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L 5 E HQ ni 6?- fwfw . . was Q1 Q ' f' ' if 4 , f ,4 E -uf x f my V, Vu f x,"Nn if it A -11 loanne O'Crady hosting the Senior Tea, Excitement at the first drama club meeting, Nancy Clabby balances on the beams, lack Belcher and friends take it easy in the courtyard, Sam laber observes Steven Thayer during a studious moment. spec-trum tspeicftramj n., pl. -tra t-tral. -trums lAlodL., special use Cby NEVVTON, 16715 of L. sperlrum: see sPi-:CTERI 1. the series of Wow colored bands diffracted .Norco and arranged in the order BLUE of their respective wave- lengths by the passage of GREEN white light through a prism or other diffracting medium 'mow and Shading continuously onmoe from red Cproduced by the my longest wave visiblel to violet Cproduced by the sPr4:c'rRL'M shortestl 2. any of various arrangements of colored bands or lines. together with invisible components at both ends of the spectrum Ccf, INFRARED, LTLTRAVIOLETD, similarly formcrl by light from incandescent gases or other sources of radiant energy. which can be studied by a spcctrograph 3. an zifterimage 4. a continuous range or entire extent fa wirle sprflrzun of opinion! 5. same as: al RADIO sifrzcriairm bl I'll.lCC'1'RO- MAGNI-:TIC SPECTRCINI ulihfax l X V QXQ wr? A ...WL As a light spectrum diffracts light which passes through a prisn and separates it unto individual bands of color, in a similar wa' as people pass through life, their experiences separate them intc individuals with distinct personalities, likes and dislikes. A class is a spectrum, reflecting the diversity and the continuou range of interest of a student body. Individuals with commoi interests form groups and the groups become a part of the spec trum One end of the spectrum may start with the intellectuals, thosr who pursue knowledgeg then come the pseudo-intellectual who try to fake it with big words, and the grade-seekers wht will willingly get an ulcer for an Ag a group who thinks classe are meant to be skipped, some are there for only the social life those who wear eau-de- cigarette since they are so often in the lavs with a butt, some who are more often outside the building at the tracks than within a classroom, some work harder for Q Varsity letter than for the letters on a report card. There are thsrl future Mozarts, Springsteens, Picassos, Redfords, Streisand Einsteins, Curies, and Kennedys. The beauty of a spectrum lies in the fact that many groups witl distinct qualities come together in a harmonious blend - thi r is i ksyp ' Tlf r ff, 'qg,,,,5 1 t i ,,.,.. - 'I 2 class of 79. 25, llllitfr,rtr l ooing off in the Lavg Tim Hogan at the controlsp farsity Soccer team gets a welcome break: joey Cleary Muscle-bound. , ,V.. "'::' Kathy Citroni gets ready for practicep lim and Dana pals in the cafeg Mary Beth learns to ride X UEIWS I fb 's I S F zz '1 rp r 1' , 1. :Sys Q UVM. gy., Xt: 55' Qian, in x I D 1 v v 5-1. 1 'Q 4 r . - , ,3 O2 I4 . ,r ' r-A ' IP?- ,A 0 4-. 1, ,, . L. W .' .1 .-:Ag-' n 9 'x 'v 'v :L X QYI ' ' : -- Vie, ,-y' . : ' B' ' In 57, . o ' .2 J 5 'Q - ' '1. . . ... J ' , H-1. ' -y' . H'-. ng:-,:,3... H '-'- A3.. . ' nb' -.E?:4:IZ',: A . 'P'us . "fp '-. . .1 . I-. . 5.3-H.." . f.,' qs , .-gg :gg-',l' .V z -1 . ,-' . sh' "fl -' '-, -' 41'-"1 -'-,'-- -A .122 4 ,Am-.1-..: - 4:'- I :,.1:-. . '.:.'-L51-.' '22-', ' , . , ' ' , In 1' ' ' .Q.,,L1f,Z--gj.? f 42:-1 3,35-, - . ,A "":1igf"J:,---'J,-:" 'i'-: -. 1. .5 fy-at-f15.',-2-, cg-3.-"9 F12-3' :- - .S:,he'as:.w,-f.- 5-'fun - '2 -: . " -!'- " 5g.1',1 - -'L-. ' 4-1' '-f ' .Z '55 J-'. ':-5':-:,'.-1-W. ,M .In 1.5. 1 Contents Faculty- Academics Seniors Sports Activities Sponsors uf Wil Time is not measured by the passing of the years, . . . but by what one achieves. WQNMM WM This page, left: Bobby Tucker and Ann Dillonp Henry, the DECQ dummyg Dave Spatoiag Characters from "The Land of Oz," Opposit page: Mrs. Peter D'Angelo, wife of school committee chairman, Peter D'AngeIog Senior Tea hostessesp Mike Baing Marybeth Murphy. i ,I 1 32 wwf 4 I J The Hub . . . The Spokes a Xia ff 3 ue- ww i si P: '1' 5 "" if e N4 3 N-Q . A . . S fa if av? 8, ' . , ,lem vf 47" ! ' i ss xg ...A , v W lkfliiiflr ":i l .. 5 Nl gil lar- K... ff-fl 4' sf' Q The spectrum of student life begins with the solitude of an empty classroom with only desks and a silent projector for companions - or the uniqueness of being singled out by the camera's eye - or sitting slightly apart as the detached observer of the passing parade. .,,,, i l 1 ccyt to yts , siis :t,, . 1 J l c .. mai r'e-, .1 -. The Fortress of Solitude. . .A Face in the Crowd At the opposite end of the Spectrum lies the crowd. Each crowd is as individual as each of it's members, no matter what the reason for the gathering. Whether it be for studying, recreation or en- tertainment the crowds that have come to- gether are enjoying each other's company. Members of the Marching band. David Doucette. Steven Prior. Members of the Drama club. Seniors at work, Tim Angelosanto and Bob Bornstein. Loyal fans. Seniors being enter- tained. john Brown. ,ul 11 l l Q 0 5 1 , I ,f in l 'Hoi Q 5 lllllglsnr ut 'li 5 3 f fifth ll, E i if qi ' ,gnu Ag' wily ,ik ' my lv, ,Z - ' ' us 1. WWMM A lll yl, ,J a ,3 W. ' ' li -"Jn J V .' lvl 1 'Q V l nlnll I 1 ' Mia -ll ji' ' bk l M y all tl 'S lvl 'M 25:12:45 rg. ,ly A - in ' N , ,Q '. Qf Y ,A H :. g vm. 12 - . i " -r. ' A , -N for mt yi' Q E: Hl7"'E:::::Pff ff? , I 41 12 From top left to bottom right: Faith Raifman dissecting a ballonp Bill Hill is fascinated with his new learning aid-ticker-tape cheat shoetsg Maurice Goldstein has just discovered a new noteg Cindy Paige after years of Orthodontiag Dana Coombs at his bestg The William Hoyt look-alike contest. W ui F S an an 'I nf. dia! mv is From top left to bottom rrght lohn Ward was ever such Innocence dlsplayed, so many curls so glorlousl arrayed Joanne O Grady enjoyung one of her more excrtmg classes Don Manning flapping through IS black book to llne up hrs weekend entertainment Dayld Doucette and Tom Harrigan Siamese twms connected at the fist and cheek Alison Leonard curses her Physics homework Class gill The 1979 Yearbook began in the spring of 1978 with the selection ofa title and theme. "Spectrum" was chosen because it indicates a special effort to include the diversities of people and activities of the Senior class. ln keeping with this theme, the Yearbook staff decided to have rainbow colored pages and a variegated cover design. A multi-colored stripe was painted around the school during the summer to promote sales of the book. Also several members of the staff and senior class dressed in spectrum cos- tumes one day to advertise the idea. u At right: jane Donnelly and Ruth Estes confer with Guy Caron, a representative of Hunter Publishing CO 14 ,-4.5 ft ,f.' ,K V. 4 ,r t F., .ar .,..--eg-::"f-4: :iii ,,.,..-1 ,, A l Su v yi 1 Behind the Scenes The class of 1979 ranges in height from a petit four foot, nine inches to a towering six feet, six inches. The oldest member of the class was born in 1959, twenty years before high school graduation, the youngest are mere babes born in late December of 1961, making them seventeen long after leaving Stoneham High. Class members come form all over the Boston area, Niagra Falls, New York, Ft. Cambell, Kentucky, Tucon, Arizona, and even as far as Columbia, Costa Rica, jerusalem, and West Germany. The class is a balance of intellectuals, athletes, organizers, and flirts all working, taking, and giving to make up the Spectrum of the class of 1979. S., ill After the chice of the theme for the book, the staff set to work on choosing a photographer. They were seeking a studio which would give seniors a good price for graduation portraits and also be available to document various school events. Bids were placed by Purdy Vantine, Loring, and Prestige Studios. Loring was chosen because they offered the most complete service for the least amount of money. When the students had finished with the initial decisions, they started to work on the book itself. They tackled the opening section first since it had to be finished for an early deadline. Staff members arranged photos and copy, measuring each area accurately. Finally, on November 1, 1978, that section, and the cover were ready for publication. 15 ---1 A FY' ,ff Q- Q L , w ' mm A I Achievement E X s A 1, ,,-- TW' '.s - S3 . ' 1 -L ' 4 of ' Cm , ? flew -x dig! A, 4 X ' A ,stink-lg at 4, Senior 9 f l gt 4 fi i ,Ji The Spectrum of achievement in the class of 1979 ranges far and wide. In Cinncinati, Dan Salera won the national junior pair figure skating championship while locally, Terese Kwiatkowski in girls' basketball, jack Belcher on boys' basketball, and Bill McDonough in hockey were top scorers in the league. Sam Earle won two gold medal awards in soft sculpture at the Montserrat art showy Diane Selander, Michael Bain and Paul Perry were cho- sen forthe all-district chorus. In college acceptances Ali- son Leonard is champion with early acceptances from both Harvard and Yaleg also receiving early acceptances are Stephen Hardy from Bowdoin, Christine Petto from Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute and Chris Chambers from West Point. Finally, Gerry Mahoney and Patty Morely were selected as king and queen of the 1979 anniversary Carnival Ball. :xx s ,Q 5 'fr il' 54 Q., we ,. as 75466 4' "Ct " B A ,-v4 pf, W A t Sf 'W f - 2 f' in i '.f.f,,2,, f '1 i nw , f' ,A ,,,., 'vi 'VLJLH' v .,,-JJ Q l--1, 4 - ' . 0 , - ' ' , 4 ,gs .'- ., , lu., I ly' I s ' Y . . ' u ' I 1 . 1 1 I x . . u'i 1. , -' I .- ' ' .'l 1 ' Q . . .- 5 h . . . . ' Q .. ' 5 V ,. 1 ., . ' 1 I 1 .- Q . . Q ' Q. v 'xv . . , n ,' .0 ." ' .1 I I 1 s - 0 ', :.--- , . --- v- ,. : - . , A' 5 .u 1 - .g-'-'-.,-.- - . 1 1 4 ' -5 1 . v . 5' qu ,. c'0 'o L.- - 1 - f 1, .nuff ,I n ,- , .., -U-'u,.,'..-,.'-:. .'.,:,, 1 nr.-sr 455 ' s 1"-'U 'iv' .1 .-5' ', 3- v '.-, .'-x.-.g , r- 'v -'-.1"i'y.'- . . .1 '. 4' ,' "Rl-US . ' - g-gf 11.1,- o "1 ev ',' I Q I' I . . . v . at : . - ' B Q ... - 4 A .- ' s - . . . , - 1: ' ,' . s .-.- Q' ,- . . " f.. Ht., QL, - - 1 ,.. ,'.,.'1.' ' ,U I ,.-, "' .,--.- --V...-, .hav .,.,-, , 0- ' ' " Y 5 v s',"'... . -'.'- ',- ,,' ., n a ,,",un-3-U, v - '., I . . ..',.-.-1.e',',... .-.. 5. 's.'s-'..-I' . 'Q - '.- . c'n u'ln 1 1 n sn Q . ,. n.. , ,. ., 0 .."'. ' ' . . . .. ', ., . 'ir . ' QFD- ' ff .9-. 1 n'. M- s .'i,1"o .-. ' ' n gf: -. 1" ' 2"s . . "gms: n o '. n.',s , ' 1 ' 1 '. 'Q 0 o .. '-12 21 . 1 gfg nr :'.-'jf .' . - N , . ,5 . - - ., . 4. o 1 x ,:'.'1. . t L g n. , 4 0 . I. ,. . Q cu Q I Y - V ,- - .I 'ui 4 vu ' . , . v -- ,' vu". 0 ' , . . s ,- In I - . .cr ', 3. I. :" f . . . . . :I '. . ,. v. .F I . I gi' 'I' '- 'rf nf . 2.1 ',u .. . -1: ... .E 4 v. .,, . N . ,t . . . . 3 2 .. .. -1' .: 5: . t " I -1 '. 'Q -'I - ' " I 5- in . ..- . f - n 1 1 .- . . el I .""y 9 z L I: "".usg.,, I x ' -: W. I 14-1 1l,z Seniors Sports Activities Business ... s nl.' 4. , . . , . ai . 5.5. ' .r - - 1' ' ' -Y tl 4. ,, .ggi ' ff: 1"' .-... .25 6. .'- ., :J C 1 1' ' 1 . I . 5 -:'. ,Q .. - - .l ...T .,--. .1 . ' Z ' '-' ' 5 "u .1 D ' -. f . ' ll '- . . . . OI ' ' u . un. ., , ., i,' s 'g 1 . . . U hi .L ." , - I . ,-' : f 513.3 - , ,. - ' 55,2 " -.LM ' ' .""p' 4' -.."N2'1i" . I n 'ui 1" '- it ra, ,Q an - F. Calvert Bacon I 945-1978 Cal Bacon, a man of great intelligence and personality, was not only a fantastic teacher, but a friend to all students. He was a critic and owner of thousands of books which he gladly loaned to students. As a sportsman, he jogged five miles daily and played golf. As a teacher, he not only provided knowledge in Latin and En- glish, but also his own personal views and attitudes to help make a day interesting. 20 'MWWH '98, Rondular Sometimes I get the feeling that I am looking ahead to what I have been Rather than to what I am going to be, And, God help me, I am frightened. Life isn't supposed to be a circle, it's a line going from birth to death, a simple, logical convergence of fate and fact until we fall into the abyss. Lately, though, the problem is growing deeper, the answers not so ready, the choices not so refined. The unknown has entered, the great not-to-be explained that throws the I whole into chaos. The line is bending into a circle, l and what was felt then has returned ant I am tormented by the strain. How can I look for a line when I keep seeing a circle, and how can I hope tc be something, when I keep becoming what I was. Rondular: Part II Even circles have points on them, places where ever thing before is also somehow after. What matter what the point signifies. Life, death, a love gained or lost, a friend discovered, a heart broken or mended . . . The problem comes, though, when th- discovery ofthe circle is abrupt, unexpcted. "This can't happen to me," he whisper unconvincingly to himself. "I was theri once." "I have knowledge, now, and maturity and I am going down the line in a straight and orderly fashion," such is th folly of reason. Did you ever hear the one about the olc meddling dreamer who couldn't have what he wanted most? Ie always wanted to joust with windmills peak beautiful phrases, and ave a beautiful lady from who knows what Jrms of threatening dangers. 1 middle life he became a boy, .r a ranting fool depending on who was sked. 'ou see, he had discovered the point in we circle, and had wondered at it, not nowing whether it was right or wrong, -nly that he burned from both forms of re, the fire of love and the fire of etribution. Rondular: Part III Iircle: The consuming image, ie self-destroyer, the self-creator. 'raversed in darkness and blindness it lnly leads to and from itself . . . Vell, I can tell it to you straight: one of 1ese days I am going to straighten it lull. am going to break the circle, get things oing in a line again maybe. Then she .fill see, or I will see, or others or lerhaps nobody. 1 really matters, this business of lines nd circles, the soul recoils from ncertainty and seeks to know what is rhat, that straight is straight and round s round and love is. . . well, who nows, anyway. Letter stick with the windmills and the lusions, the dream and the fire, and let we line take care of itself, along with rowing old, growing up, and dying. F. Calvert Bacon May 25, 1977 Rev. Forrest White 1929-1979 The Reverend Forest White had an extraordinary interest in the quality of life in Stoneham with particular in- terest in its youth. He served as president of the Stoneham Council of Churches, he was a member of the Stoneham School Committee for six years, and served for two years as its chairman. Mr. White was chosen to be del- egate to the White House Conference on Youth at the invitation of President Eisenhower. His tireless enthusiastic support and appreciation of student activities stands as a model for those who aspire to positions of leadership in re- lation to the youth of Stoneham. No significant student achievement went unnoticed, his was a suppor- tive and encouraging pres- ence. In a time of contracting horizons and shrinking vis- ions the expansiveness of his spirit stands as a measure of what we should expect of ourselves and offer to others. ----f---- cw W 'rf R 'YM huns' lk ., A. -, cf-:f..l,k' . 7, .,.,m-7...,.. f Pictured clockwise above: Mr. Ralph 1. Rowell, lr,p pictured above: Mr. Ralph 1. Rowell lr., vice principalg Abraham Lincoln, ex-presidentp Mr. William L. Hovt, principalg Mrs. Agness-Marv Barry, dean, , , ic., ii , A4 , ff" t Administration 3' A"'4!W WY' 1- --lm. :Qian " ,.-,,, - sump- "H Iv'- xiii-f wi? V 8 i ' g ik , it arts I W -W ' aff' - K , u K Quan' ' N in wk I . . ,.eEW,5,,g,,Q.g.,1, Clockwise frrurn top left hand Corner: Mr. Fred Kiamie, vice primipal: Mr. William Murpnv, director ot guid- ance: Mr. Ioiwn Fawcett, di- rector ot' athletic S7 Mr. Wii- Irarn Hovt, principal: Mr. Frank Matarese, assistant Qu- perintendent. Mr, Daniel Hogan, superintendent. 23 Supporting Actors s-...ha 11" Pictured above Mrs Pag liarulog second column: Mrs Young, secretaryg Mrs. Zibell secretaryg at far right, Mrs Walsh, Senior Secretary. 24 fi f"" ,,n45' ctured, top to bottom: Mr. Leonard jesse, com- Jter manager, K. William McCall, Data proces- ng co-ordinator. 4' , 6 so at 555 1 K ' 3 Above: computer secretary Mary lane Duondo. Below: Mrs. Joanne Murrin, nurse. ,X fr3,?t.- i Mr. Flanagan, Distributive Educa- tion. l 25 , A I , . www! 5.1 ' ,,4,.- , 4 ww MH Q W-475, , lwarwf H fe, Us-U, gf.,-. gm- ,L K.,-up I Q 1 4 4 . D. N I E y lb Nay? x R . 6 ' rw M' , ,V Q 4' . 1 A Drum, a drum! The English Department Doth Come. il 2 , fi L i E Front row: R. Rosenburg, P. Mucica. Second row: 1. L'Heureux, K. Conroy, D. Musico, R. Carroll, A. Gower, 1. Casey. Back row: L. Rosen, P. Norelli, D. McCormack. From Shakespeare to Freud, the Stoneham High student is ex- posed to an array of aesthetic electives. Courses like Literature and Psychology and British Litera- ture provide material for the stu- dent vvho enjoys reading and literary analysis. For those people who like to combine their hob- bies with their english courses, Sports literature, Film Media and Science Fiction and Mystery, exemplify some of the f'fun" elec- tives offered. Minors like journal- ism and Yearbook Workshop provide experience for people vvho may plan to pursue a career in this field. Creative Writing and Public Speaking are courses that stimulate personal expression. The fine staff of the English de- partment have provided an en- riching and enjoyable learning experience. in x . ui Q EW 27 Measuring up to our The math department offers four categories of courses - tradi- tional, advanced, review, and computer, Many students elect the traditional sequence of Algebra and Geometry. Some of these people go on to take ad- vanced courses like trigonometry and calculus while others who prefer to review what they have already learned enroll in such classes as CEEB review math. The fourth type of math course, com- puter programming, is becoming increasingly popular. 28 Y Expectations l i ,xi 16 f f P2 Q- Q? il x , Vlt, trlf ssf sl , M Af Q 5 .,...........,.,,g' ws?"""' ..4--qt Q. .1 From left to right: Mr. R. Lurvey, Mr. C. jordan, Mrs. A. Barry, Mr. S. Taseos, Mrs. A. O'Sullivan, Missing from photo: Mr, M. Kennedy, Mr. D. Nuss, Mrs. M. Olmstead, Ms, S. Thur. 2 There is Scientific Method to Their madness I il The study of atomic minutiae and the examination of human physiology, exemplify the range of exciting electives provided by the dynamic Science department. The science staff is attempting to broaden the fields of interest by providing an array of courses, from Introduction to Medical Sci- ence to Chemistry Magic. Mini courses in C.P.R. training and other such health programs have aided in stirring student awareness in the healthfscience fields. ...-nun-- r ,.-an-0 ,. 1 tt From leftt ri ht: Mr. E. i lfi Mr Mr. .McGuire Mrs. .Hanle Mr o g Co , s. G. Layne, 1 , J y, . D. Sirois, Mrs. P. Tine and center, representing Mr. B. jenkins, Resusci-Annie. Missing from photo: Mr. l. Collins, Mr, B. jenkins, Mr. M. Schoepfer, and program supervisor, Mr. T. Cleary. lx u? In The Business Field W , 4 5:25 fs , . 9 , 5: at , vw , .1 N ,ww J , ,A W.. lk 2-PM " gli .iX .y f i ll. just as in past years, the Business Education Department offers practical courses which instruct students in skills which can be used by everyone later in life. The main subject taught is typing, a skill useful to every student, no matter what their future plans. Personal Typing I and ll are offered for those who want a firm foundation in typing without worrying about speed. For those who wish to work in the busines world, after graduation, there are also courses in bookkeeping, shorthand, business law and similar subjects. The dpeartment provides students with a good background in traditionally important courses. From left to right: C. Broderick, E. Furman, D. Corum, M. Garuti, A. Harrington. Opposite Page: From left to right: Donna Kelley, Linda Morey, Susan Berberian, Ellen Rodman cial, .J e' l I Q 1 Go Ask Guidance Pictured at left A words to live bv from guidance, and Bettie Pack, Career counselor. Clockwise below, Mrs. M. Hurst, M. Chisholm, B. Pack, l. Feltch, D. Kline, Mr. R. Morrison Generic Specialist Miss Sowle, Secretary. ,f I? ! f If vb if ot just History Anymore All the courses in the social studies department today share two common goals. The first one involves the establishment of relationships between students of varying backgrounds. The class structure is such that a heterogenious group of students shares various points of view, and a shared gain of knowledge is the result. The second goal of the department is an attempt to make people think, and form the skills ot decision making. Importance has been taken off "when" and placed on the 'why" of history. In analyzing history in such a way, students acquire skills that can be used for a life time. an A4 Front Row. Mr. l. Romano, Mr. W, Fillback, Mr. S. Conroy Mr I White Mr H Margarita To the left is Mr. 1. Campagna, Department Chairman. Missing from picture Mr D Mulvlhill Mr P Mithlson Mrs Ideas asf v -". s 'K-". it Artistically Preserving Moments and fn C' f' rd Schwaib, Marie Cargill, Program Supervisor. gui ,, 5 gi i ,g tl ttf ti 5 lt g ' lat 5 3 e ,L , f -sigh I Q., -16. N W 4 Art students at Stoneham High are instructed in both the fine arts and in crafts, they study the old masters as well as using their ovvn imag- inations in non-traditional media. Through a variety of projects, talented students can develop their skills, and people who aren't quite as gifted can use their free periods in constructive ways, This year, art majors ex- perimented in contour draw- ing and advertising logos while other students made such items as leather belts, chessboards and plaster masks. Q v r P . ' 5 , t , E r ,,f,,.f , , ,V W, I f' as . ,fy in L ,-ww. +40-F , , M-'Q J! ,f if ' 'NIU' 1 ,f Kdw' 1 Vikki 45 v xi 55 wg 5 WM, U1 INDUSTRIAL ARTS Industrial arts offers students the chance to acquire practical manual skills which enable them to enter many fields of employment. Some of these courses include Woodworking, Printing, Mechanical Drawing, Auto Mechanics, and Electricity. The educational development of students is based on their individual talents, educational opportunities, and occupational opportunities. Most importantly, Industrial Arts pre- pares students for facing the world after graduation. Pictured from left to right: Industrial Arts instructors Mr. Paolini, Mr. Leuci, Mr. Burke. me er Domestic Arts At right Gertrude Brown and Virginia Kloss. 1:3 A ' 'l j'l ,,. fi . . .Zk ..-M M f 25 4 f ALE f, .M ine.-.f-.M y .. X jackie Whitten, and at left Mrs. Virginia Sutherland Hopkins. Culinary and Custodial Arts . My lf S J if A C. ff . 3 4, . . K l f l LL... Howes, R. Graves, R. Benoit. At left, Mrs. Walsh. Custodial Staff: Front left - T. Mahoney, H. Marsh, H. Pictured center - Mr. Alessi above, Nella DeLuca. 37 l" A ' L wi , , , , uk ,, , ff .. "-' "', ' . I 1 . L22 fig Z j 5 2 'QM N1 f Q ...f V .ff J' Wim' I The Teacher as a Cult Hero 40" -,-' . T When a school has a moderate enrollment such as ours, it is common-place for students and teachers to become well ac- quainted. Educators are often looked upon as respected scholars, and students are sometimes seen as eager underlings. These are accepted facts, but the careful observer sees more, yes, much more,fin many instances. Some would say that a select handful of teachers are on a higher than average rung of the admiration ladder. One could almost call this chosen few "cult heroes." It requires a keen, well-trained eye to spot these cult leaders, each with his'own unique following, but it can be done! A common denominatqryamong these mentors is their over- powering charisma, thatldbstfact quality that evokes admiration, for even in some cases worship. What kind of person is a cult worshipper you say? Observe the faces around you: He's the person in front of you irigthe lunch line, beside you in health class, any striving impressionable soul is a potential cult hero worship- per' ' . I' fffzflll lf you suspect someone of membership in this select group, but you are not Sure, ask yourself the following questions: ls hefshe often seen with a glazed look while doing homework for a certain class? Does helshe begin to increasingly look like a certain faculty member? Does an individual often find himself in certain class- rooms, not remembering how he arrived there? Will hefshe sur- render up hard-earned money to pay a teacher fan club ad? Does she precede specific faculty member about school dropping crushed rose petals in his path? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, there is a strong possibility that you have a cult-hero follower. But not to worry, your friend is not alone and his affliction is often cured by the two relaxing months of summer vacation. After all distance often makes charisma fade to a faint memory that only the impulse nostalgia can revive. fy. 39 he whole IS equal Hi Hr , , H , ,1., 1,- 40 f R ' ,..,,. M,-ff" , .., ,. ,, W N',L . ,..,. .,, ,, ,.,,, ,,,-:f ' Q , ,UU iff? U17 sw 1 . ,ff 2' .,,. K , h A, ,43 1 54 I :N " ,.:u,He3if:f f' 1 13: '1,1'iS:1.:.:'1 1 f ' ff' we ff 1 , fff 1 iffaf' ..m!r:w+ 931: ' fgpefsazasmigai , 'iiiiifigwgfh ,Jw ,lung .KQSQH 'dx uw' 15-A! -. . '. . . .'.w1,, ., 0 . N ',-- "" . ,n .l . " . - n ' . . . .o,'s . u, u r v U . '-., I Iv. 4 n 4. u 7. 1. Q 'Q .v' 1 is 'r . . . - I. . x 0 I ' il- - " ',1 I ' . I .I l.' '. . I - . n, :Q ' ' . .o 5 '. ' . . , . - - . , .a n - Q' . , . Q 'V n D g 0 5 ' 1 ' I I U 0 I .Q 1 U I O -. 1 I . I 7 .' I U I 6 5 . 5 I In " u -S U . . . ,.'...-. f-,. 'A' ' . . ' - 1 'Q ' 1-vs ... , ' - "., .4 . 1 1 , ' 5 J K .n .Q I at Q .I .,. n . , . ' 1 . 4 .5 -. , . . . Y U v . . . ,.. 0" ,... I .1 Pl. I' 'I 1 - . -.,,v , 4-, ... .vgfpan , f. ,-..- : 1 - T.:-v J 'Lf' 4-',-, gl I . . J ', :'v .39 ... .ff 1. S I 1 ,'.'- .13-:,-: . 4 .1 '.' '4-" -'S--11.5 ' . .Q '-'js' -Ig I ' I ' ' . A' . ' 0 . 9 . 0 . . -- Z u.. I 5 . I 4 ' ' ' Q l 'A ' ' f 9 ' Y 1 ,' 'W ' a - . ft' ' ,.,. ,- Q I 'Q ll .', ' 1 ,' . ,,-, ..' fyr. , , . .--.- - .-1.-:M 1',. . .' ' :-- '-'fx -,.-. U.,--,..' u ., . ' :..-1,-:.':'..,'. . v-..:- nh . r- -.',.ou'-ir" ,, - ' u 'a .'. ' H ' -5.. . . . J'- . . . ' 1 . . .. . . . . ' 1 ' . 'f 1 . - I'-f' -. .,'. -. ffsz, '36, ' . Q 0.0 Uni. A sh- -z'-2'-"-- ,:1-g'. ':'.- . '. e.'...... . -. , . ,.-, 1 , - .. ' Isl, 'uffo ' S- rl iff: f'-,131 .. 1 .Q-, as mlf' :V . .- gl . " 'Y flgzzxq. 'n 'I I.. ' .1 . .. '. - 0 vs I .I 'E' "ff YZ' ?I1 ',u ..: 'E '11 ft .2 ,S 6. . ., x A' gl : v A" G 1' .'l ' 'A'.' Sv f 1 ffgf ' 'fm . . - 054 ' 1 u '2 'S " I .R , ' .Y . .. . 1 L . ,.-l, . . - .1 X' ..-'- . '- 'J , n . . . Za " u Q1 ' 'lf-f ' 01' vu .v , . .'. .-, 1 -. U. ' H,- . .',..- . 1' 5 -1 J' Y . . .i . '.' f -1"-1 -1 1 ' n- . . - -. '- .,--..g . -. . . 1 ' .1 .' ."p. . La .",' L2 al - .CZ 24' . Q ' 9 . iff -L s I . : F: ..- , .j ,. jx I-I ' li . . .4 , . . . 1 14' . ,. ,. N33 , "r"7v'- 'Q' o a 1 of 1 J.-g'l5! " , M. 'k1': '- ,n ROSEMARIE ABBOTT Memories: DA, Neck, RG, IZ, MC, PB, IA, ID, MC, WI, LS, BA, Mr. K, Mr. B, Bunny, Mom, Dad, Family, skiing, The Rocks. "Life is a parting and not a meeting, a comradeship of the lonely mile, only an hour for a passing greeting, only a friend- ship for a while" MARGIE AGHASSI Never Forget: SEGER, Neil Young + Crazy Horse, The Muffinman, Your dirty love. Nell and Nellie Nelson. SM Comment: l've been to Hol- lywood l've been to Redwood I crossed the ocean for a heart of gold. The Ritual. Dreams of the future: A man needs a maid. Come tomorrow we'll all be older. BOB ALLEN Misery is: Pseudos: being boycotted. P.S. driving I'll never forget: 48 Ubs the classics: rag of the week, it's fairly obvious, Pet peeve: "the usual" Happiness is: boycotting pseudo: the front seat: not hav- ing to drive: producing classics in the library. Comment: just forget it. IAMES ABBOTT Memories: lmpy: Geils: Sign Bradford: Scarpa's Place: Mt: 132: HB: Buddies: chases, Ming, Kel, Clued, Duck, Clas- sic.: P-time: track: Stang, Where are you T? Speed Read- ing Scarp. Happiness is: Good times with great friends. Pet Peeve: Billy, Sophs. DIANE ADAMS Memories: NECK, Tig, Lips, Hi Yule, GK, IA, you're such a fag, Mcc, EP, RA, THE cAR, the wave, Rocky Horror, IOX6, choking in DC, Chorale, the Bust! Renaissance, Post Annu- als, Twirps, Camp 77, Bruce! Quote: No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings. IANE ALESSANDRINI Memories: SHS, Senior Year, parties, Halloween, SNL, BBD Rainbowing. My friends: Faith, lane, DA, Marie, Mary, Gail, Robin, IZ, Neck, AL, IW, ND, DV, RA. Good Luck to All Happiness is: Multitudinous Vice on a Hill. Quote: There is no easy way from the earth to the stars. - Seneca KAREN AMES Paul, I love you 8!10!77 This girl means business! Martha, it's raining - walk? you guys -I love you all! Please turn 3 stooges just plain crazy! S.S.S. Happiness is: Making someone happy- I'll never forget: Barcardi colas Time cout Wally + Beav1!2!78 'BE IAMES ABBOTT DIANE ADAMS ROSEMARIE ABBOTT MARGIE AGHASSI .... IANE ALESSANDRINI KAREN AMES Steve Angelosanto BOB ALLEN IIM ANGELOSANTO 5 STEVEN ANGELOSANTO LAURA ANTONUCCI ., DONNA IEAN ARUDA CINDY BACALL TIMOTHY ANGELOSANTO SANDY ARONOFSKY is--H 52 . i INN.. IIM ATCHISON MICHEAL BAIN STEVEN ANGELOSANTO Memories: The Camp, Cape es- cape CDB Geils Outlaws Stones at IFK, train ride to Penn, riding bikes to NH, Sebago, all nighters Summer 78 Ir Prom, IH rec Kegs, Dingy Dump, eggs!AP good times wffriends, Happiness is: going away Comment: you gotta FALCON Pet Peeve: Eddie Munster. LAURA ANTONUCCI Happiness is: Billy, my family, and true friends. Quote: Time flies, suns rise, and shadows fall. Let time go by. Love is forever over all. DONNA IEAN ARUDA Happiness is: Family, no prac- tice, good friends Misery is: saying goodbye Memories: Chem. Labs, Ir. + Sr. yrs. devoted jocks, GML, VBT, KD + DH, 3P's, MR, little sister, practices Quote: lf you love something let it go, if it comes back it's yours, if it doesn't it never was. CINDY BACALL Happiness is: anything choco- late, Parties, Concert Friends and Birds, Pet Peeve: Disco Quote: You only live once so live it up while your living. Time won't wait for no one and it won't wait for me. Memories: MS and NM Disco shoes, Seger 9!22!78 TIMOTHY ANGELOSANTO Memories: The Stones at IFK, Parties at Munsters Cottage, CDB Cape Escape, Egging the Renties at AP, CCC + P, Kegs 1 + 2, I. Geils Happiness is: St. Louies, getting cacked, Zoos, ID, a good weekend, ranking Pet Peeve: Comas, Watts, Spew Heads, Disco, Goinks Misery is: Sears Pigs SANDY ARONOFSKY Memories: 12-2-77, 5-20-78 Led and Lied IC TT, Cape You girls are crazy: KC, TT, PD, IC: Longest Iourney TT, The Kid, DQ, My kids, PWD's Poems, Arlington, Coco baby Quote: lf you wish upon a star your dreams will take you very far, if you wish upon a dream life may not be what it seems EW8cF IIM ATCHISON Happiness is: Graduation, money, sunny days. Memories: Homecoming, Red- stone, Class of 1979, 7th grade, Summer of 76. Misery is: Iunior year, rainy weekends, snowstorms Future Plans: Owning my own business, live in N.H. Quote: Llfe is a bowl of cher- ries, why am I in pits. MICHAEL BAIN Mom + Dad: l'm sorry for all the bad l've done, but there's a good side to everyone. There's a big difference between matur- ity and growing up fast That's one sad lesson l've learned in the past. . . .My life is like a road that comes to a fork. I'll bear right cause that road never turns back. 'C..J' we-at stiff X Iim Abbott and assorted sophomores. , 45 Mary Carr lunches out at the Capri KAREN BARRY Happiness is: Being with peo- ple you love. Good friends, my family. Memories: Hull, BL, EB, BF, DE, Deadman's, minibikes, Crosby, Stills and Nash in con- cert: FLORIDA. Quote: The moments may be temporary, but the memories last forever. BARBARA BATES Never forget: Rt. 93 with LS, LN, KT, orange VW, putting up a tent in the rain CS and Bean, shane, Guilfoyles house on weekends Happiness is: camping and ski- ing with PWP, jimmy and being with my friends. Pet Peeve: making plans when you already have plans with someone else. ROBERT BORENSTEIN l'll Never Forget: CDB Out laws ZAPPA Susan 84 Linda A Block Toots Beans SBBj j M Four Hits East Beasts But l've got a crystal a Happiness is: Newark l'd rather drive to Phoenix it's a longer ride but don't let the Bread Rise Best Boo Strictly Hawaiin Class of '78 Lotta Sense." PAUL BASKEN Happiness is: A day off, Fen- way. l'll never forget: Retreats 3 months in a van, Florida The Needle, tape sales, Bad Checks, Al's leg, New York City, Con- necticut, l.R., M.B., l.D., GB., A.N., D.M., Sturby, spotty. IACK BELCHER Memories: Gooch's haircut Cottage, Cape, Summer 78, eggs at A.P., Bradford, Sly. + Harta. Misery is: no passing, Spew, not remembering. Pet Peeve: nicknames. Suppressed Desire: States Future Plans: College TODD BALLARD PAUL A. BASKEN y-Ffa, .J XX 5 . .wf'-SLAM 2 DANA BEANE LINDA BERGONZI KAREN BARRY BARBARA BATES lACK BELCHER ROBERT BORENSTEIN DALE BORGSTEEDE ROBERT BOSY DONNA BRAMMER PAMELA BRANSON MIKE BREBNER BETTE BROWN VIN BRIENZE IOHN C. BROWN Ill Ioanne Chuilli and Terri Tavenese I Q5 J' DALE BORCSTEEDE Happiness is: A "73" Dodge cornerworking on a "busy" day. Pet Peeve: "Swede" Misery is: short people, an empty gas tank, losing to a fugawe team! l'll never forget: cracking up the "cat", IV soccer Future Plans: Grow a Beard! MIKE BREBNER Memories: AN, PB, FA, MC, IS, DM, GB, PP, Guys + Dolls SMTR Michelob in Sum of 77 the house. Steve Martin, Al + BK leg. SS + SCHLITZ LITE PF, SL Chorus Ex. IR + SR. Retreats Dracula my family Mt. Clim Future Plans: Go into Radio Women, make S, Have Fun. Happiness is: Party, acting Females, Iune 3, 1978 PATS1 BE'l'l'E BROWN Happiness is: ,Tom Mulford! Never forget: MS, NM, MS, CB, DF, CB, DB, and the worm. . . Remember: gym, cooking, typ- ing, shorthand, and the good times we had on the week- ends... PAMELA BRANSON Memories: DA, Neck, LipsTIG Iu-Iu, Nose, PD, CW, GK, IA, MC MCC, AD, Glenda May, AR, etc. FRI-E, The Great Mas- carade Spaghette Dinner, The Wave Mike from Reading, The Car Volleyball, Softball, Close Encounter of the Blue Kind Quote: The most wasted day of all, is that on which one has not smiled. VIN BRIENZE Memories: Being with some friends having a good time at Angie's cottage. Famous Quote: "Gooch it is not potent enough," Pet Peeve: People who are phonies. Suppressed Desire: To win the Middlesex Football Title. IOHN C. BROWN l'll never forget: the sum- of "78" nor the paint+ lesson taught Pet Peeve: knowing what's right but never what's best - Pam: I'll Love You Always - Life is a comedy to those that feel + a tragedy to those that think Hangups: Fri QI? Gary'sg "l'm telling you the truth PAULINE BRYANT Memories: family +friends, SY, SW, DB, PP, DS, MS, NM, SB, Birdbrain, Dusty, Thanks to SML + MC, school until six. Happiness: an empty beach, a party, a Greek in N.H., good times, the Charger "We've got tonight, who needs tomorrow", "We are all just prisoners here of our own de- vice." IOHN BURKE Memories: 211 7!78, South, Matignon, lr. High Cliff, Bliz- zard, Skully is nuts. Pet Peeve: Marty Pierce. Happiness is: Time with WJ., spooning with croz + Rafferty: H.C.B., PB-TD Misery is: Finding South Sch. deserted, warm beer, Quote: "Anything more than a hand full is wasted." MARY CARR "When a person has a real friend, he learns not only to ap- preciate another human being, but he also learns to understand himself. Good friends must not always be together, it is the feel- ing of oneness when distant that proves a lasting friendship." Cal Bacon-His Class, OLIM. MARK CATALDO Memories: V.B. + E.T. "Is that wall any softer?" Happiness is: Carla Suppressed Desire: Win the Kentucky Derby with my horse. Pet Peeve: show-offs Misery is: Losing at the track. DANIEL BULPETT Memories: of the only year I spent at Stoneham High. Ups: Marching Band and girls and Lorene. Downs: 3 Hours of Homework a night. Activities: Marching Band and the Drama Club and the Senior Class Play Count Dracula. LINDA CANAVAN Never forget: my family, true friends, good times with S,C,P,K,S,P,C,L,T,S,MF, Seger 9!2t!78, Ir. Prom booa, oar jokes, champagne 464-BRP, S.N.H., morning parties, Sup- pressed desire move to Col- orado. Laugh when they laugh, cry when they cry, and you'll be al- right. CC. SUSAN CARROLL To Mom + Dad: Thanks with love. Pet Peeve: School lunches No- thing to do on a Friday night, no more Reece cups Never Forget: Perfume fights, Peter Frampton, jackson Browne, Esplanade '77, "Baby" S.A,G.G,T, Comment: Behind every dark cloud there's a rainbow. an l Ruth Estes -i Q. i PAULINE BRYANT DANIEL BULPETT IOHN BURKE STEVE BUTLER LINDA CANAVAN SUSAN CARROLL MARY CARR MARK CATALDO RICHARD CAVANAUGH CHRISTOPHER CHAMBERS IOANNE CHIULLI DOMENICK CIMINA l MARIE CELESTE PAUL CHINAPPI GREGG CHRISTO KATHLEEN CITRONI 'W MARIE CELESTE "Glory given to the first" and pity to the last, but never any word to us, who saw but never past, the final goal: Beheld the prize, but couldn't quite attain, ah, tragic ones indeed are we who are neither crowned, nor slain. Mr. B-Semper sedes amans tibi med in pectore erit. CHRISTOPHER CHAMBERS Quote: By perserverance the snail reached the ark. Pet Peeve: Rudy Happiness is: A scholarship Misery is: Losing the Sth game, writing a term paper in 24 hours. Memories: Do I speak Greek, Salem Field Trip, IOANNE CHIULLI Memories of the past: Crazy girls TT, KC, PD, SA, The Kid, Paula's poems Little Nahant, Born Late DQ., The Chase with TT + PD Cape-Iasons G.P., IZXZX77, 5120178-Lied and Died with S.A. + T.T. DOMENICK CIMINA Memories: the truck, van par- ties, being lost in N.H, at 12 p.m. with S.A. of all people. I'Il never forget: Cooch, S.S., IF., the fire box in front of Bar- bo's, did I do that? Comment: satta kratta moads nyza on the creazac Future Plans: to retire Faith Raifman PAUL CHINAPPI Memories: Cheryl M., Summer of '78, party at Dana's, Kelly's Roast Beef Sandwiches, Toody runs, P.D., B.W,, D.B., N.Y., LM., B.K. Gaff'n Happiness: Fri. and Sat. Nights, brewskies, cash, restaurants, C.M., High altitude Pet Peeve: Communists, Half- Albanian GREGG CHRISTO Memories: CP, CP 4 keg Bash! Old Wharf Road ISAJ Satch Skunks, CDB. Beers, good boo and snow. Zappa Blue skies Sunday cruises to N.H. The original Cp'ers. Newark Nl Misery is: Rainy days, Bama Sears Boo. Getting Sowed upon early nights Comment: Stop your grinnin' KATHLEEN CITRONI Memories: US S, I2!2!77, San- dy's feet, The Kids, D.W.D. Poems + Keys, Lets Get Small, "LTOYW", Rank Out Time, "But their my friends", "Terri no", Good Old Io, I more, DQ., Ioy Rides, The Good Old Days Misery is: Born Late, and no where to go. Terese Kwiatkowski NANCY CLABBY Memories: Seger 902778, Y-hal, Springfield, Lowell IFISDSSNCPNMLMMWLK, the pink vents, Fort Ericson Misery is: No boo, The empty room, Plastic Bunnies Happiness is: the 3 B's no more purple mopeds, 81 Boo for 2., Good friends Suppressed desire: to go to Connecticut for truth. DEBORA COCKSEDGE Pet Peeve: Mornings, rainy days, and homework. Happiness is: Being free, hav- ing friends, l'll always re- member N.D., P.S., P.D, M.G.: BS.: + R.W. Favorite sayings: Oh my good- ness, + What a day. Future Plans: To be a nurse, marry a doctor, travel around the world. ROBERT COLUMBUS Happiness is: Great family and friends, Terrie Pet Peeve: Columbus Days Never Forget: Proms, Karate lr + Sr Officers 6!24!78 sis kix, SPS, soccer, Olim Bacon Con- solatio amoris viribus Comment: The moments may be temporary, but the memories are forever. IENNIFER CONNORS Past-times: 65 cents, good times with DL., Cascades, Megansett, Clausons, Mesco- beans, lan. 1, 77, Nov. 15, 75, Falmouth Heights, Mug nite Ill., A.R.S. Quote: "Some people com- plain because God placed thorns among roses. Others thank God because he placed roses among thorns." , 6 gf 3,13 773: "1-Qs. X 'hx E!! . , 1-4 lui- -+A , H.. L... -- --f-A-rW'r-cw f 'A ' '1 'ff' i'.. " ,:..ff7-4' 2' ' gi iA n:?'gLiVi,f5V!'Q,2i'Q1i'.:: Q., xiii' lOSEPH W. CLEARY Memories: V soccer, parties at AP, MC party, toga, "lUDY" Happiness is: Friends, parties, music, + molson's Favorite Quote: If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with. Nick Names: Blockhead, Ml Harry, Cutie, Gooch + Cocky PAUL COLUCCI Happiness is: 442 station wa- gon, a letter from Ohio. car with no dents. Pet Peeve: locks, another acci- dent, gym class, flashing blue lights, 10!20!78. Suppressed desire: to own Texaco, L.B. From Ohio, an oldsmohile 442. Quotes: I talk to you from my house. lG.D. 19781 OKBYE. KAREN CONNELL Quote: You can never plan the future by the past. Edmund Burke TONY CONSERVA l'll never forget: Old rec Cape Cod, Outlaws 78, S.B. horse- back riding, parties Angies cot- tage, NA Weekend Trip to R.l., Seger, Tucker Geils Pet Peeve: Nicknames, yanas insults Future plans: Easy living fuzrgjf NANCY CLABBY DEBORA COCKSEDGE ROBERT COLUMBUS IENNIFER CONNORS WZ' -Y-M., N lOSEPH W. CLEARY PAUL COLUCCI KAREN CONNELL TONY CONSERVA :P 'YW fi 3 -V if i s at oouo cook of-WA cooryiss BILL coizkuivi cmvroisi coiziyiirre IOAN CREMINS MYLA DANIS I 4 LORELEI CUNHA CATHERINE M. D'ANNOLFO ioanne O'Grady, Cheryl Noone, Carol Palermo, Susan McLaughlin, and Kerry Murphy DANA COOMBS Happiness is: classics, road trips, buddys, school food, priv- ileges. Pet Peeve: REED, boycotts Quote: "I only took the regular course. Reeling and Writhing, and the different branches of Arithmetic - Ambition, Dis- traction, Uglification, and Deri- sion." Lewis Carroll IQAN CREMINS Memories: Megansett, Bing miss you, Adventures with Ali, California Dreamin '78 Lil Earls BC High, lolos, Aug. 15, IOC a dance, 6!5!77 Mescala- woo-woo, Mug Nite, Falmouth Heights, Harvard, Renaissance, Clausons, 124B Happiness: My first solo Quote: Come freak with me wish! To be a human jukebox MYLA DANIS Memories: Sam IIXIZX76, 4!22!78, 9 in a room, IH, The Dozen, jr8fSr. Proms P C. Weekend, Canada, C.D. in creek, 56-2 Happiness is: Family and hav- ing great times with good friends. Quote: But to act, that each to- morrow, finds us farther than today. in,- CLAYTON CORMIER I'II never forget: Indi SOO Sum- mer of 76-Vegas, Calif., Tiajuana, Ft. Lauderdale 78 Gypsy Tour 75, Surge, GMC Horseback riding, Colorado 53 Oak St. Old Rec Park, LG. Red and Gold felt, going, mobile, Franz, Southern Bell Suppressed Desire: To fly with the Blue Angles Future Plans, Travel LORELEI CUNHA Remember: My first French, A.M., RON, DEAN MAC Pet Peeve: Cliques Misery is: Getting a top locker, caught with a muffler burn. Future Plans: ARMY + WORK Happiness is: IOHN: HENRY: Sgt. Robbie: Fire Depts. Quote: "Live today tomorrow may never come." CATHERINE M. D'ANNOLFO Memories: lohn, The Dozen, ambush, Mt. Washington, Red Devils, IH, the creek, 56-2, sweet-sixteen, Pinto, Canada, Boz, PCweekend, Hampton, Boston, fireworks at Spot Happiness: true friends, my family, skiing, bubble-yum Quote: The moments may be temporary, but the memories are forever. STEPHEN DAY Memories: NHKeg Party, Tul Zappa, Blue Skies. Happiness is Trails of snow, Sunday mornings, Mellowing slow, GO on Blues, Pet Sow, Cold Misty days, Unknown Females, Shadowep Cheecks, ClassicsGCRMMS, Finners. Prospects: Traveling, Music Dictatorship, up in the World. Comment: Browh Eyen Blonds Settle Down. PAUL DeFLUlviERl l'll never forget Linda, The summers at the cape, 76, 77, and at bests 77. Suppressed desire -to live in a penthouse and to get out of school and huy a new car. Future plans Y to continue school and be successful. KAREN DEL NINNO Happiness is: sharing things money can't buy. Never Forget: tele. poles, P.B, 9!5!78, lO!24f78, l0l7!78, lO9Y, 9f29!78 Pididle, 2Of28!78, Med. Misery is: Allergies Suppressed desire: Travel and do what I want. Quote: ln every moment theres a reason to Carry on. PAUL DGCOLA Happiness: Being with Friends and Family. Memories: Summer 78 QUT STP 75 lakie, Rican orange Misery: Losing on the line. Surpressed desire: to win it all in hoop. Pet Peeve: walking slow. Quote: "You have rocks in your head". Future plans: College and Law-Enforcement. KAREN DELFINO Happiness: David, A close Friend, Having a Family. l'll Never Forget: 778777 Sum- mer of 77 CE 8!3!77 Sopho- more year. Gymnastic, lessons and recitals. Pet Peeve: Fino Comment: Keep your face to the Sunshine and you cannot see shadow. NELLA DELUCA l'll Never Forget: Boston ASC, The Sexy Six, SFC, MAX, The Lake, lW, AL, MBA, DV, SM, HW, ETC. Lunch, Pd with IR, The Great Masquerade, the spaghetti Dinner, SDA Pet Peeve: Feuds, The First ski adventure, Decisions Happiness is: Good Friends. PAULA DEMASl Memories: Quid Agis, l want a Viking, as well as can be ex- pected under the cir- cumstances, I don't think so, MT,s8fSP, IGF, Bun-Bun, Nuba, that ls all, Life is a jungle, paulum, vale. Quote: The world is but a can- vas to our imagination. - H.D. Thoreau ff 1-s Ns . .. - K A ' . . -i,,f.. ' Bob Columbus and Mary Beth Murphy STEPHEN DAY PAUL DECOLA PAUL DE FLUMERI KAREN DELFINO KAREN DELNINNO NELLA DELUCA PAULA DEMASI DON DEMATTIA A -mi. X. f . swf its ' 3? E I s . SCOTT DEMOOR CHRISTINE DENEHY IERRY DENNIS TOM DENNIS DAVE DESMOND SHARON DEVINE PATTY DEWITT MAT DIGANCI 'sl' CHRISTINE DENEHY Memories: Sabbath, Cult, con- certs, V8fD parties. Pet Peeve f gaylicks7 Iaylicks I'll Never Forget - The Mid- night Shift. SHARON DEVINE Memories: Weirs Beach with Cathie, Karen, Mary 8!I8, 19, 20178. lO!7,8!78 wht. Mtms l.G.84L.R. Comments: lt's only the giving that makes what you are! It's all up to me. PATTY DeWlTT Dreams of the Past: scool dances. P.S, B.S., MC, N.D. Visions of the Future: to go to college 81 to get a good job. Pet Peeve: School lunches Monday mornings. Happiness Is: Being with my friends, and having alot of nice clothes 84 alot of money so I can travel. Bob Allen and Karen McClearn Steven D. Scarpa ANN DILLON What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within US. Happiness is Dad, Mom, Peter, Paula and Gram. CHRISTINE DIMEGLIO Memories: Pinkroom, food PREP, flat tires, 3:00 walks, 4:00 breakfasts, Fs6, BB 81 Wax Figures. Pet Peeve: Nova SS's. Happiness is: Maximum Gorkii. Secret desire: to own a goat farm. Quote: To know things as they are is better than to believe things as they seem. CAROL DONAHOE I'II Never Forget: My friends, Fitzy, Midnight Toga Ride, Canada, CD, Town TO Town, IR. Prom, Twirp, Insane in Maine, MH 84 all the Q's, UMASS with Karen M., No gas, goat, steak tips-Linda B., 9 in cube, Bermuda LD, IR, IS, IP, LC Comment: Live and Let Live! THOMAS D'ONOFRIO l'Il never forget: rummy raiders summer of 76 Happiness is: Being with family and friends MF, MR, IW, BP, BT. Misery is: Losing Pet Peeve: Getting blown out in hoop games. Fulture: College or good paying jo u Other memories: four seasons after hoop games with MZ Mr, Millis, barbos, Chockin. LISA DIMARZO Never Forget: Danby RD and IR nine in a room: KM and the keys, the pole with SPIH: 77-78 Cheering camp Running on empty with KM. Happiness is: Mom, Dad and Mark, Bermuda with friends. Comment, Life is what you make it: so live it to its' fullest. Pet Peeve: GIZMO! PAULA DOLAN Memories of the past: The Cape. Hiding with DZ., the kid, Buffy iwe're only kiddingI, the great chase, fancy footwork iS.A.l, T,T.K.C. ikeysi, Good old Io Quote: "We must always have old memories and young hopes." Arsene Houssage IANE DONNELLY Memories: Behind Blue Doors, Rainbowing, Spectrum, Home- coming Future Plans: Success! "Aesop pulled a thorn from a lion's foot, and the lion ate him up, and said, 'Now, write a fable about thatl' " TRACEY DOORE Memories: Larsons, TR, PW, LH, SH KP: drive to NH Thac- kerys: P 81 TS problems: Alan 9095 cruisin'. Happiness is: Alan 81 Vt. Pet Peeve: Lonely nights. "You don't realize what you have - untill you lose it." "lf" iBreadJ ANN DILLON CHRISTINE DIMECLIO LISA DIMARZO PAULA DOLAN in 'X CAROL DONAHOE THOMAS D'ONOFRIO IANE DONNELLY TRACIEY DOORE I in, I, X..-fx S DAVID R. DOUCETTE IAMES DOWLINC MIKE DUEOUR KATHLEEN DUGGAN NANCY DURANT DONNA EARLE SAMUEL WILLIAM EARLE Ill L. ERIC EKHOLM lack Belcher si DAVID R. DOUCETTE Happiness is: MF, Saturday Night Live, and Ed T's. Misery is: Green and 2!7B Suppressed Desire: Meet Steve Martin, Run the Boston Marathon, and make a million dollars. l'll Never Forget: Sebago lake 7!78 81 Ed T's cottage Pet Peeve: Boxing lim D. Future Plans: College KATHLEEN DUGCAN Happiness is: My Family, Suns ises, Sunsets, Beaches Never Forget: Weymouth, I.K., Friends, Summer of "78" Florida, Medford, Aug. 20, B.R., Oct. 24, A.P. OCI. 28, I.R. Hampton. Pet Peeve: Dream untill your dreams come true. DONNA EARLE I will always remember: BW CM, KB, BL, EB, BF, IH, MM, DB, DF, CB, IB, IF, RF, Mr. O,Hy,Dy, + Tanya. Camping in Vermont, Working at the Boys' Club. Quote: "lt's cool" Happiness is: being a hairdres- ser. L. ERIC EKHOLM Happiness is: sharing your love and being with someone spe- cial, someone you love dearly. Philosophy of life: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto thine own under- Standing. In all thy ways ac- knowledge him and, he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5,6 IAMES DOWLINO Happiness is: Playing baseball Misery is: Spanish Suppressed desire: Play for the Yankees l'lI Never Forget: 7X8-8!32 Summer of '78, Having Dinner with Baltimore Orioles, coach "Eddie" 8 in Boston Future Plans: College NANCY DURANT Pet Peeve: Rain 84 exams. Memories: l'll never forget the gang at the "Corner," l.K, K.C, 81 cruisin'. Famous sayings: Sure I knew you would, Do it up, Pal, Hit em 81 Party Hearty Quote "Time flies, Sunsrise, 81, shadows fall. Let time go by, Love is forever over all." SAMUEL WILLIAM EARLE Miles + miles of red, orange, yellow, green, Lt. Blue, Dark Blue + purple to end up with a can of Dirty Brushes. The sum- mer of 78 was the best summer I have ever had R.A. To two very special people who helped me in my art career, Laura Campbell + Elaina O'Brien. The hours at McDonalds. KIM ELLS Happiness is: Brian I'll never forget: 1-28-76 Florida '76, summer of '78, Sager 9-21-78, The Girls, '67 camaro Hampton Suppressed Iesire: to be rich! Misery is: being alone Comment: And it's only the giv- ing that makes you what you are. DIANA ENO Never forget: The pink bath- room, nights at Rec: N.P. at Hampton: M,C. + P.D. LB., DB., M.W., IC., EM Every one at Town Hall Pet Peeve: Clics + jocks Happiness: Getting out of school, blond hair blue eyes . , , beautiful boys looking forward to: college, Virginia + my mother. RUTH ESTES Pet Peeve: librarians making believe they are trying to find a book: textbook study: librari- ans' helpers. Misery is: substitutes who know how to teach. I'll never forget: Ir. English with Reed: The field-trip, antics of :hs SLA, botched chemistry a s CAROL ENFANTO Happiness is: Michael, good friends + family, a certain cam- aro, having a big brother, being me. Memories: Ir. Prom, MEBD, Maine '77w!KD, DD WXGG. Comment: The moments are temporary but the memories are forever. Suppressed desire: Blonde hair and blue eyes. ROBERT ESTES Pet Peeve: Rudi + helpers Misery is: al + 12 season, Rudi, teachers who can't teach. I'll never forget: jr. English, En- glish field trip, SLA Space Mon- key, Yearbook workshop. Quote: That he is mad, 'tis true: 'tis true' tis pity, And pity 'tis 'tis true. BRENDA EVANS Happiness is: memories, true friends, a smile, someone spe- cial I'll never forget: good times, ambush, C.P. IH. Misery is: being alone, waiting, rainy days Quote: "It is better by far to smile and forget then to cry and remember." Steven D. Scarpa and Steven P. Scarpa RICHARD ELLIOTT CAROL ENFANTO Z KIM ELLS DIANA ENO J" ROBERT ESTES BRENDA EVANS I, ' RUTH ESTES PAUL FABBRI L IOHN FANTASIA RICHARD S. FEINDEL MIKE FINNEGAN IIM FITZPATRICK X? JAMES FAYLE WILIENA FIELDS PATRICIA FIORE KEVIN FLAHERTY JOHN FANTASIA I'll never forget: Bear hill, 7th Hole: the chase: "Who's driv- ing?" B.S. 'S House 8!13!77. The all nighters. "l'm not riding in his car!" BOSTON "77,78" Misery is: Not owning my own car. Happiness is: Fridays Quote: "Life is a bummer" RICHARD S. FEINDEL 'Happiness is: being with Hay, good friends, a car that runs, sharing life with someone spe- cial, Oct. Misery is: A tough loss, Mayberry, Sat. Morn. Pract. Memories: Good times with Hay, Spot. lO!26!77, IO!7!78 S.D.A., Summer of 77 + 78, FH, ss., Ts., s.M., KM., LM., M.S., D.C., V Soccer 77 + 78. PATRICIA FIORE Happiness is: wishes that come true, june 3, 1979. Misery is: Bein confused l'lI never forget: Tie FF, certain summer friends, Summer 78, Bruce, C+ F with PWGW, mes. 2-1 after 11, BS Quote: It's a town full of losers and l'm pulling out of here to win. Bruce Springsteen IAMES FAYLE l'lI never forget: Hampton be- ach: Summer of 75-78 the gang: the wall: Holo's Hampton Parties: the boat Happiness is: My family: good times with good friends: freebird Pet Peeve: Waiting Suppressed Desire: to get the one that I want. WILENA FIELDS I'll never forget: May 24, 1977 477778 514178 Happiest when with joe D. Happiness is: lovinglD + being loved back, Having close friends who really care KB TD AK EB LD MC. Future Plans: To spend the rest of my life with ID If you love someone show it! IIM FITZPATRICK Memories: Outlaws, CDB jet- hro Tull, Munsters. Running through the parking lot on Gip- pa's back. Lee's, jr. Prom. Pet Peeves: crutches, Mopeds, Bama, casts. Comments: sow, anyways, maybe. Future Plans: Newick yi We I i L. x Keith Heinstrom A Todd Olson DAN FLEMING I'll never forget: Suzanne 9124, shortround, checkitout, this one's mine, Caball oDiablo, Eddie's cottage, Outlaws, CSW 16 yrs. old, twice as long, Newark, tickets to Lynyrd Skynyrd 10120 my 15 yr dirty birds 8111 Suppressed Desire: An Allman Bros. Concert, to retire, to save money, to be on time. Quote: The Road Goes On Forever. IGHN FOLAN Happiness is: 64 Falcon, Route 1, Home Ec., L.L. Past Memories: ARC, lim, 18, Mark, Dom's van, Seger, Star, Boston 6 20's + a 10, trip. Suppressed Desire: stop a breakaway, see the cars, win the states, beat Burlington. Misery is: Always being spied upon, cleaning my gun, 111 18177, being carded. CERALDINE FOTINO Happiness is: True Friends KP + A loving family Memories: 6127178 party, Summer 78, Hampton, Maine weekends, Topsfield fair Quote: God bless you so I breathe a charm lost griefs dark night appress you for how can sorrow bring you harm If it's God's way to bless you. NANCY FLEMING Memories: 2126178 BS Long Beach 21142 mb 10131178 loe D. talks w1mot TRIPS party's w1friends CIF Suppressed desire: CALIFOR' NIA '81' find the cost of free- dom. Quote: If had been here before I would probably know just what to do. How to deal with all of you. CANDICE ANN FOLEY There's no need for us to worry. One day things will Come our way. I've heard that said so often - ohhh. If there's a will there's a way. Dreams of the future: Being with my friends and panying. Living my life to the fullest and just being happy with and for myself. IOYCE FUCCI Memories: Seger 91221785 Dar- ing Deary Brothers: RD Lowell: NCMWDSISLK: Zappa Moody Blues 111201785 "lox" Pet Peeve: No-Boo, Big Red Dirty Birds, Dry Town, RE- BAMA, Fugative, TQ. Happiness is: Rob, Party on Tracks, Pink vents, Oz friends, Stechy. Quote: Life is forever w?out you. wr:-:,'f 'sd' X DAN FLEMING IOHN FOLAN NANCY FLEMING CANDICE ANN FOLEY PM Nwf.!:. ,... 1- GERALDINE FOTINO PAM FREEMAN HAROLD FROTTON IOYCE FUCCI 0,0 -4nffT"' 'WST' JOSEPH GALANTE MARYALYCE GEIST PAUL GINIVAN TAMMY GLASS P MALJRICE GOLDSTEIN CAROLYN GRANFIELD . ,, . ,,,, WJ ADELE GOMES PAULA GRECCO Paula DeMasi IOSEPH GALANTE Memories: The Cottage Roof C,M., Hampton, Good PARTIES Happiness is: The Beach + Brewskies, Molsons with friends: being with C,M. l'll never forget: lr. Prom, Geils, mv family, Cape Cod. Comments: Thanks Mom + Dad. Good Luck to Class of 79. PAUL GINIVAN Blockhead what time is it? Memories: Busch, Truck Ride The BRADFORD at 1. Geils FF suck it down Wimp. Buddy, D Tree lump at snakes. Get E in the back Blockhead, WTF All Nighters YEAH-YEAH! FO Homerfries, Worm, Oner + Ooner Buzzsaw, T, Stud, PV- Swinger DDB, WHAT! No wav, CCCO + P CHT Pet Peeye: SPEW. Thanks Mom. ADELE COMES Memories: The girls T.A.D.H. Dr. Van Chica wang and Hopi easta F.F. Good times Misery: Disco, Maniquien faces, Spanish ll F.M. FRIP A Good Conyersationalist is one who remembers what was said, hut says what someone wants to rememher by l.M.B. Suppressed Desire: to find five pounds of red. PAULA GRECCO Memories: Billy M. 4!l9!78 Animals, Cape wfstar, Beach Boys, fight at B.B., Benny 25: , , ., Marshall Tucker 4!l9 Nahant w!TH 81 CC lSDl 780 Hampton, the forgotten person, DECA trips, Mr. S, 4 days Happiness: Billy, the Rats Quote: Be yourself, not what others want you to he. Future: Interior Design. v it MARYALYCE GEIST Dreams of the past: All my friends, 4!8!78, 8!17!78, 8f8!78, Visions of the future: Be a secre- tary, Travel + get married, Misery: Homework, Monday thru Thur, not getting your own way. Happiness is: Being with some- one who really cares, MAURlCE GOLDSTEIN Happiness is: Marching Band practice with Lenny and the gang. Misery is: Watching the Red Sox lose. Pet Peeve: The Yanks and Lou Pinella. Favorite Pastime: Going out with Gordon and Al, Toronto, Ridgewood, Washington, D,C., Florida. CAROLYN GRANFIELD Hungover, Redeyed, Dog tired satiffiedg It's a long road and a little wheel and it takes a lot of turns to get there. Charlie Daniels 59 Mike Bain, loan Cremins KIM GREENLEAE Memories: Hampton, VP, Summer of 77, jr. Prom, DECA trips, Mr. S. the lets, you wanna Iau h don't ya, stuck in the migdle, pididle, all night w!K.H.8tC. Lennys party, no gas Happiness is: David 9714778 Friends 84 good times Quote: Memories are the af- terglow of good times past. Future Ambition: to travel. IAMES CRUBB I'lI always remember: Abey Baby, Winsk Woman Charlie Brown Guys and Dolls. CM, BM AND THE BLUE GRASS BOYS. New England Research and Development Staff Emer- son parties with K.W. 6 years in Marching Band. Toronto, Berklee, UNH STEPHEN HARDY Happiness is: passing Physics. Misery is: first period dissec- tions and Mr. CarroIl's quiet study. Suppressed Desire: To be the lead singer for Led Zeppelin. Pet Peeve: Mr. Schoepfer brag- ging about the New York Yan- kees. Memories: "Boston Concert" ROBERT HARRINOTON We have done so much, with so little, for so long, it is now con- ceivable that we can do any- thing, with nothing, forever. Misery Is: Sitting on the bench: skates shattering Happiness is: sticking it out. Pet Peeve: IV Baseball B's Sox Schoepfer's Yanks. MARTHA CROMETSTEIN Happiness is: a laugh + a smile, Karen + the gang, a walk inthe rain, love. Memories: K.A. + P.D,, B.K. + I Everett, Chuck, Karen's par- ties, fun with friends Pet Peeve: drunks, E.l. + S. Suppressed Desire: To beat up a chipmunk. Dreams: to keep everyone I love close! ROBIN IEAN GUSTAESON Happiness is: Always being a dolly-tigger-angel, joe Friends, Ollie, Pushkin, + IR Memories: Twirp, lr. Prom 477178, Sr. Prom 574778, Pooh and Tig, Piglet, Neck, jules MCC, Dot's-Daut, Pulamiro, Mrs. Mul, Disco-Wamon, Strawberry, Andy, Fanueil Hall, Tennis, Grad 7778, Mr. Bacon Comment: Love Conquers All THOMAS HARRIGAN Memories: 3 suckers at Brinks Karate Class, "War-ren" 54 sneezes, Dillonization Cliff Di- ving, Eddie Tib's Cottage. Pet Peeve: Being called Har- rington, speed work, spewheads. Happiness Is: Indoors Future Plans: Manager of the Local Truff 84 Brew, 2:30 Marathon Hosting Sat. Night Live Quote: "sure" KAREN HARTNETT Happiness is: Having such good friends, Beating Melrose in EH., playing in a V. game, Scott, Funnybones. Memories: Tennis 78, M.W.H. Pinto, Thumper, Nantucket, "That is all", Dust in the Wing, jackson Browne, Max. The only reward of virtue is virtue: the only way to have a friend is to be one. MARTHA GROMETSTEIN ROBIN IEAN GUSTAFSON KIM GREENLEAF IAMES GRUBB STEPHEN HARDY THOMAS HARRIGAN ROBERT HARRINGTON KAREN HARTNETT I 1 we NANCY L. HEATH IUDY HEGARTY KEITH HEINSTROM IIM HERLIHY 5, PATRICIA HICKEY LAURIE HINCHEY IZII WILLIAM HILL MARY HODIN IRS? jack Belcher, Steven Angelosanto NANCY L. HEATH Memories: Phil, joe, Michael, Frank, Paradise, 69 chevy, MA, Sr. Prom, Gangs, Parties, New Hampshire 78, All of my friends, Grammy, Nana. Rest of Family, Mom + Dad, 73 V.W., Flashing blue Lights. Plans: Friends are the flowers in the garden of life. PATRICIA HICKEY Memories: The girls, BRH, A rest Area, Pugs 81 the gang Kan- gamangus, Huggybear, MAC faulty Instruments, Beans, Hopieastaff, Bruce, Pirana. Misery is: Disco, Mannequin faces, Hamstone, confusion, SHS and FRIP Comment: A man complained he had no shoes until he met a man who had no feet. LAURIE HINCHEY Memories: B.M.V, -4 a.m., ski shack, Divit, Murphy's Truck, "Here cow!" Lemons + "Drugs!", Toronto-skyline HoIo's, MIG in lobby, KM + KW cruising halls, odd trio-DB, MIG, NP, BB-Parties Happiness is: Friends to be with, S.D.-ghost Sq's. Misery is: "Does he play bas' ketball?" SO, not BF KEITH HEINSTROM Happiness is: Being in school, having a vacation with no homework Misery is: homework on Weekends, Staying after school. WILLIAM HILL l.D. 'BRUCE' 9!25!78, What they didn't understand was that there was an eleventh com- mandment . . . LET IT ROCK White Mountains-bug blues chipmunks DL-8!24!78 RATZ RULE Romos IH18 Drac 4, 3OAM 7!8!78 ThunderRoad 'You can buy a thrill'-TA ID. MARY HODIN 7!3!77 Canobie Lake ST-NH CS, KT, SD, IC, CP . . , Cornfield Weirs Beach 8!18,19,20!78 Wave them! Hopkinton Fair Pandas, WHT ...Mts. . ,Hump. . .Peo- ple meet for a purpose and when that purpose is met and fulfilled they part taking only the good from the relationship. Wally B and the PC Crew. TIM HOGAN Memories: Robin, 3!27!77, Down the moon, B.U. Oak Grove, subway stations, Bos- ton, State House, BUNA, Iac- kie, Falmouth 7!4!78, Close- Up, D.D., plowing, M.C., C.L., 1.S,, Easy Ed. Quote: "Be who you want to be, no matter how unique." Happiness is: Finding my own peace of mind. - Friends CAROLE HORNE Never Forget: Friends at KFC: Trips to WEA.: Bob Seger: Providence R.I, + The Fat Man: "Pecka", "Step on it": exhaust . . . "The sun is the same in a relative way, but you're older, short of breath, one day closer to death" . . . Desire: To be a conehead LISA ISABELLE Memories: Bessie 84 Baby: Mt. Hoe: I don't think so: blue skys: Mac's: cuff -l- link: this is true: that is all: hello kitty! NIHIL: that's PTI "All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost." - Tolkien Dan Salera LORI HOLMAN Happiness is: KF, our dream Misery is: Rainy days and lonely nights, A 1965 NOVA Memories: Friends, the Cape NH, Coneheads, Drive-Ins, ML Larsons, Little Arab, Que Martha, Woburn, Parties, A Deserted Island, Reading Suppressed desire: to ac- complish the impossible dream. STEPHEN HUNT Memories: Tina, Imp, IA, zero MS sleepover, jB's parties FIC party, lake, Hampton Beach, IH Building Happiness: Tina, Hockey, GF. Pet Peeve: "I don't care." Quote: "lt's nice to be impor- tant but it's more important to be nice." Dedication: To the ones I love the most, Mom and Dad. SAMI Z. IABER Happiness is: being with your family and friends. Misery is: having an accident with my father's car. Comment: Are you serious MZ. never had gs. Quote: To be loved you must know how to love to want love you must give love for we are all the children of God and God is love. RICHARD IAMIESON I'll never forget: Sebago cape escape, Angie's cottage, L.L., F.A. wfyana Happiness is: Karen, Family and Friends, K.P. Misery is: ecole R.D. Pet Peeve: you wana do me a favor, wolves, spewers Quote: you can't please everyone so you've got to please yourself. TIM HOGAN CAROLE HORNE KEVIN HURLEY SAMI Z. IABER LORI HOLMAN STEPHEN HUNT LISA ISABELLE RICHARD IAMIESON Dwwetwm lOHN F. IESSOP IR. WENDY JUFFRE KATHY KAZANIIAN KELI KENNY MATT JONES KENNETH KARTES IOHN KELLEY ALTONA KERCHER Pauline Bryant IOHN F. IESSOP Memories: Mr B + Lat 3, 11! 17!77-BrH Fitzy, Tom, Douce, VinB, Po1+2, Eddie T, Deka, Mark, 3 suckers Brinks fVB+THi Favorite Saying: "live long and prosper", Act: HMUN, Guys+ Dolls, Math Team 3+4, CC1+4, Track 1-4, wTrack 2-4 Ambition: AF-ROTC + Chem + Zen Philosophy: Act Accordingly, Never be sorry, Be happy with life Thanks Mom+Dad and Friends KENNETH KARTES Kangamangus, Hole in the wall, The Dungeon, N.C. Bates, it only sparkles The Secret. Led Zeppelin Molson Golden Ale, coco key no. 16, What a drag lost soul, jeane, Lisa N. Karen Rebel, Carol, Lisa S. Elaine, IOHN KELLY Happiness: Being around my friends not going to school being with Diane Misery: Oct. 18, sitting home on Friday night Memories: May 12, Oct. 28, jess Wayne Danny Diane Z Comment: What's the matter? WEN DY IUFFRE Memories: Mrs. Huiggins, the religious cult with M.S., who's this chick? Where's Lisa, did you hear the one about the strawberry? Killer, Y.B. H.R.T.H. "Time goes slowly, but carries on, now the best years have come and g one." Misery is: Doesn't he look like D? KATHY KAZANIIAN Favorite sports: Track and Crosscountry Future Plans: To become a gym teacher. Pet Peeve: cold weather Misery is: rainy days ALTONA KERCHER Memories: SHS yrs., all my true friends, Calif '78 majorettes 5fl2!78, MD, SH, Sept. '78, PP, Long talks . . . Memories are the after-glow of good times past. . . Happiness is: Memories, Being respected, Being with that spe- cial someone Comment: Time may change me, but l can't change time. GAlL L. KOZLOWSKI Memories: Elaine, FR, DA, lA, Neck, lZ, PB. MC, tig, IP-s', SP Majorettes, cheering, TOH4 ore-ida, Frie, the wave, 535 of munchies, willpower, THE BUST! 5705, Karma, my puppy. Comment: You got de stuff? Happiness: Family + Friends "The moment may be tempo- rary but the memory is forever." CLAIRE LACROIX Dreams of the past: Toronto 77, ll!7f75 + table 19. Happiness is Mark, sleeping late, F + G block priviliges. Suppressed desire: to be taller than someone, to have my own maid. Comment: If you see someone without a smile, give him one of yours. Future plans: allied-health. TERESE M. KWIATKOWSKI A smile costs nothing but gives much. lt enriches those who re- ceive, without making poorer whose who give. It takes but a moment, but the memory of it sometimes last forever. BARBARA LATHBURY Happiness is: Being with KB, CC, DE, EB, CC, Ham 84 cheese 4!3!79. Misery is: 6!10!74, rainy days. Always remember Deadmans, mini bike. Quote: He who lives, let them rejoice, and those who are de- ceased, let them rest in Peace, and their memories will be cherished forever. Never forget: Morrisons, Fla. DANIEL KERRIGAN GAIL L. KOZLOWSKI TERESE M. KWIATKOWSKI LISA LEBLANC SANDY LACARBONARA CLAIRE LACROIX PETER LAFLOUR BARBARA LATHBURY Best Looking: Gerry Mahoney, Terri Tavernese, Laura An- tonucci, Tony Conserva. MARK LEAVITT LYNETTE LEDONNE MARCIA LEDWITH BILL LEFAVE AMY LEITER ALISON ANN LEONARD PATTI LEWIS CHARLES LOMBARDI MARK LEAVITT Happiness is: Friends! Misery: Getting up at 7:00 school work. Pet Peeve: Are you japanese? I'll never forget: cross-country, track, dances, Economics. Comment: lf anything will go wrong, it will! MARCIA LEDWITH Memories: conversations w!Katie-5 hrs. minimum. Losing KM + PB in Park Plaza. Sum- mer of '78. Dorm parties at Emerson. A scratched green mercedes. Birthday blizzard. Pet Peeve: masher, desire. Happiness is: music + friends who will always be there. Misery is: 3 sisters, 2 brothers, 1 bathroom. AMY LEITER Happiness is: Wayne, a rose a day, kittens, mustangs. Quote: No love no friendship, can ever cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark upon it . . . forever. Memories: 7!I4!78, 9!1!76, l!14!78, lr. Prom, '77 + '78 Twirp, Boz Scaggs, Plum island Boston, Boonesfarm, D.S. PATTI LEWIS Happiness is: being with peo- ple I love: my family, friends. Memories: D 84 W, 6!6!76, The neighborhood, Bob Seger, Summer 78, lr. Prom, The Girls. Misery is: When no one under- stands. Quote: Live for tomorrow with a smile for everyday there are new beginnings. LYNETTE LEDONNE Pet Peeve: Cars - "Dad guess what happened?" Stolen cam- aro. Happiness is: Dad, Obe, Family-Sept 2-Class of 78 DM lt MR SP DF D + D Pancake House ror "Oldies, Disco" Lanai island. Future Plans: Own Hairdressing shop, own transam or camaro, Travel Best Songs - Ain't no mountain high enough, Tears of a clown. BILL LEFAVE I'll never forget: CDB The out- laws Zappa on the rafta KM Ll the east beasts CP Keg Parties Munster's Party The Under- ground. Pet Peeve: BAMA Comment: stop your grinin' and drop your linen. Future Plans: Newark ALISON ANN LEONARD "le pense donc le suis." Rene Descartes "l have always tried not to let my schooling interfere with my education. "Mark Twain Remembering: Sexy Six, Friendly Summer 78, Vets, Servo Sunrise, Girls State, only the good die young, Disco- Rainbow Fever. Pet Peeve: Being too young. CHARLES LOMBARDI Happiness is: 6!3!79, not get- ting any warning cards, getting an A, making the honor roll, being with your friends, a new job. I'll never forget: 4!7!78, work- ing in the cafe, l.W. + the red Opel, 8!22!77, the moon. Pet Peeves: A.G. English Quote: "Give me a break!" Most Intellectual: john Ward, Alisaon Leonard, Stephanie Overby, Bob Estes. Friendliest: lan Penny, Steve Angelosanto, Patty Morley, tmissingl Dan Salera. TIMOTHY LOUGHMAN Memories: Impy, Nova, Bondo, P-time, IA, NY with T, Doobs Geils, 40 brews, signs, 132, Scarp's all nighters, duo, Hampton Beach, Lite, Ooner, flaming shot, strobe, chase. Happiness is: Good friends Pet Peeve: Mts. + Homefries! Misery is: Glasses sinking to the bottom of the lake. Quote: It's been real, later. BRIAN MACLIONE Never forget: Twirp with l.L., Precious and Few, Orange fights, lunchtime excursions. Quote: There is none so blind as he who will not see. Future Plans: Marry a girl with money and achieve financial security quickly, MICHAEL MALZONE Love is: Little feat fanatics. Never forget: East beasts. Hi urs Fitz Sully Tony Love is not like a rose after it blossoms it dies, love continues after it blossoms that's no lie. Thank you Cl Eter- nity with CM. Pet Peeve: Getting up early. Future Plans: Sorry can't tell you, private. SHARON MACNEIL Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind. Emerson GERRY MAHONEY I'Il never forget: Bert -l- FN DC, Annette, The Sterno Log. Happiness is: Maine, good times, Summers, Winning. Pet Peeve: No parties on Fri. or Sat. nights, the establishment, dumpers. Quote: 'Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. ROBERT MANGANO Happiness is: Bucks, Brews, Buddies, Beatles + Bunker. Pet Peeve: No car, burnouts punks, pseudos + losing bets I'll never forget: "UUUB," The Classics, imitations, I0!24!78, The Good Times ..... "And memories vague of half- forgotten things, Not true nor false, but sweet to think upon." DONALD MANNING Memories: Tweedle Abby Oona Storka Blockhead Staffy MH Scrapa Wimp cakes Buzzsaw Ginna Clangus Chokin in DC Wally B + The PG Crew 4'11. Pet Peeve: Flounda triple F. Happiness is: Five healthy and happy little kids. Comment: Thanks for all the happy memories guys. Quote: Thanks Mom and Dad. TIMOTHY LOUGHMAN SHARON MACNEIL - Z I f l THOMAS LUTHER BRIAN MAGLIONE GERRY MAHONEY MICHAEL MALZONE ROBERT MANGANO DONALD MANNING CAROL MARTINO IAMES MCATEER PATRICIA MCCALLUM ELENA MARIE MCCARTHY KAREN MCCARTHY KAREN MCCLEARN SUSAN MCDONNELL BILL MCDONOUGH R sy., Done Most for SHS: Sam Earle, Marie Celeste, Alison Leonard, Bob Columbus. CAROL MARTINO Never forget: N.H. 77 Bo Bo 6!3!77 l.H, Dad Seger 78 Rec, The girls The good times, Seymour, Mom S.O.S. Geri's dreams Summer "78". Quote: It is better by far to smile and forget than to remember and cry. Comment: Who rne? Could be. Misery is: 3!14!78 Pet Peeve: Sow, AAAtin. PATRICIA MCCALLUM Pet Peeve: Homework Memories: Ll, NH, IC, LD, IM SS, PG, + LT's driving MG. Future Plans: Music work. Happiness is: Friends + sunny days last year. Quote: One man's opinion, is not that of a thousand "Check it out." Misery is: Being alone + having nothing to do. KAREN MCCARTHY Memories: Lisa, jane, Rich, Michael, BK Managers, NM, CP KF, LN, lO!l 7 China Moon I0!25. Misery is: Hamburgers + CI. Quote: I get by with alittle help from my friends, I get high with a little help from my friends, Gonna try with alittle help from my friends. The Beatles SUSAN MDCONNELL l'Il never forget: Parties with friends L, C, P. S, P, S, T, C, L, M, F, Bob Seger Sow 10!18!75, champagne Mom's notes. Suppressed desire: To travel and be rich. Comment: We do not re- member days we just remember moments. Misery is: not knowing. IAMES B. MCATEER Happiness is: Kim, 1!28!76 Familys Beach Buddies, NAN Gramp, Hampton, A rough day Never forget: First movie with KE, 12!25!76, Gramps + Mom's help, Dad's advice, hook up! Sat mornings 4:30. Misery is:'Hot days - Drinks. Pet Peeve: the tree, lump. Comment: If practiced it will turn out better. ELENA MARIE MCCARTHY Happiness is: Friends, laughter. Memories: the F.F. Newfound lake, Salisbury Bruck, concerts, Summer, my white horse Mes- calito. Comment: It's easier to stay out than to get out. Mark Twain KAREN MCCLEARN Memories: Plays + parties Q.P. B.M.V. M.Y.W.E. New York, Toronto, Finland? The pick-ups with K.W. No ice no Marcia, S.D. Band. Misery is: The train that never came, auditions. Quote: After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music - A.L. Huxley JACKIE MCCRAIL Memories: B + M Field Hockey Mt. Wash. Reallyl, Boston '78 Summer '77, Hayride, Mt. Mon. track SAGGT Sat. Nite Live. Misery: Being late, tests ner- vous wreck my old boss. Happiness: good friends + good times, skiing, laughs. Quote: Better by far to forget and smile than to remember and be sad - Bacon. ROSE MEEGAN Memories: friends, class, fights over flags, Goody-Goody, tutor- ing, track, math team, Camp Hope, EI + S, jr. term paper, job + college search. Quote: "Un veritable ami est le SUSAN MCLAUGHLIN Memories: 28 at 30, 1.H., g.y,B.O.T.W, Class of 78, White Mts., Bermuda 78, C.C.C.C 77, T.G. 77, P.D.B. Nantasket, S.F.A., Hone." Happiness is: 'M.B." good friends, PM, PW, CT, IV, IS, ED, PC, ID, understanding, my fam- ily. Comment: I do my thing, you do yours! SCOTT MESSINA Never forget: Summer parties, orange fights, Aerosmith Bos- ton, Styx, etc. S.D., CRUIZIN' on weekends, school. Pet Peeve: My car runs down hill when you push it. Misery is: Being with BW be- hind stage seats, a cruiser fol- IACKIE MCCIRAIL LAURIE MCLAUGHLIN WILLIAM MCLAUGHLIN SUSAN MCLAUGHLIN plus grand de tous les biens et celui de tous qu' on soage le moins a acquerirf' lowing you, Monday. Life ambition: Have a good time. Most School Spirited: Ann Dillon, Sam Earle, Vinny Brienze, Marybeth Murphy tt:u.t,..W,.., .. .. 6, ,..,. c we it Most Musical: Mike Bain, Marybeth Murphy, lim Grubb ROSE MEEGAN DEBBIE MENDELKA RANDY MERCER SCOTT MESSINA I ' LYNN MEUSE KAREN MIASSERIAN LISA MICALE LISA MIGLIACCI :Ei I I 4 I DAVID P. MINGHELLA NANCY MITCHELL LORENE MOBILILA ANTHONY MONDELLO LYNN MEUSE Happiness is: Having a Ma like mine. l'll always remember: 8 is enough: BUB: Buddy: con- certs: Good times: Missy. Misery is: The loss of my father. Ambition: To have a hunk and to be one of the best jockeys. Pet Peeve: no boo. Comment: "You try sometime, you just might find, you get what you need." STONES KAREN MIASSERIAN Happiness is: good times with friends, family, oreos. I'II never forget: The keys! Runn'in on empty, 9 in a room, C.C.C.C. '77 lbreaking loose w!HC + AMI Canada '78, a week at U.M. w!CD: munchies, Ber- muda w!lR, CM, IP, LB, CD, LD, IS. Comment: No thanks . . . I'm on a diet- Well, maybe one. LISA MIGLIACCI Memories: Cruisin', prospects hugging trash can, frappe in class, Beeza, CW, LI AK. Happiness is: yeoman Shokey 8!3l!72. Pet Peeve: S.H. Cliques Quote: You never miss what you don't have until you have and lose it . . . Every good thing must come to an end. NANCY MITCHELL Memories: Seger 9!22!78: vents in the Pink: Bean: 7!9!78: tracks, gold rushes. Pet Peeve: Disco: locks. Cliques: Bama Misery: 1O!23!78: The end of a good concert: BK. Happiness: Ralph: 8!3!79: good friends, good times, good parties: DS, LM, SN, KM, CR, NC, IF: Being me! LISA MICALE Memories: Seger concert, DC javu: the Bubble + how it turned: the wall: Twirp KS! 4-28-78: Bagels: Mics in the summer l282lTM, DS, NM, CR. Happiness: Tim: good times. Misery is: Being grounded. Pet Peeve: BK!! B + B: Disco. Suppressed desire: to own a van 81 to be with a special someone always fTimJ. DAVID P. MINGHELIA I'll never forget: Munster's cot- tage bashes Cape Escape Out- laws CDB MTR CP Kege Gooch's haircut lr. Prom all night DI CANADA "78" MATTU Special thanks to Marie + Rudy topshelf classics MS SA TA MD WC TP Doe BAMA Gipa space day No Bout A Doughtit Pasttimes Being with friends forsur. LORENE MOBILIA Memories: H.R. 218 with D.M. and L.M. long chats with A.A.R.: Majorettes, Tennis, and Pink sands. Pet Peeve: Monday mornings. Future Plans: Happiness and success. Comment: "It is better by far you should forget and smile, than remember ane be sad." l si :laik Best Dressed: Tim Loughman, Terri Tavernese, Bill McDonough, Debbie Ponte. BRENDA MONTEIRO DONNA MORAN Class Wolves and Foxes: Bob Allen, Cathy D'Annolfo, Lisa Dimarzo, Richard Iamison. Memories: Hampton Beach, Blue Volks, 7!-4!78, "the mov- ies," "she made me do it." Florida, Berlin-RR, Summer of '78, IOP, "Fire" skiing, GR. + K.S. Mombago. Happiness is: My family, friends-KS, DP, My Riunite. Future Plans: Hairdressing Travel-Van. Quote: "lt's been real!" PATTY MORLEY Memories: The Dozen, Milton Police, Moving the car at L.Q., I.H. Ir. Prom, Ioe 7!I3!77, Boz Scaggs. Happiness is: My family, being with friends. Misery is: VVhat?, waiting, stal- led cars, getting lost people who aren't on time. Suppressed Desire: to out-argue a certain someone. You've got to get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world, all the love in your heart then people 'gonna treat you better, you're gonna find, yes you will that you're beautiful as you feel. Carole King SUEBETH MORRISSEY Never forget: The days I can't remember, eyeapa: Phred and his Phramily, MGF Thnarge, CC and the DDshow Night Moves, Cloe is dead. Quote: There was a band play- ing in my head and I felt like getting high. - NY, 87401. CHERYL A. MOZEK Good times: Long walks and long talks with H.M. New Hampshire 8!22!77, 75 Dream on about toys and wings. Bulls, B.By's Future: N.Y. New York Boston-Boston. s - BRENDA MONTERIO DONNA MORAN PHILIP MORGAN JUDY MORRISON CHERYL A. MOZEK PATTY MORLEY SUEBETH MORRISSEY BEN MUISE Bt j 'U' BARBARA MURPHY KERRY MURPHY IOHN MURPHY MARY BETH MURPHY if : f PAULA ANNE MURPHY PATRICIA MURPHY CARLA MUSTO SUSAN NARDELLA J ,. , ,!:., L," -.t 'ai -I, .' 1 . . A .- 4. ! I. J ..,..,..,...1.,....M....,,.....,,........w..7 BARBARA MURPHY Memories: Bowie 5!6!78, csn Se er, Young, Tull, Zappa, up coTdbrook, Daigle, the bust T, Penne , caution, fannuel hall, capitalllawn, vents in the pink, smellys, lune 3 Peecha, party - what? our Apt. Pet Peeve: Dis- co, locks and cliques, Pencils Strate-up Happiness is: rock n'roII, a good buzz, cruisin' MARY BETH MURPHY l'II never forget: The dozen, NH at 2, Cheering with K.S. + T.P., CCC camp Doubles, Fanuel Hall, laws II good times, l.H. The Class of '79. Happiness is: my family and friends. to love someone and to be loved. Dedication: To my Mom + Dad thanks for every- thing. PAULA ANNE MURPHY Memories: Class of '78, "one" The old times, Sugarloaf Mt. w!PW + SM 413 days, Mr. Mayo, SPWPW, "our own little winter" SFA's G.Y.B,O.T.W. PW.SM. CT. IV. IS. 55 Penney Lne. The Highchair IOXZIX 78 Happiness: jimmy, B!4!77 family + friends Quote: "En- joyiw' SUSAN NARDELLA Memories: Cars, The Gang, GT SPS 7 yrs., lr. Prom, Friends Misery: Being alone Pet Peeve: Phonies! Happiness: Being with friends I enjoy! Suppress Desire: Being myself + not being what others want me to be. Quote: There's one kind of gold: the gold in a friend Most likely to succeed: Steve Hunt, Alison Leonard, Mary Carr, Dana Coombs. PATRICIA MURPHY Happiness is: Marc l'lI never forget: 2!24!77 SP77, IP78, T77, Cape, SMU concerts, cir- cus 78, the girls, NH 4th ofluly, New Years, CL, OHSW, jail- bird. Pet Peeves: Waiting, and being in accidents Comment: "Who me?" Could be Future Plans: Be married travel CARLA MUSTO Memories: Cruising, good friends, family, munchies no Mrs. Barry I skipped! Naz., j+M, long talks . . . Faneuil Hall, the gang Bermuda, Sids Happiness is: a certain person, family + Dad Thanks for every- thing KERRY MURPHY Memories: Milton Police, Boz Scaggs 7!4!78, Donna Summer, Thurs. B Block, loanne + loanie in Boston, Tues, Cruise to Man for Steve. Dirty Dozen. Pet Peeve: no boo! cops at AP, phony people, Never Forget: Marilyn, Cheryl, Kelly, Pat and loanne. DAWNA NICKERSON Memories: My friends, Drama Club, band, Square Dancing, UMass, parties, the Reading kids, Fridays at Friendly, Senior Class Plays, organizing, Perry. Quote: And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three: but the greatest of these is charity - Corinthians 13. IOANNE O'GRADY Happiness is: Dirty Dozen 9!29!76. l.T.B. Henry. MD MIM. Never forget: S. at Rapids. F. at S.P. keg P. Milton P Lawn. Quarter to four ZX. KSIORIMDIB PARTIES. Misery is: Fire hydrants. Flash- ing bl. lights. PC. floors. Not Remembering. Pet Peeve: getting lost. -W-...?'Y"'?""l' f' f'v"'f'- fn s"f'f'-.fwfa.w..f.M,........, LISA NAZARIAN Memories: Rte. 93, Long Lake + our doobies. Fanuel Hall + Salisbury. Caution, Tull con- certs, Peecha, + a glass of grapefruit juice. Sella + the gang. Sign Language notes + Hound Dog Fields. Barb's candy + our dream. Party . . . What? Hey Porker! Love is: Watching Noah grow, + play- ing my piano. CHERYL NOONE There is no need for an outpour- ing of words to explain oneself to a friend. Friends understand each other's thoughts even before they are spoken. TODD OLSON Memories: family, friends, sports, OCA, Maine, galaxy 5 2 yrs. S.C.: F.l.C. party. Misery is: work weekends, poison ivy tmts.J hoop camp. Pet Peeve: olly, ji ger I dedicate this yearbook to fiie two people I love most: my Mom + Dad. Future Plans: College . ...,.., st. ..,,., Most Sincere: Bob Tucker, Cheryl Noone, joyce Rolli, joe 5 2 i in LISA NAZARIAN JOE NICHOLS DAWNA NICKERSON CHERYL NOONE mst 'C""""Y 3 , fliil it ig.. f PAUL O'CALLACiHAN IOANNE O'GRADY TODD OLSON ANN O'NElL 72 .TX MARYELLEN O'TOOLE TINA PADUR CAROL PALERMO LINDA PANTANO STEPHANIE OVERBY CINDY PAIGE THOMAS PAN ETTA CARYN PA NON ESSA MARYELLEN O'TOOLE Memories: North Star SPS my four pointed Summer 76 tour '78' GBK DCI 10th IOXI 3178 q.t.w!NF PT GV. Suppressed desire: to own a silver mercedes, California '81 .' Quote: How I love when my thoughts run to the Land of Mike Believe, where everything is fun forever. CM STEPHANIE OVERBY Semper veritas simplex est. "Viae duae in silva Deflexer- unt, et ago - cepi illam quam pauci sequntur, et illa omnem diversitatem facit." Gratias tibi ago. CINDY PAICE Memories are thoughts of the past, Every moment of your life is a memory, your next moment is a memory because it is past Chris is the memory thats not past! Listen, understand half of what I say and you will under- stand me, because behind every word is a true meaning! LINDA PANTANO Memories: snowmobiles in Main Dave The Cascades Brutus. Quote: lf you love something set it free . . . if it comes back to you it's yours . . . if it doesn't it never was . . . TINA PADUR Memories: Stephen 9!l9!75, cheering-77 81 78, CCC Camp, dozen, outsiders, the lake Mt. Washington, ride home from N.l., Kiy, l.H., S.P,S, Haptpiness is: true friends a lov- ing amily, being with Stephen, my white meg. Quote: "Better than the gold of kings are memories of happy things." THOMAS PANETTA Memories: on the line, pull over 84 The Neighborhood. Pet Peeve: panatto Famous Quote: "live long St prosper. Suppressed desire: to be quiet. Miser is: a boycott. Plan for the future: college. CARYN PAONESSA Memories: Black Sabbath Blue Oyster Cult, concerts, The House, v 84 0, The Neighbor- hood, DECA trips, Yellow Double-Barrel, Parties, 919177. Pet Peeve: Disco 81 locks. Never Forget the midnight shift. Livewires: Linda Bergonzi, Mike Malzone, Ann Dil- lon, Tom Harrigan. Heartbreakers: Gerry Mahoney, Linda Bergonzi, Clay Cormier, Terri Travernese. fill' -. .,,,.. lAN PENNY Never Forget: my family Roseann, cheering 77-78, C.C.C. Camp, good times w!L.B., M.S, A.M, R.N, sneak- ing out with L.B., red light, long talks w! A.M., 9 in a room, JH, "Amy johnson," Bermuda W!K.M, l.R, L.D, 1.5, CD, L.B, C.M. Suppressed Desires: to be a teacher, California. CHRISTINE PETTO Happiness is: The infinite won- der of the stars. Misery is: The thought of not reaching them. Quote: "What is essential is in- visible to the eye." Pet Peeve: Data Cards. Suppressed Desire: To write a perfect computer program, the first time Future Plans: NASA. DEBORAH PONTE Memoires: Arl to Stoneham Blue VW: KS, BM, "She made me do it" Hi Beca: Getting lost! clubs, KS's close encounters, Freak with me, party with KS: BM Future: college, fashion de- signer: getting my 2802. Happiness: being with my fam- ily 81 friends, getting a letter: hang in there. PAUL PERRY "I suppose this is where I say how "neato-keen" my senior was and stuff like that. Unfortu- nately, as of when I was made to write this tlate October! my senior year has yet to even hap- pen -- let alone it being neato etc or otherwise. oh well . . ." A puzzled student KAREN PINELLI I really don't think a person can or ever will totally understand themselves, life is just full of too many changes and experiences and with every new day in some small way you are always changing. The way to truly un- derstand yourself is to realize you never really will DC. STEPHANIE POTI Happiness is: Keith!!! I'll Never Forget: 91677 Florida '78, summer in NH '78, Obrien, JP, The girls, new years, chevy. Pet Peeve: getting fat. Misery is: fighting 81 blow dry- ing my hair. Quote: There are times when life is pure joy. IAN PENNY CAROL PEREZ PAUL PERRY CHRISTINE PETTO in KAREN PINELLI DEBORAH PONTE MICHAEL POTHIER STEPHANIE POTI KATHLEEN POWERS STEPHEN PRIOR TAMMY PROCTOR PHILIP PUGLISI . W, X RAY RECIOPPI FAITH LISA RAIFMAN CHRISTINE RECKO LAURA JEAN REID Guppies: Bob Columbus, Cheryl Noone, Carla Musto, Don Manning. KATHLEEN POWERS Happiness is: My family, spe- cial friends, memories. Memories: talking, 10!28, HB, "the ride," smiling. Suppressed Desire: not to take life for granted . . . Misery: goodbyes 81 fears. Quote: Happy are those who dream and are ready to pay the price to make them come true . . .ICMWI TAMMY PROCTOR Happiness is: Being loved by someone, II, LD, AI, AP, MF. Memories: 3!4!77 4!27!78 C-Town, jo-lo, Nicki, joany, Iudy, Tony, Mark. Medfa IC, BC, FT. ESCO GC B4 IW, LD, TS. Canada, DR, BA, Yankee. One of these days TC. Misery is: Being grounded. Pet Peeve: 2 beers 81 a hot dog. Future Plans: Burdett. FAITH LISA RAIFMAN Time it was, And what a time it was, It was. . . A time of innocence, A time of confidences. Long ago. . .it must be. . . I have a photograph. Preserve your memories: They're all that's left You. - PAUL SIMON LAURA IEAN REID Memories: The Dozen! Maine Summers, Boston, N.Y. with MBM, Cheering '76, NH at 2, Summer of '77 with Susan, Softball, UMass Football games, the Camper, Florida "77, Oct. 31 '78, the love of my family and friends, jaw on the roof with Hog 84 KM1 Pet Peeve: Getting Lost! Happiness is: Ice Cream! STEPHEN PRIOR Memories: Eddie's cottage Din- ghy Dump at Geils, joe off the roof, Black aces, zoos, kegs, Dummy heroes, CCCO8tP, "adversity," OKA. Pet Peeve: Ahh-ten spewer ho's, Bowlcuts, Backhands. Suppressed Desires: guzzle. Future Plans: colIege,? Quote: NO WAY, I can't go to bed now! PHILIP PUGLISI Memories: BIKE CLUB: Witeye Hacksaw, Smellhack and All the rest. Parkin by the Lake with not another car in sight. 69 Chevy, VW Van. Mags on any- things, DECA Lollipops and DE T Shirts. Gs, RR, EE, Mo, NH tlettersi as well as Cross Coun- try Sking and Down Hills on Lunch Trays. Thanks Mr. C. joe! CHRISTINE RECKO Memories: BOB SEGER 91 22778: IN Driving a standard at HP: the bubble 81 how it Turned: Vents in the pink: Breakheart: Sue 84 Hojos: DF 84 M at T. Happiness: Good Times wf friends. Pet Peeve: GLIQUES DISCO FOCHAT: B8tB. Misery: 7:30 am Sat 84 Sun. TERRI RIVERA Happiness is: TB, NH., OCEAN. Misery is: AN EMPTY MAIL- BOX. Pet Peeve: SNOBS, Waiting, Never forget: LH, PW, TD, Spacheships, Ir Prom, Martha, Surprize party, ZXIOX78, Terri Boberries, Picnics, Soaps, C.C.. Supressed desire: To travel Fa- vorite pastime: Riding.Quote: Sorrow is not forever, LOVE IS. - GOOD LUCK "79." IOANN ROBERTS Memories: Close up, Band, To- ronto, FRANCE, 218, SAG GT, 10!14!78, journalism, M8tM'S, Boston Globe, 3rd out of 3, Those special French words, deadlines, good friends, Plum Island homeroom, hamburg Pizza. Quote: "Success is judged not by achievement but by im- provementf' 3 .,-. ity, ' ANDREA REIS Happiness is: my Mom and Dad, R, L. E, P, 84 Friends. Memories: the pearl: the bust: the P. Lessons: neck. Misery is: Having to work the night before 3 tests. Suppressed desire: to own a brand-new 50's auto: to come into a lot of money! THOMAS ROACH Happiness is: A perfect weekend, No Homework, Not getting caught. Misery is: lunch lines, a not from the office, working on a Saturday, Being awake in Phys- ics. I'll never forget 3!22!78 My Mustang, Freshman B team basketball. Future plans: College. LINDA ROBILLARD Happiness is: Good Family 84 Kind Friends, my BIG SISTER, 7!77 in the ALPS, "WHAT- EVER," MOONIE, 5!78 N.H., R.B. AT 3, IOE, A License, LES FRANCAIS, Travel, "ROBI," LOBSTERI Misery is: 9:30 a.m. SAT., Homework, Applications. Future plans: College, travel, A Good Paying job. BRIAN REINOLD ANDREA REIS LIZ RELLO TERRI RIVERA uw, THOMAS ROACH IOANNE ROBERTS LINDA ROBILLARD RONALD ROIAK Nervous Wrecks: Vinny Brienze, Karen St. Amand, Ron Rojak, Iac- kie McGrail. at IOYCE ROLLI Happiness is: my family I'll never forget: camp, cheering '77-'78, nine in a room, Danby Road with L.D., the powder puff, K.M. 84 the keys. Quote: "a friend is a person with whom you dare to be yourself, and the only way to ave a friend is to be one." ALICE ANNE RUMP The happiest moments of m life have been in the flow of az fection among Friends. T. jeffer- son. Happiness: is Bill, pink roses, 84 the chosen few. I'll never forget Smokey, Ridgewood, April 1 81 7, the patient listeners 84 those who were there to guide me. Lookout life it's me! KAREN ST. AMAND Memories: R.l., 2!28!78: the dozen: doubles: Angie's cot- tage: jr. Prom: ambush, NH at 2 "Mrs. Bibbits:" cheering, M.M. T.P.: S at Rapids + JH: weebles: Milton p.: l.B.'s party: okay: Canada: "you name it." Happiness is: close friends fam- ily: Richie: winning! Pet Peeve: Getting lost. Quote: "Strive to be happy." IULIE ANN SALAMONE Memories: The Dozen, family hairdo, Boston, 56 to 2, outsid- ers, Canada, 43 in league, l.h. + A.P., D.S., latching C.T., C.M., Maine. Pet Peeve: seeking a job. Qwuotez "Dost thou love life? T en do not squander Time, for that's the stuff Life is made of." Franklin RICHARD ROSSETTI Happiness is: Family, Baseball, Gidget, Friends, Home Old Fashion Christmases. Pet Peeve: Basic Ten, Now! Vinny B.'s reputation. I'll never forget: Belmont TP, Medieval Manor 611 6178. Suppressed desire: To win a championship jacket. l dedicate my yearbook to the GREATEST, my Mom 81 Dad. NANCY RUSSELL Happiness: is Hampton, Friends who are always there Partying, Mom and Dad Sup- pressed desire: To have a cer- tain someone. Never forget Eight is enough. Misery is: The Death of Harley. Pet Peeve: gym, Disco. Dream: A Red Corvette, Live in Califor- ma. ROSEMARY ST. GEORGE Memories: N.H., Labor Day Weekend, mes., BRUCE 3X!!! iMaine!MMl, CB, Madrigal Dinner, PA, Florida, the BOX, YES, summers t'78l, notes, The F.F.! Quote: "Morning brings another sun: Tomorrow, see the things that never come today." - Neil Young DANIEL SALERA Misery is: Coming in before C Block. Happiness is: Ann. "Believe there's a reason to be, Believe you can make time stand still, And know from the moment you try, lf you believe you will, you will." :qt Most Sophisticated: Paul Perry, Terri Tavernese, Debbie Ponte john Ward. it 'f A 77 Quietest: Bob Tucker, Steve Butler, Ruth Estes, Rose Meegan. BETH SANDLER Happiness is: Friends, vaca- tions, + money Memories: R.W., MC., P.S., oc., Pb., ND., 7!l0!78 Sup- pressed desire: To travel around the world Pet Peeve: Homework + snow. Ambition: To make it through college. Quotes: "It's so stupid." "You always forget." STEPHEN D. SCARPA If you can imagine it, vou can achieve it: If you can dream it, You can become it! Thanks to Ma, Dad + Carol NF-Virgil, Stork, Blockhead Stud, Abby, T, Ooner, Wimp, RM BH Bust, Busch Mtn, DDB, WTF Schlitz Light, Truck Rides Tree lumps, MNND, Geils, Tid EX. Con- certs, Signs, Musials PP-Worm, PPDB, Which one CP PAM SCHULTZ Happiness is: lasting friend- ships, M.P., N.D., B.S., P.D., D.C., partying, P.B. Dreams of the past: B-Hill E Block studys, "5" 9l5f74, 4f7!77, P.B., S-l-L Quote: Do it up! Check it out! "Your so cute" "Hey" Pet Peeve: mornings. snow Love is: A mutual goal two people reach together. MARK SAPIENZA I'll never forget: Dom, loh, Steve, Rick, Tom, Ted's Room, Mustang, Van parties, Ciminas- tein and Folanberg Misery is: Stuck on 93, Too many beers, lr. Prom, bags, Ashland Virginia Suppressed desire: 6!28!79 a vette Pet Peeve: coppertops and or- chards STEPHEN P. SCARPA I'll never forget: Chip, Cooch, Rick, Tom, Zones, The Duff, Sweet Evil. Happiness is: Susan, A '67 Camaro 307, A fender bass, Heiwekens on Sat. Misery is: No amp, an empty wallet, work Pet Peeve: Which one? Sup- pressed desire: Farrah a vettte DIANE SELANDER Memories: DA, Tig, GK, Lips, IZ, TP, EP, MC, BC, RA, PB. . . CUZIN "L" Family, Ens. "76" Chorale, Renaissance, Post An- nuals, TWIRPS, Parties esp, MC's, tent party + NYE, ROCKY HORROR, GK's diets, PB concert, Lily's, Alumni Dance "77", Camp "77", Olga, the BUST, Bruce, Indents, lay Peak, - NECK STYLE - MICHELLE SERVELLO Happiness is: Black Z's, Harbor House, true friends, smiling eyes, crazy, friends jan. Gradu- ation Favorite song: Three times A Lady Pet Peeve: People who tell me they hate disco, foreign cars that fall apart, arguments. Fu- ture plans: cosmotology, hav- ing my own apartment I BETH SANDLER STEPHEN D. SCARPA : ffsuvsgg ,, in MARK SAPIENZA STEPHEN P. SCARPA .RQ .4 'V . WL. f PAMELA SCHULTZ DIANE SELANDER LARRY SENIBALDI MICHELE SERVELLO sv .ew .a PAUL SHANNON LISA SHEEHAN RONALD SHEPPARD ROBERT SIMPSON MICHAEL SKERRY MARGARET SMAIL CAROL SMITH CATHLEEN SMITH PAUL SHANNON Memories: UBS and UMS: The classics The FF. Long Bus ride to NI. The award The pipes and the neighborhood. GS with HB's Pseudo classics: IO vs 4 IHS: Flounder abused: An RB Boycott: Roadtrips. Comment: "I work here." Misery is: PG's on Sat. nite. Reed + termpapers. LISA SHEEHAN Misery: goodbyes, nothing to look forward to. Memories: N.H., egos 84 C.S., What redIight?, building a rain- bow, Where's Wendy?, Who was that masked manZ, grue- some twosome, Mr. Tudbowl "Rivers of endless tides have passed beneath my feet and all too soon they had me standing on my own." MICHAEL SKERRY Happiness is: Mom, Dad, Mark, Mary, Maureen: Good times, 6 with good friends: IW, BHS, BT, IB, SH, TD: beer, NH: girls. Memories: Hampton, Geils: WS Fla., tans-MI-Ramb: cottage "A House?l," IB parties: LB. Future Plans: College, Law. Quote: "If you try sometime you just might find - you get what you need." - STONES CAROL SMITH Never forget: Hampton 8! IZX77, Rt 93 with BB., New Year Eve 77, Rockport with Pal, Lol + Paul, LTD, Guilfoyles Great Weekends at Bate's. Happiness: Drew tPaIIyI, My family + friends, Good ol' times with Les, FOOD, Being with all the gang at once Motorcycle rides, showers, Marble, Furry Pink Things! Wittiest: Dana Coombs, Ann Di llon, Iohn Ward, Karen Miasserian ROBERT SIMPSON Memories: P-Time bucket, T. E Guys, Lough, Worm, Saw, MI, all nighters, Worms cottage Ooners with Spooner Zim + Ma Sophomore football KUA. Happiness: A cooler full and good friends, MO't -If PF. Pet Peeve: Blockhead + Golem. Suppressed desire: States. Future Plans: Delta House Quote: I'm wicked upset - BYE MARGARET SMAIL Never forget: Lookin' Good Pi- geons, NM, CB, BB, MS, Sum- mer of 78. Happiness is: Weekends, friends, 5!26!79, a car. Misery is: NB, waiting, no money, gym. Suppressed desire: to fly a 747. CATHLEEN SMITH Good times: Sharon, Karen, and Mary, Weirs beach NH Liz and Ianice. DeIauve. California. Old man looking down you can't always get w at you want. IEANNE SMITH Memories: Friends, Family july 4, '77 April Weekend '78: cruising: running on m.t. W!K.M., l.H. '76-79. Pet Peeve: Waiting: no car. Quote: If it's magic , . . Then why can't it be everlasting, like the sun that always shines, like the poet's endless rhyme, like the galaxies in time. IEAN STANIEICH Happiness is: Michael Mom + Dad good friends a close fam- ily, I'Il never forget: lO!26!78 I1!l3!77 Mittens KIMO CT IV SM PM PW RADAR Long talks with CT Nantasket CT + PB at Spot 6!1O!78 Barbos. DIANA SUDANO Memories: Serger 9!22!78, Good times with Billy, Nancy, IF, Lisa, vents in the pink, NC, beans, partying, 84 LAUGHTER. Suppressed desire: To go to Colorado for a Rocky Mountain High! oig in Quote: Gonna cruise out of this city, Head down to the sea, Gonna shout out at the ocean, Hey it's ME! B. Seger IAMES STAFFIERE Memories: Impy, Geils, MND, Doobie's: Scarpa's parties, IA, Mt.: HB, Bradford, VilIaGra Colorado, signs, 1303, chases. Happiness is: Good friends and good times. Pet Peeve: Getting pulled over: and Fords. Comment: Live today for to- morrow brings uncertainty. DAVID STONE I don't put any one down, be- cause those that do have their own faults Ignorance! I have my own world to look through and I ain't gonna copy you because I am the one who has to die when it's time for me to die so let me live my life the way I want to! IIMI H. KATHY SULLIVAN Quote: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, What is essential is invisible to the eye. Comment: She made me do it. Suppressed desire: to fly. Happiness is: Gary, good friends, family, B.M. + R.R. B-NH, VANS, skiing, B-Bug. Memories: 7!9!75, BIGRED? M,-y-9-.q7..,-QQ 'K Lunatics: Adele Gomes, Ann Dillion, Tim Agelosanto, Steve Angelsanto. 80 IEANNE SMITH IEAN STANIECH at s I2 VICTORIA STRATTON DIANA SUDANO IAMES STAFFIERI DAVID STONE IEROME STRAZZULLA LISA STONE .5 '71, LYNN SULLIVAN IACQUELINE SURRETTE MARY SUTERMEISTER IACKIE TARR LYNN SULLIVAN Pet Peeve: people who think they're more than what they are, jocks, backstabbers. Memories: Bama, East School at it's best, CP Keg party CD, Outlaws, Spinny to boot. "Live your life as well as you've been because eventually someday this world will come to an end." Class of 79 didn't fall be- hind. MARY SUTERMEISTER Never forget: Lookin' good MS, NM, BB, DS, CB, MM, MW, numbers + 7k, + PA, summer of '78. Happiness is: weekends, TERRl TAVERNESE Memories of the past: Crazy girls lC, PD, KC, SA. l2!2l77 TERESA TAVERNESE VALERIE TERRAUECCHIA STEPHEN THAYER DENISE THERIAULT friends, 5!26!78 a car. Misery is: NB, waiting, no money, gum. Suppressed desire: to fly to 747. VALERIE TERRAVECCHIA Memories: Friends, Cuddles 16th summer, PW, "my car." Misery: phoney people, lonely nights. Comment: Time flies when you're having fun! Happiness: people who care. Quote: lt's the little things, that make a big difference - "Thank you for being a friend s Q. ,M--s-Q, I 4 5 ' 1 5!20!78-Lied + died, D.Q. Lit- tle Nahant, Cape-lason's G.P. The Longest journey, PD's "Poems," The Great Chase. STEPHEN THAYER Dreams of the past: Geils at Cape Cod Coliseum, on the floor at CCC, 7!20!78 Capri, IHOP, cruisin'. Visions of the future: College and AFROTC, Pet Peeve: school lunch CWhat else?J Happiness is: 613179. Quote: "But in the long run we're all dead - Keynes. f fn ff- 1 c' is -sw' Class Couple: Mike Pothier and Pam Schultz, Steven Hunt and Tina Padur. Legs: Vinny Brienze, lan Penny, Linda Bergonzi Gerry Mah DIANA THORLEY Memories from the past: 87 11778, 11722775 'stop right there, I gotta go right now!" New jersey exchange trip H9783 SM. Happiness is: my family, being with my friends, singing, square-dancing. Pet Peeve: getting up early, cliques, jocks. Quote: gotta have it! IAM KATHY TRAKNYAK I'll always remember: rainy Tuesdays, March 18, love poems, Neil Young, Marshall Tucker, Freedom Mt. Christmas vacation, Copper locks and Bean, Poopsie, Baby and his lady, 5.1. Pet Peeve: waiting for people who are always late, triple studies, Fakes. Happiness is: Ted. CINDY TROIANO Memories: l.V., S.M., P.M., LS., Class of 78 G.Y.B.O.T.W Nan- tasket Desperado 77 28 at 20 Voyager L.T.W.7j.V. 674778 LH. R.A. The Girls N.H. Happiness is: Paul Ma + Pa good friends. Quote: Memory is a diary we all carry with us. STEVE TlGHE I'll never forget: Geils, Brad- ford, 4330, Scarp's Place What time is it! Exchanges 3712778, CB, Hampton, MCA, Buddies, 3:00 P-time, l'm so upset! signs, Mt., lmpy, 125. Happiness is: Good times with great guys: a radio. Quote: God is first, my friends are second and l am third. tGayle Sayersl ROBERT TRANT I'll never forget: Freshman B team basketball, sophomore Football practicing in the snow. Happiness is: weekends. Misery is: Lunch lines + A block classes. Future Plans: College ROBERT TUCKER I'll never forget: 1. Geils and the Bradford, Scarp's sleepover, Swinger, lmpy Stanger, and Rambler, West feild College, the name BUZZ-SAW, Yeah and all my good friends. Suppressed desire: to be vicious like Gooch. KAREN TUMINELLI Good times: Weirs N.H., Cathy, Sharon, Mary wave 'em 8718, 19, 20778 Desjavo lan Cindy, Liz country, animals summer of 77-JD flat on 93 with no spare smile, give and live a little PW. they say . . . how long? cs. Misery is: Never realizing what you have until you have lost it. 24 4 DIANA THORLEY EDWARD TIBBETTS STEVEN TIGHE KATALIN TRAKNYAK 4,2 ROBERT TRANT CYNTHIA TROIANO ROBERT TUCKER KAREN TUMINELLI DIANE VASILOPOULOS SHARON WAITE ROBERT WALKER ROBERT WALLES .fa Ill' COLLEEN WALSH CHERYL WARD IOHN WARD IOAN WARREN W WorstIokes: Ann Dillon, Paul Colucci, Wendy Iuffre, missing from photo Iim Grubb. w-Q: F' DIANE VASILOPOULOS l'll never forget: The Sexy Six, 77177761 my pedal Barry Man- ilow: 11!22!76, SDA Sleepouts, 2 Ch's, Summer of '78 I.V,: Deana + Nick, Ist time Max, Illusions: San Fran.: Iimmy, Donna Summer: IO!3I!78, I6 party, Vets, Big RLC, Servo Sun- rise, ASC '77. "Friendship al- ways benefits, love sometimes hurts." COLLEEN WALSH Happiness is: TOM, being with friends like LM Having fun + doing the things I want to do. IS driving the teachers crazy. Pet Peeve: People who think they are better than you but aren't for they are too stuck up. Future ambition: To become a famous artist. IOHN WARD Quote: There are those who worship lonliness I'm not one of them In this age of fiberglass l'm searching for a gem Dylan -Q 'WNY ROBERT WALLES l'll never forget: IP, BW, IM, ZZ, PG, P 84 IF, EB, yes, Tull FZ, Ducking the rodent! Do Armory jams. Courtyard crusing! Newark in the cock pit! Good boo and muffins. Quote: On a sailing ship to nowhere leading anyplace, Should the summer change to winter, yours is no disgrace! All 4U M 81 D. CHERYL WARD Happiness is: Ioe 2!I9!78 Ms 8 Dad Cocaine Red. Memories: Ioe, the barn, Canoeing with PR, DC, IB. Rid- ing with CC, TC, DB, PR. Skiing with ID, Thelma Lou Rockport. Newfound Lake. Famous Quote: OH IOE! IOAN WARREN Never Forget: The Sexy Six ND, AL, DV, SM, MBA, Servo Sun rise, Brinks, Pres of SFC! Max, Close Encounter of the Blue Kind with the Gang, The Lake, EYE SPY 78 with AL, BL 84 MC, Spaghetti Dinner, 716, ASC, The Great Masquerade, PD with Iim, SDA. Happiness is: Friends, Family, Snow. PATTY WEBB Memories: 1O!3l76 lr. Prom Xmas Eve 77 friends Donna Summer, Betsy, Charlie Ioe, in- terruptions. Misery: Florida, short letters, fights. Happiness: jimmy being alone. Quote: The world is full of beauty when hearts are full of love. PATRICK WHITE Memories: Concerts down the Cape, Outlaws in May, CC, Munster's cottage, MTB Seger, Gooch's trim, Quads Falcon, walls with Nazo, Fitzy on my back, C + F with PF + CW, Ke s, Under Eddy's bed, good ole? Rec. Park. Pet Peeve: waiting, gettin caught, no luck. Future Plans: good luck. ROBIN E. WIGANDT Memories: Summer of my German soldier, Bethie, FOTB Mt. Manadnock, M.A.Y.O. Pet Peeve: Calamine lotion, get- ting up in the morning. Saying: bing cherry, grape fruit, it's so stupid. Songs: Elvis "I'll remember you" "Society's Child" Ambition: Live Free or Die. Dream: Success + Happiness. IAMES WHELAN I'll never forget: The Bradford, Geils, IMP, ride, the cottage tkegl, Westfield, mailbox, Al- timont, 1.B,'s parties, Busch Mt., Animal House, 512, Scrap's, bud's. Comment: Let's go for a cruise, Future Plans: College Quote: Dream On, Dream unto your dreams come true Aero. ZOILA WHITE Happiness: is the friendship that I.G.I.V.M.C.A.C.K.E. and others offer me. Hobbies: Design + Tailoring. Peeve: cold weather, snow. Future: being an M.D. Thanks to Mr. D.K. Memories: seeing D.E. every- day. "No pida ser comprendido sino comprenderfl ROBERT I. WITHROW Happiness is: Cape Cod, Weekends, Kegs, S, graduation. Pet Peeve: Melon, Stanleys QPS, Top of the realistic line, slim. Misery is: Aqualungs irratable proverb. Suppressed desire: To own Cape Cod. Future Plans: Millionaire. PATRICIA WEBB IAMES WHELAN PATRICK WHITE ZOILA WHITE Q' , J' .fp g I Best Dancers: Vinny Brienze, Amy Leiter, Steve D. Scarpa, Cathy Citroni. SUE WHITTEMORE ROBIN WIGANDT ROBERT WITH ROW GAIL WOOD K.. ANNETTE WORHLE DONNA WORTHEN NEIL YIANACOPOLUS ANTHONY ZACCARDO Q7 1.17 grid? -or ANDREW ZANI JULIE ZANI DOREEN ZARBA MARK ZENGILOWSKI ff J is X ANNETTE I. WOHRLE Happiness: Family + Friends. Pete Peeve: being a foreigner. Memories: the dozen, Gerard, Germany, Door's crazy idea, 56-2, mission, outertowners, stories, certain parties, Mr. X, Dec. 15, Prom, and all the good times! Quote: We don't remember days, we remember moments! DONNA WORTHEN Memories: EYC, Virginia Beach, England, the SCC, Scott Happiness: long summers Pete Peeve: chauvinists Quote: "Voici mon secret. Il est tres simple: on ne voit bien qu'ave le coeur. L'essential est invisi- ble pour les yeux. - Antaine de St. Exupery. NEIL YIANACOPOLUS Dreams of the past: Concerts, NA, FA, Could St., Eddy's par- ties, IH, Hockey FB, BB Never forget: SHS, LB, junior Prom, TT IVF, 8!1O!77, Spearing Eddy. "Every minute l'm angry, I lose 60 seconds of happiness" Comment: I dedicate my year- book to,two great people: my mother 81 father" I I I rev. - l' "" Most Artistic: Sam Earle, Robin Gustafson, Mike Malzone, Cheryl Mozek MARILYN ZIBELL "The rainbow is more beautiful than the pot of gold at the end of it." Happiness: Square danc- ing and Phil. Class bake sales, rainbow fever, We want the Z's first! Pet Peeve: Stubborn locker Misery: Trying to find the car wash and wet lunch trays. MARY ZUREK "You will find that which has given you sorrow has been your greatest joy." Happiness is: Dad, doing the things you like to do. All the good times with IH. Misery: Having to rush to work. MICHAEL ZIZZA Memories: l!15!6l, "Zizza, l hate you, join track." aimlessly wandering, Reed's research paper, RIDGEWOOD uniden- tified caf. lunches. ls there life after SHS? Quote: Everyone has three characters, that which he exhibits, that which he has, and that which he thinks he has." PEGGY ZUREK Never forget: Winter of '78 down Pomworth Park with the gang. Happiness is: being with the people you care about Misery is: school Quote: The reward of a thing well done is to have done it. Best Eyes: Sandy Aronofsky, Gerry Mahoney, Dale Borgsteede, Karen Delnino. 86 MARILYN ZIBELL MARGARET ZLJREK MICHAEL ZIZZA MARY ZUREK Wittiest: john Ward, Dana from picture: Adele Gomes :E Coombs, Ann Dillon, missing Z The Faceless Minority an oo e e N, if 3 i, ,Vx R , S ,X ek f EX, L .ew e eei N l M 3 iq' ie, 'Ep Webster Baicom Wendy Somba Seven Butler Ciiffi-Y Cronier A Eames Feeney Sggwdra Forde?-L lathes Forbes ff? Edward Fqaser Lyhda Frzinkiin . my Deborah Erates iean HUHEY h ',Ahh Dawn Kenth Kath LeBianC af Ric hard LeComte e Chnstme Parker Raymond Racooppl Susan Really DOHHQRGWQI' e DH1YldzSQatola o .-,o ileNanCYiWFeCk5 Mgyygwoodman 'Biiiifi Woods L oeo H 3 N-7f -- x --:Q-Wg, Senior Favorites This page, top left: Most Versatile lack Belcher, Terese Kwiatkowski, Mary Carry above: Cheryl Auterio, Nancy Russel, Tom Panetta class loudmouthsg above right: Miss Norelli, favorite teacher. Opposite page Carr, Brenda Evans, Tim "Gooch" Angelosantop top right: Most dramatic lim Grubb, Linda Bergonzi, Paul Perry, Below, favorite teachers Mr. K. Conroy, Mr. Taseos, Mrs. Rosen. top left: Most likely to enter a convent or monestary, Bob Tucker, Mari Fi LES. 89 KATHY NANCY 1 Ma le St p . Spring Track 2,3, 101 17 Flint Ave. DEBORA 563 Main St. rack 2,3,4, reasurer 3,4, DALE Tennrs 2,3,4 3 Margaret Rd. 101 41 4 2 SAC 2 3 Roll, Varsity Terr. 4, Track 2 toneham, Ma. Sluneham, Ma. :Ma Rd. Stoneham, jazz Ensemble ELIZABETH DONNELLY Editor 3, Homecoming Committee 4, Honor Roll 4. 106 2 Royal St. Stoneham, Ma. Basketball 537 Main St. Stoneham, Ma. 106 45 Lincoln St. Stoneham, Ma. Cross Coun- Track 2,3,4, Spanish Club 3,4, Honor Roll 4. 6 3 Sycamore Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Baseball 3,4, r Roll 3,4, Colorado Outward Bound 3. 06 6 Vera Lane, Stoneham, Ma. 106 10 Bonad Rd. Stoneham, Ma. 106 111 Pond St. Stoneham, Ma. 06 36 Pond St. Stoneham, Ma. III 106 36 Pond St. Stoneham, Ma. Travel Club Art 4, 2 Art Awards 4, Homecoming Committee 4. 106 29 Hillside Ave. Stoneham, Ma. r 8 South Marble St. Stoneham, Ma. Honor Roll 2, 3, Audio-Visual 2,3,4, Fencing Club 4. 106 3 Longbow Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Stevens St. Stoneham, Ma. 106 16 Crosby St. Stoneham, Ma. Nurses' Club 4, Interact Club 4, Pep Squad 2, National Honor Soci- 106 49 Wright St. Stoneham, Ma. Tutoring 4, Honor Roll ROBERT ESTES 106 68 Spring St. Stoneham, Ma. Tennis 2,3,4, Na- tional Honor Society 4, Yearbook 4, Honor Roll 2,3,4. RUTH ESTES 106 68 Sgring St. Stoneham, Ma. Tennis 2,3, Volleyball 3, Worpen's .Issue 4, Year ook Asst. Editor 4, National Honor Society 4, Roll 2,3,4, BRENDA EVANS 106 244 North St. Stoneham, Ma. PAUL 106 110 Pond St. Stoneham, Ma. Italian Club 3,4, 106 48 Brookbridge Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Football 106 33 Tremont St. Stoneham, Ma. Football 2. 106 16 Myopia Rd. Stoneham, Ma. FEINDEL 106 280 Main St. Stoneham, Ma. Soccer 2,3,4, 2,3,4, 106 28 Cottage St Stoneham Ma FOLEY Committee of Teachers FOLEY IAMES FORBES 107'f 171 Valley Rd.,,,51nneham, , Ma. A SANDRA FORBES 1071 35 'Lee St. Stoneham, , . GERR1 FOTINO 107 14 Ellen Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Ma1dil151iies,,3,4..f5f,1,,,a Lieutenant. ' ' Nrqff : S Mg LYNDA FRANKLIN 107 V A EDWARD FRASER 107 12 Mr. Vernon si. sronehannjvta. DEBORAH FRATES 107 9 Unicorn Ave. Stoneham, Ma. PAMELA FREEMAN 107 24 Governor Rd. Stoneham, Ma. HAROLD FROTTON 107 6 South Marble St. Stoneham, Ma.. IOYCE FUCCl 107 122 Summer St. Stoneham, Ma. 1 s rf,,rr ,. - 1 ,1 w1LuAM HILL me 17 Bonad Rd. Stoneham, Ma. vearblmkstrnaynurl Editor 4, Dracula Technical Crew 4, Basketball 2,3, Soccer 3.' Ir , LAuR1E HINCHEY 108 87 spring sz. sfnneham, Mis. Band 2,3,4,l5par- tanfihorale 4, Honor Roll 2,3,4, Drama Club 3,4, , 1 E HQQIISI 1151112111 Bnnonwood Rdi srnnenafn, Ma.r1mnng111sm 2,3, HOGAN 108 28 Fieldstone'l1'Jr.'lllStoneham, Ma? Carnival Ball'2,3,4, Voice'of Democracy Speech Contest 4, American Legion Speech Contest 4, Close-up 2, Harvard Model U.N. 4, Varsitg Schqlx Media Club 2,3. ' V 8 f LORRMNE HOLMAN 108 12 Kirmes Rd. Stonehami, Mar A as CAROLE HORNE 108 9 Hanford Rd, Stoneham, Ma. Honor Roll 2,3,4, 108 40 Windsor Rd. Stoneham, Ma 1, Ma Spring 3,4 - Co-captain Varsity Scholar 3, nt Council Pres. 4, Math Team 4, North St Central St CAROL CAROL Emerson PAU LA GRUBB 107 TONA GUSTAFSON Ro 4 Most Society 4 13 234 T 108 :MH WlLLlAM Editor 4 O IAMES LEE 109 8 Rowe St. Stoneham, Ma. BILL LEFAVE 109 10 Carroll St. Stoneham, Ma. AMY LEITER 109 12 Stonewood Ave. Stoneham, Ma. Drama Club 4, Yearbook 4, Travel Club 4, Carnival Ball 4, Homecoming Committee 4. ALISON A. LEONARD 109 S94 Main St. Stoneham, Ma. Class Pres. 3,4, Student Council 2, Yearbook 4, Honor Roll 2,3,4, Varsity Scholar 2,3,4, Honor Society 4, Basketball 2,3, Track 2,3,4, Brown Book Award 3, Political Discovery 2, Close-Up 4, Model U.N. 4, NEMDSC officer 3, SAC 3. PATTI LEWIS 109 15 Wagner Stoneham, Ma. y I 109 l23lSunllse Ave. Stoneham,.Ma. PlS'l'lllflLONG 109 I I I THOMAS LONG 109 103 Elm St. Stoneham, Ma. , TIMOTHY LOUGHMAN 109 54 Bow St. Stoneham, Ma. Honor Roll 2,3, Senior Class Play 3, Football 2,3, Baseball 2,3. THOMAS LUTHER 109 131 A Summer St. Stoneham, Ma. IOHN MACEACHERN 109 10 Gould St. Stoneham, Ma. Basketball 2. MAcIEt 109 14 Brackeriav-s.storIeham,Ma. MAQNEIL me 100-1 Main si. sranehaIrIfiMa. National 4, Honor Roll 2,3,4, Marching Band 3,4,, NCTE Writing Ct51flielLt"3, National Merit Commended Scholar. i'BRlAN'MAGLIONE Ios 43 Lotus Ave. Stoneham, Ma. PAUL MAGUIRE 109 7 Mt. Vernon St. Stoneham, Ma. , GERARD MAHONEY 109 46 Summer St. Stoneham, Ma. Soccer 2,3,4 -r Co-captain M.V.P. Winter Track 4, Spring Track 2,3, Latin Club 2,3. MICHAEL MALZONE 109 22 Beacon St. Stoneham, Ma. ftoacitr Mmsicano Ia-si I 3 Hanford Rd. sroneham, Ma. Football 14, I.ItorIngN4., , i orsmto Mmsinirsils me 40 Perkins st. storreharrr, Ma. Member of I Spartan Chorale 3,4, Bicycle Touring Club 3, Class Marshall 3. CAROL MARTINO 109 10 Buttonwood Rd. Stoneham, Ma. IAMES MCATEER 109 21 Isabella si. Stoneham, Ma. Football 2, Hockey 2,3,4, Spring Track 3,4, ' -PAT MCCALLUM 109 14 Charles St. Stoneham, Ma. DECA 4, Seeds 3. ELENA MCCARTHY 109 7 Perkins St. Stoneham, Ma. f ,KAREN MCCARTHY 109 2 VallE,'y'Rtl. Smneham, Ma. KAREN MCCLEARN 1,09 3,26lWilliam St. Stoneham, Ma.,Honor ,Rdll 2,3,4, Tracie 2, rIDramajI1lZCluby2l3 - Vice-fares., 4 - Cosrpijesgig Math flieam 3, National Horlorrf5r1CietyI"2l, Senior Class Play 2,3,4,1llIl'larcl'ilng Band 2,3,4, Concert Band 2,3,4,,lazz Ensemble 3,4, susan Mcoonisiett 109 9 North Border Rd. sioneham, Ma. ilNILLlAM MCDONOUGH Ios 58 Gotrid si. sroneham, Ma. JACKIE MCGRAIL 109 17 Wright St. Stoneham, Ma. Varsity Scholar 3, Honor Roll 2,3, Field Hockey 2,3, Track 3, Student Council 4, Math Team 3,4, Drama Club 4, Latin Club 3, Future Nurses Club 2, Senior Womens Group 4, Interact 3, Colleglum Musicum 4. ,DANIEL Mckenzie 109 ya Gerry st. Stoneham, Ma. LlllU,RlE 110 0 West Hancock, Stoneham, Ma. SUSAN MCLAUGHLIN 1 10 47 Perkins St. Stoneham, Ma. WILLIAM MCLAUGHLIN 110 30 Brookbridge Rd. Stoneham, Ma. TONY MCNEELEY 110 IOANNE Mcnutrv noi 119 Franklin st. Stoneham, Ms. I ROSE MEEGAN 110 56 Stevens St. Stoneham, Ma. Track 2, Math Team 2,3, Band 3,4, Yearbook 4, Tutoring 4, National Honor Society 4. DEBORAH MENDALKA 110 7 Oriental Ct. Stoneham, Ma. RANDOLPH E. MERCER 110 71 Washington St. Stoneham, Ma, SCOTT MESSINA 110 12 George St. Stoneham, Ma. LYNN MEUSE 110 9 Church St. Stoneham, Ma. KAREN MIASSERIAN 110 N 1 Theresa Rd. Stoneham, Ma. lV softball 2, El'.fr?2l?afll"g 3' f5l'll"i'm'll'Fl'I 4' 'lf LISA MlCALE no 39 wairh Ave. stoaeham, Ma. I I LISA MIGLIACCl 110 15 Middlesex Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Honor Roll 2. DAVID MILLER 110' 14 Sheridan Rd. Stoneham, Pa. DAVID MINGHELLA 110 17 Sunset Rd. Stoneham, Ma. NANCY MITCHELL 119 290 William St. Stoneham, Ma. LORENE MOBll.lA 110 19 Lawndale Rd. Stoneham, Ma. ,giisirnour 'MONIDELLO 1110 I 4 ,Wright st. Stoneham, Ma. iaRENIJA,MoNrElItol no w'122ParkSt.Stonel1am,Ma. I DONNA MORAN ,110 120 Collincote St. Stoneham, Ma. Sr. Womens Group 4, Dance Club 4, Tutoring 4, Honor Roll 2,3,4, Gym Leader 4, Library Asst. 4, PHILIP MORGAN 110' 5 Harrison St. Stoneham, Ma. PATTY MORLEY 110 13 Drummond Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Student Council 2,3, Gymnastics 2,3,4 - Captain, Maiorettes 3,4 - Captain, Softball 2. IUDITH MORRISON 110 SUEBETH MORRISSEY 110 4 Hanford Rd. Stoneham, Ma. cirisitvt Mozsk 110 23 Girard Rd.sr0rrei1am, Ma.. 4 4 BENJAMIN MUISE 110 34 Marble St. Stoneham, Ma. ALFRED MUISE 110 81 Calthea St. Stoneham, Ma. BARBARA MURPHY 112 7 Sunrise Ave. Stoneham, Ma. IOHN MURPHY 112 73 Robin Hood Rd, Stoneham, Ma. KERRY MURPHY 112 62 Oak St. Stoneham, Ma. Women's Club 3,4, MARY BETH MURPHY 112 9 Sheridan Rd, Stoneham, Ma. PATRICIA MURPHY 112k 1,s.storIewooti jAve. sroneham, Ma, CAFELA Musro IIz 7 Ellen Ita. stone-ham, Ma. Italian ciub 4, Travel Clu 4. SUSAN NARDELLA 112 8 Evergreen Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Softball 2, Basketball 2, Chorus 2,3, Secretaries Club 3 - Sales manager. LISA NAZARIAN 112 4 High St, Stoneham, Ma. Spartan Choral 3,4, Secretaries' Club 4, Tutoring 2,3. lOSEPH NICHOLS 112 43 Pleasant St. Stoneham, Ma. DAWNA NICKERSON 1 12 7 Prospect St. Stoneham, Ma. National Honor Society 4, Honor Roll 2,3,4, Drama Club 2,3,4 - Co-pres., Band 3,4, Tutoring 3, Varsity Schorlar 3. CHERYL NOONE' '1'12"2 june Rd. Stonel1am,'Ma. Field Hockey 2, Track 2, Volleyball 3, Tutoring 4, Yearbook 4, Senior Tea 3, Graduation Usher 3, Carnival Ball Usher 4. IACQUELINE O'BRlEN 112 36 Lee St. Stoneham, Ma. PAUL O'CALLAGHAN 53 Gculd Sl. Stoneham, Ma. IOANNE O'GRADY 112 1 Spruce St. Stoneham, Ma. Secretary 2,3, Spanish Club 3, Women's Club 4, Gymnastics 2,3,4, Softball 2, Track 3, Float Committee. TODD OLSON 112 8 Rafferty Rd. Stoneham, Ma, Football 2, Basket- ball 2,3,4, Honor Roll 2,3, Varsity Scholar 3, Graduation Usher 3. ANNE O'NElI. 112 62 Park St. Stoneham, Ma. RONALD ORBAN 112 MARYELLEN O'TOOl.E 112 I6 Flint Ave. Stoneham, Ma. STEPHANIE OVERBY 112 5 Eastern Ave. Stoneham, Ma. Community Service 2,3, Tutoring 4, Math team 2, Women's Group Varsity Scholar 2,3. ci-irzisrirot Pftoua 112 6 Theresa Rd. stone-ham, Ma. social: chan: man 2,3,4, Track 2, Cheering 3,4 -- Co-captain National Honor Society 4, Honor Roll 2,3,4, Tutoring 4, Varsity Scholar 3,4, Senior Women's Club 4, Carnival Ball 4. CTNDY PAIGE 112 32 Oak St. Stoneham, Ma. CAROL T. PALERMO 112 205 Hancock St. Stoneham, Ma. I THOMAS PANETTA 112 22 Crosby St. Stoneham, Ma. LINDA PANTANO 112 63 Westwood Rd. Stoneham, Ma. I CARYN PAONESSA 112 36 Fieldstone Dr. Stoneham, Ma. vzcroizm Psttrceirsio 112 I CHRIS PARKER 112 15 Pine St. Stoneham, Ma. DONNA PENKETH 112 8 Myopia Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Future Nursing 3, . IAN PENNEY 112 7 West Ferdinand St. Stoneham, Ma. Cheering 3,4-, Homecoming Queen 4, Carnival Ball 4, Tutoring 4, Honor Roll 3,4, Senior Women's Club 4. THOMAS PERCOCCO 112 CAROL A. PEREZ 112 96 North St. Stoneham, Ma. PAUL PERRY 112 12 Crosby St. Stoneham, lvl. cnizisnmrs PETTO 112 113 cemfai sf. smneham, Ma. Tutoring 2, Math Team 2, Volleyball 3, Renssalaer Medal 3, Varsity Scholar 3, Corn- munity Service 3,4, National Honor Society 4, Tutoring 4. KAREN PINELLI 112 22 Lawndale Rd. Stoneham, Ma. DEBORAH PONTE 114 5 Gigante Dr. Stoneham, Ma. NEIL PQRTER 114 3 Pinewood RCI. Stoneham, Ma. MIKE POTHIER 114 100 Summer St. Stoneham, Ma. STEPHANIE Pon 1 14 9 Longbaw rad. smneham, Ma. Women's club. KATHLEEN POWERS 114 15 Dean St. Stoneham, Ma. STEPHEN PRIOR 114 Football 2,3,4, Track 2,3,4, Gym Leader 4, Honor Roll 2,3,4. TAMMY PROCTOR 114 27 Middlesex Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Student of the Month. PHILIP PUGLISI 114 5 Bonad Rd. Stoneham, Ma. DECA 3,4 Q- Pres., Bicycle Club 3,4, Ski Club 3,4, A.V. 2. RAYMOND RACIOPPI 114 4 Lucy St. Stoneham, Ma. FAITH L. RAIFMAN 1 14 20 Fieldstone Dr. Stoneham, Ma. CHRISTINE RECKO 114 34 Evergreen Rd. Stoneham, Ma. LAURA REID 114 50 MacArthur Rd. Stoneham, Ma. BRIAN REINOLD 114 29 Evergreen Rd. Stoneham, Ma. ANDREA REIS 114 3 Rhuland Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Varsity Scholar 3, Honor Roll 3, Basketball 3,4. ELIZABETH RELLO 114 31 Chestnut St. Stoneham, Ma. THERESA RIVERA 114 57 Forest St. Stoneham, Ma. THOMAS ROACH 114 105 Franklin St. Stoneham, Ma. Italian Club 2,3, Honor Roll 2,3. IOANNE ROBERTS 114 16 Washington Ave. Stoneham, Ma. Band 2,3,4, Drama Club 4, School paper 2,3,4, Math team 4, Close-up 3, Tutor- ing 4, Interact 4 -- secretary. LINDA ROBILLARD 114 2 Lexington St. Stoneham, Ma. French Club 2, Future Nurses Club 2,3,4, Drama Club 4, Spring Track 2, Band 3,4. BRIAN RODRIQUES 114 1153 Franklin St. Stoneham, Ma, f RON ROIAK 114 28 Perkins St. Stoneham, Nia. jazz Band 4, Bike Club 3, Ski Club 4, Spanish Club 3, Marching Band 2,3,4, IOYCE ROLL! 114 3 Crescent Ave. Stoneham, Ma. Cheerleader 3. JAMES RGMANO 114 ' RKIHARD ROSSETTI 114 17 Kays Rd.. Stoneham, Ma. Baseball 2,3,4, Winter Track 4, Running Club 4, Chesstilub 3, 'Drama Club 2, Honor Roll 2,3,4, National Honor Society 4 - Vice-pres., Varsity Scholar 3,4. ALICE ANNE RUMP 114 20 Kenneth Terr. Stoneham, Ma. Student Council 3,4 -- Vice-pres., Spartan Chorale 3,4 --- Pres., interact 4 -- Pres., National Honor Society 4, Yearbook 4, ioumalism 3, Volleyball 3,4 -- Manager Womens issues 4. f NANCY RUSSELL 114 ,32 lfv1apIerSr. Stoneham, Ma, I , s JULIE SALAMONE 114 3 StockwelI.Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Math Team 4, Spanish Club 3, Senior Tea 3, Carnival Ball 4, Ski Club 2,3, Field Hockey 3,4, Softball 2,3, Volleyball 2, Travel Club 3f1fCI'1OI'U'S 3, National Honor Society 4, Varsity Soho ar 2,3,4. ' C DANTEL SALERA 114 18 Greenview Rd. Stoneham, Ma. f BETH SANDLER 114 14 Kirmes Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Dance Club 3, Pep Squad 3, Science Ciub 4. . f MARK SAPIENZA 114 West St. Stoneham, Ma. Italian Club 2,3,, Car- nival Ball 3,4. 1 , , STEPHEN o.scARPA 114 3w.rerdinafd s1.s1Qneham,Ma. yt STEPHEN PAUL SCARPA 3114 49 Butler Ave. Stoneham, Ma. Italian Club 2,4, Varsity Scholar 2,3,4, Honor Roll 2,3,4. V PAMELA SCHULTZ 114 130 Marble St. Stoneham, Ma, lr. Achieve- ment 3 -- Secretary, Tutoring 4.. f . K. JOHN SCRIBNER 116 10 Drury Lane, Stoneham, Ma. ' DIANE SELANDER 116 21 Hartford Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Track 2, Ten- nis 3, Spartan Chorale 2,3,4, Girls Ensemble 2,3, Chamber Singers. 3, Yearbook 4, Carnival Ball 4. K LAWRENCE senirmtoi its 21 Wright sr. smneham, Mal., 1 MICHELLE SERVELLO 116 17 Evergreen Rd. Stoneham, Ma. PAUL SHANNON 116 17 Avalon Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Soccer 4, Tennis 2,3,4, Student Council 3,4 - Treasurer, Spartan Chorale 3,4, Yearbook 4, Honor Roll 2,3,4. LISA SHEEHAN 116 34 Chestnut St. Stoneham, Ma. Tutoring 4, Womf en's Issues 4, Honor Roll 3. RONALD SHEPPARD 116 515 Main St. Stoneham, Ma. ROBERT SIMPSON 116 Hockey 2,4, Football 2, Honor Roll 4. MICHAEL SKERRY 1 16 46 Windsor Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Baseball 2,3,4, Track 4, Community Service 2,3,4, Gym Leader 2,3,4. MARGARET SMAIL 116 15 Minot St. Stoneham, Ma. CAROL SMITH 116 91 Washington St. Stoneham, Ma. Secretaries Club 4, Spartan Chorale 3,4, Senior Women's Group 4. CATHLEEN SMITH 116 1 Cedar Ave. Stoneham, Ma. IEANNE SMITH 116 43 Bow St. Stoneham, Ma. DAVID SPATOLA 116 9 Sherwood Rd. Stoneham, Ma. MARK SPINDLER 5 Avalon Rd. Stoneham, Ma. KAREN ST. AMANO 116 23 Keene St. Stoneham, Ma. ROSEMARY ST. GEORGE 1 16 31 Perkins St. Stoneham, Ma. Field Hockey 2,3,4, Spartan Chorale 2,3,4, Chamber Singers 2,3, Carnival Ball 2,3,4, Women's Issues 4, Honor Roll 2,4. IAMES STAFHERI we 4 Celestine Terr. stoneham, Ma. Golf 2,3,4. IEAN STANIEICH 116 10 Elaine Rd. Stoneham, Ma. DAVID STONE 116 28 High St. Stoneham, Ma. Cross Country 2,3, Winter Track 2,3, Spring Track 2,3, LISA STONE 116 28 High St. Stoneham, Ma. VICTORIA STRATTON 116 431 William St. Stoneham, Ma. Drama Clif,1t'2,3,4, jr. Achievement 3 - Treasurer. TEROME STRAZZULLA 116 64 Washington St. Stoneham, Ma. DIANA SUDANO 116 6 Plaza Ave. Stoneham, Ma. DECA 3,4 - Sec.!Treas. 3. KATHLEEN SULLIVAN 116 19 Whipple Ave. Stoneham, Ma. LYNN A. SULLIVAN 32 Spring Lane, Stoneham, Ma. 116 IACQUELINE SURETTE 116 7 Calthea St. Stoneham, Ma. MARY SUTERMEISTER 116 131 Central St. Stoneham,,Ma. CARMEL SZLOCH 116 28 Windsor Rd. Stoneham, Ma. IACQUELINE TARR 116 46 Washington St. Stoneham, Ma. TERESA TAVERNESE 70 Westwood Rd. Stoneham, Ma. VALERIE TERRAVECCHIA 116 164 Green St. Stoneham, Ma. lr. Achievement 2,3 - Pres., Italian Club 3. STEPHEN THAYER 116 28 Newcomb Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Basketball 2,3, Baseball 3, Track 4, Spartan Chorale 4, Honor Roll 2,3. DENISE THERIAULT 116 38 Lee St. Stoneham, Ma. DIANA THORLEY 116 67 Oak St. Stoneham, Ma. EDDIE TIBBETTS 116 27 Katherine St. Stoneham, Ma. Winter Track 2,3,4, Spring Track 2,3,4. STEVEN TIGHE 116 19 Isabella St. Stoneham, Ma. Basketball 2,3,4, Guys and Dolls 3, Spartan Chorale 3,4, Honor Roll 2. BRIAN TARI 116 KAJHY TRAKNYAK 118 107 MacArthur Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Honor Ro . ROBERT TRANT 118 7 Gould St. Stoneham, Ma. Football 2,3,4. IAMES TREACY 118 CYNTHIA TROIANO 118 54 Pond St. Stoneham, Ma. ROBERT TUCKER 118 35 Windsor Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Basketball 3, Winter Track 4, Spartan Chorale. KAREN TUMINELLI 118 S7 Oak St. Stoneham, Ma. DIANE VASILOPOULOS 118 55 Gorham Ave. Stoneham, Ma. Al- penhof Ski Club 3,4, Political Discovery 2, Basketball 2, Honor Roll 2,3,4, Tutoring Club 4, National Honor Society 4, Yearbook Editor 4, Varsity Scholar 3,4, ROBERT VERHAULT 118 34 Fairview Rd. Stoneham, Ma. SHARON L. WAITE 118 107 Vernon St. Wakefield, Ma. ROBERT WALKER 118 21 Calthea St. Stoneham, Ma. ROBERT WALLS 118 10 Cabot Rd. Stoneham, Ma. IOHN WARD 118 78 Robin Hood Rd. Stoneham, Ma, WARD' 118 99 Franklin St. Stoneham, Ma. Honor Roll 2,3. COLLEEN WALSH 118 74 Marble St. Stoneham, Ma. :om waaefu its zo Wilson Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Ski Club 2,3,4, Peer councilihg 3,4, Political Discovery 2, Basketball 2, Newspaper 2,3, PATTY WEBB 118 11 washington si. sioneham, Ma. .IAMES N. WHELAN 118 19 Harrison St. Stoneham, Ma. MICHAEL VVHITCOMB 118 391 William St. Stoneham, Ma. PATRICK WHITE 118 22 Gorham Ave. Stoneham, Ma. Football 2,3,4. ZOILA WHITE 118 10 Maple St. Stoneham, Ma. Community service 4, Drama 4, Interact 4, Tutoring 4. DOROTHY SUE WHITTEMORE 118 1 Whittemore Lane, Stoneham, Ma. 118 24 Congress St. Stoneham, Ma. Science Club 4, Math Team 4, Tutoring 3,4, CPR 4, Voice 3,4, Close-up 3, Interact 4, Drama 2,4, Seeds 4, Pep Squad 2,3, Travel Club 2,3,4. ROBERT WITHROW 118 8 Lexington St. Stoneham, Ma. GAIL WOOD 118 62 Newcomb Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Basketball 2,3, Field Hockey 2, Spring Track 2,3,4 - Co-captain Cross country 3,4, Winter Track 4, National Honor Society, Varsity Scholar 2,3. MARY WOODMAN 118 25 Curve Rd. Stoneham, Ma. BRIAN WOODS 118 65 Park St. Stoneham, Ma. ANNETTELWOHRLE 118 80 Perkins St. Stoneham, Ma. Peer counsel- ing 3,4, Tutoring 4, Seeds 4, Carnival Ball 3,4, Drama 4, Softball 2,3, Track 4, Honor Roll 2,3,4, Varsity Scholar 3,4, DONNA WORTHEN 118 8 8 Dianne Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Track 2, Latin'CIub 2,3, National Honor Society 4. NEIL YIANACOPOLUS 118 46 Maple St. Stoneham, Ma. ANTHONY ZACCARDO 118 24 Montvale Ave. Stoneham, Ma. ANDREW ZANI 118 18 Rodgers Rd. Stoneham, Ma. IULIE ZANI 118 30 Waverly St. Stoneham, Ma. Basketball 2,3,4, Softball 2,3,4 - Captain, Yearbook 4, Honor Roll 4, Gym Leader 2. DOREEN A. ZARBA 118 17 Barbara Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Tutoring 4, Seeds 4, Spanish Club 3, Carnival Ball 4, National Honor Society 4, Honor Roll 2,3,4, Drama Club 4, Gymnastics 2,3. MARK ZENGILOWSKI 118 9 Stone Ave. Stoneham, Ma. MARILYN ZIBELL 118 24 Endicott Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Seeds 2,3,4, Paper 3, Women's Group 4, Travel Club 2, Community Service 4, Pep Squad 4, Volleyball 3, Interact 4 - Treasurer, Dance Club 3,4, CPR 4. MICHAEL ZIZZA 118 6 Fatima Rd. Stoneham, Ma. Soccer 2,4, Basket- ball 2,3,4, Track 2,4. MARY ZUREK 118 11 Walnut St. Stoneham, Ma. PEGGY ZUREK 118 11 Walnut St. Stoneham, Ma. li Counter Clockwise, top to bottom: Nancy Pizzotti and Steve Blauvelt dancing America's newest Craze - Discop the Car- nival Ball's usherettesg Mistresses of Ceremonies Alice Anne Rump and Mary Carry Amy Leiter in the Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy chorus lineg the 1979 King CGerard Mahoneyl, Queen lPatty Morleyl and pages CLisa Hegarty and jason Englishl Carnival CBaII 5050 50 -I 5 Qacfdw f4mcwm-uf 1979 QI' iw" 132 f N' X 9, 2 la y S rv nfl f 'ml ll 5 94432-'1 y E M WW The year 1979 marked the Golden Anniversary of the Carnival Ball. The winter carnival, originating over 50 years ago, included a week long chain of events that ended in a night of entertainment and the crowning of the king and queen. Highlighting this week were skiing and snow shoe races at Unicorn Golf course, skating at Kimball's Pond, and a bonfire after the hockey game between the rival Stoneham and Reading teams. Fifty years later, the Carnival Ball with its king, queen, royal court, and variety show still remains for the enjoyment of the townspeople. To celebrate the anniversary of this time honored occasion was to re-introduce the kings and queens who had reigned in Carnival Balls past. 25.25 il -sf" 2' 'fr , iii' A--ur? f Mr. Bob Carroll introduced the gaiety and sophistica- tion ofthe 1920's with Scott loplin's Leaf Rag. Above, left to right: attendants Marybeth Murphy, Paula Dolan, Laura Antonucci, Tina Padur, lan TOP T0 bottomr Mrs. L0iS ROS'-mf the Stage Show di' Penny, Karen St. Amand, back row: Linda Bergonzi, f9CiOi'? Diane Selfiiidei Singing "Make B9li9V9H from Terri Tavernese, Annette Whorle, Karen Miasserian. Showboat, Zoila White preparing to dance the flap- per's Charleston. as 1 X X 'K -K ,f x Va ,x 'x0'T'Y XX 'CWXS X. -LXYYVX kb -'-. A x QA, xxx 3-,x xxywx' 4, vsp 4 4 ? W? I uv Ss A , 1 s C gk 4.1. :Jsite page, counter clockwise: Mr. Walter conducting the jazz Ensemble-5 attendant Tina Padurg the Carnival BaIl's King and Queeng Attendant a Antonuccip Matt jones and Brian McAteer making themselves handsomeg Tim Hogan on special effects. This page, counter clockwise: the ival Chorus, Cindy Troiano sings a sixties' love songg Paul Fabbri - drummer for Vengeanceg Nick Turco, Susan Perry, Rosemary St. George Paul Perry doing "You Wonderful You", a Paul Perry Originalp Maurice Goldstein serenades on his saxaphone. ..' . . . -, . - , . .' 1 " . - '. ' - . . . . . . . . . I .. -. 4 7 l ,. .-' , X.'. . .,. 4 "I 1. Il' I U 1 tor. . - . I . K' 'O , 5 hp 'n .' . .' - , 1 , , . . .6 . . .- .- . I '. . .' 0, . 5 , . .. . C I 9 ' v I- ' . . . - - . . n , . V 0 . . ! 'i ' CQ 'U - . . , " 1 ' Q I I " ' , n -5 '. s . 1 U- 1 , . U U . .4 0 . . . 1" 1 a - . ' '-. . .- l.u t e , n m . 4 5 . . ,' . . -.,..., N. . 1. fa , '15, . . , . 1 - 1 1 . . Y --' I'- ,. .. I .1 ' I ' . f'-. "f'5u:' 'v . '.-'-.' ' ,.. . ..- , uv-.s,'u..-,.,.' .f.!..-v g ,K'f' -' 'TX -'.- .413 ." .' I 1. , , .., .si-'-, . - -- -. . , : : .'o:. -".S-,Aix-J:95:,:.. . 1 ' 1' '-I '- ' 0 4 v . 1 ,. I . -- . , 4 ', ,. 1" - . . . 'Iv . --. 'r ,.,'f l 'Q-1,1 ,,- . , .' ' ' -- " .,-fa," Y". ..' '. U-1 . - I I .: Q u' ,, ,I -, .I I . ' , -.- "f-,u -xg-. .,v,...,. - - '. :U aw. .'.-,-:.:.., v- '-. s -. - ' -, .- gg.--z .f-,g ..... ' . , . 4 . 'n -4- -I ,, , . 1. Q.. 1,- . . .- . .. ,:.- - 'I .3 1' i 4' ,. , . '- ,. n N 9 . ,. . .'..,' . .. i in . - . I 0 4 .'. . . .4 I"'.eF,. iff .r, - . . ,Q HO.. I 4- . ,.'.s.. '-T? 'J- .-...Os Q 4 - 1... , ,f . v. Qs Q n .'-J I ,, . :J a- 0. 'ng- -'zjz " 5-nl on .N Q . . . ,,3. .. 1 ..-e, . ., 2. -L' sl' ' . ta., . x I ' 'Q . . . . C' ' .r 0 'qi -. u . ,v rs I -1' .7 'i' ' n sf W aff .. ,u . r- 'E '.- It .2 ,s G. -1 s - ' 5' A . 1. I 151 r. qu -,. if 5 Inn: 'E-Z 053 "'. 4,5 s N 1 3. 'r 'E . . 1 0 .s 1 n.' , . - v . s v 1 ' I ' .x .. -s. I if ,. u 4' .4 1 . 5 1... .1 I sl '- , . ,. . lu a .' -" 1, - . . , . . ur - ' nl l.' . .- ...'., ,. ,. . -.,1. ' ln 0, I I 1. 3 .'1u I ," .ETL - I' ., . .. ,, . 'z..-'-f h 1 "X .. Z' ' 'Z ' -- 1 J . .lt i.--J '- '.:" .1 - . . . .bi ' ., f - ., . pug .-1-1.1. .. -.1 ' "- . .." .-si' 1-' , -'- .1-'Z' .. ,. ,,., J., . FW-.z" ' . .-jg , . Academics Seniors Acti ities Business . ,,.. .ng- .'."' .7115- 5 1 0 ' 0 4' ll '. . I ' 1 00 ' ' . . .. G 1 I ..,':'."-" -5'-., , . . 1 .l ,. . ,. . + '.. - 9 - - ' ' J. :'. 3- '- n .. 0' " .-l -".. 'lf' :.' may ,, ui 'x,! ..- -15-L. ' ' ."'o' . Ea! -..-'-Ae' . . .M-f-h:','j,-QI, MHA XXX S 1 N DFT W 1,-4"i"4,f K V' S. ,QNX .,, ,mu ' YJ. 'R xxx A XXX x kv X 55.1 NY 1 ,,j,:Wr,,MQg,5,,. ., . ' x N". 1-.aa ' .x.,, ' af w-- ui 54157.1:w ,paw-an! V , .44..m-, ge, r.,S:Q.tf5m,x,s C N: . .wen Q , - M . ' ' , ,J 4'frQ'H.4 , ,- V, ,V L , K Q aw? A' sr 'wx x7"Wf2Y' K. x x s. -x 'xx -, .' N xx X, XX. , ,X xx X .x H 'N X 'XXX Q. NYX KAN xr- '.'K'.x, Ak 4 Spartan athletes show the desire that is necessary for a winning team. Athletes Spring into Action Dana Beane lets one fly. "So this is what the view from third is like .Y egg' ,Q ,PX ,gr 'N Girls softball team takes loss in stride. Lorene Mobilia all wound up. Below, Chris Chambers and Bill Hunt win footrace to the ball. To right, Spartan defense consisting of Gerry Mahoney, Chris Chambers, Tim Palerme, and lim Drew race back to thwart an opposing rush. Coach Kennedy displays his anger at an officiaI's call. Coach Kennedy displays his anger at an official's call. 106 finish in Fourth Place The water fountain is a popular spot for the Spartans during half-time. Pictured here is Michael Zizza giving "The Finger." Balcom, joe Cleary, Gerry Mahoney, Rick Fiendel, Bob - lleft to right? john Cloutier, Mark St. Amand, Bill Hunt, Scott Boretti, Tom Kelly, and Coach Michael Kennedy. A determined Rich Fiendel pursues an elusive opponent. 107 1 'l ' ,, ""' I ,giawffffiflr f If if 4 W 2 f' gf f After a tremendous first season, the girl spikers experienced the opposite end of the sports spectrum, as they stumbled to a 5-9 record. Captains Pam Branson and Patty De Cola pro- vided stimulating leadership to the team, which was suffering greatly from the loss of last year's senior squad. Nevertheless, the Spartans did a fine job and bumped off many tough op- ponents. - , ewggiw 1 A -.. , 5 2 A E ,,,. . . ,. ..k,,,?g,,i.', ieaeiie Q gl .,,, 'L,L: Kxii 'q 'l, 5 x iiei!-hsisz-'E A 5 4, Q W 2 is m. 'fi' 431 is 3 1 5 K N . . Mari iovi xecutes a i peif win a P0'n,' f 'W a oppo- i Ni? ir' ,,-. 5 a .b an ag- ':' . Pauline Bryangsg , eQISiitl1rough with an nt spike. julie Zaniipgg muelpefffort to help wfn me. Team watches? Znity, Qecola sets up for the spike. WT-'igbnt row: Donna-lean Aruda, julie Zani, Co-cagminsaalgagx QQQQli-1 -and Pam aeie J iilie are 'Mrsv La We, Marial eaefi lllle i Wil li so n , A A li, F' xi i 'wr I n 'S -if , , Agni SML? fgwgf' . in fsbilfii 4: '9 W5 C-43 lv X! 109 Football Hopes Sacked Rich Jamieson pulled down while running with the ball. J , ,,A,. An injured joe Calcavecchia rests with an ice pack on his foot. Victory smiles light the faces of the team as they jog off xi fy! O the field. 110 Quarterback Richie lamieson exchanges a few pensive words with Neil Yianacopulous. Pig Pile! ls this football of kill the tit? may Jamieson leaps over downed Spartan defense tackles ball 1an with the ball? yers to gain a few yards for Stoneham. Coach Paul White with captain Dana Beane. After a troubled season last year, the Spartan football team turned in a surprisingly disappointing season this year. At the start of the season, Coach White had high hopes for this team which had many returning varsity players. They battled to a 3-3 record against some tough Middlesex Leagues teams, but then they crumbled and lost three straight to Belmont, Woburn, and Reading. The team played two good games against Belmont and Woburn, but when Thanksgiving rolled around, they again tried unsuccessfully to defeat the less talented Reading team. Front row: P. White, T. Conserva, S. Angelosanto, I. Abbott, 1. Angelosanto, B. Trant, back row: V. Brienze, C Cormier, B. Mangano, N, Yianacopoulos, D. Beane, 1. Belcher, S, Prior, I. Fantasia, R. lamieson, lil Har ..,."a-+-was-f-Qfef':"K .- ' , - fs is :pw ff. , , .,,, . , in 19 ' ' , .. , ,Ji 4 4 k f' S-,.. - k It - X a s I .3 f ff . ,m x . V I xv gg, Taz, the team mascot, surveys the field. Spartans struggle for the ball. Team members race down the field. Spartans eagerly await the face-off. 112 Field Hockey Team Finisl TK -11-,,,,-Q y Left to right, kneeling: julie Salamone, Karen Hartnett, Cathy D'Annolof, Kvviatkowski, loanne McNulty, Elena McCarthy, Rosemary St. George. Whelan, Lisa Whitcomb, Carol McKenzie, loanne Marrone, Annette Fionda, s Best Season Ever Elena McCarthy thrusts the ball into the air. Players rush to get control of the ball. This year, the field hockey team performed brilliantly, finishing in third place in the Middlesex League. The most successful field hockey team that Stoneham High has ever had played their first game on September 15 against Winchester. Throughout the entire season, the Spartans trampled over several excellent teams, scoring goals with skill, speed, and spirit. Their greatest victory came when they conquered Reading, their traditional rival, in the last game of the season. Although the team consisted of many athletic seniors, skillful juniors and sophomores will return next year, triumphantly trying to match this years record. Myla Danis, Patty Fiore, Terese Standing: Maureen Noone, Lori Hill, janet Cherly Titcomb, Coach Cynthia Carbone. 113 Spartan Harriers start season on Wrong Foot S n Dion directs traffic as Tom Harrigan, Kathy Kazanjian, Rich M honey, and David Doucette race to victory on the local asphalt. 7' ! Q a ro r W "Rigormortis sets in." :or the first time in its history, Stoneham High entered a girls varsity Cross-Country team into the Middlesex -eague. The team finished with an excellent 4-5 record, fvhile the boys finished with a disappointing 1-8 record. lhe poor season was attributed to the lack of depth on he squad. Despite an overall poor season, Stoneham had Qhree of its runners, Tom Harrigan, Gene Kellogg, and Xlancy DeFeo selected as members of the Middlesex -eague All-Star team. 9' iw- 4, 8 db' 4 if ' ma 'M ,f. , ..-.i ,Q ,,,f ,, m..T,ff K ,, vs. Q , . . ,V . v WI 'Wim s- 'E 9x.J:.,46'., 'X' "" Front Row - IL to RJ Ed McCush, David Doucette, Mark Levitt, Nancy DeFeo, john jessop, and john Pocari. Back Row- CL to Rj john Spencer, Michelle jutras, Gail Wood, Mary jane Warren, Tom Harrigan, Rich Mahoney, Paul DeCola, Mike Hudson, Susan Dion, Audrey Covelle, Diane Whelan, Marjorie Rossi, Kathy Kazanjian. ' g.. 1.4! jf .f f Q 'in - i 7, , wif , , if W ,,,, ' Q f"V' 1 ' Xi if ' ree, , f M Q in 'Wa it 4 if , ,gf :g ,gp--awww F-:turn 'MW a f""T' Gail Wood, Mary jane Warren, Tom Harrigan, Diane Whelan, Michael Hudson, Mark Leavitt, Paul DeCoIa. 1 16 X? 42 i, Q -.-.Q-1? '33-: e,, , ,,,, M . i X-ff-df Golf Team Tees Off For A Winning Season The Swinging Spartans were under par this year as they stroked their way to a 6-2-1 'ecord. The team was teed off because they putted around for two losses, which wedged them out of the states. They clubbed their way to six decisive victories with the help of some green underclassmen. Coach Rundlett believes that next year's squad will have the championship in the bag. Front row: Dave Spatola, Michael Berriby, lim Staffieri, Doug Balboni, Back rowg Paul Burke, lim Grant, Rob Hunter, Greg Howard, Coach Rundlett. A 'ts , Wi W,-,N-... '55-fs 'rv 5' Clockwise from upper right: lim Staffieri Greg Howard. Q Dave Spatola, Paul Burke, I My M If X ,f.' ' S S' if , f' :aj W wt Spartan Twirlers kneel at attention. Half-Time Festivities end. lan Penny leads crowd in a cheer Cheerleaders play ring around the rosey as game gets boring. Majorettes finish half-time performance. Stand Up The Spartan Spirit we it 1 and Cheer! Boosters are Here The Spartan cheerleaders and majorettes, with a lavish dis- play of flaming batons and elaborately executed formations and gyrations, inspired this years athletes and fans with a great display of enthusiasm. The girls in the cheery blue uniforms united an otherwise apathetic and oblivious stu- dent body. Majorette captain Patty Morley and cheerleader captains Marybeth Murphy and Tina Padur provided inspir- ing leadership for the squads. Spartan cheerleaders motivate crowd. -... ,, The agony, pain, 4? I 1 f X SWF MA., "L"-ff----1,--2--:-vw-,-..: An excellent 78-79 hockey season was due to a total team effort. Captain Bill McDonough enjoyed another productive season with the help of his linemates Scott Boretti and Bob Simpson. In addition to the Spartan's first high scoring trio, the Spartans boasted two other fine units: Paul Ginivan ably centered for win ers Neil Yianacopolus and Tony Maffeo. The thin? wave, "the Matignon Connection," placed john Burke between brother Steve and Paul Girouard. Other forwards included Paul Schepis and Brian McAteer. Blue liners Paul Deflumari, Steve Hunt, Frank Sommonetti, Mark Nazarian, Bob Weizorek, and Tom Duff were other contributing factors to the winning season. The last line of defense was aptly provided by net minders john Folan and John Erico. The season was highlighted by a stunning comeback victory over the top ranked Burlington Red Devils. A 7-4 win over Melrose avenged an earlier defeat. Overall the Spartan season should be looked upon as a successful one. They were a young, hustling sextet who hold much promise for the future. 5- Spartan shinniers in action I 'ff- TN wa 4 Zig: wr ,J ii r at ,J 1 ,VH V I V ' 4' K vw' Stoneham Lexington Stoneham Melrose Stoneham Wakefield Stoneham Belmont Stoneham Watertown Stoneham Woburn Stoneham Burlington Stoneham Winchester Stoneham Reading Stoneham Lexington Stoneham Melrose Stoneharn Wakefield Stoneham Belmont Stoneham Watertown Stoneham Woburn Stoneham Burlington Stoneham Winchester Stoneham Reading i Sud Si lg ?4' 1 4 if Indoor track team takes it to the streets sfrirfziifif it 3 A A' ' " ii W , "' A ,, -ZZ! tm .jaiqwg E, , aglgb yfffa, Q Mamas Hip? r Smwr, t att 4 H , , T gg, tt, g I I , gag: ,'Z5f" s 5,,5s',, V .f fcfgfgvt K ,jjj ' ,trim JY K3-ir,fH,: AVIV ' tiff? 1 me 442-Ll? Front row left to right: Margie Rossi, Nancy DeFeo, jimmy Turner, Mark Marasca, john jessop, Michael Hudson, joe Calcavecchia, second row: john Spencer, Maryjane Warren, Vinnie Brienze, Paul Robilard, Mike Doyle, Gerry Mahoney, Bob Harrington, Rich Rossetti, Coach Alain "Buddy" Rocher, third row: Gail Woods, assistant coach Steve jackson, joe DiMambro, Dave Doucette, Mark "Moose" Cataldo, Mike Skerry, Ed Tibbets, Bob Tucker, jim Abbott, Steve Thayer, john "Stud" Polcari, missing from photo is Tom Harrigan. The Stoneham High indoor track team finished the season with a 3-6 record. Although the team on the whole had a losing season, many individual runners had fine personal records. Stoneham had three mem- bers on the All-Star Team: jim Ab- bott in the 45 yard dash, john jessop in the 600 yard run, and Gerry Mahoney in the 45 yard high hur- dles. Other Stoneham members in the All-Star meet that placed were Mark Marasca, Ed Tibbets, Clam Calcavecchia, and Mike Skerry. Stoneham Melrose Stoneham Lexington Stoneham Burlington Stoneham Reading Stoneham Belmont Stoneham Watertown Stoneham Winchester Stoneham Wakefield Stoneham Woburn T25 The Stoneham girls' varsity basket- ball team entered the season with a strong desire for going to the states. Captains Terese Kvviatkovvski and Ann Dillon guided the team's first tvvo games into the win column. Even though the tovvn's traditional rival is Reading, the girls had a greater desire to beat Lexington, the Middlesex League champions. Rallying to the finish in the season's most exciting game, Stoneham lost by three points in the final thirty seconds. The team consists of seniors Terese Kwiat- kowski, Ann Dillon, julie Zani, Rosie Abbott, and Andrea Reis, juniors Patty DeCola and Susan Dion, with tal- ented sophomores Chris Palotta and Renee Noone. The team was coached by Mr. Mike Kennedy with assistant Mrs. Carol Mucica. ' 2 fi 3' 5 ,. ai .QW 5 X 2 I . Take it to the Hoop, Skirts losie Abbott drives in hard for a ayup. Ann Dillon finds assing lifficult. Susan Dion dlfibbles lown the court. Terese Kwiat- :owski shoots for two of her nany points. Tough defense by mn Dillon. Coach Kennedy liscusses strategy with julie Iani. toneham 52 Melrose 33 :oneham 31 Lexington 54 oneham 45 Belmont 41 :oneham 32 Woburn 54 :oneham 38 Wakefield 48 'oneham 36 Winchester 50 :oneharn 36 Watertown 50 ,oneham 46 Burlington 40 :oneham 23 Reading 63 Zi First row left to right: Reenie Noone, Mary Carr, Ann Dillon, Terese Kwiatkowski, julie Zani, and Rosie Abbott. Second row: junior varsity coach Carol Mucica, Andrea Reis, Susan Dion, Patty DeCola, Suzanne Ledwith, Christine Palotta, and Coach Mike Kennedy. 127 1,-""' L4 if R 51.135 -W S mf N-...f N S , madlif' www-N.,,Q wdw0N,,,... ' l 'D E - in iii w L 5 f ,,.,, , This page, top left This page, clockwise from top left Robin Maligodi spins on the un even parallel bars, Patty Morely Stacy Lane, and loanne O'Grad' pose on the balance beam. Oppo site page, team picture: front rovw loanne O'Grady, captain Patt' Morely, Nanc Clabby, seconm row, Robin Mallgodi, Karen Boud reau, ludi lamieson, Laurie Hol land, Tracy Marx, back row coach Cynthia Carbone, Am' Boris, Carol Rolli, Beth Boudreau Stacy Lane, bottom left, Patt' Morely dances on the balanci beam, right, Nancy Clabby leap through bars. Stoneham gymnasts swing into action The 1978-79 girls gym- nastic team had a great sea- son, breaking many of the former high scores. Al- though the girls did well, and personal achievements were record breakers, the team's record was not as good as it could have been. Under the direction of coach Cynthia Carbone, the team worked hard and dedicated themselves to perfecting routines. The team consists of all around performers Tracy Marx and Robin Maligodi, seniors Patty Morely and Nancy Clabby, and several under- classmen. 25 ZW, 5 an T if T tr F 2 ,wg id d A I Kevin Hurley surprises himself and gets the ball over the net. Bob Allen using alot of hot air. The Many Activities 0' Www 'I' jim Gribb - man behind the scenes. A Spartan tradition: painting the rocks 22 fl ss' it is 1 S N gi :iss YM xwas X t L.. a Senior -aye" .,,,,f"' Vi-lb Chris Petto calls for a ride. Tony Crilley puts on the finishing touches. Terese Kwiatkowski stretching for a win. Life at SHS is not restricted to the academic experience. For many people important aspects of the High School experience are the extra-curricular and social activities in which they involve themselves. Student's extracurricular interests range from travel to student government to merchandizing, with countless others in between. There is an organized group to satisfy almost any interest, and if a student can't find a suitable club, one can always be started. junior Prom: "just the Way You Are" X ' . f iw f' , 5 YM," lui f 4 i ji M YQ lb ,f -f""L , 'NR U, ff' 4.-47" 'fr i 7 A' 'i Cs -uf 'v Sf""'N bv l' 3 1 Ce 140 JG I V' Qi 'WN Clockwise from above left: Nancy Russell, David Forbes and Diane Sudanog joanne McNulty Mario Cantonep Tina Padur, Susan McLaughlin and Steve Angelosantog Pat Morley and Ioe On a snowy April 7th, the Junior Prom ofthe Class of 1979 took place at the Hillview Country Club in Reading. The music supplied by Skyelight featured Billy loel's hit "just the Way You Are", and provided an outstanding atmosphere for a night which brought pleasure to many. The food, however, consisted of chickens which never shogilrd have come home to roost and the dramatic highlight ofthe evening was Bob Columbus's misadventure wit is c air. "ss X 5 Robert Walles and David Minghellap Terri Christie and Bob Columbusg Neil Yianacopolous and Louise Bonoy Vinny Brienze. lf The Political Spectrum of SHS V HY" Wh The main objective of the Senior Class Officers was to make the last year of SHS enjoyable for all stu- dents. With the joint efforts of Alison Leonard tpresi- dentl, Mary Carr tvice-presicentl, Bob Columbus ttreasurerl, Karen St. Amand tsecretaryl, Ann Dillon tsocial chairpersonl, and Tina Padur tsocial chairper- sonl, they carried on many successful senior func- tions under the experienced direction of Miss Broderick and Mrs. Leamon. The activities ranged from small money raising ideas like the spirit chain to the heart-warming Senior prom and Senior week which comprises of class day, Senior Banquet and Senior Assembly. In addition to the annual senior class functions, the officers tried not only to involve the entire school, but the community as well. For instance, despite the Alumni Association's refusal to sponsor the traditional Homecoming Day festivities, the Senior officers proceeded to undertake the task. Working countless hours, they brought the event to a success. Quite apparantly, with a continuous year of excelling achievements, the Senior Class Officers made the last year a more memorable one. 142 Kills i Within the School . . . Bottom, left to right: Wendy Sandgren tsecretaryl, Tony Gentile lpresidentl, Donna Ponte itreasurerl. Top, left to right: Cheryl Maffeo tsocial chairpersonl, Steve Columbus lvice-presidenti, Mary Kille tsocial chairpersonl. K 'sex ,,.W 0536 i Sophomore Class Qfficers ancl Homecoming Float li, l it junior Class Gfficers ancl Homecoming Float Top, left to right: Lisa DeSisto, julie Viglioni, Kathy St, Amand, lane O'Neil Bottom, left to right: Beth Cataldo, Susan Woods, Mary-Beth Skerry. 143 Beyond the School . . . L.. Student Council The student council organizes student activities during the school year. The council serves the high school community by taking the responsibility of conducting student elections and registering students for these elections. They annually revise the student handbook, and sponsor non-school projects such as blood drives, Globe Santa, and Toys for Tots. Since the council is in charge of many fund raising activities such as the annual Carnival Ball, Carnation Day, and Donkey Basketball, they not only promote school spirit but provide scholarship awards to graduating seniors. Advisors Mathison and Mulvihill provide guidance for the organization made up of seven elected representatives from each class along with the three class presidents. For those who wish to play a directive role in their educations, the Student Advisory Council lSACl gives high school students a way to influence Board of Education decisions. Students in regional and state councils, as representatives of their high schools, discuss educational issues. The views of the council are taken by the chairperson, who is a voting member of the State Board of Education. Members of SAC learn about laws pertaining to education and learn how to apply the laws within individual schools. SAC is another important link between those who educate and those who are being educated. Bottom row, left to right, Executive Committee: Maria Covino, Paul Shannon, Treasurer, Alice Ann Rump,Vice-president, Steven Hunt, President, Marie Celeste, Secretary, Donna Columbus. Second row: tsophomoresl, Pam Carlson, Linda jutras, Mary Cashell, Susan Woods. Third row: ljuniorsl, Tony Gentile, Chris Yardumian, Dana Carroll, Mark Marasca, Suzanne Tower, Elaine Murphy, janet Whelan. Fourth row: lseniorsl, Karen Miasserian, Gail Kozlowski, Alison Leonard, jackie McGrail. 144 Girls' and Boys' State Girls' and Boys' State is a program which is sponsored annually by the American Legion, the purpose of which is to educate selected High School juniors in the duties, rights, and responsibilities of American citizenship. Students in their junior year who meet the requirements of good citizenship, leadership, scholastic achievement and extracurricular involvement live together for one week in model communities of towns, cities, and countries. Mock government at local and state level is practiced in order to give a view of how actual governing bodies operate. Mary Carr - state senator, Alison Leonard - lieutenant Governor, Dana Coombs, Steven Hunt, Chris Chambers. School Committee Rosemarie Abbott, Donna Columbus, lane Donnelly, Peter Bracciotti and Richard Saitz represented the high school on the school committee. These five students worked with superintendent Daniel Hogan, Asst. Supt. Mr. Kellog, Chairman Mr. D'Angelo, Mrs. Wallace, and Mr. Rosa by offering opinions and fresh points of view in relation to school policy. Committee members may make decisions regarding students with no idea of students' positions on important issues. The five representatives hope that they had a positive . ,.r influence on the school committee by increasing their tyggw Ka. ,f , understanding of the attitudes and feelings of the student 'K body. X L N.E.M.D.S.C. tNortheastern Massachusetts Division of Student Councilsl is established for letter communication between member schools, for the exchange of ideas on Student Council activities. Through conventions held twice yearly, members are educated about types of school policy, educational laws, and methods of communication between school administration and student councils. The organization elects officers, each from a different school. Stoneham has had students elected as officers for the past three years. In 1977, Alison Leonard held the office of treasurer, and was succeeded in 1978 by Mary Carr. Members of N.E.M.D.S.C. include: Mary Carr, Melanie Smith, Maryjane Warren, and Alison Leonard. 145 Frank Matarese and committee members Mr. Mangerian, Literary Thirst is Front row, left to right: Marcia Ledwith, loanne Roberts, jane Donnelly, Mr. Kevin Conroy tadvisori, Faith Raifman, lane Alessandrini tall-co-editorsb. Second row: Bill Melkonian, Susan Carroll, Marie Celeste, Cindy Paige, Gail Kozlowski, Dawna Nickerson. Behind Blue Doors saw a lot of growth in this its third year in existence. Under the direction of a new advisor, Mr. Kevin Con- roy, along with five associate editors, the newspaper achieved a more sophisticated style of reporting relevent issues such as discipline, grades, open campus, fashion, school news, and sports. The paper was entered into several journalism competi- tions, including The Suffolk University Contemporary journalism Competition, but won no awards. By studying different styles of writing, and by applying their knowledge, the staff continued to answer the question, "What goes on Behind Blue Doors?" 1 Quenched by Stoneham Writers . T' gg.. Front row, left to right: Mary Carr, Faith Raifman, Gail Kozlowski, Michael Bain, Ms. Norelli tadvisori ludy Stone, joan Cremins. Second row: Marilyn Zibell, Robin Wigandt, Beth Sandler, Annette Whorle Doreen Zarba, Cindy Paige. Seeds, the Stoneham High School literary magazine, provides an outlet for the creative talents of th student body. The magazines contains poetry, fiction, and work and photography from both studentj and faculty members, as well as occasional selections from alumni. The proceeds of the sale of ther publication are used to provide awards in recognition of achievement in the field of creative writing Often the rewards seem slight compared to the accomplishments, but experience pays off, today Seeds, tomorrow the world. 146 Faith Raifman is a journalist for the Boston Globe, one of the nine high school students who write monthly for a focus Program. Faith, an editor in her junior and senior year for the school's newspaper, was chosen on the basis of her articles which were submitted by the previous advisor, Katherine Chase. Writing for the Globe, she chose the change in teen fashion and the intergrating of Special educational students within public high schools. Faith is planning a future career in journalism. 5 :JL 'earbook staff: Mary Carr, activities editor, Diane Vasiloupolos, typing editor, Bill Hill, layout editor, Tom Harrigan, sports editor, jane Donnelly, editor-in- hief, Ruth Estes, associate editor in chief, Sam Earle, art editor, john Ward, faculty editor, Chris Chambers, Dana Coombs, business editor, and Faith Raifman, usiness editor. Second row: Maurice Goldstein, Alice Ann Rump, lim Grubb, Bob Allen, Andrea Reis, Alison Leonard, Amy Leiter, Claire LaCroix, Cheryl 'oone. Third Row: Ann Dillon, Rose Meegan, Gail Kozlowski, Maria Covino, Bob Columbus, Bob Estes, Paul Shannon. 14 From left to right: 1st row - Mr. Mucica, director, Mark Leavitt, Ed Coutu, Karen Maisserian, Nick Turco, Maria Gentile, Danny Bulpett, Sue Allen, Mike Mcmahon, Amy Leiter, Laura Reid, Myla Danis, and julie Salamone. 2nd row - Vicky Stratton, jackie Maher, Mike Brebner, Paul Perry, Mike Bain, Steve Scarpa, jim Grubb, judy Stone, Susan Dion, Sue Ellen Brown, Susan Zizza. 3rd row - Brian johnson, Marcia Ledwith, assistant director, joan Bouzan, Heidi Basken, john Hubbard, Dawna Nickerson, Karen McClearn, jean Rump, Linda Dawson, Dawn De Costa, Laurie Hinchey. 4th row - Pat Barry, Bob Marshall, jackie McGrail, joAnn Roberts, Sandy Nickerson, Diane Selander, Doreen Zarba, Annette Worhle, Kathy D'Anolfo. The setting: Purfleet, north of London, the decorative but sterile interior of Arthur Seward's lMark Leavittj Combination Convalescent Home and Insane Asylum. Dr. Seward and his staff, the bouncy Mr. Henessey lNick Turcoj and macho Nurse Beulah, lKaren Miasserianj have enough on their hands 1 with the slippery escapades of their prize inmate Renfield lMike Brebnerj an insect-eating schizophrenic, without having to worry about Dr. Sewardfs slightly sloshed sister Sybil tMaria Gentilej who on the mental stability scale is only one step removed from the asylum herself. But above all, the doctor's main concern is the patient placed under his care by the rising young architect, jonathan Harker, lEd Coutuj, Harker's fiancee who is suffering from what is apparently anemia, the onset of which coincides mysteriously with the arrival of a stranger who has moved in across the valley: a foreign count, an expirate of Transylvania named Dracula lSteven s Scarpaj. ls there a connection between the two? It is up to an old friend of the family, the rumple-suited elderly Professor Heinrich Van Helsing lPaul L Perryj to prove that Dracula is in fact a vampire, a corpse still half alive who has blood thirsty designs on anyone who stands between himself and Mina, upon who he has less than honorable intentions. 148 li? 'L 1 Npsasitit Jiuuii. Slomalfam c7Qqlic71'rBqyQ 5aIm'6a5f o7fov.lTAIS-JZdm.S2.OOsS1OOpm. ug,- If ft .af . z.. M , -M... 5 Opposite page, top to bottom, left to right: Steven Scarpa as Count Dracula, the drama club, Patty Barry working on the elaborate set, a poster made by Doreen Zarba. This page, top to bottom, left to right: james Kil- roy, Patty Barry and Laurie Hinchey add touches to the coffin, Stephen Thayer behind the scenes with special effects, Dawna Nickerson, head set- director for the play. TO BE UR OT TO BE SHS ANSWER T0 DRAMATIC SUCCESS . UI I N V xx X r I f.N..g,, ff' I t 23' , - at S X 'nv' t 'x xx xxxg X K 1.. 3.1. -ra.-. SENIOR CLASS l.......,. PLAY - COUNT DRACULA qs . .qN!S sl Q . A 0 a E e Arthur Seward lMark Leavittl scolds an inmate. Above, Mike Brebner as inmate Renfield. Nick Turco lMr. Henesseyl, Karen Miasserian CNurse Beulahl and Marcia Ledwith lassistant directorl Karen McClearn as fNina Murrayl and Eddy Coutu as ilonathan Harkerl. Slightly smashed Sybil, Maria Gentile, and professor Heinrich Van Helsing, Paul Perry. 151 You Do ot Need an ID. to Get into These Clubs . . Bottom, left to right: Tom Harrigan, Bob O'Keefe, Billy Melkonian, Beth Sandler, Robin Wigandt. Top, left to right: jackie McGrail, james Kilroy, Karen Fung, Nancy DeFeo, Susan Bird. The Science Club, ad- vised by Mrs. Layne, involves enrichment in science by providing speakers, field trips, career information and projects. Er Bottom, left to right: joanne Roberts, jackie McGrail, Robin Wigandt, john jessop, julie Salamone, Steve Hunt. Middle: Mr. Lurvey, Nancy DeFeo, Billy Hunt, Mrs. Olm- sted. Top: Lori Gustafson, julie Viglioni, Susan Bird. These students, coached by Mr. Lurvey and Mrs. Olmsted, pos- sess a strong interest in mathematics. Problems are distri- buted weekly in order to prepare for competition with other schools. 152 its J ... it 'ii Science Club Math Team 1 Q l Spanish Club members are from left to right, bottom rovv: Kathy Flynn, Nick Turco, ludy Corkum, all Jfficers. Second row: B. Welsh, lean Rump, Madeline Cheamira, Susan Smith, Bob Cianno. Third row: ohn Cloutier, joe Cleary, Carolyn Caruthers, Joanne Kennedy, David Doucette, Miss Meyer tadvisorl. Latin Club members are from left to right, first row: jackie McGrail, Nancy DeFeo, Wendy Sandgren, Elaine Murphy, Mrs. Ruggerio tadvisorl. Back row: john lessop, Crreg Howard, Sean Carr, Dana Carroll, Mike Bain. The Language Clubs were started to produce a special interest in other countries and customs. The advisors vvant the students to realize the differences and similarities among nation- alities around the world. Many times students join in order to enrich their background in the particular language. Through field trips, films, extra reading, and delicious dining, the stu- dents receive a flavor of France or Spain. 153 Bicycle Touring Club Front, left to right: Eric Ekholm, Ron Rojak, Mr. Carroll ladvisorl. Back, left to right: Lisa Whitcomb, Nancy Barry, Melanie Smith. The Bicycle Touring Club not only provides an opportunity to participate in country-side rides, but also instruction on bike repair. By using the bicycle a student can learn how to work in groupsfor mutual safety, how to build physical and mental endurance, and most importantly, how to increase one's confidence by discovering one is able to pedal fifty to one hundred miles. The DANCE CLUB: front, left to right: Pam Schulz, Nancy Durant, Donna Moran, Dawn McKenna, Terry McCuish, lean Rump. Second row, left to right: Cheryl Dotolo, Karen Miasserian, Laura Reid, Cathy D'Annolofo, Lisa DiMarzo, julie Salamone, Amy Leiter. Back, left to right: Mike Brebner, Mike Bain, Steve Scarpa. The Dance Club is available for dance instruction on any type of dancing based on interest, also preparation for acts in school shows such as the Carnival Ball. 154 The PEP SQUAD: front, Sandy Nikerson, Chris Ayres. First row, left to right: Barbara Zibell, Dawn DeCosta, Madelana Ciamagra, Linda Carroll. Second row, left to right: Robin Wigandt, Beth San- dler, Kathy DeMarco, Karen Selander. Back row, left to right: Gail Kozlowski, lim Grubb, Faith Raifman, Steve Scarpa, Joanne Roberts. The Pep Squad, having special spectator privileges and identifying sweatshirts, support all Stoneham athletic teams. fYou Like Club Soda-Try These Clubs on for Size . . Ski Club The Ski Club provides both lessons for the beginner and fun trips for those who have experience on the slopes. Officers are seated: Kelly Arsenault, Lori Hill, Suzanne Ledwith, Sue-Ellen Brown, Christine Yardumian. Travel Club The Travel Club is open to all students who possess the spirit for Hawiian beaches, European cafes, and Bermuda Islands, It provides an inexpensive, organized way for students to expand their travel experiences. Pictured are just a few of the many interested students involved. Photography Club The Photography Club is opened to all camera enthusiasts whether experienced or not, all aspects of photography are covered. Many students are used to photograph school activities for the Yearbook or the newspaper. First row, left to right: lim Grubb, Mike Bain, Faith Raifman, Dana Coombs, Laura Reid. Second row, left to right: Robin Wigandt, Cindy Paige, Cathy D'Annolofo, Mike Zizza, Brian McAteer. 155 Homecoiring Expressions - 1978 'WSQLW A lwwvglln ,rail 1m J Top to bottom, left to right:Lisa Crooker,a sophomore Peanuts Character, Sam Earle, a senior lion with courage, Mark Marasca and Billy Hunt, two juniors, Mary Kille, a junior from Disneyland, and Amy Leiter, Karen Miasserian, Carol Donahoe are seniors from the land of OZ. 156 9 Es Wa .FQ This page top to bottom, left to right: joyce Carlson and Susan Dion, Senior Class Float with Central Elementary studentsp juniors assemble their costumes. Opposite page top to bottom, left to right: junior Class Floatp juniors as Donald Duck and Mickey Mousep Senior Lion and Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ, juniors add a horse to their float. The SHS class officers produced a day that involved both the community and the students. Homecoming Day Celebrations included a pancake breakfast, a town parade featuring the SHS band and alumni members, the annual Thanksgiving Day football game, and an alumni dance. C ' rf W fi f H af if rw , 3, .24 , f., .,l, I-Q' X s 1,g,,,,,,. l if '-1:22212 1 .'f- ' "' 5' . V ., K ., ag i -Q. 1' S egg- ,X , ,E W i -s I' 55 E w . m, iar fii6"" g ll Q gl .-pg-v-' ht, E Fsmzs Ll 9' ,Zi V :gamma - u M ,gil 9 QUA SV? RIU 'V' I. ,wg 6 ff' ig- Students are chosen for All-District by audition. Students must be members in good standing in their HS Chorus and have the recommendation of their teacher, the Department Chairman and the Principal At right: Paul Perry, Diane Selander, and lim Grubb of the All District Chorus. Below, left to right: Collegium Musicum, Repertory Chorus, Karen Connell, Bach soloist, Spartan Chorale 160 K Chorale acclaimed nationally NS Top to bottom, left to right: Mr. Frank Abrahams, Spartan Chorale, Rosemary St. George, Bach Concert, Michael Zizza, Mary Beth Murphy. This year's Spartan Chorale is really psyched to hit the performing scene. Last year's group accomplished many great performances including: Ridgewood and Washington, D.C., but this year's showing should be as good if not better than last. This year's performances include: the annual Prudential Tree Lighting Ceremony, A separate Chorale concert featuring Bach's Magnificat, and The Carnival Ball. The Spartan Chorale was chosen by the Music Educators of America, to take part in the july 4th activities in Washington, D.C. The trip was highlighted by visiting many famous tourist attractions, and the day was capped off with the annual Chorale Banquet at the l.F.K. Center for the Performing Arts. 161 C M, t, t , tl SERENADE THE CRGWDS . 'Q I L X ' ,T , X1 A band, whether it be concert or marching, is really and collectively a group of individuals giving their tal- ents and abilities to create a total unified productg that product is music. A small group of Spartan instrumen- talists combined with a new band leader, Mr. Dennis Walter, performed exciting shows of kicks and twirls at Saturday football games and pep rallys. The band and its contingent of majorettes, pom-pom girls, and flag squad practiced daily for a competition at Lowell Cthird , place in C divisionj, numerous holiday parades, and their annual bazaar. However, the jazz Ensemble is primarily a musical organization for highly talented instrumentalists. The music is complex, therefore, all interested student must audition. The judging is based on tone, sight-reading dynamics and pitch. The pieces that compose the band are trumpets, trombones, saxaphones and a percussion section. These students perform at the annual carnival ball, a yearly competi- tion at the Berklee Museum. 162 Jpposite page, the Band: bottom row, left to right: lohn Hubbard, Maurice Goldstein, Danny Bulpett, Laurie Hinchey, Cathy Haley, Bob Allen. Second row: Rose Meegan, Bruce Folsom, Mary Carr, lim Grubb, Pat Barry, john Anderson, Karen McClearn, Paul Perry. hird row: joann Roberts, Linda Robillard, Eddie Coutu, Sandy Nickerson, Barbara Zibell, Ronald Rojak, ludy Corcum, Dawna Nickerson, Dana Coombs. Interact Club Sitting, left to right: Joanne Roberts, Alice Anne Rump tpresidentl, Mr. Conroy, john Ward, Marilyn Zabelle. Standing: Robin Widgant, Billy Hunt, Dan Murren, Scott Wales, Susan Maher. Interact club is an important link between SHS and X, 1 the communit ' this or anization rovides v Y, 8 P international goodwill and social services such as food baskets, foreign exchange programs, and the Ruth Timpone Scholarship Fund. Most importantly, 1- S students learn to work in an organized and . ...sf,,,- fg- - gg business-like manner that will produce benefits for . . all Stoneham Citizens. S Tutoring Corps Sitting, left to right: Annette Whorley, Faith Raifman, Gail Kozlowski, Diane Vasilopoulos, loan Warren, Nella DeLuca, Angela Hodin, and standing, left to right: joan Cremins, Lorelli Cunha, Nancy Durante, Pam Schultz, Lori Mozek. Learning experiences for students at SHS extend outside the classroom for members of the Tutoring Corps, a group of women with strong intentions of becoming elementary and special education teachers. Under the direction of Partricia Norelli and Cathy Broderick, the students visit surrounding elementary schools devoting time and giving help to the children while gaining valuable experience. Future Secretaries Left to right: Carol Smith, Lisa Mazzerian, Barbara Murphy. Students with similar goals in the business field learn to use various machines, and plan projects. Advised by both Ms. Corum and Ms. Garuti, these girls represent a valuable service organization to school personnel, the students help teachers with typing, duplicating, and collating materials. As do most clubs, the Future Secretaries give two to three scholarships to worthy graduating seniors. 164 career Qriented C ubs Have A Future Stoneham High School students interested in the retail, fashion, and advertising aspects of business join the Distributive Education class which enables them to become members of the national youth group, DEC!-X. As members of the Distributive Education Clubs of America, students of similar career interests are trained to be future leaders for marketing and distribution by testing their occupational skills and knowledge while gaining practical experience in the business world. While active DECA members gain, the High School also benefits from the productivity of the club and its involvement. Toys for Tots is one example of the various community projects DECA sponsors. From such work, honors and widespread publicity emanate, while adding to the pride of Stoneham High School. left to right includes seniors Donna Penketh Linda Robillard Kathy Kazaniian Second row Karen Hartrett, Donna jean 165 x ' , i V-.. ,,. gf ,xp ' Ll" 1 if ' 1, ga AA , .4 W ,g , I MIX. ,, :Qui 'fs Jnderclassmen Shine at the Carnival Ball - 199 2. P 'ff -'Nt..s 5 inqnuv W"kh ia.. -N H -1.L .L ixx .-hb -1:' N' . L .Ts ti L ,L - ff Q -L ,gf 1f5imiV,U.'1II l LseLi L L we W 'lyll' fiLJi,Q5 F I fmt i V fe PN R L A A 'JQ0 xi. 1' L if ' K ..':-L Q V .,,. V L. in' ' - 2 'L iisL iLL ,g ,L m... L L55 - ' t- 5. L is - ' 'A MW? 022- '--, QL ' L LLLL, , ., L- 1:14-f ---- " it LL - KK'L 'IXBQQIQXB Q l ' ' - LLLLL 'f .,..L .Nu -"'-' -WW ff : L LLLL - 'L s , Blauvelt - Cher Chez La Femme. N5 Top, left: Celeste Scalisi beginning her Chicago dance routinep Paul Giannelli on guitarg Maria Gentile entertains with music of the seventiesp Nancy Pizzotti and Steven 167 ' 4 ' . ', . . ' .-'.n1,, . vs 5-1. ,."" ."-,. av ' 1 ' 0 4' ' . 1 , ...iff . -.-., -.f . f , 1 u'. . -A, ' ' 3--'. . .,. . -'r 4' 1.- I I . .. .r,. ".- .vf . , . . 1 ,I ' . , ls 'n , . 1 . . .h ' ' I. xr .- --. 1. - . 'K I ' '. "in 'vm . -. . N., -' ' 0 c I , ' . ..v ,,,. ' ' , n" 0 -' ',, . - t .',. 0 - s ' ' 2 ' ,. o 'I I , -1 ",. 1 I. . . Q 'O I ' , " 1- . , . lx' . Q . ll i -' ' Q , .'- ' ,4 - I" an ' ' v - . .. - . .- Q . .- 11 '." - ..w ff, . ,. s 'U . ,Q-X, .'..,- . I Q. ' 4'-a . . 4 4 1 . .r 1" l'l' 'o lin 0 I fn envI:,'fL'.'..' ,.. ... - ,'. .--5. !..1.:.- 5 .V "5 . . ',.,, I .. Dv' ,. .s,.'-n Q., I -' , -. .'.5.'x-':'5,:61.': - 4 . . 1 v v 4 . Q 4. I - 'n .' 1 AT, 'QI ' - 11 '. -. . . ,. , v ,.,. . . ,'.,-.' I in-. -rg, .. s .,.. ,. . - - I ,: .. .,.f ., 'u', 1 -' .-"-' "'."- H.-. . '.' .s - :U 1't. s,,..... 'fl' 1.1 , ' "5 -',-p .'.,. ,,.,..-. '..... s 'u'4s'-, ,- K. 5" w . - , , .. . . , . . . . , . ..,.' ' 5 1. li".-I' '. . hu'. ' " n . ' "1 'gn' 3. LII.. ' 5.1, : ' I-ff " " '.. .13-, ' r '. 'D' .C l 'ol Q 0 ' l 19.4 .:..:.'g,... . I' c' I.--. - . .llgh 9.0. un... , F y'.'.'--, 1 ' . :,.-,358-.. h " ,.'L., " .a 'l:'t O 1 . . N: " .-. 1 ?.n "I-5: ' .. .11 '-."g Q '.-. ' lb' l' 1' , gn- . . .:. , . l 3.2 . " 0 : 5' - , 3 . r' Q . ' ' ,J s u .:..u.l' S, . , ...r - .. 1 - .3-5... v ' I 1 .1 . , , . . n , . ' ': ..- lg., -if cs 5 , .4 .' Q ..' ' . .a .' f- .: ' '.- . 1 . . - . 4 .3 , . -.- . r.- . .- . ' - . ' J r" ' . ,f . I "-' .f 1 z? D .:f'.::' If U ' ' .M . x . 'J a.' n ' '. sz, .:. 1' .' ' ' Qin ' ' I, , st' ff: , 'Z-' 'L' Y, . . .... 40- l. , . - , . ,Q ' ' ,-:g.-,g- . .. ,s - . ' ' ' - .g ' : ' l -: x'-' ., Q .5... s A' ' ', 1 'Ig Q 2 , - .. .g 1 . - '-- . 1 0 ' ' ,. :L-,. .fii 1 " ."'f' . 9 ' ..' ,v,.. .:' , ,.. . ,as ' 5'- I' ' ' . - .' ' ' 1 ' , - f .. -,-E . - - - -. :.- : , . ' - f " 1: v' . - . IQ-f-'V s mp, f . - Zn. Q53 'H' !'- ' ' 'J'- ' 1-"3 ' 4. . .".' -' ',. . .' ' 1 : ., - , ., , f. I f . . I ', ' ' 9 .-. . ""'. .3- ... . ..-.u js :gf I . . ,.. . 4 . .1 ." 1 Q - , 1 -.' 1 3. .1 l... u un . . . ,. . .i 4 .. ' 9 Academics Seniors Sports Activities f N 8 Lgring 4 sc ams N 884-4842 884-9733 Chelsea Floor Covering Co., Inc. Specializing in indoor-Outdoor Carpeting And Floor covering for industry, Business and Home 19-25 Everett Avenue, Chelsea, Mass. jk 'fail go Bowfinyfn SUNLITE ALLEYS INC. 221 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. W f N 05 Swv 2 if it 4 X X x TX X 438-9713 Best wishes to the Class of '79 STONEHAM DECA MARlO'S BEAUTY LOUNGE 256 Main St. Stoneham Professional Styling Best of Luck LITTLE EOLKS SHOP Redstone Shopping Center jk f N f K J K N 'i'X'55'fN 6? 6605? 9 K ,yu v O09 ,K J f K , , if-M coNTnAcTons eoulmsm Fon RENT , f Y noAos , . sewens DRAINS E A ' W. T2 WATER P. V- BOPOIIC Corp. GENERAL CONTRACTORS YARD - 18 CENTRAL ST. 152 STRATHMORE ROAD WINTHROP. MA. 02152 BRIGHTON, MA. 02135 846-1700 254-4510 N f K f N B T 387 3205 l O A K R T 438 2982 JOHN B. CAREY INSURANCE AGENCY 427A B C G E M K J f Nif Congratulations to the Class of 1979 From Your josten Ring Representative 'N Best Wishes to the Class of 1979 IAMES UNITED METHODIST CHURCH , J N H.E. BROWN AGENCY Real-Estate Sales - Appraisals 269 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. J N K JK J ff 'KP' 1 2 X A 'xr X ,M f Q Xa .-F . N Q . X5 Se , Q WW x him, Q X yu 'JQN-lfff k.,kW 'A 'xh' ' if 1 fff' E 5 ,- , ,. XZNC The Good Hands People I. 84 C. ADAMS CO., INC. DOORS, WINDOWS, FRAMES, MILLWORK Andersen Windowalls K 75 New Street Cambridge, Mass. 02138 Telephone 491-6100 f FOR THE ORDINARY OR THE EXTRAORDINARY Designs for all occasions to suit everyone's needs. LET OUR IMAGINATION WORK FOR YOU. 0 Weddings a Specialty Q Craft Supplies I Consignment Clothes. Floral Art loan Agnes Debbie THE EXCHANGE Tel. 617 438-9233 Open daily 10-4 Fridays til 9 232-236 Main St. Farm Hill Stoneham I Baby Novelties 0 Funerals ip 5? ,120 Hospital Boluquets H QQ - I Dai y De iveries to a K W Local Hospitals I GAY'S FLOWER SHOP And Greenhouses 47 Spring St., Stoneham 438-0217 OPEN Mon-Sat 8-6 Sunday 9-12 Member F.T.D.A. AND Teleflora jk 178 THE GARDEN DELI 236 Main Street, Sto. Produce Deli Flowers 25641. , 'W MW SM Noturoi li' Binh Qui 249 Sfolve Compliments of 044, H Wnfimq BARBEQRLIQFYLIST Phone 438-3996 111 MAIN STREET REDSTONE SHOPPING CTR. WALK IN SERVICE on Fon APPOINTMI-1N'l STONEHAM, MASS. OPEN Mo N. - SAT. 5 NITl'IS WEEKLY CAI ,L 438-98 9 GOOD LUCK to the Senior Bodies F rom the Class of '81 179 A 5 fi, , 1, .V 15 5 1 f N f Congratulations to the Class of 1979 QW Q9 I SAINT PATRlCK'S CHURCH A I! I! l Mc:Donough's Liquors World Wide Beer's - Liquor - Wines Central Square, Stoneham, Mass. Area 617 438-4022 438-0297 ALAN 1. COFFIN President Fair Winds Tours, Ltd. Stoneham, Mass. U.S.A. 268 Main Street Zip 02180 f V! if-.M K J f N l G. LEMIITT 81. SDN T Q 1 , Ll.N.SURANCE AGENCY INCL. Complete Financial Service DON LE VITT CIC JOE SEGEL 338.285 ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE 152811 LIFE Q HUSPITALIZATION 0 FIRE 0 Aura n sonr J,L"Q:'f,'f,ffl7E7 228 mm sr fELM 4A wimrncrou MALL "ERBJfjf,fZ5f,g,"C sronenm wrmincron K 438 1826 942 0212 J f if RN A P W' l, 4 The staff of Behind Blue Doors Wax . wishes the Class of '79 the best of luck K J K J f N BEST VVISHES FROM THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT Colligium Musicum jazz Ensemble Repertory Chorus Concert Band Spartan Chorale K J f Nfs Unique Prom Flowers!!! Evergreen Florists 397 Main Street Stoneham, Massachusetts 02180 16177438-6910 K jk The Capri 232 Main Street Stoneham, MA. 02180 Pizza - Pasta - Subs Take Out Orders 438-9800 f Stoneham Motor 185 Main St. Stoneham, Mass. K J f N Visit your Convenient SUNNYHURST LOCATIONS 427 Main Street h M K J f K f X f TECH HIFI Soundrooms you can play in 352 Main Street Stoneham, 02180 935-HIFI Best Wishes f N The Prudential Ciassoffyg Insurance Company ANTHONYS ITALIAN SPECIALTIES PARTY PIATTERS FOR ALL. OCCASIONS AIN BT. . Ass. ozieo 438-9540 O'Connor's Restaurant and Fish Market 440 Main Street Stoneham, Ma. 02180 438-6474 K J 4 of America 422 Main St. Stoneham, Ma. 02180 Telephone: 617-438-6070 Best Wishes to the Class of '79 Rocco Zizza Your friends for life! and health! STONEHAM PHARMACY John L. Bracciotti, B.S., Reg. Ph. 409 Main St. Tel. 438-1000 Stoneham The Store Of Personal Service MICHEL'S BEAUTY SALON 4 Central Street Stoneham 02180 F N Stoneham C0-Operative Bank Main Office 335 Main Stre t Stoneham, 438 0430 Branch L t Redstone Shopping C t B Ilerica Mall Stoneham Billerica 438-3334 667-2197 STO N E H AM CO-OPERATIVE BANK K J Phone: 438- 1533 PAUL'S BEAUTY SALON 358 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 02180 Distinctive Beauty Service Stoneham Wall 320 MAIN STREET WALLPAPER - P ALUMINUM RICHARD SWEENEY paper :Sv Paint - STONEHAM, MASS. AINT - SHADES WINDOWS 438-2511 Best of Luck OLOUCESTER SEAFOODS 423 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 438-0142 Dominic Bordinaro Good Luck Class of 1979 GORDON PERKS Your Hometown Newspaper for 108 Years QW' Q41 T633 V1 T5 .2 R wif? 5 ggkssgf in ESTABLISHED 1870 tr .5 ff..,,,., , I 2:: E Q SKS" :ik , T2 ,- 2 ' , ' . -N .' .AJ-. H f.: 1525 .x. -.-::::,, A --I-iz-. f E 2 a' 1 "W" 1. '-Mt, .- 9 -.."'tfrgff3'4 2:5943 "-1ffT's:' 'r1.1g:"f3E5'A:f:5:5 . , 1 .2 - -Q g.-. 3 ' - :V f '- - . -f . g.:.q 5.4 -' :- . 5. 3.3. 1511 E E I! !?3?iilI?:?EI.12?S12:5:i 4 1 3- , -fp-Q4+,g EQ 3. .si ,fr gig .g:g.,g:z:1 N,-M-If .W X, .ve-cpm: -K -X-iff .,f5:.,.,-5, .gli-:,:.f -.35-f' 'K-fig, . El '- P ' 2 " 'S' 4312 --Ciekfflfiir 'Sf-J .-'::f?::f3E2 f-I'555::'f5?2: 'xi ft, . W 1: 1 2 B. 2 fn 159'-y' :igtfri'E1EGE'lEi41g5512I1-"' 'LESS'-5255: f' Z 1 xi 3 5 lifydlf'25132375713'ITE'-:Q'AF:Q115C5: :1:I: -s , - l : ' 2. 5 ,I -. 7f.'1:-',:'::5::":E.-." U ,. ,:5-211:-cb, 1.55 1 1' Lk '4-1, ' AN, ,il ' 'f-..g.f"'?1- "-A-If?-'Q' -sf -- ,.. Compliments of the STONEHAM SAVINGS BANK 359 Main Street 88 Main Street Stoneham, MA Stoneham, MA 438-9400 438-7550 X J f N CoIarusso's Bakery Inc. POMP'S 1 hour cleaners 163 Main St. Stoneham, Mass. 438-1646 Italian Specialties - Pastry Wedding and Birthday Cakes Made to Order 210 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 02180 f N TEL 617 438 0359 438-9793 Gift, cycle, gnc. Domestic and Foreign Bicycles Parts and Accessories 286 MAIN STREET RTE. 28 STONEHAM MASS. 02180 jk J f X f HAIR-MATES Coirruizrs fs BOUTIQUE 291 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. Phone: 438-1227 WESELTON lEVVELERS 84 IMPORTERS LTD. 81 Main St. Redstone Plaza Stoneham, Mass. 02180 Michael Meyer - Pres. 438-7472 K jk N W Papa Qinds Best Wishes to the Class of 1979 The Management f N N PHOTOGRAPHERS 373 BROADWAY. EVERETT. MASS. 02149 PHONE 389-3111 Robert and Bruce DiLoreto Weddings 0 Portraits 0 Candids K jk "You TRIED THE REST 5' 7' . . Now TRY THE BEST all Pllll IS Til IES? Francine's Pizza House ORDERS T0 Go FOR FAST SERVICE 303 MAIN ST. STONEHAM, MASS. ' X J N SANTOROS OF STONEHAM Sub Sandwiches and Cold Cuts Party Platters 309 Main Street Tel. 438-0020 Monday through Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. COMPLETE DINNERS TO GO . . that whenever any form of government becomes ffAlWay5 A Friendly Atmosphere" destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolist it. , ." Thomas jefferson, 1776 Phone: 438-0767 RG B E RT'S BOUTIQUE UNISEX SALON 284 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 02180 K M J : I-L R N'i f T' T fr -Tff-+2-.S-T Q AQUARIUS 2 J 2 Q 2 TOURS at TRAVEL u STONEHAM LUMBER 2 ig 2 8 Central Square gl Stoneham, Mass. 02180 E - 817-438-1620 4 - - ., .6 . Z.- g 9 Wa". 11:1 A, ,,'L1w,5E I , rffwfy g Z ANUSIAHIRSCH 2 '--2 - o 3-in Sf' MANAGER 6 f U1I mI 1e1f 1 3 6 ,"??"Q. o ' L3 'J tt- Q Office: 617-438-1620 g I -L""T'T-1 A 5 Z "LIST US HELP BUILD YUUR FUTURE" f Ya CCWIPLETE BUILDING 8 REMODELING 5 V2 NEEDS FOR HOMEOWNERS 8. CONTRACTORS Q' Q ANDERSON wmdows MORGAN Dm f 5 ARMSTRONG celfmgs PEELA 600IS8.w.mI0wS E 5 BIRD shmgm STANLEY 'Fools E REALTORS 2 BRUCE FIOOIS WELDWOOD Panelmg 1 9 5 MUTE 5' ROBERT N. 0 BRIEN 45 Home CENTEI1 GIFT sHoPPE g REALTOR A - "Ti . E 438 1 122 mmm 2 241 MAIN STREET 9 Q s 5 ZH MAIN STU STONEHAM E STONEHAM. MASS.0218O C T'-S RZ' Quan! sibe Realhx 4381766 - RWM R.-,-.........t...,,A.... .. W j ml 1978-1979 In Retrospectrum In retrospect, our senior year brought excitement, entertainment, challenge, and reward, all of which gave rise to a sense of unity within our class. ln September, the Blue Doors reopened to usher in the new school year and all its events, but for members of the SHS football team, the year began as early as August. Under the direction of Coach White, the Spartans plundered the fields of surrounding towns in October, cheered on by Stoneham fans. Unfor- tunately, in November, our men were defeated by Reading on Thanksgiving. Our class float, "The Land of Oz," and Miss Homecoming Laura Antonucci, along with Homecoming Queen lan Penny, however, guaranteed a fun and exciting day for everyone. n 5 E it .i W.-6. U't if f l i li I December rang with Christmas bells and the combined voices of the Spartan Chorale which performed the Bach"Magnificat'f under the direction of Mr. Ab- rahams. A highlight of january was the selection of outstanding scholars who were to be inducted into the National Honor Societyg also during this month many combined efforts of Mr. Hoyt, Ms. Kominowski, and tentative members insured a smooth, meaningful presentation of awards and pins to the new mem- bers. Then in February the gold drapes at Stoneham High opened to display the 1979 Winter Carnival Ball, a superior talent show which took place before the royal court and queen Patricia Morely and king Gerard Mahoney. March sig- naled the end of winter as warm weather prevailed and Carnation Day brought a little spring to SHS. Sunny April found students, faculty, and parents becoming closer as the women students of SHS formally entertained their mothers at the annual Senior Tea. Later in April, formality and ele- gance united as seniors donned tuxes, top hats, gowns and capes to attend the Senior Prom at the Chateau de Ville in Saugus. All too soon, the twelve years of education came to a close, and on june 3, 1979, the chapter of our lives at SHS ended and was replaced by a fresh new page for each of us to write upon with our future. w ll f Lg 7, I 1 sf I" - 5 q . "'. . V ' .. , is .A ,-.,...,L.-.A.

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