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MM V . tz ■ W. % . -V. r- ' -s r4- : ' ' V ' V ' V XttiA m W ' Jmk:.. m r ' i m m ' vvluf ' Jv ■• i.v 7-w ‘-:- • ' ' u v ;N a - ' ' ’. ' a- V £ ■: dr Wfc.Tjf r .K .K fe;Y$ jBatf . . •Hi v-r pt It is the Land that remembers — The tribes — Agawone and Naamkeek they lived here then. The first white settler, Thomas Gerry, came to these wild outskirts of Charlestown The Land remembers that he killed an Agawone Indian — buried him in his earthen cellar — The Land holds that moment within her — although the changes came. First cabins, then roads — soon a town and families The Summer Dust remembers The Jones family walking down a shaded road touching a leaf kicking a stone. Then came stores — The cobbler ' s Ten Footer whose " beaming knife” cut the kid’s skin, making shoes . . . and the town seal. And then schools — “I remember the spin of the ball, a leap — sweating bodies and muscles tense — The cheers — two points! Coach Carl Elerin led the basketball team to the 1930 title.” Pond Street and Old Malden Road Stoneham High School, Built 1871 The changes came — will come — Cheese Rock that once over looked Gould’s Saw Mill is now Bear Hill and over looks Governor Winthrop’s Spot Pond Dr. Devlin honors the changes of our past of our future . . . And this is the old Fiigh School — Remember when it used to be behind The D.Q.? Way back in the 1970’s? And all the changes since then . . . Remember? ' MM . ' .v 4 ’v V- ■ ? ■ f ' C ' , v • r «■ ' « ' y • ' ' r j: " M fc .« ' T Dedication 8 Faculty 14 Seniors 40 6 7 DEDICATION Mr. Barry P. Jenkins % Bur yield who will to their separation, My object in living is to unite My avocation and my vocation As my two eyes make one in sight. Only where love and need are one, And the work is play for mortal stakes, Is the deed ever really done For Heaven and the future ' s sakes. " Robert Frost For athletes, he is their doctor, but for everyone he is an as- tonishingly helpful teacher who makes it his responsibility to help us understand and love to learn. You could say he teaches us the useful, the practical; the knowledge we need to know. The education that he gives us extends far beyond the classroom into reality, and this is important since this is the classroom in which we must spend the rest of our lives. It is with deepest admiration and gratitude that we dedicate this yearbook to Mr. Jenkins, for he has taught us to live and to learn. The Class of 1976 8 9 IN MEMORIUM Larry Davidson ( ■w- " Fond memory brings the light Of other days around me; The smiles, the tears, Of boyhood years, The words of love then spoken; The eyes that shown, Now dimmed and gone, The cheerful hearts now broken!” Thomas Moore excerpt from " Oft’ In the Stilly Night” 11 12 TEN FOOTER ORIGINAL SHOE SHOP STONEHAM 1725 - 1975 When I first started teaching in Stoneham High School in 1930 our gym facilities were considered to be the finest in the Middlesex League. Stoneham has always been a hock ey town: we only had a championship basketball team once in the years I was coaching, and that was the first year . . Daniel W. Hogan, Jr. Superintendent Ralph J. Rowell. Jr., Assistant Principal Frank R. Matarese, Assistant Superintendent William L. Hoyt, Principal ADMINISTRATION 16 Lynn Mather, Administrative Assistant SECRETARIES FIRST ROW: left to right: Alice C. Walsh, Beverly A. Adams, Doro thy A Ciampa. SECOND ROW: Edna M. Holt, Florence A. Pagliarulo, Ann Bier- giel, Carolyn Sowle. Fred Kiamie, Vice Principal 17 GUIDANCE William P. Murphy, Director of Guidance SEATED: left to right: David G. Kline, John P. Feltch. STANDING: Elizabeth K. Pack, Marcia A. Chisholm, Marjorie L. Elurst. CAFETERIA STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Timmerman, R. O ' Connell, M. Zammuto, M. Barry, J. LeFave, R. Caton, D. Cummings, E. Lirakis. CUSTODIANS ON LADDER: B. Benoit LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Ferro, T, Mahoney, R. Graves, H. Marsh, H. Howes. 19 BOTTOM ROW: left to right: Department Chairman Donald P. Musico, Richard F. Reed, Anne L. Gower, Lois Rosen, Marcia Buccitelli. TOP ROW: Robert S. Silverman, Anne L. Steiner, Kathryn Chase, Patricia Nolan, Robert Maloney, Deirdre A. McCormack, James Casey, Patricia A. Norelli. ENGLISH 20 MATH SEA 1 ED: left to right: Sharyn E. Thur, Mary C. Olmstead, Ann M. Clark. STANDING: Chester Jordan, Department Chairman Michael P. Kennedy, Russell J. Lurvey, Stanley Kopec, Socrates G. Taseos. 23 SEATED: left to right: Vera Komanowski, Department Chairman Frederick Bacon, Karen M. Klimas, Alain Rocher. STANDING: Patricia Nolan, Paul F. Atkinson. 24 SEATED: left to right: Henry R. Margarita, Lorraine Lynch, Wayne E. Fillback, Ruth Reczek. STANDING: Denis F. Mulvihill, Peter Mathison, James A. Romano, John P. White, Department Chairman James J. Cam- pagna, Stephen J. Conroy. SOCIAL STUDIES LEFI ' TO RIGHT: Joseph A. Collins, Janet M. Buckley, Barry P. Jenkins, Diane Molloy, Patricia Tine, John P. McGuire, Louis P. Anas- tasi, Glenda Layne. PICTURED AT RIGHT: Peter Scanlon, PICTURED AT FAR RIGHT: Martin Schoepfer, Health Education. BUSINESS SEATED: left to right: Lillian Leamon, Catherine Broderick. STANDING: Joan C. Jacob, Maria L. Garuti, Department Chairman Elizabeth A. Furman, Dorothy P. Corum. 29 M INDUSTRIAL ARTS LEFT TO RIGHT: William Leuci, William E. Daly, Renato Paolini, Michael J. Quattrocchi. 30 31 LEFT TO RIGHT: Charlotte Brumit, Anthony J. Hyde, Michael Alaura. PICTURED AT RIGHT: Music Supervisor Frank E. Abrahams. HOME ECONOMICS Ao pch rr owky 2 2 m? „ J rouSM x I$fcs Jbeth iK« jn S e thirteenth yi-ar of her t.fc mDM MMEk opmsTuv r ritmr rjijjjj. j i i rrmn ii 1 1 Tuttmtstiurt — -rum rrrm f XV X f234$J7 8)fQffsmf SSff e i» lln W(w i « Mf iM M r i , i « i» lM» t 1 LEFI I O RIGH’I : Virginia A. KIoss, Gertrude Brown, Jacqueline Carr. 33 LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert T. Tavanese, Saralee Wheeler, Sally Randall, Nicholas Padovani. 34 John Fawcett, Athletic Director. 35 Miss Ellen Rodman, Speech Therapist Mr. Eugene Stechschulte, Distributive Education Mr. Richard McCarthy, Miss E)onna Kelly, Mrs. Caroline Granfield, Special Education Mr. Scott Waddleton, Work Study Advisor 36 Mrs. Joanne Murrin, Nurse Mr. Edward Mulcahy, Audio-Visual P!f St tOK STUDY USE 0UI£T STUDY Miss Cheryl McColgan, Mr. Leonard Jesse, Mr. Bill McCall, Computer Programmers Mrs. June Johnson and Miss Rudie Lindgren, Librarians 37 Missing from Picture, . m Ml ; - i .1 i D M M B 38 39 Iiiiin ?ln»Ui S ' IK ' IIMS A-Ici iyluuui 40 I was born and raised in Stoneham, and I’ve been practicing medicine for forty-two years now. I remember well my high school principal, Mr. Emerson. He was of tremendous help to me when I was unsure of college. I told him that I was interested in Tufts, so he looked over my record, did a little calculating, and gave me the fifteen points I needed for acceptance. Well, I was accepted by Tufts, got a summer job, and went to school in the fall . . . e n o Ji sL 41 JOHN ADELIZZI WILLIAM ABBOTT Happiness is: a car that starts after football Misery is; the nerd, driving the sled Pet Peeve: Whooma, phantom, knees I ' ll Never Forget: digs, short quick powerful choppy steps, hacker Suppressed Desire: to land an Air Force jet on Rte. 93 Future Plans: to become a pilot PAMELA ABRAMO Happiness is: being with friends and partying Misery is: when your pen runs out of ink when your writing what happiness is Pet Peeve: fake people Suppressed Desire: “to be a jock ' ' Future Plans: school Comments: summer of " 73”, J.S. " Breaking my Heart ' Joeys " , " Seth " , " Boogie " , the KNOLE and P.J. KIM ANGELOSANTO I ' ll Never Forget: all my friends, partying Pet Peeve: not knowing the truth from a lie Comment: when all else is lost, the future remains JOSEPH ANDREWS Happiness is: working and being with others Misery is: one vote I ' ll Never Forget: Mag 3 11 75 Comment: Speak your truth quietly and clearly and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story ANTHONY ANGELOSANTO Good Times: Concert in R.I. with Rumpa and Jamie, Leaving Kimball on the train. Steak and Brew, and Old Rec Park, Prudential Center, wres- tling Misery is: losing I ' ll Never Forget: having good times with friends (R.B., W.S.) " the Gang” Pet Peeve: getting in trouble Happiness is: being at the top JUDITH ANDERSON Happiness is: Kenny, Salisbury Beach, Tufts College, Pearson Rd., red chevy, Gold Palara Misery is: Rainy day, C.J.C., Break, work on weekends, J.C.H. Pet Peeve: Kathy using my gym locker, Marshall s warehouse Always Remember: the parties, June 6th 1975, KH, El, JO, DM, VM, Pleasure Island Road Quote: Never judge people by gossip only how you yourself feel about them COLLEEN ARMATO I ' ll Never Forget: 93, 12 6 74, The Fall at Friendly ' s, L.R. party, R.H. 3 9 72, Five Lawns, K.W. ' s, the weekend at N.C., the tea cups Happiness is: weekends Pet Peeve: MMNM Misery is: a weekend WOH Comment: Faith is seeing light with your heart, when all you see with your eyes is black- ness. 44 MICHELLE ASCI I’ll Never Forget: summers in Rockport, Jr. yr., the “bomb " , rec, Fla., Lesie Lou, Mikie, Class ' 76, my friends. Suppressed Desire: to live forever Misery is: saying goodbye Favorite Pastime: partying Comment: “It is better by far you should forget and smile, than remember and be sad. " R. LEE BALCOM Comment: In future years I shall steal from the sea, and if I ' m successful you ' ll hear of me. DANIEL BAMBERG Happiness is: the weekends Misery is: “On the line! " , “The Donk " I’ll Never Forget: Burger King and Toodies, E • Block with Dave and Scott Comment: I believe in the two party system, one on Friday night and one on Saturday night. Future Plans: College, then millionaire MARY BAMBERY ALICE BARRY I ' ll Never Forget: to have con- fidence, tea with N.D. and N.R., F.H.C., B.B., Shubs and Dear Abby, relay 440 ' s (M.C. you run it! ) Comment: “All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost. " — J.R.R. Tolkien — CHRISTINE BASKEN I ' ll Never Forget: M., E block, P.F., retreats, Turkey Quote: “You cannot believe in honor until you have achieved it. Better keep your- self clean and bright: You are the window through which you must see the world.” — George B. Shaw — JEANNE BAYLIES I ' ll Never Forget: 6 23 74, Sunday River, Fatty, Roaring fires, 6 in a datsun, Chicago, 9 6 58 Misery is: second singles, 1 p.m., goodbyes Suppressed Desire: to be a ballerina Comment: " A memory is but a dream, too tangible to hold like a snowflake floating gently through the air only to melt leaving no hint of its ' lacy whiteness. " NANCY BARRY Happiness is: smiles, good friends, graduations. Misery is: being cold, losing someone you love. Pet Peeve: K.J. and her perfume, busy phones. I ' ll Never Forget: Summer of ' 73, ' 74, Four, Coke, Amber, W A S.!, J.Y., M.Y., " When ' s the party?”, P.F.!, My Sopho- more year, Annie and the “games”, L.B. 1-4, G.S.E. 45 MARYJO BEANE I ' ll Never Forget: Canada ' s, A.C.A., j.p. with pooh, gloucester, snickerdoodles, screwdrivers, and summer of ' 74, (no) friends, flowers, the regs, raing days, b.b. with j.g., the king and 1 Comment: It is chance that makes brothers but hearts that make friends. Von Geibel THOMAS BENOIT Future Plans: college I ' ll Never Forget: Senior Class Play, The Top of the Hub Misery is: Marching in Home- coming parade and Vav . Vo V f PROVE IT! 2 Happiness is: skiing " Remember this also, and be well persuaded of its truth: the fu- ture is not in the hands of fate, but in ours " Jules Jusserand JEFFREY BERRY JOHN BIGGIO I ' ll Never Forget: Spence, Bob, Nutty, Murph, Moch, Chris, Stud, H.B. I ' ll Never Remember: what happens after my 6th Happiness is: true friends, vaca- tions, boats Pet Peeve: Ragmutfins, hot dogs, lousy weekends Comment: By the time a person learns to make the most of life, most of life is gone. RAYMOND BLAUVELT 1 11 Never Forget: Richie, B.B.’s and F.F. ' s, Tony, Warren Noel Suppressed Desire: to be born a millionaire Comment: May each day be a reflection of golden memo- ries, and a promise of happy tomorrows. JAY BOEHM I’ll Always Remember: The first Senior Play, the second bal- cony, the Blue Max " Life is about taking chances, you don ' t have to stay in the chorus for the rest of your life” Michael Bennett JEAN BELMONT Quote: " You are what you are by birth, I am what 1 made myself to be. " Beethoven I ' ll Never Forget: Summer of ' 73, room 216, ' s 1-3 Happiness is: friends everywhere you turn Misery is: walking into a door with your glasses on JAMES BIRD I ' ll Never Forget: the stooges, typos, Cheechy Chong, pork- sters, the drive-in, the list, the film. Burl, Gig, Frank, Richie, Sauo Favorite Quote: “All I want is the truth, just gimme some truth” Lennon Suppressed Desire: to flunk out Happiness is: misteaks Misery is: John Denver 46 LAURA BOGHIGIAN Misery is: waking up at 7:00 in the morning Happiness is: Tom, Sandy Bottom at Cranes Beach, Skamper, Ridin ' , Tokin ' , Sr. Prom ' 75, Soho, Gilhgan, Connections, Fango, Florida, Allman Bros., Snake, Tasha, Southern Comfort, Datfe Mason, Sunshine, Skiing, Angel, Herbie’s Smoke, Cruisin ' , Tom Collins ' , Boston Common, Van, . . . little Crane. Free at last! ! DENISE BOHLING Happiness is: Camping in N.H., Good Harbor; a special friend 1 11 Never Forget: T.K., 4 5 75, 6 4 75, K.R.,J. A., A M R Misery is: car accidents Comment: " It is not I who speaks, but life within me who has much to say” ROBERT BOHLING 1 11 Never Forget: H.B., Bigg ' s Cottage, G.S., Whelan ' s Cot- tage, MT., J.P., The Reg ' s, 10 10 75, Winnepesaukee, my name Happiness is: good friends, parties, long weekends Misery is: WSH Comment: If the blin d lead the blind, both shall fall in the ditch Suppressed Desire: to be rich Future Plans: State Police KATHLEEN BOLTON I wish always for the capacity to love and be loved. 1 wish for the ability to remember the good things and forget the rest, to create new memories and to be sustained by trust and hope and courage and always try to understand FRANCES BORGSTEEDE Walk with me through thorn and thistle Moon breeze blow away our fears Part of my life is now completed These have been the bestest years I only wish I shall never forget my friends and that they never forget me nor my love either. WENDY ANN BORETTI Memories I’ll Always remember: Michael, 11 28 74, Tec 10, T.I.A.S.B., the mountains and sunsets, the laughter of friends, love at a distance " Sometimes when we let go of the most beautiful things we have, we are then able to see their true meaning and belonging in life” STIG BOLGEN Misery is: a Headwind Comment: old camps for new JEFFREY BORIS Happiness is: sleeping late, ' s Misery is: Flunking senior En- glish, Breaking up with J.M. I ' ll Never Forget: But I ' ll try hard Pet Peeve: Life Suppressed Desire: write a book, hold a job Future Plans: grow old and die Quote: I expect that women will be the last thing that man civ- ilizes. 47 STEPHEN BOVA Happiness is: My " Five-Five " I ' ll Never Forget: Sept. 15, ’75 Future Plans: State Trooper EUGENE BRIDLE Happiness is Riding around in a " 56 " THUNDERBIRD with Rhomaine, and getting to drive my uncle ' s DUNE BUGGY. Misery is: Rainy days and no friends. I’ll Never Forget: 6 29 75, 3 22 75 and partying with the guys at the concert. Suppressed Desire: To be a millionaire Future Plans: To get married and be happy. RENEE BOUDREAU Happiness is: R.J., friends. I ' ll Never Forget: Wage, 8 12 74, 5 2 75, N.C. and the Gang, Ma C. Pet Peeve: Waiting DAVID BOULAY Suppressed Desire: To own a vet Quote: Let us not look back in anger Nor forward in fear. But around in awareness. DANIEL BRANDANO I ' ll Never Forget: The Reg ' s, Frogs Legs J.T., Beans, " good night " J.P. Happiness is: Buddy ' s Hunnur Quote: " That good”, " Wicked good” Comment: " If we do not exist as individuals then our rela- tionship does not exist.” " All I want is for you to accept me as 1 am.” — Prather — HELEN BRENNICK I ' ll Never Forget: Summer ' 75, CPS, D.E. Class, Ms. Steiner’s class. Happiness is: Getting to school on time. Misery is: Being late, getting a blue slip. Pet Peeve: J.B., when people don ' t listen. SHELLEY BRIAN Happiness is: J.C., Friends, Con- certs, partying, beaches, long week-ends. Misery is: Rainy days, working. I’ll Never Forget: South School, The Summer of ' 75, Maine, Parties over SD s House, Hal- loween night with P.C. and PJ- Comment: When I die 1 11 go to heaven because I just spent my last three years in Hell! DANA BRIENZE I ' ll Never Forget: Mr. Nuss who is a sensational guy. Happiness is: listening to the Greatful Dead also getting buzzed. Misery is: not playing football. Pet Peeve: waiting for G.G. to get slimmer. Future Plans: college and keep on partying. 48 CHERYLANN BROWN I’ll Never Forget: Central gang, Kathy W., 4 yrs., R.C. 72-74, Bookkeeping ’73, Summer ’74, New York, Vanquard, Bui ter. Happiness is: (Drum corp) R.T.B. 27th Lancers, missing school. Misery is: Parades, practices, and not winning. Quotes: Never coming close, if you don ' t think you can. CHRISTIE BUCKLEY Comment: Live and dream your SUSAN BURKE own dreams, no one will do it Comment: Don ' t be in the wrong for you. place at the wrong time, or Pet Peeve: Lockers that won ' t they ' ll get you every time. open, Mondays. Happiness is: partying Happiness is: Loving, true Misery is: Pewter Pot, kids who friends, sunny breezy days, drool on your tickets, billy. Suppressed Desire: To get out of I ' ll Never Forget: ’’charger ' ' at Mayberry the door, S.F., D.O.T.T., top I ' ll Never Forget: Sept. 19, 1975, of the stairs w B.J.O., “73 " - Weymouth, Summer of " 75 " , ”76 " , summer drive-ins, 2 Breezy Point Road and years on the beach, A 8 big Seagull Beach, sister. MARYANN BUCCHERI Happiness is: Chuck, my friends. I ' ll Never Forget: 3 9 72, 4 4 75, 10 12 75, lil’, Connie, KO ' , SD, SB, CD, egg J.K., The parties, Clarkes, Whalens, Ma, Dad, C.S., D.S., The Class of ' 76 and more to come. Quote: We ' ve only |ust begun. Future Plans: School JOANNE BURR I’ll Never Forget: Good vibra- tions, “75 " Whistles and Toots, Family affair, Cold Fingers “74”, M.M.C., circles, Frogs Legs, 4 5 75, J.P.H.I.P., 11 18 74. ALL THE GOOD TIMES I’VE HAD WITH MY CLOSEST FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS. Misery is: 6 12 75 Try outs Comment: I ' ll offer my out- stretched hand to anyone that needs someone to understand, and I ' ll hold it there until it i s reached for. JUDITH CALLICOTT Happiness is: My family, Prince, winning contests, parties. Misery is: Losing contests, marching in the rain. Pet Peeve: To go out and try your very best. I ' ll Never Forget: Bobby, Bailey ' s Motel, Flamingo Motel, Canada, Hampton Beach, Pittsfield, hermie and ethel, when I got shoved into the boy’s room. ANN CAMMARATA I ' ll Never Forget: " 6” in a Camaro looking for a barrel, Mt. Washington, California summer of ' 73, the Cape and Weymouth, the Kan- gamangus, the " Pru " and Logan, a cruise through the woods, the " voke” one Friday night, little feat, Iris ' party, Alden Bay, a certain party at B.C. KIM CAFASSO Quote: And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. from The Little Prince 49 o JAMESCARINO I ' ll Never Forget: Q7 and Mr. K all over 2A, B.C. and the O, A. I S., The Reg ' s. Suppressed Desire To be the ex- ecutioner Pet Peeve: The 200 ' s Comment: " We begin to die as soon as we are born, and the end is linked to the begin- ning. " SANDRA CARRIGLIO Happiness is: being with friends Misery is: getting caught Pet Peeve: Phonies, working at 3:00 Suppressed Desire: To look someone straight in the eye without looking up. Memories: D,E Block studies; lunches with Janet, OJ; The Sundaes; Physics; Tava ' s Co- ed team sports; subs in the hall; 11 22 74, 6 29 75. Comment: Oh, a duck!! Future Plans: college NANCY CARLSON I ' ll Never Forget: Ma, M.P., 3:40 a.m., Elaine, good times, my past. Happiness is: Having something to be happy about. Misery is: That lonely feeling. Quote: The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. JOANNE CARRAB1NO I ' ll Never Forget: Ma and Dad, Hawaii and Acapulco Happiness is: Kitty Misery is: trying to forget some- one special Future Plans: take a trip around the world, Year 2000 New Year ' s Eve. Suppressed Desire: to own a farm filled with cats. Pet Peeve: Answering the phone on Friday or Saturday night with " Can I help you " , the people at the market. Comment: You can ' t always get what you want. ANTHONY CARLINO MICHAEL CARROLL Pet Peeve: Jocks Happiness is: Listening to Hendrix Future Plans: Partying LINDA CASEY Favorite Pastime: Day-dreaming about 2 13 75. Happiness is: Skip Day, Boston Shopping Sprees, 6 29 75. Misery is: laughing too much, M.M. at 95 degrees, 6 7 74 at W.W. I ' ll Never Forget: Getting lost at the Pru. Comment: Someday I ' ll under- stand a confusing conversa- tion. 50 PATRICK CASWELL Happiness is: being able to have your candy and eat it too Misery is: no ladies, no beers, no car Suppressed Desire: to stay in one place Pet Peeve: Saturday practices I ' ll Never Forget: 168 shots, P. A. Future Plans: Marines Comment: Live everyday and every wife to the fullest JOANNE CENSULLO " After all, it’s only a weed that turns to a flower in your mind.” T. Benton RALPH CHIN APPI I’ll Never Forget: August 18, 1975 Suppressed Desire: to own Burger King MARK CHRISTOFI . . the world is . . . awesome, unfathomable; my interest has been to convince you that you must assume responsibility for being here, in this marvel- ous desert, this marvelous time . . . you must learn to make every act count, since you are going to be here for only a short while;” — Don Juan MARIE CLABBY 111 Never Forget: " George " , 1 1 22 74, ”88”, " Ring”, Cape Trips, M.S., Roxbury, King- ston, Fall River?!, Annie, S.P. ’75, Sat. Nights - 88, Merit, OUR, RU?, summer ' 75, A.B. ' s Moral support, Track, FRIDAY!, J.A.M. catering Suppressed Desire: to see “Bubbles” sprint at 440 Quote: Ob|ects are concealed from our view, not so much because they are out of the course of visual ray as because we do not bring our minds and eyes to bear on them. — H.D. Thoreau DEBORAH CLEVELAND I ' ll Never Forget: 1 26 72. PSD, Chuckles, 3 10 72, RH, KW ' s, McDonald’s, C W Chris, 7 14 75, JD, 4 13 73, 6 at the pump, 6 2 74, (dpi MLWJ, drive- ins (John), 10 4 75, (wb), BSRO 5, 7 to 3, ZAP, Ted, LC giving 8 Conballs Happiness is: Saturday nights, big blue eyes KEVIN CHRISTIE Happiness is: Smoking J ' s, par- tying before school Favorite Class: Mr. Reed ' s Pet Peeve: eating school lunches Future Plans: traveling, Air Force, or just wheeling and dealing BRENDA COFFIN Killer Sheep, The Alternate Route, " And we helped”, An overdose of chocks . . . Comatose, Bicycle Re- pairman, " Your dog will eat it” . . . 9 13 75, A black flower . . . What are you going to do with the barrel? 51 JOYACOLUCCI and nighttime eats the summer up and spits the stars across the sky How did i come to know So many lonesome cities with only pennies in my pockets? 1 smiled a lot and rode a lot of trains — Rod McKuen MICHELE CONLEY LINDA COONEY I ' ll Never Forget: Florida, the fall at Friendly ' s, message units, solution; 412 Washing- ton St. Pet Peeve: fish bites, D.C. hanging moons, Jr. English, 6 2 74 Happiness is: long weekends and smiling faces, and M.H. Comment: Laugh at your friends, it your freinds get sore, so much the better, you may laugh all the more. DAVID CRAIGIE Happiness is: hot shots Misery is: three Joes in a row Pet Peeve: obstacle course Comment: " too much weight " Future Plans: college KATHLEEN COVELL Happiness is: 6 24 75, gradua- tion day, P.S., M M ' s, Hampton Beach, Skip day, Puerto Rico Misery is: cars that won ' t work, L.C.’s laugh, Freckles, blushing, W.W., waiting for 2 13 75 Suppressed Desire: to travel all over the world JOAN CORMIER What need we teach a child . . . with out books and rules? Let him walk among the hills and flowers, let him gaze upon the waters, let him look up to the stars . . . and he will have his wisdom. Joan Walsh Anglund THOMAS COVELLE Happiness is: " the chair " Misery is: getting up mornings, football cards Pet Peeve: trampoline Future Plans: college Comment: " Do you think I’m gonna need stitches? " LESLIE CROCKER I’ll Never Forget: AC A, end of back row — 2 years, " the states " , Junior year, Jr. Prom, Jet-O-matic, red m m ' s- DOC, Ash, friends, . . . " Les Foules " . Happiness is: Cape Cod summers, victories, cheering, pre-game Pet Peeve: rainy Saturdays Comment: Live life a little bit at a time. Future plans: BT — college week, college 52 KATHRYN CRONIN Happiness is: The Hat., relief, numbers, munchies. I ' ll Never Forget: partying with J.T., E.E., M.V., A.R., Rra. 1 at Hampton, summer of 75, Woburn Comment: Wow, was that a close one! ! ! JULIE CUMMINGS I’ll Never Forget: Weymouth, 1 11 75, the bench, a lobster, Hills Beach, broken rods and steak, summer of ' 75. Comment: " You ' ve got so much to say, say what you mean. Mean what you ' re thinking, and think anything, why not. ' PATRICIA CROSBY i ll Never Forget: Summer of 72, Halloween with S.B. and P.J., Stones concert, New Hamp- shire with S.D., B.K. Misery is: Working, M.J., No Reef. Suppressed Desire: Hendrix con- cert LINDA CROSWELL Comment: Love is being happy with your freinds in school. MARKCROOKER Happiness is: Bilbo Baggins Misery is: Monda y morning; Mr. K ' s -bi b -4ac I ' ll Never Forget " HEAD Pet Peeve G Block " 74 “75 " Future Plans: College Comment: The road goes ever on and on down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the road has gone. And I must follow if I can. KEVIN CUNNIFF I ' ll Never Forget: 10 8 74, 9 12 75, parties at LSC and BU, a red truck, full moon on S.D. with the B.P.D. Suppressed Desire: To work hard and become rich. Misery is: a broken starter in the middle of a snowstorm Comment: nothin ' ever lost, just changed IRIS CUTLER Happiness is: partying I ' ll Never Forget: Allston Bay — a blue night, Dave Mason at the Cape, Stones, Little Foot, Weymouth, Mt. Washington, Watching the popcorn pop!, Sept. 19, 1975. Comment: “If you want to under- stand me, please hear what I ' m not saying, what I ' ll never be able to say. " MARSHALL DANIELS I ' ll Never Forget: good times, good food, good liquor, S.B.L. you owe me your life, " Buddies.” Happiness is: being with P.M. 53 KENNETH DAVIES Forest Primeval, a loaded V.W., 24 little nippers, rubber life rafts, Marne, the other woman in my life, Philadelphia cream cheese, sousaphones forever, creeping crud, mental mania class, where is Eldibridge T.E.S. Wilkinson? Pru- frock!! ! KAREN DEARTH Happiness is: Fred, 74 football games, 3 12 75, ski trips, bike rides, sunny days and sandy beaches, good friends. I ' ll Never Forget: my " middens " , 10 m.p.h., the Beach Boys concert, Debbie ' s shorts at Lake Q, 99°, P’s party, . . . " Les Foules " Misery is: working weekends, waiting for a Subaru to be fixed Future Plans: Bermuda in April, college WILLIAM DAWSON VICTORIA DECICCO I ' ll Never Forget: Memorial Day weekend 75, D.R., 8 12 73 - 8 29 73, I B., L.T.W.S., this past summer. CARL DEFLUMERI JOANNE DELL’ ANNO Happiness is: Frank, being with good friends I ' ll Never Forget: Frank, 10 5 74, 5 1, getaway car, F.T.C., LaConia, the note, Cape, night out with Nan, Ma Carlson, Yellow ribbon, stair- case, the girls, car on fire, soph, year, Jr. Prom, Italy Misery is: waiting Future Plans: “God only Knows” JOSEPH DECRISTOFORO I ' ll Never Forget: January 15, my freedom had arrived, and 1 left this mad house forever 54 HILDA DELL ISOLA I ' ll Never Forget: 1 1 75, 1 4 75, C. C.C.’s, the accidents, the perfect mother, getting stuck in the bleachers, What ' ' , concerts, soccer ' 75, 3 10 75, D. Q., Mai’s laugh, C.S. and C.H., at lunch, sing-alongs Pet Peeve: snobs Quote: " Tomorrow will bring the things that never came today” Neil Young Future Plans: Florist SUSAN DELNINNO I ' ll Never Forget: 3 9 72, 10 1 1 73, 1 18 75, 10 12 75, M B. and C.M., Espo’s, R.H., the Green Machine Happiness is: Friday and Satur- day nights, Stephen Pet Peeve: being called Suzie, Stephen ' s jealousy Comment: Life is what you make it. Suppressed Desire: to go to Colorado Misery is: Monday mornings, working Sat. nights and Sun. mornings ANTHONY DEMARCO Happiness is: Doreen, East School, out to lunch E block Misery is: no E block study, losing at the card table, work- ing at Met s shop 1 11 Never Forget: Mel ' s monkey spit, hot sauce at Four Seasons, David Heartbreaker KRISTINE DENIETOLIS Future Plans: College Misery is: Mayberry I ' ll Never Forget: Hawaii 2 15 75, stones, bandanas and harmonicas, Weymouth, Cape, Wild party at 10 Evans Rd., seven in a Camaro look- ing for a barrel Comment: What do you do when you see things going bad, trying, but not being able to help SUSAN J. DENNIS I ' ll Never Forget: . . . and the DRIVERS, Borneo, number nine, B.B. C., " Hi Hun " , Que Pasa, E.T.F.C., dinsdale, crutch, the Bishop, W.T.G., backstage, l.y.d.d. Comment: Sooner or later it all gets real, walk on. N. Young JEANNE DENEHY Happiness is: friends you can trust I ' ll Never Forget: 12 30 71, Florida ‘73, Easter ' 74, Summer of ' 75, the Cape, SAC, FJC, MM, Montreal, SPY, RJL, and " room 216 " , LPHJS, " weiner " , " big mac " , " the folks " at 52 High St., DUKE. . . Quote: " the great essentials of happiness are something to do, something to love and something to hope for” anonymous SUSAN M. DENNIS I ' ll Never Forget: six in a Camaro on a trip, looking for a barrel, Hawaii, Weymouth, Cape, a night on the town, Rolling Stones, a birthday by Breakheart, Allston Bay — a blue night, a cruise through the woods, the bottom of Mt. Washington, Litte Feat, Pinto, a certain party at the B.C. STEVEN DEPIERRO Steve . . . New Jersey, Rabbits Happiness is: leaving school at 12:30 on a Friday afternoon 55 DIANE DESISTO I ' ll Never Forget: the gang. Plum Island, Twirp Twirl ’75, Jr. Prom, the Great Chase, yellow bugs, Montreal, SPY 75- 76, CSW, Chevelle Freak, a big Mac, a Den, Spirit of ' 76 Comment: " Here is my secret. It is very simple: one can only see rightly with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eyes. " Antoine de Saint-Exupery I MELISSA DER Happiness is: sunshine, blue and gold feathers, friends Misery is: a lens attack, decisions, no privileges I’ll Never Forget: the gang, 11 27 75, Arlington, scare, Carnival Ball ’75, 16 of the best Suppressed Desire: to grow Quote: “I am not afraid of tomor- row, for I have seen yesterday and I love today. " JEANNINE DEROECK Happiness is: J.M., weekends, winning, blue and white feathers I’ll Never Forget: 16 of the best, Jr. Prom, the " bunnies " , Jr. year, Fred J., Arlington scare Quote: If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them. CAROL DESMOND Memories: Lil’s party 11 1 75, Gertie the stationwagon, " We don’t put onions on our fish, SIR! ”, Prince’s Lil, Jane, Patty, K O ' , The Pres., Bucca, Wreck, 12:45, frozen pickles, good friends good times, B.P. us three Comment: without friends no one would choose to live though he had all other goods. — Aristotle — Future Plans: Pedestrian GEOFFREY DICIACCIO I ' ll Never Forget: the alphabet, 5 30 58, Fatty, JB, Sunday River, a roaring Fire, the REGS, B-Town, Mt., 14 steaks, pencils, my short lived football career Pet Peeve: Godfrey DeSeeassio, Nerds Suppressed Desire: to go com- pletely crazy, having eyes to see wbat I’m getting into Future Plans: to live my life to the fullest even if it kills me Quote: I eat to please me, but dress to please others. There can be no rainbow without a cloud and a storm. You can’t always get what you want. NANCY DIFRONZO Quote: " Like the sea, all our rela- tionships . . . . . . our very existence . . . wax and wane depleting our levels of faith and hope . . . then filling us again with a surge of joy . . . . . . that let us believe once more in everything we love . . . . . . and in ourselves. " JOANNE DIMAMBRO " I do my thing, you do yours, 1 am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I. And if by chance we find each other, it’s beauti- ful. " JOSEPH DIMARE Happiness is: going to the Soccer State Tournament for the first time in 7 years Misery is: losing in the first round Pet Peeve: hoods who aren’t hoods Suppressed Desire: to marry a rich, lovely, young widow who can cook, then retire Future Plans: College, hopefully (L.D.) 56 STEPHEN DINSMORE I ' ll Always Remember: the apart- ment, Summer of ' 75, " a grr- reat shot! " , P.H.A., driving with P.M. and J.S., " How do you get to Good Harbor?! ' . ' ' Hi Hun " , Leopard, chemis- try Labs - ACID!, Yearbook meetings, Drama, " the Chair ' ' Happiness is: good friends and bon chance Quote: Yesterday is but today ' s memory and tomorrow is today ' s dream. — Kahlil Gibran JUDITH DOLAN I ' ll Never Forget: M.M.C., Canadas, A.C.A. zoos. Good Vibrations, friends, long talks, F-N, family affair, H.B.P., the smile Quote: “Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspi- rations. I may not reach them but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead. ' ' JACQUELINE DOHERTY Happiness is: sunshine, catching a buzz Suppressed Desire: to be Wonder Woman Most Memorable: 2 14 75 Future Plans: partying, making money, journalist Comment: Always be true to yourself. Quote: “Though a man go out to battle a thousand times against a thousand men, if he conquers himself he is the greater conqueror. " ROBERT DONNELLY 1 11 Never Forget: P.D., M.M., S.M., S.D., S.G., 6 72, P.D. ' s faces, Senior Class Play, Mt Monadnock, Look, a grreat shot!!, the escalator, Good Harbor, E.Y.C., Ras Baftas Happiness is: Good Times Misery is: Monday morning ' s, You ' re a Donnelly?, rainy weekends Pet Peeve: hoods, snobs Suppressed Desire: to walk across the country Quote: The best thing a man can do is to do the best he can. Micheals MICHAEL DI PIETRO Happiness is: leaving Friday, summer Misery is: no lights, bad luck, the pit Pet Peeve: quiters I ' ll Never Forget: good times, summer of ' 75, homeroom Comment: The only way to ap- preciate what you have is to imagine yourself without it. PATRICK DOHERTY THERESA DONOVAN I ' ll Never Forget: S.P.S. 9 24 75, 9 great years. Fat Jack, or is it Skinny Whelan now? Frogs legs, Cold fingers ' 74, my sidekick. New York 5, Philadelphia, Best Rifles ' 75, Sadie Comment: “When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are When you wish upon a star . Your dreams come true. " TERRENCE DOLAN Happiness is: a certain little buddy, Reg ' s, Whelan ' s, Enoch ' s and myopias, Riv. Misery is: lead heads with erasers Pet Peeve: teachers with degrees I ' ll Never Forget: 11 28 75, 17 steaks, B-Town, D. Park, MR.P. Quote: “You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do no- thing for him. ' ' 57 STEVEN EDELSTEIN Happiness is: J.K. I ' ll Never Forget: J.K., Mt., Riv., B-Town, The Regs., Rapid at 15, T.P.O., D.P., C ' s, WHI, Larson ' s, 5xL.P., Whelan ' s, Tizo, Duge, Hack, Doc., Springy, Not Now! Quote: ‘‘A good friend is some- one who thinks you ' re a good egg even though you ' re slightly cracked. Don ' t put all your eggs in one basket. " MARIE EICHER Happiness is: Coming home. Misery is: Being away from Billy. I ' ll Never Forget: Smiley, Scaggs Ring, Spring " 74 " , Buffo, Cape Codder, Yellow Ribbon, Wellfleet, Africa, Rollerball, Serpico. Comment: Today is the tomor- row I was looking forward to yesterday. Now what do I do? PAMELA DOUCETTE I ' ll Never Forget: Us three and B.P., " it ' s in the garbage,” Joan, Merit, M6, Beach Boys, work, the McDonough ' s, Ed’s laughter Quote: In the future our paths may split but just remember, A line goes on forever . . . and so we will meet again. And our friendship shall become even better. JOHN DOWNS Happiness is: Being accepted by tbe college of your choice. Misery is: SATs early Saturday morning Suppressed Desire: To earn $70,000 kicking field goals. I ' ll Never Forget: skipping school. PAUL DRISCOLL 11 Never Forget: B.C. and the O, the P.H. A., popping corks out of sockets. Happiness is: Having friends to be with. Watching T.C. lose on the card. Misery is: Auditorium studies, the chair, the dren. Pet Peeve: PL874 Forms Quote: " I never think of the fu- ture. It comes soon enough. " — Einstein — Future Plans: Kollege PAUL DUFFY Misery is: Ripping your pants in school. Happiness is: Getting them sewn. Pet Peeve: People that snore. Quote: " Don ' t every run from danger, just walk very fast. " Suppressed Desire: To retire from work. Future Plans: To become a state trooper. Comment: 1 will bust all the kids I don ' t like. MICHAEL DUGAN Happiness is: Reg ' s, Concord, Whelan ' s, Enock ' s and myo- pia ' s, Riv. Misery is: SATs, " thus as a result. " Pet Peeve: A certain ring. I ' ll Never Forget: Mt., Summer of " 75 " , 17 steaks, Digs, B- town, Football, Larson ' s, D. Park, great times with " Flow- ers " , No. 5. Suppressed Desire: The Gash. PETER DURSO Memories: Surprise birthday parties, " A grrreat shot!”, Jr. Prom, Twirp-Twirl, Hamlet, teaching J.C. s Word to 5th graders, P.M. ' s driving, Dur- sonium, Chem. labs, Good Harbor, S.P.Y., quiet studies, friends. Comment: " Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspi- rations, I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow them where they lead. " 58 MICHAEL FAMA Happiness is: Having time to waste, but not wasting it. Long weekends, A Friendly Face. Suppressed Desire: a privilege I ' ll Never Forget: My name, a tour through Boston, T.Z. ' s father. The First time, three short years, Zukeleke, Laca- poco. Future Plans: more school, more money, travel, settle down. Comment: Alone we weaken, together we conquer. STEPHEN FERRANTE Happiness is: No football games on Saturday, sleeping late, weekend parties, M.F. con- certs. Misery is: Marching in the mud. I ' ll Never Forget: 4 10 75, Chicopee, The Band Gang, U.G.C., Bus Trips, Stage Band ' 75, problems with A.M. and P.M., Lord Wake- field. Future Plans: To be more suc- cessful than anyone expects me to be. Quote: I don’t need the aggrava- tion. JOANNE FERRETTI I ' ll Never Forget: A.C.A. zoos, symanns, 6 in a D, 3B ' s, BB, sisters, jr. yr. G. block, the trio Quote: " Yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision, but today, well-lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision ot hope. " RICHARD FICARRA CHARLENE FIGUCIA Happiness is: sharing good times with others Misery is: “What could have been " , getting overdone by the sun I’ll Never Forget: Hampton Beach, Sophomore year, Murphs Datsun, Slugger, Alto, the gang Comment: . . . Don ' t apologize for emotions for when you do you apologize for truth. 59 STEVEN FOLEY Happiness is: a ' 67 Mustang Fast- back Misery is: going to a junkyard in hundred degree weather Suppressed Desire: To own a 67 Shelby Mustang or two I’ll Never Forget: woodshop with Mr. Daley and Mr. P. Future Plans: work Quote: " Life can be tough if you’re not rough. " MARIA GAETA I ' ll Never Forget: Hawaii, our parties, Stones ' concerts, 6 in a Camaro on a trip looking for a barrel, solution: 412 on Washington, Fishbites, Sky- lark in breakheart, 3Bs summer ' 73. Suppressed Desire: 59 velte Comment: " The most lost day of all is the day on which we do not laugh. " MAXWELL FRENCH Misery is: Getting up at 7:30, Homework, working every Saturday night I’ll Never Forget: August ' 75 at Yarmouth, M-M-M-Max, DEBORAH FROTTEN Getting out of class for Auto Shop Happiness is: having a car, trav- eling, having a job and money DIANE FLORINO I’ll Never Forget: those who cared, F.H. party " 74”, B.B. and Simon Legree, S.B. jokes and bus rides, soccer games in the rain, " The Last Supper " Quote: If a man does not keep pace with his other com- panions. Perhaps it is because he hears to a different drummer. Let his step to the music he hears, However measured or far away. Thoreau ELAINE FOLEY " . . . My object in living is to unite My avocation and my vocation As my two eyes make one in sight. Only where live and need are one. And the work is play for mortal stakes. Is the deed ever really done For heaven and the future ' s sakes.” Robert Frost MARILYN FOSSEY Happiness is: weekends on the beach I ' ll Never Forget: " follow that car " , J.L. ' s, Plum Island with N.Y.B., Souza, Friday the 13th, dead car battery, Junior Prom, Hilda’s laugh, F.A.S. at A.M. Comment: I am not afraid of to- morrow for I have seen yes- terday and 1 love today. Future Plans: college RICHARD GARDNER I ' ll Never Forget: Coming to collect, the back of M.G. ' s Read, two in a shoe. 62 HHH MICHAEL GIANNELLI I ' ll Never Forget: T.J., Dunn ' s house, New Year ' s Eve, 3rd period Electricity. Misery is: Walking up stairs with your platforms and findiing out you ' re back at the begin- ning of the stairs again Happiness is: A Beach Boys con- cert MARK GIGLIO I ' ll Never Forget: Zukeleke, Lacapoco in summer of ’73, the welcome committee in Reading, Room 213, fermez- vous livres, balance beam stumbles. Comment: To forge ahead in this world one must open his mouth and request for some- thing if he desires it. Future Plans: College, Cash, and Luxury. " To accomplish great feats, we must not only act but also dream not only plan but also believe. " — France — MARY JEANNE GIANNOCCARI Quote: " Of all things which wisdom provides to make life entirely happy, much the greatest is the possession of friendship.’ — Epicurus — Happiness is: Knowing you have true friends. I’ll Never Forget: There is no- thing worth forgetting. Future Plans: College. H ARLENE GILLIS Quote: " I hadn ' t lived until I learned to treasure every moment given, to realize that the slightest touch may hold a hidden heaven. " Ill Never Forget: M.M.C., sharing a cookie, a.h.m., P. the T 4x over, souza, jr. year, 10 - 2 . Comment: Nothing is ever really lost — it just changes. 63 STEPHEN GLOVER I ' ll Never Forget: The Dilly Deli, Auntie Mame, The Music Room, S.L.A. Misery is: Marching in the mud, College Applications, Noth- ing to do after school, Lester Piano ' s Happiness is: A Beethoven Con- certo, talking with friends, Counterpoint, sleeping late Comment: who ' s this Elton John? Suppressed Desire: To be the shah of Iran ANDREW GOULD Suppressed Desire: To own Anhieser Busch I’ll Never Forget: Lights out during football practice SUSAN GUILD FRANCES GRAFTON JUNE GRAMSTORFF Happiness is: victories, cheering, pre-game, being sure I ' ll Never Forget: memories, ACA, " states " , jr. year, jr. prom, C.C.C. (h.d. k.c.), jet-o-matic, 8 1 75 SFU , red m m ' s — doc, K.T. moods, " Les Foules " Pet Peeve: onion, rainy Saturdays Comment: " It is not how much we have; but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. " Future Plans: College JASON GULLETTE f t JILL GUSTAFSON Will Never Forget: A.B., N.D. S.W. and cold beans, D.F. and D.Q., C block with Butch Favorite Saying: “If a man does not keep pace with his com- panions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or faraway.” Remark: burp CLAIRE HALEY I’ll Never Forget: my homelife, family, friends, " The Kids”, toll house, " Haley ' s Hi- deaway” (Wf.N.H.) G.W.C., I ' ll lambaste you " , camping c hot coffeebrandy, wet S.B., T ' s punches, " Billdevii” V.W. ' s, ankles, Beretta, K.U. ' 75, 4 0 75 times swiftness, na- ture ' s gifts . . . memories at seventeen Quote: " What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” 64 RICHARD HEGARTY Happiness is: good friends, good times, E Block — Senior Year Misery is: a mad lunk I’ll Never Forget: Last day of GAIL HAYES school in 75, the playboy ' s, tinko, Lunk, Rick Quote: “If you want to get to heaven, you’ve got to raise a little hell.’ ' Pet Peeve: Dick JANET HANLON Comment: I’ll offer my out- stretched hand to anyone that needs someone to understand and I’ll hold it there until it is reached for. Happiness is. John, good friends, good times. i’ll Never Forget: 4 10 74, 6 in a D, sisters, ’’B.B.’’ 59, Hampton, -1 2, Buddies, Jr. Prom, Pine River Pond, The Cape, Class of ’76’’ CAROL HARRINGTON Happiness is: 9-28-73, 7-4-74, Michael, Whacko-Snydlee I’ll Never Forget: SCP, RB, Chicky Misery is: finding out Pet Peeve: Painted faces Suppressed Desire: to see every- one happy Comment: " Though a man goes to battle a thousand times before a thousand men, if he conquers himself, he is the greatest conqueror. ” DAVID HASTINGS Comment: I’d rather be dead than have a red head. RICHARD HEINLEIN I have been called a lot of names like Heinrich and Bottomless Pit, but a saying I heard that I like that tells how a lot of kids feel is, “Schooling will not interfere with my educa- tion.” PATRICIA HARRIGAN I’ll Never Forget: Drama Club, play rehearsals, cast parties, Our Town, Shrew, Jimbo, Pat, Yearbook meetings, col- lating seeds, marching in mud, snow and rain, the best three years of my life — my wonderful friends — good and bad times we shared Comment: “Some men look at things and ask why?’, I look at things and ask why not?”’ PAUL HERLIHY 65 MAUREEN HESS Happiness is: long weekends, sunsets on Beaches, Having good times with friends, con- certs Misery is: waking up early and forgetting there is no school 1 11 Always Remember: Dec. 20, 74, summer ”75”, Austin Prep Senior Prom, R.P. at F.G., C.M. and Fruit Loops, Cape Cod-Pit Stops Comment: Laugh today, tomor- row may not be so tunny. DANIEL HOLMAN I ' ll Never Forget: 6 29 75, Jumpin ' Jack Flash? Happiness is: T.Y.A. 5 15 74 Misery is: The Summer of ' 75, Elton John Suppressed Desire: To stomp the Purina Chuck Wagon Future Plans: Brain Surgeon or Town Worker THOMAS HERLIHY I ' ll Never Forget: The fort, all night parties. Happiness is: Not working Satur- day night. Misery is: Math A Block. Pet Peeve: E Block studies. Suppressed Desire Revenge. Quote: ' Til never let school in- terfere with my education. ' Future Plans: to grow old. ROBERT HODSON Happiness is: partying, cold beer, summer Misery is: roaches Pet Peeve: my car I ' ll Never Forget: York Beach, Room 223, PWD GERARD HEROOK Happiness is: Feeling good. Pet Peeve: Jocks. Misery is: a blue slip in homeroom, getting shut down. Future Plans: Success VALERIE HOPKINS KATHLEEN HOLLAND Happiness is: Michael, being with friends I ' ll Never Forget: 11th grade En- glish, going to the D.I. with R.R., C.M. and J.R., 11 19 75, Saturday nights at Bank Sq. Shell, B.L. pool party Misery is: having no car, living in Mayberry Comment: zol za zol, " When ' s the party?” Pet Peeve: two faced people JULIE HICKEY Quote: " Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. " 66 HEATHER HORNE Happiness is: a day off from KFC I ' ll Never Forget: Austin’s, Basil nuts, Mr. John, Bud, George, Arnie, Dell ( ick ! ), Mike, J.K. kiss, five minutes, follow him!, December 3, 1975, Weirs Beach, C.W. and L.M. (good ole times!), E.J. 1973. LESLIE HUDSON PATRICIA INFURNA Memories: 4 15 74, TEC 12, 4 6 74, Let ' s be deviant!, Cerri s, Field Hockey, m m m . . . J.D., Wendi look in the rearview mirror!, Class of " 76”. Pet Peeve: " Towering Inferno " , Butts. Comment: “Give outer love and you ' ll find inner peace.” DANIEL HURLEY I 11 Never Forget: Bwoot Nye Nye, a 3 year scrub, Thunder- birds and the Beach Boys. DAVID HUYGENS Happiness is: The blue max Quote: " . . . there is no height, no depth, that the spirit of man, guided by a higher spirit, cannot attain.” — Sir John Hunt — SHIRLEY INGERSOLL Happiness is: (cushions), Salis- bury Beach, graduation day. Misery i s: school, lonely days and nights. Always remember: June 6, J.A. swimming in Salisbury Beach, party at Ho Jo ' s. PATRICIA JACOBE I ' ll Never Forget: Summer of 75, 12 5 75, camping with S.C. and G.B., The Knoll, Mrs. B Happiness is: having a good time with friends . . . Color My World . . . party . . . Misery is: Thursdays and Gym Pet Peeve: Rain on a Friday night Comment: You can do anything if you try. THOMAS JOHNSON Quote: " It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, the age of wisdom, the age of foolishness, the spring of hope, the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us.” I ' ll Never Forget: Blue Max, Rockport, F.I.C., 8 19 75, Dover, Blue polar bear, Ken- nebunkport. Trooper Barry D. Jordan. 67 KATHERINE JOHNSTON Happiness is: Kenny G., The Beach at midnight. Misery is: Rainy days, disap- pointments. Always Remember: July 24, 1974, " party” at Harold Park, Pleasure Island Road, Shaw- sheen Tech. Comment: Never laugh at any- one else until you can laugh at yourself. Pet Peeve: people who inten- tionally hurt other people. ALANNA JOYCE RICHARD JONES Comment: In this world that ' s ever changing, keep your mind from rearranging our hopes and dreams of all our years, ending up in wasted tears. Pet Peeve: Mosquitos Suppressed Desire: Eternal Life MARY LOU JORDAN JANE KEARNEY I ' ll Never Forget: 1 23 74, 4 6 75, egg, summer of 74, s.n.m.’s, S.P., P.I., C.D., L.W., M B., B.M., nimrod Suppressed Desire: to be tall Pet Peeve: Waiting Comment: I feel more like I do now, than before when I first came in. Misery is: gimping out PAUL KEARNEY Never Forget: Summer of " 74” Never Remember: My Junior Year Happiness is: A big pay check Misery is: School Suppressed Desire: To be suc- cessful PATRICIA JOHNSTON Happiness is: Graduation Day Misery is: Lonely days and nights, rainy days I ' ll always remember: skipping gym and getting caught. JULIE JUFFRE I ' ll Never Forget: my friends, talks with N.R. and P.M., M.S. with J.D. and L.C., strawberries, 1 1 25 75, " FAG” Suppressed Desire: to grow Comment: “. . . endings always come too fast, they come too fast, but they pass too slow 68 SCOTT KEDDIE SCOTI ' KEHOE I’ll Never Forget: Weo, the pro- fessional, spaceshot, mmmmax, hi Liegh, the fonze, danny boy, Mr. Her- rick, minuteman, subs in the morning, E block escapades, astronomy with Miss Buckley Comment: Best wishes to Ed and Glenn! KENNETH KELLY I ' ll Never Forget: Kathy, the mountain. Concord River, Carnival Ball ' 75, CRUNCH!! K.Y.B.G.B. Happiness is: a season without injuries, a steak buffet with all you can eat Suppressed Desire: Stoneham 12- Lexington 0 Future Plans: college, to help people less fortunate Comment: Success means no- thing if you cannot share it with someone. MARGARET KELLY I ' ll Never Forget: Cape trips, the “Ring " , privileges, Saturday nights, parties, jams, Annie, OUR, RU, Merit, people JEFFREY KNOX I’ll Never Forget: retreats and backrubs, Leroy-boy, De- Molay, Conclaves, Bonnie, Plan 5, P.F. Family Parties, Private jokes, Welcome!, My hat, bowling handicaps Misery is: owning your own car Comment: “I am constantly amazed at the things people do during studies to amuse themselves.” KATHLEEN KILLE E-ha, Dudley Doright, eggs and bacon, Kancamagus, Bobs Golden Hills, Cape ' 75, Who lit it? Blueberry hill, Zeplin tickets, more coffee please, Lynn Beach Never look for tomorrow when you haven ' t found today. LINDA KINNEY Happiness is: nice smiles, true friends, oceans and snowy nights I’ll Never Forget: my friends, a guardian angel, D E studies, Y.T.T., Drive-ins, a day and a half in Maine, subs in the hall, D D, lunches with Clam and Sandy, summers at the vineyard, T.M., Lenny Comment: C’est la vie. JAMES KOSTINDEN Happiness is: Vannin ' , Curve Rd., the Drive-in, a ride on the Hood, Play ' n Tank, Ping Pong, Wasted I’ll Never Forget: Bag, Burl, the Goon, Dandy, Twitch, 30 year old man, Round’n 3rd Base, Chebordnick and the Film Misery is: Schlitz Draught 69 RICHARD KWIATKOWSKI Comment: Look to the Future! I ' ll Never Forget: Practice with Coach T after Lexington Coach Kennedy passing out. State Soccer Tournament, all coaches — and those who helped Pet Peeves: Salisbury Steak, worn-out sneakers Misery is: Blisters on the bottom of feet, French Class, Gorillas Happiness is: Hitting the Hard- court LINDA LATHBURY Happiness is: Great times shared with friends, snowy days. Graduation Day Misery is: fast moving vacations and slow moving school days, rainy weekends JOSEPH LAWLESS I ' ll Never Forget: R. Beach, 14 steaks, State Playoffs, train rides, Jaws, M.C. Mountain Comment: Those who do not remember the past are con- demned to relive it. Misery is: Watertown off-side, work Future Plans: College ROBERT LAWLOR SCOTT LEAVITT Most Embarrassing Moment: Missing an airport by 28 miles with my flight in- structor in the back seat Pet Peeve: being 6 2 ' ' Misery is: having to pay for ev- erything yourself Happiness is: an El Tigre 440 Future Plans: become an airline pilot Comment: when everything seems perfect, you’ve missed something. PATRICIA LAWLESS I ' ll Never Forget: Nights at the beach, 4 5 74, New York, summer of ' 74, the drill team, Merit, and Gallahues parking lot Happiness is: being with Arthur Quote: “We meet as strangers, we leave as friends, but some- day well meet in heaven, where friendship never ends. " ELAINE LEDBETTER I ' ll Never Forget: B.C. 1973, J.H. 1975, Topsfield Fair, Chuck and Maureen, Judy and Chuck Happiness is: to have freedom, (Jimmy) Misery is: lonely days when there’s nobody to talk to Pet Peeve: J.H. is working on cars, only see his feet Quote: Knowing someone who you can trust KAREN LINEHAN Comment: Put off today, what you can do tomorrow Happiness is: Having good times with friends, K.K., weekends 1 11 Never Forget: My sophomore Science class at Somerville High Pet Peeve: Getting up on Monday, S.H.S., not having a car Future Plans: Airline Stewardess 70 DAVID LIRAKIS Happiness is: something cold, wet and frosty Misery is: being carded I ' ll Never Forget: 6 29 75, Whiteys party Suppressed Desire: to have alot of money Future Plans: God only knows MICHAEL LOUGHMAN Happiness is: The Reg ' s, the Digs, the mountain, B-Town, and six of ' em Misery is: listening to cuestick after a loss, Wed. pratices (live), “on the line”, Lehigh Suppressed Desire: grow a fu- man-chu Quote: “Man, he ' s got more Moves than . . Comment: Among those whom I like, I can find no common denominator; but among those whom I love, I can; all of them make me laugh. DAVID LUCEY Happiness is: Jean, ' s Misery is: 3 day vacactions I’ll Never Forget: skipping every E block in 11th grade and only getting sacked twice! Summer “75”, Hampton, Old Orchard Quote: “You can ' t always get what you want” The Rolling Stones Future Plans: College, F.B.l. ELIZABETH LUSAS Happiness is: a direction, not a place, J.F. Pickles, Misery is: a month- ' , pressures, (time) limitations, " L-U-S-A- S " Suppressed Desire: travel, have my own parking space Future Plans: realize my impos- sible dreams I ' ll Never Forget: the apartment, summer ' 75, good times, the corner, " Honey”, 12 6 74, chemistry labs, E ' blocks, L.L.L., laughing with MTM, KPM, . . . “Les Foules! " Comment: " Desiderata” CHRISTOPHER LOCONTE I’ll Never Forget: listening to Scola, summer ' 75, Beach Boys, Gary and His Dad, Steak Dinner on Spence, Murph and McNutt, a cake, Jim J, Proods suicidal ten- ancies Suppressed Desire: to own Stud ' s Little Black Book Quote: “The more you give the lighter your burden will be” Pat Norelli JOSEPH LOVETERE KATHERINE LONG Happiness is: being with my friends and partying Misery is: learning the hard way 12 5 75 I ' ll Never Forget: MI?, Crow, E. Gloucester, White Cadie, 24 hr. nights, WPOD, Mary and Real Quick, Feb. 3, 1973 Quote: Life is either a daring ad- venture or nothing. Helen Keller ANDREW LORENTI Misery is: Class of ' 76 71 SENIOR FAVORITES Most Theatrical: Pat Harrigan, Dave Huygens. Friendliest: Patty McCarthy, Dan Brandano. Most Talkative: Paul Murphy, Joanne Ferretti. Quietest: Ray Smith (Center), Class Livewires: Linda Cooney, Frank Pullo . Missing from picture: Brenda Coffin. « ■ i Mad Scientists: Claire Haley, Steve Edelstein. Favorite Photographer: Terry Bleiler. Most Sophisticated: Tom Johnson, Janice Roach. Best Eyes: Carol Harrington, Bob Mochi. Best Dancers: Maryann Buccheri, Kevin Tighe. Most Versatile: Nancy DiFronzo, Jim Reynolds. Most Promising: Lisa Mullins, Tom Johnson. Most School Spirited, Done Most for S.H.S.: Betsy McLaughlin, John Olson. Biggest Eaters: Joanne Burr, Marshall Daniels. Favorite Teachers: Mrs. Ruth Reczek, Mr. Jim Romano. Best Legs: Mimi Margarita. Class Heartbreaker: Paul Movsesian. Missing from picture: Kim Angelosanto. Best Dressed: Jeff DiCiaccio, Maria Gaeta. Best Legs: Joe Dimare. Most Sincere: Patty McCarthy. Missing from picture: Gary McNutt. Most Artistic: Mark Christofi. Miss- Class Couple: Gail McDermott. Miss- ing from picture: Nona Smith. ing from picture: Jim McDermott. Worst Jokes: Steve McCluskey, Diane Florino. Class Girl Hater: Dick Kwiatkowski. Biggest Flirts: Mary Jo Beane, Kevin Tighe. Best Looking: Frank Whitcomb, Margie O’Neil. Wittiest: Wendy Boretti, Bob Bohling. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: left to right Dom Visconti, President; Joanne Palumbo, Social Chairman; Joan Maher, Social Chairman; Kathy Houghton, Secretary; Kris Barton, Treasurer. Missing from picture: Nancy Adams, Vice- President. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: left to right: Jackie Dolan, Secretary; Ellen Dawson, Vice-President; Pattye Comfort, Social Chairman. Missing from picture: Beverly Kille, President; Mike McKee, Social Chairman; Sharon Butler, Treasurer. MARY LUTHER I ' ll Never Forget: fainting at N.E.M.H., the neighbors, 6 6 74, stubba, p.d., p.l., j.c, l.w., c.d. Pet Peeve: 1 1 o ' clock deadline, moon heads Suppressed Desire: to get my license Future Plans: work a little, go to school a little Comment: Always hope for something, once you ' ve stopped hoping you have no- thing. DENISE MACIEL Live for today, tomorrow may never come. I ' ll Never Forget: Jackie and Kim who helped me when 1 first came to this school Favorite Day: August 23, 1975 Aim in Life: to make everyone around me happy MAUREEN MAGUIRE Quote: “Enjoy the blessings of this day: for this day only is ours; we are dead to yester- day, and we are not yet born to the morrow. But if we look abroad, and bring into one days thoughts, the evil of many-certain and uncertain, what will be and what will never be, our load will be as intolerable as it is unreason- able. " Jeremy Taylor I ' ll Never Forget: 4 17 KEVIN LYONS Happiness is: the ' 57 Pet Peeve: school Suppressed Desire: to be rich, N.W. MICHAEL MAGUIRE GERALD MAHONEY Happiness is: Saturday victory, the Regs, the blue max Misery is: the sled, Saturday nights at home, French Pet Peeve: No, Kathy is not my sister. KATHLEEN P. MAHONEY Happiness is: being with friends, Arizona, planning for Ber- muda I ' ll Never Forget: Billy B., Gerry, M.A.P., " Citgo " , “Michelob " , May 21-25, 1975, Senior Play, “Les Foules " , " No, Gerry isn ' t my brother " Suppressed Desire: to do every- thing at least once Future Plans: to tend bar in Why, Arizona Quote: " I suspect people of plot- ting to make me happy” KATHLEEN T. MAHONEY Happiness is: Ricky and Bobby Misery is: 7 26 71, Germany Pet Peeve: Eli, plastic I ' ll Never Forget: 1 1 25 75, Drill Quote: “What that the radiance that was once so bright, be ever taken from my sight. Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, glory in the flower, let us grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind. " Walt Whitman Comment: I.A.N.D.T.D. 78 v MARYELLEN MALZONE You see things as they are and ask, why? I see things that never were and ask, why not? Win Lose or Draw DEBRA MARINO To believe in something and really believe To live life for yourself, not others To want something and get it. To set goals and achieve them. Be a leader now and always and you ' ll end up being yourself. MARIELLEN MAHONEY Comment: " I am not afraid of to- morrow for I have seen yes- terday and I love today” I ' ll Never Forget: Twirp Twirl, Jr. Prom, " Summer of ' 75,” How do you get to Good Harbor?, That ' s a grreat shot!, SPY, Chemistry labs, library, Quiet studies ”74- 75”, Senior Class Play, My friends, Marblehead, Teaching CCD, Leopard, . . . " Les Foules!” WILTON MALONSON LINDA MANGANO Happiness is: good music and good jokes 1 11 Never Forget: my birthday down Daytona Beach Suppressed Desire: to own a mansion on Gloucester Harbor Pet Peeve: alarm clocks and catching buses Misery is: a sandy tuna fish sand- wich Comment: We re here for a good time not a long time. PAMELA MANUEL Happiness is: no school Pet Peeve: Duke Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Rosen Best Subject: Lyric, Poetry and Music Suppressed Desire: to be a movie star MARIE MARGARITA Happiness is: good friends, a Spartan Victory I ' ll Never Forget: A.C.A. zoos, lost in N.H., BB, six in a D. sisters Misery is: the fights, rainy Satur- days, waiting Pet Peeve: indecision Suppressed Desire: to get out of Stoneham Comment: " There is no one so blind as those who will not see.” CHARLES MARKS Happiness is: Maryann, D.W. ' s cottage, Working 5 days a week, F85, skiing Comment: Berzzch Suppressed Desire: go to!, be with! 79 RICHARD MAROTTA Happiness is: sitting alone, lis- tening to a slow song. Misery is: Waking up the next morning and saying, " Why did I do (say) that? " I ' ll Never Forget: The Sheraton, what I didn ' t remember the morning after. Comment: Why? Help! Pet Peeve: Cigarette smoke ANNE MARSHALL Happiness is: a box of pretzels, a guitar, a friend. Misery is: Spanish G Block I’ll Never Forget: Canada, Surprise!!, What are you doing here?, 200 years ago today . . ., TEC. Comment: Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us. JAY MASON WHAT 1 LEARNED AT STONEHAM HIGH SCHOOL. . . 1 ) When you leave out the back door . . . wear a snorkel jacket. 2) Eat at Toody’s 3) Boobie-trap your locker 4) Never spend $70 on a class ring 5) Carry jumper cables 6) Never waste valuable school time — leave 7) Never, never buy a Saab. MARIA MAYO " If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Every being bears a similarity to another and yet, the thin dif- ferentiating line lies in one’s beliefs — belief in himself, belief in his purpose in life and belief in his fellow man. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away. " — Thoreau — SEBASTIAN MASIELLO I’ll Never Forget: Helllooo . . . Yeah ... I beg your pardon!, B.C. and the Ooooo, The CHAIR, Hopechest, A grrrreat shot, a game of inches, Dili Deli, the NERD. Pet Peeve: King Kong PAUL MAZZOTTA Happiness is: Watching football on T.V. for six hours on a Sunday afternoon. Pet Peeve: The Football Card Future Plans: College Suppressed Desire: To get a P H D. in mathematics. 80 JOAN MC AVEENEY KEVIN MCCARTHY GAILMC DERMOTT JAMES MC DERMOTT PATRICIA MC C ARTHY Misery is: Scarlet sunburn, wet bleachers, fainting on 2nd, should have. I’ll Never Forget: Main Street, GAICM, White Lightning, Hampton, crunch, KYBGB, R.C., foom, camp, the letter, my friends. Suppressed Desire: To meet Winnie, professional soccer fan, to remain happy. Comment: Take time to hear without words. STEVEN McCLUSKEY I ' ll Never Forget: KYBGB, Lynne, Pat, Kenny, Flipper, Ito, V.P., Detroit, Ambas- sador. Happiness is: Making people happy. Misery is: Wasting a good joke. Suppressed Desire: To write a dirty book. Comment: “I guess I dribbled when I should have passed. " Pet Peeve: Are you a basketball player? Future Plans: College ELIZABETH MC CLEARN Happiness is: Fluting, acting and being with friends. I ' ll Never Forget: Gooch, space- shots, marching band (ugh!), E.T.F.C., Albatross and Monty, Old Maid, S.D., J.D., Jimbo, Yellow Hoop Skirts, " Peculiar Morning” 5 30, 31, " Auntie Marne”, Ito, 9 19, " I brought him a plant " , Upsy- daisy, Backstage, Hi Hon. THERESA MC CUE Comment: “If I work toward an end, meantime I am confined to a process. The rainbow is more beautiful than the pot at the end of it, because the rainbow is now. And the pot never turns out to be quite what I expected. " 81 THOMAS MC DERMOTT ANNE MCGINN ESS Happiness is: Scott, weekends, true friends, graduation. I ' ll Never Forget: Summer of “74 " -“75”, 7 2 75, the pool, My Junior year, Fudge bar, N.B., C.M., When ' s the party. The rink. Amber, Goose, Buch ' s room Comment: Enjoy the good times now for tomorrow they may be gone. Misery is: not being able to see him on weekends Pet Peeve: Chasing guidance counselors. DEBRA MC KENZIE Happiness is: hairdressing JM school, sunny days, freedom, the future Misery is: ARGUING Pet Peeve: Getting up, and walking to school in the snow I ' ll Never Forget: Mr. Wadd- leton ' s class, skip days, June 26, summer of ' 75 Quote: Love is forever, so don ' t miss it! CAROLINE MC MASTER Happiness is: Mousie, being with good friends, 10 25 75. I’ll Never Forget: H.W. and D.I., Betsy, 1 24 75, Somerville, 11 17, 1 1 19, J R., R.P., K.H., M.M., S.N., K.J., ZOL. Misery is: Living in Mayberry, having to wait. Comment: If you love something, set it free; if it comes back it was yours, if it doesn ' t it never was. JOHN MC DONNELL Happiness is: Monday mornings Future Plans: A little work, a little sleep, and a lot of good times! Comment: Always try to find the easy way out! ! BRIAN MC GINNESS Happiness is: Being with some- one special. Misery is: The morning after Suppressed Desire: To win the lottery Comment: . . . HEY SKINNEY If you like it, do ELIZABETH McLaughlin Happiness: Being President, being with someone who cares Misery: Decisions, Pressures, not enough time Memories: Class of ' 76, S.H.S., Yana, Sam, proms, Twirps, 10-7-74, 6-5-75, 12-31-75, " K " , " mmm . . . J.D. " , Suppressed Desire: To become president of the United States. Comment: It is necessary for the happiness of man that he be mentally faithful to himself. Future: Pharmacy, marriage, con- vent ROBERT MCMILLEN Happiness is: Cabol j, Guppies and Tigers, Camp Hope, Rms. 123 A and 123B, DAA and B.J., Nicky and Family, Kathy Me, The Sound of Music, C of A, Paterick, Whiffleball games, Mrs. Pack, Breakfast with Lynn. I ' ll Never Forget: 5:09, Twirps, Jr. Prom, Walter trying to go down a slide, " Hey what are you guys doing up there?” Fool of the week. Misery is: Anne Boleyn, mini- pam, red, bicentennials Comment: ‘ ' Whatareyou”, JEFF BIKE!! 82 MICHAEL MEEKS Comment: This is true. Happiness is: Lori, skiing, Aeros- mith, long bus-rides. Seals and Crofts, snow in De- cember, 6th period, knowing that you did it. Misery is: No snow, long bus- rides by yourself, talking to yourself. I’ll Never Forget: 2 14 75 singing in Math, sorry cutie pie, dam, O.J., working girl. Chuck and Co. GARY MCNUTT I ' ll Never Forget: " 1 could ' a been killed. " , The Accident, the getaway. Suppressed Desire: To get my Class 1 Future Plans: Work, trip to California. Comment: A timid person is frightened before a danger, a coward during the time, and a courageous person afterwards. ROBERT MIELE Happiness is: E.S. Misery is: Finding a blue slip waiting for you in homeroom. Comment: Where have 1 been the last twelve years? I’ll Never Forget: what I forgot Suppressed Desire: To be rich in- stead of handsome. Pet Peeve: J.R. the Snack Bar is open. WILLIAM MOBILIA Comment: " Do it, and if you can ' t do it, do something else.” SGB Happiness is: The first letter in the alphabet, Tennis aces, Dancin’, The Sting. Future Plans: Dr. of thought. Pet Peeve: Broken Pianos f HELEN MEEGAN Misery is: A-block classes Future Plans: College Pet Peeve: Cliques Suppressed Desire: to travel Quote: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” PAMELA MERCER Happiness is: 2 in a sleeping bag, Bo. I’ll Never Forget: 2 23 75, mira- cles, upstairs and to the left, J.P. 75, " Les Foules” Misery is: The Phantom, Bo’s yearbook. Pet Peeve: stache, a certain jr. Suppressed Desire: Play center- field for the S.F. Giants. Comment: " Get it on " STEVEN MIGLIORINI Happiness is: Being with friends, The Stooges, Basketball, Tennis, Playin ' Tank, New Hampshire, Sneaking up, The Beatles. I’ll Never Forget: Denise, The Proms, Bag, Burl, Dandy, Stick, My Basketball Teams, Games and Coaches, " Light- house ”, Bacon burgers, Scumbag on 45, Wolves. Pet Peeve: King Kong Fondest Memories: Of Being With Manzy. ROBERT MOCHI I’ll Never Forget: Breakfast Jack, Foxhill Park, East School, Steaks, Framingham State, Doughnuts, Winchester, A chase in reverse, A Prayer, 1 1 27 Mudd. Happiness is: What I’ll never forget. Misery is: Forgetting to cover the front plate. Pet Peeve: Waiting H.A.R. Comment: The moment may be temporary, but the memory is forever. 83 LESLIE MONTEIRO Happiness is: Riding around, being with someone you like. Misery is: Not having a good time, being grounded. Pet Peeve: People who think they ' re really nice when they ' re not. Future Plans: Work, getting my own apartment. I’ll Never Forget: S.H.S., Summer of “75”, balloons in B.S. ' s convertible, all my friends. MICHELE MOORE Comment: Stoneham High; it was nice to visit, but 1 wouldn ' t want to stay. ELIZABETH MORRISON PAUL MOVSESIAN Happiness is: Good times with good friends. I ' ll Never Forget: making the states, the dance I don ' t remember, lost in Boston, E Block — Senior year. Future Plans: College, Being my own boss. Comment: Take advantage of your present opportunities while you have them; you ' ll never realize how important they are until they ' re gone. — PM — LISA MULLINS Happiness is: Starry, Starry Night, Friends, Sandy Shores, Aspenglow. Memories: Smiles of a summer night, Twilight Rehearsals, menage-a-trois, Bermuda Bound, Stagedoors, “Les Foules.” Quote: “Life has given me of its best — Laughter, weeping, labour and rest, Little of gold, but lots of fun; Shall I sigh that all is done? No, not I; while the new road lies All untrodden before my eyes. — Holland — MICHAEL MURPHY Happiness is: “A free steak dinner " , " Want my sub? " , Spencer ' s pocket-book. Misery is: " paying for it " , French I, French II, Having my speed, the grips. Future Plans: T G.T.C.I.A.V.W.M. A.W. I ' ll Never Forget: Doughnuts, " A Snooze at Gilchrist ' s " , 11 27 74 Comment: Your reach should never exceed your grasp, or there will be no need for heaven. r i DIANE MORRISSEY I ' ll Never Forget: my friends, Margaret, Summer ' 74, E. Gloucester, ACA, 4:00 A.M., partying, 1 20, two weekend disasters, learning the hard way, Rogie ' s driving, Rm 28, wpod, long talks with KL, MI? Comment: “We may be fighting a losing battle, but having a lot of fun trying to win.” PATRICE MURPHY I ' ll Never Forget: Marshall, " 6 in a D " , B.B., sisters, Junior Prom, Hampton, ACA ZOOS. Comment: " This is not the beginning. Nor is it the beginning of the end; For it is the end of the beginning. I now go on to achieve the many goals I seek. Striving to make the good times better, and the happy moments trea- sured memories. " 84 PAUL MURPHY I’ll Never Forget: Hamlet, Third Graders, The Last Supper, Y.B. Deadlines, a co- authority, Soccer games, M.G. ' s kidneys, The Drama Club, and all the Great Times I ' ve had and Good Friends I ve met. Comment: " I would not ex- change the fond memories of my mind and laughter in my heart for the fortunes of the multitudes. " ROBERT NASELL A I’ll Never Forget: Nasty (cough, cough), Only the Beginning, 019-50-0484, ras bana shunti benifuci yatatimidy a corongy down-set-hut, the best Friday the 13th 1 ever had, dead car batteries, Twirp Twirl, a room filled with pianos, !No Vale mucho!, and all my friends. Comment: Keep smiling because that ' s the most improtant thing! KIMMURRIN Happiness is: Partying with friends. Misery is A,B,C,D,E,F,G Suppressed Desire To be a Phys- ics teacher. Comment Aim for a star! Never be satisfied with a life that is less than the best. Future Plans: To be an Interior Designer. JOSEPH MUSTO Favorite Quote: " Do it " Favorite Pastime: Gym Something To Brag About: My 40 foot shot. Future Plans: Music and Col lege SHARON NADER Happiness is: Kenny, true friends Misery is: R.A.M.N., T.W H.O.T.M. Pet Peeve: Mayberry, Two-faced people, S.O.S. Memories: Summer " 74”, Jr. Prom, Hampton, David ' s Cap Cod, M.T.S., P.B. C.M, J.M. R.P. B.P., J.T. D R KB. J D D.N. S.T. Comment: ZOL-ZA-ZOL-ZOL Future: To Travel Suppressed Desire: To ride through the " wild” west on a white horse. HI, OH Silver! MELVIN NELSON Happiness is: being with your good friends and having a good time, parties at E.S., not getting lost in the woods. Misery is: finding a blue slip waiting for you in homeroom, getting lost in the woods. Pet Peeve: Beans Comment: Turn the record off. KATHLEEN NOONAN Happiness is: long talks, outsid- ers Misery is: rainy nights, telephone poles Pet Peeve: goons, M.A.A. I ' ll Never Forget: 5 2 75, M.B., 1 1 22 75, frogs, Zag, NRK, P.Z., mootch, mitch, 36, MAB’s, hiccups, Salisbury, prep, 11 19 75, jocks, WP, c w Deb. P.E.I., bertha. Quote: “Live for today and see what tomorrow brings. " MARK O ' BRIEN 85 WILLIAM O ' CALLAGHAN MARK O ' NEIL Happiness is: what ' s wet, cold and frosty. I ' ll Never Forget: Rec, parties, making the rounds. Future Plans: school, police work Comment: Where; Gordie KRISTEN O MELIA Never Forget: S.P.S., New York, Philadelphia, Lillian, Buka, Oh Carol, Jane, Everyone, Manager, class of ' 76: TD, PM, we don ' t put onions on our fish, SIR! Comment: One rose given in love is remembered more than 20 given in duty. Pet Peeve: phonies Happiness is: good friends JOHN OLSON Happiness is: Catching the rays, being casual, high on life. I ' ll Never Forget: friends, Canada ' 74, ' 75, Jr. Prom; Precious and Few, Casin ' off, 2 20, Wildcat, T.T. 75; Just You n ' Me, C.B. ' 75, Sr. Prom ' 75, Grad. ' 75, BB and Chicago; Foxboro, Prom Injury 2X, Sun. Nite Rides, Beach, Homecoming ' 75, Ski Club, SC, U MASS Wknds., PONY, Class of ' 75, 7 16, Man. MARGARET O ' NEIL ROBERT O ' NEIL Misery is: getting up after a good night. Pet Peeve: sitting down the office for detention. I ' ll Never Forget: the parties, J.M ELAINE PANTANO 1 11 Never Forget: Montreal, TEC 12, 11 8 75, Camp Hope, in the stuck elevator, on the train from Boston, senior year, T.T. ' 74. Future Plans: Elementary teacher. Comment: Happiness is like a butterfly — the more you chase it, the more it eludes you. But if you turn your at- tention to other things, it comes a nd softly sits on your shoulder. DOUGLAS PAPULIS " Sure on this shining night of star-made shadows round, kindness must watch for me this side the ground. " (Bacon; He ' s pregnant?!?, Jerk and a half, Tooshie, napalm, Officer Malone, Surprise!!, subtle ge- nius of mental midgets, Beware of people bearing Trojan horses, nice stuff, Har- vard Sq. and Cal. . . . Gloucester ' 72, Tomato, 50 words? Tomato, Eggs) " All is healed, All is health. High Summer holds the earth. Hearts — all whole. " excerpt from James Agee 86 CYNTHIA PAULY I ' ll Never Forget: Loving Jack . . . being with Betty, John, Sandy, Linda and Doug, the time Eloise had her picture takin in Melrose, trying to train Jon to use the papers . . . and not the rug. Comment: Life is what you m ake it, so take advantage of it. World, here I come! DEBORAH PERRYMAN . . . jerry . . . pajama parties . . . friends . . . Bermuda . . . December 6 . . . skiing . . . TEC 45 . . . moonlit beaches, sunny, sandy beaches . . . mom . . . ' 74 football games . . . Valentine’s Day . . . teller B or A? . . . " Lc-s Foules " . . . snowflakes . . . opals . . . " Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, We must carry it with us or we will find it not.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson — STEPHEN PIZZANO Happiness is: taking drugs I ' ll Never Forget: the " helmet " Comment: " Hallelujah, I ' m a bum! " Quote: " There was something merciless and absurd about his mind. The boy went to the cigar store to telephone her. " CAROL PLATI I ' ll Never Forget: Alton Bay with everybody howling in the woods at 3 in the morning, Plum Island and morning after, being over Collins with Susan and Wallie and Burt after Steppenwolf, P.G. asking me to a concert, then asking one of my best friends to the same concert and not taking either of us. BRIAN POOR RUTH POOR Happiness is: Being with the gang, parties, 10 20 75 " Crusin ' Misery is: Friday and Saturday night bummers, asking for the car and not getting it. Pet Peeve: B.O.Y.S. Comment: Love makes the world go round. I ' ll Never Forget: Emerson, J.C., S.B., M.H., CM., C.B., S.N., G.F., M.H., at F.G., " Hands " Cape Cod " pit stops " 87 BARBARA POTHIER I ' ll Never Forget: anything 1 haven ' t already, running down the up escalator Happiness is: Paul you did it!, I’m back Misery is: only 50 words Pet Peeve: feet pickers Suppressed Desire: to change Denise ' s laugh Future Plans: a mic in one hand Comment: Life is like looking through a window, the only thing that keeps you from reaching out is the pain. LINDA PRIOR Doug . . . crying in Lynn . . . red . . . slepled . . . Barn- stead . . . snowstorm in January . . . Kerwin’s farm . . . Malibu . . . Caramels Misery is: losing Beacon Street with Cindy P. Suppressed Desire: to put bolts on a door I ' ll Never Forget: July 1, 1973 Relief is: no more Navy calls at six GARY PROODIAN Happiness is: making " F ”s into ' ' A ' ' ' s Misery is: hitting 500 foot double, getting Tushed Suppressed Desire: to pitch a no hitter Pet Peeve: school shin splints I’ll Never Forget: Regs, Rossi ' s truck, Uncle Billy Tushed at Bo ' s party Future Plans: college and base- ball Comment: to be number 1 THOMAS QUIGLEY Future Plans: Law Enforcement GAIL QUINN Pet Peeve: green sweaters I ' ll Never Forget: when H.H. and R.S. turned to hicks . . . 8 30 74 Favorite Saying: if you love something set it free, if it comes back to you it s yours to keep forever, if it flies away it was never your to begin with. FRANCIS PULLO THERESA RAY Comment: RIPPED! JAMES REES Happiness is: taking drugs Pet Peeve: track 111 Never Forget: a certain Heuman being Comment: ' ' Hallelujah, I ' m a Bum” Quote: " There was something merciless and absurd and quaint about his mind. The boy went to the cigar store to telephone her. " Future Plans: Kathryn Gibbs College 88 REGINA REIS Friends . . . parties . . . C.B. . . . smiles . . . " White Christmas " ... fpl . . . Jerbie . . . Reg-Rice . . . Last-minute-jobs . . . Teller A or B? . . . Mrs. Pack . . . Starry-nights-long rides . . . Easter in Bermuda . . . SFA . . . secrets . . . " Les Foules " Hold fast your dreams within your heart Keep one still, secret spot Where dreams may go — and sheltered so, May thrive and grow where doubt and fear are not. LINDA REYNOLDS Comment: " Mirror in the sky. What is love? Can the child within my heart rise above? Can I sail through the changing ocean tides? CHARLENE RICHARDS Can I handle the seasons of my life? I have been afraid of changing But times makes you bolder, Even children get older And I ' m gettin older, too. " JAMES REYNOLDS Happiness is: playing sports, family life, plenty of " free time " , running Misery is: being DH for in Woburn game Suppressed Desire: to play short- stop I’ll Never Forget: Silly Beabury at the party, donuts, the Roman, the Fox, the Pigeon, $10 Future Plans: college Comment: ' I ' m going to bed " JANICE ROACH I ' ll Never Forget: my " guarding angel " , Arlington scare, c.f.d. ' s, rainy days, lifesavers, my friends, f.n. Happiness is: smiles, rainbows, blue and gold feathers, memo- ries Quote: “Not just in a dream, but in our deep thought, let us meet often hereafter. " Kobo Daishi Misery is: friends who hurt NANCY ROACH I ' ll Never Forget: . . . my friends, the smile, " K " , M.M.C., tea time, sharing a cookie, 11 17 74, the Cape, Bozo ' s Olympics, f-n, long talks Quote: " Have the courage to be different without being con- trary. The quality that makes us interesting, that makes us outstanding personalities, is the courage to be ourselves. " DAVID RICHARDS Happiness is: getting out of this place Misery is: staying after and just missing the bus Suppressed Desire: owning a 1975 pick up truck I ' ll Never Forget: the reason why I was called cook ANDREA RIVERA Happiness is: being with Mark Memories: 10 20 73, Hockey 73- 74, The Malibu, Listening to " Stairway to Heaven” Quote: “I agree it would be easier not to give yourself to anyone and then you never have to worry about that person going away. But to carry out this philosophy would be to close oneself to so many beau- tiful things.” 89 FRANCIS ROBERTS THOMAS ROLLI KATHLEEN ROMANO Happiness is: Kerry S., having the same name, A Special girlfriend, looking back without it hurting, memories. I ' ll Never Forget: 9 12 75, 12 6 75, roses; S.K. 1 1 75 snowy night, ROTC Queen 3 21 75. Quote: " 1 am a part of all that 1 have met, and all that 1 have met has become a part of me. KATHRYN ROMEJKO Memories: " Bones " (!) " Oh well " Future Legal (?) Secre- tary, Favorite Pastime, JWD, Loves the hot, sunny summer days and cold winter nights at Hemlock Heights; Canada!; Joni Mitchell; dancing at Peo- ple ' s Parties. Dislikes 6:15 a.m.; 12:00 curfews; WAITING . . .; being late. Goodbye S.H.D. JAMES ROSE Pet Peeve: You got a butt? Future Plans: to work Comments: What a zoo! BARBARA ROY I ' ll Never Forget: Nov. 21, 1975 Comment: It’s been r.eal. LINDA RUBNER Happiness is: partying I ' ll Never Forget: 1 11 75, the trip through Iris’ room, Weymouth, The Stones, All- ston Bay — Blue Night, Breakheart party 9 19 75, Maine, Little Feet, Max Quote: I don ' t know where I ' m going, but I ' m on my way. STEPHEN ROSSI I’ll Never Forget: The hospital room, the doughnut night, and the pumpkin. Happiness is: The Regulars, knowing where you are going in life Misery is: Crawling into wet equipment during doubles, big mistakes. Comment: " I dare do all that may become a man; who dares do more is not. " — Shakespeare — 92 SCOTT RUMMEL Happiness is: Motorcycles, ’s Misery is: A Block classes Pet Peeve: Waiting, " Do you have a pass?” I ' ll Never Forget: Labor Day Weekend 75, skipping E Block in 11th grade and get- ting caught twice. Comment: Everyone wants a bag of gold. Future Plans: College and travel. LYNNE RUSSELL Happiness is: Being with friends, soccer Misery is: A broken radiator hose, a sunburn I’ll Never Forget: " Sure do”, 11 29 75, Mr. K., White Lightning, “crunch’, Hampton, string beans, G.A.I.C.M., kidneys Future Plans: College Comment: " No amount of plan- ning ahead will ever take the place of dumb luck. ” DAVID SACCO I’ll Never Forget: The Stooges, the list, countdown, the Drive-In, 30 year-old man Happiness is: A new album Misery is: John Denver Suppressed Desire: To see the Beatles get back together. Quote: " Living is easy with eyes closed . . . " — Lennon-McCartney — ISABEL SACCO Happiness is: friends, sleeping late Misery is: braces I ' ll Never Forget: Main Street, G.A.I.C.M., one-way street, yellow bugs, 8 1 75, Help! Future Plans: College Comment: " Few of us can measure up to what we hope to be, but as long as we keep our hopes high, we won ' t be ashamed of what we are.” MICHAEL SCHIAZZA Memories: " Being guilty of cer- tain doggerel myself ; “Pru- frock ' ; toots, tooshy; Febru- ary walking: " Primeval Forest rain and mud; cows, cats, wolf, horse, turkey; Reds, " Marne”, " Our Town " ; Latin Loves; certain strange friends and teachers; " Seeds " ; " SLA”; happy week; tootles rolls; " Then how should I begin to spit out all the butt-ends of my days and ways?” CHRISTINE SCOLA I ' ll Never Forget: 6 ' 2” 190 lbs., joey’s, summer of 75, good talks W C.L., j.p. w timmy, good friends — sammy, cleve, carla, hilli, 14 steaks, P.D.N., long practices, " good vibra- tions " , oldies, a warm office, 2 16 75, saying good-bye. Quote: " Beautiful Things Are Seldom Easy” JANET SCRIBNER I ' ll Never Forget: Camp Hope, EM ARC convention, 1-2-3 change, Miget, Jimbo, Red . . . tooshy and Toots, Emily, " Our Town.” Quote: The problem is those who see the different with only a shrewd and jaudiced eye. — Mouskas — To know things as they are is better than to believe things as they seem. — Wicker — Do not become old dimensional. — Buckley — 93 DENNIS SERRANO I ' ll Never Forget: Carnival Ball, throwing the keys at the Bell. Happiness is: 5, 6, 7, ' period studies. Suppressed Desire: To own a Corvette. MAURA SHANNON I ' ll Never Forget: Carnival Ball, The Charleston, Our Town, Marne, Junior Eng., Ireland and Edel, 1:12 in the morn- ing, M.A.S.C. Dunfeys, Trek’n, Float ' n, " Les Foules " . Comment: " A moment ' s insight is sometimes worth a life ' s ex- perience.” JUDITH SHERIDAN Rings and jewels are not gifts, but apologies for gifts. The only true gift is a portion of thyself. " BRIAN SHUN AMON I ' ll Never Forget: Sunday night rides, the Senior’s Oct. 18 dance, those Friday nights at work, Rees at the drive-ins, The navy sailors. Misery is: Being broke on pay- day, not knowing what day it is. Comment: When in doubt, take a pawn. WILLIAM SILK I’ll Never Forget: GB, HO BP Summer ' 75, Salisbury, Glou- cester, tango puddles, mag- nito man, parking lot drunks, put the top down. Pet Peeve: Aren’t you supposed to sing Misery is: Working both week- end nights. Happiness is: Being out of debt. Future Plans: Architecture JOAN SLATER LAURA SIMPSON Comment: Tomorrow will bring the things that never come today. — Neil Young — MARY ELLEN SMAIL Happiness is: When everything ' s going great, good friends, weekends, the beach. Misery is: Rainy days, disap- pointments, bowling every week. I’ll Never Forget: Summer of ' 75, copying with N.B., My Junior year, C Block at K.J. ' s house. 94 JUDITH SMALLCOMB I ' ll Never Forget: my buddy, Terry, 9 28 74, 11 28-29 74, Mr. P„ cheering, 1975-76 ' cuz these are the good old days! Pet Peeve: rainy Saturdays, sun- burns Comment: You will find, peace of mind If you look way down in your Heart and Soul. Stay young at heart, ' Cause you ' ll never grow old. EWF RAYMOND SMITH PAMELA SMITH Future Plans, college and travel Pet Peeve: waiting Suppressed Desire: to be trusted (GJ) Happiness is: Knowing that you ' re not alone I’ll Never Forget: Field Hockey ' 75, G.H., Silver Nova, riding bicycles, Atlanta, Field, CT, 1 2 75 Comment: to each his own . . . STEPHEN SMITH DEBORA SPATOLA I ' ll Never Forget: Florida " 74”, bike riding with pam, 10:53, BS with R.C., J.F., K.L., C.F. and M.B., more coffee Dec. 4, ' 73, Lynn Beach " To know things as they are is better than to believe things as they seem. " ROBERT SPENCER I’ll Never Forget: H.B., B.B June 30, steakes, Whelan ' s cottage, the Reg ' s, Bigg ' s cottage, murph Nov. 29 I Will Forget: gas Future Plans: Harvard or Yale Comment: Real charity is when you help those whom you have every reason to believe would not help you. Happiness is: the three B ' s DANA STEEVES NANCY SPELLMAN Happiness is: Times spent with Kevin . . ., |ust talking with friends. I ' ll Never Forget: Day after Prom, last night at S. 95 BRUCE STURGIS Happiness is: Going to Maine. Misery is: Having to work. Pet Peeve: frozen locks on a cold, snowy morning. Comment: You always want to go, but when you leave you would like to go back. WARREN SUKIEL Happiness is: Having a half-day. I ' ll Never Forget: Stickman, T.A., R.B., and all of the Se- nior class. Quote: What are ya, on drugs? Misery is: Having your knee pop out. The Silliest Thing I Ever Did: To try to have a serious con- versation with Steve M. " It ' s impossible.” JEAN SWEENEY It ' s Basil the K.S.! Won ' t forget Devil Dogs or the Silver Ball. Hi Hun! Shut-up Allen! LYD Day. Like I mean you know. The Alternate Route. Easy on the Chocks, Brenda. Wildly exciting morning strolls. Leatherfoot. JAMES TAMBURRINI I’ll Never Forget: Kathy 5 9 75 Misery is: Swamp Creature w blue lights. Happiness is: CAB, Sq., Marconi, VT., 32, Beach Boys and Chicago Concert, Master Slave, B S, out to Lunch, wabbit ribbit, hearing an Irish joke. Comment: Never say you’ve done it until you do it ( ' till you’re satisfied). STEPHEN SULLIVAN Suppressed Desire: Graduate, a full tank of gas. Happiness is: Good parties down East. Pet Peeve: accidents with fire hydrants. ROSANNE SUDANO I ' ll Never Forget: Sophomore English, SPMR, Co-ed team sports, K.R. and all our long talks, my mad dashes home from C.P.’s when I was al- ready late. Quote: " Woman was created from the rib of man, not from his head to be above him, nor from his feet to be walked upon, but from his side to be equal, near his arm to be pro- tected, and close to his heart to be loved. " JOAN TAMBURRINI Happiness is: Graduating with the Class of ’76, Michael 9 12 73 and 2 6 76, horse- back riding. Misery is: Getting caught skip- ping gym, rainy days. Future Plans: Marry M.W. 2 6 76 Comment: " Love is put in your heart to stay, but love isn’t love ' till you give it away.” PAUL SWEET Happiness is: Friday and Sat. out, lunch. Misery is: Being in school. Comment: Be glad to be out. 96 MICHAEL TARR JEAN TENERIELLO " Rivers belong where they can ramble, Eagles belong where they can fly; I ' ve got to be where my spirit can run free, Got to find my corner of the sky.” — From the musical score of Pippin MARIE THERIAULT SAMANTHA TIERNEY I ' ll Never Forget: Snowflakes in January ' 74, pink roses, Summer ' 74 down South, Bev, Chip, long practices, PDN, rainy nights, " Good Vibrations " , a warm office, saying good-bye. Quote: All you can ever have is today, for yesterday is gone, and tomorrow never comes. KEVIN TIGHE Happiness is: Being with J.G., enock ' s and myopia’s. Suppressed Desire: The gash. Pet Peeve: Dennis, Andy, Chip- Chip, phonies, moods without moves. I ' ll Never Forget: The regs, mt., Rte. 1, " B” town, Riv., Larson ' s, the sign, springs, D.P., Let me see, what time is it???, thank you Kevin. Ambitions: Who knows MARK TOOMY Comment: " It matters not how long you live, but how. " I ' ll Never Forget: The Regs, cop in the square, nerd, Canada, 43 what?, Q7, soccer-AP, nasty, shear bis. Pet Peeve: Too small, football locker in corner. Misery is: Do you see that! — ( BANG J — pole. Comment: Dis eis true! Happiness is: Beating Win- chester. Suppressed Desire: 6 foot 4 in., 250 lbs. MARY LOU TODESCO Happiness is: Having Richard as my boyfriend. JANETTROTTA David . . . real people . . . ful- filled dreams . . . " wee hours of the morning” . . . May- berry. Memories: " Clam! ”, 6 17 75 . . ., The Rink, Proms, Summer ' 75, Joe D., NEMH, " Bozo”, " who-me??”, Sam, studies. Bruins, Tava’s co-ed, subs, SB OJ, Mrs. B., S.H.S ., “one of the guys " . Sundaes. Suppressed Desire: Yesterday Once More! Comment: Keepa-U-Hands Off! 97 WARREN TIJRINO Happiness is: Maureen, parties in Lunk ' s room, $, Canada, Misery is: No money, Oinky, Lunk, Q7. Suppressed Desire: Dentist, be- come Thurston Howell, the IV. I ' ll Never Forget: Salisbury 4:00 A.M., Summer weekends, the old van, 12 17 74. Pet Peeve: Hey Tinker, guess what? What? Comment: Any man who marries for money earns it. PAULVALENTE Happiness is: Five studies in a row. Misery is: finding the metal ball you lost in Physics class. Suppressed Desire: To win var- sity race. I ' ll Never Forget: Kille ' s unusual appetite. Quote: I didn ' t do it! NADA VESKOVIC Happiness is: Partying and having a good time. Misery is: Cold weather and having nothing to do. I’ll Never Forget: Barn Door, North Reading, Maine, Nan Mack and Summer of ' 75. Future Plans: To live in California Comment: Good luck to every- one in the Class of ' 76. RICHARD VONA I ' ll Never Forget: Debbie, 3 3 75, Junior Prom, " The Picture " , Sharing, having. Colour My World, Freebie and the Bean. Suppressed Desire: Marriage, a long, happy, successful life and a good job with high pay. Good-bye: Jessica, Mona, Sandy, Karen, Maryann, Joan, and Kathy. DENISE VACON It’s been a bizzy year. Don ' t you love this layout? My name is not Diane! Eating hot-fudge sundaes or relishing over lob- ster and shrimp scampi, it ' s great to be with Mig. Summers in N.H. Comment: " We are made wise not by the recollections of our past, but by the responsi- bilities of our future. " MICHELE VALLARELLI I ' ll Never Forget: Hampton, summer ' 75, E.E., S.D., K.C., PC., C.F., getting rowdy 11 27 75. Comment: Try not to take life too seriously, no one is going to get out of it alive anyway. Party! Quote: " 1 am not afraid of tomor- row, for I have seen yesterday, and 1 love today. " CINDY VIVEIROS Do not walk in front of me, 1 may not follow. Do not walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me. And be my friend. — Camus — Comment: If there ' s no wind, row! EILEEN WALSH Happiness is: Dave, summer, skip days. Misery is: M M, LLL, 5 29 75, writing scripts. I ' ll Never Forget: 4 12 74, Boston, getting lost at Pru, Drive-ins, show us how to bowl, N.W., Coffee House, Primo ' s, song — Barbara Anne, understanding what L.C. can’t, 2 A.M., Friday nights. Suppressed Desire: A house on the beach. 98 LAWRENCE WARD CHERYL WARREN LYNNE WARREN I ' ll Never Forget: " We don ' t put onions on our fish, SIR! " , Janie, oh Carol, Buka, Stubba, K.O., Gertie the Gold Putt- putt, Egg, R.C., Cucky, M.L., J.C., P.D., PI, Tommy Tunes, Class of " 76 " Quote: " Do not be sad that you have suffered, be glad that you have lived. " Pet Peeve: onions DANIEL WHELAN Happiness is: The Regs, Debbie, N.H. Residence, Skiing and the Beast I ' ll Never Forget: " B-Town " , Rte 1, " The Hully Gully " , and the " Swift River " — one bad case Pet Peeve: Some rubber duck and Italian Girls Comment: “I live for today because no one promised me tomorrow — J.U. " PAUL WHITE Happiness is: football, winning, Dan ' s cottage, making a stick, score drill Misery is: losing, driving Digs on the sled Suppressed Desire: to score a touchdown I ' ll Never Forget: scoring against Southie, watching C in action Future Plans: college, living, travel to California Comment: Winning may not be everything, but losing surely amounts to nothing. TIMOTHY WEISSE Happiness is: Sq., Cab., Monday night movies, my own car, going out to lunch, Bob B. hitting our porch so we can fix that too. Comments: Better food to eat in the cafeteria, Capri is too ex- pensive. I’ll Never Forget: the class of 76, it has been a fun year, my wino friend Future Plans: working until my car is paid off BARBARA WILSON Happiness is: 1 16 74, Dean, Graduation Day, F.B. Going to parties, D.Y., spending Friday and Saturday nights at HJ ' s Misery is: staying in on weekends I ' ll Never Forget: 11 3 75, 9 1 75, weekends, Places in Chelsea, and Revere STEVEN WILLOWS 99 MARC WILSON I ' ll Never Forget: Mr. Herrick, the A.V., returning films, Dick the Mouth, MMMMax, S-cott-key-hole, The Marsh, " 1 smell vinyle ”, Counter- point, P.A.S.S., Glove and Chichopee, Good Luck to Jim and the rhythm section. Best wishes to my long friend, Steve. We had some times. And to Kristine — always. A k STUART YOUNG I ' ll Never Forget: Conn., The swans how perfect they are like love. Color My World. Happiness is: Finding more than one way home, winning over Steve. Misery is: Drive with Larry. Fun is: Driving with Jeff and having the gas peddle stick. Comment: Love is not only loving, but being loved. MICHELE ZAITCHIK 1 11 Never Forget: Prince, 17th floor, Sunday afternoon op- tions, how long can you tread water? Misery is: a five day week Suppressed Desire: to get more than a dollar in gas Comment: ‘‘You guys, show me the way to go home.” MARK ZAPPA 1 11 Never Forget: Lisa, Betsey, my SAAB Misery is: homework, tests, burnt crankshafts Happiness is: being elbow deep in a good engine Suppressed Desire: to buy a real car Future Plans: go to college Pet Peeve: Nerds Comment: It was decent HEINE ZONNENBERG Dutchy, S.I.S. Exchange Student from the Netherlands. I ' ll Never Forget: 8 13 75, 7 7 76. SUSAN DECRISTOFORO I ' ll Never Forget: Summer of ' 72, Jr. Eng., Stones Concert, N.H., partying. Suppressed Desire: ' ' Beatles " in concert. Quote: ‘‘Let’s do some living after we ' ve died.” — Stones — SANDRA WOOD “On ne voit bien qu ' avec le coeur. L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux. " — Antoine de Saint-Exupery — ANTHONY ZARBA I ' ll Never Forget: Soccer, State Tournament, 2, Mt., Mr. Kennedy, the knockout, the payoff, front steps, the lake, MLAS Happiness is: winning Future Plans: college, success Pet Peeve: Alphabetical order Comment: “Though a man go out to battle a thousand times against a thousand mer if he conquers himself he is the greater conquerer.” " Winning may not be everything but losing is nothing.” 100 Camera Shy: John Bennett Peter Chambers Bradford Cormier Frank D ' Annolfo Kevin Dunn Hugh Fraser William Lord Natasha Kreder Ralph Pisaturo Sandra Shannon Nona Smith Christine Titcomb 101 i r iH VLK n Al ;j ■. _ £j ■fr l! Ilia p Jj . ipj jj N I | VIII There are places I remember ail my life, Though some have changed, Some forever, not for better, Some have gone and some remain. All these places had their moments With lovers and friends I still can recall Some are dead and some are living. In my life I’ve loved them all. — Lennon and McCartney — TWIRP TWIRL AND JUNIOR PROM WMwi SCHOLASTIC AWARDS Brown Book Award: Thomas Johnson Harvard Book Award: James Reynolds English Award: Jill Gustafson PUBLIC LIBRARY STONEHAM, MASS. BOYS and GIRLS STATE left to right: Alice Barry, James Reynolds, Jay Boehm, Lisa Mullins 110 FIRST ROW: left to right : Secretary J. Juffre, Vice President A. Barry, President J. Olson, Treasurer M. Pinelli. SECOND ROW: J. O ' Neil, P. Murphy, K. Ochs, D. Jutras, J. Downs. THIRD ROW: P. Walker , D. Visconti, T. Lewis, K. Corkum, B. Kille, Advisor D. Molloy, J. Sheridan, B. McLaughlin. MISSING FROM PICTURE: M. Buccheri, H. Cafasso, H. Carroll, J. Cataldo, B. Cummings, S. Doherty, K. Mahoney, L. Sandgren. STUDENT GOVERNMENT DAY REPRESENTATIVE YOUTH ADVISORY COUNCIL Betsy McLaughlin STUDENT COUNCIL SCHOOL COMMITTEE SEATED: M. Shannon. STANDING: left to right J. Sheridan, L. Mullins, J. Boehm, K, O ' Melia. YEARBOOK EDITORS FIRST ROW: left to right; M. Schiazza, D. Papulis, L. Mullins, J. Boehm, D. Huygens, D. Florino, R. Reis, A. Barry. SECOND ROW: G. Mahoney, P. Durso, S. Dinsmore, D. Desisto, D. Vacon, N. Smith. THIRD ROW: R. McMillen, P. Harrigan, L. McClearn, P. Murphy. 112 _ Drown WThfc meadc wM+e with tbe snoi In cele brat 107) of p Prophets on hillsides, c S SEEDS FRONT ROW: left to right Advisor Miss Patricia Norelli, C. Viveiros, J. Colucci, C. Buckley. BACK ROW: M. Schiazza, J Scribner, P. Harrigan, M. Christofi. DECA WORK STUDY ADVISORY FIRST ROW: left to right: K. Dunn, D. Andronico, P. Jacobe, P. Linda Prior, Timothy Weisse Abramo, P. Leedham, T. Cail. SECOND ROW; P. Duffy, S. Smith, A. Court, J. Rose, J. Andrews, D. Marino. THIRD ROW: D. Turner, H. Brennick, M. Meegan, T. Dunn, C. Viglione, L. McTighe, S. Grecco. FOURTH ROW: Advisor K.E. Stechschulte, W. Lord, J. McTaggart M. Buccheri, R. Vona. 113 AUDIO VISUAL FRONT: left to right D. Marshall, M. French. BACK: D. Sudano, S. Kehoe, M. Smith, Advisor Mr. Mulchay, T. Lucci, R. Heinlein. CHESS CLUB NOT PICTURED: The Chess Club. FUTURE TEACHERS STANDING: Advisor R. Reczek. SEATED: left to right: E. Pantano, S. Tierney, A. Gillis, E. McLaughlin, L. Reynolds, M. Moore. FUTURE NURSES FIRST ROW: left to right S. Kilty, Pres- ident M. Mahoney, K. Manning. SEC- OND ROW: C. Vrattos, F. Heath, P. Twohig, K. Bolton, D. Frotten. THIRD ROW: N. Anderson, A. O’Callagan, M. Clabby, H. Meegan, T. Murphy, D. Recko, K. Annetti. •- 1 rJ " .1 m Jtr r JL i ■ FUTURE SECRETARIES FOREGROUND: left to right M. Flynn, P. Simpson, K. Doherty, A. Plan. BACKGROUND SEATED: K. Connolly, S. Burke, D. Sudano, M. Benoit, B. Bennett. STANDING: D. Forde, J. Fougere, A. Borges, J. Blauvelt, Advisors D. Corum and M. Garuti. SCIENCE CLUB el I I SEATED: left to right; K. Fitz- gerald, R. Donnelly, P. Durso, F. Smith STANDING: Advisor G. Layne, R. Wrothen, T. Padur, B. Kille, T. Wignadt, R. Davies. - D R A M A C L U B [fill 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 t i f I j FIRST ROW: left to right: J Andrews, A Marshall, L Kenney, K Lentz, C Hamlyn, D. Wade, J. Colucci, C. Viveiros, M. O Halloran, J. I Musto, A Papulis, J. Scribner, M. Schiazza. SECOND ROW: D. Martis, T. Whittaker, M. Christofi, D. Johnson, E. McClearn, S. Dinsmore, P. j i Harrigan, M. Mahoney, P Murphy, P. Durso, M. Maguire, M. Healy, J. Gustafson, E. Harrington, T. Johnson, M. Wade, S. Dennis, E. Pantano, K Corkum, J. Vennochi, D. Gandolfo, S. Fraas, K Bolton, S, Glover, S. Graves, C. Haley, P. Dlugove, M. Der, L. Braverman, M. Cantone, L, Timperly, Advisor J. Romano, J. Denehy, R. McMillan, S. Grecco, S. Carey, W. Mobilia, K Davies, P. Hamlyn, D. Huygens, M. Shannon, J. | Boehm, L. Mullins, G. Mahoney. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Advisor P. Nolan, J. Musto, T. Padur, F. Smith, L. Raftell, A. Mcdermott, K, Petto, D. Simmonetti, D. Shakalis, L. Symanski, M. Maloney, E. Palumbo. I 116 FIRST ROW: left to right D. DeSisto, M. Giannocari, N. DiFronzo, B. McLaughlin. SECOND ROW P. McCarthy, D. Florino, C. Basken, J. DiMambro, P Infurna, C. Desmond, D. Vacon, K. Bolton, R. Reis. THIRD ROW: P Movesian, M. Fama, J. Olson, M. Giglio. w ri n nw GIRLS GYM LEADERS FIRST ROW: left to right: M. Flynn, S. Graves, A. Borges, J. Fougere, N. Whelan, P. Mercer, D. Turner, A. Paonesa. SECOND ROW: D. Jutras, G. Andreadis, T. Perryman, A. Farren, E. Moore, W. McNaughton, M. Porter, D. Gar- gano, J. Lampher. THIRD ROW: S. Kilty, C. Fiore, K. Cullen, D. Coumbus, J. Downs, M, Screnci, P. Smith, J. Ven- nochi. BOYS GYM LEADERS ALPH ABETICALLY: R Blauvelt, M. Chamberlain, E. Carpenito, J. Diciaccio, J. DiMare, M. Dugan, S. Edelstein, C. Faraci, J Fucci, M. Giannelli, M. Giglio, S. Jamieson, J. Kelley, K. Kelly, J. Lawless, D Lirakis, M. Lough man, C. Marks, R Marulli, P. McCarthy, J McDonnell, S. Migliorini, M. Murphy, J. Olson, R Paige, R. Prior, G. Proodian, T. Quigley, E. Rolundi, T. Sweet, K. Tighe, M. Toomy, O. Vargas, P. White, T. Zarba, 118 02 TUTORS SITTING: left to right: S. Connelly, J. Bates, M. Mahoney, K. Covell, M. Maquire, S. Tierney, E. Pantano. STANDING: T. Rolli, B. Mochi, J. Reynolds, L. Casey, P. Durso, P. Recko, D. Huygens, S. Dinsmore, J. Scribner, T. Murphy, R. McMillen, L. Ward, M. Giglio. FIRST ROW: left to right: S. McClusky, K. Mahoney, T. Russo, S. Kilty, Advisor S. Conroy, P. Mercer. SECOND ROW: M. Fossey, L. Crocker, T. Lewis, J. O ' Neil, T. Perryman, I. Sacco, K. Noonan. THIRD ROW: T. McCue, P. urphy, K. Dearth, P. McCarthy, A. Farren, D. Jutras, G. Mroz, J. Dolan. FOURTH ROW: D. Perryman, J. iMambro, J. Gramstoff, T. McClusky, A. Gillis, J. Roach, N. Roach, J. Juffre. INTERACT 119 BOYS GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW: left to right: S. Glover, J. Cremins, A. Angelosanto, S. Smith. SECOND ROW: E. Ro- tundi, T. Benoit, P. Howard, W. Abbott. THIRD ROW: G. Proo- dian, W. Mobilia, S. Edelstein, K. Kelly. SPARTAN CHORALE FIRST ROW: left to right: M. Mahoney, A. Morash, M. Der, D. Vacon, A. Marshall, M. Maloney, A. Papuhs, F. Woodward, R. Me- millen, S. Dinsmore, S. Glover, S. Smith, L. Sandgren, J. Simpson, M. Concannon, K. Sweet, J. Vennochi. SECOND ROW: L. Reis Padur, S. Perry, M. Sterner, C. Manning, K. Donovan, J. Andrews, M. Salera, R. Reis, D. Jackson, C. Day, T. Benoit, S. Pagliarulo Crocker, L. Russell, J. O ' Neil, K. Bolton. THIRD ROW: C. Rockwood, D. DeSisto, K. Tower, S. Thorley, K. Pothier, L. Basha, McKee, W. Abbott,R. Blauvelt, A. Angelosanto, E. Rotundi, J. Boehm, S. Dennis, M. Shannon, A. Richmond, K. Labadini Vogt. FOURTH ROW: J Theroux, P. Anderson, D. Perryman, L. Mullins, H Meegan, M. Asci, J. Bates, M. Burns. D. Kelly, Mobilia, S. Edelstein, D. Huygens, M. Finigian, K. Kelly, K. O Melia, J. Belmont, K. Corkum, K. Dearth, L. Mangano. 120 CZ2rH CHAMBER SINGERS FIRST ROW: left to right Advisor C. Brumit, K. Aghassi, J. Belmont, A. Richmond, J. Simpson, L. Adams, L. Sandgren, L. Basha, C. Rockwood, A Marshall, I. Brennick. SECOND ROW: R. Committo, J. Cremins, J. Knox, R, Blauvelt, W. Abbott, W. Mobilia, R. Hayman.T. Benoit. GIRLS ENSEMBLE AND CHORALETTES FIRST ROW: left to right: L. Adams, PI Puglisi, J. Simpson, C. Manning, L. Sandgren, A. Marshall, C. Rockwood, D. Vacon, M Sterner. SECOND ROW: K. Aghassi, A. Morash, K. Petto, J. Velardocchia, P. Walker, D. Shakalis, K. Tower, M. Maloney, A Papulis, L. Basha. THIRD ROW: S. Perry, J. Belmont, A. Richmond, L. Raftell, L. Reis, C. DiPrisco .1 Hyder, B Pothier, J. Andrews, D. Sudano. 121 PEP SQUAD FIRST ROW: left to right: | Parsons, L, Adams, S, Kilty, R Rodriques, J. Stevens. SECOND ROW: P. Griffith, S. Grecco, B. Petricone, P McCluskey, M. Meroski THIRD ROW: K. Lentz, K. Annetti, J. Bates, P Puglisi, C. Flynn, L. St. Amand. MARCHING BAND Members from the Junior High and High School led by Captains Stephen Glover, Stephen Ferrante, Richard Hayman, and Drum Majorette Laurie Sandgren. Directed by Anthony Hyde. 122 FIRST ROW: left to right: R. Hayman, J. Grubb, C. Hamlyn, G. Parks, B. Barbo, J. Stan- dish, F. Woodland, K. Trenholm, S. Isabelle, S. Glover. SECOND ROW: P. Moore, C. DiPrisco, T. Whitimore, D. McGuire, B. Higatte, A. Morash, K. Aghassi, L. Reis, M. Wilson, R. Pisaturo, Director A. Hyde, D. Cooms, L. Young, S. Ferrante, M. Melkonian, K. Brunini. STAGE BAND Coronation Pageant: left to right: Attendants: T. Donovan, J. Smallcomb, M. O ' Neil, K. Angelosanto, A. Joyce, Page P. Capraro, Queen M.A. Buccheri, King J. Di Mare, Page L. Stevens, Attendants: J. Dell’Anno, M. Gaeta, M.J. Beane, M. Mayo, K. Cafasso. Ushers: left to right: B. McLaughlin, J. Trotta, Head Usher P. McCarthy, J. DeRoeck, J. Dolan. Second row: M.J. Giannoccari, J. Roach, C. Figucia, J. Hanlon, P. Murphy. 124 Attendants Margaret O ' Neil and Mary Jo Beane. “EXODUS” Regina and Lisa Reis. Attendant Kim Cafasso. i “GRANDMAS FEATHER BED” Douglas Jackson. " THE SENIOR DANCE " . Attendant Judie Smallcomb. 125 BECAUSE " Ray Blauvelt " IF " Cindy Rockwood " FOLLOW ME " Marshall Richard Hayman, Anne ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH Janet Hanlon, Charlene Figucia, Pa- trice Murphy STAGE BAND, Directed by Mr. Anthony Hyde. " BALLAD OF THE ROOSTER Steve McCIuskey The many moves of . . . . Mr. Hyde. ' LET ME BE THERE " Jeanette Hyder. 1 " TELEPHONE " Maura Shannon, Jay Boehm. STAGE BAND. " BOUREE” Ralph Pisaturo, James Standish, Claire Di Prisco, Lisa Reis THE LITTLE SURFERS” Mike McKee, Frank Hussar, Rick Hayman, David Kilty, Ray Blauvelt, Ed Carpenito, Bill Abbott ' ' MONOLOGUE” Mario Cantone I 1 VAUDEVILLE” Scott Carey, Peter Greelish. •VALSE IN E ' FLAT” Steve Glover. The “CARNIVAL CHORUS” performed “The Entertainer”, " Peace on Earth” and selections from “The Pajama Game” under the direction of Mrs. Charlotte Brumit. SENIOR CLASS PLAY “MY SISTER EILEEN ml Tm r.4 j.. M, W xV4 " jL i»iy [■ • • HZt r •• ‘J ! ill ' Mi » 4 p f yg 44fct ! • [ • If .U 4« f ( MVfV 132 i 136 137 FIRST ROW: left to right J. Ferretti, Co-captains M. Margarita and J. Smallcomb, R. Sandler. SECOND ROW: N. Whelan, J. Gramstorfl, D. Morrisey, J. Dolan, M. Beane, P. Murphy, P. Mercer, J. Maher, K. Staniech. TPflRD ROW: L. Crocker, M Screnci, K. Cullen, J. Johnson, G. McDonnell. 138 MAJORETTES BOTTOM ROW: left to right; J. Palumbo, M. Co nnors, Lieu- tenant M. Der, L. Tierney, Lieutenant J. Roach. MIDDLE ROW: b. Brown, K. Mahoney, K. Houghton, J. Downs, F. Dooling, J. O ' Neil. TOP: Captain J. DeRoeck, L. Blier P Towhig. MISSING FROM PICTURES: K. French, C. Pallotta. SOCCER The 1975 Stoneham High soccer team achieved the finest record in Stoneham ' s history — eleven wins, three losses, and three ties. The record was good enough for the Spartans to gain a berth in the State Tournament. The team, under the leadership of Coach Kennedy, bolstered a strong, balanced of- fense, and a stellar defense. The successful season was due to hard work and de- termination including participation in a summer soccer league. KNEELING: left to right: Coach J. Tai, Co captains R Kiawtkowski and J. Di Mare, L. Ward, T. Carlino, K. Kelly, M. Giglio, T. Zarba, J. McDonnell, J. Downs, Ball-boys G. Seibold and P. Seibold. STANDING: Head coach M. Kennedy, Scorers S. Burke and L. Russell, P. Movesian, C. Lewis, J. Biggio, R. Gardner, D. Kelly, D. Bamberg, M. Fama, R. Committo, S. Buitkus, P. Howard, T. Rolli, Manager D. Hastings. 140 FIRST ROW: left to right: R. Spencer, M. Dugan, M. Toomy, J. Lawless, M. Daniels, W. Abbott, S. Rossi, Captain P. White, M. Loughman, M. O ' Neil, M. Murphy, R. Mochi.J. Reynolds, D. Lirakis, G. Mahoney. SECOND ROW: Coach Fillback, Coach Qualey, O. Vargas, R. Dicredico, J. Cremins, C. DiGangi, P. Con- nelly, D. Brandano, G. Proodian.K. Tighe, J. Kelley, M. MacDonald, R. Prior, S. Jamieson, F. Small, Head Coach J.P. White. THIRD ROW: Manager J. Carino, Coach Polcari, J. O ' Grady, P. Uva, C. Frongillo.W. McLaughlin, N. Houghton, S. White, L. Marshall, G. Yianacopolus, J. Doherty. J. Rohanna, V. Pizzotti, S. Minghella, W. Blauvelt, B. Thayer, W. Padovani, R. Angelosanto, coach Pellecchia, Trainer B. Jenkins. The 1975 football season seemed to be an exact repeat of last year, with the team dropping it ' s first three games. Two of these games were heart- breaking fourth quarter losses to Wilmington and Belmont. The first win came against Wakefield, a 14-10 victory. The team won most of their remaining games to finish near the top of the Middlesex League. With many starters returning, next season promises to be equally successful. i I 1 I 142 FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: left to right K. Cafasso, P. Smith, Co-captains N. Difronzo and A. Barry, M. Mayo, G. Hayes. SECOND ROW: Coach R. Timpone, M. Giannocari, C. Censullot, J. Bohhng, D. Florino, J. Vennochi, P. Smith. FIELD HOCKEY The hardworking Field hockey team had a very disappointing season finishing sixth in the league. Offset by such factors as their only goalie having serious knee problems and the obvious lack of numbers, the team never let down during the season even though they were constantly coming up on the short end of the stick.” Lesser teams would not have come into their last game, having a record of three ties and seven losses, with as much spirit as the Stoneham girls exhibited. I J 144 CROSS COUNTRY The Stoneham Varsity Cross Country team had its usual fine season with “one win” and eight losses. The team was lead by Captain Jim “Molasses” Rees, who always finished last. The Junior Varsity team, on the other hand, had a six and three record and finished fourth in the Middlesex League. They were lead by John “Miniafro” Murphy and Dave “Wacky” Murphy (no relation). The team should be strong next year with eleven underclassmen returning. The team was also blessed with the presence of three girls: Marie Clabby, Andrea Wiseman, and Charlene Davidson who were the best trio in the Middlesex League. SEATED: Coach A. Rocher. FIRST ROW: left to right: F. Scarpa, P. Berger, M. O ' Grady, Captain J. Rees, E. Bridle, J. Norden, P. Dillon. SECOND ROW: G. Hegarty, R. Leong, J. Murray, T. Harrison, J. Fitzgerald, W. Manning, P. Mc- Callum, D. Murphy. 147 FIRST ROW: M. Burke, D. Matheson, J. Norden, Co-captain P. White, Co-captain D. Brandano, J. McDonnell, J. Kelley, P. Parsons. SECOND ROW: P. Howard, T. Flynn, T. O ' Grady, S. Buitkus, J. O ' Grady, J. Clark, G. Proodian, F. Scarpa, M. Mais- serian, S. Jamieson, B. Committo, Coach Bill Seabury. Pictured below. Coach Dick Burns. With a great deal of experienced let- termen returning, Coach Richard Burns and Coach Bill Seabury were very op- timistic on having a fine season. This squad was basically the same team, with the exception of a fine line, which played to the semi-final round of the State Tour- nament the season before. The team was led by a fine nucleus of seniors consisting of Co-captain Dan Brandano, Co-captain Paul White, Jack McDonnell, and Gary Proodian. They also had many talented, hard working, and good spirited under- classmen contributing to the success of the team. The 1975-76 Spartan Hockey Team was made up of a fine group of men, who played together well, and were proud to be a part of Stoneham High. 148 WINTER TRACK Stoneham track had a surprising turn out this winter with 35 boys and girls but soon decayed to its usual 18 runneis. With the assistance of Coach Rocher and his sidekick Roger Pierce, Stoneham coasted to a fine 0-9-0 record. The most versatile athletes were Jack Fitzgerald who ran the 600, 1000, relay, mile, and also high jumped. Another great high jumper, Bob Mochi, ran the 45 yard dash and relay, while Captain Jim Rees ran the 300, 600, relay, and threw the shotput. Other varsity letter scorers were Joe DiMare, Phil McCallum, Ovidio Vargas, John Murphy, Mark Stuart, Jim Cremins and George Hegarty. 150 FIRST ROW: left to right: J. Cremins, P. Dillon, R. Mochi, J. DiMare, W. Manning, R. DeCredico. SECOND ROW: M. Flynn, M. Stuart, P. McCallum, R. Leong, O. Vargas, G. Hegarty, J. Murray, J. deMoor. THIRD ROW: W. Estes, Coach Rocher, M. Fitz- gerald, J. Harrisson, J. Adams, J. Fitzgerald, Coach Pierce. Missing from picture: Nancy DiFronzo, Marie Clabby. 151 WRESTLING The 1975-76 season was a disappointing one for the varsity grapplers and their coach, Mr. Mulvihill, as they were forced to forfeit two weight classes all season. In spite of this obstacle, the senior class dominated the starting posi- tions and registered most of the team ' s points. Providing leadership and experience were seniors Tony Angelosanto, Tom Rolli, Marshall Daniels, Ralph Chinappi, Bill Dawson, Rick Hegarty, and Tom Quigley, while senior newcomers Gene Rotondi and Jim Carino added strength and depth to the squad. FIRST ROW: D. Demarco, M. Gallella, P. McCarthy, D. Visconti, C. Binda, W. Angelosanto, R. Angelosanto, W. Lentini. SEC- OND ROW: E. Rotondi, B. Thayer, T. Quigley, R. Hegarty, T. Rolli, A. Angelosanto, Coach Mulvihill, M. Daniels, J. Carino, W. Dawson, R. Prior, M. Kinney, S. White. 153 BOYS’ BASKETBALL It was a disappointing year for the Stoneham Spartan basketball team and their first year coach, Bob Tavanese. They won their season opener easily with a 70-31 victory over East Boston. Three games later, they upset highly ranked Wakefield, 63-60, to move into a tie for second place. The team then lost their next seven straight games, including two heartbreaking last-second losses, and was eliminated from the State Tournament. Stoneham was led this year by senior co-captains Steve Migliorini, who averaged 17 points and 14 rebounds per game, and Dick Kwiatkowski, the team’s play-maker and leading scorer with a 20 point per game average. Seniors Kevin Tighe and Jim Reynolds shared back court time, while Mike Loughman, Dan Bamberg, and Pat Caswell helped out on the boards. Several juniors saw playing time, including Paul Connelly, John Rathbun, Paul Rathbun, and John Carroll. The team also included two promising sophomores, Mike Jutras and Steve Perrone. With half of his team returning, Coach Tavanese looks forward to a promising season next year. 154 FIRST ROW: left to right: M. Loughman, K. Tighe, Co-captains R. Kwiatkowski and S. Migliorini, P. Caswell, J. Reynolds. SECOND ROW: Managers S. Lentz and D. Hastings, S. Perrone, J. Carroll, P. Connelly, P. Rathbun, J. Rathbun, Coach Bob Tavanese. 155 After starting off with three disappointing losses, the girls’ basket- ball team proved that they could put it all together in their first Middlesex League victory over Winchester 38-22, which proved not to be their last victory. This was Coach Kennedy’s first year, and his troops really appreci- ated his fine coaching abilities along with his patience and under- standing that inspired them throughout the season. The seniors will be sad to leave, since they all agree that next year should be even more successful. Remember, it takes time to build a dynasty. GIRLS’ BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: left to right: P. Smith, L. Moore, Co-captains A. Barry and T. Donovan, J. Palumbo, S. Wood. SECOND ROW: S. Connelly, C. Davidson, J. Vennochi, D. Florino, J. Lampher, J. DeCosta, L. Hudson, Coach Mike Kennedy. 156 in This year’s gymnastic team was comprised of devoted, hard working athletes. It was a young spirited team with one senior, eight juniors, and one sophomore. Captain for the team and out- standing on uneven bars was Kristine Denetolis, Co-captains were Nancy Adams and Pattye Smith. Consistant high scorers for the team were Renee Gullette and Pattye Smith who both averaged between 15-17 points for the team. Nancy Adams who went as an all-around brought in be- tween 16-18 points each meet. Honorable mention goes to Joan Cataldo, Jean Downs, Carla Pallota, Linda Blier, Carol Bosy, Phyllis Moore. The team was coached by Cynthia A. Carbone. Miss Carbone devoted many hours to the team with patience and excellent training. The team is thankful to her for inspiring us to become a winning team. G Y M N A S T I C S FIRST ROW: Coach Carbone, Co-captain N. Adams, Captain K. Denetolis, Co-captain P. Smith, R. Gullette. SEC- OND ROW: C. Bosy, J. Downs, J. Cataldo, L. Blier, C. Pallota, P. Moore. 158 161 I At the ripe old age of fourteen, my father said to me that I had had enough schooling, and he took me out of school. I went to work on the day I was fourteen years old for the Waltham Watch Company. I had worked there until the end of World War I when eighty percent of the workers were fired. Then my brother, Charlie, and I got a job in a furniture factory where we worked our way up . . . Compliments of the Stoneham Savings Bank 359 Main Street 438 - 4 00 I Compliments of Sunlite Alleys 221 Main Street Stoneham STONEHAM FAMOUS PIZZA 371 Main Street 438-1189 Congratulations to the Class of 76 164 HANK ' S BAKERY AUTO SOUND VACON SON OIL CO., INC. " Service is the Difference” 438-2882 ‘CONGR. 4 TULA T10NS! on your GRADUATION DAY.” ‘ SUCCESS HAPPINESS! for all your TOMORROWS.” Joe Mary Troiano Troiano Associates Printers - 468R Main Street-438-7305 Rick Lanigan: Mgr. Sales Installation Service Radios Stereos Tape Players 169 Main Street Stoneham, M A 02 1 80 (617)438-6800 959 Main Street Brockton, MA 02401 (617) 587-2100 Compliments of DONALD W. HANSON Fair Winds Tours, Ltd. 268 Main Street Stoneham 165 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1976 Phone: 438-1533 PAUL ' S BEAUTY SALON 358 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 02180 Distinctive Beauty Service DEMELIS FLORIST Flowers For All Occasions Also Green Plants Artificial Arrangements 397 Main St. 438-6910 Stoneham, Ma. Free Delivery 166 DWr C s»» K ,) s « Sa g SnE 5fi fe iftS : ; «9»! !§£%% E8Sa®Sk2%k ». ■ STONEHAM CO-OPERATIVE BANK Main Office 335 Main Street Ston eh am, 438-0430 Branch Locations ilMili ' ’ ' Redstone Shopping Center Stoneham 438-3334 fMmaWWigWl - dfe j jliitlt Billerica Mall Billerica 667-2197 mHBM J $sKfa w W$zm ■ -si ' Jap lH ' I K»g3— W JTT Z fl Sri 167 m GAY’S FLOWER SHOP 45 Spring Street Stoneham, Mass. 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When the family first came to West Newton, surprisingly enough, they got into the shoe business because Leo ' s dad was a cobbler. About what age were you then? I was nine years old — that was 1912. And then from there, as I understand it, you moved over to another business. You wentAnto the watchmaking business in Waltham. Is that right? No, what happened to me is that at the ripe old age of fourteen my father said to me thajjl had had enough schooling and he took me out ot school and 1 went to work on the exact day that I was fourteen years old loathe Waltham Watch Company in Waltham. This is during World War I. I worked in the machine shop ol the factory — I kqey ' they were making war materials, but what, I had no idea. Since 1918 when the war ended and they fired about 80% of the the watchbusiness. Well, how did you learn how to make furniture, and where did you learn it? Well, my brother Charlie and I who were both working tor the Waltham Watch Compaq we both went out looking for work and after searching we found a factory that was manufac with that factory w ' hen I was a boy, and I finally worked myselt up to superintendent. Th that factory closed its doors and that was when I started on my own. You and your brothers came to Stoneham then — what attracted you to the town? Well, what happened, Nick, is Dick Barnstead was one of the first fellows I met in th per he was advertising for the town for Stoneham s industry. W Well, now ' Leo, I have a picture here ot an old trolley car coming from Sullivan Square to after you were established. Why don ' t you just briefly tell us about this — particularly the sere Well, I do remember some of our help coming in from Cambridge and some of it comifig in from Woburn coming o trolley cars which today we ' re commencing to remember how good they were — we, were glad to get rid of them at the t j ry workers, I’ve no longer been in jack in 1918 no longer had a job }ng furniture in Waltham. I st 1932, because of the depressi pf Stoneham. Through the newspa- larbo’s and this was only four |car L M Underground Railroad where the ridge, the architect, with you Leo the people would be interested ! now we wish we had them back. That ' s right, and as a matter of tact, this house here that’s no longer standing was slaves from the South were hidden. Let’s go to another picmre. The groundbreaking! — this was in 1946? This s’ and John and Chairlie. We could go on and on with these pictures but here’s one that . . . that shows your dad and your mother and this was taken in 1947 and it says soon after the Store was opened. I believe that some of the people that you see there — Lieutenant Governor Arthur Coolidge and the Mayor of the city Newton. This is another picmre showing the opening day and the crowd that was in front of the store at the time. That was Sep- tember 1 1. 1947. This is another picture that I think you will find interestirigJNIick. Television was in its infancy at the time and of course wewan ted to-get involved with television and surCenough there was t% Wolcott-Ltwis fight and we advertised it, and jht goi ng on, f|.om th ovindow. we had to dose Main Street tor to see the fi, you put a lot of effort into co and for the community because iry about this picture that bears re- As 1 remember well. Well,- along with all of the woik you did m establishing tins fine businessfeeo, munity affairs and in civic affairs, and you have ga|ied prominence for yourself and your family an . many things you’ve done. How did you find time rodo all that you did? “ 1 ••« « 1 That ' s w ' hen I was foil of vim and vigfer, Nick. You still are though. Well, I don’t know. I’ve slowed down ardfe k 6f alSfsfritt. I don ' t think so. But now Leo you have a picture here that interests me ffd ' thWeTs telling. And I think it would be good it you told it in your own words. But let me just outline briefly what is involved 1 understand it, back in 1955 you and Joe Pellegrino, the owner of Prince Spaghetti, were quite friendly (and still are.) He’s sti ing roo, and he more or less, like yourself, is retired from an active business role. But, way back then you told me something this picture — do you want to tell us what happened? I notice on the wording on the mouth of the ' f5ifcherTfTeld§ ’ ' L v word . . . Nick, if I may interrupt you. What happened there was that in the early part of 1956 Mr. Pellegrino asked us (meaning my brothers and I) if we would be interested in buying some of these pictures that he was giving away as a premium because of his sales of spaghetti. He thought it would make quite an addition and quite a nice item for our gilt shop. He knew that we were con- templating opening one and he thought that this would be a good addition to it. So he told us that it was possible for us to J pitchers made because they were made exclusively for him in Italy. These are all made by hand, incidentally. And it was als sible that all this writing that exists here on the front and back could have been left out. So he actually gave us the ide should order some and we took his advice and we ordered something like 1500 of them. What he did was he sent a cablegram to Italy to the people who made these and in the cablegram he wrote, “Leave our the word salute . . .” (that was on the mouth of the pi tcher). But they took it literallyjand thought that .was what they should inscribe. Right, Mr. Pellegrino was very upset over the mistakes on the pitchers, so we met the next day to decide what to do w We decided on advertising these pitchers .is what would soon be a collecto Jtem. We would; thbh: ; s|il the money to the Easter Seal Foundation for crippied children You turned what seemed to be a catastrophe into a very pleasant event . . 170 Best Wishes and Good Luck From The Class of 1978 Keep Your Spirit, Class of 76 From your Senior Class Officers: SEATED: left to right: Betsy McLaughlin, President; Kim Cafasso, Social Chairman. STANDING: Mrs. Lillian Leamon, Advisor; Paul Movsesian, Treasurer; Nancy Di Fronzo, Secretary; Maria Mayo, Social Chairman; Steve McCluskey, Vice-President; Ms. Catherine Broderick, Advisor. Your Hometown Newspaper for 106 Years 171 ■i Congratulations Class of 1976 22S Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 02180 Tel. 438-1826 Zaltman Insurance Agency, Inc. 395 Main Street Stoneham 4A Colonial Park Mall Wilmington, Mass. 657-7200 W.G. Leavitt Son Insurance Agency, Inc. { Complete Financial Planning Congratulations to the Class ot 1976 Carmen Cafasso Foreign and Domestic Car Specialist VW Experts Major Engine Repair on All Makes Tune-Up — Road Service 475 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 438-9777 438-7788 Compliments of Albert H. Guay, D.M.D. and Henry W. McCarthy, D.D.S. 70 Main Street Stoneham 172 Congratulations Class of 76 Stoneham Wallpaper Paint Dr. and Mrs. John J. 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MICHELLE ASCI, 56 High Street; Pep Squad 1; Intramural Basketball 1; Travel Club 2; Softball 2; Homecoming Comm. 3; Co-ed Volleyball 3; Spartan Chorale 1,2,3- R. LEE BALCOM, 4 Marshall Road. DANIEL BAMBERG, 22 Rowe Hill Road; Soccer 1,2,3; Basketball 1.2.3. MARY BAMBERY, 12 Erickson Street. ALICE BARRY, 37 High Street; National Honor Society (Vice- President) 3; Class Officer 1; Student Council (Vice-President) 3; Student Exchange Day 2; Field Hockey 1,2,3, co-capt. 3; Basketball 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3; Yearbook Sports Editor 3; Mass. Girl ' s State 2. NANCY BARRY, 174 Park Street; Softball 1; Hostess for Senior Tea 2. CHRISTINE BASKEN, 115 North Street; Yearbook Staff 3; Senior Snack Bar 3; National Honor Society 3; Carnival Ball 1. JEANNE BAYLIES, 12 Harrison Street, Carnival Ball 1; Tennis 1,2,3; Volleyball 1,2,3; Senior Snack Bar 3; Gym Leader 1,2; Pep Squad 1,2. MARY JO BEANE, 37 Maple Street; Pep Squad 1; Track 1; Cheerleading 2,3; Carnival Ball 1; Carnival Ball Attendant 3; Senior Tea 2; Girls ' Chorus 1; Interact 3; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2. JEAN BELMONT, 13 Wright Street; Chamber Singers 1,2,3; Spartan Chorale 2,3; Girls ' Ensemble 2,3; Nurses ' Club 1,2; Tap Dancing 3; Carnival Ball 1,2,3; Spring Concert 1,2,3- JOHN BENNETT, 3 1 Montvale Avenue. THOMAS BENOIT, 12 Washington Street; Baseball 2; Spartan Chorale 2,3; Marching Band 2,3; Concert Band 2,3; Senior Class Play 3; Boys ' Chorus 2,3; Chamber Singers 3; Carnival Ball 2,3; Spring Concert 2.3. JEFFREY BERRY, 17 Waverly Street. JOHN BIGGIO, 18 Atwood Avenue; Gym Leader 1,2,3; Hockey 2,3; Soccer 3; Baseball 1; Homeroom Officer 1,2,3. JAMES BIRD, 58 Westwood Road. RAYMOND BLAUVELT, 148 Spring Street; Boys Gym Leader 1,2,3; Spartan Chorale 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3; Football 1. JAY BOEHM, 10 Perkins Street; Student Representative to School Committee 3; Mass. Boys State 2; Drama Club 1,2,3, Vice-President 2,3; Senior Play 1,2,3; Festival Play 1,2; Spring Play 1,2; Yearbook Editor 3; Newspaper Staff 2; Spartan Chorale 3; Carnival Ball Participant 1,2; National Honor Society 3. LAURA BOGHIGIAN, 12 Cowdrey Street; J.V. Softball 1; Pep Sauad 1; Intramural Basketball 1; Alpenhof Ski Club 1,2,3; Fencing Club 2; Karate 2. DENISE BOHLING, 17 Ledge Street; Future Nurses Club 1; School Evaluation Comm. 3- ROBERT BOHLING, 17 Ledge Street; Baseball 1,3; J.A. 2. STIG BOLGEN, 97 Forest Street. KATHLEEN BOLTON, 64 Pond Street; Drama Club 1,3; Senior Snack Bar 3; Ski Club 2; Chorale 2,3; French Club 2; Future Nurses Club 3; School Play 1. WENDY BORETTI, 37 Curve Road; Student Council Representative 1; Pep Squad 1; Carnival Ball 1; Junior Class Secretary 2; Mistress of Ceremonies at Senior Tea 2. FRANCES BORGSTEEDE, 41 Upland Road; Spartan Chorale 1,2; Powder Puff Football 3; Metro-Pathways 2. JEFFREY BORIS, 127 Pond Street. RENEE BOUDREAU, 11 Albion Avenue; Spartan Chorale 1; Gym Leader 1,2,3; Tutoring 1,2; Homeroom Representative 2,3; Gymnastics 1 , 2 . DAVID BOULAY, 82 North Street. STEPHEN BOV A, 19 Evans Road; Golf Team 1. DANIEL BRANDANO, 20 Gerald Road; Hockey 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2,3; Cafe 3. HELEN BRENNICK, 71 Collincote Street; Gymnastics Club 1; Deca 2,3. SHELLEY BRIAN, 120 Pond Street. EUGENE BRIDLE, 59 Franklin Street; Hockey 2; Cross Country 3; Track 3. DANA BRIENZE, 5 Atwood Avenue; Baseball 1; Football 1,2. CHERYLANN BROWN, 79 Pine Street. MARYANN BUCCHERI, 48 Bow Street; Basketball 1, Gym Leader 1,2; Student Council 3; E eca 3; Carnival Ball Queen 3. CHRISTIE BUCKLEY, 7 Gerry Court; Seeds 3- SUSAN BURKE, 5 Arnold Road. t JOANNE BURR, 65 Calthea Street; Pep Squad 1; Majorettes 2; Interact 3; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2,3; Homecoming Comm. 3. KIM CAFASSO, 232 Hancock Street; Track 1; Softball 2; Field Hockey 2,3; Class Officer 1,2,3; Gym Leader 1,2,3; Senior Cafe 3; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2,3; Tutoring 3; Carnival Ball Attendant 3. JUDITH CALLICOTT, 10 Montvale Avenue; Science Club 1; Nurses Club 1,2; Library Aide 1,2; Softball 1. ANN CAMMARATA, 5 Theresa Road. JAMES CARINO, 7 Carol Street; Soccer 1,2; Football 3; Tennis 1,2,3; Interact 3; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2,3; Wrestling 3; Student Trainer 3; Chess Club 2; PHA 3- ANTHONY CARLINO, 7 Fuller Street. NANCY CARLSON, 4 Arlene Avenue; Gym Leader 2. JOANNE CARRABINO, 44 Walsh Avenue. SANDRA CARRIGLIO, 3 Vera Lane; Community Services 3; Co-ed Volleyball 3- MICHAEL CARROLL, 6 3A High Street. LINDA CASEY, 50 Gould Street; Secretaries Club 1,2; Tutoring Club 3. WAYNE CASTIGLIONE, 200 Franklin Street. PATRICK CASWELL; Basketball 1,2,3; Tikerton Academy Football 2; Lacrosse 1,2. JOANNE CENSULLO, 93 Elm Street. PETER CHAMBERS, 19 Broadway. RALPH CHINAPPI, 74 Robin Hood Road; Wrestling 1,2,3; Gym Leader 2,3; Co-ed Volleyball 3. KEVIN CHRISTIE, 50 Wright Street. MARK CHRISTOFI, 29 Albion Avenue; Art Fest 1; Seeds 3; Drama Club 3; Yearbook Art Staff 3. MARIE CLABBY, 18 Perkins Street; Cross Country 3; Winter Track 2,3; Spring Track 2,3; Future Nurses 3; Yearbook Staff 3; Stoneham 250th Anniversary and Bicentennial Comm. 1,2,3; National Honor So- ciety 3- DEBORAH CLEVELAND, 92 Westwood Road; Pep Squad 1,2,3; Student Council 1,21 2- BRENDA COFFIN, 1 1 Keene Street. JOYA COLUCC1, 26 Hanford Road; Drama Club 1,2,3; Seeds 1,2,3; Carnival Ball 1,2; Tutor 3; Dance Club 1; Mini Course Teacher 2. MICHELE CONLEY, 187 Park Street. LINDA COONEY, 3 Brentwood Avenue; Pep Squad 1,2,3; Gym Lead- er 1,2. BRADFORD CORMIER, 53 Oak Street. JOAN CORMIER, 35 Lindenwood Road; Tennis 2,3. KATHLEEN COVELL, 84 Marble Street; Secretaries Club 1,2; Tu- toring Club 3; Gym Leader 2. THOMAS COVELLE, 21 Erickson Street; Chess Club 1,2,3; School paper 2,3- DAVID CRAIGIE, 5 1 Duncklee Avenue; National Honor Society 3; Math Team 3. LESLIE CROCKER, 5 Birch Road; Cheerleader 2,3; Tennis 1,2,3; Car- nival Ball 1,2,3; Spartan Chorale 1,2,3; Interact 1,2,3; Gym Leader 2; Pep Squad 1; Travel Club 1; Drama Club 1; Yearbook Staff 3; Junior Prom Committee 2; 250th Bicentennial Ball Hostess 1975; Alpenhoff Ski Club 1,2,3. KATHRYN CRONIN, 67 Forest Street. MARK CROOKER, 97 Green Street; Chess Club 1,2,3. PATRICIA CROSBY, 5 15 A Mam Street. LINDA CROSWELL, 99 Montvale Avenue. JULIE CUMMINGS, 19 Flint Street. KEVIN CUNNIFF, 3 Carlida Avenue. IRIS CUTLER, 10 Evans Road. MARSHALL DANIELS, 14 Crosby Street; Football 1,2,3; Wrestling 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3. FRANK DANNOLFO, 45 Windsor Road. KENNETH DAVIES, 37 Isabella Street; Drama Club 1,2,3; Seeds 2,3; Senior Class Play 2,3; Carnival Ball 2; Band 3- WILLIAM DAWSON, 6 Windsor Road. FRANK DEANGELIS, 144 Pond Street. KAREN DEARTH, 11 Lawndale Road; Majorettes 2; Interact Club 2,3; Girl ' s Spring Track 1; Spartan Chorale 1,2,3; Yearbook 3; Homecoming Committee 3; Pep Squad 1; Senior Tea 2; Ski Club 1,2; Carnival Ball 1,2,3- VICTORIA DECICCO, 532 Main Street; Gym Leaders 2; Fencing Club 2; Seeds 3. JOSEPH DECRISTOFORO, 55 Middlesex Road. SUSAN DECRISTOFORO, 55 Middlesex Road; Tennis 1,2,3. CARL DEFLUMERI, 4 Glenn Road. JOANNE DELLANO, 12 Alden Avenue; Carnival Attendant 3. HILDA DELLISOLA, 14 Seward Road; Tutoring 1; Carnival Ball 1; Pep Squad 1; Snack Bar 3; Homecoming Comm. 3; Gym Leader 2; Co- ed Volleyball 2. SUSAN DELNINNO, 103 Governor Road; Gym Leader 2. ANTHONY DEMARCO, 17 Arnold Road. JEANNE DENEHY, 15 Myopia Road; Pep Squad 1; Choralettes 1; Softball 1; Intramural basketball 1; Homecoming Comm. 3; Yearbook staff 3; Senior Class Play 3; Student Exchange Day 3. KRISTINE DENIETOLIS, 4 Crosby Street; Gymnastics 1,2,3. SUSAN J. DENNIS, 5 Sheffield Road; Softball 1; Powder Puff Football 1; Tutor 1; Senior Class Play 3; National Honor Society 3; Yearbook Staff 3; Spartan Chorale 3; Carnival Ball 3. SUSAN M. DENNIS, 383 William Street. STEVEN DEPIERRO, 25 Dewitt Road. MELISSA DER, 19 Greenview Road; Choralettes 1; Pep Squad 1; Drama Club 1,2,3; Interact 2,3; Majorettes 2, Lieutenant 3; Yearbook Staff 3; Spartan Chorale 3; Spring Play 1; National Honor Society 3; Se- nior Tea 2; Tutor 2. JEANNINE DEROECK, 14 Evergreen Road; Majorettes 2, Captain 3; Pep Squad 1; Co-ed Volleyball 2,3; Carnival Ball Comm. 2; Homecoming Comm. 3; Carnival Ball Usherette 3. DIANE DESISTO, 4 Sunrise Avenue; Pep Squad 1; Girls ' Ensemble 2; Tutoring 2; Senior Tea Hostess 2; Jr. Prom Comm. 2; Co-ed Volleyball 2,3; Homecoming Comm. 3; Spartan Chorale 3; Yearbook Editor 3; Carnival Ball 1,2,3; Deca Cafe 3; National Honor Society Treasurer 3- CAROL DESMOND, 44 Norval Avenue; Pep Squad 1; Homecoming Comm. 3; Snack Bar 3. JEFF DICIACCIO, 8 Randolph Road; Yearbook Staff 3; Gym Leader 3; Co-ed Volleyball 2,3. NANCY DIFRONZO, 4 Country Club Road; Field Hockey 1,2, Co- capt. 3; Basketball 1; Winter Track 2,3; Spring Track 1,2,3; National Honor Society 3; Graduation Usherette 2; Senior Tea Usherette 2; Soph. Class Treasurer; Jr. Class Treasurer; Sr. Class Secretary; Elementa- ry Tutor 3; Interact 3; Gym leaders 1,2; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2,3; Year- book Staff 3; Student Exchange Day 2. JOANNE DIMAMBRO, 9 Cabot Road; Junior Prom Comm. 2; Homecoming Comm. 3; Senior Snack Bar 3; Yearbook Staff 3; Commu- nity Services 3; Interact 3; Powder Puff Football 3- JOSEPH DIMARE, 29 Lawndale Road; Soccer 1,2, Co-capt. 3; Track 2,3; Baseball 1,3; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2,3; Gym Leader 2,3; Carnival Ball King 3; Graduation Usher 2; Spartan Chorale 1. STEPHEN DINSMORE, 114 Forest Street; Senior Class Play 2,3; Drama Club 1,2,3; National Honor Society 3; Drama Festival 1,2,3; Spartan Chorale 3; Tutor 3; S.H.S. Reevaluation Comm. 3; Carnival Ball Master of Ceremonies 3; Host of Stoneham s 250th Anniversary Ball 3; Yearbook Editor 3. MICHAEL DIPIETRO, 18 Sunrise Avenue. JACQUELINE DOHERTY, 10 Gigante Drive; Powder Puff Football 1,3; Spring Track 1,2,3; Pep Squad 1; Editor of School Newspaper 3; Manager of J.V. Boys ' Basketball 3- PATRICK DOHERTY, 108 Spring Street. JUDITH DOLAN, 7 Janice Lane; Cheerleader 3; Interact 3; Homecoming Comm. 3; Yearbook Staff 3; J.V. Field Hockey 2; Girls ' Track 2; Pep Squad 1; J.V. Tennis 1; Senior Tea Hostess 2; Carnival Ball Usherette 3- TERRENCE DOLAN, 55 Penny Lane; Gym Leader 2,3; Baseball 3; Mini Course 3; Fencing 3; Co-ed Volleyball 2,3. ROBERT DONNELLY, 3 Mr. Vernon Street; Science Club 3; Chess Club 1,2,3; Senior Class Play 3- THERESA DONOVAN, 15 Pomeworth Street; Basketball 1,2,3; Soft- ball 1,2,3; Majorettes 2; Pep Squad 1; Homecoming Comm. 3; Carnival Ball Attendant 3- PAMELA DOUCETTE, 54 Pine Street, Tennis 1,2. JOHN DOWNS, 7 Victoria Lane; Soccer 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2. PAUL DRISCOLL, 12 Rustic Road; Hockey 1,2,3; Tennis 2,3; Gym Leader 2,3; Chess Club 3; Co-ed Volleyball 3. PAUL DUFFY, 15 Cottage Street; DECA 2,3- MICHAEL DUGAN, 15 Danby Road; Football 1,2,3; Spring Track 1,2,3; Spartan Chorale 1; Gym Leaders 2,3; Weight Lifting 1,2,3; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2,3- KEVIN DUNN, 9 West Street. PETER DURSO, 6 Randolph Road; Tutoring 3; Senior Class Play 2,3; Drama Club 1,2,3; Drama Festival 1,2; Yearbook Editor 3; Alpenhof Ski Club 1,2,3; Science Club 3; National Honor Society 3; Host for Soneham ' s 250th Anniversary 3; Spring Play 1,2. STEVEN EDELSTEIN, 29 Hillside Avenue; Close-Up 2,3; England 1; 177 Weightlifting 1,2; Track 1; Gym Leader 3; State House 3; Co-ed Volleyball 2; Carnival Ball 1,3- MARIE E1CHER, 29 Upland Road. STEVEN ERR ICO, 54 Perkins Street. DANIEL FALLON, 15 Emerald Court. MICHAEL FAMA, 7 Country Club Road; Soccer 1,2,3; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2,3; Basketball 1; Snack Bar 3; Gym Leader 3; Fencing Club 3. STEPHEN FERRANTE, 62 Butler Avenue; Marching Band 1,2, Capt. 3; Concert Band 1,2,3; Jazz Ensemble 1,2,3. JOANNE FERRETT1, 16 Margaret Road; Cheerleading 3; Spring Track 2; Homecoming Comm. 3; Twirp Twirl Comm. 1; Jr. Prom Comm. 2; Gym Leader 2; Pep Squad 1,2. RICHARD FICARRA, 18 Stevens Street. CHARLENE F1GUCIA, 1A Gerry Street; Twirp Comm. 1; Jr. Prom Comm. 2; Usher at Graduation 2; Homecoming Comm. 3; Carnival Ball Usherette 3; Pep Squad 1. DIANE FLORINO, 8 Nixon Lane; Powder Puff Football 1,2,3; Field Hockey 2,3; Basketball 2,3; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2,3; Softball 1,2,3; Gym Leader 2; Snack Bar 2,3; Yearbook Editor 3; National Honor Society 3: Senior Tea Usherette 2; Homecoming Comm. 3. ELAINE FOLEY, 5 Standish Road. STEVEN FOLEY, 13 East Street. MARILYN FOSSEY, 108 Hancock Street; Softball 1; Pep Squad 1; In- teract 2,3; Community Service 3; Yearbook Staff 3. HUGH FRASER, 12 Mt. Vernon Street. MAXWELL FRENCH, 8 Pond Street; Audio Visual 1,2,3; Carnival Ball 2. DEBORAH FROTTEN, 6 So. Marble Street. MARIA GAETA, 24 Arnold Road; Carnival Ball Attendant 3. RICHARD GARDNER, 24 Bow St. Court; Soccer 1,2,3; Spring Track 1,2. JAMES GEARY, 9 Emerald Court. PAUL GEGGIS, 2 1 Common Street. GgORGE GEIST, 9 Pond Street; Chess Club 2,3. ANGELO GENTILE, 5 Christine Avenue. MICHAEL G1ANNELLI, 3 Drury Lane. MARY JEANNE GIANNOCCAR1, 24 Albion Avenue; Field Hockey 1,2,3; Pep Squad 1,2,3; Homeroom Rep. 3; Carnival Ball 1, Usherette 3; Yearbook Staff 3; Tennis 1,2,3; Manager 2,3; Senior Tea Hostess 2; Homecoming Queen 3; Chorus 1; Senior Snack Bar 3; Co-ed Volleyball; Jr. Prom Comm. 2; Twirp Twirl Comm. 1; Homecoming Comm. 3- MARK GIGLIO, 20 Drury Lane; Baseball 1,2; Soccer 1,2,3; Gym Lead- er 2,3; Tutoring 3; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2,3; Snack Bar Worker 3- ARLENE GILLIS, 15 Margaret Road; Choralettes 1; Mixed Chorus 1; Carnival Ball 1; Pep Squad 1,2; Metro-Pathways 2; Interact 3; Future Teachers 3; Yearbook Staff 3; Senior Snack Bar 3; Homecoming Comm. 3. STEPHEN GLOVER, 93 Macarthur Road; Chess Club 1,2; Drama Club 2,3; Band 2,3; Stage Band 3; Spartan Chorale 3; Madrigal Singers 3. ANDREW GOULD, 6 Pleasant Street; Football 2. FRANCES GRAFTON, 60 Collincote Street. JUNE GRAMSTORFF, 16 Sheridan Road; Pep Squad 1; Carnival Ball 1; Softball 1; Cheerleading 2,3; Co-ed Volleyball 2; Senior Tea Usherette 2; Interact 3; Homecoming Comm. 3; 250th Bicentennial Ball Hostess 3; Yearbook Staff 3- JASON GULLETTE, 16 Dewitt Road. JILL GUSTAFSON, 98 Main Street; J.V. Basketball 1; Varsity Basket- ball 2; Girls ' Track 1; Drama Club 1,2; Regional Advisory Council 1. CLAIRE HALEY, 19 Greenway Circle; Spartan Chorale 1,2; Basketball 1,3; Tutoring 1,2; Co-ed Volleyball 1; Yearbook Staff 3; Homecoming Comm. 3; Pep Squad 1; Future Nurses Club 1,2; Drama Club 2,3; Gym Leader 2; Powder Puff Football 1. JANET HANLON, 17 Drummond Road; Spartan Chorale 1,2; Field Hockey 1,2,3; Softball 1; Elementary Tutoring 1; Pep Squad; Jr. Prom Comm. 2; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2,3; DecaCafe 3- PATRICIA HARR1GAN, 9 Pineridge Road; Drama Club 1,2,3; Marching Band 2,3; Seeds 2,3; Yearbook Editor 3; Regional Student Advisory Council 3; Senior Class Play 2,3. CAROL HARRINGTON, 17 Elaine Road; Girls’ Chorus 1; Choralettes 1; Senior Class Play 3; Homecoming Comm. 3; Community Service 3. DAVID HASTINGS, 63 Elm Street; Varsity Soccer Manager 1,2,3; Varsity Basketball Manager 1,2,3; J.V. Basketball 2; School Newspaper 2 . GAIL HAYES, 215 Franklin Street. RICHARD HEGARTY, 28 Washington Street; Baseball 1,2,3; Wres- tling 2,3; Co-ed Volleyball 2,3. RICHARD HEINLE1N, 8 Keene Street; A.V. Club 2,3; Interact Club 2,3; Spartan Chorale 1; Science Club 1. PAUL HERLIHY, 19 Avalon Road. THOMAS HERLIHY, 19 Avalon Road; Tennis 1,2,3. GERARD HEROOK, 27 Duncklee Avenue. MAUREEN HESS, 18 Chestnut Street; Intermural Basketball 1. JULIE HICKEY, 35 Maple Street. ROBERT HODSON, 122 Forest Street. KATHLEEN HOLLAND, 27 Bow St. Court. DANIEL HOLMAN, 12 Kirmes Road; J.V. Hockey 1. VALERIE HOPKINS, 8 Vera Lane. HEATHER HORNE, 9 Hanford Road. LESLIE HUDSON, 8 Chestnut Street. DANIEL HURLEY, 10 Kenneth Terrace; Hockey 1,2,3; Math Team 3; National Honor Society 3 ; Senior Class Play 3- DAVID HUYGENS, 4 Nixon Lane, Apt. 6; Spartan Chorale 2,3; Drama Club 1,2, Officer 3; Senior Play Cast 2,3; Drama Festival 1,2,3; Boys ' Chorus 2; Carnival Ball 2,3; Spring Play Cast 1,2,3; Tutor 3; Yearbook Editor 3; Student Council 2; Travel Club 2; 250th Anniver- sary Ball Host 3; National Honor Society 3. PATRICIA INFURNA, 1 1 Pine Ridge Road; Field Hockey 1,2; Basket- ball 1; Tennis 1; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2,3; Pep Squad 1. SHIRLEY INGERSOLL, 12 Minot Street. PATRICIA JACOBE, 150 Spring Street; DECA 3- THOMAS JOHNSON, 279 Broadway; Hockey 1,2,3; Drama Club 2,3; Senior Class Play 3; Math Team 3; Spring Play 2,3; National Honor So- ciety President 3- KATHERINE JOHNSTON, 10 Minot Street. PATRICIA JOHNSTON, 10 Minot Street. RICHARD JONES, 64 Forest Street; Baseball 1,2,3. MARY JORDAN, 57 Hancock Street. ALANNA JOYCE, 19 Keene Street. JULIE JU FFRE, 4 Greenview Road; Student Council 2, Secretary 3; Graduation Usher 2; Interact 3; Gym Leader 2; Pep Squad 1; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2. JANE KEARNEY, 1 Norval Avenue; Pep Squad 1; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2; Homecoming Comm. 3; Snack Bar 3. PAUL KEARNEY, 25 Pond Street; Wood Shop 1,3; Work Study 3- SCOTT KEDDIE, 49 Newcomb Road. SCOTT KEHOE, 5 Hotin Road; Audio-Visual 2,3; Yearbook Staff 3- KENNETH KELLY, 57 Calthea Street; Soccer 1,2,3; Gym Leader 2,3; 178 Spartan Chorale 2,3; Graduation Usher 2; Spring Play 2; Yearbook Staff 3. MARGARET KELLY, 68 Wright Street. KATHLEEN K1LLE, 20 Cedar Avenue. LINDA KINNEY, 21 Curve Road; Drama Club 1; Gym Leader 1,2,3; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2,3; Community Service 3; French Club 2. JEFF KNOX, 3 Theresa Street; Spartan Chorale 2,3; Boys ' Glee Club 2. JAMES KOST1NDEN, 7 Crosby Street. NATASHA KREDER, 12 Celestine Terrace . RICHARD KWIATKOWSKI, 6 Sheffield Road; Soccer 1,2, Co-capt. 3; , Basketball 1,2, Co-capt. 3; Gym Leader 2,3. LINDA LATHBURY, 54 Marble Street. JOSEPH LAWLESS, 1157 Franklin Street; Football 1,2,3; Metro- Pathways 2; Track 2. PATRICIA LAWLESS, 9 Evans Road. ROBERT LAWLOR, 2 Spring Street. SCOTT LEAVITT, 19 Prospect Street; Baseball 1,2,3; Hockey 1,2. ELAINE LEDBETTER, 80 Pine Street; Tutoring 3- KAREN LINEHAN, 12 Gigante Drive; Powder Puff Football 3- DAVID LIRAKIS, 58 Marble Street; Football 1,3; Hockey 2; Boys ' Glee Club 2. CHRISTOPHER LOCONTE, 1 1 Randolph Road. KATHERINE LONG, 103 Elm Street. WILLIAM LORD, 256 William Street. ANDREW LORENTI, 1 1 Stonewood Avenue. MICHAEL LOUGHMAN, 54 Bow Street; Football 1,2,3; Hockey 1,2; Basketball 3; Spring Track 2,3; Spartan Chorale 2,3; Boys’ Chorus 1,2,3; Gym Leader 2,3. JOSEPH LOVETERE, 142 Pond Street. DAVID LUCEY, 455 Main Street. ELIZABETH LUSAS, 6 Avalon Road; Drama Club 3; Senior Class Play 3; Yearbook Staff 3; Girls’ Basketball 2; Gym Leader 2; Spartan Chorale 2,3; Carnival Ball 1,2,3; Interact 3; Powder Puff Football 1. MARY LUTHER, 131A Summer Street. KEVIN LYONS, 20 Bow Street. DENISE MACHIEL, 14 Brackett Avenue; Metro-Pathways 2; Powder Puff Football 3- MAUREEN MAGUIRE, 113 Green Street; Drama Club 2,3; Tutoring 1; Political Discovery 2; Junior Achievement 2; Tutoring 3; Homecoming Comm. 3; Yearbook Staff 3- MICHAEL MAGUIRE, 1 13 Green Street. GERALD MAHONEY, 25 Isabella Avenue; Football 1,2,3; Drama Club 1,2,3; Yearbook Editor 3; Math Team 3- KATHLEEN P. MAHONEY, 18 Prospect Street; Spartan Chorale 1,2; Girls ' J.V. Basketball 1; Powder Puff Football 1; Gym Leader 2; Interact 2, Vice-President 3; Drama Club 3; Tutor 3; Student Council Rep. 1,3; Political Discovery 2; Metro-Pathways 2; Jr. Prom Comm. 2; Sr. Play Usherette 2; Sr. Play Participant 3; Pep Squad 1; Carnival Ball 1,2; Co- ed Volleyball 2. KATHLEEN T. MAHONEY, 51 Washington Street; Powder Puff Football 1; Drum Majorette 2; Majorettes 3; Basketball 1,2,3; Softball 1,2,3. MARIELLEN MAHONEY, 18 Crosby Street; Drama Club 2,3; Na- tional Honor Society 3; Senior Class Play 3; Tutor 3; Homecoming Comm. 3; Pep Squad 1; Carnival Ball 1,2,3; Yearbook Staff 3; Future Nurses Club 1,2, President 3; Spartan Chorale 2,3; Interact 2, Student Exchange Day 3. WILTON MALONSON, 1 1 Washington Street. MARYELLEN MALZONE, 22 Beacon Street. LINDA MANGANO, 3 Hanford Road; Girls ' Glee Club 1; Mixed Chorus 2; Carnival Ball 1,2,3; Spartan Chorale 3; Yearbook Staff 3; Na- tional Honor Society 3- PAMELA MANUEL, 75 Pleasant Street. MARIE MARGARITA, 4 Drury Lane; Cheerleading 2, Co-capt. 3; Girls’ Basketball 1; Softball 1,2,3; Gym Leader 2; Senior Tea Usherette 2; Pep Squad 1; National Honor Society 3- DEBORAH MARINO, 2 Congress Street; Girls ' Chorus 1,2; Girls ' Basketball 1; Junior Achievement 2; DECA 3- CHARLES MARKS, 4 Franklin Place; Gym Leader 2,3. RICHARD MAROTTA, 12 Elizabeth Road; Golf 1,2,3- ANNE MARSHALL, 5 Elmhurst Road; Choralettes 1; Madrigals 1,2,3; Spartan Chorale 2,3; Drama Club 2,3; Junior Achievement 2; Political Discovery 2. DAVID MARSHALL, 27 Warren Street; Audio-Visual 2,3; Carnival Ball 2. PAUL MARTINEZ, 73 Washington Street. SEBASTIAN MASIELLO, 3 Fieldstone Drive; Tennis 1,2,3; Drama Club 2,3; Senior Class Play 3; Drama Festival 2,3; Yearbook Staff 3; Co-ed Volleyball 3- JAY MASON, 26 Montvale Avenue; Band 1 ,2,3- MARIA MAYO, 4 Gerald Road; National Honor Society 3; Class Of- ficer 2,3; Jr. Prom Comm. 2; Homecoming Comm. 3; Softball 1, Co- capt. 2,3; Field Hockey 2,3; Gym Leader 2; Co-ed Volleyball 2,3; Pep Squad 1,2. PAUL MAZZOTTA, 7 Walsh Avenue; Tutoring 2,3; Math Club 3; Chess Club 3; French Club 3 JOAN MCAVEENEY, 1 Wyman Street. KEVIN MCCARTHY, 7 Perktns Street. PATRIClX MCCARTHY, 189 North Street; Basketball 1; Softball 1,2,3; Pep Squad 1; Senior Tea Hostess 2; Graduation Usher 2; Interact 3; Co-ed Volleyball 1; Yearbook Staff 3; Homecoming Comm. 3; Deca Cafe 3; Field Hockey Mgr. 2; Jr. Prom Comm.; Head Usherette Car- nival Ball 3- ELIZABETH MCCLEARN, 326 William Street; Drama Club 1,2,3; Se- nior Class Play 2,3; Drama Festival 1,2,3; Spring Play 1,2,3; Marching Band 1,2,3; Concert Band 1,2,3; Yearbook Staff 3; National Honor So- ciety 3. STEVEN MCCLUSKEY, 2 Country Club Road; Drama Club 3; Interact 1,2, President 3; Senior Class Play 2,3; Spring Play 2,3; Homecoming Comm. 3; Vice-President 3; Winter Track 1; Spring Track 1; Gradua- tion Comm. 3; Travel Club 2; School Paper 2,3; Bicentennial Comm, of Stoneham ' s 250th Anniversary 3; Deca Cafe 3- THERESA MCCUE, 37 Oak Street; Glee Club 1; Co-ed Volleyball 2; Yearbook Staff 3; Interact 3. GAIL MCDERMOTT, 560 Main Street. JAMES MCDERMOTT, 560 Main Street. THOMAS MCDERMOTT, 10A Pine Street. JACK MCDONNELL, 9 No. Border Road; Hockey 2,3; Soccer 2,3; Track 2; Gym Leader 3; Co-e ' d Volleyball 2. ANNE MCGINNESS, 214 Hancock Street. BRIAN MCGINNESS, 214 Hancock Street. DEBRA MCKENZIE, 6 Gerry Street. BETSY MCLAUGHLIN, 139 Elm Street; Senior Class President 3; Student Council 1, Secretary 2,3; Student Rep. to the State Board of Ed- ucation 3; Student Gov. Day Rep. 2, Student Rep. to the Stoneham School Comm. 2; Homeroom Rep. 2; High School Rep. to Stoneham Council of Aging 2; Latin Club 2; Carnival Ball 1,2,3; Carnival Ball Usherette 3; Future Teachers 3; Snack Bar Worker 3; Homecoming Comm. 3; Graduation Usher 2; Interact 2. CAROLINE MCMASTER, 48 Wright Street. ROBERT MCMILLEN, 4 Stanton Road; MAI.D 3, PAC 3; Self Study Special Education Dept. 3; Yearbook Business Editor 3; Drama Club 179 1,2,3; Drama Fest 2; Senior Class Play 2,3; Junior Achievement Trea- surer 2; Seeds 3; Special Education Tutor 2,3; Our Place 3; Spartan Chorale 2,3; Carnival Ball 2,3; Student Exchange Day 3. GARY MCNUTT, 59 Lincoln Street. HELEN MEEGAN, 56 Stevens Street; Spring Track 1,2; Winter Track; Future Nurses Club 2,3; Spartan Chorale 3; Newspaper Staff 3; Year- book Staff 3; Student Exchange Day 3- MICHAEL MEEKS, 57 Pleasant Street; Drama Club 1; Track 1. PAMELA MERCER, 71 Washington Street; Pep Squad 1; Girls Spring Track 1; Cheerleader 2,3; Student Government Day 2; Interact Club Vice-President 2,3; Gym Leader 2,3- ROBERT MIELE, 6Cricklewood Drive; Baseball 1,2. STEVEN MIGLIORINI, 32 Lawndale Road; Basketball 1,2,3; Tennis 1,2,3; Soccer 1,2; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2,3; Chess Club 3, Boys Gym Leaders 2,3- WILLIAM MOBILIA, 19 Lawndale Road; Drama Fest 1; Drama Club 1,2,3; Senior Class Play 2,3; Spring Play 1,2; Spartan Chorale 1,2,3; Boys ' Chorus 3; Tennis 1,2,3; Chess 1,2. ROBERT MOCHI, 52 Forest Street; Football 1,2,3; Indoor Track 1,2,3; Spring Track 1,2,3; Gym Leader 1,2,3; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2,3; Gradua- tion Usher 2; Tutor 3; Turkey Bowl 2. LESLIE MONTE1RO, 122 Park Street, Future Nurses 1; Future Secre- taries 2. MICHELE MOORE, 27 High Street. ELIZABETH MORRISON, 61 Collincote Street. DIANE MORRISSEY, 4 Hanford Road; Field Hockey 2; Coed Volleyball 2; Pep Squad 2; Softball 2; Cheerleading 2,3; Gym Leader 3; Student Counci 1,3; National Honor Society 3- PAUL MOVSESIAN, 44 Broadway; Soccer 1,2,3; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2,3; Basketball 1; Fencing Club 2; Gym Tutor 3; Spartan Chorale 1,2; Carnival Ball l,2,3;|Deca Cafe 3; Senior Class Officer -Treasurer 3- LISA MULLINS, 10 Lawndale Road. Yearbook Co-editor 3; Drama Club 1, President 2,3; Student Representative to School Comm. 2,3; Majorettes 2; S.H.S. Self Evaluation Comm. 3; Spartan Scope T.V. Broadcasting 2; Spartan Chorale 1,2,3; Ma. Girls State 2; Carnival Ball 1,2,3; Senior Tea Usherette 2; Junior Prom Comm. 2; Senior Class Play 2,3; Drama Fest 2,3; Spring Play 2,3; Alpenhof Ski Club 1; Community Service Club 1; Pep Squad l. MICHAEL MURPHY, 110 Spring Street; Football 1,2,3; Student Gym Leader 2,3, Co-ed Volleyball 1,2,3; Turkey Bowl 2; Baseball 1,2,3. PATRICE MURPHY, 9 Sheridan Road; Student Council 1,2,3; Field Hockey 2; Pep Squad 1,2; Cheerleading 3; Graduation Marshall 2. 1 PAUL MURPHY, 73 Robin Hood Road; Drama Club 1,2,3; Newspa- per Staff 2; Senior Class Play 2,3; Interact 2,3; Yearbook 3- KIM MURRIN, 4 Wright Street; Senior Class Play Comm. 3, Girls Track Manager 1,2; Pep Squad 1; Powder Puff Football 3- JOSEPH MUSTO, 7 Ellen Road; French Club 2,3; Drama Club 3; Band 3; Carnival Ball 2,3; Tutoring Club 2. SHARON NADER, 9 Crosby Street; Field Hockey 1. ROBERT NASELLA, 256 Green Street; Football 1,2; Chess Club 2,3; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2,3. Su MELVIN NELSON, 6 Spring Lane; Class Officer-Vice President 2; Student Council 2. KATHLEEN NOONAN, 552] Main Street; Pep Squad 1,2; Field Hockey 2; Gym Leader 2; Interact Club 3; Tutoring Club 2; Homeroom Representative 3. | mj MARK O BRIEN, 27 Evergreen Road. WILLIAM O ' CALLAHAN, 55 Gould Street. JOHN OLSON, 8 Rafferty Road; Student Council 2, President 3; Grad- uation Usher 2; Homecoming Comm. 3; Sr. Prom Comm. 3; Baseball 2; Math Team 3; Deca Cafe 3; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2,3; Ski Club President 3. KRISTEN O ' MELIA, 10 Everett Street; S.P.S. 1,2,3; Girls Basketball 1,2; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2; School Comm. 2,3; Deca Cafe 3. MARGARET O ' NEIL, 62 Park Street; Cheerleader 2, Homecoming 3- MARK O ' NEIL, 29 Tremont Street; Student Gym Leader 2,3; Football 3. ROBERT O ' NEIL, 74 Summer Street. ELAINE PANTANO, 63 Westwood Road; Track 1,2,3; Drama Club 1,2,3; Tutor 3; Yearbook editor 3; Junior Achievement 2; Future Teachers 3; Homecoming Comm. 3- DOUGLAS PAPULIS, 16 Lawndale Road; Drama Club 1,2,3; Seeds 2,3; School Newspaper 2; Latin Club 2; Yearbook 3; Boys ' State 2; Drama Fest. 2; National Honor Society 3; English Evalution Comm. 3- CYNTHIA PAULY, 7 Harrison Street. DEBORAH PERRYMAN, 37 Washington Street; Homecoming Comm. 3; Alpenhoff Ski Club 2; Community Service Club 1; Pep Squad 1; National Junior Honor Society 1; Homeroom Representative 1,2; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2,3; Majorettes 2; Spartan Chorale 2,3; Student Exchange Representative 2; Interact 3; Yearbook Staff 3; Carnival Ball 1.2.3. SUSAN PINATO, 14 Bow Street Court. STEPHEN PIZZANO, 60 Central Street; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2,3- ANN MARIE PLATI, 229 William Street. CAROL PLATI, 229 William Street. BRIAN POOR, 3 Chestnut Street. RUTH POOR, 3 Chestnut Street; Softball 1,2,3; Intramural Basketball 1; Gym Leader 2. ft BARBARA POTHIER, 106 Summer Street; Carnival Ball 1,2; Spartan Chorale 1,2; Girls’ Ensemble 2,3; Madrigal Singers 1,2; Community Service 1. LINDA PRIOR, 25 Fieldstone Drive; Tutoring 2; Work-Study Adviso- ry 3. GARY PROOD1AN, 9 Rhuland Road; Baseball 1,2,3; Hockey 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3; Gym Leader 2,3; Spartan Chorale 1. FRANK PULLO, 192 Park Street. THOMAS QUIGLEY, 2 Newcomb Road; Wrestling 1,2,3; Gym Leader 2.3. GAIL QUINN, 1 10 Forest Street; Science Club 1; Interact 3; Yearbook Staff 3; Snack Bar Worker 3; Office Worker 3; Drama Club 2; Secre- taries Club 2; Italian Club 1; Try-Hi-Y 1,2,3. THERESA RAY, 6 Stone Avenue. JAMES REES, 1 18 Green Street; Cross Country 2, Capt. 3; Winter Track 1,2,3; Spring Track 1,2,3; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2,3- REGINA REIS, 3 Rhuland Road; Pep Squad 1; Spartan Chorale 1,2; Secretary 3; Co-ed Volleyball 2; Jr. Prom Comm. 2; Senior Tea Usherette 2; Homecoming Comm. 3; Yearbook Editor 3; National Honor Society 3; Deca Cafe 3- JAMES REYNOLDS, 15 Albion Avenue; Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3; Gym Leader 1,2,3; Spartan Chorale 1,2; Boys State 2; Carnival Ball 1,2; Graduation Usher 2. LINDA REYNOLDS, 81 Converse Street; Pep Squad 1; Carnival Ball 1; Interact 3; Homecoming Comm. 3; Yearbook Staff 3. CHARLENE RICHARDS, 15 Girard Road. DAVID RICHARDS, 9 Jefts Terrace. ANDREA RIVERA, 19 Sherwood Road; Spartan Chorale 1; Choralettes 1; Gym Leader 2; Community Service 2; Interact 3. JANICE ROACH, 105 Franklin Street; Interact 3; Majorettes 2,3; Tu- toring 2; National Honor Society 3; Pep Squad 1; Yearbook Staff 3; Carnival Ball 1, Usherette 3; Homecoming Comm. 3; Senior Tea Hostl ess 2. NANCY ROACH, 22 Summer Street; Student Exchange Day 3; Winter Track 2; Spring Track 2,3; Field Hockey 2; Interact 3; Pep Squad 1,2; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2,3; National Honor Society Secretary 3;, Yearbook Staff 3. 180 FRANCIS ROBERTS, 10 Washington Avenue. THOMAS ROLLI, 35 Pine Street; Wrestling 1,2,3; Soccer 1,2,3; Chess Club 1,2,3; Tutor 3; Co-ed Volleyball 2,3. KATHLEEN ROMANO, 28 Rodgers Road; Spartan Chorale 1; Mixed Chorus l; Future Nurses 1; School Evaluation Comm. 3. KATHRYN ROMEJKO, 26 Walsh Avenue; Choralettes 1; Future Secretaries Club Secretary 2. JAMES ROSE, 24 High Street. STEPHEN ROSSI, 14 Greenview Road; Football 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3- EUGENE ROTOND1, 6 Spring Street. BARBARA ROY, 8 Hanford Road. LINDA RUBNER, 109 Summer Street. SCOTT RUMMEL, 27 Middlesex Road. GORDON RUSSELL, 32 Maple Street. LYNNE RUSSELL, 6 Merrow Lane; Gym Leader 2; Spartan Chorale 1,2,3; Soccer score keeper 3; Pep Squad 1; Co-ed Volleyball 2,3; Year- book Staff 3; Carnival Ball 1,2,3; Senior Tea 2. DAVID SACCO, 14 Drummond Road. ISABEL SACCO, 3 DiNanno Road; Ski Club 2; Interact 3; Yearbook Staff 3. MICHAEL SCHIAZZA, 25 Lawndale Road; Drama Club 1,2,3; Seeds 1, Co-editor 2,3; Yearbook editor 3; Latin Club 2; Newspaper Staff 2; Marching Band 2,3. CHRISTINE SCOLA, 38 Walsh Avenue; Gym Leader 1,2; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2; Senior Tea Hostess 2; Tennis 1,2,37® JANET SCRIBNER, 10 Drury Lane; Drama Club 1,2,3; Close-Up, D.C. 2; Seeds 2,3; Parent Advisory for Special Needs 2. DENNIS SERRANO, 45 Country Club Road; Audio-Visual; Yearbook Staff [3- MAURA SHANNON, 17 Avalon Road; Drama Club 1, Treasurer 2, Secretary 3; Dance Club 1; Carnival Ball 1,2,3; Spartan Chorale 1,2,3; Senior Tea 2, Broadcaster Ch. 13 CABTV 2; Senior Class Play 2,3; Student Rep. to the School Comm. 3. JUDI SHERIDAN, 547 Main Street; Gym Leader 2; Student Council 2,3; Co-ed Volleyball 2,3; Student Rep. to the School Comm. 3, Field Hockey 2. BRIAN SHUNAMON, 30 Pomeworth Street; Co-ed Volleyball 2. WILLIAM SILK, 35 Butler Avenue; Yearbook Staff 3; Artfest 1,2. LAURIE SIMPSON, 19 Washington Street. JOAN SLATER, 1002 Main Street. MARY ELLEN SMALL, 15 Minot Street. JUDIE SM ALLCOMB 4 7 High Street; Cheerleading 2, Co-capt. 3; Tennis 1,2,3; Carnival Ball 1, Attendant 3; Co-ed Volleyball 2,3. NONA SMITH, 1 Cedar Avenue. PAMELA SMITH, 42 West Street; Field Hockey 1,2,3; Basketball 1,3; Softball 1,2,3; National Honor Society 3- RAYMOND SMITH, 25 Penny Lane. STEPHEN SMITH, 1 1 West Street. DEBBIE SPATOLA, 9 Sherwood Road. NANCY SPELLMAN, 4 Veterans Lane; Girls ' Track 2; Interact 3- ROBERT SPENCER, 5 Kirmes Road; Football 1,3; Hockey 1,2. DANA STEEVES, 43 Forest Street. WILLIAM STONE, 28 High Street. BRUCE STURGIS, 238 North Street; Chess Club 3. ROSANNE SUDANO, 6 Plaza Avenue. WARREN SUKIEL, 8 Valley Road; Wrestling 3; Interact 3- STEPHEN SULLIVAN, 32 Spring Street. JEAN SWEENEY, 13 Sheridan Road. PAUL SWEET, 42 Pond Street; Soccer 2; Baseball 1,2,3. MICHAEL TARR, 46 Washington Street. JEAN TENER1ELLO, 65 Park Avenue; Field Hockey 1,2; Tennis 1,2,3; Drama Club 1,2,3; Art Fest 1,2; National Honor Society 3- MARIE THERIAULT, 73 Pleasant Street. SAMANTHA TIERNEY, 18 Middlesex Road; Tennis 1,2,3; Co-ed Volleyball 1,2; Pep Squad 1,2; Latin Club 1,2; Future Teachers Club 3; Tutors 3; Snack Bar 3- KEVIN T1GHE, 19 Isabella Street; Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 3; Graduation Marshall 2; Gym Leader 1,2,3; Techniques of Coaching 3; Co-ed Volleyball 2; Weightlifting 1. MARYLOU TODESCO, 30 Stevens Street. MARK TOOMY, 24 Hanford Road; Football 1,2,3; Gym Leader 2,3. JODY TROIANO, 54 Pond Street. JANET TROTTA, 1 1 Harrison Street; Mixed Chorus 1; Pep Squad 1; Powder Puff Football 2; Community Service 3; Aviation Day Comm. 2; Softball 1,2,3. WARREN TURINO, 29 Wilson Road; Soccer 1, 1 V 2 ; Baseball 1,3; Gym Leader 1. DENISE VACON, 1 Standish Road; Girls ' State Rep. (Alt.) 2; Spartan Chorale 1,2,3; Girls ' Ensemble 2,3; Carnival Ball 1,2,3; Drama Club 3; Yearbook Editor 3; Gym Leader 2; Co-ed Volleyball 2,3; Pep Squad 1; Senior Tea Usherette 2; Snack Bar 3- PAUL VALENTE, 15 Joan Avenue; Cross Country 1,2; Winter Track 1; Spring Track 1,2; Chess Club 3; Fencing Club 3. MICHELE VALLARELLI, 141 Franklin Street; Student Council 1; Softball 1,3; Gymnastics 3- NADA VESKOVIC, 88A Hancock Street. CINDY VIVEIROS, 177 Franklin Street; Carnival Ball 1,2,3; Spartan Chorale 1,3; Choralettes 1; Girls ' Ensemble 2; Drama Club 1,2,3; Dance Club 1,2; Yearbook Editor 3; Spring Concert 1,2; Senior Class Play; Travel Club 2; Spring Play 1,2,3; Gym Leader 2; Intramural Gym- nastics 1. RICHARD VONA, 8 Cherry Avenue; DECA 2,3. EILEEN WALSH, 74 Marble Street; Future Secretaries Club 1,2; Office Worker 3; Senior Tea Hostess 2; Anniversary Ball Program 3. LARRY WARD, 78 Robin Hood Road. CHERYL WARREN, 12 Hanford Road. LYNNE WARREN, 36 Walsh Avenue; Future Nurses Club 1; Junior Achievement 2. V TIMOTHY WEISSE, 91 Franklin Street; Work Study Advisory 3. DANIEL WHELAN, 19 Harrison Street; Aviation Day Comm. 2; Foot- ball 3;|Tutonng 3; Gym Leader 3. FRANK WHITCOMB, 391 William Street. r aul WHHt, ll Gorham Avenue; Football 1,2, Capt. 3; Hockey 1,2, Capt. 3; Baseball 1,2, Capt 3; Sophomore Class President; Gym Leaders 1,2,3. f STEVEN WILLOWS, 9 Congress Street. BARBARA WILSON, 28 Isabella Street, Secretaries Club 1,2. MARC WILSON, 5 Spring Street; Audio-Visual 1,2, President 3; Stage Band 1,2,3; Yearbook Editor 3- SANDRA WOOD, 62 Newcomb Road; Girls ' Basketball 1,2,3. 64 UART YOUNG, 8 Janice Lane; Youth Advisory Comm. 2. MICHELE ZAITCHIK, 30 High Street. MARC ZAPPA, 7 Forest Street; Chess Club 1 ,2,3- TON Y ZARBA, 17 Barbara Road; Soccer 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3, Gym Leader 2,3. HEINE ZONNENBERG, 2 Richardson Road. 181 SPECIAL CREDITS Nona Smith Art Work by Alice Barry Pat Harrigan David Huygens Michael Schiazza Nona Smith Christine Basken Nancy DiFronzo Business Stall: Jeff DiCiaccio Sebastian Masiello Senior Section Staff: Leslie Crocker Karen Dearth Judy Dolan Mary Jean Giannoccari Stephen Glover Claire Haley Elizabeth Lusas Mariellen Mahoney Patricia McCarthy Betsy McLaughlin Debbie Perryman Linda Reynolds Jean Teneriello Jeanne Denehy Susan J. Dennis Nancy DiFronzo Diane Florino Marilyn Fossey Mary Jean Giannoccari Betsy McLaughli n Isabel Sacco i 4 ; !V v raferafe? t ' ' An ' ey:-- ' •; E ££ID A. J§f EDITOR- IN- cweir — DVflCOP — JEMS’! DFLOHID-rDHUTGtfCi nsniTB LWOUT EtJ TW RCTwj.M i-b.To-R SPOtT; EO.TOft RcT.W.T.iS eOlToa PRT itijfoR ; 5: PPP E D IT©R ' . ' PlfJG, r p, n ., R 1 l BU6 ' n£5S LDfi ' 6R CMOS PHOtoa.;i.--v er-nrs photo sanPHV Iffll PDUR 50 flwsinrs f.p i an. W

Suggestions in the Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA) collection:

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