Stoneleigh Prospect Hill School - Liber Anni Yearbook (Greenfield, MA)

 - Class of 1956

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Stoneleigh Prospect Hill School - Liber Anni Yearbook (Greenfield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1956 volume:

1. 5 6 2, fi i g, V35 .-vl""""f Ag Q SUSAN M OTTO Pelham Manor New York 555 Pelham Manor Road VLVLL 13,5 - . Vaflffvtz, A 4657 , 110 gjlfld wifi Jfff"Lte!lj17 A , , - 'X VL f JVLL I jab L ULA4' LMZLf 04 01 W O fi ,MW JJ W w My aft! af M L W ,VL f fzlf , ,, ,. 'f U 700' X fi, ip? L 'ZCWZJ .xffwc Jza0!',cj,,w'1 JL 4 460 JPN!" uf 411 fd 1,1 W ffl V VJ I Ja V U-4 , A !1,4!fU M, Dayliyblfu fu- ' .00 L M71 1,f?7L7 0716 .Z Djblfztlqkv Maw ngbwvywa Mgt u1,1,,,LI, ' . ' . J' 01 ' "4 ,L " W' Li1V'!'tfw0WV, 55314 I ,wb ww M0114 MLWLLLJZM L J' if gm ML iw gwfb W ,WV g,ffzZu+f,w2fL LJ, pil- 0711, VI,-,vb u9y11VJ!LlJ6LL ,bel AVL wffw f W,,L42CQzWwU ' 7 , . 7 ,M !,Mj W fjjgzfggvgitbuibbi L ,Q , ' WU WW fain Jia! 514-J4Wia,"jL 056121 ilw27L4,'L'f4fgZZZf'g5L of www JW LL ff M 0 ij! J'J0fZ,ZUJ if,by119U::f 4 . . bp, but 0 K W MJ.. ub'lqL ,ajiojyyoj 0 W JJL Lpdbofftufjp WW KM M' W.Jf, Z ! X LV , 'LU 71 , TZLMWLWVMWZ ajL"fWLZ!Z qc vufmwfffl' aff 1 A CWA!!-f JJuMjL'1 .0,u'05Ll 1 VMWM 0, ' - g STONELEIGH PROSPECT HILL SCHOOL GREENFIELD, MASS. MARGARET LEES EMERSON WITH DEEPEST RESPECT AND ADMIRATION We are dedicating "our book" to one who has guided us with interest and understandingg to one who lends an open ear readily and knows when it is most neededg to one who offers inspiration and advice With- out hesitation. Her unfailing knowledge of human nature, gives us the confidence necessary to step into this uncertain world of today. Therefore, we give this book with pride, never-ending love to . . . MRS. "E," 3 x . -if ,' w. 45,,,aw X' . . i'. X," k 5 A, -- . , T ., M. ,f'WLmi,i,,,,.m gg' , HW' 4 ' -'f'f.,'::11-4-+1' g -fq. : -Af--' if-" .A "' ' ,f ., ,t J, A,.." ,,,.-,,,...- U A I4 A 4 'f I,fw:""' A +3 X' I 1' 3- w ff' 4 ' 1. W Af", f G .24 ww- NA. we' 1 , ,ya .-,.o4" 1,14-"" 1 Nm 1 A P, M .nf 4 ,fs nf' ,Q , " ,,,., M P. Qs- .d 'S I L., A. . , 9. , , 1, , ,. M 0 , F I W A M ., " ' f f .L , I I 4 , ,. A ' . 1 ' 0 W HK .. u f U i . . 'H I 'if xt fu i V ,. Wu 2 , ' f' L , f .Q-, b K -y ,A - . x ' f P . ak I ' ., . x an V, !,+.f.'--N-M - N gn-bw. v,x.,.5iw , ' Q J, ,A , I l . v ,.,,- 6 . .5 -,V -'-1 '- 1'--H 1: - ' 'v-' -t -x, ' H iv. -:1,x"' -':'- vw 1 -'f1'.':'.'-.LH --,-r-...x.'.'y--W" C ' 1 'Q N5 .1 'f' ""1,-',-3-.":1'vf ""'l-'Nr "Vr'1'f"!.'NY41'.:EL' lJ'J1:A"f'f Stiff-2.5, gl-J fff wji QQ: yff 3,4-,wggigai-F Q 113,-, 315232 5-:Elf-222255 SQQQAEEQ QL :g',i1 'Qqgk I jgfi z fqyj 321153 yfilfpf-,fl',1.-J1-ff,:.,""-E..f"J,','!12'.':,lw1,'ff4QJ,?TL.-5:,-,Cn.-' J5'g,1-X-1-2f'.','-X'.1!'fC'fL.:4:,gj-wil?-,J,-fgq,c'4-,:5'.fQ'.i,j-'-1f'lf9f: ,Z :2T'1J'..,v,',Q11,q',-sf-v-JI-r'5 4 'J-xg. -g?.L2y- .'S'Xl-'xgv .-.flfssvif . -' -': -'. - -. .--- - .V 'f - - :.,- . 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JQL. dv.-.' .1- -P'-J,-' - ,-44, .vi 1, . 4. y-1"J..-..v1 -.2 x - -L N X--MU1' ,. M-'f"'A M v-K . .qu-- , .- ,Q0.v.'1,g1u-f Jw-.fgp 1 '.1- -4, H. n L, ,A . :xr 'vfnx-g-Q'..Zgh',xj.,".,-' 1'--f..-.1-'x'.4--1,-0-, lltif' f 7Uf'f.v+-411.-Lg.-'f,gx-N... .Zn r,..v ,:'g-fidf f M .,4'b,",'l-P-J. Ni'.A,.,w1 L21 ,-15,-c, mv.-, A,.,xlK'v.15q,,x 1.r'w,bgSn,,f"-4-,L7-'Z--LK.J,g','v--Anti ',.-.,,1,s,'-a-.,.- 3,0 -gx,.,,",'.,,n .yu gg -,jfs 'lg 021,71 4---Q-.,u fw-,.:G,, -un--I. f.','Ji,, 7,,,ggw4 Mita, , try.y.1,rLl.,,m-,-J '1'k',-4.1 :f'..,1-M4 1-, ,Typfk -tx .N,.'f ,V .-.-',- --.,,.,-g-'sf S 1-,-, .-,.1u,x- 1 ,-.'- +..-glljf-f"j',,1,'L, y., ,-1',Xv.l,',-..Q1LN: ,fu , -sy,,.fJ-.--x,j-J--'5.,l-,,.bkesy'Q.L is-5.1. .HJ . tyvf, -..g,M- S,-L.fh,, 10550,-nq..f.'g::J, wv'. 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Miss HELEN BRAINARD Oberlin BM Jiulliard Graduate School Dedicated to the Piano . . . pleasant manner . . . weekly concerts . . . competent teacher . . . aversion to long fingernails and excessive jewelry. . Mics. CHARLES PRICE DEEMs Bryn Mawr AB Ilousemother . . inspiring . . . mourns dusty rooms . . . gracious . . . after dinner coffees . . . NX MRS HENRY SEELYE EMERSON Smith AB Columbia MA M athcmatics and Science . . . early morning coffee klatch . . . delightful cook and hostess . . . family traditions . . . John . . . Amherst. 57 3 I 2 - MRS. ARNOLD GOODYEAR Riding . . . attractive . . . competent . . . well- mannered . . . promotes activities . . . neatly dressed Judy MRS. JAMES GARDNER Studied in London, Parisg A.R.C.A. Painting and Sketching . . . sparkling British wit . . . .,,l',-- We . V l 1 willing helper . . . full of ideas . . . murals. .Suri MRS. MADOLYN A. HEALD Middlebluy AB French and Spanish . . . typical New England . . . Debbie . . . passe compose . . . "Now, let's get to work!" . . . chapel pianistLLu,,4 ,J I f -1 ,rf 5 Lu 1.1 JJ-I tj' L A EJ V ' f ' A . K , U n'f '-1? I xx! K ' MR. JAMES GARDNER Eflicxency Decoration fl 1 ld Associate of the Royal College of Art, Londong N J U f' if The Institute of South African Architects. I I 'wr IJ ' Sculpture . . . subtle humor with a stiff British 41 1 ' - I. 1 H ,ff ,, ,f ,J 'JV ' 9 ff' accent . . . tales of South Africa . . . friendly . . . interesting talks that hold our attention. -,,,.-- ,jk 1 ., -5 1 -...f DR. Rxcrmnn KNOWLES Harvard1kB, LLB, Ph.D Latin, French, and Spanish . . . tennis . . . active . . . knows "practically EVERYBODY!" . . . willing and friendly . . . perfect gentleman . . . anxious to help . . . anti time-wasting. Mas. LEO LACAILLADE McIntosh Business Collegeg Boston University Secretarial Subjects . . . Business and Sub-Freshmen Math . . . nimble fingers . . . conservative . . . re- served-gives opinion only when asked . . . good natured. Mas. MADELEINE M. MCFEE Chicago Univer- sityg University of Mass. English, Vocabulary, Homemaking, Infirmary . . . tea room . . . lively . . . sympathetic . . . willing companion . . . world traveler . . . Burnham-by-the Sea...Greece...Bermuda Mas. V. W1Ns1.ow MAT!-usws Brillantmont and Dalcroze Institute, Switzerlandg Sorbonne University, Paris Housemother . . . Dispensary . . . ardent Vermont fan . . . warm and understanding . . . eloquent French tutor . . . Mimi. 10 Miss HENRIETTE OTTEs1-JN Mensendieck In- stitute Mas. Esnmn NORRIS Smith AB Vmbe, Glee Club . . . terrific timbre . . . weekly entertainment . . . pleasant . . . twinkle in her eye . . . "knows which way the wind blows." Mas. ROBERT DAVIS Ward School of Airline Training Secretary . . . cordial and sweet . . . ex-airline stewardess . . . newly-wed . . . conscientious about her work . . . very popular with all. MRS. ELWIN SMITH North Adams Teachers' MRS. AGNES M. SMITH Woodstock College Eighth Grade . . . England . . . Little Women . . . a witty poet . . . live years at S.P.H .... literatlue . . . questionaires and riddles . . . flowers and Stoneleigh vegetation! College BS History . . . emphatic . . . Belchertown weekends . . . variety of clothing . . . suite of rooms in "Northwest Passage" . . . sense of humor. 11 M ensendieck, Dramatics . . . Tableaux . . . deep knee bends . . . good posture . . . well dressed. Saw Q lpvhv ,ff ay Jawa M by !ofA'20!CT F'54:'f1ff4'4g'!0Vl I WU WW ow 6lfLLO'C.4 - - E. -v' vs 'Y,y-1: I-fb-Jiaqsy :v ' . r-.3 '-r.:- sg, - Jug.-W p: .lflqu 'Z 54-ug.:-.,. wgeq. -vt 515,-313,51 4 3.3:-.59-,Q--n qvv- ' ' 1 'vngn' rup:s:l- S:1'1 ' 'Y :.--,fu 'a2'si ie ia-'SW' 1- .-' . Q- f.--E 2--'-' 3' P1-'-fx 'f4xL2z'f.S'.nS-1'fE-1a4-v2- "f5fv"sfL2fu- -:,.-:ax -A-'.. :-3' -'fa' ?f-- r ee.-a-:i:S: iff-M EJ f -fvwah,-, r ' 51, , 1 J I ' .,4,,r.'?Q'-.a1.Sf0.':i"iGgf 'V-esyzi-df --4-1.35355 .'P3'.1,r,a4vyB--g1.1:Q..3-,9-1,0,-g '3 , tiff?--?? 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A prize-winner in athletics and horsemanship, Sandy is also pretty, charm- ing and a true friend to all "her seniors." Adept at many things, she has a wide assortment of prize ribbons for her triumphs. As proof of her ability for successful leadership, Sandy is president of her class and of the Riding Club and Chanticleer Team captain. She is always called upon for clever ideas since she possesses an imaginative mind and a reliable band in man- agement. "Mow" is wished by all her many and proud friends a very success- ful future. ' bg in -me aarne pasrkefa- 0-Hu-qw hand- ni cv-maxed D4 4+-a+ "bbs" 1:4-eaoclwce L-Pl-5 'lead 6111447 peuod- I-round moch?ll oh C-F513 -Hunks lfof- O' qc:-f U'x"'n'PQs PQMES .. "TuJa'0' "' ludc cw-6 . aux lg. h fikifn nvfrl-B grain card-I 14 ELANOR CAROL BLACK "With looks, whose brightness well might make Of darker nights a day." Mad about clothes is our gal, Ellie! She's rarely seen without Vogue and often gives helpful tips on style, color scheme, etc. This lovely young lady with dark hair and green eyes is enthusiastic about both swimming and skiing. Seen in her flashy bathrobe, her capers often remind us of intricate Spanish choreography. Whenever a discussion is in progress, this alert gal can be found participating with gusto. All our well-wishes go with this Boston mademoiselle. XX. ,K -, M- , :swiss f- . -.vs--V - S A f.: 3f.,12s5tv,cgiY 7, X 13 r J' H V 23, as a 2,253 5 9 . V X f ,Q 3 X, m f ' -f M ' . 'fi 4f'?SIf "l vE -"ii ' sa , ' , fa ff- ' N T . - Cl. 'fem' A it A' if-"'f' f .1 lr'Z.3. . . A . H Y, Q .Wg : ,V ,W V- get . ,x fm I :ww V we Y B QTY!-Ei. KAREN ALLENE BROOKS "And like the brook her vowe was low: So soft the words she spoke." Kitties and bunnies seem to be Brooksie's main interests, to say nothing of a strong sentiment for a certain guy from "Hometown, U. S. A."! A talented girl, Karen is co-art editor of the Yearbook, but her specialty is drawing Persian kittens. Her sparkling personality and snappy wit are sorely missed when Brooksie is absent, and her friendly manner makes everyone glad to have her around. Busy with her Council Activities and Glee Club report, she still finds time to lend an ear to all our difficulties. vw, FRANCES ANNE BURNHAM "And all the beauty of the place Is in thy heart and on thy face." Five years and Burnie hasn't yet given up on Stoneleigh or vice-versa! A hard worker and a competent manager, Burnie is responsible for many successful projects Crecall Junior Prom of '55D at which many of us might have grossly failed. Maine holds a definitely strong attraction for the girl whom anyone would be proud to call a friend. She will long be remembered for her serene guidance and unbiased judgment as House Council President. Burnie will always be thought of with a smile and many fond memories. gum 94411, - , jg, , 44. axfymnj, Lou, A bg,.g,zf,-'Esffyo-64.1fJ Q4-flu-4'1, f ' 4- ,- 9fy1'. Sf, 7 if PL .f!f'-179144. ,L f4,vr. f' ,,1,,l7.1Vf Avfw.,-, - ffvfftzf, xbxdvr . , I - 4 ff-6 .0'1'01f J-urn, .rp-, ff-wwf . .pf-ov-90 I ' P" .44,A.L, T- 3' . L- iff' ' ,441 'I 4 K' 'VJ , tl 1 nn' . , , 7 ' . 312125. f 1 Z -4' f"'VY4 ' F fre- .1 , I 0 . F5 IW 1- 0 I - 2+-0711, f'3f.4f,L IJ f ,pvgu AIQQIJ ' . 2 efflffbof, 1 eesee M BRENDA LEE COSSEBOOM iii "A kind, true heart, a sp'ir'it, 1 That could not fear, and would not bow." Horses, accordions, and the candy store are Cossels main world. A heart of 1 gold is her most prominent characteristic, while we wonder what ulterior motives prompt her interest in phone duty. Cosse's always a willing helper at Tableaux and has an ardent interest in the stage, though not acting. Her many versatile talents range between extremes such as reading poetry and her job of Fire Chief! Stoneleigh won't be the same without casual and fun- loving Cosse. 2 Q E 7 E l 51,12 V.,, , E 11.1, QV- y 1 gh x :f-Nw? ' ' : nw A , , - ,X ifiii' e2tf2E:?feg5S41,Qsf l - E E is T6 A T? I Ui! Sue.:- uJw.:q,.-bo 824-QXs cn.. QfvbNCM--- ,4: 'bib Yvx..1.:-Ar Oni-rvs!+' 3-'ro bttd 0- Q 'N:" 'M' 'G'W"i3:.eC.Nz.e.'a:.Szf+ S-'ff-S . t "And so she came like .sunbeams Q That In-ing the April green." A sweet voice and a bubbly laugh personify Nanc, who is proud to have spent four years at Stoneleigh. In addition to Glee Club President, she is active in the Dramatic Club and makes a lovely angel in the Christmas Tableaux. Her excess energy, of which she has plenty, is somewhat consumed on the soccer Held! The college of her choice will be proud of our "Lady of the Lamp" and we wish Nancy luck in her nursing career. etzefnt-H-mfr-eg I. CDHMC- 60494 +0 'A001' ,cows Sim -,,, Qof.-.plea-Q. Si-t.e.vscs.. The SQ,-.zof '?f-:fn vos-b "GS-I-'JI-1 boss 3+"?5,f1J - Q53 rvv.a.s+ 101, -gheag, 0+ ,ne kowpingl on Q.nC.5'+Q:l'l Son-vegng.. - qc, I N-:JNL Q.o-vw.-M .t'm42cue,.L.. QX55 Qof' v'VXQn,' 'ffaigfg rides +oqeln-ef- egnc., goo were v-.4-QA-bv. Gus-cJ' G25-bo Q-Owen KAQJ 4-swift!! '+v-' Sea-b-c.orvw. locuz.lL- ner-L '-gear o..n.d keep -eug,o'Lg s.P4-A. sp'-A+ 'Shui 1. Con Cute -Q-of9QC.+ AvKQL-ACLMW ,foo F1455 ,+,,,M -velviuiw-. "Do0H--G0fSfoG- -yo louse. up-be CLJBCYTQ-l3'Qvi4 O-Ad see fVS6-- ,q,,5. -4-one 9006 QOPC- MGM o+"?e,WLQ,n-- 3 Gucci-O.n-cb -15 kooc. 5 Csbubi- LYNNE ANN FALK "Such good companionship was hers, She could not be alone." 1 f 1 A real sweet girl, and a willing friend is Lynne, whose contagious happiness . ..,, mg, wus- Q " is always a comfort. Her burning ambition is to be a teacher of either kinder- garten or nursery school in which she has had some experience. Though a petite girl, she makes up her lack of inches by her warm friendliness. Lynne's outward appearance would make one think her quiet, but one gets a shock- ing surprise upon getting to know her! She hails from the "Big Town" and prefers a college somewhere in New York State. With such a likeable manner she will surely succeed. BARBARA HELENE FLASHMAN "For who can .see and then forget The beauty of my gay brunette." It's unmistakeably Boston that we recognize in Flashie's speech and manner- isms! She has "coordination plus" on ice skates, and can often be found punching the stop watch for Stoneleigh's team sports. Her dreams came true when she finally acquired a pair of black framed specs, though they have quickly grown "old hat" after a bit of overuse. As Liber Anni business manager, Flash is seldom seen without her notebook and pencil. Undoubt- edly, her great speaking ability will be an asset in college in addition to valuable preparation for a career in Speech Therapy. 3 1'-3 if ' Wt a ...T Q SUZANNE MARIE FUNSTON "Strong 'in thy steadfast purpose be Like some brave master of the sea." A much envied girl for her natural blonde hair is Sue. Although always raving about the strange fascination of the cold, cold North, her warm laugh makes her a welcome companion. Sue is a never-to-be-downed hockey player and rarely says "no" to a trip to the Snack Bar! A red coat is a sure sign that Sue's around and in the future years we will always look for a red coat at the elementary schools where Sue expects to teach. ff5f""',,,Wlf M af' NANCY DEAN HACKETT "Who can sing at a husking-or romp at the shearing, Who can trip through the forests-alone without fearing." An enthusiastic pianist, rider, actress and helper is "Hackett." She's always ready to Hll in when plans go wrong and can be counted on for her creative efforts. Locking up the school every night is Nancy's special job and she's an ardent admirer of Gilbert and Sullivan. Nancy looks forward to some active years at school where she will go through rigorous training to become a physical education teacher. A fullback in soccer, she is an alert defense- man and holds her own in diving. We'll remember you with affe tion, ancy. -.-My-r'j1l4Qf,Z1-.S ' - H I L 1 - :ZZ 1? .0fzdocf57l 474 2 Q 251 5 Agpganaa - .wifffff ffl!- fafdwl 140 'Z eww, 9' 'G t ' af-4 f ju, 3,445 - WW """ fffff wwf .IWW-4 fc-Yvwa' h ff so CL 'tw 6,5 x ' 'pl gall," f A GAIL RAMONA HAWTHORNE YN 'Who in her realm as in the soul of man 3 W E ! , L I Alterfiates storm with calm-" Q , 9 Another five-year girl, Gail looks forward to the traditional steak dinner by the school. Gail's interest in her job as Fire Warden is not half as as her interest in Bunsen Burners. Outdoor 'activities extend to the Bar and, inside, she helps glamorize the store by her good looks. Gail M has hlh hopes of becoming an elementary school teacher and we wish her success in attaining that goal ' A mmm east G+,-sent Niki:-Q SA. - 'N'-x.!g N--fx wk Ernest ' ' 'Qian'-.fx 9 . Q dlbfvea- 19 K'NufD LSGZ' Q-Q..:...l.. KAREN KATHERINE JUST "Thought is deeper than all speech Feeling deeper than all thought" "0klahoma!" is the cry from Kay's room and she's already acquired a noticeable accent from afore mentioned state! On and off diets, Kay is either typing for the Yearbook or enjoying her parents' parties. Happy-go-lucky Kay has a laughable manner and is never seen without her silver dollar or her Princeton banner. Her contribution to Stoneleigh's sports is in hockey as goalie and as guard in basketball. We have all been invited to our 25th reunion at Kay's ranch which will be second in size only to the King Ranch in Texas. .-+'..n.T'.' .- 9 -,L U . e 1. sss--a. TC'-Off m A---te' irc JANE MARLOWE MCSWEENY e "Take all there is-take hand and heart'- There must be somewhere work to do" Short and cute as a button, Janey has a strong interest in MANY various members of the opposite sex! Though having trouble with Spanish pronun- ciation, Janey seems to have no trouble with an inexhaustible supply of clothes for any occasion and her thoughts generally run along that line. Extra-curricular wise, Janey is Vice-President of her class and also the Athletic Council. She always looks forward to winter when she revels in Ski-land. However, after winter has passed, she can t1u'n to her other love, golf, in which she has won several trophies. Best of luck is wished to this versatile senior. Q 1.111-I.-gnsb? oi' 5 1 2:5142 -1: smilie? if K .1 1 .. f 2 1 H Y iii Q1 i KYLE-5 ab K ggsx Qs N X X It ..- -'fbf .Q-Fixx -vi' ' I 5 X g,'-xxxgxsx "-kkknh C 5 , xx C LO so "N..,k-Ll XY' M.. ,- cd-. lhugvx U . ' xg --sxxi' frli -'W-'ol s , i -, -. E1 Q- Mn! 5 ws! '-ski!! x N o-L Xin 021: 5": ' Ea' X Q j ' - ss t A 'sL'xgl gkgg ,gr Hg .gg ...g4...ks..n. - - x ---- ---v--. -.fn e- ' Pye: ww- x s.-:.- 1335 0 Q - A-ks. gktz 50. xxx!-4Ss's slnx' LINDA MARIE MAIUZZO "She kept her honesty and truth Her independent tongue and pen" Lin, as Editor-in-chief of our "Liber Anni"has had a busy year, and as you all can see, the results are well worth her many "head-aches." Besides this time consuming job, no activity could be mentioned in which Lin does not par- ticipate, and incidentally, participates with enthusiasm. Her wide range of interests include journalism C55 High Times Editorj, swimming, skiing and hockey, not to mention that centered in the Mid-West! Lin always seems to have a never-ending supply of homemade food with which she is very generous.We predict she will work hard and succeed in whatever field she 4 wpxewf. pursues. Good luck, Lin! I K ,r f ,,"9'wf"k 'Su . .rv . -hd la, ,L S - s r. 'Q s is: fsiazf 25 'L 'Wir - V - -.4-Hia-.'ii'2J,i . 1 , S i 1 Y wtijfi 7 ,ggggqggq r f if 32 fm Zvi Q 6 ii xii iii , M ,QT 5 ' F1 L , 1 t BETTY-ANN MORITZ "A charm attends her every where A sense of beauty" Bam is a tall, well-dressed blonde with a slight Southern accent and a gay manner. She takes part in Glee Club, and is seldom seen without her trusty camera employed in the interest of "Liber Anni." A star player in basketball, Bam is also serious about her school work and is generally moaning about her Spanish! Her excitement about college weekends is balanced by her calm manner in dealing with Little Sisters. Bam hopes to have a career in either Medical Technology or Social Work and it is a sure bet that she will succeed in whatever she pursues. 1.6-V' Sl-st. , -gfilh 194'-at' huekieoo, HT kai' kwowin Xu "N 35- 0101? fer Q' WAX kb.:-.1-Io-.5 lcv. BVS" Xklkogl. .srkwx ., ' -'so ,-. R- -. -. -Nl' .- 1- s - - s . , ln' .Q 5-vb.: 5 shui- :S 5 0 -Ss , "' 'I' T94 5-vw-.nm1'f.Ql'Tf"'1t-'-l x cave VQQ sk-l libs"-X va 1-Q Q D- --'Q Sgr J' ,-ns L "" N S "' ., In SARAH PLUMMER "And still my charming Sally praise, Sweet smiling and sweet spoken." Liberace has nothing on talented Sally! She assumes her honor of chapel pianist with a modest smile and creates a pleasant atmosphere in the living room with a few casual chords. She is also known for close harmony with good marks and a certain blond-haired young man! Sally is ably suited as class treasurer and has been also elected to an office in the Glee Club and is Co-editor of the Yearbook. She is teased about her Boston accent, although she often confers with "Eli's"! Sally's sweet temperament and happy dis- position make her a sure candidate for success. DANA WOODBERRY "Remember all things fair and good That e'er were dreamed or understood." Envied for one of the smallest waists in the class, Dana is tall with a charm- ing old-world hairdo. She is interested in Art, particularly sculpture. Dana has had success in riding and skiing, with a little skating thrown in. Her prowess in form-swimming has frequently pulled Stoneleigh out of the depths! Dana's ready laugh is constantly accompanied by the click-clack of her knitting needles. With her natural manner, she is in line for college success. a5?fifr'i3W' ' ' rg ii rs: ig: . 33L5.,'g1..c ., ,. ws-s mf ,. JH f'l1l2i'E'g -'fm N051 Q X 50aJMA,p9,,Q 74.004- M51 ,ceded 'U' ,,q,.C2.L-ld GRETCHEN WUSTLICH "A girl who boasts no bo'r'ro'wed charms, Whose sprightly 'wit my fancy warms" Known for her Vermont accent and subtle humor, Gret is extremely talented in the field of Art and has won a Quill and Scroll membership. She does very well in many sports, mainly soccer and basketball, and participates in an assortment of activities. Gret hopes to go to school where she can f1n'ther a career in Fashion Illustration. Her natural habitat is the rural countryside of the north where she has had some amusing incidents concerning cows! Gret's sketches have become a trademark Csamples throughoutl which will be looked for in the future as a sure sign of her achievement. I fyl- . Q , , H X. 1 ' . Q", 4 f ' 1 - f, 4, ,ff f"f'-- ' ' 1 - Q' ' - - 'a 5 GIA' I , 1 af' jf - ' .. f ff' C 51,1 Tier AM! uc ,, M, ,f-Aw' - ' Pj: I, Aj' ' ' 6 'i U ' V U ilfgd-l 1.-M 5 C I , A . ' 7.L-5 ,J ,' .,efp4.L5., f'..4J. -' ,wel "5 ,. g,-.Af P! 4 A I , f ' Ly , Milla.-,,b',y :H QL-4,7,-- I 4' .D '.f- -: . : 55 ' : '5f?','liif15?i":. :Q -REE T: I I . 3 uv A 1 Q2 r . i it i Y: NATALIE ANNE YATES "For hath she not the magk touch- The sesame of loving much?" Nat is usually seen writing letters to "Deep in the Heart of Texas or listening to the vibrant notes of RachmaninoH's Concerto No 2 A two year gal, Nat has made a place for herself at Stoneleigh and especially this year as Literary Editor of "Liber Anni," and chairman of the Chapel Committee Admired for her lady-like qualities and delicate features Nat is often com pared to a cameo picture. She thinks a great deal of her economy sized family, and entertains us with many delightful stories about them She is a willing helper and is seen with scorebook in hand, withstanding wind ram and cold to "chalk us up" another point. Nat will be a credit to any college and career she chooses. 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N ,, 4 ' if ' ' f- -- ' ALT-FIX 1 l fr J ' ' i ' '- L K x ffl' W J V 'I Dear Sisters "Superior ": 1 A .f " A ' hlgyalflrljxjil, ff ii Q4 3 MWF ffm 1 ull! gli I If If ft, f .if x 'IJ' Jxjyx rR- D I 1 ww H wi Weezie looks on as Winnie, lvuey, and Liz pour over the wel- eonie news from home, We ean't. imagine ourselves as upper-elassnien, but we are trying to gaiii some dignity before we assume your exalted position next year. VYQ have the distinetion of being the largest elass in sehool-twenty-tive in all-with fifteen new additions last Fall. We also have the distinetion of hav- ing elassnlates who eolne from the furthest distanees Renate Kohn-Ulaya from Bogota, Volunibia, Gina Johnson and Elsa Keutnieh from the fhieago, Illinois area. Our twins-Gail and Pat Robisonw give us another elaim to fame. VVieky Hunt and YYeezie Salinger represent us on the Aetivities founeilg our president and viee-president. sit on the House Vouneil along with our able Proetors: Sherrie Stephens and Barbara Kaye: and we are honored to have three Juniors on that austere body, the Executive Vouneil: Sue Ken- dall, Rennie Kohn-Ulaya and Yveezie Salinger. Our big activity was re-opening "l'nderseas" and, under the able man- agement of Sue Vainpbell, selling pies, eakes and eokes after evening Study Ilall and over the weekend. We sponsored a danee with Kimball Union and cxpeet. to put on the Vountry Fair as well as the usual Junior Prom. The editorial board of High Times is made up largely ol' Juniors, with Sue Kendall as editor-in-ehiet' and Marianne Olney as assistant editor. Our officers are President Patrieia Robison: Vive-President Suzanne Kendallg Seeretary: Gail Robison: lllreasurer: Phyllis Smith. Dr. Knowles has aeted as l"aeult.y Advisor. Best of luek to you and we'll try to emulate your high standards. Sineerely, Vlass of 1957 26 -. X x 'Q S .xx - ' n we an, es Sue and Ann stop at the candy store for a late afternoon snack. . if, . Dear Big Sisters: Writing to you just half-way through the year, it seems a good time to take stock of ourselves and our aims. VVe got off to an enthusiastic start and, now that mid-years are over, it looks as though therc's a good chance that we, too, will be seniors, bye and bye! There are thirteen of us in the Sophomore class-almost all of us "new girls" last Fall. We've been called happy-go-lucky. NVQ-ll, we know we are happy and we also think we're lucky! Our class officers, elected early in the Fall, have done a very competent job and have had good cooperation from the class. They are llelen Wood- hull, presidentg Annabel Whitton, vice-president: Barbara Lloyd, secretary- treasurer. Barbara Lloyd is the only underclassman chosen to be a Proctor and we are very proud of her. She sits on the House Council along with our Presi- dent and Vice-president. VVe are represented on the Activities Council by Judy Chadwell, as chairman of the Social Committee. Myra Maker is also on this Council. A pre-Christmas raffle of a sweater and a bracelet brought the first con- tributions to our treasury. VVe have plans afoot for sponsoring a winter dance and selling hot chocolate and doughnuts. We are grateful to Mrs. lllathews for her guidance. Our best wishes, Class of 1958 sggp 0WL0l"6 641,155 uhm.. Front row: M. Maker, M. Hunt, H. VVoodhull, A. VVhitton, J. Chadwell, L. Cianci, and Mrs. Mathews. Sec- ond row: J. Sisson, V. Barth, J. Copeland, S. Otto, G. Goerke, K. Cartmell, and E. J. McDowell. Mwlesing: B. Lloyd. 27 WO' 4. Frunl row: li. Voflcy, M. llarhydt, S. Johnson, lt. llarry, lf. hleistrell, and Mrs. Deems. Srcoml ro1r.'.l. llalc, Nl. Marks, li. Arthur, l. Varcy, D. Jenks, and ll. Scrafin. jfea l'I'L8l'L 641,55 Vlass member llarhydt works on next day's assignments industriously. Dear Seniors: We Freslnnen were quite awed by you in our first weeks at school. Now we know that wherever there's special gaiety and goings-on, we can count on finding that you've sparked the fun. We think we've got the best class in school, of course-and we certainly got off to a good start under the able leadership of our elected officers: President Sydney Anne Johnson Vice-president Marjorie liarhydt Secretary-Treasurer Betsy Barry llarbie Meistrell represents IIS on the Activities Uounc-il and we are proud of our seven classmates who have made the Honor Roll quite consistently during the year. Mrs. Deexns has been a wonderful elass advisor and we are grateful to her for her cooperation and inspiration. In November we gave a cake raffle that was very successful and brought high profits. We sponsored a dance with Williston Academy and are plan- ning another before the year is over. We-'ve been told that our financial prowess equals yours, and we are hoping that our initial success will he multiplied throughout our Stoneleigh years. With affectionate thanks for your guidance, Class of 1959 28 so Our "baby class" listens to the reading of the Constitution. Dear Seniors: It seems a long way from our Sub-freshman status to your lofty one, but judging from the speed with which this half year has flown, we're almost there. There are just six of us, but what we lack in numbers we make up for in other ways. We have a lively time in class with Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Lacail- lade, and we manage to get around in other things. Kate Coleman has made the Honor Roll all year and has the privilege of studying in her own room. Betty Killam and Earlyne Cook represent us on the Activities Council. First money in our treasury came from a food sale in November. We net- ted EB3.'7Q on this sale. Our class officers are: President: Kate Coleman Vice-president: Susan Pratt Secretary: Mary Riley Treasurer: Linda Strecker And, of course, Mrs. Smith is our esteemed advisor. VVe are looking forward to four more successful and profitable years at Stoneleigh. Sincerely, F lass of 1960 Sltfla mm CVM Front rmr: E. Cook, M. Riley, K. Coleman, and Mrs. Smith. Second row: E. Killam, L. Strecker, and S. Pratt. 29 ,fww W W ww , , fu M y wczlc nm .4 3. rf Q-,B Ks gn. 1, ' 44.1-3,-yy -'mi ' ,l:'5.l'r'71:1ii2- .-.. 15:51. ...5 518,53 :hm 4,5-'I'-fi' .2-Z-,nggg,'gv3"!,j',.-953, 4- .. 4g-..'.3 g, :, .s55ihs.5 .pg,:e7.-.'2:,s3y.-'5-ffi,-.-,-gfi -' 424' 5 Q-'?3.ug3-45,40-'sw-.-',4'5-1233 374,51-1-ij'-rQ?'r"'?f'4f'.f wr- v.-JE:-J-rf-,v 6.9.0919 -.1 Q.-. sg29..'f.-w .uhm ,W -IJ. 1 -Ma - A' - er -f 1.9--1 4,2 ,, ,HM-Q45 jfs!! ,.n,uy- 42-6Q"f::Q""xP,i? g"'5-'lihif x-41-1 .faAye'-,ws-1-.-42'-!4:.,:.15,.-r --5-. -:Gmc Gangs-:r.62-:fff--3'.,fPfffff5a--:,e. sv-vm-"-H2411 d?'5-'-S"..4rfr4f 2.- ra Ti-Y pr-fa'-:Nw-.' ew 5. .4:'v-----w ,---9 H.-your -'-f -vw N?-we 5-:mfr-4'-"ESQ:-'-1 '1w.?F-- 'F' - -0.-'--'i"-I' .--elim? -J Q :a-'11'3-sf - s"'m.a- uri- 'P' ?5z'5"" -ffww,-14---vw 'iw-'-5:41 fvfgzf 157f""f-if---:r4-Sfwa--Pf:.wai:wf""'- -2'+-451.41--.-YGG1-1 '--v-I1-fa?"'w-.r-fr'-.1-11'.4'v: mi.-4-wzr '- 1. -:eat-'f-fem -Wj5'.fIg"S,,21'3r-.-1 '5fZ'34:u'w,-4.521-.nfSE!l'-A-531: .Ja I Q-'J' 421- . ?e',1'g-"::'U:fz--1-.rf-1'--459 Yf'!'35:'?T-slqtrr' -.lg--v.-t'Q.M1Bt-fr? 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'- yew 'J Sn 16- -e:m.,'-'ePH- '19 ' -:.-4-,vs-:Zi--0' qv- . 'v ,-- uf- -.--5 4 7 fr-1 '41 - I "Pg '-u'r.."'r""- v7 --'qi-Q2 'ja 2 : - ' -I--Let.:-13 1--' ' .gn - - . 'g .L-f.':a-5. HZ-qv --1-.Ji . -ng 5' ,v-'Z-' " ,fc 'gl' f 3 -- - . , " OUR DAILY SCHEDULE 7:00 A.M. 7:30 A.M. 8:15 A.M. 10:30 A.M. 10:45 A.lW1. 11:00 A.M. 1:15 1'.l11. 2:00-4 :30 1'.lV1. 4:30-5 :4-5 RM 6:00 RM. 7:15-9:00 P.M 9:20 P.M. 9:45 P.lVI. l i ,V ' X , v Rising Bell Breakfast Classes Recess Chapel Resume Classes Lunch Athletics Study Hall Dinner Study Hall Room Bell Taps 7:29 A.M.! Smiling and wide awake . . . Huh? Last minute peek! in-2' Plans for the coming day . . . "We, the People of the United States 32 1-f Time testg par is 50 Words a minute! A familiar picture in the well-used study hall. Recess . . . students and teachers alike take a fifteen minute break. 33 f 1 inning-1 If -sf Parlez-vous francais? w f Q j',, ifomo esta usted? An informal lesson in sketching . . 34 Merits? , . . Delnerits? These people who always get mail! Waiting-on table, a grueling task, can be made more pleasant! F Quickly devouring the news before lunch F Ready or not, here we come! But I can't clean my room-I have SPORTS now . . . 35 After the game, we invite the Burnham team to join us for cider and doughnuts. Right: Under the expert guidance of Dr. Knowles, tennis is a popular sport in both fall and spring. Out of this confusion Cleftl there may be a soccer goal! Below, the hockey team is cheered by loyal spectators and Brrrr! it's a chilly day! The nucleus of our sports program! new .nlh .. L 36 Around the well used pool table spectators gather to witness an exciting game. Below, a skating enthusiast pauses briefly before joining her colleagues at the pond. Tuesday afternoons finds us at the Y.M.C.A. Above, swimmers practice for the big Chanticleer-Corazon meet. Left, while lining up for practice shots, a few indulge in playful antics. 37 On Monday afternoons the four bowling teams play a "round robin." Left, proper stance is im- portant to one's score. Below, advice is readily given as a captain takes careful aim. ""l"' Whether under the expert guidance of Mrs. Good- year or setting out for the trails alone, we spend many happy hours enjoying one of the most popular activities. A34 3 ,,-.... 38 'Pg 5... w h A last-minute phrase before taps . . A group gathers to "sing for its supper" x .V 5 .. t z ' h . s . Yea 5 a Q, a .2953 , f Z. 31 The Riley-Pratt Beauty Salon introduces its new facial. "Day is done, gone the sun . . . 39 MV W M! W 74141 inflow ., .,1 x.1R,,w4 ,. 5 -v - - - - -1.941-V -1:1-.una 11:13 - mul... - stun --'V f wg-'-gg A - u,--1-zvvnvzl-,x.-' ' Q '-5" 'Jr 'Pg' nflipsvgaf''Ui"g"'1-1".5l'ir"l -'uE'u'vg',gj9V"i" 0":'QL ' R j0"'U" "1-W'-'af Q' 4355 1- fc M 1' H af Kina' 1" , Mfg' 1 5 61? bg2:gSf ! 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P' -z 'erm 4 .f.f':3E5::ae2Qi?.'Z'.G"?,155r,4,-:4ge's.n:z,eiMf,?:fa-5-555,-Q4-.gmWag-5my6?fiaif1"E's:22,3,S2,fg3'i3M'-ffsiawwisffziwkfQZSWQSEQ-gafvfiiwzsi 5-ge.e55a'i1:5 4...! , . la.. 9:1m.-':r..,-z.'x."A:ezp"n-z'-ss'!53-.q'R-5?"1e2'5nf"?6" 75'w23.3f'7'?"'La -1941 'HR p'5"3?5"'i'w2a',3-'?i4N7"-'-F'P.W':f9.S"w'P'5sg ' 5 v-Flivjlf-ZYs-61" 1'-'r-lf'-rF'hJ'1' - - .-- , ,.Q......1,,.,,S,A,L. an-z.'.!s,?R1.,i4sM1f-i':iii?.Erg5qy1f.,e5v:3.3g:gg,:.g?.3-25fig,-gggagiffzwbgiggq5,,,-L,.,.v,,,i:g,515Q,91,g515,:g,3 , - .-. - -., ncafu..SASB1!hr!r:!'iffiz:fEs.g3Eni,d2!Q'gmzHE03qi35H.!A ii5gmg lhe staff works diligently to meet thc deadline. Co-editor. Ogder rmi Every senior class is apt to be proud of its Yearbook and we have a satisfied glow now that our project nears completion. The work Linda ltfaiuzzo and Sally Plummer, Editor and Co-editor, have put into layout and organization has been supported by contribu- tions in the Photography Department by Bam ltloritz, in the Art Department by Gretchen Wustlich, in the Literary Department by Natalie Yates, and in the "general advisory department" by Mrs. Frederick. VYe are delightfully surprised and pleased with our handiwork as it takes shape and are most grateful to our photographer, DeKane, and to the Keller Yearbook Printing Company. The originality and diligence of the staff and the cooperation of the whole school are two very necessary elements in making a volume out of words and photo- graphs. Vte hope that when you read this now and in later years, it will bring a feeling of af- fection for your school and classmates. Your happy memories as you wander through "The Pastn will be a pleasure to us who have tried to produce a gay and successful "Liber Anni." 5 3... af Advisor, Mrs. Frederick, discusses current Yearbook busi ness with the staff: Editor L. Maiuzzo, B. Flashmin lx Just N. Yates, B. Moritz, G. Wustlich. M1'.v.v1'11y H Plummer ,Mg jmw This humorous and newsy publication is received with avid interest when it appears three or four times a year. Especially popular is the gossip column, written by a mys- terious and anonymous flea named "Davenport," In previous years, High Times has always been the project of the Junior Class. This year, however, competition for the staff was thrown open to the entire school. Host of those who made the editorial posts turned out to be Juniors after all, with one Senior exception, and several underelassmen made the grade as reporters. Sue Kendall's work as editor-in-chief, with the expert advice of Mrs. Frederick, has certainly been worthwhile. She was ably assisted by the following: hlarianne Olney, Assistant Editor: Sue Campbell, News Editorg Patsy Robison, Art Editorg Brenda Cos- seboom, Photography Editor: Sherrie Stephens, Sports Editor, and Barbara Holden, Social News Editor. .4 ...... , STAFF: S. Campbell, B. Cosseboom, S. Stevens, Mrs. Frederick, M. Olney, P. Robison, P. Smith. Seafcdx IS. Holden, Editor S. Kendall. 43 Frou! row: N. Yates, J. SITOIIII row: S. Mowry, K. llrooks. lll''ing.' W wa agitacfenf xecu five oomci X, To preserve dignity and law-observance at Stoneleigh we have thc Executive Committee, the "Supreme Courtf, which is the last appeal and the closest link to the Admin- istration. It is made up of eight girls who are representatives of the three Student Councils: Athletic, Activities, and House. Though they may have a weighty job, all are fair, just, and try hard to choose the best procedure, called for in each case. The-f aie willing to discuss any problem concerned with the be 1 ent of the school and the equanimity of each student. h urpose of this f'onnnittee is to strengthen the whole g 7Ltl0Il of qfOllt'l6lgll and gnc 1 gre iter feeling of par- r .1 .' . ' ' 1' ' 1 is t' ation in school activities and discipline. I lyymyiiiom p Ki a twiw-1 f3fgfv.jfQW if jjgfl ie5 i "All the name implies and more . . ." is a very suitable quote for this very active group, Led by president Karen Brooks, it is a composite of seven girls including the Chairmen of the Chapel Coinmittee, Nat Yates, the Program Committee, Karen Brooks, and the Social Committee, Judy Chadwell. These committees arrange daily chapel and Sunday night Vespcrs, procure speakers for Friday nights, plan other edu- cational projects, and carry out social functions Cincluding ushering, refreshments, etc.D. llaving a hand in all the social and intellectual goings-on of S.l'.Il. puts a permanent smile on each Ill0l1lb6I',S face and a twinkle in each eye. They try to keep the girls society- minded and busy. NVQ- think they've douc a mighty line job! 44- Froni rmr: M. Maker, J. Chadwell, li. Meistrell. Svcmul mir: President K. Brooks, N. Yates, M. Salinger, M. Hunt. ODLVLCIZ ,f.3- ' Ili- 4 , up P V 2 . - 'Q , 3 Front row: J. McSweeney, S. Mowry, A. Whitton, P. Robison, President A. Burnham, B. Moritz, H. Woodhull. Second row: Mrs. Mathews, S. Stephens, S. Johnson, M. Barhydt, S. Kendall, K. Coleman, B. Kaye, Mrs. Deems. Missing: B. Lloyd. oowe oomci This is the body of students that cares for our demerits and special privileges. It is com- posed of the president and vice-president of each class, president of the sub-freshman class, the proctors, and the housemothers, who are the faculty representatives. The honorable president is Anne Burnham who is ably supported by Bam lVIoritz, secretary. The members are representatives of each class and their duty is to carry prob- lems and suggestions to the girls for discussion while they also review rules, regulations and several improvements of living at Stoneleigh. As a whole, the House Council is an invaluable organization and we,re certainly re- lieved to have our problems in the hands of those with such able minds! 45 ,I Ulm' Club Qficrrm' S. Fnnston, President N. Cusack, K. l llrooks, S. llummcr. t a K3 WB ' H. r . W A ,V r iq ar, -EJ. L ..- K: n .4 - .1 QL. CLA "Do, re, mi . . ." is the cry from Coleman Hall every Blon- day afternoon at four-thirty as hfrs. Esther Clapp Norris leads her songstresses through their paces. The Glee Club has sixty-four members this year, and the Madrigal Group is composed of eighteen girls selected from the larger group. Both have made several guest appearances in Greenfield and Deerfield, as well as rendering the Christmas program following the Tableaux. Always looked forward to is participating in the Deerheld Academy Operetta given at Commencement time, as Stone- leigh girls have done for many years. One of Gilbert and Sullivan,s gay satires, chosen and directed by Bfr. Ralph Oatley, director of the Deerfield Academy Glee Club, will again be the fare this June. The hard illld intensive work this entails is more than made up for by the fun of the oc- casion and the opportunity to increase musical knowledge. Singing the main role as president of the Glee Club is Nancy Cusack, who has thrilled her audiences with solo per- formances on several occasions. Karen Brooks plays a sup- porting role as Secretary, and Sally Plummer and Suzanne Funston keep everybody on key by taking charge of the music. Madrigal Singers rehearse before a concert. Members include the following: A. Barger, S. Campbell, B. Cosseboom, N. Cusack, S. Funston, B. Holden, R. Kohn-Olaya, E. Maclnnis, J. McSwceney, L. Maiuzzo, Ii. Moritz, M. Morley, S. Mowry, M. Olney, S. Plummer, C. Robinson, D. lvoodberry. 46 ramafic Christopher lllorley and Stoneleigh had a pleasant chat last Fall when the Dramatic Club produced the fOI'Ill6I',S "Re- hearsal," a one-act play complete with Irish brogue. The play was particularly adaptable to the facilities in Coleman Hall as neither costumes nor scenery were needed. Now that we have new and beautiful red velvet drapes, more demanding scenic performances can be staged. The Christmas Tableaux were as breath-taking as always and a capacity audience was deeply appreciative. Bliss Henriette Ottesen steps out of her role as Mensen- dieck director to guide the Stoneleigh Thespians in these efforts. Eighteen girls meet with her on hlouday and Friday afternoons throughout the school year. The student director is Betty Ann Moritz whose Junior assistant is Sherrie Stephens. Cosse has a big job as stage manager and does it most competently. At least one more play is anticipated in the Spring, prob- ably out of doors if the custom of former years is followed. This will give the dramatic group a chance to discover fur- ther talent and to indulge in a favorite pastime-acting! This group also sponsors a Spring Fashion Show, a very popular event. The girls themselves have the opportunity to select and model the apparel furnished by a Greenfield department store. The actual participants and the directors obtain valuable experience in this interesting field. The following girls have tread the boards this year: Anne Burnham, Suzanne Campbell, Kate Coleman, Brenda Cosse- boom, Catherine Craig, Nancy Cusack, Suzanne Funston, Margaret Hunt, Karen Just, Lee Maclnnis, Linda Maiuzzo, Betty Ann Moritz, Mary Riley, Stephanie Ritzmann, Carol Robinson, Sherrie Stephens, Gretchen VVustlich, and Nat- alie Yates. In addition to gaining valuable dramatic knowledge the members of the dramatic group attain grace and poise, hav- ing fun all the while. '47 4. gy: . Vkkk V K - J., H. h 3 "" W' ' -MM.....w..,... ,..,....... 'f-f Q1 -.f' " ' j N . , Dramatic Club Ojicers: S. Stephens, President B. Moritz, B. Cosseboom. 'l1U'Ul!'Ommnn-iqnnnurrff --M The cast of "Rehearsal," hard at work, are N. Cusack, B Cosseboom, C. Craig, S. Ritzmann, L. Maiuzzo and N Hackett. Frou! rmr: J. Mt-Sweelley, U. hh'LlStllCll, ll. Moritz. Surrnnl rnux' lt. Kuhn-Ulaya, S. Kendall, Mrs. Kells, S. Mowry. Ifillfny Vlulf Uflir-wrx.' ll. Woorlliull, Mrs. Goodyear, ll. Moritz. flll ll0I'S0lHl1'kI M. Williams, President S. Mowry. 48 .fydailfic oomci Besides plamiiiig the sports IlI'0g'I'2llIl, as siigxgxested i11 the ohvious title of this group, the Athletic f'01111eil spmisurs tl1e 11111111111 variety show, "Stem-leigli Scandals." All Stone- leigh turns out for this gay show and it's often a surprise to see all the talent. eoiitained in our selioolmales' repe1'tui1'e. There are a1111ual liorsesliows with Bllfllllillll and Smith Col- leges, not to lIl6Ill.l0Il a Gyiilkliana i11 May and au lIllCI'-lltillll liorseshow between the clll2lllt,lCl6CI'S and florazmis i11 early June. The Atllletie Couiieil is presided over hy Sandra Nlowry, with Sue Kendall as viee-presideiit, and lit-1111ie Holm-1 Playa as secretary. The faculty advisor is Mrs. Hells and other Il16Illl3CI'S are Jane MeSwee11ey, Hlgilllln Nloritz, and Gretelieu NV11st.lieh. They keep our school afteriioons busy and active with hockey, soccer, baskt-tball, softball, and many otlier activities. Mi- ., ln. Front row: E. Kentnich, H. Woodhull, B. Moritz, G. Robison, B. Holden. Second row: J. Chadwell, A. Barger, D. Arthur, P. Smith, V. Barth, W. Steele, K. Cartmell, M. Barhydt, Mrs. Goodyear, S. Mowry, G. Goerke. On horseback' M. Williams, M. Hunt. fg ing Tally-ho-and we're off again! Whether it's our annual gymkhana or the all day trail ride, the barn is buzzing with excitement, for the Riding Club is responsible for these two events, among other things. The sixteen "chosen fewn found it necessary to conquer a dangerous obstacle before becoming a member of the "IIoofprints Club"-the gruel- ing test prepared by Mrs. Goodyear. Sore muscles and body fatigue in general are quite prevalent after our all day horse shows. Here we try to exhibit our "expert horseman- ship," over jumps and hunt courses as well as emulate our idols Whom we saw this Fall in the National Horse Show at hladison Square Garden. The club is ably guided by the following officers: President: Sandy lNIowry Vice-President: Betty Ann lVIoritz Secretary: lNIarian Williams Treasurer: Helen VVoodhull 49 Cdcznficier earn Synonymous for a "cock," Chanticleer is indeed an a Jro Jriate name, as the team is ' Pl I rarmg to go, full of fight, cocky, and "never say dlell' Sandy Mowry, our enthusiastic captain, has led the Chanticleers to victory on many occasions. yf ISSN Hi Fran! row: N. Yates, B. Cosseboom, M. Riley, G. VVustlich, C. Stickney, Captain S. Mowry, A. Burger, J. Hale, S. Johnson, D. Jenks. Second row: M. Marks, S. Pratt, M. Morley, J. Sisson, J. Chadwell, L. Falk, li. Kaye, C. Robinson. Third row: G. Hawthorne, A. Burnham, S. Ritzmann, E. Coffey, D. Seralin, J. Copeland, E. Kent- nieh, I. Carey, N. Cusack, L. Maclnnis, L. Ciani, B. Meistrell. Stoneleigh has divided its student body into two teams- the Chanticleers and Corazons. Each girl remains a member of the team on which she is placed during her years at Stoneleigh. Through- out the year, we have interlnural play-days and one team must win two out of three games in hockey, soccer, basketball, and softball to earn points: all remaining sports are competitive. Gradually, the teams accumulate points and at the e11d of the year, they are tallied up and the silver cup is awarded to the team with the great- est number of points. 0If'6LZ0lfL QELWL The Blue or Corazon team embodies all the qualities of it's Spanish derivation, "heart" by being a team with great spirit and sportsmanship. The Corazon's are under the guidance of our energetic Captain Jane BIcSweeney. Hockey Fronl rnzr: N. Hackett, S. Kendall, E. Vook, E. McDowell, L. Strecker, Vaptnin J. M4-Sweeney, V. Fortis, NY. Ilunt, S. Funston, B. Moritz, ll. Holden. Sreorzd row: D. Wooflherry, E. Metcalf, L. llirrl, NI. Salinger, V. Vraig, H. Black, S. Stephens, G. Goerke, H. Killani, K. Just, I.. Maiuzzo, K. Brooks. Third mir: Y. Barth, K. Vartnlell, W. Steele, P. Smith, R. Kohn-Ulaya, S. Kendall, P. Robison, K. Coleman, M. Maker, D. Arthur, G. Robison, A. VVhitton, S. Otto. Uetoher 20 Corazon 6 Noveinber 921 Corazon 0 November Q8 Corazon 2 f'hanticleer 1 Chanticleer 1 Chanticleer 3 Soccer Uctober 27 Corazon December 1 Corazon December 5 Corazon 51 Q Chanticleer 4 1 Chanticleer 0 0 Chanticleer 0 Hu uardifg JQUCLQ7 X K 1 X 5 1 ,' i 5 ' 1 . :ruling In-lziml llm-kcy Vnpinin J. Nlc'Swv0110y: Nl. Riley, S. Nlowry, S. Kcmlnll, H, Sli-vm-11s, l'. Rulwisnn, X. rulmln, I., Nluiuzzn, S. .lnlu11sm1, S. lfxlllstml, li. llluvk. Uvlnlwr 22-1- Sl0lll'Il'iQ'Il U1-iolwl' 31 SlUIll'll'ig.fll Nfwm-llllrvl' 7 Slulwlvigll 2 BIIVIIIIZIIII 0 0 BIIVIIIIZIIII 3 2 NHFIIIZIIIIIJIUII 2 52 lliwdify xgzccer Stnmling ln-lliml Som-or Vaptnin S. Nlowry: G. sYllStllK'll, N. Fusack, G. Johnson, S. Kendall, ll. Koln-Olaya, Nl. Morley, G. Robison, Nl. Salinger, H. Cosscbooln, J. McSwec11ey. Uclolwl. 25 Novcmbcr 10 FFOSllIll0ll ul, livlm-nt Slum-lcigll 0 BllI'lllliiIll 0 Stfmclclgll 0 Bellwlll 4' qjCU,l,0I. 31 November 17 Slonelciglx 0 Blll'llll2lIll Q Stolwlcltgh N,,W.,,,1,0,- 7 lvursityj 0 liomcnl, I Stmloloigll 4 Norlllzunpton 4 Stfmeleigh lfl'6SllIl16IlD 0 licment 0 53 Mfjlf0ff,,+W MJJQQWW W jf W QL! fm .ff 1- xf,-.?.-,,,:W. . .. a:,9k.is53:T'i5.:,g1-gtg-3-g:.l:'9gf:4,..f5?9g-q-Y-533.3wqvga:-ifis:f?.vui,?.i3.'?552,?,i?1lq:5jQ1i-':S27's?'f3?4'f3'77iNlg:n-5.-4-E,u-v,!k15M:"afie:gsE:,vWEE.::.1:r'q Pfslfax. -- 15.1-4 ' ea - - - '. ,- ' .' .- ..- -'-' -. --I -. 4 -- ' H- -' - -' :. -r . - w.-'.'S'3i"'2,v-1'-!5'6'i4'f.-, .- .-'eh ' is " k' ek 'gg .43-IPQIHIF' '51 J5,5t'.44n, ?ep-521'-' -sf'5,f?5E1z':-fvu-'VI-::'427:f35!ff-9:-!1'3.'s-5'1-v'3q'-r13r:"::i'2-,.'-gr: '?e'5'fi.f'z '4'53,'J'-,g-'1G,,-Q'-9'-s': YP:44.f-ni-rm -' Q., .M--s, -r 4-AQ 3. inf- 4 .. 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H"-iw!-1'--w3"'ffb-':es.-4-agaf' -Y'-,Q-z, 1'5Efg??s'Z- .yr fha.-L?'b':.+'a-ra-arm ..f'.-Wfufafmrr: fj55F!32.W,fJF .Q --.,:,,:'-as-u.-ufwp.-PF-'6a,s':1 :iz - 5-ww.: -2 -1.-ff:-+4:.vv--ws-g:R+se11-Q.,-:hm s:.v1f-gyffw-19-F"-U1"'fs'u,Q'm"4S'3Y'f?'Q"?:-'fSZe"' M-fYwrh,ws,'f1sf"'Mi-vS'-b+,4vN- -+--A .W -he st-a1ewg3g,pQ1:gEf"'ag.fJJi!:.'f' w',- Q .7-'ig-2v:".Z'g':f.1p-av--4.3.25--:f:""'2-n5'f,'g'35P.,'R,i?'., 5544-,Ev-.fag-.:,av-,9,,,e2:5-fe.w'3-:?,r.11e':.-5.14, '-24332 'fm' -as-yeah , fy! 2-'if a-.-1-an .2-ao. -ii, v 'yr'-ss-'pf-'haS!-.,ev S1a'5':p'-.i. "-5?-if631,"-2'v,g"'i1.'-fz'"2-f-i'n2?.3.xfi'-wr'-.av.""16:.yJ .ifsfivr '- farm' ' 'sm-v. f 1 5,-EAM ,,,--'ggqq-, v- 'AQ-'jg w.,!g5f:qn..-.. . -Q, 3. I...-Ea' 13,-gp PZ' ps 3 vi gh. el P94-e,gb,' .,eRg.l1-. are P-Y' :P -' Q' ANI:-1: F- efvi- -. gap- f-fgvf ig-gs: f'5"'a'geQ?K"-wdifag-piszffif .-4-2r'n,g, 1,14-S -:T Q465-5'5lE'.3'z2"'i-,law44?f59s2V?4fafK?ffwr'i-nw-f2?'5'2'5'55-W 5i'15"'F ea?"-59191-'fff' fuskd- -fe.-'-2 23IP.,?fgvf-5 A favorite FALL PASTIME is eucamping on a sunny hill to catch up on correspondence and get a bit of sun. Five charming maidens pose in front of the corral to compare tans acquired in the pre- vious summer. A hcll sharply cut through classes to proclaim a tcnscly awaitcll liolirlayfM0lfX'l'AlN DAY! The majority of the school was ready and waiting for the hus to carry us to the scene of an all day picnic. tains, throwing apples, etc .... .leans were the happily-donned garh as they prov- ecl helpful for climbing barns, falling down moun- ,qi 1' .Y A ,Q ru- ii W3 1 is 4 I r"""'s4h Linda and Burnie almost lost each other with their exultation over the pas- toral scene, viewed from the summit of Mount Sugarloaf. X . Decorating for the VERMONT ACADEMY DANCE is as gay as any party. Crepe paper stream- ers seem to fasinate Sue and Bam, while Gail works busily. The first highlight of the November social program was the VVILLISTON DANCE. Sandy and her date pause obligingly for our photographer. BIRTHDAY PARTIES are such fun for all and provide a pleasant break in an evening of study. Here, Brooksie does the honors. The surprise HALLOWE'EN PARTY on October 31 was crashed by two very shady-looking charact- ers who baflled the more refined Stoneleigh girls. After parading mysteriously around the living room, they disappeared and later returned as . . .P 57 'FK-' mfs.- ,.v Robin, Mrs. Frederick, and Tommy Iimerson make 21 very homey picture when seated at the piano. It really helps one to feel at home upon seeing this scene. ln Ile:-emlwr an der-omtion party ensues in the din- The dilllfffl is On! Happy Couples wish ear-ll other il ing roonl while the seniors nlzule Sl.0llf'l0lg.IlI look Merry f'llI'lStlIlilS while YV2lltZlllg.f?lI'0lll1ll lll01l2lllK'l' festive for the Dl'II'lIll"llCl,D l"0RMAl,. floor. ., 15 l S The queen, Nancy Vusaek smiles with pride as the shutter eliekecl to enrl :1 wonderful evening. 58 The seniors uphold an old tradition of secretly DECORATING THE TREE after taps. Almost as much fun is had in the decorating as in the triumphant view of the finished work! "Wine, women, and song" is the famed expression quoted by a large group of white-gowned gals at the CHRISTMAS BANQUET when students and faculty gather for a gay, song-Hlled meal. A short rehearsal before TABLEAUX gives slight glimpses of the beauty of the Christmas program at Stoneleigh. " . . . and I in my cap" causes a giggle to To top oil' 1955, Janie and Sandy cele- ripple through the crowd as Flash re- brate their birthdays together as a last cites "The Night Before Christmas" 59 fling before CHRISTMAS VACATION! during the entertainment which followed the Banquet. l J0 C 1 I ly if ,Ne ff "9's-f"- lt ll f k dl ttl washer pau t y UI S6 ks i I0 Illtill 3 tly W Ill u! k Lllll R ANNI Wrlw fN.1Jvj'l- 'V Wl'5f" Vffwm jfy-f?J,QA ', MV' 5. 1 wad ,gfg pkwy a f"fd,,rz!'15-iffy fyff' L,oJ, 9of'iW k . ww M V fyfwyfyfwfgp W' fX1j,,f M M 51 A-2 bt' fgffifwg 3765! W yild' gg.: My I t 60 5 'Blix -'S fe-'D XMLMQSL i One thin abou us Stoneleigh girls-we s do W enh3fQ..9-f'1QMo.A.9xm.S 5.,ueCL e L.9ex' USK vvx QNGJAX cw Qs- SLQJY Q-RQ-' QR, '7 -fx L h-fx,fln Burnie and Lin look like two cozy roommates ready for a long, cold, but gay winter! P lojvok xg-Rx-GPL-L K Misha . - Rug XJRLQ S wk MMU N UVA- Qas - r A Y ,o 1 K . t x , l .' A - n - Before bedtime, the halls shake with shouts be- tween roomates-"Tell me a Story!" "Onward, Christian soldiers . . PW? CHEMISTRY LAB on VVednesd:1y afternoon is interesting as well as good experience. Now let's see . . . 15 milligrams of sulfuric acid and 20 centimeters of nitric acid makes . . . er . . . quite an explosion!! The Flltli WARDENS, each assigned to a partic- ular section in the building, do an excellent job, led by u competent Fire Vhief, Posse. Movie night, and the whole school flocks to town to sob through a tear jerker or giggle while watch- ing a laugh-a-minute comedy. The buses ring with familiar tunes from a musical and the smell of but- tered popcorn. A boy's hest friend is his dog . . . 62 To all seniors, the SNACK BAR spells a satisfy- ing haven for snacks, letter writing and just plain chatting. egypt! SANDWICH SALES made this yearbook possi- Our DEAN-in a rare moment of relaxation ble besides feeding the underclassmerfs thriving land dieting?D little bodies! From this shot of a portion of the SENIOR CLASS we End it hard to real- ize that our merry get-togethers will soon be part of the past. 63 ww' . N 9 it Skiing . . . sports . . . clothes Fair and unbiased judgment juz eep lard paaf ,W A ' Z s W'Es5'g5::FS': Q: x-N-: A 'N X X 23 : XX W ggi! R t -QF Q. A l X 1 , A .1.,E ag ,, ,A ..,X . H ,. and locks the door at night .H 1. Always in Vogue . . . Mania for telephones . . . fire 5 IO 'Mfx gl f"Q drills X e xy ix .XXI 'fs E Ki. Y r , , . sci-iningly quit-t . . . llurcl-driving editor . . . the brain Good looks in the L-andy storv . . A red cont to the Snack Bar! 64 tt E 3 'Q txt! V W . . . and a bubbling laugh Liberuce has nothing ou our gal so-0-0 typically Hostoni Popular leader . . . sportswoman fxlliifllnllllg' old-world hair-do Kitties and Bunnies . . . and calm with Little Sisters 3 fa x ray wig I . . . sharp Vermont twang . . . . . resembling an old-fashioned cameo . . . and on to Oklahoma! See page 78 65 Wagga: Wb'fq5bMMQ Q16jklQi,Mjn45w. ,J s W VM NW 5 . -MM Q M - , 9'PWwQMf'QQVyQ,Vy5Ww' '4"J.y?fW" 'X Him? +5231 Mwfyvgfmffmf W ZZ! fopyw ,fu . u xy, I QP MW wlfwgfyw , Q Pdwjffl f f f1 v p w up WS? X 7 XX 'r ,nfj 5 I x-,1 I s ', I Q ' 5 XX i If X . I , X5 fn -nk.: , f um , K f! y F' ' 4 f M Q I 4 wx m , A 1 + 'QW W ' I M?1 W" 1 J , 1 1 M vmn'. r, I M f I 4 n' ' A - ' -C' -4 ,R -K Y " 1g ' -T' S , .- .Lh, Q' - 4 5 ,1 - 'Xigfwf' ' ' - ' A-W ' Y 5 M-mi C Z1 an Y K, g- ' , ...ul - Y Win- Nl.:-1 6- M-x Lg f f ' C- 5 - ,445-5 - -H 1- H- -- Y- ---- J' L " -QA QM"- 'X 14,--v Tingn, , Y + "x iii-, -5 L'-tl X if-. -V --i""- 1 , X liz-ii-' -..-i. mm! of .jwwlfeeo Mr. Joseph T. Bartlett Dr. Frank L. Boyden Mr. Stanley L. Cummings Mrs. Katherine J. Dunton Mrs. Mary B. Ewing Mr. John W. Smead Mrs. Elizabeth S. Stoddard Greenfield Deerfield Greenield Greenfield Orleans Greenfield Greenfield Mr. Gz Mrs. Mr. Sz Mrs. Mr. Sz Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. pa from Richard Y. Burnham Robert Cartmell Burton L. Coffey B. J. Copeland Cleary's Jewelers Mr. Sz Mrs. Thomas S. Craig The Fabric Fair Mr. Sz Mrs. Howard R. Goerke Gribbon's Music House Mr. Sz Mrs. Lowell E. Hawthorne Dr. Sz Mrs. H. Dunham Hunt Mr. 8z Mrs. Raymond D. Hunt Koch Grocery Mr. Sz Mrs. Samuel Lloyd 68 Dr. Sz Mrs. Anthony M. Maiuzzo Mr. 8z Mrs. W. C. Marks Mathieu's Shoes Mr. Sz Mrs. Russell C. Morley Mr. Sz Mrs. Lewis Mowry Mr. Sz Mrs. John A. Plummer Mr. Sz Mrs. M. MacDonald Robinson Joseph A. Shaff S. Sz I. Army and Navy Stores S. S. Kresge Co. Dr. 8z Mrs. H. Frederick Stephens K. R. Stevens Mr. Sz Mrs. Edward H. Woodberry Mr. Sz Mrs. Robert N. Yates 8z family YETIER the FLORIST Quality Flowers Since 1907 Telephone Prescott 444305 525 Bernardston Road Greenfield, Mass. r 10 A ki: THE SNACK BAR 377 Federal Street Greenfneld, Mass. Besf Wishes From WHAI 1240 K C . Compllments of A M - F M 98.3 M C Mrs. Anna H. Olney Greenfield, Mass. -"'gl 5 S Z IVE BETTER S Granny S 1,0 mnssrf lv A1 L9 f N H 'R U fl A SQ 3 U rv, 1 WJ , D 5 CQ N Y WWI A W, 69 FORBES CAMERA SHOP Our Own Photo Finishing Greeting Cards For All Occasions 350 Main Street Greenfield, Mass. Compliments of. . . THE ROYL CLEANERS Federal Street Greenfield, Massachusetts Compliments of J. ll. ll0LLl TER Jewelers Business Owned and Operated by members of The Hollister Family for over 100 years. STONELEIGH GIRLS Shop at the MARY-ELLEN DRESS SHOP "Personally Yours" 9 Davis Street Greenfield, Moss. Best Wishes From . . . F ISKE and STRECKER Prescriptionists CLARENCE S. STRECKER, Reg. Phar. Tel. PR 4-5002 In Greenfield It's WILSON'S Franklin C.ounty's Most Complete Shopping Center 353 Main Street Since 1332 Greenfield, Mass. Compliments of . . . USTATIONERSH Main St. News 81 Sandwich Shoppe 364 Main St. GREENFIELD, MASS. 306-310 Main Street Greenfield, Mass. Fine Writing Papers Books Office Supplies Office Equipment Typewriters 'X M, I U 1 'J x I vii' IJLYZUIQ A A V ,Vx , iv , X I 1 at ml H irfui X 1 I I ' I a ' 1- -it ' H . , I, 4 Xa yur: I" VJ 'Q' , n I- f ,i I I 'Af n 'I C-1' I Compliments I 4, 'I Best-'fwishels From 7' , 'J I U1 u YV KX 1 9 g , v f f of "' V11 M K L V., t- 1 . r-1 :KL lt! JVJ DCM' f ,' 1- - -C PAPE ELECTRO PLATING INC WALTHAM Mary P. Cianci SUPPLY CQMPANY smltgs of Greenfield Massachusetts 374-378 Main Street The MEN'S SHOP The WOMEN'S SHOP Compliments of YELLOW CAB George E. Matteson Compliments of a Friend myfff 5f"",M ,K . Mygplyff Mawr? 5Qff ffff,f W fgagfafwww +yof,dg,ff.i:f11MQ'Z-f,'j' Class of 1956 45 Qwffwkf ff:ffiff 2P'f'J We' W BALANCED CONTROL OF INT ERNATIONAI. ADVERTISING The Robert 0tto Sz Company policy: up centralized and local control i in proper balance makes for M t more efficient advertising There is no blanket formula for the efficient I administration of international advertising N budgets. Type of product, manufacturing and distributing set-up, the nature of individual markets-these are the factors which must Clients in all fields of business and industry "'E. I. DU PONT DE NEMOURS 81 CO 'MAGNUS, MABEE 8. REYNARD, INC. 'REMINGTON ARMS CO. BEECI-I-NUT PACKING COMPANY CAMPBELL SOUP COMPANY THE CREAM OF WHEAT CORPORATION GEO. A. HORMEL Gi CO. 'THE F. 8I M. SCI-IAEFER BREWING CO. STANDARD BRANDS INTERNATIONAL IBLUE BONNET MARGARINED WM. UNDERWOOD CO. B. T. BABBITT, INC. McILHENNY COMPANY THE ALLCOCK MANUFACTURING CO. ., INC. determine your particular form of advertising ' AMES COMPANY, INC- . . HUMPHREYS MEDICINE COMPANY control. When you choose an international MILES LABORATORIES, INC. ' ' ' ' h MILES LABORATORIES PAN AMERICAN, INC. advertising agency, be sure It can give you t c MILES LABORATOMES LTD., CANADA type of control you need. LYDIA E. PINKHAM MEDICINE COMPANY , , , , w THE SEAMLESS RUBBER COMPANY "Balanced control of International advertising I SUMNER CHEMICAL CQMPANV, INC, this is the method, the slogan, of Robert Otto i WHITE LABORATORIES' . RTHAM WARREN COR RATION Sc Company. Our oflices and assoclates i :AgHN H. 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U51--'.fr'f -zi " ff --E Y ' MMORE THAN A HOTELLA TRADITION' 'melon ofel GREENFIELD, MASSACHUSEITS BEST WISHES FROM MR. 8: MRS. ROGER B. SALINGER KEY TO THE DEEP DARK PAS'l PAGE 6-1 Jane McSweeney Anne Burnham Nancy Hackett Elanor Black Brenda Cosseboom Lynne Falk Linda Maiuzzo Gail Hawtlforne Suzanne Funston PAGE 65 Nancy Cusack Sally Plummer Barbara Flashman Sandra Mowry Dana Woodberry Karen Brooks Betty Ann Moritz Natalie Yates Gretchen lfvustlich Karen Just x ibirecfory Arthur, Dorothy 376 Post Road, Noroton, Connecticut Barger, Amey Old Long Ridge Road, Stamford, Connecticut Barhydt, Marjorie Orchard House, Tyringham, Massachusetts Barry, Betsy Ann Hobomok Hill, South Duxbury, Massachusetts Barth, Vivian 62 Rockland Avenue, Larchmont, New York Bird, Lucille 197 South Street, Reading, Massachusetts Black, Elanor 154 Beacon Street, Chestnut Hill 67, Massachusetts Brooks, Karen Manchester Beach, Lake City, Pennsylvania Burnham, Anne 12 Canterbury Turnpike, Norwichtown, Connecticut Campbell, Suzanne Imperial Street, Lanesboro, Massachusetts Carey, Inness 11 South Pleasant Street, Middlebury, Vermont Cartmell, Kate 51 South Street, Middlebury, Vermont Chadwell, Judyth Ann 20 Half Mile Road, Barrington, Rhode Island Cianci, Linda 150 Barbour Road, New Britain, Connecticut Coffey, Emily 18 Terrace Avenue, Riverside, Connecticut Coleman, Kate 17345 Rancho Street, Encino, California Cook, Earlyne 402 Davis Street, Greenfield, Massachusetts Copeland, Judith Point View Terrace, Plattsburg, New York Cosseboom, Brenda Lee Litchfield Lane, New Hartford, Connecticut Craig, Catherine 736 West Clinton Street, Elmira, New York Curtis, Cynthia 433 North Pleasant Street, Amherst, Massachusetts Cusack, Nancy Indian Pass, Greenwich, Connecticut Falk, Lynne 209-39 Thirty-fourth Road, Bayside, New York Flashman, Barbara 21 Rangeley Road, Chestnut Hill 67, Massachusetts Funston, Suzanne 116 Malta Avenue, Ballston Spa. New York Goerke, Gladys Westover Park, Stamford, Connecticut Hackett, Nancy 13 Fox Meadow Road, Scarsdale, New York Hale, Jean 4 The Birches, Roslyn Estates, Long Island, N. Y. Hawthorne, Gail Old Norwood Road, Northport, Long Island, N. X Holden, Barbara 229 Main Street, Amherst, Massachusetts Hunt, Marcia Imperial Park, VVestport, Connecticut Hunt, Margaret R.D. 7942, Ballston Spa, New York Jenks, Diane h 42 Crescent Street, Greenfield, Massachusetts Johnson, Sydney Brooklawn Park Hills, Bridgeport 4, Connecticut Johnson, Virginia Gaywood, Monticello, Illinois Just, Karen 250 Clayton Road, Scarsdale, New York Kaye, Barbara 756 Hammond Street, Chestnut Hill 67, Massachusetts Kendall, Suzanne 15 Stow Street, Concord, Massachusetts Kentnich, Elsa 1028 South Crescent Avenue, Park Ridge, Illinois Killam, Elizabeth Killshire Farm, Wallingford, Connecticut Kohn-Olaya, Renate Carrera 11 79477-13, Bogata, Columbia, S. A. Lloyd, Barbara P.0. Box 114, New Canaan, Connecticut McDowell, Eva Jane 15 Shoredale Drive, Manhasset, Long Island, N. X Maclnnis, Elizabeth 142 Elderwood Avenue, Pelham, New York McSweeney, Jane East Orchard Road, Brattleboro, Vermont Maiuzzo, Linda 15 Broadway, Beverly, Massachusetts Maker, Myra 56 Franklin Street, Wrentham, Massachusetts Marks, Mary Ann 861 Bedford Road, Pleasantville, New York 7 Meistrell, Barbara 186 Hollywood Crossing, Cedarhurst, New York Metcalf, Elizabeth 104 South Street, Auburn, New York Moritz, Betty Ann Cedar Road, Katonah, New York Morley, Marilyn 30 Lincoln Avenue, West Hartford, Connecticut Mowry, Sandra 148 Linden Avenue, Englewood, New Jersey Olney, Marianne 73 Edgecomb Court, Albany, New York Otto, Susan 555 Pelham Manor Road, Pelham Manor, New York Plummer, Sally 26 Glen Street, Malden, Massachusetts Pratt, Susan 2944 Garfield Terrace N .W., Washington 8, D. C. Riley, Mary R.F.D., New Hartford, Connecticut Ritzmann, Stephanie 106 Myrtle Avenue, Westport, Connecticut Robinson, Carol Ashfield, Massachusetts Robinson, Gail and Patricia 42 Third Avenue, Mineola, New York Salinger, Mary Louise 149 Dorset Road, Waban 68, Massachusetts Serafin, Diana R.F.D. 7141, Stafford Springs, Connecticut Sisson, Joan 750 Bernardston Road, Greenfield, Massachusetts Smith, Penelope 14 Salter Place, Maplewood, New Jersey Smith, Phyllis 30 Gilbert Street, North Brookfield, Massachusetts Steele, Winifred Box 118, West Acton, Massachusetts Stephens, Sherrie 295 Rumstick Point, Barrington, Rhode Island Stickney, Charlotte 20 Hampton Court, Maywood, New Jersey Strecker, Linda 740 Bernardston Road, Greenfield, Massachusetts Whitton, Annabel 142 East Avenue, Norwalk, Connecticut ' Williams, Marian Goodale Hill Road, Glastonbury, Connecticut Woodberry, Dana 211 Mott Road, Fayetteville, New York Woodhull, Helen Box 87, Convent, New Jersey Wustlich, Gretchen Woodstock, Vermont Yates, Natalie 1816 Plymouth Avenue, Erie, Pennsylvania Miss Helen Brainard 712 South Road, Poughkeepsie, New York Mrs. Louise Connell Courmayeur, Vald'Aosta, Italy Mrs. Robert Davis 254 Chapman Street, Greenfield, Massachusetts Mrs. Charles Price Deems 120 Miller Avenue, Rumford, Rhode Island Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Emerson 574 Bernardston Road, Greenfield, Massachusetts Mrs. Henry Seelye Emerson 58 Seelye Street, Amherst, Massachusetts Mrs. David Frederick Deerfield, Massachusetts Mr. and Mrs. James Gardner 96 Maynard Road, Northampton, Massachusetts Mrs. Arnold, Goodyear North Main Street, Sunderland, Massachusetts Mrs. Madolyn A. Heald 39 Washburn Avenue, Greenield, Massachusetts Mrs. Dorothy Kells Mountain Road, East Greenfield, Massachusetts Dr. Richard Knowles 587 Tuckerman Avenue, Middletown, Newport, R Mrs. Leo Lacaillade 72 Prospect Street, Greenfield, Massachusetts Mrs. V. Winslow Mathews P. 0. Box 77, East Hardwick, Vermont Mrs. Madeleine McFee 309 East Broadway, Haverhill, Massachusetts Mrs. Esther Norris R. F. D. Easthampton, Massachusetts Miss Henriette Ottesen Rugby Place, VVoodbury, Massachusetts Mrs. Agnes M. Smith 146 Sunset Avenue, Amherst, Massachusetts Mrs. Elwin Smith South Main Street, Belchertown, Massachusetts This book printed by VELVATONEQ, a special process of litho- graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Bulhlo, Y. No other printing firm is authorized to uae the Velvatbne method? 1 as J J -. N' li 1- ' iw .. ,M , ,,,.-IW., V ..j.KMf: ,lu 1, , ,. 3, .1 V, . V ., 1 Y Y, .V M A - , J I , I .ai aw ' " ' 5, ,E lc,,z,?f3Lg4ff ixi 'SCBW -X 'QW -- fri P " 6:1254 Q ' .fzf-220,19-P7 and .1 vQQc X5-.N 6Lf'ffQ4'c'2W'K-HCL? QL5- ,gl , 5 H LQQQQQ4 .w"'c.f: ' ffcf if Q Q95 . 12.24214 1.9 Zi? f ?f?"'4?Q'f" V952 X ma 1 fwf, My Aww if ' 63 f fllafv cu 7555713 . 755,55 ,Z Q 2- ' W .,'b 6426 Wad? , 4 ' ffi cdffdff' 5 ffff '46 I- ' , f - - ,, 'T , ff if J Q-,,4g , ?,f Mama, WWW' 1 fifewf A 34101 D Wk!! .,,R fda ' Www c?mmwwS - ww A1 4 i " 4 Q, ka fl 4,-wo br-f-mv 1, 4 , '-if Q-. 1 W "' 61 X X .-. , Q we ,VV N ' j'QQfV'T 59,551 Q R 5 if V K+' iw +V . 'Wine' X M VV 3 V iw 'M V . ,, 1719 , 'Hs 4 S, , 1 K ,gg fi -Vx V Q . ,M ,fm . iff: f p A ' . 2 M3433 5 , wwe aff, i L A V Wag.. ,, Q fa L ,J V V , 5 W Y V f . ., N15 Tx, V177 :Qt 1, 'V H GX 5 V 333 M may W in M 'L ' 'V 'E , 4 V WX iw -ggygn 'if fi MW A -1 4' .V ,,n,w,,kV If Kimi 1 .p ,Q it ,.,,.., , , xv ws V, L A , www fw4g5+i,, , V g W --vw ,, " 333333: ,LX A ' V ,hx Dwi ,V Q V wg-pggff wg , A f f,-q v : ' Y WVU Z 1 .,,Y1,i 1'5E51, . xg, X " A K 2 " fvllbk ,W Q, ww . bfi si , 1, - BYIFCZW N' LVYE Tiff 5571520 V V , ,S.4, n .3-ye,-iw-yi-,.-,--1.rf-.-1. I 1 ff, ,--. 4-wa V ,wa

Suggestions in the Stoneleigh Prospect Hill School - Liber Anni Yearbook (Greenfield, MA) collection:

Stoneleigh Prospect Hill School - Liber Anni Yearbook (Greenfield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Stoneleigh Prospect Hill School - Liber Anni Yearbook (Greenfield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Stoneleigh Prospect Hill School - Liber Anni Yearbook (Greenfield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 60

1956, pg 60

Stoneleigh Prospect Hill School - Liber Anni Yearbook (Greenfield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 43

1956, pg 43

Stoneleigh Prospect Hill School - Liber Anni Yearbook (Greenfield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 9

1956, pg 9

Stoneleigh Prospect Hill School - Liber Anni Yearbook (Greenfield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 39

1956, pg 39

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