Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA)

 - Class of 1986

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Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Cover

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ft 37J.77? V S£ £ 2 . L 7m fJiirOqe ig f[0 0 rv) nr) MMHM ' d jU J Ufl i j Li fi i .. . L . BEGIN K % ■ NINGS PU:LfC SrONEHAM, ma 02130 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS Activities 19 Comments 29 Special Events 37 Sports 49 Faculty 77 Senior Section 91 Advertisement 127 stoneham pudlic ljsrart STONEHAM, MA 02180 STONEH. ' .M PUBLIC LSKAR? STONEHAM, MA 02133 373 .9 7 - St 7 2 - ?f£ Rfftrm ) I STONEHAM Ihigh school 1986 W mam The town of Stoneham celebrated its newly established tradition of town day. Even though the weather conditions were poor, the students re- fused to let it rain on their parade. The senior class participated actively with booths for the senior class officers and student council. The students supported their town by including Stoneham ' s unique landmarks in their floats. Stoneham High students ' enthusiasm brightened the celebration on this cloudy day. 3 Vr : HALLOWEEN DANCE OCTOBER 25, 1985 LOCAL HANG OUTS Every town has its own special lo- cations where students go to just “hang-out. " " The steps " have long bfeen a favorite Senior hang-out. Students can always be found there on weekend nights and when the weather is bad they move indoors to " the house. " Dur- ing the summer months a large group always gathers under the marquee at Redstone. Often, stu- dents can be found exercising and stretching out after a long week of school at Bear Hill Golf Course. CINEMA - SCAW L ■i i ■ ♦ n ■ 53v BACK TO THE FUTURE Just as ' 86 is a reflection of ' 68, so is this yearbook a reflection of our past years at this school. This reflection of years, however, goes back, for many, to their very beginnings. Just as society has made transitions through the past eightteen years, so has our class, as growing, maturing individuals, gone through many transitions. We may look back, as society does, at our reflections of the past and of the present, but it is also time to look foward into our lives. There were many good times during these years and we will reminisce from time to time, but we must remember our destination and continually come back to the future, for we, the class of 1986, are the future. 18 ELECTED OFFICIALS Freshmen Class Officers Junior Class Officers L-R Vice President Dawn Harrington, Treasurer Kristin Terrasi, Advisor Miss Coughlin, Social Chairman Matthew Cann, Social Chairman Christine Warren, President Lisa Gebhard Missing: Secretary Missy Sanella L-R Secretary Michelle Manzi, President Paul Simpson, Treasurer William Hoyt, Social Chairperson Meghan E. Murphy Missing: Vice President Meghan Mur- phy, Social Chairman Ed Whelan Advisor: Mrs. Amoroso and Mrs. Bowen Sophomore Class Officers Senior Class Officers 1st row: Social Chairman Patti Fazio, President Craig Celli, Vice President Paul Argiro 2nd row: Social Chairman Denise Flanagan, Treasurer Courtney Camer- on, Secretary Jennifer Muise Advisor Mrs. Ronan L-R Social Chairman Shannon Cahill, Secretary Lisa Powers, President Paul Christie, Vice President Elaine Vasilopoulos, Treasurer Rhonda Greenhill, Social Chairman Pam Fowlie Advisor: Mrs Broderick The Student Council ftt ouiow nm ifft B aBHi ztu „ a i 1st row: B. Gallagher, M. Percy, S. Dears Secretary, A. Fionda President, M. Carroll Vice President, C. Cutone Treasurer, M. Henriksen 2nd row: M. Zuk, E. Trant, E Manone, K. Duff, K. Baker, G. Vita, J. Guida, S. Guida 3rd row: K. Sheehan, J. Sacco, T. Woodland, K. Sarno, M. McKay, D. Mottola, G. Devinute, L. Kelley, K. McKay Advisor: Mrs. Senatore School Committee Representatives From bottom to top: Paul Christie, Stephanie Smith, Amy Ottaviano, Kathy Ward, Ray Gregoire Seated: B. Colozzo, C. Rosselli Standing: M. Henriksen, M. Frongillo, E. Jordan, S. Smith, E. Vasilopoulos, S. Cahill Girls ' State Boys ' State Student Government Day Representatives Charles Rosselli, Paul Christie SPEAKING IN TONGUES 1st row: B. Colozzo, L. Conti, A. Fantasia, M. Kushakji, H. Anderson, C. Cutone, D. Shea 2nd row: J Cianferri, M. Welsh, P. Lakin, M. Drew, J. Smallcomb, B DeFlumeri, N. Chareeb, Advisor Ms. Nisco 3rd row: | Wells, K Baker, | Pecora, T. Gagne, K. Burke The Latin Club The French Club 1st. row: N. Cargill, M. Henriksen, P. Coffin, B Manion, M. Rotondi, B Clayton, H. Bernat, J. Melkonian 2nd row: S. Smith, L Russo, B. Hoyt, Secretary N. Allen, President A. Ricupero, Vice President ) Drago, T. Gagne, Advisor: Mr. A. Rocher, R. Schachter 3rd row: K. Terassi, C. Warren, N. Ghareeb, B Faucon, B Longmier, D. Simpson, R. Catanzaro, K. Ferreir, D. Sorabella, K. Larsen, M. Caggiano, P. Barry, A. Ottaviano, P. Sorabella, P. DeCola, L. Burke 4th row: K. Susan, M. Cavanaugh, L. Ciarlone, M Maniscalco, L. Szczawinski, C. Ricupero, Ff. Collins, C. Ingene, L. Pillivant, M Roberto, ). Kimie, N. Chartrand The Spanish Club 1st row: L Millon, T. Berry, K. Alexander, ). Fishman, B. Wolonsauich, P. Fitzgerald C. Major 2nd row: B Walsh, K. Merikanto, L. Cappuccio, l Bauman, S. Zaboly, L Lewis, M. MacKay The Italian Club 1st row: ) Gerard, K. Ioanna Treasurer, C Ricupero secretary, P Christie President, D Indician Vice President, R Catanzaro, J Butts 2nd row: S. Costa, G Riccardelli, J. Gianferri, C. Servideo, L. Carucci, C. Mangerian, Advisor Mrs. Gentile 3rd row: D. Longo, P Vecchi, N DellTsola, ). Muise, P Fazio, A. Fascione, L DiPaola INTELLECTUAL PURSUITS The Math Team 1st row: R. Davis, M. Sevier, R. Rotondi, E. Vasilopoulos, R. Gregoire, S. O ' Neil, C. Benson 2nd row: G. DiVenuti, E. Dunn, L. Brumann, A. Chyung, S. Zaboly, I Connery, L. Pillivant, M. Roberto, K. )oe Advisor: Mr. Grondin 1st row: M. Caggiano, A. Ottaviano, B. EHoyt, C. Ingeme, EH. Collins, K. Joe, M. Roberto 2nd row: S. Costa, K. Larson, B Granese, S. Zaboly, G. Ricadelli, L. Pillivant, S. Gregoire 3rd row: J. Pastarello, C. Terrasi, B. Cochran, K. Regan, M. Tortorici Advisor: Mrs. Breen The Debate Team 1st row: Joyce Connery, Advisor Mrs Bowen, Janet Maragioglio, Kris McGrew 2nd row: Jim Melkinian, Jay Melkonian, Ray Gregoire, Robert Schachter The Science Club 1st row: S. Burse, S. Baron, P. Lakin, D. Smith 2nd row: B. Regan, B Hoyt, T. Sullivan S. Farren, j. Fournier, E. Dunn, K. Joe Advisor: Mr. K. Conroy The Chess Club 1st row: J. Barnes, ). Aniello, L. Petterson, C. Terelli, K. Riccardelli, W. Balestrier, L. Russo, M. Smith, J. Lundy, T. Vasconcellos, D. Gianelli, J. Long, J. Vito 2nd row: E. Danico, K. DiCesare, J. Bertulino, K. Gallagher, P. Argiro, T. Beaver, G. Barnes, H. Mabuchi, R. Bruno, J Bonaiuto, L. Kilroy, K. Doyle, 3rd row: A. Solomita, B. Ca- pozzi, K. Cronin, L. Aniello, K. Kearns, K. Alex- ander, P. Branson, K. Catanzaro, J. Bain, D. Mur- ciano, D. Greenough, J. Vito, D. Doyle, M. Fanale, D. Swansburg 4th row: P. Fowlie, K. Lar- son, K. Alexander, D. Hunt, S. Gailis, J. Me Laughlin, M. Maniscalce, C. Duggan, ). Cann, A. Robbins, K. Fallon, K. Carson, A. Bohling, K. Sheehan, L McQueen, J. Haddock 5th row: M. Drinkwater, W. MacHenry, C. Cameron, S. Quinlan, J. Amette, Betsy Granese, D. Argiro, C. Grecco, S Polito 6th row: F. Millan, R Boyajian, D. Silvia, G. Torress P Fitzgerald, T. Moriarty 7th row: K. McQueen, T. Berry, D. Reynolds, R Fowlie, F Giagliardi, D. Reynolds, M. English 8th: row: T. Smith, M. Sandler, A Graziano, I Rbinson, P. Christie, F. Gebhard, A. Fantasi, L O ' Keefe, Advisor: Mr. Abrahams T h e J a z z E n s e m b I e 1st row: J Meehan, J. Santosuosso, S. Antonucci, P. D ' Angelo, M. Maccuish, B, Granese 2nd row: ). Kurozionak, C. Mansur, ]. Deane, K. Hession, R Sicurella, F Millan Missing: T Cossette, E. Dunn, A Myers, Advisor: Mr. Baberadt T h e LET US ENTERTAIN YOU S P a r t a n C h 0 r a 1 e 24 1st row: P. Costello, S. Costa, C. Ingemc, G Rlccardelli, H. Collins, A Myers 2nd row: S. Antonuccia, M. Kushakji, P D ' Angelo, ). Santosuosso, J. Meehan, M. Maccuish, A. Fantasia, B Granese, D Argiro 3rd row: Surette, I Dunn, T. Costello, K. FHession L. Millan, J. Deane, D. Reynolds, J. Kurdzionak Missing: E. Dunn, P. Fitzgerald, Advisior: Mr. Babcradt 1st row: ). Dunn, B. Doucette, P Argiro, P Barry- Majorette, 2nd row: D. Argiro, G. Riccardelli, A. Myers, J. Bain, C. Ingeme, B. Granese, E. Dunn, 3rd row: A. Fantasia, M. Kushakji, M. Maccuish, L Millan, J. Dean, S. Costa 4th row: | Kurzionak, P. D ' Angello, S. Antonuccia, J. Santosuosso, J. Meehan, C. Manson, D. Reynolds, 5th row: K. Riccardelli, P Costello, ). Hickey, S. Quenton, D. Toleman, A. Surette, H. Collins, P. McKay HOT OFF THE PRESSES 1st row: M. Belmont, S. Kelly, L. Aniello, Advisor Miss Norelli, ). Gianferri, D. Ledwith, C. Young. 2nd row: W. Holman, B. Granese, ). Maragioglio, J. Connery, L. Lewis, B. Walansavitch, L. Cappuchio, K. Merikanto, S. Zaboly. 1st row: T. Gagne, K. Carr, M. Kushakji, A. Solomita, J. Melkonian. 2nd row: G. DiVenuti, K. Hunter, J. Melkonian, S. Conway, J. Wells, L. Stuto, D. Mottola. Missing: L. Chiofilo, K. Heffernan, S. Mansour, L. Sousa, M. DiMartino. Advisors: Mrs. Senatore, Mrs. Ronan. 1st row: L. Aneiilo, P. Christie, M. Caroll, M. Frongillo, K. Carr, T. Cail, J. Marchese. 2nd row: Alien B. Longmire, S. Cahill, ). Hegarty, A. Fionda, M. Henrikson, M. Devito, C. Roselli, A. Tatian, J. Appleyard, N. Cargill, E. Vasilopoulos. 3rd row: Alien D Simpson, Alien D. Campagna, K. Ward, Alien ). Butts, K. Ricupero, Alien R. Catanzaro, Alien S. Farren, Alien C. Giargiari. Advisor: Mr. Read. 26 1st row: M. Devito, R Rotondi, S. Smith, Trearurer E Vasilopoulos, President M. Frongillo, Secretary M Henriksen, Vice President ). Mahoney, A. Tatian. 2nd row: R Mastrodicasa, T. Berry, P. Fitzgerald, M. Lague, J. Hegarty, R. Silk, C. Rosselli, J. Smallcomb, K. Ricupero, N. Salander, H. Anderson, L. Larosa, K. Sheehan, M. Caggiano, P Barry, K. Alexander. 3rd row: W. Hoyt, J Guida, M E. Murphy, J. O ' Neil, K. Duff, A. Solomita, M Zuk, ). Gianferri, J. Drago, D Doyle. Missing R. Boyajian, N. Collins, M. Doucette, R. Grant, V. Misail, M. Murphy, C. Umana. 0 n a Honor 1 Society 1st row: M. Calcheviccia, D. Pignone, P Palamero, ). Corkum, R. Catanzaro, M. Cooke, M. Skerry. 2nd row: J. Giargiani, J. Geradi, S. Finale, S Far- ren, B Hoyt, T. Defanzo. 3rd row: T. Sullivan, D. Simpson, R Longmire, B. Regan, M. Ferraro, B. Kennedy, M. Bombe. Missing: D Dichiora, E. Hick- ey, T. MacNeil, J. Daly, C. Abreu, P. Holland, B. Longo, P. Woodman, T. Boyle, A. Guevara. Advisor: Mr. Padovani. m Leaders 1st row: L. Hoyt, M. Deflumeri, M. Murphy, T. Leydon, A. Solomita, XX, L. Powers. 2nd row: T. Cail, XX, XX, L. Merchant, M. Boyajan, D. Tolman. Missing: R. Fabiano, K. Carr, L. Titcomb, N. Dellisola, E. Santsuosso, D. Don- nelly. Advisor: Ms. Carbone. m Leaders 27 I The Future Secretaries ' Club Deca 1st row: D. Ellegood, J. Pecora, . Chifilo, L. Titcomb K. Regan, N. Ballotta, L. Saccocio, 2nd row: Mrs. Corum, K. Ells, N. Lund, B. Mac Ask ill, M. Drinkwater, J. Annetti, C. Quinlan, J. McLaughlin, Miss Garuti 1st row: L. Titcomb, L. Carroll, R. Bruno, D. Avola, C. DiCarlo, M. Dakessian, S. Passanisi. 2nd row: S. Dakessian, M.E. Tringale, L. Hoyt, T. Carroll, P. Woodman, S. Finale, M. Lamone, L. Corpor- ate, B. Sackett, P. Maxwell, Advisor Mr. Flanagin, T. Hartford, M. Donahue. 3rd row: L. Norman, S. Farren, L. Zarbano, L. McNulty, ). McMaster, R. Scannell, M. DiPiero, E. Trant, M. Cooke. Miss- ing: T. O ' Brien, L. Aronofsky, D. Aucello, S. Marvili, C. Mon- talto, N. Allen, L. Sylvestro, M. Hill, K. Fuschetti, A. Goddard, P. Angelesanto, P. Branson, D. Webber. BUSINESS Students Against Driving Drunk 1st row: D. Ciarlone, J. Bonaiuto, W. Baestrier. J. Connery, D. Sylvia, A. Ciamarra, A. Ottaviano, T. Gagne, ). Drago, P. Sorabella. 2nd row: C. Young, L. Lewis, D. Doyle, S. Polito, J. Ganfany, K. Larson, P. Barry, J. D ' Entremont, L. Gargano, N. Allen, G. Hickey, L. McGurin, K. Baker, K. Duff. 3rd row: C. Pollack, P. Fitsgerald, K. Kurns, A. Surrette, S. Ward, E. Geary, E. Danico, C. Costa, G. Ricardelli, C. Engeme, ). Pastorello. Advisor: Mr. Lahiff WE MEAN 28 Cynthia J. Adams BOTW JPBACDDCKT BF Sue Chill-out SIMBR JR SR PROM w JS 1 Love Ya Joe 6-7-84 Little Gorilla 9-15-84 JP NO timing Favorite Bro MD Swimming at SP Skiing w DC Dup the PcdFor-Head Love Thanks Mom Dad we finally made it to 86! Hangin ' on to 18 15 29-BJR JEB M M ' S DEB ' s Bri- ' s Haymarket and the Charles at 3 Rcgina ' s Hampton Skiing GOIN ' MOBILE! The Dart Roles! JBCK NBCG LSSK LOVE YOU ALL YA DAD BiLLY Patty Berg James Aiello I ' M OUTTA HERE THANKS MA, DAD SONNY GIVE ME WOMAN, GIVE ME WINE, I ' LL SHOW YOU, A " GOOD TIME " NEVER FORGET ALL THOSE I ' VE MET, ALL THE GREAT TIMES BEST IS YET 1 WOULD LIKE TO VISIT MY FRIENDS AFTER 1 GRADUATE IN JUNE 1 WILL MISS YOU ALL VERY MUSH WE HAVE HAD A LOT OF FUN TOGETHER DURING OUR TIME IN SCHOOL ILL REMEM- BER YOU ALWAYS TO CUM I ' M RUNNING FREE NOW! Michelle A. Bourque Paula Albino RMBR AL THE GOOD XS NVR FGT THE PARTYS-STPS BRDWY BRHILL UCRN GPS DUNKIN CREW-BUFFO KARN PMRC BDMM DOWT ECJD LPLM LUV YA ALEX! WV YA SU-DI DANCE CO GOOD FRIENDS JP LH LP AD RG DE LD CD DC MT LD JP THESE YEARS HAVE BEEN FOR YOU RON, 1 LOVE YOU FOREVER, 8-8-83 LH PTY, A DAY AT THE DENTIST THANKS MOM DAD STEVE, NANCY, MIKE, DICK AND NINNY 1 LUV YA THANX MOM DAD CHRIS LISA GRAM DIANE 1 FINLY MADE IT! Melissa Brandt Hillary Anderson VB NCLLMHBWLV RFKCGHSB TEAM-WORK LOUDBUNCH thanks ZAP ALQBBALL WE Bel- ieve AGLLBL remember movies GH good party MD Did you do it? LL MDC at 3 GHMHASRFTC Neva4 Get KKB JLK JDE. Good Times W DENNIS: 1 LUV U! Hampton 85 Bermuda. ' MB DO ' Ad Met W The G ' s: JUCEN! MiniB ' s At MM, KW, MB Partys At Gum ' s Nick ' s Mully ' s. MB ' s D ' s Cdy. Cheering 84 WK Ends In Fall-M D inM. ThanxMDJ! remember RicciBest FRIENDS Lu MH 1 LUV AG Robert Bruno Paul Angelosanto remember the Shelter, Canada, sponge, super slaughter, Heck, Aerosmith, the movie cave, the scav. hunt, DECA, Rambo Conroy, hall roaming, and Road God . Anonymous 2112 THANK YOU! Narcon 85 Doherty Liues Fire Extinguisher Caper Deca States 85 Frank the Woman Killer Vig Lets go Scuba Diving Dave 1985 Summer of Disaster 1 was Proud to be an usher Billy Joel 5th Row MR Happy Lisa M. Aniello Betty Bryant Thanx 4 the memories, LF, MA, Summer 85, Lis2 Bryan Adams, Thanx Terry, I ' m Sorry Dice w NN, LV, PC, RD JS E Falmouth Escapes. Thanx 4 being there PCLV, Love you JXS, 9 26 85, Thanx w Love Mom Dad, Reenie Ants Always remember good friends Don Deb PH LC JD DO LM JM KS KR JP DE GP EC JO PC CW DA SB MD BR Nva 4-get cruisin ' dances SJPprom snausages Bway 1 LUV U DONNY 6 25 85 Thanx Mom Dad fam. 1 LOVE YOU Janice Annetti Carrie Burke Great Friends Are JB, MD, WB, TG, RL. GREAT times WE SHARED. CALIFORNIA HERE WE COME GREAT TRIPS w CHORALE. THANX MA DAD. SPARTAN CHORALE WAS GREAT THANKS MR A. Never 4get the Summers in NH, summertime gang: CB, JP, LC, SL, MB, PF, SS, TM, MG, JP, BP, MM, RL, BA, KO, CO, JO, JN, ANIMAL, KD GOOD times at: HOUSEPitts, Beach, 1Ed ' s T ' s, S ' s, P ' s, RADICAL, BWAB, YUMP, bangyeeps LOVEUM D Janice Appleyard Stephen Burse PRAISE THE LLAMA GWEN THE WABBIT THE BAT WAITING UNDER THE ORPHEUM MORRIS- SEY %85 LAUGHING CAVALIER KRISHNA NEW YEARS SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION COWS HAVE MAGNETIC FIELDS ECHONOCAMER A! THANKS FAMILY UNIT Good Times wMF DC JS BR DART Produce The Ball Punk! You Pay! Jag " Oh My God " Green 98 i Hold up at Seda ' s 1 like it When They Call Me That! " The Business " Ihoplncident. Thanks Ma Dad. Yes even Cheryl Denise Argiro Jackie Butts GOOD times with AF BG KH JS SA JD MK JB. MB with BD PM PUGS. DRUM MAJOR THE Expendibles. BOOGIE DOWN, ANDREWS SISTERS LM KL Me. MR. P. 1 did it! oo Abes. It would ' nt B a moviel Skinny cooks can ' t B trusted GOOD X ' s w CR Kl MB PM AL RG DD. Parties at " The Lake " JM! BBird Skiing-MTSNOJ PEAK UMA Canoeing-Mel BD. " Rollin ' " USMC-Splat! FIZIKS. PP: Gym w Bones! " Kiss my what? " Good Luck AL! Dinky Luv u Ma, Bob, Dad, Kar, Al! Karen Armstrong Shannon Cahill trax 82- bean Bab buds J Go4snow closet reserve PPark Sals, beach PSSALL niters dotLAWKD KH houseteeny-bopper bubbles cinimaLP its a horseJR Prom rocks Babe Brat 4eva DAZED CON- FUSED loveya Mom Dad NEVA-4-GET C 2 MCDCE JMPPC TBSM LVAF GS85 BA 2 Huey Snazzy HM July 1 85 Cheer 84 86 CAPE 85 w SBAFMCC 2 JDCC THANX ET GROGAN Admiral wT BUBFC 2 FH? CB w FVPROMS 1 w TB THANX MOM BO JOE and GRAM LUV YA M P ALSO LPKW SBBD JHMD KC Douglas Avola Tammy Cail RACIN IN SKYLARK XW MB FRESH YR Judith A. Bain THE BEST OF TIMES w Wen, Mabie, Mark Fenny! PI HI Rl Days! Salisbury Summers w Nic J, M. Art Mornings, Cafe Shows, Art M. Class, Concerts w COLBY, Capri, Putnam Honda crusin w Crazy Nina!! MEMORIES: Chorale exchanges, Mont, Penn, New Orleans " 84 " MB-DM, JB-BB(TL) Carnival Ball- " Hi Kermit! " Neva-4-get: BC, JB, DA, JM, DS, JH, and the gals-Thanks for the BS! (2 2 86) The Jennifer Caliguri Bain ' s- 1 1 LOVE YOU MOM DAD Nancy Ballotta YIANA 8 24 84 LYBest times w KW MB LC EJ DC KC ML JH BS MiniB ' s: MUL; GUM; NIKS; PitMBAdm-Met Minot 25 t St Pat Hampton 85, Booba; Mai 81 Sto. DGO. Boone! OOB-82 MC KW WMD 50 yd 15 nan82old X ' sW MF MC Bermuda 86 MDC ILoveU Mom Dad LOVE YOU NONNA!! LOVE YOU GRAMPS 12-1-84 THANX MOM DAD! COLORGUARD THANX 4 THE MANY GOOD TIMES! CAN ' T 4-GET THE SUMMERS W BURLINGTON! FRIENDS Dawn Campagna 4-EVER KJC! GOOD LUCK MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE Julie Barnes Neva 4get good X ' s w K 2 L 2 JSME-Admiral the boys EJ UR my BFFE 3am L J F-Burg JRDanc miniB ' s I Bermuda Cheering w CAEJ TSKW SV 86 Sat. nites w Chuckie Oct 26 ' 84 Lafing w T Lyn D AS ( WMDADTWP ILOVEU Mom Dad T MUSICALS-83, 84 MB-83, 84, Capt. 86 1 LOVE TIM. AR, KM, DA, JB, MW, SK, DB, CA, TS. BEST FRIENDS FOREVER. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Cloutier, Mrs. Case, and Mr. Abrahams. Good Luck Lisa Caporale LiL ' bro! " 86 " Montreal and Pennsylvania!! Scott Baron GERARD ANTONIO CARIBBEAN L L LONG ISLAND . . . J.G. ZEEK 28 M M. FRESH RB CRUZ PABLO Italy 85 G.Q LORENZO MILANOCiao! Bermuda 86 WANG 11:11 THANK YOU MOM DAD Michael 1 LOVE YOU!!! Neva 4Get: DS, PC, CW, DA, JO, RD, MD, BL, SC, DC, EJ HAPPINESS: SC-1 31 85-12 4 85, close FRIENDS on Weekends, 18th B-DAY CAKEmisery: GOING HOME on Weekends, New Years " 86 " Betty Capozzi STREAKING IN THE COLD, COCOA AND 9 MATCHES Suzanne Bears Good luck to Judy Fall JM, JB. Always remember the good times at Kowloon " dancing in the halls " . Caf Ist-Luis: where ' s the milk? Thanx love to Mom, Dad, Barbie, Bebe. 1 love you, Kevin . i . . " Forever " . GOOD FRIENDS MP, AF, BAG, JM, MC, CC, SC, SS, PC, KD CAPE COD Brian Adam ' s Feb 19 85 BOSTON BERMUDA WINGAERSHEEK Summer 85 CAPE COD STRIP KATHY MOM DAD PAUL Noreen Cargill MARY AND Mark All My LOVE Cassandra Beccia GoodX w Special Friends Teamwork grim on T court Bshoe Dancing Trips to Canada TL Cavalier 1 6Per gym classes Dancing WT Harikrishna Steei Drums Amadeus Summers in NH TLofT Harts TF BatsSheesh! Alfie LM, SB, MP, JB, SC, AF, SH, NC, AJ. FRIENDLY ' S. CP. MP. HOPEDALE, 85 ' WITH LA, LW, KW, SJ, GUS, RW. WE ' RE WICKED FUNNY, COLETTE. MDYWA? GOOD TIMES ATP. F.W. SW, DH, DJ, LB, Kate Carr BARB, JB. THANKS MOM, DAD, AND JEAN. GOOD LUCK!! ILU, JACK! Mary Belmont MEMORIES: FR. YRW S L- VDK A KOWLNI- 3 4 83!- FH84- ALMOST!- FRIENDS: LM KD ES LJK ADM MET-MINIB ' s- DAD ' s CAD-GUM ' s- MUL ' s- MINOT ' s- GoodX ' s w AHWD QNS.!- SPECIAL THANX TO DILL SIMO!- CAPE 85 ' MOM DAD- MSMP-ALL MY LOVE 30 Lisa Carroll Memis: MICHAEL I LU Times w KISH MDJK BELK JOI TIME w PRTY HUS MUL NIKI GUMM INIB ' sas MINOTTIS KWMB where vauf nd trub ufndus MAY 25 NEVA HAPND HAMP 85 I CHFEBUDA 86 MDSCADYDR Boss WORK Pit Egle PIZZA MAN Adm-Met CHEER 44 I MADE IT • THNX MA PA J Maria Carroll I GdX ' s w SC CC3CJM SB AF BA Track Bud CD COU 24 85 BAdams Len U were w the wrng ■ persn Cape Escape w SBAFSCCCKD Scar Ids 10 9 85 MUPSN RI83 Stng 85 PRBashes Trkw JM AJ TNX Coach Rocher 4 ALL YR HLP ILU Ma Dad Earn Teresa Carroll Good Times WHFY SU to HHE LP! Knt Dr Th NYED CAPD. NBpty w CM JC BN OH Gd Shes GN 2 POLE 1 25 86 w JM HA AG AS MH GH Its OKAY! JR PROM JOE FRINT SAFABB PRINCE 2 8 85 FRESHSB Csh Cry JVBB THANKS SWPET PIEVE " ENDLINE " Thanks Mom Dad-NFamily LOVE U ALL | Phillip Carucci I Never 4get Xs w CW, DA, JO, SB, DS, MD, RL, RD Thanx guys " K " Thanx DC, EJ MD TH DW 2 NYRE 84-85 Ch. In 1, 2 JR DNC Scav HT 93EX LISTEN to Bruce, Bob, Cruisin in the Blazer, Good Luck Class of 86 Thanks MOM DAD Mark Cashell 1 TG IT ' s OVER! Friends: BG, BK, TR, RS, DO, JW, MH, GV, RR, DM, MDECA Pete ' s House missions Wiff-it the Walk HB 90 ' Clock Summer BBilly, The Rebel, The Ark, The Bullet, Daring Dart Bermuda Pink Floyd CO 86 Thanks MOM DAD Richard Catanzaro THANKS MOM, DAD K AREN. BD, DW, ER, TD, PM THANK YOU -LED ZEPPELIN- TO THE STEPS CREW- REMEMBER THE DEAD, TRIPS PARTIES AND FESTIVALS. STAY COOL GUYSI " EXCUSE ME, WHILE I KISS THE SKY! " -JIMI Robert Chase GTWGF-MA, DM, NT, KL, MD, PP, SG, JG, HD, TG, KG, BR, JD. Weirs 84 ' , 11 15 85, DM ' s 12 5 85, JR. Prom w KL, NT, MD, DM, BC, KG. Hear bout 2 pnuts walking down the street . . . Thanx Mom, dad, Gram, Nan, K, C, B-Luv U All Dawn Chiofilo BEST OF Xs W KT CD CADE JPAD HEY Guys don ' t Forget SSS and DDD, HAMPTON BEACH HOTEL ' 85 25c KEEP in TOUCH guys, I Luv U MN 2-22-84 The Duckies will you get Tuff Good luck Class of 86 I LOVE YOU MOM Laura Chiofilo (B-FRI): MD; LT, KR, EP, ES, JT, LP, DC, PC, BL, AG, KY, MF, SV(W-MEN) chop chop, JT ' s car floor, Rog Virg, " Take it, its free " Spike, Angie, " Please " Jr.Pr., NICKS, B-WAY, Lake-W, Booba, Ralfs 6, TTO, " Im so happy " -TWFR4 ILYMaDC Paul Christie " THE GREATEST ENDEVORS IN LIFE ARE THOSE WHICH CAN BE PUT OFF ' TILL TOMORROW " " ALL I WANT IS . . THANKS FOR BEING THERE Q, LEN, DEFLU, MARKJIM 2 , DEN, AND ALL MY OTHER BUDDIES THANKS MOMI NEVER FORGET YOU JM Candice Cioffi Trax 82-86- Good Friends Jr Prom SA ILuv U always Rappers Deilght NYNH Cape Tammy Thanx 4 Mike Jo thanx 2Ulm still alive " " 77 Monte " IluvU Michael TiTSinc Buds Dope Thanx 4 everything SHS ILuvU Mom Dad U2 Corey One Life Kickass Neal Collins GTWGF-RR, VM, JM, RG, RP, BDX-cntry w AM, MG, JM, RP, SM, KS, DF, CR, JP, SW KS. MEET ME OVER THERE! HELL 440 ' s! INDOOR TRACK W MF CU AND THE TEAM (COACH FOR A WEEK) SKIING AT LOON HOW ' T! 102! RON! EVSS MHAT HABC TCJH Bob Colozzo Good X ' s R the Best X ' s, the Bad X ' s fade away. Neva 4-get Sr. yr. in ftbal. " But coach " , Z-Team. Coaches B AI. Scav. Ht. Hockey, Budmen. Best times partyin ' w the gang. Remembering: SBCU DSMP RGCA Thanks Ma Dad Jo-Ann Colvario REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES. I ' LL NEVER FORGET JA, BC, NC, DC, NG, NS, SS, AT, EV, KW, THE ROCK, MONTREAL!! TRUE FRIENDS, BIO FUMBLES, THANX MOM and DAD Lisa Conti Neva forget NHGang esp.: CB, SL, JP, CB, MB Best times: Pit, House, BA truk 3 wheeler, SS Door, Gum w BA, Frankie died. . Pardo, Yump, SMF NY Ranch w CC, LP, JF MOO. Mefa LC-n-AH, P P, PMHormel: MIC VIC SR HOUSE. Leydo Hislana Cordoba I want to thank my teachers Mrs. Case for helping me Graduate this year. Good Luck Class 86! NVR FGT Joe ' s Gym, The Beach, Dancing w LD, MD, Maria Cathy. Thanx for BE ' n a friend. Luv Ya Ma, Dad Family. David Corso NEVER FORGET: MM HOLD UP, DART, YES, PLAZA NIGHTS, FLORIDA, IHOP INCIDENT, B-ball; MISERIES: SUMMER " 83 " IN LC, ELITE; DEDICATION: TO THE ONES I LOVE, AND MOST ESPE- CIALLY TO MY MOTHER AND FATHER. Frank Costa SM KR TC (JUX SUX) MD DC MD. TRUMPET. CALDOR HAS A HOT BB FOR BURSE. BEST TIME AT REVERE BEACH, THE OAKTREE PASSED A HARD TEST. MARK C. HIDES IN MY LOCKER. PALACE NIGHTS. THANKS MOM AND DAD. CLASS OF " 86 " . Kristen Crilley Thanks Mom and Dad. It ' s finally here. " 86 " Remember SPS " 77-86 " . Citations " 84-85 " Billy 7-1- 84. MC, LK, CK, TS. Tour. WGI Regionals. NJ 8th place M M ' s NB, friend forever. Mucica Myth. Mbther helpful rides!! Kelly Cronin Best Friends: BS MB PB TO KM JM ML MF Rem. Good times w JK KW LC KC, Gumby Paul Hampt. 85 CHAFE! Car Park guys Limo JC Cocktails APT 50C-Nuthin wrong w that Bermuda! Redman HSL Laura Paul ' s Luv U guys. Thanx Ma Dad Luv U. Cherylyn Cutone Good X ' s with SC MC SB AF EJ JF LV CD DOC 3-C ' s Events: " Heard It Through the Grapevine " J-1 CC ' 85 the Cape BAX2 Sals doub dat ' s Boston AP Bermuda? The Beave JP t Love and Thanx Mom Dad Kristin and Craig Maral Dakessian Rem. A F-LC, LT, LP, FS, CD, BS, LS, MB, JT, EP, LP, KR, MF, PC, DA, BR, SG, LC ' s PARTY Jr. Prom DS; " IWNF RG " BM, AB New Year ES; ROG VIRG. GIBBA-MYR. CAR DUGOUT FLAN ' s DECA CLASS 3 4 TWFR4 ALL MY THANKS AND LOVE MaMSS. Mark Danico YIPPEE! wabbits NT, TM, RS, JG, BD, MA, KG, SG, PP, CM, AF, KP, KL, MT, RC Thanks to all! reality? not me 3winged birds! pizza scrapings who me worry?! O wow!-wetfish beyond mellow! job? life is . . . BOO MED-why me This s-! . . . BYE Michael D ' Angelo GOOD TIMES w GL, PD, JS, DC, MF, SBDJ MCMD, KW. FR. YR. the Course; Apl. Pik. 105mph Exit. RINK, CARDS TRACK Phy. CL. NY 84. HOCKEY, STRAITS TULL concert. SUMMER-cottage, WEST, Ski FISH 61b MCDANCECOUS " DANGE " Thanx to Ma Dad Joanne Danieli I LOVE YOU 4-EVA STEVEN! 6 16 84-Best Summer. Good friends BB EC MD DW LC LM DW PH GP - The Dunkin ' Crew. SupGuys! Never forget Parties up Broadway, GP-N-EC House Parties Jr. Prom-PH ITALY 85. Thanx Ma -N- Dad Lisa Dean 2-10-84 I LOVE URC NY City Bermuda Hampton Beach NY EVE at HJ ' s " 85 " Camping Saco River BEST OF TIMES WITH JP CD LH DE RG AD Met DC LP MB LD HC DF. ' 75 Regal Jr Sr Proms NH Cottage " 85 " THE CUP! I LOVE U Ma, Dad family! Machelle DeFlumeri Here ' s to Good Friends-EC, CS, JD, MD, PA, KK-GP! Guys-MS, KD, MG. GX-B-way, JR. PROM, SUM 85 Dunkin Crew, Buffo Mobile, Parties! NVR FGT-PP, AD TEAM FT ' BALL, SK8 ' n, NEW YRS, GP ' s, R R, AWESOME SHS PALS. Wuv U Ma Dad! Robert DeFlumeri Bway Fball-L FT Lake Hack-JT JS JH NN MD. Wbeach-MP PC DS. Jello-PPole Vault-880 JProm " Ha " - Nax NYE-85 86 " R " JS DS JH JT CD SR. 3-1 Jeanine-I LOVE U 11 18 85-JV Party Tri-C " Whatudo " Teamen Champs 2 Scamp-BA Concert EOE Hi Ma Dad Rocco Dell ' lsola Best Friends: KWDOCWPCDA SBDSCLMMMD Charlmont 84, 85 CWNYEVES BASHES APPLE PICKIN JWCAMP 83 17BOWLS STKFST THANX GUYS Never Forget: KRISTEN LABOR DAY 6-15- 85 All Wonderful Memories Tahnx Ma Dad CW slow down Lisa DeLuca Never forget good X ' s with MT, KR, LQ, CR, AD, DE, JP, RG, JC DD Cottage Ik umaw JB Kl CR SkiMtSno B-Bird " Melloout " Sledcanoing " Rollin Na3 " Pak " are yet CWN VW Hamp 86 Luv ya Mom Dad Family Marie DeVito ALWAYS REMEMBER: Good friends, TC, WH, MF, MH, HA, MD, LL. MEMORIES: 5 10 85 with AL, you brighten my life. NEVER FORGET: R.I., H.I., W.W., Fenny, Flipper, Voices Carrie, Fluff, Nina Christine DiCarlo 12684 I Luv You RB NYEVE 85 HJw KD GD LD RC GOOD TIMES w MT DC KT LD LK LD KD CM CA LH SSSw DC KTCBDDD w DC KT AD 7485 Hampton Bermuda Deca comp. SLU SUMMER OF 85 I LOVE YOU Mom and Dad 41884 Michael DiMartino I WILL NEVER FORGET all my good friends and the good times that we shared. ME CW at New Hamp. MC MM ' s Parties. I LOV U DS CW PC SB MC MM DA SG RD RL Thanx Ma Dad Deb PJr. Always Remember Your Help KR KSHUDS Mark Dipiero Summer 85 wish it stayed forever Great times w BS ML D L KT DS Best of times at Wingar sheek w AG BL MP LOUD BUNCH DECA trips w Flan Narcon 85 " The Nuggets " Best of Luck to the Class of " 1986 " Always remember CA JC from Wakefield Thanx Ma Dad for everything 31 Michele Doucette No Comment really, but for a few friends. Thanx M.D., D.F., T.C., M B. Many thanx to W.M., A M. Hi Ho Sweetie My Quartz mustang Lunch at Mickey D ' s Front seat of Limo ' 85 ' LMH AH YUP Summer nights at RB 1 Love my Squirrel Maple and the Man Thanks Mom and Dad!!!! Should 1 thank R.B.?? Also PAN. 1 LUV YOU Mom I ' ll be back someday. N. Dad Billie-Ann Gallagher Robert Doucette MADE IT! ROCKSBASH AT FELLS LAST PARTY AT THE HOUSE. BKDN AT LPI W DA BR JF BEST TIMES WITH KA RS JB JH BD BB BR PH PP. LED ZEP 1 NEVER FORGET ME TOO OR STAY HOME Friends JM MD LC AF SB MC MF JF SM Tic Tac FHockey Chics NH Maine Face I ' m only kiddin HELP Luv 2MA T GG Laugh Attack Spain Foot in mouth FUBAR Thanx 2 Family 2 URSTM-DREW 70-1 Good Luck 86 Smile ByeBye!! " 3 " . LV KAA GET BLOWN UP AT MOBIL W RS Leonard Gebhard Mark Drew JSRD jMLC JHDS Always BA JRS BDjP JMCHAM CLASS 85 NAZDANCES RATTCT VH GUITAR ICEBYPC BMGAG SOCCER TRACK HACKING BEACH NANTUCKET LAKE VCR ' S JELLO 12-1 Good Friends PC DS MP CU CO OB EU JW TP KG Good Times At CCodllo to NDRunning on Empty BA Chops Bashes ILUSOMLRIA W STRACK Y HHOOP No Regrets O.K. 1 love You Mom Dad Family TNXFor everything Gd. luck Class 86 10985 CSLS4EVA BCPARTY STJ ' S GPRIX NABA PFLICKS SRPROM MOM DAD Dennis Geist Angela Duplin GOOD X ' s w LP RG DP DC JP DE KF MT LD KT LS MF. LORI ' S PT ' s Saco ADVNTR on the off ramp JR. Prom JC the PWR NYC R.l. My DIO Gymnastics w MD TB PP DO IT! THANKS FOR EVERY- DREAMS OF THE PAST: NEVER FORGET GOING OUT WITH KO, DG AND MM. DREAMS OF THE PRESENT: 1 CAN NOT BELIEVE IT 1 AM FINALLY GRADUATING. DREAMS OF THE FUTURE: TO DO MORE PARTYING THING MOM DAD JACK. Nina Ghareeb Debbie Ellegood ] GOOD FRIENDS JP DC LD KT RG LH LP AD MB LD MT GOOD TIMES LH ' s Party Hampton 85 86 i Bermuda Campin Jr Prom nite to4get rite Jen? Star all nite TU memories Past Future w Tom 1 MOTLEY CRU WKEND KC JR ER CH DH CD BS MIKE IS GOOD LEFF RULES THE EARTH AND SKY SUE J. CELEBRATIONS NARCISSUS BANG KAOSCHRIS HAWES MIKE S. BOB ADAM JOHN STEVE HOTEL PARTIES WARRIOR KIX STEVE CHEWBACCA S. I gotta go Thanx alot Mom Dad Jeff Dave Matthew Gilmore i Kathleen Ells BEST FRIENDS: EW LP MS SH LL AG KC NB NL KF LM KB JD; “SUMMER OF 85“ w MRS. B and all I ' ll never forget Miss Kelley, Mr. Padovani, the jokes with Mr. Feltch, and the janitors— and good old Mr. Rowell. her PARTIES May 14, 1 LUV U BRIAN; ELEPHANTS, FISH, MAINE, SPS 1, THE BAGWOMAN | OSWALD THANX MOM DAD NANA Jana Gomes . Andrew Fantasia It ' s not how you feel it ' s how you look. 4 Sleds. Good Loving, K what. " Yo Slice you be Looking real nice " Mel DC DD HM DA SP TV MR BM JP LH SUMMER of 84 P Town Famous number “16“ galixcy gym ILYFBOB ILOVEYOUMOM Good friends; JD, SA, KH, DA, TC, PF, LC, MK, JS, SM, NT, MD. MICA ' 84 Competitions ' 83 to ' 85; Fanta-3; Bubba marshmallow “oh well " Explorers AF, JD, PF, ED. Ca or bust; Penn, and D.C. ' 85 Thanx Ma and Dad Anthony Graziano Best of Times with my friends M.D., J.A., R.L., C.I., J.N. 1 will miss them all. ! Sean Farren Rhonda Greenhill THE LEGIONS OF DOOM PROMS HORROR MADBASH THE GRANADA THE FORT SMF TAZ. WHITE MT. 1 LOVE YOU ROBYN ' ! Joanne Fayle LP CR Jen JF AD LD MT Kl JB RC DE RMF GANG Sum84 w JP 6 15 84 Xmas pty NYE My LTD U2 RI Ct SS StarStLP pty DAFL ' CHAG ' Jr Sr Prom HB CL Scoopin ' Ski trip Stuff Fiziks sum85 AP- PK 1 LOVE U MOM NIC. KH HOUSE, trax, the Barn, PWP 3step, BUD, LPDS LMKA CC Good friends, RW Fri with CC- •; twins? NH Sundays, the rocks, latenite parties, Plant, Thanx Mom Dad family! Scott Greenleaf !; Mark Ferraro j ; ! (B-Fri) Puppy; Bubba, JS, DC, SB, MM, KY, “Good times with " AC, JC, MM, MD. Hampton Beach Never Forget: DM, CK, ES, DWX3, SW, KB, JS, DS MF- ' STANWGN ' Penn. STACY ' s, NH-Skiing BUDS, The shed. THANKS for all your Love Support Mom, Dad Kim! Always remember Robbie Charlie Forever!! ' GOOD LUCK 86 ' : “P5“. KM, North End Gobbled Wicky ' s. WETSU. “But Coach " “TLA-RG. " THANKS-Ma Dad RR Ray Gregoire Karen Ficarra Steve ILYF 10 30 83 AYUH SHOULD THINK YOU WOULD! 2 18 84 OGUNQUIT Nova, Concord i| the Police SR, JR Prom w SM Fiziks “crew SKIING! 1 miss you Dad and 1 will always love you. Thanks WOW WE FINALLY MADE .IT! MATADOR 1. YOU HAVE ALL BEEN GREAT FRIENDS-JIM, PAUL, NEAL, RICK, VAUGHN. THANX MS BOWEN FOR 4 GREAT YEARS. SUCCESS IN THE FUTURE MR. FRIEL. RUSSIA WAS AWESOME! PIANO 1. BEATLES 1. Mom for everything! Al Guevara Ann Fionda Cape 85 w SB SC MC CC KD: Summer 85-Wingaersheek, B. Adams Huey. Good Pals: MF BG SM JM MP RS. B-ball 3 3 84. 2 19 85-same wknd. Sue! Cheering 85 86 Jr Year w PD. Gus Lucy GL CLASS OF 86 FUN IN WHT FIAT FUN IN FOOTBALL LOUDBUNCH QDIPZAPGIZ LATE NITE RUNS THKS VBALL LOU MEL VENEZ HIK LOV YA HILL 4EVA ELEC CLASS MRK CHECK OUT THAT LIMBO BBALL FUN BARON THANKS MOM DAD ' Annette Laura. 1986 Melissa Hall j Jennifer Flynn !ij SC CC RG MC PS DS KRB-AJBI543Xw KRSt ps DDCE JCCHV SCLSOS Latenite RG LTD, DAFL, Always Remember Good Friends MF, MD, TC. LUV U AL WAYS GJ. Thanks to Mon, Dad, Pam, Sheila, and Alison. Keep Smilin. ' 86 ' ’ TIKSW CCX w PDA Mass 84 JRCDAd to MATLH Pty DWEEB, SHOCKS, RS, FSB, SNIFFM, B, B, EW, | S-BW MCAAO Thank u MD CC KLK Thank U CINDY if it wsnt for you 1 wnt BHere Jim Hanley ' Donna Fogel Best of times at Hampton Beach, and Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester Summer of “85“ with JM. Soccer SA EC NAZ Dances the SJP Gang Confusion-relief k-party-BD MD JS, JrSBD JP COMA BMGag Phil Jellp typ 3rdCaf Loon AP-S Beach The Pole-Hamp The ND SATS-ACH Goodbye-HiPC THANX MOM DAD JULIE EL BILL Tom thanks for the ring 1 LUV YOU. ALL my love to Mom, Dad, and my brothers Joe, and John. Good Luck Class of " 86 " Gregg Harold Pamela Fowlie THANKS TO GOOD FRIENDS AND GOOD PARTIES. 1 MADE IT. THANK GOD! LIVE LONG AND PROSPER. JRPM JR, RD CM HEY MA CURSooo Bt ' ful Rmda In SB. Riv neva 4Get GoodX ' s John 1 Luv U Ma Dad Deb Bub neva coulda made it with out ya steps Jibs Bns Sept 8 1983 Chicky UR A Spaz!! OFF TO Jill Harrington THE REAL WORLD NOW :j John French Good X w MB KC BS EJ DC JC KW LC JrDanc Bermuda Hamp SkiVt FL84LYK Muls Gums Pit Ks MINIBorAN? FS OBF 7 27 84PS ScavHunt DadsCad BAIst TP Good X w David 12 8 85 LUVU ybThink Of Me! Thanx Mom Dad Luv You Tim Dawn Ker! Best times w DAN, MACHI, VICE, U2, Partying w MM, MF, DC, JS, SB, CL, KD, Memories w RG, DC, DUP, FUDGE, LA, DP, MT, BB. SKI TRIPS, TRACK TEAM. Football, Mong, 3-7 25, WETSU, Tammy Hartford TWORWTfh toaot wawtgatgwD. - 1986- THANKS MOM DAD Mary Frongillo BFF: LA, CP, LS, LN, VERMONT b.u.d. 85 1 LOVE YOU RANDY. BOB SEGER “83 " Jr. Proms “84“ “85“ Kool and The Gang. The Fools Cruise The Pitt, Manson, BRWY, Nickis, H.S, Ski Trip 1, II, L.W., S.P, Bentley Pet Peeve: St. 1 LOVE YOU MOM NEVER FORGET: Mt. Wash., the brook, L ' s HITM; the tennis UPSet w L.V. w(1-8); Chem labs; PIWw T; MASP; Hampton w Mel; field hockey doubles; All my friends. Special thanks to Mom, Sue Hassard Dad, C, J, and B: 1 LOVE YOU! Karen Fuschetti Class of 68-86. Neva 4-get NL, LP, MS, JT Rick ' s. Saturday nites Mondays, VACATION, walks on the beach, v-ball w RB s-, DM ILU 8 29 84 Florida, 3 Muskateers 4-eva! " Like Ya44!“ 1 LOVE U MOM, DAD NONA! 32 Melissa Henriksen Robert Longmire TEAMWORK-HIL, LOU, GH, NC, LV, BW, KC, RF, 22-HOOP PEGS LP 55-MONTREAL- Newfound- land- Quebec- Is this a pick up? SAVE THE LLAMA TWIRP LOUD BUNCH Al, Bob, Q Endline! Mt. Wash. EV, )A, NC, SS LOU, THE ROOM SPINS TVFALL GOOGTMS-Charlmont 84-85 posh CWNew yrs Bash, scavhunt, Jr Dance Applepicking Hockey 20 Always remember Jen Sum 85 Sldng Best friends-PC, DS, DA, CW, JO, SB, POW Partyin w guys POSH-Bummin Thanks Mom Wendy Holman Bob Longo NEVER FORGET: Best friends TC MD, PI days with MB Co., Rl HI, Party treats, the Convoy, FENNY! " the beach " ski trips, MS, NINA, DO, The WW Crew, SHS, KEV 7 26 85 PA, canoing, froggie, our fire. ZAP-LOUD BUNCH (AL-Q-Gary- DiP Hil-LiL) Thanx for the times Guys) Remem Party (1 26 85) Cape Cod 84 85 (BB) Scav Hunt tipouta Here Go House Summer of 85 (SH) TRACK (Good Times) my stupid knee!! thanx Mom Dad David Hoyt Michael Lotti REMEMBER STEPS, good Friends, work. Long Live Rock. Future Plans. Class one Liscence Wendy. I ' ll Never Forget this Place. But I ' ll Try. THANKS for everything Mom Dad. I ' ll Always Love you Wendy F. D W 12 YEARS OVER YEA! REM STAR CREW. WALNUTS AXLE + CAPE. XMASS + NEW YEAS MEM. SCAV. HUNT + APP. PICK. P.P. wagon, cin sign. NH CH + CH Good Friends Nick Rib Mill DL DD KT DD TC THANKS MOM + DAD + RICK Laurel Hoyt Nancy Lund Every day should be an awsom memry. MB LP AD LM JM DE JP LD RG KF THANX Ma Dad Family The future is ours LP! Amaro80-84 it was educational. Friends are 4-eva! LETS BLOW IT OFF LM JM Never forget best Friends TD, KO. SPS trips NEW J, NEW YORK. BW ' S ENG CLASS " 84 " PARTYS AT SULLY ' S. TOUR " 84,85 " dorms AT WW. GOOD TIMES WITH TD, KO, LM, JD, LS, KB, KS, AG, SH, LP, MS. THANKS MOM, DAD, FAMILY 1 LUV YA Kristen Ioanna Chuck Lynch ALW REM KF JB CR DL RG UMA W LD US Cheerin DL-B F F Moe Larry Curly 4 eva! Thanx RC Gang at steps Cape-85 Fizik AJA! Bermuda AEROSMITH Luv U Ma, Dad, Jen Bunnies BL-Mom Said NO MORE HICKEYS! ALL MY NEW FRIENDS ESP R D. DO SP. Persons JP JW LOTT 84 NH X-mas Va 84THE STRIP Revere Beach THE Mad Monte s of 85 in me my Lott THANKSgiving 85 NH X-mas Va 85 Daniel Jackson Bonnie MacAskill Never Forget DH BK JB LB PP JH KB SW AO Junior Prom Good Times, Sking in N Conway Water sking Boating in Beverly Special Thanks to P.F. Severance Trucking Thanks for everything Ma Dad Class 86 1 ALWAYS REM: SJ in PRY, SLV, No sleep on B, Plum Is., BR, KATHYS, BIKINI, 1 cate, SAT nites, BER 86, GOOD TIMES with: BW MM MH SA DS LF LP GL TM, Love and THANKS TO: DAD MOM ANNE STEVE BECKA Eileen Jordan Susan MacKay Good X ' s-KK LL MJ JS CD, CU-boys Cheer-84- SV CA TS KW DC, Adm. Rem: Ogun, Me. IRE. Bermuda-86 FUN: Tar-Lyn Best X ' s Dawn: F-burg, 3amL J, Jrdanc, CC-85, TON-NH Chucky: Jan-85: Lazy days-TV Chow. M D-Col Kim Meg miss U Pat NEVER 4-GET the great times with MP " Q " , SC, LL, MF, JM, BG, LA, MD, SB, HA, AF, SS, PC, JH, my best friend Lisa V. Always Remember " SR " , JT. LOVE AND THANKS TO MOM, DAD, MAU- REEN, KAREN, EILEEN. Karen Kelly Julie Mahoney To the good times + the bad + good friends: Paula, EC, 2DW, PH, MD, GP, KS, JD, BB, LP, LM, DS, JF, Bud ' s + Jnt ' s, Steps, B. Hill, B.way, Liz ' s, Gayl ' s, + KS ' s. HOUS, cruisin, Jr. Prom, 1 MADE IT, PARTY Great Friends: BA + M, S + Q, M, A, M, L. Never lose Touch! Maine, Paul, Wing. Is this really it? 7 23 83-FACE, SP-4 85, 2 wks w B-8 85, Mdnt Fistfight-Lodge. Good luck B + G! I ' ll miss u both. j Love u M + D. Bound 4 sun!! Christie Kostinden Helen Malonson The Great times at NH The Bud men 3WEB Fin DM SG EGG FC DS Buzz Sweetleaf 10 s Fest Potsie got a buzz yet on should 1 really so tell me 12 guage ski weekend Thanks alot M A 2 DAD 1 finally did it. SKYNYRD 1 FLB CANDY STORE LIMO HEINE ' S BETTE ' S HOUSE SUNDAY ' S NOON AT IC5th PER. STUDY MORNING SESSIONS " JOHNNY " SUMMA VACA GL FLA + CHUB + K THE VANLATE NITE TALKS SD KA JB SM CC SN JG WK AL LG BW JF CC JB THANX MA + BB Michael Kushaksi David Marasca Bumper to Bumper with DA DD PY AF FOREVER NORWOOD ON THE WAY TO CANADA BUBBA, POL, THE CASTLE IN PENNSOSO AND KOOCH GET BEST NOISEMAKERS AWARD. THANX NICHOLS. PARTIES WITH CIVIS. HAPPINESS IS PAM, FAMILY + FRIENDS. NVFGT NH PENN, Cape, THE SHED. ES SG CK DW MF JS FC KB DS-Pass the radio NF CRASH The Pipes with PD 3-24-84 EGG LIP POTSIE THANKS MOM + DAD FOR EVERYTHING YOU GAVE ME Peter Lakin Joanne Marchese THANKS BUBBA AND TS RB ML PA BR KM For Being in the BRC! TS and ML Remember those fun WO ' S! THANKS LMISG and TC For The Vic. THANKS JH SW TS ML AND KC For Being There. NEVA 4-Get the Good times w DF (Spaz). Frnds SH, NB, JM, AF, MF, LP, CH, BH, SM,. 7 21 What a nite. Italy-85 ' the sun. Can uKim? NEVA 4-Get ULS. BEST OF LUCK CLASS OF ' 86 ' ! Thank u Andrea Lamantea mom 4- dad lucy, Victor, Mario, 1 LuvUH Always Remember, Good X ' s w MB, DD, LM, DL, JB, CR. Canoeing, skiing, at Mel ' s, UMass, Yale, BU, BOSTON PKD at UOH, BK at R and gulf w gang. NY Eve 85 ' w MB, DL Hampton w LM Wrights Pond Sum ' 85. Steve Marulli Remember summer of " 85 " ; Good times at RB, NB, " SLICK " ; Good times at the Palace; Great times with FC, RA, RM, remember " GrapA-flashbacks " !; fc class of ' %; Good times at J+-SPROM with Lillian LaRosa LB + KS LOVE YA ALWAYS MOM + DAD VB TEAM-HIL, MEL, NOR, LIS, GLEN, BECK, RACH, KEL, SUE, LOUDBUNCH! HOOP TEAM-PEGS RULE, ENDLINE? HIL, AL, BOB, LIL — PARTIES? ALL 4 1 + 1 4 ALL! FRIENDS FOREVER HIL. LICENSE? MDC, Scoop? MH it spins. TENNIS w Mary + Sue M. Paul Maxwell " The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye, the story of love is hello and goodbye, until we meet again " Hendrix: never 4get: BD RC PWK Smmm Lsteps Maine Thanx mom dad glenn Lynne Lebiecki Craig + Lauren 1 Love You all SB I ' m glad you were there for me. KC you are a good friend. 1 had some great times with MM, CM, CC, BL, + RS in Chelsea. I ' LL never forget you SB + the interesting times we had + will still have. Anthony McDonald This year is a happy year and a sad year to graduate from Senior High school some senior are happy Renee LeBlanc and sad to graduate from High school This year was a good for the senior. 1 like to thank all my teachers for being kind to me and 1 wish them luck in the future. Linda McKenzie ; Michael Ledwith TR AX82-86 GOOD TIMES RMDA IN PARTY B-FRND PF JR RD CUZ " JUICED " 4-yrs GL " GOOD TIMES " JR PROM LRD WF GDPF POOL SKN DIP 1 LOVE U ROY NICE EYES " IBTC " LATE NITES VH:74-85 " ZOSO " JUX SUX VH 1 ALWAYS FEATHER PLTST CPV EDDIE AN JIMMY LM: ISG- STRIDER- TACO " 86 " " What? " THE STEPS? CLAMATOHEY MOM + DAD! YOU KNOW WHAT THE BEST THING ABOUT IT IS? ... . DOING IT ALL OVER AGAIN!-TD DRIVE INS " 83-61584-NO THANKS MOM + DAD AND GOOD FR Andrew McIntosh Keith G. Lethbridge RAMBO CONROY THE SOVIET UNION, MEN LIKE ML, PL, TS. AND TOM! FRIENDS LIKE EM, SM, BD AND CM. THE PATS 85 86! THE CELTICS IN 84! SPARTANS SOCCER! JV vs BELMONT. THE 1 HOPE TO SOMEDAY MAKE MYSELF KNOWN IN WHATEVER 1 DO AND BE GOOD AT IT RADIATOR AND A GUY JIM ROMANO! THANKS MOMnDAD Marie Limone Jennifer McMaster JJS CONV RED ROSES! THE FIERO KID! PIZZA W C + T ARNE GLOUCESTER. ALMYS W LM. NF SABRINA THANKS MOM + DAD 1 LOVE U. AUG. 20, 1985. 1 LOVE U EDDIE. ALWAYS + FOREVER TRUELY-SABRINA DONT FORGET THE RENTACAR! GTW LM SP 2DW PH JD BB LH MB LI ZM MM DC GJ TN Va 4get sumR 84! PARTYS! NHS + SGANG MDYW? 25 t " V " trips by REILLYS-NYe 86 BAGGED! ITTSWWI? CADDY SMASH RTE TRUANCY nut your on the curb!! Good Luck every 1 THANKS MOM + DAD LOVE U! 33 Lisa McNulty GT WJ MS P2DW LH CB LIZJ DB BP HJ TDJ. AXP8485 " PARTY " MDYW! NV4get 1-18-86 " TRUAN- CY " 25 t " Im getting dismissed and Im comin over! " DETENTION NYE 86 BAGGED!! CADDY SMASHRTE! Im going solo, you comin? THANX MOM I DID IT!! Laura McQueen THANKS MOM + DAD! I ' LL ALWAYS REMEMBER A.B., K.L., and D.A.! CARNIVAL BALL, BOOGIE WOOGIE. STUDENT TEACHER ' S ACCENT, MR NEWTON. THANKS ABES. 4 YEARS IN S.C. MR. MUCICA. U.S.M.C.-ED. GOOD LUCK KEITH! Jim Melkonian PLAYING GAMES GOLLY-THIS PLACE IS REALLY NEAT! RED MOTORCYCLE ONE-ON-ONE DOOM! GUITAR BLUES. CIGARSAND 7-11 GET ACTION! T.L. UP IN THE BURNING BLUE. YOU ' RE THE PIANO MAN FAMILY IS FIRST Ann Milia MICHELOB LITE 4 THE WINNERS JOKER! TO THE PRINCESS SORRY YOU DID NOT 86 MAKE IT KEMO 1GOOD FRIENDS YOU KNOW WHO UARE DD + DC BEANPLAY SOME BASEBALL ROLL ' EM NROLL ' EM FAT THANKS MOM YEA-HA Michael Minotti Marty ' s Bash Hampton 81-85 stone arena FRINTSs MINIB ' s at my house SBF lexing AT BH BMT ' s load at RESS LEPPA TREC BBQ Lisa I LY NOV 2384 Bedpost steps ERT + Bernie Bermuda 86 PROM GOOD times SW pup JNAM PAPBBK JSSMB MDMC SCAV HUN + THANX Ma Dad Ed Vaughn Misail I ' d rather be at the Hotel California. The Terminator lives. Debate " In what respect?! " Quebec- montreal-Back in the USSR. Norwood!! Math Team (The big zero) Thanks to my family, friends, and Eagles. Lisa Montalto Trax-82-? Good frends ur BEST Condo MT. Park-BASH! Reserv SFGran NH12 5JEK " KANDY " ADB-JO! Bud + J18 WPOD 4 RT THANK U go 4 YA S25P-FLOYD-1 Jprm Cmpr DHP ILUVULD AZ MCAH TIFLPI ZEP CLOSETJH BeanBAB Rl SUMA TIME BLUZ Tom Muller Thanks Maggie D., Beverly S., Mr. Rowell + Ma, Dad + LC for making my 2nd senior year complete. Michael Nicoletti TIS FINALLY OVER. HERE ' S TO STAR CREW. PETE ' S SOUNDS + THE CAPE " LAUGH IT AWAY " Who shive a git. SIGN TIME. HAMP. GMBY REMEMBER-The other one, ML RIB DS DL KT SW, THANX MOM, DAD, AND ANDREA Tracy O ' Brien WILL- NEVER- FORGET- SUMMER- 85- MANSON- st.- BEACH- 4th- July- smoky- TJ+Bandit- NASTY- GIRLS- MONEROSA- MOTO -OH- WELL- T- Didnt- EVEN- SEE- IT- love- ya- MA- DAD- FAMILY- CC- PB- BS- JM- CM- FP- BRONCO- + MASCOT BLTYO Debbie Olsen FRIENDS: D + DW, LAMB, GP, BUFFO, GABE, NUT, LYNNEPA, KK, TP, MB, JO, LIZ, SUE, KC, CP, LQ PARTIES: BW, Steps, GP ' S BH. THANKS For the Good Times Grad: Class 86. FAV: SIS Susan DADand Becky I LOVE YOU. Thanks! Dennis Omelanchik Great Times at JOHNS CAMP IN 83. TWIN mt 84. Rocco do you know what were doing. John is that you MB . DO FOREVER " MELISSA I LUV YOU. Poopy Burmuda Awsome RD JW BL CW DM THANKS MOM AND DAD I MADE IT Scott Osborn Never forget the God! Never forget the lOOline page! ACYIKAC! Never go to Wolf! Eizzo! Never forget French 5! The community coke, and the games we played. Never forget the hockey, Merlican and Clarence Paul Pacious Guess what I made it DAD! P.P. + D.M. B.R. + P.P. THE J.D. Brother ' s The steps 1 Rock-n-Roll all night MOTLEY CRUE S.M.-n-P.P. party at THE shack! To Mom! Thanks for helping me! Fells Bash smoking in the boys room Jeff Paglucia Neva Forget: summer of 85 w Janet, Revere, Jr. scavenger Hunt, Jr. Prom w MA, SJ 85 w THE GUYS, BS 11-4-83 w SW BF ' s SW GL SH JP BW JC Thanks to MOM + DAD Special thanks to Janet 8-11-85 1-4-3! Stephen Pallotta HERES 2 THE GOD X ' S w The HORROR CRUE CSP MJ PG MM MC SC ML DP DS AJ AJ OS OP BWK FLANS SPR The Bush Hamma Wkends Green Buds What happened last night? The Fort RLJBJH mushroom Land 12strings Quest Thanx MA + DAD Sabrina Passanisi JJS Conv crush on TC FINALLY 9 17 Red roses Pizza w C + T ARNF GLOUCESTER NF MARIE, LM, JM LITTLE TALKS thanks Ma + Dad I Luv U. BEST TIMES with TONY DONT FORGET 4 years your the only one I LOVE YOU. Jen Pecora Good friends. DE LP RG LD LD MT AD LH CR KT DL MB KD JF HA MP TON 85 Star alright NYeve jr + sr prom Deb, Remember our m + m bet! We Won! Caps Handicaps: gnowstar Xmas party warmcup sacoriver Keibasa 55s Love you Dad Mom, Jodi + Jason Lori Pignone RG AD LH LT DE JP LC DC MB KT JT MD MF KR MT Chaga Xmass Prty NYE Hedges + Benson, JRP stuff DOC WRF4 THE POWER, TN JC K J GH PD DU KM SP Prts MY HOUSE SKINED KNEES Nghbr, - 185 K LOVE YOU MOM DAD SDRL Cheryl Pollack MEM: 317 AYLOAYDAM? CPL SC NY515 DADS HOME! LQ MLMG MSCB WFJK KODO JRPROM WHIPPLEAVE NF1 1 2W MD JOANNE THANKS FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE! DS + DS BEST OF TIMES ARE STILL TO COME! " K " -EV LOVE YA MA DAD BILLY + BRIAN Leianne Porter NEVER FORGET: seal, tess, salty, KE, AG, EW, NL, FS, SH and summer of 85. Electricution, California 2 BA ' s concerts, DIP cheese-corn LA Lane, C.C. MOM + DAD + FAMILY, I LOVE YOU. THANKS. Lisa Powers NEVA 4GET: ML FROSHYR LWSR CRUSH KWLN 3-4-83 KATY KMDES JLKBob SIMPLONGJON GUATA Grizzlyrun Briggs, FH Hoop sftbl 4 24 SUMMERS at BOW LAKE Matt I LOVE U. SUE my bud, I miss U Pal, ALL MY LOVE MA + DAD. Lisa Previdi Good friends U No Ho U R UMAS TRAX 83 PPark R U dizzy when U R S -ned? WPODELH DHP WHYTES SHROOMS +CID Budlites ILY-MMLines G04 Bab concerts SF ' s Granada 2 N.Y. YEEE- HAAA WE ' VE done it Love ya Ma Dad + faimly Lisa Quinlan GOOD TIMES W KR CP CB JK WF PS But I can ' t go home yet DAD ' s HOME DASHBOARD much 0 my head NYE 515 summer 85 CPL Great times ahead S + Z-thanx FTV Kal. Bermuda " I luv you Mom + DAD " you might go out tonit Brian Rabinovitz REMEMBER THE GOOD X ' S Rvre Bch The Palace BETH THE f-men + Sophomores The MOUSSE and wet look Rem NewYr and the Duster Scotti Protects the money sup! Dip " smartypant " Rem Cherrys an I ' ll Have a HEINEKEN! GL-86 Kim Racioppi Paul I Love You 11-27-84 Sneaking " PARTYING " BAPBAH CCR + ZEP Getrin, Thugs-BR + DS B friends: CRLDLQ esp. BS-USED MISERY: Breaking the ola Record huh? I Made it PM Rudeness - Thank You Love Ya MA + DAD Kim Regan Friends LP CQ LQ LC LT JF MDknights summer 85 san Jose wCQ LQ Kal 18Bday CP CN Yours forever + Thanx for all out great X Un. Dont Bruno miss you DAD + MOM you both made me what I am today " Ez Big Guy " DEB Robert Regan THE GOOD YRS ARE GONE GREAT SUMMERS 83 84 IHOP YOU PAY GOOD FRIENDS DC SB KR LP GREAT TIMES with SPARTAN Football Hockey and baseball useless CARD GAMES GREAT PARTY TIMES alwys rmbr so127 TNKS MOM DAD I LOVE YOU ALL, ESP. NANNA Cathy Ricupero Good X ' s w JB MB DD KR Kl RG LD QA LP + GANG BBird MSno-MEL JPEAK Italy OOB DDCOt- tage UMA CAnoeing " Rollin ' ' SUM85 PBags naybaHd-82 XC TRACK: DAJH BT DF KS JP KS TB MD . . . " LDG " Bos GRADT-85 fizik LUV U MA DAD EDABrel Tim Roberts NEVER Forget the SEALS, BG, RS, MC, DM, MH, BR, DO, JW. ALWAYS REMEMBER the " ARK " AND the " clasic. " BYF with KK, KA, KA, D + D, LM, LC, JO. Bermuda with R, B, M, M + D. JP with KA. DRINKING COKE with BOB. NEVER FORGET YOU MT. Chuck Rotondi 1 WISH TO THANK THE NAMES BELOW WHO SUPPORTED ME. I LOVE YOU ALL. CHARLES S. ROTONDI, ANNE ROTONDI, AUDREY HOWLEY, NANA ROTONDI, MIKE ROTONDI, JAMES HOWLEY, JIM HOWLEY, EDEE, BYRDN, JOAN, FRANSIS, DOLLY, AND ALL COUSINS AND FRIENDS Brenda Sackett ILYMULLYF 11-18-83 Mul ' s SR PROM " PARTYING " Best friends: " The Patrol " KC PB KM JM ML MF TO GOOD ole times wl JH KW LC MB The ole clinwkr HAMPTON 85 Limo cocktails WJC Redmens L + P ' sapt. 50c DECAII LOVE U MA + dad Tan + Rick-Thanx John Savino Green 98 Neva FG MF SB DC MD I Like it BR BN DS DM LtoDWSB Skipper FWPOW CWMD + MC Elct 1 GSO BUBBAC LUB CRB HAMB AP RIJF RECP TFTATCAL GBSLPTBP BBH SLEDIN MMP StkwJR JODI 6 14 85 FBALLS SH THANKS MA + DAD Mary Scalisi Never Forget: LOU Bos cuz KE AG NL SH BA6 27 9 17 SUMMER of 85 CALIFORNIA electricution cheese corn dip LA lane BRadlees Hampton Thanks Mom, DAD, C + M I LOVE YOU Robert J. Scannell By ALL, to the STAR CREW, CAF. MAJ BOS. X-MAS + NEW YEAR, SCAV. HUNT, APLEPIK PPWA- GON, TOWNIE, SPENCER, DECA-NARCON, WKFIELD THE SIGN, NH, CH + CH, LOVE-SPIKE MILHOUS, SPIT, NIK, DL, DD, MD, CM, TC, ESP. KATHY, DAD, MA + FAMILY Nancy Selander Thanx MOM DAD AND DKS! YOU ' RE THE BEST CUZ! MEMORIES . . . TED ' S CAPE COTTAGE, QUEBEC, MONTREAL, PATS PEAK, JPDW, BRUINS SUBWAY, CWT, MANOR-NEVER FORGET KT: CINEMA GANG! LOOK OUT COLLEGE! HERE I COME! Dennis Shea Neva 4GET WBeach-PCRDMP NYE Best Friends: JS RD MP MD CU MC LG COD-FEstaks MtSno NNGFMB: Lil Friends BA Heather 3 17 85 Rem: 7-5-85 Plum Isle NH Labor Dy Wknd thanx for good X ' S ENGJR YR " sum-85 " Luv To MOM + DAD + SIS Robert Silk Cripes! Seals MCTR JW BR BG DM MH SED + MED CM Pete ' s Tom ' s Winky TONY! Hi ANN. Tastes Great whiff it GTO ARK flybug ZEP M-M-M-MAC wetfish snoopy rock sledding Nuhncee Cheese Scrapings 3M + M Green Novas Evan Silvestro (Eggie) Memories w GP, MP, LP, RC, Cape. Best friends, AS, DM, SG, CK, DW, MG. Stone. Lumber. Almost forgot coco. Budman. GreenBud Eggie loves Gayle. Painting GP ' S room. Where ' s my teeth cape. Love ya Mom + Dad + Family. Lori Ann Silvestro Best Friends 4-Eva LISA BUFF DEE NAGS-LS AA TH CP LA, Cape Escape, the Mauis, the Mary ' s Segar Coffee VT. Bently-Fla. Thanks Jesse The Normans David LY Thanks Mom Dad + Family I Love You Gram + Pa. David L. Silvia M.G. Sorry For The Grief Thanks Mom and Dad C.P. Take good care of your self B.S. Good Luck Scavenger Hunt Sadd G.V Best of Friends B.M. I owe you one To the most important Doreen I Love You Always Don Simpson Neva4 Get DA PC CW SB MD BL JO DC EJ POW BR JS KR CHARLMONT 1 + 2 NYE 83-85 JR Dance 93 BA U2 BeachTrip HAMPTON S SCAMP 1 ScavHunt FLASH BETTY 6 25 85 Thanks Mom Dad Amy Paul Jim James Smallcomb " Its not over yet " teamen 880p-vault hacky 4 RD MD DS NN JH JT PC jello NYE85-SC x-country zumahman Booger Flashback commandos jr. Prom wBeach Kramer Orville 9-26-85 Lisa Jake jr. Thanks Mom Dad Jay Jake Judie Joyce John Stephanie Smith No 1 can make u feel inferior w o your consent. Recall 17 party, sailing on NF, SQUEEZE- Help!, Big Shoe Dance, climbing Mt. Wash, HMUML Thanx-Zia, L, EC Sardinia 84. In USSR! B HILL! jevou- saime-Mom, Dad, Mel, Cin, Jen David Sorabella Good Friends; Chris, Marg, The Russian, Dave, BR, MPGood Luck, Hockey 3yrs, KAREN: Proms, Twirp, Cape, 1 29 85, summer 85, Thanks Mom and Dad couldn ' t have done it with out you!! Lee Johnny Dangerously 86 John Sousa First day of school at the " Dump " Summer ' 85 " The island and cliff. " The pigz JB, AG, KG, DH, EH. The blazes at the " steps " New Years eve at AG ' s. Chug-a-lug at " The House. " Aerosmith concert. Amy Tatian Memories: Europe-83, Washington-85, cccp-86; the Loveboat, " I ' ve got dis much " Liza! Morrissey- Meat is murder! track, RedStone bus, " Show them your coat " Are these really the best years?! Thanks Mom, Dad!! Kathleen Tierney Good x ' s w DC CD DE JP + Gang Hampton 25 t proms twirp breakheart Bud Never 4-get SSS + DDD w DC + AD sniff hey cutie chugging stake outs w CD Never 4-get DD 1 1 86 Lu Dave I Always Love You Dad . . +Mom! Lisa Mae Titcomb B-friend, TESTA Friends for life: JT MD LP LC KR JV, Thanks Mr Mrs. P. LYAEJP ICFYEB! 9-6, 1-29 ChopChop, OHMY HEAD! Take one its free! Really! OILWBPJ, cutiepie! TFEJTCODIWYTJM Thanx: Mom Family: In Memory of Dad Nancy Trevor GTWGF: KIM, BOO, JG, PP, BD, KP, RC, SG, MA, GD, RS; xo2 Tom-llu, Apr. 12 + h-85-SSMLT! " Cacoon " " oh my " Palace; thiss-! Rotary!!!! " wabbits " , B.K.- " 106 " : Thanx and Luv 2 Mom, Dad, Mike, Kris, Brian, G-Ma and G-Pa!!!! Marie Elena Tringali B-friends LDCD Good xs w JC LP KT JP DE AD RG LH LD skiing, canoing jellybns-naband jr. prom- JMYT F + NA nites " you know " hmpt parkin a bet Cape-Krash?! Are we havin fun yet? Luv ya Mom Dad Michelle Stacey Christopher Umana The zteam + coach al co-racing in the streets the z StickBall with DE NL GT OG HB AK JDS The Cape with Lisa-Jane classes with EJ In Memory of GrandPa-Whats New? ILove you Mom, Dad, Pops + Nana GoodBye SHS. Elaine Vasilopoulos I ' m so tired! Big Shoe Dancing-picos at MCD ' S! HMUN Fire N, J, S! UBYO + The Bar Chase 7 85- Quebec 84-u r my Ham-Young Ones-We Need 2 Dates. T w RAJNEESH. Greece 80: I wrote it!!! Fid Spit -Good Luk 2 All!! Lisa Venezia " O My God, I Can ' t Believe I ' m Here " " Summer 85 " movies w LA, JS, RD, MP, MD at PC ' s House! Sue My Best Friend! Bermuda! VB-States, B-Ball? LRE = Friendship, Lew, Mom + Dad Thanx, I Luv u Scott Wallace The room, Cape, Revere, origGIc crew. Goodbye to cinema daysBF ' S-Jim, Spikerib, Vigor, NickRab, Mike, Spit Jap, Pete. Thanx Mom, Dad + Even Bill. Special Thank-you to Laurie who made it all Bearable! 6 483 Bridgit Ward Winchester Hosp. Ala carte morns, with: KB, JR Turas, Diet off. Dawna week ends. Pa and MW Calm Down! Fri w Liz for lyn. Science class 3 Virginia winter (M!J.S) Cape Cod PN fire RYN!! Luv u Mom Dad and Sisx3 Kathy Ward Nostalgia: DC w Amy, Stan Kap an-for higher scores ... up yours! Penn UN, I should ' ve sent E M. a card! being home by 1 1 on New Years, There ' s something about a train that ' s magic! Thanks M + D Becky Wells Always rem: Times with Bon, Mich. Car, Dit, Mar, Georg; Amy, Erk, VBTM, SJinPry, SLU, 1st yr CDaching, Dits, NoSleep on " B " , Dreams, CCC with MH, Diets, Thanks Dad Mom, Rich, KC, B Kristen White Neva 4Get Good Times w MB LC JC DC EJ KC LP JH BS KC Cheer In 84 edets-me. 8 3 84 PTYS: PI TM UL SG UM SB DAY 9-12 MBD ' SCADDY MINIB ' SGTW CLSTODGO 5 25 NevaHPND NICKS HAMPTON 85 DPDPWADM METFRI RD Thanx 4Me MS lly MA, DAD, PAUL, STEVE, PAT Debbie Williams GTW BB ols nut Gabe JD KP Sue PH KS KC GP TP MB LC KS SM 1 Sis Donna Grt Ptys at Steps Pit CP Sum ' 85 Cruisin ' Revere Bch No Berries Dunkin ' Crew! agrvtrs CW DS DA PC BL! Good Luck Guys Thx Ma + Dad Luv Ya! Donna Williams GTW BBLAMBTD Gabenut KP LC DW GP OL SK ST PM BP AK KC SG JD EB ert CWDS Theres something in it Gabe! Great Pty ' s at GP ' S house CPsteps B-way Bearhill Sum ' 85 I Love You Jay 7-4- 84 GD Luck Class of 86 Thanks Mom + Dad I Love You Charlie Wing Best Friends JO, PC, DA, DS, RL, SB, MD, RD. Never 4Get NYE 83 , 84, 85. Charlmont 1 + 2. Pit82. Dawn Oct 26, 84. 93 ex Blazer wak, lyf, sleddin Dunkin crew DW2, BB, LC. Jr. Dance with PC Eggin. Dart " 86 " Thanx Mom + Dad John Blout Maximum PB CL JG JH KL GH RL Fort Stooges via condions Mule Train Enok Fungazi Twist Terror Train Saturday Night ' s rehearsal parties Keel Icon THANX to MA DAD Family for putting up with the noise! Tony Gorgone MEM: Steps, Tree Fest, Cliff, Rec Beach, JRs Howz Frnds: Pigz, Muc, Mac, JR, MM Any Bud Man. Fball Family 85. Wouburn Wakefield ED ' s Shirt. T-Court Chase. Smith 84, 85, 86 Bud n No. 7! Barnical Bill Thanx Ma Dad Kevin Yianacopolus Jennifer 824-84 BF-MN, B-WAY-MS BJ BM GW JC JM: HAMP85 Joe Parties-Nicks Tina, I ' m Pssed! What it is? GIDPAN 50yd Wharf pub meat wagon B-BALL w mnmsjs F-BALL w BR LH MF PD JC KJ MN BC AG SB MM CU BesIG, N P THANKS MOM DAD Mark Percy Neva 4 get: PC(Banta), SC, AF, SM. Dates: Jan 12, Feb 18, Nov 19 " Summer 85 " WOW?! 1st Luv SB(Little Bear). LFE = stinky. Beach D N ' s! Can ' t 4 get LOUD BUNCH or Dweeb. -Seemed like a lifetime Thanks Mom . . . for everything 35 1st row: C. Kerns, P. Fitzger- ald, K. Burke, L. Millan, E. Danico, K. Alexander, K. Doyle, M. Maccuish, L. Pat- terson, ). Mayo, K. Hunter 2nd row: D. Reynolds, K. Al- exander, T. Berry, D. Doyle, A. Surette, M. Devlin, D. Mottola, K. Terilli Advisor: Mr. Endslow Drama Club Dance Club 1st row: J. Marchese, K. Doyle, ). Bonaiuto, L. Pettersen, K. Larson, J Patalano, K. MacKay 2nd row: C. Lawrence, L Saccoccio, K. Alex- ander, D. Doyle, S. Nichols Missing: A. Cia- marra, M. Doucette Advisor: Mrs. Caruso Theatrics AN INDUCTION TO HONOR SCHOLARSHIP LEADERSHIP SERVICE CHARACTER Richard Rotondi awarded Mr. Fillback an Honorary Membership 42 The Spartan Chorale sang " The Best of Times ' THAT ' S ENTERTAINMENT The 1986 Carnival Ball was a spectacular presentation of the various per- forming arts. Song, dance and drama characterized the night ' s festivities as Stoneham High ' s array of talented youth entertained and enthralled the sold-out auditorium. Memories of Holleywood greats were revived through the abundance of energies among SHS ' s individual and group performances. This year ' s Carnival Ball adhered to Stoneham ' s tradition of elegant pageantry while providing a unique addition to the senior class ' s treasure chest of memories. Below from left to right: Reigning over the festivities were Mark Drew, King of Carnival Ball and Lisa Powers, Queen of Carnival Ball. Seated is the royal couple with their atten- dents: (front row) Rhonda Greenhill, Dawn Chiofilo, Mary Frongillo, Lori Sylvestro, Kris- ten White, (back row) Shannon Cahill, Ann Fionda, Julia Mahoney, Christine DiCarlo and Suzanne Bears. The ushers to the royal court were: (middle row) Mark Percy, David Corso, John Savino, Frank Vigorito, Scott Baron, Charles Wing, Christopher Umana, Mark Ferraro, David Marasca and Robert Bruno. 1986 CARNIVAL BALL Above from left to right: The royal court waltzed to " Shall we Dance " from The King and . " Presenting Attendant Lori Sylvestro and her escort, Mark Ferraro. Above: " I Hope I Get It” " No show would be complete without the Grand Finale! " Right: Mr. Baberadt conducted the Jazz Ensemble in " Hot Lunch Jam " and " Birdland. " Below: The Spartan Chorale sets the mood with their renditions of " That ' s Entertain- ment " and the smash hit " Say You, Say Me. " Luis Millan and Betsy Granese lulled the crowd with " Africaine. " (right) Kelly Cronin, accompa- nied by her male escorts, strutted on stage singing " Material Girl. " (below) Judy Bain and Pam Fowley (far right) sang a beautiful rendition of " The Rainbow Connection. " Kris Alexander (right) stalked the stage with " Rum Turn Tuggar. " (Clockwise from top left): The band, Revolver, had people dancing in the aisles when they performed " Twist and Shout " from the Beatles era. Diane Doyle and Tom Berry perform " Separate Lives. " The Drama Club showed us the satirical side of enter- tainment with " Hollywood Heaven. " Kristen Larson, Denise Argiro and Laura McQueen, accompanied by )ohn Dean, had everyone swinging to " Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy. " (Clockwise from top left): Master of Cerimonies-Paul Christie. Kathy Doyle person- ified the 1920 ' s with her interpretation of " Sadie, Sadie. " Kevin Gallagher and Betty Capozzi moved the audience with " Forever, " written by former student David Powers. Chippendales?!? Master of Ceremonies- Vaugn Misail. The 1985 Stoneham football season was marked with frustration. This team, unlike the teams of previous years, was rich with talent. Although the team did not win many games, both the coaching staff and the players felt that they could have achieved a six and four record if it were not for three unlucky losses against Wakefield, Watertown, and Melrose. This team gained the respect of the entire Middlesex League and displayed a potential to be a primary contender in the 1986 season. Seniors: left to right- M. Minotti, J. French, ). Robinson, K. Yianacopolus, S. Baron, A. Guevara, C. Umana 2nd Row: R. Catanzaro, J. Savino, M. Ferraro, R. Colozzo, C. Rotondi, A. Gorgone vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. Concord Burlington Melrose Lexington Belmont Woburn Wakefield Winchester Watertown Reading 6-18 18- 15 2-8 14- 46 19- 15 26-21 20 - 22 15- 25 18-22 15-25 The 1985 Field Hockey Team was a group of hardworking individuals. The team had a desire to win not only on the field but off the field as well. Stoneham realized early in the season that the Middlesex League was the nesting ground for some tough teams, Wakefield, Watertown, and the Division I State Finalists, Melrose to name several. The highlight of the season was the win over Woburn. In the toughest game of the season, Stoneham proved worthy of such a win. The hard work, skill, and experience shined through, and Stoneham chaulked up a win. The head " HOUSES " , Katie Carr and Lisa powers provided firm leadership that the Stoneham team needed. 1st Row: Capt. K. Carr, Capt. L. Powers 2nd Row M. DeVito, M. Hall, B. Gallegher, M Frongillo, J. Mahoney, M. Carroll, E. Jordan, D. Campagna, C. Cutone, T. Cail 3rd Row: Coaches C. Carbone and C. Simpson, B. Hugo, K. Cutone, M. Christofi, M. Forbes, M. Zuk, M, Murphy, T. Leydon, A. Solomita, M. Hill, P. Pettway, K. Pettway FIELD HOCKEY If it is true that suffering defeat builds character, than the 1985-86 Stoneham Varsity Soccer Squad will be a team to remember. Under the leadership of first year coach, Joe Guarino, The Spartans plowed through a disappointing season and compiled a record of 1-13-4. Highlights of the season were a win over Melrose and a close loss to league powerhouse Winchester. Half of next year ' s team will be made up of returning veterans and if the team has half the character of this year ' s squad, the season promises to be a winning one. Left to Right: ). Hanley, A. McIntosh, P. Lakin, J. Smallcomb, M. Drew, R. DeFlumeri, D. Shea, C. Rosselli, S. Marulli, S. Greenleaf 2nd Row: Coach J. Guarino, P. Henriksen, ). Daly, B. Daly, ). Ciccariello, J. Hugo, M. Torres, R. Lotti, R. Mastrodicasa vs. Burlington 4-4 vs. Melrose 2-0 vs. Lexington 0-4 vs. Woburn 2-4 vs. Winchester 0-2 vs. Watertown 1-4 vs. Reading 0-6 vs. Burlington 0-2 vs. Melrose 1-1 vs. Wakefield 0-5 vs. Lexington 0-7 vs. Belmont 1-3 vs. Woburn 0-0 vs. Wakefield 0-6 vs. Winchester 1-7 vs. Watertown 0-1 vs. Reading 1-5 The 1985-86 Volleyball Team proved once again to be a successful and strong team. The team ' s consistent strength in both offense and defense earned them the Middlesex League Champion- ship. The volleyball team went into the state tournament and gave a good fight, but lost to arch rivals Chelmsford. Many seniors were part of this powerful team, including: H. Anderson, S. Bears, Capt. N. Cargill, J. Colvario, S. Hassard, M. Henriksen, L. LaRosa, M. Scalisi, S. Smith, and L. Venezia. Coach Barton and the girls should be commended on their stunning and triumphant performance. VOLLEYBALL 1st Row, I to r: R. Fabiano, C. Hickey, K. Carr 2nd Row: Coach Barton, B. Wells, Capt. N. Cargill, S. Bears, S. Smith, 3rd Row: H. Anderson, J. Colvario, L. LaRosa, M. Henriksen, M. Scalisi, S. Hassard, L. Venezia BOYS ' CROSS COUNTRY Left to right: N. Collins, R. Rotondi, D. Sorabella, Second row: Coach W. Fillback, M. Gudzevich, R. Pagliuca, J. Carroll, A. Martino, M. Sevier. The Stoneham Boy ' s Cross-Country Team had a rather disappointing season this year, ending the season with a 1-8 record. There were, however, many near misses, and the team was young. (Co- captains Neal Collins and Rick Rotondi and hockey star David Sorabella were the only se- niors.) The performance of Juniors Mark Sevier and Ron Pagliuca, and Freshmen Justin Meehan, Mike Gudzevitch, and Andy Martino, as well as the fine training of Coach Fillback, foreshadow many future victories. | CROSS COUNTRY CROSS COUNTRY Is! Row: K Seabury, D. Fuglini, Cap! C Ricupcro, L Anderson, 2nd Row: Coach W. Fillback, K. Scally, J. Powers, S. Ward, K. Trevor, J. Abbott The 1985 Cross Country turned in their best season ever, with only one loss of Wakefield. The leadership . of Cathy Ricupero, the team was destined for suc- cess. The top contenders in this years field, again, was Kristen Seabury and Danielle Fuglini. Kristen Seabury, once again finished 1 in the league and 2 in the state. The Northeast meet qualified Kristen for the National Meet in San Diego, which was to be held on December 13, 1985. We are certainly root- ing for Kristen. Many young runners started their first year as high school runners, we wish to see them in state compe- tition next year. 59 v GOLF r Left to right: Seabury, R. Piaseczynskl, M. Swan, Seabury, S, Murphy, ). McCuiggan, E. Whalen, M. Cann, D. Abruzese, Seabury, Coach R. Young. This year ' s golf team was only the second team in eight years to win a league championship. The ! team had a record of 7-1-1, with their only loss ; coming at the hands of a tough Woburn team. | Coach Ron Young capped off his five years as j coach with his first league championship, but he will not be returning next year, because of job ' opportunities in Florida. The whole team will be returning next year with high hopes of another Middlesex League Championship. The 1985-86 Stoneham High hockey team was a very young team. The team had great potential but little experience and struggled through the competitive Middlesex League. The Spartans, who only used three seniors regularly, were mis-matched by some of the more mature teams in the league. Being a team of the future, the Spartans, could only watch as four other teams qualified for the tournament. The season did not, however, go without some stellar perfor- mances. Juniors Jeff Corkum and Joe Ciccariello along with Senior captain David Sorabella were named to the North All-Star team. i HOCKEY ► Left to Right: Front Row: Bob Colozzo, Mark Skerry, Phil Carruci, Dave Sorabella, Bob Longmire, Jeff Corkum, Bob Vita. Second Row: Coach Richard Burnham, Asst. Coach Rich Jamieson, Joe Ciccarello, Mike Wesley, Mario Pantalano, Bill Hoyt, John Guida, Asst. Coach Bill Seabury, Asst. Coach Bob Carr. Third Row: Kevin O ' Connell, Glen Seabury, Chris Correnti Derek Abruzizi, Brian Seabury, Craig Seabury, Matt Cann 63 The Girls Basketball Team could be described as die hard. The basketball team of 1986 beat the best team in the league, Woburn, despite the effort, the girls finished with a 4-14 record. All. Star Lisa Powers provided firm leadership throughout the year, Combined efforts from the seniors, made the season memorable, a job well done!! GIRLS BASKETBALL fpi on 1st row; Lisa Powers. 2nd row; Coach. M. Forbes, G. Hickey, L. LaRosa, H. Anderson, M. Heinriksen, L. Venezia, T. Carroll, R. Fabiano, A. Solomita. v v The Stoneham High basketball season was marked with lustration. They achieved only three wins but played very close in all their games. The highlight of the season was an overtime win over Watertown with Senior Scott Baron scoring the winning points. Next season the team should be strong. . 0jf s . BASKETBALL Left to Right. Front Row: Kevin Yianacopolus, Bob Chase, Scott Baron, Paul Christie, Al Guevara, Back Row: Eddie Whelan, Steve O ' Niel, )oe Vitiello, Dan Doherty, Chris Benson, Mark Swann, Tom McNiel, Dave Pignone, Joe Micale, Coach Boyage. ’I ! The Stoneham High Winter Track Team did not quite mirror last spring ' s season of glory- the graduation of many of last year ' s greats somewhat slowed its momentum. But tri-captains Chris Umana, Neal Collins, and new-comer Mark Ferraro molded a team of mostly young and inexperi- enced athletes into a force that defeated or challenged much of the League- and one that promises to wreak some revenge this spring, as well. Left lo Right; Front Row: Rob Silk, Scott Wallace, Mark Ferraro, Chris Umana, Neal Collins, Mike Kushakji, Lenny Cebhard, John French, Rick Rotondi, Second Row: Bob Longo, Ron Ciulla, John Clayton, Mark Sevier, Joe Gerardi, Brian Daly, Ron Pagliuca, Matt Taylor, Mark Percy, Chuck Rosseli. Back Row: Coach Bob Powers, Scott Fields, Andy Martino, Scott Welman, Hideo Mabuchi, Chris Yancey, Mike Gudzevich, Coach Gerard Mahoney. 69 The 1986 Girls Track Team surprised many people at the Lexington cage. Last year the young team earned a 0-8 record. The hard work and determination of the 1986 winter team gave the girls a more winning record, 5-2-1 The strong coaching of Mr. Rocher and Mr. Mahoney put the girls a step ahead if the crowd. D. Fuglini, K. Seabury, K. Keegan, C. Driscoll, and K. Merikanto were the runners in the 4X440 relay, their expertise earned them the 1 position in the league. The girls received All- Star recognition and the top honor, All-State status. The highlight of the season was Kristen Seabury ' s win at the State Championship, she turned in the best time ever in the mile. D. Fuglini placed second. Congratulations to the 1986 Track Team. 1st row It. to rt.: B. Ward, Capt. M. Carroll, Capt. C. Ricupero, Capt. J. Mahoney, A. Tatian, K. Ward. 2nd row: K, Keegan, D. Fuglini, K. Seabury, M. Murphy, M. Zuk, S. Cuillila, K.. Doyle, L. Anderson, S. Ward, A. Cimmara. 3rd row: Coach G.. Mahoney, C. Driscoll, D. Ciarlone, L Robinson L. Cappuccio, Jane Powers, K. Scally, L. Kelley, K. Merikanto, C. Manuel, Coach A. Rocher GYMNASTICS The 1986 Varsity Gymnastic Team turned in their best season ever with a record of 9-2. Newcomer Tara Brady was an asset to, the team Tara earned All-Star status along with senior Machelle DeFlumery. Due to injury, senior Angela Duplin did not see too much competion time. With the critical loss of the more than valuable seniors, the underclassmen will have to work hard to fare well next year. GOOD LUCK!!! CHEERLEADING 1st row, Ift. to rt.; J. Sarno, H. McLean Capt. E. Jordan, K. Duff, Capt. C. Cutone, T. Woodland, K. Ioanna, 2nd row, D. Campagna, S. Cahill E. Trant, K. Sheehan, A. Eionda, L. Vogler, P. Eazio. Faceless Terror YEAR IN The year 1985-86 was like other years in that it wasn ' t like other years. The explosion of the space shuttle. Challenger, carrying the first teacher in space, shocked the nation and the world. Samantha Smith, the young American peacemaker, also lost her life in a tragic plane crash. Americans mourned the death of their heroines who embodied so much hope for the future of our nation. The nations of the world were plagued by terrorist attacks. An American was killed on board the hijacked ship The Achille Laurel. After Momar Kadafi threatened to launch terrorist attacks in the United States, the U.S. retaliated with a trade embargo. Through all this despair there was a glimmer of hope, especially for the starving in Ethiopia. Musican Bob Guildof organized the concert festival. Live Aid to raise money for famine felief. U.S. A. for Africa released the hit single “Feed the World " donating all their money to the Ethiopian cause. Musicians also came together to help the Mid-west farmers in the Farm Aid concert. REVIEW Bruce Springsteen " sang " praises to the American people in his top 40 album " Born in the U.S.A. " . New England celebrated the accomplishments of the New England Patriots, who made it to the Super bowl for the first time. Hollywood celebrated the unions of Christy Brinkley and Billy Joel, and Ma- donna and Sean Penn. Americans have always enjoyed many " fads " . The latest craze in timepieces was the colorful " Swatch " . This year Reebok sneakers tred all over the old favorite Nike. Coke tickled the taste-buds of Americans with Cherry Coke and New Coke. Classic Coke, however, was brought back by popular demand. " Miami Vice " started a new trend with its popular music and the colorful characters of Tubbs and Crockett. The trials and tribulations of 1985 are over now. We can look back on the events of the year with tears of sorrow and of joy never letting them blurr our visions as we look to tomorrow. Congratulations Class of 86, Good Luck and God Bless Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur ' s Court ADMINISTRATION Frank R. Matarese, Superintendent Thomas F. Ryan, Principal 78 Sandra Granese, Main Office Mary Appleyard, Head Secretary Annabelle Cashell, Athletics Irene Zibell, Main Office Maria Uzdavinis, Computers t H ENGLISH KATHLEEN BOWEN MARGARET PUFFER BEVERLY CRONAN EDWARD RUSSO NINA SENATORE RICHARD REED PAUL MUCICA PATRICIA NORELLI 80 JOAN L ' HEUREUX, SUPERVISOR FOREIGN LANGUAGES KIM AMOROSO PATRICIA NISCO ALAIN ROCHER IVANA GENTILE VERA KOMANOWSKI PAUL ATKINSON 81 STEVEN JACKSON LYDIA BREEN john McGuire JANET HANLEY JOHN KORNECHUK TOM CLEARY, SUPERVISOR SCIENCE RICHARD MONGEAU APRIL BUTTS HOWARD DIMMICK MH ANN O ' SULLIVAN CECIL WHITE, SUPERVISOR SHARYN SHARAF MATH ALBERT LANNI ANTHONY MARIANO TOM GRONDIN MICHAEL KENNEDY RICHARD BURNHAM 83 SOCIAL STUDIES DENIS MULVIHILL CAROLYN BANULIS J. PAUL WHITE WAYNE FILLBACK HENRY MARGARITA SUSAN VAUGHAN STEPHEN CONROY, SUPERVISOR JAMES ANDREOTTOLA 86 SPECIAL EDUCATION DONNA KELLEY ARMAND CALABRESE MAUREEN DOCKERY MELISSA ROBINSON JEAN CLIFFORD JEAN MCKENNA mary mckinnon FRANCIS JONES 86 s. INDUSTRIAL ARTS MARK FLANAGAN EDWARD MARTINEZ PATRICK O ' SHEA, SUPERVISOR WILLIAM DALY ( ANGELA PARKS WILLIAM LEUCI JOANNE GRAY GUIDANCE CAROLYN SOWLE, SECRETARY 89 ROBERT HOGAN, SUPERVISOR AGNES- RUMP, NURSE PATRICIA ELLEGOOD CHARLES RICHARDSON MICHAEL LAHIFF, HEALTH MEDIA PATRICIA DiPIETRO, LIBRARIAN PHYS. ED.: (Left to Right) Nicholas Padovani; Cynthia Carbone; John Fawcett, Director; Ma- ria Caruso; William Seabury CAFETERIA STAFF (L. to R.): back — Mrs. Elliott, Mrs. N. Gargano, Mrs. Estes; middle — Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Maffeo, Mrs. Viglietti, Ms. Termini, Mrs. Piasec- zynski, Mrs. DeCresenzo; front — Mrs. Pietrillo, Supervisor, Mrs. M. Gar- gano, Mrs. Highet. Missing from photo — Mrs. Fiore 90 Hillary R. Anderson Seems like overnight we see the world in a different light. Somehow our inno- cence is lost. But it ' s up to me and you to make our dreams come true. It ' s time to take our message everywhere. And if we can hold together, we can change the world forever. Jesse Andrews " There ' s a lady who ' s sure all that glitters is gold and she ' s buying a stairway to heaven. There ' s a feeling I get when I look to the west and my spirit is crying for leaving your head is humming and it won ' t go- In case you don ' t know, the pipers calling you to join him. " Stairway to Heaven- Zepp Paul Angelosanto " To many hands on my time; To many feelings; To many things on my mind. When I ieave I don ' t know what I ' m hop- ing to find, and when I leave I don ' t know what I ' m leaving behind. " Lisa Aniello " Have the courage to be different with- out being contrary— without flaunting your independence, the quality that makes us interesting, that makes us out- standing personalities, is the courage to be ourselves. " Cynthia J. Adams “Cindy " " Because you mean so very much. Because I need you so. Because your love has given me, The greatest joy I know. Because you ' re such a part of me. Of all I plan and do. It will take a lifetime just to show, How dearly I love you! " Thanks for everything Dadl Paula Nicole Albino " School days and teenage nights. Pondering thoughts-dreaming dreams- Coing to dances-devising schemes- Always remember, never forget. Graduation comes at last. And we reminisce about the past. Our high school days have been the best - - - Always remember, never forget. " James Aiello " Oh god of earth and altar. Bow down and hear our cry. Our earthly rulers falter our people drift and die. The walls of gold entomb us. The swords of scorn di- vide. Take not thy thunder from us. Take away our pride. IRON MAIDEN " I ' ll be back! " Lisa Alessi " IF YOU ' RE EVER GOING TO LOVE ME, LOVE ME NOW, WHILE I CAN KNOW. ALL THE SWEET AND TENDER FEELINGS WHICH FROM REAL AFFECTION GROW. LOVE ME NOW, WHILE I ' M LIV- ING; DON ' T WAIT TILL I ' M GONE. SO DEAR IF YOU LOVE ME ANY, LET ME KNOW SO I CAN OWN AND TREASURE IT. " I LOVE YOU ERIC, ALWAYS AND FOREVERI Janice Appleyard " Each man ' s life represents a road toward himself, an attempt at such a road, the intimation of a path. No man has ever been entirely and completely himself. Yet each man strives to become that. Each of us strives toward his own destiny. We can understand one another; but each of us is able to interpret himself to himself alone. Janice Annetti We will remember the good times and bad times we had. Then in the future we may look back and think of all our memo- ries we had done with our friends, and others. We may laugh at the craziest things we had done or had not yet done, and wished we had. But those were great to remember all our memories, and some still yet to come. Denise Argiro " I am an individual; my own distinctive self with my own identity. I am like a snowflake that is different from all others, with abilities and talents, emotions and opinions, ideals and beliefs-all shaped into a pattern never seen before. I am an individual, sensing quiet pride in my uniqueness. " Karen Armstrong History surrounds me and I wonder where I ' m going theres a cloud above me and it seems to hide the way I am going straight ahead cause its the only way I know I ' m gonna leave the past and leave just for todayl THE FIRM Douglas Avola And the kids down here Don ' t write nothin ' at all; They just stand back and let it all be. And in the quick of the night, They reach for their moment And try to make an honest stand. But they wind up wounded. Not even dead Tonight in jungleland. Bruce Springsteen Judith A. Bain ' ' Judy ' ' to mom and dad the bestest friends ever. " A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you today just the way you are. " Salon De Cafeteria. 93 Scott Baron " You don ' t know what we can see, why don ' t you tell your dreams to me, your fantasy will set you free. " Steppenwolf " Goodbye to all my friends at home, goodbye to the people I ' ve trusted. I ' ve got to go out and make my way. I might get rich and know I might get busted. " Steve Miller Suzanne Bears " I ' m just moving clouds today, tomorrow I ' ll try mountains. " Cassandra L. Beccia " YOUR OPINION OF OTHERS IS APT TO BE THEIR OPINION OF YOU. " B.C. FORBES, AS QUOTED IN READERS DI- GEST, SEPTEMBER, 1947 Nancy Ballotta " Tomorrow is a path I ' ve yet to choose it ' s a chance I ' ve yet to take, a friend I ' vi yet to make; it ' s all the talent I ' ve yet t use. Tomorrow is a dream that leads mi onward, always just a step ahead of me . . It ' s the joy I ' ve yet to know, the love I ' vi yet to show, for it ' s the person I ' ve yet tc be. " Julie Barnes " No matter how much you do, you ' ll never do enough. What you don ' t do is always more impor- tant than what you did. " " What you see depends on what you look for. " Mary Belmont " To overlook the little things in life is to miss the biggest part of life itself, because life is what happens while you are making other plans. " Daniel Balestrier David Balestrier Michelle Susan Bourque " Yesterday is already a dream. And tomorrow is only a vision, But today, Well lived, Makes every yesterday a dream ( happiness And every tomorrow a vision of hope. Patti Berg Melissa Brandt " Remember me as a sunny day that you once had along the way. Remember me with every song you sing. Remember me as a good thing. " D. Ross John (J.B.) Bishop If it ' s too loud, your too old!! John Blout " Give me a ticket on a jet airplane I ' m gonna take. I live my life in the fast lane- the only way to make itl " B.L. " But Baron, I only have 75t today. " Judy Boris L 95 — Robert Bruno Don ' t judge a man on how he dresses judge him on his personality cause every man is equal. Betty Bryant " Have the courage to be different with- out being contrary-without flaunting your independence. The quality that makes us interesting, that makes us out- standing personalities, is the quality to be ourselves. " Marie Bullock Carrie Burke " We ' re the ones that live it, we ' re ail real- ly free. And if they think that we ' re sick than sick is what we ' ll be. Scream it loud your what u r-be proud, u ' r and smf. " " How long I have wanted this dream 2 come true as it approaches, I just can ' t believe I ' m through " Twisted Sister Stephen Burse " Nothing is forgotten or forgiven when it ' s your last time around. I got things running round my head that I just can ' t live down. " Jackie Butts " Until the day came along, I used to just get lost, I only heard the things I wanted to hear, always seemed like no one cared, but then you took the turn. Now I look everything seems clear, you ' ve got me understanding " " It ' s better 2 look into the future and smile, than 2 look into the past and cry " Tammy Cail " And you will fly With your wings straight back to the sun, The dream is not over. The dream has just begun. " Shannon Cahill I live for today and wish for tomorrow. But I cherish yesterday for all I have re- ceived not only for my wonderful friends but the memories I have to look back upon to make me laugh and smile. Even the bad memories I do not wish to fix, because without the bad I would not fully appreciate the good. Jennifer Caliguri " If you need me call me no matter where you are no matter how far. Just call my name and I ' ll be there in a hurry and on that you can depend and never worry. You see my love is alive. It ' s like a seed that only needs the thought of you to grow so if you feel the need for company please my darling, let it be me. " Lisa Caporale " None so empty, as those who are full of themselves. " Betty Capozzi " Memories are lost in shadows. Life falls far behind. We are further ahead of our- selves and we can ' t make up for lost time. " Noreen Cargill " I bade men to tell me which in brief Which is fairer, flower or leaf. They did not have the wit to say Leaves by night and flowers by day. " Robert Frost Dawn Campagna " Remember the time we spent together. The days I bled forever. Remember the nights we stayed together. Whatever I do I ' ll still remember. " -Bryan Adams Kate Carr " Out on the road today I saw a dead head sticker on a Cadillac a little voice inside my head said ' don ' t look back, you can never look back. ' I thought I knew what love was, what did I know? Those days are gone forever I should just let them go but -Don Henley ' Monday morning syndrome. ' Charles Carroll " All records produced by companies Ha!! You think it ' s funny watch people turn rebellion into money CLASH Lisa Carroll " Do you know where you ' re going to? Do you like the things that life is showing you? Where are you going to, do you know? Do you get what you ' re hoping for? When you look behind you there ' s no open doors . . . What are you hoping for? Do you know? " -Diana Ross Maria Carroll " THAT IS THE MOST DIFFICULT THING OF ALL. IT IS MUCH MORE DIFFICULT TO JUDGE ONESELF THAN TO JUDGE OTHERS. IF YOU SUCCEED IN JUDGING YOURSELF RIGHTLY, THEN YOU ARE INDEED A MAN OF TRUE WISDOM. " (THAT IS THE MOST DIFFICULT THING OF ALL) THE KING OF ASTEROID 325 Teresa Carroll " Don ' t look so sad, I know it ' s over but life goes on and this whole world keeps on turning. Let ' s just be glad we had this time to spend together ... " Kenny Rogers " To overlook the little things in life is to miss the biggest part of life itself. " Philip Carucci " Like a guest we ' ve stayed to long now It ' s finally time to leave Take it calmly and serene It ' s the famous final scene. " Bob Seger " Everything dies baby that ' s a fact. But maybe everything that dies someday comes back. " The Boss " Remember the time we spent together. Whatever I do I shall remember. " B. Adams Mark D. Cashell " The happiest days of our lives " When we grew up and went to school There were certain teachers who would hurt the children by pouring their derision upon anything we did and exposing ev- ery weakness however carefully hidden by the kids. " PINK FLOYD THE WALL " Michele Cashin " Little drops of rain whisper of the pain Tears of love lost in the days gone by . . . And so today my world it smiles Your hand in mine we walk the miles. Thanx to you it will be dawn For you to me are the only one — Take this rock-n-roll refugee Ooh babe set me free " Rich Catanzaro " All that is gold does not glitter. Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither. Deep roots R not reached by the frost. From the ashes a fire shall B woken, a lite from the shad- ows shall spring; Renewed shall B blade that was broken, The crowness again shall B King -GANDALF- Cathy Childers " As one face differs from another so does one human heart from another. And with this thought the one you love will be the one you shall always cherish forever until the cfay you die. " Dawn Chiofilo " Do you know where your going to? Do you Like the things that life is showing you? Do you get what your hoping for when you look behind you theres no open doors. Once we were standing still in time chasing the dreams that stand still in our minds don ' t let the dreams you dream fade away. " Diana Ross Laura-Jean Chiofilo " To my special mom; This is dedicated to you, to show all of my appreciation. I ' m so proud of you. We finally did itl I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH (Thanks- Dawn, Chris Nana, Papa Fam- ily) Uncle Paul Papa- What can I say I Love You I my Lil ' sis Chris; " You are so special to me " Don ' t 4-get it. Robert P. Chase III " Yet it ' s hard living life on this merry- go-round. Always up, always down Turning round and round and round. And all this could be just a dream so it seems. I was never much good at goodbye. Goodbye. " Night Ranger Paul Christie " THE SADDEST MOMENTS OF MY LIFE ARE THOSE WHEN I REALIZE MY HAPPI- EST MOMENTS MUST, AT SOME TIME, COME TO AN END. " Candice A, Cioffi . . And so today my world it smiles. Your hand in mind we walk the miles. Thanx 2 u it will be done. 4 u 2 me, I ' m the only 1 " Led Zeppelin . . If it feels nice don ' t think twice, just shower these people u luv with luv then show them the way that u feel ... " James Taylor know there ' s another quarter in here somewhere. Hislena Cordoba When you are sad look at the bright side. Especially when you are going out to the new world. Make your dreams come true. This world is full of dreams. Look at the good things that happen in life. I am happy to graduate with the class of 1986. David Corso " Everybody has a hunger, a hunger they can ' t resist. There ' s so much you want, you deserve much more than this. But if dreams came true, oh, wouldn ' t that be nice. But this ain ' t no dream we ' re living through tonight, You want it, you take it, you pay the price. " Frank Costa " Everyone ' s got to be different. You can ' t copy anybody and end up with anything. If you copy, it means you ' re working without any real feeling. And without feeling, whatever you do amounts to nothing. " Thomas D. Costello " What you own is your own kingdom, What you do is your own glory. What you love is your own power. What you live is your own story. In your head is the answer Let it guide you along, Let your heart be the anchor And the beat of your song. " N. Peart Jo-Ann Colvario " Success is failure turned inside out- the silver tint of the clouds of doubt, and you never can tell how close you are, it may be near when it seems afar; so stick to the fight when you ' re hardest hit, it ' s when things seem worst that you mustn ' t quit. " Lisa Conti " I think of life as I look out my window of people I love, places I ' ve been. Some- times I feel I could go on 4eve with nothin ' to lose nothin ' to win. " Neal O. Collins " And when the broken hearted people living in the world agree, there will be an answer, let it be ... . And when the night is cloudy there is still a light that shines on me, shine until tomorrow, let it be . . . Speaking words of wisdom, let it be. " - The Beatles Robert Colozzo " Dreams are the motivation of hard work, so dream on until your dreams come true. " 100 Kristen J. Crilley Love is like a butterfly, it goes wherever it pleases, and it pleases wherever it goes. Kelly Marie Cronin " You have to take life as it happens, so you should make it happen the way you want to take it. " Cherylyn Cutone " The memories of yesterday will last a lifetime. We ' ll take the best, forget the rest and someday we ' ll find these are the BEST OF TIMES!! " The Best of Luck to the Graduating Class of 1986. Michael D ' Angelo " Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time plans that neither come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines, hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way, time is gone, the song is over. Thought I ' d something more to say. " Michael R. Dacus " In fear and trembling, with caution and care, as though on the brink of a chasm, as though treading on thin ice. " Maral Dakessian I can ' t hold on I can ' t return. Now it ' s time to let go It ' s time live and learn. " Always have a dream, believe it wi come true. Strive to make it happen. In everything you do. " Don t worry Steph; it doesn ' t look that bad. " Lisa DeLuca " Cherish your yesterdays, dream your to- morrows, but live your todays. " " You only live once, but if you live it right once is enough. " Marie B. DeVito " Climb every mountain, forge every stream, Follow every rainbow, until you find your dream. A dream that will need all the love you can give Every day of your life for as long as you live. " Lisa Dean " Hold your body close to mine from this day on (2-10-84) RC you ' re gonna be mine. To the class of " 86 " the time has come to say our last good byes. Goodluck in the future. " Rocco Dell ' lsola " Out there in the spotlight, we ' re a mil- lion miles away, every ounce of energy we try to give away as the sweat pours out our bodies ' as the music that we play. There we go turn the page. " " I want to drive a Lincoln, a spend my evenin ' drinkin ' , the very best Burgandy. " — Bob Seger - " Live Bullet " Mark E. Danico " Why worry, there should be laughter after pain there should be sunshine after rain these things have always been the same so why worry now " Joanne Danieli " Once in your life you find someone who will turn your world around bring you up when your feeling down, now nothing can change what you mean to me, we ' ve been down that road before, but that ' s over now, you keep me coming back for more.” Machelle L. Deflumeri " BUFFO " " , . . And if I ' m looking over my shoulder, it ' s just because I hope you ' ll be there! " -Til ' Tuesday Robert DeFlumeri " Life is too short to worry about unim- portant things. Things are usually unimportant unless they are important to you. People take for granted things that oth- ers think are important because they are unimportant. " 102 Christine DiCarlo " A fool will lose tomorrow looking back for yesterday. " Robert Doucette " It aint easy livin ' like a gypsy I ' ll tell ya honey how I feel. I been dreamin ' floatin ' down streamin ' losin ' touch with all that ' s real ... " -aerosmith- Mike Dimartino " The moments you spend with your friends may be temporary but the memo- ries last forever! " " May all my friends have as many fond memories of me as I have of them. " Mark Drew " Live life simple and enjoy what you have. Don ' t try to complicate things and make things harder than they really are. " Mark DiPiero " Two strangers learn to fall in love again. I get the joy of rediscovering you, Oh girl, you stand by me. I ' m forever yours Faithfully. " Steve Perry Michele S. Doucette " Feel the breeze deep on the inside look you down into your well, if you can you ' ll see the world in all His fire. Take a chance like all dreamers you can find another way, you don ' t have to dream at all just live a day. " — D 2 1 " Need a lift? ' 103 91 Michele Drinkwater Angela Duplin “Dupe " Tough times never last, but tough people do. The will is more important than the skill. It ' s not what you used to be. It ' s what you are today. To try and to fail is much better than to fail to try. No one expects you to do more than your best, nor less. Debbie Ellegood " I have learned that success is not to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which has overcome while try- ing to succeed.” Booker T. Washington Kathleen (Kathy) Ells Although we must all go our " Separate Ways " we will always remember " These Dreams " that we hold and the " Memo- ries " tucked away. Whichever way I de- cide to go I will always be " Faithfully Yours " and dream of " Heaven " together, " Just You and I. " Andrew W. Fantasia " circus life under the big top world we all need the clowns to make us smile through space and time always another show wondering where I am lost without you " Journey Sean Farren Hail to the Almighty Bud Cod Joanne Fayle " And I will go on shining shining like brand new I ' ll never look behind me my troubles will be few. " S.T. " Leaves are falling all around time I was on my way thanks to you I ' m much obliged such a pleasant stay. " Mark Ferraro " Do not waste time, for it will pass you by. Do not survive life, live it. " MAF " 86 " I v ■ , pi : x MB Jennifer Flynn We ' ve got one chance life lets take it while we ' re still not afraid, life is to brief and time is a thief when your undecided, like a fist full of sand it can sift right through your hands. When you forgive, you can ' t change the past but you can change the future. Donna Marie Fogel " To have a dream always have a dream and believe it will come true. Strive to make it happen in everything you do. For dreams are what make life worth living, Love worth taking and love worth giving. Dreams keep life from being boring. They lift up your spirit and keep it soaring. " said there ' s no more lollipops! Karen Ficarra " I ' m stuck on you got this feeling down deep in my soul that I just can ' t lose. Guess I ' m on my way. Needed a friend and the way I feel now I guess I ' ll be with you ' til the end. Guess I ' m on my way, mighty glad you stayed. " Pamela Fowlie Ann Fionda " Now the lines have all been read, and you knew them all by heart. Now you move toward the door, here it comes the hardest part. Try the handle of the road, feeling different, feeling strange. This could never be arranged, as the light fades from the screen, from the famous final scene. " John French " Time will only reveal what the future has to offer and only those who are will- ing to grasp at their goals will discover. " xVmr • VV Mary Frongillo " There is a loftier ambition than merely to stand high in the world. It is to stoop down and lift mankind a little higher. " Dennis Geist Dream of the past: going out to the DP with K.O., M.M., D.C. And I ' ll never forget 5 25 85 with K.O. Vision of the future: To become a business owner, get a black camaro228, and get married to K.O. Happiness is: Going out with K.O. and 5 16 85, and 5 25 85. Karen M. Fuschetti " JUST WHEN THINGS WENT RIGHT DOESN ' T MEAN THERE ALWAYS WRONG JUST TAKE THIS MEMORY AND YOU ' LL NEVER FEEL LEFT ALL ALONE. " Donald Geist Billie-Ann Gallagher " For years I ' ve seen my life through someone else ' s eyes. Now it ' s my turn to try and find my way And if I should get lost, At least I ' ll own today. " Matthew Gilmore " God asks only that you do your best Leonard Gebhard " It is better to have loved and lost then to have never loved and you must take the chance before you can find happiness. " Annmarie Goddard " The three hardest tasks in the world are neither physical feats nor intellectual achievements, but moral acts: to return love for hate, to include the excluded, and to say, " I was wrong. " 106 Jana Comes True love is like a vision of ghosts; every- body talk about them but few have ever seen any. Friendship is a lasting trust that we find in each other. Scott Greenleaf " There are some things in life you ' ll nev- er experience without; love, friends, and a party! " Tony " Gorg Gorgone " Oh I know I lived this life before. Somehow know how truthes I must be sure. Tossin, turnin, nightmares burnin, dreams of sword in hand, Sailin ships the Viking spits the blood of Fathers land, only to deceive. Living X ' s of nights and mares, raising swords for maidens fair. Sneer at death only loss of pride. " Ray Gregoire Tony Graziano " Thanks Mom. You made it all Possible. " Rhonda M. Greenhill " Hold in your heart those special memo- ries. For yesterday ' s dreams become to- day ' s fulfillments and tomorrow ' s hope for a brighter future. " 107 " Well, I didn ' t eat breakfast. " ' Jill Harrington " Tell me no secrets, tell me no lies, give me no reasons, give me alibies. Tell me you LOVE me and don ' t let me cry, say anything but don ' t say COOD-BYEI " " We ' ve only just begun to live white lace and promises, a kiss for luck and we ' re on our way. And yes, WE ' VE JUST BEGUN! " Melissa Hall " It is time for a new generation of leader- ship, to cope with new problems and new opportunities. For there is a new world to be won. " Tammy S. Hartford " Born to live on sugar mountain with the barkers and the colored balloons, you can ' t be twenty on sugar mountain al- though your thinking that your leaving there too soon, your leaving there too soon " Neil Young James M. Hegarty " What comes around goes around. " One cannot win the game of life with a strong defense alone, he must also have an ag- gressive offensive. To live in this world one must realize that whatever he says will later be thrown right back in his face. My goal is set, my destination seen; I will be the victor. " Susan Hassard " One should want only one thing and want it constantly. Then one one is sure of getting it. But I desire everything and consequently get nothing. Each time I discover and too late, that one thing had come to me while I was running after another. " Al Guevara " DON ' T BELIEVE IN MIRACLES, RELY ON THEM. " James Hanley Having a dream is only the first step to- ward making it come true. Gregg Harold John Hemenway Where all on " The road to madness " at the end of the road theirs love, life and " Soldiers under command " Melissa Henriksen " We ' re anything brighter than even the sun (we ' re everything greater than books might mean) we ' re everyanything more than believe (with a spin leap alive we ' re alive) we ' re wonderful one time one e.e. CUMMINGS Phil W. Holland " And if you listen very hard the tune will come to you at last when all are one and one is all To be a Rock and not to Roll . . . Led Zeppelin Wendy Holman " Remember all the movies that we ' d go see Trying to learn how to walk like the he- roes we thought we had to be? Now after all this time we found they are just like the rest. " Bruce Springsteen 109 David Hoyt Keep ' n touch with mama-kin. Tell her we ' re you ' ve gone and been. Living out your fantasy, sleep ' n late and smoke teal Laurel Hoyt " SMILE! the world will wonder what your up to. " " Wow, you found me! " V W Karen Kelly " Dream until your dreams come true. " Christie T. Kostinden BLACK SABBATH WARPICS: Generals gathered in thier masses, just like witches at black masses! Snowblind my eyes are blind but I can see. Paranoid- make a joke and I will sigh and you will laugh and I will cry. Michael N. Kushakji " The golden sun salutes the morn. And having gilt the ocean with his beams, Gal- lops the Zodiac in his glistering coach, And overlooks the highest deering hills. " Lillian LaRosa Chris lanachiello Kristen Ioanna " THE GOOD TIMES ARE THE BEST TIMES, THE BAD TIMES FADE AWAY, THE GOOD TIMES ARE FROEVER BUT NOW BABY, THE LAST TIME IS TODAY. " " Even a rock will crumble, if you strive it night and day; if hammer I must. I ' ll get through your crust, I ' m gonna chip that stone away. " AEROSMITH Daniel Jackson " You can ' t always get what you want, but if you try sometime you just might find you get what you needl " Rolling Stones GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ' 8611 Eileen Jordan " With you I have shared precious mo- ments. Forever learning from you what is meant to be valued and kept sacred in my heart. You have been my guardian, but more importantly my friend and I know that whatever happens that will never change. To all of you, my family, I give you my love and thanks. 110 " Andrea Lamantea " good evening people welcome to the show, got something here I want you all to know. When life and people bring on primal screams you ' ve got to think of what it ' s gonna take to make your dreams. Make it, don ' t break it. " Renee LeBlanc " . . . I don ' t ever want you to go. Loving you gives me happiness, the kind I need each day, and if sometime I don ' t show I love you in each and every way ... " Lynne Lebiecki " The moments may be temporary. But the memories are forever. " Peter Lakin " Turn it up " " I ' m a traveler of both time and space. " " Seasons don ' t fear the reaper nor do the wind, the sun or the rain, and we can be like they are. " -BOC " No way as way; no limitation as limita- tion. Nothingness cannot be confined; the softest thing cannot be snapped. " BL " Jill, don ' t strain your eyes now. " Michael Ledwith " , . . And you my love won ' t you take my hand. We ' ll go back in time to that mystic land . Said there ain ' t no use in cryin ' Cause it will only drive you mad, Does it hurt to hear them lyin ' , Was this the only world you had . . Nobody ' s fault but mine Page, Plant, Bonham, Jones . Keith G. Lethbridge " THE INSANE ARE ACTUALLY SANE BE- CAUSE THEY REALIZE HOW SANE THE INSANE REALLY ARE. " Ill ' ’r Marie Limone l( by chance that special place that you ' ve been dreaming of, leads you to a lonely place, find your strenth in LOVE . . . Greg Lombardi " We don ' t need no education We don ' t need no thought control No dark sar- casm in the classroom Teachers leave those kids alone. " Pink Floyd " I ' ve seen two world wars I ' ve seen men send rockets out into space and I foresee the Holocaust, an Angel of Death, de- scending to destroy the human race. " Thin Lizzy Robert Longmire " Our memories of yesterday will last a life time, we ' ll take the rest, forget the rest, and someday we ' ll find, THESE ARE THE BEST OF TIMES " Sytx " We may lose and we may win but we ' ll never be here again, so take it easy " EAGLES " NIGHT MOVES " Bob Seger Bob Longo " You try to live up to what others believe. Till you conquer your fears and find just what you need, You live in your thoughts and believe you are right, Till what you foresee is brought into sight. You set your ideals with the truth that you see. Nothing turns out the same as you thought it would be. " Michael Lotti The best friends that money can buy, come for free Bonnie Jean MacAskill If I leave here tomorrow would you still remeber me? for I must be traveling on now cause there ' s to many places I got to see. But if I stay here with you, well things just wouldn ' t be the same. Cause I ' m as free as a bird now and this bird you can- not change. Nancy Lund " Our memories of yesterday will last a life time, we ' ll take the best forget the rest and someday we ' ll find. These are the best of times " Charles E. Lynch III " OUR MEMORIES OF YESTERDAY WILL LAST A LIFETIME, WE ' LL TAKE THE BEST, FORGET THE REST, AND SOMEDAY WE ' LL FIND, THESE ARE THE BEST OF TIMES. " " A MAN ' S GOT TO BELIEVE IN SOMETHING, I BELIEVE I ' LL HAVE AN- OTHER BEER! " 112 Susan MacKay " Always have a dream and believe it will come true. Strive to make it happen in everything you do. For dreams lift up your spirit and keep it soaring. " Julia Mahoney " The choice is yours to make . . . There ' s a chance for you to take, chance of a mistake you might make. Knowing it ' s risky now and then, what with all the what-ifs and whens, you wonder who will be there if you fall, but remember shad- ows disappear at night . . . You’re one step closer. " " Thanx Mom and Dadl " Joanne S. Marchese " May you grow up to be righteous. May you grow up to be true, May you always know the truth and see the light sur- rounding you. May your hands always be swift. May you have a strong foundation when the winds changin shift. May yor heart be sung, and may you stay Forever Young. " Diana Ross ' ' 84 ' Steven Marulli The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life. Plato Helen Malonson " You never listen to the voices inside they fill your ears as you run to a place to hide your never sure if the illusion is real you pinch yourself but the memories are all you feel " " The leaves are falling all around time I was on my way thanks to you I ' m much obliged " " Thank you " David Marasca " You only live once, but if you live it right, once is enough. " " It was a l-o-n-g weekend. " Paul Maxwell " And so it seems our destiny to search and never rest to ride that ever changing wave, that never seems to crest to shiver in the darkest night afraid to make a stand then go back and do our time out there in no man ' s land. " -Seger- Stephen McManus . . Imagine thre ' s no Heaven It ' s easy of you try No hell below us, above us only sky; Imagine all the people living life in peace. " J. Lennon Anthony S. McDonald " I had a good time in high school with my friends I will miss Stoneham High School. " Jennifer McMaster (Gabe) We now will go our separate ways. We ' ve reached the end of the line. The friends we made, these happy days. Are a few footsteps through time . . . Andrew McIntosh " If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. " " I will choose free will. " Rush (Freewill) Lisa McNulty (McNutt) Take a look at me now, well there ' s just an empty space and there ' s nothing left here, to remind me, just the memory of your face. Take a good look at me now, cause I ' ll still be standing here, and you coming back to me is against all odds and thats what I ' ve got to face ... In memory of Maureen Linda McKenzie " If the sun refuses to shine, I would still be loving you. When the mountains crumble to the sea There would still be you and me. " Zep Laura McQueen " The greatest battle of life is fought out within the silent chambers of your own soul. " -David O. McKay 114 James R. Melkonian " Never let schooling interfere with your education " Mark Twain Ann Milia Try, baby try to trust in my love again I will be there, I will be there love, our love just shouldn ' t be thrown away I will be therel I ' m just still loving you JT Michael Minotti " If I leave here tomorrow would you still remember me? I must be traveling on now cause there ' s too many places I ' ve got to see. I ' m as free as a bird now and this bird you cannot change. " Vaughn Misail " Nothing in education is so astonishing as the amount of ignorance it accumulates in the form of inert facts. " Henry Brooks Adams " The test of a vocation is the love of the drudgery it involves. " Logan Smith Chris Morgan " Of course it ' s real. " Lisa (Monty) Montalto " Goodbye 2 all my friends at home good- bye 2 people I trusted I got 2 go out an make my way I mite get RICH u no I mite get BUSTED " SMB " Its better 2 burnout than fade away " Young " Freedoms just another word 4 nothin left to lose " Joplin X Debbie Olsen Dennis Omelanchik " If the illusion is real let them give you a ride. Let the good times roll. " GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ' 8611 Paul Pacious " Smoken in the boys room Jeff Pagliccia " They say that life ' s a carousal spinning fast you ' re going to rid the well, the world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams, It ' s heaven and hell. " David Morse " I think that one day they ' re going to take all this money that we now.spend on war and death and spend it on life. War isn ' t the answer to our problems, peace is the only way. " The class of 1986 is 1 Michael Nicoletti " The secret self so tightly hidden, to let it lose would be forbidden. A side that one is embarassed to reveal, is covered by one that is not real. Why the truth is so hard to find is lost inside the individual ' s mind. " Tracy O Brien " Be- more-concerned- with-your-charac- ter-than-with-your -reputation-because- your-character-is-what-you-are-while- your-reputation-is-what-others-think- you-are. " 116 Brian Nicholson Steve Pallotta " NOW YOU ' RE UNDERNEATH THE STAIRS AND YOU ' RE GIVIN ' BACK SOME GLARES. TO THE PEOPLE THAT YOU MET AND IT ' S YOUR FIRST CIGA- RETTE. AIN ' T IT FUNNY HOW YOU FEEL WHEN YOU ' RE FINDING OUT IT ' S REAL. HERE WE ARE IN THE YEARS WHERE THE SNOWMAN SHIFTS THE GEARS LIVES BECOME CAREERS, CHILDREN CRY IN FEAR, LET US OUT OF HERE! " Sabrina Passanisi " I decided long ago never to walk in any- one ' s shadow. If I fail, If I succeed, at least I live as I believe, no matter what they take from me, they can ' t take away my DIGNITY Jennifer Pecora " Ideas are like stars. We may not reach them, but using them as guides, we reach our destiny. " Mark W. Percy " Q " " Remember that life seeks to mislead you. It boots nothing to avoid its snares, for they are ever beset with other snares, and life and death are too intimately in- tergrown to be severed from each other. But it is necessary to comprehend them, so that they may be mastered. " " Q " Pam Pettway " The question is not what a man can scorn, or disparage, or find fault with, but what he can love, and value, and appreciate " Lori Pignone " Don ' t try to relive the past, start living the present and dreaming the future. " Especially you LH! Hey Doc I think its time you start taking your own advice. The doctor is out! NO reschedualing. Vaughn victim of shock treatment I • s. Cheryl Pollack " I ' ve been chasing dreams for so long Just one step behind and then they ' re gone Illusions of love would come and go I guess you have to hurt before you grow And everybody knows Never let go of your dreams. Irene Cara Leianne Porter " Life is complete when you have real friends to walk you through it. " K.P. " Found myself thinking about yesterday when you were here living in a dream. In the moment that it takes you find you made your first mistake, Like the city Sun, you turn around and it ' s gone. " B.A. Billy Powers " To some this may be the end, but to others it is only the beginning. " Lisa Powers The rooms are all empty The highway is deserted There ' s alot of people leaving town now, Leaving their friends and homes at night They walk that dark and dusty highway all alone. Soon everything we ' ve known will be swept away So let ' s all say goodbye it ' s INDEPENDENCE DAY . . . Bruce Springsteen Lisa Previdi " 4 long u live hi u fly the smiles ull give tears ull cry all u touch all u c is all ur life will eva b " -PINK FLOYD- " Noboday eva told me I found out for myself u gotta believe n foolsih miracles its not how u play the game its if u win or loose u can choose don ' t confuse " Lisa M. Quinlan " I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I Love today. " UNKNOWN Brian Rabinovitz To live is like love, all reason is against it, and all healthy instinct is for it . . . Samuel Butler The road to success is filled with women pushing their husbands along .... Thomas Robert Dewar Kim Racioppi " Oh, now I get it! " -Paul, we will stay together, how lucky I am .... 118 Kim A. Regan " We have all been very close that I should ' ve taken more time to say l»U all + you mean so much to me. I may not say it often but I do + I just want to say Dad Ma + Deb l»U all + thanx for ev- erything. Dad + Ma your baby did it. Thanx Deb I hope I ' m like my big sister Good luck to us all " Charles W. Rosselli Now everybod ' s got advice they just keep on giving, doesn ' t mean too much to me, Lots of people out to make a living, living, can ' t decide who they should be. I understand about indecision, and I don ' t care if I get behind, People living in competition, all I want is to have my Peace of Mind. Boston 76 Cathy Ricupero " Today we ' ll start a new life and we ' ll say our last good byes; to all the friends we ' ve grown to love, with whom we ' ve laughed and cried. Remembering the fun and laughter. The problems and fears; watching all our memories grow throughout our high school years. " Chuck J. Rotondi " I know what it means to be alone. I sure- ly wish I was at home. I don ' t care what the neighbors say. I ' m gonna love you each and every day. You can feel the beat within my heart, realize sweet babe we ' re never gonna part. " " Good times, bad times you know I have my share. " " Oooh, it makes me wonder. " Timmy Roberts John A. Robinson Jr. " The shortest and surest way to live with honor in the world is to be in reality what we appear to be. " " Two lefts don ' t make a right " 119 Brenda Sackett " Remember what we ' ve said, done and felt about each other, may fate have mer- cy. Don ' t let the past remind of what we are not now. " CSN + Y John Savino Once I spent my time playing tough guy scenes but I was living in a world of child- ish dreams someday these childish dreams must end to become a man and grow up to dream again now I believe in the end Mary Scalisi Robert Scannell " One day at a time ' I ' m ready .... as ready as I ' m gonna be. " The best is yet to come. " -Bryan Adams Richard Rotondi " The man who rules himself is greater than the man who rules a city. " " A man ' s life is his most initmate work of art. " " Take a little wine with your water, as you are sick so often. " St. Paul Sheryl Rubin Well I ' m standing here lookin at you, what do I see I ' m lookin straight through cause I ' m pretty young to be told that I ' m having fun, so unplug the jukebox and do us all a favor that musics lost its taste so try another flavor -ant music -Adam Ant- Bill Rushworth Winning isn ' t the only everything! Lori Rutkowski 120 Nancy Selander " Success requires no explanations failure permits no alibisl " Dennis Shea " It is better to have loved and loss than to never hav e loved and you must take the chance before you can find it. " Robert Silk " IF YOU SHOULD CO SKATING ON THE THIN ICE OF MODERN LIFE, DRAGGING BEHIND YOU THE SILENT REPROACH OF A MILLION TEARS STAINED EYES DON ' T BE SURPRISED WHEN A CRACK IN THE ICE APPEARS UNDER YOUR FEET AND YOU SLIP OUT OF YOUR DEPTH AND OUT OF YOUR MIND. " Evan T. Silvestro (Eggie) " A rich man is nothing more than a poor man with money " Lori-Ann Silvestro " You can ' t be anything if you want to be everything. " Badlands, you ' ve learned a little more ev- eryday, let your broken heart stand as the price you have to pay, keep pushin ' till it ' s understood and the BADLANDS will start treating us good. B. Springsteen Warm jello is truly an interesting experience David L. Silvia " There are many people that we meet in our lives but only a few will make a lasting impression on our minds and our hearts it is these people that we will think of often and who will always remain impor- tant to us as true friends " John Sousa " Dreams that have shattered, May not have mattered. Take another point of view Doubts will arise though like chasing a rainbow I can tell a thing or two. " -Ozzy- Peter Spinosa Timothy Sullivan " When you percieve the truth in Jeet Kune Do you are at an undifferentiated center of a circle that has no circumfer- ence. " " Be soft yet not yielding; firm yet not hard. " " It is not daily increase but daily decrease hack away the unessential! " Amy Tatian " There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. " -William Shakespeare David Sorabella A man isn ' t poor if he can still laugh. James X. Smallcomb The purpose of accumulating knowledge is to use that knowledge to think. Stephanie Smith " Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. " Donald Simpson " If I leave here tomorrow would you still remember me? For I must be travelling on now ' cause there ' s too many places I ' ve got to see. " Kathy Tierney " Only the shadow knows what the future brings, because the shadow ' s always one step ahead. " " Live for today as if there ' s no tomorrow. " Lisa Titcomb " I wish, I wish I could know the places I have yet to go, the ways I ' ll change, the things I ' ll do, the special dreams I ' ll make come true. I wish, I wish, I wish that I could see the life that lies ahead of me. Nancy Trevor Friendship defies age and ignores dis- tance. It weathers the hard times and shares the good. Together we have found this. Our friendship has provided an acceptance and understanding in a world that pushes people apart. -Friends are forever- Marie-Elena Tringali " Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime, We ' ll take the best, forget the rest, and someday we ' ll find, These are the Best of Times. " Kevin R. Turner " Don ' t stop believing in your self, and you will succeed in everything you try " ; " Live on class of 86 " Christoher Umana " The most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the things you have to do when it ought to be done whether you like it or not. " " Don ' t worry about failure, worry about the chances you miss when you don ' t even try. " " A lab practical? . . . TODAY!? " Elaine Vasilopoulos " If you can Imagine it, You can achieve it. If you can dream it, You can become it. " Lisa M. Venezia " Friends are hard to come by, friends are hard to choose. A forever friendship will never die. And a best friend you ' ll never lose. " Frank Vigorito Anything that can go wrong, will go wrongl F.V. Scott Wallace Your head is humming and it won ' t go- In case you don ' t know tae pipers calling you to join him. Dear lady can you hear the wind blow and did you know your stairway lies on the whispering wind ayuh, ya cant get there from here! 124 Bridgit Ward " Your ' s is not to question, but to do " " You only live once, so live it right " Kathleen A. Ward " True happiness consists not in the mul- titude of friends. But in the worth and choice. " Elizabeth Wells " For neither you nor I can know my friend, where tomorrow will be So let us live today for today alone, Let us live it, and live it sweet. " " If you would be happy- Well don ' t expect too much. Just try to make the best of it with the little things you ' ve got. " Rebecca Wells Too many of us will misplace the faces. Too many names will be forgotten. These times will never return. The memories should stay with us forever, and the im- portant ones will. Let time take it ' s course, but don ' t neglect times past. R Homemade Ice Cream ' ' STQNEtMM CAMERA CENTER Sales - Rentals - Repairs The Dairy Dome Overnight PHONE Film Developing i-6i7-438-37i5 474 Main Street Stoneham, MA Ice Cream - Cakes Ice Cream Novelties For All Your Ice Cream Needs Reg Husky Prep Chubby Slim Clothing Shoes LITTLE FOLKS SHOP REDSTONE SHPG. CTR. - STONEHAM, MA 438-0044 Compliments of: JOHN J. PAONESSA CO. GENERAL CONTRACTOR 2 65 CORPORATION WAY MEDFORD MA 02155 TEL 617-395-7007 Best Wishes To The Class Of " 86 " 129 (good Click Jn Zhe future May Vou Mave Enough Success Zo Suit fill your Every Dream Zhe Senior Class Off leers 130 James Maggio, Custom Refinishing All Types of Furniture Quality Hand Craftsmanship • REPAIRS TOUCH-UPS • LACQUER POLYESTER 38 Montvale Avenue Stoneham, Massachusetts 02180 (617) 438-0931 Stoneham Ford YOUR ONE-STOP TOTAL TRANSPORTATION CENTER NEW USED CAR AND TRUCK SALES SERVICE • PARTS • RENTALS • LEASING LEASING RENT-A-CAR 185 MAIN STREET ROUTE 28, STONEHAM 438-0490 N Best Wishes To The Class Of ' 86 From ferretani ' s Supermarkets 289-9063 " WE AIM TO PLEASE " Susan N. Carelli Manager AUTO SCHOOL RALPH SALVATI, PRES. JOSEPH MANNE, DIRECTOR 345 BROADWAY REVERE. MASS. 02151 Redstone Travel Center, Inc. Redstone Shopping Center 71 Main Street Stoneham, MA 02180 (617)438-1380 Congratulations Class Of 1986 131 Your Hometown Newspaper For 113 Years Robert Vachon AUTO SOUND NORTH 169 Main Street Stoneham, MA 02180 617 438-6800 397 MAIN STREET Congratulations To The Class Of " 86 " k The Carpet 1 •A ' I and Drapery Gallery John McCaul 231 Main Street (617) 438-7197 Stoneham, MA 02180 132 rHe (gift Cottage inc. • Cards • Gifts • Religious Articles • Silk Flower Arrangements Dawn Sheehan Muriel Smalicomb 236 Main Street Stoneham, MA 02180 (617) 4384741 FARM HILL PHARMACY 236 MAIN ST. STONEHAM, MASS. " AT YOUR SERVICE ' PHONE: 438-1233 438-6626 Best Of Luck! PAPA GINO’S RESTAURANT 190 Main Street Stoneham, Ma. 02180 4388422 John V. Smalicomb, D.D.S. John V. 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Best Wishes From The Freshman Class Congratulations On your graduation Class Of 1986 Anderson-iinjant funeral Monte 4 Common Street . Stoneham, Mass 02 80 438-0 85 Best Wishes To The Class Of 1986. Caporale Liquors Rt 16 Medford. " We Support Yield The Keys When Driving. " 138 SFQNEHAM PUBLIC LI3RAW 5T0NEHAM, IWA 02i80 reference dept. S " ' " ' I P!!5LIC U8RARY 373. Vl- St 7 tW ■W FU2LIC UC’lARf STONEHAM, MA 021S9

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