Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA)

 - Class of 1987

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Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Cover

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NOXN , W efgf wx' PDM-f Qjigj Y X X0 Ki? Q jf Duffy Tb! K XX Y Kd? 956 ,Q EQ XXL Nb wffwfmwi 5-gpx Sp ,Og if N' QU J W XQYiSf'j -If S N - rfglgd 0 CG sk 00 GCN W il'if11?'3 XXX QQXX fbgkvib gxgf 653 LQETQU-ff OX fx Nfvlr J? W if yy? if Ygis Pwfx Nm? fu, PM V -'N ' Qffyfw X35 v5P'5'r5CPMSE' Hou Uwe M4 AMO MV Q QSM AQIDQ 'TF-TQ 1 DTESEQVE 'To wfwrs QU BX ,fr 'T'Vfx5 51DE' YOUL ARE Aw AWESOME KSU. RQMQKYXPJEXQ SOAMSQJ FQDILJTB 6512177 6900? 'Dom QAEQ o.4ANLE'6ucV w cm Pm., AIDS' QTMST vff0D'Af407 LUELL, I-35' wo TO VQSH' WW LOVE' HWW6 LU,1Q'J,d...., . 'E if dl, QSQXOV s CQQS 'pm iQ5 OECZLG' XX XNDQKG. Xijjlsc I ,f CQJLMV 51.1 A X000 A CJAPC4 fx W 7 my Q CJ -Q, ax Q, C QC' QAM YN S' affix Nwgj' mn m A ' . X250 Qi 'N JJ J X r N Q' P jk G, UQQAXPQ5 O5 QJKQC3 QZLQQ O QPLA X 1 'XRS Ak 1 Civ . Vffggmvxgifiqxogxwi "SPjUl'Wi!Q. 909,106 5. two AMN YOUCQNQJ GL by CO cj naman u. Ll! 200 ' fpoffa 50 WW PWM ' wily? 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LXCAF NN X. .fy 'RX ' f my X19 aff 8 N, f J Wy x BKQO4' 1359359054 V 'Mix ' N.-fNQSXQUf,f5X3,gf,051,cQp f 3 ,iff Xm3?QgqX56Q:fONf'f'f1 v,3fffxJ,5fij!X Q90 was vi? V ,W YQQRQQBQJXI SP7 jf A iwiw Qi, f M QW fi if AVQ OM H Sv T ms: x 55 N 09 CUMAALQ. w sz L Uv w 5 V1fNVV'L 5 Wmgj X l O x Qgwffg A 055 Wxffxi I K If W.. Em The year 4969. STeppenwoIf's Teen an- Them "Born To be wIId" blared from car radios everywhere. This song, Though IT refers To ThaT generaTion, refers even more so To a fuTure generaTion. For in a myriad of hospiTals, clinics, and NaTional Parks, The SHS class of 87 was busy form- ing. This class, raised on a sTeady dieT of Animal House and Risky Business, lives a life unknown To many. They live THE WILDLIFE. WhaT is THE WILDLIFE? They will ask. In es- sence, iT is The class of 87. THE WILDLIFE is sporTs5 who could forgeT The "Jams" adorned Track Team, for was IT The surf Team'?j, and The fooTbalI Team froThing aT The mouTh over The ThoughT of anoTher vicTory. IT is food fighfs ThaT would have made John Belushi proud. THE WILDLIFE is a sense of spiriT, a spiriT noT seen in oTher classes or llfesTyles. Schoolwork is also an imporTanT componeT. Even The mosT Te- dious of classes are made bearable by The presence of a few WILDLIFERS. Music is essenTiaI To THE WILDLIFE. The TasTes vary from The heaviesT of meTal To The mellowesT classical and everyThing in be- Tween. The final ingredienT, of course, is parTies. WhaT would This class be wiThouT The memories of CP., Unicorn, and The weekly bashes anywhere ThaT was available. LesT one forgeT,Though, This is noT Ridge- monT High. IT is good, clean fun cenTered around a sTrong, academic nucleus. A sense of spirIT, fun, acTion. The class of 4987--BORN TO BE WILD. H-wb 1 ' X ,wil i 'al I 1 -T ' qu' I ' ' + . ., , rv E-. , I 1, if W 'x -N yas! 5143 V,K.ugi:,..4,. ...Q-4 ly . I ll. pf 4 V , F? ., X. I I . 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Q Qt 5 Win. 6'-' 'll' 113' :I 7 "'."F'l 9. 1 IIIUEEU 1305" T, 0 'A af' 'N ,vcgvv 1. ze-:E 5 .' .lf if" ff" Q VH7, X wwf, IU fha., f Wy, 4 I ind , ,gk Lan ,1,,2,2f +44 ' f' N 1 4 if" AV f ,MV 'C "5 M4 ' 9 1wfUw5,f44,f Q 'W a ,M ,, in 3"fV'f "ff , . ,nt f, . ,IZA N f 2 f ' f4 - 'X W f ,, A , f f Y ,4 A ""'H"24 ' I 14,7 Wm. f pwmh' ' , ,, X '39, sf ' 'Z' ff? by fy yy , 0 fy 'V Lf W-2 f, 0 '-A Q. -afffw a nw Milf' 'fm ' raw x, ' nh, Mali' I ' 745- ff' Y, Mk! ' .1449 1 H, N 1 I . fx, 125.476 v, f f.. -1 W5-v,' . . n' 44 f ff, f- 1. 0 W , f yr fw ?,'1g,,' , -5 , 'wwf 'M 'X ,f ,QQ f , mv 4 M, '74, 'f f 4 Xjfc fm, ,, -, .way ,V X f WW 1114 1 X1 fa 1 , f V W MQW ff, 47, , 'f' 1 4 , ay f Wgffflw' V. ya 'ff W pf, f, V Z , '2 4 ,,:1 3 if M ', F? Ka' ffwf ,I 'M 4 if CH, ,ff .. A - I t I fn ' ' 77,513 7' . ""'a'f"' + M4 f 1 ,. ,V ,A y. awp . R 4 A ,Z , W, 7 ,qw , 1 ,.,, f w , 11.4451 xl. f ' I gf' 1 QL f , " ' Q., 32 f V ?'5 Y U , ,H 'a M-if f ,, s. f , , ,, xl' f' ' " fu" K tm fww -' v.. 2 n fgxxigyvrzxyl. + , , f f f nw. k 5 'X 4 E 7 1 A , ....-.., ,- 3 D' 'V' f: f, XM Q f f If you need me Coll me No matter where you ore No moner how for JusT coll my ndme l'll be There in o hurry On thot you con depend And never worry Ryo ,441 J, if .ff w 'fif--. --nu.. 'I ,Co ,,.?5 .. z...,a- .-.. u-. ., af-f,m-4.1.1 V,-mn.. ..v-ning..-1 A,,.,...,.4M'..- -ma-wanna, , ,690-4.1 ..- W... 4---,...y'-L1 TY k , . g'!"5,e W r t 1 X7 K f ff, ' , 204 mf ff' 45, f W, . K g ' .f 12 f hw! ' ' f,7'fg?2fy , ,,ofw'w, ,,,,f75M, ,V X7 f f, . 4 , J ,eff f ,ff W 1 Q ff' f 'WWW wwf ff Wlpgffu, V W if ffwwwyfy f ff Nyggfwj ,WM f The kindness only exists between those who core nothing for edch other: it is love thot ledds us to oct well towords our friends ond, with regdrd to our enemies, self-respect thot bids us wish them well. 14 fi Ag , , 1 Q 625 15, A H X 5.4 'fmt Z 1' -Q! 9 1 ,. nf L,-,f fx ,..Jf ' 14 ff 54 . . nb' 4 '.. f ' v -,4,,1a,. ., , 'inf- ' ' Eff: .z" 1 an A, - -Wi 1 Ml. H, - .. . .V ,4 . 3 L I , . .. W . 4 W4 M.. ,wiv , W, P af ,T Y'-v' vi? -P71 wav K wi: ' 5 ,ww A Ma I A. A .VM ilu- fd'- F' L9 1" ,U 1, ,,,....,Ag4.,. , -sun, 'WF -In-9 ML-. :Ii 'if W .VW ff These Things sholl be. A lofTier rdce Thdn e'er The world hdTh known sholl rise wiTh fldrne of freedom in Their souls ond lighT of knowledge in Their eyes. They shdll be genTle, Drove, ond sTronQ To spill no drop of blood, DUT ddre dll... on eorTh ond fire ond sed ond dir. And every life sholl be o song. l.,ls , , I, 1 Jr Q , M gums 1, 16 ,j,R'1 A '4,.Lf"T , Agile rr ' M 'I ' A, f Z.. Layla ,Ad C W - H ,, , I , f.,Mgf,11w4,, 1,1 X , F7 I f M I i I , K , l i V fy 'Q ,,,, , 1 A T f ,, , handy, iff' 44.f,4gf,,,,,r-.M-Wwrwffsamfg '5""'f"L iw ' , - - - ' ' ' f LW ,, I V. f. ,.,. .warm ,W Q ' X, 1 ' ff, ff',,f . , 1 'V' X., , ' ' f 4 "WV ' 7,4 0 , W ,. . K' , A . , ,"ff2'zrzf!',2,-ff2'1zfwf.?p1W6f4vai11ll!Wr mm ' , . i , , . L 2 ijgf, I I ' A Z.. "" X ' L' lx wh f:y4'fff -,,, f ,mf f- . pg gif: mi? , L- ,,,. A Q, 14:5 1.4! . ,. .'f ,, ' X , 4 :mf Q if ff? ies V-1f.Z,11:,. 2" , 55-f , 7 T ,.,,0z:y1' ff ,f .,., , , HL! QW -.A ,, 37 F ff ? . f r y '- f, A A '? " , vp A , M . .. , ' f,', f"f , 4 ,- ,. Q 'Q 5- X - waz ff' f , , L, K f .4 4, X, , 1 , lt ,lj f if. X if , al? 4, f vigg ff 2 4' f X E5 2 is wif if 5 'ig , ,f f 'ES . 1 52 f' me if 5 'FQ , W Egg: 1 x" fy ff 51, 2 X , jg! Q22 I QM' J, H f ,ai A .f 1 54 z , ' V, , -..ww 5 , f . E ', 2 l4f7lli I 1 2 , 1 41711 . ., 5 1 14111 X V , , I 5 O xx x... 5 4 me M, 26? , in . X1 -as 1 ,Q Y 'Y' ,S 2? N.. -CDN XLR can -4 Vo ' s, ?sgIq U N W- ,Z I , g, V i zu, X W W kr iff? f SW LJ ,Q . Cf. f is a if 3' f 3 ,xv fy V b "'f"Y'if,fX wr A W bunk! ffffff, ,g ,V .I uf , ,Q ,f,f, ff ff ,f , ,f, , f 49' f X 42441 1555, , , f 5,342 ,,,ff,A,, I J ,q,,w',mgf,ffgfff.f ffmf,ff,fmp , f wg ,gqn fy, 'f C' ff f V, i5'wwGf4,' , I ,, fi, y, Cwfyffjfqfy 'wfy mmffivdw ani ,pwgfzfgf ,:,f9,V ,f af gui 6fQy,,ja' ,,,,!g ,fffffw ,ffx ' 5 ,fuzz Q f ,630 ' fC ff il TN al MR. FRANK MATARESE DR' WLUAM HOTT ASSISTANT SUPWNTENPENT SUPERINTENDENT J I f I I I fc. MR. THOMAS RYAN MR. RALPH ROWELL PRINCIPAL VICE PRINCIPAL MR- JAMES MRS. MARY APPLEYARD MRS. PAULA D'ANNOLFO MRS. SANDRA GRANESE CAIVIPAGNA SECRETARY-PRINCIPAL SECRETARY-SUPERINTENDENT SECRETARY-HIGH ScHooL VICE PRINCIPAL OFFICE MRS. DOROTHY KOZLOWSKI MRS, PAULINE MURPHY SECRETARY-OCC. SECRETARY-GUIDANCE ED.fPURCHASlNG ADMINISTRATION SecreTaries 22 English I Languages The Foreign Language and English DeparTrnenTs share a chairperson, and have 5 Af5 and 'IO U5 Teachers respecTiveIy. Individual Teaching experi- ence among The Teachers of Foreign Languages ranges from Two To TwenTy-four years. The Teaching experience of The Teachers of English ranges from eighT To TwenTy-five years. ir--..-.,., L - 121314 8192021 5 26 Zh? 3 1 1-RAN If K' ' xx f I F- L 5975 W, Q .CN MRS. IRFNF ZIBELL MR. FRANK ABRAHAMS SECRETARY-HIGH SCHOOL MUSIC AND ARI MRS- KLASAQMSROSO MRSCECQHQIERWEEKSON OFFICE SUPERVISOR z r ,I 7,11 A ' , "f . ' ',,m43'i.. mf gig , MR. JAMES ANDREOTTOLA MR. PAUL ATKINSON MRS. CAROLYN BANULIS MS. KATHLEEN BOWEN SOCIAL STUDIES SPANISH SOCIAL STUDIES ENGLISH Maihemaiics The High School Mafhemaiics Deparrmeni consisis of seven Teachers and a program supervisor ali of whom hold a masTer's degree. The program supervisor has a 2f5 Teaching respohsibiliiy. The deparrmeni offers 23 different courses Taughi of various levels. MRS. LYDIA BREEN MS. ELSIE BRENNAN SCIENCE GUIDANCE Fai:- fear- l MS. CATHERINE BRODERICK MR. RICHARD BURNHAM MRS. CAG-OIANO MR. ARMAND CALABRESE BUSINESS MATHEMATICS TEACHER'S AIDE TEACHER'S AIDE sd MS. CYNTHIA CARBONE MR. PAUL CERRONE PHYSICAL EDUCATION SPECIAL EDUCATION ff' xI ,M MR. rHorviAS CLEARY SciENcEfHEALrH MR' KEEIQELESNROY SUPERVISOR MR. STEPHEN CONROY MS. DOROTHY CORUM SOCIAL STUDIES SUPERVISOR BUSINESS F 24 Sciences The High School Science Deporirneni consists of eight full-time Teochers. one Teocher who hos one science course, ond o program supervisor who hos o 2X5 Teoching responsibiiiiy. Eoch full-Time 'reocher hos his own closs- room, loo fociiiiies, ond sforoge oreo. L I MR. WILLIAM DALY MR. TIMOTHY DANDSILL INDUSTRIAL ARTS ENGLISH Ly 1 . HOWARD DIMMICK SCIENCE MRS. PATRICIA DIPIETRO MRS. MAUREEN DOCKERY MRS. PATRICIA ELLEGOOD MRS. LILLIAN FEELEY LIBRARY TEACHER'S AIDE TEACHER'S AIDE FINE ARTS Social STudies The Social Siufw, , DeparTmenT consisTs of seven Teachers and a program Supervisor f, Teachers are full-Time in The deparTmenT, one is assigned AX5 and 5 -fvgyher is assigned 3f5. The program supervisor Teaches Two Deriods. .Q :nav Seven of The eighT professionals hold masTer's degrees and four cf :his group have also earned ThirTy hours or more beyond The masf-lag degree, or a second masTer's degree. MR. JOHN FELTCH MR. WAYNE FILLBACK GUIDANCE SOCIAL STUDIES fx J fzs J MRS. CARALIE FORD MR. ROBERT ERIEL GUIDANCE SOCIAL STUDIES 'af--1' MRS. CANDIDA GEISSINGER MS. MARIA GARUTI TEACHER'S AIDE BUSINESS ,W MRS. JOANNE GRAY MR. THOMAS GRONDIN MRS. JANET HANLEY MRS. SUSAN HEALY INDUSTRIAL ARTS MATHEMATICS MR. ROBERT HOGAN MRS. PAMELA HORAN MEDIAfCOMPUTER SPECIAL EDUCATION SUPERVISOR TX 2 SCIENCE RESOURCE ROOM Business The Business DeparTrnenT consisTs of five full-Time Teachers, one part-time Teacher C85-865, and a program supervisor who Teaches .6 of The Time, The DeparTr'nenT feaTures The laTesT in Technology and offers courses ranging frorn Personal Use Typing To AccounTing 2 and Word Processing. MR. STEPHEN JACKSON MS. JOAN JACCB SCIENCE BUSINESS Q I I S2 . , C N x S0 H X. X... A.-- .A MR. FRANCIS JONES MS. DONNA KELLEY TEACHER'S AIDE SPECIAL EDUCATION MR. MICHAEL KENNEDY MR. WILLIAM KILLILEA MS. VERA KOMANOWSKI MR. JOHN KORNECHUK MATHEMATICS PHYSICAL EDUCATION SPANISH SCIENCE I I I IndusTriaI ArTs The Indusfrial ArTs DeparTmenT consisTs of Three full-Time Teachers all of whom have a masTer's degree. A Combined ToTaI of A6 years of Teaching experience in The SToneham School sysTem is aCCumulaTed by The Three full-Time sTaff members. 1' 2 MR. MICHAEL LAHIFF MR. ALBERT LANNI HEALTH MATHEMATICS Wk INK MRS. JOAN L'HEUREUX MR. WILLIAM LEUCI LANGUAGE SUPERVISOR INDUSTRIAL ARTS Lili 0 MR. THOMAS MAYO MR. JOHN MCGUIRE ' SCIENCE SCIENCE MR. DENIS MULVIHILL MR. WILLIAM MURPHY SOCIAL STUDIES GUIDANCE SUPERVISOR K 28 vi .. Ls' MR. ANTHONY MARIANO MR. EDWARD MARTINEZ MATHEMATICS INDUSTRIAL ARTS MR. RICHARD MONGEAU MR. PAUL MUCICA SCIENCE ENGLISH Fine Aris The ArT DeparTrnenT has Two full-Tirne and Two pari-Time Teachers-Two wiih rnasTer's degrees anci wiTh a Bachelor of ArTs degree-and one pari- Tirne Teacher of PhoTography. The music TaughT in The high school is 0 conTinuaTion of The junior high program. IT is also The culminaTion of all musical experiences in which sTudenTs have porTicipaTea since eiemenTary school ,101 Mfigiliffff lu MS. PATRICIA NORELLI MR- PATRICK USHEA MRS. ANN O'SULLIVAN MRS. GALE O'TOOLE ENGLISH OCCUPATIONAL MATHEMATICS GUIDANCE EDUCATION SUPERVISOR f f MS. SUSAN PAPA MRS. ANGELA PARKS MS. M. TERESA PETRALIA MR. ROBERT POWERS LATIN INDUSTRIAL ARTS ITALIAN PHYSICAL EDUCATION 94.1 'Lf-7 W MRS. MARGARET PUFFER MR. RICHARD REED ENGLISH ENGLISH Guidance The High School Guidance Deparirnem' consisis of four counselors and a program supervisor. The deparimeni provides parenTS and sTudenTs wiih useful inforrnaiion on a varieiy of Topics. MR. CHARLES RICHARDSON MS. ELIZABETH ROBINSON MR. ALAIN ROCHER MR. JAMES ROMANO MEDIA READING FRENCH SOCIAL STUDIES I L.. A. " 1' 1 f I 'W 1 X311 ...rVllfa If . 0 MRS. CHRISTINE RONAN MR. EDWARD RUNDLETT MR. EDWARD RUSSO MRS. AGNES RUMP ENGLISH MATHEMATICS new . X III If 4? 1 I lbs MR. DAVID SAMOUR MS. SANELLA MUSIC MATHEMATICS 30 ENGLISH NURSE Special I Educalion The Special Educaiion Deparlmenl, under Chapter 766 and Public Low QA-1412, evaluales cerlain sludenis To determine if The sludem is in need of special educaTion services. lf a sludenl ls found To rqgve special needs, an individual educalional plan is wrillen and appropfiofe services are provided. SVN!! wi R0 xo Q! DAVID SCANNELL FINE Ams QYKNNC YOU MR. THEODORE SCHWALB MRS. SHARYN SHARAF PERIOD?" FINE ARTS MATHEMATICS X MRS. PHYLLIS WARREN MR. CECIL WHITE TEACHER'S AIDE MATHEMATICS SUPERVISOR CC1feTeriCJ STCrff FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT-C. Adams, M. Gorgcxno, E. Highef, A. Kennedy, GP. Estes, BACK ROW-E. Pioseczynski, A. DeCresenco, M. Viglieffi, M. EIIioTT, L. MacDonald IGET IT" MR. J. PAUL WHITE SOCIAL STUDIES 'I'LL HOLD MY BREATH UNTIL MS. GAY WHITE I TURN BLUEI" PHYSICAL EDUCATION If fs fri 3 7'2i.'i'5:f:2g7 . 2- 'F A. ' if I .W-...W ut Q93 v' 'Q he 132 , f 2' 'Y 'f 951 Vw - ,i1.,,-,Q f' ish ,,f,f,1 A., c ., ,X ,157 f f f , f f f wx, ff, wfff v, f My MLK' ,, .7 I 4, . fffff ff f I Z, ff X f , Z , 7 WH , fag , X I W 0 v 5 H! nf f ,V W, W Q-x 4 me L,- . Q f 1 H4 ' ' my 'fw fr 1 'W zmmf ff 6 ' iv-ffm! mf f T r Senior Queens, KrisTen Seabury and Tricia J Leyden, graced The si .. 6 Senior Ciass floai in 1 The Thanksgiving Day ' Parade. Pu Homecoming Queen 4986: Tricia Leydon and her escorT, Mark Skerry. "ToasT The Reading RockeTs" was The Theme of The Sophomore Class' Home- coming fIoaT. 34 ry 'ia Y I-ICDIVIECGIVIING November 27, 4986 Sfonehom High School Marching Bond Members L-R: The Homecoming Queens: Renee Ferroro, Jeonie Aniello, Tricio Leydon, KrisTen Seobury, Lynne Compogne, Melissa ChrisTofi, Roso Poscuccio The Sporfon Spirif '86 Sencloff 35 SENIOR APPLE PICKING Where's The porTy'? The Three MUSKGTSGFS Q , , ,, W H V. f --, , , , ,, Q' Em 'exe ' 'KX- Q V. of" ' f fri 'Vx xiii' i 4 , 5' W'N 1 ,fn ,gif ' ' f" , - ,jj or i 1 , 1 i :gn 1 ,ii , ,vu M ,, f 1.1, wwf- ,, , , , .r ferv- ,, Wi, ,f . 2? . ,, 1 uHiIn The senior closs enjoyed The onnuol oppie picking doy This September. A Trodiiion of Sfonehom High, if proved To be Q fun day for oil. EEEEKK! Welfe DUFTIDGF one! Are we having fun yef? M'-. S'Up? Former Ted 81 Co 37 The Closs Of 4987 Proudly Presehls THE MGUSETRAP November 7 84 8, 4986 Krlsleh Lorsoh os Miss Cosewell Luis Millcin os Mr. Porovicihi Derek Delulies os Major Melcolf X l Tom Berry 84 Kris Alexonoer Giles 8a Mollie Rolsloh THE CAST I 47, MM Mf- , 1 M X 4155- f ral., Q, ,, . sz lf. Qvfzrm W4-I Mike Kldoy os Christopher Wren Polrlck Fllzgerold os Deleclive Ser Qeohl Troller Diohe C. Doyle os Mrs. Boyle v -IE CAST AND CREW: L - R: lsr row: Joe Mc Clearn, Kalnleen Doyle, Mi like Kiddy, Kris Alexander, Palrlck Filzgerald, Diane C. Doyle, 3rd row: M lillan, Mark MacCuisn, David Reynolds Y , k e O'Brien, Tim Lacey, Pam Coffin, Pai McCarthy, 2nd row: Krisien Larson, r. Endslow, Sleve Coviello, Derek Delulies, Tom Berry, Maureen Devlin, Luis Mollie 84 Giles ,. I l ' , ,gp If X 1 , f.,.. f l'Tne lasi lillle mouse in The Trap . . . i V. ,x V vs X in .fig ffl, . A 'Z 5 . . , . x 'lin a murder case, everyone is a suspect" "Heavy foils expecfed, hope you've gof pienfy of provisions in." i Mojor Mefcolf discovers The cuf phone line "We're quiie Cui off now. ThoT's funny isn"r iT?" "I'm not ouiie os young os I look, modem." WINTER CONCERT Co V Tne Cancerl Band Brass Cnair Jazz Ensemble l December 44, 4986 Omem Luis lvlillan - Jazz Ensemble igxkgimfgzgerold ' Con- David Reynolds - Brass Choir A Carol Canlala - Sparlan Cnarale 84 Orcneslra , .ig ' my 7 WV n wr 5 ,,,, -E., as 3 A The Brass Choir The Sparlan Cnarale ' A A f 5 7 , 4 Q. ,V i 1 , , Y, f i ' , 4. , s f 5 ff. f W 1 ff . N SCDUTI-I PACIFIC Feb. 6 84 7, 4987 Once again, The class of 4987 shines. The S.I-i.S. arama cIub's full proaucTion of uSouTh Pacific" was a huge success. A few of The many magical mamenTs have been capTurea on These pages. Hcockeyed OpTimisT," i'BaIi Ha'i," "Some EnchanTea Evening," and "Dames" are some favariTes from This Rodgers ana HammersTein classic. 'lsr row L-R: George Barnes, Daniel Reynolds, Kim Alexander, Elise Danico, Sandy Penlrillo, Pal McCan'ny, Neil Anderson, Gina Ricoardelli, Kalhleen Doyle, Maureen Devlin, Juke Juros, 2nd row: Luis Millan, Mike Kiddy, Tim Lacey, Chris Maslrangelo, Mike O'Brien, Tony Berry, Cnrisline Kwaks, Marion Briggs, Allison Myers, 3rd row: Krisien Larson, Sieve Coviello, Pam Coffin, Diane C. Doyle, Palrick Filzgerald, Alsion Abruzzese, Krislin Kearns, Kris Alexander, Kim Burke, Couri- ney Larson, Camille Troisl, Joe McClearn. ff QCIF1 C QC 54N THE CAST AND CREW Ensign Nellie Forbusn . . Diane C. Doyle Emilie de Beaue ..... Luis Millan Bloddy Mary ..., Krislen Larson Lulner Billis ....... Tom M. Berry LT. Joseph Cable ....... Palrick Fitzgerald Lial ........, Courlney Larson Capl. George Braokell .. Mike M1 , X , i fi' 2. Kiddy x 45 Februory Q, 4987, broughT 34 new members inTo The Nofionol Honor SocieTy. Mr. Thomds Rydn's Wel- come Address wds followed by on lnTroducTion by Mrs. MorQoreT Puff- er, Honor SocleTy Advisor. This yeor's Officers, Kdfhleen Sheehon, Mdry Cogginoo, Mdrielle Zuk ond Meghon Murphy, gdve Their speeches. Dlone C. Doyle, Thomos Berry, KdThleen Doyle ond Pdul Ar- Qiro formed The "l-lonor's QuorTeT" performing "DixiT Mdrlo" dccompo- nied by BeTsy Gronese. Mr. Denis Mulyihill gove This yedr's Honor's Ad- dress following The QudrTeT. Mrs. MdrgoreT Puffer wos Then owdrded on l-lonorory Membership. The pro- grom closed wiTh o condle lighf cer- emony dnd music by The SporTdn Chorole. Y' i NATIONAL I-ICDNCDR SCDCIETY INDUCTION CEREMONY Senior lnduclees: Chrisiopher Benson, Brion W. Doly, John lVlcGuiggin, Jodi Morie Pecoro, Lourie L. Vogler, Edmund L. Whelon, Junior lnduclees: Derek Abruzzese, Pdul Argiro, Lindo L. Boumonn, Melisso Chrislofi, Abrohom S. C. Chyung, Angelo Ciomorro, Diono Ciorlone, Hedlher A. Collins, Joyce L. Connery, Jomes J. Coslo, Jr., Sondrd S. Coslo, Kolhleen Doyle, Donielle Fuligni, Elizdbelh Gronese, Sleven J. Guido, Sleven Henderson, Roberl S. Holi, Corlo lvl. L. lngerne, l-lideo lvlobuchi, Joy lvl. Melkonion, Slephen Murphy, Chrislopher Pdgliccio, Colrn Quigley, Anlhony Ricupero, Lowrence J. Russo, Roberl D, Schochler, Eric Wellmon, Shoron L. Zoboly. f ADVENTURE LAND CARNIVAL BALL 4987 The 4987 Carnival Ball King, Queen and Royal Couri: L-R: Denise Fiorillo, Elaine Trani, Meghan E. Murphy, Meghan Murphy, Leslie Aranofsky, Penny Branson, Kaihleen Duff, Pairicla Leydon, Krisien Seabury, Glennis Hickey. Ushers: L-R: Joseph Gerarai, Roberi Kennedy, William Hoyi, Ronald Ciulla, Paul Norion, John Guida, Paul Simpson, Mark Skerr , Th M N ' - ' ' - DiNapoli. y omas ac eill, Jeffrey Corkum. Queen. Lisa Zarbano, King. Troy A S l n 4: f. 5 12" 1 V Q Q "5g.f 1- Q . 15 . .W viii wil fgavfsvi F A F I 4 442, 'ww ik' 40 5? 4 , may V7 w M f 15 A S '4 E 1 1 I K 4 Qu . , ,af Sparfan Splrif .-R: 'lsr row: L. Kilroy, P. Coffin, E. Danlco, P. wc Carlny, T. Berry, K, Kearns, C. Kwaks, N. Sanders, P. Adamson, J. Kurdzionak 2nd row: 4. Doyle, W. Baleslrier, B. Granese, C. Troisi, G. Qlcardelll, M. O'Brien, J. Lundy, E. Dunn, D. lume, P. Filzgerald, L. lvlillan, G. Adamson 3rd 'owz L. Pellerson, C. Larson, M. Devlin, D. Doyle, K. Alexander, D. Reynolds, K. Kearns, J. VlcClern, S. Cosla, C. lngeme, H. Collins, T. Sosfello, L. Fyler, T. Lacey, J. Sanlosuosso, S. Anlonucci, J. Deane, Siudenl Conductor: K. Larson, A. Abruzeeze, K. Burke, J. l-Iarlley Dance Club L-R: lsl row: S. Nichols, A. Ciamarra, K. Alex- ander, K. Larson, K. Kearns, K. Quailrocchi 2nd row: K. Lundy, C. Borges, J. Green, A. Adams, N. Lillon, C. Larson, M. De Sano 3rd row: C. Soderqulsl, L. Flanerly, S. Diaggaslino, M. Rivera, M. Benson, C. Kelleher, A. Di Gregorio 56 QQ 556624 Jazz Ensemble L-R: lsr row: L. Marian, M. Moc cuish. J. Deane, J. Sanlosuosso, S. Anfon- ucci 2nd row: C. Mansur, G. DiVen- ull, B. Granese, K. Hession, R. Sicur- ella, J. Meehan, J. Kurdzionak, 3rd row: Mr. David Samour, Andy Mar- tino, lvl. Rivers, E. Dunn, G. Adam- son, P. Adamson, A. Di Venull 986 87 J The 4986-87 Spartan Concert Bond The 4986 87 Sp T Ch I Boys and Girls State Student l?e,oresen fofives to the School Committee pepfegen faffveg L-R: Lisa Lewis, Elaine Trant, Amy Ottaviano, Hideo Mabucni L-R: Tom Berry, Andrea Solomita, Bill l-loyt, Kathy Duff, Patrick Fitzgerald tudenf Government Day epresen fotfves 2: Betsy G-ranese. Susan Rosa I ICN Student Council L-R: 'lst row: L. Kelley, T. Berry, K. Baker, K. Duff, E. Trant, S. LeSaffre, L. Kelley Qna row: J. Fournier, C. Driscoll, K. Cutone, M. Cnristofi, J. Sarno, R. Fabiano, K. Mac Kay 3rd row: M. Pellegrino, P Swan, K. Daly, C. Kelleher, S. Fucarile, E. Sneenan im. Senior Gloss Officers L-R: Gregg Vilo, Lynelle Mc Gurin, PCJl.1lSlrnpsOn, Meghon Murphy, Meghan E, Murphy, John Guido mm , Sophomore Ofoss Officers L-Rg Jane Powers, Kofhy Scolly, Sieve Ciullo, Missy Scinnello, Jeonine Aniello l Junior Cfoss Officers L-R: Simon Liu, Jennifer Muise, Lynne Seeley 2nd row: Poili Fozio, Denise Flonogon, Toro Compogno Freshmen Ofoss Officers L-R: Michelle Presli, Kerri Horringlon, Nikki Sonders, Monico Picoriello, Renee Ferrciro 59 Science Club 2: lsr row: Krisren Larson, l-leaiher Collins, iisy Granese, Mary Caggiano, Helen Cag- Jno, Laura Siudo, Kimmie Joe 2nd row: ndra Cosra, Eric Dimmick, M. Roberro, L. ivani, .Sharon Zabole, J. Paslorello, Mrs. sen Mafh Team -R: 'isi row: Chris Benson, Sieve O'Neii, Rich 'lasTrodicasa, Robyn Granl, Laurie Vogier, om Berry, Parrick Fitzgerald 2nd row: Ren- da Ferarri, Rob Chase, Joyce Connery, Abe thyung. Sharon Zaboie, Linda Bauman 3rd Jw: Gina Di Venuri, Jean-Marc Rocher, Lisa illivanl, Kimmle Joe, Dan Basken, Al Di Venuii J ' - rx Q 1, Academic Decafhalon lsr row: Kris Alexander, Chris Ben- son, Mali Barry, Sieve O'Neli. Pal- rick Flrzgerald, Kim Alexander, Hi- deo Mabuchi 2nd row: John Clayron, Luis Millan, Tom Berry, Abe Chyung, Richard Boyajian, Ms. Papa ana NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY F052 L-R: 4sT row: K. Alexander, P. Barry, M, Zuk, M. Murphy, K. Sheehan, R. Grant J. Drago 2nd row: K. Duff, D Doyle, M. Manzi, R. Boyajian, P. Firz- gerald, P. Sorabella, 3rd row: M. La- gue, M. Murphy, R. Masrrodicasa, T. Berry, A. Solomira, W. Hoyr, J Guida. CHESS CLUB: Derek Smith, Eric Dimmick, Mr. Conroy, Joseph Fornier, Kirnmie Joe. Y.,..!m,Z.l DEBATE TEAM L-R: 'lsr row: R. Schaefer, G. DiVenu'ri, A. Di- Venuri 2nd row: R. Ferrari, J. Marigiolio, L. Lew- is, 3rd row: J. Connery, Mr. Dansdill, J. Melkonian. 61 French Club --R: isf row: Pam Coffin, Chrisfine Manuel, Becky Manion, Derek Abruzeeze, Bill Faucon, Sfeve Guida, Marlena Dietrich 2nd row: Chris- fineTVarren, Rachelle Pehengill, Lisa Pillivanl, Lisa Burke, Renada Ferarri, Rob Schochler, Rina Ferrigamo, Maria Rofondi, Mr. Rocher 3rd row: Maria Roberlo, Jay Malkonian, Jean- Marc Rocher, Pefer Adamson, Glenn Adamson .ix rY"1 4 ' ,H "ll 1 Ll 'LTLIIIIL If i lfalcn Club L-R: isi row: Cathy Servideo, Palli Fazio, Chrisfine Manuel, Nancy Dell Isola, Sandra Costa, Gina Ricdrdelli 2nd row: L. Di Paola, Jennifer Sacco, Paul Argiro, Joe Gerardi, Dan lndicianl, Tino Woodland, A. Facione 62 Laflh Club L-R: lsr row: Krisfen Seabury, Kim Burke, Carrie Major, Tricia Gagne, Brldgei Cloyion, Anihony Ricupero, Gina Ricardelll 2nd row: Kerry Baker, Heaiher Bernal, Bryna Lakin, Pam Coffin, Krlsfen Mc Grew, Janel Mar- agiogllo, Joyce Connery, Laurie Sannelia, P. Sweeney 3rd row: Rob Schachler, Brian Rivers, Mail Taylor, John Clayton, Dan Indicionl, Ms. Papa l l Model UN L-R: lsr row: Abe Chyung, Dan Indi- ciani, Beisy Granese, Lisa Lewis, Krislen Mc Grew, Janel Maragiog- lio, Joyce Connery, Jay Melkonlan, 2nd row: Becky Manion, Eric Well- man, Kalhi Sheehan, Meghan E, Murphy, Ami Ollavlano, Marielle Zuk, Rob Schachier, Mrs. Banulis Close Up L-R: Kerry Baker, Elaine Bales, Bryna Lakin, Lora Gargano, Gina Di Venuii, Mrs. Banulis I' Spanish Club L-R1 lsr row: Carrie Major, Eric Wellman, Tom Berry, Kris Alexander, Palrick Filzaerald, Lisa Lewis, Diane Mololla 2ncl row: M. Geary, Kim Kearns, Christine Kelleher, Sharon Zabole, Rina Ferrlgamo, Linda Bauman, Kim Quaffroc- chi, 3rd row: Karen Coffin, Rob Walsh, M. Ben- azzo, Rich Masiroaicasa, Chris Benson, C. So- derguisi, Renada Ferarri 63 The Vwid Life Sfoff L-R: lsl' row: Jodi Pecoro, Pom Sorobello, Sieve O'Nell, John Mc Gulggon, Poul Simp- son, Morlelle Zuk, Joe Gerordi, Mlchlel Monzi, Amy Olioviono 2nd row: Julie Drogo, Loro Gorgono, Pom Borry, Kolhi Sheehon, Lynelle Mc Gurin, Kolhy Duff, Meghon Murphy, Lourie Vogler, Klislen Ldrson, Suson Roso, Suzonne Gorgono, Sondy Polilo 3rd row: Jeff Corkum, Joson Connolly, Poul Norlon, Andreo Solo- milo, Joe Clccorlello, Meghan E. Murphy, Moll Toylor Sporfon 5,o1Hf Sfoff L-R: 3rd row: Alison Myers, Gino DiVenuTi, Jim Doly, Don lndicioni 2nd row: Poul Argiro, Jen Socco, Aliclo Donnelly, Kim Hunler, Dione Mo- Tollo, Judy Lundy is? row: Kristin Keorns, Jim Meons, Andreo SoIomlTo, Lduro Sludo, Susdn Gregoire 54 , F I C Seeds L-R: lsl row: Befsy Gronese, Bryno Lokin, Lisc: Lewis, Don Indlcioni 2nd row: Jonel Morogloglio, Joyce Connery, Ms. Norelll, Krisien Mc Grew, Shoron Zoloole 1 l Q ll 1 'll 1 Gym Leoders L-R: 'Isl row: M. Bombo, M. LeBoron, L. Fonlosio, A. Solomilo, J. Horlley. S. Muse, D. Hume 2nd row: D. Di- chiord. R. Donnelley, B. Kennedy, P. Norlon, C. Glogiori, K. Doly, J. Bon- oiulo, S. Polllo. W. Boleslrier. 3rd row: R. Plgnone, J. Connolly, C. Abrue, D. Plgnone, D. Clork, T. Moc- Nelll, R. Clullo, J. Corkum, D. Delu- lles, D. Ferguson, R. Ferroro, J. Vi- Tlello, T. Boyle '75 .UE QXXUQ TU v f 1 f' J X 1 7 W Z W -LZ f!22..i.f!. 17 MY Trovel Club L-R: 'lsr row: P. Sordbello, M. Skerry. J MCC-ulggdn, J. Drdgo, L. Szczowinski, R Gronl, L. Vogler, 2nd row: M. Borry, J. Cor- kum, K. Duff, M. Murphy, M. Toylor, P. Simpson P. Norlon O S.A.D.D. L-R: 'lsl row: W. Boleslrier, G. Rlcordelli, C. lngeme, P. Sweeney, P. Coffin, K. Alexander. C. Mdjor, J. Peooro, L. Slurlo, M. D'AgosTino, J. Poslorello, K. Lorson 2nd row: J. Bonoiulo. S. Cosld. P. McCorlny, E. Donico, J. Connery, R. Dovis, A. Solomilo, A. Ciornmdrro. K. Boker, D. Ciorlone, K. McGrew, R. Feroro, C. Moslron- gelo, M. Hernenwoy, M. Cnrislofl, P. Wood- mdn 3rd row: S. Polilo, L. Gdrgono, P. Borry, S. Gorgono, M. Rolundi, N. Allon, M. Zuk, A. Ol- lovlono, P. DeColo, J. Drogo, P. Sorobelld, B. Lokln, R. Ferori, C. Kellener, J. Morogiolio, R. Ferogorno, K. Quollrocchl, R. Conli Arn row: R. Monlon, T. Locey, P. Filzgerold, K. Sneehon. R. Boyojion 65 xii' Q JUNICDR PRCDIVI UJUST ONCE" April 44, 4986 T N Q, Q 9 6 ,4 ? I , V X U 5 1' Q 1 N. f ., I , .J' 1, ,,., 4 , l f n E I Future Business Leaders L-R: 'isl row: Marylou Maniscalco, Michelle Brian, Lisa Ciarlone, Tonya Vascancellos, Jennifer D'Enlre- rnonl, Kalhy O'Brien, Elaine Bales 2nd row: Ms. Corum, Elaine Tranl. Michelle De Sano, Ann Robbins, Ja- ne? Cann, Laurie Sannella, Jean Mc Kenzie, Ms. Garuli ,i lxdlj, . Media Club L-R: Diana Murphy, Frank Mayo, J. Juros, Mr. Richardson Deca Club L-R: Christine Mangerian, Lisa Zarbano, Lisa Basil, Theresa Keegan, Cathy Servidio, Elaine Tranl, Cy Young, Michelle Bryan, Mr. A. 67 9 K iv be X Q ff ' N-4- ,, fr- 9 Q2.' ? K1 I fx y at W Y' 0' s 4 Q-ni f , 1,0 an 1 4 swf, - nlvf' ,,, .Q ff' "f 3 . if , , Q, 4 V , z 'Ke Ai M-g5.,,!" r-154 1 bn, s A H, X, ,L L WH-9 1 ik 0 3 -- XIVX r T Q L 2. S Christopher Abreu kim Alexander Kris E. Alexander Nancy AIIGD gf-J Laurie Anderson Paul J. Anselmi 1. XS . N, SCOTT V' Amonucci Leslie Aronofsky Kristen showing her best side Christopher Abreu - "Never worry about anything over which you have no control." Kim Alexander - "To know what you prefer, instead of humbly saying Amen to what the world tells you you ought to prefer, is to have kept your soul alive." - Robert Louis Stevenson "O body swayed to music, O brightening glance, how can we know the dancer from the dance'?" Kris E. Alexander - UWe were counting on this little hour. We said. 'Here is an hour, -in which to think a mighty thought, and sing a trifling song, and look at nothing.' -And behold! The hour, even as we spoke, was over, and the act begun, under our feetl" -ARIA DA CAPO Nancy Allan - "Watching every motion in my foolish lovers game, on this endless ocean finally lovers know no shame, turning and returning to some secret place and inside, watching in slow motion as you turn around and say, "TAKE MY BREATH AWAY . . " Clove theme from, TOP GUNQ- BERLIN Laurie Anderson - Some people live their dreams, f Some people close their eyes. f Some people's destiny. f Passes by. f There are no guarantees f There are no allibies f That's how our lives should be f don't ask why. Paul J. Anselmi - i'So before we end and then begin we'll drink a toast to how lt's been, A few more hours to be complete, A few more nights on satin sheets, A few more times that I can say that -l'VE LOVED THESE DAYS" -Billy Joel GOOD LUCK CLASS OF '87l Scott V. Antonucci - Everybody needs somebody. -Elvis Presley lt's just a fantasy, lt's not the real thing. -Billy Joel Leslie Aronofsky - Behind every dark cloud there's a rainbow. lt is better to look ahead and smile than to look back and cry. ChrisTino l'Tino" AshTon Dionne Aucello ff' ,T ,f , A, if , gf I To ' , 1 il, Q I be lf: die ,,l Q' .,,, I V V. if is U Kerry Boker Wendi B. BoIesTier No wonder Bello won The moTh ond science medol j ll, .ri ff J pq. ' i I .I Ji' I I MoTThew Borry Pomelo Bdrry Greg BdrsTow ChrisTopher Benson ChrisTino l'Tino" AshTon-Even now, when I hdve come so for, l wonder where you ore, ond I wonder why iT's sTill so hord wiThouT you, even now when I come shining Through, l sweor l'll Think of you, ond how I wish you knew, somehow, even now!! Dionne Aucello-We con'T go jusT running owdy if we woiT ony longer we will surely never geT ciwoy c3nyThing u wonf we con moke iT hoppen sfond up 81 Turn oround never leT Them shooT us down.-HeorT Kerry Boker-Everybodys seorching for ci hero people need someone To look up To. I decided long ogo never To wolk in onyones shodow, if I foil, if I succeed oT leosT l live os i believe no moTTer whoT They Toke from me, They cdn'T Toke owoy my digniTy.-W. HousTon Wendi B. BolesTier-Wherever l go you'll olwoys be on my mind ond forever in my heorT. I know you feel The some os I do. So pleose, before you Ieove ogoin, Toke me wiTh you. YOU AND l ARE FOREVER! MoTThew Borry-Violence is The losT refuge of The incompeTenT.-lsodc Asimov Pomelo Borry-NdTure's firsT green is gold, her hordesT hue To hold, her eorly leof's d flower, buT only so on hour. Then leof subsides To leof, so down goes down To doy, noThing gold con sToy.-RoberT FrosT Greg BorsTow-lT's The fomous finol scene, ond how you Tried To moke iT work did you reolly Think iT could? How you Tried To moke iT losT did you redlly Think iT would? Now iT's finolly Time To Ieove iT's been coming on so long, you were jusT The losT To know. ChrisTopher Benson-When you've seen beyond yourself-Then you may find, peoce of mind, is woiTing There-And The Time will come when you see we're oil one, ond life flows on wiThin you ond wiThouT you.-George Horrison , i F.. - a, :P - . .. -.,, ,T , l2f'jij.Z' 'f Q , A do 1 X , 4 1- T-My , T ,X L. Michoel BernoT Thomos M. Berry Jill BerTolino Anne M. Bohling if Michoel Bgmbq Julie BonoiuTo V l , A 1: if r Meg give me Those donuTs ScoTT Eric BornsTein Bob Bourrell Thomos M. Berry- "This is The Time To remember. Couse iT will noT losT forever. Some people live Their dreoms, Some people close Their eyes. Some people's desTiny posses by. The life I live you'll never undersTond. l'm only humon, flesh ond blood, o mon. lT'S THE END." Jill BerTolino- You'II sToy wiTh me A-ever + l'll olwoys be wiTh you. Even if iT's The memories you know my heorT is True. BuT A-ever is jusT o word, There's no such ploce or Time. A-ever doesn'T losT A-ever, iT lives only in our mind . . , TO D.J. -G-YPSI Anne M. Bohling- iiSome Things never ohonge: someTimes some Things do. From This doy forword, whoT ever hoppens oll depends on you." Michoel Bombo- Don'T spend your life woiTing for o momenT ThoT iusT won'T come. -Bruce SpringsTeen EveryThing muST hove on end, like on oceon To The shore, like o river To o sTreom, iT's The fomous finol scene. -Bob Seger Julie BoniuTo- Thinking obouT oll of our younger yeors, There wos only you ond me, we were young ond wild ond free. So now I come To you wiTh open orms hoping you'll see whoT your love meons To me Open Arms. ScoTT Eric BronsTein- "Believe iT or noT nice guys finish firsT!" Bob Bourrell- Enjoy life while you Cong becouse you only live once, 'x,'Hi,fw Roberir Bowman ll Richard M. Boyajlan . Would you TrusT ThaT man wiTh a saw fm, . i tv I eff' f' Penny Branson Michelle Brian Daryl Brown Darin Brown RoberT Bowman- Bob likes To Travel and hopes To do a loT of iT in his lifeTime. He collecTs baseball cards, Richard M. Boyajian- "I never Think of The fuTure. IT comes soon enough." "Well Those drlfTers' days are pasT me now. l've goT so much more To Think abouT: deadlines and commiTmenTs-whaT To leave in, whaT To leave ouT."f Seger Tom Boyle- "To Triumph over adversiTy- is The greaTesT glory of all," RoberT R, Bradley- We can walk our road TogeTher. If our goals are all The same. We can run alone and free. if we pursue a differenT aimjby Neil PearT Penny Branson- Don'T wish iT away, Don'T look aT iT like iT's forever, BeTween you 84 me l can honesTly say ThaT Things can only geT beTTer- Live for each second wiThouT hesiTaTion born To be wild llll Michelle Brian- "Everybody has Time To Talk buT nobody has Time To lisTen" i'Hold on To True friends wiTh boTh hands, They're your besT possession." Daryl Brown- "l've goT my clipboard, TexTbooks, lead me To The sTaTlon, yeah l'm off To The Civil War. l've goT my backpack, heavy booTs, l'm run- nin' in The rain, gonna run Til' my feeT are raw"-The Who Rangers lead The way' 73 N . was X5 Andrew Bruno Kim Burke Mary E. Caggiano Michael Calcavecchia S. PT 1 -.,' sz. '-'? V' xi 755 .. William Cameron Dennis J. Campbell i i l i l l i T JaneT M. Conn KrisTin Carlson l'm greaT jusT ask me Andrew Bruno- C-one forever buT never To be forgoTTen. So hold back The fire, because This much is True-when alI's said and done, The end will come from The blue, Mary E. Caggiano- If you can imagine iT you can achieve iT. lf you can dream iT you can become iT. - William ArThur Ward Michael Calcavecchia- 'TA good auoTe is no quoTe. l quoTe," William Cameron- Life moves Too fasT. lf you don'T sTop and Take a look, you mighT miss someThing. Dennis J. Campbell- If you can jusT geT your mind TogeTher, Then come on across To me.- Jimi BuT now's The Time To look and look again aT whaT you see: is ThaT The way iT oughTa sTay'?- ZEP You've goT To go Thru hell before you geT To l-leaven.- STEVE JaneT M. Cann- You and l will find a reason To simplify a change of season and l feel like iT's Time we were off on our way. We can go so much far- Ther Than we've come Today. KrisTin Carlson- When you live life on The edge, lT's a very narrow ledge. lT's The way of life Today- someThing we can'T change. CLASS OF "87" RULES' i i i it T A Joseph M. Carroll Amy M. Castro . ,ff XJ Michelle R. Cavanaugh Joanne Centore Where did you stick that Joe 'UX Sandra Cialella Lisa Ciarlone Joseph Ciccariello Ron Ciulla Joseph M. Carroll-Life is your gift from God, how you live it is your gift to Him. Amy M. Castro-"To be successful in life you must always keep trying, never give up, for things can only get better! lf you accomplish your goals in life with a strong effort, you will feel better about yourself. Live to be the best!!! Michelle R. Cavanaugh-U can go the distance we'll find out in the long run, we can handle some resistance if our luv is a strong 'l. People can talk about us they got nothin else 2 do when it all comes down we will still come thru, in the long, lt's a long run. Eagles Joanne Centore-There is a place for us somewhere a place for us peace, quiet open air wait for us somewhere. There's a time for us someday there'll be a time for us time together with time to fear time to learn time to care someday someone will find a new way of living. Sandra Ceilella-A friend loves at all times. There are friends who pretend to be friends, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother, Proverbs 47:47 and 48:24 Lisa Ciarlone-YOU CAN'T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT, BUT IF YOU TRY SOMETIMES YOU JUST MIGHT FIND YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED Joseph Ciccarello- So carry on, you're runnin' on borrowed time, Tryin' hard to survive. Keep on runnin', your time is comin' Keep your dreams alive . . . Trium h Ron Ciuliu-Time waits for NO ONE so make the most of the time you got ,wg ' 1 Douglos Clork John CloyTon Michdel Clooney Joson R. Connolly EB? Kelly Connors Seon Conwoy -1 Jeff Corkum STephen Cosiello SHS Advonced Redding Closs John CloyTon-And now, oben your eyes ond see whoT we hove mode is redl. g Michoel Clooney-'l.ife's o cup of coffee, if you con'T bolonce on The edge, you foil inTo hoT woTer." WWW ii I Joson R, Connolly-To hove preporoTion over The need To rise To on occosion, LeT oThers Try To rise To our level, we were There To begin wiTh. Kelly Connors-Such o womdn you goT sTyle you moke every mon feel like o child you goT some kind of hold on me. DF "l don'T wonT To moke money i jusT wonT To be wonderful." MM Do on To oThers before They do on To you. From A.T. A smile is The whisper of o lough, 40-47 Seon Conway-The only woy To discover The limiTs of The possible is To go beyond Them inTo The impossible, Jeff Corkum-in The doys of my youTh I wos Told whoT iT wos To be o mon ond now l reoohed ThoT oge l Try To do oil Those Things The besT I con,-G-ood Times -Bod Times STebhen CosTellofl-le who lives by The sword, dies by The sword, Z T3 Jennifer D'EnTremonT RODS-VT D'Eramo 9' Joseph D1 Ammo B,-im Daly The creafive Touch 3: Q 14' 'Y VA 4. Wf A T , J l l James Daly Lauren Damelio Pam Dango PCIUICI DGCOIG Jennifer D'EnTremonT-Rivers belong where They can ramble, Eagles belong where They can flyg l've goT To be where my spiriT can run free. GOT To find my corner of The sky. RoberT D'Eramo - LasT generaTiong reckless and free: up againsT The odds: ThoughTs of revenge: are going Through meg TaTe lies in The cards. - DOK- KEN - THANK GOD l'M OUTA HERE! Brain Daly - If you like To win, buT Think you can'T, lT's almosT cerTain you won'T. You've goT To Think high To rise. Who wins is The man who Thinks he can. , Lauren Damelio - Remember us always for whaf we are now, for noThing golden will ever sTay. Pamela Dango - This I know. This l believe wiTh all my hearT. If we wanT a free and peaceful world, If we wanT To make deserTs bloom and man grow To greaTer digniTy as a human being - We can do iTl Paula DeCoIa - EveryThlng musT have an end -like an ocean To a shore, like a river To a sTream, like an ocean To a shore, iT's The famous final scene, - Bob Seger Michele De Sano MQ- 1 s Bs, D Vis +3511 'riff yi .T liiix 5 Bobby Decker Derrick K. Delufies W Tiki l YXGQJ' 119 .Wd IJ G? David DiChiara Thomas Di Fonzo fan. ali."-1 wi' fr Z flbhblifz . WhaT me worry 'Fil W- V M QUXTIJ Troy DiNapoIi RoberT Dirkman l Oli C790 XLUTNX sl1W'A'fJ X W l CW gfhx! 9115 Vgifvxfmybxki L'frf"' John Deane-"lf we don'T sTand TogeTher we sTand To lose The fuTure who will be The marTyr you or me?"-Queensryche 'Rage '86 Bobby Decker-Tearin' iT up in The dayTime, burning iT down aT nighT, l-low long does iT Take To break The spell l'm going sTraighT To The Top TooTh and nail.-Dokken Signing Off Bobby D. Derrick K DeluTies-l'You con'T always geT whaT you wanT5 buT you can Try someTimes, and you jusT mighi find, you geT whaT you need . . . "-The STones David DiChiara-The besT way To geT someThing done is To begin," Troy DiNapoIi-Good by To all my friends aT home. Good by To people l've TrusTed. lgoT To go ouT and make my way. I mighT geT busTed. Friday nighi I goT Tears in my eyes you know you goT To go Through hell before you geT To Heaven. -STeve Miller Band Roberf Dirkman-"lT's whaT you can be, lT's whaT you can see ThaT Takes you There, your desTinaTion."-BosTon 'UA "I f Mary "Theresa" Daniel,J. DoherTy Ill Donohue gym animals Maura Donahue Rich Donnelly Xxx William DouceTTe Diane Claire Doyle Koihleen DOYIG Julie DVUQO Maura Donahue - "You can fly high as a kiTe if you wanT To fasTer Than lighT if you wanT To speeding Through The universe Thinking is The besT way To Travel." "Face piles of Trials wiTh smiles." The Moody Blues Mary "Theresa" Donahue - "To accomplish greaT Things we musT noT only acT buT also dream, noT only plan buT also believe." Rich Donnelly - "Follow your dreams and pursue Them wiTh courage faTe is pursuiT of Those dreams ThaT make life really worih living." William DouceTTe - "When The days seem dark, look for a brighT side even if you don'T find one always remember To smile and pass iT on To oThers." Diane Claire Doyle - "Music expressed ThoT which cannoT be said and on which iT is impossible To be silenT." KaThleen Doyle - "Reach back To The joy and sorrow, puT Them away in your mind, for memories are Time you borrow. So gaTher The momenTs while you may, coIIecT The dreams you dream Today and remember These are The Times of your life." Julie Drago - "You have To Take life as iT happens, buT you should make iT happen The way you wanT To Take iT." 'Q T v y . sg A .L KoThleen lvl. Duff Mathew J' English KoThleen Follon 'iFol" RoberT Foyle CSTonyQ Koren Ferreiro Lynne Filomond frfff' ' J I 4 s . Glenn 'iFleo" Fiore Denise Fiorillo Tough doy for Jeff Kofhleen M. Duff-WoiTing on The wings On The wings of Time Wondering whoT's To come ond whoT we will find Doncing on o dreom ln The mogic of our minds Reoching for The sun os long os iT shines Living doy To doy while we're on our woy We find we're olreody There Kofhleen Folion-Never hoo so for To go, lT's whoT you con see, ThoT Tokes you There - your desTinoTion BosTon Thonks Terry RoberT Foyle-"lT's been o mysTery, And sTill I long To see Why some-hfing so good con hurT so bod CoughT on o one woy sTreeT, The Tosie of biTTer sweef Love will suvive somehow, somewoy" Journey Koren Ferreiro-Somewhere Theres o Time for us Somedoy o Time for us Time Togefher wiTh Time To spore Time To Ieorn Time To core sornedoy, Somewhere we'll find o new woy of living We'll find There's o woy of forgiving Somewhere Lynne Filomond-The momenfs moy be Temporory, buT The memories losT forever. ln every momenT, There is o reoson To corry on. Glenn Fiore-We'll gef higher ond higher sTroighT up we climb. We'll gei higher ond higher leove if oil behind. 'Couse in The end, on dreoms we will depend, 'couse ThoT's whoT love is mode of. Denise Fiorillo-So mony foces in ond ouT of my life. Some will losT, some will jusT be now ond Then. Life is o series of helios ond goodbyes, l'm ofrqid W5 Time for goodbye ogoin. B. Joel Kim Fischer Patrick J. Fitzgerald ' Tricia Gagne Katherine Gallagher Coochy Coochy Coo Kevin Gallagher Lora Gargano Suzanne Gargano Joe Gerardi Kim Fischer- You have to take life as lt happens so you should make it happen the way you want to take it. Patrick J, Fitzgerald- lt's true that love can change us but never quite enough. Sometimes we are too tender. Sometimes we're too tough. lf we get too much attention it gets hard to overrule. Sometimes our big splashes are just ripples in the pool. fNeil Peart-Emotion Detector Tricia Gagne- "lf you have anything really valuable to contribute to the world, it will come through the expression of your own personality- that sin- gle spark of divinity that sets you off and makes you different from every other living creature" Katherine Gallagher- Sometimes I wonder where l've been, who I am, do I fit in, make believing is hard alone out here on my own. We're always proving who we are always reaching for that rising star, to guide me far and shine me home out here on my own!!! Kevin Gallagher- "While in these days of quiet desperation as I wander through this world in which I live I search everywhere for some new inspiration which is more than cold reality can give. Everybody has a dream"f Billy Joel Lora Gargano- Some say we've lost our way. Some say the world has gone astray, but lf you know where you're going there is nothing you can't do 'cause problems will leave you, the world will try to deceive ya, but the truth will always be in your soul. Suzanne Gargano- If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me? For I must be travelling on now, cuz there's too many places l've got to seej Lynyrd Skynyrd The past is gone, it went by like dusk to dawn . . . Dream on, dream until your dreams come true! f Aerosmith Joe Gerardi- I don't want to grow old too fast, don't want to let the system get me down, l've got to find a way to make the good times last . f Madonna ' ' x X 'S 'ox 4 f 'Q Ng i Andrea Giargiari Chris Giargiarl RoberT GoTT RODYVW GVOVWT Carol C-recco UC-5reeks" John Guida 'W WV Errrrrr Jennifer Haddock PCIVTWGIO HGH Andrea Giargiari-Hey hey my my rock -n- roll can never diell-Neil Young WhaT a long sTrange Trip iTs been.-GraTeful Dead i've goT an answer i'm going To fly away whaT have l goT To lose.-Crosby STiIls 84 Nash Chris Giargiari-lf you had The Time To lose. An open mind and Time To choose. Would you care To Take a look. Or can you read me like a book. Times always on my side.-iron Maiden l'm ouTTa here! EaT 'em and smile.-David Lee l'2oTh Good Luck Class Of "87" l2oberT G-oTT-A good nighT is V2 remembered sTairway To Heaven.-Led Zeppelin Robyn G-ranT-We always wish for money, we Think we have The answers, some Things ain'T ever gonna change-IT doesn'T maTTer who you are, iT's only change, whaT's in your hearT will sTay The same. Carol Grecco "Greeks"-Judge a person on The size of Their hearT noT on The size of Their cloThes. You know l really con'T picTure my self skinny! Thanks class of 87 Comedy 84 Tragedy Qfhis one's for you STeph. Your itll John Guida-lf a man does noT keep pace wiTh his companions, perhaps iT is because he hears a differenf drummer. LeT him sTep To The music he hears, however measured or far away.- Thoreau The fuTure is buT a auesTion mark.-STingfThe Police- Jennifer Haddock-Growing up, you don'T see The wrifing on The walls. When you feel The pain, you feel alone, everyThing has changed. You Cqrvl quiT unTil you win. You can do whaT whaT musT be, and Try To break free. To feel like an eagle flying higher and higher. Pamela Hall-You can'T always geT whaT you wanT, buT if you Try someTimes you jusT mighT find, you geT whaT YOU need. Andrew HorTung Chorleen Hemenwoy Ueifher d borrower nor o lender be Eddie Hickey , Glennis Hickey 'iw' ' " ' , . , gag-'-2 .1 I F5 Mdry Ellen Hill Williom HoyT John Hugo Debofoh A, Hume Andrew HdrTung - Tis been d long Time coming lTs going To be d long Time gone. CSN. Good Times bod Times. Led Zeppelin. There is d rood no sim- ple highwoy ond if you go no one mdy follow, ThoT pdTh is for your sTeps dlone, GrdTeful Deod. New Horizons. Moody Blues Chorleen Hemenwdy - lmdgindTlon seTs us free To be jusT whoT we wdnT To be. Eddie Hickey - If iT smells good edT iT, How do you know where l've been if you hoven'T been There? Do you know where l'm coming from? "ThoT's To The people ThoT have dll The onswers To The gome of life." Glennis Hickey - "Some dciy l'Il wish upon o sTor ond woke up where The clouds ore for behind me. Where Troubles melT like lemon drop owdy upon The chimney Tops ThdTs where you'll find me," Mdry Ellen Hill - T'l?emember yesferddy, dredm of Tomorrow, buT live for Toddyf' Ulf you're noT hoppy wiTh whoT you hdve, you'll never be hdppy wiTh whoT you wonT." l'You're only GS hdppy os you mdke your mind up To bell!" Williom HoyT - Everyddy iT's geTTin' horder Tellin' righT from wrong - you've goT To redd beTween The lines - Don'T geT discourdged, don'T be ofrdid, you con moke iT Through onoTher ddy - moke iT worTh The price you pdy. - Triumph John Hugo - You cdn'T olwoys geT whoT you wdnT buT if you Try someTime you jusT mighT find you geT whoT you need. The Rolling STones Deborah A. Hume - Youfknowfourflovef wdsfmednTfTofbe hhefklndfofflovef ThoTfIdsTsfforeverfdndf lfneedfyoufheref wiThfmeffrom- fTonighTf unTilfThefendfoff TlmefEverywhereflfgo,f VOU'VGfOlWGVSfOI'TflT'1Yf mindfinfmyfheortf lnfmyfsouljlyof onefneedsfyoufmoref Thonflfneedfyouj lfLovefYoufD.B. ..- -uv S Dianne M. HunT Dan lndiciani Kevin Jenks KrisTin Mary Kearns 3 l .il William J. Kelley RoberT A. Kennedy 'Qs Mark Kenney Nancy A Kerrigan There's no place like home . . . Dianne M. l-lunT - F.T.W.A.Y.N.H.T.F.A. Life is jusT a parly and parties weren'T mean'T To lasT. Dan Indiciani - "lf everyone knows us and we know none, 'Tis Time, I Think, To Trudge back and be gone." - Shakespeare Kevin Jenks - Nobody ever Told me I found ouT for myself ya goTTa believe in foolish miracles, iT's noT how you play The game, lT's if you win or lose you can choose win or lose IT's up To you IT's up To you - OZZY OSBOURNE KrisTen Mary Kearns - Where There is love There musT be faiTh: And where There is faiTh There is peace indeed: Where There is peaceg There must be God, And where There is God There is no need. The language of friendship is noT words buT meanings. ' William J. Kelley - And when you feel you're near The end will you jusT Turn iT over and sTarT again. is There a sTlrring in your hearT as The Time comes when we will have To parT. Thinking you're geTTing older and wiser when you're jusT geTTlng older. RoberT Kennedy - Can'T break The chains can'T solve The pain can'T rhyme problem wiTh reason you can jusT Take Things as They Come, Nancy A. Kerrigan - How high I aim, How much l see, How far l reach, Depends on me. X 3 A KGThy Kreis Michael R. Logue KrisTen R. Larson Cheryl Ann Lawrence The Legend JonaThan Layon Michael S. LeBaron Robin Lehr Sqrq LeSQffre KaThy Kreis-Don'T dream iT - be iT! Life is a movie and we are The sTars. Michael R. Lague-Life is whaT happens To you while you're busy making oTher plans. John Lennon KrisTen R. Larson-This ending is a beginning. We will Take our hopes, dreams, and fears inTo The real world. Leaving our shelTer, we will begin our jour- ney inTo The years To come, looking over our shoulders aT fond memories. Cheryl Ann Lawrence-Dream on! Dream unTil your dreams come True. AerosmiTh JonaThan Layon-Give me a TickeT on a jeT airplane I'm gonna Take. I live my life in The fasT lane-The only way To make iT! Michael S. LeBaron-We are always wanTing Things we cannoT find, you know we are always wasTing Time. Good Things come To Those who WEIGHT! Robin Lehr-Well l'm reaching ouT and I'm holding on, The music's loud and my mind is gone so far away where noThing's wrong . . . Wild Child Sara LeSaffre-IT seems like l've been here before, buT l can'T remember when. lgoT This funny feeling ThaT we'll all be TogeTher again. There are no sTraighT lines ThaT make up my life. And all The roads have bends. There's no clear cuT beginning and so far no big ends. . A llc 'Z .. ,z .. ,7 V RW KurT LeThbridge Tricia A. Leydon Rich LoTTi JudY LUDGY RoberT A. Lusardi Mark N. MacCuish - f5,,,.. X. Dave's TuToring service Yvomie Modencn Thomas J. MacNeill QBonniej KurT LeThbridge-Some are born To move The world, To live Their fanTasies, buT mosT of us jusT dream abouT The Things we'd like To be. Tricia A. Leydon-Why noT give up? Because ThaT's The easy way of escaping. We've goT To sTick iT ouT, feel The pain, and evenTually, overcome iT. Rich LoTTi-There you go man, keep as cool as you can, face piles of Trials wiTh smiles. lT riles Them To believe ThaT you perceive The web They weave, and keep on Thinking freely. Moody Blues Judy Lundy-"To succeed in life is To be loyal, dedicoTed, and To compeTe wiTh excellence." Good luck class of 87 Robert A. Lusardi-Everybody casTs a ceriain llghT, a special gifT lT's Theirs To use for wrong or righT when you face The nighT. More and more we choose The easy way. We Take no risks we figure ouT which game is To play and how To make 'em pay. Bob Seger Mark N. MacCuish-Hush my child go To sleep, lT's only The sound ofa gun. Hush my child do noT weep. lT's only The sound ofa world on The run. You're hearing The sound of a gun. CHRIS DE BURGH MAN ON THE LINE Yvonne Macl.ellan-I am noT afraid of Tomorrow. Thomas J. MacNeill-Dicipline, dedicaTion, and aTTiTude- keys To success. ., mf. ,. if X Qc -. W . M. .,.,,!r M, 2' I David Macklin Caroline Major Today in Adv. Bio.: Female AnaTomy Elisa Mamone Marylou Maniscalco I Michele Manzi KrisTi Markusson Richard MasTrodicasa Jacki MasTroianni David Macklin-lf you love someone seT Them free, If They don'T come back hunT Them down and kill Them. Caroline Major-Am I my image or is my image me? Did I creaTe my image by Things I did or did oTher people creaTe a way They wanfed me To be I Think I know who I am buT iT is ofTen sTrange having a self and an image and when Things geT difficulf IT is someTlmes confusing as To whaT is real. Elisa Mamone-Tough Times never lasT buT Tough people do. The will is more imporTanT Than The skill. IT's noT whaT you used To be. IT's whaT you are Today. To Try and To fail is much beTTer Than To fall To Try. No one expecTs you To more Than your besT, nor less. Marylou Maniscalco-Don'T ever give up your dreams and never leave Them behind. Find Them: make Them yours and all Through your life cherish Them and never leT Them go. Michele Manzi-'lMay god bless and keep you always. May you always do for oThers and leT oThers do for you. May you build a ladder To The sfairs and climb every road. And may you sTay forever young." KrisTi Markusson-Many Times l've loved many Times l've IisTened many Times l've wondered how much There is To know many dreams come True and some have silver linings. I live for my dreams and a pockeT full of gold. L.Z. Live for each second wiThouT hesiTaTion. Born To be wild. Richard MasTrodicasa-Carry on, you will always remember carry on, noThing equals The splendor now your life's no longer empTy surely success waiTs for you. Jacki Maslirolanni-"Don'T parT wiTh your illusions. When They are gone, you may sTilI exisT, buT you have ceased To Iive." 'QP 'if i . ,,A., ? T w Ffflfik MGYO l2oberT lvlcCorron George lvlcGuerTy John lVlcGuiggon LyneTTe lVIcGurin Jomes T. lVlcInTyre .,,... ,T Jeon McKenzie Julie Ann McLoughlin STep dside Fronk Moyo-Coming over The oirwoys, The mon soys "sToy olong, join The chosen few," Hey misTer, l'm noT in o hurry, ond l don'T wonT To be like you, oll I wonf from Tomorrow is To geT iT beTTer Thon Todoy. STep by sTep. One by one. Huey Lewis ond The News Roberf McCorron-STonehom High School will'never be The some wiThouT The Closs of "87" George ivlcGuerTy-Some Try To Tell me ThoughTs They con noT defend jusT whoT you wonT To be will be in The end. Moody Blues John ivlcGuiggon-You've goT To go Through hell before you con go To heoven. Gonno cruise ouT of This ciTy heod down To The seo gonno shouT ouT QT The oceon hey iT's me, I geT by wiTh o liTTle help from my friends. LyneTTe McGurin-"If you believe, wiThin your heorT you'll know ThoT no one con chonge The poTh ThoT you musT go. Believe whoT you feel, ond know you're righT becouse The Time will come oround when you'll soy iT's yours." Jomes T. lVlcInTyre-Finolly, educoTion con conducT us To ThoT enjoymenT which is, QT once, besT in quoliTy ond infiniTe in quonTiTy. Jeon Mckenzie-Once you Think you hove occomplished someThing There is olwoys more ThoT hos To be done. Julie Ann McLoughlin-I hod olwoys ThoughT ThoT looking book on my crying doys would moke me lough, buT I never ThoughT ThoT looking book on my loughing doys would moke me cry. Goodbye STonehom High! Z Jill M9005 Joseph lvlecherkany 'avi' i ,mi-T 'tie' ' Linda Medugno Laura Lee MerchanT Oh Boy in 1 Joseph A. Micale Luis Millan Cheryl MonTalTo Caroline lvlulford Jill Means-Why noT Think aboui Times To come and noT abouT The Things ThaT you've done, if your life was bad To you, jusT Think whaT Tomorrow will do. Don'T sTop Thinking abouT Tomorrow, don'T sTop lT'll soon be here lT'll be beTTer Than before yesTerdays gone. Joseph Mecherkany-TwenTy years from now l'll look back on This and laugh! Linda Medugno-Three grand essenTials To happiness in This life are someThing To do, someihing To love and someThing To hope for. WhaT lies behind us and whaT lies before us are Tiny maTTers compared To whaT lies wiThin us. Laura Lee lVlerchanT-'TA commiTmenT To excellence."-L,A. Raiders Be all ThaT you can be and reach for The siars. Joseph A. lvlicale-"STood alone on The mounTain Top sTaring ouT aT The greaT divide l could go easT, l could ga wesT, IT was all up To me To decide. Then I saw a young hawk flying and my soul began To fly , . ."-Bob Seger Luis Millan-Now l've gained some undersTanding of The only world ThaT we see. Things ThaT l once dreamed of have become realiTy. These walls ThaT sTill surround me, sTill conTain The same old me. JusT one more who's searching for The world ThaT oughT To be.-PearT Cheryl MonTalTo-"SweeT as sugar love won'T wash away, rain or shine iT's always here To sTay. All Those years you and l've spenT TogeTher . . . Looks like someTimes we jusT i'couIdn'T sTand The weaTher .... "-SRV Good Luck Queeney!! Caroline Mulford-You see Things as They are and ask why? BuT I dream Things ThaT never were and ask why noT'? Q- g ' sf"' y f Paul Joseph Mulford Meghan Murphy Meghan E. Murphy Susan Muse ChrisTopher A. Nicholas Laura Norman X4- T MerchBo Paul NorTon KaThleen O'Brien CKaThyj Paul Joseph Mulford - Dream on, Dream unTil your Dreams come True. AEROSMlTl-l Meghan Murphy - Shower The people you love wiTh love, show Them The way ThaT you feel, Things are gonna be iusT beTTer if you only will - J. Taylor Meghan E. Murphy - iT was The besT of Times. IT was The worsT of Times. lT was The age of wisdom. .lT was The age of foolishness .... we had every- Thing before us, We had noThing behind us.- CHARLES DICKENS Susan Muse - 'TI'll see you on The dark side of The moon."-PlNK FLOYD f ChrisTopher A. Nicholas - Don'T you feel iT growin' day by day. People geTTin' ready for The move. Some are happy some are sad, Oh we goTTa leT The music play. WhaT The people need is a way To make em smile. lT ain'T so hard To do if you know howl- THE DOOBIE BROTHERS Laura Norman - Seger 86' BeauTifuI loser all The greaT days of high school They weren'T ThaT bad we can never forgeT The good Times we have had. you only live once. so live life To iTs fuIlesT. Paul NorTon - Those crazy nighTs I do remember from my youTh, I do recall Those were The besT Times mosT of all. - JOURNEY KaThIeen O'Brien QKaThyj- ls This The end? I know iT cannoT be, our ships shall sail upon anoTher seag New islands yeT shall break upon our sighT, New conTlnenTs of love and TruTh and mighT. 90 Kim O'Keefe STephen O'Neil Film and Media all The way AFRY OTTGVUWO GOYIG PGUUGR Ronald R. Pagliuca Paul C. Palermo Mario PaTalano Jodi Marie Pecora Kim O'Keefe - Well l've been smilin' laTely. Thinking abouT Things To come. And I believe iT could be, someThing good has begun. -CAT STEVENS Gonna make iT, if we Try. -JIM MORRISON STephen O'Neil - USO many faces in and ouT of my life some will lasT some will jusT be now and Then life is a series of hellos and goodbyes i'm afraid iT's Time for goodbye again."- Billy Joel Amy OTTaviano - ForTunaTe is The man who TakesleveryThing for The besT and in all evenTs and Trials allows himself 2 be led by reason. WhaT usually makes oThers weep is, for him, a source of laughTer, 81 in The midsT of The world's whlrlwinds he will find a lovely calm. Gayle Padden - Don'T worry abouT The pasT The fuTure comes Too fasT, leT The good Times lasrf l would die A u i'm crazy for you, Evan! Ronald R. Pagliuca - Life is a sTruggle To achieve goals, unlil The ulTimaTe one is achieved: happiness. -R.P. Mario PaTalano - "lf you wake up and don'T wanT To smile, if iT Takes iusT a liTTIe while, open your eyes and look aT The day, you'll see Things in a dif- ferenT way." -FLEETWOOD MAC Jodi Marie Pecora - i'CapTure The momenT, carry The day, sTay wiTh The chase as long as you may. Follow The dreamer The fool 8m The sage, back To The days of The innocenT age. The fasTer we run, The furTher away The dreams ThaT we chase become." 'ZF V 4 Monica A. Pellegrino Leslie ColIeTTe PeTTerson Kimberly PeTTway David Pignone sims Debra Pignone Richard Pignone Sandi PoliTo Lisa Oueeney I DGSSGUT Monica A. Pellegrino - "Some people live oThers jusT exisT." BORN TO BE WILD! MA 84 DAD l LOVE YOU Leslie ColleTTe PeTTerson - "Dreaming is whaT keeps us alive in This big circus." - MORTEN HARKET David Pignone - "l don'T Think l can do iT l know l can." Debra Pignone - Never forgeT The people ThaT mean The mosT. AinT iT funny how Time files when The besT is yeT To come. - Bryan Adams The mo- menTs may be Temporary buT The memories lasT forever . . . Richard Pignone - Don'T sTop Thinking abouT Tomorrow, don'T sTop, iT'll soon be here, iT'll be beTTer Than before . . . Why noT Think abouT The Times To come, and noT abouT The Things ThaT you've done, if your life was bad To you, jusT Think whaT Tomorrow will do. FleeTwood Mac Sandi PoliTo - lf you love someThing seT iT Tree if iT comes back To you iT's yours if iT doesn'T iT was never meanT To be. For cryin' ouT loud you know I love you, l'm forever yours, faiThfully. l love you Chico V Lisa Queeney - Young hearTs beaT free ToniTe Time is on your side don'T leT Them push you round don'T leT Them puT you down. Don'T ever leT Them change youT poinT of view, lsn'T iT a Tough life -life is Too shori so why wasTe precious Time? -PaT BenaTar A Wigs T ff 26:94, H 6, ',,Vv We W ' rf . . HHH lHHf ChrisTine Quinlan Daniel H. Reynolds , Q l ,, . I 2 Bosom Buddies David A. Reynolds Eric Richie Brian Rivers Ann Robbins Susan Rosa Lisa Saccoccio ChrisTine Quinlan-Hold onTo your dreams don'T ever give in if you keep Trying your going To win. Hold onTo your dreams Though someTimes iTs hard jusT hold your head up and reach for The sTars, Hold onTo your dreams Though They may seem far away They may come True. Someday- Daniel H. Reynolds-"Now There's only one road before me, Too many Turns in The way, Thousands of Things To do Today, billions of momenTs l musT admiT, buT only one only one."-James Taylor "There are Two worlds, one is dead, The oTher an image of realify. David A. Reynolds-The world is a sTage and we are mearly The fresnels ThaT lighT iT. Eric Richie-"Old Times good Times."-STephen STills When you are able To see Through yourself you are able To undersTand oThers. l'd love To change I . gngnvlgvejrs-i'For Those who are successful, be always on your guard, success walks hand in hand wiTh failure, down The Hollywood Boulevard."-The Kinks i'All we are say'n is give peace a chance."-John Lennon Ann Robbins-"Nobody wanTs To know you now and nobody wanTs To show you how. So if your losT and on your own, you can never surrender." Susan Rosa-If l could make days lasT forever, if words could make wishes come True, l'd save every day like a Treasure. BuT There never seems To be enough Time To do The Things you wanT To do once you find Them. 4 I A U Lisa Saccoccio-Working hard To geT my fill everybodylwanT's The Thrill. Paying anyTh1ng To role The dice iusT one more Time. Some will win, some will lose, some are born To sing The blues. Well The movie never ends. Don'T sTop believin'. -A-M714 ff' A Q AnThony M. SalTamarTini Laurie Sannella John SanTosuosso KrisTen Seabury 'wave CaThy Servideo Mark Sevier "OV Bonkl KaThi Sheehan William Silck AnThony M. SalTamarTini-Live dangerously and you live righT! Laurie Sannella-l've had worse parTings, buT none ThaT so gnaws aT my mind. Perhaps iT is how selfhood begins: wiTh a walking away. And love is proved in The leTTing go. John SanTosuosso-And so The days flow Through my mind, sTill The days seem The same and These children ThaT you spiT on as They Try To change Their world are immune To your counselTaTion. They're auiTe aware of whaT They're going Through.-David Bowie KrisTen Seabury-To me The fuTure has always sTreTched ahead in a warm enTicing arc-like a rainbow waiTing To be climbed. l can'T see The oTher end, buT ThaT doesn'T maTTer. The imporTanT Thing is The journey, because The TruTh is ThaT rainbows have no end. CaThy Servideo-By baby, see you around-wish you well-remember me as a good Thing-remember me as The sound of laughTer-remember me wiTh every song you sing, Your Gonna Make lf! Remember me when you change The world. Remember me as a good Thing. Mark Sevier-Never Take no for an answer. KaThi Sheehan-'lm jusT moving clouds Today, Tomorrow l'll Try mounTains." Paul A. Simpson Mark J. Skerry , ,af gy: X XX Rs ,fi T xxx NX X 'XlKiX1'f' .1 ,X T TX X RARE l Mike, you're bummin' Kimberly SmiTh James SmiTh Andrea R. SolamiTa Pam Sorabella Lisa Sousa Gary Spezzafero QSpezzj Paul A. Simpson- l see my fuTure aT The rdinbow's end . . . Happy hours . . . Timeless Friends . . . And if I chance To find my way . . . ResT assured . . . I will stay . . . Mark J Skerry- i'BuT in The long run, we'llall be dead" Kimberly SmiTh-To Sieve: "I found a miricle in you." l'm forever yours, FaiThfully," "You are The sunshine of my life." GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 87' Andrea R. SolomiTa-Life's like d movie Wrife your own ending Keep believing Keep preTending We've done jusT whaT we've seT ouT To do Thanks To The lovers The dreamers And you! -,KTF 1 Pam Sorabella-Be yourself-who's beTTer qualified. The besT way 2 cheer yourself up is 2 cheer somebody else up. ITU luv life iT will luv U back. My in- TeresT is in The fuTure because l'm going To spend The resT of my life There. Time isn'T your enemy unless U Try To kill iT. Lisa Sousa-Chance has made us classmaTes, buT Time has made us friends. "A friend is someone who undersTands your pasT, believes in your fuTure and accepTs you Today jusT The way you are." "you've goT To believe in yourself or no one will believe in you.-OZZY Gary Spezzafero CSpezzQ-There are places I remember all my life, Though some have changed, some forever, noT for beTTer, some have gone and some remain.-The BeaTIes Do bears bear? Do bee bee? GreaT Googlymoogly!-David Addison W 1 -m i Michael Stariknok Tim Stearns Anna-Karin Stridh Lynda CSkij Szczawir1Ski Mike Taschetta Matthew Taylor If V,,, WM 'V V., ,,,, 'f'f"" I I X., ,i , vwpwtll Qwjgat 'AcEl'C3M Uyjh Jeremy Thompson Michael Torres T20 2 arty a my house l W wilt . f Michael Starlknok-Education is that which remains when one has forgotten everything learned in school. Tim Stearns-lt's all a part of growing up, it's gonna be rough but l'Il never give up.-Iscibl Bel Anna-Karin Stridh-Live all you can, it's a mistake not to.-Henry James An optimist is a person That has never had much experience-Don Marquis Lynda QSkiy Szczawinski-Why can't we get all the people together in the world that we really like and just stay together? l guess that wouIdn't work. Someone is always leaving and Then we have to say good-bye. I hate good-byes. l know what l need. l need more hellos . . . Mike Taschetta-Someday it will be fun to look back at The memories we had in high school. Matthew Taylor-Play for keeps, but try to never lose. Live it fast, but live the life you choose. Rock and roll lives and breathes in the hearts of the young. Jeremy Thompson-lt took twelve years, a lot of work and patients, but I think lt's worth it, lf you compare the good to the bad all you can do is smile. Michael Torres-While there is time Lets go out and feel everything . . . We must live while we can and we'll drink our cup of laughter , . . Cl 1 been sad have walked bitter streets alone and come morning thereps a good wind to blow me . . .-Steve Winwood J , wi ml flli is Qfl Anthony T.J. Tramontozzi Elaine Trant Laurie A. Trenholm Melina Trolsi Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet i l Pamela Vecchi Gregg Vita Julieanne Vito Laurie Vogler Anthony TJ Tramontozzi-Let the good times roll since they have just begun. Elaine Trant-Shoot for the moon, even if you miss it, you'll probably land somewhere among the stars-The person who never had a chance, never took a chance-life is too short, so why waste precious time! Laurie A. Trenholm-t'Let me be free to think my own thoughts, to choose my own way, to be my own person," Melina Troisi-"lf life had a second edition, how l would correct the proofs" , . . You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of fo- cus" . . . "When people are free to do as they please they usually imitate each other" . . . Pamela Vecchi-"Man has his will but woman has her way!" "There is only but one success to be able to live your life in your own way." "I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past. Live all you can it"s a mistake not tal" Gregg Vita-The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes but in liking what one has to do, Julieanne Vito-"And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: lt is only with the heart that one can see rightlyg What is essential is invisible to the eye."-Antoine De Saint-Exupery 'tl don't have to be what you want me to be." Laurie Vogler-We had you, We had fun. We had seasons in the sun. But the hills that we climbed were just seasons out of time. For long you live and high you fly, smiles you"ll give and tears you'll cry, + all you'll touch + all you'll see, is all your life will ever be. l L Andrea Walsh RoberT Walsh Donald Webber Michael WesleY Edmund L. Whelan Ill Paul Woodman You Toucha my apple, l breaka you face Cy Young Earl Young Andrea Walsh-We should enjoy and have aloT of fun for our senior year of high school. This year is The besT year l have ever had . . . RoberT Walsh-i'Funky LiTTle gold razor, The Television man is crazy saying we're juvenile delinauenT wreclds, OI man l don'T need a T.V. when l've goT T.Rex, BroTher you guessed, I'm a Dude. All The young dudes carry The news"-DAVID BOWIE Donald Webber-WhaT's here Today is gone Tomorrow and we'll never know whaT comes The day afTer. Michael Wesley-Yes, There are Two paThs you can go by-buT in The long run There's sTill Time To change The road you're on.-LED ZEPPELIN Born To be wild-STeppen Wolf Edmund L. Whelan lll-Our memories of yesTerday will lasT a lifeTime. We'll Take The besT, forgeT The resT and someday we'll find . . . These are The besT of Times.-STYX Paul Woodman-I feel Those faces ThaT lefT me Their Traces and Those are The memories ThaT made me a weaIThy soul-Bob Seger Cy Young-Where is The reason Well don'T blame iT on me Blame iT on my wild hearT. There is a reason why even The angels don'T give up aT all. s Lisa Zarbano lvlarielle Zuk George FIYVWVW Did someone say Ol2GY'?l Mark Leccese Lisa Zarbano-l can noT change whaT happened yesTerday, I can only make The mosT of Today, and hope Tomorrow brings some-Thing beTTer. Marielle Zuk-GranT me The abiIiTy To accepT The Things l cannoT change . . . Courage To change The Things I can and wisdom To know The difference. Julie Ann Gianferri - COLD ComforT greeTing Tired and well Trod feeT moThs flicker life inTo an emply dim liT sTreeT This is some bodies looking around. I have a wonder There's jusT To many faces around here I don'T wanT To see. Paul Joseph Mulford - Dream on, Dream Unfil your Dreams come True. Aerosmifh ., ,V - fu ,.1 P, ' L. fehrlsmbr " L , JF , awar e is A The Time I er we idk dksweiring for is finally her .good fri ,RB, RD,J ,MC, DF, JD, MB, MD, ToyaTa S EDBA Pampero Roy Elsa Karina PD, FB Things To remember MOM 8L b N Y V ,, Klm Always D + D, DENNYS TION IS "JAMES" KRIS, OZT NELS Mom 87 AS BD' SUM 86' AR: AO, JUL 3 CM: HUMMELS: ANADA-BM, DA, CM, CC, SG: DR. STAIN: DA: SORRY AO: FAEVA BCI PERS W The pumpkins: RPSQJV-Ol-l GODI JOHNBO ITTT Neva back Bashes Thanx Wendi BalesTrier ED W SS TO mv fOfTTilY 34 f :' D AKC TA JD JL LS DS and esp. JB, forLbeing'lThere for me mosT of all, Thanks To Chuck fp? being so supporTive. ARNF: The ElecTronics Crew! BesT of Luck 'e7I A MaTThew Barry s Never Ageiz Trip nls, U.S.YIl Good Friends: million gem Dad and Traci ,.,, . . . .. fsksisiff-rw A ' T' Led-zeppun umm of as Ha we beach Buick GS .if Richard M. Boyajlan Roberf c..L3i,:E'f.i1-Ig. T. A Q T ' .,,,' I SUMMER NIGHTS-'86-BD, BL, NC. J-Team! BL: C- DOR, FP PIZZAJQBDCAMGMG, 7+6+5:47?I VH, A FooTballwagonis here.Housereckin. + SSQSFJ Prom WXSG Ty. Old orchard. The Cape 'Wanna f4'lf86jI EXTRAS! 4QeT: JT, AO, Weirs BeaCf3 -Tdnd up 8a say HAH! Cla T:::' 'QTL , MC, KSILQMM SC! MGWSIIS- gahi qpkin', Jinxes, Nanclef Sarahs. : 58f87l l LOVEEXY + M, A, D + J The BesTParTles:'SalTies, Daves, Himersl1 ,Q T . if . :if I Tom Bo le D .1 'S Pam BOI31 A g V , 5' ,,.., A . 35' Hey guys we BKRD 'WIBJC RQBR v n, pa yse, Iekefmusm, TRUCK PARTIES CPI -D PROM EooTEALL,geIUek 6-7-T her ,BBE circ, gum, cape, Animals Hey TMD TASMC REM CRAQKERSITE my eur, XRB, Proms 47186 new years pier AS U DRIVE TERRIBLEI TB, LM-SO special 2 me lasT-SG, "T" , KS, 81 MM BD, BL, .,,, ,Q dacl'-le Mrs. C couIdn'T make IT wfo JP, GS 4 yrs changes: LL, NB, AK + JT! luv u Greg Rem. apud QuarTers-VlTas G Harbor-Beached Whale. Seger, Dylan-Blowln In The wing. STOKER Appleplokln aimoshflhe "STukabone". "Squlsh The Fish" J Prom Weve GOT Tonlghi Luv always Lynda b WE LUV U-BC8al.A3 TRACK: KK, KM, RF, TONY S.-FB AEVAAS-CC COOKIES! forgeT all The greaT Times The greaT holocosTs by The greaT E.G- SA I hope There are more Laconia we all ' life' PABLO CHMD J8LT LD DF KC KF LS AMP Twirp ChrlsTopher R. Benson + MELISSA MONTY .PYTHON S, Berry PT EH, cBfDE: + Thanx- JSlyr. Ex 85-F, B, K+K+J-TOGA 344, QuiTe The fesT w FB+J, Field w '12-F, Where R We? 25c lLy-UCG- . I, ...EQ K. ,.s. h I - I.-, -Q I 4, . ,II th nl Q ax s K, ,. I s T 4, 5+ ' E Penny Brangbn , FELLOW JUICERS-KQPF KMJM MFBSTOEIO LQMP 4 JUL as Ieeuzzl vIIQ5IBoINe BUD PETA SI-I APT soca-J PEAK BEBMUDAl"A.P. AFLAS, ': . ROOF Neva AgeT Phil qeqry Ibis MBASI-IAA 'ghTln ws CONDO NH runs5vfJ.M. 8 BALL PAMS HOUSE TRIP Town Line LUV YAM+D i . Michelle Brian Good X's w ALDD LSKH LMLQ Thanx Brown Classic la axe 72 Cougar XR7 Skyl Marks Heaps The liar New +LR Thanks MOM DAD re Talking l ark Kim Kim's Andrew Bruno NEVER FORGETEJWG good Times bowll Never forgeT T of 85, ' 'leve in something g5zzwiTh iTl Go fo . .uck Never forgei gradugfion of Golf - +D-Luv ya! + T22 X,,yA AJ, BN, KH, Q ,gl wfMB UnIv.HAMpTON +J, S+H, DJ. G S BDHOTI ourseggyps + DAD "D A kimberiyfsefke :,yy y I , .,4T' . vk K Dremie Aucello ia, BEST TIMES LG+KB, JPS G Mc LONG LIVE +uDdd SC BF CC THE JIDOL, JTEAM-PFKK T is JR PROM MD Buds LZLA MALQ JMGID ETCM I-FMD 86 C , TILUS 3f'lf85-8f86 JR DANCE UYDHT TYCO" SR me in O MOT, LZ Cp ,, S,9pC,p,e frem S DANCE? NEW YEARS' KB+LG RSG-EDNA'S BACK! flank is pony Bermuda ,Hop LUCI Hockey Bridg A NIGHTMARE! HEY GANG, n HGH W CUZ To Unicorn Case for 3 Snow J.B. J.B. BS. "V 'E::' 86 LOVE TO M, D, 4 om Boston Chase Thanx Mom Dad h g lg T1 Q s'-- . ,, ' I : n v- ' TO Calcavecchia I Qi 'STA rry Baker A 3 Thank all of my friends aring Forgei 0.0.B. ' A .C. also DT E in ' A A J I T some of ljfg besT Times we'll ever haves Mom office 81 T.M. aT wiTh WI psf. Tms WXLGISSB NAMC Drill, B8cR, Revere "85' and Dad ' nks for all your love and smbpon. does not like any V 81 P.P, T 319 ' JD8cGH, JR DANCE "WHDT TOCO" New YEars' Special Thanks To WB for always being There. T. w ifi' ya Mom 84 Dad I NEVER ' T' H am HB Hour of COTTTTOI in Hawaii" The mam Ds, F THE J.o.I-I.N.N.v. ' . I ook A -, I V 1 f... if A 'kg . Tenants Harbor 4986, Steps ,Tynanx Mom, Dad , Conn DCAS TIVIB MSRL Boom SL, RL S40 WMBS BWS BK Befo- QOYTT BDay Hampt remalns Adv Campbell Hairy Bill s Place Greenland Best Rocks UNLIMITED CLIPS Eagle on 6, ZepLynn, BILBO, THAk j gYlOM + DADI KC K ,s Q A QLN PooN- GO EQJCK EVIL + IN D J QZIDR. Du THE LOV CU FOREVER! Kristin Carlson BH CAL TS SD DAD FF JM se FAL JB Plym NEVER FORGET WAI-I 2X4 SPLT ,L CQ, BN DR. D BICKFORDS LS BD CWAP , K my ,,L:.:x,g?4,L-iff-LM Joanne Ce I I l.l.l, ,,:L C eooo TIM Lssc PA ARE MAD? soo s slcnwe W BLUEAV CD LUV YA BREAK? My PART You DAD LOU GIN AND GRAM Sandy f W fKQ1I-1 PP MSF Love you Mom, Dad Llsa Clarlone EVE for everything Ronald EOT HHHL BCLG THUNDER LIGHTEN RPOF TRACKS NAKS OS 1842 THE PEAK Stand up Say Haa-The Wagon Candy Halloween SKI a HSEW RKCL DPTY By Haras Fitw trsk ibsc not CNLB all APPLEKPICCRLJISE-Having Fun Yaa-Good Luck Class Joh? flayton T Snack he Wagon: I p the Cop? Spez find a C: B RDJC MP, etoivhlo Regrets T nks All A Kathy Doyle Bst x's W1 Bst frnds SC MZ KS LS JC BD BL RB PB MC Grt mem "TWINS" 4 tick-SNH, JP w1BL Track w1Sand FSMC-Neg! Spi-Rn Zuk-mobile sum '86- PP NVR FRGT A148186- Brian thanks for every- thing Mum Dad MTJJAE Robert Dirkman HEY OPUS, T-FAT, RICH, JIM, AM AND ORF! SACO PINES MAD-CAD PURPLE SHORTS MOUNT SNOW IS OURS KILLINGTON, MACS EARTHBALL BUCKET O FRIES BROWER, DELATA FRIENDLY BEAVER, FVSSD JK AC BD TOURNAMENTS, KERRIANNE' 86 Julie Drago BEST TIMES w1 PD, DF, PS. NEVER FORGET VB, CAN, JRCBD, CG, BC 1f29M, GUMS, OREO, MOPEDS, RB, AP, PDB BETTY, FN, GOUD, MOV, FITES, CAPE COD + THE SUMMER OF 86. J-P-D-p FRIENDS FOREVER. WULL . . . TOO BAD. THANKS MOM + DAD. TWMASOD, Kathleen M. Duff Good Friends + Happy Memories The Gang Miss U FFUD SP Cape CP Cheering WW touch glass weiser pumpkins Kiss Patry Last Dance Jr BD Hosp. run cal GN Segar HTwM Bermuda SC Thanx Dad Mom Tommy love you Kathleen Fallon NEVA ZIGET CAL MERLIN JB JM KC JC AR BBLK HW42 JILL WE'RE LOST! QUITE THE FEST BEAN J84J2? CAPE AHHHI HOLY NIGHTS W GAL 81 BERT TNKS MOM DAD 8A FMLY YABA DABA DOO! T TRUCKS 85 SQT UCG B25 BTLS HEY BE CFUL OT Robert J. Fayle Hampton Beach summers 75-86 w1cousin Mike. Labatts In L'Axe w1Joe JBar N Mike watching tatoos N Canada. Lynda looking fine. Pud N Bud at Fort Latenight, New years eve w1Pud the stud. Good times Feet Karen Ferreira ' MEMORIES: DAVID 4129185 CAPE BAKERY CREW: SG DF PS LC LM PROMS w1DS NEVER FORGET CANADA w1DE GLASSES AT THE DOOR THANKS MOM DAD KIM DAVID COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU BYE SHS! Lynne Fiiamond Hampton B6 Luv U OOC girls CO CH GH MD LA LZ JM DP LM GP BUD BTD Charlie Rumors Segor kys in Car CQ LZ FREDP + LZGP parties J-Brds. Sbdlrs. CQ wod SG-mtha. CQ LZ Jmp strt Lowell prts. Stnd By Me, Run in dwn cliff Cn't Blve I Mde lt! BR do I luv U MOM + DAD ' Glenn Fiore suooissz Ms, NN, os, Js, EY, sc. ks, BT, Ls. AC1DC, OANGE, LABOR DAY AT NH, IPswIcH, THE WILMINGTON GANG, FLEA MOBILE, GEORGES IS- LAND, coIvIIvIANoOs, THE CAPE ON THE ATH, My sAsH. THANK you MOM. I LOVE You DADDY!! Denise Fiorillo BEST TIMES: ALAUP GUDESWHAMBO 8A BETTY CANADA CAPE 'BO JC BD RBAP PRIV. BEACH W1L8cL BC BERMUDA COAST GUARD YAK PDB'S GUMBYS SIBR OREOS ML'S THE BEST THANKS MOM DAD MIKE MITCH AND I WULL TOO BAD! 102 Kim Fischer THANKS DAD + KATHIE-I LUV YOU! NEVA-4-GET MG ALWAYS! JC JM LS LF CM TA KC+KC AR LF. JR PROM. BEAN THE Ditch! BR HANGOUT! JC- STEAK! KC-HOW'S 2D'S:2S'S SUMMER IN NH w1JEN + LEO. TD HELP ME IN ACC! 4-47-87 JF LUV U JF Patrick Fitzgerald Marion, TB, K+KA, DD, KK, KB, LM, KL, CB, RB, RUSH, p1g, Squid, J-idol, Sen Six, Bill the cat, Bloom County, Soul Man, Monty Python, Beatles, Binky, PB, Denny's, Kowloon, dips w1KD, Gummi Bears, wheat, voowishun, Om-Mom + Dad Katherine Gallagher Day Tripperl T. Friday madness sticky Fingers W.G.I. mania SAC! BLANVONI SPS-8 Breakfast Club Forever Young trucks 224-Lav Holy Nights 85 JL. KC. EG. KF. JB. The Bugs! OHIO CR-sweet love The BOS, Caper Thanks Mo 84 Pa Lora Gargano HEVA AGet KBNA KBLM cruisin w1LG LC JG st Maarten 811 NYUers ARUBA 85 49 Casino "duba" 44:44 Neva again KBCW KCCJI The Moon Nasty Girls w1bIack shades 'tout of control" in Hawaii Jr. WDHT TOCO cruise via Red Regae + vip to DC' Thanks Ma Dad L+M Suzanne Gargano GOOD FRIENDS: JP PB MM LA AS MC KB AO JT BL BDI RB JR PROMi PB-MUSEUM: CHARMIN: UNI 912186: AEROSMITH: FUNK VAN: BAKERY BUNCH PS KF DF LC LMI QUEBEC ARUBA: MICROPHONE: SUMMER B62 THANKS MOM + DAD, I LOVE YOU! Joseph Gerard! CT. P HBIQ SB, VAHC NH 86 HHTI TL BS PP Bgri THH Gluck RRC A Pwsr. TEHNN CC 7 car Pam R BC gd HBC Lost Key WBC Italy Mr CFI Good luck Class of 87 KCJIG Thanks Mom and Dad Biz B7 Julie Ann Gionferrl STASI + THE BLEEDING HEART GARY LOVES Nl- COLE ITS THE MIND HES SO DEED Nos Feratu Robbys LIPSTICK SID LIVES DVB Celibate'?! Lestat THE Llama VAMP Kinetic Kid EH-RTF Scarlett LIQ- UID October BLEACH BLONDS Andrea Giorgiori Never Llgeti KM LDSLGM, KOSLRC, AHD5, derF, Colo, Sage! Pit trips Forth 84 NH Cott, 3186 Sum of 84 TF w1J8cM, steps, house+BH, ABUSE CG, The Dead+ NY, Philtb, Apr 211, Gr N. Bud SFs, NH RUNS Moody Blu., Crash, SSW1KO, I LUV U KM Chris Giorgiari Good Times Parties BF's Bash Maine Steps The House JA RD PW ER PM BD The rest of the crue Judas Priest after school tests skipping class Trips Concerts Combat Zone Box. Fireworks Good Luck Class '87' Robert Gott Best of luck to my fellow classmates class of 87. Memories partying at house while mother walks in. LG. Cutlass. BUD. SR Prom THANKS MOM + DAD Robyn Grant NF: FLA-MODERATIONI RVB w1KO SL . . . WHERE'S THE PARTY? RM'S'? R8cC-BLINDED BY THE LITE- HEAD GAMES LV SF RM JA- ADP BROS X-GONNA MAKE IT THRU THE NITE. I LUV U 2 SEAN-SP A-EVA. THANX MOM 84 DAD-I LUV U Carol Grecco I LOVE YOU JAMIE Aeve nf puritan W1 "The gang" MD TM KC MMMM+D DD TH gt topst Hamp Bn Juinsg nye Budl MS ATH SDt Let's play pool! FL + Bruns sat n the som! SAWA Weewoo Push Push Patti fall 4-24-87 Zoe SH! John Guida mem: Uge Gym, Spartan Hockey 324 Killer G's StIng1PoIice 25c at Mr D's Helmer's Dkrsn Unicorn Mgbi NH 86 CMMas GMAN Grma Dads HA Good Friends: GV MS TD DP JM BH MP RM ALL MY LUV MOM, DAD, ROBERT, STEVEN Pamela Hall GTW-DWJM LDCM MM April Vacation 86 Pee- Wee NFDW LCBB-Sunday trips Neil Young con- cert SSOO-suff servo I think thrs sumthin in itll op- ple pikin' JH-all the way I luv u Sutf Thanks Mom + Dad Mel Sheila + A Andrew Hartung GM ER KO RC MW DW TD AG MD CM Baseball Hockey Out West w GC Cape Cod NH Road trips GM's cottage steps pit Concerts Grateful Dead festivals skiing 4 too much of everything is just enough Chorleen Hemenway PWCQ LZLA LFGH MDJM LM HAMPTON Step Maine Oopsl Jallblrds Socclfer I Love ya girls The Fence Trip MDCO wheres Jac Good Anser Lob- ster Love ya Woody Zoospot Prom CO 85 twirp Love ta Mom Dad + family Thanks for every- thing! PW palace LZGH bashesl Glennis Hickey The OOC Girls-Horhpt. Bo The Jbird-LA, CH, LZ, JM, LM. Where were u'? MD, CO, LF, DP, occifer? LZT1Bash 3 wk. HAW Pty. Good Ans. f1feud us- 1GOOS LGDK, o1d oops! vb-KC wknd at OGN. Aever Jeff LUV U MOM, DAD, KAT, JON THANX Mary Ellen Hill good friends ACAA LSMS LSDE 87 NVR Frgt 44130186 HOUSE SMU Rds Bay Rides the good ol' days HSALM W1 LS B-sit W1 AA fhky 86 CAPE B7 ARE WE HAVING FUN YET? tlks w1LSAA ILU GINO 4186 Thanks Mom Dad + Family WILLIAM HOYT ME 85 Bo PRTY NKD O08 is 25 MP KATE B4 85 CMP WABANQ -BCATT x'YGS" NYE THE CAPE FRAP RAGE! TRAK SNAK RAT PAK WNDR WGN 406 GONE FISHIN' PROMS AS BIG SWIM CBJC TDKD JGML SLTL TMJM MMMM PNSO AODP PSAS KSMC MTEW GV THANKS MOM, DAD, SUE FOR EVERYTHING John Hugo REMEMBER DYLAN SO I THINK MBBZG BRBC BHM SKI 48 IAAG CLOUD MOBILE WRECKIN AT NANC'S Jr Prom What a time WMBS BWS NROTC MUGABI FAB VOLVO BUMPER HITCHIN GH FUGITIVO LAURA l LOVE YWAHAPIMH 4123186 Dionne M. Hunt T K K I . Dianne loves David always Tforever til eternity. WEEKEND IN NH-LIDS-PF: DONM: SO'S-EPP-SCOTT! 8t II-TGL-TSQAOR-CUDLS: HALF STEPS 89 UNI CHASE: THANX MOM, DAD, ROBIN, LAURIE: GOOD LUCK John McGuiggin T g GUYS: MSTH DPTD RMJG AGVMPT GOING Bear Hill Golf Course. Jen I+ Andy Jen +I! Dianne ROBIN 84 STEVE T fulfil I I T I I SOUTH Quarters at TD 84 MINEVTBUDME' KEG BIG suijnmer of "eo" New Hornpsnife,fT+ Coirfornro. I I T I I C ellllf BLAST COLT'S DA ooP'S RDADTRIP TTHEKNIGHT Unicorn GolfCOUrSeUr1i +IBeofifriendstiireiernity Nark Moocuisnqlf' llllf D Q. I ,- .WMUGABI DUMPERS GOLF 4 YRS: BI-IGCIEWRY T I I T T Q Tjp I - , Q JQESQDPTD DC MAMP THANKSIMOM DAD KELLY Dan inaiciani K I Y lll Q ygf TT 1 Remember Mouse Trap South Pacific, Detour, COL MARY ERIN I s I - Lit I The Blues BrothersJazzQBaf1dJohnaIantbil!,IDOve j D I I D ALWAYS REMEMBER OUR JR. YEAR: RBQTTHE ITTTP AL- good iuokmgzgguii oufifaczerwfofget fnewmmer,4T,tTfzLyne1TeT.TMoeurin Tv s ACE. CVS WXMD, BA, KS: ANDPAUL, WEITCANT months, mounfain rangeSiQTTd Shimmingigsigzilfi'fi3y?,TiQ FORGET CALDO. PHIL Sf HIS MOTORCYCLEWQT3- I Tiiii 7 T iiil fiii I fl T , Tiifii,B itglzfffji ilfl i,.,I,15HANKiTUQ4TTBE'NAFRIEND. . .o1or!one,Ski.MB,KH. 'LONG PROJECTILINGX' ANDD1TERRoRiSTs.sgPoRg,QA I David MookiinrT5,g?f,,TfI T ' Q T liT I iiiiii fjiffykTTi,f2T5T'ff'ffQ,gTff!ffff MD, cH-THE ooctiefsmompfon fee DAY . :aj ' -x,5T1:T+, . T I I 1 TTTT 1TQgg,gTi5Tf12,,23jjgif,T.5453jaqsjg,5gBf9,,,KALKLrL,TNYEX 3 No DD.sTor5TD, cruising MAE T ' T Tiff? ITBLT frfQfjTTjgjg,ITS8cMT5IgTDyyl6eblg5rhuch NN,yJSgTjCB, GFgQ?MBTf5fzQ0M??2?Z:ijffMELdi?TD9FII5,iVT, C-CZM, RCQQDUSLBSTHOOBIE. Cur- Knsfen Kearns Q iT i I 1 yi Tiii ITrgqj,ifTQTgTT IIIT I1.1MANDog5wiigiiifL,,S.B.E.K.H.R.,ing HockeyIQ,Tne,gi,Fogtg,tfsTfgigoge. AP'olqy, ro GAMESWEPI .TTLT nom DfLfD, MA s I ifii M5fT??PIQ2tAC7DC B95JOKK?'IQgQQf'iseff2fWSSIIIQAD llll G iiiliile NEVER FORGET-KAAK EADDTTTBPFQTRBMT iliili TRDIQZQ fTonk,fjTRiWi.,T:QTCnT Prix iifil I iiiii leTi:isg,ag, MMED KLLM cMAa + KDIMEMORIES BYffFD4D3Of BeociTiiTPQT!Sf3IT5??T25O" ATUOIQQSQPWCTFIZ5aR6WQ,, JQGIT MCKGRZKG fiEi ihiii I iii California Buren BAfl-PC 85 BERTAIJTTTEAMZRTE BOX Jr PromfDanny FioridafJulieI+, Cindy-T-THE HOME PB To GBDAY Mellow Lone NEW YEARS EVE 86 l Luv U Always Mom, Dad + Kim! W K,j5TfT,T eel :grit .T 1ila5,+1i vV T! V K TT Remember! all the great with JC AR JC. Party at my house. LS LPTQJB party at KM house 2:45 BIG TIME. WEEKENDS5fwith JC+LF Best Cou- T . TTD T T, T f,i.' i,ff f I TTfTjQTHANXi ISQSt'f15 'iiii Q jlplegflgooking Forward to' graduating. Thanks WIIIIOVU KSIIGY I . It ' 1 f I ii.. I -Y i.iAi.i TIQfiffifflWDPCOTP fAli A f?MQfDTi?li7QPITDQGQQIISIOVG YQUQTISQOIPIII- . . 'I iii. T MQ Aiiii + B635MCQTSVTTKTBGIOQPITCQHfTJoPIT95QS4,Bi2Q+?1 ii? 45321 T... For Good Times Tnonksi TD DW RLKP. the I gi .eli jj .ETJ i if ,,,gffTyi CM MM LD LZ LA JM DA EMPHKD!rThGhk,G65T5f5i5f?21THE CONCT ISUSAQIITIIG ilil fffgwwf Awd Ellen Rd Going out for lunohjWH' Boaiffhdnkfs Elisg MgmongfllifTTjQ??QiQ?Tffff 7,151'gi,'2?TfifTfs1j,?iffE,T GOOQTTFTIKUQSIEIWEBGOH FGIT..J57KMT'IJIfIf JBA KS? Mom and Dad! I I f ifil ivii .T 7 illii :T iA .. T, ..f. , i,iA,A iilii CAL25H36?T A+3!4-DUJTCAPEEAAHI JAEEEA Y .+lffI7T,' Summer on Island P 87'pkIILY'I5Q'-me Robert Kennedy I I It J,v. l Tif EDDD Lives! R3Q-LQ,KBj'KfjffJf TIDD ggifigfgiilrjfjlirtgjm ms? Grn Mchne'sKp,aaz Sunny Lfff THANX JEFF Phys club4MML?fKSTglfPMfRomanos-MZ ROY I Iove UI is.i .s.. 1-ffiiiif THANKS GUYS TBRD DDJC MBKJIASTI? 'Aii MYTD PN Cheerleading-marIe,TBadylnflaetjfei Sun SATS! iff i"o I iyiili Q,IfT:24fTTfiQff2Qf'ffif5TT -,," T 'fllTQQ2fl r'cARNivAL BALL" Football THANXTHMRB REM MADE IT MGM, DAD ,.LL TQNYVTQ0AfT?iYA!!I Jill Means .s.i T itisiyi Hampton Newton ai Field Trip yily DDJD' OTHER I L, iii. Tii, 'ff Iiltr Lsil T ilsf gi DPTIDT ,Sf sliys isilsis GREAT TIMES at RDTB DDJC'S HQUSEQ MISS YA MOWLOU MONSCOICOI J FELLOW JUICERSQTKIWPB LDDELSAJ Tiiriilokgfgggggw BOOMEP THANX FOI? PAIN SHEPI LOVGIYG AIWOYS ff IITL 4111.51 CMMW BG BLUES, LABEL' I fflvffggfIiGOlNU2HAWAIiNi5 Linda 1 know it wos tough MDM sf DAD THANX' Wilimem for ever' LC, LZ, + MBQQD, JD, Bk, PD CHASE JD's CAMP J-PEAK iI..s BERMUDAAQllofesoioekff Kristen Larson I 4 great years! Good luck Court. Boogie "till you drop. Best timeszchoralefclrama. Never A get KK, LM, DA, DD, DD', CL. New Orleans 84. Luv luck to LM. Miss the "gang", Disney Days. Thank? Jonathan Layon T T My Favorite Class-Gym with Mr. Powers art and 234 bell. My teacher pet Mr. Cerrone f D Michael LeBaron THANKS MDM lSKI2T'S THE ,CAPE THANKS DAD, KB, MB, DB Good times with KB, the guys don't touch my head originality, insanity The Rack Pack for- TPARTY, TDM! APR. 5th, JR, l PROM! SWEET? '17, The Truck, summer of 85, VB,lfrthe teller could speak, Whistle SMOKINT'IN'THE7BOYS ROOM BOINGBEANT' I ,PTT-Wow!colifBondT.HTrC:OASTiQBARDTTCDNDDIIIPI EGG,TSAL'S,g'FOr1d6ST mem with, LC, LS-EMBL ESP ,POT HAHAMAF.-S Patrol QT ',C'1" T i Tgil. YT- f I QRD! Goodilucklrguysjlluvyair , ITLIL DTDT 2 K I ITI. IIDI IIDII I f '.Ty T f . If TTTITI L I Q I If U M I 7 UTICIGAMGGUQDO IKLR I T T ,7ff7777' TMioneleTMonzi w - I ,i.i I f T TTIII f TTIIT i I siiiyi K ITIV I Q I 'T T'-" , T'I'r','T, T' GOOD TIMESWITHTIJD,KB,TKO.jL5',fJB,KE,TTD+rNL.' surnmeryofr so wfAo, RB, se, BD,TIgJP,jTBL,TTLA,Ty 1 SPS-NYT, JN.'oT,TfTPA, MoNT,foH+ALWAYs TIM. PB+JT Jrg .Prom-Tnonks EW DfivingftinITrTfneT.runkI NERD! FH-TOIIIHI-ESTATES! NO MoRETD.s.11crT BALL von Tnegpnys oiubfPB,.KS,TEM ybTBk'ooTmp WXPS, as JR +.sR yT,T IPRQMSQUNEMPLOYMENT SUMMER OF Mz, Aor,y.g5i+ KS 2f9f8A cnfis I ioye you-forever 85 i LuvTrufBaBIeIiNeERTgirHANxTMDM, DAD, KAR, thanKs5Mom,Dad -i? Rick l lovejyouli Ii'L MAT' if DTKK TKD. 'rif 133, ' 1M TTT 'QT K KristlMarkusson V 1 . Lauralee fKLr Merchant is ",T' IATHEIIFJA JMPB JDLD DESA TOKCIIBSLQ cMMW MMPD MPMF goin Hawailnfln NH Boing B's J's v's A GOOD NT BERMUDA "SMASHK'K' BRONCO TO'S tub on Pleasant Mtn ONLY YOUNG J Best of times with period biologyySM youfll always have to be thinkingskipping numerfr ous times with Mom and Dad thanks for every- thing PS SM never forget Popeye's T T T ward never straight Jrack "Bud" 830 nogel THE .1TirT,f. TaPEAK,GDHbr PIT SP ALL TO YOU JD TT I "1" Hoyt SKl's THE GALS D. 50,5 TLTDITITTDT I ffgyfzfg ..r. ig, it.rtj fkffHfyz,, fyyTJ9soph,Ag1,Micole X D I I f III' RichardzQMaStrodicasqf,ggIKTp3Ts, A I 'TIT HTQPTQT 2 I J I 1 if Tricia Leydon T TIDK T5 .DAD EQ' T5-If T,LT 74936 BSB!-L Mdlsx Nrth Sec, CHMPS: Seger I I Bense,gQj?yVhitey, Ed, John, Hoyt, Bill' + Heathergt ITIT qconcertp NHLITBDQTBSKTDII 'lst WBAQXKPRNC TPZZA. The Gang DOME Sftbl THQ Mr B Mike 84 Ry No FH- Mono Miss my bro! Bruce Carpenters Gopher V. MP SBBOT JY8cl Snuggles O? TG DMEL LY Mark PT love ya Dad Mom Dan Mike + Lukealn ,Love There is No Age! nl TQQ I Judith A. Lundy I Always Remember the "1Q8o" Championship softball season. Capts. LP, KC Also remember the Unforgetable "8o" chorale summer trip to California. Lots of memories Best of Luck Class of 87 THANKS MOM + DAD Robert Lusardi NEVR AGET BDRB NCJT KDsc MMJP Paso MZAS MC:SKIlNG-HOW'D-YEEHAI: PFDK DAJP1 APD: Joe, ToHy's, OR, soccer, wmbsbws, cruising, Bat Turns, ,Palace-NARC., NTY. Eve, Prom nites, Thanks Mom + Dad, Good Luck Class of '87 Jack! Mosiroionni ,f, Tom, Hampton 86 LZCH GHMD LFCO LALM CNBG The Drifter and the HPD, Good times, CP + steps oops! apple picking-van, swamp with LATD KP, LZ+GH bashes, Fence with LZ+KP, Parks in Bos- ton, Prom, BK, DW, DA Thanx M and D, Bermuda George McGuerty MD+eM Dead B5-so-87 Pit Trips festivals AG+KM KO+RC AH Neil Young Moody Blues CS+N CRASH! N.H. Times Woodys Cape Blue Room LD B-Way Pomeworthi GOOD LUCK T . -, , ,f,f,',T ' fo! .T,T4...,, , fT , f . .,.T I Never forget: KL, KA, DDQPF, TB, KK, JDQSB, riii KA EM, AF, GR, JC, Band DS,fChorale 'Mr. FAHISC, Detour, JD, Montage, AR, CS, BJ,'VD,fQSC, PAN, D+ D'S, BYF, SIS-MB,,TAN, BE, AG, MOUS6- trap, South Pacific, AHTthe "drama 1 Cheryl Montalto 'D I LQ Friends Aeva NXFLZP BMPK McMc TKPJ MMF LQ+LD Gramys Steps Coffee Vogue Mag Prince 85 Bermuda Leslie5579f JT8cBi wisk CfPwfLQ+DA2I 30 Sale MIN wfDOUGQSERVO wfCS+ ET LUVS CAMERO THE CREW Thanx MOM IIT Never -4GeI' U DOUGIE I LUV YOU!! T03 Caroline Mulford Never forgeT MMLD DWPH JM Servo crew sum- mer "83" Slimellfe Shady Lawn Kangamangus BUD WN!-I Nell Young UMAS ID Sunday Trips NH DesTinaTion unknown whlTe bomber recess snow BANK spaz Love ya MorTr,+ Dad . . f Meghan Murphy I Alf . ssffjfember The group! Cape, Kiss Priy, Blfifsh ,TH BQB, segar, HTfKD Abs si adpi. fan WGGKRGAS KDSU BSTL MMKM Never f5QeT The gooGTyTImes wfJoey O. f 'S NY Helrhers STa!rs, Fla 85 Bermuda! Jr. Meghan E. Murplriy . Memories always of THE GROUP! Did ya geT IT? WAGONS FH811 ALMOST, FH86 FINALLY SpTr MASP PERU 2U CAPE: SD aT LK wing Hoink H. IM'ETIL'E CP BG-A yrs welser-BASHESII In Gn EV-A -A-THANKS A The spoils MOM + DAD Susan Muse BEST OF TIMES WITH CM, LLM, JD, BBB. LLM use your absences wiselyl CM "you'll sleep wITh The flshesI" JD 'Look ouT for The mac horses" BBB "wanT a raInbow" ChrIsTopher A. Nicholas Jay VT-BA, 85. BesT New Yrs BG's 85, 86, 87. Good Time ME-85 WXMW, TD, JC, TM, HampT summer 86 Thanks LZCQ GHLA JMCH. CP-our fa- vor!Te pasT Time. KII'hR you're The besT. YOU can'T always geT whaT you,-!WanT. JusT one more year Bae! 'I A I I' Laura Norman friends LC JR JC JM CQ CH DW Bermuda Bob Seager steps LZ porTy Sr prom JP weekend sun. DECA I-30-87 kiss Red! CP 9-30-86 Beach Bum BosTorT Love ya Mom Dad Lynda -use + Lesle Ng'-1. .Q-Jisg. S T Pau! NorTon gggi fjg 5 if P C . ILYC IYBM Unlc-CP PPTY NKD ME. 86 Cape MQSGITCSQII ,EisRl?SsTPSF '1s+2s TQILETS Say ii .-,,.f ,, IOpusSS!kIInQ PPKH MC CP RaK'fPak Squirrel Shfifii My BUDIes-4 yrs WEISER PS, JCL BH, ML, AS, ks, kiss, MMs BSJP HEY PAM? Thanks Ma gg g gg .X as fs'-s g siax-x.2 gin.. Thanx Mem Dad M, CBT SPS is L n. 2nd ra FIX OHIO '!86" miss AL 4f3f86 CITCYS W.W. wk. JR PROM wfT, K8nR B.F, T Good Times wfT, N, N, L, L, J, J Camping wfH's 84 G's Luv ya R,M. Good Luck Class of "B7" Kim O'Keefe RC, AH, SIS, MD, GM, ER, WOODYS THE DEAD SHOWS CRASH, STEPS, TRIPS TO PIT, AG's HOUSE, CQ NH cOTTage, 'BH, LQ, LV-THANX, LM, RG, BEACH SF TFS W MM AG I LUV U RC, MDW, BEAR HILL, NY SHOW 86. JDM, JHX'S SSWA, G, T PP'S CSAN Sfephen O'Neil CB RM JH BH EW JG BZ MT AD CD ALF TOOO LIBRARY wfTM BH EW TENNIS PROM NIGHT BH wf HOCKEY HELMET Furlong RiCh'S, pool THANKS DAD Aimee OTTavIano LOVE 2 MM, SG, EW, BH-1never AgeT 7125186 GOOD X wfLA, RB, BD, SD, LP, KP, CC, DABDR STAINI CM, BM, BCIBABYLONI JV, DRNANC T04 APLPKNG, CBALL, QBC, C-UP, USSR, PERU 2 U MEM THANKS MOM, DAD ROLI, UNC:!Z'B'! DONA LOVE AEVA 2 HELL + NANA .Q .sili' k T - A Gayle Padden I BUDS Bsovv TAMD LFCH ECMC DAPC Jscagdg ,g BM RB 2-I5-Be Tihanks Mamie! Bobby u made ii possible I Luv yofii Marc Lisa Queenevf 'ils P -"- Friend A eva 'MM Ayr CS RET LZMPIPBJM KMMF DATD or J PEEK Twirp Trukin wfDA idvs ESJM ksoe CAPE coo vv ES Florida e-MA CP vvisk Bermuda Topsfleld Koc Prince DS SR PROM JR PROM Parry Time G gisi ?f5fQF-xf?5i3iAanacan,Maine Kldnap coffee vogue GH Well Bubble BaskeT Bali I LUV YA so MUCI-QISIIUM ydsnqasijdna Tddd, THANX 5 .4 AND SIS Segar QUARTERS STea! Car ES siagfgifff ,-..5 ,ssl as 1 .,.. i FL I A famiiyisrh Bye 3 Ciisfsiigefasrinian - js A A I., I I I A A s . - sssss r - P Rohr-TKT PGQIIUCO GLS LFeH IMDCH IQZLA JMBP LM WMS!! MSMZTPTMLBBA Mars! KM 'I-QTRP A-eva Junior Prom Senior Prom Cross- QLTZR Greg!! HI-WEN Trips jlsegr CounTry "WAYNE" CAPE. Track 85 86 87 Carpa, Qncf I-iidlB6gyssg4j12fB6qJS.1-GHARLY' Thos-R-My- Mike, isa Hideo! Thanx Qin- BORING IOTIT-Gigi Frnds!LTEN'ITTLjiKSWC31C9CGI? LSAT LZ + CHI ILU Rules IITIT-KM, ParTy 42Th-The End IVAN! kb, BD, MCM + DAD- 5 1 1,-5 L 5 PD, AM, JM, LA, NC, RR 1, rir, :gg F s f Daniel Reynolclsxj. in.,,.. , Q. I A Mario paTaIano B . g if Big MouTh! worlci Peace-PLEASE THANKX DAD, Never ForgeT Goin ouT wiTh The guys THMS, GGVD PJMT DRM FrifSaT nighTs aT JT's THE KNIGHT MUGABI UNICORN killer Q DSBC Good Luck Seger Cape 85 86 BK aT 14:30 PM HOCKEY Thanks Ma and Dad JJ John I need SA Jodi Pecora always SGMC MDKB BLRB MMAS PBBD LAJA KSCC ADDS MZ 86,RRBB wk 83086 funk van CM ParTy 7386 TMQMB Charmin Il CM STrIpe 24 Twp BosTon microphone Thanks Guy for DD Jr Pram KB fla Seriously THANKS Mom Dad Jen Jay luv u all Monica-Pellegrino Mernorlei TP, SP, MB, KPRC CBBG DLBF LBLCA LUV U TON! RB BLVD Palace B-muda PBLQ JMCM KMMF App Pc Mnroof flash 86 mrt Boing FT LTI FE sI'!nk-Q n Lncln UJH GMT WHILL I LUV U Ma + Dad Thanx V T+MLI Ha Ha TPKP MBMFI . I Kimberly PeTTway M8eM,TP, MP MP SP ML RC RN DD RL DF CM DP PICS Ifsjcomin around Booked B6 MCDS 3rd Regs Prego'DonT worry abouT iT MB Track Team KP TP LC Clb Paiace June I2 B6 neva forgeT TP MB WTR! WYE. YA 577 , .BDQVIUAEPIQUOPST 2 I, -'TWY' emiiT5TheyiconT Take a joke Tag Team MeriT GasfSTaTlon7MT Hood FooTbaIl 86 Pizza Boy aT JC house Never forget Doug Pau! Clam Tom Ioveiya Mem Dad Sherri Igorri Rickyslissal IGO RAT! ' I , I 9 .11 ' RIchardsPignone T , CM MASSACREAUNTCORN BASEBALL 86 was AT TROY'S PAISIDQI-!EIMER'S MueAB! DUMPA THE KNIGHT TI-IE GUYS! TD RM MS JM MD GV JG TH ADAMS "SUM 85" BUD ME! BE QUIET! JEN L. DEB LOVE YOU MA AND DAD, THANKS YOU'RE THE BEST! Debbie Pianane Never 4-gef SL DN JM KH TAL KS WIZAB ZANAZ WfCS MUFFIN PARTIES WXBICKY N GANG CAPE SAND STRM SHERRI GRIZZLY JR. PROM CHARG'N WfBOO! "FN" ALWAYS LUV SITTY AND NAN MOM, DAD, MIS!-'I Bi ED. I LUV U ALL! FINALLY DID IT! Sand! PollTo BesT Times wfPC CD MH SH FR MP ParTyn' WB 86 DS JP GF LF MM MS DH ME MA EO I swear Ma I'r'n not drunk JBBLWB BWWE WE DID IT Never 4-geT LS MOM, NICOLE, DAVID. MARK My Regards To 86. PS, SS, NC, JC, EV, JA, KW, AT. Good Luck 87, JV, MD, MT, ETC . . . 2 More Years SC. 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MORTCOC' BGSU' THANKS TO GRAMP5 SUMMERSE NEV- kio GBUS Tim RRR RRR on PETER ER ESREET THE AND THE 84 Dad ,,,,,,,T. ,, fVVA , ,1ff,gy,,,,H glasses The THANKS MA EVERYTHING. ' , 'MS' A iiiilr condo Sfick Al Dine ROW ',',,, f ' ,,r, , A Ames ETS' ,MTE mo 'i" i 'li I li V f LAJM CHGH DPLF LMBG- CN mfs gY2-85 vv. SGQTOR' N9VF'4'G9" LOVETXOOC GIRLS! ALL AK Buddies- Proms vvf' iiaefrineiiy + 933' fqfgefr Deeyvee LQ Eizcivi DA Fire in e Hotel gi-i WHATf f ee' Q S C- 'ff CSTV d BashS?fAple Piekn-Beesi ae Deb HBeams AASQ AD MOM ELRWE Thanks O egg Om ' cpfTroy-Ainl nobody u neva I-l-get ' 2 ' dass Sii T , QOOdX'S-lrLuv YG MG, 'Ove U ,E A S f',E PR RR , S, M T ii 2 L ia ii, ,E M R N e ,,,, , rs, ,, , ',f,,Q,f,,,g, ,ici ,',' ',, Never' orgei- Krislin Kelly Annegi ancyyaf fy yu-fi , A - f T feke ii ' ,7Z1f7,DF?HQ?Lfff"2Q0QThf,1Bi9'2TT?2a:F?QTfY' lie-Bye KAAK EAJo EDKK JRD + ,+ ivi-Memories GD X13 W! K3 SC K5,5i2S!f74D?QJT RB BD BL MC-4 ReiexausC'G?AAPN f1f'2f,BC?iJQ?Qi5ldMQPEDS'359 Mike as-85 Piiii ceiiins Bryan Afilams 85 Teiem' T'CK'SN"'! YRBK: AO "WKS5P51 RORTGROSJ UPENN V35 Con' Thanks pole KK 86 Good luck Camille '+C , PERUQU! MP! ftol 86'-S+W Track Mom af Dad 45527.GSSSAQLMMSTAUQCTMJMS NWO' VB Nicole Moivi + DADELLUV uf CGPI POSMNEG0 PP' 'SCH i!8!87' V 'LFWYG MRM DOG Rowhdn? A eV'VT""9' Lisa SOMSG G ,y,T ,Om Ma'j,5ffXlfi1 'EZ ,fs ' 'i A A 'V GT Puritan v6l5lW7CWfd'COm9fQ5fW79!P! dt f A 'Hggffi1:ji'Q,ffQfff f,iS T , Pages Nffnhxgkjgnk A ACDC-Beqckigggyfskiweach 8a Heimergzilfleckey Japs "Mugabi',yQi3NH T +y dad Goggfj Lgck Friends + Class wfflsk dldg lr.?X'i1ra,special Gmanigiflggfiioorn Knishr 72 CE lfoc of 87 + MBS2ZgQik!,,e6idney BB Champs for everything-youre The G. G are 2 JG TD DP JM MP S40 Soc goal PH BOOH A REM DA QLEXQ 'l'l:OO, MKRL kciviia wBSi?yg,JBco JLCVQDDLAG KQAB, KC BK Tnqgkgfmom, Dad Christine one LET'S eeffeuiw LN Reec1?rheeereeeeoooByE GfL CLASSf87 ' ',", , , , 'fT ' Q, , y Robert! r"'i R Sl-iSl ,QQ , f.i-S ' 105 ,fl vw. 1 :N-wxmxmib 1 4 ff , ,, f,-swag' 75' ', W! k,,A,.W,, ff f f fyy if M4 A, 5, Sf 4 I , WK? 'Qi anvli ""W'v' ,an ff f ,f k , , 'www 7, .1 Huw' W. f In W Af. all Vf , X, u-' ,, ' M 4 V-M: , we in A r ,, I A We I G ' 'bf' .Eli H o 4 'Q kS""' , wr nil" Pr 'SH ,D 4, " ' K W . -a , ,. 1,4 ,. gh Q 3, Mwffu, , Y A . 'A+ , "" A 1 A' , , ' X , , 'f mf ww, --VQ A 1 A O -1, ef- -- .V r, lit I ,, , v. ,, I ., I , k X, f,, 1 A30 'WA , tiff' fy , ff ' . ' K , z , V, . ,. ,f --f-- - me-gg, X . gh v' - ' , - k , A M5 ' , ' ' ff- -. 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Second row Dove Pignone, Mott Borry, Mike Cdlcoveochio, John Cioyron, Chris Abreu, Andy Bruno, Jdson Connolly, Bob Kennedy, Mike LeBoron, Bob Borrell ,I, If ,449 Aaglypw '9C'1vw5 Wg.x'Kbi1L"kN"' - 1---f f' 'ff' " "' "W G 4 Ls 5 Q Z Z T I 1 L we f wal, ffm ,Q Lf,:,,gy ff V 3'-w 4, Q M. ' C Q N 1 L Q 'I Q 0 QL 'K . Y-,Q ji px -F . .A'v Q' M Y 'Q w 3, P f 3 . wr W sv' p . .x 9 wr' 4 1, bw A ap I 'S -.Y u 5 y d , 1 J: .QSLFPT . , mi 43 4. 1 0 ' " 'I jf , '.'. I Qffllhls yeor'5The boy's cross Coun- TeornqCiesT royeClyoThe odds 'ond four f o uTvof Theitl Oinemeefs, y I 4 ' QliylriQYThem ftheflbest overall X "ugh ' boyfosfleross' eWCounTry X TeE1m?holS'hod5 lh over o decode. 75 Cc1pTcJin Ronjl?Qglluloo, The only M senior on Thellylsoluod, will be The one loss The young Teom will have To oyercome nexT seo- son. The Teorhifplons for o brlghT fuTure wlTh hope of dominoTing The leogue wiThin o few yeors. ,IBHHYJIKRIHULIW1 l ll l 4, ,, ,,,,f,, , fi-" fl T l X 1 I ff? 5 L f 1 J A 9 .ff if 4' ,A my , -2 ,WYWYN Hz f, Nw 'l , ww 7, Q mf fn , M-, QI ,M 3795? X l K 'KNEW ron? Row Cl To rj S Ward C Drrscoll K Seabury Caplaln D Fullgn, Gm owers Back Row - Coach Wayne Fillback, S. Daly K. scally, P, S R. Ferrara WCW K- Daly, T Brad , Q e1The9iie9?F?5isi?fO5S Coumwifeqm The r er Mfddieserx eeLreeeve4feThfSe withfdrecordf of 9505 QiVfS55TGfi OWOY wiih' iflqigholio Memorial Niiffhefh eeede N120 Meeker Lifidguei Meer. AT The rrrr MCTQS- M9915 T secondih Their division fied forfi The Alia STaTe Meei in G-ardnerg Mass. There, The STone- ham Spanans placed Third ouT of 25 Tearngfihe Team was lead To successfioy CapTain Krisien Sea- bury, who wasfe honored by The BosTon Giobe 'as All-SoholasTio Runner Xfef o f The Year. NA I 653552, H gg Wyman S a 2 ,f 2 ' GX f 'AY' 4, - , ,,,,,f,,f, . , ,, 1 QQKBYWWQ4 mmm g,Wmgf1,q r Q' gpnrr-uw' 'W 115 1 'J' vw J. 5-377.1 M, 1' .I flqwsww v Aw 1 ,v2,:..4 4 Q - 4 A 1 af g" n 1 if , f fi, N w. ' , f uf, 1' .1 , It H ,' , v ,M 57,0 VV VA nl: I ' L . f, f 1-Lg' 4 X. X S5 '- s,..L AA' ' .4 a fl 4,4 'Y H ya 1, cy, H-,K . 'f 1, fi . ' 4,w:,-31,2 3' L I . X Mwfzh ,, ,yrxw wwf, Ji. jing! . .E,. a'i W , "ig-5f'.e.n , Perm? 'Y' :,,f.'fa Q , A-,ai -ff' 1 Ai d- " f Ji M fa , in if L if f Z 1 2 X 1 4 ' r ft I ff 1 had-uf Coach BnIlSeobury J Snmpson B Seosbury M Swan S Murphy E Whelan ond John 3 McGu1Qgun Co Copmuns M Conn D Abruzzese C Seobury G Seobury, D. - i Q61 -1. , ' X X. T The T986 Spqrfran d lfffleam faced a season? Qg,dl5g:ippolnT- ment as Their single lasi agalnsf WakefieIc5Te5l5i:asTl Them The Middle- sexlLeague'TiTle, Led by Co4Cap- Trains and Ed Whelan Q5 1 lde Team? 51, lQQ.l35lS'lTGT1T Vfo V 040343 ed1d T haf Season EihtolreTUVJCiTG?lY was haf Xefheugh To repeal' as League AlThough mosT of The will be reTurning, The Team willggiflrongly feel The ab- sence of Seniors Ed Whelan, and Three-Ting? All McGuiQQl.l?ii?5ggg in .mx- T' N p ,,., . ff-A-11,,fL5E:.. 1' ,A eww-A M 1: - - H Q, 9' - , 7 W , ff, W9 ,f ,fps 1, ,WJ ,Q . .- : X t , Cy . 1.75. fl , ,,: ' . 'ff' ., ' . " K . . ,ffgywa ,vb , .M ,Q ,, EM, MVB xv V41 - A- ' f1,il,,fgg Q , , 3,54,i4gfg7A,.E vw, Q. .. ff Q' ,Jw , "'g1I'-':,Lf"1' f Y f .,, f I , V L-gswwsf 3-Pa V - V 'fJ1,f. v , S .q ". lwfhiyqf VI V6 554 z J? 'iff s A V, TA Q lk ,V Lf Wm-r4w"' , Q' 1' - , ' ' , fig! , 4' 5 L wi ,f,,nW3Zn'E few- S: H K. 3-5 f, , '- -Q , Q W, ,ff , 4 ig - A . M' ,, 4 -. .f , , 'v.2".. " 17' A . .545 -. ig ,v ,, H, , .. , , M , . , f W? A f ,,i, K.. fx Qin' . ,,4.jf 'ffm' 1 Q r- "F' wg:-42 .1 r- , q'!'?e,'f,iggvQ ' gil V .. p :K ' k " 1 f ' x . rffa :a4L:,4-gd 4 1 ,.,-14. ' ' fy--Kiki, . -,-:L A r if K fm' v. LLEYB 2 f f w 5 2 a ,Q 1, ,fl "5 44 , fig - Y, ' , f f ,V,k . 7 ,oi - 'f lf 1 V, ,, ' fwc vi 'H O' f Z 2 f w Q Lx. - I v ' ' f fn, "" f 4 ? 'fr ' 4,4 it ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, , X ff L 222 Mmm ,V+- W gekfiiiffs QQf eWhefDGWOU W1D Of 1959,-e PQSGY' f f 1?h e21 lQvr1S BGS- Cs THGZV Of 48. Wiiddiesex nooks TO me future fT1ore wins and perhopQsA cY3ig1e"more heeigmi Led by Ser1i6rfCCg - CopToins jg Andrec Solomjfo and-Glennis Hickey, The Teon'i 5foughT hord, but unforfu- noTe!y cou!cl now' overcome The sTrengTh heigm of oTher Teams in Thefcompemive Middle- 7 sex Lec1gue,.N,i,f.,1W, ,M - . fd' -' , P 5 , ,, e, , ,gy X ff" X ,, f 49 'Z if I ,f,,,I V i f li V , 75 5, I F . Q gf' ,X 5054 M H QM af, "x , ""' I S x ,. W, ,ffwffz , 1 ,f ,A , . ,X , 125 Q QN l Ml 49945 . .4 .!gx9941a5p?pZ?fMw Q11 E5 D LW 2 4.8-""'ISn.-V From Row fl. To rj - Co-Copmins Joe Micole ond Don Dohert . A - y Bock R - Qooch Blonclfl, C. Celli, P. Boofh, D. Dishoroom, S. Palmer. J. Deane, Mfmgwoissg Plgnone, D. Plgnone, ond J. MccNeiI, ond Coach Killileo ' 'f I 14 S929 A af f 4986757 Spartan Bogkefbou wafw M , . , f.MfWM0 , f f . yew , O., ff, Q, f, 4 ,I , ,4 Qgfgf'!!'4ZYgj2ZQ5SOFY o1g'rsgQe 5 igggg, AQ Z ,XCQ ' f5iin f if f - f V f - if 1775 W 'ff 'QW H6030 1hQ24fe f , , f, aff 4 290109 wpwf wfewpsseifs Yo ,,,.- fm,f.f-f H , V me '4 XMYQ . . GN 55GZ6GS9fI'1??WITh'fCl fewffd 0 he d n ff, f veqm f . fb! ff , , , i ,yfffyfl ,,, V, ,M 5,7 , V f ,f ff ff, , f W ' ww 'fy 5 f' 1 2 z 127 f 'Quay Alisa . V4-A" A R F2325 - s Frohr Row QI. To rj - Seniors - M. Skerry, J, Guida, Assf. Captain J. Cicoariello, Captain J. Corkum, A. Harfuhg, M. Pafalaho Middle Row - Coach Burnham, Assf. Coach C, Drlscoll, AssT. Coach B. Seabury Back Row - AssT. Coach Carr 5, W, MW, X ' " 'W-74, ,fy,,f,4g,,, V , ff fa f ,avg f Z! My I, 4,m,Wg,fj,,W!f6 ,,,V be O dom fry 4fQfj2mn1hefMxd- A K1 .f LWWW W, 'f , dlesex qv fge, 4Q86f8Z, ca -ffffff , , A . 'ff' , seosOO- f5ZW?5f " f"'ff4W1W ' fOU" 'GOQQK' shipfdf 3f f T? rkum, MST. Ciccoriafliififti fond D97 The Spur- gf Tons Q Q, Stofe Tour- ' M1-' 4 ,',fL, MQ . ,Sf 'fgymg an four yeorsw qiwnced To quczrfer 3 H f ' ,,, V X L',7Mfy ' f ,f f fffwfmfm W! ,, , f 4 ' , JWW' , V, , AMW' iywwwffwn f JW? V W' " -ffpy f r xx-f .G 130 ' x A 0 E 1 iQsa33Q Jwm,w-Q I ' "" ' L'N! A " ' RJ, W' ff qffsa , A ., J 19 k vm., f 4 uf X f I J 109: .. Q 451 5,-J + JL S WINTER TRACK 5 a ,pi Ei 'SFS :QQ-4 r , 57 2 Mgff ff N1 3cii Z' ,!, , ff XI' why, ,, W , f Q 77 , yy 'ffff Wwe uf ,Vw 7 aff, f 4 WM I fx f 3, : f ,ff , ' 04' .Z Z ,vtzikk ful' nf... WH ?W,5f14:b , VH. X X I f f ,WS-. ' ' UE' , 14 J Q 4 Li?"-' ".- MR' Q fu-Q.. . g ev fu jx -N if A, X 5 . eww I .J Q 'SZ- fy,-1 , 3125 A '- Q ',,,5. if - s r,,, ,Ask ' fl' x, J V' f.'3?Q.:1.i'i'f1T , :gr -3, Q. Y x 'xr -- Y 'iff X? Q11 if Si X Ui Q. , x X , Q '0 wiv lx x bi Qwxv O A ., Q Q, 'Si Q 1 Bovs WINTER TRACK ' J- -T ,,,q.-Q L' f' 1 nz 'bi fini' ' fr 'W ,f ,, , v ,, if dis ' - I A Wi Q GvMNAsTlc:s fr 3-I aa, fb QQ, Q44 I ,,,w,Wwqfffw"f' ,7 ,,V, ,f 7 , W, 1 f Q49 , ,X ,f , f my f ,, f 7,0 2 1, , 0,77 gf ,Q f f ,Q X54 fm, -iff M121-Wawfw. fff-,ew ff' ff ,f A Word From THOMAS BERRY We are very proud of you, Tom - Love, Mom and Dad MICHAEL A. BERNAT Congraiulafons Michael, We are proud of you Mom and Dad. Good Luck Michael from Healher Congrafulaflons Class of 4987 The BernaTs. MIKE TORRES CongraTulaTlonsl BesT wlshes Michael Love always Mom KATHI SHEEHAN Kalhl, We congraTuIaTe you and wlsh Thai The happlesf days of your pasT wlll be The saddesT days of your excifing fufure. Love, Mom and Dad KRISTEN LARSON "This end ls only The beginning" - I Love you - Mom. 'We' are very proud of you Kris - Nana JUDY LUNDY BesT of Luck Judy, from Mom and Dad ROBYN GRANT We are proud of you, Robyn, CongraTula- Tions, Love Mom and Dad CongraTuIaTions, Class of 4987 - nThe GranTs" RONALD CIULLA CongraTulaTions, Ron The Ciulla Family MARY THERESA DONAHUE To Theresa, "Much success and happi- ness," Love Mom and Dad. Michael TascheTTa LoTs of Luck Michael - Love you, Ma MICHELE MANZI Michele, you have made us so proudi Con- grafulaflonsl "we Love you" Mom and Dad CongraTulaTions Class of 4987, The Manzi's THE GROUP To The group - Thanks for The grey hairs. Mr. and Mrs. SolomiTa PAMELA BARRY CongraTuIaTions Pam, you're on your way To a wonderful fuTure, Love Mom and Dad. ROBERT BOURRELL 'iWay To go Bobby .... " Love Mom and Dad GLENNIS HICKEY CongraTuIaTlons Glennls "We are proud of you" Love Mom, Dad, KaThy and John CongraTuIaTions Glennis, Michelle, Llsa Charleen, Lynn, LyneTTe, Chrisfine, Dana. Love Mrs. Hickey DOUGLAS CLARK The 4sT of eighT - You have made iT greaT All our love, Mom and Dad. MICHAEL CLOONEY CongraTulaTlons Mike Love, Mom and Dad CongraTulaTions Mike Love, BeTh LISA SACCOCCIO "We are proud of you, Lisa Love Mom and Dad" MARY ELLEN HILL Dear Mel, We are all very proud of you. You are a special daughTer and sisfer. We love you very much. Love, kisses and hugs. Mom Dad Lori, Karen, and Larry SCOTT ANTINUCCI CongraTuIaTions Scoof, We're proud of you. Good Luck Love, Mom, Dad, Eric, and Pokey Sas SARA C, LESAFFRE CongraTuIaTions Sara. Love and dreamsl Scoif CongraTulaTions Sara. Love and dreams! ScoTT CongraTulaTions Sara. Love and dreamsl ScoTT CongraTuIaTions Sara. Love and Dreamsl ScoTT DAVE, DAN REYNOLDS To our 'IfavorlTe" Twins, Go for IT! We love you JEAN MCKENZIE The IasT of elghi children To graduaTe proud parenTs of Jean McKenzie. MICHAEL STARIKNOK CongraTulaTions Michael Love, Mom and Dad, Susan and STeven KAREN L. FERREIRA Karen, You always were are AlIsTar!I Love, Mom and Dad RICHARD DONNELLY JR. BesT of luck in The fuTure Rlch-Love TooT's CongraTuIaTIon's Rlch-Love Mom and Dad Now I won'T be LiTTIe Donnelly-Love Dee BesT of luck in your fuTure Rich-Love Nana and Papa ROBERT D'ERAMO CongraTuIaTions, We're Proud of you-Mom and Dad KRISTIN KEARNS Krisfin, We love you and wish you much happiness-Mom, Dad, and Kim Congrafula- Tions and BesT Wishes To all KrisTin's friends. We have enjoyed your friendships and may They confinue. Mr, and Mrs. Kearns L Friends RICHARD LOTTI Best of luck. Rich-Love Mom, Dad, and Mike PAULA DeCOLA Congratulations Paula-Love Mom and Dad To our number five you will always be our number one-Love "The Four P's" and Bucca PAMELA SORABELLA Best wishes to our girl, Pam From Mom and Dad and Brothers A laugh unique in all Sto- heham I-ler giggle shared with all others. LAURIE SANNELLA uWe are proud of you, Laurie-Love Mom and Dad." JOHN SANTOSUOSSO Nice going, John. We love ya!-Mom and Dad PAUL ANSELMI Paul, 'tMay all your endeavors be fruitful and fuIfilling."- Love Mom and Dad JOANNE CENTORE QJoannej There ish't any mountain high enough, Good Luck-Mom and Dad JULIE DRAGO Good luck to the Class of 1987.-The Drag- on Family We are proud of you Julie-Love Mom and Dad Always remember the num- bers 11 and 7 JACKIE MASTROIANNI Congratulations Tom DiFonzol Great suc- cess in your future.- The Mastroianni Family Congratulations Lisa, Leslie, Glynnis, Char- lene, Lynn, Michele, Christine, and Jackie. Watch out world!-The Mastroianni's Con- gratulations Jackie. As always we are proud of you.-Loving you, Mom and Dad. MARIO PATALANO Congratulations Mario-Love Mom and Dad KATHLEEN O'BRlEN Congratulations Kathleen! We love you and we're very proud of you.-Love Mom and Dad JOHN GUIDA John, Always be your own drummer and march as you will- Good luck in all your future plans-Love Mom and Dad KATHY DUFF Love and luck Kathy Duff-The Lacey's Kathy Duff, Love you always- Dad-Mom- Tommy All our best wishes "Class of 4987"- The Duff's Congratulations and Love Kathy- Nana Donahue Kathy "Know your Limits"- The Cape Cod Clan MELINA TROISI My pride and joy Melina Congratulations Nana T. May your hopes and dreams be fulfilled. With love from Mom, Dad, Camille and Nicole BILL CAMERON Congratulations Billy Love Mom, Dad, Courtney, Sean, and the "girl" MARIELLE ZUK We Love you, Marlelle Love Mom and Dad We are proud of you, Marlelle Love Nana and Papa THE GROUP Here's to the group! The Murphys MICHELLE DESANO May graduation be part of the key for a fulfilling life for you. Where you'll enjoy the many things that you plan to do. Don't for- get to take time for the little things, the common pleasures each new day will bring. Love always, Mom and Dad. JENNIFER D'ENTREMONT Congratulations Jennifer We Love you, Mom and Dad. LINDA MEDUGNO "We're proud of you, Linda Love, Mom and Dad" MARK J. SKERRY Congratulations Mark Love, Mom and Dad ELISA MAMONE Congratulatioins, Elisa, we are so proud of you - Love, Mom, Dad and Tony SARA LESAFFRE SADIE . . What's the matter with you, ain't you got a vase . , . SARA . . Just as the memories will always be there for me, I will always be there for you . . ever cousin and friend- Congratulations we did itl Love Mel SADE- you are our sunshine, We Love you - Mama and Dad I wanna tell you bout the girl I love, my she looks so fine, she's the only one that l've been dreamin of - maybe someday she will be all mine. Love Always, Jack Horray for you Saide-Buns- Mouse- Miss 'iB"- Bratty- Who Love ya'?i JOE CARROLL Congratulations Joe, you are a wonderful son and we are very proud of you. Love Mom and Dad SUSAN ROSA "Susan, we wish you and your classmates health, happiness and success, Love Mom and Dad "Sam, A 15, K, RRS , , in 'T X f EK x N X V X X M X V5 X , ,.1. A Q VK:x.gqff,. N - . ff.: pw. A Y sq g Q M -QL, Q if . zqzggkl. X X1 X 'li K , ,K V ww, Www N ,N ,A . xx, A ,SSL M x K f ,fwfr f, M ,wa X -. 1 . , Q wfw as Www, ,, ,, w i52gf fx, ci - X- fax gf I U X ,V , Xb Q4 J, XX ' xx E " 4 ' xy 9 , K 1'- A 1, ' " Q .1 X 17 "' wf,, 4 v - ' ' ff ,W ffm " ZH. X! 'r x' ,.., , ,, , , ,Z Q V , , 'f f ? , W, 2 f , 2 ' ': f'1,,f-zzffif' 'W"w,, if-ww: Wu-zs A""g ' 7,5 mv A li, ,., L A 5 ' , . E - ' , W Z , fi f im K V' 'Y , 5144-,,.. fl rf iff ,. " 1 . h ,L E 'fy aff: "L 4 ' mf 5 W1 4 , ,.,,, V . Q, Y -Uk, 'MU ,gr : H ' WSW Y'!mi.m'?T5 UUE M9 NE IN LCDVING MEMORY CDF MIKE SORABELLA I wlll remember your love Alwoys ond forever Nono All or once I flnolly Took o momem' ond I m reollzlng Thor You re mol comlng book ond II flrlolly hal me All ol once All or once I slorlecl oounllng Teor drops ond or Ieosr CI mllllon fell My eyes begon lo swell ond all my dreoms were shollered cull ol once All ol once lm drlfllng on o lonely seo holclrng on To memorles And Il hurls me more Thom you know so much more Thom Il shows All ol once QW' I , . . . , . . , . . . . I -T I , , . . . . , , , , 1- J f ,I M I . ylyr sg? ' I II f V VI: I I QQWQ s Q r I Ills I s f I I , 2? ??Tf?5e I , ,I 1, il ff' 2' I , A I ' L I ,i V, I K f ' if an 'I I 'xl Tr A' L GJ ' - I I I fu We Finally Mode li! Senior Class Officers 1- li AGAINST DRIVING 1' STUDENTS I ' DRUNK I TM SOP!-IOIVIGRE CLASS C 89D Good Luck To The Besf From The I S rpsril E co A New Concept ln Hazr Care v fko ...,MSt,. C tr 0 279 0095 D jf W lk by App JVC? 04 L Lf QW MoNloA sTvLEs 231 Main Street VICKY MARIA Stoneham Massachusetts 02180 TKNTXE IX SUN TANNING SALON M 438 5865 h MA 0 438 2366 Congrofulohons From ANDERSON BRYANT FUNERAL HOME 4 Common Sfreef Sfonehom, Moss 02480 438 0435 I 'H CJ 9 ain ee Q, db Stoneham en e 2180 - QQ " ' 1 a -in o ' t nv f' I f-ur J. , ,flyx H , Q 307 ain Street - Stone am, 2180 - Best 14651165 To The Class Uf 87 STUNEHAM SAVINGS BANK 3M S 38 00 1 From 59 ain t. Stoneham, Mass. 4 -94 DONALD R CLARKE VICE PRESIDENT ST nehcJm S vln s INCORPORATED 4855 359 MAIN ST STONEI-IAM MA 02480 TELEPHONE 647 f A38 9400 DRIVE IN BRANCH 88 MAIN ST STONEI-IAM MA 02480 TELEPHONE 647 f 438 7550 ,V ,, , , ,nf V' 1 , A , . ,4, , I I .U I , , ' , Success And Good Health To The Class Of 4987 BesT Of Luck Class Of '87 From SALON DECOIFFURE THE BURKE FAMILY TEL 438 3943 ' M GERARDI CONSTRUCTION CO INC srome BRICK c:oNcRc-:TE 11 EASTERN AVENUE STONEHAM MA 02180 SINGER Stoneham Optlcal Center AEEEO EE EEAEEE Wxlllam A Cousms STONEHAM SEWING CENTER 451 M N sv Reg1s!eredD1spens1ng Optzczan S ONEHAM MA 02 80 Eye Exammatxons Arranged Eyeglasses Contact Lenses JAMES ROWE SALES 389 Main St Stoneham MA 02180 279 0566 435 3268 SER CE COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL TW' Sal 438 3175 IOAM 5 PM Thurs tzl8PM Sfoneham Carpet Sales Inc ALL TYPES OF FLOORING malfh Mcln JEWELRY E GIFTWARE Sfoneham MA 02480 319 Mann Street Bob Pagels 438 7o'I'I Sm,,e,mm, MA pany RWM' I 5 - - Sw-a mfs-5 I , . SEWING MACHINES - VACUUM CLEANERS Q . AI . , 1 ' - 1 , " I ' , ff' , , 0 V V I I . I Best Washes To The Closs Of 4987 From ARTHUR I SCHWARTZ DMD lima MooneA PAINTS STONEHAM WALLPAPER 81 PAINT 320 MAIN STREET STONEHAM MA 02180 WALLPAPER PAINT SHADES 438-4550 RICHARD SWEENEY 438-2511 Flu t Baskets Made to Order RUSSO S FRUIT AND PRODUCE INC Good I-Uck sea ua n sneer CICISS Of Slonaham MA 02180 rev 71279 0093 Open Thurs. 84 I617J 438-8151 Fri. Nifes Curtain Time Inc. Spreads 0 Domestics 0 Shades Woven Woods 367 Mann Street Stoneham MA 02180 Uomnetent Glass 8. Alummum Com 438 8344 23222 0 AUTQ GLA55 0 PLATE GLASS ' STORM WINDOWS ' STORE FRONT5 MIRRQRS 0 ALUM DOORS RESIDENTIAL CUMMEIICIIII. 468 Mom Street Stonehdm defwemer X Kneum :nun me. 62C Montvale Ave Stoneham MA 02180 C6171 438-3906 Cleveland Fence C CHAIN LINK WOOD GUARD RAIL 47 Monfvole Ave SIoneI'1c1m MA OQIBO 438 2468 4381545 V I I I , ' 'I ' I , I V' , I IIIIIIIIII llllml 0. I I I ' VL ' V , I I . . I ' PM PM II 4 4 , ,I I',' ,V ,"' , 'V rf' I ,f 'Mfr I VV I K, k,,,, 'xy ,V , - I . - . - Be-sr Of Luck T9 The 0955 Best Wishes Of 1987 From Cross Qf '87 From CORSO INSURANCE SALON 'I999 438-9567 JAMES conso rI,r",.'i,.f"""',..-..""",.f C90Qro'ruIc'nohs Lure Auro HOMEOWNERS HEALTH Class Of 87 COLARUSSO S BAKERY A46 Mom STONEHAM MA 02180 240 Mom ST 438 9793 pn ALL DESIGNER St 3:19 M:2'A56f218o AND BRAND NAME one am, 438 4530 WOMEN S SHOES Under One Roof For Your Convenience We Care Cleaners Mann St 1 Hour Kas Photo Professlonal Drycleanzng Launderers Photo processing fnlms ij, Drapes, Tablecloths, Frames 8- accessories 5 309 Weddlng Gowns Enlargements 4x6 to 20x28 23, ,I Leathera Suede Done on premuses Sunnyhurst PIGZO Gm ST me 23 Sfohehom MA 02180 438-3395 Q I ' f0.,e4mspmewm 381 MAIN srrzser J 3 LIGHTHQUSE STONEHAM MASS 02180 SEAFOOD RESTAURANT N-:W 111 5424 7 L I1 5 Wllhorh Muolo 43845237 E01 In And Tcke QU1 1138 23041 . L 'L w I rx 'S' L .ij , ff' 7 Q , '45 ' . .. . 1 :Q-.Ln i PAT CICCARIELLO 617438 0913 Congrowlcmons Jlll And The PATNA CONSTRUCTION CO CUSS Of 4987 GENERAL CONTRACTORS From COMMERCIAL 15 CRICKLEWOOD DRIVE RESIDENTIAL STONEHAM MA 02180 THE MEANS FAMILY Congrcfulcmons Clcnss Of 87 Mepmdm hsurmr FRANCIS C VITA INSURANCE AGENCY INC 4 SALEM ST MEDFORD MA 02155 FRANCIS C VITA 396 4915 Besf Washes From 438 4080 CONVENIENT FOOD MART MONTVALE GARAGE 3 Elm Sfreef Wakefield MA 04880 51 MONTVALE AVE STONEHAM MASS JIM BERRY RONNIE O KEEFE P I . ' I V I vounf I 4 ,mourn lrllvl vvulmu ' ' I' J l Complete Insurance Service . Our Best Wishes To 1 L L A 5 T 0 The Class Of 87 Y, 0 ga s J b, hyyy sV m 1 , s ! s , CENTER A ' , , A ,62,M1ontvaleAve., , , ss s 1 Stoneham MA02180 A A 200Ma- St t ,,h' ' V, I .f I' 1, Stoneham, m2021850 Y 'Y s"s , Q A . A 1 014335439 A 16171438-0167 , ,3 l A s s Q A + 4: A A A STONEHAM ' nnmeenrfnmmmr cmen DANIELS LESAFFRE MOTORS YOUR FAMILY DEALERSHIP CHRYSLER' DANIELS leSAFFRE MOTORS INC EST was Pfymvvm 897 MAIN STREET 17 UPHAM STREET TEL 6651428 TEL 665 3600 MELROSE MASSACHUSETTS 02176 V CHRYSLER Asa-moo A1 Cdd sw U5!7ma'7 gflfgfdeniyc Rjfe"'AG'aY Francme s Pazza House 48360 K Converters of Geffen n Fabrics Smcef 1894 Q-oi BNI SIONEHAM MA 02180 M8711 .. U - , .,,. . -..- -W .i,..,,.J I . 7 AUYNOIIIID DIAAIR A CDRPOR f f' ',',' 'Eff ',,,' ',', ""l ',,'AA 1 "You TRIED TH E 47,2 ',,' f ff' f ,",' V '1'fE"1i?f7,E5f'7li'7f ,", 'fl' 'f" ,,A' ,"' Q7 Zfif .'A' 4 ow TRY TH " an P84 , ,B 1 .jj ',-' L M'-Q 5 '," ,,,, , Q, , 1 s1 I 3 , W ,, 1s 1s 1 s11 s L s A fl ,,', g "" f Q ",, fjj ,", 5 ',', i f",i i'jiff 3 sTf11 A f0ff11 if IT' ,TLL 1 ,iglff MMLLMLM E 1s,1, yfiffgfgpj sssss Q ' Q ' Y' , q ,'LL':v,Qf:fg,, , 'TCA A f T 'I 1, , , ' ,. ,' fV,'V V, if , V,', ' !,g'gPi, T 5 ffrji ,,., Q 5,1 ,,,' QVQ H f,',f iv f 1,1S1 LTTM sf1,f 1 ,111 f . ",' fi ",, ?Q7,f1'i,5,:,f ",V f, Qijlfj,f5z,Q V",: ,5 7 ,"-,' f "", ""', onocne To ao , j ."' f ,"kf ,fi ,V,- 1,1 .jf ",k',' f,,' 1 J 7 .V Fon FAI? Bcnvncz I V,7V I I VV lr? VVVV I VVVV , i? ,: krrk 1 -,,V 5 I MAIN STI f 'f?' ,V Q "', ff ,'R'V, 1 ,Qyzf ',s1'V wi, ",, 1w,g: f:,,ii'ffj,Q ,,', ',V, I '1,',, f V, o M,MAss. ' Your HameTowh Newspaper For 447 Years E f 92:53 EQ Q33 Qfgxisf in ,Img mf lm'-xqg 5 35515 939338 Ai- ESTABLISHED I87O I DAVID J come ll' 'Ill USA REALTY ASSOCIATES SALES APPRAISALS MANAGEMENT Stoheham MA 02180 2050 365 Mam Street 61 was 1200 Goa Be With The Class Of '87 From ST. PATRICK'S PARISH. f' . WX 'gl :Lf Besf Wishes To The Class Of STONEHAIVI FENCE CO INC Bob Tram .li L.. xwfzofw I AGENCY, INC. d l: 477 Mem Street Stoneham, Mass 02180 D al 4:8 5000 KIM R O'NElI., CIC 0 BUSINESS 0 HOMEOWNERS ' LIFE ' AUTO ' BONDS A .... ,M-.WH . -,X I ..'.-.:.:.:.. I... N. .' 'fun 'ff ,43 r....'..... . 4 . .. ,C : A I ,. , 's is fr ., 24' , 22 y W ., ,Q si? 22 'ia H ' "':"11:. - "Fi 1 3? ' "-'fiff-2 'i:iL"2i 42 22: 12 i ,-S E A-4? If E 2--I:Y. I Tig rar. 51 12: .,, : : V: if 4 z. 5-: :ans-. 2122: .sap 4 .:.. jf - - ,. . ,p , , 5 ..' '-S, 35. . Cn' . n r -.- ,Lu xux-is -,X A I, sa .-X. N i- 5.6 9.2 :ff H . , . X-af-Q , -. ,I EE: ,Zz . 355. -5 y . I: E: :-: z, :- I S :- : " 5 Q -:-: 5231.4 :-' gg-,.-:-r -:rgg 'fs af s gs 2? fr- fff'sgf.f 2-1222 Sas: z A '- s f ' .. I In i . ' I 1 ' I Pwsuivnl '87, O I ., . Q - A ' G.-J 4as 9795 wwf IN senvwcs 1 Akgggsgix STYLISTICS TOURSQTRAVEL SALON Fon MEN AND Wo STONEHAM MA 02180 MONT ALE PLACE Tue WED 9 OO S 30 62D Mo WAI. Avenue TNURS F I 900 900 srcmeum MA ozzao sa umm- a so 5 oo IVIIKI SPIQINGEIQ TRAVEL CONSULTANT FOR FAST SERVICE CALL 438 9800 bw? 93 O 12 ITI I 3' 3 E N N 3' 2 is 5, 232 MAIN ST STONEHAM MASS HGQITIW And FIITISSS Ceflfef FARM HILL SHOPPING CENTER The SIWOQG TIWIHQS To COFTIOI Congratulations To The Buy four Plzzas and get one Cheese Pizza FREE Class Of 87 Let Us Help Buzld Your Future IZMIWL on 13-is 55 ,.,.f STONEHAM LUMBER 4 1-L, f-I-vi 'si 'v-7 i . I Y' IL -'L Awwyiapdw W 211 MAIN STREET STONEHAM MA 02180 TEL 4381122 D4 'Z IN Over 55 Years of Service CI I X - "" f 4 L2 +D lcfgiiz K r III III .4-Q. --H-1a!!wawu441bIIx ' ' 17 ' , L23 1' I I IIIT T II. N If ,X X . A, P I I hm. IA V,,wi lw'V Q f I I I Q .ffl I '- - Q I . 3 TFAILTAFT eeoeerr I rer- w Tre' I To . ,I Ugg? hail' ? . I ' I. I E- dia' ' oeee 1 I - ' -A ' llfql 1, r',' I 7.11 , Ii X, -A Q, IGN' E . dm? - ,!w, .V,, ww!! Q Q wx Q, A ,II in sf.-:wi I 1 - , I, , I I , ,F B vy ,Hai X fl' ' 3 , , II 'I ' I - , 311 I ' I I QL I ' fI,f1 ' IFIFF TeI,rI eoe 111 IoIIITIIII 2 W I K . 5 EN I ,,,, www,V,! 1, !,wx,! , ,l,w,wV wxyx, wwwl U ll W 1 , E! 'il' Q we e e eee - . I-I fe I I, R ' 5 213 -' ' I V I I ATTTA ,F,T IILF I 1 I . R- A ' I , J "'I' ' I',N I In I ,gm Ip , 1 : I I V uw.: IX I , w w wr ww I ,h F w U Y Bank on V PRIDE IN STONEH our Future With STO N AM AND YOU EHAM COOPERATIVE BANK Bullenca Mall 335 Mann Street Redstone Bullerlca Stoneham 438 0430 Stoneham 667 2197 438 3334 A , ' Main Office ' ' Bank on Your Future With PRIDE. 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Suggestions in the Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA) collection:

Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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