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STONEHAM PUBLIC L_BRAR 431 MAIN STREET STONEHAM, MA 02180 June 7, 1984 Mr. Hogan In recognition of your twenty-eight years of dedicated service to the Stoneham School System, and your fourteen years of guidance as the Superintendent of Schools, we, the class of 1984, would like to present you with this yearbook as a parting gift in the hope that it will serve to be a lasting reminder qf your experiences in the Stoneh School System. Bates, Editor-in-Chief YEARBOOK C ' loneham ffzq l. frodoc izo72S . zm i tc d 1 S . The, rrznq CI SS ojC 98d. STONEHAM PUBLIC LIBRARY 431 MAIN STREET STONEHAM, MA 02180 THE FINAL SCENE . . . a drama . . . a family story 1 3 ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE POLICE BOX SURVEY Do you want Square? □ YES to see the police box returned to Stoneham □ NO Comments (attach extra sheet, if necessary) Drop off or mail as soon as possible to: Stoneham Independent Police Box Survey 11 Franklin St., P.O. Box 111 Stoneham, MA 02180 A landmark of Stoneham, the Traffic Box in the Square, was knocked over in a car accident. The Stoneham Independent, along with many Stoneham citizens, petitioned unsuccessfully for its restoration. The Russian government finally accepted responsibility for the downing of a Korean passenger jet earlier this year. After 22 years, 3000 hits, and 400 home runs, Captain Carl Yastrzemski, known to avid Red Sox fans as " Yaz”, retired. Ronald Reagan visited Boston in the fall of 1983 and stopped off at the Erie Pub for a beer with some proper Bostonians. WE ARE MERELY PLAYERS After more than twenty years of devoted service to the Stone - ham School System, Daniel W. Hogan, Superintendent of Schools, retires. 1984 found the United States sending troops into Grenada and Beirut, an action which caused much dissen- sion throughout the world. Thousands of people around the world demonstrated for nuclear disarmament while America and Russia spent billions of dollars on the development of new weapons. George Orwell ' s 1984, a futuristic novel about a society without individuality, created wide-spread anxiety as well as record breaking sales. Marius Carstensen Elisa Mas Pekka Tamminen SPECIAL GUEST STARS This year at Stoneham High School we had three foreign exchange students joining our cast The influx of cultural influence wasn ' t overwhelming, but in taking time to talk to our " guest stars " , it is apparent that they have a lot to add to our senior year. Pekka Tamminen from Helsinki, Finland, Marius Carstensen from Schleswig, Germany and Elisa Mas from Barcelona, Spain, have all added to our senior experience in their own way. Some of their opinions about the United States are the same, some of their feelings about their stays here are different, but each is worth listening to and can provide insight into our own culture as well as theirs. All three seem to feel the same about school. They ' re used to a less structured system, and enjoy more freedom at home. The breaks between classes are up to a half an hour long, and all the students stay in one room together while the teachers move from class to class. School seems to have more of a social atmosphere in the United States, with more of a concern for talking with friends and making plans for the weekend. Marius and Elisa both explained that people don ' t dress up at all for school, they just go there to learn. They all commented on how friendly and nice the people are and it was mentioned that other countries don ' t like foreigners and aren ' t very cordial to them. They were also impressed with the fact that we are eligible for a driver ' s license at 16!A. Pekka doesn ' t like the rush between classes and some of the silly T V. programs. Elisa also dislikes T.V., the disruptive times at which we eat, and some foods such as pickles and ketchup. Marius, at 19, finds the great age differences in high school students difficult, and has a hard time relating to the younger students. All of the students came here to better understand the American people and use the English language. There has been a noticeable improvement in their communication skills already. Pekka was expecting his year here to be more of a vacation, and has found it to be just like normal life. Marius expected his free time to be much like it was at home in Germany -spent with his friends; but he finds he is not doing as many things as he would like to. Elisa thought high school was going to be like it is portayed in the movies. " Some things are different, " she says, " but some are the same. " When asked how they liked Stoneham, the answers were very different. Pekka likes having so many things, like restaurants and the movies, right here in town. He says it ' s good that everything is practically in walking distance, but to get anywhere, outside of Stoneham he finds our transporataion system inferior to that of Helsinki. Marius finds Stoneham rather boring and is used to a great deal more action in his home town. " There ' s always people doing things in stores, in the streets, wherever you go. " He spends his time in Germany out with his friends and at clubs having a good time. Elisa likes the city better, and makes frequent trips to Boston. You can find her at lively Harvard Square poking around Urban Outfitters or at Quincy Market, or the Nickelodeon. She, like Pekka, feels that transportation is easier in her native country; cabs are cheaper, buses more accessible. Still she manages to eliminate boredom by going to parties and dances. Family life in the United States is different to each of our guest stars as well. Pekka feels that families in Finland are as close as those in the United States, while Elisa feels the same, she also thinks families spend more time together here. Marius thinks American families are closer and spend a great deal more time with each other than German families. Pekka, Marius and Elisa all agree that young people here and in their own countries have the same motivations, problems, conflicts and worries. One worry they don ' t have, however is how they will pay for school. Universities are free and all you have to pay for in Finland is room and board. Marius said that the state can provide as much as $300-400 dollars a month towards living in your own apartment and attending school. Elisa feels that with the pressure of college expenses and having to work to finance themselves, Americans grow up faster. We hope that Pekka, Marius and Elisa have enjoyed their stay in the states, and learned as much from their experience as we have learned from them. 6 i " I hope that I have made people in the United States understand that things that people do in other countries are not done the wrong way. There’s no ’wrong’ way only different ways” Pekka Tamminen " America is fun and a nice place to visit, but come to Spain and you will discover another way of having fun. Everyone is invited to visit me in Barcelona.” Elisa Mas " I’m not sure Americans understand the West Germans because they don’t live in such a situation. Germany is split and now they (Americans) want to station several hundred nuclear weapons there. I am afraid. I want Americans to reconsider putting the weapons there. Many Germans hate the American soldier because they do not want him there.” Marius Carstensen 7 SOUND OF MUSIC Selling over 25 million copies of " Thriller” and setting a record of 8 grammys in the same year (in Pop, Rock, R B, etc.), Michael Jackson is truly a " superstar” of 1984. The success of the Police in the past years grew even more (this year) with the popularity of their final album " Synchronicity”. In the past two years, videos have rejuvenated the crumbling record industry. The influence of MTV, the only video music channel, on music in general has been phenomenal- - -while millions watched on. Def Leppard proved that heavy metal can still survive with their smash album " Pyromania”. David Bowie surprised the Music world with " Let’s Dance”, an album that displayed his widely varied talent. Ik COSTUMES AND CHARACTERS With " adoption papers " , and individual faces and names, the Cabbage Patch Kids were in high demand with the public despite their high cost. Flashdance brought the dance craze into full swing and introduced a new style of clothing for American youth. Flashdance may have changed our clothes and dance styles, but Risky Business affected our attitudes. Remember-Sometimes you have to say " What the . . The computer revolution was felt by people of all ages and professions. WINNING The Spartans put to rest any doubt that they were the best in the north by trouncing Arlington in three of four games, and seizing the North Sectional Title. In the finals of the Northeast Sectionals. Stoneham faced the 1982 State Champions from Quincy. Though Quincy possessed a reputedly potent offense, the Spartan defense held them in check, anticipating most of Quincy ' s shots. Stoneham took three out of five, and moved on to the State Finals. Because of an M.I.A.A. rule which states that if a school sponsors only one team in a sport, it must allow both boys and girls to play, the Amherst team, Stoneham’s opponent in the State Finals, consisted of more boys than girls. The Spartans played hard, but were simply overpowered, dropping three straight games. Despite all the controversy over this final match, Stoneham is still regarded by most as the finest girls’ volleyball team in Massachusetts. After last year’s finish as co-champs of the North Shore League, the eight returning varsity players could only make improvements on their 1982 season. By strengthening their already impenetrable defense and fine-tuning their offense, the team dominated the league, disposing of their opponents easily. Only Arlington, in the second meeting of the two teams, was able to squeak past Stone- ham. The loss, however, was overshadowed by Stoneham’s com- fortable presence at the top of the league. Now that sole possession of first place was theirs, the Spartans moved on to the State Tournament. Their first real challenge came in the quarter-finals of the North Sectionals against Boston Latin, with 1983 Player of the Year, Ginny Tom. Despite a strong effort by Boston Latin, Stoneham swept the match and moved on to the semi-finals. Stoneham met and defeated Chelmsford, taking three straight games, and advanced to the North Sectional Finals. 10 A NEW TRADITION A week later, a banged up and tired Spartan team lost to Belmont, then tied for first place with Watertown. As the opinion that the Lexington game may have been a fluke appeared to be spreading, the players set out to prove to the fans, the rest of the league, and themselves that they were winners. In the weeks that followed, all doubt was silenced. The next to fall to Stoneham was the Woburn Tanners, whom the Spartans rolled over, 23 to 12. This victory fueled Stoneham’s fire, and inspired in " Spartan Spirit” which spread throughout the high school, as well as the rest of the town. With renewed belief in themselves, the Spartans continued to roll, downing Wakefield 15 to 6, then Winchester, 20 to 8. Much of the offensive success of the team is due to the outstanding play of the offensive line, affection- ately known as the " hogs. " The tenacity of the defense had also gained the respect of the league. Although the Spartans lost a tough Turkey Day game to a strong Reading team, 13 to 6, they were proud of their success, and the fan support they had inspired for the football program. As sources of leadership, instruction, and individual support, the coaching staff was second to none. They are head coach Tom Kasprzak, defensive coordinator Dick Burnham, line coach and " head hog” A1 Lanni, and receiver and strength coach Bob Powers. The 1983 Stoneham High Football Team earned themselves a special place in the history of Stoneham High athletics. As the Boston Globe stated, " The last time Stoneham had won a football game Jimmy Carter was still president and Carl Yastrzemski just recorded his 3000th hit. It was November 4, 1979 and 35 games since it won a game.” In their fourth game of the season, however, the Spartans snapped this streak, shutting out Lexington, 14 to 0. And the evening which followed saw a town-wide party previously unequalled. The Spartans were not satisfied with this one victory, though. Their ability to win in the Middlesex League had been realized, and the players had three winless seasons to make up for. After disappoint- ing losses to Concord Carlisle, Watertown, Burlington, and Mel- rose, the players were hungry for a win. The seniors were especially hungry, not only because it was their last year of high school football, but also silenced statements that suggested Stoneham did not belong in the Middlesex League. As freshmen, these seniors were league champions, but as they moved into varsity play, they saw only losing, and they did not like it. After the victory over Lexington, they experienced a feeling of jo y they had not felt since they were freshmen, and they wanted more. 11 THE FINAL SCENE Setting 1 Act I- Activities 13 Act 2-Clubs 25 Act 3-Sports 45 Act 4-Faculty 77 The Cast-Seniors 89 Our Sponsors 129 o STONEHAM HIGH YEARBOOK PRODUCTIONS LIMITED ■ 1984 ■ ACT I. . . . ACTIVITIES THE JUNIOR PROM The scene for the Junior Prom was set at the Palace in Saugus. Matt Siegel of KISS 108 added to the uniqueness of the night by chosing our prom as the stage for his premiere performance as a prom D.J. The Junior Class officers gave much of their time and enthusiasm to make the prom a success. They truly deserve a standing ovation for produc- ing an event which has given our class many special memories to treasure. 14 JUST YOU AND I FALL 16 Fall Coming began on a positive note with a parade in which all four classes participated. The festivities, however, did not end with the conclusion of the parade; they had only just begun. Throughout the day both students and faculty were involved in many humorous events, such as the pie throwing and eating contests. ' 1 COMING Unfortunately the football team ' s performance was disap- pointing to the enthusiastic spectators who sat hopeful in the pouring rain. But in spite of the depressing atmosphere created by the loss, fans were able to lift their spirits by attending the Senior Class dance which featured " The Lobsters”. All in all, the day was enjoyed by all who participated. PEP RALLY Preceding Thanksgiving the school provided time for the student body to get psyched for the events of the next day. Students streamed into the gym, piled on the bleachers and enthusiastically screamed cheers of support. The cheerleaders led the event while the band played energetic songs, the color guard displayed their talent and the majorettes skillfully performed their routine. I.ance Mult and Buddy Rolli, co-captains of the football team, thanked the fans for their ongoing support and commended the team for a positive season. Adding to the pride of Stoneham High School, the Eastern Massachusetts Volleyball State Champions presented Mr. Hoyt with their many awards and trophies. Another event of the rally was the traditional Turkey Beauty Contest whose participants were few in number but exquisite in style. All in all, the rally went well, giving the students the opportunity to show class spirit and give support to our teams and other school related groups. £ w ' , a ifP 1 A 18 19 This year ' s Senior Class play was " Cocktails With Mimi " Clockwise from top left: The cast takes time out for a family portrait. Mimi (Linsey Stillinger) receives a mysterious phone call. Lu (Jody Day) and Mrs. Calthorpe (Doreen Sullivan) sit and chat while Paul (Charlie Rizzo) watches over. Mr. Calthorpe (Richard Buck- ley) tries to strike up a conversation with Burt (Bill Previdi). Lester (Jason Bates) and Edie (Mary Beth Prior) have a lover’s quarrel. COCKTAILS WITH MIMI 20 21 NHS HOLDS CANDLELIGHT On February 15, 1984, more than twenty members of the senior class were inducted into the National Honor Society. The ceremony itself provided a prestigious atmosphere where individuals were commended for academic excellence. As each member was called to the podium to receive their award, they lit a candle. The light held by each individual represented their ability to display their many unique talents. As high school students, each has committed himself to scholarship, service, leadership, and character to benefit himself, his school, and his com- munity. In this way they have become our hope for a brighter future. lilirflfl ' IifM 22 HAMMING IT UP ACT II. . . . CLUBS NOT JUST IN IT FOR THE SHOW STUDENT COUNCIL Student Council is the backbone of the high school. The creativity and dedication of its members led to an exciting new Carnival Ball this year. Their efforts to make high school life exciting is becoming more successful every year. SADD The SHS SADD (Students Against Driving Drunk) Chapter began on April 4, 1983. Stoneham is only one high school of thousands that have begun the program. In the past year SADD has become nationwide. The organization s main concern is to in- crease high school students’ awareness of drunk driving, a problem which has become the No. 1 killer of teenagers. 26 rOUGH ACTS TO FOLLOW BOYS AND GIRLS STATE REPRESENTATIVES FRONT ROW: J. Bates, A. Howard; BACK ROW: J. Brandt, D. O’Reilly, F. Days, M. Padur SCHOOL COMMITTEE REPRESENTATIVES M. Day, J. Day, C. Bracciotti, B. Pan- accione INTERACT CLUB FRONT ROW (L to R): M. Baldwin, P. Tamminen, L. Christo, D. Ciccatelli, L. Maher; BACK ROW: Advisor Mr. Robert Friel, M. Carstenson, C. Burse, C. Tierney, M. Belmont 27 WE FOLLOW THEIR ACT FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS FRONT ROW: J. Carroll, L. Zarbano, E. Mamone; BACK ROW: M. Skerry, J. Means. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS FRONT ROW: D. Campagna, M. Dakessian; BACK ROW: R. Gregiore, L. Carroll, P. Fowlie. 28 ■ CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS R. Vita, L. Norman, R. Guida, L. Galuna, S. Simpson, J. Smallcomb JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS FRONT ROW: W. Kullman, L. Curtin, N. Caroli; BACK ROW: S. Pelligrino, K. Damelio, P. Dillon. 29 CLUBS FOR THOUGHT DEBATE TEAM Clockwise: R. Rotundi, R. Gregoire, N. Collins. QUIZ TEAM Clockwise: J. Brandt, R. Rotundi, K. Connery, F. Days. MATH TEAM Back Row: Advisor Mr. Grondin, R. Swamy, F. Days, R. Marcucci, J. Bates, P. Tamminen, R. Rotundi. Front Row: L. Gargano, E. Millan, C. Rizzo, M. Baldwin, C. Bracciotti, A. Ciamarra, • 1 S. Whittaker. 30 . SCRIPTING OUR YEAR SEEDS Stoneham High School’s Literary Art Maga- zine provides students with an opportunity to exercise their creative talents. Under the supervision of Miss Norelli, the artwork, photography and essays of these students are published in Seeds each Spring. THE GREAT BOOKS CLUB Led by Mrs. Margaret Puffer, the Great Books Club (mem- bers including Michelle Belmont and Denise Argiro) reads, discusses and explores a great variety of novels and short stories, both classical and contemporary. SPARTANEWS Every so often, the Journalism class pub- lishes an issue of SpartaNews, the school newspaper that is one of the main medi- ums for student expression. SpartaNews is a very informative, interesting and en- tertaining assemblage of the current news, students’ editorials, and the latest gossip. THAT ' S SHOW BIZ DECA FRONT ROW (L to R): T. Stewart, P. MacDonald, P. Pappalardo, C. Albino, M. Ciampi, L. Christo, M. Dakessian, L. Norman, D. Powers; BACK ROW: L. Boyle, L. Norman, E. Perry, D. Titcomb.J. McMakin, D. Le Donne, C. Burse, L. Devine, M. Frazzica, J. Webb, C. Dango,J. Blount, Advisor Mr. Mark Flanigan, J. Sackett. VARSITY CLUB D-D, D-D, D-D, THAT ' S ALL FOLKS! (From upper right of " S ' ' around the lower left): A. Bono, K. Gosson, M. Lundy, S. Gillespie, D. Doucette, M. Doran, J. Sackett, A. DeFlumeri, L. Stillinger, R. Guida, G. Pettway, M. Fionda, M. Leydon, D. Bain, M. Gallagher, D. Migliorini, M. Rolli, J. Brandt, P. Trant, M. Granfield.J. Gillis, D. Ashton, D. Uva.J. Smallcomb, C. Dennis, R. Wood, L. Fabiano, M. Fantasia, A WORLD OF TONGUES FRENCH CLUB Front Row: Secretary-S. Smith, Treasurer-E. Vasi- lopoulos, President -B. Melkonian, Vice President - K. Gagne. Second Row: R. Rotundi, M. Manzi, A. Ottaviano, A. Hartung, P. Barry, P. Sorabella, S. Gargano, J. Flynn. Third Row: M. Henricksen, J. Melkonian, N. Ghareeb, M. Taylor, L. Gargano, E. Whelan, C. Cutone. Back Row: N. Collins, M. Cashin, C. Rosselli, S. Cahill, A. Tatian, Advisor - Mr. Rocher. HHI LATIN CLUB Front Row: T. Bornstein,J. Gerardi; Back Row: J. Petten- gill, J. Gillis, J. Hugo, J. Colavario, J. Mahoney, B. Gal- lagher. ITALIAN CLUB Front Row: R. Marcucci, F. Costa, C. Rizzo, P. Albino. Back Row: M. Fantasia, K. Damelio, L. Maher, G. DiMeo, J. Proia, C. Ashton. 33 ’84 Carnival Ball Queen: Linda VanLoon, King: Glenn Maxwell. Attendants: Christine Dennis, Jane Gillis, Therese Hunt, Laurie Lusardi, Kathleen Maher, Lynda Nor- man, Patrice Pappalardo, Amy Simpson, Suzanne Simpson, Sheree Vitiello. Princely Ushers: James Brandt, James Connell, Paul d ' Entremont, Matthew Fionda, Robert Guida, Lance Hult, Michael Leydon, David Migliorini, Michael Rolli, Rob- ert Vita. Mistesses of Ceremo- nies: Lisa Galuna and Andrea Howard. 34 A LITTLE BIT OF SONG + DANCE CONCERT JAZZ BAND Front row L to R Mr. David Silva, D. Kelley, A. Fantasia, P. Fitzgerald, M. Baldwin, R. Landers, M. English, C. Rizzo, S. Antonucci, D. Reynolds; Back row: L. Millan, D. Parry, F. Costa, J. Deane, E. Silva, T. Smith, N. Argenio, M. Koushajki, D. Bain, J. Santo- suosso, M. McCuish, M. Fantasia. «Ki rji v W ( |; 4 93n « A DANCE CLUB Front row L to R: K. Damelio, E. McGuiggan, D. Kissinger, T. Bornstein, D. Fogel; Back row: M. Neylon, L. Gray, J. Stillinger, Advisor Mrs. Maria Caruso, L. Maher, B. Panaccione, A. Rosselli. REPERTORY BAND Front row L to R: E. Millan, M. Sevier, J. Deane, N. Collins, Director Mr. David Silva; Back row: J. Bain, S. Hassard, D. Argiro, S. Smith, A. Tatian. 36 SPARTAN CHORALE The Spartan Chorale is the premier chorale per- forming organization at Stoneham High School. It presents an ideal opportunity for choral music for any student, regardless of previous exper- ience. In recent years, performances of the Spar- tan Chorale have included concerts in the Presi- dent’s Park at the White House, Symphony Hall, Boston, and the annual tree lighting cere- mony at the Prudential Center. DRAMA CLUB Each year guided by the imaginative directing of Mr. Paul Mucica, the Drama Club displays the theatrical abilities of the high school students. As a result, Stoneham High gains full appreciation of the theatre arts while enjoying an excellent perfor- mance. REPERTORY CHORUS The Repertory Chorus is the smaller version of the Spartan Chorale, and is offered to students as a minor subject. Although they do not tour, the Reper- tory Chorus members join the Chorale at many of the performances includ- ing the annual Carnival Ball. 37 TRIBUTE TO DISNEY 39 Like the talents of Walt Disney, David Power’s talents are used for the entertainment of others. Two of David’s musical compositions " Everything I Wanted Is You” and " As I Think of You”, were performed during the show. Stoneham High without Carnival Ball is like graduation without a diploma. This year, Carnival Ball faced possible cancellation. But through the efforts of the Student Council, a new format was adopted and the show resumed production. For the first time ever, each class created their own acts which related to the theme. This year, " A Tribute to Walt Disney” was the theme chosen by the Student Council. Each class act was supplemented by various acts arranged by talented individuals of the four classes. 40 Countercl ockwise — The Junior Class Act featured Gary Pettway as " The Funky Tinkerbell " ; Paul Woodland dancing in " The Daffy Duck Count- down”; The entertaining Mistresses of Ceremon- Lisa Galuna and Andrea Howard; Detour, les featuring Todd DellaPorta and Frank Melanson, performing their rendition of J. Geils’ " I Do ' WHAT DO YOU DO IN YOUR SPARE TIME? ALPENHOF SKI CLUB For many students, Mr. Howard Dimmick and the Alpenhof Ski Club have been a very important aspect of their high school years. Students involved in the Ski Club go on weekend ski trips, hold dances, banquets, and even go on week long ski trips. TRAVEL CLUB As the student body looks to April antici- pating the much needed vacation, the travel club basks in the warm visions of their up- coming trip to Bermuda. Every year mem- bers of the travel club are fortunate enough to leave the monotony of Stoneham and find fun and excitement in beautiful Bermuda. Any room for stowaways? CHESS CLUB Under the supervision of Mr. Kevin Conroy and president Ron Bassil these intelligent young men sharpen their mental skills with the challenging game of chess. 44 H ACT III. . . . SPORTS ICP BLUE A new tradition was established this year in Spartan athletics — success. Much of this success may be at- tributed to some outstanding performances by some talented individuals. Although winning is always a team effort, successful teams all have individuals who excel at their positions. Nowhere are these talented athletes more plentiful than on the Varsity Volleyball team. 46 This year’s volleyball roster read like a North Shore League All-Star Game program. Each of the Stone - ham volley bailers was qualified for all-star status, but fair representation of the other teams in the league made such a large Spartan delegation impossible. The Girl’s State Champions are, two-time Boston Globe All Scholastic Jeanine Smallcomb, Globe All Scholas- tic Diana Doucette, All Star Jean Fallon, League All Star Meg Gebhard, League All Star Maura Doran, League All Star Hillary Anderson, Debbie O’Rielly, Stacy Doyle, Lisa Galuna, Alonza Jackson, Becky Wells, and Lillian LaRosa. 47 SENIORS FRONT ROW (L to R) J. Brandt, P. Morris, M. Fionda, L. Hult-Capt., M. Rolli-Capt., R. Wood, T. O ' Brien, BACK ROW: S. Brown, Kevin Gosson, M. Arsenault, J. Minotti, A. DeFlumeri.J. Lamb, Ken Gosson, G. Rizzo. (Missing from photo: J. Connell, J. Young) (L. to R.): M. LeBaron, L. Hill, A. Howard, J. McGuiggin. SOCCER FRONT ROW (L to R): G. Molinaro, J. Mangano, J. Sannella, B. Jordan, K. Daly-Ball Boy, P Tammenin, R DeMarco, P. Woodland, R. Imprescia, BACK ROW: Coach Edward Russo, A. Howard -Manager, Duane Weisse Darren Weisse, M. Christenson, J, O ' Melia, D. Migliorini, H, Porter, P. Baker, M. Smith, J. Sacoccio, H. Borgsteed P. d ' Entremont, T. Powers, M. Rivers -Manager, Asst. Coach James Carino The Spartan Soccer team started off their season with a bang, shutting out their first three opponents, 1-0. They were abruptly brought back to earth, however, dropping their next three matches. The new Spartan trademark seems to be their defense, which commanded the re- spect of all this season s opponents. This solid defense, anchored by All -League goalie Howie Porter, assisted by League All Star Darren Weisse, and Honorably Mentioned Joe O ' Melia and Paul Baker, often took up the slack of the less -then -potent offense. Thus, in every Spartan victory, the defense shut the opponent out, and protected the one point leads the offense provided. In his second season, Coach Ed Russo has continued to build a program which has begun to pay dividends. This year ' s record of 7-10-1 is the best in recent memory. Congratulations, players and coaches. 53 _ (L to R): M. Gebhard.J. Fallon, D. Doucette-Capt., M. Doran, H. Anderson BACK ROW: Coach L. LaRosa, D O ' Reilly, A. Jackson, J. Smallcomb, B. Wells, L. Galuna. Missing from photo: S. 55 56 Z 2 Kali, K Maher-Capt., N. Caroli, A. Simpson -Capt., S. Lanni-Mascot, P. Fowlie, Lisa Norman, K M. Brandt, F.. Gaffney, A. Adams, Lynda Norman » FRONT ROW (L to R): Brian Trevor, Richard Rotondi, Neil Collins, Michael Mazza. BACK ROW (L TO R) Joanne Flynn, David Watson, Michael Tatian, Michael Trevor, Jane Fliigo. The Spartan Harriers, led by second -year captains Jane Hugo and Mike Trevor, worked feverishly this season to show the rest of the highly competitive Middlesex League that they were truly winners. This would be no easy task coming off of a winless season last year. Even in the early season, the closest this young team (3 Seniors) could come to a win was a heartbreaking loss to Watertown. This disappointing loss, however, seemed to inspite the team. With new-found self-confi- dence, they followed with back-to-back wins over Burlington and Everett. After dropping two more meets to Melrose and powerful Lexington, the Spartans cruised past Belmont for their third victory of the season. Spartans earning post-season honors were: Kris- ten Seabury (Freshman) -All Scholastic; Capt. Jane Hugo- League All Star; Capt. Mike Trevor, Mike Tatian, Cathy Ricupero- League All Star Honorable Mentions. 59 The Spartan Field Hockey team started their season with a burst of energy, winning three of their first four games, and tying the remaining one. Though their tight defense proved successful against these teams, the streak was only temporary, for the Spartans suffered a disappointing loss to undefeated Woburn. The Spar- tans, led by captains Suzanne Simpson and Lori Maffeo, compiled an overall record of 5-8-5. Elected this season as All-Star for the Middlesex League was Junior Diana Uva, who was chosen for her superior defensive ability. 61 (L to R)J. Bain (Drum Major), M, Fantasia (Drum Major), D, French, D. Sullivan, N. Reynolds, E. Silva, D. Bain, F. Days, J. Hanright, T. Cossette, D. Reynolds, M. Neylon, D. Ward, D. LeBlanc, D Cicatelli, G. Riccardelli, J. Deane, P. Argiro, M. Kushakji, N, Argenio, N. Collins, F. Costa, S, Ward.J. Stillinger, Miss K. O ' Melia (Color Guard Instructor), Miss C. Broderick (Majorette Instructor), J. Barnes, H. Kupczewski, D Argiro, M. Sandler, P. Fitzgerald, D. Reynolds, R. Gregiore, M. English, A. Tatian, M. Lundy, Mr. David Silva (Band Director) J. Vito, C. Carlson, P. Spinosa, B. Granese, R. Landers, L. Riccardelli, R. Stillinger, K. Ward, E. Danico, P. D ' Angelo, J. Santosuosso, D. Parry, S; Antonucci, A. Fantasia, C. Rizzo, M. Baldwin, T. Smith, H. Collins, L. Fantasia. 63 ' H-U-S-T-L-E . . No one word describes the play of this year ' s girls ' basketball team better than " hustle And, more often than not, their hustling resulted in victory. The girls finished second in the Middlesex League, behind Lexington, but their 17-3 record quali- fied them for the Division II State Tournament. In the Quarter-finals, Stoneham faced the Dual County League Champions, Lincoln Sudbury. Although Lincoln Sudbury possessed a notable advantage in size, lead by a 6 foot 2 inch, 180 pound center, Stoneham was not intimidated They outhustled Lincoln Sudbury for four periods, and advanced to the Semi-finals, with a 42-34 victory, to face North Andover. In the Semi-finals, sharp-shooting by North Andover and questionable officiating ended the Spartans ' season with a hard fought loss. This year ' s All-Star selections were senior center for- ward Jeanine Smallcomb, senior guard Meg Gebhard, and sophomore forward Lisa Powers. 65 FRONT ROW (L to R): Duane Weisse, M. Bryant, B. MacNeil, B. Trevor, D. Watson, BACK ROW: Coach Furlong, R. Palumbo, M. Tatian, B. Rubner, P. Reis, S. Baron, FI. Porter, Coach Barentine, Darren Weisse, Coach Meltz LD For the Spartan boys ' basketball, this year ' s season was a difficult one for both players and coaches. A new head coach, Paul Furlong, brought a new style of team play to the team, and hope for a successful season. Luck, however, would have no hand in the resurgence of the Spartans. Injuries hurt the team throughout the season. In the league opener against Lexington, Darren Weisse was seriously injured, after colliding with, and shatter- ing a gym office window. Perry Reis, Rich Palumbo, Peter Fabiano, and Scott Baron also spent time on the injured reserve. Though they failed to win a game, the Spartans had noticeably improved by the end of the season, which was reflected in several very close games at the close of the season. Because of his team leader- ship and excellent defensive play, Duane Weisse was selected to the North Squad of the Middlesex League All Star Team. If the Spartans ' luck improves next year, they will surely taste victory more than once. FRONT ROW (L to R): G. Maxwell, L. Hill, J. Connell, D, Titcomb, D. Minghella, M. Sorabella, R. Guida, K. Gosson, BACK ROW: D. Sorabella, S. Curran, J. Barry, B. Jackson, C. Maxwell, M. Barry, P. D ' Entremont.J. Guida, M. Wesley, J. Devereaux, T. Bono From the first day the hockey team skated out on the ice for practice, Coach Burnham knew that they were going to have to work hard to qualify for the State Tournament. The long hours of pre-season practice paid off for the team as they started the season with three straight victories. The Spartans continued to play well, finishing strong in the first half of the season with a 6 and 3 record. The Spartans were not as successful in the second half, largely due to the loss of All-League wing Doug Titcomb to a shoul- der injury. Because of Stoneham’s disap- pointing performance in the second half, the team failed to qualify for the State Tourna- ment. A glimmer of hope for the future was the strong performance of some talented underclassmen, showing that the future of Spartan hockey is in good hands. 69 70 WINTER CHEERLEADING This season proved to be very successful for our gymnastics team. This strong and enthu- siastic group finished 4th in the Middlesex League, an unprecedented achievement in Stoneham gymnastics. Such a feat would not have been possible without the leadership of captains Traci Bornstein and Natalie Green- wood and senior Lynda Norman. Traci was rewarded for her hard work by being select- ed as a Middlesex League All-Star. The suc- cess of this year ' s team is sure to set a precedent of excellence for the future. SCOREBOARD FOOTBALL Stoneham 0 Concord -Carlisle 7 Stoneham 0 Watertown 7 STONEHAM 13 Burlington 25 STONEHAM 8 Melrose 20 STONEHAM 14 Lexington 0 Stoneham 8 Belmont 19 STONEHAM 23 Woburn 12 Stoneham 15 Wakefield 6 STONEHAM 20 Winchester 8 Stoneham 6 Reading 13 VOLLEYBALL STONEHAM 2 Lincoln Sudbury 0 STONEHAM 2 Masconomet 0 Stoneham 2 North Reading 0 STONEHAM 2 Lynn field 0 Stoneham 2 Hamilton Wenham 0 STONEHAM 2 Lexington 0 Stoneham 2 Arlington 0 Stoneham 2 Masconomet 0 STONEHAM 2 North Reading 0 Stoneham 2 Lincoln Sudbury 0 Stoneham 2 Lynn field 1 STpNEHAM 2 Hamilton Wenham 0 Stoneham 2 Lexington 1 STONEHAM 1 Arlington 2 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL STONEHAM 39 Lexington 40 STONEHAM 51 Woburn 33 STONEHAM 41 Burlington 47 Stoneham 41 Belmont 34 STONEHAM 50 Everett 18 STONEHAM 51 Winchester 39 STONEHAM 50 Melrose 26 Stoneham 74 Wakefield 30 Stoneham 42 Watertown 33 STONEHAM 31 Reading 24 Stoneham 55 Lexington 49 Stoneham 46 Woburn 28 Stoneham 60 Burlington 63 STONEHAM 49 Belmont 32 Stoneham 50 Winchester 24 Stoneham 39 Melrose 29 STONEHAM 54 Wakefield 24 STONEHAM 52 O Watertown 29 Stoneham 45 Reading 40 Stoneham 56 Everett 22 CROSS-COUNTRY (BOYS AND GIRLS) Stoneham B-39 G-33 Woburn B-22 G-26 Stoneham B-45 G-36 Wakefield B-15 G-22 Stoneham B-41 G-33 Winchester B-16 G-26 Stoneham B-30 G-20 Watertown B-25 G-38 Stoneham B-26 G-17 Burlington B-30 G-41 Stoneham B-21 G-19 Everett B-40 G-36 Stoneham B-32 Melrose B-25 Stoneham B-34 G-19 Lexington B-21 G-36 Stoneham B-26 G-24 Belmont B-29 G-31 Stoneham B-36 G-31 Reading B-21 G-24 FIELD HOCKEY STONEHAM 1 Burlington 0 Stoneham 1 ' Melrose 2 STONEHAM 4 Winchester 0 STONEHAM 1 Belmont 1 STONEHAM 1 Watertown 0 Stoneham 0 Woburn 2 STONEHAM 1 Wakefield 1 STONEHAM 0 Lexington 1 STONEHAM 0 Reading 0 Stoneham 3 Burlington 0 STONEHAM 1 Melrose 2 Stoneham 4 Winchester 0 Stoneham 0 Belmont 1 Stoneham 0 Watertown 0 STONEHAM 1 Woburn 3 Stoneham 1 Wakefield 1 Stoneham 2 Lexington 4 Stoneham 1 Reading 2 SOCCER STONEHAM 1 Burlington 0 Stoneham 1 Melrose 0 STONEHAM 1 Winchester 0 Stoneham 0 Belmont 3 STONEHAM 0 Watertown 1 Stoneham 0 Woburn 0 STONEHAM 0 Wakefield 3 Stoneham 0 Lexington 3 STONEHAM 1 Reading 0 Stoneham 1 Burlington 0 STONEHAM 1 Melrose 0 Stoneham 0 Winchester 1 STONEHAM 0 Belmont 1 Stoneham 0 Watertown 1 STONEHAM 1 Woburn 0 Stoneham 0 Wakefield 1 STONEHAM 0 Lexington 2 Stoneham 0 Reading 2 GOLF Stoneham 0 Burlington 9 Stoneham 1 Yi Belmont 7)6 Stoneham 4 Wakefield 5 Stoneham 3 Woburn 6 Stoneham 2 Melrose 7 Stoneham 1 Watertown 8 Stoneham V5 Lexington 835 Stoneham 2Vi Winchester 6Vi Stoneham 7 Medford 2 Stoneham 4 Reading 5 m HOCKEY STONEHAM 4 Melrose 3 STONEHAM 4 Wakefield 2 STONEHAM 4 Burlington 3 Stoneham 3 Woburn 6 Stoneham 3 Belmont 0 STONEHAM 6 Winchester 0 STONEHAM 1 Watertown 4 Stoneham 4 Lexington 5 STONEHAM 6 Reading 3 STONEHAM 5 Melrose 2 STONEHAM 7 Wakefield 2 Stoneham 4 Burlington 10 STONEHAM 5 Woburn 6 STONEHAM 6 Belmont 3 Stoneham 4 Winchester 2 Stoneham 1 Watertown 4 STONEHAM 8 Lexington 12 Stoneham 5 Reading 5 BOYS ' BASKETBALL STONEHAM 40 Lexington 85 Stoneham 30 Woburn 59 STONEHAM 53 Burlington 72 STONEHAM 40 Belmont 80 Stoneham 60 Everett 71 STONEHAM 41 Winchester 49 Stoneham 55 Melrose 80 STONEHAM 39 Wakefield 66 Stoneham 37 Watertown 72 Stoneham 54 Reading 75 Stoneham 38 Lexington 95 STONEHAM 46 Woburn 63 Stoneham 49 Burlington 88 Stoneham 53 Belmont 79 Stoneham 50 Winchester 65 STONEHAM 47 Melrose 51 Stoneham 52 Wakefield 76 STONEHAM 66 Watertown 67 STONEHAM 68 Reading 87 STONEHAM 65 Everett 79 ACT IV FACULTY ADMINISTRATION Mr. William Hoyt- Principal Mr. Fred Kiamie- Vice Principal Mr. Ralph Rowell- Vice Principal SCHOOL COMMITTEE (L to R): Mrs. Christie, Mr. Christo, Mr. Rotondi, Mr. D ' Angelo, Mr. Rosa ASSISTANTS Mrs. Appleyard- Secretary Mrs. Zibell-Secretary Mrs. Rump-Nurse 77 SOCIAL STUDIES Standing (L to R): J. Ro- mano, R. Friel, S. Conroy, J. Campagna- Department Chairperson, H. Margarita, W. Fillback. Seated: C. Ban- ulis. FINE ARTS L to R: T. Schwalb, F. Abra- hams- Department Chair- person, L. Feeley, D. Silva. 80 INDUSTRIAL ARTS STANDING (L to R): E. Martinez, W. Leuci, W. Daly. SEATED: M. Flana- gan, D. Koslowski, A. Parks, W. Waddleton- Department Chairperson. 81 GUIDANCE SEATED: G. O ' Toole, E. Brennan. STANDING (L to R):J. Feltch, S. Case, Mr W. Murphy- Director of Guid- ance. 82 SPECIAL EDUCATION Front Row L To R: Ms. D Kelley, Mrs. M. Dockery, Ms. L. Morey; Back Row: Ms. D. Feudo, Ms. R. Cittadini, Mr. A. Calabrese PHYSICAL EDUCATION L to R: W. Seabury, M. Ca- ruso, J. Fawcett- Depart- ment Chairperson, C. Car- bone, N, Padovani. Ilf . FACULTY: AT WORK 84 AND AT PLAY 85 " Nanu-nanu " " Where ' s the beef? " Welcome to the funny farm. Would you doubt a face like this? Most Likely To Succeed?? SHOWING OFF 87 Mike, your pants are on fire! " Did someone say cheese? " Jay and Bob, song and dance men elite. I think you ' re wrong, Mr. Kennedy. Come on, you ' ve got to be kidding me. 88 CAST. . . SENIORS James N. Alden Scott Allan Multi-talented Buddy-Captain of the Football team, M.C., and back scratcher. Debbie Anderson Joseph Ardizzoni Nick Argenio Sheryl Argiro CHRISTINE ALBINO R Memries 2getha may thay neva nd always 2getha 4eva frnds JSTHMGLLV CA ILU JON 4 eva 4just in case DE Comps Thisl + lmore JPEAK 6 17 18 83 BSOTCPE2fen 844RB Ber- mudaFH Prms All my love MOM DAD Paula Gramy Lisa JAMES N ALDEN friends, AK, RS, PP, TB, GD AMBI- TIONS TO JOIN THE AIR FORCE AND BECOME A PILOT DREAMS ARE REALITY AND REALITY IS A DREAM, LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT OUT TO BE SO STRIVE FOR YOUR DREAMS AND MAKE THEM REALITY!! SCOTT ALLAN Times The Voke, DunkNThepit, JR PROM, The Neighborhood, DF, P ' s partys, Kathys car. CC CM JD KW MT GP JS MRFLY ' s MT SV PROBLEMS w JBS Ski Club Summer 82 Good Luck Class of ' 84 Thanks MOM + DAD + rest of Family DEBBIE ANDERSON Never forget Good times with Maritza Credit Buzz Skizz PS BIG ' R ' Stripe, Stock The Gang You ' ll never make it! Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. Good luck Class of 84. JOSEPH ARDIZZONI " CONGRATULATIONS, YOU MADE IT! " (AND AS A SQUITO) (SQUITO LAY), SM (I LL FIND A WAY) A LOT OF GOOD MEMO- RIES -BASEBALL, HONOR SOCI- ETY, MATH TEAM, CAN ' T FOR- GET THE CUTLASS! DANCE FAC- TORY!! THANKS MOM AND DAD. NICK ARGENIO REAL NAME JOHNNY HOLMES " THE STUD ' MANAGER, SECRE- TARY STONEHAM SPARTAN BAND, l‘ 2 YEARS WITH THE SAME GIRL WOW! W.G.A.F. SHERYL ARGIRO Comfort me. Place your arms around me, But do not shelter me from reality. Realize that I must learn to stand alone. BASILS=JOY OPD the stairs Short- cake Lab Woman 143 Family Thanks JC TIP Trinity 90 Paul Armstrong Mark Arsenault Donald Bain Maria M. Baldwin Mark Barry Jon P. Barstow - NEVER FORGET GOOD TIMES LH. JC, BR, JP, MF + SOUTHIF., DSH FOOTBALL 7-1, SPECIAL VE TO NANCY, 8} SR -PROM, Is PARTY, SKI 93 THE PIT, Banks for the ride lance, Banks for all the help |»M, DAD + SCOTT . . MECCA Inald BAIN IVORIES: MONT 83, WALLY, Mr ■HMB-MICA, LJMASS, YAZ, LR, Cynthia Bass DS, AC. CW, CBALL W TS AS C. BROWN. " YOUR ALREADY THERE " Pet Peeves: COLORGUARD Happiness: KNOWING YOU WERE THERF.-I LOVE YOU MOM + DAD MARIA M BALDWIN Jesus Christ luvs ya and He wants to save ya so smile! Friends: MARK + VIN,! MichelleJA, Kara, Sue H, foreign friends: P Rick, BH, LHRICK, JF.F, BC+JC, CHRIS MEMORIES . . . Gag me with a typewriter. 1 31 82!!, Late nites w ALG, MBMICA. RE: NOCOMPROMISE MARK BARRY Just CANT FORGET the Bio class. Miss " D” Woldorf, Beulah, Yamo and the BORG, rmbr all the hockey games, those bizarre Sat nites orig vocab - - - yeah Van Halen the Jimmy C team Flan The LOVE of my life JON P BARSTOW Spartan Paint and Supply Co. Bongo, Bob, Steve Dick. Spartan Van. Zeppelin . . . The Crank It Up Room. Pudge, Chops, Hit-Man, Frank c, O ' B, Frank M. Hankus. Volvo 1. 3 ' 2 for Frank. Good luck to 1984 DANA BASKEN MADE LIFE LIVABLE: CZ, DC, DS, DW I ' LL NEVER FORGET: HOLLY, THIRD LUNCH, THE ORCHARD. LISA " I WANT MY MTV! " 91 Ron Bassill (Bon) Jason W. Bates Michelle Belmont Allan Mark Bennett (Albie) Hey Bud, Let s party! Traci Bornstein Kristen Boyle RON BASSILL (BON) I’ll always remember, DB BS SD MK MA SA PD PP PT BC GJ ABJ. And the rest of the Boys. I love ya 84 ladies. Good luck 84-How ' d that feel? Pretty Good!! The Fort 1 thanks Ma and Dad and Family I luv ya all-We did it Boys! Yeha! JASON W BATES 1 8 83; The STAIRS -ACS ADA - BIFDBM 5 PC, HD + CM, Jr. Prom MASP More! MORE! 9 4 83 The Ca- pe +JVL3, cafe study, lunch with ANNA, DL DW CZ FP MB DS MN TB+ GrPW; Quote: " Remember Yes- terday, Dream of Tomorrow, But Live for TODAY " ALLAN MARK BENNETT " ALBIE " DID VOLUNTEER WORK IN HELPING OTHERS IN A TUTOR CLASS OF 1980. ENJOY PLAYING AND WATCHING ALL KINDS OF SPORTS. MY FUTURE PLANS ARE TO GO INTO FOOD MANAGE- MENT AND OWN A LARGE RES- TAURANT. JENNIFER BLOUNT I LOVE YOU WALLY, ALWAYS REMEMBER GOOD TIMES WITH ANN, BABS SIS. HEY BIG SISTER I LOVE YA! IF YOU CAN IMAGINE IT YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT IF YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT YOU CAN BE- COME IT! GOOD-BYE SHS THANX MOM DAD. I DID IT DAVID BORGES NEVA 4GET GOOD TIMES WITH FRIENDS RB CG BS MG TBJM KM SD AB BM AS PM 12 11 81 69CPI- FORT ALLEYS ONE MORE FROM THE TRAX PLNTS DON ' T RATTLE MY CAGE WFYB GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 84 I MADE IT TOO DAD + AGNES LOVE YA TRACI BORNSTEIN Good Friends: ARBPJN MP SD, The Gang! Summer ' 83, TTC-TAB! BP- K ?! Ang-Friends 4-eva! Gymnastics! Its been real! If you can imagin it, you can achieve it. Thanks Mom, Dad and Scott -I love you! KRISTEN BOYLE MEMORIES: ADAM ANT, LOCKED OUT! CB, TOPSFIELD FAIRIO 83, SUMMER " 82 " " WITH PO TO. SBALL, BBALL W PT, AJ, CALDOR 10 83. FRIENDS 4-EVA: SD, LP, DM, JD, CC, SV, DG. SPECIAL THANKS TO MARK, MA DAD, I LOVE YOU. Lisa Boyle (Chicky) James Michael Brandt Paula Branson Steve Brown Michael (Bones) Bryant Michael Bulpett Anthony Burr Cheryl J. Burse Let ' s get physical LISA BOYLE (CHICKY) NEV4GET: reduce speed IDK Issues, BLIZZARDSBZ 4eva, Bday-YEEF. HA! got tubular all night Motel Hell! JHrock-C8WhipHill-UNOWHO, boozcrooz, Fiondas Mt., its so un- healthy! ucookie Luv-MBP, GP, LN, MF, DH, PB, BS, GOTTA LUV IT! JAMES MICHAEL BRANDT Deb 4 8 83; Statlar; Chillies Big dog- gin ' it; Rebels; Football; TIP; Go easy hoss; Frosh 7-1; Wilburt; I;1I tell ya; Jokes; Stories in Bio; Friends; 143;1 bul- let; Do it up; Flan; Baseball or Track?; Thanks Mom Dad PAULA BRANSON NEVER FORGET: L. Island, Snow, JR. PROM, MY LOVE RON. Good friends: GP, BS, LB, KH, LC, CB, LM, Always Had Great Times. My Dream, Co coa. PARTY, a Touch Good Times in Melrose The G ' s Freedom awaits its just a step away STEVE BROWN Good times -Keg partys in my back yard, ipswich with Stewy. Good times with Stewy, Mac, Dafa, RW, GR, TO, Tuftsie. Pet Peeve: Double Sessions. Kazprzak. Victory-Freshman Football season. Thanks Mom and Dad. MICHAEL " BONES " BRYANT Memories; bball 9-12, hoop, Stingui, Herald -box, Southie parties, lifting -225, 9 17 82, 5 14 81, 33, friends; TD.JC, MD, MK, MG, BR, MF, BD, LF. " I have only come here seeking knowl- edge . . . . " Special thanks to Mom + Dad MICHAEL BULPETT I LL NEVER FORGET: BIO. WITH JUMPIN JOESTATLER + WAL- DORF BEST FRIEND IN WORLD YAMO MIKE AND ELLEN YOUR FRIENDS ARE WEIRD SUMMER 83 at St. PATS WITH YOHN + MURPH LOOKOUT HERE COMES SPIKE BEULAH SWEAT CHERYL J BURSE Neva4-get GoodX ' s w LM LC KL PB JP JM JG DP MC EP BM ' s-FriNites BudT ' s Jr. P Sir J ' s Blowout T.T., St4, Sum ' 82, DW LCapescapes, RB, DI ' s Reduce Speed! Pet P: GYM. 3 Stoogez SPITE " Luv Me Now! " Chellow LJoe I Luv U M, D, S 93 Stacy picks up the vibes. Michelle Ciampa (Chumpa) Christopher Coleman USA CAPRARO I ' ll Nev-4get: 8 6 83 Cape cod Metro Jr. Prom RW RB Weirs Beach golfing Happines is: MK JB TE AN AF RS KS MM Quote: Always look ahead, never behind. Pet Peeve: eyeglasses LUV YAma + Dad Ch Pe NI Na " 84 " MARY CARROLL AW -SPEC LONGDIST Frshp PP JG CD CB LM MP NEVA forget Silvas FEB83 Just You and I; WAYH? Box CRUISE -STOMPERS METRO HAMPTON ML, NEED A HELMIT? " MOMENTS ARE TEMPORARY -MEMORIES ARE FOR- EVER " THANX MOM DAD + FAM LOVE YA MARIUS CARSTENSEN I was an exchange student from W. Germany for 1 year at this school and I want to thank everyone for the nice time. Good Luck for the future. My future: unknown ANGELO CARUSO Never 4Get: JrProm, Sum83, HTBCH, CAPE, Mid- nitcrew, Florida, Fun with, Rick, Janes, Zizza, Caz, Mig, Vidge, Gumby, Max, Guida, LL, CD, Lisa, LN, TBird, Zazza, Boston 69Street, Machu, Mich, MC, Police, Frank, Lucy, I Thanx Mom, Dad, Sis 84 KIMBERELY CHASE Memories: MIKE ISLY Summer 83 MOO! Bash 6 10 83 NYE ' stairs ' xmas w MP Jr Prom JC 9 79 Burnt Pizza CBS first-time ' Our Gang-AD, MD, BM.JH, PD! GTWGF-BP, Yarni.JH, Spraypaint -JC MARTHA LOVE YOU MOM DAD 84 LINDA CHRISTO NEVA 4get 7-25-83 MABK Good X s w CB LM EP KL PB JM JG MC DP MDJP CAPE ESCAPES -S A. CDB w LM. frinite-BMJG ' s bash. J Prom-SJ ' s. Bud T’s STUDY RB NE-4. TT DI FLA w EP 3 stoogez Beyes HBWJ. DwC. ILU MA + DAD G + G MICHELLE CIAMPA " CHUMPA " NEV 4G NICNAMCHUMPA GRATXS W DPJW MD JS LC CB LM MF UN CB SH 11258MES W DP SU NH FR IN ITS W MDDP9 OOJRP PROM THKS BOZ CRUZ SBMFRINT W LCCBDP JRSKPDAGHMFSG IN JWBD Dtprty 9283 WATCH REVLCCBLLPTY BCHBW " I DONT CARE " THKS MA + DAD CHRISTOPHER COLEMAN Binder: Memories The Pit Jr Prom Old 7 Smithies Southie PARTIES fona NH Mullys Dellas House Defa (Ralph) JD " Two Bullet TD ' Creepshow " JDKL down Smities Jd Td Ad Rv Dm Cm Sm Ds Pm " Hey STEVE " Georgetown Rember The Good Times TKS Mom Dad 94 Here she is, Mr. Rowell. Carolyn Crupi Robert Cunningham Mary A. Dakessian (Myren) Christine Dango Henry Danico Sandra J. Tello Danzig JIM CONNELL Becus, Southie, Great times w BR, MD, DM, MK, MB, MF. LH. TDs House. JRProm. BBall CRN of Sum- mer + Pine. MAs House w JB! 5PTa- seos. Hockey 83 7. BPT w Amy W. HI! MT, CD, LL, CC. QUOTE: ALL GOOD THINGS MUST END. Thanks Ma Dad for everything JOSEPH A COSTA Never Forget: DF " SPRAY PAINT " My Little Red Corvette w Martha Jr Prom w TS Somerville Sr Prom w DB UB High w JD, DB, FL, MM and JT. The Cape w Dom, Hampton w Jim, and the Feast w Davelll Thanks Mom Dad CAROLYN CRUPI Memories: Vs grad. Party + the day after. 10 1 83 Proms Tennis + G + S Bermuda Trips to WM. Summer 83. FKMLTB - " Leach " " Friends- MPVCMKEL Quote: Memories of yes- terday will last a lifetime -STYX Thanx Mom Dad ROBERT CUNNINGHAM I’ll always rember my Gym class. I ' ll never forget my friends Peter, Matt, Dave, Jackie, Bruce and Laurie. MARY A DAKESSIAN (MYREN) Remember Good Times w JS LN JW DP MC MF LC CB LM Good Times at HSCliffs SHUNCK9s Boose CR My BRemember No strings attached GTA FRB PM JP PD JR SKIP Day Good Harbor C Canada Dedicated To Grand Ma ILUMAMSS CHRISTINE DANGO Memories Boz Cruise w J.C. 4th July wknd 83 2.50 Laughs Snowstorms cele- brate Rockport Seafood Bash 83 Lived 4 wknds vodka w T.S. Sum. of 83 Had to cut off DECA Florida Thanx Mom Dad + Family Love Ya HENRY DANICO Memories: " Hankus " B.K. Gang Florida 83 Summer-N.H. " 83 " 6 10 83 Shaved Head. Yarnie Kim Jeff Mark Electronic Last year of school, " wow " Hope to see ya Love you Mom Dad. SANDRA J TELLO DANZIG Times with Eddie luvya 4eva friends 4eva LP, GP, KB, TP Memories with Eddie locked out CB out to lunch Times with Mom Dad work at alpha A Thanx Mom for all your support Luv ya Glad It ' s Over 95 Ms. Garuti contemplates the folly of the human race. Francis M. Days Robert F. Deal Anthony M. DeFlumeri Todd D. DellaPorta Susan M. DelTergo Roy Demmons JODY DAY The Lake, CLOSEUP, Memories w DS, Nov 8, host families -Japan, Mex, Pet Peeve -snobs Activities- SAC, Ski Club, Drama, Government Quote: Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved. CUinD.C. MICHAEL J DAY " I Will Follow " U2 Baseball + Hock- ey. Good Times w Southie, BUD, MF, JC, MB, TD, MK, MG, BD Never for- get DEB E-LCZZ TOP + The Police. JV Ball v. Read 5 6 83’ Stingui, 82- even, LEN Specs, X-Mas Trees What ' s Up. Thnx Mom + Dad FRANCIS M DAYS Bands, 4th Row, FHP, MASP 83, SIG- MA, LABMAN; Shorty let me drive! CB DOWN UNDER SL-Di MON- TREAL, J- DAY, THANX M + D; JB, BI, SD SA + Y-BOOK STAFF WE DID IT! THINK ONLY OF THE PAST AS ITS REMERANCE GIVES YOU PLEASURE. ROBERT F DEAL Memories 8 5 83 L.A. Joanne I Bullet - a Bird Xtingui A1 JP3 G All at the way Bee Burner JPP + 2 more home Thata Zi South No FF here MB TD KG SS " It hurts + its hell but that ok we like it here” (JDM) ANTHONY M DEFLUMERI TO BR WC OG RN AT DC CF MJ DM BSC 82 83 84 exchange Jim Hen- drix Penn Canada taxing around at 3 in the am in a foriegn land George T Musicals dial + smile Cecil JR PROM Binder Dellaeggsd food Thanks for everything Mom And Dad Good bye SHS TODD D DELLAPORTA DELLA . . Never Forget: THE PAR- TY: JD’s, I TAKE, RR; AD ' s, G-town, ALPO, HEAVE: BRO’s, HNY, JS (ML!); 9-JM lO-MK ll-VC AMY, MS+ EL, LH, BR DEFA, CW, PP, NT, PRU BINDER, POLICE 2 CREEPSSHOW CRASH CADDY THANX MOM + D (DAD DON) SUSAN M DELTERGO Happiness is skiing and Tennis! I Love You Mom Dad. Never Forget Joanne, Bri, Mike John GC. Six Proms. Expand your Horizons. Loon Mt. Camping with Glenn C. Annies Song. Mr M AR BP TB SD JH 12 yrs Star ROY DEMMONS Happiness is my family and friends. RS, MM. AND ME ALWAYS RE ; MEMBER: AC DC 81, Summer 83, Thanx Mom 96 Paul D. d’Entremont Beth ' s home away from home John Devereaux Linda Devine Anthony DeVito Diane Differ Rudolph DiMeco Michael Doe CHRISTINE " CHRISSIE DENNIS INF JEFF 52083 NEMES UA-LL PARTYING PIT SOUTHIE VDKA 1 PROMS BASHES-LGJ RAHMR MGMG FH-10 LONG TALKS SSLHCFLG-IF I HAD TO LIVE MY LIFE OVER THERE IS NOTHING I WOULD CHANGE - THANKS GM BR THANKS MOM. DAD FAMILY PAUL d ENTREMONT NI Friends: BM. MD. JH.JD, KH 6-10-83 Yarnies Party. " Party-pack ' . Breakfast at Seasons 9:15 BK Breakfast Beach -trip with friends NH Good times at cottage with family. Thanks Ma and Dad JOHN L DEVEREAUX Past Dreams: Good times with friends; M L. S.S. Playing hockey. Happiness is: Family -thanks for everything Mom Dad. Future plans Cape Cod, College. Quote " Love understands Love, it needs no talk.” LINDA DEVINE MEMORIES: FRANK 1LU 12-31-81 NYE PARTY GOOD FRIENDS Mel Rog LDW w SB LM R F I GOTTA GO. White Mnrs MT wash. JR PROM HAPPINESS IS KNOWING YOU MADE IT THROUGH ANOTHER DAY THANKS SKL Ma and Dad. I MADE IT! ANTHONY J DEVITO (Del) Remember the good times with our classmates. Chief. P.D. and the memories with R.D Thanks to Mom and Dad. Many are called but few are chosen Good bye from your friendly neighborhood spider - man. Star Trek DIANE DIFFER The House JD Pty-Can I try that ' Hampton Beach - Reactions qtrs Dance Factory -DP DP BS SUM Ro- mance 8 24 83 Secrets -CCDP Scout -TV Knobs Jeep Nite FF-DP CC BS KC EL TKI LabsBIood sis NYE con PW ' S loc. I Made It! RUDY DiMECO Always Remember SLW, SOMEONE LIKE HER HAPPENS ONCE IN A LIFETIME. SO GLAD SHE HAPPENED IN MINE MIDNIGHT DRAG RACES. THE HITMAN COAT ZONE NIGHTS IN THE BIG CITIES. DANCING THE NIGHT AWAY. . . MICHAEL DOE GG CHERYL and MIKE 6 27 83 The PedMo- hawks castlebefore 83 9 7 82 Quarters JD JAFE d ' ANT ERNIE AL and Miller ARE THE BEST! THANKS MA. DAD. ROB and MEAR PS. Keep It Away! I Can t go out This Year I’m grounded. 97 Jamie M. Doherty John Donaghey Sheila Donnelly Valory D’Onofrio What lies ahead for " Cheatin Jane " ? ! Maura J. Doran Diana M. Doucette Paul Doucette Stacy Doyle JAMIE DOHERTY MEMORIES: Kris Po, purple hair, F.H. 83, Old Time Rock and Roll, uva, CC, TC, SG, Bones, DiMart, MSx2, Tom the A Team, HNIB, JC. RO, MK, DD, CF, DD. PD, JA, Thanx: Mom, Dad, Jim, Mike, Nana, Larry, Ange, Misha, Everyone, LUV YA! JOHN DONAGHEY THE STU CRASH, TRIPININ NH, 7 IN 223, TX-CSNOW STORMS, SUNRISE OVER QUANNA POWEITT, THE PIT, FEATS DON ' T FAIL ME NOW, STEPHEN, MID- DLE-EARTH, MULLY, CHRIS, PHIL, LOUGE. MIG, CHRIS, RAN, JOHN, VIDGE HAVE A GOOD ONE ' 84 VALORY ANN D ' ONOFRIO MEMORIES: Being with my friends. Played on the softball team, trips to Florida, NY and NH. Laughing and cheering with my friends in school. The best class ever 84. MAURA DORAN ZUT! Were we loud? CHETTA VBALL 3. Softball, H-HASH, Pleas- ant Mr. Juniors 81-83, AMF SHMOE BETHY STAKY RAVI PW SA DO BF MG SD RB ERIN, MITCH, C CINTHINI-Fia, Alive w Pleasure! Sludge WIFFLEHEADS-ML ILY M D DIANA M. DOUCETTE H. Hash. PAW, ZUT, Bean, Meg, Chetta, Ann, DA, TM, DO, U, SD, VBALL, hoop, SB, Underground NH! 6, Backstairs, Were we loud? JrProm, DW, PBASH, AMF, LICORICE. Jrs. Tenn. Chicago, South " We re here for good time, not a long time " PAUL DOUCETTE ALWAYS WILL REMEMBER: Mr. K ' s class; COMMA, Complex Conju- gates. Jumpin ' Joe ' s class-lots of laughs; RD and his loud music, AD and his brother Frank the Seminarian; Spez and Ron and their basketball games. STACY A. DOYLE Bill M-the " poop " , Methuen, SA, TG, Meg D, JC, JC, AR, RM. AH, BI, FD, MM, JB ! . SD, Zut, Chetta, MD, Ajax, Bean, Megga. V-Ball, States, camp, piz- za. scar, RA, RB, Amer. vs. Jap., AMF, Hampton-SB, TBGTR, FF, I luv u, Mom, Dad, Maura, Stephen. 98 Donald Drover Albert Duff Joseph Dufour Nancy Duggan Jason English Luke Fabiano The Transcendental Meditation Club DONALD DROVER I ' ll always remember my friends in the cafeteria like Matt and Laurie. I ' ll miss Miss Kelley, Mrs. Dockery, Miss Morey, and Mr. Calabrese. I’ll never forget Stoneham High. AL DUFF ER-BIG AL THE GUN ' 83 MD, JD, PD, JH, MAC, MULLY, MECCA FBP- JR. PROM JOE MAMA SAN MR RI- CHARDSAN-MY FAVORITE TEACHER, SMOKE A BUTT. THE STATION OFFICE THE ROCK RED RODNEY THE HORNET-LUXURY OR SPORT .... MANY THANX JOE DUFOUR JD MD We made it! Good times w RB db BE NE Yaky and KM a real hot ticket! Homeroom Spiccoli and Mr Hand Thanks Mom, Dad, Mike, Cheryl PASSED GEOMETRY! NANCY D. DUGGAN ND LOVES FP; Lake Ospw KS, DM, JS; The xchange " 83”; KS loves " horses” ws w Patty Chuck police 83 The Lake Congradulations class of 8-4 Hampton Beach 83 w KS (The Strip)pt at cr Loved jrpr; Thanks Mom Dad. PETER EAGAN So I ' m packing my bags for the Misty Mountains, where the spirits soar, over the hills where the spirits fly. -L.Z. Bleacher Club Stoneham 1 JASON A. ENGLISH Always remember THE TRACK PEO- PLE . . . They got the silver . . Good Times, Bad Times . . . Rottin ' at SOTS ' S . . Hope to see you all in CA. -THANX MA!-Ftw " YOU CAN ' T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT " - byJAG- GER AND RICHARDS LUKE FABIANO NEVER FORGET DW PR MF MG MD MB JC TD BR SOUTHIF. HOOP BBALL 9 44 JP ' 83 4-8-83 9-17-82 HAPPINESS IS BEING WITH JAYE X ' s Os THANX FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIP JAYE I NEED U NOW MORE THAN EVA ZOSO THANX MOM DAD LUV YA! 99 Jean Fallon Michael A. Fantasia Cheryl Fields Thomas Foss Deborah Fowlie Marisa Frazzica Jim notices a change in Michael ' s coiffure. rosr tuitf JEAN (BEAN) FALLON Summer 83 MEDGI, DO, JS, MD, SD, LW, SR, CS, DU, AJ, WO PAPA-PPP BACKSTAIRS 12-31-82 PPS AMBU- LANCE RIDE-Geils V- balls STATES- MGRBB -BALL -JFS- BALL -MMCB 7-13-82 " EVEN NOW " Baby Boom 83 I LUV YOU FALLON FAMILY, GEBFAM Fut-Colltcall! MICHAEL A. FANTASIA LMG 143 A F DM 82-84Journey Styx Jumpin ' Joe POLICE -83? REGEL MB 79-84 C. BROWN -82 Guarding the Bank-83 Boys in Blue Jr. Prom Never Forget: MAILBOX USA-TODAY 11 in lCar QUOTE " DON ' T WORRY ABOUT IT " Thanx MA PA CHERYL FIELDS MEMORIES: DI 7 1 83 MY 8 83; Summer " 83 " , HNIB " 83 " : VM; MK; CS; JM; KO: PW 9 16 83 Again! Ber- muda " 84 " 9 23 at BL ' s; F-KC; MP;JD; DD; JF; MG; ND; KS; BP; PT; KB; TM; JN; Peterpan; Bleachers 10 1 Helf s; FP Thanxs CW; Mom Bruce MATTHEW A. FIONDA Southie Reigns my good friends Ed Rick Bones Jim Bud Ang DM MP Memories Menu w Rick Rte 95 to 128 wMigga Happiness is: vtw Dad the cape escape Monny BB Death Lets Win 1 Guys than x Ma Dad I Luv U Both MARCIA FOLEY I ' ll always remember all my teachers. I liked working at Hojo ' s. I’ll never for- get Donald, Mary Jo, and the lunch ladies. DEBORAH FOWLIE I ' ll always remember Rick and the good times we had; Monad- inock. Crispy; yg; " WFG”; Chuck; Summer 82- Augl9-83; CM, MM, DM.JP, JG, DC, AP. KI, DH. BM, MAC ' S 4th July at RL; Face; Doc; SHAKE IT UP; Van- Halen; Melfield Crew! MARISA FRAZZICA Un4getables x ' s Neil Young W Scottie DECA Seger Proms JH 17 B-DAY many blizzards Neva4get Suf All the Gang " Count your age by frnds not yrs count your life by smiles not tears " THANX MOM DAD DI I LUV U! 100 " Billy Jean is not my lover, she ' s just another girl who . . . " Susan Gillespie Jane Gillis (Jane-o) DAWNE D FRENCH NEVER FORGET Buz. DEBIT, KS. NA. NO. NAMES. DW. mugga chugga, THE PROM. DL. ML. THE FLAG SQUAD. TRACK DD. FD. PAAB. TALLA. BUBBLES. MB. LEU. LEFTY. RIBBONS RF.MEER DB in 10 th grade ENGLISH PHONE HOME E T YODA. SHARP ' THERESA GAFFNEY Don ' t walk in front of me. I may not follow. Don ' t walk behind me. I may not lead Just walk beside me and be my friend. Love you, mom, ellenmarie! PJT Thanks! Special friends are forever. Deb, Tip . . . MITCHELL (Eddie) GALLAGHER NEVER FORGET SOUTHIE MF BUD RAT MEL JC TD TIED UP AT THE CAPE AC RI JZ MNYC MIGGA RV RG GM CHEM LAB W JANICE 9 17 82 BB DEATH FRIENDS LL CD GM LS BS LN ML JOLH THANKS TO MY FAMILY " BE- WARE THE MOON " LISA MARIE GALUNA WHEN YOU GIVE THE WORLD THE BEST YOU HAVE. THE BEST COMES BACK TO YOU-NF AH SS JS CD LL MR MG LT KN DK GH KOCWKND. VBALL, DDOME, " SILLY GOOSE " MOMH, JHLHPM, 428, FM I ' M YOURS. MUCH LOVE TO YOU MA Sc DAD Sc GRAM FRANKIE MEG GEBHARD ' MF.GGA " 20 Backstairs 12 31 82 pepsitpizza- BEANTDI, RW. DO. JS. UVA. LW. SR. CS. PW. BR. LTDt. JACK. RICH. " COACH " BEATLES LUV MOM. DAD. Sc FAMILY BUTCH Sc HUTCH GAMES ANKLE PROMS " WHAT ABOUT ME " APT. cal. $. car! TV LIVE! LOVE! Sc LAUGH! JANET GERARDI GOOD TIMES-9th gr ITALY VBALL CONF PAR - TYS MVILLMA LLMVIESSPAZLI BSTDY VA- CATION GG CONCERT 108 REVBEACH SLE- POVERS GDFRNDS AMY DIANNE JILL IDIALOVA AND OVA GO INTO BOSTON BUT MSSNG BUSH MECHEM CLS GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 84 THANKS MOM AND DAD! SUSAN GILLESPIE A Good Frnd Is A 4Eva Frnd: PM KS GP LT GD ALLUVEM Dble Trble LACES mem w SS The NH Sc Mt Partys Keg PEARLHs Zep TOOD SEngft Scoop BTMP FH Proms ONO Most Wasted Day Isl Which UHavent Laughed MAL LUV to JOHNNY THANX MA DAD AN NEGRAMPA GOD JANE JANE-O! " GILLIS FORMERLY A FIXTURE OF SHS NOW RESID ING IN THE TWILITE ZONE. 5—82, Cal 82 w,. Forks, bndg Nandvr, FNgrls3, SpdTmto. Yup-WR- Qs ' PgPtl! THANX 2 FAMILY. MAC Sc BNZ, Zizlvo, FRNDA, The Bellas, McMakins, esp. Bob Sc MOM -I LUV U-4evr 101 Kevin Gosson Christopher Gover Michael poses as the Marlboro Man. Monica Granfield Donna Gray Robert Guida Joanne Halvorsen MARITZA D. GONZALEZ NEVER FORGET. ALL MOM DAD HAVE DONE, GOOD TIMES WITH SONIA!!! ' SKIZZ! DEB, CHUGGA MUGGA! MB GS GREEN EYES, 1 NURSES OFFICE MICKEY! SPIN- OFF DANCE FACTORY! DAVID! ' KISS 108 YOULI. NEVER MAKE IT! " WEIGHT ROOM! KENNETH J. GOSSON GOSS - Foot ball - Base ball - Hockey. Goodrimes . Southie -Pit -Prom -Nicks. Friends -DC, SB, MF, MR, LH, MS. College Bound. Thanks Mom, Dad Family. NICOLE -CHIP. Best of luck class of " 84 " KEVIN GOSSON Goose, Football 44 triends JC, LH, MR, MA, MF. MD, PD, MD, MS, CD, LL, KM, TH, AS, LN. THANKS MOM DAD and whole family Good Luck Class OF " 84” NICOLE and CHIPPER CAREER-STATE TROOP- ER CHRIS GOVER Good luck DB RB DP KM PA DM and THE REST OF THE CREW Good luck all the 1984 Girls AH DH MP PM SKIPPF.N WITH MURPH PARTY- ING OVER DAVE ' S I ' LL NEVER FORGET and THANKS MA and DAD MONICA GRANFIELD NEMF.S Bermuda 84 SPAZ Proms JAX Southie BTSP7 83 L@ 2:30 Sumrs PIT 26 " fust Once ' KN ' S Party Skiing, Cheering ANITS Thanks M D Good Friends CD LL CA SS JS KN LT AH MR I-G QLIOTE! Such A Fine Memory I think I ' m Gonna Take It w Me.- GLCD84! ROBERT H. GUIDA MEM: Pit, SPARTAN HOCKEY, Southie Good Friends: RV GM I,H GM ML OM DT. Proms, SF.GER83, Stanley Cup 6-0. MGA. MNYC, New Yrs 83. Migas, MISERY; 3 Pieces, EKG, Knee; Pet Peeve; Frosh Party, Vedging ALL MY LOVE MOM DAD, JOHN. STEVEN JOANNE HALVORSEN Memories: GTWGF esp SUE KC KH SB BP KS (details) fun( ' ) at BK 6- 10-83 SS at Brlngtn Mall CVS! PG C Bearmobile chev 0-3 Canobie LK wac- a-mole 4-23-83 ILTS !! Luannefest! Jr Prom-MT SD 12 yrs LUV 2 M D 102 Glenn and Sheree-a trip to the marriage counselor? Amy Hartung JEFFREY J HALLEY IN SEPT 7 CASTLE ROCKS QUITOS DOEBROS PENTJD DUFF SKID ERNIE WALLACE QUATERS FAIR LANE THAT DIDN ' T MOVE MONTVALE BK JP gr anada waem my ears MCNUGGETSPP JUNE 10 OCT7 WILLIAM J. HANLEY I LOVE YOU. ANDREA 1-21 -83 Remember SR PROM. THANKS A N.. MOM Sc DAD. Nana Sc granpa H R, El Julie. Remember Swamp, cops ar South, Hamack, JD Sc DM Sc BE. " Say Goodbye it ' s Independence Day " BS Poppie and Tigger AMY E HARTUNG Memories: Lake Placid 81, U.S. Champs ' 83. B.M.F.G.M; Chatham, Fudge Rum, Dolly Monsa, Are the boats the right way?, Schoolhouse it!; The bell ' s gonna ring. l.U.T.K , Pear pimples for hairy fishnuts. DAVID HF.MENWAY NEVER FORGET. GAYLE Unicorn MAINE. BBUGS SONG IN THE BREEZE ML GEORGE " DAZZED AND CONFUSED! GIRLS. THEY BLOW MY MIND WITHOUT CHANGE TIME STANDS STILL " THANKS MOM and DAD LOVE YA GAYLE KAREN HENDERSON Always Remember -NA KK MD KD BB SS esp LAURIE- mtffr Sc soph yrs Naz. GTWGF KCJH SB BP BK GANG JN- 10-83 JH S PY-car crash. Lex SS w KCJH BP BRLINGTN MALL-CVS PG C Can- obi Lk wac-a-mol LLJV YOU MOM Sc DAD ANNIE " ANIMAL " HICKEY Cape " 83 " DANCIN ON TABLE SPAZ- MICHELE VIT BEC TATS RIT -BAD CURAD PUP-BUD- CANDY HICK NEVA 4-GETCCHUCKY 10-24-82 JR PROM JSP BASH CP GANG BM PM DMJP B-DAY NB RW CA 2-MA-CC-FAM THANKS MA AND DAD William Hanley David Hemenway Larry Hill DI HICKEY ONY ' EMERSON, REVEREPARK WA Y, ST. ANTHONY ' S FEAST. CAPE, WONDERLAND, SUFFOLK. SUMMER 81. SIDEVIEW. A GREAT COLPARTY-TUNA. BK II. HICKNO. READ- ING. CAFE. WHENYOU DON ' T KNOW THE ANSWER ACT CUTE. TERI Sc RAY-BEST WISHES TZ LARRY HILL " LIDGE " MEM Pit, V. Hockey, G-Oistanley Cups, good friends -RGMLGMRVDTGM, SEGAR. MGA NU WKND SOUTHIE 9 17 83 New YRS ' 83 DZ PP: warm Bud, frosh parties " There is no ladder to suc- cess. It ' s a greased pole " Thanks MOM Sc DAD Theresa Hunt Richard Imprescia Beth A. Isabelle Maureen Keith ANDREA M. HOWARD NEVA - 4 -GET NAMES, NYCW RAMBL WCAPC. BCRDI VDKA, THE ZONE. MS. MNGLIA, KOC WKND. PARA 12 GALUNA JR PROM w PC. SPRINGSTEEN, PCC -WHERE IS EVERYONE: SOCCER 82 8c 83-CLAMS. GIMME A NICKEL! BASHlO-81 8c NEWYRS E 8c C: THANX DADMA 8c FAMILY JANE HUGO Luv u MOM 8c DAD. Thanx for evryting Good Luck Class of ' 84 " GOOD TIMES JayPk JProm VDKA Night JCD Hamton Parade w JTL Re- member 4 eva " 84 " !! " If you take the chance you ' ll never dream of what might have been " LANCE T. HULT HULTIE . . Great times w JC, BR. MA. BC, MF. DM, JD, Southie 8c the Girls. Talks w TH, CD, SV, LL, SS. LG, JS TD ' s Party, Pit. Jr. Prom w ichy, B- Pt w JC. AW B- Balls. Football Capt 50. 9th 7-1, Special Luv to Bebe 8c Roy 8c Family DAWN MARIE HUNT The Past Is Now Present 8c Yesterdays Gone No Sitting In Clas Begming 2 Yawn No Teachers Com- plaining About Doing Your Work Nobody Beside You Beina Jerk The Seniors Are SAying Good By 2 Their Friends In Hopes That The Memories Never Do End. ILYC THF.RESE HUNT Memories Good Friends LV, AS. JS, KM, CA, LN, RV. RG. LH, ANIC Times w JE Thanks CV. Ch83, Wshing on a Star YB8283 Proms 5 82, 4 83, 6 83 Pet Peeve Saying " GoodBye” Bermuda 84 RmSV Thanks DAD, MOM. STEVE. BILL I LOVE YOU ' RICHARD FINNY " IMPRESCIA 6-24-82 Jane I Luv USept82 CAPE ESCAPE WAC. ZIZ. MF. MG Passout RIP SPD TMTO Soc-Hoc- BenGAy-Fuego Heli 8c Jane-O 8c Friends I MISS U CAZ (MYC Sum 83) Thanx Jane For Making it Fun For Me Thanx MOM 8c DAD Luv u 4evr BETH ISABELLE . . Find him in the dark chemiland Pleasant Mt BSLA lives ' J-ba 115 Good Luck; SAMW Ravi Elisa Maura Scott, love always Thanks Mom Dad Scott Lisa " Imagination is the eye of the soul " MAUREEN KEITH MEMORIES: Jr Prom w AW-DR Im not dancin Cape 82 w GP T T 83 w Gin 81 Halloween w MC Summer 82 DM, SC, TD, BJ. Castle Rock Tango at 4 Quote A TRUE Friend is Forever. Thanx Mom 8c Dad Love ya Always! 104 Ron and Steven, How do you spell relief? Dennis LeDonne Karen J. Legor JOSEPH KELLY Memories: 4 GREAT YEARS, 4 GREAT SUMMERS, NH CAMP, PLYMOUTH 83 w GC, SC, WD SOUTHIE, JC. BR. LH, MD, MB, BD, TD, AND CHEESE-BOY-MK- GOOD GUYS. THANK YOU MOM AND DAD. BEST OF LUCK CLASS OF 84 MICHAEL KERRIGAN Remember the Cheeze SOUTHIE: TD, JC, BR, MD, MF, MB, BD, MG, " In the long run we always won " Bones Gym Never Forget CC, EL, LH, RI, MB, F.P, TB, GB’s SHS Hockey 4 yrs. Stingui nights Thanks For Everything Mom Dad JOHN LAMB MEMORIES 75 CHOOPER 77 Very bad time 81 Active again Dec. 82 Aug. 20, 82 July 12, 83: METRO WO Fri. 16, 83: Football WON Oct. 1, 83: Party ERIN LANGIN Memories: short bch Nahant nn g Proms The Police Quick raid w Mitch Crupe Star Cape 83 MICHAEL WHAT CAN I SAY. ' I ' M YOURS FOREVER JUNE 2 82 BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE R WITH U OF YOU THANX MA DAD, MR MRS. S DARLENE THERESA LE BLANC (LEFTY) Lieug Fingers, R. never forget the wonderful x ' s we had in majorettes. Class of 84 thank you for being so nice, you got class, the truth I love ya all. GOD BLESS YOU AND BEST WISHES TO ALL. DENNIS LeDONNF. Thankful 4 weekends smoke shows full coolers w JORM. Spy rock The forts Neil Youngregret broken leg 81 wint of 82 Jr. Prom crashn chevell w BP White MtThanx Family Nashua This Buds for you my fellow friends KAREN J. LEGOR MEMORIES: SENIOR JUNIOR PROMS, 83, FALL FESTIVAL, 735- KS, FUN TIMES W CBLCJDLMLTKNGT AT LAKE Q, CHRISTOS- ALWAYS 10-2-83, THANKS MOM DAD-I LOVE YOU THOUGH THE DAYS MAY PASS, OUR MEMORIES WILL LAST FOREVER. 105 Maureen Lundy Patti MacDonald Laurie Lusardi Peter MacDonald Steven MacNeill Michael Leydon What, me worry.- ' Kathleen Maher Lisa Marasca MICHAEL LEYDON GOODFRIENDS: RG, DT. RV, GM, LH, DM, KD, MEM: SEGER, POLICE 8 Pt, PARADE, HOCKEY, TENNIS, BRGMS, CUTLUSS, LECTURES, " Y " N.H. MGA.JrProm, Gumby WOODS, THE RES. TOGA. THANKS MOM DAD I LUV YOU! COMMENT: I FI- NALLY MADE IT . . SO FAR MAUREEN LUNDY Rem, MAJORETTES: Liey, Lefty, FIN- GERSALL OF THE FUN TIMES FROSH BANQUET 80-81 dances, weekends SOFTBALL: 82, 83 84M MULVI, YODA, SCED CLASS of 84 THE BESTNEVF.R FORGET DF DL THANKS MOM AND DAD! LAURIE LUSARDI NEMES NEVER FORGET: JR PROM BERMUDA THE PIT TENNIS IWALBR SOUTHIE SPECIAL FRIENDS: CD UMBA MG SS AH MR JS LT KN LG CA TH JS LV KM AS SV MT BY MM LH BR MG JC RV RG GM DT GM RI MK AC DM JM JG LL BR SEVER LOUIE LOULABELLE BTSP ILY MOM DAD PATTI MAC DONALD NEVA 4GF.T WILD TIMES WITH GOOD FRNDS OLD FRNDS SG DM MP KS RB BS LD CG DB 12 11 81 ily PITA PEJB SPRIN- KLERS FORT APT4-DECA BERMTRIPS GUIDE POLES PHS GRN M MS DBLE trble ALLU- VEM! THRG WE MADE IT GUYS LOVE THANX! STEVEN MAC NEILL Ayah should think you would. Pitza, Dennis Ogunquit Maine. Chevy Malibu and GMC Suburban Jr. Prom with Ja- nice Sackc-tt, Kurt Welling and Mulli- gan. Apple Picking, Newbury port Summer of 83 KATHLEEN MAHER Friends; TH, AS,JS. LV. Dedication to my Dad ILU Good times. VP82, Proms, Cheering, Tabby the Pit. Bermuda 84 Quote " , . . So it ' s the laughter we will remember . . Good Luck Class of 84 Thanx to MOM AND SISTERS ILU LISA MARASCA NEVA FORGET PETER 1-8-82 CBL CEPJDPBJGJMKLJ SM CJP SUM- MER 81 -2 JR PROM SJ BLOWOUT BRIFRINITE CHELLO TRAK PAU- LA, REDUCE SPEED GOOD xs w EVE FAMILY 3 STOGGEZ SPITE MS. BIALY PETER MA, DAD MSD UR 1 I LUV U 106 Elisa Mas Glenn Maxwell Peter, Paul, And Murrin Denise McCarron Debra McGuire Jane McMakin Joseph McManus ROBERT MARCUCCI JR. We know what we are, but know not what we may be . . . RT. 38 with Gena, Todd, F.lise. Dr Dan, The Condos, the Cape at B ' s House, MASP, the stairs - MM, SA, JB, FD, BI. The Steal-3PC, Florida ' 83 . ■ • w TTM D F.LISA MAS GOOD DAYS: FIRST TIME I OPENED MY LOCKER. LOST IN THE T WITH BI. SL SPANISH AND FRENCH CLASS. WEEKEND IN NEWTON, GERMAN PARTY AT HS GLENN MAXWELL N E V A4get. DOUG, GUMBY. VIDGE. LIDGF.. RG ML. CD. JC. MIJLLY. Mem. " Best. of. my. Love, ” Luv. you. Forever. Sherre Pit. MGA. SHS. Hockey. Seger. " Night Moves " Maine. THANKS. 4everything. GPar- ents. Craig. Paul. Lauren. Grizo Love. MOM DAD DENISE MC CARRON Happiness is being with Patricia, Mat- thew and Maryjo. Favorite teachers: Ms. Scarpa, Ms. Morey, Mrs. Dockery, and Mrs. Gray. Favorite Times at SHS: Pep Rallies, working in the library and art class. DEBBIE MC GUIRE MEMORIES OF SPECIAL TIMES: OCT. 21, 1982 VIP MEETING LOU! NYE 82 JR SR PROMS CLOUD 9 17 Wens. ILY WEIRDO T.F. WAY 66-BYE! 2.2: I.LPM TGKBML DECA BF.RTRIPS SKIPPIN PITA PEJ TO MAL. THANX MOM DAD LOVE IS LOU FOREVER! JANE " MACKIE " MC MAKIN FORMERLY A FIXTURE OF SHS NOW RESIDING IN THE TWI- LIGHT ZONE. 6-24-82 RICK I LUV U! Cal 82wJ, FORKS, BNDG-N- ANDVR, FNGRLS 3, SPDTMTO - RIP, YUP-WR QS! XMAS 82wBUN ZO-JAG, ZIZ, IVO, CAS FRNDS THANX MOM DAD HELI I LUV U! JOSEPH MC MANUS MEMORIES: NH " 83 " 3 26 83 at WESS ' S 4 9 83 at PERRY ' S DRIV- ING IN LAMB ' S 68 FALCON with DAW. PUP, WOODY. JV BASEBALL 107 Scott McNulty Francis Melanson David M. Migliorini Scott Miller At this institution, the attendants wear white. Jon Minotti Jamie (Ducky) Monteiro FRANK MELANSON FRIENDS DDDTSRM PF SCREAM- ING GUITARS CROSS FIRE THE ANSWERS FAVORITES: RD SUM- MER NIGHTS RAINBOW PARTIES WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU MOM FAMILY TWINS LOVE YOU ALL THANKS GOOD LUCK 84 MONTE CARLO LCR, 212 JR PROM DAVID MIGLIORINI " MIGA " Mem BHGC, BWAY BUD TALLS Pitt ♦CLASH JO ES MG AC PD JP KM GM RV RG JG Hele 1 H ; 0 in 233 Brigs MNY CRushn RUlet TAT2 EA- GLE DEVO BEATLES MOHAWK RT 95 128w MF amnesia? CCDR tJRPR OM bliz ID Mag7 Magot PROM Bish GIRLS Thanx Dad Anita SCOTT MILLER IT ' S BEEN A LONG AND LONE- SOME HIGHWAY BUT LOOKS LIKE I MADE IT Camping in July up Cold Springs N H REMEMBER DOUG DWAYNE. CONGRADS to BROTHER BOB FOR HIS MAR- RIAGE AND NEW SISTER IN LAW PATTY SD GS PA PG WK DARIN " GUMBY " MINGHELLA Mem: Pit, Spartan Hockey Good Friends: PA LH RG DT RV GM DM ML, SF.GER 83, Proms, Flo rida NH Bermuda 6-0 Bash M GA, NU WKND New Yrs 83, Pet Peeve: Frosh Parties, Miseries: 3 Pieces Quote: I Did IT My WAY. Thanks Ma Dad MARK MINICHIELLO JESUS WANTS TO SAVE YOU!! IF YOU ASK HIM! FRIENDS: Maria!!! ROB! Michelle!! 4N FRIENDS: Mike, Mo, 2 DB’s. BH, LH. JA!!!MEMORIES . . . LATE NIGHT ALG, CHF.MI- LAND! Mega joviality in art class. DON ' T CONFORM. It ' s boring!!! JON MINOTTI JM CA 4EVA. NVA 4Get, The Pit CAPE CALM HAVING THIS LAND MORE. JO Sc PMAu Augustines. JD SC OT JO PM DM DM SM. FAB PHW Beach Fablose Ya keys much. QUOTE: Thinging about what a friend had said hoping it was all egd luck els 84 luv ya DAD MA ED AL MIKE ROSS Two minds, four arms, and a single body Michele Musial PETER MORRIS MEMORIES: OOB SUM OF 83, AC DC, JR PROM, SOPH HOP, SIR JOHN ' S BM S BASHES JULY 4, 82 WEEKEND. FRIENDS: MS, DH, BW. SP, DP, JD. LOVE IS TWINKLE, 10 10 82 THANKS MOM. THERESA MUISE Tweety Summerof 81 82 Paul s par- ty! Thank you PH, CN, KS, BS and everybody else! Weekends in Maine. I ' ll forget teachers 8:00 and som of my classes. 1984 is here Thanks Ma and Dad! I Did it! CF RM, 6th DAVID MULLIGAN Never forget Good Times Pit Smittys Parties memories: RRover JD Always Remember NH times the Stew C rash " 83 " Misery: Christmastrees with Crock Good friends RV RG GM GM ML LH DT SM IS BY AH SV Good luck Class " 84 " Thanks Mom Dad PETER D. MURRIN MEMORIES Mansion St. HS Whip Hill Cape Lisa Friends Joe Dave Mi- chele Annie Rob Ducky Michael Miga Steve Dennis Neva 4 get Camping w John Joe Dave John Shawn Miga Thanx Mom Dad Jane I Love Ya Good Luck MICHELE MUSIAL Kevin Murphy Michael Musto Neve 4 get Cape 83 Poo Wild Annie Toga Puf Sunh JM BS Prom SMEVE Stu4 Bri UNO PP Dats Right SPS CAMB SAC Close Friends SV MT BY EG DC KEL MURRINS Dedicated to Dad Thanks MA GINO DI DEB DAV DEN VIN I LOVE YA MICHAEL J. MUSTO (ONE ZIG) (ROCK N ROLL) (GUI- TARS) (GIRLS) 109 Lynda Norman Jill Nottebart Christine Napoli Kristen Neri Joseph O’Melia Debora J. O’Reilly A slow day at the DECA store CHRISTINE NAPOLI Memorys ' tweety ' DH the Chip ' ets ' Partying in the mountains with TM S ' RR OJ PC EC Never Forget CG Bino KH SH Riding on Harleys ' seeing the mad ' tapper ' with Bino’ Thank God I Made it Out Of Here ' " Yeaha " Mom Dad KRISTEN NERI Never Forget: NEMES FO REVER LTSS JSMG MRAH CDLL LG, Homecoming 82 Jr. Prom, RS MParty-t unafish, K lee nex, BTSP, NYE 83 Fi- shin with JD Trots bash, woman, Kink monster, chick en fingers, SBSA-Look out Thanks Mom and Dad LYNDA NORMAN The Wanderers Seger DE, DO Me! Peak, Brigs Homecoming, Sweetlbs Prom Frosh Banq w MFiondas Mt Sum of 8 3 Scoopin, My Gang! Wish U were here Katz, MalG. Parents, espe- cially Papa. Thanx 2 1 family ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE JIL NOTTEBART NEVER FORGET Summer ' 83 OOB THE ZsDS Ks DAVID LS TIME FOR EVERYTHING OPD M- KYB 82 TALKS ' W MP BP AR TB JOY RIDES Guy son highways Jovial major Crusty Fam Friends DEB ' S DDw AW TUDLY SENIOR TRIP GLCO ' 84 ' LUV U M D M TERRENCE J. O ' BRIEN CFC " GET A FIT ' ' MMWBS " D AL SMILE " DEARTHY " THE TWO PHANTOMS " " AH DICK " FAN G THE B F-ball HOOP SYB " LETS GET A SUB” BLAST ' 82 ' 83 CO AD GR MF RW DW FM JB DP SHOGUN POOL ROOM THANX PARENTAL UNITS CHROSTOPHER OBST Inquisitive? PAIN! 84 Crippled in 83! RM AS SL IM O B Fanta Pudge -Riz Defa Wotney Red " We re 1 " Party- time! JR Prom O ' bs BB JOKE Thanks Mom and Dad! Lions brew The Stones Thank-you Remember Always Ms. Brennan DEBBIE O REILLY 5 7 82 New Beginning! 4 8 83 JPW Jb CO at Girls St HBO CD BB, SB FH RB NEVER FORGET MS. DUPUIS KATHY DAVID I LOVE YOU! FRIENDS JS, DD.JF MG FAVOR- ITE PEO PLE: K DC, MR. MRS. D, MR. MRS C, MM, LT, AD, AND EB WORK AT DD!! ■ Denise O’Rourke Danny Pacious Michele Padur Barbara J. Panaccione Patrice Pappalardo John Parker Gayle Parlee Lynne C. Paynter Tall, dark, and hairy DENISE O ' ROURKE Soft Parade JM Kinks camping WM D+J skiing KV Jay Peak Cannon w KB CA Good times w LY Bumpkins KL LP JP Miss you KB Keg Parties + Beans IFGML Tennis Junior Prom " No problem " Im wonderin ALDO Thanx TJJJ M + P DANNY PACIOUS BABY child as a man as a living grain of sand, living on the everchanging shore. Let the good times roll. MICHELE PADUR Memories: Jimmy 11 29 82, " Truly” Jr Prom, 4:42 am, LI W AN GTWGF JN. KM, BP. AR TB, KC, CO Crusing w the girls MC w KC Awesome Four- some DF, Jingles, MOO! GS PG w JN Hot -Pink Maniac " BUGGY " Thanks Mam Dad BARBARA PANACCIONE Memories: 12 10 82-AD 6 10 83-BM JrProm New Years Eve w Al GTWGF-KC, TB. AR, MP. JH, SB, the BK gang! Thanks guys-AD, MD, PD, JH, BM, JD! MOO! K ' TTC (TAB) Awesome Foursome! ILBM I Love You Ma, Dad and Matt ' PATRICE PAPPALARDO Your Wildest Fantasy GLC-MC -oob Montego Tu- belini, PIGLET, NY, Flan, Bri-Nvr4Get precious times -Nov 8, 81 W.F.Cal. PuffToga, MM-Dats Rite EP-Gar. CCW MM WN JA VM CJG, Ma + PaC Uncle Larry couldnt make it w out u Luv u MOM JOHN PARKER Never Forget SM SF DL RA KEV STANGS 911SRMS PIRAHNAS Desire: Race MOTO X Nev- er forget skiiing with HANK DICK GINO + MARK. DEATH ROW TO ROWELLS OFFICE. THANX M + D, DAP, TP+JG FOR HELPING ME THRU 12 LONG YEARS! GAYLE PARLEE DAVID BBUG CAMARO BWZ, G + M, Papa Gs UNICORN Song In The Breeze MAINE ALL IS Changed W Time PI;RSP A Good Friend Is A For- ever Friend BS PB KRASH CHICK SG SA The Partys This Way! SNOW, L. ISLAND cookie The 3M " s WTF Thanx M, D + C LYNNE C. PAYNTER Memories: 17th b-day, locked out, CB, 4th of July, Paragon Park, Bently with DC Senior Prom, Mr. C Friends 4-eva: SD. KB, JG, GL. Luv ya always, GW, Good times in Cape Cod Thanx Mum and John 111 Eve Perry Jacquelyn Pettengill Frankie Pignone EVE PERRY Neva 4get FLA LC NH BP LGPUFF Michele Panic Brad C + C Stu4 DG Party long talks Lisa JRP GM PIGLET Uno GAR Sun South Thanks for the fun MM LM PP SV MT CB LC CF JS BM JW Luv u Bobby Thanks Mom Dad Penney I Love You GAYLE PETERS SUMMER of ’82’ THE CAPE W T + T CASTLER- OCK TNGAT4 The Campfires w DM, SC, BJ, TD. Parties at S + L A GOOD FRIEND MK JOVIAL! SKPW SDW WR Always Remember KM (SUN- SHINE) Love is forever THANKS MOM AND Anthony Piccoli THE CURLY SHUFFLE Howard Porter (Howie) David Powers Deborah Powers DAD LOVE YA ALWAYS JACQUELYN PETTENGILL Today is for tomorrow, not for yesterday. DF Sat nites LS MTJA ME JD DO CM 3yrsJP Friendly for lyr Special times w BM PP Decisions HB bunny Booze Cruz wrong pier Thanks Mom Dad RP TP EB I Love You FRANK PIGNONE FP ND I LOVE YOU; YO FRANK -MEMBA DECEMBA; DON’T FORGET SQUITO ’; LAKE OSSIPEE; D na ' sPNIGHT +1; 69 VOLVO (GOOD YR.!)- " GOT GAS?”; DOWN UNDA WHAT DA HECK; HORSES KATH!; BIG BARB, POLICE + BOWIE; COME TO ME; I DID IT HOWARD ’HOWIE’ PORTER MEMORIES: Soccer 83 CAPT. JIM C. AFTER HOOP SKI 83 JR SR PROM W’S PARTY FUTURE PLAND: COLLEGE THANKS MOM DAD Luv ya Jill DAVID POWERS DP. GM, FM, THE ANSWER +1. THANKS 2 EVERY 1 I WAS WITH IN CARNIVAL BALL. GOODBYE JB, BC, DS, KO. YOU ARE MY BUDDIES AND I LOVE YOU. GOOD LUCK BP WITH YOUR LAST 2 YEARS. GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 84, I LL MISS YOU. DEBORAH POWERS Always Remember MC MDJW KK JH CB LC GT SA JS MR B-tlk, 2 Feet. AWIGHT. MEMBA DT’S PTY SMUT D TWRP-DG. JR-PRM, BERMUDA. Ski, Buffy, H-Sch, B-way, Bak -crowd, supafreak, B- cruz. Sat s-ovas, NE-fst, Ha-beach sum-vac Than Ma + Dad 112 " Working Nine To Five " Perry A. Reis Dianne Marie Ricupero Michelle M. Rivers George Rizzo Michael Rolli (Buddy) PAUL c. POWERS I ' ll Never Forget, Hampton, WHT mts Bowie, Benny ' s Parties, Laconia, T.M , Cheeks. Jr Prom, RS ' s Golden Sleepwalk, Flaming Tower FUTURE PALNS: California MARY BETH PRIOR MEMORIES Krash, babe. B- Berry. Screamer, Shat- ter, Bean + Bail, Paris -Fona, Little One, Minnow, SSAL, Chick, WIF " , Friends U No Who U R! Thanks to Elsie 4- Family. Luv U Manos + Halleys. " The only way out is through. " PERRY A REIS Good Friends LF. HP, MT. DW, ' LED ZEP. AC DC! Never forget: Jr Prom Weekend, Hoop Parties! Cheerleading + OLD TIME ROCK n ' ROLL! 213 QUOTE Wha ' s fa luth? Memenes PEARL, Music Lessons, Marco + King! THANKS MOM AND DAD! EILEEN J. REYNOLDS THE WAY OF A MAN IS UPRIGHT IN HIS OWN EYES. BUT JEHOVAH IS MAKING AN ESTIMATE OF HEARTS. I WOULD LIKE TO WORK AT GOOODWILL IN LOWELL WITH ALL MY FRIENDS UNTIL GOD ' S NEW SYS- TEM COMES DIANNE MARIE RICUPERO Never Forget: VB " 82 " Jr. P., Jogging 5:45 am. Good Times w MT My SJ on the HW Parade " OOB” NS Party 1 14 THANKS MOM AND DAD ' Also thanks, CR, ER, AR, BR, relatives, and friends. " Life has only just begun. " MICHELLE M RIVERS ILY JAMES 9-11-81, SW 16, NEMES, HOWIE. IFLSAD, RAID, ERIN, JR + SR PROM 83. PCC - WHERE IS EVERYONE. ' VT, CC. PC12-GA- LUNA ' TENNIS, SOCCER -EDDIE, HAPPINESS IS JC, ROSES. FRIENDS, JC AH CD KN SS LT MG LL LG JS + FAMILY -THANX- I LOVE U ALL GEORGE RIZZO GOOD TIMES WITH DEFA, CO RW. SB. TO. MF. MS, HRW BR + JR PROM W MD. HAPPI- NESS IS FAMILY. FRIENDS. FOOTBALL. LIFT- ING. SKIING. TRACK. VACATIONS. Future: TO SUCCEED IN LIFE W A GOOD SUPPORTING JOB A HEALTHY FAMILY MICHAEL ROLLI (BUDDY) Happines is. Family, friends, Females, Fridays, Sports, Winning, 300 G x d times with JC MF TD MB MK BD GB LH JO DM MA NYE ' 82. ' 83. Jr Prom. TD ' s Partypit. Supporessed Desire: To be wealthy with a healthy wife and kids. 113 Angela S. Rosselli Angela Russo Peter J. Russo Janice Sackett A life with a smile is a life worthwhile ANGELA S. ROSSELLI Memories: Good Friends, TB, BP, MP, JN, KC, KS, SD, THE GANG! TTC- TAB, Trac, GFA, 8 I0 82-MH, JR. PROM, GALLAHUES!, Summer ' 83, Tennis, MARK 10 7 83, Love Under- stands And Therefore Waits. Thanks Mom, Dad, + Chuck ILU. ANGELA RUSSO Never Forget: chet, Bean, Meg, Paula, Thanks Dad, Charlie Jr., Doreen, Janet. Cruise-Bermuda 82, PHOENIX, SNOOPY. PET PEEVE: SCHOOL! Michael, Joey, Phil, 6-10-84 Italy Bound TGIF, weekends JANICE SACKETT Neva 4 get LN MD MF LM SV MM EP BY GP DP MC Chemclass w MG Frosh Banq w DH Twirp W JD Jr. Prom W SM +83 Sr. Prom w Fred Crystal lk HS Southie Servo Pit Sweet 16 at Dads JM house Field Hockey Buds To Daddy Ma Bren Ricky! DENNIS SCANNELL Memories: Hampt Beach " 83 " . Maine, JR. PROM w LISA L. DW. SM. DM, CC, PM + RS. Misery is chem class w Mr. M. QUOTE: " LIVE ONE DAY AT A TIME; BECAUSE TOMOR- ROW MAY NEVER COME. Thanx Ma + Dad, Deb, Jean, Jon + Rob JONATHAN SHARP I will Always Remember: Karen, Susan, Jason, Michelle, Mulla, Steve. KAREN SILVA MEMORIES: MAL, NYE ' 82, S. LACES W SG, SPECTA.JMJ + TJ + MJ HENDRIX NH FRIENDS U NO WHO U R. PARTY MT. BASH USMC, FAMILY, OPEN ARMS, WTF MUSTANG DR. IN APR. " ( " I ' VE GOT THE BLUES " WOM MP UN- DER MY THUMB LOVE YOU THANX MA + DAD 114 What did they put in those brownies? Suzanne Simpson (Simpy) Robert Slocum Jeannine M. Smallcomb Michael Sorabella Jacqueline Sterner Lindsey C. Stillinger AMY SIMPSON Always remember good friends TH KM JS MT SV Best Linda + Sue thanx I Luv ya Long talks w MT vokies KF + VB, Bob I Love you Hampton 8 14 82 Twirp ' 82 Cheering 82 + 83. Mom, Dad, Don, Paul, Jim, Thanks, I love you. SUZANNE SIMPSON (SIMPY) BST FRNDSJAYE, LINDA, NEMES, LG AH MR KN MG CD LL 42679DT AS TH RI BD DP MC MS PY CS CAPT18 FH SIMPSPRNTS, DU TNKS BONES. JR. PROM W RV PITS ThBY ILYLH. MEM: JR. DANCPRT YBKCLDR BROMBALL RVCDDM VDKA THNKS TROTA, FAM. LOVE YOU MOM + VL + FA- MILY JEANNINE M. SMALLCOMB SURPRIZ! frds: nemes-DODDMGJF- bst: Simp, Rem: XO ' S LUKE 4 8 83 JP-PTY, SMR 83, roses, ICS, tape- JAYE + SPAZ + BUSH + Arnold + Pepper- KN + TF + GPW PO + PTSP-VB Jow RB 9 AMF + HOOP- ptysw JF 44 + SB, Pit, Garfield. I LUV MOM DAD FAMILY MICHAEL SORABELLA Memories: Police, camping, Cape, Short, BCH, Proms, Hockey 22 6 2 82. Happiness is: ERIN ' S SMILE, Huggles, Bellaerin, Quick , Mr + Mrs L., Thanx Mom, Dad, Family. Erin, you ' ve filled my life with love. I ' LL ALWAYS LUV YA! JACQUELINE STERNER Nvr Frgt: TH, KM, AS, LV, CA, DW ' S MF + CV! DEN, Hcky on 4-8-83, J. Prom. SOMEDAY! Anie GM-Bst Frnd Gd luck to c o ' 84. PAUL I LOVE YOU! 4EVA, 2-D DREAM UNTIL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!! Thanx Mom, Dad, MiMi Joe; you ' re the Best!! LINDSEY C. STILLINGER Success Is ' nt Meas. By Hts. Attained But By Obstacles Overcome. Sat nite DF! Get dowp JPMTJA! JD of the world. Sum. ' 83, Swon, EFD, SST, Crunch! Jr. Prom w JL. I made it! I love you Mom and Dad. ONWARD and UPWARD! 1 » 1 u 1 1 tI Pekka Tamminen Michele Theriault Doug Titcomb Robert Torri Paula Trant KATHLEEN SUTHERLAND GOOD TIMES w TIM, NANCY + FP, JH AR BP SD. MEMORIES: SC, CB, Bash 6 10 83-JD+ RB, BK Gang, Calif- DEB, NAHANT, Details, OSSI- PEE Got any gas? HAPPINESS: 5 6 83 KS+JS, T LUV STU” THANX MOM, DAD, D, M, TIM, JOHN I LUV YOU PEKKA TAMMINEN JUNE-Physics in University. JULY- working. Miss you Pete, Jori, Tappi back in Finland. Came to US 8 3 83, living in the Day family. New country with nice people. Forward in soccer. " Get hungry and play hard!” MARY JO TARQUINIO I ' ll always remember Patti, Doug, Tom, Tony, Marcia, and Don. I liked going to Stoneham High. Thanks to all my friends. MICHELE THERIAULT Southie, Sunny, B.K. gd times w Vit, Beck, Eve, Aim, Muse, Voke. Never forget kids from Cam n.k Manomet " 83 " Toga, Twirp, Bermuda Skin Dat 1:00 Austin always more to come I don wanna dance. Thanks for everything Niecy. DOUG TITCOMB Memories: Stanley Cup, Spartan Hock- ey, Pit, 3 Pieces, vedging, MGA, Good Friends: GM DM LH RG RV ML RM. ALL MY LOVE Sue, ILYFE, BEN- NAR, Love you Mom, Joe, Chris, Lau- rie, Cheryl, Dot, + Lisa. Thanks: MA, Frank + Carol. ROBERT TORRI Remember Good Times With MB, MB, HD, DY, PT, MF, EBand Friends. Never Forget Times With MB, MF, in the " YACS” and Italian. ALWAYS RE- MEMBER: SPIKE, FANTA, BARI- UM. I made it Mom and Dad. PAULA TRANT Mems: Good Friends; GW DF MG PB BM PB DRM, Never Forget Caldor 10 83, FH, BB ' 81 w KB+JD. Happi- ness is Brian 4883, " CL”, Weekends, Goodtimes, HCaps. Pet Peeve: Algebra. Quote: " Make every dream come true. " THANKS MOM + DAD. 116 Doreen Ward Maureen T. Ward Tom Cruise look alikes? MICHAEL TREVOR The Best Of Friends Made The Best Of Times ' MEMORIES: SAT NITES AT DF W?JA, LS. JP. BK Gang, Yarnie, Hank, Kim, Jr. Prom w JH, 6 10 83 X Country w MT, BT, DW, Twirp WPI KISS 106, GOOD TIMES W JA, JH, THANKS MOM + D D. LINDA MARIE TROTTA Gerry 6-2-83 Zoo, Merry-Go-Round, Close Friends: Sue, Kris, Nemes, AW, Miss Giggles, Zak, WOM- AN, Gag me totally, LOSERHEAD, Jr. Prom, Can- oeing, GR’S COTTAGE, FH, 7-11, Miss Dupuis, Camp. Smile. SUCCESS. MANIAC- THANX Mom- + Dad. DONNA VACCARO Happiness is Ricky 7 31 81, Spot Pond Never For- get The Bench. Sunlight, Friendly ' s, the Suzuki, Re- vere Beach, Viginia weekend. True friend: Kay-kay. I DID IT! Mom + Dad, Thanx for all your support ' I LUV U RICKY! LINDA VANLOON Good friends: TH, KM.JS, Best -AMY. Never For- get. Ame, Proms, Twirp ' 82, Bermuda ' 84 Happiness is being with MARTY, 1811 always remember the good times together 11 21 81. Thanks Mom + Dad, Billy, Sue+Jamie, I love you. ROBERT VITA (VIDGE) MEM: PIT, BLAZER, GOOD FRIENDS LH RG DT GM DM ML GH, SEGER ' ) + ' . PROMS, NHAMP, MGA, BERMUDA, SWAMP. NEW YRS ' 83, PET PEEVE FROSH PARTIES, MISIRIES: 3 PIECES + 2 22 83, VEDGING, MNYC. " IF ITS MEANT TO BE. IT WILL BE " THANX MA- + DAD SHEREE VITIELLO NEVA 4GET MANOMET ' 83, buds, kds, FM CAM esp WKMDPPOOh, SOUTH Bk Sun Boys ' 82 Beach w JDL, DRIVEINS, LLUF GLENN 1-8-83- 102SW-CLOSE FRIENDS- SP MT BY MM FP AH TS GS MT A A LL AS TH-PAUL-DES-JO -MA- DAD- MUCH LUV AND THANKS FAM. DOREEN WARD Memories: THE BLUE HOOP, and YODA. DF, JS, " No Names " Jr Prom, Carnival Ball, The Sr. Play, CWM. Good friends: MF. JB. DB. DS. DC. MN THE " CG " Summers on the Cape. Mt with EZ 7-3 at " WH " I love you Mom and Dad. Thanks. MAUREEN T WARD MEMORIES Schmau.Jr Prom w ML, B s Parties, Rm. 211, The Stairs, Basil ' s 4 16 82, 9 26 82. Good Times W MD, SA. TG, KT. JN, BI, TM, DB, ML. J.C., Ireland, When The Time Is Right. Quote " For with God. nothing is impossible I lve you Dad. Mom. MLJPK 117 David Lowe Watson Danny Webber Judith A. Webb Darren Weisse David Wilhelm Amy Wolonsavich Kiss me I don ' t smoke DAVID LOWE WATSON TO THE BEST FRIENDS: HP, MT, PR, LF,JS, RP, TO, FM. LO, RW, DW, DW, MLM, DD, J A. REMEMBER: THE KING LED ZEPPLIN, JR. PROM, BASKETBALL, THE BEA- TLES, MW SAST, CROSS COUN- TRY, FAN, ROBERT A. PLANT . . . THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME. . DANNY WEBBER Best of times- Pennsylvania Camp Cru- zin with Den Mike JoeS. Hampton, Kangamangus Laconia ' 83, " Doyareal- ly " " Gutabuzzyet Potsie " Neva 4get: Jackie MF DM FC JS DS SM Thanks Mom, Dad, Dennis for my bike, Crash 81783 Sunlit Alleys JUDITH A. WEBB THKS Chumpa TERRI FOR ALL THE ANSWERS, LOVE YA MC, TR, DP. MD, DV, LD, JH, 7 31 83 Dam- bra. Roses, Nth End Feast ' s RBeach. Nostring ' s att Frintslovs, smut, DT thks Mom + Dad + pat + Mike + Chris. Pet Peeve: long dist operators DARREN WEISSE Soccer Feugo! FASTONF, THE VAL- LEY GREAT TO BE WITH THE GIRLS AT THE METRO AND DANCE Fact, GRF.T FRIENDS: PW, JL, JM, PUP, SS " 84 OLYMPICS " MISERY IS: NOT GOING TO ASIA o-18. GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 19841! THANX MOM + DAD. DUANE WEISSE Favorite Quotes: NICE, Juicys, Handle it. Pet Peeve: running suiced safter losin gyout! HAPPINESS IS: Being with JM LP CS JS PW JE DE DC PW, SOL YM PICS, I ' LL NEVA 4GET: 3 26 83 MOM DAD SHAKEY, THE PIT, CLASS OF ' 84 MISERYIS: PRACTICE. FUEGO GISSELLE WHITE Remember yesterday. Live today. Dream of Tomorrow Thanks to all of my family + friends who helped me through school. I ' ll always luv: ES, RG, MG, KL, PT, DY. CC, AND rest. Nev- er forget: RSat So, SJW, PD + JA ' 81, HATWNIO! AMY WOLONSAVICH " Every year is a souvenir that slowly fades away. " Good friens. Auntie, Sum- mer 83. R-port, Partying Canoeing up NH, WLT. 681. Caldor parties, jog- ging, v-ball. ' 82 Police ' 83, lake w Jn. M D. skiing, Jr. Prom, KP, Hap=Ke- vin 118 Ronald Wood Paul Woodland Rebecca Yardumian David M. Young John C. Young MISSING: Charles R. Beauschesne Elizabeth J. Breslow Michele J. Colonna Brian M. Ellis Paul S. Haddock Andrew J. Harrington Brendan Means Theresa M. Muise Christopher T. Palermo Christopher M. Stewart " The Dawn of the Computer Age " RONALD WOOD Inquisitive; PAIN; Tex. GOOD TIMES WITH OBS, OBST, DEFA, RIZ, BELLA, RED, FANTA, DO + MG! CELTIC SEC 77 CC 35-36, JR. PROM, Track with X Wayne, Football with Uncle Al: Button em up, COACHING SYB + SYSB, HI, THANKS MOM, DAD, LIZ, + GRAM PAUL WOODLAND The Metro, Proms, DEW, DAW, I.amb.JY, Puppy, Wharf, Summer Soc- cer, hero shirts, feugo, The Factory, Hampton, The Valley, B-Town, The Summer of " 8.3, Pool at Be, Journey, Misery is: Working At The Moon. FOGHAT, TMAD. REBECCA YARDUMIAN Manomet -8 3 -Grimes - BK, Sunny Southie, Pit, HOJOS, Beach-82 -Jim, Daddy -Kids from Cam -G -times w DM AH MT SV MM F.P GS AA MT TS JS LL-TOGA-SUNNY-gang - wskiing Wo-2guysincady, FH-79-83- Bermuda-84-Eggednite- Thanx Dad, Mom + Matt, I luv you always. DAVID M. YOUNG " Graduation At Last " " Memories will neve be Forgotten " The Great Times At Neil’s, Beach with Earle + Don, Those times will live on! THE " PLAZA " , Thanks Ma + Dad; The " Milkman” made it!! " Milky” + " Whitey " DMY JOHN C. YOUNG Salisbury Beach, Ed. V., football 80-83. B.C. flyn, Mr. O, Donna, Woody and Lamb. Southy Fionda, Connell, etc. Greatest Coach Al Lanni+ Mr. Burn- ham, awesome Defense. Good luck to all " 84 graduates in the future. " I thought I was going to lead this dance.” " Scott, how do you spell relief?” THE CAST: The latest from Pearl Vision Center. We hate to tell you Amy, but it’s the way you dress. The Stoneham High pit crew at its best. Mark and Maria are glad they’re not eating the school lunch. 120 CAUGHT IN THE ACT " We fixed this transmission 16, no, 17 times! " Good thing that finger isn’t loaded. " Hey Bruce, here comes Mr. Rowell.” Nick never talks with his mouth full. Who said that opposites don ' t attract? " Wait a sec, I’m a senior in a class full of freshmen. " 121 BRUCE ALBERT, 124 Park St. CHRISTOPHER COLEMAN, 6 Bow St. CHRISTINE ALBINO, 11 Cabot Rd. JAMES ALDEN, 7 Felspa Rd. SCOTT ALLAN, 60 Pond St., 438-7546; Ski Club 1, 2, 3 DEBORAH ANDERSON, 43 Gould St., 438- 9494; Tutoring 1 JOE ARDIZZONI, 4 Sparhawk Circle; National Honor Society 4; Junior Varsity Baseball 2; Freshman Baseball 1; Ski Club 2 NICK ARGENIO, 5 Carlida Rd. SHERYL ARGIRO, 37 Lee St., 438-6419; Piano 1, 2, 3, 4; Spartan Chorale 4; Marching Band 1, 2; Jazz Ensemble 1, 3; Carnival Ball 3, 4; National Honor Society 1, 3, 4; " The Sound of Music” 1; " Anything Goes” 4 PAUL ARMSTRONG, 71 Calthea St. MARK ARSENAULT, 19 Flint Ave., 438-2606; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4 DONALD BAIN, 12 Highland Ave., 438-2017; Jazz Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Gym Leader 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; March- ing Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorale 1, 2, 3, 4; Chamber Singers 4; Musicals 3, 4; Carnival Ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Newspaper 2, 3; Yearbook 4 MARIA BALDWIN, 10 Kenneth Terr.; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 735 Program 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Dance Club 4; Jazz Ensemble 2, 3, 4; Concert 1, 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey 1, 3; Track 2; Interact Club 2, 3, 4 MARK BARRY, 21 Wilson Rd.; Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 X JON BARSTOW, 99 Collincote St. DANA BASKEN, 115 North St., 438-9530; Computer Club 4 CYNTHIA BASS, 4 Church St. RONALD BASSILL, 6 Greenway Circle; Chess Club-Pres. JASON BATES, 99 Fellsview Rd., 665-7004; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Math Team 1, 2, 3, 4; M.A.S.P. 3; Spartan Chorale 4; 735 Inc. 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4 MICHELLE BELMONT, 13 Wright St.; Cho- rale 1, Interact Club 3, 4; 735 Program 1; Great Books Club 4; Spanish Club 2, 3; Track 1, 2, 3; 122 Close-Up Program 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Car- nival Ball Band 3, 4; Marching Band 3 MICHELE COLONNA, 4 Rose Lane ALLAN BENNETT, 7 Sunset Rd.; Tutoring Class 1; Gym Leader 2 JAMES CONNELL, 27 Summer St.; Hockey JENNIFER BLOUNT, 8 Harrison St., DECA Club 3, 4 DAVID BORGES, 9 Oak St. TRACI BORNSTEIN, 9 Sunset Rd.; 662-8659; Gymnastics 2, 3, 4 (capt. 4); Tennis 3; Dance Club 4; Latin Club Pres. 4; 735 Peer Leader 2; Student Council 3; Special Ed. Tutor 4; National Honor Society 4 KRISTEN BOYLE, 18 Prospect St. LISA BOYLE, 28 Pond St. JAMES BRANDT, 12 Myopia Rd., 438-5004; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2; Track 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Quiz Team 3, 4; Yearbook 4; M.A.S.P.; Boys ' State 3; Ski Club 1, 2, 3; Carnival Ball Usher PAULA BRANSON, 66 Collincote St.; Year- book STEPHEN BROWN, 26 Lincoln St.; 438-1867; Football 1, 2, 3, 4 MICHAEL BRYANT, 15 Summer St. MICHAEL BULPETT, 44 Washington St., 438- 0048; National Honor Society 4; Yearbook 4 TONY BURR, 65 Calthea St. CHERYL BURSE, 8 Evans Rd.; Ski Club 1, 2; DECA 4; Student Council 2; Travel Club 4 JOE COSTA, 46 Fieldstone Dr., 662-2752 CAROLYN CRUPI, 25 High St. BOBBY CUNNINGHAM, 155 Green St., 438- 1557 MARY DAKESSIAN, 96 Elm St., 438-5947; DECA 3, 4; Travel Club 4 CHRISTINE DANGO, 22 Gerry St., 438-0543; DECA 3, 4 HENRY DANICO, 4 Carmen Ave. SANDRA DANZIG, 85 Pine St. JOANNE DAY, 12 Oak Ridge Rd., 438-2916; Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Yearbook Editor 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; School Committee 3, 4; Student Advisory Council 3, 4; Exchange Student MICHAEL DAY, 14 Rowe Hill Rd., 438-0482; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; School Committee 4; Chess Club 4; Ski Club 1, 2, 3 FRANK DAYS, 7 Woodbriar Rd., 665-7141; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 3; Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4; Math Team 2, 3, 4; 735 Peer Leader 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 4; Quiz Team 3, 4; Sr. Class Play 4; Musical 3; Boy’s State 3; MASP 3; Yearbook 4 LISA CAPRARO, 7 DiNanno Rd. MARY CARROLL, 28 Brookbridge Rd., 438- 4370; Gymnastics 1, 2; Honor Society 4 MARIUS CARSTENSEN, 279 Broadway, 438- 1418; Soccer 4; Interact Club 4 ANGELO CARUSO, 16 West St. KIMBERLEY CHASE, 42 Cottage St., 438- 4892; 735 Program 2; Student Council 1; Softball 2 FRED CATALDO, 42 Fieldstone Dr., 665-7466 LINDA CHRISTO, 11 Fieldstone Dr., 665- 2911; Ski Club 1, 2; Interact Club 3, 4; Student Council 2; Repertory Chorus 3; Travel Club 4 MICHELLE CIAMPA, 17 Butler Ave., 438- 3561; DECA 3, 4; Travel Club 4 x ROBERT DEAL, 46 Governor Rd. ANTHONY DEFLUMERI, 7 Standish Rd., 438-1495; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Spartan Chorale 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; School Musical 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Drama Club 2, 3; Marching Band 2, 3, 4 TODD DELLA PORTA, 43 Warren St., 438- 7935; Spartan Chorale 2, 3, 4; Chess Club 2, 3; Drama Club 2; School Musical 1, 2, 3, 4; Foot- ball 3; Ski Club 1, 2; Marching Band 4 SUSAN DELTERGO, 102 Elm St. ROY DEMMONS, 6 Winter St . CHRISTINE DENNIS, 383 William St. PAUL D ' ENTREMONT, 16 Danby Rd.; Varsi- ty Soccer 3, 4; Varsity Ice Hockey 4; Freshman Baseball 1; Ski Club 1 i JOHN DEVEREAUX, 11 Phillips Rd., 665- 7632; Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 LINDA DEVINE, 4 Hancock St ANTHONY DEVITO, 49 Stevens St, 438-6765; Musicals 1, 3, 4, Senior Class Play 4, Biology Club 2, Honor Society 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, Drama Festival 4 DIANE DIFFER, 9 Jefts Terr. RUDOLPH DIMECO, 6 Whittemore Ln. MICHAEL DOE, 4 Oak St. JAMIE DOHERTY, 8 Washington Ave, 438- 4811; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Computer Club 4 JOHN DONAGHEY, 27 DeWitt Road VALOR Y DONOFRIO, 2 Royal St, 438-2685; Softball 2 MAURA DORAN, 10 Merrow Ln, 438-9576; Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, 3, Nat’l Honor Society 3, 4, Yearbook 4. SHEILA DONNELLY, 3 Mt Vernon St, 438- 0951 DIANA DOUCETTE, 45 Lincoln St, 438-0382; Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1. 3. 4. Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Art Club 1, National Honor Society Jr 1, 735 Peer Leadership 2 PAUL DOUCETTE, 12 Pine St, 438-1845 DONALD DROVER, 29 Dragon Ct, Woburn 933-0793 STACY DOYLE, 6 Myrtle St, 438-9280; 735 Group 1, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, School Committee Rep 3, Honor Society 4, Jr Honor Society 1, Yearbook 4 ALBERT DUFF, 19 Whipple Ave, 438-5057 JOSEPH DUFOUR, 6 Vera Ln. NANCY DUGGAN, 10 Bonad Rd, 438-0319; Chorale 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2 PETER EAGAN, 103 Collincote St, 438-1702. NEAL EDELSTIEN, 29 Hillside Ave. BRIAN ELLIS, 20 Lindenwood St. JASON ENGLISH 27 Calthea St, 448-5306 LUKE FABIANO, 241 William St, 438-5544; Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3 JEAN FALLON, 15 Emerald Ct, 438-4685; Va- sity Club 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4 MICHAEL FANTASIA, 48 Brookbridge Rd, Chorale 3, 4, Italian Club 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4 CHERYL FIELDS, 28 Cottage St, 438-8486; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3 MATTHEW FIONDA, 8 Irving St, 438-2783; Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey 1, 2, 3, Track 2, 3, 4, Vasity Club 2, 3, 4 MARICIA FOLEY, 14 Highet Ave, Woburn, 935-4851 THOMAS FOSS, 12 Coolidge St. DEBORAH FOWLIE, 3 Veterans Ln, 438-5250; Travel Club MARISA FRAZZICA, 43 Counry Club Rd, 438-4511. DECA 2, 3, 4, Travel Club 4 DAWNE FRENCH, 112 Franklin St, 438-2486; JV Track, Freshman Track, Varsity Track, Gym Leaders, Majorettes THERESA GAFFNEY, 438 Main St, 438-1813; Chorale 4 MITCHELL GALLAGHER, 72 Central St. LISA GALUNA, 3 Pearl St, 438-6771; Class President 4, Class Secretary 1, 3, Student Coun- cil 1, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading 3, 4, Soft- ball 1, 2, 3 MEG GEBHARD, 2 Whipple Ave, 438-0780; Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4 JANET GERARDI, 11 Eastern Ave, 438-3943; Cheering, Catechism Teacher, 735 Volleyball, Secretary of the Latin Club SUSAN GILLESPIE, 165 Green St, 438-3776; 735 2, Varsity Club 4, Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 4 JANE GILLIS, 15 Margret Ave, 438-4773; Yearbook 4, Chorus 1, 2, 4, Ski Club 1, 2, Gym Leader 1, 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, Latin Club 3, 4, Pig Patrol 3, 4 MARITZA GONZALEZ, 23 Mountain View Dr, 438-1590 KEN GOSSON, 5 June Rd, 438-6047; Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 4, Varsity Club 4 KEVIN GOSSON, 5 June Rd, 438-6047; Foot- ball 2, 3, 4, Hockey 4 CHRISTOPHER GOVER, 60 Park St, 438-5248 MONICA GRANFIELD, 382 William St, 438- 4826; Cheering 1, 3, 4, Gymleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 2, 3, 735 3, Travel Club 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4 DONNA GRAY, 511 Main St, 438-4208; Tu- toring 1 ROBERT GUIDA, 91 North Ave, 662-8386; Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Baseball 1, Foot- ball 2, Class Officer 4, Varsity Club 4, Honor Society 4, Usher 4 JOANNE HALVORSON, 62 Washington St, 438-3754; Watching the ducks 3, 4 JEFFREY HALLEY, 16 Peabody St. WILLIAM HANLEY, 19 Gerard Rd. ANDREW HARRINGTON, 15 Flint St. AMY HARTUNG, 36 Dunklee Ave, 438-3825; Track and Field 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Art Club 1, Honor Society 4, Gym Leader 2 DAVID HEMENWAY, 21 Beacon St. KAREN HENDERSON, 32 Gould St, 438- 0888; Varsity Softball (Nazareth) 1, 2.J.V. Bas- ketball 2, " Watching the ducks” ANNMARIE HICKEY, 6 Montvale Ave. DIANNA HICKEY, 6 Montvale Ave. LAWRENCE HILL, 41 Perkins St. ANDREA HOWARD, 10 Rose Ln. JANE HUGO, 108 Collincote St, 438-3674; Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4, (Capt 4) Track 1, 2, 3, 4, (Capt 4,) Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 4, Student Council 4 LANCE HULT, 7 Stonehill Dr, 279- 0543; Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, (Capt 4,) Hockey 1, Gym Leader 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Carnival Ball 4, Winter Carnival 4, Spring Track 3, 4 DAWN HUNT, 19 Congress St. THERESA HUNT, 40 Windsor Rd, 665-3573; Cheering 1, 3, Carnival Ball 4, Travel Club 4 RICHARD IMPRESIA, 5 High Cliff Terr, 438- 8051; Hockey 1, 2, 3, Tennis 3, 4, Soccer 4 123 BETH ISABELLE, 114 North St., Stoneham MA 02180, 438-9182; Yearbook 4, Chorale 4, National Honor Society 4, Musical 4, Seeds 4, French Club 2, 3, Science Club 2 MAUREEN KEITH, 46 Fosters Lane, Wake- field MA, 246-4467; Alpenhoff Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4 JOSEPH KELLY, 14 Pond St. MICHAEL J. KERRIGAN, 7 Cedar Avenue GUY LA FLEUR, 6 Keene St. JOHN JAY LAMB, 8 Walnut St., 438-9276; Football 4 ERIN LANGIN, 14 Colonial Court, 438-0957; Softball 1, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Gym Leaders 1, 2, 3, 4, Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 3 DARLENE I. LEBLANC, 41 Calthea St. DENNIS M. LE DONNE, 2 Gerald Road KAREN JEAN LEGOR, 6 Evans Road, 438- 3029; Piano 1, 2, 3, 4, Peer Leader 2, Carnival Ball 4 MICHAEL LEYDON, 16 Dean St., 438-2607 MAUREEN LUNDY, 22 Everett St., 438-7457; Softball 2, 3, 4, Majorettes 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, Journalism Club 4, Seeds 4, Carnival Ball 4 LALIRIE A. LUSARDI, 22 Country Club Road, 438-3794; Cheering 1, 3, Class Secretary 2, Class President 3, Student Council Secretary 1, 4, Softball 1, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Gym Leader 1, 2 PATTI MACDONALD, 73 Franklin St., 279- 0710; Deca 3, 4, Travel Club 4, Ski Club 2, Honor Society 2 PETER S. MACDONALD, Stonehill DR. Apt 1A STEVEN MACNEILL, 1159 Franklin St., 665- 5667; Football 1 KATHY MAHER, 33 Wilson Road, 438-4679; Cheering 1, 3, 4, Class Officer 2, Student Coun- cil 4, Honor Society 2, Gymleader 1, 2 LISA MARASCA, 540 Oak St., 438-3987; Stu- dent Council Vice President 1, Spartan Chorale 3, Travel Club 4, Deca 4, Interact 3, 4, Ski Club 1, 2, 3 ROBERT MARCUCCI, 4 Carlida Rd., 438- 5505; Honor Society 3, 4, Math Team 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Italian Club 4, MASP 3 124 PAUL MARROCHELLO, 10 Richardson Rd., 438-0616 ELISA MAS, 17 Hersam St., 438-21 42; Ski Club 4, Dance Club 4 GLENN MAXWELL, 95 Collincote St., 438- 4189; Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Student Council 1, Baseball 1, Gym leader 1, 2 DENISE MCCARRON, 807 Main St., Win- chester MA 729-4284 DEBBIE MCGUIRE, 4 Tamarock Terr, 438- 0361; Deca 3, 4, Travel Club 4, Ski Club 1 JANE A. MCMAKIN, 27 Alden Ave. JOE MCMANUS, 102 Franklin St., 438-0268; Junior Varsity Baseball 2, 3, Varsity Baseball 4 SCOTT H. MCNULTY, 46 William St. BRENDAN MEANS, 69 Calthea St. FRANK MELANSON, 17 Lincoln St., 438- 4662; Spartan Chorale 1, 4, Carnival Ball 1, 4 DAVID MIGLIORINI " MIGA”, 32 Lawndale Rd., 438-9156; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 4, Baseball Team 1, Tennis 4, Travel Club 4, Gym Leader 1, 2, 3, 4 SCOTT MILLER, 43 Isabella St. DARIN MINGHELLA " GUMBY”, 17 Sunset Rd., 665-8476; Football 1, 2, Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 4, Travel Club 4 MARK MINICHIELLO, 6 Morgan Ave., 438- 2278; Spanish Club 2, 3, Spartan Chorale 4, Seeds 3, 4 JON MINOTTI, 64 Main Street, Apt. 11 -B, 438-7536; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4 DUCKY MONTEIRO, 122 Park St., 438-1263 PETER MORRIS, 49 Perkins St., 665-9387; Football 1, 4, Deca 3, 4 THERESA MUISE, 34 Marble St., 438-3693; Cross Country DAVID MULLIGAN, 9 Danby Rd., 438-0442; Football 1, 2, Hockey 1 PAUL MURRIN, 17 Dinanno Rd. PETER MURRIN, 17 Dinanno Rd. MICHELE M. MUSIAL, 2 Gerald Rd. MICHAEL J. MUSTO, 12 Fairland Rd. CHRISTINE NAPOLI, 23 Graystone Rd. KRISTEN NERI, 18 Cricklewood Dr., 438- 6722; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 1, Chorus 1, Travel Club 4, Pep Club 1, Softball 2, Honor Society 3, 4, Junior Honor Society 1, 2 LYNDA NORMAN, 8 Brackett Ave., 438- 3306; Cheerleading 1, 4, Deca 3, 4, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Officers 1, 3, 4, Gymnastic Team 1, 2, 4, Seeds 4, Track 3, Graduation Usher 3, No- moniee for Homecoming Queen 3, Honor Roll 3, 4, Student Government Representative 4 j JILL NOTTEBART, 7 Melba Lane, 438-2150; 735 Peer Leader 2, Volleyball 3, Candy -Striping 2, 3, Seeds 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4 TERRENCE O’BRIEN, 5 Stevens St., 438-9255; Basketball 1, 2, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 3, 4 CHRISTOPHER OBST, 16 Drummond Rd., 438-1296; Job 1, 2, 3, 4 JOE O ' MELIA, 35 Cottage St., 438-0459; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 DEBORA J. O ' REILLY, 3 Mayflower Drive, 438-3841; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Field Hockey 1 , 2 DENISE O’ROURKE, 6 Rustic Rd., 665-9007; 735 Peer Leader Group 2, 3, Tennis Team 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, Ski Club 2, 3, Yearbook Com- mittee 4 DANIEL J. PACIOUS, 48 Hancock St. MICHELE PADUR, 6 Theresa Rd., 438-9261; Field Hockey 1, 2, Basketball 1, Tutor 1, Stu- j dent Council 1, Girls State 3, Honor Society 4, Yearbook Editor 4, Spartan Chorale 4, 735 Peer Leader 2 BARBARA PANACCIONE, 31 Bonad Rd., 438-3476; Volleyball 2, Basketball 2, Softball 2, 735 Peer Leader 2, Class Treasurer 3, Cheer- leader 3, 4, Dance Club 4, Yearbook Editor 4, Honor Society 4 PATRICE PAPPALARDO, 12A Wright St. JOHN PARKER, 51 Spring St. GAYLE PARLEE, 16 San Jose Terrace, 438- 0715. LYNNE PAYNTER, 136 Main St. Apt. 4 EVE PERRY, 14 Peabody Rd. ! GAYLE PETERS, 30 Marble St. JACQUELYN PETTENGILL; 6 South St. ANTHONY PICCOLI; 5 Brentwood Rd. FRANCIS PIGNONE 2 Gigante Dr. 438-9635. Cross Country 1, 2. Hockey 1. Student Council; 1. Carnival Ball 4. Graduation 4. Go Wild 1, 2, 3, 4. Chorale 4 HOWARD PORTER; 65A High Street. Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4-captain. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Baseball 2. Varsity Club 3, 4 DAVID POWERS: 114 Collincote St. DEBORAH POWERS; 27 Everett St. PAUL POWERS; 15 Dean St. MARYBETH PRIOR; 16 Peabody Rd. PERRY REIS; 3 Rhuland Rd. 438-4241. Stu- dent Council 1. Band 1, 2. National Jr. Honor Society 1. Varsity Club 3, 4. Soccer 1, 2. Baseball 2 , 3, 4. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 EILEEN J. REYNOLDS; 32 Hobson Ave. Wilm. DIANNE RICUPERO; 23 Wilson Rd. 438- 5215. Track 1. Volleyball 3. Candy -striping 2 , 3 MICHELLE RIVERS; 11 Rose Ln. 438-1986. Dance Club 1, 2. Soccer Manager 4. Travel Club 4. Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 4 GEORGE RIZZO; 131 Collincote St. Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Track 1, 3. Italian Club 2, 3, 4. Varsity Club 4. Weight Lifting Team 1, 2, 3, 4 MICHAEL ROLLI; 35 Pine St. Football 1, 2, 3, 4-capt. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Weight Lifting Team 1, 2, 3, 4. 300 Club 4. Varsity Club 4. Honor Society 4. ANGELA ROSSELLI; 17 Cricklewood Dr. 438- 0747. Tennis 2, 3, 4. Student Council 2, 3. Na- tional Jr. Honor Society 1. Yearbook Staff 4. Italian Club 3. Gym Leader 2. Field Hockey 1. Volleyball 2 ANGELA RUSSO; 27 Lincoln St. PETER RUSSO; 27 Lincoln St. (ANICE SACKETT; 54 Norval Ave. 438-7509. Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4. Varsity Club 4. Gymnas- :ics Team Manager 3, 4. Deca Club 4. Gym Leader 2, 3, 4 VILLIAM SAIDEH; 224 Park St. dARK SAVAGE; 9 Myrtle St. )ENNIS SCANNELL; 30 Isabella St. Football , 2. Hockey 1, 2 ONATHAN SHARP; 200 Mountain View Dr. LAREN SILVA; 17 Brookbridge Rd. 438-6500 BRENDA SIMONIC; 8 Charles St. AMY SIMPSON; 4 Valley Rd. 438-4261. Cheerleading 1, 3, 4-capt. Student Council 1. Gym Leader 1. Carnival Ball 4. Travel Club 4 SUZANNE SIMPSON; 4 Fieldstone Dr. 662- 8157. Vice President 1, 3, 4. Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4-capt. Varsity 2, 3, 4. Baseball Manager Varsity 3, 4. Gym Leader 1, 2, 3- Vice President of Varsity Club 4. Carnival Ball Attendant 4 ROBERT SLOCUM; 8 Kenwood Ave. JEANNINE SMALLCOMB; 47 High Street. 438-3971. Volleyball 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Softball 1, 2, 3- Varsity Club 3, 4. Student Gov- ernment 4 I MICHAEL SORABELLA; 33 Fieldstone Dr. 662-6915. Hockey 1-4. Football 1-3 JACQUELINE STERNER; 9 Kimball Dr. CHRISTOPHER STEWART; 5 I 2 Benton St. LINDSEY STILLINGER; 24 Keene St. 438- 7407. Chorale 3, 4. Musicals 1, 3, 4. Student Council 1. 735 3, 4. Junior Honor Society 1. National Honor Society 4. Drama Club 4. Ston- eham Summer Theater 1, 2, 3, 4 KATHLEEN SUTHERLAND; 6 Unicorn Ave. 438-4527. Spartan chorale 3, 4. Musicals 1, 2, 3, 4. Volleyball 2, 3. Basketball 1. Ski Club 2, 3 RAVISHANKER SWAMY; 57 Wright St. 438- 6691. Math Club 3, 4. Chess Club 3. Honor Society 4 PEKKA TAMMINEN; 12 Oak Ridge Rd. 438- 2916. Soccer 4. Skiing 4 MARY JO TARQUINIO; 97 Oak St. 438-2623 MICHELE THERIAULT; 38 Lee St. 438-7425. Cheerleading 1, 3. Softball 1. Junior Honor So- ciety 1. DOUGLAS TITCOMB; 1 Capen St. ROBERT TORRI; 6 Garfield Ave. 438-0188 PAULA TRANT; 7 Gould St. 438-4642. Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1, 2. Track 1, 2. Varsity Club 4. Tutor 1 MICHAEL TREVOR; 17 Tamarock Terr. Cross Country 2, 3, 4. Indoor Track 2. Outdoor Track 2, 3, 4. Honor Society 4 LINDA TROTTA; 11 Harrison St. 662-8994. Jr National Honor Society 1. National Honor So- ciety Vice President 3, 4. Varsity Scholar 3, 4.- Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1. Softball 1, 2. Tutoring 4. Varsity Club 3- Student Council 3. Gymleader 1 DONNA VACCARO; 115 Collincote St. 438- 4522 LINDA VANLOON; 103 High St. 438-9098. National Honor Society 4. Student Council 1. Jr Honor Society 1. Carnival Ball Queen 4. Travel Club 4 ROBERT VITA; 12 Danby Rd. 438-4106 SHEREE VITIELLO; 2 Mountain View Dr. 438-9418. Cheerleader 3, 4-capt DOREEN WARD; 23 Sunset Rd. 662-6233. Field Hockey 1. Majorettes 2. Captain 3, 4. Spanish Club 3. Vice President Rep Chorus 4. Tutor 1. Track 1. Sr class play 4. Carnival Ball 3, 4. Musical 4. Latin Club 2. Drama Club 4 MAUREEN WARD; 78 Robin Hood Rd. DAVID WATSON; 64 Main St. Apt 28B DANIEL WEBBER; 18 Pond St. JUDY WEBB; 11 Washington St. 438-0566. Deca 3, 4 DARREN WEISSE; 91 Franklin St. 438-2347 DUANE WEISSE; 91 Franklin St. 438- 2347. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Baseball 2, 3, 4. Soccer 3, 4. Golf 2. Football 1 GISS ELLE WHITE; 10 Maple St. Political Dis- covery 2. Spanish Club 2. Future Secretaries Club 2. French Club 4 DAVID WILHELM; 5 Woodland Rd. AMY WOLONSAVICH; 69 William St. 438- 5171. Track and Field 1. National Jr. Honor Society 1. 735 Drug Prevention Program 2. Vol- leyball 3- Italian Club 3. Seeds 3 RONALD WOOD; 16 Lincoln St. 438-1336 PAUL WOODLAND; 72 Franklin St. REBECCA YARDUMIAN; 42 High St. 438- 4932. Field Hockey 1, 2, 3. Softball 1. DAVID YOUNG; 422 William St. 438-0147. Jr National Honor Society 1. National Honor So- ciety 4 JOHN YOUNG; 438 Mam St. 125 THE CLASS ACTS OF ’84 BEST DRESSED: Jackie Sterner, Michael Leydon, Patrice Pappalardo THE HAMMY AWARDS BEST SMILE: Glenn Maxwell and She ree Vitiello CLASS LUNATICS: Mitchell Gallagher, Chrissie Dennis, and Todd Della Porta m m CLASS COUPLE: Michael Sorabella and Erin Langin OUR SPONSORS POMP’S CLEANSERS INC Congratulations Class Of ’84 -PATNA CONSTRUCTION 157 Main St. Stoneham Ma 150 Summer St Malden, Ma highland printing 413 miln Ittlll tlomhim, ml 02140 •17-4M-M4J quality commercial printing harry palcopoloa STONEHAM MOTOR CO. mill - I FORD min 185 Main St. STONEHAM, MA 02180 Mustang «Fairmont • I si ml • Cranada • LTD • I Immli ' iliird ALAN MELKONIAN Sales Manager Bus. Phone 438-0490 l ItMOKQWK SPECIALIZING IN ORTHOPEDIC WORK ff one Mint !P oe ■ ' J o fti a SHOE REPAIRING - FABRIC SHOES DYED SCISSORS SHARPENED DIAL 438-0712 TINO MINICHIELLO. Prop 305 MAIN ST. STONEHAM. MASS. Good Luck To The Class Of ’84 Compliments Of PURITAN FURNITURE 287 Main St. Stoneham 438-7900 130 (Sbutcher -2 BLOCK Beef, Poultry, Pork, Lamb, Veal 379-395 Commercial Street Boston, Massachusetts 02109 ( 617 ) 742-4999 Lie. 6901 Tel. 438-7600 BEST PLUMBING HEATING INC. FRANK SILVIA 489 MAIN STREET PRESIDENT STONEHAM, MA. 02180 Good Luck SEMI CHIPS INC George R Day SEVEN LAKESIDE OFFICE PARK WAKEFIELD. MASSACHUSETTS 01880 (617) 245-5376 Paul B. Cunningham Massachusetts Components, Inc. Seven Lakeside Office Park Wakefield. Massachusetts 01880 (617)245 5967 TWX 710-348 0423 1-800-343-1146 Class Of 1984 131 Good Luck BUD’S SUNOCO 24 HR. TOWING SERVICE — RAMP TRUCK SERVICE — 490 MAIN ST. STONEHAM, MASS. 02180 CALL 438-9784 ALL AUTO REPAIRS 438-6227 Best Wishes • Cruises • Europe • Leisure Sports • Groups • Singleworld Congratulations To The Graduating Class Of 1984 From NEWBURY JUNIOR COLLEGE, INC. 921 Boylston St. Boston, Ma. 262-9350 We Look Forward To Serving Your Educational Needs In The Months And Years Ahead Good Luck Seniors 438 7305 Dzoiano J ±±ociate± Joe Troiano 468 R MAIN STREET STONEHAM, MA. 02 180 Compliments Of GEORGE C. RICCARDELLI, PRESIDENT m MIS Ontuffc lo (II 21 GR ASSOCIATES 270 Main Street Stoneham, Massachusetts 02180 438-1230 Each office is independent I owned and operated MAKING HOMES AFFORDABLE MADE US NUMBER 1, CENTURY 21. TOURS TRAVEL 6 CENTRAL SQUARE, STONEHAM. MA 02180 SALON DE COIFFURE 3 Franklin St. Stoneham, Mass. 02180 438-2972 438-9742 Congratulations And Best Wishes For Future Success From STONEHAM GIRLS HOCKEY 134 . SCohcAxuh (Renter 381 MAIN STREET STONEHAM, AAASS. 02180 I WILLIAM J. MUOLO . ' -cl, 438-6237 MCDONOUGH S LIQUORS WORLD WIDE Beer ' s - Liquor - Wines Central Square, Stoneham Ma. 438-0297 1 Central St. - Stoneham Ma. 02180 (617) 438-7611 TELEPHONE 227-4447 2 , Good Luck Friends’ In The Class Of 84 " Keep Your Eyes Moving” WHOLESALE JEWELERS ALLAN RED ' NORMAN 75 CANAL STREET BOSTON, MA 02114 RALPH SALVATI ARROW AUTO 289-9063 Revere (? r (617) 662-2262 YOU TRIED THE REST ' NOW TRY THE BEST ’ NORTHEAST COIN 8l STAMP, INC. 515 Main St, Melrose, MA. 02176 J Francine’s Pizza House 303 MAIN ST. STONEHAM. MASS ORDERS TO FOR FAST SERV I 438 - 96 135 Compliments Of The STONEHAM SAVINGS BANK 359 Main Street Stoneham, MA 438-9400 88 Main Street Stoneham, MA 438-7550 MR. MRS. MICHAEL V PINELLI I B E BARBER STYLISTS 438-9859 L HAIRPIECE DESIGN L 438-9859 S BEAUTY SALON 438-7343 RES 246-0356 111 MAIN STREET OPEN 6 DAYS STONEHAM. MASS AND REDSTONE PLAZA EVERY EVENING TILL 8:00 P M k st , H SUBS COLD CUTS Ct c4 party matters ft ul “138 - OOZO Stoneham Wallpaper Paint 320 MAIN STREET -STONEHAM, MA 02180 WALLPAPER - PAINT • SHADES 438 4550 RICHARD SWEENEY 438-2511 136 MARTIN M FALARO, JR Vice President— General Manager (ern R6 COmPUTGR i CGHTGR J 125 Main Street. Rte 28, Stoneham. MA 02180 (617) 438-8860 Tambone STATE INSPECTION TOWING ROAD SERVICE IRVING’S SERVICE CENTER, INC. SPECIALISTS IN FRONT END ALIGNMENTS COMPLETE REPAIRS DOMESTIC HI SPEED WHEEL BALANCING SUN COMPUTERIZED TUNE UP Corporation • Real Estate Developed Two Main Street, P.O. Box 32 Stoneham, Massachusetts 02180 (617) 438-5900 (617)438-3051 308 MAIN STREET IRVING. GLOOR, Pres. STONEHAM, MA 02180 STONEHAM PHARMACY John l. Brocclotti, B.S., Reg. Ph. 409 Main Street Tel. 438-1000 STONEHAM, MASS. THE STORE OF PERSONAL SERVICE Good Luck HAIR • MATES salon “always In style” 291 MAIN STREET, STONEHAM, MA PHONE: 438-1227 455 MAIN STREET, WOBURN, MA PHONE: 938-0495 PRIDE. IN STONEH AM AND YOU Bank on Your Future With SSSfti STONEHAM COOPERATIVE BANK Main Office 335 Main Street Stoneham, 438-0430 Billerica Mall Billerica 667-2197 Redstone Stoneham 438-3334 Congratulations Class Of 84, From The Staff Of- REALTY WORLD ■ REALTY WORLD Schmid 153 Mam Street, Stoneham, MA, 02180 (617) 438-7220 FUEL OILS BUILDING MATERIALS SAND, STONE CEMENT BLOCKS BRICKS Best Wishes To Class Of ' 84 Don Monteiro Trucking Inc. 122 PARK STREET STONEHAM, MASS. 02 180 TEL. 1-617-430-5181 deua hatpin CfiRPEfi t6R+8UILVef{ ROOFS AmmON new work old STOlVe M , MASS, 6 7 - 43 8 - 6343 139 iFurntture fflorlfc 383 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 02180 Dial 438-0116 r. a. McGuire 438-9376 DR. DONALD O’BRIEN QPTOMETRIST 2B4 MAIN STREET STONEHAM. MASS. CJ21BO ROUND ' S TRUE VALUE HARDWARE Tru-test paints — Plumbing Supplies Hardware — Housewares 240 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 02180 Telephone: 438-2122 GOOD LUCK SENIORS From The CLASS OF 85 Over 30 Years of Dependable Service A K Jewelers For Quality Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry Tel: (617) 438-1250 379 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 02180 Air-Conditioned Salon and dryers With or Without appointment EXCLUSIVELY YOURS IN STONEHAM 4 Central Street Opposite Fire Station TEL 438-4065. 438-4085 DAILY; 9 A.M. - 6 P.M. Wed. a Fri. Till 9 P.M. Good Luck Graduating Class Of 1984 From Your Friends At: E.T. ARGIRO CORP. EASTERN INDUSTRIES, INC. UNICORN DATA SERVICES, INC. H.E. BROWN AGENCY Real-Estate Sales — Appraisals 269 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. All Makes Rrepared. Sold-Leased 493 Main St. Stoneham, MA 02180 Bus. 438-5151 A.E. FINNEGAN HOME FOR FUNERALS 322 Main Street Stoneham, Ma. L.A. DAYS AND CO. Public Accountants 1 Richardson Ln. Stoneham, Ma 02180 Best Wishes To The Class Of 1984 FRIENDS DON ' T LET FRIENDS DRIVE DRUNK 144 THE YEARBOOK STAFF Would Like To Thank The Class Of 1984 For Their Support Throughout The Year Greater Boston’s Newest Baseball Card Shop (Sports Collectibles) “BILL’S PLACE” Open Six Days A Week Including Sunday • Largest Inventory of Red Sox Cards • Complete Sets • Topps Bowman All Years • Stars Common All Years • Football. Hockey. Basketbal l Cards • Publications, Yearbooks. Etc • Baldwin Plastic Sheets • More. More. More Store Hours Blir» Place Tue Wed 10 6 416 Main Street 1-617-438-2070 Spot ' Pond SMotel 397 MAIN STREET STONEHAM, MASSACHUSETTS 02180 SANtDY PAT 438-8300 ROUTE 28, 597 MAIN STREET STONEHAM, MASS. 02180 DELI ROMA SUBS • SALADS • PARTY PLATTERS Imported and Domestic Cold Cuts 153B Main St. Rosemarie and Paul Albino Stoneham, MA 02 1 80 Proprietors Crestview Fuels Corp. " Retailers of Major Branded Fuels” CRESTVIEW MOBIL CRESTVIEW TIRE AUTO 225 MAIN ST. 225 JOHN ST. STONEHAM, MASS. READING, MASS. 438-0678 944-8742 C. HICKS M.G.R. J. HARTFORD M.G.R. D. Taylor Service Mgr. J. WEAVER Service M.G.R. CRESTVIEW EXXON CRESTVIEW TEXACO j 85 MAIN ST. 16 MAIN ST. | READING, MASS. STONEHAM, MASS 944-2785 438-0669 H. BARTLETT M.G.R. D. RODRIGUES M.G.R. M. LeClair Service Mgr. K. Blacker Service M.G.R. YOU CAN FIND SEVERAL OR ALL THE FOLLOWING SERVICES AT OUR LOCATIONS i FRONT END ALIGHNMENT AIR- CONDITIONING BRAKES TUNE- UPS COMPUTER COMMAND EFI TRANSMISSION SERVICE STATE INSPECTION EXHAUST SYSTEMS WHEEL BALANCE CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS RADIATOR REPAIRS WE FEATURE THE FOLLOWING BRAND NAME TIRES B.F. GOODRICH KELLY i FIRESTONE ATLAS GOODYEAR MICHELIN WE FEATURE THE FOLLOWING BRAND NAME ACCESSORIES AC ATLAS MOOG TRW BENDIX WALKER MAREMOUNT CHAMPION RAYBESTOS AUTOLITE MONROE GABERIAL CRESTVIEW " WHERE PLEASING PEOPLE IS STILL OUR NUMBER ONE BUSINESS” Building A, Door 1, Lakeside Executive Office Park, Wakefield, MA 01880 (617)246-0033 K 147 Good Luck In The Future! Compliments Of THE SOPHOMORE CLASS —Of 1986 — Telephone: (617)438-3606 " Homemade Ice Cream” The Dairy Dome SUPERVISORY CONTROL SYSTEMS 114 NORTH STREET STONEHAM, MASS. 02180 Industrial Combustion Specialists JOHN K. ISABELLE 474 Main Street Stoneham, MA Ice Cream - Cakes Ice Cream Novelties For All Your Ice Cream Needs 31 EXCHANGE STRE ET. SUITES 35 36 LYNN MASSACHUSETTS 01901 C. BRIAN CHAMBERS Elaine P. Gillis PRESIDENT TEL 617 592 2260 YEARBOOK STAFF Would Like To Thank The Award Winning Stoneham High DECA For Their Help Throughout The Years let your good looks to your head SPEC ial EVERY TUES u ath Men Cut Reg. S 14 Blowdry jjq Women Reg $16 up $13 SPECIAL EVERY WED Perm Reg $48 up Complete C LORDS LOTS) ””p SPFGAUS i mnt . Make an appointment or just come in 153 Mam Street Stoneham 438-7250 Hours Tues. Wed Thurs 9 K Fri 9-6. Sat 9-5 Special Thanks To Ralph Giorgio Of Giorgio’s Studio Official Photographer Of The Class Of 1984 To The Class Of 1984 That All Your Future Endeavors Are Successful 1984 YEARBOOK ■ 150 W«ert’« tu ! Tkhi f» rviakt 0 . Old ' 1 jW ' iVl! - A I ' kAi- fjlr iE)US ft. Cso ' 3 JA.O. Toptft A 1 i tt F p, MG Cipcob, CflfllPlAG: 1 5 taiN l v W ' - Vv kt- £V£7? HappeXfi) TO V Rcrie S[ ? Summer of C fc2 5 1 - ' 4 ° " % X 1 Kj O. ) A a |- mf 5 Piahcin 7 M i ' ck ; T7 v 3 vaK _5 F m. j J ffrry d „ -a f TV W ' . tM SO] § AoX e 5 L 0 „C. -» AUV viEl l Prow p l-Wlovoee.-! " f Percy ' s r»P e ys s „, Ko e ad contract ROUGH LAYOUT I r-rrt-T l3 ! u v. t i. S 5T I ' ff ■ i ; i t " pHASlfi SI 6 TAff ' Z) 7Wa. e Sam acy j ) ? - t _5 h . T ' Vicfm d A y-c ion MOTE: Colored illustrations. calling cards, leilerheads. telephone directory art and newspaper clippings are not accep R YDnehaM Hi6 R Sclent AAe R , 6c f g Name ol School Title ot Yea beafc {3l 4ttA p £_ ji TDfr e r+ HjfA Firm Najne (please print) SroM e kf ' rAo, 0 1l ?d AD SIZE n i e § 1 4 1 2 CD Full Page CD Other TYPE OF AD Kf Patron □ Advertisement I I Other CD Artwork Furnished CD Pictures Furnished PAYMENT □ Cash $_ CD Ctwck $ _ □ an U® $. ail lo: □ CALL BACK Why? r»a STAFF USE ONLY □ Copy Ree d DProot O K. O Photo Ree d C J invoice Sent □ Ad Prepared D Payment Ree d s Hj.f. A-su Vy W ORIGINAL TO SCHOOL CARBON TO ADVERTISER FRIENDS Mr. Kennedy Mr. Mariano Mrs. O’Neill Mr. Mongeau Mr. Friel Mrs. Ellegood Mrs. Jacobs Mrs. Appleyard Mrs. Parks Mrs. Feeley PATRONS Mrs. Riley Mr. Margarita Mr. Lahiff Mr. Seabury Miss DiMascio Mr. Campagna Mr. and Mrs. Bornstein Mr. and Mrs. Drover Mr. and Mrs. Faulconer SPONSORS Mr. and Mrs. Hartung Mrs. Puffer Miss Norelli Mr. Hoyt " May the saddest days of the future be no worse than the happiest days of your past.” -Mr. and Mrs. John Bates YOU’VE SEEN IT ON STAGE . . . " Sweet dreams, Mike.” " Not now Jay, he ' s got a camera. " My way or the highway. I, NOW AT A THEATRE NEAR YOU " Nobody told me there would be days like these. ' The Mitchell Gallagher School of Dance Try plugging it in, Judy. " Don ' t bother me! I ' m trying to pass. 53 THE PRODUCTION STAFF The " Final Scene " staff The 1984 Yearbook Staff overcame the traditional yearbook difficulties in addition to a financial deficit. Using all avail- able resources and forming many more, the staff s creativity and ingenuity combined with spirit and incentive to produce " The Final Scene " . Editors in Chief Jason Bates Frank Days Assistant Editor in Chief Beth Isabelle Senior Section Editor Jody E)ay Assistant Barbara Panaccione Sports Editors Jim Brandt Maura Doran Assistant Sports Editors Mike Bulpett Debbie O’Reilly Faculty Editor Maureen Ward Business Editors Donald Bain Stacy Doyle Michael Leydon Copy Editors Sheryl Argiro Amy Hartung Typing Editors Michelle Padur Angela Roselli Maureen Ward Cover Art Michelle Belmont Mark Minicheiello Jill Nottebart Divider Pages Art Michelle Belmont Jill Nottebart Special Thanks to our many stage hands: Traci Bornstein, Kim Chase, Anthony DeFlumeri, Mike Fantasia, Jane Gillis, Joanne Halvorsen, Robert Marcucci, Jane McMakin, Doreen Ward, and Mr. William Hoyt. Ill 155 n JOSTENS

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