a sophomore. 8.—Sweet smiles. Freshmen. 9.—Welcome back Doug and Howard. 10.—Quite a pose, Betty Jean. 11.—Halloween, oh! 12.—A very cute pose. 13.—Anyone want pop or ice cream? 14.—Teachers love to dance. 52 Activities 58 First Row, left to right:—Helen Crim, Vice-President; Robert Driver, President; Ronald Carper, Secretary; Deaver Carr, Treasurer. Second Row, left to right:—Miss Lloyd, Charles Keckley, Nancy Inskip, Hilda Henry, William Castleman. Student Cooperative Association Council Sponsor—Miss Lloyd The work of the council is to act as a governing- body for the school and to regulate the students in a democratic way. The council en¬ couraged the buying of Savings Bonds and Stamps. It also sponsored parties to provide a certain degree of entertainment for the pupils. The S. C. A. Council is composed of the President, Vice-President, Secre¬ tary and Treasurer of the S. C. A. and one representative from each room. 54 First Row, left to right:—Katherine Travers, Nancy Lodge, Jennie Miller, Jeanne Hoover, Virginia Herrell, Mary Fishback, Annabelle Jobe, Dorothy Morri¬ son, Helen Crim. Second Row, left to right:—Ronald Carper, Alfred Armel, John Cole, Curtis Wilson, David Fahnestock, Thomas Stickles, Glenvil Whitacre, Donal Cline, Robert Driver, Alleston See, Charles Keckley, Harold Dyke, William Castleman, Mr. Harper. Monogram Club Sponsor—Mr. Harper Every letter-wearer is proud to be a ' member of the Monogram Club even though it isn’t a simple task to undergo all the requirements in order to become an official member. The purpose of the club is to extinquish the students in the high school who have played a certain number of football quarters, or baseball in¬ nings, or to secure a total of eighteen points awarded for extra curri¬ cular activities. Before entering the class of the Monogram Club behind which dances, parties and other exciting school events take root, you are due a two- day goating period, followed by a rigid initiation. 55 First Row, left to right:—Jennie Miller, Virginia Herrell, Anna Clark, David Fahnestock, Curtis Wilson, Helen Crim, Robert Driver, Donal Cline. Second Row, left to right:—Miss Kendig, Ronald Carper, Thomas Stickles, Phyllis McDonald, Doris Morrison, Lillian Lockhart, Betty Boden, Marie Boyd, Jean Rudolph, Florence Mauzy, Lucy Bragg, Hilda Henry, Stonewall News Sponsor—Miss Kendig ' EDITOR-IN-CHIEF... ASSISTANT EDITOR NEWS EDITOR. COLUMNS: BOYS IN SERVICE. IN THE GRADES. PUBLISHERS . ART EDITOR. ASSISTANT ART EDITOR. TYPISTS.. BUSINESS MANAGER. ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER GOSSIP. HIGH SCHOOL GRADES. David Fahnestock .Helen Crim .lean Rudolph ...Ronald Carper ..Florence Mauzy Donal Cline Glenvil Whitacre .Anna Clark .Betty Boden . Lillian Lockhart Marie Boyd Jennie Miller Lucy Bragg . . . .Curtis Wilson .Thomas Stickles .Virginia Herrell Phyllis McDonald 56 First Row, left to right:—Betty Boden, Lucy Bragg, Betty Trenary, Doris Morri¬ son, Reporter; Mary Fishback, Secretary; Hilda Henry, President; Miss Alther, Sponsor; Virginia Herrell, Vice-President; Josephine Kirk, Treasurer; Juanita Payne, Mary Cole, Janet DeHaven. Second Row, left to right:—Marie Clevenger, Rudell Shiley, Ruby Fishel, Phyllis McDonald, Dorothy Morrison, Dixie Hager, Winifred Knight, Peggy An¬ derson, Helen Crim, Ruby Milburn, Evelyn Milburn, Florence Mauzy, Helen Pennington, Mary Fishel, Betty Fishback, Betty Franks, Annabelle Jobe, Constance Brown, Charlotte Fishback, Jeanne Hoover. Third Row, left to right:—Gerldine McCarty, Nancy Inskip, Frances Kerns, Mar¬ garet Russell, Loretta Hoover, Jean Rudolph, Anna Kerns, Betty Carpenter, Anna Marie Clark, Stella DeHaven, Pauline Shiley, Kathleen Shiley, Betty Fahnestock, Betty Jean Smith, Betsy Stockdale, Betty Pugh, Marie Boyd. Glee Club Sponsor—Miss Alther The main purpose of the Glee Club is to be ready to participate in any musical program whenever asked, and to furnish musical enter- trainment for its members during club period. ■MHH 57 Social Club Sponsor—Miss Slifer The Social Club was orga nized to offer more entertainment for the students and to teach them how to entertain. Several dances were given during the year and some club periods were devoted to helping the students learn to dance. Nina Affleck Ruth Berg Betty Boden Marie Boyd Jerry Brady Lucy Bi’agg Betty Carper Ronald Carper Betty Carpenter Ruby Castleman Donal Cline John Cole Mary Cole Janies Crim Janet DeHaven Stella DeHaven Robert Driver Janies Dye President. Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Betty Fahnestock Betty Fishback Charlotte Fishback Mary Fishback Ruby Fishel Betty Franks Hilda Henry Virginia Herrell Mary Hildabrand Jeanne Hoover Loretta Hoover Colleen Hottle Nancy Inskip Annabelle Jobe Esthel Kackley Charles Kackley Frances Kerns Josephine Kirk Virginia Herrell Robert Driver John Cole Betty Trenary Winifred Knight Ethel Lee Bobby Lewis James Lewis Richard Lewis Grover Leight Nancy Lodge Florence Mauzy Joseph McAboy Geraldine McCarty Phyllis McDonald Evelyn Milburn Ruby Milburn Jennie Lou Miller Doris Morrison Betty Ownes Juanita Payne Helen Pennington Betty Pugh John Ritter Jean Rudolph Margaret Russell Alleston See Kathleen Shiley Pauline Shiley Rudell Shiley Betty Smith Tommy Stickles Betsy Stockdale Herbert Taylor Catherine Travers Betty Trenary Colleen Ware Glenville Whitacre Leroy White Carl Williams Curtis Wilson 58 First Row, left to right:—He ' .en Crim, President; Nancy Lodge, Vice-President; Anna Marie Clark, Secretary; David Fahnestock, Treasurer. Second Row, left to right:—Leroy White, Miss Lloyd, Dorothy Morrison, Betty Owens, Betty Boden, Peggy Anderson, Catherine Travers, Jennie Lou Miller, James Crim. Third Row, left to right:—Bobby Driver, Glenvil Whitacre, Wayne Painter, Tommy Stickles, Jack Lowman. The Literary Club Sponsor—Miss Lloyd The Literary Club was organized the first of the year and many new members were enrolled. This year we’ve made plans to enter the Literary Contest at Bridge- water College. Contestants may enter: Boys and Girls Prose Read¬ ing, Boys and Girls Public Speaking, Poetry Reading, Spelling, and this year perhaps a Debating team. In 1945, students from this school were the winners from Frederick County in Prose, Poetry, Public Speaking and Spelling. 59 First Row, left to right:—Lillian Lockhart, Anna Louise Kerns, Nancy Inskip, Dorothy Morrison, Peggy Anderson, Virginia Herrell. Second Row, left to right:—Mrs. Kersey, Miss Alther, Helen Crim, Betty Owens, Phyllis McDonald, Jennie Lou Miller, Nancy Lodge, Catherine Travers, Mary Fishback. Third Row, left to right:—Robert Driver, Glenvil Whitacre, Grover Leight, Robert Whitmore, John Cole, Curtis Wilson. El Club Espanol Sponsor—Miss Kersey Assistant—Miss Alther El Club Espanol has is its purpose that of giving to the students op¬ portunities to speak Spanish. Programs have been arranged that por¬ tray different phases of the life of Spanish-speaking people and give information concerning the countries where they live. As a climax, we plan to have—Una Gran Fiesta—to which will be invited some of our Spanish friends who are studying in colleges in this vicinity.—Vamonos. 60 F ' rst Row. left to right:—Ray Taylor, Irene Hiett, Gail Carper, Jean Fidler, Charles Willis, Miss Wilson. Second Row, left to right:—Caroline Whitmore, Sue Dorsey, Esther Clark, Florence Kenny, Ruth McCann. Third Row, left to right:—William Hepner, Rosezella Shiley, Mary Jane Webber, Douglas Carper, Betty Lou Morrison, Donald Braithwaite. Fourth Row, left to right:—Patrick Russell, Catherine Bragg, Carolyn Solenberger, Charlotte Harrison, Victor Grim. Bible Class Teacher—Miss Wilson The Bible Class is taught to all students beginning with the third grade and through the seventh grade. It is a means of teaching the children to live like Christ every day by learning their Bibles. The purposes are to live the right way and to know the Bible better. 61 Left to Right:—John Cole, Jean Rudolph, Winifred Knight, Lucy Bragg, Herbert Taylor, Thomas Stickles, Nancy Inskip, Betty Boden, Anna Kerns, Grover Teets, and Dorothy Morrison, seatetd. “Mama’s Baby Boy” By Charles George Presented by the Junior Class Dec. 14, 1945 Directed by Mrs. Kersey The Cast: Mrs. Shepherd McLean, a young widow.Nancy Inskip Shepherd McLean, her young son.Herbert Taylor Luther Long, a widower.Thomas Stickles Juliet Long, his young daughter.Lucy Bragg Mrs. Matilda Blackburn, Mrs. McLean’s mother.... Dorothy Morrison Wilbur Warren, Shepherd’s young pal.John Cole Sylvia Kline, Wilbur’s girl friend.Jean Rudolph Mrs. Carlotta Anglin, a friend of Mrs. McLean’s.Anna Kerns Cynthia Anglin, her young daughter.Winifred Knight Max Moore, a real estate agent.Grover Teets Minnie, a young colored maid.Betty Boden The Committies: Properties and Intermission:.Helen Crim, Betty Owens Business Manager:.John Ritter, Helen Crim, Grover Leight, Grover Teets Ushers:.Marie Boyd, Betty Carpenter, Annabelle Jobe, Doris Morrison Prompters:.Peggy Anderson, Constance Brown, Helen Crim 62 Sports 63 Football WILLIAM CASTLEMAN End (ILENVIL WHITACRE Center THOMAS STICKLES End ALFRED ARMEL Halfback MR. HARDER Coach RONALD CARPER Quarterback HOBBY DRIVER Fullback 64 1945 HAROLD LAMP Center HAROLD DYKE End 65 lljfcA9¥5£ ' i i Rirst Row, left to right—William Castleman, Alfred Armel, Robert Driver, Glenvil Whitacre, Ronald Carper, Thomas Stickles. Second Row, left to right:—Coach Harper, John Carter, Joseph McAboy, Charles Gillespie, Harold Dyke, Chaxdes Keckley, John Cole, James Crim, Donal Cline (Manager). Third Row, left to right:—James Crim, William Bragg, Donald Jobe, Douglas Files, Charles Robinson, Leroy White, Donald Bragg, Allen Jobe. FOOTBALL Sept. 28 - ----- 33 Boyce - 19 Oct. 5 - ----- 40 Hedgesville - 14 Oct, 12 - ----- 26 Strasburg - 19 Oct. 19 - ----- 13 Berryville - 62 Oct. 26 - ----- 48 Stephen City 12 Nov. 2 - ----- 13 Boyce - 37 Nov. 9 - ----- 18 Hedgesville - - - 21 Nov. 16 - ..... l Strasburg-forfeited 0 Nov. 30 - ----- 14 Berryville - 21 Dec. 4 - ----- 46 Stephen City 19 TOTALS - 252 225 66 First Row, left to right:—Alfred Armel, Robert Driver, William Castleman, David Fahnestock, Glenvil Whitacre, Donal Cline, Leroy White, Coach Harper. Second Row, left to right:—Charles Gillespie, Curtis Wilson, John Cole, Charles Keckley, Thomas Stickles, James Dye, Ronald Carper. TRACK Competing in our first track meet of the school’s history, the Rebels placed third in the district meet held at Bridgewater, Virginia. Howard Carper set a state record for 100 yard dash, while Castleman placed second in the 440 being pinned back by two inches by the oppos¬ ing runner. Our relay team which was composed of Castleman, Cline, Funkhouser, and Howard Carper placed second. Driver placed first in broad jump and second in shot put. Howard Carper also placed second in the 220 yard dash. Gibbs gave his team 1 1 5 points by tying in the high jump. Howard Carper, Gibbs, and Funkhouser will not be with us this year due to graduation. 67 First Row, left to rightThomas Stickles, Alfred Armel, William Castleman, David Fahnestock, Robert Driver, Curtis Wilson, John Cole, Harold Dyke, Alleston See, Charles Keckley. Second Row, left to right:—Ronald Carper, Leroy White, Jack Dorsey, Marshall DeHaven, Deaver Carr, Herman Lewis, Ruddy Miller, James Dye, Herbert Taylor, George Travers, Beverley Russell, Donald Jobe, Terry Brady, James Crim, John Carter, and Coach Harper. BASEBALL 1946 SCHEDULE: April 9. 12 . 16. 19. 26. 30. May 2. 7. 10 . 14. 21 . 24. Gainsboro .Home Middletown.There Gore.Home Boyce.There Stephens City.Home Berry ville.There Gainsboro.There Middletown.Home Gore.There Boyce.Home Stephens City.There Berry ville .Home 68 First Row, left to right:—Driver, R. F.; Castleman, L. F.; Stickles, R. G.; Armel, R. G.;; See, C. Second Row, left to right:—White, F.; Carper, G.; McAboy, C.; Cole, F.; Robinson, G.; Crim, G.; Mr. Harper, Coach. BASKETBALL Coach—Mr. Harper Stonewall High started its Basketball activities in 1942-43. They continued in 1944-45 and 46. We have been able to play only a few games because of lack of facilities at our school. We have played Wood- stock, Boyce, Berryville, Bunker Hill, Handley 2nd team, and Handley F. F. A. A great number of boys and girls are interested in Basketball, and if we get a gymnasium, we could carry on a very active schedule. 69 1. Anna chinning- herself. 2. 1, 2, 3, 4. Sophomores marching. 3. Betty doing the jumping jack. 4. High Goal contest between Juniors and Sophomores, Rah a basket. 5. I’ll bet Peggy’s arms are tired. 6. What a job. The pushups. 7. Winnie doing the leg exercise. 8. Oh! Boy, what a struggle. 9. Lucy, do your knees hurt. 10. Janet, watch that shot. 11. Touch those toes, Nancy. 70 First Row, left to right:-—Annabelle Jobe, Catherine Travers, Nancy Lodge, Jeanne Hoover, Virginia Herrell. Second Row, leftt to right:—Mary Fishback, Hilda Henry, Anna Marie Clark, Betty Trenary, Dorothy Morrison, Betty Boden. The Stonewall Girl’s Softball team of 1945 ended their season undefeated. The victories gave the winners a record of eight “Wins.” They took two-game series from Bunker Hill, Boyce, Gainsboro and Stephen City. The Rebels scores were as follows: 1945 GIRL’S SOFTBALL SQUAD Boyce .... 12-1 17-0 Bunker Hill 21-2 23-1 Gainsboro - - - 13-7 18-0 Stephen City - 27-8 9-5 Mary Ellen Nethers, Hazel Bageant, Catherine Golightly, and Mary Catherine Williams were not with us this year due to graduation. 71 CALENDAR 1945 . i Sept. 6—School opens. Seniors occupy the same room as when Juniors. 7— Such confusion with classes! ! ! 10— Election of members for Confederate Staff. Physical Education - Girls report in shorts. 11— Seniors first in line at lunch! Cokes! ! ! 12— Soft drinks delivered to the rooms. 13— Juniors receive first order from Schenck Cheese Co. Seniors start on Annual. 14— No soft drinks today. Line up at the fountain. 17— What a rainy Monday! Seniors solicity first Annual ads. 18— Drop-drop-drop and do not stop. It’s a rainy day! 19— A former classmate Mildred Williams, now Mrs. Tevalt, visits Seniors. 20— Miss Jolliffe comes back to teach the first grade, (substitute) 21— Stephens City gets first lesson in football at Stonewall. First three pages of Annual completed. 24— Seniors continue work on Annual. 25— There’s always a first to everything. Armel and Driver miss the bus going back to town to get ads. 26— Mr. Harper leads a discussion with Seniors for a photographer to take the pictures for the Confederate. 27— All the Seniors know what a brief is now, or do they? Senior English Class. 28— Gootball game with Boyce-here. Score, 33-19, our favor. Oct. 1—Pose for pictures tomorrow. 2— Pictures taken at Rush’s studio. Guess the camera is no good now! Post-graduate enter school. 3— Girls dance during gym period. 4— Jackie Frost makes first visit in this area. 5— Football game with Hedgesville-there. Score 40-14, our favor. 8— Southern Dairies install an ice cream box. 9— Proofs came. Juniors order class rings. 10— Sell first ice cream. 11— Mr. Leslie D. Kline teaches Senior history. 12— Football game with Strasburg-there. Score 26-19, our favor. 15— Ice cream melts. 16— New Speed-O-Scope arrives for news staff. 17— Wednesday night. No dates. English test tomorrow. 18— Miss Slifer, senior sponsor, makes suggestion, as to selection of Senior Play. 19— Football game with Berryville-here. Score 62-13, their favor. 22— Seniors continue work on Annual. 23— Voted on “Who’s Who” for Annual. 24— Rush takes group pictures for Annual. 25— Rush finishes taking photos for Annual. 26— Football game with Stephens City-there. Score 48-12, our favor. 29— Miss Lloyd, Sophomore sponsor, gives her class a party. 30— First edition of “Stonewall News” published. Nov. 1—Girls take Physical Education test. 2—Football game wth Boyce-there. Score 37-13, their favor. 5—Girls practice school song during Physical Education period. 7—Mr. Can- has discussion with Seniors about the Annual. 9—Football game with Hedgesville-here. Score 21-18, their favor. 12— Some seniors absent. Members of the faculty feeling bad—we need a vacation. 13— Stormy weather - high percentage of students absent. 14— Seniors work on Annual. 72 CALENDAR 15— Strasburg forfeited game to us. 16— Seniors are substitute teachers. Have holidays next week. 19-23—Holiday. 26— Look what the holidays did for some people. One of the Seniors has a beautiful diamond! ! ! 27— All Senior girls get excused from Physical Education to work on Annual. 28— Seniors are measured for caps and gowns. 29— Mr. Lemley takes school pictures. 30— Football game with Berryville-there. Score 21-13, their favor. Dec. 3—Seniors place orders for invitations and name cards. 4— Football game with Stephens City-here. Score 46-19, our favor. 5— Mr. Harper tells Seniors pictures would come tomorrow from Rush’s Studio. 6— Pictures arrived. 7— Announcement is made that all picture money must be in by Wednesday. 10— Physical Education. How some peoples joints stiffen—listen to their joints crack! ! !! 11— Monogram Cdub meets and decides on new members to be taken in. 12— New members are initiated for Monogram Club. 14— Junior Class gives play. “Mama’s Baby Boy.” 17— Pictures arrive that were taken by Lemley. 18— Last Physical Education this year. 19— No Physical Education. Buses leave early. 20— No school. 21— Jan. 2—Christmas Holidays. 1946 Jan. 2—Copies of Senior play arrive. 3— Tryouts for play held. 4— Name-cards arrive. 7— Library receives new books. 8— Carper, a former student, visits Stonewall. Feb. 18—Mr. Neil Driver becomes member of faculty. 19— Bad snow. Senior play practice postponed. 20— No school due to snow. 21— Magician here today. 22— Announcement made that the girls will have a basketball team. 25— No Physical Ed.—Basketball girls practice. 26— Mr. Harper is critic at play practice. 27— Mr. Frick, from Mary Washington College visits school and talks to Seniors. 28— Four seniors take examination for scholarship to Bridgewater College. March 1—School paper comes out. Seniors get new pencil sharpener. 4— Boys take Physical Ed. outside. First time this year. 5— Plane Geometry class in the auditorium and Home Arts in room 5. 7—Tickets for Senior Play arrive. 15— Seniors receive invitation to Juninor-Senior Banquet. 19—Graduation invitations arrive. 22— Senior play, “Miss Smarty” is presented. 28—Rest of Annual goes to press. April 12—Junior-Senior Banquet—Shenandoah Hotel, Martinsburg, W. Va. 21—Easter, but no holiday again. 23- 24—Representatives attend Literary and Atheltic Contest at Bridgewater College. May 3—Holiday! Apple Blossom Festival. 15—Annuals due to arrive! 30-31—Senior exams.-This tells the tale! ! ! ! June 2—Baccalaureate service in auditorium. Rev. Robert Whitten delivers the sermon. Rev. Ellmore and Rev. Fahnestock officiate. 4— -Graduation exercises. Leslie D. Kline, Supt. of County Schools, deliv¬ ers main address. Mr. Harper presents diplomas and awards. 5— School’s out! ! ! ! ! 73 EWALL CHOOL 1. Love birds-Ritter and Hetty Smith. 2. Fellows! look at those bashful faces. 3. “Hi-0 Silver”, Cline. 4. Three musketeer . 5. Ethel Lee and Hilda Tenry sunning ' themselves. 6. Glenvil, upside down. 7. Alfred in action. 8. Football boys. 9. Happy Sophomores. 10. Ruthie Berg-glamour girl. 11. Doris and Hobby in a dancing mood. 12. All that energy and no score, too bad girls. 13. Hilda no get up without slips. 14. Boden, Lee, and Jobe. 15. Berg, Kackley, and Lee. 16. Curtis Janet and Doc " posing.” 17. Mr. Rush, victim of the camera. 1. Our trip to Washington. 2. Any mail today. 3. Remember that bus. 4. There goes Leroy. 5. Stonewall’s car- pen ers. 6. Lunch period. 7. Look at the birdie, our g.eal photographer. 8. Look pretty. Sophomores. 9. Our office corner. 10. Driver, we’re rooting for you. 11. The scene behind the scene. 12. 3:15, the day is done. 13. The Home Artts girls can sew. 14. Look pretty the photographer is here. 15. What a cute couple.. Seems like old times. 16. Come on boys. 17. Who hid behind those fa se faces. 18. Watch that play. 19. Busy for once. 20. We had coca colas. 21. Wanted-house cleaner. 22. Could it be the railroad gang. 23. Hurry up, we’re thirsty. 75 JOKES Mr. Harper—“Catherine, what kind of birds are frequently kept in captivity?” Catherine—“Jail birds.” Miss Slifer—“When do leaves begin to turn?” James Dye—“The day before exams.” Father—“Leroy, I’m ashamed of you. When George Washington was your age he was hard at work as a surveyor.” Leroy—“Yes, and when he was your age he was President of the United States!” Deavor—“You can’t believe a thing you read in the papers. Nobody could be that fat.” Curtis—“How fat ? ” Deavor—“Well, here’s a story about an English woman who lost two thousand pounds.” Miss Alther—“Tommy, what is a hypocrite?” Charles Robertson:—“A boy who comes to school with a smile on his face.” Kathleen S.—“Why are the skies clearer over New York than over London?” Anna Marie—“That’s easy. New York has sky scrapers.” Miss Shiley—“Can you take out these rust spots on my coat?” Tailor—“Rust spots ? ” Miss Shiley—“Well, didn’t you tell me this suit would wear like iron?” When Phyllis was small she asked her Mother, “Mother, how much tooth paste must I put on my brush ? ” Her Mother replied: “Oh, about tthe size of a bean.” Phyllis squeezed the tooth paste until her brush was full. Mother—“I said the size of a bean.” Phyllis—“Oh, but Mummy, this is the size of a string bean.” Dora Alice—“Nancy, what is flattery?” Nancy—“Flattery is having somebody else te’l us the nice things we have always thought about ourselves.” Someone asked a little boy to define the word “appetite.” His answer was prompt. When you’re eating, you’re appy, and when you get through, you’re tight. That’s appetite!” Bobby—“Boy oh boy! That was some blonde with you last night.” Alfred—“Dunno.” I just opened my wallet and there she was.” Buddy Miller—“Where did you get that black eye, Marshall?” Marshall—“I went over to that little tavern and was struck by the beauty of the place.’ Nancy, standing on the shore watching the re¬ volving beacon on the light house. Sailors are certainly patient, she observed. The wind has blown that light out at least a dozen times and they keep lighting it again. Buddy C.—“Why did the little moran take a hammer to bed with him?” John Ritter—“I don’t know, why did he?” Buddy—-“He said he was going to hit the hay.” Mr. Ellmore—“What do you expect to be when you graduate?” Boots Teets—“An old man.” Mrs. Kersey—“What is a censor?” Jim Crim—“A guy who sticks his No’s in other people’s business.” Miss Lloyd—“Mention one of the customs of Christmas time.” David F.—-“Running into debt.” Doctor—“How are you feeling, Donnie?” Donnie—“I feel alright but I can hardly breath.” Doctor—“Don’t worry, I’ll soon stop that.” George Travers—“My girls’ just like an auto¬ mobile radiator.” Bud Keckley—“How’s that?” George—“She’ll freeze up if you don’t keep her filled witht alcohol.” Virginia—“Sh-h, I hear someone talking.” Jennie Lou—“No you don’t, It’s just one of them rats in your hair, whisperin in your ear.” Hilda—“Betty, what kind of stone would you like to have in a ring?” Betty Pugh—“Oh Hilda, I have heard so much about baseball diamonds. Do you think they are very expensive.” First Patient—(Waiting in doctor’s office). How do you do? I’m aching from neuritis.” Second Patient—“Glad to meet you. I’m Thomp¬ son from Chicago.” Castleman:—I want to buy a pair of shoes. Clerk:—I ’m sorry, but we don’t carry shoes in stock. Castleman: What kind of drugstore is this, any¬ how Father:—I’ll be glad to help you with your home¬ work, son.” Dickey Lewis:—“Thanks, but I might as well get it wrong by myself.” Wilson: “Back from the holidays, eh? Feel any change ?” Armel:—“Not a penny.” Judge: “Last time you were here, I told you I never wanted to see you again.” Doc: “That’s what I told the cop, but he in¬ sisted on bringing me here.” Mrs. Homar, despairing of teaching her young¬ est pupil to read numbers, enlisted the aid of the boy’s father. The father wrote “3” on the black¬ board. “Three,” said the son. The father wrote “5”. “Five,” said the son. The father wrote “8.” “Pretzel,” said the son. 76 77 COMPLIMENTS OF Clearbrook Woolen Company Clearbrook, Virginia 78 COMPLIMENTS OF The Virginia Woolen Co. Winchester, Virginia 79 GRADUATES STONEWALL HIGH SCHOOL 19 4 6 0 9 §nallivae Robber Corporation Winchester, Virginia 80 COMPLIMENTS OF National Fruit Product Company (INCORPORATED) WHITE HOUSE VINEGAR GENERAL OFFICES Winchester, Virginia 81 TO THE STUDENTS OF Stoeewall We Have Enjoyed Helping You Produce the 1945-46 STONEWALL CONFEDERATE RUSH STUDIO 45 E. Piccadilly St. Phone 6210 PRATT FEED, SEED AND FERTILIZER Winchester Seed Company 82 Shawnee One-Stop Service STATION and RESTAURANT Eight Nationally Known Brands Gas and Oil 11 ooine Cooked Meals-—Soft Drinks 210 Millwood Ave. Winchester, Va. (Compliments 8 ? FOR UNSURPASSED CIDER VINEGAR USE Apple Pie Ridge Made By Shenandoah Valley Apple Cider And Vinegar Co. Winchester, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF Hugh S. Lupton Son “THE MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY” Dividend Paying Insurance Established 1889 Dial 6142 Winchester, Virginia 84 COMPLIMENTS OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA POWER COMPANY Winchester, Virginia R. E. BUNCUTTER Shell Products DISTRIBUTION P. 0. Box 414 Dial 4645 Winchester, Virginia (£) TfJFMCl IJJB T UN DTpS Jy GOLDEN ]t 1W A” ) J lpM i£ ■■Jk JONES FUNERAL HOME Winchester, Virginia DIAMOND CAB 24 HOUR SERVICE Phone 4106 Licensed Chauffeurs Insured Cabs 31 W. Water Street Winchester, Virginia 85 COMPLIMENTS OF THE WINCHESTER WOOLEN CO. COMPLIMENTS OF ! THE FLOWER SHOP Phone 3517 J 0 S T 0 N ’ S Since 1879 Fine Class Ring’s and Announcements Representative—BILL DAY 669 Maple Ave. Waynesboro, Virginia When in Winchester VISIT THE GIFT HOUSE Phones—4521 - 4529 1 COMPLETE LINE OF j Typewriters 86 WHITIE’S TWIN DINERS SERVES YOU WITH HOME COOKED FOOD Special Lunch 35c Choice of Any Meat and Three Vegetables with Drink: Coffee, Milk or Tea OAK GROVE SERVICE STATION LUNCHES - GROCERIES TOBACCOS - SOFT DRINKS Phone Winchester 6003 Proprietor—Manuel C. DeHaven Clearbrook, Virginia TEXACO GAS WENDER’S Winchester’s Largest AND Most Exclusive Store i For Women EAT VALLEY PRIDE BREAD BAKED BY B. and C. BAKING COMPANY Winchester, Virginia 87 FRONT ROYAL MOTOR CO. SALES - FORD - SERVICE Front Royal, Va. Phone 150 COMPLIMENTS 0 F LEE - JACKSON SERVICE STATION Winchester, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF B. K. SMITH SERVICE STATION HANOVER DRESSED POULTRY CO. Winchester, Virginia CLEARBROOK SERVICE STATION S. C. WHETZEL, Prop. Phone 6008 Clearbrook, Virginia HUNTSBERRY’S FASHION FOOTWEAR Winchester, Va. Front Royal, Va. Chambersburg Pa. PIANOS RADIOS RECORDS SHEET MUSIC MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES G and M Musical Appliance Center 38 W. Boscawen St. Winchester, Virginia (Formerly Miles Music Co.) COMPLIMENTS 0 F WINCHESTER KNITTING MILL Winchester, Virginia 88 Winchester Coca-Cola Bottling Works, Inc. BRUCETO WN GENERAL GROCERY GROCERIES, FRESH MEATS FRUITS and VEGETABLES HARDWARE Proprietor - C. R. LEWIS COMPLIMENTS O F E. B. BRANTLY REPRESENTATIVE OF BELKNAP HARDWARE AND MANUFACTURING CO. Louisville, Kentucky COLONIAL ART AND CRAFT SHOP COMPLIMENTS 0 F NOONAN’S TAXI ESTABLISHED IN 1868 Gardner B. Hillyard WALL PAPER HANGING 41 E. Piccadilly St. Phone 5220 “WE TURN A HOUSE INTO A HOME” WINCHESTER FURNITURE CO. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS Phone 6111 7 South Main St. 89 GRAY EDDY HABERDASHERS “WHERE QUALITY IS A TRADITION” THRIFT AUTO STORE AUTO SUPPLIES AND SPORTING GOODS COMPLIMENTS 0 F RAYLASS DEPARTMENT STORE “YOUR FAMILY STORE” MILLERS DRUG STORE 107 N. Loudoun Street ; “YOUR DRUGGIST SINCE 1 7 6 4” FRED S. BOYD THE PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Cor. Main and Water Streets Winchester, Virginia COMPLIMENTS j 0 F A. D. DAVIS PINGLEY CARPER CLEANERS 31 E. Picadilly Street Winchester, Virginia Dial 4611 COMPLIMENTS 0 F EARL L. MASON GENERAL INSURANCE Dial 6211 215 , 2 N. Loudoun St. Winchester, Virginia 90 SEED - FEED TO ASSURE A PROFIT USE QUALITY SUNSHINE POULTRY and HOG AND FERTILIZER FEEDS FOR GOOD AND NUTRITIOUS WINCHESTER BREAD USE SEED COMPANY 228 North Cameron St. Winchester, Virginia CRYSTAL FLOUR ITS ENRICHED WINCHESTER MILLING CORPORATION Winchester, Virginia COMPLIMENTS 0 F LUPTON ORCHARD SERVICE CO. Phone 3484 Winchester, Virginia FULL LINE OF Farm and Orchard Equipment COMPLIMENTS 0 F DUNCAN BROTHER RECAPPING and VULCANIZING Dial 6641 Winchester, Virginia 91 JOHN S. SOLENBERGER and COMPANY HARDWARE - MILL AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Winchester, Virginia MILLER ANDERSON PLUMBING - HEATING APPLIANCES Winchester, Virginia C. I. BRUMBACK SON (INCORPORATED) McCORMICK - DEERING TRACTORS and IMPLEMENTS MYERS SPRAYERS WATER SYSTEMS SALES and SERVICE C. I. Brumback Son, Inc. FARM and ORCHARD SUPPLIES 309-315 N. Cameron St. Phone 3632 Winchester, Virginia COMPLIMENTS 0 F A FRIEND MILLER’S HARDWARE PAINTS - HARDWARE FARM SUPPLIES LEGGETTS DEPT. STORE, Inc. “THE HOME OF BETTER VALUES” Winchester, Va. COMPLIMENTS 0 F J. B. BYWATERS SHERIFF COMPLIMENTS 0 F A Friend J. V. ARTHUR GEORGE W. KURTZ FURNITURE FUNERAL DIRECTOR Established 1868 Day Phone 3416 Night Phone 3148 and 5512 Winchester, Va. COMPLIMENTS 0 F LEE N. WHITACRE COMPLIMENTS 0 F CAMMER’S CLEANERS 118 South Braddock St. Winchester, Va. COMPLIMENTS 0 F EDWARD B. CAPPER Winchester, Va. 93 D. C. BEAUTY SHOP PERMANENT WAVE SPECIALIST Featuring the Latest Methods of Cold Waving $10.00 and up. Telephone 5981 D. C. WOLVERTON, Proprietor 18 S. Loudoun Street Winchester, Va. COMPLIMENTS 0 F WEYANOT DINER 520 y 2 N. Loudoun Street ELSIE V. CAIN, Manager CLOWE’S JEWELRY SHOP 7 North Loudoun Street Winchester, Va. BUZZELLA’S SHOP 126 N. Loudoun Street j Winchester, Virginia SMART MILLINERY AND ACCESSORIES COMPLIMENTS 0 F JOHNSTON’S JEWELERS 41 S. Loudoun Street Winchester, Virginia COMPLIMENTS 0 F DUNLAP TIRE j RUBBER CORP. Winchester, Virginia ; CLAUDE GORE, Mgr. COMPLIMENTS 0 F MARGARET L. HODGSON HAT AND DRESS SHOP Winchester, Virginia “WHERE QUALITY AND PRICE MEETS” J. W. GROVE FURNITURE We Sell For Less on Easy Terms Furniture For Entire Home Phone 6472 123-125 S. Loudoun Street Winchester, Virginia 94 COMPLIMENTS 0 F GULF OIL PRODUCTS JOHN D. GLOVER DISTRIBUTOR COMPLIMENTS 0 F SOUTHERN STATES REINFORCED FOR SUPERIOR DRIVING “CARE FOR YOUR CAR” SUNOCO OIL H. F. NELSON SERVICE STATION North Loudoun Street Extended Winchester, Virginia B M CHEVROLET SALES COMPANY SALES SERVICE “Where Friends Meet” Oats Ave. and North Loudoun St. Winchester, Virginia 1 95 Jompanj , Inc. Qtwc ttsitr. Qa “T he Students Friend” READ THE WINCHESTER EVENING STAR DAILY For Local and World News SOUTHERN DAIRIES ICE CREAM COMPLIMENT S 0 F P I N E MOTOR COMPANY Winchester, Virginia DISTRIBUTION FOR Dodge Cars and Trucks Plymouth Cars Parts Wholesale and Retail For Chrysler Products 96 COMPLIMENTS 0 F SANITARY DAIRY CAMMER TIRE CO. SIBERLING TIRES HI-MILEAGE RECAPPING Valley Ave. and Braddock St. Dial 3553 L. A. CLARKE SON (INCORPORATED) DEALERS IN CROSS TIES, LUMBER AND PULPWOOD COMPLIMENTS 0 F E. EARL SHADE COMPLIMENTS 0 F VIRGINIA MASON J. M. FISHPAW SON DEALERS IN LIVESTOCK OF ALL KINDS ' Winchester and Berryville, Va. COMPLIMENTS 0 F PARKER HARDWARE | AND ANTIQUE STORE Winchester, Va. PHILIPS SPECIALTY SHOP 9 North Loudoun Street Winchester, Va. “LADIES READY-TO-WEAR” 97 1 A. C. OATES LUMBER and BUILDING MATERIAL Telephone 6414 Winchester;, Va. COMPLIMENTS 0 F HILLS TOY NOVELETTE STORE COMPLETE LINE OF GREETING CARDS, SPORTING GOODS, BICYCLE AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES MEN’S AND BOY’S QUALITY CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS H. C. SHEETZ SON Winchester, Virginia SMITH’S GARAGE 204 E. Piccadilly Street Complete Weaver Equipment Motor Steam Cleaning Dial 4454 or 4713 COMPLIMENTS 0 F H. K. BENHAM COMPLIMENTS 0 F ERLE EDWARDS COMPLIMENTS 0 F JAMES READDON TRUCK SUPPLIERS, Inc. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS AUTOMOBILE SERVICE PARTS j AND TIRES 24 W. Germain St. Winchester, Virginia Dial 3418 98 COLONIAL KITCHEN HOME-MADE CANDIES AND ICE CREAM J. H. LOUDOUN, Confectioner 35 W. Boscawen St. Winchester, Ya. COMPLIMENTS 0 F THE BELL CLOTHES STORES (WHERE YOUR CREDIT ■ IS GOOD) Winchester Front Royal DUFF’S RECORD SHOP ALL THE LATEST RELEASED RECORDS i Complete L ne of Sheet Music Open From 9 till 6 “Not the Best, But as Good as the Rest” “HOME LIKE COOKING’ BAKERS RESTAURANT AND DINING ROOM 109 W. Boscawen Street Winchester, Virginia RHODES DRUG COMPANY “PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS” HODSON BROWN JEWELERS AND REGISTERED OPTOMERISTS 41 W. Boscawen Street Dial 3231 Headquarters for Trophies Exclusive Agents for STIEFF SILVER j LUNSFORD’S GROCERY GROCERIES - VEGETABLES FRUITS ! Phone 5727 N. Main Street Winchester, Virginia BARR’S ORCHARD AND FARM SUPPLY TRACTORS SPRAYERS and FARM MACHINERY | 99 COMPLIMENTS 0 F J. A. HOTINGER MUTUAL INSURANCE 105 N. Loudoun St. Winchester, Va. Phone 5317 CO MPLIMENTS j OF PETER’S STUDIO j AND PHOTO SUPPLY CO. THE ELMS INN AND COTTAGES Winchester, Va. Phone 6388 COLUMBIA BAKING COMPANY BAKERS OF SOUTHERN BREAD and CAKES VIRGINIA FEED MILLS “SERVICE WITH A SMILE’ Phone 5626 COMPLIMENTS OF V. M. CLINE GENERAL MERCHANDISE Dial 6096 Clearbrook, Va. TURNER SENCINDIVER ALL KINDS OF AUTOMOBILE WORK DONE 21 Clark Street Winchester, Va. Phone 6263 P. W. PLUMLY LUMBER CO. MANUFACTURERS BAND SAWN HARDWOOD LUMBER Winchester, Va. Phone 5831 100 COMPLIMENTS 0 F SNAPP FOUNDRY, Inc. FOUNDERS - MACHINISTS JOBBERS Winchester, Va. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND ! CURLY TOP BEAUTY SHOP 153 N. Loudoun St. MRS. GARVIN WALTERS, Proprietor SALVATION ARMY “SAVED TO SERVE " 303 S. Loudoun St. Winchester, Virginia EVERYONE WELCOME RADIO SERVICE, LIGHT FIXTURES, HOUSE WIRING, ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES MOLDEN ELECTRIC CO. 15 S. Loudoun St. Winchester, Virginia Phone 4169 JOHN W. SIEBERT CONTRACTED CREAM BUYER FOR FAIRMONT CREAMERY COMPANY TIMBERLAKE’S ! DEPT. STORE LINENS - DRAPERIES DRY GOODS LADIES and GIRLS APPAREL 40 S. Loudoun St. Dial 6728 WINCHESTER BUSINESS COLLEGE “THE SCHOOL OF SERVICE” 40 W. Boscawen St. Winchester, Virginia C. F. PRICKETT, President Dial 4701 101 COMPLIMENTS 0 F SKEETER’S SHOE REPAIR SHOP COMPLIMENTS 0 F CLEARBROOK FLOUR MILL Clearbrook, Va. THE GRINDING SHOP PERRY N. MASON, Prop. LAWN MOWERS A SPECIALTY All Work Guaranteed 18 W. Cork Street Winchester, Va. COMPLIMENTS 0 F CONOCO SERVICE STATION Winchester, Virginia S. G. HAWKINS, Prop. Telephone .3202 COMPLIMENTS 0 F WHITE PALACE RESTAURANT SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY A T KENNEY’S SHOE STORE Winchester, Virginia ! GAUNT’S PRESCRIPTIONS Dial 4104 Cor. Maine Valley Ave. Winchester, Virginia COMPLIMENTS 0 F BARR’S STUDIO Winchester, Virginia 102 Thank You For the Privilege of Working With The Confederate Staff In the Production of Their 1946 YEARBOOK ★ Jefferson Publishing Company Charles Town, W. Va. 103 Aittograplts 104

Suggestions in the Stonewall High School - Confederate Yearbook (Clearbrook, VA) collection:

Stonewall High School - Confederate Yearbook (Clearbrook, VA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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Stonewall High School - Confederate Yearbook (Clearbrook, VA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Stonewall High School - Confederate Yearbook (Clearbrook, VA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 49

1946, pg 49

Stonewall High School - Confederate Yearbook (Clearbrook, VA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 21

1946, pg 21

Stonewall High School - Confederate Yearbook (Clearbrook, VA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 30

1946, pg 30

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