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ASSOCIATE EDITOR OF DEADLINES Cheryl Maffeo Sr ART EDITOR Melanie Smith COPY EDITORS f J Melanie Smith Norbert Callahan- LAYOUT EDITORS Gayle Thompson Suzanne Ledwith BUSINESS EDITORS Sue Ellen Brown Lisa West ASSISTANT BUSINESS EDITOR Mary Jane Warr§Ff TYPING EDITORS Mary Cogan Susan Maher ASSISTANT TYPING EDITOR Kelly Arsenault FACULTY— ACADEMIC ECOON EDITORS Sue Ellen Brown Mary Jane Warren Clockwise l-r: M. Marasca, G. Thompson J. Turner, M. Cogan, S. Ledwith, J. Corkum, L. Antinoro, T. Christie, S. Brown, N. Barry, M. Dotolo, L. Whitcomb, S. Maher □nnrui ASSISTANT FACULTY ACADEMIC EDITOR Norbert Call Than ACTIVITIES EC ' TOR Linde nmono ' o SENiOR SECTION EDITORS Judith Corkum Marilyn tfotolo , A ' ' , assisAnt senior £4 SECTION EDITORS l rchelle L Kelly Arsenault 3 fp SPORTS EDITORS Nancy Barry Lisa John Cloutier ASSISTANT SPORTS EDITORS Susan Dion Annette Fionaa PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS Nancy DeFeo | Maria Gentile Pictured above: Members of the Yearbook Staff John O ' Neil, Nancy Barry, Lisa Whitcomb Pictured below: (Left to right) and Maria Covino. Km r , | • u M B Jf v jPy Jh FI ALmi k I JVafc rWf mL -juf- k i k J lar jlM Wfi mM I t i Kf i f i to DEDICATION Page 3, top: Mr. Margarita’s coaching staff at Stoneham High in 1969. Page 3, center: Mr. Margarita points the way to a successful season in Stoneham. Page 3, bottom: Henry Margarita headed Georgetown’s gridiron in the early 50’s. 2 In September of 1964, Mr. Henry Margarita arrived at Stoneham High School — the place where he would coach, instruct, and advise students for the next fifteen years. A member of the Brown University Hall of Fame, and an ex-professional football player of the Chicago Bears, Mr. Margarita, at first a coach, skillfully led the Stoneham team to many victories. As a teacher of goverment and history, he continues to show a scholarly dedication to learning, for which he won the Merit Award of Excellence. But perhaps as an intimate friend and counselor, Mr. Margarita has best demonstrated his thoughtful consideration for young people. A soft-spoken, kindly gentleman, he has earned the warm affection and deep respect of students and teachers alike. We, the class of 1980, dedicate this yearbook to him, as a token of our esteem and pride for his valuable guidance and friendship, and with wishes for a peaceful and prosperous future. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SENIOR LIFE 7 FAC U LT Y- ACADEMICS 17 SENIORS 42 SPORTS 108 ACTIVITIES 148 BUSINESS 168 OMN 80 CONTENTS M nJ " . 1 1 Do not open before 2000 What artifacts of 1980 — if stored away and brought out 20 years later — would move this year’s high school graduates to a kind of nostalgia their parents often experience at the sound of Johnnie Ray record or the sight of a crinoline pet- ticoat unearthed in the attic? What items, discov- ered by collectors at the sales of the 21st century, would reveal the true texture of the fads and fash- ions of today’s young? The many styles of dress and differing opinions on music stations are only two aspects which characterize Stoneham High School students. The casual dress and clutch pocketbook of Laurie Mozek and spike heeled shoes are popular among many girls. Along with these go the curls of Linda Larkin. Prep styles were adopted by many mem- bers of our senior class. Nancy Barry displays the basic “prep” look — Levi’s, small collared shirt, and pull-over sweater with knapsack slung over one shoulder. Docksiders and Perrier water are also considered very “preppie.” Other members of our class, such as Karen Caswell, have turned to colorful suspenders instead of belts to hold up their dungarees. Our music tastes are as different as our clothes. An ardent fan of the Marshall Tucker Band is Kevin Mar- shall. The radio station WBCN plays progressive rock such as that of the Outlaws. For those who enjoy softer rock, there is Jackson Browne and the ever popular George, Paul, Ringo and John. Some lingering fads are bumper stickers which ex- press anything, and the Frisbee. Fi- nally, if you look closely at our col- lage, you may notice many items which bring back pleasant memo- ries of high school. 7 HOCK... DISBELIEF.. .5RIEF cfhc Boston (globe fiUamU K m 4y. Born liper’s Bullet Cuts Down President icqueline Cradles Dving Husband hnson Swc m In; McCormack No. 2 A Wife ' s Anguish ' V ■ ,r S In 1962, we were born, as John Glenn orbited the moon. When John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, we were taking our first steps and speaking our first words, blissfully ignorant of our parents’ shock and grief. We grew up as the Beatles hit their peak, too young to understand, but still loving “The Yellow Submarine. ” In 1968, we entered our first year of school, oblivious to the tragedies of the spring. As we were first intro- duced to the wider world of knowl- edge through Tom, Jane and Spot, Richard Nixon was elected to his first term of Presidency. In 1969, we all watched breathlessly as the first spacecraft landed on the moon. We heard vaguely about Woodstock, where hippies did what our parents said we had better not do or else, and about some- thing called Vietnam, where soldiers became POW’s and missing in action, or just plain dead. In the fourth grade, we begged our mothers to let us wear the mini-skirts that we scorned a year later. We were more interested in 1972 Olympics with Olga Korbut and Mark Spitz than in the reelection of President Nixon. In 1974, the impact of Watergate and the unprecedented resignation of the President of the U.S. paled against the prospect of entering the Junior High as seventh graders. The Energy Crisis and President Ford’s guidelines meant that we froze in school, beginning in the eighth grade. " May I have your I can pi E.i T X5 We were more excited over our Freshman Banquet in 1976 than we were over the nation’s Bicentennial, al- though we were all buzzing over the election of a peanut farmer as our nation’s leader. In 1977, Saturday Night Fever got everyone dancing, but by the Twirp we were more interested in who would ask who than the dancing. By 1978, we began an anti-disco movement for those more interested in song than dance. During the Blizzard of ’78, we practiced driving on the empty roads. As we started 11th grade, we were getting our licenses one after another in rapid succession, and cruising all over the town to show off our triumph. 1978 also brought Animal House toga parties and food fights to the high school. While Carter attempted to bring Begin and Sadat together for peace talks, matchmakers were attempting to fix-up their friends with dates for the Junior Prom. As seniors, we knew a special joy as the Pope celebrated us, the young people, and we also knew deep sadness at the death of our Dean, Mrs. Barry. We finally became interested in politics when Ted Kennedy announced his candidacy. As 1980 nears, we are caught up in the rush of tests and college applications, but we are still looking forward to our Senior Prom, and ultimately, to our graduation from high school. SAVE OUR WATER SAVE OUR AIR SAVE OUR CITIES Robert F. Kennedy Martin Luther King, Jr. NEW YORK ' S PICTURE NEWSPAPER® New York. N Y 10017, Thursday, October 16. 1975 According to the Rulebook: IT WAS INTERFERED CONTROVERSIAL PLAY in 75 World Series occurred in the 10th inning of Game No. 3 and involved Red Sox catcher Carlton Fisk with Cincinnati ' s Ed Armbrister. The New York News (above) thought it was inter- ference. AL Umpire Larry Barnett decided otherwise. He, too, had supporters. What do you think? Here ' s an EXCLUSIVE SEQUENCE. This occurred in Riverfront Stadium and was viewed by 60,090,000 fans via NBC-TV. The deciding Series game at- tracted 75,900,000 TViewers — largest sports audience of all time. XIII OLYMPIC , WINTER GAMES ' LAKE PLACID 1980 OMNI Do you remember just awhile past A time when it was all right. Sometime away long ago Catch it in your sight. “We’re all in this together,” you thought So the saying goes. But somehow we were different — not that it really showed. We clung to one another and the feeling was just right Even during those long and seemingly endless Friday nights Maybe we’d drink or date or just be by ourselves. But you knew somewhere someone was waiting with somebody else Along alone side by side we’ll walk out of here alive with other memories of those who died Always we will question why. THE r AS5ACK05ETTS AGNES-MARY BARRY 1923-1979 Agnes-Mary Barry will be remembered as a unique and wonderful wife and mother, a competent and compas- sionate professional, and a great lady whose life was marked by grace and dignity. The greater part of the last seven months of Mrs. Barry’s life has been a victory for the human spirit against the greatest odds. Her life is exemplified in a moving passage from Michener’s Chesapeake. A young scholar is seach- ing for the source of the great river which becomes the spacious bay, then the ocean itself. And to his surprise, he finds a lovely meadow with no mysteriously gushing wa- ter, but simply an accumulation from many unseen sources, like a gathering together of meaning. Mrs. Barry shall forever be like that lovely meadow, accumulating strength, courage, and wisdom from unseen sources and sharing them. Then for a generation of young people, she was like the river which flowed from that meadow. “There you are,’’ the young explorer said, “beautiful river, the holder of secrets.’’ She knew all their names, which was her way of expressing their uniqueness and value as peo- ple. They told her their secrets, which was their way of expressing trust in her integrity and faith in her judge- ment. She brought meaning without parallel to the role of parent and nobility to her profession. Since our lives are the sum of many moments, those who knew her will be struck, in the days and years to come, by certain special memories of her: the gathering of a close and loving fam- ily, good food and conversation among dear friends, where there is loyalty among colleagues, where nothing short of one’s best is acceptable, where justice is unself- ish, whenever citizenship and character are prized, always where there is excellence, always where there is laughter. Shakespeare understood the human heart and so his words express this tribute to Agnes-Mary Barry: When she shall die, Take her and cut her out in little stars, And she shall make the face of Heaven so fine, That all the world will be in love with night. ADM NISTRATION COLUMN ONE: (TOP TO BOTTOM) Mr. Rowell keeps the tracks clean. COLUMN TWO: Mr. Hoyt; Mr. Row- ell; Ms. McCormick; Mr. Kiamie. COLUMN ONE: (TOP TO BOTTOM) Mr. Hogan, Super- intendent of Schools, Mr. Matarese, Assistant Superin- tendent, Mr. Kiamie and Patti Anderson. COLUMN TWO: Mr. Murphy, Director of Guidance, Mr. Fawcett, Director of Athletics. COLUMN ONE: (TOP TO BOTTOM) Mr. Mucica, Mrs. Rosen, Ms. Gower. COLUMN TWO: Mr. Conroy, Mrs. Sahakian, Ms. McCor- mick, Ms. Puffer, Mr. Silverman, Mr. Musico, Program Supervisor. COLUMN THREE: Mr. Casey, Miss Norelli, Mr. Reed. FOREIGN LANGUAGE COLUMN ONE: (TOP TO BOT- TOM) Mrs. Wheeler; Miss Komanowski; Mrs. Nolan; Mr. At- kinson. COLUNN TWO: Mr. Rocher; Mrs. L ' Heureux. F w Wl f JA COLUMN ONE: (TOP TO BOT- TOM) Mr. Mongeau, Dr. Brown, Mr. Col- lins. Mr. Cleary, (Program Supervisor). COLUMN TWO: Ms. Hanley, Mr. Sirois, Mr. Lahiff, Mr. McGuire. COL- UMN THREE: COLUMN ONE: Mr. White. COLUMN TWO: (TOP TO BOT- TOM) Mr. Romano, Mr. Mathi- son, Mr. Margarita. COLUMN THREE: Mr. Mulvihill, Mr. Fillback, Mr. S. Conroy. COL- UMN FOUR: Mrs. Banulis, Mr. Campagna, (Program Super- visor), Mr. Mathison. COLUMN ONE: Eugenia Smail, Ms Broderick and Donna Ponte. COLUMN TWO: Mrs. Leamon, Miss Corum, Miss Harrington, Miss Garuti. ■ BUSINESS MUSIC COLUMN ONE: (TOP TO BOTTOM) — Ms. Wienski; Mr. Abrahams; Bruce Folsom sitting one out; Ed Coutu. COLUMN TWO: Sound the trum- pets; Mr. Walter, John Hubbard. — 71 E r E . Li J i COLUMN ONE: (TOP TO BOTTOM) — Mrs, Car- gill with Janine Marquard; Artists creating; Little Drummer Boy. COLUMN TWO: Photography at SHS; Ted Schwalb. COLUMN ONE: (TOP TO BOTTOM) Mr. Padovani; Mrs. Wedge; Mr. Nelson and Mike Merchant. COLUMN TWO: Mr. Padovani; Miss Wheeler. GUIDANCE mtff COLUMN ONE: (TOP TO BOTTOM) Mrs. Pack Mrs. Hurst, Mr. Feltch. COLUMN TWO: Mrs O’Toole, Mrs. Cherch. COLUMN THREE: Mrs Sowle, Mr. Feltch. COLUMN ONE: (Top to bottom) Mr. Jesse, Data Processing Services; Mrs. Kozlowski, Secretary; Dr. Heller, School Psychologist. COLUMN TWO: Mrs. Cormier, Data Processing Clerk; Mr. Waddleton, Occupational Education (Program Supervisor); Mrs. Murrin, School Nurse. COLUMN THREE: Mr. Flanagan, Distributive Education, and Stacey Troiano. COLUMN ONE: Mr. Benoit; Mr. Alessi and Mr. Fillback, “Hey! How are ya?” ; Discussing the day s lunch. COLUMN TWO: So ends another day; Jackie Whitten; Elsie Highet, Cafeteria Staff. I LAST GLANCE Stoneham High has turned out more than its share of achievers from the Class of 1980. Many seniors have received early acceptances to the colleges of their choice. Sue Ellen Brown will be a member of Harvard’s freshman class next year. Mary Jane Warren, winner of the Rensselaer Medal for math and science, has been accepted to Brown University. The Class of 1980’s Brown Book Award recipient, Melanie Smith, has been admitted to Ben- nington, where her studies will include Art. Melanie has gained much recog- nition through her artwork, winning a gold key in The Boston Globe’s Scholastic Art Show. Bringing glory to SHS through their athletic achievements were Susan Dion, Roger Padovani, and Michael Hudson. Susan Dion, an all-star in both basketball and track, long-jumped a startling 17’ 3 4,” to be ranked fourth in New England. Roger Padovani’s soccer expertise earned him a position on the Eastern Mass. Division All-Star Team. Michael Hudson dominated the league in winter track, placing third in the state in the 1000 meter race. Carol Johnson left SHS to spend her senior year studying in Germany. As the rest of our class leaves Stoneham High, we know that our achievements have only begun. JOYCE ANDERSON PATTI ANDERSON COSTA ANDREADIS JOAN ANDREWS LAURIE ANDREWS Favorite Teachers: Mrs. Rosen and Mr. Margarita LINDA ANTINORO ROBERT APPLEYARD LINDA ADAMS I’ll never forget Paul 9 18 76 and 2 22 77, the Cape and UCP 9NYEP BEST S JR Prom 79 ' P’s SR Prom 79 ' midnite rides. Happiness is Paul, good friends listening, sharing, un- derstanding, thank CM and LB Favorite saying O-O-O-H N-O-O-O! Pet Peeve MRFD end to end P.S. Thanks Mom and Dad. PATTI ANDERSON Memories: The girls, Under the ladder, TAX, TO Packy. One O’clock escape, Laughs for 2.50. Carpo, Pure snow, a banged up Chevy. A certain someone. Hampton DQ. Happiness: Gordy, Ma Dad. Future: A white on white Mer- cedes Sports. Quote: “Some people Live, some people just exist. ’’ JOYCE ANDERSON Memories: Joey G. 1-4-3-6, 11 4 77, 6 3 78, Carey ' s Mickey Mouse inside out backwards, Ka B. — My pal, Sunlite, Cerra ' s Melrose. Happiness is: Crown Royal snowy nights, good buzz, That special smile. — “One must reach beyond the beauty of the rainbow to find his pot of O’gold.” COSTA ANDREADIS Memories: S. Yarmouth 79 ' Mikes Pd. Seagull Beach Pet Peeve: Sugar -N- Spice Donuts Future Plans: College Never Forget: 8 10 79, Marthas Vineyard Run LAURIE ANDREWS I’ll never forget Dorsey, Tricia, Lynn, Lulu, Debbie, Wendy, Darlene. Happiness is: Bobby, weekends, good times. Comment: Here comes trouble! JOAN ANDREWS Happiness is: Mark, MM DM, LB MS, Days w Lite Blue Cords Lu 10-10-79, 10-30-79. Misery is: nites saying good- bye, Day w o u working til 9. Comments: oh wow so I lied “Toad” Party “Babe”. Quote: “Let the good times roll. " To you w love Remember Always Mark ILY. LINDA ANTINORO Happiness is: Mom, Dad, Tip, and friends. Misery is: poison ivy. Quote: “Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true. " ROBERT APPLEYARD Memories: CDB, Allman Bros. Outlaws, Lenox, Cape Escape All-Nighters, 6 1 79, 10 5 78, C.F., Hampton Beach, “Keg Material,” Hendrix, Good Par- ties. Misery: Rodents, Ragtime Sometimes I feel like I’ve been tied to the whipping post — ABB 44 Best Dressed: Norbert Callahan and Cheryl Maffeo LINDA AVOLA JOSEPH BAMBERY KELLEY ARSENAULT NANCY BARRY PATRICIA BARRY THOMAS BARRY CHRISTOPHER BARIL KELLEY ARSENAULT Memories: Wiz Night, But I’m 19, Skiing, Nantucket Sum- mers, Eagles, Canada, M.M.B: Chink F.D.’s, B.K. Love, K.S.G; T.B. W. at R.T; Great Friends, Be mad Kel, T.W: 5:59.4, Bronco. Pet Peeve: Space Cadet! Quote: The most wasted day of all, is that on which one had not smiled. JANET ASCI Memories: 8 3 77, Cape, Hampton, N.H., Winnie, T and B, “Twins’’. Happiness is: Jackie, Family and Best Friends. Quote: " Its not whom you love or how you love; its just that you love.’’ Dedication: To my Mother and Father with love. JOSEPH BAMBERY Quote: One can not expect one to live in the image of another, nor should one try to do so. I shall not try to live in another ' s shadow, like everyone else, rather I shall seek my own. Memories: Tampa Bay, Deb G., The Horse. Future Plans: Tampa State, FLA. PATTY BARRY Memories: NJ, Montreal Lizann ' s Party, Mount Royal, Freaky St„ KC, MG, BM, KM ' s EC Hi Brebs LN ML, NO ice, LH, KW, SG, CH, GB, CB 79 OK, Drack, CC, G D, Beula, Cast Parties, Beans, Kanas with PB 9 4 78, MGa in 24 ' s BYL SHC, Band Mr. W. Boob Club. Quote: ’ “GWAT?’ WM on M, BM. CHRIS BARIL Pet Peeve: ‘‘Barrel’’, term pap- ers, physics labs, and 6th period studies. Memories: Splash!, 1 18 79 Misery is: Monday mornings + Sat. 3-9. Quote: " Never do today what you can put off ' til tomorrow. " Future Plans: College. NANCY BARRY Memories: RR + JHE, JG + Nobstock’ 79, ‘‘Totality forever!”, Insanity parties +DIAQUIRIES + SNL w LW + MS, Jo + PM + FHC, X-C Ski- ing + Mel in Vermont, “Wicked Preppie”, PG + MA. Pet Peeve: Being on time, 3 Nancys. Quote: The abandonment of childish things signifies the decline of the human spirit. THOMAS BARRY “Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away now it looks as though they’re here to stay oh I believe in yesterday.” Pet Peeve: rented shirts, burns. Suppressed Desire, to make Howard Hughes look like a peasant. STACY BENNETT PAMELA BIGGIO LAWRENCE BLAUVELT STEVEN BLAUVELT ANTHONY BELMONT LINDA BEAN RITA BOCELLI LINDA BEAN I will always remember: DB; JA: MT: RS: MF: Mark; The Bf Vanhalen 8 18 79, Manson RD Blue Cords, Let’s Not Go! 7 20, 21, 22 79 Early in the morning a Mach I, Bad Co. Love is: A tent made for two! Misery is: A week without HIM, 6 7 79; 8 31, 9 1, 2 79, ILYM! STACY BENNETT Duff ' s party, October 13-14, 1979. Parrella’s sense of direc- tion. Fire and Water. No food. TC, PM, PD, PH. Rocky Horro Picture Show, TC, KC, D, DN, PM, BD. Eat a Peach, Allman Brothers. Gallahues — Betty ' s gum, BJ, Microphone in CB; BG Loud, FG Uh, BD Soft, im- SANDRA BONASORO LOUISE C. BONO mitate pocketbook. BT — Her- man Spacely. PAM BIGGIO Never Forget: The Greek Revi- val, the line-up, sunroom, strawberries, and of course; shaker, bubbles, budwin, prez, fry, Annie, Lizzy, Dia, Les + Greg + Pam. Quote: Just when you thought ends meet, someone moves the ends. Misery is: KH, Red Skylark, Where are you TZ? LARRY BLAUVELT Memories: East School, Fort Fenway Bashes. . A piece of South, Camp Rank, CP Bash, JH KEG croses flowers. Misery is: Playing basketball in gym, but most of all misery is leaving school. SANDRA M. BONASORO Memories: Cheerleading ’’78”, Gymnastic Team. I’ll Never Forget: P.W., D.C., H.J., L.B., STO-MO-CO, J.S., P.Q. Happiness is: Suzie, 1 23 80, Florida, Future Plans: College in Florida. LOUISE BONO Happiness is: Family, Food, + Friends!!! Memories: MDC, 5 Bashes 7 Crashes, Proms, Me + Maf, Yana 8 10 77 . . . Thanks for what was. Cmpg Trip, Canada, Del Someday! Ma + Dad I Love KAREN BOUDREAU Ya. Quote: “It is better by far to smile and forget it than to cry and remember.” Thanks Ma + Dad! KAREN BOUDREAU Memories: Stephen, 143, Joy, Mis, 3 16, S S, " the girls " Sun- lite, my family, Grampy. " Let no man seek greatness without love by his side, for what good is a great man with- out love?” PAUL BOURKE Never Forget: Lexington, Rosey, 3 50 sec, Broadway $1,000,000 Bash, Bruce S Pet Peeves: Whitewalls, DIS- CO, SOUTHERN EXPOSURE. Happiness is: Gathering of 46 ROBERT BONFIGLIO MARIA BRADLEY Class Lunatics: Tom Minghella and Susan Dion GAIL BREBNER CHERYL BROWN PAUL BOURKE NANCY BOURKE s. yw JOAN BOUZAN friends, Thanksgiving 78’ Night Hockey, B-Way Boys. “Ther’s no need to be paranoid when everyone’s out to get you” PB to TK. NANCY BOURQUE Memories: 1 5 CHARLIE. Morn- ing After, K.D. in Snow. 1 19 VOC, 2 a.m. JOG. PAPA’s, Drive In, BL Lights. The Prom, Senior Tea, JANE. Happiness is: C.K. Good Friends, Becky Billy. Misery is: Broken Forks, Tin, No Gas. Quote: “Moments maybe tem- porary, but the memories last forever.” ROBERT BONFIGLIO Will you, won’t you want me to make you. I’m coming down fast but don ' t let me break you. Tell me, tell me tell me the an- swer. You may, be a lover, but you ain’t no dancer. Helter Sk e lter Prize Pos: KATHY an RIVIERA. Most mem: Oct. 24, 1978. Love is Kathy in the Riv. JOAN BOUZAN Thanks for the love and friend- ship Mom, Dawna, Mark. Memories: Twirp 78, Drama Club, half-time in the rain, weekends w o FIC, M.B. ” “ — I know you believe you under- stand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard isn ' t what I meant. MARIA ANN BRADLEY Memories: volleyball, NY, Sis- ter, “alikes”, JP79, GM Layne, Flabby, bathrms in Span, Fays Loyal Fan, Taco. Pet Peeve: people pulling my hair — “if I pull this, will the bu- tler come?” Suppressed desire: get a job, go to college, a date with Marty. In Memory of Aunty Nancy. GAIL BREBNER Memories: Heidi MB BB PB KC FA AN JG TM A +W BREB Good times w P-t-B M.W.N. Dracaula, Cast Party, Mr. Mu. TLI OK. Deering WS P.F. Retreats Par- tying! Baskens, Brebs, Chorals PB KC MG NT LN A + D Blocks. Comment: You never fully ap- preciate something until it’s gone. — GB 120 CHERYL BROWN Happiness is: walking with Billy, Always remember B.F., B.B. + T.M., LB. D.B. D.F. + M.W., The F’s, my family away from home, Bob Seger “Live Bullet” Bad Co. ‘‘Straight Shooter” Rock-N-Roll, " Sisco Ducks” The blue vette. Thanks to Mom and Dad they ' ll always be there. Quote: Gotta gun. 47 MATTHEW BROWN PETER BROWN SUE ELLEN BROWN ANTHONY BUCCI STEPHEN BURKE JOSEPH CALCAVECCHIA Most Talkative: Mark Marasca and Susan Maher MATT BROWN Never Forget: Good times in the summer at Little Neck, Friends, in Ipswich and Stoneham, Elec- tion Day, and the class of 1980, The Best Ever”. Pet Peeve: The Pirate, last Period Physics. PETER J. BROWN Memories: SOUTHIE, Nick’s house, Miami game with LA KS The gang, SB summer ”79”. Happiness is: MC New Re- cruits, Being Irish, women. Suppressed Desire: To return to the Jr. Prom! Give my par- ents a game ball. Misery is: Stumbling in. Quote: YOU USED ME! Now swallow my pride . . . SUE ELLEN BROWN And let us not grow weary in well-doing, for in due season we shall reap, if we do not loose heart. — Galatians 6:9 TONY BUCCI Memories: good times with friends, parties, snippy, whippy, nip tampy + gimp. Ronaldo, J.F., Bozo, Concerts 73 ' Olds, BBB, Mannix, All nighters, Halloween night. Pet Peeve: tickets, disco. Happi- ness is: family + friends. Comment: It was fun while it I asted CHARLENE BUITKUS Dreams of the Past: L.K.C.T.L., summer ”79” Exscurgers, which way?? F.L., Diamond Head, long walks + talks, 10 26 79, Proom w Tish ' c ' . Misery ' is: Mondays, MUMBLES, camp- ing out. Visions of the future: college and traveling. Quote: The moment may be temporary but the memory is forever. STEPHEN BURKE Memories: Southie, JH Cliff F.R. Hockey C’Town wild geese summer ”79” disco P.R. SID The old gang matignon? Shamrocks, new recruits, 1 6 keg moon zoo ”78” Rat Renties S.D.: To please Mom + Dad . . . Keep the faith. Comment: Thank God I’m Irish, run he got a gun, are you leak’in? Quote: If you want to get to heaven you’ve got to raise a little hell! F.P.: Raway CHRISTINE CALDER Cherished Memories: Penn., Canada, Wis., NY: 3yr. Victory. Top hat, bow tie, green shoes ■ + boots. A CHORUS LINE! Let- ters from B.M. Dances + Pa- pa’s with S.D. B.R. 9-23-79 Styx 11-10-79. Surprise homecom- ing 7-20-79. What will I be? Fashion a dream and make it come true! NORBERT CALLAHAN Capri is: Boat rides, Beers BRUCE, Buddies + Wretches, 5 3 79, Something in the Night. Pet Peeves: Trotta, Cacoon. Comment: I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal labotomy. “Talk about a dream, try to make it real . . — Bruce Springsteen ANDREW J. CAMPBELL Memories: Shack + Blizzard 78’ All Nighters, Crusin, Kegs, Tootin, The Kangamangus. Peeves: Disco, Fakes, Gov. King. Favorites: summer, Becks, The real Thing, Boo J.D. Lynyrd Skynyrd, weekends roadtrips, Toodys. Plans: CHRISTINE CALDER JOHN CARGILL ANNE CARINO NORBERT CALLAHAN ANDREW CAMPBELL JOYCE CARLSON KAREN CARNEY PAULINE CAROLI travel. Quote: ... I ' m as Free as a Bird now and this bird you ' ll never change. JOHN CARGILL The heartbreaking times when the soccer team didn’t go the states. When Elvis shined at the Carnival Ball. My theme song looks like I’ve made it out of S.H.S. Memories of the S.H.S. Jazz Band. Memories of the Junior Prom when B.O. got out of the car and locked the door. ANNE CARINO Never Forget: Friends KD Lizzy " Mo”! Jim. 1 19 79 VOC: 1 12 79; 10 6-7 79 Medford- Somerville; 5 1 1 79-Ellie; Papa Ginos. Pet Peeve: MP 3 12 79. Quote: What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies. — ARISTOTLE. I owe my life to you both — Ma TONI CARPENITO Dad, I Love You. PAULINE CAROLI Never Forget: summers 77, 78, 79, Pipes, Square, East, Out- laws, Quarries, SM, PD, KM, PA, TC, JM, DC, DD, Ditch: PS Brighams with Shay Boston 1 4 78 S.S. Thanks Mom Dad. Pet Peeve: Gym waiting; get- ting caught. Happiness is: Get- ting ready for Friday nights. Comment: Unbelievable. JOYCE CARLSON Memories: Space Cadet ER! D.C. A Whooshum MMB Bingo N.Y.C. with CY Unicorn Chink Drills 9 in a car w Turkey with MD and SD Wheres that wab- bit? Misery is: Demerits, diets NF 4 , Good-byes. Quote: The moments may be temporary, but the memories are forever. KAREN CARNEY SEAN CARR DOREEN CARRABINO Never forget: Fools, Fla, Cape, G. Friends; DM, PR, SC, MS, DG, CC, White Mts. Happiness is: Larry + my family. Misery is: Losing the ones you love. Comment: Take me as I am for I will never change. Quote: The moments may be temporary But the memories are forever. TONI CARPENITO Memories: NP THE GIRLS, under the ladder. DQ, JH July 5, one o ' clock escape, Taxi to packy, plati $2.50 LAUGHS, 18. Happiness is: Life and the Peo- ple who Share it with Me. Comment: The innocent and beautiful have no enemy but time. SEAN CARR To Mom + Dad Memories: The Cape with N + J The Crash Saturday Night Poker Games Lowenbrau Road Trips Prom Frosh Hoop with JO Kansas and Outlaw Concerts. Pet Peeve: Economics Sleepy! Quote: " If I claim to be a wise- man it only means that I don’t know.” K. Liugren. DOREEN CARRABINO Never Forget: HAYMARKET, B.D., P.D., J.M., 10 13 79 — CAMERO wouldn’t start on hill!!! Favorite Expression: " OKAY " and " YOUR BAD. " T.N. Future Plans: Teaching Figure Skating. Favorite Past- time: Avoiding Lifeguards. Dedication: Thanks for every- thing Mom Dad!! DANNA M. CARROLL NANCY CATALDO ERIC CASTRUCCI DIANE CASCIO KENNETH CHRISTIE KAREN CASWELL THERESA CHRISTIE ROBERT CIANO Most Musical: Nick Turco and Nancy Pizzotti DANNA CARROLL Memories: 19 Party, Cape " Flat Tire, " 5 Mini B’s, Jr Sr Proms, MDC, Deering, Daisy?! Florida, Weekends Superbe, Waldo, 6 9 79 — One of these days, Summer ' 79 Happiness is: Mom Dad, reat Family Friends, R J. et Peeve: the note Comment: We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto! DIANE CASCIO I’ll never forget: summer " 79, " Nantucket Island, wishing on a falling star, 8-mile walk, good friends, good times, trying not to laugh, Besty, D.Q. Happiness is: Joseph, having a mother like mine, memories, graduation. Comment: I hope my wishes come true. Pet Peeve: waiting. ERIC CASTRUCCI Memories: summer of 79, keg- bash, concerts, Cape Cod, NH Sebago chashing good times with PD, ET, SW, IW, All the people I miss RM, CD, KB, KL, SZ, TS, MA, Rosen, Impala. Quote: You can’t always get what you want. Pet Peeve: Plastic people. KAREN CASWELL Memories: The Cape w MG, JS, MC, TD, Boob Club w BM, PB, FHockey, VBall + GML, BBall, SBall, Caring People. Quote: Two roads diverge in a woods and I took the one less traveled by, and that made all the difference. Comment: Be Yourself!!! NANCY E. CATALDO Memories: Biology Class. Mrs. Rosen ' s Homeroom. School Lunches. Mayonaise sandwiches. The night Patty could fly. Eating Chinese food at the Sheepfold. Long walks and Kenny. " Love is not wages to be earned, Nor lessons to be grimly learned, But a grace given and returned. " KENNETH CHRISTIE Memories: The First Dance, The Junior Prom, walking and joking in the halls with her. E block and Psyche Class. These times I shall not forget as I go to begin better and bigger things. NANCEY ELIZABETH CATALDO. And best of luck to the class of eighty. " I did it Ma.” THERESA CHRISTIE Happiness is: Great family friends. Memories: Bob, Cheering, Ma- joretter, Cape Cod, 4 7 78, Proms, ‘‘Twins’’ J J, OK- LAHOMA, Summertime, Sr. Class Play, Term Paper, Jr. H. English, UKP w S.S., Goldfish, " Choo-Choo " — CF, N.Y. City ' 82, U.N., G.H., We are shaped and fashioned by what we love . . . — Goethe. 50 CAREN CICCOTELLI MARY COGAN PAUL COLBURN BRADLEY COLES STEPHEN COLUMBUS SUSAN CLARK JOHN CLOUTIER Best Looking: Jolene McNutt SUSAN CLARK Happiness Is: Michael, my fam- ily, Ed Hascle . . . Never Forget: good times with Mike, Cape escapes 79, The cottage c the girls: D.M. Dizzy: KC PR CC MS: Outlaws: going away. Misery is Michael! Mornings af- ter. Quote: Love is only a word till brought to life: This book goes to Ma Dad. MARY ANN COGAN Memories: Mom and Peg, Lou, 5 8 79, Tennis, Mrs. W. Major- ettes, “a touch of white” Nora Fred, P.M. 1 6 76, talks w JG, N. Conway (4 in a pinto), S., S. S. at Tuntas, LH, KM, GF, LA, LT + KH. Special notes from MM. Quote: “Happy are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting.” JOHN CLOUTIER Memories: Hampton, B-WAY, THKSGVN 78, 78+9 hoop, S-by, DJ, HRS at RH, M.K.D.R. D+M, All-Nighters, KP 78NY: Crash HDQTS, SANDY 7 4 Mag. Mach Gravyd, WC, Gorilla " Dunk” Holiday wks, Buzz, Amer. PP Many great times, L.S. S.B. Quote: " Something gotta give . . . they got to . . .! JC Future Plans: Coll. R+RSDRR PAUL COLBURN Memories of JD, Unicorn Golf Course, and SPOT. Never forget all the good times. Misery: endings, waiting, Bad Boo no money, not having a date and concerts at the gar- dens. Quote: IF YOU LOVE SOME- THING SET IT FREE, IF IT COMES BACK, ITS YOURS, IF IT DOESN ' T IT NEVER WAS. LC, AWAF STEVE COLUMBUS Memories: Karen, 3 16 79, Sack out 4 in a P. Box, Glouster, 73 Gran Torino, Hampton, Kegs, Duey Days, Doubles, HAR- VARD, Cruzin, Snippie, Whip- pie, Nippie, Tampie, The Leak + Buz; STYX. I walk through the valley of darkness and have no fear for I’m the meanest S.O.B. in the valley. BILL COMFORT Never thought ' bout where I was going, just took a long time to come. Thought it was where I was at, But I knew that it couldn’t be that. I got to go and get back, yes, back to where I once belong, going quietly, slowly along. Burning these broken lines behind me, waiting for my past to find me. 51 ANNE CORRAO THERSA CONNELL CAROL COVELL JUDITH A. CORKUM MARIA C. COVINO LAUREEN CRAIG CAROL CORMIER JOSEPH CRONIER WILLIAM CROSBY MICHAEL CRYAN SERENA M. CUMMINGS CAROL CORMIER Happiness is: weekends, good times with friends, KC. Misery is: y-y on a Sat. Nite, Smir. (100p), Soap Operas, Trouble. Never Forget: BP, JG, RB, NM, TH, MOLLY, The Wedding, CB, Lincoln Nights, B+J’s Party NM on C. " I wanna Drive a Lincoln and spend my evenings drin- kin”. BS. JUDITH CORKUM Memories: Special friends, sharing good times, MHS, 1st lunch, Close up, NY SC Es- panol y CP PJP MD, death rides, tennis, GCC. Future Plans: Happiness and love. Quote: “We know that in every- thing God works for good with those who love Him.’’ Romans 8:28 ANNE CORRAO I will never forget: 9 10 78, It wouldn ' t be so cold, if the wind wasn ' t blowing, The break- down in N.H. with J.D., T.C., M.P. and B.P. New Year’s Eve Party; The Keg; Snowball fight; Friends don ' t change, only time does. “If Not For You,’’ B.P. CAROL COVELL Quote: “Belief is a truth held in the mind, faith is a fire in the heart. " Happiness is: STEPHEN, my family, a sister, N.H. c my sec- ond family, Friends. Never Forget: 12 24 77; N.C. c S.C.; all the girls; P.G., B.L., K.B. Pet Peeve: Jealousy: " You did it Deb!” Thanks for everything Ma and Dad: MARIA COVINO Memories: KA, SB, ND, ND, PD, RD, MJ, SL, SM, GT, CW, MW; ANT volleyball @urt — GML PB; 3 R’s HW: tWTAw; PG FI, 7 14 77, 4 Nana, BW: drop, sis- ter Sue, cars cheering, Christ- mas Eve w family 39 Endicott. “You have to take life as it hap- pens, but you should make it happen the way you want to t a k e jt 1 ’ WILLIAM CROSBY Memories: Southie, JH Cliff, Kegs, The corner, China Moon Syndrome, Renties RWB ' s New Recruits, Fitchburg newark, Nick’s Leaking MHS — The Gardens PB’s House G. PH, Spooning w SB. Pet Peeve: Marty Pierce. Quote: “If you don’t have a good quote, don ' t write one.” LAUREEN CRAIG I will never forget: SG, Budwin; H.E. (Ike) + Frye; DE + Tanya. Revere morning beach party, camping in Cape Cod + NH, “Supertramp” “Outlaws " “J. Geils” “trips” B.C. Saturday mornings drive thru Breakheart, Barbo’s Parties, Boo + Barcardi “FROSTY”. Quotation: “Reality What a concept!” I give my love to my family and all my friends. WILLIAM DEAN PATRICIA DECOLA NANCY DEFEO LAURA DELELLIS PAUL CUNNIFF I ' ll Never Forget: LM, 6 1 79, at Goodharbor. PARTIES at Broadway, Boiler makers at M.F.’s apt. EFG block studies at Lanaii Island. Hey, L.D. get into my locker, good times. Pet Peeve: getting change! Comment: Life is either a dar- ing adventure or nothing at all. SERENA CUMMINGS Memories: DPBFF ‘FLAT TIRE” 19, party, MINI B’s, Biddf . , The Farm, M.D.C., Jr. Prom, ‘‘City Side” ride ‘n‘ m-benz. Happiness is: Family all to- gether again and happy, good friends DP, LH, JW ... Pet Peeve: Gossip Quote: There’s always tomor- row for dreams to come true . . . LINDA D AMBROSIO Happiness is: Family, Friends and Brian. Misery was: 5 22 79 and 9 21 79, Never forget good times with BS, The twirp, Jr. Prom, Webster Lake NH, Climbing in DD’s window, Stowaways HK, Jay Peak, Pumpkining, Bowl- ing Tournaments, and Close Call 11 3 79. WILLIAM DEAN Memories: DM, BW, BE, JS, FR, SD, SC: The Club, Montvale JF’s at 4 AM, Stones, Who. Pet Peeve: Sluggo, O-nooo! Quote: “I can do anything right or wrong, I can talk anyhow to get along I don’t care anyway, I never lose, anyway, anyhow, anywhere, I choose!” Pete Townshend PATRICIA DECOLA Love to family + friends. Memories: BANANAS, cruisin our LeMans, summer 78 + 79! JF, CW, ND, MC, MD, RM, JC, JP 2 DADS, volleyball, TWTAW 44 the “Guys " , DC, Soph, Jr, Sr, yrs, Hampton “ i h ” Lake Winn 12-17-76, convertables. Quote: If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours. MGTLF NANCY JEAN DEFEO Memories: Rapid 78 Kinky Laney, Nana, Hurdles, 880, Bustoff, Eepop + Peaches BK The Bake West Point Lake winn Scituate Rollie Din Glease CW ND + PD Coach. Quote: All that is gold does not glitter, not all who wonder are lost. Pet Peeve: 3 Nancys. LAURA DELELLIS Never Forget: Peaches and Bananas, Shopping Carts on Central St., Low Trees, summer of 75-78. Bribing Rita, Jacki w Sombreo’s and " qt.” ANN w FRANK, Nightmare of L.W. and next day at Nahant, N.H. w J.S., M.M., A.M., P.R., Me Michael, R. E. Mr. C. in Italian, Labor Day, Lav Class, Pet Pet Peeve: unsociable drin- kers, R D ' s 53 MICHAEL DELTERGO STEPHEN DEMARCC DENISE D’ENTREMONT CYNTHIA DER JANE DESMOND KEVIN DEVINE DONNA DEVLIN MARGARET DIFONZO SUSAN DION STEPHEN DEMARCO In memory of my late Plymouth Fury. I turned left and the car went to the right. Hey! That ' s not gasoline. It’s foaming in his hand. Saturday Night Live put the finishing touches on many a Saturday Night. In conclu- sion: What did you say your name was? JANE DESMOND MEMORIES: RICH, 10 17, 10 27, Russo’s Parties All R Bears, Feb. Vac., S. Beach, AC TC KH DG MG AC’s House, Hick’s B.Y. BF? Mini Concerts, Amer? YLLYD 150 lbs. Heart- less Banana Fight? Ooga, BK, Fugly, Doba-Doba’s, Women, CD, KL, RL, F-Hick. ALL FOR YOU MOM and DAD. DENISE d’ENTREMONT HAPPINESS IS: Family and Friends. MEMORIES: Summer 79, neighborhood, Cape Cod close calls 2 + 3, My window, stowa- ways, P.D.’s H room, Pumpkin- ing, Twirp, shaving cream, gum and . . ., 250 N.H QUOTE: A friend is a person who accepts you for what you are, not for what they want you to be. DONNA DEVLIN Never forget Labor Day Hamp. Beach, JM, KH, JB, JD, DM, PB, Disco, Studio-4 DA, BG, PO, MR. Tav. Ross Concert, Jr. Year Stranger in a strange place faces to rem. LD, MF, TK, NM, CT, Mr. Conroy GCHS DM, DG, BAHAMAS 79 ' Trying to make things work reunited history BB. Pet Peeve: false faces that you can see through. KEVIN DEVINE Happiness is: Good times with great friends. Misery is: writing a term paper, Gallahue ' s I’ll never Forget: The Senior 01 ass MARGARET DIFONZO MEMORIES: Family, friends, and good times, MMB, the coatrack, DQ and DB with Deb, We-don’t-have-enough money, JS, Wizz, nude beach wild tur- key with JC and SD, EAGLES! Chink drills, macho jogger, GHB, death ride with Chris, 9 30 79. Quote: A dream is a door to tomorrow. SUSAN DION Memories: LITBC, MMB, wizz night disaster weekend, Boothin rapids, 250 Mile, Eagles, FOF, CF drills, awe IZATIONS, wildturkey with JC, MD. Misery: NF 3 , where’s the dish girl? I Love: fun, food, family. Quote: We will perform in mea- sure, time, and place: So, thanks to all and to each one. JEFFREY DITULLIO CHARLOTTE DOHERTY DIANE DOHERTY PAULINE DONAHOE KELLEE DONEGAN Best Looking: Frank Saitta SHEILA DONOVAN MARILYN J. DOTOLO JEFF DITULLIO INF Stew Bone, Hampton 79’ PRP, swimming in April SM Duck’s House 78 ' Beav. Trips to the Moon Hqrts SDRR C TM B-way Bashes, Parodies, Hello Officer Sigmund K. Fotbl Dou- bles BBB Q + Qs III Naz Yellow Mach ED PD DC Happiness Is: A Good Stick, YBIWWHS “Excuse me while I kiss the sky” Rigamorts. CHARLOTTE DOHERTY " LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL” DIANE DOHERTY Never forget KD in snow at SH. 1 19 79 Voc, KD, LL, LW, NB, KS, CC, AC, ML 5 26 79, Jog 2 am, Drive-In. Happiness: Jerry 4 16 79 best 4r Jr ups: beach, friends, Mom Dad downs: mon. morn, rainy days. Favorite Pastime: being w JH. Comment: This is the best time of your life, ENJOY IT! KELLEE DONEGAN Happiness Is: Friday nites with friends. Never Forget: Jane, Dia, Liz, Lin, Anne, Ike, Kim, 4 corners with H.E., L.W., N.B.; A.C. Par- tys, Jogging Memorial Day weekend. To N.B. and D.D. “I was only resting my eyes.” SHEILA DONOVAN Pet Peeve: A Block Cave Study and crowded hallways. Misery Is: Labs, CEEB Math, and getting caught. Happiness Is: Being with friends, a Camaro, and 10 10 79, and 6 8 80. I’ll never forget the good times at SHS. Quote: “Things do not change, we do.” RL DL TL. MARILYN J. DOTOLO Time it was, And what a time it was, It was . . . A time of innocence, A time of confidences, Long ago ... it must be . . . I have a photograph. Preserve your memories; They’re all that’s left You. To MDCKJG and Friends, with Love and Thanks. PAUL DOUCETTE Never forget the good times at S.H.S., Hiding from R.R., get- ting caught. Memories: Summer of 79, Cape Cod, Jethro Tull, The Who. Friends Forever; KL, RC, ET, JW, SW. Quote: “School, its worth the trip.” Misery: is not owning a car. 55 MICHAEL DOWLING MARY ELLEN DOYLE NANCY DRAGO JAMES DREW CAROL DUGGAN Done Most for SHS: Tony Gentile and Cheryl Maffeo ARLENE DUNN DOREEN DUGGAN 4 4 ROBERT DUNN MICHAEL DOWLING Happiness is: hearing the 2:34 bell. Misery is: taking the SAT ' s I’ll never forget: 10 3 78: Sox vs. Yankees. The deciding game. Future Plans: College. MARY ELLEN DOYLE Memories: good friends, fam- ily, W.T. of Ireland and Eng- land, Pope J.P. II with J.C., Sepregated dances, green combat vehicle, ST. Pat’s Re- ctory, C.C.D. Gr 3 with S.S. Future Plans: to become a nurse and to be happy. Dedication: To Mom, Dad and T.J.J.K.A.E. NANCY DRAGO Memories: Family, friends, Ron, MC, ND, PD, CW, the guys bananas, volleyball, shag? TWTAW, CL T, Summer 79, 8 5, Hampton, 8 22 Lake Winn, 4 7 dream on, 3Rs, BW drop BORing, Kilroy, what fog? Pet Peeve: three Nancys “It is chance that makes brothers but hearts that make friends.” JIM DREW Memories: soccer 77-9, The Cape, JAJANGA, Lexington 2-1, 7-0, Skiing with RM, FS, BM, H 2 0 in JM Class, WSW, Cars Concert, Nick P., Parties, BHGC. ND 6 years in a row, Joan ' s Party, Pumpkining, LM and Co. Misery: Watertown, 0-0 No, States, goalless, almost. CAROL DUGGAN Happiness is: Being with close friends, Mom, Dad and family. Never Forget: “Shorty” " RC” A.G.’, ‘K.L.’, ‘ J.D. ' , ‘D.G.’, Jr. Prom BM, Summer of “77”, “79”, “CB”, “TC”, “JF”, “KB” Weymouth, Med., Florida, Sun- lite. Pet Peeve: Drugies Quote: In every moment there ' s a reason to carry on. Saying: wanger. DOREEN DUGGAN Dazed and confused, wishing on a star. “Vouloir C’est Pouvoir” D.D. Never forget: seeing those smiling eyes in the morning, baked beans, looking forward to weekends with P.C. and K.M., all the girls, Laughter in the Library with E.M. Missed P.D. this year. V.K. was special. ARLENE DUNN Memories: Going Camping with Michael. My eighteenth Birthday. My pals: Karen, De- nis, Tumbels, Michael Healey, Michael Marchand. Pet Peeve: “Men” getting too drunk D.D. UN TRUE FRIENDS. Happiness is: Having two great nephews. Being the first to 56 HELEN EICHER LORI EDGERLY WILLIAM EDINS LESLEY ELLS ROBERT EMERY JOHN ERRICO JEANNE FABIANO GEORGE FAYLE ARMANDO FERRANTE LAWRENCE FICARRA finish school. Dedicated to Mom + Pa. BILLY EDINS Memories: Dodge 383 at 130 on 128 Blown ELLA Elwood MMC. Concerts that I will never forget: CDB, Eagles, ELO BOC. Cape Cod, Jr. Prom. All good friends; DS JL, BR LD KC NC JS CV HB PE KC DW JP. My Best friend Chrisite, December 22, 1978 TLF. Dilligae Quote: Live and Let Live! LORI EDGERLY Happiness is: Tommy, family, friends, snowstorms, sunshine, weekends, natasha. Never forget: DM KC MS PR SC Tues — WB JFD.D. Hampton Sugarloaf blue van Before school 3 13 79. Misery is: Mon. morning work- ing. Quote: Don’t take life for granted enjoy it while you can. HELEN EICHER Dedication: My Parents Never forget: SG, LC, Cape Cod, good times, friends, house party, Barbo’s 10 1-8 79, Wolfbain, New Cousins. Quote: Reality what a concept, OUTASTATE I don’t believe it, IKE, Frye, Budwin. Misery: Not understanding, Low Budget. Pet Peeve: soap operas, Disco Desire: travel LESLIE ELLS Happiness is: my family, Being out of school! partying. I ' ll never forget: The girls, Florida, DL, JW, SS, TM, MH, 3 25 79 Hampton, B.S. May 78, concerts, Cape Cod, 10 14 79 — Old Mill, FUD, Oct. 78, J.S., S.B., Summer 79, ’’C” that’s life! Comment: You can ' t always get what you want. R.S. Livin’ for the weekend! GEORGE FAYLE Memories of the Past. One night in Charlestown, Hampton 75-79 the wall weekend at UMASS. Happiness: Family, Friends, Make a Million by 21. Pet Peeve: Getting an invitation to see Mr. Rowell — working Frankies. Quote: May all your troubles be piccolo. ARMANDO FERRENTE Happiness is: Working at my job. I’ll never forget: Becoming an uncle. Pet Peeve: school lunches. 57 ROBERT FIELDS ANTHONY FILLIPONE ANNETTE FIONDA CATHERINE FLYNN SEAN FLYNN LEE FIORENZA RONALD FLORINO MARIA FLANAGAN BRUCE FOLSOM ROBERT FIELDS Happiness is: Being with good friends, Jason Hockey, Hunt- ing, Doing things I want, Hav- ing the van run right. Misery is: The van not running, Missing that one deer. Another great moment! Pet Peeve: being in the wrong place at the right time. Thanks Mom Dad for the good times! ANNETTE FIONDA Memories: Peter A. and AmD, Martha’s Vineyard, Hmr. w Lee, Close Up. Happiness is: Mom and Dad, Danny, and friends. Pet Peeve: “I’m sorry. " Future Plans: Happiness, health, and wealth. Quote: “Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. " — Emerson LEE FIORENZA Memories: Twirp; ACP; JITB; Jr. Prom: HR with Annette. Happiness is: Ma, Dad, Al, Barry, Paul, Robin, SSS. Pet Peeve: Phonies. Suppressed Desire: To be five foot three. Quote: " The most useless day of all is that in which we have not laughed. " — Chamfort — MARIA FLANAGAN I’ll never forget: Turkey, cous, Black Mascara, Friendly Fred, Gal. of gas for X-mas, Ri, Capri, Nanc, C.V.S. Terry, Jean, The Wall, Serv, A long road to EAS- TIE, A morning jog, The eyes, nail on fire, Disco, DRS, DD, Top ' s F, Sal’s, Cheree. Misery is: Rising early. CATHY FLYNN Happiness is: family, friends. I ' ll never forget: New Year’s Eve ’78, Pumpkining, stowa- ways, soap suds, EV, climbing in D.D.’s window, Choo Choo- TC. HK, close call one and two, sunburn, PD’s H. room. BRUCE FOLSOM What lies behind you What lies before you are tiny matters compared to what lies within you. Emerson Many thanks to Dennis Walter and Frank Abrahams. Memo- ries: Carnival Ball, Band, Chorale, running, LCA. DONNA FORBES I dedicate this yearbook to my brother Billy knowing he’ll be back on his feet again. Always remember the good times with CB LB DB BB; Can we still be friends — M. Pet Peeve: disco; shooting tar — Bad. Co; Beautiful Loser — B. Seager. MARK FRANGIOSA Happiness is: Gayle TA77 Fly- ing Free Time. DONNA FORBES MARK FRANGIOSA JOSEPH FRONGILLO MARGARET GALLAGHER THERESA FUCCI KEITH FUNG STEVEN GALUNA Quietest: Linda Gianferri and Bill Dean ROBERT FULLERTON Suppressed Desire: Land on 128 weekend. Never Forget: PC PM RC MK Rumney RFLF Last day of school " 79 " JF AF AG 9-16-79. JOSEPH FRONGILLO I ' ll Never Forget: Our Gang (RF AG JG), Aldo ' s, Wagon, Joke Fights, The Block, Melonhead, Eddie, Bradlee.s classics. Misery is: Riding the Pine. Happiness is: Family and Friends. Pet Peeve: Abuse. Quote: " Make War No More. " Sgt. Rock ROBERT FULLERTON Memories: CDB at Cape and Lenox Outlaws Lenox Unicorn Summer of 79 Frank Zappa, Redstone C.P. Keg. Misery is: DISCO, Losing, no Matches, Working on Saturday Nights. Happiness is: Not working on Saturday. Future Plans: TRAVEL FLY. The Road Goes On Forever. KEITH FUNG " To survive is not enough” " I am not a number, I am a free man!” 6 And now for something com- pletely different, Its . . . Monty Python ' s Flying Circus. STEPHEN GALUNA I.N.F. Cindy, the ole gang long talks with V.K. slim 185, quen- chy, Larrys pit stop, Bart ' s breakfast. Hooker’s moped cape escape broken mount punch it rite in the grill. Pet Peeve: skunky, molsen, Darlene, school. Cbmment: Dreamin about Those little things you Know you’ll never see. CDB. MARGARET GALLAGHER Never forget: JS Good Times, Friends MK DM MS AM RC LM Tour NS The FA’s. Suppressed Desire: to win the DCI Nationals. To find out why? Comment: You can’t erase a dream you only wake me up. Memories: 27, SPS, Gang, Shake, Days, NYC, The Dream. CYO Nationals Harvard SQ. WHy? MARIA P. GENTILE Thanks: JWJSMCNT and Ma Never Forget: JENNA, Champ, Godspell, the applause, The rain, sum. of 79, Paradise, DRAC, Buddies. Misery is: The zoo, moving. To those who have provided the emotional inspiration and taken the time to look beyond, I Love You . . . 59 ALFRED GANDOLFO ANTHONY GENTILE MARIA GENTILE LINDA GIANFERRI PAUL GIANELLI JOHN GIGLIO BRIAN GIROUARD DAWN GLOVER Class Couple: Suzanne Tower and Billy Hunt ALFRED GANDOLFO Memories: The Cape, The Day at Hampton, Those good old Joke Fights, Nites with the gang and the wagon, (JF, RF, JG, AB) Joe Foti, The work crew. Happiness is: Gf and GT. Pet Peeve: Being Abused. Misery is: Those very early days. Quote: You get what you give 1000 fold. ANTHONY GENTILE Happiness is: WINNING LONG Weekends, 2:34. I ' ll never forget: Class Officers, J.P., Tht Monsters. Quote: Be Always Displeased at What thou art, If thou desire to attain to what thou art not; for where thou hast pleased thyself there thou abidest . . . Quarles. PAUL GIANNELLI Memories: Vengeance, The Caf, Scottie ' s Treats, C.D.B., Bama Parking Lot, East School Fort. Misery is: Mass General, Bounced, Accidents, Pigs, Bloody noses. JOHN GIGLIO Memories: Cape, bulkies, Fri. Nite poker, a night out with the gang, Aldos wagon, Eddie. Misery is: IHOP, The films. " A chain is only as strong as it s weakest link,” Who’s the AB teacher? AUTST TC. Happiness is: Headhunter. Future Plans: College. BRIAN GIROUARD Happiness is: Accomplish what you intended. JABOO Memories: SS 2-17-77. Junior Prom, White Mountains, sum- mer of 79. Hampton Dedication: Ma Dad Friends: FS BM JD BM. Future: College, hockey, art, westfields state. Dreams: Boston Gardens. BM " Whats wrong.” FS " I’m taking my shirt off.” DAWN GLOVER Never forget: TP, TD who made summer of “79” Cape Es Cape TP, TD, SH. Can’t wait for the Big Day! LM + BS. Never forget: the girls: LM, SM, PA, KC, SC, EM, DM, MS, PR, NP, DM, CC, VP, LR, SM, PC, KM, JM, nights up J.H. Essex: Pet Peeve: Disco Dawn DD, my sisters friends. Comment: “Good Girls Don’T” DIANE GOETZ Memories: Lived in 101. HITED! Trips to N.H. — P’S baby comet. The “house” on high st. tow trucks and sheepfold 60 DIANE GOETZ SUSAN GOODE JAMES GRANT PATRICIA GOULD Class Couple Runners Up: Paul Colburn and Larry Blauvelt JOANNE HAMILTON JAMES GREGORY ANDREA GRECCO DAWN GRAZIANO weekends. 1st. toots. Pet Peeves: Boga-Boo, walking to S.H.S on nippy morns. Suppressed Desire: To see Led Zeppelin in concert, bummer- rodents on the ol tracks! Pals! PG, BA, RE, SW! SUE GOODE Memories: H.E. " IKE " BUD- WIN, L.C. Good Times, Peter A. Quote: Bucko! “IT ' S HISTORY " Reality what a concept. Pet Peeve: Arguments, MA. Desire: To live in Maine. Dedicated to Mom and Dad, Everybody needs somebody to help them make it through life, someone to say, I LOVE YOU. PATI GOULD Memories: Santana, Comet, The Zoo, Jr. Year, Flashing Blues, Rms. 216, 218, 101, 124B, Softball, Track, Vol- leyball, Field Hockey, Coach Timpone. Suppressed Desire: To be per- fect, To have a good life. There is no monster in the world so evil as man. Future: College. JAMES GRANT Memories: Broadway, DDD, Rolling Rocks, Wonderland TSP, Cape Wkends, Concerts 7 4 79, Bourke’s Bashs, Monte Crusin, HQ, 12 19 78, TW, BS, All-Nighters, WGGH, True Friends, R C Buddies KP ' s at Unicorn, SHS, SIS. Pet Peeve: Guzzle it down, wimp, turkies. Misery is: running on empty. ANDREA GRECCO Always remember: 11 1 78, JG, 1 1 79, CB, 4 12 79, AB, 7 4 79, CB, 4 12 79, AB, 7 4 79, DH, fri. nights w CBSLCLDSCIMSLD and all the worms! close friends: KLCD JWRLDO DECA SA ' s Rt. 128 w Dorn’s car and the tow truck. Happiness is: close friends and f amily. Pet Peeve: fast hello’s and quick goodbyes. 10 27 79 GA. JOANNE R. HAMILTON Johanne memories: summer of 79’ weekends up north, parties at SW w o Jeanny 4 29 79 Sea- ger, Cat Stevens " all night long " . Happiness is: Parents, friends, John, vacations, Having a His- tory course with Mr. Mathison. Pet Peeve: SHS waiting, Mon- day mornings. Future: college, travel. 61 NANCY HEGARTY ANTHONY HEMENWAY Matt Brown RITA HEMENWAY FRANCIS HERLIHY NANCY HESS KATHRYN HICKEY NANCY HEGARTY Happiness is: the perfect place, Carol, SF, RB. I’ll never forget: FSC, the but- tercup, the summer of 79’, RB, 7 14 79, 8 3 79, good times with Nick, M, jogging around Spot Pond . . . almost! Charlie, MS, escaping, KANSAS, 8 21 79. Pet Peeve: crowed elevators, the gestapo. RITA HEMENWAY Memories: Junior Prom, Tewksbury, 4-15-77, JH, mad dog. Comment: Looks like I made it!! Happiness is: JG and the good times we’ve had together. Quote: “Dream until your dreams come true.” Deducation: To my Mom and Dad, I couldn’t have made it without your help. I love ya both!! FRANCIS X. HERLIHY Quote: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Memories: MDAB, 8THBB, 9th CT, BS “79” MLEC, Joke fights, Hubey. Misery: suprise tests. Future Plans: Med School. Happiness is: knowing your friends are behind you no mat- ter what you do. NANCY HESS Memories: I ' ll never forget all the good times down “Father Hills” house. Kasey ' s gradua- tion party plop, plop, fiz, fiz. “Best of friends " (Boz Scaggs) Kasey Chrissy Jef. Danny D.T. S.C. I’ll never forget: my Eighteen birthday party a long tiparila “What’s that smell.” Pet Peeve: July fifteen. KATHY HICKEY Memories: T.B. via B.W., lost in W.F., Wouburn M., Beach Party, Curve Rd., JP, last served, “Sowie” New Year ' s Eve, Florida, Breakdown in N.H., DDKS, BP ' s apartment, K-Party, Banna Fight, AC ' s House. Memories with: MM, DP, LH, MC, AC, JD, TC, BF! T-Friend To Mom dad with Love!! CAROL HICKS Memories: Ceech, Family, Yip, Murph, Skid, Fishing, Saturday Nights, CRUSIN! The East Food Family T.B. A. T.H., Dress-A- Likes, Hi! Vermont, Wood- chucks, EK-EK We are the 62 PAUL HIGHET MELISSA HOWE STEPHEN HOPKINS CAROL HICKS LORI HILL ■■■■■■ ANGELA HODIN ( ( LAURIE HOLLAND UNITED WE STAND GREGORY HOWARD Champions! Misery is: Math, no car B.S. Suppress Desire: To drive Murph ' s car. To get a job. Dedicated to my FAMILY. ANGELA HODIN Never Forget: South School, Summer 79’, Jay Peak, Jr. Prom 2 16 79, Sr. Prom 6 3 79, Tres- passing 9 28 79, Jr. High. “You don’t realize how much you miss something until it’s gone " . . . Thanks Ma and Dad ... I made it! All good things must come to an end. Finally — June, 1980. LORI A. HILL Memories: 19 Party, Mini B’s, Cmpg. Trip, Jr Sr Prom, ski club, Maine, Nant. 79. Happiness is: Ma, Dad, Ka, Larry Mel, True friends, SDJLCWEM, JR 9-1-79. Quote: “I have no yesterdays; time took them away, all I have is today.” Banqroft STEPHEN J. HOPKINS Are You Serious “RUN’’ N . PJV1 6-2-0 V8-6-4 No States, High Jump 6 feet! JV-Hoop. Pet Peeve: S.A.T., Big-Tests. Best Times: B.H.G.C., Party Miss D Biology, license!! Memories: Graveyard, Duke! Best Friends: B.S., M.S., S.T. I’ll never forget: Choice Jackie, House Parties, N.H. Happiness is: Not Homework. GREG HOWARD Memories: Rosey, Terrie, K.P., Montreal, T.J.P., T.W., N.H.P.R., DDD. Future: college, a happy life, make the Pro Tour? Happiness: An all nighter, being with ones you love. Quote: “Sorry fellas not in the budjet! " Ed Rundlet. Pet Peeve: Gruntie, Got any gas money? Ralphing, 3, Puff, Gus, B.C. Wet Roads. LAURIE HOLLAND Memories: Beach Party 6 16 20, TKB via BW lost in WF, Danby town, Feast, gymnas- tics, friends: MC, RM, KH, MM, TG, WF-Cw, 10 27, NS. Quote: Moments end and sea- sons past but true love lasts forever. Pet Peeve: waiting!!! Dedication: To my mother and father with love. THOMAS HOWE MICHAEL HUDSON WILLIAM HUNT ROBERT HUNTER CAROL JOHNSON THOMAS HOWE Dreams of the past: 63 Pontiac, 67 Buick, 66 Olds, EAST BE- AST, Rapid, Burger King, and good times with Carol Ann. Happiness is: Football, Hockey and a new coach. Doubling with Billy and Paula in the Brougham, and being with Carol Ann. Misery is: Sprints with the Q, no gas and Howe give me a rise. Pet Peeve: Disco. Quote: Do what you want to do, not what other people want you to do. STEPHEN J. HUSSAR To who ever finds this note — I’m being held prisoner by my father who wishes me to marry against my will — please, STEPHEN HUSSAR JUDITH JAMIESON LEON JENKINS MICHELLE JUTRAS MICHAEL KEARNEY LAWRENCE KEITH please, please help — I’m in the tall tower at swamp castle. also, walk — out, Wolfeboro, Nh BAC in the Cab-Pea, RGs — The Movie. (I hate chicken liver). ROBERT HUNTER P.B.O.N.B., T.W., at CL, KP at UNI, Lexington, B-Way Boys, B.W. Aug 79 ' Boss Crusin, Camping trip 76, concerts, av- cabon Hardware, Swifty, Won- derland, Viainting at Steve ' s house. Pet Peeve: Hey let’s have a pop. Happiness is: Friends and fam- ily. Quote: Once is not enough. WILLIAM HUNT Memories: 9 7 77, Quarter, JP, Soccer, JAJANGA, Eagles. Happiness is: Suzanne, her family, night out w the guys, Parents that care. ‘‘It matters not how straight the gate, how charged w punishments the scroll I am the matter of my fate: I am the captain of my soul " Thanks S.T., N.P., J.T. JUDIE JAMIESON To Deara wherever you may be a little Red Head Family + Friends, I got the Best! Steven wild women California Here We Come! Jimmy MB + GIGI DM + KM may you last forever. Comment: Sometimes we re faced with reality that we find hard to except. Live Life to the Fullest. LEON JENKINS Happiness: Molsons, J.M. J.G. Being with Friends, weekends. I ' ll never forget: going places with the gang. Topsfield. E.M. Sunlite. Misery is: Being hungover. S.H.S. Flat tire. Quote: What are you crazy! Memories: 6 20 79, S.B.B.W. 3 16 79, S.L. MICHELLE JUTRAS Memories: MMB, FOF, Triple Whammy, We’re gonna die! CA’ CHEM, Chorale, Cape, Rol- lie ' s skirt, fatties, BR, Summer 79’, KSG, CFD ' s, WHAT! GH Beach, O’Malley, NM NF, Fd, Eagles, NN 8 6 79, JT Concert. Quote: It is better to forget and smile than remember and be sad. MICHAEL KEARNEY Happiness is: Marie, The final final, Fri ' s practice, big pay checks, easy test. JAMIE KENNEY MARY KILLE VIRGINIA KILTY ELIZABETH KNOX Joe Calcavecchia, Paul Schepis, and Jeff Ditulio make their KELLY LANE LINDA LARKIN debut. I ' ll never forget: B.B.B. in 9th, (football, Mingy, Duck, Kel, Paul, Stew, Clout, The blue wave, QB. o.t.r., ' ‘That ' s my ear,” The old B.K. crew. Be kind to your friends, if it weren ' t for them, you’d be a total stranger. TOM KELLEY |The dream is over What can I say? The dream is over Yesterday I was the dream-weaver but now I ' m reborn I was the walrus ibut now I ' m Tom and so dear friends You’ll have to carry on The dream is over. MARY KILLE I’ll never forget: David FM 12:40, LRAS, Tour 79’, NS SPS 5, Cheering w ST, idge wo Tg, comedy gag, macling. Good Friends: pg, js, ms, st, Id, dm. Quote: If you love something set it free if it comes back to you it’s yours if it doesn’t it never was. 8 10 78-10 8 79 and 12 1 79. LYNDA LARKIN Ambition: Paramedic. True friends are like diamonds, Precious but rare, false friends are like autumn leaves found everywhere. VIRGINIA KILTY Memories: Summer of 79 w DW at SA, JA, LF, K Es, Jim, etc. 69 $ special, Frisbeans on main, All things yet to come. Misery is: 8 11 78. Happiness is: 34.5, KINCTA. Quote: Only the brave know how to forgive — a coward never forgave; it is not in his nature. For you J.F. DIANE KOSTINDEN Happiness is: Good friends and good times. Memories: Are to be treasured, not destroyed. Comment: Try to accept others for what they are and not what you want them to be. DARINA KRESAK Memories: Oct. 8, 78’ met SM with ML and CL, Xmas, Con- cert, March 10. 78 ' Orpheum, Nove. 13, 78 ' " Wait till next year” Summer 78’ with CV in VA, Calif. Quote: No time to lose, CH in Art Class. ELIZABETH KNOX Happiness is: 7 6 75, Marc, 6 8 Family, 2, Sassy, park, New- found lake, Good Times with Kathy, Lynda, Laurie, Charlene, Cathy, 3 25, E.F.O., D. Block, ”78-79”, Pass Times, keg par- ty’s, Salisbury R.H. in pee room on beans with Char. Misery: Bama, passes a block. Comment: Later “MUCH”!!! Born Late. KELLY LANE Memories: SF 6 10 78, JF summer of 79, 10 27 79 w Ag’s car, 6 28 79, E block w Tr, JD, CD, PD, DS, Deca. Happiness is . . . PD. To SA: Blown about by every wind of criticism. SUZANNE LEDWITH WILLIAM LEFAVE John Giglio DARIN LEAHY ROBIN LEARD NICOLE LEONARD MARISSA LEVINE MAUREEN LINNEHAN MARGARET LIZOTTE DARIN LEAHY Memories: Four years, “swam- pin’’ five a.m. testing, fishing, 5 26 79, July 4, 79’, Mountains, Fords, Red Worm, Too many mornings, Jim’s place. Future Plans: travel from here to there and back again, own Wouburn. Pet Peeve: Wouburn, Loud Music on lousy speakers. Last Comment: “To know that we know what we know, and that we do not know that is true knowledge!! ROBYN LEARD Happiness is: A family like mine. I’ll never forget: JoAnn Fitzy Cheryl S.W, K.L, D.W, J.S, Vermont weekend, P.I., sunlite, GRADUATING, concerts, Cam- 6 g bridge, Fugly. Pet Peeve: SHS. Misery is: no car. Quote: It’s been real, It ' s been good, but not real good. BILL LEFAVE Misery Is: Being in two year- books. Memories: Starsky and Limpy, U brothers, Pauline, J. Murphy, Gipa, Cranko, Bornie, Fitzy, Starsky, U week at Bor- nie’s, Albanion, Bornie, Beers, Beans, PANIT. Comment: I used to be God, but now I sell hotdogs. Classics: URS + TOM. MARISSA LEVINE I’ll never forget: Danny, 1 9 79, R.I., Ka, 10 7 78, Jr. Prom, Skat- ing and the S.F.S.C., T.M., V + V, Cape, “The girls. " Happi- ness is: good friends and fam- ily. Comment: Good friends are like the jewels of life. SUZANNE LEDWITH Dedication: To Mom Dad; Thanks for everything! I’ll never forget: Great times with great friends, DF, CFD’s, GH, cheering, KSG, Cape, chorale, trgck, O’Mai, ski club, proms, twirps, FS, MMB, Fat- ties, BR, Summer ’79. Quote: Time flies, suns rise, shadows fall; Love is forever over all. NICOLE LEONARD Happiness is: South of the bor- der “78 " ; A friend. I’ll never forget: The story of Nick and Mel; Adventures with Nance and Carol; dreams. Pet Peeve: the Gestapo; “Val- enti ' s.” I ' ll never know: what is real. Comment: “You’re chained to your reasons.” MARGARET LIZOTTE I’ll never forget: Nancy, Gigi, L.L., B.H., L.W., D.D. Serv., Breakheart, B.B., and M.D., Visions of the future; Making good money — A.F. Quote: Hit’em, PARTY!, Live each day to the fullest. Pet Peeve: English 5th, no parties. Misery is: Monday mornings. Dreams of the past: 9 9 79 tent. PETER LODI Memories: Ron, Aldo, Joe, Joee fights, Chemistry in 214, Senior in 120, Zoos, locking myself out of the car and Salis- bury Beach. Pet Peeve: Word Problems, English, Enormous Head, getting abused and school lunches. Quotes: You were abused!!! BARBARA LUTHER EDWARD MACCUISH THAT’S THE SPIRIT, SPANKY! THERESA MACCUISH STEVEN MADER MAUREEN LINNEHAN Memories: Jr. Prom, ML RW, NC KD, CV JS, Met Steve Martin, Mr. Bill E “The Beauti- ful Ellen Rosenburg.” Fav. Movie: Heroes. Quotes: “Life is a jest, and all things show it. I thought so once and now I know it. " — Dimsdale! JOEL K. LOMBARDI I ' ll never forget: L, D, C, A, S, C, D, B, B, F, L, T; The neighbor- hood; Football u bet; Bubsta!; oooff!; Awesome!; Rats=Pic- nic; Molson Golden; Wil- mington; T.Z.; The Cars; CS, C, FL, AA: Pet Peeve: Take it . . .! Memories: L.D. 4-ever; Nov. 18, 1977; Skylark 69’. Quote: Earth has no gravity! INEZ LONGO Happiness is being with friends and having fun. Happiest when with L.D. D.M.S.D.M.X.D.M. F.K.C.F.C.C.W. Pet Peeves: S.H.S. B.C.S.F. Monday. Memories: 10 29 78, 11 21 78, Eagles, Mike H. PASTIME par- tying, roller skating, being with friends. Dedication to Mom + Dad and my friends I love you all very much. LINDA LONGO Never Forget: 1 19 79, Voc. DD, KS, KD, NB, LW, AC, CC, ML, 5 26 79 Jog (2am) Drive-In, Cat- tonelle, Dia, Jane, Prez, Kel, Lizzy, Twiggy. Happiness is: Jay 3 10 79 weekends. Misery Is: waiting. Favorite Pastime: Spending time with JB. Quote: Today will be a part of forever: So live it well. BARBARA LUTHER Memories: NH, The rowing team, MMB, KSG, 12 3 78! Happiness is: The Family, Good Friends, Food, going to the bakery Tight TK! ! Canada, 08 28 79, Rudies!! Comment: MMMMM . . . Sno- win’ “A friend is a person with whom you dare to be yourself.” Misery is: NF 3 ; the Point. EDWARD MacCUISH Never Forget: Summer-79, Labor Day Weekend, 68-Nova, Flag Pole, Lorraine, Aug. 26, 79, 4-wheelin’, TP, EC, JP, CR, M + DB, Outlaws, Senior Year. TERRY MacCUISH Never Forget: TP, Deb, BFSH, Ducca, Celeste, Evelyn, good times, KT, GB, RC, RA, TC, DC, Horn, July 23-25, BC, RC, Led Zeppelin, NH, Egg, EG, DG, Laura, WC, Pendelton, CANADA, SL, Labor Day 79, FC, JC, Hey Fit, WO, Red, OK- LAHOMA, Lemonade, MC, Sorry, STJ, TZ, FS, DM, WG, BH, ST, umperg, PF, KC, Boo, Ralph, Memories. STEVEN MADER Never Forget: Soccer, Skull, FET, DUK, STOC, SDRR, CANADA, B-Way, ZAP, Wilibe, D-Party, Clone, Skiing, “63,” Mangy, Jokes, Beav-r, Bil-12. Happiness is: Doing the best of what you do and a 5-cent cigar. Suppressed Desire: To grow a conehead. Quote: Remember the golden rule: He who has the gold makes the rules. PETER LODI JOEL LOMBARDI INEZ LONGO LINDA LONGA CHERYL A. MAFFEO JACQUELYN MAHER SUSAN MAHER JOHN MALONSON MARK MARASCA DANIEL MARGARITA TRACEY MARKS RICHARD MAHONEY ROSANNE MAHONEY THERESA MAHONEY ROBIN MALAGODI CHERYL MAFFEO Memories: 19 party, 5 mini b’s, Can. 77, FL 79, Jr. + Sr. Proms, 79, Cmp. trip, Paul! Happiness Is: My family, friends, 4 L’s, 2 D’s, WJS, being loved by someone special, Ma and Dad I love ya! Thanks for everything. JACKIE MAHER I Will Always Remember: The summers of H.S. years, grow- ing up and having good times with CH and MG, R R. My Favorites: Boys, The Cars, BLONDIE, Vacation, CB, old movies, thinking, and BALLET. My one goal is to be hap py and successful with my future. The best of our lives is yet to come. SUSAN MAHER I ' ll Never Forget: Great times with friends, FOF, AWE, CFD’s, Triple Whammy, Cheering, Chorale, Proms Twirps, RT, CA Chem, BS, MP, windowsill, Rollie ' s skirt, Cape, Fatties, NF, NITN, OKIE. Dedication: To Mom, Dad, K, J, P, and K with love. Quote: “Better than the gold of kings are memories of happy things. " RICHARD MAHONEY Interests: Girls, Sports, Cars, X.C., Concerts, L.S.D., Rock N’ Roll, Punk Rock, Movies, Mel- lowing Out. Memories: Springs- teen Concert in R.I., Madness, MSCXC in N.Y., The Boys, Med- ford Hillside. Ambitions: Col- lege. Quote: " We’re gonna lay ' round the shanty, and put a good buzz on. " — J.E. ROSEANNE MAHONEY Memories: Peter A., AD, 250, 78, death rides, 1st lunch, MS, MH, friends, Nana. Comment: BE SPECIFIC! Quote: Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead. ROBIN MALAGODI Memories: BW via TK, Dan- bytown, C-Day, Boston, Eagles, Albro ' s, Styx, NSW, 250, CV, True Friends, 6 1 79, PD ' s hosp. room, Feast, Gymnastics, Gum + . . . , John + The Goat, 3:00, 143, 84, 10 23 79, JP, Brig ' s, Cape C., NH, GH, DOE. Happiness Is: Under- standing parents, Stella, JD, LH. Pet Peeve: Sat. Morn. Prac. JOHN MALONSON Never Forget: RALPHIE. Misery Is: Banging uie on wrong side of street. Happiness is: N.H. trying more, waterskiing. MARK MARASCA Memories: Snip Nip Whip Tampy, Buzz, Leak, Cruisin’ Concerts, Florida, Chicago Dewey All Night, JH, F.O. Hap- piness is: Friends, Mom + Dad The Queen. Future Plans Olympics, Stardom. Pet Peeve Knee Operation. Quote: Lovs your parents, they truly lov you. DAN MARGARITA Happiness is: Friends, Family. Misery is: Defeat, Pine, The Shaft. Pet Peeve: Liars, Cheat ers, Thieves. I’ll Never Forget X-Mas Eve ' 78, Mom. TRACEY MARKS Memories: 11 30 77, Maine; Hampton, 3 16 79 at SPM, rez the " Girls,” 67 Cougar. Misery JANINE MARQUARD JOANN MARRONE KEVIN MARSHALL ROBERT MARSHALL “So, Cheryl, Nwhere are we going tonight?” GREGG MAZZOTTA WILLIAM McALLISTER is: GCC, Hangovers. Suppres- sed Desire: To go on a camping trip. Happiness is: Mom and Dad. Future Desire: To go to the moon with P.S. Quote: “Let the good times roll.” JANINE MARQUARD Memories: Stake out, Sure!, “But it ' s not a party,” Plymouth Harbor?, Chucky’s Saints, VB with GML, Good Friends — SS, ■ MC, LM, E-Block Escapades, 1 Backstabber. Misery is: Getting lost and flat tires. Comment: Don’t wait for what you want, go after it. Thanks Mom and ! Dad. JOANN MARRONE Happiness is: Mom Dad, Robin L., Nat’l. Champs, 4-3-77, The Shop, " Nephews!!” Never Forget: Stan, KP, CH, BW, DG, BL, CT, CC, BP, 22, MR. B, MR. C!, 2, Vermont Weekend, P.I., “Softball-78,” Hampton- Jumper, Cable S. Comment: Scratch your head and I ' ll un- derstand! Pet Peeve: Being tired. BOB MARSHALL Memories: Cast Parties, Katie’s Dorm, Ridgewood, Rose- mount, Boob Club, Woburn Mall, UMass, The Bean, “The Gang,” Washington, GWAT, ABE, WienskWoman, Boston, P.B., down the Cape, LD’s Party. Quote: Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved. KEVIN MARSHALL Memories: Outlaws, CDB, ABB, MTB, getting ossified. Com- ment: If you wanna go to Heav- en, you gotta raise a little Hell. Misery Is: Number 11 on the To tem Pole. Happiness is: Kegs, good times, Cape Es- cape, Lobster and Beer, Rec Park, cruisin’ on the Moped. Quote: YEEHA, 4 kegs in one weekend. DOREEN MARTIS Memories: 12 in a Bug, BW via TK, Sick at MD, 250, Dan- bytown, C-Day + M-Nite, Ducks, J.P., 4+2, NSW, TFF, DGF, Gymnastics, Jungle Scrub, Boston, Eagles, Styx, “B” Spop, SD + RR. Happiness is: A flannel shirt, Roe, MK, true friends, BH + GE, Stella. Quote: Dream until your dreams come true. GREGG MAZZOTTA Misery is: 8:00 AM-2:35 PM. Happiness is: 2:35 PM-8:00 AM, Concerts, " STATE OF THE ART.” Comment: Disco !! Quote: To serve and never be tired is love. To learn and never be filled is devotion. To offer and never to end is surrender. — Sri Chinmoy WILLIAM McALLISTER Memories: Willibee, Choice, Hockey, Soccer, Nick Pado, Skiing, Jimbo, Jaboo, Frank, Parties at Broadway, Jang, 4 goals, 9 assists, ”79,” Wood- shop, Mr. “K,” 1980, the best, Miger, The States Almost!, The Cape and the Nights, Jackie, the “moon” rose one night, “early!,” two weeks, Go Mangy, Stonham, Graduation. NOT JUST FACES “Look out Hollywood, here I come! “Would you believe that I didn ' t pose for this picture? " “And what would you like for Christmas? “Not me, Mrs. McCormack, I didn’t do it!” I’ll never find a date in time for Friday night.” IN THE CROWD “Liberty and justice for all!’ I bet you can’t eat the WHOLE thing!!!! ' How are you doing?’ ■1 LOUlf 9lob£ “What’s the matter Lou, need a new car?” ELLEN MCATEER KATHLEEN MCDERMOTT RICHARD MCDERMOTT TOM HOWE MARY MCGINNESS JOHN MCLEAN KELLY MCGUIGGIN MICHAEL MCMAHON ELLEN McATEER Happiness is: Hampton Beach and R.R. Misery is: Monday mornings. Never Forget: The girls and all the good times, the parties, D.D. and the library, the sum- mer of 79. kathy McDermott H appiness is: Kevin, 5 18 79, great friends and family. Memories: Good times with good friends, KM, CS, MC, NM, PM, twirling, Hampton. Quote: " Happy are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting.” Future Plans: Nursing. MARY McGINNESS I’ll Always Remember: 2 22 78, a special person, Lit’ Sis, Ma Pa, Shep, Cold Hands, JP-itchy feet, Spring St., Funhouse, true friends, MC Thank u for being a friend, surprise party. Quote: The best things in life are worth waiting for! With love and thanks to you Mom. KELLY McGUIGGIN Now is previous Then and tomorrow are meaningless. But the experiences of these times are the treasures of my mind. JOHN McLEAN Happiness is: Having a cold beer and going to concerts. Memories: Cafe studies. Never Forget: The soccer team, and cafe lunch. Future Plans: Trade or Army Reserves. Pet Peeve: Monday morning. Misery is: Saturday mornings. Quote: Life gets in the way of living. MICHAEL McMAHON Quote: “And so, my fellow Americans: Ask not what your country can do for you — Ask what you can do for your coun- try.” — JFK. — Memoires: AMB, JAR, PAN, 3 15 79, RHL, JJ, Library. Happiness is: Remembering you and laughing sadness; to know “Hello” means saying 72 Donna Ponte MICHAEL MERCHANT REGINA MERRILL THOMAS MINGHELLA JUDITH MOORE ROBERT MIGLIORINI JOHN MILLER " Good by. " — Sir Mucica. JOLENE McNUTT . . I wanna find one face that ain’t lookin’ through me. I wanna find one place. I wanna spit in the face of these Bad- lands . . — Bruce Springsteen REGINA MERRILL Memories: Peter A. Am Dr, ILY, GVM-1 , 104°, QUEEN, 2 Tim 2: 24-26, The Chase, " I think we lost ' em, " Tues. note, the " Pot, " Sir 6: 5-17, Friends: TR, CV, ML, DK, LK, DK, PG, JC. Quotes: “True friendship is a plant of slow growth " “Friendship is love with under- standing. " ROBERT MIGLIORINI Memories: Hoop, JV Soccer, Nick, Goal vs Reading, Lex., Tennis, Family, Friends, Par- ties, BHGC, Skiing, JD + H 2 O in JM Room, ZOO, Breaks, Junior Prom, WSW, JAGANGA, PUMPKINING, 7-6-79, LS, The Cars. Suppressed Desire: STATES. Pet Peeve: " On The Line.” Future Plans: College. THOMAS MINGHELLA I’ll Never Forget: Hampton Ducks-78, HDQRTS, 1 13 KELL SPDD, W.G.G.H., BBB, MGP, 4th July!, SHFLD, 9 30!, Graveyard, ROSS, SJH, TOW, MA + PA, JC, FW, JD, TK, SM, RZ, MT, MK, Buddies, 12 31. CRASH, FTBL, Beach, Where’s Cloutier?, L.S.A.B., B-Way. Quote: Life is like an artichoke — You go through so much to get so little. JUDITH MOORE Freedom is not caprice, but room to grow. — C.A. Bartol Stoneham High Is: Library studies with J.S., B.A., table- slams, Peter A. and Am. Dr. — “Be specific!,” cruisin ' with S.S. to B.K., running from hell, but a stimulating experience. 73 LAURIE MOZEK NANCY MULFORD Only your hairdresser knows for sure. DEBRA MORRIS I I PAUL MUNDO DANIEL MURPHY ELAINE M. MURPHY ROBERT MURPHY DEBBIE MORRIS Happiness is: Stephen . . . . and having a good time. Misery is: S.C. with scissors. Never Forget: Good times with S.C. + C.C., C.C.’s D.B., all the girls, P.R.’s Foot, V.P. ' s Sink, passed out, " memories.” Quote: Some people think it ' s holding on that makes one strong, sometimes it ' s letting go. KEITH MORRIS Happiness is: STEPH! Memories: Fla., SP cottage, ski- ing, bike accident, Chinese food, Chevy Camaro. Misery is: Stuck in the mud. Quote: Some men see things as they are and say " why not?” I dream things that never were and say " why?” Future Plans: To work hard and to be successful. LAURIE MOZEK Memories: Family and Friends, Florida with CM, SS, MG, Friendly Chino, NH, Boston, Faneuil Hall, Tennis, Skiing, Plymouth Harbor? Quote: We don ' t remember days, we remember moments. Future Plans: College. Dedication: To Mom + Dad with love. NANCY MULFORD Never Forget: MS, MS, BB, CD, CB, PP, BT, BP, CC, BS, JP, MF, Nite of KKK, Hampton, DS, Weirs, Summer ' 77, Mystery Ride, Little Peach, drive-ins, Blueberry NYrs 79, Boatride, Gun it, CB’s, all nite, Cling + Clang, Scout Mobile, SERV, NH. Misery is: Waiting, WA, NC. Happiness is: Weekends, Friends, Family. PAUL MUNDO Happiness is: Being with Lisa. Never Forget: " Mike, that ' s my ear,” MC, M, K, M, C, J, D, and sis. Memories: 79 Sr. Prom and last summer at Nantucket. I’d like to thank Mom and Dad for all their love and under- standing last year. DANIEL MURPHY Memories: Missy, Jan. 19, 1979, Hampton, Montreal, Harvard, 71 Chrysler, Styx, 78, the 3 b ' s, Picket, Whippy Nippy, Buzz, Tampy and the Leak. Comment: Enjoy it while you can, ' cause it ' s over before you know it. ELAINE MURPHY Memories: 19 party, 5 Mini B’s, MDC, Canada ' 77, The Flasher, The Girls — MTJWLDSCKM, decisions. Comment: The moments are temporary, but the memories are forever. ROBERT MURPHY And Jesus said, " Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be trou- bled and do not be afraid.” — John 14:27. " Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden and I will give 74 SUSAN MURPHY DANIEL MURRIN DEBRA MUSIAL SHARON MURPHY you rest. " — Matthew 11:28. Servator lesus est. SHARON MURPHY Memories: 77-79, 1 1 79, CA, 11 3 78, Bobby, Cape Escape, Fearsome Foursome, Square, Parties, Outlaws, Redstone. Happiness is: Mom Dad, my buddies, " Bobby,’’ Barbara. Pet Peeve: High School. Comment: Oh no we’ll never make it deetle eetle ete whoa it’s alright. DANNY MURRIN Happiness is: Being with my family, Annette, Friends, and Sports. Never Forget: Martha’s Vine- yard, The Cuckoo’s Nest, Summers and Rocky II. Future Plans: College, and help father run business. Pet Peeve: Waking up early, doing homework. Suppressed Desire: “To Dunk It.” DEBBIE MUSIAL Memories: Cape, 1 1 79, Fla., Fools, Outlaws, White Mts., WB, Friends, PR, LE, KC, SC. Happiness is: My Family Vin. Misery is: Losing people you love and trying to understand. Quote: What you are is not for others to decide, it ' s for you to be. Comment: I dedicate my year- book to the best — MA! SUSAN MURPHY Never Forget: Hampton, 5 18, J. Valask, Friends, DG, LM, DS, PR, MS, EM, KF, VP, 18th B’day. Future Plans: To be happy. Pet Peeve: Stoneham, 2-faced people. Comments: Luv ya Ma, Dad, + Gram, JV, Thanx Pat + Al, Irene + Connie. Quote: Having the courage to be what you are! LORRAINE MUSTO Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness. AMY NATALE Happiness is: Weekends in Me., John, Celeste, EW, SS, AG, SF, MYA, AJ. Memories: 10 16 78 — CS, KC, 1 6 79 — CS, JS, EW, Summer of 77, 8 10 79 =Van Halen =backstage=Amy G. Quote: The time spent with the one you love will be treasured in the years to come. MARK N A ZARIAN I’ll Never Forget: Naz, The Ram, Rolling Rocks, Broadway, Rosey 78, 4th of July, Jaws, Un- icorn, KP, Hey!, The Water To- wer, 8 26 77, Hiya doin, My Way, License and Registration, Please, HDQTS, Parodi, BKSTPB is $ in the Bank. We learn from History that we don’t learn from History. Thanks Mom and Dad. ROBERT O’KEEFE CHARLENE O’NEIL JOHN O’NEIL DENNIS O’NEILL ROBERT NORDEN I’ll Never Forget: The Fort, JL, TB, LG, South School, The Gang, SB, JB, PB, BC, TB, TL, JM, JO, The Women: BC, LD, ED, WJ, SW, LT, A V, VD, KS, JO, JO — AWESOME!, RM, SS, LT, Pearl St., Rec, J.H., Moped, 1 A.M., get-togethers, Are you leaking? TIM O ' CONNELL Happiness Is: Eating, Eating, and Eating, working at Irving s Arco, going out on weekends, playing hockey, getting out of school early. Misery Is: Going to work early, working in the cafe without anyone helping, colating in Print Shop, and working on Sundays with Frank. BOB O ' KEEFE I’ll Never Forget: When JC lock Ed keys in car, Canada, 14, Peter A.’s AMD. Misery Is: Sox losing. Happiness Is: Friends and L. Suppressed Desire: To own Red Sox. Pet Peeve: Sheriff. Comment: Better late than never. Quote: Moments may be tem- porary, but memories are forever. There’s always tomor- row for dreams to come true. CHARLENE O ' NEIL If you love something, set it free. — If it comes back it’s yours. If it doesn’t it never was. JOHN O’NEIL Memories: South, Outlaws, 12 14 78, Junior Year, all- nighters, the rocks, the green hats. Pet Peeve: Phonies, herders, O’ Nee, two-faced people. 76 DOREEN O’REGAN ROGER PADOVANI ANTHONY PALLOTTA DIANE PAONESSA Lee Fiorenza, Judy Corkum, and Annette Fionda. DENNIS PARKER “What ' s up, girls?’’ CHARLES PEARCE DOREEN O ' REGAN MEMORIES: ER, KL, SW, Foxes, 50 Ego-Crash!, Misery with M + T, Out the Window!, M.N., Heroes, Mick-Seger- Cutie, 6-28-78: Well, I’ve lost some time, but I’ve won. If you make it through, you’ve just begun. XO. MISERY IS: WORMS-16- FRECKLES. QUOTE: Who says you can’t always get what you want? ROGER PADOVANI No Comment. DIANE PAONESSA I ' ll Always Remember: Peter, Summer of ' 77, Cheering, 8 7 79, $100 A Meal, Jeet?, the girls, 9 19 79, Sleepovers, Good times with good friends, My Family. Pet Peeve: Waiting, arguing, ATM. Comment: Live and let live. VICTORIA PELLEGRINO DIANA PERCOCO WILLIAM PETERS MICHELLE PICCOLI JOHN PIZZANO NANCY PIZZOTTI WHAT’S UP. DOC? JOHN POLCARI VICKY PELLEGRINO Happiness is: Mom Dad, Being w good friends. Memories: M.H., L.A., T.M., L. E., C.C., G.M., G.G., D.M., J.H., COPS, 5 flats, Cape ’79, Beans, Winter ' 78, Sasquach, M. T.B., Everything! Quote: Happiness is in wanting what you have, not having what you want. Future Plans: My own enter- prise. DIANA PERCOCO Happiness was: BP in the summer of 78, Woodstock, NH, the mountains, Yellow Pinto, My House. Never Forget: The Girls, TM, LE, MH, LA, and NL, the mane- quin head with MH and LA in the back seat of MH’s car. Happiness is: Sharing as many moments as possible with AA. BILL PETERS Memories: Track 6 yrs., VA Beach, Holly’s Diner, New Yrs. Party: Cape Cod. Groups: CDB, STYX, KANSAS. Quote: It’s the people of the south wind. Comment: Rock ’N’ Roll will never die! Good times, keg party, South Hampton: Drive-in. MICHELE PICCOLI Memories: Mrs. Barry, Family, Karen Stevenson, twin, Canada, concerts, 3 things in life: college, to go away, having friends, Michael — Thanks for everything, Karl, Recreation Park, Mony, Snowstorms, Frank Kaminski — Care for you always, Gone for life, white paint, Being with real friends, Junior High, Colonial Park, Town Hall, Servomation, East School, Parties. Pet Peeve: Everything else is self-explanatory. JOHN PIZZANO I ' ll Never Forget: Carnival ’79, CG, KC, CA, BE, LM, FLIPUP, SKY-WALKER, TRIPETTE, Bats Forever, JN, Capri, Papa’s Bones, C + A Block Studies, HB, EC, those wonderful gym classes, Astronomy w HB. Party: 10 27 79, PM, MG, orange, white, China Moon, 13, 114, taking a cab, no problem, Robin C., notes from Carla, Karen + Dave, Farm Hill, My Sharona, Knack, STYX. NANCY PIZZOTTI Well, it ' s been 18 great years, so far! Now I face what ' s out there in the real world. Thanks Mama for always being there, and as for you, Dad, I will al- ways be grateful for what you 78 PATRICIA RAY MICHAEL RESTANI LINDA G. RICH STEVEN ROBERTS DAVID ROCCA FRANCIS ROSELLI JOSEPHINE POLIZZI BARBARA POLK DONNA M. PONTE ROBERT RIVERS nave given me! I love you both very much! Toni, don ' t forget the times, Ha Ha! God Bless Everyone! BARBARA-LEE POLK Happiness is: Good times with Jeff, wknds no fites. Never Forget: Summer 78 79, first accidents, Molly, windows, 93, C P C C J G N M R B TP, Doobiette, Lincon, B. Seger. Misery is: Getting caught Quote: " I don’t need to prove I ' m right, I don’t need to be for- given.’’ — “TEENAGE WASTE- LAND, " " WHO. " DONNA PONTE Happiness is: My family and friends, Serena, Tom, Lori, Janet, Hay, 3 23 79, B.P. — Dream on — Wingaersheek, Q-tip, M-Benz, Life must go on! Misery is: Waiting, ?96?, Por- tuguese!, SC + ME. Quote: “if you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you it’s yours . . . If it doesn ' t it never was. " PATTI RAY Memories: WF, RED, I’m Just, CAPE ESCAPE, Saratoga, Servo, J.J., The House, WB, Mick. Comment: Never put off til to- morrow what you can do today. Misery is: SHS. Happiness is: Freedom. Future Plans: To find out who I am. THANX: My family, DMKCMSSCCCKP, DIZZY, toot toot, beep beep. MICHAEL RESTANI Never Forget: Saturday night card games. Quote: The week’s almost over at 12:01 on Wednesday. Future Plans: College. ROBERT RIVERS Memories: Good times with AL and CJ, St. Mike ' s, SNL, Foreinger ' 78, Alpenhof, Rag- ged ' 77, Starlite, Disneyworld, snowmobiles, Cars ' 79. Future Plans: College, ski the Rockies, own a Vette. Quote: The ship in the harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are for. FRANK ROSSELLI Memories: Elwood, Cerre- tani’s, Cars, Kansas, Toronto, DEVO, Sunappe, H.A.B., Hyperspace, Engine checks. Happiness is: Practicing with the band, a transmission that goes in reverse. Quote: True friends are hard to come by. 79 ROBERT SANDERSON Most Athletic: Roger Padovani and Susan Dion THERESA ROSSI FRANCIS SAITTA WENDY J. SANDGREN KIMBERLY SAVAGE CELESTE SCALISI DEBORAH SCANNELL TERESA ROSSI Memories: Peter A. Am Dr, ELO, the graveyard, SPY, party at BE’s, Closellp in DC, YFUer’s Grover in Philip- pines 79, ADAP, the chase, “I think we lost ' em!”, STYX w DR. Comment: Be specific. Ouote: “Knowledge passes, but love is eternal.” 1 Cor: 13. Friends: RM, CV, ML, FR, BE. DONNA JEAN ROWELL Happiness is: Miss Kelley and Miss Morey. Misery is: The school work and homework. I’ll Never Forget: My teachers and my friends in class, the Carnival Ball, plays, and mov- 80 ies. Suppressed Desire: A job in the food business. FRANK SAITTA Memories: Deb, JD, BM, RM, BJ, Jackie, The Cape, JAGANGA, Skiing, Brigham’s Party, WO, Soccer 78, Nick, Lexington. Pet Peeve: Stuckup girls. Miser is: No States “Almost, " Goalless 2 yrs., a sad face, Mader, “I’m Gonna,” SD RR, FE. Favorites: Broadway, “SIX, ' ' Cars Concert, Wingaersheek, FW AB, GOOD FRIENDS, LIFE. ROBERT SANDERSON Memories: Soccer 79, “The year that never was,” 8, “Lexington,” 5 goals — 79, 77-78, Mr. P., “Are you serious? On the line! " , (GH), Beach Par- ties, “Choice!”, AAMRR, BHGC, “Eagles — 79,” Lon- don, NH, B + R, ZOO, 79, Locker 189. Misery is: Watertown, 0-0, No States WENDY SANDGREN Happiness is: Maj Dad, Laurie, Grandma, true friends, DSJLMKCET, weekends. Memories: 19 Party, Deering, Jr. + Sr. Prom — DJB, Renais- sance, “Flat Tire, " KFC, 5 Mini B’s, MDC, Superbe, 11- 23-76 =Love Takes Time. Quote: If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.” KIM SAVAGE Never Forget: 1 19 79, VOC, 5 26 79, JOG, 2 A.M., WHOA BABY, Montvale, Kissin’ Cousins, Milky Snow, Slinky, j Dia, Bubbles, Prez, Budwin, : Frye, Hi B + B. Pet Peeve: Mondays. Good Times: Sunroom. Comment: Remember the sun- shine, remember the rain, re- member the laughter, re- member the pain. CELESTE SCALISI Memories: David, Shep, Thanks: John, Evelyn =Songs, Lemonade Eggs, Plum Is- ! land, Amy=Maine Special =Matt B. Happiness is: Receiving one dozen roses, Chris Rose, Pe- ter, Led Zep, Bob Seager, DAN, KC, EAGLES, 3B, MOM DAD M M, CANADA, Dance, Act, Old Orchard, Jr. + Sr. Prom, REO, TM, KS, RM, Jay, THOMAS SCARPA PAUL SCHEPIS PHILIP SEREDA Most Artistic: Dan Margarita SHERI SIMONIC PRAVESH SINGH LOVE =GOD SMILE. DEBBIE SCANNELL . Memories: L St. Brownies (Nude Beach), DQ, DB, Macho Jogger, CFD’s, Triple it, win- dowsill, MMB, KSG, BR, Rol- lie ' s skirt, coat rack, Good Har- bor, FD, NF 3 , CYO, NITN, SN, POWMP. Comment. Memories are the af- terglow of good times past. Dedication: To Mom, Dad, and Family with love. TOM SCARPA Memories: Concerts, NOVA, the " Wall,” friends; DP, SS, SM, RF, HW, MS, JF, KM, DC, LH, " Can’t you see, " Les Paul Deluxe, sow-bucket, Have another beer, I dedicate my yearbook to the greatest Grandparents ever. Ouote: " If you ' re a true be- liever, destiny will show you the way.” — J.H. PAUL SCHEPIS Memories: Hampton, Maine, 11 30 77, Football, Hockey, 3 16 79 at SPM, Weekends, good parties and friends. Misery is: School lunches, no wheels, doubles, losing. Happiness is: Tracey, good health, and a few bucks. Guote: Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is to- day’s dream. PHILLIP SEREDA Memories: Log Cabin 79, Camper Weekend with the Allman Bros., Outlaws at the Cape, Smally, Junior Year, Heading for the mountains, Buzzers: Lou, Larry, Larry K., Smally, Annual Bean Night, BC, Pipes, Redstone Gang, Eddie M. Mystery: Larry F. Pet Peeve: Big noses and tough girls. Quote: Everyday’s a holiday when you’re in paradise. — Outlaws. SUSAN SERRANO Memories: The stakeout, the big S, But the car really did break down, UKP with TC, the watch collection, Miss M, the back-stabbers, J.D., Scutch, P.B., Selvy, the two w ' s, Ply. Harbor. Comment: May each day be a reflection of golden memories, and a promise of happy tomor- rows. FRANK SIMONETTI Memories: Cmpg. Trip, Varsity Soccer 79, Almost, Hockey, Mr. P., Line up, Jaganga, Jackie, Javalin. Pet Peeve: Sitting on the beach, work hard, not making the States. Quote: Part of being good is admitting when someone is better. SHERI SIMONIC I ' ll Never Forget: Diane, Crazy Moods, Bonnie Clyde, Days we skipped, Michelle, VJ — It ' s There, Ma, Fla., N.H., 007, 4. Happiness is: Laughing with friends, special moments, my pocket, morning sunshine. Misery is: Sad eyes. 81 EUGENIA SMAIL STEVEN SMALL SUSAN SMITH 82 GREGORY SPECK MARK ST. AMAND DIANE STELIN JOSEPH STERNER “The Devil Made Me Do It’ EUGENIA SMAIL I ' ll Never Forget: LF, KD, PM. MH, TH, LJ, LC. skinny, E block at Porky ' s, 7-3-79, JH, Castle, Crow, the bullet, bocholism, MS. Happiness is: Weekends, friends, family. SUSAN SMITH Memories: Family, Friends, My Sachem (DW), tacos, NY, dress-alikes, Span. 3, ERA, Segregated dances, MED’s combat veh., 31, touchdown, (wrong way), eek, eek. Quote: There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them. — Jim Croce GREG SPECK Memories: I’ll Never Forget Mr. Conroy ' s 11th Eng., The card games, The Chases with Dave and Costa, or the egging at W. Mall. I’ll say Goodbye to: Bill, Fred, Carol L., and Ralph. Hi to: Dave, Mike, Costa, Tim A., Tom, Jay, Gerry, Jill, Laura, Senior C., Unlucky in cards, then forget it. MARK ST. AMAND Quote: If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let his step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. — Thoreau. Memories: Soccer, Mr. P., “I didn ' t, " BHGC, Beach patrols, TFC at GH, STOC, Good times with good friends, ALB. DIANE STELIN I’ll Never Forget: Sheri, John, the jewelry box, new years ' 79, Wayne ' s parties. Happiness is: Meme and Agie, S.H., T.D., K.P., D.K. Comment: To err is human. Quote: We must gather all our courage — sail our ships out on the open sea. — Seals and Crofts JOSEPH STERNER Happiness is: Corvet Summer, Having a Mother + Father who care about me even when they get mad at me! Quote: Right! Never Forget: Dennis Webber, Wilkey, Cheryl Vinci. I’ll Always Remember: Chris, 1 2 23 78-9 23 79. KAREN STEVENSON Never Forget: Good times with good friends, Town Hall, Capri, C. Block, Rec, AP, Cranes Beach, Christmas Eve, painting the town white, sleeping in Michele’s car, fizz, parties, snowstorms, Canada, sappy, fish, F.F., Buddies, moonie. brother, Family, Kevin. SANDIE STIMPSON Happiness is: MARTIE, beans, friends, LS, MA, JD, JC, AN, DD, PS, CH, LM, CF, Hampton. Memories: Wakefield Cemet- ary, 8 31 78, Spot Pond, Jean- ne’s house, 1 11 75. Quote: It is far better to smile and forget than to cry and re- Billy Crosby in his penthouse apartment LORI SULLIVAN CAROLINE SURDAM LYRAE SYLVESTER I’ll Never Forget: K.M., jogging around Spot Pond ... al- most!, PD, 7 14 79. Pet Peeve: Waiting for a phone call, M.D., gestapo. DAVID SUTHERLAND Memories: Rte. 1, Awesome, Bubsta, 351-25-EYHOS! !, Cruisin ' — BVD, AUTO SHOP, Wilmington-Worm, The Mavo, Blues Brothers, 9th-HOOP, Star Picnic, Cars Concert, CDSCAJLD-FBBAJ, YEEBEEHA!, I thought it was in park, you wild and crazy guy!. The Whole World, To Mom + Dad — THANKS! LYRAE SYLVESTER Memories: Friends, good times, Peter A. AD, Sen., Be- verage, CloseUp, YCC, ZOO, MARLENE SZLOCH friends, Pipin, Espanol, CP, Mushroom Soup, NY, Spot, 250, Papa Gino’s, tea, 1st lunch. Pet Peeve: BE SPECIFIC. Quote: Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die life is a broken- winged bird that cannot fly. PRAVESH SINGH Happiness is: Friends, Suc- ceeding, Sports. Misery is: Running laps, losing, getting up early. Memories: Outlaws at the Col- lisseum, Lisa, 9 14 79, playing soccer at Alvirne and winning, N.H. State Finals. Pet Peeve: Stoneham Shuffle, Monday mornings. Future Plans: College. MARLENE SZLOCH JAMES TAGUE Memories: Cape 78-79, I’m Just, white lines, PRDMSCKCCCDMLE, WB. Misery is: Mayberry, 4 years. Happiness is: Kota, Pabs, Billy. Comment: I am not afraid of today for I have seen yesterday and love tomorrow. Quote: The wild are not caged, the free are wild. Let that free bird fly. — BORN TO RUN. JIM TAGUE Quote: Always Look on The Bright Side of Life. — Monty Python KAREN STEVENSON SANDRA STIMPSON DAVID SUTHERLAND member. Misery is: Lonely days without Marty, no car. LORI SULLIVAN Happiness is: Leaving Stoneham High behind. (CHOW.) I’ll Never Forget: Dunkin Donuts + Lynda, Don, Tom, Roby, 9 23 79, Princes, Woodstock, The Big Rip Off!, Jr. High parties, and Mary Hartman. Quote: I must be moving on!! Suppressed Desire: To own my own shop and move on down South. (YEHAW.) CAROLINE SURDAM Happiness is: Paul, the Perfect Place, R.B., times with Nancy, a big family, a touch of gold. LISA TAMBURINO LOUIS TARANTINO CHERYL THOMAS GAYLE THOMPSON MARKTHORLEY LAURIE TITCOMB SUZANNE TOWER PATRICK TRAVIS STACEY TROIANO LISA TAMBURINO Happiness is: Not having what you want, but wanting what you have, Oklahoma!, Montreal, the cast party, tempting lips, Great Times with TC, LA, LH, MC, and CS!, " N.Y. ’82,” Special thanks to my parents for coping with me these past few years. CHERYL THOMAS I ' ll Never Forget: M.F., D.D., K.L., C.C., 12 31 78-1 1 79, I’ll be in my office!, Lil H, Mrs. Barry, Halloween 79. Happiness is: Just being with my best friend. Quote: Have patience with ev- erything, but first of all with yourself. Pet Peeve: A block Classes. GAYLE THOMPSON Happiness is: Mark, My own car, free time. Never Forget: My 3 Bros, Cheering 79, 79, 9 16 78. Misery is: Choosing a college. Broken Promises. Pet Peeve: Slow People. Quote: ' While I ' m still trying to decide, I can’t feel what it is I want to do.” MARK THORLEY Happiness is: Janet Asci, Never Giving Up, Superbowl, Steel- ers, Football on Sunday, Sci- ence Classes, Life in General. Quote: ‘‘One for all and all for one.” Pete Peeve: Toughies who aren ' t tough, Intolerance. Suppressed Desire: 200 MPH. Comment: You’re still the one J.M.A., 3 21. SUZANNE TOWER Happiness is: Billy, My Family, Good Friends. Memories: 9 7 77, BH, His Fam- ily, Soccer Team, AWE, UGLY, GH, JP, Cheering w MK. Misery is: Fights w BH, Diets, L.B. Suppressed Desire: To be skinny. Dedication: to Mom + Dad with love. Quote: " It is far better to smile and forget than to remember and be sad.” PATRICK TRAVIS I’ll Never Forget: C-TOWN, SOUTHIE, THE CORNER, S Chevy, Barracudas, ummer ”79,” M.D., Lynn, 4 20 79,1 6 22 79, Nahant Beach, | Hampton Beach. Quote: ‘‘How ' s the weather?” Comment: To forgive and forget is to miss the taste of re- venge. I never forget, but only i time will tell.” G-Luck . . . ROBERT TROTTA Happiness is: Driving past gas stations and having good times. Misery is: Not getting what you deserve. Pet Peeve: People who say one thing and do another. Quote: " It can ' t make any dif- 84 MICHAEL TWOHIG MARIA VERDONE CLAIRE VICARI NICHOLAS TURCO EDGARDO VARGAS JAMES TURNER ROBERTO VARGAS ference to me. " Comment: How did it go? Suppressed Desire: To tell a good joke. NICK TURCO Memories: Abes, Winsk, 2 10 79 — Thanks Jim + Mike, Klever Kate, AWMP!, MB ' s gp, The Prowler, GS + DS, Okie, DISCO DRAC TLI, Muc, MCPPRDKMGBML, Godspell, Jeanne + Maria ' s Visits. Happiness is: BARBRA, Jane, M + D. Pet Peeve: Diets. Quote: Though I’ve made my life a movie, the matinee must end by five. MICHAEL TWOHIG Memories: BWAY, SOCCER, " On the line, " SKIING, Gumbo, Skull, Duck, FETOFSKI, YBIWWHS, 7 4, WGGHT, " Grind ’em up HTD. " Quote: Life is either a ' daring adventure or nothing at all. Happiness is: KZ’s and some snow. Future Plans: College — Own- ing Mt. Pet Peeve: N’s Co., Being asked questions. EDGARDO VARGAS Memories: Salisbury, Uppy, Southie, PB’s House, Pows, Head Hunter, Football, Jack. Happiness is: TD pass to PB, playing tailback, Food. Misery is: Playing QB, not being Capt., too many girls. Suppressed Desire: To play in the Big Ten. Quote: Mom + Dad, you’re the Best! ROBERTO VARGAS Happiness is: To party. Misery is: To wake up in the morning for school. Future Plans: College, to study Broadcasting. Listening to Kiss 108 93 Bos while riding on Route 93, Disco 1 in the world. Pet Peeve: Hate to listen to heavy rock music, Adois Amigos. MARIA VERDONE To all of my friends, remember the happy and sad, remember the good and bad. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me, and be my friend. CLAIRE VICARI Memories: Peter A. Am Dr, meeting JW SM, RS, PF Queen, Monty Python, Phyllis all the ladies at HFAP, Styx with MH, Earl, our dates with ML RW, Friends: ML, DK, TR, GM, LC, KD, NC KC, BE — Mr. Bill, FR, and most of all, John. 85 Kelly McGuiggin — A Dedicated DECA Doobee. CHERYL VINCI EVELYN WALKER SCOTT WALLES FRANCES WALSH MARY JANE WARREN C. DENNIS WEBBER BRADLEY WEISSE CHERYL VINCI Love Is: Mom Dad, Joey Bruno, Good times with close friends. I ' ll Always Remember . . 9 4 79, Joey Sterner, Everett, Terry, SC + Florida, Alley ' s, Stephen, 4 12 78. I’ll Never Forget: Rita + AH, True Friends — JSCDMWE — AUD — BB, RL, DW — BODY. Happiness is: Wanting what you have, not having what you want. EVELYN WALKER Thanks Celeste, Music. Never Forget To Remember: Eagles, Egg, Lemonade, Canada, Plum, TC, MC, Halloween. Future Dream: Mic in one hand, singing my song. Good Times: Oklahoma, Snow, Car, Midnight Shift Compa- ny, That Laugh, Thank God it’s over, College, IHOP, DM, BF, LS, BC, RF, MS, Laverne Shirley, Party, Good Luck. SCOTT WALLES Memories: A Block with ET, PD, EC, The Shack, All- Nighters, Tootin’ All Year Round, Hendrix, Outlaws, Yes, Snow of ' 80, Sebago Bash!! Pet Peeve. Rat Trap notes. Happiness is: A lot of snow, I smell something sweet, sniff, AH!!, Give a friend a snowball. Quote: Keep on pushin ' straight ahead. FRANK WALSH Happiness is: Amy, Family, Friends, Playing Soccer, Jr. Prom, Good Health, GOD. Memories: Rummy Raiders, BABE, Tiny, BERMUDA — ’79, Dracula, 9 76, Mukghai. Pet Peeve: Sprained Ankle. Quote: Set your goals high and far away, and when you reach them, send them higher and farther. BRADLEY WEISSE Memories: M.S., 10 19 79, Southie, The Gang, Beth ' s Par- ties, My Family, Work. Comment: We see things as they are and ask why? . . But we dream things that never were and ask why not? — R.F.K. Suppressed Desire: The States, A.S., a good future. Pet Peeve: My car. LISA WEST Memories: Soph. Eng., Nana, B Block, C.T.S., S.P.S., Winter of ' 78-CGS, 12 77, LI, NY-M.C., K.C., K + G-J.H., FSWWLK. Happiness is: Family and 86 LISA WHITCOMB JANET WHELAN LISA WEST ELIZABETH WILSON DAVID WHITE NANCY WICKS JEFFREY WILK Judy Corkum friends — M, S +N. Quote: " A man who stands united with thought conceives magnificently of himself.” — Emerson. JANET WHELAN Happiness is: MOM and DAD, My Family, MDNJD, TRUE FRIENDS, LWDSCMET, a smile. Memories: Arizona 79, DSSG, “FLAT TIRE,” cmpg. trip, MDC, 19 Party, 5 Mini B’s Cape Cod, 10-7-79 , Nant 79, weekends, NH-camp, MMB. Comment: The moments may be temporary, but the memo- ries are forever. LISA WHITCOMB Our doubts are traitors, And make us lose the good we oft might win, By fearing to at- tempt. Never Forget: RR + JHE, SNL w MS, NB, 1st MA W PG + NB, HP + TAZ, playing hockey for JB + HARVARD girls, 77 NAT L CHAMPS, Hariet, Buffalo, 78-79 NAT L, “WANT A ROD?”, 123, OH, YEA, HI MA + DAD, Greg, ME., 79. NANCY WICKS I’ll Never Forget: The movies and plays. Happiness is: Being happy all the time. Pet Peeve: Gym. Misery is: When someone bugs you. Suppressed Desire: Going to California to see my home town. JEFF WILK Suppressed Desire: To have Millions, Long Lasting Love, Suzan, A.T., Are you crazy?, Six hits of beans at 1:00, Wood- shop. Kicked out first day of school, My Eldo, and S.Z., Frosty during C Block, Broad- way on a Friday, 105 MPH, Down Spring, Picking up a V.W., Iron forever, Punching out a window, Lost TR, 250, Sunnyhurst. ELIZABETH WILSON Never Forget: J.C., A.C., L.C., K.D., All of my friends, L.C., 1 14 78 — Alleys, Ann’s parties — blue car, Ann, you won’t lis- ten to me!, Reading — 1 12 79, JD — telephone wire, Jr. Class dn 77, Dances, LB, STONES, PGinos. Quote: What is a friend? A single, soul dwelling in two bodies. — Aristotle. 87 CHRISTINE YARDUMIAN CATHERINE YOUNG HAYLEY D. WISEMAN FRANCIS WOODS ROCCO ZIZZA KATHLEEN ZUREK King ouis Tarantino and Queen Jolene McNutt. HAYLEY WISEMAN Memories: 10 26 77, Donna P., T.S., K.M., S.M., M.M., 10 7 78, McD.s, Rennaissance, sow- bucket!, F.H. Happiness Is: Being with Rick; Mom, Dad, Nana, Papa, Lance, a free w.e. Quote: “Hatred stirreth up strifes, but love covereth all sins.” P. 10:12, ILYR. FRANK WOODS I ' ll Never Forget: 11 23 78, 9 30 79, BWAY, MK, TM, TK, JC, JD, SM, MT, MN, Hampton, JH Tow, CWD, All-Nighters, WGGH, YBIWWHS, Me, Kel, and the Millers, Chases with PM, Hello Officer, HOT, ROSS, VM. Quote: You are a child of the universe; you have a right to be here. CHRISTINE YARDUMIAN Memories: MMB, KSG (WBS), explosions, zoo-life, NH, death-ride, GGC, wiz night dis- aster weekend, Boothmobile, Eagles, GH beach, Bill Murray in NYC, JT, CFD ' s, Canada 78, CC at FH, GOOD JOB Shelly, NF-NM, Love ya J.C., BINGO. Happiness Is: Good times, good friends, and weekends. CATHY YOUNG Past Times: Never forget D.I., K.Z., C.B., L.T., L.L., T.K., The Dark Dino’s, Keg parties, Out- laws, M.T.B., Eagles, T.S., T + J, KZ ' s Party, 8 23 79, Friday night games. Happiness Is: Being with people you like. Quote: A friend in need is a friend indeed. JOHN YOUNG Memories: Good times with NENCY, Jim’s Place, NH, Jack’s, April Vacation. Pet Peeve: Kissing windshields at 50 M.P.H. GINA ZARBA Memories: K., J., Tray w a falalala, Getting back to nature, The mansion in the swamp, CP, JH. Summer 79, Clambakes, Tony’s games, Long talks w Door, A Sunday at Straw Point. ROCCO ZIZZA Memories: Qualey, Dearth, JV Football ’77 with Yana and Burnham, (6-2-1), “Skull Ef- fort,” Margaritaville, 71, EB, Ryser, MDC, 6 26 76, 9:00 pm, Sully to Diggs, A-3, Naz and the Boys — KATHY ZUREK Happiness Is: “Randy, ’’ and “Dad,” Never Forget: My Friends, MY, CY, TK, LL, LT, CB, The Park, Hampton, “79.” “141-1491.” Quote: “It ' s not in here,” Prom, “79.” Comment: “If I don’t see ya soon, I’ll see you later.” MARIA GENTILE To those who have provided the emotional inspiration, and taken the time to look beyond, I Love You . . . STACEY TROIANO I’ll Never Forget: NY, Summer of 78, M D, 5 5 79, 6 29 79, GG’s, CC, JH, flat tires, kidnap- ped w JH CB, a good friend, long talks w Fred, gullable people, 5 29 79, a second fam- ily, Nantasket, SM, the bet w BS, 8 10 79. Comment: Thanks Chick and Joe. THE FACELESS MINORITY iv John Borges Stephen Butler Paul Doucette Harold Frotten Brian Healey Linda Jackson Robert Lanigan Virginia LeMay Paul Melkonian Steven Milan Brian Murphy Debra Morgan Timothy Palermo Melanie Smith Mark Verhault Robert Verhault John Walker MELTING Most Likely to Succeed: Mary Jane Warren and Tony Gen- tile. Best Eyes: Jim Drew and Laurie Mozek. Nancy Wicks, Mr. Hoyt, and Donna Rowell take a stroll. 90 Most Intellectual: Nancy Drago and Chris Baril. " Let’s be friends.” “Thank you, come again.’’ “NOT NOW!!” POT “All right, who has the munchies?” Friendliest: Billy McAllister and Chris Yardumian. 91 LINDA ADAMS 45 Perkins St. National Honor Society 4. Spartan Chorale 3,4 — Librarian, Travel Club 4, Cheering 1 — Captain, Class Vice — President 1, Jr. National Honor Soc iety 1. JOYCE ANN ANDERSON 3 Kays Rd. PATRICIA ANDERSON 30 Newcomb Rd. Carnival Ball Attendant 4. COSTA ANDREADIS 67 Bow St. JOAN ANDREWS 10 Country Club Rd. LINDA ANTINORO 7 Crickewood Drive. Girls ' Track Team 1,2, Yearbook Activity Editor 4, Honor Society 1,4, MACHE Program 3, Senior Tea Hostess 3, Varsity Scholar 2,3. ROBERT APPLEYARD 8 Upland Rd. KELLEY ARSENAULT 68 Park Ave. Varsity Track 1,2, 3, 4, Cross Country 1,2,3, Basketball 1, Alpenhof Ski Club 1,2, 3, 4; Membership Secretary — 2, Treasurer — 3,4, National Junior Honor Society 1, National Honor Society 4, Spartan Chorale 3,4, Yearbook 4; Assis- tant Typing Editor, Assistant Senior Section Editor — 4. ft JANET ASCI 33 Pine St. LINDA AVOLA 22 Evergreen Rd. JOSEPH BAMBERY 12 Erickson St. CHRISTOPHER BARIL 3 Stevens St. NANCY BARRY 37 High St. National Jr. Honor Society 1, Varsity Scholar 2,3, Girl ' s State Representative 3, National Honor Society 4, Stoneham High Marching Band 1,2, Stoneham High Concert Band 2,3, Stoneham High Jazz Ensemble 2,3, Varsity Field Hockey 4, Math Team 2,3, Science Club 3, Tutoring Corps 3,4, Gym Leader’s Club 4. y PATRICIA BARRY 5 Vera Lane. Girls Ice Hockey 1, Marching Band 1,2, 3, 4, Field Hockey 1, Softball 1, Concert Band 1,2, 3, 4, Jazz En- semble 1,2,3, Drama Club 2,3,4, Collegium Musicum 2,3. THOMAS BARRY 174 Park St. ■B. LINDA BEAN 42 Chestnut St. PHILIP BEATON 17 Gould St. ANTHONY BELMONT 13 Wright St. STACY BENNETT 27 Lee St. PAMELA BIGGO 26 Emery Ct. LAWRENCE BLAUVELT 148 Spring St. STEVEN BLAUVELT 148 Spring St. RITA BOCCELLI 24 Chestnut St. SANDRA BONASORO 20 San Jose Terr ROBERT BONFIGLIO 22 Clearview Rd. LOUISE BONO 26 Country Club Rd. JOHN BORGES 9 Oak St. KAREN BOUDREAU 11 Albion Ave. PAUL BOURKE 11 Elizabeth Rd. NANCY BOURQUE 33 Warren St. Senior Tea Hostess 3, Gymnas- tics Team 2. JOAN BOUZAN 1 Washington Ct. Chorus 3,4, Drama Club 2,3,4, ■ ■ Senior Class Plays 2,3,4, Drama Festivals 2,3,4. MARIA BRADLEY 222 Green St Spanish Club 3,4, Volleyball 2,3,4, Tennis 2,3,4. GAIL BREBNER 44 Perkins St. Drama Club 3, Co-Pres. — 4, Spar- tan Chorale. CHERYL BROWN 3 Oriental Ct. MATTHEW BROWN 26 Lincoln St. Wrestling 1, Class President 4, Junior Achievement 4, Part-Time Employment 1,2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 2, Fencing Club 3, Spanish Club 2. PETER BROWN 79 Pine St. SUE ELLEN BROWN 15 Lincoln St. ANTHONY BUCCI 4 Avon St. MICHAEL BUCCI 68 Main St. CHARLENE BUITKUS 40 MaCarthur Rd. STEPHEN BURKE 3 Carol St. Hockey 2,3,4, A.V. 4, National Hohor Society 2, Student Council 1,2. STEVEN BUTLER 7 Kays Rd. ALAN BUTTS 24 Lee St. JOSEPH CALCAVECCHIA 11 Unicorn Ave. Football 1,2, 3, 4, Winter Track 2,3,4, Spring Track 1,2, 3, 4. CHRISTINE CALDER 23 Myrtle St. NORBERT CALLAHAN 301 William St. ANDREW CAMPBELL 59 Butler Ave. JOHN CARGILL 25 Wilson Rd. Soccer, Basketball, Jazz Band, Chorale, Colliquim, Baseball, Carnival Ball. ANNE CARINO 7 Carol St. Italian Club 2,3 — President, Chorus 1,2, Senior Tea 3. JOYCE CARLSON 34 Broadway. KAREN CARNEY 90 Governor Rd. PAULINE CAROLI 31 Alden Ave. TONI CARPENITO 9 Morgan Ave. DECA. SEAN CARR 5 Phillips Rd. DOREEN A. CARRABINO 44 Walsh Ave. Skating. DANNA CARROLL 5 Fatima Rd. Softball 2, Student Council 1,2,3, Yearbook 4, Alpenhof Ski Club 2,3, Travel Club 4, Latin Club 3. DIANE CASCIO 52 Lee St. DECA. ERIC CASTRUCCI 6 Spring St. KAREN CASWELL 14 East St. Field Hockey 1,2,3, Basketball 1,2,3, Softball 1,2, Volleyball 1,2, Chorus 1,2, Band 1. JOANNA CATALDO 42 Fieldstone Dr. NANCY CATALDO 66 Hancock St. KENNETH CHRISTIE 50 Wright St. THERESA CHRISTIE 2 Elwood Ave. Fall Cheering 3, Winter Cheer- ing 4 — Captain, Majorettes 4, School Committee Representative 4, Harvard Model United Nations, Senior Class Play 4, School News- paper, Italian Club 2 — Social Chairman, 3 — Social Chairman, 4 — Vice President, Spring Musical; Oklahoma 3, Fiddler on the Roof 4, Spartan Chorale 4. ROBERT CIANO 14 Colonial Ct. CAREN CICCOTELLI 27 Albion Ave. SUSAN CLARK 20 South St. Nursing 3, Child Care 3, Nursing Club, Tutoring 2,3. JOHN CLOUTIER 2 Arnold Rd. Soccer 1,2,3, Basketball 1,2, 3, 4 — Co-Captain, Track 1 ,3,4, Yearbook 4 — Sports Editor, Spanish Club 2.4, Creative Writing 3,4, Gym Leader 3,4, Turkey Bowl, Donkey Basketball, Paradiso Scholar — Athletics Award 1, Boys State Alt. 3, Teenager of the Month. MARY ANN COGAN 79 Spring St. Tennis 2,3,4 — Captain, March- ing Band 2, Majorettes 3,4 — Captain, Senior Tea Hostess 3, Tutor- ing Corps 4, Drama Club 2, Yearbook Typing Editor 4, Carnival Ball Attendant 4. PAUL COLBURN 5 Lee Street. BRADLEY COLES 19 Beacon St. STEPHEN COLUMBUS 1 Brookbridge Rd. Football 1,2, 3, 4, Track 1.2. 3. 4, Vice President of the Class 3,4, Ski Club 2,3,4, Student Council 1,2, Latin Club 2,3, Spanish Club 2,3, Gym Leader 4, Base- ball 1. WILLIAM COMFORT 43 High St. Yearbook 4. THERESA CONNELL 27 Summer St. KAREN CONZA 38 Washington St. JUDITH CORKUM 21 Avalon Rd. Field Hockey 1, Gymnastics 1,2, Track 1, Tennis 2,3,4 — Captain, Marching Band 2,3, Spanish Club 2.3.4, Tutor 3,4, Political Discovery 3, Close-Up 4, National Honor Society 4, Yearbook Staff (Sr. Editor) 4, Varsity Scholar 1,2, 3, 4. CAROL CORMIER 35 Lindenwood Rd. ANNE CORRAO 5 Pond St. CAROL COVELL 84 Marble St. DECA 2,4 — Disciplinary, Nursing 3, Child Care 3, Nursing Club 3, Tutoring Club 2,3. MARIA COVINO 40 Bellvue Rd. Volleyball 2,3,4, Cheerleading 3,4, Student Council 1 ,2,3,4 — President, Yearbook 3,4 — Assistant Edi- tor, Ski Club 1,2,3, Tutoring 2, Honor Society 1,4, Varsity Scholar 2.3.4, LAUREEN CRAIG 7 Cottage St. Future Secretaries Club 2. JOSEPH KEVIN CRONIER 436 Main St. Drama Club 2, DECA Club 3, Chess Club 4. WILLIAM CROSBY 62 Maple St. Varsity Hockey 2,3,4, Spanish Club 2, Science Club 2, Latin Tutor 1,2, Spanish Tutor 2,3, All League Southie Team. MICHAEL CRYAN 44 Maple St. SERENA CUMMINGS 19 Flint Ave. Spanish Club 2, Yearbook 4, Travel Club 4, Ski Club 2,3,4. PAUL CUNNIFF 3 Carlida Rd. LINDA D’AMBROSIO 42 Lawndale Rd. Track 1, National Jr. Honor Society 1, Alpenhof Ski Club 1,2, 3, 4, Secretary of Spanish Club 2, Repetory Chorus 2,3, Tutoring 2,3,4, Yearbook 4. MARIANNE DANIELE 23 Summer St. LUANNE DEAL 8 Fatima Rd. ANNE MARIE DEAN 30 Hancock St. WILLIAM DEAN 30 Hancock St. PATRICIA DECOLA 26 Fieldstone Dr. Volleyball 1,2,3, Basketball 1.2.3, Tennis 2,3. NANCY DEFEO 29 Cedarway. Cross Country 3,4 — Captain, Win- ter Track 3,4 — Captain, Basketball 2, Spring Track 1,2, 3, 4 — Cap- tain, Alpenhof Ski Club 1, Math Team 2,3, Science Club 2,3 — Pres- ident, Girls’ State 3, Honor Society 4, Yearbook 3,4, Varsity Scholar 2.3.4. LAURA DELELLIS 75 Elm St. MICHSEL DELTERGO 102 Elm St. STEPHEN DEMARCO 3 Seward Rd. DENISE D ' ENTREMONT 16 Danby Rd. Girls Track 1, Ski Club 2,3, Travel Club 4, Yearbook 4, Spanish Club 2 — Treasurer. CYNTHIA DER 19 Greenview Rd. JANE DESMOND 44 Norval Ave. KEVIN DEVINE 4 Hancock St. DONNA DEVLIN 1 Victoria Ln. MARGARET DIFONZO 4 Avoalon Rd. SUSAN DION 2 Middlesex Rd. Cross Country 2,3, Field Hockey 4, Basketball 2,3,4 — Co-Captain, Track 2,3,4 — New Englands, Tri- Captain, M.V.P., States, Usher for Senior Tea, Junior Marshall 3, Tutor 2, Yearbook Assistant Sports Editor 4, Spartan Chorale 4, Political Discovery 3. JEFFREY DITULLIO 12 Morgan Ave. Varsity Football 2,3,4, Varsity Track 1,2, 3, 4. DIANE DOHERTY 7 South Marble St. JEANNE DONAGHEY 3 Wilcott Rd. PAULINE DONAHOE 37 Fairview Rd. KELLEE DONEGAN 5 Benton St. SHEILA DONOVAN 100-1 Main St. MARILYN DOTOLO 11 Ellen Rd. Majorettes 3,4 — Lieutenant, Tutoring Corps 2,3,4, Alpenhof Ski Club 1,2,3, Italian Club 2, Na- tional Honor Society 4, Varsity Scholar 2,3,4, Math Award 1, Candi- date, NCET Writing Awards 3, Yearbook 4 — Senior Editor, Jr. Honor Society 1. PAUL DOUCETTE 45 Lincoln St. MICHAEL DOWLING 3 Sycamore Rd. National Honor Society Member, Honor Roll Member 1,2, 3, 4. MARY ELLEN DOYLE 5 Peabody Rd. NANCY DRAGO 1 1 Bargaret Rd. Volleyball Team 2,3,4, Cheerlead- ing 3,4 — Captain, Tennis Team 2,3, Yearbook 4, National Honor Society 1,4, Alpenhof Ski Club 1,2, Math Tutor 2, Varsity Scholar 2,3,4. JAMES DREW 172 Collincote St. KIMBERLY DUCEY 135 Summer St. CAROL DUGGAN 10 Bonad Rd. DOREEN DUGGAN 111 Pond St. ARLENE DUNN 62 Plesent St. ROBERT DUNN 523 Main St. LORI EDGERLY 6 Essex St. WILLIAM EDINS 132 Spring St. ELEN EICHER 29 Upland Rd. LESLIE ELLS 60 Stevens St. JOHN ERRICO 54 Perkins St. JEANNIE FABIANO 241 William St. GEORGE FAYLE 33 Tremont St. . LAWRENCE FICARRA 18 Stevens St. ROBERT FIELDS 28 Cottage St. ANTHONY FILLIPONE 2 Hill Ct. JAMES FINNEGAN 8 Cricklewood Dr. ANNETTE FIONDA 5 Pershing PI. Field Hockey 1 ,2,3,4 — Captain, Basketball 1,2, 3, 4, Track 1,2, 3, 4, Girls Ensemble 2, Spartan Chorale 3, Yearbook 4 — Assistant Editor, Varsity Scholar 2, " Close-Up " 4, Spanish Club 3. LEE FIORENZA 8 Morgan Ave. MARIA FLANAGAN 4 Diane Rd. CATHERINE FLYNN 14 Bow St. RONALD FLORINO 8 Nixon Ln. SEAN FLYNN 10 Erickson St. BRUCE FOLSOM 5 Elaine Rd. DONNA FORBES 17 Valley Rd. STEPHEN GALUNA 3 Pearl St. ARTHUR FRAAS 19 Cedar Ave. MARK FRANGIOSA 52 Main St. JOSEPH FRONGILLO 14 Cherry Ave. HAROLD FROTTEN 6 Marble St. DANIEL FUCCI 122 Summer St. THERESE FUCCI 25 East St. ROBERT FULLERTON 38 Forest St. KEITH FUNG 3 Orchard PI. MARGARET GALLAGHER 72 Central St. ALFRED GANDOLFO 12 Longbow Rd. ANTHONY GENTILE 12 Upland Rd. MARIA GENTILE 19 Evans Rd. Count Dracula (Senior Play) — 3, Oklahoma (Musical) — 3, Carnival Ball 3,4, Ten Little Indians 4, Yearbook 4, (Student Photographer), Spartan Chorale 4, Honor Roll 4, Drama Club 3,4, Seeds 3,4, Newspaper 3,4. LINDA GIANFERRI 426 William St. PAUL GIANNELLE 3 Drury Ln. JOHN GIGLIO 20 Drury Ln. BRIAN GIROUARD 7 Elizabeth Rd DIANE GOETZ 1 Marchall Rd. SUSAN GOODE 55 Butler Ave. PATRICIA GOULD 51 Butler Ave. Volleyball, Track. JAMES GRANT 15 Standish Rd. Golf, Winter Track, Track, Latin Club. DAWN GRAZIANO 16 Emerson St. Bowling, Spartan Chorale. ANDREA GRECCO 15 Montvale Ave. DECA 3,4, DECA Representa- tive 3, DECA President 4, Italian Club 2. JAMES GREGORY 30 Gould St. JOANNE HAMILTON 4 Lee St. Close-Up Program 4. MARYBETH HARMON 5 Myrtle St. BRIAN HEALY 23 East St. NANCY HEGARTY 4 Washington Ave. Track 1,2, 3, 4, Majorettes 4. ROBERT HEGARTY 28 Washington St. ' ' 1 ANTHONY HEMENWAY 21 Beacon St. RITA HEMENWAY 21 Beacon St. Italian Club. FRANCIS HERLIHY 9 Kirmes Rd. National Honor Society 4, Sci- ence Club, Baseball, Boy’s State Representative 3. NANCY HESS 18 Chestnut St. KATHRYN HICKEY 12 Pearl St. Volleyball 3, Varsity Scholar 2. CAROL HICKS 40 Oak St. PAUL HIGHET 24 Wilson Rd. LORI HILL 41 Perkins St. ANGELA HODIN 7 Buttonwood Rd. Ski Club 3. LAURIE HOLLAND 27 Bow Street Ct. Gymnastics 2,3,4, National Honor Society 4, Varsity Scholar 2,3,4, Track 1 , Math Award 1, Spel- ling Contest rPf ] v A STEPHEN HOPKINS 40 Broadway Soccer — 3 years — J.V. Cap- tain, Basketball, Track, MATCHE Program, Science Club, Gym Leaders 1,2, 3, 4 — Vice President. GREG HOWARD 10 Rose Ln. Varsity Golf 2,3,4, J.V. Hockey 2,3, Harvard Model U.N. 3,4, Close-Up 2, Cross Country 2, Varsity Scholar 2,3. MELISSA HOWE 200 Park Ter. Dr. THOMAS HOWE 8 Beacon St. MICHAEL J. HUDSON 165 Green St. Cross-Country 3,4, Winter Track 2,3,4 — Captain, Spring Track 2,3,4, Interact Club 3, Year- book Editor in Chief 4. WILLIAM HUNT 40 Windsor Rd. ROBERT HUNTER 8 Celestine Ter. it pr STEPHEN HUSSAR 25 Walsh Ave. LINDA JACKSON 85 Pond St. JUDITH JAMIESON 59 Pleasant St. LEON JENKINS 7 Erickson St. MICHELLE JUTRAS 570 Main St. Track 1,2, 3, 4, Basketball 1,2, 3, 4 — Co-Captain, Cross Country 1 ,3, Yearbook Assistant Editor Senior Section 4, Tutor, Honor Roll, Spartan Chorale Officer, Alpenhof Ski Club 1,3,4. MICHAEL KEARNEY 1 Norval Ave. LAWRENCE KEITH 17 Myopia Rd. THOMAS KELLEY 70 Forest St. JOSEPH KELLY 3 Carmen Ave. JAMIE KENNEY 4 Montvale Ave. MARY KILLE 20 Cedar Ave. VIRGINIA KILTY 37 Walsh Ave. Carnival Ball 1,2,3, Oklahoma 2, Drama Festival 3, Senior Class Play 3, Spartan Chorale 3, Fiddler on the Roof 3. ELIZABETH KNOX 18 Washington Ave. DIANE KOSTINDEN 7 Crosby St. DARINA KRESAK 319 Green St. KELLY LANE 23 Oak St. ROBERT LANIGAN 15 Upland Rd. LYNDA LARKIN 23 High St. DARIN LEAHY 11 Beacon St. ROBIN LEARD 39 Endicott St. SUZANNE LEDWITH 17 Summerhill St. Cheering 3,4 — Co- Captain, Girls Spring Track 1,2, 3, 4, Carnival Ball Usherette 4, Spar- tan Chorale 3,4 — Secretary, Senior Tea Hostess 3, Alpenhof Ski Club 1,2, 3, 4 — President. WILLIAM LEFAVE 10 Carroll St. VIRGINIA LEMAY 6 Hill Court. NICOLE LEONARD 594 Main St. MARISSA LEVINE 14 DiNanno Rd. Travel Club 4, Honor Society 4, Honor Roll 2,3,4. MAUREEN LINNEHAN 50 Ravine Rd. MARGARET LIZOTTE 15 Myrtle St. PETER LODI 8 Gigante Drive. JOEL LOMBARDI 23 Sunrise Ave. INEZ LONGO 128 Summer St. Dance Club 3. LINDA LONGO 33 Washington Ave. BARBARA LUTHER 131-A Summer St. Field Hockey 1,2,3, Bas- ketball 3,4, Softball 1.2, 3, 4. EDWARD MacCUISH 15 Highland Ave. Cross Country 2,3,4, Win- ter Track 2, Spring Track 2. TERRY MacCUISH 15 Highland Ave. Spartan Chorale 4, Carnival Ball 4. STEVEN MADER 10 Morgan Ave. Soccer 2,3,4, Baseball 2, Track and Field 3,4, Ski Club 2,3,4. CHERYL MAFFEO 7 Kenwood Ave. Class Officers 2,3,4, Field Hockey 2, Cheerleader 3, Ski Club 2,3, Honor Society 4, Travel Club 4, Graduation Usher 3, Carnival Ball Usherette 4. JACQUELYN MAHER 21 Phillips Rd. SUSAN MAHER 33 Wilson Rd. Student Council 2, School Commit- tee Representative 4, Carnival Ball Mistress of Ceremonties 4, Year- book Head Typing Editor 4, Cheerleader 3,4, Spartan Chorale 3,4, Tutoring Corps 4, Senior Tea Usher 3, Girls’ Ensemble 2, Repertory Chorus 2, Fiddler on the Roof 4, Honor Roll 4. RICHARD MAHONEY 51 Gorham Ave. Cross Country 3,4, Indoor Track 4, Outdoor Track 3,4. ROSEANNE MAHONEY 51 Washington St. Basketball 2, Close-Up 4, Yearbook 4. TERESA MAHONEY 11 Eustis St. ROBIN MALAGODI 10 Danby Rd. Gymnastics 1,2, 3, 4 — Captain. Alpenhof Ski Club 1,2,3, Newspaper (Journalism) 4, Travel Club 4, Italian Club 3, Spanish Club 2. JOHN MALONSON 20 Common St. MARK MARASCA 54 Oak St. DANIEL MARGARITA 4 Drury Lane. TRACEY MARKS 4 Franklin Place. Cheerleader 1,3,4 — Co- Captain 4, Gymnastics 1,2,3, Softball 1,2, 3, 4, Girls’ Ensemble 1,2. JANINE MARUQARD 22 Upland Rd. JOANNE MARRONE 12 Montvale Ave. Varsity Field Hockey 1,2,3, Varsity Softball 1,2, 3, 4 — Captain 4, Italian Club 2,3,4. KEVIN MARSHALL 45 Pleasant St. ROBERT MARSHALL 5 Elmhurst Rd. DOREEN MARTIS 107 Pond St. GREGG MAZZOTTA Physical Education Gym Leader 1, Hockey 1,2,3, Winter Track 4, Spring Track 1,2, 3, 4, Soccer 3. WILLIAM MCALLISTER 2 Citation Rd. ELLEN McATEER 21 Isabella St. KATHLEEN McDERMOTT 4 Keene St. RICHARD McDERMOTT 8 Ine St. MARY McGINNESS 214 Hancock St. KELLY McGUIGGIN 150 Pond St. JOHN McLEAN 2 Harrison St. MICHAEL McMAHON 12 Victoria Lane. Drama Club 1,2, 3, 4, Lib- rary Assistant 2,3,4, Bicycle Touring Club 2, Spanish Club 1,2. JOLENE McNUTT 59 Lincoln St. PAUL MELKONIAN 39 Oak St. DANIEL MERCHANT 12 Avon St. MICHAEL MERCHANT 12 Avon St. REGINA MERRILL 4 Bow Street Court ROBERT MIGLIORINI 32 Lawndale Rd. ANTHONY PALLOTTA 32 Fieldstone Drive. STEVEN MILAN 25 Hall Rd. JOHN MILLER 14 Sheridan Rd. THOMAS MINGHELLA 5 Peters Drive. Varsity Football 2,3,4, Var- sity Spring Track 2,3,4, Gym Leaders 3,4, Spanish Club 2,3, Big Brothers Club 2,3,4. JUDY MOORE 27 High St. DEBRA MORGAN 7 Standish Rd. DEBRA MORRIS 49 Perkins St. KEITH MORRIS 49 Perkins St. LAURIE MOZEK 23 Girard Rd. NANCY MULFORD 14 Minot St. PAUL MUNDO 19 Prospect St. BRIAN MURPHY 24 Avalon Rd. DANIEL MURPHY 33 High St. |£ ELAINE MURPHY Majorettes 3,4, Softball 1,2, 3, 4, Field Hockey 2, Student Council 2,3,4 — Treasurer, Alpenhof Ski Club 1 ,2,3, Varsity Scholar 2,3, National Honor Society 1,4, Latin Club 3, Carnival Ball Usherette 4, Yearbook 4, Senior Tea 3, Graduation Usher 3. ROBERT MURPHY 5 Summer St. SHARON MURPHY 75 Robin Hood Rd. SUSAN MURPHY 33 High St. DANIEL MURRIN 1 14 Summer St. Basketball 1,2,3, Winter Track 4, Spring Track 4, Gym Leaders 1,3,4, Interact Club 3. DEBRA MUSIAL 2 Gerald Rd. LORRAINE MUSTO 12 Fairlane Rd. MARY NAPOLI 23 Greystone Rd. AMY NATALE 30 Hancock St. MARK N AZARIAN 10 Ellen Rd. ALAN NELSON 5 Kays Rd. WILLIAM NICHOLS 43 Pleasant St. ROBERT NORDEN 15 Spring St. TIMOTHY O’CONNELL 12 Myrtle St. ‘NijjH JOHN O ' KEEFE IITremontSt. W ROBERT O ' KEEFE 8 Cedar Ave. Varsity Basketball Manager 4, JV Baseball Manager 3, Vice-President of the Science Club 3, Student Council Representative 4, Varsity Baseball Manager 4. CHARLENE O’NEIL 62 Park St. JOHN O’NEIL 29 Tremont St. DENNIS O’NEILL 74 Summer St. DOREEN O’REGAN 17 Spring Lane. ROGER PADOVANI 15 Longbow Rd. TIMOTHY PALERMO 1 2 Cedar Ave. DIANE PAONESSA 120 Summer St. Cheerleading 1,3,4, Italian Club 2. DENNIS PARKER 11 Gould St. VICTORIA PELLEGRINO 72 North St. DIANA PERCOCO 33 Chestnut St. WILLIAM PETERS 30 Marble St. MICHELE PICCOLI 5 Brebtwood Rd. JOHN PIZZANO 60 Central St. NANCY PIZZOTTI 22 Alden Ave. JOHN POLCARI 16 Atwood Ave. JOSEPHINE POLIZZI 3 Chase Rd. BARBARA POLK 22 Albion Ave. DONNA PONTE 5 Gigante Drive DAWN PURDY 9 Cedar Way PATRICIA RAY 6 Stone Ave. MICHAEL RESTANI 181 Green St. DAWN GLOVER 111 Spring St. MARIA RIPARO 69 Franklin St. ROBERT RIVERS 11 Rose Lane. STEPHEN ROBERTS 115 Summer St. DAVID ROCCA 17 Duncklee Ave. BRIAN RODRIGUES 1153 Franklin St. FRANK ROSSELLI 14 Kenneth Terrace TERESA ROSSI 1 Windsor Rd. FRANK SAITTA 48 Cottage St. ROBERT SANDERSON 33 Bear Hill Rd. WENDY SANDGREN 8 Longbow Rd. Class Officer 1,2, 3, 4, Chamber Singers 2, Collegium Musicum 3, Jazz Band 1 ,2, Marching Band 1,2, Softball 1,2, Peer Counseling 3,4, Travel Club4, Future Nurses Club 2, Latin Club 3, Carnival Ball Attendant 4, Senior Tea 3, Graduation Usher 3. KIMBERLY SAVAGE 9 Myrtle St. CELESTE SCALISI 30 Collincote St. DEBORAH SCANNELL 30 Isabella St. THOMAS SCARPA 49 Butler Ave. PAUL SCHEPIS 6 Barbara Rd. PHILIP SEREDA 25 Governor Rd. SUSAN SERRANO 45 Country Club Rd. FRANCIS SIMONETTI 33 Perkins St. Soccer 1,2, 3, 4, Hockey 1,2, 3. 4, Track 3,4. SHERI SIMONIC 8 Charles St. PRAVESH SINGH Main St. Apt. 81 EUGENIA SMAIL 15 Minot St. STEVEN SMALL 8 Joan Ave. MELANIE SMITH 22 High St. SUSAN SMITH 43 Bow St. GREGORY SPECK 7 Sherwood Rd. MARK ST. AMAND 23 Keene St. DIANE STELIN 3 Dean St. JOSEPH STERNER 9 Kimball Drive. KAREN STEVENSON 10 Standish Rd. SANDRA STIMPSON 155 Marble St. LORI SULLIVAN 23 Spring Lane. CAROLINE SURDAM 56 Summerhill St. DAVID SUTHERLAND 6 Unicorn Ave. LYRAE SYLVESTER 6 Greg Rd. Basketball 3, Softball 3. Senior Tea, Spanish Club, Close-Up, Zoo Volunteer (Bio. Credit), YCC — Stone Zoo. MARLENE SZLOCH 28 Windsor Rd. JAMES TAGUE 82 Elm St. LISATAMBURINO 3 Rayner Circle. Italian Club — Treasurer, Spar- tan Chorale, National Honor Society, Oklahoma 3, Varsity Scholar 2. LOUIS TARANTINO 22 Danby Rd. CHERYL THOMAS 14 Highland Ave. GAYLE THOMPSON 3 Atwood Ave. Freshman Cheerleader 1, Cheering 3,4, National Honor Society, Yearbook Editor, Jr. National Honor Society. MARK THORLEY 67 Oak St. SUZANNE TOWER 6 June Rd. PATRICK TRAVIS 136 Main St. STACEY TROIANO 54 Pond St. ROBERT TROTTA 11 Harrison St. JAMES TUFTS 29 Congress St. NICHOLAS TURCO 7 Margaret Rd. Carnival Ball 2,3,4, Oklahoma 3, Guys and Dolls 2, Spring Musical 2,3, Count Dracula 3, Ten Little Indians 4, Senior Class Play 3,4, Political Discovery 2, Graduation Usher 3, Spartan Chorale 3,4 — Vice-President, Collegium Musicum 4, Spanish Club 2,3 — President, Drama Club 2,3,4, All-District Chorus 4, Drama Festival 4. JAMES TURNER 2 Merrow Lane. MARIA VERDONE 8 Whittemore Lane. MARK VERHAULT 34 Fairview Rd. ROBERT VERHAULT 34 Fairview Rd. CLAIRE VICARI 6 Winter St. Science Club 2, Drama Club 3, Latin Club 4, Yearbook 4. CHERYL VINCI 17 Fieldstone Drive. EVELYN WALKER 21 Calthea At. SCOTT WALLES 10 Cabot Rd. FRANCIS WALSH 10 Gilmore St. Soccer 2,3, Spring Track 2. MARY JANE WARREN 20 Wilson Rd. Math Team 3,4 — Math Team Award 3, Renssalaer Medal 3, Cross Country 2,3 — Captain 3, Track 1.2.3, Tennis 3, Student Advisory Council 3, Girls ' State 3, Honor Society 1,4, Yearbook 4, Varsity Scholar 2,3,4, Ski Club 1,2,3. CARL DENNIS WEBBER 7 Vera Lane. KAREN WEEKS 20 Everett St. BRADLEY WEISSE 91 Franklin St. LISA WEST 9 Greenway Circle. Tutoring 3,4, Yearbook 4. JANET WHELAN Student Council 3,4, Softball 2, Field Hockey 2.3.4, Cheering 3, Peer Counseling 3, Future Nurses Club 2, Al- penhof Ski Club 2. LISA WHITCOMB 391 William St. Hockey 2,3,4, Softball 2,3,4, Field Hockey 2,3,4, Yearbook 4, Newspaper 3,4. DAVID WHITE 148 Marble St. JEFFREY WILK 19 Bear Hill Rd. BRADLEY WILLOWS 9 Congress St. ELIZABETH WILSON 32 Waverly St. LAURA WILSON 54 Norval Ave. HAYLEY WISEMAN 16 Congress St. Italian Club 2, Freshman Cheerleader 1, Girls’ Ensemble 2, Carnival Ball 4, Varsity Cheer- leader 3. FRANCIS WOODS 1 Brackett Ave. CHRISTINE YARDUMIAN 42 High St. CATHERINE YOUNG 51 Calthea At. JOHN YOUNG 88A Spring St. GINA ZARBA 17 Barbara Rd. ROCCO ZIZZA 6 Fatima Rd. KA THLEEN ZUREK 11 Walnut St. MICHAEL TWOHIG 43 Lincoln St. EDGARDO VARGAS 438 Main St. ROBERTO VARGAS 438 Main St. (COUNTERCLOCKWISE) Phillip Lombard comforts Vera Claythorne after another mysterious murder; Emily Brent displaying her disgust at the younger generation; (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) Michael Bucci, Terri Christie, Nick Turco, Patrick Ward, Maria Gen- tile, Alayne Carey, Ed Coutu, Evelyn Walker, and Ralph DiFronzo; Who killed Miss Emily Brent? Ten little Indian boys going out to dine, One choked his little self, and then there were nine. Nine little Indian boys sat up very late, One overslept himself, and then there were eight. Eight little Indian boys traveling in Devon, One got left behind, and then there were seven. Seven little Indian boys chopping up sticks, One chopped himself in half, and then there were six. Six little Indian boys playing with a hive, A bumblebee stung one, and then there were five. Five little Indian boys going in for law, One got in chancery, and then there were four. Four little Indian boys sailing out to sea, A red herring swallowed one, and then there were three. Three little Indian boys going to the zoo, One got blown apart, and then there were two. Two little Indian boys sitting in the sun, One lost his heart to love, and then there was one. One little Indian boy left all alone, He went and hanged himself, and then there were none. TEN LITTLE INDIANS (CLOCKWISE FROM ABOVE) General MaKenzie narrates his past; Narracott in his typical slumped stance; Mr. Mucica hard at work; Wargrave points an accus- ing finger. CAST Maria Gentile — Miss Emily Brent Michael DelTergo — Ge neral MaKenzie Ralph DiFronzo — Blore Michael Bucci — Phillip Lombard Terri Christie — Vera Claythorne Ed Coutu — Mr. Rogers Nick Turco — Justice Wargrave Evelyn Walker — Mrs. Rogers Patrick Ward — Anthony Marston Bob Marshall — Narracott Alayne Carey — Dr. Armstrong On Saturday evening, February 9, the 1980 Annual Winter Carni- val Ball provided a mystical, magical array of entertain- ment for all present. The theme chosen was MAGIC, and the evening proved to be just that. When the curtains parted, giant representations of Tarot Cards were re- vealed, providing a colorful stage setting. The Royal Couple King Louis Tarantino and Queen Jolene McNutt presided over an enchanting even- ing of music, dance, and humor. Mistress and Master of Cere- monies Susan Maher and Bill Hunt (at right) were spotligh- ted, as they wel- comed the audience to the 1980 Carnival Ball, and then capa- bly announced the various acts that fol- lowed the coronation pageant. After the traditional crowning of the royal couple, the delightful evening unfolded, and a mys- tical aura filled the air. Q5 arnitfai fall THE 1980 CARNIVAL BALL KING, QUEEN, AND THEIR COURT. Row 1: Attendants Janet Asci, Laurie Mozek, Donna Ponte, Mary Cogan, Victoria Pellegrino, and Lori Hill. Row 2: Attendants Linda Avola and Wendy Sandgren, King Louis Tarantino and Queen Jolene McNutt, Attendants Patty Anderson and Suzanne Tower. REIGNING AS THE ROYAL COUPLE (at right) were King Louis Tarantino and Queen Jolene McNutt. THE CARNIVAL BALL USHERETTES. Row 1: Lorraine Musto, Mary Kille, Maria Covino, Cheryl Maf- feo, and Debbie Scannell. Row 2: Susan Serrano, Joyce Carlson, Christine Yardumian, Elaine Mur- phy, and Suzanne Ledwith. THE THEATRE ARTS GROUP, (at left) garbed in black with white gloves, set the show in motion with a dazzling dance routine to the lyrics of “Magic To Do,” which was sung by the Carnival Chorus. CLOCKWISE: THE CARNIVAL CHORUS, under the direc- tion of Mr. Frank Abrahams, which opened the show with ‘Magic To Do. " Frank Rosselli, the King of the Keyboard, playing " Pinetop Boogie. " Two outstanding vocalists, Bruce Folsom and Ralph DiFronzo, performing a country ballad, " Rock Me On The Water.” Bob Norden and Larry Blauvelt keep the audience laughing with a humorous skit, entitled " Thank You, Paine-Webber. " Hayley Wise- man charms the audience with a touching love song, " I Honestly Love You,” accompanied by Frank Rosselli. 102 CLOCKWISE: Jeanne Hartnett executes the superb agility of an accomplished ballerina, as she dances to “Music and the Mirror.’’ Maria Gentile tells what it’s like “Since I Fell For You,” accompanied by Larry Curran and Jim Manning. Bob Marshall singing the song that describes him best — “Extraordinary,” accompanied by Diane McGurin, Bruce Folsom, and Jim Manning. Evelyn Walker leaves the audience spellbound, as she performs “Prisoner, " accompanied by Frank Rosselli and Jim Manning. 103 BELOW: Larry Curran with his own arrangement of various compositions, which he entitles " Collage. " AT RIGHT: The beloved Mrs. Lois Rosen, the woman who made the show a success, is presented with a radiant bouquet of red roses by Master of Ceremonies Bill Hunt, in appreciation for her unending devotion and hard work. CLOCKWISE: Stoneham High’s finest musicians team up to play " Dust In The Wind, " including Diane McGurin on piano, Kathy Crosdale and Cathy Haley on flutes, Karen Fung on violin, David Marrano on rhythm guitar, and Bruce Folsom on bass guitar; A distant view of the beautifully decorated stage, the Royal Court, and the Carnival Chorus; Stacey Troiano exercises her powerful voice, as she performs “Crazy,” accompanied by Steven Blauvelt, Paul Giannelli, and Mr. Kevin Conroy. CLOCKWISE: A dignified Mr. Dennis Walter conducting the Jazz Ensemble; Mr. Kevin Conroy, Debbie Nash, and Lori Stevens exer- cise their musical magic, as they perform a precious love song, ‘‘Devoted to You. " Part of the Carnival Chorus, which closed the even- ing with ‘‘Could It Be Magic. " Mistress of Ceremonies Susan Maher asks the audience, ‘‘Who’s that man in the funny hat?” Nick Turco searches for his own " Corner of the Sky,” with accompaniment by Debbie Nash, Bruce Folsom, and Jim Manning. (At right) — Scott Arsenault and John Cargill, two outstanding musicians, play the trumpet in the Jazz Ensemble. (Below) — Steven Blauvelt, Paul Gianelli, and Mr. Kevin Conroy strumming their way through their own version of " So Afraid. " (Top left) — Ralph DiFronzo, (alias Professor Salt) seems to agree with that old, familiar saying, " You can ' t cry over spilled milk, " as he performs “Professor Salt’s One and Only Original Magic Act. " Professor Salt (Ralph DiFronzo) is asked by his lovely assistant Ubu (Nick Turco), " Have you seen the Globe today?” The famous chorus line, a touch of entertainment as it was in the past, including (left to right) Pam Biggio, Therese Fucci, LouAnne Deal, Helen Eicher, Terry MacCuish, Judy Corkum, Kim Savage, and Celeste Scalisi, who danced to " All That Jazz, " with choreography by Celeste Scalisi. 106 (At left) — The graceful ballet of Jeanne Hartnett is exhibited, as she dances to “Music and the Mirror.” The incomparable Nancy Pizzotti performs a melancholy ballad, “Send In The Clowns,” with accompaniment by Lucille Scimone; Captain Christopher Columbus (Ralph DiFronzo in center) and his crew of able seamen sing a hilarious sea chanty, entitled “Men,” with participants (left to right) Michael DelTergo, Jim Kilroy, Bruce Folsom, Ralph DiFronzo, Joe Shannon, Nick Turco, and Richard Jackson. 107 (At left) — Terry MacCuish and Ed Coutu dancing to the disco chart-topper, “Boogie Wonderland.” John Cargill and Tom Doyle exhibit their vocal sorcery, as they sing in perfect harmony, “Even Now.” The Stoneham High School Athletic Department has provided the students of SHS with the thrills of victory and the agonies of defeat. Unlike many sports programs, however, the Spartan athletes are always willing to give an extra effort and to win and lose in the true spirit of sportsmanship. Its supporters have been outstanding also. The crowd, no matter how big, can always look forward to watching the Spartans giving all-out performances. The support from the town of Stoneham during 1980 should be commended, as they should be proud that a small town like Stoneham has been able to come so far in athletics with other cities three times as large. Among the many athletes that the Stoneham Athletic Department has produced, the Class of 1980 has been privileged to have three of the most gifted athletes ever to represent Stoneham High School. Michael Hudson, Susan Dion, and Roger Padovani have achieved above and beyond the call of duty, and have set a fine example for their underclassmen. Hjj| Michael has been a member of the Cross-Country, Winter Track, and Spring Track teams throughout high school. As captain, Mike led the 1979-80 Winter Track team through the season. This season, Mike was named to the all-star team in Cross-Country and Winter Track. In Cross-Country, Mike placed fourth in the Middlesex, and came back for a fine showing of third in the state. In Winter Track, in the 1,000 yard run, Mike, again showing his excellence, attained the best league time. However, this time Mike wouldn’t settle for second best, he won the Middlesex League Title in the mile run, and again another fine showing of third in the state in the 1,000 yard run. H Susan Dion has been one of the finest all-around athletes throughout her high school career. In the winter, Susan has been an outstanding member of the Girls’ Basketball Team, of which she was co-captain. She has been the starting center for the past two years, and has been the major factor in many victories. This season, Susan was named to the All-Stars, and displayed her talent in obtaining the fifth best scoring record in the league. Last spring, Susan was also named to the All-Stars in girls’ track. Her flexibility and determination in the long jump was the major contributing factor in her winning the league title, and her third place finish in the state. Among her greatest achievements, Susan represented Stoneham High School in the New England meet in Smithfield, Rhode Island, where she triumphantly placed fourth. Roger Padovani, throughout his high school career, also displayed a tremendous amount of natural athletic talent and ability. He was the starting guard on the Boys’ Varsity Basketball team for two years, receiving the Coaches’ Award in his junior year. He was also a starting member on the Varsity Soccer team for three years. Roger excelled greatly in soccer, making the Middlesex All-Star team, and furthering his excellence by making the Eastern Mass. Division All-Star team, and coming in as runner-up for the League M.V.P. Award. All this success will not end here. These three outstanding athletes, and all other athletes of the Class of 1980 , will hopefully continue to display their athletic excellence throughout college, and thus represent that special part of Stoneham High School that the Class of 1980 can be proud. Best of luck in future endeavors to Michael, Susan, Roger, and all Spartan athletes. CHEERLEADERS Front row: Co-captains Tracey Marks and Suzanne Ledwith. Back row: Robin Fucci, Vicky Pellegrino, Diane Paonessa, Elaine Doherty, Michelle Mangano, Gayle Thompson, Suzanne Tower, Susan Maher, Amy Boris and Sharlene Reilly. 110 Far left: Pep Rally Pyramid. Below: Inside view of cheerleading. Center: Co-captains Tracey Marks and Suzanne Ledwith “elevate our minds.” Right: Touch-down happiness. Left: Cheerleaders in formation. Suzanne Tower after Pep Rally. SPARTAN BOOTERS, ALMOST! ML . jckwise above: Bob Sanderson uses his head to deprive °PP°nents of 3 ball. Row 1 (l-r): B. McAllister, J. Drew, F. Saitta, B. G i rou a rd, Captain Hunt R. Padovani, S. Mader, F. Simonetti, B - San ® rs 0 .;. J o D u O n ' 9 i rV Coach M Kennedy B. Daley, M. Twohig, J. Cargill, S. Hop- S r ( M blSriSi T Palermo y s. Borretti, J. DiMambro, J. Smallcomb, l’t. R Armand, and J. McLain. Roger displays some of his fine skills. Tim .lermo shows determination. 112 Stoneham Soccer Record Stoneham 1 Stoneham 5 Stoneham 1 Stoneham 0 Stoneham 0 Stoneham 4 Stoneham 6 Stoneham 2 Stoneham 6 Stoneham 2 Stoneham 0 Stoneham 1 Stoneham 4 Stoneham 3 Stoneham 1 Stoneham 1 Stoneham 0 Stoneham 4 Belmont Woburn Wakefield Winchester Watertown Burlington Melrose Lexington Reading Woburn Wakefield Winchester Watertown Burlington Melrose Belmont Lexington Reading Counterclockwise at left. Goal! Roger the Dodger. Members of the team look on with enthusiasm. Mike stretches for the ball!!! Jim does tricks with the ball! Clockwise from above: Roger dribbles down the field. Gumby takes over. Bill makes a steal. Scottie gets a " natural high”. Top opposite page: Bill directs traffic on the field. 114 .. » ' 115 This year, Stoneham High Schools soccer team was made up of many talented athletes. This team was one of the most skilled teams to play for Stoneham High. The highlight of the season was Stoneham’s victory over Lexington. The Spartans, for the first time in 11 years defeated Lexington 2-1. Captain Bill Hunt made the All-Star team. Half-back Jim Drew and defensive back Frank Simonetti were named to Honorable Mention in the league. Also Roger Padovani made the All-Star team, was runner-up for the league M.V.P., and was chosen for the division I All Eastern Mass. Team. Roger holds the High School record for year goals, 20, and career goals, 40. Coach Kennedy feels it will be a long time before anyone in the league will come near Rogers record. The whole team worked together and ended the season with an 8-7-3 record. Clockwise below: A typical two-on-one. J.V. team picture. Migga! Don ' t look to your right!! BUMPERS INITIATE NEW COACHES Counter clockwise from above: Maria Covino, “I don’t care how you do it, just get it over! " ; Nancy Drago sets up the ball for a teammate; " What’d ya call a time out for coach, we’re only losing 12-0?” 116 I Front row: Coach Rich Barton, Pam DeCola, Tracey McHugh, co-captains Patti DeCola and Janine ; Marquard, Kathy Hickey, and Donna Doherty. Back row: Lianne Drago, Maria Bradley, Nancy Drago, Maria Covino, Karen Caswell and Chris Pallotta. Below: Tomorrow’s star volleyball players. Bottom right: Maria Bradley spikes ball past a Tewksbury block. Patti DeCola and Nancy Drago execute the give and go. 117 m J.V. VOLLEYBALL BUMPS Front row: Coach L. Overett, mascot Adam Overett, K. Capone, L. Marshall, co-captains Marybeth Skerry and Maureen Rus- sell, K. Crosdale and K. Higgins. Back row: D. Padur, C. Lom- bard, P. Bryant, C. Smith, S. Silverman, J. Harold, and D. Covino. 118 SPARTAN HARRIERS GO ALL OUT CROSS COUNTRY Upper left to lower right: Coach Nelson at an intense moment; Ready, Set . . GO!!!!; League runners race for a victory; Sneakers unite! 119 The 1979 Boys’ Cross Country season had many bright spots. Despite a 2-7 win-loss record, at the Mas- sachusetts State Championships in Boston, Mike Hud- son came home with a third place finish, guiding Stoneham to an amazing 9th place finish overall. Valu- able contributions came from seniors Rich Mahoney and John Polcari, as well as sophomores Tim Hegarty and Dan Fitzgerald. Other members of the squad in- cluded John Spencer, Tom Scarpa, and Jim Turner. Led by Captain Nancy DeFeo, the Girls’ Cross Country i team finished with a 3-4 win- I; loss record. The girls had three ribbon winners at the league meet; Genie Kellogg (10th), I Margie Rossi (17th), and ' Nancy DeFeo (26th). When looking at the record, re- member that the low score wins in cross country. 1979 SEASON RECORD OPPONENT BOYS Burlington 16-49 W Melrose 18-43 L Lexington 19-42 L Belmont 22-36 W Woburn 20-35 L Wakefield 20-38 L Winchester 26-30 L Watertown 22-39 L Reading 21-40 L GIRLS 24- 35 W 25- 34 L 21-42 W 20- 35 W 21- 38 L 22- 33 L 27-29 L TOTALS: BOYS: 2 WINS - 7 LOSSES GIRLS: 3 WINS - 4 LOSSES 120 Upper left to lower right: Rich Mahoney shows his disgust for his time; Nancy DeFeo stretches put; Eddie MacCuish, Kelley Arsenault, and Nancy DeFeo take the easy way through the course; Mike Hudson displays his macho physique as he strides for a victory; Monsieur Rocher observes the Stoneham runners; The girls start off for another win. Bottom left to right: Marjorie Rossi, Kelley Arsenault, Steve Boyle, Chris Turner, Captain Nancy DeFeo, Tim Hegarty, and Dan Fitzgerald. Row 2: Jeanne Scannell, Chris Covino, Jeanie Kellogg, Mike Young, Dan Murphy, Jeff Danzig, Chipper Carroll, Vine Kane, Tom Scarpa, Diane Whelan, and Robin DeFlumeri. Row 3: John Spencer, John Polcari, Michael Hudson, Jim Turner, Rich Mahoney, Tom Doyle, and Eddie MacCuish, Coaches Wayne Fillback and Mr. Nels Nelson. - vi r. w a 121 HACKERS LED BY THREE ALL-STARS RIGHT: Lisa Whitcomb acknowledges her numerous fans; BE- LOW: ‘ HACK, HACK.” 2nd half of season Wakefield 1-0 0-4 Burlington 2-0 1-2 Belmont 5-0 5-0 Lexington 1-2 1-3 Woburn 1-2 0-3 Watertown 0-2 1-1 Winchester 2-0 0-0 Melrose 0-1 0-2 Reading 3-0 5-0 STANDING: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Cathy Gagne, Michele Figucia, Nadine Reinold, Karen Uva, Marcia McLaughlin Anne Gillepsie, Cheryl Titcomb, Reenie Noone, Carole Clabby. KNEELING: Chris Yardumian, Susan Dion Annette Fionda, Lisa Whitcomb, Nancy Barry, Janet Whelan, Lori Hill. UPPER LEFT: Coach Carbone, “It’s all your fault!”; ABOVE: Nancy Barry tries an original reverse stick tackle; LEFT: “Don’t just stand there, stop her!” The 1979 Girls Field Hockey team exploded into their sea- son. A sudden rush of victories early in their season pushed the Spartans to 1st place in the Middlesex League standings. Opposing teams in the league were shocked to find Stoneham Number One. Unfortunately, Stoneham’s early winning streak was slowly subdued, and wins became more difficult to achieve as the 18 game season wore on. Despite minor difficulties, Stoneham fought with enthusiasm to main- tain their status in the League standings. No opponent gained an easy victory. Each opposing team was hampered by Stoneham’s determination and team work. Just as they be- gan, the girls ended the season with a series of devastating wins. They completed the season in 4th place with an 8-8-2 record. RIGHT: The team takes another loss in stride; BELOW RIGHT: The JV team in action; BELOW LEFT: Susan Dion takes on " Cantaloupes " alone; BOTTOM LEFT : Miss Wheeler explains team strategy; BOTTOM RIGHT: JV TEAM PICTURE: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Julie Dion, Patty Maher, Denise Tower, Susan Powers, Sandy Randazzo, Nancy Hopkins. KNEELING: Jackie Jutras, Chris Langin, Susan Orsillo, Suzanne Biagioni, Linda Cormier, Kim Cataldo. 124 ront row: Co-captain Paul Burke, Greg Howard and Michael Berube; Second row: Karl Touet, ieorge Mozek, Tom Diblasi, and Doug Balboni; Back row: Coach Rundlett and Co-captain Robert lunter. TEEING OFF RECORD WINS Wakefield, Woburn, Melrose, Reading, Winchester, Burlington, Watertown. LOSSES Belmont, Lexington 125 126 GOLF TEAM DRIVES INTO SECOND PLACE Bob Hunter, Greg Howard, Paul Burke, and Jimmy Grant observe an opponent teeing off. The four seniors watch as a teammate tees off. Bob Hunter tees off at Unicorn Golf Course. Coach Rundlett shows something humerous to some team members. The Spartan Golfers, led by co-captains Paul Burke and Robert Hunter, finished in second place in the Middlesex League. They accumulated a 7-2 win-loss record. Although they were the only fall team to have a playoff game, they lost the game. WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN ockwise from top right: Mary Cogan flawlessly leads her squad. Majorettes stretching out. Elaine Murphy displays her skill omenade that girl back home. Lieutenant Marilyn Dotolo and Captain Mary Cogan. ng-around-the-rosie. 127 128 PIGSKIN PLAYTIME Stoneham 6 Wakefield 0 Winchester 7 Stoneham 0 Stoneham 15 Watertown 0 Burlington 0 Stoneham 7 Melrose 8 Stoneham 6 Lexington 12 Stoneham 8 Stoneham 7 Belmont 0 Woburn 23 Stoneham 6 Stoneham 7 Reading 13 (CLOCKWISE FROM BOTTOM) Above, Tri-Captain John Giglio discusses strategy with Coach White; Joe Frongillo tackles a Reading opponent; On top, Ed Vargas controls the offense; Peter Brown makes a fine catch against Winchester; To the right, the Spartans take the field against Reading. » , H The 1979 Spartan football team brought football and re- spectability back to Stoneham. The team was carried by an outstanding defense, rarely seen in high school football. The team’s ability to play as a unit carried them throughout the season. The team lost 4 games by less than a touchdown, and the only team that beat Stoneham by more than a touchdown won the Eastern Mass. Superbowl. They played very hard every game and nearly went 7-2 if not for some untimely turnov- ers. The Spartans worked re- ally hard, and should have de- served better. (TOP) Paul Schepis moves through an open hole, and Joe Calcavecchia earns some yardage on his own against Melrose; Above, Ed Vargas goes air-born. 129 (CLOCKWISE) Tri-Captain Rocco Zizza moves in for the kill against Wakefield; Tri-Captain Mike Mer- chant scrambles for a loose ball with a Melrose opponent; TEAM PICTURE; The bottom right shows Jeff DiTullio in the macho look; Directly below, Keith Morris sets up to blow down an offender. — ; ft rHjbWL -it- 130 SERENADING THE FANS Bruce Folsom and director Mr. Walter. The band supporting our football team in formation and in the stands. CLOCKWISE: CO-Captain Nancy Drago leads her team in a cheer; Louise Bono and Jane O’Neil cheer on the Spartan Hoopsters; Three junior squad members support basketball; Squad in formation. 132 WINTER Clockwise from upper left: Louise Bono once again shows perfect form; Fight . . . Score . . . WIN!!; Co- Captain Terri Christie gets P-S-Y-C-H-E-DH; Entire squad leads the crowd in a cheer; Center: (Left to right) Standing: Lianne Drago, Jane O’Neil, Lisa Torode, Re- nata Onjian, Maureen Russell, Marybeth Skerry, Janet O ' Brien, and Donna Columbus. Kneeling: Seniors Maria Covino, Co-Captains Nancy Drago and Terri Christie, and Louise Bono. CHEERLEADERS 133 GYMNASTICS The Gymnastics team, led by Captain Robin Malagodi, had many individual highlights. High scorers all season were seniors Robin Malagodi and Karen Boudreau, along with junior Carol Rolli. The girls this year showed the most spirit and team improvement in many years. The team will be gaining the talent of some upcoming freshmen, and is sure to become a top-quality competitor in the Middlesex League. 1979-80 SEASON RECORD Woburn W Belmont L Burlington L Melrose L Lexington L Watertown W Winchester L Wakefield L Reading L Row 1: (Left to right) Laurie Holland, Karen Boudreau, Captain Robin Malagodi, Lori Hill, and Doreen Martis. Row 2: Stacey Lane, Carol Rolli, Coach Cynthia Carbone, and Mrs. Susan Christofi. Row 3: Karen Corso, Desiree Vitiello, Lisa Mulligan, and Patti Howe. Clockwise from below: Laurie Holland on uneven bars; Lori Hill vaults over long horse; Team Picture; Carol Rolli; Captain Robin Malagodi displays her versatility; An intense bench; Captain Robin relaxes. 135 ROUNDBALLERS COME UP SHORT The 1979-80 Stoneham High School Basketball Team finished their season with a 6-12 record. The lack of experience was the biggest reason to their downfall. The team was made up by mostly underclassmen, with a small hand- ful of seniors to go. It was as if the whole world were against the Spartans this season, as all kinds of breaks, turnovers, and officiat- ing seemed to go against them. They had the ability to play alongside of any team in the league, but just couldn’t maintain that level of consistency for the full game. First year Coach Nets Nel- son did a fine job with his team, and is determined to turn the whole program around. The team stood as Co-Captains John Cloutier and Tony Gentile, Tim Palermo, John Cargill, Steven Hopkins, and Ed Vargas. The ju- niors consisted of Jim Warren, Dick Kelly, Joe Smallcomb, Phil Cargill, and Bill Melkonian, and three sophomores, Mike Fiorillo, Norman Palmer, and Paul Morse. The team would like to thank the fans who supported them, the cheerleaders, and Coach Nelson for all the hard work they did. The seniors would also like to wish nest year’s teams all the best of luck. Timmy Palermo displays his ability for taking a jump shot; Rich Kelly drives an open baseline for two points; Co- Captain Tony Gentile literally flies through the air en route to the basket, and smack into the floor; Jim Warren gives a head fake to get his opponent off the ground, and goes up for the shot; Co-Captain John Cloutier surrounded by Warriors resorts to a 15 footer; Again, Cloutier, matched against a bigger opponent, fakes the shot and will drive the open baseline. (Clockwise starting below) Spartans battle Woburn for some lost change!; Coach Nelson makes a point in the huddle; Jim Warren takes an off balance one hand flying leaper from the pivot; Sophomore hopeful Mike Fiorillo goes up for short lay-up; Coach Nelson sets his strategy for the mighty Spartans during a timeout; Co-Captain John Cloutier battles a | Burlington opponent for a rebound; Ed Barf goes in for a lay-up and a foul. VARSITY RECORD Wakefield 64 Stoneham 47 Stoneham 65 Watertown 52 Lexington 95 Stoneham 51 Stoneham 47 Woburn 61 Burlington 89 Stoneham 57 Belmont 46 Stoneham 54 Winchester 39 Stoneham 41 Stoneham 39 Melrose 49 Stoneham 37 Reading 47 Stoneham 54 Wakefield 71 Watertown 50 Stoneham 53 Stoneham 56 Lexington 98 Woburn 66 Stoneham 53 Stoneham 72 Burlington 95 Stoneham 72 Belmont 59 Stoneham 50 Winchester 52 Melrose 44 Stoneham 45 Reading 63 Stoneham 51 137 (Clockwise from top) Co-Captain John Cloutier soars into the air for a short jump shot; Tim Palermo then finishes off a Spar- tan fastbreak with a lay-up; Co- Captain Tony Gentile sees an open baseline and drives to the hoop in a Gentilic manor!; Junior Joe Smallcomb aims one off the glass for an uncontested lay-up. 138 Girls Hoopster’s Get It Together Patty DeCola ready to rebound Susan Dion “above the crowd GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL S.H.S. Opp Wakefield 25 56 Watertown 25 46 Lexington 22 48 Woburn 27 44 Burlington 35 64 Belmont 35 45 Winchester 23 51 Melrose 44 38 Reading 45 54 Wakefield 37 51 Watertown 25 58 Lexington 50 38 Woburn 54 49 Burlington 43 54 Belmont 33 39 Winchester 43 30 Melrose 45 32 Reading 54 38 Won 6 Lost 12 Coach Michael Kennedy 139 (Clockwise starting from above) Michelle Figucia at her best. Michelle Jutras gets a jump ball. Chris Pallotta threatens opponent. Annette Fionda moving the ball. Carol Clabby looking to pass the ball. Susan Dion powers in for a lay-up. Patty DeCola " reaching in. " 140 Juniors: Carol Clabby Michelle Figucia Maureen Noone Christine Pallotta Karen Uva Sophomores: Ann Gillespie Susan Powers Nadine Reinold The Stoneham Girl’s Varsity Basketball team st ruggled through the first half of the season winning only one game. A lack of height and experience injured the team greatly. By mid-season the girls started moving the ball around and showing their true potential. A great victory over Lexington gave the team confidence and they went on to win four more games, including a victory over tourney-bound Winchester. They finished their season with a great team effort and victory over the Reading Rockets to recapture the New England Memorial Hospital trophy for the second year in a row. The team consisted of seniors: Patricia DeCola Susan Dion Annette Fionda Michelle Jutras Barbra Luther 141 SEASON RECORD Reading L S.H.S. 27 Opp. 55 Burlington L 28 57 Melrose L 37 40 Lexington L 24 61 Belmont W 45 37 Woburn L 19 67 Wakefield L 31 54 Winchester L 21 61 Watertown L 40 41 ( " I m Mike Hudson laces up; Dan Murrin; John Spencer in a head-to-head race; Team Picture: Row 1: (Left to right) Steven Boyle, Chris Turner, Tim Hegarty, Dan Fitzgerald, Jeff Danzig, Rane Vinay, Charles Antinoro, Vinnie Minichello, and Charles Carroll. Row 2: Gregg Mazzotta, Dan Murphy, Jim Turner, Joe Calcavecchia, Captain Mike Hudson, John Polcari, Rocco Zizza, Dan Murrin, and Rich Mahoney. Row 3: Coach Alain Rocher, Chris Arsenault, Joe DiMambro, Tom Ciulla, Rich Hegarty, Steven Marasca, John Spencer, and Coach Steven Jackson. Despite a rather poor season, which saw the Spartans finish with a one and eight record, the team had some bright spots, such as All-Starts Mike Hudson (1000 yd. run), Joe Calcavecchia (Shotput), and State meet placers Mike Hudson (3rd 1000 yd.), and Gregg Mazzotta (4th 50 yd. dash). Clockwise from below: John Polcari and Rich Mahoney grind out their last stretch; The handoff ! ! ; Coach Jackson displays everyone’s times; Joe Calcavecchia sets to put-shot. 143 The Team That Achieved Their Goal Clockwise from above: Tom Duff rides off a Burlington player; Bill Crosby handles a Lexington shot; Brian Girouard fights for the puck; Captain Steven Burke clears the crease of Winchester vermin; SCORE!!; Steven Burke leads a rush down the ice. 144 1979-80 SEASON RECORD 17-2-1 8 Melrose 2 Wakefield 5 Burlington 2 Woburn 4 Belmont 6 Watertown 4 Lexington 12 Reading 7 Melrose 5 Wakefield 1 Burlington 6 Woburn 7 Belmont 6 Winchester 7 Watertown 4 Lexington 3 Reading STATE TOURNAMENT 6 Somerville 3 Hingham Stoneham Stoneham Stoneham Stoneham Stoneham Stoneham Stoneham Stoneham Stoneham Stoneham Stoneham Stoneham Stoneham Stoneham Stoneham Stoneham Stoneham Stoneham Stoneham Row 1: Bill Crosby, Paul Schepis, Brian Girouard, Frank Simonetti, Tom Howe, Captain Steven Burke, John Errico, and Manager Mike Sorabella. Row 2: Coach Bill Seabury, Coach Bill Berglund, Rich Santoro, Greg Miasseriar, Bill McAllister, Mark Nazarian, Bob Wieczorek, Phil Sereda, Tom Scarpa, Tony Maffeo, " Doc ' ' (team trainer), and Head Coach Dick Burnham. Row 3: Coach Bob Carr, Tom Duff, Scott Boretti, Bob Romboli, Jack Fionda, Bill Connell, and John Romano. Missing from photo Lisa Whitcomb. The 1979-80 Stoneham High School hockey team had their most successful season in five years. The Spartans started winning early in the season, as they defeated Arlington, Billerica, and Saugus in the pre-season games. With strong support from all team members, they continued to defeat team after team in the Middlesex League. Awesome defense by Frank Simonetti, Mark Nazarian, and Goalies Bill Crosby, Lisa Whitcomb, and John Errico, along with the consistent offense plays of Bill Connell, Rich Santoro, Scottie Boretti, and Tom Duff, combined to place the Spartans in second place in the league. Although they were knocked out in the first round of the State Tournament, we can be proud of our team. Their effort and sportsmanship proved successful, as they finished their season with a 16-1-1 record. 145 149 WE WANT LISA!! This past December, schoolboy hockey history was made in Stoneham as a female hockey player was selected for the varsity hockey squad. During the early practice sessions, five skilled goaltenders were in contention for a slot on the varsity squad. After the final cuts were made, Senior Lisa Whitcomb was chosen as the third and final goaltender. The first reaction of many was that Lisa was a novelty item to add color and publicity to the high-flying Spartans, but after standout performances in pre-season against perennial powers Billerica, Ar- lington, and Saugus, there was no doubt to the fact that she was highly skilled and cap- able. Despite having little playing time dur- ing the regular season, Lisa practiced long and hard in establishing herself as a fine young hockey player. When the presses learned about Lisa, re- porters from the Globe and Herald jumped at the story with great interest. Articles and photographs appeared in the newspapers’ sports sections telling Lisa’s incredible story. Although publicity can sometimes be harmful, Lisa kept a reserved and under- standing attitude concerning her minimal playing time and bench-warming duties. Lisa plans to continue to play hockey on a womens’ team at her college, of which she has yet to decide. We all wish her luck and success. XOOCLCO- The A lpenhof Ski Club was formed in 1969, by a Junior High School teacher, and many high school students. The club size has progressed each year, and this year there is a full membership of 266 members from the Junior High, High School, and surrounding towns. Each year, the club runs numerous day trips, and also has been running weekend trips to Jay Peak, Vermont, and a ski week to Montreal during February vacation. Among the day trips, mountains include Waterville Valley, Pico Peak, Loon Mountain, Crotchet Mountain, Wildcat Mountain, and Pat’s Peak. The club includes members from Reading, Stoneham, North Reading, and Brookline. Students under the age of twenty from surrounding towns are also eligible for membership. The eleven-person Board consists of: President — Suzanne Ledwith Vice-President — Christine Yardumian Treasurer — Kelley Arsenault Secretary — Lori Hill Membership Secretary — Maria Bray Assistant Treasurer — Scott Arsenault Als o, Rose Paladino, John Ledwith, Phil Doherty, Michelle Mulligan, and Stacey Lane. The Alpenhof Ski Club is an organization run for the youth of Stoneham and surrounding areas to help kids get a chance to ski who would not otherwise be able to. Skiing has become a very popular sport, and the club size has increased tremendously. The Club hopes to, in the future, increase its size to allow as many youths as possible the chance to learn to ski, and enjoy a day on the slopes. 152 153 FOR THE MUSICALLY INCLINED . . . THE SPARTAN CHORALE Row 1: (Left to right) Susan Zizza, Julie Viglione, Denise McDermott, Mary Anne Murphy, Vicky Dart, Lorraine Marshall, Brenda Pumpfrey, Susan Perks, Lisa Tamburino, Richard Saitz, Lisa Torode, Terry MacCuish, and Leslie Abbot. Row 2: Linda Adams, Virginia Kilty, Gail Brebner, Brian Brebner, Jean Rump, Michelle Jutras, Kelley Arsenault, Margaret DiFonzo, Joyce Carlson, Maria Gentile, Lauren Fitzpatrick, Susan Woods, Lucille Scimone, Janet Giannoccari, and Terri Christie. Row 3: Richard Jackson, Joe Shannon, Alan Nelson, Karen Selander, Linda Jutras, Jackie Maher, Suzanne Ledwith, Susan Serrano, Susan Dion, Judy Stone, Susan Maher, Dawn McKenna, Julie Jackson, Debbie Scannell, and Suzanne Tower. Row 4: Bill Hunt, Bob Marshall, John Cargill, Ed Coutu, Bob Hunter, Nick Turco, Peter Bracciotti, Bruce Folsom, David Sutherland, Frank Rosselli, Jim Grant, and Bob O’Keefe. THE MARCHING BAND Row 1: (Left to right) Tammy Smith, Robin Hamlyn, Kathy Crosdale, Cathy Haley, and John Finnegan. Row 2: David Pease, Ed Mondello, Jennifer Granfield, and John Thayer. Row 3: John Hubbard, Patty Barry, Bruce Folsom, and Peter Tatian. Row 4: John Delmonte, James Manning, Frank Rosselli, Brian Donahoe, and Mr. Dennis Walter — Advisor. 154 REPETORY CHORUS ROW 1: (Left to right) Susan Powers, Donna Padur, Karen Rump, Steven Boyle, Ms. Wienski — Advisor, Dennis Smith, Michele Nottebart, Kelly Kiddy, and Patty Cryan. ROW 2: (Left to right) Heidi Simpson, Betty Anderson, Margie Rossi, Anne Kilroy, Patty Ferro, Dawn Smith, Lori Bernat, and Kelli Young. ROW 3: (Left to right) Mary Walles, Diane McGurin, Robyn Feindel, Elena Reis, Lisa Roberts, Michael Spencer, Debbie Ledwith, Linda Carroll, Lisa Carpenito, Pam Allen, and Judy Angelosanto. COLLEGIUM MUSICUM Row 1: (Left to right) Kelly Young, Judy Stone, Debbie Nash, and Lisa Beane. Row 2: Christine Chase, Bob Marshall, Ms. Wienski — Advisor, John Cargill, and Patty Barry. JAZZ ENSEMBLE ROW 1 : (Left to right) Mr. Dennis Walter — Advisor, Elena Reis, Cathy Danico, David Griffith, Ed Mondello, and John Thayer. ROW 2: (Left to right) Drew Ferrante, Brian Donahoe, John Cargill, Scott Arsenault, Richard Saitz, Bruce Folsom, Frank Roselli, George Mozek, and Larry Curran. 155 SPANISH CLUB Row 1: Lyrae Sylvester, Jeanne Hartnett, Dawn DeCosta, Kathy Gagne, Karen Lewis, Mrs. Wheeler — Advisor, Linda Carroll, Jean Rump, Maria Bradley, Susan Smith, and Mary Ellen Doyle. Row 2: Judy Corkum, Pam Stoddard, Cathy Danico, Madelana Ciamarra, and Donna Wheaton. ITALIAN CLUB Row 1: Sharon Forgitano, Lisa Tamburino — Treasurer, Janine Marguard — President, Terri Christie, and Lisa DiChiara. Row 2: Robin Fiorenza, Robin Brown, Karen Corso, Laurie Mozek, Susan Serrano, Bruce Folsom, Patty Minghella, Virginia Marquard, and Mr. Anastasi — Advisor. LANGUAGE CLUBS 156 ;lass officers THE SENIOR CLASS OFFIC- ERS worked diligently throughout the year organiz- ing many events, such as the Senior Class Dance, the Se- nior Prom, the Class Ban- quet, and other fund-raising activities. (Left to right) Miss Catherine B. Broderick — Advisor, Wendy Sandgren, Secretary; Donna Ponte, Treasurer; Matt Brown, Pres- ident; Stephen Columbus, Vice-President; Paul Cunniff, Social Chairperson; Cheryl Maffeo, Social Chairperson. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS (Left to right) Donna Colum- bus, Treasurer; Michelle Fiorillo, President; Lou Cen- tore, Social Chairperson; Kathy St. Amand, Social Chairperson; Jane O ' Neil, Vice-President; Leslie Ab- bott, Secretary. SOPHOMORE CLASS OF- FICERS (Left to right) Rose Paladino, Social Chairperson; Carla Giannelli, Vice-President; Anne Devereaux, Secretary; Colleen MacDonald, Presi- dent; Rhonda Minghella, Social Chairperson; Debbie Regan, Treasurer. 157 SCHOOL COMMITTEE: left to right: Richard Saitz, Susan Maher, Peter Bracciotti, Terri Christie, and Donna Columbus. GIRLS AND BOYS STATE: left to right: Nancy Defeo, Tony Gentile, Frank Herlihy, Bill Hunt, Mary Jane Warren, and Nancy Barry. HARVARD UN: left to right: Karen Fung, Terri Christie, Susan Bird, Bill Hunt, Christina Covino, Lori Gustafson, and Kim Higgins. 158 The Student Council is responsible for many enjoyable fund-raising events, such as Donkey Basketball and Carnation Day. The main purpose of these events are to increase school spirit and the money raised is used for scholarships for graduating seniors. STUDENT COUNCIL: left to right, 1st Row: Bob O ' Keefe, Joyce Carlson, Maria Covino — President, Christine Yardumian — Secretary, Elaine Murphy — Treasurer, Suzanne Tower — Vice-President, Janet Whelan. 2nd Row, left to right: Susan Silverman, Karen Migliorini, Patty Concannon, Elaine D ' Ambrosio, Linda Galante, Alyson Wesley. 3rd Row, left to right: Marie Sullivan, Annette Donnely, Linda Jutras, Julie Jackson, Julie Desisto, Mary Cashell. MATH TEAM: left to right: Paul Guida, Susan Bird, Lori Gustafson, Peter Tatian, Brian Kearney, Karen Fung. TUTORING CLUB: left to right: Sharon Walsh, Nancy Barry, Lisa Whitcomb, Tom Duff, Ellen Jordan, Paul Guida. 2nd Row, left to right: Louise Bono, Lisa West, Marilyn Dotolo, Peter Brown, Susan Maher, Judy Corkum, Mary Cogan, Miss Broderick — Advisor. DRAMA CLUB: 1st Row, left to right: Marjorie Rossi, Anne Kilroy, Kelly Kiddy, Virginia Kilty, Terri Christie, Robin Hamlyn, Michael McMann. 2nd Row, left to right: Christine DiMecco, Debbie Ledwith, Patrick Ward, Heidi Baskin, Jean Rump, Bob Marshall, Gail Brebner, Lisa Roberts, Patty Barry, Sandy Nickerson, Andy Treacy, Kelly Young, Nick Turco, Jackie Maher, Ed Coutu, Alayne Carey, Mr. Mucica — Advisor. 159 The following Students are contributors to the literary magazine “SEEDS.” 1st Row: left to right: Maria Gentile, Nancy Defeo, Kathy Crosdale. 2nd Row: left to right: Janet Cremins, Susan Zizza, Tom J. Kelley, Jim Grant, Bob Hunter, Angela Hodin, Michael McMahn, Miss Norelli — Advisor, and Dan Margarita. YEARBOOK STAFF 1st Row: left to right: Sue Ellen Brown, Nancy Defeo, Susan Dion, Kelley Arsenault, Lisa Whitcomb, Maria Covino. 2nd Row: left to right: Judy Corkum, Marilyn Dotolo, Mary Jane Warren, Linda Antinoro, Susan Maher, Nancy Barry, Lisa West, Gayle Thompson. 3rd Row: left to right: Michelle Jutras, Denise D ' entremont, Linda D ' Ambrosio, Paul Cunnif, Lee Fiorenza, Christine Calder, Annette Fionda, Elaine Murphy, Mary Cogan. 4th Row: left to right: Rosanne Mahoney, Maria Gentile, Norbert Callahon, John Cloutier. u • ' ■‘W - 1 pi Mi Wjul f j ' k ' Jjjj A r 1 ' iMgJ r, a f + v l m w i ■ t r 1 j E K jji j i tv jk k- . It Pr The following students work very hard to publish the enjoyable and informative school newspaper entitled BEHIND BLUE DOORS. 1st Row: left to right: Toby Leon, Lisa Whitcomb, Michelle Fiorillo, Bill Melkonian, Janine Marquard, Terri Christie. 2nd Row: left to right: Louis Chinnappi, Maria Gentile, Richard Hegarty, Dennis Parker, Michael McMahn, Robin Malagodi, Susan Smith, Tracy McHue, and Mr. Kevin Conroy — Advisor. 160 SKI CLUB The Ski Club is open to both beginner and advanced skiers. It offers many ski trips throughout the season. 1st Row: left to right: Kim Szcawinski, Debbie Ledwith, Alayne Carey, Angela Hodin, Gina Zarba, Maria Bray — Membership Secretary, Stacy Lane — Board Member, Lori Hill — Secretary, Chris Yardumian — Vice President, Suzanne Ledwith — President, Kelley Arsenault — T reasurer, Scott Arsenault — Board Member, Rose Palladino — Board Member, Chris Arsenault — Board Member. 2nd Row: left to right: Kathy Crosdale, Brenda Pumpfrey, Kathy Haley, Carolyn Jordan, Leslie Abbott, Karen Marks, Kim Higgins, Richard Saitz, Maria Covino, Karen Louis, Ka- ren, Corso, Joyce Carlson, Debbie Scannell. 3rd Row: left to right: Lori Gustafson, Lisa Beane, Cheryl Dotolo, Karen Selander, Karen Hill, Ronda Minghella, Elaine D ' Ambrosio, George Kellogg, Audrey Covelle, Jeannie Scannell, Diane Whelan, Pam Allen. 4th Row: left to right: Christina Covino, John Giglio, Christine Chase, Peter Bracciotti, Matt Yardumian, Danny Murphy, Little Bo Peep, and Bill Hunt. TRAVEL CLUB The Travel Club enables students to travel during the April and February vacations. This year the Club is going to Bermuda. 1st Row: left to right: Serena Cummings, Wendy Sandgren, Doreen Martis. 2nd Row: left to right: Louise Bono, Marissa Levine, Tom J. Kelley, Jim Grant, Robin Malagodi. Left to right: Judy Jamieson, Josephine Polizzi, Carol Covell, Mr. Flanagan — Advisor, Stacy Lane, Michelle Boland, Jean Sudano. 161 JUNIOR PROM Clockwise from upper right: Steven Small, Cheryl Maffeo greets Serena Cummings; Nancy Pizzoti; Dan Murphy, Missy Levine, Tracy Marks, Paul Shepis, Terri Christie, Bob Columbus, Frank Walsh, and Amy Boris; Peter Brown and Lisa Muelo; Nick Turco; Maria Gentile; Center; Sue Ellen Brown, and Mike Twohig; Michael Kearney and Lisa Tamburino. Stoneham was once famous for its many shoe industries, then for its many gas stations and banks. But, if you’re a teenager in this suburban town, you’ll agree that the main attractions are the fast-food restau- rants. From Friendly’s to Denny’s, there are twenty-four places where you can eat. Pizza parlors, ice-cream shops, bakeries, fish markets, and hamburger joints line the Main Street of Stoneham. A funny thing though, on Friday and Saturday nights, cars full of people seem to be attracted to one particular burger joint — BURGER KING!!!! If you’re looking for someplace to chow down and chat, Burger King is the place to go!!!! Within a 1 ] A mile radius up and down Main Street, you can indulge in anything from Papa’s famous pizza to sub gum yum and tea. But, if you want weekend action after the movies or a game, head for Burger King, where you’ll be greeted by either a “May I help you” Nancy DeFeo, or a “What do you want” Tom Minghella. Either way, most of the faces behind the B.K. scene are recognizable. Many of these employees are Stoneham High School students working a few hours a week to earn some spending money. The crew aims to please, but because of a few uncooperative customers and all those “special orders,” food mix-ups and a bit of confusion may occur. Have patience, and try to remember that they, too, are people. When you get your food, just sit and enjoy it with your friends. 164 Main Office 335 Main Street Stoneham, 438-0430 Branch Locations Redstone Shopping Center Stoneham 438-3334 Billerica Mall Billerica 667-2197 STONEHAM CO-OPERATIVE BANK r “Most people . . . are like a falling leaf that drifts and turns in the air, flutters, and falls to the ground. But a few others are like stars which travel one defined path: no wind reaches them, they have within themselves their guide and path.” — Siddhartha, Hermann Hesse Best of Luck to the Class of 1980 from the Senior Class Officers MONICA’S STYLE TODAY PERMANENTS FACIALS • HAIR REMOVAL MANICURE • PEDICURE 72 North Street Stoneham, Mass. ■138-2:166 J To the Class of 1980 Wishing You the Best of Luck In Future Years THE CLASS OF 1982 168 ( FRIENDS Mr. Mrs. Louis Centore Mrs. Johnson Shirley Howell Mr. Fred Kiami Mr. Mrs. Louis Fabbri Mrs. Tine Mr. Mrs. Charles Dunn Mrs. Hurst Mrs. Robert J. Linnehan Mrs. Sahakian Diane Brenner Danna Carroll Dr. Mrs. John Danis Miss Wheeler Mr. Mrs. F.J. Crosdale Jr. Mr. Louis Anastasi Mr. Mrs. Robert N. Lusardi Mary Ellen Doyle Marianne Gibbons Lisa Annette Fionda Mr. Mrs. James Warren Mrs. Young Mr. Mongeau Mrs. Zibell Mrs. Layne Mrs. Appleyard Nick Turco Mr. Michael Lahiff Mr. James Romano Lisa West Mr. White Rosanne Mahoney Ms. Lindgren Roberto Luis Vargas V J r HASTINGS-TAPLEY INSURANCE AGENCY INCORPORATED (Wilcox-Hodges Insurance Agency Inc.) 3 Central St. Stoneham, MA 02180 438-0261 Offices located in Stoneham, Woburn, Cambridge, Medford and Saugus. PATRONS Mrs. Gale O’Toole Ms. Fling Mrs. Wedge Behind Blue Doors Mr. William Hoyt SPONSORS Mr. Mrs. Paui Giannelli Miss Catherine Broderick Mr. Mrs. Earle West Mr. Donald Musico Mrs. Joan L’Heureux Mr. Mrs. John Pack 169 A r Our Three Sons Television Company 4 Franklin Street Stoneham, Mass. 02180 V r - r The Prudential Insurance Company of America 422 Main St. Stoneham, Ma. 02180 Telephone: 617-438-6070 Best Wishes to the Class of ' 80 Rocco Zizza Your friends for life! and health! V r MARIO’S BEAUTY LOUNGE 256 Main St. Stoneham Professional Styling Best of Luck GLOUCESTER SEAFOODS 423 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 438-0142 Dominic Bordinaro J " J 170 COLARUSSO’S BAKERY INC. Italian Specialities — Pastry Wedding and Birthday Cakes Made to Order 210 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 02180 438-9793 V. r v r v j Good Luck to Class of 1980 from RAPID LIQUORS, INC. 171 Main St. Stoneham J " Best Wishes John V. Smallcomb, D.D.S. 61 Main Street Stoneham, Ma. 438-1312 J r V r v r Best Wishes Dr. Henry W. McCarthy 70 Main St. Stoneham, Mass. 438-0345 J Liberty Bell Roast Beef 316 Main Street Stoneham Call 438-5114 J The Capri 232 Main Street Stoneham, MA. 02180 Pizza — Pasta — Subs Take Ot Orders 438-9800 438-4013 Jim Elicone Patty DiNapoli THE COLLECTOR’S COIN GALLERY, INC. U.S. Foreign Coins Bought, Sold Appraised 297 Main St. Stoneham, MA. 02180 MON, Tues, Wed, Fri. 9-4:30 Thurs. 9-7 Sat. 9:30-2:00 Closed Mondays ANTHONY’S ITALIAN SPECIALTIES Party Platters For All Occasions 408 Main St. Stoneham, Mass. 02180 438-9840 V Countryside Realty 158 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 02180 V r Craft Supplies • Consignment Clothes • Floral Art Joan Agnes Debbi The Exchange Tel. 617-438-9233 Flower arrangements made to order. • 232-236 Main Street, Farm Hill, Stoneham, MA 02180 • r YOU TRIED THE REST . . NOW TRY THE BEST’ Francine’s Pizza House Orders To Go for Fast Service J V 303 MAIN ST STONEHAM. MASS. 438-9649 I a r TTrvstbi v Ginss to 438-7300 Kenneth Vogler Frank McNamee Plate Glass Complete Store Fronts Homeowners Mirrors Our Specialty Auto Glass 23 3 4 Hour Store Front Service 219 Main St. Stoneham, Ma. J V 172 r ROUND’S (foZMu) HARDWARE Dial 438-0116 Tru-Test Paints — Plumbing Supplies Hardware — Housewares ■ 290 Main St. at Montvale Ave. Stoneham, Mass. 02180 r H.E. BROWN AGENCY Real-Estate Sales — Appraisals 269 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. Good Luck Class of 1980 Spartan Paint and Supply 444 Main St. Stoneham, Mass. ; -■ r y§ m Best Wishes and Congratulations from Wm AUTO SOUND NORTH INC, 169 Main Street Stoneham, MA. . . t; •• ■ 174 ' Zet - 1 ills • v f,t iFO t ' r « I £ THE GALERY 115 Main Street Stoneham, MA. Redstone Shopping Center Baron Tire Main Street Stoneham, Mass. Santini’s Dept. Store 371 Main St. Stoneham, Ma. ( Phone: 438-1533 PATTT ’ s BEAUTY SALON 358 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 02180 Distinctive Beauty Service 175 r 438-0044 Reg Husky Prep Chubby lim LITTLE FOLKS SHOP r THE MIDDLESEX DRUG CO. Dominic G. Errico, Registered Pharmacist Telephone 438-0342- 438-6200 “WHERE FRIENDS MEET FRIENDS” M.D. 3 Central Square, Stoneham, Mass. V J r Jlzts. cjo !Soivfin ! SUNLITE ALLEYS INC. 221 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. Norman J. L ' Esperance Treasurer r r 438-9713 SUPER MARKET El- " t ' f y. v SANDY 397 MAIN STREET STONEHAM MASSACHUSETTS u: 1 0 (617)438-o9:0 o pat J V 176 FEDELE AUTO SALES 263 MAIN STREET STONEHAM MASS 02180 AREA CODE 617 438-7474 FRAN FEDELE - - t. y “ % % - w s : - ♦ ■ , % % a JjL f? ' 5«yt Bfe-4 iff ■ W‘ ' 1 nr ' c J.o£ia (1. jC uzcjin, ' J.z. ATTORNEY AT LAW 5 Central Square STONEHAM, Mass. 02 180 ED FEDELE From the JOHN CAIN J % » 177 SANTORO’S OF STONEHAM 309 Main St. Stoneham 438-0020 Salads, cold cuts, party platters, for all occasions l ) Good Luck Class of 1980 BELL’S HAIR DESIGN Distinctive cuts for men and women Redstone Shopping Ctr. A J ( Good Luck Class of ’80 Best of Luck Frank M. Geremonte STONEHAM SPORTS CENTER Attorney at Law 381 Main St. 272 Main St. Stoneham, Mass. 438-6237 V A Best Wishes and Congratulations to the Class of 1980 from the Students at the NEW ENGLAND DEACONESS HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING Boston, Mass. FAIR WINDS TOURS 268 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. U.S.A. Alan J. Coffin President V STONEHAM PHARMACY John L. Bracciotti, B.S., Reg. Ph. 409 Main Street 438-1000 Stoneham, Mass. The Store of Personal Service A A 178 Visit your convenient SUNNYHURST LOCATIONS 214 Main Street Stoneham, Ma. GIFT SHOPPE Your Hometown Newspaper for 108 Years ESTABLISHED 1870 LUMBER STONEHAM Phone: 438-0767 ROBERT ' S BOUTIQUE UNISEX SALON let i s help m ii.d your future COMPLETE BUILDING REMODELING NEEDS FOR HOMEOWNERS CONTRACTORS ANDERSON Windows ARMSTRONG Ceilings BIRD Shingles BRUCE Floois MARLITE MORGAN Doors PELLA Doors Windows STANLEY Tools WELDWOOD Paneling 284 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 02180 " Always A Friendly Atmosphere ' HOME CENTER GIFT SHOPPE 438-1122 211 MAIN ST., STONEHAM 180 BEST WISHES Class of 1980 from THE ITALIAN CLUB " Tim STONEHAM SAVINGSfiANK " ■w 4 Pvm « W $m. ■ 359 Mair Stoneham, MA 438-9400 88 Main Street Stoneham, 438-7550 T i 182 183 It is within our nature to look . . . And to choose from what we see. We do not ask others for our freedom; We look within ourselves. Freedom is only the time between our last escape and our next capture. We look for sunshine . . . When we need a place away from darkness. At times, we are alone, . . . between frustration and realization. Our struggle is what makes our wings strong. We learn from all experiences We are not sure of where we are going, but we are on our way. The Graduating Class of Stoneham High School Nineteen-Eighty Me 01 i ¥ annrui if f- ' 41 It oiy( ao ' • ■■ .» .MM M f M u. M r MW. «• »•» • « «■ «W?t ««W « w TMt . « O! B|M ,.■- a-iairtf-i i, .n ‘ . ». ' ,M3m MAD SHWPtSj w ■ w. B )V. llPpf 4 . . Si ii a ?- ■ ■ • ■ ' ■ ' •; • ' • III) PORTS w- M W w% .. f ' «i Mw M ROetH MORI .-WILLIAM |k To ° f m Hitw.f |k» t MMK 4«WMW|f § ■» nw ■ »♦? ffcwn «r« WM) KING W. EXCLUSIVE! MBS. BILLY CARTER TELLS THE STORY OF HER MARRIAGE " I DON ' T NEED BILLY TO SURVIVE ' BARBRA STREISj WHY SHE MAY N PERFORM IN PUBLIC AC GLOW fellER YOU ' LL GELATIN M YOOt UQS WHO REAL! ' OUND THE L ENCOURAGIN ' FROM READERS WHAJ Rl . SHOULD KM I ABOUT 1 CHILDREN S SEXUll home foods XSY SUMMER SQUEAK Y CL BEAUTY ROUT BEST WAYS TO T| OUR HAIR AND I TO MA .E LN FEEL LOVED PORTER S AND BEATING DOMING F LIVING I ' HE MAD " LORD OF OUR VERSION AL OAVE D HE RINGS " MUSICAL OF “VEGAS” JAFFEE BERG MA .AND THE USUAL GANG OF IDIOTS ARE ALL IN THIS ISSUE The latest makeup COLORS and hair shapes! PORT : BV£W lop feeling ROC 1 M. NO. « - j OCTOBER U75 NATIONAL " GEOGRAPHIC .... 4

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