Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA)

 - Class of 1983

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Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Cover

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fi' '.-,, -""' '- f 'n 0 5 A -1 .gy ., ,,,-,,.Q. fd V50 52 Mwmwf V73 The Hard News 4., if 2 , W M '11 1' ' A f , V will ,EE z, P: . K ' A Q ,nj jj, H3151 '1,i:f'j:i1, ' j WQQARANCE 'MY '38, 339.23 ?UNSl135,lGS3 America's youth still Umfec Siam tastes of musical The such The 1 The Police shuttle This year for the first time nn orbiting spa r U3 cud Spellbergk he hearts of deta Yuri relations i a reign that lasted to be seen how will influence Beezhnev passed away ITIOYE ro wth' to the a few Q' Youth X 'ft ,T yy by Q X 4' ,tim e ' e XE Q ' sunmuuu f. f . t , KL gf 4 . V gi. A Y f Grim? I s ' , r figtkif. is sissszzszii tis a::su'r"'m2-Q misss: America' Strength The ambitious youth of Stoneham High dis- played their career intrests on one informative school day. The wide variety of personalities ranged from airplane mechanics, to priests and provided insight into the country's future if left to competent young adults. Mankind will take a giant leap when they are let loose upon society. The high degree of intellect posessed by the stu- dents is evident in their original renditions of a Playboy bunny, a tourist and a pregnant house- wife. On the lighter side, we saw a business ex- ecutive, a scientist, a surgeon, and a private in- vestigator. Perhaps one of the most believable characters was a nun, who made her cameo ap- pearance early in the day. , if Boston Magazine: Fact Or Fallacy? a SCHGOL , Insidethe Atlantic Monthly bySusanBar SYSTEM MONEY' STUDENTS2 TEACH ERS' Needham B B C -- Newton B + B + B Scituate D C - C - Stoneham D D D Swampsoott C+ B B Qfllgsll-igj,!'l Wakefield C C D U s Waltham ' B F D+ 5539915 Watertown C D - B How Bad Wayland A -- A - C + Are They? Wellesley A + B + A C - We Grade Weston ' A A I 'g,2f:1Tough F Weymouth D l . B - Winchester B - B C + mag,-zffxg SCHOOL ' SYSTEM MONEY'4 STUDENTS2 TEACHER' Needham B B C - Newton B + B+ B Scituate D C -- C - Stoneham D D ' D Swampscott C + ,B B , Wakefield c C D, Waltham B t F D + fi S, 4 Ill!!! ure. own ' 4. , g A f nzvusuclvzcnconr. is ll 8 Q 3 T h r' View as 933 9 5 x ' I D 1 :QT K b, jf, ., x ,gi x , 'V In ln general teachers believed that the Boston Magazine Article was ' ' x fix K, H S2,s'iS'f i f "te ,.j.g,.6', W inaccurate and narrow. One argument is that the article implied that the C4,f?! -X X5lAN 'l: ",:-,gfJ:nk11'2'f- 1:55 1 'fx-mis ' , ,v:,f'Th7l wx, wealthier a school is, the healthier the educational system of that fy fr m W y school, and this is not always true. One teacher claimed that SAT scores 47 ' yvii vi,-1' i.f'735Q'ifgg,,f59x,i K were low because kids lack the passion for reading. But one teacher , ,f N ' claimed that even though SAT scores were low, these scores sometime .3'.'Qll1,f,f,f- .,g1f"' 'Q ,, . A if give a false impression to the colleges. This teacher believes that the it' ' f-7f" "' ' ' ' gljiftjllfy lll, , ' -' V Q W Xxx 'X school has an excellent atmosphere, and that the faculty members of the yy ygyhjfi , .xx K educational department are close-knit. They learn and share from each X .A2' If other. Resources are fairly good, and even though money is tight, the Q . x 'A ' school will get it. Teachers generally agree that students do well. lf they I . Aff A work, they learn. One teacher finds the Stoneham student very likeable, , fl T fi I T but not the enthusiastic honor student. They are very human, and they - ' A T V Q I. "si f ,J have a desire to learn. but not necessarily what is in books. Teachers N My ,J if believe that there is room for improvement in the school everywhere. xl k'llygy,Wff 'f ln, yy . One suggestion is improve the teacher's salaries as to make the teacher "1 l 3, S f feel valued. If there is no competitive job scale, they have to leave , A ix llyxglxty 3 ,y A teaching. But one teacher pointed out a significant increase would f y ls XX. A TVN. 'Z',,,3L'7' attract more teachers, but not for S500 or Sl600. As George Steinbrenner X X T -xxx. ix Wil ',.'ff'y,j Said, "Good ball players who are overpaid don't play any better." B Q xslt 'X my X ,-1 A TX X"l' 3 x T9 W 'V , Ph sf, t X X Em - is A 53 I0 Preppiest High Schools suburban schools send more than three-fourths ol' thclr ns to two- or four-year colleges n South .............. 9000 Belmont .................. pscott .... . ..., 87 Wellesley . id ..... ,... 8 2 Lexington . . . 7 The alumni of Stoneham High School, an erudite and energetic bunch, have found numerous outlets for their pe- rusal. For instance, on any given day a student may be found coverting with a peacock at the zoo, meditating at the beach or enjoying a smoke at the teacher's desk . . . while carrying a heavy load of courses in Latin, Philos- ophy. and Advanced Calculus. Group jumping sessions are very popular and enjoyed by all. Some of the students may dress a little strangely, but they are never the less accepted by their open-minded peers. We have just been informed that this page may be more fun than hu- mans should be allowed to have Cor notj, so we'Il be sneaking in other snaps at irregular intervals throughout the book. ,gif WW W m e f ,. ' A . 'l-gf' E A ,gb 3 ' 4591 . . and this is where the living room was going to be . . ." Qdds 8 Ends Anorexia runs rampant on Stoneham High campus ' K n "l didn't want to tell you in public. but its the way you dress - - - Bill Marranzini: AV engineer. or hardened pickpocket? K ,,,, we ' , 'Si' , , Aw WY M 'pas Y ifgff lf: Jerry's new poster child qu-nl John contemplates life as apeageck Frankie goes for it wv When will Earl realize that he's not on MTV V A A 7 - ' 'l.- Freeze Frame f ffll?lxil' f'Marks describes the intricacies of ' ' 'DNA splicing 10 . S3 I . . ' 'iz I' 'o , . A' ' 'r .. . . - 1 -1- A ' --,Q ' . -', 1 ,'., L . ,. ' .4 . 'ii -' '. in . ' ,-,f,3,g11.5 .'- '. ' 177- ' s ' - l I I I Q .' -. . , - if ,. 'I Q' ., - ' ..", ' L ' . 4 , .0 ' , I . Q + U T A - H A I 'xu' 5 T I . ' .4 x . - 12:13. 3 . -qw -, 'I . .A ' 3 . ..- ,. qlfqk 5 '13 0- -1 E. , , ,l b - elk Q '13 0- ' . , - .V -. . 018. N -15 0- . 1 W.. e 135694. ' L51 N 'ii 0' ' " ' U. angle Sze 'iii 'o'- U '- x -1 ll L 'ig '1 o 2014. 'mx '1 fo: rf.:-' E hnkglil- 1. '. fig aj'- Larry struts down the hall completely ignoring a fire drill. . Lf R I CAROLYN ADAMS JOHN ALESSANDRINI ft., Y, v R HEATHER CARR ANDERSON DIANA ARDAGNA pl- ,Raw qw 4 .X I , RONALD J. ARIGO CHRISTINE ARONOFSKY CAROLYN ADAMS MEMORIES: GOOD FRIENDS. Animal Hospital. Mothershlp. Choral, Liberty Bell?. Cocaine-JC. Never Forge! U KB. death nate. G'G-G. LEFT. B'Farm, CandY. PW. DR, DO. Cape. PIYC, OBM, JPEEK. PW party. CSN, Springsteen. Jungleland . . . JOHN ALESSANDRINI Never forge! the days I can't remember. Sending Hannigan out for pizza. Mr. Mulvi's English class. Debbie Does Dallas Why am I writing this in September? .IOWEI Still Love PB HEATHER CARR ANDERSON , Do not follow where the path leads, Rather go where there is no path and leave a trail. CK LF PD E RREEDS EWLISH CLASS U ALL MADE IT WORTHWHILE J PEEKW CM STEVEN ILU. Thank-you Mom and Dad for caring. A DIANA ARDAGNA f - - H David . . . dreams . . . The Lake Had To Say I'm Sdrry,"On thi phone again?" lF.F. at 8.K. DED,Rea "Mayonnaixe? Na. a band-aidI" El Forget it. it's not what ya thinkl nqdy Mr. R Sth UA TP OM RP Thanks Mom and Dad I ff ' i A -as-:"' THOMAS J. AUFFREY PAUL AURIEMMA RONALD J. ARIGO MEMRESI Beach Day-GH-PCRBTNRRAN-PC WHERES THE KEYS?? Phone Home Loops, ff. NHSMUNWXPC DCMBTPRR. BOGBLANKET-DIANNA. WRESLR, Ianlte 'IAM-Curf7l-Algyl, BKIGANG. BNOZI Thanx Mom. Dad. Rob. Frank. Papall ILUVU "Best of Times" CHRISTINE ARONOFSKY GOOD TIMES: NF KC TD PS LD MC TP MEMORIES! NFS NOSE CAPEWIJP 7'Il-82 PPWfTD RPORT- XWHALES WITSN NOI-I SUMMER WIJPXKZ DECA PS-BASI-I GIRLS nt. OLD TIMES WXDB DFIARI STUD-4 BEACH DYS LUV U JOE FROSH-THANX-MA 5 DADI THOMAS J. AUFFREY Memo!-Nomad!-LL. SOB. PD. RB. CC. NDWC MADMAN, C-lGirlI wfLou WMOJP GTFOOMC V- FOOTBALL ACDC Cape Escape DDD Mlseriesx Losing SBWB "Let The Good Timex RolI"'Thanks Mom S Dad. f PAUL AuR1eMMA j - 5 A V , F LIGHTNING G B THE DOORS I-IOW'S YOUR-HEAD LIVE TREESiDoctor Freedom No one-gets out of here with their sanity Give me a break GIen's h6u3e'BraxjQnfThe"End BS. The futurzlsolves all problems THANK vou I A A O A I - - V A in N STEPHEN AURIEMMA RICHARD D. BARBERA .uv -.-1 FRANK E GLEN A BEATON BEKKESMEID MATHEW J BELMONT MICHELLE BERUBE STEPHEN AURIEMMA ' 'i . U VT. SKI TRIP 'SNOW SKIPIN PAULS LUX CARS GILLE'S 74 BLUE DELTA MANY A DEAD SOLDIER MELROSE PARTY CALIFORNIA ALOTA WALKIN CAPE COD THE TRACKS REDSTONE ROCKPORT RICHARD D. Bmsm - ' A . Q NEVER FORGET- NOMADS LL. Goa. TA. PD, cc, MMA. GTFOOMC. wmonrg DDD. JosLuNcH. vnu. sNose. SPLENDLD sPuNTens, mcxiz B, aumuzm. GH. J. GEILS was 22. Si. Mlssnlss. olcxs POND sw. sws- THANX MA s nw L- , , GLEN A BEATON ' V, c.Jo Paul on sem. Axicvwzeo Mmm. CP. Rusrn ohe-fifth of me worm. The cammi. VMCA. CW '80 'SI '81 Suni, IYIJ, To Sum, Thank you for the best summer ol my llfe. l982l l'lI never forget ill Heres to the future, I981' ,f', f A L A BANK EDWARD BEKKEM-:ms L V 5 ' 4 ',I'Ll. always Remember my Fim year at Stoneham Hlgh, the KIDS ih the clan. SPARTAN CHQRALL my -gym classes, and working In the bakery with Min KelIey and Mi!! Morey. I LOVE janei veryjinuch Mk ff 4' How could first period English possibly evoke so many smiles? X 'K :SN ws gg if ml Iggsfvaffieff 'N ggiiazgwg' js-L.. 54. - Q: K ,y L .... X I L N L ALLISON BLOUNT JEFFREY A. BLOUT MATHEW .l BELMONT I I ' Q , I, . gr . Never forge! best friend Bob,iK.C.Face First II-27-82. FYCO 83 Thanks Ma and Dad :for everything. Quotgg "This I say to you each day amazed how Fortunate I am, A friend like you should come my . way? an.c.LLNv l- . . . . I MICHELLE ssnuns V L ' , . 2, Meme CHRIS Illl3f8l ILYF, Nor DI IF. Wecliari. Digger. 6 Yr. Dreqm.QCQC 'Sala 358C Adv: VT. Hampton. WGI WfSPS JR Prom. NY 82. FL 83, GFICP LAW SAR MM Mkflyr 51 V Charlie? Red Barns, wfluv J Ma 8 family ' , I . ' I ' , ALLISON BLOLINTL I ' I if Eddle YDMI.,1Btb! 5 lon GH. AF. SIU. The Von. Dip, Sum-Trip: PM. Reed Kenny TBOIT 7f30f8I CPSP Misery In GYM.iGTfLKW.Dld you buy your AFPB7 A.S!. Warriorx. RER Rocky ,Horr QSM 8 BYE PH. RC 5 Rlunllel TQIYQIKSC-LB, Kink LUV U MED Q , J. Jsrrnev A. maui ' Memorlesl BWAWCCGSDWESPYFMTMGSPSCWJMBMESFS-You're the greatektyf "Q.I1ilI. Clath S Bruce, Frosh Girlif Loud Mouthi Ho Downs, BK, FTruck. FIeaf's Coed. Bud' 'k'l Iirwinler 'Sli Whlffleu Grind Tum. Good uma wffamny no L ' ' A A 1 ' 'YQ A do i X 2 S a Q. ' L X X yy L X xg. . PAUL JOSEPH BOHLING PHILIP BONNER MAUREEN BURKE PAUL CALCAVECHIA CHRISTOPHER CALARESO KATHY CARGILL PAUL JOSEPH BOHLING ' NEVAFORGETI DES SXIGXII BUNNY WABBITS MRMRS VIT RUBBER 5 JOE RED T 5 HORNET JONSIES WI THE GUYS DEATH RIDE WICHICO 8 NORM HOTBUS 78 SUMMERS WIMR C FOOTBALL 9-I2 360 BASEBALL 9-I2 44 XMAS BI RUSTY CHICO LOVE i THANX MOM 8 All Mflunsen auaxe ver vseve. won: sn. vemom Nevin Fosen summess so. sz mason JP cvs vw's wuzrv nm. uvss "FORGET vourc Lust ron me mcu wws Gow. Au mn vou NEED ns IN vous sour." n.v.z. Love s mmxs TO Mom s nm. CHRISTOPHER CALARESO MEMORIESX Pu-:les an Blue Berry HIE, G.F, unltorn, rec. Park P.S. BASHES Happiness is snows to rms Partying at the Cape. Whltemounlalns. Listening to the ALLMAN BROS. Misery ls empty coolers wlnter warm beef K W X355 ey - , ,.... .V X , , L V "I'm so glad I killed my leg in footbaIlI" KIM CARPENITO PETER A CARR KATHY CARGILL ' NEVER FORGT- GOOD FRIENDS. MOTHERSHIP. B-9124182 BEACH DAY. Tl-MRS. LUNCHES, Sheep- fold, VOLLYBALL. SC. DD. EUSUCK, LOOPS, Ma S Dad Thanks for everylhlngl I Love Ylll Moments may be temporary. but the memories last forever . . , K ' K KIM CARPENITO NEVER FORGET, BEACHDAYS Htlhase Bday DECA bllzzards old Pals CA PS KT RF MD C0 NF PET. PEEVE- School Happlnesr is being with Gary-n-my famlly Thanx f everything Mom S Did, Bellerk days are yel to come BYE Mr. R. ' PETER A CARR I Memories, HMUN in Big Apple 3. In Hul:4, JFD at GHB3, Boys Stale 3 w Deca. Jr. Prom w T.N.. SOTM4. Tennls 234. Soccer 345 Fogou! 2. l. , cafe study. parties. Apple Picking 4. Misery. Lab Physics, Forllnl Specials Thanks Mom i Dad 8 SHS N, ,I x .I NX -Xxx 'lla X5 eler KAREN CARRABINO DONNA CARROL N x I L--, , MICHAEL CASWELL MICHELE CASTALDO I -,Qf' s .,,.. I I ' ,m.1 e .. ZLLL X 1 " 1 1V j if ,V I JANET CATALDO JOHN CATALDO KAREN CARRABINO - - Never larger. John. Jo. Reb. Francine: Crew. MS. Del. KS ZZTop, Arena "Blizzard of Oz." BOC Dunklnbonun In' Worth the Trip. Hampton Mom S Dad Pe! Peeve. Dlxco. Quote The worls in a lonely place-Your own your own.- Sabbath. V " " ' DONNA CARROL . . . PATRICIA cumy I I V . - - Mem- I6 bash Blow up car Som pals'QDS BJ Spades In Cornnxon Sum Sl BS In Ennio-28 dd's SV PT BK Sum 82 Parry In Plem 6 Pach FS Pep Rosl if! good times friends Thanx MSDGV lnul-li Liz so long SHSI anim CASHELL- ? I - I V V V. ' Thanks to a buch of great friends. BTMDKWJCLMMSJMJCI Made III I cam wait! NH BTTV Rec Canlel Cape BI KDTP82 Montel Swneham High 2nd grade Thanks Mom 8 Dad! MICHAEL qswsu ' V Memorln-8.Day with KI. E C.V E KE6 Bashes up the MT. S the metero Thanks to for belng ther 's XR PATRICIA CARTA BRIAN CASHELL Jonathan finds a way to a girls heart is through music. when I needed herIV Pet Peeve. flick towns.'C,ON D.R.'Fu:ure plans USN 6-24-83 I'd like to live on Sugar Mg. Thanks-Mom i Dadll V MICHELE CASTALDU . ' I I' Your wildest fantasy GLC WT P? VJO MP at ghe Palace Cells w BC THE GIRLS vuia De Deca Thanks Ma 5 Dad Luv Ya LK sunapee wmy pk panther 5-I-Bl Every hour Is an anlversary of the hour inf! pan Luv Ya Randlll " ' I I - 7 . E I JANET cxmlmoo q VV l Vy V ' 4 - I LATE again I8 FASHAT-TU CAcueanIe 6-23-NIGBOLIT beachkCASTLE toyota TRACK cnrslng FRBBEE BRIAN YIMHMURPH parfy, bermuda CHALET tkiprec CLAY gINo Remember YESTERDAY DREAM OF TOMARROW BUT LIVE FOR TODAYI LETS Ge! Ou! A Herel V , f , Q Joan cmuvo V ' 1 5 I Happiness MLAURA. Weekendl, Gold Buds Never Forget. Parties at Blueberry. GF UNICORN, JH Servo Keg Rather. Ho: Bus 78 Jvarniry Football. While Mu. Malne ZZ Top Cult. Jr. and Sr. Promsf Thanks Ma and Dad. K E ' pw..- L Qfmsasa . xv l iii? T- , PHILIP CELESTE VIRGINIA CENTORE 9 ' gs sjsl g 'Q . bf U iff,:o W xx "ww 4? . --.., CHRISTOS FRANK CHRISAFIDES EARL CHRISTIE STEPHEN ANTHONY GAMPA FRANK CIARLONE "Wake up, Kathy Wake upI" PHILIPCELESTE I Memorlet l0lh Illh Gr Print SIsopMr P Night at Marvlehead w DD AM LA Beach I-lappineu Famlly NH Woburn frlendl we made it dd lyr l0lh gr kc Quote Life goes on long after the thrills of living is gone. VIRGINIA CENTORE K Memorlenf The l977H Summer 82 Crupealxyxpkupx coupealm 2 grownup7 friends Europe 77 I2 ronesl A prince Hawaii 87 proms, Quote Health is everylhinl Dad 82 2 Mom S Dad with Love luv Ya Lou. Joe and grandma. CHRISTOS FRANK CHRISAFIDES , Memom NoMad Madness, LL TA PD GO RB GTFOOMCI KL Alvgays and Forever. Never Forge! ,IP GoodkTimel at SHS Being Pleasant Delive Rance Waafed PAGH GR Easy Lake, Thanx Ma Pa "ONE UFELIM GONNA LIVE IT UP" JP BYEI . EARL CHRISTIE A K DQTEI worry In lun the sound of Ia! people getting off vinyl furniture.-D.L, Thanks Moml TOM CICCOTELLI DEBBIE CIULLA STEPHEN .ANTHONY CIAMPA Memorlem Bill Peter Carole Donna and Robert Tucker. FRANK CIARLONE YOU CANT ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT, BUT IF YOU TRY SOMETIMES YOU JUST MIGHT FIND YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED Good Tlmes at B5 6.6 Tram am Holesholx Pet Peeve SHS CAR PAYMENTS THANKS MA PA IM OLIT TA HEREII TOM CICCOTELLI DEBBIE CIULA MEM, SCNTKGKI'-ISSCVFCFLMKMLNRSCBMM B'WAY boy! N-ave "Moana" Scoopage, Moving In lr the Kill Tonlght ggg BBB 89182 D- Int H-HEADS HBSPM96 NBUSTYNANUO Pebble Picking Mll'fl'COQd Inf Sl-IEP Thanx Ma Dad Tom Ron Steve ' 'T . ole..--' CHRISTOPHER JOHN SUSANNE COLE COMFQRT X PATRICIA CONNERY SUSAN COONEY Q "SM: Ti :si 'I'x . gg The beer list gets one last check before the picnic. 'WF' JAMES .I CORSO JANINE MARIE COUTU SUSANNE COLE mem. Mobe Jenny Jess AV ST MS SD wknds In Rever "when you know, to know that you know and when you do not know, to know that you do not-that is true knowledge" Thanks Mom and Dad Good Luck clan "Si" , CHRISTOPHER JOHN COMFORT . f I JMDOFSJBGSFMDWESBMESCWPYPSTMJD FROSH GIRLS SCPLB-WAY CAPE I 4' I CLASH I + I FTRLICK NO TEARS GONE WHAT PARTY, MA? SKIING HO DOWNS CLAMP DOWN COMF. THANKS FAMILY, NANCIE "ONE OF THESE DAYS I'M GONNA GET MYSELF ORGANIZIZEDH R. DENIRO PATRICIA CONNERY ' MEMORIES: YEARBOOKI FEB. 24. I982I Early Years with SAM. Quote' "A Man Must Have Hit Dreams- Memory Drearnn of the Pai! And Eager Dreams Of The Future. I NEVER WANT TO STOP REACHING FOR NEW GOALS." MC SUSAN COONEY K I I Memorelu DCCVNTAHRNCGSSKGKHFCTAG B-WAY GUYS. TOO BLISTYI Boo Boo: Pad,DrIve Ins. The Lunatlct Are In the Hall. Joe Box, H-Heads. Slap em Dwonl Police, Fla 5f8I Talking It Over wllllllry. Je !'Ql'llbl'lllQl .IMT TY Ma S Dad CAROLYN CRAIG STEPHANIE MARIE CIULLA JAMES J CORSO KOFF HAWII Llghtnlng The Doctor Vermont ski Trip Mitch The World Paul on Beans Tent Days Trlck,or.Treat Neon Nites wf JD Baseball Sensibility. Armed wf tense and Liberty I Luv Ya Ma and Dgd Have Fnlth , I JANINE MARIE COUTLI "Don't keep looking for love xo come..or it might find you. And then when it finds you You might with you had never been hom." P Allen Memories. EDMJ Do It like lt and Smllel Cootch FAME LARRY THANK-YOIJI CAROLYN CRAIG Never forget. Barbos Arena. CH. Fri. Mom wfs alter Cs. Amoco Cape Escape. Camp wf friends, Prom. The Blizzard. Frosty. Good tlmes wffriends. Thelr is no use ln quitting when the world is wlltlng lor you. LYE, SC STEPHANIE MARIE CIULLA I Ilke Pat Benatar I-lellls for Child-en BBESC I Ilke stevie Nicks Fleetwood Mac Gypsy E Holdon Is ss.. ,Y . 3 ' tt Q -L Xt A s T LAURA R CRONIN MARK CROSBY JAMES CRYAN JAY CULLEN sw, - Little does Lorraine know that her hands encompass the words "pathetic character." , - VSGQQ .X .1 E E E 1: .L Fr fe Y STEVEN GEORGE CUMWNGS DENISE DALIMONTE LAURA R CRONIN ' WATCH OUT WORLD HERE I COME! IM NOT GONNA WALK. IM GONNA RUN. I WONT STOP UNTILL I KNOW THAT I'VE WON. GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF I983. MAY ALL OF YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. MARK CROSBY . Memories: Good Times at Montvale with SKULL and CLAM and Studio with Kim and MS 49wilIys Quote- Howl your Hoon? "DF" Mantvale Knight: drink micheiobe Litell Thanks Ma and Dad JAMES CRYAN JAY CULLEN . I'II never forget. DIANA UNICORN Cruz Clam Mt MONTVALE Jr Prom HAMPTON "SJ" Kegi MISERY IS. flashing Blue lights at 5-G5 AM. Thank: Ma + Dad Hunted by Many tamed by few wild and free I'II Always Bei 0- "."' ..- A A ,A 1 f X DOREEN D'ANGELO TRACY DANGO STEVEN GEORGE CUMMINGS l'II always rernemberu my neighbors. Donna. The Teachers. Working in the cafeteria. and mulic clan. DENISE DALIMONTE Happinen- PC + the fun we had partie: with Woburn guys my best buddy KR PALS JSAFSD MEMRIEST Nitelime dip wfDR Late nights My brother J + Dad Summer tunes Quote. Its my life and I'lI do what I want! Bye SHS! . DOREEN D'ANGELO Memories, Library Jw -Jr Prom Coma 513182 4112182 NY NY Sis MSMHEMK-DA-EZ-and the Good time: Hampton! Malorette-Me? Lake Q Pet Peevecf Finals. JC Happiness Is family + friends, MOM + Dad I LOVE YOU! HI PETE! TRACY DANGO L Happiness in Karl 5f2I!8I Never forget, KM J-Geils w,!PS CA MD NG LD Girl: N gt PP wfCA B-Day VODKA wfMD Beach Days Memories, TD Party JH RockPort Whalen Love You Karl Thanks Mom and Dad I I 'tifii -. e Tfft-:Fx - - - ee, . . 5 , to , Ldfflf' ,315 ff' .yr-A' SUZANNE DEARTH TINA DECKER .3 PETER NICHOLAS DECOLA BRIAN DELTERGO tam' "I'lI just pretend I don't see that camera." SUZANNE DEARTH lwlll never forge! Peter Barbcs Arena P.O.A.B. Emerson Anlmsl House'Crystal SM. + Crowley Cape Escape Ozzy Amaco + Carolyn Fri. Mornings w C.C. After Mr CS w. Mnts. -P Court w Lou nights w Lou Love Ya Lougle TINA DECKER , . ' Memorles, PWIWS WN RB LD Halloween "ll" Happiness ls Partying with your friends Never lose sight of your Uream of that person you want to be you can make it come true that Dream Pictured you Thanx Ma Dad V - I I I PETER NICHOLAS DECOLA . Memos-Nomads. 4-I4-92 LL, Gob, ta. db V-FBaIl-Us The Feast,Grealy Lake R-bow WH, ACDC CDB- WTC7 BTFOOMCI-PIS AIW ASAM TPA PAGH PFWA Good Timer MISERY-BS, doubles'8I Mr. M. G + H fr. NEEDING A JLIMPI Thanks-Mom + Dad MOSES BALDWIN WILLIAM DEMARCO ff' MARK DEMOOR DAVID D'ENTREMONT umm ometeo' Anmonv omanco wuum oewwzco H y n n Memorels- Camping!! SIO Flne Night, J Qeilr Concert. the Illegal Business Friday Night Van Parties Drlvlng Around ln a Truck? Happiness is Making Money Doing Nothlng Quote, You Can Always Get What You Want. Manx Demoon . , I I 0Avlo DTNTREMONT yyy- A - ' T "Get all the advice yon can and be wlse the rest-ot' your llfe" Remember boring chem clan-Mark, Kent, Junlof English-Tlcn. Phll. Joe. Llbrary Ron. Algerhra -Frank Good Luck Clan of 83l RICHARD D'ENTREMONT JOSEPH DESISTO f ,gmvmwn . A I ,W W K? fl , . W. W-QM k LOU DESISTO FRANK DEVITO MARIA DIBLASI LORI DICHIARA PAUL DIFONZO MARIA DIGIULIO RICHARD UENTREMONT KATHY LYF INHI7 LTT TIJP investment. Funw Friends, Kin You later Jim. The MAV Lai! Day Breakfast Biking w Ron, Ciro at CVS. Sure Ya Did Ciro Water :king + Great Times at Cottage w Farnlly Thanks Ma + Dad JOSEPH DESISTO ELAINE A.O.ML. spot Budmen HOGAN pines Lighfem up naz Kegs 69 Firebird zep out, houseparties JR Prom J-Jacks Mooxeheads pipes 9126180 Maiden VH Being Dispersed IC Aido Hank Mike NH '82' LOU DESISTO . LVF KATHY MEMORIES GH ESCAPE KNOCK OUT IB DAYS OF AUGUST MNIL HASHBROWNS MSI. KH ITSLIW JOLK COWK 8 I7 31 SACKED CRJSOR' FRANK DEVITO PRINCE OF PHILOSOPHY CRUSADER OF JUSTICE PARABLE AND PARADOX PEDDLER OF THOU GHTS. RENAISSANCE MAN. GREAT HOPE OF THE FUTURE. SLAVER OF THE VILE. THE GUIDING LIGHT IN SEARCH OF TRUTH. Good Bye Alll MARIA DIBLASI Summer of "Sl" Ben everl For get me not'x Bear Hill. TP Mayonnaine? no Band aidl D.A. E.Z. Doey Trigonometry proves to be less than fascinating. S.W, Kim S.L. Gag me with a xpoonl Maiorettsl Practice againl "l'II keep on trying!" Luv u Mom and Dad LORI DICHIARA Memories 712181 KH'5 partym. camping. Cape w1 Crazy Anny. the coffee roll. nights up JH Never forget- fd iriendl.'Summer 82. Stud 4, all night at DF Pet Peeve being I6, backstavvers. thanx Ma + Dad Bye PAUL DIFONZO Frlendl. JONSEY, FEODA, HERL. DAVE. PETER. 5AMLMemorieti Frolh 8BaII B-3-I. JV BALL, CP Kummer. Maine, FEDS HOUSE with such a tan. BK Parking Lot. 6 months KILLERSEBASH. AC1DCl FOREVER KELLYf 3-82 THE GREATESTI Mom + Dad MARIA DIGIULIO ' Never forgeri Jimmy I12918J w1PS + BH in town Snowstormx-Tuftsie ollvers stud-4 J. Geilt w1PS + TD "Dub" .LH nitl JR. Prom-I love you JIMMY'good lubk everyonel Take life as it comet thank! Dad I love you! fr WW MW IAS . ANTHONY DiMARCO PAUL DiMARTINO MARIANNE DOE SUE DONAGHEY The most varied dress code in Stoneham High! TT? ei. JOHN J DONOVAN DIANA MARIE DORAN ANTHONY DIMARCO , ' ' TO THE GRADUATES OF Y993, GOOD LUCK! PAUL DIMARTINO , I , . ' ' Memories, Summer of Il- cards. hoop, Jrg Prom, weekends at M.T.'s Summer of 82 N.H. Soccor 8082. Tuck 92 Mine:-ies. Nolefx foot, suicides. winning one game in soccer-SI. Future Piansi Coliege. Programming. . ' ' K A ' MARIANNE-DOE I y K K Thinks MSD. Mill you Robbie! Love Ya Paul May-13-81 Linda Claylanet Brian + Sandy Crossfire Cattle I don't know 5-9-82 6-23-82 JC Syleet7 I6 Drivexni Highway Sf! Straws Jr Prom TH RP he'x gorgeous. LB LC f i sus DONAGHEV L I BS 314182 Mallbumagt Hampton SI + S2 w1Jul RH BLUES LCBMPD + PSI-ICH Foreva 81I2182 Anurwa 2 HEVEN Dremon .Ie Misery is Living Just for dying Happiness in One day ai a time Thanx Mom + Dad Quote" I Love You Chrisi K . ' JAMES DOYLE MAURA P DOYLE JOHN J DONOVAN I i E K I Rememben-'the JH on Friday nights How About Montvale-the hut going to for business but I'd rather be fishing . . Q .':' ' QIANA MARIE DORAN I I L V C ER. ST, MD. Cute, fort. BF. JM. Band. han, CBS!-2. MM,kTwin. MASP, B WSC. RSR.f TIP. ILYMSD DON'T hang on. Nothing lax!! foreverrbul the earth and Sky. It liipizaway and ally our money wolf! another minute buy3P.IB's gh ' I " 2 JAMES DOYLE y I I Good times-Good friends RCSR SOCCER 0 + I.-Dbome wat-:raking sure ya did Ciro M! Good Mini G at CC The May P :eb rent the ice the clippers Crochet! Mt M and D Latt day breakfast I MAURA P DOYLE f, , A ' LOVE TO MOM DADISTACY STEPHEN Memories-Milton 4'6KBexsy 6130182 "One of the Guys" DBS. FH.'5T, WT. SC. 25x LGFAN. Laugh "LEARN TO LOVE WELL. IS THEREFORE TH FIRST ANDGOLDEN RULE OF WISDOM" ,L . I ' ' I ' ' ,..- ' . . ,K lf. xy .. ,kL. I J I N P I ' A ' Wk' gi JOSEPH R DUPLIN HEIDI ELLIS PAUL A ERADI DIANA EVANS sf... st.: . . - -was ,mio ' FLORIE FABIANO DAVID FABBRI JOSEPH R DUPLIN ' ' MemorleiflI1J4179 ylth Mom Steve s Pulling Traps gonzo Hockey NS Raiders 9th VIKINGS lDth Spartan llth States Good Tlrnes Flshlng at Nlght.B + B NCSV SR Walter "Hold on to sixteen as long as you can" Thanks Mom. ' . HEIDI ELLIS ' ' . Memories: Lifeguard. MM, MS. MDC Turks. MICK Malado. A+lc.+ y Rhonda. Keep Xour shoes on SFWRDH. You DEVIL YOU. Mallow Kim. CV. DG, 41l018l. I Luv U Mom n Dad Quote, He deserves Paradise who makes his companions laugh , I PAuL Al sum ' I Cape Bl Canada 82. l wi! never forget the great times with 6.51 Mr. and Mrs. P thanks alot for everthlng. U.5.A I Skynyrd, C.C.R. Good Luck K.A.M. Lls a L.G.S. D.V. L.M.K.S. SHARON. Llsa M num svmsl I r 7 A , INF JAY 3128181 Best Friends MOAVCIDRDT Hampton Unicorn Nite: at Vigs 9124182 Comf It is only wlthjghe heart, that one can see clearly what it true ls invisible to the eye. I "Whadda ya mean?" "rim: .1 . he Xi . ' .T STEVEN FEDERICO M. ANN FINIGIAN FLORIE FABIANO IMQMOYIQI JW BM KC CA KK LM ELO "Sl" Journey May 3. 82 JOE "OPEN ARMS" RLRSKING 'DANCIN In the sts kIo8 Hampton" Salisbury 82" Bibs + Lon Chic HTSIS Mlsry is ahnh Mondays SC HL PNSHMNT THANKS DAD S M S FAM DAVID FABBRI Memorlea back of Papa Gino: wlth YB You sum Partyal Bleachers Dumpster night at ada Misery Waly gets busted Quote thlnking about what a friend had sald i was hoplng it was a llo NN. Thanks ' KMA + DAD! STEVEN rsosmco I Memories-tlmes down CPBB. GROMLT VH AC1DC NUGENT. oct ll-lysb. PFGAVT. DRIHT, friends PD. VH. SD. DJ. DH. DP + NFBP. GKOFN. SO. fun-Drums. SACPFH. NORTHENDLL. PD. Misery- chemistry future-Tashow Nell Howlts Done-THANKS MOM E DAD M. ANN FINIGIAN A ' A Fam ILY mom IMY moms Diamond to me Sum Trlps SwkBabs Lons AI Jen. Pearl Harbor? Gl-IVAN My Pb Tyler ln Sunape Dlps. Sue ll you listnvry Hard the tune wlll come to you at last. D + P Marblehead lltehouse College, l-liC ' S Qtr P""H 'ex :nf ,L in LAURA FIONDA NOREEN FLANAGAN '5m..,e.. R ,.., T A ROBERT FROST KENNETH S FUNG MARY GANDOLFO CARLA GENTILE LAIRA FIONDA Memories. HA, KS. KR. MD. AH. PC Deny nklng wfliaren Ralf QOak grove WIKRKSVC Quote For I dip: into the future fa! an human eyes could nee. Saw the world and all the wonder :hae it would be- 4LlMomiDadLl.I2A SGA Nonssn FLANGAN V V Memories "The olg Gang CA, PS.-KC, KG. Unicorn The JH BBB PSBASH Cape wfCA MOH Ireland Sum NUKON WIDP Tlmel WIBP and the Pink Cloud Girls Nlle .Ir Yr wfSC DC NT CV R-PORT the whales! WXTDCA CP Thanx Ma KAREN FLYNN Memories. Tilo. MICHAEL. DVD. BDY. DV. KH. KG. DC. SC. JC. NF. NT. SS. LC. CM. LCQAC, Linh. vnu-m suaas 'rwmy sNurr-wk. owl sflsfsn can Calla-714180 Unfsz I LOVE vou Mc mum-y lm loalng a frlend I'U alwayl be lorry De KAREN FLYNN WILLIAM FOLAN Chris sees the empty hallway. realizes it's Saturday. and goes home. wuum rouw I I ' Memorlnf Dutchles Soccer J. Gellx. Jr. Pr. :king Can 80 SI Ben Frlends. M + M's CM. CC, JJ. KH. Misery- onthe llnc. H291 77 "The onlel I Love Ma. Dad. Eileen, Johnny. Buflyand Mluy. Summer of 79. Bl. CAL '75' ' ROBERT FROST S ' ' ' I Interests, Ilshing. football. buketvall. blklng. Remember. Hampton Beach RI-81 Dennison state park. Ice fishing Sunday football games, Patriots games. J Gells. JH, BD. JI.. CV. SL. MK. JM, TH. KENNETH s ruNG , - DESULAR FOR DICTATOR THOSE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE, SALUTE YOU. IT IS AN EXQARROT4 DO YOU KNOW, THAT YOU ARE A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF THE INVERSE RATIO BETWEEN THE SIZE OF THE BRAIN, AND THE SIZE OF THE MOUTH! ' KATHY TAKES TIME OUT FOR A PUBLICITY SHOT! MICHAEL GIANELLI KELLY GLOVER ,fi DAVID GOTT NANCY GOULD 9 A 4' , N A Q gg S ,---. E ii. . , ANNETTE M GOVER MIRIAM GRANT MICHAEL GIANELLI exam elovzn I A fMEMORIES1 KH. DC. NF, lM.SC. SS. NT. CV. KM, PAUL 32282. APS pins!! JVAB5umml 79 PS batheesl 15-BSPM96 BBB 82 nfAVE GANG Scoopingl Sams Pele: 8 Murph: I LUV YA Dad Dawn Lynn Jon esp. U Ma You are the ben. Bye Everyone! f DAVID QGOTT MEMS, Bermuda, Skeet. Hem. Craih,hBuns. Olle Thanx Guys Love ls- Panyk6jI3f82 Happinee- Liftin. Sum'r 8I-B2 Pet Pevex FIyNavy Mlnryf Loein'lFeFe. Quote. WHEN THE GOIN GETS TOUGH THE TOUGH GET GOIN' Love Ya Mom 5 Dad I NANCY Gouu: A I I V ' Never Forget' Mark 415182 Good Times wfGood Friends Nova Bunny ll.l.P. D.C. + TR 8f2If8O NFSH The Zoo9f24!l2 The Bun WPS YEA! 'Ling Ling: The moments may be temporary. but the menories are iorever K H V I ANNETTE M GOVER ' . Goffe'Never Forget Goodlimeo wfBeanl "C" cob: Ah Jo TN Toad Dg + TD Wilkx chase wlDim dxf' AA TIMOTHY GUILFOYLE KELMA HAGGERTY ,Scott 9II82 BOB WHMT MF-Police WISCATJPJHB + PPI l BPU + H Quote In BEEN A LONG HARD nom ss rumxs mom + om I Love u Mmm GRANT I ' g : I Nevin mower. soon nmss warn sooo nznsuos summsn sz susux BUNNY n.s.v. we Mlcxev Mum MYRON vw How + Lwn rrvs sasAxrAs1 wf cams :Av wmv so ms W1 nu mvmncss mem aumum so mme.: nur TIMOTHY GUILFOYLE '- Always Remember MFL. MUSIC Man and Chorate Ben Weekend ever when 'CHORALE wen! zo Conn. Weekend in PT Good III!!! with CW. KK. AK. BUCKVIHEAT AND KS THANKS TO A GOOD friend Kathy end to my llmlly " ' I KELMA HAGGERTY . MEMORIES . . BIEF + BUFF Cougars APS B-WAY Boys HBSPM 96 NEEN. BANY Pig Gardensjgooplng Drlveflnn KG. DC. NT. SS. CV, KM, LM. JB. CK. MT. BF. KEVTHKFESF Pet Peeve. StaIrs,'CharIIe Thanks Mom. Dad Luv Yi, SInvoffSeven!een , fb 1 , ANDREA HALLEY A. CECELIA HELLMAN Peter Strangles himself as he removes his walkman! ANDREA mum I A ' 1 I ' Memorial Summer 82 i Bl L.K.,SacI .l.H.Malnxtreet1 Moody, Milne LSP, RJ. Al-II M.MD.I-I.. CG.CT. SC.--JM. RNJP. CM. Czyghtin bus hen pink tree TRACKS. A.G. Panyu Thanks Ma 5 Dadf The pollge end ACIDC 32, sounds like a Personal Problem To Me! ' Q 5 ff ' ' ' A.CECEl.lA HELLMANA ' - "5 ' YEAHI Gooduflmet wl!h.VelleyBaII Team WOW! BLOOOOW DOORS!! HEY PEACE SIGN GUYSI I YIRDIYIRDIJAM JAM. Hmvron BEACH osucuous T-SHIRT Gkzussr YEARIN My ure wane ss-sons: nm . . I Thqhx w the Pvwers umuy, - DAVID HANNIGAN V . , , 3 , 'f V' ' THE WHO JAMPISTOLSCLASHI SULLYI KETCHEN KOMBATATHE MOON! ANARCHY IN THE LLS. RED SUBURBIANSI WOODY GETfA COOLER! GREG ALWAYS A TEAM. LONDON CALLING. SMASH UP BIG HOTELI BIG MESS! ERIC BUY YOUR OWN BARF MOBILEI RAT! I52244 WORLD RIOTII TAI TIMOTHY I ' 'j ' MEMORIES Whai ever happened tb the goodtlmes Joe and Pete J English Dave In I. Moe and Terry Muulefmm Wehad some great times Joe. Moe, Hickey, Frou. Dave. Terry. , 'T' M' 9' 4 JMWQ x z f , DAVID HANNIGAN TIMOTHY HARRINGTON ,I 6 M DAVID HARTNETT MICHELLE HASSARD -' W m Q 1 BRIAN HERLIHY JOHN J HICKEY DAVID HARTNETT , 'VA,A. , ' Lorl,C.P., swamp-Q umlzsgicmmlkya, fnqlixi. Lg. sf. PM. PD. as. sm. so, an. ol. sm- Gaodllmeql Kegs. glrlu. concern. Ahlghlen. Summer. T.S.D.P. Pez Peevegeztlng honed C.P. 'l'hlnltl Ma and Dad. . I , 4. A I 5 msd-neu.: I-IASSARD . A 1 I Never Forget. Clone I'-fiends "Coma" Mr. I? 4f2f82gIIjI2j029 M. 513181. "Dukes". "Him" Library Zoot. lab: Peg Peavey SAT Verb Prepg Latin Quiize: Happiness ls- family volleyball. The Three Musketeers for ever! E' ' A 'A I I Joi-IN HICKEV, I ff I I' I NF-fFrInIgI1tVVin Party'l. ICE Flxhlng Sunday Football Games. Hampton 82 Going Carviplng genlng fIned.kTrylng to pu! Enginin Van JL BD RF wlrh Budlighxa In Van A Bud Bash' over JB Golng to Florida CJK ' I I -' ' - - K QQ Sw-R 1, mx . S' Tp' I I I I ' v 3 I f SSS. gs .rx E CHARLES HICKS THERESA A. HILL CELIA IBARROLA DANIEL L. JONES WN me we PATRICIA A. JORDAN DIANE KELLEY CHARLES HICKS THERESA A. HILL Happiness. Family + true friends. Waiting lor the weekends for RM Death Cruise with DD + LW Memories . . . l'lI never forget JM at the JR + SR Prom Quote Love Understand And Therefore Walla. Cella lbarrola Happiness ls BOB lJf26f8l Best Ol Times wf AV MO DE DR NT SS MS Mem: Talls My House Primos JR Prom Faneuil Hall Good Harbor BK + SH PP Bu! Why? HMRM Talks wfAV The World To Wally, Sandy. Mom + Dad Thanks! DANIEL L. JONES Memories- Malne, Sams Bashes, F-ball, D. Reeds class. CP. JH. Skiing tennis. KX! mph Herl, Paul D. Fedda. Misery, Bun smoke the mornings aher same bash: Future Plansi finish college. and be successful. Thanks Mom + Dad ff. fy W-.. - Annie strikes a very pretty pose for Earl. ,.L.,. W ,N 5455 MICHAEL KELLY COLLEEN KILLE PATRICIA A. JORDAN Mems- JC Laughs. VB. "82" Summer USU' Good Times wfD + D.RR IN WOBURN. Track "Sl" IT HAPPENSI JC. SW. B + JH. SM. BC. MS. RM. SS, JB Family, Marty IJ-7-74 Thanks Mom -If Dad. I Love Yal Love ls To Have + To Hold. DIANE KELLEY NEVER FORGET: MA. BABVB. ELLIEMAV, DA. CRUZIN RB THEIBIRDS RS wfMA-CRUNCH SKIING wfKK HELPI MC DS JfJfRfS7 MV CARI IT'S BIVEI 53 M CELTICS TUNA THANKS FOR EVERYTHING MA S DAD LUV U MICHAEL KELLY , NF. Summer Sl. The Big F, Puritan Parties. Emerson. Hosp People. DS, JN S Bino, KH. CC. DG. BM i JM. RD. RC, KS. DS. KG. JK + KK, T + J. ES. JD. BM. LL. SMC, NF, Moped Ride with DS, Late Cards. Mm Qi DREAM UNTIL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE BYE coufn Kms Nevin roizcssr Lows mums wm-I HA PARTYING wmi AB My Hss wmp Hill with rom D slack sway vu Law. Halloween sz efufsz sum: Thanks Ma s Dad BARBARA KIRBY LORRAINE KNOX Z ,f X I 4 x SUZANNE LANDERS LOUIS LANGONE 4' w ffl" KEVIN F. LAWTON CHRIS MARRANO BARBARA xansv i I I Memories. MARTY 'I-4-79. Rocky. MTS eyes. Fllppa. Iggl. Mr. Lion. Belookn. IIslp.A:hocks.bel3L elbows. uain.6J, Rubbefheld. Nahum. Maine, "We are family". SS. Thanxi Dad.MS. Karen. Dot. Cheryl. M. T. man. sp. I - A I LOIIRAINE KNOX g - i i 'V xmma um, vm: L. room Cefe swamp mm cvonfzrnmww I uve for sages. Good-bye sus KIM KOSTIIUEN ' I , , f. Tuul Revere Beach' BBB. It'l Blue. NYAT. Good Tlynet- tkIIngfDK Stir Partlefk' ChlcoAG-T own! PSfmooI. mamknlFRIEN0S4 DK. LM. EZ. I.N.4DS. DHy"DADDY'S'CADDY'S Never forge! DANA-8I. 82. + always +L forever I LOVE YOU MOM + DAD g 3 SCOTT LAKIN h i , , J g A I - I BWIKM. CSIRA. KC. Goodary with the unIon.'CS Just can'x wln :hal roftbal game. KM, BW. JM. PM. How did we getfnllled infthe lol. Sieve the car works? RA. KM. Not Latin again. Dragons Are Real! . , Wi. ww... V ! KIM KOSTINDEN SCOTT LAKIN SS E as , xx sm Q f. ' 1151. - , ' I 11 A Linda panics as she is caught ordering a pizza! SUIANNE LANDERS 'z ' ' , LUNCH with Marll + Kim, library with Cheryl +kBacom Thanks 4' Dad Always remember. MEK. AI.. CV. HE. RM, KT. MU. PA. SAI.. JI., KR. AB, SNM. PC. MH. MS. ST. A TRUE FRIEND IS YHE nest rosssssfon. , 5 ,, 1 ' LOUIS LANGONE , W Mzmowmman. mu: ro. sos, cc. rA,' on ww c-guru wfAuf1 Awv The rem smmsyf Grcyty like JP. ACDQCDB-WTC? GTFOOMC WMO Jr. P PAGH MISERY- Trips Xoo Mr. M-6th Sp. "Al These Crazy Women"-VH Thanx Mom + Dad i I KEVIN F. LAWTON Q i I BARBFOOT IN me PARK WAS suvea. QUEENSMEN so-sz MONTREAL. FRIDAY, NIGHT DANCES wine A BLAST. ALWAYS REMEMBER LUNCH AT sus 224 - CHIISMARRANQ I I I I Not only did the Pru-DentiaI's Christmas tree light up. But so did Frankiel 4- ffk JOE LOMBARDO SARAANN LOMBARDO JOHN V LEDWITH 7124180 THE ROCKS JSBBDMW SWEDES SPIRITE + OREOS SCOOTER RM-llyrs. DDmy BF MIAC FRIENDS FROM SIATSJGPTERPWKYRC CHORALE + BAND. PLAYSWOOBIAMMOUAMBITPNIFLGST THANKS TO EVERYONE QUOTE "ONE BRIEF SHINING MOMENT . . . " 83 AMY LEVINE MEMORIES OF I-IANKS AND GOOD FRIENDS: SL. MEK, LS. JL. DD. AF. AND ESPECIALLY MRS B AND J THANKS TO MOM ANDDAD. ,L mr Lewis ' 1 . MEMORIES: JM, KS, bch-nut + bubleyum RxINor:7 Sa! Clsngiwf JM- Vanklack.. get a REAL job If ya 5' play guna pay. Kyof the Cod. rqfball. 3-Dandeyes. Yodi + Boo-Boo I have a RAAASH. MAp ikell Edtrflt Elko 834 wfall the store THANKS MOM DAD . MICHELE E LOMBARDI ' , Q SPECIAL FRIENDS. LM, SS, LM. MS, TS. MP, DO. COLLEGE FAIR. DL, MS, BK GANGI "SUMMER LOVERS" W EI. CM HD. BK-SOMEONE SPECIAL l'I.I. NEVER FORGERI RlCHlE'90. HAPPINESS ISI FAMILY + FRIENDS. THANX MA + DAD. I LOVE YOU! I JOHN V LEDWITH AMY LEVINE JAY LEWIS MICHELE E LOMBARDI .Uh '37 Z if' DAVID LUCIANO JEAN LUNDY Jos LOMBARDO . V l ' iiii SJ NF. Ji-Iandhia pany van. BD and his MF. RFand ,due PS drop. Thanks for the SIOCF .lohnl Hampton 82 .IHnad BD down firn six pack. when will RFTKH house parties Thanks Mem and Dad. SARAANN Lomsmzoo I Remenlaen Wash.D.C. ARL ,CEM John "The Buck uopluherd' The Gang. Mek. Cavlel. SL AI.. Sun bowling. "Remind me not to put of until tomorrow what I should have done the day before" Luv and Thanks Mom + Dad I DAVID Lucumo JJJE 1 L V MEMORIES. J L. T C.J.MVFri. nigh!! Closing with Joe + Billy. No u Turn. Get A Jeb. Yogi!SBo Bo, f Gayle. G.L. Janie. Harryo. Yabosangria. Wigie. I Jem LUNDY I I . V Remember! Lunches with MEK SAL AL SL MD. Maporenes Long xiring practices. Bari out gag me with! a ipoon Taking Karate With BC MK DS 7th perlodprivillages Thanks Mom + Dad K K KENNETH MACASKILL BARBARA MACEACHERN BRIAN MADER MARIE MAFFEO CMAFJ Sorry. No Comment KENNETH MACASKILL , Memoflelt C-Mates JM, BW. RS. LP-RIDE. BKLOT. ACfDCl27. GEILSZZZ. MISERIES1 B-Nose. ABUSED. SCOOTER. G-Times. Soccer BaseB ALI.. NYE-82. KM + DAIOM, DA-TFBT. LYA, DlCK's Pond. IBKYSL THANKS MOM + DAD BARBARA MACEACHERN Memories, AB. AF, JB. LM, FF + JW. LD. Greg's Van. KINKY, Tennis. Skiing. 735, Proms, NH Sl Lon,l LUV YOU. Summer trips. Rollerskating, Misery is M. O+ G.V.M. SMILE, GyMLeading AB + ET Think! Ma + Dad l LOVE YOU. BRIAN MADER MY 2 GREATEST INFLUENCES-POPE JOHN PAUL ll + JAMES PATRICK PAGE. GOODTIMES-BWay. BUDMEN-MLIRPHS-I234-VHBOBI 82 83-ES. BVL. G.S.CC. RP. IP. J JHB, DW. JB. JD. FM, JM CW KC RL CS THANKS MA DA + FAMILY. WHATS LIFE WITHOUT FREEDOM? MARIE MAFFEO KMAFH BEST FRIENDS! Rae Rilles Liz Jlll Never Forget, FHwfBones Salisbury 79-Sl RM SR CP JM MT MB NIBITSWTLGO I LUV ITALTY + ALDO .lr Prom wfMO TBWFS CAMPING Lowee River FLA. Spam I Love You Mom + Dad Thanks Sharen BOB MAHONEY JEFF MALLON 'wiv JEANMARIE MANGANO JILL MANGONE BOB MAHONEY . , Memos. Summer of 82. Weekends ln Fla. Camping. THE CLASH, zoo in Chemistry, Cape Escapes Misery MONDAYS Suppressed Desire. WONUSA Quote "You got a lumre shining like piece of gold but I swear as we get closer it looks like a lump of coal" JS JEFF MALLON MAL. S + ones-Sorry no Moose BT. BC + BW-Gd Tmst The Fires. Silvas. The Weeds + Some B'S, T.G.S xMas Party. The Gypsies, That Huge Cigar. The Cars. Crusng On The Ped, The Gang JP. AD, BP, RM. MD. CP. ML. "STAY OUT OF THE VAN" JEANMARIE MANGANO Memories. SPS Cltatrons Chearleading The goodtimes with all my friends Rember Bird Mobo in Cyracuse NY l luv You Ma + Dad PGfuntimew the Crush s-28 Lassaros moments maybe temporary but memories last forever JILL MANGONE Never Forget- Good Times wfMM. JZ 8 MB. Summer 82 on Fatima wfJOHN, SHS Soccer E AH Sys. Spwn Rlyt Mitery it L.Y.U.0,T.F. FUTURE PLANS: AUNTIE .IILL THANKS MOM E DAD wifes s ---, T A . A A f 1ip,,J Z RONNIE MARCOTTE LINDA MARENGI The three most seductive poses ever captured in one picture. "Zvi, ELAINE MARSHALL JOHN MAROUARD LOU MASCIA LYNDA MCGUERTY RONNIE MARCOTTE K JlM'S MALI-BLACK LIMO QEVERVONE GET RIGHTJ SURE YOU DID CIROI CROCHET Mt-lot Day QMOST DIFFICULY LIPHILLQ PIKES PEAK- RICH. LOOR AT THE MOLE HILLSI WATCHOLIT FOR THE TREE CIROI RlCH'S COTTAGEJPT. SEBAGOJMT. HOOD . LINDA MARENGI Sw IS. Drive In Beach PS Bashet Sum M FLAVets Good Times wfKGKH CF DC SS NT TPQMC MO NFMAL CYS MONTE HBSPM96 Sags Fort SI-I BK B-WAY RALF I Love You Pete H9180 Mom S Dad Thanx I Luv U Quote. GO FOR ITI CL83 ELAINE MARSHALL I L . Memories. SPS. OSSIFIED. YEAI, Family. GoodFriends. Being with .loeyl 2-ll-B2 Quote In ORDER to Llve Fully. One must Learn to use things and love People . . . not love things and use people. Thanks Mom and Dadll - y JOHN MARQLIARD I Memoa. FrochBBal 836 Italian Connection Eddyliall Augies 'I'hNt LeMansHot Cl. JcTaies. Twisters. It "Your Not Well" FTC-LOOP. GdTime w. MVJT Fight End Sponge Misery Chem 'lth Pd Sup Des Win a Game Quote. I Did lt My Way FS SCOTT MCKENNA JOANNE MICALE LOU MASCIA I gf , , ,, , IJ YEARS OF SCHOOL NOW l'M OUT A HERE REMEMBER . . . HP THE 350 ROCKET CUTLASS SALON S TO ALL OIR STREET FREAKS FERRIT WENT GMI RUSH. TUCKER. SKVNYRD. THEOUADICHIEF- TAINS. KM. DV. TT. MP. MP. LF. PS, KW. SD. FM. KF. CB. JG. BI ' y . J LYNDA MCGUERTY ' . MEMORIES. NH "Bi" Good Tlmeo-Rlwlngs GT + PS RB Birds. Rt-Crunch. Bart. Pickle. Cronmqre- Thel Rescue. II Muck Alike. Moonu. Baby B. EIlyM. Babs. FF "The moments may be temporary but the memories last 4 ever" LUV U MOM + Dad SCOTT MCKENNA Q ',,. ' l'I.L NEVER FORGET. MY Real Friends, Band wf JC + MK. T-BIRD. JD + SABB A + H. RL. DW. SR. JG. CAPE. NI-I. Concern. Flipping-Out. Misery. Cuifed + Photo. Than-X Ma. Quote. "Life is to iliort GO FOR IT" Dedication. In Memory of Dad. 5 ' JOANNE MICALE ' , . f .. The Cafe. Bathrmi Gthpef Gln Nlte.BILLY-ILLOVE YOU-ALWYS TO EVERYONE I'VE KNOWNE K CARRED ABOUT-THANX We Can Only Appreciate The Miracle Of A Sunrise Til! We've Walted ln Darkness To My Family Thank Youll I ' ,, LISA M. MINGHELLA LISA A. MITCHELL .., ws. ax JOSEPH S. MONACO JONATHAN MOORE 19 KATHLEEN J. MORAN CHRIS MORRIS LISA M. MINGHELLA -lappineu is. Having the mos! special person. DAVID CAIANI, My Dream, wtfmrn T-Bird. My Family Never Forget- DC lfI5f82. Moments WXDAVE, Jro, KG + JB, TF. TS. SS, MP. ML, LM, MS, pub, Lake. Thanlu For The Bull ILYDC LISA A. MITCHELL NEVER FORGET. ML. SS. DO. TS, LM. MS. MP. DG. DC. SALS BCH with DR. JC + RB. Lynn MA. Mik. I Mal: + Mal. Drive-In, SPECIAL THANKS TO MA + DAD. JA. TM. WELCOME KMM. IF YOU CAN'T BE WITH THE ONE YOU LOVE, LOVE THE ONE YOUR WITH JOSEPH S. MONACO MA + DAD. YOU MADE IT All HAPPEN. STAR MARKET. CELLMATES-KM. WW. RS. REVERE BEACH. ITI N or S7 BEACHNUT ffl. CLOSING PAPA'S WHERFS MY JACKET? lit CAR-GALAXY NYST HERE I COME! FISHING '82 BEST FRIENDS JI.. KM, JH IONATHAN MOORE lemem- B-Way. Pines. Tracks. FS, CC. DO. KD, All The Bud Boyl, A! HOGAN wfGuyt + Gals, Murph: 82, moote. Tall: + Boo. Sking + NH, MOM + DAD + Family, Rock + Roll. Ledlep. WHO Iruzln, Sports. Gweekl Misery- Work Friday. No Buds. Graduaiing, ILG MW Joe "Puckers up" for the camera. FRAN IS JOHN "HANK" COLLEEN Mokmssfv C MUISE Q KATHLEEN J. MORAN STEPHEN R. TAYLOR FOREVER AND A DAYI II-I7-Bl. I-4-82, WOW! Sweet Emotions, KK. DONNA. LOU. ROX. MS. O'TOOLE, Family S Friends THANKSI Frlcndlyl, "YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, BUT IF YOU LIVE RIGHT. ONCE IS ENOUGH" JR E SR PROMS CHRIS MORRIS CLASS OF "BS" Spartan: WI J. Geils 0 Bendinger PB BF PD CM SM GOB 80 SI 82 Football Summer of "BJ" McNuI!y'n Bash "SQ" Mr. P Winter of "SI" Football Sl Thanks MA and DAD Seniorilis COLLEEN MORRISSEY My love to my family and my Buddy, Mem: EVERYDAYI BC ADV. Vt, Hp!-SJOAM. TSA Spztiueru- dmc. Sum of 82 Dunkn MR S Cows. 4 evr Bumhead. Me 2-JS. Dear Friends- U No Who U RI "Lifes Fun If You Know How To Play." FRANCIS JOHN MUISE SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD l GOI NEVER FORGET. BudBoys, B-Way, MORTY. PREZ- IO. BEING NEGATIVE. ALDO. Shultzy. Jae, Jeff. Murphy. Cumf. FS. JM. Dan. CLASH WKND. FIRE 2fI8f8J, "7U' Charger. Pet Peeves- No Tears, Hank-ofl CAROLYN DIANE MULLER LINDA MURPHY Q., -, M. RHONDA L. MURPHY THOMAS J. MURPHY 'lv .f 1 . . , ff "" 'Pg Egg , , , ix V , ,.,. A 4 V Y',f i t ' ' " ' xi 19 . ," '1 2 ,. My x JI I3 . 22 V - ' 'VR I f fl 4 V. . VV i D .,,' . - KAREN M. MUSE REBECCA NAZARIAN CAROLVN DIANE MULLER Always S Forever-CM + JI. Mr. 8 Mrs. lColonlaD "HART ME UP" THURS Nlghu + Dennys Best to Mr. Abrahams. Choral, Carnival Ball wfJL. Musicman + MFLady BB' Halloween-Mid Mass Good old days wlDM Forever NewDays wfJL LINDA MURPHY Cll!lef'I'racksfPapa G 6-13-If6-27-If Reckl BageIXButfCrossfirel TommyfJr Skip GHfWho? Cats Away Mlce Playl SalsfLongfl..B.Pa7fl8 Sweetleaffh-eeblrdl Ramble On MurphfP. Le. S Janet. Mear Doe. Flatsy Clayflove Ya Mom S Dad RHONDA L. MURPHY Memories: .lr Prom wf MV' CD Little Kim, Do you like snowbanks? Atl City-Heidi, Keep ball on table .IL-I2 yrs. Smurf SProm I Love You Mom + Dad. "The Merest Well-timed Smile Can Stlr A Heart S Leave it sure" THOMAS J. MURPHY Memorles B-Way Hogan Plow Cape 4f3f82 KI ll III IV Coedsleep U-Promj YDABOM Football QDWJBESBPSFMCCPYCWBVI Clash Bash Lucky NC Kllluellghtsj C-Vita Skllng 77 Bull LMB S-Prom BBWL Hoot: fD5SSJ SV AP DI Thanks Ma Dad f,gw.,15..tiy .V 5. , ., , f Eric musters a smile even though. he is lost and looking for his mother. THERESA NEYLON WENDE NICKULAS KAREN M. MUSE I Happiness ls-Family and Friends, MemorIes'Salisbury Beach 82. the good times with MG and SM. Mlsery ls Track Records for Bl and 82. Comments- Thanks Ma and Dad, for all your support. REBECCA NAZARIAN To my special family and lrlends, + all the people who touched my life. I thank you. The laughter + speclal tlmes wlll stay ln me always. Rainy summer days + dreams that may come true. will keep me happy. THERESA NEYLON Friends to share and to care. Boston. CDB. JP. Anawant Dream on, waiting for the Sun, it makes me wonder. Fut plans. happiness "you've got to learn how to fall before you learn to fly" Thanks Mom. Dad. MB. Mr. P WENDE NICKULAS LIVE FDR TODAY, YOU MAY NEVER SEE TOMORROW. Reaching for the last rose. touch ol innocence is stolen. An illusion in a pass on play yet the song remains the same. Mick-ILUF. T-R, NYE N-C. Girlsl J.H. YANI. DAD i'v ANDREA NICOLETTI GERARD F. O'BRlEN A. ' E f , MARIA T. PELLEGRINO JOSEPH PETTO CASSANDRA PETTWAY MICHELLE PIGNONE ANDREA NICOLETTI I , I 914182 My party. out wlthe girls. scdopl Good friends. MP H4142 Al. TN, TWIN. MJW. Thanx JS. I'll always remember you Nana. I Love You MOM DAD MIKE "memories are the afterglow of goof times put." GERARD F. O'BRlEN NOMADS-Ll.. RB. TA. PD, CC. MADMAV! GTFOOMC. Memories-PAMH. FFB, JUFB. JVB B. Light- nltes. Greasy Lake. Death Driving with Decal Snowbudhill. Mlseriea-Jr. P. Doubles. Losing, Cold days with no shoe. BWBI Good Times. SHS. WHOI TYRAR Bl MALREEN O'GRADY Hlpplneu in John91l2l8l. Hampton1Malne Never Forget DEAVCIDRNTSSNCLM Qpep. PizzajNights at Viga. Lake. party 9124181 810182 microDE fl: Tlguresj Sr. Prom, Chickenpockt Thanks Mom S ma. CHERI 0'NEll , i . ' . Qlqppinetl lt-My Family-Timmy'lLY'S. Never forget the good times vvfthe girls-lv day-CM-AG-LJ MAUREEN O'GRADY CHERI O'NEIL Tina attempts to put her books away without looking. +H??-ll you love somethineiet ltlrce. iflt eomes back to you its your, if it doesn't it never wav-I0-7-SGI ' ' I ' , MARIA T. PELLEGRINO ' ' INF- The girls. NYC, JR + SR Promi. APOTG. Chrn I3-1, Hamp w1PS + CO, Hoppin. RB + Deja-Vu w1DG + .IG 2144 Escape to NE "Some people think holding on makes one strong. sometime it's lettlng go." I LUV YA Vic. Mon. Ml.. Ma + Dad JOSEPH PETTO CASSANDRA PETTWAY IF YOU HAVE KNOWLEDGE. LET OTHERS LIGHT THEIR CANDLES AT lT. MICHELLE PlGNONE A g K MEMORIES Lance 418182 AN BK RB DR, B-K 51Il18l Caught AGAINI Rt'lw1AN UGC Cape "Really burnin' now" 8.3 Boo Ved "I KNOW" 313 Detour Rocks minus 6th Jakxonk pertileritlad chosen I faces Thanx Mom n' Dad 1 ' K K 33 I A ,. m'9Qa , DAN STRIKES A FAMILIAR POSE Y - qt? wx ,eww-fikf v 3-mi CHRISTINE PROIA ROBYN A RABINOVITZ gowuo rome M i ffl 5' . . Mmomzs. Ms 4I.FOR-MEVVARTHW roonmt --ss-' wxwuusss ns rmnv AN memos-sv. PL. Lo. AN. au AKLY wszon mcxumsscusn. souno. Moose vm mum- ouors. Never sw: up Acooommet I ov A I ELEANOR POTTER Paul 8 Barb. thanks 4 everylhlngi Luv Ya Both! Luv Blllt Bllly. Tom. Josh. Shannon, Melvy. Kay and the ret!-Frlend1nTSlMMS55MLI.MRR. Neva 4get time! WXAI. DO, Scott. Hankl Alwayl Memba Jr. Prom I Dedicallom To Ma 5 Dad Luv Vat ELIZABETH M. POWERS U have powers U never dreamed of U can do things U never though! U could There R II I no m taxlonn In what U can do except the limitations in your own mind at 2 what U :an't do Don't think U can't U CII! . . . versa mzlo ' I Remembered 1 . . . .- away: remember the linebacker. When In Rome, do at the Roman: do.' S t . , of cmmng In the am cuun. vm-mg to mend BHCC1 un s I wsu I RONALD PONTE ELEANOR POTTER Saws 95 ELIZABETH M. POWERS PETER PRIZIO S gl ive, .. Vx! KATHY RANDO DENISE RECKO CPRISTINE PROIA, , . I DEDICATIONI J MOM ii DAD LUV UI Mem Sum 82 Cheeflng Rl Slde BC Adv VT, Hump! 5:20 A.M.I Fla WXCMM TSA CALIF OR BUSTI SS SPEC FRIENDS-BMCWMWMBC MMTCS. Quote And In tlme we wil all be STARSI ARNF Clan of 83 ' ROBYN A. RABINOVITZ Always remember: Good Times with good friends DR, BR 918177 BARS 1 ON 815182 V'n car Nahant. New Vork, BR Cheerlng, tennis Quotet A lrlendt ls someone who knows all about you, and loves you anyway. KATHY RANDO To ll my frlendn I Iuv ya! HAPPINESS IS Rich 3112182 LYA LW NH I7 Jr Prom Summer 82 GORGEOUS lee cream Always Remember UGLY Ralph at Oak Gravel Stuckup GS Prez Wskl CB wfC Bot wfKS Fhffy Thanx Ma C Dldl ' DENISE RECKO ' REMEMBER. PW The Steps "78" Wnkelleld "Bl" "Can Ll wellt a etralght line?" "C-O-l.-A" BUD MBCAMPMB Burl. The Ford 'TU' DAD TH Southern f'8l'T Cottage I Love you Ma and Thanx! suppressed deals-ef To live on a farm K Q y - V K A DIANA J. REID SHAREN RIELLY CRILESJ JULIE A. RUTKOWSKI KAREN SACCO of ly X lj? ,C "y, V, 'w . A .N ,-F? I ,+-. I gegfm fwaf ,fe .nw - e.' fb f, LVM? "1f...,,f M14 ' I .- in 4 3 ,par 4 v' ,wma 2 I , W, ,A M, A3 x -Q , , ff' if ' 1 ' ' A ' - K: ,-,..--yf..f1'+ , , . ,,,.. W 5 1 4 I 'X 4 I f ',f"f -w 1- -'..A rf V4 ir g 'fy' 4 UE? QE',:'g2'f- i,4,!?!f':f.h , ' , "An ,Siu ' 53,5 1, , - f."':f ' g i :gg.Nj3v,,fqg,f7fe gag-jig-11 ' , B, I ,1 l , . ., if wp , f , ,44 Janet ponders during a brief, transcendental moment. DIANA J REID V I Alwgyuzemembef. Mmnsgsummsns v sem mmm. oecwnonvnnxs cena I House 9124181 Nlhantialnon 8fl5f82 Arena. the chain ICE-CREAM! Quote: Memories are the afterglow of good f uma Pan' , ,, , . , ,, SHAREN RIELLY CRILESJ ' l " I 4 A Thanx Mum + Dad for always being there. Bedtffrlendsf Rae Marie Charle Liz + esp. Sharl. lst Love Now + Fareverl Johnny' ffimei-Yh wfllones + BBW! Jack. 330. The dream it not over its Just Beginning gd Luck 83 I- - Juuz A nurxowsxl , u L Q ' A I Good Luck in woon wfChris. Sue! Look for JS in CAJOZZY BS Rde Blues. Vacat sbrk NH Bl-B2 Keep It up J. B-Luv Yal My Luy Ma, Dad. Mlgeryillayes CMPNYQI-IAPPINESSI FNDNG A CRASH HELMET. owe. so Fox m H l V 'E I - KAREN SACCO ' , . , Memorlel-Skiing with Fudgie'Froft heaven BUS WK-MB. RR, DR. RBD 735-KL SQ GolfLC. MARISA SAVINO JOHN SCANNEL krrv' GARY SCHEPIS MARTIN SALVI RS'DR at OG LEQ VCand lhe dog' Slipping at EK'PWand the flunches 'HOSTON'MCidance EPP-Charles! mm Mama iseesouv y y y I I MARISA SAVINO Q ' ' , li ' ' A NEVER FORGET, FAMILY FRIENDS DANNYLAPG THANKQMOM + DAD FOREVERYTHING MEMO- RIES: JR PROM BUDDY PEEKABO LAKEBILLYRAZZ ALWAYSLOVEI DPLMTSMPLM MLLSPCJDCG JA + JS DEDICATIOBIIDQMENIC SILVESIRI GOOD LUCK JALLI 'JOHN SCANNELL' j I I , ,, . 2 Spammer Time Highs Join: Band SBH Hampton Beach TOGA Smitty HeyMiclc,Siilly Pay for the a BSR U82 JGelIt 1182 Randy Who Killed Bambi Johnny Rotten Eddie All My Luv 2 Ma- + 'Dad Thanx- To Bros + slum CLLMELTR , X, ' I , I ggi , , ' GARY SCHEPIS I 3 I 7 I ' K I I B-WAYQ78-83. Hello Reality Cape M, Cape CLASH 32. To the BEST bunch of iriehdx anyone could evei,Qlgaye,,Hey guys thanks for all the memoriesll Never forget, Brookline4-SFDOTBALL jrprolni Hlpplnesslsl FAMILY relatives, AWR DC Tfl-R?6thg I K J - V f f I' - - -ru-ff-Stir fi Jeff is disgusted as the girls try to bribe for a good grade. Tx 5 Q N4 ERIK SCHULTZ GINO SCIACCA V! 1, , ,V ,,f,,,, , WY if 2' ,yy 1 . ' 'J 2 4: V wt , L. '1 it -,, M, M, , ,wr I . ,..ff?. f ,Wz,f.'-5 , fpyfrvyrf LW ., : ,gr ,,,, V- ,E 3 Q vi my Wit f "" 'ff MARYELLEN SCRIBNER RONALD SEDLACEK GEORGE SEIBOLD PETER SEIBOLD ERR SCHULTZ , f i I Memories B-Way. PinesNaz Spot N.H. Cape Escape BAC PAD KRD Good Times with Joe IS QTHE STASHB MOOSE JD BM CC MK Heine: Fresh Glrls All the Bud Boys. Pet Peeveklfap olftiam. House mms ss smcc .us HANK C V gg Gmc sclAccA , L L ' Good Times. Sheepfole, LM, JC Cantrfotfget the times walking around Town .lust looking great. mes in cafe with KK PE DV LM Goodluck to everyone Go For lt Class of 83 Its SCIACCA. Not SHARKAI VMARYELLEN SCR NER L W V L Memories. Library zoo wDD, EZMH the feast NY FH MK the two DS Pet Peevest Hospitals DR K 5-6 82 LIARS. HAPPINESS IS BEING A AUNT thanks JO, MARK, CHERYL. Jimmy the Scribner clanlfbor, Hi AdamlFriends.' ir' ' ' K RONALD SEDLACEK 'V V. L ,, ' K Stl! need to put the finishing touches on the Honda Hope to be skiing Colarado Rockies during TERESA SHEPPARD ERIK SCHLAZZA Feb Vac 83 Racquetball with Spear and Ed still hoping to win lust once! GEORGE SEIBOLD ' L Memories, CV The Great Times with B-Way Boys. All the Parties up 8-Way QNot enottghrof themy Cape lil TM'S JB'S FM'S CCS N0 TEARS. Easy Hurk. Hoota Oh Boy. Tom. Bob on the side lines. S.L Thanks Ma.,Dad. and Famiiyl ' msn snsow i L , ' L Memories- Broadway wltieorge Yiana B-Way boysgkoh 8 Tom on ride lines. Blue Lights-wherels my sweatshirt Comment !t's better to win a victory orsuffer a defeat than never have had the guts to try. SL I I I I L rsnssa Suewuzo V ' I L il g Never forget MP LM MS LM SS ML CC Craig My littie stinky .R Prom I Miss You Snoopy Peter 7-2-Sl , Ron Maureen Scott Anne 5-l8-82 II-i7-79 Fleetwood Mac 2-23-81 J Geils ILVPAF 396 68 Camaro ILV ma" + dad ' H ' f wwf RICARDO A SIERRA MARY SILK mi. TT' SARINA SILVESTRO JOHN SIMONETTI Oh-Oh. They Caught us, Mariam. RICARDO A SIERRA Good Tlmel J Gleln Kinks one scary nlghl In Tewklbury "If I leave here Tammorrow would you still remember me? for l mon be travelling on now cause there's many places l've got to see Lynyrd Skynyrd ' MARY SILK Claywomanl l03l48I Canle Rec Molson: 67 MC. Hold Oni Youre Right On Top Of lt! BE-Mear Doe Martha The Cat Brian The Boat Snow Bank Maalox Bermuda Heart 8 Pat dfl CRWFShII-I I4-0 PrEp Drlve In Purchase Reapply Hey llalphiel A , ' SARINASII-VESTRO . ' 1 1 . . , ' Never rofzssr. NANCE "waives menus" snuves DCCVLMCFLNMO CIKGKHKMNFKF Mmm NOLAVE skuxnown swu aovs Muir- mcum-mend. + Lovers MAlNEI9f2f8l Mngorpm ffroma cs umm Muoosz I Love vou. Mom mo + FAMn.v L 2 y 3 y lelwslmonrrn ,, ijlarqvgorlp in sucesf. Soccer GYRS CM PC states "Right" Doon Hockey 82183 Ticket: YA-Ifflfonithe Llnelkllng CM xhe 4th CFI JD IM LOST fence THANKS MOM AND DAD . ' . ' . 'f . , . . ' V Wim . CHRISTINE SIMPSON SHARON SLOCUM FRANK SMITH JENNIFER SMITH CHRISTINE SIMPSON Ylana 9-ll-D? 5.0. TwYlana Monxvale. Hemp! "Harry: blue eyes I4 goodies forever Yana Field- hoclcey-I4-hoop-D-toflball-I4Pl C133-9-li. Love in parent! + friends that care + are there when needed most CP. CM. SS SHARON SLOCUM ' MEM. TRUE FRIEND 4-EVER MICHAEL Iflf8l. LONG-DIST. MAIL, TELEABILL. 5.0. BQ POOL. TRE. TRACK 90183. R SR PROM GR- MLMMLMTSMSLMMP. SPMJTDMWFDYBLB CQUOTEMAKE EACH DAY MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE LAST LUV U MA DAD TIE HOLLY f i ' K I FRANK SMITH , , ' . , A , . Memorien Broadway. Hogan. Jeff: Parxie. Buds + Moose. Hampton Sungmery CFUN 9fl8l82.iSkl Trips. B + Bswfbo + Hank, Zeppilin, TYOB Thanks To Family + Friends. JM, CCQDO. Bud, BOYS. JS. KK. DBQ RN, CY. CM. Skip C0 PET PEEVE 'White Camaro! A Q A , ' i K. A A ' 5 ' ' Jenmmsmnne I L :ooo ro me suv sur Neve: LET ms sun wflmz Youufvesl 1 Lpvsggngggeajywrmqm pau Mal'Clndl stem April m Luv ovcm sua me 1 can now ra Be Hapiln spin qffgyhmemxnruffy. DRCS onssxmwnsns cwpe Kmsno-nom se A roonmn' FALUNN .l. I i 1 Iii, i ,j - V.. To W, ERIC SOWYDA KEVIN SPARKS VAT:- ,W CAROLYN "SQUlRREL" ST. MARK J SPEZZAFERO AMAND ..,ps4,, ,Pun warn' Kelly questions the camera man while Peter quietly states IQHO Boy!! 'WM :sas ,nf I 1, PATRICIA STEVENSON DAVID "SULLY" SULLIVAN ERIC SOWYDA Thanx ma an dad 4 everythingl Defiance-The Boys in the Band-weekendsll Take me to the airport put me on a plane. I got no expectations. to pass through here again.-Rolling Stones KEVIN SPARKS MARK J SPEZZAFERO Spezz CAROLVN "SQUIRREL" ST AMAND ' Memories. Weiss. Star. Redstone, Arena. Amaco. Horses. My Buddy. VTMENHAZ. Thanks tot PR + the Guys. Happiness. Friends by your side + Success. Quote: Time is' on our sidel PATRICIA STEVENSON 5 I I INF. Michael Whitelinesl Smirny nites + J.S0laughs. Stud 4-Mr. C's Lucscous Florida bound! To my MONICA SULLIVAN LORRAINE SWITZER Iriendr. "I hate you alll" Dulo-HP wfMM + DO I love you Ma + Dadl I made it David. lun like you didl. See YAI DAVID "SLlLLY" SULLIVAN S. AT Metro the RS. Slamming down Channel year of the Clash J.V. lst bounced Crawling home from K. Bash Actually seeing the Clash and them doing Clampdown. M.L.M.L who payed for the A. Playing switch MC DM MONICA SULLIVAN Q MORE. ET Phone Hamel dp, Casmicl Garfieldl crusing. ,IM in N.l-ll wkends. The GoGo's "If you love something set it free. il it comes back it's yours if it doesn't hunt it down and kill it"l Life goes on' Loiuwne swirzuz n-umx MA. DAD me sesrr Ha, nas, mammal men spd fmds mm Frank vc Msssztv Q. IF YA Love SOMETHING ser ir me IF n comes BACK ns vouns IF rr pofswr ir Never wAs oemclmon "1 soszoou i Luv wir' I y my y - ' l A , ,ga fa .- 1, A H " , if BRIAN TAGUE JOE TARANTINO 95 KATHY THOMAS NANCY THOMPSON 11 'f SFQLY.. , f ..,. L ,iff M A ,fy-M.. ., Luv, Babs comes out of a daydream during yearbook. BRIAN TAGUE I I N - You can find in a text whatever you bring. lf' you will stand between It and the mlrror of your imaglnation. You may not see your ears. but they wlli be there. MARK TWAIN JOE TARANTINO KATHY THOMAS NANCY THOMPSON NEVER FORGET. SARINA "Forever Friends" Stripe: DCMOCIKGKHCV SCNFLM CFLN BWAYBOYS PTSPK North Av Breakdown Scoopage MOONA Drlve Ins I-IBSPM96 MAINE BI B2 BF PROM MURPHS PARTIES TURN ME LOOSE THX FAMILY MOM 5 DAD -V DOROTHY TITCOMB A i 'V Never Forget, Ma + Family, LW. 612179. Chez. Barbu. Superstud, Good friends-Maine, Ile. Bell, Nohant. Iggy, Mr. Lion. Fish. Elbawl. Rubberheld. DEDICATION TO MY FATHER I ' - f l ,L DOROTHY TITCOMB CAROLYN TORODE W ,,,, , I K DANNY TRANT KIM TURNER CAROLYNTORODE f, . ,' nil I Wlll NEVER FORGET ANY OF MY FRIENDS OR THE GOOD TIMES WE HAVE HAD If you need me I'II be in Hampton. There is not enoughkroom to write my memories so thanks Lin, Rec. Andy. MuBa. Sue Brian. Jon. DANNY TRANT MEMORIES: FAMILY. FRIENDS. REDSOX 82, JV BASKETBALL. WORKING IN BOSTON BOSTON, SPS 7 YRS. HAPPINESS IS: WEEKEND5, GOOD TIMES. WISHES THAT COME TRUE. FUTURE PLANS- OWN- ING MY OWN BUSINESS, TRAVELING. MEETING PEOPLE. V rm rumen L M Meme: .IR PROM W1 MIKEII SMIRFI SORRY I MISSED THE ADVANTAGEI HEIDI "THE GRACEFLIIJ' NYOWI T.I.P. ILOVE YOU ALLII JB! LISA P.P.F. Ll LCM. THANKSI JOURNEY GARFILED GH HIBEI.. BEV s sm Lov: YA Mom s DAD NANNY s PAPA I I -I 1 A h QDX ive MALIREEN F. TWOHIG MARK VACCARO 12+ 9 , W4-1 MIKE VENO ANN MARIE VIGLIONE CHERYL VALENTE EDWARD VALENTE ANNE M VIGORITO CHRISTINE VITA CHERYI. VALENTE Mems: A,L. Klddlng about playing pool for D's. Lib wfsl E BACON. Cheering, VP A + GHB. SAL. MEK, JEL. LK. HE. MT. NS. JN. SL, RF. JS, MM, AM, BCAGang. K-talks, Calif. Sum SI S 82, D at DC + ., Want a game of pool Mr. L7 MAUREEN F. TWOHIG MEMORIES: NHwfE + C, sum 8082. YEA! spsny TGLC 9f24f82 the BUSLWPSBEACH-D + FL, ila-feb S3 I LUV U MA + DAD, MT. KF. TRISH. BILL + NANA Good friends must not always be together Its a feeling of oneness when distant Dug Gum EDWARD VALENTE FUTURE PLANS" COLLEGE 8 TRAVEL, T0 BE A MILLIONAIRE Happiness is sleeping Late Collecting All my winnigs Misery is Waking up at 7 work losing a bet Pet Peever SCH LUNCH Mike vmo i e COMMENTS-Joey T FT "MUGGA" You house also J.T. are you Crazyhnemos. AT the Lemang Hegel Gino gets the "Stud of the week award" and is given Allison and Babs. Spartan Hockey 82 83 Ma dad Big Flo Quote when the going gets tough the tough get going ' ANN MARIE VIGLIONE ' I Happiness is being with Billy Best Times wlBVL CI DE MO DR MEM. SXJSISI. B-Way gang. I-leinles. my basement, EK + Brio. GS. CW. CI'S. DE'S. + my house talds WXCI. SC. B's room. 9126182 Misery: H-Math, Skunks. work on Sat. ANNE M VIGORITO Memories: Summer "BJ" Love ya G.H always and forever. Rollerskating. The GOGO3 Revere Beach. barf me out with a spoon. HRBI. always late 7th skip Never forget SC.. LS, KT. Skip days K.B 83 M CHRISTINE VITA Mems: My TB. DCSSKHKGKFNTSCNF. TERI. MURF 7-3-82 coed CCPar. 9-15-82, Proms. TIERNS. Bermuda D. INN. Class 83 8 82. PBLISTY. JOE. . BWay Boys, Broomb. SkateAIl-7-Bl Plumls Turn Me loose. BBB. HBSPM96 What a Hoot. Thanks Ma 8 Dad, Rob E.Greg KENNETH VOGLER SHARON WADE Aw SCOTT WALKER BILLY WALLACE t It's a wonder his sleeve didn't ripl SANDRA WALSH PHYLLIS E. WARREN SHARON E. wixpg L MEMORIES: GERMAN TRIP 82. BK. JR. Prom. funtimes at lunch. IS IT FRIDAY YET? REA. FRIENDS. BOOKSI Honeymoon. Snowdays, Weekends working and sleep late Thank You To All At SHS And To My Wonderful Parents. ' f I SCOTT WALKER In ,C I .V I'll always remember my friends: P,M. T,H. DD. M.T. DD. S.C. K.B. S.C. and M.G. BILLY WALLACE E Memories. Per Vacation T and the Band Trips, The Bk Bunch and the RP People. SANDRA WALSH ' 'V Remember Puff. MDJC, TJ.iMS Penn. Liberty Bell. PaPa Gino. Castle Happiness is being withCharLie. 'IJ Ford Mercury. Weekends, June 23 QI The Zoo Twlnkletoes. Beach walks in the woods Thanks. Luv u Mom + Dad ' 'Q' QA CHRISTOPHER JAMES WEBB CAROLYN WHITE Pnvrilisiriwannen Memr Unlicensed'Bl.ISH'8unny R.l.P.'Break on through-JIM MORRISON LIVESI Nature hikes S vbliviailon'5teaIlng thlngfmother ship i Nova'tiIly friends E FRED'LING LlNGS'Dropdead'We're lhefel EUSUK E FLUNCHES'WPS I A CHRISTOPHER JAMES WEBB ' ' ,, Memories: Michelle Bl III. Jr. Prom. Sr, Prom. BudBpys. CLASH BASH, Cape 413182. F-Truck CP'S Friendship. Whittle + HootarCRACK, Not Ears. Quote. lt seemed like the thing to dal We tears Thanx wllove- Mom + Dad + Famlly.,All imyl Luv Tom B. CAROLYN W1-MEI I Happiness is Alwayx having Rich. Shing. Jay. Me. Nh and weekends. Love to Righ and Mom Quote. Something: In this world you inn can't explain. CIRO WHOOLEY LARRY WILLIAMS I to ' M- gg , A it... S. I LIZ WOOD KEN WOODLAND W - N IJ PENNY WOODMAN DAVID WOODS I T53 E PAUL YIANACOPOLUS LESLIE E. YOUNG CIRO WHOOLEY . , GOOD TIMES. Remb The Mav. Buds Jim. Rich, Ron. PT Sebago "82" Mini G at C.C P at birds. Black Dlamond at Crotchet MIMI G. at cc with J.D. "comes with the territory" Thanks Mom 5 Dad and Gino S Sal LARRY WILLIAMS REMEMBER RIV GS SM OC JP JS AGGRIVATOR ILYJC THANK YOU MOM AND DAD FOR ALL YOUR HELP THROUGHOUT THE YEARS AND THANK YOU JR FOR BEING MORE THAN JUST ANOTHER TEACHER . LIZ WOOD ' Friends Riles Maries NAD DO MB Remember 'FH wf Bones BB wf Jack SB7 Celts sec 77 35 E 36 E. Costello 8-23-82 FUTURE? I have no fear I have only love no more Inluriex I made it cause of Mom Dad Gram Ron 6 HIMI f f I - new woootmo I I h me cmemuus an, sun. Nrrs ouAo. me slucusns qoun summsntcornsep. GRAND mx. cams. cmonz stocxs AT smut. aecxs xusui KHAN. wacomovowuz. nu warn. smrscu. vs. MP. rr, sn. LM. MP, GH, ss, vs, Mo. I I ii' Liz and Sharen put together a well deserved applause. PENNY WOODMAN REMEMBER DR STEPS 78 MB KT Tl-I TD CA LD S BA BY DS KFC CG AH BATH TOOM CREW Happiness JODY, NEB E FAMILY ALWAYS REMEMBER WAKEFIELD GANG, GLOLICESTER WINE "BUD" I LOVE YOU MOM S PETE ONE DESIRE 2 LIVE IN THE COUNTRY DAVID WOODS . B-Way SUSAN CLASH 8,f2lf82 Springsteen Budmen GS. JB. GS. TM. CC,jPY. BM. ES. PS. CW. Cape I II Jr. Prom Frsh Grls Nicole Good Timea WICLOSE Friends winter 82'JV. Frsh B-ball Football PB New Coach I Love You Ma S Dad PAUL YIANACOPOLUS ' Ben Of Tlmen wf Simp Hampt-BOMaine'82-Simp H Montvale Hoop I0-I1 JV Ball Satellite Cape-I + ll Murph: Whif Car Clash-Clampdown. Love lx having parents who care. Thanks Mr. E Mrs. Simpson for everythlng Lisus E. vouucs g m Memories- J Peak. "79". blind dates, Hermit Island, cheering. Bumpkins. Lcvebunch. AC. CMQLDO. CW, DZ. EZ Thanks for all the memories. To Mom. Dad."KeIIi, Grandpa 8 Grandma Thanks for everything W ,, L ELENA ZARBANO JOHN ZIZZA y I MARK ALEXANDER STEVEN COLOSI 11. ff-A 'QIFI CAROLINE LEAHY MARYELLEN KELLEY ELENA ZARBANO . . I 4 ' Q Eiimi - - Mzmomes. summer "sn" Mme ALWAYS +eroxzv1niHAMProN unc:-I "oven ARMS" Jounmsv romania 4 nav a.. MA. MooNuNrreEu1EMAy.pJx. REA Mmoanrssrx on. nw. M.s. FORGET m nfs NOT WHAT vou n-:mx Luvnu MOM + DAD JOHN ZIZZA I K Memorlet- Summer "BI" MONTVALE. The Pipes, Pop Warner. 'Ich grade The Picture Lady. IO4 FM WBCN. Pet Peeve-Cigareue smoke. Home at I1 . .... . . . .... To Be Canxinued ..... , ....... .... . . . max Ansxmoeu I . y MATT armour , , 4. , V .3 I jfhlnkhlnf Kick Family growing as one. Lizzy. Good times in N.H. and the Big gnepqnyers 84079 JQLGED 78 Imp. Quote. Never pm your faith in someone uqlegi 3399? 1 ' 5 . 5 if f 1 ff s fl. wr Wil 4. any .' swf-. THE PARADE COMES TO END AS THE ONLOOKERS WAIT FOR THE FLOATS STEVE MORLEY BRIAN MURRIN MICHAEL FANALE f 'k f if - + - I - f Thank you Mom S Did 5nQILLynhfRhfxf,Yokh Iletiranicx Mmvsuiuxmpv ' I Sai N I 'I I I Never forge! klhe times with Sal. Cav 5 Jef. Alwaynreaxure D. C. 8 new friends. Always remember -vaIIes i howling--"Always chase your dreams xinlil you reach your pot of gold" Remember the lock! steve Monxsv ' I . I I . urs Jusr sn I wAs resrme me sounos or usamvg I WAS cumous yo ses WHAT coum '51-WPEN.-rnxrs ALL IT ms. Jusr cumousm. J. Mosuusou uvrgs rcxzsvgm yyyy y I y I :BRIANLMIJRRIN Lkk-. ' IL ' ' I I A , MV' rw' 4 JOHN MCKENZIE CHRISTOPHER MORTENSEN K Q :pls . ,,,,. W5 , f . 'R 54112 , w .. ,K I it 51 , V. C ff DANIELLE NOLETT DENISE PAONESSA JOHN O'ROURKE Memories CP JH Bean Parties DL Smoke, Shows BP Bash GP NYoung White Mountains Hell and High water keg: Mr. Mojo Rlxln Quote, Tlme to Ilve Tlme to Ile Time to laugh Time to die J Morrlson Thanx Mom + Dad DENISE PAONESSA Always Remember! Girls Nite Converted Rice 7fI7-7fI9 4th per. Study Snow ltormt The Wh! M!! with T.M.S. Misery- Being latel Happiness is being with the one you Iovel Gee Thank: for everything Ma and Dal GREGORY SERVELLO STEVE ROSE Pet Peevetx Getting caught skipping. Smokey Hill, Colorado. L. P. Memories- SM. RL. "NH". "JD", "Heinken" Partying, Weekends at Spot Pond. Lemans. T-Bird. Bermuda "BS" Cruising to NH. GREG SERVELLO THANKS TO MOM AND DAD PET PEEV SHOP POLES AND TRESSPASSING C.P. FUTURE PLAN UP TO FLORIDA Missing In Inaction David Brian Scott Clark Stephen Doucette Mike Finale David Lee John ORourke Mark Pearce Greg Smith BOHING I7 Ledge St. Football 2. 3. 4. Baseball 2, 3, 4. CAROLYN ADAMS 4Wildwood lliilffeitoneham Ma Track-I. 3, 4, Alpenhof ski club I, 2. 3, 4 735 Inc-?2,if4, TraveI,Club. Harvard Model United Nations, yearbook, tutoring-I Spartan Chorale. f V .5 JOHN AtEssANORlNl ii..irg.i,,,,r..,eii.i..i Me. 'Basketball 2. 4. st. Stoneham .'A1 HEATHER C ANDERSON -25g',West si. Me Volleyball 2, 3, 4 Tennis 2. 3, 4. 'Student Council 2. 3, 4. i H DIANA ARDAGNA 4 Drummond Rd Stoneham Mafyearbook 4, Senior Tea 3. . , RONALD J ARIGO I9 Valley Rd Stoneham Ma. Varsity ,Tennis 3.' 4 NHSMUN 3, 4 Varsity Club Treasurer 4 'Yearbook' sperre Editor 4 735 2 Alpennof ski club 2, 3yHomecolning' 4 Varsity Scholar honnor roll 2, 3, 4 National Honor Society 4. i CHRISTINE ARONOFSKY 29 Town Crest orive 7 4 ' THOMAS ALIFFREY sr. Football 2, 3. 4 Spring Track 2. is, 4 winrerj A . Track 3. . I . , , . , STEPHEN AURIEMMA ey Margaret Reed. PAUL AURIEMMA 6 Margaret Road. MOSES BALDWIN IO Kenneth Teirace Basketball 3 RICHARD BARBERA 3 Evergreen Road Football 2. 3 Basketball 3 Baseball 3, 4. 1 GLEN BEATON 3 Pickering St. Danvers MA Ol923 FRANK BEKKENHLIIS 40 Baltimore St. MA Ol920 Spartan Chorale 2, 3, 4... , I MATT BELMONT I3 Wright si. I p MICHELE BERUBE 2lPark st. Field Hockey 2 NHSMUN 3. Cheerleading 3, 4 Social 'Chairman 4. yearbook 4 Honor Society President, 4. 5 JEFF BLOUT 76 Oak st. Football 3, 4. BLOUNT 8 Harrison st. Tennis 3. 4 Spartan Chorale' 3. 4 Drama Festival 2, 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Drama Club 2. 3, 4 yearbook 4 Horneitoming 4.' 7 L0 . PHILIP BONNER 2 Pomeworth st. Football 2. DAVID BRIAN no Pond er. MAUREEN BURKE 3 Carol er. Varsity Tennis 3, 4 Varsity Club 4 Travel ClubV4, 735 Peer Group Honor Roll 2. 3, 4 NSHMUN 4 Graduation Usher Hamggomlngs. CHRIS CALARESO 66 Main st. KATHERINE CARGILL 25 Wilson Read Volleyball Travel Club, Varsity Club, Spartan Chorale. Honor roll 3, 4 Tutoring Club, Close up Homecoming. KIM CARPENITO 9 Morgan Ave. .PETER 5 Philips Road. Soccer 3. 4 Tennis 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4 KAREN CARRABINO 44 Walsh Ave. DONNA CARROLL 6 Dean St. PATRICIA CARTA 2 Whittemore Lane Italian club 2. 3 Future Secretaries Club 4 Senior Tea BRIAN CASHELL 8 Lincoln St. Baseball 2 MICHELE CASTALDO I9 San Jose Terr. " , . . . " . 'TJ JANET CATALDO 66 Hancock St. Volleyball 2. 3, 4 735 peer' leader group Travel Club 4 A V N VV .gi JOHN CATALOO 5 Royal sr. . I A A RIQIILIP CELESTE II Celestine Terr. , yyyyej 5 pyyy up VIRGINIA CENTORE 6 Pershing Place Field Hockey lsmileni Yearbook 4,mItalian Club 4 ' ' . ' ' A CHRiSTOs Cl-IRISAFIDES s weeabrier Rd. y 7 , y 7 , , EARL 'CHRISTIER2 Elmwood'Ave. Video Production Crew 2. Senior CIass,iPlay Dratnafest Prudential Carol Sing Harvard Model .V FRANK ClARLoNE I0 lcirnlgepll Dr.y I 1 ffl THOMAS CICCOTELLI 'Albion Ave. y y 4 iy. DEBORAH CILILLA I3 Ellen Rd. ski Ciub 3 Yeerbeelr Travel Club Carnival Ball Leadergll inter Carnival Committee , - K A . ,V , SCOTT CLARK no seiiin si. I lnn ' I Jil ll.. 7 ' SUZANNE COLE-35 Lawndale Rd. Tutoring Club 2 Spartan Chorale 4 CHRIS COMFORT 43 High si. Class President 3. 4 YearbookfiCIass Rl5y74 Dramafest 4 . V,y- ' ' ' Petrieiei Connery I7 Lee St. Seeds 3, 4: Yearbook 4, Tutoring Club Susan Cooney 3 Brentwood Rd. 1 James Corso 2I Cabot Rd. Baseball 2, 3. 44 Cross Country 2i Weightlifting 2. 3. 4i Ski Club 3. 44 Soccer 2. K r ' H Janine Coutuyl Rafferty Rd. Carnival Ball 2, 3. 4i Musicals 2, 3, 4. Carolyn Craig 7 Cottage St. I H Laura Cronon 74 Collincote St. Ski Club 2. 3, 4. Mark Crosby 62 Maple St. Hockey 2, 3, 4. - James Cryan 44 Maple St. Stephanie Ciulla James Cullen 5I Lindenwood Rd. Michael Caswell I4 East St. Hockey 3. Steven Ciampa 78 Swanton St. Steven Cummings 5 Woodland Rd. Steven Colosi 52 Broadway i . Denise Calimonte 2l Walsh Ave. Basketball 2. 3i Track 2, 4,4 Flag Squad 2.4 Doreen D'Angelo 8 San Jose Terrace Latin Club 4, Nurses Club 3, 4rg Nurses Aide Intern 41 Maiorettes 4. ii J?-fi Tracy Ann Dango 22 Gerry St. Suzanne Dearth Il Lawndale Road Tina Decker I4 Elm St. Peter DeCola 26 Fieldstone Dr. Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I. 2. 3. 4i Track I, 3. 4, 735 2, Quiz Team 4i Political Discovery. Brian DelTergo IO2 Elm St. Spartan Chorale I, 2, 3, 4i Political Discovery 21 Drama 2. William DeMarco 3 Seward Rd. Mark DeMoor 70 Summer St. Clubi. 3. 4, Science Club' 213, 4,,i:f,g,V , 2 ,. .. , 7 . 15Ql5igFeIIsvvay,VVjEast "A' 1: " " ' ,Qt,g?'fj:,g YGGYMOIC 4, '? f , , V. . . ,. Q . . 4' VQV ,V 4 I . I ,K ' V' , " ' I V "V ,V ,V V V, ,V ,LLY lKeIly Glover III Spring St.fAiiiitin'.Eriip,,Cheerle523er 3.4, Carnival Ball 4, V'gglZj?,fhard.VDQgljtremont Danby Rd. FootliSllJ2l 451 4 I 'V V . I c V V V H Qi L"' q I llll H ll 55 l I I , m it 1 7 ll l To ll I 4 ll lll 3 Ve I if is l915557D25i5f539 Q Q if V A lll I Daifiikfif-g3!iif3l V 3 ..,4 i'.i ' lll Hb,-of if - 3. Na,,f,efGv,I,1,f3.S,ifBu,1ef .Ave-f to I 'll'l 'l,l V, 4 VV , 2 V ",, Q ll' I f , I ' I grfanccsiitpevagc 2, 3.4, Anneneiecveii3B0.iPark.Vgiiiiigf lllll I . 3 7 511655 Club l3,4i5f5Pafiaf5 Qibflale 3' BOYS if .ff llll 7 l 'll llll I + . if Ail'Sf-1'?Li3i3?!53rbQQl?fiE5?iV'9f 4- I V ' 7 if iMifi?'P Gfa'??E5fi5'aUdlS'!?51T2"f'i?e3f4'5l'fC'Ul' 3' 5e"i0'lTealH65i!5S'V3?V V if llll lllllll 1 f VV A I I I Q 'Wk' V Maria DiBlasi SgDal1byi Rdijllllajorette 4, Travelfflub 4, Interact Club 4. 7 ' ,f ,V ' , , V V , ' ' V'.V ' i 'V , 5 VV,' V ' V Tim Guilfoyle 3VChristine Ave. Drama Club 2.3, 4, French Club 4, Spartan ff,ft,,,,,pret,,c,a 4 ,Theresa Ra. DECA 3.54, 735 3,l4l A 4 lll L . 1 'l'f 5 Kell'naHHaggarty 96 Spring St. Austin Prep Cheerleader 2, 3. 4, Treasurer i V',1 V V V 'f A' ' ' ' V 2,VVVGymnastics 3, Winter Carnival Committee 2, DECA 3. 4, Senior Tea MarlaVVVDiGuilioVVI4VVSouth StV. c , 3, Gym Leader 2. 3. 4. Anthony DiMsrca 43 Ml-:ple St. rVVVV - Andrea Halley I6 Peabody , PauIlDiMartino"'IO Wrighrjt. Soccer 2, 3, 4,lT,-ack 3, 4, l David Hannigan 245 Central St. Travel Club 2, Public Speaking 2. 4, ' ",,Y,, , . , Journalism 2, 3. 4. , ' ' Marianne Doe 4 Oak St. Nationalbljlonor Society 4. ' V Susan Donaghey 3 Wqolcott Rd,VVfV V John Donovan I2 San 'Jose Fcc,b5i2i2. ' Diana Doran30Merrow Lane Band 2, 3, 4, Math Team 3. 4, Seeds 4, 735 2. 3. 4, Carnival Ball' 2, 3. 4, 3. V V Jim Doyle 5 Peabody Rd. Soccer 2, 3. 4. I Maura Doyle 46 Myrtle St. Student,VCourtcil 3. 4, Yearbook 4, Track 2. 3, 4, Field Hockey 2, 3. 4, Winter Track 3, M.A.S.P. 3. ' ' Joseph Duplin 5 East St. Hockey 2. 3.4, Political Discovery 4. I Heidi Ellis I Congress St. Softball 2, Latin Club Secretary 4, Basketball 3, Yearbook, 4, Travel Club 2. Senior TeaV 3. ' Paulirardi 300 Mountain fView Dr., VV Diana Evans 244 North St. Homecoming 4, Carnivall Ball Queen 4, Nation- al Honor Society 4. David Fabbri IOO Pond St. V 7 51 1 V Florie Fabiano 24l' Williams St. Volleyball 2, Pep Squad 2, Gym Leader 3, Yearbook 4. - V 'V V Michael Fanale 96 Pond St. Steven Federico 35 Fieldstone Dr. Martha Finigian 3 Stone Ave. Laura Fionda 5 Pershing Pl. FieldHockey 2, 3. 4, Basketball 4, Track 2, 3. 4, Student Council 3, 4, Carnival Ball Attendant 4. ' -V, jr, Noreen Flanagan 4 Diana Rd. Carnival Ball Attendant 4. Karen Flynn I4 Bow St. 6' ' William Fclan I2 ccnage st. Soccer 2, 3, 4. Hockey 2. 3. Robert Frost IO Hancock St. Graduation Usher 3, Gymybgader 3. Kenneth Fung 3 Orchard PI..Marching Band 2. 4, Drama Club 2, 3. 4, T.V. Control 2. 3, 4, Multi-Media 2, 3. 4,'Math Team 4. Mary Gandolfo I2 Longbow Rd. Gym Leader 3. Carla Gentile I9 Evans Rd. Tim Harrington I5 Flint Ave. V V David Hartnett I4 Perkins St. Carnival Ball 3. 4. Michelle Hassard 74 Pleasant St. Volleyball 2. 3. Latin Club 4, Senior Class Play 4, Nurses Aide , Brianfl-lerlihy I9 Avalon Rd. John Hickey I2 VPearl St. Football 2. Charles Hicks 40 Oak St. Theresa Hill 26 Hersam St. Celia IbarrolaVV25 Oak St.ESenior Tea Hostess 3, Carnival,VBaIIVllsherette.4. . ...... A 1 I i V, it f. D,,,,icliJc,,c,ija4.i,abeii5,s,. Fooiball 2. 3, 4. rc,,,,,, 2, 3. 44, Na,,c,,aiHc,,cf Society 4.f V' V 4 V ligigracia cicgaanesv Hancock s,. vcilcybail 1,4 3, 4, wwe, Track 3, spnng Wick' l,',2,V,i3.f4,i Futgtnte, Nurses Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball l. " ' ' Diane Kelley I6 Eastern Ave. Track 3. Ski Club 3. 4, 4. , . f "I .:j, f, V, Maryellen Kelley' Rrlaflfrack I, 2. 3, 4, Travel Club'3?Close1Up 3, Michael Kcny es Wright st. V f Colleen Kauc zo ccaa, o,.,Vi5iEcA 3, 4. Barbara Kirby 23 Calthea Lorraine Knox I8 Washington Ave. Kim Kostinden 4 Standish Rd. Track 3, Softball I. 4. , Scott Lakin 52 Broadway,JournaIism 2. 3. 4, Varsity Scholar 2, 4, Chess Club 3, Latin Club 4, Close-Up 4. smnnc Lanacrs ,39 Maple st. Photo club 2. Seeds 3.4, Office work 3. Senior Tea Hostess 3. Louisiangggliie 27 Fieldstone Dr. Soccer 2, 3, 4, Harvard Model U.N. 4, Journalism'i4. ,VV , Kevin Lawton 2I Glenwood Ave.. Winchester "Barefoot in the Parkf' Class may ,V Caroline Leahy I2 Dean St. John Ledwith l7 Summerl1illSt. Nldth Teantifl2,J'4t Spartans Chorale 2. 3 Treasurer, 4 President, Yearbook 3, 4 Editor, Senior Class ,Play 2, 3, 4, Musicals 2. 3. 4, National Honor Society 4, Marjgljing-'Band 3, 4 Asst. Drum Major, Tennis 3, Carnival Ball 2. Club 2, 3 Treasurer. 4. David Lee sl izowe s,. ll l 3 p V p Amy Levine I07 Marble ClubVVV.2. , V ' F Jay Lewis ll Campbell Club 2.3 3, 4, Chess Club 3, 4, Boyfi Michele Lombardi23 Sunriseywile.,ffutoring 2. V V' ' G , 4 . ft ,4 , SaraAnn Lombardo 33 735 3, 4, 3. J David Lucial1ol6 Alden Ave.li5l,oto Club 2. 3. 4. ' Jean Lundy.22 Everett.5,St. Track 2, 3. 4, Maiorettes 3, 4. Kenneth MacAskill 2234, Waverly st. Soccer 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 4. V i - Barbara Mac Eachernl5'5f,Perkins St. Tennis 3, 4, 735 3, Ski CLub 3, Gym Leader 3. Brian Mader IO Morgan Ave. Soccer 2. 3, 4. Marie Maffeo I5 Wright St. Field Hockey 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, Future Secretaries Club 3, 4, Travel Club 4, 735 2. Robert Mahoney 5I Gorham Ave. Jeff Mallon 4'Whipple Ave. 'll' 5 Jill Mangone 4 Morgan Aviioccer Manager 3. 4, Softball i4,Ski Club 2, 3, Travel'flZlub 4. ' H t Jean Marie Mangano 7OCentral St. Cheerleading' 3, 4, Tennis' 3. 4, Carni- val Ball 3Vt,fyarsity Club 4, Yearbook 4. V Linda Marengi 7l CollincoteV,VSt. l V Ren lsabella Stflasotltall 2, Hockey 2. 3. 4, ski Club 3. 4, National H6iior,Society 4,.' I John Marqtlard 22VUpland Rd. Carnival Ball King 4, Football l. 2, 3, 4: Baseball l, 2. "" 3, 4. V Christopher Marrano I6 Stonewood Av. Baseball Elaine Marshall 45 Pleasant St. Louis Mascia 75 North St. Lynda McGuerty 53 Spring St. Scott McKenna 36 Country Club Rd. Hockey 2, 3, 4, Golf 2, 3, 4. John McKenzie 6 Gerry St. Stephen Meuse 50 Washington St. Joanne Micale 39 Walsh Ave. Lisa Minghella I49 Spring St. Lisa Mitchell IO Lee St. Future Secretaries Club 4. Joseph Monaco IO Arlene Ave. Tennis 2. 3. 4, Harvard Model U.N. 3, 4, Student Gov't Day 3, College BowlQuiz Show 4. Jonathan Moore 27 High St. Baseball 2, 4. Kathy Moran l2O Collincote St. Steve Morley I3 Drummond Rd. chris Morris 29 lvlgttvalie Ave, Football 2, s, 4. J 'J Colleen Morrissey 4 Hanford Rd. Field Hockey 2. 3. 4, ClassVVSociaI Chair- man 4, Ski Club 2. 3, Carnival Ball attendant 4, Homecolniiig 4. .:cl,,a, Moelieneon 6 W, Ferdlttattd st. Basketball 2, 3. Frank Muise 7 Sherman Rd. Classfresident 2. V' Muller 9 SanJose Terrace Carnival Ball 2. 3, 4, Musicals 2, 3, Spartan Chorale 3. 4. y ' WeStLSt. Volleyball 2, 3. V I V H Murphy 5- Summer St. Latin Club 4 Vice President, Latiri Gold MedalV3, Yearbook 4. Tom Murphy Football I, 2, 3. 4, Senior Class Social ChaQrman.f Brian Murrin Rd. 'J ' V V' V' 1 V :V Karenfllliuse Rd. Rebecca High,-St-.V Seeds 3.44. , Theresa Neylon 6 Graystone Rd. Spring Track 2, 3, 4, Class Secretaljifit Varsity Scholar 2, 3. 4, Close-Up 4, Field Hockey 2. V ' Wende Nicklaus 48 Elm St. Gymnastics 2. 3, Fall Cheerleatlerjfl., Andrea Nicoletti 2 Brookbridge Vlzdi Closewp 2, volleyoalii 2. sysoeiisii Chairman 3, School Committee 3. 4, Graduation Usher 3, Senior Tea Hostess 3, Yearbook 4. ' v , V, ,, , Danielle Nolett 42 Endicott Rd. ' , I ' 2' O'Brien 5 steven, St. Baseball 2. 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4,,l3Qasketball 4. 4 4 MaureenVVD'Grady I Spruce St. Gymnastics, 2,l 3. 4 Captain, Carnival Ball Ushefgflje' 4. f .lohh,O'Rourke 6 Rustic Rd. Denise Paonessa 36 Fieldstone Dr. Mark Pearce 79 Hancock St. Maria'Pellegrino 72 North St. Joseph Petto I7 South Marble St. caaeaodfa Pettway 6 Mountain View Dr. H ' Michelle Pignone 44 Country Club Rd.V'lltltoring42, Future Secretaies 4, . . . . .,.. Ponte 5 Gigante Dr. Football 2. 3.54, Track 2, 3, Soccer 4, Gym Leader 2, 3. V4., l VA IVVV I , f f VV , V f,-taxa.-f,,,,,p , Midge Potter' satsrookiiradgellid. Carnival Ball 4, Travel Club 4, 735 Secrtaries 4g' '4l' Elizabeth Powers 7 Sparhawk Circle Christine ,Priia 35 Park St. Cheerleading 3, Drama Club 3. 4, Carnival Ball 4, Yearbook 4. 3' ' Peter Prizio 7 Citation Ave. Robin Rabinovitz l0 Stonewood Ave. Field Hockey 2, Peers Leaders 2, Ski Club 3, ModeIVU.N. 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Close-Up 4, Tennis 3, 4, Cheerleading 4, Graduation'iWsherette 3, Senior Tea Hostess 3. Kathy Rondo 25 Keene St. Student council 2. 3, President 4, Hostess'3, Yearbook Business Editor, Graduation Usher 3, Field 3, Ski Club 3. 4, Peer Leader 2, Carnival Ball Usherette 4, 2 3 4x vk4. 2, 3. 4, Kea Vogler 28 Rd. sand l, Baileelball l. 2 Track 3. Sharon Wade 238 North gtrg rama Club 2, 3, 41 Scott Walker 43 Wiglslyowlifrt., Reading V Bill Wallace 2l el. Baseball l, Band l. ll, 'R Vyli Sandy Walsh '7 'lMarble?gy?gaytSpartan Chorale 3, ' rua 2, Future? ' Secretaries Club,a4, Treasurer 4. , f Phyllis Warren 20 Wilson Rd. Carnival Ball Attendant. Carolyn White liark ce Dr. ska Club 2, 3. 4. cam Whooley -Rd. F, all l. 2. s. Track 2, Baseballigl. 2 5 Larry Williams 24 Ellergreenfliue V"' I ' Liz waaa I6 Lincoln S 'ffleld 3, 4, Baekerlaal 2. 3. 4. Softba , , 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Latin 34, Moda 4, Close-Up 3, Gym Leadelfsl- 3. 4, Varsity Club 4. if l ' 55 5 Keng flland 72 Franklin St. Wf H y 2? Sfflz ' w ,V Basketball 3 4 Chess Club P dman s Moulton Ave. iii' 4 A David Wood V 'hckett Ave. Foqgally 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2. 3, 4, Class J Treasurer 3, . 'QQ N 'Sep .4 ,. "L . 'M Wfllvf w V l.fYianacopolus Waple Stlglibotba v eball 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4. 'You 22f1Pond St. Cheerleading 3. 4, Cygflnnastics 4, Tutoring Club ' ew 5 WWW ano 50 leldstone Dr Itallan Club 2 3 Vlqe Pieslde 4, Clublb, Malorettes 4 lleutenant n lzza 6 Fatima Rd. y 5,4 1, y , ' ,..-,,, 1 D Ja w fm H g N' 382' ,sf Aw , 'vu . Mag, N my Q A4 , we n was D . - A Qm..X.- - " W Y! t 'ww Wm .ng-3 ,,""9B+"Qi wa.. V v-f , . g Q. , 'gf - K - K .mf mf mlifgy' . .- -- ,fi K5 -e.l...,"'?x-i'u " -, .l ... ...le l I - -"' 47 And Now A Word From Our Sponsors BmGHAM's 91 Main Street P 'S Stoneham 300 B W h T Th CI Of less CRYSTAL GLASS CO. INC. PETER AND susAN o'ANoELo f' a 3 i 2 X Q 1 We Wan Be Right Back! 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I 5 R I' Es if 'Q' 1 aff' 'W H Stoneham High In Motion , 5 K xg ia" X -f 5 v -XTC . Q if ,X 1 QX nf J f, . v V '-a . 'xg Su , 'QQ 4 Il 'Nz wyff Aw , .1. vm W ,Mi V Ya, 1 L, l . X :mf x 4, N 1 ff -f 4 ,v , Fi X ' , sf , :V 4' f 4 1 , f x I , 2 ua ,fa ef. ,,-.4 ,' 'IA f , LLLL W, V 'M M ,Y I V' . ,, I ' Z W f 55+ . ' ' 7 . V yt Q 1' ,'lif7'IZ1", 44 X 3 M4"2,'M Lrg! In L I XXX 132'-ff 1 .xii 1 fy f - , i 1 fx, 1 f' ' A 5, 'K 1 4 'xliffil' ' H Z- H 'ws wi ,, V, A.- X 'f , f af We f 'X " x 5,1 i Q ,fm ' 1l.Q A 'h 3 ' . ' 1 f 'L Q D 1 I ,N V, A , ia ,Mix if ,Q , ' Wm f ' X x 1 r x fm 1 Q-5. V K 2, s .K WX I Y y V,,. 4 H ? ff 'iffl , f 40 K 3 FLM vwfwmww , J, ,ffgfff Junior Prom The Junior Prom was held at the Colonial Hilton in Lynnfield on April 2. I982. Excitement and laughter filled the air, as elegantly attired students danced to the beat of the band. The anxiety and anticipation ended in a night of frivolity and fun. The Junior Prom fulfilled all the dreams of a beautiful and climactic evening. Everyone will remember the Junior Prom with a smile. a laugh, and with a tear. Li Stepping Out X r r... 5 :www 5 'fv- QW x file? IMI f , if "' 'TQ 4' 9'-' ' J l A Blood Curdlin Production . . . ' 4 , From left to right- Ist row: Richard Buckly. Laura McQueen. Robert Bruno. Allison Blount, Christine Proia, Charlie Rizzo. 2nd row: John Ledwith. Lorraine Switzer, Chris Comfort, Earl Christie. 3rd row: Michelle Hassard, Doreen D'An- gelo. Bill Previdi, Annamaria Ciammara. Suzanne Whittaker. Ellen Solomita, Karen Day. Mary Neylon. Cclockwise from top rightj Sweeny Todd CChris Comfortj the mad barber. has found out that the judge CEarl Christiej raped his wife. and now must pay for it. Miss Lovett CLorraine Switzerj consoles Sweeneytodd after he has found out about his wife and daughter. Anthony Uohn Ledwithj goes to free Joanna QChristine Proiaj from Helga Foggs fKaren Dayj insane asylum. Miss Lovett and Sweeney todd can't believe how much Tobias CCharlie Rizzob loves her meatpies. which are made of human flesh. ,L MU r A - il 1-6- ,,,, K fa Swee e todd Y S.. Clockwise starting upper left Sweeneytodd kills the coniving Alfredo Pirelli CRichard Bucklyj. The beggar women fAlison Bluntj inquires about the name of the barber on flees- street. Mr. Mucica uses his expertise in helping Jody Day reform Earl Christie into the deranged Judge. Sweeneytodd Crew- Fromt Row. Linn Thomas, Kathy Rump. Amy Touse, Diane Ledwith. Back row- Stage manager Tim Smith, Ken Fung. Missing- Asst. Director Nicole Reynolds. The Beatle CBill Previdij after trying to seindel Seeeeneytodd, dies in the infamous barber chair. Coming Home i i To Homecoming i gn-Wh This year our class had the pri- vildge to hold Homecoming. Homecoming is an event which occurs every four years. This day is one of laughter and jokes. Everyone looks foreward to the coming of Homecoming. Breakfast Queens a-,Ia-P,,,,, N, This years parade was a success. All ' the classes participated in a memorable i event. The Student Council did a great job organizing this event. 1 " ,"t- :ii Q xl tif if N - - V Q its lf M . 'fir if . , ,N ,C fi f ff ,. . -.M F M' This years homecoming parade was a smash. All the classes had beautiful floats with elegant queens waving to the spectators. The band played as the cheerleaders cheered. Many people turned out to watch the parade. The other participants added to the major attraction. The Senior Class won the prize for best float. lt was entitled "Christmas Scene". The Senior Class as every other class was proud to participate in the Homecoming Parade. 4 kv I I wff,7 Carni al Ball '83 . . . T 'C Wie 17 W, ,ff :Nw , 4 Y , . 'iv fy ang gays ,r 117' pm 'vo nyfil E, 5, -' vs ,hy A ,gun 1 7,1 2 1i"2 Carnival Ball I983. Clockwise from top, King John Marquard and Queen Diana Evans, The Royal Court including Attendants Deb- orah Cuilla. Noreen Flanagan, Christine Simpson, Christine Vita. Sarina Silvestro, Queen Diana Evans and King John Marquard, Attendants Anne Marie Viglione. Phyllis Warren. Diana Reid, Laura Fionda, Colleen Morrissey, Attendant Anne Marie Vig- Iione, Attendant Colleen Morrissey, Pages Theresa Ebanks and Thomas Beaver. 69 I. P f . . . Oriental Fantasy gif v 3 V ii l"i ' 13' ffl S if 3 .i, Mwyw-, ,.. .04-M-...- l . ,, l ilk, 4 its 1 K i E lf 5 l El tg l r ,sf l rt! 'le T The Stoneham High School Spartan Chorale sang three American Pop tunes. The first was "Perhaps Love," the second was "Ebony and lvory" conducted by Richard Buckley, the final piece was "HeartIight." Frank Abrahams conducted the Chorale as they sang "HeartIight" Then to open the show, six beautiful girls danced to "Fame" they were Anna Maria Ciamarra, Julie Barnes, Suzanne Whittaker, Ellen Solomita, Mary Beth Neylon. and Rebecca Wells. Mi, 473 W, Q' 2 ff A 1 3 ,M ., -ff Q .vi 1,11 5 .fir L Wa M ' 4 x , ff Awaflzp., V :,,,,e-f' , , wi A V ,-Q 1 .r , , ,,,:,,,,,,, M.,, Q az I ' , - .,,nm,,,Q7.Q3 X mmm x iff ,lr ,. 75 Www , 3 A H N, 1 , , 1 .me ...- 1v4 L NT? " 2215, if ,af . 4 ' 9.1 f :AIA -15'f2:,4- ' . ' 5,2 5, Q 1 f',b ,wiiul V 4 3425: - f fu n film 3 'fvjf ,iw gs S, Front 'F ff -,f.g4f3'-' ,, Ein? V we lfG f i ? Deborah S 0?2.1f" ' f , my ' ,Q vlai Q, ,f-JQ., , ,gr 4 A ','5,.'QfF5 xy q nn , n .yi .74 'N'L""f T, 5l"?,: " 'g n M-155, X wi ga -LW rv' ' 23,253 K 0 1 , M, A mf' 'F' 'v M ' as NTL. 5 . - g-LV X f W- .- W1 J RJ Q f K fe '1 K. Q .gpg .V f. " .V .151 Q11 5, M 'ie n 3' -N8 -ffm., firm mgq gzsss ca.-naval san was o N ygygxsv. illusion of the Far Clos: Se? Ann Marie Vigliofwgffsf fard and ' 'L y ns, Attendant Sdrin5i5m'1es 'M i pndant Collee l A C : tt endant Christine Simp 5 -2 if ' g n! Nof reenw , ,f , Ai hn 5 Du ' 4A ' nn, 7-l C' li ' if I ' Q Counter-Clockwise form top, The Spartan Chorale performed "Perhaps Love", "Ebony and Ivory". and "Heartlight.", Frank Abrahams conductor of the Chorale, Brenda Melkonian performed "Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven, David Buda performed his original composition "Expressions", Judy Bain and Betty Capozzi sang David Power's original "You Have Changed My Life", six dance club members charm the audience with thier routine to "Fame." A V , . Q T J 5 V 1 i i B a Wsvxznaw Zmwwmo f.. f,..we,m. .- O-Otmiilindb "iN5"'f wwnwvwl' .33 Y I. , QLL Sw 1 Q lr- V ,lla Hur Q, .519 x 'S 1 il .px my I 1 'Q 1' V .1 9' , p, , -X W I fx f . 1 in Y 4 1 f N -J A ! an 5 A F 4 W 4 if I X an ff tif' 5 I f s 4 Mom. , T . f 1: '? we t x AIN -, r 44 Jeff ,. 1- K4 a 7 'K n .'g'v.',: -,..l uf wi , fx A f' Q , N Kg A ,:-4 . x """" Xs 1 faN'xx ' x x fryswfi , fl AW Nl' if ag , f CEQA 'YC Q iN' x N R giixe 'H' l ll . 4 ll 'r 1 'fl We ' ,xx I T Y 1 , 0 ' i' Qx , e, e f , 9 we ' v W NJ X fx we lf :pl gl f 5 57 ,, ii, ic i A S e,ff A-M f. .- . -. - - ,Qkf. e.ew .L . -- . . - T 55"+!?2!?!fCF9Sl'9'l"f'0"1 'UP' John le4"9"?ga'!'! 5lgQqe5QSglll:pger-with the introduetaon 'tq thgegggg ?fT6"YP"f Down Wifi wi' few! whfch 'nfl-gflelilaealiig golem glEe9fg1oldwDorgen,Sullivan. Lxsa 'iRlCCQffd8lll5 Duane Clcatellgl-lolly Kgpggegggkig Kathy Ward, Scotrlegpffrg, Charles Barnes, Susan Hassardigiiharonfijagsargkgiagrgn' .Kiddy and lindsey Sfillii1sd!ieCarli!1al ilallilalislf' ers, Front row, LIZL O'Grady, Christine Rando. Celia lbarolla. Linda Maggegmgwfiiixifeita Pellegrino. Back Row: Bill Folani-Michael Veno, RonlMar- cone. George Woods. James of Cefwovwvl Cmaf11waaPf0waand Miffsvvrfef wok filvaiys An Introduction To Honor y ,v.,'5x,fik- 'X S., 1 w H gk 6 " ' T, Q ,fl-.. JF, wimf Amino 'oo 5 .,- . -' :xv 5 V I Nm .,,.,: . .. ::' Q ::. I we in M S ffifi elif' O Q if ,Elgar ..AA. E I 5 9 Q , 6 Q Q n - n Q s af N, , 5 . I o f J Af """" Qi 5 , 5 555 f in S 2 L Q K , 'Ha- Clownin Around W 1 Nfsmou ii C sh, mmuiwrsx wsu: mums O g' -Xi, , " 5- f I' 5 , 'A . Limp' :iffy E MW If-is 1 QE ww M Ty aft VA,0l ' ' Ai I N pd Y A f A N Yr, I: IN 5:3 r', p A Y A Y A S 's 1 I '. O n T h e A i r Fkeedor 1 E i li n i Members of the yearbook staff have worked diligently to make this yearbook a success. Staff members pictured above from left: Liz Wood examines last years sports section. Jean Mangano and Maureen Burke discuss the Junior Prom layout. Midge Pot- ter is fed up with life. 83 K Q Overture a x colvcfnr BAND F F ff First row: Judy Bain, ,Indie Stiliihger. Ken Hassardt Tatian, rows Smith. Nick' Argenio. Landerfgf Baldwirit Matthew Ehglish, Peter' Third row, Advi' 1SiNiiiNeaI Collinitjlobert DeFIuy Charles mm, Emilio Millanupigpgl David Buda. Fourth row: Wffxbuehakii Frank Costa Moses Fantasia. Anttmony DeFIuti1eHf and Donald Bain. , , ,r,,V, . . , ,.. mi-we ,mm ff ,Ir ' Y 3 1 A ,tfQ- X ettee rr-u - -u'r .utu F r,t- -eur F .eue Row im g Nick Ar' Qggggmachael leut F 21 Peter Splnosa. Sgt fxgfgfowx ' Diana Dorgii i Judygggiin. F r F tgafd 'ma' Tgff F F mm im 0 Q Deflumeri P'4V came O ' ' F 'tur F 2 -.., it.: ,. ,,,,t, M53 1 ., 'L Y :-iv : X Kr biiigit- j- 1 -I i3k2?535?.fi5532L . ,. . -,amf.i?.g.. Spartan Chorale Live At The Pru N a 5, i 1i 1-ua -ia H i l- i. .l -Q was ' 4' ' 1 PFssn9Vw' C --- 86 A Club For Business will THE FUTURE SECRETARIES CLUB fabove righty Front Row: Advisor Miss Garuti, Treasurer Sandy Walsh. Secretary Lisa Minghella. President Ma- rie Maffeo, Vice President Patricia Carta. Advi- sor Miss Corum. Back Row: Andrea Halley, Nan- cy Gould, Michelle Pignone, Denise Recko, Pen- ny Woodman, Marissa Savino, Jennifer Peccora. Debbie Williams, -Donna Williams. Sabrina Pas- sanisa. Teresa Shepard. Lisa Mitchell. Midge Pot- ter, Sharon Slocum. THE FUTURE NURSES CLUB fright! Front Row: Secretary Tricia Jordan. Advisor Ms. Harrigan. President Doreen D'Angelo. Back Row: Leanne Porter, Susan Hassardnkathy Ells. Donna LeMay. Donna Gray, Cindy Bass, Chris Doucette. HEALTH CAREER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM Crighty Front Row: Michelle Hassard. Doreen D'AngeIo. Michael Fanale, MaryEllen Scribner, Tricia Jordan. Back Row: Stephanie Ciulla, Donna Gray, Tina Decker. Donna LeMay. Advisor Ms. Harrigan. Cindy Bass. DECA ibelow rightj Front Row: David Hannigan, David Sullivan. Mi- chael Veno, Tony Burr, Paul DiFonzo. Second Row: Jennifer Blount. John Scannel, Secretary Kim Carpenito. President Christine Aron- ofsky. Advisor Mr. Flanagin, Kelma Haggarty, Treasurer Michele Cas- taldo, Colleen Kille. Annette Gover. Third Row: Eve Perry. Doug Har- num. John Donovan, Tina Decker, Christine Dango, Michelle Ciampa. Judy Webb, Christine Albino, Mary Dakessian, Tracy Dango. Noreen Flanagan, Patti MacDonald, Lynda Norman, Patrice Pappalardo. The- resa Muise, Chris Calereso, Tim Reardon, Lisa Boyle. Q at ls 5 fr, ff? ev - if ff? J EgQiffE4'i? ig 'Q f Jffzs ' ' 4 A A l .dag 4 . . Or Pleasure Chess Club fabove leftj Front Row: Tony Parker, David Hartnett, Michael Caswell. Second Row: John Parker, Todd Dellaporta. Advisor Mrs. Hanley Dance Club fleftl Julie Barnes, Secretary Kathy Too- mey, Cathy Connery, Social Chairman, Ellen Solo- mita, Cassandra Beccia, Advisor Mr. Romano, Trea- surer Suzanne Whittaker, Betty Capozzi, Lori Rut- kowski, Vice President Mary Neylon, President Anna Maria Ciamarra. af J S 4? 1 Dance el , Q 9 ll.. X Drama Travel Drama Club Cabovej First Row: Bill Previdi, Diane Ledwith. Richard Buckley, Holly Kupczewski. Do- reen Sullivan, Second Row: Amy Towse, Charles Rizzo. Christine Proia. Mary Neylon, Chris Com- fort, Allison Blout. Janine Coutu, Lisa Riccardelli, John Ledwith. Third Row: Earl Christie. Nicole Reynolds. Robert Bruno, Tim Smith Kenneth Fung, Kerry Munroe, Julie Barnes. Travel Club lleftj First Row: Sarina Silvestro. Debbie Ciulla, Nancy Thompson, Kelly Glover Noreen Flanagan, Christine Vita. Midge Potter, Sharon Slocum. Second Row: Brian Cashell, Janet Cataldo. Mau- reen Burke. Kathy Cargill, Jean Mangano. Elaine Marshall. Nancy Gould, Third Row: John Zizza, Michael Caswell. John Scanell. Miriam Grant, Maureen Twohig, Carolyn Adams, Jill Mangone. Marie Maffeo, l' NME 'TI ' ' ' 1. l?i.S' 1 ,-?'? 'Y Y - . Y'-'21 -44 'fr '- CIF f z : -- 1 , , Y 5.1-.1-: , 'rt - ii: .ma ' 1 ,J .Y V . iqf f,.f9 Y f ' 11 nl I I yt-f' f ' s J Qs J J cg ' l J 1-2 1 ,ff as .2 1 ,g, ,ff E . , - I f - , - 7 V g, V ,-5: , r 1,152 1- ,'.,.,..1-" timmy' Romance Languages FRENCH CLUB Qabovej The French Club is an organization whose purpose is to explore various aspects of French culture, including movies. drama, and cuisine. Members include: First Row: Vice President Karen Gagne, Advisor Mr. Rocher, President Brenda Melkonian. Second Row: Stephanie Smith, Amy Hartung, Joanne Flynn, Kathy Rump. Ruth Clayton, Eileen Hannigan. Nancy Selander, Elaine Va- silopolous, Amy Tatian. Third Row: Danny Williams, Kris Wigandt, Jim Melkonian, Chuck Roselli, Melissa Henrikson. SPANISH CLUB Students interested in the Hispanic culture were members of this club. Members includet First Row, Alonza Jackson. Doreen Ward, Mark Minichiello, Moses Baldwin. Christine Bracciotti. Second Row: Maria Baldwin, Michelle Belmont, Bridgit Ward. Mary Neylon, Diane Led- with, Anthony DeVito, Robert Marcucci, Frank DeVito. Sheila Boyajian, Linda Gargano, Advisor Mrs. DeVito. Third Row: Maria Aucello, Ellen Solomita, Suzanne Whittaker. Lisa Macklin, Cassandra Beccia, Tammy Cail. Katherine Ward, Julie Barnes, Lisa Caporale, Maureen Ward, Lisa Venezia, Amy Towse, Jim Smallcomb, Mary Belmont. LATIN CLUB frightj Front Row: Mi- chelle Hassard, Treasurer Linda Gargano, Jane Gillis, President Liz Wood, Vice President Rhonda Murphy. Secretary Heidi Ellis, Scott Lakin. Back Row: MaryEllen Scribner, Doreen D'Angelo. Do- reen Sullivan, Mary Neylon, Peter Carr, Gary Pettway, Lisa Riccar- delli, Holly Kupczewski, Richard Buckley. ITALIAN CLUB fbelowj Front Row: Advisor Ms. DiMascio, Treasurer Virginia Centore, Secretary Tere- sa Pellegrino, Vice President Elena Zarbano, President Ciro Whooly. Back Row: Anthony DeFlumeri, Gino Whooly. Anthony Zarbano, Joanne Marchese, Charles Rizzo. Gina DiMeo, Janet Gerardi, as J l l l 45. l " 5. X l S S Clubs Need You Elie. ill rf THE FOLLOWING CLUBS NEED MORE MEMBERS THE AUDIO- VISUAL CLUB Cabove leftj In this age of media proliferation. our high schools own A.V. Club strives to provide the student body with the visual arts they so desperately need. Members include: Ken Fung, Earl Christie, Michelle Colonna. INTERACT CLUB Qleftj The l982-83 interact club has been striving to make situations better for the several groups in the community. Members include: Front Row: Richard Buckley. Diane Ciccatelli, Jody Day. Second Row: Advisor Mr. Friel. Danny Williams. Michelle Belmont, Maria Baldwin. ,M W'-. page , lg my M, Thaw W 5 94 Q ,,. , , 2 'Q .,.. A 5 .7 ,,.:,.,,f 5 I f l I I 'J A I H ' I t s, .f f be VQ Ld K . , Xi' Ns ' 'ff ,V , fa W Jr 75' I 1' 1 5? V 5.5 1 ' ' , ,V :V ,k Q' as - s "?f . 5 a J. . -1 'TW' ' " 1. inf" ' nv- . ' " ' L ' 1 -,L GYM LEADERS Cabove Ieftj Front Row: Peter Carr. John Simmonetti. John Marguard, Ciro Whooley. Christine Simpson. Second Row: Diane Cicatelli. Liz Wood, Janice Sackett, Jeff Canavan. Third Row: Donald Bain, Moses Baldwin. Richard D'Entremont. Ron Ponte. MATH TEAM fabove rightj The Math Team is comprised of Stoneham's brightest mathematicians. Every month. the team competes against local rivals to solve complicated trigometric. geometric. algebraic. equations and functions. Their work is difficult and requires full concentration. The team has done a great job this year. Members include: First Row: Maria Baldwin, Ken Fung, President Diana Doran, John Ledwith, Frank Days. Second Row: Charles Rizzo. Christine Bracciotti. Linda Gargano, Suzanne Whittaker, Ellen Solomita, Anna Maria Ciamarra, Advisor Mr. Grondin. Third Row: Brian Days, Charles Roselli, Diane DeFIumeri, Melissa Hall, Emilio 1 Millan. Jill Harrington, 1' The Senior Class Officers have worked dili- gently this year to raise money for the Senior Prom and Class Gift. The officers collaborated all year to make it a successful year for all. Their most outstanding achievement was the making of the victorious home coming float. Senior Class Officers include: Front Row: Social Chairman Michelle Berube, Secretary Colleen Morrissey, Back Row: President Chris Comfort. Treasurer David Woods, Social Chairman Tom Murphy. Missing from photo, Vice President Christine Simpson. Clubs Which Are . . . 'Q JUNlOR CLASS OFFICERS qabovep Front Row: Treasurer Barbara Pannacione, President Laurie Lusardi, Vice President Suzanne Sim- pon. Back Row: Christine Dennis. fsocial chairpersonj. social chairpersont Linda Nor- man, Secretary: Lisa Galuna, SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Front Row: President Erin McGuiggin. Treasurer Paula DilIion,. Back Row: Social Chairman Karen Da- melio, Social Chairman Chris Luther. Secre- tary Nicole Caroli. Social Chairman Scott Curran. Missing from photo. Vice President Susan VanLoon. FRESHMAN CLASS QFFICERS: Front Row: Lisa Carroll, Paul Christie, Tammy Hartford. Back Row: Eileen Jordan. Maral Dakassian. Lori Sil- vestro. i' W' SCHOOL COMMITTE From left: Stacy Doyle. Jody Day, Andrea Nicoletti. Maureen Ward, and Andrea Howard At Your Service STUDENT COUNCIL From Bot- tom left: Heather Anderson. Treasurer-Peter Carr, Presi- dent-Kathy Rando, Vice Presi- dent-Laura Fionda, Secretary- Ann Viglione. Maura Doyle. Second Row: Toni Saltarmar- tini, Sue Rando, Andrea How- ard, Kathy Maher, Chris Neri, Monica Granfield. Karen Gagne. Alonza Jackson. Third Row, Holly Kupcheski. Lisa Powers, Lisa Titcomb. Ann Fionda, Dawn Campagna. Jill Harrington, Mr. Mulvihill. VARSITY CLUB From bot- ,,4...e N,-P--sax Xf""if Srlif' if-if Wy, 4, "Xfire tom left: Treasurer-Ron Arigo. Vice President-Jean- nine Smallcomb, Secretary- Chrissy Dennis, Maureen Burke, Jean Fallon. Meg Gebhard, Amy Hartung. v Second row: Liz Wood, f Kathy Cargill, Theresa Pelli- grino. Michelle Berube, Jean Mangano, Maureen Twohig, Chris Praia, Laura Fionda, Diana Doucette, Denise Ashton, Debbie O'ReiIIy. Third row: Janet Cataldo. David Woods, Danny Trant. Perry Reis. Mark Spezzafero, Tony Burr, Matt Fionda. S H S C a n d i d s f ff 2 1 if ' Q ,LQ gy! 155.51 x '1 ufuug Q, ef ow ' Esliiffih 55' 522347 ' -- -.fill qx Yax :V H X Y 1 ' 5 92 L 'X O I 0 1' l 1 .Q ' Q .. n O U 151- "' vm' ' 'T A 0 -. ! ' 54, O 4, - I g ' I M - ' I .:' A I 0 - A I n". ' : ' I , A A 3 I , A bbypppp jab :DID :DID I JP Aqlf 2 5 . Z e FIRST ROW: J. SMALLCOMB. M. DORAN, J. FALLON. CAPT. D. DOUCETTE, D. O'RElLLY, M. GEBHARD. GALUNA, A. JACKSON, SECOND ROW. MGR. S. SLOCUM, J. CATALDO, M. HASSARD, H. ANDERSON. HELLMAN, P. WARREN, P. JORDAN, COACH R. BARTON. .V , .V,,V HU J A . " - I ,.'.ff Vi I A . f . - A f,.,gl' f i Wg agezg 't i ' f W 3 3 xg? W 5 ,MWQQJ Q Q.. . f S Q , , M 2 9. J ! H Uma 'gf 'fi f,, Q V , ffggfgz as f I S5 5 Q. ' ' fi Q ff' . ' ','. . 1. X ffCw,f lE Q Q , . ,S A -:KL .i1..,.-' --ii - 1-- L '5 5- , - S 535-9 F Y""f'e'd I5-4 I5-o, Ig l 25 .kL, kd, X- gf-I-A -ax X- - Q A 945- '54' I , '5""f'9?5!f2'4i9M-- I W1UShI5-BQ 635 NrIington ,i1-Ai. A X ZK: S . Q 'A - i , M Makes, The State ment -QQITI-IE I982 VOLLEYBALL TEAM HAD A TRULY OUTSTANDING SEA!! SONS THE TEAM PLAYED COMPETETIVELY WITH 'AN ATTITLIDEVOFS3 CONFIDENCE AND SUCCESS. FINISHING AS THE TLEAGUES CO- CHAMP, THE SPARTANS LOST ONLY ONE TO EOUALLY STRONG ARLINGTON. THE? TEAM WAS COMPRISED OF ACCOM- PLISHED PLAYERS. AND WASQHONORED BY HAVING CAPT. DIANA DOUCETTE AND JEANNINE SMALLCOMB SELECTED AS ALL-LEAGUE PLAYERSAIAND, JEAN FALLONiAND MEG GEBHARD AS ALE-STARS. -IEANNINEQADDED TO HER NUMEROUS HONORS BY BEING NAMED TO THEQQGLOBE ALL SCI-IOLASTIC VOLLEYBALL TEAM, AN HONOR FEW SPARTANS HAVE EVER RECEIVED. WITH MANY OUTSTANDING VETERANS RETURNING NEXT YEAR, THE SEARCH FOR ETHE STATE TITLE WILL BE CLOSER THAN-EVER BEFORE! T 1 ,., A I -Q . A -, ' . 9' 2 Q o My -uf wg M .4 29' A M W .. ,sr V YJVX ' A vi du i " :if Sf, 'J 753 H , M 23 ,13 f , ,M U T Q We -fy ,W I Field Hockey! Q A Qs X . I I I ,... D L M ,,,mv1m-A 1 . 4- .,. Nr' l f i . .. f W -. .f ' ff'- f . J.. Q.: f M FIRST ROW: CAPTS. L. WOOD, S. RIELLY, SECOND ROW: M. DOYLE, M. MAFFEO, L. FIONDA, C. MORRISSEY, C. SIMPSON. THIRD ROW: COACH C. CARBONE. ASST. COACH K. CORINDIA, S. GILLESPIE, L. TROTTA, S. SIMPSON, P. TRANT, C. DENNIS, L. MAFFEO. , f .WW . 'C iii .,LLL - ' M S'L . .S .,.. 4 " . . LLLH 6 C, - 2 Ig 3- 49' I 1 I "N - S R V Y Qc V 3 1 El 1? V 5 1, ' Lf' -3 "NNY .,. . ...Wm g H . '?. 1:1 . .. fy gli QS! I 1 S ' '5'17 ' 1, 'H If "VH, Z 1 M. ...W h, ' 1' 3 V v,.,"00v'f In I f V, , v.-.fw4- n '-mn C V 'M-:A-ff! -- , ,ij.w.........,.-1-1,4 A My . rbi. .g yzzxxfxsp H llv' Aj 3 W. A,-4 ww H' Q Amin' V2 A '. , Q Z V 1 fe ,I N, ,L VZ 4 . 'I I .' '3s4,v,V4y Y- Lg .1 'w"--MQ I fi- ,. - hwy-af ,5 ,A f f ,L Z5 'J A. 4' ,ll j Q' ' ,jpg 4 Vi- V f?Wf'AbHLff3Lx4 4-A ' '- fi - ' V' A , 5' ' , V. UH Af wwf V V V V V v 44z'V M, , .. 5' yi 4, VV V W 5 ' I, n A, 95' , VV VVV V V , , I . V5 V I - A f E ' , 'wq.m,L:L.f. ,LI W V A - . , N' Vi-V vi, V V , . V - f E I , V! l!'v,,ff., H+. I , A Q N U WWA, I Q , 67 I f .EL f ' f ' f Y fm W" NV 4' ' ' I - -E we f 'J 'rw 4 ' ,L f MQW I M14 w 1 A I I I L my.'V 'VV -f.fWpqp'V 'j ". , A ' JM: L 3 VAKQN I . A ' Q QL 'Mem ,f I , me J ""9Q? , ' ummm-..,-sL..1amg LM., ff . 'M' f-'uhh ,E vs, O vs 2 vs, I vs. The Line I I THEEVI981 FIELHHCCKEYITEAM FINISHED THE SEA- SONIWITI-I A 6'9-vs:RECQRD,.FlFTHflNf,THE LEAGUE. THE TEAM WAS BY STRONG LEADERS' I.. WOOIIAND VSTQLLELTLY. THEETEAM SHOWED Mucu IMPRQVEMENTPIQAYING ASV A TEAM RATHER THAN INDIVIIXUALS. THE E DEDICATLQN SHOWN BY EACH GIRL WAS REMARKABLE. THELMUCH DESERVED TITLE OF ALL-STAR WAS GIVEN TOTLIWOOD AS WELL AS M. MAEFEQQEQQALSIO, P151-SCED AMONG THE LEAGUES TOPV SQORERS fwAsI L. TRQTTA. V V V f l I TLE A TAL I -3-",g "7 "II ,,f -T I ga I YLFMVVV ENV wkf-,WWII V,., . I I 1 1 I '03 'K VV f5"A'I"" V, I , t ' I Mann-'gig 5, ,W bxzh ag- V XV V '--- E fyw' V. .T I ,f A 5 ., . VV V.,1 1 'V I ' 'I ' " - V V U , , " I' ' xx, -A N..- ,,,,, .-.M..... A ex x ,VVVV A V ar V xi Sf J V , , g ,W yjgi A I f ' My I f If 'z '4 'I ' ' , , M , Q Q 3 fi . f . , , . E V . ,V A , ,, .Qi ,V QV 3 V I I, ,'I, V mg A Q, 8' r,VVV AU ,V ,V I V I V W .V V V V I M ,J , VVVV E' A L' I 1 "L I M' Cross Countr 1 , "N ,j'rf1sfil9'f M431 FIRST ROW. P. ALBINO, N. TREVOR. J. HUGO. K. SEABURY, C. RICUPERO. D. ASHTON. SECOND ROW: R. GREGOIRE, N. COLLINS, A. MCDONALD, R. ROTONDI. S. MCMANUS, THIRD ROW: B. TREVOR. M. TATIAN, M. TREVOR. K. VOGLER, J. HALLEY, M. DOE. J. DOYLE. Under The Gun ALTHOUGH THE CROSS COUNTRY TEAM FINISHED WITH AN O-9 RECORD, THE RUNNERS SHOWED MARKED IMPROVEMENT AS THE SEASON PROGRESSED. THE SMALL NUMBER OF CANDIDATES CON- TRIBUTED TO A LOW SCORING SEASON. HOWEVER, MENTALLY, THE SEASON WAS A WINNING: ONE. BECAUSE MOST OF THE RUN- NERS. ARE YOUNG, COACH FILLBACK HOPES THAT NEXT YEAR'S VETERANS WILL RUN AWAY WITH THE TITLE. fr ,,,,, I2 I Sh. ' :I .lf ' , ,-5 1' f gi -W ff., . Golfz E5 - A A , gf Q I ,,,: .' Sw + 1 j f5g A Measures Up J A mls YEAR'S GOLF TEAM WAS UNDERQIHE DIREC- TION or A NEW coAcH,coAcH R, voume HEADED THE aes: sou: TEAM. REILlRNING WERE VETERANS, A. HowARD,s. McKENNAf:2AND k. MASTRODICASA. AL- mQgEsH,ouR TEAM ISKACOMPRISED or ONLY sux PLAYERSIJGOLF IS BECOMING MORE POPULAR AMONG-HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. 1 Football: Never Say Die KM., FIRST ROW. D. JONES. P. CALCAVECCHIA, M. SALVI, D. GOTT. J. CATALDO, P. YIANACOULIS. G. O'BRIEN CAPT. D. WOODS, P. DECOLA, T. MURPHY, J. MARQUARD, P. BOHLING, J. BLOUT, T. AUFFREY. G SCHEPIS, C. HICKS, SECOND ROW. COACH T. KASPRZAK. M. ROLLI, J. ALDEN, M. SORABELLA, J. BRANT, J MINOTTI, R. BARBERA, R. WOOD, T. O'BRIEN, M. FIONDA, L. HULT, K. GOSSIN. A. DE FLUMERI, J. YOUNG T. BURR. K. GOSSIN. THIRD ROW: D. TRANTE, T. DUPLIN. G. RIZZO, T. DELLA PORTA, S. O'NEIL, T, NICHOLS R. ARIGO, J. CARROLL. G. HOLMAN. R. BELISLE. M. ARSENAULT. R. PONTE. J. LAMB, P. DE NOLO, C MORRIS as l1!"' A 'EW 3 ' ,ne- if A .eg .gl ,,.. A X A W , w.. ww - eww ...vw -- ' 'A C . . . L . I .' . iw. ' . 1. M . . '-Sw? ,f1ff'.--W-Nfefiges ' 7. . . J 3. :zq..,wg..,.1.i.,f3f1 gg,5.,.,f 5 2 ag M " ' I '- . Q , ', 2 Q :A .xref ---- ' f 4 M. . E+'-wiv-4f?.. f I X' '13 . ziM51ff77, I use mwg: . 'fjigin .1 ' N"'k "W V'f1i"'6 -MZ-f 'V 1, . , I I 'f" "W" , if im if 1. Jeb ,., 3 fx V 4 2 r , I My SIE I QRQIQEE If . QIIAIFIIWE ww Q " 'A"' "" 1- W '- BURLINGTON 28 Vw N34 I i f'?'f A 44-1. Z 'lf I 5 l A' .,5.IQI31!5HAM3z 5 1 1 I W' I. A v , tg .. V IELD , .jidfq E ,,AA 'S' f THE I982 FOOTBALL TEAM HAD A DISAPPOINTing SEA- SON. DESPITE A GREAT OPENING PERFORMANCE AGAINST WATERTOWN, THE TEAM LOST IN THE LATE STAGES OF THE GAME. ALTHOUGH THE TEAM WAS UNABLE TO OB- TAIN A SINGLE VICTORY, HOPEFULLY THEY WERE ABLE TO ESTABLISH THE GROUND WORK TO BECOME MORE COM- PETITIVE IN THE FUTURE. EVERY YEAR IT IS BECOMING INCREASINGLY DIFFICULT TO COMPETE IN THE MIDDLESEX LEAGUE. HOWEVER, THE PLAYERS CARED FOR ONE AN- OTHER, PULLED FOR ONE ANOTHER, AND WORKED EX- TREMELY HARD TO BE SUCCESSFUL. THE EFFORT AND EX- ECUTION DISPLAYED WERE REMARKABLE. PERHAPS, THE TEAM WILL BE MORE SUCCESSFUL NEXT YEAR. v Y ' ,gig J ' Q. Q , V? IA. 4?!i.Z,y . - y. I TP . rwwwyfn- - ' nl 'I , -I Soccer. L. FIRST ROW: J. O'MELIA, H. BORGSTEED. J. SACCOCCIO, J. SANNELLA, H. PORTER, D. WEISSE. P. D'ENTREMONT, P. BAKER. SECOND ROW COACH E. RUSSO. P. DiMARTINO. "K. MacASKILL. J. DOYLE. P. SEIBOLD CAPTS. G. SEIBOLD, E. SCHIAZZA. B. MADER. L. LANGONE J SIM ONETTI. W. FOLAN. J. MCKENZIE. MGR. A. HOWARD. J. CORRINO, MISSING- P. CARR. " A. -V " . . ,... fqj 1 f'-f , 1 V, yi A V--fg.:,'M'f A. . f ig s 4,4 V ap. Q71-sw A I VW ' 2' S M, A 1 .Q .', ' W! , J- EXE' Av' 1 .N 2 2 'I 6.4.1 7 A . ui '-if 1 .Q N . X , 24, . fa ,f 2 A gs 4 13 A Q' S 51 J' f . Y JW ff.. A wffix-M 57 - - - Tig -f ' f 45 W 1 "" f 'E I 91' iv 2- A 7 ff' , v 3 -3 4 -1. ijt! f - ,Q .- f A M "' 'fl A gb? if 5. ' 1, f A ' .Ni M, ,.., .K ,JM nl, MQ-155: vw wiv-lnmizs. .550 , fm -mf J . f ,, ,i ,,,,, ,. , if . , ,. ,. A W f '- eee S Q 24 Q A mf ' +5 I I .W I- :-. ,,,, 2 A- S k- 3 i SIAM 255 16 . . , I I Awww :.X Q S M--eff' ff K 'N ' -- hi ww 1 K x.f?nw 6 I I' ' E E STONEHAM si ys, WATERTOWNSQSQSTONEHAM 2 vsi.WATERTOWN O STONE:-IAM I vs. READING MGIEQSTONEHAM I vs.izEADiNG . The . Scores With Determination THIS YEAR'S SOCCER TEAM, UNDER THE DIRECTION OF SECOND YEAR VETERAN E. RUSSO, WAS COM- PRISED OF TWENTY HARD WORKING YOUNG MEN. ALTHOUGH THE SEASON GOT OFF 'TO A SLOW START, THE TEAM MANAGED TO COMPILE A TOTAL OF EIGHT WINS AND TIES. CAPTS. G. SEIBOLD AND E. SCHIAZZA UPHELD THE TEAM WITH LEADERSHIP, AND DETERMINATION. CONTRARY TO THE STATIS- TICS, THE INCREASED PRIDE MADE THIS SEASON A SATISFYING ONE. , 4 , -, A Ip, 4 zen " , . A ,, ,LJ 9 ,I . ELF , t 0 M, v' I f FQ I N ff , ,fi I ff R Y ' ' A 4 I I x 'i ' " U3 ' -nj , , ,, ' :, 1 M, , , If ii , wx f, . ' , I W , 'Q W iw 'Lag , 8 heer Leading we JA 51,,Q,, N H37 f ff L f,-, V ' -if i 'M in KZ W :sr - 1- t ag, c.r:..s1sw---- " ge sei "1ifW..-. -I S fws ffs -M sw N s 1 i , 'wiv Q SM k if -N 5 A - affnev. 'VMOA i 1235 Q i . . , 'X in mfs , v m fgiiis a was . sister' is t V . ff as . . sky X Q' The I982 Fall Cheerleading Squad continuosly kept the spir- it up for both the Football S Soccer teams. Captains Michelle Berube and Theresa Pellegrino valiently worked hard with their squad to plan the Pep rally and homecoming events. A highlight of their season was their debut on Boston's Evening Magazine. Even though the football team had a disappointing season, the cheerleaders never gave up on their men. lf'-,gas 5, , g .. l ...afirawf me I 1 4, 0, N, , .w',,.. ,gpm , .cum ,un-1 x ,lin if V xiii' ?V Xi . .f y ..-,. A :- V'-Q gQ'5v,,,iy -'ai ,Q m,WM'M ' ' f'-- '. 7 5 'Q if' U. -., ' H . , , M ' " , '5 V , -,, ,--,,-:rw A ' ' , H N, .M A- .f.i H fi 5 -W . ..,. m..,.,g. . I AM' 'A T ' ' in A 'V' ' f Fif a ' 5tePPi'18 Qui 5 4 1 MQYC Ing f f. f , L ' W A' Mw:fg,aw Wal if Band I983 Spartan Marching Band Q f 1 'r 'ff 4' 58. THE MAJORETTES AND MARCHING BAND MADE EACH HALF-TIME A PLEASURE. THE BAND WAS BOTH ENTERTAIN- ING AND CAPTIVATING. THE MAJORETTES WERE A DE- LIGHT TO WATCH SHOWING GRACE AS WELL AS CHARIS- MA. THE SMILES OF THE MAJORETTES MADE EVEN DARK MOMENTS BRIGHT. REGARDING THE BAND, IT BRINGS ON A WARM FEELING DURING THE COLDEST OF DAYS. V I I -v", ff W YW. am , . -1.-,-- . . f. , . . '--. L, .,, .. .,,, , f . ,, ww- , ,,i5,,:i:L 5 , , , ,,, ,, . , J l ,X , ..., in . , , ...wvdywrr-w...f..w-..,?...f ' --'W"" """ A W """"' ' , 1 -, ,. ,, .. 0 ,VM W, ,nw- 4 i W f I -g, ' M ' - , I S' , f f' L, , A S 5 f" 15? V PW, '77-1.3. ff A 7 , -' F" 44 .. , ,, if, 77 a, X 3 ' .- If h ,,, ' w - . -.R Y ':,- . . , '. I , W, ff! ' 1 sf V 'f ' f ' Q ' " 5 -fl I M f My -- . l ,- ,, 'fb - L' q ,, ' Vw 4, .3 Q, '-fffl J , .. M H I.. . ' WJ 2 A 2 , .J ff , , Jw 4' A ,A-iq:-r' ',. .ma ' ' 1-"5 . 1 WY f ' tx?-1Z'ff" "f,' A Q M -, 'QE 1g 1 -X f fr ' V, Av L' is , ' iw g f : 5' 11' ' W2 w Q, f f 1. I 1' 22' yn -, 4 :w ifi , ft, ' 5 S , m L, " , fe V i:':.gjL xy if ' y 7' .1"!I-:W-:' Z1 E' ' ff? Zig- f' W 7' :iz ' 'K ' H, k '. ' ' - fa "mini, ' ' ,.-.naw f, ,. :Ln -. 4 , . 1- . J I .- i , ' f ,, .V f gi ,' , V if SJ ' - .- .4 f- .W z ': wr-...Wg V , fi , . 133 ' ,Q , 51 ' ,, W"z"f"' -V f, .L 2 3 S, W If ,V -E ,,,, BM if , , , .., , . W , ' , M .. ,,. ' ,nm f, ' .f - .4 , , V ,,,, I , , i 1,7451 W, ., f- K M ,,,,, ,,L,i,LJ Q ,,..h , ,L,, ,, :4i V fm, 4,, x , ' Q 4 N f l' K , g , ww f S I , . Q L 'NN N5 Q R Aw f WW f my , M -P-w.l.Q., 7' ,V if J 'VZ K' f Y i W 1, ,,,w.,,,, ,.,w,.,,,4 ,, , .. , 63' Xfkhfn .www 'Hs CHEQINQ CCMPETIEILION SIANBQNGS Y H i1,gg,g, , 'gig ' WQQURLQII VW STQNEHKM mxonme Y WAKEFIELD i LEXINGTON' wmcuesmi N i,, fnhK:..nW. WATERTOWN f i ln! FL I f ERLEADers the spartan spiritk A AN svyzms HQLLED Q U RHJTER TEAMS Z L., . 3 5 I 4- u -X--5 -LL .l,NSPI 'W I,l, N HE EER ' 1,1 Di U J To J 5' W! ' X ' cf? u if C' wisx 5 - 11-1. awk. Qigong .3 F wx mxwi :IR .I his x xi kg' ,Q W-N, 1 ' . T I 1 W ix Q. 3,1i Www ,.-, W if 'WT Q 'fd x 1 M , , . QA . ji k .W Nf.ff M by ' S ' 6. f SK , fx ww 1,4 -, , , '- W 0 -. 1 ' " ' f, 4 VM ,f - wr 'wi f ' ,w G' ',,' x , , , , , 1 , .:'Y5'f72ypg5, zz M if f f1'!.'w41f...,mf:,,-.. ,Q .V ,:, 1, ,. 3 LVM. , ,, f Q, , V . A QA , I , V ,, W 2 f 'ff' f Q if Girls' Basketball L. WOOD. L. FIONDA. TEAM PICTURE FIRST ROW: D. UVA. D. O'REILLY. J. FALLON. L. POWERS, M, GEBHARD, J. SMALLCOMB. SECOND ROW: S. RIELLY, CO-CAPT. C. SIMPSON, CO-CAPT. ' ' . -1, ,,.. i g: f 1 . .- ,MY-fl I ..... Eg I I I K ilwwg. -- f . ff -, mf- I A . u -gg lfffng- ' 2 T ANZ' "Nfl I ' lilvll-lid .,,., . fs I I W4 fl , . 51 ,."'-l ., Q , H 1335 'f ... J ,, 'J K' f A "l' 'ff 'f Q l f- ' , X . ,WM ' A A E V . ."l 1 'I I I" ' 3 IICP. 1 3711 C . I ff ,,,., , - I I EIIP an 2 -4... ' x V f .0 Q II ,,gA V Ar ,.-A , H W J , . . 'ff ' L il' ., lf, f. ik 'I 4 i ,fi 2: A .15 - ,, , .fa Lui "sv ww f 5 5 lid G 3- N W c Q f a 5 ' 'fs 'f ,421 J 1. 9 4- N I Hu 3 f' 7 ' . vza.. .fl f ' Y f 1 Z W f y 'S . dh 'ij' f 1 my 'g DQQI4 Boys' BasketbaH TEAM PICYURE FIRST RoW. L. FABIANO, D. WaTSON, Du. WEISSE. D, WEISSE, H. PORTER. P. REiS. SECOND ROW: MGR. J. ALLESANDRINI, D. TRANT. M. SPEZZAFERRO. CAPT. P. YIANACOPOULIS. P. DeCOLA. ' ' 4. ef .qui 54? a . 95 2- Q , 1 ? X5 VAX I A We , Xl xl, 4. E VU , we ,av . W., , I '-v D... M ' I VV..4.. ,I . srqgqgmm I ST ' HAM I sr nm S I I sm I AM smzemgyvl. A ' STONEHMA STONEHAM-ff Q34 36 VS STONEHAM STONEHAM 2 SY ,Q if sm' ' ' M 5 'KL,,,, S. I WATER VN LEXING W ' wosukm 5 , I 'BURLINGTON BELMWQNT. Wl R MELRQEQ WAKEFIEED' I QEADINQ., uzxnmamona 55 WATEETGZWN' Won ' I fBuRLI IVGTON . Afgamom WINCHESTER 'MELROSEg1fM?, I WAKEFIEIJQAQEQQWV READING I , Mm dy -IT A 'TIOOPLESSW CASE A me ness aovs' BASKETBALL SEASON suns ssemsomucn-I LONG4 ER THAN THE SCHEDULED EIGHTEEN GAMES. THE LOSS OF KEY PLAYERSJEARLY IN THE SEASON DRAGGED THE SEASON ON. THE TEAM THEN HaD TO-JRELY ,ON THEIR YOUNGER PLAYERS. AL- THOUGH THE MEN WERE TALENTEDITHEY SEMMED TO LACK EX- PERIENCE. WITH THESE TWO STRIKES AGAINST-THE TEAM THEY WENT AON TO LOSE EVERY GAME BY An AVERAGE OF THIRTY POINTS. THE SPARtANS. LATER BLESSED WITH HEALED ATHLETES, WERE LINABLE TOGET BACK ON THEIR FEET TOWARD THE SEA- SONS' END. HOWEVER, P. YIANACOPOULIS' ACCOMPLISHMENTS CANNOT GO UNNOTICED. HIS SUPERB ATHLETIC-ABILITY EARNED HIM A POSITION ON THE MIDDLESEX LEAGUE ALLQSTAR TEAM. THIS TITLE, IN SPITE OF HIS TEAMS' FINAL RECORD. IS A WELL-DESERVED ONES I I I I ar" My nm . 'A 93: ' .v n W ' m ,, , AQQLI-, 2 . , -it 3 1 4 ,,, PMN, I '17, Q , fs ,E K rw, f ' A 1. f 44' Y H dy : F, ,,"' ,S . . W-...,,,,..,, , , , 1 ' V if Y si 'I' m 1 I4 iw ,ikwgwga iw: em fy 'W' f IN Ma-1-af L Misa Q, Q V J Y , ,px 'Q' x K ' 7 f , 2 TM? . ' , Q , W 1 , 1' Qw ,JS 1 " " Him' 4, mm, ,Q 5 , im g . ' A , W , 'gg 1, 2 Hwy? A , ,f f , , , t f , ,, ,456 ,gash - ' , 'X ' 1, -,I ' 1.-wi., .Vg eg, Af" ww, MN r 'X-'iw Www, N fl' 5, iff. I, fax, jk"-, , Yi" SS' l I I 8, Hb STQNEHAQQI s vs mf Ill CQ! STONEHKM s vs STONEI-IAM 5 vs , MELROSe . WAKEFIELD . BURLINGTON .STONEIIAM 5 vs. woIsuIzN ISTONEHAM 5 vs. BELMONT STQNEHAM s vs. WINCHESTER , sToNEHAIvI I vs STONEHAM 4 vs 'STGNEIIAM 3 vs S STONEHAM3 vs. 3 sToNEHAM 9 vs. 2 STONEHAM 2 vs. 3 sToNEHAIvI 4 vs. OWSTONEHAM 3 VS I STONEHAM 8 V5 . WATERTOWNIASTONEHAM, 3 V5 . LEXINGTON . READING 1 STONEHAIIII0 V5 16 'STONEHAM 3 V5 MELROSEWCLIL WAKEFIEIQQ 2 BURLINGTQN I woBuRN ,I .I, sELMoN1fWIAf4'I'L WINCHESTER I 2 LEXINGTON 4 READING . 3 WATERTOWN3 IQ .IIN L U N qrswwmfs-My K 'M , 'LC . ' I-is. wb I .. .Q .5 3.4 .Q 'IX nh uw. 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' n 'T' 552521 ff"f'1'fE-"-EE 5'f+C-'?-iJ'f?--g?.?' ,' ' " .-' ' , ,1Z'f1"' J 1 J,"'f:4Tir-7,3 .7-i:f"""5 ff - s.-: ,,.1'5r 3,36 ,, .,., W" -71315 51- - gf-5' ...-J.:-3514?-:f'L ,3 an-fi 1'-' - 4 'f fuk ,x V , w , ,-u-1- 1: 1:11. . .M Z- H1 - -213-- ---1'9?L.. f-:F-r 52 .W al ff P5142-15' 3 L- uf F f if 1'-+:Zf,4Eaz5: -gi 'Ph - A :-33,-gy , ' -2- is-3 5,.2.5C2::i'1..:f 'ff ,L-bm my If-22,-,.,1 .w -.-- :L f-H'5b3 ,.,1t- 'E'-F??S 'w wang , ' , -'f,.',1 ,fILIZICVT'-T6'E'A?:12?f1,:f 723151 .alia "' 37595 4 -2' ' 2:1451 -3: V A - f-2 . , n g K ' J- ' - ' . ., , E .Gy :.-sys.-:3 if- ff-1 - w ., Itsthe 5 ' ' er- W- :-2 . w --1, f- ,eanhing TONEHAM .qfwiif-'1UQ.' - ' 'I 74 in . ., ff V, ., ,, , , f-Mfgw.. 4 , ,L Q 5 fx ' ' ' cr '. " Q ..-,Ww.., . .,,,,...,. --,, ,.,. , , 1, , .Y ,, 1 , ' ,.,, 1-, -gf ' ,J , gg, WWW wg' 'H' ' 2 f ' N fi , . T 7 , V. af A W 1 aww,-1 'kdm , , f ffwt. , , K 'Q M rf.: ,Q M ff-fum:-, -6' ,,f, :V ,rm A N if i' fx? , gf' ' 5' 'rf ,M , ,E if 3,-151 kfjf ' 4 v, 53f.fg,,. K 'iii ' " L ' ,, 'f ' ffm: ' wr. A - W W , -' J,-, L I V, I ,, , .., htm A ,, - ' K 'Q ' A ., 7 gy ' W 5 -WWW... .,A,.. 7 " Ir 5, ya 1 ,. if a bk .4 .,r . . Lg FF .5 we U .V A 4 it .M 7 gg- YYYYH . . F dl Y , ,F La. ff F6 Lg Y FA JY The Assistant Directors MRS. PEGGY YOUNG Senior Secretary MRS. DOROTHY KOZOWSKI Occupational Education Secretary MRS. FLORENCE PA GLIARULO Secretary MS. BARBARA LAWRENCE Secretary to Asst. Superintendent MS. PAULA DANNOLFO Secretary to Superintendent MRS. CASHELL Secretary, Business Office MS. MARTHA DO WNES Accounting Specialist, Bus. Office MS. MARY APPLE YARD Secretary, Business Office MS. MARY ELLEN LACEY Secretary, Business Office . iwww :,. . ,. ' S.-' ,xv :Q -1, Q? . 5 L' if q-sz ' f L L... SAM S16 "M 126 ffpwk Th Informer We surveyed teachers in Stoneham High for the following information, I. Subject taught 2. Colleges attended 3. Places they previously taught 4. Hobbies or special interests ,sk MGP' MR. FRANK ABRAHAM5 Vocal MusicfNew England Conserva- tory, Temple UniversityfMaIden Public Schools, Temple Universi- ty, New England Conservatory CcurrentlyjfThe Arts. MR. PAUL F. ATKINSON SpanishfBoston College, Boston StatefNewport School for GirlsfTennis, Choral Music. MRS. CAROL YN BANULIS HistoryfSt. Mary's College, U. of Notre Dame, Salem State, Har- vard Extension, Suffolk Universi- tyfSt. Mary's AcademyfArcheo- Iogy, Teaching, Puttering Aroung the House, Talking to People. MRS. ELAINE BA TTING Latin! Un- iversity of Maine, Tufts Universi- tyfMedford High SchoolfFurni- ture Refinishing, Knitting, Read- ing. MR5. KATHLEEN R. BOWEN EngIishfUniversity of Massachu- settsfDancing, Cooking, Travel- ing. MISS CATHERINE B. BRO- DERICK Typing, ShorthandfRegis CollegefBostonfGolf, Macrame, Football. MRS. GERTRUDE BROWN Foods lfRegis College, Boston Universi- ty, Salem State, U. MassfBurling- ton High School, Woburn High SchoolfWater Color Painting. MR. RICHARD A. BURNHAM Al- gebra, Geometry, Applied Math- fNortheastern University. U. Mass AmherstfNortheastern Un- iversityfSports, Music. MR. AR- MAND CALABRESE Teacher's AidefWood Craft, Mycology., MR. JAMES J. CAMPAGNA Social Studies Chairman, EconomicsfSt. Anselm's College. St. Michael's College. MISS CYNTHIA A. CAR- BONEPhysicaI EducationfBoston UniversityfGuitar, Photography, Sports. MS. RITA CITTADINI Spe- cial EducationfBridgewater State CollegefWoburn High School- fKids, Traveling, Dancing, Pho- tography, "Happy Hours". MR. THOMAS C. CLEARYSciencefSa- lem StatefTewksburyfGolf, Hockey, Carpentry. MR. KEVIN CONROY English, Journalism, Public Speakingfu. Mass, Lowell Technological InstitutefPlaying Classical Guitar, Reading, Chess. Surfing. i 'T ww., ,Q ja. FQ : A I l :,. 3 'Q - SSW' -MR. STEPHEN J. CONROY Psy- chology, Consumerism, Sociolo- gyfBoston State, Boston Univer- sity, Harvard University Exten- sionfXavier High School CCon- cordjflleading, Golf, Computers, Politics, Writing. MR. CONWAY MISS DOROTHY P. CORUM Busi- ness EducationfSaIem State, Northeastern, Lowell State, Bos- ton University, North Shore Community Collegefkeading. Traveling, Writing. MR. WILLIAM E. DALY Wood WorkingfMerri- mack College, Fitchburg State, Boston StatefFishing, Hunting, Golf. MS. L YDIA DASS BioIogyfS- tate University College CNew Yorkj, Boston StatefTewksbury Junior High SchooIfSkiing, Com- puters. MRS. CANDIDA DeVITO SpanishfFrancisco Morazan CHondurasJ, Salem State College- fHonduras CCentraI Ameri- cajfWriting, Poetry, Reading, Gardening, Painting, Embroider- ing. MISS IVANA DIMASCIO lta- lianfUniversity of Massachusett- sfTravel, Needlework. MISS DEB- ORAH DiMATTIA BioIogyfBos- ton CollegefWaItham High School, Lexington High School, Gaebler SchooIfRunning, Skiing. MR. HOWARD T. DIMMICK Earth SciencefState College at Worcester, Boston University, University of Wisconsin, Univer- sity of Washington, Portland State UniversityfHouIston, Northeastern UniversityfPhoto- graphy, Traveling, Skiing. MRS. MAUREEN DOCKERYTeacher Ai- defNorth Shore Community Col- legefCeramics, Swimming, Crafts. MRS. PATRICIA ELLE- GOOD LibrarianfHickoy Secre- tarial SchoolfCentraI SchooIfSki- ing, Dancing, Young People. MRS. .IOSEPHINE M. ELLIOTT Spanish- fBoston University, Northeas- tern University, Middlebury Col- lege, Tufts Universityfunionville CConnj, Waneham CMass- JfFlower Gardening, Knitting, Traveling, Baking, Reading, Camping. MISS DEBORAH FEUDO Moderate Special Needs- fBridgewater State College, Re- gis CoIIegefMusic, Raquetball, Volleyball, Movies, Dancing. MR. WAYNE B. FILLBACK fSocial Studiesf Colby College, Universi- ty of VermontfWaterbee, Me. Danbury, Conn.fFishing, Running around, music. MR. MARK G. FLANAGANfDistributive Educa- tionfThomas CollegefBlack- stone-Millville Regional H.S.fMu- sic, running, family MR. ROBERT FRlELflssues in American Socie- tyfNiagara University, State Uni- versity of New York-Oswego, Graduate school of Public Af- fairs-Albany, Salem State, North- eastern, Roger Williams, NCO- School-U.S. ArmyfMarcellus, N.Y., Schenectady, N.Y, Albany, N.Y., Waltham, Mass, U.S. Army- National GuardfFishing, Reading, College Basketball, Investing. l N X. 'X iff. lllz . . , ff'-M' BK 'f mv, MISS ELIZABETHA. FURMANBus. Org. S Mgmt., Bus. Law, Clerical Office PracticefBoston Universi- tyfPhotography, Stamp Collect- ing, Personal Computer, Garden- ing, Sports. MISS MARIA I.. GAR- UTI Clerical Office Practice, Ac- counting, Sec. Office Practice, Bookkeeping IIfSaIem SatefAp- pleton Academy, New Ipswich. N.H.fReading, Growing Plants, Star Trek, Swimming, Traveling. MRS. BARBARA GILCHRIST Pho- tography, ArtfMass. College of Art, Queens ColIegefCopaigne- fPhotography. MR. THOMAS A. GRONDIN MathfBoston College, Salem StatefBishop Fenwick High SchoolfTennis, Jogging, Music, Hiking, Camping, Bicycle Riding, Astronomy, Reading, Antiques, Anthropology. MRS. JANET M. HANLEY Chemistry, Astronomy, PhysicsfEmmanuel College. Georgetown UniversityfGeorge- town UniversityfReading, Exer- cising, Traveling, Dancing, Paint- ing. MRS. MARY HARRIGAN Health CareersfWhidden Memo- rial School of Nursing, Boston College, Emmanuel CollegefTra- veling. MR. STEPHEN S. JACK- SONEarth Science, Adv. Biology. Applied SciencefSpringfield, Boston CollegefHopkins Acade- my. MRS. JOAN JACOB Business- fSalem State, Boston State, Hof- stra, San JosefLong Island, New York, lsraeIfDancing, Music. MR. LEONARD J. JESSE Coordina- tor of Data Processing Services. MISS DONNA KELLEY SEEM ClassfBoston Collegefkeading. MR. MICHAEL P. KENNEDYMath- ematicsfWestfield State College. Lowell Technological Institute- X Golf. MISS VERA K OMANO WSKI French, SpanishfState University of New York, McGill University CMontrealj, Boston State. MR. JOHN A. KORNECHUCK Earth Science, EIectronicsfBoston State CollegefLynnfield CMass- JfSaiIing. MR. MICHAEL LAHIFF Health Education, CPRfSpring- field College, Boston State Colle- gefSomerville Public Schools. MR. ALBERT J. LANNI Mathema- ticsfSpringfieId College, Univer- sity of LowelIfWestboro High SchoolfCoaching and Umpiring High School Sports, Golf, Bowl- ing, Camping. MR. WILLIAM L. LEUCI Industrial Arts, Autome- chanicsfliitchburg State, Salem StatefWoburn, NahantfHunting, Fishing, Skiing, Skating, Sports. E 2 s l C 5 . i Z E xwxmmas -1,.,M .F s, :Q 2 Kb Ax " 3 4 !.4-fre' .lf S' .5 X. ,U-yy .avg r-suv 3 5 . Ah . -is l S .. A . N-8 K snag s sis-,sas H ,gan ' 1. Wa' 1 ' Qi Y :iw L3 .S 5sJ21NsA??f A -1 Mai? eyes . ,I . 5... MRS. JOAN L'HEUREUX English, LatinfNotre Dame, Catholic Uni- versity, Johns Hopkins, Tufts University, HarvardfNotre Dame Prepatory School X Reading. Dogs, Football. MR. HENRY R. MARGARITA U.S. HistoryfBrown University, Boston StatefWay- land High School, Coached at Yale, Harvard, Georgetown Uni- versity, Boston UniversityfWa- tercolor Painting, Reading. MR. ANTHONY MARIANO Trigonom- etry, Algebra, Statistics and Pro- babiIityfBrown University, Bos- ton CoIlegefNorth AndoverfAna- Iyzing Stocks. MR. WILLIAM H. MARRANZINI Media Coordina- torfUniversity of Massachu- settsfSports, Film, Video, Fine Restaurants. MR. EDWARD A. MARTINEZ ShopsfSaIem State College, Fitchburg StatefWiIm- ington High School. MR. BILL MCCALL MRS. DEIRDRE A. Mc- CORMACK English, Reading- fMarymount Manhattan College. Boston UniversityfNew York Ci- tyfMy Two-Year Old Son. MR. JOHN P. MCGUIRE Chemistry- fBoston College, Boston State. Boston University. Hampton l. CVirginiaJ, Iowa State University, Juniata CPAJ, Central State Uni- versity fOhioJ, Bridgewater State, St. Michael's CVermont- jfChelmsford, Medford, Malden- fHandbaIl, Etymology, Irish His- tory and Literature. CAROL B. MILLER ArtfSchool of the Museum of Fine Arts. Tufts UniversityfBrandeis University, Neighborhood Arts Cen- terfJewelry, Traveling, Garden- ing. MR. RICHARD R. MONGEAU PhysicsfU. Mass Amherst, Worcester Polytechnic Institute- fSalt Water Fishing, Skiing. MISS LINDA MOREY Special Educa- tionfMerrimack College, Lesley College Graduate SchoolfGolf, Tennis, Cross Country Skiing. MR. PAUL W. MUCICA English- fSaIem State, Suffolk University- fByfield Triton Regional SchooIfWriting, golf. MR. DEN- NIS F. MUL VIHILL English, Social StudiesfRutgers University, Nor- wich University, Suffolk Univer- sity, Boston State College, Salem StatefMaIdenfOfficiating, Coaching, Antiques, Softball. MISS PATRICIA A. NORELLI Eng- IishfClark UniversityfElmira, New YorkfGardening, the Pitts- burgh Steelers. MRS. SANDRA M. O'NEILL Biology, Chemistry, AI- gebrafTufts University, Univer- sity of MassachusettsfBurIington High School Manchester High SchoolfSaiIing, Water Skiing, Needlecrafts. MRS. ANN M. O'SULLIVAN Algebra, Geometry- fSaIem StatefLong Island, N.Y- .fFIower Gardens, Traveling, Decorating and Improving My Home, Baking, Gourmet Cooking. Music, Plays. Star Trek. s-X X"""- .a .2 X MR. NICHOLAS PADOVANI Physical EducationfBoston State CoIlegefCoach of Soccer at Sa- lem StatefSoccer. MRS. ANGELA J. PARKS Home EconomicsfFra- mingham State CollegefSomerviI- leflleading, Crafts, Piano, Organ. MRS. MARGARET G. PUFFER Eng- lishfSyracuse University, Tufts University, Northeastern Univer- sityfNew York StatefTennis, Traveling, Reading. MRS. GAIL RAFTERY MusicfBoston Univer- sity School of Fine ArtsfQuincy Public SchoolsfReading, Skiing, Swimming. MR. RICHARD F. REED English, Creative Writing, Houghton, Eastern Nazarene, Tufts University, Boston Univer- sity, Trinity College CDublin- jfTantasquin Regional High School QSturbridgeJfthe Sym- phonic Works of Mahler, Bruck- ner, and Sibelius, the Folk Music of the British Isles, Old Houses, Reading and Writing Poetry. MR. CHARLES S. RICHARDSON JR, Li- brarianfBoston UniversityfMel- rosefPhotography, Outdoor Ac- tivities. MRS. ELIZABETH ROBIN- SON SAT Prep., Speed Reading, Life SkillsfUniversity of Ken- tucky, Harvard UniversityfKen- tucky, North Carolina, Cam- bridge QMaineDf Swimming, Rug Hooking, Girl Scouts. MR. ALAIN ROCHER FrenchfUniversity of Paris, Suffolk University, Boston University, Salem StatefOrIeans CFrancejfCoaching, Reading His- torical Biographies, Fresh Water Fishing. MISS ELLEN RODMAN Speech and Language TherapyfEmerson College, Northeastern Universi- tyfEast Providence CR.l.J, New England Rehabilitation Hospital- fReading, Spectator Sports, Cooking. Traveling. MR. JAMES A. ROMANO World History, 20th Century ChinafAssumption Col- lege, Salem State CollegefBur- dett Jr. College, Pentauket Re- gional High School. MRS. CHRIS- TINE F. RONANEngIishfStonehiIl College, Merrimack College, Low- ell UniversityfSt. Lawrence O'Toole School, Sacred Heart, Stoneham Jr. High SchoolfSkiing, Guitar, Reading. MR. EDWARD N. RUNDLETT General Business. Business MathfSalem State Colle- gefGoIf. MR. EDWARD J. RUSSO EnglishfSpringfield College, Uni- versity of MassachusettsfMy Family, Sports, Coaching, Having Great Friends. MS. MARIA SCARPA Physical Education- fNortheastern University- fDanvers Junior High School- fDancing, Sailing. MR. THEO- DORE SCHWALB ArtfMass. Col- lege of Art, School of the Muse- um of Fine Arts. Tufts University. Bijam Shaww School CLondon- jfTraveling. MR. WILLIAM H. SEABURY Physical Education- fNortheastern UniversityfMed- ford Jr. High SchoolfSports, Golf. . -gf f - '--' fins 1 . . -I 'QW Eff Q l VU' 'paws , .-1 - - - N N t-Q Q? .. nf if "3" -- MRS. SHARYN E. SHARAF Alge- brafFairleigh Dickinson Universi- ty, Boston State CollegefTennis. Swimming. MR. DA VID SIL VA ln- strumental Musicfuniversity of Massachusetts-AmherstfBicy- cling, Skating, Music. MISS MA- RIA UZDA VINIZ Data Processing Operator Clerk. MR. WILLIAM S. WADDLETON Program Coordin- ator, Occupational Education- fClark UniversityfAuburn CMA- .jfGolf, Flying. MR. CECIL E. WHITE Mathematics, Social Stu- diesfBoston University, Western Illinois University, Salem State, University of Massachusetts- fWinchester, Newton, Malden- fTraveling, Theater Movies, Din- ing Out, Camping, Reading. MR. PAUL J. WHITE American Histor- yfBoston State CoIlegefSomer- ville High SchoolfFootbaIl, Bas- ketball, Baseball, Traveling, Col- lege, High School. MR. GARY'T. WILSON Electricity I S IlfMalden Vocational HighfMusic, Raquet- ball, Softball, Boating, Skiing, Electric CFull-Time Electrical Contracting Company. MS. PAU- LA ZIMMERMANN Readingfuni- versity of Vermont, Boston Uni- versityfCharlestown fMassD, South Burlington CVermontJ, Amityville CN.Y.JfReading, Trav- eling, Going to the Movies. MR. WILLIAM R. MURPHY Direc- tor of Guidancefuniversity of Connecticut, Boston State, Salem StatefNorwalk CConnjfTennis, Basketball. MRS. CAROL YN C. SOWLE Guidance Secretary. MS. ELSIE M. BRENNAN Guidance Counselorfkegis College, SUNY, Bank Street College CNew York- JfWorcester, Stoughton, Monte- rey, PelhamfSaiIing, Skiing, Ra- quetball, Tennis, Motorcycling, Showing My Champion Rhode- sian Ridgeback in the New Eng- land Area Dog Shows and at Madison Square Garden. Theater. Concerts. MRS. SUSAN CASE Guidance CounselorfMiami Uni- versity, North-Eastern Universi- tyfLittIeton CMassjfMountain Climbing, Tennis, Squash, Skiing. Dancing, Running. MR. JOHN P. FEL TCH Guidance Counselor X Ho- ly Cross, Boston StatefMedford- fGolf, Jogging. MRS. GALE A. O'TOOLE Guidance Counselor- fRegis College, Boston Universi- tyfMarion High School CFra- minghamJfCross Country Skiing, Tennis, Aerobic Dancing, Bicy- cling. Q-,Au X54 . A ,gs Lxmw ., .M 5 .L ' . , L . wp X. f 51... L ?-ig., . . - 'iii " -as i I 'Xa B25 MR. DANIEL W. HOGAN Superintendent of Schools . .TE N K M, Y ' fm... ' - 1, .Qi . SM 1. .Q ...K A .1 , fs I ze S- A MR. FRANK R. MA TARESE Assistant Superintendent of W 2 et. S . t t t,, The Leaders 1. tr f . 5- xx Sl 5 Y 516 if kg Q if ,E Q 4 sn X X QQ Q W5 1 E M It ,L 35: A Q Schools MR. WILLIAM HO YT Principal MR. FRED KIAMIE Vice Principal MR. RALPH J. ROWELL Vice Principal MR. GLEN A. LOUGEE Director of Media Services MR. JOHN H. FA WCE TT Athletic Director MR. FRANK ANGEL OSAN TO f fi H-ii xx. Director of Special Services i ll After in g Hours Us f-,Wai Mr Hoyt gets caught with munchies in his office "Aw shoot, I forgot the pampers". "Avon calling on me?" . . . you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around Our Cafeteria Staff "Sorry I can not give out aspirins." "Come on, I dare ya. "All right. Who stuck the bubble gum on my chair?" '-215' i - ,,,II,, , I "-- 4,5 I .,., ' , ' - ' ' ' ZW , .5 4 ,, f , MMM. : eff 1 ,f I I I ' f J Q" of 1 , " m i-, H " .I f-'LW'.MJs f5 '2ff If 1 ff 'f ,- , - s V N W i 1,57 M ,, ,,w, ,?,4,,,A M ,W , .5 V . 1 ,- ,f,, . ,VD ,f , - A ,c , , , - , V 3 Iv wf f i MW , ff ffM"-f'W"Q' "f ' I , , . ' Q h""Q Q . 'H ,M W J " W Q ..., 15 www ""v-vi' 4 1' N 'E i 1 +L. , 5 -n. X , K if ff? O QW 15131 S1515 V: :Kiwi I 'YA iz W' f' M-sw. Y Q X . s Q A si . x 7 is E I . lg . - s . And Now A Final Message From Qur Sponsors WouIdYouBy AY b kFr ear oo This Guy? -A imfw A A 'f Q ' w A A'y?'Zs MM 5 'nf' Jswfw - xf nf, , ,sa , , 3, 'R Ham, if wa 4 'Q I., Q., 'WZ 2 I .mm-ML 1, k , , , M, f fn. W. ' Q ff ,A f A W f +1 N 5 - ' f Wk 0 f ww my M . 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Ernest and Margaret Horsley of ther Horsley Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic are pleased to announce the association of their son, Will Horsley, M.D. for the practice ofmedical and surgical ophthalrnology Dr. Will Horsley is avspecialist in cataract surgery with intraocular lens implants Horsley Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic 61 Main Street Stoneham, Massachusetts 02180 Phone: 66173 438-6032 Office Hours By Appointment mqfa-zswwxwwm aw.. BAY STATE AMBIIIIIIICE I Bum!! Lg. .T I ln 1"'f :'f"' mmmst-anne' , I ll xg ' 'X. Q: 5 ' until I main Serving the Stoneham, Woburn and Surrounding Communities LOCAL S LONG DISTANCE CARDIAC - PEDIATRIC EQUIPPED WITH CARDIAC MONITORING S DEFRIBILLATING EQUIPMENT NATIONALLY TRAINED EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIANS Certified for Medicare S Medicaid 32I-I555 0 395-I8OO THE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN MEDICAL EMERGENCY SERVICES W y ,M in 4 438-7305 Uzoiano Gfyluociafsa gbzinitsu 468R MAIN STREET foe Troiang STONEHAM, MA. 02180 '-vrmx FURNITURE WORLD 373 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 02180 R. A. McGuire 438-9376 PM JOHN V SMALLCOMB DDS JOHN SMALLCOMB JR DMP 6I Main St. Stoneham, Ma. 02I8O HAIR - MATH S Qwiffums SZ houitifqplllfe 291 MAIN STREET STONEHAM, MASS PHONE: 438-1227 TEL. 438-0359 BICQCLES if 'TT TS FUR XFUR BUYS GIRLS DOMESTIC AND FOREIGL BICYCIEES --voun FAMILY DEALERST-uP" E And Mopeds 286 MAIN STREET DANIELS LeSAFFRE MOTORS, INC. Pwmvvm 51-QNEHAM, MASS. O2I8O EST 1939 897 MAIN ST.. MELROSE. MASS. 02176 PHON E 665-1428 ,, B uwomzzc ous.: Q Dial 438-0116 A ROUND'S TRUE VALUE HARDWARE A 'de' ' F H A Tru-test paints --Plumbing Supplies ,J , V Q f - W1 1,4 Hardware - Housewares S 'P 240 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 02180 - ' , NJ K Tj X1 ' 397 MAIN STREET STONEHAM MASSACHUSETTS 02180 16171 438-6910 SANDY ,,Q. PAT A E FINNEGAN gl SON Home For Funerals Stoneham Ma I I 322 Main Street Good Luck agp ST TE-S ,S KN ' , 1 I' E 4 I - Q 'IX A ,A , X .5 .3wl1L'Qgw X J da' "We Co' To The Class Of 83 PN fs' X V ,Q Q 'F ' V4 fy! ' Egg! Ab sgede 7 'Q , f- -, Stonedam Spam kata "HI" 381 MAIN smear ' STON EHAM, MASS. 02180 438-6237 Good Luck XONS QF MILES so M X xl' '-' ry LD I f ? , -, , 1 'iii K A -- 53312-T.. Ah A '17 14 I ' if-fxE"iu:yL: - vi .'- -.-ge'-Q T 7. f6C""2.,. A: vi 1 -NJ" - A 'i"':?J'K1' -kv - mf.-.---' --f ' 'P A ESYABLISNED IQI7 H 'SUDDEN SERVICE MANUFACTURERS OF STRIPPINGS 430 MAIN STREET-STONEHAM BO, MASS To The Class Of "83" GILBERT If I f Q I I 1-'tim T. II? f ! r dj ! X K I Congratulations T L ' A d Th Class Of "83" From GQRDON SWITZER HERITAGE HEATING AND PLUMBING: INC 438-7076 5., A ,,.A 3 il' . V' f ENIBLENI RAPHICS "A world of possibilities" 318 MAIN STREET STONEHAM, MA 02180 438-8877 DR. DONALD O'BRlEN UPTUMETRIST ZB4 MAIN STREET STDNSHAM. MASS. DZIBD TELSPHDNE: 435-2122 x I cgfoneflam Uatpsf :Sa ea I Central Street 0 Stoneham, Mass O2I8O C6I7j 438-76II Sl MCDonough's Liquors World Wide Beer's - Liquor - Wines Central Square, Stoneham, Mass. 438-0297 ' Y' ,, t I Central Street ' Stoneham, Mass OJISO H . 1 iam 438461: hair Qdwflfld Iimihzd UIQQUWQ 420 MAIN ST., STONEHAM, MA 438-2540 'A Full Service Salon For Men or Women" ROBERT'S BOUTIQUE 6- UNISEX SALON 284 Main SI., Stonehcrm, Mass. 02180 Phones: 438-0767 or 438-9740 "It's New - Sun Capsule Suntcm Salon" f'f' W., I lllli SPECIALIZING IN -. .S5.'2Z,i. ORTHOPEDIC WORK gxfonegam 5505 olfoipitaf SHOE REPAIRING - FABRIC SHOES DYED SCISSORS SHARPENED DIAL 438-O7I2 305 MAIN ST. TINO MINICHIELLO, PROP. STONEHAM. MASS ,nam-. ,aaa-.- .sig naus- pi. asl- PRIDE. IN STO EHAM A D YOU qi Bank on Your Future Wnh STONEHAM COOPERATIVE BANK Mann Offlce Bnllenca Mall Redstone 335 Mann Street Bnllerlca Stoneham Stoneham 438 0430 667 2197 438 3334 1-617-438-2070 Spot Tana' Jbfoiel Good Luck Friends In The Class Of 83 Keep Your Eyes Moving RALPH SALVATI 289-9063 ARROW AUTO Revere Y ROUTE 28 597 MAIN STREET STONEHAM MASS. 02180 aiwm :Zag Bloufs Service GENERAL REPAIRING ON ALL MAKES OF CARS 438-9802 3 SU E T SOE MSS O218O BLA UPUNK T JENSEN AUTO SOUND NORTH 169 Main Street Stoneham MA 02180 6171438 6800 VVDDD6 SOUND LABURATURIFS AN EbMARK COMPANY STEREO FCJF1 YOUR CAF1 1 AUTO V . r SKIILID MECHANICS 3 MMRS. TNHAM. A. V Foam '.m-in'-l"T'-MM STONEHAM MOTOR CO. 185 Main St. STONEHAM, MASS. 02180 M slang F mum Fmslu franaa Pmlu LTD Thunder lr Bud S Sunoco '4 Hr Fowmg Survnu Bus Phone 438-0490 490 Mun Sr Congratulations Sl0l'1LhlIT! 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I I, 5 , I. 7 I+ E 2 I-2 I I If If e 5 E "' A .H 5 A W E Z ' I Qi Q E 1 xf Q D I .4 'Wu .lx . K ll In 'I I "IH N IIIII 438 7I9 ' the CARPET STORE 231 Mann Street John McCauI Stoneham MA 02180 CoMMERCiAl PRINIERS PRO-Gmxphics Pnimiwq Co. FARM HILL SHOPPING CENTER 232 MAIN ST, STONEHAM 438-0397 hu- pfu Qdlj INC, 1538 MAIN srnsev - srouerum. MA H 'Zh' ,u u 1 , 1 , ' 'I J , 4 ri if ' :' 1 6 v- 4- Italian Speclalrifs -vip, 1? 'Q 1 1 T' -giigif' if f Q Imported Olive Orls 1.15541 0 - , I lf: , 4, -A J : f lmgyrrfjnd Domestlc Cold Cuts ?F, I u L7 TF jf Breads - Fresh Dally Prop: Tom Iovsnni ln Vic Doll Isola , PARTY Pl-A1-TERS 438-8300 ' ' J y 1 igi NXXXXXXXXX N B BARBER STYLISTS N E 438-9859 N L HAIRPIECE DESIGN JOHN ARIGO N L 438-9859 9 S BEAUTY SALON N 438-7343 Vice President 111 MAIN STREET QpEN5DAy5 STONEHAIVI, MASS AND REDSTONE PLAZA EVERY EVENING TILL 8:00 P.NI. ADDISON C. GETCHELI. 8: SON. INC. The Profeffimmlr' Printer Siure 1870 151 Bsvrnuf STREET ' Bosrow, MASSACHUSETTS 02114 Re Telephone C6171 227-4870 IN COLLINCOTE STREET STONEHAM, MASS. OIISO ROBERT N, O'BFl!EN ., .,,., ,.w.1,.. .,,. REALTOR FPEALIOI? 438-1766 1 I E 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 n 5 4 i A i N . , , I i 1 i i P K V 160 1 sf ' , 8 f 51 i I 1 Z A

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