Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA)

 - Class of 1975

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Text from Pages 1 - 192 of the 1975 volume:

--ylr-1'-1" 571, V , E--, if 5-45 :N-A, 2-.T:g1:5uTeg1:-vH',,:-,E+ j -,rg-5-gif-f Q-:Q if-Q--9Qag-:if-4: 'Leif ' .L A xx B gx X ,I 13' . gi' L ei Q . R .n 2 3 3 Q4 53 Q4 Y 'wrt- ' 4 Hwf- ' , Q .A 1' 'N x an , v 'Sli al 515' I UEJA vu r- - N' :ELL-Aa..-f..h -' 1- -K , Gnwhgwf fwwk gf M D635-vu-W IN IVIEIVIORIAIVI JOSEPH DEIVIPSEY Smaller than most his age, Joey made up for his physical limitations with a spirit ten feet tall. His courage won him the love and admiration of all who knew him. ln his life, Joey showed us that we must live our lives to the fullest, accept our limited physical abili- ties, and in doing, surpass them, never giving up hope. His determination and courage car- ried us as well as himself through many diffi- cult times: and though we cannot see him, the example he left for us to follow shines like a beacon in the darkest night: Live, Love, Learn. by Jack and Janice Dempsey 9V7'C?!'5 cflvlhe-5 ll POI"I'j 139 E a9f750l"j lgg DEDICATION i 1 f 1 Y . f -A RLS-2 'x X gf , Q W , calls-4.1 - X t - A 1' V X . . .Q .5 f,,, 'fats I, ,." ' L4w'gA This year the class of '75 would like to show our appreciation and love for a very special lady who has for many of us lightened the burden of decision making. Squeezed into the crowded area called the Guidance Office, surrounded by catalogues and file cabinets, Mrs. Pack operates with amazing efficiency and results. This friend of all has given us insight into who we really are and what we want to become, and if all else fails she always has a file of computerized tests to point us quickly in a possible direction. lVlrs. Pack's perpetual cheerfulness, her never-forgotten congratulations, her presence at our girls' basketball games, her delayed lunches, and her aptitude at jelly bean guessing are a few of the attributes for which we will all remember her. We feel that for "someone who still hasn't decided what she wants to be when she grows up" las she saysl this warm, concerned woman does a fantastic job of steering us toward our life decisions. - The Class of 1975. 4 l l w I .. 3 E i L : 5 E 5 V l E x F i i, Q: ', uvwf. I E... , if H. X ., ,, ,,. iv. .44 . .k gr A -Fw M 1 v , X Vw A V QSHMJ 1 Q F: vs- lls-unsung 1-J 1.424 :W t x W if :Jim i Q l- WX K XXX 12 .- 'sv lf I had ever been here before l would probably know just what to do - don't you. If I had ever been another time around the wheel, I would probably know just how to deal- with all of you. Q 1970 GUERILLA IVIUSIC, INC. Used by Permission. All Rights Reserved. .:'nl. XK7 nap: JH - 'Q Qq..'..iff-:ns-41114 - .5 ., , haze:- Si.-:-fzf' I "IL Fw. fe...-fa lf 11- 2.14, , 'io-fr' Aoi 2.-V ' ' LN" ' 1- . i Y 4- . 1 - ...FL 'Y ' Y H ' 1,-. A rn - S ' --i ig-21 , tj: .-, .I QI, , .5 f-- 5 - - ' 1 - . . '-- -Q- - -A Y Y if G Q- , f - v Q +- 5 -" f vl. i 1 jk' I - ' 5. -Q..-L 1 l an Q 1' 54- "-.... FACULTY I ,, Wm, . weft' my , K my 9 K 1 nga M! , ,A , Q . ,,, . ,wi I a 'T' :M I 3 f i 1 1 11, if tqx if ,gffg.,14 :, 4'?5?,iLi', at ,Q . AM., , ,. 'vw' f ii., ' 1359. " FH fi 4 ' fffxiiffzm I ' tfffffmfff :- I . 'Li vw" ifcrwi if - vi' . y4,f1 q 'a .- fzgngc ,V ' ww? i M- , - ,f Max, f ,z nf , r M ,, ffm? -' 1- if I 1 ,,M3,::,2r-if Ms, ,M V ,f..,,+t4.:!, ff Q elf ,Ti 'if' -i.::2mxf iff , . W I ' . f s-' I . I 5, ,, ' VJ., ' ' , 1, ,, K I, kk V , I Ay by 1. :wg mga' 4-,I -I ' 'M i fr' P I K 1 'CMI .. x A William L. Hoyt, Principal tl! r suav- NN Lynn Mather, Administrative Assistant FlaIphJ Howell Jr Assistant Principal Frank R Nlatarese Assistant Superintendent ADMINISTRATION 1. .. 9 f . I V! ,W William P. Murphy, Director .-....,.. L ws. 6 Marcia A. Chisholm Marjorie l..Hurs1 in 1 m ,. V 4. I ' if K GUIDANCE 11 an 1 iv isa -1 ii. , f N In I . 1 John P. Feltch mmmx avi 9. .i i X David G. Kline Carolyn Sowle, Secretary A ,gr Vi, ,. .W 13355 ' .. 'gif 'zfi 11:1 2 " " Donald P. Musico, Department Chairman ,., ,, ' ""lbs.-.gltg ,A . J Fr' ' - -i Anne L. Steiner Richard F. Reed , . - fi, 'J i iff, Anne L, Gower X, ix! A Wi L M Lois Rosen Robert S. Silverman Linda J. Knight wa, u. 7 4 'ibm A Deirde A. McCormack i Patricia A. Noreili gf Marcia D. Buccitelli ENGLISH ioai 13 M. Q 0 43 1 xg W W 4 6 XS-.Q S. Ann M- Clark Socrates G. Taseos Michael P. Kennedy Sharyn E. Thur IVIATH Donald D. Nuss s. Mary Olmsted Chester P. Jordan, Department Chairman 15 Russell J. Lurvey yxxxxfx Janet M. Buckley Barry P. Jenkins Diane Malloy t -Q F i 5 if l John P. McGuire N A-...- Wendy Nlofflu Joseph A, Collins 16 SCIENCE Patricia C. Tine I' Martin Schoepfer . g ,KN xx WSIIBCG N. Wilcox Glen A, Lougee , ,M , , H K ig tm mf.. H4 , 'nf' A Alain Rocher .,., Frederick Bacon "ffl ' "M . I W f wb ,gb . ., .2 'f..:.,. Q3 L- i iff f E, 15 P , Vera Komanowski Graf ,- LANGUAGES imligyiigi m1ma1lB1E?1 J, .Il g,nw1,v-...finn--Q9.QU1nu-!.limnn all aren M Kllmas Patricia Dery ,iggfgi Henry R. Margarita ....,,,.-M Lois Coggins bk Q . Denis F. Muivihill Wayne E, Fillback James J. Campagna, Chairman ,L J 'BK f fi dk John P. White -af 6 N :J Stephen J. Conroy Lorraine Lynch Ruth Reczek ,xg SOCIAL STUDIES 21 Peter Mathison BUSINESS Dorothy P. Corum 'r ar , v f :VFW .1 flu ' If' f 4 ' ,sl ff in I f h J ,nc , f rf . -M 4' au H Etizabeth A. Furman, Department Chairman ENV' fi ......-.-----4 P ,V Q g , , v' r 1 EW Wi' 1 4 f' .L 5 lr 1, vm, an v wr Catherine Broderick , . Q--:,,,, J, ff' JL 38" 1 z si L V , Ei4f?Qe'wifrfvs4s'ev- ' f-fenjgl 5 vngsies f Lillian Leamon WW I ' Y , V, In . 5 if., V-wif-W Y ' fs I" 7 .f , ,fff K 514' A ,T ' Q X K ' K is if ,J , ,J f . 1-v --ni, , Maria L. Garuti wfgee, X fi A aff' ? W... W, . .,., C.. ,,. N M V, ,. , ,. -A -gf, my WV Wy, 1 4: ?,v,,M,....q4w. W My 'GO Q Joan C. Jacob . Aw! ggn ,,.,,,.,,,,,.,1.Q M, MUSIC 4-4- Anthony Hyde .fg 5 Michael Alaura , fin.. Gilda Wipperman, Supervisor as Barbara Crowe I 44, -f '7?2'.,: ART Theodore Schwalb f-F' . ' - Lillian Feeley Marie Cargill, Supervisor ,dar i 'i PHYSICAL EDUCATION qrgtffw- .all""f iz, S l S. John H. Fawcett, Athletic Director ?iL X 1 f Robert T, Tavanese M W., r-t r Ni, , , H1 -, W, if nw, V ' H In K , 1 - f Q Vflilgfl AQWE X 5 . p fmffsr wg, wg rf I t"'tf'P"1 H X 'fy,,'+? A,5f+'zf:r2",,Q,Qgi,,A,p,E,f5, my fine" 1 M, rguilkj r ff4I r iwrflf ' ' 1? if? Q7 Q ,irrir rr z,i ' ' , 1 ,. 'gm mm fi A ,fi 1-fa., Mu l'A?f2'?4?kisil'vi"'lfQ4CVitfzxl V f:?igf'W' A ,K ' Q 1 :Q455 ef?99'7f.1v'Q2,.:t W3?5"'-:rug A -, e, l' 1' 4, ken I A tyqgifx if V'3f'A"' 0:36 , . we af awe? 0' 4. A5 '50 at ' , ' 1 ,gin 3 ,W sl vu r , 4? ff' Q5 UW- 'I x J ly- Q ,M V 1 .gl I , ' f ff ,, . -1 f' , K' M Q 'V -4 ' Nik? W '11, I. - If 'Q-5'5" .fu ,gf 1 M " if it "th, f -A 35141 4, , , rw sf'52'g Y z" ' 5 ' m '?1 2f,,: 1 .. f ri ' ,rf . ' eg r- -' - ,, ze- 1 4 ,N -:gg-gf, i,i1 'P'5',1l' ". ix ' :?.'4fv4 ii -rf ' , F W-L51 ' A '-'14 ,M . :gl A M- W 1 .- ag-,lf ew . -' ,-1-Y Vt! 'ax is ng ,L fi,-cf-1....,,im3Cf'Z ' fdfif. uf 'fm-' Q 73? Saralee Wheeler Sally A. Randall Nick Padovani H3-aff' N1 'jj' 'fi mmm, A Q lf by -u ,V ...- V ...g 5353 W nw. V r hw 'f:. - W, Q . y,.,. rrr 4 Q5 rwMP'W .,,"1",. INDUSTRIAL ARTS X5 Walter R. Herrick WML 'B h ,.1,.,.,,,x in fa' X , Jr! .. rf, , gif Renato P. Paolini William E. Daly ff A rff lu r Q 4 f 27 Michael J. Ouattrocchi ,wp X' ,N ,S MJ, at , lx yt nv 4 ,Q ra, A W rkev '+1f'fxw 'wL YW , 3 uw? M Vnrgmua A Kloss Gertrude Brown 28 ,, , fm SPECIAL ED f a 'xi . 4 , f sq, 1 'R A Rochelle Shear Richard M. McCarthy v"N WSE J Roslyn Petterson Joanne E, Murrin Q XXX i E I X Ellen Rodman l'3Zi7 Nmwwwq Carol Granfield 2 rr V r' 3 'X 1 G . lf fr ff if K Q ,4 wk ' 'kg .' '-slag 3 'lf A A. cf 'ff Rudie Lindgren au' Ry, , 1 wg, .K Alice C Walsh Dorothy A Clampa Florence A Paglnarulo Ann Buerglel JN! .uw Bernice Gardner, Health Careers f 2' William S. Waddleton, Career Education K. Eugene Stechschulte, Distributive Education vi E. Lorraine Kelly, Data Processing Asst. Leonard J. Jesse, Data Processing Coordinator I we gm li 12 .Y l frfrighs f A S. f 5 x. Y xxwk X I x CUSTODIANS CAFETERIA STAFF ..,.,7 ' 'Q . . xv. . 31 S gr. rx ' 4 f f l ,1- D. Cummings, M. Barry, M, Fiammuto, J. LeFave, T. Marshall, E. Lirakls, M Timmerman H. Marsh, A. Ferro, H. Howes, R. Berret, T. Mahoney, L. Bono """t nf 6 ,-,- fi, 1 f -4' 1 " 5 5 ' 'L ,wr Q, , , ., 12? rg I E wa wx. iii wi U -Sf 3 f""" j , . .,.... ... I -.-1 f:.,.....-r""" Q--1 --::""' We 3' . Mn --i.? -wi , Y' ' O . , Q- 'il' . ' Q wa, -X 1 M 5' 5 461' 1 ld l X 'y . 5 .-gf f 5',,.f,f7'I I XXX- ,l ,M If fr fa : X 1' f u-ff f i ,', 1. 'x k'QQx'ii f ' X X sex' j A Q kk -K Il 1 y1-. . J . I 36 S SENIORS Samuel Adams, Jr. Robert J. Algiers X If Jenny A. Allain Happiness is: Playing chinese fire drill on Main Street. Misery is: Returning from Florida in the middle of February. Suppressed desire: To live dangerously, maybe? But to live. l'll never forget: Sam Future plans: To be the first female state trooper in Mass. Pet Peeve: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G block, Monday through Friday Quote: "People carried away by their own importance seldom have far to walk back". Happiness is: Laurie, out to lunch, partying. Misery is: Rainy weekends, warm beer. Suppressed desire: To be successful, have Todi's Cater school lunches. l'll never forget: The cape, hiding in the tree at soccer practice. Future plans: School, to make the best of what l've got Quote: "Tomorrow will bring the things that never come today.", Neil Young J Nancy J. Agustoni John L. Allen Happiness is: PENNA, graduation Misery is: 8 years of college, E 81 F block studies and G block classes Suppressed desire: To be six foot two inches tall, to get a blue slip from Mr. Rowell Pet Peeve: immature clods, a little brother 6 inches taller than me. l'll never forget: D.P.'s Cast party, Spearchucker, Pyramus et Thisbe Future plans: College Quote: To Artie, "Rudeness is a weak mans imitation of strength", Eric Hoffer. Happiness is: Being with John, true friends, making someone else happy, living, sharing a quiet moment with someone special. Misery is: Finding out the people you thought were friends aren't, being depressed and there's no one there to comfort you, having to say goodbye, when the one you love is unhappy and he won't confide in you. l'll never forget: R.C.B.D., Naked Norman, 10!3O!73, John, l2!3O!73, Nancy, the kids at the youth group, Joyce, Maine, '7O' "Don't be bitter", "For the past 18 months", "Forel", reading psalm 23 in the chapel, "The Apartment" Quote: "lt is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye" Theodore J. Andreadis Happiness is: Not having to think what you have to do today, Misery is: Food from the cafeteria Pet Peeve: Mr. Paolini's Print shop class. l'll never forget: Lab periods in llth grade chemistry class. Suppressed desire: To rule the world Future plans: Engineering, Business. Happiness is: Winning a championship, hitting a homerun, weekends, dances Misery is: a 6:30 mile, size 14 feet, losing Suppressed desire: to have smaller feet I'll neverforget: Coach Mac at Frazier Field '73 Future plans: College Stephen H. Avedikian, Jr. Happiness is: A full tank of gas for Harry, skiing and Florida Misery is: Having gunboats for feet Suppressed desire: To be president of l.T,T. Pet peeve: Ave . . . what? l'll neverforget: Pizza of '74, Harry dying at 1 o'clock in the morning Future plans: S 100,000 a year and eternal happiness Quote: Send your child to the schoolmaster, but 'tis the schoolboys who educate him. Happiness is: Sunshine, partying, true friends Misery is: Rainy sundays, the last minute, fribbles l'll never forget: The Fearsome Foursome, Puddin', A TR3, New years '73, '74, "Friendly, you bet we are", G.G.A.F.L.H.C,M., cartwheelsl, N.Y,C., W,D.C., riding 30 miles to Cranes. . , AND BACK!, streaking, "I don't know about you but this is my lunch", "he likes it, hey Mikey!" Quote: Don't walk in front of me - I may not follow, Don't walk behind me -l may not lead, Walk beside me - and just be my friend. Camus. David Anntonuccio Nancy Babine Happiness is: Blue skies Misery is: Twelve miles Suppressed desire: To be blonde Pet peeve: Pressures l'Il never forget: Lew, The Fearsome Foursome, Florida '74, N.Y.C., Europe '72, cartwheeIs?, The Vendome Fire Comment: Remember, when you hit rock bottom, the only way you can go is up. Marcia E. Anthony Irene E. Annetti Robert Barry Happiness is: Just hanging around with the gang. Misery is: being sick during vacation. Suppressed desire: To be a pilot Pet Peeve: People who use other people l'll Never forget: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 36, spike, pal, sweaty, match, plon, Future plans: College Comment: Yokensem! Michael J. Barbera ,aff I J : Lorrie Anne Arena Jeffrey Bates Happiness is: Being able to set a goal and sticking to it. Elton John in concert at the Boston Garden. Misery is: Getting out of bed on Monday morning. Suppressed Desire: To travel and have money to do it. Pet Peeve: Those afternoon announce- ments. l'll Never Forget: My first day here, Marching with the school band for one game, Mr, Silverman's class, the senior play. Quote: "He who enters a University walks on hallowed ground." Happiness is: The Cape, partying. Misery is: Ralph O'Rourke, the boys in blue, under 6W. Suppressed desire: To run barefoot through Coach Nuss's beard, l'll never forget: Hold this. Can I make it? Here l am Moe. I almost cut my hair. The conferences on the hill with Cleve. Herb, Herb. Glen, Glen. Ski, Ski. Cookie, Cookie. Central School. Uncle Mac and Frazier Field. Future Plans: Whatsamater U, Comment: Do drugs, not sports, Beverly A. Barstow Martin J. Bates Happiness is: Finally getting an answer, not waiting. Misery is: A night with Mac, waiting, the words, "l don't know". Suppressed desire: To own a corvette before Vig. Pet Peeve: The Cliff l'll never forget: Dec. 31, 1973, Central with Mick, Talks with Cerra, Marlene's favors, Comment: You can't always get what you want to. Happiness is: Being with Mike and living on a farm out in the sticks. l'll Never Forget: West Virginia, parties up the lake, Dylan and the Band, Van Morrison, March 13, Cleaning up the docks and getting a buzz on, cutting a W lb, on New Years Eve. Misery is: Having your plants ripped off. Comment: You can't always get what you want. Peter W. Baylies Happiness is: Taking 36 prize winning pictures for the Yearbook. Misery is: Discovering there was no film in the camera when these pictures were taken. Pet peeve: Lighthouses l'll Never forget: My one pointer in Burlington Future Plans: Photography, to be president of Pete's Photo Pad. Quote: "No Comment" 1 0 I ' n l '. . 'I .. 4 9 f I ' ' 5 Q , v CO 0 s s I n A ' 9 4 o - xv, . 1 , Happiness is: partying, concerts Misery is: the last door on your left Suppressed desire: travel Pet peeve: "Shorty", Geeks, firecrackers on your desk I'll never forget: B.S., 10:30, Spot Pond, Kanga Mangus, Woburn, No. Reading parties Future plans: travel Comment: E-HAAAII! Peter G. Behenna Happiness is: Linda, place to party, B.G.U.A., Concerts 74 Misery is: Being buried alive, Take Bo and run 10 more, getting caught Suppressed desire: Lose 40 pounds, To run over a 2 year old doing 85 Pet peeve: Hey you guys, Living in Mayberry, RATS! I'll never forget: 1O!6!72, MLC-74, J.P., T.L.S.S.G., Good times with Nino Future plans: Kent State Riflery Team Quote: "l never let school interfere with my education" B. Dylan .fog -Q Mary H. Bazinet Jeanne M. Biagoni Happiness is: Being with people who care about you and accept you for what you are, Sunrises, Sunsets, beaches, traveling, dancing Misery is: gHoIa clasel, Que pasa?, Being five feet tall I'll never forget: Mi clase de Espanol "74-74" bloquee E N,Y.C., Fla., Penn., N.Conway, N.E.M.H. Future plans: travel, college Comment: To accomplish great things . . .we must not only act, but also dream: not only plan, but also believe. Robert B. Bernabei l Deborah R. Bird Happiness is: Music room studies, a needle, some thread, and a shirt Suppressed desire: To throw a rock through a HUGE pane of glass l'Il never forget: The gang, NEMH, Our Town, Class of '74 Quote: "All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost: The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost." J.R.R. Tolkein Catherine A. Blackwell Peter A. Boccelli Nancy Blier Happiness is: Staying home, working, partying, graduating, Pet Peeve: B.S.E.G.D,D.B.J., cliques, looking like you feel, Italian boys. l'll never forget: Carrolls, American Graffiti, blackouts, rink rats, Joey's, saddle sores on Sunday, junior year, pickle fights in B.K,, yellow bananas, Future plans: Acting. Quote: "Never give a sucker an even break." W.C. Fields Cas 5 . ' . I .an. S 4 ' .- 1 Q 'Q' Q ' lo , Z 4 ale., .n ' ,te .3 0 ,Q n. , .fi r .9 N ,l'.'4 ' .lc "-P' ' 'Pl e"' .u n v . , 1 ,. n A 's. " Q 1 1.1! u., :, n . n.. s IN. " '.' ' ' 's' 1. . - EC Edward J. Bonner Nils D. Bolgen Happiness is: A Volvo. Misery is: Muzak. l'll never forget: Watkins Glen, buschgts, ELP. Future plans: Another Volvo. Barbara J. Bosy Happiness is: Being with friends, camping, laughing, Misery is: Working at 3 o'clock. Suppressed desire: To get my black belt. Pet peeve: Cold cafeteria studies. Future plans: Travel Comment: A good friend is someone who thinks you're a good egg even though your slightly cracked. o f .-5 I. ...S- . .-a:,,. , -1 ' -.vw-as , ' 0 1. : 1. , 1 ' , a s" Q' . I . . . ..- -:.,. , . - . 'v' u.. .s -+P' g'.,, , ' - .--.-.' If .. '. n '- l 'I Qi . I lip ' .4 v.-ff - -1--.' ' - x - ' ,o.. ' '.'s -6 I ,I Q u , , ., - ,. .A-' - - - !3. r. .'.-,'-,:.. . , .' - - - qv-'H .. . .-' , .' ' ' 4 'X x Michael J. Bradford Happiness is: Someone to talk to, good friends, you know. Suppressed desire: To help people. I'II never forget: Tec 1455, thumbing to the Kangamangus Highway, the gang, G.W. Future plans:-Physical Therapist. Thomas Brissette Marie Brennick Happiness is: Paul, partying, getting out of school Misery is: S.H.S., Mrs. Barry's Buddy System. Suppressed Desire: To become rich, to quit smoking, I'Il never forget: Pastatime, '73, New years '73, woods behind Redstone, Carrolls, the prom, Mark's cottage, the beach '74, The Knolls, skipping school, the bathroom at Pru. Pet Peeve: A.B., working, Monday mornings. Future plans: To get married, travel. Q- 0 f 4 Kenneth E. Brammer Brian J. Broderick M. Bradham Brewster Happiness is: Jimbol, a fully stocked V.W., fake I.D.'s, American Graffiti with tanks. Misery is: Albion Court Hotel, London England: O.S., G,S. Suppressed desire: To not take life for granted. Pet Peeve: Waiting in lines. l'lI never forget: Topic Religion, rm, 110, Jimbo, S,P.O.W. Forces, the gray matter, Des Bundles Undies. Comment: If our U.S. Military might is never used again then it has achieved its finest goal. Future plans: To enjoy life and travel Mary Buitkus Douglas W. Brown Diane B. Brown Happiness is: peace - within yourself Misery is: homework on weekends Suppressed desire: time for everything Pet peeve: being called Denise l'll never forget: the class of 75, sps, ICR Future plans: college - mental health Comment: "What's painful to remember. we always choose to forget" Remember the good timesl I e s - , v v 4 u. Denise G. Brown Eihm -wx .QJGDIQJQ .-f, .1 ,f.,,ff.f,-,v- ff fi g' Phyllis M. Bruning Happiness is: Dessert Misery is: Waking up in the morning after a long night Suppressed desire: to be a millionaire Pet peeve: people who are stuck upl l'll never forget: "The Rocking Tramps" Future plans: To go back to Canada! Comment: Smoke Z-Gold! m A I l A n . :tu ,- 1 I. 1 1 , 4. 1 A I . . Happiness is: being yourself and never changing, L.S. Misery is: getting carded, being awake at 6:30 in the morning Suppressed desire: to travel, to not be a twin Pet peeve: Cliques and scribbles, people not knowing my name l'll never forget: Spanish class "74-75" l.C.R. Future plans: College, X-Ray technician Comment: "Best years of our lives?" We'll soon find out QU?" Christopher Bryant Happiness is: Weekends Misery is: A Block Monday Pet peeve: colds l'll never forget: Christmas Eve 73 Future plans: college Comment: How'd you guess? Happiness is: Being with good friends, having memories to share. Misery is: Being left behind. Suppressed desire: To be alittle kid again. Pet Peeve: Crowded bathrooms, S.G. I'll never forget: "Hi baby", buttons, Daisy, "Westbound New York", V.G. 1!l8!73, "showers in N.H. Quote: "A friend is someone who leaves you with all your freedom intact, but obliges you to be fully what you are." Future plans: college Robert Cammarata Happiness is: Tappers Misery is: Flat tires, milk trucks. Pet Peeve: 45 Ft. I'll Never forget: "Zone", E.N.'s prom party, the "raid" 5!3!74, 7!7!74 - S25, Comment: Someone, break loosel Happiness is: 18th hole, classics, Nahant, concerts, getting away, the whip, and the ghetto. Misery is: Listening to the same story six times, saying good-bye, the tank, the step, getting caught, being an ivory sister, the pincherman, wet grass, Arnie, Nancy singing. Suppressed desire: To own a Mercedes Benz. I'll never forget: Good times with the kids, apples in the road, Patty's cottage, bubblegum, beltbuckles, the valiant. headstands "and uh", suavacito'. Elizabeth A. Burns Richard Campbell Suppressed desire: To play on the P.G.A. Tour. l'll never forget: The great class of '75. Future plans: Going to college in Florida. Happiness is: Winning a tournament. Misery is: Having a G-Block major. Donna T. Burns .win Francis X. Butler Q, Marlene A. Caprio Happiness is: Jimmy, talking to Joey, parties, the day my cast comes off for good, a night out with the girls, not fighting with Tony, Misery is: October 14, 1974, June 21, 1974, no parties, the words I don't know, motorcycles, five o'clock faces. I'll never forget: Jimmy, Linda's parties, parties down Rec, A.P., Neils, C.P., one special dance, Marty, I can't see two feet in front of me, left on Stevens Street. Comment: Don't try to be something your not because you are you and only you, Suppressed desire: to be able to walk normal some day x ,Maui Anthony A. Catalano Gerald Caton -- .ft .new :Hrs ' 5 ll -' .. .5'i - ,sw g Clare Carroll l'II never forget: 11!23!73, koo's, turtle food, Mark, "the ride", confiding in l.,V., lights on Evans, crazy walks with L.V., 'ithe manhandler", S.l,B., L.L.'s laugh, K.C., late P.C. St visits with N.S., 3:45 at Caps, T.O.A.D.A.A.H.O.A.N,, "F.J.", "bow legs", "Miss innocent", "what is it???". Quote: "lt is better by far to smile and forget then to cry and remember. Happiness is: True friends, walking to nowhere, a perfect weekend, it wasn't only a dreaml, a smile, good memories, ponies, someone special. ,i ICQ Jane Cataldo Happiness is: Friends, little kids, the sun. Misery is: Tabor, not knowing which way to go, being cold. Suppressed desire, To make the 1980 Olympics, to own a beach. Pet Peeve: Spoiled kids, the walking smile, losing, no middle name. l'll never forget: P.J.'s, cape weekend, K.T., 20 legs at Mav, C. Mobil, MFL, F.A., white sholls and the yellow car, Future plans: College, to see the rest of the world. Ouote1"Everythingisn't anything unless it is the thing you want." 0 p t o O ' . 0 I a 5 A , u- c I ' 4 Richard Cataldo Happiness is: Free beers at lVlurph's, its L.G. Misery is: Cardboard covers 7!4!74, the long ride, losing a bet, getting caught, Pet Peeve: Smashing up cars, night in Mayberry, White. Future plans: College or California. n 'N of 4-. . t g5gl.": ' 1 . -- . ' Av ,. .,- 1, ,s.s..o 0. ,u. i Q .J ' 0 0 , l,' . l . - 9' 5 -s ' 0 ' I I I g 1 D . 2 un 5.33: l . as .. v o.l.u:u 6, I'."o . '. I . .lin . 2. 9.3. '. . . . , . 's t 0. Q ' s ul ,, , ' ' ' Q' ' .I A. 'v' 2 . ' ' " Arn. K if J! ,sw 5 i Myra v .wr 1 - 1, is Q sz? . H ,En 99: fl. Linda C. Cerretani Happiness is: My own Neil Young, partying, Navenod, a blue stone, Tanya. talks with Tiko. Misery is: Not partying, the third rail, Admiral, a big field at 1:30 A.M., "Is this Skip or Jeff?", Syracuse, mud. Suppressed desire: To wear a size 6 shoe, to be on Mike's team, to own a farm. Pet Peeve: A size 10 shoe, a certain junior girl, big mouths. l'll never forget: RJD, 1O!3O!73, l!l!74, 9!3O!72, l0!12!74 Bonnie Si Clyde, sitting behind Cleve 6 years in H.R., Junior Prom, long talks with M and V, my 4'll friend, CAMO, Sambo 84 sis, C.W., Dough Boy, Ralph at Koo's car wash. a 'elif' " John A. Censullo .must-K IW' if ,. .. f . . 7' f . Q.. ' t Y .f fe... - Allan L. Chesley John R. Crowly Joyce D. Ciampi Happiness is: Mike, Fridays, strawberry Pop Tarts. Misery is: Last door on the left, Billy protecting himself. Suppressed desire: To drive that green tank, to be the boss!! Pet Peeve: Susan's laugh, nose jokes, beer bellies. l'Il never forget: 9f23!73, cookies and milk, summer '72, P. town, sophomore year with Vini and Tishia, Pewter Pot. 'UW Cynthia L. Clark l'Il never forget: 9!25!73, MFL, white scholls 84 P.J.'s, Hampton beach, my junior year, weekend at the cape, 20 legs at the Maverick, a certain poem, C.C., late movies, double take. Happiness is: Little kids, especially Andy. Misery is: Skunk, 500 miles? Suppressed desire: To make up my mind. Pet Peeve: Phony people, T,H., the walking smile. Quote: 'Aln the future our paths may split, but just remember a line goes on forever, and so we will meet again and our friendship shall become even better, n Daniel J. Cogan Brian Carpenter Happiness is: Lau, family Si friends. Misery is: The bottom of the bottle. Pet Peeve: Yearbooks. Comment: Say what you mean and mean what you say! l'II never forget: The white mountains and the people who made it such a good time. K i 1 S I N kgf . -q X l I 1 . , 40 . l' an , '. . If ' ' .'1 . I ' .,. .qi - fi i x K ' : I " is!-M' Z X .- - I 'lu - ' i ll x.. I . ': fx! . 4, 1 John R. Coles Diane M. Cloutier Happiness is: S.P.S., reveries, knowing thatthere is always someone to talk to that will listen, "Stairway to Heaven". Misery is: Going to Pasta.Time every night, a love that turns to friendship. Quote: "Our lives are shaped by those who love us, and by those who refuse to love us. Friendship often ends in love but love in friendship, never." Kathleen A. Conti Happiness is: Skip l'll never forget: March 30, 1974, frog in a swingers, the kids, 5 + 1, two of us wondering, rec. Misery is: Back seats, Gloucester rocks Pet Peeve: waiting Suppressed desire: to never lose all I have know. Quote: The grand essentials in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. Future plans: travel kv X 1... - . 4. 1' . I 1 fx .I ,gi '. r 2 Q? cf 6 'SML Susan E. Coles Happiness is: Being with people I feel comfortable with, 3 day weekends. Misery is: Having friends turn their backs on you, not hearing the alarm clock and having Joany wake you up. Suppressed desire: To be me, Pet Peeve: Having people ask, "Where are you supposed to be?" Quote: "Light a candle in the wind: if the wind blows it out, nevertheless you lit it." IC John S. Connors ,rf 4? John R. Conti 1 , Joseph M. Concannon Happiness is: Pigging contests, Ras Banans yata Benifucius Actimonay Acaronjay, sleeping Misery is: Trabajando con cerdonone. Suppressed desire: To be rich. l'll never forget: The gang at first lunch, Gower's class, truck, SP., CH., G.V,W. 81 J.B. Quote: "There comes a time in the affairs of man, my dear blubber, when we must take the bull by the tail and face the situation." W.C. Fields Martin Costin .v .2 -r ', "-Si 1i1f"fQ'iHN T Q, .. V . 0kh'a?,, wefat' aff' A f.,,: 'f 4. Deborah Conley Happiness is: Partying. Misery ls: Going to school Suppressed desire: To be a millionaire. Pet Peeve: People who think they're nice l'll never forget: "The Rocking Tramps" R.C. Future plans: To go back to Canada. Comment: Smoke Z-Gold! Qs? 'ff -9 Jw if -L . -N"-V? Scott W. Coles Nancy L. Costin John B. Corkum Happiness is: partying, N.D., winning, 170 ft. throw, hitting the q.b. Misery is: warm beer, the sled, getting caught Suppressed desire: become a fullback l'll never forget: Going to the Cape with Buzzy and Arti, summer of '74, partying with P. S.,J. M., J. C., Rockport 1O!14!74 Pet peeve: getting carded at 18, short, quick, powerful, choppy, steps Future plans: go around the world in a balloon. Quote: If you want alittle heaven, you got to raise a little hell. For a person to strive for perfection is expected one should not seek compliments. 'n Steven Cooper Joan M. Covell Happiness is: Richie, long weekends Misery is: say good-bye, customers Suppressed desire: To be able to travel around the world. Pet peeve: cliques l'll never forget: R.M., 4!13!74, Pat's 57, C. C., MG, Malden, R. T., Hampton Beach Future plans: travel, work s -4 Comment: "it takes time to love and open minds to love and whose got time on their hands well life can be hard when your holes in a card in some electronic hand you'II wander around from place to place disappear without a trace and someone else will take your place in line." the airplane Suppressed desire: to be reincarnated as a seagull E 1 Mary E. Crosdale Happiness is: dreams coming true, when the corners are turned, long weekends Misery is: frozen tears, "you missed it," Halchak's stories, C. Ffs horror shows l'll never forget: C. V. P., 1 l!23!73 at Jo's, the Cape. Canada '72, Nantasket '74, meatballs in Marblehead, open doors on cold winter nights, pickles, bubbles, highways, with L. V., an empty table with L. L., 1O!12!74 Suppressed desire: to be coordinated Quote: I do not ask you to accept the things I believe, only to understand. I 7 i Happiness is: Beaches in the summer, going away on long week-ends, Friday afternoon thru Sunday night. Misery is: rainy days, losing at Old Maid, saying good-bye, Cheese-its Suppressed desire: To own a yellow Volkswagon with a black racing stripe. Pet peeve: waiting I'lI never forget: Skiing at Hond Pond, Dunkin' Donuts, "Are you nuts?l", climbing Mt. Chocora, Cape Cod, '74, New York, E block studies Future plans: Nursing Quote: "One's friends are that part of the human race with which one can be human." George Santayana Rene G. Cushman Happiness is: getting away with it, partying, meeting people Misery is: nothing to do, no tunes, loneliness Suppressed desire: to own a piece of Mexican land Pet peeve: people telling me what to do, school rules and the people who enforce them l'Il never forget: Lynn beach and I. H. O. P s, Sunnyhursts and Florida 1974, all week party 9!24!74, Buttsie's weekend party Future plans: college and travel Comment: "Keep truckin' those blues away." Happiness is: being with Eddie, scoring a goal. Misery is: wind sprints, Austin, "62" Rambler Suppressed desire: to grow Pet peeve: cliques l'll never forget: 2!10!72, Bus Future plans: work Valerie A. Curran Cathy J. Davis Happiness is: friends, lending a hand, being needed Misery is: saying goodbye, being alone Pet peeve: "ls Cathy here?" l'll never forget: Deering, P. F., Germany, England, "ya got real class" Quote: l Corinthians 13: "Now Abideth Faith, Hope, and Love these three, but the greatest of these is Love." Janine A. Cunha l Scott Dana Jeffrey Davis Happiness is: Beating Winchester 4-3, three-day weekends, dances Misery is: Losing in overtime, a V.W., running the mile under 6:30 Suppressed desire: To win the lottery Pet peeve: homework l'll never forget: UMass lTEOl, Georgetown, the kids Future plans: college Comment: Winning isn't everything, but it sure beats the hell out of losing. fffiilai Stephen R. DeCosta William M. Delellis Harriet E. Dell'Anno Happiness is: Paul, partying. having nothing wrong with my car Misery is: being alone, having something wrong with my car Pet peeve: "Harriet, your brain's cloggedlf' Dirty Harry, Harrycotta l'll never forget: p.s., 4!14!73, N.E.M.H,, 16th row, sunrise mass, Jr. Skip Day, n.c., r.b., K.C., e.s., m.s., m.o., wrong exit, "He knows", A.Fl., '63 pontiac, Gregg Allman concert, THREE, Slacks Unlimited, all my friends Suppressed desire: to be free, to own a Ferrari Future plans: to be on my own Comment: "Give me a breakl" Happiness is: J, M., Life Misery is: only there if you want it to be Suppressed desire: to look down at Leo Doherty l'll never forget: all the filthy things I wanted to write here but didn't! Future plans: living, growing Comment: Go play with a skunkl , -.ff "'. "-'71 rl' ,,,,..5?'?f'5w .W :r?...'i Brian L. DeGruttola Janice M. Dempsy l'll never forget: RU 8!31f74, 3 on a match, Jo Ho's, The Boomerang, perfect murder, Bebe, Bummer, Boogie, 9 on the outside 7 on the inside, 6!2!73, stairs in Holliston Happiness is: the lst letter, a true friend, the beach, A standing O Misery is: no car, good-byes, the shakes, 12 years of waiting Comment: What attracts us to a person rarely binds us to them Future plans: music career Suppressed desire: to sing in the Garden, to out argue my father Pet peeve: pencils, and socks, snipes Happiness is: Graduating Future plans: stocking shelves for a store Misery is: pushing carts at Star Market Pet peeve: taking rubbish out Denise Dery Happiness is: Big Black Bushy Beards, Partying Misery is: Being Miserable, Joyce not in school l'll never forget: Everything I can remember, August 12, 1973 Pet peeve: Early hours, Susan's laugh Suppressed desire: to be normal Happiness is: a microphone Misery is: Chinese redlight with Nancy driving, HoJo's, walking in the rain Suppressed desire: to sit in the birch tree, to help write M,K,'s book Pet peeve: I forgot what I was saying, "It's letting up." l'll never forget: the Barn, Elton John, the Valiant, Ted, Runaround Sue, this IS the back door, s.n.m., crusin' with the kids, "And , . . um," B.K. Comment: This is not primarily the place where we have to be, it is the place where we are. This is not our prison but our home, it is the road we must walk and the walking is called life, Because we will walk it only once, then how important it is that we should walk it with some purpose that we can call our own. Arthur F. DiGiovanni Happiness is: A snowy wintry night, laughs, singing l'Il never forget: 7!2O!67, 6!9!74, D,G., Chorale, Mrs. W., Hockey games, winning S50 in a poster contest, Anne, Babe, dynamo, the squeak, seeing without eyes, Richard, 2 Debs, Brenda, Dave, Brian. Dianne, Philip, Raw data, Annie's song, Mrs. Henriques, Pru, Orange and Green Dolphins Misery is: Rain, good-byes, tripping up Si down stairs Future plans: Accounting or Banking Suppressed desire: To relive Graduation '74 Pet Peeve: Nosey people, pondeeki Happiness is: Having great times, partying Misery is: working Suppressed desire: travel Pet peeve: rainy weekends l'll neverforget: S.M,, D.F., L.K., M.B., Eggy, Junior Prom, Thursday D Block, All the times in the Grand Ville Future plans: Be a bum Edward J. DiCarIo Maureen Desmond Richard P. DiMarzo Happiness is: being with friends, having a few, a sunny day, everyone getting along with each other Misery is: Miss Gower's class, a cloudy day, losing a friend, tests Suppressed desire: to find an animal that can talk Pet peeve: people who think they are better than someone else, that guitar is to loud I'Il neverforget: Sept, - Nov. '73 with J.R., T.E.C.3, never too much bass, the gang, sticky, Brennerettes, you know Future plans: college Paul J. DiMare Glen E. Doherty Happiness is: a place to party, a four way street, C, S, NSY '74', 8!8!74 Misery is: a conversation w! Mac, Cape with Staneich, license 84 registration, Mayberry with 35 Barney Fifes, Queenetis Suppressed desire: to rub Mustone's ears, to see "Eddie Munster" on the cover of Rolling Stone Pet peeve: fat cats, googoos, 8i lollygaggers, Hold this, Rec Park Blues, D.M., Rock 81 Roll by Mac l'll never forget: Herb, what are you doin?, Red Van, POG, Vig's truck, Behind the cinema, EW, Koo's parties Future plans: Kent State Riflery Team Patricia M. Doherty Joseph Donahoe Leo P. Doherty Happiness is: winning, making a good stick Misery is: losing, hitting the sled, Miss Gray Suppressed desire: making the honor roll Pet peeve: Hoods l'll never forget: Triple overtime at Woburn Future plans: college 54 l'll never forget: J.M., concerts, red valiant, Mt. Hood, Hampton, "Arney," Nahant Misery is: "THE PINCHER MAN," getting Bubble Gum in the strangest place, being an ivory sister. Comment: "And da-a-a", "what a Bummer," Seriously, "l'm sorry." Happiness is: pulling a "Lucy" Suppressed desire: to be a cougar Future plans: to take every day as it comes Pet peeve: The Motherly Type Cheryl A. Donahue Thomas Donnelly Happiness is: being right Misery is: sorry about that Bass, Flick Suppressed desire: to remember everything l'm supposed to do Pet Peeve: Sociologists l'll never forget: My humble beginnings Future plans: Chairman of the Board of General Motors Comment: Those that can do, those that can't teach Happiness is: red hair, partying Misery is: Last Door on the Left Suppressed desire: to be darker and rich Pet Peeve: headaches, arguing l'll never forget: Stone Ave. Future plans: to travel 'inf' Ronald J. Donovan Happiness is: The Frank Walsh Lawn Service Scholarship Misery is: Flock 'n' Roll, a nite with Mac, The Third Rail Suppressed desire: To have my own 4-way street, to be a pro soccer player Pet peeve: Miss Komanowski l'll neverforget: getting stuck in the mud at Unicorn, Bonnie and Clyde and the Barrow gang, going 12 and O as freshmen, "Friends" Comment: lf you believe you're No. l you're half way there, Happiness is: Friendship Misery is: having people angry at me, having a cold Suppressed desire: to be filthy rich. Have a gigantic house with swimming pools and tennis courts, to stop biting my nails, to travel. Pet peeve: phonies and snobs l'll never forget: the day I ran away, 11th grade in the library, Mrs. Henriques English class. Future plans: Oceanographer Donald J. Driscoll Happiness is: 1. winning 2. giving the perfect rip-check, breaking 5Ol Misery is: losing in anything, up at 5:30 A.M. to go to work, Monday mornings Suppressed desire: to shut off the alarm and roll back over Pet peeve: being called Ronnie I'lI never forget: E block and "Wally" Future plans: College. . . Quote: If you think you're afraid, you are: If you think you dare not, you don't If you want to win, but you don't think you can, lt's almost certain you won'tll K. Norton Happiness is: going to New Jersey, A Block priv. Misery is: coming home from New Jersey, no G Block priv. Suppressed desire: to get my album back Pet peeve: four studies in a row l'll never forget: the summer of '73 Future plans: Dietitian Comment: Don't lower yourself to be like others Janice M. Downes .YR Ronald F. Driscoll Happiness is: revenge, the pit, a birdie Misery is: a twin brother, gorillas, missing a layup Suppressed desire: to become a professional gambler, to get a hole-in-one Pet peeve: getting up at 5:30 on Saturday morning l'Il never forget: the things I remember Future plans: to go to college and get rich quick Quote: "Nobuddy ever fergits where he buried a hatchet" Kin Hubbard "But I, being poor, have only my dreams: I have spread my dreams under your feet: Tread softly, for you tread on my dreams" William Butler Yeats Grace A. Dooling George Dooling James Duggan Happiness is: knowing it's your last year of school Misery is: Knowing that you will be leaving some of your best friends behind. Suppressed desire: trying to be everybody's friend I'II never forget: the fight in school and the fractured nose I had Future plans: attend the U.S. Coast Guard Academy Comment: Stoneham High School is the best school around and the class of 1975 was the best class there CLASS COUPLE Dan Powers, Linda Lamb BIGGEST EATERS Dan Powers, Maureen McNulty Y-77 ,-?'3xhN ,V , 4 -.TF MOST ATHLETIC Joe McLaughlin, Sharon Russell BEST LEGS John Corkum, Cathy Maiorana 56 ,,,,-..-:- Akllc eyidwlxfflff' ' fwhv':QfAY1 ' ll 'L if .3 BJ, MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Mark Phelan, Donna Miasserian MOST SINCERE Lynne Minghella, Skip Fales MOST PROMISING John Allen, Susan Murphy 57 MOST ARTISTIC Thomas Brlssette, lmfp, Barbie Slater, Jay Todlscol X William H. Dunn Ronald Eagleston Debra A. Ells Happiness is: getting out of school for the whole year Misery Is: going down to Mrs. Barry's office Suppressed desire: strike it rich Pet peeve: they should smoke in the girls room or the cafeteria l'll never forget, Ellen, MaryLou, Ruthy, Sandy, Smoking in the girls room, Billy Future plans: To become a millionaire Comment: Wish we had Mrs. Gardner back this year, because I miss her really bad. Happiness is: Winning, rained out practices, punishing a hammer, long weekends Misery is: Mayberry, getting beat long, warm brew, school lunches. Suppressed desire: to be the next "Catman" Pet peeve: D.M., "25.00, Rangers l'll never forget: The Kancamagus, Frazier Field, the 80 yard run. 5-16-74 Future plans: God only knows Comment: "I live for today, because no one promised me tomorrow" Johnny U. Sandra L. Durgin Jonathan Estes Happiness is: Spending someone else's money Misery is: winding up and kicking a paper bag and finding that it's filled with cement. Suppressed desire: Open a saloon in Kansas Pet peeve: People who leave ball bearings lying around on stairs l'll never forget: Golfing in room 210 Future plans: Riding shotgun on garbage trucks Comment: Jiminy crickets Happiness is: Accomplishing something that has helped others Misery is: seeing people harm nature Quote: Time to me this truth has taught l'Tis a treasure worth revealingl. More offend from want of thought, Than from any want of feeling. Suppressed desire: to see the world Pet peeve: Arguments .-'vi Patricia Evans Happiness is: partying wfthe gang, when the corners are turned, quiet moments. memories misery is: Sharing someone, being alone, Holchak's stories, "you missed it." l'll never forget: Sheepfold, 11!23!73, Pickles, Koo's, "Doi," 9!28!74, S.l.B. LL.'s laugh. C.S. Comment: You should always hope for something, for once you stop hoping you have nothing. Suppressed desire: To find complete happiness Happiness is: my friends, partying, having a good time Misery is: not having anyone to talk to, rainy days, driving with M.C. Suppressed desire: make it through the world Pet peeve: P.P. Sausages, two faced people repeating something l'll never forget: M.C. party, sheepfold, running down the hill at 2 in the morning, "Daughter" bring down the dishes, I'm going 1Of'l1!74 Future plans: college and travel Comment: to say that you can love one person all your life is just like saying that one candle will continue burning as long as you live Paula Festino Comment: When you've seen inside yourself, then you may find peace of mind is waiting there Pet peeve: fake accents Suppressed desire: to go to Europe l'll neverforget: Get Outl, Law, trying to get out of L.S.'s car, going to get shoes with S.D. Misery is: U.S. History Happiness is: Winning the mile, the last day of school Future plans: Trade School Suppressed desire: To own my own car. l'll never forget: ninth grade track James P. Fallon Marisa Falzone Jane E. Fitzgerald l'll never forget: 3!3O-3l!72, "the kids," Nahant, concerts, lifesaving, 77 miles, Black Harlen, camping, Happiness is: 8 in a Valiant Pet peeve: Nanc singing the wrong words Suppressed desire: to get a microphone Comment: "And duh" "Having a good time." Misery is: ticket lines Future plans: college William Ells Cynthia C. Fleming Happiness is: surprises, weekends, partying with the girls, when the corners are turned Misery is: getting caught, grounded, early nights, rainy days alone, no car, keepin' quiet, waiting for Pat Suppressed desire: catch 22, to be an actress l'll never forget: 7!23!74 someone special, 11!23f74 1. and w. road, one pal thru every, our long talks, "your face," "moo", meatballs in Marblehead, Koo's, the catman, red roses for a blue lady, O.K.?, tec with mbc, sundown with red, B.S. 10:30, BUI, long walks and lonely tears, my bargain man, pumpkins, minstrel show, superstar X ,N-gX Richard L. Fales Kenneth R. Feindel Cheryl M. Flynn Happiness is: partying, Howie, weekends away with friends Misery is: Facing Duke Monday morning, being alone l'll never forget: October 31, 1971, Goose, September 25, 1972, N. Hampshire weekend Comment: "You don't know what you have until it's gone, and then it's too late Edward J. Ficarra Joanna M. Flynn Happiness is: a certain crazy person, when the corners are turned, partying, blue skies, weekends, friends Misery is: no numbers, getting caught, blue slips, saying good-bye l'Il never forget: 11!23!73, cold morning crossroads, M.R. parties, our long talks, gassin' with CL, CF, MC, LV, DT, TE, HH, CC, summer of '72 and '74 and all the good times Comment: "if a man doesn't keep pace with his companions, it is because he hears a different drummer, let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away." Thoreau Q .-J.. . ng. .':' no ,. cu 1" 1' . I C. ,,' ,u :cc ' . s 1 Barbara J. Fougere Happiness is: being with my friends and being able to sleep on weekends Misery is: A Friday night with nothing to do and having to work when l'd rather do something else Suppressed desire: to travel and make a million dollars and someday marry Pet peeve: people who feel they are better than everyone else, Mt, Fujiyama, Jolly Green Giant and M,B. junior l'll never forget: Revere Beach, Plum Island, Di, M,B, and a certain someone Future plans: to live each day as it comes and to keep on laughing. Comment: It is always the good guys that get caught - never the bad guys l . . 0 K J . , , . ' s' - z. , I . n ' s ,osx n ' " 'A . .,1, . . . ' . - , ' 0 0 .- 3, : Q ,1 .- .,.,',- . r 5 1 ' ' .' -' T-'...-12' -.Jr-' ""1'. '. ' . 1 -, . 1 . . -H r .-Zf:.1.f-'- -. -.-'.:'-25.0 - r ,. 1 ",':. . .' ' . ' ' ' ' 'Q - .. . .-' , ' 'x Linda M. Fucci l'll never forget: The Great Chase, Dirtworm, Bullwinkle, Magoo, Hinny, Canana, Big B, Kirky, Dippy, B.Dic., S.S., M.G., K.D., E. Dic., Zappa Happiness is: Being able to be myself and to do what l want to do. Oh Henryl Lilly. Pet peeve: Gym., 4 speed Misery is: Mrs, Barry, no way out, Rainy days and Mondays Comment: emkcil Suppressed desire: to live my life over. To get a '57 T Bird Quote: "You will never know you need someone till you have them -then lose them." . Richard T. Flynn John M. Foley Michael R. Fontana Elizabeth A. Gandolfo Happiness is: the music room Pet peeve: having my picture taken Quote: Hello Hello Hello Hello Good byeGoodbye Good bye Goodbye That's all there is and the leaves that are green turn to brown Paul Simon 'l'll never forget: 2!73, Mrs, W., Sr. Class play, Madrigals, and 6!1!73 CS'S foot Misery is: Gym A-Block Monday Future plans: college Donna J. Geary Happiness is: Johnny, partying "Nahant Beach" Misery is: S.H,S., the Green Firebird Suppressed desire: to travel Pet Peeve: Monday mornings, Marie's Jokes l'll never forget: Diane's party "72", Pasta Time "73", New Years "73", Marty's cottage "74", Bathroom at the Pru Future plans: undecided Comment: Wanna Skip, no Wanna go to the beach, maybe Wanna get some Bru, Ya Arthur Gianelli o af, 4 .bw 0' 9 .l.:., fl, ' O .I 0 5:59 og' In My " Q ' -9'O if-N9 "9' .. John E. Ford Nina M. Gentile Happiness is: Rainbows, smiling, people who believe in you, having enough hours in a day Pet peeve: unkept promises, apathy l'll never forget: Soph. year, Drama Fest. '73, "double entendres," Letterman, "Keep an eye on those goldfish," T,U., 2B.P.L., summer of '7 4, Wildcat, "preps," woody, dorm, Uncle Jack, R 84 L Quote: . . . two roads diverged in yellow wood - and I took the one less traveled by - and that has made all the difference . . . Robert Frost Ns. I Scum.. Unix' x sx'g Robert J. Geary Yvonne M. Georgette Happiness is: Being someone's special, buses, Nononcle, Good Friends Misery is: 'E' for a 'Y' Pet peeve: Not being heard l'll never forget: 3!9!73, Frannie and Sugar, bon temps, Aug. 5, Dec. 8, "DMWTBBTBDMWTFl" Future plans: A happy life Comment: "Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die Life is like a broken-winged bird That cannot fly." W? s A 5 if I , . I :A I 1 ' n - 4 '. 5: ' , -' H Misery is: M. Mitchell's G. W. T. W. When you don't take a person as they are to you and as they seem to be to other people. Sticking knives in their backs when you talk about them. Trying to impress other people this way to inflate your ego. Pet peeve: the cliques people put-ons Carmelo C. Germano Happiness is: Somewhere special with a good-looking girl Misery is: Getting shut down, and one-eyed rats Suppressed desire: To be a rich playboy Pet peeve: Bama, hangovers l'll never forget: School, Logan's 8300.00 treat in Boston, F.K. Future plans: Marine Corps, Pimp Comment: Better to be thought a fool, and remain silent, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Do unto others as they would do unto you, BUT DO IT FIRST!- U . ' f, 0 -1 iii' 1' if , ,gb 'r . i. W- -' -' - 'vi .-ir' '-'.-0 f'?.f::.-mr. .. ' '-, 'utuligt Happiness is: Good friends you can trust, being left alone Misery is: A little check, H.J.'s, E.S. Suppressed desire: To meet C.K., to camp out for a summer Pet peeve: a brownie, P.W. l'll never forget: Frazier Field June '73, Bomb Future plans: college Comment: I don't care. Just let me bel A wiki Maureen A. Gilmartin Happiness is: Being with people I like, memories, victories, weekends Misery is: Your best friend who turns out not to be, people who confuse me Suppressed desire: to find the answers to the questions within Pet peeve: Making decisions, waiting . . .,people whothinkthey're always rightl l'll never forget: P.j.'s and white SchoIl's, Clarkmobile, 20 legs at Maverick, yellow car, ACA., The Gang iC.C., L.H.2, J.H., J.C., A.R., J.S., K.C., M.M.l "Break Loose," Space Lady Future plans: College Stephen J. Giglio Karen Golini Happiness is: Being with friends and having a good time, the troops, catching the rays Misery is: Getting the wrong schedule, 12 to 9 l'll never forget: 25x2, Tava's Hammer's, Canada, Chicago, Jay, 7!l3!72, Softball, Field Hockey, the lake Future plans: College Dennis H. Gilson .fzffm-, James M. Goode Myra S. Gordon Happiness is: Good friends, dances, having a place to go, watching S.H.S. sports, graduating, chases Misery is: My first name, My middle name, being a failure, half gallons, the whites, F block studies, graduating, having big feet, being born in Chelsea Suppressed desire: To hang out at the D.O. Pet peeve: Class of "75" l'll never forget: 9!'l3!57, 4!2!74, 1O!22!74, Tricia, J.A.P., Phil, The View, Meatball, "Hello, it's mel", Sophomore year, Howie on the hoop, the lake, the kids at Hogan, J,A.M., Cleebo, Palumbo's, The Nose Comment: "All beginnings are difficult." Patricia A. Goshtigian David M. Hegarty James C. Gunning Happiness is: a Mustang, E, F, G, studies Misery is: Kangamangus 'IO!7!74, F-Troop Suppressed Desire: To hit a tater. Pet Peeve: Crooks, Nature Freaks l'll never forget: The Colonial, The Mute, and Pistol Pa Future Plans: College Comments or Quote: "Try not to take life too seriously. You're not going to get out of it alive anyway." K. Douglas Happiness is: partying Misery is: When a person has what you Want. Suppressed Desire: To have what I want back. l'll neverforget: 1. D.J. 2, spaghetti head 3. p. plant Pet Peeve: l, nick names 2. older men 3. liars 4. phony people Future Plans: 7 Comment or Quote: 1. ls that a fact? 2. Probably 3. Are you nuts? Ann Grometstein Comment: Seeing's believing, but feelings the truth. . :gt A f' iff.: V .,. .. .9 , , Mary L. Gustenhoven l'll never forget: Vt. Future Plans: physical therapist Comment or Quote: Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die life is a broken and winged bird that cannot fly Hughes Helen C. Halchak Happiness is: A true smile when it is most needed, when the corners are turned. Misery is: rainy nights, waiting, no tunes, directions to Tewksbury Suppressed Desire: to live free, how to tell a story l'II never forget: F.M.W., sheepfold, The Ship, Koo's party, 11!23!73, Canada 72, the red light stops to make the green light go. Quote: Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who Love, Time is Eternity. 'rr Happiness is: being with P.C., Friendship that turns to Love., Being with friends and the ones I love., working at K.F.C. Misery is: Not to be able to be with P.C. all the time., Getting caught smoking the second day at H.S. Suppressed Desire: Living happily ever after. Pet Peeve: Gym l'll never forget: K.F.C. and the gang, The day after getting my license. The weekend of 6-14:16-74 Cape Cod, 11-11-72. Pockey. Future Plans: To go to Colorado, and Nursing Comment or Quote: "For every Happy Hello is a Sad Goodbye." 5.3 Lori A. Haywood Happiness is: "Uncle Bina", Our moments together, True Friendship Misery is: The Naggers, Rumors, Keeping the red out, The "Friendy" smile, fractures Suppressed Desire: To have all my dreams come true. Pet Peeve: Decisions l'll never forget: 4358, 5-1 4-74, . .What are you doing," Clarkmobile, Tava's Hammers, Co with Moe, ACA, The Gang, Class of '74 Comment or Quote: Live for tomorrow with a smile for every day there are new beginnings. .1 "5i1:i':.. ' , .,....,, Christopher Hartford J-wang Lauren Hennessy Misery is: doubletake, broken promises l'll never forget: 20 legs at Mav., f.a., pep talks with J.M.C.,Clarkmobile,the walking smile, Flahl with skunk, 73-74, butt breaks Future Plans: to live and let live Comment or Quote: "Rivers of endless tides have passed beneath my feet, and all too soon they had me standing on my own." Mary E. Harrison Quote: Robert W. Hess . f' 3, jk., Nancy E. Heuman Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. Hughes Janet A. Hill John P. Hurley Ellen B. Hillman Happiness is: Being a Canadien, and living in Canada. Misery is: Being late for school. Going to the dentist. Suppressed Desire: To be rich. Pet Peeve: When a person gets blamed for not doing anything. l'll never forget: Summer of "74" Future Plans: To be a secretary. Comment or Quote: To stop all wars, and let there be peace. Misery is: the walking smile, sounding like a.t.d., being so far away Suppressed Desire: to play professional football or to go as far as l can in life. l'll never forget: LCJ and M, pj's, white sholls and the yellow car, cape weekend, 20 legs at Mav., Hampton, f.a., MFL, C. mobile, my junior year, J.D., 41:20 Future Plans: Merrimack, to travel and see the world Quote: "You never have all you want from life. And when you die you're alone. Life's a burn, get it while you can," Janis Joplin Richard H. Hill Robert L. Hiltz Happiness is: an E.L.P. concert through W.P. Misery is: losing a J when its the only one you have left Suppressed Desire: to become better than Carl Palmer Pet Peeve: straights l'll never forget: the unmadeup eye Future Plans: to become a famous Flock Star Comment or Quote: You are what you eat. Happiness is: a '68 Skylark Misery is: Getting dragged into the water at Crane's Suppressed Desire: To become an expert Sub maker. Pet Peeve: Being called Dick or Rich instead of Rick. l'll never forget: R.A.'s multi-colored Ford. John C. Hinchey Happiness is: Music, at Stoneham High, Greater Bostonians, for money, for free., especially with friends. Misery is: playing a flat musty baritone horn, auditions Suppressed Desire: To understand football and women. Pet Peeve: "Are you a basketball player?" l'll never forget: The class of "74", Coaches Rocher and Pierce,the lemmings, Mr. Magarita, Boys' State, New Years' eve "72" at Pete's. Future Plans: l'm going to try to make the best of it. Quote: "The things you do, the friends you make, are they heavy enough for you?" B, S, and T. Happiness is: getting through, smiles, curley hair, music, C,S.N.Y., BB's Misery is: The Final Good-bye 9!13!74, Hallucinating - Cold People L.C., S.A. Suppressed Desire: To have that corner again. To have the world meet, my straightfriend Murph. Pet Peeve: Talking and talking, but not getting through. . .J.F,I,T.G.F.Afterwhat you meant to me, I can't make it easily. I'll never forget: Cape Memories, My Favorite and Vanilla Ice-cream, Walking, G.D. Please don't ever leave, on my beach. Future Plans: to travel, To try to make it easily with help from MIP. . . i 1. Judith A. Houghton Happiness is: the weekend, winning, strawberry sundaes Misery is: waiting, Gloucester rocks Suppressed Desire: To get my license. Pet Peeve: Desiray, Fruity Judy I'll never forget: Frog in a Swinger, 5-+-1, The Kids, Jr, Prom, Nahant, Gloucester, rec., The Getaway Car Future Plans: Secretarial School Happiness is: Killing S.P. at the Friday night card games. Misery is: Getting killed at the Friday night card games. Suppressed Desire: get rid of alarm clocks Pet Peeve: Going to school on snow days that weren't called off. I'll never forget: 3 sewer stadium, J.J.'s Blue Mustang, D..J, Lunch Box, In Memory of Elizabeth Reed Future Plans: College Comment or Quote: Where are the Tools? Diana Hopkins 'fin 'M g -' .F 1 xr K , A t 1 Cheryl A. Irvin Happiness is: soup and salad, a standing O, a ride, waterskiing, two understanding neighbors FLM., G.M. Misery is: working Fri., Sat., and Sun., nights my jr year. Suppressed Desire: To get a letter in gymnastics. Pet Peeve: "Where are you going? Be home early" snipes I'll never forget: 7 on inside 9 on outside 6!2!73, Ho Jo's, Tava's Hammers, Farky Malen IOXIZX74 10 in a Cutlas SS, JD, JS,NH,MA. FA,Boogiethe Thursday nites at MitchelI's chop, chop. . . how long Future Plans: Your guess is as good as mine. Comment or Quote: I walk alone only because you walk in front of me. Joseph P. Hogan N Norma J. Jackson Blakely K. Jacoby Happiness is: Saturday nights with "K.M.", a steak and cheese sub, a "today's special" Misery is: a sick car, Rainy Mondays Pet Peeve: Class of "75" and cliques I'll never forget: "Courtyard Streak" and the men. "Chicago", Salisbury Beach, Red Sox tickets Future Plans: Owning my own small business. Comment or Quote: No love, no friendship, can ever cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark upon it forever. Michael A. Jenkins Peter R. Jesperson Donna R. Johnson Happiness is: free weekends Misery is: double period of physics, being skinny, filling out these sheets Suppressed Desire: gain weight Pet Peeve: people who consider themselves better l'll never forget: 7!4!74 in' ? 4 I. . .I . 4 ' !.'. I 5 N 1 -1 Y 45 fu: f - ff! . - ,- ,Q I e: D - . ',' , .: jf .4 , I+ Linda Johnson James F. Johnson Happiness is: Fridays and Saturdays with the gang, "ln Memory of Elizabeth Reed" Misery is: Monday Mornings, tests, homeroom Suppressed Desire: To read D.J.'s book "How to Beat the System", 6 cards in 5 card draw Pet Peeve: lousy concerts, school l'll never forget: S.P.'s car, Ensigns Boat, great concerts Future Plans: College Comment or Quote: "What Tools?" I 1 Misery is: "bugs" Pet Peeve: decisions l'll never forget: indian pt., 2!2!73, Christmas of '72, the unlucky 3, "it's letting upl", talks with g,d., 4-29 Comment or Quote: Stripping a person of his individuality is like doubting his existence. Carl Beekman Michael A. Jamieson Happiness is: J.T., Knowing we tried our best. June 8,1975 and July 1st, The J.H. with J.T., Being Happy. Misery is: loosing, getting all B's and a C+ for 12 terms Suppressed Desire: to do good on the S.A.T.'s, winning the states, to go to W.P., making the Honor Roll Pet Peeve: smog, Prince's, Junior Prom, moving furniture, my father's cigars, "Monkey", driving l'll never forget: summer of '72, Tec 45, "What are you doing?" Sebago Lake, the streak Future Plans: W.P.N.Y. Comment: Doing what comes naturally. "You owe me your life." "Do you have money for gas." "What a Class." S. i ' li: ' il!! ', . Happiness is: beating the system, my lunchbox, a little heat Misery is: listening to Lee Roy, having Twig steal my apple, the band Suppressed Desire: catch J.J. cheating, win at pool Pet Peeve: Sunshine Club, getting T.D. called back fWesty!J l'll never forget: Flon's begging, Dec. 8, Crusty's T-shirts Future Plans: sell my book Comment or Quote: Heyl Steven M. Keith Happiness is: A nice long number before school down Rec. Misery is: Seeing a certain Bama in the parking lot. McNulty Suppressed Desire: To have a civilized talk with Freddie K. Pet Peeve: Queenetts, absent notes. l'll never forget: Bama and a friend walking up my front walk. A S300 night in Boston, The S.C. Times with Cider. Future Plans: California, To own a house of fine ladies. Comment or Quote: F.T.S. David P. J utras Patricia A. Kezarjian Happiness is: Being with Joe. Misery is: Not being with Joe, 2!15f74, Waking up at 6:30 A.M. on a Monday morning, Suppressed Desire: To marry Joe. Pet Peeve: Going to school l'll never forget: 'l1!9!73, Carolls, Grand Assembly "73"+"74" Future Plans: To be a Secretary. Comment or Quote: And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly: What is essential is invisible to the eye. The Little Prince Mary E. Kehoe John E. Kelley t , Margaret Kelley Happiness is: FLC., being with Friends, weekends, vacations Misery is: to be alone Suppressed Desire: to travel around the world, to get married Pet Peeve: phonies, E Block, Gym - two years l'll never forget: Revere Beach, Whalen Park with FLC., summers in N.H., Boston, Drive-ln, Plum Island, D:, Barb, M.B., Kitty's, Chelsea Friends Future Plans: nurse or secretary John R. Kimball Stephen Konopacka Lauren Kooshoian Happiness is: baconburgers for lunch Suppressed Desire: to have a suppressed desire l'll never forget: Get Outll, Summer '74, summer switch, Paw, egg, imitations, going out to lunch with S.D.+ M.M,, shoes Pet Peeve: fake accents, sitting on the end Comment or Quote: "no friendship can ever cross our path without affecting us in some way forever." Y! Christopher X. Kirk iq . gig was Daniel J. LaCarbonara Happiness is: June 25 Misery is: school lunches Pet Peeve: Bama Comment or Quote: your busted o ' n u O Q s s s ' 5 .-. 1 Happiness is: reporting to Fred Kiamie, long weekends, a car Misery is: having no car, Bum's, Brian Brodrick's jokes Suppressed Desire: to become V.P. at SHS l'lI never forget: my family, graduation, senior year, all my friends Pet Peeve: BAM BA Comment or Quote: Be yourself, don't do what your friends do, David Lacroix Happiness is: summer at Orr's Island. winning, long week-ends Misery is: marching in Dairy Queen parking lot, Algebra ll Suppressed Desire: to be a six foot tall Frenchman Pet Peeve: Sunshine Club, slits, Andrei l'll neverforget: 12!8!7 4, opening night in three sewer stadium, Friday night card games Future Plans: College Comment or Quote: Every individual has a place to fill in the world, and is important in some respect, whether he chooses to be so or not. - Hawthorne - 1 s . ' n u . . , - . , s. . ' ' ' su' Q . s o , s n i 5 ' . i -45:1 V 'n 'A-n o .. .A . -- P' I ., . 53 , . , t , ' . ,. '. -. 3151?--' - ' g.:f1.'- . .r-"gli--7-.-.. '. U 7 . ' ' so ., 's' ' , v ' U if 1 1 ', lp . . aff.- Happiness is: Beatles, England, Falmouth, Europe, Scaggin Around, Black, Cruisin' Misery is: In the rainl Suppressed Desire: Be richS Pet Peeve: Muffinheads l'll never forget: I forgetl, Wheels, Boz, Creach, The Fling, Sully, Truck stop Future Plans: College, Truck thru Europe Comment or Quote: ln memory of J.P.G,+R. and the late Brian Epstein and Stu Sutcliffe it 1 it Jr 1 ia we Z . Q , , kk Paw ni x' ' TX ' ,riff 2, . ' . si 1 ' ye. iiiflrl Linda J. Lamb Happiness is: Dan "72", true friends, that someone special, Good talk with ? memories Misery is: Gloucester Flocks, getting hit by a softball, bruises, not knowing, losing close friends Suppressed Desire: A night with the girls. l'll never forget: 9!22!72 Koo's party, blackeye's, twirp P.W. fKowloon bathroomi L.M.+A.T., T.C. and the wall, Biggest Eater, Sister Patricia Comment or Quote: It is better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all. n No s42f"' Robert Lacroix ft... ,Jef '48 1 ' ai- WH- . Steven E. Lawlor Misery is: S25, Al under the weather Suppressed Desire: To be a gentleman and scholar. Pet Peeve: A night in Mayberry, nicknames l'll never forget: 7!7!74 Kangamagus, Murph's, 5!16!74 Nahant Future Plans: God only knows. Comment or Quote: Buy Bonds. Michael J. Krivatch Donna M. Lafrazia .5 Karen Leccesse Happiness is: Partying with good people., Having some one to trust., When the corners are turned., my mobil Misery is: Blue slips, getting caught, being cold, HH's stories, not being understood, closed minds, Suppressed Desire: travel Pet Peeve: selfishness l'll never forget: JF CF MC LV DT TE HH CC, crazy talks, walks, and Gassen w!JF and THC, weirs w!LV talks w!DT, 74's summer, the cookout, 11!23!73, Jo and 3rI Future Plans: College Comment or Quote: When there is understanding there can be no distance. Ruth Ellen Lee .si 'blur' I gl, nv' ' 1 1 1 l x ,lp I Ill! U glfiga L l"u ' Sue A. Klucken Lianne Lent Happiness is: Being with my very good and close friends, Going on hayrides. Going to a good movie. Just talking with my friends. Beaches, sunsets Misery is: Not being with my very close friends, being lonely, being laughed at. Suppressed Desire: To own a Corvette or a Datsun 240-Z, to be a modern dancer Pet Peeve: term papers, Latin, all math subjects, getting up at 6:A.M., seeing someone getting laughed at. l'll never forget: When the Drama Club did the play "OurTown" which I was in. E.Y.C. retreats, movie parties, hayrides. Future Plans: To become an R.N. Happiness is: Playing hockey. Being with friends I like. Being with George. Misery is: getting up in the morning I'lI never forget: Anne, Ellen. The day Anne fell over the chair and laughed all the way up the hall. Future Plans: College Comment or Quote: Keep on going till you get what you wantl ...Z Susan A. Lefave Patricia A. Lewis Happiness is: Partying on with friends, dark gold leaves, a blue camper, concerts, Rx Misery is: school and Barry, cold weather, Pigs, bumming out Suppressed Desire: to go to Mexico. Columbia, or Jamaica Pet Peeve: Stoneham High, Beeries, Arguments, Straights l'll never forget: Sophomore year in the cafeteria with Vini and Joyce. Tick, Kangamangus Future Plans: ? Comment or Quote: Party onl Happiness is: Parties, being with people I love, the Maverick, Getting drunk, hunks, D.D. J.C. C.F. Misery is1 Last door on the left. Winter. J.D.'s questions. Suppressed Desire: to be a model Pet Peeve: Joyce and Denise's burps l'll never forget: J.D. Dec. 23, 1972 J.S. June 2, 1974 Future Plans: work and school Comment: To love him is to know him. Mary V. Lorenti Happiness is: a good party Misery is: getting caught Suppressed Desire: see the world Pet Peeve: Stoneham l'll never forget: Sophomore year, TIC Future Plans: ? Misery is: "Hugging a tree when you get near it." Suppressed Desire: to be a real bell boy Pet Peeve: walking through the halls l'Il never forget: concerts, the kids, "We're going away." Future Plans: College Comment or Quote: "No no norseyI" "and ahh!" Donna L. Luti Happiness is: being in Drum Corps, and meeting new people Misery ls: getting up in the morning, parades Suppressed Desire: to become a national contending drum corps. Pet Peeve: two-faced people, Chinese food l'll never forget: Butler, Legion Vanguard, Central, the gang, Miss Garuti's D Block class Future Plans: Accounting school Comment or Quote: You'lI never come close to winning anything if you don't think you will. Happiness is: always having a good time, having to go see Fred and expressing himself Misery is: having tough man I for a coach Suppressed Desire: to have a lot of money Pet Peeve: sitting in front of Mr. Rowell's office l'll neverforget: J.H. Koo's party 300 night Betsy Major Comment or Quote: your wicked unfair I Nancy Luther 'fvii Diane M. Lund Happiness is: the weekend, seeing Paul again, being at the beach, being with friends, a trip to Penn. Misery is: getting up for school, being alone, trying to get over that certain some one Suppressed Desire: to travel and to move out of Stoneham. Pet Peeve: cliques, people that think they are better than anyone else. G.H. l'll neverforget: "Pennsylvania, vacation in Plum Island, barb, tuna, Revere Beach, Paul, billy, all the good times, M.B., New Hampshire 8!9!74 Future Plans: work in an office, clerk typist Comment or Quote: Don't ever tell anybody any thing. If you do, you start missing everybody, You are what you are: make the best out of it. .dh Thomas J. Logan Linda J. Lanigan Darlene M. MacEachern Happiness is: Ray, my parents, Saturday morning, weekends, life, yogurt, the babies, good friends Misery ls: getting lost, cold fingers, warm blooded Italian boys, my hair, secretes bile, mailability Suppressed Desire: to be a cop! Pet Peeve: arguments I'II neverforget: Ray, Fl.B., D.M., M.M., J.D., C.D., and the sophomore biol. class, Cranes, Poison Ivy, speakers, back seat pain, Summer '74, P.M., B.M,, the Senior Prom '74, MM's love for WJ. AND K.S., Main St. Saturday night, Bummin', groove tube, living down the street from Rec., Fi.D., D.C., M.B., MM's parties, my senior year, stoneham high, a multi-colored galaxie i t- if Robert S. MacHenry 47997, Q Sandra M. Marino Alan Maglione Happiness is: a long vacation Misery is: a cold locker room Suppressed Desire: to own a Vette or two l'll never forget: Mr. Quatrocchi's shop classes Future Plans: work Happiness is: Having wheels. Misery is: Waking up in the morning. Suppressed Desire: To go around the world, Pet Peeve: Being broke. l'll never forget: Ma Future Plans: U.S.M.C. Comment or Quote: When I die, bury me face down so the world can kiss my , . . Anne Machado William T. Mahan Happiness is: doing something you enjoy with people you like Misery is: 7 kids in a V.W., blue flashers Pet Peeve: waiting, "What do you want to do?" l'll never forget: Cape, GT, tepsters, Gui, shampoo, the donk, F.N.D.l. Future Plans: College Happiness is: Being with my friends and partying Misery is: losing something Suppressed Desire: to be a famous Rock 'n' Roll singer and make a million dolIar's over night. And to put Mrs. Barry out of business. Pet Peeve: phony's l'll never forget: Danny, Pluthy, Ellen Sandy, Ricky L., 4:00 in the morning and 2'A to 4. And the Great Chase with Mrs. Buckly. Future Plans: Anything l'll make a lot of money at. Diane Markowsky Happiness is: being with my friends, not having to worry about anything Misery is: moving away, getting caught for skipping, not having a car Suppressed Desire: to be in a rock group Pet Peeve: J,B., getting up early, NO l'll never forget: "get out, get out" and Rudy, L.S. M.W. K.L., Milton Bradlee Future Plans: College Comment or Quote: Life is the same old story, same old song and dance. . . Happiness is: all right Misery is: pre-game, and rain l'll never forget: smile, 2x25, m8tm's, ibbles, 1:30, N.H., m.d.j.. 29 Margaret R. Mahoney Happiness is: Maine, a close family, smiling faces, winning when you don't expect to, the bars and the horse Misery is: having to leave the lake, running 44O's, smokey air, being injured l'lI never forget: everyone who has cared, winning the States Suppressed Desire: to give in return all that l've received Quote: "Woman was created from the rib of man, not from his head to be above him nor his feet to be walked upon, but from his side to be equal, near his arm to be protected, and close to his heart to be loved." l'll never forget: troop and gang, Jr. Yr., 2x25 miles, Canada, Pic, T,T., Tava's Hammers, skiing, 102, casual, "P and F", CFD, 6!12 winning,Fleally?,lVl.P.l1-121, 10 in a Brut, Chicago snn, Cape, surprisel, catching the rays, OIKW, J.P., beating A, swinger, laughs and tears, beginnings. Quote: "They can take your golden rings, They can steal your schemes, And they can take your own dear love, But they can never take your dreams. Christine M. Mahoney Cathy G. Maiorana Suppressed Desire: Bermuda in April Pet Peeve: talkers and talkers and talkers l'll neverforget: Tava's Hammers, Cats and Dogs, Goons, NH, friends, and the beach Future Plans: College Comment or Quote: If there is no wind, row. 5. 1 . 7' ,E we ' . ' 1 1' .ii . 23231 c c - xi' lit A- Karen A. Maher 66'- Brian MacDonald Patricia A. Mancini Happiness is: Wayne, memories, a night without worrying, partying, a wish coming true Misery is: waiting, promises not kept, fighting, driving with Jo, "You missed it" Suppressed Desire: get my permit Pet Peeve: work, being enemies and not knowing why, happy's nicknamess l'll never forget: 1!2O!73, Amesbury, soph. yr., jr, prom, Hawthornes, Boxford, Frog in Swinger, earlybirds, Singin' Sand Beach, 5 at a drive-in, 5 plus 1, Sept, 28-29, Nahant, Gloucester, I can't see, Labor Day weekend, Koo's attic, getaway car, 2 for the summer, SFP, rec park, t.w.d.t. Future Plans: travel, college Quote: Love knows not its depth until the hours of separation. Frank J. Mangano Joseph J. McLaughlin Jeanne M. Marino Happiness is: J.B., the B.B.C. in the South End Misery is: working nights Pet peeve: Stoneham High l'll never forget: July 27-August 3, 1974, L.M., Spot Pond "Summerthing" Future Plans: College Happiness is: No school, announcements, beautiful girls, winning a bet. Misery is: Putting new rings in your car, waiting in line, when your team loses. Suppressed desire: To get rich quick, to own a Jaguar XKE, Meet Moe Howard. Pet peeve: homework, reading l'll never forget: Working 'til 2 in the morning at China Moon, my first car. Future plans: College, marriage. Comment: Do What You Think Is Flight. Darlene A. Manuel Joanne B. McCallum Happiness is: Being with Johnson D., makin' music, snow Misery is: tinsel teeth, "aaaaughl, Stoneham Suppressed desire: To run away from home, to be Emma Peel. l'll never forget: Stageband 73-74, West 7, torpedoes, Carol, Willy and Mush, Shelley's gift, My name is Jody! Pet Peeve: Tempus fugit Future plans: stardom, poverty and death Quotei "The first thirty years are the hardest" - Anthony J. Hyde Comment: Q.E.D. forever!! Happiness is: a bowl 'o gold. l'll never forget: Prince Spaghetti Night, CG '74, SC '74, '57 Chevy, sq., Blueberry hill, NERVS. Misery is: a ford Pet peeve: A block, P. Survey's, Al. class. Suppressed desire: un saco de orc Patricia A. McCarthy Happiness is: Summers at Hampton Misery is: Playing Chinese Red Light with Nancy, cold fingers, 8 in a Valient, Lead Bottom, Peter Pan. Suppressed desire: To find the ball. Pet peeve: Having a "Mom" along on week-ends. l'll never forget: Summer 73 84 74, P.D.'s laugh, N.L.'s own songs, my heads caught, Mt. Hood. Future plans: College, Florida Quote: "Head my lips", "And Uml" "Old Jokes are Bad Jokes." Happiness ls: Being with the people you like, partying, B.A., Fun weekends. l'll never forget: December 9, 1973, "Diamond Head", D.Z., S.M., C.B., B.O., D.O., M.M., D.B., G.E,, B.A., Best of Bread Album, Ten days Winnapasoki, good friends. Misery is: Weekend without money, blue slips Suppressed desire: long hair, turn eighteen, to get my license Pet peeve: knowing there is a blue slip waiting in Home Room for you. Comment: "A smile cost nothing, but's worth a lotl Patricia B. McLaughlin Happiness is: Having the friend that I have, having a place to go, dances, watching S.H.S. sports, being with yourself. Misery is: basketball tryouts, being 5'1 1", big feet, being called Phil, Graduating, working Suppressed desire: To hang at D.Q. and Rec. Pet peeve: Class of 75, people who are afraid of what others will think of them. l'll never forget: Tech Tourney 72 81 73, Tava's hammers, Myra S., M.R.M., J.A,P., C.A.D., Cleebo's 6!24!74, the lake, Palumbos, the view, Hello it's Me, Don't say English, Sophomore year. Comment or Quote: "Never look for tomorrow, when you haven't yet found today." Happiness is: Being with the people I like and doing the things I like to do, Misery is: When you think you have something but then you lose it. Suppressed Desire: Not to be so shy. Pet Peeve: Confusion Future Plans: College then work. Comment or Quote: There on a distant shore, by the wings of dreams, through an open door, you may know him. Janice A. McKenzie Raymond V. McLaughlin Happiness is: being with friends Misery is: tutors 5 days a week, being alone Pet peeve: people who talk nonsense l'll never forget: Ann Si Barbie 81 Barry, a surprise birthday party. Future plans: College Suppressed Desire: to be rich. Debra A. McDonnell Frederick H. McNutt lt, Maureen McNulty Happiness ls: winning, playing sports, good times, with the kids, beating MaryEllen in tennis. Misery is: Losing, blue slips, playing Chinese Red Light with Nancy driving. l'll never forget: The great escapes E. blocks, the barn, "this is the back door," 9-1, 0-1 l, the zoos at F.H. camp, 8 in a Valiant, Lifesaving with A.M., J.F. Pet peeve: curly hair Suppressed desire: A Javelin with a tape deck Future plans: Business Quote: I am not afraid of tomorrow, For I have seen yesterday and I Love today. Kenneth A. McTighe Barry W. Meegan William F. McNulty Future plans: To drum for Black Oak Arkansas Comment: Kill those Sharks, Let it Go l'll never forget: "Class of '75" - killing the Wolfman every day, the day Cerra started calling me the "Dough Boy" Misery is: Taking Cheeksy home after she had a few. Suppressed desire: Knowing that I can out quote Skip Bi Glenn Happiness is: A big bag of pretzels f s I s - X J !ff l , 45 ir' , f IV, . i K-,-A '. ' l sxxz, ', N ' . e X ' ' ' ' 4' Q . Z T X .' .. J.. u 1 ' .3 I 5 n f . l v Ronald J. Melkonian ' 7 , fiat: 'lf -f QTY fy, ,gms 2,-Wt ,. , Maryanne McVarish Quote: It's only the Red King snoring," said Tweedledee. "He's dreaming now," said Tweedledum, 'And what do you suppose he's dreaming about?' Alice said, "Nobody can guess that! 'Why, about you, and if he left off dreaming about you, where do you suppose you'd be?' ri Joanne M. Melendy Happiness is: being with close friends, looking forward to something good, memories, a friend through it all, being with Artie. Misery is: top of Rec, lying, not having a good time, working on weekends. Suppressed desire: Hawaii, M.G., T.B.U.S.T.N,W.L,l.A,A. l'Il never forget: my friends, 1!2O!73, Floriday "74", frog in the swinger, 5-plus one, "mm" doggy, Labor day weekend, "74", Koo's Attic, Cerra's party, J.P. Fire at J.H,, S.R., Rockport with Artie, Feast, what do you think Jo!, lVl,S.M. Pet peeve: Saying one thing then doing another., chubby, Happy's nicknames Future plans: secretary, P.T.W. M. Happiness ls: Sunshine, Keith, Friends who listen to me, Class of 1975, talking, anamals Misery is: growing up, fighting with Keith, saying goodbye . , . Someone pretending, talking fast, fake people. Suppressed desire: to grow taller, to own a silver vet with a gold wheels. Pet peeve: to get my haircut, doing things I really don't like to. l'll never forget: 5!13! 73, the cape, everyone I meet in school especially "BULL- WINKLESH, Summer of "73", and the Class of 1975, Motor Mouth, LULU. Future plans: to be a success in whatever l do. H Comment: Tiger sadness riding rainbow colors, and I cry cause l can't see your eyes. Can't understand my sinister sadness, watching me riding a rainbow low, Theledu Mhlanga Happiness iszghaving fun with Gee. Fl. and dancing with J.S. Misery is: Walking in the snow every morning with Winkes to school Suppressed desire: To change the world to be me. l'll never forget: the flying apple, Oct. 11, 1974 Future plans: College and traveling Sandra A. Meuse .. .Q W i Donna M. Miasserian Happiness is: the troop 8: the gang, catching the rays, being satisfied. Future plans: College l'll never forget: friends, bowling, T.T. '73, 2x25 miles, Homecoming '73, A.L., 9!22, 6!12, Jr. year, "Precious and Few", CFD, OIKW, CB. - 73, Surpriselll, C.O., CANADA '74, T.P., 4!6, 3!8, C.W., 5!4, The Shamrock, J.J.J.J., Tava's Hammers, Jay Peak, "What are we gonna do", HELPll, Sr. Class Dance, cheering, Girl's state, Chicago, Brut, Mr. Martin, Jo, A,R., L.M. Comment or Quote: "God grant me the serenity to accept the things l cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, and The wisdom to know the difference." Martin L. Michigan Fred J. Mitchell James F. Michigan Future plans: to become an ironworker and go to school and take life easy. Comment or Quote: "l am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and love today." Charles Mossali Susan Muise Linda Mitchell Happiness is: getting a letter, being with friends, eating, going to the beach, a good laugh Misery is: waiting, Auditorium study 3 yrs in a row 5 days a week, smelling like the 9Ym Suppressed desire: to talk to "dimples", to weight 300 lbs., to travel Pet peeve: Being able to look a giraffe straight in the eye. l'll never forget: 4!1O!74, Somerville, getting lost for six hours Future plans: Kindergarden teacher Lynne J. Minghella Mark J. Mitchell Happiness is: Going down minuteman, being with the kids, winning the football games Misery is: When Mr. Hoyt ranked out our wonderful class. Suppressed desire: To be able to leap tall buildings at a single boundl Pet peeve: "OTTO" l'Il never forget: Going to Jack's at 8:00 in the morning, when my nose fell off, never getting caught for anyones warning card, having a S3 breakfast at HoJo's with 524, Nov 17, 1973, Henry, Mary Jeanne Future plans: Art School Happiness is: the troop 81 the gang l'Il never forget: The troop 81 the gang, 25 miles, Jr. year, SNN, sing at s's, CFD, tava's hammers, Precious and Few, 6!12, friends, Future plans: College Comment or Quote: "And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: lt is only with the heart that one can see rightlyg what is essential is invisible to the eye. - The Little Prince l'Il never forget: surprise, 4X6 T.P., 10!12!74 10 in a Brut, Jay Peak, 3!22-- 3!29, geom, the A.L., Mr. Martin, Sure, "Hey Man" or A '+ YJ f Karen J. Morley Happiness is: Knowing that you have someone there. Misery is: Selling popcorn on Saturday nights with Mr. Skinner. Suppressed desire: to own a summer house down the Cape Pet peeve: all the cliques in the class of "75". l'll never forget: Chicago concert, Just you and Me, searching so long, skiing at Hong Pond, Mt. Cape Cod "74", D.D., Katy's, ZW hours straight up. Future plans: To work for about ten years, then travel Comment or Quote: To have a friend, is to be a friend. .- . ',u I u v 1 . ,x, . 4 . o ' 'as ' ' 0 I K ' I u . ' 'r . V ' ' Q, , ' ' 'vo' .v U 0 .nn A 1 ' 0 n .w A 5 if Happiness is: holidays, 1:45 bell lwith G. priv.l Misery is: the morning Suppressed desire: to wake up after 10 on a school day, to have a teacher strike, or a real fire during an announced fire drill. Pet peeve: activity during study period l'll never forget: all the things l've forgotten in high school - inc: 2-30-73, 6-10-75 Future plans: to get older Comment or Quote: the preeminent reality perceived after 12 arduous years is that it's been a useless waste of time. Paul Mucci Misery is: Snowstorms Suppressed desire: Rolls Royce Pet peeve: Bomb scares, Stoneham, Mass. Future plans: Dentistry Quote: "A great flame follows a little spark." Richard J. Mroz ii H. is Marcia A. Muir Happiness is: Never being tired Misery is: having to say goodbye to friends Pet peeve: cliques, changing guitar strings l'll never forget: G,V.W,, N.E.M.H., roastbeef, Spar. chor., C.B. 84 C.F. Future plans: Nursing, Music Quote: "l expect to pass through this world only once. Therefore, any good that I can do or any kindness I can show someone, let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again." Michael B. O'Neil Donna Murphy Happiness isi partying, when the corners are turned, going barefoot in January, long weekends, good friends. Misery is: no car, popcycle sticks, freckles, working, waiting, brick walls, what? l'll never forget: The day Lubby was discovered, m.m.i.s.d.i.c.l.t.p., the time Ralph showed up at Koo's 5f3!74, Cerra's party, l'm being followed by a moon shadow, 11!23!73, the long weekend l0f12!74, M.l.P., that special friend, D.W., A.W., C,R., Cl, M.P. Comments: It is better by far to smile and forget then to remember and be sad. Suppressed desire: To leave Mayberry and make it to California Pet peeve: Hanging spiders, two faced people Future plans: to travel 81 Lorraine M. Murphy Nancy J. O'NeiIl Sharon Muse Happiness is: Being with Hiltzy, a party, being high, being needed, Misery is: Being sick and staying home, A friend getting busted, being alone, Suppressed desire: for a friend of mine to get well again Pet peeve: M.M,, T,C. Heroes, Mondays l'll never forget: Uncle Willy, Tami, Mikalicalolly, the accident, 99 Club, 9 in a Volkswagon, Wakefield Future plans: Live for today, not tomorrow Comment: How can you be two placed at one time when your nowhere at all. Happiness is: A.T,, spending money, memories Misery is: being a loner, not having a car, worrying, putting away the order. Suppressed desire: to travel, buy a car Pet peeve: people who think they are better than other people l'lI never forget: eager, March 23 . , .Jr, Prom, they sound like pigs, sit pretty for rainy, C.M., L.L., K.M., J.M., C.C., jand stubba, talks Future plans: nursing school, go to California Comment: You see things as they are, and you ask why? But l dream things that never were, and I ask "why not?" Maryann Mustone Susan Murphy Happiness is: the troop, j.v., weekends, pre-game, "Hey Man," nothing to worry about I'Il never forget: bowling, Wildcat, NYE "72", Mr. Martin, n.e., Surpriselll, B.B., S.P. "74", 6!9!74, Cape weekends, J.P., "The kid", Chicago, cheering, 2 B,P,L., the Brut, T.T. "74", C.F.D. Pet peeve: broken promises, "I don't care," Comment: I do my thing, and you do your thing. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it's beautiful. Happiness is: having good times with good friends, being happy, dreams that come true, memories l'lI never forget: frog in a swinger, Koo's attic, Cerra's parties, weekends up Maine, I can't see, Sophomore year, Jr. Prorn, Summer of "74" 2 for the summer, .lan "72" lkidnappedl, Gloucester, Nahant, Rec, the good times, Lugnuts, S.F.P., the getaway car, f,t.c., 5 at the drive-in, fake left, go right, early birds,the kids i5 plus 'li Misery is: waiting, wanting what you can't have and having what you don't want. Suppressed desire: to make all my yesterdays, tomorrows Joyce Myserian I'II never forget: Bert, CFD's, Jr. Yr., 10!4!74, E.L.P., The Who, C.S., gink Si Leroy, N.A. at D.C.,the troop and the gang, OIKE, T.P., Comment or Quote: What Death takes away No man can restore: What Heaven has blessed No man can punish: What Love has joined No man can divide, What Eternity has willed No man can alter. Happiness is: a coming home, the friendship that turns into love. Misery is: good-byes. The Love that turns into friendship. Comment: Smile and the world smiles with you, Cry and you cry alone. Suppressed desire: To be able to look out the window with the yellow checkered curtains and see my horse running free. Misery is: To be ahead of one's time, Peggy. Richard K. Nelson l'll never forget: Cramps in the doughnut room, hockey games, Nova Scotia, J.B.A., A.R.N., enthusing sick eyes, raw data S50 winnings, Brian, Arthur, Deb, Deb, Brenda. Dianne, Philip, Janice Happiness is: Killing yourself laughing Future plans: To find out what my future plans are. Misery is: tripping upsteps, leaving something you want to stay with. Comment or Quote: Be yourself, not someone you're not. Suppressed desire: To return to Nova Scotia. Pet peeve: Monday Monday, No music, Richie l'lI never forget: 6!7!74 S.B., 10f12!74 K.C., 1O!22!74 C.C. Happiness is: Catching the only fish Misery is: an empty tank Pet peeve: Spending time with Howie Suppressed desire: To learn how to drive Quote: "Life is made up of small comings and goings, and for everything a man takes with him,there is something he must leave behind. Marguerite Nagle Edward D. Nichols Happiness is: winning "99" Misery is: cardboard covers, 7!4!74, 5,249 ft. Pet peeve: pencil for studies l'll never forget: What weekends are for, the zone, and Murph's mart. Doreen E. Nader Marjorie C. 0'Toole Dana P. Nickerson Happiness is: A bus and Stage Band Misery is: A football game in the rain. Pet peeve: A bad day Quote: Why worry. Tomorrow is uncontrollable, the sun will rise and set like it not. Don't worry about tomorrow. Today things happen to fast. Don't worry. Yesterday is gone and Done. Don't worry. Live one day at a time. Suppressed desire: To play like Doc. S.: go to N.E.C. l'Il never forget: Marching, Stage Band, Mr. Hyde, Concerts, Driving, Scrambled eggs. Y iq: M Kathleen M. Omelia Linda M. Palermo Carole J. Orban Happiness is: a long weekend: no school Misery is: Not having a car. Suppressed desire: to move Pet peeve: cliques, phonies, mm l'Il never forget: Summer of '74 Future plans: Business school Comment or quote: "Mistakes are invitations to try again." Happiness is: J.C., blue 84 gold feathers, getting your own way. Misery is: Pasta time - midnight till 5:00, frozen fingers, compact cars, K.C. l'lI neverforget: Jerry in the dorm, 3!1!74, I.C.R., Reverse Pet peeve: phonies, ch. Si cl. Comment or Quote: lt's notthe man in your life, it's the life in your man - Mae West Edward Oram el' .s f ff an ,"'u4-, Q',,p'7:.i ,lf l.g,',i .i0f"VY' isigf v lr, Q 1 4 Q A 5 fur' in O"f 4' Y' 1' w 4 s v' lf! ""'u's .f lj' if ...nal Vincent L. Orsillo Happiness is: Terri Happiness is: knowing what you can do Misery is: everywhere Suppressed desire: to be rich Pet peeve: writing Comment: The only thing one has to prove is to prove it to himself. Cynthia M. Pacy Happiness is: partying on, money, converts Misery is: Silent shoes, Red Lipstick, O de London Suppressed desire: Live in California Pet peeve: phonies, being short I'lI never forget: Camping at Kangamangas with no food, no tent. Comment: Huh? l'll never forget: Chemistry with B:V:, J.H., P.B., and Mr: J.P.M., K.C: at the Snack Bar, L.K. Suppressed desire: to gain weight, have muscles, and be strong. Misery is: No morning Privileges, having my pen stolen every day. Pet peeve: Eating third lunch Happiness is: 2:34, snow days, being alive Future plans: Trade school n I le' ,ff - W f' V fn X N Vs. , . i Xxx ' ,W 1 'wah N?-Eu, George W. Pa raskevas Happiness is: being able to make people laugh, good times with friends Misery is: the troop and Hoss, loud people, FNDl's, The Mall parking lot it a V.W. Suppressed desire: To stay as sane as possible Pet peeve: Kareri's voice, l'll never forget: "Receed.", the gang, TEPSTers, The Brut. Future plans: Art School Comment or Quote: If at first you don't succeed, try something else. Happiness is: State Champs, my license Misery is: Young lad, losing to Belmont, F.N.D.l., Sam's V.W., Main and North, when your socks stand up by themselves, N.G., "on the Iine." Suppressed desire: 6'4" Pet peeve: unwashed gym suits l'll never forget: What? Tepsta's, Altie Taylor, Coach Tav, Mr. Conroy, Brut, Temps, gand, E.J., S.S., A.F. Future plans: College Comment or Quote: "What do you wanna do?" "l don't know, what do you wana do?" Alan B. Paonessa "1""9' hiv' ,1 ,srxf .:.' : ' L- fx-.Qt--. "cv-:'r:.r::.', .s .- r .i ,.,-.., ., lc gf..- A nfs, .., A, ,fx-:' 1 eg f Q 'N 1 .f I 4 -: 5 gint. David S. Parker Happiness is: A warm shower after a gym class football game. Misery is: No towel to dry off with. Suppressed desire: Someday to be able to catch more fish than Dave, Be 6'6" and weigh 250 lbs. l'll never forget: Friday nights at the card games, three sewer stadium, mbuti and Mangango. Future plans: Be the best manager of the football team Stoneham High ever had. Comment: Did you finish your house yet? I wanna go home. James Palotta Mark A. Pantano .9-Q : . .3 wr . . 11121 65-' Q -f, -as V1 : -. S"-f"""U" Q Q l.,A,,al,' , .M .. ,-fm"y,,, .ata - -x1,,k5+,gmc'w:J-Q. vw-A : , A ' I' . ii . . ' ' . fig - ' Carol A. Pearce Happiness is: being with friends, A block priv, having money, meatball subs Misery is: being called Ralphie's little sister Suppressed desire: to travel Pet peeve: cleaning my room l'll never forget: all my friends Statement: Farout John Petto Robert S. Percoco Paula Pickett Happiness is: the troop and the gang, the blue max, catching the rays, 5!12!72. Misery is: A broken door, K's mouth, being depressed l'll never forget: T.T. 73, Homecoming 73, the Shamrock Junior year, "Precious and Few", CFD's, OIKW, CB "73", SNN, Chicago, brakel, Jay's peak. l'll never forget: Sing at Sharon's, P.P.P.P., Surpriselll, C.O., T.P., J.J.J.J., The Cape, N.Y.E., "72", memories, Karen the baron. Three Dog Nite, Seals and Crofts, Cat Stevens. Comment or quote: Experience teaches us that love does not consist of two people looking at each other, but of looking together in the same direction. Happiness is: To place in the states - to place anywhere Misery is: Coach Roach saying, "You owe me more 44O's Johnny." Suppressed desire: To scream at the top of my lungs during a gymnastics meet Pet peeve: The Sunshine Club l'll never forget: The opening day at Three Sewer Stadium Future plans: A bench at Hyde Park. Comment or quote: Fionl Hey Jute, Bagles, Hagl Mark Phelan Dianne Pignone Pet peeve: Romeos, Casanovas, and Don Juans Happiness is: Being a passenger when everyone goes out together Misery is: Being a half hour early, not saying anything more to avoid an argument. Suppressed desire: To see Europe. Comment: If you love something set it free lf it comes back lt was yours If it doesn't It never was. l'll Never forget: The three Musketeer's, Watertown, D.l., S.P. Happiness is: Tepsters, Motown, Others Driving, cathing the Rams, Dances Brut Bessie, the kid and the cape, B. Max Misery is: Indecision, selling, C.W.'s Sams VW, Getting wedged. Friendly's. Surprise and faking itl Auntie, FNDl's, Main and North, the troop, N.G., Karen's mouth l'll never forget: Alty Taylor, 6!24 "What are we gonna do" HELPII The gang, The Troop 6!l2, S.c.d Temps, ten in a brut Brakel, GEnts Future plans: College and travel Pet peeve: waiting, noso, S.N.l.P.E.S., hesitations, "l don't care." Kevin Pinard l'LL never forget: The White Mts. in July ,.74,. Happiness is: Friday 81 Saturday nights Suppressed desire: To become rich. Future plans: College Happiness is: Winning, seeing friends you've missed, learning more about myself, knowing people care, two special coaches, my homeroom brother. Misery is: Friends having to leave, loosing to Moe in tennis, cottonmouth, W,A.G. Suppressed desire: To suppress my desire l'll never forget: parties at Mahoney's 81 Fiore's, playing softball for H.H., and becoming no itl, my Sophomore year "73", koo's attic, C.C,, sophomore year basketball team and the "goons." Comment or Quote: "I don't expect you to accept the things I do and believe in, only to understand. Daniel J. Powers Happiness is: night after a win, b of t, 9!22!74, Cheeks Misery is: p.t.'s by C., H.T.C.C.A., Wed.'s practices: Pet peeve: Gay under the influence, C's horror shows l'll never forget: Canada with C., Lake Q with H. 81 G., White Mts. and Swift River Suppressed desire: to get my license Future plans: College Happiness is: When your biggest dream, turns into reality l'll never forget: RB, Summer of 74, Cape-143 King St. Raid, all the kids down the circle Future plans: Walk to the point of NO return. Quote: hold fast that love and wondrous smiIe,however smallthey seem, for Life will mean so much more, if you hold fast your dream. - G, A, Schultz AQ AF Maryellen Powers Elaine S. Pinelli Happiness is: When the smile you send out, returns to you. Comment or Quote: "Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream." l'll neverforget: Carnival Ball,'73, Mrs. W., my true friends, Spartan Chorale. Misery is: Block A. Espanol, Studying for hours, then going blank when you get the test, Hold, Ceasel Suppressed desire: to make the second row in Spartan Chorale. Pet peeve: being in the first row. Darlene M. Pinato Stephen J. Perez Linda Prive Happiness is: Being with Paul Misery is: getting up for school after a gd. night, Fire drill in winter. Pet peeve: school bells, school lockers l'll never forget: The sandstorm May "74", Me 81 Sal, Home Ec. "72" Suppressed desire: To go to Oct. Fest. in Germany. Comment: Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Future plans: Business Bi marriage. .im .. ....-vu m unuplgggf "--we-nqg,i ?:.-:F:-.'.:..'Iv.':::-"l-",--'-'-...':-.:..-- ----w -: llwlliaui "1" vain: ?:'2'E-1? i:."E'5:.-4.':-.'5'-21' ' ings: ' lima 'iilluu 'fHlH w , -1. gay Q "4" .51 mi ' it " yah N7 n f T, ." .' T sr.-:. 5 W-. Sw 5 if' ierree if BEST DANCER Maryann Mustone imnssing from photo Jay Todiscoj W in , Annu: DONE MOST FOR S. H. S. Mark Phelan, Annette Russo CLASS HEARTBREAKERS Joe McLaughlin, Maureen Gilmartin FAVORITE SONG "Stairway to Heaven" e K BEST DRESSED Tricia Mancini, Jim Paliotta FAVORITE PASTIIVIE PARTYING FAVORITE SUBJECT CO-ED TEAM SPORTS FAVORITE JUNIORS Wayne Castiglione, Kim Angelosanto MOST THEATRICAL Brad Brewster, Maryanne McVarish 'E ix 41 5 MOST RESPECTED Donna Nliasserian, Skip Fales WORST JOKES Joe Concannon, Debbie Warner NDN 'Winn Melinda A. Puleo Robert J. Pollino Elaine C. Raftell Happiness is: . .Having two strong legs and even wings to fly. . Comment or Quote: Play a little song for me Play it soft and slow Please me with a song for me then smile and let me go Happiness is: 4 day weekends, Kangamangus, days wasted, concerts Misery is: "I'II have to give mother a call." I'II never forget: cocktails 12-12, all nighters, C.E. Sundays in N.H., Dennisport 1O!24!74 Comment: A day spent wasted, is not a wasted day. Sv , If 'Q -ww Michael A. Puleo 1 2 Wendy J. Reid Happiness is: being with cmg. skiing, getting a letter, partying, sailing, N.H., being with friends. Misery is: saying good-bye, skinny legs, working both Fri. and Sat. night, no car. Suppressed desire: to buy a car, weekend ski trips, "l8," to go hiking. Pet peeve: "are my eyes bIack"? Carol Burnett Short Pantsl I'II never forget: Burger King Bust, 9!28!74, B.K. Christmas party, S.N.M. 9:09 Future Plans: To be a mad Scientist, travel Comment or quote: I am not afraid of tomorrow. for I have seen yesterday and love today. Happiness is: Having money to party on and being with your girlfriend. Misery is: getting caught skipping Pet peeve: fags Comment: If you party, learn how to take a hangover, Anne M. Rello Happiness is: Spending time with good friends, a football game, vacations in Maine Misery is: Frozen fingers, two jobs, rainy days Suppressed desire: to skydive I'lI never forget: Clarkmobile, F.A., s and f. '74, Vanilla, Pinkham's Island Future plans: College Comment or quote: "I see not a step before me as I tread on another year. And what looks dark in the distance, may brighten as I draw near." Happiness is: partying, being with friends, weekends Misery is: saying good-bye, rambling on, waiting Suppressed desire: to have short hair, my own car, to read M.K.'s book Pet peeve: "are my eyes black," l'll never forget: "l forgot what I was saying" Burger King Bust, 9:09, 12!21!73, 9!14!74, s.n.m. Future plans: Nursing, Travel Comment or quote: "life is nothing without friends" ,Am Paul T. Rolli Happiness is: Long weekends Misery is: Back stabbers, gossippers, Shirley C. l'll never forget: Vig getting stuck in his trunk, the weekends at Bo's Pet peeve: living in Mayberry Suppressed desire: to die in my sleep Happiness is: going dancing with T.M., J,S. l'll never forget: the flying apple, and Oct. 1 1, 1974 Future Plans: College, get a degree as an x-ray technician Carla M. Rocca it Cheryl Romano Happiness is: long weekends, true friends, no worries Misery is: working on weekends, going home early, walking, B.K. Pet peeve: having nothing to say l'll never forget: Glouster rocks, telephone poles, W. Fight hanging spiders, rec. 11-23-73, 10-28-74 Future plans: to travel Comment or quote: "Better than the gold of kings are memories of happy things." Grace Riparo John W. Fiadigan Richard A. Rose Happiness is: long weekends Misery is: twelve years long l'll never forget: H.W. 81 D.l. Future plans: more school ...Q Peter F. Raffi David C. Randall is Annette Russo Happiness is: the troop Si the gang, CAPE weekend, the kid: c. the r. Misery is: being alone, ACEQ C.W.'s, M.M.m.g selling, FFF., N.G,: u.s.g,5 you know what l mean? Pet peeve: Waiting for people l'll never forget: bowling, s.c,d., snn: l.l, "73" Sat's: CFD's Jr, yr. OITKW!!p Precious 8i Few: C.B, '73, advice, F.J.: Brut: Surpriselllg ticket? ST.C.D.: flipperg bad moods, mowtowns Mr. L's: summer '74, b. max, 25 miles: T.P. "Mark, what am I gonna do?" N.Y.E. '72, AUNTIEQ the A.L,L 9!22g 6!12 x 21 4X6 x 2:1O!3Ogm.d.51'l!l x 3: Mr. Martin: 514: Chicago: UO in the Brutl: Geom.: homecoming, M.T.P.p my friends, laughs Si tears: Wildcat: "hey man" VSIL Q . - . I . . . I . ' v 5 s . , , , 1 ' J Happiness is: winning, the ricans, a rat-tat-tat Sharon E. Russell Samuel J. Santosuosso Happiness iszwinning atanythingpdancesg weekends: hitting a baseball to right field. Suppressed desire: to own a Casino Pet peeve: cold locker rooms: knuckle rackers l'll never forget: Fraizer field 73: Flecede: GT: UMass: Clean-up Future plans: College Comment: lf there's one thing I hate it's a crooked cheater, lf your gonna cheat, cheat fair Misery is: Running the mile over 6:1305 Delays: being a chauffeur: shorthands, a V.W.p FNDI's Misery is: losing when you know you've tried your hardest, McNulty eating my lunch Pet peeve: phonies, dresses l'll never forget: my sophomore year, the window, the great escapes E. block, the zoos at FH camp, my soph. yr. playing basketball with the goons, squella, pute Future plans: college Comment or quote: Well God Damn Yal Barbara J. Schiazza Happiness is: friends, laughter and tears, good times and those not so good, being casual, remembering and living on. Suppressed desire: to hit my one nighter Pet peeve: slurping soup eaters Future plans: a castle on a cliff by the sea with no worries A 'S i A y nu. S . 0 , I-'., 5 ns!! Q M . Y . ' 9 ' I u I . . ', . -t' - ' ' 'nl 4' . s. 5 .n . xu n N ' ,. U , , c""',' g"00':u.o .0 Q - 1 '- p 4 Q ' . '. - 1 'Q 4 ,sn sl . I. 1 ,. . v s, 0 . . . N.. v 4 . Q . . n sip .. A . 4 Happiness is: "being with Ronnie." Being a friend to others. Misery is: The games people choose to play. Suppressed desire: To find complete happiness in my life and make others find happiness along with me. Pet Peeve: Clicks, Cruel people who deliberately hurt others. I'll never forget: "my chicken", Mopar 5, 4-29-72, Topsfield Fair, Barry White's greatest hits, Future plans: College, special Ed teacher Comment or quote: "You will find that which has given you sorrow has been your greatest joy." Kevin S. Schneider Happiness is: a long weekend Misery is: High St., A-Block gym Suppressed desire: to see Mr. Rocher run Pet Peeve: lemming jokes l'll never forget: nighttime nature walks in Woburn with J.C. cruisin' The zone, lemmings in Reading, getting c,s,n8iy tickets. ' 'sith ': Susan P. Schmidt l Peter L. Shannon Happiness is: Friends who let me talk Misery is: unreturned smiles Suppressed desire: to be talked favorably about behind my back Pet peeve: Shifty eyes l'lI never forget: the yearbook title assembly Future plans: total expansion of my mind, soul, and heart to others. Comment or quote: Know that you are yourself and be satisfied. A of W , f John D. Russell W Roberta M. Taglia monte ,-.X 'D i 5: .J . ,gg Elaine Sheehan Happiness is: Tuesday and Thursday afternoons Misery is: "Mailability", sitting in the stands Pet peeve: alternate l'll never forget: 11 in a Monte Carlo: A.C.A.: "The key word" 'lO!26!74 Future plans: Office work Comment or quote: Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. Eileen M. Salonen 1 11' Virginia C. Scribner Caryl Shuttleworth Brian D. Smith Happiness is: Being 18 Misery is: not looking it Suppressed desire: to own a 55 chevy l'll never forget: my junior year. E block Future plans: Service - Q Mark Fl. Smith Comment: If you can't be yourself you can't be anything Pet peeve: stuck up snobs and cliques l'll never forget: P.L.M. 37 and getting my tattoo Suppressed desire: to be a helI's Angel Happiness is: a sunny day, the beach, an open slope. Misery is: a Fribble, Staten lsland Ferry Suppressed desire: to jump off Heartbreak Hill l'll' never forget: Chester, the Fearsome Foursome, G.G.A.F.L.H.C.M."Frien'dly, you bet we arel" riding 30 miles to Crane's , . . AND BACKl Cartwheelsl Streakin' Pet Peeve: crunchy munchers Future plans: College Quote: Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love: for in the face of all aridity 84 disenchantment it is perennial as the grass. Lorietta Snyder Happiness is: Dreaming, sleeping late, when l was 13 Suppressed desire: never to be lonely, live in a mansion Pet peeve: Hi, you guys! oh wow, that's beautiful, nature freaks l'll never forget: summer switches, eggy Future plans: College, world travel Comment or quote: "call no man foe, but never love a stranger." Happiness is: not studying and getting an A Misery is: a boring class Suppressed desire: to sleep late on weekdays Pet peeve: brownies, Modern American Drama l'II never forget: whist B block Future plans: College Comment or quote: Count the Blocks Leonard P. Staneich Happiness is: partying, the Cape Misery is: being carded Suppressed desire: buy my own 10 wheel dump Pet peeve: a trying think of a Pet peeve l'II never forget: hold this, I almost cut my hair, Koo's parties Future plans: furniture man Comment or quote: Only fools are positive, ya sure, I'm positive, Thomas P. Spellman fir Wendy S. Stevens Happiness is: having a bottom locker, A 81 G Block privileges Misery is: a broken muffler, Gym A block Suppressed desire: to ride an elephant Pet peeve: Cliques l'll neverforget: Homecoming Float"73" E block Burger King Brighams, Voc dances, "Memories," W.C.L., New Hampshire Canaby Lake, Milton Future plans: to become a legal secretary Comment or quote: "Man has his will, but Woman has her way." Barbara A. Slater James W. Sorenson fi .4 .X Christine St. George Fledd's, being with all myfriends, sentenial lodge, school, summer of "74" Misery is: "Chis". High notes, grades, pizza 6 times a week Suppressed desire: to have a career in music, to know where I'm going Pet peeve: "Killer Chris," "Fights," l's l'II never forget: Moona - N,Y.E. Party, P.S. T.E.C, Jan 4, 5, 6 lSat nightl P.F. Family, Ohl CITGOI, E,B., K.O., Richard Bi Anne, I like itl Future plans: College, music Comment or quote: I believe in the sun even though it isn't shining I believe in Love even when I'm alone and I believe in God even when he is silent swf Carol G. Stokes Joseph Strazzulla Martha M. Stone Happiness is: being aware Suppressed desire: to be a Ballarina Comment: You are not more, l am not less, I'Il always be happy that way. Sv I Q -ix 2 7 1 . ' , 40 fwfpl K ' ,,,' .- . ,gli 5-x ' ' ' " A I . . I - " 'fy lm:--.' 1 T N '. . 9 .tu 6 H ' .5 ff, - 4' . Howard S. Stone ,fi William Sudano Misery is: trying to change courses in midterm Pet peeve: trying to be a nice guy to Wayne l'll never forget: Stone Ave. Future plans: learn to fly gliders Comment: We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams. Happiness is: upset: Stoneham ll Win- chester 3, To beat the System Misery is: 9-6 on Sunday, Auditorium study, summer practice, Heart punch Suppressed desire: to beat Fatman at his own game. To cheat like J,J. and not get caught. To read Jut's book! To beat the system Pet peeve: Bagel, L.J.B. J.J. cheating in cards l'll never forget: opening night at Three Sewer Stadium. Loan mountain July 74. 12-8, Jimbo in Germany, S.L., C.A,, L.B. The gang D.J. D.L., J.H., J.J. S.P., J.P., D,W., D.H. opening day Future plans: to live each day as it comes Comment: "Can't stand it no more the people dying, crying for help for so many years but nobody hears better and soon my friend it better end soon my friend" Nancy Sugarman Happiness is: partying, being with friends, when corners are turned, ponies. Misery is: being short, being a bagel, waiting, two-faced people. H,H.'s stories. Suppressed desire: to travel and meet new people. Pet peeve: conceited people and liars. l'lI never forget: Flec, one special class, Canada '72, late phone calls and visits with C.C., 3:45 at Cap's, the manhandler changing to Sister Patricia, Cerra's party T.O.A.D.A.A.H.O.A.N. Future plans: College Comment or quote: "Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true," ka ' . .. .f ....-S'.- 3.25.-... Happiness is: A full cooler and a young night, a box of cheez-its Misery is: being told to shave, Pencil A block Suppressed desire: to get inside Wayne's brain Pet peeve: Dumpers l'll never forget: the cape, the S.C. times with Koo, K's parties Future plans: Comment or quote: If you can't finish your drink, don't buy it. 5, l Al y ax Barbara J. Sweeney Happiness is: JoJo, Flay, concerts, being on time Misery is: The last door on the left, being late Pet peeve: Black cars, auditorium studies Suppressed desire: to be ltalian, get my license Comment or quote: O.K.? Future plans: special education teacher l'll never forget: Stone Ave., P.G.'s, l-lijackers , 1 I LR. William N. Sullivan Paul D. Surdam F. .QM - 5 I ' .,.. hx. Qin X Y x. 5,1 Q, t , to '... , if-Q ' , 4i W, . F 'tbeaeiilkfjfsfftfi sri- itil'-21' .1-0 N . X ' 'ciigi-2-. ' ffl li 'lm ' f'q"'5"5'7'f1fi5"'f"' '!J!fl""' Roy J. Teal Happiness is: Allagash, Norwood, Summers, Citgo, Retreats Misery is: Finals, getting up in the morning Suppressed desire: a lifelong Allagash Canoe trip l'll never forget: P,F. Family, Norwood, Allagash, LeFloy, Bowman out, Rexall, Pizza of "74", Floute 1 Comment or quote: "Keep your eye clear, and hit 'em where they ain't" Wee Willie Keeler Kevin J. Surette Alan D. Theriault Happiness is: L.M., Holding the pigskin. Misery is: Herb snoring, Swift Fliver Pet peeve: Spanish l'll never forget: June 10, 1974, May 16, 1974 Future plans: College, with peanut Quote: "Only the Strong survive" from the Roman Janice Taglieri R Marie Thompson Happiness is: being with friends, a big family Misery is: waiting for the bus, saying good-bye, not being home on time. Suppressed desire: to travel Pet peeve: Phonies l'll never forget: K.D., M.A.P. 5!22!74 M 84 M's "summer of "72" Scituate Future plans: Nursing Comment or quote: Make yourself what you want to be, not what other people make you out to be. l I -1 Z f 1 I, , 45 if-IU, . . kg' '. ' A ' l' '-. iz" 3: ' 'i A ' '- - " hh.. ' T N l' ' x "l ' 5 ' .1 if U - A 1 , 7 Patricia A. Thomas Kenneth J. Tierney Happiness is: Murph's, S.P.S.C., quitting Misery is: Drive-Ins, 7!4!74. Cardboard Covers Suppressed desire: travel Pet peeve: dances, a night in Mayberry l'll never forget: Jane C. Future plans: God only knows Happiness is: being with Glenn, 3-day weekends Misery is: getting up for school every day Suppressed desire: to graduate Pet peeve: detention at 7:00 in the morning l'll never forget: Hampton, Health Careers, the bathroom, 1O!25!74, Burger King Future plans: what ever will be will be Comment or quote: "a weed is no more than a flower in disguise." Jay J. Todisco Happiness is: Val, 1972 Harley Davidson Sportster Misery is: CHIPO, Bogus electric starts Suppressed desire: to ride cross country on a Stroker Sportster. l'll never forget: Laconia 1974, Swinigan, Quebeck Province 1974 kv . .-:-'. Q Cf4Z-3, Af... Happiness is: being rightl Misery is: never being rightli always being on hold Suppressed desire: to sing with a rock 'en roll bandl Pet peeve: people who could careelessl l'lI neverforget: May 9 81 10, 1974, Burger King Bust, Cruisin with the girls, S.N.M., the goodtimes, E.Y.C., Groton: "Hey don't honk they may be homel" Future plans: to reach my goall Comment or quote: "I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. Whatl can do, I ought to do, by God's grace, I will do." Debra Troiano Happiness is: when the corners are turned, finding out, Sundays, real friends Misery is: C.F.'s horror shows, frozen tears, "you missed it" waiting, 2,000 miles away, saying goodbye, well - l'Il never forget: PLL. 7X2 V73, the L. Si W. road 11!23!73, telephone poles, pickles, one friend through it all, the buddy buddy system, LL's dreams, open doors on cold winter nights, bubbles, the user, L.T.W.L.V, the manhandler, long walks, Nantasket, the tower, T,W.T.M. the chink, one certain song Quote: Never be satisfied with a life that is less than the best. Failure lies only in not having tried. Kim N. Tolman Linda L. Vacca Happiness is: true friends, to love and to be loved, no pressure understanding, doing what you really want, to perfect weekends, partying wfgood friends, when the corners are turned, smiles Misery is: no privileges 3 years in a row, double periods, letting Clare drive, waiting,confusion, no one to talk to, being cold, depression I'II never forget: telephone poles, 'I1!23!73 "your face" Cindy's driving, Nantasket, moo, m.l. crazy walks with c.c. Highways wfmary, confiding in c.c., Itwfdt, RED Suppressed desire: to find complete happiness William B. Truesdale Arthur C. Tucker Brenda L. Valente ' Happiness is: working a Star, being with friends, passing a calculus test, knowing you can do betterthan someone above you Misery is: facing A block on Monday after working all weekend, a double period of physics, a sprained ankle, not having a lab partner Suppressed desire: to be rich, own a blue duster, take I,d.'s place at star l'II never forget: 7!8!74, B.C. telling J.D. "whatever it is keep it in the family," espanol bloque A con Senorita Klimas, breaking equipment in chemistry, D. block junior year, making keys with a.e, Future plans: go to college and major in mathematics K' , .iff - H 'Q S f' l j! I kQi"'f,. . i ,--h . K ff sw- . M 'F M .1 ft. ty , . . ' s. 13+ t ' fy .' - ,gi afffl' ' M. ,I gif Ia!! X , Rf ni, 1 aw 2' 2 fi' f at ai' 4, Qikfic Ki 1' if-mtg . W- if ii.-.fa iiffefgrkgt f4:a.,f.i . '15 'V .. ., q . . e. Diane Vecchio I 5 K , :el-t.. if Robert Wallace Beverly A. Viera Happiness is: S.P.S., doing our best, being with who you want when you want Misery is: sitting in pasta time all weekend, late friday night practices, a curfew Suppressed desire: to rip it off and beat him to death with it, to always be there Pet peeve: ch 84 cl, going shopping, gas stations l'll never forget: 4!27-29!73, Rockland l4!8!73-8!lO!74l, Ithaca, the Reveries Future plans: business school Comment or quote: "only when we pause to wonder do we go beyond the limits of our little lives." Happiness is: partying and being with friends, A.B,D, My own car Misery is: work, B.V.L., going through bushes, a cold winter Suppressed desire: to own a charger Pet peeve: people telling me what to do, people abusing others l'll never forget: Cruising 73-74: 2 months m.e. - s.d. 74 my c.d., xisg night swimming, antrs, iminil, r,k. just partying Future plans: a family Comment or quote: "it takes courage to admit your errors, but it wins respect" "Money is no object" Janet L. Velton James Viglione Happiness is: Marlene . . . doing what I want . . . driving a corvette . . . out to lunch E block Misery is: locker next to D.D .... living with Staniech Si David Bowie, my trunk . . .space cadets, an 'll year friendship Suppressed desire: to make it l2 years, own a corvette before Marty, to be Wayne 8 Mac simultaneously Future plans: to be a high flyer l'll never forget: M.C. M.B. Cerra CSN8iD Partying with Sie. . .The Cape. . .Here I am Moe Comment or quote: "You Gotta do it!" 'il'll never let school interfere with my education." Happiness is: being in love with Chuck, 7!14!72, Boston in July Misery is: 7!4!74, A block '57 v.w,, 7!28!72, Maynard Moore Suppressed desire: to catch Mrs. Barry having a butt in the bathroom Pet peeve: Mrs. Barry's buddy system, the morning after, Marie's jokes, Mr. O., Auto shop 72-73 l'll never forget: Chuck, maroon impala, bathroom at the pru, pasta time, burning toilet paper, New Years Eve "73", 100 empties getting locked out ofJr. High with n.b. woods behind redstone, Carrols. 1O!4-6!74, U26-27!73, b.w. 84 p.d., p.f.. j,k., Kentucky e 'fffff i.fii is p le. Anna L. Wainer Happiness is: Friends, partying, laughing Misery is: Rainy nights, no car, hanging spiders, Monday mornings Suppressed desire: to go to California Pet peeve: waiting l'll never forget: rubbing backs with a telephone pole, the raid at Koo's Gct. 12. The day Lubby was discovered, Cerra's, Mountain climbing, Sheepfold Future plans: Fashion school Quote: "Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not." Happiness is: Larry Misery is: too short a summer vacation, final EXAMS Suppressed desire: be an elementary teacher Pet peeve: getting up early in the morning l'll never forget: January 25, 1974. Vocational Dances Future plans: Nurse, marry Comment or quote: I wish good luck to all the poor Juniors and sophomores left behind, they'll need itll! DEFINITELY! ji' Peter Warren Happiness is: partying, when l'm having a good time doing the things l want to do. Misery is: going to Florida for five days, and getting sent back to Stoneham. Suppressed desire: to go to school for 12 more years l'll neverforget: getting stuck in the mud at Unicorn, My Gumba'S Pet peeve: two-faced people Comment or quote: When the sunshine drops and the spots appear, just sit right down because there is nothing to fear Misery is: Locker next to J.V. l'll never forget: the long weekend 1O!12, 5!3!74, the day Lubby was discovered, Cerra's, Vig's, C.Fl., D.M., L.C., C.l,, A.W., that certain person Future plans: Travel Kathleen M. Walsh E David A. West Happiness is: Rained out practices Misery is: The machine, throwing 120 feet and fouling Suppressed desire: to beat Ron in the shot Pet peeve: sheepdog l'll neverforget: three Sewer Stadium, Dec. 8, 1974, idiot's play vs. Reading Soph. football. Comment or quote: "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education" Mark Twain Deborah J. Wainer Ronald Walsh Mary E. Whelan Happiness is: my friends, Aerosmith, driving, no school, Led Zeppelin, Christmas, Friday and Saturday nites, Elton John l'll never forget: Iet's go to Bostonl, Nancy's parties, tiger, tiger, Peter 8i Peter, Cerretani's, oh, wow, Friendly's in Melrose, L.S., D.M., L.K., P.F., S.K., J.K., S.S., B.V., Billy Jack, track, junior English class Misery is: Latin ll, Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods, Homework, winter, salty roast beef sandwiches, working Friday nite Pet peeve: "get out", nature people Suppressed desire: to live in Ireland Comment or quote: don't worry, you'll never leave this world alive Future plans: college, travel 1' PGN' Barbara Wieczorek ...ES- K Michael Wetherbee Barbara J. Wilson Pet peeve: "Willie", twinkees, Nerds l'll never forget: N.E.M.H., Mushy, Roast beef, torpedoes, J.M., C.S., Stump and twig, Woodchuck, What you say? Future plans: college Quote: "Love is an act of faith, and whoever is of little faith is also of little love." Erich Fromm Happiness is: Being at 110, Partying Misery is: Dieting, Ho Jo's, walking in the rain, playing Chinese red light with Nancy driving Suppressed desire: to have thick hair, to have coordination Pet peeve: "Barbie", gimping, Blockhead l'll never forget: "Dream on", Elton John, The Barn, "This is the back door", Ted, La-la, The Valient, Bessy, VOJ, B.K., "The Unlucky 3" Future plans: to travel and to go to college Comment: Without memories of yesterday, with its hopes and dreams, A meaningless today, An empty tomorrow Al 5' Debbie A. Williams Jeffrey C. Wood Happiness is: having your own car Misery is: Not playing soccer senior year Suppressed desire: To be 6' 9" and 270 lbs. Pet peeve: Herbie l'll never forget: Glen's party, Three Sewer Stadium Opening Day, Fat's game Future plans: College Comment: No man is no better than another if he does no more than another. Happiness is: A Yellow Vet, qit44, Dec. 15, 1973, P.K., What's up pal?, Arron, Mr. Hoyt in place of Miss Gower for two weeks Misery is: P.K. in Florida, E.K.'s bad temper, English A block with Annie, same songs in Spartan Chorale for three years, chapped lips Pet peeve: cliques l'll never forget: "Tava's Hammers", Augustine's and the airport, Christmas Eve Day and spaghetti sauce Future plans: Retailing Quote: "Love goes very far beyond the physical person of the beloved," Viktor Frankl Robert A. Wood Happiness is: having a friend in a cast so you can help him to his next class early Misery is: seeing Paul M. early in the morning, having Mr. Reed two years in a row Suppressed desire: to be able to eat 1 large pizza and a giant sundae and not gain weight Pet peeve: U.S. History l'll never forget: Mr. Rocher trying to fit into the wrong side of a desk. Future plans: to become a W.W. lecturer and get back my S100 Quote: Les hommes chassent parce que les femmes pechent. Happiness is: Running the 45 instead of the 300, The Cape Misery is: Running Cross-country Suppressed desire: To buy a Porsche, to shoot Roger with his starting gun l'll never forget: 5!9!74, Milkman, S.D., S.P.O.W., and B.B. Happiness is: friends that aren't there just for the good times a country basket filled with goodies Misery is: gym socks that won't stay up, a fire drill in the rain, trying to memorize your lines for the senior class play Suppressed desire: to own everything green including a Mach 1 Pet peeve: cafeteria lunches l'll never forget: driving through the double red light on Montvale with Liz, Lu Ann Hunter getting sent to the office because her dresses were too short Future plans: to become a juvenile lawyer Quote: . , . Haply l may remember, and haply may forget. C.R. Maryellen Zani Seniors not pictured: - Paul Beaton Philip Todisco Daniel Lanpher Brian McDonald Tim Sheedy Barbara Murray Ann Wiley Dorothy Zurek Ed Donnelly Mark Hamm . x,.,k,.,,k:,,f . A A it Steven M. Yahoodick Shirley Young fr yew E:?"'f 4559 ,tg 14079 .M 'QF 'NB E? if Vfgx 'lg T we 439. Q ,S 45335: lf 1? ,fi 4? 415' 83 we T T. if FAVORITE TEACHERS Dems Munvahau, Lois Rosen WITTIEST Tricia McLaughlin, Jim vigncne QUIETEST Jonathan Estes, Cheryl Romano, Rick Flynn fl l li MOST TALKATIVE Marisa Falzone, Joe Concannon BEST EYES Janice Dempsey, Ken Tierney .4-in J I x ,F MOST INTELLECTUAL Chris Mahoney, Jonathan Estes MOST MUSICAL Marcia Muir lmfp. Stephen DeCosta1 V, W 'u-9 . - CLASS GIHLHATER George Paraskevas 105 mhfdly ace ca . -JY. A . ,M RWM Y usd- xa, Hai X-. . df, , ' - BEST LOOKING Janet Hill, John Censullo 1 tr FRIENDLIEST Donna Miasserian, Paul Fiolli, Linda Cerretani MOST VERSATILE Jane Cataldo, Paul Surdam BIGGEST FLIRTS Steve Keith, Cindy Clark I ' Q I L X , . CLASS LIVEWIRE Janice Dempsey imfp Skip Donovan! ml MOST GULLIBLE Clare Carroll, Bill McNulty MAD SCIENTISTS Brad Brewster, Deb Bird, Ann Grometstein MOST SOPHISTICATED Maryanne Mcvarish, Skip Fales "7 X Ji if 4., 59' 7 3 YXNQ wx f-. QQ1. I ,, ,ov :unfit . 1 1 K V ,. .- k,,,g,,, 1 --1 .3 A ....1.f+y'1w-+i1m Y XA. I R M jj A xg!-X M V it .wig ,4n r-1 "Tl 1 is i. fa x I n I Q., ,flute - x ,xf nlxbz Xa HN M b . l xxsmwwl pw I 54 ski N , Rx-,Q 'WW' 4.-. yzgx.. ,9- -1:5 x 1 . I - v 7-li if ' I 1 ig ,"- A .-- -a 1' 1 P , 4 -Q ' 4 ' ,....Q.- -57'-" 141 J- 'il i O ' -- 2: H if '- Afiii .Hx I' 'Q :J J J -Q V s aw., H 0 Q ' N QR NN N3J4fKTLS:NXl' .X x 1 I X K v n 5. PN. 1 KN XXX 4 YQ .w .! 4. M Lx x ' up v , q A XX x MN ',,,1'?3l'i ',g4,'gQQ I , ' X x1'.ll.t'y,,l1Q45.sW, X YISQ N66 'QM' .I if I?51,lw, fy Qntxgux 4 ' I km'mNx. 7 X1 nfl! H91 'PDAQQ U Q, x I X VX HF 5' Q11 et9'.of'l!'B'? g1aP'x?:, us 0 x ' w1',m.1-Www. .'l 8 Hz xxx. -U' KX',"'Q'!V'I " A ' ml1HM3.1 X' 'lk' MH' W SENIORS 0812-'N CLASS DFFICERS Annette Russo ivice presj, Karen Maher lpresq, Janice Dempsey isoc. chmn.l STANDING: Mrs. Leamon fadvisorj, Steve Giglio ftreasi, Janet Hill isoc. chmn.J, Lynne Minghella fsecj, Miss Broderick iadvisori. JUNIORS SOPHOMORES S wx! ROW 1: M. Mayo isoc. chmni, G. Williams ipresj, N. Difronzo ltreasj, ROW 2: FRONT: J. Cremins isoc. chmnj BACK: S. Keith ltreasj, J. Palumbo isoc. W. Boretti iseei, K. Cafasso isoc. chmnj, M. Nelson ivice pres.J. chmn.1, M. Coutu ivice presj, P. Howard ipresj, J. Maher iseci. 112 STUDENT COUNCIL ROW 1: M. Pinelli, J. Downes, J. Cataldo, J. Olson, L. Sandgren, D. Visconti, J. Juffres, J. Hinchey, ROW 2: M. Phelan, D. Miasserian, K. Maher, Y. Georgette, P. Murphy, J. Sheridan, M. Gilmartin, D. Cleveland, D. Morrissey, S, Murphy, L. Haywood, B. McLaughlin. BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE HARVARD BOOK AWARD David Jutras D. Miasserian, J. Hinchey, N. Gentile, H. Stone. 113 DECA 1 i 'q,,,,,,,.nwf'1- T S SCHOOL COMMITTEE REPS .,, lb B-. L. Mullins, N, Gentile, E. McLaughlin, K, Maher, D. Miasserian FRONT: left to right: R. Vona, M. Mitchell, D. Marino, H. Brennick, P. Abramo, M. Falzone, K. Dunn, BACK: P. Duffy, R. Purrington, S. Young, J. Andrews, B. Broderick, L. Prive, C. Kirk, B. Carpenter, R. Eagleston, M. Puleo, E. Bonner, S. Smith, K. E. Stechschulte fadvisorl WORK STUDY ADVISORY pf: W . tiller. F. Whitcomb, S. Young, F. Pullo, S. LeFave, D. Marino, Mr. Waddleton fadvisory TRAVEL CLUB FIRST ROW: left to right: G. Lougee Iadvisorl, L. Lent, L. Bohegian SECOND ROW: M. Asci THIRD ROW: D. Huygens, H. Stone, B, Brewster, R. Barry FOURTH ROW: S. Edlestein, P. Shannon, S, McClusky, S. Avedikian FIRST ROW: left to right: C. Davis, K. Golini, C. Mahoney, A. Rello, D. Hopkins, B. Schiazza, Y. Georgette SECOND ROW: K. Maher, L. Gondolfo, L. Haywood, E, Sheehan, J. Dempsey, D. McDonnell, M Thompson, J, Myserian THIRD ROWI J. Melendy, P. Mancini, L. Lamb, P. McLaughlin FOURTH ROW: B. Mahan, S. Murphy, L. Minghella, P. Pickett, M. Zani, A. Russo, S. Giglio FIRST ROW: left to right: M. Schiazza, M. McVarish, N. Gentile, M. Zani SECOND ROW: P. Murphy, F. Woodland, J, Hinchey, D. Papulis, C. Bacon ladvisorl SEEDS FIRST ROW: J. Scribner, M. Schiazza SECOND ROW: C. Vivieros, A. Grometstein THIRD ROW: J, Calucci, P. Norelli ladvisorj, E. Raftell, D. Papulis FOURTH ROW: C, St. George, S. Cooper SENIOR SNACK BAR STONEHAM AFTER DARK 115 INTERACT -ri.. . . Q FIRST ROW: left to right: P. Mercer, R, Sandler, M. Mahoney, T. Perryman, K. Dearth, C. DiPrisco, K. Mahoney SECOND ROW: R. Nelson, S. Avedikian, C. Donahue, D. Dery, M. Shannon, D. Hanson, K. Tolman, L. Sandgren, L. Reis, L. Crocker, M. Fossey, P. Murphy, G. Mroz,, M. Der, Mr. Conroy ladvisorl THIRD ROW: A. DiGiovanni, R. Teal, S. McCloskey, J. Hinchey D RAMA C LU B '25 ffl FIRST ROW: left to right: L. Mullins, M. Shannon, C. Viveiros, A. Grometstein, E. Raftell, M. Schiazza, M. McGuire SECOND ROW: E. Pantano, J. Colucci, P. Mucci, P. Durso, D. Huygens, C. Davis, D, Vacon, S. Dinsmore, N. Gentile, A. Papulis, K. Tolman, P, Harrigan, D. Papulis, J. Boehm, D. Bird, E. McClearn, THIRD ROW: S. Glover, J. Gustafson, B. Brewster, P. Shannon, S. Yahoodick, G. Mahoney, B. Mobilia, K, Davies, M. McVarish, J. Romano ladvisorl, R. McMillan, W. Lord 116 GlRL'S GYM LEADERS 1 ki, . ki 1 FIRST ROW: left to right: L. Cooney, C. Clark, M. Gilmartin, K. Cafasso, J. Juffre SECOND ROW: C. O'Melia, D. Florino, D. Cleveland, E. Lucus, C. Haley, J. Sheridan, J. Hanlon, L. Russell, D. Vacon THIRD ROW: V. Decicco, E. Ledbetter, H. Dellisola, J. Baylies FOURTH ROW: S. Wheeler ladvisorl, C. Vivieros, C. Noonan, A. Barry, N. Difronzo, L. Crocker, M. Mayo, D. Morrisey, C. Scola, M. Buccheri. M. Margarita BOY'S GYM LEADERS PK wk 3 we vu ik FIRST ROW: left to right: H. Stone, J. Crowley, K. Pinard, B. Dunn, D. Powers, L. Doherty, M, Barbara, P. Rolli, J. Pallota, A. Theriault, J. Duggan SECOND ROW: J. Biggio, T. Angelosanto, M. Jamieson, P. Lirakis, D. Brandano, M. Loughman, K. Tierney, P. Driscoll, S. Santasuosso, M. Smith, J. Corkum THlRD ROW: J. Dimare, G. Proodian, D. Jutras, S. Migliorini, J. Dolan, R. Blauvelt, C. Marks, J. Lawless, T. Quigley, P. Sweet, P. White, K. Kelly, R. Chinappi, R. Tavanese ladvisorl, N. Padovani ladvisorl 117 TUTORS FIRST ROW: left to right: D. McCormack ladvisorl, K. Labadini, D. Hanson, P. Pickett, M. Gordon, J. Fitzgerald, C. Broderick ladvisorl SECOND ROW: M. Polcari, D. Jutras, T. Perryman, V. McDonnell, P. Anderson, D. DeSisto STANDING: K. Annetti, L. Adams, L. Gandolfo, J. Bates, J. Musto IN TREE: T. Benoit FUTURE SECRETARIES sll""' y 1 ,2 3 H M I " aff A . H, S... . - , - wr. IX "Hb ,ja wif SITTING: left to right: J. Cunha, M. Kelley, P. Kezarjian, Ms. Garuti ladvisorj. STANDING: Ms Corurn fad visorl, L. Monteiro, L. Casey, W. Stevens, K. Walsh, J. Fougere, K. Walsh, A. Borges, K. Conley N Agus toni, B. Fougere, D. Luti 1 Y Y 1 --- ' , I f- 1. t I X ' xf rr is I G. FUTURE NURSES J I ' Q 5 gfili I 9' . '. vfyfli: i ly ' f,.4g1,gt,fg fri' ff. FIRST ROW: left to right: M. Kelley, L. Lent, P. Anderson, K. Annetti, M. Mahoney, C. Haley, D. Young, M. Thompson SECOND FIOW: K. Walsh, M. Kehoe, L. Jacobson, M. Muir, P. Twohlg, J. Bel Bablne, H. Meegan, T. Mhlange, J. Callicot, P. McLaughlin mont, N. GlRL'S ENSEMBLE SITTING: L. Reis FIRST ROW: left to right: M. Muir, P. Moore, C. Haley, N. Vogt, M. Zani, J. Vennochi, P. Murphy, A. Morash L. Sandgren, C. St. George, G. Andreadis, C. Manning SECOND ROW: D. DeSisto, D. Vacon, M. Thompson, J. Belmont, T Mhlange, G. Dooling, K. Labadinf, P. Anderson, E. Gandolfo, C. Davis, A. Grometstein, C. Viveros MARCHING BAND xii Ofv Members from the Junior High and High School, led by Captain John Hinchey and drum majorette K. Mahoney. 119 GREATER BOSTONIANS CHORALETTES SEATED: A. Papuiis, STANDING: M. Meegan, B. Wilson, G. Dooling, L. NlcTighe, NI. Kearney, S. Grecco John Hinchey ALL DISTRICT S. DeCosta, R. Melkonian S. DeCosta, L. Sandgren, J. Hinchey, J. Dempsey, R. Melkonian s E tv , QQ' 1 . x IL P S P? .KJLQQ E A 8' THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER Directed By: Robert S. Silverman lk .0 Ig ' 1. 'Nj FIRST ROW: left to right: D. Huygens, J. Boehm,A. Grometstein, P. Harrigan, D. Jackson, SECOND ROW: R. Committo, A. Morash, B. Brewster, N. Gentile, H. Stone, E. Gandalfo, S. Dinsmore, S. Yahoodik, S. Thorley, E. IVlcCIearn, M. McVarish, M. Zani, J. Bates, THIRD ROW: D. Nickerson, J. Hinchey, S. Giglio, P, Shannon, D. Bird, S. McCloskey, T. Spellman, W. Lord, W. Mobilia, P. Murphy, K. Davies, M. Shannon, P. Durso 1974 JUNIOR PROM PRECIOUS AND FEW I 4 SPARTAN CHORALE FIRST ROW: left to right: G. Riparo, S. Thorley, D. Jackson, R. Committo, R. McMillan, E. Fields, A. DiGiovanni, P. Sweet, J. Cremins, T. Benoit, L. Crocker SECOND ROW: J. Dempsey, J. Hanlon, G. Doherty, R. Dimarzo, B. Abbott, J. Reynolds, P. Movesian, T. Angelosanto, M. Pinelli, L. Reis, F. Borgsteede THIRD ROW: R. Reis, D. Perryman, B. Wilson, J. Concannon, P. Behenna, D. Nickerson, M. Finnegan, D. Huygens, K. Dearth, D. Miasserian FOURTH ROW: K. Maher, P. Pickett, C. Haley, R. Heinlein, K. Kelly, R. Nelson, S. Cooper, R. Blauvelt, M. Loughman, W. Mobilia, D. Kelly, K. Mahoney FIFTH ROW: C. Davis, N. Gentile, L. Gandolfo, C. Rocca, J. Hinchey, R. Hayman, S. Avedikian, M. Muir, J. Belmont, D. Bird, J. McCallum, E. Lusas STANDING: G. Wipperman Iadvisorl, A. Grometstein, D. Vacon, A. Marshall, M. Mahoney, L. Mullins, C. St. George, L. Basha, K. Pothier, M. Thompson, D. Williams, B. Pothier, D. MacEachren, M. Malzone, M. Shannon, N. Vogt, L. Sandgren, A. Morash, M. Concannon, L. Russell, C. DiPrisco, N. Babine, L. Minghella, E. Pinelli BOY'S GLEE CLUB Sillll SITTING: left to right: J. Concannon, S. Avedikian, STANDING: D. Jackson, J. Hinchey, D. Nickerson, B. Mobilia, T. Benoit, D. Huygens, S. Cooper, P. Behenna, G. Doherty, A. DiGiovanni, J. Reynolds, P. Sweet, T. Donnelly 123 FRENCH CLUB FIRST ROW: left to right: R. Hickey, P. Brown, S. Young, C. LaConte, J. Fucci, W. Dunbar SECOND ROW: Ms. Dery Iadvisorj, J. Musto, D. Columbus, Burns, A. Morash, J. Bates, F. Woodland, P. Sample SCIENCE CLUB fi i FIRST ROWt left to right: Y. Georgette, C. Mahoney, B. Schiazza SECOND ROW1 B. Brewster, E. Oram, S. Yahoodick, D. West, S. Giglio, P. Shannon, W. Moffit IadvisorI LATIN CLUB FIRST ROW: left to right: A. Rello, M. Coutu, K, Labidini, F. Bacon Iadvisorj, S. Tierney, K. Maher, A. Russo, D. Miasserian, L. Minghella, SECOND ROW: J. Estes, M. Mahoney, J. Bain, S. Carey, R. Malagodi, R. DiMarzo, K. Davies, D. Papulis, M. Zani, M. Bradford, M. Schiazza 4 CHESS CLUB . 6- v 25 .1 if,- x.'W?f'f 2- AX SEATED1 left to right: T. Andreadis, A. DiGiovanni, S. Avedikian, R. Leong. J, Buckley iadvisorj STANDING: B. DeGruttoIa, J. Carino, S. Yahooduck, M. Zappa, R. Teal, G. Geist, R. Nelson PEP SQUAD A.V. so -Q e. ' 'J--f'fA+" 5, l jfiniwl .. I, . '- s r 1 Fil KNEELING: S. Willows STANDING: NI. Wilson, W. Herrick ladvisorj, D. Marshall vnfpawf - H , M "- ',.,.M-:MW - YEAR BOOK STAFFS EDITORS SITTING: N. Gentile, P. Shannon, M. Mahoney, STANDING: S. Murphy, D. West, A. Grometstein, R. Reed Iadvisorj, C. Mahoney, D. Miasserian, M. Anthony, A. Russo, L. Minghella, S. Avedikian, H. Stone BUSINESS ACTIVITIES FIRST ROW: left to right K. Maher, P, Pickett. A. Russo Ieditorj, D. Miasserian IeditorI, E. Sheehan SECOND ROW: N. Agustoni, P. Kezarjian, K, Golini, M. Phe'a"' J' Mysenan' E' Gandono' N' Babme FIRST How: len ro right. D. wasner, N. Gentile qediwn, L. Minghella Ieditorl, H. Halchak SECOND ROW: N. Sugarman, L. La'mb, E. Gandolfo, B. Wilson, J, Myserian, K. Golini, B. Schiazza 126 SENIOR SEATED: left to right: A. Grometstein feditorl, S. Murphy leditorl, C. Mahoney leditorl STANDING: L. Haywood, A. Rello, J. Hill, M. Gordon, M. Gilmartin, C. Clark PHOTOGRAPHY SPORTS 2 5 S .L a f. -A C Z M 1- 5. L 4 ' A Off , l l C Q . - . , - -5 . 'AI' - . C : ' v f X145 L ., My A , . , , - , . . SEATED: D. West leditorl, H. Stone feditorl STANDING: left to right: C. Mahoney, M. Jamieson, S. Yahoodick, J. Concannon, B. Schiazza SEATED: left to right: R. DiMarzo, M. Bradford, H. Stone leditorl, STANDING: S. Cooper, J. Concannon, L. Snyder, J. Hinchey, P. Baylies 127 TYHNG ART FIRST ROW: left to right: D. Luti, L. Lanigan, L. Vacca, SECOND ROW: E. SEATED: M. Anthony STANDING: E. Raf- Burns, E. Gandolfo, N. Agustoni, M. Zani tell, S. Cooper LAYOUT S. Avedikian, N. Heuman, L. Murphy, C. Maiorana, M. Desmond SECOND ROW: C. Blackwell, B. Wieczorek, L. Johnson, M. Mcvarish THIRD ROW: K, Tolman 128 , ' Z? Wifi 4' fr r ax s 'Q J Q 4 Bm. CARNIVAL BALL 1 975 C "AIVIERICANA" fav 18 1 S Wu '. run. ' if. '.lIW""'A"Z'X fill? HCORONATION PAGEANT" Lynne Minghella, Donna Miasserian, Pages S. Flynn, V. LeMay, Judy Houghton, Maureen Gilmartin, Kathleen O'Melia, Meg Mahoney, Susan Murphy, Queen Carla Rocca, King Richard Fales, Linda Vacca, Jane Cataldo, Janet Hill. l "MASTER OF CEREMONIESH Glenn Doherty 130 UMISTRESS OF CEFlEMONIES" Nina Gentile "USHERETTES" Head Usher: Lauren Hennessy, Maryann Mustone, Tricia Mancini, Clare Carroll, Joanne Melendy, Debbie Troiano, Kathy Conti, Linda Cerretani, Cindy Clark. CARNIVAL BALL FEBRUARY 8, 1975 AIVIERICANA "COUNTRY ROAD" Doug Jackson, Marcia Muir, Cal Bacon W "THE MAGIC BATON" Janet O'NeiI 131 "YOUR SONG" Denise Vacon URAGTIME MELODYU Joseph Musto "MAKE ME SMILE" J. Hinchey, D, Nickerson, J. McCallum, J. Bates, R. Pisaturo, S. Ferante, J. Standish gf' fl 5: ' A1 "IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK HOME AGAIN" Doug Jackson "PRETTY AND THE FAIR" Marcia Muir, Cal Bacon I I "THE MECHANICAL PIANIST" Bill Mobilia, Steve Cooper "MUSlCANA AMERICANAH Stoneham High School Stage Band directed by Mr Anthony Hyde "FIRST ENCOUNTER WITH A MIRROR" Joya Colucci, Cindy Viveiros "BALLET" Leslie Crocker "THE LAST BLUES SONG" Irene Brennick Y' 134 "HELPLESS" "DESTINY" Michael O'NeiI, Paul Martinez "THE NEWSCASTH George Paragkevas ,Ti SENIOR f VVA LTZ 4 , sir E J! , , l l lb? . l I J l t' l 7 . l L. Mark Mitchell, Kim Tolman Joe Concannon, Jean Biagioni Richard DiMarzo, Susan Coles "SING OUT SWEET LAND" "AMERlCANA" "BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC" Stoneham High School Glee Club Christine 51. Gegrge' Dana Nickerson directed by Nlrs. Gilda Wipperman kA.r '9 ' I Q 5. 135 V Blake Jacoby, Karen Morley Mrs, Gilda Wipperman F ' WW , . ,x- 1 - ,- A-, -1-in "' .V 3' " b ' 4 - l11 A Air- N -Q 'U' Wo- I " 1- ,fx " V,,,v' l V E V gr- V X 4 And i feel - like i been here before Feel -like i been here before And you know, it makes me wonder 136 'J'-FJ QI .. , .. -ui- ,x -.......-nu. , ,. ,, ..- .3 u-4' A 4'4" - ,.. -4211 M., -3-, ..- -i- - . ..- in ..V. 05 ' 1. i Ai ill? . .i -....ZJ "MHNHfJ'u'... ',',' ',',l What's goin' on under the ground. Do you know - don't you wonder What's goin' on down under you? 137 1970 GUERILLA Music INC d by P Au H gm R - -L-S - 74 if K S v-- t, V Y' "' -ill- , 'Y' W - -- ,, ig- ,qw M , 1, Q - .,, ' -H "Tn" ' l- -?41,,!Ql'7'f"' iikfii--f Y L A' x A S. A' 3 -fjf"' ' 4-N '-- ' l' , ' ' -xiii Eg ---Y " 'R' --Q-, 'L--- --, - i xg CR sa' 1 ig x X Q ' A 'i x S- "gf M . N -: L -, 5 R - r '5- A. K -14..1 -ni, l K ' . ,,, -U , -, . VWHHSSSQZSRE. , V- .. ., Y X n,u,,"",'5' '-'ee- ,- Qx9xkiN"rH.::f3f3"f9"': 'w - ! .M X .'.'n'Nw.'.r" -' swim, N9 'ff X , x 'B ' I f 1 X x if K- xxx ..-r -sg-. , 2- ,I 4 " Aix! ' Kun lu- ins 2- -xxx-f - im - Y ' "' 1 S A-- .Sk , E, xxx jx xx N rr 4-its X, '- Q i milf, -i '41, r 'S'-'iii' 4--0' Lv gun...-1 41 ,-:fic 11 f' lf, Z1 ,f'l gf f ff 'W' Xi, 1 f fl I G- 1 1 !!s? X X xxxxxm H' "?'fiivl ANN ' ..nll,f'. I f.. 1'.-LX IWW, , ,fa-.. 51. SP IVIAJORETTES FIRST ROW: left to right: J. Houghton, M. Der, K. Conti, Captain C. Mahoney, K. O'Melia, J. DeFioeck, J Roach SECOND ROW: D. Perryman, J. Burr, N. Agustoni, L. Mullins, P. McCarthy, A. Rello, K. Dearth, T Donovan Missing from picture - C. Shuttleworth 1 x 4 140 CHEERLEADERS 11 'fu l , -A k-, - if! FIRST ROW: left to right: L. Crocker, L. Haywood, M. Gilmartin, C. Clark, SECOND HOW: J. Gramstoff, D. Miasserian, E. Sheehan, J. Smallcomb, L. Hennessy, S. Murphy, J. Hill, M. Beane THIRD ROW: M. OiNeil, L. Vacca, M. Margarita, B. Schiaiza, D. Morrissey X . W , , W, J ff 141 FOGTBALL Paul White ended his first season as head football coach with a winning league record of 5-4. The Spar- tans started strong with heartbreaking losses to Bel- mont and Woburn. They outplayed both teams but came up short on the scoreboard. The team began an upward surge with the destruction of Wakefield, and two weeks later embarked on a four game winning streak, downing Watertown and Lexington in comeback victories and winning by one point over Burlington and Melrose. Dis- tinction came to individual members of the team with the naming of three players to the Middlesex League All-Star Team - Dan Powers, Bill Dunn and Joe McLaughlin. Joe was also named to the Boston Globe's All Scholastic Team. FIRST ROW: left to right: R. Fales, D. Jutras, D. West, L. Doherty, J, Censullo, J. McLaughlin, Co-Captain J. Corkum, Co-Captain D. Powers, A. Theriault, W. Dunn, J, Crowly, M. Barbera SECOND ROW: Coach P. White, Coach R. Qualey, P. White, S. Rossi, K. Tighe, G. Mahoney, D. LaCroix, M. Jamieson, P. Staniech, J. Hogan, W. Abbott, J. Reynolds, M. Toomey, S. Jamieson, Coach W. Fillback, Coach N. Padovani, THIRD ROW: S. Parker imanageri, D. Brienze, D. Larakin, A. Gould, R. Nasella, D. Brandano, M. Daniels, M. Loughman, M. Dugan, G. Proodian, J. Lawless, M. Murphy, R. Mochi, M. MacDonald, G. McNutt, Coach A. Pellecchia 143 .S r .. 5... i. FIRST ROWL left to right: S. Adams, R. Mroz, S. Donovan, G. Doherty, Capt. P, Surdam, S, Keith, A. Catalano, J. Davis, B. Mahan, H. Stone SECOND ROW: J. Concannon, R. Committo, J. Downs, S. Giglro, P, Howard, R, Gardner, J. Dilvlare, R. Kwiatkowski, D. Bamberg, T. Zarba, M, Fama, Coach Kennedy. ,r' .. Q.. W S Q C C E R 'dn-Q ,akw J wi .I The Spartans finished the '74 season with a 6-11 record. The record is extremely misleadingp two games were lost in overtime and three others were lost by one goal in the final minutes. Highlights of this season in- cluded upset victories over Winchester, Melrose and Watertown, and the selection of Captain Paul Surdam as a member of the Middlesex League All-Star Team. With seven returning varsity players Coach Kennedy is looking forward to another successful season. FIELD HOCKEY KNEELING: left to right: G. Hayes, C. Nlaiorana, J. Cunha, Captain Y. Georgette, S. Russell, M, NIcNulty, A. Barry STANDING: M. Glannoccari, P. Infurna, C. Titcomb, J. Hanlon, J. Teneriello, P. Smith, N. Difronzo, Coach R. Timpone Stoneham Field Hockey had its first winning season in over ten years. The season was comprised of five victories and four losses. The highlights of the season were victories over Lexington and Reading, eliminating them from post-season competition. The leaders of the team were Sharon Russell, Maureen McNulty, Cathy Maiorana, Janine Cunha and Yvonne Georgette. 147 CROSS COUNTRY FIRST ROW: left to right: G. Hegarty, D. Murphy, J. Murray, S. Yahoodik, Co-Captain J. Caton, M Meagan, C. Wentzell, K. Clabby, P. Valente, M. O'Grady SECOND ROVV: P. Dillon, J. Norden, S Perry, P. McCallum, P. Zengilowski, F. Scarpa, Rocher, Manager J. Hinchey G. Mroz, Co-Captain D. Hegarty, R. Giest, Coach A ,,w.r,-,.- 148 Although the S.H.S. cross-country team finished with a record of nine losses and one win, several individuals brought the cross-country team some honors. Frank Scarpa, who is only a sophomore, was elected to the Middle- sex League All-Star Team by the other league coaches. Dave Hegarty was also elected to the second team All-Stars. With only three seniors, Dave He- garty loo-captainl, Jerry Caton lco-cap- tainl and Steve Yahoodick, the team was mainly composed of sophomores and the year was largely a rebuilding season for Coach Rocher. He is expect- ing an improvement next year as his sophomores acquire some experience. As an indication of future success the J.V. cross-country team finished with a winning record. l fs 1 'Z Q Q. Q 1 sv ...- E' IU! - Wg? M ga-s,, ,, HOCKEY Stoneham High's hockey team again was one of the powers of the Middle- sex League. Although the team lost some of its expected regulars, Coach Burns was able to use underclassmen to come up with another contender. The team made the Tournament, again: for the eleventh time in twelve years and the sixteenth time since the cre- ation ofthe Tournament. Five members ofthe team were named to the Middle- sex League All-Star Team. They were Paul Surdam, Sam Adams, Dan Cogan, Mike Jamieson and Steve Jamieson. f . RM I5 s.2'?i f t 'D Z' K' A QQ Q , . - Sl A 'an its 1 5 ROW l ll. to r.l D. Cogan, D. Randall, R. Donovan, S. Keith, P. Surdam, S. Adams, M. Jamieson, E. Oram. ROW 2 Asst. Coach W. Seabury, Coach Fl. Burns, M. Burke, S. Jamieson, J. Norden, D. Brandano, P. White. J. Clarke, S. Buitkus, P. Howard, F. Scarpa, J. McDonnell, K. Pinard, K. Talbot, W. Dunn. Missing from picture G. Doherty. ka xvvv. 4 xXx l . x. f ..f-Jail.. . uw 5' 'lfpfi f ,. as ,ti if YY 1- ., ,V 1 .. I Lrg, . 152 3 l xv w I 9 ' X ,F ,M an ,Malay L 2 WINTER TRACK ROW 1 U. to r.J R. Nlelkonian, D. West, L. Doherty, G. Caton, D. Hegarty, J, Petto, J. Estes, Coach Rocher. ROW 2 Coach R. Pierce, N. Whalen, N. Defronso, N. Roach, M. Meegan, R. Sandler, W. IVIcNaughton, IVI. Kierney, H. Nleegan, IVI. Flynn, Asst. Coach S. Dawson, ROW 3 W. Estes, M. Stuart, S. Perry, W. Fitzgerald, S. Pritchard, J. Murray, P. Zengilowski, J. Rees, R. Nlochi, G. Hegarty, P. McCallum. fm- ww-f svn'--.wanvwufshlnnuaunn-have . . -anywa- 719 7 715 154 f Y The Winter Track team was hurt by graduation and lack of numbers, but there was some fine individual talent. The long distance runners were lead by Gerry Caton and Dave Hegarty. In the shorter distances Steve Yahoodik and John Estes handled the races. In the shot put, the teams most successful event, was lead by Ron Melkonian, Leo Doherty and Dave West. For the sec- ond year in a row Ron was the best shot putter in the State. He set a Middlesex League indoor record of 6O'l" and a school record of 6O'4". i ti. WRESTLING fmwfg -3 5, QQ fi, if 5' we...-.f -1 1 1 .. 4 n Y I "V?'f-f7C R R' K " , .-.QMYQ-f' 'I wq.W:5c2'.5??xe M? w.:,.' - Q N A 4 K5 vw J Y ' lv' ROW l U10 r.l R. Prior, T, Rolli, A. Angelesanto, P. Rolli, S. Lawlor, R. Hegarty, ROW 25 lVl. Gallella, A. Theraiult, T. Quigley, B. Thayer, R. Antormucclo, R. Angelesanto. ROW 35 Coach E. Russo, W. Sudano, J. Corkum, M. Daniels, J. lVlcLaughIin, D. Visconti, R, Hyatt, R. Chinapi, Coach D. lVIuIvihiIl. k I k .. f. . cf.-s.-...,.WW., ww - f , ' R 5 4 R . ' T .A - 0 ...Q WMWWMMW , ' , .A W A f I NRS 156 This year's wrestling team finished in fifth place in the Middlesex League. In only their second year of competition, the Spartans placed six wrestlers in the State Tournament. The team was lead by seniors Paul Rolli and Steve Lawlor and also Joe lVlcLaughlin who were the backbone of the team. They were sup- ported by Al Theriault, Pete Behenna, John Corkum, and Bill Sudano, along with a fine group of underclassmen who make the future look bright for Coach Mulvihill and dim for the opposi- tion. BOYS' BASKETBALL 'B . """-Q-W .T md if 2 ,,,,,.,v I 1 KNEELING U. to r.j Coach R. Tavanese, J. Pallotta, D. Jutras, Coach S. Conroy. STANDINGQ Mgr, S. Parker, K. Tighe, R. Kwaitkowski, J. Reynolds, R. Knmball, P Connelly, S, Nligliorini, R. Bernabei, B. Driscoll, A, Granelli, Mgr. J. Hogan. Missnng from picture Nlgrs, Wm. Mahan and H. Stone. 'i 1 I , 'Q gk: v i gg? fi' W Q if A F If 158 ,,... +0 . 1 g uv e ' ' ei If ,f , 3:3-'53 K ' . ' ,.,g.: ,xp Wim .. -..V -- 1 J," .'+j ew 1 ' as . 'gvfiul f.. 3 , 32- UN "Zu F" .,.- 2' -'rf A '- ' " " ' an V my 3 'L . ' -, - M y fl 5' ' M A 'HI " Q M. 7 5' 9 W M". V' :i S . 9 fb--jgL ,, 5 g B W AQ N , v -- r fc wif -1 E. yt as -- F. The Stoneham High basketball team played the role of spoilers in the Middlesex League this year. To the surprise of many the Spartans defeat- ed top contenders Melrose and Woburn. Top performers were Art Gianel- li, who broke the school scoring record and lead the league in scoring, and Co-Captain Jim Pallotta. Co-Captain Dave Jutras was one of the strongest rebounders in the league as well as an outstanding defensive player. Special tribute goes to Coach Conroy who retired at the end of the season. As head coach he compiled an outstanding record of 56 wins and 38 losses. i R it una i sei i i ?1 .A 1-'49-"':A Lf 159 G I R LS' BAS KETBALL ---.iv wry 160 I 6 J l we 1' . f Q. af' ff ........., ts! Girls' Basketball finished the season with a strong record of ten wins and seven losses. Hustle and determination were displayed by the team at all times. Co-Captains Maureen McNulty and Shar- on Russell were the quarterbacks on the court. Other important players for the team were Pat McLaughlin and Cathy Nlaiorana. The girl hoopst- ers were a team respected by all. . . -1-wfjlgfr--"'.,,. 2 4536204 a 625244, J' 5. 'ww 1 --...... .1 t . all A New ,,j ROW 1 lKneeling l. to r.l S. Russell, M. McNulty. HOW 2 lStandingl J. Gustafson, E. Lusas, C. Maiorana, T, Donovan, Coach S. Randall, P. McLaughlin, D. Florino, A. Barry, S. Wood. .--"""' ,.....--- i GYIVINASTICS ...L ROW 1, SITTING fl. to r.J M. Mahoney, J. Houghton, J. Cataldo, ROW 25 J. Downs, P. Smith, N. Adams, R. Boudreau, Coach C. Noyes, C. Bossy, P. Moore, J. Cataldo, K. Denietolis fa-2 34121 . - VL ' - A 55.3, A . , i lei: 1 -' J -1 Although the '75 gymnastics record was disappointing, three and five, Coach Noyes feels that her team of eleven Varsity gymnasts had a good year. Coach Noyes views the season as a building year, in which all the new gymnasts improved significantly with their experience. The league was much tougher competitively this year, but Stoneham kept pace by breaking sixty points almost every meet and even hitting seventy toward the end of the season. The team was led by Co-Captains Jane Cataldo and Meg Mahoney, who along with senior Judy Houghton, leave the SHS gymnastic team with memories of well-earned victories and hard-fought defeats. 163 e XX A Cf? W V, X I 14' f r I 526 I U' 'iii-W N 0 . 050 S . 6 d oo 0.6 U 0 no . '-Nix, O 6 ,O 0 Q if 4091, CL fJ0xA+ oF' nw pas-P Qome. down to Hou I See gou emma. We SQHSV1' UV!-2. Colourb Seek. us cuff Camo-vyq XHM. r'ocJQA 01, Hu. dexsertecl sho-we amd I IQDLOL2, qlmwfq 1-vu, and Splakxnfq -Hs We ,gulls and gov and hbueh Wim 'Finigxuvvfnfg uaues qnd beaoww. Io5+ un. a sea oF blue, -he Or'-ol vvmargbe Mdrgpg mpc-:r+aqpS Q l.Je'lI mee+ ationn, . uhen ugh, IHQASMLSM high enough Obout. We pebbles We gold Hard S-longs 0-X3 our mmdgg PGM bo1,J'5 8 Qs f-2054-ell 164 E E c 1 SPONSORS CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '75 Terry Bleiler Official Photographer PURDY PHOTOGRAPHERS, INC Boston, Mass. COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF THE STONEHAIVI SAVINGS BANK 359 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 02180 DePrisco Jewelers not 333 Washington Street Suite 448 Boston, Mass. 02108 GIFTS - DIAIVIONDS - WATCHES RINGS- JEWELRY 438-9400 SANTORO'S of STONEHAIVI 309 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 02180 TECH HI FI 352 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 02180 Congratulations to the Class of 1975 BARBO'S "SERVICE AFTER THE SALE" BIIUYIII CASII IIEGISTEII, BU. 493 Main Street Stoneham, MA 438-5151 Best Wishes from BARON TIRE CO. Complete Tire Service Passenger and Truck Brake Service Front End Alignment 454 Main St. Stoneham, MA 02180 438-3000 LONG'S 5 SERVICE 250 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 438-9701 coivwatinve Pmces, HOURS, sl senvics CONGRATULATIONS H.E. Brown Agency Real Estate - Insurance 269 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 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Ali.- .gi -.'N. -, if . 2 1- X .--1:2i :ei X SA , P: .g. ,519 ,' ' -13:5 V 151: l I 'y H54 E E' ' ' .-off: f'E H me Er", ffl:-.42 '12-.4 ,--S12-. 21E1,f'I:-.- -'fthe -"52E2:-..:'5iI- JN ,- K - - 'g' " C". -1 S: ,. :1 :gy -:4 :sg ': TS 4- '-9 r :-:- 1:5 ,'-.'gf:' 'f' -1, - -I :::: 1 1 ' 2 : 'E : . -, -Ti'2f'2' 1- 'aEf',:zEIf-its-F1 1551" 5:42122 5255 .f2E5.'12Z'wi:i: If ..... 5 N " .H 5 KE. 51223 - " I' ' - 3 1 7 7 .K I -.:.- If-, '--4' -Q., 52 II' .25 llg., 52773 iff EF- 521' E5-f.':f?: :s...5 my :af 21215 E51 ' ,512-.. QQ- :XV f.fX"'f? 3.?f,f.ggQ., ig? 73- Your Hometown Newspaper for 105 Years li ,vw v . 49- gy" 'Q 5 t , QQ-Q58 . NR 4 , Eg 'S E 1 5 i , FQQ-vm-M :S ., ,. . . . 5.yW,s,I , X Wfifa X N ,f j 5 ' ' fi " 1 Q I , 175 F 'ln 52, in f . -I G fr vest if 4 2 .U , ,f,., if y I Q HK. 1 fr' , ., 'l,7'w. V 'Y' 1" W.- nil but :UGG mnqyi "'.?-fn 1 J, L. ,,..,. nov THE CLASS OF 1975 SAMUEL ADAMS' 45 Perkins St. NANCY J. AGUSTONI: 12 Christine Ave., Majorettes 4, National Honor Society 4: Future Secretaries' Club 3, 4, Deca Club 3, 4, Pep Squad 3, Yearbook Typing and Business Staffs 4. ROBERT ALGIERS: 76 Forest St. JENNY ALLAIN: 7 Ledge St., Future Nurses 2, 3, Choralettes 2, 3, Carnival Ball 2, 3, Gym Leader 2, 3. JOHN L. ALLEN: 8 Walsh Ave., Tutoring Program 2, Science Club 35 Travel Club 4, THEODORE J. ANDREADIS: 67 Bow St., Chess Club 45 AV Club 4: Photography Club 2. IRENE M. ANNETTI: 40 Lawndale Rd., Future Nurses' Club 2, 3, 4: Tutoring Program 3. MARCIA E. ANTHONY: 5 Diane Rd., Art Editor, Yearbook 4. DAVID ANTONUCCIO. 3 Danby Rd.: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. LORRIE ANNE ARENA: 1176 Franklin St., Carnival Ball Stage Set Committee. J.V, Field Hockey, Art Festival. STEVE AVEDIKIANQ 9 Waterhouse Rd., Yearbook Layout Editor 4, French Club 1, Latin Club 25 Chess Club 3, 4, Interact 45 Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Science Club 4, NANCY BABINE: 90 Oak St., Future Nurses' Club, Spartan Chorale: Yearbook Business Staff: Senior Tea. MICHAEL BARBERA: 3 Evergreen Rd., Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1: Co-ed Volleyball 3, 4, Gym Leaders 3, Co-Capt 45 Homeroom Rep. 3, 4, Student Council 1, National Honor Society 15 Rec. Park 1, 2, 3, 4 ROBERT BARRY: 174 Park St. BEVERLY A. BARSTOW1 99 Collincote St. JEFFERY BATES: 99 Fellsview Rd., Senior Class Play 45 National Honor Society 45 Carnival Ball 4, Drama Festival 45 Drama Club 4. MARTIN J. BATES' 99 Fellsview Rd. PETER W. BAYLIES: 12 Harrison St.: Basketball 35 Photography Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Photography Club 2. MARY H BAZINET: 9 Felspa Rd. PAUL BEATON: 208 Hancock St. PETER G. BEHENNA: 15 Sherwood Rd. ROBERT B. BERNABEI: 10 Drummond Rd. JEANNE M, BlAGIONIt 5 Erickson St.: Gym Leader 35 Student Council 3, Track Team, Tutoring: Future Teachers, DEBORAH R. BIRD: 68 Duncklee Ave, Drama Club 2, 3, 45 Marching Band 3, 45 Senior Class Play 4: Track 2. CATHERINE A, BLACKWELL: 65 Butler Ave.: Senior Class Play 4, NANCY BLIER: 26 Warren St, PETER A. BOCCELLI: 24 Chestnut St. NILS D. BOLGEN197 Forest St, EDWARD J, BONNER: 64 Central St. BARBARA BOSY: 6 Kenneth Terr. MICHAEL BRADFORD: 6 Greenway Cir., Football 3 yrs, Outward Bound, Track 2 yrs. KENNETH E BRAMMER: 30 Ledge St. MARIE BRENNICK: 71 Collincote St. M. BRADHAM BREWSTER: 14 Lexington St., Drama Club, Wrestling Team, School Newspaper, Seeds Magazine: Travel Club, National Honor Society, Carnival Ball, Science Club. THOMAS BRISSETTE: 1174 Franklin St. BRIAN BRODERICK: 13 DeWitt Rd.: Golf: DECA. DENISE BROWN: 26 Lincoln St. DIANE BROWN: 26 Lincoln St, DOUGLAS W. BROWN: 4 Mayflower Dr. PHYLLIS M, BRUNING: 12 Everett St. CHRISTOPHER BRYANT: 15 Summer St. MARY BUITKUS: 40 MacArthur St. DONNA BURNS: I5 Beacon St. ELIZABETH A. BURNS: 7 Benton St. FRANCIS X. BUTLER: 18 Manison St. ROBERT CAMMARATA15 Theresa Rd. RICHARD CAMPBELL: 169 Franklin St. MARLENE CAPRIO: 10 Kirmes Rd. BRIAN J. CARDINAL: 61 Middlesex Rd. BRIAN CARPENTER: 'I Woodland Rd. CLARE CARROLL: 28 Brookbridge Rd. ANTHONY A, CATALANO: 6 Celestine Terr., Baseball, Soccer. JANE CATALDO: 5 Royal St., Gymnastics 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Senior Tea 3, Graduation Usher 3: Carnival Ball 4, Pep Squad 2. RICHARD CATALDO: 5 Royal St. GERALD CATON: 19 Oak St. JOHN CENSULLO: 93 Elrn St., Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Patrol 3, 4. LINDA CERRETANI: 311 William St. ALLAN L. CHESLEY: 9 Vetran's Lane. JOYCE D. CIAMPI: 171 Park St. ALAN D. CLAPP: 23 Highland Ave. CYNTHIA CLARK: 35 Tremont St.: Cheerleader 3, 4. DIANE CLOUTIER: 2 Arnold Rd., National Honor Society 4, Pep Squad 1, 2, Booster Club 1, 2, DANIEL COGAN: 32 Cedar Ave. JOHN COLBURN: 5 Lee St. JOHN R, COLE: 55 Elm St. SCOTT COLES: I Garden Rd. SUSAN E, COLES: 19 Beacon St., Carnival Ball 4, Booster Club I, 2, 3. JOSEPH CONCANNON: 39 Ravine Rd., Soccer 2, 3, 4, Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Spartan Chorale 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. DEBORAH CONLEY: 51 Summerhill St., Gym Leader 3. JOHN S. CONNORS: 25 Brookbridge Rd. JOHN R. CONTIL I7 Grant St, KATHLEEN A. CONTIZ 7 Pine Ridge Rd., Majorettes 3, 4. STEVEN COOPER: 29 Endicott Rd. JOHN CORKUM: 21 Avalon Rd, Football 2, 3, 4, Hockey 25 Wrestling 3, 4, Spring Track 2, 3, 4, Gym Leader 3, 4, Weight Lifting 3, 4. MARTIN COSTIN: 3 Pond St. NANCY L. COSTIN: 3 Pond St. JOAN M. COVELL: 84 Marble St,, Future Secretaries' Club President 3, Booster Club I, 2, 3, 4. MARY CROSDALE: 25 Evans Rd. ANDREW CROSWELL JOHN CROWLEY: 78 Summer St.: Football 2, 3, 4, Gym Leader 4. JANINE A. CUNHA: 12 Shumway Cir,, Future Secretaries' Club 3, 4, J.V. Basketball 2, Varsity Field Hockey 3, 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, J.V. Field Hockey 2, VALERIE A. CURRAN: 4 Paula Ave., Future Nurses' Club 2, 3, 4. RENE G. CUSHMAN: 115 Westwood Rd. SCOTT DANA: 9 George St. CATHY J. DAVIS: 21 Elizabeth Rd., Drama Club 2, 3, 4, Spring Play 3, Sr. Class Play 4, Germany 2, England 3, Spartan Choral 4, Varsity Scholar 3, Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4, Madrigal 2, Girls' Ensemble 3, 4. JEFFREY DAVIS: 129 Elm St. STEPHEN DeCOSTA: 14 Shumway Cir. BRIAN DeGRUTTALA: 33 Bonad Rd. BILL DeLELLlS: 75 Elm St. HARRIET E. DELL'ANNO: 12 Alden Ave., Honor Roll. JANICE DEMPSEY: 45 Broadway, All District Chorus 2, 4, Class Officer 2, 4, Tennis Team 2, 3, 4, Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4, Youth Commission 1, 2, 3, Student Council 1, Homecoming 2, Spartan Chorale 2, 3, 4. DENISE DERY: 31 Hillside Ave. MAUREEN DESMOND: 44 Norval Ave. ED DICARLO: 6 Mayflower Dr., Track. ARTHUR DiGlOVANNl: 17 Gould St., Spartan Chorale 2, 3, 4, Carnival Ball Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 3, 4, Homeroom Rep. 3, Booster Club Dr. 3, Chess Club 3, Officer 4, Interact Club 4, Prudential Carol Sing 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 3, 4, Spring Concert 2, 3, 4. PAUL J. DiMAFlE: 390 William St. RICHARD DiMARZO: 11 Greenview Rd., Class President 2, Rep. to State Bd. of Ed. 4, Student Council 2, 3, Track 1, 2, Wrestling 3, Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Spartan Chorale 2, 3, 4. GLEN DOHERTY: 193 North St., Football 1, 2, Soccer 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4. LEO DOHERTY: 6 Washington Ave., Football, Track. PATRICIA M. DOHERTY: 6 Washington Ave. JOSEPH DONAHOE: 37 Fairview Rd. CHERYL A. DONAHUE: 99 North Ave. EDWARD DONNELLY 48 Washington St. THOMAS M. DONNELLY: 3 Mt. Vernon St. GRACE A. DOOLING: 52 High St. GEORGE DOOLING: 52 High St. JANICE M. DOWNES: 23 Gould Street. DONALD J. DRISCOLL: 12 Rustic Road, Hockey 2, 3, Tennis 3, 4. RONALD F. DRISCOLL: 12 Rustic Road, Soccer 1, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Golf 4, National Honor Society 4, Student Gym Leader 4. JAMES DUGGAN: 10 Bonad Road. WILLIAM H. DUNN: 9 West Street, Football 2, 3, 4, Hockey 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Chess Club 3, Co-ed Volleyball 3, 4. ROGER V, DUPLOUY: 1 June Road. SANDRA L. DURGIN: 3 Rose Lane. RONALD EAGLESTON: 20 Forest Street. DEBRA A. ELLS: 60 Stevens Street, WILLIAM ELLS: 60 Stevens Street. JONATHAN ESTES: 68 Spring Street, National Honor Society, Winter Track, Tennis. PATRICIA EVANS: 244 North Street. RICHARD FALES: 22 Victoria Lane, Football. JAMES P. FALLON: 15 Emerald Court. MARISA FALZONE: 19 Lee Street, Pep Club 2, 3, 4. ANGELO FAZIO: 7 Greenview Road. KENNETH R. FEINDEL: 280 Main Street. PAULA FESTINO: 10 Atwood Avenue. ED FICARRA: 18 Stevens Street. JANE E. FITZGERALD: 45 Spring Street. CYNTHIA C. FLEMING: 38 Pond Street. CHERYL M. FLYNN: 10 Erickson Street. JOANNA FLYNN: 10 Crosby Street. RICHARD FLYNN: 1 Calthea Street, Football 2, 3, Tennis 2, 3, 4. JOHN FOLEY: 13 East Street. MICHAEL FONTANA: 22 Rogers Road. JOHN FORD: 26 Drury Lane. BARBARA J. FOUGERE: 16 Hersam Street, Future Secretaries Club 2, 3, 4. LINDA FUCCI: 122 Summer Street. LIZ GANDOLFO: 12 Longbow Road, Spartan Chorale, Girls Ensemble, Yearbook Staff, Drama Club, Senior Class Play, Carnival Ball. DONNA GEARY: 9 Emerald Court. ROBERT J. GEARY: 25 Avalon Road. NINA GENTILEL 12 Upland Road, Drama Club 2, 4, President 3: Student to School Comm. 3, 4,Yearbook Editor 4, Drama Festival 2, 3, 4: Senior Play Cast 4, Girls' State and Girls' Nation 3, Spring Play 3, 4, Spartan Chorale 2, 3, 4, Senior Tea Usher 3, Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4, Graduation Usher 3, Future Teachers 3, 4: Newspaper 3, Editor 4, National Honor Society 4. YVONNE M. GEORGETTE: 40 Tremont Street, National Honor Society, Varsity Scholar, Captain of Field Hockey, 3 yrs Varsity Spring Track, Student Council 2, 4, Student Representative to the Stoneham School Committee 3, Co-ed Volleyball 3. 4: Science Club. CARMELO C. GERMANO: 37 Country Club. LORRAINE M. GERRIOR: 36 Marble Street. ART GIANELLI: 506 Felsway East. STEPHEN J. GIGLIO: 20 Drury Lane. MAUREEN GILMARTIN: 95 Spring Street, Cheerleader lcaptl, Student Council, Gym Leader, Homeroom Rep., Co-ed Volleyball, Carnival Ball, Senior Tea Usher, Graduation Usher. DENNIS GILSON: 11 Atwood Avenue. KAREN GOLINI: 80 Robin Hood Road, Field Hockey 3, Softball 2, 3, Varsity 4, Co-ed Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Senior Tea Usherette 3, Mixed Chorus 2. JAMES GOODE: 55 Butler Avenue. MYRA S. GORDON: 6 Gerald Road. PATRICIA A. GOSHTIGIAN: 93 North Street. ANN GROMETSTEIN: 198 Franklin St, Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama Festival 2, 3, 4, Spartan Chorale 2, 4, Girls' Ensemble 1, 4, Science Club 3, Seeds 4, Yearbook 4. JAMES GUNNING: 20 Danby Rd, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Wrestling 1. MARY GUSTENHOVEN: 347 Park Terrace Drive, Honor Roll. HELEN C. HALCHAK: 12 Essex St. MARK E. HAMM: 2 Eastview Drive. LORI HAYWOOD: 78 Oak St., Cheerleader 3, lcaptl 4, Student Council 2, 3, Vice President 4, Softball 2, Field Hockey 2, Basketball 2, Student Exchange Day 3, 4, Senior Tea Usher, Graduation Usherette, Gym Leader, Volleyball, Jr. Prom Committee, Homecoming Committee, DAVID HEGARTY: 28 Washington St., Cross-Country Winter 81 Spring Track. LAUREN HENNESSY: 250 Green St., Cheerleader 3, 4, Carnival Ball Usher 4, Senior Tea Usher 3, Newspaper 3, Student Exchange Day Rep., Jr. Prom Committee 3, Honor Roll 3, 4, Pep Squad 2, Homecoming Committee 2, Co-ed Volleyball 4, ROBERT W. HESS: 18 Chestnut St. NANCY HEUMAN1 12 Newcomb Rd.: Winter Track 3, 4: Spring Track 3, 45 Co-ed Volleyball 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 4: F.R.l.E,N.D.S. 2, 35 National Honor Society 4. JANET HILL: 8 Sunrise Ave.: Cheerleading 3, 4: Class Officer 45 Carnival Ball 4: National Honor Society 4: Varsity Scholar 2, 3, 4: Senior Tea Usher 3: Deca Cafe 4: Booster Club Drive 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 45 Jr, Prom Committee 35 Homecoming Committee 2. ROBERT H. HILL: 2 Carmen Ave. ELLEN HILLMAN: 106 Elm St.: Future Secretaries 2.3, 4: Pep Squad 2. ROBERT L. HILTZ: 7 Gerald Rd. JOHN HINCHEY: 87 Spring St.: Stage Concert and Marching Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Greater Bostonians 3, 45 All-district Band 45 All State Band 4: Cross Country 2, 3, 45 Winter Si Spring Track 2, 3, 45 Senior Class Play 45 Interact Club 3, 45 Boys State: Spartan Chorale 35 Eagle Scout: National Honor Society 45 Student Council 45 Co-ed Volleyball 4, JOSEPH HOGAN: 28 Fieldstone Dr.5 Football 2, 3, 4: Basketball Manager 4. DIANA HOPKINS: 40 Broadway: Gymnastics 1, 2, 3: Softball 25 Carnival Ball 2, 35 Chorletters 2: Twirp Twirl 2. JUDITH A. HOUGHTON: 5 Pineridge Rd. JOHN P. HURLEY: 80 Green St. CHERYL A, IRVIN: 38 Albion St. NORMA J, JACKSON: 85 Pond St. BLAKELY K. JACOBY 128B Main St.5 Football 2, 3: Carnival Ball 45 "74" "Courtyard Streak". MICHAEL JAMIESON: 59 Pleasant St.5 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Yearbook, Hockey 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 1: Baseball 15 Track 2, 3: Spartan Chorale 4. MICHAEL JENKINS: 7 Erickson St. PETER R. JESPERSON: 17 Albion Ave. DONNA JOHNSON: 85 Prospect St. JAMES JOHNSON: 576 Main St. LINDA JOHNSON: 19 Bonad Rd.: Yearbook 4. DAVID JUTRAS: 570 Main St.5 Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 4. MARY E. KEHOE: 14 Emerson St. STEVEN M. KEITH: 58 Summerhill St, JOHN E. KELLY: 70 Forrest St. MARGARET ANNE KELLEY: 27 Summit Rd.: Future Secretaries Club 3, 45 Future Nurses 45 Travel Club 4. PATRICIA A. KEZARJIAN: 61 Forest St.5 Future Secretaries Club 3, Yearbook 4. JOHN R. KIMBALL: 45 Bow St. CHRISTOPHER KIRK: 6 Drumard Rd.: DECA CAFE. SUE A. KLUCKEN: 56 Broadway. STEPHEN KONOPACKA: 65 Pleasant St. LAUREN KOOSHOIAN: 10 Melba Lane: Latin Club. MICHAEL J. KRIVATCH: 19 San Jose Terr. DANNY LACARBONARA: 16 Elizabeth Rd. DAVID LACROIX: 10 Waverly St.: Football: Track: Band: Orchestra: Stageband. ROBERT LACROIX: 12 Cedarway. DONNA M. LAFRAZIA: 9 Harrison St. LINDA LAMB: 8 Walnut St.: Basketball 2: Softball 1, 2, 3. DANIEL T, LANPHER: 21 Butler Ave. LINDA LANIGAN: 15 Upland Rd. STEVEN LAWLOR: 2 Spring Lane: Wrestling 2, 3, 4: Hockey 1. KAREN LECCESE: 7 Essex St. RUTH LEE: 8 Rowe St. SUSAN A. LEFAVE: 16 Chestnut St. 180 LIANNE LENT: 5 Janice Lane: Chess Club 2, 35 Drama Club 25 Future Nurses 45 Travel Club 45 Latin Club 2. PATRICIA A. LEWIS: 13 Maple St. THOMAS J. LOGAN JR.: 15 Melba Lane5 Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Gym Leader 3,45 Co-ed Volleyball 3, 4. MARY V. LORENTI: 11 Stonewood Ave. DIANE M. LUND: 80 William St.: Future Secretaries 2, 3. NANCY LUTHER: 131A Summer St. DONNA L. LUTI: 48 Spring St.: Future Secretaries 2, 3, 45 Yearbook 45 Homeroom Rep. 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Ensemble 1, 4: Honor Roll 2, 3. DARLENE MacEACHERN: 10 Gould St.5 Choralettes 2: Softball 3: Spartan Chorale 45 Drama 2, 3: Deca Cafe 2, 3: Pep Squad 3, 45 Abramo Fan Club 3, 4. ANNE MACHADO: 9 Calthea St. ROBERT S. MacHENRY: 72 Wright St. ALAN MAGLIONEI 43 Lotus Avenue. KAREN MAHER: 33 Wilson Rd: Class Officer-Soc. Chairman 3, Pres. 45 Student Council 45 Student Rep. to School Comm. 4: Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Spartan Chorale 4: Senior Tea 35 Latin Club: Coed Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Softball 2: Carnival Ball 25 Future Teachers Club 2, 3: Traffic Squad 35 Drama Club 2: Pep Squad 2: Booster Club Drive 2, 3, 4: Homecoming Comm. 25 Sr. Prom Comm, 45 Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Twirp Twirl Comm. 25 Snack Bar Work 3, 4: Elem, Tutor 2. WILLIAM T. MAHAN: 75 Washington St: Soccer 3,45 Football 2: Basketball Manager 45 Chess Club 3: Gym Leader 3, 45 Carnival Ball 3: Co-ed Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 4: Yearbook Staff 4. CHRISTINE M. MAHONEY: 14 Danby Rd: Majorettes 3, Capt. 4: Yearbook Editor 45 Hostess Senior Tea 3: Nat'l Honor Society 3, 45 Future Teachers Club 3: Traffic Squad 35 Drama Club 2, 35 Carnival Ball 2: Homecoming Comm. 25 Pep Squad 2. MEG MAHONEY: 46 Summer St: Yearbook Co-editor 4: Spring Track 2, 3, 4 ICO-capt. 2, 335 Gymnastics 2, 3, 4 ICO-capt. 4l: Carnival Ball Attendant 4: Co-ed Volleyball 2, 45 Gym Leader: Powder Puff Football 3, 4 ICo-capt. 31: National Honor Society: Latin Club 2, 3, 4. CATHY MAIORANA: 27 Alden Avenue: Traffic Squad 35 Deca Caf. 4. TRICIA MANCINI: 11 Nixon Lane: Traffic Squad 3: Deca Caf. 4. FRANK J. MANGANO: 3 Hanford Road. DARLENE A. MANUEL: 75 Pleasant Street. JEANNE M. MARINO: 7 Peabody Road. SANDRA M. MARINO: 2 Congress Street. DIANE MARKOWSKY: 82 Green Street. JOHN C. MARRONE: 12 Montvale Avenue. JOANNE McCALLUM: 61 Gorham Ave: Stageband: Spring Track: Newspaper Staff: Concert Band: Marching Band: Drama Club: Spartan Chorale: Orchestra. PATRICIA McCARTHY: 20 Erickson Street, Majorettes 4: Student Gym Leader 3. STEVEN MCCORMACK: 6 Gigante Drive. LAWRENCE MCCLELLAN DEBBIE McDONNELL: 9 North Border Road: Tutoring, Future Teachers: Gym Leader. JANICE A. MCKENZIE: 6 Gerry Street. JOE MCLAUGHLIN: 47 Perkins St: Football 2, 3, 4: Hockey 2, 3: Track 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 4. PATRICIA McLAUGHLlN: 20 Emery Ct: Basketball 2, 3, 45 Softball 2, 3, 4: Co-ed Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Future Nurses Club 4: Deca Caf. 4. RAYMOND V. MCLAUGHLIN: 19 Sunset Road, MAUREEN McNULTY: 119 Franklin St: Field Hockey 2, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Softball 2, 3, 4: Co-ed Volleyball 3, 4. WILLIAM MCNULTY: 46 William Street. FRED McNUTT: 56 Lincoln Street: Work 1, 2, 3, 4. KENNETH A. McTlGHE: 1 Pleasant St. Terrace: Winter Track 1: Spring Track 1: Cross Country 1. MARIANNE MCVARISH: 179 Franklin Street: Student Council: Drama Club: Choralettes: Senior Class Play: Yearbook: Softball Manager: Newspaper Editor: Deca Caf: Pep Squad: Homecoming. BARRY W, MEEGAN: 5 Ellen Road. JOANNE MELENDY: 7 Marie Avenue: Pep Squad 2, 3, 4: Deca Caf. RON MELKONIAN: 8 Steele St: Winter and Spring Track: Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra: Stage Band, FRED MITCHELL: 290 William Street. MARK J. MITCHELL: 22 Bonad Rd. SANDY MEUSE: 81 Calthea Street: Pep Squad. THULEDU ROSE MHLANGA: 15 Green Street: Girls Ensemble: Future Nurses Club. DONNA M. MIASSERIAN: 1 Theresa Road: Class Officer 2, 3: Cheerleading 3, 4: Student Council 3, 4: YAC 4: Yearbook Editor 4: Student Rep. to School Comm. 4: Softball 2: Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4: Homecoming Comm. 2: Girl' State 3: Graduation Usher 3: Senior Tea 3: Spartan Chorale 3, 4: Latin Club 4: National Honor Society 4: Co-ed Volleyball 2, 3, 4. JAMES MICHIGAN: 8 Maple Street. MARTIN MICHIGAN: 8 Maple Street: Glee Club. LYNNE MINGHELLA: 5 Peters Drive: Class Officer 4: Yearbook Editor 4: Student Council 3: Graduation Usher 3: Senior Tea Usherette 3: Spartan Chorale 3, 4: Varsity Scholar 2, 3: Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom Comm. 3: Homecoming Comm, 2: Future Teachers Club 2, 3: Latin Club 4: Drama Club 3: Co-ed Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Booster Club 2, 3, 4: Traffic Squad 3: Choralettes 2: Softball 2: Senior Class Play 4. FRED J. MITCHELL: 290 William Street. LINDA MITCHELL: 24 Gould Street. MARK J. MITCHELL: 22 Bonad Rd. KAREN MORLEY: 13 Drummond Rd.: Carnival Ball 4. CHARLES F. MOSSALI: 138 Elm St. RICHARD J. MROZ: 17 Harrison St.: Soccer 2, 4: Winter Track 2: Spring Track 2: National Honor Society 4. PAUL J, MUCCI: 103 Forest St.: National Honor Society 4: Drama Club 4: Chess Club 3. MARCIA A. MUIR: 18 Brookbridge Rd.: Spartan Chorale 2, 3, 4: Band 4: Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4: Future Nurses Club 4: Girls' Ensemble 3, 4. SUSAN MUISE: 18 Washington Ave. DONNA MURPHY: 110 Spring Street, LORRAINE M. MURPHY: 5 Crescent Ave. SUSAN MURPHY: 75 Robin Hood Rd.: Cheerleader 3, 4: Student Council 3, Pres. 4: Yearbook Editor 4: Carnival Ball Attendant 4: Class Marshall 3: Varsity Scholar 2, 3: Student Gov. Day Rep. 3: National Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Homeroom Rep. 2: Senior Tea 3: Girls' Varsity Track 2. SHARON R. MUSE BARBARA MURRAY: 22 Montvale Ave. MARYANN MUSTONE: 63 Calthea St.: Homecoming: Carnival Ball. JOYCE A. MYSERIAN: 53 North Ave.: Yearbook 4: Senior Tea Usher 3: National Honor Society 4: Homecoming Comm. 2: Pep Squad 2. DOREEN NADER: 9 Crosby Street. MARGUERITE NAGLE: 23 Harrison Street. RICHARD NELSON: 5 Kays Rd.: Spartan Chorale 4: Carnival Ball Glee Club 4: Honor Roll 2, 3: Chess Club 3, 4: Interact Club 4: Pru Carol Sing 4: Spring Concert 4. EDWARD D, NICHOLS: 43 Pleasant Street. DANA P. NICKERSON: 7 Prospect Street. KATHY O'MELlA: 10 Everett St.: Majorettes 3, Lieut 4: Class Officer 3: Homeroom Rep. 4: Carnival Ball 4: Homecoming Comm. 2: Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Traffic Squad 3: Senior Tea 3: Pep Squad 2: Office Aid 4: Deca Cafe 3. MICHAEL B. O'NElL: 62 Park Street. NANCY J, O'NElLL: 63 Pine Street. EDWARD ORAM: 19 Middlesex Rd. CAROLE J. ORBEN: 79 Franklin Street. VINCENT L. ORSILLO: 11 Elaine Rd. PAUL D. O'SULLlVAN: 77 Central Street. MARGE O'TOOLE: 16 Flint Ave. CYNTHIA M. PACY: 67 Central Street. LINDA M. PALMERO: 206 Hancock Street. JAMES PALLOTTA: 73 Westwood Rd. MARK A. PANTANO: 63 Westwood Rd. ALAN B. PAONESSA: 120 Summer Street. ROBERT D. PARADISO . GEORGE PARASKIVAS: 7 Greenway Cir.: Tennis 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Twirp Twirl 2: Carnival Ball 4: Homecoming 2. DAVID S. PARKER: 12 Evergreen Rd.: Football Manager 4: Varsity Basketball Manager 4. CAROL A. PEARCE: 79 Hancock Street. BOB PERCOCO: 33 Chestnut Street. STEPHEN PEREZ: 96 North Street: ASPCA. JOHN PETTO: 113 Central Street. MARK PHELAN: 8 Grant St.: Soccer 2, 3, 4: Tennis 2: Class Officer 2, 3: Student Council Officer 4: Co-ed Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Yearbook 4: Homecoming 2: Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Sr. Prom Comm. 4: Twirp Twirl Comm. 2: Youth Commission 4: Graduation Usher 3. PAULA A. PICKETT: 3 Marshall Rd.: Yearbook 4: Sr. Tea Usherette 3: Spartan Chorale 4: Co-ed Volleyball 3, 4: Special Education Tutor 4. DIANE PIGNONE: 40 Country Club Road. KEVIN PINARD: 11 Standish Rd.: Hockey: Baseball. DARLENE M, PINATO: 14 Bow St. Court. ELAINE PINELLI: 22 Lawndale Rd.: Spartan Chorale 2, 3, 4: Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4: Twirp Twirl Comm. 2: Homecoming Comm. 2: Senior Tea Hostess 3. ROBERT J. POLLINO: 6 Lucy Street. DANIEL J. POWERS: 15 Dean Street. MARYELLEN POWERS: 19 West Street. LINDA PRIVE: 5 Prospect Street. MELINDA PULEO: 2 Church Street. MICHAEL PULEO: 2 Church Street. ROBERT PURINGTON: 10 Collincote Street. JOHN W. RADIGAN: 47 Pomeworth St. PETER F. RAFFI: 52 North St. ELAINE C. RAFTELL: 2 Magnolia Terr. DAVID C. RANDALL: 16 Waverly St. WENDY REID: 39 Lindenwood Rd.: Track 2, 3, 4: Tutor 2: Spartan Chorale 3, 4. ANNE M. RELLO: 31 Chestnut St.: Varsity Scholar: Majorettes 4: Senior Tea Usher 3: Latin Club 4: Senior Yearbook Staff 4: Pep Squad 3. GRACE RIPARO: 69 Franklin St.: Spartan Chorale: Future Nurses' Club. CARLA ROCCA: 17 Duncklee Ave,, Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4, Senior Tea 3, Track 2, 3, Varsity Scholar 2, Tutor 2, Spartan Chorale 3, 4. PAUL ROLLI: 35 Pine St., Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey 1, Math Team, Gym Leader, Boys' Glee Club, JA, Outward Bound. CHERYL ROMANO: 23 East St. RICHARD A. ROSE: 8 Hall Rd. ANNA RUSHWORTH: 55 Franklin St. JOHN D. RUSSELL: 20 Governor Rd. SHARON RUSSELL: 11 Pearl St., Field Hockey 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 41 Tennis 2, 3, 4, Powder Puff Football 3, 4. ANNETTE M. RUSSO: 7 Girard Rd., Class Officer 2, 3, 4, Co-ed Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 4, Yearbook Editor 4, Sr. Tea 3, Homecoming 2, Pep Squad 2, Carnival Ball 2, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Sr. Prom Comm. 4, Future Nurses 2, Twirp Twirl Comm. 2, Choralettes 2, Sr. Play Usher 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4. EILEEN M. SALONEN: 15 Broadway. SAM SANTOSUOSSO: 4 San Jose Terr., Class Officer 2: Baseball 2, 3, 4L Gym Leader 4. BARBARA J. SCHIAZZA: 25 Lawndale Rd., Cheerleader 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Varsity Scholar 2, Sr. Tea Usherette 3, Science Club 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Glee Club 2, Carnival Ball Chorus 2, Co-ed Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Sr. Snack Bar 3, 4, Tutor 2. SUSAN SCHMIDT: 2 Birch St., Girls' Glee Club. KEVIN SCHNEIDER: 12 Lee St., Winter Track 3, 4, Spring Track 1, 3, 4, Football 1, Science Club 4, Senior Class Play 4. VIRGINIA SCHRIBNER: 10 Drury Lane, PETER L. SHANNON: 17 Avalon Rd., Yearbook, National Honor Society, Drama Club, Senior Class Play. TIMOTHY M. SHEEDY: 5 West St. ELAINE SHEEHAN: 34 Chestnut St., Cheerleader 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Homecoming Comm. 2, Track 2, Pep Squad 3. CARYL SHUTTLEWORTH: 7 Diane Rd., Majorettes 4, Senior Tea, Glee Club. TAMI L. SIPE: 66 Main St. BARBARA A. SLATER: 100-2 Main St. BRIAN D. SMITH: 43 West St. MARK R. SMITH: 9 Minot St. LORIETTA SNYDER: 15 Dinanno Rd. JAMES E. SORENSON: 209 Hancock St. THOMAS P. SPELLMAN: 11 Kirmes Rd. LEONARD P. STANEICHQ 10 Elaine Rd. WENDY STEVENS: 256 William St., Future Secretaries' Club 3, 4. CHRIS ST. GEORGE: 31 Perkins St., Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4, Spartan Chorale 4, Seeds Staff 4. CAROL G. STOKES: 22 Bow St. Ct., Jr. Class VP 3, Student Council 2, Marching Band 3, 4, Spartan Chorale 2, 3, 4, Spartan Spokesman 2, Carnival Ball 2, 4. HOWARD STONE: 12 Lawndale Rd., Soccer 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Carnival Ball 2.3, Science Club 3, Drama Club 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Editor 4, Co-ed Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Gym Leader 4, Boys' State 3. MARTHA M. STONE: 28 High St. JOSEPH STRAZZULLA: 64 Washington St. WILLIAM SUDANO: 6 Plaza Ave. NANCY SUGARMAN: 66 Main St. 46A WILLIAM N. SULLIVAN, JR.: 32 Spring Lane. PAUL SURDAM: 56 Summerhill St., Hockey 2, 3. 4, Soccer 2, 3, 4. KEVIN J, SURETTE: 46 William St. BARBARA J. SWEENEY: 7 Hancock St. ROBERTA M. TAGLIAMONTE: 131 Marble St. JANICE TAGLIERI: 69 Weight St. ROY J. TEAL: 9 Lexington St., Carnival Ball 3, Interact 3, 4, Winter Track 3, Chess Club 3, 4, Homeroom Rep. 3. ALLEN THERIAULT: 9 Atwood Ave., Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 3, 4, Hockey 1, 2, Wrestling 4: Gym Leader 1, 3, 4, Chess Club 2. PATTY THOMAS: 13 Middle St. DOUGLAS A. THOMPSON MARIE THOMPSON: 4 Woodland Rd., Spartan Chorale 2, 3, 4, Nurses' Club 2, 3, 4, Deca Cafe 4, Special Ed. 4, Tutoring 3, 4. KENNETH TIERNEY: 1 Middlesex Rd. JAY F. TODISCO: 15 Arnold Rd. KIM N. TOLMAN: 16 Wright St. DEBRA A. TROIANO: 54 Pond St., Carnival Ball 4. WILLIAM B. TRUESDALE: 18 Prospect St. ARTHUR TUCKER: 39 Windsor Rd. TODD W. TURNER LINDA L. VACCA: 5 Bow St. Ct., Cheerleading 3, 4, Carnival Ball 4, Traffic Squad 3, Yearbook 4. MAGALY VARGAS2 438 Main St.: Spring Track. BRENDA L. VALENTE: 30 Pond St., National Honor Society 4, Gymnastics 2, 3, Spring Track 2, 3, Gym Leader 2, 3, 4, JV Field Hockey 2. DIANE VECCHIO: 7 Rhuland Rd. JANET VELTEN: 5 Lexington St, BEVERLY VIERA: 18 Bonad Rd., National Honor Society 4, Spartan Chorale 3, Pep Squad 2, 3, Choralettes 2. JAMES VIGLIONE: 32 Seward Rd. ROBERT J. WAGER ANNA WAINER: 6 Cherry Ave. DEBBIE WAINER: 6 Cherry Ave., Girls' Basketball 2, Co-ed Volleyball 2, 3: Yearbook Staff 4. ROBERT WALLACE: 6 Beacon St., Interact 4, Science Club 4. KATHLEEN WALSH: 74 Marble St., Nurses' Club 4, Secretaries' Club 3, 4. RON WALSH: 25 Tremont St. PETER WARREN: 16 Greenway Circle. DAVID WEST: 9 Greenway Cir., Football 2, 3, 4, Winter Track 2, 4, Wrestling 3, Spring Track 2, 3, Chess Club 2: Science Club 4, National Honor Society 4: Yearbook 4. MICHAEL WETHERBEE: 76 Franklin St. MARY WHELAN: 19 Harrison St., National Honor Society 4, Girls' Track 2, 3, Latin Club 2, Varsity Scholar 3. BARBARA WIECZOREK: 61 Calthea St., National Honor Society. ANN M. WILEY, 5 Elizabeth Rd. DEBBIE A. WILLIAMS: 21 Broadway. BARBARA WILSON: 38 Norval Ave.: Spartan Chorale 4, Madrigals 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Gym Leader 3, Carnival Ball 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Band 4, Nurses' Club 2, Spring Concert 2, 3, 4. JEFFREY WOOD: 62 Newcomb Rd., Soccer 2, 3, Chess Club 2, 3. ROBERT WOOD: 8 Veterans Lane, National Honor Society 4, Chess Club 2. STEVEN YAHOODIK: 521 Main St., Winter Track 2, 3, 4, Spring Track 3, 4, Cross Country 4: National Honor Society 4, Yearbook 4, Chess Club 3, 4, Drama Club 3, 4, Science Club 3. 4, Baseball 2. SHIRLEY YOUNG: 422 William St., Latin Club. MARY ELLEN ZANI: 18 Rodgers Rd., Drama Club, Girls' Ensemble, Deca Cafe, Yearbook Staff, Latin Club, Outward Bound, National Honor Society, Spring Track, Senior Class Play, Drama Fest, Carnival Ball, School Newspaper. DOROTHY ZUREK: 11 Walnut St. . Q mi og? , wa. Bl 0-,. -4 .3 . "3T ff-f"1'f-vw 1 f 1,8312 Qu-Fi.. L'5Eht" v V LM ,M 3. A wk Ju- , cuff' ' A X W' '! rm.,-. W - . W' ff A .N ,vw -, hx 'Om 9 A s A ' "f Q " 'T' 'b fx. wg. f, ,9 .A f ,Lx ,. . ,V Wm. 1 .l , l.!'i:Qv.k. Ag .fx ,."s f , M 'W K QD ' W '- ' 1 gk, IQ., K K K inf 'W . W .7 '- X xv I '-.QS Q - L Q W , - " 73. Q ,, if. 5 ., S' ' "' 4 . 1' .g if 17 ,nv a - , . . iw- -, ' A sf., '- 't ' M5,.3, f , - 93 'fl R , K 4.4 uw... .. xy. 'Q' "M X 'K . 'N , N 9 'V ' X' . gk A Q - . ,flfwn " it , ,. 'Q -.' , 4 Q. ,N i N. . 'N fig: 5 , X E u X 'Z K '-r - . ,H , . M . 'f 4 ' Q ' 'x X M Lx? . 'Q ., X X ' f " vii. v , w A 1, ag , s ,. ' My 2. , at fn.. Q bar -.u x , v b . ,. 1'- ,. Y!-' -V. is N, Y " Qty.: f I NS, . ., A in J 31 A ,ggi T Q!! ? 4 , Y , ' If 1 4... r Q 't .. 5-1 an .4 K R' E 4,11-Q.: wr, i f no , .. 4, f f f.f'5 ' n v F A , .'. f . 'A 1' K r fa. ' K fri' X' ",-If 8- 3 If . - C ff J if E 19: 16 - -- :N 21 . ru C C wth o. udorg bchod goo 5 II-I c1CI -F alll: I I g fs'-Q' ,IQ Showe rs If if , ' ' F I , I I 111 If,......-...I prwd I- M I 1,6 CREDITS John Hinchey, Cove Ph t JayTodisco, End h t Pg 136 37 138 EI RftIITtIPgDd S At Pg 164 Th B tt Pg 8 G g P k Pg 36 St C p Pg 110 D d C by Dj V P 136 Co-editors PETER SHANNON IVIEG IVIAHONEY Advisor RICHARD REED Editors IVIARCIA ANTHONY STEPHEN AVEDIKIAN NINA GENTILE ANN GROIVIETSTEIN CHRISTINE IVIAHONEY DONNA IVIIASSERIAN LYNNE IVIINGHELLA SUSAN MURPHY ANNETTE RUSSO HOWARD STONE DAVID WEST XNESIERN YELIRBCDK I E 1 1 1,. I. v. 1 5 g a I 6 1 9

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