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 - Class of 1977

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We have discovered through him that learning can be stimulating and enjoy- able, and that we need never be bored in a classroom. He teaches social studies as a means through which we can learn of the mistakes and successes of our predecessors, so that our generation will make fewer mistakes and be even more successful. He knows enough about what we'll be up against after graduation not to make things too easy for us, yet he is so encouraging and helpful that we have found ourselves doing much more than we thought we could. Mr. Mathison's qualities as a teacher compliment his performance as an advisor. Any teacher taking on the job of class advisor must be able to communicate with stu- dents, appreciate their problems, and see things from their point of view. Mr. Mathison has done all these things supremely well. When we look back on our high school years, we will become increasingly aware of the soundness of his advice and the deepness of his under- standing, and we will thank him for them. As for every- thing else, we are thanking him now. The Class of 1977 9 Within my eyes Unfolds the folding of unfading dreams. In a child beats the pulse of age, And prime impinges on our relaxing rage Remember first eye opening And sun reflecting through a shield of gilded hair. Remember last words and the final foot- fall before the gilded stair. w:ww 1 ilu: IN IVIEIVIORIAIVI DIANA GARGANO CATHERINE VIGLIONE ff! '55 YOU Y open sk ie will be c you'd alw y to be fou d playmg 't help 1 "' S' 2 'W ,L H M N IP' S " ' N N, 1 N an ..q,, 1 W-mW'f'N 1' w., Q Iwi" K"w'YX' v "MQW v'f'1f"' fi! sh' 4 f ' ' -IU: Sinrenlnvi. 9 fu. rf! will 'Wil i - lift. eh gre-HJ. par nc.: Jn: fir. Nfl 1 he-1-L 1 2,1 - Y viix A M 'iq , V if ' ' K i QS? - QT ' 'N x F?m f M " F' . if ' X My qxx 'E lg 'A 4 .ZX . 1 V Y XX W fi. 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' ,, F ' ' ' -.fy usb T1 . ,f 1 --M ., ' ru-Pa,-f , 5 S .- , -mv - .J , , 2 uv: V- d. .' - 'vv 4' . , ,N v 1 gi," Q 'A-Q4 . A f 1, wg, p Q ' ,. .., ,wx 1 . ' ve - Y-. , . ,J ,. Q . .,. ' livin, , -law' f ....s4f"f .v.-ahgrbnf ar I' 4, 4. nit uv- 'G' g L J' 5' , 53- rr LW 9 ww ' 'V s fa, ,IW 3 'iii V .QJHP 34' "7 ,R fa 3' Y V' . x sb . .fl QW' iz .4 M ? . .. e V . Y-4 , , ' pg ig 'r Q A A M, - '--1 N Gi vu". ,ur f n wr-,J-3 - n Ar , ,N ' ' ' -Q 1 sr ' WK' fx, A Bl -S J" '-' 'rw ax NMHSI -,Af r Y nf . U' : fi g, Q, 1. " A I W. lg ,fi.'.Q , A ,-L N. aww? 11 yghzigyf 'EN-t if ' ,- .:, f- kv , I fe. 2' f l 1-1 .Lv 1-4' " ' M! 1, v , "1 "E: T -' MTW?" PE,-.'.',..g::if.azmL -1 3625 ,f 5 1 i V i a i 1 i N Y I if 5 , ,L , A 1 A M wx I. , if 6' ' w Ui. , 14 nv , 1 A W 1 2 R ADMINISTRATION V t if Q? M. ,A ..,,,Q,,, Qwsq . ETL" W g When you speak to me of visions, you touch my life and career, because what we accomplish and what we fail to do in this school affect the next generation. Every member of this class is unique, a miracle never to be copied. Because of this diversity, the responsi- bility we accept for your education is at once awe- some and humbling. While your individual abilities, interests, and dreams may vary greatly, we must still seek to bring out the very best in every one of you. wr' pb, 'mv William L. Hoyt, Principal Fred Kiamie, Vice Principal Above all, we must seek to enhance your own vis- ion of yourselves -that is, not only of your dignity, but of what you are, and of what you can accomplish. Only in trying to do this can we as educators find meaning in our own lives. When we succeed, we have won a victory for humanity, we have influenced the quality of life. My vision is a school that succeeds with every student. William L. Hoyt l i .26 Ralph J. Rowell, Jr., Assistant Prin- cipal Agnes-Mary Barry, Dean of Girls . ,ffl Aff SECRETARIES: Seated: Alice C. Walsh. Standing: Edna M. Holt, Dorothy A. Ciampa 17 Librarians: J. Johnson, R. Lindgren Special Education: Seated: C. Granfield Standing: R. McCarthy, D. Kelley K. Prive Mrs. Beverly Abbott, Library Assis- tant Mr. William J. Waddleton Work Study Advisor A -I Aa WN GUIDANCE . ff i M- Carolyn Sowle, Guidance Secretary 1 f is z 4 2 X ' . ' S. i X , . 'x Ni mmf. .- Seated: D. Kline, J. Feltch Standing: E. Pack, M. Hurst, M. Chisholm ENGLISH Back row: K. Chase, J. Casey, D. Sears, R. Reed, R. Silverman, L. Rosen, P. Norelli, J. L'Heureux. Front Row: K. Conroy, D. McCor- mack, A. Steiner. K .f 1. ,Qs-,xn9S'f"5N 1 I . '.f . V, -' or EQ 5 ,w""""ms 'dl' 0 o 1 "".' 11 Donald P. Musico, Program Supervisor The English department of Stoneham High is con- cerned with helping students cope with a multi- media world by teaching them to communicate through the written and spoken word. This year, as in the past, basic skills, such as reading comprehension and writing were emphasized while proficiency at verbal communication was developed through class discussions and oral reports. The fourth quarter elective program begun last year for sophomores and juniors was continued, with the addition of new courses giving an even greater variety to the wide range of electives already estab- lished. The seniors, with a wide variety of half-year courses offered, enjoyed studying electives reflecting their own interests. , ..,. . MATHEMATICS The Math department offers courses on all levels from Algebra I through Calculus, and provides a review course for interested juniors as well as a CEEB review course for those planning to take the college board exams in Math. To allow students more flexibility in planning their schedules, many courses, such as the CEEB review, Trigonometry, and an elective on statistics introduced last year, are half-year courses. Students receive practical math from these programs while at the same time they are learning to see Mathe- matics from a theoretical viewpoint and appreciate it as a science. The Math department tries to give the individual student all the math background he needs, whether he will go on to be a math major in college or simply the average citizen juggling figures on his income tax form. Seated: A. O'Sullivan, A. Barry, S. Thur Standing: M. Kennedy, S. Taseos, S. j Kopec, R. Lu rvey, Program Supervisor C. Jordan -..'..".A 1 22 L. A .. -4 To our graduating seniors, the Home Economics department sends warm re- gards, and best wishes for your continuing success. Whether your selections of Home Economics courses were in-depth, or elec- tive, we know that you are aware of our aims: the strengthening of life through the management and development of human and material resources of the indi- vidual, family and community. When you prepared a buffet for a crowd, learned to cope with family and friends, worked with babies and small children, learned facts about nutrition, or marriage, or tailoring, - all this and much more - You were learning to strengthen the quality of life. We regard you all with our deep affection. 'ffl c. , Y... HGIVIE ECQNGIVIICS mf "",L.'..pnlF1s , .. ' -- ' K . .,.ai"""N 1... Mrs. G. Brown Mrs. V. Kloss 23 SOCIAL STUDIES The Social Studies department is committed to a program which fosters individual fulfillment so that each student may participate in society, understand society and play a meaningful role in it. The Social Studies department, through its fourteen course offer- ings, attempts to give to each student a knowledge of the past and its relationship to the present and future. It also brings about an understanding of man so as to better foster respect for individual differences be- tween and among men, and a knowledge and appreci- ation of the laws of our society. Equipped with this knowledge, we hope that students will be more pre- pared to enter into an ever changing world in which life may be a rewarding and enriching experience. ..- Q Seated: C. Banulis, R. Reczek, S. Conroy, W. Fillback Standing: H. Mar- garita, J. White, J. Romano, J. Campagna, P. Mathison, D. Mulvihill The Foreign Language Program underwent considerable change this year. New textbooks were introduced in Span- ish and French, and the students were encouraged to participate in cultural ac- tivities. Latin classes wrestled with the complexities of the ancient world. l 1 l if ,. gi 1 ll E l l L Front: P. Nolan, K. Klimas, F. Bacong Back: A. Flocher, V. 5 2 l Komanowski, P. Atkinson 3 l v V They also pursued variegated projects of reading and writing in both Classical and Post-Classical Latin. More attention was given in all classes to speaking and listening, while advanced students were encouraged to pursue independent work. SCIENCE . 1 Clockwise. D Mollo J. McGuire P Tine B. Jenkins J Schoepfer, N. Guletsky In center: J. Collins. Missing: G. Layne 28 Hanley, M. Thomas Cleary, Program Super- visor The Science department has recently been reviewing and up- dating its course offerings. This is being done to present to our stu- dents courses which will meet their needs and abilities. Curricu- lum guides have been developed in the areas of Biology and Chem- istry. This year a course in Ad- vanced Biology on the CA level was offered for the first time and has been very successful. Our science club is again an ac- tive organization undertaking many projects and field trips for students with special interests in science. The department feels very proud of the students that have taken its courses and of their accomplishments. BUSINESS jx fa !n" V'f 7SFi ',. v ,.'Q5I.51:L-' 'F' .wwf 4 - -' ,iff f, 1 ' ' ' ff., W". ' H ff'-1 , "TIE '-, , JA' if-fvf,ET.J1f5:.:ff J aff' ' '4.i:l3.-I:-'fi r I? af -SLTMAR . "fi ,Q f..'2,:-' . "5-t w -W f N-9..,e-r K -- f -1 r Y ... e-1' . www' 'us - gl A 6 ,. xr x A ii ,. wwf? 5 f , P - , . 'fi' f ri ,'N ' -'Swv-f..t 3 'MEG' t ' 7 The Business Education Program provides occupational and voca- tional instruction for all students who desire careers in business. The program provides fundamental instruction to help students assume their economic roles as consumers, workers, and citizens. It also provides instruction to assist students who are preparing for professional careers in business fields that require advanced study. of 'A Lil S I Seated: A. Harrington, E. Furman, D. Corum Standing: M. Garuti, L. Leamon, C. Broderick ART :N ...Q- T. Schwalb, M. Cargill "And so I live in leisure and nourish my vital power. I play the lute, lay down the picture of scenery, face it in silence, and, while seated, travel beyond the four borders of the land, never leaving the realm where nature exerts her influence, and alone responding to the call of the wil- derness. Here the cliffs and peaks seem to rise to soaring heights, and groves in the midst of clouds are dense and extend to the vanishing point. Sages and virtuous men of far antiquity come back to live in my imagination and all interesting things come together in my spirit and in my thoughts. What else need I do? I gratify my spirit that is all. What is there that is more important than gratifying the spirit?" - Tsung Ping 375 A.D. . INDUSTRIAL ARTS f Q N ly, M. Quattrocchi, R. Paolini, W. Leuci, L. Anastasi '2153 ict in ' V W5 I rt. 'Mn N X i ff575j'f5"i,f E if ' N 2' 3 'V M gag.: 4 :NX Cf E Music 2 l I i, M The Stoneham High music department contributes greatly to the cultural life of the school and community. The choirs and bands present many concerts throughout the area. In addition, students learn piano, music theory, and appreciation in the elective course program. Exchange trips, festival competitions, and Carnival Ball are high- lights of each year's activities. Pictured at far left: Mrs. Char- lotte Brumitg at left: Mr. Frank Abrahams, Program Super- visor: above: Mr. Tony Hyde. 5-5 ' 1 mm, .fexiiggieaeg-:efevf v if A . lf M' V. .. sz ..,.-Qgz,s, . .'5?:-f9,'g..NW.gkx-3.1:.gfW r 91 L ' " E 'L l '. A4 lef'f f PHYSICAL EDUCATION l .., , , A - . i S+, i l , 3 ' a ' EQ A.. , .l , ' ' I f s 4 x i .J 5 6' 'E , 1 l :: W i . s :Qi- 's . e ' lf? . Q PHYSIGAL EDIIGATI N Fon me HEALTH nr J W . At left: S. Wheeler, N. Padovani, Fl. Tavanese, S. Randall Q .z n l 3. DISTRIBUTIVE SPEECH SCHOOL NURSE EDUCATIGN THERAPIST Joanne Murrin Eugene Stechschulte Ellen Rodman Aft Custodians: T. Mahoney, R. Graves, H. Marsh Custodians: R. Benoit, A. Ferro ,.:,-"', V 1 . 'Fc 1- - 1. ,-zffzrrll f' I " -- - ' M fr ,,f::.'!11!J V A ' ..:'1:g'ff,Mf!,ff1! .,J. ' -' 5 Lili' r ' . K ,. ' -ff-f:':!.:'A' ' ,gg,:,gqglz ' i. ,A . -1 wi - , EZ k..,.,,,?M ,ll Cafeteria Staff: J. O'ConnelI, M. Zammuti, E. Laralgis, J. LaFave, T.MarshaIl M. Barry, J. Whitten, S. Murry. 9 5 - 7W,.3f1g' 4' N .. G .n Computer Personnel: From left to right: W. McCall, C. McColgan, L. Mr. E. Mulcahy, A. V. Director 37 Jesse L --........,, .eff John Fawcett Athletic Director if ,a QW 3 x . r ik' 4 lit 585: 5. 'ix if 5523? if 353 41- Daniel W. Hogan Superintendent .rb,?j , , ,f if .4 .. , ,V J ,, ', !3'7r5f Frank Fi. Matarese, William P. Murphy, Assistant Superintendent Director of Guidance ' U M' "Vw X z ' ,T Jil A,,, M , V , , 'L ' -. 3 1 f ? R ' ..,,,...,... . W M .. W' "M , .W'7W W' .fif 'Tb . ' "- LW 'fm " 1 . I Q 35" sf "' "fi V- WE - 4? " '57 ' ,, .., " ' . V' . ,,, ., ., J-.nav ' -M - M- 'ivan' Q 4 4 1-. , f ' y. . f X ? 5 5 x v. I 'NJ EB' 6 ,W ff j ' Q i: ' m YQ Q1 Ai, 5 gawgvf 3 ' M, ..,.4,an- f f E. ,. www J, " f E K i I M + EJ, -1 ff-5-1 L as-571.3515 :V N. Y"k. ,Arg-A 1 i .6 . J ,ifei 1. 5.3 , , 1 "a'Qs:l . r 5351.721 .A-,,, 'Jiffy -bfi:-. EES:-. I u".'.f :Ins-.Q fe2'S1'-'- A-.g,"I' - -2-:fri . 5:25 P14-:ai .g,g.g.j.e Eb:-:3 1.4. ,I 4 , 5 ,su E 25, Q K 4 YS fx 4---Q , 'xx sq uf .s ' n ag lv' u : .4115 WMV ' 1-f..' 4? , 5 WL Q ' D 4, ,, "' fa .kk W' ww-N. ,W 1 We n . r A fw1"f"?"f" wi' ap. V. lww W mf A Xiu, 11 ' 8 'N u " r W Q ,vi is ,I if " mx H 1, vw M A . "'r'-"F fe, M um-ff , m ew - W J' " M V LM, ,W W., , aw? 57. Av We ' A ' '-A ,f W, 4 1 2 N. by N X A Q . 44 . W p I ff X, 4, I , -W W uf' 1 , nf. w ,U "' A is mm, w t N, ,. in X iA -f . ' A A K w, A WW 4 U ' ,gf W fy gf" .,, K 'i K iw P I, . I. ,- 3, J , 2. - ly M , X wr we ax ' 'Mi only a moment of silence of peace and of retrospect Carl we render the present the past, and the future in our lives of our good times together apart, and Within. by Joanne Vennochi . X ,, 'a t. K Sis: 4 A Dreams of the Past: L.B.O., Montreal - Oui Oui?, Washington, Spy, CFD's, IDBTPIT!!, Junior Year, Mrs. P., The 55, 9!15!75, Quaker- town, Bermuda Visions of the Future: College Quote: "A smile is a gift you can give everyday." Happiness is: A 10 pound bag of M8tM's Suppressed Desire: To grow Pet Peeve: first seat first row LAU RA A. ADAMS ROY ANDERSON 44 Dreams of the Past: "We four" - C.P., Janice come on run!, 3 at 217 N.C. Visions of the Future: To see the world and do something spectacular with my life. Quote: lf you have a tnend worth loving -love him, and let him know you love him. Suppressed Desire: To do some- thing f.d.e. Pet Peeve: T.T. A I NANCY ADAMS GIGI ANDREADIS QGEORGIAJ Come take my hand, walk with me awhile. I have many things to tell you many things to share sit, listen to the wind can you hear the people cry it's the story of my life you know I just can't let them die. Elaine Raftell Dreams of the Past: Kent, 1013! 75, 12!6!75, 6!5l76, parades, rehearsals, QSP, the people who sent me letters while I was in Calif., and the people in the music department. Happiness is: Kent and a song. KAREN AGHASSI DIANA ANDRONICO Dreams of the Past: DECA, Mr. S, Chicopee, Chicago, Canada, KPPSTJRPKCM, Dee, 1!11!75 Visions of the Future: Burdett, to be satisfied with whatever I do Quote: "True friends are like diamonds, precious but rare: false friends are like autumn leaves found everywhere." Happiness is: Family, friends, liv- ing Pet Peeve: "You're just like Joe." Dreams of the Past: Bermuda, the Chorale Exchange, lunch with the gang, Hello Sailor!! What? Visions of the Future: College Quote: We never know the true value of friends. While they live we are too sensitive of their faults: when we have lost them we only see their virtues. J.C. and A.W. Hare Pet Peeve: E Block Studies Suppressed Desire: To have my name in the middle of the al- phabet. PATRICIA M. ANDERSON ROBERT ANGELOSANTO Dreams of the Past: Digs, Dad, Flame, the cottage I 81 II, Palumbo's before practice, Kelley going swimming, kid- napping Mario, the Jr. Prom. Visions of the Future: College Quote: HI-YA, HI-YA, HI-YA Comment: Everybody wants to play, but nobody wants to . Pay-. Misery ls: Hump days, doubles, Q.O.T.R., score drill, Ftalph's chair, D.D. Pet Peeve: "Another Angel- osanto!" Dreams of the Past: All the excel- lent parties, J.H. log, GalIella's old house fNew Yrs. 75l, Cape iopening dayl, Maine 175, 761, Canoeing up Ipswich, Win- chester Res., the OLD GANG, and OLD REC. Quote: When a great wound is healed, there will still remain a scar. ' BILL ANGELOSANTO LAURIE BACALL Dreams of the Past: "Hi Jack", "Big Red", "Fly", "Shaz" Visions of the Future: can't wait till California with my van with E.M. and S.M.: getting an apartment with L.K. and E.M. Quote: "Dream on until your dreams come true." Pet Peeve: A.B. Happiness is: concerts, parties, and freedom. Dreams of the Past: 114175, G.M., M.M., 4!9!76 J.P., St. P.T., 10!8!76, LMH, long nights at P.P. FNC. Visions of the Future: nursing, travel lHawaii, Bermudal, camaro Quote: The Lord is First, my friends are second, I am third. Pet Peeve: G Block majors, things to do but no time to do them. KAREN M. ANNETTI JAMES BAIN Dreams of the Past: "Sawed", "Whipped", "When time stood still", "Is this Friday?", "Don't blame me, Rich." Visions of the Future: M.D. Plates, Survival, Indepen- dently wealthy, Better late than never. Quote: "Sorry seems to be the hardest word." Happiness is: a kittin', the best translation. Misery is: Getting up for school on Saturday. Dreams of the Past: Rec., YNEAMG, Wellfish, the Cape, Bob, Dieg, and the old gang, Suncook Lake. Quote: "You can't win what you ain't got, you can't lose what you never had." Misery is: "The one that got away!" Suppressed Desire: To play with the old Allman Brothers Band. MICHAEL ASCI 4 TERRY BALLARD Dreams of the Past: South, 2, 5, 1, Barley 8t cheeks, G.Y.B, A Block 209, cards in the caf. Dreams of the Past: 58013, "Fel- Ia's you gotta gimme some feedback", E GS: D.K., friends Visions of the Future: College, The Tour?, to earn a surplus of money. Comment: In unity there is strength. Misery is: Runner-up, O-14, "On the line", a controlled fade. Happiness is: par golf, good grades, regular people. ARTHUR A. ATHANAS DENISE BARBERA Dreams of the Past: Connecticut, stag 5 8. dungeon 6, 4 in a bed, Woburn, Swampscott, Southie, Medford, Jacks 2-1-2, D,D,D,M,M,K,K,L, gig- gles. Visions of the Future: Secreta- rial. Quote: Love all, trust a few, do wrong to no one. Happiness is: Weekends, Party- ing. Suppressed Desire: to get the car. Pet Peeve: Lightbulb, Back- wards. Misery is: Fighting with friends. 45 A ROBERT BARIL LINDA J. BASHA Dreams of the Past: Rarolg L.D. Su weekend, Wt. Mts., monopoly, Paper B. weekends at C's, 7!19-21174, Tamworth, 5117175 - Chundag camaro, l.C.U.Q.T., P-O-l-S-I-N, "Do Darts", chasing my weaving, peevers, Fla., "Y'all cool?", my weasel, Quakertown, PA, "who?", 1O!6l72, b8tw kitties, J.P 74, snow- C.E.'s, Teddy Bear. ppressed Desire: To be an Alto, to rest in peace! Misery is: Continental Trailways, waiting: tears. 46 F x Y., XY' f K df fP:"ff"'1 Dreams of the Past: A.S., the ' ?"" N? girls, sw., Ms. at 5:00, all -. V nighters, A.S.C., N.Y., Brad- lees, W.G.H.? Visions of the Future: College. Quote: One is truly happy when - he finds himself. Pet Peeve: T.L., jocks, people who don't listen, telephone poles, waiting for a certain call, S.A.! Happiness is: Long talks, good friends, good times. wx' , " ,Ao su '1 B " ' mmfjfl kl MARY ANN BARKER RICHARD BARRY 5 2 . l or , xr at ria il .ty , 9, , at . 41 Q 4 31 6 iq. 'Y Y S? JOANNE M. BATES PETER BERGER Dreams of the Past: Florida, Dreams of the Past: Anne's S.P.'s, Hampton Beach, smile, end-of summer birthday party. a 4-19, 3!15!75, 7l18!76, STAR, Visions of the Future: College. L.T.C., Memories of good Pet Peeve: Phonies. times with special friends. Happiness is: "66" Chevy. Visions ofthe Future: Nursing. Misery is: "Best" friends. Quote: No love, no friendship, can ever cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark upon it . . . forever. Dreams of the Past: D.J., J.J., T.L., B.M., G.M., J.M., T.P., M.S., 29 at 217, 12 at E-5-3, J.C.O., H.C., A.S.C., J.P., T.T.. good times, N.H. 81 the kids, Europe "76", Bermuda w!P.l.T.B., Hat Pack, L.B.'s L., BBC, shuffle, H., V. Quote: "I am not afraid of tomor- row for I have seen yesterday and I love today." W.A.W. Happiness is: Enjoying life. Visions ofthe Future: College. , . Q ...ft wr 's I KRISANNE M. BARTON GEORGE BERNAT K C? QF' ga x'll 8? J J xt' A ti 4. tt Q f l , al .,' gl 1 V r f 14 V.: ,A N i A "' I l ' l ML, tl, A" l ry Dreams of the Past: 512176, the hunchback, 1018176, parties at A.W. 8. C.F., a spot of tea, T.G.S., B.C.E.N. Who Dolls, friendly letters. Suppressed Desire: To own a Bunny Farm. Visions of the Future: owning a Bunny Farm. Misery is: Cleaning my Bunny Farm, long talks, no money. Quote: "Here comes Peter Cot- tontail." Happiness is: Danny. LINDA BLIER JILL BORIS Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. Q . CT 'A ku' .u- .w'l ,, ,. 39' ,ki I, 'Q at X xr ff - - ,A a n 4 lx 31 1 1 , I . , I ts ul JI I j ' ,o -I if K x - - I y x I L11 i L 11 Hfgtsdwf ,, V Dreams of the Past: true friends, 29 at 217, Murphy's law, C.P., out to breakfast, Gloucester. Pet Peeve: the telephone, not knowing. Visions of the Future: travel, col- lege. Quote: "We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best that we can find in our travels is an honest friend." - Robert Louis Stevenson Dreams of the Past: 12131173 New Years Eve, Steve B., first kiss one minute after midnight, 4129174 first big step into my future. Visions of the Future: working at the Bank, Becoming Bank President, Marriage. Quote: "To Love and to be Loved is the greatest joy on earth." Happiness is: Steve B. and things we do together now and for the rest of our lives. tytiitilii 11,1 MICHAEL BLOOM JANICE BOHLING ANN MARIE BORGES CAROL BOSY Dreams of the Past: J's other mind, Halloween "75", 29 at 217, J.O.'s, second home, shuffle, Junior year, What else cogld go wrong?, New Eve ..-I ., Visions of the Future: College. Quote: Learn from yesterday Live for today Hope for tomorrow NATALIE BRADLEY Dreams of the Past: 517176, Jimmy, "Choice" Nova, long Saturday nights, 7125176, 111 20176 fChicagoI. Visions of the Future: C.J.C., Graphic Designer, marriage. Quote: "l've been searching so long, to find an answer. - Now I know my life has meaning. Now I see myself as I am - Feeling very free . . . Life is everything, lt's meant to be." - Chicago WALTER BRECK Dreams of the Past: A few of the firsts my 1st job my 1st car my 1st year in High School getting my license Visions of the Future: College. Quote: Mellow is the man who knows what he's been mis sing many, many men can't see the open road. Led Zeppelin 47 JAMES BRENNER I Dreams of the Past: Good times, tinker, lunk, parties over Spot, Rolling Stones, Chips, Wally, J. Giels. Future Plans: Move to Florida, live in a bar for a week. Be a tinker. Quote: "Good times, Bad times" Rolling Stones. Misery: Tinker, Lunk get to- gether. RONALD BRIAN Dreams of the Past: My Brother leaving for the army, and giv- ing his Honda to me. l'll never forget K.C. Visions of the Future: Getting a bigger bike and going to trade school, getting old. Quote: "Good things in life." Happiness is: my brother coming home. MARTIN BRIDLE LISA BROWN PAM BROWN KENNETH BRUNINI Dreams of the Past: Laura, L.M.C., Jack Whelan, N.S.? Majorettes, The best days of our lives? Bette's Pack, What's his name. Visions ofthe Future: a hard hat and Happy Days. Quote: After si, nisi, num, and ne all the Ali's drop away! 48 Dreams of the Past: all good times with friends, summer of '76, space and co., the bar- ners. Visions of the Future: College, travel, 8. happiness. Pet Peeve: morning meeting place, jaws, jack-in-the-box, clem, THANK YOU! Quote: "Good things in life are worth waiting for." CLAIRE BRISSETTE GRACE BUCCI Dreams of the Past: B.S. 8!21!75, the proms, the chevy, kan- gamangus, salisbury, cold windy nights, trespassing, I can't wipe this grin off my face. Crazy eyed monster, Mr. Air Force, drips, thumbs, Fonzi, my baby dog. Visions of the Future: to love, laugh 8. be happy. Happiness is: Knowing that you are loved. Dreams ofthe Past: the night we tied Melrose, Kelley's haircut, Hampton Beach . . . LOAD . . . Clark, opening day at Jim's. Visions of the Future: maybe col- lege. Comment: "Losers get nothing." Happiness is: Friday nights, the day off from work. Suppressed desire: beat Melrose, win the states, go to college. l STEVE BUITKUS X STEPHEN W. CABRAL Dreams of the Past: my father, the Camaro, Lymans, Auto with Mr. Q., New Hampshire, MaKA, the SUPER BEE, The Marsh, The Prince, BEE's, Jack' and Jay's Parties, MEN- TAL. Visions of the Future: college, to be an Auto Mechanic. Quote: Happiness is going Club- bin' with my friends and girlfriends. Happiness is: 45421, friends who care and understand, dreams that come true, friendly smiles, good times. Dreams of the Past: 1!21!76, Hampton, the shuffle, "Colour my World," "Good Vibra- tions," threesome, Thanksgiv- ing "75," Levi's. Quote: Life's best companions will always be these . . . hap- piness, beauty, and warm memories. Visions of the Future: Legal sec- retary, traveling. SANDRA BURKE THO MAS CAI L Dreams of the Past: gagging on T.V., '69 green Chevelle. Visions of the Future: to become a rich, Jewish lawyer. Quote: If I were as tight as some people l know, l'd cash a check. Suppressed desire: FAUWKEAN. Pet Peeve: stupid and rich guineas, tight lips, weasels, guinzos, O.G.'s barfing. Dreams of the Past: I will never forget my Auto Racing expe- rience. Building and working with "Stock cars." Visions of the Future: going to college, owning my own business, and getting married to a beautiful chick, driving Stock cars. Quote: A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins. MARK BURNS SCOTT R. CAREY Dreams of the Past: Auntie Mame, falling sets, lousy jokes, busy weekends, drunks at the window, stupid ques- tions and snappy answers, Good Vibes. Visions of the Future: Money, power, and influence capped with a heavy dose of happi- ness. Quote: "Tomorrow begins to- day." Suppressed desire: Rule the world. Pet Peeve: Waiting in line. KENNETH A. BYRNE DENYSE CARLINO Happiness is: laughing with friends. Misery is: knees, things you can't explain or understand. Should lor shouldn't I? Dreams of the Past: "The Bionics" Oh yeah? How you spell? embarrassment in the gym lobby - Murphy's Law. Quote: . . so it's the laughter we will remember. . Visions of the Future: College. 49 Dreams of the Past: Dances, par- ties, Little Surfers, Dunbar, Charlies Angels, Amethyst. Quote: "Someday I'lI make it." Visions of the Future: to be a good rock 8t blues guitarist. 'vi X .e I 5 i ' i , I X fi iw ED CARPENITO Q? '-rf!! MARK CHAMBERLAIN 50 Dreams of the Past: the Jamiesons, 9th grade class, AIT, people I can depend on - S.J., T.C., FLR., talks!S.K. Visions of the Future: Appreciat- ing M 8. D. Quote: Enjoy it while you can, cause it's gone before you know it. Misery is: thinking. Happiness is: Putting all out to win: but leaving room for celebration. JOHN CARROLL GEORGE CHRISTO Dreams of the Past: close friends, "We Four," Florida, 3 at 217-N.C., P.H., the flashing red light, chain link fence. Visions of the Future: to travel. Pet Peeve: T.T., the wrong name. Suppressed desire: do some- thing F.D.E. Quote: Yesterday is but a dream tomorrow is only a vision but today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happi- ness and every tomorrow a vi- sion of hope. JOAN CATALDO DIANE CIROLI Dreams of the Past: WAICAFAM, TGS, ACDK, Maud, BE's at Grinz, Pic's parties, "the gang," "Bud," waiting until 5, being crazy with hub. Quote: "What a long, strange trip its been." Pet Peeve: "Late again, Diane? See you at 2:34 or you won't be in work next week." "RigI'1t!"tI'1e phone's out! Dreams of the Past: the early years, D.P., B.W., dive for the roach, "I can't take this test!" A.W.'s, parties, W.I.A.C., Rec, Cootch, Fleetwood Mac, my family. Visions of the Future: College. Quote: "The World is but a can- vas to our imaginations." - H.D. Thoreau Happiness is: weekends and good times, Paul. if CAROL A. CENSULLO KEVIN R. CLABBY . 4 4 V 511 V . ., , I 4? . . - . . we , Z . 'f A l tg' fi ' ' . fi A ..-.yx ', -iv W .ir I 1 X3 BRIAN B. CLAPPER DEBORAH COLUMBUS Dreams of the Past: Sack out, 4 in a Fold it. 8t p.J, S.B.L., Cape "76", 29 at 217. Happiness is: 2!75, beaches 8t the sun, special treats, memories, smiles, rainbows. Quote: The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. Pet Peeve: no money. Dreams of the Past: 4 seasons, Canada, cup of coffee, bike- ing to Nova Scotia, Cape, States, Tinker and Salisbury, 4:00 a.m. D.N., Buitkus's par- ties, Kelley's haircut. Happiness is: 18th birthday, giv- ing haircuts. Misery is: Tinker and Oinky to- gether Who? Suppressed desire: quit drinking lsurel Quote: only love beats milk. JOHN CLARK ROBERT COMMITO Dreams of the Past: Quakertown, Nicky P., Fieeeedl, the camp- ing trips, "Ah, ya Moe!", Bill Yeats. Visions of the Future: to live in a condominium outside Hartford, Conn. Quote: "No two ways about it, there are two sides to every story." - George Carlin Comment: Mother's milk leads to heroin. Suppressed desire: to beat Lexington. Dreams of the Past: 1!4!74, 9126! 74, Michael, Plum Island, Lefty, Topsfield Fair, J.M. St S.M. in the morning, splitting orange crush with S.D. on break. Visions of the Future: to travel around the world. Stay single. Quote: Friendship without self- interest is one of the rare and beautiful things of life. Happiness is: Having money. CAROL COLBURN i 4. J .V ig ,. Zgs., S MAUREEN CONCANNON "Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die Life is like a brokenwinged bird that cannot fly." - Hughes Dreams of the Past: Rinda, Mark, 11-30-74, 9-4-75, trips with my family, "do darts", P.O.l.S.l.N., Pensacola, l.C.U.Q.T., Sebago, Chris, E.L.P., shortcut from North Conway, resting, 1-401-351-0488, "Get Ready", going cross country, 7-20-74, Tamworth, pits. Visions of the Future: Art. Pet Peeve: hot dogs and cheese, monopoly. Suppressed desire: to be on time, have my back scratched, ride in the passenger seat. ju9.g.rf1- s 'isfrf' .el k., M I .f.,,. .,. -' t if at M , ' .saff- wfi' 3- W -L 1-f,fre'?fiz'2ifaet' f .H , . . Q q,,,.' . -5: A ,I -may 4-'- Mgt W , 5' ,, S", ff y .. J va.: Y. . . . . - , ' , 4,1-'.,:-55N :J v f -lag-Q: iv .. 5,-v .-wr-Q. fl. ,A -sg, 'mg -3 J . A-'5.-r,-vff -' " 'Hi V. dv. "Ji-' CAROL ANN COLES PAUL CONNELLY Dreams of the Past: the pidgeon, Saturday nights, getting on the line, the Tech, those many practices. Visions of the Future: College, getting a job after college tif there are anyl. Quote: Today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday. Pet Peeve: Trying to find some- thing I lost. Happiness is: Winning, being successful. Misery is: Wednesday mornings, losing. Suppressed Desire: to get ac- cepted tothe colleges I like. 51 lt's good to be a seeker, but sooner or later you have to be a finder And then it is well to give what you have found, a gift into the world for whoever will accept it. - Jonathan Livingston Seagull SUSAN B. CONNELLY ANDREW COURT Dreams of the Past: Summer of "76", x-country. Visions of the Future: College. Happiness is: Backpacking. 52 Happiness is: good times with good friends, smiling faces, dreams that come true, mem- ories. Dreams of the Past: "This Magic Moment", Sr. Prom "76", Girls' State, ice cold hockey rinks, "friendly" ice cream, threesome, Levi's, Yeats, "good vibrations", "colour my world". Quote: "Yesterday is today's memory and tomorrow is to- day's dream." Visions of the Future: Legal sec- retary. KATHLEEN CONNOLLY MARY-JO COUTU Dreams of the Past: The Bog, W.l.A.D.C., Milty's, JRC, Ju- nior Prom, KUC, AN, CHINCH, Old Rec, Four-Ring-Circus, Summer 76, Four easons, Halloween 76, First 8 Lasl President. Visions of the Future: Millionaire, Champagne 8- Floses, Staring into many eyes. Quote: "Happiness Comes From Within!" Happiness is: Someone who cares lFl.L.G.J Misery is: Being alone. Pet Peeve: Jocks lnot athletesi, DISCO. Suppressed Desire: 100 lbs. Dreams of the Past: The sack out, 29 at 217, the old do-da Days, one special dinner, Dolly Cop, H.C. snuggles, Ft.l., 4 in a Fold lT.P.i Happiness is: a wish coming true. Quote: Of all the things which wisdom provides to make life entirely happy, much the greatest is the possession of Friendship. MAHSHA CONNORS C fvffff 1 mfg S5 gi Eg. Ti f wx. . ffl' - 7 T A -- ' 2 'X 'i . 'v Us . f . xv . ' . g . ,, . L it ' 'v.k V' 14,33 V JAMES CHEMINS Dreams of the Past: Football days, Digs, Dad, Flame, Scorel, Chorale, Prudential Antics, Quakertown, Megan- sett, Camping trips, Dizzy Dames, Buddies, Fleed, Flas- putin. Visions of the Future: College, Farm in Columbia. Quote: Life is an ultimate experi- ence. Misery is: W.B. Yeats, driving the sled, Q.O.T.Fl. Pet Peeve: Bummed out Satur- day nites. Happiness is: Team parties, Vic- tory! Comment: Hi-ya, Hi-ya!! Never chase a woodchuck. SUSAN COOK JANET ANN-MAFllE CRISTALDI Dreams of the Past: work in cafe with the lunch ladies, gym class, Mrs. Pack, good friends. Visions of the Future: Foods Ser- vice. Quote: "The only way to have a friend is to be one." Happiness is: bowling and ceramics. Dreams of the Past: Marne, 'Promises' fstay cool Ovidloi, Friends '76, A.O.L. IDown Marioll, East R. QKARMAIJ, T.A. Class. Visions of the Future: College, theatre, travel. Quote: I won't let school inter- fere with my education. Pet Peeve: School lunch! Suppressed desire: to be a plant. Favorite Hero: Allan Alda. Happiness is: no war. Comment: never be down on yourself. PATRICK CRONIN JOSEPH CRYAN Dreams of the Past: A.B.C. Se- renity Hill, Hampton Beach, H.S.l.W., W.l.A.D.C. Quote: Yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow is only a vision but today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Misery is: I didn't see it. SUSAN CRONIN KAREN CULLEN Dreams of the Past: friends, California '74, Florida '75, A.C.A., l.C.F., The Bog, lwhere's Cootch'?J, Michael, Serenity Hill, S30 purchase, Hampton Beach, Painting town blue with R.N., Rec., Parties. Visions of the Future: who knows! Quote: "l'm Me, You're you, If we realize that, Our Happiness will follow." Suppressed desire: T.G.C.C.l.A.V.W.M.F. Happiness is: A certain boy. Misery is: Hospitals. Dreams of the Past: getting a car I like. Visions of the Future: working and getting married. Happiness is: getting along with my girlfriend. Misery is: suicide, working on Friday nights. Comment: Don't put off till to- morrow what you can do to- day. Suppressed desire: to be a mil- lionaire. RICHARD CROSWELL x if -ii' 55?-'. ' ' Q .f-' :.y.,g,-, LISA DAVIDSON Dreams of the Past: Montreal 75 . . . Cape Cod Weekend, Skylark 2, J. Geils, 7!31!76 ...Maureee. . .Wolsh. .. a certain someone . . . LD the 1st . . .three Pines, Pat's I party. Visions of the Future: I don't know where l'm going, but l'm on my way. Quote: "The moments may be temporary but the memories are forever." Happiness is: Stephen - 10!4!75 Misery is: Waiting. Dreams of the Past: Berds on the tracks, Cail lets go to Ho-Jos, Hot Dog, Norm Man, Bob Man, Cail bootin on 28 Ghinzo. Happiness is: Patty . . . 6!6!76 Misery is: B Block consumerism. Pet Peeve: Varsity Soccer. Suppressed desire: Fawkean, to be a rich Guinea. Quote: Good luck to the neighborhood. GARY CROVO HEIDI DAVIS Dreams of the Past: PRIDE, Mil- ford and Co., Canadian Pride, lM.C.l Alpines, Mooning plat- form, N,P., S.B., Joeys, Out- post, J.H.F.L.W. and E.P.C., all the boys, Truth, Harley Tats, Crash, Jay. Visions of the Future: LOVE, LIVE, and RIDE. Quote: "Accept people the way they are. They have the right." Famous words: Debonaire. 53 Dreams of the Past: June 25, 1975, Salisbury, Bristal N.H. 8t butter crunch, Cape Cod "76", leaving school with J.M., Auto class, Diane 8. Vig. Visions of the Future: work at L.L., get married to P.S., go to Texas. Quote: Live your life the way you want to no matter what other people think. 5 57' wi, li it SANDRA DEFEO , :i 'Q ,,,, 2.53 : I - - 1 V Y "twaf::?lve5ag51a ggi A 5 5 we fx . , Q, ' ' it ' 1 li?"t4,".,W g I - I MARY ELLEN DEVEREAUX Dreams of the Past: l.C.F., cheer- ing , Senior Prom "76", the 1950's, B.A., S30 purchase-n- run, mittens, 18 in 314, "lover", my friends. Misery is: 8th place in a 7 man race. Visions of the Future: College and Travel. Quote: "We may not achieve our ideals, but, like the stars, they serve to guide us on our way." Dreams of the Past: Summer of "75", 57th Club, Ftobin Hood gang, old rec. the girls esp. P.K., D.P., good times, 3130! 74, N.V., D.G., HSWSC. Visions of the Future: Airlines. Suppressed desire: travel. Quote: Never look for tomorrow when you haven't yet found today. MARYANN DELL'ANNO ,L '1,f1 . T' E NANCY DEWITT --vi , ,... . . . A e . I . 5 ij , 54 L.. Qr-: i f Dreams of the Past: Summer '76, Hampton beach, 8!7!76, 8!1O! 76, P.M.T.A., doing fs in La- tin, "smuggy", Nigel Bruce, the SLA. Visions of the Future: Chelsea school of Fire fighting. Quote: "They're all wasted." paraphrase from C. Bacon. Happiness is: the Stooges, a "Beer-Borne Flanger", mak- ing like a bee, a car that runs. Pet Peeve: bearded wonders. JAN DEMOOR BOB DICREDICO Dreams of the Past: who?, Val's party "76", trick knee, Brown offense, skylark, B.A.'s, high altitude, camping trips, Geils. Visions of the Future: College, Imports. Comment: Tonight I plan to party slightly, politely, and if possi- ble all nightly. Suppressed desire: To score on a QB keeper, one more shot at Woburn. Pet Peeve: dumpers, sprints, Q.O.T.Ft. STEPHEN DENIETOLIS CHRIS DIGANGI Dreams of the Past: New Years at Gallela's, the party's, the gang, 32,00 at Whittemores with Smalley, Cape Cod, Sal, Asci, Ang, Mike G. Misery is: Spanish ll, chased by cops. Happiness is: Good times with good people, rumbles. Quote: "I have not yet begun to live." Pet Peeve: Getting burnt. Visions of the Future: Travel? Dreams of the Past: times in track. Visions of the Future: Millionaire, PETER DILLON CLAIRE A. DIPRISCO Dreams of the Past: Lisa's F Block lessons, Chicopee "75", golfing, April "76", Prince, City Plaza. Misery is: Locker4lG321, Sop. 2, night rehearsals. Happiness is: Holidays, a perfect blend, the seventh seal. Suppressed desire: catch Mr. Hyde out of step. Pet Peeve: tennis coaches. MARGARET DIMARE nn.. tv. PAM J. DLUGOVE Dreams of the Past: the nerds, dances, parades, the drill team, Junior Prom, Maine, meeting S.G. at S.F. Visions of the Future: being suc- cessful. Quote: "Don't try to understand me, just love me!" Pet Peeve:Sharon's walk and laugh, guest passes, FLR. Happiness is: being with my friends, partying, going out on weekends, knowing that someone loves you. Misery is: being late for homeroom. Dreams of the Past: the Valiant, drink of water at B.H., visits from B.A. lMalibul, F.S. at the Quarry, money, amps, beans, fur cliff diving - 13!2!78, ATSU. Comment: Life is a bowl of Pits. Pet Peeve: stinky feet, Fludy, shaved armadillos in cornflakes. Misery is: hot dogs without be- ans, getting gas. RICHARD DINSMORE 16' .. JOHN J. DOHERTY 'Tn Dreams of the Past: summer of "76", woodshop with Mr. P. and Mr. Daly, the house I built, l9!25!76J Visions of the Future: College? ? Quote: If you don't know what you want to do, it's harder to do it. STEPHEN DIPIETRO JOHN M. DOH ERTY Visions of the Future: college, a good job, to live in Miami. Dreams of the Past: P.C. and his finger, Digs and the sled at doubles, G.Y. and 151 with J.N., the dunes in Duxbury, 713, 8!28, down the beach, O.T.L.P., "The Magnet". Suppressed desire: a silver Jaguar, a cabin on top of a mountain with. . .7 Misery is: Doubles, Hoop with T., the morning after, not getting who you want. 55 Dreams of the Past: Cape Cod weekend, J. Geils - July 31, Skylark 2, Montreal "75", Pat's party on 3 Pines, Sept. 19, 76 - Jason, S.A., Ft.Ft. Visions of the Future: Peace Corps, Social worker, Con- vent. Quote: - There is only one suc- cess - to live your life your own way -. MAUREEN DOHERTY JEAN DOWNS Happiness is: the beach, weekends, family, friends, blue 8 gold feathers. Dreams of the Past: Jr. Year, pumpkin, 10!4!75, J.O.'s 2:30 P, S30 purchase 8 run, 29 at 217, O'Neils, Smitty's steps, Halloween "75". Misery is: Cold fingers. Pet Peeve: Waiting. Quote: "lf you see someone without a smile give him one of yours." Visions of the Future: College. 56 Visions of the Future: College, Travel and Fortune. Quote: To look up and not down To look forward and not back To look out and not in, and To lend a hand. Happiness is: Doing what you want to do. Pet Peeve: F Block studies. Comment: Don't take yourself too seriously. KEVIN DOLAN :UW LAUREEN DOYLE Dreams of the Past: 2 vans, PMA, 8!6!76, 5!29l75, 6!11!76, 1112! 74, S.D.Fl.E., Camaro, beach, lt's beth, anyone hurt?, HoJo's, subways, Where's Bonnie?, what a face, 7:30, all day. Visions of the Future: ?College? Quote: Nothing the heart gives away is gone. . . It is kept in the heart of others. - Flobin St. John Dreams of the Past: Yo Fro, the Frut, Washington, Canada, Pancake, Sybil, L.L., J.M., L.D., M.D., K.N., B.W., Fl.P., Fredricks of Hollywood, Fl.l.P., Ma 81 Dad. Quote: l'm so glad we've had this time together. . . so long. Pet Peeve: Backstabbers, phonies. K 'L EILEEN DONAHOE 1.1 :"-'Q ago. ln, .."' IAQ.: PATTI DUGGAN Dreams of the Past: Weekends at the gas station, Canada, Weymouth, Georges Island, Hopi, Ja., D.A., Ps., Abby, J.M., J.Ft., Creature, M.J., Henry M.G. 81 T.S., B.A.'s one liners. Visions of the Future: Art school. Quote: Friends are the biggest part of your life. Always keep them. Happiness is: looking forward to weekends, dreading Monday mornings. Dreams of the Past: which way to go'?, blue feathers, the old Do-Da days, all my friends, balloons, locker rooms, 5410, Bettes Pack, V.B. on D., eyes le t. Visions of the Future: College. Quote: May you always have the freedom to be yourself. Happiness is: 5 minutes left, being with my friends. Misery is: T1 again. FRANCES A. DOOLING BILL DUNBAR Dreams of the Past: Moe, Larry, Curly . . . Alton Bay . . . Minuteman Stamps philatelist . . . artistic . . . humorous . . . Neil Young . . .Jim Croce. . . my father . . . guitar . . . Lake Win- nipesaukee. . . Visions of the Future: Musician, Professional Guitarist. Quote: l only wish my father could see me now. Happiness is: Watching the Three Stooges. Suppressed desire: to be the Fourth Stooge. Dreams of the Past: DAIG, M.W., D.H., S.G., S.G., P.D., E.H., parades - when S.G. fell marching in place, when P.D. took over when D.H. wasn't there, J.F. shooting up at D.H.'s party. Visions of the Future: go to Texas. Misery is: Forgetting homework for C Block. Pet Peeve: D.H. always getting permission from G.B. to go anywhere, calling me a cer- tain name, D.H.'s singing. TERRY DUNN CHARLES FARACI Dreams of the Past: Malts, T.F.T., station, Dizzy G., the field, the three B's in life, N.H. accident one 4 Sunday, O.B.'s. M.C.M.F.W.A.Y. Visions of the Future: Instrumen- tational engineer, college, travel, G.L. Quote: A day wasted is not a wasted day. Misery is: Hitting a pole at 1:00 A.M. Pet Peeve: Empties. Happiness is: CAROL. Suppressed desire: a famous SKIER. Dreams of the Past: S.S., Florida "76", Hampton Beach, 4!15! 76, 6!24!74, New Years Eve "74", "the girls", Boston, Sue, J.B.P. Visions of the Future: Travel, Col- lege. L LAURIE ELLS ANN FARREN Happiness is: friends, family, no worries. Dreams of the Past: Jr. year, 29 at 217, J.O.'s second home, B.B.C., "umbrellas", boss- mobile, Smitty's steps, quitting B.K., break-ins. Quote: Awareness is the beginn- ing of knowledge open your eyes to the beauty around you and explore all you see. Dreams of the Past: 7!24!76, Ke- vin, still the one, hey, hey, hey, the mittens with the thumbs, l.C.Ft. '74. Visions of the Future: Burdett School. Quote: God grant me the Seren- ity to accept the things I can- not change, Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the differ- ence. P JOANNE ENGLISH MARYANNE FERREIRA Dreams of the Past: Beer Hill, Eagles concert, the hen, Gol- den years, the Mall, UMA, the chase, the tracks. Visions of the Future: Business school, work. Quote: Heaven is beyond man's reach, but not beyond his grasp. Happiness is: no school, a ride, being with your friends, a deserted center. Dreams of the Past: The SLA, spitball fights in the cafeteria, Gallia est provincia, who is that masked man?, Bubbles 8 Hawkeye, donuts St whist dur- ing studies, the Hobs, chemis- try labs. Pet Peeve: being blackmailed by Mr. Rocher. Misery is: looking at one of WentzeIl's peanut butter, cheese, lettuce, 8t tomato sandwiches. WARREN ESTES EUGENE FIELDS 57 Dreams of the Past: Sept 19 in the hospital and my giftl, the family, someones vacation to N.C., the picnic. Visions of the Future: Going to college 81 getting married. Quote: "You're owda here." "Call me later." "I just don't know how to tell you." "I didn't recognize you with your clothes on." .nv . I ' UL i f : MARTIN FINIGIAN J ' i MICHAEL FITZPATRICK Happiness is: Glen Dreams of the Past: Pic's party, Duffy's garage, Jr. Prom, LLPKRFIMDJB, long talks. parties, old Rec, 9123174 - 7!21!76, Big guys, MPNBDMBMDP, I need a drink quick! Visions of the Future: college, to be able to see. Misery is: Fights, confusion. Quote: "I don't ask you to accept the things I do and believe, only to understand." Pet Peeve: moody people. CINDY FIORE PAUL FLAMMIA Dreams of the Past: The Family, a.a.m.r.r., good parties, Un- icorn, the big cooler, In the event of a National Emergency , . . M, Jack. Visions of the Future: to travel. Quote: "I'm as free as a bird now and this bird you cannot change." - Lynyrd Skynyrd Dreams of the Past: August 1, 1976, Austin Prep, Stoneham High, Dances. Visions of the Future: college, career, travel. Quote: wrong!! Wanna bet! PAUL FIORENZA KATHLEEN FLANAGAN Dreams of the Past: l'll never forget getting my entire En- glish class plus the American Studies group lost on the way to the cemetery in Concord on 1O!23!75, yearbook work- shop fwhat a wastelj, Mr. Bacon discoursing on Bud- weiser tumors, English in 202. Visions of the Future: college. Quote: Ni Siochan Go Saoirse. Misery is: having Algebra ll E Block so I never miss it be- cause of an activity, chemistry labs. Suppressed desire: to go on tour with the Clancy Brothers. Happiness is: not taking physics. Dreams of the Past: Maine, going to N.H. with J.L., parties over RM., shark fishing, Boston at 2:00 a.m., the guys J.F., M.M., FLM., M.M., C.M., J.L., D.H. Visions of the Future: school, own a vet! Quote: Hit him again. He's still moving. Suppressed desire: go back to Maine. Happiness is: Beth. fi , :ml jgi- gil, i :I .1.Is21iv. ill it ii I ,f wt gil, gi -it .::.'. -'x Xf 'ffO4fffI,iXit f? I"i. g-X yy? 0' pf .z..M tiff:- . :Ig 'dig z.: fgg :lx 4: f igf,mtIt:I1:f: oils. WILLIAM FITZGERALD MARY FLYNN Dreams of the Past: 3!22!75, Davie, threesome, 4!14l74, Two on a track, one mile, 8:00 Saturday mornings, E.T.'s lunch, all the good times, a Big Mac, Rocher's cigars, 6:O0:3. Quote . . . by myself I've come unadorned and plain to offer you without condition a life just past and just beginning. Dreams of the Past: out on the tracks, Cape Cod J. Geils, the clankl, senior year. Visions of the Future: High School. Quote: If at first you don't suc- ceed, Give UP! TIMMY FLYNN JOANNE FOUGERE Dreams of the Past: New Hamp- shire and the Red Jacket, a certain someone, Canada, Breakheart, JEF, 10!21!76, 12!31!75. Visions of the Future: to go to work and someday get mar- ried. Happiness is: getting away, going out on school nights, partying, that certain some- one. Pet Peeve: a certain person! Suppressed desire: to meet P.G. Dreams of the Past: Summer of "74", z-gold, Cape, Plum ls- land, Rec, the path, the log, Tsss, New Years, Whalens cottage, Burn-out's parties, T.G., M.A., T.C., S.J., A.W., K.B., Stoneham, J.C., B.A., C.D., K.E. 20 middle. Visions of the Future: Doctor . . .Travel. . .get away. Quote: Don't even say that! JOHN FOGEL . .. SHARON M. FRAAS Dreams of the Past: my friends, band tgood griefj, drama club 81 skiing. Visions of the Future: Like a lost dog, no matter how far I ven- ture away, I can always find my way back home. Quotes: The Bible, Godspell, Superstar. Pet Peeve: dresses, commercials, animal abuse, U.S. judicial system 8t viewing the worlds' belts. Happiness is: holidays, driving, music 8 nature. Z NA 32: WILLIAM FORBES KAREN FRENCH Dreams of the Past: all my friends, 5!29l76 - "the hanger - four lockouts", 11l3!76, 1125-29!77. Visions of the Future: college - Home Ec. Ed. Quote: May tomorrow be a per- fect day, may you find love and laughter along the way - May God keep you in his ten- der care, Till He brings us to- gether again. Pet Peeve: conceited people, snobs. Dreams of the Past: 1O!11!74, Eddie, Anne, Liz, Sue, and all my friends, camping, "bald- headed eagle", parties at the trailer, Seagram's on Friday nites with A.P. Visions of the Future: secretary. Quote: "Only by love is life made real." Happiness is: being with some- one you enjoy. Misery is: staying in on weekends. Pet Peeve: Waiting. DEBBIE FORDE JIM FUCCI Dreams of the Past: ME. '76, S.Y.B.A.B.L.K.B., "Mr. A." doing a dance in class. Visions of the Future: own a Porsche or Rolls QDreaml, to become a stunt man, stay single and rich. Happiness is: "Q" being sick, Zapping UA" in Elec. Pet Peeve: working Friday nights, no morning privileges. 59 a' I i T . ., DEBRA GAFFNEY ROBERT GEIST Dreams of the Past: partying with Warp, G.H., D.F., C.H., D.T., l'll never forget 4!17!76 with D.F. Visions of the Future: to go into the U.S.C.G., get out in four years and get a good job, a car, and get married. Happiness is: going out partying and clubbin' with Warp and Dave. 60 Dreams of the Past: the ABC's at Victors, 617176 C.C., Derry N.H., 8 at the show, Frisbee at the Causeway. Visions of the Future: traveling, working as a secretary. Quote: Living is experiencing the bad times along with the good, and learning from both. Pet Peeve: phony people. Happiness is: June 6, 1977. DEBBIE GALLAGHER MARK GOMES -1' MICHAEL GALLELLA CYNTHIA GORDON f' ' f3?ii'Z5Ef is ,- Dreams of the Past: 6!7!76 C.C., Kathy, which way do I go?, Conn., stag 5, Dungeon 6, the maids will clean it, Nahant, J.l.T.B., Medford. Visions ofthe Future: college. Quote: Never put off until tomor- row what you can avoid al- together. Pet Peeve: no car, Monday- Friday, G-string WM. Suppressed desire: to enjoy life! Happiness is: weekends, party- ing. --5.23 DONNA GANDOLFO JULIE GORDON Dreams of the Past: 8!16!76, 9l22!76, eating in typing, Un- icorn, concerts. Quote: Take a look at yourself, Take a look at the place where you live, Take a trip it's necessary. Dreams of the Past: Maine, 12l 24l75, P.D. falling asleep at S.F., D.H.'s party, D.H. in 216 and Drill, Junior Prom. Visions of the Future: to be with the people I love the most. Happiness is: weekends, party- ing, friends. Pet Peeve: Diane's singing. SHARON M. GRAVES ITS BOB GREENWOOD Dreams of the Past: the dances every weekend. Visions of the Future: maybe the service, maybe work, or maybe just hang around. Quote: "I'm impressed." Dreams of the Past: March 12, 1976, May '74 trip to Canada with SJC. AA. Visions of the Future: go to a community college for busi- ness. Quote: Today is the first day for the rest of your life. Pet Peeve: babysitting. TAMMY GRAY ALICIA LEE GUARNERI Visions of the Future: Home Economics teacher. Quote: Who shall ascend the hill of the Lord? and who shall stand in his holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart Who does not lift up his soul to what is false. - Psalm 24 Dreams of the Past: Canada, Washington, Chicago, DECA and Mike, Billy, my friends, "Bonnie", Star, CFD's, 12!26l 75, Steve, Paul and the Everett's! PDRT. Visions of the Future: Burdett and my millions, California. Quote: "I don't believe the prices in there!" - Anonymous Happiness is: Boys! Disco and a GTO! Misery is: No Everett's! STEPHANIE GRECCO CANDACE HAMLYN Dreams of the Past: the knee slapping jokes, EYC's bicen- tennial trip, the drama club, stage band and concert band. Visions of the Future: college. Happiness is: music and friends. Quote: Do not wish to be any- thing but what you are, and try to be that perfectly. - Saint Francis De Sales Dreams of the Past: Cosacks, Proming, "You StinkI", Drama, flashers, W.C. Fields, "Dizzy", "Digressions!", "Pack pack", Mooshka", 76'ers." Visions of the Future: writing for Monty Python. Quote: I don't know what they have to say, it makes no dif- ference anyway, whatever it is, l'm against it. - Groucho Marx Suppressed desire: to grow up. PETER GREELISH DONNA HANSON Dreams of the Past: Summers in O.P., the "scope days", reach- ing the other side, singing on the rocks during a hurricane. Visions of the Future: college. Pet Peeve: Are you an albino? Is that natural? Suppressed desire: an endless summer. Quote: Let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing. 61 Dreams of the Past: KeIIey's haircuts, ceps, Woody, "on the line". Visions of the Future: college. Quote: "There are only two kinds of people in the world: people who are Irish and people who wish they were." Suppressed desire: catch Kelley dumping. JOHN HARRIGAN -Fi., QM, C fi CHRISTOPHER HARTUNG Dreams of the Past: Summer of "76", Cape Cod, North Beach, the "Pit", J.M. draining a "tall boy". Visions of the Future: going to printing school. Pet Peeve: Having to get up in the morning when you have an A Block study. Misery is: When you think you have a catch-proof escape route under a fence and realizing you don't when Mr. Ftowell is waiting for you on the other side. 62 Dreams of the Past: Mr. Freil, the U.N., P.D., the drill team, drama club, A.A.O.L., cast parties, Epata. Visions of the Future: to go to college. Quote: It's only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the elye. Pet eeve: Mornings. Happiness is: being with my friends. EILEEN P. HARRINGTON I DAVID HAS LAM Visions of the Future: to become a Stewardess and get mar- ried. Happiness is: graduating from school. I VALERIE HARRISON DIANE HAYES Dreams of the Past: 216 - Biol- ogy . . . Sharon wfthe ether, S.P.S. aifl, High School Band, Sharon and Pam's Fall, Drama, 10!21!76 - Party, HiIIcrest!Nims wlSandy and Jeanne, "Gonna smack you Hayes" - Sue, "Do you want me to take you over my knee?" - G.D.B. Visions of the Future: To be with people I enjoy! Pet Peeve: Pam's laugh, Terri's a wedge. xA. ,gif KATHY HAR ROLD RICHARD HAYMAN I . I I I tl . of GEORGE HEGARTY ROSEMARY HICKEY Dreams of the Past: grasshopper, you jokes, sick out. U. Mass. Visions of the Future: college - journalism. Quote: I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than to be crowded on a velvet cushion. - Thoreau "But can you get good pay in a short time?" Misery is: knees, boxes. A" DONNA HEMENWAY .jx .K-X .ga JANET HIGGINS Don't walk in front of me -I may not follow. Don't walk behind ITIS- I may not lead. Walk beside me - and just be my friend. - Camus Dreams of the Past: A star trek to Hampton, no way out, a weekend project. Visions of the Future: college, have my own business, own a Ferrari. . I 11 1 A DAVID HENNESSY ROBERT HIGHET Dreams of the Past: C.L., S.C., L.L., R.N., in Pa., Summer "75", "76", kids at Friendlys especially J.V., 9l2!74, 17th birthday. Quote: Do not follow where the path may lead Go instead, where there is no path - and leave a trail. w . w i. f ' ANNE HERLIHY KATHERINE M. HOUGHTON Dreams of the Past: friends, talks, 29 at 217, Towering In- ferno, Ahhoow, J.C.O.'s, Do-Da Days, Hol-Switz, sack- outs, Float, B.B.C. Quote: Time is . . . To slow for those who wait, To swift for those who fear, To long for those who grieve, To short for those who rejoice, But for those who love, Time is not. 63 - ii Favorite Teachersg Mrs. Rosen, Mr. Mulvihill Class Couple: Carol Colburn, Michael O'Grady Best Dressedg Linda Jacobson, Dom Visconti Most Athleticg Pat Smith, Steve Jamieson ix Wittiestg Terry Perryman, William Dunbar Best Dancersg Diane Pizzotti, Fran Smith Quietestg Wendy Thompson, Francis Swett Favorite Pastimeq Partying Favorite Songg Stairway to Heaven Favorite Subject: Co-ed Team Sports Favorite Sportg Football i . YF f fi ' ,f 5 . 4 ,ff A t Q ' i i if' ijt fi i Q L fi" Q lik , QI mi 5 1 " 1 -'::,g"..i w Y' ' iftv V 5 is it --L li? ,4 Nfl 1 t m' 1 1:5 ' XX. j A125 kijiiiifkfi is 4-f f iii it i :ii if 1,5 gf f 'ici A- 1. ' W 1 i if-iii 17: ti iii Q tiii Q o ,b,. e ' ' in 41.5 V ,ij 5 L' f U Most Theatricaig Debbie Wade, Scott Carey Best Eyes: Gigi And readis, Chirs Puglia School Spirited: Stephanie Grecco, Richard Hayman Most Musicalg Lisa Reis, Richard Hayman V66 .w i I, -1 fm ?: R if :5 ' ri 3? 3 53 g i 5: ,fr W fi? I -v '-sb ffiifmqf 2 rs 4 1. ., ,. .ii- i ii i i i il 11 il Si ii is I i i i r 3 ,i' 4 ii ? Tl 31 4: , ii ti 1 3: ii .... ,. 4? Fur, r,,,, J., X 3. in A i i X ,Q ui eggs f'- - 'Q -Q., 1 i i tg Alf , x W, i, if fiv- Q S i i fii R L N 'S ,x,. ,,, . ,, 351 A W W! WY.. ,. M ,.r..,M. WW Af . in 4 tif 9 fs i A Arai .ml rar? riff? 2. L5 Q., if JW' .1- ,. Most Versatileg Nancy Adams, James Cremins Favorite Juniorsg Paula Doherty, Karen Edgerly, Victor Pizzotti 67 4 .gy mia 4, 1' A fa ' l H 1 FIU f AA . in jj.'5' ,:i1-in-2. ,. A y, -.j:jC.'i"- mil N , ' Xxwyy r, - fs.: A s X A i f be . ' ".Zi'A 3 W 5. 7 -- -5 -a f v .V Q ' Q' ' ,L gif N 1 .X Friendllest, Meg Porter, John Carroll Biggest Eatersg Phyllis Moore, Terry Ballard Most Promisingg Mary Jo Coutu, Matthew Shannon Not Pictured: Class Livewiresg Step- hanie Grecco, Robert Salerno. Worst Jokesg Joanne Moar, Peter Greelish. Most Talkativeg Gigi Andreadis, Vinny Tavernese f-4-. alt. QW me eg Gr slr 4-:J X, 55 b X teifxi """"'-.sir-:ss-' Most Sophustscated Jeannette Hyder Scott Carey Mad Scuentnsts Kathy Treholm Steven Le Brun Most Gulhble Carol Bosy Bully Lentme Joanne nochigllohn Carroll h ,V Class Heartbreakersg Stanieich, Russell Hough Artisticg Carol Bosy, Coles, Roger Machado Class Song: "St3iirw'a Heaven" - f l l Favorite Su bjectg Co-ed Sports Favorite Sporlg- Football lug as 63 f or To N X 57 :XY Best Legsg Andrea Wiseman, Ste- 0 ven Buitkus O Boy Haier: Joan Maher X 'W iii " E Done Most for SHS' Kris Barton Dom Vicsonti v"" wig, Most Sincereg Stacey Lespasio Frank Scarpa X51 ff' xx: in ' V M- il Q: B. ,W , 1 Q!-'H' , 'I 1. V s- e r: v a ' 1 ,A . ', . J- - M - -N., 1. n. u 5- l' w- , J f- :T 1,' - Q " IJ- 7- 1. '- . , gf us, :S xyx xfv CG frx IF xx, j,. 3 x -' NORMAN HOUGHTON RICHARD HUNTER Dreams of the Past: SLA, Gallia est Provincia, Ceps, the Od- dity, Stoneham vs. Melrose, camping trips, the Harrigan song. Visions of the Future: Account- ing major in College. Happiness is: breaking 80 and winning the card, Pet Peeve: "Hunter for Secre- tary" Suppressed desire: to make the golf team. 72 Dreams of the Past: Suncook, B.B., flats, Joe-C.S.M., S.V., Gloria, Bert, J.K.'s hair, C.M., potatoes, Southie, K.C., Sudsy, Hampton, Canada. . . no way . . . Ahhh-rightl, Fred 8t Ruby, Mrs. B's "get to- gethers", Sully - a knife 8- a fork, Ld. Quote: The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. - Chinese Proverb Pet Peeve: Willy Y., poles. Suppressed desire: states. PAUL HOWARD . ii r' -te' + iv- -1: fluff' 3.3, :N c r .4 .. A J 'ii' 2-.. Q. -...' . A SUSAN HURLEY Dreams of the Past: Skylark 2, J. Geils 7!31!76, T.'s all nighter, Walsh, Moe, Lisa, Joanne, Donna. Quote: Shadows of yesterday and the promises of tomor- row, keep my mind at peace and I am concerned with no- thing but the reality of today. Happiness is: Numbers. Suppressed desire: to go on tour with Frampton. Pet Peeve: teachers! Misery is: getting caught having a party. Misery is: Flashing blue lights, a tank full of gas and nowhere to go, a raw jumbojack. Dreams of the Past: Having the right to remain silent. Happiness is: A wallet full of money and a large bank ac- count. Suppressed desire: To do what- ever l want when I want. KEN HOWE JANET HUSSAR Dreams of the Past: Our Gang, Summers of 75, 76, Fid, B's other mind, Le Fiose, the hills are alive, Rockin' Me, hugh-r kiddingl, Hawaii, Boston, Len, you know it! Visions of the Future: college, happiness. Quote: "There's nothing greater than Love." - Miller Misery is: Eggus Suppressed desire: to live on a beach. Dreams of the Past: Danny, Hampton Beach, Oh, what a nitel, Bog, A.B.C., Allman Brothers Band, Miller, Horror shows 8K good times with S .C. 81 D.C. Visions of the Future: To take it easy. Quote: Oh, I'll hit the rowdy road. Seconds tick the time out. And there's so much left to know And l'm on the road to find outs C. . JOANNE HUBBARD JEANETTE HYDER Dreams of the Past: L.S., Fi.N. J.M., D.P,, i1!7!75, 11f27!75 12l31l75, 1!1O!76, N. of J.P. The Pump, "A" games, J Geils with Lisa, H. Square L.D.W. "76", All the times witl L.L. and "Family", Happiness is: Partying with goof friends, the Reachable. Misery is: Wanting what you can't have and having wha you don't want. Comment: Open mouth, inser foot. . . Pet Peeve: Having to sneal around. DANIEL IVEFIS DEBORAH JOHNSON Dreams of the Past: EYC, the Bicentennial Four, Light bulbs, Good Harbor, skiing, kite flying, FIC. Visions of the Future: College, landscaping architecture. Quote: "Of a good leader, when his work is done, his aim ful- filled, Everyone else will say, "We did this ourselves." W. uf-"5 4 ae DOUG LAS JACKSON JOHN JOHNSON Happiness is: Michael, being with close friends. Dreams of the Past: Hampton Beach, going out to breakfast, best friendships, being in the middle, class of '77. Visions of the Future: Nursing. Suppressed desire: To live in California. Comment: Cherish yesterday . . .dream tomorrow. . .live today. I UNDAJACOBSON QAN vu I in I A 1 JULIE JOHNSON Dreams of the Past: the shuffle, 29 at 217, 443, S30 purchase and run, the Inns, cheering, 4 on the floor, B.B.C., 3-D, Nan- tasket, Jr. Prom, talks with J.F., townies, 18 at 314, MDC. Quote: Explain not, Friends don't expect it, Enemies won't be- lieve it. Dreams of the Past: Tony, John 8t Fiump, they'real41 people. Happiness is: People who mean something, and special ones like Kathy. Misery is: Losing: there's nothing worse. Pet Peeve: Phony people with phony helIo's and quick good-byes. Comment: I dedicate my year- book to the best, Ma 8. Dad. STEPHEN JAMIESON PATRICIA A. JOHNSON Dreams of the Past: Michael, New Years Eve, S.P. - "76", a blue nova, 6!12l76, "No-Ya, WFiOFt", Canada, "POFlKA", Mr. Stanwick called. Visions of the Future: College. Quote: "I exist as l am, that is enough, No one may know that I sit content." Misery is: S.C.D. at H.J. 73 Dreams of the Past: 29 at 217, Nantasket, BBC, "I like it like dis", "Laugh" . . . Thank- you! x-V-P4-HCC-, Katie's, "shuffle", 60 seconds . . . stop, "the skid", S30 purch- ase and run, gists. Quote: Good friends must not always be together It is the feeling of oneness when distant That proves a lasting friendship. Happiness is: having the best of friends. -L: ig. DIAN E J UTRAS CHERYL KEITH Happiness is: Cameron, 9l7!76, fSaturday Nightsj, having feel- ings for someone, and receiv- ing them in return. Dreams of the Past: "1 qt. whis- key 74", Picks Party, North Conway, Vermont. Visions of the Future: Secretary. Quote: "Take me for what I am, for I shall never change." Pet Peeve: Losing that someone. 74 Dreams of the Past: Blue Eyes 1l25l73, T.M.O. - Northeast- ern, Nahant Beach '76', MAL- OOM. Visions of the Future: Buy a vette, travel 8. party. Quote: "SlLLY LOVE SONGS" Breakheart '76', Webster, NH, SKEM, Clifton Street - Somerville, P.A.F., S.A.T. LINDA KAZANJIAN KIM KEITH Dreams of the Past: Franny 3715174 . . ., my buddies, F'lc's party f1O!2!74j Fi 8. C, fthe hatj "House Party" 1817! 4 765 J. Geils fLove it ist. Visions of the Future: Unde- cided, Quote: "I would not live without the love of my friends." Suppressed desire: Seeing Andrea smile! Happiness is: Franny, my friends, saying something smart. Dreams of the Past: so close 81 yet so far, 5!15l76, Eagles, friends, oranges freezes, Jr. yr., c.f.d. Visions of the Future: to live happily ever after. Quote: If you're still dreaming of yesterday's dream for tomor- row, today, maybe it's worth pursueing. Misery is: wondering Happiness is: the good times. Suppressed desire: to have my dreams come true. 1 :Xian-n-.-.. MARTHA T. KEARN EY SUSAN KEITH Dreams of the Past: The Wise- mans, Pic's party, Duffy's gar- age, 9!2!74, M 8t G, pillow fights, long talks with J.C., H.S.l.W.W.C., 8l7!76, s.g. night, old Rec. Quote: "The secret of content- ment is being happy with what you have 8. losing all de- sire for things beyond your reach." Misery is: I didn't see it. Dreams of the Past: the Junior Prom, good parties on the weekends, certain teachers. Visions of the Future: Technical School for Diesel Engineer- ing, MBTA, get married. Happiness is: Being welcome to anything by anyone and being with good friends. Pet Peeve: Teachers 81 adults who give you a hard time. Quote: Don't plan on doing stomething until you're doing I . JIM KEATING af-. JIM KELLEY Dreams of the Past: Angie's Camp, the Buitkus Party, Mr, P.'s, Mr. T,, teammates and friends, Curtis 8t M.L.'s. Quote: "Just one more." Suppressed desire: win the grand slam of golf, become a goal scorer. Misery is: one yr, of score drill, no goal season. Pet Peeve: Dumpers, Ftalphing. Dreams of the Past: the States, Coach Kennedy passing out, 1!21!76, Thanksgiving '75, the Shuffle, Square dancing, Hawaii, Eggs A.A. Visions of the Future: Statie. Quote: "The moment may be temporary, but the memory is forever." Happiness is: Sandy, Beating Mr. K. in golf. Comment: Don't be satisfied with mediocrity. Pet Peeve: Al Suppressed desire: a hole in one. DAVID KELLY 'Q , W, ir 3, . SUSAN KILTY Dreams of the Past: Robin, Kan- gamangous, Fuz Face, beat- ing P.C., Ken's parties, Austin guys, Richie, Hoopa, Prom- ises, Friendsl, Roger's house, AWC - 9!24!76, Ponies. Visions of the Future: nursing, travel. Quote: A smile is a whisper of a laugh. Pet Peeve: Snobs Happiness is: Being loved iFlichieJ. Suppressed desire: cheerlead- ing. Favorite Pastime: Telling the latest. Dreams of the Past: 10-2-74, Old Rec., Dufty's Garage, N. Con- way, Jakes Place, the lobster, Whalen, Weymouth '75. Visions of the Future: see the country, college. Quote: "lt's better to torget and smile than remember and be sad." Happines is: The Cape, Partying. Pet Peeve: Jocks, Stoneham. Suppressed desire: To have no- thing expected of me. s . K , N 31, PATRICIA KELLY JOSEPH KIMBALL Dreams of the Past: Drama, leav- in Wakefield, B.B., E.H., 9 S.G., S.F., P.D., D.H., K.L., A.P., L.A., S.O. Visions of the Future: To be a hairdresser. Happiness is: Being Loved. Pet Peeve: People saying my name wrong, Suppressed desire: Getting a speaking part in a play. kw,,,f 1 it . fa f I LANI KENNEY JOHN KONAXIS X RALPH KEFIFIIGAN DEBORA KONOPACKA 75 Happiness is: and always will be Tambo 5!9!75. Dreams of the Past: '76' Senior Prom, L.C.l., OLIM, friends. Misery is: a ticket at S.P. 6!6!76, having a loved one in the hospital and can't do any- thing about it. UI' 'WWW KATHY LABADINI w S' 1 2.32, 'sf ' .4-9. . ls- 'lj 4 1 -.ff :Arif -if MARY LEAHY Visions of the Future: To cross the country with Robin. Suppressed desire: To go to Col- lege. Dreams of the Past: all the good times I had with all my friends, Montreal '75, Woburn, 11-7-75, 5-7-76, Doris and Frank QPKCQ "1-14 '77", Our Place '75 QDICAQ. Quote: The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, 76 1 RICHARD LACROIX CINDY LE BLANC Dreams of the Past: Smitty's steps, 29 at 217, B.B.C., P.J.'s 8. P., .J.O.'s second home, break-ins, boss-mobile. Happiness ls: Good times with friends, and nothing to worry about. Misery is: B.K. Visions of the Future: College. Quote: Life can be a bowl of Cherries, but what's with all the pits. ff--w JANET LANPHER STEVEN F. LEBRUN Dreams of the Past: Square Dancing, The Conventions, EYC, EYC's trip of '76, Rayth- eon. Visions of the Future: College. Quote: "All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lostg" J.R.R. Tolkien Happiness is: making others . MPPY- . Misery ls: loneliness. Comment: Never chase a Wood- chuck. RICHARD LATHBURY PAUL LEEDHAM Quote: No human relation gives one possession in another, every two souls are absolutely different. In friendship or in love, the two side by side raise hands together to find what one cannot reach alone. - Kahlil Gibran Dreams of the Past: 11l1Ol75, Gram, Pic, Cape, Rec, skiing, ELP. Happiness is: Boris Visions of the Future: College. LAURA LENTINE NEAL LESPASIO Dreams of the Past: Dumper, Kil- ler, Mingi, Arms, Curtis, Kil- ler's outfits, Mr. T. and the Sauce. Visions of the Future: College fM.B.j, Be successful. Quote: "Only the strong survive." Pet Peeve: "F" Block Study. Happiness is: Fridays, Holidays. Misery is: "On the Line", "Line up", The trips I heard about but missed, O-14. Suppressed desire: Win the card big 4 X. W ' 1. iw- 1 C . .if WILLIAM LENTINE STACEY LESPASIO Dreams of the Past: Laura, Mrs. Ft., Diana, Cathy, Morocco, M. Chat, Tab, Chicken, Duch, Piddles, 12!31!75, Nahant, Cape Pines. Visions of the Future: College. Quote: What the eye does not see The heart does not grieve for. Happiness is: Being in class with everyone enjoying them- selves. Dreams ofthe Past: Do you know the prices in there, Bob, T.A.B,S. moments, Summer '76, Pie in the eye, C.P.A., C.F.D. Visions of the Future: College, travel, happiness. Quote: Tomorrow is not prom- ised to us . . . so let us take today . . . And make the very most of it . . . the once we pass this way. . . Pet Peeve: Rainy Mondays. KATHLEEN M. LENTZ TERRI LEWIS Dreams of the Past: 7!29!73, B.B.C., locker room, S30 purchase-n-run, 18 in 314, l.C.F., cheering, certain Sat- urday nights, lover. Happiness is: Being with close friends, victories, 5 minutes left. Quote: It is better by far to look ahead and smile than to look back and cry. Visions of the Future: College, Degree in Engineering of Business. Quote: "Life could be a Dream." Happiness is: Doing what I please, staying out of trouble, no worries. RICHARD LEONG MICHAEL LINEHAN 77 Dreams of the Past: my friends, summer of '76, flat tires, george, dinner for 10. Quote: Yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow is only a vision, But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. CAR LA LOCONTE PATRICIA LONGO Dreams of the Past: B!10l76, the drive-in, Summer vacation 1976, 1O!22!76, A.P., C.N., R.S., M.P., and P.S., l0!9!76, 8l5!76. Visons of the Future: Secretary. Quote: Love, like a child, must be allowed to grow. Misery is: Monday mornings, rainy weekends. 78 Dreams of the Past: "The smile that caught my eye" fD.F.D.l, J.H. fMy shadowi, J.M., L.S., C.L., R.N., A.H., Fl.W.P., J.J.T., M.N., 8t E Blocks. Visions of the Future: Traveling, Hairdressing. Pet Peeve: Vets, Rings. Misery is: Wanting what you can't have, and having what you don't want. LORRAINE L. LOGAN H :Q LYNN LUTI Dreams of the Past: 5!25l73, bog, waffles at CiroIi's at 6:00 a.m., D.C., dinner for 10, J.P., my friends. Visions of the Future: undecided. Quote: Don't let it bring you down lt's only castles burn- ing. Just find someone who's turning and you will come around. - Neil Young Quote: Live fast, Die young, and make a good-looking corpse. Dreams of the Past: The two heads, Eagles concert, 10:00, R.M., D.D., C.P., J.M., the first night with J.M., here, tnj this. Suppressed desire: keep a pro- mise. Happiness is: Partying with a lot of friends. Misery is: hoofing it on long, cold nights. Pet Peeve: Puddin's. STEVE LOGAN MICHAEL MACDONALD Dreams of the Past: rec, chevies, Boys Club, Football, chippy, Nov. '76, Captain for a day, Hampton. Visions of the Future: E.M.T. and Further. Quote: Getting out of school to do what I want to do, and be what I want to be. Pet Peeve: Pain in the Duff Teachers. Suppressed desire: Graduate. Happiness is: Football, Love, L.A. Dreams of the Past: Labor Day weekend, Bette's Pack, "the Drive-In", 9!8!76, 8!1Ol76, 10! 8176, Summer of "76", L.P., C.N., A.P., A.B., R.S., M.S. Visions of the Future: College - Accounting. Quote: "The most essential thing for happiness is the gift of friendship." Suppressed desire: To be suc- cessful in whatever I do. H, ,, sI,' W 'wr We i..,,,,j, , . N, ,Q ,. 'X . mv , V, f LORRAINE LONGO ROGER MACHADO Dreams of the Past: S.P.S., my little friend, Matts, Pickle, Fly, Brizzle, Danipies, Marsh, Lindy, deeerol "FeeIings". Quote: If you love something let it go free, If it comes back it's yours forever, If it doesn't it was never really yours to begin with! Pet Peeve: cliques. Suppressed desire: To make holes in Life Savers. SHARON MADER ,Rv X ,X fr . JAMES L. MAHONEY Dreams of the Past: T Bar at Pico, Chemistry lab, A drink of water, Mack Truck, Grun- gie, Swamp Fiats, "Buck". Visions of the Future: College. Quote: "Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else." - Three Stooges Pet Peeve: R.L. Misery is: three years with 10 studies and no privileges. Dreams of the Past: Salisbury, Cape Cod, New Hampshire, June 25, 1975, D.G. 8- C.V. Visions of the Future: Secretary. Quote: God, grant me the seren- ity to accept the things I can- not change, Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the differ- ence. Happiness is: Dave, laughing, weekends. Misery is: B.S.B.C. - 7 X ANNETTE MAFFEO MARC MAILLETT C3 Cffeqwg Gxfe-.. 4 Wf5lsP5 anis! f be Vi B G . db o ,IUPUI f Dreams of the Past: the years I spent at S.H.S., my friends at S.H.S,, H.S., J.D., B.H., U.G.C., Summer of "76" at Servoma- tion, Toronto? ? Happiness is: I haven't found it yet. Misery is: Thanksgiving "75" Visions of the Future: Live in a world of peace and prosper- ity, safely graduate college. Quote: "You are only what you make of yourself." DENNIS MAGUIRE JOYCE MAIORANA Dreams of the Past: Michael and loving each other, New Hampshire, August '76, June 8, 1974, C.C. and M.O., studies with S.D. Visions of the Future: Mechan- ical Draftsman, raising a fam- ily with Michael. Quote: To get through the har- dest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping. Dreams of the Past: true friends, scoops and gists, ACA 8t ICF, "the 195O's", laugh . . . thank-you, 29 at 217, S30 purchase and run, V-P4-GG- HCC, JCO's, umbrellas - Oct. 18, Nantasket, BBC, 6 A.M., four on the floor, shuffle, skid, 18 in 314. Quote: What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. JOAN MAHER RICHARD MALAGODI Dreams of the Past: A drink of water, Mac Truck, Grungie, ATSU, Swamp Rats, "Buck", Canada, Ski Club, T Bar at Pico, Penguin. Visions of the Future: College. Quote: "Talk with yourself and you will hear what you want to know." -Aerosmith Pet Peeve: Ft.L. Happiness is: Snow 79 Dreams of the Past: Miss Thur's class "75", July 4, 1976, Bor- rowing a car in Charlestown, Borrowing a bike in Melrose, J.H. parties, 5th grade, kid- napping Mario, 6th grade birthday party. Visions of the Future: Pharmacy college. Quote: "We're from California", "I Love you!" fscreaml. Suppressed desire: To receive a kickoff. BILL MANNING RALPH MARULLI Dreams of the Past: The Cape, Eagles concert - sleepin over, Logey, J.M.A.C., weekends, B.B.C. Visions of the Future: N.O.Y.G.D.B. Misery is: The Junior Prom fD.J.l, The Pack. Quote: Better to be thought a fool and remain silent, than to open your mouth and remove all the doubt. 80 Dreams of the Past: P.H., class of '77, ICF, 1950's, 18-314, S30 purchase and runl, summer of '76, Hampton, A.B., M.D., S.B., 10th, 8-27, Quakertown, "Promises". Happiness is: trust, getting to- gether with old friends. Quote: "lf you don't like yourself, you can't like other people." Visions ofthe Future: College. CHRISTINE MANNING DANIEL MATHEWSON 0 5 MM' 6 q 'P fn ll WI I MW Dreams of the Past: "Maine 76", C.M., J.F., M.M., B.F., M.M., Shark, "63 Lesabre", GM, ride threw Boston at 12:00 P.M., "Weight Gain", J.H.S. parties. Visions of the Future: College, State Cop. Quote: "Light 'em up", A weekend job that I never finished, "5 minutes left". - RICHARD MARKS ELAI N E MATTH EWS Dreams of the Past: Babe, "Sara Smile", "Pickle", "Arab", "Sha's", "Marshall", "Fteasons". Visions of the Future: College, Journalism. Happiness is: B. Ferullo Favorite Song: "Funky Music" Pet Peeve: Patty D. Quote: "and though you want to last forever you know you never will . . . And the good-bye makes the journey harder still. - "Oh Very Young" Dreams of the Past: L.N.H. - April vacation, September 1, 1976, the "Eagles", "trick- knee", Flec. Park, J.H. Visions of the Future: God only knows. Quote: "Your time has come to shine. All your dreams are on their way. See how they shine." Happiness is: a cooler full of cold ones. Suppressed desire: play pro-ball, hit trick. LARRY MARSHALL PHILIP MCCALLUM Dreams of the Past: April '76 - N.H. with F.S., M.A., 8 D.H., The Days - The Great Pumpkin, 5 miles in 26 min., 30 pumpkins!?! Visions of the Future: Boston Marathon, coaching track teams, watching track meets, college track. Quote: "Abby who? Abby nor- mal!" am, Q if gm' 1 il W .I MW PAUL MCCARTHY WENDY J. MCNAUGHTON Dreams of the Past: Eagles! F.W.M., Orange freezes, get- ting locked out, C.F.D.'s, "Wedge", "I can't believe the prices.", W.W., "Sap", B.S. Visions of the Future: to live my life to its fullest. Quote: "The great essentials of happiness are, something to do, something to love, and something to hope for." Dreams of the Past: Good times, good friends, My Captain, the class of "77", cheerleading, winning, ICF after ACA, BBC, Hampton Beach "75", Get it? Visions of the Future: College, living, and being me. Quote: "The moment may be temporary, but the memory is forever." S.B. GINNY MCDONNELL JUNE Ft. MCTAGGART Dreams of the Past: Zeena, Chicago, Ft. 810, Chicopee, my friends, sailboats, FFA, CFD's. Visions of the Future: College, to be happy with whatever comes my way: some will have less. Quote: Life is a journey not a de- stination. Suppressed desire: to see the world smile all at once. Happiness is: living. Dreams of the Past: Your crummy barber, Aerosmith, friends, the Eagles, Peltz's rock, Never chase a wood- chuck, Canada, Jay Peak. Visions of the Future: to travel, Columbia Agricultural School, college, skiing. Supgxlifssed desire: to blow up Pet Peeve: the Whopper, getting caught. Happiness is: home on time. DENNIS MCGRAIL LINDA S. MCTIGHE Dreams of the Past: memories, friends, the "Lock outs", Christmas present of "75", two certain parties, Gilchrists, Jab, C.V., 6!2!76, Doy, 1O!31! 76, Chicago, Free-for-all, "seventh", Eagles, B.S. Quote: "WE do not remember days, we remember mo- ments." -Pavese Pet Peeve: twenty questions, gotta go. Happiness is: David Dreams of the Past: Hampton on Mondays, Down Chevron on Friday nights, C.M., J.A., Mr. Jaws, Smart remarks, "The Great Sneeze", T.F.P., 3 years, 7!18!76, The summer of '75. Visions of the Future: School. Quote: Today will be a part of forever: So live it well. Happiness is: Someone who cares! JEANIE MCMASTER THOMAS MEAGHER 0 Tl was 51 rx 'D ffl ,I til f I WW MARYELLEN MEEGAN STEPHEN MINGHELLA Dreams of the Past: C.B., Dick's Arms, Pfs before practice, Kel at the Twirp, dead cats, Diege's soph. game. Visions of the Future: college, tattoo, a red vette Misery is: Q.O.T.R., Aug. 30 - Sept. 3, "Score!" Pet Peeve: Prior's excuses 82 Dreams of the Past: Winter Track '74, Ancient History with Mr. Wilton, Pizza and cards, Win- chendon, street hockeg Visions of the Future: ollege, Fame, Fortune Knot necessar- ily in that orderl, living in To- ronto Quote: "Shut up, Jan." - C. Bacon Pet Peeve: being late, people who don't show up, breaking hockey sticks Misery is: September to June, working Sunday nights RICHARD MEISNER ELIZABETH MOORE Dreams of the Past: 29 at 217, B.B.C., 12-3 stuck at E5, Smit- ty's steps, the beach, shuffle, 3-d Quote: "With each rising sun think of our life as just beginning, show kindness and have today for tomor- row's chance may be lost." Dreams of the Past: U.G.C., Claire, Summers in Maine, 11!7!75, A.J.H., U.N.H., To- ronto 1977 Visions ofthe Future: College Pet Peeve: Hoods, school lunches Happiness is: Being under the in- fluence. Suppressed desire: To not get caught going out to lunch. MARK J. MELKONIAN PHYLLIS M. MOORE Dreams of the Past: Selll, mus- clesl, California, "The Fitz" certain problem people, To- ronto, zooey buses, UNH, re- treats, Thanksgiving '75, ATH Quote: "You are only what you MJM Misery is: diets, cold Sat. morn- ings, bruises, wanna buy. . . Happiness is: family reunions, skiing, exchanges, SCP, green leotard Pet Peeve: hassles make of yourself." Dreams of the Past: Maine, N.H. - no way out, Locker room 441 - Kelley's and Dan's hair- cut, sharks, 9 c's, J.R.H.W.T.Z.D.H. Visions of the Future: College, business Pet Peeve: Clarkie with scissors, Burnham's drills Suppressed desire: see Mac's beast, own my own business MARTIN MIASSERIAN SUSAN MORAN Dreams of the Past: Sue 81 Co. lbubblesy, Smyly, Harmless, L.l., The Group, Brig's Quote: "The best way to know life is to love many things." - Van Gogh Dreams of the Past: Meeting M.M. and getting Bishop and Babes. Visions of the Future: Be a dog trainer, and move to the coun- try. Quote: It is more important to see the simplicity, To realize one's true nature, To cast off selfishness And temper desire. - Feng BETTY MORGAN DAVID MURPHY Dreams of the Past: Parties at R.H., Party at 4 Seasons, Opening fishing days '75, '76 Visions of the Future: To raise dogs, and fish a lot Suppressed desire: To run in the Boston Marathon Comment: Don't let it bring you down because you can't al- ways get what you want. Dreams of the Past: M.H.L., S.C. and G.A., 9!4!75, Mitsua Atisha, Sat. nights, '69 Ford Race Car, Aerosmith concert Visions of the Future: College Happiness is: Going out on a Fri. and Sat. night and not getting pulled over. GLEN MORSE JOHN MURPHY Dreams of the Past: Who cut your hair?, friends, good times, D.Ft., Steve Miller Band Visions of the Future: College, a car, to travel, to be happy Quote: lf it feels good, do it. Happiness is: a summer all- nighter Pet Peeve: getting caught Dreams of the Past: Latin l, GAL- LlA EST PROVINCIA, camping trips, math meets, Bid Whist, "The Oddity," Chemistry Labs, The SLA Comment: I will do tomorrow that which l should have done yesterday, but put off till to- day. l GERALD Maoz TARA MURPHY Dreams of the Past: r, p, d, p, d, F. l, P. C. m. K. dl C, j. S. "hal- oween night", "holiday inn", "a field", "times I'll never forget, but have already been forgotten." Visions of the Future: College, "to enjoy life as it comes." Quote: "You should always hope for something, for once you stop hoping you have nothing." Pet Peeve: "creature" 'V 2 its A JEAN MUELLER JOHN MURRAY Dreams of the Past: Winning in cards: I can forget losing, se- nior class play, M.G. introduc- ing me to C.P. Visions of the Future: Get a job, go to the Navy. Quote: "Life is like a card game, you have good days and bad days." Pet Peeve: Track, C.C., "Murph" Happiness is: Burning people 83 Dreams of the Past: Pat 8!15!74, S30 purchase 8. run, Painting the town blue with K.C. 81 C.D., Cheering, ICF, Back in 1950's w!G.F., long walks to Melrose with S.K., S.W., M.O., J. Geils, Jan, parties, old niner, K.K. 8. J.M. in "P.J.'s" Visions of the Future: College, Fted Vette Misery is: Florida Happiness is: making other peo- Dle NHDDY ROSEANN NARDELLA l JOSEPH NORDEN Dreams of the Past: Connecticut, Stag 5, Dungeon 6, 212, JlTB, ABC at Victor's, Salisbury, S.M., Cosway, Larry Visions of the Future: Never grow old Quote: Don't look into the future, take each day as it comes. Happiness is: L.T.J.G., T.C. Misery is: M's F's, 4 in C.M., B.C.C.L. Pet Peeve: Fighting with friends, two faced people. DONNA NAZZAFKO DAVID O'BFtIEN Dreams of the Past: 10127, first night, "There's no seats!" Happiness is: long weekends, short school days, fs Misery is: 2 months behind lock n' key, "no mon - no fun" Quote: Yes there are two paths you can go by. But in the long run there's still time to change the road you're on. - Led Zepplin DONNA NICHOLS MICHAEL O'GFiADY Dreams of the Past: 1!4!74, Carole, Plum Island, The Black Wind Visions of the Future: College, Auto Mechanic Quote: The man who rides a "high horse" forgets how things look to people on foot. Pet Peeve: Bradlees and Fted- stone Happiness is: Abby on the Ropes, O.J. streaching out, Headly "Mad" at Clark DONALD NOLLETT MARY-JEAN O'HALLORAN Happiness is: rain walks: 1-23 Misery is: E blocks, Saturday night routine Dreams of the Past: The Fortune B.W.S.A.D.I.O., yellow vettes, The Few, Tremont Street, Boston-Wes, 7!14!75, G.C., 4!1O!75, Feb. vacation '74 81 75 Visions of the Future: College Quote: "There can be no rain- bow without a cloud and a storm." Dreams of the Past: C.D.W., hal- loween, Jr. Prom, 29 at 217, blue 81 white feathers, shuffle, Jr. year, vacation roommates, square dancing, B.B.C. whip- ped cream Visions of the Future: college Quote: Yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is to- day's dream, Misery is: cold fingers, rainy Sat- urdays Happiness is: being with good friends JANET O'NElL LIZ PALERMO Dreams of the Past: lying in the street with a beer in my hand, B.P., M.S., Jr. Prom, Bluebox, Jerry Jingles Visions of the Future: getting married Happiness is: getting up in the morning and not having to go to school. Misery is: getting up for school, fights with Mike Pet Peeve: rainy weekends Y' x Q - -.Hg is Q A V A ,J if", L' 'A -1' , ,. --:' S f 53" j tf" MAUREEN O'NEIL CARLA PALLOTTA Dreams of the Past: Old Spice, 12-3 at E5, 29 at 217, N.E., B.B.C., whipped cream, S30 purchase-n-run, 1950's, Tow- mes, Gumbies, xwfpag., l.C.F., Stoneham Shuffle. Pet Peeve: rainy days, eclairs Happiness is: N31 Comment: l wanna, but! Quote: If the worId's a veil of tears, smile, till rainbows span it! iT.O.S.j Dreams of the Past: hockey, softball, cape Visions of the Future: Accoun- tant SUE ORBEN JOANNE PALUMBO Dreams of the Past: cutes, 29 at 217, JCO, float, basketball, the foot, H.C., snuggles Happiness is: smiles, being with friends who care, summer sunshine Visions of the Future: to meet different faces Quote: Nothing should be more highly priced than the value of each day. Comment: Look at yourself be- fore you talk of others. Suppressed desire: to be on time! RICHARD PAIGE CH ERYL PANOSIAN Dreams of the Past: Morning Side of the Mountain, 12l3l74 - Florida - The Critt - False Alarm, 1!25l76 Visions of the Future: to be a photographer on the moon, to be a great-grandmother at 40. Quote: lt's a boy! NANCY PANTANO BRUCE J. PERRY Dreams ofthe Past: Lou's Camp, Scat w!Linda 8. Mini M's, 4th of July '76, Tall Ships w!Ft's Visions of the Future: To own a Hilltop. Quote: "Hey Ice Cream" Misery is: Spanish Happiness is: 2:34 Suppressed desire: Kill dumping 86 Dreams of the Past: Glen, 9!4!75, 3 lonely weeks, Summer '75, P.L., L.Z., M.C,, P.G., 2!3!75, PVMHS Visions of the Future: Nursing Quote: "Two persons cannot long be friends if they cannot forgive each other's ittle fail- ings." Happiness is: Glen, Sat. nites, doing just one thing right. ANN MARIE PAONESSA MICHAEL PERRY 'T' 4' X 7 X V. gg A .il IEE- -M'-e.-s lllf' ' Happiness is: Love, making someone happy, Mr. H., Sue, Sweetie, my parents, my brothers, and that fantastic woman Mrs. Pack. Dreams of the Past: L.B.O., Super Chick, Jo, Jan S., Mrs. P., Ms. K., Mr. J., Mr. K., 124 A8tB, Rockport and Glouces- ter with Doug. Suppressed desire: own a van Misery is: Not having enough hours in a day, not being un- derstood. Visions ofthe Future: college ANNE PAPULIS SCOTT PERRY Dreams of the Past: The neighborhood, Porky, B.W., W.R., eloffnogg, B.J., C.P., E.D., T.C., the tracks, V.F.W., B.C., Pinto, the pipes, W.P.O.D., P.B., D.K. truck Visions of the Future: Army, traveling, partying Quote: Always stay up on life, never let it get you down! Happiness is: a good party. Dreams of the Past: E.G. Wentworth, Camping in the rain, J.D.W., Dino, George, The Barners, my wittle sister, all the good times, that ex- pensive ice-cream, R. 8. C.K. Jones, Pages Visicirs of the Future: to be what ' be SUSAN L. PARKER TERRY PERRYMAN Dreams of the Past: true friends, D.G., Stones Concert, 29 at 217, S30 purchase-n-run, the shuffle 60 seconds, gists, "My seven year itch." Bermuda, "Les Foules" Quote: Those who bring sun- shine to the lives of others cannot help but bring it to themselves. Dreams of the Past: My class ring? being frisked, put left shoe on first. Happiness is: being with Linda, true friends, hitting Terry. Pet Peeve: "I don't care, what do you want to do?" Misery is: What stop sign? Shav- 'ing since the 7th grade, a two stroke penalty Comment: Third time never fails. MICHAEL PINELLI ...-fi SUSAN POLLINO Happiness is: good times with friends, weekends, the beach, memories Dreams of the Past: stuck at Star- lite, locked out, Summer of '76, thanksgiving vacation, my senior year Misery is: rainy days, waiting Visions of the Future: college Quote: "Live for today with a smile, for everyday there are new beginnings." Dreams of the Past: Monday and Friday nights, "Never chase a woodchuck." C.R., a stacked deck, discovery of Tolkien, hiding the minibus. Visions of the Future: College Quote: All that is gold does not glitter. Not all those who wander are lost. PETER PIZZANO MARGARET PORTER When you're down and troubled, And you need some love and care, And nothing, nothing is going rigcht, Close your eyes and thin of me, And soon l will be there to brighten up even your darkest night . . . You've got a friend Dreams of the Past: Robin Hood Gang, the only girl, "Hey there's a lady present." Dye, Disco, Angel D, the best peo- p e. Visions of the Future: to be a real swinger, live it up, fschoolj still swinging, marry, big fam- ' Y Quote, Live your life to the fullest extent. DIANE PIZZOTTI KATHY POTHIER Happiness is: partying, a true friend Dreams of the Past: . . . Dead Chevy, 6!20!76, window scene-2-5 a.m., Straight, Donna, Straight! fDebbie toldl Nahant, 2-1-2, 6!7!76 - C.C., 8,4,75, honest, Milton, JITB Visions of the Future: travel Pet Peeve: Monday-Friday Suppressed Desire: to find com- plete happiness Quote: Life is a collection of memories . . . and memories are like starlite, they go on forever. Happiness is: being with Peter, partying, going to Jack's Dreams of the Past: Stag 5 and Dungeon 6, 2-1-2, Derry, J.l.T.B., 6f9l76, 6!7!76 - C.C., Debbie get down, causeway, 9 in a Maverick, 10!29!76 - N.V. Misery is: Monday mornings Visions of the Future: secretary for a doctor. Quote: Love the one you're with, be with the one you love. WIS LMT 3? 14.1445 5 3 ph 4' W i ' it A am... .. -mf.. , ,, - . t. . f 2 ' : . ' " Q- ' 225315 r I , , if .r is -ww . Af -- -ff:-f ' " ' F Q - t w 'far' L Q Z alt' 1- rg, ' a .mf MARIANN POLCARI RICHARD PRIOR Dreams of the Past: PaIumbo's before practice, Diege's sophomore game, Minghy's jokes, Scatman, Kelley at the Twirp, the Brown team Visions of the Future: college Misery is: Q.O.T.R., double ses- sions Quote: Play it like a football player. Pet Peeve: Ceps, Lexington, dumpers Happiness is: no sprints, winning the card. 87 Q1 .fi W" l.1- 1. LA CHRISTOPHER PUGLIA JOHN RATHBUN Dreams of the Past: Frank and Uncle Dudly, Mr. P's classes, Peter fthe nosel my electricity class with Louie Visions of the Future: go club- bing with my brother Happiness is: going to Capri and not getting caught ALLAN PURRINGTON PAUL RATHBUN A I Dreams of the Past: 1!12!75, Ronnie, Debbie, Liz, Sue, Ed- die, and Mike, Twirp Twirl, "Anne, thanks a lot," the trailer, "My" three kids, thanksgiving nite Visions of the Future: work Quote: "Love is only a word, till brought to life." Misery is: raining on a camping trip Pet Peeve: a stuffy nose fs ANNE PURRINGTON ROSEMARY REAR DON Dreams of the Past: good times, parties, old Rec., Our Place, good friends, Jr. Prom, Cage undays with L.L. and B. ., 10l2l74, P.K.'s party Visions of the Future: to be as happy as l possibly can Quote: You'Il never know what you've got till its gone. Happiness is: Jack Misery Is: getting caught L.L. Quote: Let us preserve in things essential unity, in things not essential liberty, in both char- ity. Happiness is: not found in self- contemplation, it is perceived only when it is reflected from another. Visions of the Future: Go to col- lege but undecided on the course. Dreams of the Past: graduating from Stoneham High School. l VILMA QAHOUSH wM'7f PATRICIA RECKO Dreams of the Past: JPR, pine cones, 6!20!76, DPPSKTRBCRMND, Canada, Y Parties, CFD, Lynn meet- ings Visions ofthe Future: nursing, to see the world Quote: Caring and sharing are the secrets of living. Happiness is: being with friends who care, someone to be there when you need them my 6 ,UQ-gg. I is D ials IIII KEITH REINOLD I 3? DONNA HoelLoTTo Dreams of the Past: Spaz, John Carla, Donna, Debbie, Vicki 6!7!76, Sept. 18, Cape Pines Betty's Pack, 3rd lunch in 213 the good times 8t bad, never forget friends. Visions of the Future: to do the best I can Quote: "Love understands love, it needs no talk." "Where are you going. mY IIUIG one? Where are you going, my baby, my own? Turn around and you're two, Turn around and you're four, Turn around and you're a young girl Going out of the door. . . LISA R. REIS JOHN ROHANNA Dreams of the Past: the five letter walk in Visions of the Future: to be a C.P.A. and have a house in New Hampshire Quote: "Friends are like melons. Shall I tell you why? To find one good, you must a hundred try." Dreams of the East: Maine, Pin- kham's Islan Visions of the Future: Electronic engineering Quote: "Deep in the human un- conscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond lo ic." Suppressed gesire: to get a job Happiness is: 16-20, OOOHz, Monty Python RICHARD RELLO ANNMARIE ROMANO Dreams of the Past: my friends, Canada, 10!2!76, Feb. '74, 4 in C.M., J.l.T.B., car, just one more cut! Visions of the Future: secretary for the Airlines Happiness is: skiing, MSC, Buff, C.B. in Danvers, 6l10!76 Misery is: losing a roommate and conversations until 3 a.m. .N 73 4,1 'Z L...-TL L.. -',, ,, MX JEFFREY REYNOLDS LISA ROSATI Dreams of the Past: 2.21l76, buddies, Salisbury, Jr. Prom, Sr. Prom, Salem Willows, flat tires, "pull over," Mel's laugh, Bobby's parties Visions of the Future: college, happiness Happiness is: Bobby, partying, East Misery is: E.S. mud, trains, "be- ing miserabIe," "fishing worms," "I think we're lost." Petkzeevez nervy girls, Medford I s "1 7 bm: 'I md mv 5:4514 ar'W-My M? SBE.. -Alun .11 9 1 infra I i 1 f' W1 GV5 t .F 1,1 lg, ' g 7 A Au l Q1 5 V! P ,rl I I kk Af- .jab 231 2 4 . , 'inf Dreams of the Past: 614176, 10141 74, 11119175, 811176, D,C., P.D., T.M., J.M., J.A., A.M., D.L., C 81 J, R.Ft., S.H., Chevron, visiting J.Fl., Doctor Zero, family race car, Friendly's Visions of the Future: School Quote: "Nobody's gonna stop us now." Happiness is: Darrell, being with friends, weekend partying, more hours, little talks Pet Peeve: waiting ' . Mb' A 'V 1' ggi-gg , , A ,Q X- . ,4 - gl. fx 1 . ' .. Q A A ' ai ry , ' 1 1: 71 W ,... V f " t" K-,K 'XXA W "e MXH ff it , S! 1 I ' JANET ROSE ROBERT SALERNO Dreams of the Past: Michele, down the Cape, Gallella's house, Byrnes treasure hunt, the axe, 19-incher, Cremins cottage, rumbles Visions of the Future: Alaska Happiness is: down the Cape, camping Misery is: going to school, his- tory, 10:00 Dreams of the Past: Peter, 61 11176, 8120176, Joey's, H.B., my friends, the green chevy, S.S. 81 C.F., 017504190 Visions of the Future: college, marriage Happiness is: P.B., weekends, my second family, capecodders, being close, good music, a party, eating, driving Pet Peeves: S.N., P.C., moods, Mona Lisa, I love you, backstabbersl, the LR. room Comment: yeh, sure! TRACEY RUSSO PHILIP SAMPLE Dreams of the Past: Magoo, 3122175, 1975 Jr. Prom, 111261 75, L,L. and the mannequin Visions of the Future: college and to be with Eugene forever, 1980 Quote: Cherish your yesterdays Dream your tomorrow But live your todays. Happiness is: Eugene, close friends Misery is: Rainy days and the Army. RHOMAINE SABELLA 'F LAURIE SANDGREN Dreams of the Past: the Allagash, Deering, Camp family, Mrs. Brumit, 10 in a V.W., band, "The Irish Blessing" Visions of the Future: Music teacher Suppressed desire: to live in the country Happiness is: music, fireplaces, canoeing, true friends Misery is: being cold, laryngitis Quote: Make every day count in Life, Friendship, Love and Sharing. ROBERT SACCO ft f f - ,W is LIN DA SANTOSUOSSO L Dreams of the Past: 818175, Rick, my dancing partner, 9!23!76, DSTPP DECA, CFD'S LWKUT Visions of the Future: school Comment: In your life, be what you are, stand up for what you believe, for God is always at your side. Happiness is: family and friends i PATTY SAVE LO DIANE SCOLA l Dreams of the Past: my big crush on Mr. S. and some special friends ' Visions of the Future: to become i an Interior Decorator and marry a certain veterinarian. 1 Quote: Gone today, back some- i day. Who's eyes to compare 1 with the morning sun. Dreams of the Past: the empty cooler, chase, rumbles, the truck, friends, N.H., Melrose game - during and after, N.Y.E.A.M.G. Visions of the future: l wish l knew. Happiness is: running, hockey, winning, getting away for awhile Misery is: losing, taking S.A.T.'s three times, bad marks, being injured or seeing a teammate injured Suppressed desire: beat Melrose, win states, be content FRANK SCARPA MARIANN SCRENCI Dreams of the Past: good friends, 7802:39, J.P. 8t S.P. w!D.B., 76ers, B.B.C., cheering!lFC, "the 1950's, 29 at 217, shuffle, S30 purchase-n-run, 4 on the floor, 18 in 314, class '77 Quote: "Better than the gold of kings, are memories of happy things." Happiness is: good times with good friends, perfect weekends, VICTORIES! Dreams of the Past: the 6O's, Tanglewood, The Hatch - July 4, 1976, W.W., D.T., B.A., Dried Apple Studies, Martha's Vineyard, Oct. 10-12, 1975 Quote: The times, they are a'changin. . . Visions of the Future: Travel, then school. l SCOTT SCH MIDT BILL SCULLIN Dreams of the Past: Scull . . . Parties up Blueberry, lite-em up, K.C. Visions of the Future: fly around the world, backwards Quote: Say what you mean and mean what you say. Misery is: a cold toilet seat. Dreams of the Past: flunking my permit test: Mark, Lou, Chris, Jean, Jody, Maryanne: Janu- ary 23, May 26, 27, 1976: Destination Committees Misery is: Not having any "cookies" Quotes: "Things are not always what they seem," "We live, not as we wish to, but as we can." LYN DA SCH NARE MATTHEW P. SHANNON Dreams of the Past: camping trips, most consecutive monsters, Junior English asylum, Fteeed! the agony of defeat Visions of the Future: intellectual burnout, college Quote: Let us begin by commit- ting ourselves to the truth, to find the truth, to speak the truth, and to live the truth. Richard M. Nixon Misery is: Yeats, definitely Yeats, deadlines Comment: Oedipus, call your mother. Dreams of the Past: home of the load, opening day, trash man Dan, the swamp Misery is: the morning after, a warm one, mothers' waiting Suppressed desire: to have an annual reenactment with load's cast of idiots Visions of the Future: go forth to serve DENNIS SHEEDY LISA SIPE g. ,,.,..,J. g ,V sf fy it Q., . , N 'f V. , 15.-1. Vl..,ge,g5y,igg1w'.53. xr.: s ,QR . a......-,"v'2fei.1I .i hw. - 94 EDWARD SHEEHAN MAUREEN SKERRY Dreams of the Past: 12!17!74, "buddies," Salisbury, Lisa's mud pants, flat tires, "pull over," laughing, Jr. 8. Sr. Prom, Bobby's parties Visions of the Future: college happiness Misery is: fishing worms, "being miserable," a kill, going the wrong way, vans Happiness is: Warren, partying, East Pet Peeve: nervy girls, Medford kids Dreams of the Past: Epping, cracking up in the boondocks of N.H., pasties and a g-string, V.M., B.G., B.S., B.B., E.M., Sandy's lasagna, Mrs. Mucci Visions of the Future: cabinet- maker Quote: "And how when she died, though she had not been dead an hour, it seemed as if she died a great while ago." 'YTQ -4-v-.,.,. MARK SHUNAMON ,Raiser . ELIZABETH SMAIL Dreams of the Past: PRIDE, Canadian Pride, Milford 81 Co. fM.C.J, Closet Dweller, Muck- les, Crash, Jay, Joeys, All the boys! Outpost, truth, S.B.N.P., Alpines-mooning platform, Lobster festival tha-hal J.H.F.L.W. and E.P.C. Visions of the Future: You never can tell! Quote: We are the unwilling . . . led by the unqualified to do the unnecessary . . . for the ungrateful. Comment: lookin sharp! Dreams of the Past: New Hamp- shire and the red jacket. The true friend I have found. Visions of the Future: college, to be alive and happy Quote: Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. Langston Hughes Suppressed desire: to be rich. Pet Peeve: liars Happiness is: being loved. KLEONIKI SIMPSON ROBIN SPERLINGA Dreams of the Past: Kim, 311 5174, Rec Park, Clayton's old house, J. Geil concert, K.K. and company at the HAVAN Visions of the Future: undecided but will be rich and happy Quote: "lf wise men were hairs, the world would need a wig." Suppressed desire: to see Andrea without a care in the world Dreams of the Past: my first "69," 396 - is this Burger King? Visions of the Future: graduation Quote: Manga la Gahts Misery is: a night of S.C. and the morning after. MARK S. SMITH WILLIAM SNOW Dreams of the Past: 29 at 217, shuffle, "the steps," good times, "bionics" the gang, Jo's second home, New Years, Jr. 8. Sr. Year Quote: We love the things we love for what they are. Robert Frost Happiness is: weekends, friends, long talks. Pet Peeve: waiting, being bored ""w.a....mfwv'w.u PATRICIA SMITH LYNNE M. SORENSEN Dreams of the Past: AOC and Company, "Zebra" 8t "Mocha," Miss Harrington's 5th period class lmoronsj, "Oh, no! Not on Main St.," D.M., Ft.S., "Gultch," 8!1!75 Pet Peeve: "the Morons" of 5th period Clerical, "Ooma" Visions of the Future: Work Dreams of the Past: 6!4!76, 2-1-2, Medford, "Hey sexy," "Funny looking," Kathy which way? MariAnn is that him? finding and losing Pet Peeve: people who are phony Suppressed Desire: never to grow old. Comment: Love the one you're with: be with the one you love. Happiness is: being with Kenny Visions of the Future: traveling I , :eg-, ,ef Q gd ' -! 1 rf 'R STEVEN SMITH PAT SOWLE Dreams of the Past: Summer of '76, parties up blueberry, wckle, Dani 8t Robin, Pizza orld DEBBIE SNOW Q ., ff ml. FRAN SMALL Dreams of the Past: G.B., Ft8tM., Pickle, Space, Turnover, Bonude, Brizzle, 6!22!74, 7!3f76, Driving with S.M., "Oh no" we're doomed: we'Il never make it." Quote: "A job worth doing, and friends worth having, make life worth living." Pet Peeve: two-faced people 95 Dreams of the Past: Canada '75, '76, '77 and Ski Club, my '64 Valiant, Chemistry Labs, Mac's, Big Waves, Cheezey and Smiley, T-bar at Pico, Ft.Fl. never got me. Visions of the Future: College Quote: Don't get mad, get EVEN! Pet Peeve: Fl.L. and an E Block Study Happiness is: A and G block priv- ileges Misery is: "no gas" ALBERT STAFFIERI GARY STOCKBRIDGE Dreams of the Past: The errors of my ways. Visions of the Future: find my destiny Quote: And the harvest of right- eousness is sown in peace by those who make peace James 3:18 Happiness is: an all campy bike JIM STANDISH ROBERT STONE Dreams of the Past: a certain night with N.A., D.C., J.C., and J.B.: good times: M.O.: no. 11: victories, certain Saturday nights: the good parties: A.C.A.: l.C.F.: 18 in 314: we four: graduation day!!! Happiness is: being with Stephen Misery is: trying to decide Comment: L.G.O.M.L. KATHY STANIEICH so ,..- MARK R. STUART Dreams of the Past: Chemistry Labs, the Oddity, Latin l, "Shut up Jan!", Battleship, stickman, Wentz, Lester, Dan Wiser, Senator, Emilio, and DeMoot Visions of the Future: Pro Track Quote: "Now is the time to gush" by"Hawkeye" ierce Pet Peeve: 330-yd. low hurdles Suppressed desire: to be on a winning track team Comment: "Hunter for Secre- tary." J , SCOTT STIMPSON , l TOMMY SWEET Dreams of the Past: the summer of '76, the gas station party, Karen 12!31!75, J.M., 3!19l76, 1116176 Visions of the Future: God only knows Pet Peeve: the next day after a good night Y' FRANCIS SWETT PAM TAYLOR Dreams of the Past: 2!14!76, I summer of '74, WHS, Dew Drop ln, 1O!29!76, Bermuda, new friends, moonbuggy, Everett, Austin Prep 75-76, GiIchrist's, 15th birthday, T.C. and P.Z., Falmouth, Towers, Groton, snowmobiling gisions of the Future: college uote: Life is just what you make ' I t' 'f wt CARMEL SZLOCH ROBIN TERRAVECCHIA Dreams of the Past: 5-74, P.W.: E.S.: Woburn: 5!7!76 "our day": K.T.: M.S.: Breakheart: 2!20!74, W.G.: 1!14!77 Visions of the Future: to cross the country with Mary, possi- bly college Quote: If l forget the way, the running river, if l pass it by, the quiet green, still some day 51" is Lg V k Y Dreams of the Past: Wednesday night with J.B., J.M., and Fl.T. Visions of the Future: '? Quote: One day at a time. Suppressed desire: to be 6ft. tall Misery is: getting up for school on time. K9 STEVE TAGUE KENNETH THOMAS VINCENT TAVERNESE ELLEN M. THOMPSON Of all the things which wisdom provides to make life entirely happy, much the greatest is the possession of friendship. EPICURUS of lt. just once, let the wind blow dappiness is: being me through me, let me breathe free. Gregor Owen I 97 I I xl MARIA THOMPSON ROSS TOLMAN Dreams of the Past: Rte. 128 at 7:00 a.m., night at Steve's, Drive-ins, Pete's fireplace, the Class of '77 Future Plans: College Quote: Live life to its fullest. Happiness is: winning, weekends and holidays, being with friends, having a girl friend Pet Peeve: Toto I Suppressed Desire: to win 1 million tax free dollars 98 Dreams of the Past: W.J.D. and . . .silver cars,jr. year, drivin' em crazy, walkin' around, C.P., one terrific summer, 7!28!76 Visions of the Future: happiness and many more memories Happiness is: the little things in life Misery is: not knowing, gradua- tion "76" Comment: Please give me the chance to show you who I re- ally am. WENDY THOMPSON KATHRYN TRENHOLM Dreams of the Past: 11!27!75, 11l2l74, Chicopee, Montreal, Toronto?, U Mass Parties, Senior Prom '76 Quote: "lf you love something very, very badly, let it go free. If it comes back to you it's yours forever. If it doesn't, it was never yours to begin with." Dreams of the Past: the "group," 9!24!76, turtle, K.D.T. homeroom, the two Sue's, French Ill and lV with Miss K. Quote: What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. SUSAN THORLEY DAVE TRITES Dreams of the Past: bees, men- tal, Bike 81 Bowling with Bob and Horse, getting kicked out of Prince because of Steve, Linda, Karen, Rich, Marie, Steve, Kent, and all the kids in homeroom Visions of the Future: carpentry Quote: "Happiness is being with you." Dreams of the Past: Summer "76," balloons, "Which way?", flies, flat tires, "B.'s Pack," summer days, Paris street, Charlestown, the Pool, beach, 10 of the best! the good times Visions of the Future: nursing, travel, Peace Corps, Vermont Quote: "I don't expect you to ac- cept the things I do and be- lieve in, only to understand." LAURA TIERNEY DANI MARIE TURNER Dreams of the Past: Newfoun Lake, New Hampshire: To 5!3O!76, Beach Boys - "Fu Fun, Fun," S.M. - fBVJg Ft.S Biffy, Luke Visions of the Future: to be veterinarian, own a farm ne: Bristol Happiness is: weekends, sur mers, traveling Misery is: being tardy 8t having 1 face Mrs. Barry Dreams of the Past: 719176: Sgifilw-CS, wishing on Stars, 4 points, Dutch Treat, SPS 69-76, Hi-rise Happiness is: Medal: touch of gold, parents who care Misery is: frozen fingers, miles Quote: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. Frost Comment: Twinkle, little star Visions of the Future: nursing PATRICIA A. TWOHIG V8 GAYLE F. VIEFIA Dreams of the Past: 9!'I0l76 - boys are back in town, mmm, wishing for my favorite star, "69-76," SPS-NS-LMC Quote: You'll see, l'll reach the end at last, no matter how I go, and l'll not mind dying half so much if it's living l'll leave behind. ' Happiness is: a black mustang Dreams of the Past: 200 years ago today, 75-76 parties, 3 years in Stoneham High, Sweetie! "Promises" Visions of the Future: to go to college, music writing, sports Quote: "Patience is a lacking asset in human beings." -Vargas Happiness is: good friends, good music, good football games. Suppressed desire: to have 20 kids, play football, sing pro- fessionally OVIDIO VAFIGAS A 15 ,, . 'Yi' 9 DOMENIC A. VISCONTI Dreams of the Past: J.D., B.P., Hotie, Kab, 3J's, JCO's, walks and talks, sacouts, Canadas, Washington, NH, LS, D and V, 55, Harry Q, Chemlabs, Spot p, parties, 4 of J, halloween, flats, JP, frout, 2Vz, Boston, Thanksgivings, dates, MS, FIK, homeroom, girls Pet Peeve: being used and alone Suppressed desire: Olympics, Marry P.W., being friends again! Happiness is: winning seasons and snowflakes Dreams of the Past: basketball and Mr. Kennedy, les discus- sions avec Mme. Komanowski, K,C., K.M., D.S., K.H. Quote: "Rings and jewels are not gifts, but apologies for gifts. The only true gi t is a portion of thyself." Suppressed desire: to have a date with Fl.K. Visions of the Future: college 'lil if P JOANNE VENNOCHI NANCY VOGT Dreams of the Past: May 23, '76: ski trips, getting lost, "frostbite," the Pack, which way'?' carrot sticks: Summer '76: Colorado: flat tires Visions of the Future: college, travel Quote: "Live for tomorrow with a smile, for everyday there are new beginnings." Dreams of the Past: 73 South St., Medford, Chips 8t Wally, Surf, Nautilus Health Club, Parties before Junior High School dances Future Plans: mechanic-auto, electrician and to live in lux- ury with plenty of money STEVE VERHAU LT DIANE VRATTOS Dreams of the Past: my first ride in an airplane, visiting Las Vegas, California and Mexico, the comments about my fros! Dom and the T.V.W.'s Visions of the Future: success in the business world Quote: The most important thing in life is not to be afraid to be human. 99 Dreams of the Past: the drama of high school, cast parties, "my old lady," friends Visions ofthe Future: a career in medicine Quote: Life: those who look for it will find it. But those who sit and wait will wait and wait and wait. . . - Vargas 'if 552 .. 'frSI:::: -, '. 2 ""'. DEBORAH L. WADE .wx -' J O H N WA R R E N Happiness is: Taking off on my own to anywhere without any questions asked. A day when everything goes rig ht. Quote: "Lost yesterday some- where between sunrise and sunset, twenty four golden hours each set with sixty diamond minutes. No reward is offered, for they are gone forever." JUNE WALKER KENT WARREN Dreams of the Past: Karen, 1013! 75, 12!6!75, 6!5!76, a green truck Happiness is: Karen, cars Pet Peeve: School Comment: School will not inter- Dreams of the Past: 4!19l75, C.L., FLT., Abajona, Hill, Summer of '76, M.L., J.G., G.S., D.L. Visions of the Future: travel, maybe attend college Quote: Hey l'm here, l'm a person - see me! PATTY WAL KE R CHRISTOPHER WENTZELL Dreams of the Past: camping trips, 1Mt. Washingtonl, "The Eleven O'Clock News," "The Oddity," Fl's library, lthe SLAl, cross country, math meets, donuts and whist games, ' V X fere with my education. peanut butter sandwiches, Gallia est Provincia j R Visions of the Future: Northeast- , A I . ern U.? ey ' f Comment: Who's that phantom ', f they call DeMoot? 2 f 4 , 1oo J Rt Dreams of the Past: C.C.W., J. Giels, Skylark 2, Canada, Un- icorn, 3 pines, fPat'sJ party, first day of school! Visions of the Future: secretary Suppressed desire: to be the first women on the moon Uoanney Quote: Don't accept people for what they have, but for what they are! Pet Peeve: grounded Friday nites, Blue slips. Comment: Hello Doorrrtty. Would you believe, it's still raining out? I know whats in there. lv y ii, 3 EILEEN WALSH NANCY WH ELAN Dreams of the Past: cheering, "5!15!76," the good times, good friends Visions of the Future: college l Quote: "If you have built castles' in the air, your work need not be lost: that is where they should be, now put the foun-' dations under them." Love is: Nana, Mom, Dad, Mary, Danny, Jimmy, Janet, Diane, Meg, Martha and Rebecca X 7 X 2 N IR J . I I ROBERT WINEGAR GLENN L. YIANACOPOLUS Dreams of the Past: "What time is it, 1:51 ?" the pipes and the Blue Wagon Suppressed Desire: play pro baseball, pitch a no-hitter Quote: "Do it." Visions of the Future: Minor leagues then the Pros. Dreams of the Past: 3!30!74, M.G., Martians, Old Rec, HS- IWWC, DUFFY'S garage, Pic's, 8!7!76, S.G. nite, NYEAMG, Vermont, the log, hockey Quote: Though nothing can bring back the hour of splen- dor in the grass of glory to the flower, we will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind. Happiness is: people who care ANDREA WISEMAN SANDRA YORKS Dreams of the Past: Summers of '74 and '75, S.W., V.D., M.A.B., K.M., B.W. 8. the gang: BO's band: smoke at 2 a.m.: Cape Cod: Kiss concert Happiness is: Jeff: 6123 81 a long distance phone call Pet Peeve: Vermont, winter nights with no beer Suppressed desire: to get a van and see the world as l would like to see it. Dreams of the Past: K.T., A.M., T.W., Sr. class play, 1975, cold fingers, puddles, Summer '75, Montreal Washington, To- ronto? Visions of the Future: writing for the Washington Post Quote: "Time for a change." Misery is: Parades in the rain. Happiness is: T.W. and Friday nights. FREDERICK S. WOODLAND DEBBIE YOUNG Dreams of the Past: Sophomore year partying, Rainbow ac- tivities, Beach Boys, Sept. 4, 75, Jr. Prom 76, and "George" Visions of the Future: National Guards Career in Nursing. Quote: Happiness is getting ev- erything you wish for to come true. Happiness is: long walks on the beach, hockey games, P.l. 81 V.T., . . . for always. Dreams of the Past: 935, C.C., K.B., L.D., St, A, N.B. Can. 1l16!76, N.L. 8-28, Summer '76! Ralph 8. Earl. Misery is: losing in D.O. time, R.S. 3 in a van, stuck in the sand for 3 hrs. S-g. E of S, tie- ing A.W.'s skates SUDDLESSEQ desire: 198O's, to su Pet Peeve: Viking, Eric BONNIE WRIGHT KENNETH YOUNG L II ' - -1.-:GV -til' T7 I 101 Dreams of the Past: E.P., parties, golf course, Logan Airport - 4:30 a.m. Comment: The world is all a stage, but who's the audi- ence? Suppressed desire: to play the trumpet while riding a motor- I cyc e. Pet Peeve: None LEONARD E. YOUNG ya-IJ' YN-0? CINDY LE BLANC ,, Qffiisgt- Q fY'1iQ2fT?5,- .. 4, . 1 ,f ,A y , A '51 "'i 'ig "" 't-a:'i?"J?5flf' i1e. "1 I ' " P gait-1 t 1 g .GKIE x k , V Y Q 102 Dreams of the Past: Lisa C., De- molay, Track, Record Store concerts, L.C.'s Senior Prom, camping w!R.W. 81 C.W., bi- cycles, softball team, close-up Visions of the Future: college, m y own car Quote: Stand for something, or you'll fall for anything. L.I.F. LX E RUSSELL YOUNG PAUL THOMAS ANTHONY ZIZZA ZENGILOWSKI . W-f, Zn i v -,,.,a.,. iw. 1 ff CAMERA SHY DARLENE AUTERIO IRENE BRENNICK GEORGE CARPENITO JOANNE COLE PAUL DAWSON LEONARD GAUDIOSO SCOTT HURD BRENTON JACOBI RICHARD MCLELLAN JOANNE MOAR MICHAEL MEEKS WAYNE RYDER KEVIN TALBOT LAURA A. ADAMS, 4 Wildwood Chorale 2,32 Girl's E 23 Self-Evaluation Committee 23 Honor Society 33 Va NANCY ADAMS, 45 PATRICIA M. 2,31 Community Mixed Chorus 13 Tutoring club Carnival Ball 1,2,3 ROY ANDERSON, 43 Gould Stl GIGI ANDREEADIS, 67 Bovv St.3 ing 33 School Comm. Student Girls Ensemble 13 Yearbook Art nsemble 2,32 rsity Scholar 2 Perkins Street3 Ense Senior.,..Directory ficer 2,3Q Tutoring Club 1,2 Gymnastics 1,2,33 Track 13 Evergreen Rd., mble 23 DIANA ANDRONICO, 154 North Stree3 tion 2,3 IPresidentJ3 Mixed Chorus 13 2,32 Carnival Ball 1,3 BILL ANGELOSANT 33 Gym Leader 3 ROBERT tling 1,23 O 101V2 9 Oak leaders E-an mr- 2,3, Spartan I JAMES A. BRENNER, 16 Ellen Ra., Track 1,2,a Cf'0"a"9tt9S IRENE A. BFIENNICK, 71 Collincote Streetg Carnival Ball 1,2,33 11 Naflonal Tennis 13 Madrigals 1,2: Decail, Deca II RONALD BRIAN, 120 Pond Sf. 2,33 Spar- 12,31 15L2:ff',so?fi MARTIN BRIDLE, as Frankliril CLAIRE M. BRISSET'I'E, Leader 23 Tutoring Corps 3 3: Choral- LISA A. BROWN, 76 band 2,33 Latin Club 1,2,3 U PAMELA BROWN, so fo' SPSCIHI Ed- KENNETH BRUNINI, 2 GRACE Bucci, 4 Avon sf. STEVE BUITKUS, 40 'Hockey 132,33 Track 2 Ensemble 23 DENYQEI EDWARD GEORGE as Ave., St.3 French Club 13 Gym Squad 1,23 Basketball 23 Soccer 2,32 Varsity MAUREEN Tea 23 Spar- Tennls 2,3, T 2,33 Snack Bark X tan Chora 3 3, PAUL A 3 123 18 sqmgmlu 10 Cottage Y, 10 A , l arsltfigzi 1 ,2,ag Ho S,Q,ciety:Tii rin9 2 y Y, 2 Stanton fvarsity .SchoI "lQ5fi1i2,33 33 Yearbook 33 Girls' State 2, 'gtor Club 1,2,33 Tea Hostess 23 riack 3.x -maxi 3 we ' ,E A 11' -'T iz A in W gwwwzfe 213: 5'ilf5tiri'tciub 3 YPA d Road: 5o 3 'F tc if . 5 it iANDFlEW?C. COURT, 89 North St.g Cross Country 35 Winter 'MARY-JO COUTU, 2 Rafferty Ftoadg Latin Club 1,2,35 Class Presi dent 33, Gymleader 25 Student Council 35 Vice President 15 Year- cho9ktiAdvisory Committee 35 National Honor Societyi35 Graduation C'6'Fnmittee 35 Letter of Commendation Winner 25 arsity Scholar 1,2,35 Senioillea Hostess 25 Senior Sngck Bar 3 5 v, EQ CREMINS, 51 Westwo5d Fload5 Footbkall 1,2,35 Spring 1,2,35 Winter Track 2.35 Spartan Chorale 1,2,35 Mens Chorus Madrigals 2,35 Boys' State 25 Class officen 15 National Honor 3: Letter Commendation National ,Merit 25 Grgqvuition 35 Harvard Book Award 25 Varsity Scholar 1,2, 105 M' tvale Ave. Woburn it 71 Coll' ote St. CRONIN 671 Forest Street V 99 n Ave. at 5 to Street V ' r Field Hockey 2 Tea NANO ii"f ' A ROBERT B. 1 2 3 T CHRIS DIGANGI Summer St DlPlETRO 18 Sunrise Ave Honor CLAIRE semble1,2,3, tan Chorale 1 Society 35iAIl-District Club 11 V L JOHN fi. DOHERTY Joi-iN M. MAUREEN 523 Main LAURIE ELLS, 60 Stevens St. t Congress FARA 5 sa Q 2 if 3 If 1: 'E S ax is W4 5 S Qi fi l kg 1.54 ., il f x g f,1isQfisxQ2L.. -11,,1:,if.,, M1 mg. gm x I waasmm,mm.g.Aszsv.-Q ,, , ' aww: nxnwm-uaxewz fl 23 SEEDS 2,3 ANN vice Tutoring 33' Gym MICHAEL PERRY,,12 SCOTT PERRY, TERRY 'tion .1 2 Math Team MARK J. Ensemble MARTIN STEPHEN Gym MOAR, Snack Bar 3 ' G PETER Team 2,3, hess Club 2 Junior 1,33 Sp- SUSAN PQLLINO, MEG Sgtball 1,2,33 refaigies 33 Senior miifiv ,PoTH1En,r+1os Achievement 33 -Pep Club 1,3 RICHARD 1,23 Track CHRIS 1,2,3 Service 3 23 Basketball 2,3 23 Basketball 2,3 O'BRlEN, O'GRADY, Day 2 MAUREEN O'NEIL, 62 Park nival Ball 3 Road: Ferdmand Carnival PATRICIA KEITH Gym Leaders 3 1,2,3g S e Band 41 Lakeside Drive, Morston Mill, MA Central St.3 Flootball 1,23 Baseball 2 23 Rodgers R'd.3 Future Secretaries Club I St.3 Senior Tea Usherette 23 Tennis 13 Carni- Squad 13 Junior Achievement 3 Rd.3 DECA 2 JANET Summer Street Middlesex Road SABELLA, 21 Lawndale Road 38 Lawndale Road V.l 13 Track 15 Car- ROBERT SALERNO, 41 Summer Street - PHILIP B. SAMPLE, 60 Newcomb Rd.3 Spring Track -1 SANDGREN, 8 Longbow Rd.: Spartan Chorale 1,2,33 i Giljlygnsemble 1,2,33 Chamber Singers 2,3: Girl's State 23 Student Reperto , ' horus 33- Singers 2,35 ,inf Team 3 Street f vm vu Wa Ai: X i i A . 515' , it, 5 This boy at ease thus in the grass Is it vision ofa victory Or remembrance of defeat That fixes him in its captivating eye? Is it fragile memory or some faint promise veiled in the elusive sky that beckons him to pass this moment lost in reverie? 4: - L1 6 'i 'Q-5, gT,,i. E A 7 ' V V .' V U 1 f , 'V - 'u- Y ' T 5Q:,"'7 ' g ' ' ,, Leu . ,,', ,L ' I A V L L+ " 'Wu f f 1' . MV V W. .wget WV J ' 9.21 ',.1,,, . ,. '50 - I P' H , , v Q, V f V1 ,Q ' V V V ,. 5 tp V f V V VV 'f', - V A L VV V - . ,, , , c V , K in . .ss A by , ,, Q W W H ' A I A4 . QA !.., ig . ,, K .V k V. a L V, Q V, 3 V S. A .5 J, , Vw V I NEI XS . W Y, .VJ K .VW FS Q 'H L I 3 335 51. ft 3' 4 MA ,Q , 4 - in y 1. , V "fWr'ff'V9w'5f1 - Q , ,Q .,, -V 5 ifzivf V1.4 'ui , . ,L,.,V.L.Q,V ' - ' V-M ,,.V 1 V, Fllgfxl fm V 1 L' --- ' .V Hn P , , ia :ri -if Q xii"-,QQ ,L V 'rv mr Kz,,T'!5'.ilf.jf2. gm .X '- Hu ff' f My yi., . 4 , X ng 2 ' 'L 1 fm , 109 Q I A -T' U m,.m,..,.,.,.,. T ,, MONDAY DAM MOORE C PM STAFF M PM JV FOOT PM STAFF Ml TUESDAY PM NASSON PM STAFF M A PM JV SOCC PM STAFF Ml L, WEDNESDA J vm smrrav f T PM Scnoov. Cos , nj! T T -WELCOME JUNIOR PFIOIVI w 6 ,A ,I In If . J 75 . 4 1 33,414 ., '- , f.. K I X Q I I a fy II I 9 1 ' 4' I K ' H I I THIS MAGIC Ia- fx 4 14:2-K ,Mx We ,-, S, 1 :-, x Qff '53 'rf Q4 v . -. v- 'K . 9 Jw -1 'W ., -x A5 iii 1, f:v-k MOMENT LS D HG NOOOLN WO .A .A A 'qmvsssue "Ff"fl'4f"f'5.., in - 9 .an if I -gp. ' " "' Back row: K. Duggan, H. Carroll, A. Leonard, L. Fleid, M. Cantone, M. Mulligan, B. Kille. Middle row A Richmond J DeSisto, J. Maher, T. Lewis, M. Coutu, P. Greelish, K. Murphy, S. Butler. Front row: J. Cataldo Vice President D Visconti, President, D. Jutras, Treasurer, J. Downs, Secretary. Ek 254 EQ S5 mi 3 UV SM AHO NDOO WO Awe Q, . QtWh X...7 ikw 'B 4 N. A . ? -sf' Mkt . .41 .mf - :VT Back row: S. Grecco, Secretary, J. Palumbo, Social Chair- man. Front row: M. Coutu, President, N. Adams, Vice- Presidentg K. Barton, Social Chairman. Missing from picture: M. Pinelli, Treasurer. .. ,j l 1 l Back row: P. Comfort, Social Chairman, K. Corkum, Social Chairman. Middle row: J. Velardocchia, Treasurerg M. Can- tone, President. Front row: P. Walker, Secretaryg E. Dawson, Vice-President. SHOINEIS SHOINFTP Back row: C. Censullo, Ft. Weisman, K. Houghton. Front row: J. O'Neil, G. Andreadis. fm-.,,,WWA WMM W A , if C. D'Annolfo, Social Chairmang T. Padur, Social Chair- man, S. Hunt, Presidentg J. O'Grady, Secretaryg M. Mur- phy, Vice-President, Missing from picture: K. St. Amand, Treasurer. ElEI.I..LIVXIVXIOO 'IOOI-IOS S I-lclO VNIO SEIHO .A .A U1 E0-IO EIONEIIOS 7-ni Back row: Fl. Davies, K. Wallace, P. Hamlyn, N. Vogt. Middle row: S. Cicatelli, Fl. Flestani. Front row: J. Grant, M. Wade. EIVTIO NLLV-I Back row: J. deMoor, C. Wentzell, M. Stuart, G. Mroz, Fl. Hunter, B. Dicredico, G. Mahoney, J. Jessop. Middle row: K. Flanagan, L. Brown, S. Lespasio, K. Labadini, C. Censullo, P. Twohig. Front row: S. Maguire, P. Comfort, W. Barbo, R. Malagodi, M. Coutu, C. Bacon Advisor, P. McCallum, J. Bain, W. Recko, W. Estes. "win EIVUO Nlv'ITv'.LI Q- my 11. Back row: J. Atchison, P. Griffith, K. Oaks, L. Mobilia, L. Anastasi Advisor, A. Flump, D. Visconti, J. Walker. Front row: D. Panetta, C. Capriro, P. Moore, C. Pallotta, C. Censullo, V. Terravecchia. ACADEMICSACADEMICSACAIJ VXIVELI. I-l.I.'v'VXl Back row: R. Lurvey Advisor, R. Meegan, R. Estes, C. Petto, S. Kopec Advisor. Middle row: R. Weisman, P. Hamlyn, S. LeBrun,'R. Rello, C. Wentzell, G. Mroz, R. Meisner. Front row: T. Whittaker, J. Grant, E. Johnson, S. Overby. St:lV-IO!-IOS ALISHVA i l Back row: B. Commito, S. Carey, P. Pizzano, P. Berger, C. Wentzell, W. Estes, J. Bain, G. l Mroz, P. Howard, M. Shannon, R. Meisner, M. Stuart, D. McGrail, J. deMoor, B. DiCredico, J. Cremins, C. Censullo, J. O'Neil, F. Woodland. Front row: S. Connelly, C. DiPrisco, L. Reis, J. Vennochi, D. Johnson, J. Bates, A. Papulis, L. Adams, P. Moore, P. Twohig, G. Viera, K. Connolly, P. Brown, R. Nardella, M. Coutu, J. Maiorana, D. Visconti. Eltlzl l-ION TO Elfl S 0 In b 0 b U I'I'l 5 0 C0 b 0 b U I'l'l E 0 m Chiang Kai' Shek, Jeanne d'Arc, Alain le Barbe Rouge, Marie Curie, Guy Ga- ron, Fifi la Touche, Quasimodo, Brigitte Bardot, Marquis de Sade. Head Mis- sing from Photo: Marie Antoinette's WY.. ....,.,,, Q f D019-S ' ' BEHIND Bl-V NNW : :EW t JM Wirkfiia' rl,1miT 'ia r--fqfffl f . 1 www- 15' W' 'hwf' , lK i , ,.,,, '1"' ff. mmm rf -,144 ww: ' 1, 'W with m Ar f -f WI f1u.1fcfJM"':f3fkf'3"'QA .ncgggyggjf ' mw4.4,u., Zfnjtvfwl "' If N .,m1,'w.w 'WW 'www ff ' f --:A-1' o lc mix msc. 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KQMQSW 1, .N H waz 'QF ky any we SK -gif kgkk 1,374 U OQOO Q 3 o 0 M Q X 00 0 ,, 'S , o Q f SE ED5 7:-5 0755 . 119 Il I J Production Editor Matthew Shannon Layout Editor Warren Estes Senior Editors Lisa Reis Patty Twohig Sports Editors Robert Commito Joanne Vennochi VVXIVHCI Eli-IO 'IElA'v't:IJ. O SSEII-l -IO rn 1, z S F T ., . O f: f- if I N 2 m ' 2 . CD 54 . J, Q. 5. U1 O F U L O 3' 3 U7 O 1: D 1 SD 'Q CD ff' l i"' 5 7, iingvf f l U01 I 'le Row 1: N. Durant, P. DeWitt, M. Screnci, K. Houghton, J. Higgins, M. Mulligan, D. Visconti, S. Kilty, J. Ward. Flow 2: M. Geist, M. Zibelle, P. Schultz, R. Holt, M. Kearney, D. Hanson, T. Perry- man, D. Columbus, J. Hussar, R. Hickey. Flow 3: D. Turner, D. Mader, J. Angelosanto, C. Cascio, S. Dart, S. Palermo, D. McGraiI, D. Kelly, M. Connors, C. Pallotta. Standing on stairs: C. Censullo, O. Vargas, A. Papulis, D. Hayes, M. Cantone, J. Murray, B. Pet- ricone, T. McCluskey. Seated on stairs: P. Berger, F. Woodland, J. Grubb. Middle row: P. Moore, L. Timperly, M. Zibelle, Fl. Wigandt, T. Whittaker, M. Haley, M. Mulligan. Front row: P. Greelish, K. Chase Advisor, S. Carey, J. Grant, S. Fraas, P. Hamlyn, D. Wade, E. Harrington, K. Wallace, Fl. Davies. -Qi- CIVHCS clflcl Back row: E. Harrington, D. Hayes, D. Aruda, K. Corkum, P. Walker, J. O'Neil, M. Porter, S. Nardella, P. Lewis, N. Fleming, C. Broderick Advisor. Middle row: K. Delfeno, K. McCarthy, M. Sudamiester, D. Adams, B. Petricone, T. McCluskey, V. Terrevecchia, N. Sears, L. Holman, K. Hartnett, L. Bergonzi. Front row: D. Sudano, L. Recko, L. Micale, D. Thorley, Fl. Holt, J. Stevens, S. Kilty, D. Buccheri, P. Grecco, K. Greenleaf, M. Geist, P. DeWitt. x....,,. Back row: M. Bloom, S. Wheeler Advisor, S. Wilson, M. Farren, B. Blauvelt, J. O'Neil, K. Corkum, K. Houghton, P. Doherty, Connelly, C. Boretti, K. Barton, M. Castellano, J. Maher, D. Buccheri, D. Jutras, K. Cullen, J. Lampher, G. McDonnell, Screnci, N. Adams, P. Smith, N. Padovani Advisor. Middle row: Ft. Angelosanto, C. Faraci, N. Lespasio, B. Manning, Norden, B. DiCredico, D. O'Donnell, B. Perry, S. Minghella, S. Logan, Fl. Marulli, J. Harrigan, J. Stevens. Front row: Reinold, L. Marshall, J. Doherty, Fl. Prior, J. Kelley, D. Kelly, T. O'Grady, J. Carroll, W. Fleid. Sk:IEICJ'v'EI'I VNINED SHEIFDNIS HEIEIVXIVI-IO El'IVt:IOl-IO NVJ.HVc:lS Front row: G. Santoro, K. Donovan, J. Velardocchia, T. Padur, K. Tower, B. Grandfield, P. Anderson, J. Bates, M. Halley, K. Pothier, J. Theroux, M. Sal- era, K. Daigle, J. Andrews, A. Papulis. Row 2: S. Perry, K. Aghassi, L. Abbott, L. Adams, P. Puglisi, N. Vogt, L. Sandgren, P. Moore, K. Corkum, C. Man- ning, M. Sterner, L. Reis, M. Dion. Row 3: F. Woodland, J. Anderson, O. Vargas, R. Hayman, E. Fields, P. Greelish, M. Castellano, D. O'DonneIl. Row 4: C. Brumit Advisor, R. Commito, D. Maguire, M. Jutras, D. Kelly, M. Fini- gian, P. Howard, M. Stuart, R. Houghton, J. Cremins, Back row: F. Woodland, B. Commito, R. Hayman, E. Fields, M. Jutras, O. Vargas, M. Stuart, J. Treacy, J. Cremins. Front row: C. Rockwood, L. Adams, C. Diprisco, L. Reis, A. Richmond, M. Salera, L. Sandgren, K. Aghassi. Charlotte Brumit, Director: Missing from picture: J. Simpson, M. Castel- lano. Sllk:IOl-IO M:IO.I.HElc:IElk:l Row 1: C. Brumit Director, G. Santoro, K. Aghassi, S. Perry, R. St. George, L. Adams, K. Tower, T. Padur, M. Dion, J. Surette, L. Giannoccari, F. Raifman, K. Donovan. Row 2: E. Palumbo, D. Selander, K. Wallace, K. Murphy, M. Salera, L. Reis, L. Sandgren, A. Dillon, D. Thorley, L. Nazarian, J. Andrews. Row 3: G. Kozlowski, K. Daigle, V. Terravecchia, A. Rump, J. Theroux, M. Halley, T. Padur, L. Reid, D. Adams, J. Fucci, S. Nardella, C. Smith. Row 4: P. White, J. Abbott, B. Commito, J. Anderson, E. Fields, M. Jutras, D. Kelly, M. Shannon, R. Hayman, O. Vargas, J. Cremins, J. Treacy, M. Castellano. J.OIt:I.I.SIG -ITV' C. DiPrisco, M. Jutras, L. Sandgren. Missing from picture: C. Rockwood. Back row: K. Connell, L. Canavan, E. Palumbo, G. Kozlowski, J. Andrews, D. DeSisto, A. Richmond, L. Mobilia, S. Pagliarulo. Middle row: L. Basha, D. Selander, D. Buccheri, K. Tower, K. Petto, L. Abbott, S. Perry, M. Murphy, K. Murphy, L. Reis. Front row: C. Brumit Director, A. 'U nz TJ E 5. 3 O O -1 3, cn :' O Q 'U 1 cn o 9 F- CD nw 3 Q an -1 cn P Q U7 :- na X nl 9. !- JP Q. m 3 fp fn 'U E L2 Q. Q CD :D D ,-. o - 9 SNEIVXI HO!-IO SO 1 Seated: C. Brumit, Director. Standing: M. Finigian, M. Stuart, J. Treacy, J. Cremins, J. Anderson, J. Abbott. EVIEVXIEISNEI S'ItII'ED V-I1 ui .-and rw., . an . .. , V , K ge., , 'iw' 4" - . .5 V Qi , , x 1' , f 1 xl , E --fm-M...sw: AA W. at . 2 :i 3 1 E Q 4 I E N , 5. L. . A Q . Q? if A A A f v , ai P1 4 , ,, ff.: - . . . ., . , ' , N w,'-qycs. K, Aghassi, R. Allen, W. Barbo, D. Coombs, C. DiPrisco, S. Fraas, J. Q Grubb, C. Hamlyn, R. Hayman, D. Jackson, S. Isabelle, M. Melkonian, P. Moore, G. Perks, L. Reis, N. Shiner, K. Trenholm, M. Wade, T. Whittaker, F. Woodland, L. Young. ' We. :iiifflm -- K 1.41: 99511 ' -i a , Y yi .M M J 1 Back row: D. Maguire, A. Hyde Advisor, S. Fraas, R. Allen, D. Coombs, M. Melkonian, L. Young, M. Wade, K. Trenholm, R. Rojak, W. Barbo, F. Woodland, R. Davies, L. Sandgren. Middle row: M. Haley, M. Carr, L. Hinchey, C. LaCroix, P. Hamlyn, M. Goldstein, G. Perks, C. Hamlyn, J. Grubb. Front row: R. Hayman, K. Aghassi, K, McCIearn, K. Daigle, T. Whittaker, N. Shiner, C. DiPrisco, P. Moore, L. Reis. 126 35 ..v "Ll!Kl A V 1 ww: Q sifnr 3 Q i., xg NS 91'-1.1 ,.,.., 'i .. 31' 'S .i-wc'..'f1'5t'I"i?"' " ,V ' -.ev"',f,,.1:'3 . NA. . ,P I A A 1 , Q ,, 4 ' 'Af if ' W 1' -'- .-. -1 4, N- A. fl , f n I' xr . . LM- native' 1,9 .,,1 , I JJ ,ui xi be " t. . .. . y J , ' ' ' ' if 3' ' Q 5 b 1-.f1g,x.-Q,, - , ' r'4-f? :2gR'?niQi4f.Y 3'f 914' T 'X S? 'M AN Q.-sl , " . gw5Qtf'st.:f,r Cv. , Q, -rl-tl' gl. ,K-i f ,? ?- in n X wk e 1 -'P-12' '- 1 A '-2 fx 1 -ff - -' 4- 4 Y wr-'G .5 i , ff - - wa Q,-,-fd .. f 4 ' K- ,b -' Kneeling: G. McDonnell, D. Jutras, D. Visconti, M. Porier. Standing: Fl. Re- czek Advisor, B. Petricone, T McCluskey, Fl. Holt, M. Zibelle, M Mulligan, P. Moore, D. Kelly, T. Per- ryman, A. Farren, K. Houghton, J Lampher, V. Qahoush, J. Johnson, A. Papulis, P. Smith. I .Q 'E . . we . J, Q. U 3 V K ' ' ,. 'll , A-45? lf'-V '54iifEfi' I ,Y 'lg'-1 ' f:L'l'2" J Aga.: -,131 A 105431 i f.v..u..'v.J sri. 31'-'1 -g-,.'4:. 4 'Av V J., - gi. QF. Ilxgbhxae 4 S 241,--sf' Q39-'. 4 5 A ' VJ. .2 ,B'.'1il'f-'rx V 73 qw W , . -' - '. 97 'Q c. ii fi 1--, --'xii' Q ' V "", his-fd .,. . . , , 1 . TL -A '. '. ,I - 128 ElOIAk:IElS ALINOINWOO HVEI NOVNS 41" 33 ,4 if l . in it.. I A M'9:'g5l , I Y: ,. r f - 1 4: r . ,Nw . x..K ax pi R . A wa! XX h X.. At. fx ' xx W , ,V . W, -- .. X vxflwg. 1- W ,, f ' V' - -H S nuzw- 5. ,A ' pg. A9 . ' .1 Harvard Book Award: James Cremins Boys' and Girls' State: S. Carey, J. Cremins, P. Howard, K. Connolly, L. Sandgren. Brown Book Award and RPI Medal: Matthew Shannon. 129 Flow 1: M. Devereaux, K. Connolly, D. Jutras, G. McDonnell. Bow 2: S. McDonnell, D. Manning, K. Annetti, J. Johnson, C. Brissette, D Johnson, C. Broderick Advisor How 3: D. Molloy Advisor, M. An derson, M. Flynn, G. Andreadis, J Bates, J. Maher, A. O'CaIlaghan, B Corkum. SHO.IIl.L Emi' 'N'-1 A A 3 fs , Vi, H l i ....,,............-m,:s:.'1:.-ie.-.r:..: g:..........g....,..E,E-.4 QQ 'Sw-swam 9' z , M- . Mi, f- - W- fan Q Y ,K a R ... ,M ' Q2 vf 111. - Mc.. :,,h . as :Nfl Row 1: N. Whelan, M. Kearney, S. Pol- lino, D. Jutras, G. Mroz, M. Clabby, A Farren. Row 2: S. Moran, R. Holt, P Moore, T. Perryman, F. Smith, T Padur, N. Vogt. Row 3: D. Hanson, B Petricone, T. McCIuskey, B. Barbo, M Mulligan, M. Shannon, D. Visconti S Conroy Advisor, EIVTIO LOVHEILNI Back row: D. Corum, M. Garuti Advisors, A. Maf- feo, N. Simpson, M. O'HaIIoran, D. Hayes, S. Burke, D. Forde, D. Vrattos. Front row: L. Luti, N. Russell, D. Sudano, M. Touet, A. Flomano, D. Simpson, M. Flynn, K. Connolly. 132 SHIHVLHHOHS Hkzlfllflzl N Kneeling: S. Kilty Standing: D. Gandolfo A. Flomano, K. Pothier, M. Polcari, D. Nazzaro D. Barbera. LNEIVXIEIAEI HOV HOINOP :ee I . . 1 in ,Y .., ' ' 4fi'E'-yx, .... X ., - J Mmm Od E' , m 2 j rn S Seated: L. Timperly. Standing: S Kilty, L. Mobilia, K. Annetti, J U9 Bates, J. McGrail, A. O'CaIlaghan, rn N. Anderson, D. Garland, P CD Twohig. f 1 -Gi qimwwy Seated: K. Murphy, P. Grecco, S. Grecco, D. Andronico, Fl. Barry, J. McTaggart, P. Leedham. Standing: Middle: K. Wells, K. Sweet, P. Puglisi, K. Doherty, E. Dawson, S. Doherty, S. Hurley, J. Kimball, C. Bono, P. Savelo, I. Brennick, L. McTighe, M. Meegan, D. Flobilotto. Back: K. Greenleaf, P. Duggan, V. Petto, C. Waite, F. Hussar, L. Timperly, D. Duffy, M. Healey, T. Donofrio, Fl. Young, T. Ballard. 133 V030 Debbie Wade Take a pair of batty old ladies who poison their lonely gentlemen guests out of pity, their very nervous nephew trying to dis- pose of one of their victims, his bugle- blowing lunatic brother who thinks he's Teddy Roosevelt, and another brother fresh out of a prison for the criminally insane, and you have the essence of ARSENIC AND OLD LACE, this year's senior-sponsored drama production. A blend of delightful melodrama and subtle humor, the play was excellently cast, and each audience carried away lasting memories of the performance after the final curtain. Abby Brewster The Rev. Dr. Harper Teddy Brewster Officer Brophy Officer Klein Martha Brewster Elaine Harper Mortimer Brewster Mr. Gibbs Jonathan Brewster Dr. Einstein Officer O'Hara Lieutenant Rooney Mr. Witherspoon "Dead Body" Mark Wade Rick Hayman Peter Berger Patrick Cronin Eileen Harrington Phyllis Moore Mark Mulligan Fred Woodland Mario Cantone Ovidio Vargas Peter Greelish Scott Carey John Murray Sharon Fraas DIRECTOR - Karen Faraco ASSISTANT DIRECTOR - Scott Carey ,Xxx et. x M s ev lc' M, M GTO CINV OINEISEIV EIOV7 "F"N arnihal all The 1977 Carnival Ball, sparkling with color and va- riety, was one of the most original in years. The theme, appropriately enough, was "Carousel," and the clowns, jugglers, and top-hatted master and mis- tress of ceremonies lent a truly carnival atmos- phere to the proceedings. King and Queen, John Carroll and Marsha Connors reigned in splendor over the Coronation Pageant, and were attended by Gigi Andreadis, Jill Boris, Carol Bosy, Joan Cataldo, Carol Censullo, Karen Cullen, Stacey Les- paslo, Joan Maher, Roseann Nardella, and Nancy N, Y f fm, X9 h Vogt, each wearing regal gowns, many of which were made by the girls them- selves. As the performances got under way, Master and Mistress of Ceremonies, Dom Visconti and Krisanne Barton Kept things running with superlative smoothness. The Senior Waltz was peculiarly appropriate - the couples waltzed to the "Carousel" theme, with their graceful dancing suggesting the . if movement of a carousel. Next, Janet O'Neil twirled her t'Magic Batons" to a recording of "Fancy Pants," using flourescent batons first and then climaxing the act with fire-tipped ones as the audience sat spell-bound. Then Doug Jackson, Stoneham High's king of country music, strummed his own ac- companiment to his rendition of "Me and Bobby McGee." The mood changed from country to mellow as 137 Rosemary St. George soloed on "Your Song," playing a flowing piano accom- paniment as she sang. The next act, the Riverboat Square Dance, was one of the most original on the program, and many in the audience clapped along as Jim Grubb did the calling and the couples - Joyce Grant and Mark Wade, Candy Hamlyn and Mark Mulligan, Mary is-f N 138 N N X -v .05 Jane Grubb and Perry Hamlyn, and Terry Whittaker and Peter Piz- zano - whirled around the stage in traditional square dancing costume. "SentimentaIe," featuring Claire DiPrisco of flute, Lisa Reis on piano, James Standish on drums, and Ralph Pisaturo on guitar, was performed in an exciting style combining classical and jazz. lt wasn't difficult to make the transition from this gentle piece to the easy-rock sounds of "Tequila Sunrise," sung by Jim Cremins. Next came one of the highlights of the program - "Soldier Boy," a piece of 1950's nostalgia featuring Kris Barton, Debbie Columbus, Ftose Hickey, Janet Higgins, Kathy Houghton, Janet Hussar, Julie Hohnson, Diane Jutras, Ann Farren, Janet O'Neil, Terry Perryman, and Mariann Screnci, all in bobby sox and highschool outfits. As a fitting conclusion to the act, enter "soldier boy" Mr. Dennis Mulvihill at the song's end, only to be dragged away by Mr. Peter Mathison and Mr. Barry Jenkins as blustering military policeman. Midway in the Carnival's performing segment, the Stoneham High School Jazz Ensemble presented its "Tribute to the Swing Greatsf' "Auright, Auright," "Azure," "Send in the Clowns," and "O'Clock Jump" were featured as the audience was taken back through time musically to the days of Duke Ellington and Count Basie. Laurie Sandgren followed with the peaceful "To the Morn- ing," a poetic ode to the sunrise which she sang to the band's 139 accompaniment. Then Mark Stuart, with his own smooth, up-beat guitar accompaniment, soloed on the happy-sad "l'll Have to Say I Love You in a Song." Towards the production's end the carnival's theme was again brought out with Irene Brennick's vibrant, wistful rendition of "Send in the Clowns." Irene also appeared in the next act, along with Claire DiPrisco, Flick Hayman, and Mike Jutras, who sang "That'lI Be the Day" and pro- vided background to lrene's solo in true 1950's style. Many participants in earlier acts were featured in The Stoneham High School Carnival Chorus, which capped the program by singing songs appropriate to the "Carousel" theme - "The World is a Circle," The Circle Game" and selections from "Carousel." A constant reminder of the program's theme were the clowns - Alice Rump, Michael Cestellano, Debbie Col- umbus, Stephanie Grecco, Janet Higgins, Brenda Mar- tino, Phyllis Moore, Diane Musial, Janet O'NeiI, Susan Palerno, Mariann Screnci, Jean Turner, and Paula Walker - who darted on and off the stage between acts with waterpistols, noisemakers and confetti. They even had an X I I T x .W 1 5 yy.: AN -4-an I iS rw X Q -. .Q f H U -is, 'f 1 V-,, . . I- . 1 x jrlff 'ata' 'H ,'A ' ,Q ' ,. 5 -if - -5. ' ,-I-'J' I , ' -x. . x Q L,, Mb - f Lf- Y , . Sp: 41 j'--F' l .n 5 , fy,-1:1 uw 4- :-l.,f v : , ' - 4 x . x ff, . 1, .w In .,, . .cuxx If Q5 g, Y. x ij ia. . 1 We .jig " 5 3. W-KX-K, A ff Eff? fx fx , 'N -9' , 'IP , 4 3, nf, H , 'X mm' igpff-L f'.P-13.4 vs - , -1 . . pix, Q, 'BL 2 'Viv -'kffcyx J, Y. ' ? 1. 1 K -. , ' Bs Q. . Lin- 595 ,L -ma, w ggi' 'Q iq -,,, Q.. ,hair x -, ,:'4 3 'K A4 ' A Y-4.2 4-r '1 'Ku , L' V -CT 5 N N' 1 f, ' 3- , .Ax W 'x, ' 'zil fi s 0 M i .4 Q Vi ikwi 'X s H, IE 5 2 "' a 3"-1 N - -' 'Ia act of their own - midway in the program they give an exuberant performance of the Can-Can to the band's raunchy ac- companiment. Carnival Ball traditionally spotlights se- niors, but this year, as always, there were several excellent acts performed by un- derclassmen. Mario Cantone, after doing a monologue on the funny side of living in New York City, became Walt the Rub- ber Freak and kept the audience laughing with a monologue on what it's like to be addicted to rubber. "Here, There, Everywhere," a slow, sweet love song superbly sung by Cindy Rockwood, put the audience in a mellow mood. An amusing combi- nation of politics and crime show plot was combined in "The Carnival Kid," a dialogue performed by Ber- nie Corbett and Alan Cromwell, who worked their impressions of Kojak, Karl Malden, Nixon, and Jimmy Carter into their riotous act. Phyllis Fabiano did a solo rendition of "More Than You Know," a smooth, sen- timental love song. "Cause We've Ended as Lovers," a electric guitar solo by Michael Bain, held the audi- ences attention from the opening bar to the last, as Mike's swift runs and expert picking created a Kalei- doscope of sound. To bring the program to its conclusion, the King, Queen, and attendants joined in the finale. As dur- ing the Coronation, the band played "Pomp and Circumstance" - the brass section giving new color to the traditional piece - and the royal couple and atten- dants once again prom- enaded down the aisle, bringing to a close one of the most colorful and enter- taining productions in Car- nival Ball's history. 143 'J ggi -' Q7 gr" ,gm n , ,?? M,,AU,,f f t, ,QV-W, 19' .min -X' W, A if Tiiffgdl an ?21f:? ff- if-f lf aw t 3' au' ,V ! J K ' 1 tif! . lf L41 ' -4 it gi if 'V 1-M A -4 U11 JW sux xx 1' ' 11 '31 K ' A f. ,I ,gl 231: 181 ' , -VY' A . v kv' ,Y 4, , f ,fv ,QQ YA . ' ' , M: , A. , f 5. 1 ' .f-1.ffx,- ' E - ',f.f",3"f.2f, fam, A 2 .lxmr 5 1 ix. .. - Q W , Mfg' :AA B1 4:55 ,kg -F , km, ff-Ai" ' :fm Sai: iff' YW 5 -I I ,wf'Y1g4' , W, -'R-1vg,.,5. UQ' 'Jf .. ff' -:rip'u'1,77f'Q' V , 1 'LJ " ,L I .-41 .,i6,:.?'-A K' !,ff Xfm,x,j,A,.3.,gu!, f .. V Nh I ,3V,M.L .K .+A-1.1, -, V, I, -w ,fg 1 , 5- .If , QV, fl ,. -Y,,:q,", 4- Wynn .. g 'Q' .. . - V. ': - x .' f HY- ' -.-'- . 4-fn wx ' 'V : V .ff -. M f . ,UL 1.5 1.f ff"'wifia-zSff5H'i,i?fff "T .C iii .53 2 I Y -. Wt fa H, . r-. zgz.R,x1:.m...,:a,.Q F 5 ,gk 3' v, N .if ,i. J .5 ' 1 far' I 1,,. -f rf 5 f 3 , k,,nn. CHEERLEADERS 'F' Q iz 1 gk J . --' V. 'Q X A K i' nf fix 'W "' x F 1 ki ' ' ffgiiif Q 'if I 'ax 1 - 1 Back row: C. Davidson, C. Pallotta, D. Gilmartin, K. MacEachern, M. Halley, R. Nardella, G. McDonnell, M. Devereaux, J. Johnson. Front row: A. Mangone, K. Cullen, T. Lewis, K. Stanieich Co-Captain, C. Manning, J. Maher Co-Captain, M. Screnci, K. Oaks, C. Boretti. 4 Back row: B. Oram, K. Houghton, M. Connors, F. Dooling, L. Brown, K. French, E. Palumbo, E. Dawson, G. Andreadis. Front row: B. Petto, J. Downs Lieutenant, L. Surdam, J. O'NeiI Captain, L. Giannoccari, P. Twohig Lieutenant, J. Parsons. IVIAJORETTES SOCCER The soccer team enjoyed its second consecutive winning season this fall by posting an 8-6-4 record. Although not living up to Coach Kennedy's pre-season expectations, the team came on strong the last half of the season by winning or tying its last six games. The highlight of the season came when the Spartans tied Lexington for the first time since our soccer program started. The J.V. squad had its best season ever and with several returning seniors prospects for the state tournament next year look very solid. 1st Flow M Shannon J Harrigan C Lewis, W. Breck, S. Buitkus, D. Mathewson, M. Maillet, K. Dolan, T. Sweet, M Bloom D Sheedy G Ylanacopolous Co captains David Kelly and Bob Commito. 2nd Ftow:Coach Padovani, C. Raymond J Woodman J McKinnon S Shannon M. Jutras, J. O'Grady, A. Parker, B. Powers, R. Fiendel, R. Regan, Coach Kennedy T E The Stoneham High Varsity football team had a very success- ful 1976 season. They finished the season with a very respectable 6-2-1 record, good enough for a second place spot. Led by cap- tains Norm Houghton and Steve Jamieson, the team had a never- die attitude and worked extremely hard throughout the season. Team morale ran very high, and with the top notch coaching of Mr. White, Mr. Fillback, and Mr. Qualey, the Spartans ended up as winners all the way. lst Flow: W. Angelosanto, R. DiCredico, C. DiGangi, Fl. Prior, S. Mingella, L Marshall, J. Carroll, S. Jamieson, N. Houghton, W. Manning,J. Cremins, M MacDonald, F. Small, P. Connelly, Fl. Angelosanto, J. Doherty. 2nd Row Coach Fillback, Coach Dearth, Coach Qualey, D. Beane, P. Uva, C. Frongillo S. White, R. Covelle, W. McLaughlin, T. O'Grady, T. MacDonald, D. Kilty, S Lentz, P. Marquard, S. Valenti, V. Pizzotti, J. Belcher, Coach White. 3rd Flow Coach Lanni, P. White, T. Olson, S. Scarpa, J. Folan, J. Galonte, K. Flaherty, S Prior, Fi. Trant, T. Angelosanto, V. Brienze, C. Cormier, J. Abbott, J Angelosanto, B. McAttire, S. Angelosanto. 4th Flow: Fl. Wallace, Fi. Mangano K. Donnofrio, J. Fales, T. Loughman, N. Yianacopolous, J. Fantasia, T. Con- S6I'Va. is ff ay My-. '- Q...-u K, man-if-was 'fha ,,,,.,,,,.w.. ,. .,... ..-X - a' ' 0 f, A I f my 3 4 . fffvi t N 5 223 vw 62 I , , ' m Ji 5 f s 5. '- ,7 ,sq -,.w-Q .H- . . ., 9 2, ,wx . , . . F Sl qty, Ag, Q , 1 Hd . ,, I, . Zizvr , 8 Q . x -V037 . -k fe, A. 4 X82 f ' XV: ,J 5 Q W . ,:. H ,JAX z ...K , A . Q 192 4' , xl- e.k"T. H4 x s ,IL ,., .V.,k , ,,:'.,,..., '1 ' 1 ' ,- z thx ' Qgjai Y ' ,pw 'iz A nf M Q 5, C Zn- ka xx .. 'A v Vx 'nanny m W 'Thi Wi , if X' , , 4 fig. 5, V! J- 551' ' 1 M 4 :J I ,, ' up, .Fic '. 31-'9' , war-'b V 165 Z-QA . A -f ,iwffg 'L .' qw- j 43-'f,.xeEf'x ., 'IE ,Q - . mv :- E Y x 2 I Q ' .. ,f . xi -' W ,.afQzs?? M HWY WIN x 2+-5' N .WM -A -, M I Q X 2' ck , ,Q ,.. 145:61 L ' fa-gram 2 1 'far , .-,4 ,- . vf A -'R -iw 'K if ,f Hin "Y: 1. -- . Ink?" 1st Row J. DeCosta, G. Santoro, P. Smith, J. Bohling Qcaptainsj, P. Junker, F Smith 2nd Row D Carllno M Clabby P Fiore E McCarthy T Kwlatkowski, K. McNulty, Coach Carbone. With only two returning letter winners loo-captains Pattye Smith and Janice Bohlingl this year's field hockey team had a great barrier to overcome - in- experience. The season started off slowly for the Spartans, but the girls' indomitable spirit kept them working hard to improve their playing. By the end of the season, the girls had gained enough momentum to knock powerful Burlington out of state competi- tion. Playing in an extremely competitive league, the team compiled a 1-9-3 record. Each game was hard fought and any success the girls achieved was well deserved. CROSS COUNTRY Although the 1976 Stoneham Cross-Country Team ended up with a 3-6 record, the season had its positive aspects. One was Frank Scarpa's series of triumphs - he was un- defeated in League Competition, winning nine varsity meets and beating some very stiff competition in the pro- cess. Another plus for the season was an unusually large turn-out of twenty-five people for the team. Senior team- members included Frank Scarpa and Phil McCallum, co- captains fboth were chosen for the Middlesex League All- Star Teamlg Peter Dillon, David Murphy, John Murray, Mike O'Grady, George Hegarty, Scott Stimpson, Andrew Court, Paul Howard, and Stacey Lespasio. Coach Rocher hopes for a better season next year, with eleven underclassmen and women returning. V Q, -"Qi ,Athi xi L. vim i X.. XZ' mf' xxx? ,IW D A , .5,3.g:Q:a.',f ' ' 1st Row: D. Eccles, S. Messina, R. Cavanaugh, A. Wiseman, C. Paige, S. Lespasio, D. Stone, T. Harrigan, M. Leavitt. 2nd Row: Coach Rocher, W. Blauvelt, J. Murray, A. Court, F. Scarpa, M. O'Grady, D. Murphy, P. Dillon, P. McCallum, G. Hegarty, P. Howard, R. Toi- man, R. Cataido, S. Stimpson. 155 The Spartan, ice hockey team started the season with a 5-3 win over Melrose and rolled along to a 6-3-3 record. The season's highlight came when Stoneham defeated league- leading, undefeated Burlington in a tight-checking game by a score of 1-0. Fine individual and team perform- ances have brought the team to the top of the league once again, with the Spartans seeking revenge over last year's .500 record. With only six games remaining in the season, pros- pects for the state tourrlament look excellent. Kneeling P. Deflumeri, J. Norden, Co-Capt. F. Scarpa, D Mathewson B McDonough S Sullivan J Kelley Simpson Standing:Assistant Coach W. Seabury, Co-Capt P Howard P Burns S Jamieson J Clark P Parsons Morse M. Miasserian, M. Borgsteede, J. O'Grady, T. O'Grady K Talbot S Bultkus Head Coach D Burns If I I' II- I VI II n I I i M Ii II I I o Q WINTER TRACK ' ! f,. , f f ' .- .K . ai . 'W .Y , MW. .W U f ' ' , H , , W t 3 f 3 3 e. X N' -. W X H X! V an i kll 0+ I . 2' e , In LA fw Fi ' J 1' K ts tl ne :X I-si , M , 5 'MO .5 I XXX ,.. --A . Aff J xx' if 2 'MMM W ng . ds! XXXX J ,f 'W ' 5 t g f .6 if va ity 1253 M ig? '-si. LQ . of .. W . ... 1 me K . 4.-5, The Stoneham High Winter Track Team has im- proved greatly and earned league-wide respect in its 1976-1977 season. Under the able guidance of coaches Rocher and Pierce, the team has compiled a record of 2-4-2, with one meet remaining. After two winless winter seasons, the Spartans have begun to show what they're made of. The team is well ba- lanced and has many positive points, though their weakness in long distance events has kept them from reaching the top of the League. The team consists of many versatile and dedicated athletes who perform with pride and enthusiasm. Win or lose, the Spartans always have the right attitude - a winning one - and the team and its coaches are anxiously awaiting the spring after a short but successful winter season. Front row J Doherty J Cre mins P Zengilowski P McCallum P Dillon J Murray M. St Jamieson Back row A Rocher D Beane D Cromer : T. Angelosanto V Brienze D Stone J Adams D Doucette B. Perry J Fitzgerald J Jes sup, T Harrigan J Brown Fl Regan W McLaughlin BASKETBALL Front row: N. Lespasio, S. Perrone, Co-Capt. J. Carroll, V. Salazzo. Back row: G. Yianacopolus, J. Belcher, J. Rathbun, Co-Capt. P. Connelly, P. Rathbun, A. Athanas, Coach Tavanese. . l 1' I U n r f ,i 1" '4' .V X ,3. ' K A ni The Stoneham High School basketball team got off to a good start this year, win- ning non-league games against Bedford, Cathedral, and Milton. However, when the team got into league action, the going be- came much tougher - the Spartans lost their first three League games to Winches- ter, Melrose, and Wakefield. Things began looking up when they took a fine Lexington squad into overtime before losing by three points, and the team began playing better, subsequently defeating Woburn and Water- town. Then the Spartans met up with an excellent Burlington team and were de- feated. Finishing up the first half of their season, the team defeated Belmont after an exciting second half, only to find them- selves blitzed by an improved Reading. They hope to improve on their respectable 6-6 record during the season's second half. 16 GIRLS BASKETBALL .4 i Kneeling: Co-Captains J. Palumbo, J. Vennochi. Standing: L. Sorenson, M. Clabby, C. Hegarty, P. Doherty, T. Kwiat kowski, S. McGuire, J. DeCosta, Coach M. Kennedy. ,f si llgkffi' fQf3 .57fr"7o rr Q- i I This year's girls basketball season was excit- ing as well as fun. Enthusiastic participation and a lengthier season brought much to the team. Despite a few losses at the beginning, the team won major games against Reading, Mel- rose and Winchester. Seemingly all that was needed by the determined team was the confi- dence and encouragement supplied by Coach Kennedy. . 163 GYIVINASTICS Kneeling: J. Dolan, Capt. N. Adams, J. Cataldo, P. Moore, P. Smith, E Desmond. Standing: J. O'Grady, P. Griffith, D. Zarba, L. Malagodi, P. Murphy, J. McNulty, Coach C. Carbone. 5 E This year's girls' gymnastic team was re- latively inexperienced, with four sopho- mores filling out the roster. The level of per- formance was greatly improved, a fact pos- sibly due to the recent surge of interest in the sport. Seniors Nancy Adams fcaptainl, Joan Cataldo, Phyllis Moore, and Pattye Smith completed their last year on the team with high scores throughout the season, while the underclassmen worked on build- ing a solid foundation for next year's team. JE' Q4 , .A 5-sz ,311 v Q S F it gf vs f 6, .2 4 Xl 0' J Rx f ,Sl ,jf M Ev , SL 1' x 'fx f randi nail' i gf IM HUM hush: .""'Y Kd 4'- Q hlxilf! My K on damn wlX I-udm -1,-QM N Q? ,fs V5 168 1 , 169 viir b"fv4 MUSIC EXCHANGE STUDIGS Private Music Instruction All Levels All Styles By Qualified, Professional Instructors 34 Montvale Ave. Stoneham, MA 02180 Tel: 617-438-6187 ONEHAM M X , ' . 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Italian Specialties - Pastry Wedding and Birthday Cakes Made to Order 210 Main Street - Stoneham, MA 438-9793 Tel. 617-438-0359 CITY CYCLE, INC. Domestic and Foreign Bicycles Parts and Accessories Lorraine Billcliff 286 Main Street Rte. 28 Stoneham, Mass. 02180 Texaco 186 Robert F. OiNeiI Insurance Agency, Inc. 477 Main Street Stoneham, MA 438-5000 Robert F. O'NeiI 8 Kim O'NeiI PAUL B. BRECK MR. 81 MRS. ELIO COMMITO MR. 81 MRS. JAMES CONNOLLY MR. 81 MRS. JOHN L. DEVEREAUX THERESA H. DIPRISCO MR. 81 MRS. GEORGE S. FLANAGAN JOANNE B. HERLIHY MR. 81 MRS. FRANK H. HOWARD, JR. MR. 81 MRS. WILLIAM HOYT MR. PETER MATHISON MR. 81 MRS. EDMUND MROZ MR. DONALD MUSICO MISS PATRICIA NORELLI Sponsors MR. 81 MRS. ROBERT F. O'NEIL MRS. BETTY PACK MR. 81 MRS. ELMER J. PERRY MR. RICHARD REED PAUL H. SHANNON MR. ROBERT SILVERMAN MR. 81 MRS. WALTER SKERRY MR. 81 MRS. RALPH T. SMITH DOROTHY E. SORENSEN MR. 81 MRS. LEONARD P. STANIEICH MR. 81 MRS. WM. L. TWOHIG MR. 84 MRS. JAMES VISCONTI MR. 81 MRS. LINWOOD WENTZELL Best wishes to the Class of 1977 - Students who want to build a better world - Rev. Forrest L. White. MR. 8t MRS. ANTHONY ANNETTI MRS. CONEETTA E. BAIN MR. 8g MRS. FRANCIS E. BURKE MR. 8t MRS. GEORGE DOOLING MR. 8t MRS. EDWARD C. DOYLE M. PEARL FRENCH MR. St MRS. WALTER E. GRAVES MR. 81 MRS. DONALD W. HANSON MR. 81 MRS. JOHN HIGGINS Patrons MR MR MR MR MR .8t MRS. NORMAN R. HOUGHTON JR . MIKE KENNEDY . 81 MRS. RICHARD LEONG . 8t MRS. WILLIAM H. MCCARTHY .81 MRS. R.F. READRON MRS. LOIS ROSEN SPARTACUS MR. 81 MRS. GEORGE TRENHOLM MR. 81 MRS. PAUL A. VOGT Friends Mr. Frederick C. Bacon Mr. 8 Mrs. F.J. Maguire Constance Carpenito Kim R. OiNeiI Mr. James Casey Russell O'NeiI Mr. 81 Mrs. F. David Hegarty Patricia J. Perryman Mr. 8. Mrs. Robert G. Hemenway Mr. Socrates Taseos Patricia A. Kilty Mr. 8 Mrs. Frederick C. Woodland Miss Karen Klimas Visions oflmy past, Woven from the warp and woof Of my yesterdays, My own tapestry unique in its design Yet unfinished in its uniqueness. Visions of my present, The threads slowly spinning joining the design. Visions of my future, The tapestry unfolding through a lifetime, its design my own, colors of my choosing -- Visions of a life. , ..,,Yv, ,-. 1 1.-.g .--Iac' "" -A-Ll ' '+-::- ii., H- r-,LAQZLL i -h:li.,"""T Q- ,Y -,. -.1. -air- ,.. gf-s, -gi M . ,rg YH '-'-. ' ff f -rl., ..,g.-' - -.. l ' ' ...ig I 1 -. -iii- l-u . .-- H --A Y -tm A+' -- ,li g -+ i M, J? , ':'B .,.,,. , -if-' ' i-iil Where there is no vision, people perish. 190 Proverbs, 29:18 A U., S Jgqi . ,XY-1.3 v - " ?2f.f4H'f'3" Aww A v .,' .9 , b. ..- ' . f -0,6 , ' ' ,w.ib5?2v1.., .v' I . Ziwlwmzdedeyafmw Olmalzkemowwladkclwdlaeea Cimaw JAM-2 '1ff40 '?b'ee" weyoffufdedzafdwamf,-fa Q5,eAma'ZZevwwWe4 Qwwabifdedmwkzlwwzuul Cjaudobn WWWW of a,6mlfvaye , 'a

Suggestions in the Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA) collection:

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Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


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Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


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