Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA)

 - Class of 1988

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Text from Pages 1 - 176 of the 1988 volume:

"bv-,-- -, Yew ,' , , , ' 5:1 P- -V ' A7 ' -f .fs ..-. Q ' 3 F 53515 7 ....4T XG, il WW ,590 I N5 LEOWO-Y M 0 Q Y K9 GW , My Bypfopq QQLJX5 y L 6693 ICD N06 15' a Y M540 wx 04 X6 t kv G U Q50 ,x YD 5 V1 .wmv ri W ' 0354 X x GN X gr CX Wbx ,Z K xl ,eof5 Q .Q4 xwx Y W Q iff . G A Q '3 , 0,9 COX YJQSA X, I qw XS? Y 5 aj WL XO 35 QVW0 Sw Q WBA W9 2 11003231 ' CKJX x W9 M 6 GX , wgbf u Vw NO Q02 N M1006 ' do QJLXCQ' 1 Q, 9900 . W6 X04 SLMXXSN' K1 WO Kofd t QSWNOQ' Q6 os? WS UQ vi go QW W A 5 OJ DM t Q Q L xv . Uzj' 'Haw 1. :fx-SQ--1-Yi. . -. 11,1 ' T45-TLT X xg W... . X xk wrfaggw.. W' 5 .f i f. 1,5 - 1' ' . if E kv' Riff , is ,ez hi. i w f , W .42 I al . . -. PY: ' 5 ' 520 35 V . X. , " ,.,,. WKZQIQS rip HW: E13 if J, ,FY ' ,L fx 3' '4"m.-.1 'rn H Ji 5 N' af Q-4 . Ag 11 E ml Fiahifffii Vg ' :.,.5E'.TL 'G . uh Ya . ,i Q . e l qi ' fs 54' . ,- N SV .V- 'MPV 'NF r Hman- Qi 9:4 'Z' , :,, : WF LQ' .1 Q , 4-b 'X 'aw QM- ' Q43 " ' 1 ' ':?" :?W 5, ,r . 3 ', ggi F 533- .Qu ,595 .kllggi ,,. Q --A ' f a n ' 59-gg, N 2 BEM ' x S ,- 3' Y ,1 Q .-ky , . , 4r- . J mls af-figqv T Biff? Q'-3 af 41 SIB! ,SQ fi' 'YA-'I 'V' C-1 . F155 'Q Wf V ti ' 355 ' 33 u Fi 'vs Nw Q f ,, ' if fr. ga y , . a???S?' f Yi 4 2 sri!!!- Egfx 'BLS-'?r gqivw Q?" , GSW! 15,5-gvgfh. 'yfggsgvfggi . :V --,+,v!.i-- J- :L- iw- .,4.,, .ri 5 5' ,f ,A '-am. ww. ,- -L- V' -J 'M '1 1 wifi, HQ? , sm, avaiffsf www mp Q- im '- Q ma? AfTer o lifeTime in The Town of STohehom, memories ooouhd-porTies, vocoTiorTs, weekends, orresTs, sporTs evehTs, Towh doys, holidoys ond more: mosT of which were spehT here, in STohehom. These ore, omohg oThers, some of The siTes where These memories were shoped. WiTh Time, These plooes moy clisopoeor, yeT Through Time They will sTohd os mohumehTs To The "old days." ,, , -, .3- ., ,T ,."" V ., : . as . , yu 1 . . . ig A Q A N T T .-u . . ,, -I. N QV, ,. A - M. .em nl X DAIRY ' nous 4 Air. I Vxvyfr! 1 q,f..xH,js'iEf-i'- " ' , " gh,-K., - .aah V., f 4 vff ' ."" .4 ,'..f'.Sq.'?i""',..A ',,, , , K- '.w-'gm'-3,0 ,. vw Q94 -, f . N , 'V-?35? f,,'ff-fwm 1 V' LTV " l"1pT1'if?f'i:?""""" " -A ' ' ' 1 'f wa --wA.-f-,gs--.eawwz-1-I vw fp-in '- 5.5 ..1g:fffv 2 . 2111 -- J ' uf,.Slum.LY-1-f-H:gk:v'm:,gfS1?gg,Q,'rA"'" , -1,.,p f -Em' H HN ' in 1- .-V ,MA 4,11 .3 's k y-,-ff-,f-..4g, , ' ' , ' 'f' A ' -1, : v kg: ., ,V-1 gm- ",.'-1'-P1-LTTL, " - " 'r va? 1- 'A z-: Ji,-11,-,-'N..'?1f.Al.': -' -1,..1:.5, ' . , , I -H 14.9 15, ':"f,F'f-.,-'TA -A 'f if: .1 , I - " ' I,iff"z1'. ' ' ". ' X rn - . . . . r s' "' , ff " rea.,-1. ,- ' UP' MJ, ,,. W ,,..,-lT""' 0 V+ IMMWUH . ,X , - . 1115. , X . 0 lf, ' X nat' . .Q 15,- x yn g A Jigs' '-'YQ ' f I l,". 'Heb ff- , . . .- :'fE":..,.s- I I' -. ', ,ryxi .-JR Vg' .. 'I In 1 ,Q Z I K . f ve: 'J fi 1 , ., . 'A . bf- 55, if ' Y :C - -1,. ,Si-5, ' "1 ' 1, 1 ,ti - ff 4 w k : f' 1-'P Z5 1' gm! ,,..--""" N .1 1 fit N ' . N151 nav'-,.. . "RN-.4-V Vw' ' , 1 ,ff f' , ' 6 ,' ,.'-v4- 1 I4 bm: ,"" v., Q H lun X W., QQ! vnu-fx Q 2-'ff .sf WV' swiss C vw'N,,.,,sw1 .1 -, pu" ix, N J 1 xl eyqhi' S 5 .. ,muff l v -' 'I' w?,,wv'vT-gzggglmmw T Q, 4,2 wrnlizfwlf ww .., . if i mswfzgm 1 : is V T Legendary People ki Town Since our flrsf doy in school, Officer Duff hos been d porf of our lives. Some ore hoppier Thoh ofhers dbouf Thof, yef There is no doubT ThoT everyone who offended The STonehom Elemenfory Schools remembers his bold heod ond infornous occidenT chorTlNlck Apolokis, The mon who hos held every elecTed posifion ln The Town of Sfonehom, is d legend, os well. Among The Sfonehom High School sfoff legends dbound-Bernie Corbeff, The ulfimofe sub, Mr. lvlorgorlfqg The kind-heorTed, ex-pro-fooT- boil sTdr hos Touched us call, Dr. Hoyf, Thej newly oppolnfed SuperinTen- denf, The one-ond-only REED, ond d few ofhers will dll hold speciol ploces in our memories. f s 5 ff T1 is FRIENDSHIP IS i I Q f 5 f 5 1 E Y F' 'Q' Q 'f37'6w- f , ' 'f 10- 'wmw..,w.. f ' 5 1: r , , s 4 f . W r v , 4 ' 4' Q ' 'EEE' V E r 55 A A 2 'A ' ii. V- i A 0 X, ? ,- f I 4 v I I W X M Y on , 'Qs 1 .v L, N Q 'IE' 2334 3, .L-5 -. . 1-fi M ' ' 4"f31'u'A g.:,,,. Q V Y simxshimw , ,'WmaXwbq. 5' T 2 nf-if-:wwff:.gfX--,ML 1 ff . fi 1ff2+x-vnrsi 1 ,., S Q 1' I - 'K K .Ll , f. B' x . 25? , I -K Y ,-vi . ' 1-nw , I XX 8 . 1-f,LgQ"gjA Q. 1, ' ' -A, ., K X. . 'f "A' ' ,1 Y ' uf - iw.. , 1 " it f f A X 7 1 42 X' 'Fw x as lf dff' ' 4 , gh.. ,,,,. " Zi, ,-?ffaEf?iQf?Q :WJ 3 ml uf' N 1 -4 . , UV P 'HXMFZ 1 1 !..,.,1 A ' -,J my 4 M -X , 'l g. v -K+ x Y- we kg-3 - VA. 5 ,v-qu. 4' 1 my 95 . , Y x c f I . vt Q x Q x ,I q, V 'R fl lk I 0 v X 'Xl KW 5 i,.f DeTerminoTion, hord work ond perseveronce: This is The sTuff legends ore mode of. WheTher in ocodemlcs, oThleTics or The fine drTs - iT Tokes long hours To disTinguish oneself from The crowd. lvldny omong The closs of '88 hove worked To seT Themselves oporT. On The sporTs field, oThleTes from Trdck, boseboll, volleybdll, sofTboll, ond swimming hove broughT recogniTion bock To STonehom. Our closs hos dlso produced d crop of orTisTicolly TolenTed sTudenTs. The sToge ond The convds boTh hdve provid- ed The opporTuniTy for experTs in The fine orTs To express Themselves. These, Then ore The legends of The closs of 4988. They will remoin foremosT in our minds for mony yeors To come. A T0 I 'X A Y 1, f KNAW A 4 1. ' o 1, fav ff. if M 1 , x 'xg 'gig fn J .. 4 5 , ,151 3 f , ' A 'eq' , '- 4 , A x , V 1 . V., Y , X a, i 1 4 L Q '-"3 .6 , Ni K, A? gg' Trips and ouTings were always cherished ThroughouT our school years, high school in parTicular. On Friday, OcTober 47, 1986, Mr. Reed and Ms. Norelli, legends Themselves, Took Their respecTive English classes for afield Trip To PlimouTh PlanTaTion. While mosT Tend To forgeT The PuriTan culTure we saw, all recall The bus ride home, The sauirT guns, and Those songs, O Those songs. Anofher infamous ouTing was To BaTTleship Cove, wiTh Mrs. Banulis. Once again, iT wasn'T The culTure, buf raTher The hide-and-seek game we all remem- ber, especially Denise Swansburg. FurThermore, The French Club wenT To Canada in November 1986, while Close-up and Model U.N. made Their respecTive Trips each year Finally, The Two mosT colossal and TradiTional of all evenTs, for The seniors alone, are The April '88 voy- age To Bermuda, and lesT we forgeT, To The ROCKS. The Trip To The rocks is a unique TradiTlon which has endured ThroughouT Sl-lS's years, and gives The de- parTing seniors The opporTuniTy To make Their final mark on our alma maTer. 'T ' V. -r-r ww:-Q-1. Argus.. . , x t Twgb 1 , f -V ,.Q! ' . V- I . 'f L I ,fp- . T ' Z" ai., . . Ti 9 1 '- -lf- S Q7 - .rf .L . W, Vg N . Vw, ' - 'tif' f, . - ': J: J '11 - 21 T, ,W '- '4-H. ':-TI'- 5 ' '15ff1','f9 'i' in f V T as r-.iw ' .- rr-.-m fii-.r.r.,,w l ',f',f' , ' T ' Q, ' f M 3 l . ., ., T T A' -ff' PY "fr 'frm , ,TM Jw Wh T f1,s'i,Wfrr-25,3 . .T ,mgflk -Vflif - f 1 wg. - .- ffi :A I ff ,,...a 1 9- J 4 12 f..'f'f:'T" " ' ' TJ: gi J J I w 5 Q'- 5 g J a1""l TW- M i xi FHAM , K M sang, MW- Q mf? L 4 1 Q . .V fiifgigsw .sfff-K ' wg -.KX if . -., ' F . .. 5- 'FIM " X in 'W iq..- X ,, g .g SToneham sporTs have recenTly been considered "a force" in The Middlesex League. WiTh Time, The achievemenTs of various SToneham High School Teams have expanded greaTly. SToneham sporTs sTarTed a new leg- end This year. For The firsT Time in SHS's hisTory, There is a girls' soccer Team. SHS is also renowned for iTs oTher domi- nanT women's Teams. Girls' volleyball has been a sTrong conTender in The sTaTe TournamenTs for The pasT six years. In The spring, girls Track reigns over The Middlesex League as They've held The firsT place TiTle for Two years. LasT year The girls had Their mosT Trium- phanT season ever, placing firsT in The Middlesex League, STaTe Relays, and STaTe MeeTs. The DisTance Medley also held The naTional H.S. record for ThaT race. The success of SToneham's boys Teams is respecTed ThroughouT The Middlesex League and beyond. RoberT HolT proved ThaT he is whaT legends are made of, Taking SToneham's one-man swimTeam To The STaTe TournamenT lasT year. In baseball, SToneham has been a ThreaT To all of Their opponenTs over The pasT four years. By placing firsT in The Middlesex League Two years in a row, and placing well in The STaTe Tourney, SToneham baseball has made a name for iTself, Finally, The Men's Soc- cer Team has enTered The realm of legends wiTh iTs all-new, legendary coach, "BIG JIM" Carina, who broughT ouT The hearT, spiriT, and ANIMAL in each-and-every-one of his players. 'r -,-1 'A x 'Q .- ,Z xN , , A sb' LEGENDARY FACES i 15" .gw -id! 5- , ay , w if xxx, hun-M J E ...N I X f f ., Le E i s s I Q gf Q B 1 E 'W i P-' 9 .-ul D Q E WWW., lf X K ' 'V L' ,, 2'- , ,M ' P. ' z ' , .,: , , , ::':'2f J2 , F , V-ef: f ' W 1 ac., H VW ? 7 . ADIVIINISTRATIGN 45 Dr. William L. Hoy?-Superinfendani Ql- lx 6 ' M' A 21. . X J Q ,Z .h ggi .2 4. Q R , i 'ilg i -, 4' ,l imi ,-Q s V 9 . l Thomas Ryan-Principal Mary Appleyard-Head Secretory Dr. Ellen Buescnel-Asst. Superintendent d 1 , l ,nv-up , , ' , ,, X xilifljg N. f wth , -. ' ga , .ev,g ,lr1 1 f 3, K I , i , Q Q- 5 2? , , N? Q l ,zxi g f t 1 J , seg f , A my r James Campagna-Vice Principal Ralph Rowell-Vice Principal Sandra Granese-Main Office Irene Zibell-Main Office GUIDANCE William Murphy-Director Elsie Brennan Jack Felton Caralle Ford HX X f in 3 .WX Q1 + ,fgg Gale O'Toole Mary Ellen Lacey ENGLISH Kathleen Brown i Q., Paul Muciccl ... ,rm X o A Y 'Q I 1 N ff , x n:5J him- Richard Reed Kevin Conroy PoTricicn Norelli Edward Russo any .eg 1 Timothy Dcnsdill C-f""'1W' an 4 MGFQQFGT Puffer Kathleen Stevens . f ir? T r 'r "" -' V AW f f " K V f ' frfy - Q V 4, Fw , ,, . M v -1 yr sn , . Q 96,5 mi r 5' '5 ' 0 - Ji ' ffl FOREIGN Joan L'Heureux ' Supervisor f PoLQliA7kinson I Jerihiferi , Qirxnne Koraldrr ,AV .Q , rr . 1 ., ggi A We if Vert! Kdihanowgki , ' " Alain Rocher 1 1 s , , 23 , 1 Q, SCIENCE p-W,,.,.,f 1 ,., ff 7 ' N" .M 'NNT 'A Sfephen Jackson-Supervisor Lydia Breen Sharon Chapman Howard Dimmick Janet Hanley John Kornechuk Thomas Mayo John McGuire Richard Mongeau P-J 6 2 Cecil White-Supervisor i Wg, , frffgfg, Thomas Grondin Ann O'SuIIivan .. . fy , ,af Richard Burnham 6 6425 'X Michael Kennedy MATHEMATICS i 4 ,4 AIDGYT Lanni Anfhony Mariano ' Donna Sannella SCDCIAL STUDIES X f Stephen Conroy-Supervisor James Andreoffela i Wayne Fillback Robert Friel y fe, James Romano J. Paul White IMI!! Carolyn Banulis I3 M f 'VU Qi- fi i Denis Mulvihill 91.3113 Joanne Andersgn Catherine Broderick Dorofhy Corum Maria Garuri W. X ' f' X BUSINESS I A W Joan Jacob Edward Rundleft ,., , . V'a:53f 7 X -- ,, ,F I . " . .. J! 'ff QR. gp, .. , fs .W ,,,:. 5,51 wx f K N, .A,,, N ,, Q w Q .f .,.,. : X R fi E., . ,XLVL 5m A -11-isp--2-f - A Q, -f i Sf,-f-:Q +1-f-wf - -. -rf, i . ,H my 13, f , L fp-A Mg.. Q, -. K 5-a,,,,:,--we-xf'Sgg':1--18 -- :sI3f'13if53'f5RQf'X Q QP? xx .. Sir 5:3 .i 1 - 4'-M xi -is . Q Mig -T Q, -- ffimi, gg- -, J 53.55, - .A x.,:, ii., .. ff -iiiiviiiisg:---Eli, --rr, -if-i X SPECIAL EDUCATION Q ,Q ,.-5 X ' ,, sf Colobrese Paul Cerrone Sa.. ,,:, , , N ,N f alum,-Q -- - iff- f- -f ' if f Docker -X -- ',,. f j J ,, -im- - 5 , 4 i f Susch HE3c:1I ey 1245-D6hnq KeiIey ' Enizdbem-fygqrmnez Ellen Rodmqn -- - --Af m1"k' -,- - Q - - X Q ?:::..:5fy .T za f is f , Q X , NM-V -mx, N xg? 's 5 be J s Find The Legendary Figures On This Page! 5 Fronk Abrohoms - Supervisor Robin Wodsworfh FINE ARTS :MN wiv Theodore Schwolb we 6 V I '2 ' -5 ' I , . "W Z " A' Qi fr 1 :, r "ii . ff m 352 P- LW :-, 15 5. FB! - 9 g X .. o we ,l M. ,,,, l ,-,1 l SV, I I ,lgflgwg ll 2 fl il I f .. , , 222,455 I ii fg,,i,gf ,g vm, n ' - f 5, i1Mye55l'!gQ?E f f ,Beth LoPerriere Joseph Cesniewskl 2 Supbrylsor l'lNilllom Leuci 1 ll il AngelolPQrl4s ! ,z ,f f L h 5 if William Daly Edward Morlihez'-V 7 1 121' 4 vw , ? f , li li, 1 rl, L ,-l', l Wil u ,,,, if l. K D I 6, 4 1 ,. LV I V, .QI ' ah -...Trim , i if A ' , , A 6 A N N , if , , i '71 E 'E A N"' iff.. ' '4 P A ,J P r 4.1.1- Roberi Hogan - Supervisor Ili ' ll , 4-- Pafricia DiPieTro'- Librarian 'www' David Scanell MEDIA PG'friCi0 Ellegood - Library Aide James Corinc MiChO6I Lchiff - Heclfh Agnes Ramp X 1 E 1 I . I Robert Licore o Cynthia Carbone Q9-1 A SY?-E33 W, si UM ' .- i?,l. ' i ffiiw' ' 5' Williom Killileo Robert Powers ,F 5 , . .W r .gy N g., or , . , Q ,A L: v f , V 1 , 5 Q vi if J ark.. Gay White Henry Morgorifc AThleTiCS Y 4 li? J . all -49- wf ,a -V -hx, , .Q 'fi ali? w 'flg x 9 5 i .,. 5' Q , ,N , V 1 kid glu Q gs f ' 5 K CLASS GF ,88 TIES CTIVI A Produced By Ron Davis Befsy Gronese Jeanne Some was 5' .,, 7 . The Junior Cldss meiTed TogeTher CIT The HydTT QGQODCY in Cdmbridge on April 40, 4987. The girls Cdme decked ouT in dll Their finery, while The guys sporTed Tuxes ond in some cdses "jdms." IT wds dn evening To remem- ber for dll who dTTended!ii PLAYBILL STCDNEI-IAIVI I-IIGI-I -415655352 Michael Kid Frcnkenslein Elise Donico os Justine George Bornes PRESENTS i N - Gil Feke os Master of Ceremony dy os Viclor Kofhleen Doyle os Elizciberh LGVGDTG 7, MJT l ein Tim Locey os Henry Clervol Don Ledwiln os The Monsfer Sieve Covlello os Herr Mueller GSEIQANKENSTEIN 'Q PAW? 1' exif! " e 5 .,M 3,2 SL and Crew Bock row G. Fe-ke, M, Briggs, J. McCieorn, 2nd row Mr. Enslow, J. Juros, C. Soderquisi, D. Bosken, A. Abruzzese, N. Anderson, S. Co- M. Kiddy, K. Doyle, D. Leciwiih, T. Locey, B. Lokin, P, Coffin, 2si row C. Troisi, G. Ricordeili, L. Kilroy, P. McCorThy, E. Dcmico, A. Romonos, C R Davis "Be corefui. You don'T woni To dornoge The body . . . " " , . The power To re-cnimoie iife'?'?'?" "A TOCIST To The house of FYCJDRSDSTSHW , . . " "Sophie, The mgidy kn0W5 QII!!!!" Mics Q 313 "We have some business with Dr. Frankenstein." f-an 2 : i I , "Hungry,..lVlore.,.Um..Gooci...' The creature giving William a lift. , 7 vy".'t "Victor, Henry, and Fritz making final preparations i ? 'tStay away . . , Stay Away Beast!!!" "So William, what game should we play'??" CARNIVAL BALL gi: -N Aizi , I , . my ,f , , .A -, ' L ,L :Sh Efv ' On March 5 4988 The sTu denTs of SToneham Hrgh School presenTed :Ts an nual Carnrval Ball The Theme Thrs year was WhaT as a LSQGDG9 Jrm Carrlno ancl Dave Scan nell The clrrecTors of The feshvlhes dlcl a Tremen dous rob of dlrechng This presenTaTnon of song clance drama and hu mor Whale IT adhered To The Traamonal pageanTry of The royal courT The 1988 Carnlval Ball lnTro duced The characTers ln clualng The Royal Execu Tloners among oThers who provldea greaT hu mor To The performances I - u T rf - I I - 1 I 1 ' 1 , - I I 4 r I s 5, 1 4 mv, M1 1 hi .. X awww 5 f is' ' . I E Q-fxff i' 1 All . fu fx -,fmvaf 5 r X - - 'lid - Aram 'Ye r-.42 din 3 xf' 1 tx L 5 if ,lffx K 55 l we 2 . , '. :W ,l ww, lr. , -, , 5 , I ,, ' N51 wi N, JSM, ' ' Ik . C' - ' f X ls, K , Qi, ,, 4 ,2 fl A . gt, ,Z . ., , 3' ' , 1 N g Q sv A ,A IH , ., .M , in ,. .,.l 1 f- is 1 j a ' L ,qc i 4 O Q W , . i , ' rf' l Q., if Q if ig? e I B A. Y' m , , . ,X 1 i L W as ,gi , X ' , ',,, f E - - QL 22 2 , - , ,1 K, ,fx ,im yi ' t li ' 1 I A . A iv 5 if T ' I s, ,ff "- 4 l -f N- iw A l lj l l is A l g 4 f Q , .- K fs y ,Z .l . E l s ' l A 3 S f x 5' nib? Here Sloneham High's finest musicians display their Talents in a variely of slyles, from chorale 'fo pop and from classical 'ro good ol' Rock-n- Roll! MUSICAL PERFCDRIVIERS A W xi Here, The Freshmen, Juniors, and Se- niors, displayed a medely of Leg- endary acts, The "Brady Bunch", The "DaTing Game" and The classic Freshman class Act. Overall, The 1988 Carnival Ball proved To be Truly classic, Truly legendary! 49 ' gr! .4 ,E'E'., 'KW-N ' " fi? , ,,. .. .- 9: 1 'rm 1 ,e 91113, 5 V g, - I sg K , S f i, Q A.A., y , ,wp .2 fig' , 'K -, , Ax - Above, the "never-before-seen faculty class act" adds what they and all of us can call humor. Additionally, the Freshman act, just above, was an "act of great- ness" while at right, the Sopho- mores presented "Dexterity" in their performance. 50 Z 988 DRAIVIA FESTIVAL This year The Drama Club parTicipaTed in The lVlassachuseTTs Drama FesTival, making iT all The way To The semi-finals. DirecTed by Mr. Bill Endslow, They ber- formed a one acT play wriTTen by D.K. Oklahoma enTiTled "The lighT in The mill" abouT The Tragic deaTh of a Lowell mill girl. They won numerous awards including: excellence in seT crew, excellence in props, and five individual all-sTar casT awards. The casT included seniors Elise Danico, KaThleen Doyle, and Daniel LedwiTh. ' 1 THE LIGHT IN THE MILL 51 STUDENT GOVERNMENT i 3 it W, i Model UN K Close-Up Jay Melkonian, Mr. Conroy Uxclvisorj, Eric Wellmann, Rob Schacter, Joyce Elaine Bates, Cara Soderquist, Joe Fournier, Rich Sicurella, Pat McCabe, Connery, Janet Maragioglio, Kristen McGrew, Lisa Lewis, Becky Manion, Anthony DeCrosta, Jason Sokol, Mr. White qAdvisory Camera Shy-Todd Beth Wolonsavich Moriarty, David Proverb Sfudenr Council row 4-Steve Guida, Kristin Cutone QSecretaryj, Jeanne Sarno Qllresiclentp, Jennifer Sacco QVice Presidenty, Melissa Christofi Ureasurerj, Carolyn Driscoll, Craig Celli, Joe Fournier row 2-C-iannina Granata, Christine Kelleher, Marion Briggs, Joe Sarno, Tom Sacco, Karen Sabbag, Linette Kelley, Susan Daly, Jeanie Mayo, Mr. Romano qAdvisorj row 3-Karen Daly, Joe Fustolo, Jon Keegan, Kristin Terrasi, Mark McKenna, Eric Sheehan, Rick Hanson Camera Shy-George Guida, Debbie Lentz, Kristin Ranclo, Pam Swan 52 BO YS' Gnd GIRLS' Sfofe Abe Chyung, Belsy Gronese, Eric Wellmonn, lvlelisso Chris- Tofi, Derek Abruzzese, Lisa Lewis 4.114 Sludenl Represenlolives To The School Commillee Andy Morlino, Lisa Lewis, l-lideo lvlobuchi, Becky Monion Pol McCabe Sfudenf Governmenf Day Repfesenfofives Lynne Seeley and Jeonne Sorno ARTS Dance Club row 1-Liz Gailis, Jen Lague, Courtney Larson, Kim Kearns, Susan Gailis, Susan Hoyl, Kalhy Lundy, Chrisline Kwaks row 2-Lori Heller, Cheryl Borges, Jennifer Green, Andrea Adams. Melissa Rivera, Cara Soderquisl, Marion Briggs, Laura Flaherly, Suzanne D'Agoslino Camera Shy-Christine Manuel, Angela Ciamarra, Shelly Nichols . .:,:L,.:'f' Drama Club row 'I-Mike O'Brlen, Sieve Coviello, Elise Danico, Kalhy Doyle, Pal McCarlhy, Bryna Lakin, Marlon Briggs, Gina Riccardelli row 2-Camille Troisi, Laura Flaherly, Colleen Cann, Cara Soderquisl, Alex Romanos, Chrisllne Kwaks, Couriney Larson, Lynn Kllroy, Mike Kiday row 3-Dan Baskin, Gilberi Feke, Joe McClearn, George Barns, Pam Coffin, Ron Davis, Tim Lacey ACADEMICS I Honor Socie fy row 1-Diana Ciarlone, Melissa Christofl, Eric Wellman, Abe Chyung, Paul Argiro QPresi- clentj, Betsy Granese, Rob Schacter, Jay Melkonion, Joyce Connery row 2-Mr. Campagna fAdvisorj, Carla lngeme, Sandy Costa, Colm Quigley, Hideo Mabuchi, Steve Murphy, Jim Costa, Kathy Doyle, Sharon Zaboly, Linda Bauman, Mrs. Puffer qAdvisorj row 3-Heather Col- lins, Chris Pagliccia, Steve Guida, Larry Russo, Anthony Ricupero, Derek Abruzzese, Rob Holt, Steve Henderson Missing - Angela Ciamarra Math Team ow 4-Allison Myers, G-ina Divenuti, Renata Ferrari, Linda Bou- onn, Sharon Zaboly, Kimie Joe row 2-Mr. Grondin QAdvi- orj, Jean-Marc Rocher, Rajesh Join, David Chyung, Abe hyung, Alfred Divenuti, Dan Bosken Camera Shy-Anderson ortino Science Club row 4-Jake Juros, Carlo Ingeme, Sandy Costa, Betsy Gronese, Heather Collins, Tricia Coltello, Amy Surette row 2- Roseann Conti Qnon- membery, Anthony Ricupero Qnon- memberp Helen Caggiano, Laura Capuccia, Linda Bauman, Jean Pos- terello, Gina Riccardelli, Mrs. Breen QAdvisorp . Academic Decafhlon row '1-Abe Chyung, Gino Divenuti, Simon Liu, Chris Mastrangelo, Rob Schacter row 2-Miss Papa QAdvisorj, Joyce Connery, Mark McKenna, Betsy C-ranese, Sandy Costa Camera Shy-Liela Perrelli Debate Team row 4-Mr. Dansdille QAdvisor5, Gina Divenuti, Lisa Lewis, Ren- ata Ferrari, Joyce Connery, Janet Maragiolio row 2-Andrew Talkov, Shown Dehart, Rob Schacter, Jay Melkonian, Dan Basken, Glen Adams, Alfred Divenuti 55 STUDENT SERVICES aw' Future Business Leaders Denise Flanagan, Julie Pelle- grino, AnneMarie Zaccagnini, Elaine Bates Peer Leadership row 'I-Jill Fishman, Kelley Carr, Melissa Christofi, Jennifer Sac- co, Tina Woodland, Susan G-ailis, Lisa Towle, Cathy Angelo- santo, Sharleen O'Donneli, Cheryl DeFlumeri row 2-Maria Rotondi, Roseann Conti, Marlena D'Agostino, Diana Ciar- lone, Carolyn Driscoll, Joyce Connery, Bryna Larkin, Kristen McGrew, Ron Davis, Diane Mottola row 3-David Benazzo, Christine Mangerian, Jay Melkonian, Renata Ferrari, Lisa Lewis, Simon Liu, Kristin Cutone, Beth Wolonsavich, Maureen MacKay, Laura Cappuccio, Helen Caggiano row A-Mr. La- hiff CAdvisorj, Jeannie Mayo, Paula Walsh, Susan Daly, Kris- ten Trevor, Julie Abbott, Nicole Chartrand, Karen MacKay, Kim Hunter, Kim Quattrocchi, Eric Wellmann, Marco Ben- azzo, Rich Piaseczynski Camera Shy-Courtney Cameron, Heather McLean, Danielle Fuligni, Kimie Joe, Laura Stuto, Angela Ciamarra, Rachel Fabiano, Alison Abruzzese, Jamie McGrew S6 mssmisszto Q gmncmi TEFDIPAPYR ui -d"1S'4 di Students Against Drunk Driving row 1-Maria Rotondi, Carolyn Driscoll, Betsy G-ranese, Kathy Doyle. Elis Danico, Janet Maragiogiio, Susan Gailis, Sharleen O'Donnell, Cheryl DeFlu me-ri row 2-Christine Kwaks, Roseann Conti, Marlena D'Agostino QSecre taryp, Diana Ciarione Ureasurerj, Ron Davis qljresidentj, Joyce Conner qPubIic Relationsy, Bryna Lakin QPuoIic Relationsj, Kristen McGrew, Pam Cof fin, Cathy Angelosanto row 3-Leanne Lindstrum, Anna Guarino, Mario Briggs, Carla lngeme, Gina Riccardelli, Jean Pastorello, Renata Ferrari, Lis Lewis, Simon Liu, Kristin Cutone, Beth Wolonsavich, Maureen MacKay, Melis sa Christofi, Linda Jackson, Colleen Cann row A-Mr. Lahiff CAdvisorj, Eliza beth Gailis, Laura Flaherty, Kim Quattrocchi, Andrea Adams, Jennife Green, Julie Curly, Kim Kearns, Nicole Chartrand, Josie Patalano, Camill Troisi, Kimie Joe, Lisa Burke, Todd Davis, Alex Romanos, Tom Musgrav Camera Shy-Angela Ciamarra Qvice Presidentp, Kathy Lundy, Michel Smith, Patty Sweeney, Linda Buaman, Claire Baker, Abe Chyung, Sandr Costa, Heather Bernot, Christine Manuel, Maria Roberto, Anne Marie Zac cagnini, George Burns, Laura Stuto, Stephen Costello, Alison Abruzzese Kathy Coffin, Christine Kelliher, Christina Zizza, Regan Gentner, Jen Logue Alicia Perisi Deco row 4-Melissa Passanisi, Ja- nef Doiolo, Tara Campa- gna, Jennifer Muise, Chris- tine Mangerian, Rulh Aresco, Diane Frazzica, The- resa Keegan row 2-Mrs, La- Perriere QAdvisorj, Lisa Can- avan, Denise Flanagan, Diana Nigro, Lynell Kosfin- den, Carmine Monaco, John Davis, Wendy Dirkman, Maureen McLaughlin, Tonya Carr, Kim Morris, Andrea Barsfow Media Club row 4-Susan Gailis fphofo- scrapiusj, Lisa Towle, Paf McCarfhy, Jill Soper, Julie Coufu, Brian Vasconcellos row 2-Mr. Carino fAdvisorj, Todd McDonald, Tony Phil- lips, Mike Soper, Joe Carrig- lio Camera Shy-Diana Mur- phy, Jake Juros, Tiffany DelRossi, Krisfen Kelley, Sfeve Phillips Gym Leaders row 4-John MacNeil, Dave Ellegood, Derek Disharoom, Bill Bird, Joe Vifiello, Rick Pig- none, Eric Frank row 2-Scofi Palmer, Paul Angiro, Mike Alello, Don Ferguson, Mark Swan, Susan Gailis 57 LANGUAGES . . -. French Club row 1- , Derek Abruzzese, Becky Manion, Maria Rolondi, Jay Melkonian, Rob Schacler, Julie Curley row 2-Mr. Rocher QAdvisorj, Janel Maragioglio, Renata Ferrari, Helen Caggiano, Lynn Kilroy, Courtney Larson, Christine Kwaks row 3- Jean-Marc Rocher, Bill Faucon, Sieve Guida, Larry Russo, Anlhony Ricupero, Krisfin Terassi, Kimie Joe, Joe Fournier, Pefer Henricksen Lafin Club row 4-Pam Coffin, Joyce Connery, Bryna Larkin, Krisien McGrew, David Chyung row 2-Ms. Papa QAdvisorQ, Renala Ferrari, Jdner Maragioglio, Ron Davis, Helen Caggiano 58 17524575 lrahan Club row 'I-Paul Argiro, Jose Palalano, Lisa DiPaola Ureasurerp, Gina Riccar- delli QPresiden'rj, Anna Fasclone fvice Presidenlj, Tonya Vasconcellos, John Zoccone row 2-Ms. Kaplan Qlxdvisorj, John Paralano, Mario Mar- chese, Sandy Cosla, David Benazzo, Tom Musgrave, Chrisla Terilli, Joe Carriglio, Danielle Ciampa, Joe Terrasi J? ' Spanish Club row 4-Melissa Benson, Renala Ferrari, Lisa Lewis, Marion Briggs, Diane Mollola, Rina Ferragamo, Susan G-ailis row 2-Abe Chyung, Cara Soderauisl, Melissa Rivera, Andre Adams, Kim Kearns, Dana Wackerman, Margarer Geary, Roseann Conli, Miss Guslafson CAdvisorp CLASS OFFICERS Ff95hfT79f7 Mike Marable QSocial Cnairpersonj, Tiffany Del- Rossi QSecrefaryj, Fred Holland qPresiden'rj, Pam Burke Nice Presidenfj, Lori Heller Ureasurerj, Jen- nifer Rufkowski QSocial Cnairpersony Camera Sny- Advisor-Mr. Scannell 'L Wm, M . , , Sophomore Miss Papa QAavisorj, Susan Hoyf CSocial Cnairpersonj, Renee Ferraro fSecrelaryj, Sfepnanie Fucarile CPresiclenTj Kerri Harringfon Nice Presi- denfp, Melissa Benson Ureasurerj, Danielle Capone fSocial Chairper- sonj, Mr. Dansaill Q!-Xdvisory Junior Mrs. Ford CAclvisorj, Karen MacKay CSocial Chairpersonp, Missy Sanella fSecrefaryj, Frank Gagliardi CPresiclenfj, Jeanine Aniello Nice Presidenfj, Lori Kelley Ureasurerj, Kafhy Scally QSocial Cnairpersonj, Ms. Bow- en fAdvisorj Senior Tony Ricupero QSocial Chairper- sonp, Paffi Fazio Ureasurerj, Si- mon Liu QPresiaenfj, Lynne Seeley Nice Presiaenfy, Paul Argiro fSec- refaryj, Tara Campagna QSocial Cnairpersonp, Denise Flanagan QSocial Cnairpersonp Camera Shy-Advisor-Miss Brodrick 59 Seeds row 'l-Joyce Connery, Kristen MCG-rew, Bryna Lakin, Miss Noreili qadvi- sorj, Janet Maragioglio, Denise LaCarubba, Lisa Lewis row 2-Gina Di- venuti, Sharon Zaboly, Betsy Granese, Becky Manion, Anthony Ricu- pero, Joe Vitiello Qphotoscrapiousj Yearbook Editors row 4-Lisa Lewis, Kristen McGrew, Bryna Lakin, Dan Ledwith, Eric Well- mann, Ron Davis, Steve Murphy, Colm Quigley row 2-Betsy Granese, Marla Rotondi, Carolyn Driscoll, Melissa Chris- tofl, Diana Ciarlone, Julie Pellegrino, Jeanne Sarno,'Chris Pagliccia row 3- Joyce Connery Cco-editor-in-chiefp, Si- mon Liu Cassistantj, Ken Foley Qco-edi- tor-in-chiefj, Steve Henderson Qassistantj Yearbook Staff row 4-Simon Liu, Joyce Connery, Ken Foley, Steve Henderson row 2-Karen Sheehan, Lisa Lewis, Bryna Lakin, Kris- ten McGrew, Pam Coffin, Dan Ledwith, Eric Wellmann, Lisa Towle, Ron Davis, Kristine Cutone row 3-Denise Swans- burg, Maria Rotondi, Carolyn Driscoll, Danielle Fullgni, Melissa Christofi, Diana Ciarlone, Alicia Donnelly, Julie Pelle- grino, Ellen Santosuosso, Colm Quigley, Steve Murphy, Brian O'Connell row 4- Jill Fishman, Susan Belmonte, Elise Dan- ico, Betsy C-ranese, Chris Pagliccia, Becky Manion, Derek Abruzzese, An- thony Ricupero, Kathy Porter, Jeanne Sarno, Tina Woodland, Jennifer Sacco, Denise Flanagan PUBLICATICDNS EEE? Spartan spirit row 1-Janet Maragioglio, Melissa Passanisi, Diane Mottola, Ron Davis, Kati Major row 2-Ms, Stevens qadvisorj, Rick Hanson, Gina Divenuti, Denise LaCar ubba, Erin Reily Camera Shy-Claire Baker, Pam Burke, Sue Gregoire, Georg Guida, Scott Humber, Mike Mirable, Allison Myers, Derek Smith, Mark Swan Fronk R. Motorese IN 'QECOGNITION OF: I -' ' loom the 4988 Yearbook staff for the Ai i recognize two educotors who 'sg is todofthe Stonehom Public V K p nds find their ploces in history P John Fowcett ond Fronk Mo- i heoni. c ' c c occc s 2 73 -- it i f - Li L4 '-:' -f 2 i g M A i c it eccl, t John H- ...,: o e and Athletiszqgetiis g ' cizfsfigust ts Agzttierstini sc pa s s ' A Q it as 2 I1 V f wig as as - Q CQIZ Q e ' . i -.1- - 0 i Q John H- FOWCGTT t i es of 'Q onehom students , . .,.A , . eiee . c ocecou t Let The Record Show Thot These Were Gionts In A Noble Profession. Wiliiom L. Hoyt, Ed.D. Superintendent -anrx 3 5 .S ' Ri in 4 J' 1 . 34, fa I Wir if -we f : N -in an :L an Avi' ' Z 3 A Q., ii i 1 1 I A. in if .V S K Produced By Xa 3' . lp e Melissa Chrisfofi Morio RoTondi Steve Murphy 0.5 .. 1 ,ZW 'Eel fs' 52 'Z2 Z0 'HN is .ww L Q . ,fs-.Q E-1 , gr 1 af' . 'gm 'T , . 1 Q16 X ff N -any Y , M A 4-Q ,ffl ,Q K , nr, f ol E5 Q! v ' 'Q 2 E 4 u My it is 1, 6 Q v5 9' 'M 5 'MW ' X ,L "ive" 1 ae' ff' V1- Eg! f'w'2 VE 'F , if e il , J Q,g,m,? , Q if E ,. ' ,s 55- . K. . 551.5 5.4, f Q we'se nor afraid your sire-ep it right by your siook ws me LFASLLQHEERLEADING HOW ihevshqife grown." if 0" f??QG5f?3 W0v DUCK in H1591 Slsmmefr GT comps UCB Where the sSieg3eharn High chef-inedders icqprorea me sgsififjhamosrs ed rhrcidgiioailrhe hard work lpagied off as .they fin the NarihernikiigeaQamperirion. As diways The season engigaixyiihlrhe traditional Thanks- giving ipepifdiiy, and The decorating of The senior foofrbaii piayers houses. This year, howeverpihe schools spirit was higher than ever due to spirit week, class deco- rating, spirif linksfqndsrhe rawdynessspfi The crowd. f ' i l L ."'i'ii L ,K + 4 ' ww ,. -we , . Lim - . SF was f Qww f K , , -fam' . .. f ,m Ayr' is f-3' c K if . Q' - 'Z' , if if ali J f 4 , Q 'Q , W Jgfrri ' sb ,Al T ThiSr-SeGSi5?il irhod its foir shore of ups T There's no fhidingour re- ofr O- 48g which wos rdefiniTeiy1 o The Thrilling exciTemenT ond hetmioreok of our 3-2 "loss" To Wo- TerTown wos, however, The experi- enceiofi o high-school coreer. Any one of The seniors con oTTesT To The focT ThoT This yeor's Teom wos The mosT TighTiy-kniT vorsify squod in yeors, oncijhe TeombspiriT remoined well ond olive iii ,evenrunTil The IosT Qome of Theffseoson. inciividuoliy, Three pioyers were obie To ochieve o degree of disTincTion os Co - Cop- Tciins, Hiqeo Moouchi ondKeiTh Hes- SIOHI Qrirdr ShQw'l:MCQQrThv were voTed To The Midcqie5eXgLeogue sec- ond - sTring oii -ft16Zi1Que+Teom. BesT Wishes To The reT-urhing players for o successful season in 4988. T if if i ' Pow wmneu mo. Fl! Q, 9 If-3 'ei' . 7, ' n Qmwpunlw Z if ly W"Ef V,,, . ,,,,, ,,,, 2 - , , V WWW A My K ,L M ,, , 'L kgwmmwwy K Tm?-1 1,-W "W' W Vriy In f x f f "W X H' 5 ' 3 .M f F 'HQ W V, if XAIAV ? G Ue.M Q 'WL 1, W de . : QWFW'QgQchirig of Msg Cynthia f' L v V ' f ' Li ' Corboqe and The Ieogggrship of Co-Qopmins f , Mgwonjrj forbes orjQjNIeIisso Chfiyofi, The F ,, M fnnrshgd the segggn vyiih 0 rga-5,pecTobIe'q,l .. sf A if Y, Q , ' 3 . 4 4 :Q oifcmve gmf , x 1- RFd f 0S+ ? H 932 ff! 41 ESSUDD beii Q ?1Er6k X G fi h Yh . ---f-Lsflss 1: -21 f ' - a w-Aqfqg ,f'. z 'Q . - ' 9 A , , Kr 3 7 a 'jf :', gif 4 HL, , A , .V nm-I ,- y, V M -M 5-fam' Nm psf? ,.?A.i5w GOLF Front Row' QLef1 to Rrghfp Jrm Sampson, Mork Swon Cop? Steve Murphy, Derek Abruzzese, Craig Celli Bock Row, Glenn Seobury, MOH Comm, Joe Murphy Craig Seobury, Dove Tropecno, Coach Bull Seobury fff fizyyy f ,,,41w:M wi , QWW -. .- - , 1 'fx ll! ff Sth,-A wr' , j MXN! X 72 'Mr . iff: ,L fc. .' ,A 533.3 , p .1 vffm ,E-. J ' MV, A yi., I "2j'5"?+'y w , Q vi Win :li 14 'dk-up , 1 , ,J Of 1 ii '7""'-in-..,,k .iT ww ,. N E y T 1 Wm ,E Q: I A A at F '53 as Coach Cody, in his firsT year as ysionenomqea The girls' vollelybalgy Team To The STaTe Fin- Ci,l5-LQIWGfiigeamlalpioved To be ex- tremely a f sifrong? ndyy3compeTlTlve ThroughouT The ,SGCSQlfl,,ykd6lffl'lOD- sTraTed by Their dominahhgre- cord of 20 wins andi2 loses. VVlTh 1 Three seTs of sisTers, The Team is very muchyllkeja family. A major- iTy of members were awarded le llie honors aT-The end of The jsseason. Leagues All- STars were CaoTain, Rachel Fa- biano, HeaTher Collins, Kelley and ChrisTlne Carr and LineTTe and Lori Kelley, while Rachel Fabiano and Kelley Carr also received Globe All-Scholastic. VV iTh The vasT num- ber of players reTurning and The skillful coaching of Coach Cody, The legend of STonehami'Volley- ball will conTinue. T Y ,g , ,Q 8. X . Q54 -A l ei CRCDSS COUNTRY Row 4: Cl to rj Sfeve Burnham, Justin Meehan, Mike Gudzevich, Andy Martino Row 2: Coach Wayne Fillback, Eric Sheehan, Capfain Matt Tafian, Pat McCabe, Paul Drago, Brian Seabury film Jfxx 1 X -' may f 7., 8228 W -ax' 76 rr rr 05 isa 6--'Z ' A .,pL,. A " fi Tnrs yeor's Boys' Cross Country Team, led by their feorlessrcdptorn, MGH Tofion, nod o respectable seasdnlwifh three victories over Burlington. ygdifertowng and Wokef ffielo. qurml this yQgr,gQoyS1onehom boys' Cross Counrryi,1'1:gggfm?g1gdlever defeoieg Wakefield Gre-of Teqfri' byi SeT1iOf'fj MOH - Qng 'reom Leogde Q34gII5STory,fPduz,,pDroQi'ir?:s?SfQ 'Q Martino, Jusfmiimeenqnymrkeor rf r ond by sopxiqacre V Sieve BUrnhGn'i.'TThe feom's effofgiibnd determination mode ' iT o very enjoyfrgible season ond,i1wilI,nbfbe f0fQO,'ff9f1-f' i rr rr rrrrr Q7 V . ,:,r 5 v 1 1. ,I M, 'X QSRB vii' CROSS COUNTRY Row 4: CI to rj Captain Danielle Fuligni, Meghan Swan, Renee Ferraro, Jane Powers Row 2: Coach Wayne Fillback, Karen Daly, Sara Ward, Susan Daly, Parn Swan, Kathy Scally ffxfqi 77 QW " as -fx w, p r ,V l,..' 1 , 78 Qum- :tU,.3-5 KQFRHEANS ,K ,, , , sim -, .5515 wiggle W f s -Hf,fa,i,,m' Z l 4? 3 Q , i A T l film., we If one were TOfGSk'O'lTlGfTIbGl of The girl's cross-counlry Teom To sum up The 4982 secison, she would wiThouT o doubT reply, 'il hod The Time of my life," Thol is exdcily whoT The Teom did This yeor, boTh individ- uolly ond os Cilwhole. The'lrl's cross-comfy Try,1ggm,,cqpTured so ,number ofjcrowns' anciuiziing Theiiltgeqguegifgjfiile, TheHC,joThoIicQ Memorial, ThefNorThern Areoycndiflga slqqfwo STqTe1Chompionship. lhey idlclisiiii UfiQef1..Th93f s?fXQSIle0?fi1QOOCNHQTT Of Mff WGW19 WhQiwQ5T fiQH1Gd,CQ0Q?1, ofiihe vecri byline semen eishselrogafigss and me girisdeiieiopeffimo , stotegsgstrongesf tcontenders. while diego' T estcitzlishing ,W -long-losTinggj gborids, ,of friendships fjFive members: idfwrhex were seleqed forfrhe Middlesex Ledgiiea Qfgijll5Tor,J?eom which, inclqdes Copi. Dqn- h fifille Fuligni, Sore Wciiggblioren Doly, Dcly, ond Pom SwdnjiiQTWo Team, KoThy Soolly ond Meghan ,were oworded Honorable MenTiong i'ii The Team cerfoinlv degerverisifaeihioheslggfin- grolulotions for cifuly unjiorgeTTobiQiSBciP Egon fqlljgfqylegendgry momenTs! T " ' : f 'S :nf v - -- ff-ai Q, "We've only just begun," ls This Aj Melissa By An Amazon TlMBER! 3 A "Wolf, dorfl go I love you" "OOuuCChh!!!" "I be VTXUSCIE FOOD! 31 lf unv- "Here i come to save the day , . " V s " 6 , W, Q3 , , , ,,,f i i l i i I Q5 wx J i 4, i gg U ,,,,, n-i,,, -..,. Catch you on the flip side "Agony of defeat" "Wonder twin powers Activate" HGV. LGT Q0 Of FTW YQQV' . , I , -,,Y,.,.-Mfr.-W-v,,,.g-Q..-..-..w ,K ,amiga f ", -, f . , ia :fl J""'f"""'M" 'lvbariaizx M41 www QW Z , W, Ar v I .. f A wi- gk ' ff "K A "' s l 1 g z W ,ix ,, ,,,, sf, 'V " X ' 3 4 I Q 1 Q V Gm' W i ! 'fff 2 K. L is I f f A , , V, 3 , L ., 5, 1 3 23, ,,, E I 9 3' , , , N --jw J K WW 1 f , if S , ,im V ,, N7 ,i., . M. , . ,Q - . ,fy f- , 5' A Wi , i.,,.,N. ,sw-a..,,, . PNDDDDD! - " is . f Z i. , . " " i2"t""m"'iT'1'2' 1' i' 1:1 'fw i if ' ' " fi ? " ' ii 4 fa 5 'I fy if ' " , . , i ' it 1 it 2 5? 9' -' N if is i 4 f my . ., gi: Q it Y A Lkhk , , Q Z M, I M , , A i , ,tix , , In eu ,, W VVLL , lg , rr, A ria , , A if Q Qi K - '- Jn X S, s. V, if HOCKEY Froni Row Ci To rj-Joy McDonoId, Lorry Russo, Copi. Derek Aioruzzese, Copi. Bri- on O'ConneII, Bob Rondo, Donny Jock- son, Fronk Douceiie Middle Row QI To rj- Cooch Bili Seobury, Sieve Sorobeilo, Croig Seobury, Glenn Seobury, Derek IVicCorThy, Brion Seobury, Cooch Bob Corr, Cooch Dick Burnhorn Bock Row fl To ry- Coooh iViocNeiIi, Eric Sheehon, Rob Zuk, Shown Quinlon, Derek Edgerly, Mike Noone, Dove Tropeono, Mori Conn, Teo Clork 82 6 Y A-.F sToNEHAM , CO'0PERATiV'E i f AX E D BANK A ,, Q4 5 ' i ii i 5 0.4 . 'xx 1.23 A , yuh n li Q '1 dr 9 f 1 ,: ' '7- ,W 4',::?"f'if' " 1, 7 : E,-'Jin Z fiwf' f" , R ,CI f fi jr ,guys 5-.,Hf' 7 ,ir ,if , r ' V ' . V, r,,1Q.j" U pgff gig " " ' r ,,,1 Q1 ,V L H N , hocrieyoweam followed up I ST yeor's finerseoson WiTh Gr1OTher reor showingggAf'rer Q rough srorr. igrhe Teom wosfobie To finish fourth in Middlesex League with on over- woll record of 44-5-4. The Team ogoih for the store TOUFDOITIGDT The gfrohg ploy of All-Srdrg JDCKSQH' hhfQrs9ioQrr rriSeObUfvf Br? Qdh Seobury, ond r o Al"L9Q9Ue Orion- heilf Derek Giehh Seobury. rrrf'r A ,, , , , , Q ldr I rrrrrr 1 door r H - . ,f,, a I' -5 ' 32 x A e sad ., V' k 5 s is 1 "SH 1 X, 4 x xx Q ., b 'N 5' 1,59- rg A' R 2 if A V N r "N 83 CI-IEERLEADINCS FronT Row QI To rp-L. Gebhoro, J. Sorno, Co-Com. H. IVIcLeom, Co-Coof. K. Shee- hon, T. Woodlono, H. Bernof Book Row QI To ry-K. Schepis, A. Zocconini, L. Monzi, P. Fozio, D. Fionogon, K. Deilessere 84 if-1-if' ,.,,.,,,.,,.M,QQ.,,W.m .W W... Wm., H- ,. ww--nf-.4 .. ,.,,.....,.m.f . . ilk Schccl cheep Ieogefslfi hoveIf3icome pe long wcy fhgpks To fnevcxoss of "88." We ppt clot of efforf info our squod Tofmoke :T osyguccessfui os I1 as Cheerleading us new 0 sporf, onq rughTfuIIy so Our Te-dm hos shown what dlscnpllne dedlcofion ond True spunf con produce 5 i 5 N, ,,Nc ,W 5 'Wiley e . Jw -- c ,,epc c , 5 K L !.. E 2 S i ,e cc,, c, ..,.,, Ig c - 'WMNW V -w,.W,.,.. Y My ,,,, , 3', EZ,fg' - A f' ""X""' .V n V ,N -'M f If Yun. - 5 , -fg,W.,..,M.?c Q. ,, y V, rm ,Wc,.,.,M,y..g, www F,?,,4.1,a.,f,.wf4 41 A.,,. , X ti ' F . x . '- H e-cw f 5 - f, A f . c,MWMz,,N:,. H ' 11, ,- . , Y ,, y ' "' W V IT: A p M gzgf ,4 , 4av4Q2-,.A.f. A-1 'N flwf' Qfffgf M if e c c X Q if x W i - . W 4, x ' -' fc ' BASKETBALL From Row fl To rp-Co-Ccmpmins D. Dishor- oom ond Joe Vifiello Bock Row QI To ry- Cooch Kilileo, C. Ce-Ili, J. Mc1cNeiIl, R. Pig- none, L, Hurley, S. Palmer, M. Sworn, R. Tomcmyo, K. Doly, C. Zoyer, A. Delloporto, Couch Kilileo as "fx -r qwrvd . . 1, dll , Ledloy Captains, Derek Disharoom anclaloe Viliello, The Boys Baskeiball Team staffed agfiinew legend for Sloneham Baskeibcll: A legend aanae of winning. Their final record of 9444 was greally admired, as all home games were filled wilh cheering fans. The Teams efforl and delermi- nation paid off, as manyg ofihe games were close, even goingjnlo overtime. John lVlacNelll's abun- dancef f 3-polnlers lefi The crowd hoarse, and qualified him for The Three-point caniesl. League honors Vwenr-fro All-Star Derek Dlsharoom and All-Leagliie Joe i Viliello. This Team Qhas lefl everyone expeclanl of fqlggre winning seasons in Stone- ham Baskelball. g Lf swiss, A if YH y x X , L M if 42- A X QW JH Qin Always doing your besT is olione canfask foriand ThaT is exacTIy whaT The SToneham Giri's Basket bdIigTeam did This season. As a resuIT of Their deTerminaTion, The players were abie To improve upon IasT year's record as They finished The season wiTh four wins and fourTeen losses. YeT, iT is noT The record ThaT deTermines The respecTabiIiTy of a Team buT, iTs players. Led by TeamscapTains MaryAnn Forbes and Barbara and Colleen Hugo, The players never gave up nor did They succumb To The compeTiTiveness of The Mid- fdiesexr League, This was proven as STonehamifnose To,defeaT our archrivai, Reading, ina very close game, All-STar honors were awarded To MaryAnhgForbes and Barbara Hugo as They represenT- ed SToneham in The All-STar game along fwiTh The besT.1 N ..:- X if Si my ' ' "Sw X :fest -Qw- wff w x H - .1 ,Jim 1 ,Vu K , gg. This year's Gymnastics Team had-Ha Avery suc- cessful season. After years ofidisappointing seasons ond broken dreams, the team ac- complished what was-once -considered im- possible, Although the team finished fourth in the league. with their hardwork and dedica- tion and the leadership of Captain Melissa Christofi and Coaches' Cindy Carbone and Susan Christofi, the team! qualified for the State Tournament with angaverage score of 11189. Never inthe history--of Stoneham Gymnastics had gd tVeaFhQ,qUalified forthe tournament or!-aQQhieiZe6ff'5QQhf fkin decep- tional team ,ayerageis:f5ilZ?oQtSseason 'Honors were GWGTUSUQTO lGKQ'EfilC16i5and,LauyrcfSTuto QSsfhevrChOSe02QSiMiFiQl?SQXffESQQQGMeters 0rwc15OfSO ilfidividviil Meer- Qfvmnssfs l 954 fleet' canon, iccnfideneemp srI1VE1AmtuoElg,ona 400 slis be accomplishledull l' r,li5 sr 7 if g y Qs ..,-fr' dv :,y,,E.. ,Q 1 ,.LM, . WW 5 ll N X, . . , , . . wwf? 6 sr i if If 'L I H I I l K' ".. 5' "-" f , i gg Q ,Q A :,.,.z TRACK Row 'lx Clefl To righlp M. Talian, M. Torlor- ici, P. Argiro, M. Haggarly, E. Wellmann, Capt. D. Ellegood, Capl. R. Ferraro, Capl. P. D'Angelo, K. Reagan, A. Chung, J. Melkonian, S. Liu, M. Powers, R. Sicurella Row 2: J. Carciero, S. McCarlhy, M. Gad- savich, M. Brennan, J. Meehan, S. Fiore, B Hilliard, J. Fornier, P. Drago, S. Mahoney, R Vacker, E. Anlonucci, P. Hendrickson, S Kench, K. Hession, Row 3: Coach Powers Coach Woods, Coach Boyle, S. Burnham J.M. Rocher, B. Smllh, T. Orrnan, N. Cordo- ba, B. Gaulhier, J. Berlini, B. Grady, J. Cal- cavecchia, G. Orman, S. Phillips, T. Phillips C. Busby, L. Jackson, D. Bourell 92 Mm? 2' Vw -W PM 2-is asm 1 1.41: -w as Q gy I ' V Wg, 4, This years Boys fTrack.Team had' one .of its strongest teams everL Led by Tri-Captains, PeteriDTAngelo, Dave Ellegood, and Robert Ferraro. the teom mon- oged to finish fourth in the league with a record of 5-3-4. Not only was this one of the boys best track teams to pass through Stonehom High, but it was the most dedicated as proven by its many honors. Stoheham willlong remember this team as they were the first Stonehom boys team to win the Closs C Relaysj Aiso, their 411440 relay team, which con- sisted iof Mott Tation, Eliegoddlflierroro, and John Colcayecchia, not only won 'VVV t he'jCIoss C Relay, qualifying them tor All-State.-but broke the school indoor record and tied the outdoor one with a time ,Qi 3r32.2. League honors went to Simon Liu and Sean McCarthy. Obviously, this team is o legend in tiiegmaking. is r f 'Q W - 4. eww TW' 3 it, 'YH if E Q v'fkJv tru 4- , "iw, -.2 ' I . X3 X .V Ax, fr , K ,4..-WH' Miwfuw .K fx V NV, . i. 'ai X X D , X w 4,75 Q1 4 The secret behind The speed of Danielle Fuligni Signs of on o1hle're'??!!! One more person Touches me ond They are dead YW V 'W Q fefff The best side of Dove ond Mark Don'T touch if. . . .... i1's olive! L 96 A ilikflrflsgi A --W we Y i V Q 25332-'A wi' Y. ff' Catch me-I'm falling Weil, there goes my hip bone! .fn A 4 5 M . the 4, f'sfssgigQX fi Q , . f I l , 7 , il, if L2-9 V C Down, up-one Q A l Stonehorn High SchooI's Political Prospect and Sports Stud h My new stretch! SENIORS I r I AFM Produced By Corolyn Driscoll Tino Woodmon JEFFREY ABBOTT JENNIFER M. ARENA CLAIRE BAKER E Derek Abruzzese Some may say I'm wishing my days away no way and if iT's The price I pay some say Tomor- row's anoTher day you sTay I may as well play, And The children ThaT you spiT on as They change Their worlds are well aware of whaT They're going Through. Kaihy Ahern We are The world we are The children we are The ones To make a beTTer day, Cathy Angelosonto OuT on The border of a changing skyline, we puT hope in fronT of fears and all The heroes have gone EasT of Eden: WE ALL NEED NEW 100 PAUL ARGIRO -be DEREK rvi. ABRUZZESE KATHLEEN AHERN cArHv ANQELOSANTO CHRISTOPHER BASKEN Here I come To save The day. FRONTIERS. -JOURNEY Jennifer Arena So you can geT on w your search baby-84 I can geT on w mine- 84 maybe someday we'll find- ThaT iT wasn'T really wasTed Time IT was long ago 8a iT was far away 84 iT was so much beTTer Than iT is Today Goodbye doesn'T mean we'!l neva B 2GeTa again Paul Arglro The only dreams ThaT are ouT of reach are Those ThaT haven'T been dreamT yeT. In life, you can remember yesTerday. dream abouT Tomorrow, buT don'T forgeT To live Today. -P.E. Clalre Boker "Today we'Il sTarT a new life and we'll say our IasT goodbyes: To all The friends we've grown To love, remembering The fears: waTching all our memories grow ThroughouT our High School years." Christopher Basken Today is differenT and Tomorrow The sameflT's hard To Take The world The way ThaT iT came- fToo many rapids keep us sweeping along- fToo many capTains keep on sTeering us wrong . . . We fighT The fire while we're feeding The flames -PEART DANIEL BASKEN ELAINE BATES Q y M f s Q 2' '-lk! I N 0- JJ mf : X In ky LINDA BAUIVIANN TOM BEAVER Cars or girls? . . . CARS 'Y MILES BECCIA Elalne Bates Business is like riding a bicycle. EiTher you keep moving or you fall down. Llnda Baumann Learn To IisTen, wlTh ears open and mouTh closed TlghT. Learn To forgive, wlTh heorT open noT caring who is righT. Learn To love wlTh arms open and imperfect eyesighr. Thomas Beaver The Time has come-you can siand or you can run-buT don'T keep iT all inside-cause you goTTa SUSAN BELIVIONTE DAVID BENAZZO HEATHER BERNAT undersTand ThaT There ain'T no second chance we'll all ger ouTTa here alive cause only The sTrong survive!! -B.A. Miles Beccla "Freedom means To me whoTever l can see if you look aT The sky you can see where free- dom lies." Susan Belmonie Memories may be beauiiful and yeT, whaT's To painful To remember we simply choose To for- geT BuT iT's The laughTer we'll remember when- ever we remember Tl-IE WAY WE WERE. Davld Benazzo' Life is a mysTery To be lived, not a problem To be solved -Federico Orsino Heaiher Bernaf When The nighi has been Too lonely and The road has been Too long and you Think ThaT love is only for The lucky and The sTrong jusT remem- ber in The winTer far beneafh The biTTer snow lies The seed ThaT wlTh The suns love in The spring becomes The rose. 101 ,ws ,v un. I A 1 .L-ffl k . Miss. , . T rr" E ALS Q 1. ,3Pf?'f!.:ylf2 JOE BERNAT WILLIAM BIRD PHILLIP BOOTH ROBERT BOWMAN I I CHERYL BRAZEL KELLY BROWN Are you serious? I'm in the wrong class. ROBERT QLBQ BRYANT CHERYL BUONO Joe Bornaf I went out for a ricle and l never went back. Like a river that don't know where it's flowing. I took a wrong turn and just kept going.-B.S. Blll Blrd Live life as if each day is your last . . . because someday it surely will be. Cheryl Brazol 102 Give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you, They're our horses and we oin't lion "Thdt's nice" 3 strikes you're out! Bye friends at RHS and SHS Kelly Brown Three grond essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to hope for. What lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within uf LM Robert Bryant ' The sad thing about this departure is not think ing of how you can enjoy yourself now, but c how you did then. IdOr1't want to grow up l'm toys 'R' us kid. RB I , COURTNEV CAMERON TARA CAMPAGNA Was your prom nighT as good as ours? KIMBLY N. CAMPBELL LISA CAN!-IVAN LAURA CAPPUCCIO JOHN CARCIERO KELLEY CARR Cameron you dream, somefimes IT seems noThing There aT all. You jusT seem older yesTerday and you're waifing for Tomor- To call." E. John QA,D.j" . . . Yeah, Time of Iife!" RB, Campagna I have noT much Time I have friends To and a greaT many Things To under- ' "We may lose and we may win buT ll never be here again, so TAKE IT EASY" - "ITS finally Time To leave iTs The famous scene" -Seger Campbell To dreams for if dreams die life is a broken winged bird ThaT cannoT fly," "lf a man hasn'T found someThing he will die for, he isn'T fiT To live." Llsa Canavan We goT one chance aT life. leTs Take iT while were sTiIl noT afraid, because life is so brief and Time is so Thief when your undecided, And like a fisT full of sand, iT can sifT righT Through your hands. Rod STewarT Laura Cappucclo I say These words To ring in your ears. I wanT These words To sing To your soul, To wrap around your eyes like a glimpse of Tomorrow. Today our joy ouTweighs all our sorrow. Bare my soul, Mr. MisTer TONYA CARR John Carclero Success is a journey, noT a desTinaTion, Kelley Carr See iT all so clear. Time is righl, Time is near, We know now whaT To do. All God's children learn which way To Turn. Turning back we're Through. We all refuse To lose, live life and lighT The fuse burning youTh won'T waiT. Tonya Carr lf U have a dream don'T leT iT go: Don'T forgef iT. jusT reach A your goal. No maTTer whaT people mighf Tell U. No maTTer whaT They will say: If lT's your dream: Don'T let iT sTray. TP Thanx Mom + Dad ILU All: CSMSC + The 3 liTTle J's 103 Q UN' -1.11 I CAROL CATALDO CRAIG CELLI GEORGE CHAMPLIN MELISSA CHRISTOFI ABRAHAM CHYUNG ANGELA CIAMARRA 1 1 Q QE '15 2,-I F L, -if .. ':,," L I 4' 1 ,Q -1 W ..- x A I DIANA CIARLONE COSMO CICCARELLO IT was a joke a silly joke. Carol Cataldo Cherrish your yesterdays. dream your tomor- rows but live your todays, Cralg Celll I got something on my mind that sets me straight and walking proud. And I want all the time all that heaven will allow. -Bruce Spring- steen, Dreams don't mean nothing unless your strong enough to fight for them.-Bruce Springsteen George Champlln I don't know where l'm going. But I sure know where l've been hanging on the promises and the song of yesterday. But I made up my mind, I ain't wasting no more time. Here l go again. - 104 Whitesnake 87 Melissa Chrlsfofl l find myself thinking about yesterday when we were here living in a dream, And the moment that it takes we find we made our first mistake. Like the setting sun, you turn around - it's gone. Abraham Chyung The chance of the bread falling with the but- tered side down is directly proportional to the cast of the carpet. -Jennings Corollary- Angela Clamarra I wish we could go far away, leave all this heartache and pain for another day: I will search for that place. till l find it all l can say is live every moment and love every day cuz before you know it, your precious time slips away. Dlana Clarlone "The best things in life must come by effort from within ond not by gifts from outside" "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream" "My purpose holds to sail beyond the sunset, to strive, to seek. to find and not to yleId" Cosmo Clccarello If you don't reach for it you'll never achieve it! Winning isn't the only thing "lT'S EVERYTHING!" i ti vw , ,III ff!!! . ,f pi DONNA CICCOTELLI PAMELA M. COFFIN Qu. we STN HEATHER COLLINS Look whaT we did in school Today, lvlom. J" MICHAEL COLLINS JOYCE CONNERY WILLIAM CORCORAN CLAUDIA CORDOBA Donna Clccofelll irchaose This place To call my own, The only grace I've ever know. I never Tire of legends grown, we dream Too much and Time has flown. Pam Coffln We counT on This IiTTle hour. We said, "Here is an hour To Think a rnighTy ThoughT, sing a Trifling song, and look aT noThing," And behold! The hour, even as we spoke was over abd The acT begun under our feeT! -Aria Da Capo Drama FesT 1986 Sara Coleman You can geT everthing in life you want, if you will help enough ofher people geT whaT They wnaT. You are The cause of everyThing ThaT happens To you. So be carefull whaT you cause. Thanks Mom and Dad!! Heather Colllns "Why wasTe precious Time-On empTy and fool- ish Things? For There are heighTs sublime To climb-ATTainmenT sweeT vicT'ry brings." -KaTh- ryn Thorn Bowsher Mlchael Colllns HiTher came Conan The Cimmerian. black- haired, sullen-eyed, sword in hand, a Thief, a reaver, a slayer, wiTh giganTic melancholles and giganTic mirTh, To Tread The jeweled Throne on The EarTh under his sandanled feel. RoberT Howard Joyce Connery Don'T be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meeT again. And meeTing again, after momenTs or lifefimes, is cerTain for Those who are friends. You are nev- er given a wish wlThouT being given The power To make iT come True. Bllly Corcoran To live in your own way . , . To reach for The goals you have seT for yourself . . . To be-ThaT is success Claudla C. Cordoba "If you love someThing seT iT free. If iT comes back To you iT was yours, if iT doesn'T iT never was." "You never know whaf you have unTil you lose iT." 105 CHRIS CORRENTI TIM COSSETTE JAMES COSTA SANDRA COSTA STEPHEN CRUPI KRISTIN CUTONE Who Could it be now? . . . SATAN! JANET DALY PETER D'ANGELO Chrls Correntl Situations will arise in the future that can only be solved by bright people with uncompro- mised strength. We are going to be the people that solve those situations. Tlm Cassette A textbook madhouse I'm here locked up l a rage a juveniles jail and I here locked up in their cage School Daze-WASP- lt's a madhouse so they claim lt's a madhouse am I insane? -AN- THRAX Chemical YOUTH-Queensryche Jlm Costa Remember days of skipping school racing cars and being cool with a six pack and a radio and 106 we didn't have no place to go. Now we move on with new places to go and new things to do. Sandra Costa "Life is a mixture of sunshine and rain, Laughter and teardrops, pleasure and pain-Triumphs. defeats and losses and gains-But always in all ways sometimes more than one we are just starting-We have only just began."-H.S.R. Stephen Crupl When we look back on this it will all seem fun- ny-just boring stories of-GLORY DAYS Kristen Cutone Out on the road today I saw a dead head sticker on a cadillac a little voice inside rn head said don't look back you can never loo back. I thought I knew what love was, what di I know? Those days are gone forever I shoul just let them go . . . Peter D'Angelo Far better it to dare mighty things than to tak rank with those poor timid spirits who kno neither victory nor defeat. Susan Dakesslan "A friend is someone who understands you past, and accepts you today just the way yo are." if 4. SUSAN DAKESSIAN ELISE DANICO The good, The bad, The ugly . . . You decide JOHN F, DAVIS RON DAVIS fp--m CHERYL DEFLUMERI LISA DEFRONZO NICOLE DESISTO NANCY DELL'lSOLA Daly is more To love Than a hearf full of scars, Than forfeifing The rIghT To live a life of choice A friendship is ci person wiTh whom I be sincere. Before Him I may Think a loud. Danlco are places I'lI remember all my life some have changed, some forever, for beTTer, some are gone and some All These places have Their momenTs, lovers and friends I sTill recall, in my life I've Them all. Davls have To learn To pace yourself, pressure! jusT like everybody else, pressure! You have To run so far so good buf you will To a place where The only Thing you'll feel R loaded guns in you face 84 you'll have To deal wf Pressure!! Ronald Davls I doh'T know where l'm going' buf I sure know where I've been. Hanging on The promises of yesferday, buf I've made up my mind, I ain'T wasTing no more Time . . . Here I go again - WhiTe Snake Cheryl DeFlumerI I may never pass This way again, so I wanT To laugh, while The laughing is easy, I want To cry, if if makes Thing worTh while, we may never pass This way again, ThaT's why I wanT if wiTh you. Llsa DeFronzo An image and repuTaTuion are whaf people Think you are. Only you as a person can defer- mine who you really are, To yourself and To oTher people. Nicole Deslsto "They say Theres a heaven + Those who can waiT some say iTs beTTer buf rafher laugh wiTh The sinners Than cry wiTh The sainTs The sinners have much more fun you know only The good die young." -BILLY JOEL Nancy DoII'IsoIa LosT in The TwighlighT The memories precious momenfs you and me we've been old friends all Through The years picfure posfcards sharing Tears why can'T This nighf go on forever Jour- ney EA-l've had The Time of my life Good bye SHS miss you THA! 107 WENDY DlRKMAN DERRICK DISHAROOM SHARON DOE ALICIA DONNELLY DEE DONNELLY JANET DOTOLO 4 4 This is me, if you don't like it, TOO BAD Wendy Dlrkman Together, we are stronger than alone hand we fill face Tomorrow 8a the worldfWe have 2 lose BA we can win, we have 2 cry BA we can smile we have 2 hurt BA we can be strong But if we keep working 81 believing we'll have victory in the end. Derrick Dlsharoom Ask not what I can do for you. Ask what you can do for me. Sharon Doe -I Now everybody keeps on Telling me how to be. Everybody tells me do what they say. But l know myself, it's up To me and noone else, and till I'm ready just keep out of my way.-Phill Collins Allcla Donnelly "We've got all of the law, and there's nothing to prove. We've got all The dreams, all of what's free. we've got nothing to lose."-Psy- chadelic Furs "Time of you're life, huh kid?"-RB. Dee Donnelly The saddest moments of my life are thos when I finally realize that the happiest must a some time come to an end. Janet Dofolo Today we'll start a new life. And we'll say o last goodbyes To all the friends we've grow to love, with whom we've laughed and crie Cheryl Doucehe You are never given a wish without also bein given the power to make it come true, T 0 KATHLEEN DOYLE CAROLYN DRISCOLL SAMANTHA DUFF JENNIFER DUNN DAVID ELLEGOOD JOHN ENOS 1 Doyle can'T know ThaT's The difficulT Thing abouT of course you can'T be sure. You have To my word for if. And I know jusT how you BuT one of us has To Take a risk, or else, don'T you see? -The game goes on forev- -ARIA DE CAPO Driscoll The pasT, buT do no dwell on The Look forward To The fuTure wiTh hope and because The fuTure will soon be pasT." "Lose your dreams and you will lose mind." "WhaT you musT dare, is To be Duff sTep info The velveT of The morning and IeT """9f'Z-'JV yourself lay back in your dreams. Take all The siTuaTions noT The TormenTs now you know iT is noT as bad as iT seems. Think abauT iT before you go, l'm jusT one small parT of forever. STe- vie Nicks Jennifer Dunn For everyone There's a place, for everyThing There's a season, for everyThing ThaT happens Ther is a reason! Dovld Ellegood . "Tough Times never lasT buT Tough people do" "EveryThing dies DF ThaT's a facT. Buf maybe everyThing ThaT dies someday comes back." John Enos l've been dazed + confused for so long iT's noT When you leasT expecT iT, expecT iT! 1 RACHEL FABIANO LORRAINE "l?AINY" FANTASIA True. One llTTle woman never bargained for you, lofs of people Talking. few of Them know, Soul of a woman was creaTed below. -Led Zeppelin Rachel Foblano Memories may be beaufiful and yet, whaT's Too painful To remember we simply choose To forgeT. So iT's The laughTer we will remember. whenever we remember The way we were. Lorraine Fonlusla Love is sTrange loTs of people Take iT for a game. Once you geT iT u never wanna quil. AfTer you've had iT you're in an aweful fix. lvl. 81 S. Everybody needs somebody maybe some- day you'll need me. T09 BILL FAUCON PATTI FAZIO MARCY FELDSTEIN DONALD FERGUSON 21" ROBERT FERRARO JILL FISHMAN CHEESE!! DENISE FLANAGAN KEN FOLEY Blll Faucon "ln this promise land, fire burin' in our hands, the choice is ours to make. Realize your fantasy: you live the dream with every step you take." -Journey Patti Fazlo Life is a series of hellos 81 goodbyes. Time goes on people touch 84 then they're gone. I had the time of my life, But. "I know that it's time for a COOL CHANGE." Everything must have an end. THINGS CAN ONLY GET BETTER!! Marcy Feldsfeln Living life is fun and we've just begun to get our 110 share of this world's delight. S.S. l understand about indecsion and l don't care if I get behind people living in competition. All I want is to have my peace of mind. Boston Donald Ferguson Life is just like a puzzle, just when all the pieces fit someone changes the picture. Rob Ferraro Just when you think you have all the answers, I change the questions. JIII Fishman This is the time to remember because it will not last foreverj The memories of yesterday will last a lifetime. We'll take the best forget the rest and someday we'll find these are the best of times. Denise Flanagan "Friendships like ours are friendships that are hard to find. How could we all let it slip away. We've come too for to leave it all behind. How could we end it this way. When tomorrow comes we'll all regret things we said today" - Chicago Ken Foley Having determination. motivation, and a posi- tive attitude will take you a long way. -KF ..g, MARY ANN FORBES ERIC FRANK 'X Q , i 2 r -N ,I DO I Smell fI9SIW7 DIANE FRAZZICA DANIELLE FULIGNI i Q Maryann Forbes Here I go again on my own going down The only road I've ever known like a drifTer I was born To walk alone and I've made up my mind I ainT'T wasTin' no more Time cuz here I go again -WhiTesnake- LANDO SAYS: "I had The Time of my life" C-Yal Erlc Frank "You only live once, buT if you live iT righT, once is enough." Diane Frazzlca The Time has come To go our seperaTe ways buf no maTTer whaT we'll always remain friends. The happy memories of The years ThaT SUE KID" GAILIS ELEANOR G-EARY TINA GIAKOUIVIIDIS BABY 32 have passed will last a life Time, and remember These are The besT of Times. Danlelle Fullgnl Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy, Sunshine in my eyes can make my cry, And if I had a wish ThaT I could wish for you, I'd make a wish The sun shine all The while, John Denver Susan Gallls Realize you are The eyes of The world -Grareful Dead- My mom once said To have a friend u musT be one I musT have because I've made so many Good luck To you all pursuing whaTever makes you happy The memories will IasT me Aeva Sue Eleanor Geary We've seen The good days, and The bad Through our years TogeTher. Though now we go seperaTe ways, The friends, and lovers we have known will remain as memories of The BesT Times of Our Lives. Good Luck in whaTever you choose To persue. Tlna Glakoumldls AnyThing for you Though you're noT here since you said we're Through IT seems like years Time keeps draggin on and on And forever's been and gone STIII I can'T figure whaT wen? wrong I'd still do anything for you -Gloria EsTefon 111 i BOBBY GILIVIARTIN BETSY GRANESE ORAZIO "I?AZ" GUEVARA STEVEN GUIDA JGHN HANRIGHT KERRI HEFFERNAN .Ng MARK HEGARTY BETH HENDERSON YOu'Ve QOT TO be kidding! Bobby Gllmarlln Momma always Told me noT To look inTo The eyes of The sun, buf momma, ThaT's where The fun is. -Manfred Mann- l am he as you are he as you are me and we are all Togeiher. -BeaTles- Neva A-GeT J,C. Beisy Granese AfTer silence ThaT which comes nearesi To ex- pressing The inexpressible is music. -Aldous Huxley Orazlo "Roz" Guevara You Try To live up To whaT oihers believe, Till you 'conquer your fears and find just whai you need. You sei your ideals wifh The TruTh ThaT you see. Nofhing Turns ouT The same as you Thoughf iT would be. 112 Steven Guida I sTilI haven'T found whaT I'm looking for. We need new dreams TonighT. U2 IT's a big enough umbrella, buf iT's always me Thai ends up geT- Ting weT, The Police Time has nofhing To do wiTh infiniTy and jelly doughnuTs. Thomas Sulli- van Magnum John Hanrlghf There is no sound buT your breaTh and The pounding of a hearf, no sighT, buf a whife swaih of snow, and no memory, save ThaT you were once ready. This is The calm in The eye of The compeTiTive sTormg an addiciion which you will come To fear and love. Kerrl Heffernan The Tree of knowledge is waTered by The biTTer Tears of experience. Mark Hegariy Now we all gof our problems . . . and some you can'T ignore, buf if we stand Togeiher we siand for someihing more wiTh all we have To hope for . . . and all we have To give whenever iT's your hearf ThaT's beaiin' There's a chance for us To live. Befh Henderson Well you run and you run To caich up wiTh The sun, bui iTs sinking. Racing around To come up behind you again. The sun is The same in a relaTive way, buT you're older. Shorfer of breaih and one day closer To deaih. -Pink Floyd- 4 STEVEN HENDERSON KEITH HESSION ffl' . -.,.,f1-qv 9 3 l X A ' ,.., Ji- "M r T as if 5 sig ,, ' L4 'ff N, A 5 r X., A flififr . I 1 ROBERT HQLT AMY HUGO Alfred E. Neuman lookalike contest winner BARBARA HUGO COLLEEN HUGO CARLA INGEME DONALD JACKSON teven Henderson ffort within the mind further limits the mind, ecause effort implies struggle towards a goal 'nd when you have a goal, a purpose, an end n view, you have placed a limit on the mind. - .L.- elth Hesslon he magic is in the music and the music is in me. ou can't have everything, Where would you ut it? S.W. obert Holt Work to the best of your ability each day, whether you succeed in what you want to accomplish, or you fail to meet the goal you wanted accomplished, believe that your effort was the best that you could do on that day. Amy Hugo When times are rough, remember the good times and it will brighten your day. A.H. Barbara Hugo Though l keep searching for the answers I nev- er seem to find what I'm looking for, Lord give me strenght to carry on l know what it's like to walk along the lonely streets of dreams. Colleen Hugo Take each day one by one for tomorrow is the beginning of a lifetime to come. Carla Ingeme The weak are those who copy the crowd: whereas, the strong are those few who choose to copy no one. 113 JEFF KEEGAN THERESA KEEG-AN STANLEY KENCH LYNNELL KOSTINDEN .sr-1-mass QTY BRYNA LAKIN DAN LEDWITH HBH' Alex P. Keaton eat your heart out. LISA LEWIS SIMON LIU Jeff Keegan You can't get something for nothing. You can't have freedom for free. You won't get wise. with the sleep still in your eyes, no matter what your dream might be. -Rush- You can't have everything, where would you put it? -SW- Theresa Keegan More than once in life you'll look back. Re- meber all the good times and the bad times. You'll laugh and you'Il cry, but you know there is always somewhere else to look, and that's ahead. Stan Keneh The ritual is donei a night no longer young fades into morning. The sun begins to rise. We gonna stimulate some action, we gonna get 114 some satisfaction, we gonna find out what it is all about. -Bob Seger and Eric Clapton- Lynnell Kostlnden Today we'll start a new life and we'll say our last goodbyes: to all the friends we've grown to love, with whom we've laughed and cried. Remembering the fun and laughter. The prob- lems and fears: watching all our memories grow thru the years. Bryna Lakln Hold onto your dreams . . . always do your best. Don't worry if you make a mistake. The only people who never fail are those who never try but neither do they ever succeed, you were born to dream, never give up. Believe in your- self this ls everything. -T.D. Danny Ledwlth The only way to discover the limits of the po: ble, is to go beyond them, into the impossib Llsa lewis Here's to the songs we used to sign, and hen to the times we used to know. lt's hard to hc them in our arms again and hard to let the go. Do you know what I mean babe, do y know what I mean? Neil Diamond I m no fool gonna keep it cool and take it d by day We wont know where we might until we make it all the way. -Boston There no strangers in this world, only friends that haven't met. . Simon Llu c l if X '-ef 1-as-v' kd ,fp HIDEO MABUCHI TRACY MAC DONALD lm greaT and I know IT WENDY MAC HENRY MAUREEN MAC KAY ,ping 43' ,f N-Mi' EY? QV' DAN MAC MONAGLE JOHN MAC NEIL CHRISTINE MANGERIAN BECKY MANION meanT To be. Maureen MacKay Time endears buT cannoT fade The memories ThaT we have made. In all my dreams of com- ing years wiTh everyThing l do I know That Time will never change The memories I have made wiTh you. Dan MacMonagIe If a man were To know The end of This days business ere iT come! BuT iT sufficlenT ThaT The day will end, and The end be known. And if we meeT again, we'II smile, and if noT, well Then This parTing was well made, John MccNeII One cannoT always be a hero, buT one can always be a man. Chrlsilne Mangerlan Friends are Those rare people who ask how we are and The waiT To hear The answer, Becky Mcnlon Climb high climb far your aim The sky your goal, The sfars. -l-IDT Clouds are so beaTifuI I could biTe my Toes. The fuTure's open wide. -Mordern English CHRISTINE MANUEL JANET IVIARAGIOGLIO FRANK IVIARCHELLETTA BARBARA IVIARCIANO CHRIS MASCIA CHRIS MASTRANGELO 32 at 2 A DEANNA IVIAZZA ROBERT IVIC CALL CharIie'S wiTh who? Chrlsilne Manuel This is The Time To remember cuz iT will noT IasT forever. These are The days Too hold onTo cuz we can'T alThough we'Il wanT To. This is The Time and Time is gonna change. You've given me The besT of you and now I need The resT of you. Janet Maraglogllo Don'T give me any rules ThaT say conform- IT only makes for waves like in a sTorm. Don'T Tell me whaT is righT or whaT is wrong, JusT IeT me 116 have a space where I belong. No rule will ever Teach me how To see. The answers are inside of me. DCB Frank Marchellelia I can'T drive 55! -Sammy Hagar Chrls Mascla My life is slipping away. l'm aging everyday, buT even when I'm gray, I'II be gray my way. - PearT- lT's a small world, buT I wouldn'T wanT To painT iT, -SW- Chrls Maslrangelo AmbiTion is a commendable aTTribuTe, wifhou which no man succeeds. Only inconsideraTe ambiTion imperils. -Warren G. Harding Deanna Mazza NoThing is so good iT IosTs eternally. Perfec siTuaTions musT go wrong, BuT This has never ye prevenTecl me from waiTing for Too much fo Too Iong . . . Looking back I know I could have done iT differenTly. -WhiTney I-lousion .sv-.s 1? as ,, ' r MC CARRON I KRISTEN lvio G-REW KENEICE Mo PHEresoN McCarron l leave here tommorrow will you still remem- me. Cuz I must be travelin on now cuz s to many places l've got to see . . . CLynard Skynardj McCarthy Lord said "go forth" . . . but l went fifth and the race. Long lives need no fortune hard HSBC no fame old lives seek their freedom young lives seek the same. "Thirteen" McGrew if we are lost in an illusion. Are we it SHAWN MC CARTHY 'lu 1119 L .45 9 n iz. K. , - f l J' f , F.. K X xl HEATHER MC LEAN We got served! We got served! Q . . K., if S.. f if L -rri . I x DQ r L.: ff? A sigh- ..,., r . -,f . .nf . . fi 1-EJ ALISSA MEAD ANGELA MEADE BABY W3 starting now or did we never end? Our differ- know. GOT GIGOVTIS have FGOCNGG The SOVTTG conclu- Allssa Mead sion and brought us here. - Peter, Paul and Mary Maureen Mclaughlln Where the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true. Heather Mclean We look for love no time for tears wasted wa- ter is all it is and it don't make no flowers grow. Good things come to those who wait not to those who walt too late, we gotta go for all we We can walk alone together if our goals are all the same. We can run alone and free if we persue a different aim. Let the truth of love be lighted. Let the love of truth shine clear. APeart- Angela Meade l'm young, l'm wild, l'm free, and l've got the magic power of the music in me. Freedom is just another word. For nothing left to lose. l'm not apologizing. I am what I am. There is no compromising. 117 ,.f- KIM MORRIS JAY MELKONIAN KRISTIN MERIKANTG CHRISTOPHER IVIESSINA A ffihs 71-:T Wie?-E Mx ZA X JENNIFER "MUISIE" MUISE STEPHEN MURPHY ii All l Think I'lI gef my hair cuT Today. WILLIAM Miippuy Jay Melkonlan LeT us be Thankful for The fools. Buf for Them The resT of us could noT succeed. -Mark Twain Krlsfln Merlkanfo This is The Time To remember cuz lf will nof lasT forever. These are The days To hold onTo cuz we can'T alfhough we'll wanT To. This is The Time and Time is gonna change. You've given me The besf of you and now l need The resf of you. Chrls Messina Life is jusf a candle and a dream musT survive iTs flame. -Rush Winning isn'T everyfhing. lT's The 118 only Thing. -Vince Lombardi Klm Morrls " . . . so ofTen Times iT happens, ThaT we live our lives in chains and we never even knew we had The key . . . " "Already Gone" The Eagles Jennifer Mulse You had a hold on me. Righf from The sTarT, A grip so TighT l couldn'T Tear if oparf. My nerves all jumpin' acTin' like a fool. Well your kisses They burn, buT your hearf sTays cool. The only obliga- Tian you have in a lifefime is To be True To BABY Till yourself. Dlana Murphy I'm noT quiTe whaT I Thoughf I was buf, Ther again, l may be more. -Queensryche Whenev er you dream, you're holding The key, IT open The door, To lef you be free. -Dio Steven Murphy Why nof? . . , you only live once. Wllllom Murphy JusT when you Think you've made iT, life hand you anofher Twisf. NOAH NAZARIAN .iosEPH NESBTT Qs i , 5 . You weren'T This heavy aT rehearsal. DIANA NIGRO KRISTINE NIG-RO f'--,N T sf" , w 3, Ts MICHAEL NORDEN BRIAN O'CONNELL SHARLEEN O'DONNELL LARRY O'KEEFE och Nazarlan ou've gof To go Through hell before you can ef To heaven. Steve Miller Band E oseph Nesblt ol No? on your besT days! Iana Nlgro ry and enjoy The here and now, The fuTure will ake care of itself somehow, Don'T Try To live our life in one day. Don'T go speed your Time away. Krlsilne Nlgro And There is so much Time To make up every- where you Turn. Time we have wasTed on The way . . . So much waTer moving underneaTh The bridge. LeT The waTer come and carry us away , . . Michael Norden We are only acfors in The play of life. Brlan 0'Connoll The secreT of happiness is noT in doing whaT one likes buT in liking whaT one has To do. Sharloen 0'DonneII NaTure's firsT green is gold, her hardesT hue To hold. Her early leaf's a flower: buf only for an hour. Then leaf subsides To leaf. So Eden sank To grief, so dawn goes down To day. NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY. R. FrosT 119 KIM OTERI JEAN PASTORELLO 3- KEITH PEABODY CHRISTOPHER "PASS" TONI PASCUCCIO ANNA PASSANISI PAGLICCIA BOB PEASE JULIE PELLEGRINO He's noT looking, jusT finish The sTory. Klm Oferl As Time goes by we learn To rediscover The reason why This dream of ours survives Through Thick and Thin. We're desfined for each oTher knowing we can reach The oTher side far be- yond The mouniains of our pride. Chris Pogllccla We're ready now, caichin' a wave To ride on Steady now, headin' where we decide on and I know ThaT There's someThin' ThaT's jusT ouf of sighT and I feel like we're Tryin' To do somefhing righT Come on make iT if we hold on Tighf WE'RE READY . . . Tonl Pascucclo Do noT Think of whaT oThers Think of you, you're The only one who can judge yourself. 120 Anna Passcnlsl WiTh you l have shared precious momenTs. For- ever sharing wiTh you what will be cherished in my hearT always. You have been my compan- ion buf more imporTanTly my besT friend, and l know ThaT whaTever happens, ThaT will never change. To Debbie Jean Pasforello Memories may be beaufiful and yeT, whaT's To painful To remember we simply choose To for- get. So iT's The laughTer we will remember whenever we remember The way we were. B. STreisand People may come. people may go . . . Wendy and Lisa Kelth Peabody people like my school friends my family golf friends. my camping friends, and Teachers. Thank you To all who helped me. w Friends are imporTanT To me. l enjoy ' , , m m Bob Pease . . . and someone said fair warning. Lord sTrike ThaT poor boy down, Turned from hunTe inTo hunter wenT To hunT somebody down . . Van Halen Julle Pellegrino May God bless and keep you always. May you wishes all come True, may you always do fc oThers and leT oThers do for you. May you buil a ladder To The sfars and climb every roar Ana may you sTay FOREVER YOUNG. , 135-fiiE?i ?F,?3?f' 'f7fEEff1Q???f ' -W 51' "!h -4 E I RICHARD PIASECZYNSKI JAMES PIJOAN T59 ""' "fi RICK PIC-NONE .WMA ,F I KATHY PORTER GeT your hand off of me. MIKE POWERS JIM PRICE JILL PRIMO DAVID PROVERB Richard Plaseczynskl Cheryl D. And in The end on dreams we will depend. -Van Halen Jlmmy Plloan A friend loves aT all Times, My special friends- PaTTi and The Bergs favoriTe class- Sewing. Caf. worker, Always ready To lend a helping hand. Love To all my family special-seem class and Teachers. Kclhy Porter To see a world in grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinlTy in The palm of your hand, and eTerniTy in an hour. -W.B. Mlke Powers J he good days pass fasT and The bad days go very slow, so don'T Talk abouT how Things should be, jusT Take Them as They are. -H,W. Jlm Price And so Today my world iT smiles your hand in mine we walk The mile Thanks To you iT will be done for you To me l'm The only one. -Led Zeppelin One of These days l'm gonna cuT you lnTo IiTTle pieces. -Pink Floyd Jlll Prlmo Our memories do susTain us, They give The pre- senT a backdrop. subsTance, scenery: They Tell us who we are and whaT we're becoming and if whaT we're becoming is worTh anyThing aT all. Dave Proverb WiTh one breaTh caughT and held in his chesT, he foughT his sadness over his soliTary life.- Saul Bellows Ledzepp- STairway To Heaven Dires- TaiTs- Walk of Life Dio- Rainbow in The Dark 121 'Q' -e ......,q, COLM OUIGLEY BOB RANDO KEVIN REGAN GINA RICCARDELLI . .,,,,,f,:f.., . L fl - , .1 ANTHONY TONY JEFF ROBINSON RICUPERO . , . ., X,L: . . . . . T ng ll 'Az ,..l'Y:2,.,?i:5 vi Pl if 'fwfr rig, fi .. ,,,, T T New x. 12 I ,nl . .. , g .h., . ,. we + iii 'z if 1. ,G,, X. I su, '. .. N Today, class we will disecT The camera. MARIA ROTONDI MICHAEL ROTONDI Colm Quigley IT used To make me so fed up people always asking me whaf will you be when you grow up, gonna need securiTy, spend a !iTTle Time in school wishing I was somewhere else and now l finally found a home. Bob Rondo Take your Time . . . don'T live Too fasT, Troubles will come and They will pass. Go find a woman and you'll find love. And don'T forgef, son. There is someone up above. -Lynyrd Skynyrd Kevln Regan Through all The good Times and The bad, my family was always There To boTh encourage 122 and supporf me. Gino Rlccardelll There are Three Things in life Thaf should never be broken . . . Toys, hearfs, and promises. Anfhony Rlcupero when our craziness is Remembered, we will be Endured. when we separaTe, we will Be To- gefher. when i go Through my memories, you will be There. your sfrengfh will be mine, mine will be yours. The fun will never End. we will forever Live. Jeff Robinson Time will reveal whaf The fufure has To offer and only Those who are willing To grasp af TDSII' goals will discover. Marla Rofondl Don'T leT your life slip Through your fingers by living in The pasf, or for The fufure. By living your life one day af a Time you will live all The days of your life. Michael Ronlondl Many Times l've lived many Times l've lisfened many Times l've wondered how much There is To know. Many dreams come True and some have silver linings. I live for my dreams and a pockeT full of gold, 43 vw. an . ec... . ,. . , ' 7 MPX! 7 . I gg, . . :... ,Mwi L ff:-.. any V 'sm , N-T -5 I -1 gf :gif I ss. ifssfs - -S ,- --Iso? .gsfxs x if 5 I 'if f W.. few:-ss so-T:-fm.ff..,'i5lff,--xv 94245 LARRY RUSSO JENNIFER SACCO We're going scooping! MICHAEL SANDLER ELLEN SANTOSUOSSO 1. 3' B, I ' I JEANNE SARNO ROBERT SCI-IACHTER GARY SCHULTZ RANDAL SEDLACEK Larry Russo And-l've Token so long I know. Never hod so for To go. lT's noT where you con be. IT's whoT you con see. ThoT Tokes you There-your desTino- Tion. -BosTon- Jennller Sacco Drive owoy ond Try To keep smiling. GeT o liTTle rock ond roll on The rddio ond go Toword oil The life There is wiTh oll The couroge you con find ond oll The belief you con muster, Be True, be brove, sTond. -STephen King Ellen Sontosuosso STill don'T know whoT I wos woiTing for ond The Time is running wild on The deodend sTreeTs ond every Time I ThoughT I got The iT mode iT seems The TosTe wos not so sweeT chonges don'T Tell Them To grow up ond ouT of iT. -D. Bowie Jeanne Sarno Life moves preTTy fosT, if you don'T sTop ond look oround once in o while, you mighT miss iT. Leon on me when you're noT sTrong oncl l'll be your friend, I'll help you corry on. Robb Schochler Reoching The summit Tokes strengTh. STorTing The climb reoches inTo The depThs of humon will. Gary Schultz Tired of lying in The sunshine sToying home To woTch The roin you ore young ond life is long ond There is Time To kill Todoy ond Then one doy you find Ten yeors behind you. No one Told you when To run, you missed The The sTorTing gun. 123 LYNNE SEELEY JIM SIMPSON MICHELE SMITH ANNA STRAZZULLA Lynne Seeley Welcome To your life There's no Turning bock. TreoTing Todoy os Though iT wds The losT The finol show. geT To 60 ond feel no regreT: iT moy Toke o liTTle Time, o lonely poTh, on up hill climb, success or foilure will noT olter iT. -Howord Jones Karen Sheehan There con be no good wiThouT evil, no love wiThouT hoTe, no heoven wiThouT hell, no lighT wiThouT dorkness, The hormony of The universe 124 DEREK SMITH KAREN SHEEHAN RICHARD SICURELLA depends on on eTernol boldnce. OuT of The sTruggIe To moinToin This bolonce comes The birTh of legends. Angel Sllva Drecim unTiI your dredm comes True. AerosmiTh Derek Smllh lT's been such o long Time, I Think l should be going. BuT Time doesn'T woil for me, iT keeps on rolling. There's d long gool, l goT To sTciy in Time ANGEL M. SILVA P' We know whoT's on Tino's mind! wiTh. I've got To keep on chosing Tho? dreom Though I moy never find iT. Michele Smith The mosT wosled of doys is ThoT on which one hos noT loughed. c Anna Slrazzulla Yesllerdoys were mode To look bcick on leorn, Tomorrows ore mode To live whoT you've leorned. 'es- -65 NEAL SUCCO AMY SURETTE KAREN SVIZZERO LISA SVIZZERO BABY 35 swf If V 1 .W 2 f --QE" ff . la X ff W sf: ., 3. ., .A -ff 5 , .... as . .f T. -- .-wg, T .: I T . ,. .. px . ni . , . . . 2 L . fl ,T 4. as . . .-,sy V ' 1. .Jr- wan? e..-..fv"1 I ,far MARK SWAN DENISE SWANSBURG PATRICK SWEENY MAT TATIAN aren Svlzzero Mark Swan my life. -B. Adams Screws fall ouT all The Time, ou only live once, buT if you live iT righT, once is There is no greafer challenge Than To chal- The worlcl's an imperfecT place. -BreakfasT club nough. lenge yourself. Patrick Sweeney Isa Svlzzero Denise Swansburg Good luck To my classmaTes and Thank you, To he memories of yesTerday will lasT a lifeTime, I guess noThing can lasT forever. Ancl now The Donna Kelley and Irene. e'll Take The besT, forgeT The resl ancl some- Times ore changing, look aT everyThing ThaT's Mah Tailan ay we'll find These are The besT of Times. come and gone, Those were The besl days of SILENT BUT DEADLY. 125 BRIAN TAYLOR CRAIG TORRES THOMAS J. TORRI MARC TORTORICI LEWIS VENEZIA JOE VITIELLO 6 E Q Hacky sack is a game of The mind. SARA WARD BABY do Cralg Torres IT used To make me so fecl up: people always asking me whaT will you be when you grow up? You're gonna need securiTy. Spend a liTTle Time in school, Wishing l was somewhere else. Hav- ing fun and acfing cool. I jusT wanfed To be myself. -Huey Lewis Tom Torrl All roads lead To where you are. -U2 Marc Torforlcl BeTTer lafe Than never. Llso Towle Hold on. hold on To fanfasy, if you keep The dream, you'll find The end of The rainbow . . . 'LRB Those crazy nighTs, I do remember. in my yaufh. I do recall Those were The besT Times mosf of all . . . Journey lewis Venezia My road calls me. lures me wesT, easT souTh and norfh. NlosT roads lead men homewards my road leads me forTh, Joe Vlflello CommiTmenT To excellence. Sara Ward SomeTimes lT's whaf you don'T say. SomeTime lT's whaT you don'T do. lT's our desfiny so pu Time on our side. All if Takes is all you've goT! Af' s MARCI WEISSIVIAN ERIC ROBERT WELLMANN I'm not going to answer that. JOHN WELLS DANIEL WHEELER 'Y BETH WOLONSAVICH TINA WOODLAND SHARON ZABOLY Illarcl Weissman Dreams are illusions of desire. -If you lose your dreams, then you have lost your mind. Erlc Wellman Diplomacy is the art of letting someone else have your way. Saladaf Learn to think imperi- ally. f Lust of power is the most flagrant of all the passionsj Vote Wellmann. John Wells You can choose a ready guide in some celes- tial voice. If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice. You can choose from phantom fears, a kind that's out to kill. I will choose a purpose that's clear: I will choose free will. -Rush- Danlel Wheeler I am very happy for the help of mrs. Sue Healy and Mrs. Pamala Horn. Plus all the other teach- ers for their help too. Beth Wolonsovlch Do not turn away my friend. Like a willow, I can bend. Nobody's right all the time. So take some time to know the real story, cause a soul that's true is your ride to glory. Stevie Nicks Tlna Woodland Take your time don't live too fast Troubles BABY if? come and they will pass Go find a man and you'll find love Don't forget there's someone above Be something you love and understand Don't worry you'll find yourself Follow your heart and nothing else Sharon Zaboly I set the wheels in motion, turn up all the ma- chines, activate the programs, and run behind the scenes. I set the clouds in motion, turn up light, and sound activate the window and watch the world go round. - anything can hap- pen - Rush 127 PAUL ARGIRO Go for iT "MUMBLES". We love you, Mom ond i Ddd. ELAINE BATES Congrdfulofions Eldine, you ore The firsT, ond i we dre proud of you. Love Mom ond Dod. MELISSA CHRISTOFI Melissd, we ore so proud! Moy dll your hopes ond dreoms come True. 2436! Love, The Fomily xo. DIANA CIARLONE Didno, we wish good luck ond hoppiness in The fuTure. Love Md 8a Dod. Dennd - I wish you luck, Thdnks for being d greof sisTer, Love Poul. ALICIA DONNELLY Congrofulofions, Alicio, you hove done yourself ond The fdmily proud. Love, Mom ond Ddd. AfTer 20 consecufive yedrs Alicio is The IdsT of The Donnellys. Thonks ond Goodbye SHS! CAROLYN DRISCOLL Congrdfuldfions on o gredT four yeors ond besT of luck in The fuTure. Love, Mom 84 Dod. MARY ANN FORBES Mory Ann, Thdnks for mdking us so proud of you. Love Mum, Ddd 8i Fdmily Cfhe MAF Fon Clubj. Mdry Ann, you ore on dwesome sisfer. Love Koren QIX8 of your cheering seofionj. Bubbd, you're d SupersTor! You're d Super Person! You're Super! Good Luck! Love Doobin. Congrofuldfions Bubbo, you're The besT. Love, Jimmy. Mdry Ann, IoTs of love, IoTs of prdise from me To you every doy. Love, Sdndrd. Mory Ann, good luck To my fovoriTe grodu- oTe. You're perfeof. Love, Billy. SUSAN GAILIS Good luck To our Suson - we ore very proud of you! Also good luck To dll her friends - BesT A WORD Wishes for The FuTure. JENNIFER DUNN Jen, We ddmire your sTrengTh ond oourdge. You ore d unique young womon. We love you! KEITH HESSION Keifh, Moy hedlfh ond prosperify be wiTh you for life. We love you. Mom 84 Dod JULIE PELLEGRINO Congrdfulofions Julie ond besT wishes To The closs of 4988! Love Mr. dnd Mrs. Pellegrino COURTNEY CAMERON Courfney, Hove d brighf ond sunny fuTure. Love Mom, Ddd, Bill, Sedn ond O.J. DENISE ond ALICIA CongrdTuloTions! The very besT To boTh of you. Love The Cdmeron's STEVEN GUIDA Sfeven, we will dlwdys be behind you vvhof- ever you chose To do. Love Mom, Ddd, Rob- erT ond John COSMO CICCARELLO Congrdfulofions Chick, you mode iT, ond we ore so proud of you. Mom 84 Ddd JEFFREY KEEGAN Good luck, Jeff, we love you. Mom, Ddd, ond Jon DEREK ABRUZZESE WiTh our love ond very besT wishes for your fufure, Derek-Dod, Mum, Alison ond Mork JOSEPH NESBIT Joe- my number one son "Thdnk you" for being mine! Love Mom BRIAN O'CONNELL Congrdfuldfions Brion we ore very proud of you. Love Mum, Dod, Kevin, Tim, KoThy 8a Missy STEPHEN MURPHY Congrdfuldfions STeve, To you ond The cldss of "88" Love Mom ond Dod PAULA BERTINI Congrofulofions Poulo- We ore proud of FROM I-IGIVIE JANET DOTOLO CongrdTuIoTions JdneT, we ore proud of you. Love Mom, Ddd, Mdrilyn, Cheryl, Koren ond Grompie Joe. Cupcdke, GoodnighT, we love you, M, D, M, C, K. COLM OUIGLEY CongrdTuIdTions Colm, we ore very proud of you, good luck in The fuTure, Love Mom 84 Ddd DAVID BENAZZO CongrdTuIdTion, son we ore proud of you. Love 84 good luck Mom ond Ddd MARIA ROTONDI Morid - we ore very proud of you dnd wish you ond your friends much hdppiness. Love, you. For refurning DOCK To your cldss of 88. Love Mom, Ddd, Alycio, Ed. RONALD DAVIS CongrdTuIoTions, Ron dlvvoys remember Thof we ore behind you 'IOO'Z,. Love Mom, Todd, ond Rydn. I'm proud of you Ron Love Nono PETER D'ANGELO To PeTer - " Dredm The Impossible Dredm" CongroTuIdTion, we ore proud of you, Love Mom, Ddd, ond Doreen JENNIFER ARENA "CongrdTuIoTions Jennifer, good luck wiTh dll your fuTure endedvorsf' Love Mom dnd Ddd DAVID ELLEGOOD Good luck Ddve 84 closs of 88. The Ellegoods 84 Buck LISA CANAVAN Liso, we love you IoTs 8a Iofs ond ore very proud of you. Love Mom 84 Ddd RICHARD PIASECZYNSKI ConrdTuIdTions Rich, Good luck in The fufure, Love Mom ond Ddd DENISE SWANSBURG "Denise, we wish for success in dll you do, ond we wish for dll your dredms To come True." Mom ond Ddd. Mdrio ond Friends - For dll The nighTs of IisTen- ing To The BeosTie Boys vve're glod you've finolly mode iT! Love, Mr. 84 Mrs. RoTondi. P.S. Thdnks for The birThdoy coke. ERIC WELLMANN CongroTuIoTions Eric! All our besf wishes To you in The fuTure. Love, Mom ond Ddd. NANCY DELL'ISOLA CongrdTuldTions Noncy Besf Wishes To The gong. You guys findlly did IT! Love, Mom 84 Ddd JEANNIE SARNO Jednnie, Thonk you for giving us so much To be proud of. We love you! Mom, Joe, Sedn 84 MonTy JOSEPH BERNAT Congrdfuldfion Joe we ore proud of you. God Bless Love Mom ond Ddd ROBERT HOLT Couldn'T be prouder, RoberT, AAAA performonce KEITH PEABODY Congrdfulofions KeiTh, we ore so proud of you. Good luck 84 enjoy life. Love Mom 84 Ddd KENNETH FOLEY 'ICongroTuIdTions Ken, we ore very proud of you. Good luck nexT yeor. Love Mom ond Ddd PATRICIA FAZIO QPATTIQ You've mode us proud, PdTTi, vve're sure you will be d success in dll you do. Love, Mom 84 Ddd ROBERT SCHACHTER Robb, os d son you ore d blessing, os o friend you ore cherished. Love Mom ond Ddd WILLIAM CORCORAN CongrdTuloTions Bill- you did your besT dnd we're very proud of you. Love Mom 84 Ddd ,,,,, - L . DEREKM ABRUZZESE ' Friends Montreal Pool-Hop Hockey Golf BBalI 121211185 2114186 or NggfsosfonrgfgwwllngrHans+Franz Wham' R U High? Absolulely comfortably numb - f"JUSI,l.LIKEsAHEAVEN"Thanks Mom+Dad 1 ' A A , I I OATHY AAIGELOSANTO I G A LgIIJv,U DF 2CD MR MADSC so JmbPW cmo. fish HH w1 pam. Ejggiover "I've neva fit way bg!" Trk-rid JPw1DC2fIg2eIe wr-stdn'w1CDMMJCMRMC sking w1paIs Sumr87 wsking IA3Jay91'19187,IuvELlEfIIiIrg2IifriEDad 5 spam , 3 E I . ,L U if ,V ' ApG119Q I ii Q ' . Always remember: DARMI-IMSBKBAG, all friends. AChoraIe,lABaII UOOHSQCBPTIZT "He- man" "JuIieanne" "My Truck" "WhaTa fiasco!" "Desperado"'BJI,,J5ISfIS55i22Ifrican. ?The long way hornef' :androf course IQS. PEA soup music ' 'I BAKER U E H Never Forget: LC so JDQJP ss KB DEPQMQGMETB DR HB KM ac CIQIEMM DJ SD SG CHAI-I BH JP Besi of Times: The Tvvirpfiiilth Dan,'fMy Parties ..IC's Jr. Prom OLD ,Merfnories:fTR DS and JC ' ' . I f ZQ ' ' , L,... , ,,-WI, X . . , . ,. ,. ' . ,,,,,," ,gt ,iii ., . ' A ELAINE BATES NEVER FORGET BECKY, MARYANN, MIKE, LAURENE, AND DEE DEE., f' ' L I V ,g LINDA BAUMANNE Nevergiforgef LC JP JR AP LD TC BB MM evone In PF Remember Times al OOB PP WB BOST CL LQ FS PAJ JP MAD AND JCM CONCERTS. MUD MUD I LV MUDI, WE NEED ORGANIZATIONII cal CI-ILNS Can'T wah for NU TBPC LL BGV Scratch. TOM BEA VER THANX 2 MOM MIKE KAB BAD NEVER AGET KERRI SB DI ALWAYS A GOOD TIME W1DOOE CRUPI CHOPPA SHLITZ ROSTA SHCPSLMPBESGCC UMAS DOMESTABBHEY- DALY XTREE PKNLDG BSMITSHUWHAT? 78TBlTDZ3STANG35IC BER88DLIE SCWPAO-48 B-wAvMSBP , , , A A I i'i QI fiff MILES BEQQQA, Cheers-DM JOKD MW JB MRBRCRM PF JS, JM KS Hampton beachbumabeer I-lDave MagiIIg5JrPromKCL7-sI5Af5lEs.OonfookNH Dad8rJean 'fOIm8tCOD6 MacNeiII family I, gg party a'r,Rick5EgIean I LuvfGIQar'IjT8LGramp.MQne Thanks Mom, Cass: Alex H ,L eyllil lieei 1 - Ir Never PornoI:.PA ca Ja KB RB TBQJC SGLLID PP zone LGKR Raid Lowell Guy ,savcni Haley Ho Down + our Shouf Walrriglpnfmeethii BiIIY Mani 4122187 AN FK I7 I Jean YAKNOW Thanks 'MOM+DADP:I Love You! .- , , , . . .. ., . rr DAVIDBENAZZOTL 1 - A IPABCDE . . . I 123457 IVDITIALIAWHATSIEMICPS NOW LIFE JG Ia-0 Jo JOVIAIIBNOVIS REMEMBER: KC GR KF ss KB HB sM KH OM KM114 Gooa PREIv Pooo+MgKIm,Roa sc BMHI DM LP KPx OO RC SMPDB zIAR MB MA DAD STONE HIGH CIAQQA TTJTTII 5 HEATHER EIERNAT, , E "Trio Group" CK BK LA GM RP KM KC AS KS LS R+s cc. LaICA KPiCQDBlIIHmrmEHf'5ff food+DDrunsThinHzOFIa avisoooh NHCapeNC 715185 PIumIsIo31'I71e5lIuvuDenrfIlsF SsfrCrisTn Sheas Thanxluvu Mom, Dad, Mike, Nana, Grampa, BenjiIfiXOXOmssuBKC!f5E ' , i'1il I JOE BERNAT I of if L-L ig , , 41 I NEVA 4GETp Is-WAY + RS ROOM + FLA"a5+ 86"MRDB + HAMPTQN5 CAMPINGE.5f3.,f12Io A DING+JrP+MAGILLAaDoIfuI's. 5 - sqorgi WIRSHI- MF + JO + KD., "lf'sA Long Jump"QuarrIes. Always Remfmy TLA Jen.gfZLIvei every if it werefyour last." . . , . Q COURTNEY CAMERON 1 o ALICE! Gxs RRGBB L+T, EOGNH. NoGMo, RskyBsgs?KS'51evgCHEER ICF comp ss NCA Lmds, A+ +K SL+B PSYCHIJrP J+C: SGw?'fTR,5DM's?'TTMTD" FIC ND+ES Brmd 88? "WYCTSAS" Rebels! "Is why" ILUMomDoo,iR,gs+EoJ-Ds. AD,.B Hppy GOING' DYFAM' 111111 , . flll. lL.L , 4 is I " ' pp L I .J 7 'i" A 'LL" 'I l yyyly gp . ,L V IL ii' Novosaeor oiopgisor-Pon BSSTX-DQQSSMKW lEPBaRP3v1LyorIo UR zzoomo sor-Joi IPUN: EK 3J2DLONIrQoCHEER87 RRCTBBBO sumofao5lEgeroHREgELs15gorP I Pony-DEPorEKg FIG-LYDQQ Lovovou MOMDADDAWNQMISU' if I I fi , If LCAMPBFLL A I , E THROUGH THE v2-ARS WE HADITHEi?SAMEiTHNE-HEOR LUNCH BUTUAETER TI'IIS,WEiWON'T HAVE TO EAT ITQANYMORE TO A CERTAIN STUDENT i . , . ,I i L , , ,I ,,,. L., .. . - L, 5, , ,LISA OANAVAN ' Eg' Good DF4,TI4,,I55,,,RL, LS, JP, Tc, VAS, Ms, ca. AH, PARTYTNIG C. DFi TC, TK, shaLgdQlipuII over??JR'The Chasey "The Black Monte" Why does 45 VWPSI-Iap-r pen? The HOIGII Hilltop 87 Where's The ooo?-THANKS MOM' ,+VDAD I LUXQYA LAURA CAPPUCCIO I ' Q I I NEVER AGET CHRIS LUV U ALWAYS LB JP AP TC FRIENDS AEVA' MAD JcML'EF'ObszaRg: Nl-BONFIRES POOL ML AL Ms BP PAJHOL Ja va sa KD JR UURH GB HC BOSTEVRO555 FSKATE JRP-LIMO BP PS YCHO cc DM OMH DTM wwN THANX MOM + DAD ca sEEvA JOHNCARCIERO H, Y 4,', ,' Good limes w1 RF, BH, RP, DF, BB, JC. MK, JV, BM, Glasses, Football Im 84-87, Track: Halloween 87, egg ACC, LA closet FLSHIN'missIons, A'ries,Miss. sLy Dogs Girls Friends RC, GirI's Track fm Bud., Sr. Girls JD and Gang: your crazy!! I .KEIIEY CARR E I . sosrxs wtf JsGHHMPPTw NEVA A GET GHvB-sTATEss7gsaALL MNSDCALIF HLNDVCOQE STATES86 87 ae? JRHIGHJVJSMW JRPROM MB ISIL JPBKDDTB- ff-DP srnPor. TMNSVBE15-I ZOOJPMBMR B+BW1MMRF fun x's W1 CA +eK ILUVU + THANX MOM+DAD, OHRISLQEL CA +RvAN , 1 G ,1 A 1, I I TONYA CARR- I Cinema Niles w1BOSSfi-Crew, GOOD X'S W1LC, TK: DF, SCQCB, SG. LF, LR, EE, CE, EM, CW, DS, MR, JWIQ KC, DO, KM, JP-THE CHASE.'HIllTOp87'Where's ACOP? The hole. 1973-Y DID U HAVEQIZLEAVE ME,.,VTDGnx DAD,VMOM+ CSMSCJ.I,I'I:,LOVE YOU, ALL!!! .. , , .. .. A. , ,, 3 . , . . . QI, SD KP 4-EvALP,,Mw "e7i',MoIor scoopsl PITA-BABE BRAD 'I2fs3l'E8,7-I 87 FLORIDA- BOUNDNQ! M.R. BUDDY JP SKIN IT "SPAZ" KMV BESSY TOASTED I LOVE YOU MOM 84 ' - ' I fi .sf- EW, .Ls, I E I E'L, I Q. CRAIG OELLI , Us jgtal I i A p I A it 1, Hs. vRs. CANADA vo FISH TANKER PRIENDS: ,LR BF cc, so KD PM CDLAMS MM KK THE DOG STEPS GOLF CHAMPS I-IAPPy Dgygslro oz, THE BOSS'-WAND THE KING JR COMEBACK LUV U MOM ,, y L so In . 950995 CHAMPUN U TIME FOROHANGE MAJESTY R.I.P. M"WT"S, The MEssKGEis1Imanx DTP57SJrIsLiriksl1iTaEEs CAC Flexibrush UH + CP PRANKBO BF SM JH TC + ME SHgf5QQSDTsJT,AM3IESsoiLR+MUM', BUSTER KH KUOH BN ST LNJTIMORELORDglgITl3fAGEoIJslgIlEsssRoo1s, OUR WAY! L A , ,L A I 2 WERSPAZZES BESTX'S W1PALSt ACMRDCQCDDFCASOSD JRSBHNDI espMD ACI NEVADSRVVD LUVUI DIRQNQITDS-LW HQUSEFH87MFCH-2 MB2YRS+ BDDSF Hcw1sL JPw1RP-Jcccew IAsaILLofa1la1e7 2P BSTFRND'! I LOVE vOU MOM , 1 I , BILL BIRD I ,U I , ss, DAD 3SIS+H-FAMI xoo g wifhz RERP. Jv. DF, Jcg BH, MK, sgmginoyor-,izorgofgfoo , , I riplsslong CuTlass. Hmween, 87 FOOTBALL WAGONEETD. ,,, QQ' AISLZAHAM CHYIJYQ 1 if ' I -5 K ,ng,fiARv , hanks ryDad,and-Allison. . . A so 4 A I iT QXKMOM + DAD "HARD! mmm, I WINI!!" Camo, 50150 Dolls. Graaf WQII, Ioraoir ' 'Q ,'., ' I , T 3 ..I' I f I ' ' "" 2 I,,, I III I I I going out side, Mr T' blizzard, close 3lfCfVS MSIYOSS WI 4,1 ggg, , E, g , , "I" CHERYL'fBl?,4rZEL Q, I If Viqiaffo my friends, GOOD gigg al--have a Q D LIFE! - M Ma +f,Grahm cracker. Miss you DOCLQGL Sharon, I'II always be here for you. 3 fi 5 H- y MD-I really did if This time! Never forget: wheh I broke my name, ANGELA - S, Mr. it -Summer W Spacey ll-IYGGHBAT r 5 548186"143"Thanx A everyjhing: nevadgeffreinds: iiyyy CA, PW, 1 1, .,,, , , L, I , , ..,, U U , 2DIP, 2RF, Jc, DE, +'spfecIalIy MC-noyora survIvo'oI ERK chase gg . , , , 6 DC+CD: MVP Hun? w1 . . . " I NEYER AGU EAPACJBRBBBDBBCSQEQQDNDDDQFJPMRCTHUGO? AER04' ff if .1 " 'E,i i ii. L . I Q P TALKSW1MS. WHITE THEMANI ZONE SN 1 .PHW1FAaS FIa85 BOSTONWT5 +H OEET ',,. DI-. A ' I.'L QIQAR. MORNSW1SC Hr1ol,fEUoomovonknow,Ifso urvorysoooioiwmo .M . HLT. best-2CDMCACMRDFCASOMDPWJ .,DAYW1EC Thanx MOM DAD JEN+EB ILOVE YOUII U I I smovIo:,,,rsJ,lgagywG Mo-EssAv?g3cA.JP1,sqogovrrs: ar , , , L siouns-Gbaoayuoiornonks Roonor, MA-I DADLLPAUL- IIIOVQSLIF L I U ROBERWLABJ BRYANT , so ooo, is 1 1 I ' A A ig G . z I f E ff GOOD X'5 W! JR' BB' G31 P513 -'WS BUU5 DN'5Q9fIWUN'N.d9i+fIUW PW .,... T ' COSMO I.I.L ' , 5 BOBBY JUST RUN-EASON. NEVA doe' 033' SBI DF., KC,-ETB, cc, KP.JR PRMQ 4 4-,Thanks ro and Dad for QII your supper? ooo VOII my U2-JTRE THE POLICE REM DLIE wooh I LUV U SD-TXTMZK DAD .FAM E ...H gi friends QQQQTIIJCKI I E Q I Qj 1 SENIOR COMMENTS ' T30 . . .. . ,,,. s..........,.. Z., . , . .. .. DONNA CICCOTELLI - 1 ' - , .1 1 I Q . 1 . 1 . l 1 Joi-INF DAVIS 1 1 . . . Never 41-get FM. Ms, KO, WD, PB, EB. Ja. Never 4-get FM. Ms. ko, WD.gEBg EB, ,KQQNEYER G TlMEs,1sNi TT ,IA ,JD rzHjTneg11BTg'3lDM' Crew all my OG! EF. Crusln w1MS 87l Jr. Prom w1db. Senior Prom 517187 w1DB. RacIng1cars-I-piczliirsgf-WC-iirls Leafnefiiiiilil-i5?f51iQf3T1. Mucia Go eeneen w1MS 9122187 repsfieie fear ar wf PM. .la+DM. PB+EB, LOOK' 1wriaii1.Hey,1iwnefefsff+ne peny. oooriii esreu eeee L g g here I Come! Thanks M0m+DOd A Everything. . f elef1 f . Z 1 it 1 1 I PON 124352 1m e 'ee 1 1 1 PAMELA COFFIN A . 1 1 i 1 monks .ILC KD ED BL .rrvi KM+SUE! ugly! JANET 'hiiiiiiiriysifgsetzidll Thanks Mom Dad Bedt times BL KD KM JM JC RD JM ED 2DR MM GrddsrofiQ87 Drama- games. Remember Chevet trips, them flat flowerQfEfKbifriyZsL .std-I B.E. Conyank aria 3B ACMTrap almost FOOLS Fest -SPacific Frankenstein forum? machflfthe Proms! Thanks Mom, the group for best1iQtir'Qets!i 1 Budzo and Awesome Mistakes TR 16 PLUS WL BC CG MS PS-BH " '88- . LJXL ' Q I 41 I 3 5 A . 9 1 A CHEPVL DEFLTJMERI 1 DLLL 2:1 :J SARA COLEMAN 1 11 11 1f15rzQ9D3gg.4EvABe-rn isoi vra CADFMCCDACDCMRPWMDSDJMBORPIITNTEYQQQ Hang on to your hopes my friends: JUD SN JB DENT Lis TC LC JM 7 l-IS Ses W KB B5 .Q f'U-ljIm9.QMLife:,YigUANG"F-y REM Sha Cheering CDWOUCC Rich I LOVE? WAY B-Hill APLE Pik'h w AR 81 CP 5th Der- WC' tt Dr!!! 78-87 CAPR COD 84 5!28!5Zg? sss Jr2P2l51d?'BiiZs3io-24-87 GM HUGGIES THANKS 143 MOM DAD si NANS J-ss-ss f i . fx - It I I Forever 8: ever Summer B5 to my family who gave me everything! A j .V f A, Q A gf , .-,k ky Er E. 4- , , . L: USA DEFRONZO . HEATHER COLLINS f . 1 SC-Penguin, C.l cheesy feet: A. Ssaueaky: GR-Ricky Ticky: TC Jr. fall1Twisted Rooster"84" Psyched to spikeg VB state fiols why couIdn't we get thatlast pointl GW-IS: nutty spaz Camping "Bo" CDAY Thank you mum! I MICHAEL COLLINS , , , Conan the Warrior. Amra BRUINS 31 Bourque 77, Rat, Nifty, turk, Miller, Keans. Markwort IRISH Power DEF LEPPARD-Tesla 13 CZ Volare Arnold pit pyro doberman N. Conway Robin Hood Halloween B7! 1988 JOYCE CONNERY BOTTOFDS Upl Twins, Malls, ROCKING CHAIRS. PROMS, MAMMIT JANET, PEACHES. RHODE ISLAND, "MORE PIZZA RON? "" MORE MILK CHRIS?" USSR, BOWIE MUN. MASP! PURPLE SPOTTED . . . AND THE BEST FOR LAST-JAY! CLAUDIA CORDOBA I will never forget the good times with my friends KS LS LD TP KH Party weekends Revere beach Boston. To the one I lost I will always love U and have a special place in my heart for you. Ilove U Mom+Dad family CHRIS CORREN77 L ' L OIdsOmegaMoo 4187 EastBeast UMASS, The Steps, Lat Man lives w1 in us GTO fish w 1 Bub Golf W1 ccgu Hoeky, BENTL, Lemttaeks. N1W errnoor NHQNF GF. RP SL BF CC SG MP KR KM MC KR KK Gallahues BubbaRamboJRBS MBC JAMES cosm GOOD FRIENDS: FIN LAVECK MIKE CARMINE MURPHSLSIMP MEL PJ DV REMEMBER1 THE DELTA CEDAR AV -THEGOOD-suitCASE or snooc scum SCHLBLDANCES DE- STRUCTION W1PJ8cMB BERRY'S FINSKY -'LITTLE screump ACTION" JC+JH LUV u MAfPA SANDRA COSTA C.I.. chatter box. HC., buddy. G.R., What's up? A.S. Bubblie, MM. Club Q1+1A. RF., M.M. Baskin Robbins, Band1Pre. W1S. TC, CIumsy1 Berm'58'-k.c., c.i., Ft. Loud.. Camping8o', crusing. Cape, Big Dots- Mr. Mar.. T. Roo's. Thanks M+D '1. yy 9 Q . I A STEPHEN craun coop TIMES RB 55+ sL. X-TREE w1Ta es SL Dimes Pm. -JH cope ceo Sum-87, 1sursepee-aLoeeT-a.o. sr. Apple Day. DOOE cHoPPA! THANKS MOMTDAD 1 1 1 . - . . s Jas. f - Ili KRISTINCUTONE. . . 1 .-., .... Good Xs w1CD-Bstlfrends-ARHBKBDBZM-WkndysnWoods2CPBdwy1iPrtyw1 CDARHBCMKM RGU"SOEmtnI" B9f88-SC F 185 Fl6idIQIQGkSy34-PdI"rnr.DD The FoodRun BW-NASCI PKnSn Rebel JP-BF Mad ABUJs2Fr QCI'ilQ!Q2.LfThanx Mom Dad Cherylyn .+ C'0'9 . . Q I 1 .. 1 I I . SUSAN DAKESSIANQ. ' . I Luv U TV. 3120187 l.J.B Good Frncls CT. LD. KH. AS + DI-l. MRS. Parks class rn. t. t, 3- APR. Sweet16 party R-VETTE w1Llsa GT. at CT. w1TV. Thanx-A everything +Luv U MOM-M. M+AB. S, '1ST. Niece TALENA I LUV U GRAMPA. , 1 PETER DANGELO - . -I F0otBali, Trackattack, OHBOY. Goodtlmes-JC. MN. JM QTII19 Shower Crewj MT, LV. RP, RF, JH, BB, DF. DE, KR, MT, VOLARETHIBIII, Hows the Bumpefisnowslorm ln the car HI Mn Coll! ahhh Its a Hallowoorsi Sunny Thanks Mom. Dacl+Dor I luv you. 1 . JANET DALY R BF'S PW TFICT PS RF MS SW Thanks'tO-CR NEVA FORGET SKI TRIP, MY POOLPARTY. JR. PROM QTHANX JCKDJCJ FT. BL. GAMES, TR. MTS. FD. PREP.+ CALIF. 87 thanx Cind- + Mary. GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 88. THANX AND LUV U MA, DAD. JIM. LUV JANET XO . ., . , , . fuss DANICO - I Thanks KD. CD, M+D. Just one morel Gammon Drama Fest. '87'8B Frankenstein Funny thing Gap Love ya SC, RD, TB. LK-l- The Gang .Ca'86 remember getting lost in the chevefte you're ugly! momma tuff-If Melina Chinese food BYE ALL!! lviefiseness SDASTPCCLSKSHEXQERY1 ELS rs w1Dv +Ja+ istc JR PROM rvics sn PRO- M-ISAETA n1SUE IVETTE HMPTNBCH as-7 BJw1TA c u AGN SNIDY-BP 1stxw 1D Jv DD w1kAQ,1L1NevA Taser U BMS10113184-YWAHAPIMH-ILU ss THNX + iLuvu . f.,,.-.e.s,...,....L.f..s re. ,..... , , K M Wk 1 1 1 2 .1.r I . NICOLE DESISTO L ThePhzeCru: ASf'KT.'PW, SF, PFF! NYw1AS + KTWtzNMeWtdidIdoLsNit'? SPURSVEEMA! TTOMLW1JPHampton'? JA + LCJIMMYJAMESS-S-SpininTheBCh! Cpn" "HDlgsimu'? Do- meDomeAS-PbLoon-JA. KM, KS2COOLRI-GumB15? JrPromw1JR + AM 1A3PoopsieCCwCMOM + DAD 143 NANCY DELL 'ISOLA BXW-TCLSESCCADKSJPJDDSBOEFRPJVCANO FlaB5SyberiakKSJMJP86WClNII 191SE87WC Brmdl 2-15-87Tom C! BONH KB8-27EAThxsum87TOM L Pro mCL RRW1l.arry rnlnIvanRebeIs? 15? TR-PS GuysatSSS DYFAMAH4! HaIl+FergPrty Hoop ILUMOM + DAD.-P ROC , WENDY DIRKMAN 'NEVER AC-et: AC. KO, DC. CW. MR, CM, OOMP, MICKYD'S! WEIRSBEACH, ST ELMOS FIRE JD, TT. EL. BD. RAT, FLORIDA, TWIRP. JR1PROM.,6MOSII! LIMO. OH MY l-IEADI, NICE PATCH, AVERAGE! MWHKGN. TBOL, PF, SADM, ISB, BURUDMAI I LUV U ANT KERRIANNE'PAUL' ' ,. DERRICK DISHAROOM Best wishes and thanks' to, Basketball, Rick, Roger. Joe. Mac. Cheese, Jr, Dexter. Swan, Daly, Hurly, and1Craig. And Coach Killer and BB, DE, JB JR PROM Freshman FBALL. JH and thanks to Mom and Dad for everythingllll SHARON DOE CC KP LUV YAI LP MW HB BW MH AO HZ BB Cheer-CD CA SO PW REBELS J81T. MJR SCPS HAMPTON 87 PITA ie, SPAZI Skin it Mr. Buddy! No? We're Flo. Bound! 12-31-86 ESLR SHADOE Thanks Mr+Mrs C LOVE YOU MOM Bc DAD! ROBBIEI!! ALICIA DONNELL Y COURTI GX'S RRQBB-DEN T+L"WYCTSAS"BOQNl-l RskyBsns-KS ES + K Paul-Bink NCpGma's FURS CHEER Camp Lan'tddAtCk-S+B DM"TTMTD'TJrP C+ J Fla-JJN DERB8 BO-SSS REBELS TR + ND Pmkn ASJPCS PSYCHI Glouc-GES l1:i.rUV M + D + FAM-C + D 1 1 I DEE DONNELL Y Q -,',1- .1 . . Best of times with DM JH KC DM JM Assam, AR in front of merger rain sr lost u+ Pepsi or FP AR XS w1BB bammbamm achoo be -l-ta broke pinky -ALOTBSOL Dillagaf Goodluck Rlch8LMaryLou Thanks Mom 86 Dad LOVE YA! "88f' 1 . 'JANE T DOTOLO y G-X'S W JPDFTTCMJSTLLDNBOEFMKCB TP 'W JP W DF Italy B5 Fla, HPS W TT RPIOU limsSB PTY'S DERPBBPF SIBJP CAPE87 BRUCE SAT NITE JP'S CARC COOKIN 4 M, CM. RF CAPE PALS SUM87 Rob Deco 11-25-B7 BM? GNlLve you MDMCKG 1 1 CHERYL DOUCETTE I The major thing that helped me through high school was my friends, AM, PB, WM, JD. DS, LS. Thanks for the support Mrs. Ford and Mrs. Martinez. Thanks for a good time at the prom Junior V 1 4 KATHLEEN DOYLE ED, BM. Ron-you're awesome! Thanks Di. Mal, Mom, Dad. RSr. Prom87. Fest87-So Close Luv RB, CR. Steph OOH. Frankenstein Lives! Beth Loves Vic, ED-Just one more Q33l'Yl9I,RD-Thanks for popcorn! CA. 86. Fun-SHOWS, Dips wfPF. LUV TB 84 gang , CAROL YN DRISCOLL Always Remember-KCDCMHMMKBSODFCACDMAZCMRMDPWRF, GXW1KC-Flor. DC-S nownlte-AC+DC"There he . . . "Prom'EW-DFW1MHMMSLKCEW-RR-Gos. lunch! A R-RB+GS1TRACK-Pepjalk-SAF. hel soccerrlt1 Thanxs CoachR. A ALL YR HLP- Thanxsmom, dad 81 Chrlsif ' I g LfLysAMANrHA DUFF Thanx to Mama and Dad. Eastern stares with 4-H. Great times Wf KS. AH, CM. SA, MR. PA, SG, EB. Never forget JC, We will alwaysjlqve you. JE Prom Limo. PCRICKETT' PAM I LUV YOU Jan'l7"87"PlEGM Cape Maine TORTI Are ya Sleepin Thanks Ma Dad Mat Jen I .T . I . UTABATHA' TO Brian. Thank-You for everythlnglLOVE A A is l ' i , ,," ' ' ' JENNIFER DUNN. fg E Tvs wrmrrx, t2Ag.JM,iLc. TCIAH.ICM.CSQ5,QI?,'fEDi'Q5SUrl1mer8gI.aborDay We 87 Mum and Dad my deepest thanks for your love and understanding, I oooldnftlof t'Crash"DECA: Tlia,I4IfIi1SIM. MM.,Partles"'QCongo lftllltop fitlggigghase' ' The Hole n- eva forgetHU5JCl BfF- Aeva: TK. RAshld-I poll Thanx I luv U mom. Dad. Marisa, Tiff! with out you! To all of my close friends, Thanks for beingi there:-A 1 BLCDQBCMLTJRNDIDCQJWEDJI ' 5 .. I -E I yyyyy 2DAv1D,ELLEG Gtimes JSSMKWRPJVRPRFWMSTCLSCLPWseasBlFIDC amends JSSMKWJM Box log ,Parties Myhouse+KW's Don't rememDerhlFeelGoDd'Hampton CLJSSM SportsFBTBB Never forget DF Syears l'll miss you I Best Thanx MOMDADJD S l ,W,i,,i' W . RACHEL FABIANO T. iii FRYMMCDCHKBKCII REEDS RM vvfMM +cDI atm Donutsl- vAR.LvBB5f5A3t'.vs Pin! Algflfptywre did -,Q'-we go' wmg? Fl'87WfFlowhtCurb: JPromWPerry fILuv1fg UHunl' 52- 'IZT-287"EL"'-7-12387 : 31 11-7-87 AM-DPLNOr'l'tk1SmrSw9SiS D'reOI'fTI ,TFACFMDI ,ILUV UMurn + Dad + Fam - A 5 - ' I . ,E ELOQQANMZWTIKS: AFANTASM AETERNUM TE AMABO,PAUL-DlMARTINQIi'2f1QM3f86-1729787-BEKMitchCaraEd sua- dyRlckBobFIa86-87Prks87TWILIGHTZONETpnGS81TGcorlImoridesIceTe au-Mass? FHB- bal!Fanta, Amiss u JoeThankSeverythingChristlneTMarMa PaRob8gTaQitliLIvuaIllfHPoo! ,,,,, ,,,, . . 'wwf WAT gt-roi, if T. BILL FAUCON I my A I Never Forget Canada Bermuda? The Mission Steps Tony Frankllnbfliagtop Sfang f SUSAN 'GAILIS spa! frds -AQILSEQIDJPCGDSLSTLHB SCSBNDMWCMJVLCKOSDAZDW fr yr Gum wfon Give wfEG CaTfNH'DUNKIN Surbaru CSN ty tid hky sftbll wf LS Cape Cod Prms Twirps UMass FSC Sallnjianella Prez Allnghters lLuv U MA, PA. LIZ Why A E I TINA "GuA2:A'tGiAlKouM1DAs?2 iiiih iii ' wennwy-sig: it! Rememba ice teal Dom fall off the iodaewtjgznks Guys couldn't have without ya: ralny mar Christine Ioved my tpd-earlgain-cutell mernba -C0bQ0pevjlQ9ln,GuacI Luv ya mo, Dad ha George+Nick GUACA! fy, .2 ,iv . . . . , . , , I J, , - I 4 ll I .t I I 1 fr fi GAMAWN . Q G I If ,tTEI1e3!1.Puzestepsyc.Pg as so 87 Hompronao Glenns hs with Beatles Trp CN13arrel.Flres Hockey 87, Catitornia 87. Neva Aget Joey. Hove YW BTW GPFJQIWIIY LOVE YOU, . I f , I ff ffff LZTBETSV Hollywood-Adventureldna Whatis ,Thanks KD. ond E.D. for gjgthgsqymemorles, The Dukegfsade Elsie and friendsifdlliefregall bosom buddies so let's I rfrf ifslfiavlt together - lt'silust"the-waysit is. A ' I I A Great Friends-Lre cosG Ms oc MP SL rep DD Mc skizr-sob wigequfs,DF-Never Agafyf Tyyrr S G 5 I or T I I f A I I so C ,, . If Vkkk 7, V , . .kV,, . I . ., N Nu It O" me 'OU9hS'8V's'WO'lhI'O" Thanks fo' 9V9'Y"""9 MOTDOG' i ii If i 3 I 9. yyii E If QORAZIO 'WAIT' ,GUEVARA7 , I f ' ' PA TN FAZIO , E "" ' "'TI"TS?I5"fh9 IIk9.T9VTI'K1fII4,Y0'-JUIII W5 b99n..G,QZ?PlT1iY?9F f in . d . mm, H. B. . Vic, V . ,,,,, ., .thevfm -T A BF: HT" cE:JsHMJsKs Magma Fam AEF MWDMKDMBJOSIC-DJ Hampt Aev bite Hgoi- 22 ,soggy pgs? O 'Q Q me I Ionsol1t" Z28fKerlnocNy alnterfunismashface DolfBWay NF A AXPD "ulled2Me" , A ,,,',,, f QTY "r-' I I CI'I69l'll'tg TI'IQl1XSTWITfMH Luv Ll SIS rT'IOfdGdfblOTh NEVER AGET U TOMMY I LUV UI . in ' Mem Canada 86 U2 Ax's The mission Hockeyzgiteps Happy One'iNSM Blue Haven I MARCY FELDSTEIN Squid Good Friends LR BF CC MP SL- RP DD Downs Nose Shoulder I Good,X Wf DAJMKMBSKCTO-Bronco Weirdos Psychos+ Maniacs SL. Patrol HAMP- TON wfDELQLDMTJP Chase at JD's FLS Wf Denise85 Go Hawaiin Flowers W7 Jill Riverside-BFXFOE-DAWAPLANS W1 MM Mich Never forget TF Luv U Mom + Dad DONALD FERGUSON V i S Your Crazy B-Fri JV RP JC BH DE JM JC BM G-Fri JD JP DN SD LD DF TT LK TC LS. Good times CAPE H-Ween. Victory 1'l'l4B7Recovered.Fumble T-Day Game Thanks so much your very special I love ya all Helen Dick Srman , ROB FERRARO . Your Crazy B-FRI. BH, JC. Good Times wf RP. DF, JC, JM, DE, JV, BB. BM. MK. B-Times- F-Ball 85-87 Track 85-88 AXA RLY. H-Ween, Aries Mission, Fishin, Cape, Wiff Bll. Shitr Tales Hampton B7 LA's C1st LK. Winn Thanx Mom. Dad, M, R, +Family I JILL FISHMAN NEVER FORGET KBCMSWMMDFPFTPSBXSM-THE MUD PUPPY TWINS! 4717165-IL UVYOUPAUL4-EVA Callfornia8cPAPOOSEPOND''Lovenotes"STUCKATLIW Twirp WfPHTD8cLC NOJP NYEPROMISE Boston Visits DuringTFSDfEBALONE2GETHA THANY MomDadAndyLee I A DENISE FLANAGAN Good Xs WfCMRAJDJPLKDN3TJLSEFBO + Guys TP wfB + RP Jr Pm FB CGfTTDWfCNEVA AGET U DT 10116786 Flawf CDi+Marcy 66 Fun X at JPPF Cape 87 Bruce CHIL OT Gum SG Dudes Are U sleepin? Oxgihwa TOTTI PLAN 5 LOVE YA MA + FAM! . kkkk L ,QA . - FOLEY Thanx, Mom -if DadfDad of youiSteve RIP My little Vlkswgn 1271187 Congrats to evrybdyilnl yrbk utall lgnds in my bk. When you get this you can dothis aria get thisthen Cfank it outl Hey Davefletg go to the Beach. Glad I got guys, UWMAAEG as I I ,DAMELLE FULIGNI MR ADM3Q4SQg,1MD,PW SD X-Country I'Il miss u .IPKSPSREKDMSSMSD RBLF Spriz my lifeilovers BF-mm? EWARCCLR-Twp JP ,WTQDAVID-RMMBR uALwvs Luxgfy., Tnqnxsoqid Mom cms I luv U A MARY1ANNrFOR5f'fSiifiiQi 2 Neva Aget AB MN CM B+CI-l MC J+DM RAIN MITQIQEQFLINTSTONE SAB LAKE I-IOOPS S-Ball F-Hoc Ice Hoc-CHAMPS 87 DesignsQBUBBA, WBCN Frwrk ALF! SHHaipt- pens Haenus Thnxs M+D+FAM For all yourjlovejil- Support MBI - . ERIC FRAIW .... , I GREAT X's,wf ,VBQRPQLJSSMDEKW SISVS DFJS JDJPLKDNGMTGLSKSES FTBI DC + BW'-:FUN awogimrgrvs AT PEJP BAsE3ALgEWlss+ 87 Champs ea? NEVER FORGET I Grandma Dad's H-attack. All ot my lovefllilon Da6'Robert John. Freedom . . . ,,,' L g Q JOHN HANRIGHT Good times at1CCfKilliBL1mp-R-Ride Dires NV Best Friends NN SC SD Sl-I MR AS NS MW AX Cous JM NeveriForget SSS Wellfleet PM-85 USST mogul Sp Thnx SC DD VJO NN and Family Thank you MOM ancl DAD I-LOVE YOU KERRY HEFFERNAN rg , Fun Wf LC. LS, SD B.O, 1-17-87 LUV U "ANTY" H.I.L.F DECA CMQTK.-DF. MM 7-4 CAPE COD BILLY'S BOAT MOM RMBR THOSE "SICK DAYS" GRIZWALDSVACA. S.I.M.E.l DOES PLS-I-C Brk? RELAX 12 YRS OVRII THANXS MOM, DAD, KATHY ' ' ' ' BETH HENDERSON , I NEVA AGET REC PARK GANG suM so PARTIES EVERYWHERE! NEW YEARS EVE: sc. JC, GS, Bs, cs. DM. Js. CN, km, ers: Kon KM HAMPTON as, CALIFORNIA 87. VOKIES" TM, DL. GOOD x w ck, JG. Ks. NEVA AGET u JOEY. I LOVE you eoaav THANX. MoM+DADH A S STEVEN HENDERSON Q T 1 . THE GANG COACH LR BF souio UMA ss CEL skilNG KL-JH JP-MA MUSH RM Ewnps SUMMER so Evsso NEREGTOR 86-87 GAPGQ TTHB OID Betsy FLDCOTWCC AMEMB PAEISLFR N+s THE CLUB MASH THX MAM AND DAD I - KEITH HESSION TGlFWe're Golngoff PRT yTilUDrpDIffmind States CerebroiknuggiesWRthofJD HEAVY- MEATRULES SOCCER?1THETeamPhycAindour PKnSThngHackinnewDlrestion Cana- da7dayPrtymyTeacrsBBnLP RS DBSmLVCp+I-lMSCSCCKJCDFlngemies I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD ROBERT HOL 7 , Summer days? nights in NH: JD. KN, AP, -bk after Volleyball semi: CA, BK, SM, LV and event after-Pushing SM car Q Waltham HS. HM got brake happy- "The Towel"-JK, downpoor before concert '84-TOGA, Lewiston-Thanks Mom ' AMY HUGO Good X's with AB CE LC TK DF RA CB SD TP JM JR PROM Hampton B-hill I don't smoke Shl-fu Buttirrte isalright hugga-bugga I LUV U SHTWFAAFI BUT "UH-OH" I want to squeeze you Tender Love thanks MOM+DAD Barb ween jaj Ch BARBARA HUGO Y BEST Times with SD-KP-CC-CE-AB-MF-LF-LB-SC-JL-RC-KC-KM-KM-MB-KB-Party-at AB House "IO" SFTBL 86, 87 CHAMPS Night with CD KB-CH at Steve's B-Ballzlsoftball A field Hockey 3 Soccer Thanx Mom + Dad and Family Luv ya! SENIOR COMMENTS I COLLEEN Hueo ' ' 3 I is I I BEST TIMES wf REMELETCKPKEJOBPLBL+PASMKMMNCHAPs-EEDTKDEEDIAB W IKBCDCOLDII B-Boll S-BaII86MFCC THANKS MOM+DAD LOVE If V I CARLA INGEME I A I I5 SC'RV serious'CHlKlEl Luv ya! HC Volleydolll Star the Man! GR RIC! BdBalIIASIIIsliCker Alphyl KH Babe Sexy Flirt Mop Engemiesl TC I can'tl Lee Slap Pb Cug!EjIIl5lallalgIQl???BBsh Boogie EyaAshleyl JK Pitch a Proof! Cheesyfeetl Band-wg' Dave if? 1-- I A --I ' I I I II J I DONALD JACKSON I I Remember the naghts at the spot especially class of 87 senior prom at Jeff's I and the night's in Salem 87 Lynnerd Skynerd The Crash of 87 Febigg-fSAM!te!!myT good friends KP TD RZ BG PL SD I I I I glrrr I TI A A JEFF KEEGAN Rush! Forest CB, Cm, JL, Jw donught: Photo Caldor . . LB Loglsties NCRIFIRE JungleQ gym Led Zeppelin S K I I N G l fusrflibfrmCobulfutilityf . . . XXEVIOUS RH, DL, MKL Uninut-1000 NEW CARI SPAM! closet doug Macfsega T K ' I T A THERESA KEECAN ' GOOD XS WffDF, RA. AH, TC. LC, CB, KM, ED, SUMMER OF 85 OPI DK! HAMSK. BC, MK Partying wfJJ81SEB "TWFAF": RA DECA: DF, CM, KH, MM Labor Day We 87: CRASH"The H0le"IPdrtles at 5ICONGO"The Chase" Neva Agar u JC Thanks MOM BCDAD-ILOV9 U I STANLEY FE KENCH lil I THANKS MOM AND DAD ..... 7j-18f87 . Q . COUSINS ..... BASKETBALL ..... PLUM ,ISLAND , g, , . . CHEVROLET , . .I . MAINSTREET .,,.. BIG LOG ,.,.. BEAR HILL LYNNELL KOS HNDEN Good X'S Wf DFJDJMTCLSJLASI BFDN 87" Cruise WfJPEL THUR Nite Din NHWfDl GREATX'S Partying YA! TDBLDPCM HEY WHERE IS MY CAR? LIGHTWEIGHT 87THXGVFTBG-GTWfDi BERMUDA? LGWGI TATO BABAY THANX MA DAD KIM CHRIS LOVE YA , , , , , yy BRVNA LAKIN PINK CADDIE OF MAYBE A LIMo WELL BE KIDS FOREVER ME at My EIANSE. PETER PAN OFTMAYBE EVEN A RAG DoLLI SECRET LOVERS CURTAIN ANYONE? THE TWINS. MAMMIT JANET! LC THE BUTTER MILK cow. FRANKENSTEIN. PUMPKINS Rvv PARTY! THANX MoM A I DAN LEDIMTH THANKS MN, DS, MK. KD, AND MJ. MN REMEMBER THE MALLBERRY BUSH. DS REMEMBER CENTIPEDE. THANKS FOR ALL GOOD TIMES. as GREAT! A A I I LISA LEWIS BLM STUCK IN FRONT OF BURGER KING ME BOWL?'?!I WHAT ARE YOU HIGH! PEA 3f29 THE BEST BIRTHDAY DMA SMABY-BABY! LDGBLIMC CHICKENPOX for B-DAY 16 MUNSLIL- MUNC 44 BVW NAILS SUMMER 85 SURVIVOR RF JLC JM-Q To -er PWS! I A sIMorv Lui I I, I Iyryy I FRIENDS! A LIFE: NEN COACH Roro LRJS IIIIU-MAsyIizzELIjBCN sEcHiLUsH+1 'PROMQPMKN X-TREE'ATV1SK,l"IEGG CHEERPUNI EQWAV CP DDILES MY-RM BICK'.IAM PR FLA KIPETE MAIjIOICOMFIO'BERMI'?' VTHANX: MOM NIN JEN' JAS U-BILL A-SOPHIEZIQI I is I I Iyyry .I I H'DE0fWt5UCHfI I I I TRAVELLEi?S::DA, aMIfQM.ILR,IcmiAR, cc, Rs, JMILA TEAM: KH, RS, SM, CP, JH. JCI TRUST, AMIIICM DAIIIPAI Aomm: BM BCI CM HB TRACES, LSI JC KC HB,NC JA, LeMo5Q CM RUISSIEHIMTIPICQQCH Aiiirnonxfofeveiyiniqg gEARs1-CM, Two: HM, DA THOUGHTS: PD, Ms,LER,1sQKMD I I S I I I. I I It g I I TEEVER EORCETSECQND LUNCHESEWITH ELAPN, BECKV.'LAURENE,,MARYANNE. JULIA. DEEDEE, LISAQ AND CATHY. CGf WGS Q BLAST WITH USA, JANET AMY MARIAI ILL Miss you euvs. ALSO MR. MUCICA'S I I III I I A I I I IIII I , I I .55 vii "fT III'I I MACIIFNPY I I I I FORGETITHE GOOD TIMESVVVITH DM AD KC SV VZK NMK BC HD KD SUMMERIOF JLIDE KM RN MM MT. A'S CIGSS PST. 61h NANA FOR ALLQYQUR SLPPORT I LOVE You I' I ..II I I f I 'L I IJ. Q4 ' I MAUREEN E. MACKAY A I I I A I I RemgiReed's- wfRFCDSO Prom's W jMH X'S WJCC SmmrgB6wfKC "LK-RNS? Pifiy- Party WXCDCAMRMJC "GL-MBM" Rgs Ovrnt? AGETfSpecial X's Shared wflvll-l I LOVE U MIKE "Al.WAYS"' I9-26-86 HANXTII'T0m dad Sue. Karen -I4 Eileen DAN 'BOONE MACMONAGLET ' yT f 5, g Rem: Magilla. Broadway, Dolfuls. Pats. Irvs, Hispot, CompiEiQj,li,Riding,' Vermontski, Quarries, Midnight Ice, Bermuda. Hampton 'ist PM w Son.'FIififIfternoon FalI8o, Julyri, B7 wi MW, Proms, lt matters, not how lang one lives but how. ,,,,IiRsw.sEIIIEI I- 1 I I - I I T- 1 I I JOHN MACNEILL ' frie5ILseDEREJi22iffEDEBEJCBHEI-D. Ra-BALL, F-BALLi COACH. sircckpv, Dewm. MAlNEBlllySTom, Bob, Jeff. SumrT1erWrkfZ9fI'Sl SQIJODIZ Wob CMMBLSJMBF NEVER AGET Jo NIGHT AT .Io's wfAECDaHsTAIRs+LI5cnsME you'rel'SwIeIl Thanks Mom yi- Dad, Brothers I, "" ' l I LLTI .CHRISTINE MANGERIAN I 'Eid wf Flan -IQQIQI Cape yiljlrledther Pat Jen Patten Q RP TD Sat nitewat PF '65 'Stung DECA TDKM Caro Cooking A me JDERPJT doorsllocked? Eb Cm fun wfDJ2TRJPHTIERs4 If TT Eve vw I Q I I I PEAEGCA MAAIZON I I D I I DEREKI PEA LL AEM-EPHILLPMGRHS MONTREAL VJLC JM5DoT..AR3LggP,.EowLiNe ARBOUR B-DAY 'C NVR FORGET AT DFI ,184 EVRWRE ELSE IPROMTP HOCKEY Izfzafas ar 214 T X86 Mmfwssyou MSGREM FENDI QIPJAG IQQ2 AasoLUTE- LVTTUES To I TTTT To zfifxfffg II CHMSJTVNE fil ARNE JULY 3 was HUMMELIIBCLAJPCIANADA1'BQIQTCCDALRCPARHM TT-BDRPJPEW MAY 26 'eo EW CALL A 'Lilssis ABAJK PROM PAIESBWG AR-YRDSL! DP AOHBAR BK-, MISS YOUI THANX HB FE! DANC! B fIOfB7BCLTI-IANX' MOM DAD TARA AMKILOVE II I JANETTMARAGIOLZG T-'I' ,I Rob Syndrome, Omartianmessage,"D5iflI7Dumpllngs,i MUN. Scott II'm sa ITHORRY., We're stimulating the economy! Ron-they lost again! Kris is that a wastebasket? USSR. Thanx Jose, Scott, Kev. Rockport. Bowie, Power Seats-John I luv you! I MA UREEN MCLAUGHLIN Good times with CM TB BK Gino LM Never Forget Sundays Trips 2 NH Cottage Old Orchardisun jam NOFC parties T-Bird servo crew DECA KH TK DF CM MRSI. MRA Thanks mom and Dad Nana I love U l love U Gino - L I-IEA THER MCLEAN Dragons wfJS good times WXDMBOONMBKSNT''8aKDJOMWCTJBMRJPPFparlTes, RM Ran, Bway nevaagainl JSFF twinks I-lamp8otrirpwpC Magllla cheeringpamgeekkel prom good times wfBilI, SC8ccrew, so glad I met U JJ puppy thanks Ma8cDad ALISSA MEAD , H The only people who get any place interesting are the people who get lost along the way. l'll always remember CD. BD, KM, Bickfords. MSETAGH, PD, AS, DC, DB, PB, EB. JI. Prom wf MC 4f1Of87. Thanks Mom and Dad. ANGELA MEADE I Best O Timz wfSteve LA AT The Rainbow TCN W ND MD 84 JA JC CAST YLR8 TC TD JC AS JD CP NG RE MOBY S JAM '86w Jake E. 84 OZ Snakeskln 81. Leather! "Familiar" Loki Mom 81 Dad I luv U l2f24f86 "ConvinCed" I Love You! JA Y MI MELKONIAN Family ties Bluesuede shoes 'stang "This is a Laffer Curve" PA 87 1 Thanx ma scenic routes wrong turns " . . . but,it's a Timexl'f sell you fool Huck's lite special people mo surrender the BrendaLynne'-always luv my dad , I I . I 1 .II I, kIwsnN,yIg1ERfKANrg:g,Igg I A A , I I Kevknf IILL finds 4?I6S?I'IIQWUDKSZISHPKSQKKQPQDIGKROWI,fidhkv 99055549 Dlmfkcmudi mgmdrgismchbmfigqftrackkkbeatec gdlck' everyl,neverA-get Jrprm Lrdwkfldgl ISrf+Jr'?yLfh2sbst loilefya momuknnd dad I L I I I'I,. I I ,.I , f I I . , , I L J, II :,I,I,0gI,,If I f I. .ff I ' II I II MESSWA It I A I Best of luck to me crass or 'saiireood LuCk.SHS Eoofboii Buddies: Jv. RF, DF, RP, .IC mom T-FHdad'+ Rob + Kern ll.ove Yougloannellly' -II 5, j 'V ' I ' ' f I gg, I .g f I Q9 I I T y l Luv U I MISSTERHMSLJCLOON 87fRSKSPl-I JKCSBSSDPPJSDM JANDSFBEKKB8 TMR BESTTERIENDS BHCBKS I Luv-u RS Ponies an css SATS WITH RSICKDJCEBGKDT KDFRA Girls night out .si REC AD7:VNMSOBV2IfkOUTTA 3 AIINSI' BAD I2 YR SENTUP! . TIII I I ,III A I I fJfNN'Fff? MUISE Neva 4g6fifB4WAY -IQBPHILL-TMBUDQ 'FLA"B5+86"NJA. BAHAMAS"87"WfCUZ"HEY" BER"8B"DLJL' TSI SC +TB8xGUYS CUPS TK+DM. BX'S .lrP, Hamp, Loon, Campin'Ridin' CIN! PEEVE "LW'S "LoQkinfGood85I2eeIin'Fine. Always Rem My TLA JOE XO"Live To HWY" it f I I I 5 F sTEvE MURPHY BUDdies-JS KW CDE EF CLIIRPI MC .IC LS TCI DCwl-BWSFUNACLASSICSI BXFD LOG86, HMPTN SPEDO, E-WOODSIIDED SHOW, DANCES WANDERING. NOVA RACES, BW51, RODS' SUITCASE, WALL, RAMBLING, 12MNY SMUP, GMAB TM GOLF GALLERY24- THANK MOM DAD, JOE+MARK I , I I I WILLVAM T Z if To allof my friends, old and new. farewell to you all. raining-,mad.r 9-25437 DWAHIA SM? Bermuda-here I comer-Love you Mom, Dad, 1 A, A 'i f Dh I iisi It I , I A ,I I I I I It I .. A A T I A f 1 1 T , . . P P 1 P ,,e . A I ' I l J I T I AJPI T f 1 P P . I GOOD' FRIENDS1 Newiadmbshtffigsffhffbof PGHKAYPU p,?'C0ACU'7F?ART'59 67 3T!UNliiBIGiUGH!llI?E,gQ,,ERE f A Pietiiilizztsstner 8: surfing? U .III ii, oH,,'NeIfgRooP,,QsIq ,KILL THAIQ424 MQMLDAD DEB KELLYI-CSPAZQ-j ef I A l l 1 Yf4 .esii f ....,,,P, V if A I i i I I 75 5 ,II. 1 A 1 P A i t A Llygi If, f E fL,k ff ' ii .. I f I LQ' I ' 'L7' ,LL1 3 f li LL,, ,, , , ' I 54 NONOI Ave RS MF Ja CT Ja DM5skeIeTerLM erIsa7u 1 W snoyrbouna 87 RS LED ZEPIJEQRPJPJJB PM-reuse Misiryou --IL 1 ' , , T , I forgefiyou Karengi gIavei1'Ilg2I,Q,.,torever,FEBS ,I987l'GdodbyeI ' it I it ' P' ' Iiit Di .ATT 5 T T P T' I I . FFfiQLK1It7IALgIX.GFBGT WI . Sgr E . I BND GT B5g5IselNHIjWggTAToX Pergys vo ererrei CHILLAQUT .COLQRADA e4-wetcn out A Inese ffeesi DISNEYPSYBERIA ELA as sei Kev ADNDJM- . I iSgI?Ieeki?T ma 84 TI lover you A I KCD1TryrHous X-Mas IS. Nevvggvrs Eve ACi85+6 Rckpt jr 5th 'Ist Iukc ZOO BE Q A, i I DDDDDD D DDDD DDID ' , AU Die Apn. Pmiih Snr-,BEREZUDAVIQGQX MOMDAD JAY LUV IJ BRIAN NAGT HQ 4 E I A . I ,kfgjgfwg --LL kK': Yrgl KKJK A R' , . f , . 7 f k"' I A A 'rk.g I .. ., , NEVERLFORGQQTHE eooo TIMES DOWN REVERSE BEACH WITH' HM: CAR L g 5 ,L , DAVID PRDVERBT Q gf T KCQMDAHMJ PARTIES DIJRINGSTJMMERTCE 87 WITHKC HM SH: Never A-gef e,Ns,JN,aP. JM JC JM AM JRMenrreeI "sues" Wesningren DC. MARSHEIELDLEBAIRAPWITHQKS1Ee AND MET STEVEN TYLER AueusT 87 Thanks Dad I . it . . ,I I MIKE NORDEN ' Thanks DL, WM, DS, BM for the good times. Remember Grandma. Bubba remember fiintstone. PD member all the breakfasts you had. AB and coffee frappes. Carmen: what ya doin? Remember nights at SES Hi Papa. Thanks Mom and Dad. BRIAN O'CONNELL Hockey states as 35 Asocoach Football Nevadget Malibu Prom JS TwpDFES SatNts PFJPBway Frens Rich Eric Pez -JSPCJDJPDFLKCD PFLSTC4-GILRJ OE Mustang MISSY Puck Stops Here Luv U Dad Ma Kev TimrKath SHARLEEN ODONNELL ST END CHE 83 LUV VA ZOVR FRNDS CADFMCMRACDCCDPWMDJMMM SPRIZ PART CAMPICF DS THNX EOR RIDE GVM TRACIM JRPWfPSCDRP PS 443 -41f26f85 2 U2 PUPPY 7f4f87 COKE MEI CAFEJC PHNEJSEF FLA 87 MF MOM DAD DEB O PS I LOVE . YOU I I A A LARRY OKEEFE Thanks Marion and Dad, I've been to many schoois and in my opinion I think Stoneham High is the best that I have been Io. ,QQ I 1 Q ,,,, g A , KMOTER! V Never 4-Get WD, DC, JC, KJ, ka, LC, CBLJP. 3-.14-,86 Wf JP. 430-87 WIPDELWD, AC. - Summer of 87 VWXPW. Madonna Concert B7T'AIways"SrIijyiny Bee! 9-IBPB7 It's Robbie sfisi 1 1 , f CHRIS PA GLICCIA A -A I ate vv AR: What? ABC NNN TP OEJ vs Dot Woods REBEL seceerPIrdPaB11Iw RS KH JH FCBda B5-as MAINEIec Bstn Cncrt vv PA DA CM Zoo- JFfILC 4f2Af87 I finlsbsvirhhg CCWND8rAM FF JS-Heireuti Nks MB CW BO DOME Thanx MDJA Luv,Ya I TONI PACUCCIO li i ' - MEM- Hampton Wf KP MP DP RP PP DC MC JR Prom 87 MP KP DD BM JVDD Revere Beach Good Friends DD MLP LS KS CC LD ML JR CB BF CC B FRIENDS'Kimf,8c MONY I' Love You Steve Neva Forget U'Mom Thanks for everything Dad!-I . ANNA PASSANISI T' I ' if 'T l Thanx MA + DAD I LUV u. NEVA AGET x's Wf DEB, I LUV IJ. ts CAR Ioftzfrsfztyr-:E 290. THANX DEB + DAv A BEING THERE Is GOOD DAV + DAN I LUV IJ. THANX SAB + ToNv 4 sun. mes eo ics BDWY. LUV u 2 MEL. NEVA AGET THE av BLUJAYS f ' . JEAN PAS TORELLO - Never Forget: KB LB SB CB JC VLCVTCL JRVLS ZAP FBI2 PF SNite TG at Gym We're not all aths u no C'mon rnd mntn Mrs CI B aII pancakes Mud Tuti Fruti PDE:Zeus Luv StL 4187 , Skip Day MAN W Beach Thank You Mom + Dad ' , .... A V, A A , If ,A A , , BOBVPEASE A A , EDALEXMIKEDAVID HOT FOR TEACHER-AT SAT.-CHRIS I DON'T THINK SOI SSHTOP IT, TOM. YOU SSHILLY BOY MASTER JONES Q 'Q , ONE NIGHT HE JUSELDISAPPEAREDI SNAP! I JO REMEMBER IT'S EGG AT BICKFORD KR-WD-TT GOOD LUCICTCLASS I A A Ag LLII A I JuLE,PELLEeRnvo A ' ' BEST OF TIMES 'WfJDDFCMTTLKTLSJSLSASNDEFBO+the .GUYS PH-.Aruba "Bo" I Cru2f'87"WfLK Jr. PromfJC PARTIES: RPDEBBPFFergCape87i- Bruce Limo-SB HBAth T Gamblers-JDM Cheering MK You're Crazy DecoJC's JV-IOU I Love U Mom Dad Steve ' I RICH PIASECZYNSKI A Friends: CD, BO, EF, CL, JS, PC, SO, DELSTCKSESJSSMKWJDJPSADCCDF. B-BALL86-87- 'P EFDEJV. Foofb, Goodtimes, Bway, 2-IA-87, B-27-B7, IO-24-87. I Love Vou Cheryl D, Always! Never forget you! Thanx Mom, Dad, Mike, Jirn.gTOMLCHEI y I I f I ,,'. BOB PAND0 if T, , . Always RMBR eooo FRIENDS JBDMMBMRSLRSCTJMDNLKJPTORTIIGOOD TIME AT, Is-1 WAY DOFSCPBecciasPaI's Pisnrnszfsysr BIGCRASH ON oJJ DEAT ofa CAMAROEGG MISSION BOOGA ALWAYSRMBRs'U:IE.BEAST HEAVY CHEVY THANKSHFOR EVERYTHING MA DAD NAN AND SISTERS T T ITTT 2 I if P . . 1 1 L. I . , .JKEVWRECAN It T, I BROTHERS! MAfDADjf U'RE THE-yQE,ST. THANLSSI SORRY IIMXDI sur IWRIJLE IN HOOP AND Poor. CELTICSRI LA,RoTs. I TINR1so,,AeuAis feRoQv5I ITIMEs IIIIIITH FRIENDSMT. PD, sM, MT.PLEr TI-IE sooo TIMES? ROLL AND SMELL YOURQATER JAPI. . I , , I I I .. , . . ig ,LQ .4 ...- GINA RICCARDELU V4 . L- A I ' Never Ifergerz TwIstedIR6esIeEsE4SC CI HCAQAS TC: MBI-MEL DB LMQJD TBA CP PE Drama gene MT SP E P Merenirrg seraesos sa DS EATGAREIELD. RW2EAE,,CLua:s45 C-21 PA If-Maine NYZFLA. Thanks Dad and Lisa I rrrr I L I-I gi I L , . A P ,g.ANrHQNY. RICuPERO,P , 1 s me , 1 CPQQSCWZMBQKCLSTCBWBKPIBDFDSQTESC?NNNQQREBEL The i',. WOODS 1230, TEDSFP ysC+M DOT MAD EWS N'ern AMSD Ip-SGLW-CCAD HAH WQILI.iA'Apr1ffSQCPgPknSrIg rpoFJ,,sw,,eess-aa.asee deed RGU7 WAIT WHAT CHKNmBhE eJokes5e14osePH eel '2'PPYWfMD3CDE,j'f . fi ...V Qi r-1iA 3 A - 3 7 ' I A I .JEFF ROBINSON I I if gl A A I Never Aget BLB BPB PS es CB LC JP As, AOEIE PF is eeei, sur were gefrifjrre Ieiij Taffy fruty MG WACPGM Wtforget SC Aroooohl Rep Rules. Thanx Mom and Dad. Can't wait for NUI Good Iuck BB Welcome to the rea! wand A - - I I - -' - I . MARIA ROTON D I' I 5 T i , i 5 .1 DC DEQCD CA so EW JC Rifileevn Jrsehnd-PWAJM esp Mosgpriz trmppr ti!! ,Begg ,WfMC -HH W ICAMD Stdy par-t VUCAJCDCMCCDMM JP W ICM senrIrrIersIIniTyfI5wfsMJsgrelIuv IJ .Mem DeaRTeIr EM 1, 1 MICHAEL ROTONDI I I I A A I Rfiirrg skITH5ifIshIngs,W1DM Ma SLJJO Je Derefuis wer Skating Pets Isreeewevi CP Hampton zgga Zoo KC JP aeeeIes,aR TW KD PF sw MW AD CCACT DS HB CM KC LR LV se SJLLS ALWAYS REM. u Js Keep N touch thanx- Ma at eggs I g , . J . I y PICK PIGNONE IIIP BF: Jv. sM5 CIbrn, DE,iJM, DF, BB, RE,1JC, BH, RP, PD. RM, WT, TG, KD, Je, JP, DF, km, AI. GT: H-weeb, Jr, Prom, DD, KP, MP, TP, 'FBLBB-QCapeC3Od: JS, Hampton, Mt. Hood. ,ijChuck. AppIePickIng Summer of 84 B5 86, Thanks Dad, SP, LP, DP, LP ' A I KA THY PORTER SD CC MW RB RP AOLP HP IM BW AC LA11gatinW CA HB CH HA! "Spoz" Squeeze CCG A46 JPWCC SGS NO O Toast Mr:Buddy An + Gra 'I-'1-87 "Skin-it" stc"B7" Hampton Babe-Pitarfiessy FIeeBeund Pinnies EGG VanakayIaForever Luv Ya Mom + Dad TPTP AT . LARRY Russo C-rtTms WICC, MP, BF, CC, SG, SL, AR, CP, DD, RP, CW, LG, Mi-I, CM, CD: JSBLJS. Rmbr GTO,.FORMULA. CANADA, BERMUDA, N. SHORE, STEPS, UNICORN, BACKUPI, TWIRPS- SLPRONIS, LIMO MP'S, SG'S, 'MOON, SUMMER, JD'S, RUSSOSg GOOD LUCK! THANKS MOMBIDADI LVOUI j grsy JENNFER SACCO Neva Aget-excursions WfHMI JSTWKCPFKSMBDMMWJOKDJB Magiliai RL! Good X's WXMR-Magnla CAPE-SWFSI FTWC, CP FfF LRCPQA HMTWJSKC Love U Guys Aevai Yus? JHS-KCJVMEJSAS"Its LooseI"Frsh. BaseB-JC. Why? Love U Aeva IPPY! Love8cTh- anks Mom, Dad8uTIger gf , ELLEN sfwrosuosso KAREN-TpsStasn asfx'swILvrITreNDcCADDsJs-EERPBOCL Sum86DISWfJV RP SENIOR COMMENTS T34 ' L - L - ,L 5 -:f I,-LH BOQNH FLA2vrs Bermd? HALLPtyS Hrzn CknFWfT+KCmPNA+ PTYSQKSRSKYBUIS DVS MYHS Sum87 T'SQ'I2 SLPO USC.Iid2 MISUGUYST ILUKAMOMT DAD+FAMDYFAM P L I Aft L g L -L LJEANIWE SARNO ' LL I Jill-BFF-JenNEVAAGET-DSI-IMTWPFJPJDDFCMPCPWTTKSLSTC, Bros-LRBOEFRP CLGOODXSCP, MAINE + CAPE-TheGuysRP'+ SS, JrPromWfBrianSrProm'? Brmda, YUS? FF, StudCouncIlPrez+CheeringI STWfTIPFParties+NewYears-Luv Ya MomXO, Nana, GF. Joe. Sean ' ' L - L - ROB SCHACHTER, ' Test, What Test? Conservative Club-Montreal-Only 179 days lett- This Isn't Biology class? -When In doubt take the ttrst derivative, That's not the answer I got. It was a close race. Ya gotta love It. ' L GARY SCHUL TZ It . Keep on crusin' Wild times In Bermuda. Canada, B-way Skiing, Crusing Wf SCTBLRBFMPJHSGCCCPMRARSHCMHMSL Auto W1 Joe, Abbotl, Fnk.L'iRQb'+,BiIL1-S+ S' Crew 78 T-Bird Truck? aka-Bundy. Schlltz, Axman Grn bot+FIoyd.L-iff? Fly L ,,L,,L , I L WWE SEEL-EY IL l,l, ' I'LL NEVER A GET u cuvs TCNDESKSJSCCADDSJCMDDEJSSSMKWEFBOJVPP1-CNO. -LUAGHS WfLKDNPFSGJPJDDF BXFD RRQBB ATAS BOQSQNH ROG V+A BER? CRZE XS TCDCEJTR REBELS ME? FALL? TWEE BFAEVA DYEAM Mis u AL +uT+M MFWD LUV u Mom 4- DAD FEL Ls KAREN SHEEHAN L .V,, LL VL L, SIVVVV LLLLLQ ELENbfCTR + sr'ItsdKA CHR8A88ICFssNCA3LSsofCOMP4f 'iOLDQfngQQP fl-QJ-+iTSUTT186' mpdCONAcaptvhartLSTCDESMKWJSBud lakeOmnErCarnCLJS PRTYCQEPDKTI 44. l"' ha I FbrkCBRMDrkpJPRBmhWCCADDMsIpQSMfrs pmpkpsycheLUVFAM'dy,fam Neval-IaveFrendsLikeUGuysAganl RICHARD SICURELLA Thanks: Mom, Dad, Robin, Joe, Jeanine, and Michaei. Hey Chris remember M.l.S.L. + Plantation St. Keith, Jesse. Dave, Tim, Coach Thanks, l'll miss you guys See ya MUC, Go Teaml Good luck next YBQTLGOOU, luck Steve , Lii LL Li. ,LLANGEL ,SIL VA Luv 8: Thnks Ma 81 Gram. 4-all ufre IjeIpLMrS.i,H, G, M Thnks. Best of mmrs on Brook w f Tracy 81 Karen ES. CMQLEE PS JS SI-I LV CB SB FS DS CS KS. Albion C How U R. We fniy ma II. so KS LS LV NpLJAgLffL 2 L 1 S I , ,L LL JLMLSIMPSON LL GOOD FRIENDS-SM KW DETDC MC-EF LCLL-Ls-TC'RP JC CLASSIC TIMES-BXFD8oLOG HMPTN SPEEDO DEAD SHOW- DNCS PRTYSQBAYLORS THE GALLERY BW NORTI J-BIRD JAWING SMUPGMAB SUITCASE EGGIN PAULA-NEVA' AGET YOU THANX-MOM DAD AMY DON PAUL DEREK SMITH Thanks DL MN JM TT JW DL-too much to remember. MN-remember GF and never forget Stan! JM-remember junior lunch and the terris air raid. TT-you can breath HOW, we're out of that class. JW-RUSH Ticket! , - MICHELE SMITH I LUV U MDM FF CAKTBDDM AIMVS Vette Jr Prom WfRon NF JCR mie m,a pie pa ILY JJCBPB ILY MP INPSM A MSC ISS-C Anyone Anyone Get Psychedlli Sunday talks WfDee IFGI I Made ltllll Thanks Dad, I Love You So Much ANNA STPAZULLA A it L NVR AGET 7+8gr W JS KC AD2 JV MW and trampoline 9gr JP House-JE moped L- Bcsebail Prctc evrydy 12f7f8A DW lt's Just Begun Diane H CU AGAIN smday 4f5f82 NVR AGET LD JG PC DD wf JLK Boston where R we? ' NEAL SUCCO Never Aget PS HL DP JM RM LO JM VC JC CR KC BF TD AM PB EB PB MA WP Good Times With Bob Burky and Timer down the barrel with Fayle and Bud casting with Mike and John at Crystal always rememberuoe Thanks Ma AMY SURETTE EUROPEAN VACA87 BF: HC SC CI GR RUSKV CHICKY CHEESEY WHAT'S UP? SQUEAKI BAND MAlNE'86 CAMPING GET WITH THE PROGRAM WHAT'?I REBEL WfO A CAUSE JD Tift OOPS SCORPIOS LOVE MUSIC MT DREAM BOSTON SYMPHONY FINALLY! THANKS MARK SWAN BASKETBALL SPRING TRACK 800 METERS GOLF 2Lyears-champs Practices Celts Finals on SC Cards I0 AR ON BC Paper Sports egg war Picks to .IV Winners year Fun THANKS To all BB best year in many work time to know what to do DENISE SWANSBURG Cheer-theRt, ICF, Lamda, SS, Comp RRQBB-CK Fla. Ber? DecAtk-SL, DIDLY Pknst ,HIL , ,, ,, LL- ,, : ' A A f , ,, ,L LLI,,,L, M ,, af Lf ,L,,, My L, If L ,,, , , , LIL. ,:f,,,,,,L L' z,,,g-L, L, L LX,,,,' -, ,,,fI, L,JrP-LWL ,'N4Get-CCADK81ENDARt?Cf'L8rTJiIIMRf f1WYCTSAS" ' HConMA4-'Hetes2U TTITA ULLLIZIavenLrt-LS?-Luvumsl Never Look DYFAM I , L LL L V,,L, L, , ,L I MATI"TA'TMN , I P and M staysialive, Volare Power, We ruled Bear Hill. Hoops with Lew. they cut the bench'-fbrothers? trackpals EW, SM, JM, AC, KR- NEVER AGAIN,-Qqgtfastern Stinks ?IE1Relay team' Thanks Ma+Dad! A -wi L I I CRAIG roreI?Es BROADWAY.'ZTI3tE2jQj?gL,MONTE ss, SPLATI. wooosrocx WKND, MOBIL, JD's, HAMP- TON"BZ'?, "act: PLC BLTTP DSHWSHR, FLORL Pas". THE RIGHT 2 PMN sLNT, IvIuscLE, QUARRY, CANOE, Buoe Loco, MAI2IcHuLo vAHooI, onIcAfsi1sg??iii? isii p 3 , A E THOMAQTQQQI L LL ALWAYS Remember sooo Times EfIendL JM.,,fAIsoTwifhiaia.-IDs, JWQLBM. Never Forget good times 'with DS in JM'S Class. RI, Q L L Q , ,, I LISA IOWLE TL., ,,tL, ,53g,i':L 1 :I lL. ', I -Q Never AGet Berklee Parties RMA15-I-Il 5ISlt'i5High 5-AndLjijfjLo9ur5e'L,IIHELQ'TREADMILL. RMA22 My regards 2 Tim C A being himself-And THANX itofmy REALi'Friends SMURF- Sheli-RAVEN-My SIS-SOOO LUCK to The Art Majors "NOVA RULES" - LEWIS VENEZIA Memories: B.K. Semifinal Volley 87, BH, SM, CA. Cape CoLd,,8Z,,CI'iernistry 86 But Miss HanI6Y CP. BW. J.F. lunch 83 semifinal Hockey 86 LP.D,, SM.. KR., Tort, JF., MLR., J.H. Thanks Mom7Dads'anafisIs':-haveyou art." , JOE VIITELLO, Li . I , , L, GOODTIMESWITHRPDEBBRF, DE, Jc, LS, Tc, LT, JoNEsTHEeAMaLEPELLE's BASHESSUM- MEROF87 NEwvEAresEvEeAe BBBBEBMNTHOODTHEsTATEscANcuN JRPROM+SEN- IORPROMBESTFRIENDALIFERPDPBUGSBOATILOVEYOUMOMDAD SHEREEDESIRETHANKS Pore EVERYTHINGII I L I JSAPATWAPD xc DF KS JP PS KD SDLLRF Mi3iKSgCR MTF NFIELD I HAD THE TIME oi: My LIFE "rs" CAPE NITES KM PN T's Ms NVSQTETIWH PG JR PROM as FF AMz KM JF JF THANX Joe Jock I LUV U MOM AND DAD iff, ,' ' I ,T MAPCI WEISSMAN SHMGKSALEGMBCJPMGMTRWABGETPIGCPIUZG OCMD Vail WWACC "GREEVYS" "DUSSAS"B8LR'G-8L,BLSqmmyiQ "iL Stan TRAX "FINE" "SCARY" SRBFOBCH Memory KPSDCCAC, CKCTBAZSSAIWSAGI Kermit Spg BX8LlCe RESPECT 2MUMS8sDADS GIW I LOVE YOU-MIchaeI'TrIstan , f ERIC WELLMANN TRACK WINTERSISPRING SKIING ECO ENTERPRISES CONSERVATIVES SOCCERfBIG SPIT. SPRINTS84RELAYSfJRPROM 81 CDfMUNfMAY OUR HEARTS NEVER 'BLEEDXPEANUT BUT- TESXQCD DC KP RC MC AC RS DA MT SM DF LS USSR TI-IANXBLGOOD LUCK THANKS M M DAD I JOHN WELLS ' L -' jf I L RUSH DK at JP-BP JK, MN, CM, CB, TT, Dr. K-w-EIeC.. Myuche:'Reef:iISm, TP, CC. Trip to Sturbage-Jr. Prom Limo-Donuts + Subs-SITBR, Sleaplng +LeatiIfIgiihLTH-w-TP, SY, ect . . 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With STONEHAM COOPERATIVE BANK Main Office Billerica Mall Redstone 335 Main Street Billerica Stoneham Stoneham, 438-0430 667-2197 438-3334 O ,uee, We e,,, WM,,- I 3 STONEHAM MOTOR CO AASASSSS STONEHAhJlT3iA2XAagg1i2J T0URS84TRAVEL A19 MAIN STREET, STONEHAM, MA 02180 f6171A38-1620 DR. DONALD O'BRlEN TUUFU5' 1"'1'1"" ESl'I1rl- Mlliliillil H 1'n.mnXu lrum , Tlnunrivrbird- A1-ruslar cn N 3' ID U7 QM S A 0 4 Z 3 I cn Z jg ja Z 'D O 9 S 34' m 3 2- Qcuf Q. 2 -4 :Sf-u CD a X1 ig Q5-Q93 Q 4193, 4 Q 3, gwgng' Jw yu-Q P -4 Op wig-HO gpg Se' m N4 5'mO3 A- an nv ii 11 U -A C- gc?,3F:"'T'1 UW X, ' QQ KD -- --g fr s I U 3' S 02533 ae dbz :L R 'Q E :J 35523 F Aw? -'X' "1 1 Q- am wwz 'O '- 11 I!bS:oC2. Q - mx' Q. gs U1 fr' -. :seam E .Om 15, m -, -4 0 SCE" xgfs In U E ' SUSE ... :U Q3 . - U1 - ja- mm , Z 'D wo -- o it N -1 mm 'Q .. Fl -4: cu Q- -4 !.f 'new 3 G N E 3332 U9 U' Wlpq, N Z C3 S DQQV- . 4!2,wV' Q A ur' 721 .... 5 Z 3 fi 5, O zz, ' ul 01 . xl U, C1 A N .U .. gp U1 "I U .COOl.QOOC...'.Q.. 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PATl?ICK'S PARISH FARM HILL PHARMACY 236 Main ST, STOFIGIWCIITI 1138-4233 "Good Luck Closs Of 88" ffw. ff-, ef TELEPHONE 647 396-9400 ali' c 9 QP? PHILLIP J. CHRISTQFI, PC. 76mm fa 'MM ,ALJ 380 MAIN ST . STONEI-IAM, MASSACHLISIQTTS TLT I PUDIIC ACCOUFITOEIT III i617b 438,53LILp 424 MYSTIC AVENUE MEDFORD, MASS. 02455 Viitwd. ic I III I1 Congrolulollons To The Closs Of .88 STIIN "0a:zn nun Congrolulolions Closs Of 88' From THE STONEI-IAIVI SOCCER CLUB. JIIVI LETTERIE 84 EMPLOYEES OE Goocl Luck Present Employees Counney Comeron Sore Colernon Allclo Donnelly Koren Sneenon. I MHIEH G-oocl Luck Posl Employees Cloire Boker Poulo Berlini T C onyo orr Denise Flonogon A E FINNEGAN 84 Home For Funerals 322 Munn STreeT Sfonehom IVIA II'I'll!lm'.v!rf1' Nl? 'W 9?ZJ BQUTIQLH Dresefor that Special Occasion 01 .I1111'11.S'lm'l . , fm-NIU6, Q I, Elzgunx 11-mi , I ' Motfuzrs ' Smnifomulf . , ,- - - - ' r C: 1 r L- -2- A ' I 3. ,E Q 5, v n xg I "1 104 Nm vm N Nxnutfmm u my Imm Ixnbim Ia x - ar .1 9 . l ,I Omwf Vveddl ,NfHlll'i7II,'H. ,ILI lljlblfl I Lcfmm Timm nq THE' 110Rv,ffI'r.7,1.Ix'1C 11,11 ,IR mug! I . , . . o1wTH.4LA1c11,fx,'I' mm UH MR M H A ,...., , .. .rs us-, ,7 FREE ALL DAY DELIVERY EXpEgT REpAlp45 IVIIVTIFTWUITI DGIIVGFYD ALL TYPES OF cms ANDTRUCKS IVIY BROTHERS PLACE I STEVE s AUTQ REPAIR M Mom Wee. STonenc1m, MA 4138-9079 45 PINE sr. Business HQUQS STONEHAM-MASS 4389733 Sunday Thru Thursday 'II om To 'II pm Fridoy 84 Sofurdcny 44 Gm To Midnighf Stoneham Optlcal Center GILBERT H. MEYER, JR., DMD. . , A W1111am A. Cousins 64 VUGIH STVGGI Registered Dispensing Opticiarz STonenom, Mo. 02480 . . d 438-2400 Eye Exammations Arrange -'Tin Gfins Are my Eyeglasses Contact Lenses 389 Main St. Stoneham, MA 02180 279-0566 , I I K f' I YL I I I I I ' ' U4 E CL S 3 I . 1 . V .. I Kitchens 8 Baths, Inc. I A FLILL SERVICE I-IAIFI SALON ' 420 IVIAIN STREET, STONEI-IAIVI 62C Montvale Ave., Stoneharn, MA 02180 16171 438-3906 435-2540 E EW! FULL 7 f'EW ff ,955 ff T Elf! A 4 RANSPQRTP-'ll 4 n ex, 41 Montville Avenue, Stoncllam, MA 02180 16171438-4100 ' 1800185 2-9500 L 3591 1 4 a farmly place N, JL, f me food 5191 BesT Of Luck To Jill And The Closs Of 88' PRIMOS RESTAURANT 309 Momvole Ave Woburn, MA f' 's K 0 'Oo ' X'Q'Qx"' Q nfeyofrg O fb aa .YWYKKQ 'I . - f bl" Before or after the concert - serving food and spirits 'til 1pm 1 Lynn Fells Parkway Stoneham, MA 02180 665-1123 open Tdays for lunch and dinner K J Besfr Wishes To The Class Of '88 From STGNEI-IAIVI SAVINGS BANK 359 IVI ' ST ST h M 438 9400 Four Clover Gift Shoppes 73 M In Srreer S h M 02180 1 A xi lk I CI 438 8499 Sun Tanning '14 Visiis - S2500 3 Franklin ST. Sfanenam 6 Salem ST. Woburn ELIMNER FISI-IMAN, CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCCIJNTANT 541 HISH STREET WESTWEIED. MASSACHUSETTS EIZEISD I61'7I 1329-4656 Carnplimenis Of S. 84 R. ASSOCIATES 'IOAV2 Franklin ST. Sfonenarn, MA 02480 CBest flflfishes Class Of '88l Ceniwy GOLD TEAM REALTY 270 MAIN STREET STONEHAM, MASS. 02100 438-1230 GEORGE C. EIICCARDELLI, GRI Iesidenl We've got a feeling for auf hometown. EACH OFFICE IS INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED. C TulaTions To I Angela Ana The Class Of '88 NICK AND SANDRA CIAIVIARRA Q ULTMAN INSURANCE AGENCY IN PORATED LANoscApmc co., mc. 395 MAIN STREET Melrose, MA 02176 STOITBHAZA MA Phomfr 16173 665-0167 MACHLNES - VACUUM CLE Q 6 ' o0Qg EvOi677 QQ 5 HAM SEWING CENTER 6 COW, 451 MAIN ST ' 7 50 Q32 Q V ES O 3,mfi2i,mQ W QV M 'lxgfzw QQV I xP' l -azea a -'QPSK' 3 iggxci Congratulations Class of 88' from the E G' im wwllfmmnwl . nw on mm omit if in Stoneham High School Sports Coverage! "Stoneham,s Hometown milf gfnnfham Zjnhfpfnhfnf Newspaper Since 1870,, A I'CSRCCfCd voice in UIC commumty for over 118 years! f 1 ,I I , ,,.v,,L1::z11,1,l'.L x 'my IL-LL1111111 WSI' I7Nj,Q1X God Be W1111 The I fljifjf rv: an Q-fgimew f O 55 Of 14788 7 11 IL if 51 W g 4 'yfawoz 544,42 'O I-E xf11I1,I5,zvf 97 317-I a OREENHOUSES, INC. - PEOPLE OF XQ QLf'ff' I IIIISQQQV ST. IDATIQICICS PARISH X i'1""'I,f' 47 Spams STREET 62 MONTVALE AVENUE 1 STONEHAM, MA 021130 STONEHAM, MA 02150 1 II 16173 43010217 1617, 438-5284 I U lo ' FOR FAST SERVICE CALL 438-9800 ALUMINUM AGEQ mc. STONEHAM PIZZA COMPLETE HOME IMPROVEMENTS 232 MAIN ST- STONEHAM' MASS- 17O A172 MAIN STREET FARM HILL SHOPPING CENTER N' READING- MASS 01864 Buy four Pizzos Ond get one Cheese Pizzo FREE 664-5475 658-8462 LCDCAL 2 'I 'IO STCDNEI-IAIVI FIREFIGI-ITERS SOOO Luck Closs Of1'88 BEWARE OF THE BOUNCING SPITTOON! Until the middle of the 19th century, rubber was an oddity-a material of great potential, but no practical use. But Nathaniel Hayward was sure that rubbers unique properties could profit sodden New Englanders, and he was determined to develop the techniques to make it possible. Just before the Civil War he patented a practical rubber manufacturing process, and set up shop in a mill he bought from Elisha Converse near Spot Pond in Stoneham. By 1860, the I-laywardville Rubber Works was turning out thousands of rubber boots, shoes, pails, buckets-and spittoons. Stoneham Savings-a bank based in the best New England tradition-follows Nathaniel Haywards lead in its determination to turn potential into proht. At Stoneham Savings, KJ- ,, ,,v, ' Qlfzlzi .. t r - - -K Q 5 '- ::f7ifgi?1'55?!-ii - -- I .1 NX Q - , , ...,- gf If L I wk ti wi-WL si. r it l' N X I , , ',, f , f xl ll 'I ff l HX" X tb X 4 f . . S N 4 'nf x X . -x X , - ,, , , ' xi ' -' ,-.1 ,, 0-. , gf- ,wil P1 1- ,. ' ' 1 W R , 'ff il 1123517 . -5 ,g k : ,. 1 -"' X S more than a century of banking experience is at your service, experience that could be the basis ofa new tradition offinancial security for you and your family. my -1-rf ' F Honouring the Banking Tradition ...-5 Since 1855 Member FDIC Turning potential into profit-at Stoneham Savings, w it's part of the New England tradition. e think Stoneham Savin S Bank In Stoneham Square... Mon.-Fri. 8:30-2:30 Thursday until 7:00 p.m. 438-9400 Opp. Redstone Shopping Center... Monday through Thursday 8:30-5:30 Friday until 7:00 p.m. Saturday 9:00-1:00 438-7550 .'I'2I' A -f.-. . Avli .,.4.A, I si- .: dim . . -' :Ii-V, 3 f ?4f 2 f l:3:?PQf::3 1EliQLgL5 'T' 1' -155953 QI Town 81. Country CARPET COMMERCIAL - RESIDENTIAL Be A Customer. . . Be A Friend 535-5350 QBOSIODQ 438-6777 245 NEWBURY ST. ' FIT. 1 NORTH D PEABODY, MA 01960 Rudy Mmghella President Good Luck STEVE CATALANO K Closs Of it 'A 'I88" ' Hom ALUMINUM AGE, INC. COMPLETE HOME IMPROVEMENTS C.-J. SUBS 170- 172 MAIN STREET N. READING, MASS 01864 67 Franklin ST. Sfonehom, Mo. 02480 664 5475 658 8462 K- JOHN v. SMALLCOMB, 0.0.3. 64 M ' ST. RUTONDI MOTURS Sfonenamelslo. 02100 140 FRANKLIN STREET STONEHAM, MASS. 02180 438-4342 Used Cars Wholesale, Retail k CALL 438 4794 LARRY ROTONDI Ci2?gfLEfCg8,, 944 8073 Presidemf-SHARON ROTONDI J O5 TE N5 -......,.f.,.w.',............,.- vw- 3

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