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 - Class of 1974

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O ,vm 1 u 'vw I 'isffli-C My-, ,..J' Aw 4:5 'G r. ,gf-'. ..-1 .ful :eff o -1 at, U- ,,,,. . .....,,, s nf' ,1- ' 1' M , Nb.. ,. BF., , it as E, N.-,,HQ.fSh-VJ V, ,, ,V iv W 1 . DESIDERA TA O PLACIDLY AMID THE NOISE 85 HASTE, BL REMEMBER WHAT PEACE THERE MAY BE IN SILENCE. AS FAR AS POSSIBLE WITHOUT surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly Sc clearly, and listen to others, even the dull 86 ignorantg they too have their story. 58 Avoid loud 8L aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain 81 bitter, for always there will be greater 86 lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. 48 Keep interestedin your own career, however humble, it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery, But let this not blind you to what virtue there isg many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism. Ss Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love, for in the face of all aridity 86 disenchantment it is perennial as the grass. fl' Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue 8L loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. is You are a child of the universe, nolless than the trees 8L the starsgyou have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is un- folding as it should. it Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive I-lim to be, and whatever your labors 86 aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. it With all its sham, drudgery 86 broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy. 'W 5' MAX EH RMANN I9 b M El ll ighls reserved C p d rtha K. Ehrn R p by p Crescendo Publishing C Noida arms jlasieb 6110, rem DG3ZAev5tQ SI on:-:Bram 56170021 LQ? Stonekgm 5 H85 8.98 use wk, Go pzadgzg amclcs 2979 Lev M292 ,wg aim, myg Le Zn Silt?-CIICEJIQJ Gm QQ, Be yourself . . . especially do not feign affection. Ja' l 2 Q., -W L .ii 1 Jia Beyond a Wholesome discipline . . . be gentle with yourself. ij: fb Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth . . . . . . Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. jj, is JU Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness . . mil gg-Qik f 'f i'x,pQa2f3,K31-555' 3336: wt , -a 4 W -M .-,- ffgsg-,-.sffri-.wi . Neither be cynical about loveg for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is perennial as the grass . . . 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS c o 56105 'f"4.TT T AS1:w9i"fM.- L w Cflazaf bm: zmzt 3, an wld 27152212 ?o 5iIZ2l'Sl ..4, " 8 Qxuizilad X even :gm may 3 3 ' Zgzoraml: greg foo clzarlba I fm fZveZr62crk1j.a :fo Uouare acid!! of Jin l 62124-2 we dfgr-5, QOL, Lam 6 -'mnse,LQ.fc:QF.aQ3z.i1g,, ,,.. ,, T G., T 34 53 mum 93 ,-,, 1 fijassfllhg. 51? ' V DHD? A Z-2 TG fm fri, .su sdukvarmtfafnffae ywfflm. Ci NL i6Y'1nm,' ,aepmjk jlzbiyx .wyumww Q6 nalfli me-bpm :JT Q3 f L 130 159 be ' i 160 177 ME ORIAM Agnes Borges William Tighe Donald Jenkins The creaking of the walls could be heard As we bowed our heads and expressed Our thoughts in silence. Oh, you were such gentle people. f So unaware of what was ahead ofyou. You suffered with courage And yet you took pain as it came. Our hearts reached out for that pain. Wishing that we too, could have that same strength. But all that is left in our thoughts Arc memories - . . . of you Love, from SHS Class of '74 Written by Joan Cunniff DEDICATIO Mrs. Agnes Barry The clicking ol' heels can be heard and then the familiar smell ol' "Eau de London" is all around you. Suddenly she stops and a feeling ol' love and being cared for comes over you as Mrs. Barry, with much concern, asks the inevitable question, "Where are you supposed to be?', Then she continues on, clicking hurriedly down the hall, white slips in one hand. a pen in the other. "l'll see you in my oftiee", are her fleeting remarks. Although she's never in one place, once you lind her she's always willing to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on. And where your guidance counselor can't help you, you can be sure she will. So with all your questions. all your white slips, and all the hours of detention, we wouldn't trade you. Mrs. Barry, for anyone. A second mother is hard to End. By Toby Juffrc ff' 7 uf Speak 3ou.r vffuth Cauieazg GR g r 4 . 1 y. A o n 0 A MINISTR ,-n-I-'N Mr. Daniel W. Hogan, Jr., Superintendent TIO In . ...QQ Dr. Lynn Mather, Administrative X. ., ,- ,,.,.---f if if xd "1 l Mr. William L. Hoyt, Principal Assistant Mrs. Agnes-Mary Barry. Dean ol' Girls if MJ. Frank R. Matarese, Assistant Superintendent r L Mr. Ralph J. Rowell, Jr., Assistant Principal xg: 4. NN... . 'x I Mr. Fred Kiamie, Vioe Principal Mrs. Frances J. Gardner V. 's ..-gf Mrs. Elizabeth K. Pack Mr. William P. Murphy, Director of Guidance U, . -- .a 'YQ Ms. Marcia A. Chisholm :M : M cgi M M I 2 M 322 ' M r ' M Mrs. Marjorie L. Hurst Y ' 'Jil .3 W , Aff i 'J Mr. John P. Feltch K 1 L ..:.v Y, Av ' A ..,-.. 'ffm . """ " 1, , ,Q Edge: ,gi 'ly ,A ,, lk: I t V .rbgvx x .nn ,,, A -gvyfff'-'T""'7i Jv:+.N .f. . s , , 'J T ' y 1 4 Wm- ., ,Q A V F, K N Mrs. Ivylyn Scott ' ""'f""'vhs-. Qs- SECRETARIES ii' .- Mrs. Biergiel L. 7 NURSE Mrs. Alice C. Walsh, Senior Secretary Edna M. Holt 145-I few Mrs. Dorothy A. Ciampa MIS- Mary SUHHHOII LIB RARIAN K, V --Q, CTD' . x., In , 5,au.a.--.-f- - 'A' 1 U.. I TV X Mrs. Joanne Murrin 12 Miss Rudie E. Lindgren yr ah-nr Mrs. Leonard J. Jesse, Computer Manager ORK STUDY AND KILL r ,ff 1 Y I Mrs. Paula Gardner, Special Class .1 r L Baa-- Mrs. Bernice Gardner, Health Careers Mrs. Louise Toler, Food Careers if K -I Mr. Richard M. McCarthy, Special Class Mr. William S. Waddleton, Career Education A 1 N 1 Q Miss Diane Finkel, Distributive Education 13 GLI H ,. my M.r. Donald P. Musico, Department Chairman Mrs. Mary H, Schrock 4..- arzsw L""",.,,AQaa's".l'rn , KY , 3 , Mrs. Diane E. Crane Marcia D. Buccitelli Mr. Robert S. Silverman CN KN? Ms. Linda J. Knight ,,,.--v-f Ms. Anne L. Stemer Mrs. Deirdre A. McCormack 'fr , X Sk-h',Tg 'ig 5- me 'N if -fs! rf' A? S 3 YS Wag, A r"".s f. eff 'ix . gpm. ,I - cf. ,.':V' i' X -f wa" Ms. Patricia A. Norelli Ms. Anne L. Gower Mr. Richard F. Reed X--X. . 15 MTH Mr. Chester P. Jordan, Department Chairman -- -- ww7,H1:a16L l7s1311930g31.?-2283 ,?fi1.3Q.35s-257128 Z9 30' Ms. Ann M. Clark Q, 'r li s1g1P'rEMBEn s nn 1 w 1 r g 1 2 11 2 3 4 5 6 7 a 0 10111213-1415Zf 10 1718 19 20,Z1W2Z4 - .242Z5.Z612fL353.?ZM nmcmmsmxz, 3 BAITWTTQ 7 1 Q 2 3L4 5 6 7 8 9 1011112181415 161718192021 . . , 22' Zi., 262728 29551 16 Mrs. Mary C. Olmstead Mr. Russell J. Lurvey Ms. Shzxryn E. Thur Mr. Donald D. Nuss Mr. Michael P. Kennedy Mr. Socrates G. Taseos r,,,,., K SCIENCE L Mr. Glen A. Lougcc, DcpurtmcntChuirn111n 1. Q., -MW sw, i ,K A . . .N Wi ,grub 'X-:A f -NNN Mrs. Patricia Tine Mr. Joseph A. Collins Ms. Diane Gray 1 I i 4 1 i i MI. Peter J. Scanlon F ,- fs 'Z ,rf , :ff ef 1QLj,4-P-" gg, XX 1-sf G? 131 -41. ANGU GE i 1 Mr' Alain Rocher Miss Lydia Risi, Department Ciuiirmzm Mr. Paul F. Atkinson Ms. Vera Komzmowski M ,M 4. ' Af ig f S55 x f .A .1 .. M 1 ad. Lf Mrs. Eleanor L. Moore ,Af Ms. Kurcn M. Klimas SCCIAL ST DIE Mr. Stephen J. Conroy Mr. Denis lf. Mulvihill Mrs. Caroline P. Bzmulis Mr. James J. Campagna, Department Chairman Mr. James A. Romano 1 'af' Ms. Jean F. Hassett JA Mr. John P. White QQN Mr. Wayne E. Fillbuck Mr. Henry R. Margarita USI ESS Ms. Catherine B. Broderick vsr' 4" AY. r xx if Y., r A 2 wk. f- 4-'X -f fi' L 1 Ms, Elizabeth A. Furman. Department Chairman. 24 Ms. Maria L. Garutl will Ms. Dorothy P. Corum f x , 1 H Mrs. Joan C. Jacob LN Mrs, Lillian L. Leamon 25 RT Ms. Beverly Bringle Mr. Theodore Schwalb Mrs. Lillian Feeley MUSIC Mrs. Gilda Wippcrman Ms. Barbara Crowe war. J n 1 ' I Y' ' v Y ! 3 MI- AHih0I1y HYdC MI. Michael Alaura I DUSTRIAL ARTS , Nu, ' V! ' 'R Vx M f' Mr. Renato P. Paolini Mr. Wznllcr R. Herrick Mr. Michael J. Ouuttrocchi Mr. William li. Daly Q 4 X X 1 wx Zim , ff gn, Nu- Mr. .lolm H. Fawcett, Athletic Director PHYSICAL EDUCATIG .Q QQQS M'm5TlM94?f 11. ...wt 823:51 'QSIEEFW Mr. Nick Puduvani Ms. Suralee Wheeler Ms. Sully A. Randall .gk 1 t 49,i3y"'9 W tteet 4 STAFF M Y ,eff x' Mr. Robert T. Tavaucsc HO E ECO MICS 42+ Mrs. Natalie Benedetto MIS. Gcrlrudc Brown 30 M eww- I ff. .,..., Mrs. Viriginiu Kloss CAF ETERIA STAFF D CUSTGDIANS i 'nn - A 4:1- ' Wif-.VS A Lx I Q . sa ,S f' W I i , f 9 ,gf W. 'N I ' h I , . L kr: - 4+ ' . 5 V" M. Zummuto, J. Lcfave, L. Cloutier, M. Timmermzm, M. Barry, J. O'Connel1, E. Livukes. A. FGIIO, L. BOIIO R. Benoit, R. Barrett MMR f ,QI H Q ,,. fs jttv - ,,,,,w,w U, f", .M if V , ,A.,,L3L5V ,W 3,4 A, ,.p,y, 'Q , , . 'Fifi , 7513, f'.'f55lft 'C '- 'Q J' 1 r w,.ff f .. ff 'Q,,,,,4'e2'fM" P55432 rm HB1 'WIS fn' f: Nm Yi J' .wg X s. WH ., W I' -16.51 C :'f' 'I " ,. . wr' sf V 1 ?,3?f H 5 gig T 3 K N 5 Q' x Q wg. jp 0 v rf "s 'av v 5 'B r' I K1 1 .3 Q , i ' u A 5 Q .1, " x ,..4'--f"'e ....,,4a-""' fzx 211, , X el, - N. .V v Abi-sv, ,Y E -Sl Q H ' ,N 1. V Ji H 'E .1 , Y 3 , 1 5' w r 1 'EJ ' T.. gh Vw '!fp,,n. 5651.9 ' Z", W f fb: v xf' U" . I 1, Q Qfgif i yf-N b- .7 JJ ' If f "ff 4 b fn 4. ,V ff ' X :,- 3.1 f 'gn E, , . ,, , 1.-Q Y Q1-svfge . ' 1 f qs:- , M. , ., A -y, , TSQMQNG, I . , 'X VL. 3 ' , 1q.,.,- 'Ay .4 - M.-. If ' 1 rf: T 11 1 ,H i 5 1 f i f y w, A J Qi' '- ,-Q Q 4-1 A '- -, r s fm. 15, , . ,, -,, Q , ' 1 .,-v 5 h- 1 , -X , Qghv l v . - , -,Jr fl .V 1, 1' A - s , ' -. , , -s J. 'A I fmt ' " W I 1' . wi' ' 3 ,. . "a L , . ' f w Q Yr 1, x N , I M , A ,.A .L . , ,L '- V. gg . .- ., A ' F? 9 H M I1 , .V f,. .A Jg 9 I If ' :QQV K . K. ' 1' wiv., . A . g A 4 ,Hi ' . ,ff V .,,. M J UH 3 "fg? PwmlJ-11157. , ,- V-lm fffvf, f-vnu A 'rw ,,,:Jgi:.'r-vu-nu"..,1nuu,.--a!!!' A' Lglf., fzfzp-..L.::.L:.i ,::f.i21'i::J,g-an-3, QI Q - H.- W... .mf I. .ffillfibiffhfr ,AS fl. -Q -r.-uz : ,ei --f --1+ LC' 'fifiiill 5 , v 1 r L, 'I 1 2 5 2 5 I 3 .Q U ai . sf FSM LUNEHP !K:lI 5? lan is , U la 'S' ,. ' r V 1 A . 'W-2' .1 1 1 " ' Q 1 4 , .1 4. r U' 5 K ss ,rr 6 -E Q , 1--Q 1' ' I .. x V ,N 1 ,w x A 5 H. 1 R, ' , I '5 ' I 1 eg xv YY 5' in 1 - ' fw 7 'ui '21, if ,ff , , eg ' -' ' K w , I as- -' f' 4 9? a: 5 E. , , gm . . .is fi, . ef' ,"5fi' ' 5 5 13 -Jeb! O x i 1 J I f P -. fi .ly t. 4 ,- fi V - ,-..- "' A v, L , , f f 1 A ' M . f , 1 . 1, .W ,. f W - 1 A ' H 1. A " 1' .ff 4 1 4- fx if f' w Nr-Jil!! L51 X. . ' A2 1 V. if 4 "'i"" lJf' A A. 'lv 11 Q Q I 3 ' J V ' X fri. ,gf - , 1 iq -IE nw W ' 2 . if 32' ff file' V '-V aff ' f E' , ......g. HN 12 1 :A 4' 1 ' , , N 2- 5 2 R iw . ' Y-' "' PS? ' " 8 ' fvifwf-if Him- ' -M--f ' w-wwmw-www 3- A L, ,. - 1 Jl:5,?X W , ,, ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,..,.,, A ,,.. .,.-,-.,....,.. ,,.. .....,,,.,.. In ..- if 5' -V 41 'ffl' .1:'::fN'i1'ff f ait" ,U 44 N. 5. , 'I -N, 'N 3 ' . 'jf.1:g"1f 51+ if - - S, K4- 1 Zig' gf, ig 'Y 'L 5' A JV 2 Y1 h.1715m.:v., .v-, . ' Z I : Q", K T Yi ? 'I3' 'iskif A A " 7 ' U H " ' ' QQ ' xx f 1 , -,ff ' 'A V., 'gn vi ' f rf 1 gg gy f ,, . 1.1, 5' xi-fig' K 1:22. F, 1 It V W1 , . .ff 5 .lf ' .A f -' V2 9 is A ' " AMN' s 1 ,Vi Bti: .' f' ff Z ,. , 535. . ' 'fr 2 X fx , g, wg, ,, 2 , ,, A A , 1' Er-M ' ?1?i"'f' yn- !'-s I I X fm " . ' " A :fm ,G f Q lv mn W ,gui , ff. ' .R5 ' .f, Vu Q H-' - RAYMOND ABRAMO I'll never forget: The saying "scratch". Happiness is: Girls, parties, ears, sports, weekends. Misery is: Not having your own car. Future plans: College. .x- ROBERT ANDRONICO DIANE ALONGI Happiness is: John, partying. Iill never forget: The homecoming dance, pushing wheels in Andover, partying over Bubba's house, family affair, M.V.'s at 2:20 in p.j. Misery is: Driving with Lauri, falling down cement steps. Pet peeve: Blinking lights at the door. Comment: I was, and I am. So shall I be to the end of time, for I am without end. JEAN ANGELOSANTO Happiness is: Times spent with good friends. Misery is: Leaving the friends behind. I'll never forget: Bbq'd spareribs 81 Marshmallows. Suppressed desire: To have the picnic we only talked about. Comment: Why is it that the happiest people are those that have the littlest to be happy about? Future plans: To become a mathematician. Pet peeve: To prove what you already know is true again. GAIL ANDREWS Happiness is: Joe, Feb. 7, l97l, just having friends in school who care, beinos, people there when you need them. Misery is: Not being able to get people to understand, nobody around when you need them most. l'll never forget: Christmas live at Bova's in ,72, pumpkins, pool parties at midnight. Quote: "If you love something set it tree, if it comes back to you ills yours, if it doesn't it never was . . . as CARMEN ANGI Happiness is: A night in the 'gForest." I'll never forget: Our friends in the "Forest." August 4th, May 16th, Sandy Beach. Pet peeve: ls not having a toothbrush. Misery is: A Mallow Cup. Working on Friday St Saturday nights. Future plans: Working for the airlines, MARK ALMOUIST Happiness is: A big bike on a good day. Misery is: Getting out of bed. Suppressed desire: To fly. I'lI never forget: Annie Gower and Linda Knight Nuss. e in D gl? VSYSM ,Qi : r., ,,,: .... . . .. . .. ...,,... ., wwf'-"r,2:'-waefaq, H f--'ef:.,-.reef-2M":,r-G' swf. . , s:e12:::i'fsff is-t'f 'zff f 1 2' -t..,,w:g,e- 3 'f 1 i.,1,15ferf+.'g.,g ,g f . psi, 1: Y "-- A- , . . A, ,. , ,ga se i n z AM :fl . , . I DONNA ANGELOSANTO Happiness is: Herbie, M.A.M. Misery is: Mommy wouldn't like it, broneometers, freckles. Pet peeve: Cliques. I'll never forget: Cimon will 'ya, cemetery, W.C., banana, seeds. Comment: Angie where will it lead us from here? VANGEL ATHANAS Suppressed desire: To jam it. Pet peeve: Orange Juice. Comment: Lauren, Seagulls, I'm O.K. CHUCK BALBONI Misery is: Unexpected two week Vacation, Uncle Don Mac. l'll never forget: Thanksgiving "72", Ed's B.P., Boo Boo's face, 5 a.m. doing the route with Doug. Pet peeve: Being called a jock. ROBERT ANTONUCCI SHERRY AVEDIKIAN Misery is: Not Skiing. Suppressed desire: Reaching that special goal. Pet peeve: The Rock. I'll never forget: C. Cis funny stories, North Conway, Canada, Mac and Rockport. Fixture plans: College and Travel. Quote: Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. All you have to do is call. And I'll be there, you've got a friend. Happiness is: A real dark Florida tan. MARK ANTONUCCIO Happiness is: A drawing board, protractor, and T-squme. Suppressed desire: Make Frank Wright St I. M. Pei look like amateurs. lfuturc plans: College, Architecture. Pet Peeve: A teacher who believes in woman's lib. Misery is: Flunking a test you studied 2 hours for. Comment: To achieve, and reach your ultimate goal of success. I'll never forget: l.T. when he broke a window in physics while doing an experiment. VIN BAIN Happiness is: The fpossibilityj Slam Donk! Misery is: Letting a guy cut in front of you. Tuna's gorrilla. Suppressed desire: To make a left-handed lay-up. I'll never forget: Reading escort - 2 pts. Comment: It's a physical impossibility. You gotta give 110 percent on the line. Future plans: College. BOB AUSTIN I'l1 never forget: Drive-in and B's games. Comment: Be Flaky. Pet peeve: Chippy, laps, homework. Happiness is: Weekends. Future plans: College. TONY BALLARD Suppressed desire: Umpire Comment: "Eat this Charlie." "On the line." "Upset." Happiness is: Seeing Nugget getting burnt at the card table. I'll never forget: Walls of J.H. during basketball, the airport, peon and forearms. Future plans: Vegas. Misery is: El espanol A block. Listening to someone brag about how great he was during the football game.' Pet peeve: Morgan. JOANNE BAMBERG Happiness is: Good times with special friends. Misery is: Getting up for school. Suppressed desire: To own a Castle in Scotland. Pet peeve: To be kept waiting, broken promises. I'l1 never forget: ll27l73, The Barn, Miss Garut's G block class 2 yrs. in a row. Quote: "Happiness isn't something you experience, it's something you remember." t, :Q at 'x lad .iii - .I STEPHEN BARBERA l'1l never forget: Timmy, a couple of couples, K. B., Watertown J.V. game, my dip at the flume. Misery is: Gaining only 10 pounds in 3 years, an unexpected bath at the flume. Comment: If nobody is looking, take it. JANE BARBUTO Happiness is: No time limits, a certain person, coming home, July 3, weekends, July 24, g'Lcroy,'. I'll never forget: July 24 - July 31, 1973, sandy beach, "Vic D." "pm" Vig" "np" S.A.P., private jokes, October 13, laughing so hard and passing out, April 7, 1972, all nighters. Misery is: Decisions, "Leroy" learning, Feb. 16 - July 17, 1973, July 31. Pet peeve: People making my business their problem. Comment: Don't care what other people think of you. Do, say and be what you want. ROBERT BAMBERY X 7. Friendliestz Donna Zampell, Van Athanas. 38 Most Respected: Michael Mciaughiin, Mary McG1nn Most Sophisticated: John Contestable, Carol Spencer ED BARTOLUCCI Suppressed desire: To see myself with my eyes closed. Misery is: Filling out these questions. Future plans: Who Knows? Pet peeve: Being suddenly awakened. SUSAN BARCHARD Happiness is: Being with friends, beating Meh'ose in football, Canada, summers in Vermont, snowy nights. I'll never forget: Good times, B's, bolts, N.Y., Italian lobster, chuckles, jr. year, the bush, flat tires, no lights. Misery is: Wilky, shoe department, short hair. Future plans: College. Best Dressed: Judy Hunter, Jim Dougherty LYNN BARRY I'l1 never forget: Mac, trips to Rockport, l'Dogtown," love letters from Toby, Mrs. D., F. H., camp, Calari's backyard summer of 7l', knowing faggot. Quote: "I am part of all that I have met, and all that I have met has become part of me.', Happiness is: Winning a field hockey game, knowing S.C. and R.T. Suppressed desire: To go back Mac to find "Dogtown", and see her park a mini bus correctly. Misery is: Losing when you really tried your best. SANDRA BEAN Comment: "Mort" . . . "Hello, This is Ellie from E. B. Trans." I'll never forget: Uncle Fern's. Pet peeve: A Plymouth Valiant. Suppressed desire: The Mort as 1. Misery is: Not remembering your wallet. Happiness is: Being with Mort. Future plans: Well, God only knows, Alaska. 39 DAVID BEANE I-lappiness is: Having a good time, sleeping late, mountain climbing. Misery is: Running into parked ears, Peon's forearm. Suppressed desire: To be a soccer forward. Pet peeve: Roscoe'sjokes. I'1l never forget: P.M., Johnis parties, T.N.'s kiss. lfuture plans: Forestry. BARBARA BIERGIEL Happiness is: Being with my friends. Misery is: Being teased, Suppressed desire: To go to Hawaii. Pet peeve: People who are always late. I'11 never forget: Retreat "70", 10-31-70, hayrides, E.Y.S. in N.Y.C. and W.D.C., 'T', Faek's party, 11-10-72, 5-27-7 3. Future plans: To leave my mark in life. Comment: Sticks and stones are hard on bones, aimed with angry art, and words can sting like anything, but silence breaks the heart. , . .--5. MICHELE BIAGIONI Happiness is: Friends, 7 8L 1 hj in Conn tafj, Xmas Eve, pdlkaeml, NH. Misery is: 919173 saying goodbye, N. Conway hosp, breakfast 4:10 a.m., hot 7-up, no mail, only one in school, Chinese food. l'll never forget: 9l22f73, the chase, mae 8t roekport, incognito, penn. 62 sunrise, mutt 84 jeff, the fence. Mr. Martin, mok. Quote: "All things have their season, and in their time all things pass under heaven. A time to live, a time to die, a time to weep, a time to laugh . . ." up.. STEPHEN BOHLING STEPHEN BIANCHI Happiness is: A big lunch, a '73 car you can afford. Misery is: Gremlins. I'll never forget: Physics - llth grade, Class of '75. Suppressed desire: To be the Gene Krupa of S.ll.S. Pet peeve: Band. Future plans: Architecture. Comment: lfun to visit - wouldn't want to live here! MICHELLE BOMBA l'll never forget: C.T., 8-4-73, pajamas, partying, P A Malibu, A.P., B in A Spitfire, CW. and Boxford with Mancini. Happiness is: Partying, bachelor parties, happy weekends. Misery is: Having someone cry when you walk in, horseback riding. Pet peeve: A and G block classes. Suppressed desire: To have a certain someone. ' Quote: Love's season is brief, only a Lifetime, never enough. DONALD Blililili PAMELA BING-YOU Happiness is: Playing bridge in class, friends who care. Misery is: Dropping the baton during a game, getting an error on a program. 1,11 never forget: "Wedge", "vague", usp", bridge games. Future plans: Mathematieian, scientist, travel around the world. Comment: "Let's play bridge!" JOAN BOSY Quote: A friend is one who knows you as you are, understand where you've been, accepts who you've become, and still gently invites you to grow." Happiness is: Camping in the mountains, being with friends, J.S., oming. I'll never forget: Oming in English class, summer of "73", l0ll3f73, karate class. Misery is: Locking your keys in the car. Suppressed desire: Live in the mountains. Future plans: College, traveling. MARIO S. BRANCATO RICHARD BORETTI Happiness is: Shooting under 80 golf. Misery is: Daydreaming in class and then be called on for an answer. Suppressed desire: Become an 0 handicap golfer. Pet peeve: Having curly hair. I'll never forget: How to open a locker. Ifuture plans: College. Comment or Quote: 'ill' you canit make friends at Stoneham High, then you can't make friends anywhere." PATTY BOVA Happiness is: Dave, Sept. 17, 1971, beeno, parents and friends who care, understanding, skiing. I'll never forget: Christmas Eve of '72, at my house, underground tomatoes, Crotclied Mountain, late pool parties, pumpkins, Y.B.M., Maynard Moore. Future plans: Veterinary medicine. Misery is: D.M., working weekends. Suppressed desire: To see Europe. SANDI BORNSTEIN Happiness is: Being with Rich and hanging around at Mac's. Future plans: Business school or college Misery is: Sitting around waiting for Rich to come on time. I'll never forget: Miss Garuti G Block for 2 years in a row. SIDNEY A. BOWDIDGE GAIL M. BOURQUE vu STEPHEN E. BRENN ER KRISTOFFER A. BRINCH SHARON BUCCHERI Happiness is: Working at the Stone Memorial Zoo. I'll never forget: Singing at the Prudential Center in the freezing cold with Arthur Fiedler. Misery is: Leaving all your friends at the end of the year. Comment or quote: Life begins, the Bowers blossom like the opening of a book. The sun rises above the horizon speaking beauty with its rays. The dew glistens, each leaf and tree rising to its glory as I look at the new day. Future plans: College. Pet peeve: Eating the school lunches. ,GCN PAUL V. BRUNING MICHAEL BURKE Happiness is: Anything but school. Misery is: School. Suppressed desire: To be 18. I'1l never forget: To remember. Future plans: Next year. Comment or Quote: Anyone can have bad breath, Marge, but you could knock a buzzard off a wagon. MARK BRUNINI Happiness is: Great Hill Road, Lakeview Lane. I'll never forget: My homeroom sisters, this class, Ohio, homeroom 204. PAUL BURKE l'll never forget: Donkey in the locker room saying "BASKETBALLS" and then looking down. Misery is: Forfeiting because of Peon. Comment or quote: Sl1e's my cousin, not my girlfriend. Pet peeve: A leech. TERRANCE P. BROWN MELISSA BUCKLEY Happiness is: Guv,nor, Gloucester, Heather, long talks about anything and everything, Glenn, the hut. Misery is: Leaving Gloucester or Essex to come back here for another week, being homesick for Gloucester, Fairyland, l-lamstone. Suppressed desire: To be on my ovm, a roof over my head, the ocean, G., to make a wish - be very, very good - then have it come true. Quote: "How can you find your fortune when you cannot find yourself." G. Lightfoot. 5 flair? ' We-, 154. LORRAINE BUTT Happiness is: Being with John!, going to concerts. Misery is: Not being with John, getting up in the morning, Monday thru Friday. Suppressed desire: Graduation. Pet peeve: School and work. 1,11 never forget: March 13, 1970, 6f23l72, the Moody Blues if I can remember. KAREN CARDOSO Happiness is: 9-25-73, partying, joint effort. Misery is: Work, Laurie's driving, D.I. P11 never forget: Family affair, summer of 4'7l", my H.R. brother M.B., 204, 9-25-73. Suppressed desire: Florida. DEBBIE BURR Happiness is: A.K., being with friends you like and need, partying, when we all get together, all-nighters. I'll never forget: The scream, "Parties", all the good times, the egg man, 6l30f73, Florida, China Moon. Comment or quote: 1'Dream on, until your dreams come truef, Misery is: "I gotta go home now", cold fingers, F.W.M.lf., saying goodbye, the morning after. Pet peeve: Realizing someone you thought was a friend, isn't. Future plans: To go on living the way I want. WILLIAM F. CALLAHAN ' ,N .X " ' xx- ia is ef fy: KATHIE BUTLER 1,11 never forget: S.B., honey, the bear, Vt., toasting marshmallows, the flume, the polar caves, a couple of couples, and Timmy. CHRIS CAMERON I'll never forget: Murph's ancient Mariner, Gunnings party 8-11 p.m., Fiores ll-4 a.m., Murph - where did you sleep that night? Comment or quote: Is the room still spinning? My horse is parked outside! Beane is she your Twin? Suppressed desire: To own a quiet barroom and have Dubber as the bouncer. Pet peeve: Burkie, Parsons, and Russell tellingjokes. Misery is: Knowing everything, Woburn l - Stoneham 0. you lost J AYNE CALIRI Happiness is: Smitty, Wisca, partying, summers, joint effort, H-350 SL. I'1l never forget: my H.R. brother M.B., family affair, 11-1-72, bog parties, 204, Flame, life guard for a week. Misery is: Driving with Laurie, 45 minutes away, 2 years. SHARON CARINO Happiness is: East Boston, Catching up. Misery is: Hunter!!!!, China Moon at 11:15. Suppresscd desire: To watch Paula eat more brownies, to steal thc "Listerine". Pet peeve: Fickle people, Mahoney, serious discussions. I'l1 never forget: 7-15-73, J. 84 J. -3 night on tracks, Rockport, hubcaps, 10 miles an hour on Main Street. Future plans: "The Apartment", success. Comment or quote: Do you have a Camera? ALISA CARLSON "And you O my soul where you stand, Surrounded, detached, in measureless oceans of space, Ceaselessly musing, venturing, throwing, seeking the spheres to connect them, Till the bridge you will need be formld, Till the ductile thread hold, Till the gossamer thread you tling catch somewhere, O my soulf' lfrom A NOISELESS PATIENT SPIDER Walt Whitman L ga. ' f tfiffif ROCCO CERASULLO Happiness is: Friday 2134: Misery is: Monday morning. I'll never froget: Running from Bama. JOHN CASCIO MIKE CISEWSKI Happiness is: A "Harvy Wall Banger". Misery is: Getting sick after chuggalugging. Pct peeve: Is constantly being "Shot Down". Suppressed desire: is to finally own a Kawasaki! To ski + ski + ski . . . I'll never forget: Alpenhof Ski Club, Quebec trip 1972 with R.T. Monday mornings with a "Hell ofa Hangover". I-'uture plans: To work on buying a Kawasaki. Possibly owning my own business. Comment: I am rne, and you are you, until eternity . 'lKeep on Truckin". JERRY CATALDO ROSIQANN CITRONI Happiness is: Getting together with friends to party on .... T. Collins. I'll never forget: TGWBIRA '72 whoppers. baskets, moonshines, roostcrs, KHLD parties, Peter Pan, Supremes. it's a train, portable S.R.A.B. Misery is: Hungry horrors. on time, Buick. Comment: Love, we say. is life: but love without hope and faith is agonizing death. Pet peeve: Busybodies, S.N.l.P.E.S. Suppressed desire: To travel and meet all sorts of people. Future plans: Secretary. KATHI CARNEY Happiness is: Doing what you please and getting what you want. l'Il never forget: l?.B.A-B. '73, .lohn B., jp, jm, Zdnt, tm, jm, "You have to be so obstinate L", IRM. Misery is: Going through windows, no car, time. Suppresscd desire: To out-argue my father. Pet peeve: People who put down others. Future plans: Dental assistant. Quote: Friendship often ends in Love? but Love in friendship, never. JACKIE CERRONE Happiness is: Summers at the Cape. Misery is: Getting locked in your locker. l'l1 never forget: 316171, 6l24!73, 8f12l73, the time on the cliff. Suppressed desire: To be five feet tall. Pet peeve: School. Future plans: Work. Quote: 'lHasten not to point out others mistakes, for each will discover his own . . ." :ru-vm' av 1' J AYNE CODY Happiness is: No. 32, Partying with friends, a Spartan Victory, SGAD. Misery is: Having to go home early on weekend nights, frozen fingers. Suppressed desire: To find that certain someone. Pet peeve: Lee B, Being called a dummy, Beagle eyes Vll never forget: 9f22!73 the Eggman, all nighters, Sammy and the Door Handle, S.K. in the Malibu, the face, Friday the l3th. Comment: He's my cousin, not my boyfriend. JANE CLARK JOAN CLARK Happiness is: that perfect person and partying, Joaronanee Juellarie Finarctas. Misery is: The last office on the left. Suppressed desire: To be a bubbles ll, to work at Pond View until it's time to hang up uniform for Johnny. Pet peeve: Burn outs, Cottonmouth. l'll never forget: Angels on Saturday in a dusty car, 7 in a trailer. Future plans: The year 2.000 New Years live. Quote: Cun't Complain. it ttf l DIANNE COLE Happiness is: Being with people who care about you. Misery is: Being left out of the fun. Suppressed desire: Wanting to be with that "certain someone? Quote: "A true friend is a friend for ever". l'll never forget: My very best friends. Pet peeve: Homework. Future plans: Secretary. Best Looking: Steven Kancllua, Linda Ifama. 46 'x Most Intellectual: Jim Davis. Carolyn Mroz Best Eyes: Michael Sullivan, Beverly Mochi 45 s we JOHN COLES Happiness is: The state of being happy. Misery is: Being late for A block. Suppressed desire: To be famous. Pet peeve: Lurch. l'1l never forget: My J.H. riot. Future plans: Harvard Law School. Comment: It seems like the end of life instead of the beginning. fQ,s'5't a . Y , aft? MAUREEN CONNELLY TERRY CONLEY Happiness is: Partying and having a good time. Misery is: Having nothing to do and "cold weather". Suppressed desire: See the World. I'll never forget: Mack's party and Billy, "China Moon". Future plans: College. Quote: uNever let yesterday use up today." CLARE CONNELLY Happiness is: Something blue, a vanilla milk shake. Misery is: M.L.'s driving, crossed eyes, bent arm hang, and tivinkies. I'll never forget: Arc you dead'?, I7.I:l. camp. sugar pops, Tava's Hammers fire in H.E. "70 West Point. 3 seconds 0.0.B. "Murphy and those potato chips C.L.P., p-j. party, snowball fight B 84 K, the "bush", Spaz running. Quote: "Dream what you dare to dream go where you want to go be what you want to be - Live! Suppressed desire: To be coordinated ANNE CORMIER I'll never forget: 7115173 - J+J, night on the tracks, Rockport, hubcaps, 10 m.p.l1. on Main St. Misery is: Hunter! China Moon at 11:15. Pet peeve: Fickle people. Mahoney. serious discussions. Suppressed desire: To break Hunter's horn, to steal the "Listerine". Happiness is: East Boston, catching up. Quote: "Do you have a camera?" Future plans: "The apartment". -40 CAMERON CORMIER Happiness is: Electric Start. Misery is: No car. Suppressed desire: Become Airborn. Pet peeve: Suzy. I'1l never forget: Nikki. Future plans: To walk on the moon. Comment: Dream on . . . MARK CONLEY if JOHN CONTESTABILE Misery is: The sled, school lunches. Suppressed desire: To see the West with some money. Pet peeve: No A or G block studies, Green Man. I'll Never forget: Boys State, Cape 73, Denny, K.D., Quail-digs. Future plans: College. Comment: Short, Quick, Choppy, Steps. JOAN M. CUNNIFF I'll never forget: Sunrise at York, bessy's dent, "tilly", skiing trips, walking the steak, "the lake", Sunday nights with A.C. and R.M., Mac and Rockport. Happiness is: A birdie and a candle. Pet peeve: "Quitters", you're a twin? Quote: 'Alt is a law of human life that in order to live fully, we must learn to use things and love people . . . not love things and use people." We MICHELLE DAVIDSON Happiness is: Michael, partying. Misery is: Having to sit the next one out. l'lI never forget: H.C., the dugout, Dunkin' Donut's Saturday night talks. Pet peeve: "Blinkers". Suppressed desire: To live in California. Future plans: 2000 New Year's Eve. DOROTHY COTE Happiness is: Being down the beach with all your friends and along side you are a couple cases of ice. l'l1 never forget: Pyramids on Halloween, Tavals Hammers "73", Summer 73' "lobe" + "Angie" Virginia. Misery is: G block chem. classes, A block classes, broken down car. Pet peeve: Old sneakers, Study periods during the day. Future plans: Going to school to be R.N., living in South Carolina. Suppressed desire: To get a dune buggy, cremate the Everett Soccer Club. Comment: Always . . . Hang in there! JILL D,ANNOLFO Happiness is: Partying with friends, just another tequilla sunrise, grateful dead. Misery is: Burnin' out. Suppressed desire: To be one of those California dreamcrs. Pet peeve: Another Jill. I'll never forget: digga, marion-suminer '73, Boz Scags, b.l. Future plans: to sec the world and 'truck on. Comment: A friend in need is a friend indeed. PATTY COVELL Comment: Stephen. Happiness is: Hampton Beach. Misery is: Being the oldest. Suppressed desire: To have an older brother. Pet peeve: D.L. I'll never forget: 7!27f72. KATHY DART Happiness is: A certain sailor on leave? I'll never forget: Parked cars at Sunnyhurst, stop signs, Gino's 3 in a bathroom, 7fi4l72, error, clown, chinka-minka, Boomer, Blinkie Bo-Jangles, stunt match, Highway star, acorns. Suppressed desire: To be an end for the Redskins and to find shoulder pads that will fit. Quote: Everything that lives, lives not alone, nor for itself. Misery is: Jay Plati putting a hole in the bottom of my pool with his thick head. F' 3 5' JOSEPH CUNNIFF, JR. Happiness is: A block Privilege. Misery is: Teachers that aren't tidy. Suppressed desire: To shave and ski. Future plans: To buy stock. Quote: "Remember, Judge not and ye shall not be judged." JAMES DAVIS I'l1 never forget: Monday moming chemistry labs: "That was very psycliologicalf' the hill on the state line. Suppressed desire: To no longer have to suppress desires. Happiness is: Blue sky on a cloudy day. Pet peeve: Classes starting on time. 47 JILL DAVIS Happiness is: Partying, partying, Partying . . . Misery is: Not partying. Pet peeve: Another Jill. Future plans: Be a bum. Suppressed desire: Find a man with millions and millions and not be a bum anymore. I'll never forget: April vacation, beginning at Susan's phebar, Spot Pond. JERRY DE CHRISTOFORO Happiness is: A perfect weekend. Pet peeve: Monday thru Friday. I'll never forget: I probably will. Misery is: An accident in a certain green station wagon. Future plans: Go to the drive-in every night. Quote: Outta here. J SANDY DAWSON Quote: ul only pass this way once, so any good thing that I can do, or any kindness that I can show, let me do it now, for I only pass this way but oncef, Happiness is: Winning a tield hockey game, beating a boy, getting a Fortran problem right the first time, seeing a smiling face, to please A. R. l'lI never forget: The "73" state meet, Boys Winter Track, 6!9!73 Maureen Suppressed desire: To he in the "76" Olympics and place. Misery is: Running Winter track. studies. CLAIRIE M. DAY Happiness is: A history class, Friday 2:34 alter a long week, B. S. and P. L. Missery is: Wilkinson, tech. school talk, the decisions ofthe fall. Pet peeve: People who don't take the time to listen or to love. I'll never forget: Bio. with G. L., P. G. and her wild times. Future plans: College, Veterinarian. Comment: The best way to secure future happiness is to be as happy as rightfully possible today. N107 - j ifffifisjwiiiii DONNA DELLISOLA Happiness is: Weekends and a certain bear, rainbows, football games. I'll never forget: February 16, 1973, Sandy Beach, Famous in the summer. Misery is: Missing all the fun just to get in on time. Pet peeve: Going straight to work after school. Suppressed desire: To shave oft' Mr. Rocher's beard. Future plans: Business school. KAREN DENEHY Happiness is: Close friends. Misery is: Being lonely. Suppressed desire: To travel: Pet peeve: Waiting in the lunch line so long and then eating it. I'll never forget: l0l5f73,l0!12l73 PLBA, Summer of '72, Twid, Maureen, Dg, Cranes Beach. Quote: Live for Today and see what Tomorrow Brings. BRIAN DAWSON MICHAEL DECOSTA Happiness is: A Saturday night with all the trimmings. Misery is: Forfeiting. Su p pressed desire: To eo completely crazy. Pet peeve: Working Friday Saturday night. I'll never forget: I allready did. Future plans: College. and KATHLEEN DERMADY Happiness is: Winning, having good friends you can depend on and know they care, s.m., Cape Cod. Misery is: The end of the summer. I'll never forget: Pish, f.h. camp. A. C. and R. M. and Sunday nights, 3!20l73. Pet Peeve: Forgetting what you're going to say, busy phones, being lost. Future plans: College. Quote: "Whatever is . . . is best." PAULA DIGANGI Happiness is: CX, paychecks, nicknames, Wilson tennis balls, dances, soccer and baseball games, ticklcness. Misery is: Hunter, Chitra Moon at 11:15, serious discussions. I'll never forget: 7ll5f73, J and J, Rockport, Summer 73, night on tracks, CX, my car. Pet peeve: Following someone and losing them, going 10 mph on Main St., Mahoney. Suppressed desire: To have a real car, a full tank of gas. Future plans: College, Brazil, "the apartment." ELIZABETH M. DENNIS DAVID DEPIERRO Happiness is: '68 Camaro, hunting, 4:30 a.m. Misery is: A flashing blue light through your rear-view mirror. Suppressed desire: Alaskan Safari, millionaire playboy. Pet peeve: Dipper, Espo. I'II never forget: Watkins Glenn, Girls' basement. Future plans: College. Quote: "SNAB-PA", "pull" "Keep on truckin". ,. if DEBBIE DICARLO Happiness is: Being with friends who care. I'll never forget: The time I broke the fire door to the new wing. Quote: Add a "good luck but never a good bye". Pet peeve: CBookkeepingJ putting little numbers in little columns. Misery is: Being called on to read. Suppressed desire: To travel to unfound places. Future plans: Secretary. ..,.I, , 7 Qfjgew rt., PAUL DIFRONZO Future plans: Another Maynard Ferguson or "Doc" Severenson. Happiness is: Performing in stage-band, knowing you're the best, pleasing Mr. Hyde. Misery is: Marching in the band at football games. Suppressed desire: To be the best at whatever I do. I'll never forget: Berklee, the Paint light with Michael. ,gi t' ' eip.. , i?,g',.', .2 ., ,, ...ra . gg:- JEANNE DEWITT Happiness is: Being with people you like. Misery is: Leaving the class of '74. Future plans: Business school. 1,11 never forget: Miss Garuti's G block class two years in a row. Pet peeve: To be a member of the Future Secretaries Club again after skipping a year. Suppressed desire: To make a final decision of what field you are entering beyond high school. JOAN DIGIULIO Happiness is: Traveling, partying, freedom, curly hair and nice smiles, a wish coming true, snowy nights, knowing there's home. Misery is: Phony people, wanting but not having, being lonely, monopoly games, cold fingers, a confused mind, fighting. l'll never forget: 20-25-20, Plattsburg cats, the eggman, "taxi" R. R. R. at C. C. C., the crew, midnight visitors, Bootin' it, three Musketeers. Quote: "It's good to have some friends both in Heaven and Hell." me-' Most School Spirited: Mary McGinn, Bob Parsons. RICHARD A. DIMAMBRO Best Dancers: Cheri Miller, Chucky Balboni. DONNA DIMARE Happiness is: Being with Ricky, the good times. I'il never forget: 3f4l72, Ye Old Red Cabin, "Where did you pick her up?", Splits on the water, Old Parties, gas station at 4:00 a.m., my friends. Quote: "I-low can I tell you all the things inside my head. The change in these past years has made me see our world in many different ways. How can I tell you, Love can change our destiny." SUSAN DIMARE Biggest Flirt: Patty Movsesian, John Vennochi MIKE DIMARCO Happiness is: No slip from the office. Misery is: Half a cigarette and Mr. Rowell. Suppressed desire: To be 18. Future plans: ITT Tech. DENISIL DOIIILRTY I'll never forget: B. S., Barbara Ann, boogie, White Ilorse Beach, 3 in front seat of V.W., "ruff," If. S. O.W.I-I.B., 8131173 LC, drink of water, 6-packs, Katie, sword 1'ish, rowdy, King Muffin, B.B.. "boss", M. M. Misery is: Having the streets roll up at nine o'eloek, having to see a man about a horse, Doorbells in Dorchester. Comment: My life is like a stroll upon the beach, As near the ocean edge as I can go. Pet peeve' O.B. CA ROL DONOVAN LOUISE DINSMORE Happiness is: Summers at Sebaggo Lake, Maine, Sailing, bicycling, friendship. Misery is: Driving, ehauffeuring B. S., doing projects in front ofthe class, eating in the cafeteria. Suppressed desire: To go ballooning, to ride in a purple vet, to own a skunk. Pet peeve: Dresses, "The nishy bish", heroes. I'1l never forget: Shue Shirts Oct. ll, summer of '73, cucumbers, Boston. lfuture plans: College, Traveling. KATHY DONAHOE I'l1 never forget: W.H.B., Lard, L.C., 8f3lf73, boogie, hang 10, Quebec, snowbunny, gremlins, Barbara Ann, short-digs, Kungfu, eggrolls, B.S., 6-packs, B.B., 3 in front of V.W., casual. Suppressed desire: To buy my Stairway to Heaven, to find that horse, quick! Comment: Even in laughter the heart may be sad and the end ofjoy may be sorrow. Pet peeve: O.B., big feet, freckles, stairs. K LISA DISALVO I'll never forget: Jamie: Attleboro, Rhode Island, Anita and laughing. Comment: In heart and hand and mind, I hold the power to mould in new design: The beauty I shall find along the way. It's a beautiful day! Suppressed desire: To live in a big old house in Rhode Island. Misery is: Having problems and being lonely. Happiness is: Being with people I like, doing what I want. lfuture plans: To be satisfield with whatever I plan to do. CINDY DONAHUE Ilappiness is: Being with friends. Misery is: Being in the middle. Comment: A true friend is the best possession. I'll never forget: J, D, and S in the blue bomb. Suppressed desire: To travel. Pet peeve: Working on Saturdays. Future plans: Business school. true TRISHA DOLAN I'll never forget: Quebec, B.F.B., J. Geils, S.P., Tava's Hammers, hang 10, my t.t., c.p.s., midge and madge, "1et's go to the beach", B.B., Chinese food, Barbara Ann, "Mal", B8rB, walking a ball, b.s., N.H. Comment: In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed. Suppressed desire: For the easuals to win one. Pet peeve: P1anter's peanuts, O.B., plastic people. 1 GEORGE A. DOOLING 51 JAMES DOUGHERTY Misery is: A hit and run by BOO-BOO. Suppressed desire: To be 200 lbs. Pet peeve: Collecting pine. I'll never forget: Pat the purple people eater. DEBORAH DUFFY I'l1 never forget: N.D., D.M. L.T. and "Pish." Quote: "It is better to forget and smile than remember and be sad." Suppressed desire: To meet Charlton Heston, to be a physical anthropologist. Pet peeve: A busy phone. Happiness is: Reaching that special goal. Misery is: Not being able to do what I feel like doing. Future plans: College. l PATRICIA A. DOWS CLAIRE ENFANTO Happiness is: Long weekends. Misery is: Cold fingers. Pet peeve: People who confuse me. I'll never forget: 3l23f73, wrench, lunch. Quote: "The rainbow is more beautiful than the pot of gold at the end of it, because the rainbow is now. And the pot never turns out to be quite what you expected." Future plans: Secretary. S s- ,r LINDA DUBE Happiness is: Danny: dancing, being t.p., having a destination. Comment: Precious 8a few are the moments we two can share. I'll never forget: Parties at M. H. and K. H.'s, peter pan, Supremes, Canada, Graham's, 71, 72, 73 Suppressed desire: To have two little shoes brought together. Misery is: Waiting and hoping desperately, hungry horrors, cold nights at a. p. K Q I if 4 KATHY ENGLISH Happiness is: Traveling friends, vacations, communicating with people, helping people. Misery is: Seeing someone throw their life away, being left out, test lA and SG. Suppressed desire: To see Scott walk without the help of crutches or braces. Pet peeve: People who prevent others from learning. I'll never forget: The last night in Mannheim. Future plans: To be an elementary school teacher. with BARBARA DOWNING Happiness is: d.s., the cape, partying. l'll never forget: 12-ll-71, taniily affair. pushing wheels in Andover, soph. year. thc smell. Misery is: Driving with Laurie, cold fingers, getting sick, p with e. Quote: "live been going a long time now along the way. I've learned some things. You have to make the good times yourself. Take the little times and make them into big times and save the times that are all right for the ones that aren't so good." NANCY DUNN Suppressed desire: To go cross country in a van. I'll never forget: "Fish," d.d., d.m. l.t., Jackie, 219173. Quote: "No man's tapestry of life is woven with only his own thread." GLORIA FARAGI KAREN FERRETTI I'll never forget: l2l22f72, t.h.,j.f., crazy eddie, keller house smell, Pm not gonna take it, wps, pml, L7. Happiness is: Tom, being together, true friends. Misery is: When t.h. is mad, getting rooked, mistakes. Quote: "Don't walk in front for I may not follow. Don't walk behind for I may not lead. Walk beside me and we'l1 be friends." Suppressed desire: Give r.h. a bruise. Pet peeve: Half gallons, freezers. CHRIS ERRICO Misery is: Falling down the stairs on the third day of school. Suppressed desire: A brand new Gold Camaro. I'll never forget: Swallowing an earwig from a straw while drinking my milk. Future plans: Camping out in a tent in South Carolina. Happiness is: Sliding down a slide into a mud puddle. Quote: "Love is in the eyes of the beholderf' Pet pccve: Hawk! SHARON FARRELL LINDA FAMA Happiness is: The beach, long weekends, dances. Misery is: Working Friday nights, having to get on a certain time. Suppressed desire: To live at the beach. Pet peeve: Cliques. I'1l never forget: Summer of '73, Hampton. Future plans: To get out of the bank. Comment: "Friendships can be like prints in a desert, they fade when the wind blows free." gi Q 5 ,xr Ds KIM FENNELL CYNDIE FARRELL I'll never forget: PTB Mac's CReading SL Wake! Stan's gas station, Stan and Dave's SS's, the kids up Cumberlands CReadingJ, 643-24L Black Ford Galaxie 500, Elmer, Laney and Little Jan, Mark hanging Pinkie from his car mirror, I says "Whoa," Comment: To you I pour out from my whole heart and soul all my love forever and ever and then some. Happiness is: MSC, long weekends and not having to work, parties at the Tressel, 6!27!73. NANCY FESTINO Happiness is: Long weekends, party time, V. P. Misery is: Fairyland. I'll never forget: M.T., riding in Middleton, 6l16f73. Quote: "You never have all you want from life. And when you die you're alone. Life's a burn, get it While you can." Janis Joplin. 53 BERNADETTE FIELDS Happiness is: Being with Jimmy. I'll never forget: 1013l170, Sunday night 81l5173, "Let's make a deal." Misery is: Having Smitty and Byrd hate me. Suppressed desire: To be part of the gang again. Pet peeve: Having to repeat myself. Future plans: Work. PETER FITZPATRICK Happiness is: Brown 84 White. Pet peeve: Everyone telling you to get a haircut. I'll never forget: McDona1d's in Wakefield, Maine, Crane's, Georgetown - Ducky's trunk. Future plans: College, travel. l CHRISTOPHER FIONDA PATRICIA FLYNN l'll never forget: Incognito. flufftop, 911173, line, joe mannix, ray-ray, pixie, reddis, shaft, superfly, stooges, one word, doreen's proofs, roll over beethoven, crazy eddie, keller house smell, L7, I'm not gonna take it, the scumwagon, fondue, mary ann at lunch, so so. Happiness is: Barbara Ann, chuck berry, beach boys, PML, causing trouble, being casual, tuna fish. Misery is: 9-6 Sunday, tonsilitis, 811173, 9122173, the chase, wax beans. I AMY FITZPATRICK Comment: A seed gets buried . . . Hidden Yet when it sprouts It knows - somehow - Just which way is up Just which way to go At times . . . I wish I were a seed! Michael La Tour f-7. BEVERLY FREEMAN Happiness is: Walking on the beach with the sun shining and the waves breaking, being with my friends, my rabbit fur coat. Misery is: Being alone. Suppressed desire: To go to France. Pet Peeve: German Shepards. I'll never forget: California '71, Berlin '73, Florida '73, 413170. Future plans: College. Comment: "The only way to have a friend is to be one." MARY LOU FINNEGAN Happiness is: A brownie sundae. Misery is: A boiled dinner. I'll never forget: lfdie's lunch, Patty F. and the fondue. incognito, so so. Comment: "How do I get back to where I carrie l'rom'?,' A..l.lf. vt .56 I 'xx I A xo. f -.4 ANTHONY FLAMMIA Happiness is: When it's time to relax. I'll never forget: J.C., Chip Holbart. Misery is: Carnival Ball 73. Pet pecve: Guinee and Snapper. Future plans: Keep on truckin'. Comment: I'm nothing but a heartbreaker. JOHN GARDNER Happiness is: Camping at H.P. Misery is: A midnight walk from the S.F. Suppressed desire: To go to Philadelphia. Pet peeve: A grasshopper. I'll never forget: A.J.F. and gimp, parties in Nelly's Ford. Future plans: To become an electrician. RICHARD GOLDTHWAIT Happiness is: Reading your horoscope first thing in the morning. Misery is: Having no gas on a weekend. Suppressed desire: to get lost in Canada. Pet peeve: 3 days in a car. Illl never forget: Three weeks in Wyoming. Future plans: College. MARYBETH FUCCI EVELYN GALLAGHER Happiness is: Finding out that you didn't get caught after all, roaming the corridors. Misery is: Having the same teacher for home ec. for 3 years in a row, Saturday afternoon housework, cliques, having a G block class. Suppressed desire: To either impeach Mrs. Barry or trade places with her. Pet peeve: Having to go to the bathroom when I skip. J ODI GERMANO Happiness is: Ernie, partying. Misery is: Confusion, last office on the left, no numbers. Suppressed desire: To travel and see the world. Pet peeve: Getting caught. l'll never forget: The summer of '70, PTB's, the crew, Nov. 22, 1968. Future plans: Year 2000 New Years Eve, college. Comment: Do unto others as they would do unto you: but do it first! DIANE GIBBS Happiness is: Being with Johnny. Misery is: When I got no wheels, B.P. Pet peeve: Going to Mrs. Brown's Home Ec. class. I'll never forget: P.T.B., Ann, Marguerite 8L Karen. Comment: We'll all have to get together again sometime. lf I DAVID GEARY Happiness is: Lyn Eastman, A million bucks 8r enough kids. Misery is: J.C. 8L "Hanging by the neck until dead", Wed. afternoon practice "football sled". Suppressed desire: To rule the world. Pet peeve: One more time, last time, Let's go live, fourth quarter. I'll never forget: Memorial Day weekend, July 16, the beach. Future plans: Do what I want to do, Go where l want to go, Be what I want to be, Live the life I want to live. KENNETH GOMES 55 RON GOMES Happiness is: Being on time. Misery is: Having detention for being late. Suppressed desire: Graduation. Pet Peeve: Wolfmanis film studies. I'll never forget: First day at this school. Future plans: Pharmacy college. Comment: Keep on Truekin'. mega, I . 2' . - . .1 1 ,- , Q. ' " lx . ' 5 .g , .. 'U ,, .. , , . .VV I -11. for - . I L . , N... an , . in . ,. . - f SHARON GUARINO Happiness is: Remembering the past, keeping promises. Misery is: Broken promises, getting up for school. Suppressed desire: To see Portugal. Future plans: Registered nurse and housewife. I'll never forget: Barn 8L parties. J s...-v. JOHN A. GOSTAN Happiness is: Not getting caught for skipping gym. Misery is: No privileges. Pet Peeve: Cliques. I'll never forget: White Mt. trips. Future plans: College DANIEL GUILD Happiness is: Knowing that somewhere in the world, there IS a Burlington. Misery is: Forgetting your sweats on a cold day. Suppressed desire: To be alone. Pet peeve: g'Why didn't you? Ijust assumed you would." I'll never forget: My zone ball demonstration. Future plans: When I grow up, I want to be rich and famous. . . the famous is optional. BRIAN D. GRIFFITH Happiness is: Conn. two Misery is: Having A.G. for years in a row. Comment: k'YAAA!!', Pet Peeve: The Station Wagon. Suppressed desire: Ski down Mt. Fu jiyama. Future plans: Become a ski bum. ag, at Taft: J' if A F65 41'-'fi' JANET GUILFOYLE Quote: "I agree it would definitely be easier not to give yourself to anyone and then you never have to worry about that person going away. But to carry out this philosophy would be to close oneself to so many beautiful things." E.D. I'll never forget: Miss G., Mrs. D., V.K., "Hey Slugger!", 'LMac'l, T.F.J., 'gHit the blinker", Sharon and the tack in 215, softball, 6f12l73, LB.'s snaps, Miss Grey's chemistry class. Pet peeve: Getting up for school in the morning. LYNN GORDON Happiness is: Finding what you've always looked for. Misery is: Trying to explain to people who don't understand. Suppressed desire: To find goodness in everyone. I'll never forget: Hurricane Island, H-C, Atlanta, Ga., E block cubbie, White Mts., Reen, LJB, Field. Future plans: Travel. Comment: To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream: not only plan, also believe. but RICHARD GUIDA Happiness is: Having high school friends for the rest of your life. Misery is: Monday thru Friday. I'll never forget: The Thanksgiving Game "l972". Best Legs: John Meeks, Mary Moore. TOM HALEY Comment: C'est la vie. Misery is: An empty six pack. Suppresscd desire: To own Milwaukee Brewers. l'll never forget: Cruisin to Laeonia. Happiness is: Skiing through the powder. Future plans: College. Biggest Eater: Jane Clark, Tom Hunt. EILEEN GUNNING Happiness is: Victories, dances, the smile. I'll never forget: Tava's hammers, J. Geils 84 B.F.B., moth in Chelsea Sq., 4 in a vinmobile, dutch boy paints, N.H., Cilla's face in the window, Midge 8g Madge, "let's go to the beachn, gulteh, "Mal", J.V., V.A, U. Mass. Misery is: 2 yrs. at the end ofthe front line. Pet peeve: "The gun". VAHE GURDJIAN Happiness is: Being alive. Misery is: Leaving Betsy behind. I'll never forget: The barn, 10.5, Daisy, Anthony's Pier 4, and "Hi Baby." Quote: "It is better to try and not succeed, then never to try at all av Pct peeve: All Math teachers. Future plans: College. 3.49 'WV W ,x ..,' I 1 Most Sincere: Mary MeGinn, Van Athanas. JOHN HAMILTON l'll never forget: The first weekends of my freshman year. Suppressed desire: To be rich. Future plans: College. Pet peeve: Having English lf block. 57 ELLEN HARTUNG Happiness is: Being with the people I love. Misery is: Rejection. Suppressed desire: Commit the perfect crime. Pet peeve: Working Saturday nights. I'Il never forget: Revere Beach, Hampton and Breakhart. Comment: Endings always come too fast. Future plans: Become a lawyer. ROBERT I-IENNESSY Suppressed desire: To change the hands of time. Happiness is: CEEB's cut on SAT's and Achievement tests. Misery is: Los Olvidados que son en casa. Pet peeve: lfoggy rear Windows and multiple dents. I'll never forget: All the experiments we did behind D.J.'s back. Comment: A toi, tout Ie bonheur! JANICE HASTINGS I'll never forget: 7 long years, the corner, Ft. Devens, July '73 with GG., .I.D., Rte ZA, The "Ho's,', the petty car, O.D. underwear. Happiness is: Having friends around when I'm perfectly capitable. Misery is: Going 50 on 2A, The M.P.'s, no ping pong balls. Suppressed desire: To Buy The Stairway To Heaven. Pet peeve: 6 in a red Mach I. Comment: School isn'l my idea of fun, but it's a nice place to rest between week-ends. ROBERT HAYMAN Happiness is: Sleeping late. Misery is: Stalling in heavy traffic, tests. Suppressed desire: To be the best at something. Pct peeve: Teachers who believe in "creative writing". I'll never forget: Thanksgiving day, 1972, my first scar, TuIl,s last concert. Future plans: Computer Science in college. Q "is f f BARBARA HARTWELL I'lI never forget: J XL .I, I'Vig", Sandy Beach, coke cans, bulldogs, sun. morn., 4 Sept. 73, MacDonald's, 2 hrs. outside, R 84 R's. Comment: I hope that someday people will be treated equally and there will be peace for all. Suppressed desire: To meet Erving Liptshitz. CHRISTINE HICKEY I'II never forget: No. 44, 3 in avet, Edie's lunch, pal, 7 at d.w.'s, P-nut butter at 6, parties at J.G.'s, laughs at lunch, tears. Quote: "Involvement with people is always a very delicate thing - it requires real maturity to become involved and not get all messed up." B. Cooke Happiness is: Being needed, honesty, laughingi the mountains, the ocean, hamburgers. Misery is: Pushing the 442, confusion, good-byes, stick shifts, jealousy, waiting. .I. C. HIGGINS Happiness is. Cruising on a Kawasaki. I'II never forget: 4f21f73, 6l24l74. WILLIAM HOLLAND Future plans: Skiing and college. Suppressed desire. To be rich. Comment: "Veni, Vidi, Vici." KEVIN HOOK Happiness is: Oversleeping on Monday morning. Misery is: Going to visit Mr. Rowell. lfuture plans: Go in the Air Force or on to sehool. 5 KIT HUGHES l'll never forget: H.C'., Cape, Plattsburg Cats, getting a tan in 500 weather, Boz Seaggs, Moon shines, roosters, last day at Lynn Beach, The Surpremes, Peter Pan, parties at L.D. + M.H.. long talks with elose friends. Comment: 'Tm gonna faint." Misery is: Monday morning, Hungry Horrors, work, two faced friends. Happiness is: Being with friends and partying on, long weekends, horseback riding. Pet peeve: "Kitty", waiting lor people, busybodies. IlliRBl-QRT IIOLMAN Suppressed desire: To keep a eold six on lee in my loeker. Iill never encounter games. Happiness forget: Ms. Knight's is: Graduating from Stoneham lligh alive. LINDA HOLMES Quote: "The Road goes ever on and on, Down from the door where it began, Now far ahead the Road had gone, And I must follow, if I ean, Pursuing it with eager feet, Until it joins some larger way, Where many paths and errands meet. And whither then? I cannot sayf, J. R. R. Tolkien. l'll never forget: Germany, a certain "joke". a eross. "We weren't lost. We knew where we were!". JANIS HOWARD Happiness is: Trust, d.l., skiing, a birdie and a candle. Misery is: Getting lost, Monday mornings, being followed, Iish. Suppressed desire: Ski the Alps. Pet peeve: Complaints, small rooms. l'll never forget: A.C. and R.M. and Sunday nights, Ross, Bessie's dent, Canada, the stool, lfred and Ruby. Comment: "To give lit'e a meaning one must have a purpose larger than one's sell". MICIIAIAIL HOWIQ Happiness is: Getting my pilot's license. Suppressed desire: lfly lor T.W.A. Ifuture plans: lust to be casual. Pet peeve: My ear breaking down every other day. Misery is: Bagging and Shagging. I'll never forget: Peg, line, John Hatch, Pixie and the Beacon St. Ghetto. PRISCILLA HOPKINS I'll never forget: Tava's hammers, Big Il, being cool, Alkie, Van, 4 in a vinmobile, Let's go to the beach, Amhurst, Dutch Boy Paints, I'm not gonna take it, N.H., moth in Chelsea Sq., crawling home. Misery is: Lima Beans, small eyes, fatty, wedgies, making decisions. Happiness is: Waterskiing, Congo Sq., clean sheets, Shaft. Pet peeve: 'l'wo-faced people. I don't care. Comment: Si jeunesse savait, si vieillesse pouvait. MICHAEL HUNT Happiness is: Being with my best friends. 59 TOM HUNT Happiness is: Karen, Friday practices. Misery is: Being the third man in. Pet peeve: All snipes and freaks. I'll never forget: l2f22f70, W.P.S., K.lf., quaildigs, and the sled. LAURIE JACOBSON Happiness is: R.B., thc Cape, Florida, partying. I'11 never forget: Blinking lights, H.V. at 2:30 in P.J., all nighters, the smell, ABC's, partying at Bubba's. Future plans: To go across country to California. Comment: May you have enough determination to make each day a better day than yesterday. -4""7 DONNA HU RCOMBE it PAUL JERN LORLIICN HURLEY Happiness is: Drinking from a mountain stream in early spring. Misery is: Seeing friends in bad moods. Suppresscd desire: To live on a small farm on a beautiful hill. Pet peeve: Picking on people. l'll never forget: My gay friends. lfuture plans: Travel. Comment: Accept people the way they are. They have the right. X fN"K X,-.4 X. TOBY JUFPRE I'll never forget: Herb, 7111, eoatroom, Sue, J.B.S. at N.U., sis, "guess whatn, Bev No. 1 No. 2, love letters to Lynn, faggot, Friendly's Amherst - Cil's diaper pure. Comment: "Slipping away, what can I say, won't you stay inside me month of May and hold on to me golden day, slipping away." Pet peeve: Long legs, are you sisters? Marg St I. Misery is: The nubs, weak kidneys No. 2, twins. Suppressed desire: to go to Mr. Kennedy's wedding. NOREEN JUDITH HUNTER Happiness is: Catching up, an empty tennis court. Misery is: China Moon at lI:l5, "Serious Discussion." Suppressed desire: To take DiGiangi's listerine. watching her eat just one more Brownie. Pet peeve: lfiekie people, Mahoney. l'll never forget: 7-15-73, J.J. lfuture plans: The Apartment, Carl. Quote: "Lite is either a daring adventure or nothing!". ANDREA R. JENCKS Happiness is: Getting out of school in January, visiting South Lancaster, voice lessons, T.C. Misery is: U.S. History, cafeteria food. I'll never forget: Ohming, goose-stepping. Pet peeve: Projects, coming home to Stoneham, going to school. Future plans: College. Comment: "He who has no desire to possess has no fear of loss". if KATHY KEEFE Happiness is: Buster Morely, people, friends that CHIC. Misery is: Pumping up hill against the wind losing what I need. Suppressed desire: To relive good memories. Pet peeve: Proving what's already been proved. l'll never forget: Nice! BBQ'd spareribs 7 marshmallows! Future plans: Some tech. School, town tor eampusj bum fI'm not fussyj. ROBERT KELLY ELIZABETH JUNKER l'll never forget: Canoeing on the Ipswich river, skiing in Canada, trying to do everything at once. Happiness is: Sunday afternoons helping out, playing field hockey and winning. Misery is: People who complain, losing to a lousy team. Suppresscd desire: To be a musical comedy star, and to learn how to tap dance like Shirley Temple. Pet peeve: Getting stuck with the top locker for 2 yrs. in a row while Toby has the bottom one. Comment: Be optimistic and S.M.l.L.E.! I-t DAN KELLY Happiness is: Partying, Clapton, pulling zoos at the point. l'll never forget: Mahoneyis bash, The Ancient Mariner with Mruph, MaGoo and P-on, Winning Wimbelton. Suppressed desire: To bounce at Cameron's bar, win the states, Kill Hearne. Pet peeve: Double faults Misery is: A donkey, losing to Melrose, bad calls, firework in the corridor. Future plans: The tour, The coast. Comment: You can prick your linger but don't . . . STEVEN KANCHUGA Happiness is: Home, Aunt Mags, good people, good food, gettin yecd. Misery is: A bothering conscience Suppressetl desire: to rip the hair out ot' a Pygmy's armpit. Comment: Sit on a carrot. I'll never forget: Tuesday, 7, 20, 56. Future plans: Bull fighter. ED KELLY Happiness is: Nov. 23rd, Having a Hickey around. Misery is: Having a console with 4 on the door. Suppressed desire: A ca: that starts Erst time, every time. Illl never forget: Parties at j.g.'s, Cranes Beach. MARGUERITE KEHOE DODl KENNEDY Happiness is: Paul. Misery is: No Numbers. Suppressed desire: To succeed. Pet peeve: F.W.P. I'll never forget: P.T.B., China Moon, Trash can liners. Future plans: Airline Reservationist. Comment: You'll never know what you had until it's gone. Class Heart Breaker: Steven Kanehuga. Linda Fama. Q s i -is I at ROBERT KlzNNliDY Happiness is: Calling in sick to work. I'Ll never forget: Main St. in Reading. Misery is: Working every Saturday night. Mad Scientists: Danny Guild, Carol Schxveiger. f' i Favorite Juniors: Mary Ellen Powers, Peter Warren, Not shown Joey McLaughlin KEVIN KILLE Happiness is: Adidas, olga, October fest. l'll never forget: Eating a worm for 10 dollars. Comment: l don't need no doctor. l-'RANK A. KLUCKILN PAUL LACARBONARA Suppressed desire: Burn Your Lester Suppmssml dcsircf TU buy 11 ,ww llillllllx- Triumph. Pct peeve: lligh School orchestra, Miqcrv jg- Quin., to .Wm M"Nh"lv B 1' ll ds SLIIUUI, Ill never lorget: The tlav I lea X Mouthpieces. Sdmol. K i Pet peeve: Ramblers! DEBI MANCINI Happiness is: Being with David, a roast beef at Revere Beach, Having friends who are always true, a 24 hour day with D.M. I'll never forget: Nov. I3, 72' J.M. M.M., J.H. K.C. K.C., a certain parking space, all nighters, 68, Old's Revere Beach, Boxford with Bomba. Misery is: Sharing a lunch with J .M. Not being with D.M. Comment: The love in your heart wasn't put there to stay, love isn't love til you give it away. Suppressed desire: A week-end with the girls, Blond hair blue eyes. Pet peeve: Freckles. DIANE M. MARTINEZ Happiness is: Knowing a certain someone loves me. Misery is: When you plan something ahead of time and it never works out. I'll never forget: P.W. Minstrel Show, Frankie and Johnnie. Comment: If you're still dreaming of yesterday's dream for tomorrow, today, maybe it's worth pursuing. Suppressed desire: To be in the Roller Derby. Beep-Beep! Pet peeve: Beating around the bush. Future plans: Accounting. CHARLENE MacKAY Happiness is: Michael, the cape, partying. Misery is: Cold fingers, driving with Laurie, P. with C., Foggy windows. I'll never forget: l2ll0l71, partying at Bubba's, family affair, H.V. at 2:30 in P.J. pushing wheels in Andover, the smell, Allman Bros. Suppressed desire: To stay togetheg Quote: l'm only passing this way once, therefore any kindness I can spread let me do this now, for I will only pass this way once. MIKE MANNING Happiness is: The DL, B.A.C., Jersey bus trips. Misery is: Losing, chemistry tests, labs. Suppressed desire: To win the D.C.l. Nationals. Pet peeve: Tom M's. Stats. I'll never forget: "So then .. Mrs. Mac, l0!7l. Future plans: Pharmacy. Comment: Humor is a philosophic state of mind: it seems to say to nature that we take her no more seriously than she takes us. 9,"b W ,.. ANN MAHONEY Happiness is: The gang, July 9, 72, bothering C. P. Misery is: Saying good-bye, a show without S.A.E. Suppressed desire: To go out with P.M. Pet peeve: "Sparkle", bodyguards. I'll never forget: Ralph, Summer of 72', frienclly's S.A.E. Future plans: Psychiatry. Comment: Peace is the way oflife, love is the way to enjoy it, that's what living is. , an .H is ...Q , ROSIE MARSHALL Happiness is: Billy, SPS. BAC. I'll never forget: lll25l72, l2l8+9l72, i'Dynamite", Maureen. Future plans: l0l25f77, An Apartment with all the gang. Quote: 'Torget it, yon're to young". Pet peeve: Gym A. Block, Bookkeeping - anytime. Loneliness, missing Misery is: someone special. Suppressed desire: To have a little money to travel. 212'-law: ' - -' ' fs ,5 .,., t t 'Z Q- ' Q5 TOM MANGONE Happiness is: Hitting the card. Misery is: Nice guys, girls with an act. Suppressed desire: Being on the samc blue line Keith Magnuson I'll never forget: Anybody that owes me money. Future plans: U.S.C. CHRIS MASIELLO Happiness is: Winning in softball, sleeping late, Skpg. with pigeon, roaming corridors. Misery is: Seven classes a day, black dresses. Suppressed desire: To ask A.B. where she belongs. I'll never forget: Miss G. Carrolls June 2, 72, Ev in girls room, Multi-color sneakers, the ramp, Tava's Hammers ,73. 65 BONNIE MATHESON Happiness is: The cape, New Hampshire, summer. Comment: People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges. .xy R' VK V 1 .. ' U KEVIN MCCARTHY Quote: "Paradise on my right, hell on my left, and the angel of death behind mef' I'l.l never forget: The field, the first time. Future plans: College, Death . . . Happiness is: Partying, payday, nice-looking chics. Misery is: Working, Paranoia. Suppressed desire: To be rich, fat, and lazy. JEAN MCBETH Misery is: Having a boyfriend who works 6 nights a week, 10 hrs. a day, not knowing where you stand. Happiness is: Being with Cotton Top 4 the drags. , I'll never forget: 6ll0l73, and Alan - Summer of 71 8L 73, Come on . .. will ya, gunkie, the great time with A..l. fj.b., b.h., k.c.J. Suppressed desire: Getting my license 8: drive, drive, drive . .. to nowhere with the radio blasting. Comment: If you love something set it free . . . if it comes back to you it's yours it it doesn't it never was . . . KAREN MCCARTHY Happiness is: Going away to Hampton beach all summer. Misery is: Saying good-bye to a great person. Pet peeve: Sometimes, not on time for Home Room. I'll never forget: Telling someone off. Future plans: Work. Comment: Loving Stoneham High School. MARY McGlNN l'll never forget: Tuna, Spot, "They make good use of those red lights", Mayo, Jr. Yr., Mr. P, Sister Anne Carver, Father Richard Malone, I'll vote for you, A hand at Fricndly's Happiness is: Friends who care, tootsie rolls, Smiling, jimmies Suppressed Desire: To be a model in Paris. Quote: "ln the solitude of our minds we can look to the future, for we know what we are but not what we may be." Shakespeare. MICHAEL MCGINN BOB MAYO Misery is: Having Blunt tHuntJ step on your face. Comment: You never outgrow your need for milk. Pet peeve: Having to listen to Boo Boo the day after he gets his picture in the paper. Happiness is: Punishing Meatball in tennis. l'll never forget: Sydney wicks, good times with the guys. MARY MCCARTHY Happiness is: Anywhere but where you are. Misery is: g'Living in the Material World." Suppressed desire: To be F. L. Bailey's Rival! Pet peeve: Reading Square. I'll never forget: Stork, Voltsy, Pitter-Patter, "The" Chuckwagon, "Hook", F.H.C., 10l31l72, Riding the Rapids, jetty, and Debi Dimples. Future plans: College. Comment or quote: "Happiness like a Child must be allowed to grow." l l X MICHAEL MCLAUGHLIN JOHN MEEKS Happiness is: Weekends, winning a race. Misery is: Hearing Mr. Rocher yell "Bonesman, Bonesman, lift up those knees." Suppressed desire: To take over the school for a day, beat Kevin Kille. Pet peeve: School elections and phony, corny speeches. I'll never forget: Marty's Room, Y.T.T., summer of 73, Drive-Ins. Future plans: College, Engineering Comment or quote: Life is tough, but when the going gets tough, the tough get going. JUDY MCKINNON l'll never forget: The gang from M.C. Breakheart. Happiness is: Having a good friend for long years. Misery is: No where to go on a weekend, Judy! Judy! Judy! . . . Suppressed desire: To be tall Quote: I'd rather be filthy rich than clean poor. Future plans: Nurse. Pet peeve: Getting up at 6: 30 in the morning for school. PEGGY MCLAUGHLIN Happiness is: Watching a sunrise Misery is: People who don't understand. Suppressed desire: To take off when ever I want to. l'll never forget: D.B., Margarita's "cubbyhole". line, donut and Rennie, October 13, John's parties. Future plans: Recreational education. Comment: When the sun rises it shouts forjoy! MAUREEN MEEGAN Happiness is: Long-weekends. Pet Peeve: A Xi G block majors. I'll never forget: H.B.73' C.B. 6123173 The "Thing", B.H. 91l4173. Hawaii 10171, 713173. Comment: Live each day as if there were no tomorrow. Misery is: Gym Future plans: Accounting. Suppressed desire: To see the world. ROBERT MEEGAN Comment: Courage, a state of mind where one stands alone but is not lonely. I'll never forget: F.R.I.E.N.D.S., trips. Suppressed desire: To become royal crown king of Chelsea. Misery is: Track coaches. Pet peeve: Snobs Future plans: Professional Mercernary. Happiness is: Being a loner. ,M . . 1' """Y7x v PAT MCTIGHE "It is well to give when asked, but it is better to give unasked, through understanding: and to the open-handed the search for one who shall receive is joy greater than giving." I'll never forget: C.F., B.H., rec., "Summer of '71, Bradless. Future plans: Physical therapist. Happiness is: Being with Kevin. Misery is: Working on weekends, time schedules. Pet peeve: Cliques. Suppressed desire: To go to Norway. Quote: CAROL MEISNER I'll never forget: K.F.C., lemonade, lunches with T.L., 9128173, China Grove, l01l7173. Pet peeve: Giving no reason. Happiness is: Finally realizing what you want while it still isn't too late. Comment or quote: "OH WOW!" "Your what hurts?" "How's your head?" Misery is: Not privileges for 2 years and having E block studies for 3 years. Suppressed desire: To make it through one season without shin splints. To be able to keep my mouth shut. - Future plans: To know what l want. SHIRLEY H. MEISNER Happiness is: Having a wonderful husband and a beautiful daughter. l'll never forget: November 10, 1972 and May 27, 1973. Pet peeve: People who tell me what a cute little boy I have. Suppressed desire: To be able to use paper plates, paper cups, and plastic silverware all the time. Future plans: College. Misery is: Being alone. ROBIN MILLETT Happiness is: Sunny days, friends. Misery is: Maybe next weekend. I'll never forget: Comb ya hair, the crew, H.L., Oh no, not on main St.!, Tabor. Comment: Life is nothing without friendship. Suppressed desire: A yellow V.W. Future plans: 2000 New Years Eve. DEBBIE MICALE I'l1 never forget: K.D. L.T. M.D. K.D.,' and "pish". Quote: So be happy, though often you doubt it, Do not fear, for the sun will shine through. Suppressed desire: To have things go as I plan them to. Happiness is: Having something to look forward to. Pet Peeve: Wa.iting. Misery is: Not getting any mail. Future plans: College, psychologist. S CHERYL MILLER Happiness is: Someone understands, MG, party on. l'll never forget: Moonshine, Kit's party, 7l26l72, roostcrs, peter pan, oh no it's a train. Comment: Have patience, learn to live with what's around you it's not all that bad . . . Misery is: Munchies, running out of gas. Pet peeve: Having someone tell me to smile. Suppressed desire: to reach California on my own. Future plans: Business School. who ELAINE MITCHELL Happiness is: Being with Johnny. Misery is: Not having enough money. Suppressed desire: To be out on my own. Pet peeve: Cliquers. I'll never forget: 8-31-72. Future plans: Hairdressing, having an apartment with the gang. 'A JOHN MITCHELL PATTY MEROSKI Happiness is: Being with people I like. I'll never forget: Class of "74", my sophomore year, J.D. Comment: I don't ask you to accept the things I do and believe only to understand. Suppressed desire: To reach California. Future plans: Travel. PETER MINGHELLA Happiness is: Getting a job. I'll never forget: When I came to the high school. Comment: I like all the teachers in the high school. MAUREEN MITCHELL Happiness is: Being with Vinny. I'll never forget: 5f26l73, Kit's parties, Peter Pan. Suppressed desire: To get my license. Misery is Getting up in the morning. MARY MOAR Happiness is: Graduating from S.H.S. Misery is: Pinwheels . . ., gumballs Suppressed desire: To travel around the world. Pet peeve: Working I'll never forget: Making phone calls at 3 a.m. Future plans: Business school. Quote: "Friendship needs no wordsf, rg I ' ' 4? Done Most for SHS and Most Promising: Mary McGinn, Steve Mullins. SHERALIE MITCHELL .QA BEVERLY MOCHI Happiness is: A yellow demon, Billy, 9f24l71. Misery is: Not having an alibi, summers with Liz, No. 2. I'll never forget: Listen to the music, H.L., Toby No. 1 No. 2, the crew. Comment: You can't live in the past nor in the future. Live now and be thankful. Pet peeve: Cool one's heels. Suppressed desire: To be happy. Future plans: College. Worst Jokes: Diane Lyons, Tom Mangone. 69 DONALD MONTEIRO l'l1 never forget: April 8, 1971. Happiness is: Tuna fishing, duck hunting, being with Cindy. Future plans: To have a bunch of Little ducks running around the house, listening to the pitter-patter of their webbed feet. Pet peeve: Nicknames like Ducky, seadog, tuna, Charley. Suppressed desire: Travel to Europe, winning on the football card. Misery is: Getting caught, working. working. Comment: Quack, Quaek, Quaek to the Class of 74'. BARBARA MORASH I'Ll never forget: Toilet paper in trees, Grasso's bushes, Mr. Hyde, G.V.W., S.M., B.W., 3!6l7l, Summer '70, my friends, P.F., my family, Men's room at Kowloons, kids in Jazz band and ehorale, P.S., the seance place, Where have you gone, Lee W., cartwheels, the wary. Comment: REE, Now wait a minute . . ., I feel like a jerk, What is this . . ., I can't take it. Happiness is: Music, little boys, people wholll give a damn. EILEEN MOORE Happiness is: Being with your kind of people and doing your type of thing, P.G. Misery is: Not partying, being a stork. Suppressed desire: To own my own farm. Pet peeve: "Keep running girls". Illl never forget: 4l28f73, Barn door, FHC, Voltsy, T.T., Rockingham, Mushroom, Pitter-patter, Thur on Thursday, l0l3lf72, HIOBS, the "hook", the "field", Riding the rapids, 6l22l72, SHS, the "Surf" - l.D., Beach Boys, C 8L C. MARY ANN MOORE Happiness is: Freedom, the first snow of the season, horseback riding. I'il never forget: Pat being casual, Joyce as a tennis partner and trying to win. Suppressed desire: To live out on the West coast. Quote: "With each rising sun think of our life as just beginning, show kindness and have today for tomorrowls chance may be lost. Misery is: Losing, E block studies. Pet peeve: Phoney people. PATTYE MOVSESIAN Happiness is: A star sapphire, blue and gold feathers, partying, a license. I'll never forget: J.C., 10 of 10, trums, plum island, zombies, 5 o'cloek, state police, "i surrender", the blanks, 6f8l73. Misery is: Cold fingers, working weekends. Pet peeve: greg d. Suppressed desire: To follow the rainbow. CAROLYN MROZ Quote: "Give me a few friends who will love me for what I am: and keep ever burning before my vagrant steps the kindly light of hope. And though I come not within sight of the castle of my dreams, teach me still to be thankful for life and for time's olden memories that are good and sweet and may the evening's twilight find me gentle still." - Max Ehrmann. I'll never forget: Pool tables, friends. Misery is: Losing, saying "G0odbye". SHERRY ANN MOORE Happiness is: Ridin' around and wastin' gas. Misery is: Buying new dungarees. Suppressed desire: To get a motorcycle Comment: Friends are like flowers - you can't have too many. Pet Peeve: Punching the clock. Future plans: Legal secretary. JEAN MOSCARITOLO Suppressed desire: To raise horses. Future plans: Astronomer. Happiness is: Watching a sunset. Misery is: Living in a city. Quote: "True dignity is never gained by peace, and never lost when honors are withdrawn. - Massinger. Pet peeve: Teachers who don't know what they're teaching. JAN MURPHY Comment: People live from day to day, but do not count the time. They don,t see their day's slipping by - and neither do I. Happiness is: To be some place different. I'll never forget: Tabor, f.h.c., the "hook", the states. Suppressed desire: To be free. Pet peeve: Phonies. Future plans: College. Misery is: Sugar pops, M.L. driving, losing. PETER S. MUSTO Happiness is: Saying what you intend to say. Misery is: Trying to get a pass to the lav. STEVEN MULLINS Happiness is: Overnighting, Schussbooming, Spartan Chorale, making friends. Misery is: "MOONA", Bundies Undies, Franz, Flipturns. Comment: "Many things in nature are, by irrelevant." Quote: "If a foolish man does me shall return to him my current definitions, wrong, I love. The more evil he does to me, the more good I shall do to him. Then the fragrant air of goodness shall always be with me and the harmful air of evil shall always be with him.', JAMES MURPHY Happiness is: Hacking Roger's Brain out with rachet. Misery is: Roger's Brain cavity. Suppressed desire: To be a Brain surgeon. Pet peeve: Dead Brains. I'll never forget: Tava's concentration camp. Future plans: Brain transplant. Comment: THUUUURRR-SDAY. I . in BOB MURPHY Happiness is: Being with Ellie, 6 points. I'll never forget: My first time dovsm the Cape, Ancient Mariner. Misery is: Losing to Melrose, a lousy weekend. Pet peeve: Having a football locker in the corner of the room. Comment: Never think too much - your mind will explode. Future plans: College. SWF' P5535 v . i' SHARON MURRAY Happiness is: Knowing that you are free. But you stay anyway: being perfectly eapitable. Misery is: No ping pong balls G block chemistry classes. Suppressed desire: To say hello Without having to say goodbye, to understand a movie. Pet peeve: Old sneakers. Illl never forget: Tava's hammer's 73, uthe corner", hitting the blinker, Ft. Devens, the Ho's, 7 long years, G.S., summer of 73'. Comment: Keep on Truck'in. LYNN MURPHY Comment: When what is perfect comes, then what is partial will disappear. JEAN MUZYKA y 71 K X DENISE NAGLE SHELLEY NORTON I'll never forget: Copenhagen Blue, who invented the fir tree? Gillette techmatic, Fro, Shue, What's the stuffing without the bird? eharades in the rain, Roddie. Misery is: Leprosy, Blimps, Stump and Twig. Comment: Der? Suppressed desire: To show people that there is more beauty in the world than their faces. If they destroy nature the way they have destroyed their faces, there won't be any beauty left. GINNY NEWCOMB Happiness is: H.I.O.B.S. Misery is: Morning Run. Suppresscd desire: To be 5 years old again. I'll never forget: Ed, Carol, Susan, Neil, Jim, Doug, Vera, Nancy, Joan, Fred, Suzy, Mike, Peter, and Rodwell from Zambia. CDunkirk, Jones, Cookj. Comment: "Oh God!", MI got the Winnebag Blues!". Q .M , -0- In , A at r S W ,Iii '5 w it 'Qt ,ki 'ii :Za . gf .. I - is fa' he ,'-,Sn ,Gt 9 Q, fgq., - 4' fields 1'1" '- YU: -:i'l fs? T fi? ,- if' fi' , Ur., 4 ix I 4: 1,'.'.' ' ' f 's1,,,'5 ,,.'.' ,Mtv if , it "f'L'. f ti :rea it 1 rw 1. d:" '2-.3352 DESIREE NOLLETT Happiness is: Having a sister and friends you can talk over your problems with. Misery is: Monday mornings, going down Barry's office! Suppressed desire: To be a teacher. Pet peevc: People making fun of other people, and eliekers, Teacher's pets! I'll never forget: Junior Prom, March 13, R.F. B.P. 8t D.N. K.W. 8t D.N. All the l'un we had together. '6Precious are Few", "Baby Blueu. NANCY O,GRADY Happiness is: Partying, snowy nights, friends. I'l1 never forget: The foof, the eggman, taxi, Cape - 10128, rrr at ecc, He, LYS, DD, Sat Nite Talks. Misery is: Missing the P. Cats, Monopoly games. Suppressed desire: Tell an interesting story, steal a mail jeep. Future plans: 2000 New Years Eve. Pet peeve: Burn outs. CAROL O'NEIL Happiness is: Having Mrs. P. L. Gardner for a teacher. Misery is: Having to leave her class, I'll never forget: The good times with Mrs. P. L. Gardner. Future plans: Nursing THOMAS NELSON Happiness is: Camping in Harold Parker "72". Misery is: Waking up the next morning. I'll never forget: Sunday at the lake, parties at John's. Suppressed desire: Have a car that doesn't break down, own a vette. Future plans: ITT Tech, auto mechanic. Pet pecve: Going to gym. MICHAEL OCHS MARGARET OTTAVI Happiness is: . . . you're o.k. I'll never forget: The hand at Friendly's, 4 in a van mobile, the moth in Chelsea Sq., Dutch boy paints, What What, What! The A.K. accident has he yelled yet? You're unbelievable "Mickey". Comment: Pencils have erasers because people are people, but what bother me is that my pencil always outlasts my eraser! Future plans: College Pet peeve: Are you sure we're not sisters Toby? JOHN PARASKEVAS WILLIAM O'NEILL Happiness Is: Being with Chris, being with good friends - Gerry Street, weekends. Misery is: Getting up for school, going to school, being a taxi, not being with Chris. Suppressed desire: Become famous, make money, get another bike I'll never forget: Wiping out on "93", Prune juice over C.B.'s, Birthday at Augastineis, August 17, 1973, Mobydoo, Gerry Street Gang. Future plans: Marry, make money, Work at Sanborn's. GAYLE ORBEN Happiness is: True friends, good parties, The P's. Misery is: Not having a car, staying home. Pet peeve: Phony people, can lines. Suppressed desire: To be 3 inches shorter. I'll never forget: Province Town, Wells Beach, N. R., Maverick. Future Plans: Work! Comment: Remarkable. JUDY PALUMBO Happiness Is: Being with friends, Little HO". Misery is: Wind sprints. Pet peeve: Being called Joanne. I'lI never forget: Tava's hammers, fire in home ec., tech tourney 72-73. Future plans: Nursing. Comment: We're all in this together. JOSEPH PAONESSA Happiness is: A certain girl in Reading. Misery is: The smell in the locker rooms, school lunches. Suppressed desire: A full season on the track team. I'll never forget: Electronics with W.W., J.M., J.L., J.C., S.P., Friday nights Future plans: Retirement Comment: "Friends, though absent, are ever present" : Cicero C63 A.D.J. DEBBY PAICOS I'll never forget: Summer of g'7l", Hampton, Sweet 8t Innocent, Summer Breeze, A bottle of C.W. water, S.V., F.F. Stop the world I want to get off. Comment: "You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give." Future plans: College - Major in Biology at U.N.H. JUNE PARKER Happiness is: David. Misery is: No birds. Suppressed desire: To be someone. Pet peeve: A.N.D.Y. I'll never forget: P.T.B.'s and bugs. Future plans: School. Comment: Every blade of grass has its own drop of dew. 73 BOB PARSONS Happiness is: Weekends without homework. I'll never forget: 10-31-71 Tripped over waterwheel, S.H.S., Ms. Knight's class. Misery is: Having and A and G Block class. Comment: 1974 is the year! Future plans: College. Wittiest: Patty Flynn 74 1P"' RALPH PEARCE Happiness is: Going somewhere I've never been before. Misery is: Wiping out on a motorcycle Suppressed desire: To camp on a beautiful mountain. llll never forget: The places I've been. Future plans: Happiness Comment: You're gonna put somebody's eye out! .9 Q, JOAN PETRICONE Happiness is: Having friends there when you need them. Misery is: Four letters of shorthand dictated in a row. Quote: Wish not so much to live long, but to live well. Suppressed desire: Peace on earth I'll never forget: Squishing 1300 kids in 3 lunches. Future plans: Secretary. STEVEN PARSONS Suppressed desire: To shave. Pet peeve: Good jokes. Happiness Is: Getting into movies at children rates, winning. Misery is: Looking up to everyone I'll never forget: Having to forfeit Soccer games. Future plans: College. Quretest. Paul Burke, Claire Day. Most Athletic: Tom Hunt, Lynn Barry. Wittiest: Michael Sullivan VIN PIGNATO I'll never forget: Summer of 73 84 all the kids, Patty G - fW.H.S.J k.c., tR.B-A.BJ Happiness is: Being able to lead the life you want, being with the ones you love. Misery is: Losing your oldest friends that meant the most to you. Comment: You only go around once in life, so make the most of it. Future plans: To move out 8L live on my own. Suppressed desire: To be happy in the future. CHUCK PIZZANO Misery is: The growth in your gym locker at the end of the year. Future plans: Sl35,000 a year. Pet peeve: A block jokes. Suppressed desire: Kill a Wolf. Comment: Lassie lives. Happiness is: E, F, and G block studies in a row. STEVEN PETTO Misery is: 22 laps. Suppressed desire: To run cross-country. Happiness is: Dike's at dusk. Pet peeve: French cigarettes. Comment: "The very substance of the ambitions is merely the shadow of a dream." Shakespeare. I'll never forget: The hoods of 75. Future plans: College. PATRICIA PISATURO Happiness is: Music Pet peeve: S.H.S. orchestra. Misery is: Chemistry, marching band. Future plans: Music. THERESA PETTO DONALD PITCHER Future plans: Pharmacy School. Happiness is: Accomplishing your goal in spite of your self. Comment: Revelation 21:4 "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes: and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: For the former things are passed away." Suppressed desire: To play the piano. Pet peeve: Stuck up girls. Misery is: Stoneham's social life. Wwe. fc? , -- ' w DIANNE PINATO Happiness is: Angels on Saturdays, smiles. Misery is: Burn outs, no more numbers. Suppressed desire: Make it to California with S.F., J.C., and C.V. Comment: Everything isn't anything unless it's the thing you want. l'll never forget: The Cape, April 73 with J.C., S.F., P.W. and D.B., Pistol, being Piggie. Pet peeve: Loud people, Willmas. Future plans: 2000 New Years Eve. JAMES PLATI Happiness is: Getting up Monday morning and finding out school is called off. Misery is: A shallow pool with a slide, Monday morning, Mid years. Pet peeve: BAMA, Frogmen, pencil, and Mr. Miami. I'll never forget: The c Xt d block party, The block dance, The good old football days, The smoke in the cafe. Future plans: College Comment: You only go around once in life: you have to grab for all the gusto you can get. SHARON POTHIER I'll never forget: lll2f73, George, 1121173-. Happiness is: George and reunions. Misery is: G Block class, leaving all your friends behind after graduation. Suppressed desire: World Peace. Pet peeve: Cliques. Comment: Always do your best, and then you can either have the feeling ot' success or the knowledge that you tried. Future plans: Executive Secretary. 5 ANN PUGLIA Happiness is: Glen . . . riding around in a 67 gold Ford listening to .limi Hendrix and smoking. Misery is: Sitting in Glen's backyard watching the people who bought his Ford drive it away. Suppressed desire: To get a car with bucket seats and four on the tloor. Pet peeve: People who talk behind my back. I'l1 never forget: P.T.B.,s and a.ll the fun times I had skipping with my friends Diane, Karen, and Marguerite. Future plans: To get married. Comment or quote: Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Vik.: GARY PRITCHARD Happiness is: All right. Misery is: A poor excuse. Future plans: College. STEVEN RANDALL ..,, .,,. N MARY ANN PROVOST Happiness is: Winning a football game, singing, a deserted beach. Misery is: Sitting two in a chair in the cafe, wearing a sweater after gym. I'1l never forget: l0ll2l73, 6l14f73. Summer of "72',, Essie :SZ Market. Comment: 'tYesterday is experience. Tomorrow is hope. Today is getting from one to the other as best we can." Suppressed desire: fWorld Peaeel, to cure my compulsive joining. Pet peeve: 2 studies in a row. JOHN REES Comment: As I run through the woods I see hawks flying with doves. Although you call me a dreamer, l'm not the only one. Why don't you look? I'll never forget: You, my friend. Happiness is: Winning a tough race with a P.R. and backpacking through the White Mountains with friends. Misery is: What I usually don't have. Future plans: Olympics. Suppressed desire: Getting two gold medals. LORRAINE POWERS Happiness is: Looking back with a smile, traveling to URI being "casual", laughing at lunch, my buddy, tuna sandwiches, shaft and superfly. Comment: Tell ya right now. One never knows, does one? Oh shut up I don't have to! .lust give me a quilt and a pillow. Quote: "Look around you. Has life found you? Is it what it seems? We are leaving, we are free . . . It's time to play our parts." Misery is: Always waiting, being recognized when incognito, 9-6. PAULETTE RAGUCCI Happiness is: Weekends, Reading. Misery is: Monday mornings. Pet Peeve: People who try to be something theylre not. I'll never forget: K.C. M.G., tic-tae-toe, goffer. Future plans: Secretary. JAMES REYNOLDS Suppressed desire: To know for sure exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life. Comment: Those who think they can fool Mr. Rowell all the time are sadly mistaken. Misery is: Walking into homeroom and finding an office invitation saying NOW. Future plans: Not absolutely sure but would like to make my way as an optometrist. Quote: "Get down to my office!" Happiness is: The day I've been waiting for tgraduationj. KRISTINA ROCCA Happiness is: Being with Ken, good friends laughing. Misery is: A block gym. Comment or quote: The only people who fail are the ones who never try. Future plans: Nursing. I'll never forget: Senior prom, concerts. Suppressed desire: Live each day to its fullest. Pet peeve: Loud mouths, tlirts. ANITA REINOLD Happiness is: Weekends, Reading. Misery is: A cold nose. I'll never forget: Fire in H.E. '72 007. Quote: Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today, because if you enjoy it today you can do it again tomorrow. NANCY RETTIG I'll never forget: Sebago Lake '72 'l73, "c'mon willya", the LJB gang, my friends, and checkers, P.R., rich + sandy. Comment: "The most essential thing for happiness is the gift of friendship". Suppressed desire: To cut Vicki's hair in her sleep. Pet peeve: Warning cards. MICHAEL RITCHIE Happiness is: Being with people you like. Suppressed desire: To be a millionaire. Future plans: To be president of the United States. Comment or quote: I would not have made it without God's help. , I as Wx i IL V ALAN ROACH Future plans: To become an electrician. Happiness is: Camping at H.P. I'll never forget: Aud. studies. Misery is: Wally's class. GARY RIEGER Comment: Tomato and toast. "Biff". JOHN ROJAK Comment or quote: The thing I Like about this school is that it looks ugly, but the food is terrible. Future plans: Fame and wealth. Suppressed desire: To be a hero. Pet peeve: Perversity Happiness is: Making S10 an hour, and playing my trom-bone. I'll never forget: Falling in Mr. Lougee's pond. Misery is: Boredom. 77 MELISSA ROSE Happiness is: Friends, talks, partying. Misery is: The Prince, getting locked out, and getting laryngitis. Suppresscd desire: Having nobody to tell me to shut my mouth. Pct peeve: Bad jokes. I'll never forget: The crew, digby, and late shows, gas crackers stations, t'riendly's, Clarkie's party, D. D. and the gang, and M.O.l.B.W.M. Future plans: Year 2000 on New Year's Eve. Comment or quote: You see things as they are, and you ask why? But I dream things that never were, and I ask "why not?" .4-fi! ANTHONY SAPIENZA Happiness is: The bleachers at Fenway Park. I'll never forget: Limbo, Frizz, Pizan, Bonesy, Harry, Russ, Oscar, Shart, and Monge. Pet peeve: Violins and violas, crusty gym socks. Misery is: Just missing at the Res. Suppressed desire: To finish a season and be a star. Comment or quote: "Lassie Lives." Future plans: Fame and fortune. JOHN SALTERIO N-'Q' NANCY SAMPLE Happiness is: Sailing during a snowstorm in October. Misery is: Not having a friend. Suppressed desire: Happiness. Pet Peeve: Having your mother wake you up when you don't have school! I'll never forget: The day Mr. Rowell gave me the office mascot. Future plans: College, camping out in a tent in South Clirolina. Quote: All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seed of today. DONNA SCHIRALDI l'll never forget: Margarita's cubbyhole, teddy, line and pucky, 13th and 14th of October, summer of'72 with K.L. Suppressed desire: To see L.H. and R.P. loaded. Pet pecve: People who stutter. Happiness is: Living for the day. Misery is: Moving away from the people you love. Comment or quote: Two mules pulling in opposite directions don't save a thing. SUSAN SCHNARE l'll never forget: Music room, Mrs. W., Baroque ensemble, summer of '73, Germany, Boston, tomatoes. Happiness is: Friends, music, harpsichords, and get together. Suppressed desire: To own a boa constrictor. Future plans: To fly in a balloon, to go to Russia and Tibet. Misery is: Surprise parties, stages, auditions, and saying good-by. THOMAS RUSSELL Happiness is: Making new friends. Misery is: Scoring a goal against your own team, fish. Pet peeve: Spanish, bad jokes, homework. Suppressed desire: To understand Peon and Burkey. Future plans: College, having a good time. PAULA SASSO Quote: We can complain because rose bushes have thorns or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses. I'll never forget: Spaz, P.S.S.S., IICA, Kitty, basketball games at boston garden, nSaturday in the Parkn. l DIANE SERVELLO Future plans: College Pet peeve: "Snobby people". Misery is: Not getting out in Jan. I'll never forget: April 2, 1973 and August, November 1972. Happiness is: A differentjob. Suppressed desire: To quit this job. BARBARA SMITH Comment: Don't deny that lonely feeling that keeps stealing on you from down inside: Hey can't you see itls no good concealing a feeling it hurts you to hide. I'll never forget: The cemetery, Ev in the window, "C'mon willya?" Suppressed desire: To be a clown. Misery is: Uneoordination, and Maynard Moore. Pet peeve: Cliques. Future plans: To be in a circus. BARBARA SCHULTZ Misery is: Trying to get to class at the other end of the hall, when there's a slow moving bunch of kids blocking your way. Suppressed desire: To see P.L. not get excited when she sees A. M. Pet peeve: When I'm at the movies and the person sitting in front of me is 6 ft. tall. Comment or quote: Never criticize others who are not as capable as you. Happiness is: Long weekends. Future plans: Nursing. CAROL SCHWEIGER I'll never forget: BBQed spare ribs and marshmallows, stop the world I want to get off, 207, 218, WEDGE, whatdya want a medal? F85, bridge games, 'gnicen Comment: Something's lost, but something's gained in living everyday. Happiness is: Having true friends, ambulans in pluviaque, putans cogitata profunda. Suppressed desire: To grow at least 2 feet more and be able to stuff it, fnot on someone's shouldersj. Misery is: Looking up to everyone, physically. Future plans: Meteorologist, Astronomer. PAUL SHINER JOYCE SMALLCOMB Happiness is: A summer forever, rumbling, chills, blue and gold feathers, bobbin. I'll never forget: Surrendering, the walk being leg's partner, spying, the bell, 8113, bebbe, gs Misery is: Frozen fingers, no nonsense, tacos, losing. Comment or quote: Very little is needed to make life happy. Suppressed desire: To own a horse. day fi -l! DEBBIE SHEPPARD Comment or quote: Sometimes when one person is missing the whole world seems depopulated. Future plans: To be a telephone operator, or a secretary. I'll never forget: All the studies in the cafe. Happiness is: Children's day with allthe kids. Misery is: Getting up early for school. CARL SMITH Happiness is: Saturday nights, a new XL01, Privilege, summer, playing the game. Misery is: Not giving your all, R, forgetting bad knees, being born in Chelsea. Suppressed desire: To jam the ball. Pet peeve: Homework, Sprints, babies. I'll never forget: Boston Garden, Wakefield, Mr. Conroy. Future plans: College. Comment or quote: Don't compromise yourself, it's the only thing you have. DEBI SMITH I'1l never forget: Mushroom, Bud, Stork, Sweet Pea, Barn Door, 5l24l72, Voltsy, Yukon. Misery is: Riding with Michael on Rt. 125 on Friday night. Pct peeve: You should be in your seat when the bell rings with your books open! Future plans: Business school. ROBERT SPADAFORA Misery is: Losing the car. Suppressed desire: To be rich. I'Ll never forget: C Block U.S. History, Graduation party, Homeroom. Pet peeve: Homework. P69 VALERIE SORENSEN Happiness is: Jay, Friends, Long rides on hot summer nights. I'll never forget: The cape, 2 at a time saves water, the crew 714173 R.P.A. U 62 V. Suppressed desire: To see the world on a Harley. Misery is: Waiting under the oak tree getting locked out. Future plans: 2000 New Year's Eve. Pet peeve: Snipes, Wasting gas on Friday nights. CAROL SPELLMAN I'll never forget: Sept. 22, 1973, the crew, Mungie. Suppressed desire: To have 72 Hallowecns forever. Happiness is: When your dreams come true, partying with friends, eating. Misery is: Friday the 13th, being alone. Comment or quote: Friendship Double our joys. Future plans: 2,000 New Year's Eve. Pet peeve: Being home at 12:00 when you,re having a good time. PAM SOWLE Happiness is: A 1940 Chevrolet, being with friends, graduating from High School, August in Pine Point. Misery is: Having your keys taken away. Working on Friday nights. Having RAS in homeroom. Suppressed desire: To earn a black belt in karate, own shares in Seagram's. Pet peeve: Having a Homcroom TEACHER Who thinks you're a drunk. I'll never forget: Homeroom Quote: I am the master of my soul. CAROL SPENCER I'll never forget: JLPVIICH, X's + O's, wedge, vague, bridge games MS LFJ, whcre's Wakefield? Happiness is: Sleeping until noon friends who care, a warm, friendly smile, a kind word, laughing so hard you ery, seeing friends. Quote: I only pass this way but once, so any good that lean do, or any kindness that I can show, let me do it now, for I only pass this way but once, Misery is: Getting up after a long weekend, Monday test, being lonely. Pet peeve: "If we donit have a volunteer, I guess I'll have to volunteer someonen. JEANETTE SOLAZZO Happiness is: Being with true friends, buying, party on . . , I'll never forget: CT.G.W.B..l.R.A.J '72 Roosters, it's a train, Peter Pan, K.L. House, Nahant beach, riding around, Whopper's baskets. Misery is: Work, June 30, '72, decision, Chest friendsj. Pet peeve: S.N.l.P.E.S., Jeannie. Comment: Love looks not with thc eyes, but with the heart. Suppressed desire: To live in Florida. Future plans: To be an airline Stewardess. SHARON SPARKS Happiness is: Florida, doing what you want. I'l1 never forget: Homeroom. Misery is: Having R.A.S. in homeroom. Suppressed desire: To tour Europe. Comment: You can't always get what you want. Pet peeve: Nosy people. Q-'9 iss. Most Musical: Patty Pisaturo, Frank Klucken. THOMAS STODDARD , r , , f M.. - : Most Versatile: Carolyn Mroz, Bob Murphy. Most Talkatiyeg Mehgsa Rose ROBIN SPENCER Happiness is: Gary, being in love, never having to worry, sundaes, dreams that come true, partying. Misery is: Friday 13th, working, phonics, fighting. Illl never forget: The cape, 20-25-20, H.L. The crew. Suppressed desire: To see the world on a Harley. Comment or quote: You are only yourself and if you try to be something else, you are nothing. Pet peeve: Never being right, people talking when they shouldnlt. Future plans: California, 2,000 New Years eve. Most Talkative: Michael Howe. PETER STEVENS Happiness is: Brenda. Misery is: Vahe calling at 7:00. Suppressed desire: To meet a stranger I know. Pet pecve: Brute. 1,11 never forget: The barn, Shs EMC JOHN STRAIL WILLIAM STUART Misery is: Fourth place in a four man race. Happiness is: Wearing your gym gear the first time after a washing. Suppressed desire: To Steal Mr. Pierce's starting pistol. Pet peeve: Freeloaders. Comment: I never knew picking a college could be so hard. Future plans: To rule the world. I'll never forget: When the bathrooms were used as bathrooms. WILLIAM SULLIVAN KATHLEEN SULLIVAN Happiness is: Partying, being happy, and Jimmy. Misery is: The last office on the left, saying goodbye. I'Il never forget: Norway, Watkins Glen, All the good times. Suppressed desire: To meet Gregg Allman, To travel around the world. Pet Peeve: The evil eyeball, getting caught. Future plans: To live on a farm. MICHAEL SULLIVAN Happiness is: Partying. Misery is: Only having six bites, burnouts. Suppressed desire: To become a Fruher, to live in California. Pet peeve: Blinkers. I'll never forget: When caught at H. Fixture plans: 2,000 New Years live. Comment: Don't bother. MA RK SWETT ,,. 9 K 1 ' - f I PAUL SWETT Happiness is: Being out of Stonehum High. Misery is: Distributivc Ed. Class. Suppressed desire: To Without trying. Pet peeve: Wally. I'll never forget: 715173. Future plans: Service. be rich TOM STURGES I'll never forget: Ginny Newcombe. Pet peeve: Cafeteria food. Future plans: Veterinary medicine, and establishing a large animal practice in the Midwest. Quote: She didn't know when he'd be home for dinner, but she always kept it warm. Misery is: Getting discovered in the head with a lighted marlboro. Happiness is: Getting all my homework done. MARTHA SURDAM -rf? PAMELA THOMAS CAROL VACCA Happiness is: Partying, bootin' and tootin' it, doing what, when, where. Misery is: Crossing the line and getting caught, lflorida, the dry season. Suppressed desire: To sing with the sailors in Jamaica. Pet peeve: Church on Tuesdays, my B+. I'll never forget: Digga, the eggman, cruising with babes, pigeon legs, schooner, Saturday nights, the Steelhouse gang. Future plans: Year 2000 New Year's eve. ELIZABETH ANN TERNULLO Misery is: Emersons, Summers with Beverly, odd situations. I'll never forget: Oh! no not on Main St., H.L., sophomore year, N.H.C., crew, route, Bakers, U8LU. Quote: Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. Happiness is: The No. 1 view, being with friends, October days. Suppressed desire: Own a eougar. Pet peeve: Confusion. Future plans: College, LINDA THEOBALD Happiness is: Having good health Misery is: Waking up in the morning and having a flat tire. Suppressed desire: To travel around the world. Pet peeve: Having nothing to do. I'l1 never forget: ND. KD.DD.DM and Pish. Future plans: Airline school. Comment: True friends are like diamonds, precious but rare: false friends are like autumn leaves found everywhere. I ' 'arf' JEANII3 THORNE Quote: 'KYou can't enjoy the fragrance of a rose without accepting the thorns it has to bear." I'll never forget: "Grandpa", May 4, Mrs. Barry, The Mens room at Kowloon's with B.M. P. F. Happiness is: Spartan Chorale, Oet. 25, 1972, sebago. Misery is: "Aunt Gil" not smiling. Pet peeve: Bomb scares during showers, T-Horn. Suppressed desire: Cut Vieki's hair in her sleep. JOHN TOOMY e DOUGLAS THOMPSON JEANETTE VARGAS , 83 FRANK VALLARELLI Happiness is: Winning 8t Pinning. Misery is: Counting the Lights ofthe S.J.H. gym in the middle of the second period. Suppressed desire: To hit 10 out of 10 on the football card. I'll never forget: Mangone's sick jokes. Mr. P. Future plans: College, M.D.C. DAN VESKOVIC Happiness is: A cold drink. Misery is: Waking up on Monday morning. Suppressed desire: Cross Country on a bike. 4-1-.,uv' JOANNE VECCHIO Happiness is: Living and being with Tommy, getting away with it. Partying. Misery is: Summers of "7l" and .1735 Comment: The things that bring you the most sorrow, you will find have been your greatest joy. I'1l never forget: Mark "72", p.t.b. Jan. 9, 1970, China Moon, 13. Suppressed desire: To be wealthy, healthy and wise. Fixture plans: To own Tom Mic's Restaurant. Pet peeve: Knowing J .C. CINDY WALKER Happiness is: Don, the lake, summer water skiing. I'll never forget: I wish I was there when the egg man came. April 8, 1971, D.J. M.B. K.C. P.S. my senior year, the burning of the Malibu, the friends of my class, Junior Prom Hawthornes by the Sea, Oct. 20, 1974. Pet peeve: Arguments, getting a slip from Mrs. Barry when you didn't do anything wrong, cold snow down my back. Comment: You only live once, do as many things as you can with someone you love. JOHN VENNOCHI Happiness is: Having her around so I can listen to her typical jokes. Quote: "A gain is to find a beautiful human soul',. Suppressed desire: To put Tava on the line. Pet peeve: Babies. l'l1 never forget: Thanksgiving night '72, Future plans: Something, I'm sure. Misery is: A turtle neck, circle drill. MARIE WALSH Happiness is: 'g57", K.B. "Joint Efforti' H.C. 750. Suppressed desire: To make it to Calif. ' I'l1 never forget: 913173, the "parties", Misery is: Bearded Lady. Future plans: Secretary. Comment: Don't judge people by their outward appearance. LEIGI-I VATCHER Happiness is: Partying. Misery is: No License. Suppressed desire: L. D. Pet peeve: Being called Spot, Snub, 8t Lugget. I'll never forget: 28, at thc Cape. Future plans: College. Q2 PAUL VOGT Happiness is: Reading parties, Friday afternoons. Misery is: llth grade, Miss Thur. Suppressed desire: To marry a Swede, To own the fastest "Rat" in the world. I'll never forget: July 26, 1972 in N.H., Oct. 6, 1973. Future plans: U. S. Air Force Comment: Everybody knows this is nowhere. JOHN WELCH DEBI WHITCOMB l'll never forget: R.M. Misery is: No more Nos., having a friend in guidance. The last office on the left. Suppressed desire: To accept the things I can't change, To keep my head on straight. Pet peeve: Burn outs, cotton mouth, church on Tuesdays. Future plans: The year 2000 New Years Eve. Comment: The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will out last it. Happiness is: Partying. MICHAEL WARD Happiness is: Allman 81 Clapton, paychecks, concerts. Misery is: Work at 5 a.1n., rainy summer days. Suppressed desire: to be a "Roadie". Pet peeve: R.G.'s, cartoons, schedule cards. I'Ll never forget: Larry D., ACRM, 4f28f73, "Whipping Post", losing in 21 holes, "Look for the flag with the nine on it." J. Giels 3 encores. Comment: A forced kindness deserves no thanks. KEITH WARREN Comment: O freund nicht diese Tone, sondern lasst uns angenemere anstimmen O freud vollere. I'll never forget: Washington, coekroaches in the corn, grape juice, across the USA, Tanglewood, PEI, KD, DW, my FC's, 1-1-73, Rockport, drive-ins and concerts. 10-23. Misery is: Having someone eat your cake. Happiness is: Paddywacker. Suppressed desire: Wine 81 dine in the Ritz-Carlton. Pet peeve: The Class of '74. Future plans: The Seminary. BARBARA WESOLOWSKI I'll never forget: Farington, S.M. B.M. J.G. T.D., GYBSO, Mr. A., Mrs. W. band, K.F.C. and lemonade. Happiness is: Smiles, chorale singing with B.M., friends, my own cello, getting outdoors, making it. Misery is: Mrs. Whot smiling, people who can't grow up, KFC on Mon. at 1200, not understanding. Comment: Hey, wicked sorry, Phil 4:4,13. Pet peeve: Wrong notes, people who can't give a damn, smoke in my eyes, only 24 hrs., in a day. DONALD WHEATON Happiness is: Norchool. Suppressed desire: The Nova. I'lI never forget: Bo .Iangles Future plans: To be a clown. Comment: You can't always get what you want. DAROLD WELLS Happiness is: Knowing school has been called off on a snowy day. Misery is: Class projects. Suppressed desire: To own a Corvette. 1,11 never forget: My senior year, graduation, dates. Future plans: College, Air Force, Airline Pilot. DOREEN WHITLEY I'1l never forget: Plm, crazy eddie, kellcr house smell, pixie, 4l7f73 - incognito, L7. Happiness is: 911173, Joe Mannix and Peg, rock and roll revival. Misery is: Muriel, 9l22l73, roll over beethoven. Pet peeve: Half gallons, freezers. 85 Most Guillible: Paul DiFronzo, Clare Connelly. FRANCIS Wl-IITTEN III Suppressed desire: To be Fat Man. Misery is: Waiting, worrying, and wiping out, H.H.'s. Pet peeve: Funny jokes? Happiness is: Having someone special. Comment: "Get serious!" I'll never forget: 319173, The Search. Future plans: College, "making millions of dollars". Class Couple: Karen Fcrritti, Tom Hunt. I 57 1 JOHN WILLIS Happiness is: Water skiing at 2 in the morning, working at concerts, partying. Misery is: Getting caught kicking someone. Suppressed desire: Pay off my car, get a t.d. Pet peeve: Italian girls, getting lost. DEBBIE WILSON Happiness is: Skiing an empty slope, The Dead. Misery is: A 64 V.W. Suppressed desire: To boot it to California by way of motorcycle. Pet peeve: Carol's B+. I'l.l never forget: 34 Lee, all my visits to Henry Thoreau's. Future plans: To complete my suppressed desire. Comment: "Let me hear ya diggaf' Class Livewire: Debbie Whitcomb, David DePierro. NANCY WILKES Happiness is: Being with friends and having a good time. Misery is: First period gym. Suppressed desire: To sky dive. Pet peeve: "Same difference." I'll never forget: That grilled cheese sandwich, jumbo petite, hot water, the stairs. Future plans: School. Q-4 DONNA ZAMPELL Quote: "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away." Thoreau. I'll never forget: Dutch Boy Paints, the hand at FriendIy's, The A.K. accident, 9-30-72, four in a Vin-mobile, 9-23-72, the Ringe Tech. game, heartcakes, "maro." Suppressed desire: To actually know that yesterday's hurt will be today's understanding: rewoven into tomorrow's love. DANIEL WOODS Happiness is: Brant Rock Children, southern bells. Misery is: E.Y.C., being lost. Suppressed desire: To drive a white 64 V.W. Pet peeve: Cliques. I'll never forget: KeeWec, Washington, Williston, N.Y., aphids. Future plans: To go to U.S.C. Comment: Shazam! is X' KATHY SALVO I'1l never forget: "Cambridge House of Pizza", "Blood sisters", Mass Ave, D.Q. Seeds, August 4, '73 those friends that live in the forest, SHS. Quote: What do you think about the rising price of rice in Red China? Suppressed desire: To eat a fried clam, tomato, or peanut butter sandwich without being grossed out. Misery is: A Reese's peanut butter cup. Spanish first thing in the morning. Pet peeve: Dirty ash trays. Future plans: Cambridge Junior College. SCOTT WRIGHT Happiness is: The 65 Malibu. Misery is: The fish. Pet peeve: Gym. I'1I never forget: July 8, 1973. i T if I ? r . 1 till? ,. VICKI ZAPPA Most Artistic: Susan LeBrun DIANE PANTANO IUOATI Favorite Teacher: Mr. Stephan Conroy, Mrs. Deirdre McCormack Af 'N , 35254: ay .T af' .M f q ,aw .., , f. ,- 1 J vw' ,.f--- X-Q ..f. , Favorite Subject: Iinglish ,,,,,.........m-:- R y f xgxx X, r , L f -1 kg uf' sl' ft Favorite Song: "Dream Un" 'v NSY?- W A .?'f.v , Q... ,,..., .-X. Ea--' 4 Z 2 E 9 S ,Q A .1 v 19 RL, v,f4,., .. , gb 3 Q-'fx '44, .Y 4 '?M r .l gg ,' .. 'vas ' . Q. , ,ff YQMQEE-wiv ' I' 1 1: M EH "'1"'T"' ,. L 9 , .i iitjsfg' , 'qi ix H A A LA :Z- . N. ? A A. Rf jwgh L 'iw W. 1' ,. 5 ,. . , ..., ,Q-9 QQ 3? TE "ina iii 1 'fn' L 1 -.X .. ' vw-v x Q Z 9' - -C 1 Qs: 1! ' A la' Y Mai . ,za f D f F E' ,x 5 ,qw ,i fs fi ir: ,V 19 .1 . sw ggi' F 32,-. Y 5- 5,? vQ " ,e Rx sh -L .r if V 'Q4' ' Lf, a V yi, Vi" IN rw 1. .r lin ' Q X2 1 , ., Y ,,,h. M K 43, 35 , , . A , -Q .Qu S V -mmf E we i Q-'wi Us 5 Q I A .. gx 41 cms Sq Q , ,Ar fx ' H 1 - K rgtji .ff 'lr' X '- 95 iffik QF 'Q A .mf STAFF 'wood 1 X I N 'Wx .,, . ,, f... 5 A ., . Am..- Y I . M1 in 19 if 5 V. I Y 'N w r 9 'CVT' itfvi- V 4v+ 'ver 5, i , 5' gk-.1 , Zfw 15. fifff' 'W 3F- IW? QQ ' It ',: dw. Q 'wr .XJ X. 'L A f XX f W 'N XX .1 jyixx , :ff 111 I . ' X 'gy' ' 1 l ,,, X - f' 'X C K X' x J . A1 x xx f fbi!! If .X :": Lys J ww . ' L, X, ' -p.,-.- .x F , 1 . f - X f' I " ' XX 'x x cl X Xi '-X -. s - x 5 O 4 ' . ll f, ' wr J 1 f f ,gif f- ui: 'ff ,ftp- 1' I ' h L X, 'v r x K X S w 7 , , x 'WD '-.. . ,I A N lf' 4 . ,Q liz" , slung, , , 1, J' 4 ff f' .' , 3 ' ff 55 A- -X' , Xt-ff' 3 ul, fi. W . Qs.. J. V, 6 if w i fs faq 'x Xxa' NX m . N v .', . .K 9' Q T L,,xx A9 I 451W fb . I. 1 ax X J K 'K MAJ Q RETTE CENTER: Capt. J. DiGiu1jo: L. to R.: Lt. P. Movsesian, K. Conti, C. EnFanto, J. Solazzo, P. Bing-You, J. Cody, B. Mochi, K. O'Meliu, D. Burr, C. Mahoney, B. Downing, C. Mackay, C. Walker, Lt. J. Smallcomb. 100 CHEERLE DERS '-1 Ng ROW 1: Co-capts. D. Zampell and M. Ottavi. ROW 2: C. Clark, S. Murphy, P. Dolan, R. Citroni, L. Haywood, B. Schiazzu. ROW 3: L. Hennessy, K. lferreti, J. Hill, P. Hopkins, D. Miasserizm, M. McGinn, M. Gilmartin. ROW 4: E. Tcrnullo, L. Vucca, E. Gunning. 'Fw 101 FOOTB LL Although the Spartans finished with a 2-6-1 record, they were a well disciplined, determined and talented unit. Their record doesn't indicate the kind of class football they played nor does it indicate the closeness of each contest. The first two games of the season were both tough one point losses and, in fact, the team needed only a total of 21 points for an undefeated season. The Spartans gave 10072 all season and never called it quits as they battled back against Wakefield and Winchester when they were losing by as many as three touchdowns. The quality of the personnel on the squad is shown by the fact that Mike McLaughlin, John Willis, and Tom Hunt were all placed on the Middlesex League All Star Team. With eight starters returning next year, including two Hne quarterbacks, the prospects for a successful season look good. Q 4,8 QW v . ii. 5 rv, ' f',',J 'l 9 15 . 8 , rl5,Q 3fr33 f ' . P S sl- 1 .,,. :I ROW 1 K. Gomes, E. Kelly, J. Willis, C. Balboni fco-captl, M. McLaughlin Cco-captj, S. Barbara, T. Hunt, J. Contestabile, T. Mangone ROW 2 S. Kanchuga, J. Vennochi, J. Crowley, K. Lierney, R. Flynn, W. Dunn, J. Dougherty, R. Goldthwaite, D. Geary ROW 3 R. Murphy, J. Hogan, M. Bradford, M. Costin, P. Staniech, D. Powers, J. McLaughlin, D. LaCroix, Coach Bob Margarita ROW 4 M. Sweet Cmanagerj, J. Corkum, J. Censullo, P. White, J. Reynolds, G. Proodian, P. Rolli, R. Parsons fmanagerl ROW 5 Coach Dick Qualey, M. Patano, G. Pritchard, A. Theriault, D. West, D. Jutras, S. Giglio, M. Barbera, Coach Paul White. 5 1 K "1 -J my U I ,,,,,, 105 N er: Y M 4:1 ,il 'Y' QM , ,W ,,.,,t -7 .vxf:12,t?n1z sq . f SOCCER The soccer team completed its season this year with a 5-1 1-1 record, and, as was the case in football, their record does not indicate the type of season that the Spartans had. The team displayed a tough, aggressive defense that allowed just over two goals a gameg in addition an explosive offense ran up such scores as 6 to O versus Burlington, and an 4 to 0 versus Woburn. This season was highlighted by a brilliant 4 to 2 victory over perennial powerhouse Melrose, and there was one point in the season where the Spartans were undefeated through three straight games. The team was further honored by having co-captain Tom Russell named to the Middlesex League all star team. With six experienced lettermen returning next year, coach Mike Kennedy can look forward to another successful season. ear' 'I -it iililil l '?"7Ql'55F5?Lz"l Tlx fd- V"'5' W' 'ffl if , .f JE .5 ti ' 'V it 'S l , f . , .M . , Risk' ROW 1: R. Austin, S. Mullins, T. Russell Ceo captb R Antonuccl fco captj R Bambery S 106 Parsons, P. Burke, L. Davis Cmanagerl ROW 2 V Athanas D Kwiatkowskl J D1Mare S Adams, T. Catalano, P. Surdam, S. Keith D Beane Coach Mike Kennedy ,gn -M.. P. , V... fr 6'7" 1,7 "Milf , 4,115+ ' SSW' f fkfvf ' L f X1 U .ANAL .f ,L,y.,J. '- ,- 5 'WJ as ' , ,ima 1,3 1 ,uw gf.. ,.. - . .x.,..4f tp ' Q 1' 134'-f, : .fii43." Wm gl, 41-is , , J ff' 453231, '- "s..:4 This year the varsity field hockey team had its best season in ten years, finishing with a 4-5-l record. This does not seem too impressive by itself, but compared to last year's 2-7-2 record, it is a great improvement. The season started off with a 1 to 0 victory over Winchester, who has always proved to be a tough rival, since it has taken 15 years to beat them. Another big game was a 4 to 1 romp over Watertown, while a very outstanding show of skills ended in a 1 to 1 tie with Lexington. Where as the team had many victories, they had their losses too. There was a depressing 1 to 4 loss with undefeated Melrose, and a tough 1 to 0 loss with Belmont, who managed to score a goal in the last minute ofthe game. The success of the team was partly due to the fact that more than half the team was made up of experienced seniors, but mostly due to the excellent coaching of Mrs. Ruth Timpone. With some fine talent coming up to the varsity squad next year, the Spartans are sure to have a good year ahead of them. GIRL ' FIELD HOCKEY ROW 1: M. McCarthy, J. Murphy, M. Lcspasio, K. Dermady, C. Connelly, C. Mroz, E. Moore fcaptj Coach Ruth Timpone, S. Bean, L. Barry, S. Russell, A. Carlson, S. Dawson, J. Cunha, IL. Junkcr 108 vi 109 CROSS COUNTRY The Stoneham High School cross country team coached by Alain Rocher compiled a 4-5 record this season. The Harriers were hampered with injuries during the early part of the season, but still did quite well in league and state competition where they placed Sth and 9th respectively. ln the league meet the Spartans had a bit of revenge as they beat Belmont and Lexington both of whom they lost to in the regular season. Several individual runners had good seasons including Kevin Kille and John Rees. Kevin set some new course records around the league while John finished 2nd in the league meet. Both John and Kevin were named to the Middlesex League All Star Team as well as newcomer Dave Haggarty. With Dave and five teammates returning next year, the nucleus for a strong team will be there. ROW 1: Coach Alain Rocher, K. Kjlle, F. Whitten, J Meeks J Rees D Guild ROW 2 D Haggarty, J. Estes, J. I-linchey, G. Caton, G. Palladino, P Valente 110 111 7' Fi ...,,,,,,M Q 4' A-3 'J 4 , WR'- J4 'ef x ,,., HGCKEY The hockey team did it all this year as they compiled a 12-1-5 record for a tirst place tie in the Middlesex League. The team played a fast-paced, hard-hitting brand of hockey that made for some exciting victoiies over Melrose, Burlington, and Woburn. Housed in Stoneham's new arena, the Spartans played in front of capacity crowds all season long. The team was seeded number three in the state and proceeded to the quarter finals before losing to Charlestown. Coach Burns should be commended for producing another State Tourney hockey team and, with the wealth of talent returning next year, back-to-back titles are not inconceivable. .-. .Q 1 E-ifviiigei 4 tl ,. I cart, if? 453' A. 114 1 S G I5 1153 f..,s.,. ,,,, .., A ,W f- gp..-. . 5 . .tm Q . -, g . F . . . .aiu as-. , .... ,,s. W.. . 4 Qillg CSKA 'S u ROW 1: R. Casey, T. Mangonc, P. Surdam, S. Keith, M. Almquist, P. White, M. Jamieson. ROW 2: Coach R. Burns, J. McLaughlin, S. Donovan, R. Mayo, B. Griffith, R. Murphy, Capt. M. McGinn, R. Casey, S. Adams, C. Cameron, Assistant Coach W. Seabury. Missing from photo: Managers G. Dougherty, W. Dunn, D. Kelly. 94+ fa 'S ggjga-J gl V Q54 4 ' " - - t.' - v: H K 'jx I, , gf AF ' Sf- .:,. , A ' "- 'R' Q, -' 6 3 V ' Q J GYMNASTICS The Stoneham High Gymnastic team ended their season with a record of two wins and six losses. Almost every meet was close and the girls did very well against the stronger teams in the league, beating Melrose and losing to powerhouse Winchester by only two points. The squad was basically a young, inexperienced group consisting of eight underclassmen which performed with poise and grace all season. With the exposure those eight varsity members have gained this year, Coach Noyes will have a fine nucleus returning for next season. ROW 1: D. Alongi, C. Meisner, K. Denietolis, M. Stone, M. Mahoney, J. Houghton R. Boudreau, J. Catztldo, B. Valentc. ROW 2: J. Murphy, R. Millet, D. Hopkins Coach C. Noyes. ROW 3: P. Movsesian, J. Germano. . 1 4 1 4 4 1 9 4 1 ! 1 D 'Q 52 4, '44 WRE TLI The much improved Stoneham High School wrestling team, in its tirst year of league competition, completed the season with a 5-7-l record. This was a tremendous improvement over the O-5 record of last year. The grapplers came on strong during the second hall' of the season, showing an aggressive style that enabled them to beat the last three opponents on their schedule. This year was highlighted by two explosive wins over Medford as well as single victories over league rivals Woburn, Winchester, and Belmont. Coach Denis Mulviliill should be credited with an excellent job ot' coaching as he has brought respectability to a young and relatively inexperienced team. The future also looks bright for the Spartans as liourteen members of the team will be returning next season. Perhaps a league title is not too liar away. ROW 1: R. Chinappi, S. Parsons, M. DeCosta. T. DiMarco. W. Dawson. T. Rolli. T. Angelosanto. ROW 2: B. Brewster. T. Quigley, Co-eapt. lf. Vallerelli, Co-capt. .l. Contestabile, P. Rolli, T. Nlosearitolo. ROW 3: Coach D. Mulvihill, S. Lawlor. J. Corkum. D. West. M. McLaughlin, M. Daniels, W. Sukiel, managers K. Donahoe, K Dart. 118 ". .' xul ffl , .,.,, is , X n '51 121 BOY , BASKETB LL The Stoneham High basketball team compiled a record of eight wins and ten losses this year. The season was highlighted by victories over Wakeiield, Reading, and Watertown and an upset win over league-leading Winchester. Most ofthe games that the Spartans lost were by less than tive points, and this margin kept Stoneham from a tourney berth. With two starters and three more players with varsity experience returning next year, Coach Conroy has hopes of an improved season. QYXXNA C 4 ROW 1: K. Gomes, R. Kwiulkowski, Co-cupt. V. Atlumus. Co-Capt. C. Smith, A. Giunclli. J. Vcnnochi. V. Bain. ROW 2: Coach S. Conroy, C. Bulboni, G. Pritchard. D. Julrus. R. Bemubci. Mzmugcr M. Ward. Stulisticizm ll. Stone, Manager E. Burmlucci. Missing from photn: J. Pnllotlu :md SI2lIiSliCillI1 S. Mullins. GIRL ' KETB LL The Girls, Basketball team completed a disappointing O-11 season this yearg however, the girls' spirit and determination did not wane as the season wore on. The team had some very close contests with Saugus and Woburn in which the opponents won by only two and six points respectively. ln fact, most games this season were not decided until the final moments ofthe fourth quarter. Coach Randall will be looking forward to her 6 returning varsity players next year as well as some members of' the J.Vfs who wound up their season with Z1 record of4 wins and 7 losses. ROW 1 J Gulfoyle A Mrhoncy Co Capt L Barry Co-cipt M Moore M Powers C Schwei er ROW2 S. Russell E Hartun P MCLlLlblllll'l C Mroz M McNulty C Maiorana Coach S Randrll -R .W , x nflg u' ge 5, 52? 6 -ui! --A, J . . an A K TAX-N 5.3.51 1 X Ai V 5 , .4 Y N ' n A, fi MI K - iw mx ' 1 sg Mft ,. x. W1 L, ax 'll . x x , M sf' 1 r -.FW . it 4 . ,x . f .1 - a ,F Q sw Q f 12 . X WW 5, 3 N Z """-v-.ik 'Q X- f 1 '41-uw-hx w Vbfsfg-:M 'XI' iv' F f X Q? . ' ' A s. ., - wx L t my FQ WINTER TRACK The Winter Truck teum enjoyed Ll successful seuson this year ending up with at 6-3 record. The tezim wus surprisingly strong in leugue competition :md their string of victories included an upset Win over Winchester. They also did well in Stzite competition. placing third in class C. After the Stute tournriment. the tezim squared ott' with Wilmington in the Northern Areu Duel Meet Clll1lHpiOI1Sl'IlP und won hzmdily. Coach Rocher should be congratulated on lvOI'INlllllfil1g another time team, und with sixteen members returning next year he will have the tulent necessary tor :mother sttccesstul season. , .vials-A81 l lt Nl. Lespusio, N. Heuinxm. S. Duwson, M. Jordun. ROW 2: 'lql'1ll11Cl' Halrriso x o L ces er X R Tc il S 'Y thoodl Puznno, P, Valenti, W. Stuztrt. ROW 3: Couch A. Rocher. J. Willis. J. Catton. L. Dou hertx R ltlellxonim R Fstes I Meeks ASSlN1ll1lcl7ILll R Pierce D td Co-cupt. J. Rees, Co-calpt. S. Petto. P. Lund, tl. Hurley, .l. Petto. .l. Hinchey, R. N 127 P 40' iff ML-wwf' 4 ' 1 5 ,T ,ii ...4 ,A -- .MJ ...M4 , , 'E N ' i- if Tl? A ,. s 1 w Y w N W W :Q Q 5. 3 as F , ,, 5' 5 Q is f x 9 k 1 w Rrfwgg if ' j f ffm-f-,qw ni, X,r..! ai., J Ff A Q ',,'L' 'ffl A IGR PRO N5 ' X' 5?5.L??L?W' WCRITICQS CHOICE" Parker Ballantine ....... Angela Ballantine ...... John Ballantine ...... Dion Kapakos ........ Essie.. ,...... . Charlotte .......... Cast of Characters fln order of appearancej Ivy London ................................................... Daniel Guild Linda Holmes Jay Boehm CClass of 19765 Thomas P. Sturges Karen Denehy ......Kathy Keefe ......Denise Nagle Faculty Director, Robert S. Silverman m In ?Th 5 A-M, -3 -?!frf.'m4 ., JI., 7 Mfff f I. f J! ..-:. :' N gl . 1' .yr k 'it z ,iff 5 F' i YE RBOOK STAFF SPORTS Editor J. Contestible, K. Dart, C. Mroz, S. Dawson. BACK ROW: R. Parsons, C. Pizzuno, A. Supienzu, S. Petto, A. Mahoney, G. Bourque, F. Whitten. SENIOR ROW 1 R. Millett, L. Dube, K. Hughes, M. Rose, C. Miller, L. Powers, C. Walker. ROW 2 T. Juffre, J. Cunniff, editors, ROW 3 P. Dolan, R. Citroni, C. Donovan, E. Gunning, A. Mahoney, J. Solazzo, B. Mochi, E. Ternullo, S. Avedikian, J. Howard. NOT PICTURED: D. Whitley, B. Downing, C. Mackay, N. O'Grudy, M. Manning. 136 THE EDITORS ROW 1: K. Lee, C. Spencer, T. Juffre, J. Cunniff. ROW 2: M. McGinn, S. Norton, M. Biagioni, Mrs. Schrock, Advisor, E. Junker, J. Contesmbile, M. Ward. NOT PICTURED: G. Reiger. TYPING J. Barbuto, S. Barchard, G. Bourque, E. Ternullo, J. Caliri, S. Pothier. NOT PICTURED: M. Meegan. PHOTOGRAPHY J. Rees, C. Schweiger, M. Wilson, S. Petto. NOT PICTURED: G. Rieger. ACTIVITIES ROW 1: A. Mahoney, A. Fitzpatrick, S. Macchia, E. Moore, M. McCarthy. ROW 2: S. Meisner, P. DiGangi, M. Biagioni CEditorJ, B. Wesolowski, C. Connolly. NOT PICTURED: C. Hickey. LAYOUT ROW 1: P. Hopkins, R. Millett, L. Dube, K. Hughes, C. Walker, C. Miller, L. Flowers, P. Dolan, D. Whitley. SITTING: Editors, M. Wa.rd, M. Biagioni ROW 3: A. Fitzpatrick, R. Citroni, J. Solazzo, P. Sasso, J. Bosy, K. English, B. Freeman, N. Wilkes, S. Dawson, C. Donovan, C. Day. NOT PICTURED: Shelley Norton, J. Davis, K. Keefe, V. LaCroix. BUSINESS ROW 1: P. Lund, A. Carlson, C. Mroz, S. Mullins, S. Petto, C. Day. SITTING: Editors C. Spencer, K. Lee, ROW 3: M. Ottavi, P. Bing-you, D. Paieos, P. Sasso, K. Keefe, K. Macdonald, S. Buccheri, L. Holmes. NOT PICTURED: M. Meegan, C. Meisner. 137 T. Juffre, Miss Norelli, Advisor, D. Woods, D. Wilson, K. Warren, S. Cooper. NOT PICTURED: E. Raftell. EEDS SITTING: K. Salvo, B. Brewster, L. Hennessy, J. Davis, J. McCallum, KNEELING: T. Donnelly, S. Edelstein, E. Hartung, M. Antonuccio BACK ROW: L. Holmes, J. Hunter, M. Biagioni, NOT PICTURED: Mrs. McCormack, R. Cammarata, R. Geary, D. Hastings, D. Kelly. 138 SPARTAN POKESMAN SITTING: S. Avedikian, J. Cunniff, S. Macchia, M. Muning, H. DellIsola,J. Hanlon, B. Sweeney, R. Boudreau, K. Denietolis. STANDING: M. Provost, K. Denehy, E. Lusas, P. Lund, V. LaCroix, B. Freeman,K. English, R. Casey,G. Pritchard, M. Ottavi, Miss Broderick CAdvisorJ. NOT PICTURED: Mrs. McCormack fAdvisorJ, S. Dennis, C. Haley, R. Hess, P. Lawless, D. McDonnell, M. Meegan, D. Nader, M. Shannon, J. Slater, M. Thompson, C. Vacca, G. Williams, A. Wiley, S. Tierney, J. Vargas. STAFF OPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS ROW 1: A. Barry, P. White, G. Williams, A. Czinimarata, N. Dilfronzo, K. Czifasso. 1 115521. SE IOR CLASS OFFICERS I I ROW 1: Miss Broderick Cadvisori, Steve Mullins Cpres.J, Mrs. Leaman Cadvisori ROW 2: E. Gunning Csoe. chmn.J, Paula Sasso fvice pres.J, M. Ottavi Csee.J, P. Hopkins fsoc. ehmnj, J. DiGuilio ftrez1s.J. I N I I JU IOR CLASS OFFICER ROW 1: C. Stokes, D. Miasseriun, Pres., A. Russo, Mrs. Moore ROW 2: Mr. Tavanese, K. Maher, M. Phelan, K. O'Meliz1. H STUDE T COUNCIL ROW 1: W. Boretti, J. Biagioni, P. Bing You, P. Murphy, M. Gilmartin, D. Cleveland, S. Murphy, ROW 2: B. McLaughlin, L. Minghella, M. Biagioni, D. Miasserrian, K. Mahoney, M. Vallarelli, ROW 3: E. Junker, Treasg K. Dermady, Presg J. Cunniff, V.P.g M. McGinn, Sec.g Row 4: S. Mullins, R. DiMarzo, F. Vallarelli, G. Paladino, P. White. NOT PICTURED: B. Roy, L. Haywood. VARSITY SCHOL R BOTTOM ROW: W. Stuart, C. Donahue, A. Mahoney, P. Bing You, M. McGinn, C. Schwieger, J. Guilfoile. ROW 2: C. Pizzanso, J. Angelosanto, D. Deljsola, T. Juffre, B. Mochi, K. Lee, C. Day. ROW 3: J. Venochi, C. Spencer, K. English, B. Wcsolowski, S. Meisner, M. Provost, C. Mroz. ROW 4: P. Fitzpatrick, J. Davis, D. Guild, N. Wilkes, S. Schnare, P. Pesaturo, R. Kluken. ROW 5: K. Keefe, P. Lund, P. Digangi. Q. fa X X v,- HARVARD BOOK AWARD GIRLS' AND BOYS' STATE G. Prltclrard, W. Hoyt. BOYS' STATE: Garry Pritchard John Contutlbl GIRLS STA FL Mrrv McG11z Carolyn Mraz. SCHOO MI M. Mdlinn, E. Junkcr, N. Genlilc, P. Sasso, E Guor utr YOUTH ADVISORY C- NATIONAL HO OR SOCIETY ROW 1: K. Lee, M. Provest, C. Sehweiger, A. Mahoney, P. Bing You, J. Guilfoile, L. Dinsmore, K. Butler. ROW 2: D. Wilson, M. Lespasio, D Nagle, A. Carlson, P. Lund, B. Wesolowski, D. Duffy, S. Schnare, D. Delisola, B. Hennessy, ROW 3: S. Meisner, C. Spencer, M. Biagioni, D Zampell, K. English, C. Mroz, J. Angelosanto, K. Kcefe, M. Ottavi, S. Mullins. ROW 4: D. Guild, C. Pizzano, G. Prichard, M. MeGinn, P Hopkins, P. Fitzpatrick. W. Stuart, J. Vennoehi, S. Pctto, F. Klnken, J. Davis. DRAMA CLUB ROW l: Mr. J. Romano, Advisor, A. Gromenstein, N. Gentile President, D. Woods, L. Holmes, J. Boehm, ROW 2: S. Buccheri. E. MaeLearn, C. Stokes, D. Bird, C. Krivateh. J. Colucci, L. Kinney, M. Fieher, C. Davis, K. Tohnan, D. Miasserian. L. Minghella, ROW 3: M. Shannon, L. Crocker, L. Mullins, J. Teneriello. J. Gusterfson, J. Scribner, L. Dinsmore, S. Norton, S. Schnare. A. Russo. ROW 4: H. Stone, P. Durso, S. Dingmore, W. Mobilia, P. Murphy D. Huygens, C. Calbeek, K. Dearth, P. Pickett. NOT PICTURED: B. Brewster. E. Cuvio, J. MCC1lllllm, N. O'Neil, K. Maher. C. Mahoney. S. Murphy, E. Dinelli, E. Raftell, S. lidelstein. I TERACT ORK ST DY ADVISORY ROW l: A. Carlson, C. Mroz, K. Keefc, B. Wesolowski. ROW 2: P. Bing You, B. Morash, R. Teal, S. Dawson, ROW 3: J. Angelosnnto, J. I-Iinchey, J. Cunniff, V. Lacrox. ROW 4: J. Davis, D. Zampcll, D. Pitcher. ROW 5. K. Tulmam, C- Day, R' Heinlein- ROW 6. K, ROW 1: D. Kennedy, P. Jern, E. Burns, S. Randall. ROW 2: D. Beebe, M Denehy, M. Biagioni, J. Thorne, B. McLaughlin. Pucci, C' 'Darrell' COMMU ITY SERVICE i SITTING: D. Nollett, S. Pothier, J. Biagioni. KNEELING: M. Biugioni, S. Buccheri, S. Sparks, D. DiCarlo, P. Bing You, L. Mullins, C. Donahue. STANDING: J. McKinnon, E. Lusus, M. Shannon, J. Petricone, K. O'Melia, B. Potheir, E Hauling, D. 143 Brown, D. Brown, M. Howe. NOT PICTURI-ID: J. Biugioni, K. Carney, E. Dennis, R. Geary, J. McBeth, C. Moore, D. Servello, P. Sowle. PO DER PUFF FOOTB LL ROW 1: M. Mahoney, K. Dart, A. Mahoney. ROW 2: M. Provost, S. Dennis, D. Flqrinm, C, Masiello, D. Cote. ROW 3: E. Lusas, K. Tolman, K. Mahoney, S. Murray, G. Bourque, D. Williams, S. Carino, B. Wesolowski. NOT PICTURED: K, Mahoney, C. Haley, M. Powers, J. "M" Doherty, S. Russell, Coach Mr. Wm. Donahoc. W'f-D'D ' N X 1 144 PEP SQU ROW 1 Mrs. Jacobe, Advisor, D. Morrissey, Soph. Rep., M. Biagioni, Sr. Rep., Miss Broderick, Advisor. ROW 1: A. DiGiovanni, P. Mucci, J. Murphy, R. Hayman, Ms. Buckley, Advisor ROW 2: B. DeGrutto1a, R. Nelson, L. Lent, C. Mroz, J. Ress, M. Crooker, B. Donnolly, S. Gover, T. Covelle, J. Petto, ROW 3: B. Mobilia, D. Brienze, S.Avedikian, J. Moscaritolo, K. Lee, H. Heumun, M. DeCosta, E. Oram, J. Smith, G. Caton, S. Barbera, R. Teal. AUDIO VISUAL CLUB B. McDougall, S. Brenner, P. Stevens, M. Wilson, V. Gurdjian. NOT PITCURED: Mr. Herrick, Advisor. CHESS CLUB FUTURE SCIE TISTS V -fa, Q ROW I: R. Heinlein, P. Burke, D. Ifrotten, P. Bing-you, A. Mahoney, P. Infurna, S. Petto, D. Guild, MIDDLE ROW J. Caillicot, S. Dawson, ROW 3: K. Fenncll, D. Puntcno, C. Mroz, B. Wesolowski, H. Stone, B. Brewster, S Yuliooclik, R. Wood, Mr. Jenkins CAdvisorJ. NOT PICTURED: J. Allen, C. Bulboni. A. Carlson, R. DiM11mbro, P Durso, A. Gromestein, N. O'NeilJ, IE. Orum. SENIOR P TROL ROW I: P. Dolan, K. O'Mcliz1, J. Cody, J. DiGuilio, R. Millett, S. Murphy, ROW 2: P. Pickett, K. Muhcr, C. Mahoney, N. Sugzxrnmn, L. Vuccu, L. Murphy. I.. Dubc. K. Dcrnmnnly, L. Mingliellu. ROW 3: NI. Biaigoni. K. Tolman, P. Sasso, IC. Gunning, C. Donovan, NI. Gordon. J. Pulunmluo, L. Ccrrcluni, J. Snlazzo, R. Cilroni. K. Donuhoc, P. Hopkins, T. .lul'l're. NOT PICTURIQD - B. Downing, L. Tcrnullo, D. Waincr. TRAFFIC SQU D 146 SITTING: T. Juffre, C. Walker. D. Whitley. D. Zznnpell, N. Sample, J. Meeks. KNEELING: J. D'AnnoIfo, M. McCz1rtliy, J. Recs, D. Mnnicini. STANDING: T. Nelson, J. Cutuldo, J. Gardiner, M. Brunini, A. Roach, P. Burke, S Bauberu, D. DePierro, M. Almquist. NOT PICTURED -- S. Kunchuga, D. Kelly, R. Murpny, T. Russell. E TURE TEACHERS SITTING: B. Freeman, K. English ROW 2: L. Minghellzr, P. Lund, S. Lcbrnn, S. Dawson, C. Mnhoney, K. Muhr, V. LaCroix, Mrs. Olmsted 1AdvisorJ L. Dinsmore, N. Gentile. NOT PICTURIQD: J. Vargas. FUTURE SECRETARIES KNILELING: L. Dube, D. Difurlo, L. lfunm, J. DeWitt, D. Cole, ROW 2: Miss Forum CAdvisor3, D. Dclisols, P. Covcl. J. lizrrhuto, S. Pothier, Miss Guruti fAdvisorJ, ROW 3: C. Donahue, J. Pelricone, S. Bornstein. M. Mcegnn, N. Wilkes, P. McTighe, B. Hartwell, D. Shepherd, B. Matheson, D. Nollett. FUTURE URSES FLOOR: K. Donahue, D. Doherty, L. Snyder, G. Ripuro, J. Alliun. TABLJQ: J. Belmont. BACK ROW: F Goodman, L. Montiero, J. Culicol, NJ. Thompson. M. Provest, K. Denehy, Mrs. Puck fAdvisorJ K. Romano, V Curran, D. Bohling, M. Mcginn, I. Annetli, D. Frultcn. NOT PICTURJQD: J. Anderson, N. Barry. M Mahoney, L. Warren. FRIE D CHOR LETTES STAGE BAN Directing: Mr. Anthony I-lyde, ROW l: D. Wells, R. Agassi, F. Klucken, P. Pisuturo, R. DiMuinbro, V. LaCroix, R. Hayman, B. Weslowski. ROW 2: J. Hinchcy, J. Rojak, D. LaCroix, R. Melkoniun, S. Norton, S. Schnarc. ROW 3: G. Caton, P. DiFronzo, D. Nickerson. Piano - B. Mornsh Drums - G. Rieger Missing from photo V. Bain, B. Cardinal, S. Fcrrante, M. Wilson. ROW l: NI. Der, M. Jordan, A. Marshall, N. Roach, C. Vivicros, C. Baskin, K. O'Me1ia. ROW 2: K. Romejko, J. Denehy, A. Gillis, J. Burr, C. Harrington, l-l. Dcllisolla, S. Delninno, J. Doherty. NOT PICTURED: A, Rivera, M. Zaitchak, J. Grzimsdorff, D. Marino. GIRLS' E SE BLE ROW 1 C. Spencer, M. Provost, K. Denehy, Nl. Thompson. D. Bird, J. McCallum, M. Muir, S. Dawson, J. Cunniff ROW 2 K. Lee, B. Morash, L. Dirtsmore, S. Buccheri, L. Holmes, A. Carlson, C. Mroz, C. Davis, J. Thorne, J. Velton, P. Thomas, L. Gantlolfo, W. Reid, C. Rocca, N. Rettig, E. Junker. NOT PICTURED: D, Doherty, K. Donahoc, P. Thomas, J. Vargas, B. Wesolowski. MADRIG L ROW 1 B. Crowe, L. Gandolfo, M. Muir, J. McCallum, S. Schnare, B. Wilson, P. Dows, C. Basten, A. Marshall, M. Provost, K, Denehy, J. Belmont, G. Dooling. NOT PICTURED: GRE TER BOYS' GLEE CLUB BOSTONIANS J. Vargas. ROW 1: D. Nickerson, P. Shiner, S. Mullins, V. Bain, P. White. ROW 2: B. Morash, S. Bianchi. S. S, Macchia, J, Hinchey Cooper. ROW 3: S. Avedikian, J. Conczmnon, J. Hinehey, R. Parsons, S. Maeehia, A. DiGiovanni, D. Pitcher, S. Smith, G. Doherty, P. Behenna, J. Berry, M. Loughman, D. Brandano, R. Difvlarzo. NOT 149 PICTUREDZ D. Beane, J. Palotta, G. Reiger, P. Sweet. ALL-DISTRICT STRI GE SE BLE B. Wesolowski, S. DeC0stu, J. Rojak ROW 1: P. Pisaturo, F. Kluken, B. Weslowski. ORCHE TR GBYS0 ROW 1: S. Schnare. ROW 2: S. Norton, V. LaCroix, P. Pisaturo, J. Belmont, S. Farenti, J. Rojak. ROW 3: lf. Kluckcn. ROW 4: V. Bain, S. DeCosta, B. ROW 1. Iv- Kluken, P- pisumm, B. Wesolowski, J. Rojak Wesolowski, D. LaCroix, R. Mclkouiun, J. Caron, J. Hinchey. missin! is R. DiMumbm- 150 SPARTAN CHORALE ROW 1: S. Buccheri, E. Gunning, M. Thompson, P. Movesiun, R. Gardner, A. DiGiovanni, S. Maechiu, J. Concannon, L. Crocker, D. Miasserian, J. Howard, E. Pinelli, S. Meisner, ROW 2: E. Junkcr, J. Hanlon, D. Vzncon, C. Spencer, C. Stokes, C. Vivieros, P. Abramo, L. Mullins, M. Smith, T. Angeloszmto, J. Palotta, S. Bianche, M. Bradford, S. Mullins, B. Morash, D. Zampell, J. Cunniff, D. Williams. ROW 3: M. Ottavi, N. Gentile, L. Dinsmore, J. Dempsey, L. Holmes, R. Reis, D. Bird, K. Denehy, M. McGinn, R. Dimarzo, J. DiMure, J. Reynolds, R. Blauvelt, P. Behenna, K. O'Me1ia, K. Romano, M. Malzone, ROW 4: M. Asci, B. Pothier, P. Doxvs, C. Haley, W. Mobilia, S. Edelstein, M. Dugan, G. Proodian, J. Hinchey, S. Avedikian, D. Beane, M. Muir, K. Mahoney, K. Dearth, P. Hopkins, C. Mroz, S. Norton, S. Schnare. ROW 5: N. Luther, M. Provost, B. Viera, K. Lee, W. Reid, C. Rocca, L. Minghlla, L. Russell, J. Thorne, B. Wesolowski, R. Boudrcuux, H. Halchak, D. Dery. NOT PICTURED - W. Abbott, M. Crosdale, R. Donovan, L. Haywood, M. McCarthy, D. Pitcher, A. Riviera, M. Vallarelli. MARCHI G BAN - f.. cs. ROW 1 S. Schnare, D. Bird, N. Shiner, J. McCallum, C. Stokes, B. Wesolowski, S. Farente, P. Shiner, S. Bean, B. Cardinal, K. Trenholm. ROW 2 S. Norton, 12. McClern, K. Dagle, S. Rummell, J. Hinchey, J. Cuton, V. LaCroix, R. Hayman, J. Grub, S. Winegar ROW 3 A. Hyde, R. DiMambro, D. Nickerson, M. Grub, M. Haley, D. Wells, P. DiFronzo, V. Bain, lf. Klucken. W we CA NIVA U Una AL- if . ,gfgib FEP 152453 ' gym? 1 ,,:'1,!k. i 1 ,a- x1.,,..E,,'.,:: , M. V - '-Z4-1 '-3 .,:.4-5-Lf: 4,1-Q" - ' 1, .. ,....,,. , .Cx ...- f1l,.:sq, M, ,W D s,-:Tf+1EQ2'v,,1,:--1 ' TF -4.:.' 1 -1.4-:sw-f":-.' -A- 7!-'-,pf -1' , -"I-'. .-,-'.. -' - -3.1 ' ' -v,1sm51sg: A " 3'fi'1."-'L '. .'.':fE.w-3'4,'-GF: - E Afz,-W -f r- ' - g- ?,9C'5gq'l'-1 , .awmnnaaa OFF QN V1.1-VOLUMQ. H- Nl f .Y-' 1 If-r.+.". NLR- ,16,..'.ifi1.::' '1l" L-r m. 1,133.25 L'J'.b IJFT? 3'-13' SYDIBIQW 5'ff IIIII,iii .if ' M , . ,a . Q 7 R , N, is? MW if 2 f X :I , . f 9 ..., . 4,'. f'+ 'f K1 a+ffff:wfwV'.E:'M' Y W CARNflVA1l:,,5 ALli55J '- x 5 ' I V I Master of Cerumomes Michael Manning, r' J Attendants: Left to Right B. Moehi, A. Fitzpatrick, R. Citroni. J. Cody, .l. Solazzo. Pages: Daniel Buipclt, Sharon Waite. Queen: Nl. Davidson, King: M. Sullivan. M. McGinn, D. Zampell, P. Hopkins, M. Ottavi, L. lfama. Usherettes: C. Miller, D. Dimare, P. Movsesian, D. Alongi. R. Millet. Head Usher: K. Derrnady, L Ternullo, R. Spencer, S. Carina, J. Bosy, K. Larsson. ws- , 5 93 is A., X A .4""'f'." uugim :fx .,,x x ,.. v ,-X ,fu ! A K S2 ' ,,," i 1 5' I 409 3 0 -45 qv mil 1a"'h:' . :V w JR. . if 1 X , , xi ' fff,yri'i . Xybi k K . 'iw -'K -QL. ,sw W. , fx s',F1ff1T.'- 11 V 'ii fi- - f iiffriif if JA' 1,5 s wag ,X-1. 1' , L I -'z Ax . 4.J'R7v,.. ' WQ,A5ygbjfjejQA,. af 5 . AW 3-A xv. ,yi y -w "S3?Qfa fx- Fifi ., .,.-2. wiv. if sf g ff' 4' P ,f1 i: , W' -N A i Q" L x ix. - M" ff- 4' ' wg jfnj,-Q,-QE V: . L 4. 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Serving with pleasure members of the class of 1974 661 Boylston Street Boston, Massachusetts 162 Compliments of HYou tried the rest . . . now try the bestf' FRANCINE'S PIZZA HOUSE 303 Main St. Orders to go PETTENGILL MQTOR Stoneham, Mass. 438-9649 SALES 14 Franklin St. Stoneham, Mass. New Englandls Oldest American Motors Dealer CITY CYCLE INC. Domestic and Foreign Bicycles Raleigh - Peugeot - Columbia Royce - Union - Phillips - Ross Parts and Accessories Louis Baeras President 4- 286 Main st. swneham, Mass. 02180 sqb Good Luck Class of '74 CROWN CASH REGISTER CO. 493 Main St. Stoneham, Mass. 02180 438-5151 NEW GLOUCESTER FISH MARKET Large Variety of Fresh Fish Daily Fried Seafood to 6'Go,' Call 438-0142 . . . in Stoneham Square BURGER nancy CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1974 163 Caterers For . Best Wishes to the Showers - Weddings - Banquets - Class of l974 Dinners FLO'S CATERING FAIR WINDS Buffet Service a Specialty TRAVEL SERVICE Ed and Flo Fortini Dial 438-1505 268 Main SUCH 90 Elm Street After 6 P.M. 438-4022 sroneham, Mass. 02180 438-1514 "WC Sefve all Youf ffavel needs-M - Gift Shop K of Distinction 9tt8!A1,,,,1f,, 9, wwnwwxe CQ G7 COIQEIYLALITYCQ' CARDS GIFTS LAMPS 2Zs'2:'34ti'f.'21f.'igkS'vill-'fftfif giuii ' ' 3'9'5"31?'S?5.Z??:'.Zic'i23m?.o'Q5fEh5o AND CUT CRYSTAL Lf,."'S '2"1,,i'1'd you' fafuy 'h' fe Bosioi-1 x::oEe: :grip Selfvige Ei: ' and pleasant, the moogi is leisurely 383 Mm Sfmt :nays A week, rzzfzxzszpztazrpzetf md W Stoneham 7:30 A.M. to Midnightg Fri. - Sat. 1 A.M. 580 Main St., Reading Center NEW ENGLAND CAR CARE CENTER 80 Montvale Ave. Stoneham 438-5455 A Peter Fuller Organization Seiberling Tires - General Tires ' Brake and Front End Specialists ' Muiiiers ' Shocks ' TX N , 4- x li 5 , - 'la If 5.0 mln X Z-,If Q2 5 1111 R ""f2vi' WTA. 5 'lllilf ?MM'4,4,J4.a,ff Zadie, fad' fa-i4,,4k4v,e4.o lfafiawu Jfidla, ,Dil-Z2 ,aavadournavgaivyawvpao ,w-acAZ1wu BRODIE INC. Materials Handling GOOD LUCK TO and The Graduating Class Of Conveyor Systems ,74 299 Mishawum Rd. Wouborn, Mass. UifHe i?0Pfe 417 MAIN ST., WAKEFIELD At the old theatre block - I Wakeiie1d's Complete Childrenls Dept. Store COMPLIMENTS OF ESTONEHAM co-onlumv: BANK 365 Main St. Redstone Shopping Center 438-0430 438-3334 -1- Congratulations to The Class of l974 HANK,S BAKERY 190 Main St. Stoneham A 85 K JEWELERS We Sell the Best and Service the Rest Stoneham Square 438- 1250 Your Hometown Newspaper for l04 Years - MAS so Q.. Z s...- A 1. QS-o 1 ---- - --.Wa .4 , X . S, V? g ia N ,f2iz2s52f'f ' -: :-. .' :: : - '15, zr., 2't':?:' .:.: :5q:5:: ,:f3' , Xxnjj, 4 ::', Z. Ex - is -svo 'Q I 'yr'--'-..,? A 8 H , " f N. -4 W, l J .XQ 5234 Af-A I ,, 2 l " -tl. N, 'N x, -V my 4. ,.l. -1 ESTABLISHED B70 Congratulations Class Of 1974 SUNNYHURST DAIRY PRODUCTS FOR RADIANT HEALTH STONEHAM MASSACHUSETTS S STONEHAM PHARMACY 409 Main Street Furio Bracciotti RPH John L. Braceiotti RPH STONEHAM FAMOUS PIZZA 371 Main St. call 438-l l89 AND YOUR ORDER WILL BE READY UPON ARRIVAL 438-5500 PHONE 438-1533 Best Wishes from BARON TIRE CO. COMPLETE TIRE SERVICE Passenger and truck brake service Front End Alignment 454 Main St. Stoneham, Mass. 02180 43 8-3000 11 , r1-:L.w.f, -,-- ,mv-.., me .W-in v1. COMPLIMENTS DAIRY QUEEN "I LUV SUBS" SANTORGS OF STONEHAM sua sANowlcl-:Es and com cuTs 309 MAIN sneer -- 438-0020 MONDAY thru SATURDAY 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. COMPLETE DINNERS TO GO DEMELIS FLORIST Flowerr For All Occariom Also Green Plants 8: Arti6cial Arrangements 397 MAIN ST, 438-6910 STONEHAM, MASS. Free Delivery STONEHAM SPORTS CENTER Golf 8: Tennis Skating Equipment 6 Hockey Supplies 'E Fishing Tackle Baseball Football 381 Main Street Stoneham Square 438-6237 FREDERlC'S PRESCRIPTION CENTRE THE PRESCRIPTION STORE -Pick-up and Delivery- E. J. STEINBERG, B.S. Reg. Pharm. S. G. ROUNEV, CS. 314 Main Sr. Stoneham, Mass. Phone 438-1525 Tel. 438-1122 STONEHAM LUMBER MTM? QUALITY BUILDERS FINISH Buildefr Hardware COMPLIMENTS OF THE STONEHAM SAVINGS BANK 359 MAIN STREET 438-9400 CONGRATULATIONS AND OUR HOPE FOR A PEACEFUL FUTURE SAINT PATRICK,S PARISH GOOD LUCK FROM THE SOPHOMORE CLASS if 3 X 1 I 14 7 xx if , ' W f - - - . --- -. --1 . -- -- - + f - ff. 4 J' ' 'Q- Yf -.,.,.- N- , fi :'f,: -'. --.Ah -. -xl - - - f- 1 - , ,- Q I ,K - - ,- -. ff X ' ,-- -, - --- A--- -.----ff - -! .. .Q Q:-14 'Q ff 'I' X l , 1- -1- -:T"" A- 'l' 5 ang l l . 2 btnmzbum Zim 33.eapi11ggiBaretnitba11Qrtih2QEu1mngnE5 l l..- l In f CHILDREN,S CORNER 439 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. 438-1594 ANTHONY'S ITALIAN SPECIALTIES Party Platters for A11 Occasions 408 Main Street 438-9840 Stoneham, Mass. 02180 of BURLINGTON DODGE INC. Dodge Cars - Trucks Service and Parts for A11 Chrysler Products Junction Middlesex Turnpike and Route 128 Burlington, Mass. 01803 272-8680 4---l--, 1DacIge 5 Congratulations to the Class of 1974 PILLIN DATA SERVICE INC. 108 Main Street Stoneham GAY,S FLOWER SHOP 45 Spring St. Stoneham 438-0217 . 10EGR'4 Gs 19 X K if - 1' 1K4 Q -v, sd 19 7 u.. 9--X1 llhrliln ulr 1 N 7 I l r L 0 P PATRONS Mrs. George R. Armstrong Mr. 85 Mrs. Richard D. Mangerian Mr. 8L Mrs. Francis E. Booth Mr. Frank Matarese Dr. John A. Danis Mr. 8a Mrs. Thomas P. Mullins Dr. Paul Fitzgerald Dr. Peter C. Paicos Mr. Frank M. Geremonte Mr. Michael V. Pinelli Mr. Donald W. Hanson Mr. G. Robert Rigsby, M.D. Mr. Daniel Hogan Mr. John V. Smallcomb Dr. Max J. Klainer, M.D. Rep. 8: Mrs. Daniel C. Towse Mr. E. J. Latimer Rev. Forrest L. White Mr. Thomas M. Leahy SPONSORS Dr. David J. Alpert Dr. J. Donald 0'Brien Jon A. Asgeirsson Mrs. John Pack Mr. Margarita Middlesex Drug Co. DIRECTORY RAYMOND ABRAMO: 17 East Street. MARK ALMQUIST: 3 Victoria Lane5 Hockey 2, 3, 4. DIANE ALONGI: 21 Sherwood .Road5 Gymnastics 2, 3, 45 Homecoming Com. 3. GAIL ANDREWS ROBERT ANDRONICO: 154 North Street: Friends 4. JEAN ANGELOSANTO: 202 Franklin Street: Interact 45 Honor Society 45 Library Aid 2, 35 Pep Squad 2. CARMEN MARIE ANGI: 45 Pomeworth Street5 Pep Squad 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Choraletts 2. ROBERT ANTONUCCI: 16 DiNanno Road5 Soccer 2, 3, 4. MARK ANTONUCCIO: 3 Damby Road5 Newspaper 45 Soccer 2. VANGEL ATHANAS: 20 Wilson Road5 Basketball 2, 3, 4, Co-Capt.5 Soccer 3, 45 Tennis 45 Carnival Ball 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 4. ROBERT AUSTIN: 11 Damby Road5 Hockey 2, 35 Soccer 2, 3, 4. SHERRY AVEDIKIAN: 9 Waterhouse Road5 Spartan Chorale 35 Girls' Ensemble 35 Choralettes 25 Booster Club Drive 2, 3, 45 Homeroom Rep. 3, 45 Girls Basketball 35 Senior Play Usherette 45 Camival Ball 2, 35 Twirptwirl Comm. 25 Homecoming Comm. 35 Elementary Tutor 3, 45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Pep Squad 2, 35 PTL Scholarship Drive 3, 4. VIN BAIN: 12 Highland Avenue5 Basketball 2, 3. 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Spartan Chorale 2, 3, 45 Student Leader 3, 45 Audio Visual 2, 35 Chess Club 2, 3. CHUCK BALBONI: 16 Middle Street5 Football 2, 3, 45 Co-Capt.: Basketball 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Gym Leader 45 Chess Club 4. TONY BALLARD: 500 Main Street5 Basketball 25 Baseball 2. JOANNE BAMBERG: 22 Rowe Hill Road: Future Secretaries Club 4. STEPHAN BARBERA: 3 Evergreen Road: Football 2, 3, 45 Spring Track 2, 3, 45 Gym Leader 45 Outward Bound 35 Friends 45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Yearbook Staff 4. SUSAN BARCHARD: 8 Lindenwood Road5 Homecoming Comm. 35 Twirp Twirl 25 Dance 2, 35 Yearbook 45 Pep Squad 2, 3, 4. LYNN BARRY: 19 Myopia Road5 Field Hockey 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Softball 2, 3, 45 Homecoming Comm. 3. ED BARTOLUCCI: 4 Stone Ave.5 Carnival Ball 4. SANDRA BEAN DAVID BEANE: 37 Maple Street5 Soccer 2, 3, 4, Spartan Chorale 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4, Audio Visual 2. DONALD BEEBE MICHELE BIAGIONI: 5 Erickson Street: Yearbook sub-Editor 4, Student Council 4, Spartan Spokesman 4, Pep Squad 2, 4, Community service 4, Interact 4, Gym Leader 3, Senior Play comm. 4, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Twirp Twirl Comm. 2, Homecoming Comm. 3, Elementary Tutor 3, Media Review Comm. 4, National Honor Society 4, Youth Delegate to Council on Aging 4, Camival Ball 4, Booster Club Drive 2, 3, 4, PTL Scholarship Drive 3, 4, Dance Club 4. STEPHEN BIANCHI: 3 Kirmes Road5 Tennis 2, Stage band 3, Spartan Chorale 4. BARBARA A. BIERGIEL: 9 Warren Street. PAMELA J. BING-YOU: 2 Fatima Rd.5 Student council 45 Majorettes 45 Orchestra 2, 35 National Honor society 45 Science Club 2, 3, 45 Interact club 45 Chess Club 2, 3, 45 Community Service Club 3, 4. STEPHEN BOHLING: 17 Ledge Street. MICHELLE BOMBA: 3 Margaret Rd.5 Pep squad 2, 3, 45 Yearbook 4. RICHARD BORETTI: 37 Curve Rd.5 Golf 3. SANDI BORNSTEIN: 7 George St.5 Office aid 45 Secretaries club 3, 4. JOAN BOSY: 6 Kenneth Terrace5 Track team 35 dance club 4. GAIL BOURQUE: 23 Hanford Rd.5 Gymnastics 2, 35 Oftice aid 45 Girls Football 45 Yearbook 45 Senior patrol 35 Senior Tea Usher 35 Co-ed Volleyball 45 Teachers Aid 4. PATRICE BOVA SIDNEY BOWDIDGE MARIO BRANCATO: 2A Keith Circle: Woburn. STEVE BRENNER: I6 Ellen Rd.5 Latin Club 35 Audio Visual 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 35 Wrestling 2. TERRANCE BROWN: 40 Elm Street: Band 2, 3. KRISTOFFER BRINCH PAUL BRUNING MARK BRUNINI: 2 Steele Street: Soccer 2, 3. SHARON BUCCHERI: 19 Arnold Rd.5 Sparton Chorale 3, 45 Carnival Ball: Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Drama Club 45 Community Service 3, 4. MELISSA BUCKLEY MICHEAL BURKE: 5 Arnold Rd.5 Football 35 Deca cafe 4. PAUL BURKE: 15 Country Club Rd.5 Soccer 2, 3, 45 Winter track 25 Tennis 4. DEBORAH BURR: 65 Calthea St.5 Majorettes 3, 45 Outward bound 35 PEP Squad 25 Twirp Twirl Committee 35 Senior Tea Usher 35 Coed Volleyball 25 Spartan Chorale 25 Carnival Ball Part 2. KATHLEEN BUTLER: 58 LINCOLN St.5 National Honor Society 45 Friends 4. LORRAINE BUTT JAYNE CALIRI: 113 Forest St.5 Yearbook Staff 45 Homecoming Committee 25 Pep Squad 2, 3. BILL CALLAHAN: 301 William St.5 Latin club 2, 35 Math Team 2. CHRIS CAMERON: 4 Nixon Lane: Soccer 3, 45 Hockey Team 4. KAREN CARDOSO: 8 Evans Rd.: Pep Squad 2, 35 Homecoming Committee 35 Twirp Committee 2. SHARON CARINO: 7 Carol St.5 Carnival Ball Usher 45 Powder Puff Football 4. ALISA CARLSON: 4 Arlene Ave.: Field Hockey 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 35 Interact Club 45 Business Staff 45 Girls Ensemble 45 Honor Society 45 Science Club 4. KATHY CARNEY: 90 Governor Rd.5 Pep Squad 2. JERRY CATALDO: 82 Green Street: Chess Club 2, 3, 4. ROCCO CERASUOLO JACQUELINE CERRONE: 98 North Strcetg Yearbook 4. MIKE CISEWSKI: 82 Hancock Street: CO-ED Volleyball. ROSEANN CITRONI JANE CLARK: 20 South Street5 Nurse Aid 4, Gym Leader 2, 3, 4, Office Aid 4, Booster club 4, Homecoming Comm. 3, Track 3, Pep Squad 2, 3, 4, Senior Patrol 4, Traffic Squad 4, Twirp Twirl Comm. 2, Softball 2, Co-ed Volleyball. JOAN CLARK: 20 South Street JANE CODY: 2 Cedar Avenue5 Majorettes 4, Gym leader 2, 3, Office Aid 2, 3, Homecoming 3, Track 2, Pep Squad 2, 3, Senior Patrol 4, Traffic Squad 4, Camival Ball 4, Twirp Twirl Comm. 2. DIANNE COLE: 17 Gould Street5 Girls Glee Club 2, 3, Future Secretaries Club 4, Pep Squad 4. JOHN COLES MARK CONLEY: 187 Park Street. TERRY CONLEY: 41 Summerhill Street5 Karate Classes 4, Gym Leader 2, 4, Office Aid 2, Booster Club 2, Pep Squad 2. 177 CLARE CONNELLY: 10 Cottage Street, Twirp Twirl Comm. 3, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Pep Squad Comm. 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Senior Tea Usher 3, J.V. Field Hockey 3, Varsity Field Hockey 4, J.V. Softball 3, Student Gym Leader 3, 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Comm. 2. JOHN CONTESTABILE: 4 Oak Street, Football 2, 3, 4, Spring Track 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 3, 4, Co-Captain Wrestling 4, Yearbook Editor 4, Gym Leader 4, Boys State 3, Graduation Usher 3, Intermural Weight Lifting 2, 3, 4, Intramural Hockey 2. ANNE CORMIER: 35 Lindenwood Ave. CAMERON CORMIER: 53 Oak St. DOROTHY COTE: 3 Capen St., Softball 2, 3, 4, Football 4, Choraletts 2, Deca Cafe 4, Skip Club 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA COVELL: 84 Marble St., Student Gym Leader 4, Future Secretaries Club 4, Senior Tea Usher 3, Booster Club Drive 2, 3, 4. JOAN CUNNIFF: 3 Carlida Rd., Student Council 2, Vice-President 4, Youth Advisory Council 4, Interact 4, Spartan Chorale 3, 4, Elementary Tutor 4, Girl's Ensemble 3, 4, Sub-Editor 1974 Yearbook 4, Carnival Ball Participant 3, 4, 1973 Graduation Usher 3, Senior Tea Usher 3, Twirp Twirl Committee 3, Gym Leader 3, Booster Club Drive 4, Deca Cafe 3, 4, Homecoming Committee 3, Outward Bound 2. JOSEPH CUNNIFF: 3 Carlida Rd., Winter Track 2, Outward Bound 2, 3. JILL D'ANNOLFO KATHY DART: 22 Erickson St., Choraletts 2, Senior Tea Usher 3, Yearbook 4, Wrestling Manager 4, High School Band 1, Powder Puff Football 4, Office Aid 4. MICHELLE DAVIDSON: 102 MacArthur Rd., Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Committee 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Office Aid 2, 3, Pep Squad 2, 3, 4, Traffic Squad 4, Carnival Ball Participant 4. JAMES DAVIS JILL DAVIS BRIAN DAWSON SANDY DAWSON: 14 Waverly St., Field Hockey 2, 3, 4,Winter Track 3, 4, Spring Track 2, 3, 4, Outward Bound 2, 3, Future Teachers 2, 4, Interact 4, Layout Staff 4, Sports Staff 4, Carnival Ball 3, 4, Girls Ensemble 4. CLAIRE DAY: 15 Garden Rd., Girls Track 3, 4, Interact Club 4, Senior Class Play 4, Business Staff 4, Layout Staff 4, Art Staff 4, Carnival Ball 4, Pep Squad 2, 3. JERRY DECHRISTOFORO: 30 Evergreen Rd. MICHAEL DECOSTA: 14 Shumway Circle, Soccer 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 4, Chess Club 3, 4. DONNA DELLISOLA: 14 Seward Rd., Future Secretaries 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Homecoming Committee 3, Pep Squad 2, 3, 4. EDWARD DELNINNO JR.: 103 Governor Rd. KAREN DENEHY: I0 Washington Ave., Future Nurses 2, 3, 4, Girls Ensemble 2, 3, Madrigals 3, 4, Interact 4, Carnival Ball 4, Spartan Chorale 4, Senior Class Play 4. ELIZABETH DENNIS DAVID DEPIERRO: 9 Evergreen Rd., Senior Patrol 3, 4. KATHLEEN DERMADY: 29 Perkins St., Regional Advisory Council 4, Homeroom Rep. 3, 4, Student Council President 3, 4, Co-ed Volleyball 4, Field Hockey 3, 4, Basketball 3, Softball 2, 3, Teacher's Reevaluation Committee 4, Camival Ball 4, Traffic Squad 4. JEANNE DEWITT: 83 Pond Street, Future Secretaries 2, 4. DEBORAH DECARLO: 15 Kays Rd., Pep Squad 2, 3, 4, Secretaries Club 2, 4, Community Club 3, 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Committee 2, 3, 4. PAUL DIFRONZO: 4 Country club Rd., Football 2, Hockey 2, Band 2, 3, 4. 178 PAUL DIGANGI: 15 Summer St., Pep Squad 2, Girls Tennis 2, 3, 4' Varsity Scholar 2, Yearbook Staff 4, Co-ed Volleyball 4. JOAN DIGIULIO: I4 South St., Class Treasurer 3, 4, Majorettes 3, 4' Homeroom Rep. 2, Homecoming Committee 3, Twirp Twirl Committee 2' Jr. Prom Committee 2, Carnival Ball 4, Chess Club 2, 3, 4, Outward Bound 2, 3, Co-ed Volleyball 2, 3, Traffic Squad 3, 4, Pep Squad 2, 3, Senior Patrol, Future Teachers 3, Library Aide 2, 3. RICHARD DIMAMBRO: 9 Cabot Rd., Band 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Jazz Band 3, 4, National Honor Society 4. MICHEAL DIMARCO DONNA DIMARE SUSAN DIMARE LOUISE DINSMORE: 114 Forest St., Spartan Chorale 4, Drama Club 4, National Honor Society 4, Future Teachers Club 4, Girls Ensemble 4, Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4. LISA DISALVO: 23 Alden Ave. DENISE DOHERTY: 208 Spring St., Future Nurses, Latin Club, Homecoming 3, Gym Leader, Co-ed Volleyball, Booster Club, Outward Bound. PATRICIA DOLAN: 181 Franklin St., Cheerleading 3, 4, Traffic Squad 4, Field Hockey 2, Girls Softball 3, Homecoming Committee 3, Jr. Prom Committee 3, Latin Club 2, Nurses Club 2, 3, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Outward Bound 2, 4. KATHY DONAHOE: 17 Peobody Rd., Traffic Squad 4, Latin Club 3, Nurses Club, Wrestling Manager 4, Office Aide 4. CINDY DONAHUE: 48 Pine St., Future Secretaries 3, 4, Community Service 3, 4, Pep Squad 3, 4, Homecoming Committee 2, Varsity Scholar 2, Booster Club Drive. CAROL DONOVAN: 15 Pomeworth St., Basketball 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, 3, Traffic Squad 4, Homecoming Committee 3, Jr. Prom Committee 3, Twirp Twirl Committee 4, Gym Leader 3, Booster Club 2. GEORGE DOOLING JAMES DOUGHERTY: 27 Girard Rd., Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, Track 3. BARBARA DOWNING: 20 Oak St., Majorettes 4, Traffic Squad 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Future Secretaries 2, Homecoming Committee 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Pep Squad 2, 3, Twirp Twirl 2, Booster Club 2, 3, 4. PAT DOWS: 8 Common St., Spartan Chorale 4. LINDA DUBE DEBORAH DUFFY: I5 Cottage St., Pal Club 2, Future Teacher Club 2, Girls Field Hockey 3, Softball 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Career Development 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Deca Cafe 3, 4. NANCY DUNN: 523 Main St., Gym Leader 2, Deca Cafe 3. CLAIRE ENFANTO: 16 Crosby St., Majorettes 3, 4. KATHY ENGLISH: 4 Congress Street, National Honor Society 4, Varsity Scholar 2, 3, Girls Ensemble 3, Girls Glee Club 3, Future Teachers Club 4, Carnival Ball 3, Spring Concert 3, Tutoring 4, Yearbook 4, Germany 3. CHRISTINE L. ERRICO: 54 Perkins Street, Spartan Choral 2, Booster Club 2. LINDA FAMA: 7 Country Club Road, Homecoming Comm. 3, Future Secretary's Club 4, Booster Club Drive 2, 3, 4, Carnival Ball 4. GLORIA FARAGI: 26 Valley Road. CYNTHIA FARRELL SHARON FARRELL KIM FENNELL: 12 Hersam Street, Science Club 4, International Language Club 4, Dance Club 4. - KAREN FERRETTI: 16 Margaret Road, Pep Club 2, Cheerleader 3, 4, Basketball 2, Homecoming Comm. 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Elementary Tutoring 4. KAREN FERRICK a s s NANCY FESTINO: 10 Atwood Avenue. BURNADETTE FIELDS MARY LOU FINNEGAN: 16 Emerald Court: Pep Club 2, 3, National Honor Society 4, Homecoming Comm. 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Elementary Tutoring 3. CHRISTOPHER FIONDA AMY FITZPATRICK PETER FITZPATRICK: 28 Evergreen Road: Baseball 2, National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Varsity Scholar 2, Golf 4. ANTHONY FLAMMIA: 4 Evergreen Road: Football 2, Golf 4. MAUREEN FLYNN PATRICIA FLYNN BEVERLY FREEMAN: l Atwood Avenue: Choralettes 2, Carnival Ball 2, 3, Spring Concert 2, Girls Glee Club 2, Varsity Scholar 3, Girls Ensemble 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Future Teachers, Club 4, Elementary Tutoring 4, Germany 3. MARYBETH FUCCI: 25 East Street. EVELYN GALLAGHER JOHN GARDNER: 24 Bow Street Court: Football 2, Tennis 2, Soccer 2. DEBBIE GAUDIOSO DAVID GEARY: 25 Avalon Road: Football 2, 3, 4, Hockey 2, Wrestling 3, Track 2, 3, Senior Patrol 4. JODI GERMANO: Cuntry Club Road: Gymnastics 2, 3, 4, CCo-capt.J DIANE GIBBS RICHARD C. GOLDTHWIAT: I0 Berkley Street: Football 2, 3, 4. KENNETH GOMES: 90 North Street: Football 4, Basketball 4, Baseball 4. RONALD GOMES: 90 North Street. LYNN GORDON: 4 Lexington Street: Gymnastics 2. JOHN A. GOSTAN: 2 Cypress Court, Brighton: Friends 4, Honor Society 2. BRIAN GRIFFITH: 6 Elaine Road: Soccer 3, Hockey 4. SHARON GUARINO: 109 Franklin Street: Library Aide 4. RICHARD GUIDA: 26 Lawndale Road: Tennis 2. DANIEL GUILD: 33 Ravine Road: Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Winter Track 2, 3, 4, Spring Track 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Varsity Scholar 2. JANET GUILFOYLE: 3 Christine Avenue: Basketball 3, 4, Softball 2, 3, 4, Varsity Scholar 2, 3, National Honor Society 4. EILEEN GUNNING: 20 Danby Road: Class Officer 4, Cheerleader 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, Traffic Squad 2, 3, 4, Softball 3, Gymnastics 2, Interact 2, 3, Senior Tea Usher 3, Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4, Senior Waltz, Tutoring 3, 4, Co-ed Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Outward Bound 3, Senior Yearbook Staff 4. VAHE GURDJIAN THOMAS HALEY JOHN HAMILTON: 4 Vine Street, Greenwood: Winter Track 2, Spring Track 2, Weight Lifting 2, 3, Carnival Ball 4. DONALD HARADON: 29 Ceder Avenue: Chess Club 3, 4, Tennis 3. ELLEN I-IARTUNG: 36 Duncklee Avenue: Drama Club 2, Spartan Spokesman 3, 4, Community Service Club 4, Basketball 3, 4, Softball 3, 4. BARBARA HARTWELL: 4 Nixon Lane: Future Secretaries 4. JANICE HASTINGS: 63 Elm Street: Library Aide 2, 3, 4, Detention 2, 3, 4, Deca Cafe 4. ROBERT HAYMAN: 40 Bonad Road: Chess Club 3, 4, Senior Play 4. BOB HENNESSY: 250 Green Street: Tutoring 3, 4. CHRISTINE HICKEY: 35 Maple Street: Twirp Twirl Committee 2, Junior Prom Committee 3, Homecoming Committee 3, Community Service 3, Pep Squad 2, 3, Traffic Squad 3. JOHN HIGGINS: 116 Pond Street, Winter Track 2, Cross Country 3, Wrestling 4, Outward Bound 2. LINDA HILTON ROBERT HODGKINS WILLIAM HOLLAND HERB HOLMAN: 12 Kirmes Road: Football 2. LINDA HOLMES: 2 Myopia Road: Drama Club 3, 4, School Newspaper 3, Editor 4, Senior Play 4, Drama Festival 3, 4, Spartan Chorale 3, 4, Choralettes 2, Girls Ensemble 3, 4, Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4, Germany 3, Spring Play 4. KEVIN HOOK PRISCILLA HOPKINS: 40 Broadway Street: Cheerleading 3, 4: Class Officer 3, 4: Student Council 2: Interact 3: Softball 2, 3, 4: Gymnastics 2: Field Hockey 2: National Honor Society 3: Gym Leader 2, 3: Graduation Usher 3: Senior Tea Usher 3: Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4: Outward Bound 3: Co-ed Volleyball 3, 4: Traffic Squad 3, 4: Layout Staff 4. JANIS HOWARD: l0 Rose Lane: Basketball 2: Softball 2, 3, 4: Elementary Tutorial Program 3: Jr. Class Marshal 3: Senior Waltz 4: Outward Bound 2: Yearbook Staff 4: Carnival Ball Comm. 4: Pep Squad 2. MICHAEL HOWE: 8 Beacon Street: Community Service 2, 3, 4: Class Officer 2, 3. KIT HUGHES: 19 Hillside Avenue: Softball 3: Pep Squad 2: Outward Bound 3: Community Service 1. MICHAEL HUNT: 6 Summer Street. THOMAS HUNT: 6 Summer Street: Football 2, 3, 4: Hockey 2, 3: Baseball 2, 4. NOREEN JUDITH HUNTER: 8 Oad Ridge Road: Tennis 2, 3, 4: Drama Club 3, 4: Future Teachers Club 2, 3: Interact Club 2: Deca Cafe 4: Community Service 2, 3. DONNA HURCOMBE: 49 Pine Street. LOREEN HURLEY LAURIE JACOBSON: 6 Dewitt Road: Nurses Aid Course. ANDREA JENCKS PAUL J ERN TOBY JUFFRE: 4 Greenview Rd.: Class Officer 2, 3: Yearbook Ed 4: Seeds-Editor 4: Tennis Team 3, 4: Tutor 4: Graduation Usher 3: Homecoming Committee 3: Jr. Prom Committee 4: Traffic Squad 3, 4: Senior Prom 4: Booster Club 2, 3, 4: Deca Cafe 3, 4: Carnival Ball 4: Senior Tea 3. ELIZABETH JUNKER: 31 Morrison Ave.: Student Council 3: Treasurer 4' School Com. Rep. 4: Yearbook Editor 4: Homecoming Comm. 3: Field Hockey 2, 3, 4: Softball 2: Basketball 3: Twirp Twirl 2: Girls Ensemble 3, 4: Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4: Outward Bound 2, 3. STEVEN KANCHUGA: 64 Park Ave.: Football 2, 4: Senior Honor Patrol 4: Honor Roll: Winter Track 4: Golf 2, 3, 4: Student Government Day 2: Chess Club 3. DEAN KARLSON KATHY KEEFE: 95 Elm St.: Library Aid 2, 3: Tutor 3: Pep Squad 2: Tennis 3, 4: Varsity Scholar 2: National Honor Society 4: Interact Club 4: Senior Prom 4: Yearbook Staff Business Layout 4: Honor Roll 2, 3, 4. MARQUERITE KEHOE: 38 South St.: Honor Roll. CHRISTINE KELLY DANIEL KELLY: 7 Evans Rd.: Tennis Team 2, 3: Senior Honor Patrol 3: Hockey 2, 3, 4: Homecoming Day Part. 3: Senior Prom Committee 4: Chess Club 2, 3, 4. EDWARD KELLY ROBERT KELLY: 57 Park St. DODI KENNEDY: 12 Waterhouse Rd.: Honor Roll 3: Work Study Advisory 4. ROBERT KENNEDY: 36 Bonad Rd.: Space Program 2, 3. KEVIN KILLE: 20 Cedar Ave.: Cross Country 2, 3, 4: Captain: Winter Track 2, 3, Co-Captain 3: Spring Track 2, 3, 4: Math Team 1: Space Program 3, 4. 179 s FRANK KLUCKEN: 56 Broadway, Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Northeast District Orchestra 2, 3, Melrose Symphony Orchestra 3, 4, Marching Band 4, State Band 4. VONDA LACROIX: Concert Band 3, 4, Marching Band 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Field Hockey 3, Future Teachers 2, 3, 4, Stage Band 3, 4, Interact 3, 4, Science Club 2, Elementary 4, String Ensemble 4. PAUL LACARBONARA MICHAEL LANNON NICOLETTE LARSON KAREN LARSSON: 6 Montvale Ave., Tennis 2, 3, 4. SUSAN LEBRUN KAREN LEE: 113 William St., Yearbook 4, Spartan Chorale 4, Community Club 3, Chess Club 3, 4, Girls Ensemble 4, National Honor Society 4. MICHELE LESPASIO: 10 Fieldstone Drive, Girls Softball 2, 3, 4, Outward Bound 2, Field Hockey 3, 4, Basketball 3, Volleyball 3, 4,Winter Track 4, National Honor Society 4, Gym Leader 3, 4, Homecoming Committee 3, Booster Club Drive 2, 3, 4. JAMES LEWIS: 13 Maple St., Honor Roll. LAWRENCE LOMBARD: 299 William St., Honor Roll. TAMMY LUCCI: 30 Lawndale Rd., Gymnastics 2, Cheerleading 3, Homecoming Committee 3. PATRICIA LUND: 80 William St., Future Teachers Club 2, 4, Pals Club 2, Varsity Scholar 1, National Honor Society 4, Tutoring 4, Latin Club 2, Business Staff Yearbook 4, Prop Committee for Senior Play 4, Honor Roll 2, 3, 4. PETER LUND: 30 Montvale Ave., Winter Track 2, 3, 4, Spring Track 2, 3, 4, Ping Pong Tourn., Coed Volleyball Tourn., Honor Roll. DIANE LYONS: 6 Atwood Ave., Homecoming Committee 3, STEPHEN MACCHIA: 6 Myopia Rd., Spartan Chorale 3, 4, Boys Glee Club 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Elementary Tutoring 3, 4, Carnival Ball 3, 4, Greater Bostonians 4, Senior Class Play 4. ALEXANDER MacDONALD KAREN MacDONALD: 26 Brookridge Rd., Future Teachers Club 2, Yearbook Ad Committee 4, Senior Class Play Committee 4. PHILIP MacDONALD BRIAN MacDOUGALL CHARLENE MacKAY: 15 Dewitt Rd., Majorettes 3, 4, Field Hockey 2, Club 2, Gym Leader 2, 3, Health Aid 4, Senior Staff 4. ANN MAHONEY: 51 Washington St., Basketball 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, 3, 4, Powder Puff Football 4, Senior Class Play 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Science Club 4, National Honor Society 4. DEBORAH MANCINI: Il Nixon Lane, Nursing Club 2, Junior Prom Committee 2, Gym Leader 2, 3, Senior Patrol 4, Health Aid 4. THOMAS MANGONE: 4 Morgan Ave., Football 2, 3, 4: Hockey 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, Gym Leader 4, Chess Club 3, 4, MICHAEL MANNING: 40 Perkins St., Elementary Tutoring 3, 4, Carnival Ball 4. - ROSEMARY MARSHAI L: 45 Pleasant St. DIANE MARTINEZ: 73 Washington St., Drama 2, Carnival Ball 2, 3, Glee Club 2. CHRISTINE MASIELLO: 3 Fieldstone Drive, Softball 2, 3, 4, Powder Puff Football 4. BONNIE MATHESON: I8 Cherry Ave., Future Secretaries Club 4. BOBBY MAYO: 4 Gerald Rd., Football 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Hockey 2, 3, 4, Chess Club 3, 4, Gym Leader 3, 4. JEAN McBETH: II Myopia Rd., Jr. Prom Committee 3, KAREN McCARTHY KEVIN McCARTHY MARY McCARTHY: 6 Oak St., Field Hockey 2, 3, 4, Spartan Chorale 3, 4, Carnival Ball 3, Senior Tea Usher 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Patrol 4. 180 ROBERT MCDONALD MARY MCGINN: 3 Wildwood Lane, Class Officer 2, 3, Field Hockey 2, Softball 2, Cheerleader 3, 4, Yearbook Co-editor 4, Student Council 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Spartan Chorale 3, 4, Students Rights Committee 3, Girls State Representative, Jr. Prom Committee 3, Carnival Ball Attendant 4, School Committee Representative 4, Twirp Twirl Committee 4. MICHAEL MCGINNZ 3 Wildwood Lane, Football 1, Hockey 2, 3, 4. JUDITH MCKINNON: 110 Elm St., Softball 3, Basketball 4, Drama 2, Glee Club 2, 3. MARGARET MCLAUGI-ILIN: 35 Isabella St., Field Hockey 2, Gym Leader 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, F.R.I.E.N.D.S 4. MICHAEL MCLAUGHLIN: 47 Perkins St., Football 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Chess Club 2, 3. PATRICIA MCTIGHE: 1 Pleasant Street, Future Secretaries 4, Pep Squad 2, Tutoring 2. MAUREEN MEEGAN: 5 Ellen Rd., Future Secretaries 4, Pep Squad 3, Tutoring 3, Ad Committee Yearbook 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Substitute Teaching Program 4, Senior Class Play Committee 4. ROBERT MEEGAN: 56 Stevens St., F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Club 2, 3, 4, Winter Track 2, 3, 4, Spring Track 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 2, 3. JOHN MEEKS: 57 Pleasant St., Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Winter Track 3, 4, Spring Track 3, 4, Co-ed Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Senior Patrol 4, Ping Pong 4, One on One 2, 3, 4. CAROL MEISNER: 26 Sunrise Ave., Gymnastics Team 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, Coed Volleyball 3, 4, Booster Drive 4, Gym Leader 3, 4. SHIRLEY MEISNER: 26 Sunrise Ave., Yearbook Staff 4. PATRICIA MEROSKI: 10 Lincoln St., Pep Squad 2, 3, 4, Future Secretaries 2, 3. DEBBIE MICALE: I8 Stonewood Ave., Softball 3, 4, Pal Club 2, Future Teachers Club 2, Yearbook Staff 4, Deca-Cafe 3, 4, Career Development 4. CHERYL MILLER: 3 Harrison St., Pep Squad 2, 3, Outward Bound 3, Yearbook Layout Staff 4, Tutoring 2, Junior Prom 3, Twirp Twirl Comm. 2. ROBIN MILLETT: 58 Forest St., Gymnastics 3, 4, Carnival Ball 4, Senior Tea Usher 3, Traffic Squad 2, 3, 4, Gym Leaders 3, Homecoming Committee 2, Booster Club Drive 3. PETER MINGHELLA: 149 Spring St. ELAINE MITCHELL: 24 Gould St. JOHN MITCHELL: 42 Broadway. MAUREEN MITCHELL: 88 North St., Twirp Twirl Com. 2, Junior Prom Com. 2, Future Secretaries Club 3, Booster Drive Club 2, 3, 4. ASHERALIE MITCHELL MARY MOAR: 5 Benton St., Field Hockey 2, Future Teachers Club 2, Future Secretaries 2, Pep Club 2, Outward Bound 2, 3. BEVERLY MOCHI: 52 Forest St., Twirp Twirl Com. 2, Homecoming Com. 2, Junior Prom Com. 3, Varsity Scholar 2, Majorettes 4, Pep Squad 2, 3, Tutor 3, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Traffic Squad 3, Carnival Ball 4. DONALD MONTEIRO: 122 Park St., Football 2, 3. CHERYL MOORE: 4 Gerry St., Future Secretaries 2, 4, Pep Squad 4. EILEEN MOORE MARY MOORE: 251 Willian St., Basketball 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4. BARBARA MORASH: 26 Alden Ave., Softball 2, Basketball 3, Gym Leader 3, 4, Stage Band 3, 4, Spartan Chorale 2, 3, 4, Girls Ensemble 3, 4, Chess Club 3, Interact 3, 4, Sr. Class Play, Creative Writing 3, Coed Volleyball 3, 4. JEAN MOSCARITOLO: 20 Hanford Rd., Chess Club 4, Outward Bound 3, Science Club 3. PATRICIA MOVSESIAN: 44 Broad-way, Gymnastics 2, 3, 4, Majorettes 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Camival Ball Usher 4, Graduation Usher 3, Spartan Chorale 3, Traffic Squad 2, 3, 4. CAROLYN MROZ: 16 Harrison St., Field Hockey 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Spartan Chorale 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Chess Club 3, 4, Outward Bound 2, 3, Girls Ensemble 3, 4. DONNA MUIR: 18 Brookbridge Rd., Future Teachers Club 2, Pep Club 2, Outward Bound 2, 3, Future Secretaries 2. STEVEN MULLINS: 10 Lawndale Rd., Class Officer 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Homecoming Com. 3, Student Council 2, 3, Prom Com. 4, Chess Club 2, 3, Spartan Chorale, Booster Club 3, 4, Deca Cafe 3, 4, Outward Bound 3, Soccer 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Weight Lifting Com. 2, 3, Camival Ball 4. JAMES MURPHY: 110 Spring St., Chess Club 2, 3, 4, Spring Track 2, 3, 4' Winter Track 2, 3, 4, Coed Volleyball 3, 4, Friends 3, 4. JANICE MURPHY: 12 Avalon Rd., Field Hockey 2, 3, 4, Gymnastics 3, 4' Track 3, Gym Leader, Coed Volleyball 3, 4, Student Council. ROBERT MURPHY: 6 Kirmes Rd., Football 2, 3, 4, Hockey 2, 3, 4, Track 3: Volleyball 3, 4. LYNN MURPHY BARBARA MURRY SHARON MURRAY: 59 Washington St., Football 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, 3, 4, Senior Tea 3, Deca Cafe 4. PETER MUSTO: 7 Ellen Rd., Soccer 2, 3, Math Team 2, Coed Volleyball 4. JEAN MUZYKA DENISE NAGLE LTHOMAS NELSON: 6 Spring Lane, Senior Patrol 4, Football 2. VIRGINIA NEWCOMB DESIREE NOLLETT SHELLY NORTON: 11 Steele St., Drama Club 4, Spartan Chorale 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, String Ensemble 2, 3, Marching Band 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Yearbook 4. JAMES O'CALLAGHAN MICHAEL OCHS: 17 Margaret Road, Track l, Football 2. NANCY O'GRADY: 202 Park Street, S.P.S.C. 2, 3, 4. CAROL O'NElL: 62 Park Street, Future Nurses Club 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM O'NEIL: 74 Summer Street, Hockey 2. GAYLE ORBEN: 79 Franklin Street MARGARET OTTAVIZ 57 Merrow Lane, Cheerleading 3, Captain 4, Basketball 2, Softball 2, Tennis 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Co-ed Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary 2, 3, 4, Graduation Head Usher 3, Senior Tea 3, Junior Prom 3, Homecoming Committee 3. LAUREL PACY: 67 Central Street. DEBBY PAICOSZ 9 Greenview Road. JOHN J. PALERMO: 12 Ceder Avenue. JUDY PALUMBO: 11 Evergreen Road, Softball 2, 3, Homecoming Committee 3, Pep Club 2, 3. DIANE PANTANO: 63 Westwood Road, Science Club 4. JOSEPH J. PAONESSA: 120 Summer Street, Winter Track 2, 4, Spring Track 2, Chess Club 2, Boys Physical Ed. Leader 3, 4. JOHN PARASKEVAS: 7 Greenway Circle, Basketball, Hockey. JUNE PARKER ROBERT PARSONS: 95 Green Street, Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, Basketball 3, Boys Glee Club 3, 4. STEVEN PARSONS: 17 Fells Road, Soccer 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 4. RALPH PEARCE: 79 Hancock Street, Football 1, Basketball 1, Friends 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4. RICHARD PESATURO: 42 Forest Street, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. JOAN PETRICONE: 20 Country Club Road, Pep Squad 2, 3, 4, Secretary's Club 3, 4, Community Service 3, 4. STEVEN PETTO: 10 Orchard Street, Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Indoor Track 2, 3, 4, Spring Track 2, 3, 4, Ping Pong Tourney 4, Photography .4, Yearbook 4. s a THERESA PETTO VINCENT PIGNATO: 9 Myopia Road. DIANE PINATO PATRICIA M. PISATURO: 5 Brook Street, Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Northeast District Orchestra 2, 3, Melrose Symphony Orchestra 3, 4, Marching Band 4, Stage Band 3, 4. DONALD T. PITCHER: 24 Maple Street, Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4, Spartan Chorale 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, Band 2, 3, Orchestra 2, 3, Interact 2, 3, 4, Boys Glee Club 2, 3, 4. CHUCK PIZZANO: 60 Central Street, Winter Track 4, Tennis 3, Ping Pong Tourney 4, Sports Staff, Yearbook 4. JAMES PLATI: 229 Williams Street, Football 1, 2, Ping Pong Tourney 4, Intermural Wrestling 1, 2, Tennis 4. SHARON POTHIER: 106 Summer Street, Pep Squad 2, 3, 4, Secretaries Club 2, 3, 4, Community Service 3, 4, Tutoring 2. LORRAINE POWERS: 25 Albion Avenue, Homecoming Staff 3, Pep Club 4, Career Guidance Committee 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Twirp Twirl Committee 2. GARY PRITCHARD: 123 Pond Street, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4. MARYANN PROVOST: 15 Washington Avenue, Pep Squad 4, Future Nurses Club 2, 3, 4, Powder Puff Football 4, Tutors 4, Varsity Scholar 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Girls Ensemble 4, Spartan Chorale 4, Madrigals 4, Senior Play Committee 4. ANN PUGLIA: 15 Washington Street, Senior Patrol 4. STEPHEN PUGLIA PAULETTE RAGUCCI: 3 Crosby Street. ERNIE RAHN STEPHEN RANDALL: 16 Waverly Street JOHN REES ANITA REINOLD: 29 Evergreen Road. NANCY RETTIG: 1 Joan Avenue. JAMES REYNOLDS: 81 Converse Street, Audio Visual. GARY RIEGER MICHAEL J. RITCHIE: 7 Marie Avenue. ALAN ROACH: 105 Franklin Street, Senior Patrol, Football 2, Co-ed Volleyball. KRISTINA ROCCA: 17 Duncklee Avenue, Pep Squad l, 2, Yearbook Staff. JOAN ROJAK: 28 Perkins Street, Winter Track 3, Latin Club 2, 3, Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Student Gym Leader 4, Baseball Mgr. 2, 3. MELISSA ROSE: 24 High Street. THOMAS RUSSELL: 6 Merrow Lane, Varsity Soccer 2, 3, Co-captain 4, Senior Patrol, Co-ed Volleyball. JOHN SALTERIOI 16 Danby Road, Hockey 3, Golf 2, 3, 4. KATHY SALVO: 7 Stanton Road, Choralettes, Pep Squad, Journalism 4. NANCY SAMPLE: 60 Newcomb Road, Choralettes 2, Spartan Chorale 3, Gym Leading 3, 4, Outward Bound 3, 4, Senior Patrol 4. PAULA SASSO: 30 Bear Hill Road, Student Council 2, 3, Homecoming Committee 2, Twirp Twirl Committee 2, Orchestra 2, Pep Club 2, 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Student Representative to School Committee 3, 4, Senior Tea 3, Vice President Senior Class 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Elementary Tutor 2. DONNA SHIRALDI: 9 Slone Avenue. SUSAN SCHNARE: 160 North St., Drama Club 4, Band 4, Orchestra 4, Spartan Chorale 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Varsity Scholar 3. BARBARA SCHULTZ: ll High St., Pep Squad 2, Yearbook 4. CAROL SCHWEIGER: 41 Lawndale Road, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, Yearbook Photography Staff 4: National Honor Society 4, Varsity Scholar 2, 3. 181 DIANE SERVELLO: 17 Evergreen Rd.: Pep Club 2: Art Fest. 3: Varsity Scholar 3: Honor Society 4: Community Service 4: Homecoming Comm. 3. DEBBIE SHEPPARD: 48 Armory St.: Pep Squad 2: Future Secretraries Club 4. PAUL SHINER: 7 Bear Hill Rd.: Band 4: Dance Band 3, 4. PAUL SIRIGNANO JAMES SMALL KEVIN SMALL JOYCE SMALLCOMB: 47 High St.: Gymnastics 2: Majorettes 3: lieut. 4: Tennis 2, 3, 4. ROBERT SMART: 5 West Hancock St. BARBARA SMITH: 6 Kimball Drive. CARL SMITH: 24 Rowe Hill Rd.: Basketball 2, 3, co-capt. 4: Baseball 2, 3, tri-capt. 4. DEBI SMITH JEANETTE SOLAZZO VALERIE SORENSEN: 209 Hancock St.: Senior Patrol 4: Traffic Squad 2, 3, 4. PAMELA SOWLE: ll Drury Lane: Community Service Club 3, 4: Teaching Service 4: Pep Squad 2. ROBERT SPADAFORA: 104 Pond Street. EDWARD SPARKS SHARON SPARKS: 31 Summer Street: Community Service Club 3, 4. CAROL SPELLMAN: 11 Kirmes Road: National Honor Society 4. CAROL SPENCER: 4 Chase Road: Spartan Chorale 4: Girls Ensemble 3, 4: Community Service Club 3: Yearbook Editor 4: National Honor Society 4: Varsity Scholar 3, 4: Co-ed Volleyball 4: Carnival Ball 3, 4. ROBIN SPENCER: 5 Kirmes Road: Twirp Twirl Committee 3: Junior Prom Committee 3: Traffic Squad 2, 3, 4: Senior Patrol 4: P.T.L. Scholarship Drive 3: Carnival Ball 4. GLORIA STANLEY: 38 Pleasant St.: Home Room Rep. 3, 4: Winter Art Fest. 3, 4. PETER STEVENS THOMAS STODDARD JOHN STRAIL WILLIAM STUART THOMAS STURGES KATHLEEN M. SULLIVAN: 61 Park Ave. MICHAEL SULLIVAN WILLIAM SULLIVAN: 20 Avalon Rd. MARTHA SURDAM: 56 Summerhill St. MARK SWETT: 6 Brookbridge Rd. PAUL SWETT: 6 Brookbridge Rd. ELIZABETH TERNULLO: 26 Rodgers Rd.: Cheerleader 3, 4: Traffic Squad 2, 3, 4: Office Aid 2, 3: Twirp Twirl Comm. 2: Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Carnival Ball 4: P.T.A. Drive 2, 3: Memorial Day Program 3: Yearbook 4. LINDA THEOBALD: 5 Rockville Park: Softball JV 2, V 3: Field Hockey JV 3, V 4: Basketball JV 3: Pal Club 2. PAM THOMAS: 13 Middle St.: Field Hockey JV 3: Basketball MG. 3, 4: Community Service 2, 3: Girls Ensemble 3, 4: Spartan Chorale 4: Carnival Ball 2: Spring Concert 2, 4. CHARLES THOMPSON DOUGLAS THOMPSON JEAN THORNE: 18 Collincote St.: Spartan Chorale 3, 4: Girls Softball 2: Girls Ensemble 3: Interact 3, 4: Band 3, 4: Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4: 182 Community Service 2: Pep Squad 2, 3, 4: Spring Concert 2, 3, 4: Madrigal 2, 3. JOHN TOOMY CAROL VACCA JEANETTE VARGAS FRANK VALLARELLI: 141 Franklin St.: Football 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 4: Wrestling 3, 4, co-capt.: Student Council 2, 3, 4: Friends 3, 4. LEIGH VATCHER: 104 Governor Rd.: Hockey 2, 3: Carnival Ball 4. JOANNE VECCHIOZ 7 Rhuland Rd.: Outward Bound 2. JOHN VENNOCHI: 29 Newcomb Rd.: Football 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2: Student Council 2, 3: Tennis 3, 4: Class President 2: Gym Leader 3, 4: Co-ed Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Chess Club 2, 3. JOHN VERGADOS DANILO VESKOVTS PAUL VOGT CINDY WALKER: 54 Broadway: Majorettes 3, 4: Sr. Prom Comm. 4: Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Twirp Twirl Comm. 2: Deca Cafe 4. MARIE WALSH MICHAEL WARD: 78 Robin Hood Rd.: Yearbook Ed. 4: Basketball 3, Mg. 4: Golf 2: Camival Ball Comm. 2, 3, 4: Cross Country 2: Deca Cafe 4: Sr. Play: Homecoming Comm. 3: Sr. Patrol 4: Youth Delegate to Council on Aging 4. KEITH WARREN: 36 Walsh Ave.: Seeds Staff 3: Art Ed. 4: President Latin Club 3. STEVE WARREN JOHN WELCH DAROLD WELLS: 263 William St.: Marching Band 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 2, 3, 4: Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4. BARBARA WESOLOWSKI: 2 Spruce St.: Marching Band 3, 4: Jazz Band 4: Field Hockey 2, 3: Basketball 2: Boy's Spring Track 2: Girl's Spring Track 3, 4: Co-ed Volleyball 3: Carnival Ball 2, 3, 4: Chorale 2, 4: Sr. Tea Usher 3: Activity Staff 4: Interact 3, 4: Dance Club 4: Spring Concert 2, 3, 4. DONALD WHEATON DEBI WHITCOMB: 391 William St. DOREEN WHITLEY: 9 Beacon St.: Senior Patrol 4: Pep Squad 4: Homecoming Comm. 3. FRANCIS WHITTEN III: 25 Myopia Rd.: Winter Track 3, 4: Spring Track 3, 4: Cross Country 4: Gym Leader 3, 4: Yearbook Sports Staff 4. NANCY WILKES: 6 Keene St.: Future Secretaries Club Chrm. 4: Yearbook Layout Staff 4: Varsity Scholar: Homecoming Comm. 3. JOHN WILLIS: 115 Mac-Arther Rd.: Football 2, 3, 4: Spring Track 2, 3, 4: Winter Track 2, 3, 4: Gym Leader 3, 4. DEBRA WILSON KARLA WIREN: 8 Harrison St. DANNY WOODS: 65 Park St.: Carnival Ball 4: Latin Club 2: Drama Club 2, 3, 4: Seeds 4. SCOTT WRIGHT: 69 Washington St. DONNA M. ZAMPELL: 111 Collincote St.: Cheerleader 3, co-capt.: 4: National Honor Society 4: Spartan Chorale 4: Interact 3, 4: Carnival Ball 4: Graduation Usher 3: Senior Tea Usher 3: Homecoming Comm. 3: Youth Commission 2, 3, 4: Newspaper 2: Sr. Patrol 4: Booster Club Drive 3, 4. VICKI ZAPPA: 7 Forest St.: Outward Bound 2. l' I I l L I 1 I i I I l I The 1974 Yearbook Staff Wishes to Thank Co-Editors Mary McGinn Beth Junker Editors Michele Biagioni Karen Lee John Contestabile Shelley Norton Joan Cunniff Gary Rieger Toby Juffre Carol Spencer Mike Ward Front Cover Photograph Joan Cunniff Poetry Joan Cunnilf Toby Juffre Typing Gail Bourque Sandy Bornstein Liz Ternullo J ack of All Trades Paula DiGangi Amy Fitzpatrick Advisor Mrs. Schrock hfEh4CHRYfC1F K IKCNSEILIQAB4 1910-1973 Roger Lamson was a distinguished citizen ot' this country and ofthe town of Stoneham. He served as a Navy Commander in World War ll and he served the town of Stoneham as a teacher for thirty eight years, many of those years as Chairman ofthe Social Studies Department. His contributions to the community ol' Stoneham, particularly to its youth, will serve as a living reminder to us of Mr. Lamson for many years to come. in -,,4-. - ,.n...+,f4- W,p-4--4.v .1 3' N-uf s ,., ' 1 L 4 Q ' - . .Q ff! i " A A'- ---T'-Av ggpri-47.-Y .mmf-s--..,,,53- ,. . .W ,,rg ,, 1.1 ' ' 'a I 3 - 1 ! gm - 'A , . , K ,V ',e.,Igfp:g,5,-ag-25.651 Y f i . V, ,,::-i ,N . uf g - , :11 Qffg N ff -V ,J"" . ' . 17265 "1ff,ffifN-f 1, . , .gy 3:55-f f -- 2 "xr I S 3 ,Q ,A ?'2ii"?J,- -V, A 51 -P f Q ..f jg . . Q' ' "" "W ., . .. Q -'H 3. fl' ' 'i ' ii'f" Z:jJ T' 'x l'. , E-Sb' 'lv . 'fi M 1 . - ,N I A R , in , - 1 I W 1 , XJ, MI all K ' ' ' , ' , , -qw' I 7 , X , if. N V 5. I V I, K ., , L V 'L ,V " f I 3 Zi , k , . I K rok en ,I ' IS sh 2' " li I W In W A 4 , 1 A . I 4 L 1-' 1 A f ' ' f'Q,,.. ., K. -0 , -. V . W: w". . , , nk' ., 5 - ,. .'. 51,-W 9-qv. 1 fy w . ' , HX 4,4 W f V . 1 ls. L13 . ff " N I A ' 'Q U -5377-Qfs.1 ' f' f ,' iff 'QQ.......,..fQ., --fi' ----- . ' ' 2' ' W X-V A it ' ' .I . V' 1 'v,' fx ' M . ral . -1 if ' ' ' . f A'f" ' ' - wg, I V... wx' ' V I 4 if 'Hsu' uor 3 F i .:4Q'fZMQ'Q' , Xe ---'--- Y-1---sd-v.-..-... V .-. ,...-.., 4... . .. .. .

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