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 - Class of 1978

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1 'L ,v k f L ',,,- ,. Z X , 'P' N N AV.-. K, . 'fa A 5213 71 - 'A V'. A 1 , 'rf-M . ' 5 I-E+ f' fw f',r '1 A A,-. ku, Vrb. A 5 jf, 5 ' ff . Iffyy . ,, fi , ,, U H 7' fl . I - . , x .l A Q . , , 11,5 Q . I . xl 'war' I 'A -I , 1 'HX ' -' ' wa ' V 3 , A, :,f'f- ,, V ML-5ii'f5,-,fdgu b V i V ', lf, 5 I if-" Miflfiiliflll A' 'N , ' w V 'X X x , X .LR x S : f ' 1 5. X X , if X . J A ' -Q - .. A+' ff -f -U E . X N b """"t-Q.--.,-.. .-, -,,,,f-ff... I ' 'BIB I A EEUU ." ' b X day , 3 g 4 ' - -- ' X .. 5 , " "g 1 - A , Q ' fr W1 , D ' ll , Y , , 4 E ' i 5 i 'Kari A Y ' ' fl an ' " I 'F I N '-3T "fIZE"? , ' r ' 1 'f V-lv , 'A N' Alf? X' H I ' A 5 1 ., QL- Li Ll-.b v ' - ' ' ' " X i f 'ling . - , L - Q ' L c .Q .Y . """' "'N" ,Q . - I i 1 R. , f ' 'r , ' 1 'B D if . 4" il-1'!'E': , ' H - . f' 1 "' A 1 - 1-2. 3 , A .1-f' ' A ., - - f . wr c , - , 1, 'x x X it n , Hifi 'V I -- fl .. . ,f 4 : , - L U b -T -. In 4 - N i - j I l " , -ri 5? 1 'V F - M f 1 '5'f'f - -.A' 5- -'Ji ' 'A' ' i 1V' If ' -A Q'-1 - ., .- 5--j 3 --2 m - . ,-- -V .aw H ,A 4 xii' nf I L A' " - f ., . ' .. ' . ' Xflix' r 17727 Tiff: V' ' Y Y , - . ' - Sh' EBF? 1269? ' wan.-iv ' ',iilE."h3-ZfT?g11-5524:-. . -Ti ' -,J XG- "VZ-'E?:i, 9' 4:9--f ' vI"'73 'bfi 4272- -.M 3?:1k?f2v7fQEQ:wP?:- 559:59 Asif ,za.i1w5:.wm4Z:igw-iv4wz?,1ma1feE'S ?1v?2SZQE::32Si:z,5 Qffzqfwtz-mise 253:62 343.1 eawem up Q6 Q A QA ETA f'?7S' N, ' ' W7dDLf2Mo7?lQ"' X A , Y Jauwrxniffyff .Q Umm 42-0 macaafuwv -gfwwrfc 2? ffrcfzfz izfvlfflf ,Cixi A'Mf'7QNAwi,1Ag Mgmj- X W Q 136 J, Qffayxu 5, LAL ,KLM yfwfffffgf f , Dfw' if 7 Walesa .Q ,zirzfiawsj fihcfwyi Jlbcgfk QUQYLI? did Q9 f0AfLj"L 75,7 vm,f,4,o,!L, , J ,Mya J ,uc gm X16-fl 'UC 'WWW ? fjii W Y , V , I , ,, , , ,, ,,.,Y- -Y,..,7...-.Y .... ,... . . - ..,...,......-rv-Y.. v.-...,...,,.-. v-vc1..,.......-.... New Hfffbf "':,:f5 Gy' , . V. , ,, 7 V' Q lifjf ,,, ,. X l " f,N 3 5 was 9154? ff E 1144 ' V I .,,.,-,.,,.,,i..........,....f-..- ...-f-f- -, . Y, -.- - - - f-K- f-----1f1ffi"""r'!" '- peeve. " THE MAKING OF A YEARBOOK A A yearbook is a permanent record of the col- lective life of a Senior class and one year in the life ofa school. Each year, each book, presents new challenges and new problems with new people responding with new ideas. The history of the 1978 yearbook began with the selection by popular vote of the two editors-in-chief. For the first time students were allowed to nominate and then select the individuals who would fill these important po- sitions. A signiticant turn in the direction of the book took place shortly after the election when the process of theme and title selection was started. There were the usual suggestions: "The Way We Were." But a majority of the staff was attracted to an unusual possibility - Circus Maximus - the name given to one of the centers of community activity and enter- tainment in Rome during its golden age. The single suggestion was presented to the class on a ballot and a majority voted for it, although there was a strong antagonism to the title X 4' among some of the Seniors. In fact one student cited the choice as "pet 2 The 1977 yearbook VISIONS had been sent to the Columbia University Scholastic Press As- sociation for evaluation, a process which re- sulted in suggestions for improving future books. The proposed changes were presented to the class in a referendum and most of them were rejected with a strong and, in some cases, highly emotional feeling expressed for retaining the traditional approach, highlighting such elements as senior comments and senior favorites. And so the staff of the 1978 yearbook is faced with a difficult challenge - the successful treatment of an unusual theme, while honoring the majority desire for traditional elements, and recognizing the suggestions for creating a more meaninful and complete record of the life of a class. The pages that lie ahead will show how well this chal- lenge has been met. A U L X4 THE MAKING OF A VISIT Stoneman High was privileged by the recent visitations of some classic Roman characters. The visitors were greeted by all of Stoneham High with open arms. The Romans thrilled the students with lectures on the philosophy of An- cient Rome and tidbits ofinformation on a previ- ous lifestyle. The Romans were in turn ecstatic with all they learned of Stoneham High and their scholars. These pious people stood before the school each day and worshipped their leader. The Romans and students and teachers all be- came quite attached and when the time came for the Romans to depart, all from Stoneham High wept tears of sorrow. Students and teachers alike stood before the school and waved good-bye to the Romans and wished upon a wishing star that the Romans would return again someday. 452 3- -4 y y y R ipi ' 9f1 .LL'7n 1 f : gb , V. my X. 1 1 u 4 i , ,j1.if THE RT OF L0 E " ' 'V ,4Q , A ,, fvmf M-ff Mm J' . . f' HX s f N 'gf . "' ' f - ""'s V Q . " x .533 'Am , ,,., gil an 25 J.. Q 'Q Fx., f"'f 'Y ' ,- N ' "4 ,f f--H, gg? I ,5,s K A x ,K . I I , ff, Elly k 6 , GMA., L ' E 'Q k K - 'V" A M9 '-1' 5 . Q 1' f x . I 5 M , iggjs' ,Q ' ' . V jg. ,I J fb f 951 1 up f jf K3 A il - Grqkfziv, ' , f ' f ' , f ? Lvl- T' ' qiaN7f"i" K' " ' -,. " ' 'vi I S1 'if' " 4 5 if .Me 'fm ,, Qi' t Q Q- f mf '31 'QF' ' J "W-..-1, . I 3 f an 4 1, ' " A Piiitff' '-W " Af.. 1 if Lv uv- ,af :g"fw. '-f XE' -' f '7 3 fm ,fi g lsr," V1 ,M 'E lf- ' W' f qxg.. 5 J!-rf Q WN? .,, '4 I Q - 3 U . X .,, nyhd K ' , f" f- ' , 'Th 4 5' i 5 . ' il ' A K :?0 i 2' f '1 J . ' ' fig- ...' "ML, Y"-' ' ,. L A K' e'-Gfux- F' " L 1 i ! I 1 I i y 'Q F +-5. 4 .a n i 1 4 'i 1 ,Take her to the Circus. QOpportunities abound. ,You can use your racing license, as the horses gallop round. No need to correspond with her by nod 'and furtive touchg ou can sit right down beside her - one else will bother much - cuddle closeg you have to, the lady likes or not, the seats are packed together, i a very crowded spot. Un 'nm .fijllx ,I 'B 'Ew- fe w 3' N 1 N . ' ,QT Q I, , ',,L.f l gn K THE MAKING OF A PRE IDE T When Bernard Corbett, comedian and hedonist per- sonified, announced his intentions to run for the senior class presidency, the majority of his fellow classmates looked forward to an amusing, possibly hysterical, cam- paign climaxed with a Carsonian monologue instead of a serious speech. In essence, many of the voters didn't even consider him a serious candidate and much of the opposition didn't consider him at all. Other presidential candidates looked back to the Freshman elections when Bernie also ran for office and was defeated. The Freshman election is usually a popu- larity contest and when a friendly candidate can't win under such circumstances, what chance does he have when the voters are looking for a serious, motivated, responsible man in office? Bernie's chances were, in fact, infinitesimal until he N discarded his old jokes and began carefully cultivating a fresh image. He accomplished this new miraculous tran- sition with such style and political poise that he com- pletely outdistanced his rivals. Now halfway through the year, Bernie has, for the most part, successfully maintained his new image except for sporadic bursts of vintage Corbett humor. And who would criticize him if the bursts of buffoonery occurred more often? 6 E,-,R ,,5, M ily .2 , R UM,,w 'vsff 514: vi Willa ta. ee wi-wzI'S 1 . . xi 1 if X. , THE MAKING OF A YEAR The class of '78 has been involved in a difficult struggle to raise sufficient funds in order to have a successful year. Senior classes of the recent past had a relatively easy time at generating revenue because of the presence ofa snack bar which seniors were able to operate for their own benefit. But the current senior class was faced with the fact that there would be no snack bar from the very outset of the school year because ofa state law requiring a breakfast program. Now forced to explore other avenues to resolve the seniors financial problem the senior class officers got the wheels in motion. First was the sale of novelty T-shirts ' fr , y X . I wfij which featured the names of all senior class members. This venture proved mixed at best. Next was the still con- tinuing sale of candy by senior class members. So far this drive talong with a recent dance and Sarah Coventry jewelry showy has been most success- ful. The overall senior class effort re- mains far from over. Future plans include aluminum can recycling, car washes, concession sales at athletic events, and a carnation day designed to bring student's true feelings for each other out in the open. So as of now, whether the year will be made remains to be seen. Here's hop- ing that through continued hard work the seniors will succeed in the end. 0 ,i L for T 1 1 "fr f ew' f""f"'f iii. , it 3 " 75" Qt ' l-..4J31LtL .41 As Mr. Nuss nonchalantly strolls through the courtyard, he is surrounded by the circus atmosphere. To his right he is confronted by Glenn Farrell savoring his frosty frappe while below Dana Beane converses with a few of his many friends. Meanwhile Lorene St. Amand shouts to the troops that she successfully broke the frappe guzzling contest with a time of 29 seconds. While out grovelling on the dusty diamond, our small but versatile president displays his athletic ability. Pl' L- ll The arms of victory are raised by Judy Marshall as she successfully mounts the pyramid. Tony Auterio proudly advertises his favorite beverage, but Dennis Bain is too busy studying to notice. The familiar question is still being asked about the twins: "Who's on top, Linda or Laura?". Wa. .. , f, 1 l H3 Q i nm 4 s 15- ,ii M:.5g,2'v:'f1:'J W, as-.J .t.-agp .,,L,,,.'x gage-, Mmm xv' fr: w sg? z Ae ggi 'QNX . THE MAKING OF A SEASON I It should have been apparent to everyone from the very beginning. On a warm Indian summer Sunday in Wil- mington a matter of inches forced a scoreless tie instead of victory. Seven tries inside the three and empty-handed. This opening game futility was a virtual microcosm of a season that was not to be. After hard fought losses to two of the league's best squads tWatertown and Winchesterj there followed a pair of uninspired rollovers to Burlington and Lexington. Two horrendous afternoons that made the seasons of seemingly inferior squads. These fiascos coupled with probably the seasons most frustrating afternoon Qagainst Melroseb created a season that resembled a roller coaster ride from high optimism to utter disappointment. Why is the obvious question. Several reasons appear to stand out. Maybe hopes were too high from the start. The league experts and opposing coaches mainly talked of Stoneham's exceptional size and statue as a dark horse, while placing them no higher than the third or fourth spot. The top spots were reserved mainly for Watertown, Winchester, and Melrose. For once the "experts" were fairly accurate but what might have been still troubles the minds of the Spar- tans. The major problem all season seemed to be depth, sev- eral players went both ways which over 40 minutes be- comes more difficult to do. The offense which was adequate at best totally collapsed to the point of complete ineptitude. Three shutouts and the production of only nine touchdowns during an eight game span are not what cham- pionships are made of. On the other hand the defense re- mained solid throughout most of the year. Their main prob- lem as the season progressed was how to-play at the same level of efficiency when forced to be on the field more and more as a result of an offense that was plagued by inconsis- tency. Injuries provided the final crushing blow. Victor Pizzotti by general consensus the league's finest 'all around per- former was lost for the season in the Winchester game. Unsurprisingly this game was the beginning of the end. Bill McLaughlin a solid two way starter and tri captain was also forced out of action for a time. A final crushing blow was the late season injury suffered by standout back Carmine Frongillo. Frongillo who was the offense during the team's early success faded out of the ball carrying picture somewhat as the season developed but still remained to provide 40 minutes of fine all around play from week to week. All that's left now is the traditional date with Reading on Thanksgiving. There is no Super Bowl berth at stake but something more impor- tant: a matter of pride and respect for a team that received basically one kind of breaks - bad. Here's hoping the season's final 40 minutes will be fruitful and that some of that bitter taste that accompanies defeat will be washed away. It just may make a season that appeared to be broken. I ' 1 '- I 'iw ,5 ., ,I 34 vw' 'U '1 '2 THE MAKING OF A SEASON II With the decline of one Spartan team came the emergence of another. As the much heralded football team continued to disappoint, the incon- spicuous girls, volleyball team continued to impress as they played on, seemingly unbeatable. No one knew what to expect from this first year varsity sport. For many years, an uncoached co-ed volleyball program has been run in the spring, but this was the only opportunity for players to gain experience. Call it beginners' luck or natural talent, but whatever it is, the Stoneham High volleyball team had it. Coached by Glenda Layne, the hardworking squad earned an 8-1 record, yet was denied an invitation to the state tournament due to a shortage of games in their schedule. Had they played just one more match, the team would have been statebound. The team efforts were greatly boosted by the efforts of Brazilian exchange students Marta Siquiera and Valeria Correl. Both girls had playing experience, adding a veteran's touch to a rookie squad. The girls' tremend- ous talent was exceeded only by their en- couragement and enthusiasm for the rest of the team. Marta, along with Paula Doherty, co-captained the team. Why did this young, inexperienced team fare so much better than Stoneham teams who worked together all summer? The differ- ence is obvious - the volleyball team did not play in the Middlesex League. The accomplishments of the 1977 volleyball team may have a greater bearing on the Stoneham sports program than was ever an- ticipated. Matching their record against that of most other Spartan teams may prove to the athletic director that Stoneham really could be "out of its league". E9 -. ..!L,, , .. oJVhile basking in the courtyard sun, Michael O'Connoll looks up and sees a human tower forming above him. fi uw ' ..Vr , .JP ' ' ' Y lr I xgf' U lg N , vvv .-f'?mf!'-. 'rf if 1'-1 'IW-,.f V If U' 'J' ' -. 'P ' 'K y 1 " ' s A Ri" " ' Q.' .W 5,, -, '.,.-M-Ya-fgzy, Qirxsif vw Q I n ' 4 M 1 UTY! 15,34 12 ' Dean Demarco and Richie Regan are busy printing up tickets for Saturday's game. The Monday after the victory Paul Uva glances at Karen MacEachern from afar. 'Q V-'- x WM ' :W 1 W., 'fi , , . V - V , - ifihiwv i Jia- elvlqivm ,S i rq. 4 L D -. , 5, hh .fx u1.,w ,N V .5 4- . Q i, J , .T , , - f '48-h.'f'f1 'Vw X- . , ,. Jr, if ,H IV ? :-- ,fe , V .. fe 'MJif,, ' ' , - 443' .I " ." "Vw 'W H , - V 1 L 1- ,x , - ,' f fxy, x Ana- 5 , I5 V ima: anal- 'Ng'5f'?53 .l ' A',i if Al' Q fre' 'Af--Q - Ji . Y. I ' A ' V' 1 if :mill-2 Q 'M-a e a y ' M ' 'f '..f,., M rf. - 5 " " I , "Q 'Q' 'ig . ,W y Jr" -"' ef. . ' v ' 4" -' L- R A ,L e. v r ' 'wer ram ar, , M M a . , 5 Q . viii Qgggsgi? gi mil f , " V . V- y i e' - f- 'L , A V, 1' -fm .v . V 4 I - K J N A I , . v Q K ,A V' mtg-34. B M v f w.- s . ww N-1 fax iff Q My -- ' . i -' as WL fi Ni5f7l1f"f" V ' W 'AV' "'ff'?iifi wiifzzh Zu-1'5F,,. . fferiwealf' Y gy 'gd.1,alz.x. 'Srss . ' 2 A SH- 'x Na, ,,,.,Q,'7Vf.gQf?,gg .-'fu' 'A1f'1Qf.'J3..5Ji'-- "2"1f'l" fff"2"'gi"'f'7"e' 'A' 2 NKEQAA '-'TTB-f ' f' - QQ ,.,, M552 1 . pf' ' 1 'V Q, r y r' 'K' ja, 1 JTQ2 ,,gii5," Dot Shakalls, Pam Junker and Laura Raftell '4 I V' -"- K i' -5 , ' relax in the courtyard sun. -if ' , ,. Q " .L gf 5 ' V . 1:55 k'-' ' Q 0 2 5 13 A ' C 5 wc G li 0 CLASS SONG If I leave here tomorrow . . . Would you still remember m Because I m b traveli g 14 Je D3 -...SWNXSQ 7 h r.-Q ,Af 0 X Ya X I i :KKK . N Q X fs J 3 1 Traveling on - Steve Gaines, Ronnie VanZant, Cassie Gaines, Bing Crosby, Elvis Presley, Groucho Marx, Zero Mostel . . . The traveling on for minstrels and for clowns Should be observed with laughter and applause Or pages woth faces etched in black Or silent listening as their footsteps fade -9, Some slowing of the heartbeat with the dying of the day . . . 42.6 iir xxx 15 I, lux. .f y.m2WW.H ,Aux Zark .. My 5 'f i . ' ,, 'rgf'-ff ll 'A ' . -.,,"'2 ,QW A' ' lv- X 'Y 35 . ' I A , Y, mx. diy , 1 ' ,,. 3 , "f V fl.-w'ai:vEff5 'M X ls' , L - L: A , Q I -L7 ' fi" J if sl fa' . ' S ' l f' L3 K W , , ff, ,Q X -8. .ff , 1 if G' ' L9 " lafl' ' ui . A - ' h- T ' , fl an-uv' ,Q A 1 I ist' I W Q It . 1' 1 'Z YH Uitsv W IL ' in " i fi, rf I ,AY , . 4 x 53, if fi? ,gg-, fgf,z. ELL- 4. 'fam 1,5 'E 249' ,A ,, In . . ,:,, rj 'A Haig g, L1 a 'A V V M Q-4 . , 3 3 f 'Egg-,, ' QQ . fn, ,gr , x ri?-f,f'2eEi 32415 ' ef f M CONTE T a WFTOIAOSUC W f , t as ,L,,?I,W,,H,, A Hg? V Making of aQYearbook1 l , I all . ' i ' g ,K , Q Lg '-5,51 nr 'Pima , l 'Q 'Making Of'-2I1:v1S1f,' ,s 3 - a i"'fK - - ' - ' l i xx. f 'lxlgwf E ku g figFMak1ng ofaA.Pres1dt ggi '15, my L A 25, t 1 , t A T, at iw V, Making E 1 2 ' A - if'fM'N""-A I ' it YZ,-1151 mg Of 21 Seasb lill fi ill fiasg t.'l1l.'Lwf'g, , ,Qt N mi e1?'-14g.a:t-LPWJHIOYS t ,., f?gsSiliiXf:s, f' 1 ' - 2 -e -" :il 'P - -it ' 'wQ'e:mg.Q ",! i Elfkfei"ltfff"'iK,i4i ' it 5 ' f f-': "plMax1m tt at -e f XE!-"1f'1w'4f ff J ,ifi??l I ' 1 ' Q 1' A I ' 5 i E if T ggACLlYIl1est' if 1 i Nf5' ,i,3?llligtSpOl1SCl5IS fifth we 5 17273 J v matic X,RRM.'XtN -Zn . 5 V ' f 1 Vg . , ,,,.,...,'.. . W. .J-vm... aa, ,W M..- W 1 . - -I ,H - 1-naman.--1:1--n---..-ng-un -M., "By now Diomedes was very close. He was driving with the whip, swinging his arm right back for every lash, and making his horses leap high in the air as they sped on to the finish. Showers of dust fell on their driver all the time, and as the fast pair flew over the ground the chariot overlaid with gold and tin came spinning after them and scarcely left a tyre mark on the fine dust behind" Homer, The Iliad 17 ,. i 4 s x f With respect to my teacher, Maximus, kindliness, sympathy, and sincerity all contributed to give an impression of a rectitude that was innate rather than inculcated. Nobody was ever made by him to feel inferior, yet none could have presumed to challenge his preeminence. He was also the possessor of an agreeable sense of humor. Marcus Aureluis Meditations f4Zw"1cZf? gs2- ' 2 ag- ' f tj: 53 jj 5.,Q:'Qgfwf-. ,, jig'-'ff iffvf-:Mil M. 35232 .-'TQ4w5',1. ,f - ' '. -'n"'V'4-93 544' ' '- 1461- if-1'3fE3"A2:?:42i-1:5T'.. .,,:.fw'g fin, ':!3:-FIJZQQ 'gf-1:1 we aeiftavf-,xy-,cf"w',4 we -fa f- W my-.5-f,,-,'.'e'siz, L.:-as 1., .1 gffffb- 1 wwf . ,-,,,. -, ., ,-i ner-,L-51' SQ. V-rf A n 1 ,-.--WM,-355, t, f?-:'f,,t37.,'fsf-36, -'A:mpg-.1fg:'t1:xg Lf" w w ' .1-.f ' ', 4, g-fefi..::f-f-mf-"Lffw-Q -,if.-,f,.y:fg,q6,ff.7a55sfaf-'Q-W4-,:a.:zf?'zww,f:,i'1g-'1.f-.f A - a w.: " , -. T"2' , 4 ,.3,t..-awzifqlg' A:,f.,,,:., ,frfa::-.,'g.f.pC2LgSi t-'gg' ,if f ,, f 3 -3:1142-'St W Jw., :wg - -,. -L ' KHA64' ' we 'KL-'-+V. af -iw -A-,1,zrf4-H Vx:.'ffrf7?'STe5-39fQ'1-'iv J-1 '55-w5wV'."fY,fe eff: ff. f ' - 41--mf',L5'5 .wjvffaffw ' scifi'-1?ff,'3f gggfi wb' 'f ft ff'':11,a2'?i5QE'iiQ-v?'1ffi"T'?i,, 55'5""fE , ,,, ,,s,,K,,, f2,-. -t-ya., .,-,m,f.f,.. ,4,.,.,,! . .,,,,-t aaa, .. W-,fa .. , ,nfs f '-left:-xaziQft7fff:-11.2.11111:s.1z?:f-s1Qi5?:3Exf::f:E' fflrv. 7.1-:gf za- ri Q,:x,:t.sfEi'ea'f - 'N t E .- P7 Q Y' N 5? 5 . 1 'f .- x f 5 X f fi 1 9 E i? 4 Q il if E S 5 E EX u Tv P5 -R N Q 5 E 3 s Q H 5 ,,. K 5, as r, 55 N f: F: 54 v . 5 v is a Z1 FT? Ffa w E' x.. 3: 33 .ss w "U" - ' . "'?i"' ' . .X 1, A 1 ,I xut, I J X .' ,...w ,, . . ,Z , wi. .. ,V i.-. :..,i,. . ., Q. V veal? , ffwizx fm mf' 4 Af AW-4 , aifg 5i+'5'f umfi' T ' A Q2 - . 454 ... 1, . X: 'g..g3pI'5g, ,., 4. H . . 9y- I qw J , E. , . Q. .ww waqgqgg vig I. ry. 1-3 -.M rn, J. , , ,bg 3, ,T .w 6, 1 ,kffw bzff . jf:- -Si., .' " - Q -"2 W: .. ,459 . - ' -Qi?-T., '- -,g?"ff23F-ag-Wlizl. ,,1."' 3.4151-2:3-'. -"-w1i.5.5"ff'7" F 56... ""' ,. ' Qf"L-,'15'f'Qff-. a ...fn U :A -4 w-Cz-gp,-2:1 Q- - 4-sqm fN:z19hf'Mf,Mw-2-., -v 1-ff".1',s?1L :, as . 1 1 1-1. . ',-'f:. WM- 1' A w-:mfs ' +1.'?:. -N-ws.: - ' 'UES AQ' 41 , TQ " " f 'M-1' " :F-fki. -?ii2x-X, f fm .,:. A-.1--gg' 0 era-Eviv. X -N ' 'In , '-tw 1 za W 1 " W If - .L7,Q'f' , eg,g . QV ' f5"'?L"3:':"-.1xi'i2 'fl 'n-.Q:"ai"i49 '- ' T ' '- Yaii fi fi ' ' ' "7 "5 v. 'S 'e A 'BA zu 5 , L... Il' , ,. 4, ee, , ,, f -5 'NM' s... I 'Linh' Daniel W. Hogan Jr., Superintendent of Schools mc. N Frank R. Matarese, ' . l - Assistant Superintendent W'n'am L' Hoyt' Pnnclpal ar 22 ,:wf, 3N1'e'f 7:1 A 9 ADMINIST R TIO I Ralph J. Rowell Jr., Vice Principal Fred Kiamie, Vice Principal Agnes-Mary Barry, Dean The high school English department offers a variety of ' ' electives ranging from Creative Writing to Literature and Psychology. As a result of these offerings, IIOLR of the student body is currently enrolled in English courses. Courses in Journalism, in Science Fiction and Mystery in- Seated: A. Gower, R. Rosenberg. D. Musico. Program Supervisor. Standing: P. Nolan, R. Reed, L. Rosen, J. L'I-Ieureux, R. Carrol, R. Silverman, P. Norelli, K. Conroy, K. Chase 22 crease the scope of the curriculum while electives in Sports Literature and Film Media have proven popular to a wide range of student tastes. The English department strives to be relevant and contemporary, and seems to be succeeding judging from the popularity of its elective program. vt-tw' X. 'elslw t , ' f - if 4 . . , . X. 1 is A f J at , -ivi -A ttf V 1 K 23 tj -1-f g -:-.1- .T .. :Wai yer r-' -1 "Q W3 iw -, fi 1 Yh' 1, "' n James Campagna, Program Supervisor Standing: Peter Mathison, James Romano, Ruth Reczek, James Campagna, Stephen Conroy, Wayne Fillback, Henry Margarita Seated: Denis Mulvihill. Not pictured: Carolyn Banulis. The Social Studies Department offered a number of unique opportunities for students outside of the regular classroom activities. Programs such as Close Up, Political Discovery, Metropathways, Harvard Model UN all gave students opportunities to use Washington, D.C., and Boston as their classroom. The students' intern-program at the State House allowed students to spend a full semester working in the political environment. Such programs add much realism to the classroom theories, and help make learning more pragmatic. Social Studies Expands Classroom To Bring Theory To Life New Computer Expands the Activities of the Math i Department - -...H ' 1,1 I .l,. I . , TN., 11 N 4, 1 . .surf-p The Math department is, as usual. on the ball with the addition ofnot only a computer, but also an Introductory course to computers called BASIC. This is an interesting addition to the department's already extensive pro- gram where courses range from Algebra I to Calculus. They are also keeping up with the competition through the Math Team, a suc- cessful and increasingly popular organization already in its third competitive year. 2 "'3sR',a r' if 9 0 , David Nuss, Stan Kopec, Chester P. Jordan - Program Supervisor, Ann O'Sullivan, Russell Lurvey, Michael Kennedy. Not Pictured: Agnes-Marie Barry, Mary Olmsted, Socrates Taseos. I Equality for All at the Stove and the Sink Home Economics is a spot of happiness and warmth in an otherwise cold, dreary, existence for both girls and even some liberated boys. No longer does the stereotype of girls in aprons slaving over hot stoves and a sinkful offilthy dishes dominate the scenery. The stereotype has gone the way of Tyrannosaurus Rex. In these changing times, even the most rugged football players can be seen cooking or practicing elegant needlepoint. At last, boys are equal to girls in menial tasks. :'1 The Foreign Language Program of Stoneham High School is moving toward a period of relative stability after three years of dynamic transformation. All of the programs have undergone complete changes in texts and other materials, so that in all the classes, the use of the language by students is the primary objective. Students are participating in many new culturally related activities, are doing readings in history and literature and are visiting museums, libraries, and other ethnic organizations. Perhaps the most radical innovation in the classes, however, is the attempt to integrate independent study units in the regular instructional programs. J, ,t 28 Dynamic Stability Achieved in Foreign Language B. Nolan, M. Mayer, A. Rocher, V. Komanowski, P. Atkinson 4 Frederick Bacon, Program Supervisor, Ann Gower The study of Classics in Stoneham High School begins with learning that agricola means farmer and ends with reading some of the world's great books both in Latin and English. Between these two sets of revelations comes a great deal of frustration, a lot of work, and the sense of achievement and success. When the present senior class entered high school, there were thirty-six people in Lating this year, there are eighty. All aspects of Latin, mythology, and Graeco-Roman culture are studied, with an emphasis on the literary use of the language. The present senior class has had a strong influence on the curriculum, which no longer is bound by traditional content or methods. Such interesting aspects of Classical culture as early Christian writings and the extraordinary body of literature from the middle ages are studied and enjoyed by all the classes. Revived Interest in Classics Results From Innovations 29 The Science Department this year is experimenting with the combining of the CB and S chemistry and biology courses. The results have proved favorable and the classes will probably be continued in the future. Other ideas currently being considered are the addition of a Biology II course for seniors and mini-course in CPR and Taxidermy. There are also seven Advanced Biology classes this year as compared to 2 last year. The department is doing its best to broaden the scientific horizons of as many students as possible. The Last Frontier Wi .1 5 IISXJRIHII Sw 'F' '-I i if 4 quinnis wi X5 ' ag, tt Nicholas Guletsky, Joseph Collins, John McGuire, Martin Schoepfer, Janet Hanley, Barry Jenkins, Patricia Tine, missing from photograph Diane Molloy. Pictured above, left, Thomas C. Cleary, Program Supervisor. 1 l I l Business Makes the World Go 'Round Seated: E. Furman Standing: C. Broderick, A. Ha Business Department Provides mngton, M. Garutl, D. Corum, L. Leamon W Students with Skill to Get in on the Action ali is l 0 Students Expand ' Skills with Hands-on Training , x ti J. Maliszewski, L. Anastasi, R. Paolini, W. Daly This year the Industrial Arts Department continues its program of students interested in shop techniques. This program offers a relaxed atmosphere in which the students can gain insight with hands-on training in auto shop, print shop, and wood shop. 33 New Faces and New Courses park Music Department The Stoneham High Music Department underwent considerable change this year. New and exciting courses relating to music theory and choral groups have been introduced as well as the two new teachers in the department. The performing groups participate in seasonal concerts, festival competition and exchange trips while classes of music theory and instrumental lessons are taught. More and more new faces have been seen this year in the music room and because of their involvement, a high level of group and individual achievement is resulting. Mr. Donald M, Dregalla, Mr. Frank Abrahams, Program Supervisor Ms. Karen T. Wienski. Art Develops A Variet of Skills 4 Marie Cargill, Program Supervisor and Ted Schwalb J k'!'GM4.f its I X Both arch and statue were erected in a hurry: and whether for lack of time or lack of sculptors, they were made partly from former works of art, with borrowed friezes on the arch and a recut head and arm for the statue. But they also showed a new trend in art. ln Constantine's huge marble head, the eyes look into the distance with an unearthly gaze. The new sculptured figures on the arch are rigid and lifeless. Like the people ofthe day, frozen into castes, the rows of little men gaze with expressionless eyes toward the larger central Figure of the emperer who dominates them all. Gone are the graceful figures showing action and sensuous pleasure. Instead art had be- come a means of showing the power and glory of the ruler in contrast to the insigniiicance of ordinary men. -from WHEN THE WORLD WAS ROME by Brooks and Walworth 35 New Atmosphere Fills Guidance Suite A new atmosphere has developed in the Guidance Department this year. There is an increasing trend towards group counselling, where counsellors work with groups of students in problem solving. A new group called Peer Counselling involves High School students who are being trained to provide guidance for members of the junior high school student body. The Career Guidance Department has been making special efforts to End speakers in a variety of areas, with emphasis on coordinating the speakers with the existing academic programs, especially in Social Studies. William P. Murphy, Director of Guidance Services 36 Seated: M. Chisholm, E. Pack, Standing: J. Feltch, D. Kline, missing from photo: M. Hurst t Sw ff K. Coed G m Fun The Coed-gym program has become an important part of this year's physical education program. No longer exercises and dull routine, but happy faces and enthusiasm. Each term new units of different sports are introduced, and participation in nearly any sport can be enjoyed. This innovative program also provides excellent opportunity to find new interest and talents, which provide an excellent basis for fitness in the future years. 37 Splicing film, arranging work schedules, finding the right book for the right topic, running to medical emergencies, changing temperatures from freezing to subtropical, producing prize winners-these are the roles of the unsung heroes of Stoneham High school. Holding the school together in small, often subtle ways from the library to the shipping room, these important people contribute immeasurably to the educational environment. THE UNSUNG HEROE Pictured above - Custodial Staff: From left: T. Mahoney, H. Marsh, H. Howes, R. Graves, R. Benoit Above: William J. Waddleton, Director of Occupational Education 38 At Right: Edward Mulcahy. Media Coordinator I Mrs. Beverly Abbott, Secretary Mrs. June Johnson, Library Aide Miss Rudi Lindgren, Librarian -Q- rss , , Your-Lui Lb.. L71 s.-use-at . li" ' V . I nsirlln-up ., ..-......... L .hu--u L gif A-f' H" - 1 L , g. .nf .1 if ' 1 " 'X - .. .. 1 A 1 Q79 L .,-. M- nn. sa- . ' , ----- s-na-. ,V M yn,-has A gf , --4 1 wuchndyl-arg' suntan. ' 9 Vlwinqg U? ' ,.r . 'W' '. , if' -F-...M, ,f ' '-"'u""" yn"""5"U-nu ""'nm..4.2 'iii "bu ---65.55. ' "'N-aug Gene Stechschulte, Distributive Education 39 The Cafeteria Virginia Sutherland. Ruth Caton. Elsie Highet. Marie Georgette. Jackie Whitten. Rose Fiore Mr. Daley smiles at Ms. Komanowski's lunch, and Dana Beane offers a protective arm to Jackie Whitten. 40 .11 X 9 .Wi 1, Q 1 ,3Y. ' Qi fl EX , N wg. mm, ik, 5. if iw: J" s 5 i s x s 1 i Z1 ef if .4 52 .fx E. 44 L- I 3 1 4 . 4 3 a If s . ,,5,,,1,5a19,2?" , xg ii 'f--fx ' .. 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'.4.,4e-- E, . gp 1. ,Q i ' ' " ' ' 1 gg as w?f5'1 4 'Qin' P, -s..'i5gi.3' 1 425522 Memories: joke on C.R., guido Chicago, on the cliffs, 21l4176, CSN, Jr. Prom-wrong turn, Cotter "US", rave on! Misery: Windy mornings! Quote: Yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow is only a vision. But today well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Happiness is: Home all weekend, Friends, Free time Misery is: Breaking down on a rainy night, Monday mornings Pet Peeve: scum, burnouts, smelly locker rooms Suppressed Desire: To get rich quick Future Plans: College Comment: Close the shades at night and reduce the risk ofbeing shot to death in bed. Czpnfe Pdynpqzkz Memories: l2fl0173, GTCWHIOQSJTSFIT, SB, Cl, AB, George, the farm, 202 Ecclesiastes, class of "77", Duffy's garage, Old Rec, Senior year Happiness: Bob, friends, family, The Salernos Suppressed Desire: to go the distance with Rocky. Future Plans: "To search and investigate in wisdom all things that are done under the sun" Ecc. l,l3 I'll never forget: The Zoo, Hello Bill!, TENOR PRIDE, geek Happiness is: Beth, good friends and good music Misery is: First row, first seat Suppressed Desire: To become Head Zookeeper Comment: It's been real! Quote: There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them. -Jim Croce- 44 LAUREN ABBOTT LORI ANDERSON JOSEPH ADAMS NANCY ANDERSON MICHELLE ALVES JULIE ANDREWS JAMES ANDERSON JANET ANGELOSANTO Happiness is: Love, Michael, Peace at Home Memories: flakes, parties up J.H., Brenda's New Years Party, under the school, Hampton "76", l sock: wait, S20 tow, Stoneham shuffle, 28 at 30, Michael's S100 Chevy, 417176, 12111176 Pet Peeve: being short Misery is: fighting Quote: Take me as I am, for I will never change. Future Plans: Traveling, nursing, working Happiness is: My Family, close friends Comment: Good Luck in the future "Class of 78" Memories: lunch with everyone, nurse's aide class Quote: Nothing more beautiful under the sun than to be under the sun. Pet Peeve: Getting up early Misery is: Tests Memories: C.B., S.P., K.D., P.F., retreats, First Congo, the 7 B's Barbara, Franklin, Spartan Choral MTS., Brumit, Kathy, Our Place, 10114177, the Lowenbrau Bros., 124 A 8t B, Heinken Haven, "Mountain Cannibas", cast parties, "Don't look at me in that tone of voice!" Quote: See that man with the lonely eyes, take his hand, he'll be surprised. Comment: I love you for your truth derived from your knowledge. I respect it as a divine thing for it is the deed of the spirit. Your truth shall meet my truth and blend together like the fragrance of flowers and become one whole and eternal truth, perpetuating and living in the eternity of love and beauty. I'll never forget: November 15, 1975, Sophomore year, New Hampshire and summer of 76, Georgetown, Ramada, IS on the l4th Quote: Do you always trust your first initial feeling special knowledge holds true, bares believing. FLEETWOOD MAC Misery is: curb stones, red lights and healing the clique's latest gossip Suppressed desire: to be able to spread sunshine on rainy days. Comment: Time may change me, but I can't change time. Future Plans: College, marry a millionaire. I'll never forget: J.M., 4!l!77, Sophomore year, 25th A. 6!lQ!76, "US", Chicago, on the cliff, good weekends and good times, joke on C.R., 2!l4l76 party, long talks d.s. Misery is: rainy weekends Favorite saying: Who loves ya, Baby? Quote: The moments may be temporary, but the memories are forever. Suppressed Desire: having lots of money my health, good friends, staying a bachelor Pet Peeve: Rainy weekends, a dead battery, getting up early Future Plans: College, a great job Memories: Stoneham News, Paul's serious face, car chases, summers Quote: J.G.'s "same thing" Happiness is: A green convertible Mustang, winning football bets I'll neverforget: J.M., N.D., S.M.., A.L., D.V., A.V., J.M., J.F., P.M., B.P., E.D., Long Beach, the S.D.A. sleepouts, the S.F.C., 8l30!76 Pet Peeve: Rainy days, S.S. Quote: "Live for tomorrow with a smile for every day there are new beginnings" LISA ANGELOSANTO HOPE ASCHENBRAND MARILENA ANGELOSANTO JOSEPH ASSALI GLENN ANTHONY MARY ANN AVENI MARY APPLEYARD DENNIS BAIN Happiness is: being with someone you love I'll never forget: 8!25!76 and "If you leave me now", Hawthornes, Irvings, sewer covers, "The Chain", Rec, J.H. Christmas Eve 76, New Years Eve 76, J.L., L.S.'s overnights, D.M. at 2 o'cIock, J.G.'s father 5, Long Beach, HoJo's, house panies, Geils, Freeman's Servo, close friends Pet Peeve: Hopeless, J.H., J.L., L.S., D.M., J.G. Happiness is: Getting my new Monte Carlo from Dad Misery is: Getting up every morning and gym Never Forget: All the good times with Karen J., Kathy C., Linda S., Going to the .drivins with Karen, Bobby and Jimmy. Revere Beach Quote: Ma, I don't feel good. Dreams in the future: Getting out in January, working, and having lots of children Quote: "Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference." Robert Frost Visions of the Future: U.S.O.T., College, big business Dreams ofthe past: Conn 77, K.C., thanks, B.L. 8L B.D. in shops Happiness is: my own pick-up with no other worries. 45 Favorite Quote: "Are you seri- ous!" "Hello, Jim!" Goal: To find an easier way, To be someone. somewhere, some- how, someplace. I'll never forget: U.S.C.W.B. in Europe with Scott, Toronto 77, Mr. Hyde, the band, Bass drum and Bari sax, S.H.S., Barbo's WILLIAM BARBO SUSAN BEAUREGARD Visions of the future: Modeling, I'll never forget: Drill 7: O.P., traveling, photographer I'll never forget: S. Butler, M. Alves, C. Caton, Cathy Vig- lione. Peter Frampton Concert, K. Rizzeri, 9!l!75, l0!26!77, Tony F. Pet Peeve: People with no tact. Misery is: Trying to prove some- I'll never forget: the Skinbags esp. thing to someone, Friday night .l.D., Cape, old friends - P K U fights. CFRRMDPS Quote: Memories are the afterglow Quote: My happy hours are so few, ofgood times past. my plans for the future may Happiness is: My family, Tony never come true - making be- Future Plans: College lieve - what else can I do?? ANNMARIE BARBUTO JANET BARTOLUCCI CAROLINE BASKEN MARIE BENOIT CHARLES BINDA Dreams of the past: Dunbarton Maine: Camp J.V. Subs: D party 6!20:the ZooGang:Chem- Dreams of the past: C.C., L.N., Block: Beach Wedge: walking istry.: Monty P. T.G., B.C.. .l.O.. S.F., C.A., inv.: Beep Beep: L.R.'s Raid, Happiness is: trail riding with Salem, N.H., L.H.S. Le Sabre 7l twin Pam. friends Pet Peeve: waiting Happiness is: S-O Pet peeves: Monday mornings and Misery: rainy days Suppressed desire: Play in a F.H. Math Happiness: good times, parties I'll game. Visions ofthe future: College: coast never forget: Salisbury Beach Pet Peeve: No time: deadlines: to coast on a Zl 1000. Quote: One is truly happy when he boredom. finds himself. There is one suc- Quote: If you see someone without cess, to live your own life your a smile, lend them one of yours. own way. JOYCE BLAUVELT Comment: This is just the beginn- ing. I'll never forget: 5!7!77: 7!21!76: Ju- nior High dancesg Carole in her bummer moods: stairway to Heaven: Kittys: Karen and George. Misery is: Fighting with Bob: hav- ing to leave when you don't want to Pet Peeve: Working on Friday and Saturday nights Happiness: Bob: friends who care!! Happiness is: The good old times. I'll never forget: the people I love Misery is: getting caught in the girl's.roomg waking up in the morning. WILLIAM BLAUVELT MARK BLOOM Misery is: missing party at Tiny's house: Spanish Happiness is: the neighborhood: friends: family Pet peeve: classic: Buddy up: scum I'll never forget: cards at Chuck'sg A 8L B Christmas party: R.H. Comments: A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Future plans: College JAMES BLOUT I'll never forget: Charlie, Jimmy, Bob and Billy: the Zoo, the Park: D.D., T.C., M.T., T.R., C.B., B.P. tiger cages: Breakheartg T.K. Pet Peeve: Chicago: Larry Comment: She's only a friend. Quote: When I die I'll go to Heaven because Ijust spent the last three years in Hell. ANNETTE BOCCELLI JAMES BONASORO CARRIE BORRETTI MARK BORGSTEEDE ROBERT BOURQUE Stoneham Hi h was an ex erience. I'll never for et: Ste hen, 41121765 I'll never forget: The bike ride to Happiness is: Becoming an uncleg S P Many thanks to B.P. for all her help. I enjoyed doing the Senior Class play this year. My favorite teacher was M.G. Iwill never forget P.W. and all the good times we had together. Upon graduation I plan to become a travel agent. E P Jr. and Sr. Proms - '76, '77: cheering: C.C.C.C.g1.C.F.: S30 purchase: Bullfrog Weekend: Bats: "Hit the brakes, Kate!"g The Truck: Stoneham Shuffle: F.T.F.W.: "Let's keep in touch"g skiing: Hampton: Commonwealth Ave.: "Over that hill .... "g "What's your word": "Good job, Pat"g R.C's. Happiness is: M.G.M.g close friends: J.D.g A.R.g J.Y.: P.D.: people you can trust Pet Peeve: Fudgeman Canada: Mr. A's Electricity Class and working in the Cafeteria. getting out at 12110: Summers!!! Misery is: Getting a locker that doesn't work three years in a row: having an empty gas tank with an empty wallet Pet Peeve: Having no time for friends I'll never forget: April 2, '77 with S.D.: September 14, 1977, Dan's birthday. Suppressed desire: A steady girlfriend: to go on a long trip: to get a new 1978 car Future: Work and service Comment: Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today, because if you. enjoy it today you can do it again tomorrow. Dreams of the past: J.H. 8L E.C. and me 1974 trio: J.H. English paper 763 Sha-na-na Day with J.H.: Blue Devil: B.H.: B.M. Suppressed desire: To retire at 35: money Misery: Worling and not getting anywhere: Monday morning. Pet Peeve: People who don't pay debts Future Plans: College: own business Happiness is: Graduating: going out and having a good time: spending money Quote: "Live each day as it comes, tomorrow may never come." Memories: medfa Corrine, P.I., wedsten, The gang 115176, l0!20l77, 10!22!77. 9!9l77, SPS. what a sin, S.C., D.D., Partying Pet Peeve: getting lost, saying gjood ye. Happiness is: Mark, tme triends, graduation, 9lf's Comment: Good Luck to the Class of "78": CSMAJ Live each day well, for tomorrow will heaven be the same as yesterday. KENNETH BOWDIDGE LEANORA BURR PHILLIP BRIENZE ROBERT BUSTEED MICHAEL BROWN SHARON BUTLER DOREEN BUCCHERI CARMEN CAFASSO Happiness is: Dickie, Friends, Long nights, Family. I'll Never Forget: 413176, 5!24!77. Diane's, work, BC l!8!77, Hampton, Brenda's JP, 1!1l75, Stoneham Shuffle, Laconia. Pet Peeve: Fighting with people I love. People who are late. Surpressed Desire: To be happy Future Plans: Key Puncher, Airline Stewardess Comment: I love you world. Happiness is: Friday night when it's time to relax. Neighborhood Warren H. Misery is: "License and Registration, please." Pet Peeve: Classic, Good Snap, Buddy, Maggots Quote: "Stop or I'll blow your head off" Oct. 31, 1975 Future Plans: College or Bookie I'll Never Forget: Mr. Meade tR.H.J Happiness is: Tony I'll Never Forget: 10!1!76, 7!l4!77, "Showing Affection," The Cape, Nooks and Crannies, H.C., M.A., C.C., A.B., H.C., Telephone poles, Herpies, Marbles "Happiness is a dreamer who dreams, dreams and is ready to pay the price to make them come true." Surpressed Desire: to become a dental floss tycoon Happiness is: Good people, parties, something frosty Misery is: Helene in H.R., thirsty horrors. Memories: Bush diving with Augie, midnight sprinkles, the roaring blaze, 10!27l77, Scarpa!! Quote: "You see things as they are, and you ask Why? But I dream things that never were, and ask, "Why Not?" 48 l Happiness: Laughter Misery: Silence Memories: M.L., my garage, herpies, S.P., D.D., L.M., D.F., M.M., K.C., D.H., S.B., 38 kisses, "DRILL" Comment: In your world there was a king, he once said, "I have a dream," now there's a man who knew the secret. C. Mangone Surpressed Desire: To find the end of the rainbow, Happiness is: Weekends Misery is: Working to midnight on a Saturday night I'll Never Forget: Sept. 23, 1977-my summons-my senior year Pet Peeve: Buddy, Moody Future Plans: College Quote: "Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, So help you God." By Middlesex District Clerk of Courts May 12, 1977 Memories: 7!l7!76, Plays, accident, B.B., chase, Abes, Amy, Paul, Shaz S.J., Mo, outrageous! Happiness: Jimmy, Nancy, Annette, Family, Jackie, dancing, The B and M, A stage! Comment: Deal with it! 'LTO everyone who might have thought that I was crazy but gave me the room to enjoy the fact that I probably am . . . I love you." Melissa Manchester HELENE CAFASSO CHERYL CAPRARO JOHN CAMERON MICHAEL CARNEY SANDRA CAMPBELL LARRY CARPENITO MARIO CANTONE HOLLY CARROLL Happiness is: a person who cares, to love, Ralph. a close friend, Penny Memories: N.Y,E. "77", Jr. Prom, B.P. house Sunday. out with girls, P.G,, C.D., K.M., K.O., D.P., P.L., Block dance, DD with K.M., P.U., 5l22!76, 5!2l!77, Canada-2 Comment: It's better by far to look ahead and smile than to look back and cry. Quote: Let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing. Happiness: being with close friends, victories Memories: family, Lewis' neighborhood, D.P., K.O., CCCC, breaking loose with A.M., K.M., dribble, Good job! J.H., gymnastics, blizzard with J.S., Sun. at B.P., N.Y.E., GICIOQSWMTSC, soccer, wink Pet Peeve: not knowing truth from lies 49 Dreams of the Past: Hawaii, Chicago and Beachboys Con- certs, The Cottage, Summer of "75", Florida, Quincy, Rip-Off Canada, ll!8l75, Laps Misery is: Rain and The Frizzes' Suppressed Desire: To meet Paul Michael Glaser! Pet Peeve: Someone taking every- thing and giving nothing! Quote: 'AA friend is one who know you as you are, understands where you've been, accepts who you've become, and still gently invites you to grow." CAROL ANN CASCIO Nick Name: Tweety, Rocko Suppressed Desire: To own my own Pizza shop, To play in the states. To Forget: CJAWSJ Papa Gino's Never Forget: soccer parties at A.P. and J.H. and Mary H. Pet Peeve: Being cut up Quote: Are you serious, in your face? Happiness was: scoring my first goal Happiness is: Friday nights with Mary H. MICHAEL CASTELLANO Memories: S.P. Quack Quack, H C DFCCDDMM,thegang, Blueberry, Pine forest - 76, 74-75 - P.A. Cindy, Most of all B.S. l0!l5l76 MA - LS - get- ting lost Happiness: Michael, good friends Misery: Rainy weekends Quote: To live your life in your way . . . to reach for the goals you have set for yourself . . . to be the you that you want to be - That is success KATHLEEN CASWELL Dreams of the past: The Abbotts, cross country, pop warner foot- ball, summer of 76 as a lifeguard, The Fuimara's Happiness: good memories, friends you can trust, having a place to go, mature girls, good parties, WS Misery is: broken promises, flunk- ing tests Comment: Do sports, not drugs Suppressed Desire: Mrs. Abbott 24 years younger Pet Peeve: People that think their better than someone else Future Plans: Policeman ROBERT CATALDO CHRISTINE CATON Happiness is: Jim, looking forward to 12125, traveling I'll never forget: Ann, Sharon, Ka- ren, Summer of 76, "Mobil" out of town friends, cartoons" Y.G. Especially 6!l2!77 Misery is: big cars, waiting for let- ters, window next to S.B., K.W.'s driving Suppressed Desire: to own a Samoyed Comment: wait four years "3.50 and no "the tree!" ERIK CHAMBERS I'll never forget: Broadway cita- tion, the side of J's car, Soccer Misery is: Coming to school after 11:00 on day of game Future Plans: To become Mr. Goodwrench KAREN ANN CHRISTIE Happiness is: Partying with friends, School vacations 8: being with the one you love Misery is: SCHOOL!!! Diamond Rings and not being able to use the car until you quit smoking. Suppressed Desire: To know the inner me! Pet Peeve: Snobs 8L hypocrits I'll never forget: My junior year when I missed 107 days. My se- nior year when I did everything and got away with nothing. And good friends like, Joanne F., Denise E., 8L Kathy C. Future Plans: To become rich and famous STEVEN CICATELLI Dreams of the past: He said know- ingly! Look at the Lumber! Rid- ing in the Buffalo Caddy Pet Peeve: Parrots Misery is: dunbarton .Iune 20, 21 8L 22, night of 4!30!77 I'll never forget: The bomb, camp- ing trip, B.B., BFD, FSFC, 220, friends, INSYAM, the dance C-H, football games, G.S. twice: after you, my dear Al- phonse: a K'-jerk". Happiness is: friends like Flea. Pet Peeve: homeroom Misery is: 5!28!77 Quote: "Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind" MARTHA L. CLABBY JOHN CLARK Memories: M.S. 8l29!77, Frampton, trips to U.N.H., Bad Co. with girls. Aerosmith .... trying to re- member, The good times in E.W. with the best offriends, no where to go "Lee" lO!l5!77 Misery is: getting lost Happiness is: long talks, family, friends Pet Peeve: Phony smiles Quote: Ulf you see someone with out a smile, give him one of yours" Suppressed Desire: For once to be on time LISA CLINTON KATHLEEN COMER PATRICIA COMFORT EDWARD CONLEY MICHAEL CONNERTY BERNARD CORBETT Memories: R.L., Everyone in front! 55 Penny Lane, Fatique Pet Peeve: Piat, Hi Backs! I'll never forget: BACWEBB, BGBIB, B52, Dunkins, Rubber band man snowbanks, underwa- ter kitchens, Switzerland, F. Elaine, JCOM, D 8L G, Life in Generalmente, house parties, 7f23f77, B. sign, skinbags, Wayne Wong, A.W.'s parties, TSOSM, chappy, blue nun nite, OOLL, MIAN, soph. yr., vari- ous types, H7G, The Hsix pack", S.P.S., "What's your word?" "Good job, Carr" Suppressed Desire: To walk hum- bly with my God. Future Plans: Homeward Bound Comments: When you taste from the new nine you'll throw away your moonshine I'll never forget: tiger, Bddie- Bddie-Bddie theatre blocke, Holly R. Nona S. Happiness: September 17, 77 Hap- piest when with L.D. Misery is: Bunco, Electricity class, no snow, Rt. 89 in Vermont Memories: Stoneham News, snow plowing, Marque at Stoneham Cinema. Scamp Future Plans: Electrical Engineer- mg Pet Peeve: Getting up for work at 3:00 a.m. Quote: "Don't take good friends for granted" I'll never forget: Sox, Fenway, BU 4 in a row, Brown Arena, NY '77, Belushi, Danny, Chevy and Bill, neighborhood, Reed, classics, Snaps, G'nts, Concerts Mexico, UN '77, Telly, Ferd's N.H. 74 8L 77, Stones, l2!3l!77, at Bernie's, Happiness is: Frosty weekends, late at night, all my buddies. Misery is: Early Morning. Suppressed Desire: To be a NRFPTP, opposite Keith Comment: There is a modicum of comfort in knowing that the next world war will be the last one. Happiness is: the whole family together, being an uncle-finally Misery is: double sessions, rain, seeing the Sox swept by the Yankees in New York I'll never forget: Reed, Nick, l!9!77 Pet Peeve: Writing Senior Comments in October, Miss Lindgren looking over my shoulder, sophomores Future Plans: To be independantly wealthy I'll always remember: Grotonwood, ooorrrppp!!! eat fish! J.C.O.M., skiing! The presence of my friends Comment: 'tl can't seel' Happiness is: Yet day by day the Lord pours out his steadfast love upon me, and through the night I sing his songs and pray to god who gives me life. -Psalms 42 Memories: mar, APPLESlj.j.m., veging, OOORRRPPP!!!, eat fishl, class '77, W.V, - N.H., my pal P.P., L.G.!, Chicago, Rocky, good buddies, J.T., faith, Wings, life in general! Comment: you don't have to be one of them to be part of them. Pet Peeve: garbage! Quote: Everyone can reach his goal, if he can think, wait and fast. Siddhartha Happiness is: being with Lee I'll never forget: Lee, 413176, 5!24!77, Friends, getting lost, 710 LB. tuna, 204 Pet Peeve: people who say, I want Comments: Being accepted for what you are feels great, But accepting people for what they are feels even better. M.C. 52 DAVID CORCORAN ALAN CROMWELL KATHRYN P. CORKUM MICHAEL CRONIN MARY E. CORMIER TERESA CROSBY RICHARD COVELL ELIZABETH CUMMINGS Happiness is: Getting what you want out of life Pet Peeve: Having to think up Pet Peeves. Misery is: Rain, Not seeing the Dallas Cheerleaders at least once a week. I'll never forget: my summer in Toronto, Carnival Ball, 7!4!76, 8!1!77 Quote: "Always be what you are, and you will succeed." Happiness is: snow days, Christmas vacation, drumming Misery is: Monday morning homeroom Chemistry Lab with M.C. Future Plans: To graduate from college. To live in New Hampshire. Quote: "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." -Murphy I'll never forget: Peter, The zoo, C.B., C.O., B.H., J.H., D.D., M.D. Misery is: Cliffs at breakheart, duck ponds, Larry wickline, working on Saturday mornings Quote: I never let school interfere with my education. Happiness is: Freedom, Seeing friends Memories: Maine, Malden, Lake, J.C., Summer! D.C., AAMRR, M.M., getting lost W.F., M.'?, partyin' with friends, Cousinsl, "Yeah, Tomorrowlj' Desire: To find reality . . . Quote: . .For long you live and high you fly And smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry And all you touch and all you see Is all your life will ever be . . Comment: "What are you on, drugs?" Suppressed Desire: Happiness, good job Pet Peeve: rainy weekends and no car Future Plans: College Memories: summers, '74-77' at the cape Happiness is: Cape Cod Memories: J.A., B.M., T.M., B.P., S.P., J.S., M.S., V.T. - Toronto, Coldbrook, 5!31!77, alarms, Bananas on Irish spring, Flying in halls, '76 band Comments: Uh . . . yah, I don't know what to say!, I'm so excited. Pet Peeve: Being misunderstood without an explanation fD.D.J Quote: "Don't be sad 'cause your sun is down" J.T. 1'll always remember: the up and down's of my sophomore year, breaking the snag record, Nazzs and Whoopie couldn't have done it better Blueberry is worst comes to worst. Sunnyhurst, where the action isn't. To take a Slow ride. Living in a boat summer "77", The Unconquerable Class! I'll never forget: Michael, l2!l0!74, The park, C.B., T.C., B.P., T.R., M.T., J.B., G.F., Partying, Joey's, The Zoo. B.H., M.C., J.H,, C,O., BS., THE STONES, North Reading, 7!6!77. Pet Peeve: Where are you girls supposed to be? Quote: There's been good times, There's been bad times, I had my share of hard times too. STONES t '51 PAUL CURTAIN SANDRA DART KATHRYN DAIGLE CHARLENE DAVIDSON STEPHEN D'ANGELO RUSSELL DAVIES DEBRA DANIELI ELLEN DAWSON Happiness is: Good Friends and good times Memories: Yoo-hoo!, curbs, mai-tais, Manny, canoe? canoe?, sheepfold, Chicago, the esplanade, spiders, Jack, loose hubcaps, 4fl0, Chilly, agricola, rollercoaster ride, bionic bag boy, Riumite, Rumors Misery is: Seven in the Tin Cat Quote: Tho' lost to sight, to mem'ry dear Thou ever wilt remain. I'll never forget: Duncklee d's, "crystal weekends", draining kegs 9117, Jr. Prom "doughnuts on way to Rockpor1".S30 purchase and run, squad 77, talking with B.A. at H.I., J.J,'s car, D.W,N.L., skiing Canada, Rocky, Bullwinkle, murdering snowmen, 10120, Wells Beach, 1976 Happiness is: Being together, Maine summers, Cape Cod, ..-76 Comment: Unbelievable!!! Memories: Provuscus, Illegal bowling with P.C., Drama club-cast parties, C.C. Biggs Summer of '77 - W.D.W., Florida with T,M., PARTIES Sayings: If you love someone and you let them go: If they come back, they will always be your: If they don't come back, they were never yours. Happiness is: Having Tom as my best friend l'll never forget: A certain Guy, Sharon, B.A., S.P.S., J.W., "Happy Together," Trips, F.Y. D.M.'s, M.R,'s, 9:00. l!8!77, 305777, M.D.C., E.D,'s, Z8 at 30, B.O.'s, S.D.'s All nighters, Long Beach, Hampton, "Unbelievable", S.D. D.G., L.S., C.M., Skip's B. sign, P.C. "skunk," J.H., D.D. 10!l5!77, J.C.O.M. Happiness is: my family, close friends Quote: nothing dries faster than a tear. Comment: What a Riot 53 I'll never forget: 28 at 30, Villinora, "the Dinner was Delicias", Canada 2, Beach Days of 77, DJ D S E D C L J M L B. Quote: You've got to get up every morning with a smile! on your face, and show the world, all the love in your heart" Carole King LINDA DAWSON I'll never forget: All the good times in school. Happiness is: studys with Joe and the gang. Future Plans, Work Comment: Why me Lord, What did I ever do. Quote: A hungry man is not a free man. Dreams of the past: Lunches with Joe and the boys. LINDA DEAL Happiness is: peanut butter and jelly I'll never forget: The Bomb, C-h, Cyclops, Beep-Beep, G,S twice, Ann's printing press. The king is a FINK!!! JJWQ Suppressed Desire: to grow Misery is: mornings, decisions Quote: Within you there is a still- ness and santuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself JEANNE DeCOSTA Misery is: looking in the rear view mirrow and seeing blue lights I'll never forget: 3 L's, Cape in U76 8: 77" Logic, the Head, B.D., J.D., K.D., J.R., Pet Peeve: Devil, Mushroom, Southern Comfort DEAN DeMARCO BRIAN DENEHY NOREEN D'ENTREMONT JOSEPH DePIERRO JULIEANN DeSISTO "I am a mystery to myself- Memories: Bull frog weekend, 3 Always changing, Always holding back something of myself, Always searching for who I am"! Sullivan a.m., Stoneham Shuffle, Rick who?, F.T.F.W., monsoons, M.L.B., "Let's keep in touch", "Over that hill . . Junior and Senior Proms '77, skiing, bats, Pennsylvania, S.C., Hampton, Commonwealth Ave, Cattle Crossing, summer '77, 28 at 30, R.C.'s CBBP Happiness is: Close friends who care, C.B., J.Y., A.R., P.D. Misery is: the station I'll never forget: Good times with J.C., P.C., L.M., R.V., B52, Ann's parties, N.H., B A C W P B B, an underwater kitchen, J.H., Rec., Blue Nun Night, the "six-pack", OOL, R.L. Pet Peeve: 'LOh Elaine," Mayberry ELAINE DESMOND LINDA DOE Memories: Aerosmith 76, Naqog 6l25!77, summer 77, vettes, pin- ball, Cranes beach, the field, "hey D', 4!l6!77, double date'n . . . you light up my life . .. Happiness is: pepperoni pizza, ice cream Suppressed Desire: race driver Future plans: 7 College 7, modeling Misery is: D.N.'s cut knuckles Quote: It is far better to look ahead and smile than to look back and cry. DEBORAH DEVENY NEVER FORGET: May 24, 1977 lgl Disneyland 10177 Happiest with B.L.F. Future Plans: Engineering Favorite Pastime: Sleeping Dreams of the past: The rest of my life with B.L.F. and June 1978 Famous Quote: "Who"'? JOSEPH DiMARE I'll never forget: Wizzin, good friends like K.T. 8L M.H., Smiles, gists, gossy scenes - goats, south, J.H. 8: the abyss, food 85 the Awe. "GO ROWE" - cheering, chorale, pun city - SHS, sits, the beach-dippin, dude 8L the priests, jazzstones, the Cape, boothin 8L men. Comment: Ahoy! Quote: "Life is a Banquet , . . take Time to Taste it fully." MAUREEN DION DEBORAH DOHERTY Happiness: holding hands 8L shar- ing hearts, talking with K,M. I'll never forget: summer '75, Ma- rian's, P.F. - 76. D F M M S P K R C C H C, BS behind the OH, Blueberry, M.D., Tennis - JW, "Let's steal a car" JOEY. Pet Peeve: being skinny ' Comment: I will paint myself with love lgl, happiness to keep the world company. Suppressed Desire: to be an Indian. KAREN DOHERTY Comment: Ya really Future Plans: Legal Secretary Pet Peeve: Rainy weekends Remember: Summer at W.H.B., Fred, The Ace Quote: "Take your time, think a lot, for you will still be here to- morrow but your dreams may not" Cat Stevens Happiness is: Fred, The beach MICHAEL DOHERTY f fmt . I 'riff 't,eXf6c- ,t K .jj '7fiZ1f8a1 fifhffff A my W I Y if if A ,,,,,,,-D, xfffbelfi ' 5.125 .. L. Y wif . .2 Cf ,LL Tamw-'DLE H1 4- 3 lie '7 l 4 M . 7 , . fl - fa, Jug K, wi, :ss b ' '- If Q A G .A 4+ 5 f tp ' ef' HAL f Happiness: Being with close friends gy by who really care, J.D., A.R., V "W U,45,J.Y.,C.B.,L.A.,and those who fjiflffifl 'f L , W, understand 4234 - I Misery is: Buddies Q Memories: All the great times 84 N W ,T Vg 7 ,115 if fantastic people, Bullfrog ff" A, A A weekend, Stoneham Shuffle the f's1x-pack", over that hill . . ., f5i.zy4iyff1lt' Letls keep in touch, FFFW, 28 ,,f ,gtg at 30, Commonwealth Ave. ew' ' C B.O.B., Volleyball Aya XL gfffi Marta, Basketball, Dot, Clab, Jeanne, Sue, Softball, Juniors ,B Comment: OH WOW! if I'll never forget: Special times with Timmy 7!25!76, Hampton "77", "your arrested" E.D., L.S., C.M., D.G., Longbeach, I S.P.S., LMC, Baltimore, Twirps, Jr. Prom, All nighters, 28 at 30. D.D. - l0!15!77, Ellen, Cheryl, Laura. "unbelievable", a special friend. Comment: We do not remember days we remember moments. The moments maybe temporary but the memories are forever. CT.D.J Happiness: John, being on time, friends famil Memories: l2!25!76, An's P, B-sign, B-52, Charlestown, 28 at 30, spikedogs, Rec. WlK.E., H.S. W!A.W., 57 Club, l ear for shoes, Hampton, 6-pack, Bart's Cottage, Switzerland, N,Y. Eve, R.L., Boz Scaggs, Gymnastics Pet Peeve: "Simple" Misey Is: Rhonda's Head Quote: At the end oflife we shall be examined on love. Memories: Ski trips, Long Beach, Mornings rides, New Hampshire. Tennis, Three knocks Nuetral No-shows, Say-ee Quote: Take your time, think alot, Think of everything you've got,You will still be here tomorrow But your dreams may not. 56 PAULA DOHERTY ROBERT DONAHOE SHARON DOHERTY TIMOTHY DONAVAN JACQUELINE DOLAN LYNNE DRINKWATER ELLEN DONAGHEY DANIEL DUFFY TO Ma and Dad thanks Misery is: 5 a.m., W.C.C., "Wheres your pass" Happiness is: Brillo Pet Reeve: Buddy's Won't forget: C.P. Chase, W.C.C., There's no hot water, Winchester 2 a.m., Naz Suppressed Desire: Do it right the first time keep your fears to yourself but share your courage. Happiness is: Mississippi, Sadie, an eagle on 6, Family, A crazy guy! Mother Misery is: A hyper Chicken, certain words, the hill, A:C+C, The explosion of gas into ones face. SPS Pet Peeve: Lester I'll never forget: 3!28!77, Dad Future plans: College Quote: "I'm one step ahead, the lord's on my side," Never forget: friends from Everett, Cherrywharf, Experiences in Breakheart, Summer of '77, Sour home away from home" Misery is: Complete boredom Happiness is: always having a close friend by your side when you need them. ' Comment: When in doubt of a decision, don't do it. Quote: Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Comment: What's up Doc? Pet Peeve: Not having enough money at the right time. Misery is: Loving someone who doesn't love back. I'll never forget: F.H., N.H. M.H. EZ., D.G., N.A., S.E., A.O"C, A.D. Happiness is: Barbra Streisand, Carol Happiness is: weekends, the neighborhood, summer, friends. family Pet Peeve: phony people, buddy, people with connections I'll never forget: senior year, sixth game of the '75 series. Florida, the Cape, Tiny's'R.H., the swamp Comment: Look at yourself before you look at others Future plans: College Misery is: Easting school lunches Happiness is: June 4 Quote: War is hell Future Plans: College, Military , Career Pet Peeve: A warm can of beer HECK" was involved in track. cross-country, and the bicycle club. Fondly remembers the indoors track semi-finals and finals. Favorite class was home ec. with Mrs. Kloss. Enjoys skiing and ice skating. Pet Peveve: cold weather and dancing. Prizes his friends, especially Mark. Future Plans: theology Happiness is: Being with good friends and having a family like mine. Memories: 9 yrs. in SPS, - Phil. 75 Championship W!Whelan, house parties, LDOS WIJD, Karl, WIK, Hampton, f. Elaine Bon is back, B-52, Stoneham Shuffle, Chappy, C.M.W.!3B Comment: Just be yourself Future Plans: College, airlines PETER DUGAN DENISE EMERY JOHN DURGIN III STEPHEN ERAMO DAVID ECCLES PHYLLIS FABIANO KAREN EDGERLY GLENN FARRELL Happiness is: weekends, not being grounded, being with friends. Times to remember: Weekends at Peggy's house l0!8!77, New Years Eve l0!3l!76. and Sunny hurst Love is: Bobby ll!2l!76 Pet Peeve: report to office, sitting in C block English Misery is: seeing Mrs. Barry first thing in the morning Things to remember: Mr. Lurveys E Block Class Memories: Astronomy, D.B.A.F.G.K.M.R.N.S., Red Satin, Sturburge Village, E Block Consumerism, Journalism, 9!l3!99. Abbott's Yogun Future Thoughts: Going to England, Get English Degree Happiness is: Weekends Pet Peeve: ll9 Suppressed Desire: Stealing a "STAR WARS" film Misery is: Math Class Quote: To everything that might have been-to everything that was. I'll never forget: May l7th, 1975 at Canobie Lake Pet Peeve: Getting undressed for gym. work after school everyday Comment: The change wasn't as bad as I thought it would be Misery is: The 10:30 dates Happiness is: Mark 57 Happiness is: Family, friends, and sports I'll never forget: all my coaches, the cafeteria "Jackie", rummy raiders, technical foul shot vs. Watertown Suppressed Desire: To do a 360 slam dunk, make the states Future Plans: College, law en- forcement Pet Peeve: The Bruins Comment: I dedicate my yearbook to the best, my mother and fa- ther, Memories: Munching in Psych., lst period in the caf., C.R's late parties, talks with Mrs. R. Cent- ral '77, What happened to our brownies KJ? Best times were summers at Hampton with P.H. and C.R, They seemed like difficult years with many changes but great times and happy memories. "Memories" I'll Never forget: Family, Donovan, D.P., Neighborhood, cottage "77". Freshman year New Year's, the gang. Pet Peeve: Noses, Hair, The Cow- bell Misery is: sidelines, losing when you know you've won. Suppressed Desire: To cross that line Comment: Ah DO IT! Quote: t'Let's get small!!" Steve Martin MICHAEL FARREN IRENE FAYLE STEVEN FERRETTI I'll never forget: All the parties up Unicorn and in Tom's cellar, The last day of school party up Unicorn June 76, Camping up the cascades Aug. 77, Bonnie Raitt at Lenox 8!2l!77, Colum- bus Day weekend up Tom's cot- tage, Italy, Natzis Comment: You got to put on your sailin' shoes Misery is: Disco ANGELA FESTINO -ff W wg , .Ld Q. JOHN FITZGERALD I'll never forget: 'tBen", Durgin's car, sleeping in a Cramberry Bog, Charleneas party 9!l7!77, Rubber Head, Duncklee D, BJ., Jim's car Comment: I ain't never drinking again! Quote: You better quit not, because you got a long way to go. KELLY FITZGERALD MICHAEL FITZGERALD DEBORAH FITZPATRICK Memories: The Carswells, 8l22!75, Memories: Dunklee Ave., Lady I Memories: Villanova, 28 at 30, B.F. The opal 5!8!76, 3!25!77, J.V., just work here, Albatross JAM. and, Al, dreams, D.M.'s house, L.S.,J1m and Beth, Running in Quote: "You are like me. Within Michael, l!7!77, Charlie's the rain, One of 5, 1998, E.B., you there is a stillness and sanc- Angels, yat yat, long talks Pet Peever Kel tuary, to which you can retreat Quote: You see things as they are Happiness is: Mark and Friday at anytime and be yourself, Just and ask why? But I dream things wN1ghts as I can. that never were, and ask why Misery is: Car Troubles Yet few people have that capacity not? Quote: Life comes a day at a time . . and yet everyone could have it" Comment: Everything isn't any- And fhafis the Way YO enjoy ii- thing if its not what you want. Happiness is: Linda, CJF, Gold buds Misery is: BAMA I'll never forget: Birds in the shower, Toots in Margarita's class Pet Peeve: Rats, Most Gullible Quote: Sometimes I feel like I've been tied to the whipping post. ABB I'll never forget: "USU, Hampton "77", Janet, Kevin, on the cliff, joke on C.R, Chicago, Ana, Ka- ren, the sound of cleats Hallo- ween '75, Lyons' Happiness is: My friends 84 my fam- ily Misery is: saying good-bye, I did it Comment: Your only as pretty as Cori?'iiieri1t: . . .ain't it good to know you feel. Future Plans: that you've got a friend. DAVID FLEMMING DARLENE FLORINO CYNTHIA FLYNN ROBERT FOLEY KAREN FORBES Memories: Summer 77, Billerica, getting lost on Route 93, I'll never forget: S.A., S.G., K.M., S.M., D.S., L.S., church yard girls Quote: Live for today, tomorrow might be better. Misery: rainy days, waiting Suppressed Desire: To own a B.T.A. Pet Peeve: cootchie, bummed out, "mor," 'tyou're so rude" ANTHONY FRANGIOSA Happiness is: Ann Misery is: blue lights, in rear view mirror, Waking up, Friday Night Fights I'll never forget: l0!26!76, 9ll!75, Halloween, "67" Belair, "73" ELDY, .l.V. 8L V, Soccer, 16, Nick, The Lake, coming back from N.H., Jim, A.B., D.S. Suppressed Desire: Beating Lexington l0!2l!77 Quote: "Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it" Future Plans: College, E.E. MICHAEL FRASER CARMINE FRONGILLO I'll never forget: Family, Old East School, Wakefield 76, Mac's Car, Rides Home from football, Night before Winchester 77, Miele's, PATS 76, A.R. Belli Construction Happiness is: Beating Melrose Misery is: Mondays, Algebra Comment: He thinks he's playing football Pet Peeve: Phony People Quote: Time is truly a daily wonder and unless you use it, you are the loser. Arnold Bennett I'll never forget: Bob, The Yellow Bomber, Florida, Blueberry Hill, D.D., M.M., S.P. C.C., K.C., Happiness is: being with Bob, having friends you can count on. Winning at Bingo Quote: Friendship is a two way track, one is paved with love, the other with understanding. I'll never forget: "Genacari", Family, feathers, Majorettes, phoofies. L'Lee", Toronto77, Kitty's, License test, l0!l5!77, i'SaSa" Happiness is: Friends, Family, feathers, dances, music, summer. football games Misery is: N.B., cold hands, not twirling, Mondays. 8:00 a.m. Future Plans: College Quote: Doubt whom you will, but never doubt yourself, Christian Nestell Bovel Happiness: Tony, TRUE FRIENDS, Mom-Dad Memories: Maureen, SPS '76, LB-HB, Merry-Go-Round, J.H., LA's, CM's, D.M.'s Aug 18, Twirps, M.O., C.T,, B.M.. S.D., Ls.. Ep., M.R. - C.M., C.C.C.C., S30 Quote: Oh, mirror in the sky What is Love Can the child within my heart rise above Can I sail through the changing ocean tides Can I handle the seasons of my life. Misery is: Trying to understand 60 , , x ,, , . ' Ylfiz ' DENISE FROTTEN ARLENE GOODE DEBRA GARLAND FRANCIS GOULD LISA GIANNOCCARI ELIZABETH GRANFIELD DOREEN GILMARTIN JOYCE GRANT I'll Never Forget: summers in Windham, Amirnoffs, Being lost . . . Biddeford'?, Two to None Quote: To be yourself in a world which is doing its best nite and day, to make you everybody else- Means to fight the hardest battle any human being can fight and never stop fighting. eeCummings I'll never forget: Santana concert '77, The Zoo, The Balck Bomber Happiness is: Free Bird, Me and My Monte, Toots Misery is: The Little Stand Memories: Porky's Party, Chorale Banquet, Chorale, The Zoo., ll, Kelly 8a Mark, 3!25!77, one of 5, runnin' in the rain Pat, Bermuda Happiness ls: Jim, Days Off, Good friends Quote: Of all the things which wisdom provides to make life entirely happy, Much the greatest is the possession of Friendship. Memories: Ms. Nat's degressions, backstage, Uncle Tony's Band, summer of 76, Toronto 4 points, Senior Prom 77, Junior year, 5l6f77, G.M., M.A.D,, I will never forget Mrs. Kathleen Kennedy. If it wasn't for her I would never have graduated with confidence in myself or the things I do. I will never forget any of my friends from school. Memories: 28 at 30, beach days, Atlantis, 3!25!77, 5!5!77, Canada 76, 77, allnighters, J.H., Stoneham Shuffle, l0!l4!77, 5 a.m., - I.M.F., 1!l!76 White Limousine, Sunday Excursions D.M.'s House Happiness is: John, Loving and being loved skiing. Pet Peeve: Gossip, 20 Questions Quote: Do not pray for an easy life, Pray to be a stong person. I'll never forget: HThe neighborhood" 6 in a V.W., N.Y.E. '77, Backdoors, Those J.H. dances W!R.M., "Empty", Jute's car, W.T.B. Happiness is: Maine, Friends like Cheryl, Nights out Wlthe girls, D.P., K.O., P.L., C.C., J.S., C.D., 6 yrs. W!K.S. Pet Peeve: Discussions, manhole covers Misery is: All at once! Suppressed Desire: Make up my mind. Memories: Lexington '72, J.H.'s, in the instrument room, Ms. Nat's, 6 years in marching band, lOl ways to ruin a clarinet, Thanksgiving '75, P.H., French with Fred, P,B. -too quickly gone, Toronto, Drama Club, Friday's and Friendlys, Life at B.M.V., S.D. - all nighters - Career Discovery Quote: The screams the tears the many frustrations Lessons we learned in human relations K.W. wtf v "- 1.zQ2.ef:e...s,a2 - I av KENNETH GRAVES THOMAS GUILD JOYCE GREEN BRIAN GUILFOYLE PENNY GRIFFITH JOSEPH GUILFOYLE MARYJANE GRUBB RENEE GULLETTE 7 I'll never forget: MAA storeis, Mt. Cardigan '76 8t '77, Bright Boy, the experiment. Labor Day Weekend 77, Supressed Desire: "To grow" Quote: "Unless a tree has borne blossoms in spring you will vainly look for fruit on it in autumn." August W. Hare Comment: Who me? I'll Never Forget: The good times in E Block study, Eric Con stage, sophomore year, munching in Paych Friendly arguments with a friend, the weekend in Maine, tRainJ Pet Peeve: 7 a.m. weekday mornings Quote: "Some people are going to like me and some people are not, so I might as well be me, Then at least I'll know that the people who like me, like ME! Future plans: Child Psychologist 61 I'll Never Forget: Weefer brawls, J.P., Hampton "77", Death Race 93 Comment: We're all crazy, some just hide it better than others Misery is: Two japs, Eddie, Sid I don't believe it, Pet Peeve: Buc, H. man, Beatens, Q. Suppressed Desire: Co-star in Dirty Harry 4 Quote: "Though I walk through the Valley of Darkness, I fear no evil, because I'm the meanest son of a --- in the valley. C.E. Memories: summers at G.H., backstage, save it for the cast pany, Toronto 77 Uncle Tony's band, summer K'77" at B.M.V., Drama "75", "76", "77" Fri- day nights at Friendly's, Jr. Prom "77". New England Re- search Development Staff. Happiness is: Being with HThe Gang." THOMAS GUNNING MICHAEL HADLEY MARY JEAN HALEY Memories: Bizzin, K.T., M.D., Cheering ICF, HAbyss" gists "Go Rowe!" N.H.T.B., Moodys - Maine - G.K., P E Z M M, Mauswars, staregoats, 'tDudhood priest", Awe, South, Chorale Comment: Ahoy! Quote: L'Far away in the sunshine are your highest aspirations. You may not reach them, but you can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead." MARY ANGELA HALLEY PERRY HAMLYN DAVID HARRINGTON THOMAS HARRISON ALISON HARTUNG Memories: Maine Summers at W - K.B., L.S. and B.M.V., Life at Big B,K., 'tSave it for the Cast Party", Toronto's Skyline Hotel, Centerfolds and Movie Screens, explosions in Chemis- try Magic Suppressed Desire: To walk the line Quote: t'Love and hate are both four letter words. But one is heaven, the other HELL." Memories: 7!8!77, J.V., and V. Soccer, The Famous Foursome, good times in the neighborhood Happiness is: K.D., Friday and Saturday nights, good friends, good parties Misery is: Wind sprints, Saturday morning practices after a good Friday night. Comment: "There is no such thing as a sure thing." - Oscar Madison I'll Never Forget: Duncklee Ave. . . unbelievable, Dave, Rocky, Karen, Bonnie, June, Mouse, Duncklee derelicts, Suzanne, Corrine, hockey, early mornings on the tracks with Jane, 9!l7!77 good cracker, July 4th, Chatan, Plum Island, Delta, 4414, STAN Happiness is: 413177 national champs Misery is: C.G. Comment: We can always go' to Ground Round. I'll Never Forget: A certain howl, Spiders, I can't see, Rumors, This car is blessed! curbs, IO! 15!77, baby, concerts, sheep- fold, shortcuts, Chille, Hawaii, Everett Excuse me, yoohoo, coathanger, Hi! How ya doing? I know my limit, bump, D's driving lesson, I have you trained, Manners, Cave man style, dumb!!! CYNTHIA HARVEY Misery is: Listening to J.P., getting carriages at Star. I'll Never Forget: Benny, geez, Muess method, JV Baseball and all the other stupid things I've done. Future: Hopefully to be rich while enjoying life. Comment: As the president said to his boys, L'I'll have to erase this myself." MARK HEALEY Memories: Mario, Fay, Danny, Anne, Nancy, D.G., S.E., FZ., N.A., Linda, Lakeside Villa, Kowloon, Jr. Prom The "Gang", Arlene Pet Peeve: Slow dancing Happiness is: friends, Barbra Streisand Desire: live in a mobile home or New York City Quote: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Future: College, Job. MICHAEL HEALEY Memories: Michael. Danny, Anne. Frank, Nancy. Linda. Linda. Lynne, Jr. Prom, Kowloon, Badminton after dark, the gang Suppressed Desire: to be love by the people whom I love. Pet Peeve: When you are telling the truth and no one believes you. Quote: "In the time of your life - live!" FAY HEATH CATHERINE HEGARTY JOHN HERLIHY I'll Never Forget: To call Cheryl, Misery is: knees,crutches, Monday "Heg", Where is Boston, Cape mornings - sponges .I.D., Gym Lobby, Future: College, to make a fortune, Favorite Juniors, Friends, 24 to own a Ferrari. hour ordeal CP.L.J, Ground Happiness is: Fridays, June 4, 1978 Round Quote: "Speak softly and carry a Quote: "To achieve all that is pos- big stick." sible we must attempt the im- possible - to be as much as we can be, we must dream of being more." JAMES HIGHET REBECCA HOLT Comments: M.B. and E.C. and me. Past Times: 5!l5!76 with Nancy and I974 trio ED - the disgruntled, A.V. director, Misery is: Mr. Reed, trying to be intelligent Pet Peeve: Having my brother rip me off Martha, l1!27!76 B.B. with R.H., l2!lll76, 7!4!77 at the esplanade, Windshields and Stuba, I'm so . , . Wasted day and wasted night. Frampton, Florida with Valerie Future Plans: Hotel manager, mak- Friendship with: Marybeth, ing 550,000 a year Happiness is: getting the Cbeepl out of this school Martha, Nancy, Martha, Dave, Scott, Alan, Chris, Ted, Mic Scott C. Pet Peeve: Becky, Shoes, cliques Treasurable memories with Evans. Berklee, UNH, District, Toronto I.M.F., Europe, U.S.C.W.B., feathers in Maine, Bus rides to Football games, Parades home from football games APOLLO, Sisyphus double door theory, Yo? masks, Dec. 7, 1976, June 22, 1977, July 4. 1977 Hartfield House, Corvair Beetle, dartbox lawn chairs, BOAS and retics, Did I get everyone, big mistake of 9 and summer. Order from order, aleatoric I-IV-V 10l,202,2125 in fines 2 points, no good movies is it satisfactory, Rank 12345 4321 very rank, New Orleans Parade, carrying his broken head on a big stick. The way to the river and the Olympia bourbon Brass Street Band. no no no 1234 for moisture. Cheepnis Csilj and misc. concerts. I'll Never Forget: "Excuse me", Burger King, a certain howl, sheepfold, shortcuts, Waikiki Beach, curbs, Mommy, a coathanger, Chinese Red Light, Everett, spiders, "I can't see", Riunite, Rumors, "What a bummer", This car is blessed. "Chilly" Quote: "The only way to have a I 1 friend is to be one." t'Photographs and memories Christmas cards you sent to me All that I have are these To remember you." Close to my heart will always be my memories: E.Y,C., Sq. D., Divot, consideration, B.B.B., Promises and Plays, M.W,, M and M at Williamsburg or Bust, N.E.R.D.S., A.C., swimming wl S.S., drowning W! P.H., B.S., the last of ea, and every. ,X .r J M io. s J ' I , 1-is 'z rw me 5 tl: .,.. f STEVEN HUNT ' KAREN JOHNSON SCOTT ISABELLE X PAMELA JUNKER DARLENE JENKINS ' MICHAEL JUTRAS ELAINE JOHNSON ROSEMARY KELLY fc, 'i l X71 fl ,UQ mfr J A K If: ,gl atv Happiness is: Bobby 4!28!76, weekends, good friends Misery is: E Block, walking to school I'll Never Forget: going to the Drive In with Jimmy and Maryanne, Bobby C., Ten Speed. Quote: "Live for today and don't worry about tomorrow." Memories: The bomb, Field hockey 77, Sarge and the guys, Beep Beep, L.R.'s raid, Deke the Wakefield queen, Earl, Dot, Twins, Ellen, La Sabre 73 Twin cars with Marie, Leg 19,21, Chickie, plum and super Jock Misery is:Fullback-running laps-studying Happiness is: weekends, understand, sleeping Future Plans: College Comment: Earlene are you eating again? I'll never forget: "The Neighborhood" P.G., D.P., Ko., O.L., CC., R.M., G.C., s.F., rc., J.F., P.M., J.A,, The bottle, N.Y.E., "77" fNew Year's Evej, The Madrigal Dinner, Pennsylvania, The Parking Lot! Ferd's Cottage Misery is: Being second, no gas Happiness is: Weekends, small change Pet Peeve: Plum Island, big feet Surpressed Desire: To become the biggest . . . Comment: It's been real . . . torture Memories: S.P.S.. Cornell, catching them in the end 76, New York 76, Baltimore 76, 77, Summer of 42, Best Rifles, 4 desserts, 811, F.M., Why? Happiness is: good times with good friends. Quote: When you start a band new day, let your heart show you the way, and make a dream or two come tme. Memories: Bev, how's busines'?, 4 a.m. hiccups, Linda's raid, I'm tired, walking N.A.P., York Beach, D Block zoology, Murph's diaperless, C.U.S. Happiness: A dot pany, pigouts, pickups, family, true friends. Misery: Not having any of the above. Comment: Don't take things too - , se 'ousl live a bit! - We W t,e5v ,tl tl XLDU' Comments: How's the business Earlene Open slowly Pet Peeve: Driving, working on Saturday nights. Future plans: education, happiness. I'll never forget: M.W.B., HoJo's, IHop, shaving cream, the beach, one more mile, Wakefield. Quote: "The future Belongs to those who are willing to work for it, Pain, Dispair, and agony on me . . . EARLENE KENNEDY JANE KIMBALL BRIAN KERRIGAN MICHAEL KINNEY BEVERLY KILLE CAROL KOSTINDEN DAVID KILTY TAMMY LANCASTER I'll Never Forget: 712377, T.C. ,T.C Wildfire, C.W., tuna, tracks?, Thanks Sandy! C.M., brainwashed by D.B., D.G. + M.D.C. Quote: Excuse me sir I'm a little bit confused sometimes I feel like I'm just being used. I'd like to know if love is wild. Sir I'd like to know if love is real. signed the Joker Comment: A friend will gently tell you your faults but like you just as much in spite of them I'll Never Forget: Good friends like B.W., T.R., D.S., and Zulu. Riding to Hampton and searching for T.R. allnight. Misery is: Riding in the rain. Happiness, A beer, a bike, and a babe. Pet Peeve: School Suppressed Desire: To own a Harley for T.R. to go out with P.W. Comment: I would rather take a chance, and be a has been than never to have been at all. Memories: Are forever to keep Quote: True friends are like diamonds Precious and Rare False friends are like Autumn leaves They can be found everywhere. Comment: It is not how much we have: but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. Happiness is: Good times with good friends 65 JOHN LeBLANC Happiness: Apollo's Heaven, Frisky Misery: Bronco, What happened on Route 89? Where is the game Mike? Memories: Football. Tennis, Frisky Thank you: Cheerleaders, major' ettes Pet Peeve: S.B., K.E., Blues Future Plans: Armed services, col- lege, architectore Quote: Hold fast to your yester- days, memories, Dream your tomorrows,,desire, but live to- day. STEPHEN LENTZ Memories: Lewy, Noname, Soc- cer, J.V. Hockey, Homeroom 124 A, Gophe Bad Influence: But best time of my life, Ruined by colts, skipping 4th quarter, Oscar, Lester, Bermuda Parties, Favorites: Beatles, McCartney and Wings, Zepplin Comment: Are Stoneham? No, Arlington. Future Plans: Colorado for a Rocky high . . . Then back to school. CHRISTOPHER LEWIS You From DAVID LILLEY .,., M4. "rf 'V 5 1-Jul' THOMAS LONG DAVID LONGO MARGARET LONGO PAMELA LOW I'll never forget: my junior pals, FSFC, Football '76 and Soccer '77 'no way baby! GR, Where is Boston? Misery is: unhappy friends, NB, Keeping secrets Suppressed Desire: 5 brothers and 4 sisters Quote: "no love, no friendship can ' ever cross the path of our des tiny without leaving some mark upon it . . . forever I Comments: Coors Powered Olds. "77" Granny Grunt's Dorm Room 9 Monte Carlo Crusin to "69,' Chevy M.J.B. "Who Hit the Pump?" Chuck Berry - 8!l5!77 "T" shirts ll! Queen - 9ll2!77, Sueieeee - Couchj Al- penhofl + II, "Stan the Man", f'Hey Brain, l out of 5 ain't Bad!" Happiness is: parties, Larson Gang Misery is: What you want but can't have. Rainy nights. Never Forget: all the kids parties at house, Larson's, Summer of 76 8L 77. the football game, burnt, 6!30!77, long talks with friends. Pet Peeve: Chased by a rat I'll Never Forget: Parties at Rec, Derenger, Almost busted by W.P.D. with the sticks by Bib- ba's house! The birdman: 68 Plymouth, Temple ball and motor oil Happiness is: Gold buds: being' with Lynn, An understanding mother, Dad in stands. Mike and Tim on sidelines Quote: "There must be some kind of way out of here . . -J. Hendrix THOMAS LUCCI JEAN MARIE MacDONALD THOMAS MacDONALD Happiness is - Aloving family, growing up, being with Paul, friends who care, vacations, ..78,. Memories: 6!l0!75, A phone call, cheerleading 175-785 I.C.F. I8 in 3l4, Thanksgiving 76, F.B. locker room, 1952. Victories, breakfast, Primos, N.Y.E. "77" Jr. Prom, H.l., Brown 8t White Italian Ford, flumpstartj Beaches. J.H., Dances, Neighborhood, 6 in a V.W.. TV. Debue "l976", Candy Bars 6!4!77+76, Doc, The girls fC.C D.M. P.G, S.D, H.C.J D.D w!C.C. + R.M. v KAREN MacEACHERN DIANNE MADER Memories: Are unforgettable Suppressed Desire: To ride up and down the Nile on a barge sipping ice tea. Future Plans: To help my sister make wholes in live-savers. "Rivers belong where they can ramble, Eagles belong where they can fly: I've got to be where my spirit can run free, Got to find my corner of the sky." Pet SUSAN MAGUIRE DIANE MAILLETT Memories: Steven: Mary: A.L., Comment: 20 minutes of8 J.W., N.D., D.V., 7!l7l76, Quote: I admit it's getting better. A Snitz, H.W., D.P,, Long Beach, R.F., J.M., Sleep-outs, J.F., Creep, S.D.A., ll!26!76, B.G.'s Boston trips, E.D., T.M., Lo- gan's Run Peeve: Late people, f'Queen" D V 's edal ' - P Happiness: Weekends, concerts, Qu good friends . ote: f'L1fe is a collection of memories which never fade." little better all the time. 4 LISA MALAGODI Memories: BGBIB, Elaine the Ha Qu Clam, Pizza Face, "Six-Pack" Underwater Kitchen, Angels, Spikedogs, Charlestown, Canada 76 8: 77, Jay 75, lll!77. Maine, 55 Penny Lane, B-52, B-Sign, 28 at 30, 3!25!77, Atom, R.L., Piat, F. Elaine, JAACK, Chickendog, Beanos. ppiness is: Jeffrey: being with true friends ote: Life is . . .living, loving, sharing and caring , Pet Peeve: Sarah Misery is: Sunoco W if xT. yi. X 'TN N N f --urx X xx wk R f 1 N X lie. ik' ,Jn-I g L r-, 0- In the ,,,,.,-- 1 1 F 1 X X ,, 1 ':Ll,,uQX t V J Q Finally the grand, free, glit- tering festival day was here. Great throngs gathered at the gates of the Circus Maximus. As the trumpets hlared the anxious spectators bought cakes, Wine, and racing cards from venders. Finally the long awaited event, the most ' sr - . ' ..,,.o .g.,.gauv'v"r, wtfqlc ,smtp .W,Q,9,:,I .1 -- H 5 .4 1 1. + 2313-29 53?-525 in .4-1-vm him 'ffl promising and thrilling of all, the infamous threeflegged racesg people stopped pur- chasing food and drink and sat in awe at the fantasticiperforinances. The feats were unmatched by anypever seenin the Circus Maximus tradition, tracing back over seven hundred years' offits founder Romulus. Finally the racesfendedg to the surprise of 'the' crowd there were many still alive. They yelled for more blood spill: seeminglytheir lust was not' catered to enough. Butalas, 'lthei Circus Maximus came to a thrilling and spectacular ending. People soon forgot about their disappointment and cheered with great pleasureg i ' After the crowd had dispersed, the-circus was empty, only the senior favorites left to sit and re- 'W minisceiibut pleased with the thought of knowing their Roman fans would never forget their dar- t ing and wildperformances. :W 31' .f i" i'f' 'Z '-if Sil l 3' ' vw- .4 ' if tv '- , A :tt I- s W 1 fre V . 'F C ' at 1' :w art , Q: 'r?'I2w-f'5iM42i ,ja ,5 K kirff i2z M ,.isat --,,g,, ,lp,-- Q it :Yi if J F, wif If . K Q fs , ' , ,A as . ,y yt, . ii 'M mf 1, K ii is if 'Y' Q . Favorite Teachers: Mrs. Rosen, Mr. Jenkins Favorite Pastime: Partying , " Favorite Song: "Freebird" Favorite Subject: Co-ed Gym Favorite Sport: Football Done Most for S.H.S.: Jean Velardocchia si Mark, Mulligan "' Class Heartbreakers: Paula Puglisi, Carmen Frongillo Best Dressed: Cheryl Capraro, Dean DeMarco :Class Couple: Karen MacEachern, Paul Uva Most Athletic: Jean DeCosta, Tom O'Grady Vmttiest: Carrie Boretti, Alan Cromwell Best Dancers: Mario Cantone, Jackie Dolan Quietept: James Blout, Charlotte Stelin Most Musical: Bill Barbo, Cindy Rockwood Most Theatrical: Mario Cantone, Jeanne Simpson Best Eyes: Mike Farren, Lisa McGovern Most School Spirited: Paula Walker, Mark Mulligan Most Versatile: Paula Doherty, Billy McLaughlin 'Best Looking: Doreen Gilmartin, Phil Parsons Favorite Juniors: Anne Dillon, Dana Beane Friendliest: Paual Doherty, Dickie Covell Biggest Eaters: Rhonda Veno, Angelo Tarentino , Most Promising: Guy Paladino, Michele Alve. Class Livewires: Pattye Comfort, Chuckie Caffaso Worst Jokes: Laura Saitta, Andrew Parker .Mag s" Li: if f 'E ... if '? ?' j ff 5 51 fm ar- Q + Y ig Q fr 49 U' Q55 1- I , ,gg 'A f. K P .lk':','q.Il. f sf Q1 ,iq K 'Fi' M fam - 1 1 J " ff' as -4. ' df wc, N if Q , if af I' ,wa if fri? fr ga Done most for S H S Jean Velardocchra Mark Mulhgan Class Heartbreakers Paula Pl1gllSl Carmen Frongxllo Best Dancers Jaekle Dolan MHFIO Cantone Quletest Charlotte Stelm James Blout Best Eyes Llsa McGovern Mike Farren Favorlte Junlors Ann Dillon Dana Beane ,randi Frrendllest Paula Doherty Dlck Covell Brggest Eaters Rhonda Veno Angelo Tarantmo Worst Jokes Laura Saltta Andrew Parker Most Talkatlve Helene Cafasso Steve Perrone Most Gulllble Elame Desmond Davld Flemxng Btggest Fhrts Amy Mangone Peter MOUSCSIHH Best Legs Paula Walker Steve Ferettx Class Gxrl Hater Vmny Solazzo Class Boy Hater Maureen Dlon 'ink .mg-R J-..- ' . , ..:z.,-1 ' . :.Li."JL. 'W 4 Q- ---' W' www' ual M V 9 ' 91' kr , . - R wif 5 Q37, MH 7 . ' 'iw ,,,M,fn,m , K L Y Mir f 'N in ' 31 Y, , 8 f X.. , -ummm., ..Y, V- -. - I I ,. A R -ei Q Arm, W, , x E f ,waits-K fx . 'STH y. 'Q .1 X412 I'll never forget: Laurie and Sully: F.H., Wing, Mooner, J.V, subs, W.O.T.S.T.W., G.S., dancing lessons, L.S., M,D.C., no money, rides to school, thanks Mom: Washington, pez, woman, Mama Russo, dritz, N.J., Swiss rolls, A.M. J.P., Potato Chips, pun Happiness is: Twinkies Misery is: the N.H. on a Saturday night Pet Peeve: Bunnies Comment: I Lost It! I'll never forget: Summer of '77, cold winter nights, South School, bushes, Snaglepuss "exit stage right", Tracks, B,M., M.S., S,W., L.L., L.H., K.P., J.M., J.P., long talks with Bobi, August 23, 4:00 A.M, "shut up, Lisa", July 24, August 24, "Can you girls climb trees?" Misery is: Rainy nights, slobs, bathrooms. Memories: Mario, Moe, R.N,, M.S., K.C., Jetsons, cheering, Squad of '76, Camps, '76 QRANDGJ, '77 CBreaking loose with H.C. and K.M.D, Screnci's cottage, Ralph . . . Ralph. . . Ralphl, B.P.'s parties, B.A.'s with B.O. and gang, 7!4!77 weekend, six in a wagon, Bradneis, Greek, Buddy Upl, H Florida '75 Misery is: J.K,. . ."I may not be " Happiness: Family, fidends Dreams of the Past: J. Geils 9!20!77 with M.B., D.B., good weekends, White Mountains with M.B., P.W., D.B. on the - Kankamangus Highway Misery is: Hump Days, Revere , Beach Parkway with Gippa Suppressed Desire: To see Lynyrd Skynyrd ll!l9!77 Pet Peeve: Gold Team, Dummy Heroes 76 MARY MALONEY JOHN MARSHALL NANCY MANDEVILLE JUDITH MARSHALL AMY MANGONE WILLIAM MARSHALL PHILLIP MARQUARD BRENDA MARTINO Memories: Cornell 74, Penn. 75 8L 76, L.I. 75 8L 76, Balt, 77, S.P.S. 9ll6l77, B.A.C., 811, F.M., all those 11's Hampton, Ossipee '77, Snyders apt. Supressed desire: Win D.C.I. Happiness is: Good friends Quote: There are hundreds of acquaintenances who listen, but only a friend hears and understands. Iill neve forget: 28 at 30, 'iFlakes", snowy nights, P.C., Dad, Peer Weekend, K.B., J,H., aif6, D's house, Plungeretts, Skylark, my friends, Y.S.R., The Door! Happiness is: Mom, friends, partying Comment: but you guys, I gotta go! Call me back in an hour. Quote: God hides things by putting them near us. Quote: Each dawn is a new beginning Pet Peeve: loud people Memories: Rosie, Bye Bye Birdie, Consumerism, '77, E Block, with Susan, Diane 8L Eirline: football games, black cats: Jr. Prom: Friday night dances Future Plans: College Memories: All night at E.D.'s Corrine, thanks! Long Beach wl L.S., S.P.S., 74, 75, 0671 fat Jack, N.Y., Balt., Philly, Snyder, H.B., you're Busted! Merry-go-Round. Long talks D.G., M.R., D,M., S.D.'s party UNBELIEVABLE! K.E. Honey! Happiness is: l0!3l!76, Good friends, E.D., D.G., S.D., L.S., Special friends Pet Peeve: impatient people' W.I.E.A.P.O.M? Happiness is: G.T.W.A.S.M.M.M. Suppressed desire: To find out WHY? Memories: 3!8!74g 3!7f75: all my friends: 9 o'clock whistle, E.B.!C.L.g 8!26l77g M.M. Pet Peeve: Spiders Misery is: Wanting what you can't have and having what you don't want Comment: It is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all. DONNA MARTIS THOMAS MCCABE CARL MASON MICHAEL MCCALLUM CHERYL MATHESON KAREN MCCARTHY CAROLE MCBETH THERESA MCCARTHY I'll never forget: Sumer '76: Rosecroft Raceway: "Classics" Happiness is: June '78 Misery is: 13-mile practices, Monday mornings, League meet '76 Pet Peeve: School lunches, work Future plans: College Suppressed desire: To win the Hambeltonian Quote: "Someday, somewhere, somehow . . . something will happen" Comment: "Are you serious?" "Give me a break!" I'll never forget: H.B. '75, '76, '77: SPS, PA: C.M.H.: Rabit Rabit: Adventures to Know where, ..3.. Misery is: Rainy days and Mondays Happiness is: Something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. Supressed desire: To be 5' 2" Future plans: I naver think of the future: it comes soon enough. Happiness is: Summers at Hampton Misery is: Lead bottom cakes and winter in Mayberry. Suppressed desire: To own a house on the beach Pet Peeve: Two-faced people and stuck-up peoplle I'll never forget: Hawaii: green slime: summer of '76. Comment: Make yourself what you want to be not what other people want you to be. 77 I'll never forget: M.D.C.: Barb: Laurie: Kathy: BeeGees. Happiness is: Tony, travelling Misery is: Lifesaving Pet Peeve: Strawberry icecream with jimmies, Patty Future plans: Burlesque dancer Suppressed desire: To meet John Denver Quote: Always remember a heart isnit judged by how much you love, but how much you are loved by others. Things to remember: Swiss rolls: J.V. subs: Phoofies: 2114-76: bad news: French pastry: pun club: Moona: F.H. - MOM: 2nd lunch ' Happiness is: Friends, family, good times, summer Misery is: Rainy days, French, 6:30 a.m., N.B. Quote: "There are no finer gifts than these . , . good friends and happy memories." Memories: True friends: Doreen Mefa and everyone: J.W. sum- mer of '42: New York: Phili: Suzanne: Karen 6f26!76: Chic- ken Pie: A,H.: K,P.: H.W.: B.W.: good times Plum Island: parties: Lenny U.S.N. l!22!76: thanks C.M. , Misery is: Dead batteries, loosing a friend B.B. Quote: Do you always trust your first initial feeling? Comment: The road we were led down is now our own to carry on, I'll never forget: the Summer of '76: the Junior Prom. PATRICIA MCCARTHY ANN MARIE MCDERMOTT CORINNE MCDERMOTT DONNA McDOWELL xl f 1 i f. as -gjfj 5 a. H245 ' . 'ifT'I paifpsi-sr DANIEL MCGLINCHEY Rm' LISA MCGOVERN Happiness is: Kenny: Columbo: license at 18: munching Memories: California, Maine w!K.B., 9th grade wlL.B.: L.M., others involved: Blue Nun: Miss H: "got some roaches", 'tDay's coming over". Peeve: Homegrown: Bur- lington, unsticky papers. Misery is: Being late, 6:30 Sat. morn, waiting Quote: You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough. Pet ..4f-fax-v RAYMOND MCHUGH Dreams of the past: Camping with my best friend Visions of the future:Four-wheels, hot rod, van Happiness is: Being with my family and friends Misery is: Being trapped between floors in an elevator in Jordan Marsh, Boston Quote: Talk to yourself and you can hear what you want to hear. ? JAMES MCKINNON Happiness is: Great friends and family: Laura: beating Melrose I'll never forget: How many is four: J.H.: Digs Tito's driving: Car- mine's rides: Sam's menu: Ferd's New Years '75, '76, '77: U. Mass. Misery is: Five losses in a row, field goals Suppressed desire: Champ Coat: N.D. Quote: "Those who follow in the footsteps of others make no path of their own." . . .W.E. Brother WILLIAM MCLAUGHLIN Memories: Blue Nun Night: B-52: dunkin' donuts: Everyone in the frontl: Underwater Kitchen: Jr. Prom '76: Baltimore '76: Phili '75 84 '76: N.Y. '75: 6 in a snow bank: F. Elaine: Piat!! RVPCEDJDPMLMBO Pet Peeve: Whata' gona do Lis? Chicken-dog! Misery is: Travels to the Cape, Chipo's, J.C. and the Home- stead Clan Happiness is: Philip l!l4!75 LISA MCMASTER Auto Club, Hiking Club Misery is: A '58 VW: running out of gas: climbing Mt. Flume: Lor- vairs Happiness is: Cruising: going out at night: having enough money to make insurance payments Pet Peeve: M.C. The Match Maker Ifll never forget: Print Shop, Tales of the Amazing JOHN MCTIGHE l'll never forget: Michael, lll!76: special moments: my friends: Michael's prom: July 4th fireworks: Hampton '77: Tom's cellar: Zappa: Ramada Inn party: Columbus Day weekend: Concerts-Lynyrd Skynyrd, Boston, Aerosmith, Frampton Pet Peeve: Phonies, waiting for someone Comment: Go your own way Quote: Cherish your yesterdays, Dream your tomorrows, but live your todays. JANICE MEANS RICHARD MERCER MARIE MEROSKI LYNNE MEUSE Memories: Good times: D.S. Memories: Plucker: no eyebrows: weekends: parties: B.H.: Sum- 6!23!75: Maine during the hur- mer of '75: Qur Gang at Mar- ricane: Lynryrd Skynyrd '76: a ion's: D.D.: D.F.: S.P.: C.C.! tent on the golf course: Xmas K.C.: "Let's steal a car" blah, night '76: Tom's cellar: 10128176 blah, blah: H.C. Pet Peeve: waiting Pet Peeve: Nosey People Happiness is: Stu and Junior Comment: I know of no way of Comment: l'Give one heart, get judging the future but by the back two: thats the paradox ofl past. Future plans: Secretary love you." JOSEPH MIELE I'll never forget: Weekends with the men: C.F.: P.D.: J,M.: B's: Old E.S.: wild Sox games: classics Misery is: 3 years with Eddie Pet Peeve: Buddy, Lingo, Chicken, .l.A.P.S. Quote: Winning isn't everything but it's pretty damn close Comment: Why must people think they're great when we're all just average in ability. Suppressed desire: To see the world Dreams of the past: Partying with good friends from W.W.: watching Zip barff out of J.S.'s car Misery is: Monday mornings Pet Peeve: Phony individuals Quote: "To live your own life." Happiness is: Camping at Breakheart Res., my first car, Von Zipper on stage, graduating, Future plans: A good job. Happiness is: Being with someone you can trust: C.C. I'll Never Remember: N.Y.E. "77" Misery is: "The Bottle" Hoodsies, 8!26!75 L.L.T.C. "The Morning After" Quote: "Many things-such as love and behaving unaffectedly-are done worse when we try our hardest to do them." -c.l. Memories of the Past: Four in a Volkswagon, English "76"-The Grin Game, Babo. Problems on the back porch, The China Moon Luncheon Special, Sunstroke 'f76", The Spanish Inquisition, Almost making it to New Hampshire 10!30!76, and Howard Johnson's on the counter Happiness is: Getting a seat in the cafeteria 80 I'll Never Forget: The Neighborhood, The parking lot, an overloaded car, E Block - notes, Sundays at B.P.'s, Ferd's cottage, no lights, mistake of "75", Donna DE Happiness is: Friends, weekends. Misery is: No money, J. Geils all weekend, an overheated car Comment: It's not what you're willing to say, but what others are willing to believe. Future Plans: College I'll Never Forget: Math Team's score in October, and the Hi!Ho Formula Philosophical Question: Y? Quotes: You know, I'm really a unique guy. -Steve Martin The only antidote to mental suffering is physical pain. -Karl Marx Why a duck? -Chico Marx Comment: Don't take the world serious Memories: Canada, Ski Club, Student Council, Class Officers, friends. P.P., A.D.L., YAGMCB, DDTW, 'kThe accident", The Bett, The Bus, Bermuda? Misery is: running for office 20 times til the law of ave. finally catches up with you. Happiness is: Nana, Mom, Dad, friends, and family Quote: "The moments may be temporary, but the memories are forever." l'll Never Forget: M.A., 4lI!77, friday nights with C.F., J.M., P.D., A.P., and S.S. Making the states, and the A. Suppressed Desire: kick field goals for Notre Dame. Comment: Change UP! Misery: Double Sessions, Saturday Morning, Practices. Never Forget: l:0l a.m., China Moon, I'm tired, You're a Nut! 4 a.m. hiccups, One Eye, Calif. 73 8L 77, Cape, hockey. Long Nights, Earl's Carlessness. C.V.S. Happiness is: Friends, Family, Good Times. Suppressed Desire: To do things my way. Comment: "My taste is simple, I only like the best." I'll Never Forget: Jigger Johnson Campground-Kangamangus. "Not bad for a car," Singing in Swift River, Michelob Mountain. Good morning, Tom, Hampton Beach, Cruising with Bernie. Canada, Blueberry Ice Cream, Chump on Stage. Hey Murf, my car's on fire. Pet Peeve: "I can dig it," third lunch Quote: "Ain't nobody's business but my own." Memories: Ragu Days, Plymouth, the field, "Streakin' Cheek to Cheek" Summer 76!77, Cranes Beach, Pinball, double dating Happiness is: belonging Misery is: rainy weekends Future Plans: Cosmetoligist Quote: "You have to be true to yourself before you can be tme to anyone else." .fit Q JEREMIAH MURPHY DIANE MUSIAL KATHLEEN MURPHY MICHAEL NARDELLA PAUL MURPHY ANTHONY NAZZARO VALERIE MURPHY DAVID NELSON Memoris: 28 at 30, 1211 l!75, Charlie's Angels, 9!1l76, Villinova, 515176, SPS, 3!25l77, H.B. 1763, 4 seasons, overnighters, Stoneham Shuffle, the girls Comment: Nothing dries faster than a tear. Quote: "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you it's yours. If it doesn't It never was." Suppressed desire: Make millions, be given 300 lbs. Future: College Pet Peeve: The Death of Lynyrd Skynyrd: L.G.: L.S.: W Jocks Memories: Birds in the shower '77, 'kThe run for nothing": lst day of llth grade "27": Junior Prom: Parties before, during, after school: Friday mornings over Frank's: Scull: paper bow: ski: Blueberry Final words: Party on. 81 Happiness is: Long weekends and being healthy Memories: My friends: Ramada Inn party: the log: down the Cape: Summer of '77: Wakefield: The Tank: and Hyannis Future Plans: College Suppressed desire: To be a lawyer Comment: If you love something set it free .... If it comes back to you its yours .... Ifit doesn't it never was . . . . Future Plans: EMT and Travel Memories: Junior "Chicken" Prom: Kevin's family cookout: Mary's 50's party: Hallway after lunch: Sunday rides: rollercoas- ter roads Happiness is: Family: being with close friends: three "Home From Home" families: Ockey's group I'll never forget: The neighborhood D.H. X Famous Foursome: fol- low that car: 6 in a VW: P's in T.C.'s car: empty H.S. huhhll: N.Y.E. '77: B.K. curb: chicken: cheering: I.C.F.: C.C.C.C.: 18 in 314: S30 purchase Happiness is: Joey 7!25!77: great friends: D.P., P.L., P.G., H.C.. Misery is: Falling off M.S.: "run- ning" with J.J. Pet Peeve: K,D.: B.O. My fondest high school memories are of all my good friends and their antics, old Troop 546, the Blackhawk LKZX-13481, Quality Maintenance, barely in the black, my beloved but some- times treacherous Corvairs, and the reliable Ketch-B. I'm deeply grateful for all I've been able to learn and experience during these tempestuous years. CATHERINE NORTON ANNE O'CALLAGHAN KATHLEEN OCHS MICHAEL O'CONNELL DAVID O'DONNELL JAMES O'GRADY l'll never forget: The weekend in I'll never forget: Soccer practices: Pa. Coach Ken and Pado: The Happiness is: A G Block privilege States: Sully: Gerry Mahoney: Misery is: Having an A Block study Brother with no privilege Future Plans: College Pet Peeve: Jarry B's Happiness is: The Bleachers: THOMAS O'GRADY Misery: Having tickets to Lynyrd Skynyrd: cruising Pet Peeve: Lollipops I'll never forget: S.M.B.: Rec, Park Floaters: B.U. trips Quote: "I'll make the supreme sac- JEFFREY OLSON 1 UU77: 3!25!77: Canada '75, '76, '77: .lay Peak '74: Wayne Wong: Village: Frozen Face: Maine: Hell's Angels at Comfort's: I'll never forget: Jiggar: Jake breaking down in Derry, N.I-I. Quote: A man may make mistakes, Stogies: playing sports rifice" Happiness is: Lisa but he isn't a failure until he Misery is: Injuries, throwing Future plans: College Misery is: Work I starts blaming someone else. acorns, the S.H.S. Band Suppressed Desire: To own Sun Oil Dreams of Past: Coach for a day, Co. w Maine I,ll never forget: Catching them in the end '76: New York '763 Bal- timore '76, '77g Four Desserts: The Awards: Shake days: good morning: room check: 811: F.M.g Best Rifles '77g When. You Wish Upon a Star: R.M. 8l6!77g Bnghams. Quote: "You can't erase a dream, you can only wake me up." . . . . Frampton KIM O'MELIA PAUL O'NEIL Memories: Hampton w!KEg BA: ll!l2!76: MG: Jr. 8L Senior Prom: B sign: 3:00a,m. NH: PC party w!RV: "six pack": 28 at 30: The Bon: 1:00 a.m. Maine: Rushing Ronda: F, Elaine: Jaackg Paitg Florida Misery: 120 Pet Peeve: Late people Quote: I live for today because no one promised me tomorrow! Hapggessz True friends, talking to BONNIE ORAM WALTER PADOVANI THERESE PADUR I'll never forget: Almighty Isis: Guy's lobster desire: free leisg Mrs. B 8L Chorale: Thanksgiv- ing '75, '76, '77g summer of '77g l0!29!76: 3!25!77g 7!30!77: 8! l6!77g L.A.: F.S.g J.D.g B.C. Happiness is: Making other people happy? A Quote: "The most lost day of all is the day on which we do not laugh." SUSAN PAGLIARULO GAETANO PALADINO Dreams of the past: Chorale ex- I'll never forget: GRANDPA: New changes: Ooorrrppp!!! Boston York: Ferd'sg 9:00 Twirp: Jr. l0!29!76: the Bridge: Sue Bee: Prom: P.C. Skunk: Ellen, Sunshine: The 'Gal'g '77 seniors M.U.N. 77. Pet Peeve: You wanna be a teach- QUOTE: Peace ifit ever exists, will er? not be based on the fear of war Comment: Fun grows with happi- but the love of peace, It will not ness, friendship and laughter be the abstaining of an act, but and lives a smile in your heart the coming ofa state of mind. ever after. DAVID PALERMO Acme Transmission B.H.A. Happiness is: practicing with the band Misery is: riding in a Volkswagon: school lunches Memories: playing at our first dance Future plans: Architectural Draftsman Pet Peeve: Monday mornings Quote: Good friends are hard to come by. I'll never forget: 28 at 30: 6!31!77: Melrose: Bob: 473: yak yak: Charlie's Angles: Wah Who: Villinova: DM's Stoneham Shuffle: 9191 People: all nighters: summer of '77: DD: LS: MR: ED: beach days: Carnival Ball Pet Peeve: Phony people living in competition Comment: "I'm dead serous" Quote: We meet as strangers, We leave as friends, But, someday we'll meet in Heaven, Where friendship never ends. Memories: Koz: Junior: Majorettes: "Pinny": favorite Juniors: bull-feathers: 10!15!77: phoofies: Toronto: My Man: French pastryllicense: Where's H?: Too funny! Happiness: Family, friends, blue and white feathers, football games Misery: NB.: cold hands: rainy days and Mondays: 6:15 a.m. Future: College Quote: 'fBetter than the gold of Kings are memories of happy things." I'll never forget: Famous Foursome: The Neighborhood: P 8: J 8!19!73: TC's car: 6 in a VW: Empty: N.Y.E. '77: H.S.. . .huuh "pp" Happiness is: Friends, KO, PL, PG, KS, HC Misery is: C M, SP. . . . ITTCWA: 3 on the 7th green Pet Peeve: "The Bottle", behind Tom's pool: "Firebirds" Suppressed desire: To become a Lefty! Happiness is: Friends, hitting the streets, the neighborhood, states? Misery is: long practices: monsters: no license till 12th grade: line up: the morning after Suppressed desire: Beat Belmont, go insane for a day Pet Peeve: Bonehead, Buddy, JAPS, Scum I'll never forget: YUAFPD, indulging With S.S. 8L .I.A. 8a J.W, 8L C.F., J.M., .I,M. and all the others, Hoodsies: up the J.H. Quote: Aaaccchhooo . . . Harpo Marx 84 F ' . ' ta of SUSAN PALERMO JUDIANN PARSONS ELAINE PALUMBO PHILLIP PARSONS DONNA PANETTA GORDON PERKS ANDREW PARKER STEVEN PERRONE Come take my hand, walk with me awhile, I have many things to tell you Many things to share, Sit, listen to the wind Can you hear the people cry It's the story of my life You know Ijust can't let them die Elaine Raftell Happiness is: Lisa, a bag of gold Pep Peeve: Helmets: the morning after Memories: Lisa l!l4!75: Outlaws at the Colisseum Future plans: College, travel around the world Misery is: Tickets to Lynyrd Skynyrd 10!20!77 YYNIS- 5 Wg. eg-L N304x. -S-if spk Life is not worth living un ess you have the friendship of other human beings, that is why I value life today. Varsity Football - 1977 Intemational Music Festival - 1977 "Sharon" - written 1977 Football is the sport where you meet the fiends you always wanted to meet. Happiness is: True friends: knowing you've done your best Misery: Chicken Pox at 17: on the line: Jr. year: not states Memories: L St.: ES: JH: Hoodsies: S'How many is four": Ferd's cottage 806175: LLTC: NYE '75, '76, '77 Pet Peeve: Phony people Quote: Experience is a hard teacher . . . she tests first and teaches after. 2-fi ' t , S , I'll never forget: Margaret, Nancy, Ace, Commander, ABY, Barbara, Sunny, Blueberry, Lookin' good, Pigeons, Nanc's tan, Maggie Magee, Minot, Church St., Tracks, Bug, N.H., Letters, Murph, Lul, Gerabaldi Grey, BAM, DYE Pet Peeve: VGS, PEON Suppressed desire: to hangglide Comment: "You can't always get what you want" . . . Rolling Stones Comment: "I love you" Say it now, tomorrow may be too late. Dreams of the past: Michael: Jr. Prom: LDWE '77g Bob: Q-Town: "YGMCB": John, JS: everyone Happiness is: Surprise visits, loving, being loved, Paul Always remember: Cindy, Julie, Marc, Carol, Jeanne U 8L P?J I wish I'd said, "I love you, Michael" I'll never forget: N.H. on a Sunday afternoon: thanks Tito: Brenda: Harry: Mac: Goon: JHS with Dickie 55.00 Larcens field: Rohan: Ferd's cottage: Vinny in sand, Ducksbury with Willie: "Jackie" Pet Peeve: Stoneham Shuffle: Monday mornings Comment: Frosty Bernie Quote: I dedicate my Year Book to my parents. Misery: Donna away at school Happiness is: Rich Misery is: Fire drills in the rain Memories: Buzzy's party, "The Stairs", "The Meadow", Trish, Laurie, Kathy D., Kathy C. Comment: My friends I will remember you, think of you, pray for you and when another day is through, I'll still be friends with you. Pet Peeve: Pronouncing Petricone wrong for 12 years. PENNEY PERRY ELIZABETH PETTO SUSAN PERRY KAREN PETTO WILLIAM PERRY PETER PETTO BARBARA PETRICONE VICTOR PETTO I'll never forget: Oinky, 4l20!76, Susan, D.D., The Park, Mustang, Black Charger Happiness is: A brand new car, a good job, close friends, and a place to patty Pet Peeve: Being at the wrong place the wrong time. Quote: "You can't always get what you want" . . . Rolling Stones Measure not life by the hopes and enjoyments of this world, but by the preparation it makes for another: looking forward to what you shall be rather than backward to what you have been. L. Tieck Happiness: Going to N.H. on Friday night and not having to come home. Misery: Seeing my friends hurt. Suppressed Desire: To own my own park bench. Pet Peeve: Getting up in the moring. Memories: Summer "74" the Boneheads, 3 sewer stadium, Al and Frankie. Future Plans: Park bench on 44th Street. I'll Never Forget: Basic Training, Kim, Last month of August. Happiness is: Being home, seeing family and friends, partying with Jimmy Aveni, Timmy Ballard, Billy Theobald, Ronny and Jimmy Lee. Quote: Yeah I Did. Pet Peeve: Drill Sergeant Ricks. Future Plans: Traveling. 85 I'll Never Forget: 6!26!76 chicken pot pie and noodles, Plum Is- land, A.W.'s buddha, Duncklee derelicts, T.L., overlapping sports in I977, Stacy's party, 1976 softball with Janet, S.B., and Diane, Delta Laval, Happiness is: 4l3!77 national champs, I,2,3, Oh Yeah, wear- ing 412, 49. Misery is: the corner Comment: How about Harold Parker? KAREN PINARD Misery is: Standing in water for 4, hours. with soggy socks. Future Plans: College and hope to become an electrical engineer. Quote: HI choose not to run again." Dreams of the Past: I'll never forget Summer of 's76" at F,D. GZIP" Suparessed Desire: To live a good li e Happiness is: Not working Pet Peeve: school lunches JOSEPH POLCARI Happiness is: Good times with good friends, No homework I'll Never Forget: all the good times I had in C.O.P. in my Junior year. I'll never forget gym class in my Junior year. Memories: School dances summer of "76 8: 77", 8!l8!76, Main, A block studies Quote: "I forgot, I'll do it later. DEBRA POLK I'll Never Forget: Timmy Ballard, June 2,1976,C.B.,J.B.,J.P., Quote: When I die I'll go to heaven because I just spent my last three years in hell. Comment: You're crazy! Can you girls climb a tree. Pet Peeve: Two Faced People Future Plans: To live my own life. KATHLEEN POOR NEIL PORTER ROBERT POWERS PAULA PUGLISI Memories: M.J., Uncle Andy, Happiness is: friends, succeeding, Happiness is: Weekends,Jim,goin' Charlie Daniels and the Out- sports crazy, the lake. laws, Lynyrd Skynyrd "77", Misery is: losing, running laps, I'll Never Forget: 6!24!76, "US", C.P., Satch, Cascades, The boardtoboard,gettingupearly. ring, dances, Mar, soccer, Gold Rushes I'lI Never Forget: Class of 't78", Schaefer Stadium "76" Pet Peeve: Little, green, cross- Varsity soccer team, freshman Chicago, Jr. Prom eyed, men hockey team, best friends, Quote: "Storms brew intensely Comment: Old man take a look at rummies raiders only to render the beauty of a my life. Future Plans: college rainbow." I'm a lot like you. - Neil Young CHARLES PULEO Misery is: Having Mr. Rowell inter- rupt my lunch engagements at Capri. Suppressed Desire: To have a civilized talk with Mr. Kennedy I'lI Never Forget: The great car chase in Woburn. Future Plans: Bunker Hill Law En- forcement Comment: I live for Today, because no one promised me tomorrow. Breathe, breathe in the air Don't be afraid to care look around and choose your own ground For long you live and high you fly And smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry And all you touch and all you see Is all your life will ever b, True friends and John Pet Peeve: Are you twins? LAURA RAFTELL Memories: JJJ, Betsy, Things that make you gag, Bionic legs, 4:00 a.m. hicups, Redstone, N.H. Cottage, winter 76-77, 9!l3!76, Cape tx,y seatsj True friends Pet peeve: Are you two twins! Comment: To be born be in breathe the air watch the sun The greeness: a leaf live to love all sit in sweet happiness Elaine Raftell Happiness is: going to Maine, sit- ting by the water. Misery is: Not being with your boyfriend, because of the miles. Memories: Jr. Prom, Barb, Trisha, Maureen, Donna and Penny 8!4!77 Future Plans: College. Psychology for children Comment: Life is what you make of it! Suppressed desire: Go to Colorado to go skiing Happiness is: good friends, sports Misery is: 3 years with the same baseball coach, losing to Lexington and Belmont. Pet Peeve: Scum, Sophomores I'll never forget: Joanne, "Do I speak Greek?", "Give me a break. srl, skid Suppressed Desire: Score a goal, make the states Future Plans: College Quote: 'tDon't look now, we're about to be killed!" Three Stooges LINDA RAFTELL LAUREN RANDALL CHARLES RAYMOND MICHELLE REARDON Memories: 28 at 30, Stoneham Shuffle, headstands with J.T. 84 D.F., Four Seasons Junior Prom, h'Happy Together" Philadelphia, D J L D S A L D E L S B J, DD BL I Happiness is: True Friends Pet Peeve: Backstabbers, Bum- blebees Future Plans: College, Happiness Misery is: Living in competition Suppressed Desire: Having a cer- tain someone Quote: Some people think it's hold- ing on that makes one strong. Sometimes it's letting go. f lt WILLIAM RECKO RICHARD REGAN Favorite sports: Winter 8L Spring Track I'll never forget: Summer of "77" Gooch 84 Angie. Dana l0!l8!77 broke 19, got 18:52 K'cuckoo" Happiness is: Scramble Pancakes Partying, Trip to Budwiser beer factory, getting my license Future Plans: Own Restaurant, go to california. get married young C213 Pet Peeve: "stinky" WILLLIAM REID Comment: It was good while it lasted. Happiness is: Stoneham 2-Wakefield 1, Friday, Freebird Misery Is: Waking up Monday Morning Suppressed Desire: Win the States Pet Peeve: Hey Weasel I'll never forget: going to the cape with D.M. 8L S.S., Mr, Conroy Future Plans: College Dreams of the past: S.C.'s swim. My George Washington's are wet." nudge, nudge say no more! Buffalo! Pet Peeve: Parrot-Lady Misery was: Dunbarton June 20,21,22. I'll never forget: Crash 'L76' Ski trips, Hound dog, Canada I 8a II, Bullfrog weekend, Bats, Cattle Crossing, Bad Co., 3 a.m., "let's keep in touch", 'Lover thehat hill . . Penn., singing, 6!15!77, Suburbia goes to the city, Immagination. R.C.'s Happiness is: Good times with good friends. Future Plans: College RONALD RESTANI KATHLEEN RIZZERI JOSEPH REYNOLDS RICHARD ROBERTS LYNNE RICHARDS CYNTHIA ROCKWOOD ANNE RICHMOND THOMAS ROHANNA Memories: Good times with Buddy, l0!6!76, Tom's Cellar, Mri's, Stu's egg, official handbook burning goida. Pet Peeve: Discoe Misery: Cape Code Quote: No matter where I am, I can't help thinking I'm just a day away from where I want to be. Jackson Browne Comment: What's the beef? Memories of my past . . . The Clefs, the jks on me!! US QeII . . . Mrs. Brumit . . . College Buddies, t'C.S.N.", "Chicago" Jr. SL Sr. Prom "77". . .wrong turn?!!?'?!! Happiness is . . .Matt IXSX77 . . .Bright sunny days!!!! Mom BL Dad , , , Music. Surrpessed Desire: My own T.V. Show Future Plans: College . . . Music Comment: Help me to use the gifts you have given me. I want to use them to help others, through making my own world better and brighter. I'Il never forget: M.K.D.K., B.E., B.W., S.S. and the good times in Reading, riding in Hampton Beach with 6 motorcycles Misery is: "Misty Blues", and Honda 350 getting sick Happiness is: Riding, Partying, girls and good friends Pet Peeve: Hiting trucks Suppressed Desire: a Harly sportster Comment: It is better to win a victory or suffer defeat than never to have had the guts to try. Happiness is? A nice cold one. Misery is: Tickets but no concert I'll Never Forget: S.M., Rec., Outlaws at cape. Pet Peeve: Hot dogs, Machine-gun, 90 pound heart. Quote: "An honest brew will make its own friends." J. Molson Future Plans: College I am the best I am the Greatest I even beat Eastwood in The Enforcer Iam the best one in the N.S.I. The N.S.I. Enforcer Pet Peeve: Circus Maximus Suppressed Desire: to make a million without working, Quote: "May this day set me in motion . . . Sailing for the setting sun . . . Sailing for the new horizon. -James Taylor I'll Never Forget: the friends, the enemies, the good times, the bad. Future Plans: College, a respectable profession. Happiness is: family, friends, Wakefield, State, sports, BURP, God Misery is: monsters, death, loneliness, drugs, shyness, line up! Comment: A natural high is the best hi h budd I S - Y- I'll Never Forget: Steva, Are you serious? Do it! Head, Cyro, school, maggot, Rummy Raiders, Whatl? Tava, Suppressed Desire: Extirpate scum, slam dunk. JOSEPH ROLLI LARRY RUSSELL HARRY ROMANO GEORGE SACCO CHRISTOPHER ROSE NANCY SAIA MARK ROWE LAURA SAITTA I'll Never Forget: Summer of "76", Larson's All my friends, M.K., D.F., J.M., Happiness is: knowing someone cares Misery is? Waking up early to go to school. Winter, Pet Peeve: Coming in early. School Comment: It is better to look ahead and laugh, than to look back and cry, Happiness is: Good Friends, having money Pet Peeve: Boom Boom, Poor excuses. Memories: Frosh year. E.D.'s B..O.'s S,D.'s L.A.'s 28 at 30, all mghters, Hampton, You're arrested! Long Beach, HoJo's Reading UNBELIEVABLE . . .J.H, Shuffle. J.L. Flat 3!25!77, Philly, Comell, SP. 75 Keep Hood Down! J. Geils dunkin, Atlantis P.S. JP wl M.O. 32 crush Auntie Lena Quote: I am me. Nobody else! Memories are to be treasured, not destroyed 89 Time it was and what a time it was, it was . . .a time of innocence a time of contidences Long ago , , . it must be . . . I have a photo- graph Preserve your memories They're all that's left you, Simon and Gatfunkle MARYANNE SALERA I'll Never Forget: Jimmy .... Jaws l!9!76 M.D.C., no money J.P. Try for two . . . oops! F.H . .. inner! legs 21 and 19. Canobie cake, Bad news! W.O.T.S.T. W ,.., M.M. Abby . . sprout, P.G. . . . J.B. Percussion! W.P.A.J. Pet Peeve: Decisions! Comment: I don't get it! Quote: Just keep laughing JOAN EVE SALONEN GAIL SANTORO ARLENE SANTOSUOSO THOMAS SEIBOLD at it J l DOROTHY SHAKALIS Misery: 3 studies in a row. start Memories: Ooorrrppp!!!, Cape running. Pet Peeve: Nothing to do. Comments: Are you minor, yeah a coal minor. I'll Never Forget: Ferd's cottage, Fridays, Broadway, J.H., soc- cer parties, Green V,w. Three Cod, JJJ peepsl, Bort Woman, Dort. M+ M"s, doritos, 4 a.m. hiccup: taffy did it, Boston: l0! 29!76, one-eyed, Murf, park, meet me down the corner. the wave, "Zoology", true friends, Faith - some day. Stooges, Monty Python, Jr. Quote: Love'sinneedoflovetoday Prom - get out of the car, los- ing my mind, Silver New Yorker 40 . . 50 . . 60 . . Don't delay, send yours in right away. Stevie Wonder STEPHEN SHANNON Happiness is: neighborhood, Be- lushi, Nick, Pigeon, beating Wakefield, wasting away. good snaps, revenge Misery is: Ralphing, scum Suppressed Desire: in your face, to live in the bleachers, vigilante Pet Peeve: Buddy Comment: Remember the 60's, Do it anyway you want to do it. 7, 1, ,ftpgfm NANCY SHINER You are what you do Who can separate his faith from his actions, or his belieffrom his occupations? Who can spread his hours before him saying, "This for God and this for myself: This for my soul, and this other for my body?" Kahlil Gibran Memories: running in the rain, Aerosmith 76 . . ., Nagog C6!25! 773, North School, the trucks, the field, L.S. Happiness is: smiles, friends Misery is: rain, car troubles with K.F., five cars and a bicycle Quote: "It is better to look into the future and smile than to look into the past and cry. Remembrances: B.P., T.M., M.T., D.S., D.M., K.M., B.K., 'lPsychological Blow" F.S.C. 5!26!77, S.C., Tennis, Vol- leyball, All-Star Game, crew at Johnson's, Den, and Den,, "Butterfly." Misery is: Long Distance ro- mances. waiting for phone calls. Happiness is: getting the phone calls Quote: "Discoveries are forever waiting to be made, awareness makes them happen. - D. Simpson f"' L! P' I jd A I I l' .ff " , .if bij ,M get 0 ,. : 4754, H' MQ , 4 . 4 ,- 'W' 47 W' 0 we l Memories: on the cliff, Jr. Prom, Chicago, 2!l4!76, Mrs. Brumit, Madrigal Dinner, 76-77, "US", Charlie Brown, Don't Drink the Water, a very special person Happiness is: "getting along", all my friends, springtime Misery is: losing a friend f1've al- ways been sorry, K.T.J Quote: "We can't return, we can only look behind from where we came , . Memories: Allman brothers, 74, 75, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, C.D.B, C.P., Spin, R.P. Blue Sky on Sunday Morning Lynyrd Skynyrd Cape 76, 77 Suppressed Desire: Allman Brothers again, Lynyrd Skynyrd llll9!77, 39 Windsor, for - Senior Year, I dedicate my yearbook to LYNYRD SKYNYRD. Future Plans: God only knows. DIANE SIMONETTI DENISE SIMPSON .IEANNE SIMPSON BRADFORD SMITH 'K FELICIA SMITH Memories: Flea, The Bomb, BFD, F.H., INSYAM, "Going to Find Nancy", Dort, C-Head, Compact, BB, 220, after you my dear Alphonse, 46915 Suppressed Desire: Being 5-5-- and taller than J.D. Comment: Winning may not be ev- erything, but TIEING surely amounts to nothing. Quote: "The most lost day of all is the day on which we do not laugh," NANCY The artist is only given to sense more keenly than others the harmony ofthe world and all the beauty and savagery of the human contribution to it - and to communicate this poignantly to people First and Last Love: Billy Never Forget: Nov. 15, 1974, Feb. 23, 1976, The little pal Robie Pet Peeve: Ignorance, arrogance xx il 0,0 flxgwv I ,ffl L i' ,W.!vbi'n'V71,c' VINCENT SOLAZZO LORENE ST AMAND Happiness is? Winning, friends, Memories: "US", smashed by a Eating, Drinking, Ranking out Sam, Being an uncle, family I'll Never Forget: Ageon, Romain, Fidgit, Ferd's cottage, Hood- sies, Barry GOOFZ Chicago: on the cliff: Bill's 25th: Joke on C.R. 2! l4!76, fthe night of a panyl Hal- loween 75, .I.H.: Graduation parties: A.p. Comment: "Do I speak Greek" Happiness: S.P., having a good Future Plans: College Misery is: On the line, losing, denial time with good friends: All the great people I know. defense Comment: Try to accept others for Suppressed Desire: To dunk Quote: "Only the strong survive." Nl ui pl' LV CL CLI, Il .I 1 tw Cbytglgvw' ,AVI-If what they are, not for what you want them to be. ,ff gif 9 Happiness: New Hampshire the mountains and clear skies. Being with friends, memories and a certain someone. Misery is: rainy weekends I'll Never Forget: 8!l4!77, school dances football games, D and E Block, Senior year. Summer of '77, Kathy, Debbie. Comment: Love is the only commodity that power cannot command and money cannot buy. Quote: Sure Really I'll never forget: Bob, 5!23l76, runaway, 104, long talks Pet Peeve: Waiting, busy phones Quote: Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true. Memories: lll0l76, K.D., D.M., K.M., D.B., Ricky John M., ED., 3H's, Camp Hope "77", Cougar-Harmony, M.B., March 25,26,27, Class of "77". Visions: Fitchburg - Bilingual, Special Ed. Happiness: Rainbow Love: 124 A+B Suppressed Desire: Appear on American Band Stand, Misery is: Loneliness Comment: I didn't do it. "Sweet Harmony" Spread yourjoy around the world" Happiness is: Weekends, Vacations I'lI Never Forget: Summer of"77", Santana Concert "77" Pet Peeve: C.B.'s locker Future Plans: College 92 CHARLOTTE STELIN DONNA SUDANO MARIANNE STERNER STEVEN SULLIVAN JODY STEVENS LAURA SURDAM FRANCIS STUART BRIAN SURRETTE I'll Never Forget: The churchyard, the kids. parties, HoJo's, K.F., D.S., S.B. Misery is: Waiting Pet Peeve: Buckwheat Suppressed Desire: To take life as it comes. Happiness is: Good times, Good friends, Laurie, I'll Never Forget: Late rides to Peabody and back . . . sometimes.Soccer and hockey parties. Luprens, Z-Bold. Weasel's T.V. Jr. Prom, 24 hrs. str., Get out of the car. Pet Peeve: Making Plans Misery is: losing, getting caught, Stitches. Comment: I'm losing my mind. You're crazy. Happiness is: Someone who cares, Sully, a touch of gold, Misery is: braces I'll Never Forget: late rides to Peabody, the horn, Jr. P. 7 a.m., 'tdritz", Mama Russo, lunch, dancing school-M.M., Toronto Quote: Without self confidence, your behind before you begin. Memoris: M.C., Amy, N,F., l0!24!75 Suppressed Desire: to be 5'3" Comment: . . . Mow! Quote: Why did those days ever have to go? I love them so. -S. Wonder I'll Never Forget: 8!l3!76, lll6!76, l1!25!76, night with B.E., Pennsylvania, D 8a E Blocks, gas station crew, talks with B.D., Concord Misery is: waiting, working Sat. nights Suppressed Desire: to find the right one. Travel. Pet Peeve: Which one is it? Quote: "It's better to forget and smile than remember anddbe so MAUREEN SWEENEY WILLIAM THEOBOLD KATHLEEN SWEET JANICE THEROUX ANGELO TARANTINO RUTH TIERNAN BRIAN TARR LINDA TIMPERLY Memories: S.P., Nagog, the field, the trucks, Cranes Beach, P.V., D.S., D.D., V.M,, 4!l6-77, 7!l7!77, 10115177 Happiness is: friends, good times, freedom Misery is: unhappy people, 5 cars and a bicycle. Pet Peeve: Phony people Quote: "If you love something set it ree . . Never Forget: Dances, The gang, Joe, Charlie, Jack, Patrick Happiness is: Being with someone you like. Future Plans: Work, a car Misery is: Being sick Suppressed Desire: Being happy Comment: No, I will not. Quote: Love can only grow when the heart is free. Pet Peeve: Rain and snow. 93 Past Memories California, Caribou ranch, FSC, Niagra Falls, Canandaigua, 8!12!77 - 9!6!77, Disneyland Future Dreams: Hawaii, Legal sec- retary, California Quote: Just when I learn the an- swerg- they go and change the questions. Misery is: llth grade English class. Memories: Sizzin' - M.D. 84 M.H., Awe, 3ms, Dippin', Pun city, Ghost 84 Duke, J.H., Danno, "Go Rowe", Nunhood, I'll Never Forget: times with Ken, Voke with Tricia, Tom's Wing- dings, M1'i's All nighters, Natzis, Mr. Kline, the tent, friends. Uthe bCSV', F-S-, Booth, the Pet Peeve: Disco, putting up with it war, HIt'S HUmUf1gUS", Dud- all. Stoneham High. PflCSlh00d, Cheddars, N-H. - Suppressed Desire: to put it all T.B. Cross hunt, Chorale, -Pez, behind me, soft, gassy scenes, Comment: AHOY! Comment: If you'll be my Dixie Chicken, l'll be your Tennessee Quote: What you are is not for Lamb, EUTCFS to dCC1dC, iI'S fOr YOU I0 Quote: "You can get it if you really e want." Memories: B52, 2l26!77, DONNY, 6!3l!77 Melrose, 6!14!76 W! D.M., L.B. in NH, Stoneham Shuffle, Wakefield, 4 seasons, 28 at 30, Philadelphia, Jr. Prom Happiness is: Being with the people you love: Ma, Dad and Donny Quote: "We meet as strangers We leave as friends But we'll meet in heaven Where friendhsip never ends." Pet Peeve: Backstabbers, Bumblebees. TOUET KAREN TOWER CAROL TROTTA JEAN TURNER ff 'rw PAUL UVA Happiness is: My family, Karen, Friends to turn to, Life, Misery: 16.80 ERA, ll:30 curfew, Being Mama's Little Baby. Pet Peeve: "Get with the Pro- gram." Suppressed Desire: To receive a championship coat. Memories: Sleeping out at the J.H., a certain phone call, Red Sox Game. Halloween, New Years Eve. Quote: We are only young once. That's all society can stand B.B. SAMUEL VALENTI Misery is: Officer Woods-Badge No. 9 I'll Never Forget: New Years Eve 1976, Fred's cottage, U. Mass., I'm from California, How many is Four, T.N,Y.H.T.B.Jr. Prom Happiness Is: Being blessed with loving parents and True friends. JEAN VELARDOCCHIA Happiness: music, skating, people who care, Sunday Dinners Misery: Friendships broken: com- panions lost Memories: PWCTJSSMPM, 28 at 30, GYBOTW, J.H., HEN, NYEWPW, Atlantis, JCOM. PW '68, Mr. Kline, 2!9!77, Jr. Prom, t'Voyager", Boyer- town?!, l0!l7!74, Circus! PWFSBB, Edaville, 'tWouldn't it Be Nice." Comments: . .I love this song Quote: Nothing is so strong as real gentlerress. nothing so gentle as real strength. nv.. eu. . RHONDA VENO V3 Q, Memories: Angelo l2l23!76, Pats' party, Spikedogs, Travels to Cape, B52, "Rubberband Man Snowbanks" B sign, DUN- KINS, JAAck, PIAT, F-ELAINE, BON, Trusty Pil- lowcases Pet Peeve: Beanos get back in bed, Waiting Misery: Pina' Coladas' by Pat Happiness is: Jack, Pat, Elaine on time Happiness is: Just being here Misery is: Getting caught for leav- ing school Comment - Quote - Memories Don't leave like people Most Desired: To be with S.P. ANDREA VINCENT Happiness is: Good friends, weekends with no homework l'll never forget: Nancy, "Boz Scaggs" Donna, the movies, 'KHenrietta", Vagas, slot machines, "Barry and Andy" Misery Is: three years of HA" Block Gym Quote: l'For it's the laughter. we will remember, whenever we remember, the way we were." Pet Peeve: Corny CONSTANCE VRATTOS I'll always remember: Toronto, R.H. and the elevator shuffle, Shelton Girls, Cast parties, All nighters at Mr. A's 6 people in a van for live weeks, MT. Whit- ney. Uncle Tony's band, "76- 77", running out of wax, M.F. concerts, Square dancing, N.E.R.D.S., E..l., Modern American Digressions MARK WADE I'll never forget: J.H., track, pipe, P.P., M.K., T.R., S.S., D.S., S.W., Concerts, Evil Eye Misery is: Not being able to ride. Happiness: Riding high Pet Peeve: School Suppressed Desire: own Harley! Vette BRADFORD WAITE CHERYL WAITE Laughs: with C.A. and S.F., what a day 4!30!77, Philly, T, on T., You know! Thanks Jo. Slowly I'll put the broken pieces of life back together All the loose ends Iill mend and tie, I can only hope for things to get bet- ter and with a bit of luck I might get by. -Cheryl- JESSE WALKER PAULA WALKER Memories: JVCTJSSMPM, 28 at 30, GYBOTW, JH, Hampton, East, Nantasket, NYEWJV, At- lantis, JCOM, JV!68, proms, SDIKBL, GOWJC, SXZSI76, FSCINH, ,Circus!JVBBFS, DDWJCAPH, House parties, J. Geils, Fanuel Hall, SPWPC, IPYFI, LFMI-I, Happiness: receiving letters', good times with good friends, Mom :SL Dad, Quote: The moments may be tem- porary, but the memories are forever. KATHERINE WALLACE Memories: Ms. Nat's, Uncle To- ny's Song, Toronot-cruising the hall's, beep, curfew? Maine, '76 84 '77, and the S.S., thung R.R.'s "Top 2" Dropouts, M.A.D. Digresion. The am- biance ofthe stage, Those who have gone before and those who will follow. Quote: "Love and memory last and will so endure till the game is called because of darkness." Gene Fowler Memories: J.H., bush diving with Augie, roaring blaze, parties cemetery. Pet Peeve: back stabbers Happiness Is: Good friends to talk with, N.D., atfl, having a good time Misery is: waiting, midnight sprinkles Quote: "Please, remember peace and how we make it. It's here within you're reach if you're big enough to take it. R. Starkey For twelve years, we have been critizing our government, our society, and our lives. Now we have a voice in our society. Let us use it constructively, not misuse it and especially, let us not ignore it completely. -Robert Wiseman Happiness Is: 9449, Winning the Nationals K7-D Never Forget: Dunklee Ave., Plum Island, D.E., D.Y., B.B. "Mr. O", Mr. B., Softball '76, 6!26!76, Delta Laval Pet Peeve: Choking on a break-away Misery is: Loosing in double over-time Q4-31, skating at 5 a.m., Comment: . . .But I didn't do anything . . . Happiness is: Being with Chuck, freedom, graduating January '78, Partying, listening to Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. Misery is: Parting from friends: Disco Ducks Suppressed Desire: To explore the world. I'll never forget: Crosby, Stills, And Nash concert, June '77, Neil Young 8L Crazy horse Oct. "76". Comment: "Feel a little smaller and in stature you will rise:" "Be Yourself." 96 LUKE WARREN KAREN WELLS ROBERT WEISMAN STEVEN WHITE BONNIE WEISSE TERI WHITTAKER NANCY WELCH TRACI WIGANDT Happiness is: John, Long weekends, Misery is: Waiting 5 days, Leadfoot, The Cinema Memories: Summer of '77, Jr. Prom What Tree?, "waiting and watching" ya know? 6!28!77, Y.G., C.C., T.W., out of town Friends. "Rocket Man", Comment: For he was Born to Run Quote: "Just what you want to be, you'll be in the end . , Happiness is: A.H.D., A Chev, A.G.D.m and a cat Misery is: Bounced for helmets, bent rulers, Long speeches ISL Dead Chev Pet Peeve: Hump Day, A Lost Letter, Big Trees Memories: S.M., Outlaws, Spot in March Missing Door, 6!20!76 Future Plans: Travel Cross Country, College Memories: good times with special friends, California '76, '77: Maine '76, '77: New England Research Development Staff: Toronto '77g A.J.H.g Uncle Tony's band: silver sunshine: S.D.: Ms. Nat: p.h.g F.W.: Beaches Sunshine. Suppressed Desire: To go to U.S.C. and march in the Rose Bowl Parade. Quote: "Look fortune silver lining." Parting Shots: Feats don't fail me now. Memories: 10!28!76, l0!3l!75, 2178, 8!78 Lynne, Jr. Memories: Gang of '73, Hazelwood, J.H., Bill P. 8!4!77, Baseball Misery: Breaking your leg twice Happiness: A true friend Quote: "Today I know I'm living but 3 tomorrow could make me the past but that I musn't fear." Dedication: To the two people I love most, My Parents. Happiness is: Friends, Winning, Shoutouts, Rummy Raiders' Family Misery is: Penalty Shots, On the line Pet Peeve: Cheap Goals I'll never forget: Stoneham 2, Wakefield 1, Broadway, Rita 8L Pete, "The house", Hoodsies, Under the table Suppressed Desire: Statesbound Future Plans: Only the shadow knows Quote: "Only a shallow man believes in luck" Comment: To each his own. Dreams of the Past: E.Y.C. Bicentennial Tour., 13 hours in PADS, F.I.C. OBAFHKMRNS. R.M. 119 Red Satin. Visions of the future: College F.A.A., Licenses Misery is: Waiting in a long line. Quote: Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow Swedish Proverb l ROBERT WILEY STEVEN WILSON JAMES WOODMAN RICHARD WORTHEN HEIDI WRIGHT Happiness is: National Champs 4!3l77 I'll never forget: Duncklee D's, ' mornings on the track, Bonnie, Mouse's party 9!l7!77, two kegs are better than one! June, Karen, Bullwinkle, Corinne, Jane, Plum Island, V.T., BEN, elf 7, Lynyrd Skynynd Misery is: rainy weekends, N,B. Pet Peeve: Chicken legs Comment: unbelievable Memories: CRASH '76, "The Truck" Canada I 8L II, Bullfrog weekend, C.S.F., Cattle Crossing, 3 am., "Let's keep in touch . . Stoneham Shuffle" Bad Co., 28 at 30 Comm. Ave., Monsoon Weekend, L.P., Girls volleyball, F.I.C., R.C.'s in the truck, C.B.B.P. Happiness is: good times, R.C.'s weekends, close friends, A.R., J.D., C.B., R.D. Happiness is: good times with good friends, vacations, long weekends, Future plans: College, wealth, travel I'll never forget: California, the Junior Prom, The Gang. Quote: Get the most out of today, you never know what tomorrow will bring. Pet Peeve: Waiting JACQUELYN YARDUMIAN FRANK ZAMMUTO 97 A' gg ' J ft , 9 V i fi45sr,. ? 5' Ama 1 ' MN. f W 2 Q3 M i J' n m n if' Words Left Over for the common man. Christmas Cantata cage, Funny Funerals, boring this way and no one will know. The dance 24 will he, taken big white truck samurai QS. lsabellel Future Plans: College. money Quote: "Get me thc butter" Marlon Brando "I am a unique and crazy kind of guy" Steve Martin KB. Corbettj Not Shot: Why Not? Anthony Auterio Timothy M. Ballard Thomas Christie Gail Cripps David Cronier Ernest DeCicco Joseph DeCicco Patricia G. DiPietro Dennis Fallon Peter Fasio Timothy Flynn Gerard Geggis Scott Green Andrew Hegarty Frank Hussar Ronald J. Lee James J. McCarthy David Miller Roger Muse Suzanne Parker Steven Paige Mary Lou Pignone Victor Pizzotti Dino Salvi Michael Verhault Stephen Yorks E , 2. J Q .L If K 1 'WX If ' i if 2 6 m'ff" f W, :Wwgf ,M jw, 'M U , '44 .ii ' aaf:'h'?ff .M I' W fav? 'yr ...Af , if XM Vu J 4 SENIOR PLAYERS DON'T DRINK THE WATER i "Don't Drink the Water" is the exciting, funny, and sometimes passionate story of a caterer from Newark who travels to Europe with his wife and daughter and inadvertantly takes pictures of state secrets. The Hollander family's misadventures stem from their incarceration in the American embassy. While there, they encounter a plethora, of wacky characters, including Axel Magee, the temporary ambassador, a zany priest, and a hedonistic sultan, who attempt to aid in the family's escape. The initial efforts fail because of the combination of bungling by Axel and the watchful eye of Krojack, the evil head of the secret police. But in the end all works out well for the Hollanders and Magee. Father Drobney Ambassador Magee Kilroy Axel Magee Marion Hollander Walter Susan Krojack Burns Chef Sultan of Bashir Sultan's Wife Kasnar Countess Bordoni 102 CAST Mark Wade Mary Jane Grubb Perry Hamlin Paul Perry Jeanne Simpson Mario Cantone Elaine Johnson Alan Cromwell Bob Marshall Jim Bonasoro Jim Grubb Susan Perry Mark Mulligan Paula Walker 'nn 103 BBQ ymf- Y' " '1 3 ,A x av as ,P ,... .firm . sg V K if Av x. - f s 4 , 22' ' I . ifffi , Q gg j , Q ' ,A - ,, -,wxgwqzwa '-,, V, ,iruzg f,- fs . - Ji -1:41P3vsNffse?'wK?'i. -' L ,rm ,.Q,g. R f 1 2 ' if -' L , , 5 fi Q vQiil3gg uf 9f ia Ll 1 1 ' .. '41 K',. Ifw. T - if A 1 x N: gy: ,. ,gg ,Q 1 ,, E ' .wx K ,Q - , w Ja i .. .K XY' V vfwiww.-2:1-ir: 11, -1 f - M , M Wfjw Q. is x 2' 1QLf5'fi-?1?,1j1?g' . fxwlsssq - 5 1,.ii1..t.. L fw,i?'f , iz.. ,NZ7.:y:zf"?y'NZWZ354'?5,Ew"-- Z, 1 , , ff, , , fl - f 5 wzfwxmif W 3"'xfl ,QSM- .W if ' 1 i ' K, 25-i, jiri wigs fi! N . N A ga im -- . 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I S , ' Wm, if , A 'k ki 44 'J Q ' fu ' , ,Ag -. ,. V , ji K m 'x ' - e " A. 1 511. A Q s JC A an A . ' F:1."Q'?f Q W , 7 " 2 f' w l- " ' ,. 'f. F276 " ' ,, " A ' , ' X H L , ,W.. , ,,,. , I 1 A .. W 5 f X 'E m 'i . 4 7 ' x mx'h ' 4 XX, , Q EA ii ' ' Y-'. 7- w5f?.1"',1giQ'f7 1' 5' W, ,, ,, MQW -v'- if J 6 . f f Q A-ff-. ' ff! A 1 Ak "wr gil .B . A' - -x .A .15 4 . if ,A ap, . . ar'-, 5. 1 9 1. ' K K M ' . ' H .qw , wk ,. QXYTJM N " x , N . 22 ,Q f i , N . ' mg. ' fa- l 5' , if A I S K . -' fy lggj,-F H, pf -mm Q " , ,- Q W' A I L X , ,N Q 4 an f f Y - we :V si " W . Q: f K, :ff 15, ' ,r wh. 2,51 -A 'Y -: 5. .1 Q ,V . af 'x sr ix . 15 " l ,. 3? L if ig 'V "wx Q -' fl ' Y , 2 A 1 lgf Q iii- 3 if if 35 " ff mv rv 4 f A .,5,V,,, ,. ws. ,-gf, 3, QT 1- - ' Q, ' 7' I fa' H 8,5 fefyiff X, 13,5 E ' -, H? ,,, wx :,',,,' Aj 4 ls' UBI' ' ?" 33' rj. , 31" ,A Zsssxgflx Q jg l Eg-gf ,132 b '. by is .,.. F 'wi 4-H' Lg ag, M. , Q f',-a53f"ZW"if f f. ":.5.f:,k5Z: 'ff . ,A , , ,I ' ' -Lwfifazxyil f Qtr ,I" -all . .- 2 .s . 2 I ' ,LS Wig. QM! , ,. Q. ,,, f F N' - , l . , ' v . 1 , N' "5 :. Q. . 's.lR'. f. f 'A' ,, . hd' ,, , . " W' 2 fi 51 SF' rf ' Q2 2 -4, 49,3 if ff Kffalik 44 hmmm The Stoneham varsity soccer team's sixth place finish was ost misleading. In the competitive Middlesex League their anding at 8-4-6 was good enough for a State Tournament :rth and a date with eventual State Champion Needham who 42- R, we-,Tr , 'af in-L ff 7... went the entire season unscored upon. The Spartans had no- thing to be ashamed of in bowing to the Rockets 3-0 in a driving rain storm at Braintree. But being the second Stoneham team to make the Tournament was icing enough to a successful, exciting year. The season's undoubted highlights were a thrilling 2-1 vic- tory over league champion and Tournament semifinalist Wakefield and also two hard fought ties with state quarter finalist and league runner up Lexington. But success unmis- takably was the word and the 1977 Stoneham soccer team left a good feeling with themselves, and all who saw them play during the season. Stoneham 0,1 Belmont Stoneham 2,2 Winchester Stoneham 2,0 Wakefield Stoneham 1,0 Lexington Stoneham 2,5 Melrose Stoneham 1,3 Burlington Stoneham 3,0 Woburn Stoneham 1,2 Watertown Stoneham 3,2 Reading ront row-Ball boy Timmy Powers, Jim Woodman, Michael Castellano, Tom Seibold, Jerry Murphy, Walter Padovani, teven Shannon, Jim O'Grady, Steve Sullivan, Andy Parker, Michael Farren, and Ball boy Mike Caswell. Back row- reshman Assistant Steve Jackson, David Harrington, Gerry Mahoney, Chuck Raymond, Tony Frangiosa, Roger Pado- ani, Rick Feindel, Mark Rowe, Erik Chambers, Bill Reid, Bob Powers, Larry Russell, David Corcoran, and Coach Mike 113 ennedy. 5 1 n F W First Year pikers Impressive The first year volleyball team proved to be the surprise squad of the year. They remained undefeated until their final match, a loss to Masconomet. This defeat came only after the team had dominated eight other matches, including a trouncing of last year's state champions. Captained by Paula Doherty and Marta Siquiera, a Brazilian exchange student, the team constantly displayed the utmost enthusiasm giving them the edge over all of their veteran oppo- nents. Front Row: Denise Simpson, Jacquelyn Yardumian, Pauline Bryant, Aya Corell. Back Row: Susan Maguire, Janine Marguard, Marta Siquiera, a Paula Doherty, Ann Dillon 115 ws, 1-' 5 t J . if . l 116 Tom O'Grady, Dick Covell, Carmen Frongillo, Tom MacDonald, Steve White, Victor Pizzotti, Bill McLaughlin, Steve Ferretti, Tom Gunning, Guy Paladino, Paul Uva, Asst. Coach Bumham, Dana Beane, Gordon Perks, Steve Lentz, Tim Loughman, Bill Perry, Pete Dugan, Phil Marquad, Sam Valenti, Jack Belcher, Head Coach White, Bob Trant, Vin Briennze, Pat White, Neil Yianacoupoulous, Clay Cormeir, Rich Jamieson, Steve Angelosanto, Tony Conserva, Joe Galenti, Jim Abbott, Asst. Coach Qualey, Asst. Coach Dearth, Mike Merchant, Ed Vargas, Rocco Zizza, Keith Morris, Tim Angelosanto, Tom D'Onofrio, Tom Howe, Joe Calcavechia, Asst. Coach Zampell. nm, 2 f -f 6 Disappointment and Injuries Plague our Gridders H H' Q . 0- 5 91 4 QQ The 1977 edition of the Stoneham football team was a disappointment. Early success highlighted by victories against Woburn and Wakefield gave no indication of the frustrating five game losing streak that followed. After Winchester knocked the Spartans from the ranks of the undefeated the team seemed to lose its spark Calong with Tri-Captain Victor Pizzottij in consecutive losses to Watertown, Burlington, Melrose and Lexington. During this stretch the offense was a particular prob- lem not to revive until QB Paul Uva took charge in a 27-14 beating of Belmont. Co- Captains Steve White and Bill McLaughlin will lead the 3-5-1 Spartans into the hoped for suc- cessful season tinale vs Reading. ll7 ,. , , 5: gg , L , 'yfwfff' . fy f . K 'W 3 ww. ' f , , .1 Q ?fbl...,.4 If . It 'rail' A' at L ,W ., enr- in gm, it if M . ha 'UMA 'i ' vi C . 1 tfigu M, , f H ? ,xg Q A A f ' Y di V f 141' 1 -v'- 'C ,L -, L A, ,,, . ,.,, ,Q . fff-'Ng , ,ZX4 1 V1 - iv f I . ea A , eg W X' My , -vii? 'A' 'A -ww,-. W--" Vx' " ' Trysbyuyk ,4JUlV.iATV , Nw gif' 5 1 rv k ik, N QS, I 5A rf. fg,-,'V L fa :A ,vfwi mfr, 13,1 71.1.14-5,,-, ,Qi,,w,--'Y-AAr- pa ' ,fiy 1. .291 434, 2' ff I , ,W K. I , A V A 3" 44' f 6 'Z is Xp 42 F? R I 51:2 X, I XA V fx, -4 , 214, .i ,E ,Me 4 'fr' - 2 . .: f'i gi as Qufii xrffw x I N, . ' 'M wglbx, h, 9-e A "'Tf- fi 5, V r Wm Hocke : Fit to be Tied" Stoneham Stoneham Stoneham Stoneham Stoneham Stoneham Stoneham Melrose Wakefield Woburn Reading Burlington Belmont Lexington Stoneham Watertown Stoneham Winchester Stoneham Melrose Stoneham Wakefield Stoneham Woburn Stoneham Reading Front Row: Mary Maloney, Ann Mane McDermott, Marie Benoit, Pam Junker, Gail Santoro, Captain Felicia Smith, Jeanne DeCosta, Martha Clabby, Cathy Hegarty. Back Row: Therese Kwiatkowski, Annette Fionda, Julie Salamone, Patty Fiore, Rosemary St. George, Joanne Marroni, Joanne McNulty, Elena McCarthy, Nancy Clabby, Linda Beane, Coach, Cynthia Carbone Three losses in thirteen games usually makes a tournament bound team. Seven ties and three wins doesn't. The 1977 Field Hockey team earned a 3-3-7 record CFifth in the Middlesex leaguel yet scored only seven goals all season. An impenetrable defense allowed the team nine shutouts, eight in their last ten games. Unfortunately, six of these blankings ended in 0-0 stalemates. The Spartan's record was a respectable one and the team was underrated by no one. With many returning letter winners, next year's squad will undoubtedly be one of the league's strongest. 119 l . fr ' :wwf lf!-' ' xl A V 1 intl 2 ,1 to -f rf' at wvff .YW 13.9 LQ 1 Front Row: Gall Wood, David Doucette, David Cromer, Rlchard Regan. Captaln Jack Fltzgerald. David 120 Stone, Tom Harrigan. Back Row: Coach, Wayne Fillback, Patrick Travis, Mary Jane Warren, Jimmy Turner, Tony Belmont, Susan Dion, Kelly Arsenault. Ed McCcuish, Tommy Scarpa. Harriers Best Of Last Three Stoneham 50 Lexington Stoneham 22 Belmont Stoneham 25 Wobum Stoneham 35 Wakefield Stoneham 30 Winchester Stoneham 46 Watertown Stoneham 16 Burlington Stoneham 27 Melrose Stoneham 45 Reading This year, the cross country team had its best season of the past three years. Under the leadership of coach Fillback, the Spartans raced to a record of 4 wins, 5 loses and a fifth place at the Middlesex League Meet. The squad was spurred on by the superb running of David Cronier, a Middlesex League all star. Following behind David were Capt. Jack Fitzgerald, Tom Harrigan, David Doucette, David Stone and Rich Reagan. Also this year a girls cross country team was started and they anticipate an excellent seasons with a more experi- enced squad next year. The pioneers in girls cross country are Kelly Arsenault, Susan Dion, Gail Woods and Marylane Warren. 121 'N ,...w N ,, CHEERLEADER 1 5 ii 2 Cathy Citroni, Tina Padur, Mary Beth Murphy, Lisa Dimarzo, Linda Bergonzi, Doreen Gilmarti Karen McEachern. Kathy Ochs, Mary Halley, Came Borretti, Susan McLaughlin. Jan Penne Maureen Dion, Amy Mangone, Joyce Rolli. , MAJ ORETTE l Front row: E. Dawson, Lieutenant, E. Palumbo, Captain, L.Surdam, Lieutenant Back Row: L. Gianoccari, B. Montero, P. Morley i C. Mathison, C. Waite, P. Comfort, G. Koslowski, P. Griffith, B. Oram, K. Greenleaf Karen Miasserian, Holly Carroll, ,f A 'W f "-..,' , o E LOSS AWAY e tj' Stoneham Hockey 1977-78 can be deemed both succe: and failure. A success because of the teamis record C9-5-4 and third place finish which surprised most league "experts". But, a failure because 1978 marked the third season in a row the Spartan hockey team has stayed home in March. This year a fifth loss to league leader Burlington sealed the Spartans fate. Led by the league's highest scoring line fMcDonough, Sullivan and Powersj the Spartans placed five players in the league all-star game. Rounding out the star contingent was stalwart three year blueliners Jimmy and Tommy O'Grady. Stoneham's unquestionable MVP was junior center Bill McDonough. His overall campaign can only be described as brilliant as he collected a record shattering 52 pts. Bill set , the pace for league scorers all year only to be nosed out at thewire for the scoring title. Not to be out done . McDonough's sidekick senior wing Bob Powers fa JV player as a juniorj became Stoneham's most prolific one season goal scorer with 25 breaking a I3 yr. old record. Overall Spartan hockey was a success with big winners at the JV and Frosh level fnot to mention a nucleus of returning regularsj the ros p pects for March bus rides are K Q. improving. ,-, X Neil Yianaccopolous, Jim O'Grady Paul Defl . umer. Steven Hunt, Coach Burns, Paul Ginnavin, Dan lan. Steven Sullivan. Paul Shepir. 125 176 Cold Weather Freezes an, Torn Kelly, Tom Harri- lst Row: Kathy Kazanj Ann Deane, John Polcari, John Jessop. Matt H dson, Dave Cronier 3rd Row: Coach Ken u Jack Fitzgerald, Dave Stone, Ed McCush, Vm Efforts of inter Track Y, . -. ...-.frm-f 1.45- gan, Joe Calcavecia, Gooch Angelosanto, Rich Regan 2nd Row: Jones, Jim Abbott, Joe Adams, Martha Clabby, Mike Braham, Bill Perry, Ed Tibbetts, Bill Deane, Dave Doucette, Brienze, Bill McLaughlin, Mr. Rocher Alain Rocher's Stoneham High Winter Track Team finished the season with a fine record of 4 and 5. Highlight of the season was Co-Captain Jack Fitzgerald's breaking of Stoneham Highis 600 yard mn record with an outstanding time of 1:l5.7. Co-Captain Bill Perry also had a remarkable season with the highest jump in the Middlesex League, a fantastic 6'3". Bill similarly had an excellent season in the 45 yard hurdles along with Tim "Gooch" Angelsanto as they finished first and second in nearly every race. Many thanks to the new assistant coach Boo-Boo Graham. The team should be commended for an all around superb effort. rv-Wiiiitm HOOPSTERS SHOW STRONG FINISH The 1977-78 Stoneham High Basketball entry will forever be haunted by a 6'4" if. If standout junior Jack Belcher, the big man to provide stability up front, had been around all year would a March trip have been possible? Many voice an unequivocal yes. But even without Belcher for one third of the season the Spartans still managed a few big upsets over the course of the seasong foremost among them were victories over Wakefield Cawayj and tourney bound Reading. The man who shouldered the scoring burden, while doing a vintage "Ernie D" impression, was all star S'Mr. Everythingw Vin Solazzo. His brilliance reflected in his setting SIONEHAK the pace for league scorers all season. Vin finished an awesome 400 point plus campaign thigh lighted by the breaking of the Wakefield Field House record with 38 pointsj with a strong 21 pts. per game average. Other seniors who made key contributions were Tito Perrone, Zayre Rowe, Woody Woodman, and Stud Farren. In addition to Belcher Cwho placed tenth among league scorers with a I5 point averagej many Sophomores and Juniors, 6 in all, played key roles all year long, a fact which spells a very bright future for Spartan basketball. Vinny Salazzo, Mike Farrow, Roger Decola, John Cloutieu. Mike Zizza, Tom 129 gi- n . 'UD .S fix Nav' 5s Captain Jeanne DeCosta. Cuach Mike Kennedy, Caplzlin Paula Doh ion, Cathy Hegarty, Pattye Comfort. Patty DeCuIa. Teresa Kwiat- Rosie Abbott ' partans Come up hort on Courts The girls varsity basketball team opened their season with a win over non-league opponent. Newton South. Unfortunately, the girls found the competition a little more formidable within the league and a number of disappointments were in store for them. The team did, however, earn their first victory three games into the season at the expense of Watertown. The squads starters include Senior Co-Captains. Paula Doherty and Jeanne DeCosta. and three juniors, Teresa Kwiatkowski, Ann Dillion. Julie Zani. With an abundance of returning talent. next season's potential is awesome. Far left top: Jeanne DeCosta takes ajump shot from way out: Ann Dillon steals the ball from Wakefield opponenti Teresa Kwiatkowski eyes thc basket before a foul shotg at right. Paula Doherty sizes up her opponents before passing. erty 2nd Row: Pamela Low, Ann Dill- kowski, Julie Zani, Alison Leonard, ww GYMNASTIC TEAM Even though Stoneham was not on top they had a very good season. The girls worked hard learning new tricks and improving their old ones. Plenty of new talent come to us this year and they are adding to the strength of the other team members. The top all around scorers were Tracy Marks with 16.00 points and JoAnne O'Grady with 12.00 points. The high individual scores were Penny Griffith with a 6.8 average, and Karen Boudreau with 6.7 average. The teams high achievements are all due to the excellant coaching of Miss Cindy Carbone and Mr. Tom Mayo. Pl L,,,s 9 ., ,.,,,'. I D, ,S ' 2' .,, in ,-. Q' M sys 'IP' a 5 ' " fw l ,xg x ,k ,, K- f, 9' ." b:' ' ,57 1 V ' , , 'f " Q- 2 ' 61:5 1 ' ' . , X ' ' A ' 'V 'W I .,., I Tw , A -f " , . f A Q iw at ' 1 if - a 'X If ' 3 'M ' ,.,,, 1, mu.. QA' SK, Q The athletes Stoneham pu sh-up pass cheer kick dribble leap clown slash and rest During festivals huge crowds would converge on Rome's great 'tm hitheat d ' . 1 p er an many clrcuses to attend a day of games. In the vast Colosseum. up to 50.000 people Could watch gladiators fight wild beasts or other gladiators. ln the even larger Circus Maximus. some 260.000 gathered to cheer daredevil charioteers as they raced around a perilously tight track. "Such a throng flocked to all these shows." wrote Suetonius. "that many strangers had to lodge itt"hd..' ' " n en 5 plte e . along the roads. and the press was often such that many were crushed to death," from IMPERIAL ROME by Moses Hadas Carusois Diplomat was the scene of the 1977 Junior Prom. It was a cold, blustery March 23 when the radiant couples began arriving to be greeted by the receiving line, consisting of class officers, facul- ty, and administrators. After a sumptuous dinner the sparkling couples began to dance to the music of g'Crystal City". As the night wore on the music softened, the lights dimmed, and the mood became misty and magical. For all present it was an evening of warm memories. Junior Prom Brings Sunshini ,Xi . at X 138 W 1 We f it of X '-ff 1 ff' ts. g t.sfF5.Z.f..-.' .,.L. I " 'rf lfl' ,fi L. 3 -ln. Revelers utilize dance floor under watchful eye of the facultyg Rhonda Veno takes chargeg Messrs. Mitchell, Blauvelt, Binda, and Marguard enjoy a rare coke: Sharon Doherty, Cheryl Matheson, and Doreen Gilmartin share some gossip. M y of 'H s X ig I , f-. J X , ,1 rgwfs 139 "'l'f'tf,'l'f'75"l'l'f5"l'T""" ff- Q fer 5 74 . , 1 1' 1 A ,5 . 1 f . J-LA x 4 5 i' .vp 'fkf I ' X QV, fffg X ,343 X X 'haf F Y , ' i f" f I 1 ,fi -, K f' K ,...,,,iW,,,-...,.t.,W..t.g...t,.t..w.,..4.f.,, A--.'L gwf ,,x4 f -,fL ,A,w, f if eg Xi dt 4 Q Q 4 si ' l iz .12 3 " F if , f t- E E Q ' . if o 5 4 sf , 1 .af . . A ,i fl ' I U 1 9 frm ' , Exactly one month after the blizzard forced post ponement the l978 Carni- val Ball with its strong Star Wars theme finally rocketed ipto reality. The royal Couple of Guy Paladino and Lorene St. Amand presided over a show that personified the lively Hurrah for Hollywood theme. HQ ' 'Q . .. 1 v I T' A gf .- I , 5 4 '1 iff! lil 5 ,v . Q 'sv Qs ki Q, . ef Y w 5' Use: .1 ii? R QW Ni an Ziaw 1. J. K , W V4 W-5'-!j'ViE .x ' , X AF, Xe.. mg in 5 K .X .j-, fri 4 1 ' iv Y: vi' Qs VW aw Q. if ff SHQ W3 x x O YQ as' v., 1 if O'q5 Q A 'tNight at the Oscarsn a Smash Hit The Man Faces of Corbett Among the highlights of the Carnival Ball was the recreation of the Academy Awards ceremonies, featuring Alan Cromwell as John Wayne and Jimmie Stewart, Bernie Corbett as Ray Charles, Carter, Brando, Nicholson, and "Rocky',, Carmine Frongillo as Cheif Running Scared, with two charming presenters - Donna Ponti, Steven Fetretti. 144 Pr N W, Z.. ,iw Ji.. 5 list, X 7 3 ,Qt I , 9 3 g. Y JN X ' 1 fl . 'ii i ui Q' I ff-.ia V3 A , , K xX '.?, J f. ff' L SHE. ,H .9-, :un ,J X "'.. Q, 4.1, - gh :ff s 1-3 "X I l pg fi "Q, Q: mr Winter Concert Highlight of Musical Season f 1 Above right, Cindy Rockwood solos: below band and chorus caught in full song, under the direction of Mr. Abrahams, Mr. Dregalla directs charges, while to the right, Robert Allen plays trumpet. and below. Bill Barbo solos on the saxophone. of r A bi ,I- ,rw The winter concert proved a tremendous success. Both the band aggregations and the choral groups achieved a high level of excellence, including such highlights as Cindy Rockwood's solo and the stirring presentation of the "Hallelujah Chorus" from Handel's Messiah by the chorus. Ms. Wienski's groups were all warmly received as were both the jazz band and the stage band. A command performance for the faculty was unfortunately snowed out. , Ms. Wienski leads the Girls' Ensemble in Kodaly's 'tAvc Maria," 149 '6Let There Be Musicv lst: Maurice Goldstein, Mark Wade. Tina Padur, Cindy Rockwood, Cathy Corkum. Gail Santoro. Jim Grubb, Jim Anderson, Steven Scarpa. John Brown 2nd Row. Timmy Loughman. Mike Jutras, Jim Abbott. Bob Donahue. Diane Adams, Diane Salander. Jean Simpson, Donald Manning. Susan Perry. Terry Padur, Diana Thorely. 3rd: Katie Wallace, Carol Smith, Lisa Nazirian, Beth Grandfield, Gary Mingella. Gail Kozlowski. Maureen Dion, Elaine Palumbo. Mary Haley, Ann Dillion, Mark Mulligan 4th: Karen Ames. Kathy Dagle. Mary Cormier, Ann-Marie McDermott, Mary Maloney. Jean Valedochia. Kerry Murphy, Anne Richmond. Julie DeSisto First Row: Claire LaCroix, Susan Maher. Karen St. Amand. Lisa Tambofini, Pamela Bransen, Suzanne Ledwith. Michael Bain. Elaine Murphy. Julie Salamone 'Ind Row: Angela Hodin. Linda D'Ambrosio, Laurie Hinchey, Linda Beane, Kelly Arsenault. Cathy D'Annoglo, Miss Weinski 3rd Row: Jackie McGrail, Linda Bergonzi, Nancy Pizzotti. Jane Donnelly l ' - Say Stoneham's Sensational Choral Groups Mary Ann Salera, Susan Maher, Julie DeSisto. Diane Paonessa, Diana Thorely, Kelly Arsenault, Anne Richmond, Karen Caswell. Suzanne Tower, Tracey Marks, Kathy Flynn Lisa Nasirian, Jackie Yar- dumian, Lorene Mobilia. Ms. Wienski, Gail Koslowski, Carol Smith, Haley Wiseman, Elaine Palumbo. Cathy Corkum. f f ' ' "'f' The Stoneham High School Chorale Groups have turned in another successful year giving' wonderful performances to all those who had the pleasure to view and listen to them. Under the new direction of Ms Wienski, the girls Ensemble, Repertory Chorus and Chamber Singers have worked many long hours to perfect their style. The Chorale Groups have already given the first big performance of the sea- son, namely the Winter Concert. All who viewed the show said that the group has never done better and that all who partici- pated in the show should be commended. With the Winter Concert over the Spartan Chorale is now preparing for the Carnival Ball, in which we are sure they will give a truly stupendous performance. Rosemary SI. George, Cindy Rockwood, Karen Tower, Steve Scarpa, Michael Bain, Jim Anderson, Susan Perry, Diana Thorely, Mary Ann Salera. Beth Grantield. Diane Adam, Diane Salander, Bob Donahue. Mike Jutras, Jim Abbott, Kelly Arsenault, Anne Richmond, Ms. Wienski Theater Arts Club is Born Theater Arts, an outgrowth of the drama club, is a new club this year. The club has become very active, and has attended many workshops to learn more about the technical end of putting on a production. The Theater Arts Club is looking forward to their biggest project, the spring production of Guys and Dolls. Paul Perry, Jeanne Simpson, Vicki Stratton, Joanne McNulty, Marie Celeste, Linda Bergonzi, Michael Brebner 15 1 Drama Club Produces Offspring: Busy Bands Enrich Town Michael Bain, Maurice Goldstein, Bill Barbo, Gordon Perks, Jim Grubb, Karen McClearn, Frank Rosetti, Wendy Sangren, Scott Isabelle, Mark Wade, Nancy Barry, Patty Barry, Bob Allen, Dana Coombes, Kathy Daigle, Terry Whittaker, Nancy Shiner, Mr. Dregalla qv ? 5, ith Their Music 2. Bill Barbo, Gordon Perks, Lisa Whicome. Maurice Goldstein. Kathy Daigle, Terrie Whittaker, Nancy Shiner, Ron Rojack, Mary Jean Haily, Mary Jane Grubb, Laurie Hinchey, Bob Allen, Karen McClearn, Christine Yardumian, Robin Hamlyn, Judy Corckum, Nancy Barry, Patty Barry, Mark Wade, Mr. Dregalla, John Cargill, Frank Roselli, Jim Grubb Student Council Blossoms in Red hite and Pink Alison Leonard, Sharon Butler, Julie DeSisto, Anne Richmond, Linda Bean, Bernie Corbett, Elaine Murphy Danna Carroll Christine Yardumlan Steve Columbus, Sue Ellen Brown, Susan Maher, Jane Donnelly. Bev Kille, Jim Atchison, Paul Shannon. Mana Covlno Mary C'1rr Karen St Amand The Student Councills main activity during the year was the organization and promo- tion of a Carnation day. The activity which was held in December proved a great suc- cess, generating funds for scholarships and other activities of the council. The group also played a much more active role in the initial planning for the Carnival Ball. Fu- ture fund raising projects are planned, in- cluding a "Donkey Basketball" game. 154 Carmen and John - the perplexed recipients of carna tions. Was it red for "I love you," or pink or white? Class Officers Provide Leadership For Busy Year The Senior Class officers enjoyed a productive and profitable year. The leadership they provided for their fellowclassmates was exemplary. Faced with a large deficit as a result ofthe loss of the senior snackbar, the officers exhibited much ingenuity and determination by providing successful fund raising projects such as candy, jewelry, and T-shirt sales. Future projects include a "Gong Show," which will be combined effort of the Junior and Senior officers. Z 1 . i Q 1 .4 ,S 4 K ii 56: M Q Seated on Dinosaur - Alison Leonard - Tina Padur, Joanne O'Grady, Bob Columbus, Mary Beth Murphy, Anne Dillon naw., Cheryl Maffeo, Tony Gentile. Wendy Sandgren. Kathy Fitzgerald. Linda Beane. Mis sing from photo - Mary Kille Seated - Bernie Corbett, Back v Paula Walker, Jean Velardocchia. Pattye Comfort, Kathy Corkum, Mark Mulligan 155 cience and Math Spur Extra-curricular Interest Elaine Johnson, Perry Hamlyn, Ms. Layne. Scott Isabelle, Nancy DeFeo, Robert Fields The Mathematics Team and Science Club were two of the most active academic clubs of the year. Each month the Math Team traveled to various towns to compete with nine other teams. The Science Club's year was high- lighted with several significant guest speakers. These two clubs provided a commendable ser- vice to college-bound seniors who plan to major in these fields. 156 X Xt .ebay Seated: Rose Meegan. Nancy DeFeo, Francis Mroz, Nancy Barry, Standing: Christine Petto. Ruth Estes, Karen McClearn, Jacqueline McGrail, Mr. Lurvey, Elaine Johnson, Perry l-lamlyn. Robert Weisman, Scott lsabelle, Mr. Kopee L- A, 1' 'Ll 7QQQf1L,,1.Q J ig ,M ,MMM W4 , .. . ,. ,WP x W,W, ,.:,,., ,, id 2 1 mf' W ,,f-' 4...--0-WIN.. ix ,, q Q v ,,,--.uh -1 f iii- 5 SUD' 7 ' BEGINS in . ' if Serious Writers Sow 6'Seeds,' V? Patricia Norelll Marilyn Zlbell Robert Bourque Elena McCarthy Cheryl Waite If This Can Be When the world IS free from pam lf indeed it will ever be And when there IS no cause for blame if mdeed this ever will be When the people are free from guilt free from hate free from sin if perhaps this will ever be And when together we hve in peace live with love live in grace If again this ever will be' When our race is finally evolved If, of course, this can beg Am when our problems are fully resolved lf you believe this ever will beg When all this is accomplished And when all diversities are oneg the flowers will bloom the rivers will flow the winds will soar And a s0ul's expectancy will be forever, - Beth Cummings Creprinted from the 1977 Seedsj fd ... iw ' 'N CQ F 'C ho Knows What Goes on Behind Blue Doors? Behind Doors has seen a lot of growth in this, its second year, at Stoneham High. Editors Jane Allessandrini and Jane Donnelly, along with advisor Ms. Kathryn Chase, have worked to bring some degree of professionalism to the publication. The staff, made up largely of inexperienced reporters, has tried to provide the school with a newspaper that is informative, interesting and entertaining. The main objective of Behind Blue Doors is to create an organ of expression for the student body. The newspaper has struggled all year to get response from the school population about current happenings and interests. ' Although not always successful in attaining the goal of stimulating interest in our school, and things that affect it, Behind Blue Doors promises to continue to try to answer the question, "What goes on Behind BE Doors?" Na+ B, Susan Maguire, Jane Alexander, Jane Donnelly, James Atchison, Joanne Roberts, Mary Jean Halley, Katie Wallace, Dawna Nickerson, Elaine Johnson, Cheryl Waite, Mary l-lodin, Nella De Luca, Tony Gentile, Ms. Chase, Marybeth Appleyard, Marcia Ledwith, Marilyn Zibell. Carmine Frongillo, Steve Eramo. Mike O'Connell Drama Club Stars Staging Smash Broadway Hits Michael McMahon, Mark Wade, Mario Cantone, Mary Cogan, Dawna Nickerson. Marcia Ledwith. Sue Perry. Paula Walker Mark Mulligan, Jean Simpson, Paul Perry, Vicki Stratton, Elaine Johnson, Mrs. Chase. Laurie Hinchey, Karen McClearn. Mary Jane Grubb, Katie Wallace This year's drama club members appear busier and more lively than they have in previous years. This is due mainly to the ambition of Mary Jane Grubb and Kattie Wallace, the presi- dents of the club. The smash success of the year thus far has been the Senior Play "Don't Drink the Water". The members took occasional time off from the grueling Work of the play production for amusement and relaxation. They engaged them- selves in such activities as a Halloween Costume Party, a Drama Festival and a Drama Workshop. The Drama Club is currently starting Work on a musical play, "Guys and Dolls" which will appear in the Spring. Members are confident that this next major production will receive as much praise as "Don,t Drink the Water" Sister prepares brother for the stage. During Long Cold Winter Fencing Club John Brown, Keith Fung, Robert Murphy. Miss Wheeler, Patty Burry Robert Ciano. Dance Club Patti Dewitt, Mary Alyce Geist Kathy Kazanjian, Nancy Durant and Fencing - Dancing - Gym Leaders During the long winter months one must rely on in- door recreation to keep in shape. Such recreation is supplied by the Fencing, Dancing and Gym Leaders Clubs. The distinguished and noble Fencing Club is hard at work thrusting and lunging their way towards an Olympic competition. They beam in anticipation of the fame they are sure to attain, if they continue to practice as seriously as they now do. More actively inclined studentsjoin in the Dance Club's swing. Inter- national dance is a popular theme among members this year and they have worked hard to create a dance in which the goose step is used. Those not wishing to lunge or swing join in the antics of the Gym Leaders Club. These athletic students assist the physical educa- tion teachers in containing and helping students as they go about the fun and games of their gym classes. The interest in these clubs is skyrocketing and you can be assured that new faces willjoin the veterans in years to come at Stoneham High. Gym Leaders Parker. Suzanne Parker, Mr. Tavanese Debbie Doherty. Kathy Caswell Marie Meroski, Lorelei Cunha Jodie Stevens, Steven Shannon Mike Farren, Mark Rowe, Andy Secretaries, Nurses Look to the Future Denise Simpson - President. Ann Marie McDermott v Vice President, Maria Touet Ann Dean Y President. Cindy Harvey - Treasurer Darlene Jenkins - Secretary Besides training girls for future employment, the Future Nurses and Future Secretaries have been very busy selling candy, holding raftles, and selling tickets. The proceeds from all of these business ventures will go into scholarships funds and will be awarded to deserving girls. These clubs do provide a good starting point for girls interested in these careers. Clubs Serve School, Communit Community Service: Carmine Frongillo, Mike Skerry, Jody Stevens, Cathy Tutors: lst Row: Lorelei Cunha, Bonnie Oram Ellen Dawson Lisa Nazarian 2nd Hegarty Row: Ms. Broderick, Guy Paladino, Marilyn Dotolo Margaret D1Fonzo Anne Marie McDermott, Sam Valenti, Ms. .lim Highet, Ron Rojack, Tom Crilly, Jody Stevens. This year, as in the past, the members of the Community Service Club and the Tutoring Corps have volunteered their time to work and develop relationships with people in the town. Community Service has worked with handicappped children and with the elderly. The Tutor- ing Corps has helped many students in the areas of their academic weaknesses. With such activities these students have made positive contributions not only to the school community but to the town as a whole. Norelli Ethnic Interests Revive Italian Club: Amy Natalie, Mr. Anastasi, Celeste Scalisi, Marilyn Dotolo, Barbara Luther, Robin Laird, Diane Paonessa - Treasurer, Brian Murphy, Haley Wiseman - Secretary, Larry Flammia, Vicky Pelligrino - President, LuAnne Deal, Cathy D,Annolfo - Vice President, Ann Corino, Paul Gianelli, Frank Saitta, Steve Scarpa, Joe Galente Nick Turco - President, Suzanne Tower - Vice President, Linda D'Ambrosio - Secretary, Denise d'Entremont - Treasurer, Donna Martis - Secretary Advisor, Mark Mulligan - President Advisor, Felicia Smith - Vice President. Jody Stevens - Treasurer. A new club that has come about this year is the Spanish Club. Ms. Meyer, also a new addition to S.H.S., started the club in September and it has been growing steadily ever since. The club has planned trips to New York in March, and a trip to The Boston Museum of Fine Arts to view impressive collections of Spanish Art. Thus far the club has been very successful, and if they continue with the same enthusiasm we are sure they will be just as productive in the years to come. 164 Take a Bermuda Break in Rendezvous ... Time. 1' December 1, 1977 to March 15, 1978. Includes hotel rates, package plans, air fares. In 1, EE P-l Z 2 IP fi l 0 ,WN I -rrirrn Standing: Mark Mulligan, Carol Kostinden, Beth Cummings, Susan McGuire, Bonnie Oram, Pattye Comfort, Anne Richmond, Paula Walker, Jean Velardocchia. Kneeling: Sharon Butler, Michele Alves, Sharon Doherty, Lisa Malagodi, Michael McMahon. ff- Wx W,'f21,jw 1 ii my , L g G, ,V A 1. awp Qiigmaf lg-Q , 1. Where to stay in Bermuda fl V' Q ., QW . B ..- l- 1, is w 9 N ,ff , ,, 'tg 7- MN. ,LY ., lf w 'iee 52- , ' i to afiiac? is f 1 ,,,,,. -2J.4Q 'fit fi Q , '20 gi si , L . , Xlvaflwf. ., 3311, 1 Xi., 1 'ik ' M, U X . H 50 . 14 ptIlfS ,V4'4f7..p:'..c,,,.k ,mf ,1- ti fs 2 28 , f 0 : M -vs rJf0le,4'l at 7 0? 1 ' . . - V - 12135 25 Pe, 3,2 -,---'--,-, ' , "l is A-215 855 ., it ff: map, gr: so A V K 24 V K IV l , . .,i.r 3 2, Y 9 38 me ,A Q ,rr 41 1, 33,4 V, 4 J 2.7113 my 14 A75 ' 78 Q 19 in ' 73 o i " 'Scale in ,Mes 3 1 Hamilton-Capital ot Bermuda Interact Lends a Helping Hand Seated Barbara Petricone Patricia McClusky Bill Barbo Arlene Goode, Connie Vrattos, Rebecca Holt, Standing: Scott Isabelle, Steve Shannon, Mr. Interact, which is a branch of the Rotary Club, is an organization in which the members try to enrich the lives of various members of the community. Interact members are required to attend some Rot- ary Club meetings during the year to get a better understanding of what is needed in the town. In years past the Stoneham Chapter of Interact has done much to help the community. They have assisted in the building of the float for Stoneham's 250th Anniversary. Also they have sponsored a mini-ambassador from Israel. This year's club president, Bill Barbo, and advisor Mr. Conroy, have been very instrumental in setting up other chapters of Interact in New Hampshire and Massachusettes. The club has also helped in arranging a Christmas party for the elderly at Central School and delivered food baskets to underprivileged families during the Holi- day Season. DECA: alesmen of the Future Ton Frangiosa, Presidentg Todd Ballard. Vice-Presidentg Kim Greenleaf, Treasurer: Ann Barbuto. Secretaryg Jean Hurley, Chairpersong Nancy Russell. Chairpersong Nancy Clabby. Secretary Treasurer: Diana Sudano, Secretary Treasurer. Santa Claus's present to DECA this year was the visitation ofa throng of imposters who caroled their way into the DECA group picture. Test your wits and see if you can pick out the people who don't belong. The Stoneham DECA chapter is once again preparing for the annual state competition that will begin February 10. The Stoneham Chapter has done very well in the past and has won DECA Chapter of the year three years running. ln preparation for competition DECA members went to a conference in Boston Where they attended workshops that helped them gain experience in marketing, setting up displays, and dealing with the consumer. 167 CIRCUS MAXIMUS Reflection of a School'7 The people who are really responsible for the creation of the yearbook are Ron Restani -- Editor-in-chief, Guy Paladino - Assistant Editor-in-chief, Martha Clabby - Senior Section, Sharon Doh- erty - Typing, Felicia Smith - Layout, Bernie Corbett - Sports, Fran Mroz - Photography, Nancy Smith - Art. Also helping from time to time, Kathy Cor- kum - Senior Section, Paul O'Neil - Contributing Editor. Not in picture but of great help in the struggle: Warren Estes - Alumni Layout Editor, Ruth Estes - star yearbook apprentice, Carol Kostinden - typing, Ellen Dawson - typing and ads, Pam Lowe, sports. -ff- f .,,. . 141 i-nf 4 . . at tv if E gems? 5 Vik fx w g . W 1 . fa , S i ' so A is -t E I 1.. NA :X . U ff '. ', ' W 'r.'i!.,ki gy I I f A ,Q 'alba' t ff A t t ' '1 viii 1 . w t v! t Qt Y NLP! 'Q A t ' ' 1 ' i 5 ,, , ,,. ,. X , 3 Fail, ' 168 ' , I 1 Wy, M. Y., Above: Yearbook apprentices including Jane Donnelly, Ali- son Leonard, Robert Estes, and Dana Coombs concentrate on the rudiments of yearbook construction. Look who showed up for the picture! Some very unfamiliar faces, but Karen Mortensen, copy editor, and Mary Appleyard, her assistant, helped, as did Mark Mulligan, busi- ness editor. At Left: Fran Stuart, assistant activities editor, and Chris Lewis check some new photographs. The cover design was the joint effort of Chris and Nancy Smith, art editors. -7' 169 5 V51 f 1 'EW sms q, uw I vyi- VN, W 1- 33' R 4 1 'a WW! S 0 41 1 .4 -N wf.5,f4w wafq :,,,f:+r..v ' ' - - '- EN 'i p ' Y'Ef"""?1f?wf.'f s'0?2'-' lgiggfi' eq,1.:.,w:qg 5935- ,M E V ew ' 9 'L-'E ,-.qxw in ,, Hu T' A IVA., , 1 Ham , 'ZW' .N .vi L" -, . , 'x 1, , ., f,...'.,,,.4..i,f,,4f -,Q ,ML -?'- 4 f A MA 'ly' A. Q A A . . , . pamirw'-sqfzrf--'aa'::.x4f-faamx'sw -B- . z-'ff . 2 32221 - ggi f JL al, -my -1- 4. - . ZQ-tms .. ,.."' . .f ,mA -' Es! .les ,-... gg: ' V 3, :11.4i:..1.i:'-' -q,.-.M-1-f W '.-'Q .- - az".-1' --fs- ,+,:.1,gz,5.,gq,, mal 35 gy ,. wgge , -7' ' . 10' av , f ' ji'-'-1 il-f 1 " -'Q' . ' , - '- f, . , , Mm.: .. Q vm., N44 4 ,J-rw. ' . ' h " 5 -.-.Q-,5',jfg "i:'1'-'X A-WPA'-3' f .V 1 ,QL 2,2 4,,". 4 1 F -' A 'f -ew, ' 2,:f,::faes4Q4?',3fg'g: ' '-2f,:f,s:' 1 Y -. - M raw - ' Q-1' - if-'11 ",. 111'- .' ' 1, 51 12045, l5E1:55S?6i?3"l'fff5f?7I:'EEl- 'H 'W-" 4 V : .- -,f., qugfga:'.f,7 H ,,. -, ,. -' ' r,-I .- 1?-Lf! -. f hxiqli AN ,Zn-fH',-' if 1 . ' -' "i"7,':'zg JL. fi 11-' Xi'-.'f-514:44:-?1faf?5i,zm3Wif.'5k ' .4 A 1,1 - ,i L. hsgl 7., .- ,.'4,'.,lc ,,,j - I - 3g4,:'f!7A:Qty3',,m!,,.gg,',:g35, -rv -. , : . 0 . s 1 f ': '-Q:-'-12 qv'-f , . 1:5-'F-I,-i2,,212',41.2,1 4,944 .4-A J' .4 in 'Z 'ifii 5 - "1f5I'i, . -:5:1:T?' .. .., ir J W.,- ,g Y -. , , 1. :,,-, ,,., - 'hi-7,1-. I 3,1 ?7-y.yf-,t,.: . If -if In I ':Qag?:.-,:,,.g:,j,: 'Sw fm. ,aff .r -4 1' -Q.-ww -we ' -' 1- ' I Y.-if -aa.-'w-gg., 2- - s 9'4" f fr- QU' -vw' Ries V4 hy 1. nA Q ffflff, x is F'-33 fggzffqggq, ,gf-Ki'-aQ4,fx 1-I-Wsif f ,if1'P':,24f: nf I'-:Z-:waifw":11's12-gffsS1'f.p'm 1-'-Q' ,smack-w':1L45-::e,:,.-,:.-'w1v:'f.a'.'-ww'fFwy,b'w'a'.w'- v'.wu" Q-.q-. vw-5.--v" -. - M535,.,,f-,, 1 e.-,H M.. ,-, ,,,,',.- .4-"-ew V-.v'2.f.gasw r.,..e51, eq- .-"4 V34 W ,ff-v-w ,a 1 -, L-.- .V nw-w-' ,.-- - -riff ' . Kf9"f " . W 'M ,-'M-+ X '-MC. f . ' 1,4-1.-' f3?1E'zgf:::.:-1.-mf-:, 5' Q...'+"MwS:fffM.?'.52fi-.0--m-12-' ,mf ff 1 -' ff , . .-- -- 'HSA ff' 'ff'-."' fzivlfiu-1 -xf, .13 :ggr '-.f1:js?-If , V A 1'f'm?af':'-- - Q- '- 1-. xii ll ,gg if J.. .?,iV.-f5T.-i,f.- --U-'TL :.' . -. ' ' V My ' H312-,w,wk,S.'-3 agp.. , . ' r A J.-X-..L-. . . - .. 5?:i21S??54 A TL fd , I j7',,1:i4f.'Q'1zX 'N' cf. :rl-: ,v,,-.QQ .1 '. -gf - ' pmxa- e:Ie?'kh9ie1z:e,1n.Qgs1 .24 .w A ,,,. X - , lf V 1 s X -as .v 'Xz'f.fa,e1'..a .. Y l -xr 'ffm-'-L , -I 1' -.-nz.-,f-fa-1 .' I V7 h 4 , , . .1 V .1.q'?l'oX, 4, -,- Q.-M,4,..1 1 '-'-'ffL',g",3gw515,,,ij, ' ' . ' --v P 1 ' , , - . .- 3 5-Jf4,....,,Q , -lf.: - a 'Y Q . 4 , 5 1 mflzffq, 'f . : durch' S 'mu A X' 14'-'W " f' ,-'..v-sw ugifyi:g?,M5,?WW:m l X VX Y u f . Q 2 x4 Q51 2 . Q I 4. 1. x Ybtg, f 'MQ' , X A 1 if. X 'A R' Q? . 3 r 55 IW E a I 6 4 4 x f .Jw . Q Mae-an-' Lg" 'Q fu m 'X Q' American and Foreign Cars N Quality Maintenance General Repairs, Electrical Work Mike O'Connell Jack McTighe Dave Palermo Mike Connerty Scott Isabelle K Tune-ups Call 438-2777 Entrepreneur V.W. Advisor Electrical Advisor Truck Advisor Pres. Supervisory Advisory Systems f N H. R. ll PAINTING FENCING K STONEHAM CHEVRON 219 Main St. Stoneham, MA F J X N THE CAPRI 32 Maine St. Stoneham, MA 438-9800 Pizza, Pasta, 84 Subs f N Andersen Windowalls Telephone 491 6100 J. 8L C. Adams Co., Inc. DOORS, WINDOWS, FRAMES, MILLWORK K J X f K barzbo rzeupholsteny ........,.?,.,5EQUlCC, inc. Sal Barbo 438-1350 287A Main Street Joseph Barbo ,i H6117 ' ' INSURANCE Acmcv, mc. Stoneham, Massachusetts May Your Futures Hold Health, Happiness and Success Dial 438-5000 477 Main Street Stonehum, Mass. 02180 N f I AUTO 0 Houmowwnns 11 Life 6 Central Square Robert F. O'Neil 3" Business Stoneham, MH- 02130 Kim O'Neil if Bonds Marilyn Kucher Manager 617-438-1620 nouns PETER at MADDIE v-mb I, , . - . sez mm sneer TSS? - L3 Aquaflus TU .- Hun.-Fm. ' ' ' 1:30 . 9:00 Tours XL Travel SAT- 10:30 - 4:30 ' orb' V sun. - ctosso F is B B ' 8 u Best Wishes L34 we L3 Sga4uDaaeeSlap K NORTHEAST MANUFACTURING CO., INC. 35 Spencer Street Stoneham, Mass. 02180 PAUL CYBRIEN, G.R.I. Residence: 944-2472 241 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 02180 , I .nits . ., K- , , .AA NA X X S .Your Hometown Newspaper for 108 Years M233 egg g W A ,fwqfg lkivfqf iq www- 44'-N01 16 ESTABLISHED l87O X-f " ' - -4--A-fe , vw., ,, ff 2 gif? 'ii ' ' W 4. T535 522 if. rf . 2-in wg :Ii-'15-?'r?!1:f A-9-1:1 me af, ,t , : g .aglifg e::yAs'11gY- gg-,5.,.g ":::,. J ff 7+ EN QNVIUTFYN ,Q -. .:: 1' ,E ,Sa ,lf -gc' ,W ,. , Xu xx--4.7 ,N A 4, X., Nu- K-A i,.....5,. , I, F 4. ,- fc, . . 2-Jia . 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MITCHELL CORBETT CO-REE REAL ESTATE Selling or Buying Call Now - ' CCovering 14 Towns - 4 Officesj 95 Montvale Avenue Stoneham 438-7190 N Featuring Super Cuts Beautiful Permanent Waving Fantastic Hair Colorings and Wavings K Farm Hill Shopping Center 438-9819 J Complete Line Fashionable Clothing Tel. 438-0767 284 Main St. Stoneham, MA 02180 Uniperm Ear Piercing Body Waxing Robert' s Boutique Unisex Salon Women's and Men's Hair Styling Wigs - Cosmetics - Jewelry N N BROWN BROS. INC. H.E. Brown Agency 269 Main Street Stoneham, MA 02180 Appraisals - Insurance - Real Estate Tel. 617-438-0359 CITY CYCLE INC. Domestics and Foreign Bicycles Parts and Accessories Lorraine Billcliff 286 Main Sf- Stoneham, MA 02180 K J K J f N W C .B. ROBBINS IU 438-6044 X 1 SQIY . R ' I? ' 'b. 299 MAIN STREET STONEHAM,MASS. 02180 'You tried the Rest PIZZA . . Now try the Best" IS THE 'BEST FRANCINE'S PIZZA HOUSE Orders To Go 303 Main St. For Fast Service Stoneham, Mass. 438-9649 Congratulations to the Class of 1978 Charlotte and Simon Zaltman K J K f f N f Phone: 438-1533 PAUIJS BEAUTY SALON 358 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 02180 1 Distinctive Beauty Service ' K f N Dial 438-0116 ROUND'S TRUE VALUE HARDWARE Tru-test paints - Plumbing Supplies Hardware - Housewares 431 Main Street Stoneham, Mass 02180 W A 84 B SERVICE N f W Good Luck to the Class of L78 33 Summer St. Stoneham, MA Bill Adams Henry Blout K jk MCDONOUGH,S LIQUOR 4 l gt ' 24 REALTY . W' , '11 my ,'-' frxzfmfw-,g',:1refi? VW' ' A , B- t,.. CSI 15 CS ,mg- , to 3 4 t, 3tog countryside Realty it mit Q lllll 438-1766 Yr? K Qx fl rtvjn fi, "t'l' 'M ' Q ,,L1, , Q ' A , af lll"" V gljfgl In A 1 3'f1L ll 'r'f 'gl ll 3 gm 'lol ll ,dxhlkllslwyai e-.1 F 3 r -'Af N 2 -1lmlllvNLlE1'llllllllllill' A f' . . mr- fa, V ' - E--wr' V - .y- 1 - - .-.-,-.. 4. K if. 4-.-H , ,M A W-.,4f: A, :!" 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Windows : BIRD SNHEIGS STANLEY Tools E BRUCE mms wewwooo Panehng MARLITE g HOME CENTER - GIFT SHOPPE g 438-1 1 22 2 - E 2II MAIN ST., STONEHAM 0 I 3 , J Q 5-1 i?'E,2".z' J K. , vp,-...vp--4Lx.y.,.w4k.s. - .-. on Compliments X WHITE REALTY A Peter Fuller Organization Seiberling and other I 5 1 Y J Major Brand Tires F E55 I ,,,,,-f New England Car Care Center 80 Montvale Avenue, Stoneham, Mass. 02l80 Telephone: C6173 438-5455 All Your Car Needs Best Wishes To The Class of 1978 LOMBARD LUMBER CO. 35 Pomeworth St. Stoneham, Mass. 438-0098 FAIR WINDS TOURS, LTD. 268 Main Street. Stoneham, Mass. U.S.A. Zip 02180 Area 617 438-4022 N W UP R MARKETS Melrose - 34 Essex St. Revere - 209 Revere Beach Pkwy Reading - 19 Bolton St. f N f O'COl1l1Ol27 V l2t5!'l7tUll2ltl'l'l' Budls Sunoco C6175 438-6474 Congratulations to the Cl' f "78" 24 Hr. Towing Service ASS O 490 Main St. X Stoneham, Mass. 02180 Call 438-9784 438-6227 K , rlfqll' 5 . SANTORO'S OF STONEHAM All Auto Repairs 309 Main Street Tel. 438-0020 jk Nf Good Luck to Class Of 1978 from DUN KIN DON UTS , U Good Luck to Class Redstone Shopping Plaza J 1358 from X Almy, s Redstone Shopping Plaza BASKIN - ROBBINS jk f N f N .1 G VJ lfflif f SEEDS 'f -1 7 'I A fe, 1 Q' . .-em saw 9 .-so X "" H'- SSTZQQEZL V . . 1, K S ii J A sfmam sam emu ret T 381 MAIN STREET ' ' K X STONEHAM, MASS. 02180 The ReliQiOUS EGUCEIUOD TeaChel'S of WILUAM J, MUOLQ 4384237 PatfiCk,S Parish Congratulate and wish aii of you the Blessings of the Lord. Sister Ann Carver Father Jack Crowley Ms. Barbara Duffy Mrs. Patricia McGah Ms. Maureen McMann K K f N f N Congratulations and Best Wishes Class of '78 Mr. 8L Mrs. Martin J. Cicatelli Tom Chace'S RIVERSIDE CLEANERS "WE LOVE DIRT" YOUR FULL SERVICE CLEANERS FOR CLOTHING, DRAPES, nuss. and TAn.oRiNG SERVICES RIVERSIDE CLEANERS 451 MAIN ST. STONEHAM, MASS. 02180 438-9720 H.T.C. Inc. H. Thomas Chace, Pres. GOOD LUCK CLASS "78" K jk . . at '1sf ,g:.:,, ' " 'fag I Q 1 1 -is t fiiwz ga ' Y I ' - sifsfsligtkgvgf- - - ' as Ls I - Q,,.q't,t. watt-is-2 I 5 x . .4 S M ,wa f:5aiif?.':, L, , ' -X--gs?5'f?lstz, f WW -,...Af Mt, . , f tiagg.t,,s1wf A - f. flfiviamm '... .1 1:1515,lsm.s:fsf2iafzl?Jesf,z f , t uf V .ff -ffl ' . t . asa, ' Congratulations 10 the Class of 19? i "Congratulations! On Your Graduation Day. "Success 84 Happiness! for all your Tomorrowsf' Joe 84 Mary Troiano aw Troiano Associates Printers 468 R Main Street - 438-7305 Rick Lanigan: Manager Compliments of the STO EHAM SAVI GS BA K 359 Main Street 88 Main Street Stoneham, MA Stoneham, MA 438-9400 438-7550 Congratulations To The Class of l978 GLOUCESTER FISH MARKET 423 Main St. N f M, C, ..,-.- - MX g ea K Best Wishes From Thomas A. Burns Your Class Ring Representative f W N STONEHAM PHARMACY John L. Bracciotti. B.S.. Reg. Ph. 409 Main St. 8844842 Tel. 438-1000 Stoneham 884-9733 The Store Of Personal Service Chelsea Floor Covering Co., Inc. Specializing in indoor-Outdoor Carpeting And Floor covering for industry, Business and Home I9-25 Everett Avenue, Chelsea, Mass. K , ..i... . if 0 wfilfi? . .M , ...,. -L., jx J X J 4192 ,gg "For Radiant Health" Drink Sunnynursr Milk a a,.. .z 'v fi fr fga, uf 't"'Y- x We A -.. 14 ., - 'E A. -R .1 :,f.,f, ,, ,figfvfg I ' fl ' L YFYH, .-A-32 -gr M - ' ' 6 ' 1371 ti '?-aff: ,1fv,.i1,-w,1:'kQ,, . '? + 635 , ,',, 43. v ,:, . 5 gf! 3' A-. .nw M 7 A .-vs . 2 'tw 2 at 214 Main Street 438-5500 Stoneham 1,f,,,a: ff . YN., ,,,-v' NEHAM sum - f x . -:mg PF' Office u, 5 Main Street 438.0450 W MH, 5 A I .yy 5 Purdy Vantine Official Yearbook S Photographer f N SPONSORS: Miss Patricia Norelli Mr. Robert Silverman Mr, Richard Reed Mrs. Elizabeth Pack Mr. Donald Musico Mr. Steven Sullivan Miss Carole McBeth Mr. Michael Ascatolli PATRONS: Mr. Socrates Taseos Mr. Kevin Conroy Mr. Michael Kennedy Mr. James Romano Mr. Ralph Rowell Mr. Frederick Kiamie Mrs. Lois Rosen Mrs. Lillian Leamon wrg - . , ,M ,g , v,,. , , 4 JEL.. Z If f ' FRIENDS: Miss Vera Komanowski Mr. Edward Mulcahy Mr. Paul Atkinson Mr. Barry Jenkins Mr. Stanley Kopec Miss Anne Gower Miss Maria Garuti The Andover Connection Mr. James Casey Mr, Russell Lurvey Mr. Denis Mulvihill Mr. Henry Margarita Mr. Martin Schoepfer Mrs. Agnes - Mary Barry Mr. Robert Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pagliarulo Mrs. June Johnson Miss Anne Harrington Mr. James Troup f- arena ,ef Q' 'W WW EQ gall All good thm-gs must come to an end But wlth the end dawns a new begmmng Frogm ghe Semor Class Officers to all our fellow classmates a smcere w1sh for future success m all endeavprs ofthe CLASS OF 78 f f J., N4 W f-'X 39,3-if Q-2wmvgsm.-lfgfffw . , V- .., W.. . 'f-121'11a'12v12:2es2s1Qz2ftszfguiili-22-11.1 .is K' 'f'X'f v-f--.-. ' kv ' Q Q f , Ex'1g.?S fp' rg' , .ws ' 79 3 1 7 'V W I 'f 4 Q Q sf . if Y f W 4 4, 1 4,-Qs ' is M , R 1311? 9, Y- 1 ' f fl-. . X' 1' 1 r W , U f A, r- '5 9151-X iff? qgffftf, . . X , .Q , NX 1 ' 1' i J . jf X e My Non est ad astra mbfhs e ferns V13 There IS no easy way from the earth to the stars ,L Sjenecan 3-L Good Luck tp: 'Chi Clash of 78 from the Class of 79 191 M xx A Q K N4 E 4 X X41 ff X XM X , ffff i A . X u j 4102094 cv W JQ06 you XA I XI ! 1' !! l' ' h Me fo 04560105 kfue, many, cwmfcwz ,f f mif mb' 1. W, - 1 'X 1,4 1 . 'gf M V Mode M4424 Mwfwwke mme. no lb Yi ' aweyo4wwfe.40cwdcea!bAe?L0Mwwa0Aa0uew i Y Q 5 WMWWWWWMMWWW 2 , A A T

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