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1 : ] W[ a i . j X s I A ; r pp 1 s ii rf l Knafl U 1 a A X A A M A A A A I 1 I ■ ■ l Vf " n.y, Wa r r ,) ' •■ - ' AWM oom rcul ate 1 „ I - ' . r - 431tMAysl STREET • - STONFH ' ’ 02180 ' • -% » - . ' . ; v v . , •« ' « ■ V • • ... ' .■ ' • s. ••» , « . ' . ■ ., », - » » I V • y . t. STONi ' - ■ 431 MAIN STREET gTDNlFHAM. MA 02180 STONEHAM PUBLIC LIBRARY 431 MAIN STREET STONEHAM MA 02180 STONEHAM PUBLIC LIBRARY 431 MAIN STREET STONEHAM MA 02180 ' Ji S ' u : ' V A?-. r ' : ‘ ‘ ' r : . V • v • i . . v; tv y (o ma ga, -mega) «• [Gr. o + mega , great: lit., great (i.e. long) o, to distinguish from o mikron (see OMICRON)] 1. the twenty-fourth and final letter of the Greek alphabet 2. the last (of any series); end :vv »■ v l ? sv : v ' •% ' :- A i- t - i - . . 1 • i . • IV .r.v A ' • ' • ' » L ♦ 1 s . A ,U } G ,s ’A VV ;; ' u; r: :va ■;«»r ::»• r ' » j ■ ’ i ,Ai- .%■ V •A ' O “ ' .i v ' : 1 i f Table of Contents Faculty 19 Seniors 43 Sports 103 Activities 137 Business 161 Editor Christina Covino Assistant Editor Michelle Fiorillo Senior Section Beth Cataldo Jane O ' Neil Donna Doherty Layout Linda M. Carroll Louis Chinappi Janet O ' Brien Sports Carole Clabby Pam DeCola Kevin Maguire Typing Kathy Totorici Kathy St. Amand Faculty-Academic Lori Gustafson Susan Bird Art Kathy Crosdale Ed Coutu Activities Audrey Covelle Karen Fung Copy Richard Saitz Photography Thomas Cicatelli Elaine Doherty Business David Aronofsky Lisa DeSisto Robin DeFlumeri 1 — ■ ' -.2 ‘One Sunday in October a swarm of Stoneham " ' Seniors invaded the apple groves in Hampton Falls, f New Hampshire. Red juice golden delicious, ancFgranny sftifl®fillecf their shopping b gs and stomachs " as the stuc gnt9i6 d wid clirojaj from tree to tree. ™ After apple picking, tjjfe seniors: for Hampton HfeOTTrar a ’ McDc ld |fi0| and rbhoto _ 4 There ' s a NEW To the class of 1956, the first class to graduate from the new Stoneham High School, may this edition of ‘‘The Torch” serve as a reminder of the many privileges and advantages which we were fortunate to enjoy. Stoneham High has indeed taken on a “new look,” the result of years of hard work and planning by its townspeople. Let us hope that each of us has gained from its teachers, its modern facilities, and its school activities, the inspiration and the knowledge to cope with the problems of the future, and may the happy memories recorded here be cherished forever. iSauii To the class of 1981, the last class to graduate from the old Stoneham High School, may this edition of “Omega” serve as a reminder of the many privileges and advantages which we were fortunate to enjoy as well as the little inconveniences we have suffered. Stoneham High will take on a “new lo ok,” the result of years of hard work and planning. Even so, this old school has served us well for the past 25 years. Let us hope that each of us has gained from its teachers, its sports program, and its school activities, the knowledge to cope with the problems of the future, and may the happy memories recorded here be cherished forever. OF RICE 5 CAFLTERh 1 BUILDING LAYOUT A • NEW • LOOK • MADE • POSSIBLE % 1 i V £ v A K ■ ' Jg v w 1 ' Hr i 1 W jigs; »■ | 1 |, fr MKi | if v II 1 1 4 MA PROCRASTINATION . . . Clockwise from top right: 3 stages of procrasl going, gonel Marybeth “far from the madderjjng crowc£ VA prac- tical application of Statistics and Probability, The evils of last minute cramming. " Would you believe I ' ve read this paragraph ix times? " . DETERMINATION Clockwise from below: “go for it, Mike 1 ” ' The first to come and the last to go " — Marianne. Paul Maillett gets things “rolling. " " Up! Up! my friend, and quit your books. Why all this toil and trouble?” The aerobic dancing of David Cavanaugh. “Whip It” and “Rock Lo were the theme songs ' for fflte day When punk rock hit ' Stoneham High in a controversial way The green-haired guys pre hdspital pants along with devo glasses So to their .female punkies . they could make their new-Wave pass The chicks replied in a fa in pants like second skins On platform shoes with mini they flashed their sexy shins H On that day, we set trend, made a color section and more. By buying clothes, we gave great business to the Salvation Army Store. OUR SPECIES CAN ONLY SURVIVE IF WE HAVE OBSTACLES TO OVERCOME . Clockwise from top: Win or lose, the Spartans continue to plow through their opponents. Rappa Romboli defies the law of stereotypes and becomes the Pillsbury punk man. Even teachers find it hard to penetrate the “wrath of Rowell.” 14 7 r Clockwise from top: Tommy Duff smiles through a physical barrier — and " gets by with a lift le help from his friends. " The Iftfamous M iyiso breaks loose from Jashion and declares her individuality! Facing the dilemma of the future, Janet O ' Brien takes a look at colleges. Senior guys “grin and bear it” through the ordeal of school lunch. How does Lori Gustaf- son spell obstacle? P-H-Y-S-l-C-S! I " ) " WE ARE OMEGA 1981! Why Omega? Omega, the last letter of the Greek alphabet, is the last of a series. Our class, the class of 1981, is the last class to end its high school years in this building. Is the end of school the final end? Woody Allen puts it cleverly in his “speech to the graduates:” “More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wis- dom to choose correctly.” When Robert Frost was faced with a crossroads, he wrote, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” These statements imply that after we finish school we begin again. So Omega, an end, leads to Alpha, a beginning. 16 CANDIDATES John Anderson Ronald Reagan VOTE " 1 see no reason to have a draft. We will commence registration this year in order to prepare for some eventuality in the future that might bring about a military crisis calling for a draft, but whether we have a draft or not is not an important issue at all as far as the overall strength of our country is concerned.” — Department of State bulletin June, 1980 promise “I opM registr; greatly ancmeil burcaucr ELECTION 1980 On November 4, 1980 millions of Americans went to the polls to choose the next President of the United States. Campaigning had begun almost two years before for tens of candidates, including Massachusetts Senator Edward M. Kennedy who unsuccessfully made a bid for the Democratic nomination. The 1980 election was unique in several aspects. Unhappy with the nominations of the Republican and Democratic parties, Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter respectively, John Anderson challenged the two party system and ran as an independent third party candidate. November fourth also marked one year of captivity for the American hostages in Iran. For most of the year Carter did not leave the White House to campaign because of the Iranian Crises. The “Rose Garden” policy, the economy crippled with annual inflation of thirteen percent and seven percent unemployment, and the failure to free the hostages, cost Carter the election. Ronald Reagan won with a landslide as conservative fervor swept the nation. Even liberal Massachusetts voted Reagan. Right wing organizations such as Moral Majority Inc. and the lack of organized liberal platforms resulted in many liberal Senators losing their seats and allowed the Republicans to gain control of the Senate. The country wanted changes and with the results of the 1980 .elections it certainly got them. On the state level, the source of heated debate was question 2 on the ballot, Proposition 2Vz. In a quest to eliminate waste in the town budget and to relieve the property owner of an unfair tax burden, Commonwealth citizens proposed this plan that would result in lower property and excise taxes. Unfortunately the enactment of this legislation would result in massive budget cuts, including education, and police and fire protection. Many of Stoneham High’s finest teachers will lose their jobs. Despite these drawbacks the voters demanded tax relief and passed 2Vz by a better than 2 to 1 margin. KENNEDY FOR PRESIDENT Paid for by the Kennedy for President Committee 18 ■ ’X 19 Stoneham High School has been fortunate to have had Mr. Chester Jordan, the present chairman of the math department, as a faculty member ever since this building opened in 1954. He has seen many changes from 1955, when the first class graduated, to 1 981 when our class, the last class in this building, graduates. The dress of the students, for example, has changed considerably. Mr. Jor- dan remembers a time when boys were required to wear suitcoats and ties, while the girls’ skirts had to be long enough so that when they knelt the hemline brushed the floor. Although the dress code is not nearly so strict today, Mr. Jordan agrees that the “leather jacket and mini-skirt era” has given way to a somewhat neater, if still informal, style of dress. The teaching of math, however, is one thing that hasn’t changed too much since the fifties. “Maybe we can’t cover as much material as we used to though,” says Mr. Jordan. He thinks that perhaps increased participation in extracur- ricular activities and the growing number of students who hold part-time jobs have contributed to the slower pace. Mr. Jordan does not see the introduction of calculators into the classroom, however, as an impediment to learning. “If they can’t do it in their heads, they can’t do it on the calculators” he contends. ‘‘Stoneham is lucky” says Mr. Jordan, “because violence and vandalism have not become as serious a problem here as they have in some places.” And despite the com- plaints of many adults concerning the lack of respect that teenagers show to the elders, Mr. Jordan does not consid- er disrespect to be a problem. “The respect is still there, the kids just don’t show it as much,” he says. Obviously, SHS is fortunate to have had a teacher for so many years with such a sense of humor and positive attitudes as Mr. Jordan. To Look At Anything . . . To look at anything, If you would know that thing, You must look at it long: . . . You must enter in To the small silences between The leaves, You must take your time And touch the very peace They issue from. — John Moffit 21 ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION AND OFFICE STAFF: (clockwise from right) Mr. Ralph Rowell, Vice Principal; Mr. William Hoyt, Principal; Mr. Fred Kiamie, Vice Principal; Mrs. Deirdre McCormack, Dean. 22 (clockwise from left) Mr. Frank Matarese, Mr. Daniel Hogan; office secretaries: Mrs. Irene Zibell, Mrs. Peggy Young, and Mrs. Mary Appleyard; school nurse Mrs. Joanne Murrin, and attendance secretary Mrs. Florence Pagliarulo. 23 ENGLISH . . . arranged alphabetically (or was it by Author?) Thesis statements and A Separate Peace Should I take British Lit. or Film Media? And will I ever understand Tennyson? English . . . Vocabulary and book reports Trying to understand " The Heart of Darkness " and " Macbeth " Term papers! help! So many index cards — 24 lmshowisg The Stoneham High English Department: Clockwise from left: Mr. Kevin J. Conroy, Miss Nina Gentile, Miss Patricia Norelli, Mrs. Lois Rosen, Department Head Donald P. Musico, Mr. Richard Reed, Miss Anne Gower, Mr. Paul Mucica, Miss Catherine Bowes, and Mrs. Elizabeth Sahakian. FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Counterclockwise from top left: Mrs. Joan L’Heureux, Program Supervisor, Mr. Alain Rocher, Ms. Ivane DiMascio, Mr. Paul F. Atkinson, Ms. Jane Gerrior, Miss Vera Komanowski. As advances are made in media and technology, international communication becomes increasingly important. A survey of nationwide colleges conducted by Mrs. L’Heureux and the foreign language department shows that many “institutions of higher learning” are stressing the importance of foreign language education and are raising language requirements. The Foreign Language Department of Stoneham High School does an exceptional job of preparing students to meet these requirements as well as broadening student’s perspectives of the world around them. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Top: Miss Deborah Dimattia Above: Mr. Michael Lahiff Right: Mr. Richard Mongeau Above: Mr. John P. McGuire From rabbit dissections to New- ton’s laws, the Science department has challenged our minds to under- stand the concepts of the universe. Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy or Physics doesn’t always come easily, but the talented Science staff found a way to make it comprehensible. 28 Social Studies The Social Studies Department has been successful in developing stimulating courses and extra-curricular activities. Mr. Campagna and his all-male staff have offered such courses as China in the 20th Century, Psychology, Economics, Sociology, Compa- rative Government, and International Rela- tions, to make students politically, historically, and socially aware. Through the Social Studies Department, students with an interest in politics can partici- pate in such extra-curricular activities as Pro- ject Close-Up, Harvard Model United Nations, and Student Government Day. Mr. Dennis Mulvihill Mr. James Romano, Mr. James Campagna, Department Head LIBRARY AIDES Library staff: Left — Some special students are always willing to lend a hand in the library. Below — The Librarians, Miss Rudie Lindgren, and Mrs. June Johnston 2 ' JL 1 r; ' Library Aides volunteer their services in the Library to help with a multitude of tasks: checking books in and out, shelving returned books, writing notices for over-due material, clipping articles from the newspaper for a scrapbook of Stoneham High School publicity, and arranging special displays. The diligent work of these Library Aides makes possible the smooth daily operation of library service to the student body and to teachers. l ove, left to right: Special Education Teachers; Mrs. Maureen Dockery, Miss iwna Kelley, Miss Linda Morey, Miss Deborah Feodo, and Mr. Ar mand Calabrese. Mathematics Arithmetic is where the answer is right and everything is nice and you can look out of the window and see the blue sky — or the answer is wrong and you have to start all over and try again and see how it comes out this time . . . If you take a number and double it and double it again and then double it a few more times, the number gets bigger and bigger and goes higher and higher and only arithmetic can tell you what the number is when you decide to quit doubling. — Carl Sandburg 34 Our dedicated math staff: opposite page, clockwise from far left: Department head Mr. Chester Jordan, Mrs. Ann O ' Sullivan, Mr. So- crates Taseos, Miss Sh aryn Thur. this page, counter clockwise from below: Mr. Michael Ken- nedy, Mrs. Janice Solo- mon, Mr. Albert Lanni, Mr. David Nuss. 35 INDUSTRIAL ARTS Industrial arts offers students the chance to acquire practical manual skills which enable them to enter many fields of employment. Some of these courses include Woodworking, Mechanical Drawing, Printing, Auto Mechanics, and Electricity. Clockwise from top right: Mr. William Lucci, Mr. Louis P. Anastasi, Mr. Richard Fales, Mr. William E. Daly, and Mr. Renato Paolini. DOMESTIC ARTS Domestic arts gives students the knowledge to succeed in practical everyday living. Among the many courses, the most popular is Food Preparation. Above from left to right: Mrs. Gertrude Brown, Mrs. Virginia Kloss. Guidance Clockwise from top left: Mrs. Marjorie Hurst, Mrs. Gale O’Toole, Mr. William Murphy, Mr. Paul Sculley, Mr. John Feltch, Mrs. Carolyn Sowle, Mrs. Eli- zabeth Pack. 38 Faces From The Past Clockwise from top left: Ms. Patricia Nolan, Mrs. Lisa Wheeler, Mrs. Margaret Puffer, Mrs. Olm- stead, Mr. Feraco, Mr. Russell Lurvey, Mrs. Carolyn Banulis, Mr. Martin Schoepfer, Mr. Robert Tavanese, Mr. Barry Jenkins, Mrs. Glenda Layne. STEPHEN M. ADAMS BENNET AGHASSI WILLIAM A. ABBOTT ft It SUSAN ANDERSON LESLIE ABBOTT WILLIAM T. AIELLO JOSEPH APPLEYARD DAVID ARONOFSKY Michelle Fiorillo, senior class president LESLIE ABBOTT Memories: The Fall of 79 w K 2 2g in FLA NU, the dinner party, Southie Misery: 7 1 80 missing someone Think nothing a trifle though it small appear, small sands the mountain, moments make the year and trifles life. BILL ABBOTT Friendship is forever, AB ID DB DA BK JF TK DM BM Soccer 79 Senior year AG the Hip Monk PB JH STEPHEN ADAMS I’ll Never Forget: Canada, VH at the Orpheum, PYIC, Being with MC, The steps Misery is: Monk Suppressed Desire: Live close to the ocean Future Plans: To be a successful tycoon WILLIAM AIELLO Life is like a dream I’m living in the Seventh House. Seriously Folks Data Control and IBM, science is mankind’s brother “Jefferson Starship” “It’s been real” Friends are a “TEN " SUSAN ANDERSON Happiness is: My Family, and with my Friends, CM LM JA BS JT KC DB LF PZ SN Favorite expressions: haa Gonsa Future: work and to buy a nice moped. JOE APPLEYARD Memories: L.Z. The 28’s; Bob Seger!; B.E.; Phil ' s cottage: Drive-ins; Road trips; partying; lost in CT ; Being Mobile Pet Peeve: no cash; Fortran; BO; Quote: I said, hey, hey, you, you, get off of my cloud Thanks to MA + DAD + CO. DAVID ARONOFSKY Death cruise with Joe and Benny, Benny getting away from Jack, the camp with Tom and the leech Pet Peeve: 13 nicknames, Disco, Ralph skissy at Augustines, The feast and one way streets. DIANE BOUDREAU Feared by all good students — dreaded punk row. CHERYLANNE BOVA LORI BOWDIDGE PETER BRANSON ALLAN R. BRECK RICHARD BRENNAN ELIJAH BUDA BETH BOUDREAU Memories: JEF, Naughty, Naugh- ty, FtBCF, B52’s 5 in wagon Best Buddies: VD, TL, LF, JC, LC, Diege + Kev Quote: Reach out and touch somebody’s hand, make this world a better place if you can Thanks, Mom, Dad, Ne + Ka I Love you, U2GNB CERYL BOVA Memories: SPS NSTour80SS Sum 79 + 80 w R, M, E, J + L Good Times + Good Friends CHICS Hampton 81? SHSM Happiness is making DCI Family M + D Misery is: DP Pals?!R Quote; Never stop your dreaming because then you must face reality LORI BOWDIDGE I Will Never Forget the Drive Ins with KW LC + PC (Love is . . . KENIBabysitting, Breaking things, SHS, 9 11 79 Snowmobiling, Flax, Gerlando’s + Jetskiing Favorite teacher: Mr. Collins Future plans: My Corvette, Palo- mino being free + rich PETER BRANSON Memories: BP cottage and 20,000 dollar pyramid CDB at the Cape Partying with friends GM streaking I’ll Never Forget JV Hockey, Dis- coing at VFW Quote: cake and keg don’t mix, no car! Comments: I’ll bite your nose. Oh yeah LM + T hill. ALLAN BRECK Past: Soccer 7-12, Canada, the maple tree, Partying at my cot- tage Present: This damn paper, the hosp. review math Bill that’s how ya spell it I Hope Future: 20,000 miles on a motorcycle Quote: If the face fits wear it MATT CAFASSO WILLIAM A. CAMERON PHIL CARGILL PAMELA J. CARLSON JANICE BUSTEED Happiness: Marks 8 2 80 Mom + Dad PCMEM Summer 80 cruisin SED-PEU, BK, SF, MC, Reunite, Pickles on the roof, Florida still Hii towns, Seger, Misery: WAITING, pistachio frib- bles Quote: Who said you can’t always get what you want? PAULA BUTLER I ' ll Never Forget: Timmy, 8 31 85 The zoo, 1%, New Hampshire All Nighter, Shmirny, “Crusty, Where did everyone go!” Future Plans: To live in the country. Quote: The only things we ever keep are what we give away. Thanks, Ma, Dad. MATT CAFASSO Memories: Baker Brook with Karen for weekend (the best) Love her madly 3 1 1 5 17 . . SeaSue before CDB Cape Escape “79 " yeha! Best Bash Oct. Fest Cp “78” and LD with eight is enough. Comments: Life is worth living PP4 6 79-pinky-pack. WILLIAM CAMERON I ' ll Never Forget: DB, CM, LB, KC, MB, JD, RR, JP Pet Peeve: SHS on rainy days, SHS in winter Quote: Never mourn for the one you love; you will always be with in the spiritual world Siddhartha PHIL CARGILL Memories: J Geils, BK, Hoop, CPR, NH Drive in, taste Buds, Nick + Som, 6 secs, PW, JR High Rocks Future Plans: To become rich + have a harem. Misery is: “10 monsters " Happiness is: a 6 pack of Moun- tain Dews. Thanks Mom + Dad “Chow” PAM CARLSON Memories: Mark 10 27 78 NH BK SF RB + P Sebago DP SED + PEU Merit tacos Reunite WO + JAN Prom Majorettes track Misery is always being wrong Happiness is: Good Friends, Lov- ing Family — JPLSCMLCLMJ, LL RTLQ Thanks Mom + Dad Drew Ferrante tries to warn photographer of Bennet ' s eating habits. LAURA CARROLL LINDA M. CARROLL MARY E. CASHELL FRANK CASTIGLIONE BETH M. CATALDO LOUIS G. CENTORE MARGARET CARR Memories — Fall 79, Southie, PJB Part Two, Brave Strangers, Cape Escape, TC + C, Park your car leave, 206, K’s BB Misery is — NU, games Comment — Wish I didn ' t know now what I didn ' t know then. UP HIGH! Special Thanks — Onie, Saint LAURA CARROLL Happiness: My Family, Paul, 10 30 79 Memories: Dl with LB and KW, Senior Prom 81 the Bakery dou- ble dates with NH and JY Misery: Rising early. Life is like an onion you peel it off one layer at a time and sometimes you weep LINDA CARROLL Memories: Lena, M. Band, my bells, Whip Hill, Okie, Abes, SST, " TBF, " HH, Freebird Cia! " As I step forward to take a final bow, a tear streaks down my face. Then the curtain closes, ending another chapter in my life.” MARY CASHELL Mem — Stephen — summer SF, cruising — skiing — JP TT Cape — MB Quote — To good times, sad times, silly sentimental times we’ve shared I celebrate you my friends! Pet Peeve — 6:30 — Times with JPCDMLPLCJ — DP — Seger? 0 With Love to Mom Dad FRANK CASTIGLIONE Memories: B-Way, Naz, T.C. R.F. track + the T. Devils Good Friends, Backstop Pet Peeve: Cafe study BETH CATALDO Memories: 6th gr., Mt. Wash, BW, Hawaii, SPS Steven, JW JW, RJ 11:10, Southie — PBFFS, Reed, Jan, Lisa: What Would I Do W Out U? Janie; AmorVincitOmnia! LT, RP BC, 2 16 80 — Randy, ILY, Stwy- ToHeaven Thanx Ma, Dad, Mark, Kim, Carol Comment: “Rose is a Rose is a Rose.” — Gertrude Stein LOUIS CENTORE Memories: Mom, Dad, Jo, Mary, VitDan; 2 79. My 66 " Delta 88! GM VH 80’ Arena: JJ sound, The JH warm Buds, T-Fishing w Murrins, Mac 5 8 79 Ramda w M, S + D, Tuba + Edna, Jr + Sr Proms, Dad’s Coupe, Roses, Nora and my Stang 80’ MADDALENA CIAMARRA LOUIS CHINAPPI MARIANNE CHIULLI GINA CIARLONE Semi-finalists for the best legs contest. THOMAS CICATELLI DAVID P. CIROLI CAROLE CLABBY KRISTIN D. COFFIN LOU CHINAPPI I ' ll Never Forget: Summer ' 80, Jr. Prom, Guido, B52’s Dance Con- test, Iskrem, Cheez, A.V.’s Pool Parties, Dion ' s Party, zoo crew, G at Capri, Q!, A.D., B.P., V.D. and M.F. Thanks Mom Dad “Turn the Page " — Bob Seger MARIANNE CHIULLI Memories: CPC, TC + C = CP, CJ, KS; Hampton-Windsor Pris- on, Jean! W MF, CD, AD, LM, Ohio Man; Drive-Ins; SPS-KM, WGI 9 + 5 = company, Marne; Tour W N. Star, CB, RC; Bam- bino; Eric 4 19 80 Pet Peeve: WGI Champs, 27, JJ, RM, JD. MADDALENA CIAMARRA Memories: Linda, 7 mos. w DG, M. Band, my bells, Wally, EC, Avon, Whip Hill, JH JB, KC FC, my son BD. Quote: An old song on the radio brings back faded memories faces that I will never see again. Comment: CIA! GINA CIARLONE MEM: Scoop Cl + Y, MAA Pt 2 Cal my hair is falling out! Wheres 11? Friends shopping, I’m a Grape, 19, Bank, A + C UOME Hot Sumr nts, Yes you too can ..., Florida 1979 It ' s my Birthday! CPS sayings, Dion Woman, J., Love Is: Ma, Pa, Sis, Bro TOM CICATELLI Memories: Carnival Ball lights, Crash 80’ 7 1 9-20 80 on the Lake, S.H., J.M., Larry, 9 7 80 FIX the car; Pylon Race, Ride the Road, Ken’s Antics, telephone, etc. I know where we are — Lost; Favorite Quote: " BUCK!” DAVE CIROLI Happiness is: Partying with all the gang, Concerts . . . CDB Misery is: China Moon, no car. Pet PeeveS: Slugoism, eights, physics. I ' ll Never Forget: Chasing crimin- als at 6a.m., Fid, ahmmmm . . . Future Plans: College. Comment: What haDDened! CAROLE CLABBY Memories: Chem. 4, Merit reunite, BK, K + SFP, SED, Leg- less W TM, 10 7 80, JHin DC, Cruisin, class 80 Happiness is: Friends, Family + Ron Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you. — M.S. Bridges KRISTIN COFFIN Memories: Fred, 2 23 80, 3 15 80, 8 24 80, All my special friends — I’ll remember you always, silly moods, smutville, C’s oink, tennis aches, JR. Sr. Prom, cous, the b ea ch D.D. with C J, B + F, Keep in touch Buddies, Thanks M D DONNA COLUMBUS FRANK CONNERTY JEANETTE CONNERY MARY COONEY A thoughtful " Rappa” pauses during the game. AUDREY BETH COVELLE CHRISTINA COVINO DONNA COLUMBUS Memories: Foreigner at Cape- Zizza, escape from MDC, Fun times, full moons the bakery. Visions: Whatever happens is meant to be!!! Quote: “A man complained he had no shoes until he met a man that had no feet.” Love is: Magic MARY COONEY I ' ll Never Forget: DIP, Carol, Chi- co + the Man, " The Foot” Weekend In Me W JC, Mocha, Cruising W DW, CP, DD, Toad Is- land, I’m Sorry! Unicorn Frisbee, Ritual Sat. Nites, We’re The Nuts, Boston, Wanderers Does Your Shirt Say Ho? Happiness is: Weekends, Bye EDWARD COUTU Memories: Chorale, Toga MM, Rain, Not remembering, North Star, Q’men, Wally, Fag Line, 350th, DRAC, TLI, FIDDLER, C.C.’s Godspell, Shudap, Cast Parties, Abes “I ded- icate my yearbook to Frannie, Chico, Prunnella, Jack, I Love You " !!! CINDY COVELL Memories: Bike ride to NH with DM and CC, “I ' m paralyzed” Par- ty over CS house 9 20 80. Good Friends. Quote: " Never give up something you believe in without a fight, Especially something you love” Thanks to Ma Dad and Carol. AUDREY COVELLE Memories — Pico Peak 1 AM, 6 7 81 , Jr. P80, Pking, lost skiat WC, ' Finland, RP, LR, EF, CC, KH Comment — Don’t argue let them assume they’re right when you know otherwise. Quote — " The secret to life is to endure.” CHRISTIN A COVINO SB, AC, KF, KC, LG, KH, LLSCL, KM, PV, Sue Nancy, No More Steele St! Maria Diana 39 En- dicott 440 Mr. Gleason Pandora Ms. L’Heureux Seal Beach, Ca. Alpenholf JP — 3 7 80 HMUN 1136. NY M. Rocher 51-BJH “If anything can go wrong, it will” PATRICIA ANNE CRYAN LAWRENCE M. CURRAN ROBERT W. D’ANGELO IAN DANIS JANET CREMINS Memories: Carefree Megansett; quarters joy juice; Geils 79 Comment; I wanna laugh while the laughing’s easy — I wanna cry if it makes it worthwhile, I may never pass this way again . . . Bye SHS! Quote: Be as you are. LISA CROOKER John: The moments may be tem- porary, but the memories are forever. I ' ll Never Forget: CAT 5 11 79, friends and the good times with John. " and if our hands should meet in another dream, we shall build another tower.” KAREN CROSBY Carla, David, Nancy Me! Since B ou ' ve been gone! Inder my thumb! Sept. 12 Aug 1 8, the tracks. Boring nights great times, the Kinks. Wango-tango! July5 — 88 Keys Orange. RC AC! For-C-times with Nix! You can’t have a Rainbow without a storm. KATHY CROSDALE CH JG LB Great Cape Escape 3 Bronco Jersey Jeep Cold Hands Brown shoes SWIM WWC JAY PEAK Canadian Ski Team Green M + M’s Wildcat week Rutland mudslide AWESOME Happy Meal JrP Carnival Ball DITW Fan- tastic Friends!! PATTY CRYAN Memories: Twishy, MB, MS, RD, DC, 8-80, Creamed, LOS- ERS, BK, mocha! Happiness is: Family, Ma, Friends, car. I’ll Never Forget: ride on 129 w friends! JF, CM, EL, The lot WHS w Jwishy, X-mass party 79. Dedication: Mom Dad with Love!! LARRY CURRAN Special Thanks to the Best Guitar I could own, My Gibson Les Paul. For all the good times with Drew F, Gregg B and Brian M. Practic- ing in tne cellar, Growing up, and becoming the Vandals. Memories, Mrs. R, the CB, HW GBPartys. ROBERT D ' ANGELO Memories: Going to lunch How to Escape, BK, Capri. Weekends, Beach, Unicorn, Party. Before school in the parking lot Party. Great Friends Tubba, Ron, John, Red, Fatty Quote: Look out Mr. R. Everyones Best Friend Gooddays, Bad, End, Ye Ha IAN DANIS Happiness is: Family and true friends. I’ll Never Forget: Denise 12 10 77; Bad Co.; B.C.; Soccer; C R; S S; Jr. Prom. Misery is: Saturday mornings on the line. PAM DeCOLA DAWN DeCOSTA ROBIN DeFLUMERI GLORIA J. DELFINO Jack Fionda studying results of the “razor stubble credit card test.” KATHLEEN DEMARCO CAROLYN DENNIS VICKI DART SPECIAL PEOPLE: John 7 80 B52’s, LF, BB, AV, MM, DB, LC, Kev + Delge MEMORIES: CWBG, 5 in a wagon, Naughty, Naughty, SOS, Ice cubes, wash, Greece, RBCF, 3:00, 3:30, ISKREM, We ' ll never lose it guys! Thanks Dad, I Love You!! ROSEANNE DAVIDSON Memories: Grandma 5 17 Steve Hardy 2 12 79 DP. Childhood WDC + PM. Crossing rt128w MB. Emb xw PC. Good xwDG + SH. food Weenyboys, MM, WG, Lolli, feud, JW, HR, WB, “P” Misery is: MS Having your BS FALL. “V " B 8 jobs WF Dedica- tion: Ma + Dad Bye PAM DECOLA Happiness is to love and be loved by family, GREG, + friends, 11 Freebird! Comb + 94-108! Memories: My Best LS, SP, FEATHERS + CL, “Only the Good Die Young, “Harvey VB Camp + 70c, proms, LW reunite, Merit, Seger?? Chem 4, Sum ’80 Lola + WTA DAWN DECOSTA Rich 9 12 80 DD + KS Parties cloud 9 wodka Cathy gag’ snort- snort little worms-super DYCYUT? vitimin pill? FT + LM St. Joes good times 5 18 79 JIB facts’ live it up you only live once Irish Whis- key lose something? ROBIN DEFLUMERI Happiness: being with John, my family C.C. Memories: Portland with John, Crosscountry sun. w John, vaca- tion with Shirley 1 979, 9 yrs. danc- ing, picnics I’ll Never Forget: 11 2 78 GK DW SLD MM TL Pet Peeve: Ready Go GLORIA DELFINO Memories Rich 9 4 79 RM 110 Conn. PPP China light blue to navy Desolate RDS. “D " Pass out Fla. NG Beatrice g KF “To accom- plish great things, we must not only act, but als o dream, not only plan, but also believe. AF KATHY DEMARCO MEMORIES: Summer 79’ 2 Flat tires El + S Ways. Bzr. Friends HAPPINESS IS: Parties 1980 Softball Champs Pet Peeve: Conceited people Stubs Quote: Now is all we get, nothing promised no regrets. B.A. B.U. CAROLYN DENNIS Memories: Smirny the gang, JH, 1%, Trains in Maiden, long talks w PE EM, 11-2, L. Day laughing w CF, Snow w Lyn WBPw Murph, Sahak, N. Young, Cape Escape, Bagged, Beans w Riv, Boma Happiness is: Summer, Hoopy SHIRLEY DEVENEY TOM DiBLASI LISA DeSISTO PATTY d’ENTREMONT RALPH CARL DiFRONZO PETER J. DiGANGI JOSEPH DiMAMBRO JOSEPH DiMARCO Lisa Doyle’s motto: “Smile, people will wonder what you’ve been up to!” PATTY D’ENTREMONT Love is: Jimmy, Hay, Linda, Fami- ly good Friends. Memories: S-24-80, S-25-80, 143 Jim. Cottage w J, D, M. McD’s w JL HW LD TC RS. GH BEACH w class of 80’, DanbyTown summer of 79. St. A’s Fair Canada w DLCML M LISA DeSISTO Memories: Friends, C-town w RO, 1 0 past 1 1 ,206, SPS, Hamp- ton, cruisin’ in the hatch, the flea, BC-GAME, WXKS, 6th gr„ Beth + Onie — you’re the best! Up high-M.C., . . . How’s your thing? Misery is: Halifax, 103! Suppressed Desire: WWWW III Thanks Ginny + Joe! SHIRLEY DEVENEY Memories: Summer 80: New Hampshire with B.T. D.D. and R. H. Good times with R.D. AND S. H. at Salisbury Beach Happiness is: Bobby 9 21 79 I’ll Never Forget: the Junior Prom when R.D. and J.S. had a fight Pet Peeve: BT ' s car TOM DIBLASI Memories: Disaster at Canobie Lake, lOTallsa. Summer Parties, BUD, Good music. Baseball, speed isn’t everything BK, Boofa, Boomer, Artie Somerville Misery is: getting carded Future Plans: Make Big Money Its been fun “chow” RALPH DiFRONZO “What is essential is invisible to the eye.” Saint Exupery “Exnihilo les fit.” — Arthur of Britain “Bottom” — Jeffey Ayer, Age 5 PETER DiGANGI Memories: Chicken fights at the beach, camping w Kefly + Carp Free keg Common 151 The Doors Top shelf people: Beth, Vicki, Kev + Jim Morrison Suppressed Desire: A Doors Concert Quote: Out here we is stoned, Im- maculate! JOSEPH DiMAMBRO I’ll Never Forget: Fun at M.P. Death Cruise, The Guys, The Ice- man, Colors, soccer bashes Pet Peeve: Injuries, Burn-outs, quitters. Happiness is: Winning, soccer Beatles, Beach Misery is: Work, waking up, West- ern, Finals. JOSEPH DIMARCO To ME, RD, DS, PR, DM, BS, BC, SM, RD, BW, TD, AND BW Thanks for your money. ELAINE DOHERTY BRIAN J. DONAHOE ANNETTE M. DONNELLY CHERYL DOTOLO PAUL DIMARE Memories: Burger King Denny ' s Bedspins playing quarters BHGC parties first goal in soccer Broad- way party Misery is: French II III are you “se- rious’ Future Plans: College Marry a perfect “10” Be my own boss. STEVE DiPIERO Will always remember country cruises on my motorcycle, Out- laws in NY, cards on Sat. nights, Trips to NH. most said word “8 bucks " Misery is: Never getting to date MS. Best of luck to all my friends in the future JIM DIPIETRO I’ll Never Forget: The Cape, Mas- sive Road Trip, RK’s cars, work- ing at HoJo’s, the tree Misery is: the Ferret, U-turns, 31 8, the zoo Amoco curbs, Cape cops Happiness is: Mustang for $575, Weekends, Ted ' s toy motor, Fred + Flynn DONNA DOHERTY Jim party dates VB OKIE CMPG Rock-Disco ESP MIT show Downs: cliques-false faces jealously Ups: sincerity LF, SG, JCJM, LIZ, DDR, RAMS “Reality is hard to accept — no need to prove I’m right — take me as I am I won’t change ELAINE DOHERTY Memories: The AWESUM 4-sum SAFE Little Darlings, A lost friend LD, blouses, megs + pomps Mom, Dad, Paula, Jr. Prom 5 10 Dl, ED, BK, UTSP It is better to laugh and forget than to cry and remember. BRIAN DONAHOE To Mom and Dad Thanks Memories: great times, true friends, football, Canada 78-80, Montego, skiing, drums MLKD 80 Lianne, Oops!, JP, Matt. Many other GM’s! Quote: Believe in yourself and what others think won’t disturb you . . . ANNETTE DONNELLY MEMORIES: friends TC + C Central; Sr. Dnc. 79 JH. Bambi- nos Ml + CHE HAMPTON w MAR CHE Ml LIS 4AM Jr. Prom w TODD 143 Miss you Ellen GC. IOUBBP Nothin Why; 7th PER. CAP Thanks Mom Dad KTTBJSA I Love You All. Happiness is TODD CHERYL DOTOLO Memories: Hampton 7 Mich, Net- te, Mair, Jean; where is Mair? Bambinos 7 Mich, Nette Proms + Rockport; LC + JG CFW Babs + Smiley wknds at the Cape, PR Blvd Quote: I know no way of judging the future but by the past. Thanks, MDMKJG MIKE DOUCETTE ROBERT E. DOWNES LISA DOYLE THOMAS W. DOYLE LIANNE DRAGO THOMAS“DUFFA” DUFF DONNA DUFFY HERB DURANT MIKE DOUCETTE Memories: John and Rick, Drive ins, Rock n ' Roll. Johns 68 olds U.S. Navy, HELO, USAF cook. Pam and her wine, ccc Frank and Tim LISA DOYLE Memories: EL-Hampton 78-80 Good Times T rue Friends, Chic, RS at RB SED, Proms. I’ll Never Forget: Joel 11 18 77-8 30 80 Pet Peeve: I’m sorry! Happiness is: Friends who care KM, EL, LN, MS, AG, My Family Thanks Mom Dad! TOM DOYLE Remember: TOGA in D.C., Even Now, Monadnock, The wisdom of the seagull and the music of the walrus, Kennet SQ. Girls, The Mad Mav Double Date, Bass, Studley, 12-string, Crushed leg, A girl in every port LIANNE DRAGO Happiness is: Mom + Dad DD spending time w LM MR TM CL and Brian. Memories: 1 14 80 MLKD M-days Oops! DD w C + M JP my 4 VBCamp tWTAw HU EUN M M DL scoopin’ The Mai Mobile Baha C 2 Quote: A dream is a door to tomorrow! TOM DUFF Memories: Cape Escapes The Fort, Nationals 78 Cliffs, Buds, Magic Bus B-Day’s, J-Foxes, Canada good times with good friends, Bearso, Simpy, Rhonda Some of Lifes Best Yrs. have Past Now its Time to be Born Thanks Mom Dad + Kathy DONNA DUFFY Dip Unicorn caps CP MC DW BS DT Jr. Prom Ditches wait Boston Beans Rejection The Big Ashtray, English with Feraco, A block study, The foot, The wanderers, BK, NH, Catch ya on the rebound, Carnival with DT and TJ, Biology with Joe, Gallahues, So close but yet so far Je’taime J.D. HERB DURANT Remember: BK + Crew-Old + New Jr. Prom Let’s go swimming- CM, CA, KA, LC, NYC with Span- ish Club 5-78 M Mt. Wash, with J + P + N YRBK " 81 " Wash. DC 8-80 Misery is: Bacon Burger 8-CL Happiness is: DT closes 10:00 PM Class of “81” Do It Up SUSAN EDINS MARK ENOS PAULA EVANS MATTHEW T. FABIANO JOAN M. FALLON CHRISTINE FALZONE RICKY FEDERICO DREW FERRANTE Members of The Peter DiGangi Fan Club finally get his autograph! SUSAN EDINS Wkends w the gang, 1%, 100 Smirny, Cape Escapes, Zappa w Malz, My shadow, Gossip Tooted Out, “79” DECA Dills, Outlaws, w Lynn, Hardtimes, Comment: Theres just some things in this world you can’t ex- plain MARK ENOS Never Foreget: all the good times in Electronics with Mr. A and SM BC, JP Pet Peeve: school lunches Future Plans: The service or car- pentry. I would like to thank all my friends for three great years. PAULA EVANS Never Forget: John 6 15 79 The girls Smirny 1% Cape Escape, white lines, LM bashes Long talks with EM + CD, Santana Everythings coming our way Thanks Mom + Dad MATT FABIANO Memories: Times with Carol, 1 16 79, DD with B + L, Xmas 79- stockings, 4 July, Moonwind, Beach Happiness is: Piggy, Family, Chinese Food, Friends, Malibu, 2 scoop Misery is: Weekends at FP, No Money, 4 comp 6 crowd at JP JOAN FALLON I ' ll Never Forget: EL, CM, KD, JG, PC, MB. KD ' s B-Day. Twishy? Night at CM’s. tubs! WHSW PC. Sambo’s run. BK, Mr. KC. Tom, Softball “80” ya! awrighta! BB Comment: right here buddy. Pet Peeve: HR. slips, DBLSTUF Happiness is: Weekends, Family + Friends. CHRISTINE FALZONE I ' ll Never Forget: Larry the gang, Smiroff, L. Day, laughing w CD, Talks w DT, VK, Butler, where did everyone go! Bagged, SF Trains in M. Quote: If you love something set it free if it comes back it’s yours, if it doesn’t, it never was RICK FEDERICO “Memories ' ’ GMR, Drew, Ma and Dad, Zoom Pizza Whimpy, Boof Dad, BC79, Sabbath, Ted Nu- gent, 3 Lucy St. DLG, Rainbow, Samuri 212, OH! OH!, 67 GTO, Sneaking, JTTCOYM, GWB, Blackfoot, VH 1980 Jr. Prom, Paul Revere, “It ' s Heaven-n-Hell! " DREW FERRANTE I’ll Never Forget: My Real Friends, concerts, ' 67 GTO, Moosehead, RT, VH-Orpheum, 426, AC DC, The VANDALS, Beautiful Girls, Fuzz-Bros., M + D Future Plans: Playin ' in a rockin’ band. Suppressed Desire: To Be The Best. MICHELE FIGUCIA JOHN FINIGAN KIM FERREIRA TRICIA FERRO Senior Beach Bums. JACK FIONDA DEBBIE FINNEGAN KIM FERREIRA Memories of Beatrice NH Norma Cape Escape Glocester RL JO Sonny Happiness Brad Always JO GD RL JC ML Pet Peeve No Phone Call Waiting Hilltop Quote How does it feel to be on your won a complete unknown Thanks Mom Dad PATRICIA FERRO Memories: Jimmy April 26-, 1980, Roses, Oh Shut Up! Pom Pom, Band, Wakefield the fight, LOVE. Skips, The House Boomer, sugar. Charly, NHCC Peter Frampton, Eagles, DL Sandy, Chris, Luanne, Proms, ACHBEGEC, Drama, HD, BOS, Mom + Dad, David Aug. Canada Donald, HoieBunch, chorus MICHELE FIGUCIA Quote: Live For Tomorrow With A Smile For Everyday There Are New Beginnings. I ' ll Never Forget: MY, MJT, MAT, PH, KU, RN, CM, J’s heartbreak hotel, MLC “80” New Years Eve, sluggo, , The Lucky “5 " FH, BB, SB, HCC, MAINE, Thanks Mom + Dad, Miss ya Auntie DEBBIE FINNEGAN Memories: Jimmy, Fig, Sandy, N.H. w the GVG, skiing, Florida w the Chubbers. Happiness: Family, Friendly’s, Dirtbiking, Cats, COZ, 6 7 81 ! Misery: tne weekend at Gunstock that never was, Oct. 5, gym JACK FIONDA Happiness is: Janet Memories: VT. Cape, 16-1-1, Cuckoo’s Nest, Saltmarshes, bluefish, 8-3-77, wiffles, Janet and the White Mts., Senior Prom. Future Plans: College, my place in the Mts. Misery is writing these comments. LISA FIONDA Happiness is: Mike Memories: New York, Colonial, Flowers on Friday, Chevelle, KD, WJ, PW, PM, DS, LF, TC, Gramp, Mrs. Barry, Seger 10-6-80, Maine, Salisbury, Thanks Ma + Dad. JTN. Misery is: 1 night a week. Quote: “I Love You Michael” Bill Aiello just hangin’ around. MICHAEL FLAMMIA EILEEN F. FOLAN ROGER FOTINO I ROBIN FUCCI LOUISE ANN FROTTEN CHRISTINE FUCCI MICHELLE FIORILLO Memories: Hampton ’80 w MC, AD, CD, LM. Bambinos — Cher + Nett. David-2 yrs. 10 25 78. Guido-LC. Spot. My Xmas Party Ellen’s Bash. Where’s Mair? Dis- co Drive-In! Ohio. Scoop! Poulet. Thanks: Mom, Dad, De, Mike, Huey + Great Pals. LAUREN FITZPATRICK MEMORIES: We’ll Never Lose It. Naughty, Naughty. Good Times w Etnel + Dave. Punkie, Wash 6 80 Pretzles. Flagon w Jorgen. Special People: Mark 2 80. VD, MM, A V, BB, LM, MH, MF, DB, Bob Thanks Mum and Dad, You’re The Best!! EILEEN FOLAN Memories: Florida, DF, AC, Sum- mer of 76, good times, ski trips, Figgy, Gunstock, Spring of 79 in NH Thanks Ma + Family. Misery is: 7th period, Folansky, Deb losing a ring, breaking a ski, K + R, DG in Biology, + Elaine. ROGER FOTINO And So, “Through all thy days may shadows touch thee never — ” But this alone — God bless thee dear — Then art thou safe forever. LOUISE FROTTEN I will never forget: PZ, CM, DB, SA, DD and RK Summer “79” Air Force, Mrs. Barry, KSLQ. Cops Friday night. At the beach. Good Friends for life. Holding in prob- lems and fears. DIET! Get thin! Run for the showers! gym CHRISTINE FUCCI Memories: 4 yrs. w BOBBY 2 26 77, 5 3 77, dead cats dogs, CC’s white shorts, cheering, WHS Sr. Prom, talks w JH, Snake — " 83” Happiness is; BTRFPDCCJH2JGDTBR, Mom Dad. Pet Peeve; CCDCDD ROBIN FUCCI Happiness is: Robbie, Family, + Good Friends Memories: Hampton, Wht. Mts., 4V 2 years, 10 31 76, Awesome 230, Good Times w PB + ML, CF + BT, Cheering, Chem 4, Ply, Opal, Matching leathers, RD-Fam. “Al- ways and Forever” KAREN S. FUNG JOHN GAG LIARD I THERESA GALLAGHER JANET GIANNOCCARI JANE GIBBS SCOTT GILSON Coach White — after a long hard football season. BRIAN GINIVAN KEVIN GLASS KAREN FUNG " People are not always what they seem. The true begger is the true king.” — Gotthold Ephraim Lessing TeeHee, HMUN, Ten Seconds, Big Mawie JOHN GAGLIARDI I ' ll Always Love: JG, LG, MJG, GF, MC, CD, MD, and esp. LC. Mem: Mohawk 80 FB all 76-80, Capm 80. Jr. Prom INF: Boston Common 151. Man- omet + Blvd. Misery: Listening to Quies speeches. “Everyone can master a grief ex- cept the one who has it! 77 TERRI GALLAGHER Never Forget: SPS “WGI” FC w JS Future Plans: NS Happiness is: Family and Friends CB, KM, MC, MM Pet Peeve: Being in the wrong place at the wrong time Quote: Do what you want to do and not what others want you to. JANET GIANNOCCARI Mem: ME + Hamp, 4 mus- kateers. JG, switcheroo. BKASS Jr. Prom w RD. Kellys Hugh S2. VBall, The man at fronts VM good + bad times. Love To: Jacqui! Leon. INF: John + Ron! Hap Is: F + F + Joel. DC + Penn 80. BBreb. Pam G. The chase. Night at CM Gag 77 JANE GIBBS Never Forget: Best Friends Cap, RERE, CC, Barb, KS, NG, Annie, Mad Times, The Beach, T-Birds, GEB, Bombed Nights. Pet Peeve: Stubborness, quiet nites. Comment: I ' ll Never Stop Trying, Thanks Ma, Dad, Diane BRIAN GINIVAN Memories: COMET, Kanga, Boofas Party Cottage, Summer- 79 + 80, Driv-ln Partys, Gumby, Captain Spew, B-Head, Catching kegs with Party Arty Happiness: BUDS, BUDDYS, PUCK + Ma. Pet Peeve: Fired, Blackout, Emp- ty cooler. Quote: Have another B EFRAIN GONZALEZ JOANNE GOODE j oe Smallcomb exhibits his new weight-gain plan. JANET E. GORDON NANCY GOSTAN ARTHUR GOTT RONALD GOVER LYNN GLOVER Memories: Clyde, 1%, Wkends with the gang smirny, Eileen over, Malz, John, ABB, CDB, Cape Escape, East Beast, Jr. Prom, snow with CD, BB with LM, BS with PR JM in A,M„ Ralph R, There must be some kind of way out of here. PAUL GLOVER Happiness is: Sleeping Late, A good movie. Memories: E Block, Mt. Monad- nock, Nantucket, Italian I, Tennis, Jimbo, Good Friends — Good Music, Mr. Benoit, Library squad, ' Abused.” ’something Fierce” Future Plans: Composing EFRAIN GONZALEZ Mom and Dad Baseball, Uncle Jimmy, Pauline, Marines, Carlos, Colina, Ray, Steve, Javier, Alma, Roberto, Clemente, Fisk, Maritza, Jessica, Elvis, Sheila, Willie, Stargel, CC, WT, Perez, Terry, War, Paul, Fred, Jim, Romano, Tuna, Yaz, Rick, Red Sox JOANNE GOODE Mem Spot Lights on you Laurie! Hr-5 JPCTJGBRJPDGNGCDBACF I’m a JD OOB N. Windham Maine AA camping Rev Ridge Rec Hall S. Pit Drive-In BK BB Perms Switcheroo Bad Co Styx VanHalen Moped MCDS I made it! Mom + Dad I Love You! JANET GORDON Happiness is: Living in Reading I’ll always remember Frank I liked going to Stoneham High School NANCY GOSTAN Happiness is: Jamie, Weekends, PB, The Stones. Memories: Fla. and the su mmer of 80, Joe!, G.D., J.G., Me. and Fla. 79, 1 1 80, twins, school daze, Outlaws, pass-out, VW, R.O.I. Quote: You can t always get what you want. — The Stones ARTHUR GOTT A good football game not quite making it home, just passing by in Medford Drive-In, holding a party with a slight injury and being blamed for a fractured leg, with Skynard, adds up just having a good time — ELLEN L. GRANT PATRICIA GRAZIANO THERESE MARIE GREGORY DAVE GRIFFITH Joe Appleyard and Lisa Zaccaria spend a mellow moment amidst the crowd. LORI J. GUSTAFSON TRACEY A. HADLEY ELLEN GRANT Memories — HR w DG, good friends, Mr. M, I don ' t get it, it’s not easy bein green, Hey sexy, no- body’s perfect, LN, I’m sorry. PP- 5.5; nothing lasts forever — nothing gd, nothing bd, cheek to cheek, sweatshirt to sweater-HRH THERESE GREGORY Memories: CDB, 9 5 80 Scoop! SPS, Marne, WGI. Another One Bites the Dust, Wake. CRASH! SCF Let’s go Tuna Fishing Love Stinks awww! Summer ’80 Salis- bury Happiness is: Family + Friends JG, MM, CJ, CG, DB Quote: “You should be shot " DAVID GRIFFITH Happiness: Wells Beach early morning surfing Soccer Team Parties Pet Peeves: Cold wetsuits warm beer waking up working Mondays Suppressed Desire: Walk bare- foot on the moon Comments: (WBDT) AHHHH! The great chase 80 DAVID GUNNING I’ll Never Forget: K-Mart, Val’s BB, Fanta, Ngts in the falcon, run- ning on empty, HR with EG, STYX, Jo Ann, KMCP, Duge, BG Sept. 21, 1980 Misery is: Reading cops, Val’s driving, keys locked in car ... again Pet Peeve: gunner, Davy CARL GUSTAFSON Fort, Common 151, Cape Escape, AB AFT. Magic Bus B- days S-W-M-P-REC Happiness: Being with JS Friends Beans + Buds Ralph down 93 SupDesire C-Skynyrd Dedicated: Dad + Ro Dream: Mr. U Quote: Hey Hey My My Rock-n- Roll will never Die — N. Young LORI GUSTAFSON Memories: NYC, RM 1137, Mom- my, MT Chicora, Ski Trips, Big Mawie, Escalators, Apt 4, Friends, is it so small a thing to have enjoyed the sun, to have lived light in the spring, to have loved, to have thought, to have done? TRACEY HADLEY Happiness is: Skip 9 16 79 Memories: Jr. Prom, Alton Bay, Rifleman?, 3 stooges, The Doors, “LONGER " Fridays Quote: No matter how I struggle and strive I’ll never get out of this work) alive! Thanks Ma + Dad. GERARD E. HARRINGTON JEANNE HARTNETT MICHAEL HEROOK PAULINE HICKEY GERRY HARRINGTON Memories: Oct. 13, 78’ DT The Alleys, Allman Brothers in Lenox, French Three Class, One Per- cent, Ma and Dad Misery is: Why do you wear that hat? Comment: “This is the end, my only friend the end! — Jim Morrison JEANNE HARTNETT “Friendship starts with loving hearts.” Joe, 11 24 80, Smile, SmirK remember the fun times forever. Silly moods, Girl talk with K and C, Plays, Okla. Fidd. Cha- va, Smutville, Jr, Sr, Proms, Ten- nis; Dancing, Thanks M and D MICHAEL HEROOK Pet Peeve — Needlemeyer I’ll Never Forget — Beans, Boats and Fishing Poll Comment — Life is like a vacuum cleaner, it . . . ! Quote — “I’ve got to admit it’s get- ting better” — Beatles (J.M. Lives) POLLY HICKEY Memories: M.T., Sluggo D.B., The Lucky Five BK Zee, S.P.S Pals, Art 5th, Are you a Hickey? NEMH Friends, Wood 1 Mr. Scul- ley, The Lake My Family of Beanes My Family of Love Quote: “Live and let live” CATHY HALEY Frank 1 14 80 KC JG LB Cape Escape Jr. P, Sr. P ' 80 Cold Hands Brown Shoes 3 Bronco Jersey Jeep Geils Seger SWIM! Jay Peak Canadian ski teams Green M + M’s Wildcat week Rutland mudslides Awesome Happy Meal ROBIN HAMLYN I’ll Never Forget summer of 80’ w BR, CB, EC, RH, KM, Alabama and Friends. Happiness Is Loving and being loved. Quote: If you love something let it go if it comes back to you it is truly yours if not it never was. JACQUELINE HAROLD Memories: Bob, 5-8-80, Lowell, CC in DC, JG + 4th. Reunite — SF + BK, JV ' ers, V-Ball, Peter K, NH + Ca. FSLK: LW. Happiness is: LWCCPDSPCFRFJGSLSM — Ma, Father, Gregg + Dad, Run- ning — If you love him, let him go, If he comes back to you, he’s yours, If not, he never was. MARY HARRIGAN Memories: Southie (KD LF LJ PM AS DS) cruisin 208 it’s OK The corner 1 1 :45 Run Summer 79 Me-Karate? Kelly’s For Sure Mr. Ambasador COZ Doors Geils Quote: Break on through to the other side Doors Pet Peeve: 73 Toyotas KIMBERLY A. HIGGINS KAREN HILL IHBI " Really Eddie, you’re gonna love the new you,” assures Ms. Gentile. NANCY HOLLAND DOUGLAS R. HOLMES ■ JOHN J. HOUGHTON SANDRA MARY HOYT JON A. HUBBARD BRIAN HURLEY KIM HIGGINS Dedicated to Mom and Dad. Happiness is: friends, Marksie, Cal “80” I’ll Never Forget: Being lost! Bahaba, HMUN, Rm. 124A If you can imagine it, you can achieve it, If you can dream it, you can be- come it. KAREN HILL Memories: Outlaws, Jr. Prom, Summer of ' 80, Good times w blondes, what’s your name?! Mer- rimac. I’ll Never Gorget: GM Pet Peeve: waiting, BBB ' s. Happiness is: Family + Good Friends. Thanks Ma + Dad, I Love Ya! NANCY HOLLAND Happiness is Jackie, Mom + Dad, Big Beef Cheese Burger, Friends NN LC CL PD, Riunite Memories: 9-9-79, Senior Prom " 80” weekend in NH Misery is: Monday mornings, no money Comment: Disgusting DOUG HOLMES I’ll Never Forget: crashes of ' 80, Quarter ante at third lunch, and the zoo. Misery is: a 200 1BBL, working weekends, and Trig class. Happiness is: a ’71 Maverick, snow, and a Grateful Dead Con- cert. JOHN HOUGHTON Memories: White Mrs. VH row 4, steps, B Day, zone, Eddies, BK, Ralph 1, K Party. Happiness is: Fridays, Buds, Tunes, Having $ Pet Peeve: 7:30 A.M., A.M. Ralph, DUMPERS. Quote: A good night is VS? remem- bered. SANDY HOYT Happiness is: Carmen 8 29 80. Memories: Old Orchard Beach, Unicorn, T.P., Byfield! SG, KM, DM, BR, DF, BS, Carol? Toad Is- land, Sawdust Mom! Drag races, Salisbury, Wake. Lake, GG! Quote: Love understands and therefore waits. JON HUBBARD Remembered Most, DE 5th period. Mr. Walter, Len, Wise, Re- member West Rutland? and 3rd out of 3? Library overdues! Also Remember Sousie, Dixie Land Basketball games. Thanks to Nick, Mike, Peter, Ken- ny + Donald. Pet Peeve, clown abuse! BRIAN HURLEY Memories: Ossified, CDB, ABB, ZZTop, Bo’s Club, Sebago Lake, Santana. Never Forget: See Sue by the Seashore. Miseries: Losing Keys down the cape. Pet Peeve: Hangovers. Future Dream: Beach house in California. JOHN K. LAWLOR LARRY LAWLOR MARYANNE LEAHY JOAN MARIE LeBLANC Doing what punks do best — nothing! TOBIN LEONG CAROL LOMBARD JOHN LAWLOR Memories: DT’s magic beans, DT, Elaine 2 2 79, CDB 79, San- tana 80, Cape Escapes, East Beast. Future Plans Navy Quote: “Time to live, time to die . . . Take it easy, take it as it comes ... Jim Morrison MARYANNE LEAHY Never Forget: JC TP Mblehd. Buds Lupes Beans w Janet J. Geils Seger 1% Pet Peeve: waiting BS Quote: The great thing in life is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving. Thanks Mom + Dad JOAN LeBLANC I’ll Always remember my friends Happiness is working hobbies: bowling and rug hooking I ' ll Never Forget Mrs. Dockery SHERRI LENNON Remembered Most: Hub, Sharon, Michael, Bobby, Rep. Chorus, Mrs. Pack, Brian, Consumerism, Library, Danny, Bruce, Stepha- nie, Gina, Bing, Fruit, Timmy, Dino, Who, Mulvi, Frank, Lunch- es, Tony, Barry, George, Joe, Black Continental, Friday nights, Snoopy, Country Loving, Embroider TOBIN LEONG Memories: Monadnock KNH Good times w Friends Take This Turn. Tennis 7-6 Happiness is: My Mom + Dad for everything Suppressed Desire: State Champs. A passing grade Depressed Desire (college) Quote: God is first, my family second, I’m third CAROL LOMBARD Memories: Twirp Jan 79 GT + MF, B-Games, Xmas 79 DD w L + B, JP 80, CT + FN Feathers + PD, VB, Merit, Reunite, BK SF, LW Pool Cape Cod, 19, Fen- way, Only the good die you ng, Se- ger?, 94-1 08FM Happiness is: Family, Friends, Bernie + M + M ' s ELEANA M. LOMBARDI ROBYN M. LORUSSO TERRY LUCCI JOHN LUTI KEVIN MAGUIRE PAUL L. MAILLETT Beth Boudreau “in perfect light.’’ ELEANA LOMBARDI Memories: LD HAMP, 78-80 BK, CM, JF, JG, PC, MS, BB, NA 4 + 4 in Woburn. LN, MS, Bur- dettw SG. Night as CM ' s. Mr. C, VM, Screech. I’ll Never Forget: Dana 79 Pet Peeve: Bene Misery: Losing a Friend, GYM Happiness: Family + Friends. Thanx Mom + Dad TED LORENTI Memories: Parties with Friends. CDB 1,2, 3, 4, Scouts, Woburn 1,2, 3, 4, Midnight Riders at York Beach. BT Beauties. Rest areas in my trunk. Backdoor sliders. NY Bummer is: Cruising with SD- Shoulders. ROBYN LORUSSO Happiness is eating a daybar, rid- ing on a Honda 175, watching Shelly grow. Remembering CP JC JO KF J. Geils 79, Outlaws. New Years Eve 80. Quote: Keep your face to the sun- shine and you can not see the shadow. TERRY LUCCI Times Remembered: GK MM TM KM DW RD Mickey Food-Fights Mount Hood Drive-Ins Seascape LaBatts Happiness is: Brain Good Friends and weekends Comment: A debt that I owe on a bet that I lost, Think snow! I did it! TONY MAFFEO Memories: My friends, 78’ Nat’l, Fort, West end movies, 2B ' s and 5:30 AM, Jr. yr. with Lisa. Misery: Losing, doubles and no $. Future Plans: To be happy and rich. Quote: Live for today, dream for tomorrow.Thanks Ma and Dad. KEVIN MAGUIRE Special Friends: Amy, Hayley, LisaC, Pedro — Beth- Vicki, Ellen, Gag. Memories: 1978 U.S.A. Hockey Champs, The Big 21, R.B.C.F. “KM8” Thank God for the Best Family Ever! Quote: “Time: There ' s always too much, yet never enough” PAUL MAILLET Memories: S.D. Oct 27 P. Ginos J.P. Swamps J,G, Wknd. V.H. Aug. Forgotten 9 9 “16” 10 2 Almost ? AC DC All night January Goodbye M? Happiness is: Friday nights MAUREEN McCABE KATHLEEN M. MCCARTHY COLLEEN McGUIGGIN TRACEY A. McHUGH DAWN M. McKENNA CAROLE J. McKENZIE denise McDermott michael f. McDonnell New cover for punk magazine — B-52 beauties. MAUREEN McCABE Happiness Is: Being With Good Friends. Suppressed Desire: To Meet Ker- mit the Frog. Plans: Air Force. Pet Peeve: “Hey, Where ' s Larry + Curly?” Quote “All the kookies are not in the jar!” Good Friends: MR, SR, JT, CW. kathy McCarthy Quote: “Nothing in life should be feared, only understood " — Marie Currie I’ll Never Forget: Augustine ' s, the big cake. Mickey Happiness Is: Kevin, true friends, my family. Future Plans: College DENISE McDERMOTT I’ll Never Forget: C. Day; 12-10- 77; canureadsigns? eggrolls; wrong xit, want a mint? LIsB, shoop; Jr. Prom; What’s new? egghead; What’s a D? Ha Ha; Gl’s crew; E.B. Happiness is: family, friends, IAN, JVEDL, M + K Misery is: 1-21-78 michael McDonnell I ' ll Never Forget: Good times with friends, cliffs, CDB, whiffles Quote: Life may be a bowl of cher- ries but why am I in the pits. Happiness: Tracy, lifting, parties, football Misery: short quick powerful choppy steps COLLEEN McGUIGGIN Thanks Ma and Kelly Always Remember Summa 80 ' MM ES SS Cape Escape ABB Outlaws Hampton Cruisin’ w Kim Riv Too Many Chari Weekends w The 1% Mr. C ' s Stud-4 Doors Quote Can ' t ya see what that woman . . . Thank-you C.J. TRACEY McHUGH I Love You: Mom -t- Dad, CW (YMBF) Adidas CC EunHa- qoKelloggs! TLMMKMDW Legles Ing Tlks. w CC sis- ter VBC79 I get to shag! Hue 52 Baha 70c scoop TWTAW HBAN80AFF MH SPS BK Got a B-ball? Jorge Mic Every year is a souvenir that slow- ly fades away. DAWN McKENNA Dedication: To Mom + Dad w Love Happiness is: Steve 8-23-79, DD Memories: Breakheart 4-25-80, Jr. + Sr. Proms, Cape ' 80, Eagles, Styx, Deering, Hawaii 79, Jelly Donut, Rebel, CVS- Robbery, SMSAKLD Quote: Make every day some- thing special CAROLE McKENZIE The European; Revere Beach, SalQ, Steves, Herb D, Albino, Lee C. A lot of vino that night! MLC Softball State Tourn. Never Forget Jack M BB 9 27 80 Party! Happiness is having such good friends as; JF, EL, JG Pet Peeve: SQ Leaves BK. 4 4 in Woburn! DAVID J. MARRANO LORRAINE MARSHALL KAREN I. MATERESE ROBERT McALLISTER MAUREEN MAHONEY Friendships that will be remem- bered KM, CA, GK, DW, JK, JS, RD, BW, CT, SD Memories: Hilltop, Rockport, Beaches, 12 21. Prom, Hampton, FF, TOGA, Mickey, Diane’s cot- tage, Roses. Comment Friends should not be chosen to flatter. JULIANN MALZONE Memories: Little Feat, Jr. Prom bl, Murph, Lynn, 1%, deca 5th, ABB, Cape Escapes, Michael, Smirny, smooth, the gang, WMAM Comment: All the love that you missed, all the people that you can’t recall, do they really exist at all — Ig MICHELLE MANGANO Memories: CDB, MAME WGI B. Sabres B.W.; Wake-crash; B- Day; Love is rain, E C! Shift; Skip- caught, Summer ’80 scoop; Asst. Dirty. SC Tre God PP; Pet Peeve: fights with SR; Suppressed Desire: Buster Brown Thanks Ma + Dad KAREN MARKS Groucho " The Cake” KH LD LN SB LG CL KF CC AC Nicki (80) Kimbo the Bimbo, Long Reign the Bimboy! Memories: Being lost (50 miles) Hawaii (79) Do we have to know all this crap Misery is saying goodbye to a good friend DAVE MARRANO Remember; West Rutland Marching + Jazz Band Man- adnock OMENUS Dust in the Wind CB Double-Date TD + ST DM + DD Sideswipe Cohasset- Dartmouth Warehouse Party Bass Happiness; Performing sleeping Friends!!!! LORRAINE MARSHALL Happiness Is; Family Nana + Papa Friends LD, MR, TM Memories: Cousins + NHVBC79 G-Move KB, BK Scoop VB Game BaHa Jr. Prom Wash. 80 MM’s Laugh D 2 Melt 70c Quote: The dreamer dreams on and dreams never die. To Mom + Dad w Luv KAREN MATERESE 80 cruisin w Colleen Wkend escape L. Day BB w MC Mustang Sally Mr. C ' s stud. 4 Jim The Doors Crystal Ship Riders on the Storm Make Life 1 Once your gone you can’t come back ' Gary Wake. Thanks Mom and Dad ROBERT MCALLISTER Memories, CDB Down the Cape, party up at Maine The Wall, had great times with A.D., The great races in the parking lot w rt., BP cottage bash, Met a lot of new friends since moving here and had great times. STEVEN MEISNER 7 xM „ WILLIAM J. MELKONIAN GREG MIASSERIAN CAROL MINGHELLA MARGARET A. McKINNON MICHAEL P. McLAUGHLIN “Report to who, at the office?” MIKE McMANUS RICHARD A. MEAGHER MARGARET McKINNON Memories: The night of the Drive ins “80.” cruising in Betsy + B.J. I’ll Never Forget: The good times growing up with R.D. Comment: It ' s been real. MICHAEL McLAUGHLIN Happiness is Friends times with BW BM JF MW " Who’s driving? Fun at MW’s House Bear Hill 7th hole Misery is not owning my own car Future Plans travel Dedicate this year to my mother and father MIKE McMANUS Memories; Bean Days, Cliff par- ties, Magic Bus, Nationals, Wh. Mts., BK Happiness is; Karen, A buyer, gd. friends Quote; “Sex Drugs Rock Roll” Suppressed Desire; To try every- thing once Future; Taste tester Anheyser- Busch Corp. STEVEN MEISNER Memories: Great chase of ' 80, J.P. Happiness: Wells Beach, ME., Skiing, Mich Lites, “Sailing” Pet Peeve: Driving home from Wells, Casa, Forgetting appoint- ments Suppressed Desire: To be on the W.B.D.T. To own a vette BILL MELKONIAN Pickering Wharf . . . Souvenirs; The return trying to find a parking space, Fireworks: What a great building, Space people in green. Driving alone through the ghetto! Red f-Bird GREG MIASSERIAN Memories: 78 Natl’s, VH, The Who, Sabbath + Cult. Wht. Mts. Googy eyes, JP Happiness is: Pam, Mom + Dad, family, my friends, weekends with Buds Pet Peeve: Harry drunk Quote: We’re out of school, now it’s time to learn. — G.M. CAROL MINGHELLA Happiness is: Graduating, my family, BS, friends, LF, PZ, SA, DB, SN, KC Misery is: Monday mornings, working Saturdays. “Kim sure comes in handy for homework.” JAMES MOAR LISA MORAN VELDORIA MUISE MICHELE MULLIGAN ALBERT MINOTTI LISA MITCHELL FELICIA MINGHELLA Mems: SPS, WGI, Best Sabares, CL, 5TZ, Drive-In-5, NY Eve; “79”, AWESIM-4Sum SAFE, HB; BW, JR SR Prom, BK, NY. Never Forget: A special Friend, Ma Dad. Quote: Whatever is, has been long ago; and whatever is going to be, has been before. GLENN MINGHELLA Quote: When you shake hands with the devil, you get burned; The ditch Never Forget Karen. Outlaws, Canada BP cottage snowstorms MP Ya! OK W.T. M.T.S. M.R. Thanks Mom + Dad; Delta House Parties LA Florida LEMANS “Where ' s the guy ALBERT MINOTTI Memories was having a Maine Beach trip and playing varsity Soccer playing cards in the cafe and hiding from Mr. Rowell and going to Wellington Drive-In sing- ing its all right now and Bill getting stopped by cops. BP, JrYr Quote: Be free, dreams do come true — MTB Thanks Mom + Dad, I Love Ya. JIMMY MOAR Happiness is always having Lisa. Never Forget Nubble Light, Rain- bow Sherbert, or Rec. Prk Aug. 24th playing cards and having a good time at BP ' s cottage. Good luck in the future To Ken and Maria. LISA MITCHELL Memories: The blondes, GG + HT, sweatermice, Party 65 Maple, Deer, C Sisters, A good friend, 4 AM, beans, Whats your name I’ll Never Understand, talks — LF, LISA MORAN Memories: FT2-24-79 DW + FT, Cards — Joey Only the good die young — KB Somerville, Pop Muzik, Prune Head, Ziggy, “oh but Frank” Got a match Bill? Friends: KB, Jl, DW, SB, CP, FT, DM, MH, DB, DW Z-28, Hampton Beach MP, Skinner, KB + MW AB MICHELE MULLIGAN Happiness is: Family, Friends, Neighborhood Never Forget: BW ' s LCDK, Sum- mer 80, SABW, 7 4 NHB, BK, RM’s Cottage, Hold-This, J + J, GHB, Cape-LKMS, RB-3:30, PD ' s HR Zoo-crew, ASC, ILYB, 250 Misery is: Getting caught Pet Peeve: STELLA! LISA MARIE MUOLO EILEEN MURPHY ‘It’s gonna be one of those days!” MARIANNE E. MURPHY CHARLENE NADER LAURA NELSON SANDRA NICKERSON MAUREEN NOONE JANET M. O’BRIEN LISA MUOLO Memories: Jimmy, August 24, Rainbow Sherbert, Nubble, Shooting stars, MB’s Party, Bells, smirny, the 1 %, No Way Flipout, MVA Bigwheel, BB with LG, 17 Whoppers, Sahak Suicide Glue, Sisters Happiness is James! MARIANNE MURPHY Memories: DB, VD, LF, AV, LM, BP We’ll never lose it CWBG Jail- birds w AV SOS 6 20 Washing- ton Jorgan 5 in a wagon BM 1 20J’s the deer. Misery is no tres. Pet Peeve: Piper Laurie. Quote: Whatever. Thanks Ma, Dad Gram. Luv Ya! CHARLENE NADER Happiness: Dreams that come true I ' ll Never Forget Cape Escapes, Santana, CDB Thanks Ma + Dad Pet Peeve: Green Fiat, Waiting Misery is: A Curfew Quote: Tomorrow will bring the things that never came today Neil Young LAURA NELSON Memories: 10 29 77, 8 24 80. Star! The Bomber! GT’s w good friends; long talks w KM, LD, M + DS, E, J + CL, A + SG, DH, JH + CB, Thanx for caring! Quotes: " No problems, RHB, Buddy-What’s Up?” For My Family, Love Ya Pet Peeves: Bene! Chico SANDY NICKERSON Happiness is: Horseback riding; swimming R-skating. Pet Peeve: Homework. Memories: Mr. Sir class w HD; Eng w MM; Data w HD + CW. Friends LR PF HD MM CW EG LC DD SD BM AT TT Quote: Live free or die MAUREEN NOONE “Better than the gold of kings are memories of happy things” Old and New Friends, Softball Champs, 17, Never Forget: St. Pat’s “79,” BK, Freak accidents, Jr. P, Sports Desire: to play in the STATES Thanks Mom, Dad and Coaches JANET O ' BRIEN Memories: 6th gr., Mt. Wash,. QYC, Hampton Thanx BC, Giovanni ' s special, 2:06, cruising in the s-hatch, NYE at LD’s South- ie, Brig’s-AW, MC, sleeping at 28 Summit, PI Dilib. Misery is: Missing ten past eleven. JANE E. O’NEIL JULIANNA O’ROURKE Best dressed juniors, Michael Fiorillo and Nadine Reinold. CHRISTINE PALLOTTA MIKE PALLOTTA ROBERT PALUMBO RENATA C. OUNJIAN MARTY O’BRIEN Memories: Banyan C, LMR, IHOP, 10%, Barrels with DY’s LR, 63 Dodge. Ups: HO, Clubs, weekends, friends + BRUCE. Downs: CLIQUES! flags, moving. Quote: “Life’s a tale that can’t be told; my freedom I hold dear. " — Led Zeppelin KEVIN O’ KEEFE Never Forget: Roadtrip, Crashes, The Toyota, The Laudramat, New Hampshire, Fred, Flynn, Mustang for Jim, The Anchor, Rodney, The Car Happiness is: Massive Roadtrips, Not Caring Misery: No Gas, Rust Future Plans: Florida JANE O’NEIL Memories: all my buddies, South- ie, RMP- 7!BC, LD, LT, — you’re the best! tresp. c’ing in the hatch, Yaz- 3000! C-Town, RO, Mt. Wash. 10 past 1 1 , BC game, the I ' s next door . . . Mom, Dad, MPJ + S — I Love You! JULIANNA O’ROURKE Happiness is being with Dennis Our House Memories of New Years Eve Rec Park with KF JC RL CP Denlys 68 FLA Outlaws Quote Love is a rose but you bet- ter not pic it, it only grows when its on the vine Thanks Mom + Dad RENATA OUNJIAN Memories: Bobby, 7-5-78, Jr. Prom. Cruisin in the s-hatch to C- town. Camp-parties, overnights. Good times with good friends-LD, JO. Cheering 79-81 . Best times at Cape Cod. Thanx Bobby for special times. Thank you Mom + Dad. CHRISTINE PALLOTTA Mem ' s: My Family, Yrs. 79-81 , TC + C = CJMCKSEJ, Footworks, Hot Sumr. Nts., Sr Dance 79, LDS 6 20 79, Jr. Prom, Twirps, R + C, I ' m a grape, A Special Fling, LB, 2$1, 269, CTY, 5TZ, Supp. Desire: 4 more yrs of HS with the same friends! MICHAEL PALLOTTA Outlaws Cape Lota Snow Com- mon 151 Powers Place Bash Deca the foundation Chem Wars CP keg party heres to beers good buds and snow Pat Nardie Demo Derby CG Rec GM light em up Hungover Red eyed Dog tired satisfied BOBBY PALUMBO Memories: 69 Impala Southie Lucky Major My Drums Ken’s Apt. Friends: Ken A. M.H. Quote: Spinning round and round will get you dizzy. Walking straight will get you there. Suppressed Desire: to Own a 66 G.T.O. CAROL ROLLI ROBERT ROMBOLI The SHS anti-gravity club tries again. JEAN RUMP MAUREEN RUSSELL PAMELA RUSSELL DAVID ROSSI PAUL ROBILLARD Memories: Soc, Jimmy, Sambos, Rustic Rooster, Lake Win- nipesaukee Misery: 4 years of latin, Rudi, snow, Montvale Plaza Life is too short to waste, so go for what you are after. BARBARA RODRIGUES Memories: HBB 8 17 79 MMKM N.W. Me. L. Day We ' 80 Dudley JFREV Pic. Tab. CTFIR Joanne Ss. J.D. 8 11 80 12:30 DMOOB LGS 7 5 80 R.B. C.C. with Cheryl D. 5 10 80 TP EG 8 19 80 P. Ser- va. with JGJGEJCMJF Thank you Mother CAROL ROLLI Memories: J.H. The 1% Hail- storm, Jeans slip, Punk w P Pearl, Summer of 80’ Gymnastics, Riunite on Ice, Flipouts " Twelve years have gone by ex- tremely fast, look to the future but not to the past” Thanks Ma Dad. RAPPA ROMBOLI Memories: Fort, Cape B-days, Abaft, Com. 151, Nics, Nat ' s 78, Steps, Line, EM Magic Bus, HP, WP, JH Happiness: SHARLENE, tunes, friends, a blizzard Thanx Mom Pet Peeve: Losing Quote: Life is just a temporary assignment Dedication: In Memory of Dad DAVID ROSSI I’ll Never Forget: Mustang for $575, Friday Night Road-trips to N.H., Ted’s Toymotor, Rob’s cars, and Fred. Misery is: Working on Sundays Future Plans: Sleepin ' late and smokin’ tea. JEAN RUMP Memories: V a. 80, Brian, Beth ENNAEJ HTIMS, Smokey, Cast Parties, Play, Basks, P + B, a 2 1 80, The B-Mall, Saturdays Long talks, Raspberry, JL Dalum- bie, Brebs, BB, GB, DS, SZ, PF, Retreat, Prom, SC. Wash. D.C. Leaving Friends Old and New GB + JS + A on 12 24 79 Friends: Thanks for being there MAUREEN RUSSELL Happiness is: Mom Tom Lynne good friends Memories: VB BK DH 3 Scoop- ing G-move FL LM LD TM CL BAHA Hago BW AITF JP Eunice BW I get to shag ESVBG CR AP LL Future Plans: College Quote: We’ve only just be- gun .. . PAM RUSSELL Happiness is: Clay 8 30 80,. weekends, Memories: Pearl, JH, Rec, HAIL- STORM, MD 2 0 20, Incognito, Smirnoff, 1%, Pet Peeve: Bing-U Misery: Hangovers Dedication: In memory of my mother, til we meet again, Thanks Dad, Thanks Sister “P” RICHARD SAITZ DOMENIC SALAMONE JERRY SAVINO LUCILLE SCIMONE JOSEPH SHANNON WILLIAM M. SHANNON Sue’s new version of William Tell. Ready, aim . RICHARD SAITZ Study o’ trees? Temple Hill, x-c ski and sterno, nanoseconds, Room 99999 Canada, Goin’ mobile on beach trips, AYH breakdown lane, Wild Horses MV, “10” 128, unit, argue; Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter; LUCILLE SCIMONE Memories — Summer 80, SS, cruisin, SED PEU, Towns, Red- townhq, Riunite, RB Wheels, Merit taco, sleepin at J. Geils, Harvy, My best PD, Our Gang, Happiness — Family, Arthur, 6, Hii Misery — JP 1 :30, Phase 4, Thurs nighter, screaming silence KAREN SELANDER Mem: SOUTHIE, NYE, Prom, Brec Bash, Fall 79, Dinner Party, Eagles, TC + C, PARK your CARR + LEAVE! Misery: Subminimum Wage — Suppres. Desire: Make Min. Wage, Live in Bedrock — Happiness is not at the end of the road its along the way JOE SHANNON Remember Goofy Noofy Quarter anit. hangman. Headmashed Fid- dler on the Roof. Rabbi!!! Al Frankin. V Soccer 13. China- moon with, GR, RR, LC, YaYa, MMM. Happiness are the towers, didi. sunflower seed tree. WILLIAM SHANNON Memories CP Parties Stan ' s place Cape Cod Concerts ICE Bust Dennisport Greg, Bri, Erica, Neil, Tony, Jimi, The foundation JH Rec The THAI Rudy Quote: Don’t let the past remind of us what we are not now. — C.S.N.Y. Jm . 5 SCOTT SHEPPARD BRIAN SILK ■ JOHN SILVESTRO DONALD V. SIMPSON JR. Pam poses perfectly punk. JOSEPH SINAGOGA MARYBETH SKERRY JOSEPH M. SMALLCOMB JEANNE M. SMITH SCOTT SHEPPARD Memories: 9 25, Chadwicks, TP, Parties with Rick and John, Being lost at sea, J. Geils, Weekends in NH, YAK Pet Peeve: Bonehead Future Plans: To join the Air Force BRIAN SILK Pet Peeve: Body Building, Girls, Partying, Bell. Never Forget: Latman, Big Bis and Tris; DD, HS, SB. I do not feel the pain. No pain no strain Goal in life: To be a reasonable Facsimile to Bruce Lee and Arnold combined also open a fit- ness center while I’m a master sqt. in USMC. JOHN SILVESTRO Remember skiing, Bell and Rocky Roads I know I’m mad, I’ve always been mad JS, PR, DS, JS, GB, EU, BM. DONALD SIMPSON “STANLY” Never Forget Mom + Dad, KF, Keg parties in NH tubing at 45mph and skiing. Molson Golden Ale F.D.A. SH JOE SINAGOGA True friends are like diamonds precious but rare False friends are like autumn leaves found everywhere. To all my friends, I hope your careers in the future are successful and enjoying, as your life passes by. MARYBETH SKERRY Memories: BW, 10 19 79, Y.C, Bas, Maybo, S. OFF, 11, Con- go, S.T.PD 79’, 206, Southie, 5TZ, Friends, YCC and i, Summer of 79, Eagles (tickets?) TC + C; Thanks Mom and Dad!! Quote: The lord is first, my friends are second and I am third. BARTLEY SMALL I ' ll Never Forget: Oops I forgot Favorites: Southern Rock, cold buds + gold buds, toots, Pipes Future Plans: Does anyone really know for sure Quote: I know what I want but I just don ' t know JOE SMALLCOMB Happiness is: Hoop, Soccer, KSG, Beachtrip Pet Peeve: Sat. Morn. Practice, Dumb Arguements, Losing, In- juries, typical Stoneham Quote: It’s better to laugh and forget than to forget to laugh. CM Fortune Cookie JEANNE SMITH Memories: Beck, Kenny, HB, GB, Mike B, BB, CT, BM, CM, JR, DS, DB, KP, JM, My Family, Dimpcho, Lucy, Healy gang, Dalumbie, SP + L. The Bates; Rebel, Marble, Private Parties, Breb’s Parties, ALAMODE! JP 78, 6 14 80, B + B 80, The box, Keg Parties, Hampton, summers 76-80, WART! Beanie, CW” To my friends: I Love y’all! m mi v JEAN SUDANO Anything to pass the time E-block! MARILYN STELIN NANCY STOCKBRIDGE BRUCE STODDARD JUDITH E. STONE LEIGH ANNE STIMPSON JOHN SPENCER Memories: CC, Spot Pond Swill at MD Death Cruise Bust Off, State Relays, DPW, DC, 9th Grade Hoop, The fox, Mom + Dad, Sheepfold. Portland Me. Sundays with RD Happiness is being whipped, Robin. Quote: No guts No glory KATHY ST. AMAND Memories: TC + C, Southie, Jr Prom, MC ' s cottage — 7am; Thanks to: NICK, Family, FRIENDS. " I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly, for you tread on my dreams.” — W.B. Yeats Special thanks to MOM and DAD MARILYN STELIN I’ll Never Forget: Family, Friends. Happiness is: Being caught by a Swedish sailor. Ryan. Memories: summers in NH soakin’ up the sun, me + De fol- lowed by security, Pepperill. Future Plans: To elope with a millionare. LEIGH STIMPSON Memories: M + J, Nan, P.S. S + M. The rotary, the rotary Your just going through the stage N.H. summer of 80 W.W. C + M + C + P Quote: Away, oyyoy! Happiness is: Being with family + friends and eating. Future Plans: To fly high! NANCY STOCKBRIDGE Memories: Fried JH The gang Cape CDB Empty bottles Mesco Clyde Pet Peeve: Fakes Quote: You cant always get what you want but if you try sometime you might find you get what you need — It has been real! JUDY STONE I’m Free!!! Memories: BF + GF, PigsWoodi, SC in DC, Chick Bean Soup! Now what? RaRaR, Just Ducky!! Am I a fool looking for perfection or a poet searching for someone to write about. JEAN SUDANO Dedicated To: My Grandmother + my Uncle Tony May they find eternal life. Memories: Moe TM MF LM 7 28 80 Sebago DECA CVS Seger 1% The gang Pet Peeve: Lil’ Jeannie Quote: Don’t misunderstand me! Thanks Mom + Dad! MARIE SULLIVAN JOSEPH SURETTE MAUREEN E. SUTHERLAND ELAINE SUKIEL JILL TAMBURRINI DANIEL TIERNAN We get to be in the yearbook?! ELAINE SUKIEL Happiness is: Timmy, Family and Friends. Misery is oral reports Future Plans college MARIE SULLIVAN Memories: Paul, Julie, walks with SW, BWay Boys, 23, Seward St., BK, icecream nites, 5 minutes! macaroni + cheese, Dept. 2, Unit of 4, Greg’s party: NH with Q, Taz. Devils; Miseries: Gigi, crash! misunder- standings MAUREEN SUTHERLAND Memories — Summer 80, BK, Hampton, good times with friends: EL, LD, PC, LS, CB, Ita- lian, crusin, Suth, Yip, CHIC!, Cl- 15th Celia + Family, RS@RB. Misery: Diets getting lost. Happiness: Family, Friends, Nana Aunt T. All My Love Mom Dad! JILL TAMBURRINI Happiness Is: Having true friends and parents that I can rely on. I ' ll Never Forget: skiing, Salisbury and the Bumper Boats, the Fire- ball with Moe and Sandy, New- found Lake and the barking spid- ers. “UGGA " DAN TIERNAN When I die I will go to heaven be- cause I just spent three years in hell Memories: 1st row Yes, Alman Brothers, C.C.C., CDB the con- cert I didn’t see, snowstorms, 4- wheeling with Mike, Black + Blue Boris MARY LOU TIERNEY CHERYL TITCOMB LISA TORODE KATHRYN TORTORICI “Give me back my lollipop! " ERIK ULLMARK MIKE UMANA MARY LOU TIERNEY Memories: Summer of 79, 80 Pool, FS, NY, 4, Hampton, Cape, Friends, LDKPS, LN, BK, JH, Reunite, SED, Jr Prom. What’s a D?, Egghead, Hoop, Li’s B, 1 1 79, Awe, Ski, Quote: Live for tomorrow with a smile, for everyday is a new be- ginning. To M + D LISA TORODE Memories: Stephen 12 30 79, Southie, Surprise, J.H., Jr. Prom 80, Hampton, MT. Wash., Friends that are forever — Jane, RMP, Rocky Horror, Parties at BC, Comment: Thanks Mom and Dad for always being there, Misery: Breakfast Bashes tomorrow. Thanx Fam + esp. Ma + Dad — I Love Ya! ies of your guidance all of which will be cherished. CHERYL TITCOMB Happiness is Mom and Family I ' ll Never Forget MLC “80 " Play- ing in the states Jiggi and Miggi Tommy Go od friends sports Mr. C’s room Comment Thanks Mom I couldn’t have done it without you Dedication to my father KATHY TORTORICI Mems: Tim 4-22-80 w car full, Sr. Prom 80’, BK, BWay, Cmtry. walks + HAFH-SF, 1st Pdl., J + J close call Happiness is: TIM 143 A + F, Friends-Zac, Stel, MDJD Misery is: Waiting Quote: You are yesterday, I am today, let us join and make DIANE TOWER Never Forget: The girls + Smirny, Trains, 17 whoppers, The Bom- ber, Bagged again w CF, LM Bashes, Sahak Suicide, Death- ride, LD weekend, SF q W CF + PB, 1% Comment: It tastes just like candy ERIK ULLMARK I’ll tell you this ... No eternal re- ward will forgive us now for wast- ing the dawn. A R, David Frye, Sully, Mighty Maverick, J.I., C.H., D.P., Bud Boys 1, M.G., Brewery, Coach Boyette, MORRISON lives. Thanks, Mom. Dad + Dot. DONNA TUELL Memories Paul 12-9-79 Weston etc. BBB Glok Me + DV $100 snowstorms + bait being 1 0th in a compact CN, JL Good times familiar faces Thank you Dad for all the memor- MICHAEL UMANA I was only here for two years, had good times and friends, “lost the card again” Plan to go to college then bring in the bucks PAULA VRATTOS STACY WALKER SHARON WALSH WILLIAM WALSH “Brian, win one for the gipper.” DARLENE VENO JULIE VIGLIONE KAREN UVA To Remember: RN LJ JJ MF HH BD, the beach, JR Prom, the , MLC ' 80, HEI Concert Mr. C„ Wakefield, J’s HBH, BW, 11 25 79, St. P. 79 Happiness is: Having parents who love trust you Dedications: To my Grandparents family AUDREY VASILOPOULOS Memories: RH. Bob AuS Place; LF, VD, MM I, We’ll never lose it! 206 in 206! Greece ' 80, Flagon w Jorgen! SOS + JH. Jailbird w MM, Houdini! B’52 DC w LC. Straight as an arrow! Misery is: No Tres. 2nd Vi of 6 15. DARLENE VENO Memories: Tab 7 6 79 Bob Seger Cape Escapes 6 5 80 white lines 2:00 goodbye MD 20 20 DT Smir- noff and the gang Comment: The moments may be temporary but the memories are forever Plans: Colorado for a Rocky Mountain high. JULIE VIGLIONE I’ll Never Forget: Peter, MS, DM, SW, KS, BWay, BK, Meltharb’s, 8 22 80, the fifth, OJ on Sat. mornings, $185? Seward St. the foursome, macaroni Misery: E block study Suppressed desire: to be 5’3”. PAULA VRATTOS Memories: Vegas, Summer 76 4 21 77 California Snails True friends: ES EB MP MM cat KH Con Di. Happiness is seeing my whole family at the same time! Pet Peeves: waiting; question. Quote: Freedom lies in being bold. STACY WALKER Dedicated: To the finest, my fami- ly to Dennis 12 7 78: I remember the day the place the thrill as we stood face-to-face I remember your lips as moist as the dew, But I cannot remember did you lose your eyes, too? SHARON WALSH I ' ll Never Forget: LC; 23: Jan. 1 ; Revere Beach: JV, MS, Pickles at baseball games. BK, Seward Rd. Trica’s + Meltharb. Trans with ED; BW + locker. Misery: 6 yrs. Suppressed desire: Hang-gliding WILLIAM WALSH Memories: the VW, Canada Abusement, KSG, the big mac, Road trips, PBS, the plum, nude Al, its all right now, Medford Drive- in, Miseries: Sat, Morn. Prac., school, dogs, braces, Monday morning blues, BK, Happiness is: Grad, scoring, SD R. + R. 83 Ted, is that you behind those Foster Grants? " SHARON J. WEISMAN DONNA A. WHEATON DIANE P. WHELAN BOBBY WIECZOREK DOUGLAS WIGANDT HARRY R. WILEY JAMES WARREN Memories: Hoop, Tennis, Hamp- ton, poker games, Phil’s cottage, BK NK ' s, NH-DI Misery: Losing by 40, Monday mornings, Physics Happiness is: Winning season, sports Thanks Mom + Dad MICHAEL WEBB Memories: Summers of 78-80, DM, CB, JK, The Gang Mrs. Q„ “65” Chevy, “68” Lincoln, Maine, B + J Manter, C + D Wade. Tim- my: Favorite saying: Take Off. Hobbies: Waterskiing, snow- mobilinq, motorcycling and Hockey. Pet Peeve: Being run by bells. SHARON WEISMAN Memories: Sherri, Jon, Stepha- nie, Glenn, Tommy, Dave, Billy, DJ, John, Dino, Timmy, Jimmy, Gregg, Denise. My Favorite Teachers are: Miss Norelli, Mr. K. Conroy, Mr. Ken- nedy. Senior Prom, Graduation, Winter Spring concert, and work- ing banquets. DONNA WHEATON Happiness is: Being w Family Friends. Dedication: Mom, I Love You! Quote: Moments may be tempor- ary, but memories are forever. Memories: The wonderful, Tran- quil summers I spent w My Grandmother in Baddeck Nove Scotia. DIANE WHELAN Happiness is: A beautiful Family, A second sister (GK) Good Friends MM, KM, TL, RD, SD, TM, ST To My Family: I Love Each One Of You, You ' ve made my dreams come true, you ' ve made me very happy too, so I’d like to say thank you BOBBY WIECZOREK I’LL NEVER FORGET; Holiday Inn, Canada Hockey games, BC ' s house, Drive-ins, fogged win- dows, Fan MISERY IS: Losing Tourney Games, Practice, Hmwk HAPPINESS IS: Having parents like mine and a girlfriend like Chris. DOUG WIGANDT Happiness is: Families + Money Misery is: Getting up in the morn- ing + work Sayings: Zanc, Never Forget 1 80, 7 26 80 Suppressed Desire: To travel + meet Steve Martin HARRY WILEY Memories BK Steps Gallahues Rocks Maine Hartford 72cat Buds Oct. 1, 1979 BHGC CLP Happiness The Wednesday crew Quote High School may be the best for some, but college years are yet to come. BARBI ZIBELL SUSAN ZIZZA The Human ’81 on Hampton Beach. DEBRA WILLIAMS DIP MC CP DD RH 1 3 80 Damoulton Park I ' m Sorry JA and Car Wait Jim ' s place 1 11 80 my new car The Wanderers RH 1 -4-3 Melrose Friendly’s The foot sum- mer of ' 80 with JO SA ES KS JF Hi kids cards LM FT Hampton JO AB JW TH RR Unicorn BM BRIAN WOLONSAVICH Happiness is Road T rips Drive Ins Misery is Physics 6 period Memories Drive in JS, BW, JD, Spanish with Sarento Jose Losing soccer game Future College car SUSAN WOOD Memories: the girls, BBB 15, fall 79, SC in DC, NY 1 + 2 Austin, cheering, Sr. Prom 80, Boss, Mymou, finding a friend- sweatermice, a good sport Thanx Mom + Dad Someday we ll find it-the rainbow connection-the lovers the dream- ers and me MICHAEL YOUNG Nice to be with MF Good times at “A " with, MF, RK, MN Julies heart break hotel in July the Navy for 4 years C,C, into woods LISA ZACCARIA Mems: 3 14 80-8 5 80 Joe, SB2, Jr Prom 80. skiing, weekends, Hampton, Awe, BK + SF Parties. Chem. 4. Rev Bch + A Reunite whls. + 9 13 80. Late calls + long talks Hap Is: Fam Good Friends, Mary Lou, Kath, DPS, 6 22 80. Comment: What’s a D? MBD 143 PAM ZANI I Will Never Forget: LFRFCMSADB Asking a lady for a dime in Gallahues on RF ' s Conf. Summer of “76-78” Perfect attendance in 11 grd. Quote: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” I’ll miss KC Stranded in library. BARBARA ZIBELL Memories: Marching Band Those great football games, the flag line + the Wally Whistle Club + where’s the carwash? Mrs. Gard- ner’s little nurse’s. Square Danc- ing favorite past time SUSAN ZIZZA Memories — Foreigner at Cape, Donna, JWa + f, Hie, Jude, Naz, Jackie, Wash. Togas, Kennet Sq. Pet Peeve: Dumb Blonde. SMMD, Thanx Sue and Roc, Future!: You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. 85 MISSING IN ACTION: Height: 5 -6’ Weight: 95-205 Description: white, Caucasian, teenagers Last Seen: vicinity of Whereabouts: Unknown Scott D. Alexander Michele Lisa Boland Annette Louise Breen Margaret Rose Bridle Lori A. Canavan Bradley A. Coles Kathleen Danieli Stephan A. DiMeglio John Edward Earle James A. Fabbri Michael A. Fanjoy Scott P. Flemming Robert Frotten John Edward Gaffney Paul Robert Gaffney Brian Healy Russell H. Lee Taddeo J. Lorenti Maria Malave Paul A. Melkonian Steven M. Milan Robert V. Miller Linda Jeanne Morgan Bartley D. Small Frank Michael Sperlinga David Steele Lori G. Stevens Brian Charles Swanson Walter S. Wiren Jon Zacardi Leslie Abbott 38 Lindenwood Road Class officer 3,4 William Abbott 1 Phillips Road Stephen Adams 4 Wildwood Lane Soccer, Alpenhof Ski Club, Track Bennet Aghassi 25 Evergreen Road Track, Soccer, Basketball William Aiello 30 High Street Science Club, Peer Counseling Scott Alexander 144 Spring Street Susan Anderson 43 Gould Street Joseph Appleyard 8 Upland Road Basketball, Student Council, Baseball David Aronofsky 29 Towne Crest Drive Football, Yearbook Janes Ayles H . 38 Blueberry Lane Reading Christine Ayres 272 Main Street Douglas Balboni 16 Middle Street Joseph Bambery 12 Erickson Street Diane Barbuto 10 Nixon Lane John Baron 8 Maple Street Heidi Basken 115 North Street David Benoit 12 Washington Avenue Soccer Lori Bernat 1 3 Avon Street Carolyn Bertolino 1 7 Danby Road Mark Berube 21 1 Park Street Baseball, Golf, Cross Country Susan Bird 58 Westwood Road Model U.N., Math team, Yearbook Marjorie Blout 96 Oak Street John Bohling 1 7 Ledge Street Michele Boland 5 Avon Street Scott Boretti 37 Curve Road Soccer, Hockey, Baseball Amy Boris 127 Pond Street Cheerleading, Spring track, Gymnastics Diane Boudreau 37 Spring Lane Elizabeth Boudreau 1 1 Albion Avenue Gymnastics, French club, S.H.S. Tutoring Cherylanne Bova 10 Standish Road Lori Bowdidge 3 Wescott Street Peter Branson 66 Collincote Street Hockey Allan Breck 7 Windsor Road Annette Louise Breen 28 Hersam Street Richard Brennan, Jr. 1 5 Sherry Avenue Margaret Bridle 89 Franklin Street Elijah Buda 1 5 Crosby Street Thomas Burr 65 Calthea Street Janice Busteed 5 DeWitt Road Ski club Paula Butler 58 Lincoln Street Karen Butts 24 Lee Street Matthew Cafasso William Cameron 80 MacArthur Road Lori Canavan 34 Pond Street Philip Cargill 25 Wilson Road Pamela Carlson 3 DeWitt Road Captain-Majorettes, Student Council-2, Hon- or society Lisa Carpenito 4 Cabot Road Margaret Carr 5 Philips Road Varsity track (1,2,3) Laura Carroll 28 Brookbridge Road Linda Carroll 63a High Street Marching band (1,2, 3, 4), Theatre Plays (2,3,4), Carnival Ball (3,4) Mary Cashell 8 Lincoln Street President — Student Council, Co-Captain, Majorettes, School Committee Frank Castiglione 200 Franklin Street Beth Cataldo 28 Summit Road Cheerleading 4, Class Officers 2, Yearbook Staff 4 Louis Centore 6 Pershing Place Louis Chinappi 74 Robin Hood Road Yearbook Staff 4 Marianne Chiulli 4 Danby Road Maddalena Ciamarra 41 Lee Street Spanish Club (President), National Honor Society, Marching Band Gina Ciarlone 10 Kimball Drive Thomas Cicatelli 21 Campbell Road Carnival Ball 1-4, Interact Club 4, A.V. Club 1-4 David Ciroli 1 5 Graystone Road Carole Clabby 18 Perkins Street Kristin Coffin 1 1 Keene Street Tennis 2,3, Future Secretaries Club 4, Car- nival Ball 4 Bradley Coles 19 Beacon Street Donna Columbus 1 Brookbridge Road Frank Connerty 6 Cabot Road Jeannette Connery 1 9 Westwood Road Mary Cooney 3 Brentwood Road Edward Coutu 2 Rafferty Road Drama Club, Marching Band, Spartan Chorale Cynthia Covell 84 Marble Street Audrey Covelle 21 Erickson Street Track, Harvard Model U.N., National Honor Society, School Committee Representative Christina Covino 40 Bellevue Road Track, National Honor Society, Harvard Mod- el U.N. Janet Cremins 51 Westwood Road Tutoring, Peer Counseling, Special Ed Lisa Crooker 97 Green Street Karen Crosby 47 Lincoln Street Kathryn Crosdale 25 Evans Road Patricia Cryan 44 Marble Street Lawrence Curran 8 Benton Street The Vandals — Senior Class Dance Robert D ' Angelo 87 9 Gigante Drive Kathleen Danieli 23 Summer Street Ian Danis 1 Cowdrey Street Soccer Victoria Dart 22 Erickson Street Roseanne Davidson 14 Duncklee Avenue Pamela DeCola 26 Fieldstone Drive Volleyball, Spartan Chorale, Track Dawn DeCosta 14 Shumway Circle Spanish Club, Science Club, St. Joseph’s Band Robin DeFlumeri 9 George Street Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Spring Track, Yearbook Staff Gloria Delfino 1 Forest Street Kathleen DeMarco 3 Seward Road Carolyn Dennis 383 William Street Patricia a ' Entremont 16 Danby Road Lisa DeSisto 4 Sunrise Avenue Carnival Ball, Varsity Basketball Manager, Political Discovery 4 Shirley Deveney 57 Main Street Competitive Figure Skater, Nurse’s Club Treasurer Thomas DeBlasi 5 Danby Road Varsity Golf, Varsity Baseball, Science Club Ralph DiFronzo 4 Country Club Road Peter DiGangi 16 Summer Street Varsity Soccer, Basketball, Honor Roll Joseph DiMambro 9 Cabot Road Varsity Soccer, Winter Track, Spring Track Joseph DiMarco 43 Maple Street National Honor Society, Varsity Scholar Paul DiMare 29 Lawndale Road Soccer, Baseball Stephen DiMeglio 39 Wright Street Steven DiPero 14 Fieldstone Drive Football James DiPietro 18 Sunrise Avenue Donna Doherty 7 South Marble Street Theatre Arts, Musicals 2,3,4, Volleyball 2,3,4, Varsity Scholar 1-4 Elaine Doherty 26 Waverly Street Cheerleading 3,4, Track 3,4 Briane Donahue 9 Coolidge Street Football, Alphenhof Ski Club, Varsity Scholar Annette Donnelly 3 Mt. Vernon Street Cheryl Dotolo 11 Ellen Road French Club, Majorette, Ski Club 1 ,2,3 Michael Doucette 12 Pine Street Robert Downes 23 Gould Street National Honor Society, Varsity Scholar Lisa Doyle 21 Whipple Avenue Varsity Scholar, Italian Club, Honor Society Thomas Doyle 5 Peabody Road Carnival Ball, Spartan Chorale, School Musical Lianne Drago 1 1 Margaret Road Varsity Volleyball 3,4, Cheerleading 3 Cap- tain 4 Thomas Duff 14 Gerry Street Varsity Hockey 1,2,3, Captain 4, Member of B-69’ers, held up wall for 3 years straight, attempted to be a stud for 3 years (sec- cessful!) Donna Duffy 1 5 Cottage Street Herb Durant 27 North Street Spanish Club 2,3,4 CV President John Earle 36 Pond Street Susan Edins 132 Spring Street Mark Enos 9 Grant Street Paula Evans 244 North Street James Fabbri 1 1 0 Pond Street Matthew Fabiano 241 William Street Basketball 1,2, 3, 4, Baseball 1,2, 3, 4 Joan Fallon 15 Emerald Court Christine Falz one Peabody Road Michael Fanjoy 14 San Jose Terrace Ricky Federico 35 Fieldstone Drive Football 1,2, 3, 4, Baseball 1,2, 3, 4 Drew Ferrante 62 Butler Avenue Baseball 1 ,2,4, Soccer 1 , Drummer of The Vandals Kim Ferreira 3 Sheffield Road Basketball 1 , Field Hockey 1 , Gymleader 1 Patricia Ferro 1 1 1 Franklin Street Michele Figucia 1 A Gerry Street Field Hockey 1,2,34, Basketball 1,2, 3, 4, Softball 1 ,2,3,4 John Finigan 3 Stone Avenue Deborah Finnegan 1 8 West Street Ski Club 1,2, 3, 4, Travel Club 4, Track 2 John Fionda 8 Irving Street Michelle Fiorillo 71 Robin Hood Road Class President 3,4, Yearbook Staff 4, Co-editor in chief of School Newspaper 3,4 Lauren Fitzpatrick 5 Hanford Road Spartan Chorale 3, Secretary 4 Eileen Folan 1 2 Cottage Street Ski Club 2,3,4, Travel Club 4, Track 1,2 Michael Flammia 4 Evergreen Road Scott Fleming 1160 Franklin Street Roger Fotino 14 Ellen Road Baseball 4 Louise Frotten 6 South Marble Street Robert Frotten 6 South Marble Street Christine Fucci 122 Summer Street Cheerleading, yearbook Robin Fucci 25 East Street Cheerleading, Yearbook Karen Fung 3 Orchard Place John Gaffney 438 Main Street Paul Gaffney 438 Main Street John Gagliardi 44 Marble Street Football 1,2, 3, 4, Gym Leader 1,2, 3, 4 Theresa Gallagher 72 Central Street Janet Giannoccari 24 Albion Avenue Volleyball, Track, Spartan Chorale Janes Gibbs 29 Chestnut Street Scott Gilson 1 1 Atwood Avenue Brian Ginivan 47 Governor Road Football 1,2,3 88 Kevin Glass 14 Montvale Avenue Lynn Glover 1 1 1 Spring Street Deca Paul Glover 93 MacArthur Road Tennis 2,3,4, Chess Club 2,4, Photography Club 2,4, Efrain Gonzalez 4 Warren Street Joanne Goode 55 Butler Avenue Majorettes Janet Gordon 313 Lowell Street Reading Nancy Gostan 27 Forest Street Arthur Gott 31 Cottage Street Baseball, Sports Lit (on camera) SDB Committee Ronald Gover 60 Park Street Ellen Grant 1 5 Standish Road Drama Club, Smoking Prevention Programs, National Honor Society Patricia Granziano 222 Central Street Apt. 6 Marching Band Therese Gregory 30 Gould Street Honor Society, Varsity Scholar David Griffith 6 Elaine Road David Gunning 20 Banby Road Newspaper, Band, Track Carl Gustafson 20 Rodgers Road Baseball (1,2, 3, 4) Football (1,2) Gymleaders Lori Gustafson 7 King Street Reading Model UN, Girls State, Honor Society Tracey Hadley 29 Bonad Road Catherine Haley 8 Cardinal Road Robin Hamlyn 15 San Jose Terrace Band, Drama Club Jacquline Harold 21 Greenway Circle Volleyball (2,3) Track (1,2, 3, 4) Interact Club-Treasurer Mary Harrigan 98 North Street Interact, Close-up, Special Education Gerald Harrington 17 Elaine Road Jeanne Hartnett 14 Perkins Street Spartan Chorale, Tennis Team, Drama Club Brian Healey 23 East Street Michael Herook 27 Duncklee Avenue Pauline Hickey 35 Maple Street Kimberly Higgins 1 1 6 Pond Street Karen Hill 41 Perkins Street Nancy Holland 27 Bow Street Court Douglas Holems 2 Myopia Road Track, National Jr. Honor Society John Houghton 5 Pine Ridge Road Football, Ski Club Sandra Hoyt 43 Butler Avenue Jon Hubbard 39 Wright Street Band, Deca, The Music Man Brian Hurley 81 Green Street Julie Jackson 1 7 Keene Street Student Council-Secretary, Spartan Chorale Richard Jackson 29 Stevens Street Spartan Chorale Wendy Jackson 85 Pond Street Linda Johnston 10 Minot Street Carolyn Jordan 57 Hancock Street Senior Tea Hostess Ellen Jordan 57 Hancock Street Tutoring (1,3,4) Senior Tea Usher Linda Jutras 570 Main Street Student Council (2,3) Senior Tea Usher (3) Graduation Usher (3) Brian Kearney 1 Norval Avenue Model U.N., Math Team, Yearbook Staff Vicki Keith 514 Main Street, Reading Genevieve Kellogg 27 Isabella Street Track, Winter Track, National Honor Society Richard Kelly 68 Wright Street Basketball (1,2, 3, 4) Edward Kerrigan 6 Glen Road Hockey James Kilory, Jr. 18 Maple Street 3 Chorale Trips, 3 Band Exchanges, 15 Dramatic Productions Robert Kozlowski 3 Drummond Road Ronald Kwiatkowski 6 Sheffield Road Baseball, Soccer, Tutoring Club Stacey Lane 23 Oak Street Varsity Gymnastics, Deca, Alphenholf Ski Club John Lawlor 2 Spring Lane Lawrence Lawlor 2 Spring Lane Maryanne Leahy 1 2 Dean Street Joan LeBlanc 39 Spring Court, Woburn John LeBlanc 77 Hancock Street Russell Lee 8 Rowe Street Sherri Lennon 23 Maple Street Drug Alcohol Committee, Tutoring Club, Repertory Chorus Tobin Leong 74 High Street Tennis (2,3,4) Journalism (3,4) French Club 4 Carol Lombard 244 William Street Volleyball Team, Ski Club, Winter Cheerleader Eleana Lombardi 23 Sunrise Avenue Taddeo Lorenti 7 Stonewood Avenue Robyn Lorusso 50 Montvale Avenue Theresa Lucci 30 Lawndale Road National Jr. Honor Society, Ski Club, National Honor Society John Juti 8 Rustic Road Lorraine Lyons 7 C. Pearl Street Anthony Maffeo j Kenwood Avenue Football, Hockey Kevin Maquire 33 Upland Road Sports Editor, Boy’s State, King Maureen Mahoney 1 8 Crosby Street Paul Maillett 14 Hancock Street Julie Malzone 22 Beacon Street Deca Michelle Mangano 70 Central Street Senior Play, Carnival Ball, Spartan Chorale Karen Marks 15 Whipple Ave. Ski Club, Model United Nations, National 89 Honor Society David Marrano 16 Stonewood Avenue Carnival Ball, The Musical, Spartan Chorale Lorraine Marshall 4 Kays Road Honor Society, Varsity Volleyball, Spartan Choral 11, 12 (Vice President 12) Karen Materese 144 Marble Street Robert McAllister 2 Citation Avenue Maurenn McCabe 24 Alden Ave. Drama Club, 735 Inc. Program, Secretary Club Kathleen McCarthy 189 North Street Close-up, Carnival Ball, Chorus-winter Spring concert Denise McDermott 4 Keene Street Majorett’s, Musical " Oklahoma,” Spartan Chorale Michael McDonnell 9 North Border Road Colleen McGuiggin 62 Wright Street Junior Achievement Tracey McHugh 40 Collincote Street Volleyball 2,3,4 (captain), Basketball 1,2,4, Track 1,2, 3, 4 Dawn McKenna 36 Country Club Road Softball, Deca treasurer, Musical " Oklahoma” Carole McKenzie 6 Gerre Street Margaret McKinnon 110 Elm Street Michael McLaughlin 30 Brookbrige Road Football, Winter Track Michael McManus 5 Forest Street Punk Rock Richard Meagher 20 Common Street Steven Meisner 26 Sunrise Avenue Paul Melkonian William Melkonian 28 B rod way Varsity Basketball, Editor-in-Chief of Behind Blue Doors, National Honor Society Gregory Miasserian 1 Theresa Road Steven Milan 25 Hall Road Robert Miller 43 Isabella Street Carol Minghella 149 Spring Street Felicia Minghella 132 Park Street Glenn Minghella 1 7 Sunset Road Albert James Minotti 68 Lincoln Street Lisa Mitchell 4 Hillside Avenue James Moar 1 80 Central Street Lisa Moran 120 Collincote Street Linda Morgan 5 Harrison Avenue Michele Mulligan 9 Danby Road Lisa Muolo 33 Cottage Street Eileen Murphy 73 Robinhood Road Marianne E. Murphy 33 High Street Charlene Nader 9 Crosby Street Laura Nelson 6 Spring Lane Sandra Nickerson 7 Prospect Street Maureen Noone 2 June Road Softball, Field Hockey, Basketball Janet O’Brien 27 Evergreen Road Cheerleading Martin O ' Brien 14 Argyle Street, Revere Kevin O’Keefe 11 Tremont Street Jane O ' Neil 29 Tremont Street Class Vice President 1,2, 3, 4, Cheerleading 3,4, Yearbook staff 4 Julianna O’Rourke 6 Rustic Road Renata Ounjian 10 Middlesex Avenue, Reading Cheering Christine Pallotta 73 Westwood Road Varsity Basketball, Varsity Volleyball, Carnival Ball Usherette Michael Pallotta 32 Fieldstone Drive Robert Palumbo 1 1 Evergreen Road Work Study Christine Pantano 63 Westwood Road Christine Parlee 16 San Jose Terrace Susan Perks 10 Seward Road Track, Spartan Chorale Diane Peters 30 Marble Street Jeanne Petto 10 Orchard Street Track Martha Porter 3 Pinewood Road Basketball Manager Robert Powers 1 Rustic Road Randall Proctor 27 Middlesex Road James Provost 15 Washington Avenue Brenda Pumfrey 20 West Street Gina Racioppi 4 Lucy Street Sandra Randazzo 140 Elm Street Honor Society, Sr. Tea Hostess, 2 Year peer leader with 735 smokers prevention program Robert Redmond 197 Washington Street, Reading John Reynolds 81 Converse Street Sharlene Rielly 236 Hancock Street Paula Rivera 57 Forest Street Paul Robillard 2 Lexington Street Barbara Rodrigues 1 1 53 Franklin Street Carol Rolli 35 Pine Street Class Officers, Gymnastics, Deca Robert Romboli 6 Evergreen Street GWC, SMFC, Hoc key, Baseball, Football David Rossi 14 Greenview Jean Fump 20 Kenneth Terrace Drama Club, Plays, Spartan Chorale Maureen Russell 6 Merrow Lane Pamela Russell 7 Pearl Street Richard Saitz 34 High Street Copy Editor of yearbook, master of Ceremonies of Carnival Ball, “The Music Man” Domenic Salamone 3 Stopwell Road Jer™ Savino 23 Cricklewood Drive Lucille Scimone 16 Fieldstone Drive Stoneham Jr. Miss ' 81 , Spartan Chorale, Carnival Ball 90 Karen Selander 21 Hanford Road Spartan Chorale, Peer Counseling Donna Senibaldi 21 Wright Street Joseph Shannon 16 Pond Street Soccer 0k William Shannon 1 7 Avalon Road Scott Sheppard 515 Main Street Brian Silk 35 Butler Avenue John Silvestro 8 Kimball Drive Carnival Ball Donald Simpson 19 Washington Avenue Joseph Sinagoga 26 Summer Street Carnival Ball, Hockey, Soccer Marybeth Skerry 46 Windsor Road Bartley Small 170 Collincote Joseph Smallcomb 47 High Street Soccer, Basketball, Baseball Jeanne Smith 91 Washington Street Spartan Chorale, Ten Little Indians John Spencer 1 1 South Marble Street Cross Country, Winter Track, Spring Track Frank Sperlinga 21 Rodgers Road Kathleen St. Amand 23 Keene Street Class Officer 1-4, Yearbook Typing Editor, Tennis David Steele 10 Hersam Road Marilyn Stelin 3 Dean Street Lori Stevens Carnival Ball, Fiddler on the Roof, 735 Program Leight Stimpson 155 Marble Street Nancy Stockbridge 1 83 Park Street Bruce Stoddard 524 Main Street Judith Stone 28 High Street Tutor, Special Ed., Seeds, Drama Club Play Jean Sudano 6 Plaza Avenue Deca Elaine Sukiel 8 Valley Road Future Nurse ' s Club, National Honor Society Marie Sullivan 46 Bellevue Road Student Council 2,3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Student Council Treasurer 4 Joseph Surett 7 Calthea Street Marueen Sutherland 6 Unicorn Avenue Italian Club Brian Swanson 19 Pleasant Street David Sweet 3 Cherry Avenue Jill Tamburrini 43 Washington Avenue Future Secretaries Club Daniel Tiernan 224 North Street Mary Lou Tierney 1 Middlesex Road Majorette, Ski Club, Track Cheryl Titcomb 1 Capen Street Softball, Field Hockey Lisa Torode 104 Elm Street Cheerleading, Carnival Ball Attendant Kathy Tortorici 18 Evans Road Yearbook Typing Editor 4 Diane Tower 6 June Road Donna Tuell 25 Hanford Road Erik Ullmark 29 Lee Street Michael Umana 4 Royal Street Karen Uva 1 Pershing Place Field Hockey 1,2, 3, 4, Basketball 1,2, 3, 4, Softball 1 ,2,3,4 Audrey Vasilopoulos 55 Gorham Avenue Varsity Scholar, Chorus, Honor Roll Darlene Veno 7a Pearl Street Julie Viglione 32 Seward Road Class Officer, Student Council, Spartan Chorale Paul Vrattos 7 Berkley Street National Honor Society, French Club, Seeds Literary Magazine Stacey Walker 1 5 Cabot Sharon Walsh 74 Marble Street Tutoring Corp, Honor Society, Future Teachers Club William Walsh 1 Evergreen Road Soccer, Track, Ski Club James Warren 20 Wilson Road Basketball, Tennis, Chess Club Michael Webb 1 1 Washington Street Sharon Weisman 13 Elaine Road Tutoring Club, Repertory Chorus Donna Wheaton 10 Glendale Road Spanish Club — Treasurer Diane Whelan 19 Harrison Street Cross Country, Track, Honor Society Robert Wieczorek 61 Calthea Street Hockey, Baseball, Gym Leader Douglas Wigandt 24 Congress Street Carnival Ball Harry Wiley 3 Pine Ridge Road Soccer Debra Williams 560 Main Street Walter Wiren 8 Harrison Street Brian Wolonsavich 69 William Street Soccer, Track Susan Woods 1 Brackett Avenue Spartan Chorale, Cheerleader, Class President 1,2 Michael Young 200 Park Terrace Drive Apt. 233 Football, Winter Track, Spring Track Lisa Zaccaria 518 Main Street Alphenholf Ski Club Pamela Zani 18 Rodgers Road Barbara Zibell 24 Endicott Road Marching Band, Future Secretaries Club, Pep Squad Susan Zizza 6 Fatima Road Carnival Ball, High Honor Roll, Senior Play 91 WINTER The 1981 Carnival Ball, Winter Wonderland, will long be remembered by both spectators and participants as one of the most entertaining and extrava- gant productions ever staged by Stoneham High School. King Kevin Maguire and Queen Amy Boris presided over the evening’s entertainment, enthroned in a court of icy splendor and surrounded by a bevy of beautiful attendants, which included Jane O’Neil, Diane Tower, Lisa Muolo, WONDERLAND Pam Carlson, Karen Hill, Margaret Carr, Marybeth Skerry, Janet O’Brien, Lisa Torode, and Elaine Doherty. Richard Saitz and Michelle Fiorillo performed their duties as Master and Mistress of Cermonies with wit and charm, and after they had welcomed the audience and introduced the royal court, the lights dimmed, the curtains parted, and the evening’s entertainment began. 93 Players that strut and fret . . . Their hour stage . . . Opposite page clockwise from top: Tom Cicatelli on guitar and lead singer Tom Doyle perform their dedication to the Carnival Queen, " Amy.” John Thayer plays some " Jazzy” tunes in his Jasmine solo. Lucille Scimone, aspiring pianist, on her way to Carnegie Hall, performs " Ecossaises. " Junior Elena Reis sings her own rendition of the love song " Always and Forever.” Carnival Ball favorite Jeannie Hartnett looks for “home” in her enchanting routine. Two more Jasmine members having fun with “fun and games.” Scott Arsenault on trumpet and Dave Marrano on bass. This page clockwise from top: Lisa, Marianne, Sharlene, Felicia, Michele and Beth brandish sabres, rifles, and flags proving that they are truly “Broadway Bound.” Beth Cataldo puts her St. Pat’s experience to the test in the DRILL ROUTINE. Faithful flutists for nine years, Cathy Haley and Kathy Crosdale raise the spirits of winter in a flute duet. Thanks to Earl Christie behind the scenes — the Carnival Ball lighting was impressive. Lovely Kelli Young begins her climb to the top with her solo “We’ve Only Just Begun.” Michele Mangano announces that it’s " Winter T ime Once Again ...” And then are heard no more. upon the Opposite page clockwise: The Carnival Chorus. Beginning a new tradition, Amy and Kevin waltz. Eddie Coutu and Jeannie Hartnett choreographed and lead danced to “One.” The 1 981 Chorus Line awaits their cue to dazzle the audience. Our magical soprano, Sue Zizza, ponders the question of Lois Lane " Can You Read My Mind?” Another view of the Carnival Chorus Dennis Walter — director of the Jazz Ensemble. This page clockwise: Mike McEachern from “Fury.” Country girl Linda Carroll and “South- bound " perform “Tuesday’s Gone.” Mike McManus and Tommy Duff were joined by Rappa, Carl, and Kenny who all punked out to “Rock Lobster.” Janine Coutu and Brian Brebner sang a duet to “Longer.” Awesome drummer, Mike Gianelli impressed everyone in “Born to be Wild. " The Carnival Ball concluded with the Spartan Chorale’s torrid rendition of Natalie Cole’s La Costa. The Concert Band then struck up a recessional march and the royal court left the auditorium, leaving the stage empty and unlit. Later, after the makeup had been washed off, the costumes carefully put away, and the set torn down and discarded, Winter Wonderland became a beautiful and shimmering memory for all involved, like an intricate white snow- flake that melted during a winter thaw. THE MUSIC MAN This page clockwise from top: On the train to River City, the traveling salesmen (Ralph DiFronzo, Tom Doyle, David Marrano, David Slo- cum, Brian Deltergo, Richard Saitz, James Kilroy, and Brian Brebner) agree that " the U-Needa biscuit made a difference;” In his bravado patter, Ralph DeFronzo announces that, " professor Harold Hill’s on hand!”;The Paroo ' s — prominent River Citizians (Debby Ledwith, Kelli Young, and David Reynolds); Direc- tors Bob Harlow and Frank Abra- hams; The young River City girls who fall under Professor Hill ' s spell are, from left to right, Ann Kilroy, Kathy Ward, Jeanne Hartnett, Kelly Kiddy, Carolyn Muller, and Lori Ber- nat: Next page, clockwise from top: The cast of " The Music Man,” look- ing ' Iowa Stubborn,’ assembled in full; Charlie Cowell’s ‘hard sell’ doesn’t seem to net a buyer, as prim Marian Paroo (Kelli Young) rejects that wiley salesman (Brian Brebner) and his lascivious proposal; The fruits of forbidden love finally flower, proving for Jeanne Hartnett and John Ledwith that forebearance leads to fulfillment in River City; Profes- sor Hill and Marian the librarian find pre-marital bliss also . . but not for long!; The first family of River City — Mayor Ed Coutu, his wife Suzan Zizza, and their lovely daughters, Jeanne Hartnett and Heidi Simpson; Ma- rian Paroo tells her protege, (Kathy Ward) “Don’t daw- dle, Amaryllis.”; An assemblage of River City ' s ‘chic’ social elite, and the “pick-a-little ladies " includes (from left to right) Jean Rump, Debby Ledwith, Susan Zizza, Christine Chase, Donna Doherty, Robin Compton, Jennifer Smith, Janine Coutu, and Kelli Young. 98 “JOCKO” “a man, a monkey, a love story . . . CAST Playwright Patrick Ward Critic Ed Coutu Patron of the Arts Robin Compton Incurable Romantic Christina Covino Inveterate Ticket-Buyer Ellen Grant Don Delgado James Kilroy Jocko Jeanne Ferullo Mother Judy Stone Sister Cathy Hayman Auntie Allison Blount Great Ape Richard Luti Denizens of the Pit, Stagehands Maddalena Ciamarra Janine Coutu Tim Guilfoyle Ma ry Harrigan Kelly Kiddy Ann Kilroy Marianne Sudano Kathy Sutherland Directors: Mr. Mucica and Michelle Mangano Stage Manager: Tammi Smith 100 above left: “He writes under the appellation ‘Avenging Angel ' .” above right: “Monkeys is monkeys and women is women. The two shouldn’t mix.” upper left: “Don Delgado must accept life for what it is — one long rosary of tedium, duty, and indigestion.” lower left: “It’s all quite charming in concept, but so naive.” On Saturday, February 28, Stoneham High performed the play “Jocko " at the regional drama festival in Peabody. “Jocko” is a play about a play written by an egocentric Playwright. Attending the premiere of his play are four typical members of the audience: the supercilious Critic, the didactic Patron of the Arts, the weeping Incurable Romantic, and the unrefined Inveterate Ticket-Buyer. These playgoers take turns criticizing the Playwright about his play about a exiled European, Don Delgado, who falls in love with a monkey, Jocko, in a jungle in Brazil. Don Delgado ' s mother, sister, and aunt try in vain to convince him to leave Jocko. The Great Ape manages to convince Jocko that Don Delgado will leave her, and she vows revenge. When the audience refuses to accept this ending, however, the Playwright changes his story, so that in order to keep the love of Don Delgado, Jocko enters the perilous pit to retrieve jewels for him. Unfortunately for Jocko, the pit is full of Denizens who beat on the poor monkey until they finally do her in, leaving Don Delgado free to marry a fine- European lady with a whalebone comb in her hair. But again, the playgoers demand a new ending, and the Playwright has to come up with two more before they are satisfied. Robin Compton, as the Patron of the Arts, received an acting award, and Ann Kilroy accepted an award for costume design and makeup. Mr. Mucica is looking forward to next year’s festival; he predicts that “Jocko” will return — with a new ending! clockwise from top left: top left: " it is he — the Great Ape. " middle left: “Bite her! Beat her! Smash her! Kick her! Kill her!” right: “Then I die happy.” bottom left: “You can’t leave us like this — we demand a new ending! " right: “You have given us what we wanted — a tragedy with a happy ending.” 103 DCI— CO PRIDE IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY The Stoneham High Soccer team was projected to be one of the best. Their record, however, is not a just indicator of the time and practice spent to reach perfection. “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.” If one ranks the soccer squad on how they played their games, the team would be at the top. They struggled with an abundance of obstacles: injuries, upsets, and an expected reputation which can put a great deal of pressure on a team. They managed to win some of the time and always exhibited team spirit and sport- manship. WON 5 BELMONT WOBURN WAKEFIELD WINCHESTER WATERTOWN BURLINGTON MELROSE LEXINGTON READING BELMONT WOBURN WAKEFIELD WINCHESTER WATERTOWN BURLINGTON MELROSE LEXINGTON READING LOST 13 Our 1980 cheerleading squad must have been.the best ever. These girls de- voted their entire social life to cheering. They gave up numerous social functions to stay at home and make signs, posters, and decorations for various sport ban- quets and rallies. Cheering is more than clapping, stamp- ing, and singing; it is an obligation to make the best attempt possible to keep up the morale and spirits of an entire school. Through mountainous adversity, our cheerleaders trudged to each game, pushing things aside and keeping an al- ways welcome smile on their faces. Unfortunately, cheerleaders are usual- ly overlooked. They are just shrugged off as the pretty girls on the side line. But cheering is a major contributing factor in any sports program. Without them, who would boost morale? Thank you, cheer- leaders, for your self-less devotion. 106 107 MAJORETTES Co-Captains Mary Cashell and Pam Carlson led the 1980 Majorette Squad through an extremely busy season. The squad, consisting of twelve girls, participated not only in the traditional half time per- formances at football games, but in two competitions with the SHS Marching Band and in four parades. Although the squad will remember the long, hard practices, they will also re- member the smiles, the laugh- ter, the silver and blue glitter, and the glow of fire on Thanks- giving Day. High hopes and togetherness are wished for Miss Broderick and the squads to follow. yarn 6 STONEHAM VS WINCHESTER 21 14 WATERTOWN 21 0 BURLINGTON 7 14 MELROSE 40 LEXINGTON 22 13 BELMONT 23 8 WOBURN 49 6 W W ■. WAKEFIELD 6 0 READING 17 Won 0 Lost 8, Tied 1 IT CERTAINLY TOOK PRIDE You ask, what is pride? Pride is that feeling of reasonable and justified self- respect. It was this self-respect which drove our 1980-81 squad. The record can not possibly illustrate the hours, days and weeks of hard grueling practice our Spar- tans trudged through. From week to week the mighty Spar- tans gave their all on the practice field. Their reward was one of unknown fame, respect, and honor. This squad will al- ways be remembered as the men who had what it took to be a Stoneham Spar- tan — they sacrificed individuality for their team. Not only did this team gain knowledge of the challenging game of football, but they also learned a valuable lesson of life — when things don’t go well for you, you are the only one who can turn things around and make life what you wish. 109 VOLLEYBALL The 1 980 volleyball season closed with the Varsity team achieving an eight win — eight loss overall record. The team served and spiked their way to second place in the North Shore Volleyball League with a record of seven wins and three losses. The varsity squad consisted of two juniors and eight seniors. Underclassmen Patty Bryant and Christine Capone both payed well as middle hitters and they were valuable defensive players. Captain Tracey McHugh was a power hitter whose serves were consistently powerful and accurate. Pam DeCola play- ed both offensive and defensive positions with skill, strength and intensity. Tracey and Pam, as well as Lianne Drago and Christine Pallotta, were selected for the North Shore’s All-Star League. Other seniors included power-hitters Donna Doherty, Maureen Russell, Carole Lombard and Lorraine Marshall. The senior players graduating with the class of 1 981 would like to say “W.T.A.” to the next varsity team and they would like to wish future players luck in their senior year. BUMP SET SPIKE!!! CO LLJ I — VOLLEYBALL STONEHAM LINCOLN SUDBURY N.E. REGIONAL ARLINGTON LYNNFIELD LINCOLN SUDBURY MASCONOMET N. READING HAMILTON WENHAM NEWTON SOUTH N.E. REGIONAL MASCONOMET LYNNFIELD N. READING ARLINGTON HAMILTON WENHAM NEWTON SOUTH LOST 8 WON 8 SPIKE!!! At right: Mark Berube, Doug Balboni, Tom DiBlasi At left: I HOPE IT ' S NOT ANOTHER DIVIT. L r of i . jL The golf team once again handed in the best record. Golf does not take a great deal of physical strength but it requires a certain type of skill and patience. Our golf squad exhibited this throughout their season. FORE! 112 CROSS-COUNTRY HAM VS WATERTOWN BURLINGTON MELROSE LEXINGTON BELMONT “ WOBURN WAKEFIELD WINCHESTER READING 113 Even though the record of the Stoneham High Cross Country runners indicates a losing season, it is actually misleading. The team found that the 1 980 season was a time for great personal improvement. Led by captain John Spencer, they chal- lenged every team in the tough Middlesex league, and with every challenge, team members lowered their times and raised their thresholds of pain. Coaches Wayne Fillback and Nels Nelson pushed the Stoneham runners so that they would attain their best, offering such encourage- ment as “pain is gain,” and “if you’re not in pain, you’re not living!” The Stoneham seniors, John Spencer, Efrain Gonzalez, Robin DeFlumeri, Diane Whelan, and Christina Covino, followed their coaches advice and ran personal best times. The juniors, Dan Fitzgerald, Bob Malian, Steve Boyle, Chip Carroll, and Mike Vac- carro, and the sophomore Mike B Jessop, also overcame their fears of pain and achieved personal triumph. Despite individual gains, however, the team suf- fered a winless season, maybe because it was the smallest team in the league. Next year, though, those underclassmen will be back to challenge the Middlesex league as our team did in 1980. Below: A WELCOMED BREAK FROM THE HASSLES OF A TRYING DAY! FIELD HOCKEY STONEHAM VS. MELROSE 2 VS. WAKEFIELD 6 VS. BURLINGTON 1 VS. BELMONT 0 LEXINGTON 2 VS. WATERTOWN 1 VS. WOBURN 2 VS. WINCHESTER 1 VS. READING 1 VS. WAKEFIELD 3 VS. BURLINGTON 0 VS. BELMONT 0 VS. MELROSE 2 VS. LEXINGTON 0 VS. WATERTOWN 1 VS. WOBURN 2 VS. WINCHESTER 0 VS. READING 0 WON 7 LOST 8 TIED 3 Stoneham High’s 1980 Field Hockey season closed with the Varsity Squad’s respectable record of seven wins, eight losses, and three ties. The record alone, however, is not an accurate indication of the team’s skill and sportsmanship, which, in addition to the physical intensity and aggressiveness exhibited by many of the players, saw the Spartans through many tense and harrowing matches. The five Senior players, who showed, in the words of Coach Carbone, “the con- sistent leadership and talent necessary to carry the team,” included Tri-Captains Reenie Noone, Cheryl Titcomb, and Michelle Figucia. Superior defensive prow- ess was exhibited by half-backs Carol Clabby and Karen Uva. Also playing on the varsity squad were underclassmen Denise Tower, Susan Powers, Heidi Simpson, Jackie Jutras, Nadine Reinold, Marcia McLaughlin, Col- leen Morrisey, Sharon Reilly, and Eli- zabeth Woods. If the skill shown by these girls during the past season is any indica- tion, the 1 981 ’s Varsity Squad will have the talent as well as the experience needed to become a top contender in the Middlesex League. C DOOOLUCr OXLULJJDC— ILUCQ — Front row L. to R.: Kevin Daily, Ian Danis, Al Minotti, Paul DiMare, Alan Breck, Scotti Boretti, Joe Shannon, Billy Walsh, Dave Benoit, Brian Wolansovich, Steven Adams, Jimmy Daily. Middle, L. to R.: George Siebold, Joe DiMambro, Steven Long, Peter DiGangi, Joe Smallcomb, Ron Kwiatkowski, Steven Drew, Brian Daily, and Coach Mike Kennedy. N G CHEERLEADING Front: Co-captains Elaine Doherty and Amy Boris. Middle, L. to R.: Robin Fucci, Susan Orsillo, Sharlene Rielly, Patty Howe. Back, L. to R.: Chris Fucci, Karen Rump, Lisa Mulligan, Judy Schultz, Rhonda Minghella, Susan Woods. 0DHOO“n CfirTHHmnO - Majorettes, Front row; Co-captains Pam Carlson, Mary Cashell. Middle row, I. to r.; Giselle Therialt, Mary Bears, Cheryl Bova, Michele Nottebart, Kelli Young. Back row, I. to r.; Chris DeMeco, Cathy Danico, Pamela Stoddard, Mary Jane Seaberg, Patty Lyons, Coach; Miss Broderick. L L Front row; Lou Centore, Mike Young, Brian Donahoe, Mike McDonnell, Co-captain Rob Romboli, Co-captain John Gagliardi, Tony Maffeo, Mike McLaughlin, Mike Herook. Second Row; Head Coach Paul White, Tommy Geary, Tim McDonald, Fred Bagge, Ernie Arena, Paul Morse, Jim Dugan, Tom Ciulla, Tommy Gorgone, Mike Toomy, Scott Barbera, James Manning. Third Row; Scott Arsenault, Mike Beale, Mike Fiorillo, Doug Jones, Steve Fliming, Frank Muolo, Chico Maffeo, Peter Haley, Danny Leydon, Brian Foley, Gerry Shannon, Eric Capucci, and the rest of the 1980 Stoneham Spartan Squad. 117 Front; Captain Tracy McHugh. Middle; Lianne Drago, Lorraine Marshall, Pam DeCola, Carol Lombard. Back; Maureen Russell, Christin Capone, Christine Pallotta, Donna Doherty, Patty Bryant, Coach Richard Barton. Front row, L. to R.; Mark Berube, Co-Captain Doug Balboni, David Burns. Back row; Coach Mr. Rundlett, George Mozek, Co-Captain Tom Diblasi, Scott Jacobson, Karl Touet. c R O S S C O U N T R Y F I E L D H O C K E Y FRONT L. to R.; Chip Caroll, Diane Whelan, Robin DeFlumeri, Dan Fitzgerald, Head Coach Wayne Fillback. BACK L. to R.; Assistant Coach Nels Nelson, Steven Boyle, Christina Covino, Robert Mallon, Efrain Gonzalez, Mike Jessop. MISSING FROM PICTURE; Captain John Spencer Front Row; Carol Clabby, Tri-captains; Michele Figucia, Cheryl Titcomb, Maureen Noone. Middle Row; Nadine Reinolds, Jackie Jutras, Anne Gillispie, Sue Powere, Denise Tower, Marcia McLaughlin, Heidi Simpson. Last Row; Coach Miss Carbone, Nancy Hopkins, Sharon Reilly, Liz Wood, Colleen Morissey. 119 oo h m tt oo - m oo Hockey Front row: Tony Maffeo, Mike McManus, Scott Boretti, Tom Duff, Bobby Wieczorek, Robert Romboli, Greg Miasserian. Second row: Scott Curran, John Maffeo, Jack Fionda, Glen Minghella, Bob McAllister, Billy Connell, David Griffith, Ted Kerrigan, Coach Dick Burnham. Third row: Assistant coach Bill Seabury, Joey Tarantino, Joe Duplin, Richie Santoro, John Romano, David Burns, David Fabbri. L L BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row: Scott Sturgis, Joe Smallcomb, Matt Fabiano, Michael Fiorillo, Jimmy Warren, Richard Kelly Second Row: Coach Nels Nelson, David Cafasso, Bill Melkonian, Norman Palmer, Paul Morse, Paul Yianacopolus, Joe Appleyard Third Row: Mr. Peterson, M. Lahiff, Assistant Coach Peevee Gymnastics Left to right: Captain Stacey Lane, Beth Boudreau manager, Captain Carol Rolli, Assistant coach Sue Christofi, Desiree Vidiello, Lisa Mulligan, Karen Corso, Coach Carbone. Back row: Diana Reid, Wendy Nicklas, Kelly Glover, Maureen O ' Grady, Chris Aronofsky. Front row (right to left): Donna Columbus, Jane O ' Neil, Elaine Hodin, Lianne Drago, Renata Ounjian, Janet O’Brien, Lisa Torode, Robin Lusardi Back row: Beth Cataldo, Debbie Young, Mary Farren, Maureen Russell, Carol Lombard, Kathy Nardella, Lisa Razzaboni G I R L S B A S K E T B A L L W I N T E R T R A C K 122 Girls Basketball Front row left to right: Susan Powers, Carole Clabby, Karen Uva, Christine Pallotta, Tracey McHugh, Michelle Figucia, Anne Gillespie. Back Row left to right: Coach Kennedy, Diana Covino, Nadine Reinold, Reenie Noone, Liz Wood, Chris Simpson, Laurie Rizzo. Front row: Charles Carroll, Christina Covino, Robin DeFlumeri, Karen Muse, Genevieve Kellogg, Jeanne ScannelL Back row: Coach Mr. Jackson, John Spencer, Joe Dimambro, Thomas Ciulla, Michael McLaughhn Robert Tamburino, Jay Dellaporta, Rich Hegarty, Stephen Boyle, Ciro DiMatteo, Dan Fitzgerald, Head Coach Mr. Rocher. The 1980-81 Season was a heart breaker for the Spartans. Their playoff hopes were smashed in their final game against Woburn, when the puck squeezed by with 1 5 seconds left, leaving in its wake a final scoer of 4-3, and a team of dejected players. The Spartans were plagued with injuries all year, and didn’t start playing to their potential until the end of the season. The team put forth a galant effort but came up short as the season drew to a close. Players for the team include the awesome Rappa I Romboli, and the heart of the team T ony Maffeo. The two star centers Richie Santoro and Scott Boretti, the tough wing Bill Connell, Chessie Ramano, Dave ) Fabbri, Glenn Minghella, the hustlers, and mad dog Dave Griffith. Greg Miasserian held the defense together with Bobby Wieczorek, who is one of the top defensemen around, Speedy Bobby Macalister and Chubby Duplin. Tending the nets we had Teddy Kerrigan, Chico Maffeo and Joe Tarantino. Thanks for the Memories, Captain Duffa. Stoneham 2 VS Melrose 2 5 Wakefield 4 5 Burlington 4 55 Belmont 2 6 Winchester 1 4 Watertown 4 Lexington 10 Reading 6 Melrose 3 4 Wakefield 5 3 Burlington 5 1 Woburn 5 7 Belmont 4 8 Winchester 2 4 Watertown 0 1 Lexington 3 7 Reading 2 3 Woburn 4 Won 12 Lost 5 Tied 1 THIRD PLACE FINISH! 125 C J CvJ Stoneham 46 VS Wakefield 71 51 Watertown 37 57 Lexington 81 55 Woburn 77 57 Burlington 69 60 Belmont 56 57 Winchester 49 45 Melrose 59 41 Reading 65 52 Wakefield 75 54 Watertown 67 48 Lexington 86 65 Woburn 86 48 Burlington 54 55 Belmont 70 59 Winchester 61 53 Melrose 59 40 Reading 60 Won 3 Lost 15 Tied 0 BASKETBALL EFFORT — putting forth an exertion of strenght or power, bodily or mental; attempt; achievement. Effort is what makes a real competitor, and competitors are what our basketball squad was made of. Throughout its High School career the squad battled against its reputation. Year after year these com- petitors gave of themselves to make an attempt. Whether the team won or lost, they al- ways exhibited team work. They played to the best of their abilities and that is all one can ask for; the best. K.M. 127 129 POETRY IN MOTION “These gymnasts worked hard in search of their quest, with loyalty and dedication, and at times no rest. Co-Captain Stacey Lane and Carol Rolli instilled desire, pride for winning and personal accomplishments were the fuel for the fire. Three top scorers were consistent within the team. Carol Rolli, Karen Corso, Kelly, on floor, vault, bars and beam. Our meets ran smooth with help from manager, Beth Boudreau. The coaches loved all the girls but don’t want to see the seniors go. This team was outstanding, there was no doubt. Accomplishments were many, that’s what the team was all about. Melrose was the high point never before in defeat. and returning gymnasts look forward to next years meets. " Cynthia Carbone Stoneham 67.85 87.70 70.60 79.00 74.40 84.70 77.85 74.15 85.20 Won 3 Wakefield 88.50 Watertown 26.80 Lexington 88.70 Woburn 78.00 Burlington 102.90 Winchester 92.30 Belmont 94.50 Melrose 69.75 Reading 102.15 6 Tied 0 VS Lost This year’s winter cheerleading squad was energetic, enthusiastic, and suppor- tive of all the Spartan teams. They de- voted much of their time to decorating the gym and the lockerrooms before games. For the first time, the cheerleaders ' squad was broken into two eight number teams. Together, forming a sixteen girl squad. They worked hard to raise the school spir- it and cheer the basketball and hockey teams onto victory. Led by co-captains Lianne Drago and Renata Ounjian, the cheerleaders made a great contribution to the successes of the winter season. 131 HEY LOOK! MY SHOULDER FINALLY WORKS! THAT’S THE WAY THE BALL BOUNCES. Stoneham 27 VS Melrose 42 31 Wakefield 55 34 Watertown 63 61 Reading 39 42 Lexington 63 29 Woburn 55 43 Burlington 58 61 Belmont 57 31 Winchester 43 30 Melrose 54 41 Reading 50 34 Wakefield 67 34 Watertown 64 30 Lexington 60 36 Woburn 71 40 Burlington 82 41 Belmont 44 37 Winchester 60 Won 2 Lost 16 Tied 0 The 1981 girls basketball team, led by Captain Christine Pallotta and seniors Carole Clabby, Michelle Figucia, Tracey McHugh, and Karen Uva, ended up with a record that was not representative of their hard work and dedication. The seniors were helped out by juniors Diana Covino, Anne Gillespie, Susan Powers, Laurie Rizzo and Nadine Rienold, and sopho- mores Christine Simpson and Liz Wood. Unfortunately, Reenie Noone was forced to sit out the season with a shoulder in- jury. 132 SHIVERING IN OUR SHORTS! For what will most likely be the last year, the winter track team suffered another disappointing season. Hindered by both small numbers and bad weather, the co-ed team finished with a winless record. Unfortunately, their record is no indication of the time and effort that the team dedicated to running. In particular, the girls on the team, Robin DeFlumeri, Genevieve Kellogg, Jeanne Scannell, Di- ane Whelan, Karen Muse, and Christina Covino, worked hard in practice and ran against boys in the meets. Althought none of the girls earned any points, Genie Kel- logg regularly beat out the boys in JV races. The Stoneham boys made a valiant effort against every team they competed with, although they were greatly outnum- bered. Still, they continued to strive to win, and if they didn’t win points, as least they won a sense of personal satisfaction. 133 134 135 a« ; . f i ; | :K I 3 ( , V i l 1 1 w cA l Margaret Carr, the fox trots. Drew Ferrante beats eight to the bar. Vandals, registered. Larry Curran, lead guitar. On opposite page; Peter DiGangi sings “Road House Blues”. . . . And the band played on. Paul DiMare and Marybeth Skerry. Encore! 138 139 AROUND THE WORLD IN 180 DAYS Front row, left to right — Lisa Dichiara, Michelle Castaldo, Andrea Imprescia, Christine Chase, Gizelle Therault, Judy Angelosanto. Second row — Christine DiMeco, Cathy Danico, Sharon Forgitano, Michelle Bonapard, Laurie Rizzo, Tina Decker, Robin Fiorenza, Kim Carpenito. Third row — Laura Nel- son, Cheryl Bova, Maureen Suther- land, Lucille Scimone, Jack Fionda, Pam DeCola, Lisa Doyle, Robin Brown, Linda Galante, Marianne DeBole, Susan Orsillo, Advisors — Miss DiMascio, Mr. Anastasi, Laurie Allen. The main purpose of the Italian Club is to introduce its members to the culture and traditions of Italy. Among the various activities planned for the year are a field trip to the North End including lunch at a local restaurant, a Christmas party where a variety of Italian delicacies will be served, a slide presentation showing some interesting sites in Italy, and perhaps even a trip to New York and a Little Italy! The members, who don’t need to be either Italian or enrolled in an Italian class, have already completed one commendable activity; a collection to help the victims of the 1980 earthquake in Italy. Cheryl Dotolo, Audrey Covelle, Beth Boudreau, Herb Durant, Kevin Maguire. 140 Left: Mr. Kurtz, guide to the Ivory Coast. Below right: Mexico’s Econoline, GM’s latest competition Left to right — Tobin Leong, Scott Arsenault, Beth Boudreau, Peter Digangi, Mr. Alain Rocher — Advisor, Marianne Chuilli, Christina Covino, Vicki Dart, Bill Melkonian, Cheryl Dotolo, Kevin Maguire, Steven Drew. The Spanish Club is a fun and intere sting way of learning about the Spanish people and their customs. Members have enjoyed an authentic Mexican meal at “La Casa Mexico” in Boston, and they are working on the preparation of tacos, burritos and enchiladas for a fiesta with the Italian Club. Also, a pinata is in the making for Christmas. Aside from their culinary endeavors, the Spanish Club plans to see films and take several local trips, all to better understand a foreign culture. Advisor Janie Gerrior says “Hasta la vista!” to the class of 1981. Advisor — Miss Gerrior, Jeanne Ferullo, Treasurer — Jacqui Harold, Back row — Vice-President — Herb Durant, President — Maddelena Ciamarra, and pinata boy. AN INDEPENDENT EDITORIAL BEHIND BLUE DOORS Front row, left to right — Bob Mallon, Bill Cameron, David Gunning, Bill Melkonian, Michelle Fiorillo, Tracy McHugh, Tobin Leong. Second row — Advisor — Mr. Conroy, Joe Lombardo, Scott Lankin, Andrea Palumbo, Brian Johnston, Laura Nelson, Robert D ' Angelo, Greg Miasserian, Sal Wholley, Copy boy, Lonnie Davis. SEEDS Seeds is Stoneham High’s literary-art magazine. It offers teachers and students a means of expressing their creativity publicly. Every spring the magazine publishes the poems, short stories, photographs and sketches of the talented participants from SHS. Janet Cremins, Paula Vrattos, Laura Nelson, Patrick Ward, Judy Stone, Susan Zizza, Advisor — Ms. Norelli, Michelle Fiorillo, Jean Ferullo, Kathy Crosdale. PUBLIC SPEAKING This minor subject, which deals with developing effective speech, is becoming more popular every year. The class deals in several areas of speech, such as drama, poetry, and organized debate. Individual speech is stressed and the student has a chance to develop confidence, dictation, projection, and an overall talent for speaking before an audience. Front row, left to right — Robert Frost, Andrea Niccoletti, Advisor — Mr. Kevin Conroy, Linda Carroll, Joe Lombardo. Second row — Stutterer, David Gunning, Speech Impediment, Donna Columbus, Bill Cameron. DECA Front row, left to right — Advisor — Mr. Mark Flanagan, Secretary — Jon Hubbard, President — Jean Sudano, Vice-president — Stacey Lane, Treasurer — Dawn McKenna. Back row — Marianne Sudano, Diane Tower, William Shannon, Paula Rivera, Julie Malzone, Lynn Glover. TRAVEL CLUB Advisor — Mr. Glen Lougee, Carolyn Adams, Philip Bonner, Diane Brenner, David Brian, Kim Bumstead, Mary Burke, Michele Calder, Janet Cataldo, Earl Christie, Donna Columbus, Carolyn Craig, Tim Guilfoyle, Kathy Crosdale, Denise Dalimonte, Maria DiBlasi, Debbie Finnegan, Eileen Folan, Mary Gandolfo, David Gunning, Cathy Haley, Robin Hamlyn, David Hannigan, Tim Harrington, Karen Hill, Doug Holmes, Maryellen Kelley, Genie Kellogg, Kim Kostinden, Chris Lagin, Stacy Lane, Jean Lundy, Bridget Lydon, Maureen McCabe, Kelly Mohyde, Colleen Morrissey, Carolyn Muller, Karen Muse, Elizabeth Powers, Brenda Pumfrey, Robyn Rabinovitz, Gina Racioppi, Maria Scarappa, Heidi Swanson, Sara Thompson, Kellie Vigilante, Michael Vaccaro, Desiree Vitiello, Craig Warren, Diane Whelan, Sal Whooley, Doug Wigandt, Jackie Wilson. FUTURE NURSES CLUB Front row, left to right — Diane Whelan, Shirley Deveney, Elaine Sukiel, Sandy Randazzo Second row — Joan Fallon, Patty Cryan, Eleana Lombardi, Carole McKenzie. 143 COLLEGIUM MUSICUM Collegium Musicum is a comprehensive chamber music experience for singers and instrumentalists, with emphasis on the stylistic characteristics and performance practices of music of all periods. Field trips and guest artists enrich the program. Members have the opportunity to learn to play early instruments when they are available. Admission to the course is by audition and permission of the instructor or program supervisor only. Front row, left to right — Brian Brebner, John Ledwith, Kelly Young, Dave Marrano, Jennifer Granfield, Timmy Guilfoyle, Christine Chase, Advisor — Ms. Weinski, Mike Spencer, Linda Carroll. REPERTORY CHORUS Designed for those who wish to begin or continue a choral experience (no previous singing experience is necessary), Repertory Chorus is especially recommended for freshmen and sophomores interested in singing and for juniors and seniors who wish to sing in a chorus but cannot elect chorus major. Music reading and vocal skills are developed through rehearsal and public performance of a wide variety of music including pop and pop rock. Front row, left to right — Robin Feindel, Allison Blount. Second row — Advisor — Ms. Wienski, Sharon Walsh, Sherry Lennon, Carla Gentile, Sandy Walsh, Linda Murphy, Ann Vigorito, Anne Gillespie. IN PERFECT HARMONY SPARTAN CHORALE Front row, left to right — Ed Coutu, Lauren Fitzpatrick, Lorraine Marshall, Tom Doyle. Second row — Sue Woods, Lynnette Larkin, Jeanne Hartnett, Debbie Nash, Laura Lammente, Jeanne Smith, Jeanne Rump, Susan Zizza, Pam DeCola, Carole Lombard, Anne Kilroy, Kelly Kiddy, Kelli Young, Pam Carlson, Donna Padur. Third row — Vicki Dart, Mary Ann Murphy, Michelle Mangano, Christine Chase, Alayne Carey, Debbie Ledwith, Sue Perks, Heidi Simpson, Diane McGurin, Mary Wallace, Lisa Beane, Lucille Scimone, Sue Orsillo, Karen Rump. Fourth row — Eddie Ricupero, Tim Guilfoyle, Brian DelTergo, Mike Spencer, Dave Marrano, Patrick Ward, Judy Stone, John Ledwith, Brian Brebner, Jim Kilroy, David Pease. OwB- Pnu Ul 53 o a l 1 , W Jr H ff K IB t -T ‘ ' ll| ' 4i 3 h m Jr I ‘ 1 BAND Front row, left to right — George Mozek, Tammi Smith, Kathy Crosdale, Cathy Haley, Nancy Stetson, Elena Reis, Diana Doran, Cathy Danico. Second row — Sara Thompson, Jennifer Granfield, Jon Hubbard, Jimmy Kilroy, Peter Tatian, John Thayer, Scott Arsenault, Dave Pease, Michael MacEachern. Third row — Doug Pease, Dave Marrano, Chris Days, Drew Ferrante, Brian Donahue, Jimmy Manning, Paul DiFonzo, Director — Mr. Dennis Walter. The purpose of the band program is to provide students with an opportunity to explore and experience a wide variety of instrumental music. Members not only participate in performances, but also conduct and write their own music. 145 FENCING CLUB Billy Walsh, Brian Wolonsavich, Advisor — Miss Saralee Wheele Joe Smallcomb, Richard Saitz. GYM LEADERS Front row, left to right — Mark Eanad, Tony Maffeo, Peter DiGangi, Gregg Miasserian, Mike Young. Second row — Louis Centori, Mike McDonough, John Gagliardi, Bob Wieczorek, Carl Gustafson. Third row — John Skistamas, Michael Toomey, Tommy Ciulla, Ernie Arena, Mark Tierney, James Maniscalco, David Cavanaugh, Advisor — Mr. Padovani. The 1980 Gym Leaders Club consists of young men and women who like to help others in physical and social development. They help physical education teachers to organize classes and to help develop skills on a one to one basis. Some of these students have plans of majoring in physical education in college. L m a- Hf i . 1 146 Front — James Kilroy, Michelle Mangano, Donna Doherty, Linda Carroll, Edward Coutu, Tim Guifoyle, Edward Ricupero, Allison Blount, Ellen Grant. Second row — Ann McCabe, John Ledwith, Debbie Ledwith, Sharon Wade. Third row — Maureen McCabe, Erik Ullmark, Patricia Ferro, Susan Zizza, Judy Stone, Heidi Basken, Jeanne Hartnett, Jean Rump, Alayne Carey, Tammi Smith, Kelly Kiddy, Ann Kilroy. Fourth row — Brian Brebner, Kelli Young, Patrick Ward, Kathy Danaco, Sara Thompson, Karen Crosby, Supervisor — Mr. Mucica, Carla Gentile, Robyn Hamlyn. DANCE CLUB Mike Spencer, Janey MacNeil. 1980-81 ALPENHOF SKI CLUB DRAMA CLUB PUBLIC RELATIONS PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Front row, left to right — Advisor — Miss Harrigan, Jacqui Harold. Second row — Over-exposure, David G unning, Ed Coutu. Third row — Darkroom Specialist, Pam DeCola, Paul Guida, Lou Chinnappi. TUTORING CORPS Carolyn Adams, Mary Bears, Lori Bernat, Marianne Borges, Kim Bumstead, Maureen Burke, Marisa Burnett, Beth Boudreau, Katie Canney, Kathy Cargill, Michelle Castaldo, Janet Cataldo, Susanne Cole, Patricia Connery, Janet Cremins, Lauren Fitzpatrick, Leslie Fung, Nancy Gould, Annette Gover, Mariam Grant, Robyn Hamlyn, Jacqueline Harold, Ellen Jordan, Lorraine Knox, Michele Lombardi, Mia Lawlor, Sherri Lennon, Lauren Morgan, Susan Noone, Mike O’Melia, Robert O ' Melia, Michelle Pignone, Sheila Pumfrey, Denise Recko, Lauren Sacco, Cheryl Savage, Mary Ellen Scribner, Sharon Slocum, Jennifer Smith, Lorraine Swizer, Kathy Thomas, Sara Thompson, Sharon Walsh, Phyllis Warren, Sharon Weisman, Alyson Wesley, Donna Wheaton, Penny Woodman, Leslie Young, Elena Zarbano. 148 YEARBOOK STAFF — 1981 First row, left to right — Susan Bird, Cheryl Dotolo, Pam DeCola, Lou Chinnappi, Lisa Desisto, Jane O ' Neil, Richard Saitz, Donna Doherty, Karen Fung, Kevin Maguire. Second row — Mary Cashell, Ellen Jordan, Lori Gustafson, Karen Hill, Jacqui Harold, Lorraine Marshall, Annette Donnely, Carol Lombard, Beth Cataldo, Robin Fucci, Elaine Doherty, Kathy Tortorici, Lauren Fitzpatrick, Beth Boudreau, Lisa Doyle, Eileen Folan, Robin DeFlumeri. Third row — Karen Marks, Carole Clabby, Terry Gregory, Karen Salander, Chris Fucci, David Aronofsky, Audrey Covelle, Linda Carroll, Eddie Coutu, Madelena Ciamarra, Herb Durant, Christina Covino, Tom Cicatelli, Brian Kearney. AV CLUB The purpose of the AV Club is to give students a “hands on” working knowledge of all AV equipment used within the system. We also develop skills and appreciation in 35mm photography, videotape making, audio recording, and film making. Student involvement by these individuals has run the gamut from assisting teachers to the total production of programs. First row: Kenneth Fung, Mr. Marranzini, Brian Deltergo Second row: Tom Cicatelli, Earl Christie The Community Service group consists of a dedicated group of students whose purpose is to sen e those people in the community in any field of human service including counseling centers, hospitals, day care centers, and nursing homes. The Toy Drive at Christmas is also one of the group’s projects. Many of these students plan to have careers in the field of Human Services. 149 HARVARD MODEL U.N. Harvard Model United Nations is in its fourth year at Stoneham High School. The participating students act as delegates from a chosen country, each representing the country in specific United Nations’ commit- tees. The delegation from Stoneham High has expanded the school’s program to in- clude annual participation in the National High School Model United Nations in New York City. The students hope to continue to further the program in Stoneham High. Karen Marks, Susan Bird, Brian Kearney, Christina Covino, Patrick Ward, Audrey Covelle, Supervisor — Mr. Campagna, Lori Gustafson. BOYS’ AND GIRLS’ STATE First row — Lori Gustafson, Bill Melkonian, Susan Bird Second row — Kevin Maguire, Richard Saitz, Brian Kearney, missing — Karen Fung HONOR SOCIETY Front row — Jane O ' Neil, Kathy Crosdale, Cathy Haley, Karen Fung, Susan Bird, Brian Kearney. Second row — Lisa Torode, Pam Carlson, Lori Gustafson, Bill Melkonian, Marie Sullivan, Kathy St. Amand. Third row — Jeannette Connery, Richard Saitz, James Kil- roy, Diane Whelan. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY By the second semester of their senior year students who rank academically with the top ten percent of their class are potential candi- dates for the membership in the Stoneham Chapter of the National Honor Society. The student’s character, service to the school and community, and leadership potential comprise equal weight in the selection pro- cess. The entire high school staff reviews the list of all potential inductees. The main purpose of the Science Club is to intro- duce the students to various science fields through field trips, and to a multitude of science careers through guest lecturers and speakers. The club emphasizes student involvement to arrange activities and to choose fields and subjects which are of in- terest to them. Steven Meisner, Marie Sullivan, Unsuccessful face transplant vic- tim, Susan Bird, Richard Saitz, Second row — Joe Smallcomb, David Griffith, Lou Chinnappi, guinea pig, Erik Ullmark, Bill Aiello, Paul Guida, Brian Kearney. SCIENCE CLUB CHESS CLUB Advisor: Mrs. Hanley, John Alessandrini, Pa ul Bohling, Phil Bonner, Paul Cal- cavecchia, Chris Calereso, Charles Carroll, Rich Castella- no, Donna Columbus, Carl Dean Jay Delle Porta, David D’Entre- mont, Will DeMarco, Francis DeVito, Paul DeMartino, Paul Glov- er, Anthony Gott, John Hubbard, David Lee, Joe Lombardo, Jay Leivir, Bob Miller, Vinny Minichello, Mar- ty O’Brien, Wayne O’Keefe, Ron Sed- lacek, Dennis Smith, Eric Socoyrdo, Mark Spezzafero, David Sullivan, Joe Taranti- no, Ed Valante, Jim Warren, Sal Whooley, Larry Williams. STUDENT COUNCIL Front row, left to right — Marianne Chuilli, Mary Cashell, Marybeth Skerry, Marie Sul- livan, Linda Galante. Second row — Susan Silverman, Diane McGurin, Virgina Centori, Joe Appleyard, Denise Tower, Susan Powers. Third row — Rachel McGrail, Patty Concannon, Heidi Simpson. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Clockwise — Vice-President — Christine Simpson, Social Chairperson — Noreen Flanagan, President — Frank Muise, So- cial Chairperson — Christine Aronofsky, Treasurer — Kelma Heggarty, Secretary — Theresa Neelan. GOVERNMENT FOR THE PEOPLE IjrtffBSSW? JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Front row, left to right — Secretary — Debbie Reagan, Treasurer — Ann Devereaux, Social Chairperson — Rose Palladino. Second row — President — Alyson Wesley, Vice-President — Colleen MacDonald, Social Chairper- son — Virginia Marquard. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right — Social Chairperson — Kathy St. Amand, Secretary — Leslie Abbott, President — Michelle Fiorillo, Vice-President — Jane O’Neil, Treasurer — Donna Columbus, and Social Chair- person — Carol Rolli. SCHOOL COMMITTEE Donna Columbus, Patrick Ward, Audrey Covelle, Richard Saitz, Mary Cashell. 153 THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE Congratulations are extended to all who participated in the production of “The Haunting of Hill House.” On November 20, 21, and 22 packed audiences reveled over this marvelously produced play. Mr. Paul Mucica, the superbly talented director, took full charge of the coordination of this phenomenal horror story. Working with them was an array of immensely gifted actors and actresses. The play began when Eleanor Vance (brilliantly played by Janine Coutu) was led into the living room by Mrs. Dudley (portrayed by Robin Lee Compton). Next to arrive was the be- witching Theodora, played by Alayne Carey, and finally the host Dr. Montague, magnificently characterized by Ralph Di- Fronzo. It seemed that all these people were brought together because of their special psychic powers and abilities. Dr. Mon- tague wanted them to break the spell of the house. The play had many fine moments, including terrific perform- ances by Patrick Ward, Susan Zizza, and Edward Coutu. Special thanks are extended to the stage crew and to Ms. Patricia Harrigan for set design. The play was delightfully done, and anyone who missed it missed out on a terrific pro- duction — a play with a touch of humor and mood of terror artfully combined. Many long hours of rehearsal and stage production went in to make the play the success that it was. Once again, Congratulations! — Laura Nelson Scott Lakin From Behind Blue Doors Dec. 1980 155 The National Honor Society Induction in the Stoneham High School auditorium. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY members who were inducted at Stoneham High School in ceremonies that were held in February. Front row, from left to right: Marie Sullivan, Richard Saitz, Kathleen St. Amand, Jeanette Connery, Christina Covino, Kathryn Crosdale, Genevieve Kellogg, Diane Whalen, Robin DeFlumeri and Karen Fung. Second row: LisaTorode, Julie Viglione, Sharon Walsh, Carol Lombard, Catherine Haley, Beth Cataldo, Jane O ' Neil, Lorraine Marshall, Lisa Doyle. Paula Vrattos, Robin Hamlyn and Sandra Randazzo. Third row: Karen Marks, Janet O’Brien, Renata Ounjian, Linda Jutras, Pamela Carlson, Theresa Lucci, Therese Gregory, Lori Gustafson, Maddalena Ciamarra, Ellen Grant. Fourth row: James Kilroy, Joseph DiMarco, William Melkonian, Robert Downes, Thomas Doyle. Missing from the photo were Susan Bird, Brian Kearney and Elaine Sukiel. Mr. Matarese congratulates Terry Lucci. Mr. James H. Kellogg from Stoneham School Committee gives greetings to the National Honor Society. 156 President Christina Covino welcomes visiting dignitaries to the assembly. Kathy Crosdale, Maddalena Ciamarra, Beth Cataldo and Pam Carlson in formal jubilation. On February 12, 1981, forty Stoneham students were inducted into the National Honor Society. The main theme for the program was academic excellence. Indeed, the purpose of this organization was to promote the quest for academic excellence, as Mr. William Hoyt said in his speech. Reverend Paul Moriarty gave the invocation, praising those forty students who had worked hard enough to deserve this honor, and as he expected, to pass on their experience to lead others. Mrs. Joan L’Heureux addressed the students and advised them to maintain a passion for learning, and to pursue their goals with discipline and independence. Representatives Robinson and Saltmarsh, as well as Mr. James Kellogg, chairman of the school committee, and Mr. Michael Rolli, chairman of the Board of Selectman, expressed their greetings and congratulations to all gathered for the program. In the last part of the program, the forty students were inducted as full members of the National Honor Society. Miss Vera Komanowski, Mr. William Hoyt, and Mr. Matarese awarded certificates and pins to the new members. Christina Covino, president of the Stoneham High School chapter of the National Honor Society, presented the deserving Mr. James Romano with an honorary membership. Afterwards, the new members celebrated with their friends and families by taking a short leave from their studies with doughnuts, and coffee or milk. The National Honor Society. Below: Guest Speaker, Mrs. L’Heureux, addressing the new members with a spot of wit. SKATING ON THE BRINK Starring our teacher-advisor . . . our editor-in-chief, and our copy editor. OF DISASTER: THE YEARBOOK STORY The business staff closes a deal. 158 I know that the photographer’s studio is here someplace! DEADLINE TIME ROLLS AROUND: The sports editors slug it out over a headline. 159 See you later, alligator. But where is the editor now? If you don’t like this yearbook . . BURN IT!!! Our afterschool yearbook staff . . . Plays pin the tail on the donkey. 161 c )C mz PATRON Cafeteria Workers Miss Pat Norelli Mrs. Rosen Mrs. Betty Pack Robert J. and Janet M. Covino Mr. and Mrs. John F. Higgins SPONSOR Ralph Rowell Mrs. V. Kloss Mr. Francis B. O’Neil Mrs. Wedge Mr. William Hoyt Gale O’Toole Mr. Margarita Rocco Zizza Lisa M. DeSisto FRIEND Michael J. and Tomasina Fiorillo Mrs. Hanley Linda and Doug Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carroll Ms. Morey Mr. Nelson Mrs. Deidre McCormack Patrick Ward 162 Senior Favorites MALE FEMALE Best Eyes David Gunning Paula Rivera Best Dressed Kevin Maguire Christine Pallotta Best Looking Scott Boretti Lisa Muolo Best Legs Jack Fionda Susan Edins Most Theatrical Ralph DiFronzo Susan Zizza Most Intellectual Bill Melkonian Christina Covino Most Athletic Scott Boretti Maureen Noone Most Artistic Ralph DiFronzo Susan Zizza Most Musical Eddie Coutu Susan Zizza Most Likely to Succeed Richard Saitz Susan Bird Most Loyal to 1 % Matt Cafasso Darlene Veno Class Quietest Jim Provost Jeanette Connery Class Couple Ian Danis Denise McDermott Most Talkative Lou Chinappi Kath St. Amand Class Clown Ben Aghassi Lisa DeSisto Done Most for SHS Richard Saitz Michelle Fiorillo Favorite Teachers Mr. K. Conroy Mrs. Lois Rosen 163 Since words cannot express our emotions or dreams for the future . . . See you at the reunion!! Goodluck Sr. Class Officers ' wT cilaAT L jl . jifc. ■ VkJL? m » 164 Good Luck Class of 1981 Spartan Paint and Supply 444 Main St. Stoneham, MA Phone: 438-0767 Robert’s BOUTIQUE UNISEX SALON 284 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 02180 “Always A Friendly Atmosphere” introducing THE SUN CAPSULE The new Sun Tanning Method “Safer ThanThe Sun” 165 Visit your convenient SUNNYHURST LOCATIONS 214 Main Street Stoneham, MA RICHARD BELL APPOINTMENTS OR WALK IN fell’s JMair JWipt DISTINCTIVE CUTS FOR MEN AND WOMEN 111 MAIN STREET REDSTONE SHOPPING CENTER STONEHAM, MASS. BARBER STYLIST 438-9859 BEAUTY SALON 438-7343 r. SH,- fi t COLARUSSO’S BAKERY INC. Italian Specialities — Pastry Wedding and Birthday Cakes made to order — 438-9793 210 Main Street Stoneham, MA 02180 a r J v H.E. Brown Agency Real-Estate Sales-Appraisals 269 Main Street Stoneham, MA 168 r a PAPA GINO’S Best wishes class of 81 From the management Good Luck Class of 81 BARON TIRE Main Street Stoneham, MA V J V r j Lance Studio PHOTOGRAPHERS Stoneham, MA 02180 438-6833 Beautiful, natural color portraits for parents and friends V 169 r Your Home Town Newspaper For 111 Years Robert F. Dole, Publisher Frank J. Burns, Editor 170 r Q Commerce! PrInters ' j PRO-CRAphicS PRilNTiNq Co. 232 Main St. Stoneham,MA 02180 Lou Marasca V r j Reg Husky Prep Chubby Slirn BUD S SUNOCO 24 HR. TOWING SERVICE 490 MAIN ST STONEHAM MASS 02180 CALL 438 9784 438 6227 ALL AUTO REPAIRS LITTLE FOLKS SHOP v__ J V PHONE 438-9806 Mobil JOE ' S SERVICE CENTER ALL TYPES OF AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRS FOREIGN DOMESTIC Joe LoV i«f« 225 MAIN ST STONEHAM. MA 02180 cjo JJovjiinyl SUNUTE ALLEYS INC. 221 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. Norman J. L’Esperance Treasurer Jf 438-9713 171 Compliments of the GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1981 from McDonough’s Liquors r a BRICK TILE STONE CEMENT WORK NICK CIAMARRA GENERAL MASONRY CONTRACTOR 438-6348 41 Lee Street Stoneham, MA 02180 V J STONEHAM SAVINGS BANK 172 Main Office 335 Main Street Stoneham, 438-0430 Branch Locations Redstone Shopping Center Stoneham 438-3334 STONE CO-OPERATIVE Billerica Mall Billerica 667-2197 HAM BANK f (617) 438-7300 CRYSTAL GLASS CO, AUTO GLASS COMPLETE STORE FRONTS HOMEOWNERS 23% HOUR STORE FRONT SERVICE 219 MAIN STREET STONEHAM, MASS. 02180 C | Best of Luck STONEHAM SPORTS CENTER 381 Main St. Stoneham, MA 438-6237 Complete International + Domestic Travel Service Aquarius Tours Travel IN THE HEART OF STONEHAM SQUARE J A AIR RAIL TICKETS • SKI TOURS CRUISES • HONEYMOONS 6 Central Square, Stoneham 438-1620 174 438-4013 Jim Elicone Patty DiNapoli THE COLLECTOR’S COIN GALLERY, INC. U.S. FOREIGN COINS BOUGHT, SOLD, APPRAISED Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 9:00-4:30 Thursday 9:00-7:00 Saturday 9:30-2:00 Closed Mondays 279 Main Street Stoneham, MA. 02180 V r j FAIR WINDS TOURS 268 Main Street Stoneham, MA U.S. A. Alan J. Coffin President GALLAHUES “THE FRIENDLIEST PLACE IN TOWN” Melrose Stoneham Wakefield Reading Congratulations Class of ’81 V r j Anthony’s Italian Specialties Party Platters for all occasions, anytime 408 Main St. 438-9840 Stoneham, MA 02180 V ) 175 438-0116 BILL ROUND Best Wishes Dr. Henry W. McCarthy 70 Main St. Stoneham, Mass. 438-0345 Round’s Hardware (AT THE ARMORY) 290 Main Street Stoneham, MA 02180 Stoneham’s Real Hardware Store V r J - Pomps Cleaners J V your key to QUALITY professional dry cleaning Good Luck Class of ’81 176 177 THE MIDDLESEX DRUG CO. Dominic G. and Donald G. Errica (Registered Pharmacists) “WHERE FRIENDS MEET FRIENDS’’ 3 Central Square, Stoneham, Ma. VACON SON OIL CO., INC. “Service is the difference!’’ 438-2882 Nineteen Eighty One was a year of beginnings as well as a year of endings, both inside of Stoneham High School and far beyond its walls. The year of our commencement saw profound changes in American politics and values. The political defeats of Kennedy and Carter and the subsequent rise to power of Ronald Reagan and the Republican Party marked the decline of liberalism as the prevalent force in American politics. The murder of John Lennon, who had been the voice of liberal protest and discontent during the sixties and early seventies, seemed to emphasize liberal- ism’s demise and point to a new era of conservatism. The glitter and garishness of disco was washed away in a new wave of bizarre and primitive punk rock music. Satur- day Night Live, which had become a television favorite of high school students in previous years for its scathing and hilarious satire of American fads and politics, fell from favor as audiences all over America experienced lust, crime and passion vicariously through episodes of Dallas and General Hospital. Nineteen Eighty-One was a year of endings both in our own lives and in society. Each ending, each demise, however, signifies a beginning, a renaissance. Omega, the last letter of the Greek alphabet, can only be followed by Alpha, the first. Time is a cycle of death and rebirth, of continuous endings and beginnings. As we leave Stoneham High School, we are on the threshold of a new era in both our personal lives and in American values and ideals. ifttfWdM ' W ,4 I nraiTi 1 i . j i m __ A . ™ m j f . •A x 180 BOOKENDS Time it was, and what a time it was it was a time of innocence, a time of confidences, Long ago it must be — I have a photograph . . . Preserve your memories. They’re all that ' s left you. — Paul Simon STONEHAM PUBLIC LIBRARY STONEHAM, MA« 02180 • Winston-Salem HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY • North Carolina Guy Garon. Hampton Falls. N.H f [ |VKgHil J ' if- ' ii A At- - -. — .I, .... •■ rX ,,,■. i , ■ ■■ - J A AaW, w I ■ Jw w f w w t — i s iir J jfrf ! I jf ■ - ■i - hi’ ' Hi : t 1

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