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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1945 volume:

LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA GIFT OF DIVISION OF EXTENSION VIRGINIA HIGH SCHOOL LITERARY AND ATHLETIC LEAGUE Box 1487, Charlottesville, Virginia COMMENTS ON THE 1945 PUBLICATIONS CONTEST Annuals Group 4 : The Confederate . Stonewall High School The Confederate . 1945 is a good yearbook and a worthy accom¬ plishment of which your obviously devoted and hard-wo rking staff can be justly proud. Your cover is both neat and durable; your student art work on the division pages seldom fails to be amusing as well as apt; you offer well rounded pictures of your seniors in furnishing with the photographs nicknames, well and interestingly written thumbnail sketches, and activity lists; you do well to include at least group pictures of all students in your school; your snapshot layouts are attractive and the pictures generally amusing; you honor your members in service, and you supply as historical record a calendar of the year ' s highlights. On the other hand, you carefully identify each person in your class group pictures, but fail to seei any need for doing the same with your activity group pictures; you have a generally satisfying make-up but on occasion permit too much white space to show. Try filling up such spaces with little, interesting features next year. You might well take your photographer to task for certain of his group pictures; frequently the features, even at times entire faces, are indistinct, generally covered with dark shadows. You devote perhaps a dispropor¬ tionate amount of space to your football write-up; at least you could have included a schedule of coming baseball games, even if your year¬ book went to press before the season began. Judge: C. William Miller Instructor of English University of Virginia THE CONFEDERATE 1945 Published by The Senior Class of Nineteen Forty-Five at Stonewall High School Clear brook, Virginia Foreword We, the members of the Confederate Staff, have tried to put forth in this book our fond memories at Stonewall and we hope it will be of interest to you. We hope that you will receive as much en¬ joyment in reading this book as we have had in editing and preparing it for publication. To future Senior Classes we trust it will present a challenge to make this book better from year to year. Editor-in-Chief L j PK0PE_uY Ci ? THE LIP’ QFVElGINrt EICMOND.VA Dedication We take pride in dedicating- this annual to those who, through their efforts and work in the interest of Stonewall High School, have been in a large degree responsible for our success—the patrons of this school. These patrons include: Our Parents —without whose advice and stalwart judgment we would have assuredly failed to reach our goal; The Alumni —whose successes have inspired us; The Friends of the School —who have watched with great interest our accomplishments and who have strived to make the school progress; The Gentlemen of the Board of Supervisors and the School Board— to whose efforts we owe our school, and in no small manner, our education; All Contributors to the 1945 Confederate —the business firms as well as individual subscribers, without whose help we would have been unable to publish this annual; Our Boys in the service —who are fighting in order that we at home may have the opportunity for a free education. To these patrons we owe our thanks and in appreciation of the services rendered by these people, we gratfully dedicate this annual. BRYANT R. HARPER Principal Mr. Harper, our principal, has been our inspiration since we entered high school. He has rendered valuable assistance in all that we have accomplished, and he has helped us in every way possible. Mr. Harper attended Handley High School and graduated in 1928. From there he went to Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, graduating in 1932 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. In October, 1944, Mr. Harper received a Master of Arts degree from the University of Virginia. This degree was bestowed upon him for his specialized study and thesis on public school administration. He has served as principal of Stonewall High School for four years. Faculty MRS. VIRGINIA HOMAR First Grade Averett College Danville, Va. MISS GRACE V. CARPENTER Second Grade Madison College Harrisonburg, Va. MISS FRANCES SHILEY Third Grade Madison College Harrisonburg, Va. MISS AUDREY SHILEY Fourth Grade Madison College Harrisonburg, Va. MRS. DORA A. PERR1NE Sixth Grade Shepherd College Shepherdstown, W. Va. GRACE E. CLEVENGER Fifth Grade Madison College Harrisonburg, Va. Faculty MISS MARY JANE JOLLIFFE MR. BRYANT R. HARPER Librarian, English, History Principal, Mathematics B. S., Farmville State Teachers B. A., Hampden-Sidney College College M. A., University of Virginia MISS HELEN E. SLIFER Typing, Chemistry, Home Arts B. S., Madison College Harrisonburg, Va. MRS. LUCILLE KERSEY MRS. ANNIE S. BARKER MRS. G. E. WHITACRE Spanish, English Mathematics, History, Geography Seventh Grade B. A., Westhampton College B. A., Guilford College Shepherd College MISS JOLLIFFE Sponsor Miss Jolliffe, our sponsor, is the beacon on whose beam we have been brilliantly and successfully guided during- our Senior year. Her helpfulness, endurance, leadership and inte¬ grity were the qualities needed to inspire us. She, “the lady with a torch, whose flame is constantly burning ' ,” has captured our hearts, and won the admiration and respect of all. Miss Jolliffe attended Handley High School in Winchester, Virginia, and graduated in 1937. She entered Farmville State Teachers College and graduated with a B. S. degree in 1941. Upon her graduation from college, she accepted a position in the recently built Stonewall High School and has been a mem¬ ber of the high school faculty for four years. Senior Class Officers President Glenvil Whitacre Vice-President Mary Eilen Nethers Secretary Hildren Blandford Treasurer Hazel Bageant HAZEL MARCELLA BAGEANT “Hazel” Who’s that we hear giggling? Why, of course, it’s Hazel, who gets a laugh out of almost anything. She is always ready to go any place, any time, and she has a good time after she gets there. Her willingness to cooperate makes her either a good leader or a good follower. She doesn’t always have her work ready for class but gets in a big splutter and tries to get it done. Whenever you hear the say¬ ing, “Deed, I declare”, you know Hazel is close by. This year she played the role of Mrs. Highgate in the Dramatic Club play. She is very active in sports but softball is her favorite, especially when she hurls the ball across homeplate. She hasn’t decided what she is going to do after school, but we know she will make a success at anything she attempts. ACTIVITIES 1941- 42 Member: Glee Club, Dramatic Club 1942- 43 Secretary: Sophomore Class, Glee Club. Member: Dramatic Club 1943- 44 Treasurer: Junior Class. Member: Dramatic Club, Softball Squad 1944- 45 Treasurer: Senior Class. Member: Dramatic Club, Monogram Club, The Confederate Staff, Cheer Lead¬ er, Social and Recreational Committee of S. C. A. HILDREN RANDOLPH BLANDFORD “Hildy” Hildren Blandford is a 140 pound bundle of jokes, good times and friendliness. He is witty and is generally looking on the bright side of life. Exceptionally talented, he is gifted with a good tenor voice. Hildy just seems to make good grades without devoting too much of his time to studies. Although he has been with us only two years, nevertheless he has brought honor to our school in the form of a “VL” award for boys’ prose reading, secured at the University of Virginia in the 1944 Virginia Literary and Athletic League. ACTIVITIES 1941-43 Attended school in Cleveland, Ohio 1943- 44 Winner of Va. Literary Contest. Member: Baseball Squad, Dramatic Club 1944 - 45 Secretary: Senior Class. Member: Stonewall News Staff, and Dramatic Club. WILLIAM LYNNWOOD CARPENTER “Lynn” Lynn has loads of fun laughing when he pulls pranks on his fellow Seniors. Apparently quiet and timid, he doesn’t say much until his temper is riled. Then he takes up for himself. He is well-liked, less troublesome to the teachers than any other boy in the Senior Class, and enjoys baseball and foot¬ ball. Once he puts his mind to do something, he usually ac¬ complishes it. He is an avid baseball fan and knows the sta¬ tistics on practically any game or any player that is mentioned. Stonewall regrets to lose Lynn, with his conservative ways, his swell disposition and his good sportsmanship. ACTIVITIES 1941- 1942—Member:. Hobby Club, Baseball Team 1942- 1943—Member:.Athletic Club, Baseball Team 1943- 1944—President: Monogram Club; Member: Stonewall News Staff, Baseball Team. 1944- 1945—Member: Monogram Club, Stonewall News Staff, Football Squad and Baseball Team HOWARD NEWTON CARPER, JR. “Fignewton” Whenever an idea is needed by the Senior Class, Howard fills the bill. Expert in the line of humorous wisecracks, he always has an answer to everything. An excellent leader, one has merely to look at his extra-curricular activities to understand his qualities. Polite, with dreamy moods, he is the average American student. Cautious in all he attempts, he always figures things out slowly and carefully and then gives his answer. His ambition is to become an airpiane engineer and we wish him luck in this field. ACTIVITIES 1941- 1942—Member: Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Baseball Squad 1942- 1943—Secretary: .Student Council; Member:. Athletic Club, Dramatic Club, Football Team, Baseball Squad, Sports Editor of Stonewall News. 1943- 1944—Vice-President: Student Council, Treasurer: Mono¬ gram Club, Assistant Editor: Stonewall News, Member: Dramatic Club, Football Team, and Base¬ ball Team 1944- 1945—Editor: Stonewall News, Business Manager: The Confederate; Member: Monogram Club, Dramatic Club, Football Team, Baseball Team EUGENE DAVIS FUNKHOUSER “Gene” Will anyone of the Seniors ever forget that humorous guy with the exquisite curley hair? That’s “Gene!” “Gene”, likable, entertaining, witty, is an easy person with which to get along. “Gene” is thoughtful at times but these moods are seldom. He hopes to attend V. P. I. and become a veterinary after the war. Imagine “Gene” as a horse doctor! ACTIVITIES 1941- 1942—Member:.Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Baseball Team 1942- 1943—Member: .Athletic Club, Dramatic Club, Baseball Team; President:.Sophomore Class 1943- 1944—Member:. Monogram Club, Dramatic Club, Baseball Team; Secretary :. Junior Class 1944- 1945—Member:. Football Squad, Baseball Team, Dramatic Club, Monogram Club; Assistant Editor:.The Con¬ federate; Sports Editor: “Stonewall News” ROBERT BRUCE GIBBS “Bobby” Bobby, as a rule, is a liberal-minded, tolerant person with a light, pleasing disposition. He is liked by everyone—in other words, he’s “a right guy.” He is not to be led; his ability to definitely make up his mind sets him off from the crowd and gives him his individu¬ alistic, slightly reserved personality. He is inclined to do only what he wishes—but usually has the good judgment to do the proper things at the proper time. He is a veteran of two years of a foreign language. One of the few boys to have undertaken such a grave venture, he came through with flying colors. ACTIVITIES 1941- 1942—Member:. Football Squad, Baseball Team 1942- 1943—Member:. Athletic Club, Dramatic Club, Football Squad, Baseball Team 1943- 1944-—Member:. Monogram Club, Dramatic Club, Football Squad, Baseball Team. 1944- 1945—Member:. Stonewall News Staff, Dramatic Club, Monogram Club, Football Squad, Baseball Team. CATHERINE GOLIGHTLY “Golig’htly” Now gaze upon Catherine Golightly, one of our typing wizards. Catherine joined our class in her Junior year and since then has become one of us. She is a good student and also one of the few blondes of the Senior Class. You will find her a rare good pal an d one who takes part in all school activities. She is not sure of her future but maybe it’s the Wacs ? ? ? ? We see she has really been drilling that group in marching! Seriously though, we know she will be a great success, especially if she makes good use of her typing ability. ACTIVITIES 1941-1942—Attended school at Boyce. 1943- 1944—Member: Dramatic Club, Soft Ball Squad. 1944- 1945—Typist:. Stonewall News, The Confederate; Secre¬ tary: Monogram Club; Member: Dramatic Club. HELEN JUANITA GORDON “Helen” Helen is one of the quiet, serious girls in the Senior Class, but she is well liked by everyone. She studies quite a lot and always has her homework up-to-date. Her expert typing gives her a job as typist on the Stonewall News and also on The Confederate Staff. If there is anything to be done, you can depend on Helen trying to help in any way she can. In the future she plans to go to Business College and we all hope that she will make as good a stenographer as she has an office girl at Stonewall. ACTIVITIES 1941- 1942—Member: Dramatic Club, Glee Club. 1942- 1943—Member: Dramatic Club, Glee Club. 1943- 1944—Member: Dramatic Club; Stonewall News Staff. 1944- 1945—Member: Dramatic Club, Softball Squad; Typist: Stonewall News, The Confederate. JAMES VERNON HUTTON, JR. “Hutch” Many of us have followed Jimmy since the second grade. Followed? Yes, for he has always been a leader. Having always taken a major part in public events of the school, he won the public speaking award of the Virginia Lit¬ erary and Athletic Association in 1944. Hutton reads and studies a lot and always has his homework (with the exception of, perhaps, a few times in this busy Sen¬ ior year of ours). His favorite study, history, which to him is almost a talent, he has pursued diligently through the years- never to be satisfied with any grade lower than an “A”. He, as most American youths, inherited a love for baseball and is an ardent “fan”. He now plays “first-string” at the “initial sack” (although, as is the custom, he has varied his position from time to time—that is since the second grade.) ACTIVITIES 1941- 1942—Member: Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Student Coun¬ cil, Baseball Team. 1942- 1943—Member: Literary Club, Dramatic Club, Athletic Club, Baseball Team, Business Manager: Stonewall News. 1943- 1944—Business Manager: Stonewall News; Member: Dramatic Club, Monogram Club, Baseball Team. 1944- 1945—President: Student Body; Literary Editor: The Confederate, The Stonewall News; Member: Mono¬ gram Club, Dramatic Club, Baseball Team. MARY ELLEN NETHERS “Mary Ellen” Who’s that we hear gpggling? Of course, its Mary Ellen. However, she isn’t laughing all the time—just when the notion strikes her. Mary Ellen is our best-all-around Senior, a title she well deserves. She is very co-operative and takes part in all sports and school activities. She has worked hard on the annual and has made a very good Editor. We know she will be liked and admired as much in the future as she has been here at Stonewall. ACTIVITIES 1941- 1942—Member: Dramatic Club, Glee Club. 1942- 1943—Vice-President: Sophomore Class; Treasurer: Glee Club; Member: Dramatic Club. 1943- 1944—Vice-President: Junior Class; Reporter: Dramatic Club; Member: Soft Ball Squad. 1944- 1945—Vice-President: Monogram Club, Senior Class; Member: Dramatic Club; Editor: The Confederate. DOUGLAS BOYER O’CONNELL “Dougie” Dougie, the guy who enjoys his own jokes so much that he goes into hysterics before he lets you in on the laugh, is al¬ ways charming, cheerful, and “equipped with a built-in chuckle.” We doubt that he ever had a serious thought—or at least agree that if he did, he didn’t take it seriously. He can always see the “Good” side of any situation—even if it hasn’t one. Our only pianist, Dougie plays semi-classical and popular music, but prefers “Boogy Woogy.” “Cute”, as the girls would say, he is always neat and a gentleman. He usually seems to “shy” away from girls— that is, girls, in the plural. ACTIVITIES 1941- 1942—Member: Glee Club 1942- 1943—Member: Hobby Club 1944-1945—Typist: Stonewall News, The Confederate; Mana¬ ger: Baseball Team. DOROTHY VIRGINIA OWENS “Dot” Dorothy, better known to us as “Dot”, is new at Stonewall this year. Her keen sense of humor keeps the Senior girls laughing all the time. She is very quiet but will always co¬ operate with us. When anything is discussed in class meet¬ ings, it is always all right with her, no matter what it may be. Her friendly face (which incidentally is sprinkled with freck¬ les) and her pleasant manner have made her liked by every¬ one in the Senior Class. ACTIVITIES 1941-1943—Attended Stephens City School 1944-1945—Member: Dramatic Club, Finance S. C. A. Committee of DOROTHY AUGUSTINE RENNIE “Dot yy “Dot”, the blond bombshell of the Senior Class, is our best looking Senior, according to the choice of the high school students. She is willing to cooperate and do her share in everything. Dorothy’s greatest weakness is spelling and she can be seen any where in school with her spelling book in hand. She loves to dance and takes part in all extra-curricular activities at school. Her pleasant ways and likable dispo¬ sition have made her a friend of all—especially when they see her leave class to ring the bell. ACTIVITIES 1941- 1942—Member: Dramatic Club, Glee Club. 1942- 1943—Treasurer: Sophomore Class; Member: Dramatic Club, Glee Club. 1943- 1944—Member: Dramatic Club, Soft Hall Squad, Student Council Representative. 1944- 1945—Secretary: Dramatic Club; Member: Stonewall News Staff, Student Council Representative; Cir¬ culation Manager: The Confederate. GERTRUDE ADA STUMP “Gertie” Gertie has been with us since our Freshmen year. Everyone finds her charming because of her brown curly hair, green eyes, and pleasant smile. She is earnest in her opinions and, like all of the Seniors, enjoys having fun. Gertie is one of our bi ' ightest students, and has taken part in many activities. After graduating she wants to join the Nurse Cadet Corps. For the first two months of this year, Gertie attended Fairfax High School at Fairfax, Virginia, but she returned here to graduate with the rest of us. However, even though she returned, we’re afraid she left her heart behind. ACTIVITIES 1941- 1942—Member: 1942- 1943—Member: 1943- 1944—Member: 1944- 1945—Member: Glee Club, Dramatic Club. Dramatic Club. Softball Squad, Dramatic Club Stonewall News Staff, Dramatic Club. CHARLES GLENVIL WHIT ACRE “Gimmie” Glenvil is undoubtedly the most energetic member of the Senior Class. Witty, intelligent, practical-minded, he has al¬ ways thought things out for himself. Stonewall will long remember with pride and gratitude how magnificently he has worked on stage lighting, the newspaper, general repairs, and in Science and Chemistry classes. He is especially interested in mathematics and sciences. He also “tinkers” around with electricity and photography and various inventions which he hopes some day will make him wealthy. ACTIVITIES 1941- 1942—Member: Dramatic Club, Hobby Club, Glee Club. 1942- 1943—Member: Stonewall News Staff. 1943- 1944—Publisher: Stonewall News. 1944- 1945—Publisher: Stonewall News; Member: Football Squad; President: Senior Class; Photographic Edi¬ tor: The Confederate. MARY CATHERINE WHITE “Cassie” Who’s that attractive little blond tripping down the hall? Why, it’s none other than “Cassie”, who has won many friends during her three years here at Stonewall High. She works hard on the Stonewall News as typist and is willing to cooperate with us in any way. You can always see her playing any game which is in progress during Physical Educa¬ tion. Whenever you see any little pixies drawn on paper or in the Annual, you know Mary Catherine has spent a lot of time on them. All the Senior girls are a little envious of her ambition to be a pilot. It must be convenient as well as in¬ teresting during this man power shortage. ACTIVITIES 1941- 1942.—Attended Stephens City School 1942- 1943—Member: Dramatic Club, S. C. A. Council. 1943- 1944—Member: Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Stonewall News Staff, Softball Squad; President: Junior Class. 1944- 1945—Member: Dramatic Club; Art Editor: Stonewall News, and The Confederate. MARY CATHERINE WILLIAMS “Mary Catherine” Did I hear someone say “Howdie”? Yes, that must have been Mary Catherine. She has laughed herself through school and can top off a joke on herself with laughter. In every soft- ball game she is usually seen in Center Field. Mary Catherine spends a great deal of her time talking about her height but we all know she isn’t too tall. She has a pleasant disposition and a likeable personality. Mary Catherine is a good typist and a very good student. We are all sure she will prosper in anything she undertakes. ACTIVITIES 1941- 1942—Member: Glee Club. 1942- 1943—Member: Glee Club, Hobby Club. 1943- 1944—Member: Dramatic Club, Soft Ball Squad. 1944- 1945—Member: Monogram Club, Dramatic Club, Stone¬ wall News Staff. Class Will Knowing that our scholastic days are fast fading, we the class of nineteen hundred forty-five of Stonewall High School, of the town of Clearbrook, State of Virginia, U. S. A., do summon you to our presence on this solemn occasion to list to this proclamation, our last will and testament. We leave our collected physical and abstract possessions to those whom we deem fitting recipients. We do bequeath to the understated the following: To David Fahnestock, Eugene Funkhouser leaves the role of most prominent Republican. Catherine Golightly and Hildren Blandford leave to Catherine Travers and Curtis Wilson their extensive knowledge of the art of flirting. To Mildred Williams, Mary White leaves her artistic ability. Helen Gordon leaves her quiet disposition to Kathleen Shiley. Jennie Lou Miller, Lillian Lockhart and Anna Marie Clark are to receive Dorothy Owens’ unerring belief in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. To Nancy Lodge, Mary Fishback and Betty Martin the Senior girls leave their combined good looks. To Jeanne Hoover, Mary Catherine Williams leaves her athletic abilities. To Harold Dawson, Douglas O’Connell leaves his smooth dancing tendencies. To Bobby Driver, Jimmie Hutton leaves all the chewing gum that is stuck under the library tables. To Phyliss McDonald, Glenvil Whitacre leaves his superb spelling ability. Hazel Bageant leaves her hard earned nick-name “Luanda,” to Virginia Herrell. Mary Ellen Nethers leaves to next year’s annualeditor tons and tons of work and responsibility. To a future Senior Dorothy Rennie leaves the sacred trust of ringing the class bell on time. Howard Carper leaves to Alfred Armel his pet excuse “I’ve got too much to do.” To William Castleman, Lynn Carpenter leaves his Sunday round-house pitch. Bobby Gibbs leaves his collection of corny jokes to Mae Fries and Bobby Whitmore. We appoint as executor of this document, Mr. Harper, who shall give bond that he will endeavor to carry out faithfully our last requests. As we depart this life, we, the class of nineteen hundred and forty-five, do hereby set our hand and seal this 7th day of June, in the year of our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and forty-five. Signed: Class Testator Howard Carper Class Prophecy As I was walking down the street one day who should I meet but my old friend Dorothy Rennie. As women are always prone to gossip, we two were no exception. We talked about what some of our former class-mates of the Senior Class of 1945 were doing but, as much as we both get around, there were some we just didn’t know about. Wanting to see them all again, we decided to call a class reunion and the date set was for April 6, 1994. When we all gathered together that day, we certainly were a happy crowd,, and I managed to find out precisely what each one was doing. Imagine my surprise when I learned that Hildren Blandford was a hermit in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Lynn Carpenter had become head mandolin player with the Smokey Moun¬ tain Boys. He is getting more education by going to night school. Howard Cai-per is still a single, good-looking lawyer with slightly graying hair. He is also still indulging in his old hobby, that of dating a blond. Eugene Funkhouser is now our most famous member and was unable to at¬ tend because of the press of his duties in running for President of the United States on the Republican ticket. His party is boosting the campaign by selling purple Funkhouser buttons. Bobby Gibbs followed a circus to Mexico and there married a Mexican cook. He is rolling in fat from the food his wife cooks and now has three children, “Lolita”, “Rosita” and “Conchita.” Jimmie Hutton has become Prosecuting Attorney of New York State, and incidentally sprouts a Dewey-style moustache. Helen Goi’don is now Attorney Hutton’s private secretary. Douglas O’Connell has taken Miss Cochran’s place giving music lessons at dear old Stonewall High. Glenvil Whitacre, having started as office boy, is now publisher of the Wash¬ ington Post. Dorothy Rennie has succeeded Mary Hayworth in writing “Advice to the Love Lorn Column” in the Washington Post. Gertrude Stump takes Frances Perkins place as Secretary of Labor. Mary Catherine Williams plays center field for the professional “Stephenson Polecats” Softball team, which has the odds to win this year’s World Series. Eugene Funkhouser became fascinated with Dorothy Owens’ purple sweaters and they are now happily married. Catherine Golightly eloped with “Smithy” Dorsey and now lives in a small cabin in Tennessee. Hazel Bageant is auditioning for a place as a soprano singer in the Metro¬ politan Opera Company. Of course, she has been trying for 25 years. Remember how Mary Ellen Nethers held the office of Vice-President in most activities at school? Well, now she is Vice-President of a Physical Education Board Mary Catherine White is Aviatrix with the Transcontinental Air Ways. Signed: Hazel Bageant, Class Prophet Who ' s Who Best All Around Mary Ellen Nethers Eugene Funkhouser Best Looking Douglas O’Connell Dorothy Rennie Most Studious Helen Gordon James Hutton Biggest Flirt Hildren Blandford Catherine Golightly Off to Scheder’s Studio - Don’t rush, there are plenty of Cokes - My, How our editor has changed! Here we are in English class - Will Stonewall win? Dog’s best friend - Stonewall in Winter - Jumping Jack - Glenvil’s nose!!! Notice - Golightly’s feet - Senior couples - Did we win? Stonewall News apparatus - Initiation in Dramatic Club - Manager, keep that score right - Smile, Douglas - Aren’t Mitzi and Karen Harper cute? Drink your milk, babies - Glamour girl ? ? ? ? Buses waiting to take us home - Dorothy graduates from kindergarten - The Big Three - Gov¬ ernment class - Loving, aren’t they???? Gertrude Posing!! Dear old Spanish Class!!! Nice game isn’t it, Jolliffe and Slifer? Our goal post! ! ! ! The Senior Class presents " Sallie Sallies Forth " by Hopoe Bristow on Friday, March 30, 1945, at 8:00 o’clock p. m. in the school auditorium The cast: Sally Sayles. Dusty Denham. Etta Gamley.. Adele Christy. Karen Bellair. Horace Kellogg. Andrew Fisher. Florence Halverson. Martin Milford. Mrs. Myra Frothingham The committees: Publicity and Advertising.Gertrude Stump, Chairman Helen Gordon Tickets .Hildren Blandford, Chairman Lynn Carpenter Dorothy Owens Lighting.Glenvil Whitacre Intermission.Douglas O’Connell Hazel Bageant Bobby Gibbs Catherine Golightly Mary Ellen Nethers . Dorothy Rennie James Hutton . Howard Carper Mary Catherine White Eugene Funlchouser , Mary Catherine Williams Autograft Ijs First Row, Left to Right: Alfred Armel, Curtis Wilson, William Castleman. Second Row, Left to Right: Mildred Williams, Mary Fishback, Phyllis McDonald, Jeanne Hoover, Kathleen Shiley, Nancy Lodge. Third Row, Left to Right: David Fahnestock, Virginia Herrell, Betty Martin, Lillian Lockhart, Robert Driver, Anna Marie Clark, May Fries, Catherine Travers, Harold Dawson. Sponsor—Miss Helen Slifer JUNIORS President. Vice-President Secretary. Treasurer.... JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS .Anna Marie Clark .Lillian Lockhart .William Castleman .Alfred Arrnel JUNIORS First Row, Left to Right: Betty Owens, Marie Boyd, Peggy Anderson, Guy DeHaven, Wayne DeHaven, Thomas Stickles, Betty Boden, Lucy Bragg, Doris Morrison, Annabelle Jobe, Anna Louise Kerns, John Cole, Louis Dorsey, Harold Lamp, Constance Brown, Helen Crim, Winifred Knight. Second Row, Left to Right: Grover Teets, Catherine Clark, Waneta Hottle, Nancy Inskip, Dorothy Morrison, Jean Rudolph, Betty Carpenter, Grover Leight. Sponsor—Mrs. Lucille Kersey SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President. Vice-President Secretary. Treasurer.... ,. .. Louis Dorsey .. Annabelle Jobe Winifred Knight ... . Grover Teets SOPHOMORES First Row, Left to Right: Leroy White, Jr., James Dye, Robert Miller, John Carter, Carl Williams, Ronald Carper, James Crim. Second Row,Left to Right: Ruby Fishel, Rudell Shiley, Hilda Henry, Nina Affleck, Stella DeHaven, Dixie Hagar, Donald Cline, Marie Clevenger, Mary Cole, Ann Dorsey, Ethel Lee, Colleen Ware. Third Row, Left to Right: Marshall Teets, Ashby Owens, Joe McAboy, Ruth Berg, Frances Kerns, Betty Carper, Margaret Russell, Betty Trenary, Colleen Hottle, Betty Jean Smith, Pauline Shiley, Esther Kackley, Betty Franks, Leroy Braith- waite, Charles Lewis, Joe Bragg. Sponsor—Mrs. George Barker FRESHMEN President. Vice-President Secretary. Treasurer.... FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS .... Ethel Lee . .Ann Dorsey Pauline Shiley .Betty Franks FRESHMEN SEVENTH GRADE Teacher—Mrs. George Whitacre First Row, Left to Right:—Jean Dove, Mary Fishel, Florence Mauzy, Julia Dotson, Ruby McNealy, Ethel Owens, Ruby Dennis, Mildred Ashby, Betty Owens, Jean Robinson, Janet Taylor, Helen Pennington, Dorothy Orndoff, Ruby Castleman, Emma Cooper. Second Row, Left to Right:—Roger Pennington, Leonard Braithwaite, Deaver Carr, Beverly Russell, Horace Leight, Harold Whetzel, Allen McNealy. SIXTH GRADE Teacher—Mrs. Dora Perrine First Row, Left to Right:—Paul Wine, Roystenlee Shiley, Doris Brown, William Hepner, Jane Clevenger, Allen Jobe, Charles Leake. Second Row, Left to Right:—Victor Crim, Charles Leight, John Russell, Calvin Shirley, Charles Owens, William Bragg, Eugene Braithwaite, Edna Dodson, Helen Newcome, Barbara Lou Hannum, Mary Bragg, Catherine Bragg, Betty Lou Morrison, Irene Russell, Helen Lee Smith, Carl Owens, Charles Robertson, Phineas Dorsey, Donald Bragg, Donald Kerns, Donald Braithwaite, Dwain Place. Third Row, Left to Right:—Margaret Deal, Charlotte Harrison, Helen Owens Geraldine Michael, Iva Mason, Iva Yeakley, Carolyn Solenberger. FIFTH GRADE Teacher—Miss Grace Clevenger First Row, Left to Right:—Howard Ashby, Charles Taylor, Henry Berg, Billy Lupton. Second Row, Left to Right:—Dickie Willis, Ruth McCann, Oneta Jobe, Madeline Castleman, Jean Dorsey, Florence Kenney, Sue Dorsey, Marie Harman, Jane Hart, Dorothy Hart, Patricia Pennington, Jean Brown, Ruth Owens, Georgia Mae Russell, Caroline Whitmore, Lena Fishel, Freda Miller, Donald Leight. Third Row, Left to Right:—Luther Dorsey, Glen Lofton, Mary Jane Webber, Col¬ leen Dennis, Esther Clark, Anna Lee Michael, Elsie Emery, Genevieve Welsh, Douglas Carper, John Braithwaite. FOURTH GRADE Teacher—Miss Audrey Shiley First Row, Left to Right:—Beverly Gar dner, Eugene Laird, Curtis Dodson, Jimmy Parsons, Earl Collins, Ralph Robinson, Denny Place, Bobby Willis. Second Row, Left to Right:—Vivian Russell, Martha Dawson, Artye Stype, Evelyn Pennington, Ruth Wetzel, Irene Hiett, Mildred Faircloth. Third Row, Left to Right:—Gail Carper, Beatrice Fincham, Shirley Hundley, Ann Bragg, Betty Robinson, Rachel Fincham, Ada Mae Wetzel, Lucille Milburn, Shirley Benner, Shirley Jean Michael. Fourth Row, Left to Right:—Thomas McCann, Jimmy Bromley, Glen Deal, Bobby Carter, Manuel Rickets, Jasper Berg, Marshall Mason, Melvin Williams, Ray Taylor, Eugene Leake. THIRD GRADE Teacher—Miss Frances Shiley First Row, Left to Right:—Charles Russell, Calvin Adams, Janies Lupton, Stewart Ellis, Richard Taylor, Allen Shirley, Thomas Hart. Second Row, Left to Right:—Evelyn Leight, Shirley Orndoff, Catherine Welch, Ruby Nicholson, Lillian Newcome, Retha Fitzwater, Margaret Braithwaite, Mernie Berg, Mary Catherine Carper, Mary Agnes Scott, Geraldine Brown, Jean Fiddler, Rosalie Gibbs, Betty Lou Welch. Third Row, Left to Right:—William Riley, Harry Carter, Jack Robinson, Richard Fishel, George Hiett, Robert Orndorff, Glenwood Nickolson, Thomas Nickolson, Melvin Wine, Herbert Lee, Eugene Ricketts, John Robinson, Frederick Jobe, Melvin Castleman. SECOND GRADE Teacher—Miss Grace Carpenter First Row, Left to Right:—Barbara Snapp, Shirley Snapp, Betty Jane Williams, Mary Jeanne Robinson, Frances Ricketts, Betty Lou Millburn, Jean Ritter, Virginia Burke, Jean Russell, Anna Lou Mauzy, Mary Katherine Barton, Ruby Shirkey. Second Row, Left to Right:—Walter Mason, James Owens, Robert Parkison, Mary Lee, Betty Teets, Janet Dennis, Charlotte Fishel, Betty Lou Tharpe, Betty Jean Reed, Charles Wine, David Robertson, Arthur Bragg. Third Row, Left to Right:—Edward Bromley, Hunter Cooper, Wilco McAboy, Roland Tharp, Melvin Shumaker, Walter Hoover, Robert Butler, Wilmer Mason, Robert Lee, Jimmy Bragg, Ralph DeHaven, James Dorsey. FIRST GRADE Teacher—Mrs. Virginia Homar First Row, Left to Right:—Preston Hodson, Kenneth Michael, Meredith Boyd, Jr., Donald Shirley, William Morrison, Betty June Whetzel, Shirley Jean Butler, Mary Jo Dove, Susan Jane Gore, George Kerns, Benjamin Dorsey. Second Row, Left to Right:—Donald Paul Homar, Janney Dennis, Elmer Dorsey, Jr., Benjamin Fitzwater, Jr., Donald Dodson, Earl Nicholson, Geraldine Parkin¬ son, Ruth Virginia Benner, Odella McAboy, Catherine Feathers, Charlotte Shumaker, Betty Marie Ricketts, Joyce Crosen, Barbara Ann Abrell, Joanne Vincent, Glen Russell, Charles Hodson. Exercise for 15 minutes - Wasn’t he cute, but hasn’t he grown? - Our dear Juniors - How cute, Mary Catherine - Could it be Eddie Cantor? - What’s so funny? - Stonewall Sign - Look at M. C. White’s baby eyes - Our red, white and blue - Our editor - Four senior initials - Let’s cheer - Senior girls before Xmas - What is the cigar for? We wonder! - Studious Douglas - Blond haired Rennie - Mr. Morrison, Our Janitor - One of our couples - C-r-a-c-k! Full knee bend! - Junior conversation - Helen and her bangs - Last but not least - Stonewall seal - Stonewall News Publisher - They love each other - Seniors saluting flag - Before football game at Woodstock - Jumping Jack! ! ! Autographs THE CONFEDERATE STAFF The 1944-45 “Confederate” Staff was organized early in the school year. This Staff had as its goal to publish a bigger and better year book. It was also decided to endeavor to have the book on the market by May. The Staff has strived to attain these ends and has worked with wholehearted effort to prepare this annual. The Staff hopes it has succeeded in all its aims and sincerely hopes that all persons who read this book will find it up to their expectations. The Annual Stall - : Editor-in-Chief. Assistant Editor. . . . Literary Editor. Photographic Editor Business Manager. . . Circulation Manager, Chief Typist. Assistants. Art Editor. Class Prophet. Mary Ellen Nethers .Eugene Funkhouser James Hutton Glenvil Whitacre . Howard Carper . Dorothy Rennie Douglas O’Connell Helen Gordon Catherine Golightly .Mary Catherine White Hazel Bageant S. C. A. COUNCIL The Student Cooperative Association Council met at the beginning of the school year and set up certain goals which it intended to accomplish during the year. The work of the Council is to act as a governing body for the school and to regulate the students in a democratic way. This year the Council secured for the school a combination radio and phonograph, it encouraged the buying of War Stamps and Bonds and it sponsored parties, which were to be given every month for the students. The object of this was to provide a certain degree of enter¬ tainment for the pupils. The S. C. A. Council is composed of the President, Vice- President, Secretary and Treasurer of the S. C. A. and one representative from each of the high school rooms. The members are as follows: President.James Hutton Vice-President.Nancy Lodge Secretary.Helen Crim Treasurer.Paith Berg Members: Seniors—Dorothy Rennie Juniors—Mary Fishback Sophomores—Lucy Bragg Freshmen—Hilda Henry Advisor—Miss Mary Jane Jolliffe STONEWALL NEWS The “Stonewall News” is a monthly, mimeographed publication edited by a staff of high school pupils. The object of the newspaper is to display the journalistic talents of the students. Members of the Staff are: Editor-in-chief. Assistant Editor. Literary Editor. News Editor. Columns: Here and There in the Grades Boys Sports. Girls Spoi’ts. Spanish. Stonewall Favorites. Student Poll. Gossip. Boys in Service. Jokes. Publisher. Art Editor. Assistant Art Editor. Typists. Mimeographer. Business Manager. Assistant Business Manager. Reporters. Howard Carper .. Robert Driver . .James Hutton .... Helen Crim .Mildred Williams .Eugene Funkhouser .Jennie Lou Miller .Anna Marie Clark .Mary Catherine White .Ronald Carper .Dorothy Rennie ..Helen Gordon .Douglas O’Connell .Glenvil Whitacre .Mary Catherine White .Mildred Williams Helen Gordon, Douglas O’Connell .Donal Cline .Harold Dawson .Robert Gibbs .Hildren Blandford LeRoy White Betty Jean Smith Catherine Travers .Mrs. A. S. Barker Faculty Advisor DRAMATIC CLUB The Dramatic Club under the sponsorship of Miss Helen Slifer was organized with the definite purpose of equipping the stage with scenery. We set this as our main goal. For our second goal, we planned to have one public play during this year. The Dramatic Club members, accomplishing one of their goals, presented a public play, November 17, 1944, entitled: “Take It Easy”—a three act farce-comedy. The following members made up the cast: Hazel Bageant, Dorothy Rennie, Catherine Travers, Helen Crim, James Hutton, Robert Gibbs, Robert Driver, Howard Carper, Wayne DeHaven, and Harold Dawson. We made one definite accomplishment toward our first goal, which was equip¬ ping the stage with scenery, when we purchased French doors. President.Nancy Lodge Vice-President.Eugene Funkhouser Secretary.Dorothy Rennie Reporter.Hazel Bageant Peggy Anderson Nina Affleck Hazel Bageant Betty Boden Hildren Blandford Lucy Bragg Betty Carpenter Betty Carper Howard Carper Anna Marie Clark Donnie Cline Helen Crim Harold Dawson Stella DeHaven Wayne DeHaven Robert Driver David Fahnestock Mary Fishback May Fries Eugene Funkhouser Robert Gibbs Catherine Golightly Helen Gordon Hilda Henry Virginia Herrell Jeanne Hoover Waneta Hottle James Hutton Nancy Inskip Annabelle Jobe Frances Kerns Winifred Knight Lillian Lockhart Nancy Lodge Dorothy Morrison Phyllis McDonald Jennie Lou Miller Mary Ellen Nethers Dorothy Owens Dorothy Rennie Margaret Russell Kathleen Shiley Betty Jean Smith Gertrude Stump Catherine Travers Betty Trenary Mary Catherine White Mary Catherine Williams Mildred Williams Doris Morrison MONOGRAM CLUB In order to become a member of the Monogram Club, one must play fifty per cent of foot¬ ball quarters or sixty per cent of baseball innings or secure a total of eighteen points awarded for extra-curricular activities. After you have earned the required number of points, you are posted as being eligible for membership in the club. Before you can be admitted, however, a majority of the present members must give their consent. If allowed to enter, you are subjected to a two-day goating period, followed by a rigid ini¬ tiation. Only after you have undergone all these requirements, in a sportsman-like manner, are you declared an official member of the club. Both boys and girls are admitted to the same club—the only difference being the girls receive smaller letters than the boys. The Monogram Club’s activities during the school year include a number of dances to help pay for the athletic equipment and for improvements made to the school for the use of athletic teams. Our system of awarding extra letters is very different from most schools. Instead of present¬ ing additional “S” Monograms, we give a star which corresponds to another “S”. Monogram certi¬ ficates, signed by the Principal and the President of the Monogram Club, are presented to each stu¬ dent who secures a letter. OFFICERS: President. Robert Driver Vice-President.Mary Ellen Nethers Secretary.Catherine Golightly Treasurer .Harold Dawson MONOGRAMERS INCLUDE: Boys— Robert Driver Eugene Funkhouser Hildren Blandford Harold Dawson Robert Gibbs Alfred Armel William Castleman Lynn Carpenter Glenvil Whitacre Howard Carper Thomas Stickles Wayne DeHaven Ashby Owens James Hutton Indicates number of letters members have been awarded. Mary Ellen Nethers Hazel Bageant Nancy Lodge Catherine Golightly Mary Catherine Williams Virginia Herrell Jean Hoover Dorothy Rennie Stonewall “Rebels” All of us can be justly proud of our battling football team under the able guidance of Coach B. R. Harper. Early in October Mr. Harper made preparations for us to have a powerful six man team in ’44 - ’45. Gruelling practice, careful study of plays, learning the fundamentals of blocking, tackling, passing and kick¬ ing helped to produce a team quite worthy of recognition. With plenty of manpower, Coach Harper organized three teams. The first team was equipped with powerful running attackers and was composed mostly of regulars from last year. The second team specialized in passing and relieving the first team. It was chiefly composed of newcomers to the gridiron. The third team or “Midgets” were organized with future prospects ahead of them. FIRST TEAM Tommy Stickles Glenvil Whitacre Robert Gibbs Howard Carper Alfred Armel Robert Driver SECOND TEAM Eugene Funkhouser Ashby Owens Guy Dellaven Wayne DeHaven Harold Dawson William Castleman I’OS. NO. OF POINTS SCORED L. E. 4 C. 19 It. E. 39 Q. B. 42 H. B. 14 F. B. 78 Total. .196 L. E. 6 C 0 R. E. 0 Q. B. 0 H. B. 0 F. B. 6 Total. .12 Subs:—L. Carpenter, J. Bragg, J. Cole, R. Carper, J. Crim, R. Miller, Files, McNeally, McAboy, Carter, and White. Manager—James Hutton. Asst. Mgr.—Donnie Cline. Total Games Won - - - 5 Played Tied - - - 1 Lost ... 4 Highlights on the Gridiron Boyce at Stonewall.Sept. 29, 1944.Score (0 - 0) On a warm, sunshiny day Boyce and Stonewall played their first game of the season. The contest was nip and tuck all the way with the Clark “Countians” having an edge over the “Rebels” in statistics. Out¬ standing highlights of the game were Driver’s powerful offensive plunges for the “Rebels” compared to Longerbeam’s “shifty” defensive work for Boyce. Strasburg at Stonewall.Oct. 6, 1944.Score (32 - 6) Ideal football day. Wind—Moderate. Field Condition—excellent. The “Yellow Jackets” proved to be a hard nut to crack, but, thanks to Driver, Stonewall won. It was Driver’s deadly onslaught and plunging ability which accounted for all the touchdowns. Gibbs converted once. The “Yellow Jackets” scored once, late in the fourth quarter. Horn’s fleet-footed running accounted for their only tally. Stonewall at Woodstock.Oct. 13, 1944.Score (32 - 6) The field was wet and soft at Woodstock when the “Rebels” clashed with the “Wolves.” It was clearly evident all through the game that Stonewall out-classed their opponents. Driver accounted for two touch¬ downs by end runs and line “bucks,” but without a doubt, this was Car¬ per’s Day for he ran sixty yards for a tally in the second quarter and fifty yards in the third canto for six more points. Stickles and Armel each caught a pass for an extra point. Gibbs also secured a touchdown. Hottle’s thirty-three yard run for the “Wolves” netted them six points. Hedgesville at Stonewall.Oct. 23, 1944.Score (33 - 24) The “scrappy” West Virginia team proved stiff competition to the “Rebels.” Driver was responsible for two Stonewall tallys, Carper for one, Stickles one, Armel one, and Gibbs scored for three points. For Hedgesville, Avery scored twice, Plotner once, and Files once. High¬ lights: Avery’s fast running, Stonewall’s splendid playing, particularly Armel’s blocking for the “Rebels.” Stonewall at Berryville.Oct. 27, 1944.Score (0 - 12) Journeying to Berryville in high spirits after three consecutive wins, the “Rebels” were in for a disappointing- day on the gridiron. Because of very little coordination, the “Rebels” just couldn’t seem to get going. A fifty yard pass from Wisecarver to Jenkins was responsible for one touchdown and another pass from Wisecarver to Bodenschatz accounted for six more points. Carper made a brilliant fifty-five yard dash across the goal which the referee called back because Driver’s forward motion had stopped before he lateraled the ball to Carper. Stonewall failed to secure a single point. Highlights on the Gridiron Stonewall at Strasburg.Nov. 3, 1944.Score (22 - 23) Probably our most thrilling football battle of the year! Carbaugh accounted for sixteen of the “Yellow Jackets” points an d Horn ac¬ counted for seven. Driver was responsible for twelve of the “Rebels” points, Gibbs—two, Stickles—six, and Whitacre—two. In the dying sec¬ onds of the game with Stonewall trailing sixteen to twenty-three, Castle- man unleashed a beautiful spiraling pass to Stickles for a tally. The score then read: 22 to 23 in Strasburg’s favor. Gibbs, the “Rebels” conver¬ sion expert, attempted to kick the extra point, but failed, missing the up-rights by scant inches. Stonewall at Hedgesville.Nov. 10, 1944.Score (19 - 14) Gibb’s Day! Bobby Gibbs, “Rebels” right end was responsible for thirteen out of nineteen Stonewall points. He made an outstanding catch and a neat thirty yard run. Driver also plunged over for a tally. Plotner and Eversole did outstanding work for the West Virginians. Woodstock at Stonewall.Nov. 17, 1944.Score (45 - 12) Completely outclassed again, Woodstock did manage to get two touch¬ downs, one against the second team and the other against the third team. Lutz was responsible for both tallys. The “Rebels” rolled up a tremendous score with virtually every mem¬ ber of the first team scoring. Two members on the second team scored also. Driver accounted for twelve points, Carper—six, Armel—seven, Whitacre—two, Gibbs—six, Castleman—six, and Funkhouser—six. Berryville at Stonewall.Nov. 23, 1944.Score (20 - 26) Closely fought contest! Points attributed to: Stickles—six, Gibbs —eight, and Carper—six. Berryville’s White displayed unusual running- ability. He netted them twelve points. Bodenschatz tallied once as did Lloyd. A safety helped to give Berryville a commanding lead over the “Rebels.” Stonewall at Boyce.Nov. 29, 1944.Score (18 - 28) Smarting after their defeat by Berryville and eager to break the tie which existed between Boyce and ourselves, the “Rebels” journeyed to the Clark County school with grim determination to win their last game of the season. Driver and Carper were the spearheads o f attack in this game as in quite a few others. Driver accounted for six points and Carper for twelve. Longerbeam, spunky, shifty, quick thinking Boyce full back, was responsible for all of Boyce’s points except three. Thus Stonewall closed the football season with an excellent gridiron record. BASEBALL TEAM The Stonewall Baseball Team was organized in 1942 under the able direction of Coach B. R. Harper. The team became affiliated with the Frederick—Clarke Baseball League in that same year. Our entrance into the League increased the number of members to seven. Although Coach Harper had to start from “scratch” in organizing a team, he did a splendid job considering the fact that he had only a few experienced players. In 1942, 1943, and again in 1944, we weren’t able to secure many victories from the other members of the League, but in numerous instances we put up such “stiff” resistance and “scrappy” determination to win that it oftimes astonished our rivals. Nevertheless, in 1945, we shall again take to the field and we shall fight toward the goal of capturing the Star Trophy, which is awarded to the top team in the League. Rest assured that the Stonewall nine will live up to the inspiring word they have adopted as their nickname—the “Rebels.” Our team this year will be composed of eight first “stringers” from past years, who have had considerable experience in Baseball and two newcomers, who prom¬ ise to develop into worthwhile players. Those out for the team include: Infield—(1) Eugene Funkhouser—Veteran for three years and a regular last year. (2) James Hutton—Veteran for three years and a regular for three years; (3) Alfred Armel—-regular last year; (4) Lynn Carpenter—-veteran second “stringer” for two years; (6) Howard Carper—veteran second “stringer” for three years; (7) Bobby Lewis—second “stringer” last year; (8) Lewis Dorsey—second “stringer” last year; and (9) Hildren Blandford—substitute last year. Outfield—(1) Robert Gibbs—Veteran for three years and a regular for two years; (2) Bobby Driver—Veteran of three years and two years a regular: (3) Harold Lamp—Veteran for two years; (4) David Fahnestock—second “stringer” last year; (6) Jack Patton—second “stringer” for two years; and (7) Ronald Carper— a newcomer. Pitchers—(1) “Buddy” Castleman—Veteran for two years and regular last year; (2) Thomas Stickles—regular last year; and (3) Harold Dawson and (4) “Buddy” Miller—second “stringer” last year. Catchers—(1) Guy DeHaven—second “stringer” last year and (2) John Cole— a newcomer. Honor Roll Miss Lucille Jackson - -- -- -- -- -- - WAC James F. Huyett - -- -- -- -- -- -- Army Robert W. Smith - -- -- -- -- -- -- Army Neil Driver . ..Army Rudolph Hepner - -- -- -- -- -- -- Navy Roy Williams -.- - - - - Army Raymond Gibbs - -- -- - Navy Winifred Cooke. -------- Army Robert B. Clevenger, Jr. - -- -- -- -- -- Navy Miss Betty Jo Wright - -- --.WAC Leslie Pope .-------- - Army Charles Kerns - --.Navy William Lewis.Navy Charles DeHaven.- Army John Henry Gibbs, Jr. - -.Navy Harold Hensley - -- -- -- -.Navy Floyd Painter.- - - Army Murphy Leake.- Army Fenton Travers - -- -- --.Navy Austin Tusing - -- -- -- -- -- -- - Navy Hildren Blanford - -- -- -- -- -- - Navy James Hutton - -- -- -- -- -- -- - Navy George Russell -------------- Army Calendar 1944 September 7—School opening! Seniors in library with Juniors. 8—Regular classes started. 11— Blue Monday already. All girls have to be in shorts. 12— Typing room being built. Much noise and confusion. Mrs. Kersey can’t compete with Carpenter’s electric equipment. 13— Boys are issued new football uniforms. 14— Lucky day for Seniors. Juniors moved out and we have the whole library. 15— Annual Staff officers elected when class meeting was held. 18— Sponsor visited college that she formerly attended. 19— Eugene Funkhouser, the first senior to register for the draft. 29— Football game with Boyce. First meeting of Annual Staff. October 4—Tryouts for Dramatic Club Play. 6—Football Game—Strasburg and Stonewall. 13—Football Game—Woodstock and Stonewall. Stonewall Vic¬ tory. 11—Dancing lessons started. 20— Stonewall and Hedgesville—postponed until Monday. 23—Mr. Harper received his Master’s Degree. Seniors’ pictures taken. 27-—Square Dance sponsored by Monogram Club. Group pic¬ tures taken for annual. Football game between Stonewall and Berryville. 30— Faculty gives party to celebrate Mr. Harper’s Master’s Degree. Seniors invited to party. 31— Group pictures taken of grade school for annual. November 3—Football game. Strasburg and Stonewall. 10—Football game. Hedgesville and Stonewall. 17— “Take It Easy” presented by Dramatic Club. 29—Recreatio nal party for high school students. Thanks¬ giving Holiday. December 12- 13-14-15—Snow makes it impossible to get to school. 18— Start back to school. 21— Get out for Christmas holidays. All the rooms have party. Calendar 1945 January 2—Come back from holiday. 5—P. T. A. Meeting. Senior, namely Jimmie Hutton, makes speech on Demerit and Merit System. 31—First semester Exams. February 1, 2—First semester Exams. 2—Annual goes to press. 9—Basketball game at Boyce. Party at Berryville afterwards. 16—Basketball game at Boyce. Party given for us by Boyce. 14—Freshman Party with hearts decorating everything. 21— Monogram party. Boyce basketball team invited but bad weather prevented their coming. 22— Lynn registers. 23— Basketball game at Berryville. March 9—S. C. A. Convention in Front Royal. 23—Senior Play. “Sally Sallies Forth” presented. 30—Sophomore party. April 1—East er, but no holiday. April 13—P. T. A. Supper. April 26-—Rome, The Great Magician presents performance. May 5—Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. May 11 12—Representatives attend Virginia Literary and Atheltic League contests at Bridgewater College. June 1-6—Exams. June 3—Baccalaureate Sermon. Chaplain McApec from Newton D. Baker Hospital, gives sermon. June 7—Graduation. Address to graduates by Mr. Clay B. Carr, President of Clarke County School Board. For Unsurpassed Cider Vinegar USE Apple Pie Ridge MADE BY Shenandoah Valley Apple Cider And Vinegar Co. WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA J. H. CLAYTON 347 Amherst St. Winchester, Virginia Phone: Winchester, 3787 TIMBERLAKE’S DEPT. STORE LINENS - DRAPERIES DRY GOODS LADIES’ and GIRLS’ APPAREL 40 S. Loudoun St. Dial 6728 Samples Sent on Request Winchester, Virginia PINGLEY CARPER CLEANERS 31 E. Piccadilly Street Winchester, Virginia Dial 4611 WINCHESTER BUSINESS COLLEGE “THE SCHOOL OF SERVICE” 40 W. Boscawen Street Winchester, Virginia C. F. PRICKETT, President Dial 4701 MEN’S AND BOYS QUALITY CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS H. C. SHEETZ SON Winchester, Virginia THE TOP EGG, MILK, AND MEAT PRODUCTION Feed Purina Chows CHECKERBOARD FEED STORE 326 North Cameron St. Dial 5241 Winchester, Va. | THEL - BE BEAUTY SHOP THELMA BEAN Owner Operator SANITARY METHODS PERMANENT WAVE and HAIR STYLING A SPECIALTY 217 South Loudoun St. Phone 5203 Winchester, Va. “YOUR DOLLARS BUY MORE” AT THE WORKINGMAN’S STORE 133 N. Loudoun St. Winchester, Virginia READY-TO-WEAR CLOTHING FOR MEN AND BOYS McCormick-Deering Tractors and Implements Meyers Sprayers Water Systems SALES and SERVICE C. I. BRUMBACK SONS INCORPORATED FARM and ORCHARD SUPPLIES 309 - 315 N. Cameron St. Telephone 3632 Winchester, Virginia TO ASSURE A PROFIT USE QUALITY SUNSHINE POULTRY and HOG FEEDS FOR GOOD AND NUTRITIOUS BREAD—USE CRYSTAL FLOUR IT’E ENRICHED WINCHESTER MILLING CORPORATION Winchester, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF BOND BROTHERS ORCHARD AND FARM SUPPLIES COMPLIMENTS OF THE BELL CLOTHES STORES (WHERE YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD) Winchester Front Royal COMPLIMENTS OF MARGARET L. HODGSON HAT AND DRESS SHOP Winchester, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF B C BAKING COMPANY BAKERS OF VALLEY PRIDE BREAD MILLERS DRUG STORE 107 N. Loudoun St. “YOUR DRUGGIST SINCE 1764” RHODES DRUG COMPANY “PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS” COMPLIMENTS OF B. K. SMITH SERVICE STATION COMPLIMENTS OF SCHENCK CHEESE COMPANY GRAY EDDY HABERDASHERS ‘WHERE QUALITY IS A TRADITION” COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND B. S. POULTRY CO. WHOLESALE and RETAIL POULTRY COMPLIMENTS OF JAMES P. REARDON ★ READ THE WINCHESTER EVENING STAR DAILY FOR LOCAL AND WORLD NEWS ★ OMPS FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Winchester, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF “JOE THE MOTORISTS FRIEND” 101 North Loudoun St. Winchester, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF HENRY T. GOODE Winchester, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF J. W. GROVE FURNITURE CO. 125 South Loudoun St. Phone 6472 HODGSON BROWN JEWELERS AND REGISTERED OPTOMETRISTS 41 W. Boscawen St. — Dial 3231 — Headquarters for Trophies Exclusive Agents For STIEFF SILVER COMPLIMENTS OF CAMMER TIRE CO. SEIBERLING TIRES— HI-MILEAGE RECAPPING Valley Ave. and Braddock St. Phone 3553 “WHERE YOUR TIRE $$$ GO FURTHER” Phone 4169 MOLDEN’S ELECTRICAL CO. HOT POINT APPLIANCES 1 HOUSE WIRING and SUPPLIES 15 South Loudoun St. Winchester, Virginia FRED S. BOYD THE PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Cor. Main and Water Streets Winchester, Virginia DIAL 6082 FOR GAS, OIL, GROCERIES and FRESH MEATS A T STEPHENSON GROCERY MRS. R. H. CARPENTER PROPRIETOR “WE TURN A HOUSE INTO A HOME” WINCHESTER FURNITURE CO. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS Phone 6111 7 South Main Street WENDER’S WINCHESTER’S LARGEST AND MOST EXCLUSIVE STORE FOR WOMEN COMPLIMENTS OF JOHN D. GLOVER GULF OIL CORP. COMPLIMENTS OF WHITE PALACE RESTAURANT COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF DUNLOP TIRE and RUBBER CORP. COMPLIMENTS OF RAYLASS DEPARTMENT STORE “YOUR FAMILY STORE” COMPLIMENTS OK W. EARLE EDWARDS VIRGINIA | FEED MILLS SERVICE WITH A SMILE Phone 5626 JOHN W. SIEBERT CONTRACTED BUYERS FOR FAIRMONT CREAMERY CO. VANITY FAIR BEAUTY SALON 152 North Loudoun St. SPE CIALTY- HAIR CUTTING HAIR STYLING COLD WAVES MRS. EDITH RINKER SEED - FEED AND FERTILIZER WINCHESTER SEED COMPANY 228 North Cameron St. Winchester, Virginia NICHOLS COMPANY Insurance Adjusters Successfully representing the companies and their agents since 1921. “CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES” J. A. HOTINGER 105 N. Loudoun St. Telephone 5317 Winchester, Virginia MUTUAL INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS DUFF’S RECORD SHOP All The Latest Releases RECORDS Complete Line Of SHEET MUSIC BROOKS’ PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST THE REXALL STORE Norris “Exquisite” Candies + Fountain Service SERVICE WITH SATISFACTION Phone 6461 Winchester, Va. COMPLIMENTS OF MISS COCHRAN’S MUSIC CLASS COMPLIMENTS OF SNAPP FOUNDRY, Inc. FOUNDERS - MACHINISTS JOBBERS Winchester, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Have Your Tires RECAPPED and VULCANIZED At The VALLEY TIRE SERVICE Clearbrook,. Virginia B. R. PLACE Dial Winchester 5080 CHAPMAN MOTOR COMPANY Sales ★ Service CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH ALL KINDS OF USED CARS i Phone 3577 330 W. Roscawen Street Winchester, Va. THRIFT AUTO STORE AUTO SUPPLIES and SPORTING GOODS REINFORCED FOR RATIONED DRIVING SUNOCO OIL CARE FOR YOUR CAR FOR YOUR COUNTRY H. F. NELSON SERVICE STATION North Loudoun Street Extended Winchester, Va. BAKER’S DRUG STORE Opposite Court House 25 North Loudoun St. Let us till your next prescription. Two Registered Pharmacists on duty for your protection. Over 750,000 Prescriptions ON OUR FILES Winchester, Virginia MILLER ANDERSON PLUMBING HEATING APPLIANCES Winchester, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF THE PERSONNEL OF THE A P SUPER MARKET “Not the Best, But as Good as the Rest.” “HOME LIKE COOKING " BAKER’S RESTAURANT 109 W. Boscawen St. Winchester, Virginia UUNTSBERRYC 11 FASHION FOOTWEAR Winchester, Va. - Front Royal, Va. WATSON’S CASH GROCERY (Formally Largent’s) COMPLIMENTS OF FRESH VEGETABLES FRESH MEATS COUNTRY PRODUCE Winchester, Virginia A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF BAKER ANDERSON J. B. BYWATERS Winchester, Virginia SHERIFF KINNEYS COMPLIMENTS OF SHOE STORE Winchester, Virginia HARRY McCANN COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF GOLIGHTLY’S grocery Phone 108 Boyce, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF CRYSTAL CAFE COMPLIMENTS OF V. M. CLINE GENERAL MERCHANDISE Dial 6096 COMPLIMENTS OF BARR’S ORCHARD AND FARM SUPPLY CLEARBROOK j SERVICE STATION ICE CREAM, SODAS, SANDWICH ES LUNSFORD’S GROCERY GROCERIES - VEGETABLES FRUITS Phone 5727 N. Main St. Winchester, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND LEA BEAUTY SALON Specializing In HELENE CURTIS, COLD WAVE, and MACHINE and MACHINELESS PERMANENT WAVING ALL TYPES OF BEAUTY CULTURE Phone 4971 Winchester, Va. GEORGE W. KURTZ FURNITURE FUNERAL DIRECTOR Established 1868 Day Phone 3416 Night Phones 3148 5512 Winchester, Va. BAILEY BROTHERS GENERAL MERCHANDISE and Wholesalers of CANDIES AND CONFECTIONERIES A. C. OATES LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL Telephone 6414 Winchester, Va. L. A. CLARKE SON (INCORPORATED) Dealers In CROSS TIES, LUMBER, | AND PULPWOOD CURLY TOP BEAUTY SHOP 153 N. Loudoun St. A. B. RUSSELL, Prop. j “THE HOME OF BETTER VALUES” LEGGETT’S DEPT. STORE, Inc. Winchester, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF LEE WHITACRE JONES FUNERAL HOME Winchester, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF LUPTON ORCHARD SERVICE CO. Phone 3484 Winchester, Virginia FULL LINE OF Farm and Orchard Equipment COMPLIMENTS OF THE GENERAL TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE AND THE GIFT HOUSE 179-181 N. Loudoun St. Winchester, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF FRIENDS COMPLIMENTS OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA POWER COMPANY Winchester, Virginia EAT VALLEY PRIDE BREAD BAKED BY B. and C. BAKING COMPANY Winchester, Virginia FINE DAIRY PRODUCTS HALDEMAN j CREAMERY Winchester, Virginia JOHN S. SOLENBERGER AND COMPANY HARDWARE - MILL AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Winchester, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF 66 eheder 9 s Sited!© 27 Glaize Avenue WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA ★ Pieteres That Speak for Themselves 99 CAREER COURSES STRAYER offers business training on the college level. Graduates secure posi¬ tions as secretaries, accountants, and ex¬ ecutives. Special 8-week Summer Courses in Shorthand and Typewriting. B.C.S. degree conferred on graduates of Business Administration course major¬ ing in Accounting subjects and Business Law. SUMMER CLASSES— June 25 and July 9 FALL-TERM CLASSES— Sept. 10, 17, 18 Ask for Secretarial or Accounting Catalog STRAYER COLLEGE OF ACCOUNTANCY COLLEGE OF SECRETARIAL TRAINING 13th F, N. W., Washington 5, D. C. NA 1748 Compliments Of A FRIEND THE STAFF OF THE Stonewall Confederate Expresses Its Appreciation to the Business Firms which have made this publication possible. THE LIBRARY OF VIRGINIA 1000758561 ALDERMAN LIBRARY " eturn of this tr k is due on the date a J ■’ ' w

Suggestions in the Stonewall High School - Confederate Yearbook (Clearbrook, VA) collection:

Stonewall High School - Confederate Yearbook (Clearbrook, VA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Stonewall High School - Confederate Yearbook (Clearbrook, VA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Stonewall High School - Confederate Yearbook (Clearbrook, VA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Stonewall High School - Confederate Yearbook (Clearbrook, VA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 5

1945, pg 5

Stonewall High School - Confederate Yearbook (Clearbrook, VA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 48

1945, pg 48

Stonewall High School - Confederate Yearbook (Clearbrook, VA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 79

1945, pg 79

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