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Text from Pages 1 - 224 of the 1982 volume:

1. I NA . ' N' 1' x f I -1 X ,, i X x frmg . ,-1 f' x 'fi 1-" ,. , ,,,,,.g,,, A , , ,f i,1-h-, - , '-. Q1 4 ' X x.- ,. . -4 Pi . - .5353 -5 .4 'X " J' 'v .2u5?q.' 'ii ' Q H-' - . " . . v - :I 1 A 1' .- 1 X ' , --I .4 .4,--- -N 1 N N f'.1' h ' 4- A -" '-K , ""'v - ---Q N 1 ,' A 1 - X x K 1 1 wa S, X x,-,...... ...,., .,...., .... .L ....f..4 V .- Y Y -V .- - - ' DDNTFIENTIS ANCAIDIEMKIICS .... WW SIENIIIDIIDS ......., 55 SWUUIDIENWT IIIIIFIE M55 SIDUIDWFS ....... M16 IBIUSIINIESS .Q.... WWW ' I 1 , 'VE' -------.. , , -M V M - -V- , . f L 1 9 0 0 . o 4 .0 ,W f A- . .W-W X A 1 I 'l'F'l- N' " - V I 8 - ' - E r ' ' , .. L 1 , ' la-.551 'g1,"2,,, I W -X rtrciiy- , ,- .-.l- V v 4 1 ' 4 V t I mx ,QA -, - ,Q 414 . 4 ' f-'Em A: - :gf :, - bw , ,JAMJ t 1 ,yan-, 'J-3,1 V,-,Y V ' .f - .,,- -- s 1 - wfgfrf ', j . .kfwj gy -, , v ' . - , Q5.:""'wff.'rg'-: V5-H 'Txl.CL':J.fg:-'+6 " QQ! , Q 1" zifitw-"' ' ' 4 ' ua. N2 2 byH:w1+x--1-ffwfrwx , " 1.9 ...f,.tf.f.. -, s , V H --lv 53 ,--1 , -,. ,-. 1 Q24 1- - gut' - -an . . f-1..4,.,- Jan . .e- A t .L A g.'4.1.,r,g'5g,A QQ jgwgq . Q,g-6t,f!f5f1!,e,-t,. :.m., -cw ' " 'nl " '14 N' 2 " V . 5 4 ' 1 ' - L' f- f f ,.,.' ' ,,"' "'---' . -',, ' , - ' L. ':gga'ff1,1'.,1, -' J.-x"H,f.,'1-fqp' W-A 'rg--rj-3441 -. , ,3,g,i+.f,.,--. ' N 3 V ' ' . -..g. " ,- 0 i- STUNIIEIHAMK lI'Hl'l3Il'1 S'l2Il'l'D'DIl THE PRODUCERS The function of a producer in any motion picture is to exercise control over the production. He begins with an idea or the acquisition of a prom- ising property and is responsible for guiding the development of the property into a successful motion picture. The producer's job begins long before the start of the produc- tion and does not end until long after the film is "in the can." As the responsibility of the producer is to guide the development of a suc- cessful motion picture, so has our development been the result of the guidance of our parents. Working be- hind the scenes, they have begun the task of developing us into suc- cessful adults, a job which will con- tinue long after our release from high school, For their constant sup- port and guidance throughout our high school careers, we wish to ac- knowledge the producers, OUR PARENTS, and thank them for mak- ing this production possible. .2 ,gr I I 4 A I fe Y VA, 'Ii 5 y ," , ds H Y A W. , , mg? I JWJ ' J 1 3, w ? 1 . ,,. . ,Q V wiif- QR 4.1, 'W . I ,'f99,,f . '? QQ YOU 'OUGHTA BE Clockwise- The Guardian Angels of Stoneham High School, "Love At First Bite'.' "Hang in there boys!" "The Great Escape" "Laughter is the best medicine." "The Shining" "Close Encounters" of the friendliest kind. "Don't call us, we'Il call you." Catch the "Saturday Night Fever." e i IN PICTURES 1 , ,...4.,w,4- , , F .W..,pR- X 5 , .M , Y . ,.w..,...... A i 11 F 1 x i. 7. ,I f 5. , .1 .1 if wg if 'J Iseli, ff A 9 ' A ff' , gf QQ, A, N 'N I ll N ff , I' , I : ' 4' J aff' , 'ff Q . A F -.4 XT S, X ik A , ,N if M. 'f .F , 'fil l w If v 5 I g.,.,,4N.-r, Iff2 f i fr!! , Mlm . '- f' s 'ti 'thanx nigh 4 vi, mm: fr ,. f f- " 2 -VS" ' :sf-vrq k 'vi' 1,1 " 1 "' .2 5 M01 ' f. . Q3 . q ua . wwmn m,u.w, mpqv, M. Qgzzm ii ' 1 l Lf-f 1c,f . gi L , ',,iFLfF , Y 'LL Q-I-s':s' 1+ ,I ' .-we fi? -'51 1 xx M., , . x.. , ' fjn, G 'IW' Z I A VM -U, ,,., ,,-f.,,.,,f - ,L- A . 1' I ' N N,,,.wM,,-1--'W' ' K ' 4 , i4jj,:'? "fj3,.,4. -- -mu- ' . " K 1 ,4 f K A :"3i Yi -' gn Q WL Rfgx A concrete square with crowded hallways, the new high school was a place swarming with construction workers Cbusy at work on the "new wing"J and pervaded by the odors of paint and turpentine. The class- rooms were large and roomy, and the new library was so big, students had their choice between a quiet side and a noisy side! Bushes were planted in a geometric pattern and turf was unrolled like green carpeting in the new court- yard, which is beautiful but less ac- cessible than the one at the old school. And, to quench the students' thirst, vending machines that of- fered natural fruit drink fhigh in vita- min C and no artificial colors or car- bon addedj were installed in the cafeteria. Discipline was tighter during our senior year, attendance was taken during all study periods, seventh pe- riod privileges were done away with, and therefore the administration was able to monitor the where- abouts of every student at every minute of the day. Many members of the class appreci- ated the expansive faculities of- fered, but for a few, the symmetrical brick building at the end of the long driveway represented an unpleas- antly drastic change in scenery. OF SCENERY i-ri M.,-at I 'I ,, k it 'W ag 1 V ,V A 4, ,,,,.g, . wwinll V I 41' xl H 3 Q W.. ,b in uv ' T IP ff ll N' YM, lu Q me -Q , 1' .1 -LU. , ,, 1, , - N-.541 'L , , , sr 1 sw? X . r. f "Q M' , ' ff I-if J T-'V'-' A N, if 1 X m, M rf ki ' V ' ,. 6 K- Q ,wwf 1 4? W 49. 5 ,J K -I 'lug , , . STH' fmgb :gs '-29.4 ,r- 'kill Q Q "1" - 1 , 1 fx V' V Q X " 1 , X!! u " lm, 1 Q SOUNDTRACK A soundtrack of our high school years would be impossible to compile, for popular music of 1982 was a strange mixture of hard rock, mellow mu- sic, and new wave. Popular music was ata turning point during our senior year, a period unmarked by any single dominant artist but rather filled with the music of has-beens and hopefuls. Pat Benetar was about to replace Linda Ronstadt as the quint- essential female rock singer, while artists such as Elvis Costello and Blondie were on the verge of eclipsing such rock and roll royalty as Bob Seger and the Eagles. Therefore, the music blaring from our stereo speakers and tape decks was an electric blending of sound, and the artists we listened to were as varied as the artists shown on these pages. :EX N QQ 5 ff F"'fY'lm Ii A 5 I Q X 7 'U , -..t i Q . Nuff!!! amaze Athletic Punky 11.3W, 24? MJ V, Q 8, Q3 1 , .5 5,- gf, . ,rg 5 +-mf ,. M ,. .r ,A M3 H? 'Wy , 'W 113,391 13 . fr, xx E Unique 2649? Inq!! N,- H,-7, ' x f r XX, 3 , W, 5. Wy . Pregpy' XX Q f,.,f-1'1'T3f?b jay ' e- 4 U XX, ' 1 w N u 4-r.-sssfwhflrs-gang-:fre '-txrvr Mmmlmsxi Q31 x 2X J xu , x "1 'S--. QM 1, , it J" lv I ,Sw I 555 :Q r H 7 s Y Classy 1770 N h j' .xx-:L U-yy. .: ' f , flaw ' .-.fsiiw-vi 'T , f. Z i O I if Ns 1 X! .x la, , ,pw ! 25' F PM 1 f -.. '14-:1 WL x-F' ,' . , , Hu- 4.ff..xJh"" 1.1 ,. v-,f,iL.!.-.L- ,Q ' - . Q ver,-,,.f Q Q if Our Town" Ablaze Told It THE GDOD TIMES ROLL A 5ef,xff,'2'?r2,'jQ22if An Autumn Rite Counter clockwise, from below: Sue Powers and Danny Leyden, '82's most photogenic couple!Donna Padur discovering the wonders of nature!BeIIa in the bushes!S- cott Aresnault gets his first taste of worm. , Ati? 3 R 5 ,K XywXV'D'DlD NIIMEIHTIS Stars Came Out For The Senior Class 58? ENN 'doqziivg V" 1 , ,- 'A X Aa !, A ,W 42 A Sp- -. .wfsxg .V YW -4 2 ,F - I x Us .4' ANCAIDIEMKIIIQS By , Lisa Overby Debbie Ledwith HANDS HELPING HANDS "HANDS" The hands are soft and inquisitive, A they curl and uncuri, trying to unmix the colors and the sounds and the sensations. they grab at all, the hands thirst for knowledge. Judson P. Reis MS. L.'MOREY, L. ANNIS 1 . I i i ABOVE: MR. A. CALABRESE, P. BERG, BELOW: MS D. KELLEY, M. GILMORE Q? MS J. NEWELL MRS. L. ROBINSON TUTORING: back row- D. Kissinger, R. Clayton, N. Caroli, K. Gagne, C. Capone, C. Danico, D. Fowlie, N. Dugan, K Coffin, R. Auterio, front row- S. Ciampia, D. Drago, P. McComiskey, M. Tarquinio, advisor- Ms Broderick, B Tucker Below- K. Browne, Mrs. M. Dockery, M. Foley, below right- Ms D. Feudo 1 OCCUPATIONAL EDUCATION Whether it's sawing wood or whipping cream, changing tires or sewing shirts, the Stone- ham High School student can acquire a wealth of handy skills that will be both useful and mar- ketable in the future years. Pictured here, from the far right, are Mr. Louis Anastasi, Program coordinator W.J.W. Waddleton, and Mr Leucl. zo X WELCOME TO THE While many seniors are looking forward to four more years of cloistered academia, others have taken the opportunity to learn skills which will enable them to enter the job market after gradu- ation. Shown here, clockwise from left, are carpenters Dave Ca- vanaugh, Paul Morse, and Bill Connell, who is torn between woodworking and optometry, Mr Leuci, Mr Paolini, and career counselor Mr Burns. ORKING WEEK clockwise from below: There's a future in Food Prep: Deca students in the r nearly-completed campus storeg future entrepreneur Karen Hubbardg r Deca advisor Mr. Mark Flanagin. af- W, wi , . v a , '45 vw ,. f, if Y j ,fm fee, 9, X' W ..-4 l. I 23 WHAT HISTORY TEACHES Mr. J. Romano Mr. W. Fillback :ll ll ,Q-uni" - i Mr. Campagna makes a point to Christine Chase. Mr. J. Campagna V -igfbl N EW 'Eu x wx QNX Mr. H. Margarita ef-A A Patrick Ward, a disillusioned victim of a capitalist system. Mr. R. Friei Mr. J. White FOREIGN LANGUAGE LEGIO Miss DiMascio C"'+-JG?" ff df I I Mrs. Elliot ,. . ,J M, N X , Mrs, L'Heureux ,X 'aw RX K Mr. Atkinson, Mrs, L'Heureux, Miss Gerrior, Mrs. Elliot, Miss DiMascio, Mr Rocher, Miss Komanowski Mr. Atkinson Miss Gerrior in S-1 i A ' I-LQ i Q , sew,-wi.fa,, W ni Advisor Miss Gerrior, Vincent Minichello, Steven Pellegrino, Monica Sullivan, Laura Fionda, Maureen Ward, Jean Ferullo, Mary McGuiggin, Erin McGuiggin, Mary Silk, Sheila Boyajian, Anna Ciamarra, Jeff Sturgis, Mary Beth Neylson, Colleen Morrisey, Michelle Belmont, Ellen Solomita, Sue Whittaker, Sue Hatch, Maria Baldwin, Ernilio Millan, Richard Sullivan, Mark Minichello, Robert Marcuica, Christine Simpson, Brian Days, Jody Day, Karen Day, Marie Barry, Richard Cordoba, Giselle White, Paula Dillua, Liz Neiterman, Bill Previde, Alyson Weslsy, Maria Aucello, Denise Ashton, Dina Kissenger f Mr. Rocher Miss Komanowski r 1 r WM im... mf msn . A- French Club. Mr. Rocher, Advisor X JT! ., .. Ng W N 9 N , ,iq : L Latin Club: Lisa Richardelli, Kathy Toomy, Holly Kubjeczewsky, Advisorg Mrs. L'Heureux, Diana Covino, Joanne Palermo, Dave Cafasso, Susan Silverman. Miss Vera Komanowski YW wr..-,L Jw H. Italian Club: Robin Lusardi, Charles Rizzo, Robin Fiorenza, Andrea lmprecia, Debbie Marcy Lapore and Cathy Danico Cinncotta, Advisor Miss DeMacio, Teresa Pelligrino, Laurie Rizzo, Pamela LaCroix, Patty Minghella, Maria Bray, Matt Yardumian, George Rizzo, Paul Guida, Giselle Theriault, Mike ' A L U A Fantasia 't'r ' L be i V . Ji, f 'L 1. ORKING 9 TO 5 Mrs. J. Jacob - -ff, Q QW! JN: mf x. , QM' f ',f"U',v-i "You just move along and they never give you credit. lt's enough to drive you crazy if you let it." MS, D, Cofum Lunch hour for the secretaries and Michael Keane is still here. Ms. C. Broderick if M. c, 1: X , if M we Ego--vi- h I K M irrr e ,gurl fe-H1324 fy Q Leif or 2 me 7 'i : 30 as 313' 5 1 l Back Row: V. D'Onofrio, D. Young, K. Coffin Front Row: C. iCapone, G. White . Ms. Furman gives Scott his first Ms. M. Garuti Lisa Beane proves typing can be fun. A -i ----"'v'r'-W b 1s'fsi.'if."if'.,'i7 ' ' ..f"'--'2'wf'-"- H ' " ' , . ... , F J . W.- I '55-' ,t -b 'Li' -,gf as 'VQQMWQJ' ' f ' . ,Q . WM .L . . ,Es xx ww. ms s ss fs olo' s. C33 no E 55 fri! .gg sffflli . I - -.w.,.A.f-fs:-W..-a. I .. M.......m..q. U. . I ,Mg E Mr. E. Rundlett 2001: A MATH ODESSY Mr. C. White: "You want my book?" Mr. M. Kennedy: "Mike at his best." Ms. S. Thur Mr. A. Lanni: "AI in his natural, reiaxed state 4 1 L ZS Mr. R. Burns Mr. A. Mariano: "Teaching math by brailef' MATH TEAM- A. Ciamarra, E. Solomita, H. Misail, S. Whittaker, P. Guida, J. Doherty, B. Holmes, L. Sacco, J. Lewis, M. Baldwin, E. Reis, E. Valente, B. Days, P. Tatian, E. Millan MV- 5- Taseos Mrs. A. O'SuHivan Mr. T. Grondin M wav. I avi, ... , ay Y 3, f 4 5 THE FINE ART OF LEARNING The arts are omnipresent at Stoneham High. Many students are involved in either the visual arts, such as painting and ce- ramics, or the musical curriculum, which offers a wide selection of vocal and instru- mental courses. Shown here are Depart- ment Head Frank Abrahams fstanding be- fore an original work of art by alumni Ralph Difronzoj, members of the Spartan Chorale warming up at an early-morning rehearsal, and flute virtuoso Elena Reis. . qw A. ,. , W w. V ' 2 Q K iff X '09 " A 5' E . - . A6 MEA 1 m Hs, ' Q E " 35 I if 5 9 3' 2 'jr i ir , if 0,1 'ff ff A 3 DUT F5 Efuggf. 1, ' K ,wg XL i E V K Frou: EH, cloclgzfslifegr'1Self-Fgortraifwitr:Sound Advice" by in 1 - 2 S ?S3cVI!er,oINLE'.?l?edOSc?1w:l3:tS,h3isZaT2r?s? m " T m v - instrumental music teacher e a Q2 5 De G 1 QV TW im! MC Y M 1 wr me Cf and 5 . sur ag UST wr f M fl THE SOUND OF MUSIC Clockwise, from right: "Still Life with a Sousaphonen, The Colle- gium Musicum-first step, left io right: K. Young, K. Suther- land. second step: R. Compton, R. Buckley. third step: L. Stil- linger, J. Granfield, J. Manning. The Stoneham High Spartan Chorale--row 1, left to right: J. Ledwith, H. Simpson, B. Brebner, M. Walles, P. Ward. row 2: S. Orsillo, J. Smith, S. Silver- man, C. Adams, L. Murphy, L. Larkin, K. Kiddy, A. Gillespie, A. Blount. row 3: D. Padur, S. Pow- ers, E. Reis, T. Smith, D. Led- with, P. Concannon, A. Carey. row 4: J. Granfield, K. Young, K. Rump, D. McGurin, K. Cargill, C. Muller, M. Movsesian, C. Gentile, D. Pease. A. Kilroy, D. Slocum, C. Danico, G. Mozek, L. Beane, J. Thayer, R. Compton. row 5: F. Bekkenhuis, R. Buckley, B. Del- tergo, T. Dellaporta, J. Cremins, J. Manning, C. Days, A. Deflu- meri, M. Spencer, D. Bain -xx 36 WF , .4 W-.Q 5 If gigs 2 X 94 D1 ,2 gf , .1 5 A +894-QL V' ""b"h:"-95 ik fi T122 mf 5 kwa iz, STONEHAM HIGH STUDIES THE EFFECTS . . . Mr. Mongeau's foot shows the effects of smoking chalk MR. M. LAHIFF Ms D. DIMATTIA Sl' 4 4 'I MR. J. KORNECHUCK ,VM wi. .ff 4 "3 ff , ewgfll 'fb Q ,f f Q ,C I ' L!-W-,y y J iiiilfl , f , -Ajizggill' . A.. ,V, , W. is 1- 1 iw 3 1- ll M R. T. CLEARY Mr. Jackson, Mr. Kornechuck, Mr. McGuire, Mrs. Hanley, Mr. Cleary, Ms DiMattia, Mr. Collins, Mr. Mongeau, Mr Connolly, Mr. Dimmick MR- S- JACKSON MR. H. DIMMICK ,f fl ll . . . OF GAMMA RAYS ON MAN IN THE MOON MARIGOLDS SCIENCE CLUB-M. Doran B. Isabelle, R. Marcucci, F. Pignone, F. Days B Days A Devlto J Bates P Doucette F. Devlto, F. D'Anolfo, S. Doyle MRS. J. HANLEY MR J COLLINS 1 ff ww POSITIVE N Aluminum , rium 4. . ,aw flfnmonium ,f Q R ' romium X Cr llll Chrol 'X cfumchm Copper Cu all Cupr: Cu 1lllCupr Hydrogen Iron Fe llll Ferron Fe fllll Ferric Lead Pb llll Lithium Magnesium Mercury Hg IIIJ Mercuri otassium H9 U7 Mercure .f MR. J. MCGUIRE 47' ?Y' r", z'ln P'i 'lf J., 5 , 11, 'F ' ""a..'f , 1 . ' 17 1 "s, fl, WNXV., . 51 , h'.-,,.. 2 Tom's prize possession. Donna and Mary try the new shake and bake meth- od. Ms DiMattia can't make it through the day without her coffee and snack. 42 LET'S GET PHYSICAL l ........J Mrs. V. Wedge 'Yu Gym Leaders: J. Sackett, E Perry, H Simpson, H Misall, P Maher, S Simpson, A Gillespie, S Powers, A . Palumbo, J Smallcomb, V Marquard, M McLaughlin, A Hartung, D Vitlello, S Noone, P Concannon Pumping Iron is . I- I V QA 1 xi ' A ..1-M, J f i ll THE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICS Recently, members of the yearbook staff asked members of the English Depart ment to reply to the following three questions 1. What do you criticize most on English papers? 2. What complaints do you have concerning the Senior Class? 3. lf you were to choose one quotation for the Senior Class to remember you by, what would it be? Their replies appear below Members of the yearbook staff have made no at tempt to correct censor or otherwise edit these respnses MRS. K. BOWEN 1. Lack of specific and supporting details. 2. Lack of effort and seriousness of pur- pose. e 3. "Your life is what you make it no more- no less." R MR. K. CONROY 1. l criticize a lack of effort. The seniors shouldltake more pride in what they turn in for compositions. 2. This senior class seems to have a great sense of humor. They even laugh at my jokes fa bad signbl That's my complaint. 3. "The sun is but a morning star." -Thoreau MR. J. ENANDER 1. I detest final copies written with light lead pencils and covered with coffee, but- ter, and egg stains. . 2. It's too bad that seniors know that they have reached the apex of intelligence. 3. "Grow old along with me the best is yet to be." y Robert Browning MS. P. MAMONE 1. Lack of supporting details is the fault with most English papers. 2. LAZY would be the fault of seniors l've been in contact with. 3. "Good, better, best- never let it rest, until tjhe good is better and the better becomes est." MRS. D. MCCORMACK "Don't do the crime if you can't pay the time." MR. P. MUCICA 1. A general slipshod attitude reflected in care- less mistakes and a dearth of logic. 2. Why is everyone so afraid to be an individual at Stoneham High? Doesn't anyone under- stand that what makes for progress is indi- vidual thinking? Groups tend to think as groups, individuals as individuals. 3. Two roads diverge in a wood, and I- I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference. Robert Frost "The Road Not Taken" MR. D. MULVIHILL 1. Criticize both the good and the bad! 2. l can't complain about a whole group- only individuals. 3. Don't put off until tomorrow, that what you can do today. MR. D. MUSICO 1. When correcting English compositions I can occasionally overlook the apathy that spawns vaporous contentg I cannot, how- ever, understand the corresponding apa- thy that produces errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage. Accept- able standard English can be learned by anyone who really cares in a relatively short time and with no arduous effort. 2. I know only individualsg I cannot know a class. To criticize what I do not know would be impertinent and foolish- and I am neither. 3. "Men are wise in proportion, not to their experience, but to their capacity for ex- periencef' Shaw MS P. NORELLI 1. The use of boring generalities to develop a topic deserves the most criticism. It re- veals Iack of profound thinking. Thinking is more important than mechanics. 2. None. I thought you were perfectg aren't you? 3. "Risk is the business of mankindff l'm paraphrasing Capt. Kirk, who said, "Risk is our business," ' MRS. M. PUFFER 1. I look for imagination and coherence of thought. 3. Love is anterior to life Posterior to death Initial to creation, and the exponent of breath. Emily Dickinson 'VHS-v -' x -'-f.1,:.' w. .-' . E 1, 'J I 4 5 g rg.. f. 14, f.,-s, :- t 11, V .- - -. Af 3' , 4 W -gil ' M 1. 2. 3. RS. C. RONAN The errors which disturb me most about Eng- lish compositions are crossed out words and sloppy writing. lt seems to me a person should want each composition to be an extension of himself or herself. Fine ideas and a fresh style are often hidden by atrocious handwriting or careless errors. Most members of my homeroom showed little interest in, or effort toward completing for their own yearbook's or transcript information. Per- haps "apathetic" would best characterize the majority of these people. l remember having most of the students as eighth graders. I thought that the class was a good one overall. lt seems to be a class with a good mix of ath- letes, scholars, and comics. l'm sure they'll come up with something. Off- hand, l don't remember any particular expres- sions that l would be famous for! MR. R. REED 1. 2. l love all the the papers that l get from my wonderful students. l do react negatively occa- sionally to the total absence of intelligence which is evident often both on paper and in the living of life from moment to moment. l think the Senior Class is wonderful. l am especially fond of the yearbook editors, par- ticularly those working on the faculty academic section who have produced this wonderful questionnaire. l am proud to be associated with an organization and publication that could, from its vast stores of wisdom and insight, pro- duce such a superbly penetrating and intellec- tually stimulating collection of questions. 3. "l have a mind myself and recognize mind when l meet it in any guise. No one can know how glad I am to find on any sheet the least display of mind." Robert Frost MR. E. RUSSO 1. It depends on the specific assignment, but l am always looking at punctuation. 2. As a class in general, l have no complaints. 3. "lf you have dedication and pride in yourself, you will always be a success." ASSORTED SUPPORTING PLAYERS Clockwise from right, Cafeteria workers, Row 1 left to right Dolly O'Melia, L'iI Bartolucci, Anna Anderson, Maria Bernazo, Row 2, Carol Adams, Elsie Highett, Rose Fiore, Pauline Estes, Val Le- gore, Shirley Reid, Muriel Elliott. Custodiansp Row 1, Al Marks, Frank Castiglione, Row 2, Charlie Freeman, Bob Forest, Bob Muise. Wiring the new wing, "These kids Never Pick Up After them- selves!" 48 i i i i , - 1 l 5 A lf .fwxi F' fl Q A A X if Q Q f, 5 l 4. Q, Counterclockwise from left, The Mr. Donovan fan club whose members include, Kathy Gagne, Kris- tin Wiggin, Mister Donovan, Jody Day, Kelli Young. Mr. Donovan. The A.V. Club, Row 1 Scott Arsenault, Scott MacNeiI, Ken Fung, Row 2, Mr. Glenn Lougee, Advisor, Mr. Marranzini, Advisor, Earl Christie. Mrs. Johnson, hard at work, Mr. Marranzini, Mr. Lougee. LET US BE The Senior year is a chaotic time for many young adults, who may feel trampled beneath a stam- pede of application paper- work as they rush to meet deadlines, or indecisive and confused as to their future plans. Our caring guidance counselors serve to prod us in a suitable direction, to help us define our goals, to pre- rl 'fflwllllii i ,ffm L Hill, l a YOUR GUIDES vent us from straying too far from the beaten track. Pictured on these pages are, from left to right, Mrs. Gale O'Toole, Mr. John Feltch, Mr. William Murphy, Direc- tor of Guidance, Mrs. Carolyn Sowle, Guidance Secretary, Mrs. Susan Case, and Ms. Elsie Bren- nan. ami -F' MR. DANIEL HOGAN, JR. SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS I' ,f MR. FRANK MATARESE ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT Tug I .4 I ,- E . R . X, .4 MR. WILLIAM HOYT PRINCIPAL MR. RALPH ROWELL VICE-PRINCIPAL MR. FRED KIAMIE VICE- PRINCIPAL CLASS 3 x clockwise, from below: Mrs. Irene Zibell, Mrs. Peggy Young, Mrs. Dorothy Kozlowski, Mrs. Florence Pagliarulo. 3 Z .ll A 4, 2?- K, I ,WH 'Fax yi.: , N, ,T f w 4 SI NIIUIIQSJI SUUN WND IBIE IDIEIIIEASIEID By Kim Cataldo Pam Gagliardi f"""'s. 241, STARS OF 82 As well as being Captain of the foot- ball team, Tommy Ciulla won the Harvard Book Award Cawarded to a well rounded individual as a juniorj, and attended Boys State for a week long learning experience. Last, but not least, he was chosen as our Car- nival Ball King. He is certainly a "star" of '82, The editor-in-chief of the 1982 year- book, Patrick Ward, is a very talent- ed individual. He excels especially in English. Patrick won the Brown Book award for English and was com- mended by the National Council of Teachers of English for achievement in writing. Peter Tatian was the recipient ofthe Rensaleer award for Math and Sci- ence. Recently he was accepted to MIT! - Congratulations Pete! X A 1 5 if r 4? A 7, B St8l"S. who' tions. 85 Chlp 'CGQITL' an allstar for the Cross 'kv Diane Marie Abbott Karen Aiello '09 . . an X Laurie Allen Betty Anderson Wake up Nadine, Time for school! Susan Andrews Judy Angelosanto Chuck Antinoro Ernie Arena DIANE MARIE ABBOTT NEVER FORGET TlTANlA TUES +Thurs wlam 438 woot pop 1 guys elis tfup clesp Flying to NH RSP Boston WIAM CW BM TG IN LIL ITTY-BlTTY BOBS CAR CLOSE FRIENDS JC CW AM MM LR TG HD BM TO PO RC KR MOM DAD DAVE LUV U CRAIG LA LU 2: Aunty Beth sue chuck BK crew KARIN AIELLO Point Shirley Winthrop 4:21 Main 79 Nahant "Take me to the hospital" Love is Lou Grif- fin April ll Thanks Ma An- Sonny lt's been real, V . LAURIE ALLEN HAPPINESS iS: Fridays MT good friends ice cream MISERY is: asbestos suit Mondays Friendlies llpm MEMORIES: RED ALERT FROG JOKES THEPROM MUNCHIES 2OhrS! SB 14-O HB gm MIKE 8-11-81 SBS Roller- coaster COMMENT: l don't know. what do you wannado. BETTY ANDERSON Dedicated to Mom + Dad Memories: Driv- ing transarn Happiness family friends TM PC BL ST RF Goal: get a car and live on a farm wlhorses Love: Cats Cars and work- ing making money family typing SUSAN ANDREWS Memories: 5l2!81 wk ends at ssnh party at P,M,'s tent party, G,T.'s party rides w!M.D., Summer of 80 at N.E. Hosp., Ft.baIl games, wkfield, beach days. Pet peeve: running out of gas in L-ton. Happi- ness is: long wk.ends, Friends, Fri nights. Love is: paul JUDY ANGELOSANTO Happiness is weekends. Walking home Sue- +giz at MT's aprmt 9-14-81 Mikey Dec. 6 1979 pool table races faces in the dark, The tent. S S,N.H. 1984 Summer "81" Bottoms up! CHUCK ANTINORO V.R Thump! The Catch ai Stropper Georgie C.R-C NO Stiff tapes mt. climbing Thermus golf Flashy Chip LOB Cheers intevpel? D.La Sal?! Cousin Ricky J.D. Photographer CL Dueling Runners SB-+C UNC ANTS CAV C, Times M. Python win Track Ftball Fam. Nite ERNlE ARENA. BIG E. Justa little E, o1H.W . . ,Springsteen at B,G. Dec. 15 ftball for 4 years Rewarding but disappointing. Rocking with Bob twice. The Cape Living on the Corner of Mass. twice. The Drive in Double Features, D.P.'s .Q .J Jie, fi. .ii , M.. ,M at .WW 9006, 'V' Richard Armato Chris Arsenault Craig J. Arserlauli Scott Lee ArSel"taUii Kenneth Avola fag, Frederick C. Bagge Danny Baker Scott Barbera We've got the spirit! RICHARD ARMATO Always Remember: Spy Rock, John. . ,out the window again, LAVAL, NORTH CON- WAY, Charlie in Medtord. Happiness is: Long Weekends and listening to Neil Young ,.+ Lynyrd Skynyrd. Quote: "Comes a time when you settle down" Thanks everyone for making this day possible CHRIS ARSENAULT BRODIEMOBlLE-THERMUS ODOR JD- SNAPSHOT of DT-close to death: RAGUSO!g STRIPPER CHIPPERJ VR's catch-HAP Georgieg SaI?!g Chuckles-Rubber Fingersg VM-JAZZ D: MCCNAULTS CDS: CANADA- 9's' Jumpsg FDLY-BKJ Beatle Mania KINKS. ELO CMISSIONQZ BeaChD and THE UNMEN- TIONABLE JDP CRAIG J. ARSENAULT Diane AC-DC BRODIEMOBILE 9'17-81 CAN- ADA '80 L. WIN '81 TC "NEVER MIND" MA! AH MO Squeeze Me! Acuits true Lori-Brk a Leg SPD. BUDDYSPD! Snoopy + Wood- stock Starcase7 Ace skiing 8166? TLC Se- curity Gorham Pond Mall ot NH PET PEEVE' TWINS! "THANKS MOM!" TSCOTT LEE ARSENAULT MEMORIES' SKIING Canada 80 J Peak 81, Ftball, Track, Conn Bvday 6!12!81, B-bali 14-1, Cape Cod. Band SNOW!!! Blizzard Feb 78 .Ian 78 Misery isg Skiing on ice. Thanks: Mom and Dad l'il always remember the good times with special people, KENNETH AVOLA FREDERICK C. BAGGE ' NEVER FORGET THE good times Thanks Louise and At you were there when I need- ed you. REMBER The gang BH, SL. CL, JC, SPYROCK. ZZTOP, GreatfulDead, Cult + Foghat, The Dump. Ms D The JH gang Now Dont you all FFFade away!!! Never Forget the MAL DANNV BAKER ' "GOIN FOR IT" W,F.O. SEGER PETTY SCOTT "SQUlSl-I" BARBERA K NEVER FORGET: Lisa 1014181 West Is .B,B.B.B. Football, P. Haze A. Picking ' POND CONDUS Drive- in JONESY's BEACH DAY Summer "Bl" J, H, Happiness is: A Beer and a girl . . , Famous Quote: That's going to cost you another S56 . . . Thanks: MA and DAD, 1: Madelyne Baron Michael S. Beale Lisa Beane Mary Bears ., ...vp-ft ,N X, ,ff Tracy Bertolino Susanne Marie Biagione Wiiikfi'-5 as Mark listens attentively. MADELYNE BARON l'Il Never Forget: summer 81, southern comiort, two speed. Yjackets. beauties. Xmastrees, A trip to Boston!! fwhat a tripj Hey Krash! Look I made it! good friends: KL. MS, CH, TH. DS. MC, PD, SB, THANKS MOM + DAD FOR EVERYTHING MICHAEL S, BEALE LIVIN ON TULSA TIME. MOVING TO STONE- HAMQ WOW!!! OKIE, AAG, BEAN-MK. TOGA- MC-LM- CS. SUOVE BOLLA PARTY qMC,MKJ, SUMMER OF 'I IN TULSA. ATC- USAF. Bros'RN, JL, CC. Sis's-RP, LB, SH. LV'S SW, LM, LS, WW AA HSS. KMOD. FM. HEART. HAVE -A GOOD ONEA82. THANKS: MOM 8- DAD 81 MARTY LISA BEANE "So let the party and the sounds rock on" soph eng+bio, Desp, SWIM, JrYr, 1016 Seger, skiing- Canada, Chorale. tmm, ex- change. Ford abuse, Gd Harbor, Soxgames RHPS, Parties + goodtimes w!Miele, Hic. Alayne, SN, JG, TS. SF. DR, MM, MY, Bl-I, JL, Tl-1. MARY A. BEARS JR Prom Majorettes Bells + feathers Ft.ball games Bermuda BOF's PS MI CC MM Fred S. Bocelli EJM Between the lines.Bk JD 350th TBF NYC Cape Escape Cruisin sps wgi 79 Thanks Mom 8. Dad I Love You. TRACY BERTOLINO MEMS: Head Piranha of the Peranha Classfthe rolling O? B.R. 317 Pet Peeve: Sgt, Quote: "li anything can go possibly go wrong it will",'Thanks to everyone who put with mellt's been real, good luck. see ya! SUZANNE MARIE BIAGIONE I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good, therefore, that l can do or any kindness that I can show to my fellow Fran Bonasaro creatures, Ietme noi defer nor neglect it for I shall not pass this way egaino THANKS MOM 81 DAD, DAVID, PATTY. I LOVE YOU, - FRED S. BOCELLI . F RAN BONASARO I MEMORIES: Me and David Florida 102778 to 102781 David l LOVE YOU KFC FIHTING W! Steven Thanks for the job Hampton Beach Lovers Lane with Dave Winter of 79 in the bug Butkas Breakdown BBG Quote: lt You Cant Be With The One You Love Love The One Your With I Marianne Borges Stephen Boyle Maria Bray Brian D. Brebner Hey Bob, I Would'nt do that if I were you !! ' s Diane Brenner Shawn Broerman R0birl Brown Susan E. Brown MARlANNE BORGES STEPHEN BOYLE CC, WT. ST, Work the Hills. Elo, Calif., Janey, Vin, EG, MB. MR, Vlball, 45.8 330 Lows, Never say die 0-27. 17.28 Doin Bet- ter, 34.55.210 K. CO.V Recall good times wlBob, Danvers 10K messy shaes. Johnny Boy Whip it. "Whether we win, lose, or tie, we will always be the best." MARIA BRAY Friday Nights at Wheels plus. Times with Michael True friends that listen. JR. Prom night senior Prom in Revere Blond hair blue eyes muscles! My love and thanks to Gram and Gramp Thanks for always being there. S.B, Always and Forever. BRIAN D. BREBNER Choral Fld MM TLI ST MrA Wash CB Dec 101979 VG Fla LN BM PB EC JC BR EB HB BF SZ MG JS DJ LC MR NJ SC TA CD LA NR CJ RF AP FB MJ GN PK KM CM CM BJJ The Foundsr PROMS U MA MM + M Deering The CW Soccer Longer Pru Retreats Castpar- ties Roc st the Cars Capri Miser: ir High Pet Peeve: MOVING DIANE BRENNER WILLIES CHASE MB MH DB 95 80 SCOOP The summer OF 80 81 MH JF G DB 108 Memorie Strack mornings with MB TGS 69 Cruiser 103 PET PEEVE TW OF A CEC FRIENDS Saying Give Me a Brake SPS Wis- consin Dont Join again MB BWit CH MW MM DB BESTS AB RES 80 UNICORN SUMMER OF 81 THE WK ND OE I Will Think About It Good Luck Class Of 82 SHAWN BROERMAN L TO BRIAN ALL MY LOVE FOREVER Jan 26 1979 F. bird Patches Speedracer Prem Problems lt's real love-weekends Rum ande --coke is the real thingfgood friends Fun Times Thanks and Love to Mom it's over! ROBIN ANN BROWN Memories: Florida, Bermuda Maine-Satan 20 ribbons Fay PC Take Wheebe Sassafras Diets WW 115 Pig out SHS Gold Unicorns tack sum 79 Gxs with friends RSRA DH Stars in my eyes only for me Ed 214181. Future plansrnarrage champagne roses Pet Peeve: Back stabbers SUSAN A. BROWN Memories oi: "Where are you supposed to be?" and questions about Chris Happiness was vivid Imaginations, Parties, and being late, Future Plans: Cottage on the ocean. Driving a big car, CMB's College, and a ca- reer 'Aer Patty Bryant Mary M. Burke THE HEARTBREAKERS David Butler David A. Cafasso rs.. Michelle Elaine Calder Paul Canavan Katie Canney Christiri Capone PA1Tv BRYANT ' oxxvio BUTLER MICHELLE ELAINE CALDER ciinisnn cAPoNE . MEMORIES Hampton, Chris Ei Lou. Jr. Prom WIGC Springsteen, Beach Day, 014, STATES, ?ari ali riiter? + TC 3129180 l'll never Forget: WAT, V4-Bball, tennis "OH ROSE" DA, BC LL, TORPY, Lush, brm 7 bin SBANDW Great times wltriends CC, LC, RI., JW, KC, WD, GC, DR. ROCK and my family Good Luck Class of '82 MARY M. BURKE , I i'II Never Forget: The A Gang. WilIeis:Chase with oB,Mii1'm'f. Magic.SSM's", cape ss- cape Diiiigaf, 812181 Jeff CS LV LT PS tD DC TN DB AD. Quote: Learn from yesterday Live for today Hope tor tomorrow. Com- ment: Well I reall have enjoyed my stay, but l must be movin oh. Supertramp Never Forget The Fort, RezJitterbug, Beach partys, 9l19l79, Allagash, Drive' Ins, Hunting, Misery island ILC Good Friends, Porno.FIicks West Island Bash, NH Packy runs, S-Keg 81, 69 comment: What makes people think they're better than others Happiness is a 12 pt Buck . DAVID A. CAFASSO Mom, Dad, Family A Friends wearwcod IB wloutuali thanx millions Luv Darce Hap- Deca music. Beatles, JI, Butkis food. L Bird, sports, Parties, Celtics, no HW, MAL Un4ge- table x's w!Fran, Fla, WTMT Hemp, Wib, Hoop, chyrd PP3-11, c-sons, splinters I'Il never 4 get shs Days! My Special Friends: CC BG CC PC DB TNI RM CS JH Jr KO AH. Memories: SPS Byrs. WGI79, 8O.27th Lancers Sl. Great times in Montreal Aug 21-22. Go Piacidly amid the noise, and remember what peace there may be in silence. Strive to be happy. Thanks Mom, I love you PAUL CANAVAN KATIE CANNEY ' MEMORIES-BI. CS ML LR HAPPINESS! The Weekends, Freshmen Y, Jr Yr, Getting Ii- cense, making honor roll, the spring, Rm 215, Graduating, GH, Jr Typ. MISERY- Soph BK, Jr. Eng, Gym, Mondays, Quote' "This is. the first day of the rest of your life." Happiness is: Louie, red roses + my family Memoriesriting Louie,2l9!80, Proms Tar- antino's + Rhonda, .H-MJG PB DC, the' Vette, 16 Bday, CA EA NA, VB camp sftbal Karate. shoppin at Aug. Max Fut. plans: Ka- tie Gibbs 4- LT! w luv to Nia Dad Frankie + Michael ' A 397' was . ,, .. -z Leaf - Q gf ., 'WN' Eric Capucci Alayne Carey John Carlino ew. ,fa :fm 'vwgiveg A. ff-Q . .. i. ,. relative .. i. , 7. ,am W ' 2513: ws e avi? A ,W .5 . , , f eo, T 9 ' 'A ir Charles Carroll Gary Carlson Q DQ 9, 0' ' Diane Carroll A Captains dedicated girlfriend. Philip Carroll Roseann Carriizlio ERIC CAPPUCCI FAVORlTE MEMORIES: Ftballg Aces Aeverp TD behind ihe back Chico MCS: PASTA MO- BILE: Sticky: Randy from wcb: slocker next CC: Hated: Link: QE-uptm. on setl Black et: BW Spartans: Huge Arms By TC: Thanx Mom + Dad l Love You: Lift, never be a Pencilneck GB Class of 82 TSFS ALAYNE S. CAREY Memories-101218-way, Mr Picket, Dads boat, Retreats, Sr. Plays. Cast PARTIESE, TWlRP '!, Bruce, Healy nights: Wench 913181, 4aJuly, Proms, Chocolate-O, Rocky Horror Good Friends-Kelli, Deb, B- Breb, Beane, BH, MYQMM, TH, BM. VS, GB. BA. DF, Misery is- Apple Picking with Sc. JOHN P. CARLINO GARY CARLSON Class of "82" 31, Thanks to good friends: wo, sc, DL, Mei KR. LG. Lo, Lo, BF, BH. Oct 3, .81 S56 finewlB+M, WT "81"! Parn"s grad party-awesome! April vac 81. good times! AC DC. 4x Mt PAU. Moosehead ffl. E-clanskiing. Its been 12 long, Hard, years! Thanx Mom, Dad, + Pam! Good luck class of 82! A CHARLES CARROLL People n Places Chuckles, Va + Chris The Eevil Planbella Bahamararna. SaI?! Cousins Richy-l-Winny Hags Steve+ the Boys of CO. V CC. WT. ST! 234 Go to the limit, the Beyond. always Rmbr MD, ED+HC Mel Prom!! GO FOR iT!! Blows my Mind Thanks alot Mom + Dad. DIANE CARROLL ' ' QUOTE: l finally made it out ol here Mom 8- Dad. Memories: Never forget the moon- dogs. Townsend weekend, Marshall Tucker, The Cape Escape, pky run to NH., The A Gang, DIUIBAF. BAZO, HI, SQUIRREL, SB PET PEEVE: Back Stabbers Comment: Thanks to my closest friends. i PHlLlP CARROLL ROSEANNE CARRlGLlO BOBBY-L ROSEANN April 15. 1980. l'll nev- errforgetz Birthdays, mynikes. seriously. WC, JR, RN. NH, JS+JD, TB, MY soph yr, Bob Segerg Deca at the Cape, Flan, Herb, Treasurer, Botqbys Sr Prom, Turn the Page. PW Park, The Red Vega, The Ring. . lights. Saran Wrap The Whole Family, Jr Yr, Now What? im.. ,K ,ee 'W wie: ---1 FP? 4 Anna Caruso Sean Cashell Rick Castellano WEW! "What a big bubble." SEAN CASHELL ' "CLlNCH" Class 'i82" til Great Friends, GC, WD, DL, MP, SEGER THP, Beach Day 81, PC Moosehead 41, S56 B+M. WT. S, 'L PC Party Apr Vac, JUBall, MT Ax, Sking PAU+GM, .lr Prom, MS, SERV4-RES, HUNTING, D+D Lets Get !Quote, Live lite to it fullest and have a great time. Thanks alot Mom. Dad+UF RICHARD CASTELLANO QRICKI Vin-Billy Graham of Sh: JB mad Freshman: Sal?!: Bed-Cousin L: Chip's stripg JJD Ziggyg Chris's Brodie: Dick Reedskig Summer 80 wlJB: Vm Watertowerg Bear Hillg Vin Fights: Dr Menkel: Brodie's Thermos, Bch Day BK! "Love my Job" Fdlyz To my Friendsesp SW. Thanks! KIM A CATALDO I1 you have love in your Iile it can make up for a great many things you lack. It you don't have it, no matter what else there is. its not enough. Memories: Mark, studio, the Mav, Hampton, scoopin, Love ya: Ma, Dad, Mark, Carol, P,N,J, Friends DAViD A. CAVANAUGH "CAV" "look to the future and not to the past to find those things you want to make last". MEMORIES: family. Suzanne, West. ls., Ft. ball, beachday, Florida, S-keg 81, Fort, fu- ture plans. college. Suzanne, Pet Peeve: "so l'm not right." "134 crunch" "Fumble inside the IO," D. JEANNETTE CHARLES oft Wx i we 1 f David Cavanaugh 4 E 1 J 5- , , ' 5 J . . sy: . 31 5. I Q Q ia -Qi? . M :J is? w - ' 5. me rv. s.. Q. ., . .. . ii' kfivu, .S I air lie if . Christine Chase Memories: FriendIy's, F.R.C.-Headlines "The Kinks Concert 81" "Summer of 81" "Dazed and Confused" Never Forget Ther- esa's and Kaz's crazy moods. R.M,- II you can't be with the one you love, Iove the one your with. Thanks for every thing Ma, Pet Peeve: The women in Black GHRlSTlNE M, CHASE Happiness will forever be: Good times- +good friends. Mark Then And Now. AI- ways remembering: Wiers Beach, Scott. "The Van" Chicken Wings, "Pan'Imy?" BK, FINALLY being truly happy, Respectthe Child, Be not to much his parent. Trespass not on his solitude, DEBORAH CiNCOTTA Kim Cataldo -4 I 3: 1 7, A .- " 2. 'T i t " 2 ery--g if ,, 'E tssrif ew: t .,.. ,, , .f ,Q-.5 153 , is Q .rf ti X 0 xi sv lg , ,f.,.ra,f --' ti ll' if , .F"'Qi,2'f" , Jeanette Charles 9 Debbie Cincotta Always Remember: Summer 80wlRD, PC MB. PM Shav Crmfgt watery extrnquishei Good Times Beach w!Sf+ Friends Iostear- ring Happiness is Jon See 9f 13180 70 Che velle SS 454 Ne Yrs Ev 2lI4!81 Wtr D, "Hurry up Deb: Ma's Famous Last Words' Thanks Ma+ Dad for carmg+Spoiling me Tom Ciulla geneva. . ev: iiggt: fa Julie Clapper I Eg. Cheryl Collias Patty Concannon IHUMAS A. CIULLA wish: To Captain 1981 Mid'X.L. Champs. Mem's: "Pasta", "Pastamobile" :A rose lor Pam! WdsosP7:. Prom: Bermuda: .Icinsy's5 371, FootbalI-camp-Hqoverville, My Team- Imates. Coaches, Naz. FC. RF. TT, PG, I-Ioov, Mac, all my friends 8. "Our Town". Thanks Ma, Dad. Deb. Ron, Steve Ki G. Par- ents. JULIE A. CLAPPER Always remember: Rich and L.L., KS.. J.M. Nitekwalksat beachrarn, boil-over. Climb- ing in window with L.L. Best day 121 1 2!8O. K.S, at Drive-in. If K.S. rips her pants again Jog with LL. and Sparks. Hit Fites with K.S. l LOVE U. RICH. Jr. and Sr. Proms. - CHERYL CDLLIAS Happiness is: Good times wlfriends. Hamp. Robin Compton Bill Connell FYBW J. Prom eng. wlKH B-day Bermuda laughs lor 250 Tyng. 5:30 MT-JWDBIWNN 690 ski shed MJS mini lites PR Q10:59 DC- SOSF Quote: I know its too late now, but I wish l could go back in time 8. start all over somehow. ROBIN LEE COMPTON Strawberry Fields Forever JTTP TL8-H23 Buftalo-haha TJClyde l'd laugh BSat Spuds MC DW Zyrs BBJL'Baby BFITP Cuddles 7- 13-81 HOHH the DUDCHANTAL 6-I -81 NOVA Bedford C Bers Goin,MobiIe Deb 81 Janie Jocko D Faward Ni-I 8-8-81 Fox Hunt Kr .I 81 handcuffs 8. wine Bru JR MaPa Mom-I LUV YOU ALL." I PATRICIA E. CONCANNON "I"lI never forget: 9th, Summer 802 BALCH. RPU, FH, Fla., opo.. PROMS, STU- What's so funny? Barry Corbett DIO. 556, si-is, my family, c. an my triendsi Suppressed Desire: To be on time. Com- ment: Share with me my sadness and l'll share with you my joy. LUV U MOM, DAD, SUZANNE ' WILLIAM CONNELL K ' Happiness is being w!Deb, Friends, Playing hockey Memories: Hingham 5-3 "SO" All star Game Junior Sr. PromiNH with Debbie Misery is: is 15 seconds Irom states. losing Pet Peeve: Summer of"81"PB WHS Never forget summer 79 ND PB Thanks Mom Dad and Family BARRY CORBETI' Suppressed Desire: To meet lick Jagger, A Red Mazerati l"ll Never Forget: The Stones and Satisfaction 6!17l78 Phila. T.R.P. .50 Cal. M.V. G,L. Tennis and Borg Bianket Phils - Linda Cormier '80 Mom and Poop Sleepovers Cindy Skeet and The Mal Whiffie '78 Keef NLC, B.V.H. Mlfgi V . , . I I LINDA ROSEIKCORNIIER 5 Never forget: CCYM. KM. AR. KH, RM. GM, AD, MIKE. SUMMER 'BVI-JHS, HAMPTONQ LEMONADE, KH 'B-DAY. WAGONSI '151,'I'O- NIGHT? LAUGH MUSCH? MAILLOTS HOUSE. WHEELS, NO KPQWER STEERING, CALIFORNIA HOMEQ SKIING, F-HALL BOS- TON. TYPINGSBORDQ MISERY IS: STAYIN- GIN, LOST MITTENS, THANKS EVYBD si. .. Q Karen Corso Diana Covino ,,,..,f..-' H be-, Laura Crupi Janice Curry "Don't worry Bill, lt's all most Friday!" John Dalimonte Elaine D'Ambrosio Cathy Danico KAREN CORSO Never forget: B-Trip, A-Picking, D-ln, Ber- muda, "The Gang", SLAK, Bomper, RLJW. Lush, Wat, SHAW. Favorite memory: Brian 713180. "True friends must not always be together: it is the feeling of oneness when distance proves a lasting friendship." Thanks Mom and Dad. ' DIANA M, COVINO Memories: JS, NR, ST. RP, TM. GK: Vball WTA! Sl on 7!4, GS: Justice wules! .BbalI- TGFJ Happiness is: 5l, weekends. being the only one home, Misery is: 35 more periods till the weekend. Thanks Mom. Dad, Maria, 81 Chris, Dedication to my special Aunt. LAURA A. CRUPI "The past is behind us, yet we remember, the places we went, the times together. "Memories: BeachDay, Dfln, SBW. Going Hollywood, The, Gang, Cape w!LM Si DO. Bermuda, 51159. Summer of 81, JR, PROM, BOMPER, A'Picking Day, Plurn ls- land TORPlE AND J,S. 9-22-81. JANICE P, CURRY Best Friends JW MH KL MM KV MB GCHS Clemy SA MM SS LLC Fire NYE '80 9!6!81 ML WJ RK MB Halloween Hi RS DP bevir wl Paula CEMV Carpool Kel SHOGUN HKGL 9122180 Mary PG Prince MHAR You've Got a Friend "A Fool Will Lose Tomorrow Reaching Back For Yesterday." lLYDM JOHN A. DALIMONTE MDELIVERANCEH, ARCO, CONCERTS, THE BEACH, West Rutland, Ludwig Rubik's Cube, C.P., LOU'S BOO, THE ALPENHOLF SKI CLUB AND HOWlE, MUNCHIES. JOHNY BUTANE. DAVE, DANA, AND CHRISTOS from band. THE CLASS OF "82" iS LONG TO BE FORGETTEN. ELAINE D'AMBROSlO Seen WI: JP KM SS KM PH DP MEMORIES: Jimmy-3yrs, vets, Hampton, cmpg- Maine- WLYBD? Stud'4,f Sue's Hse-WJIM, Ski'n wlJP, death ride, cheering, Grape gum. THE FENCE-SEGAR, "Give me a dew", Thanx Ma 81 Dad." Quote: lt is far better to smile 8- forget than to cry 8. remember CATHERINE ANN DANICO Countdown, Feathers A Bells Wally-MB, Cat, gab-session AWESOME, Competition, BENYC Indonesia 81, Pramuka Lima Wyo- Lisa D'Annolfo ming 79-Blowup! REO 81 Cer. Partiest. Flaky Puffs Sr. Prom 81, P.T., Canopenerd 81 td's, Thanx MAD. iluv ya! Look upon the present as the past of your future, LISA D'ANNOLFO Memories: Summer 81, death stop I hour, walta minute, tab 84 double-stuffs, the gang, wrong way, hey you get off my cloud Happi- ness: true friends. jogging-n-the rain Quotei What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters' compared to what lies within us. Louis D'Angelo Jeff Danzig Lonnie Davis Chris Days 'ui Marianne De Bole Laura DelI'Anno 'Q' "Thanks Mom" Jay Dellaporta Steven De Luca LOUIS M. D'ANGELO THANKS MOM AND DAD FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT, WESTFORD MA. Oct 11 '80 The 50th BASH SPOT, SALISBURY, TULL. KINKS, ALICE IN PORTLAND, IAN, HAMP- TON PIGS, ZOOS WITH EUGENE, Mr. D.. Celts '81 Pet Peeve: Bad drivers twomenl. LOSING, Favorites: concerts, GOOD FOOD, GIRLS! JEFFREY DANZIG Mary W. "Dick", Cappuch, ACE, Sal ?! Della, Chuckles, Rich, Memories: Brodie Track. Elo, Kinks, B.K,, "I LOVE MY JOB" Andover, Chips Strip, F.C.A. Camping Saw- yer Style. To the class of '82: Take Life one day at a time and enjoy each day as if it were the last! MAHLON LEE DAVID "LON" Never Forgetr 4rn3j2dRBl and me The Guys, House Parties, B Hill Bway C. rock "Hey Dick" i HATE u "Soccer" VP, '81 Smugglers Llgbl, SB, Herb and Mic Happi- ness is Babs Thanks Mom Misery: Clam Chowder, Quote: The future holds a distant past forget not greatly and the times will last!! CHRISTOPHER L. DAYS AIRBORNE ON CLEVELAND ST. DB. TL. DD. REVMED DI SWR? STO. AMERICANS, SEN BR Cl-IAMPA 14-I Skiing At JayPeak 80-81 King Dragon, yrbk Carnival Ball 81 JASMINE JM, DM. GM, SA, JT, AND FURY MM. DH. SF.. MY RON, LESTER, AND ROCK AND ROLL. BEACH DAY BE FRIENDLY JP AND l'M LAB MARIANNE DEBOLE Apple picking, being last in N,H. Concerts: the Cars Queen, and Tom Petty with SF and JM. remember Savio Halloween 1980 san- tarpios Maria's party. ice cream, lost in Somerville, going to ftball game in the rain. never forgetz Al MB DR DC TM SA GT RB BC PERC LAURA DELL ANNO l'll never forget: JC, KH, 6f6l8I-BF, Dilli- gal, Bs, meatball, Good Times, BBB Woods, spwgsarb, Jolly Greed, LV, MB, TN, PS, "A" GANG , Partyin Quote: Dream on until your dreams come true. Misery is: Not Getting what you want Petpeeve Suspense waiting JAY A. DELLA PORTA Remember: Sal?ln1 Chuckles, Cousin Ricky. Cousin Winny, Cousin Chippy-Baha- marama, Tambo, MG Furry Guy With A Van. CA- Brodiemobiie, Dwarf, Dm-Tennis Leaps. Steve Boyle Track CAB, FW, RD, PD, BV,s J, Mexico DT. FW, GW, MS, BEACH DAY BAHA- MAS CC, MS, TD. CS, TM. MD, BB, BT, Ap- pleday, Jamaica STEVEN DELUCA Memories: Tippers 28, FSC Phil's Cottage, Summer. Basketball. Misery is: Constantly missing road trips, Working. Loopy, watch- ing the game from the bench, Quote: In the long run we're all dead. J.M. KEYNES. Richard DeMarco Wayne Demmons "Hey Rich, I think he's taking our picture" RICHARD DEMARCO , Memories: Kinks Sl Parties My old DEMON DRIVING AROUND having a good time Sup- pressed desire: to have Millions Quote: "Nobody ever taught you how to iive OUT ON THE STREET but, now you're gonna Have to get use to it" DYLAN WAYNE R. DEMMONS Class of 82 tl S56 fine Apr Vac 81 PC's grad party, JV ball 14-4, Jr Prom AW, PALI, .E-Clan, WT?NI-I, 4x!Lamb, S.P., Good Friends1'GC, SC, DL. DR, PB, SD. LD. C CELTICS 1981 CHAMPS!? "You Can't Al- ways Get What You Want" Goal: Make it thru 5 yrs of college!! THANKS MOM!!! JOHN DERY Back Beach with the boats skiing with R.F. Spyerock parties the over the hill gang Hampton with Rebecca cottage The Arena crazy nites Boston Ken's place Southern rock Cult Friends I'II Always remember, l'TS BEEN A LONG HARD ROAD ANNE DEVERAUX Never Forget: Jr Prom, 256 New Yrs 81, d.d. call Me, Pig. itch, The gang, apls, Linda. 'Denise, L.C. s-4, Misery is porches, api' jacks, 12 Happiness is: being with BOB-ILU, 3f25!80. scratdhed back, special friends fL,a,dl 'M THANKS AND LOVE: DAD, MOM. MEL, J. John Dery Anne Deveraux Lisa Dichlara 3 John Doucette LISA DICHIARA memories Porter st. Stage Door, Panda. Van, Train Station, crash, spy. friends band. Malden Revere, BaIaRoue, Always Remem- ber: Brian, Pet Peeve: Andy Brenda Levis, Quote: Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to make them con-ie true ' MARY CHRISTINE DIMECO ' TRUE FRIENDS ARE ALWAYS CLOSE IN HEART, FEATHERS. BELLS. 350 COMPE- TIONS. AWESOME! FLAKYPUFF, BFNYC JR. SR. PROM, ELDORADO, CANOPENER S- BEACH R-BEACH COUNTDOWN VANILLA 71151810 ANDTD'S JOY TJ MEDFORD '80 E. Chris D'lmeco Michael Doucette THANKS MOM DAD ALWAYS ISEING THERE, I LOVE YOU!! , JOHN DOUCETTE MICHAEL DOUCETTE Remember most: Lori, Kevin, librarians, teachers, administration, guidance couce- lors baseball, coaches, BASEBALL 9. 10, Il. 12. Motto: Hold your head up and set goals for yourself. I wish all my friends and those who helped me good luck in the fu- ture. Jeff Downs Tir Donna Drago "I could have sworn I saw it move" Steven Drew James Dugan "'a X, i K l Carl Ekholm Mark Eramo Mary Farren Nino Federico JEFF DOWNS HAPPINESS. A GOOD BASH, A GOOD WOR- KOUT, HAMPTON, THE STONES MISERY, NO CAR. NOSEY PEOPLE, BEING BURNT. MEMORIES, SUMMER OF 81 WORK CREW WXBJ. EV, JROTTON. COMMENT YOU CANT PLEASE EVERY ONE ALL OF THE TIME, SO THE LEAST CAN DO IS PLEASE YOURSELF. BYE BYE BAMA DONNA MARY DRAGO I il always remember: B.D, M.T.. R.T,, A.M., +T.H. Happiness is: meeting new friends and working. STEVEN DREW Thanks Mom-+ Dad Memories: soccer, ksg, vaulling, welts Beachday, Proms, CANADA, BC Miseries: Utter Ostigirat Mile, on the Line, Physics influences: J.M, MR. P Good Friends: ES GS CA AD MM DT MY SM .IS DG BW CS QUOTE: YOU CAN'T WlN IF YOU DON'T PLAY! WD 69 GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 82 JAMES DUGAN 4DugeJ Family, CAPE 80, 81. Stripes, BigE. Lin. Drive In, S'Pond, Going Hollywood, CLASS oi 82, Beach Days, GCC, Splato, No. 53 LB. LED, 3ll3!8l, BK, Ml, BS, THE GANG. DJP's, Shhhh-I can't see, BB, Pinko. Fells. The Trio, FLA. TheClEiMoose was loose. Misery is: Our record? Ohhhh-84. CARL E EKHOLM Good Times wlih D.M, EJ-I. F.F. QD. KlNKS Sept. 27 1981 Thanks Mom + Dad M.S. C.A. A.C. M,S. "Life's been good io me so far." EAGLES See you in Colorado. MARK ERAMOK REMEMBERING sooo TIMES, eooo- FRIENDS. SUMMER IN MAINE. THE ooons. Misznv is TAKING sms. PET Piave MONDAY MORNINGS THANKS MOM AND DAD sooo Lucx TO ALLIN 82 MARY FARREN MEMORIES: The Van. Soph. Year Chick, Wings, B.M.S House, Reading, Austin, N.H Cheering 80-82 your fat DR. Brown's class per peeve: being iealous, waiting for SOME- ONE quote: What you are is not for you to be Happiness: family, friends NINO FEDERICO ' Will Never Forge! R.L. And P.N, in Liberary. Favorite Comments: swino, What's hap- penin Brother, Your Nothing, Misery is: Be- ing a lerah, Spending two of your best years as a senior Future Plans: College. Living Life to the fullest. 5 ,A A . Robyn Feindel Jeanne Ferullo John Finnegan Michael Fiorillo Robin Fiorenza Dan Fitzgerald Ron Flanagan Steve Fleming Baj stretches out for the big rally o ROBYN MARIE FEINDEL DM JM PZ GM MM BL ST BA D'ANTE'S New Look, A blue Renault. Walking to Wakefield in 0 degreeweather, sheddi, Quote: The moments maybe temporary but the mem- ory is forever. Mr. Wonderful 81. Buggy beard, Grumpy, I no understand, the show- er in Santoros with PZ-I-DM JEANNE FERULLO WAYLAND PARK-WHALOM-Nick Larry, Bill Hampton-Salisbury-waterslideeGS, Rip off rings-Revere. Cambridge Alley-23-Rain-bf alien. lsit over yet? Larry. Joe-oh my God! MM-Spider, ties. LHBlueberry. Jocko. Cleaning House, Barefoot. Kitty s-zoo A rainbow is out of reach JOHN FINNEGAN ROBIN L. FIORENZA Love is: Ma, Al+ Susie, Harry, Paul, Lee- +Dad. Smokey, SS+CJ. Happiness: A little angel, AGF- 11121180 Kim+Tricia. Com- ment: 'AAin't No Stoppin' Us Now", fFriends + Familyy Good Times: SOD, Balaroue: Kinksg Lines-Alwys+ Forever. Never Forget: Steven 3113 LMBYA: Beans: RS+RandyJ Ciao MICHAEL J FIORILLO MEMORIES: HAMPTON '81 W!BC BARRY SINCE 4TH GR HOOD ffl FOOTBALL THE FORT WXCM NP AND THE GUYS BETH-JAN '81 JUNIOR PROM '81 MR F HAPPINESS IS: HAVING THE BEST PARENTS IN THE WORLD SPECIAL PEOPLE: THE CATALDO'S AND THE CORBETVS LOVE IS: BETH AND FAMILY DANNY FITZGERALD Member of Cross Country Wiqter Track. Spring Track Favorite person KH Best Friend TF Good Times. Outlaw Concert l1!1!80 with TE. TM, M.M,, S,O. Prize pos- Sessionvcar. Thanks for everything Mom + Dad. Future plans: to be rich and famous RON FLANAGAN l'll Never Forget getting chased by Bama andthe parys on the track Sum of 80 Good times with friends a-1 the kegs, Woods. Hampton Cape W Mountains all the Bliz- zards I had with GM JD LF TM JP. Times wfKC. Misery is MAL Smashing up my car bad Boo Endings STEVEN FLEMING l'LL NEVER FORGET: Good Times WlGood- friends. Stained Memories, Johnny, The fort. Bandit, Jane, Tile Good H, Bash, JS, Cape WlDECA+W!D , S-keg '81, The Pit, Jr Prom. all of Crash's Accidents, Sleazin 'wfrny friends, Misery Island. Pete's Prom Picture. "A little Short", Thanx .,,, Brian Foley Sharon Forgitano Www Wiiliam Formgiilo Pam Gagliardi "Hey! Keep your eyes on your own paper!" re'rr I ' I David Galante Linda Galante BRIAN "MUSCLES" DAVID FOLEY l'LL NEVER FORGET: WESTISBBB PUMP- ING . . . IRON BANDIT BROWNBOMER Bday BERMUDABASH CHOGSPLACE MARVEL- OUS BRIQKS JONSEYS FORTSLIPER KEG 81 MY BOYFRIEND BL THE GUYS DJ JS SB PET PEEVE: TALL PEOPLE BIGFEET SU- PREST DESIRE: TOGROW FUTURE PLANS WHO KNOWS ADVICE:DRlNKALOT SHARON M. FORGITANO Memoriest .lill friends TP Queen Cars For- eigner PUNK Cannolis green m-rms Maine Savlo dances Rock Lobster PARTY at GN NH-water-ski, hated to leave Stage Door Applepscking PGmag Malden "Always + Forever" Steven. you'll always be my End- less Love. l2!14l80 WILLIAM FORMGILLO I"ll never forget: R.Y. and the soul patrol, F. "any white stuff" K, Gallahue's. The MAN! Happiness is: Family, Friends, Behind the back TOMAHAWK! Comment: Live each day to it's fullest. for yet another may never dawn. PAMELA M. GAGLIARDI Happiness is: A ROSE FROM TOMMY: KC, CG, KN, NR, MJG, HOOV MEMS: VBCAMP S160 ABUSE! CO-ED+ P: STATES, my sur- prise, FB games w the GIRLS. HAMPTON, 71-17-P+ P, Prom+ ND, Twirp 80-P81 "Wanna do somethin or somethin:" -TC-3- 12-8O-you're GREAT! Thanx MOM + Daddy, J.F,K-Luv ya! Tom Geary DAVID V. GALANTE Memories: Hampton, drive in MT cottage, MDC dip. cannoe bash, BS through glass, p.g,, glass of water, J+S Prom Bch Day, Apple Pickn. tp w!RM, Soccer, Canada, parties Gd tms w!Bottleface, MT. BS Mirror Boy, DS, DAL, smoke "Take a walk on the wild side" Thanx M+D GD LK Cl '82' LINDA GALANTE Memories: 8wfS, moral, TOG Arneetn NORM, cheatn, S-Prm 80 Nw Vr 81, sledn. The Gang, J Prom,Bch day. Drive-in, PIG Apple pks wfjacks, BERMUDAAD!parch, 25s. Vk. Peeve: decide !! Happiness is: St. NPSPECIAL fmlyp thanx Ma8.Dad--l Luv U, gd tms wlDAARJESr'gd fds. Good Luck Cl 82! Ann Marie Gebhard THOMAS J, GEARY Dump, Days. "BO", "81", Ceg's The woods Vito's House on the 4th, Outlaws with JB. Jeox8tHammey. Pomeworth Park White Mts, Excursions Apple Picking Pet Peeve No Miney. EMPTY SlX PACK Misery is Thes- led8rLong Speaches Poem Live For Today Not Tomorrow ANNMARIE GEBHARD MEMORIES-CERRI'S, SUMMERS AT CAPE- COD, XMAS PARTY '80 "RA", BASKET- BALL, SALISBERY BEACH, AUSTIN PROP IIXSO wA.F., SKI TRIP T0 PICO, 33. BOS- TON '81 at A.M, "5 years" S.M, "SURE". "JUST BECAUSE THE MESSAGE MAY NEV- ER BE RECEIVED DOES NOT MEAN IT IS NOT WORTH SENDING". STRUT THEIR STUFF! -fx it 44 g 1107 ','g3 ,..-v 0- s t 3, '-:3-'fe . 5,:q70,Ir-:-if X 5 it I .K- . L-,,,,oo, , 090, ...Wt f 'Io o 0 Q 0 Q 4 W., 0 0 Q 30. . Q , o'4'0'f ' 't' rw ,, ,. O O 9 '.g.l' 4 4 0 9 , Q Q o Q 9 . Q QQ Q' 5 ,mf - V0 Q .5 . Q 0 ,Q.?:' . ff, ., . O 9 9 . Q Q . ' i::Qf'5:,1,"f 5 5 . Q 4 9 .9 .5 ' "But most of all I'd like to thank all you wonderful judges!" PJ Scott Arsenault and his beauty consultant performing last minute touches. Most Photogenic: Eric Capucci It takes a tough man to make a tender TURKEY! John Gianferri ,f Carla Giannelli l Anne Gillespie Jeft Gillis The Turkey-Judges enjoy the show. w- frm.. G if nib is ff, " ,ff l if ' fi iz i i. l Mike Goddard Ben Goldberg Loren Goldstein Steven Gomes JOHN GIANFERRI CARLA ANN GIANNELLI NEVER FORGET: NAZ 92680-81 l-lamp 81 NYE 81 HO JO'S BJ PETTY WENA BDWY SCOOP EGG SPS BF-PG M+M TWIST AND SHOUT R ON ICE SH VM DC DP TG LL MM + WAKE CRASH LUVM + THANX TO: MA DAD MPD MRS. VlT DEZ + KELLY AN ac- quaintance is a Jewel atrue friend is a trea- sure. V ANNE B GILLESPIE Trust in God Believe in Yourself Dare to Dream Mark . . M.E.L 7!29 PLMNJO Close friends Wake gang 714 labD Annie R U OK? FHBBT W5 JF Celts parties 111 Stairway 5122 Rl letters trip 7178 ACM Mike8tBOP family Thanks God Ma Dad Sue Gram8.Pa I LOVE Li!-Johnny JEFFREY GILLIS MICHAEL GODDARD The Gang at work. Crusing in the Van, Awe- some. 0.3. H.S, Partying in the summer. Hitting the hydrant. Good friends, Good times and Great memories. BEN GOLDBERG Remember: The woods, The dump, and the JH, and the kegs we drank there Remem- ber NH, The Cape, and Hampton, Remem- ber The pit and Vitos house 7l4!8O. Happi- ness in SKYNYBD cranked, a case of Ml- CHELOB. and plenty ol good friends to share them with. Gd. luck class 82 LOREN GOLDSTEIN To Mom + Dad Thanks for all the support through 17, long yrs Pet Peeves: Bad Dri- vers. people who throw Bull, Pessimists memories: Eugene, Jumpin' Joe Collins, I0-3-81 Apple Picking???. Brian's seagull. PENCIL. Cate Food STEVEN GOMES i FX, ...X , 5 lg 4. -, i w w.. i-T - fa' L' 'T' - .bl Thomas Gorgone Jennifer Granfield Paul Guida Bill Hamilton Susan Hartford Peter Healey , . ., .. ,. ...f fe., tis. i- fi if ' .gt :f S. ,.,. . .. , asm? . . i Alfred Hitchcock Richard Hegarty "Who do you think, Mr. Rowell?" THOMAS GORGONE Remember: Southie l+ll, Brownie. TL. JB. BC. JB, Laws D, MF. JC, J. M +BR, 8-12 Football, RCF, Football Camp wl Hoover- +Pasta. C'sof 844-85, The Fort You cant beat Southie Quote: What's a matter, your mommy wont let cha! l'm gonna play for N.U. Thank you Mom. Dad and the Browns. JENNlFER M. GRANFlELD Memories-CHE TSLBCM-Segar-Capernuds lides- Canada- 8- ln- A- Camaro- Chucky- moonies- T'sParties- Lowell- Fell- The- Plants- Collisum- Want- Some- Tea?- 104- fish- Tail- on- Rt.6-7l4!81- SWlM!- W: Rut- landB.F,- Quote- We're- Free- To- Go- Where- We- Wish- and- To- Be- What- We- Are.- JLS PAUL GUIDA The senior class of '82, The very first class to make it through, The high school up on Franklin Street. Good-bye to SUPER teach- ers like Miss D. Good Luck to the class of '83 BILL HAMILTON Always Remember good friends piligims HG HY CD BGert John Gang, Baker Brook B Ball with Spanky Bennyi pet peve not bing free to do what l want Happiness is Family Good Friends Having good Time Quote The Future is uncertain the End is always near SUSAN HARTFORD REMEMBERING1 Beach Day Junior L Senior Prom '80 Prom Roseann. M8iG.H. DECA Dance Flan Secretary "The Features" Suki ByNK VASA Nights by the lake The long lost ring Hilltop Thanks MOM 84 Mom G, . . . Paul 8. Susan Dec. 4, 1980 ..., I Love you, Paul . PETER JOSEPH "CRASH" HEALEY Mem fort Sup. K. 81 B. Day 3-28-81 APS. tirries!SM. SF. DB. DO SPS lad. "THE GANG" STlLL" Spot JV Hockey J0r1esy'S CRASH 1234 LM 7-9-80 mlp. Pet Peeve: Growing up Fut: Bermuda. Take Life as it Comes Thanks Fam-l-ids l luv ya Quote:Le1 the Good times roll the CARS TOM HEALEY Always looked Forward to going up New Hampshire with friends. Wont forget the Parties down PMP with KD. DO. FS, JM, CC, Good and bad times at the old high school. Will .never forget Mr. Rowell. Always Liked Motorcycles and Always will. . RlCHlE HEGARTY i EUTANE'J.P.S.P. 81 Fantastic G.H NlGHT- IME! G.W.+CORN FLAKES ARE D. LUKE + l.AURA T.G.F.W.T. 80 REO! S.M. PARTY PUNK H.E CARMEL HAPPINESS IS , . , PAT BENATAR "TREAT ME RIGHT" W.F. PET PEEVE: TCH! COMMENT: Tis Better to give then to Recieve P.S. G0 FOR lT 82 Elaine Hodin Marie Holland Bruce Holmes . 'Q .,:'. 'I' 0 o 'Q ol" ' I Q I I. .' 0,4 1 Q ng. l 0 6 Coach White and his tough players ELAINE HODIN Memories: chyrd, tort, v md Bs, 4 stages. Nahant. Muskas 714181, Bags, Ting's-Par- ty 256 "Glenn-BC wknd-Blinky" Flip Out Field. Proms, J C party 2 Cape wknds, Seger Pilgrams, Bermuda, Cheering Some think it's holding on that makes one strong Sometimes it's letting go. , MARIE HOLLAND REMEMBER: Willies chase with M.B.D.B., and M.H. Marconi Club dance with B.T. Weekend Ot 10-9. big bash with D.B., J.F., G.P'., MA-t. etc. You have a mind of your own, do what you want todo. not what other people want you to do. WHATS UP? BRUCE A, HOLMES MEMORIES: Mic and Herb LlSmuggIer's cell 2 Bearhill DupD Good Harbor Foghat pm Lubbock Jackson Brown FOSH l hate you Bounced Biking Camping Tent Party S and D and RnR CastleRock Twirp QUOTE: "And all you touch and all you see ls all your life will ever be" NANCVE. HOPKINS MEMORlES: Pat -if Billy- "Scary" Exper- Nancy Hopkins Patty Howe Scott Howell Karen Hubbard iences, That's Dwaynel, EAGLES 6!14!80, A.A.T.W,, 209- OUT!! The Shark. PLEASEL The dreaded Phone, .I.D,-l,M.Y.. Willie's Room. F.l-l.-68. My Regina, Good Times. Good Friends. On the linel, "Pump 20!" Luv is: A GREAT FAMILY!!! SCOTT HOWELL PATTY HOWE Never Forget: The Girls ln famous Red Maine 81 WJIM BC wked 4 Stages Ki-l's bdrn!P S-4 Boxed ln 1:30 calls w Karen Glmmie a Dew WLYBD Death Ride Go Get Richard Hunt em KM Happiness ls: Being with my family, Having a mother Like mine Quote: Live and Let Live. KAREN HUBBARD Memories Seger M Tucker Outlaws Thanks BH PH Fla Mich'Lites J Prom JC Hamp Escp FYWB Tung 5am 18-B-Day 81 JH HVH? KM UWDBIWNNJ CC LC CY MR MS BA RGM JT UNF! Thanks Ma Dad, Jo Pet Peeve GOING STEADY! RUMORS! Each Every heart it seems is bounded by a world of dreams! Ric:-iARo Hum' fgx -...,-W Skis aces with Doug Jones ANDREA IMPRESCIA I will always remember: MD, LD, SF, RF, DC And all the gang and all the times we had together. I will never forget EC, AN, BC JM STAGE DOOR Illusions Malden The North End, Comments: Okay Fine. To Each his own ' DIANE INGERSALL Memories GA and lM IWC. and Miss N. al- ways remember all the people in the smok- ing rooms. Quote: "lt may be raining, but there's a rainbow above you." WENDY JACKSON Dave, first Love Summer Jam '80. Twirp w Andrea Imprescia Diane lngersole no problems. Wendy Jackson Scott Jacobson :iI.. A i f f Nklh Q Pi' 'if ff, T A Jackie Jutras Mike Keane Mark Kerrigan Billy Pat + Billy The big hug! "That's scary" Hey ah there "PBUH" The Great Escape! Buzz-Texan, The mirror w Karen. Pops w Julie Nancy, Roseann, Karen, + Virginia I have ya, Thanks Mom + Dad + Ju . SCOTT JACOBSON Happiness is: weekends and playing golf with my friends. Misery is: Monday morn- ings. Future plans: to become a famous chef and work at a classy resort, DOUGLAS C HAROLD JONES Being of sound mind + body except on weekends will never 4get: WIB BBBB rdtrp the guys ober Jonesy's on Bridge Night Su- per Keg 81 Awesome Threesome Bermuda Spanky Prom Nite Licence + registration Please HuHGT with TA Quote well you see Dad it's like this . . . JACQUELINE JUTRAS Never Forget: Sum 81-Mt Wash Seger, FH-PEB, Munchles. gang Happiness is: My family. sincere friends, "winning" Supp. De- sire: My License. Pet Peeve: "Do you get it, Jack?" :Queathe, "the line" Quote: Cher- ish your yesterdays. dream your tomar, rows but live your today's. - MICHAEL M KEANE BAC Boston Crusaders no. I Giants Aug, 22nd HM party MC JW MM G8 CP MB JH prtysnknms Kemo Bean M8-AAG MC-sun- shine shacop fHarryl, Yrbk, lntract, WCC. ILMC, P.PK Ltle gt to gthr MB, MCM Suove Bolla Vdka, Brs 8- Life 82 smmr in Europe, Us A can DCI GD LUK 82! Thanx Ma 81 Pa MARK KERRIGAN ITS BEEN REAL ITS BEEN NICE BUT ITS NOT BEEN REAL NICE Kelly Kiddy f wi? Charles Knox .VJ , X H . A. fi ' xi: 1- K.-, i iw, . . in S tr ..." ' so RU' ' We Anne Kilroy 'ff I K lbiilnsll ,f , L Pam LaCroix The stage is set for the rally. Laura Lamantea KELLY A. KIDDY WE in NE 'tdiscussionsu APWalIy-Awesomel. MBCG, rides Lowell. Box 350 BRSP SHA- copisparcrwr-AWHM-ioLi, HH, J, c, or' FOR. MM, SOMPLHM, CB, WE LPSHCHO- "The Cliqbleu- DM KD NO BPH-FG, LC-FEC. DP-i-JB. MB. NAMF. DS. MK, TG, P+P ECGC lALD Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime'STYX - ANN, L. KILROY l'll never forget TLl, FOTR, THOHH. Music Mah. Jacko. Marching Band, color guard. Wally, ECGC. CONN. Symphony Hall, Spud, MIAC, MEF Di, friends ML, DN. LS, CD, TS, JL. RC, DL. NN, TG, KS. BYE + BK -I- Camp. THANX MOM 1 and MOM 2 and Dad. i Love you All! .,.,, ,, ,wa ,Y up Charles Langille Christine Langin Lynett Larkin ' CHARLES P. KNOX Remembering all the goodi times 10th grade SF. RL, JO. Tracks, Suniite. Me, SF and our Molson, Death Row at Rowell's oi- fice JO and RL fighting. 11th grad Tracks killing off the Birds. Ms. P. giving me and.A. Gip, DL What a year PAMELA G, LACROIX Happiness is John, 110180, good friends Memories long talks with S.H., Beach Day, Rest AREA 5l24!81. Quote Moments are temporary, but memories are forever, Mis- .ory Is Wanting what you can't have and having what you don't want. Pet peeve- SAT's Future: College. LAU RA J. LAMANTEA I'Il ALWAYS REMEMBER THE Summer with J.C,gK.S.1R.C+ P.b, 24 Hrs. at .lulies aunts, drive-ins, midget attacks and the beach l'll never forget the Fun J.C. and I had with the drip at the H.S. and stiffness plants and starch at R.C. House JM. in typing. CHUCK LANGiLLE Pet Peeve Mornings, Always remember MAGPA, Never forget Candia, CDB, Srnirg- lip HW, torondo, 78 Nationals, eddyball. Joeys keg, MAL, SB, Ai Bigma, Quote: I could do great things it l were not so messed up in little ones. CHRISTINE C, LANGIN Never 4Get: "NEW KID lN TOWN MB Old HS "Yora Soph, huhz" EP BDdayS WIDP DB WT SL CARS WIJS M's rmJr Engl wll-IGGS Fag byfr nd 4 eva ot bench 2 prms 2nd "style" wlTP gd habr 6!12. wfo Morn- +Dad:l!! Rc Tami-T "LIFE AlN'T NO EASY FREEWAY-JUST SOME GRAVEL ON THE GROUND" LYNETT LANE LARKIN Neva forget Naz 9126180-1O!8!81 EM DV KM CG KV SUM 80 ME PETER PaPas JW JC KL JD DO SP 12115180 NY day closing Fire JWJC JE 5 81 MGJSSP ZOOM SYMPHANY JACK BP JW DN RH Parking next to Rowell Rc Exp YTB Lynda "To Have a Friend you must be a Friend" Thanks MOM -n- RON Steve Laudadio Mia Lawlor Debbie Ledwith David Leiter Marcy Lepore Karen Lewis Dan Leydon Brian Linehan The Mike O'Mellia fan club. STEVEN LAUDADIO THANKS T0 MAADAD FOR THElR Support. A Special thanks to Arthur's for putting up with me! Never Forget what happened be- forethe Queen concert QHAHAQ. Always re- member my good friends FR., J.M,, T.S., L.G., F.G., RG.. J.M-. ELL.. M.T., LS.. NLS. AND R.C. MlA LAWLOR MEMORlES: 2 sp friends CM PB Hi KV Good times w1RD8rRF, WP, BT JA. MRWJB minor K burn 4-I1 playing games Future: Bermuda 2USAF air men JA1982 LOVE IS Paula 143 MOM. 6-21-79 it began "Yes loving in a ' painful thrill, but not to love more painful still" ELICPM DEBBIE LEDWITH MEM0RlESAOvy 2 yrs Dom Fig Rich 812617910121179 ME 9122181 6121191 KY 12 yrs AC4Chic 3 MUSKETEERS! BB Q2 SPUD MMAN P NO 12 Bitp Pet Peeve-Sues Sis? S56 Supressed Desire: IF EVER l WOULD LEAVE YOU! Quote: And he who is yet to come DAVID NEAL LEITER Gd. x's: Cate Card Games CBounceJ. Foun- dation, D.E.C.A,, B,F's Cottage, Concerts 1 CDB, MJ., Allmn. Bros.. Z Z Top, Molly Hatchet. Misery is: Work MARCY L. LEPORE Memories: CYO wl PM, LLS, DM Deb, tennis wl LS'LO, JAN. Clco, AK, HM. CD, CTLiz, Mawie, Chem labs! New York, mt Wash 81. Esp Dan, Love to ML-JL, Quote: Prove your- selves doers of the Word, not merely hearers who delude themselves. James 1:22, 'KAREN J. LEWIS Happiness is: Mike, Good friends, J.W., J.C. Never Forget PG's, Prince, M.L. 6!27l81, 713181. Misery is: Waiting! Quote: A smile is a whisper of a laugh. Thanks: For the best Family. DANIEL S. LEYDON MEMORIES: rez, serv, Bow, 4X, 58b, swains, Ftball, Hockey, Baseball, 8lbs. 20", Mar. 29, Luke, Bruce, Beach Day, Olds, t Rustic Road. irish, Hunt'n. Fish'n,'Friends. Pal, SBGW. Thanks Mr. A Mrs, P., l Love you Mom 8- Dad, What more can I say? Sue. you fill my Days w happines My life w love. BRIAN LINEHAN CAPE 80, 81, The Trio, DUGE, BIG CAV, THE GANG CMy boyfrlendl, THE DRIVE-In. GOING HOLLYWOOD, GCC. FEILS, SAPOND. FOOTBALL 82 Family, K.C., FBC, Stripe's DJP's, The Moose was Loose Misery is: Er- niefs oar at C.C. Comment: WELL one thing led to another . . . page 80 Robert Linehan John Lizotte Stephen Long Robin Lusardi Richard Luti Patty Lyons ROBERT LINEHAN West ls, B.B.B. J,H, Jones. Purple Haze. Gray Ghost. All The good times at Hampton with K.C. and family. Comments, Out of GAS. JOHN LIZOTTE TENT PARTY CASTLE ROCK HOUSE PAR- TIES TRACKS DUGOUT GOOD FRIENDS AND GOOD TIMES HERB AND HARRY CAMPING GOOD HARBOR BEAR HILL "AFTER ALL IT IS ONLY A WEED THAT TURNS INTO A FLOWER IN YOUR MIND" 3 NO KEG PARTIES THANKS MOM AND DAD STEPHEN R. LONG Bridget Lydon ,.,- ' I W, Q Colleen MacDonald Sue and Danny enjoy a moment between classes. NEVER FORGET: Friends, WHITE Mts.. Cranmore, SPY ROCK 27, LAVAL, OLD MONTREAL. DOOBIE'S CAR BAD CO., CAN- DIA VEAR ONE. HAPPINESS IS: WEEKENDS WITH FRIENDS, Skynyrd LIVE. THE GOLD, QUOTES: "THERE IS NO TITLE LIKE THAT OF THE PEACEMAKERU: MAL YOU ARE WITH US ALWAYS ROBIN L, LUSARDI Always Remember: KC JW PB CM LC NC RL SMI VBall games QWTAJ Cheering hoc games, Tennis matches: Bch Day, Jr Prom, Drive-in movie1.KlNKS, Foreigner A all the good times forever RICHARD J. LUTI f"LOU"l Happiness is BCH DAY BUDSTopI Drv.'s SF AW RL LM BF BL JM CARDS MCSF BO MO JHS FLH Hampton Sking Hcky sports girls 10 JJ bang Family friends Relatives 81 WB forever Don't look back don't look ahead just take one day at a time. BRIDGET LYDON MEMORIES of STONEHAM HIGH K.C. B.A. R.F. S,T. T,M, D.R. ML. I ill always rem all the friends That I made at Stoneham High School, The New High School Dreamsg of being an actress PATRICIA LYONS l'll Never Forget: The two people I Love, Ma8fDad. Jan8tKev, Cindy, Patti8.Dave, Rt. 28. Gizelle! Embarassment ot Aug. "81". Tricia + Moran. My grandmother, for all her help. U.l.-A.T.W.j S.A., J,A. ,Keviffs "55". Janet, swallow it!! ' COLLEEN MACDONALD Memories: Al, love ya forever, Good times wltrue friends, Ksdneys, burnt, 4'll ILCK . . . DBFTF Quote: Don't walk in front of me'l rnay not follow. Don't walk behind me-l may not lead, Walk beside me-and lust be my friend. Ma. Dad. MTTKKKB-I love you! Tim MacDonald John Maffeo Patricia Maher TIMOTHY J. MACDONALD . MEMORY P-TOWN SR. PROM SNOW STDRMS HAMPTON over EdIe's The men apples Love is Brother AL Ma DAD CHERI FOOTBALL Good Times with the guys Pet Peeve empty coolers no Flow Pencil Queek- ing out Quote only the good die young MICHAEL MACEACHERN SMUGGLERS NTCH. L1 ELECTION 81 HEY BABYCAKES I HATE YOU TENT PARTY 3 NO KEG PARTIES BATHROOM DOORS BORN TO BE WILD SALS. Beach BLACK-+BLUE SUP FURY BEACH PARTY COZ SCORPIONS MARNIE SKIING DRIVE IN ELEVATORS BAND PARTY SKEEZIKS NIKE S9l'lr Vallees ROCK + ROLL JOHN "CI-lICO" MAFFEO Mike MacEachern E 'ff-3 '-il- ' HN 'A Brian' Maher Senior Hams Yvonne Maillett Bob Mallon Scott Malonson Memories: Fort Super Keg 81 Johnny, West ls. BBBB P Haze Jonesy's Cape escape pil- grims BK Condo's 25C A. picking pumping , . . iron 4 seasons arny's gueeking out Ber- muda? Misery: 2-10-81 I-langovers empty coolers Quote: Never say die live for re- venge! BRIAN J. MAHER NEVER FORGET: Judas Priest AND ALL THE OTHER ROCKERS "PLAYN'N A ROCICROLL BAND" ALL MY GREAT FRIENDS, ILL MEET YOU AT THE STATION FAVORITES: LISA, THE BAND '69 LES PAUL, DISTORTION, EAR BLEEDING VOLUME OR Sa'um, Gd Times w, LD, JM, DF, GB, BL. LC, JW, BYE PA'l'I'Y MAHER Never Forget: DAD, family, friends, Si the gang, Hampton '80 Summer '81 Bermuda '82, Sals. B. Gd. Harb, SEGER. Parties, AW SM NQTB Meffa MPNHB Mt. Wash, FH BB SB 14-O. Munchies, GM, S-4, "ICI-lY" NYE, S56 Misery is: "on the line" Dedication: To my father I love you Dad YVONNE MAILLETT NEVER FORGET- good friends Wheelsccar- 4-Joe GMHubhaa KM RM DY 'SB DB JIMMY BOYS bathroom window-Tday SM IR GL IP- Highway TENT LATE NIGHT-ALL NIGHT HOME SWEET HOME Salisbury Bermuda SCU-SME G-MOBILE RAINBOW M-LITES Problems . , , PET PEEVEQ KARENSBDAY boring- JH THANKS MA! Bos QMALSQ MALLON Let the good times Roll but don't sit in the back of the van . . . DS. DGD K.M. unbeliev- able MALS you're killen me. Kinks-27 Brews-where's my shirt? Holmes, T-Bird, T.C.-you mad-men! Spotlight at the pond. Car-81 SCOTT MALONSON Summer 81 I..M.I D.V. K.K. L.L. E.D1 RUSH 5123181 312112 FORIEGNER 10128181 QLLUNATIC FRINGE LOSER 4 MISERY IS 12116175 AND 9119181 BYE SCOTT -4-DAVE 4FUTURE PLANS: S25000 1970 MACH 1 412181 C.J, R.A. Quote: Dont Stop Believin' BY STEVE PERRY BYE MOM James Maniscalco James Manning Stephen Marasca Virginia Marquard -A X : .K I 1 if .i., - is ' Susan Marshall John Martori Steven Drew busy making links for the spirit chain. Susan Mc Allister Gary McAteer JAMES MANISCALCO Rememb. W.P. + the CANNOLICONNEC- TION M.D.D,R.S.F.AG" BE A UNIQUE LEAD- ER + NOTA HICK" I GUT PAPERS ON USHUT UP + DANCE . . RVR BCH Very Special-SPEEDY M,D.! H.A,D.O.M.-B.M. B.L. LG. DISCO-NECTION FR SL MDFRD19-5- 24 in the S.A,V. l2l W.O.W. Ti-IAT's ALL FOLKS!! JAMIE MANNING - REMEMBER: TIPPECANOE and VER IN: DCI 91: CRUD 77-79: THE Charles 79 C. Ball 81 PET PEEVE: PRACTICING I Supressed De- sire: To Trade Pours with Steve aADD Fu' ture Plans: TO BE The BEST STEPHAN L. MARASCA 7128181 Diane B. A Very Special person. Dec, 13, 14, 15, 1981. Senior Beach Bash Drive-Ins Freeze Police Spikey JM RH LC JG BOO. HUH Senior Prom 81 Good Times By The Lake Topslield Fair: I locked the keys in the car Happiness is: Diane B Good Friends Ma + Dad lLoveU VIRGINIA "VEEG" MARQUARD Memories: Good Friends CGDVKMLLRRWINHELCM 1014181 D. Du- pius KM VEEG! PM 73 SOFTBALL STATES BBALL 81 CLASS OFFICERS WRITE IN! MIS- ERY IS: ON THE LINE BK9115 NOT TALK- ING WITH JG. COMMENT: A TRUE FRIEND IS THE BEST POSSESION, Alys REM: JG ILY MA + DAD SUSAN V. M. MARSHALL Memories: 711: yrs SPS WG! 79 80 SC PT Best Flags-CYO Ll 78 79 80 443-80 BAC DCI 80 81 Tours Montreal Expo Ski Trip Corp Parties Ossipee BL MF Rob. EIL Off Key Cousins 2Famiiies Got a B-ball skippy Fut. Plans: CPA N.I-I. Teach BAC F.l...: I IUV you Mom + Dad JOHN MARTORI SUSAN MCALLISTER Memories: Jim ILY 1119179 "My Endless Love" Medford. The Girls-RI-Iood Munchies Parties Mt, Wash G-Harb S-4 Hampton B- boys Sals. B. HB DR, Softball 140, D.S. Proms 'R-Port BC Semis Rl Spaz-209! Thanks to-Mom, Dad, Nana, Gramps 84 Family-I Love You GARY MCATEER Ann McCabe I2 I. 3' . Peter McComiskey .il-ic: i . Mike's the favorite on Carnation Day. Kevin MCDOVISIU John McDonough Sean McGinness ANN MCCABE Friends-LH. MN, MJS, TG. BK. CW. DA-BB, Ethel, etc-CA, JD, RM. 7111181 Maine Re- vere BK crew McNault's CDS JL H438 Guys- Woof-Popi-eifs-Backwards Puff" Jr - Little Itty Bitty BOB. NI-lwith CW, DA+ BM "TITA- NlA" MWFWCW- TTWDA "CHAGRIN" Dyno- mites "Styx 81" PETER D. MCCOMISKEY Happiness is: a good school with people helping me, l'll always remember: all my friends especially Stephen, Marcia, Cathy. Mary McGuiggin Raymond, Mary Jo, Carole, Bill, + Rob. KEVIN M. MCDONALD Happiness Is: Ms Morey Bi all the faculty: being wlgood friends Memorlesr Soccer Team Bi Bus rides. Quote: "l have a room all to myself: it is nature." QThoreauJ Recom- mend: Each day. take a long walk 8. make a new friend, JOHN MCDONOUGH I'll never forget: Pasta, J.S., B.l.., T.R. 8. HOOVER The fair and beach, Dougs House, Helioween Oqunquit, Bermuda? Dedica- Diane McGurin tion: To the ones I love. and most especially to my Mother and Father. SEAN MCGINNESS MARY MCGIJIGGIN Imagination is more important than knowi- edge - - - Einstein MyBF Lis LM KM NN SS My fruity friends PP 81 GF KD Hampton KINKS ELO and "T" A. DIANE MCGURIN I Memories: LIB, the Wall, CC RS JR + the Gang, TA, L-Bin, DP SO + the Girls, "GH" Styx, 'Meffa-Severe. Mt. Wash., Conn.. Jim McLaughlin Sbgo., The Pru + JD, MR. A., CB, tmsabool, Heidi, Cal + MM Pet Peeves:No. 2. bikes. "These are the best of times." Thanx Mom + Dad. 'A JAMES MCLAUGHLIN MEM Concerts BS SEGER Laughins at Slunk. Water Skiing, At 40 degrees. C+C Time. RooF Ride? Mis. Crashing Baker Laughins, Chickens Smoke Mobile. dth of July Chase. HAP. the 3 BS Future Cali. Quote Good Times Bad Times I have had my share. All4uM+D .gpg M: John McLaughlin Marcia McLaughlin Jane McNeeley Karen McNutt , f - Tricia Meuse ww Sheryl Miele Karen Migliorini Kristin Milan Let's have a cheer for Ciulla " JOHN MCLAUGHUN MARCIA MCLAUGHLIN , MEMORlES: FRIENDS, PARTIES, The Gang. DR, HB, HAMPTON, s4, GHarb, Sal'S B, Mt. Wash, RP, SEGER, Munchies, Softball, FH, T+D,'Rl-lood, lNCON. SUMMER '81, 556. Misery is: ON THE UNE! MONDAYS! HAPPI-A NESS IS: True Friends! Having a family like mine-l love You! ' : -JANlE MCNEELEY lwill always remember: Jr. Prom, "Sl" SR. Prom, All great times with John, N,HAMP. Weekend, beaches, partys. I will always bel y thankful to my mam plus, my true friends with out them. where ,would l be? Always try to enjoy life to the fullest, KAREN MCNUTT Never forget: the girls cruising infamous red DEATHRlDE Give me a dew Maine 81 WJIM BC WKND 4 Stages Help! JP S-4 boxed-in Iaufs w 'MS All N'S 1:30 Calls w Patty thanks MOM dad 81 JO Quote: The innocent and the beautiful have no enemy but time TRISHA MEUSE Happiness is my mother and Jimmy Memo- ries blue eyes eight is enough Dl Mr C Bob Seger 79 + 80 J Geils Summer 77 Trapper Quote: "l've longed for love like everyone else does I know l'll keep searching even after today." SHERYL MIELE MEMORlES: 1Ol6!8l. SEGER, SOPR. ENG.. Swim, "SO LETTHE PARTY AND THE SOUNDS ROCK ON": Junior Year KSOAP OPERASJ, BEANE's PARTIES, LB, RP. SN, AG. JG, AC GOOD HARBOR. SKIING, RHPS. RED SOX GAMES, ABUSE. SOUTHERNER. GREAT MUSIC CONVERSATIONS . KAREN MlGLIORiNi Seen with SS,' JP, ED, KM, PH, DP. Memo- ries: Infamous Red+Death Ride. The Fence-Segar, Hampton, M8tT, stud 4, Vets. Give me a Dew+MB's, Long Calls with Joanne, Best times with MR. SB+JP at YB+CC, Norwich and the BD. Happiness is Mark, I Love You. Thanks Daddy KRlSTEN MIIAN l.A.L. STEPHEN 5120180 Summer "SO" Jr. Prom, NEDW, Good times- Mar-tucker- CAPE, Thanks Karen, Hampton. JH., K-H. B-Day, DECA, RCLBN, SG's CALLS AT3!, tyngs, MJS. BFLCCCSBYMAR, KM, TC, KH, CC-MATAPAN, Camb, Pete-Peeve-Jealous ly. Quote'l am just a dreamer he's just a dream. Robert Miller me Rhonda Minghella -E .L 'iff fi: 'fa' Wi: ij.-sp-e EI: gr 'J '1 N3:'a"- , E' 1 . i dnviv "i, ' ' . ne.-3 -- 1 . .yy . ,, 5:. ?2 ,- 1' 1.1 .. 73 . L' ' f yr .1 zf. iv , fe Patricia Minghella Vincent Minichiello "Oh no, I can't find my comb!" Hope Misail Brian Mitchell Kelli Mohyde BOB MILLER 'hanks MOM and DAD Camping with Mitch it Hootersville. Camping with Phyllis in tlht. Mts. Over night with extra keys. Miser- es: My GD car 1980-81. Music: Foghat. BOC. Good times with JM BM SM BW ML JD 'G SC KC SZ JL JF BB. Maybe someday itacy RHONDA MARIE MINGHELLA ivery moment of your life is a memory, although some tmore vivid than others, BC8-3 Cape wknds. 20Hrs, chyrdFLA, NH. l+MD. Bermuda, FOF. Astages, Seger. 256, J+CpartyToga, 7-4. Great times nvlspec. friendsg Muskas, Pilgrims, The gang. KH 81 Tommy. LUV ya Mom+ Dad Thanx Buddy X0 TRICIA MINGHELLA Love is: Mom, Dad, Donna 81 Dan Dyan A Tammy. Hugs 8. Kisses JJ8iNikki. Never Forget SDDLBuddies. Shovel it up CHACJ. Heart 84 Soul to Frank 519180. Revere 8. Malden, Wishing on a star . . , 4eva. Re- member 1 yr in Fla. BF St Sis Robin. Quote: "That's Funky". Italians in NEI 82 VINCENT MINICHIELLO Remember: BODYRAGUSOCI-ii pJohn Paul Chris ALL MY BRETHREN REALITY is?? Eternal!! If I could look back 1000000 years from now what would I remember ??? The LOVE!! "The" Reality Jesus, God, is LOVE!!!!!!!! Those who recieve him I will see, be with, Forever. HOPE VALERIE MISAIL PARK. S.-A.P.-V.M, A PM. Memories: LP- '80, The Big E Prep. Twinkle, Rubik's Jr Prom w!PT-NEMH-HRM" Progress in- volves risk. You can't steal 2nd base with your foot on lst." THANK YOU MOM 81 DAD, I never could have done it without your help! BRiAN MITCHELL CH ALL NIGHT with JM-BM Giels 80, Faghat 81. QT of rum. Camping Hootersville. Key forthe pool. P's after work, sun's up! P's at B5 with BW-MS. LYM. special People-JG. LD. Miseries Bob's car, empty cooler. no gas. Thanks I-HOP FOR the 74 CUDA. THANKS MOM+DAD I LOVE VOU Carol Molea KELLY LAURA MOHYDE NEVER FORGET! 9126 108 8-18-79 4 WAY ST CAPE WOBURN JEANNINE -ir BECKY SLOE G SMIRF TOM PETTY MEHO JO LUV YA KARA CARLA DES JW VM GS LL THANX MA DAD MS WT GRAM COLLEEN EGG CAPERS TAKE THE LONG WAY HOME LOOKS LIKE WERE HEADED FOR TROUBLE TOOTLES ' ' cARoLe JEAN Motu l'll always remember: all my friends, espe- cially DD., M.T.. M.F., R.T., P.M., + S.C. Ed Mondello Lauren Morgan Robert Morris Paul Morse --W.-Q, yolk Mark Movsesian Anne Smail just taking it easy Patty MU'f0I'd EDWARD X MONDELLO REMEMBER GOODTIMES AT H.B. GETTING S.F. CAPE RIDING M. BIKES. GO FOR IT 333iPLAY THAT L5 STR, KEN, I WILL PLAY SAX. WE WILL MAKE IT LIKE OUR DADS OR BETTER. HERE I COME LAS. VEGAS LAUREN MORGAN John-All the good times we've had togeth- er. and all the good times yet to come., "To part is to die a little" Edmond Haraucourt Good Friends-JP KP ML MM Suean' And. ROBERT MORRIS Mile Class of 82 Oand7, 2and7 Woburn Iirst Victory Number 3 Reading second win MEMORIES: SHS Soccer 81-82 Mr. Russo'sg PAUL MORSE Let the- Good times roll Never Forget the Fort + the Campfires with it. 81's Summer me+Sue P. town Hampton Plum ls. W. Mts. Beach Days. 9th grade Dump Day Songs APPLE Pic'n convoy Ft + B. Ball short quick Powerful choppy step pet pev. empty cooler NO GAS MARK MOVESIAN MEMORIES OF SMUGGLERS N0 ICH L1 GOOD TIMES AND GOOD FRIENDS CASE PARTIES BEAR HILL MIC AND HERB CAN- ADA 999 GOOD HARBOR BEACH PARTIES LIFE IN SCHOOL ,WAS FUN BUT NOW ITS TIME TO GET SERIOUS CEEB REVIEW MAR KENNEDY HARD TIMES AND GOOD TIMES THANKS MOM + DAD GEORGE MOZEK Man stagnates if he has no ambition, no desire to be more than he is" A .IT Kirk To all my friends especially JT CM and KT Good, Times: Playing golfp being an assistant pro: Carnival Ball '81 '82. Playing and practicing piano. PATRICIA MULFORD LF, AS, KD. MS. MB. DS, l'll never forget: Camping Outlaws. White Mountains Happi- nessz friends, family Pet Peeve: girls who think they are so nice. Quote: It is better to Look into The future and Smile than to look into The Past and cry. George Mozek Lisa Mulligan LISA A. MULLIGAN Memories: G.l-I.. A-pick'n, sIak,,Plurn Island. 3l28l8l'PAB, Cape'Dl.. SpP.. 17, 69 C8-S. THE GANG. BSW, NH, S-4, Dipp'n. MC. CF- tow, 1 lhur'tn unit, Bomper, YUP! Proms. DJP'S.7 SUMMER 80-1, Bermuda, CA., "You only live once. but if you work it right. once is enough!" Thanks May L Don ILY E! -,-... Francis A. Skeeter Muolo ' I Gail Murphy "1l7" The Broad Squad John Murphy Kathy Murphy Y. ,, I Rene Murphy Tina Murray John Napoli Kathy Nardella FRANCIS A. SKEETER MUOLO MEMORIES: The MAL, JVBB, The fort, Jon- esy's The Gang SF, PH, DB, DO. Stain, WIB, BC, MC, LM, T'Nardo WIF-If D, FAST EDDIE, 585, Frmt. The Pit. Summer 81 WIBM Mis- ery: NOT PLAVN, WAITN 3yrs 4U DT NO S4 Car, 0-8 Cum on Quie! Happiness: 3yrs payn oh MOM DAD+LlSA. ILYTAIAWFEAEE GAIL MURPHY Memories: IO! 10181, 4!l3!81, Good times at JH, ONeiI Mobil, Homesick, MT- Cape, Rt-1, Dear Cars! Never forget: Murph, Mallet, Hub, wheels. DF CC AR SB KM DY L's, "It you Iove something, set it free, iffit comes back, its yours, if it doesnt. it never was" Thanx-Mom, dad-I-Gram! JOHN MURPHY fR,P,J NEVER FORGET: Vicki Jul 171980, the good times with the guys, the g.d. tree that was in my way, NT at Glstr, C's Muffins with Bud and Bai, N.H.. the hot keys to a cool pool +THE Box COMMENT: IT AINT CASY. Thanx MA Dad and especially Gram KATHY MURPHY SMILE AND BE HAPPY FOR LIFE IS THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL! JOHN 6l23!81. UNCLE-RUPEE, HOJO's. AIRPORT, JR- MAGLOO, 27, JAMES, IMJPMERG, PT24. 03. DCI-81-MONTREAL, PACMAN, SPS- WGI-80-CAPE. TG, MC, CITASI-SC, LIZZY, MARY, MISS PIGGYI PET PEEVES: BABY- CAKES, LITTLE-GIRLIE, USAF RENE MURPHY I will never forget: Shawn Murph, Yvonne, Wheels, HubbaAP, CC, DY, and, KM. G-Mo- bile Nahant, ALL-Nighter, Junior Prom, Bor- ing Nights at the JH. I Love when it snows! Alot of good times with VITO . . . but not enough. 9126181 Misery is: Peanut butter. I love you Ma+Dad. TINA MURRAY MEMORIES-DO LR KR BC CC CB BS RB AI BA DA CW TS RF BL DD DG SM RN LS Happiness is: Parting with ail my Friends, and School Vacations Quote: Don't TAKE GOOD FReinds for Granted THANKS MOM- +DAD FOR EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE JOHN NAPOLI AIway's Remember good times at EMER- SON.g BM +JM Parties in BilIy's Room Nev- er forget K.C. Momi-Dad always there when I needed them. Francine's Remem- ber KS, RC, MK, ED. DS, Dave. Karen, "8 BUCKS" Cardgames downstairs J,D.+U- KON all Winter. KATHLEEN M, NARDELLA Memories: True Friends. Parties, IMC, New York. WGI, SPS-8 yrs. Summer 80, JP, GH. JOHN, Cape Cod, 11f12!80, Cheering, Money, Nahant, NH, Quote: "Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt." Thanks Mom. Dad, + Sue! Liz Neiterman Noreen Nicholson fr . . . 5 Q - sf A ' fzfqtf--J .3 W x . Patty Wilson checks out the new library. Susan Noone Michele Nottebart Dan O'Keefe Wayne O'Keefe Doug Olson ELISABETH ANN NElTERMAN A friend is a person with whom l may be sincere. Before him, I may think aloud. Nib- bles and MLMFMYB MJS ML SM, Thanks! KM MS from his K0 5 BOMO The 4 N's R's T.P. Phillips Academy Kinks, Cheap Trick. ELO!! Mom and Edsk WNFB NOREEN NICHOLSON CONTESSA pins dancing TMM Th. Arts Abes "ONE" BlTP L. Bacall "WOTY" Mar 4 '81 Movies Denny's jack Cleo Strby Stuff Preppy Liz DL RC Hampton SBFIB The 4N's Mike MM Nonie "lf you can imagine it, you can achieve it. lf you can dream it, you can become it," SUSAN NOONE DEDICATION: 2 MOM-0-DAD with Love. Memories: Canada. T.O close encounters with the blue kid! Proms, working with the special needs kids, the lake 4N's, Preppy Good Harbor 8 Milk+Cookies! COMMENT: The moments may be temporary. but the memories last forever. MlCHELE NOTTEBART NEVER FORGET: Pink Boston Agony of De- feat Ribbons AN Maine Proms majorettes GR Preppy BR Spoon Patrol PK feathers + bells A.D.s GH mac Notty Cleo cheering w LS-4-MJ frozen fingers CZ BD2 Wonder Bread Flaky Puffs Bermuda 82 hoops-n- scoops LUV 2 M+D DAN O'KEEFE REMEMBER: 72 Charger, 69 LTD, CC. JM. FS, Budsquare, NH, LK. DP, WCOZ, WAAF. Led Zep. WHO, Summer '81, Pet Peeve: 69 Impala WAYNE O'KEEFE MENl0RlES: Friends Parties SHS SOCCER "SO", "Bl" Beating Wob for lst Vict. going fishing Beach Desires: run own business Pet Peeve: Homework "lt is better to win a vic- tory or suffer a loss than never have the guts to try." QPSJ gr. Michael O'Melia DOUGLAS OLSON Never Forget: Fort, Doink. Chase, True Friends. Gramps, Res. NH Runs, 69 OLD'S, Mis Island, Cape w D+-S and L+Lg SKS: PH'S Pict. DJ Parties Quote: "Live for to- day because tomorrow may never come," Happiness is: Family, Friends. Sat off Thanks Mom + Dad MlCHAEL O'MELlA Soccer Brothers, Montreal, old Munich "81", Florida L.L. Pirates M.C.W. S.S. Green Sneakers, My Moped. Misery is a backbrace and Double Sessions. Happiness is coaching your little brother. us., 4 , 23, i, Bob O' Melia Susan Orsillo Lisa Overby A Rose Paladino Jackie crams for the big test Norman Palmer ROBERT F. 0'MELlA Happiness: A full stomach and a warm bed, L'iI Eric, 1-34 crunch, 12M Memories: Mon- treal, Pirates, 2 in less than 1 min.. 3 td's, sparking. cold rides, Misery is: SNAP 20 los. of plaster, losing on Sat., dbl. sessions, my knees Comment: Let's roll SUSAN ORSILLO MEMORIES: DAVID-lLY, 8l22l80. the girls. Conn. G-Harb, Seger, im lost. Proms, Se- vere, RAPort, Brigs-SB ROI-TN, Cheering- ALKY, Bruce. Mefta, 556. Mt. Wash, SA, DCBFF7 HB, the Pru-JD. DR, Hampton, CM, big brother. thanks to Ma, Dad. Vin, 8. Tray- l love you LISA MARIA OVERBY COMMENT: "How glorious it is-and also how painlul - to be an exception." '5The sea possesses a power over one's moods that has the effect of a will. The sea can hypno- tize. Nature in general can do so." "Re- spect is what we owe, love, what we give." to M+ D DONNA PADUR Memories: DAVID 217180 CB Mt. Wash, the Pru A J.D., Severe, Mefta, MY 69. S-4. Stoors, Hampton, Jim G., WTA, PG, his Eyes, Proms. Pet Peeves: 556, Jealousy Happiness: David. Reunion. Family, the girls, E,L. Quote: "Let's Live For Today!" ROSEMARIE PALADINO QUOTE: There is so much bad in the best of us And so much good in the worst of us That it doesn't behoove any of us to talk about the rest of us. COMMENT: "You can't always get what you want , . . but some- times you get what you need." Family- Friends JOANNE PALERMO FUN TIMES w KM SS ED KM DP PH Memo- ries "Grape Gum" 79. vets. Death Ride red infamous, Hampton, S-4 skig w KM 81 ED WATCH OUT!, Segar Fence. Steve 144-3 BST tme Sw-SB KM-MR a BD For its the laughter. we will remember, whenever we remember the way we were 4-2 M+D! Donna Padur Joanne Palermo Andrea Palumbo NORMAN PALMER Memories The forts Holmes Films, Basket- ball Football, Meeting Linda, J Prom, Beach Day, West is BBBB Kangamahgus, Scrapins CDB, CAPE escape. Foreigner Apple Picking 'Gweekim out chew crutch Bermuda. 250 Always remember the Clas of 82 take it slow snow storms ANDREA PALUMBO I'll never forget: THE GANG, Beach Day, apple pkng, LM wlDT, Sue-my left arm, SBW, SLAK, Shhh! VK, hoop, C, D, spot pond. itch. Drive ln, BERMUDA, D4-R par- ties. MB, S4, Prom. SMOKE, Fells. Fgames, Good times wlDT, AD. LG. Special friends, 254, stretch, cabana, To my famffndsz Thanx l luv U! David Panetta Dorothy Parker David Pease Doug Pease Donna Percoco Mark Porter Susan Powers Sheila Pumfrey Michelle has a secret! DAViD PANETTA Happiness: JD Mom + Dad Pet Peeve: Whis- kyi!.OJ Unicorn 79: BAT Quote When you've got nothing you got nothing to lose B. Dylan DOROTHY PARKER l'Il never forget: LC. 8- Pigiice, food fights, Bull-frogs, S.A., B.A., C,M., R.F. Pet Peever Why aren't you smiling?, Preppies, Dresses Suppressed Desire: To be in a roller derby. Future plans: Never to get married. V DAVID PEASE ROSSINGTON-COLLINS STONE-CROSS LYNYRD SKYNYRD JOE PERRY VAN HALEN SOUTH BOUND FIREBIRDS THE FEAST MARCHING BAND CARNIVAL BALL REFU- GEE RiCKEN8ACKER BASS MINSTREL SHOWS POOL PARTYS SOMEONE VERY SPECIAL-JUDY 2, 13, 81 FREEBiRD DE' SIRE: TO ROCK MF KT DS KK JB DOUGLAS PEASE MEMORlES: Friday Practices Southbound. LINDA, Dave, LOBSTER, Karl. Lefty Les Paul, Backward strat, reavey, Saxes. Future Pians: TO BE A Progressive Jazz-Rocker De- sire to be the best, Comment: you're only as good as your last gig THANKS M8-D DONNA PERCOCO Never Forget: TS 1 LOVE The girls KM KM JP PH SS ED GS CG Crusing the infamous Red Maine 81 Hptr 81 D - Ride WJIM 510 Wlyb S-4 The fence Xt BS All n's Give me a dew quote: Cause once true love is gone theres nothing left to say Ma Thanks, l love You . MARK J. PORTER Never forget: NH Wilderness '8l, Ontario '78, Res. SM, mouth, lunker, Serv. wlDan. Clinch. 8- Luke, Loon Qalmosty "Vokie", Hoop, St, hockey Feb. vacs. Thanks to good friends: DL, WD, GC. SP, MM, LD, SC. PM. JS. Desire: college, Engineer, Sking. fishing, hunting, Thanks MOMGDAD! SUSAN E. POWERS Memories: FH HOOP, Sftbail, family, friends. on the line pump 20. CELTS, Bow, Swains, 58B4X, SLAK AP rt arm, Smoo Beach day, Bruce 5row, RPU. 3!29SBW, 4913, olds I Love U Mom 8. Dad Without you "lf" DANNY lm yours forever! "WALK TALL OR BABY DON'T WALK AT ALL" 8. SPRINGST SHEILA MARIE PUMFREY Love is Mom, Dad 8. Brenda Good Friends: LC KS PS MN MJS MES Fantasy Junior Prom with JM, REO Speedwagon and Stu- K dio 4 Quote: Live and Let Live Memories of Nazareth Academy "HIV" Kiss 108 Happi' ness is: Calligraphy Timmy 9113 Roseann Racioppi Lisa Razzaboni Nadine Reinold ' 'ROSEANN RACIOPPI MEMORIES: OLD SHS '79-'81, TBPS, LP-I-M, JR, PROM wIKA, and K+P, CB-I-MC '81, Big Rip Oli at MGM wlGina! BRAILLE A double date w!Cclleen, KENNY: ll3l81'StiIl wondering! l.N,F: A very spef cialrfriend-WENDY! C3238-141. Misery is: 2- 5. Forgetting!! Thanks alot PUG and SPAM! ' PAUL T. RADIGAN Best times: China Moon Battles, going to Newbury Por! and never coming back. Hap' oiness is a keg of Beer and D.E.C.A. Bash LISA NICOLE RAZZABONI A Memories: Cheering, 2Ts. old HS, Cape, Paul Radigan QLD v-'F Debbie Regan Timmy Mac tells Woodsie a good joke. Elena Reis William Rich Frank Rivera 5!30!80, confusion, Star, IQIBISI. Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspira- tions. I may not reach them but I can look up and see their beauty ,believe in themand follow where they may lead. Alcot Thanks MOM + DAD OEBRA REGAN Memories: Family-+ Friends: S.D,g W,P.g'St. 4: RB.: Mel.+Mal'f boys: EB, dances, N.E. feasts: P.A. party: Ap. pic.: P.B:: Can.g Sum. of 80: S. bros.: Class off. Never forget: GOLFBALL, DINGY. BUNZO. SCRATCHY, PERCY, R.L., W.D., JM.. P.G. Mag. Quoteg Always + Forever. Love U Ma, Dad+Kirh NADINE ELAINE REINOLD Ma+Dad+ J+M-+1 7l9+A+K+B+D- + J o I C C i n -If K i m + LW+LH+P+A+K+M+L+D Mt. W.: HB3 B4-B, Magic Buses, Sleahead wlAnitag Dikeg??? Springsteen Dec. 15, 1981 Celt- ics-76ers 7ih game 1981 sec 72 93-92!l' Jack: "Nothing is left to you at this moment bu! to have a good'laugh,"--CZM ELENA REIS MEMORIES: Cute 8- Perky, C.C. wi L.S. 8. D.M., F's ANONYMOUS, An evening at the lake, MMB WIMAJORETTE SQUAD, MS R's ENG, CLASS HAPPINESS IS: PETE, A PEN' A PAL, A BEANIE, FAMILY REUNIONS, 7th p. privileges, 8. band exchanges wf GRIJ Thank you Mom and Dad . WILLIAM RICH I . Happiness is: working at Digital. I'll always remember: R.T., C.M.. and R.T. FRANK RIVERA JR. NEVER FORGET: ALL MOMIDAD HAVE DONE, GOOD TIMES WIMF, MS, SM, RS. ND, LC, AL, CE, AW, D. MD, AR, MM, SJ. PAPA. GRAMTON DURAN. REG, CAMPING, HOCKEY. BOXING. LITE, SUMMER OF 81! NORTH END THANKS MA+ DAD "TIME GOES FASTER THAN PEOPLE REALIZE-SO DO NOT WASTE ANY OF IT!"- F.P.R, 1 MN, Laurie Rizzo Lisa Roberts Laurie attempts her calculus Scott Roberts John Romano Karen Ross Karen Rump Lauren Sacco Richard Santoro , LAURIE A. RIZZO SB+HM. BB summer of 81, MVN cafe + dress. Tennis devil, Italian power, the beach, chalet, 143 private phone, Timbuck- too, JF, SS, Jokes and laughter the best medicine. "Life is a series of suprisesjand would not be worth taking or keeping it if it were not." LlSA ROBERTS Memories: Fali 78, NY, SN + SD CW DA NIS TM KRTMS 31, CLESP, Rides WICK + DL, Rainbow wll.K + CS, Solo for Lolo. Trip to Titania. Hey K's, Love ya foreva. Thanx to my Gram, Family, Max, l Love y'all. "For- ever my darling l'Il Love only you . Elvis SCOTT ROBERTS Will never forget, Cruisen the Summer away, with LM. DT. and SM., "TAM8ONE" WHO forgot me. VH JULY 1981. Foreigner Oct. 1981 with Scott M. and Dave T.. 70 MUANG, Misery is: 70 25G6CYL. Happi- ness: 70 428CJRA Mark l. JOHN J. ROMANO . I'Il Never forget, fort Plum Is. W.l. Cabana HOCKEY .lonesies Hansons A. Picking Drive Ins Dipping Stevie B.K. J.H. Food light Beach Day "Somebody cares about these people" fire extinguisher All friends 9112181 Maureen Seger Quote: "time "TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE" 1 KAREN ROSS My best pal DD and those troubles we shared Friends LRCWDAKSNFPG 3 yrs Spanish wlMr A: Being friends wfNancy made it all worthwhile CLESP Dynornites SLP-i-its great people My buddy, Mr Con- roy Whats on your glasses? "l've iound my future lies beyond the yellowbrick road" KAREN LOUISE RUMP MEMORIES va a summer love 79, 81, WINEO long talks w!PG The Bet The Girls wait a minute S-4 the big hug the mirror w! WJ PBUM 16b-day cheering smokey WEEK moments are forever JM BC special friends PGWJRR GC "always smiling" HB RUMPA to my family. I Love you LAUREN SACCO . MEMORIES: Friends-E.R., Winter Cheer- ing. M.J.S.. M.N., Tennis w!M.L., Dances, it R.S.+R.F., Neighborhood-times'7!4's, beach days, Steve's Etc.. "the boat" B.K., C.C.. L.C., PP., PET PEEVE: "KAREN?" Thanks Mom L Dad! RlCHIE SANTORO I'il Never forget West Is., Bermuda, Jones. BK, Beach Day, G. Harbor, M4 HOCKEY, Hansons, SARINA 912181, "Dreams I'lI Never See", Molly Hatchet. Maine. North Ave Gang, Breakdown, B. Moble, Sheep Fold, All friends, Fort Johnny H.. Hi Debbie I Hate my job G.H. is boring! l l Cheryl Savage Michael Scalisi Kathy Scanlon Lisa Scanlon l , . ,. v S l ur . . Jeanne Scannell 3 Sue and Michele lead a cheer Mary Jane Seaberg l l Cl-IERYL SAVAGE MICHAEL V. SCALISI amories: Chyrd nites w old gang, iori. xntvale nites w Michelob lites, Prtys w V, BM +JC. Favorite pastimes talks w KM Budtalls. w croz, DEI cape wknd w SF, gas, DE2Szoc, Corrs Rf in Cali w JS, lnn If 4 SC, Mis. is red eyes, Thanx Mom Dad KATHRYN ANN SCANLON lmories: HM, KC, AS, Spacy. Big E. l3B's!12, Capri, P+R 314, BK. Servo, ll, JS, Flor., SS, all nighters, Sdays. EB, 1, SP, 4th, 7110. Jan, 512 SAD Dedica- tion: To my family, all my love, Pet P: Morn- ing Quote: "You can never go home again." Future Plans: ARMY fComputer Program- mery LISA SCANLON C.R.L.S.. Donna Bt Tara, 83. Sleeper Park. D.G., C.S., 12.4, 1984. Soph. final ex,tMark, J.K., B.P.. Freebird, the Cliffs, ME. Summer '80, La Machine, the field, Vicky Cormier's, B.G.g Mar, Tourn Kirn, Colleen, Ellmsy. Drums, Tavern '81, 0.0. Nasson '81. Thanksgiving '81, Nov, 7 TW JEANNE SCANNELL 'V "Let qs, therefor, live but one day at a time." l Love you Dad JUDY SCHULTZ ' Memories, Muskas Z-4, Carl Sweet 16 par- ty, V+MD+Bs. BC iwknd, flip-Out-field, Seger Calif w M. DECA bash, Chryd 3 Cape wknds, bags, 4 stages J+C party, WIB, Na- hant, fort, Pilgrims. gray ghost, prorns, Sr. dance 79, SF, 256 l said I am what lam what do ya want fromme- Thanx Ma -P.Dad MARY JANE SEABERG purpleg unicorns, good friends+times, spec. memories: SNWRH, Lic, prom. Major- Judy Schultz Kenneth Senibaldi ettes bells+feathers,f hoops, frozn ,Miln- 868523 Agony of Deieat'Notty, Spoon Pa- troljwonder Bread, Flaky Puffs, Skating, cheering, "No 1 is given a wish wlo the power 2 make it come true." Luv 2 M+D KENNETH SENIBALDI Class of B2 was a good class. the beach day was agbod time, B Ball in the gym, Cross sountry was good, Hope to see lot of you in the future. The cape days were great. Crashing on the bikes, the tractor Gerry Shannon 7 Annn A ,T A - I, , at Lf., - , Lrlzszffy g ., ,, . .. . ,T ww, , ,A 1 reqm-fgfsr Mn. , , . 6 A ' ffsiii I 0 .5 ,,- ,f , U- S , if , , V lWa,5ir?e1,yq. . ,.. gg-v ,V my , , , . r -:,, T' . if ' A fu, , . n X. . . -as -wr Ya u, - Jag? W 1 ,L . 137 i H aig' it ., L. W CII: A Bob Shannon Peter Silk Heidi Simpson ' Rose works hard on the business section. David Slocum GERALD J. SHANNON PETER SILK AWAY THE DREAMS THAT BREAK Youa Memories: Bashes at Spy. Woods Dump Summer '81 Cape ABB!AC wknd Outlaws Sprawllng Hills White Mts '80 Darce's B- bashes 27 K's and counting WIB "the gang" Pet Peeve: Cal's back seat, dumpers, los- ers. airheads Quote: All time comes to a halt in the pit, Dipsy D. ROBERT L. SHANNON Happiness ls JOHANNA and FAMILY V SOC- CER 4?9 Vita's Cottage, there still in the boat. MT DD DG MT DS CV 47 VH 80 Nu- gent off Blackfoot SC dont mix wlspagh- etti SMOKE! STUD 4 NEVER Forgeti Days Right THESLAMA. ONE of a kind LM, MAR- TIN Mull? Good luck class of 1982 Never forget: Behind screen at heavy metal "Captain whizz" Blueoyster clut sept 19th m P.T. T.S. D.L. MJ. C.L. BM. D,L. MP. F.F, MJ, M. ESPiC all 'I'K.I-I. CROSSFIRE- Summer of "Bl" The VOKE ffl the wall castle rock Kill Budman-Granprix- papa- ginos-Coldmolsons-Pont, Amb, Pramsnick- sputnick! SUSAN SILVERMAN TRUE FRIENDS-KM, JP, ED, KM. PH, DP: DT'S HAMPTON, MAINE 81, WW 81 WLYBD. infamous red, "Give me a Dew", S-4, 5 all night, still STRETCH, MAT, IAKE. THANK YOU MOM 81. DAD, "BLOW AWAY THE DREAMS THAT TEAR YOU APARTIBLOW HEART"-SPRINGSTEEN HEIDI A, SIMPSON NEVER FORGET: Diane, SP, aB, RD, FRIENDS, SR, PROM at DM's HOUSE, FAM- ILY, SUMMERS AT N.H,, CK, FISHING. F.B. GAMES WITH "THE GIRLS", BRI, MY REGI- NA!! RPU, EH, DD. STORRS. ON THE LINE. "PUMP 20", TENNIS, 1324 VOLVO, TTA,'CL, SW THANX MOM, DAD, L-D-D LUVVA JOHN J..SKlSTIMAS JR, l'li Never Forget West IS BBBB HAZE BEACH DAY B'S FORT SUPER KEG 81 JOHNNY BK PLUM IS, JONESY's PUMPING BERMUDA A PICKING HAGLER DRIVE INS Susan Silverman John Skistimas Anne Small JENNY 4 SEASONS CHEW AND CRUTCH JI BASEBALL EDDIE BALL FAST EDDIE SPAN? BF DJ LAURA ,B-22-81 MOM DAD UE COMMENTZ SOON DAVID SLOCUM ANNE F. SMAIL PM, KD, MB, TN, JS, MS, DF, Happiness not being sad Pet Peeve: punk rock Camp ing Dylan Trower Outlaws Doors Lizar Lives Supressed desire tuhear the Screar of a butterfly Quote: A want to have rn kicks before the --v- house gos up in Ilam Mike Small Cindy Smith www.: s. Mary-Ellen Smart Dennis Smith Tammy Smith James Snow MICHAEL SMALL good Times 9!7l81!9!'14l81 ERIC CLAP- TON. KC, EA, PL, MA, Thanks AE breakfast JD, CA, BT, CA, MV, BM, CC. Gt, others OLD friends DM. RG, CC, LG, STiIl Luv KD the TRACKS!! 7th NN MAD. MM SOCS LN BH "Let a tool hold his Tongue and he will pass for a wiseman" So Long SHS MARY-ELLEN SMART Linda. FC. RF, BS. SP, MM, PS, KS. EL, WO, MJ. LO, 52! COUZ! I8Kl. SETTLE WOMAN! Crossfire Kupcake CTWINKIEJ Gloucester Crew: JB, KH, PF, DM. KF, DM. KF. Bsis, J. D+R. Kev C.L. 'lil sis? I get it!! PET PEEVE: ,Calls from L.S. Quote: A TRUE friend is for- ever! DANVERS PP S. HORNET CINDI SMITH MEMORIES: THE BOSS, CARS, Canada, LOVE, Jr. Prom, UN, CAPE, VB, PC-Misery is saying good-bye-Special thanks to all my friends NR JS LD PW BA QUOTE: "LOVE WHEN YOU CAN. CRY WHEN YOU HAVE TO. BE WHO YOU MUST, THATS A PART OF THE PLAN" I LOVE YOU MOM4-DAD MEL JEN + STEPHI DENNIS PAUL MICHAEL SMITH Favorite subjects: Basic, Fortran, Intro. to Data Processing, Sci. Fi. and Myst., Astron' omy Favorite Teachers: Ms. DiMattia, Mrs. Rosen, Mr, Nuss Pet Peeve: S.A.T.'Favorite Quote: "Nothing is impossible it just takes a little longer" ' K ,.. "Are you sure you're supposed to be here?" Z Robert Sorabella TAMMI L. SMITH R.B. J.G. E.F. C.H. A.N, in Lowell 8 in -a camaro W,"Butland Storrs Moonies BF "SMITH-iw 'AN" Wicked "Sl" ,350th ROCKY H Fl THOHH Music Man Law' suit "I ma a great breakfast" MB DM LB. K.Y. ' JIM SNOW MEMORIES: Blue Berry Hill and Medford High. favorite "words" qedog pasquallie Nut . . . Quedo: Skid Market Red: Quote: The Snow 81 Beans Bi ttfe Hooche Special thanks to Dad 8. Mom 8. Dukie for all the help with school especially thanks to Dad for all the advice and help for school Mike Spencer ROBERT WILLIAM SORABELLA S Memories: Family, Jr. year. Halloween, Fellsway, Spot. Jello-Wrestling, Iunchboxes, Apple picking. cards, fort, flicks. dog-track. Cape Cod. Studio, Drive-In, Trash, Cafe + Courtyard, No. 73, Stripes. Bella, Duge. E. Chooch, Cav, Florida, ALL OF YOU! e . ' I MICHAEL SPENCER Spike+LISA+Steven Marasca Beinglin our class is the Best: always remember'Prom night and all the dances we had. Peace and joy we are all animals. Studio is UNO! Friday night CRUZE in MASS. Our class has the will motivation spirit. Thanks for being my friends. Pam Stoddard Scott Sturgis I x I NL . we Mr. P. Motivates his "Women" Marianne Sudano David Surdam , ox- WL . va. if Julie Sweeney Ken Sweet Bryan Sylvester Kim Szczawinski PAMELA STODDARD MEMORIES: Majorettes, practices, 350 pa' fade, feathers + bells. blue hoop, Boston, Maine, Cape Escape 8I', Bermuda 82', Dunkin, The Dome, Ft. games, Soccer, Hockey. SB. Crusin, Movies, Burger King, Myth, wlLS. Friends Luv 2 MOM -4- DAD JOHN SCOTT STURGIS "STURG" NEVER FORGET: HOOP TEAM. M.F., P.M., N.P., D.C., P.Y.,g 5th CHEM, CELTS, MAINE, SUMMER OF 80 MISERY: 10 FRENCH, 3-15 GOALS: STATES, DOU- BLES GOOD TIMES WITH GOOF, LIT. ERIC D. AND ALL GOOD FRIENDS IN SCHOOL THANKS MOM, DAD, JEFF BYE SI-IS MARIANNE SUDANO LB JET MAJOR TOM RL KC M Binc D+J Plan DECA Cape Cod Almys 9!20l81 bou- quet Mimi twinkie The Sky is vast and wide and so are the corners of my mind ,... I want to spread my wings and see how far I can fiy. MS Thanks Mom and Dad. I Love you. I DAVID SURDAM Never Forget: SmugglersL1. The Cape. Canada. Late swim. I hate you! Bro's Wed. B-gum Lic. Charge! Herbs and mich House- parties. B. hill B way. Quote: Many dreams come true and some have silver linings I live for my dream and a pocket full of gold. JULIE SWEENEV Make new friends but keep the old one is silver the other gold. BELOVED. LET US LOVE ONE ANOTHER FOR LOVE IS OF GOD. Always remember all the wild partys inno. reading and woburn. Good friends. Crusinf. Seger, ALL NIGHTERS, NOG. DOG. LEO But I flew to HIGH. Thanks Mom and Dad. Al- ways Love Wiilyi K KENNETH SWEET y BRIAN "SLY" SYLVESTER Never Forget: Bermuda, W.I,II, Wkends F.T. ball, cafe studies. Hagler, B.K,, All the girls 18, B+-B, BAMA, SHPFOLO, 360's Stratham S,T. Park, Mully Stonewall "d" 3 Stooges B. Days, Drive-Ins Concerts John ny, All the Good Times J.V. Hockey "SLY' KIM M. SZCZAWINSKI i ALWAYS REMEMBER: The fun times witl LL+JCp Drive-In Mistook ID, Laffs, Midget LU, JUDE, Skippies, Pix, Lic. Summer BEACH DAY! Plant cuz PH + 'fcuz"y.IF Records COMMENT: Today things an done, tomorrow they are cherished. LU' YA MUCH MOM 4- DAD!!! Bob Tamburino Raymond Tarquinio Gizelie Theriault Dave Thorley Mark Tierney ROBERT TAMBURINO lemories: Beach trips, Track, Soccer. Fawn P., Movies, Spot, The Lake, V.H., .F., D.P.'s Bash. WKND. Vanning, Vangie 81 lathy. Pistachios, B.K., Tony's, E,G, THE LANG: Mike G., Chip, Delia. Smaiiy. Malibu. 1EST TIMES: Out with Dawn. Out with the uys. Mopedg. Soccer 81 Track. RAYMOND D. TARQUINO Iappiness is: Getting a class ring and raduating. I'II never forget: the end of the ear parties, R.T., L.A.. and working in the afeteria with Angeio L Mr. Marks. PETER A. TATIAN EMEMBER-MILTON SUMMER OF 82 CHI Martin Tierney KAROLEJ 81-MATH TEAM 2ND PLACE THE AWESOME SHS MARCHING BAND THE WALLY WHISTLE CLUB STONEHAM DIXIE- LAND BAND "NO JOHN, YOU CAN'T BOR- ROW MY PEN." JOHN THAYER I THEY'RE RIGHT, THESE ARE THE BEST YEARS OF LIFE GM, JF, PT, BB, CM, DM, JM, RD, RS, KY, TD, JH, BUNDY. DENNYS SHS MARCHING BAND. STORRS W. RUT- LAND MR SILVA SCREWS UP AGAIN, SAXO- PHONE POWER' THANKS MOM 81 DAD, D. NALLY "AWE, COME ON PETE, LET ME BORROW A PEN" GIZELLE THERIAULT Peter Tatian John Thayer XX, QW'--1 The Rudy-Lindgren Fan Club Misses their idol Happiness is Accepted At D.T.I., Fr. N. Memories P.W,! SA. JA. PL, 5!I!81 CURLS, P. at MT. wkf. sm oi 80 at NE. H. 3 TP. ts. J. Maiorettes wlPL, PC, MCE Sqd P, at PM. APT, GM. SSNG. P0 AT MT. APT. Rides FPAMD. Tn, P. WISD. APDSNS, WIPBIP VERY Sp Mem "sig Tim" qi LOVE YOU, LOVE IS: M840 QTY? k ,. DAVE THORLEY Memories of the zoo, summer 81. SEGER l0!6!80, J.R, 6 Quotes: So you tried to buiid a wall. and you triedto stay above it ati. Shooting Star. Nothing is easy, nothing good is freejbut I can tell you where to start, take a look inside your heart. Tri- umph MARK S. TIERNEY l'LL NEVER' FORGET: TQOLD GANG UP T CHURCH, Ea THE NEW GANG, UPIFORT, THE BANDW? DANCES. NY 1980 FUN WMTCVLMBSDDDSDG Prom FUN IN FUR YBS Bi MTG. rksk Burl, Talking w KHCVS, NYQCV. HAPPINESS IS: GOOD FRIENDS FAMILY MUSIC BAND TALKING TO GL QUOTE: REMEMBER THE PAST WITH A LAUGH AND A SMILE. , MARTIN F. TIERNEY Hapbmess is: ail the gang, weekends, HB Lifeguard. The Beach Hockey, B-BuII- soccer, M-Kilier-T.. Pig. windows, Rollers- kating. Stud-4 Beach party 1-2 many, Clinchmobile, NH-Hunting Vacations, Thanks for the heip-MGM 8. DAD. Michael Toomy Susan Torri Karl Touet Denise Tower Pam, Michele, and majorettes liven up the rally. in Robert Tucker Chris Turner Bob Treacy Michael Vaccaro MICHAEL JAMES TOOMY FRIENDS, FAMILV BAND RH, DS, MT, DANCES, 18 STRIKES MEMORIES: BRIGS. SO. AW RL. KC. LC. NEIGI-IBD. FTBALL 9-1 1 DUGES COTTAGES. BS. BL. EA. JD. UNI- CORN ERNlE'S BAGGED JR. PROM BLITZ KRIEG Comments: THE GUITAR IS MIGHT- IER-THAN THE SWORD, ALL THINGS MUST PASS. SUSAN M. TORRI Friends DW RF BL BA KR LR HD TM Re- member Ihe good times my "vokie" friends Quote: never .say never you can do It if you try, much happiness to DW always K , KARL TOUET 3 YEARS, ON VARSITY GOLF CARNIVAL BALL OF 81 HAVING FRIENDS LIKE GM SJ DP DP AND A WHOLE LOT OF OTHERS WORKING AS A CO-ASSISTANT WITH GM AT UNICORN GC MEMORIES OF SOUTH- BOUND BEING IN THE CLASS OF 82 THANKS MOM DAD AND SIS FOR EVER- YTHING SKYNYRD LIVES ON ' DENISE MARIE TOWER Memories: Jr. Prom, S4. VK, Skeetl, I-L-Y, Bheday, Shhl Bermuda, drive-ins, "Still" FI-I. Pump 20, New Yrs 81, MB.fLM wlA.P,, Toga, The Gang, Moral, 256. 'Anne, Abples Aofporch. sin VWIMS, ici-Iv, Dani, GT WILAARJE. Happiness: a friend like Linda SI a family like mine-I Luv Youl, ROBERT JAMESTUCKER . I want to thank all of you who have helped make my high school years at Stoneham High a happy memory., CHRIS W. TURNER I feel that our class is the best class ever. We seem to be the class that makes up all the plans,'The one I remember the most has to be the day we went to the-beach. Good luck to the 82 graduates. ROBERT 'rReAcv Partys at GF BLUEBERRV HILL AND JHfscHooL aus 79fBARcARpI FUND wm-I woonvfsAcKsTAGs PERRYICAPE coofALLMAN BROSIVI GAL. BM os FT PCISTOCKYS CELLER FB JCIVOKEISC 80 "BAGGED" TRACKS CLASSISPMXTHE WHOLE IN THE WALLILOST-BEANS LOST DREAMSIPET PEEVES EMT COOLR I ' MICHAEL E. VACCARO K Class of 82 Mick Beach Day CC EC A WT Caldor "Thanks for everything"-KH. JB, RJ, MM. LC, BG Summer of 81 Hampton Beach Lake Quannapowitt-NI's V "Good Vibra- tions" MD Camping "In The Dark", Sign. Ice, Last Lane. TDP Concerts REO. TP. Cars, FGIBS Thanx BS. J. S, ETC. ' Peter Verdone Linda Verhault Kellie Vigilante Desiree Vitiello Mary Walles e l Michele Walsh is I . Rich and Marianne take advantage of hot breakfast. Patrick Ward Craig Warren PETER vsnoonz LINDA VERHAULT Quote: Looks like i made it Ma 81 Dad, Mem: Jilligaf, CAPE ESCAPE iOzzyj, Allnighters Black Forestl, Hole in the wall, zone, Wild iashes Si heavy Crashers. getting bounced with Durke. PS. LD, MB, 8: TN Comment: 'hanks MA A DAD, I LOVE YOU. KELLIE VIGILANTE ,ive Gt Let Live Never forget John 2114179 DV JW JC KM carpool USMC ll H181 lost The Drivers Lynett sit on the ink OTRJP WooIy's ML TB Big Ed wander- 1g the hails out to lunch 10th grade w!MH ZSSB Hiding on the hopper Florida NJWMH Love L Thanks MOM 8- DAD DESIREE ANN VITIELLO NEVA FORGET PB WABBITS NA29'26-80 MARCONI R ON ICE Summers 79 Si 80 Cape ME DB 4WAV STB-18-79 GYM EgCAPE ILV JW LL KV VM GS DG SF SJMNADL "These moments may be temporary but the memories are forever" LOVE IS PAUL KELLY CARLA In Dedication Si LOVE 2 MOM A DAD Qi MARY JUQITH WALLES NEVER FORGET: RL KC BrMN. Coed, Njs. Phsph. KC, Kwis. V-bail, KN, Anne di RB. Mitch, AW. "VB camp S160 S.A. "Great Times: BK wl KC, RNI w!Rl, Nbh, kdsg Dnce. Nght. T.F, WIBLK. Bch. Day, C.F. Spt. Ban. WIKGR Snyhst WIRCB. ALL MY LOVE MOM 8. DAD, B8iD, Sc, St, JMJMCJA. AGM. NANNY. MICHELE WALSH PAUL E. LOVE-nov 2-79 AL SCR. ACDC VH BSq 'BLONOIE' .FRIENDS-JP-2-DI-ROI WKSM 5-22WA6-BK wlKM5- LOVE St THANKS MA 81 DAD, BAP "I'LL SEEYOLI IN ANOTHER LIFE NOW BABY-I'LL FREE YOU IN MY DREAMS-BUT WHEN I ,REACH ACROSS THE GALAXY4 WILL MISS YOUR COMPANY" R?L JONES PATRICK WARD "Life was fun, but oh so intense, everything was possible. but nothing made sense"- Sondheim Memories: nights at the Crack. iitr'y life. High Street, les Smith, Milton. performances, life as a sophomore," . . . not with a bang but a whimper."- CRAIG M. WARREN ARNF: DA, LR, AM, MM, KR, Pickles, Amy, Chris. Bob, CA 78. AZ 78-79, Trips to Tita- nia 50 A Serg Ann MWF--Happiness: The Family, Dynomiteg Flying, CLESP? Quote: When you make your mark in life, watch out for the guys with erasers. Future plans: Air- iines I' re ,TQ .gi In I K . AIYson Wesley Greg Whittaker Sal Wholey Cathy Wilson I Jackie Wilson Brian Wynne - ALYSON WESLEV Never forget: Good Times wfgood friends. P.H., The Girls, Bruce 12180, Bob 10!80, Proms 5, Res wfgs, BVXIMC, Frosh Yr, Surnmer 79 w!SM, JFSIRM, Brig's Bashes. HB '81 w!GM. Grad 6181,-Dad, Ma, B, M. K-Thanx's. I Luv Ya's. Nana Ross - Love you. I GREG WHITTAKER l'll Never Forget: good times with the guys, Tom Petty. California, P.N. Comment: Challenge Me! Future Plans: College, on- ward and' upward .Suppressecl Desire: To play drums for Bob Seger Pet Peeve: The new SHS Patty Wilson ea er. .a ide Matt Yardumian SALVATORE WHOOLEY CATHY JEAN WILSON l'II never forget alt my friends in Stone-ham High, . JACKIE M. WILSON NEVA FORCET JCLLKLMBKVDVKM 2!15fB0 DO 12l15!80 911181 RSMAV PAPA GINOS LLPARTIES MISS GROWING UP GOOD TIMES: CAPE, JANICE, LYNETT. RICK. I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD THANKS FOR BEING A FRIEND WI-IEN I NEEDED ONE. JANET, DES, JANICE, LYNETT. QUOTE: DON'T CRY OUT LOUD 2181 PATRICIA A. WILSON .I l l Mrs. Ciulla is proud of her pasta! Ma, you were always there whenever I needed you. to share my troubles, to laugh wlme when Iwas happy. For not only have you been my mom 81 best friend, but also the woman I want to be like in life: Pretty daddy with the prettyblue eyes-Si pearly teeth. l luv u2 We made it Pat! ' BRIAN PATRICK WYNNE THANKS MOM 81 DAD FOR EVERYTHING Km, cl LOVE ALWAYS REMEMBER GOOD TIMES AT NIONTVALE. TRIPS TO TU RNERS. C.D.B. 80 "WINNIE" ANOTHER PIZZA MITCHZ. THE "PIT" SO MANY WARNINGS AND NEAR ESCAPES FROM THE BOYS AND BLUE. DECA BUD T'S ARE THE B'S. Mm'ri-isw S.-AYARDUMIAN Smugglers Ll CELL2 Castle Rock keg ter in party house parties l hate you Biking AYI Ski Club Canada 9999fDupD FF Oftroadin 3 am Foghat PM Camping Micitherb Beal hill Soccer Bounced Track stdugout Baby cakes The Lake election 81 good friends J L good times Thanks Mom 8. Dad Debbie Young 45' A1 Smile Jean, you're on Candid Camera. Kelli Young John Zaccardi l I i l l y - - X9 i ESQ 'Cir .7 , ig . f ,D ' I 11-i XX i. 1 I nofxxiw .. Danny, Gary, Sean, and Wayne making Prom Dates. RUSSELL H. LEE JTIMESIWERE THE TRACK SKILLING RDS OFF, CAPRIATLUCH RUNNING IOM R.R. AND WiNNlNG HANGING ?OUND WITH SFCKJO THE FOUR MUSK- iERS, MISERY IS FIVE YEARS IN THIS .ACE l'l.L NEVER GET OUR OF HERE ,NOMOENONE JOHN CJACKJ MATAYABAS ie city is still in my eyes the dream is still my head, I head the Sian sadly smile and i a while in bed. I wish that it might come pass not fail like all my dreams. MARK PEARCE amember: J.C., RAF, F'M, IM, IM, A.J., N.C., MP., M.D., JM., S.P., L.B.. K.H., D.C.. R.J.. D.G., D.V., Stud, Col. Fosta + the Chieftains, Crossfire, G.P., 9!23!8l. 6122-1181. sweet sixteen, 3:30, Wiz fHeavy Metalb, Dawn of the Dead, Give me a dollar, Comment: Go For Broke Man APRYLE L. RINGER REMINIST: Joe 4-Eva, Scwsme. Just n Kase. Mts. Arena, K.H.B-Day, David, Van. Frnds, QUOTE: I GOES . . . Beans 81 'shroomsl YE-HA! Too Funny. 4-27-852 Ski, Dreams. 151 B.R. TOOT! Joe. Greatimes tog. Lookin forwd to whats waitin ahecl, BEST CLASS-82! MlSS'U-ALL . . THANX: NUNO. CHARN, GRAM Bt PA. DAVID STEVENSON MEMORIES Black + Blue 1980 E.K.'s keg Party. BM ET BT PC likcal Bac Day! uscg Boot camp. FW Cleo + Secert Squrril. Meri- mac 4 mosters, PW ya know? BM1 Stein- hart. Quebec 110. Bean Blasts. KH and the track Days. DEBBIE YOUNG Happiness is: Billy, Yvonne. 2nd home, Friends. RMGMTMDB. Memories: Cheering 80182, JR A SR Proms, Salas. G-Mob, CCfPBwkd. WIEHRMJS. Pilg. Maine Misery is: lst concert 8. not getting in. Missing Mike Quote: Fortune is a Lady Goddess, she'lI never come to you. NF: Joan, JFTGTM 2541 'C' KELLI YOUNG Thanks Tom, Jeanne, Dave, Carolyn, Ralph. Si especially Richard for making the past 3 yrs wonderful. Music Man S56 A RICH. Jewe ish Dr. Debbie 12 yrs Weekends at RD 81 SW Alayne The CB meal There are a lot of things l'd like to forget but the memory lingers on. JOHN M. ZACCARDI CJACKJ A quiet kind ot person, but one who tried to do his best at everything that came his way. 090- -3 CAMEO if , x 4 ORMANCES ba. , sir, -ae, def ,Q Y 7 , we I2 - i fi s me at asf- ln every motlon prct!-lie, there IS a small group of performers who are relatively unnotlced These people called extraiiitdre hardly seen, but they are necessary to the true completeness of every fnlm Srmnlarly our class has nts own group of extras These people are not frequently seen, but without them our class would not be complete Therefore thus page as dedncated to our extras Davidj Carlson Russell Lee Davld Stevenson Margaret Deveny John Matayabas Kevin Tague Mark Dlmarzg Mark Pearce Frank Tuccl Lawrence Forde Ellzabeth Russo Christine Hill Wllllam SSFCIE -151 W new 121 STIIUIDIENWI lllllfllf ' BY Q Susan Orsillo Christine Chase Kelli Young Elena Reis e SHALL WE DANCE? The Junior Prom A Night To Remember The Junior Prom, held on March 13, 1981 at Caru- so's Diplomat in Saugus, had all the elegance and glamour of a Hollywood premiere. Our class shed the informality of corduroys and flannel shirts for an evening and donned elegant and formal attire. Ju- nior girls became sophisticated ladies and tuxedos made even the shortest boy look tall and dignified. And although many of us were asking ourselves questions such as "What does one do in a receiving line?" and "Which fork do I use first?" the Junior Prom was a climactic and memorable conclusion to our junior year. ixfy ,lDNt. . - Lfif KX X i . 'E 3 rl Q- X f Y' g:iQX?y 'X ff , 1 avi. W ll 106 H 1 X! Q On thexpbaysis ofilzsgeholaxggjggpfl seryjge, leadership and fkhira ose being.JHHl5 ym chosen'f6f nQular honor. wisely' Scholarship , ,, What can we say about scholarship, about the acquisition of knowledge, about the life of the mind? To how many of you could the word scholar be honestly applied? For how many of you is the expansion of the horizons of the mind a consuming passion? Honor asks these questions. lt is the mark of Abel who ' brought the right offering-whose brother did not. l l Service ' .s,, W ,YQ fig . ,. . Q W's keepelji? told theingvll ifiyounger generation is " with the goals of aigpqdjgbsl Fngney, L-yuekfes :ilnrsueh an etliic Auberge, gg to whqmg fpr.wl-mmf? lggggisadvgnfage the disenchanteyQ?g1Ql'ieg. Schweigzerpug agjgletga life oi 55611 ,MQ and prestige-fojfi-a life oflserviceltgfhegg truly disadvantagedg ,Higwlifeqwifs 1Qc.Q,gin5ithl'fuIflllmenf, 5 true scholar for With his Qheffeiould not touch: the diseased and broken bodies-wi'tljli1i1lisiaig hands the right bearing. He bore the mark of Abel. ' l ' l l .Sadat is dead fi ' 1 ? l l i i that each allv w h claim on ii. bej ahe . 56 opzjof 55m E PIII 'h""i H AN INTRODUCTION TO HDNOR On February ll, 1982, forty mem- bers of the Senior class were in- ducted into the Stoneham Chap- ter ofthe National Honor Society. Participating in the ceremony were, counter-clockwise from far left: Advisor Vera Komanowski and President Peter Tatiang Fa- ther Albert J. Sallese of St. Pa- trick's Parish, who gave the invo- cation: State Representative Sherman W. Saltmarsh Jr., Mar- tha Leport, Vice President, Mr. Richard Reed, who was selected by students to write and deliver the speech which is excerpted on the facing page, Mr. Hoyt, Princi- pal. -vewnab '- nw 1 'MW 31' we i fm V mm WW C' N KIDS, LETS PUT ON A SHOW! YI . if '-O Unidentified rock band members force feed Rich their drumsticks. .ef . . do e ii .Q v W, . . N K ... 3 1 . ,quiz . il .. 4, K 2' 235.134 if 491' i Vi i on 1- S 1' Y 1 ' S ' ff' V jrfgl - '. . 5 .,.:-v..,f':j , "Taking it to the streets." . ffielgsgiifi "P "4 ...f- , ,J K .ML Butane . . . they'll grow on you. f K SSSSS Sf ' W . SS ' 21 ia. .,.. A. 'I if K . at .. 1, , r f M'f1'Af f , A 's if z I A ', i ,. Q, k 1. W ,S . .-:j Q gg . .. .. ,,, ,K .f . . 2, .ge . Y' V e -- ' f' V ' ' ." A - 4 M' I. ' 5.5. . , . l K 4 . , . X 3- ,gg fi- fi-if. ., , 1. WN., ' it Q , T. f 'ix . w , ,. 1 4 J. gg- 9. ! . :W r Z .1 K Mk .1 W - Vs 4 .2 ff' N 1, 7' X . 1 -'P ' 1 fi , mWl"5' S S. , S fm? S . Q- . 'aaemelm A, . .Q f Q , 1 ' 'af V 'Q 'C VM e-gfe+ifQ:,g,,.,. if V.. fy V 3. A ww? Nl H imveawfw " A i 'g f ie? .V , "4"W5' - ' Q ,,.. ' iii ' fi-1' " Sh -. S.SlS.f. fQZj.. H, L .. ..f. f ig. . .11 ,. L I I e... ,..A V, - 4 S K , - 'Sf .414 f 55.1 I :,,,., L....,. . , .U .1 ' . . ,. , ' ' ' 'A x,W4M,.,,,,,,,,m ' .wiv ' b .X ,5 , . . - ,Wm ' K U . ---. . . s' A 'A was-fi 'Q se' enum hx pf: -' 1' e 4 -3 214 Staking out the turf at South school. - 'kffvy-4441 -S. w - 1 L , Q'-,' ' Q. NK! -. 45712 - . Q wr- .. 1 S if ," .ff, .g . it "5-Y-Le-Y-..1fTQ1, I "M-ff:-f S e i S -ii?" 7 5 . -1 ' w....... W i"' M- we wi , .1 . T- i.."-'L ,...- fig 'ii' on .7 I 2 if . J W' 'P , '- K . .. Xia' if ' - -.gigs -'eo .I A A . A E- ff .. y+?,: Sa I ' 1 , "-4' S 'V 53-14- er 4- 4. - ' 325. - f T .1 SS S 'J r SS I t S ' 'L ' Jim. ,.. "U S ', eq yqeu' ' .. as Why don t you find another fool to love you? Butane s Jil fan asks Butane's motto: "Shoot to thrill, play to kill 1' j -- -W ,iziigiqi ,g 5 L . -J? 7 :X K 3 if :gg we if-gy? , 1 if 1 -,Ive I -ew "" wx , ,ts ,qt - V- z , -W,, . f .ti W, .. t L5 lr W latest olaimjtg yfartte is the taleyntedt3gockQy':handg thefleadgiuitggist, giggthe glrivingyforoe infthei band channeling 'italehtiiwidy intoi 1Rhythm guitarist, Mike Too- mey's dedication to.. Butane fietorbvigyus A inihis eniergeiifli performance. Rich Hl2gaf1y's flashy sfylefahd Clyarisma make him a5Pro- fessionalgi leagjy singer. on the druins, Mark Tierneyfdefies, hisghumble irnageidisplaying his awesome versitalityg The bass? guitarist foriButane is Eugene Lauria, imported from the foreign landifijf Saugus, SEug6Be isggggom- rnonly cIassitfiegMasA Quiet Mbhut his intense musical knowledge and quality helped him gain l2QCOgl'litiOlfi. Together Y they set forth a dynafrhiciind oiziginailtystylesthatggjratws rowdy crowdito all their events? Goiiilfisluck Byutane, to the top! mg if ,J , - ' .tt 2 : V- Q 12,221 1 f x . vis? A g- ' M A 1 if WT f 1 1 l ' gm n as 'C K If ? FOn Corie1Janine Coutuj and Paul CPatrick Wardj are setting up housekeeping in Manhattan after a torrid honeymoon fcenterj. Clockwise from top left: Corie comforts Paul after he has had a hard day at the officep Mr, Velasco CJohn Ledwithy serves Corie, her mother Ethel CRobin Comptonb and Paul his exotic eel hors d'oeuvres3 Velasco gives Corie some helpful household hints, Ethel gasps after climbing six flights: Paul hunts for his mother-in-law's pink pillsg Corie recieves a wed- ding present from the Lord and Taylor delivery man QKevin Lawtonj. 114 , l t,., 1215 l f l l I L...-- H- Liz- fi 1 Q me S Center- Harriet Pepper Ueanne Ferulloj the telephone repair-person, unwillingly witnesses the decline of Corie and Paul's marriage: Clockwise from top left: "Okay Corie. Do you want a quick divorce or a slow, painful one?"g Paul drowns his marital woes in a sea of scotchg Corie in a bitchy moody "You're no fun Paul! You're a stuffed shirt!"p Paul transformed from stuffed shirt to drunken swine, 115 BEHIND THE SCENES Clockwise from right: Technical crew-member Earl Christie takes aim with his roving spotlightp Anxiety is apparent on the face of director Mr. Mucica minutes before curtain-timeg John Ledwith is transformed from a beardless junior to bush-faced Velasco by a scissors-weiiding Steven Kiiroy. ,,.-n-f""4 CARNIVAL BALL The 1982 Winter Carnival Ball was a breathtaking array of elegance and amusement that captivated the audience for an evening of magical entertainment. The attendents were splendid, with their flawless faces, and perfect figures draped in fairytale gowns. Queen Christin Capone, simple but beautiful, and King Tom Cuilla, with the pomp and dignity of true nobility-together a truly majestic couple-all made up a grand an hypnotizing court, and a coro- nation comparable to nothing less than the Prince Charles and Lady Diana wedding. This illustrious court, as well as an entranced and enthusiastic audience, were entertained by a mesmerizing assortment of dance, music, and comdey. 118 Few theatre-goers are able to appreciate the grueling work and long hours put in by technical and stage crews. "Actors are cattle!" said a famous Hollywood director once, and yet actors in most productions are the only people who take bows and hear applause, Costume design, makeup, set construction, and lighting require as much creativity as acting and are key to the success of any show. Clockwise, from left: Robin Compton applies base makeup, the crew and case of Barefoot in the Park together after the curtain fell! seated on couch- Stage manager N. Nicholson, R. Compton, J. Ledwith! second row-P. Ward, J. Coutu, T. Smith, C. Rizzo, T. Guilfoyle, R. Buckley, S. Wade, S. Kilroy, K. Sutherland, L. Rizzo! third row- Technical director K. Fung, Director P. Mu- cica, E. Christie, K. Lawton, Assistant director D. Ledwithg Ken Fung at the dimmer board: Stage manager Noreen Nicholson directs her crew. AT PARADISE THEATRE Ushers-Steven Fleming, Suzanne Biagioni, Denise Tower, Judy Schultz, Linda Galante, Brian Foley, James Dugan, Patricia Concannon, Patricia Howe, Elaine D'Ambrosio Missing-John Romano, Frank Rivera, Daniel Leydon, Francis Muolo la I E 3 The Royal Court-Laura Crupi, Susan Powers, King Tim Cuilla, Queen Christin Capone, Alyson Wesley, Mary Farren, Heidi Simpson, Karen Migliorini, Susan McAllister, Page Mary Beth D'annolfo, Page David DiChiara, Michele Nottebart, Susan Orsillo, Karen McNutt A 119 fi Mg clockwuse - The tresses of Ceremonues :co and Noreen Mattla receives a gift of all her hard work 1 The rale swsngs to "42nd Frank Abrahams leading tertamment. g-1 Fx fi? -1 ,ffl ew '9. 122 Clockwiseg Kelly Young is back again, this time with the vamping "Funny GirI"g Lindsey Stillinger singing "Someone eIse's eyes"g John Ledwith and Carolyn Muller do an original dance to "American in Paris"g Mike Maceachern telling the audience "It ain't nothing but a party!": More of the Crusaders with "House Party" 3 X X f ,vt I if ",, ,i i i Lg' 4 Q Jin if 4 ft 5 .4 . A y i 4' 1 -N, I 17 T ali Ella 1 l 1, 5' av Ya . ix 'Sr' Q Ilet "Waltz of the C : I The agile and talented s John Gullfoyle and 1, M 1 Q2 W V I X P V fv- -S4 fa Ciaularra afden Mqidler Doug duet w-M9 Clockwise- Two of our most devoted members of the Jazz Ensemble Jennifer Granfield on the French Horn and Peter Tatian on the Trom- bone. Janine Coutu, a budding star sings "Out Here on my Own". Diane Mcgurin accompanied several acts with her talent on the piano. Elena Reis, Stoneham's renowned flutist' and Diana Doran, also noted for her talent did a flute duet "Bouree". Noreen Nicholson shares in our appreciation for Mr. Silva's hard work. Q i X ggi" -va' " :lr Le ff! ,- l 5 'I l Clockwise from bottom left- The stage crew Torn- my Muller, Karl Touet, John Lizotte. Kathy Suth- erland, with all her sweetness sings "l'd Rather be Blue". This years Dance Club, with "Bojangles" did a great softshoe routine. Ellen Solomita, Anna Marie Ciamarra, Mary Neylon, and Kathy Toomy click their heels in the air. Mike Toomy, guitarist of the awesome group Butane, and his band. rocked the house with "Destroyer" and their original "Teenage Romance." 125 Festival Play Director Mucica feeling pressured. Mafge in 6 diSTVUCfiV6 FVIOVVIGHT F Q 4 'If ,Q 'X i l 126 vffsf Q 3 14 V .iamlk -Wies- ffx q.Jff?y Tim, the teenage alchoholic, cavorts with Maude the maid E Home at Six, Stoneham High's entry into the 1982 Boston Globe Drama Festival, was as bizarre as any other one-act play directed by Mr, Paul Mucica, who has staged plays dealing with subjects as diverse and strange as men falling in love with monkeys and the sordid affairs of salivating deaf-mutes. Home at Six penetrates to the rotten core of life in suburban America and testifies to the moral and ethical bankruptcy of our times. When Dad fRichard Lutij comes home early one afternoon, he catches his family unawares and is shocked by what he witnesses in his own Iivingroom, His beloved son Tim 4Charles Rizzoy is a pre-pubescent alcoholic: his cute daughter Marge QHope Misailj plays with matches and burns wax dolls and old barns. His mother Ueannie Ferulloj is an eighty-year-old coke fiend, his wife Kit CRobin Comp- tonj has been sleeping with his best friend Bob fMichaeI Smallj and his buxom housekeeper Maude QJody Dayj is a closet kleptomaniac. Dad cannot believe what he sees, what goes on at home each day while he works at the hardware store. Home at Six is at once a comic and tragic insight into the heart of darkness which beats beneath the innocent surface of life in the suburbs. Cast members Robin Compton and Charles Rizzo received awards at the festival for their superb performances. STUDENT UNIONS DECA The DECA students and club combined hard work and knowledge in the busie ness world to open their own store right in the cafeteria this year. Led by Mr. Flanagan, with the helpful hard work of Mrs. Marks who was plucked from behind the desk at the head of a classroom, and cast behind a cashre- gister to become the official DECA woman, this business venture, the first one to most students involved, was very successful. INTERACT CLUB Students involved with the interact club are involved in community service efforts and are always striving to help out the community when it is in need. Mr. Steven Conroy is the advisor of this fine club, which has been actively in- volved in the Lynn fire tragedy, the earthquake in Italy, the assination at- tempt on Pope John Paul ll, Toys for Tots, as well as much more. S PA RTAN EWS Every so often, the Journalism class, headed by Mr, Kevin Conroy, publishes an issue of SpartaNews, the school newspaper that is one of the main methods of student expression. When published, SpartaNews is a very inter- esting, informative, and entertaining collection of the current news, stu- dents' editorials, and the latest gossip. TRAVEL CLUB lt's "Off to Bermuda" every spring for the lucky students involved in the Travel Club. The Travel Club offers a unique learning experience for students who wish to see the world, and also a low cost opportunity for students to go abroad on such a venture with the supervision of school administrators and the company of friends. SEEDS Stoneham High School's Literary Art Magazine is an oppor- tunity for creative students to express themselves, and for other students to publish their artwork, photography, and essays. Miss Norelli leads in the publication of Seeds, which is something to look forward to every spring. SKI CLUB For many students, Mr. Howard Dimmick and the Ski Club have been a very important aspect of their High School years. Stu- dents involved inthe Ski Club go on week-end ski trips, hold dances, banquets, and even go on week long ski trips, SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President-Bill Frongillog Vice Pres.-Lonnie Davis: Secre- tary-Suzanne Biagionig Treasurer-Elaine D'Ambrosiop Social Chairpersons-Virgina Marquard, Mark Tierneyg Advisor-Miss Broderick '91 f I I I I i v I I I I I . I -. .1 :.:jq , . 4 A -F.. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Pres.-Chris Comfortg Vice Pres.-Christine Simpson: Secretary- Christine Vita Treasurer-David Woods: Social Chairpersons- Andrea Nicholetti, Christine Aronofskig Advisor-Mr. Romano SOPHOMO RE CLASS OFFICERS President Tony Burrg Vice Pres. Kathy Maherg Secretary Laurie Lusardig Treasurer Christine Dennisp Social Chairpersons Chrissy Dennis, Michelle Musial. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President Toni Saltamartiniq Vice Pres. Amy Adams: Secretary Nl- cole Carolig Treasurer Paula Dillon: Social Chairpersons Karen Da- mello, Susan VanLoon. "fa-Q. is T llioi T . ,QQQQZ STUDENT COUNCIL This year, the Student council has become more actively involved in student government than ever, and it's members are dedicated to making school life much more interesting and educational. Student Council members have become involved in activities such as Globe Santacollections, Carnation Day, stu- dent elections, and many others. Thanks to Mr. Mul- vihill, the Student Council advisor, the Student Council has helped school life to run much more smoothly. DRAMA CLUB-The Drama Club, led by Mr. Paul Mucica, is a way for students to reveal acting ability, as well as a way to get involved in what goes on behind the scenes. The Senior Class Play, the Drama Festival, set designs, and stage make-up are just some of the aspects in theatre life which Drama Club students become involved. l 132 SKI CLUB OFFICERS Pres.-Rose Paladino Vice Pres.-Scott Arsenault Treasurer- Craig Arsenault Assistant treasurer- Steven Drew Secretary- Lisa Beane Membership Secretary-Kelly Young Board Members- John Ledwith, Jody Day, Phil Doherty DANCE CLUB This year, Mr. James Romano founded an all- new Dance Club, with more members than ever. Dance Club members learn a variety of dances, do activities such as exercises and roller skating, and also presented a very impressive and entertaining dance ruotine in the Carnival Ball. l I N IT'S WHAT'S ON TOP THAT CGUNTS it 'T rllrmitlsnl ,QM ,nhl :grab as gf! ,w T "ali ,Q 1 12' ! 4 H v' ff , J new if WORLD RTW 15 V fi ' uh-pvynvwff WWA" Stoneham High's own Fire Chief, Bob Sora- TZ, if' iw No, we're not the twins. bella We are Santa-S elves. Don't look now, but he's taking our piciure 'I34 Aun- 411 ,-mg 5 'F' if l MuIvi's Mickey Mouse Club -W, i -1L' 7 Which way did she go? , "I'm not strange, you are!" 5 15 B . Q-9 Top O' the morning to ye. 'pf H2578 1, . fi., E QQ A I lost my worms! .fm rms- Cute Marcy, Real Cute! Oh, No! I found the worms. 'Q-ng.. , QQ., wanin- iam' BH? we- ef' It's the Christmas Fairy Hey. there's Sue! -:JV Q x X. 'M X, x. 1 L1 In the spring I'm a rose, Buffalo Drew and Swinging Sue. Barry Corbett STUD If" 1'- iar' f' , Ml 4' R f w 'f -"' fu f ff-f Ben's Braces are Beautiful ,XX -N FK. 5' if si ,X .R ,,LL G .K I I W'-f'.:aS5 all folks! 'WIP :V-...., DUE Direc 'fbrff ...4... fffl -N.-.1-.M ,gg--v Artistic Directors ...... ,Ly xx so wishes to John Ward Marranzini, Lepore, and: Padur r Nardella Allen wonderful SINGING FOR THEIR SUPPER In the wake of Proposition 2 M, many school organizations scrambled to raise funds which normally would have been provided for them in the school budget. Jewelry drives, candy sales, raffles, and carnation days were but a few of the methods used to raise mon- ey. The Spartan Chorale raised cash for their spring exchange trip by hold- ing a spaghetti dinner and serenading the mobs of people who descended on the Marconi Club one night to eat ziti and meatballs. X 5 iz. E 'I ,. I U MOVING O Mrs. Karen Livingston, a talented and dynamic musician as well as a warm and sensitive person, left Stonehami High School at the middle of the year to begin a new life in Texas. Students of music in Stoneham were lucky to have the opportunity to learn from Mrs. Livingston, who made many valu- able contributions to the arts at Stoneham High School. ll 1 iA,F'1ii X A r all -gr ,,.,.1, .. f W1 Q' 'f f,,e'i:f'fA ,I x ,Q 2 g I i nr Q - ax .L,. A 2 6 yes hz. 'fu-3' g,fj,' ,gf .,f -..,-ww.,-,J W ,R , x V+ ff fig, 1 nf gm- new ,fa - tax. I ,if-. In AI T ,,1 N -- .A Q. ?Q4..,,.,,f. + 5 4 'F' 1 ,LWQJ 4:-ew' 73, g , :A ,f ' ' f 4--11.1.--ef ffgru X: , Q, , L pa,g.,g . 5 i:'f'?i, ' IBF .K f4'f'i-'if' A 4 ' -a 3' " 'LJ 2 ,sf , :,,,Q.'vff,-,--f , - ii iam? P . fd S! ' , 2- ff .1 r 'T HP . Jn, I L I -Q wfs l ' V mgi 1 f wr-' X x E 4 v ,- FN' ,,. Q- nn ,.,.r em W few- K SIDIDIIQWFS 1 ' Tom Ciulla Richard Hegarty Hope Misail . .-', -., X 4 ,fl ,H 5351 , cl if 1 5 Y , .,.LvnL-, . M,A,z.' I . as-va 4,1 '3 1 I wk K. 'K owls , 'A n L! ,,z QQ . X -fx X-W 'Q ,Of " ' K" Y '- if . -inf ""ff ' ' ,V --up . ? 7-,1,.. V . +1 gg, if 1, 1 , W ,,t xx N 1 5 i Q . A. ,J , 1.z,g,x . iyuhfhvk , . ,. . A. ,K H, 'VK' .fx-f 'Q J., w- MQ gif jg mg, .in W 'W -A .Z , W-if "L" 5 'Wi " -521, , f ' L ' t F -1, T ' Lui ' W fm Q A M .,1, A Q55 ' gpg? ,f. L if 1 M I -My 4' F .gf f . 'M .95 -1' K if' ? JA wir il Q' Q'?rw:-1If"u" X 'Q' ' -75.fv' -x ff.-1' .1 W Af'- Q -X U wwtfm- K b., ' UMW H 3 .44 20 A S71 67 v xi '. . ' :.. 2... S .. Q-1.11, -1...-1-v Q i 9. 2 vm Q Q -s 'Q-14 is-uawfzi iii S X. 2.. - . . A ' ,g:,. iff. . 6 . ' fb... P -. Y ,. 15 1 R53 1 . 3 XNMQ ., , K ' ,... . . 3 .4 -. .N- ! ' sq 1 Av' I Q ...rf .X . ' .. , an J - 'f . 1 Q. -5 'P' :X ll - 'fr A X' ,,,:35'7 ZS- IM, 'ig ' 1:55. ' E564 iiii w -p .. lil! A U, nnuli X :R X an I u SENIORS Left to Right: C. Smith. P. Ga Coach Barton 4 U . ed- . J' E I 9 A 'xii' r 5 Q Q .TSB dew fi WEE N W it wg :EQ 'FK 1, . If Q R-my , . liffiiig 1 L. zmrhiiitzz. , fu ' Tf iff, 1 , -uw ,Li awk. , 4,9 1 Q V T WSC ' 4U if ' I 4 : ,FQ s I pw 1 452 ,:....':-.5 4-' A A-lj: , ,Au .-1 mi. 5"'?A v f , li at Z' ' -. I W' f ' ' X AI It "' N in 4 X 6 . 4 , 1 V. if A 1 X ll J X , . ,f"g-' L S' xacif-?:'.:..5-fe X '-.,:'w+ " 'Tile' . 4 if '- -Jf 5' --f .. ,ft e . 'LM rs 4 P-.:'f L... T15 T- 1 X JJ ' , W, if 9, r -Q Lug -1 nw f X415-yr S 954- K1 wwf: 11 as may A- Q ' ' f ef -:tw If X an X m ,.4 lr -ff' ', f x WZ: 1 VE 4' z fg: -.., , if 4. 150 l FIELD HOCKEY: "Yaaa Ba!" The 1981 Field Hockey Team consisted of a dedicated and hardworking group of girls who thought "field hockey" at all times. The team generated the desire to win, and played as a close-nit unit, which attributed to many successful moments. The team's "Regina Power" carried them to a 5-7-5 season a season sparked by many accomplishments and achievements of which they should be immensely proud. Sue Powers, Anne Gillespie, and Marie Maf- feo sparkled on the field, and were the team's top scorers. Liz Wood had an out- standing season in the net, saving 939: of the shots on goal. And, as a result of this exceptional teamwork, the team collected six shutouts throughout the season. . 7 11' .i SENlORS Left to Right M McLaughlin S Powers H Simpson N Hopkins K Cataldo D Tower P K f1,,f,,63Z5 by 'i I nl -I 5111 il -4 W al' D . 8' ..s:+s. an Ninn e za- , ,IJ rpg... w., ..., --4, "Spf " - ,,N4l :1j w ve'-gs? N gi l1..,x,wx?f, ' Q1 -5 ,V .,-Q K 1 - vw L ' .+P si? 'jf , ive? k ' -5 The 1981 cross country team was the most successful one in two years with a record of 3-5-1. Considered the underdogs of the league, this dedicated group of atheletes as- tonished Lexington, Belmont, and Water- town. Despite their losing record, the Spar- tans represented their town with pride and dignity. CRUSS COUNTRY Getting Better All The Time 152 -QXVQM -. D- Q 'L mA,d!b"'lLf. . 1' fe. ' 1' Sz, , V Q .. . 5' i ,Q . -1 ' , 5. A ' .ff - W ., fH,,,,.g..,, ff W- f"f --H sf , 2,417 ., - , , W V-,.:4,:4--1:fx.,v J - ga3ig1""'3L Wag f --W A- . 1' x L ,I , - .mfg . 3.-4 ,W , ,Mi,'w:wv-ww SL , , . wmwmm QA..--"'j W k -I 'Wg en:-. h n .X W-'f-' . iff A " , . . w'wy1.,wfx, ww Q, . .V - A,pac.f3"f fx , ,5s:,3Q.:7 Qf,,-'lE:wepR!si?'5, MM NM I I . . 93 L., I ,yi-'fg.LQ,v,.-fs-a:yrw'w'WN" ' Qfjf-.3Q'fk l' ' 5' , ."-Ilif. "1 Lg , X ,N K -. , I . 12751 , r. L, ' ml. 121. f7"' ff" ' f I Lff I A a .:. ri':'Y su'-3 iw .- , 'fz 3 V, x if- 1135: f-"?3'1-5T'ai7't:" N' Q Y . . o ,. 5 - Ri: NRS' ,, sf gl ,h.g:A,-X ' Jw! - 1 g..,.:c,,1,V b V N 1- -ihlm 95-fi3,,4Ka.i sy xv' 'Q ' 5 " 5 , ' , In I Xxx u F Hi, i x- I 5 .A ff ggf2?:ia Q x , . "- - 4 ,vw . " Q -M mf . Q 'N 7 N 'vj if l -L. sl, 'G' ' S NJ lg 'fl' ,L i fix, ' 1 .A 34 3 5' EFA 1 'X' . qgg.. sf M Tees Off Despite the unpredicted record of 3-5-1 of the Stoneham High Golf Team, everyone put a valiant effort into playing the game of golf. This year, the golf team is one to remember since Andrea Howard was the first girl on the golf team ever. left to right Coach E. Rundlett, S. Jacobson, M. Movsessian, G. Mozek, K. Touet. wa- --sq.. My xx-M W :fQ.,:. .x,.. A 'NF'-Ji ,, k - -, -ww N , . , 4 '- .fm 4.. fm f h . it 'f xx . . ,. '-1 I'- .iz A , .vw-,Q ..-. ' , ' "1 x.. , Af.. . -,AJ ,'fx"'Y?" A ,LL ' x - ' - ' ' H Q- ..-,.fl,z,3 38 wg-sY.Mf4wr. ' Q- -- w . 5- wp.-1 5- 5 g ,. "Q 2v.,,.5g -1,' -inf .N -rf . , , 'A ,,., x I 1 1 . , x... .31 " ,fi--' , - ' ,, 4311 ! "il" ?ffff!!fIs'fe-wi? ' ' 1":- ' , 4' f - f-' F- -,,,,, fn -ff-1' M ," ,."f'1.s.,g'.?fv, fini? 'Mm' . t K' -I -r ' 'hw .- -5, pu. "' . 'A . x .www Q-5- jff: ' 4' W. Wh first row, left to right: S. McKenna, A. Howard, D. Weisse, R. Matrodicasa. back row: K. Tcuet, S. Jacobson, Captain G. Mozek, M. Movsessian, Coach Mr. E. Rundlett. V, Q , . ,,"""' A Kick In The Grass The 1981 Varsity soccer team ended its sea- son in fifth place with a record of 6-1 1-1. The record doesn't show the guts and determi- nation displayed by this team. Under the coaching of Ed Russo the Spartans had a fine season of soccer. This is Mr. Russo's first year of coaching and he is already plan- ning for next season. Seniors that were on the team include: Tri-captains Lonnie Davis, Stephen Long, and Steve Drew, Rick Ar- mato, Matt Yardumium, Bob Tambourino, Wayne O'Keefe, David Galante, Bob Morris, Martin Tierney, and Bob Shannon. The team ended up on a four game winning streak that will carry on into next season. The 1981 varsity soccer team would like to wish the class of "82" Good Luck In The Future! P . . , 156 uv EJ' VC' 'K 'Y' nWW1g NW gxllfly :MTW I 158 MAJDRETTES Keep'n ln Step This year's majorette squad provided both support for the football team, and entertain- ment for the cheering spectators. With the leadership of Capt. Pam Stoddard, Lt. Mi- chele Nottebart, and Lt. Chris DiMeco, the squad was able to perfect many difficult rou- tines. The highlight of the majorette's sea- son was the twirling of flaming batons at the Thanksgiving Day game, by Pam, Michele, and Chris. Other seniors who have conclud- ed their second season on the squad are Mary Bears, Cathy Danico, and MaryJane Seaburg. Juniors on the squad include Tricia Carta and Jean Lundyg the one sophomore member is Doreen Ward. The success of the squad is credited to the dedication of its members. I Back row: Tricia Carta, Catherine Danico, Dbreen Ward, Mary Jane Seaberg, Mary Bears Front Row: Lt. Michr-:ia Nottebart, Capt. Pamela Stoddard, Lt. Christine DiMeco ' wggggf fb M Q, A an ,sh v ng, rg, ,fi r" I K ' . , ' ' l, .i34S"'M '47 ' -.. it va-4 f ' 'inlx' Ax ' gf Q' I 131 .i U f'-N .u.f - 4 x ACK! ,fi H5146 B. p .. QW , . 91 - ' r ' ,ful 5 I lvf T- ...flag If H Y N . ew- 5 'Q R ,fy qi .-4 Q k"-.- 4 . .Q-"' '-'-w..,,s , , , f 4 -. -f 34 YQ. , 'JN . A m-M.. w fp ' . .sifif -- 12 -.-.-, . aw 9- " ff. ififk ,, M v K o 4 1 X .. ., ' . ,"'7 A ,:, ' K 1 ,,,4..n sports WIQQGS to J Cynthia CarboneA,fQgj'ef2gjl!i?ggr ' fort, and supporfi' x X.. ,.,...-N 1 spmuw Q Gw.mAs1r x t FALL he HIGHLIGHTS 1' .qi l GYMNASTICS: IN PERFECT FOR , Meade, A AA Y ig gy, M C Q first row: Tri -Captains K Corso, M O'Grady, D Vitieiio second row: Coach S Christofi, D Reid, C Aronofsky, W1 Nicklaus, Coach C Carbone third row: Managers C GianeIli,iK Mohyde and K Haggerty, L Norman T' Bornstein, M Carroll And the rest of the Spartan Team i fi 'L C g WLC- ,M L gi if Lili . A -v -,.....- Mfg 1 rf--,Q ,,. ... - r l,.T-l I I Hifi' A W Coach C. Carbone, TriQCaptains DQ Vitiello, M. O'Grady, K. Corso, Coach S. V Christofi. ' , A . fr , The 1982 gymnastics team was led by tri-captains Karen Corso, Maureen O'Grady, and Desiree Vitiello. Although the team was young and inexperienced, coaches Cynthia Carbone and Susan Christofi felt that it was a suc- cessful season because the team reached their goal of averag- ing 91 points for the season. Top scorers for the season were Soph Traci Bernstein, Sr. Karen Corso, Jr. Maureen O'Grady, and Fr. Natalie Green- wood. The future Iooks bright for the team with its many talented underclassmen. Success will be theirs with continued hard work and 10092: participation and dedication. 156 BOY'S BASKETBALL: GOES TO THE HOOP ? f: 1' 121' A ' . " ' ia: 1 X K , f1, f um-M 1 L4 an Front row: S. Sturgis, P Morse, M. Fiorillo, N. Paimer D. Cafasslo. Second row: Coach M. Lahiff, D. Trantg R. Palumbo, N.,Yiannacopolus, S, Deluca, M. Spezzaferro, Coach N. Nelson. Thirdrow: D. , Watson, P. Reis, D. Weiss or ' D r I E D Ji W R93Q'sqf 'savvy A fatv n W. Q 5' .biimb l th 'D my fx ff' .', , W5 f fl . I 1 Q . A F -'F 'U a 'f ,W NX F N 11. 5-1 ef 'L 3 X 1 .LJ i Q , ,fs ' , 3? E i , 5, x f:X ff 'fx :hw X . x , , i ' , - ' , x A- . 4' 'wx 1 ' ' i J '. , - f me , , V K , , F Y ag' ' ' Y .gr . A if ,-.MW , Y -' SD 4 l' 14' I 1,4 1 . . 3 H . t 1? , its . Q T -i-it QI'-s 1,47 ' s f Ek N4 ,, . h if v N in l Seniors P Maher A Palumbo Co Ca tains S Powers and N Reinold P Br ant, : . . ' D i V, AGillespie The 1981-1982 season was a rebuilding year for the Spastans. Co-Captains Susan Powers and Na- dine Reinold led the team to a 6-12 record. The turnaround was sparked by Coach Jack Feraco who taught the girls agressive and competitive basketball. The players had the desire to win and they soon obtained the skills to attain their goal. This year's seniors wish the underclassmen con- tinued success in the years to follow. 169 ,, f, is 7 M L ff ,A Ik v imma. gv 'FF' MK, 52 5 5 Q! ,Q M1 o W J on .,,. i i' f 4f+ 4 we 5' mmf 1' , ' ,fgurlbcgi . lib first row: J. Romano, D Leydon, F Muolo, Captain R Santoro, W Connell, T MacDonald, P Healey second row: Coach R Burnham, J Maffeo, J Duplin, S Long, C Langille, F Rivera, J O'Rourke, J Tarantino, Coach W Seabury third row: M Veno G Maxwell, G Shepis, J Connell, S McKenna D Titcomb, D Mingnella in ""'- . ., ',,',, 41 I' . XX ,QS AL Q, if gfrfig. K o 5 The 1981 - 1982 Varsity Hockey team finished a very success- ful season. placing second in the league, behind the power- house Woburn Tanners. Stoneham could have easily won the championship had it not been for a few mistakes during sever- al close games. Nevertheless, the Spartans participated in the State Tournament. A controversial call nullified a Spartan goal during the Stoneham-Brookline tournament game and shat- tered their hopes of going to the finals. The Spartans, led by captain Rich Santoro, were honored to have six players named to the 1981-1982 Middlesex League All-Star team and have made the student body very proud of their school. 173 WINTER CHEERLEADERS I W., VN I A I , A i . H L ku i , First RowCL to RQ: Co-Capt D. Young, Co-Capt R. Lusardi. Second Row: J. Mangano. M. Twoig, A Wesley, L. Razzaboni, S. Biagoni, S. Syivestro, L. Yqung. and M. Nottebart. Third Row: Adviser A E White, C. Q'Neii, L. Mulligan, M. seaburg, M. Farren, L. Sacco, K. Young, and Adviser J. Johnson 4 A .-. f. 4 . ,.'- . .V ,-,. Aj if? f. .. . . Y T- -- I V: ,- . ,I I . .A 5 , W -Ng ,W..?'f"f'f, H.. " QI'5'?""2 L Br ,,-0 ai- 5- '-'Q 5 , 1 I 'fa Z, X , nz A T syn WINTER HIGHLIGHTS w w 1 ' 8 4' V' , Tin , wi . M . ' f f S may - - M -v , 1 I A . " A. 4' 3 E ' F ' 4 A J 5 1- 5 f'rS1 5 Q R- ' 5 1 W2 'ii' I E J f. w-f " ' x BY ROSE PALADINO CHRIS DAYS PATTY CONCANNON Your Hometown Newspaper for 112 Years 1- 'Q -Z fwwfe gagf ' kgxfgw' 5 -. . -ar. 1. , e.,. 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Real-Estate Sales - Appraisals Dual 438 0116 LOW R- A- MCGUIRE LOW ROUND'S TRUE VALUE HARDWARE PRICES JOE BATES PRICES 7l'ut"lfa6ce Tru test pamts Plumbmg Supplies Hardware Housewares 240 Mann Street Stoneham Mass 02180 nAnnwAll , . Phone: 438-1533 A Pafl BEAUTY SALON asa Mm sneer Stonehum, Mass. DZIBU ' Men's-Wcmex-Us Styl C Q Sfonsgam cyoipifaf SC SSO 438-O712 . O Perms C l g CKAI x IN nuv I W v I 1 x E SHOE QEFAIPING - FAEPIC SHOES LDYELJ S NED Dme 305 MA TINO MxNlCr-HELLO 5 N H W A gaaa ai 97004, ff f M ff The Story Book Wedding ffff y f f G 128 west street f Wilmington Mass icsfvif? V Z X Phone 658 8450 f 4 MX-""' 944 0110 A Good Luck Class Of 82 f Fuorenza .Z 3 lf I W qw 1 fag X A x X Q X-,lk . X X fg , , ' N ' ' If , ff, 1, rn , . V 'X ff 'I fl ,K I fi ,A f fry! a 1' ' qty X I X-X . , If I!! J 4 V X It -O ' AH, -' . 17,0 K ER n M jf f' , ' g 'L " ,, ,, ! 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Then relax and enjoy, while we give your hair a look that's just your style. At a price that looks good, too. Wash, cut, blow dry-Women's 514, Men's 512, Kids under sixteen 38. The Perfect Perm including wash cut blow dry-539.95 Make an appointment or just come in. Style Your Style Mtg After every home game touch down at the dome! STONEHAM SAVINGS BANK 359 Main Street 88 Main Street Stoneham MA Stoneham MA 438-9400 438-7550 Compliments Of The 438-9806 Mobil Joe LoVetere All Types Of Automotive Repairs Foriegn And Domestic JOE S SERVICE . CENTER 225 Main St Stoneham MA Hvou TRIED THE REST 5' 7' ...NOW TRY THE BEST" an ISTII EST Francine s Pizza House W MW 438 9649 STONEHAM MASS Pllll I I , U , Onnsns To Go Fon FAST Ssnvicz ST. - y , . 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Stutp Dixieland Band Rose and Peter Tatian Mr. and Mrs. Razzaboni Temp. Ed Associates, Inc. :JJ 7, Q 1 L li? Z1 L '. -. I 1 l lit ' , Sponsors Mr. and Mrs. Crupi Mr. and Mrs. LoPresti Temp. Ed Associates, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Paladino Edwin Rule Jim Wilson J. Kennedy Lindly Catherine Broderick Patricia Ann Norelli Margaret Puffer Mr. And Mrs. Concannon Support Our Patrons They Support Us Congratulations .7300 KENNETH ILEEI VUGLER FRANK N NAMEE AUTO GLASS PLATE GLASS COMPLETE STORE FRONTS HOMEOWNERS MIRRORS OUR SPECIALTY Baysank I sms FRONT sfnvnnf SIUNENAN BAYBANK MIDDLESEX OI' 24 Hour Banking Class Of 82 Stoneham 323 Main St. 438-4200 MUSIC VILLA Sales 8. Service 494 Main St Woburn, Mass 935 3006 438 C '7 2334 HUUR ZI9 MAIN STREET F ' In AMERICAN MUTUAL INS CO 1538 Main Street 438-8300 Subs -Pasta - Italian Imports Party Platter - Cookies - Assorter DELI ROMA INC. 458 my Good Luck Class Of 1982 SPARTAN PAINT AND SUPPLY 444 Main St: Stoneham, Ma 'x Wishing You The Compliments of: Best Of Luck- MR 8g MRS GEREMONTE mass Of 82 A FRIEND Tzme Is Not Measured By The Passlng Of The Years But By What One Does What One Feels And What One Achneves Jawaharlal Nehru Good Luck In The Future From The CLASSES OF 84 8: 85 v 1 - f f NK, Z Clockwise- a Stoneham High Pep Raliy? 3 Lance Hult- "Dad, What are you doing here?" 3 Great date lousy party! g Wow! You"re a better dancer than my date! 3 Are they talking about me?3 Robin Hood? -9-,K 'S , IE Good Luck In The E ereu Boa-to Suburbs Pmmpl Se u:eA a lubl Future l ACE PLASTERING From The Plastering 0 Remodeling I Free Eszimazes 0 Patch k 0 Sr Q , 'ffa CLASS QF 3 3 TONY MIGLIORE 24 Argyle SL Evenetl 16171 389-5760 Well find awa sm May Your Hopes Be Fulfilled And The Achievement Worth The Effort Best Wishes - STUDENT COUNCIL President Patty Concannon Vice-President Heidi Simpson Secretary Alyson Wesley Treasurer Sue Powers Jr. Representative Laura Fionda Soph. Rep. Monica Granfield Frosh. Rep. Susan Rando To The Class Of 1982 We ve Had Bad Times But Without Each Other We Could Not Have Had Them At All. We've Had Good Times, TRAVELING FARMERS A Unique Framing Service That Comes To You' 10 Bear Hill Road Stoneham 20922 Discount On All Custom Frame Stoneham High School Diplomas "Good Luck Class Of'82" 438-7663 Best Washes To The Class Of 1982 L A DAYS AND COMPANY 121 Mystic Avenue Medford Mass 02155 396 0200 v Best Wishes To The Class Of 82 STONEHAM BAND PARENTS ASSOCIATION fx, Imir Q Wflfld Inmmzdl u4QQam 9 420 MAIN ST STONEHAM MA A Full Service Salon For Men or Women 9 453-2540 ' BASKIN ROBBINS Ice Cream 232 Main Street 438-9831 Specializing ln Custom Made Ice Cream Deserts To The Class Of 1982 From The Students At The NEW ENGLAND DEACONESS HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING Boston Massachusetts Congratulations See you later, alligaton hw 1 ,- DINETTE WORLD AND LIGHTING CENTERS Danvers Wilmington Rt 128 Endicott St. Exit 24 Rt. 62 Next To Liberty Tree Mall 1 Mile Off Rte 93 Daily 9-9 Exit 14 Daily 9-9 Sun 12-6 S U , S . . . "' 1, Q f 4 .. 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IN "Blood and Sand" Fox News Comed "Dand Dan" WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY, NOV. 8f9 4 ' ' ' .'iff'.f.:.:.::s:915".J ..::ff5f1Ei-' .fiZf:f',.--' ' " .-3.-,si1551'.'. ' 1.5.5.-fi" ,iff 53355 A,.Q',g1s. -..,. I 34 1- "55:,sQsQ:Ef-f,. "f -J '- .5:..'-.4 lv zz 5i 5g.. .I:: I: .s'.E5jf':.gjt:5Qfgj? Q . T - " ' A... .. :s2s: : ' .'., "' H'5.5f.:5Sf::555i55ifE5f5::Z "" ''Q'5iifffF5ffi5f5ff5'f5 .161 A' if '-... A- ' 3 ,Q .'-. '-1-aQ ::f?:2,eg5gj ,Q . E" f q,-. ' ' A'.0 as - tl5E5?55iSE55:555555s5:55:55-guis3""i" f 1.53-555Es31.,, "X gj, .E:f."f,,,5 f . 1A-' . "a. in ' "iff,'.55.ff5fi '.',' .-V Q5 :g,g,,5f,.g1,35555 "" , ' gi. ff:fggfifijijffiifisi'Ir13'gifiifiiifiiiigfiffifi5i- f'N . . ' '... '.'.. :V 2 2 -ff. "1 5 0 1 "o' if-if - ' .-. .' aff: I' V 'ixf'E..'fI:5fE5E5E35' .1551:'j5" "'5:"Ef 555fEff'fs"5:'55'5f5E:f5E'ffflf'-5'-3.I' ' . 'Tiiffffifffefffza- - f1"'ff:.55?ff. f 395:fs5:55if555S5555f5f5f5f5i2ZEf1if X U7 Sceneffom the Qaramount Qzcture ll luibove LEU .Gow Fox News x Comedy "Roped Five' l i ' Vote "NO" on Referendum No. 3 STONEHAM THEATRE SPECIAL ATTRATION! THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY JANUARY 23, 24, 25 WANDA'S TRAINED SEALS The Acme of Trained Animal Acts Direct from the Saint James Theatre, Boston PRICES Matinees Adults 17c, Children llc Evenings Orchestra 22c, Balcony 17c Hit M Q . . .rl will refer to the old Stoneham Theatre as a Grande Dame. She is the only such theatre still standing, still displaying mar- quee, in any town in the vicinity. . , she kept us up to date on world affairs. Brought the outside world to us, made the halves a whole. She reflected kings, gave us insight to countries and cultures . . . she was our community television set. She was our newspaper headlines, our transatlantic tele- phone circa 1900. Because she was, we were witness to eras . . . silent films, talkies, double features, and live vaudevilleshowrs . . . She kept us abreast of the latest fads in travel, eating, fashion. And she wasour thejrapyqghe gave us vent to expressionsfthat were considered accept- Q .f.Qa,ble. g . . . Thousands, Qtyygyprdsflfthfave been written and spokentabfoutrfihier. She-'s been foughtover, fought againsybattlegg for., used, herigentrails is compdsled decayed pQp,cornv3.gkerneIs, jeiiied gums, bits of and God only knows what otherff5atterQlQLF it is true that everything has a conscioustifesson its individual level, herssrriust vibrate with teenage secrets, gossipyfiwhisperings adult ifexclamations, clandestine loveiyaffairsxin her balcony, tearsWof'ljoy'Ualnd lsfofrow, belly laughs . , . from "Salute to the last of the Grande Dames" by stephen-adele Morley The old Stoneham Theatre is a symbol of our times, almost a metaphor for our lives. l-ler history, extend- ing back to the early years of this centuryyis.. an illustrious one. Her screen has been illuminated with newsreels of war and depression, has displayed the famous faces of Valentino, Monroe, and Reagan. She was a gathering place for the residents of Ston- eham, a center of our town. The screen is dark now, the doors boarded up with plywood. l-ler marquee is no longer hung with great names, but instead serves as a sort of public bulletin board. She has fallen on hard times. But in spite of her present state of disrepair, the old Stoneham Theatre is a symbol of hope, of potential not yet realized, of a cultural regeneration that could transform the decaying center of our town into a bustling business district. l-ler decrepit condi- tion, like our own futures, is a standing challenge to each one of us. She is the raw material, the stuff that dreams are made of . . . Arguments Against Sunday Movies 1. They are not necessary to the health, happiness or the good citizenship of the people. 2. One day in seven should be kept free from that which has been felt in some quarters to be a national peril, instead of adding to the increased millions who are attending Movies during the week, a still greater crowd on Sunday. 3. They are a commercial scheme from beginning to end. 4. Again and again they have stimulated children in wrong directions, interfered with the family life, and with the church which is the great moral and religious safeguard of the com- munity. 5. They require labor seven days in the week, with long hours on the part of a large number of people who have charge of them, and of state officials who watch them, and of policemen who guard them. 6. Whatever may be the development of the Sunday Movies, their educational value at the present time, which is the great argument of those who favor them, is directly opposed to the best interests of the Lord's Day. ln some places they are undoing what the ministers, Sunday School, Teachers, Courts and moral interests are trying to promote. Register Your Protest Against Sunday Movies Next Tuesday Evening, Selectmen's Room, 8 o'cIock Rev. Mont M. Thornburg Rev. W. Llewellyn Hamer Rev. John D. Mowrey Rev. Elbridge F. Stoneham THE MYSTERY OF THE RESURRECTION is the topic announced for the Third Bible Lecture in the Stoneham Theatre Sunday, November 14, 3 P.M. Speaker: Pastor Gilbert E. Kemp of Arlington With what bodies do they come? Does the moment of death mean an instantaneous resurrection? ls there any sleep in the grave? Into what condition of life and environment do they attain to? Verily it is a "mystery" unless well understood and harmonized from the Word of God. Plan to hear this lecture. Seats Free and No Collection Taken THE NEW STONEHAM THEATRE GALA OPENING TODAY FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE STONEHAM RED CROSS FUND THE OPENING ATTRACTION "WOMANHOOD" The Glory of The Nation A SOUL STIRRING PATRIOTIC DRAMA IN 7 ACTS 211 66 1 Star perfb1'lu1mf iwlfmggg wg iw qs?-v . You van tmsl nt... 'mu mn imafi ax. ?1'!ElLiiEiii'L1'2 wi -rm new Hu' neu rvwffplaxiiomxry miiau' em Van Hansen Cernlgury shirts Q Wop Wrinkle. ever! cZ2 ' mmf mffzekzza X I DDNWFIENTFS Avcmnlfmul-Us ..,. nm srfwumouns ........ cw SWFIUIDIENWF IIIIIFIE mm snoimrs .,...,. mai IBIUSIINIESS ...,., uw

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