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T] PUBLIC LIBRARY Stoneham, MA 02180 Ujoahh IN DEDICATION ■ MR. WILLIAM HOYT V - 1 i y it -v« a 1 » A 1 1 7 A “If a man does not keep pace with his companions, per- haps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, how- ever measured or far away.” Thoreau rs not .a word that has an exact meting, but i a wo.rd that Ranges in ' meaningPjh on sens araffiti is a visual meajps jf expression using a social « • i V movement which records the events , political. or nostalgic theme. In pother SfenseJ fc Siontinu lly. eloJVirjg historical 9 4 i ■ fP ; m • . V s and ternperment of the times. This art forjn ates bacl to the cavemen, who etched • • ’0 V V V their visions of the past and future on the walj of their homes. Throughout the ag£s Lt has also bqfcn used by many people 0 1 r 4f ■ • m and political movements, cons fetive and liberJfc to raiy support for their-caus£. heg penile torite on w alls, desks or A ' ft , f V % • -O. ' -w ‘ £ogks they ' are takiruj part in-a time onofea fruition, which in recent times, has beenVbnde in by the authorities as •med x s ' m :1b vandalism. Gfaffiti however is not tne vandalizing of property, but tfrc beautifying and personalizir of a plar?fe where one » v:: tf . ■« • . -m » ♦ • % •% Ifl ✓ © • v ' •o • Vvf. F A L L As the leaves were turning and days grew shorter, the class of ‘85’ reentered Stoneham High to collect poi- gnant memories of their last fall. The crisp autumn air kindled warm feelings amongst the seniors as they became united against the rising tide of change. A new administration brought in its own rules and regu- lations for seniors to ' break ' in. This was the setting as each senior set out to etch his her own piece of graffiti into the walls of Stoneham High School. The class of ‘85’ far outshown their past reputation for enthusi- asm as they poured heart and soul into senior activities. There was a growing sense of excitement as seniors participated actively in Townday and apple picking. Class spirit in the early school year was at an all time high during such school events as Fallcoming and the Senior Class Dance. The fall of 1984 ushered in new tradi- tions for the town of Stoneham as well as for the Class of 85 ' . In an effort to promote town spirit, Stonehamites pulled out all the stops to present the First Annual Stoneham Town Day. Many senior organizations were active supporters of the project. The enthusi- asm of the Class of ' 85 ' was represented by such Booths as Class Officers, The Senior Class Play “Dracula”, and ‘Graffi- ti’, the 1985 Yearbook. The day was a smashing success that will be long re- membered by both the Town of Stone- ham and the Class of ‘85’. 8 I Apple picking has long been an established senior tradition. The Class of ‘85’ fulfilled it eagerly as car loads of seniors headed out one bright fall morning to Derry, New Hampshire for what promised to be an exciting day. They were not let down as the days events included everything from a minor car accident to a police escort from the orchid. The senior class took it all in stride, however, and made the most of a beautiful day in the country. 12 TOGA BASH On October 12th, the class of ' 85 ' went Roman at the senior " Toga Bash " . Old sheets became new fashions as seniors let their own style shine through the Roman tradition. There was a charged feeling in the air that was heightened by the sound of favorite tunes cranked out by D.J. Ron Zampell. ■ - V •• T ' Sr- v -. 4r jpCJFlr ■t my - ZM£ MJSZOKy 03 1953 A Throughout our Senior Year at Stoneham High School, we have come upon many changes in the structure of the Administration. The retirement of Mr. Daniel Hogan and Mr. Fred Kiami brought about the repositioning of Mr. Frank Matarese to Superinten dent of Stoneham Schools and Mr. William Hoyt as Assistant Superintendent. Mr. James Campagna, then became Vice-Principal in place of Mr. Kiami. We welcomed new faces into the faculty, as Mr. Thomas Ryan became our Principal. Yet, with all of these changes taking place, Many of the faculty members have remained at Stoneham High School for many years. Mr. John Fawcett, who joined the administration in 1953, when the student population was 2,235, was made Director of Physical Education in 1964, and holds this position now. Mr. Matarese, as well, has been a part of this administration since 1955, when he came to Stoneham as a teacher of science. Both Mr. Ralph Rowell and Mr. Hoyt came to Stoneham in 1959. " 57 " -Mr. John Feltch. " 60”-Mr. William Murphy. “61 " -Mr. Edward Runlett. " 62 " -Miss Dorothy Corum, Miss Elizabeth Furman, Mrs. Maria Garuti, Mr. Richard Reed. " 63“-Miss Catherine Broderick, Mr. Theodore Schwalb. 55 18 20 ‘‘65”-Mr. Anthony Mariano, Mr. Alain Rocher, Mr. James Campagna. “66”-Mr. Robert Friel, Mrs. Joan L’Heureux, Mrs. Margaret Puffer “67 " -Mrs. Ann O’Sullivan, Mr. John P. McGuire, Miss Patricia Norelli. T " 68”-Mr. William Daly, Mr. Thomas Grondin, Mr. J. Paul White. " 69 " -Mr. William Seabury, Miss Vera Komanowski, Mr. Cecil White. ‘ ' 70”-Mr. Stephen Conroy, Mr. Wayne Fillback, Mr. Stephen Jackson, Mr. James Romano, Mrs. Deidre McCormack, Mrs. Janet Hanley, and Mrs. Sharyn Sharaf. 21 74 Above from left to right: Mr. Paul Mucica, author of many children’s novels, Mr. Edward Russo, one of Stoneham High Schools finest coaches, Mrs. Kathleen Bowen, English teacher and graduate of Stoneham High School, Mrs. Christine Ronan, former English teacher and now a Social Studies teacher, and Miss Donna Kelley, Special Needs teacher and graduate of Boston College. 22 75 76 78 “76 " -Mr. Edward Marti- nez, Ms. Elsie Brennan, and Mr. Kevin Conroy. “78”-Mrs. Angela Parks, Mr. Mark Flanagan. “79”-Mrs. Nina Senatore, Mr. Michael Lahiff, Miss Deborah DiMattia. “80”-Mrs. Ivana Gentile, Mrs. Elizabeth Robinson. “81”-Mr. Charles Richard- son, Jr. 23 s " 84”-Seated from left to right is Mrs. Mary Ann Walsh, Ms. Kim Amoroso, Ms. Patricia Nesbit,. Standing is Mr. Michael Kennedy (69), Mr. Thomas Ryan, and Mr. Dana Picillo. Miscellaneous Picture: Seated from left to right is Mrs. Gale O’Toole, 1979; Mr. Henry Margarita, 1964; Mrs. Maureen Dockery; Standing from left to right is Miss Deborah Feudo, 1979; Mrs. Agnes Rump, R.N., 1983; Mrs. Joan Jacob, 1970; Mr. Thomas Cleary, 1967; Mrs. Lillian Feely, 1973; Mrs. Patricia Elle- good, 1982; Mrs. Jeanne Gray, 1983. mm Cafeteria Staff: Irene Maffeo, Nancy Gar- gano, Muriel Elliott, Maria Gargano, Elsie Highet, Lillian Barto- lucci, Pauline Estes, Ellen Piaseczynski, Do- ris Parsons (not seen), Maria Vigeletti. Mrs. Paula D ' Annolfo, Secretary to the Superintendent,; Miss Bar bara Lawrence, Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent; Mrs. Mary Appleyard, Secretary to the Principal; Mrs. Sandra Gran ese. Secretary; Mrs. Irene Zibell, Secretary; Mrs. Julie Marciano; Mr. Fred Kiami; Mrs. Carolyn Sowle, Guidance Secretary. Custodians: Mr. Allen Marks, Senior custodian; Mr. Fred Capua. Faculty Miscellaneous I IIIL umi-fc- OUT DOOR TURN RIGHT PASS THROUGH GYM LO EXIT DOWN THE STAIRS ACROSS PARKING AREA From bottom Reed, Ms. left to top right: Mr. Atkinson, Mr. Atkinson, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Waddleton, Mrs. Senatore, Mr. White, Mr. Conroy, Mr. Romano, Mr. ' addlet )manowski, Miss Norelli, Mrs. L Heureux, Mrs. Hanley, Mrs. O ' Toole, Mr. Waddleton, and Mrs. Bowen. NICOLE ARENA AMY ADAMS " Looks like everything in the world comes right if we just wait long enough. " Mrs. Wiggs " There is only one way to be happy and that is to make some- body else so. " D. Sidney Smith WILL ANDRONICO " The memories of yesterday will last a lifetime. We ' ll take the best, forget the rest and some- day we " II find these are the best of times. " Open arms we " re going all the way. I love you Mom and Dad. I will never forget Sandra, our good times we had in Cambridge and Somerville. The times Babs and Nicky stole the old Monte to take a cruise down Revere Beach. Ernie for all the fights we got into still love ya. Grandma I appreciate everything you ever did for me and I love you so much. R Parties! " ROBERT ’’THE HORSE” ARIGO " Take your time. . don ’t live to fast. Troubles will come and they will pass. Go find a woman and you ' ll find love. And don ' t forget son, there is someone up above. " " Weekends were made for ” CHERYL AHERN " Today we ll start a new life and we II say our last goodbyes; to all the friends we ' ve grown to love, with whom we ' ve laughed and cried. Remembering the fun and laughter. The problems and the fears; watching all our mem- ories grow throughout our High School years. MARIA “MIA” ANSELMI " I love you can I have ten bucks. Oh well, such is life! This car looks like a police station! Fol- low your heart where ever it may lead you! Like an angel. Hey, what do you want their from meffa! Go easy horse! I ' ll be with you forever. Lee, love ya like a sister always. I’m in love and I won ' t lie. True love will never desert you! " " Hi there " 28 MARIA AUCELLO " Party? Where?! " STEPHEN ARMATO " Can you hear and do you care. And can ' t you see we must be free to teach our children what you believe in make a world we can believe in. " CSN " 70 " DENISE R. ASHTON " You ' re reaching deep inside you for things you ' ve never known. It ' s been tough, rough going, but you haven ' t gone alone. Helping hands beside you, friends to bring you through, so much that they ' ve shown you, so much you can do. " " People are strange. But I ' m so dazed confused C try in ' to live my life w out u babe is the hard- est thing I ' ll eva do. Nothin ' lasts foreva, but its such a shame our friendship had 2 end. Y can t u b good to me. When u knew u were always on my mind? Now it ' s almost paradise cuz if the sun refused to shine would still be lovin ' u. " RONALD AURIEMMA Everytime that I look in the mirror, all these lines on my face getting clearer the past is gone; it went by like dusk to dawn, isn’t that the way? Everybody ' s got their dues in life to pay. know, nobody knows, where it comes and where it goes. I know it ' s everybody ' s sin; you ' ve got to lose to know how to win. ” RENEE ACJTERIO " If you love something set it free, If it comes back to you it was yours, If it doesn t it never was. ” PAUL K. BAKER " Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away, now it looks as though they ' re here to stay, I believe in Yesterday. ” -P. McCartney " Look at Mother Na- ture on the run in the 1970 ' s. Will the Human Race be run in the 1980 ' s? " " Imagine everyone living for today, Imagine people sharing the world, Imagine ev- eryone living in peace, Imagine. . . ” -John Lennon PAUL C. BALLOTTA III " It is easy to fly into a passioin anybody can do that but to be angry with the right person to the right extent and at the right time and with the right object and in the right way ■ that is not easy, and it is not everyone who can do it. " JIM BARRY " Live for today. For without to day there was no yesterday, and there can be no tomorrow. " MARIE E. BARRY " Questions that have answers, Roads that take you far, Confi- dence and teamwork it’s you who really are. Bringing out that special you all that you desire, Doing it together, Always reach- ing higher. BOBBY BASSILL " To Ston eham High I say good- bye. The time I spent seemed to fly. Even though I seemed to cry, I ' ll always love to say goodbye! " Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who knows, but life goes on! " ARLENE S. BENNETT " Everywhere in life, the true question is not what we gain but what we do. It matters not how long we live, but how. Fast is the rolling seasons brinq, ” -cont. to MOE CHRIS D. BERTOLINO 30 MANCIE BORIS MAUREEN BERUBE " Happy are those that dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true. “ Time is a sort of river of pass- ing events, and strong is its cur- rent; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place, and this too will be swept away!” W.G.A.F. ANTHONY BONO " If you think education is expen- sive try ignorance. " " Time it was, and what a time it was. It was. . " Whenever see your smilin’ face I have to smile be cause I love you. ” " I could make you very happy, if you would just stop to let me. Hew models. It ' s lonely here w out you Dad we miss you more each day life is not the same for us since you were called away each time we see your picture it seems to smile and say don’t worry I ' m only sleeping we’ll meet again some- day. Love in a vaccuum. Til Tuesday. I wanna tell you just how much I love you. To John I.L.Y . " SHELIA BOYAJIAN " If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpeted in common hours. . If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. How put the foundations under them. " - Henry David Thoreau CHRISTINE M. BRACCIOTTI " Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, be lieve in them, and try to follow where they lead . ' ' -Louisa Flay Alcott ELLEN BRINDLE " Through the years, through all the good and bad, know how much we had, I know that I be- long right here with you, through the years. I ' ve never been afraid, I love the life We ' ve made, I’m so glad I stayed right here with you through the year s.” " There is a time to let things happen and a time to make things happen " 31 MIKE BROOK " In the days of my youth I was told what it was to be a man. blow I ' ve reached the age that I ' ve tried to do all those things the best can No matter how I try, I find my way to the same old jam. Good times, bad times, you know I ' ve had my share " Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, John Bonham. THOMAS S. BRYCE " He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool avoid him! He who knows and knows not that he knows not wants beating-beat him! But he who knows and knows that he knows is a wise man-know him. “Soccer Field, 2:34, BE THERE ' ' RICHARD BUCKLEY " there ' s time for laughing and there ' s time for crying- for hop ing for despair for peace for longing a time for growth and a time for dying: a night for si- lence and a day for singing but more than all (as all your more than eyes tell me) there is a time for timelessness " E.E. Cummings D. BUDA ' If only people would open their ears to the earths fine music, we would all be mentally better off. Can you imagine hearing music from the ears of Ronald Reagan? Be grateful, man. " CHRISTINE BURKE " If leave here tomorrow would you still remember me? For I must be traveling on, now. ' Cause there’s too many places I’ve got to see.” -Lynyrd Skynyrd 32 V 1 MICHELLE BURNETT NICOLE CAROLI " If you need me call me no mat- ter where u are no matter how far just call my name I ' ll be there in a hurry on that u can depend never worry " D. Ross " Well I saw u last night down on the avenue your face was in the shadows but I knew that it was u were standing in the doorway out of the rain u didn ' t answer when I call out your name u just turned u looked away " B. Springsteen PAT CARPENITO " To all the people use to know and all the times I spent with friends, it’s time to move along and play your favorite song, and remember all the fun and the SAIF ' s of SHS, and remember sometimes you have to say what the fudge. . JOHN CARROLL " Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things and say, why not? -Robert F. Kennedy It ' s just a state of mind ANNAMARIA CIAMARRA " Each face that flashes back to mind seems as it was untouched by time-1 can t recall quite all the names each one is precious all the same-when life was new and wonderful there was no word im- possible-between today and yes- terday life came between us all-how strange to think how many friends were lost some- where behind -where are they now? " -Barry Manilow DIANE M. CICATELLI " Suddenly it ' s hard to find the memories you left behind. The laughter, the tears, the good times and bad. Remember these are the times of your life. Reach back to the joy and sorrow, put them away in your mind, for memories are time that you bor- row. So gather the moments while you may, collect the dreams you dream today and re- member these are the times of your life. " Bill Lane 33 Honest, didn ' t do it! KAREM COFFIN " If you love something set it free If it comes back it was yours If it doesn ' t it never was. " MARK COLONNA " It doesn ' t feel like Sunday, it doesn t feel like June. When he met a silent partner in a lonely corner room, that overlooked the marave or the plaza or the door. And he was not looking for romance, just someone he could trust and that wasn ' t no way to carry on. That wasn ' t no way to live. But he could put up with it for a little while. He was working on something big. " Tom Petty RCJTH CLAYTON " The woods are lovely, dark, and deep. But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep. ” Robert Frost KATHERINE ROSE CONNERY " My soul, in this silent cell, con- trives to furnish me with beauty. I reach out with fingers of my questing thought and gather quantities of splendor. " -Charles Doss " In this last of meeting places we grope together and avoid speech. . .This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper. " TIM CLOUTIER ' To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To all men, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect. " TIMOTHY CONTI " The great things in this world, are not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving. " 34 RICARDO CORDOBA " The moments may be tempo- rary, but the memories last for- ever. But, hey, don ' t worry about it. " CHERYL CROCKER KRISTINA CORSO " There are many people that we meet in our lives, but only a few will make a lasting impression on our minds and in our hearts. It is these people that we will think of often and who will al- ways remain important to us as true friends. " SCOTT CURRAN " There ' s no present, there ' s no future. I don ' t even know about the past. It’s all timeless and never ending. To take it in is all to vast. I’ve got to travel forever; it’s all within my mind. An end- less path to endeavor, but forev- er is a long, long time. " Ozzy ' ’■ CHERYL CRAIG JOHN CREMINS " The only obligation you have in this lifetime is to be true to yourself. Dopey, Happy, Bashful and Grumpy. 35 FRED D’ANMOLFO LESLIE ANN CCJRTIN ‘If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it . " CHRISTOPHER J. D’AMBROSIO " And your moments will turn to dust, but that is the price you ' ll pay for every year ' s a souvenier that slowly fades away. " " One who lives his life caring what others think will never be happy. ” " All this the world well knows, yet none knows well, too shun the heaven that leads men to this hell. ' ' Shakespeare sonnet 129 lines 13 and 14. SCJSAM D’AVANZO " If the sun refused to shine, would still be loving you. When the mountains crumble to the sea, it would still be you and me. " -Led Zep- KAREM M. DAMELIO " Look to this day, Yessterday is already a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision. But every today, well lived, makes every yester- day a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. DAVID DAMIS " I ' m a believer, I ain ' t no deceiv- er. Mountains move before my eyes. Destiny planned out. I don ' t need no hand out. Specula- tion of the wise. " 36 " Hey, come on!” We got cha ' , Jeff. GLENN DAVIS " Why is all that we have simply never enough. ” KAREN LEANNE DAY " I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpet- ual. It is surpring how contented one can be with nothing definite- only a sense of existence. My breath is sweet to me. Oh how I laugh when I think of my vague indefinite riches, hio run on my bank can drain it. for my wealth is not possession but enjoyment. " BRIAN DAYS ' " If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice. I will choose free will. ' Peart CHRISTOPHER DECOSTA " AH you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be. " Roger Waters- RANDY DEMARCO “It ' s getting better all the time. I used to get mad at my school, the teachers who taught me weren ' t cool, holding me down, turning me around, filling me up with rules. I ' ve got to admit it ' s getting better, it ' s getting better all the time. i LORI J. DEVINE MICHAEL D1GIACOMO " Some people should take the time to smell the flowers. ” PAULA DILLON ’Within myself there is a still- ness and sanctuary to which I can retreat at anytime and be myself. ” BARBARA DIMARCO " You take my breathe away. Looks like we made it. I ' ll be there to the end. for all my friends. Sara is my sweetheart. My family. Love Friends In Reading. I ' ll Never Forget. My Twin Who Love And Treasure Grandpa Is the greatest. Skip ping fifth period Gould St. Gang Reading bashes. Four wheelin ’. Chinese food Renzet ti ' s, I love. " THERESA DIMARCO " Love you forever. Bobby Beck. Couldn ' t live without those Reading bashes. Finally a niece. Thanks to Mom and Dad for giv- ing to all of us kids what we real- ly deserves? Also, thanks to Eric for nothing ! Roses are red. violets are blue. Guess what Bobby Beck. I ' m stuck on you. " GINA DIMEO " The most wasted day of all is one which you have not laughed. Life, to me. is not mea- sured in years, it’s measured in- stead in smiles, laughter and tears. ” 38 GARY DIPIERO . .1 know what it means to be alone. I sure do wish I was at home. I don ' t care what the neighbors say, I ' m gonna love you each and every day. You can feel the beat within my heart. Realize, sweet babe, we ain ' t never gonna part. . . " JOHM DOHERTY " Do what ' s good for you or you ' re not good for anybody . ' ' • Billy Joel- 1976 " It’s out there somewhere, soulful experience, blues and rythem go by nicely with suicide and love. " -John Doherty - 1984 GARY DIMAPOLI PHIL DOHERTY " There ' s a rose in a fisted glove and the eagle flies with the dove and if you can ' t be with the one you love, love the one your with. " " You can ' t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find, you get what you need. " " Soul of a woman was created below. " " M E L O N I E " BOB DOHAHGE " Thanks to Dad. Mom and fam- ily: " ... You ve been learin ' baby I earin ' . All them good times, baby. I ' ve been y earin’. Way down inside, you need it. I ' m gonna give you my love: I’m gonna give you my love: Wanna whole lotta love. . . " KAREN DOTOLO " Who knows what tomorrow brings, in a world as deep as ours. All I know is the way I feel. If it ’s real, keep it alive. The road is long: there are mountains in our way, but we climb a step every day. " 39 " Go for it! " MAGREEN (MOE) DOYLE " The old words don ' t mean the same anymore. Time makes the change as the faces begin to age. The old place don ' t seem the same anymore. Yesterday ' s dream lie discarded on the floor Why does love have to change? " She’s got a way about her? Billy Joel. Proceeded by Arlene The hovr of fate to those we love, see Sharon. PAGLA DOYLE " Do you know where you re go- ing, do you like the things that life is showing you? Where are you going to, do you know? Do get what you ' re hopping for. When you look behind you there’s no open door. What are you hopping for? Do you know? " MARY-KATHLEEN DGFF " Capture the moment, carry the day, stay with the chase as long as you may. Follow the dreamer the fool, and the sage, back to the days of the innocent age. The faster we run, the further away the dreams that we chase become. If could be two places at one time. I’d be with you. to- morrow and today, beside you all the way. If dreams came true, oh wouldn ' t that be nice. " KELLY DGFF 40 PAUL DUONOLO TIM DUPLIN " A man must do what a man must do. " Winston Churchill " The game isn ' t over until it ends. " Yogi Berra " You can run but you can t hide. ” " I ' m a skoal dippin man. ” STEVEN EAGAN " You can ’t always get what you want. But if you try some time, you might find you get what you need. " KAREN ELLS " This year is the year we be come “ Freebirds ” to live our lives as we choose we grow up. move on, and mature. There ain ' t no stopping us now but for ever and remember always it ‘s a ’ Hard habit to break ' ' and " through the years. " It ' s been just you and I. Forever I’ll be " Faithfully yours " . JEFF ELLEGOOD " All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. What if they are a little coarse, and you may get your coat soiled or torn? What if you fail, and get fairly rolled in the dirt once or twice? Up again; you shall never be so afraid of a tumble. " Ralph Waldo Emerson PETER FABIANO " If you want to succeed in life, you must be successful at ev erything you attempt. Go for it! " 41 LAURIE FAUCON Pondering the mysteries of life " If the sun refused to shine, will still be loving you. When moun tains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me Inspira tion is what you are to me. " " Af- ter all that s been said and done, your Just a part of me can ‘t let 9 ° " TIMMY FLANAGAN " have i loved, + • x ben bitten, ■ x i ' ve gazed along the open foad. - x i ' ve wodered how much there is to no. dreams come true and some have silver lin- ings. i live for my dreams and a pocketful of gold Mellow is the man who nos what he ' s ben missing men can t see the open road, is a word that only leaves you guessin, guessin about a thing you really otta no. " JOANNE E. FLYNN " Sometimes I wonder where I ' ve been, who I am, do I fit in, make believing is hard alone, out here on my own. We ' re always prov- ing who we are, always reaching for that rising star, to guide me far and shine me home. I may not win but I can be strong, out here on my own. " " We ' ve only just begun to live I " MARY FALLON " Who says money can’t buy happiness? ' JILL FORGITANO " I ' ll stop the world and melt with you. " " Believing is the be ginning of a dream coming true. 42 HOWARD ALAN FOHLIN LINDA GARGANO " Reach for the moon; if you don ' t make it, you ' ll still be among the stars. " STEPHEN J. FYLER " When we are in school we climb the stairway to heaven, and when we are out we have freedom to do anything we want. When I get out of school I ' d like to be a printer. " MARINA GENTILE " May you grow up to be righ- teous, may you grow up to be true, may you always know the truth and see the light surround- ing you. May your hands always be swift, may you have a strong foundation when the winds changin shift. May your heart al- ways be sung, and may you stay forever young. ” - Diana Ross 84 ' ELLEN GAFFNEY " To the class of 85 good luck in the future ! May all your dreams come true for you. ” KAREN L. GAGNE ’Tio one is beat till he quites, no one is through till he stops, no matter how hard failure hits, no matter how often he drops, a fel- low ' s not down till he lies in the dust and refuses to rise. Fate can bang him around, battering his frame till he ' s soar but she can never say he ' s downed while he always bops up for more A fellow’s not dead till he dies, nor beat till no longer he tries. LISA MARIE GRAY DAMIEL GEORGE " Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves LORI G1ANNELLI " Time flies, sunrise, and shad- ows fall. Let time go by, love is forever over all. ' " ERIN GILMART1N " Throughout your life remem ber the most precious emotion you can show is love! Love is so easy to give and even more won- derful to receive You see our love is alive it ' s like a seed that only needs the thoughts of each other to grow and the special moments that last temporarily will bring the special memories that will last FOREVER. " KEITH GLASS " And will go on shining shining like brand new I ' ll never look be hind me and my troubles will be few. ” " Love doesn " t consist of holding hands, it consists of holding hearts. " ' ' " You ' re my friend, you " re my love, you " re my life. ' ' NATALIE GREENWOOD ' " Fobody ever told me. I found out for myself. You have to be lieve in foolish miracles. . . ' " " If they only knew. . 44 I " Oh my god she isn ' t serious about the homework! " PATRICIA HAGGERTY " A lay god bless and keep you always. May your wishes all come true, may you always do for others and let others do for you. May you build a ladder to the stars and climb every road. And may you stay, FOREVER YOUNG. " EILEEN HANNIGAN " The more faithfully you listen to the voices within you, the bet- ter you will hear. SHARON MARIE HASSARD " Love- There you are, you and him deciding just what to try. You remember the first night you met, hoping that neither for- get. You dream of each other night and day. You ' re made for each other, and you ’ll never go astray. Just remember: love is so hard to find. " Each pearl that leaves the broken string, " -Cont to Lauren- DAVID HILL " Live if you want to live Rasta- man vibration Yea! Why not help one another on the way. Make it much easier. You know what I mean. Make way for the positive day cause it ' s a new day, new time, new feeling say it ' sa new sign. ' ’ Bob Mar ley Ras- taman vibration. WALTER IBARROLA " Just when you think you have life s puzzle put together, some- one hands you another piece. 45 ALOMZA JACKSON " The air is warm and the wall cool. So I ' m kept away, so here I ' ll stay, even the judges kneel and pray. I ' m the winner in any event. Who was the man who said society is bent? So I ' m locked away in my padded co- coon. Squared up hell where nightmares bloom. All together, couldn ' t capture circles, if it only meant that I could leave this room. Here stands the fool " The FIXX WILLIAM JORDAN " Let ' s swim to the moon. Let ' s climb to the tide. Surrender to the waiting world that laughs against our side. Nothing left open hand. No time to decide. We ll step into a river. On our moonlight drive " DAVID CHESTER KELLEY " Confusion is always increasing in society. Only if someone or something works extremely hard can this confusion be re- duced to order in a limited re- gion. Nevertheless, this effort will still result in an increase in the total confusion of society at large. Everitt s Second Law of Thermodynamics LAUREN KIDDY " Let ' s go crazy! " " Oh my head! " " No problem! " " Dance until dawn -cause there ' s no stoppin us!! " " We possess the magic to make it all come true proc. by Sharon. . . " Is set in friendship ' s crown above, " cont. by L. Macklin 46 KAREM KIRBY " Courage is the ability to let go of the familiar. ” " Bye Stoneham High! " ' DINA G. KISSINGER " Dare to do what you dream. Search your heart to know what you most desire to do; then do it. for you can become by perser- verance what you long to be. " WILL KCILLMAN " Yes, there are two paths you can go by - but in the long run there ' s still time to change the road you ' re on. " PAGE, PLANT HOLLY A KCJPCZEWSKI " The time has come, to say our goodbyes, after years of cheer and sorrow, it’s going to mean that happiness will never follow. But the tears of sorrow will stop, the pain of leaving will be mend- ed, but it will still hurt to know that our school days together have ended. This is only the be- ginning, now the future lies ahead. " What? Manual Labor?! KAREN A. LAMANTEA RODGER S . LANDERS 47 SGSAN LANE " M ay God bless and keep you always, may your wishes all come true. May you always do for others and let others do for you. May you build a ladder to the stars, climb on every rung, and may you stay forever young. " BOB DYLAN LISA LANGONE " Every now and then know it’s kinda hard to tell, but I’m still alive and well. " R.D.- Light dawns on Marblehead. RENEE LAGRIA ' " If you take the chance, you ' ll never dream of what might have been. " AMY S. LAVASSEGR " You can not discover a new ocean, unless you ha ve the cour- age to lose sight of the shore. . but if you take the chance, you ' ll never be able to dream of what might have been. " WENDY S. LAVASSEGR " The pursuit of excellence is less profitable than the pursuit of bigness, but it can be more satisfying. " ' OGILVY SCOTT LESAFFRE “The facts we hate: we ll meet walking down the road, every- one yelling " Hurry up, hurry up,! ' But I ' m waiting for you. I must go slow ! What is this world coming to? Both sides are right, but both sides murder. give up: why can " t they? I must not think bad thoughts! I must not think bad thoughts! " 48 DIANE M. LEDWITH " Do you believe in love? " G.B. " He was the only one who ever really knew, he was the only one, what can I do? He was the only one, he always showed me how, he was the only one. Where is he now? " HUEY LEW IS A HD THE HEWS DAN LEMAY “Friends are forever if the Lord s the lord of them. And a friend will not say " never " cause the welcome will not end, though it " s hard to let you go. In the Father’s hands, we know that a lifetime’s not too long to live as friends. ” GERALD LINEHAN " Hever promise more than you can perform. " NINA LIU " A lay Cod bless you and keep you always. May your wishes all come true. May you always do for others, and let others do for you. May you build a lot of truth, and may you stay forever young. " ■ Give me something to spit into. . quick! MARYANN LOMBARDO " Dream for tomorrow, but live for today. " CHRIS LUTHER " My precious child, I love you and I would never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you. ” (Mai 5 6 81) 49 8 LISA MACKLIN “Mr. Jutras, they think they ' ve found your car. " “To think you know all of life ' s knowledge, is to be ignorant; for life is a never ending cycle. " Prec. by Lauren As narrower grows the earthly chain, ■ Con- tinued by Kris. ROBERT MACNEIL ' A yup, can t get there from here! " KAREM LOTI “Take your time. . .Don’t live too fast - Troubles will come and they will pass! " -LYNARD SKYNYRD SCOTT MACNEIL " Commandment number one of any truly civilized society is this: Let people be different. ” DA VI D GRAYSON- ' Almost anything you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.’ -MOHANDAS GAHNDI- PACJL MACEACHERN “But now ' s the time to look and look again at what you see. . .is that the way it ought to stay. ” Led Zeppelin ■ LORI “BCJFFY” MAFFEO " One day at a time - this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone. And do not be troubled about the future for it has not yet come. Live in the present and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering. 50 LAUREEN ADRIENNE MAHER CHRISTINE MARCOTTE " Have the courage to be differ- ent without being contrary-with out flaunting your independence. The quality that makes us interesting, that makes us outstanding personal- ities is the courage to be our- selves " " Because I love you, I ' ll let you go, if that is what you want. I ' ll let you wander and let you dis- cover if you really love me. If you return to me I ' ll be here, but if you don ' t return, you were never mine to begin with. " LISA MALLON " We grow neither better nor worse as we grow old, but more like ourselves. " DOUGLAS A. MARINO " A time to remember, a time to forget. A time of our prime we will never regret. A special thanks to Mr. Kevin Conroy, Mr. J.A. Romano, and Mr.J. Campa gna for a great four years. " JOES MANGANO " Do not think of what others think of you, you ' re the only one who can judge yourself. LUCY MARCHESE " Expecting stands, in hopes the running tide. Will all ere long be past, fool! not to know. It still has flow d the same, and will for- ever flow. " 51 KIMBERLY ANN MARQUIS " Life is a dream within a dream. Life ' s a bummer. " ROMALD MASTRODICASA " The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil. " -EMER son- CRAIG J. MAXWELL " Some people say love ' s a los- ing game. You start with fire, but you lose the flame. The ashes smolder, but the warmth ' s soon gone. You end up cold and lonely on your own. I ' ll take my chances babe. I ll risk it all. I ' ll win your love or I II take the fall I ' ve made my mind up girl, it ' s meant to be. Some- day lady you ' ll accomp ' ny me! " ERIN ANNE McGUIGGIN " All things I knew; but now con- fess the more I know I know. know the less. " All that I am my mother made me. Only as high as I reach can I grow; only as far as I seek can I go. only as deep as I look can see. only as much as I dream can I be. KATHY McKENNA " If you choose not to decide . . . you still have made a choice. " BRENDA L. MELKONIAN " We should be careful to get out of an experience only the wis- dom that is in it — and stop there; lest we be like the c at that sits down on a hot stove lid. She will never sit on a hot stove lid again-and that is well; but also she will never sit down on a cold one anymore. " " My idea of an agreeable person is a person who agrees with me. " " Let the mem ' ry live again " CATS Music is fiOT serious business! 52 Ruth, plotting the overthrow of Mr. Campagna BRIAN R. MERCHANT A Will Rogers quote: " I never met a person that I didn ' t like. " Same with the class of 85. I nev- er enjoyed a class such as this one. It was the best! ROBERT A MESSINA " And if you say to me tomor row, oh what fun it all would be. ' then what ’s to stop us pret- ty baby, but what is and what should never be. " " So if you wake up with the sunrise and all your dreams are still as new and happiness is what you need so bad. girl, the answer lies with you. " Led Zeppelin EMILIO MILLAN " Too many hands on my time, too many feelings Too many things on my mind. When I leave don " t know what I ' m hoping to find and when I leave I don ' t know what I ' m leaving behind . . . . " " The Analog Kid " by RUSH from the LP " Signals GENO MILLERICK 1 Don t say I won t do it because I will! " GCJERINO MOLINARO ' Ask not what you are doing in school, ask what you can do in school " MELANIE MONACO " Everything has it ' s beauty, but not everyone sees it. 53 DAVID MUIR " Self confidence comes to you every time you are knocked down and you get back up. If we all did the thing we are capable of doing we would amaze our- selves. Hold fast to dreams for when they die life becomes a broken winged bird that cannot fly " JOHN W. MUISE " An image and reputation are what people think you are. Only you as a person can determine who you really are, to yourself and to other people. ” + 1 = 2 , 2 + 2 = 4 . 4 + 4=8 TOM MULLER " AH the world ' s indeed a stage, and we are merely players, per- formers. and portrayers. Each - another ' s audience outside the gilded cage. Madmen feed on fear and lies to listen, laugh, and learn. " ' by Rush M.P. BRIAN MURRAY MURPHY " In and around the lake people come out the sky and they stand there condo parties. " The ja mokes going out to lunch " Playing football on Sunday. Gulf parties. Going to Wendy ' s " CHRISTOPHER MULLIGAN " The leave have fallen all around, time I was on my way. Thanks to you. I ' m much obliged, it ' s been a pleasant stay But. now it s time for me to go. the autumn moon lights my way. How s the time, the time is now. I ' m on my way. I ' ve been this way 12 years to the day - It ' s time to RAMBLE OH ■ " AHJAHA P. MEBHMAMI SCOTT T. MURPHY Its over finally! Had a lot of fun up the mountain with friends. " Had a rage of a time at Jay Peak! Great sking too! ' ' " FOAD! " Jimmy O. Do some briaks. Hope to be driving my 69 RR by now! The neighborhood for ever. Hi Karen. 12 27 83 " There is only one success to be able to spend your life in your own way. ” KATHY HESBIT " The clouds of today is the sun of tomorrow " ' " In the dreams of my mind I dream of our future " “You and I will always be together for eternity " “My love " ' " If ever your in my arm again " " AMEN! " " MARY BETH MEYLOM " There is a place for us a time and place for us. Hold my hand and we’re halfway there. Hold my hand and I ' ll take you there. Someday, somewhere, we ll find a new way of living. We ll find a way of forgiving, someday, someway, somewhere. " TOM MICHOLS “HICK” " What you own is your own kingdom. What you do is your own glory. What you love is your own power. What you live is your own story. In your head is the answer. Let it guide you along. Let your heart be the an chor and beat of your own song. " 55 LISA NORMAN " A fool will lose tomorrow reaching back for yesterday. " SEAM O’MEIL " Think I ' ll pack it in and buy a pickup, take it down to L A. Find a place to call my own and try to fix up, start a brand new day. ” Tieil Young JIM O’NEIL " SLEEPING LA TE AND SMOK ING TEA ' Aerosmith RICH PALUMBO " And any time you feel the pain. Hey Jude Refrain. Don " t carry the world upon your shoulder. For well you know that it ' s a fool who plays it cool. I ' m making his world a little golder. " The Beatles I 56 " Ask me if I care " MICHAEL PHILIP PANTANO ' KEEP ON TRUK IN! " STEVEN PELLEGRINO " find that the greatest thing in life is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving. To reach the port of heaven we must sail, sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, but we must sail and not drift, nor lie at anchor. " GARY M. PETTWAY " Education does not mean teaching people to know what they do not know, it means teaching them to behave as they do not behave. " SHERRI PIGNONE " You don ' t get something for nothing. You don ' t get freedom for free. You don t get wise with the sleep in your eyes no matter what your dreams might be. " Group Therapy ED PIGNONE " You can ' t always get what you want but if you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need! Rolling Stones- TIMOTHY POWERS " The image is one thing and the human being is another. " Elvis Presley 1935-1977 57 LISA A. PROODI AN " Life is like looking through a window, the only thing that keeps you from reaching out is the pain. I look at you from the corner of my eye, watching you as you pass by. Sometime may be you ' ll see me too. but for now I ' ll just stare at you. " PAUL PROODIAN " All I want for you to accept me as lam. " " Still we walk this road together We try and go as far as we can, and we have waited for this moment in time ever since the world began. " WILLIAM PREVIDI " Everything dies baby thats a fact. But maybe everything that dies someday comes back " Ex plore it. Change it. Rework it. Destroy it and start again. Each time you discover something new about yourself. ” SUSAN RANDO " We the willing, led by the un- knowing. are doing the impossi- ble for the ungrateful. We have done so much for so long with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing. " Stoneham, MA 02180 JEFF PROIA " Only once in your life do you meet that one person who changes you forever. " NICOLE M. REYNOLDS " I am forever walking upon these shores, betwixt the sand and the foam. The high tide will erase my footprints. And the wind will blow away the foam. But the sea and the shore will remain; Forever. " -Kahlil Gibran 58 SUSAN ROSE JOE RICCARDELLI " Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone. " Childhood hopes all have been met, still many dreams to con- quer yet. Past experiences are kept in mind, new challenges we " re hoping to find. All through school we learned about life, now we get to live it. " LISA M. RICCARDELLI " Life comes once, and once is all. You may get hurt, but never fall. Times will change, new peo- ple to meet. Times must change, we have goals to com- plete. I have gained understand- ing of the world that see. Things I once dreamed of have become reality. ” Paul NEIL ROSS " This class has hit a high! One that will never die! We ' ve learned and we ' ve taught, we ' ve laughed and we ' ve fought no one can deprive this class of ' 85 ! " SCOTT (RIELS) RIELLY " Every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the ab- solute rejection of authority. Thomas Auxley CHARLIE RIZZO " For what is a man. what has he got? If not himself, then he has not. To say the things he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels. The record shows I took the blows and did it .. . My Way. " 59 BRIAN RUBNER " Yesterday is but today ' s mem- ory and tomorrow is today ' s dream. " ' Kahlil Gibran KATHLEEN RUMP " The harder you work for some- thing. the more you appreciate it. " " These were difficult times and you helped me survive. My pillar of confidence, my leader of hope, my guidance of dreams to come, my friend always. Thank you for being there. " JOE SACCOCCIO " If you imagine it you can achieve it. If you dream it you can become it . ' ' KIM M. SALAMONE To Ducky with love: ' I’m never gonna let you co. I ' m gonna hold you in my arms forever, gonna try to make up for the times hurt you fo. Hold your body close to mine, from this day on we re gonna be together, oh I swear this time I ' m never gonna let you go . . . “ " Also a special prayer to Don Monteiro, who we will always keep in our hearts. " ANNETTE SALTAMARTINI " There are three types of people in the world: Those who make it happen: Those who watch it happen: And those who ask what happened? " Let ' s make it happen Class of " 85 " " Don ' t tell me what ' s in it ... I don ' t want to know! " 60 " Go ahead, make my day! " JOAMME S. SANDLER " If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you it ' s yours, if it doesn ' t, it never was. ” " Love is not only loving, but being loved. " JOHNNY SANNELLA " Alan goes to the moon and wonders. Children go to the cir- cus and understand. " REENIE SARCIA TONI SCARPA " If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. ' ' ‘ " May you always be courageous, stand up right and be strong, and may you stay, stay forever young. " " It ' s the famous final scene. " CHUCK SC1MONE " A good night is only half remembered. " KEVIN H. SCRIBNER ' never thought I ' d need so many people. " D. Bowie " It ain ' t easy to catch yourself when you ' re going down. " D. Bowie 61 DENNIS SENIBALDI DEBBIE SEVIER " Education makes people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but impossible to enslave. ' " Henry Baron Brougham. " A great deal of what we see depends on what we are looking for. " " It is the firest step that is difficult. " " No one knows what it is that he can do until he tries. " -P Syrus CRYSTAL SHARP " When you look over your shoulder and see the life you Ve left behind, when you think it ' s over, do you ever wonder what it is that holds your life so close to mine? " LEON D. SHNEIDER " A kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out the years. A kiss is like a whiskey: One pre- fers a " Double " . If love is play- ing hide and seek, a kiss can discover it . " LYNNE M. SIMONETTI " Don ' t sleep until the sunrise, listen to the falling rain. Don ' t worry about tomorrow, don’t worry about your pain. Don’t cry unless your happy, don ' t smile unless your blue. Never let the lonely one take control of you . . . Follow your dreams al ways, cause you have the right to be FREE. " -The Kid MARK SIMPSON (SIMPY) " Tough times never last but tough people do " " The will is more important than the skill " 62 FRANCA SINAGOGA " Yesterday is already a dream that has come and gone. Tomor- row is only a vision, but today makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomor- row a vision of hope. " -Sanskrit MATT “SMITTY” SMITH " I believe in your love that you gave me I believe in your faith that can save me I believe in your hope and pray that some- day it will raise me above these bad lands. I ' m not a boy I ' m a man and I believe in a promised land. " B. Springsteen KIMBERLEY SMITH TIMOTHY J. SMITH " To tall to be an elf, to short to be Santa Claus " " Love doesn ' t come in a minute ’ ' ' Love comes once and when it comes you Ve got to make it last. ” ELLEN S. SOLOMITA " To live your life in your own way ... To reach for the goats you have set for yourself . . . To be the you that you want to be- That is success. " Anonymous " A smile is a curve that can set a lot of things straight. " Yosem- ite Sam KRISTEN M. SORENSEN " If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it ' s yours, if it doesn ' t, it never was. ” " If these were the best of times, the worst are yet to come. Let ' s look for the purple banana til they put us in the truck! Let s go crazy!- For some- one else s eyes, but now it ' s my turn, no more room for lies the circle widens in the sky ” see M ary 63 SCOTT SOWYRDA " No problem ' Rush " Passage to Bancok " Buffalo Springfields " For what it s worth " " Led Zep- pelin Steve Fliller dreams Sun ny hurst Falcon FI T " Bummer " " Later " ’ " Take it easy " MICHAEL ST. AMAMD " A man is born gentle and weak. At his death he is hard and stiff. Green plants are tender and filled with sap At their death they are withered and dry. Therefore the stiff and unbend ing is the disciple of death. The gentle and yielding is the disci pie of life. Thus a tree that is unbending is easily broken. The hard and strong will fall. The soft and weak will overcome JULIE L. STILLINGER " So before we end and then be gin We ' ll drink a toast to how it " s been A few more hours to be complete A few more nights on satin sheets A few more times that I can say that I ' VE LOVED THESE DAYS " Billy Joel JEFF STURGIS " You sit and wonder just who ' s gonna stop the rain. Who ' ll ease the sadness, Who " s gonna quiet the pain. It’s a long dark high- way and a thin white line, con- necting your heart to mine. ■Bruce Springsteen (The Ties That Bind) DAM “SULLY” SULLIVAN 64 DOREEM SULLIVAM " Love doesn ' t make the world go " round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. ” " Every ac- tor in his heart believes every- thing bad that’s printed about him. " " Just because everything is different doesn ' t mean any- thing has changed. ” DOM SULLIVAM " Say goodbye to the oldies but goodies, ' cause the goodole days weren’t always good, and tomorrow ain ' t as bad as it seems. ” " You say I fool myself, but better than being a fool for someone else. JENNIFER SULLIVAM RICHARD J. SULLIVAM Jr. Freedom is the right to choose, the right to create for oneself, the alternatives of choice. With- out the possibility of choice, and the exercise of choice, a man is not a man but a member, an in- strument, a thing. " -Jefferson " Youth must not be seduced into silence when conscience de- mands it speak " -Hans Scholl (The White Rose) GAIL SYLVESTER " How it ' s finally time to leave everything must have an end. Like an ocean to a shore, like a river to a stream take it calmly and serene, it " s the famous final scene. " B.S. MICHAEL K. SZCZAWIMSKI " And it seems our destiny to search and never rest to ride that ever changing wave that never seems to crest to shiver in the darkest night afraid to make a stand and then go back and make a stand out there in no mans land. " -Seger- " You touch my bagel, you die! " LIMN THOMAS " Can we talk here? " " Seagull, you fly across the hori zon, into the misty morning sun. Nobody asks you where you are going, nobody knows where you are from. Seagull, you fly through the sky never asking why. You fly around until some- body shoots you down. Seagull, fly to your tomorrow, leave me to my sorrow. " CHRISSY ANNE TIERNEY " Hey, if you have at least one good friend, you ' ve got it all. " KAREN TAGCJE " Democracy is based on the conviction that there are ex traordinary possibilities in ordi- nary people. KATHLEEN T. TOOMY " Tomorrow is a path I ' ve yet to choose, it’s a chance I ' ve yet to take, a friend I ' ve yet to make, it ' s all the talent I’ve yet to use. Tomorrow is a dream that leads me onward, always just a step ahead of me . . . it ' s the joy I’ve yet to know, the love I’ve yet to show, for it’s the person I ' ve yet to be . " MICHAEL TATIAN " And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make. " The Beatles (Abbey Road) JGLIE TORODE " We’ve been riding the storm " The Doors " It’s got to get better from here on " The Who 66 MARY TORRES " A star unlit a child unborn the cry inside a tear. These things shall set you free. In my friend I see a second self. Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bod ies " con ' t. from Kris . . . " These are our treasures that remain, but those are stars that beam on high. There ' s no stoppin ' us. " MICHELLE TRIMGALLI ' A friend is someone who under- stands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you to- day just the way you are. " " If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it is yours. If it doesn’t, it never was. " MICHELLE M. TOWER KELLEY ANN TURNER ' ' My eyes can only see what is in front of me, therefore, I must open them wide, for just one blink, could cause me to miss everything. " M.K. T. AMY E. TOWSE " I wish us all to promise that we will enjoy all that life has to offer while we are still young and free enough to do so. " The better part of one’s life consists of his friendships " Al " So long as I can see I will keep looking, as long as can walk I will keep moving, as long as I can stand will keep fighting. " BRIAN R. TREVOR " Some men see things as they are and ask why. dream things that never were and ask, why not. " - Robert F. Kennedy 67 DIANA OVA JINELLE WALKER " Hope for the future, Don ' t dwell in the past. Live in the pre- sent And make today last. Pray for tomorrow, Let your life live on. Hope for the future ' Cause yesterday ' s gone! " ANDREA VACON " How is the time, now is the best time, now is the best time of your life. SUSAN VAN LOON " Always remember to forget the things that made you sad. But never forget to remember the things that made you happy. " " Finish each day and be done with it . . . You have done what you could ; some blunders a nd absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it well and serenly. " R. W. Emerson SHARON VINCI " One can not expect one to live in the image of another, nor should one try to do so. I shall not try to live in another ' s shad ow, like everyone else, rather I shall seek my own. ” " You can t always get what you want. " Stones " Life is just a dream that makes you face reali- ty. " " keep smiling! I love you, Brian. " STEVE WALLES " AH the world ' s a stage and the men and women are merely players. ” " get it!! " 68 hi. • in H " Wow, this actually makes sense! " MIKE WALLIS " So if you think your life is com- plete confusion. Just remember that it ' s a grand illusion And deep inside we are all the same. " PAUL C. WHARF " The special times spent togeth er, the people and places shared, are memories both will always have. Thank you for all the times in my life you were such a vital part of, and for be ing the unique essence of our lasting friendship. " D.W. MAL SUZANNE L. WHITTAKER " Aspiration shows us the goal and the distance to it; inspira tion encourages with a view to how far we have come. Aspira- tion gives us the map of the jour- ney; inspiration furnishes the music to keep us marching. ” R.W.S. GINO WHOOLEY " A man may make mistakes, but he isn ' t a failure until he starts blaming others for his mistakes. ' " Be more concerned with your character, than with your reputation because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is what others think you are. ” KRISTEN T. WIGANDT " Accept today as it is . . . Yester- day is gone . . . Tomorrow has not come. Go as far as you can see. When you get there you will be able to see further. ' ' - Carlyle " IVe find in life exactly what we put into it. " -Emerson DANIEL E. WILLIAMS " Yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision; but today, well-lived, makes ev- ery yesterday a dream of happi ness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope. " 69 LAURA J. WINN " It has been REAL, It has been GREAT, But it hasn ' t been REAL GREAT.” DANIEL WOODMAN " If you love something set it free. If it comes back to you it s yours. If it doesn ' t then hunt it down and kill it. ” " If winning isn ' t everything then why do they call this the human race” " It ' s only there if you want it” " am a Skoal Dipping Man " Say Cheese! ROCHELLE YARJAN " All that is gold does not glitter, not all who wonder are lost.” CATHY A. ZACCONE " ... One day I ' ll show them. Just what I’m made of, There ' ll be a time. When I won’t remem- ber what I was afraid of. And I ' ll be swimming in the sea, ho banging on this glass for me, My eyes saw red when my life turned blue. And so I ' m leaving everything that ' s true. And I ' ll jump into a brand new skin, And then you won’t be able to box me in.. . DOfi ' T BOX ME Ih . . . LET GO! ... " by SC SR ANTHONY ZARBANO " You only live once, but if you live it right, once is enough. " DEANA ZIZZA " Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in. " Thanks Mom S Dad 70 " I like them big and stupid! ' Captain ' s log, stardate -R WILLIAM GOVER ‘‘Life is short no matter how long you live, so live.” LYNNE HAMILTON " Go your own way” Fleetwood Mac lisa McAllister ' You will always be in my heart and you ' re my endless love, g!sH| KATHY OBST “I was wondering, why do I wonder? I don’t know why I wonder, but often wondering why I wonder wonders me. " K.O. " Today is the tomorrow we worried about yester- day. " " Let s just say I was curious, was testing the bounds of reality, that’s all it was, just curiosity. " 71 V 1 IB V Is t 1 1 % 1 V IA 1 1 , T ■ :; ■ I 1 f . ' BMPt 4 Mm ■ , ; 3 hfHR f k m ■ jk ' . B E 1 ■ w ■ l ,_. l jB m m m W Q 1 1 Bfl I H • », -•« ft m- - iiri l THROUGH THE YEARS JUNIOR PROM " We ll remember this night through the years. " " • • • dancin ' in the dark " Did you say ' smile ' ? " " I hope she ' ll believe the flowers weren ' t ready ' PLAYBILL Stage I Stoneham High SENIOR CLASS PRESENTS COUNT DRACULA Van Helsing-C. Rizzo Dr. Seward-fi. Previdi Sybil V. Reynolds . . Moderation, dear. Moderation ' s the thing. " " I mean, not now. Not . . . not in this dress . . . " " Arthur, wouldn ' t it be wonderful . . Since when have you had those two little wounds ? " . . Then, for all time, you shall be my bride . . . " . . An unclean, foul thing no man should " A Fly! A Fat, Juicy, Fly! " love! " " Devil damn you! " The Senior Class would like to thank the cast, for the long, hard hours spent in the production of Count Dracula. Crew members f include, from left to right: K. Alexander, D. Doyle, A, Surette, D. Reynolds, K. Alexan- der, J. Vito, D. Ledwith, R. Clayton, K. Doyle, H. Kupczewski, D. Reynolds, P. Dillon, S. MacNeil, E. Danico, B. Days. Seated, Artistic Director C. Zaccone, Assistant Director, K. Rump, and Stage Manager A. Towse. Spe- cial thanks to our director, Mr. P. Mucica, for being the " unusual " person that he ' s always been. (And Bruce, too) ELECTED OFFICIALS STUDENT COUNCIL At Stoneham High School, our democratic ideas are expressed through the Student Council. The student body elects repre- sentatives who in turn accept suggestions and questions rele- vant to the group, allowing ev- eryone to take part in school affairs. Front: A. Jackson, Secretary S. VanLoon, President S. Rando, Vice-President L. Simonetti, Treasurer T. Saltamartini, L. Norman Middle: S. Cahill, M. Carroll, P. Argiro, J. Sacco, T. Woodland, , A. Ciamarra, K. Duff, M. Henriksen, J. Means Back: J. Melkonian, M. Brandt, B. Hoyt, E. Mamone, J. He- garty, J. Guida, G. Vita, S. Guida, A. Fionda, M. E. Murphy STUDENT GOVERNMENT DAY REPRESENTATIVES At an assigned date, the Stu- dent Government Day Repre- sentatives throughout the state of Massachusetts visit the State House. During the day, they assume the duties of elect- ed and appointed officials. There they learn the operations of state government firsthand. Steven Pellegrino and Brenda Melkonian GIRLS’ AND BOYS’ STATE REPRESENTATIVES These students were chosen as representatives to Girls’ State and Boys ' State where they were able to learn more about the history and gov- ernment of the Unied States. Steven Pelligrino, Michael St. Amand, Paula Dillon, Toni Saltamartini, Michael Tatian Missing: Kristen Wigandt STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES TO THE SCHOOL COMMITTEE Student Representatives to the School Com- mittee attend School Committee meetings where they have an opportunity to observe the policy-making process. The student body, through its representatives, can voice its opin- ions on matters demanding attention. Steven Pellegrino, Christine Bracciotti, Lynne Simonetti, Erin McGuiggin Missing: Leslie Curtin 78 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Sparta News W. Lavasseur, S. Walles, C. D ' Ambrosio, D. Kissinger Great Books Club N. Reynolds, M. Belmont, Mrs. Puffer, D. Argiro, K. Scribner CLASS OFFICERS ... AT YOUR SERVICE Freshman Class Officers Sitting: President Craig Celli, Vice President Nancy Dell’lsola. Standing: Social Persons Denise Flana- gan and Tara Campagna, Treasurer Courtney Cam- eron. Missing from photo, Secretary Jennifer Muise. Sophomore Class Officers Front: Social Chairperson Carrie Major, Treasurer Sara LeSaffre, Secretary Michele Manzi. Back: Vice-presedent Bobby Gilmartin, President Paul Simpson. Missing from photo, Social Chairperson Meghan Murphy. Junior Class Officers Vice-president Maral Dakessian, Treasurer Lisa Carroll, Social Chairper- son Dawn Campagna, Advisor Mr. Romano, Secretary Lisa Powers, Social Chairperson, Jennifer Caliguri. Missing from photo, President Rocco Dell’lsola. 80 Senior Class Officers Social Chairpersons Will Kullman and Karen Damelio, Secretary Nicole Caroli, President Steven Pellegrino, Treasurer Paula Dillon, Vice-president Jeff Sturgis. WE MEAN BUSINESS Future Secretaries Club Sitting: Diana tlva. Middle row: Sherri Pignone, Kathy McKenna. Kim Regan Back row: Sharon Hassard, Jinelle Walker. Karen Coffin, Karen Luti, Advisors Mrs. Corum and Miss Garuti. Students Against Driving Drunk Linda Gargano, Joyce Connery, Amy Surrette, Sara Ward, Christine Bracciotti, Suzanne Whittaker, Ellen Solomita, An- gela Ciamarra, Ron Davis, Annamaria Ciamarra, Steve Pelle- grino, Erin McGuiggin, Kathy Rump, Dina Kissinger. Deca Sitting: Tracy Stewart. Susan Lane, Toni Scarpa, Lori Devine, Amy Adams, Lisa Norman, Michelle Tower, Nan- cie Boris. Middle row: Paul Angelosanto, Tammy Hart- ford, Lisa Titcomb, Michele Fanale, Marie Limone, Jennifer Caliguri, Lisa McNulte, Sabrina Passanisi, Jenni- fer McMaster, Christine DiCarlo, Laurie Hoyt, Laura Nor- man, Jennifer Pecora, Judy Boris, Lori Sylvestro, Advisor Mr. Flanagin, Back row: Lisa Carroll, Brenda Sackett, Theresa Carroll, Donna Williams, Maral Dakessian, Craig Maxwell, Chris Mulligan, Robert Bruno, Dave Marasca, Scott Greenleaf, Robert Scannel, Doug Avola, Mark DiPiero. 81 INTELLECTUAL PURSUITS Front: E. Vasilopoulos, L. Gargano, E. Solomita, C. Rizzo, C. Bracciotti, S. Whitta- ker, A. Ciamarra Middle: Mr. Grondin, B. Granese, J. Connery, R. DeFlumeri, J. Smallcomb, V. Misail Back: R. Davis, R. Rotondi, H. Mabuchi, A. Chyung, N. Collins, R. Gregoire Math Team Front: P. Duonolo, N. Ross, M. Mazza, J. Carroll Back: D. Marino, L. Shneider, M. Dacus, Mr. Conroy Debate Club J. Melkonian, R. Rotondi, V. Misail, N. Collins. In front: R. Gregoire Chess Club BREAKING THE LANGUAGE BARRIERS Italian Club Venezia llitalia Front: G. Riccardelli, Treasurer K. Ioanna, President C. Rizzo, M. Brian Back: Mrs. Gentile, D. Benazzo, S. Costa, J. Butts, L. Deluca, C. Ricupero Latin Club Kathy Connery, Miss Mesbitt, Linda Gargano, Ellen Solomita Spanish Club Front: Secretary K. Merikanto, President J. Fishman Back: Mrs. Amoroso, B. Wolonsavich, L. Baumann, L. Lewis French Club Front: P. Angelosanto, V. Misail, M. Kushakji, J. Melkonian, J. Melkonian, R. Gregoire, N. Col- lins, A. Ricupero, R. Shacter, T. Cossetce, B. Hoyt Middle: A. Ottaviano, Vice-President K. Gagne, M. Cargill, A. Tatian, Treasurer E. Vasilo- poulos, E. Whelan Back: N. Ghareeb, M. Ro- tondi, L. Faucon, J. Colvario, President B. Melkonian, M. Henriksen, J. Appleyard, Secre- tary S. Smith, Mr. Rocher ! The Stoneham Chapter of The National Honor Society held a candlelight induction ceremony for the second year in a row. Presiding over the solemn occasion were the officers of the organization, who, each in turn, gave a speech for the induction criterea. Mr. William Hoyt was presented with an honorary membership and spoke to the new members about honor in everyday life. Each new member received a pin and a light for their candle symbol- ic of the torch of knowledge and hope being passed on to a new generation. TIME TUNNEL 1985 Stoneham High Carnival Ball The Royal Court Our theme for the 1985 Carnival Ball was The Time Tunnel, an ex- pressway of expectation into the familiar and the yet-to-be familiar. We stopped along the way at his- toric moments in music, customs, and fashion. Three special de- cades, noted for their contributions to American Society, were our ma- jor stops in The Time Tunnel. The Roaring Twenties . . . The Fabulous Fifties . . . The Scintillating Sixties! A brief glimpse into the time be- yond the Eighties completed our fanciful chronology. In between, re- minders of our contemporary life- style gave perspective to our Time Tunnel excursion. Mistress of Cerimony: Katherine Connery Master of Cerimony: Charles Rizzo Presiding over the festivities were His Majesty, Marcus Nickerson, King of Carnival Ball, and Her Highness, Susan VanLoon, Queen of Carnival Ball The Escorts for the Royal Court were tlshers John A Sannella III, Timothy G. Flanagan. Stephen T. Armato, Michael J. St. Amand, Richard A. Palumbo, Paul K. Baker, Christopher Mulligan, Joseph A Saccocio, and .William A. Kullman. The Attendants to the Queen were (front row) Nicole Caroli, Susan A. Rose, The Royal Couple, Susan F Rando, and Gail Ann Sylvester, (back row) Christine M. Marcotte, Karen M. Damelio, Amy Adams, Paula L. Dillon, Christine M Bracciotti, and Natalie Greenwood. The Royal Court waltzed as The Spartan Chorale performed " Time In A Bottle " . The Coronation Ceremony was a crowning moment for the King and Queen as they participated in a long standing tradition. 86 Betsy Granese proved that music will always be timeless with Scott Joplin ' s " Ragtime " . The Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of Stephen Baberadt performed " Swing Time " and " Mark ' s Time ' Rodger Landers swings to the beat as he performs his Sax The trumpet section lived up to the performances of such legendary figures as Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis, solo. The Dance Club had everyone tappin ' there feet to the beat of " Hooked on Dixie " . Their Rockette like finale brought thunderous applause from the audience 87 " Don ' t leave the White House without it! " " Do the Charleston!” This is a Lysol " Give it to him Ruth! " " The Roaring Twenties " " What ' s the password? " " Wrong! . . " " I ' m definately in trouble " " This is a RAID! " a " You ' ve got Judy Bain performed " Left In The Dark " Remembering " The Way We Were " " One, Two, Three O ' Clock, four O ' Clock A ' Rock! " date?! " Ayyy Kelly Cronin, accompanied by David Powers, stirred us with " I Honestly Love You " . The Spartan Chorale highlighted the evening s performance with " Time In A Bottle " , " The Way We Were " , and " The Best Of Times " 89 . " Left, Left, Left Right Left. " ' John Doherty performed an original composition " I Know You ' re Leaving Me " with a little help from members of " Daisy, where have all the flowers gone? " DETOLIR ' s electrifying rendition of " Sometimes A Fantasy " " Woah, Skippy has more what? " AnnaMaria Ciamarra graced us with Princess Aurora ' s Rose Adagio. DETOUR. Betty Capozi continued the soft fantasy of time travel with " Dreaming of You " 90 We should just Nuke them. " Tim Cloutier in Breakdancing solo. " That ' s All Folk ' s . . Front row; Lisa Norman, Captain Nicole Caroli, Cheerleader Apprentice Sheri Ann Lanni, Captain Nina Lou, Amy Adams, Ellen Gaffeny. Standing; Meghan Murphy, Laura Chiofilo, Monica Pelligrino. Cheryl Montalto. Kelly Cronin, Melissa Brandt MUSIC FOR ALL TASTES . . . THE CONCERT JAZZ BANDS The Concert and Jazz Bands have always provided a wide variety of excellent music at S.H.S. Always seeking the innovative and unusual, this year ' s Christmas Concert was interrupted by an invasion of Santa ' s elves, who kidnapped Jazz Band members and took over their instruments. An act of protest against poor working conditions, the elves are still holding the Band Director, Mr. Stephen Baberadt, hostage until their demands are met. THE MARCHING BAND: STEPPING OUT IN STYLE Under the direction of its new conductor, Mr. Steven Baberadt, the Marching Band entered the 1985 season with a new look and sound to capture the attention of the half time audience. THE 1985 MARCHING BAND 4 - JN . aft K -T v • V p » r jd I ’ W ■ ' ' ' ft Spartan Chorale The Chorale is one or the few organiza- tions at SHS that brings together a variety of people for one purpose- the pursuit of musicianship and creativity. Cinder the di- rection of Mr. Frank Abrahams, the Cho- rale has succeeded in bringing the music of Hayden, Gabrielli, Bach, and Piakham to the otherwise uncultured society of SHS. The Chorale has traveled to Montre- al, Philadelphia, New York, and New Or- leans where they sang at the 1984 Worlds Fair. FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT Reporatory Chorus Front: J. Lundy, E. Bates, J. Bonaiuto, L. Peterson, W. Balestrier, B. Mar ciano Middle: M. Maniscalco, C. Grecio, K. Alexander, L. Lewis, K. Doyle, S. Polito, M. Murphy Back: M. Christofi, A. Ciamarra, J. Gianferri, K. Burke, K. Alexander, M. Phelan Dance Club Front: K. Doyle, A. Ciamarra, A. Ciamarra, D. Sullivan, D. Kissin- ger, W. Lavassuer Standing: D. Doyle, K. Alexander, K. Larson, K. Alexander, L. Peterson, M. Torres, L. Kiddy, K. Sorensen, D. Sevier Drama Club Sitting: C. Rizzo, R. Clayton, A. Towse, B. Previdi Standing: H. Kupczewski, C Zaccone, Mr. Muccica, K. Rump, M. Neylon, N. Reynolds, D. Reynolds, A Surette, D. Doyle =1 , i r j Mk ' || 1 97 ONE FINAL WORD . . . m+ r- Sumu wrestlers. “I can never hit that note . . Dracula in the making. Nicole fifteen years from now . . . AMY ADAMS Best friends EGNLTSMTGSLNLS Neva 4get talks w Mel DF Rascals Revere Beach Love u Fitz 6 26 84 KSMJ cheering 84, 85 Deca Florida 2 NLTS Bermuda 85 Sunnyhurst 2nd home Af- ternoon rides imagine if? Nick ' s partys Ma can I sleep over Nina ' s Looking for MG AM Halloween 83 Love ya Mom Dad Family Thanks for everything love Aim WILL ANDRONICO (RIOCI) PEAKIN ' AT THE PEAK THE RAGING DOGS " THE CAPE " THE GAYHEAD BEACH THE WEEK AT KILLINGTON CRUISIN ' IN THE " VETTE " IHOPPED FOR TOO LONG " FLORIDA-THE KEYS " ITALY THE PATS AND THE END OF THE 455 NICOLE ARENA To all my friends in Cambridge, I’ll nev- er forget you. To my one special friend in Stoneham Barbara, Remember all those things we ' ve been through. You’ ve been like a sister to me. Love ya Bryan- Love ya Mom and Dad people to remember: BD, TD, RA.KC, SD, CC, JW, SS, BM, MS, BB places to remem- ber: Revere Beach and " 209 " ! MARIA AUCELLO PALS: GDLGRMS RJGLTDCBB BK CREW: KEWMP PSGKCB LHDTG MDBDKP CSK G ALLEYS: RSAS JWLMMF JA BONG SQUID! SLED- DOGGING FOREVA! MDAOA TAUR USGIRLS NITE AT THE K LAKE QUANO POWA -GIZMO BRITE LITE!- LANNI’S LAV-ROBIN HOOD-21 JR PROM W KB-BUT JG, IFYF IWAP! PS: I LUV U 4 7 84 SHEELER! " GOLD " TRIP 2 MARS-SNIPPIT BERMUDA! FLICK! WHO? LUV YA DAD MA Dl STEVE BOB BASSILL " The Good Old Days” CM I ' ll ALWAYS LOVE YOU- Remember The beach stumped and get the ? out of here! How ' s your Busch? Mr “C " thanks Mr P hell of a teacher! Mr Rowell your alright Slicks + Slickets. Rascals- Uptown Melrose. How ' s your tickets-misled! sun glasses at night-veg-CM im sorry for Ev- erything! CM Don ' t let go of our dream! NANCY BORIS I ' ll never 4Get spec ' l moments w J.K.L. 7:AM Escapes, AM ' s w John. Cape Weirs, NH, escapes New Models ILY 4Eva JKL Good X ' s w " The Gang " espec. Stew Thanx TS Summer snow- storms Neva 4get fishing w Dad Miss love u very much. Mom, sorry for the hard times I caused you ILY. Vermont Sheraton GGI w JKL and Friends!!! 100 CHERYL AHERN Mems w Timmy Salisbury, skiing- 115- 81 Jr Prom good times w LGDHFB LDMMPM quarters canoeing w PM New Hampshire Mully ' s best 3 weeks w LD field hockey thanks Bones mis- ery reading All of my love to Ma, Dad, Jerry, Timmy + friends good luck to everyone Thanks PD MARIA ANSELMI Thanks for the abuse guys-RA, WA, JM, SA, JP, DD, Mr " L " Remember Hal- loween night with LA, LF, LG, KT, EB, JS, -whategg? LATH Neva 4-get you! Times with the RED Rule! my chopper 4-eva! BW-pull over! Thanks Alvin! BB partners! The " steak out” with BW SC! JF-I Loved y-once! Thanks Ma + Dad! Roll-wor! Forehead, Bison 4-eva-LA + LF! ROBERT ARIGO Let the good times roll Double Ses- sions ' ' Nicky ' s ' Good Luck to the 1984 football squad ' Summer ' 84 ' ' who put the whole in the wall!’ " Hoss ' Friends FC, JS, JP, SC, LG, KD and Coach Al ' Thanks Mom + Dad! RON ACJRIEMMA (HN LT) Sking and raging at Jay Peak The Cape, Gayhead beach, the bridge. KT Florda on New Years! Patriots games with the gang. Working at the car lot Selling trees with Steve. My Cou gar. Many more good times ahead. Thanks Mom + Dad ARLENE BENNETT Always remember: LM, JAM, LM, MD, LM We made it! Good Luck Class of " 85”, " Music is my life " Memories: Having a little sister, Summer of ' 84 ' , New Hampshire- Weirs Beach, Salsbury Beach. Thanks Mom, Dad, Allan and Renee-I Love You! SHEILA BOYAJIAN It ' s over! Never 4get Physics: I wish I ' s taked Adv Bio, DA! But who can 4get TS, SP, TF (MEMBA?) BT WA? This class goes by fast, huh, T rev? Sup, mar- ier? Thanx AC-FF! Memories: CB, SW, ES, SP. 3 23 JP-What a nite! IT WAS FUN . . . Thank uCM, DC Ronny 11 12 83 I Luv ya that much, Jeff! Good luck to " 85 " ! Thanks for putting up w me. Mom and Dad-1 Love You! STEPHEN ARMATO Good times at Manson St., THE PIT AND Smitys with PD JD JP LD SO PB PM CM and SPEIF " OH TO LIVE ON SUGAR MOUNTAIN”, LIVE RUST. CSN ' 84 ' NEIL ' 83 ' ' 84 ' J-PK ' What hap pened last night? ' THE SEVENTH peri- od commies, HAMMARIN with THE HORROR MEN., The Flume and dukies, TSRTS SEE YOU THERE ON THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. PAUL BAKER Best times partyin ' w Sean O, Diege, SA, Phil, Flan (do it!), Mul, JP, JD, PM, Lb, SP, questin ' w Getrin. Hamma w horromen: CS, Mac, Stew, RD, GM, JA. SP parties, TB at JM ' s, Muls, Pit, Manson, Redmen. Best shows: AAB, CDB, MTB, CSN Neil, RW + EC! Green bombs at Hampton, having fun w Pat H. Soccer ' 84: hard work, no breaks good times. Thank you MOM, Good Luck ' 85!!! BUDDY BERTOLINO REMEMBER Auditorium time DD GL GD is it Raining JD who . . . are you? Never worry its only Mr K fifth period Lets go GD TS PM Everett Hey what a quiet car. RA WA TC TS MW Hampton Beach 130? No Hurry? NP ICU GL JA Burlington. Never forget CP Medford CHRISTINE BRACCIOTTI the QUAD-my Best memories! -MR JS (I ' M NOT HAPPY) NL + TM FS BB at MASP THROUGH A LOT-SB AC LG ES + SW HO, SHE ' S FRIEND-! LEENDA, BANG A UEY! JD + RICH insist CB ' s at BC-CUNEXT YEAR PETE TO ALL YOU GUYS WHO TOOK SPANISH AND STUCK IT OUT IN " H ' - YOU ' RE the BEST FRIENDS! M + D- you deserve credit too!! IT ' S ' 85 CHRISSY, LET ' S PACK IT UP! DENISE ASHTON Good-Times w mbf: MB-7 11 runs. Norton. 100452m-DC-JPT NEVER AGAIN 12 31 84. SC-hockey games. Physics w BT, SB, TS, + TF. Pool Par- ties at PW ' s. Midnite moped run. Track- cross-country w BT, MT, SC, KS, DF, CR. R. I.G. 84-MG-Hampton. 11 23 84 w CM. NF: TP, LG, CL. THANX MOM, DAD, Tl, MEL, Artie + TEDDY. 1 LUV U for the best years of my life! MARIE BARRY Memories: Skunk Killer Molson Canadi- ans Monte-SS. Chem-op, CMBD Phys- ics mu The Park Lechmere-HTUSA-J. Geils stock Fondur The Bruise cheer- ing Prince what rock? Chinamooon NYE " 84” NYC-Ron FRIENDS: B.F. DA, Kevy Sassy C J , HoHo, Spu Smedly, Hank; OC, KR, DSCZ, MN, CM, TB, SC, Whitey, PD, JS, Sac CA, MF, PB LOVE YA MA, DAD THE 4 M ' s! MAUREEN BERUBE RON 9 1 84 Geppetto ' s toys Conn. w Kell JR. + M.C. Prom w M.F. Look out for the vent sunglasses: Good times with Kris, Kel + Mel Thanxs for being there T.P. OLE! margaritas at Guadala- harrys Boston Cruise MONO, Want a Mint? Ells Pond scarre Never give up a good thing! Thanks Ma + 3M ' s MICHAEL BROOK I ' LL NEVER FORGET THE SUMMER OF " 83 " . GOODTIMES AT P.l. WITH MEIR AND THE MEDFORD CREW. ALWAYS REMEMBER THE P.l. DAYS WE TOOK OFF AND PLAYHED QUARTERS WITH D.B. CRUISING IN THE T?A. BLARING ZEPPLIN. " ALL HAIL!” GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF " 85”. THANKS MA AND DAD FOR EVERYTHING! SPECIAL THANKS TO MR. O ' GRADY. SCOTT BRYCE By Everyone Good-Luck Success will be on it’s way Absent notes and Mr. Rocher I enjoyed SHS Bags, books, etc. Take Care. NICOLE CAROLI Happiness is Per. 10 SRSVLP DTHRLK LCMLSEG Hamp 84 really only 5 Girls. BWay 81 82 Hogan EK ' s room Luv u guys Sun nights with Paul + Peter IWDFG KEL X-mas Eve 84 Camp X 84 TFLH DRoss Renee us! Happ is SR home Doy GRI talks with John. Misery is not knowing how B Way Broke up Fighx with Woodsie. 21 + 13 62581 IWNSLY DAVE I Love u Ma + Dad RL Bashes 21 DIANE M. CICATELLI Never Forget the Special Memories Shared w CA-IFYF, CO, MD, JL, MS, Butts, CM-LIMO. Best Times w LR, MA, PD, HK, MN, DS, CZ, Deb, NC-IMY! Sr. Board ’85, Sue R " Beech!”. Clas- sics: Daddys Girl; 218 Jonseys; CJ TN; LBBF; Bungie; Frost Heaves-MG- “ All I need are tasty slopes cool spuds " " We ' re Golden " -KD. 100452M- DAJPT " Never Again " Mom, Dad, Steve, Tom-1 LOVE G TIM CONTI REMEMBER: Hampton BB + ME The Speed Racers. RA The Rush Show. Old Orchard MWWA RA RAGE 83 Red TA. sell xmass trees. Bway Suzuki DR125. Eagleur Colona SAP Thanks MA + DAD RICHARD BUCKLEY Friendship is one mine in two bodies . . .both trying to pass calculus for the brain dead, define smegma, committ guilt, ring a belle, hide a worm, have a crisis stay on pitch, have a ' picnic, find some chocolate, and just trying to sur- vive senior year. Thank you Nicole and Chris, for being true friends. Love al- ways, RB PAT CARPENITO It’s been a LONG Hard " 13” years but I finally made it ’Mountain: Francines House Bashes Friends: KD JF CC " LB” RB Bon: MM LL SG LC: LOVE ’Kathi Kerri Kim: North End. My TAT skip- ping on the beach lake: All SMF ' S I know: THANK YOG Mom Dad Sis PS Love ya RUTH CLAYTON A ' s tent; Honors fags; JP the labman; hairy spider; Lanai Island; lost in NH; YES REO; Aunt Tilly 4eva; Maria Sa lope; Friends ATDLBPSPJ FKGB MCBLG EHES SWSB; AT TL FM!: the Navey got me; THC is great; Thanks Mom, Dad, John, Bridget, Mar- garet, Everyone-I Love G All! GNC AT LAST!! KRISTINA CORSO Never forget the good times w Melanie BF Bermuda ' 85 ' , Florida Sun, Boo- Boo, Face RA stuck in the lake, O.H. w MM, Ole! at GH ' s, Good luck: RB, KT, MT, KS, KM, SP, KL, Love you all always remember you Deb!!, Sunglass- es with KT, RB, and MM, Good luck class of ”85” MF Please, College plans, Mr. W ' s class-BM, I love you Mom and Dad I ' ll make it. SCOTT CURRAN THESE YEARS Were for MAL, JLY 3rd + 4th, THANKS TO M + D, VAN WEEKENDS, Shout, Kiss, M. CRGE + OZZY concerts. Thanks to LARZ, B.M.D.F. Parties with WAK, H.M. + S.M. trips to VAN 5th per. morning clouds. Trips to NH THE FANTASTIC HOCKEY TEAM! BEER IS FOOD AND I AM HGNGRY MOTLEY CGRRAN CHRIS D’AMBROSIO Chris + Michele 2 9 84. Friends forev- er: GD, JD, TS, JP Choke, Lib. Golf, SYB. “Detour ' 84 ' Live in ' 85 ' . The Band-JD, LM, NA, TS, ME + Coi Joel, Mac, Beatles, Fletch. Good times + The ' 68 studmobile, The B ' s w Glenn, Jam ming and Libbing w John, Carnival Ball ' 84-85, The w Jeff + TY, Augustines w JD LM, Jr + Sr Prom Thanks Mom + Dad. CHRISTINE BURKE Never forget: SL, CB, LC, MB, N.H., Weir’s Beach, The Gang: CO, KO, JP, TM, SS, PF, JG, BH, BA, SR, BL, Stain, RC, KD, JH, KD, EM, CD, JJ, LG. The Lake, The Fun, Animal, The House, Sorry JP I Forgot, Skiing, Rascals, Thanks Mom and Dad. I ' m out of here. Finally, I can ' t wait till Next summer. Let ' s do it again but until then Ley-do. R-G-N- SMP. JAY CARROLL First keg at Renee ' s; Partys at Rec Nicks house time after time; Good times w DC DZ T6 football team af- ter Lex ' 83 ' The neighborhood: Senior year football with Paul D, Kevin J, Tom N, Glenn H Bub. Maine with Glenn Jeff. Prom night with Nick. The winter track team. Carnival ball 84 85. The wheel chair bandit; chew after school. TIMMY CLOUTIER Kilroy Gretch + Zildjian Mad James Andrick-Dr. Drug-Rolands Synth-5 Buda Factory BC-Rich Funky Fresh Visual Impact Great-Musical Experience TAMA + Zildjian RGSH Neil Peart Stanley Clarke Jaco JAVA MAN Todd Smith dedicated Drummer Big John Gary Pettway Fresh Great Friend RGN DMC MOM + DAD Thank you for your Love Love Julie CHERYL CRAIG I will always remember Kenny! Jen Kel- ly Kerry Kathy Shell Love You KS Thanks Mom and Dad. MICHELLE BURNETT Neva 4-get party times with the gang, MK, KT; chug-a-lug! Southie, cruizin ' those summer nights, Hampton, Castle Rock, my Junior year; what a Thrill! THANKS FOR NOTHING TM! Good times at wheels SR (Pickles) Keep smi- liling cutie! KS thanks for being there Thanks for everything Mom Dad last but not least I Love You BK! ' Chill Out! ' ANNAMARIA CIAMARRA THANX W LOVE MOM + DAD, LOVE YOG J., HEY SHE MEMBA THE TIME? ME + SBB-FRIENDLESS TOG., MEMORIES W CB, SB, LG, ES, SW AT, BD, PD, DA, CR, GLAD WE RE FRIENDS BT, TP, MT. CK G WEAR MPAST 84; NANCY, JS, MR, BB. SGE COGOGOGO!! LOVESTRGCK FROSH, NOV. 19 83, 1 8 83, TAKE HOME PARTIES + MG, NEVER FORGET BT. PROMS " GRIND IT OGT! " KATHY CONNERY ' 84 ' 85: THE BEST OF TIMESLCAFE FGN W RB TS (HE TRIED-2BAD) •NR-WENCH! OGT4 BGNS!! OPGS IN ' 88-PENGGIN LGST 4 MOOSE IN CGRLERSSL-IALY! -BYF THGRS NITE AT SONE FOR TR HO!HO!HO! ' KW-GOOD FRIENDS ARE FOREVER! CB w CR LGV IT! HEY! ' MM ' THANX 4 SP DEC 21- LATER! • IT ' S GNAVOID- ABLE . . . ISN ' T IT!?!?!- BGY SHS!! THANX MOM DAD - I LOVE YOG! JOHN CREMINS Memories: Megansett, Montreal ' 83, Chorale, MFL, 5th grade, Fla, 735-1 needed that! 4 27 84-1 got it! Really? Yes! Red VW and driving lessons at the beach - STOP! ! Angelo ' s, no tipping please (ya, right!) Johnny, you smile too much! What are you up to? Com ment: What a feeling to be free at last! I’m on my way, and I like it! CHERYL CROCKER Never forget RR 81 84 Jr Prom, Revere Beach w MA 84 Best friend KR, TS, SD, CL, GL, Bigburd BL (Cougar) + Joe A JL 10-84 + 85 Journey concert w RR, DG, DB, GP + Sis people to remember TD, BD, NA, RA, MA, Wl, BB, KS, HMMRW SC pulling my hair Thanx Kim for everything you did Love you Mom + Dad Thanx for everything LESLIE CURTIN Always remember K Day (Mental Twin), Karen, Erin, Dina, ALL THE BOYS: Feb. 83 my house. " iVfe Fish Bowl sw EM 1-14-83 " -E Out Of Con- trolDK Hooch 9-28-84 weekend get al- ways EM’s- " The Apple Crash " KDay’s New Years 83 + 84 " The Duck” Dbling w ? — Day + J Bermuda- Bash at my house 4-12-85? Good times in Onset w Julie Thank you Mom + Dad ILG!!! " Hi Rich! " 101 FRED D ' ANNOLFO SUSAN D’AVANZO RIGHT! ' Elio: Kevin, Sean, Dennis, Goy ' no, An- gel, DS + MC Micki (Mouse), and any other pretty FD +? femals types. Nin- po Ikkan, Master just of TanToy Do. Don ' t forget the so godly might. Dennis, Don’t forget Many! to bring the moose. Phred is Born. Don ' t worry, I ' ll never forget you Karen, Tammy ■ • - Love Ya Ciao ' 85 ' KAREN DAMELIO I ' ll neva 4-get u Erin Anne and Michael St. Buddies-Dave, Kar, Dina, Les, Jen THEBOYS RM Bath Bud EH BR whip- cream, Dizzy, Parties, Jay Peak 83, U- Mass BKO, Hampton-ourapt! Blues Brothers Hooch w LS 928 Elliot ' s SHR. seabree Dirty Hairy, POLBIOT, Bigmac- applejack-ddat w KD Broadway-BT waltz w Hon SF Bermuda! I Luv you Ma, Dad, Lau, Jen . . . Just smile!! GLENN DAVIS BEST CLASS EVER SPANISH 83 ' 84 WILL NEVER FORGET CD, KA, JD, NR, AB, DW, DM, TS, RR BRUINS ARE ALWAYS 1! LUTTA BEST SUBSTITUTE IS BERNIE MOST CON FUSING CLASS MUSIC THEORY MAX APPLES NUMBER 2 RAY BO PRUQ IS AWESOME. LORI DEVINE N EVA 4-Get DAVID-1 LOVE YOU AL- WAYS! FRIENDS DTNBTS CALACA KHMD NH W TS + DT JUST ONE HUG! CAPE W? NB AOTR NH W2JTDPBTST DID YOU 4-GET SOME ONE? 11-24-82 12-25-82 6-2-84 w NB + DT HUEY W?DT LOOKING FOR SOMETHING? LATE NIGHT SWIM AT JP W DT " THE FENCE " I ' LL DO ALL THE TALKING! THANKS MOM + DAD - SKI TRIP 1 18-85 GINA DIMEO MA, MC, KE, KS, SG.LF, GP, CS, LL, RYAN, FRAN, JMJ CHRIS, STEVE, THE BK CREW, SQUID, NATIO NALS, SGH, GIRLS NITE AT THE K, LAKE Q, N. CONWAY, CHARLES RIVER, FH84, MYRTLE, LANN IS LAV, RH, WE FI NALLY MADE IT, " 8 " , FLICK, WHO? MICH, NY FRIENDS U NO WHO U R, MUFFIN, BERMUDA, RIA, AUNTIE WENDY, LSA TYD, EUROPE ' 83, JR. PROM, 85 THANZ MOM, DAD, MRS. CASE, AND GOD, LOVE YAS! JOHN DOHERTY JD+ KL forever New Orleans " 84” I shall re turn! Jam anyone! BJ + PM 1 Never forget CD GL TS LM FA KK + RB JV ET DB JC TC MM MS JP Fron- tender Bender Montvale ' s roof IWMK Thank you Mom Dad! without you two I ' d be just a thought. Roll over Joes " All the time " Tama Zelig Gulag Keep your eyes shining and you ' ll always keep me. KAREN DAY I’ll never forget LEZEE (Mental Twin), Karen, Erin, Dina, " ALL THE BOYS " - 5 26 S.M. Jr. Prom w Steven. New Year ' s " 83 " + " 84 " hide " THE DUCK”! SF at D.K. ' s. " SMALL " gather- ings at E.M. ' s. BWay 3 24, J.M. ' s “LANCE”, Chinese fire drill 10 25, Bash at Les s 4 12 85?? BERMUDA, MEXICO, ISRAEL Dbling w JS + Lez + ? I-LUV-U MOM, DAD + JODY MICHAEL DIGIACOMO Mr. Martinez ' s 5th period class. The map. Friday night parties at Caldor. Fire hydrents. The morning crew SW, LF, KT, KG Never forget Buckwheat II (BM). NA Thanks Mom and Bob. Sum- mer of 83. GARY DINAPOLI GOOD TIMES DOWN THE NEGIH BOR HOOD JPEAK 83 MARATHON PARTY DADS CADDY DIEING ON WAY HOME FROM T-FAIR MANNUAL RE- VERSE CUMBYS 69 CAMARO + HORRO TORINO ALW. REMEMBER DK LOVE YOU MOM NEVA FORGET YA 83 GOOD TIMES WITH WK + JB WITH KK + LS + PB + KD GOOD FRIENDS WK + GM + JA ALL NIGHTER IN MAIN WITH YAK + CL + KD THANKS DAD PHIL DOHERTY Good times w SALDJD PBSORD JPPMCS TFCS MMCM SPPMSD I LOVE YOU PENNY WEED MT EXP. I ranlkeABANCHEE, B BUCES AND PASSOUTS on the Cape. JDs COT TAGE. GLATERSEILLE- QUES OVER LOUSTHEP ITS MITTYS CSN-84 BUSTED DOWN BOURBON ST W RD JIM ' S GRAVE-WANT TO BUY SOME SEEDS-SH ONE OF THESE DAYS + IT WONT BE LONG YOULL LOOK 4 ME BU BABY ILL BE GONE BRIAN DAYS Summer of ' 84 BC, AC, MR, DC, and Jamie C. Tweks w EM, SM, CM, DB- Sage, Party w Scooter TM and the rest of DAMM. Song- ' Life sucks and then you die ' . Rush double p g, plays mu, moo . . ., ISITTM, Pit 4- steps, FuFa ho- sure, butterball, BUD, reaper AM, Piers A Sp Thanx to MULLA, JOHN + CYNTHIA . . . also thanks Mom + Dad I made it!!! BARBARA DIMARCO MARK SEPT, 4 1984. NEVER FORGET NA, KC, RA, KE, KN, CC, LD. BM, BM, SM, SS, ES, JW, JO, HM, PD, MV TWIN THERESA IS SO SPECIAL. MOUN TAIN BASHES. MURPH ' S CONDO. NICKY IS THE BEST FRIEND TO HAVE. ARENASS IS MY SECOND HOME. TO MY BROTHER ' S AND SIS- TERS I LOVE YOU ALL. MOM AND DAD ARE THE BEST. THANKS FOR EVERY THING. GARY DIPIERO Late night with Letterman, LARRY BUD. LOFTest w Paul MAC, PB Congo " J " Pong w Deig. Wingershiek Beer Bus, Fishing at CC w DL + JD Love is Tammy Taylor 6 4 83 Best times ever, 5th period evtt. Mushroom land. Thks Ma + Dad Good times w PM, PB, CS, TF, SP, SD, JM, SA, PD, WK. Good Luck Guys!!! KAREN DOTOLO Summer Manomet Madness, The Blvd. Vassar 84, KB, MG, LT, TN, RL, LT JC PSNG TBCE Ft Lauderdale with MM Who ' s sorry BCJ? Cape Escape 84 stay away from boys from Roslindale PD Jr Prom JayPeak TN we have the worst timing but were learning, What mer- maids? Bet ya KB Thanks Mom Dad, Mar, Cher, Jan, and Gramps. Finally after 12 years-Campton camp ing grounds 84 pc pick-up-Boston " BEANtown " Pines-RF cottage in Main party!! Sweet sixteen bash! Thanks Cara for our little talks-two best friends Cara L. Theresa D. BD-KC-RA-CC- NACN MT-KE-CE 10-09 82 I Love You John Earle-Thanks Mom Dad for all your help Love ya Joe from Sis CL DB DAVID DANIS Never forget the parties down Broad- way with all the crew, BT ' s froever, the best days are the days you can ' t re- member. Jay Peak ' 82 ' 83 ' 84 ' 85, Gran- ny Grunts, RAGE! Sonny what time is it. CC in rm. 21 1 Double sessions soc- cer, get ready to blow Spring Track tan- ning on the matts. Thanx Mom + Dad CHRIS DECOSTA Good-Bye CLI " A Limit to his control 26-29 Elvis stinks wrong! Spike Cle. Rocks! EW gotta bag? Inbd sks Neil ' Chess King ' ' NYE ' 85 " Shut up Les- lie! " Merry Xmas CSN You ' ll never beat me, Tatian D. Soule I hate Faulkner Ray D. The Dead Mr. T ZEP Scooter I.Y.F- C.E.R.H.J.D. The Drunk TSA " I need your help " Beatles Forever SD THERESA DIMARCO WILL NEVER FORGET 7 9 84, 7 30 84, 10 29 84 AND THE INTER- UPTED LUNCH THE FIELD, VFWPAR TY ' S BOBBY ' S CAPRI, JUST MARRIED, 30 30 30, AND TONY ' S LOFT JEEP LDSM BOYS LAV (83) MANY THANKS TO SDKCCLNACN RACCWH AT WOULD I DO WITHOUT YA TWIN SIS! ES FOR ALL THE HEART ACHE HE CAUSED ME, BUT NOW THAT I HAVE BOBBY W. I ' LL NEVER BE HURT AGAIN FUTURE: COLLEGE + MRS THERESA D. BECK!!! PAULA DILLON Memories: Peter Pan 84, Carnival Ball 85, Lake Winni, making floats, apple- picking diaster, Dracula 735, Girls State. I will miss you all, MG, CM, ES, KC, DS, SP, CR. DC, RB, KD, SL AND Cheryl A Thank you for being there. To my family I Love you! P S. Cuz, have to tell Lenny JOHN DOYLE Can ' t believe its over! Always rember DD, SH Sullys, Scoot Indoor track guys. Neva 4-get GH JH PD MD BM Camping in White Mts.Wkend at PD ' s cottage parties at Castle rock + JH New Year Bashes, Merrimack Reed class Thanks alots Reading!! Love that Impala Thanks for everything Mom Dad ME, T, J, K, A, E. 102 MAUREEN DOYLE Fun times with: LM, KS, SH, MT, AB, JL, BA, AJ, KR ' s. Whipple Kids: Leaky, Stones, Jimbo, Malichai, Bippy, and Sweetdaddy. Lost love: SM Cruisin ' in the Bomber! Palace dancin Remember the parties and tanning rays at L. Beach and Wingaersheek. Crash?! Thanxs Marjorie, Dubba, and Janet. Love you all. TIM DUPLIN Bear Hill Summer " 84 " Mac Moran “52 " Skoal Brothers DW, BM, MA, 84 V-Football indoor Jam net track cock- tails with Bob, Mac ' s Party the Pool Sunday 3AM the D + A zones Winthrop friends FM, MA, EC, CM, TG, SS, LM, N. Conway " 83 " Lex win Fri nite hoop Sto friends BM, TM, DW, DM, GW, MW, JC, EH, Thanx MOM + DAD + Jack trip to DC 16 in a row TD LLOYD W. FAINI, Jr. " Climb every mountain. Forge every stream Follow every rainbow Till you find your dream " LAURIE FAUCON ILY Scott forever 6-14-83 " Thank-you " Friends always-KG, KT, BM, MA, EB, FS,LA, JF, RC, MN, LG, JS, RA, JP, MD-Thanks Guys! Ma and Dad-thanks for everything! Quebec-the elevator Summer of ' 84-the beach, the Polter- geist closet. Celebration! Maine " Don ' t tell me no! " Roll-wor " Hotdogs " “WAW " Halloween-what egg? Proms 83, 84, 85 JOANNE FLYNN David Rudy A1 I Love You Guys forev- er!!! Whatever Zeke Zombie you ' re not funny! Summer 84 library lake drive- thru SC PV RCKG BMLFAT + HON- ORS MM since 5th Love Ya! TN PW Journey Charlie proms 3 23 84 5 3 84 1 186 + TF purple Mrs M + Mrs C-thanks for all! Many all your dreams come true class of 85-Thanks family and friends I love (J LINDA GARGANO MASP (Summer ' 84) FS.MM, DD.NL, TM, JS, MR, BB, " I ' m Clueless!” FAN- TASY IS. ' 84-NYCJers, Jrmy Choc. Mousse. Ft Laud. ' 85. " I ' m Psychin ' ” S- Slam. " Bang a Gey " " Come on Lewey!” Lanai Is. Baskin Gang. -EH. Memrs. CB.ES, SW, AT, AC, SP. Thks 4 Bst Tms w " QCAD " , Lisa, Lora, Ja- net. We did it guys! Thks Ma, Dad, Lora, Michael. PAULA DOYLE Spec, times w NCTHSV LCML SKLSRE GRLMG, NEVA 4-get G guys. I Luv u CM! Hampton 7 7 84. Iwk, w Nic. Thanx NICTHCM 4-eng. party 1 4 85! Brios 12 31 31. 12 hr. Quar. game. C-escape. noids. Shirl. Par. w the GS. D Ross ' 84. Weiz-beiz. R.L. ' s bashes. Chester! Bermuda. Room for 4. MT. Snow. Jr. Prom w CM. 25C. The RPF. Good Luck Class ' 85! I Luv G Mom, Dad Fam. STEPHEN EAGAN Always remember B way, Good Times with DD CM JM MS JS BJ MS JM MN JC GW BM PW, Jay Peak, Joes Party 12 1 84, Love Those BT ' s, Warf ' s Summer Party ' s, Soccer ' 83, ' 84 Crash- ing Wing ' s Party, The Nova, The White Box, Tarp Party MARY FALLON I LOVE YOG BRAIN H Forever: Thanx 4 everything NVR4Get LM, SV, SO, LG, JW, KO, + SM + KOLISA- Best PAR LIN ' V WORLD- you taught me how to at-candid camera 3 dozeninnhdart + rtyan in the purple rain KS + GS Sun ny hurst, CP, BAWBH 10-23-82 + 114 84 Thanks 2 Family-All 300 of you! GH-SRGC Pet Peeve: Haircuts + Freck- les I ' ll never forget the Best Christmas Ever in 84 TIMMY FLANAGAN " You got to strike when the moment is right without thinking.” MA Y V - . Cra- zy Circles. Pink Floyd S B. member . . . Les Paul S.P. -F.M.- parties with Mac, Stew.Sean-O. Baker, Lou Minot, Fab, Phil, Steven, . . . Skiing Rubberhead •HAMMER NO WAY! FLAN DO IT! thanx Ma. Jimi, Zep, SKYNYRD KATHLEEN DUFF Good X’s w GDLSLNJH DZNGBM TDCMBBM TDRMTSP KM, Pictures, EB-summer 82 Bob Segar yeah! 9-15-84 a day to remember! Jr Sr Prom, Main w Gary, Cape escape I can ' t wait-KD many thanx to my family, I love you all! Gary3-23-84, the start of our serious re- lationship. Never forget the special X’s we ' ve shared, I ' ll love you always! JEFF ELLEGOOD Remember SHS Football, GH, KJ, CG, RA, PD, TN, JC, BN, SO TD, weekend in Maine with GH JC Good Times with CM, JM, BJ, MN, JS Thanks for the memories!! The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me Was You Sheila: 11 12 83 PAUL DUONOLO Always remember: 83-84 Football sea- son; Bud, Lexington Victory; streak end Jute and Sharky. All the great times with Nick and Jay; MSJS KYJMB JSOPB. (Bubbles 1-12-85) Jr. Prom, New Years EVE, w Lori; always on my mind, Love ya! Misery: losing my last SHS Football game; not playing base- ball as a JR, report cards, nights with- out Lori. KAREN ELLS We finally made it! BK gang: MA + JG, GD, SG + PP, KC + BL, BD, HD, MD, PB, CS, WM, KG, DA, TG,MT Drill times with NB, KC, and MM. I luv M + D. Hi Kat. Jr. Prom PB, SR. Prom WM. Never forget Al, WL, BD, NA, TD, RA, SD Halloween over CS Newyears over RP, GC-Here come the cops! Candlelit dinner cuties squid Alfie old friends: SL, MM, KF.MG, All I need: I luv WM " No, this isn ' t ' Rascals ' . " JILL FORGITANO Memories: 8 23 83 Joey Summer of 84 WTF Cparties Revere 34 Illusions Mav Merc Gymnastics R-skates Naggy Dupe Simo Defa Never forget BR HEADRGSH! KD LM DE PC ME a trip to Rhode Island Mustang Caswell ' s ' " All Riett!” Doda bird 12 top Blue Eyes The gang always reNember I Love You Thanx Mom Dad Sha and most of all JoeyXO MARINA GENTILE Cape Escape-who ' s sorry? BCJ BOAT DOCK!? Hampton Beach TT 84, Ross 84-FOREVER YOGNG Bway, Jpeak, RIG84, Sr B, Dill ' s, NH-MPESC, NYC 84 TOR 81 FROST HEAVES- " All we need are some tasty slopes + some coole spuds” Jr Prom 84 THROGGH THE YEARS -TNs Bash Buddies: Norton Max Kar Di Beach An Armando Ziz Ric JTN etc. . . . BRGCE SPRINGSTEEN 1 LOVE YOG MOM DAD ANGELO + COOKIE ELLEN GAFFNEY Never forget AANLS JJHJNKL and MJSSM Best Times at DF RB Rachels Amy Gimme some of that burn! Your the LH Nina Rem. the Mugger always remember hotels + VO, the kitchen ta- ble (Imagine if) partying with SOP and Ms G Mom your the best thanks for everything Love You! Thanks Theresa. Love ya. Rem. (McDONALDS) PJ + PJ JJ DANNY GEORGE A toast to all my friends that helped me through school. And to the best of the bunch LISA. Now let ' s PARTY!!! KAREN GAGNE Quebec ' 84-the elevator- " We ' re goin ' on a man hunt”, disc guns, the three stooges, the flying baboon, never for- get-Brenda, Laurie, RC, JF, KT, AT, DL, A ' s tent, the pit of 1 189, 6 26 84- The GR Affair, the whiner " , . . the product of our society” Licorice? Poltergeist closet, " Hi Honeee! the revolving door, Thanks Mom and DAD LORI GIANELLI ARNF DAVID 12 4 82 Good times w friends CA TR LM MF LL MG KL Mac SP Kirbs Salisbury 84 DH CA and TR CP Slumber Parties boy its cold out here! Hampton Hey meens wanna play f risbee? VH 3-16-84 WH Lt AB AC Bett WM FM MB Dizzy Hey magally wanna puff? B ing! Goodbye SHS, its finally ' 85 ' Good luck to all! Thanks Ma and Dad 103 TRICIA HAGGERTY ERIN GILMARTIN All my love and thanks Mom, Dad, Family Steven Special friends Tricia CM MM LS SR SVL PD NC KL RL neva 4get Hamp 84, Shirl the fish, and Pepsi Luv You B-way TH So what we ' re on vacation CM How ' d you get there, slices 70C HTL RM 44 PD Knockin at the door Rok w Sac crazy times w MM K T DRoss Luv Ya Steven Good Luck Everyone LYNNE HAMILTON The best times to remember are Hamp- ton w JW KM. The alleys were the best w JW, BD, KD. Never forget camping w CP, BG, JK. The lake w JWAD + DD. Our first timeskiing w CPJW BGJO. Never forget my best friend JW! To all my good friends, take care and good luck! I love you 4 ever Chris, You are the best! The ninth on nine made it Mom + Dad I love (J. DAVID C. KELLEY Nothing, nonsense, nifty, messrs. Lee, Peart, + Lifeson, Oct 3, 1984, May 6, July 1 1 , p g, deviation from the norm, Pedro, The Bunker, 31, Penguins are people too, one knee = two ft. Celluloid, Cathode rays, Alginate, The Lump Infil- tration, Par, Coagulate, WFA, Hacky- sack Arlen, 38-9, Leveille, fast-flite, Caramello the trooper ate the key, Sweat, Disembark! WILL KULLMAN Remember the good old times Jay Peak 83 + 84 Smuglers Notch 85? Whats up for this w e-TB; I hopeGood buddys GM, JA, GD, SC-Resume hammering position-Manson St. SWT HRT SN Sor ry JBThanks Mom + Dad LISA GRAY My forever golds-Julie Karen! MAF, pink cupcakes, Kowloons, ’L adies Night CB 82 85 Jr Prom 83 + 84, Sr Prom 84 + 85, June 2, 1983 Hallow- een, 66, Chickago, BTB, memories with Jul, Kef, Go-GO! MS, BM, Joe, KT, EB, BA, JP, LF, MA. LA, Letti, GL, BG, Mel + RR! Good-God! Chiefs-sad songs, 147, Papa Gino ' s, YEH!! Dreams can come true! I Love (J Ma-Babes EILEEN HANNIGAN MEMS: Daily chronicles of B R 31, KD + LG, Pippin, last day os winter, per. 6 after math, Renaissance, the sincerest form of flattery, buttercup, Also L + F STEVE KILROY To Buda, Cloutier, Shao, Andrick, Todd and Big John. Yippies for Hippies: Dave don ' t worry about it. D.A.M.M. Amy R. Music Lives. Grade D ' But Edible; Abes + Case I owe you one! Down with con- formists! Funk Jazz + Rock + Roll. Chorale; Montreal, New Orleans-wow! Hey Man! Glad I ' m gone, see ya in the funnies! HOLLY KGPCZEWSKI Bst frd-LMR Memories: CG Co-Capt, Dracula prom, SHB-MICA, CnBall. Bst times shared with: Dana, DC, DS, MB, Ishme, CR, RB, MN Never forget: star saphire, Op, " Kiss the easter beagle " , " Pigs in space " , Wht Olds 5th declen- sion, " The Picture " , " The Nose " , ap- ples, C.W.T., Janitor, MB Who?, I = R? Thanx Mom, Dad, Gram-1 Luv Cl All; Luv Ya Celeste! NATALIE GREENWOOD Good X ' s w Dee, BMLNLSKDTS: 8th grade, RFCL Mudpuddles, Gustapostik, Lil ' mouse. . G-mass Nicki ' s, mnt., DeNat; OSGZQ-Xmass Blues, Gym: 1 2 3 4; Mo, Beach 7 23 Johnny Nail 7 25 Summer: N.E. Feasts Volaire; (KS) I.L.G.A. Miz: Chem 1, 2 Lab, Fri. meets, Laps. POO! 4 cafe for the good X ' s Thanks Ma!! SHARON HASSARD Never Forget: Close friends, LK, MD, KS, MT, LM ' s, SCAL, LP, NL. Thanx for being there. " SPAZ. " Volleyball, Mr. D. Mark: 3 17 84, 5 19 84, someone spe- cial and always will be. Been through alot, never forget the memories and P.S. -L Luv G- The three muskateers forever! I Luv G Mom and Dad. WALTER IBARROLA Summer " 84” Revere Beach, Hampton, Weirs, DF + Gptown BF Roy how ' s your ' B ' , what’s wrong Bob girl prob- lems? Tony how ' s the Vette Thks for GD Tms-TZ BB RB RM DG Vin EM PQ RC TS JC SM TED AA EG CM Trish RMB ME Kelly A 10 21 84 Wl KA Barrell Huntin RC, TC, TZ, BB what ya got 4th Period. Love you lots Mom Dad Sandy SPC Thanks Celia! BILLY JORDAN remember-JS, MS, JM, CL, MN, JM, MS, KY, JC, BM, GH, MD, SE, DD B way, Summer " 83 " Paul Pub, BT ' s What it is, meatwagon, soccer, doors, Cape good times, good friends, good music, good people. Thanks everybody for everything. KAREN KIRBY Never forget: Class of 85, Bathroom Buddies, The Tower, Good friends, old friends, and new friends to come. Never forget Michael, Karen H., Nelli and Tony Mulo.To my mother, father and sister, Thank you being who you are. I love you. JEANNE LA CROIX Best friends: " French Frie " , Josepi, Bubba Jr., J.H., S.H., L.K.M Joey A. (Som),L.A., 1984 Buick LeSabre, Movie Rentals!, Lechmere Credit Office, Med- ford Mall, New Years EVe over Charlies house!!, My Christmas and Birthday present of 1984!! Charlie-1 love you!! Congratulations to Doan and Doedan! Happiness is best friends EG SV NC PD KL SR LS CM RL-Shirl, the fish, and Pepsi . . Loved us never forget Hamp- ton 84 Slices 70C B-way DRoss-2X " E " Total Eclipse JV Austin! VT Nudd ave w Erin Elton PB Bio w Jon, Tim Rich talks w JS Proms Bermuda RL Bashes Decorating Yes oscifer? attic Rms. Luv ya Ma + Dad Good Luck Class of 85 GLENN HOLMAN Remember SHS Football, Never forget Lex. 10 15 83, Diana 12 22 84 Good friends KS JE CG BA PD TN SO Week end in Maine w Bud 75 Firebird, Sharky, Night at KL ' s, Best times w DG ALONZA JACKSON Never be afraid to love, Never be afraid to just be, cast away the chains of doubt Have the courage to be free. (F.P) •CHATE-STAMPS HIL, Nor, Mel, Lil, Bee, Lis, Glen, Kel, Rac HMGN Evas, Nor, Kat, J. App, cookieStef! GR my hero Bowie-Finland-TLM, Virpi, Mar. The G.S. Gang -Great Times-Anj-Neb. !! Friends always C.B. Luv G Mom -N- Dad KEVIN JCITRAS In memory of Elizabeth Reed; Couldn ' t forget the brothers: Never forget Ftbl. " 84”, Than Sharky, Ellie, Bubba: Pet Peeve: School!: 1-10-85, Lori: The Gang, GH, JE, JC, TN, PD, KH, KM, SP, DG: Hey Ma + Dad, I finally made it! (I think?) Thought for the day - " Relax and enjoy” DINA KISSINGER Leslie, Karen, Karen Day, Erin, All the boys Glennis, Lisa, SF at my house, BIG MAC The Apple Jack, Whose bottle could that be? -Love that cider! Mr. Con- nolly-B-way, " Small gatherings " at EAM ' s, New Years Eve at KD ' s 83, 84- The Duck!, Bermuda! J ' s Lighthouse, " BG " Well all right! Thanks Mrs. C, Nat- alie. I love you Mom and Dad. SCJSAN LANE Good times with Chris, Carrie, Michelle, Julie and Sharon. Never forget N.H. the gang at Weirs " Hey you Ley du " " Hawaiian Animal " Keep in touch al- ways, especially Cindy and have a great life guys! I Luv You Ma Dad Thanks for everything 104 LISA LANGONE CBD-otc The ERA forever Halloween party Hew Years Eve 84-85 Sheep. Sking with a Hacho chip R. Plant B. Michs 4th of July class of " 66 ' ' fire- works SR Herman the German. Star- fish attack. Spunky juice zoo Bud ' s thuw, LMLGKL KPLARMS TMABPDD HJP-LYF- Dennis. It ' s a special feel in an oldsmobile thanx Ma Dad and Lou Tower GERRY LINEHAN Good friends = Good times w RP, BB, EP, PF, TB, MS and JD is still crazy, Soph Year ITGL thanx FAB + D(JB, Unicorn GC foxes-NG.DZ, LM, TS, Sum- mer, Dicks funhouse, wake. Car chase, The Zoners so, TD, DW, Firemen of the year, CC Aug 1, 84 . . . The orcas last run, Montvale, hockey OTB w Sully. Love + thanks mom + dad and rest of Linehan clan. (Good Luck C O. 85) JOE MANGANO Hever forget times up B-way with CL, BJ. BM, GW, MS, KY, MH.MS, JM, JS, SE, DD, SH, JC summer of 83 at PW house with AB " get it done” soccer 83- 85 Budtree sleep overs, over at JM house, HILLTOP Hampton beach night with BJ, SH, MN, MS apple-picking 1 1- 1 1-84 with Paula Thanks mom + dad, Jean and Michelle. CHRISTIME MARCOTTE Special times I luv u always Bobby! Heva 4-get friends TS (luv ya) PDEGTHLSN CSVLRLSRKL. The ten Hampton 84. New Years Eve 84-1 wont forget our dream BB. Wills bash 6-18- 83. NH w Toni. Bermuda? Boston. Mis- ery 4-21-84 + 6-21-84. Party 8-10-84! D. Ross 9-30 Doys Nova. New friends KD CD + Rita. Our jr. BB. Thanx mom! I luv u mom + dad, R, J, M + B 75. MARYANN LCIMBARDO I ' ll always remember Lisa, AB, LM, DL, BD, MD, RN, KM, JC, JM, WC, YC, SD, TG, LS, Bobby, Dave and Tim. Break- heart, Hampton, sun nite, Vermont Wob, Rever, Cinema, The Z park lot parties at ryan ' s. Thanks mom + dad. ROBERT MACMEIL Good times Broadway w GW, MN, JM, JM, BJ, MS, JS, MS, Yiana, CL, SE, PD My house spring 84 Strawberry Jam 2am Joes house apple picking ogun quit ME. Snorkeling Skoal Bros ' Dupe ' Woody ' sports F-Ball B-Ball Jam net track cocktails with Tim 72 Ford Thanks mom + dad AMY LAVASSEUR It ' s over! Hi Jacki remember summer at Wells, long Island guys, Plaids, ms down pour w fire wood, new friends af- ter the " Switch " naz, boston sprees SCOOP " I ' m Taken!” Long talks + ko- dak disc Kevin + freedom 1st love TD lunch in 107c me + DP K + W L + S mom + Tony J + M fri at mel Hospital Thanks mom! Scott, Wendy College Bound! MIMA LIU AAEGJH B-friends 4-ever, always re- member DF. RB F-Lauderdale " 84” AA + TS. PS Don ' t stay in sun tool ong. AUG 17 " 84” luv-u 4-ever ML ' s driving thanks for always being there for me ML. LCJCY MARCHESE Good times w AB, DS, ML, Never for- get the summer went to Boston w DS and went to Salisbury beach on hot summer days w DS. DOUG MARIMO Today is but a phase of life that will forever show as a star in our voyage through life. Thanks for everything CD, AS, NR, TM, BM, CHD. Have a great life. PB boy spike in the fire much! AA what we went through 4AM + MG nothing in my pocket book! Cheering G- luck SR + JA EG + SB G-luck in fu- ture class " 85 " luv-u + thanx mom dad uncle slim ferfer Jason PBHUNE + friend WEMDY LAVASSERU NAZ - Leslie " MaryJo”, Biology class, the " tape " Lynn, " we have to go out” SHS-A.L.S.D., N.A., L.M., R.A., M.M " CHAKA KHAN " .... Tennis at Bur- lington, D.K., B.D., -B.K. Karen E. W.W. ' S • W.H., R.S., R.L., M.H., S.C. Boston, Loreen you ' re the best, Emer- son if I ' m lucky, success if I ' m luckier, I love mom, Amy, Scott-Good luck at Austin, Thanks. LORI MAFFEO Neva 4get good times w NGDZLNLS KDTSLS Rem: Mountain, Nicki ' s, Hampton, Redst. pil, wknd. parties, F.H. doubles, it was worth it memories: Paul 9-27-83 Jr. Prom, New Years Eve, Main etc. Thanks for everything! I LOVE YOU! 8-9-83 miss you Gran Mis ery: 10-30-84 missing states by 1 pt. Thanks ma dad + family I love you all! DIAME LEDWITH GJ-7-24-82 Double dose- ICAI WEFY Amy 9yrs couldn ' t have made it w out ya! Thanx, RC- (PMS), BP-lts inevitable I will marry a guy w long hair. NH-death ride, Canobie? Pelham-AMTJ SPJFC TCSLT Group tests in ENCML TCTC SLP, Atent-smoke any licorice? 83 Obli- vial Pursuit- I ' ll clean up the mess. V.H., Yes, REO, commons, Thanx alot Ma + Pa. 85 LAUREEM ADRIEMME MAHER Living in France, touring Paris by nite! • In summer of 84.” Traveling a seperate path will make all the difference. " Sue, Wendy + Amy-TANGO Queens- Best of friends always! Montreal- Bruins w KF + Billy-ANJAIook forward to In- dia! ■ Sking, SHS tennis + dance . . . Health + Wealth, travel + success to share . . . Steven I love you, xo. AuRe- voir 85. CHRIS LUTHER Never forget: MAL B way w JM, MS.JS, BJ, SE, DD, BM, GW, MS, KY, JM, MN, JC, and NG Hammerin BT ' S. Joe ' s party 12-1-84 summer of 84 w PW, DW, DN, JM, KG, Hampton beach, sunepee. Wharfs summer par- ties 83 NH at am soccer 84. Lunch at hilltop. LISA MACKLIM Never forget all the good times with SH, LK, MD, KS, MT, CT, CB, SL, DL, BP, LM, ML, AB, MM, CL Bobby (Dave) Breakheart, Woburn cinema KAREM LUTI Pals: DODWLLKM SPMALGG HMTEG SRJSD JKCKTMM! Do kelly ' s SBJ fri day nite! NH runs! Who Cares Icecream! Canobie bike chase! Don ' t speed May " 84” Good Harbor! LMC weekend " 83”! Wild time! CP! Seger riscally Jr. Prom TN ' S bash D O. Jelly Beans? Roll-w KT rem. JB! Born to be wild! Do rem. BA! Gert crusin! Fun on farm! Thanks mom and dad I made it!!! KIM MARQUIS I ' ll always remember BT, MH, ML, PT, RA, EG, PW, LM, KC, RW, TT, LR, KS, LO, JD, LZ, PB, TG, DS, JT, JG, KB, DL, Party in N.H over summer. PAUL MACEACHERN Best of luck to the class of 1985 always remember- Chuckie Gary Paul 2 Steve ' s Wak PD SP SO CM and all the other low riders SRV " 84” Smugglers notch 85??? Flan SP TSRTS dont let it bring you down. Fests and quests with the best! Mushroom land Hamma TB ' S Manson street KR Larry Bud Thank you ma and dad!! SCOTT LeSAFFRE WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE RASTAMAN LIQUID SKY . . It ' s All a costume shutup and dance!! Hooto NO- BODY COJMZ IN HERE DAVE, AMY, RICH AND ALL THE OTHER CHIL- DREN PLEASE do not hang up, we know who you are. PEOPLE llok ridicu- lous when in ecstacy I ' m CURED!! 105 RON MASTRODICASA Always remember the summer of 84 The Palace. Junior Prom Junior skip at Hampton. Best friends; T. Saia TZ Bob- by Wally R. Arigo Sturge Sacc thanks to Mrs G Mr. L Mr. P ' your the greatest. ' Mr. Reed coach Russo and Mr. Rowell ' a hell of a guy. ' Love you mom and dad. KATHY MCKENNA Best friends-SP, LP, DV, MT, KL, KC, MM, KT, LH JR. Prom Bermuda good times at Micky ' s SP ' S party, BF 9-22-84 Pines- Jellybeans ' Hampton, 80-81 w LH + JW Truly ' CAL. ' 85 ' Kevin 12-26- 84 wine at Di ' s more good X with-GH, KJ and TN Poison Ivy? Mever 4 get M + PD, JP + SIMO Thanx 4 every- thing: mom, dad, John, Lisa I love you all!!! EMILIO MILLAN I remember: Kathy, Sage software: DB, CM, SM, BD, DK, SEC. of Souls, Band, Beatles, Rush (pig-signals), Joe Jack- son, Mealy Monsa, Apple room, radia- tor, Que pasa Braino? . . . Mada much!, EEI contest, Meals on wheels, Land of make believe, 007 term paper, " Ringo, dealing in abstracts?”, MCR room, Amy ma darlin ' fudge run?, FCG, MC?, Timfn! CHRIS MULLIGAN NY in T wood ' 83 ' , Maoson st, pit, NH getaway, home TBS, B-ball bashes, 1 18-20 85, summer ' 83 ' at LD-S, re- sume positions, Meet you in the park- ing lot Toni freinds; JD, LD,PD, SA, JP, PM, Horror men, never forget Mai Mis- ery; Passing out 5 x mass mornings Thanks mom dad + family. CRAIG MAXWELL I luv you Denise and I ' ll never forget the good times (12 31 83) The Bway bunch SE, DD, JM, BJ, JS, JM, MN, MS, CL, PW, EP.TB, MS, TP. BT + JE. The big W! Thanks Joe I + SN HELP! Jr. Promw DS + Ronnie. PD + MG Thanks + Luv Ya! Trip to MH! Spartan hockey 9. Main Baby 84 and Cory James luv ya! Thanks + luv you mom, dad, Glenn, Paul, Lauren and Grandparents. BRENDA MELKONIAN Quebec ' 84 Montreal ' 85 Aldo disc guns ppp " we re goin ' on a manhunt” carnival ball 83 Karen RC JF LF AT CB KT " Hey, princess!” Flash lab BK cor ner white walls. Candyman the 3 stooges, " how ' s the water?” Lanai IS. 6- 16-84-the GR affair. The flying baboon car crash! Myrtle beach. Concerto? MC icecm. I luv u mom-sistah Bill Jim JJ + GA my dad. GENO MILLERICK Always remember partying with the horror men Boston Marathon party Hampton beach never forget Jesse Will Mac Stew Gary Sean Flan Charlie Ste- ven DMK Vaki years carpentry shop outside crew Mac its friday, Horror shows thanks mom and dad Love you always Good luck to the class of 85. BRIAN MURPHY Pontiac Grand Prix murray ' Sonny ' Bubby ' GBI sisters of sins condo partys The Jamokes Horror shows Jo ' s cutlas MH runs mountain parties Buick sky- load sav ' s auto center Ginger Bread Scott Sowyrda Starring as ' CRASH ' . LISA MCALLISTER Never forget GS 9 2 84 Best buddy MF. Good friends KF from mefa KO JW SV KS LG CP Parties Junior Prom at LW w GS BHSMKOSF SNOW babysit FB Hampton 84 Candid camera w MF. Sams wood parties Monte Carlo " PUFF” forevar Quarters w Kahlua w MF Pet Peeve In cast all summer I love you foreva Greg " till the end of time " Luv you mom + dad. BRIAN MERCHANT " NO COMMENT " GUERINO MOLINARO Soccer is my life. All Star!!! 20,22 " Method of love " , 7, ”BS " " Celtics”. BRYAN MURPHY Murray ' s condo, Monte memories " WAZ " " SAV " Sister of sin Bud. The loft, the 4 lords of wakefeild, mannequin hunt, BM + NA MS + BD SM + KK BM + JW Fran-Jim BB + TD Snow- men PB + LD best summer, my love Nicole screams + howls with Bill + Norm smoke-shows keep a hold on your gold Hampton with everyone Be good Buckwheat. ANJANA NEBHNANI Thanks LM for driving me around to the shopping malls. Enjoy the Indian food. AJ, the monge and wild times in Phys- ics were great. Nutcracker Golden Biki- ni and the red carpet-ooooh!!!! AJ and SR - go ALL THE WAY!! Let Mr. Mon- geau have all the vultures. Thanks and love mom, dad, and Manoj. Let ' s party class of 1985!!!!!!!!! MARY NEYLON Friends forever JF, love ya: Memories- CZDSDCDWMBK RKTLFRB CRNRDL JBJLDB6 10 84: BL " I can dream about you”- 6 16 84- summer ' 84 Adi- das T-7 4 84- NIGHT RANGER: STHDCW MDNAGCD: Crocadile rock Bleh! Twist! All shook up: 9 1 84- F: Green: Miclt; BIOAR: Celtics: mu cast parties: RSJJBA: SNUGGLES: Thanx M, D, T, Mr. M, SHS-class of ' 85, Love ya! ERIN ANNE MCGUIGGIN ILY TONY My best friend forever-Karen- Leslie-Toni-Karen-Dina + all THE BOYS l 1 ? fishbowls w les 1 14 83- Feb. vaca. 83 at Les ' s U Mass Hampton- " OUR APARTMENT " New Year ' s 84 + 85 at K. Day ' s- " THE DUCK " Ste vens apple CRASH " Doobie ' s”- 11 23 84 Honey-7 yrs Bermuda Les ' s party 4 12 85 My Family I love you all so much. ROBERT MESSINA Best of luck to the class of 85 ' " Do it up " Dave, Mike, Miks, Bath Buddy, KD " Aerosmith 84 " " good times up PI " Co- lumbus park! " Deep purple 85 " Star market and my Montego! Thanks for everything mom and dad. MELANIE MONACO A true friend is forever: Krissy, Mem- ries: Bermuda! wanna see my puppies? S-Patrol tennis-pros MF please, the fish drowned, stuck in the lake, dead + where ' d ya get that bruise? The Prom this isn ' t Florida! Yogi Hard habit to break, Red Bomber, mono MB MT VtT SP KM Nell, should we? Sure! I ll make it mom and dad, have faith! SCOTT MURPHY " Foad " Fine 69 rr. Condo bash with the neighborhood + new comers. Steves atuo. Budwiser 4ever sav + Babs, Jpeak sking Scott + Karen 12-27 83. So p Sow. Keg parties up the moun taint at the fort. Hanging at " Savajona” Buddy and his Monte, now sav. Cant wait for my roadrunner! Its over thanks mom + dad. Thanks everyone! CATHY NESBIT to all my great friends in senior year. . We had great times! Luv ya to David J. Muir, lly, w all my heart, + don ' t for- get it ADEFTT BD, TD, SD, CL, KC, SS, BM, GW, RA, NA, SM, JO, BM + espe cially David You mean the world to me. Everyone good luck in the future. A special thanks to my mom. I love you! TOM NICHOLS Nev forget: Chrissy, good times with good friends: PD, JC, SO, PB, GOB, RB. MAL, Football w GH, JE, KJ, MN, BA, Southie gang: MF, LD,BR, MD, LH Die- ges.the moon w BGDDY. Coach Al. Jr. Prom with Linda, New Years Eve. The PIT Comment: In order to succeed in life you have tV6 work hard at it. I luv you mom + dad. Bill Thanx for every- thing ILCIMALAAFE. 106 MARCUS NICKERSON Never forget good times w " The Broad- way Crew " snake, JM, JS, LEX, Smitty, GW, Mac, Simpy, CM, DD, SE, BJ, Yiana, Playing Football w PD, JC, KJ, Nick, GH, RA, JE, CS, SO, TD, Baseball w JP, JS, MS, EP, RP, " What it is” " GOOK " Summer of 84 in Hamp- ton Memories w DC and the duckies Thanks Mom, Dick, and Kevin, I love yous all and Good Luck Class Of 85 SEAN O ' NEIL Good times w PKB DIEGE MAC YIANA MAL TIM PHIL SA JJP CHUCK SP PM STEW RD GENO LOG BBQ HAMMA! JAY PEAK ZONE GLDWTD PINES PIT 43 PLEASANT! NICK PD BIG AL CDB MTB CSN Y IN MEMORY OF LIZ REED. NO QUARTER BAMA EVERY SCHOOL NEEDS A FRED KIAMBIE!! GOD, COUNTRY, SKYN- YRD! JOHN LENNON LIVES THANKS FOR EVERYHING MA DAD RICHARD PALUMBO Love to Mom Dad Elaine Andrea Joe THE BEST John Genny Eddy Pete Mike Surge Gary P The Macs Cedric Sacc Nick ' s Tony 1 JV B Ball 921 ICS Hoop Will we win? CC 8 1 84 10 31 84 w x TNTBS Bio (JSTFPH) $DOME w Mayo CO. $ The Cape C- Ball Bash The B ' s S C ' s Sox GC (NGDZLMTS) Graduation Time PBGPSF= " The Only Way " SHERRY PIGNONE BEST FRIENDS: SV, KM, DU, MT, KT, KC, MM, KL, LS, GOOD TIMES AT JR. PROM, THE PINES. NICK ' S PARTIES- BERMUDA HAMPTON- 7th DAY ADV. NYE 84-85 POISON IVY, REC PARK " BLACKEYES " DON ' T 4-get P.W. (BIRDSNEST) FUN X W PD KJ GH TN JP " STILL " (JSYCSCK) DI ' S BASH " JELLYBEANS " THANX TO: MOM, DAD, LORI, LISA, DAVID, RICK FOR BEING THERE 4 ME!!! LISA PROODIAN All I want is for you to accept me as I am. I ' ll never forget my Willy! Pops! Buni, Moosie, Hippo, 1 1 -26-83-Baby- Con Geary! Let ' s get pizza! Clash, MH! Shmack! Sillysnoops Teddy-1 love you! 7-31 84 I finally did it on my own! JS How did I survive w this girl? Cuz ' s DP, KP, 7-13-83, PS, IS, TS, RS; 1-17-84; I love you MOM AND DAD! JOSEPH RICCARDELLI Travels: Florida, California, Italy beside N.H. and M E. Fun Times: Xmas Eve, First helicopter ride Good Times: Ju- nior Prom, Canobie Lake, River Side Park, Walt Disney World. Names Ricky Jr as in Dallas. Kojack, Peawea, Frisky. Misery is: Dear walk 1971 " People I Love: Mom, Dad, and Karen. Future transvestite. LISA NORMAN Always Remember: Lori-BF DZNGKDB MAANLEGTS Nags deathride, Seger 6 9 83 DECA 11:34 9 29 Revere Beach cheering Bway Nick’s Party ' s ski MULLY ' S party Brighams, Campr Are we over Gumby ' s? Denny ' s Mrs. S, D.O ' s Party, Beautiful Loosers DZ + ME BORN 2 RUN 8th gr. A N. w AANLRLSVC SCCTRDF BNE- DZJSMS BJ Halloween 83 Ma, DAD, Mil Thanx I Luv U All JIM O’NEIL The Neighb BMSSDMC SKSKDSMM SBMCONDO PARTY GUTLASS MONTY CANOBIE LAKE TOPSFIELD The Jamokes Aerosmith. Ford Falcon Loon Mtn. Darlene Jay Peak Camaro " Murray " Baby Face Goldstein " Camp- ton campgrounds This is the Famous Budweiser Beer the Mountain Bubby Vikeg of St Pauli girl Hows your Diplo- ma? Away to groubles down the drain Hope I die be 4 I get old STEVEN PELLEGRINO Never 4get when it all began: 12 31 83 at KDs til 3! Sorry lil frog! 3-24-84-ohh! my NOSE! -Thanx JM! Owe you a few too, MS! Busy Week-ES SW Mr. Chin the Applecrash MACYS and SACKS 5th in NYC! the BAD girls Prez ' s slides- BP his BB mag.- Sun. Sunburn 10 SB never 4get! 12 7 with us 6 Jr. Prom on Walden-Love you forever MOM DAD JULIE TIMMY POWERS ILL ALWAYS REMEMBER: FAST ED- DIE, BRIAN TREVOR FAMILY TREE, CARONA, ULTIMATE SCAB MIKE TA- TIAN, DOUBLE A, ELVIS GOOD BUDDIES-JOHN, LEN, DEN, PAUL. GIRLS-REENIE, LESLIE, THE GOOD BAD TIMES W DENISE, " IN LIKE FLYNN! " " HORNBEAGANST”, THE " SHEA GAG " MUD FOOTBALL PET PEEVES-M. JACKSON, DURAN DURAN, LOSING. THANKS FOR EV- ERYTHING MOM DAD I LOVE YOU PAUL PROODIAN I ' LL NEVER FORGET THE CAMARO, THE DUDE, CONNIE GARY, MOM DAD and my LISA! B.R, D.S, R.D, J.D,! BEING IN THE SAME CLASS WITH MY SISTER. GOING TO PARTIES WITH BRIAN. HOCKEY. " THE NERF " ! " WE RE GOOD TO GO”! LISA RICCARDELLI PAULI LOVE YOU- You ' re my INSPI- RATION, May 29, July 25-in the rain. Bst Frd-HAK Always rem DC, DS. Mem ories Prom, Montreal SHMB-MICA, CG, CO-Capt, green, frogs, MFL. HD: AG: CG. Never forget " Pigs in Space " , wht olds, " The Nose " , janitor, 5th declen- sion, " Kiss the Easter Beagle " , the pic- ture, GR, C.W.T., apples. Thankx MOM, DAD, GINA- I LUV U GARY PETTWAY GUMBY ' S GOODTIMES: RICHY. P SURGE LT RIELS " O-TAY " BUCK- WHEAT UCS (AL, DIP, LONGO, Q, LOU, HILL, MEL, LIZA) CAN ' T FOR GET THE LOUDBUNCH FRIENDS: JD, RODNEY, SACK, ED, DIAB, AJ, JONNY, PELL, SHARKY, EGO, JELLY, CEDRIC, EAG, STEW, WA RONNY, EDIE, DAYS, MEAL, RIZZO, TREV, TAD, JOEY, GUIDO, PP (CLOUTIER), THE RASCAL CREW, SUE V, NICKY, AND FOR 3 YEAR OF ENGLISH THE MUCE BILL PREVIDI MEM: Great Times w MS SP KD KDAY DL DK BM LC JM EM AT BD 3 24 84 BEANIN HAPPINESS is my Amigos Misery: Jr Prom w K Dot thanx Gail for MAY 5 84 NEVER 4-GET: B WAY BASHES OBLIVIAL PURSUIT w D. Rut Amy Leslie ' s Capescape The Pit Sat. Nites at EAM ' s LOVE YA MOM DAD LISA WAYNE CLASS OF 85 is the BEST!!!!! SUSAN RANDO THE ERA LIVES ON! SHEEP THE BEECHES ARE BEST! LT LM (TANGO QUEENS) HALLOWEEN 83, NYE 84! CRASH, DEATH OF A CHARGER! QUEER LL (LITH) 1 BUD! SKIING (NANCHO); THE CURSE OF THE H ' S. RP 1 MAN! BABY MICH DD JP WITH J.D. BACHI THE LAKE! DISH, DUKE SMU LET ' S SPEND THE NIGHT TO- GETHER, 8887 THANKS MA, DAD, KATH, BOB, KRIS ALIVEN 85 SCOTT RIELLY Scooter ' s farewell: J.D., Gary, Freak, Me., Scott, DAYS, Rich, Don, Tom, Pvt. Pete, Joe, Eag Killa, Buda, Scrib, P.P (Cloutier) + D.A.M.M. Video Bash; RAGE!; BAR PARTY; Lunchbound Morning bash; " Got a headache?”; Brew ' n; Never forget friends, Later peo- ple Thanx to my family + teachers, if it was ' nt for nag ' n I might’ve enjoyed S.H.S. ED PIGNONE NEVER FORGET " THE BOYS OF SUMMER " LIN, MAX, RICH, T-BONE, SKI, DIAB, CHEEZER, NICK, THANX GUYS! 5-10-83 MOOSE TBB JV-BALL 9-2-1 ICS HOOP TRAPATCSC NICK BASHES 10-3184 EXTING. NITES " BUDLIFE " RICH WERE GOLDEN RONI, COMMY CLASS C-ESCAPE LOBF P ' PARTIES MISERY: GCA PBGPSF = THE LIFE LOVE YA MA, DAD, MICH, DEB FAMILY " HAVE FAITH” DEDICATION TO SITTY JEFF PROIA GOOD TIMES: SUMMER OF 84 WITH RG A M CAMP, JVBB, RIDE w PF JS to NH, FLORIDA, THE CAGE JUNE 15, 1984, Sr PROM, HARVARD RELAY, NEW YORK, NYE IN V.T. " DON ' T CRY " HOLE IN WALL, CUJO, STATES, THE LAKE, FAST EDDIE, YANKS SOX 8ogs SWEETS, SOON- ERS, PUMA, Speedster. Good friend JS, BA, JS, NAGS, MN, DA, KM, KL, DU, SIMO, SP, PET LOVE YA MOM DAD, POP, CHRISTINE: LOVE YOU RG NICOLE REYNOLDS O K. Here Goes! ‘Dracula ' 84 I ' m ALL Shook Up! Shows MFL, HD, AG, BITP, ST, CWM, US, DN, DC, TUAMA. MN + RB Blah! Holland + Niles- It ' s not my fault! Ninja Man! KC-Keep Trying! CR I ' m not sorry!. To RB + Friendship. Penguin Lust! Keez Me. Mom, Dad + Mark-Thanks. " Do I dare disturb the Universe? " Elliot. " Applaud Friends; The Comedy is over. " Beethoven. CHARLIE RIZZO Life is just a bowl of cherries and this is the fun in the sun. BFITP: HAS: ST: US: DN CWM: D: DCTUAMA: AG HD w BH LS. TBONTB: BCOBD YF IU. Welcome to this big zany world PJ! MM ' s car w FP TP SORRY TY MM! MB-MONTREAL w LULU. SOR- RY NICOLE! Fun w RB: NR: AT: PD: SM: DS: LR: HK: CZ: MN: DD: K KA: K PC: DPC. BIOAR! DONUTS. I have commited guilt! TAF FAMILY SCISAN ROSE B way guys the Perfect 10 Alton Bay! Hampton 84 Thanx Ma Dad Ern Colora- do Bummer Thanx for everything " guys " Luv ya Rich Steve, Rob, Diane, Roxie, Renee ' s Ek ' s attic Weie ' s " HB ' s " Jay ' s Petpeeve’s: Blondes ' 74 Mustang and Rain RLTHEGNCKLSVL PDLSCM JDESBMDO FSCCWB VLMKNLR CCDRDPW JIMBO CARNIVAL BALL! Paul! BRIAN RUBNER Thanks Mom and Dad Happiness is sleeping till 12. Camaro K-Car 13 I ' ll never forget P.P. J.K. S.M. J.M. " sum- mer of 84 " JOE SACCOCCIO Memories: holes in the wall, Sacc of life Cindy A T.L. for ever, June 7 1984, 8 Bucks Sept 15, 1984, Thanks Mom, Dad, Lisa L.L.Y. DU, JP, BA, JS, MN, KM, SP, KL, JA, JS, BM, FC, Simo Big Season in baseball in 85, Dont cry! Easy House! Florida, Fast Eddie, Soccer. Jer- ry Moses Mike Andrews Baseball camp Flat tire, Bruins, Red sox, nice boy, GDog JOANNE SANDLER Memories: Friends + Family Never Forget JS, MS, SU, LP Pet Peeve 6 18 84 Dreams: to keep everyone I love close Dedication: to the ones I love the most Mom + Dad Jr Prom Good Times: Somerville friends CHUCK SCIMONE Memories Partying with the horror mem. Going on a quest. Never forget: the mal, HW-AD most said phrases " Grab beer we re in” " Hamma " Happi- ness is EJ going on vacation with no place to go. A weekend with a good Hamma session Thanks Ma + Dad Good luck to the class of 85 CRYSTAL SHARP Memories in NH Lau with " Boo” 421 Trifecta- " I told ya so " Kega Droop - - - Lynyrd Skynyrd all night Long B ' s Mr. Lympard. C.C.R. August +5th, watch ing Rick in East Boston. Thanks every- one for making this day possible. I love ya Rick REAL LIFE NEIL ROSS Eddie Alex Dave Mike 1984 Doug Chris ASA Glen Mike Ken Pat Bug on Fri nites Baul Dis and the week in Berm Grass huts and coconuts and parrots meatball subs! Sitting Bull kepp your moth shut! I can ' t sleep! Liberty for life! Linda lives forever! P.S. YA’LL BE COO! KATHY RUMP Linn you ' re the best! laz + Rumpa BS, 22 12 6 84 Greg-JTA, Va. Summers, 7 17 82 W WC Busch, Friends: DY, PA, DG, AT, RY, CG, Guards at SP 1- Thanks for the good times! NYF memo- ries: smokey, mine (blanket), Plays: CD as AD, BIOAR, Bleh, MN, CZ, C U84; LKBH, HMUN Physics; MU, Chem, 176- day, Bruise w MB, Bud Mom and Dad, Thanks for everything! ILY TONY SAIA New York New York Big City of Dreams " 83” of the begging PC 9 Prom night the Black TA Revere Beach Crusin the Strip RB LS NH with Tl!! GOOD TIMES! Class of 85 Jan 7 84 Auesome!! Dance Factory Ricardo Tony Wally Mike-Kot Boston 57 Remember “Czone” " Friends " Tina + Tony " 85 " I Love You Mon + Dad Thank you!! " Tony” JOHN SANNELLA III never 4get: Beige, Smitty, Snake, Gamma simpy. Jack Smack, Gino, Lex, Yiana, Wharfy. Mayo + the Dome. Carona 4 = 0 Club soccer. Gook, Base- ball, Beatles, Hampton, my truck? T- Mal ‘Happiness if being w Nicole-MFL- Bio w Tim, Tricia, + Mitchie. Rec Park 309T 7 Carnival Ball. B-Way. SVL, Timmo WTHIN Grad- uation. Thanks alot MA + DAD I LOVE U KEVIN SCRIBNER Scooter!! Hey Doe, Cathy Z. - Locw. . Phred, Sean, Sully, Jim, the BK crew, microcon, demoulas, Burger King. Mar- yoku stelling, wench, Boston, Commer, noises, Brenda M., Cathy Z., Amy T., My heart. Dracula forever! Mucica, Nor- elli • Yah! Whatever happened to Mr. Kiame? Bye!! Poetry! Save the best fo last - Amy LEON SHNEIDER Thanks to my parents; Remember New Year ' s Eve of 84; keep on trucking MP; Remember 8 15 84; 2 84; 6 6 84; Lovr VB; and LG, BT.DR JS Love USA; Ewmwmvwe New Jersey, Florida Love Gramps. Remember 6 9 85. ““ KIM SALAMONE Memories: Friends of the C.P. gang, Never forget my true friends, party’n sleeping out, " The Tower " , Sam ' s woods, Spot . . ., York Beach weekend with Ducky, motorcycle wookend. Best of times with Ducky forever. My Junior and Ducky ' s senior prom nights . . . Marriage plans with Ducky. You ' re great Mom and Dad, Thank you. Good luck " 85 " !!! LOREEN SARCIA i ' ll never forget the good times at GH B- Buddies SH JT JW LT KD CC JS HA GD KO MF LM JF SN I L U Armand OTSBH See I made it Mom and Dad!! S Pizza Grand P Blue M Alleys P. Worth Gym with KD CC SH LT JT PD JR Prom MA KQ LT GS GD SJ JW BD " OPEN ARMS " as knee slaper DENNIS J. SENIBALDI DS + MC Rember the good times and the ones still to come UDM PPEP TM- TMO-143 ILU The lake-vets field-lndian Path Floral way-Ri-Cinema Usually with: Fred, Sean, Kevin, Fred Flinstone and Dino Tang so do " Tang so” usually found in room 209C or Room 211 so to the class of " 85 " rember Doctor Strange otherwise D.J. senibaldi. LYNN M. SIMONETTI Thanks Guys, U know sho U R! Hamp- ton ' 84 Gal Gang-DM, AO, LR, SC SUM MER ' 84 MC KC, SR, BM, MEL, AA: I would die 4 U Best of times R yet 2 come!!! pil-B,. KC, LP " excuse me " DU, SP, KM, KL, JP, JS, MS Wash ' 84 Jr. Prom F.H. ' 83 so close! 10 30 give me " gua " Rdst. Thank you Family! Nonna, -GOD (TONI) ANNETTE SALTAMARTINI Looking back at all of the good times: TN ' s parties PHW LMDZNG Oh what a night! 11 21 Best Day, Sorry so Stu- pid Rl, ILY!! Last day, Jr. Y Admiral W R Physics SP, TF, DA. SB, who could forget BT! KD2, LC. Jr. Prm wPKB, Jrm85. GSW MR, My Mark VII!! I can ' t c! Hampton + Lemonade!! NH + KB Victoria Cordoba Thanx Mom + Dad! I love you!! My Family!! TONI SCARPA Neva 4get BF CM MT BS AA Fla " 84 " w AA + NL Fla w CS Vt NH Bermuda DECA Cheering 83-85 SV CA EJ KW 8 25 84 New Years Eve " 83 " " My car” LN party Mullys parties " MF " 2nd home sunnyhurst " Hairdryer " Neva 4 get old house + JP " Snap " " only if it was blue " " MT stories + laugh " Best times w Tommy 10-1083 T-N-T 143! ILY Mom + Dad Thanks! DEBBIE SEVIER Thanks Mom, Dad, Mark, Lucy, An drea, Walsh, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Mucica, Marie. To my best friend Lucy: High School was a lot better when I could pair up with you and talk to you. It ' s inevitable (Charlie) Jump (Van Halen) Run to you (Bryan Adams) Mike S. Jeff S. V MARK SIMPSON Mems: Summer 82 + 84 Hampton, Whorfs Cabana, Susan, Spec. Jaye, Neva 4get these guysBJHN JSJM KYGWBH JM B-Way. Richieroy. Squier w MNPR DWLFCO. Jr Prom JV. BBall Aug-536 Special thanks to small combs Yiana copolus ' s Love to Mom Dad, Christine, Sue, Karen Michelle. Love is having close relatives! (Love you Papa) 108 FRANCA SINAGOGO Memories: Revi, KT, LG, JS, LF, MA, EB. I ' ll never Forget the summer of ' 84 ' with KT. " Just like that old time rocken roll " Happiness is being with your fam- ily and your Big Brother standing by you for that special hand. Thanks MOM and DAD. Luv You Proms ' 84 ' ' 85 ' . RASCALS, UPTOWN. To My Best Friend KT Keep the Faith. KRIS SORENSEN The best of times w MT, MD, SH, BA, LM2, LK, JL, Sal-Palace (Purple Rain) Never forget: KM, Florida ' 81 ' , Jr. + Sr. Prom Sr. English (2nd) period! Cruis- ing in the bomb. New Years Eve ' 84 ' B + W. S.L. - " I don ' t want to talk about it " Thanx for being there Mar! I love you Mom, Val, Jeana, Lynne, Jamie + EJ. Go for it 85!! JULIE STILLINGER 1 is Ag, the best is GOLD! Lisa + Karen “forever " - Jr Prom -Mel B. Joel con- cert 84- CHORALE Pam in PA, Big Ap- ple, Orleans-328 slime, audit. study-TS RB, LIB, JV, Wighouse, THANX JD! CB 83-85, Yoda ' s Twirlers, Dancin w Go- Go, KT, EB Lee ' CHEERIN! Lunch dates w GL + BG STAR MN. Luv ya Mom + Dad. Here’s 2 the future. I guess ANYTHING GOES!!! DOREEN SULLIVAN LR, DC, PD, CP, MN, HK.MB, CZ,CR, KS + selec. uc + alum. . . MB both meanings, CLIQUE, mailbox, Montreal, MICAS, Bob, CBs, K + P, H. Thou.$ bar war, SP runs, crash pos. THE LAKE, HOS, mfl, hd, cwm, ag, DRACULATh- ank you Mr. Mucica, l-spots, op. chem, Halloweens, TS ' s Party, tck, SilvaYUK, East.scibido. Thanks Ma, Dad, Kelly, Michael David, I love you all! MIKE SZCZAWIKNSKI ED TONY RICH GERRY PETE. The Boys of summer. NEVER forget- UNI- CORN GC. MAX SEGERTHE BOSS. Rich ' s House-party. Make no commit- ments. WAKFLD GIRLS. REDNG GRLS. SLED-DOG SPRTS LIT! EXTIN- GUISHERS. GRLS-DC, KR, FS you too LG. SC. BYS-BOB JEFF-RON A MIKE W. the strip ALSO-T-MAL -DUBZINSKI- the Cape Baseball-85. DAD MOM KIN LYNDA l-LUV-U MICHAEL TATIAN 10 26 84 X-COUNTRY BEATS READ ING 26-29 GREAT FRIENDS: BRIAN, TIM RICH, JEFF, J.D. THANKS COA- CH VIOLA + FILLBACK (THERE ' S A LIMIT TO YOUR CONTROL) GO CELTS! BOSOX! BUCCANEERS! NEV- ER FORGET SLAB WITH TIM INDOOR TRACK ROOKS ‘THE BEATLES SPE- CIAL THANKS TO MOM + DAD AND OF COURSE JIM BEST OF LUCK CLASS OF 1985!! MATT SMITH The best times at and with the BBC Beej, Simpy, gamma, snake, Johnny, Gino, Bob Mac, Eag, Lex, Jeff, Dave, Mrs C. Hockey: 12 3 4, Soccer 2 3? Rage, Hampton twins ' 84 Ellens Lunch, Simo Broadway + Nickey ' s Lisa I LOVE YOU Always and Forever May 25 Thanks Mom + Dad + Mel SCOTT SOWYRDA Sunnyhurst Rudy. MTBS. No Problem. Murray ' s B. The F ORT. Trails. JIMI O ' s Cutlass. JIMOK ' S Blazer. The YORKS. Jr. Prom. Later Mr. R. . . .Stink Bombs, remember MAL. POKI. Mr. C ' s Class. Thanks MA and DAD, APPRECIATED EVERYTHING. JEFF STURGIS STURGE, SURGE, SURGEON, SLICK, STURGI Springsteen + U2, ONCE A DAY, twice on Sundays. GOOD FRIENDS: Mike, JD, BOB, JEFF, JOE, RICH, FRANK. GOOD TIMES: Maine, winter track, Reeds class, Baseball. HAPPINESS is: Elisa, 10-6 84. Goals: to be successful and have a happy life. Thanks MOM, DAD, and Scott. JENNIFER SULLIVAN LATTER DAYS. NEIGHBORS I LOVE TOM KDW-W CC + KS 2 5th ' s IT ' S AL- RIGHT THANKS DAVE REMEMBER WALKING IN THE SAND. I MADE IT! MOUNTAIN HOME. BYE BYEDD! FALL IN HALL CC BASSET KAREN TAGUE 12 long years. Remember J, T and M, L, L PP, The R ' s, A s, and P ' s. Look out for Brian. D and K. Hi how are ya? D, J, R, P, D, CC, 8. Brothers . . . SDKJ and B. 6 year walk. Thanks for everything Mom and Dad. LINN THOMAS Good Times, Bad Times, YOU know I ' ve had my share. Jr. Prom; QL, Mano- met, Jay Peak Weekends, Bermuda Bound 1 7 7 9 84, I LOVE YOU, GREG, thanx PE— 12 27 83. HP, SP, QL. Wouldn’t have been the same with- out-GS, KD, SR, KR, CT, Mich, Cafes, w BG, Ski trips ' happiness ' , scooping. It ' s been real, Its been fun, BUT not real fun. Im outta Here TIM SMITH Never forget JAV JD CD LR KL MAF NA HK DS JR + SR Prom Joanne Tim 4 23 83 Montreal Abe ' s cruising w Fanta Choral on tour ' 84 ' Joel 3 26 84 DETOUR ' 84 ' LIVE in ' 85 ' ! ' Skyhawk, there is no substitute’ I know! Guarding the bank “crash Do- herty " TAMA number NINE the BEA TLES Zeus LIVES!! Pru Fun AND Games Friendly ' s EB JH TEXACO MICHAEL ST AMAND KAREN GOOD FRIENDS 12 2 83 1 5 85 DAN SULLIVAN NEVER FORGET THE MOUNTAIN- MEN, EEG THE ARMY DOG, ROB DOGS FOR MUNCHIES, KFC, NJOJ, DE, DIVAD, HTIEK, MUKROC. DICKIE B„ HELP PREVENT TREEE DISM! THE NEW LIFE, 27 JUNE 85, PARRIS ISLAND, UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS. THE FORT, ECSTASY, BEAM ME UP SCOTTY, THE GUIDANCE DOORS. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I WOULD LIKE TO DEDICATE THIS BOOK TO MY MOM, DAD, AND FAM- ILY, WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, SO DO WE RICHARD SULLIVAN Don, Joe, Scooter, JD, Dave, Scott, TMW. Thanks Tom Mayne. Summer ' 84, the camp, Golden on the dock, wa- terskiing, Marblehead, Woburn Mall, Rough boys at Reading BK? Hampton, Bear Hill Maint. Never Again Nantucket Anti-Complacency League, " He ' s not the Mesiah, He ' s a very naughty boy and he can ' t come out and play!” DAMM ELLEN SOLOMITA " The BEST of friends made the BEST of times " SB CB AC LG SW PD the HONORS gang! NY NY skiing W SP I luv MAINE co.- CB JB Lake Win- nie- PMCS- thanx PD! Europe 84 85 B week-ALPHA 1! Showcase ice fights! THE QUADthanx 4 the MEMO- RIES! Chinese tea, donuts, BETSY, DROSS Hellen ' Thks DAD, MOM, Mike Annie-LOVE YA ' S! BEST of Luck 85! TRACY STEWART aSpecial memories w John LLNBMB Late night w friends midnight Ren dezvous. wknd. w the 8 CL. EF. KH. NB. Rain or’shine it will always snow! Thanx for hangin in Ma. I luv U Dad. Thanx for everything everybody espec. NANCE. Ma, Dad, NB larry you ' re the meaning in my life my insperation! w all my luv Stew 6-85 (yay, yay) DONALD SULLIVAN Always remember, Never forget, Lynne, July 19 and my parking ticket at Hampton Beach, DeMoulas night- crews DeMoulas Party ' s, THE HEAD BUS 4, dull cafe study Halls, Rich, Joe, Paul, Scott, Bill + Maryann, and JD. also Thanks Mom + Dad PS Goodbye Stoneham High I ' m going to miss you. GAIL SYLVESTER NEVER FORGET BF MT TS AA friends forever 5th per w NB TS JT MTG Ver- mont " watch the interior " Good times w PH LOVE YA 7 24 84 Tonis car NH 2nd home Sunny H Bump Prom " 85 " " hairdryer " 8 25 84 parting w PD CM SA MT KO corneer sum-84 English 85 DECA DOGS PD RD MT The Call MT stories CK Good friends Thanx MOM DAD family CHRIS TIERNEY MEMORIES: JR PROM, BD + LW WHATCHAMACALL IT BG, CP, LH, WARF BOUND, CELTICS PRICE wBCN FUN the GoGos, TANGO, HAMPTON 83, Squid BAGS, DATES Strings with LT, Talks with BD abotu you know what! " French Love” IRISH 1 BL BOSTON stone OWEN " I Blew it " Servo, NAZ, who is BO, GUM Birth days B52s CCS, CT + BG Models, " WE are the coolest " It was the funniest Luv U MOM + DAD MICHELLE TOWER BEST FRIENDS GS TS AA VERMONT BERMUDA 5th per w JTTSNBGS “MF " New Years Eve w TS Tonis car “NH " the corner the Bump Prom ' 85 2nd Home Sunnyhurst 8-25-84 weekend Partying w PDRDGS " Cocoa Krispee " The dogsgood laughs w GS Best Sum mer " 84 " Danielle Thanks Mom + Dad + Family I LOVE U ALL! KELLEY TURNER MEMS: ALL THE GOOD TIMES. REEN. BF THE BEACH, CONN. W PEG OUR GREAT TANS! JR. PROM w JEFF I LUV U " SUNGLASS- ES " w REEN MEL KRIS, MICH Dl " GOOD JOB, BESSY " ALL YOU GUYS RBMTK CMMKMcSPKL. FRIENDSLY ' JM. MFBCDR EVERY I CAPE ES- CAPE " 85 " KIM: 6:06? NO really 6:04 KEV: SNOWBANK? BJ: U PEANUT. THANX! LUV U MOM DAD KEL BEL JINELLE WALKER NEVER FORGET: SUMMER 80 w BB ALLEYS w MA HAMPTON BEACH 80- 81 w LH + KM REVERE BEACH w KO, BUDRUN! MUSTANGS + SEGER CONDO PARTIES BOBBY 4- 26-83 FRIENDS U KNOW WHO UR! DENNY w LD, JO, MD + MD SC + good times DD-Thanx DS Be good! BRI- AN YOUR the best thing that ever Hap- pened to Me, I LOVE YOU ALWAYS. THANX 4 HANGIN in MA (WE) MADE IT. I LUV U DANNY WOODMAN I’ll never forget Bear Hill summers, SARA DUPE, Bob, Gino, Macs Bash 2AM Strawberryjam the D A Zones, Mr Mrs DL, SKOAL Bros Hoop friends Dr, D. and Muirchabald Pet Peeves-Shut up, I II see you after school, People who give up too soon. Mr P ' s absent, To Mom and Dad I know its been written Before but I mean IT Thanx ANTHONY ZARBANO THE REVERE BEACH CREW WALLY BOB ROY DOM TONY RICHY VINNY DF THE BEGGING UPTOWN RAS- CALS TAM SLICKS AND Slickettes NH LS RB Good Times!! Hey Roy How ' s your B ? RED VETTE RB BEST OF TIMES " FRIENDS " Going out to lunch! NEVER coming back! BOSTON 57 " czone " class of 85 KOT MIKE I LOVE YOU MOM + DAD THANK YOU!! " TONY " , KATHY TOOMY ILY THANKS MOM DAD! MEM: FS, LF, KG, EB, BM, NS, SW. GW, LG, JS, JF, MD, MN, LT, AT, DW, KM, CO, RC KL REM JB THE BUS the table, REVI, the beach, " good old crew " WKFD MEN, BTB ROLL WOR MY GOOD PROMS other guys bad ONE ' s CHARLES, LIAM " HOTDOGS " PAL ACE FUN W PALACE FRIENDS HAL LOWEENS ANDRE " IT ' S LIKE THAT OLD TIME ROCK ROLL! " YBSS AMY TOWSE Chris IALY, SJ ' THOSE WHO MADE THIS PLACE BEARABLE DL9YRSRC (MCFB) BPKWSWES LGEMSMCB SLKTBMK GJFSPBDCR KIDHLYA C ' SFDS- PROMS- MY TENT-82 STS- MARCH 18-ST. CWM, DRAC, THX PWM BEING AN HONORS RAG- GANGA! -HWTO BE CORRUPTED IS GREATI-V.H. YES (BG) RED-CRUZIN W Di + Ruf-NBBP-NYE84M-LOST IN NH-PATS-WC THANX MA + PA 4 PUTTING UP W ME ILY. DIANA UVA HAPPINESS IS: FAMILY, Glenn 12-22 84, Friends. Never forget Good times w SP, KM, KL. SP Party 8-22-84, BB CAMP with Mary 83-84. Playing FH being 1 Pt away from States, BB States ' 84, SB English 7th Per. NYE ' 84. Joe Lisa The Best Cousins! Dedication To: Mom, Dad, Paul, Karen Thanks for Ev- erything: I Love You! STEVE WALLES Never forget 3 Upperclasses 82 83 84, STAR MARKET, MAPLE PARK, SOAPS, EURYTHMICs. THANX M + D, B + D + B2, SC, JUDE, A + M.NANNY- FLO, MULHERNS CSJSDUPY, Mrs. R„ Mrs. McC., Ms. Z. saved HR from bore- dome 82-83. Special thanx to Ms. F, Mrs. N, Dr. I, Mrs.C thanx!! Best of luck to all in SHS 85. It ' s been real Bye now! KRISTEN WIGANDT Editor-in-chief of SN Herald Editorial, Girls State Remember ' AT CR EM KC NR PB RB-SPCRSMRH ETC Wakeup calls from Nan Pet Peeves: Geometryi- tis Deadline 1885 10 past in Chem. Am- bition: Law win Megabucks Interviewed on Lifestyles of the Rich + Famous Thanks Ma + Dad Tracy Robin Doug Tricia Kerry Dennis and Ditto. DEANA ZIZZA Good x’s w : Nags, LNBMLSKDTS, Gustapo stick, Lil ' mouse . . . U-MASS! Nickie ' s party " Mount-DENAT " X-MAS Blues weekends w Hills West Point. Natalies Death ride B E Johnson Whales Larry (Sept. 20) Luv ya pit Ho- Jo’s Misery is: July 1st mini skrt walk- ing to Jnsys w Buffy Mel " crunchy mold” Lesley. Thanks Ma Dad Family JULIE TORODE NEVER FORGET GOOD TIMES HAMPTON B Buddies RS MH KD CC LT JW JS MA GD KD Party ' s at BOS TON MED RED MAL Weekends in NH SEE MOM and DAD I MADE IT! I LOVE BM BRIAN TREVOR Memories: GOOD TIMES w Timmy AND Mike CROSS COUNTRY BEAT READINGDA, DF, KS, CR THE SHEA GAG, MUD FOOTBALL, SLAB, SMED, GET OUT OF TOWN, DONT ' CRY SHEILA, FRIEND: LG, PC, SV, NC, TS. 2AC, MEG: THANKS ANDREA; PARTS IS PARTS, BEAUTY EH?, IN LIKE FLYNN, JUMPIN JACK, PHYS- ICS 7, SP, TF, JS LIVING W SP. JPRG LUV YA MA, DAD, GRAM, GRAMP, MIKE, NANCY, KRIS SUSAN VANLOON Happiness is the Perfect 10 - Nic Trich Ka SR RL EG PD CM LS-Thanks! I luv ya all Memories: HAMPTON 84, Shirl, RL ' s bashes EK ' s room, Cape 84, Jr Prom. B-way, Di Ross, Rod S. Bermuda 85. Special friends AMY, the GUYS Mike. Good luck to the class of 85! I love you Mom Dad Billy Linda Jamie. MICHAEL WALLIS THE BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF ' 85 ' MANY GREAT TIMES w RON, TIM WILL ALL OF THE OTHER MADDOGS. BB CONTEST IN JP ' s CHEM CLASS w LERCH IN LIT WERE CLASSIC MANY THINGS WILL BE RE- MEMBERED ABOUT 85 SUCH AS KILLINGTON, HYDRANTS, BWAY, NICKS, COLLARBONE, TOODY RUN. THE MAU, ARROWSMITH, RUSH!! THANKS MOM AND DAD LAURA WINN Trips, Hampton ' 83, Celtics Pride, WBCN, CT + BD, Wharf, BG Prom night. The GO-GO ' s, Tango Strings LT + CT, " I BREAK FOR PIGNOES” Servo Summer Nights Faniel Hall, I Luv IRISHMEN “I was on the floor laugh- ing " , Pet Peeve: SHS, " We Are the Coo- lest " ALWAYS REMEMBER: My Friends; Auntie Wini, Mama, Dad, and Gram. MARY TORRES Never forget KS MD SH LM Good times with CV and MT Craig coming home Laughs at CVGS nick and BA Getting down at the Palace KS n SL Jr Prom wtih KL KS MT LOVE ya, friends always KS MT Chorale with LM AB KL DA KF New Orleans the best of times, more to come we ' ve just begun! MICHELLE TRINGALI Close Friends: DR Thanks for always being there Di! KTCD MBPERMF JMBCCCS APDSPKMK CMMKL SDMBKDKS You guys are the best! " Good job Bessy! " 8:30 am Denny ' s NYE ' 84 ' NS 1 14 Friendly ' s Jr Prom Cape Escape Pines Jelly Beans " Peek a-Boo! " Nahant Special Memories: BF Never forget ya Deb! Love you Ma Dad Marie-Elena Stacey! SHARON VINCI Thanks Mom Dad + Family for Every- thing you have done for me Never for- get MAL KS MF LM KP JS KB BC JW RS TH CC RY G + W TT Gary D LC MR PM CL ENG w WALLY + BB BTA CP PALACE Matties House Luke Kris B Put those down Ellen up right down right LW Ct B-Shelter tower ILU Greg Thank you Mrs K Mr W Good Luck to the class of 85 SUZANNE WHITTAKER NEVER FORGET: Good times w good friends CB, ES, LG, SP, AT, AC, SB and all the H-gang. THE QUAD, Donuts ban- gin ' U ' ies, Labs, B.W. 1984 SOCHO 1, spoon patrols. Late nite bites and gook. HO, HO, HO. MEMORIES: 1982, NGTTTP, 10 2, 3 23 84. I ' m bummin ' big times. Go for it! !@ + I ' m so con- fused! THANKS M, D, T, G, I Luv U! CATHY ZACCONE BF-DC, LBBF, AddCIntGdHrbr cuzns WkfldLake Whale 5 ' 9 " 110 " Van H " srcs Calif Dreamin ASTTRMAAO “Buddies " 1999 9 74849 th fir L + S Drac BLEH VK " Take It Easy " WHIKSH! DCWMCB DNCDDCT UAMA 63 mdnght bl con. vette THE POLICE! Always rmmbr Gd Tms WGd Frnds! BIOAR! M ' s C! " Sugar, Sugar! " THANKS 4 EVERYTHING! I Luv U Mom Dad! THANKS-unc H. aunt J. I Love you Nuna, Bampy Gramma! 85 DIRECTORY AMY ADAMS 45 Perkins Street Vice President 1, Gymnastics 1, 2: Cheerleading 2, 3, 4; Track 4; Deca Club 3, 4 CHERYL AHERN 3 Elizabeth Road Varsity Field Hockey 3, 4; Yearbook 4 WILLIAM ANDRONICO 154 North Street Football 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1; Ski Club 2, 3, 4; Varsity Scholar 2, 3 MARIA ELENA ANSELMI 48 Fieldstone Drive Italian Club 2 NICOLE ARENA 5 Randolph Road Varsity Scholar 2; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 ROBERT JOSEPH ARIGO SHEILA M. BOYAJIAN 79 Pond Street Spanish Club 1, 2; SADD 2, 3, 4; 735 Inc. 2; National Honor Society 3, 4; Varsity Scholar 2, 3, 4 CHRISTINE M. BRACCIOTTI 36 Broadway SADD 2, 3, 4: School Committee Representa- tive 3, 4; Varsity Scholar 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Soci- ety 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Carnival Ball 4; MASP 3 ELLEN M. BRINDLE 182 Beltran Street, Malden Ski Club 1, 2; Peer Leaders 735; Honor Roll 3 MICHAEL CHARLES BROOK 8 Tenth Street Newbury, MA SCOTT BRYCE 540 Main Street RICHARD BUCKLEY Band 1, 2; School Play 4. KAREN COFFIN 1 Lawndale Road Secretaries Club 1, 4. MARK W. COLONNA 4 Rose Lane JV Ice Hockey 2, 3. KATHERINE CONNERY 17 Lee Street Sparta News 1 , 2; SEEDS 1 , 2, 3, 4; Dance Club 1, 2; Latin Club 3, 4; SADD 2, 3; Spartan Chor- lae 4; Carnival Ball Mistress of Ceremonies 4; Voice of Democracy Sp ' eech Contest Medalist 2; NCTE Test Participant 3; National Honor Soci- ety 4; Varsity Scholar 1, 2, 3, 4; Yearbook Co- Editor in chief 4 TIMOTHY R. CONTI 7 Pine Ridge Road 19 Valley Road Football 2, 3, 4; Winter Track 4; Spring Track 2, 3, 4; Carnival Ball 3, 4 STEPHEN ARMATO 75 Westwood Road DENISE ASHTON 14 Country Club Road Varsity Cross Country 2, 3, 4; Varsity Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Winter Track 4; Varsity Cheerleader 3; Spanish Club 1 , 2; Varsity Club 2 MARIA L. AUCELLO 81 Forest Street Softball 1; Basketball 1; Junior Achievement; Honor Roll RONALD AURIEMMA 6 Margaret Road Football 2; Track 2; Alpenhof Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 3, 4 RENEE AUTERIO 5 Marshall Road Varsity Tennis 3; Spartan Chorale 4; Italian Club 3; Secrataries Club 1 PAUL KEVIN BAKER 469 Main Street Varsity Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 PAUL CHARLES BALLOTTA III 9 Hillside Road Basketball 1 JAMES EDWARD BARRY JR. 99 MacArthur Road D.A.M.M. 4; Varsity Hockey 2, 3, 4; Seeds 4; Yearbook 4; Lacrosse 4; Weeds 4; JV Hockey 1; JV Soccer 1; Video Club MARIE BARRY 21 Wilson Road Cheering 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club, Varsity Club; Tutoring; Winter Carnival Committee BOBBY BASSILL 9 Jefts Terrace Deca 3 ARLENE BENNETT 6 Sunset Rd. CHRIS BERTOLINO MAUREEN BERUBE 189 Lynn Fells Pkwy. Melrose Softball 1, 2, 3 ANTHONY F. BONO 26 Country Club Road Varsity Hockey 2, 3, 4 NANCIE BORIS 127 Pond Street Deca 3, 4 7 Gerry Street Spartan Chorale 1, 2, 3, 4; President 4; Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3; Best Actor Award 3; Marching Band 1, 2; Collegium Musicum 1; Lat- in Club 2; District Chorus 2, 3, 4; All State Chorus 3; Stoneham Summer Theater 1, 2, 3; Publicity Manager 3; Nahant Peninsula Players 3; NETC 3; Sound of America Honor Band and Chorus European Tour 3; 735 2; Interact Club 2. DAVID BUDA 15 Crosby Street Jazz Band; Carnival Ball; Chorale Concerts; Bassist in all school shows; Bass Guitarist in all Spartan Chorale concerts. ROBERT BUONO 45 Brookbridge Road CHRISTINE BURKE 4 June Road JV Field Hockey 1; JV Basketball 1; Freshman Track 1; JV Basketball 2 MICHELLE BURNETT 6 Irving Street NICOLE GENIVIEVE CAROLI 31 Alden Avenue Ski Club 1 ; Class Secretary 1 , 2, 3, 4; Senior Tea Usher 3; Gymnastics Team 1 , 2; Cheerleading 3, 4; Captain Cheering 4; Tutor Club 1: Carnival Ball Attendant 4; Carnival Ball Participant 3 Spartan Chorale 3, 4; Girls State Alternate 3 Close Up 3; Varsity Scholar 1; Gym Leader 1 Homecoming Queen nominee 1. PAT CARPENITO 4 Cabot Road JOHN CARROLL ANNAMARIA CIAMARRA 41 Lee Street SADD 2, 3, 4; 735 Inc. 2, 3; Math Team 1 , 2, 3, 4: Yearbook 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Varsity Scholar Honor Roll 1 , 2, 3, 4; Dance Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; Carnival Ball 1, 2, 3, 4; MASP 3. DIANE M. CICATELLI 21 Campbell Road Alpenhof Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice President of Ski Club 4; Interact Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; Carnival Ball 2; Spanish Club 2; Marching Band 1, 2, 3; Musi- cal 2. RUTH CLAYTON 15 Ellen Road TIMMY J. CLOUTIER 5 Hill Street Dance Club-Carnival Ball 4; Chorale 4; Football 1; Concert Band 1, 2; Jazz Band 1; Marching RICARDO CORDOBA 58 Wright Street Soccer 1, 2 KRISTINA MARIE CORSO 21 Cabot Road Tennis 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2 CHERYL CRAIG 7 Cottage Street JOHN CREMINS 51 Westood Road Spartan Chorale 1, 2; Spring Musical 1; 735 Inc. 2; Interact Club 4. CHERYL CROCKER SCOTT CURRAN LESLIE A. CURTIN 5 Drummond Road Vice President 2, 3; Hugh O ' Brian Leadership Award 2; Student Representative to the School Committee 4; Student Council 4; Varsity Schol- ar 1, 2; Travel Club 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Who ' s Who Among American High School Students CHRISTOPHER D’AMBROSIO 42 Lawndale Road Varsity Golf 2, 3, 4; Varsity Golf Captain 4; Car- nival Ball 3, 4; Spartan Chorale 4; Varsity Schol- ar Honor Roll 3, 4; 735 4; Youth Basketball Coach 1, 2, 3, 4; SpartaNews 4. KAREN M. DAMELIO 1 Elm Street Softball 1 ; Class Officer 1 , 2, 3, 4; Dance Club 2, 3; Pjotography Club 3; SADD 2, 3; Italian Club 1 ; Yearbook Editor of Photography 4; T rack 2; Car- nival Ball 3, 4; Travel Club 4; Senior Tea and Graduation Usherette 3. DAVID J. DANIS 1 Coedrey Street Varsity Soccer 4; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4 PHREDERIC FILIP D ' ANNOLFO 216 North Street SUSAN L. D’AVANZO 9 Buttonwood Road GLENN M. DAVIS 25 Washington Avenue KAREN L. DAY 12 Oak Ridge Road Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 2, 4; Peer Leaders 2, 3: SADD 2, 3; Varsity Scholar 1; Spanish Club 1, 2; Travel Club 4 BRIAN DAYS 7 Woodbriar Road Math Team a, 2, 4; Varsity Scholar 1 , 2; Sag:e 3, 4; Musicals 1, 2, 4; Ski Club 2, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1; D.A.M.M. 3, 4; Jazz Band 1, 2; Marching Band 1; Carnival Ball 2, 4; Senior Play 4; Com- puter Club 3; Video Club 4. CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH DECOSTA 14 Shumway Circle D.A.M.M 4; Varsity Cross Country 1, 4; Varsity Indoor Track 1, 4; Varsity Spring Track 1, 4. RANDY DEMARCO CHRISTIAN M. DEVEAU 54 Lincoln Street MICHAEL DIGIACOMO 159 Main Street apt. 28 PAULA DILLON BARBARA DIMARCO THERESA DIMARCO GINA DIMEO 16 Brookbridge Road Varsity Field Hockey 4; JV Field Hockey 2, 3; Varsity T rack 1 ; Italian Club 2, 3, 4; French Club 1; Gym Leader 1, 2 GARY DIPIERO GARY DINAPOLI 42 Fairview Road JOHN DOHERTY PHIL DOHERTY BOB DONAHUE 10 Isabella Street Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4 KAREN A. DOTOLA 1 1 Ellen Road JOHN MICHAEL DOYLE 5 Peabody Road Winter T rack 1 , 4; Spring T rack 1 , 4; Basketball 2; Cranival Ball 4 LENNY DOYLE MAUREEN J. DOYLE 8 Whipple Avenue Varsity Scholar Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, PAULA ANNE DOYLE 5 Wescott Road Junior Varsity Field Hockey 1, 2; Varsity Field Hockey 3, 4; Freshman Softball 1; Junior Achievement 2; 735 2; Ski Club 1 , 2, 3: Ski Club Board 2, 3 KATHLEEN DUFF 55 Bow Street PAUL DUONOLO 39 Lincoln Street Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Varsity Baseball 4; Chess Club 4 KELLY DUFF TIM DUPLIN STEPHEN J. EAGAN 103 Collincote JV Soccer 2; Varsity Soccer 3, 4 JEFF M. ELLEGOOD 2 Pomeworth Street Varsity Football 3, 4 KAREN M. ELLS 221 William Street Student Council 3; SPS Drill Team 1, 2, 3; Ski Club 1. 2, 3. 4 PETER ANTHONY FABIANO 241 William Street Basketball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 4; Yearbook 4 LLOYD WENDALL FAINI 37 Montvale Avenue MARY ANNE FALLON 15 Emerald Court LAUREN FAUCON 10 Waterhouse Road Ski Club 1. 2, 3, 4; 735 2; French Club 1, 2, 4 TIMOTHY GERALD FLANAGAN 5 Citation Avenue JOANNE FLYNN 15 Isabella Street Field Hockey 1, 2, Varsity Cross Country 3: French Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 735 2; Senior Tea Usher- ette 3; Gym Leader 1, 2; SPring Track 2 JILL FORGITANO 26 Bow Street Court Varsity Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, 4 MICHAEL FOSS 12 Coolidge Street STEVE FYLER 50 High Street ELLENMARIE CAFFNEY 9 Lakeview Avenue Varsity Cheerleading 2, 3, 4; Gymnastics 1; Spartan Chorale 4; Secretaries Club KAREN LINDA GAGNE 25 Bellevue Road French Club Vice President 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpenhof Ski Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; Editor in Chief of SpartaNews 3; 735 Peer Leader 2; Dance Club Member 2; Senior Tea Usher 3; Spring Track 2; Student Council Representative 2; National Honor Soci- ety 4 LINDA GARGANO 26 Valley Road 735 Inc. 2; Latin Club 2, 3, 4; SADD 2, 3, 4; Varsity Scholar Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society President 3, 4; Math Team 2, 3, 4; MASP 3; Yearbook 4 MARINA ANGELA GENTILE 5 Christine Avenue Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Tennis 1, 2; Ski Club 1, 2; Secretary 3, 4 DANIEL GEORGE 52 Bow Street LORI GIANELLI ERIN GILMARTIN 95 Spring Street Student Council 1 , 2, 3; Softball 1 ; Field Hockey 1 SOTO GIZELIS KEITH LEIGH GLASS 7 Oriental Court WILLIAM J. GOVER 60 Park Street LISA GRAY 10 Colonial Court Dance Club 1 , 3, 4; Spartan Chorale 4; Marching Band 2; 735 inc. 1; Carnival Ball 1, 2, 3, 4 NATALIE GREENWOOD 7 Michael Circle Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3; Carnival Ball 4 PATRICIA HAGGERTY 96 Spring Street Field Hockey 1; Softball 1; Austin Prep Cheer- leader 2, 3. 4; Ski Club 1, 2, 3; Travel Club 4; Varsity Scholar 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 LYNNE HAMILTON 36 Lee Street Spring Track 1, 2 EILEEN HANNIGAN 245 Central Street SHARON MARIE HASSARD 74 Pleasant Street JV Volleyball 1, 2, 3; Varsity Scholar Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; JV Spring Track 1 MICHELLE MARIE HEALEY 20 Waverly Street DAVID HILL 17 Bonad Road Basketball 1, 3; Yearbook 4 GLENN HOLMAN WALTER IBARROLA 25 Oak Street Football 1 2 ALONZA JACKSON WILLIAM J. JORDAN 57 Hancock Street Varsity Soccer 3, 4; JV Soccer 1, 2 KEVIN M. JUTRAS 570 Main Street Varsity Football 3, 4 DAVID C. KELEEY 8 Berkley Street Marching Band 1 , 2, 3; ASG:E 3, 4; Jazz Ensem- ble I. 3 LAUREN ELIZABETH KIDDY I Columbus Avenue Spring Track 1; Marching Band 1, 2; Rep Chorus 1, 2; Chorale 4; Dance Club 4; Color- guard 2, 3, 4 STEVEN JOHN KILROY 18 Maple Street Marching, Concert, And Jazz Band 1, 2, 3; Spar- tan Chorale 2, 3, 4; Drama 3; Carnival Ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Musicals 2, 3, 4 KAREN KIRBY DINA GRACE KISSINGER 517 Main Street Softball 1, 2; Spanish Club 1; SADD 2, 3, 4; Dance Club 1 , 3, 4; T ravel Club 4; School News- paper 3, 4; TV Production Club 3; Varsity Schol- ar 1,2, 3; Yearbook 4 WILL KULLMAN HOLLY ANNE KUPCZEWSKI 19 Fieldstone Drive Marching Band-Color Guard 1, 2, 3; Co Capt 4: Drama Club 2, 4; Latin Club 1 , 2; Student Coun- cil 1, 2; Carnival Ball 2; Chorus 3; Senior Class Play 4 JEANNE T. LACROIX 12 Cedar Way KAREN A. LAMANTEA 5 Sycamore Road Varsity Gymnastics Team 1, 2; Spartan Chorale 4 ROGER S. LANDERS 139 Marble Street Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Jazz Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll SUSAN LANE 23 Oak Street Deca 3, 4 RENEE LAURIA 28 Fellsmere Avenue Ski Club 1, 2, 3; Varsity Scholar Honor Roll 2 AMY SUSAN LAVASSEUR 68 Pleasant Street Basketball 1; Musicals 1, 2; Journalism 1, 2; Track 1, 2; Ski Club 2 WENDY SUSAN LAVASSEUR 68 Pleasant Street Tennis 3, 4; Public Speaking; Drama Club 3; Dance Club 4; Homecoming 4; Voice of Democ- racy 4; Newspaper 4; Carnival Ball 3, 4; Televi- sion Production 3 SCOTT M. LESAFFRE I I Newcomb Road 735 2, 3; Seeds 2, 3, 4; Chorale 3, 4; Yearbook 2, 3, 4; Associate Editor in Chief 4 Carnival Ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Stage Crew 2, 3; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4 DIANE LEDWITH DAN LEMAY GERALD LINEHAN 12 Gigante Drive Varsity Ice Hockey NINA LIU 24 Sparhawk Circle Cheerleading 2, 3, 4 MARY ANN LOMBARDO 33 Hancock Street CHRIS LUTHER KAREN LUTI 8 Rustic Road Baketball 2; Softball 2, 3; Honor Roll 4 PAUL WILLIAM MACEACHERN 5 Perkins Street LISA MACKLIN 30 Tremont Street Spanish Club 2: Honor Roll 1 , 2, 4 ROBERT MACNEIL 1 159 Franklin Street Football 1, 3, 4; Soccer 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 3, 4 SCOTT MACNEIL 9 Cedar Way Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4; SAG:e 3, 4; TV produc- tion 1, 2; Varsity Scholar 2; Carnival Ball 1, 2, 3, 4 LORI MAFFEO LAUREEN ADRIENNE MAHER 21 Philips Road Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Journalism editor 4; Interact Club 2, 3, 4; Student Exchange - France 3 LISA MALLON 4 Whipple Ave 735 2 JOSEPH MANGANO 70 Central Street Baseball 1; Soccer 2, 3, 4 LUCY MARCHESE 8 Campbell Road 735 2; Yearbook 4 CHRISTINE MARIE MARCOTTE 46 Isabella Street Softball 1, 2, 3; Field hockey 2, 3; Carnival Ball 4; 735 2; Ski Club 1, 2; Varsity Scholar Honor Roll 1, 2, 4 DOUGLAS A. MARINO 2 Congress Street Chess Club Officer 4; Chess club member 1, 2, 3, 4 KIMBERLY MARQUIS PAUL MARROCHELLO RONALD MASTRODICASA 9 Fairlane Road Varsity golf 1, 2; Varsity Club; Jv Soccer 3; JV Hockey 3; Varsity Soccer 4 CRAIG MAXWELL LISA MCALLISTER 2 Citation ERIN ANNE MCGUIGGAN 62 Wright Street Softball 1, 2; Basketball 1; Spanish Club 1; Dance Club 1, 3; SADD 2, 3, 4; Sophomore Class President 2; Travel Club 4; Student Repre- sentative to the School Committ ee 4; Close Up 4; Varsity Scholar 1, 2; Yearbook 4 KATHLEEN D. MCKENNA 35 Washington Ave Future Secretaries Club 4; Dance Club 1, 2; Travel Club 4 BRENDA LYNNE MELKONIAN 28 Broadway Editor in Chief Newspaper 2, 3; French Club President 1, 2, 3, 4; Publicity Director Senior Class Play 2, 3; Student Government Day Repre- sentative 4; National Honor Society 4; Carnival Ball participant 2; Senior Tea Usher and partici- pant 2, 3; Varsity Scholar 1, 2; Repertory Chorus Member 3, 4; Ski Club 1 BRIAN MERCHANT 12 Avon Street Track 3 ROBERT MESSINA 3 Kimes Road Basketball; Yearbook EMILIO MILLAN 81 Hancock Street Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Jazz Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, 2; Math team 1, 2, 3; Computer Club 3; Carnival Ball 1, 2, 3, 4 GINO MILLERICK GUERINO MOLINARO 10 Elizabeth Rd Varsity Soccer 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Varsity Scholar Honor Roll 2, 3; Track and Field 2, 3 MELANIE BETH MONACO 10 Arlene Ave Tennis 2, 3, 4; Travel Club; Yearbook; Public Speaking; Dance Club 1 MARIA MORINARO 63 Maple Street Gymnastics; skic;ub; field hockey; football; soc- cer; tennis; volleyball; horseback riding; Deca club; chess club; checker club; dancing; DAVID J. MUIR 18 Brookbridge Rd JOHN W. MUISE 7 Sherman Road Jv Soccer 2, 3; Spring Track 1 TOM MULLER CHRISTOPHER D. MULLIGAN 9 Danby Rd. Hockey 1 , 2, 3; Soccer 2, 3; Deca 4; Track 1 ; Ski Club 1, 2, 3; Yearbook 4; Carnival Ball 4 BRIAN MURPHY 64 Main Street BRYAN MURPHY 38 West St KEVIN MURPHY 24 West ST SEAN MURPHY SCOTT MURPHY 1 10 Spring St Basketball 1, 2; Ski Club 1, 2, 3 ANJANA NEBHNANI 500 Fellsview Terrace KATHY NESBIT MARY BETH NEYLON 6 Graystone Road Dance Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 2, 3, 4; Trea- surer 3, 4; Sr Class Play 2, 3, 4; Spring Musical 2, 3; National Honor Society 4; Carnival Ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Spartan Chorale 4; Dramafest 3; 735 Inc 2 THOMAS BRIAN NICHOLS 43 Pleasant St. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; gym leader 1, 2, 3, 4 LISA NORMAN 8 Brackett Ave Ski Club 1, 2, 3; cheerleading 2; 3, 4; honor roll 1 ; Student Council 2, 4; Deca Club treasurer 3, 4 MARCUS NICKERSON SUSAN NOONE KATHY OBST SEAN P O ' NEIL 62 Park St Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4 JAMES O ' NEILL 74 Summer St RICHARD A PALUMBO 18 Fieldstone Drive Freshman Basketball 1; Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4; Freshman Baseball 1; JV Baseball 2, 3; Varsi- ty Baseball 4; Carnival Ball 4 MICHAEL PANTANO STEVEN PELLEGRINO 2 Vera Lane Class President 3, 4 SADD 2, 3, 4; School Com- mittee REpresentative 4; Boys State Represen- tative 3; Student Government Day 4; National Honor Society 4; Business Week 1984; Spanish Club Vice President 1 , 2; Alpenhof Ski Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; Varsity Scholar 1, 2, 3, 4 GARY PETTWAY 6 Mountain View Drive Drama Club 3, 4; Varsity Club 31; Yearbook Assistant Sports Editor 4; Varsity Scholar Hon- or Roll 2 SHERRI PIGNONE 8 Waverly St Dance Club 1 , 2; T ravel Club 4; Future Secretar- ies Club 4 ED PIGNONE TIMOTHY P. POWERS 1 1 Kays Rd Football 1; Soccer 1, 3, 4; Varsity Scholar Honor Roll 1, 2, 4; Homecoming 4 WILLIAM PREVIDI 1 1 Elmhurst Rd Senior Class Play 1 , 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Spanish Club 1, 2; Carnival Ball Set Construction 3, 4; Boston Globe Scholastic Art AWard 3, 4 JEFFREY JOHN PROIA 35 Park St JV Baseball 3; Varsity 1 ; Varsity Winter T rack 1 ; LISA ANN PROODIAN 9 Rhuland Rd Varsity Scholar Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 PAUL PROODIAN 9 Rhuland Rd JV Hockey 3 SUSAN F. RANDO 25 Keene St. Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; President 4; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 2, 3; President 4; Yearbook 4; Journalism 3; Senior Tea and Graduation Usherette e Student od the Month NICOLE MARIE REYNOLDS 23 Towne Crest Drive Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club President 3; Spartan Chorale 2, 3, 4; Spartan Chorale Trea- surer 3; vice president 4; Close up 4; Carnival Ball 1,2,3, 4; Senior Class Play 1 , 2, 3, 4; Spring Musical 1, 2, 3; Dramafest 1, 2, 3; Sprign play 4; Seeds 2, 3, 4; Yearbook Activities Editor 4: French Club T reasurer 1 , 2; Marching Band 1 , 2, 3; 735 inc 2; Varsity Scholar 1; ski club 1, 2 JOE RICCARDELLI LISA MARIE RICCARDELLI 14 Stock well Rd Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Scholar 1; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Musicals 1, 2, 3; Latin Club 1, 2; Drama Club 1, 2; Carnival Ball 2, 3 SCOTT T. RIELLY 1 Erickson St Lacrosse 4; Yearbook 4; Interact 3, 4; D.A.M.M. 3, 4; Weeds 4; Spring track 4 Senior Play 4; Ski Club 4; Video Club 4 CHARLES RIZZO 131 Collincote DRAMA Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Italian Club 1, 2, 3, 4; President 3, 4; National Honor Society 4; SADD 2, 3; Musicals 2, 3; Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4; Senior Class Play 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramafest 1, 2, 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 SUSAN ROSE 53 Brookbridge RD Honor Roll 4; Carnival Ball 4 NEIL BARRY ROSS 16 Walsh Ave Basketball 1 ; Chess Club 1, 3. 4; Travel Club 4 BRIAN JAMES RUBNER 109 Summer St 1 Basketball 2, 3, 4 KATHLEEN RUMP 20 Kenneth Terrace National Honor Society 3, 4; Varsity Scholar 1, 2, 3; Close Up 3, 4; Model UN 4 Yearbook 4; Drama Club 2, 3, 4; Sr Class Play 2, 3, 4; Varsity T rack 2, 3, 4; Student Council I ; SADD 3, 4; 735 2; French Club 2; Alpenhof Ski Club 1 1 Senior Tea Usher 31 Fallcoming 4; Carnival Ball 41 Graduation usher 31 Honor roll 1, 2, 3, 4 JOE SACCOCCIO 49 Pomeworth St Varsity Baseball 3, 41 Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4; yearbook NATHONY SAIA JR 14 Nixon Lane KIM MARIE SALAMONE 3 Stockwell Rd ANNETTE ELLEN SLATAMARTINI 22 Clearview Rd Class President 1; Student Council 2, 3, 4; trea- surer 4; Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 4; Field hockey 1 , 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 4; Girls State 3; 735 2; gradu- ation usher 3 ' varsity scholar 21; Student of the month 4 JOHN A SANNELLA 74 Pine St Varsity Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Marshall at graduation 3; Carnival ball usher 4; Soccer Captain 4; Hock- ey 1,2; Soccer all star; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 JOANNE SANDLER REENIE SARCIA ARMAND SCANLON TONI SCARPA CHARLES SCIMONE KEVIN H SCRIBNER 139 North St Lacrosse 4; Great Books Club 4; DENNIS J. SENNIBALDI 88 North St DEBBIE SEVIER 4 Philips Rd National Honor Society 4; Varsity Scholar 4; Dance Club 4 CRYSTAL SHARP 15 East St LEON SCHNEIDER LYNNE M SIMONETTI 33 Perkins St Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 4; Student Council 1, 3, 3, 4 Student Representative to the School committee 4 MARK SIMPSON 4 Fieldstone Drive Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 3, 4 FRANCA SINAGOGA 76 Summer St Varsity Scholar Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; 735 2; Year- book 4; Italian Club 1, 2, 3, 4 KIM SMITH MATTHEW SMITH 18 Middle st TIMOTHY SMITH 303 Green St Drama Club 1, 2, 3; Spartan Chorale 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1 , 2, 3. 4; Musicals 1 , 2, 3; carnival ball 1 , 2, 3, 4 ELLEN S. SOLOMITA 3 Valley Rd SADD President 2, 3, 4; Math team 1,2, 3, 4; 735 Inc, 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 3, 4; Yearbook co-editor in chief 4; National Honor Society 4; Business Week 1984 KRISTEN SORENSEN 19 Montvale Ave Dance Club 4 SCOTT SOWYRDA 14 Colonial Court MICHAEL JOHN ST. AMAND 23 Keene St. Soccer 1; National Honor Society 4 TRACY STEWART 5 Vi Benton St Deca Club JULIE LEEANNE STILLINGER 24 Keene St Spartan Chorale 3, 4; Spartan Chorale Secretary 4; Varsity Winter Cheerleading 4; Carnival Ball 1 , 2, 3, 4; Majorettes 2, 3; Majorette Lieltenant 3; Feature Twirler 4; Spring Musical 2, 3; Dance Club 3; Stoneham Summer Theater 3, 4 JEFFREY P STURGIS 35 Walsh Ave Baseball 1, 2, 3; Winter Track 4; Senior Class Vice President 4; National Honor Society 4; Var- sity Scholar 1, 2, 3 DANIEL JAMES SULLIVAN 32 Spring St Varsity Ice Hockey 2, 4 DOREEN SULLIVAN 91 Spring St Drama 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorale 2, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3; Latin Club 2; Dance Club 4; Carnival Ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club Vice President 4; RICHARD J SULLIVAN JR 46 Bellevue Rd Seeds 3, 4; Senior Class Play 4; Yearbook 4; Student Government day Representative 3; D.A.M.M. 4, 3; Carnival Ball 4; Video Club 4 JENNIFER SULLIVAN GAIL SYLVESTER 25A Wright St Gymnastics 1, 2; Carnival Ball 4 MICHAEL K. SZCZAWINSKI 22 Sunrise Ave Baseball 1 , 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1 , 2; JV Hockey 3; Gym Leader 1,2, 3, 4; SADD Vice President 2 KAREN TAGUE 82 Elm St MICHAEL TATIAN 204 North ST Varsity Cross Country 2, 3, 4 (co captain); Varsi- ty Basketball 3; Varsity Winter Track 4; co cap- tain; Varsity Spring Track 2, 3, 4; Boys State 3; National Honor Society 4; Varsity Scholar 1 LINNEA THOMAS 9 Ellen Rd Yearbook CHRISSY TIERNEY KATHLEEN TOOMY 23 Hanford Rd JULIE ANN TORODE 104 Elm Street MARY TORRES 108 Vz Pleasant St Dance Club 4; Spartan Chorale 1, 2, 3, 4; Musi- cals 1, 2 MICHELLE TOWER 6 June Road AMY E TOWSE 7 Congress St Drama club, Stage Manager 2, 3, 4; Business Editor 41 Dramafest 2, 3, 4; Dance Club 1; Track 2; Carnival Ball 1 , 3, 4; Senior Class Play 2, 3, 4; SADD 2 BRIAN R TREVOR 17 Tamarock Terrace Basketball 1,2,3; Varsity scholar honor roll 2, 3, 4; National Honor SOCIETY WINTER Track 4; Cross Country captain 2, 3, 4; Spring Track Captain 1, 2, 3, 4 MICHELLE TRINGALI JOHN TUFTS 29 Congress St KELLEY ANN TURNER 34 Katherine Rd DIANA UVA 1 Pershing Place Fieldhockey 1, 2; Varsity Field Hockey 3, 4; Captain 4; Basketball 1, 2; Varsity Basketball 3, 4-capt. 4; Softball 1, 2; Varsity 3, 4-capt. 4; Varsi- ty Club 3, 4; Vice President 3, President 4 ANDREA VACON SUSAN VAN LOON 103 High St Social Chairman 1; Student Council 3, 4; Year- book 4; National Honor Society 4; Varsity Schol- ar Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Carnival Ball 4; Student Council Secretary 4 SHARON VINCI JINELLE M. WALKER 18 Lee St STEVE WALLES 10 Cabot Road SpartaNews 2, 3, 4; SEEDS 3; Theater Arts 1; School Musical 1; Creative Writing 1 MICHAEL WALLIS 22 Hanford Rd Varsity Hockey PAUL WHARF 202 Central st Football 1, 2, 3 SUZANNE L WHITTAKER 7 Cherry Avenue SADD 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society Treasurer 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Math Team 1 , 2, 3, 4; 735 Inc 2; Dance Club 1, 2; Varsity Scholar 1, 2. 3, 4;, Business Week 1984 GINO WHOOLEY KRISTEN T. WIGANDT 24 Congress ST Yearbook Faculty Editor 4; School Newspaper; Stoneham Youth Council; Varsity Scholar; French Club; Senior Tea; Girls State 3; National Honor Society Debate Team DAN WILLIAMS LAURA WINN DANIEL WOODMAN ROCHELLE ELIZABETH YARJAN 27 Hanford Road CATHY ZACCONE 8 Eastern Ave Musica; 2; Drama Club 3, 4; Carnival Ball 3, 4 ANTHONY ZARBANO 50 Fieldstone Drive DEANA ZIZZA 6 Fatima Rd Yearbook Art Editor; Carnival Ball Set Design; Library Interior Design Committee . VOLLEYBALL Team: A. Jackson, H, Anderson, IN. Cargill, M. Henrik sen, G. Hickey, L. LaRosa, L. Venezia, B. Wells, K. Carr, R. Fabiano 116 This was supposed to be the " rebuilding " year for the Spartans, but a youthful team proved otherwise as it reached the State Finals for the second straight year. The Spartans had only one senior but were well disciplined and extremely talented. They also had the benefit of one of the best coaches anywhere in Mr. Richard Barton. Junior captain Hilary Anderson reaped yet another honor as she was named to the Globe All Scholastic team. The Spartans have the makings of a dynasty, and we wish them well in the future. 2 LincoIrvSudbury Lexington Greater fcowerTG, ' Hamilton Centra rp North Reading Lynnfieid Masconomet Chelmsford Lexington Greater Lowell Arlington Hamilton-Wenha North Reading Lynnfield Lincoln-Sudbury Masconomet f O 2-0 | 2 fm ■ Chelmsford 117 Although the season could hardly have been called successful, the football Spartans proved that they had the desire to win. The team showed spirit guts, and determina- tion, even while facing lopsided scores and teams that were far more talented than they were. If in defeat Stoneham was noble, in victory they were even better. At these times the team was able to showcase its talents; featuring the excellent running game that was its bread and butter. It was a tough season for a tough team- and one the players should be proud of. 118 Concord Burlington Melrose Lexington Belmont Woburn Wakefield Winchester Watertown Reading 825 828 0-10 0-17 16-8 41-47 8-26 6 26 Seniors: S. O ' neil, T. Nichols, K. Jutras, P. Duonolo. J. Carrol, C. Scimone, T. Duplin, M. Simpson, R. Arigo, M. Nickerson, J. Ellegood, Q. Holman, B. MacNeil, G. Whooley FIELD HOCKEY Left to Right: D. Clva, L. Maffeo2nd row: L. Simonetti, C. Ahern, P. Dillon, P. Doyle, T. Saltamartini, G. Dimeo 3rd row: C. Carbone (Coach), K. Carr, L. Titcomb, L. Powers, J. Mahoney, A. Solamita, T. Cail, M. E. Murphy 120 Perhaps one of the better teams in Stoneham Field Hockey history had a successful Middlesex League season thos year. The Spartans didn ' t have a lot of outstanding ability, but they worked together to form an efficient, cohesive unit. Although they did suffer defeats, the team always came back to win again. The result of this fine effort was the promise of a playoff berth. Going into the last game, the team needed to win to be invited to the tournament. Unfortunately, the Spartans could manage only a tie a heartbreaking end to a great season. wvmm vs. Lexington 10 vs. Burlington 5-1 ' J vs. Melrose 2 1 vs. Winchester 11 20 % i vs. Belmont ■fki Ik 40 vs. Watertown 2 0 vs. j Woburn 21 vs. ■Wakefield 4 3 vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. Reading Lexington Burlington Melrose Winchester Belmont Watertown 1-6 60 00 4 1 5-0 1-0 vs. Woburn 2-2 vs. Wakefield 20 (Mi vs. Reading " . iirl ilili 121 The Stoneham Soccer Spartans suffered through a season that was disappointing at best in the win-loss column. Their play and attitude, however, could never cause embarrassment as it was exemplary. The team never gave up and always hustled until the bitter end. This was not an all-star team, but it was a hardworking team that made the best of its talents. The Spartans were simply outplayed by their more talented opponents, but maybe the Spartans were just unlucky, too. The team was better than its final record, and a credit to the school. Lexington Burlington Melrose Winchester Belmont Watertown Woburn Wakefield Reading Lexington Burlington Melrose Winchester Reading VS. Belmont vs. Watertown vs. Woburn vs. - m Wakefield 122 Left to Right: T. Powers, B. Jordan, J. Sannella, P. Baker, S. Egan, J. Sacoccio 2nd row: J. Smallcomb, C. Luther, J. Mangiano D. Danis, R. DeMarco, G. Molin- aro, B. Longmire, M. Dacus 3rd row: D. Shea, B. Daly, Coach E. Russo 123 I GOLF Team: C. D ' Ambrosio, M. LeBaron. E. Whelan, J. McGuiggan, R. Lusardi, J. Daly, D. Abruz- zese, R. Piaseczynski, M. Swan, S. Murphy • Team; Dave Sorabella, Danny Sullivan, Chris Lu- ther, Jim Barry, Craig Maxwell, Tony Bono, Matt Smith, Randy DeMarco, Gerry Linehan, Bob Gil- martin, Billy Kelly, Mike Wallis, Rob Longmire, Bob Regan, John Guida, Derek Abbruzzese, Don Jack- son, Andrew Hartung, Mike Wesley, Jeff Corkum, Mark Skerry I The Spartans had to overcome many obstacles in the course of the season, but they proved their mettle by giving 1 10 percent every game. This effort paid off at the end of the season as Stoneham finished up with a flurry of victories. vs. Wakefield vs. Burlington vs. Woburn vs. Belmont vs. Winchester vs. Watertown vs. Lexingt- vs. Mein vs. R ' Val vs. Burlington vs. Woburn vs. Belmont vs. Winchester vs. Watertown vs. Lexington vs. Melrose vs. Reading 4-3 18 4 25 4 - 8 1 - 4 2 - 3 0-2 5-13 1-3 5 - 4 1 - 3 3 - 3 2 - 1 1-5 3-2 3-1 1-7 127 It was truly a rebuilding year for the Spartans. Only four varsity players returned to lead the inexperienced team. Although their record was disappointing, Stoneham showed flashes of great competitiveness, and, losing only one player to graduation, should move up in the win-loss column next year. vs. Saugas vs. Lexington vs. Woburn vs. Burlington vs. Saugus vs. Belmont vs. Winchester vs. Melrose vs. Wakefield vs. Watertown vs. Reading vs. Lexington vs. Woburn vs. Burlington vs. Belmont vs. Winchester vs. Melrose vs. Wakefield vs. Watertown vs. Reading 37-64 39 - 44 3352 33-81 44-55 35-78 54-57 4540 40 - 43 47-40 17-45 28-38 44-48 58-82 44-72 44-54 46-58 44-47 41 - 62 3254 128 Team: Lisa Powers, Diana Clva, Laura-Lee Mer- chant, Laurie Trentholm, Lillian LaRosa, Terry Car- roll, Melissa Henriksen, Hilary Anderson, Lisa Venezia, Andrea Solomita, (missing; Glennis Hickey) GIRLS’ BASKETBALL BASKETBALL Team: Bob MacNeill, Joe Micale, Al Guevera, Paul Christie, Brian Rubner, Scott Baron, Chris Benson, Bob Donahue, Steve O ' Neil, (missing; Rich Palumbo) The Stoneham Hoopsters were undersized and undercoached, but surmounted these disadvantages to provide fans with many exciting games and Stoneham’s first Boys ' Basketball win in two years. vs. Everett vs. Lexington vs. Woburn vs. Burlington vs. Everett vs. Belmont vs. Winchester vs. Melrose vs. Wakefield vs. Watertown vs. Reading vs. Lexington vs. Woburn vs. Burlington vs. Belmont vs. Winchester vs. Melrose vs. Wakefield vs. Watertown vs. Reading 79 - 87 46-99 48-67 58-71 57-81 80 - 96 5883 60-78 45-69 65-67 43-86 50-81 52 - 67 54-49 63-84 42-70 53 - 70 5366 56-77 48-83 131 Stoneham ' s return to the winter track season was a triumphant one, as the Spartans proved that they could compete and win against any competitor. Vs. Belmont 41-45 vs. Woburn 23-63 vs. Wakefield 47-39 vs. Winchester 39-47 vs. Watertown 50-35 vs. Burlington 38.3-47.6 vs. Melrose 48-38 vs. Lexington 20-66 vs. Reading 19-66 132 BOYS’ TRACK Team: T. Duplin, J. Sturges, J. Proia, R. Arigo, J. Carroll, M. Tatian, J. Doyle, C. Decosta, B. Trevor, R. Paglucia, S. Costello, N, Collins, C. Clmana, M. Percy, M. Sevier, C. Rosselli, R. Rotundi 133 134 Team: D. Fuligni, K. Seabury, K. Markusson, S. Cahill, M. Carroll, C. Ricupero, D. Ashton, B. Ward, A. Tatian, K. Ward, J. Means, M. Belmont, P. dw- eeb, C. Driscoll, L. Anderson, M. Rotundi, B. Clay- ton, S. Ward, K. Sheehan A. Surrette, M. Swan, C. Carr, P. Swan, J, Powers, S. Daly, K. Daly, K. Doyle Also returning to Middlesex winter competition after an absence of many years, the Lady Spartans suffered from a lack of experience. They did not, however, suffer from a lack of numbers (many junior high athletes contributed to the team), or of talent. Many individual stars promise to emerge in the future to make this team a competitor. - wm Jm ' — vs. Belmont 21-65 VS. Woburn 32-54 vs. Wakefield 36-50 vs. Winchester 27-59 vs. Watertown 36-56 vs. Burlington 31-55 vs. Lexington 32-54 vs. 1 Reading 28-58 135 f ' GYMNASTICS Team: L. Simonetti, N. Greenwood, J. Forgitano, A. Duplin, M. Hill, L. Aronofsky, M. DeFlumeri, M. Feldstein, M. Christofi, H. Bernat, C. Angelosanto, C. DeFlumeri, S. O ' Donnell, C. Manuel, P. Pettway 136 f Restaurant, Inc. 362 Main St. Stoneham 438-9889 Good Luck Phyllis Jere 617 438-5733 GROLIER INTERSTATE Dan Maumann, Sr., Branch Manager 125 MAIN ST. SUITE IN STONEHAM, MASS. 02180 POMP’S CLEANERS 157 Main St. Stoneham, Ma. 2, QUALITY DRY CLEANING CENTRAL CUSTOM TAILORING TAILORING AND ALTERATIONS FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN 417 Main St. (Stoneham Square) Stoneham, Mass. 02180 Tel.: 438-7553 MCDONOUGH’S LIQUORS WORLD WIDE Beer ' s - Liquor - Wines Central Square, Stoneham Ma. 438-0297 1 Central St. - Stoneham Ma. 02180 (617) 438-7611 STONEHAM MOTOR CO. 185 Main St. STONEHAM, MA 02180 liitii irana; Temp • Mustang • EXP • Escort • LTD • Thunderbird • Ranger ALAN K. MELKONIAN Sales Manager Bus Phone 438-0490 139 Tucker’s Auto Supply Good Luck To ' 85 H7 xoiano c fiiociatzi. 468R MAIN STREET STONEHAM, MA. 02180 Best Wishes To The Class Of ’85 From FAIR WINDS TOURS 217 Main St Stoneham, Mass. - ySUfolnet a ' fair- 24 ' Haiti ifinnriiatn , • Ua tacfiuteih 02 ISO Office Specialists. CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! WHEN SCHOOL IS OUT, COME TO OFFICE SPECIALISTS FOR EXCITING TEMPORARY POSITIONS. 271 Main Street Stoneham, MA 02180 438-4901 142 143 Telephone 438-3199 MCC ARRAN CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. GENERAL CONTRACTOR GUY GUARNACCIA. D M D WILLIAM J. MCC ARRAN PRESIDENT OFFICE HOURS 61 MAIN STREET I BY APPOINTMENT STONEHAM MASS 02180 38 MONTV ALE A VENUE STONEHAM. MA 02138 (617)438-1318 438-9567 JAMES CORSO LIFE • AUTO • HOMEOWNERS • HEALTH you R Indtptndfrit } Insuforxe g aocnt j • ■■vat you fimrr 416 Main STONEHAM. MA 02180 438-0116 BILL ROUND Round ' s Qhml aSM) Hardware (AT THE ARMORY) 290 Main Street Stoneham, MA 02180 Stoneham’s Real Hardware Store DONALD R. CLARKE VICE PRESIDENT Stonoliain Savings Bank; INCORPORATED 1855 359 MAIN ST., STONEHAM, MA 02180 TELEPHONE: 617 438-9400 DRIVE IN BRANCH: 88 MAIN ST., STONEHAM, MA 02180 TELEPHONE: 617 438-7550 144 I 145 B 1 F BARBER STYLISTS 438-9859 k L HAIRPIECE DESIGN h k s’ 438-9859 BEAUTY SALON 438-7343 1 1 1 MAIN STREET STONEHAM, MASS REDSTONE PLAZA OPEN 6 DAYS AND EVERY EVENING TILL 8:00 P M JOHN V. SMALLCOMB D.D.S., D.M.D. John V. Smallcomb, Jr. 61 Main St. Stoneham, Ma. 02180 4381312 Stoneham Optical Center William A. Cousins Registered Dispensing Optician Eye Examinations Arranged Eyeglasses Contact Lenses 389 Main St. Stoneham, MA 02180 279-0566 W.G. Leavitt Son Insurance Agency, Inc. Don Leavitt, C.I.C. President 228 Main Street, Stoneham, MA. 02180 Telephone 438-5600 I GILBERT H. MEYER, JR., D.M.D. 61 Main Street Stoneham, Ma. 02180 438-2100 “Braces Are Beautiful. " Telephone 438-6520 FRANK A, ODLUM, D.D.S. r Office Hours by Appointment 370 Main Street Stoneham, MA 02180 146 FARM HILL PHARMACY 236 MAIN ST. STONEHAM, MASS, Restaurant and Pub “AT YOUR SERVICE” PHONE: 4381233 438-6626 133 Middlesex Avenue (Assembly Sqnaie Mall) Somerville. MA 02145 (617) 626 5555 Hoselree F ' laza 27 1 Main Slreel Stoneham, MA 02 1 80 Ibl ) 438 8400 Best Wishes To The Class Of ’ 85 From STONEHAM SAVINGS BANK 359 Main St. Stoneham , Mass. 4389400 BELCO Plumbing and Heating Inc. 106 MAIN STREET STONEHAM. MA 02180 (617) 438-5008 DR. JOHN A. DANIS MARY E. KENNEY, R.N. 276 Main Street Stoneham, Ma. 02180 Mailing Address: P.O. BOX 311 MEDFORD. MA 02155 Best Wishes To Graduating Class Of 1985 John Milano ' s THE MENU Your Hometown Newspaper for 112 Years 149 150 151 A ouJv SPECIALTY DRESS SHOP BRIDAL, COCKTAIL PROM, CASUAL He TO URS TRAVEL ACCESSORIES 271 Main Street I 6 CENTRAL SQUARE . STONE HAM M A 02 1 80 Stoneham, Mass 02180 Hours: Monday-Friday 10:30-9:00 | 438-1620 (617) 438-4229 Saturday 10:30-5:00 I DR. DONALD O’BRIEN Be|n | OPTOMETRIST I 204 MAIN STREET | STONEHAM. MASS. 02100 furniture fflnrlb 383 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 02180 | Telephone: 430-2122 R. A. McGUIRE 438-9376 DR. EDWIN J. LOSCHI D.D.S Compliments Of [HUlfiiJ GEORGE C. RICCARDELLI, PRESIDENT Qntuok, ' Ir-rT (Til E 61 Main Street 1 Stoneham, Ma. 02180 GR ASSOCIATES 270 Main Street Stoneham, Massachusetts 02180 438-1230 I 438-1312 Each office it independent! o»ned and operated MAKING HOMES AFFORDABLE MADE US NUMBER 1, CENTURY 21. 1 Best Of Luck! Asphalt Shingles - Gutter Work - Carpentry 1 PAPA GINO’S RESTAURANT 190 Main Street Stoneham, Ma. 02180 1 1 N d ° R 438-8422 FREE ESTIMATES STONEHAM, MASS. 02180 TEL - 38-9537 152 153 154 We Made It!! Congradulations! Keep In Touch- THE SENIOR CLASS Good Luck Best Wishes Seniors From CLASS OF THE 86 CLASS OF 88 Congradulations! From The CLASS OF 87 TODAY VIA SATELLITE ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY Christos j . bacos, d.m.d. ALLEN W. TARRO, D.M.D. NEILS. HORNUNG, D.M.D. 370 MAIN STREET STONEHAM, MA O2I0O TELEPHONE 438-7206 Commercial Building Remodeling and Design 438-5204 IS n Contxactoxi , One. 271 Main Street Stoneham, MA 02180 438-1 375 Oaxdinaf Oniuxancz cOfcj£.ncy ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE Giro Cardinal 365 MAIN STREET STONEHAM MA 02 180 USA TODAY 41 MONTVALE AVENGE STONEHAM, MA 02180 (617) 935 4556 For Home Delivery, Call 800-462-5516 157 PRIDE IN STONEHAM AND YOG PUBLIC LIBRARY Stoneham, MA 02180 Bank on Your Future With JSSSSSn STONEHAM COOPERATIVE BANK Main Office Billerica Mall 335 Main Street Billerica Stoneham, 438-0430 667-2197 Redstone Stoneham 438-3334 PRIDE. IN STONEH AM AND YOU Bank on Your Future With i SSSSr STONEHAM COOPERATIVE BANK Main Office 335 Main Street Stoneham, 438-0430 Billerica Mall Billerica 667-219 7 Redstone Stoneham 438-3334 THE YEAR The ghost of 1984 and the terror of Big Brother has past, and 1985 is now upon us. The memory of the past year lingers however, as the newly released film version of the Orwell novel reminds us that the threat of anarchy and suppression in our society could easliy become a reality. For Stoneham High School, our last year has been one of change as we said good-bye to the old and hello to the new. Mr. Hoyt moved on in his career leaving us in the hands of a new Principal and Vice-principal under the guidance of the infamous Mr. Rowell. Not only has there been a change of faces, but also a new barrage of policy changes accompanied by a stricter compliance to the old rules. Boston made national news when Ronald Reagan came to capture the liberal vote of Massachu setts. Barriers were put up to protect the President as the ranks of the liberal opposition began to outnumber his supporters. Campaign ' 84 was one marked by historical firsts and controversy. The Democratic Party made political history with Geraldine Ferraro’s nomination to be the running mate of ’flamboyant’ Walter Mondale. Jesse Jackson, the only black candidate in the race for the Presidency, provided one of the high points of the Democratic Convention with a rousing speech which moved all who heard it. The political year came to an end with a landslide victory by Ronald Reagan and the Republican Party who have worked to change the course of America. The summer of 1984 marked a rising sense of pride in America. There was a nationwide campaign to give the Statue of Liberty, long a symbol of freedom and hope, a new face with which to greet the multitudes who swarm to see her. In Washington, the horror of the Vietnam war was finally put to rest as a statue, dedicated to those who survived, was erected opposite the memorial of those who did not. The memorials will always stand to remind us of the wrongs that were committed and the debt we owe to all the veterans which can never be repaid. IN REVIEW During the hot summer months the United States was proud to be the host to the world as the 1984 Summer Olympics were held in Los Angeles. Those American athletes who missed their moment of potential glory in 1980 were given one last chance for a golden moment. Though the event was somewhat marred by the absence of Soviet Block countries, there was still an overwhelming spirit of sportsmanship among the athletes, many of whom were sorry to see the event come to a close. In world events, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa. Bishop Tutu was finally recognized by the Western powers as a great leader and spokesman against the apartheid government of South Africa. Ironically, American businesses continue to invest in this oppressive regime, keeping its economy stable and allowing its fascist leaders to continue in its exploitation of the black worker. In India, President Indira Ghandi was assassinated by members of the Sikh religious faction. They claimed she had ordered the invasion of their most sacred temple, killing some of their leaders. For years she had been unable to come to terms with their religious and political leaders. Ethiopia’s media coverage reached its climax in the waning months of 1984. Although the world gave generously to try to help the starving nation, the situation only worsens. A growing population coupled with a damaging drought have made more long-range solutions necessary. Perhaps the most touching act related to this situation was the generous outpouring by the music community who banded together to raise not only funds but the conscience of the world. With 1984 behind us it is time to face the tomorrows of 1985. We go forward to build our future and that of the world, with the memory of the yesterdays and all of their joys and sorrows fresh in our hearts and minds. To the Class of 1985, Good Luck and Godspeed. 162 Good Luck Seniors From THE CLASS OF 1986 Best Wishes From THE CLASS OF ’88 Congradulations! From THE CLASS OF 1987 163 Gaffed ’85 The 1985 yearbook staff proudly presents Graffiti ' . The staff sur passed the traditional SHS yearbook, coordinating a unique edition and a supplement to be released shortly. EditorsinChief Assistant Senior Section Editor Assistants Sports Editor Faculty Editor Business Editors Assistant Activities Editor Assistant (Clubs) Assistant (Social) Copy Editor Assistant Art and Layout Editor Assistants Photography Editor Typing Editors Katherine Connery Ellen Solomita Scott LeSaffre Kathy Toomy Paula Dillon Linda Gargano Suzanne Whittaker Ruth Clayton Kristen Wigandt Amy Towse Daniel Williams Lucy Marchese Nicole Reynolds Christine Bracciotti Annamarie Ciamarra David Hill Richard Sullivan Susan VanLoon Bill Previdi Linnea Thomas Deana Zizza Karen Damelio Kathy Rump Joanne Flynn Dina Kissinger Franca Sinagoga 164 HBH HR ■ JOSTENS LiBOMY Sioneham, MA 02180

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