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I gZZZZ Y y y 2 A V y A 1 I 0 If E E R Published by STONEVII.LE HIGH SCHOOL Stoneville, N. C- 19 4 0 Vn m f m mf ; f f M u r 7zrm7777ft ■A A I i i d i vt ANNUAL STAFF First Row: Virginia Cox, Frances Joyce, Agnes Dunavant, Mary Jane King, Doris King., Elizabeth Newnam Virginia Clifton. Second Row: Doris Brov-n, Daisey Joyce, Elwell Joyce, Bessie Lester, Jane Simmons, Juanita Joyce. d Row : ietta Kallam, Alice Nelson, Mabel Martin e Kallam, Naomi Martin, Monnie Smith. Fou rth Row: Pruitt Martin, Kathleen Fagge, Margie Nancy Stanford, Rena Belle Snead. Fif th Ro w s Henry Nelson Violet Smith Pauline Price, Mrs. Lewis Hilda Lester. Sixth Row : MV L7 Simmons , Lloyd Simmons, Thomas Smith Thomas Barker. ANNUAL STAPi o c 9 j Editor-in-chief . . Assistant Editor . . . . . • Social and Literary Editor. » Asst. Social and Literary Ed Sports ' Editor ........ Aset. Sports Editor . . . . . Senior Editor . . . . . . . . Junior Editor ........ Sophomore Editor. ...... Freshman Editor ....... Agnes Dunavant .Bessie Lester Anyce Kallam Violet Smith . . Doris King .W. L. Simmons . . Rena Snead Mary Jane King o Pruitt Martin . Label BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Business Manag Asst. Business n ?n o] o . Pan. a in e Pric e . J uan 1 1 a Jo y c e , Vir g; in la C 1 i f to n CRAFT DEPARTMENT Pr o due tion Manag e r . Asst. Pr o du c t 1 on m an t Art Editor. .... Typist. ...... . .Frances Joyce Elizabeth Newriam . . Daisey Joyce . Nancy Stanford Asst. Typists Pic tur e Ed i t o r . . . . Asst. Ficture Editors Kathleen Pagge 5 Alice Nelson . . . . o . . . Naomi . Mar tin J « e M ime o gr a ph 0 p e r a tors As s emh 1 ing Commi ttee Henrietta Ka 1 ii m Thomas Barker, Henry Nelson, Thomas Srni til Doris Brown, Margie Smi th, Bonnie Smi th. El we 1 1 Jo y c e , H i 1 d a Lester, Fine Simmons STONEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Hen?. w. ' Brtoc ' VffiNC ' iVAL A1A ?5WAL (X XV|?CT?AU) H isTony MAtfC-AferS-LEuMS EN GrLisH 4nn£ m. 3u-i?ro ' J C ItN CE MELVA A). JOHNSON Ff?ElVcH 4 0 MATH UJyLMPt T?. FETJOUSOrJ ; Howe ECONOTWCS TJ?ED -8 DAVIS AG-fP CUCTU E HOfPTENSF H L0N COIvsn ETPCI HL PIONEER Z 7ZZ ZL£ZZZZZ ZZZ77Z7 ZZ2ZZZOT77 y yZZZZ 4 W— WWW wwyww p e - Jft- m ' jtrz » Mascots Gloria Sims Tommie Taylor Mary Frances Alley Thomas Barker Doris rowr Virginia Clifton Virginia Cox Agnes Dunavant Kathleen Fagge ' ames Grogan Daisey Joyce Frances Joyce Jaunita Joyce Sylvester Joyce Anyce £allam Henrietta Kallam Doris King Naomi Martin Alice Nelson Henry Nelson Floyd Kewnam Bulah Patterson Hampton Price Pauline Price Walter Sharpe VI. L. Simmons Margie Smith Monnie Smith Thomas Smith Violet Smith Rena Belle Snead Nancy Stanford Thomas Case (no Dicturi . Trni7TZ.77777ZZZZZZZZZZZmJZ2ZZLLJZZZZZ: z y-y r r SALUTATORIAN’ S ADDRESS Anycc Kalian Friends of the graduatin ' " class we v elcoree ' w V- you, wo arc truly ylad you aro interested en- ough to core to our proyrm. But ray address to-niyht is primarily to the seniors. The no s s aye is for thor. and I hone the thought I yivc then is a lasting one. Classmates, I wish to suyycst to you this thouyht, " Youth is not a tire of years. " Youth is a natter of the spirit,, of the nincl, and of the soul. It does not apply no roly to the body, rather it applies to that which lives within the body. In our exercises to-niyht wo have stepped back into the yesterdays when our randoarents and " " rcat " rr.ndsarcnts were oun in cars. Sene W W ♦ 1 W V of then nay be here toniyht. They are old in years, but the sixt " ,r car3 restin ' " unon then nay M r cr v V. 4. w have nothin;; to do with their youth, because youth is an attitude of the r.iind and heart. We can continually bo courageous and dariny, advent- urous and ready to take up the now in thouyht . We can r ' Q on boldin ' " to hi ' di ideals and buildiny castles, v o can retain our confidence in nankind and believe in the y od of human nature. In that respect v o can over be youny. Our hair na Tr turn to silver, our faces wrinkle fron years, our lips yrov; pale, and our foot falter, but we cen ever wonder at the ylory of the stars and love the beauty of sunset. Wo can keep ylowiny within us the eayorncss of a child for the joyous of life. If we look inward yt our own hearts and ninds, v o will realize that we have youth , and we need never lot it floe from us. Wo can always live up to our early ideals and dr cans . eair.t .uasnatos, let us raid . _ on ; sin " ' , if wo wish and rap we alee. s h-no eur hobbies . Let. us wale orx the dawn of cv.r u o.ap tind n r kc it count for s nothin;;. Sorodap we will no doubt hobble off in a warn corner and null a blanket ever our achin and there rest our old ;;cars. But never let us ;;,ivc up pouth. Let us alwaps throw off doubt ana, nor— T ' r and despondenep, cpnicisn and pose inisr . Let us ronor.bc-r c las snakes, that pouth is the natter the nincl. Man 7 we alwr r oun ' SALUTATORIAN » S ADDRESS Doris Kinp Patrons and friends , we are happp that peu have cano tonipht to our praduatinp exorcises. To us this is a pront occasion because- for four Ion 7 ” TT cars we have been studious Ip nindful that this tine would cone. The kinps and queens of the past have sat on their ease and luxurp and made others scrv then. You have read in pour histories how for hundreds of pears the kirns of tno past ro.lcQ their subicctc and how revolutions none bcoxi foupht, thrones upset, nations turn d into tur- poil and blood shoe! to overthrow the newer of kirns who wished to nt ike- others serve then. The kinps of the past did not serve the world. Thep were not preat educators; thep were net doctors, scientists, inventors, :r rcli i-us leaders. And wo couldn’t see ' truth- full thep were peed law makers. The kinps cf the nast cortainlp did net serve Lui --it „ • But the kinps of the futur .. will oo tno so w hc do the- world ' s work and serve ethers. In our dcnccratic countrp wo h:nor the ran wne works with his hands and uses his brains. would olacc hiph on a thron n who haV ' of our countrp- . o o r f o rnc d pr o at services Such s c rvar.t s a z : Th jv a s A , Ed i inventor; Burbank, tin. plant wiz Harm, one outstanding founder -.f re !ur OUQlXC 31 the or i ' Ait Troth sen r s o f the a i ro 1 anc ; :r arc. ro- ll lc Clara Barton, I ' jU aor Jai nc c- •- Y thOUS : tiers in life air. li thr cial - r kc r ■ their own r i ; ,h t tc , but their sol serve others. The " desired Friends, wo are bein ' - ' ' r a dun tod fro r this » v i V.- ' niyh school, and we have ur own nark to neke in the world. There is sore tiling for each of us to do. The country in which we live k nor 3 • the ran who works and achieves. His hands ray be rou.dh, his bod;; nar be bent; but if his work is honest, and he serves hunanit l ran. Our count r as lauch as a nan who uses his braii: and yivc sonethiny worthwhile in the war a noble picture, an inspiring t fortin word. mors the ; to the world of a " ood book. OFO’ So the nenbers cf this class would be kinys cf the future. We can ' t all be inventors or pioneers in so. ' c field, thus rakin yrcat for ourselves, but we can serve hunanit " . We can set out doin ' " our individual W V J tasks nyrooably Wo can be useful Elbert Hubbard in his notebook says, " The onl " riAit That any nan should have Is the riyht to be decent-- That is-- To be ayrccablc and useful.” And n iv as we, the seniors of the class of 1940, yroct you and we 1 c me you to our exercise wo plead with y u to help us in the years to cone as we rainy lo with you to be ayrceable and useful. Wo would be kinys of the future; wo would be kinys in the fields of endeavor, hav- iny as our yroat yoal, " service. 11 ■ VALEDICTORIAN’S ADDRESS FRANCES JOYCE Ladies and Gentlemen, Patrons and friends, through time honored custom it becomes my duty and privilege to say farewell. To me farewell has come to mean protracted absence, so I wish to use a French phrase instead and say--Au re voir --good-bye until tomorrow. We are not going away True we shall some of us be going to other places and maybe to distant parts of the world as duty calls but after we shall be out there with you in the business and social world soon as a member of your own ranks. So instead of farewell just--Au revoir--until we have, made our mark and taken up our places a- mong you--as citizens and patrons of some school Classmates, let us resolve anew, amid these happy scenes, to fare forth bravely and so live that wo may bo proud of each other and that Stoneville High may be proud of the whole Senior Class. Let us be patriotic. The young people of today hold in thoir hands the future of our country. There is a crying need for men and women who are willing to sacrifice the selfish desire for the good of their community and followmen It needs citizens who live up to the golden rule seven days in the week; who lift a helping hand to the other fellow. Let us pay our debt to our school by years of nobl living • Then here ' s a smile for the future And for our parting, a sighJ Here ' s a God speed and bon voyage. And to all a fond good-bye. iSSIQfi VALEDICTORIAN’S ADDE NANCY STANFORD Parents and. friends, It is with joy ming- led with sorrow that I make these last few re- marks. My heart is full and running over as I know yours must be. All of us Seniors are so happy that we have reached our goal of grad- uation. We have worked hard and long for this night, and it is great to achieve a distant and different goal set out to conquer. Yet there is a little choke In my throat as I bid you farewell. We Seniors want to bo up and away, and yet we wish we could linger on a- while. But tho time has come when wo must lor.rn to fly for ourselves, and like tho mother bird pushes her young from a limb to make them tost thoir wings so we are being pushed from High School tonight, to make way for next year ' s hatch of birdlings. Thanks to everybody for all you have done, parents, teachers, and loyal friends of this school. And we pledge ourselves rou have made to hold high the torch of idealism j possible by your Lcriiicos on our f, To the shortest path and the lane there inevitable comes an end; " change brines sad word--f are well , fare j half CLASS POEM be come so roily h • • r o Lit h n a p e y thoughts in Thou. ah 1 " iny all too After this ee scon F ho. list s eo a i ,o oaths Le 1 heart, fiat Each climb a different hill; For come the way " ' ill mgc.ed be, For others calm and still. But nor our hearts beat as one, In this lovely garden snot-, hr, backward wo turn sirty years To times almost forgot. Backward we stop into yesterday for an hour, s o u t h o r n b o w e r . not r ' ii ' r ht toll of f t rua ole s , o ]•= -■ ' QV ' r s bf! Y d ? seat strenath of character TO cliorm y T ' v T n ■{“ h quoin In this ro rri’ •] s FDOt 1 Of fear ann And sf the Of men •- nd Le t 1 s cro f To keen ou o rn vo 1 " ; Our youthful dr ams of beany great, Ou r i cl 3 a 1 s f r o s h a nd new. Let ' s never doubt nor ive ray to fear. But live triumphantly and over find Beauty, courage nd faithfulness As o o mingle ,,; ith mankind. L e t ' s t r } asn r e f o r ever t h e d a y s r o n e b 3 T , Those gracious days at 0 tone vi lie High, 2ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZHZZZZZZZ ZZ2 ZZZ yy 7 ' ITT ' TTYY ' T ynrjTirp . SENIOR SUPERLATIVE Best looking boy. . Prettiest girl. . . Cutest girl . . . . Cutest boy Mo s t s o phi s t i c a t e d Most courteous girl Most courteous boy Wittiest boy. . . Wittiest girl . • Mo s t dr amp. tic girl Mo s t dr an a t i c bo y Neatest girl. . . Neatest boy . . . Most conceited girl Most conceited boy Most studious girl Most studious boy Mo s t mus i c a 1 girl Most musical boy. Most popular girl Mo s t po pul ar b o y . Most talkative girl Mo s t talkative boy. Best all-round girl Best all-round boys girl Quietest. . . • » Laz lest o « • • Smartest, o • . . Noisiest. . . . . Best dressed girl Best dressed boy. Mo s t carefree girl. . o . . Mo s t carefree boy . . • . • Mo s t congenial .... « 9 O Most dependable girl. • « • M o s t dependable boy . 0 . . Mo 3 t dignified. . . . • . . Best Sport. ..... C 0 . Mo s t talented girl. . © . 0 Mo s t talented boy . . • 0 • Mo s t school spirited. o a 9 Mo s - intellectual . . o . 0 Best girl athlete . . e o © Best bov athlete. . • 0 6 © Price King •Sylvester Joyce Henr i e t la Ka 1 o . Doris King •W. L. Simmons . Paul ine Pr 1 c c . Naomi iu ar tin • Thomas Barker .Walter Sharpe Virginia Clifton . Violet Smith .Hampton rice •Frances Joyce oW. L. Simmons Nancy Stanford .Walter Sharpe . Anyce Kallam -Thomas Barker . Violet Smith . .Thomas Case . . Doris K . W alt e r Sharp e » o Doris K . Thomas Smith . . . Doris King . Ham p t o n Pr i c e f Thomas Barker Virginia Clifton . ' Walter Sharpe Nancy Stanford . Naomi Martin . Thoma s B ark er « Pauline . . Doris . Violet Smith .Walter Sharpe . Anyce Kail aim • Anyce Kali am Na n c y St en ford .W. L. Simmons . Virginia Cox .Walter Sharpe .Frances Joyce . Thomas Smith . J ua n i t a Joyce- . Walter Sharpe 2ZZZZ2zn22zzznzzznzL Tig’ NTH GRADE First Ron Virginia Price, Nor Stron Taylor, Orene Clou coy Alley, Elaine Hall, Shirley Tomes, Kathrinc Montgomery, Lena Gann. Second Ron: Helen Plaster, Mary Jane King, Elwell Joyce, Pauline Smith, Mrs. Burton, Bessie Lester, Elizabeth Newnam. Third Row ; Polly Joyce, Frances Brown, Irene Thomas, Margaret Wooten, Virginia Rake straw, Frances Comer, Grade Cardwell, Ruth Pratt. Fourth Row ; Eunice Simmons, Naomi Young, Edith Belton, Cubic Bro’in, Nancy Smith, Hilda Coleman, Rece Price. Fif th Row ; Paul Martin, Wilbur Hall, Clyde Claybrook, Herbert Dev , Powell Doyle, James Gregory. Sixth Row: Marion Claybrook. 7I2723TZnZZZZZZZZIZZZZZZZZ22ZZZZZZL JULIO 1 -. CL Ah A o idhuc Dv X X pro s id on t. - .PI ell over resident - Vir.s ini: .Secret -.ry - Francos Brown Tre r Gurer — So ' -ssia Los ter The Junior class one hod ° party end woiner roa c ;t this yo or • doth ,.ro on joyed by all who attended . The Junior-Senior banquet was the most im- portant event of the y,ar. It res held .at the Jefferson hoof Carden, Greensboro, ITorth Carolina, larch 29, 1940. The theme, which ' ' as April Ihorers , •wae carried out throughout the evening. the Junior cl ; vs sold so ds , sponsored two hi! i-bill o onra ao , sold masra? ino s an d qV: onso’ |n Gd a babv contest to rais j funds for the Junior- banqu et hi 1 X 0 ii. v.W . ZZZZ7ZZZZZZZZ •II ITT H C- Flrst Row; Buck Smith, Margaret Grogan, Nancy Robert Olivia Beasley, Annie Crews, Hilda Lester Nancy Webster, Pruitt Martin. Second Row Moselle Joyce, Frances Claybrook, Gray Joyce, Louise Smith, Mabel Brown, Desser Mae Oakley, Fred Irving Third Row; John Price, Moyer Martin, Mary Jane Joyce, Miss Johnson, Dorothy Lancaster, Tommy Kina, Pen Sim, Fourth Low: Joe Joyce Jr., J Beaulah McDonald Price . se T Vat ling ton, Fletcher Cardwell Jimmie Hall, David Case, Paul Fifth Row Fitzulee Kallam, Henry Smith Robert " on, Frank Montgomery Annie F p o nlly Nelson Lol nith Fourth Pot?? Thomas Tumi hob stop Hundley, Rufus Fray, Edwrrd Cox, Paul Gregory. Fifth. Povy Jrrnm From, Billy T. ark- r. Hiss F r ron, ’ T r. McGrow , J ohn :io " r . r :1 T r .vi s , R o ran n Join a s . Fix tli Rov;: Junior Hull ins , Loyd 1 .im)ns , Jack Lo is ♦ J GIRLS BaSKETBALI GLUT! First Row; Raney W abater-, Doris King, Fancy Stanford (Captain), Carrie Far Frye, Hilda Lester. Second Row: Orene Strong, Frances Brown, Frances Corner, Bessie Lester. Third Row : Claucey Alley, Folly Joyce, Edith Bolton, Pauline Price. Fourth Row: ¥ i s s Melton, i--r . iW cCr aw • BOYS BASKET-BALL CLUB First Row ; Wilbur Hall, Cecil Frye, Loyd Sim- mons, Tommy King, W. L. Simmons a Sec ond Row ; Jimmie Hall, Thomas Case, Fletcher Cardwell, Henry Smith. Third Row : Mr. Me Craw, Malcolm Grogan, Frank Montgomery. L -mm 8P0RT3 REPORT .This is ' list of the ' -am -3 3 for 1939-40 p.nd t ho i r s c o r o s . SILLS The " iris played 07 •-» a no tied one . on 19 and 7 ton 3 V 1 1 1 0 £6 hayed an 24 o tone villa 20 Hayodnn ) 20 7 tone villa 71 Bethany 15 Stoneville o O Bethany 9 St one villa 38 Ruffin 11 St one vi lie Madison 12 St one vi lie 24 I oidsvillG 22 St onevi lie 44 Ruf fin 10 Stoneville 4G T o wn l o aai 11 St onevi lie 26 SurriTiO afield 17 St one vil lo IS Leaksville 18 S tone vi lie 28 Pine hall 27 Stoneville 49 had i s on 17 St onevi lie 36 Sum. : 3 afield 26 Stonevil le O O ' Stokes dale 23 S t one v i 1 1 e 35 Leaks vil le o O Stoneville 2S Be th any 15 Stoneville T ry Mayo dan 21 Stonevil le- 1-3 Re ids vil 1 ? 11 st onevi lie 29 Old Torn 7 Boys The boys p layed 25 panes, aon 10 and Stonev lie 29 Sandy hi dye 15 Stoneville 22 Sandy Rid ye 21 St onevi lire 20 Mayo dan 19 Stone vi lie 36 Be thany 29 stoneville 50 Madison 22 Stoneville 27 Surnmorf ield 14 Stoneville 36 Summer f i o Id 21 Stoneville 52 Courtney 13 St onevi lie 26 Mayod an 25 Stoneville 30 Staley 27 AGRICULTURE CLASS First Roy ' ; Charlie Cardv;cll, Thomas Tuggle, Pruitt Martin, Elroy Joyce, Fred Irving, Webster Hundly, John Price, M. A. Chaw, Robert Irving. Second Row : Paul Price, Wilbur Hall, Paul Martin, Thomas Barker, Billy Barker, Joe Joyce, Jr., Ben Sims. Third Row Norman Joincs, Hampton Price, Moyer Fred Davis, Mr. Raymond Souther Recc Price. T. T c 1-i . Noble rtin, Mr. Tuggle, Fourth Ro xi j John Howard Travis, Henry Nelson, ‘ alter Sharpe, Powell Doyle, Mr. Johnson Marlow, Herbert D Junior Bullins. Fifth Row : William Robertson, Thomas Smith, Marion Clay- brook, Malcolm Grogan, Henry Smith, Fitzulee Kallam Sixth Row: William Gann, J oyce • Jr., Fletcher Cardwell, Sylvester CLUB First Row; Elizabeth ilewnam Arnes Dunavn. Joyce , Violet Smith, Doris Kin Joyce. Second Row; Herbert Dev Mary Jane L h it bur Third Row : Anyce Kali Mrs. Lewis . 5 1 an c y S ton ford Rena Bel ' s Snead . . Anyc e lv a 11am . Frances Joyce Rona Belle Snead •Apnes Dunn vent President. . . Vice-president Secretary. . . Treasurer. . . GIRLS GLEE CLUB First Row ; Doris King, Francos Joyce, Hilda Loster, Olivia Beasley, Annie Crows, Mildred Brown. Second Row : Frances Brown, Grade Cardwell, Pauline Joyce, Raney Stanford, Raney Webster. Third Row ; Agnes Dunnvant, Mabel Martin, Francos Comer, Polly Joyce, Mary Frances Stone, Henrietta Kali am. Fourth Row ; Ilonnie Smith, Mary Jan: King, Bessie Lester, Naomi Martin, Helen Plaster. Fifth Row ; Alice Nelson , Violet Smith, Miss Inez Shuford, Rena Bello Snead, Christine Smith, Anyco Kail am. NEWSPAPER STAFF First 71 o » Buck Smith, Elizabeth Newnam, fancer. Joyce Frances ;:i?-ybrcok, Alice Nelson,, Nancy V ebgter , Boris Hire , Virginia Clifton, Joljn Price. Second Row: Ruth Pratt, Kathrine Mont ropery, Mary Jane King, Claucey Alley, Bee si 3 Lost ' -r, Anyco Kr 11am, Jr unit- Joyce , Shirley Tories . Third Roy t ; Pruitt Aar tin, Hilda Lector, Dorothy Inncastrr, Cracio Oar dwell , Hrr . T L avals , Bona Bello Snead, Elaine Liar tin, Blaine Hall. Fourth Roy » . Violet Sni t h , Paulino ' Price, Elwe.ll Joyce, Pauline Smith, Nancy Stanford, Edith Bolton, Fred Irvine. Fifth Row: Wilbur Hall, Paul Martin, Marion Ole.ybrook, Clyde Claybrook, " A L« Simmons , Mr. Brock ' ■ : ■ si . ■■■ • ' ■■ • TYPING CL Ruth Brock Second Row ; Ruth Pratt, Elizabeth Newnam, Mary Jane King, Dorothy Robertson, Juanita Joyce, Claucy Alloy. Third Row; Alice Nelson, Elwell Joyce, Virginia Raines tra--, Gracic Cardwell, Ruby Los tor, Dnisoy Joyce. Fourth Row; Paulino Price, Nancy Stanford, Miss Hortonso Long, Mrs. 3. V . Brock, Mrs. C. 0. Smith, Kathleen Faggc. Flf th Row ; Junior Gann, Francos Pri Unman, Edith Bolton, Mrs. J. F. Fulp, Thomas Smith, Floyd Newnam. r at FACULTY First Row: Miss Thompson, Miss Ballard, Miss Melton, Miss Miller, Miss Holt. Second Row : Mrs. Frye, Miss Liles, Miss Tatum, Miss Bland, Mr s . Tiio r n t on , Mrs. Ve r no n 0 Third Row : Mrs. F: anklin,Miss Merritt, Mrs. Smith, Miss Shuford, Miss Ward. Lurth Row . ■ SEVENTH GRADES First Row; James Carter , Charles Martin, Joe Joyce, Clar- ence Oakley. Second Row: Estelle Durham, Jane Snead, Me lens Shively, Virginia Smith, Frances Page, Mildred Martin, Fable Case. Third Row : Herman Scott, Thelma Newnaru, Frances Manuel, Emma Carter, Ru th L on don, ?• ia 10 r.ret Roma n 3 , Henry Lee C omo r . F01 iiEHThiorw- Ruth Shelton, Kathleen Wise, ' Mss .Tatum, Miss Joyce, Eunice Smith. Fifth Row: Howard Joyce, Harvey Glenn, Iva Dell Martin, Helen Brands, Edna Carter, Irene Hy_, tt, Jimmie Ledbetter, Davie ' -a son, Elmer Cox. •777777777 77777777I7IXZ. u LI I ■!!■- 7 yyy72I27T7777T7Z7ZZZ72ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Fifth Row: BOYS GLEE CLUB First R ow : L. J. Richardson, William Plaster, James Brown, Elroy Joyce, Boyd Barnes, Paul Gregory, John Price, William Price Second Row : Paul Price, Hampton Price, Tho- mas Barker, Henry Nelson, Frank Montgomery, Edward Cox, Reece Price. Third Row : Moyer Martin, Charles Joyce John Howard Travis, Miss Shuford, Sylvester Joyce, Tommy King, Jimmie Hall. Fourth Row : Paul Martin, W. L. Simmons, Jack Lewis, Walter Sharpe, Clyde Clayhrooks, Powell Doyle, David Case. Junior Bull ins, James Grogan, Thomas Smith, Fletcher Cardwell, James Gregory. ' zzzzziiizni zzizazizzmnzzzzizizazmizzmzi LizL 2 U m . ■ m rT U S ' ,, . i .y _r , , r 3 ( b } 0 " yfbb) I . i n W (T © H © fl ) B A tL Q£WID Tlhlt IhCDMlE b(E (DO (DID HEmSWDllLti ■Aj K r - ; - r -a v ' ,1 r: ' r ... v ' S ©C ' -5{ ' ' • ' r ry rx -i ) t ryMJDj D- ‘ ©_ -4 ev. ;4?3 r i_jy ' Zazzzzz2zmz2mzLzzzz2zzzzzznzz zn z2izzmm Z0 ■w gf 4 wA tyi- w In • ‘ A ‘ ' A -: r ' f i . ' ' ■ • A ■ i! V Li 03 . Vti Ch V v s J 1 ] 43 v -33 fivfvS J ' ■•■•a M ' s ■ - • ■ vl. ' % W- ‘VC " ' A ,: ■. r-‘ ' .if ' y ' O v: - ;vr : • " -, v .1. ’. v ■ LULLUIIIZ A i 1 ms ftl$£)j§ ! K}9 lT} o § c mc4m ' $ @m@(E m % gom . f AG IN T 5 h OR Rp 0 i 05 _ TR i G 1 D B l ft £ S a DM TAG DASHERS c 5£ £ u $ Ea ? RMyrHiNG- in this UnE t j; a £_ Sits ... j . v plRWm ' S TTTtRWSTl mif) 4 SlP fSOWs IN . C. ipovj tie 4 30 TwoiNlt dT s nib w t % m a m it bi hit iPl sm aw A e mis j m om if RGstpITRTJTYs ' or A7 ?. CLARENCE stone Rlpresentatime of nor th. Caroline (bovi viK oo co e i o on bootup or Coco SO nip, BoTmanN To, NATOM T a v, C, IhI ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ2 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ2ZL ZZ d,J- it 1 370 0 P 3 9 uzzzzzzzrmzzzzzzzzLL VZZ2ZZri7nZ77JZ2I2J2ZZZ7ZL O -T r.jlRlSTJMjlR 0V l fo-ar m: st %, ms v sjf i 0 mvK Msu ?: tu m[NV 0 N 7IRL QB VPjIL s T TO E Si.-? mmcwmG % jfmmihfM savucz mivm ibmms Hsms y a min, v. r. Ui AHiy MAWM? my cimmm GojMtt m g-dw Qmmiiy C f’O JJLi £A RS rj iu w (US HID C AIRS HI $£ It JFfftF K 1F[BS TTHlR _ JJ )Y d)S IDnliL nfRIb 0 R )Wo SM7TTD- 0 ' S 2 .S. W7© ?S.j TP a O TV F j C ) ' 3 ?} n n u u O O ... ' • ■ 1 ■ • A -- •• " - . . . Va.YJ. r 7 r, FOR E A RS ooo 9 1-1 WA i MILTON BRADLEY CO SPRINGFIELD, MASS. DISTRIBUTORS Boston New York Chicago Philadelphia Atlanta San Francisco Hoover Bros. Inc., Kansas City, Mo. S v ’ m " SBk CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF 1940 UNDER GRADUATES SUPERINTENDENT PRINCIPAL AND TEACHERS We feel sure that the coopera- tion of the Inter-Collegiate Press has enabled you to enjoy a betterYear Book than would Otherwise have been possible. HOOVER BROTHERS, Inc KANSAS CITY, MO. Distributors for MILTON BRADLEY COMPANY SPRINGFIELD, MASS. SENIORS of 1940 Do You Know that you can purchase a very appro- priate gift for your school — a gift that will perpetuate the memory of the class of ’40 for as little as $3.60? Our “School Gift Service ' ' catalog contains pictures and full descriptions with prices on more than 300 items which have been se- lected for their suitability as class gifts and which you can purchase at a saving at prices ranging from $1.50 up. Write for Free Catalog Today You will be pleased with the up-to- date suggestions offered thru this service. I. C. P. SCHOOL GIFT SERVICE 615 Wyandotte Street Kansas City, Missouri I 7777777J . . — — s

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Stoneville High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Stoneville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Stoneville High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Stoneville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Stoneville High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Stoneville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Stoneville High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Stoneville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Stoneville High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Stoneville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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