Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA)

 - Class of 1972

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Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 180 of the 1972 volume:

, 'rs 1 'M L ,m ,ff ln. 'uve L. H4 p-.1 "-. .rw M L 4AAAv.41rw W- vb-x.'k'-nr... P". u5.z,,.,,. W, A 1 V " 7,59 :X N , 'V ' 'f f xgi v . . 1 ' :-. 4 " '. rr" - . ' ' ' V J 51, . ' ' 1 . ' I ,V ' ' 1 'P Q 'V xr 4 X F , - , Q 4 ' - ' ' ,- . V - , ,ml V -Y N . .A X :J Q 1 , V -' . " ' - ' Il , ga., V M 1 K ' , -. Y F A , ' i -' I. ,: 71. V Q ' ' A ,V 'A ' :' -- ,V1',V , , ' , , K, ,543-. H . Viig- l ' ' . , . V' V x ' :Y , , ' , , V. 4 1, - , L L 5' 'Va ,L . - v ' E . -' V 1,1 V- f ' ' " . X 4 1 1 . ' - . 1 - .' - f gy'!'Nf. 2- , . ' .A . - E , ' Intl ' 2, . ' 4, V -11 ' , . . I , . 5 , ' V V V ' " '3 V' J V :iff U V-- " W, . n H . -I 1, . - - - a. 'v:w,af," -1 4- ' . V V ,gif-,TJ Y A, . H I, 1 Z: ' . , ', ' 1, , , , , ' , ,, V r, ' -,r . ' "fav - ' "' ' V . FV v 1 - ' ' ' " 111 . 1' -. . 1 , Q' - sill? "V 'V' . .- , - ' V - ' ' V- V- - El V . 4, fi - - , 4 -, -, - , JY? l Y. V H .c... V, " r' Q . V ' Y ' - .:' 1. ' '-1 ' V , ' ' ' '- " ff? . ' , . I .. 3 . ' ' .fig ' '. ' 4: A .pn ,V M., -A - - V - - 121, ', . - q1:',':::Ii" ' ' .., " , ' n 3 . - 1 A . . ,K , , Q I V Ag, il - i- - V ' ,.A..,..,Vn' ' Vg- rx- - . 5 f' , . .nag . ,L ' 1 l I A . V , fl' f iv. Y . 'Lf V Q . H Q ' I V ' 1' , N X . . f .- if . ..', ' 2 ' A ' ' 5 rr, 1 V, Q f V ' 1 , ' , .. -' A H , ' .1-1,1 - ' 'f , - .' ' . - . , ' . . ,"fV:' f " V 'L I V ' ..- l. 'V " V, ' ' V 29 5 iv, A , , ' T ' .- ffl f .N 1:35, -I-- , - 1 ,I ' . , 5 . ,.., V, V' ' 'h " ..,, - . V .V Vw- -1 ..,,.,'f..,, i'..V, 11 Q,-.. . V 'A ff.fV'-- 'faf'--V-'Vff'-1 " ' " H '- 2 1' -V rf f' 'LF'-'-5AZ'i1L3"-" -' ' ' "T .- ,,.. W . .-.... ,,.. .E.1-,.... -- -4---A-f- Y ...'.4- 159 f r . 'vi' E . X . 7 x ,X X 1 'E' COMINGS AND GOIN GS STGNEHAM HIGH SCHOOL Stoneham, Massachusetts CLASS OF 1972 , If "JU L. ' 557 4- ' L D. lf fe I' RX 'lu L Q wr' Q ' , f R i am- f W - ,E if KN F9 'I "J 'all' ll -- if W. 'R' :- ' n , ' ,9 955 ' . . '7 44, , W 1- lx R ,ffl-na, .- . 'H f , . .vi I . ti ' n Agxi Y ' 1 in! 'rn' . ef , I- A , ,J i " ' ' 3' 'Z' "' ' Rt, ff F may 5 QSQJ7. all ,N egg:-f EA k, S iv ,y Ag g fd J '32, 1 A' ' ' r 1. in A sw M6 'fl v H 'sq I l Q- Q I ,Xf . .1 ' - . I - fj- yr ies ff Q, ' - ae ' . X s ' F ' ' Q , . , lb A AD lg X fy N, . , Q. . K . A M1 m ' X , X . t Q 2 if .4 A s, I4 , ,n L H , 1: X 331'-I--,5 1 t ' A ' . - .' ' z q!""'f'., ,Q ff . 4 7 I f a u I z-?1 X 1 El. IA? 'N Tl! Z ly 'A J 'f' . .4 . L 9 l! if V y I ju ,,' Y Lf xxri 1. w t , f . R if Q V ' wifi ' if '3+..l,.:.T ef" ' . .R . 4--Inv? n i . . ' I '-,' f' J I 'ffff 'rt i 'i "' 452, ' 'f ' V-if I ' .. I I xx W i I - ' , : ,QT 'Lw I- in mtg-iqi'L,?X.! ir fl . :af , If L ,, ll-,,f,,f,2E .. A- : vi':f.Q"4'ff'.5'1'-iwlfxfggxi, . ,, 1 1. "' ' ' nf' -.' "- . ' ' - "" 'I'--W" '47 ' .. .'.' 'LAN .f If f .' . -X Ci ,!?:,.?':.Vr7'db. 'fi 'iN 5154.5 J, 3 f ' . u '.' 'Lu sf 'j. - T - . ' Nt? In " " 5551" gl fa' .. , "' f.. .f ', .f ,, 4?-1 r w g Q,g..,'I t 1, fe-QT' 'Z U, -n-J I . It I X' 'HI' ' ' 1 X J I , X ffl ft ' A .: . I Q 5 . I . 1 1 , ' ' '. . ' A " h 'D I I I I f, '- l gf' ' 'j, A. Qi , . . -f . '- . ,, ' l ' ' N l N , a ,' .' . "5c. ,I n - .- ' ' L . , 1 ' X ' , lla' fy? 1 'QS - A xt., . ' - L. 'Ay A ' ing, , : gd' - I : ' 'u ax i ' Zffigfail Remember Z' u , 2 I I ni ' f ffl? f K 1 If Remember me when I am gone away, ' ' . -1 , - It h 1 gf: 3 Gone far away into the silent land, I ,-tu.. 4 1 C--, XL ,I H . , I . , ., - Remember me whefi no more, day by day. 'H - Q t . ' ' - , g Ki f- You tell me o the uture that you planned ' f U I ' '- Q' ' X' lv '. AI 1 Only remember meg you understand ' 1 lf ' . K Y ,3 -, v N ' It will be late to counsel them or pray. 1 I - I .. 7 NN If f .' 6, fx! C , If h Yet if you should forget me for a while I - A t I li ,: x A ,,7 x And afterward remember, do not grieve, ,' - ' f '. . 'Xl 1, , 4, 'M' fi' ,iffy . , ' " For if the darkness and corruption leave . ' n ' f , 1 , ff' ' ffl ,ll iffff ,-H, K A vestige of the thoughts that oncel had, Q - ,. t' I -' ' ij ,I H ,ily - , . f' Better by far you should forget and smile , I ' vf, i . - . I lf ly , Than that you should remember and be sad. x ,, gl 5. I i' f , . I f , ' .. 'pf' A 7- 4 3 , -,Q . I .71 - .5 . 4 , In memory of X ,. '---,,.:j,q Ellen Meegan XV " " f , Richard Paradiso ' f 'T- - 'f , ' S 'We' l J A f st P 'C W ll ., W fe if fs l 5 .-. ,-J. ,x 1 . J . It K5 fi ' - ' ' f "J .4 A , ',',f ' -- j , 1- D ,. ','. ng ' ,a f':-'-'-, y 4 -.,v- . ' ,ff . . 7' , ' - - Y 4' " . ' . . . ,, 'I ' - , V 'X x f. ,L J Q - It "il: A! 'O' ' ". , ' . - ' ' in 1 ' ' 5 -'f m Ivy '-., ' -I ' 12 , " If . A,-1 N in .". 1.. ' '- -. I ' - . - ' xt f .. A -- ' ., -.fa ,.' . l 1' if 'f - . - -, 41, A: - '!- n Aff, D-ft. w, - Q . ' 'sfw A g.-V1-tal: . ' , I ,' . ' ,g X Q ls 7-. M ' ' ' fl . N.. 1 ' R- . ' R Y-.m.' J. - "fl ,' v 1 ' , 5 7 'f I -. - ,nw 1 "'.- ' v' . . , ' , I ' ' '- - , . , , f fl fl 'ii A 'H , -K'f, 7 --' I -'ifv l ly ' 1 . ,- rv , . ,, . , .. '-,' , ' 'f fx, . . . . if 1 r - I M, , i ., 1 N Q if if i1 - 7,11-. . I I N- , g . 17.1 4 K ,-N, A was L-fuitl DEDICATION Cigar smoke, twelve o'clock shadow, archaic political opinions, and rarely serious . . . The man who says, "There's three things you need in life: money, looks, and girls, and I've got two of them." He says what he means and he means what he says. We'll never forget Bob, he's real! The class of 1972 dedicates this yearbook to one heckuva guy - Bob Benoit. p i 5 ' ST"'i.f'H 1' Ek- - 'g'h fgfsi' if ff-ily A rn fs axe? Ax5fHQMA9WQSiF ix 'LMXMQFI fw-QQ-X Q figjkfi 'L f in i Q . i Q " 'ff1ZI'., 1 , . mn, TK ,H N W' 3 ' 'Q -:mf . Q k ...ff-f' fwsxf ' 1+ -- - 5 1 3' W1 Ma.-'g,f . " ' Afw-lf. .ww .L -- M ' wxgggw. . k' ' " J ,,'T'T'1v-" 5 ' 3 nm 1: -' new gh-fs " K xv Y mf 5-P' .V Syl" i 1, ami K- - . ig 3 K K .,.. A i K my k J. - K .fu - V .... .. ' ' --.. V -f 5 - -, f? . H ' K 'I-5 . ' Q 5 ? 2 ff . 'fum - hk' ' j s MQ. gif , f mm" 'X imy h . Jfikfx-V, , , ' '5 - . .. " - Sr' fu-Q xi A fi kk.. , sg W ' H-mwxnmyif. f K -'M . -N .,,, 'gif?ws.:f R -NF , mg - -Y -N in WXQSFLXXQETS j fl xx' . H' Q ' - f.'ff:E,:,,..,.:L , kkkkk W N ,xfaheaaw , i -,-k QQ - s. .Q i WRX in Ng fl' I , 5 V-- '- X , N . W in 55. .L . 4 7 T K -- 4 - 3 Y . , . .. T7 Q , ' A ,A Sw ?9KmWWMwkQwLfWQ mN5f7 Lf1WWWww4? WWMH Q-Q- ' -- , ., A f,.... :Je . X' N. :f H 1 . ' W- X ?'1i'f'GWfi9'w:.4g-4 k ' k - M' M. f - F' - wsmmmwmk WM - 5 ' Q .. , K ky .- L - ' T W I ,f ,jf ' , K . f 32: - f K if K I 44 . X . y 1 f - , ,, , Q w 1 H A N " "-' - W-N A , i, 4 - . , , -'- ' V Q --.. g . , .E H- 1 My F ?:"'..::s:.:55- ,frm ' - i - . .- .. , , , H M,.. . , .,,LL ww - 'M' ' 4 il3 1 . ,. gi ,S ' ' L. ----- X ywwkww A -- L " ""' N .L ... ' -N, aixgafr-. gg Q, I " D W A xm... f -.4..Tm..v 4- .,,., 1 -. R .,!, 4- - mmm? 3,7 g i -"-K-3 ' " j B , ' N N ,, N it as 'mv' """' ' ' 1 , 3 -H It x J in ' W... g - ,. " 'S 'R' W ' S.WE..R WS ui, ,:...,..3. ..... T :,,.,,?.. ...WM N my K . LN ,., ,, ,. ,,,, , WM . Q i Qlkwi 'JM' " Q illiumma 'Sw- ffu Q -- ... '11 .Q Vr,. ... 1 .. x .......x,,4-o- .-.un--5 3 f" -h-41'-'-'... ' ' 5 W AQ-1004" - -, A L" I f if 5 .l A .... Ja, ....l..N...i ,,...I.... ..... S.. A ..L.,Q,.a.. in . P A ...,. .P ..,,..f -,........1-.+-W-.v-M ,. ,, . ,.,.., ,.,,.. LLA A wk I 'N Q Q X A ' 'X' F I A A L. N, ,, , 5,,,,,,,,,. ... L ,, . : ' . ' 5 t W .,. ' . ' h - X ' . .,...,, ' , K K' . . , -v in Q Q ' 1 ... ., .. , ,J , ' 1 4 ,, ,,,.. ..........d- ,W W1---WW ---W rx- '----f f '-'+ A My Q ,. , I .. N , , Nlgomtwaqlh-rug,-F Mgsksr-as .fp-Qmili' PQ ki.: wg . 1,1 w I -iffs S Q, Q ,QQWNU Wifi' QIGN5 " 1 Z .k., 9 v v u- va, -1 .v 9 '- st, ' Q' .Q-., "".l .-'1 - v. v v ,Z 4 I- A-. ..- N, ., :., 15101 1 . .5- ., .IK 'rd-gg" .' 51115 3. - , Q. . . D10 ', . v -,Q . '1 '.'.ir 5 . 1- .-1 - .. -.-,.-4.3. .1 'A ...U .- v v '-"'.-"'-iv, Q -. . ., nw ".w gf.. ,' ,n Q . 1 . 1 . . , . ' ' ' 'v .'-'-'-'.'- '1 . . . ' ' '. 1 , 5 - 'ntl.l. luv vp" u 15' ul v.. 1'-'tv Iv'--A 1,.. v.. ..-ff: .wl- .-'..v . . .... . '-'-.'.'.-Q. Q -. .-.w ya. .- w.'.. -3- - .- . . . 1' . I1 p,... .. " S "- 3. I ', I ul H. N r ADMINISTR TIO Mr. Fred Kiamie Mr. Daniel Hogan Vice Principal Superintendent of School.: Mr, Ralph J. Rowell Anistnnt Principal E 2 Mrs. Agnes Barry Dean of Girl: Mr. William L. Hoyt Principal Mr. Frank Matarese Auistant Superintendent GUIDANCE 5255 iii? .V w"1""" 1 MT- John P- Fehch Miss Marcia Chisolm ww .. Mr. William P. Murphy a M 4. ig . 3' A ff"I""' "M" ' - . ' 't17'f.+44? f'f--'4"i' A V Q '. 1 ff ' -W.. M . 1. - 'Wi ' K' W www- ,,:2'r.l-14wtm g .. ag bg. A . 4 , ,yi . I , f M " wa' " r .. it ' 1' .. Q'r . - " 5 rfrwn f: uw 0' - 1 . , . .2 Z.. .. ,,,,, - M , . I K ,,, IA , ' '.. Www - - "- i L L ,, . 'f ,g.g..:.,. -1 , , ,. ,.., , -. 1 ""' "" ' ' ' M'W'7. . , .H , 1 - , , .... ...A . Mrs. Gale A. 0'Too1e Mrs. Marjorie L. Hurst 4, 1 4 41 - .M 1 IS . Francis Gardner Secretary LIBRARIAN Miss Rudie Lindgren NURSE Mrs. Jane Martin WORK STUDY OFFICE CCCCCCC WN wssssl sz... Mrs. Winfred Donahue Mr. Thomas Colbert Mrs. Betsy Chalmers Mr. Thomas Dolan Mr. Alan Cortese Dam Proceuing Mrs. Vera D. Curley Miss Anne Gower E GLISH Mr .Donald P. Musico Deparlment I-lead faux Mrs. Diane Crane Miss Linda Knight Hel' f Mrs. Joan L'Heureux Mrs. Deidre McCormack Mb J 8 if i 5 9 x 5 4 I P I Miss Patricia Norelli Mr. Richard Reed Mr. Robert Silverman Mr. Jon F. Sobecki "Ulu Mrs. Elsie Decker EW' Y W , i M Q. Miss Sharyn Thur . few-. 'vw if 'Vi s N ' , eeee fifwifl ffm. f. -fe N- , -we 5 ,I V-5 1-1' X ,- 4 v1 ,K,f f . 5, XSS , .. xx -AAA- mf' X P 4 f 5 J Sal SE? a :W '2 ,f f Asif' f M ef jj - , My .. , . , 5 5 ' ,Q X I 'gk Mr. Chester P. jordan Departm em H end R gs Q x 2 , X Mr. Socrates Taseos M THE Mr. john Albanesc Mf5- Mary V- Olmsfead Mr. Michael Kennedy TICS A IE ,K M , aus- SCIENCE Mr. Glen A. Lougee Department Head Miss Janet M. Buckley Mr. Joseph A. Collins Miss Diane j. Gray Mr. Douglas R. Inge HEKZX 'ijbgmluglxje - Mrs. Jacqueline Lee Mr. John P. McGuire Mr. Peter J. Scanlon Mrs. Patricia Tine 2 :WJ 22 Miss Elizabeth Furman Department Head BUSINESS Mi55 D0l'0fhY D- C011-lm Miss Catherine Brock rick ,Q?A f V' 6 1 My-WXQ ,M Miss Marcia Garuti 1 'OO 30 GGG Miss joan Maranofsvky 'Glam FOREIGN ANGUAGES Mr. Paul F. Atkinson WW'-..,,., Miss Lydia Risi Department Head X Miss Karen Klimas Miss Vera Komanowski Mr. Rene E. Martin Miss Louise O'Brien Mr. Alain Rocher 1 Mr. Roger W. Lamson Department Head Mr. James Campagna SOCIAL STUDIES Mrs. Caroline Banulis A--wr Mr. Wayne Fillback Mr. Stephen Conroy Mr. William Kelly N . Q Mr. David G. Kline ff , V3 X i "2 mi 3 .H M42 ...WMM A 5: "xx f ' f W x , W, . I it . JV ' fs fl vw:-v,f?Q' 11 -is I I f 525511 fflihfiz - -H V Vw' V' ' Q ' 'aakvw ,5y,,,.g . V ,M 'aw' fYyw .,. 1,55 .5 5 v fb , S w3,1'y',g:g myf . . szlwgw lr xg , . My by VV V .373 35,6 -3,f,4, . W .QQ x Q ., ' i if ing, , .fy . ,w,.l,6 fQ'z:kMq-5 .-...,, r .aff Mr. James A. Romano - TH ' 'Wx' gm, 51. ".31,i,v.-ln' 5 my 'rf ., ' 3 V55 7 ' 43392. Xj hw yy' ,,,, . 0 N 'ff',w3. "' ,,, fiwfmz gg YQTNEZ' Ml - , Q Mr. Henry R. Margarita Mr. john P. White xxx 'ff if ff Mrs. Marie Cargill Art .Supervi.fo1' Mrs. Jeanne Cannon Mrs. Pat Springer MUSIC ,, W , ,,,,,,gf Mrs. Gilda Wipperman Mmic Superviror ,WN Mr. Michael Alaura Mr. Alfred Todaro Miss Barbara Crowe Miss Sally Ann Randall XW' Mr. Paul J. Sculley ge. Mr. Robert T. Tavanese PHYSICAL EDUCATIO Mr. john A. Fawcett Direclor of Athletics Miss Saralee Wheeler INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. Walter R. Herrick Mr. Renato P. Paolini Mr. William E. Daly SKILLS Mrs. Paula Gardner Mrs. Roslyn Petrerson HO E ECONOMICS if '-:awk WMM ...,!' Mrs. Virginia Kloss Mrs. Gertrude Rose Mrs. Natalie Benedetto CAFETERIA STAFF CUSTODIAL STAFF IR5 .4-, la 1,- if-1 ID .gil . 5 +2 3 E rfj ' 'X , max L. SENIOR FAVORITES MOST RESPECT ED Ann McClorey, john Smallcomb CLASS LIVEWIRES Doug Halpin, Larraine Gandolfl BEST EYES Faith Stone, Paul Tuminelli CLASS HEARTBREAKER jean Nazarian MOST ATHLETIC Barb Rush, Al Finnegan 4frw., BIGGEST FLIRTS SCHOOL SPIRITED eff Brennan, JoAnn Mangone Kath Sheridan, Steve DiMarzo MOST ARTISTIC Paula Schultz, David Stockbridge - .., . -- MOST SOPHISTICATED jay Phelan, Ann McClorey 'Vi, ,, BEST DANCERS Nancy Mustone, Ed Gay CLASS GIRL HATER Larry Donahoe BEST LOOKING Al Paradiso, Gail Parsons QUIETEST joe Cugini, Mary Ellen Smith BEST DRESSED Fran Pullo, Billy O'Nei1 95' . 5' MOST MECHANICAL joel McMahon BEST LEGS Debby Dorf, Dave Petro DONE MOST FOR S.H.S. Steve DiMarzo CLASS COUPLE Skip Cleveland, Ruthe Greene ,xy A FRIENDLIEST Rod Crocker, Donna Deliino ' . , f 1 , . 5 1 w A ' 1 4 1 4 , 2 MOST SUCCESSFUL SKIPPER Bob Heuman, Judy Troup R BIGGEST LINE MOST GULLIBLE Billy O'Neil Cindy Dawson, john Smallcomb FAVORITE PASTIME Drinking c 2 I wwf ,. WITTIEST Lorraine Gandolfi, Doug Halpin ,gh MOST ORIGINAL Diana Cerretani, Dave Stockbridge li!!! 5?'!!"l! MOST MUSICAL Lori Starr, Ed Freeman MOST TALKATIVE Debbie Hansis, Joe Ferretti, Francine DeGrande MOST THEATRICAL Betsy Glover, Aldo Gigliorini MAD SCIENTISTS Bob Heuman, Judy Marks MOST VERSATILE Bob Bartolucci, Margie Moore FAVORITE JUNIORS Bobby Sweeney, Julie Scalley MOST SINCERE Mike Cross, Donna Delfino FAVORITE TEACHER Miss Sharyn Thur MOST PROMISING Cathy Berger, john Smallcomb MOST INTELLECT UAL Bob Heuman, Nancy Dennis FAVORITE SONG "You've Got A Friend" When you're down and troubled And you need some loving care And nothing, nothing is going right Close your eyes and think of me And soon I will be there To brighten up even your darkest night. You just call out my name And you know wherever I am I'll come running To see you again Winter, spring, summer or fall All you have to do is call And I'll be there You've got a friend. If the sky above you Grows dark and full of clouds And that old north wind begins to blow Keep your head together And call my name out loud . Soon you'll hear me knocking at your door. You just call out my name And you know wherever I am I'll come running To see you again Winter, spring, summer or fall. All you have to do is call And I'll be there. Ain't it good to know that you've got a friend When people can be so cold? They'll hurt you, and desert you And take your soul if you let them. Oh, but don't you let them. You just call out my name And you know wherever I am I'll come running to see you again Winter, spring, summer or fall. All you have to do is call And I'll be there. You've got a friend. Carole King 'Triendfbip if ez fhelzering tree" FRIENDSHIP "Thom who bring Jnnfbine to the livef of other! cannot keep it from them- .rel1xeJ" "A friend if mrneone who re- .rpectx your right to be alone every now and then" "A frientl will gently tell you your faulty and will like you juft uf much in Jpite of them" "A friend if Jorneone with whom you Jhure your deereft poxfefsionf uf well ex your texte for rntzny of the mine thingf' v ...v""' 4 "I get hy with it little help from iny friend!" Q 45 I J ! i r s 5 F w Cggygggvfggl 'N my Or dmc fig?-Qu-Lfj:'1 9'P00C15 MPI SPOXS ,WC Ang? C hams L o QFQ Fon CHU ws amino 5 E.L,..n...,- .EI ..-H...-. ., , , M., . ,'v"?:vrfHf'-iN M KGS dow-C+ aguf yan., any 0.443 LAEA ' ' 'A uA."E.A14Ki1:'4"" ,f Q -M - . ,. 51 e -EA c?!! !M?S!!f0 LIP ""lQ.,,,, f iff 'N U 6 9 02 C23 cg? Freeman CUEELWEWE BOURQUE MARILYN Evans nxcHARo CAMPBELL JEAN E cAnaoLL KEVIN R CERRATANI DIANE cnnxsvxe BONNIE L CLARK ARTHUR B conaAo ROSE 1 cosmopouuos JEAN onwson MAUREEN oscxen GAIL M DELROSSI DAVID nxcneoxco STEPHEN oxexunxo EDWARD J onMARzo STEPHEN v DONNELLY DAVID M DWYER JANICE E ELLIOTT KENNETH R FALLON ANN M FREEMAN EDWIN J GEGGIS WILLIAM F GUILFOYLE DENNIS M cumulus DENISE E HARvEv ROBERT F LANDERS FRANCIS LEDBETTER ROBERT L MCCUSKER DANIEL A MEANS MICHAEL F MUNRO RICHARD F MURPHY JOHN R OHALLORAN JANET M ONEIL WILLIAM J ORBEN DAWNA P OTOOLE JANET M PANOSIAN PAMELA J PARSONS GAIL A PETTINATI ARLENE R PHELAN JEREMIAH L POOR KEVIN A POOR ROSEMARY RADIGAN VIRGINIA M REARDON KATHLEEN R RIVERA ROBERT RYAN JUDITH M 47 GEORGE L. AMARANTIDES PAULA A. AMBROSE BOB ADELIZZI TERRY A. AMIRTO A A q 'L ts, '. 4, ' f 1 X '52, PAUL J. ALGIERS, JR. ES TID AN AMAR HN JO f E I L ,.- M . ff DEBERAH-JEAN BALBONI KEVIN F. BAMBERY CHARLES D. BARBO LINDA MARIE ANDERSON CARREN BEATON ROBERT BARTOLUCCI DAVID PAUL BARBO J. BARTKUS STEPHEN GEORGE HENRY BELL THE 3rd ,. LISA BOCCELLI MARY T. BOCCELLI JOAN M. BORRELLI CHARLES BAYLIES CATHERINE M. BERGER ff ,f 5 , , FRANK R. BOVE V- uf., , . 2 M J an grk , ., gi 71, , NS L 13? L v , g if! if , I3 Q Q ,I ,,4' fx NAN EN BR JEFF MARILYN BOURQUE MARILYN JEANNE BOUTCHIA CAROL BRADFORD 9' f 4 X f 52 ! Q 2 1 K W I , r . , A ..A. ,E , , STEPHEN MICHEAL BREZINSKI lst PETER BRYANT DAVID BURDEN CAMILLE BRANDANO JIM BRUNINI RICHARD BURNS JONATHAN CALLBECK 451fl"89i JIM CAMPBELL SHARON R. CAMPBELL F. JOHN CARINO SUSAN CALLAHAN IVY' JEANNIE CAMPBELL DONNA CARLINO .M ::i-,,5, ,ff , 3 Q4 all is KEVIN CARROLL SUSAN CASEY MARTHA A. CHASE LINDA CASSARA GARY P. CASTIGLIONE s A Lf BONNIE LINDA CHRISTIE V' NEIL CLAPP CLAYTON "SKIP" CLEVELAND PATRICIA C01-ES ELAINE M. CIONTI JUDY CERRONE ARTHUR CLARK MICHAEL COMER MARGARET A. CONCANNON BOB CONNERS I NT PAUL B. CO G M? - ,,w?V,, If MMVI E ig 5? ROSE CORRAO JEAN COSMOPOULOS A 4 AAAE , AAA,R A I U ab S U 8 W 5 Z RAO NCENT COR VI RODERICK H. CROCKER JR DOUG CORMIER MAUREEN DAWSON M va' II-I VJ E 2 2 U U EZ! Z E 5 2 0 2 7 O z E 9 z B Z 4 ft cn E E z z I2 u A ' R1fiiRDQ33i7453QjzgiGxiif gk ,Mfg 010' NJWBQ,-UA ML Nl. X Jig.: A My 50' Q, W C Y N' ,J A 4111 ,vi ' M FRANCINE R. DeGRANDE iwfbf' - fb UM ,A GAIL MARIE DECKER DONNA M. DELFINO J. CROWLEY KEVIN JEAN M. DELNINNO ,v-iQ' IMARCO D DAVE fi, , X STEPHEN DICREDICO NANCY C. DENNIS MAUREEN d'ENTREMONT ED DIGIULIO STEPHEN V DIMARZO MAUREEN F. DOHERTY TOM DOHERTY DEBI A. DOHERTY DEBORAH L. DORR .7-J-J-gf JAMES P. DOLAN KATHLEEN M. DONNELLY KATHLEEN DUNN A 5 1 . ,EE" ,L" A Q H ,E 'C if 11, 'ffw , ,,.. , f ' 7? 59 f',Z ,,,,v,,.Q , V LA.. ,.1,,.. . ,R , , Qfaafqgvaffe-if-7 fi -- ii I ,f,f I - 5. ., ff : ff,, , f ,, ,, , f,,' g , ,i ig " ,,,,, ig gy, gtg is-37? , .-,- f - 1, , , A 5- , , X fs f I - :45 ffl 4 V JL ,.,. , J A I 125' ROBERT FRANCIS DOLAN 1 ,.,, , X? 3 Ly my ,sf Ag f 'H a -5 ff, f A JAMES DONOVAN MARY DONOVAN r-l 5' U 2 D1 Q G V3 'fi E O I I-4 WILLIAM P. DUFFY RAYMOND E. DUNBAR JR DEBORAH L. DURKEE JANICE DWYER KENNETH ELLIOT EILEEN EMERY sf f ' EDWARD J. FARRELL JOSEPH R. FERRETTI KATHI FILLIPONE GARY DURSO JOANNE C. ELLS WILLIAM ENGLISH CYNTHIA FLAMMIA JAMES Home If if III ALBERT E. F INNEGAN DANNY FLANDERS ROSEANN FINNEGAN MARY ANN FITZGERALD IRMA T. FLYNN MICHAEL FLYNN GEORGE R. FOLEY DEIRDRE J. FYLNN SANDRA L. GAMMON A Z3 E 'I I-1 2 Z O Z sa Avi SUSA LINDA - 1'f', A sr! f MICHAEL FOUGERE LARRAINE GANDOLF I Q ,Q Q 1 -'iz , A Y- 5 is I Lf' LOUANNE E. GEARY WILLIAM GEGGIS NANCI GERAGOSIAN AN EEM FR EDWIN JEFFREY gf .1433 X 'Q'-M ff 4942 ur W 14 , Q ,, A I MW -Q f IWW I 6 A , , EDWARD F. GAY BONNIE GIBBONS JOHN MATTHEW GILLIGAB ELIZABETH A. GLOVER A KATHLEEN ANN GOULD RUTHE GREENE MARILYNN GRIFFITH IT A THW GOLD JANICE CAMILE LA ROSA, 19 wai fPo1lce Department-Kiwanis Safety ZIGNAL MAKER, Mrs. La Rosa will wy the Kiwanis Club of Stoneham. month-long program which featured A 'Iotor vemeies, WHDH-Tv wma M - hown picking the winning name a Q ' J nd Stoneham Kiwanis Club secreta I ark" in the photo was the theme of -VAA qSoores Of Prizes Award 2 .yi , . JOSEPH GRAFTON "Cook your way into your fam- y's heart," advises Jeanne Am- uter, who will act as coordinator nd emcee for the annual STONE- lAM INDEPENDENT - MYSTIC MARIA A. GUARNERI DENNIS GUILFOYLE DENISE E. GUNNING DEBBY HANSIS KEVIN T. HARRINGTON PETER GUILD DOUGLAS J. HALPIN ., if F ff, 1 ,f i E I ' i SUSAN M. HARRINGTON 'W' RICHARD HASTINGS JAMES HAUGH JACQUELINE MARIE HILTZ ROBERT HEUMAN Z N, 1 fa , Q .. y FRAN HICKEY KATHERINE ELIZABETH HIGGINS ,ff 'M I GARY C. HOOK KEN HOUGHTON ALICE L. HURD BARBARA IOVINE I 'Q' f W-I eg, 'X 1 Q N , 'rw-f, v HORGAN ANN ERINE TH CA A CINDY HOWES MAUREEN IRVIN JUNE KACOYANIS ALAN JACOBE A CATHERINE IVERS ROBERT JACKSON V ,LA V.:.. H NVVV V K" . ar ' V ' 'H lik A 1. ,K 1 AA ,,AA I4 .6 Kay A ,nm 4 , 1 J' if 1 -.. an ,, ,Q hay J ,..!T f W' fr, wg I - l NIVV 1 h i s fa V MQ N x xx. . . 1 W, ',f' ' 45, , 1 ,tg U o 2 2 3' 91 B' 5 H71 ffl o z LY THLEEN T. KEL KA PAUL KELLY PEGGY E. KERCHER if I X W1k:QfM L ' 1. Q -, , 15,3 M if f ' T f 1 V ww A f . KAREN JOSLIN DONNA LAMB PAUL F. KOPREK iw PATRICIA ANN LEBLANC R L E E Ld E zz E z g ze as 3 fe Q 2 JOHN E. LANG 5 3 gf I ' 4 E 1 A if I' r I ,. , 4 ff MV! A , "f i. 1' LAIN G MICHAEL J . .W N Q 7 ? fr f X M I eff -' if A f ' ,I",37f2fw2 f f 1 , + 4 4 I 2 if if I ,217 X Q 3, , W A7 ' K 4 f 1 ,L Z M f f x y, 1 f far 1 , .f ,:-55, 5 A I A Kf Q, V, .A V, ,, 1- ,1 5,4 M MI j 1 f M, ff Q if L' 4' WL Q , .sa K M, .gg I , ..,, 1,-:Egg RONALD LANIGAN up mv , ,V -1 ,r , ,,,, ,,,, , mea-f I V. I Za lf : PAUL LEBRUN JAMES KONAXIS ROBERT LEDBETTER ANN LUSAS MARIAN LUCCI idk ELIZABETH A. LEONARD ? ' 'N' M, , V, , VIRGINIA LEWIS EX F, ,4 J 1 1' I E f 3 PAULA LUONGO 'Q -Jgawxji MARY , .ed JOHN ALLEN LUTHER J WANDA MACKENZIE MARILYN MACI-EOD DEBBIE LUTI PAMELA A. MACLEOD JOHN J. MCGUIRE JR. E 8 Z 4 2 4 9. Of ' AQ , AFO' 'I N Af X35 fx Qfilofiw A 0498 595 JA, an 425 8 352 JSHPUP E 499-'J j D E KJ? . ' N950 QSEJJJV? 'lg 599' 66 f . + 1 ff 5 ff P NANCY MACN EIL J ' 1 : L ',' Egg 5 ff , ' ,,.. f W , z 9 3:51 If f 1 s E af 2 El 3 3 :- 3 5 2 o RK MA JUDI QQ Za M MEL 5, If JOSEPH A. MARRONE JR. MARY ANN MARRONE CONCETTA M. MANCINI SH MAR ii' s. OBERT 1 R M MELINDA A. MARTIN FRED MARZINO DONNA MCCLENNAN ANN MCCLOREY CARLA ANNE MAY LESLIE J. MARSTON DEBORAH MATHEWSON MAUREEN A. MCCOLGAN PATRICIA M. MCCARTHY KATHLENE E. MCLAUGH LIN CYNTHIA MCDONALD NANCY R. MCCUE JOEL JAMES MCMAHON uf DANIEL MCCUSKER JAMES M. MCLAUGHLIN 4 Q 7 g ,W-'-1 124, ,4i4, if ' ff L ws f 5 J a A E 'gpg .N M B, A m af rn I" r-1 B1 Z rn B1 Q Dv Z AiLf3iYS5W": 3 J ' 'ff Xi E .-.W 'P ,ff .fe!:M1'-i..- 'fs ,gf V' PAUL MCMANUS DEBBIE MIGLIACCI DONNA MARIE MEUSE I ,,,.,, , Bi: an , ky.: , 3 r in . yy R, A 1 JO-ANNE MEROSKI DALE MERRILL ALDO M GLIORIN I CAROLYN JEAN MOAR JOSEPH MOORE MARJORIE MOORE RONALD S. MEUSE DIANN E MINGHELLA JOSEPH P. MOSSALI HY MU NR. OH J XM V2 STEVEN MOREIRA ,A ' NJ Y My Y 1 I ?. H M4 g +24 i ,L E J QQ M K, MARIE MUSTO NANCY M. MUSTONE CHERYL MORTON RICHARD F. MUNRO E D 2 as I-ll LD O as f ON OOOO O f HH M H -my f MARY LOU MURRAY SHEILA MURRAY JEAN M. NAZARIAN KIM NEN ER DIANNE L. NELSON ,r P JOHN NICHOLS DON W. NICKERSON PATRICIA E. NIMS if ...wr- ww-44 , 1 v., I kknhh' -4 ,,'L H 5 i' I gg, if I If TWQ RICHARD O'CONN ELL E A DIANE N ICKERSON DEN ISE NOLLETT HENRY J. O'DON N ELL WALLY O'NEILL JANET O'HALLORAN THOMAS MICHAEL O'MELIA , HQ, rv-'T Phe WILLIAM O'N EIL ELLEN J. O'SULLIVAN JESS PAGLUICA PAMELA PANOSIAN DAWN A P. ORBEN RUSSELL O'NEIL 1 A CAROL OVERBYE AL PARADISO DENESE E. PARKER GAIL PARSONS NANCY E. PAYNE iw 2, we ,,. . ff AW ww if MARLENE PETERSON K., 2 I , W A 15. DZ f SSSR ' R' , , H , fir: Q3 " A A RRRR ,,, , ,Z, 12" '7 iw ' ' ki LAUREN PECK P4 I-1 4. Z P-1 I-1 i-1 ru cz. sn Z ru .-1 M 4 DAVE PETTO JEREMIAH L. PHELAN VINCENT PERRONE JOHN PROVOST 5-wifi' - . 2 . My f "K A31 4' 123 X o Z 5 5 Q. Q' E rr: v BET KE TERRY POYTHRESS X MARY L. PURINGTON MARY ELIZABETH PULEO JANET I.. PRINCE FRANCES M. PULLO ,,,.,, 'X I ww ' , " , 4- s fu' V' y ' "if Sf' .,, ,'ff-"M A A ATA A CONSTANCE M. RAFTELL ROSEMARY PATRICIA POOR PATRICIA ANN RAHN I' W M W '::, I I '-'Wi K 1 W JUDITH A. ROLLI PATRICIA S. RETTIG KATHLEEN M. REGAN KATHE REARDON KEVIN RICHARDS REBECCA A. REID aff f gag If 1 ff: KW? 2 2 CAREY A. ROSE MARY REES BARBARA JEAN ROACH JUDITH MARIE RYAN SHERRY A. ROWEAN MMEL RU DAVID A. MAUREEN C. RYAN CATHERINE RUBNER KATHLEEN M. RYAN R595 ff Z vi AQ .M BARBARA RUSH ANDREA MARIE RUSSELL I A, 'VA , i f f " I A If A X, .J J MICHAEL W. SALONEN DAN SANTOSUOSSO ANDREA SCARPA JOAN SCRI BNER PAT SANTOSUOSSO -I ,,.. A , .,', I X 'Z 'Few ' 13 3 X KEVIN SAUNDERS PAULA SCHULTZ MARIE SCHIRALDI IASC A IE SC DEBB PATRICIA A. SCULLIN CAROL ANN SELLARS JOHN J. scoLA ROBERT E. SLOSS DICK SERRANO BONNIE L. SILK fi fm I ,, yr , .G- MJ Q III ' , f wsm-kr 'N fx.-f 'f fi ' fa - .ww w awlagg , .Mn 5 1 ' Kiwi f KATHIE SHERIDAN SMAIL BRIAN E. 'QW' ELLEN SLATER K. JAMES SMITH MARY-ELLEN SMITH PATRICK S. SMITH JOHN SMALLCOMB RICHARD J. SPERAZZO AN THY SPELLM KA ur- in 1 MARCIA SORENSON TONI SPADAFORA ROBERT F. SPINDLER ikiwg LORI STARR KENNETH STEVENS DAVID STOCKBRIDGE PAUL SPELLMAN GARY P. STANIEICH FAITH M. STONE MAUREEN SULLIVAN NANCY E. THOMPSON DEBORAH TRAVERS JUDY TROUP DEANNE E. STURGIS M,,.,,m..,,55. fy ii, . 'HW f f? K W V A u-I fs I-I4 H fi I-ll U w o F-u V! 'Pi 'if 3 -Er' AAAO 1,, ,12. V ROBERT W. THOMPSON f f ' neg. , Tr, JOYCE A. TESCH EK , , .,. A , A K W' ,M ,:, 0 ,,,,,,, L f .6.. sf,-, , , , W .. r JOE TITUS PAUL J. TUMINELLI ,fj Q 5 4 ffff va anim i f a GARY VACON "9 f ,, NW, ,gf 4 f ,ZS 1 , :L W H L NDA VALENTE THOMAS VACCA ROBERT J. VIOLA JAMES VISCONTI VICTORIA WAGNER DIANE VECCHIONE I ff 3' 2 , MIKE WALL DAVID W. WALLACE DEBBIE WOOD SHARON M. WARD SCOTT P. WEBBER TOM WHATELY NANCY WHITING ROBERT W WILKES DENISE WILLIAMS DONNA WILLIS JAMES THOMAS WILSON 1 xk , I I ' E 3. S f Qr, . A f. . it a An: I E f ii X 5 1 .P BERNARD ROBERT YOUNG RICHARD V. ZAMPELL CHRIS ZANI Q-'::""' PAUL E ZUREK DIANA JANE CERRETANI DAVID DELROSSI DEBRA I-IICKS ROBERT MURPHY Elf EIAIHd NV I KN bw 'A.' .W A- , ,aww ,ww wi I, v 3 If "-mmf ,mlm l 4.5-naar' ,Q Qx f A .....f N ,wav Nm 5' .Q nf Y 'Eg1i1:, .: Q1 44? ' Q A K V XXXX , I ' in K 14-3 T mfg. '51 . - 'L T' . F - - -- fx if .12 if X N - N :x i i L ' , I 1 H 1 -7 1 v A 1 5,1 ' , 'ww "' "" - f it -ig -f yw pffwy- 1 , J' wlgzxjfi ' isaiw gi Migsaxgfvs w ,..,. ,v,WAmg5 vw W - E6--M--Nmwphg Q .. .,.., ' L l"W W"'3 'WWNQL ' 'if' ' ' f ' -, 'S ,F X m M 1,,1':.,g 3 , L f- ' .Q :.. .' , - - . f ,Q 5 l f f x P .,i-kpvwg'-ix ?"" - ww' . E . , '- 1 .. Q X 2 , Q A , E I 5 523? .M ' : ' r f if '-" 53m - . '- fx "Tv, ' 2 , ---- - .. . Q x, --'---- A, , , s f . , , X, N ,,.. .ef-.. ' N f. -m , 2""2i"1 QV , x 1 X 47' 1k'.'x'. f :"" gi :A-- V4 'BBA , .9 'p-I1x"x?q-'- ' . ni" 1' lbfiv.-Qual? X ,gl N4 I I K' ,....' 1' I A Q ,4l1kXX Xv X J. J U 4 1, me W egg .Q X 1 Q - 5: 1 'lf-1. ., - . . '25 .6 ', :QQ rg . ..v-- - . V ,ML,,t,. .v . Q . X 'p x ,.,,,L.-:'??fffih',?fgi.v.' 5' i5f-wr - ' 5 ' "'ffi', 'Q , 43 . , 'w? iff:.KI1'?."f-'v,:21f -'NTL " -- nur u,..ur-snag, I ,rsh 84. 4 3 5 JN? r I 1- Q K 4 IN ef ,A 4 r , f" "V .,"' L , ' f'. 'fQ-1 ,.1 , , Q L g,k6 i" I lcv.. x 1. V as .X - Q - '4 A 5 ' L? 5? . 'u . '4 1 'N fl' 91" fihqi , ' 5 r ' . . 1 X , A ,,, Q 9: P ,M E -I a , 5 Q GK-.x., r NT, My 9 5 5 Y 'W " 1 " - 1 '5 N ' f ' M. ' GN ,- x A ' W "' 'iii ' N .Saw J., FOOTB LL 6 ...V Q Q KH mh AQ at -1 . 4 to 5 7, V 70 B1 3151 5 545+-E2 ROW 1: R. Zampell, P. Smith, K. Houghton, R. O'lNIeil Tri-Captains J. Grasso, A. Finnegan, R. Bartolucci, D Halpin, C. Cleveland, M. Cross. ROW 2: B. Parson J. Willis, R. Farino, T. Donnelly, M. McLaughlin, Ti Hunt, D. Geary, G. Pritchard, J. Vennochi, T. Walker y x T. Caprio. ROW 3: P. McLaughlin, J. Dougherty, S. Barbera, B. Houghton, B. Bambery, B. Walzack, B. O'- Donnell, P. Maida, C. Doherty, S. Rolli. ROW 4: J. Daigle, D. Georgette, J. Dugan, D. Marshall, J. Mar- garita, S. O'Neil, F. Belcher, D. Thayer, C. Balbonr. Although the Spartan football team had a losing season this year, perseverance and team spirit were always present. The team began every game with a desire to win, In spite of many unlucky breaks, their optimism and drive were never abandoned. This was a rebuilding year for the young Spartans. Composed mainly of sophomores and juniors, the team lacked the experience necessary for success in such a highly competitive league. However, the strong opposition met by the Spartans provided the experience necessary for the prospect of a good season next year. 95 CROSS COU TRY ROW 1: G. Bell, J. Rees, G. Stevenson, E. Farrell, K. Kille, Capt. R. Viola, P. LeBrun, J. Lespasio. ROW 2: Coach Alain Rocher, P. Stevens, D. Guild, R. Meegan, B. Saltzman, J. Meeks, K, Mc- Carthy, S, Petro, M. Ward. Under Coach Alain Rocher, the Spartan Harriers enjoyed another successful season this year. Captain Bob Viola led the team to many victories, beginning with a first place in the Tewksbury Invitational Meet earlier in the season. The small team later captured third place in the State Meet and eleventh in the All State Meet, finishing the sea- son with a 6-3 record and third place in the Middlesex league. The versatile Spartan squad had many outstanding runners including Bob Viola, Ed Farrell, Tom Deyak and Gerry Stevenson. Special recog- nition should be awarded to sophomore Kevin Kille for his outstand- ing feat of achieving first place in four meets. For the first time in recent years, the junior Varsity team finished with a remarkably high winning record of 8-l, promising much fine material for the coming years. .uf 1 VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY ROW 1: T. Fallon, Capt. B. Rush, D. Hanlon, M. Salonen. ROW 2: E. Gunning, C. Cugini, L. Geary, E. Mroz, T. D'Annolfo, Coach Ruth Logan, P. Corkum, C. Brandano, S. McNulty, P, St, George, K. Dermady, D. Smith. Led by their first-year coach Ruth Logan, the Spartan field hockey team concen- trated on building for next year. Working with four-hfths underclassmen, Coach Logan strove to develop skills. Motivated by determination and spirit, the team improved last year's record by winning one game. JUNIOR VARSITY ROW 1: P, Dolan, P. McCarthy, J. Murphy, C. Smith, L. Barry, S. Dawson, M, MCGinn. ROW 2: B. junlter, M. Moore, P. McLaughlin, A. Carlson, P. Hopkins, E. Moore, J. Lawless, E. Surdam, D. Wilson, B, Wesolowski, Coach Hoyt. Team pictures courtesy of Dick Burns H --QE? CHEERLE DER ROW 1: Tri-Capt. J. Mangone, Tri-Capt. K. Sheridan. ROW 2: J. Green, M. Bourque, M. jamie- son, J. Scalley. ROW 3: P. Corkum, D. Daniels, S. Arsenaulr, D. Fiore. ROW 1: J. Rolli, N. McCue, N. Mustone, P. Ambrose. ROW 2: K. O'Nei1, G, Parsons, M. Di Prisco. ROW 3: E. D'Anno1fo, M. Lusas, Tri-Capt. M. Moore, D. DiTu11io. The Captains M JORETTES FRONT: Captain M. Martin. ROW 1: Lieut. C. Berger, Lieur. J. Nazarian. ROW 2: K. Fillipone M, Murray, K. Angelosanto, L. Fontana. ROW 5: P, Dcarth, F. DcGrande, D. Parker, N. Gera- gosian, N. Reagan, J. Austin, B. Savelo, D. Dillon, E. Doran. . ig E. L 1 W ' . f .L f5fEffj'E"Q5 Q , .r,,,. .. . l , L' 1 ' .LL,, -L- W f , 'E ' 'Q 5 uf 1 ffl? i, 5 " -YN 'fx ..: f" X-lf.: . - in NWN .. W. Q5 MQ-Q .Q , ,.,. ,.3,,,N, .,,igsz,m A Z, q ax , . Eff 'ffxi' 'Y W"i A '55-iffy '--L' Lf f' .-.' 1 A-Mi-1-.. . zkgzv FTW ii- A 'Q 2 ,Y 4 iw' 7 5552 HOCKEY ROW 1 J Oram T Mangone, W. McHenry, J. Russell, Corkum, J, Dolan, Captain D Kelly Coach Dick Burns J Rolli J Titcomb M NTCGIHH, T. Driscoll, P. Tuminelli, ROW 5: M. Morgan, T. Hunt M Saloncn T OToolt M ROW 2 Coaeh Scabury K Poor, R. Dunbar, C. Perez, D. Vaughan, P. McManus, J. Haugh B Murphy The Spartan Hockey team once again kept the winning tradition alive as they compiled a 10-4-4 record. A middle season slump almost cost the Spartans a chance in the State Tournament but a strong comeback enabled them to qualify for the ninth consecutive year. The leadership of this fine team can be attributed to Coach Dick Burns as well as to jim Dolan Ccaptj. Offensively, the Spartans were tough as they were second in the league for the least goals against. This low total can be attributed to defensemen Torn O'Toole, Mike Vaughan, Mike Salonen, Mike Mc- Ginn and goalies Tom Hunt, and Ray Dunbar. 1 WI TER TRACK Qfglkliffj S211 , w?9vuA if ROW 1: R, Viola, K. Bambery, j. Grasso, E. Farrell, C. Cleveland, 1. Armantides, G. Stephenson, P. LeBrun. ROW 2: R. Gergin, Z. Meegan, P, Burke, T. Deyak, T. Driscoll, P, Lund, Ron Hopkins, Don McCauley Ccoachj. ROW 5: J. Brisette, M. Flynn, D. Guild, S. Petro, J. Murphy, P. Stevens, R. Saltzman, J. Hamilton. ROW 4: E. Rahn, P, Maida, S. Kanchuga, J. Willis, K. Kille, J. Reese. Coach Alain Rocher The winter track team under coach Alain Rocher finished with a 4-5 record. The Spartans showed great desire and unity throughout the season despite losing several tough decisions. The Harriers started the season with a victory in the 4 lap relay of the Coaches Invitational Meet. Middlesex League victories were claimed over Woburn, Concord, Watertown, and a very strong Lexington team. H .--.E? W . K will 'li' , GIRL ' BA KETBALL Conditioning, spirit, and desire best describe our Girls' Hoop team this year, as it defied the pre-season rumor of a Himsy squad. The Spartans proved to be tough Competitors despite the limited number of experienced players. The girls were victorious in six of their nine meetings, always playing as a team and winning as a team. The season opened with eight seniors, but as it pro- gressed only three remained as the core and working unit of the team. Toni D,Annolfo fco-captj led the offense throughout the season averaging 20 points per game. Sharon Ward Ceo-captj was the defensive core, always providing valuable blocks, shots and stuffs. Mary Ann Lusas, the only other senior, consistently helped out at both ends with shots and rebounds. There were some strong underclassmen that will be valuable next year, but the squad will sincerely miss the graduating seniors. f ' s 4 ' ' s GYMNASTICS f ,tg ROW 1 E Gunning P Drexler M Bourque D Wood, J. Green, G. Bourque, P. Corkum. ROW 2 J Nestor C Meisner L Gordon T Lucci D Alongi, P. Hopkins, PL Movseslan, J. Smallcomb ROW 5 E DAnnolfo T Trovato G Decker, D. Devereaux. Although the gymnastics team won only two of its seven meets, the experience gained will insure next year's team of a fantastic season. Debbie Wood, captain of the team, placed first in four of her seven competitions on the uneven parallel bars, and was the third highest scorer on the squad. Marilyn Bourque also competed on the unevens, taking many third places as well as a first place and a second place. The only other senior was jean Nazarian, who competed in the floor exercises and scored well in many meets. Also on the team were many outstanding juniors and sophomores who will be returning next year. 113 iii-p . .. 'I I . ,I R23 1:1 QR J 1 g. Y, di 5, Ni 45,0004- Wc' R V. 1 S - an? sw SEQ 4 V1 V Li -1. Brand--' iL::x2Z1,.09 . 1 G 'A 1, x Sao?-C !f Efgvg 4f52fi',Q'5?Ng,1g?iii F JQH1 isis is gvf ki I '53 5 4'siQ:'??5-'i ggi 9. '4""""O i'?Ha fg ?g I I I ' !'f1fOf . 7' 1 RQ' 622655 Y I 5 sr Photography and Layout Staffs COMINGS AN GOI GS STAFF W J A . - . . STANDING: P. Koprek. ROW lz E. Leonard, Editor, J. O'Halloran, Editorg K. Stevens, Eclitorg D. Wood, S. Callahan, G. Vacon. ROW 2: S. Di-Marzo, Editor, E. Slater, M. McColgan, G. Decker, K. Ryan, B. Iovine, C. Beaton. Senior and Literary Staffs ROW 1: L. Valente, C. McLaughlin, K. Horgan, S. Campbell, D. Balboni. ROW 2: B. Roach, N. McNeil, L. Gandolfi, C. Howes, M. Martin, J. Naza- rian, J. Goldthwait, J. Merosl-ti, N. Dennis. ROW 3: C. Rubner, J. Troup, J. Teal, D. Gunning, J. Scribner, S. Murray, C. Dawson. 116 Circulation, Typing and Advertising Staffs L TO R: B. Roach, M. Smith, A. Russell, P. Luongo, M. Doherty, F. DeGrande B. Reid, D. Mammino, D. Hansis, N. Geragosign, J. Delninno, J. Teschek K. Joslin, F. Hickey. ff, 5, .-1 - 4. gygzi. 1211 - FRONT: E. Cionti, M. Griffith, R, O'Connell, M. Murray, J. O'Halloran, P. LeBrun, K. Stevens, I.. Starr, Co-Editor, S. Ward, R. Corrao, E. Glover, E. Leonard. BACK: K. Sheridan, N. McCue, P. Ambrose, A. McClorey, B. Rush, J. Smallcomb, C. Branclano, R. Crocker, R. Heuman, Co- NATIONAL HO OR SOCIETY ROWI: D. Balboni, E. Ci- onti, S. Ward, B. Henman. ROW 2: C. Dawson, C. Rubner, L. Gandoln, J. Rol- li, B. Iovine, E. Leonard, D. Migliacci, C. Beaton, C. Ber- ger, S. Callahan, N. McCue, 1. Campbell. ROW 3: D. Doherty, M. Murray, A. Scarpa, I.. Starr, M. Lusas, N. MacNeil, R. Sperazzo, P. LeBrun, N. Dennis, M. MacLeod. ROW 4: K. Ryan, K. Joslin, B. Smail, J. Subz- da, S. Campbell, J. Marks, M. Concannon, J. Small- comb, K. Spellman, K. Stev- ens, J. Phelan, P. Smith, L. Geary, I. Callbeck, R. Con- nors. Missing from the photo was N. Whiting. 117 I Ti 118 Y, .. 1 Emi' W W , wfnv ,.,M.,..... .V,,, ' iiii SEATED: M. Lusas, S. Ward, J. Cosmopolous, R. Zampell, Editor, L. Gandolfi, M. Fougiere, B. Adelizzi, F. Pullo. STANDING: J. Fiore, M. Bourque, S. Webber. SPARTAN SPOKESMAD SEED ROW 1: A. McClorey, J. Troup, J. Marks, M. Lusas, D. Wood, D. Merrill, Advisor Mr. Reed, A. Migliorini. ROW 2: F. Hickey, Advisor Miss Norelli, C. Rubner, C. Berger, D, Jamieson, P. Corl-zum, T. jeffre, E. Slater. -M--,Y """""-ew-..u...,, i - -A-........ f....., Q - -H-.. ., ... Nr uw .,-.e,.,,,.,, Xe- 'K U-'f5QfYA1ii2fw+-U-,r.M,,,,,, s.., 'v-M-,M .N . I ,A LM 1' . :lf 'S .X V n Z R R ,ff he if 'f 5 Z Q TUDE T COUNCIL ROW 1: K. Higgins, P. Corlcum, Secretary S. Kehoe, P. Sacco, D. Devereaux, I. Valenre, Vice President A. McClorey, J. Cunniff, P. Hopkins. E. Gunning. ROW 2: C. Rockwood, B. Murphy A. Stephenson, G. Riska, M. Zairchik, J. Vennochi, President S. DiMarzo, Treasurer M. Cross F. DeGrande, J. Smallcomb, Advisor Mr. Scully. ROW 1: S. Harrington, L. Cassarra. ROW 2: P. Koprek, J. Ferrerti, L. Donahue, K. Carroll. ROW 3: J. Fiore, R. Zampell, R. O'Connell, J. Phelan, R. Dunbar, Advisor Mr. White. SENIOR HO OR P TROL ROW 1: E. Emery, K. Fillipone, M. Martin, M. Sullivan, K. Reagan, J. Mangone, F. DeGrancle, K. Sheridan, J. Nazarian, N. Geragosian. ROW 2: D. Hanlon, M. Dc-Prisco, J. Bergonzi, D. Di- Tullio, K. Horgan, D. Gunning, R. Reed. ROW 5: D. Gisone, C. Theroux, K. Angelosanto, J. Scalley, E. Curmilf, S. Kehoe, E. Surclam, Advisor Mr. Rene Martin. FUTURE URSES 20 TR mc QU D ROW 1: D. Doherty, P. Rettig, E. Lusas, K. Harrington, J. Bohling. ROW 2: M. Provost, E. O'- Sullivan, D. Doherty, K. Denehy, T. Scullin, Advisor Mrs. Hurst. 6 FUTURE SECRET RIES ROW 1: D. Luti, D. McClellan, D. Jamieson, D. Ranlerr, S. Gammon, C. May, J. Hiltz, P, Ker- cher, J. DeWitt. ROW 2: V. Falzonc, C. Donohue, J. Bergonzi, L. Dube, B. Downing, D. Rein- old, L. Clark, J. Aruda. ROW 3: Advisor Miss Garuti, P. Sweetser, C. Theroux, D. Dcllisola, P. Nims, D. DiCarlo, J, Tcschelc, K. Dunn, Advisor Miss Corum. FUTURE TEACHERS ROW 1: N. Payne, L. Valcnte, S. Dawson, K. Dart, P. Kirk, M. Lawless, C. Beaton, V. LaCroix, D. Harciaclcer, D. Dowling, J. Spencer. ROW 2: J. Hunter, N. Reagan, C. Keefe, K. Hillman, J. Romano, D. Muir, M. Moar, B. Leonard, E. Cionri, B. Iovine. ROW 3: E. McCluskey, D. Valente, K. McDonald, P. Lund, Teal, J. Meroski, K. Sullivan, P, Coles, N. McNeil. 121 ROW 1: E. Holmes, J. Grasso, D. Wallace, G. Vacon, D. Balboni. ROW 2: Mr. Lougee, T. Man- ning, P. Morrison, K. Stevens, M. Lusas, B. Heuman, K. Gould, J. Marks, K. Ryan, V. LaCroix, J. Callback. MATH TEAM SCIENCE CLUB l s I ROW 1: J. Day, B. Denehy, D. Driscoll, D. Palermo, Advisor Mr, Albanese. ROW 2: K. Keefe, K. Augelosanto, J. Grasso, J. Lang, E. Cunniff. ROW 5: S. Bowling, B. Callahan, I. Valenti, P. Lounsbury. CHESS CLUB ROW 1: T. Caprio, N, Emerson, B. Quigley, J. Grasso, D. Thayer, C. Doherty, B. Walzack, J. O'Neil. ROW 2: N. McKee, B. Young, B. Smail, N. McPhee, B. Wesolowski, B, Heuman, K. Stevens, P. Lounsbury, J. Dempsey. ROW 3: V. Bain, G. Amaranricles, S. Bartlcus, D. Comer, W. Donnelly, M. Horgan, M. Szloch, Advisor Miss Buckley. UDIO VISUAL AID Ei 3: L to R: V. Bain, R. Zampell, R, Hastings, T. Whately, K, Crowley, T. Daly, T. Manning, Ad- visor Mr. Herrick. 125 7 - -1---'-- K - fc. xx. ROW 1: B. Junker, B. Lang, B, Callahan, D. Pitcher, V. Bain, K. Gould, C. Schweiger, C. Beaton. ROW 2: P. Lund, W. Kercher, D. Doherty, Advisor Miss O'Brien, M. Doherty, B. Iovine, S. Bol- gen, J, Tucker, E. Mroz, C. Day. L TI CLUB I TERACT 124 ROW 1: C. Barbo, K. Tarr, R. Sloss, D. Coombs, R. Kwiatkowski. ROW 2: R. Zampell, D. Pitcher, G. Riska, J. Arnarantides, R. Jackson, J. Provost, P. Lounsbury. ROW 3: R. Wilkes, B. Lang, J. Mclaughlin, J. Lang, R. Crocker, Advisor Mr. Ralph Rowell. DRAMA CLUB ROW 1: D. Valente, T. McVarish, N. McNeil, P. Morrison, M. Lusas, B. Dechert-Treas., I. Valenti-V. Pres., S. Covino-Pres., G. Crocker-Sec., E. Bolgen, S. Farrell, 1. Tucker, P. Sweetser, D. Merrill. ROW 2: D. Martinez, J. Herook, B. Stetson, S. Bean, E. Cunniff, S. Card, P. Corkum, K. Harrington, N. Reagan, 1. Romano, K. McPhee, A. Croucler. ROW 3: K. Russell, K. Flynn L. Kessler, M. Connolly, M. Stone, P. Dearth, D. Boris, E. Hartung, D. DiTullio, J. Austin, C Berger, M. Mahoney, J. Ryan, W. Teal, B. Cerretani, A. Migliorini. 9 COMMUNITY ERVICE GRO P SEATED: N. Dennis, M. Lusas. STANDING, ROW 1: C. Dawson, M, McCologan, J. Perry, N. McCue, P. Concannon, R. Dunbar, L. Gandolfn, F. Hickey. ROW 2: D. Burden, M. Stone, S. Campbell, D. Mammino, S. Ward, J. Goldthwait, K. Harrington, 1. DelNinno. ROW 3: N. McNeil, D. Balboni, L. Geary, K. Horgan, M. MacCleod, J. Marks, K. Ryan, D. Sturgis, M. Doherty. 125 SPARTAN CHOR LE ROW 1: N. Payne, B. Junker, N. McCue, L. Valente, P. Sweetser, K. Harrington, S. Benson, V. Bain, M. Zaitchik, Advisor Mrs. Gilda Wipperman, S. Thorley, S. Webber, N. Emerson, C. Sur- ette, S. Babine, C. Raftell, P. Kercher, A. Beaton, C. Beaton. ROW 2: C. Berger, N. Reagan, D. Schiralcli, K. McPhee, P. Concannon, J. Campbell, R. Viola, J, Titus, B. Smail, T. Haywood, R. Quigley, B. Wesolowski, L. Starr, R. Card, G. Crocker, E. Cunniff, J. Romano, D. Wood. ROW 3: C. Dawson, T. D'Annolfo, S. Campbell, D, Shuls, M. McColgan, J. Lang, D. Pitcher, S. DiMarzo, R. Jackson, R. Murphy, D. Thayer, D. Burr, C. Mroz, J. Smallcomb. ROW 4: M. Mahoney, 1. Teal, M. Purington, D. Doherty, B. Dechert, P. Wesolowski, 1. Luther, D. Bean, C. Barbo, B. Walzack, B. O'Donnell, R. O'Neil, 1. Sullivan, N. McKee, J. Hetook, C. Theroux, N. Dennis. GIRL ' ENSEMBLE ROW 1: K. Fougere, N. Payne, L. Valente, P. Sweetser, K. Harrington, Advisor Mrs. Gilda Wip- perman, E. Cunniff, G. Crocker, L. Starr, E. Leonard, J. Romano. ROW 2: I. Valenti, K. McPhee, C. Howe, P. Concannon, J. Teal, C, Theroux, M. Lusas, N. Dennis. ROW 3: J. Spencer, S. Campbell, M. lMcColgan, M. Mahoney, N. Reagan, V. Zappa, M. Doherty. ROW 4: C. Raftell, D. Doherty, K. Gilmartin, D. Wood. 126 BOYS' GLEE CLUB I .r. .. . -or ROW 1: M. Flynn, D. Pitcher, D. Bean, 1. Luther, R, O'Neil, E. Freeman. ROW 2: J. Lang, S. W ' ebber, R. Murphy, S. Thorley, R. jackson, P. Wesolowski. ROW 1: L. Starr, B. Quigley, N. Emerson, N. McKee, M. Lusas, K. Harrington, E. Gunning. ROW 2: B. Dechert, T. Haywood, R, O'Neil, J. Lang, C. Theroux, M. Mahoney. ROW 3: J. Titus, S. Thorley. Missing from photo, Jeanne Thorne. M DRIGAL SIN GERS 127 ROW 1: T. Brown, D. Bianchi, D. Pitcher, J. Titus, K. Stevens. ROW 2: P. DeFronzo, D. Coombs, J. Grasso, S. Norton, S. Foley, V. Bain. ORCHESTR ROW 1: P. Pesatoro, N. Payne, C, Wiren, M. York. ROW 2: V. Bain, C. Raftell, V. LaCroix P. Sasso, C. Beaton. ROW 3: M. Wesolowski, M. Guarneri, J. Teal, C. Barbo, S. Bianchi, S. Bean ROW 4: S. Norton, J. Grasso, K. Stevens, J. Titus, S. Foley, J. Marrone. 21 1 5 3 K 4 I CHOR LETTES I l ROW 1: B. Junker, B. Wesolowski, P. Hopkins, E. Gunning, M. McGinn. ROW 2: N. Sample, K. Salvo, 1. Bossey, L. Holmes, S. Avedikian, A. Carlson, K. Dart. GREATER BO TONIANS sz? M. Zaitchik, J. Titus. LL DI TRICT CHORUS L ROW 1: M. Purington, G. Crocker, P. Pesaturo. ROW 2: D. Pitcher, S. Webber, B. Decherc 129 BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE REPRESENTATIVES . R. Heuman, K. Sheridan, S. D Berger, J. Grasso. STUDENT GOVERNMENT DAY REPRESENTATIVE Cathy Berger. n. CLASS OFFICERS Senior Class Ollicers ROW 1: Camille Brandano-Secretary, Donna Delfino-Treas- urer, John Smallcomb-President. ROW 2: Advisor Mrs. Ieamon, Kathy Sheridan-Social Chairman, Rod Crocker-Vice President, Kathy Fillipone-Social Chairman, Advisor Mr. White. Sophomore Class Officers W l: Michael Howe-Vice President, n Vennochi-President. ROW 2: Ad- r Miss Broderick, Mary McGinn- asurer, Margaret Ottavi-Secretary, y Juffre-Social Chairman, Advisor . Sculley. Missing from photo Liz nullo-Social Chairman. junior Class Oflicers ROW 1: Elaine Cunniff-Secretary, Mike Horgan-Treasurer, Arthur Stevenson, Presi- dent, John Daigle-Social Chairman, Billy Bambery-Vice President. ROW 2: Advisors- Mr. Kennedy, Miss Buckley. Missing from photo Bette Adams-Social Chairman. Senior Class Presents Holiday For Lovers 132 6115! of GLl1l'l1C!el'5 Mary Dean ,. Robert Dean . Betsy Dean , 4 , A Connie McDougal joe McDougal A ,. Maid ......... , Margaret Dean ,. Paul Gattalin . fln order of Appefzrancej Henri Berchar ., E lizrzb ein .Glov er . Aldo Migzmmi Marlene Peterfon . Karen McPhee farmer Campbell Nancy MrzcNeil . .. Dale Merrill , Vinnie C orrao Tlaornaf Wlrately Faculty Director, Robert S. Silverman FQREST FANTASY CARNIVAL BALL Queen and King Janice Goldthwait Doug Halpin x Q wa - , - .. f -ff F ' - .' . ,, NX ' zu Q- .N 1 ., V 4 :T 1 '- . fig aw F-N' 32. Qi "K 3235? xx, 5 . Ye, --....., .5 sq ,, , Saturday, February 5, 1972 THE ROYAL COURT L. to R.: Mindy Martin, Gail Parsons, Kathy Fillipone, Toni Spadafora, Kathy Higgins, Page Gcrald Mroz, Quccn Janice Goltlthwait, King Doug Halpin, Page jean Downs, Kathy Sheridan, Marilyn Bourque, Cathy Berger, Janet O'l-Ialloran, jean Nazarian. 10 A - fxQ xx , QQ J Q2 'lx 0 QQ, ff Wag ,. W L xg X J W X O X Fld M1355 gk 0955 N 1 6 ,fest Q48 p 1 0 X32 li Cavnival 7972 ' ll E A n y ' it , 'i't'fL, Q 5 f ,I ' x 2 MQ ' V 'Q M Organist john Kiley Q X 3 , i 2553 .1 A- Q 1 I UOYIGO 4-' " USHERS ROW 1: Irma Flynn, Head Usher Donna DelFino, jean Prive and Donna Willis. ROW 2: Kathy Regan, Deirdre Flynn and Helen McCarthy. ROW 3: Rosemary Poor, Mary Marrone and Fran Pullo. Steve DiMarzo, Master of Ceremonies Senior Waltz Accompanists Lori Starr, Ed Freeman, Toni D'Annolfo M Mary Purington, Joyce Shaughnessy, Carren Beaton. "Where Do the Children Play?" - James Olsen The Senior Waltz-performed by Paul Spellman, Judi Rolli, Robert Bartloucci, Paula Ambrose, Russell O'Neil, Denise Gunning, Mary Lou Murray, Ed Gay, Paula Luongo, Rod Crocker, Bonnie Gibbons, Richard Zampell. "I Don't Know How To Love Him"-Kathy Gilmarrin Mrs. Gilda Wipperman "Pork Song"-Michael Flynn, Tom O'Melia, Al Finnegan and Michael Cross Stoneham High Glee Club under the direction of Mrs. Gilda Wippcrman "Eleanor Rigby"-Matt Zaitchick e h Mother Goose"-Ed Freeman "Hello Young Lovers"-Mary Purington "The Wild Rover"-Mike Flynn "A Touch Of Choir"-Carol Surette, Arlene Beaton, Kathy Harrington and Deni ichards SHS Dance Band led by Mr. Al Todaro "Beep Beep"-Toll House Cookies, John Lang, David Beane, Russell O'Neil, joseph Titus, and Steve Thorlcy "Tell Me Why"-john Dempsey ,A lf Today Were Tomorrow"-Toni D'Anno1fo Michael Zaitchik plays for his brother "Frankie and Johnnie"-Steve Benson singing lead The other musicians-Lori Starr, Mary Purington, Nancy McKee, Maryanne Morrison, and Charlie Barbo A tragic bar scene with Maureen McColgan, Maryanne Lusas and Russell O'Neil providing the main attraction The rest of the actors in the final shocking scene QW 6396 QD R E VE R158 mm' L JUNIOR PROM fp 1 .,, .. fg ' A 3 5 af 11 P51 G -'f--Q..,,,W Q :QJQ J i A r Q5 gli M 3 146 """"m'l..l milk. . Lg Q5 5 Sw-9+-,N Wm 148 , h , L, 124 I 1 Z ' W ,Q I If y If 4 f' , ' I za 4 w l W . ..., 4 4 A., , f 1 A um ...wx --maya , J " 4 if f V Q, Q f -f .W . Us Your Home Town Newfpaper For 102 Yearf , " """"""c.- 'N'-'1' 4 ' f-E 5 . A . ' -Q1-, , K, 5521 .-., .VN .,.. 3. , f:z:. :5 112 12 ,. 2' C' f si-1 EQ" 5:-.Z f M - 55 .. ' , : -5 ,Q if-11, if ,-1 's-'I '- 5:551- mff E. N ESTAQLISHED :evo FRANK J. BURNS, Editor ROBERT F. DOLE, Publisher CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 197 2 SUNNYHURST DAIRY PRODUCTS FOR RADIANT HEALTH 458-5500 STONEHAM, MASSACHUSETTS Res.: 438-0426 Bus.: 438-2882 Vacon 8. Son Oil Co., Inc. HEATING OIL Service if the Difference Victor Vacori 11 GOULD STREET STONEHAM, MASS. Best Wishes to the Class of 1971 FAIR WINDS TRAVEL SERVICE 268 MAIN STREET 458-4022 "We Jefrve all your mwel need!" NEW GLOUCESTER FISH MARKET Large Variety of Fresh Fish Daily Fried Sea Foods to "GO" Call 458-0142 . in Stoneham Square COMPLIMENTS OF Howmzn jOHNSON'S STONEHAM BEST WISHES AND GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1972 from RIVERSIDE CLEANERS C omplimentf of HILLTOP FUEL CO., INC. 7 CAROL STREET STONEHAM 458-4565 Try Our Blue Ribbon 24 Hour Service Policy Bert Wiiber and Good Luck To The Graduating Class of 1972 furniture you will live with happily ever after! nours za ROUTE 1 sronemxm, MAss. osnmxm, MAss. 438-1200 326.62Q0 National Cash Registers and other makes - New and Used Sold - Repaired 4 Pznchafed 1 THE CROWN C0"ZP""w'm CASH REGISTER COMPANY of Adding Macbiner - Typewrizeri 493 MAIN STREET BOARD OF SELECTMEN STONEHAM, MASSACHUSETTS J. joseph Dudek 438-5151 438-2896 CHILDREN'S CORNER 439 MAIN ST. STONEHAM, MASS. 438-1594 BEST WISHES FROM BARON TIRE CO. Complete Tire Service- Passenger and Truck Brake Service Front End Alignment 454 MAIN ST. STONEHAM, MASS. 02180 438-3000 Phone: 438-1533 PAUL'S BEAUTY SALON 358 MAIN ST. STONEHAM, MASS. Diflinclive Beauty Service Specializing in Style Cutting STONEHAM MOTOR CO. Your Ford Dealer 185 MAIN ST. STONEHAM, MASS. WHEELER PRO SKATE SHOPS The Only Exclusively "All Hockey" Shop in New England STONEHAM, SAUGUS, FRAMINGHAM Complimenlf of GROSE ELECTRICAL SERVICE, INC. 8 MT. VERNON ST. C omplimenzf of MAYNARD H. MOORE, JR., INC. 430 MAIN ST. STONEHAM, MASS. STRIDE RITE SHOES All Shoe Preicriptionf Carefully Filled and Filled at Stonelaorn Only. Little Folks Shop-Sfonehom Reilftone Shopping Cenier-Clothing 6 Shoe!-438-00-44 I. Braverman Inc.-Dorchester 560A Washington St. - Clothing - 825-1638 Gay's Flower Shop 45 SPRING ST. STONEHAM, MASS. 438-0217 Member Floririfl Telegraph Delivery Auociotion Fallon 8. Mosley R. E. Realtor 366 MAIN ST. STONEHAM, MASS. 438-3373 ROBERT B. CASSIDY FUNERAL HOME 438-0386 241 MAIN ST. STONEHAM, MASS. B.S. Reg. Pla. Ph. G. Reg. Pla. john L. Bracciorri Furio Bracciorri STONEHAM PHARMACY Your Community Drnggiyt C o mplirnenrf Of PETTINGILL MOTOR QAM' few'-v-cd' Rikon, ' fugggw may W ,, wMi2fm5Wg4MM4f,d,4WC M2 'JZ Wh4'DLZ ' 5 4Z1ZfZf07f4 A' 7i""L' fdfw pn,Z',bs,o-4ud,,,.fQgA 345 M bfffwfw M dl: 22f2Q H :EP 11 5 V'.:V Iql if J 5 9 , 1 BEST WISHES from THE PRIESTS, SISTERS AND PARISHIONERS of SAINT PATRlCK'S PARISH sgxvucs AND sAu:s, New 169 Main Street , MHS' 02180 0 0 "If :t'c anything to do with carpet CALL US" Town K: Countr arpet DIRECTLY ACROSS FROM CHINA MOON 169 MAIN STREET 438-6777 STONEHAM - FREE ESTIMATES-Quick DELIVERY'EXPERT INSTALLATION BANKAMERICARD . MASIER CHARGE ,jg,2Q'f,,'12f,f2R,, 9:00-5:30 SAT. Phil Goguen Bgb Brown Tel. 438-1122 CONGRATULATIONS STONEHAM LUMBER CLASS OF 1972 Robert F. O'NeiI Insurance Agency QUALITY BUILDERS FINISH Builder? Hardware Complimenlf Submarine Samiwicbef of 309 MAIN ST. STONEHAM 438-0020 GREELEY'S STATIONERY Quantity - Quality and Service 9 CENTRAL ST. STONEHAM Paul J. Sciaba, Proprietor 438-5206 - W ' - 1 - eg: f f BEST WISHES Servomation of New England, Inc. STONEHAM, MASSACHUSETTS 02180 GOOD LUCK Class of 1972 FLOWERS BY VICTOR I Happy Motoring I c REILLY'S ESSO SERVICE 474 MAIN ST. STONEHAM, MASS. Phone: 438-9714 COMPLIMENTS OF DAIRY QUEEN Jerry Lane Chrysler-Plymouth, Inc. SALES and SERVICE 41 FRANKLIN ST. STONEHAM, MASS. Tel. 438-0994 C 0 mplinzemf of SHERWIN WILLIAMS REDSTONE SHOPPING CENTER KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN 147 MAIN ST., STONEHAM Itlf fiinger lickin' good! We cater to large and small groups For Special Prices Call: 438-9300 Compliments of ROTUNDI BROS. THE WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO, INC. SERVING WITH PLEASURE MEMBERS OF THE T CLASS OF 1972 661 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS I 't SQhOasylj Uxave mevey e nj Vqteyfeff, UIU7 YY! fJm.nCEgJY-loyf MaYk Twam W BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1972 FREDERICS 617-438-0505 HALL PUMP SALES 81 SERVICE CORP WINTHROP POLSEY ANTONIO MACHADO 58 Monrvale Ave. Stoneharn, Mass. 02180 KLA: P R I N T I N G C O . 468 MAIN STREET STONEHAM, MASS. 02180 458-0597 CONGRATULATIONS LOMBARD LUMBER CO. A 81 K JEWELERS, INC. We Sell the Ben and Service the Ren" STONEHAM SQUARE 438-1250 DEMELIS FLORIST Flowery For All Occafiom Also Green Plants Sc Artificial Arrangements 397 MAIN ST. 438-6910 STONEHAM, MASS. Free Delivery GOOD LUCK from THE CLASS of 1974 I COIVHNGS AND GOI NGS ul ESPQ-ualw Ms Anne L ke To O , ef JQNQ1 OHQH Y, 'Umnk U Fldmfso Crocker af Vcmon Q v' Sfeue, Dave Wallacf, , Quo De'7'of"9 .PH V Q Sfowehqm 09 W Wo ol C 1 5 ' 1 G W + - ' ' Y ...5 +5 en 5+evev15 I G Li ft pu' O OYQS V 4' x D M LEBHJLVI . cb H H - .Exif v' W M ' ' 0 ' Q T ., ,I , pg ' Lay off L TQ P 6 Gumflvl if . +5 5 lame, CQ b'1T.l . Se m o ' 531 SECTIIC n Kefchef ' f - IYPAU3 ?,li. . . P55605 77" 5 f CGM gc,Tl,4fg5 " Cu' Gmc! ROBERT ADELIZZI, 20 DeWitt Rd., Newspaper 4. Misery is: having to shave off your moustache for your senior pictures. Sup- pressed desire: to win a '68 mustang fastback. I'll never forget: m.f., kinky's parties, merit, big vinnie. PAUL J. ALGIERS, 76 Forest St. Happiness is: being with dodi. Misery is: the summer of '71, Comment: to run faster than bama. GEORGE AMARANTIDES, 81 Pine St. Pep club 3,4. Happiness is: no books to carry. Misery is: a and g block classes. Future plans: aviation, junior college. JOHN AMARANTIDES, 81 Pine St. Film club 4, Interact 2,3,4, Winter track 2,4, Spring track 2,3,4. Happiness is: me and a pair of binoculars on the beach. Future plans: getting my ph,d. in civil engi- neering. Comment: "he who lives without achieving a goal in life dies the death of a lonely old man." PAULA AMBROSE, 115 Forest St. Yearbook 4, Cheerleader 4, Twirp twirl 2, Jr. prom comm. 3, Sr. prom comm. 4, Pep squad 2,3. I'll never forget: "no. 31," summer of '70, shoe check, the parties, 11!25f69, 2 o'clock in the morning, opening my eyes to a teddy bear. Quote: "when you are joyous, look deep into your heart, and you will find that it is that which has made you sad that is making you happy. when you are sad, look again into your heart, and you shall rind that it is that which has made you happy, that is now making you sad." TERRY AMIRTO, 50 Elm St. Future secretaries' 2, Yearbook, Pep squad 2,3,4, Co-ed volleyball 3, Twirp twirl, Jr. prom. Happiness is: dumpstock '71, rmziz. I'll never forget: r.a., catch eight, bubblegum ice cream. Comment: living is loving. LINDA ANDERSON, 43 Gould St. Girls' glee club 2,3,4. Happi- ness is: never having to say you're sorry. Misery is: saying you're sorry. Future plans: nursing. DEBBIE BALBONI, 16 Middle St. Future teachers' 2, Gymnastic club 2, National honor society 3,4, Yearbook, Varsity scholar 2,3, Pep squad 2, Sr. class play, Happiness is: r.w., october 1, october 30. I'll never forget: "the carnival." Comment: "love by its presence, like god by his, makes everything not necessarily clear or right or even good, but acceptable, whereas in its absence, as in his, there is no hope." virgilia peterson KEVIN BAMBERY, 12 Erickson St. Football 2, 3, Winter track 4, Spring track 3,43 Boys' gym leader 3,4, Co-ed volleyball 3,4, Wrest- ling 2,3. Happiness is: being with gin p. I'll never forget: my 3 high school years with ginny. Comment: when you have it, keep it. CHARLES BARBO, 4 Alden Ave. Band 2,3,4, Spartan chorale 3,4, Interact 2,3,4, Orchestra 2,3,4, Basketball 2,3, Carnival ball 3,4. Happiness is: a certain candy striper. Misery is: being restricted from sports. Suppressed desire: to out-play buddy rich on the drums. DAVID BARBO, 17 Legend Dr. Boys' pep squad 4, Basketball 2,3,4, Co-ed volleyball 2,3,4, Gym leader 4, Graduation usher. Happiness is: moving to the cape. Misery is: living with "bo." Suppressed de- sire: to play in the n.b.a. STEPHEN BARTKUS, 18 Erickson St. Chess club 4, Film club 4, Carnival ball 2. Happiness is: working on a friend's porsche and other cars. Suppressed desire: to own a datsun 240z, a dunebuggy, and a porsche. Misery is: ending up with a v.w. BOB BARTOLUCCI, 4 Stone Ave. Football 2,3,4, Winter track 3,4, Spring track 2,3,4, Basketball 2. Happiness is: spending saturday night with some friends. I'll never forget: going to school in rock- port. Comment: "it's been real!" CHARLES BAYLIES, 12 Harrison St. Cross country 2, Winter track 2, Spring track 2,3. Happiness is: an unexpected day off. Misery is: getting caught. Pet peeve: waiting. CARREN BEATON, 16 Cedar Ave. French club 2,3,4, Future teachers' 2,3,4, Spartan chorale 4, Gymnastics club, 2,3,4, Latin club 2, Cpres. 45, Spring concert 2,3,4, Orchestra 2,3,4, Yearbook, Tennis 2,3,4, Varsity scholar, Sr. class play. Happiness is: scott. I'll never forget: christmas '69, plum island, "chester vs. jon." Quote: "you see things as they are, and you ask why? but i dream things that never Were, and i ask why not?" george bernard shaw GEORGE BELL, 7 Grant St. Chess club 2, Spartan chorale 2,3, Cross country 3,4, Spring track 2,3,4, Film club 4, Interact 2,3,4. Happiness is: hitching to a free concert every weekend. Comment: "heavy." Future plans: see everything. CATHY BERGER, 15 Keene St. Ofhce aide 4, Choralettes 2, Madri- gals 3, Creative writing club 4, Film club 4, French club 2,3, Girls' ensemble 3, Spartan chorale 4, Gymnastics club 2, Literary mag. 4, Majorettes 3,4, Homecoming comm. 2, Jr. Prom comm. 3, Gym leader 4, National honor society, Newspaper 3,4, Pep squad 2, Year- book, Girls' state, Varsity scholar 2, Sr. class play. Happiness is: summer meadows. I'll never forget: cleaning cages in rm. 217. Pet peeve: cold fingers. LISA BOCCELLI, 24 Chestnut St. MARY BOCCELLI, 24 Chestnut St. Future nurses' 3,4, Pep squad 2,3,4. Happiness is: week-ends, being with the gang. Suppressed de- sire: to hang around the d.q. I'll never forget: the upstairs bath- room, ptb. l I JOAN BORRELLI, 9c Lincoln St. Drama 4. Happiness is: being with someone special. Misery is: leaving sketti behind. I'll never for- get: the upstairs bathroom, running from baba p.t.b. MARILYN BOURQUE, 23 Hanford Rd. Cheerleader 4, Newspaper 4, Pep squad 2,3, Field hockey 2,3, Gymnastic team 2,3,4. Happi- ness is: al, rye, the farm, I'll never forget: may 3, 1967, d?C- 15, 1969. Comment: preaching peace is no good, we have to live it. MARILYN BOUTCHIA, 45 Park St. Happiness is: love. I'll never forget: april 23, 1970. Quote: "pray, don't find fault with the man who limps or stumbles along the road, unless you've worn he wears, or struggled beneath his load. there may be tacks in his shoes that hurt, though hidden away from view, or the burden he bears, if placed on your back, might cause you to stumble, too.' FRANK BOVE, 20 Arnold Rd. Misery is: answering these questions. I'll never forget: my name. Future plans: college, CAROL BRADFORD, 10 Unicorn Ave. Future secretaries' 4. Hap- piness is: being with e.w.m. Misery is: being near the clickers. Sup- pressed desire: to live clown the cape. JAMES BRAMMER, 30 Ledge St. Boys' glee club 4, Spartan chorale 4. Happiness is: a holiday. Suppressed desire: to become a cornllake. I'll never forget: mr. orman. CAMILLE A. BRANDANO, 20 Gerald Rd. Creative Writing 33 French club 3, Girls' glee club 4, Field hockey 4, Basketball 2,3,4, Tennis 1,2,3,4, Student council 3, Class officer 1,2,4, Pep Squad 2,3,4, Yearbook, Co-ed volleyball 2,3,4, Twirp comm. 4, Jr.. prom comm. Happiness is: a victory, cold milk and oreos. Misery is: the hook, warm milk. I'll never forget: quebec 4138, 4-127-lf, .b:1.p. at craves, 6!3!7l with bart, sue, peg, rick and pandy, b-P-l-, flflmg bv no. 4. mmpp at melrose track, shoe check. JEFF BRENNAN, 18 San Jose Terrace. Co-ed volleyball 3,-Sr. patrol, Soccer pep squad 4, S.F.L. Happiness is: ap on friday nights, sfl. robin hood. Misery is: nov. 15, 1971 and -having to say good-bye to friends. I'll never forget star, d.a., sophs,, kingston. STEPHEN BREZINSKI, 26 Congress St. Happiness is: being with people i like. Misery is: being with people i don't like. Comment: i was sentenced to school for 12 years, and i'm glad to get out. JAMES BRUNINI, 2 Steele St. Happiness is: days off. Suppressed desire: to be a rich bachelor. I'll never forget: brother and friend on friday nights. PETER BRYANT, 15 Summer St. Gym leader 4, Co-ed volleyball 3,4, Weight lifting 4. Happiness is: weekends. Misery is: monday morning. Suppressed desire: to see all the people that don't appreciate this country out of it. DAVID BURDEN, 33 Wright St. Mixed chorus 3. Happiness is: be- ing accepted into the air force. Suppressed desire: to succeed in the coming years. I'll never forget: the carnival ball of 1971 that 1 was in. RICHARD BURNS, 7 Benton St. Happiness is: traveling. I'll never forget: neil's house. Future plans: working at city cycle for the rest of my life. SUSAN CALLAHAN, 15 Richardson Rd. French club 3, National honor society 3, Yearbook, Varsity scholar 3, Pep squad 4. Happi- ness is: green goodness . . . the ocean . . . being m.h. for b and g . . . "the parties," Suppressed desire: to go to the african desert and wait exactly under the star for the little prince. I'll never forget: 613771 with bart, camille, cody, peg, and pandy, seagulls, g.s.w.k., riding by no. 4, JONATHAN CALLBECK, 20 Crosby St. Chess club 2,4, Interact 3,4, Latin club, 2,3, Science club 4, Varsity scholar 3. Happiness is: bruins' tickets. Pet peeve: hypocrisy. I'll never forget: the night at boston garden. JAMES CAMPBELL, 169 Franklin St. Boys' glee club 3,4, Madri- gals 4, Spartan chorale 4, Sr. class play, Carnival ball 3, 4. Hap- piness is: making the concerts. Pet peeve: haircuts. I'll never forget: d.c. and double b.s. JEANNE CAMPBELL, 23 Myrtle St. Spartan chorale 3,4, Latin club 2,33 Girls' glee club 2, Basketball 2, Varsity scholar 2, Co-ed volley- ball 2. Happiness is: being with jimmy and watching archie bunker and the cookie monster. I'll never forget: macdonald's with j.p., and the "snowbank" with d.c. Comment: dynamite! "big fella." SHARON CAMPBELL, 1 Hotin Rd. Spartan chorale 3,4, Girls' en- semble 3,4, Tennis 2,3,4, Yearbook, Newspaper 4, Future teachers' 2, National honor society 2,3,4, Varsity scholar 2, Gym leader 4, Choralettes 2, Y.S.C. 4. Happiness is: skiing in a snow storm with your eyes closed and not hitting a single tree. I'll never forget: wila- mina hitler, sugar bear, u.s. history e block, the "72" booster c.d. Pet peeve: cars that won't start, Waiting in line. JOHN CARINO, 7 Carol St. Soccer 43 Football 2: Basketball 2: Tennis 2,3,43 Student council 2,3,4: S.F.L. 2,3,4: Sr. patrol 3,4: Yearbook. Suppressed desire: to own a pet "crow," to see the fight- ing stop. Comment: life is like a steep hill that you have just started to climb. Future plans: politics. DONNA CARLINO, 7 Fuller St. Future secretaries' club 4: News- paper 4: Pep squad 2,3,4: Ofhce aide 3. Happiness is: being with rick and having veal cutlet subs at toody's. Suppressed desire: to have long thick hair. I'll never forget: a.p.t. canoeing with j.t.k. and the snow bank. KEVIN CARROLL, 5 Arlene Ave. Soccer 3,4: Football 23 Basketball 2: Sr. patrol 4: S.F.L. 2,3,4. Happiness is: being with teri. Sup- pressed desire: to go to california. I'll never forget: s.f.l., w.h.l., and the v.w. bus. SUSAN CASEY, 50 Gould St. Happiness is: getting your license. Misery is: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Suppressed desire: to skip class. Future plans: secretary. LINDA CASSARA, 5 Alden Ave. Happiness is: having sam running after me and valentine's day. Misery is: getting my hair in tangles. Comment: "you are too young to know it now, but some day you shall know." GARY CASTIGLIONE, 200 Franklin St. Band 2,3,4. Happiness is: no school. .Misery is: school. Suppressed desire: to graduate. DIANA CERRETANI, 311 Williams St. JUDY CERRONE, 98 North Sr. Pep squad 2,3. Pet peeve: twinkees. I'll never forget: summer of '71, Quote: "i am i and you are you. if by chance we meet, it shall be beautiful." MARTHA CHASE, 32 Gould St. Pep squad 2,3,4: Yearbook: Carni- val ball 3: Mixed chorus 3, Suppressed desire: to come back for a class reunion and be 5'5". Pet peeve: brownies. I'll never forget: summers of 1970 and 1971. BONNIE CHRISTIE, 50 Wright St. Happiness is: living a life without regrets. Misery is: having to make big decisions. Comment: peace of mind is contentment. ELAINE CIONTI, 33 Albion Ave. French club 2,3,4: Future teach- ers' 2,3,4: National honor society 3,4: Yearbook Csr. editorl: Var- sity scholar 23 Pep squad 2,3,4. Pet peeve: people who aren't punc- tual. I'll never forget: the fun we had in quebec and 9!17!7l. Quote: "this is not the end. this is not even the beginning of the end. but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." winston churchill NEIL CLAPP, 23 Highland Ave. Film club 4g Dance band. Sup- pressed desire: rock and roll star. I'll never forget: the back of the electronics room. Future plans: berkley school of music: musician. ARTHUR CLARK, 20 South St. Happiness is: work study. Misery is: no matches between periods and a full pack of cigarettes. I'll never forget: jan. 9, 1970. CLAYTON CLEVELAND, 92 Westwood Rd. Football 2,3,4: Win- ter track 2,3,4: Spring track 2,3,4: Gym leader 3,4: Co-ed volleyball 2,3,4. Happiness is: winning a football game. Misery is: practicing all week and losing. I'll never forget: ruthe. PATRICIA COLES, 19 Beacon St. French club 3: Future teachers' 2,3,4: Pep squad 3,4. Misery is: 3rd lunch. Suppressed desire: to blow up chemistry lab. I'll never forget: summer of "71." MICHAEL COMER, IOA Stevens St. Chess club 4, Happiness is: g block privileges. Pet peeve: homework on weekends. Future plans: college. MARGARET CONCANNON, 39 Ravine Rd. Choralettes 2: French club 2,33 Future teachers' 2,3: Girls' ensemble 3,43 Spartan chorale 3,43 National honor society 5,4: Newspaper 4: Girls' glee club 2: Yearbook: Varsity scholar 2: Pep squad 2,3,4: Sr, tea 3: Carnival ball 2,3,4. Happiness is: being with friends, graduation, getting a job, a bruins' ticket. I'll never forget: u.s. history, biology, prison, the first snap, my high school years. Comment: "on ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur. l'esseniel est invisible pour les yeux" saint exupery. MICHAEL CONLEY, 41 Summerhill. I'll never forget: mother's concert. Comment: "i can't get next to you babe." Future plans: mud shark. ROBERT CONNORS, 2 Victoria Lane. Happiness is: drinking a beer, taking my time and doing what I want to do. Suppressed desire: to ride the Hnal night train into oblivion. Comment: eagles don't flock together, you have to find them one by one. PAUL CONTI, 7 Pine Ridge Rd. Happiness is: a fast car. Misery is: 9 miles to the gallon. Future plans: to own and drive a funny car. DAVID CORKUM, 21 Avalon Rd. Film club 43 Football 2,33 Hockey 2,3,4. Misery is: getting caught pulling maneuvers on the sandbar. Suppressed desire: to be like elvis. I'll never forget: all nighters at spindlers. DOUG CORMIER, 53 Oak St. Happiness is: spending S15. I'll never forget: summer of '70, ROSE CORRAO, 5 Pond St. Pep squad 2,35 Yearbook: Sr. class play. Happiness is: just being happy. I'll never forget: the good times we had Ccranes beach, may, 19715. Future plans: to become rich and famous or poor and happy. VINCENT CORRAO, 5 Pond St. Football 2: Basketball 2,3: Sr. class play. Happiness is: diane and the tree in rockport. Misery is: a '64 chevelle. Suppressed desire: the state of constant utopia to- gether. JEAN COSMOPOULOS, 193 Park St. Girls' ensemble 33 Newspaper 43 Yearbook. Happiness is: getting lost and not caring to find my way home. Suppressed desire: to find an eternal happiness on earth. Comment: age should not be calculated by time, but with experience. if you don't experience, you don't grow old: if you don't grow old, you won't die properly. ROD CROCKER, 5 Bitch St. Interact 3,4: Football 2: Tennis 3,4: Yearbook: Basketball 2: Class officer 43 Co-ed volleyball 2,3,4: In- tramural hockey 3,4. Happiness is: skiing an untouched trail. I'll never forget: dianne and summers on the cape. Future plans: to become a doctor. GLEN CROOKER, 97 Green St. Happiness is: making money. I'll never forget: being at a red sox game with charlie carney. Future plans: drafting, engineering school. MIKE CROSS, ll Girard Rd. Chess club 2,3: Football 2,3,4: Bas- ketball 2,3: Student council treasurer 4: Gym leader 4. Happiness is: being at the farm with mary and close friends. I'll never forget: playing hearts around the table at the farm. Comment: the whole world is a huge stage and all the men in it are actors. if acting a part may bring one person comfort and contentment, then i too am an actor. "the end justifies the means." KEVIN CROWLEY, 14 Keene St. Student council 2. Happiness is: being alone with nature at its finest. I'll never forget: the weekend at r.p.i. Comment: some of the most beautiful things in life are, by current definitions, irrelevant. JOSEPH CUGINI, 2 Harrison St. Creative writing club 4: Film club 43 Literary mag. 4. Pet peeves: pet peeves. Future plans: dying. TONI D'ANNOLFO, 4 Magnolia Terrace, Spartan chorale 2,3,4: Field hockey 2,3,4: Basketball 2,3,4: Softball 2,3: Tennis 4. Happi- ness is: being a sports freak, playing field hockey, or just being a plain freak. Misery is: not having someone you need, d.m. I'll never forget: the hook, sue's barn or coach logan , . . right barb? CINDY DAWSON, 6 Windsor Rd. Choralettes 2: French club, 2,3,4: Spartan chorale 3,4: Gymnastics club 2: Graduation usher 3: Gym leader 43 National honor society 3,4: Newspaper 43 Yearbook: Tennis 2,3,4: Sr. class play: Drama club 43 Carnival ball 3,4. Hap- piness is: skiing. I'll never forget: monday e block skips, biology, g block. Comment: "yesterday is today's memory, tomorrow is today's dream." MAUREEN DAWSON, 15 Winthrop St. Future teachers' 2,3: Home- coming day comm. 2. Happiness is: being with duffy. I'll never for- get: june 25, 1969. Comment: each of us must do the things that matter. all of us must see what we can see. RICHARD DAWSON, 14 Waverly St. Spring track 2,3. Misery is: e,f,g, studies on the same day. Suppressed desire: to bicycle across the country. Comment: this summer i will make it across country. GAIL DECKER, 9 Myrtle St. Pep squad 2,3,4: Tennis 43 Gymnas- tics 4: Co-ed volleyball 3,4: Sr. prom comm.: Jr. prom. comm. Hap- piness is: r.h.p., the beach, breaking the cap open, the juice. I'll never forget: the tremedous trio, 7, the park, summer days. Quote: "you've got to get up every morning with a. smile on your face, and show the world all the love in your heart." carole king FRANCINE DeGRANDE, 17 Forest St. Majorettes 4: Pep squad 2,3: Graduation usher 3: Student gym leader 4: Trafhc squad 4: Jr. prom 3: Homecoming 2: Student council 4. Misery is: graduating, growing up, 10 miles to andover and not knowing. I'll never forget: happy and disappointing days at s.h.s .... friends, "senior clique", "catch 8" , . . a,a,a . . , 6!10!7l, bh, chem 71 with ma, porky 81 gang. Comment: "for everything you have missed, you have gained something else: and for everything you gain, you lose something." DONNA DELFINO, 1 Forest St. Drama club 2: Spring track 2: Tennis 23 Pep squad 2: Sr. class play: Class treas. 4. Happiness is: mark and doing things that make you happy. Suppressed desire: being able to make up my own mind. Comment: accept people for what they are, not for what they have or appear to be. JEAN DELNINNO, 103 Governor Rd. Future nurses' 2: Latin club 2: Sr. class dance comm.: Pep squad 2,-4: Yearbook: Sr. class play: Co-ed volley ball 2,3. Misery is: working friday and saturday nights. I'll never forget: my high school years and 8l3l!71. Com- ment: i'm going to miss this place once i'm out. DAVID DELROSSI, 8 Cricklewood Dr. NANCY C. DENNIS, 5 Sheifield Rd. Choralettes 23 Madrigals 2: Film club 4: French club 2,3,4: Girls' ensemble 4: Spartan chorale 2,3,4: National Honor society 3,4: Future teachers' 23 Newspaper 4: Girls' glee club 2: Yearbook: Varsity scholar 2: Pep squad 2,3,4: Sr. class play: Sr. tea 3. Happiness is: clothes. I'll never forget: roger. monday e block skips and rev. Future plans: college. MAUREEN d'ENTREMONT, 20 Marble St. Happiness is: gradu- ating. I'll never forget: friday, 2l 16f68. STEVE DiCREDICO, 15 Kimball Dr. Suppressed desire: to have a date with raquel welch. Pet peeve: people over 6 ft. tall. Comment: here comes mr. kennedy! put em out! EDDIE DiGIULIO, 14 South St. DAVE DLMARCO, 43 Maple St. D.E.C.A. coffee shop 3. Misery is: "bama" out on the tracks hiding in the bushes. Suppressed desire: "grease monkey." I'll never forget: what i forgot that i should have remembered. STEPHEN DIMARZO, 11 Greenview Rd. Spartan chorale 2,3,4: Newspaper 2,3,4: Football 2: Yearbook: Boys' state 3: Class officer 2: Student council 2,3,4 Cvice pres. 3, pres. 43: Class oliicer 2: Youth commission advisory board: Challenge '70 committee Cdrug commit- teej: Youth advisory council to the state board of education. Pet peeve: insincerity. I'll never forget: ellen and debbie: the summer of '70. Comment: "if a man does not keep pace with his companions, it is because he hears a dilierent drummer, let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away." thoreau DEBI DOHERTY, 108 Spring St. Future nurses' club 2,3 Cvice pres.y 4: Girls' ensemble 3,4: Latin club 2: Yearbook: Sr. class play: Spartan chorale 4. Happiness is: the cape, summer, getting up to see the sunrise at 4 a.m., motorcycles. Misery is: physics f block, hght- ing with brian. I'll hever forget: white horse beach and those great weekends, danny. MAUREEN DOHERTY, 5 W. Ferdinand St. Girls' ensemble 3,4: Latin club 4: Pep squad 4: Yearbook: Sr. class play. Happiness is: the freedom of living. Misery is: having to say goodbye. Comment: you get out of life what you put into it. TOM DOHERTY, 286 Williams St. Happiness is: debbie. Misery is: school. I'll never forget: dec. 2nd. JAMES DOLAN, 55 Penny Lane. Chess club 2: Hockey 2,3,4: S.F.L. 2,3,4: Sr. patrol. Happiness is: me and tuma skinning a "weasel," Misery is: talking to someone with bad breath. Future plans: college. ROBERT DOLAN, 181 Franklin St. Chess club 2: Hockey 2,3: Golf 3,4: S.F.L. 3,4. Happiness is: getting a hole in one on a par five. Suppressed desire: to have a harder hand. I'll never forget: whatever i remember. LAWRENCE DONAHOE, 17 Peabody St. DAVID DONNELLY, 48 Washington St. KATHLEEN DONNELLY, 3 Mt. Vernon St. Film club 4: French club 2,3,4: Varsity scholar 2. I'll never forget: the elevator and the plebes looking for the museum of modern art. Comment: "on ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur." JIM DONOVAN, 55 Spring St. Soccer 3,43 Football 2: S.F.L. 2,3,4 Ctri-capt.J: Sr. patrol: Co-ed volleyball. Suppressed desire: to be like artie clark. Pet peeve: "the snowbird." I'll never forget: airport, lake george. MARY DONOVAN, 15 Pomeworth St. Girls' glee club 4. Happiness is: eating a giant hot fudge sundae. Misery is: counting the calories afterwards. Supressed desire: to have the house to myself for a whole weekend. DEBORAH DORR, 67 Pine St. THOMAS DRISCOLL, 12 Rustie Rd. Interact 3: Football 2: Hockey 2,3,4: Baseball 2,3,4. Happiness is: being with the one you love. I'll never forget: peggy. Quote: "i hope for us there will be a space in time." WILLIAM DUFFY, 15 Cottage St. RAYMOND E. DUNBAR JR., 32 Montvale Ave. Soccer 4: Football 2: Hockey 2,3,4: Co-ed volleyball 3. Happiness is: being with my friends and family, making a breakaway save for a shutout. Misery is: burning cars on a cold night in march, hockey practice at frost arena on a rainy day. Pet peeve: mr. burnham's "one more time." KATHLEEN DUNN, 9 West St. Future secretaries' 4: Yearbook: Pep squad 3,4: 18 x 72 club 2. Happiness is: being with friends. Misery is: waking up, no privileges, having nothing to do. I'll never forget: plum island, may '71, c.j.'s party. DEBBIE DURKEE, 67 High St. Happiness is: leo, weekends at n.g., freedom, being with the crs. Misery is: staying in on weekdays, and not being able to see leo. I'll never forget: july 26, 1971, jo jo's room. GARY DURSO, 6 Randolph Rd. Basketball 2: Co-ed volleyball 2,3,4. Happiness is: picnic baskets. Misery is: ripping your pants dur- ing school. Suppressed desire: to be the godfather. JANICE DWYER, 8 Stevens St. Future teachers' 2: Pep squad 2,3,4: Artfest 2. Happiness is: c.s., "the parties." I'll never forget: d.b.'s party, d2 party, b.p.l., chicago, the guy, d.p., p.c., 9128, summer. Pet peeve: people who are never on time. CHRIS DYER, 142 Hancock St. Happiness is: billy, freedom, tracks, long week ends. Mlisery is: being grounded, getting a white slip from the office. I'll never forget: 208 bathroom gang, prunella. DOTTIE EATON, 43 Hancock St. Future nurses': Yearbook. Happi- ness is: keamon, long weekends. I'll never forget: 208 bathroom. Pet peeve: bama, clickers. KENNETH ELLIOTT, 3 Longbow Rd, Film club 4. Suppressed de- sire: to graduate. I'll never forget: friday and saturday nights. Future plans: owning my own business. JOANNE ELLS, 60 Stevens St. Happiness is: that special someone, the limousine. Misery is: leaving sketti behind. I'll never forget: aug. 13, 1971, t.s. EILEEN EMERY, 38 Forest St. Gymnastic club 2: Yearbook: Traf- fic squad 4: Gym leader 3,4: Homecoming comm.: Sr, tea 3: jr. prom comm. Happiness is: walking along the beach, playing with my cat, jimmy. I'll never forget: nov. 26, '69, good times in my sopho- more year: r.a.w.m. Comment: "for that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence." kahlil gibran BILL ENGLISH, 4 Congress St. Film club 4: Newspaper 3. Happiness is: the summer with robin in gloucester, I'll never' forget: club house four. Comment: enter to learn, go forth to get ruined. DONALD FABIANO, 241 Williams St. ANN FALLON, 15 Emerald Court. EDDIE FARRELL, 5 Lincoln St. Cross country 3,-4: Winter track 3,4: Spring track 2,3,4: Basketball 2. JOE FERRETTI, 16 Margaret Rd. Chess club 2,3,4: Film club 43 Latin club 2: Baseball 2,3,4: Boys' pep squad 2,3,4: S-F.L.,.2,3,43 Co-ed volleyball 2,3,4: Intramural hockey 3,4. Suppressed desire: to hit out field to mr, nuss. Pet peeve: pigeons, penalty kicks, people with dandruti. I'll never forget: "tuma and al, b.c., s.f.l." KATHLEEN FILLIPONE, 2 Hill Court. Majorettes 3, 4: Yearbook? Class officer 3,4: Traffic squad 3,4: Homecoming 2: Graduation usher 3: jr. prom. Suppressed desire: to be 4'6" with big I'll never forget: catch "S," the uniform, my partner, my sophomore year, "partners club." Comment: now our sleep has fied and our dreams are over, it's no longer dawn. the noontide is upon us and our half waking has turned to a fuller day, and we must part. ALBERT FINNEGAN, 51 Warren St. Football 2,3,4: Winter track 4: Spring track 2,3,4. Happiness is: being in n.h. with marilyn and close friends. I'll never forget: may 3, '67, dec. 13, '69- PCI PGGVCI SIHDCC and starts, canvar, sprint. ROSE ANN FINNEGAN, 16 Emerald Ct. Yearbook: Field hockey 2: Softball 2: Pep squad 2,3,4: Twirp comm.: Jr. prom. Happiness is: a Ere in the path and a certain sophomore. 'Misery is: the rest of them and that punch. I'll never forget: b. eddie and sharing a locker with JIM FIORE, 146 Franklin St. Literary mag. 4: Spring track 4: Bas- ketball 2,3: Baseball 2: Sr. patrol. Happiness is: being with nancy. Misery is: having dave for a brother. Future plans: armed forces. MARY ANN FITZGERALD, 45 Spring St. Yearbook: Pep squad 2,3: Ecology club 2. I'll never forget: "the tank," 78-zip s. on m.1. white caps. Pet peeve: liars, Future plans: college. CINDY FLAMMIA, 4 Evergreen Rd. Creative writing club 4: Future nurses' 4: Literary mag. 2,3,4: Yearbook: Pep squad 2,3,4, Happi- ness is: a party at dennis's, the frag's, t,k,f,c. Misery is: a bad e.t., three in a black toy. I'll never forget: esther, mouth, p.t.b., 208b, july 9, 1971 bear hill, weekends at d.m.'s, try a little tenderness, "the weasel," october 19, 1967. DANIEL E. FLANDERS, 128 Summer St. Happiness is: graduating. Suppressed desire: to be a freak all my life. Comment: good-bye, stoneham. DEIRDRE FLYNN, 10 Crosby St. Future nurses' 3: Literary mag 4: Yearbook. Happiness is: gary. I'll never forget: p.t.b. 208b. Com- ment: "i don't ask you to accept the things i do and believe, only to understand." IRMA FLYNN, 10 Erickson St. Creative writing club 4: Future secretaries' club 3: Literary mag. 2,3,4: Pep squad 2,3,4: Yearbook. Happiness is: being with craig: feb. 14, 1969. Pet peeve: waiting. Quote: "in youth we learn, in age we understand." MIKE FLYNN, 75 Greenway Circle. Carnival ball 2,3,4: Happiness is: drag racing, irish music. Suppressed desire: to be a success. Pet peeve: stuck-up people. GEORGE FOLEY, 53 Governor Rd. Soccer 3,4: Basketball 2,3,4: S.F.L. 3,4. Happiness is: a.p. or no school. Misery is: billy o. stories. Future plans: making fudge. SUSAN FOLEY, 18 East St. Band 2,3,4: Latin club 2: Orchestra 4: Mixed chorus 4. Suppressed desire: to be an artichoke. I'll never for- get: revere, april 25, 70, willy, carnival ball, winning oscar the bull. Comment: to you i pour out from my whole heart and soul all my love forever and ever and then some. LINDA FONTANA, 20 Cherry Ave. Gymnastic club 2: Majorettes 3,4: Co-ed volleyball 2: Pep squad 2. Misery is: michael sitting be- hind me in homeroom for 3 years in a row. I'll never forget: quebec 4-138-4-127-c.b. Comment: "when we cannot find contentment in ourselves, it is useless to seek it elsewhere." MIKE FOUGERE, 16 Hersam St. Film club 4, Interact 4, Newspaper 3,4, Yearbook, Co-ed volleyball 2,3,4. Misery is: little linda major- ette sitting in front of me 3 years in homeroom. I'll never forget: marty, ace, and the corn fights at lunch. Comment: "we are not at our best perched at the summit, we are climbers at our best when the way is steep." john W. gardner EDWIN J. FREEMAN, 311 Green St. Carnival ball 2,3,4. I'll never forget: that funny kid. Suppressed desire: to grow two more arms so i can play two guitars at once. Comment: don't let it bring you down. SANDRA GAMMON, 5 Myopia Rd. Future secretaries' 4. Happiness is: having privileges every period. I'll never forget: mashmallow, noodle, and sarge in transcription. Pet peeve: being grounded on weekends. LARRAINE GANDOLFI, 27 Lawndale Road, National honor society 3,4, Newspaper 3 feditor 43, Field hockey 2,3, Softball 2,3,4, Co-ed volleyball 2,3,4, Varsity scholar 3,4, Girls' state alternate 3, Sr. tea 3, Yearbook. Misery is: wavy hair and falling arches. Sup- pressed desire: to retire tomorrow down the cape. I'll never forget: the applause of "71" and the butterflies before a game. EDWARD GAY, 4a Vinton Ct. Homecoming comm. 2, Jr. prom comm., Student gym leader 3,4, Twirp twirl comm., Soccer 4, Sr. patrol, S.F.L. 4, S.S.H.L. 4. Misery is: having to listen to "so ah en-a-ways." I'll never forget: airport, lake george, n.y., strawberry helds, canada, dunn's parties. Comment: who remembers the wall at bourque's house that falls on people's heads? L. GEARY. Film club 4 French club 3,4, Future teachers' 2, Year- book, Field hockey 2,3,4, Basketball 2,3,4. Happiness is: china moon lunches, winning at all cost. Misery is: waiting-when's that bell going to ring, star coupons, roger. I'll never forget: monday e block skips, honors u.s. history, the hrst "snap." WILLIAM GEGGIS, 21 Common St. NANCI GERAGOSIAN, 323 Green St. Future nurses' 2, gymnastic club 2, Majorettes 3,4, Pep squad 2, Yearbook, Homecoming comm. 2, Jr. prom. comm. 3, Co-ed volleyball 2, Gym leader 3,4, Happiness is: good times with the kids, hockey, friends, I'll never forget: "come into my tent," 412771, bagged at a.p. Quote: "we seek our own way to eternal purpose, thinking thoughts of peace, quietness, and tranquility." mark JOHN GILLIGAN, 1 Eustis St. Happiness is: 9:00, 10-8-69, becky. I'll never forget: floyd, '62 chevy. Comment: "only love beats milk." ELIZABETH GLOVER, 93 MacArthur Rd. Latin club 2, Yearbook, Pep squad 2,3,4, Sr. play, Drama club 2,4. I'll never forget: Sr. play, summer evening, basketball games, winter of "71," b.c.b., working in boston, george. Comment: and the time will come when you find we're all one and life goes on within you and without you. Future plans: lawyer, JANICE GOLDTHWAIT, 10 Berkley St. Future nurses' 3, Year- book, Pep squad 2,3,4, Sr. tea 3. Happiness is: winning football games. Misery is: turning red. I'll never forget: homeroom, b block study junior year, the powder puff. MARGARET GORDON, 4 Lexington St. Future teachers' 2, Gym- nastic club 2. Happiness is: having michael home. Misery is: spending christmas alone. I'll never forget: "herman," oct. 24th. KATHLEEN GOULD, 3 Dean St. French club 4, Latin club 3,4, Tennis 4, Pep squad 4, Sr. class play. 'Suppressed desire: to drive into lake quannapowitt. I'll never forget: halloween, square dance, hilltop in dungarees, the prudential, drobneck, Quote: "the way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost." g. k. chesterton JOE GRAFTON, 60 Collincote St. Happiness is: eating banana bread. Suppressed desire: to become pope. I'll never forget: granny: JAMES GRASSO, 27 Oak St. Band 2,3,4, Chess club 2,4, Orchestra 2,3,4, Science club 2,3, Football 2,3,4, Winter track 2,3,4, Spring track 4, Boys' state 3. Happiness is: being with barbe, bombing around in the road runner, Misery is: getting stopped. I'll never for- get: dec. 19, 1970, "little sis." RUTH GREENE, 31 Pleasant St. Pep squad 2,3,4, Co-ed volleyball 3,4, Film club 4, Gym leader 3, Jr, prom comm, Homecoming comm. 2. Happiness is: skippy, n.h., last six years. Pet peeve: watch- ing a bruins' game with my father. I'll never forget: august 21, 1969. MARILYNN GRIFFITH, 6 Elaine Rd. Gymnastic club 2,4, Class officer 2,3, Pep squad 2,3,4, Yearbook, Gym leader 3,4, Jr. prom comm., Twirp twirl comm., Homecoming comm. 2. Happiness is: pat, the girls, the k's, I'll never forget: getting grounded together, sophomore year, subways, beaches, 6f12f7O. Quote: "love one an- other, but make not a band of love, let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls." MARIA GUARNERI, 90 North St. Band 2,3,4, Future teachers' 4, Spartan chorale 2,3,4, Orchestra 2,4. Happiness is: rainy days with a warm person. Future plans: special or elementary education, Quote: "my love goes with you, as your love stays with me, it's just the way it changes, like the shoreline and the sea." leonard cohen PETER GUILD, 33 Ravine Rd. Basketball 2,3,4, Baseball 2,3,4. Happiness is: a teacher absent on the day of a test. Misery is: prac- tice with coach tavanese after a loss. Suppressed desire: to become a millionaire. DENNIS M. GUILFOYLE, 3 Christine Ave. Radio club 2, Hockey 2, Weightlifting 2. Happiness is: living my life the way i prefer to- not the way somebody else wants, Misery is: beer, no ice, a broken stick, a bruins' loss. Comment: nothing in education is so astonish- ing as the amount of ignorance it accumulates in the form of inert facts. DENISE GUNNING, 20 Danby Rd. Yearbook, Pep squad 3,4, Sr. class play, Traffic squad 3,4, Gym leader 3,4, Drama club 2, Sr. tea 3. Happiness is: a deserted beach at night, being on my own, I'll never forget: warlocks, fbi, stalling, getting lost, working in boston, salisbury beach. Comment: he who wishes to fulfill his mission in the world must be a man of one idea, of one great overmastering pur- pose, which guides and controls his entire life. DOUG HALPIN, 14 Greenway Circle. DAVID I-IANLON, 25 Lincoln St. DEBBY HANSIS, 43 Lindenwood Rd. Gymnastic club 2, Pep squad 2,3,4, Gym leader 4, Twirp twirl comm., Homecoming comm. 2, Jr. prom comm., Co-ed volleyball 3,4, Office aide 3,4, Sr. dance comm. Happiness is: one real friend, the cape, a sis like mine. I'll never for- get: d.f.a.g., my sophomore year, "uncatched 3," bubble gum ice cream, this place. Comment: "and if our hands should meet in an- other dream we shall build another tower in the sky." KEVIN HARRINGTON, 6 Steele St, SUSAN HARRINGTON, 15 Flint Ave, Band 2, Stoneham action comm. 2,3,4, Challenge '71. Happiness is: freedom, bobbi. I'll never forget: p.t.b.208b. Comment: death is black, black is beautiful, but darkness is ugly, lonely is the one in darkness, the one in darkness is not where one's mind is but where it has been at. why is there a difference between death and darkness? death has no will to live, neither does darkness, but death dot-sn't feel, darkness can. ROBERT HARVEY, 208 Hancock St. RICHARD HASTINGS, 63 Elm St. JAMES HAUGH, I9 Blood Rd., Andover. Soccer 2,3,4, Hockey 2,3,4, Baseball 2,3,4, Yearbook, S.F.L. 2,3,4, S.S.L. 2,3,4. Happiness is: dunn's parties, woburn pools, wild times in n.h. Suppressed desire: to own a pro curve. Comment: the happiest times and the saddest times are reality. ROBERT HEUMAN, 12 Newcomb Rd. Honor society 3,4, Science club 3, Telescope club 3,4, Cross country 2,3, Boys' state 3,Yearbook, Happiness is: a foot of fresh powder. I'll never forget: french, diane. Comment: anyone want a sub? FRAN I-IICKEY, 35 Maple St. Literary mag. 4, Future nurses' 2, Pep squad 2,3, Yearbook. Happiness is: harry, b.f.a.w., together at the ocean. I'll never forget: bunny! carsl oct. 26, 1968, camping, golf course. Comment: "people are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges." DEBRA HICKS, 40 Oak St. Choralettes 2, Spartan chorale 3, News- paper 3, Yearbook, Softball 2, Pep squad 2,3,4. Happiness is: being with friends. Suppressed desire: to travel around the world. Future plans: college. KATHI HIGGINS, 116 Pond St. Yearbook, Student council 2,3,4. Happiness is: freedom and security. I'll never forget: beaches and the pretzel, kmk, subways, getting grounded together, my sophomore year, the girls. Quote: "i've been going a long time now along the way. i've learned some things. you have to make the good times your- self. take the little times and make them into big times and save the times that are all right for the ones that aren't so good." JACQUELINE HILTZ, 7 Gerald Rd. Future secretaries' 3,4, Office aide 3, Girls' glee club 2,3, Yearbook. Happiness is: being with george and m.l.w,g. I'll never forget: july 22, 1966, "light my fire." Comment: let today embrace the past with remembrance and the fu- ture with longing. GARY HOOK, 31 Tremont St. CATHY HORGAN, 105 High St. Future nurses' 2,3, Yearbook, Pep squad 2,3,4, Sr. class play. Misery is: a,e,Bcg block majors. Pet peeve: people who aren't punctual, being called "horg." Quote: "life is very short, and there's no time for fussing and hghting my friend." KENNETH HOUGHTON, 5 Pine Ridge Rd. Football 2,3,4, Win- ter track 2, Baseball 2,3,4. Happiness is: teachers' conventions. Mis- ery is: mondays. I'll never forget: debbie., CINDY HOWES, 36 Tremont St. Yearbook, Pep squad 2,3,4, Sr. class play. Happiness is: being with a certain person. I'll never for- get: jr. year, a block history, shifty, hey bill, kitty's l.v., auditorium studies with donna. Comment: you don't know what you have until you lose it. ALICE HURD, 11 Lincoln St. Pep squad 3,4: Future teachers' 4: Yearbook, Comment: "it is better to forget and smile than it is to remember and be sad." Happiness is: looking forward to something special. Suppressed desire: to grow from 5'2" to 5'7" before a class reunion. BARBARA IOVINE, 9 Cherry Ave. French club 2,3,4: Future teach- ers' 2,3,4g Latin club 2,3,4: National honor society 3,4: Yearbook: Varsity scholar: Pep squad 3,4: Sr. class play. Happiness is: a never ending good-bye. I'll never forget: chester vs jon, sign rooms, friends. Comment: "look round the habitable world, how few know their own good, or knowing it, pursue." MAUREEN IRVIN, 38 Albion Ave. Yearbook: Field hockey 4: Pep squad 2,3,4: Co-ed volleyball 3. Happiness is: dumpstock "71," r.h. parties. Misery is: a t-shirt, the cape, I'll never forget: the cougar, catch 8, the hook. CATHY IVERS, 8 Elmhurst Rd. Yearbook: Field hockey 4: Pep squad 2,33 Co-ed volleyball 2,3: Olhce aide 33 Ir. prom comm.: Girls' track 2: Sr. dance comm.: Homecoming comm. 2. Happiness is: room 212, dumpstock '71. Suppressed desire: to be a clown. I'll never forget: the hook, catch 8, swims at b.n., p.h. parties. ROBERT JACKSON, 41 Butler Ave. Chess club 4: Soccer 2: Cross- country 2: Hockey 2. Happiness is: linda. Suppressed desire: harley 1200! I'll never forget: m. rowell and the tracks. ALAN JACOBE, 150 Spring St. Happiness is: no school. Misery is: an a block test on monday, I'll never forget: e block senior year. DONNA JAMIESON, 59 Pleasant St. Future secretaries' 3,4: Year- book: Pep squad 3,4. Happiness is: happiness. Pet peeve: show offs. Comment: "keep your fears to yourself. share your courage with others." KAREN JOSLIN, 24 Sunrise Ave. French club 3,4: Future teachers' Ivice pres.J 2: National honor society 3,4: Girls' glee club 2,3: Year- book: Varsity scholar 3,4: Pep squad 2,3,4. Happiness is: knowing i have greg, last summer until aug 13, being successful. I'll never for- get: nov. 26, 1970, r.f. chinese food, july 17, '71 the car, sept. 25, '71, Comment: "it matters not whom you love, or how you love, but that you 1ove." rod mckuen JUNE KACOYONIS, 3 Buttonwood Rd. French club 3: Future teachers' 2,3: Yearbook: Pep squad 2,3,4: Co-ed volleyball 2. Hap- piness is: doing what i want to do. Misery is: going into boston with d.p. I'll never forget: 3rd lunch and f block biology class. KATHY KELLY, 57 Park St. PAUL KELLY, 68 Wright St. PEGGY KERCHER, 2 Cottage St. Choralettes 2: Film Cluli 4: Future secretaries' 3,4: Girls' ensemble 4: Spartan chorale 3,4: Gymnastic club 2,3,4: Newspaper 4: Girls' glee club 2: Yearbook: Pep squad 2: Sr. class play: Spring concert 2,3,4: Carnival ball 2,3,4: Gym leader 4. Happiness is: being with the ones you love for ever, d.d.-j.d, "71." Misery is: not accomplishing something you aimed for. Comment: love means never having to say you're sorry. DEBORAH KERR, 33 Alden Ave, French club 3,4: Future teachers' 2,3,4: Girls' ensemble 4: Yearbook: Sr. class play: Mixed chorus 2,3,4: Carnival ball 3,4. Happiness is: traveling, meeting new people, dogs. Suppressed desire: to be a politician. Comment: "little things are important, men stumble over pebbles, not mountains." MARIAN KIMBALL, 45 Bow St. Future secretaries' 3,4: Pep squad 2,3,4: Gym leader 4. Happiness is: dallas, texas. I'll never forget: susan's bathroom, oct. 25, 1971. Comment: "does anybody know what time it is? does anybody really care." JAMES KONAXIS, 14 Evans Rd. Happiness is: payday, skipping a class and not getting caught. Misery is: the day after payday when i'm broke, having mr. bama take away your pak. I'll never forget: how stupid frederick is. PAUL KOPREK, 58 Middlesex Rd. Film club 4: Football 2,3,4: Basketball 2: Yearbook: Sr. patrol. Happiness is: to be with someone you love. I'll never forget: new year's eve of 1970-71 and a block physics. Future plans: to be a professional photographer. MICHAEL LAING, 41 Bonad Rd. Soccer 2,3: Hockey 2,3: Golf 4: Sr. patrol: S.F.L. 4: S.H.L. 3,4: Co-ed volleyball 3,4. Happiness is: getting all six. Misery is: getting caught. I'll never forget: dunn's parties, lake george, airport. DONNA LAMB, 8 Walnut St. FRANCIS LANDERS, 46 Elm St. JOHN LANG, 37 Lincoln St. Boys' glee club A2,3,4: Chess club 2,3: Madrigals 2,3,4: Spartan chorale 2,3,4: Interact 3,4: Soccer 3,4: Spring track 2,4: Basketball 2: Carnival ball 2,3,4: Co-ed volley- ball 2,3,4. Happiness is: oct. 10, 1971. Suppressed desire: getting a goal-soccer. I'll never forget: explorers "69"-moe, larry, curly. RON LANIGAN, 15 Upland Rd. Happiness is: loving and being loved. I'll never forget: summer of "71." Comment: "love is a four letter word." PAT LeBLANC, 37 Spring Lane, Gymnastic club 2: Yearbook: Gym- nastics 2. Happiness is: b.w.n.a.t,t. Misery is: neil being in maine. Comment: "there is no way to peace. peace is the way." PAUL LeBRUN, 18 Washington St. Film club 4: Literary mag. 33 Cross country 2,4: Winter track 2,3,4: Spring track 2,3,4: Year- book. Happiness is: sharing a day. I'll never forget: the summer that wouIdn't end. Future plans: life and art. ROBERT LEDBETTER, 80 Pine St. Spring track 3. Misery is: mr. rowell. I'll never forget: 6f7f71. ELIZABETH LEONARD, 94 Westwotltl Rd. French club 3,43 Future teachers' 2,3,4: Girls' ensemble 4: National honor society 4: Year- book: Varsity scholar: Pep squad: Sr. class play: Mixed chorus 2: Carnival ball 4: Spring concert 4: Baskeball. Suppressed desire: to travel. I'll never forget: the great time we had in quebec. Comment: "color is something we see with our eyes, but love is something we see with our heart." VIRGINIA LEWIS, 448 Main St. RONALD LINDQUIST, 15 Vernon Ave. CARL LONG, 103 Elm St. MARIAN LUCCI, 74 North St. Literary mag. 3. Happiness is: going off the track down the purple trail. Misery is: the wind blowing. Comment: "love is our law, truth is our worship, form is our mani- festation, conscience is our guide, peace is our shelter, nature is our companion, order is our attitude, beauty and perfection is our life." PAULA LUONGO, 1 Gerald Rd. Film club 4: French club 4: Yeat- book: Artfest 2,3,4: Carnival ball 3,4. Happiness is: john "jd." Sup- pressed desire: to be a starving artist. I'll never forget: february 24, 1970, '70 senior prom, chevy II, 1st lunch, d block study. MARY ANN LUSAS, 6 Avalon Rd, Cheerleaders 4: Madrigals 4: Creative writing club 4: Future nurses' 2: Girls' ensemble 4: Literary mag, 3,4: Newspaper 4: Science club 4: Girls' glee club 3: Year- book: Basketball 2,3,4: Softball 33 Pep squad 2,3: Graduation usher 31 Gym leader 4: Drama club 3,4: Carnival ball 3,4. Suppressed desire: to make everyone i meet smile. I'll never forget: n.h. and summer of '71, the zoos and all the good times, and my friends who i couldn't do without. Quote: "though we travel the world over to hnd the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not." emerson JOHN A. LUTHER, 131A Summer St. Boys' glee club 3,4: Madrigals 3: Spartan chorale 3,4: Literary mag. 3,4: Soccer 3,4: Hockey 2,3,4g Spring track 2,3,4: Graduation usher 3: Sr. patrol 4. Happiness is: when i am in the woodshop. Suppressed desire: to go out and lend a hand to people who can't help themselves. Quote: "still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest." simon 84 gar- funkel DEBBIE LUTI, 48 Spring St. Future secretaries' 4: Future teachers' 2: Gym leader 4: Pep squad 2,3. Happiness is: sharing a quiet moment with someone. Misery is: being grounded. I'll never forget: d block study, the summer of '71, one, the cobra. WANDA MACKENZIE, 26 Williams St. Future secretaries' 4: Field hockey 3: Office aide 3,4. I'll never forget: the drags, carrol's, r and c, "do you know what i mean," the jams, my friends. Suppressed desire: to meet "Willard," to learn how to drive a four speed. Happi- ness is: weekends at r.b., sneaking out and not getting caught. MARILYN MACLEOD, 130 Forest St. Film club 4: National honor society 3,4: Science club 4: Yearbook: Field hockey 2,3: Basketball 2. Happiness is: deep snow and uncrowned slopes. I'll never forget: down the tracks, junior year, Quote: "you got a friend." carole king PAMELA MACLEOD, 8 Wescott Rd. Film club 2,3: Newspaper 2,3: Orchestra 2,3,4: Radio club 2,3: Field hockey 2,3: Girls' tennis 2,3. Happiness is: a warm, loving person to stand by. I'll never forget: when "joe" moved away, challenge '70, summer of '70 and rita. Comment: "face piles of trials with smiles: it riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave and keep on thinking free!" NANCY MACNEIL, 1 Elizabeth Rd. Choralettes 2: French club 4: Future teachers' 4: National honor society 3: Varsity scholar: Pep squad 3,4: Sr. class play: Drama club 3,4. Happiness is: mr. magoo's christmas carol. Misery is: having my picture taken. Suppressed de- sire: to live in an old english castle. JOHN MAGUIRE, 7 Mt. Vernon St. Misery is: running into mr. rowell in the parking lot. Suppressed desire: to do something good. Comment: "i did not." DIANE MAMMINO, 130 North St. Yearbook: Varsity scholar 2: Gym leader 4: Sr. tea 3: Pep squad 2,3,4. Suppressed desire: to be on time, to play piano. I'll never forget: july and august of 1971, thanksgiving day dance 1970, a beard, a car. Pet peeve: people who don't try. CONCETTA MANCINI, 61 Bow St. Film club 4: Pep squad 3,4: Mixed chorus 4. Happiness is: summer in california. Misery is: mon- days. Suppressed desire: to ring the 7:00 no-school alarm. JOANN MANGONE, 4 Morgan Ave. Cheerleaders 55 Ceo-capt. 455 Gymnastics 25 Pep squad 25 Yearbook5 Gymnastics team 5,45 Gradu- ation usher 55 Gym leader 5,45 Twirp twirl comm. 25 Jr. prom comm. 55 Homecoming comm. 25 Traffic squad 5,45 Sr. tea 55 Co-cd volley- ball 2,5,45 Office aide 25 Sr. dance comm. 4. Suppressed desire: to make it to katty's with kathy and reggie. I'll never forget: a.a.a., chemistry with beava, ma and sca, west point, my best friend, soph. year, j.f. Misery is: 24, graduating, the school committee. WALTER MANUEL, 75 Pleasant St. Soccer 25 Hockey 5. Happiness is: not having to go to school. Misery is: going to the ofhce. I'll never forget: the first time i saw mr. rowell. JUDITH MARKS, 15 W'hipple Ave. Band 2,55 Film club 45 Future teachers' 45 Literary mag. 2,5,45 National honor society 25 Science club 45 Varsity scholar 2. Misery is: having your airplane stolen and being straight. Suppressed desire: to grow a beard. I'll never forget: sophomore biology and the bear. PAUL MARROCCO, 105 Spring St. Band 2,55 Film club 25 Radio club 25 Soccer 25 Cross-country 25 Winter track 25 Spring track 25 Boys' tennis 25 Basketball 2,5. Suppressed desire: to bring forth a much better society. Pet peeve: work. Future plans: africa. JOE MARRONE, 12 Montvale Ave. Film club 5,45 Interact 2,5,45 Orchestra 2,5,45 Science club 2,55 Hockey 2,5,4. Happiness is: being with the gang, b.d., b.g., k,b., k.p., d.n., g.d., e.f. Pet peeve: sitting in front of my sister for 12 years. Future plans: college. MARY MARRONE, 12 Montvale Ave. Cheerleaders 45 Future secre- taries' 45 Girls' glee club 25 Yearbook: Pep squad 2,55 Field hockey 2,55 Softball 2,5,45 Girls' basketball 2,5,45 Co-ed softball 5,45 Gym leader 5,4. Happiness is: weekends at river brook and cape ann, j.a.m.s., summer in virginia. Misery is: 5 being chased in the winter, having a jinx, "above or aside me," "waiting" I'll never forget: 8!26!71 and my friends, especially d.r.f.k.b.w.j.r., plucky fr 8: cj. ROBERT MARSH, 8 Kays Rd. Hockey 55 Football 25 Sr. patrol5 S.F.L. 2,5,45 Soccer pep squad 45 W.H.L. 2,5,4. Misery is: always being on e. I'll never forget: the stoneham cinema zoos. Comment: you guys are crazy, you're all gonna catch amonia. LESLIE MARSTON, 4 Elmhurst Rd. Future secretaries' 5,45 Future teachers' 45 Yearbook5 Pep squad 25 Co-ed volleyball 25 Ofhce aide 2,55 Homecoming 2. Happiness is: mark the first, my monkey. I'll never forget: parties at "the house," january 1, 71, saturday after- noons with bobby. Comment: "our love is the same, but our lives are different." MINDY MARTIN, 18 Oak St. Majorettes 5, Ccaptain 475 Yearbook5 Gymnastics 2,5,45 Pep squad 25 Guidance aide 45 Twirp twirl comm. 25 Trafhc squad 5,45 Gym leader 5,45 Jr. prom comm. 55 Homecom- ing comm. 25 Sr. prom comm.5 Co-ed volleyball 5,4. Happiness is: mbb, no pressure. Misery is: too much talk, 32, worrying, I'll never forget: 9!9!70, catch 8, the walk. FRED MARZINO, 252 Green St. Happiness is: skipping school and going to brookline high school with my friends and getting kicked out. Misery is: a dented up demon. I'll never forget: "maureen, open this door so i can kill you." DEBBIE MATHEWSON, 48 MacArthur Rd. Future secretaries' 45 Pep squad 2,5,4. Happiness is: friday nites and being with friends. Misery is: double period of transcription. I'll never forget: c.j.'s all night parties. CARLA A. MAY, 15 Hillside Ave. Future secretaries' 5,45 Girls' glee club 2,55 Yearbook5 Library aide 5. Suppressed desire: to own a gold vet, to meet willard, and to see a certain "orange car" clean. I'll never forget: rosi, the weekend, the airport, june 50, 1971, carrols, grazin in the grass and c8cm. Comment: when you love, you should not say, "god is in my heart" but rather, "i am in the heart of god." HELEN McCARTHY, 19 Albion Ave. Yearbookg Pep squad 2,55 jr. prom comm. 55 Twirp twirl comm.5 Sr. prom comm.5 Ofiice aide 2,5. Happiness is: parties up, diane's cottage, pammy's bombs. Misery is: not being around when ti-tahs were passed out. I'll never forget: p.t.b., phantom's, the red chevy. PAT MCCARTHY, 51 Broadway. Future secretaries' 55 Pep squad 25 Library aide 5. Happiness is: being yourself without fear of others, no matter who you are. Misery is: no studies a or g block. Comment: to love life, you must live love. DONNA McCLELLAN, 6 Arlene Ave. Future secretaries' 5,45 Year- book5 Pep squad 5,45 Ofhce aide 5,4. Happiness is: being in the arms of someone tall, dark, and handsome. I'll never forget: oct. 51, 69, girl tall-ts, drags, carroll's, "596 chevelle," sept. 4, 1971, Quote: "it is well to give when asked, but it is better to give unasked, through understanding." ANN MCCLOREY, 20 Girard Rd. Happiness is: just one honest smile, finding an open mind. Suppressed desire: become a clown and join the circus-to leave it all behind. Comment: "you can't hide be- hind that mask forever. don't be afraid of becoming your true self. it's a beautiful experience." MAUREEN McCOLGAN, 43 Collincote St. Choralettes 25 Film club 45 Future teachers' 25 Girls' ensemble 5,45 Spartan chorale 5,45 Newspaper 45 Girls' glee club 2,5,45 Yearbook5 Carnival ball 2,5,4. Happiness is: having friends who care, soccer at good harbor. I'll never forget: concerts in boston, camping in the rain, lasagna, lu lu, salty, summers at camp. Quote: "and yet, you know more than i, for the things you know are knowledge, while so far i have only an education." NANCY MCCUE, 57 Oak St. Cheerleaders 45 Choralettes 25 Madri- gals 55 Spartan chorale 5,45 National honor society 55 Newspaper 55 Yearbook5 Varsity scholar 25 Student council 55 Twirp twirl commit- tee 2. Happiness is: skiing, the drugstore, cheering at football games, christmas, friends. Misery is: not enough time, 24. I'll never forget: biology in 217, summer '71, visiting prison. DANIEL McCUSKER, 195 William St. Film club 2,4. Happiness is: owning a 1965 sun roof v.w. that runs, summer, water-skiing, Misery is: windy days, a broken v.w. whistling like a bird and getting caught. Comment: "give peace a chance." JAMES MCLAUGHLIN, 55 Isabella St. Film club 45 Interact 45 Sr. class play. Happiness is: sleeping an extra hour in the morning. Sup- pressed desire: to stay awake in mr. reed's class. I'll never forget: bomb scares on a snowy day. KATHY McLAUGI-ILIN, 159 Elm St. Pep squad 2,55 Yearbook5 Car- nival ball 5,45 Chorus 2,5,4. I'll never forget: November 5, 1971 at the bowling alleys. Suppressed desire: to live on an island in the atlantic. Comment: Live each day as if there were no tomorrow. JOEL MCMAHON, 10 Christine Ave. Basketball 25 Baseball 25 Gym leader 5,4. Happiness is: being with the one you love. Misery is: certain peoples parents. I'll never forget: little christmas, the farm and wilbur. PAUL McMANUS, 5 Forest St. Hockey 2,5,45 Football 2,5,45 Base- ball 2,5. Happiness is: the states. Misery is: being ineligible. Sup- pressed desire: to pass algebra I. KAREN McPHEE, 140 Collincote St. Chess club 2,5,45 Choralettes 25 Girls' ensemble 5,45 Spartan chorale 5,45 Girls' glee club 2,5,45 Sr. class play. Suppressed desire: to be coordinated. I'll never forget: sr. play and spartan chorale or the concord river. Comment: smile! it makes people wonder what you've been up to. MICHAEL MEANS, 69 Calthea St. ELLEN MEEGAN, 5 Ellen Rd. Girls' glee club 25 Pep squad 2,5,4. Happiness is: being with friends. I'll never forget: going to hawaii. Future plans: bookkeeper. WILLIAM MEEKS, 57 Pleasant St. Boys' glee club 25 Chess club 25 Creative writing 25 Interact 2,55 Hockey 25 Baseball 25 Student council 2. Happiness is: leaving school. Misery is: french III with mr. rocher. Pet peeve: gym outside in 500 weather. JO-ANNE MEROSKI, 10 Lincoln St. Future teachers' 2,5,45 Basket- ball 45 Pep squad 2,5,45 Yearbook5 Co-ed volleyball 5. Happiness is: being with my friends. Misery is: going into boston with denese p. Pet peeve: "the frizzies." Quote: "what three wishes, would i choose for happy-ever-after? these are all one life can use-bread and love and laughter!" DALE MERRILL, 55 Oak St. Chess club 25 Co-ed volleyball 5,45 Creative writing club 2,5,45 French club 55 Interact 5,4, Literary mag. 45 Yearbook5 Sr. class play: Trafhc squad 5,45 Drama club 2,5,45 Future teachers' 2. Happiness is: my little brother dwight. I'll never forget: splash parties, summer dates, and d.p.m. Pet peeves: coteries, and people who get a kick out of scofiing others. DONNA MEUSE, 81 Calthea St. Sr. class play. Happiness is: having my freedom and my joey. Misery is: when there's nothing to do but tight, when joey goes away on weekends. I'll never forget: "our apart- ment," m.m. and those puddles, 6!19!7O. RONALD MEUSE, 67 Calthea St, Football 2. Misery is: going to school every other day. Suppressed desire: to travel around the world, Comment: "those big years," 220 pounds worth. ALDO MIGLIORINI, 52 Lawndale Rd. Suppressed desire: to subvert the ultimate pigeon. Future plans: the only solution isn't it amazing. Comment: the little lady and i were saint tripe, lovely sort of place. but a few of those hippie types moved in. i do hope they nip that one right in the bud. DEBBIE MIGLIACCI, 15 Middlesex Rd. Happiness is: artie, long weekends, snoopa. Suppressed desire: to learn how to walk straight. I'll never forget: 5!10!70. KENNETH MILLER, 5 Harrison St. Football 25 Golf 4. Happiness is: taking every other day off from school. Misery is: going to school every other day. Comment. "knowing that there will always be some- one." DIANNE MINGHELLA, 3 Garfield Ave. Creative writing club 2,3,45 Dance club 2,3,45 Future nurses' 2,3,45 Yearbook5 Pep squad 2,3,4. Suppressed desire: to have long straight hair. I'll never forget: tommy dancing to "i want to take you higher," a certain phone call from wolfboro to stoneham, july 9th at bear hill, tommy knocking at my front door, the quarter mile and the orange g.t.o. with snow tires. Comment: "get on it." CAROLYN MOAR, 13 Minot St. Creative writing 3,45 Future nurses' 2,3,45 Literary mag. 45 Pep squad 2,3,45 Sr. tea comm. 45 Work study aide 45 Guidance aide 3,45 Drama club 2,3. Happiness is: spending my summers in canada. I'll never forget: hiding in the trunk, felix, the good ol' days. Quote: "live for as long as you want. but don't want for as long as you live." JOE MOORE, 15 Ledge St. Quote: "try to realize it's all within your- self5 no one else can make you change. and to see you're really only very small, and life flows on within and without you. we were talking about the love that's gone so cold and the people, who gain the world and lose their soul: they don't know, they can't see, are you one of them? when you've seen beyond yourself, then you may find peace of mind is waiting there-and the time will come when you see we're all one, and life flows on within you and without you." george har- rison MARJORIE MOORE, 251 Williams St. Cheerleaders 3, Cco-captain 475 Dance club 2,3,45 Future nurses' 2,3,45 Student gym leader 3,45 Graduation usher 35 Pep squad 25 Field hockey 35 Basketball 2,3,4. Misery is: 24, "the hook," 3:15 p.m., "it's up to you!" I'll never forget: melrose track meet-w.m.p., the teacup, t.t. Comment: "all the vxgealth in the world cannot buy you a friend, or pay you for the loss o one.' STEVEN MOREIRA, 77 Central St. Happiness is: being with kathy? Suppressed desire: to be big enough to ring the bell. Comment: "better see you in school tomorrow." CHERYL MORTON, 6 Mt. Vernon St. French club 2,3,45 Future teachers' 45 Latin club 2,35 Yearbookg Pep squad 33 Sr. class play. I'll never forget: the elevator and the plebes. Quote: "there is a law that man should love his neighbor as himself. in a few years it should be as natural to mankind as breathing or the upright gaitg but if he does not learn it, he must perish." JOSEPH MOSSALI, 138 Elm St. Happiness is: running into a friend you haven't seen for years. Misery is: seeing mr. rowell after you have skipped a class. Suppressed desire: getting a car of my own. ROGER MUIR, 18 Brookbridge Rd. Basketball 2,3,4. Misery is: getting up at 7 on monday morning. Suppressed desire: to see the pats win more than they lose. Pet peeve: gorillas and denials. RICHARD MUNRO, 12 Vernon St. BOB MURPHY, 63 Oak St. Boys' glee club 2,45 Newspaper 45 Stu- dent council 4. Happiness is: winning all our hockey games. Misery is: losing all our football games. Comment: "this place was a zoo." JOHN MURPHY, 7 Sunrise Ave. Football 25 Cross-country 3,45 Hockey 2,3,45 Baseball 25 Golf 3,45 S.F.L, 45 Soccer pep squad 45 gym leader 4. Happiness is: seeing eye to eye with bama. Misery is: being called wacky. Comment: nagy. MARY LOU MURRAY, 11 'Morgan Ave. Gymnastic club 25 Na- tional honor society 45 Yearbook5 Field hockey 2,35 Pep squad 2,35 Majorettes 45 Ofiice aide 35 Sr. tea 35 Homecoming comm. 2. Hap- piness is: s.s.b., 7!24!71, bacchus. I'll never forget: the nightmare, s-71, the senior clique. Quote: "i expect to pass through this world only once. therefore, any good that i can do or any kindness i can show someone, let me do it now, for i shall not pass this way again." thomas carlyle SHEILA MURRAY, 58 Washington St, Girls' ensemble 45 Literary mag. 45 Pep squad 2,3,45 Sr. class play5 Yearbookg Library aideg Sr. tea 3. Happiness is: life, my friends. I'll never forget: september 6, 1971, the corner! Quote: "i get by with a little help from my friends." beatles MARIE MUSTO, 7 Ellen Rd. NANCY MUSTONE, 63 Calthea St. Cheerleaders 45 Dance club 25 Yearbookg Twirp twirl comm. 25 Jr. prom comm. 35 Homecoming comm. 25 Ofhce aide 2,3,45 Gym leader 3,45 Co-ed volleyball 2. Mis- ery is: w,h.t.m.b.t. 8: 24. I'll never forget: uncatched 3, a.a.a., sum- mer of '69 and all the times at china moon, april 2, 1971. Quote: fo reach out to someone, to communicate and to understand, is to ove. JEAN NAZARIAN, 10 Ellen Rd. Gymnastic club 25 Majorettes 35 Clieutenant 455 Yearbook5 Field hockey 25 Gymnastics 3,45 Student council 25 Pep squad 25 Gym leader 45 Sr. tea 35 Graduation usher 35 Artfest 25 Guidance aide 3,45 Twirp twirl comm. 25 Homecoming comm. 25 Jr. prom comm. 35 Co-ed volleyball 3,45 Traffic squad 3,45 Sr. prom comm. Happiness is: honesty, friendship, c,b.s., twirling without rings. I'll never forget: "catch S," "a.a.a.," "f.v.," and part- ners' club, Comment: "god grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, courage to change those things i can, and wisdom to know the difference." DIANNE L. NELSON, 6 Spring Lane. Future teachers' 25 Pep squad 2,3,45 Yearbook5 Ecology club 25 Jr. prom comm. 3: Sr. teau3.,,l-lap? piness is: dickie, mg, skiing, having your own key, "h.l.,' h, C, Misery is: boring weekends and getting up for school.-I'll never forget: april 30, 1971, august 15 weekend, r.b.d.p.,p.1., chicago con- cert. Quote: "i do my thing and you do yours: 1 am not' in this world to live up to your expectations and you are not in this world to live up to mine. you are you and i am i, and if by chance we find each other, it's beautiful." KIM NENER, 10 Gould St. JOHN NICHOLS, 43 Pleasant St. Cross-country 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Misery is: reading forest. I'll never forget: the night of october 16, 1971 with j.t. in reading. Future plans: to be an electrician. DIANE NICKERSON, 2 Pomeworth St. Future secretaries' 45 Gym- nastic club 2,3,45 Yearbook5 Pep squad 2,3,45 track 25 Homecoming comm. 25 Twirp twirl comm., Office aide 2,3,45 Gym l:ClCr 3,4Z Co-ed volleyball 2,3,4. Happiness is: being with joey, dumpstock '71, room 212. I'll never forget: april 8, 1971, 10' glen rd. Comment: you are my love, my dream, my reason for being. DON NICKERSON, 75 Montvale Ave. Happiness is: no school. Misery is: having gym. Pet peeve: school lunch. PAT NIMS, 72 Robinhood Rd. Future secretaries' 45 Yearbook5vCo-ed volleyball 3. Happiness is: friendship, peter. Suppressed desire: to travel and see new places and people. Pet peeve: people who don't practice what they preach. DENISE NOLLETT, 42 Endicott Rd. Creative writing club 45 Film club 45 Future secretaries' 25 Future teachers' 3,45 Girls' ensemble 45 Girls' glee club 2,35 Basketball 45 Drama 3. Happiness is: to be loved, understood, to give and to get love in return. Misery is: war, unhappiness. Suppressed desire: to be a writer. RICHARD O'CONNELL, 4 Merrow Lane. Soccer 2,3,43 YCarl'J00lCS Student council 35 Class oflicer5 Sr. patrolg Gym leader 45 Jr. prom comm.5 Sr. prom comm.5 S.F.L. 3,45 Co-ed volleyball 3,45 Home- coming comm. 25 Homeroom rep. 2. Misery is: getting caught hang- ing moons. I'll never forget: new york, lake george, dunn's parties. Comment: c'mon patsy, shoot a deuce. HENRY O'DONNELL, 5 Evans Rd. JANET O'HALLORAN, 1 Victoria Lane. Dance club 25 French club 2,35 Future teachers' 2,45 Yearbookg Student council 25 1Sec. 275 Class off1cer5 Pep squad 2,3,45 Sr. class playg Gym leader 3,45 Gradua- tion usher 35 Ofiice aide 2,35 Guidance aide 45 Twirp twirl comm. 25 Jr. prom comm. 35 Co-ed volleyball 2,35 Homecoming comm. 25 Girls' track 25 Sr. tea 3. Happiness is: catching chipmunks at sandy beach. I'll never forget: summer 1970, wolfboro, july 3, 1970, bear- hill. Quote: "come on people now5 smile on your brother. everybody get together. try to love one another right now." THOMAS O'M'ELIA, I0 Pleasant St. Boys' glee club 2,3,45 Radio club 25 Football 2,35 Spring track 25 Student council 25 Sr. patrol, Carnival ball 2,3,45 co-ed volleyball 2,3,4. Happiness is: having a good time with someone you really like. Misery is: getting shut down at the packey. I'll never forget: mother's at lake george with sully and chicago. RUSSELL O'NElL, 477 Main St. Boys' glee club 2,3,45 Madrigals 45 Spartan chorale 3,45 Football 2,3,45 Spring track 2,3,45 Graduation usher 35 Weightlifting 2,3,4. Happiness is: being with m.a.w. and winning football games. I'll never forget: june 24, 1970, aug. 10, 1971, mary ann, getting hit by a car. Comment: short, quick, choppy steps. WALLY O'NEIL, 9 Pearl St, Happiness is: graduation day, and ma dockins for study. Pet peeve: by-thevbook teachers. Comment: "when the power of love equals the power of greed, then maybe someday we shall have peace." WILLIAM O'NEIL, 208 North St. Tennis 25 Basketball 2,3,4. Mis- ery is: sitting in study with tripsy. I'll never forget: the comment: "with who? you? is he here again?" Future plans: college. DAWNA ORBEN, 79 Franklin St. Happiness is: 3 day weekends. Misery is: being too short to reach the top of your locker. Com- ment: "in everyone's life there is a summer of '71." ELLEN O'SULLIVAN, 77 Central St. French club 35 Future nurses' 45 C.Y.O. 2,3, Happiness is: going for a walk with r.s. Misery is: only having the car for a few hours on weekends. Comment: "are you sure about that." JANET o'TooLE. CAROLYN OVERBYE, 5 Woodland Rd. Happiness is: getting along with people. Suppressed desire: to live in a commune. I'll never for- get: this past summer. JESS PAGLUICA, 32 Sunrise Ave. Football 2: Spring track 2,33 Senior patrol. Misery is: a console, the hrst national at its best m.d.c. I'll never forget: a night at kowloons, our friendly texaco sta- tion, a weekend at maine. Comment: if a man could have half his wishes, he would double his troubles. PAMELA J. PANOSIAN, 116 Summer St. French club 2. Happiness is: warm summer nights, the seashore and being with people who care, card games and long rides, flowers. Misery is: when "all roads lead to chelsea." Comment: love will find a way. ALBERT PARADISO, 235 Hancock St. Football 2,35 Winter track 2,35 Spring track 2,3,4, Gym leader 33 S.F.L. 4. Suppressed desire: to go out with raquel Welch. I'll never forget: weir's beach. DENESE PARKER, 206 Hancock St. Future nurses' 3: Majorettes 3,4: Newspaper 3: Girls' glee club 3,4: Pep squad 2: Sr. class play. Happiness is: sharing-it adds and multiplies as we divide it with others. Suppressed desire: to get into boston without getting sick. Pet peeve: "one more time." GAIL PARSONS, 17 Fells Rd. Cheerleader 4: Dance club 2: Tennis 3,4: Pep squad 2,3,4. Happiness is: being with friends, being with paul, meeting new friends, winning a tennis match. I'll never forget: class of '72, paul, may 14, 1971, my years at stoneham high. Quote: "whatever shall we do with each other's imperfections? don't ignore, deplore: don't accept, reject: don't tolerate, hate: just love!" NANCY PAYNE, 123 Collincote. Choralettes 2: Future teachers' 2,4: Girls' ensemble 4: Spartan chorale 3,4: Orchestra 2,3,4: Girls' glee club 2: Sr. class play: mixed chorus 4: Pal's club 3, Carnival ball 2,39 Spring concert 2,3,4: String ensemble 3,45 Ofhce aide 4. Happiness is: being with friends, making someone else happy. Misery is: having a bottom locker and not being able to see in it. Comment: "you are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars. you have a right to be here." LAUREN PECK, 55 Pleasant St. Newspaper 2: Pep squad 2,3,4: Yearbook. Happiness is: a special someone, meeting new people and not losing the old. Misery is: fighting when everything goes wrong, leaving sketti behind. I'll never forget: i thought they'd never come home, 208b, p.t.b. VINCENT PERRONE, 6 Cardinal Rd. Basketball 2: Baseball 2,3,4: S.F.L. 2,3,4: Soccer cheering squad. Happiness is: buying without a i.p. Suppressed desire: to sharpen pencils head. Comment: be honest with yourself: that's who you sleep with every night. MARLENE PETERSON, 95 MacArthur Rd. Choralettes 2: Madrigals 3: French club 3: Future teachers' 2,3: Spartan chorale 4: News- paper 3,4g Yearbook: Pep squad 2,3,4: Sr. class play: Drama club 3,4: Sr. tea 3: Homecoming comm. 2. Happiness is: being with people. I'll never forget: the senior play and last summer. Comment: we live, some of us quickly, others with caution, taking time, and the experiences create lines and impressions, and our faces, like the sand, show what happens in our souls. ARLENE PETTINATI, 15 Norval Ave. Gymnastics 2,3: Pep squad 2,3,4. Happiness is: being with ronnie and the foursome, our friends, and r.a. 1:45. I'll never forget: my years at stoneham high, especially my sr. year, and the class of "72." Quote: "time passes much too quickly when we're together laughing, but it is not the end, only the beginning." DAVE PETTO, 113 Central St. Film club 4: Spartan chorale 2,3,4: Latin club 3: Winter track 3: Spring track 2. Happiness is: getting a new truck. Misery is: getting it stuck in new hampshire for 7 hours. Suppressed desire: to finish a film before 4.30 a.m. JAY PHELAN, 8 Grant St. Soccer 2,3,4: Basketball 2,3, CCo-cap- tainb 4: Sr. patrol 4: Gym leader 3,43 Co-ed volleyball 3,4. Happi- ness is: missing gym. Misery is: sprained ankles, denials. Suppressed desire: more than 2 points in one season. BETH PIGNATO, 9 Myopia Rd. Future nurses' club 4: Pep squad 4. Happiness is: a warm bed on a cold night. Misery is: getting your teeth stuck in a talfy apple, Suppressed desire: to marry a handsome millionaire. CHERYL POLK, 22 Albion Ave. KEVIN POOR, 3 Chestnut St. Interact 3,4: Basketball 2: Hockey 3,4: Yearbook: Co-ed volleyball 3,4g Graduation usher 3. Happiness is: hampton beach, the casino. Suppressed desire: big enough to drive a certain green truck. I'll never forget: b.p. and all the fun we had. ROSEMARY POOR, 3 Chestnut St. Pep squad 2,3,4: Sr, tea 3. Hap- piness is: september 25, 1970 to november 28, 1971. Misery is: feb- ruary 23, 1971 Cnever forgetb. I'll never forget: hampton, nahant, and pluckey. TERRY POYTHRESS, 27 Lee St. Spring track 2: Sr. prom. comm. 4. Happiness is: weekend parties with lots of refreshments. Suppressed desire: to drive the quarter mile in 12.2 seconds with a legalized street car. Pet peeve: not knowing anybody for your first 3 weeks of school. JANET PRICE, 3 Eastview Terrace. JEAN PRIVE, 5 Prospect St. Happiness is: being with wayne, ob- taining peace of mind, tranquility. I'll never forget: "kenry," summer of '71, j.c., and macdonalds. Quote: "yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream." JOHN PROVOST, 15 Wfashington Ave. Interact 3,4. Happiness is: living in the country. Misery is: getting up early on a saturday morn- ing, I'll never forget: the school! MARY PULEO, 2 Church St. Decca club CSec.-Treas.J. Happiness is: getting ready for the outside world, Misery is: the war. FRANCES PULLO, 192 Park St. Choralettes 2: Girls' ensemble 3,4: Newspaper 4: Reading curriculum comm. 3: Office aide 3,45 Guidance aide 3,4: Yearbook. Happiness is: walking along the beach on a sum- mer night, charlie. Suppressed desire: to see one day of complete peace in the world: I'll never forget: 8-13-69, bolo, taking the long way to school. MARY PURINGTON, 10 Collincote St. Student gym leader 3: Girls' glee club 2,3,4g Girls' ensemble 3,4: Choralettes 2: Madrigals 3: Guidance office 3: Spartan chorale 2,3,4: Mixed chorus 2,3,4: Drama club 2,3: Carnival ball 3. Happiness is: tony, bass rocks. Misery is: working at esposito's, "but officer i was only going 35." I'll never forget: the longest boat ride, tony, moe, bucky, maryanne, and redd's. GINNY RADIGAN, Pomeworth St. Future secretaries' 2,3,4: Girls' glee club 2,3,4. Happiness is: "going up the pot" and seeing all the kids. Suppressed desire: i think i always wanted to be a "cliquer." I'll never forget: july 15, 1971, and the b.p. CONNIE RAFTELL, 2 Magnolia Terrace. Choralettes 2: Madrigals 33 Creative writing club 4: French club 2,3,4: Spartan chorale 3,4: Lit- erary mag. 4: Newspaper 43 Orchestra 2,3,4: Sr. class play: Year- book. Happiness is: music, animals, the country side. I'll never for- get: trying to get from the music room to 225 in three minutes. Com- ment or Quote: "time it was and what a time it was. it was a time of innocence, a time of conhdence, long ago. it must be. i have a photograph. preserve your memories: they're all that's left you." PATRICIA RAHN, 29 Brackett Ave. Happiness is: larry and red hair, Misery is: getting yelled at. Suppressed desire: to talk. KATHE REARDON, 12 Walsh Ave. Comment: "oh god i was scared." Suppressed desire: to float around the cosmos. Misery is: a dry spell. MARY REES, 118 Green St. Homecoming comm. 2g Pep squad 2,3,4: Field hockey 3: Yearbook. Misery is: reese's peanut butter cup, "the hook," and "the wedge deal." I'll never forget: 7-7-70, 4-18-71 Cv.v.c.a.m?J, l.v. '69, rockport, and my musician. Quote: "to recog- nize causes is to think, and through thought alone feelings become knowledge and are not lost but become real and begin to mature." KATHLEEN REGAN, 131 Spring St. Gymnastic club 2,3,4: Year- book: Pep squad 2,3,4: Ofiice aide 4: Homecoming committee 2: Twirp twirl: Jr. prom comm. Suppressed desire: to make it to katie's with jo and kathy. I'll never forget: west point, "come into my tent," my sophomore year, 4-2-71, china moon. Comment: "fear not that your life shall come to an end: but rather fear that it shall have no beginning." REBECCA REID, 39 Lindenwood Rd. Softball 2: Pep squad 4. Hap- piness is: 9:00, friends, 10-8-69, john: I'll never forget: summer of '70, n.h., good times, a day at rye, "getting caught." Quote: "of poems, prayers and promises and things that we believe in, how sweet it is to love someone. How right it is to care. how long it's been since yesterday, and what about tomorrow? and what about our dreams, and all the memories we share?" john denver PAT RETTIG, 1 Joan Ave. Future nurses' 2,3,4: Latin club 2: Year- book: Pep squad 2,3,4: Choralettes 2. Happiness is: being with my friends. Misery is: working all day saturday. I'll never forget: lynn beach, mount m., and l.b.j. gang. KEVIN RICHARDS, 9 Jefts Terrace. Happiness is: ma dockens' sub- bing. Misery is: mr. rowell on the ho chi min trail. I'll never forget: the way miss bassett sneezed. BARBARA JEAN ROACH, 105 Franklin St. Dance club 2: Film club 4: Future teachers' 4: Yearbook: Pep squad 2,3,4: Homecoming day comm. 2: Mixed chorus 2: Twirp twirl comm. 2: Jr. prom comm. 3: Sr. dance comm. 4. Happiness is: being with friends, s.s.b. bacchus. I'll never forget: the nightmare, s-71, indecision, t.t. Quote: "a friend is a person with whom you date to be yourself, and the only way to have a friend is to be one." JUDITH A. ROLLI, 3 Crescent Ave. Cheerleaders 4: National honor society 4: Yearbook: Field hockey 3: Tennis 2,3,4: Pep squad 2,3: Sr. tea hostess 3: P.T.L. scholarship drive 3: Gym leader: homecoming day comm. Happiness is: walking on the beach down the cape: winning: I'll never forget: the good times, 871, field hockey, the hook. Quote: "yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is to- day's dream." CAREY ROSE, 24 High St. Pep squad 2,33 Co-ed volleyball 3. Hap- piness is: room 212, dumpstock "71." Suppressed desire: to start our own business. Comment: the deeper the sorrow carves into your heart, the more love it can contain. SHERRY ROWEAN, 1 Drummond Rd. Pep club 2,3,43 Future nurses' 3,4. Happiness is: friends, harvey, band with pleasure 69-70. Misery is: "wanitta." Suppressed desire: to find myself a guy. CATHY RUBNER, 109 Summer St. Film club 43 Literary mag. 4: Pep squad 4: Yearbook. Happines is being with joey. Misery is: when motor mouth hears it, the army. I'll never forget: the nightmare, camden park, the lizard king, the demo-van. DAVID RUMMEL, 27 Middlesex Rd. Football 2,33 Track 23 Base- ball 23 Band 2,33 Dance band 2,3,4: Carnival ball 2,3,43 Chess club 2,3,43 Sr, patrol 43 S.F.L. 2,3,4. Misery is: bobby sweeney and school dances. Suppressed desire: ski the swiss alps. I'll never forget: dunn's parties, al's room at weirs and jake m. BARBARA RUSH, 133 Summer St. Yearbook: Field hockey Ccapt. 473 Basketball 2,3,43 Softball 2,3,4, Pep squad 2,3,43 Homecoming day comm. 23 Sr. tea hostess 33 Intramural tennis 3,43 Artfest 23 Gym leader 4. Misery is: "the hook" and "the nightmare." I'll never for- get: the big skip, S200 damage, 42. Quote: "living life with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." ANDREA RUSSELL, 11 Pearl St. Yearbookg Softball 2,33 Pep squad 2,3,43 Gym leader 4. Happiness is: c.s., a visit with baccchus. I'll never forget: the big skip, s.b., the Wipeout, d.p:'s, one, i.d.d. and i.d.s. Quote: "think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course." JUDITH RYAN, 15 Sheridan Rd. Latin club 2,3,43 French club 43 Drama club 43 Varsity scholar 4. Happiness is: making someone else happy. Misery is: not caring about your fellow man: Comment: "don't be ashamed because you are afraid of the dark, there are those who are afraid of the light." KATHLEEN RYAN, 10 Bear Hill Rd. Film club 43 Future teachers' 23 Science club 43 Yearbook: Field hockey 2,33 Varsity scholar: Twirp comm., Curriculum change comm. Future plans: college. Quote: "the reasonable man adapts himself to the world3 the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himelf. therefore, all progress depends upon the unreasonable man." george bernard shaw MAUREEN RYAN, 12 Seward Rd. Film club 43 Girls' glee club 2,3,4g Pep squad 2. Happiness is: march 27, 1970, and having a rich boyfriend. Suppressed desire: to start "our own business" first. I'll never forget: 10:11, our weekend down the cape, tommy tomato. MICHAEL SALONEN, 15 Broadway St. Soccer 3,43 Football 23 Hockey 2,3,43 Basketball 23 S.F.L. Pet peeve: pat. Happiness is: room service. Comment: "roll em!" DAN SANTOSUOSSO, 7 Atwood Ave. Chess club 2,3: Happiness is: getting out at 12:30. Misery is: staying until 2:30. Suppressed desire: to be a star. PAT SANTOSUOSSO, 951 Westwood Rd. Film club 43 Football 23 Hockey 2,3. Happiness is: donovan's weekend parties. Suppressed de- sire: to get out of school. Future plans: trade school. KEVIN SAUNDERS, 94 Spring St. Basketball 2,33 Golf 3,4. Sup- pressed desire: to find the fountain of youth. Comment: "hey, you wear size 7? Future plans: to get rich. ANDREA SCARPA, 3 W. Ferdinand St. Gymnastic club 23 National honor society: Varsity scholar 2. Happiness is: weekends in new hampshire. Misery is: saying good-bye to close friends. I'll never forget: summer of '71, MARIE SCHIRALDI, 9 Stone Ave. Girls' ensemble 2,3,43 Girls' glee club 2,3,4. Suppressed desire: to be a professional singer, I'll never forget: my "group" friends. Quote: "up with the sun down with the moon, if i don't get goin', i won't be home soon." PAULA SCHULTZ, 130 Marble St. Orchestra 2,33 Artfest 2,3,4. Happiness is: steve, mornings. I'll never forget: steve's hearse and his arsenal. Future plans: to paint and sleep. DEBBIE SCIASCIA, 64 Main St. Misery is: showers in gym. I'll never forget: jim. Quote: "love is never having to say you're sorry." JOHN SCOLA, 38 Walsh Ave. Soccer 43 Hockey 43 Pep squad 43 Sr. patrol: Chess club 33 S.F.L. Happiness is: getting out of studies. Misery is: "listening to sweeney talk." I'll never forget: dunn's par- ties and n.m. JOAN SCRIBNER, 10 Drury Lane. Future nurses' 3,43 Pep squad 2,3,43 Yearbook3 Sr. tea 3. Happiness is: being with my friends, living. I'll never forget: lynn beach, sept 6, 1971, the corner, the blue bus. Quote: "the difiiculties of life are intended to make us better not bitter." PATRICIA SCULLIN, 104 Hancock St. Happiness is: being someone. Misery is: leaving spaghetti behind. Comment: "mean what you say, and say what you mean." CAROL SELLARS, 30 Rodgers Rd. Ski club3 Pep squadg Interact club, Film club. Happiness is: being with the one you love, and skiing. Pet peeve: wearing no shoes. Comment: i undermean what you stand. DICK SERRANO, 45 Country Club Rd. Soccer 2,3,4: Tennis 2,3,43 Basketball 2,3,43 S.F.L, 2,3,43 W.H.L. 2,3,43 Sr. patrol 4. Happiness is: winning a game for coach kennedy. I'll never forget: the keys in the trunk of the car at the beach, Future plans: president of italy and of ferrari, inc. KATHIE SHERIDAN, 547 Main St. Cheerleaders 3,4 CCO-capt.J3 Gymnastics 23 Class ofiicer 2,3,43 Pep squad 23 Girls' state 33 Home- coming comm. 2, jr. PIOFDQ Sr. prom: Olhce aide 43 Sr. tea 33 Gym leader 3,43 Co-ed volleyball 2,3,43 Yearbook. Happiness is: being with kenny. Misery is: close friends going their own way. I'll never forget: kenny, the class of '72, soph year. BONNIE SILK, 35 Butler Ave. Future secretaries' 3. Happiness is: being with gary, going away, skipping school. Future plans: stew- ardess, Comment: practice what they preach. ELLEN SLATER, 100-2 Main St. Film club 33 Literary mag. 43 Drama club 33 Sr. class play. Happiness is: swimming in october. I'll never forget: a pint of ice cream and a spoon. Comment: one of these mornings bright and fair, gwine take my wings and try the air. ROBERT SLOSS, 29 Butler Ave. Film club 43 Interact 2,3,43 News- paper 43 Graduation usher 3: Happiness is: graduating without all this. Future plans: college. Comment: "enter to learn, go forth to get ruined." BRIAN SMAIL, 15 Minot St. Spartan chorale 43 Varsity scholar 3. Happiness is: e block at china moon. Suppressed desire: to write a best seller. Comment: "if your friends are there, then everything is all right." JOHN SMALLCOMB, 47 High St. National honor society, Soccer 3,43 Hockey 23 Yearbook, class officer tvice-pres. 39, fpres. 433 Student council 4. Misery is: being blasted for something you didn't do. I'll never forget: 1034, one way the wrong way, strawberry fields, soph. year. Quote: "there is no such things as a good loser," gordie howe K. JAMES SMITH, 11 West St. Band 2,3,43 Orchestra 23 Soccer 2,3,4, Hockey 33 Baseball 23 Yearbook, Co-ed volleyball: Intramural hockey, Intramural basketball. Misery is: writing out school activities for the yearbook. Suppressed desire: to start in a soccer game. I'll never forget: zoo line. MARY-ELLEN SMITH, 21 Alden Ave. Girls' glee club: Yearbook3 Tennis 33 Gym leader 3,43 Quote: "who would be born must first destroy a world." hesse PATRICK SMITH, 6 Kimball Drive. Football 43 Varsity scholar 2. Misery is: saturday morning. I'll never forget: barbara, miss knight's class. Future plans: college. MARCIA SORENSON, 31 Bear Hill Rd. Tennis 33 Pep squad 23 Sr. class play: Drama club 2. Happiness is: weekends. Misery is: going to boston with denese p. Comment: "for every evil under the sun there is a remedy or there is none, if there be one . . . Ify and find it, if there be none . . . never mind it." TONI SPADAFORA, 100 Pond St. Comment: . . to listen to the earth's heartbeat, to participate in the life of nature, and not to over- look in the press of our own destiny that we are not gods, not crea- tures of our own making, but children, parts of the earth and of the cosmic whole." Capologies to hessej KATHY SPELLMAN, 4 Veterans Lane. Film club 43 Future teachers' 23 Latin club 3: Pep squad 23 Ecology club 2. Happiness is: being with evan, weekends. Misery is: working at hojo's, going to school, hghts with your boyfriend. Comment: "to love and to be loved is the essence of life." PAUL SPELLMAN, 11 Kirmes Rd. Chess club 43 Yearbook. Happi- ness is: an extra hour's sleep on a block privilege. Misery is: a Hat tire at kitty's 1 o'clock sunday morning. Suppressed desire: to become wealthy and wise. ROBERT SPINDLER, 8 Avon Rd. LORI STARR. 19 Waverly St. Choralettes 2: Madrigals 3,43 Girls' ensemble 3, 43 Mixed chorus 2,43 Spartan chorale 3,43 Talent show 33 Spring concert 2,3,43 Carnival ball 2,3,43 Creative writing club 33 Literary mag. 33 Sr. tea 33 National honor society: Yearbook. Hap- piness is: living like in the movies, writing and playing songs, five music classes in a row. I'll never forget: our cecil b. demille pro- duction of "big mabel murphy," thursday group rehearsals at my house, playing for the different groups. Suppressed desire: to publish my songs and play like keith emerson. GARY STANIEICH, 10 Elaine Rd. Hockey 2,33 Soccer pep squad 43 W.H.L. 2,3,43 S.F.L, 2,3. Happiness is: friday at 2:30. Misery is: mr. rowell, and waiting for the school week to end. I'll never forget: singing sand and cranes beach, campbell party. KEN STEVENS, 211 Central St. Band 2,3,43 Telescope comm. 2,3,43 Dance band 2,3,43 Orchestra 2,3,43 Science club 2,3,4g Yearbookg Artfest 2: Carnival ball 2,3,4. Happiness is: snow days. Suppressed desire: to build a super bug. Future plans: to go to the moon. DAVID STOCKBRIDGE, 183 Park St. FAITH STONE, 28 High St. Gymnastic club 23 Field hockey 23 Gymnastic team 3,4. Comment: om. DEANNE STURGIS, 238 North St. Film club 3,45 French club 33 Latin club 2: Literary mag. 43 Yearbook: Sr. class play: Basketball 4. Happiness is: seven plus seven, 747 to boston, knowing time is on my side, friends, Misery is: having motor mouth hear it, lost keys on a foggy night, may 30, 1971, losing touch. I'll never forget: bambino, the nightmare, 3 musketeers, mmpp at melrose, junior prom 4-9-71, sp with sp. JOSEPH SUBZDA, 14 Clearview Rd. MAUREEN SULLIVAN, 61 Park Ave. Pep squad 2,3,43 Field hockey 2,33 Student council 2, Traffic squad 3,43 Student gym leader 43 Twirp twirl comm.: Jr. prom comm.3 Homecoming comm. 2. Happiness is: brad, room 212, pulling horror shows. Misery is: pushing a car out of the reading forrest. I'll never forget: catch 8, the idiots, flusie, 2!20!71. JOYCE TEAL, 9 Lexington St. Choralettes 23 Madrigals 2,3g Future teachers' 2,3,43 Girls' ensemble 3,43 Carnival ball 2,3: Orchestra 1,43 Yearbook3 Sr. class play: String ensemble 3. Happiness is: hockey, music, being with the kids, homeroom. Misery is: no music major. Quote: "we meet as strangers, we leave as friends, but some- day we'll meet in heaven, where friendship never ends." JOYCE TESCHEK, 6 Carmen Ave. Film club 43 French club 33 Fu- ture secretaries' 43 Yearbookg Pep squad 2,3,4. Happiness is: meet- ing people. I'll never forget: quebec 1971, cheeseburger, popeye. Comment: "i can do all things through christ which strengtheneth me." Cphilippians 4:13j NANCY THOMPSON, 16 Valley Rd. Orchestra 2,33 Spring concert 2g Artfest 2,3,4. I'll never forget: hiding behind volkswagons in the kangamangas 2!27!7O. Happiness is: getting silly. Pet peeve: getting looked over by a cop, false accusations. ROBERT THOMPSON, 20 Albion Ave. Basketball. Happiness is: triumph and b.s.a. Suppressed desire: powershift the gears in a sox and martin pro stock. Comment: suundaaaaylllll JOSEPH TITUS, 61 Spring St. Band 2,3,4, Boys' glee club 43 Spar- tan chorale 43 Interact 3,43 Orchestra 2,3,43 Dance band 2,3,4. Sup- pressed desire: to play in a group in boston garden with grand funk railroad as our supporting group. I'll never forget: miss knight's class. Comment: i believe in the sun even when it doesn't shine . . . and i believe in you. DEBBIE TRAVERS, 24 Middlesex Rd. Happiness is: february 7, 19703 "get together." Misery is: going to bed at night . . . and knowing . . . I'll never forget: 10 of 11, all gone, cc, b-o. JUDY TROOP, 8 Crosby St. Creative writing 43 Film club 23 Lit- erary mag. 43 Yearbook: Pep squad 2,43 Sr. class play. Happiness is: seven plus seven, the car on a gym day, 110 on 93. Misery is: when motor mouth hears it, when the rain comes, the morning after, a spider for breakfast. Comment: everything isn't anything if it's not the thing you want. PAUL TUMINELLI, 57 Oak St. Hockey 2,3,43 Soccer 2,3,43 Baseball 2,3,43 Gym leader3 S.F.I.. 2,3,4. Happiness is: room service. Misery is: mono, doubling with j.p., tino and his hunger pains. Comment: "one word of advice, maintain." THOMAS VACCA, 6 Peters Dr. Boys' glee club 23 Sr. PHIIOIQ Gym leader 3,43 S.F.L. 2,3,43 Co-ed volleyball 2,3,4. Happiness is: reading package store and abc cards. Misery is: an extra year of high school. Suppressed desire: to graduate from high school. GARY VACON, 1 Standish Rd. Interact, 3,43 Radio club 33 Science club 2,3,43 Yearbookg Varsity scholar 3. I'll never forget: the many exodus from honor study. Quote "men can live as brothers, candles in the rain." Future plans: change. LINDA VALENTE, 30 Pond St. Choralettes 23 Future teachers' 2,3,43 Girls' ensemble 3,43 Spartan chorale 3,43 Girls' glee club 2,33 Year- book: Pep squad 43 Sr. class play3 Spring concert 2,3,43 Carnival ball 2,33 Mixed chorus 2,3. Happiness is: being with friends, spartan chorale. I'll never forget: a block u.s. history in jr. yr., c.h., jt, ls, ef, vw, e block senior yr., shifry. Comment: you don't know what you have until it's gone, and then it's too late. DIANE VECCHIONE, 11 Warren St. I'll never forget: "double trouble," july 12, 1969, april 3, 1971, 208b, a weekend out of town, 3 minutes, cold bus. Suppressed desire: to be with joey, travel. Comment: what keeps people apart is their inability to get together. ROBERT VIOLA, 17 Sunrise Ave. Band 2,3,43 Spartan chorale 43 Orchestra 43 Cross country 2,3,43 Winter track 2,3,43 Spring track 3,4. Happiness is: the final stretch. Misery is: leaving friends that you'll never see again. Suppressed desire: to pull mr. rocher's beard, and to win the b.a.a. JAMES VISCONTI, 31 Lawndale Rd. VICKI WAGNER, 34 Lawndale Rd. Spartan chorale 2,3,4g Drama club 2: Mixed chorus 23 Film club 43 Literary mag. 43 Yearbook. Happiness is: losing sight of misery. I'll never forget: aunt polly Cbecause she's so greatly Quote: "to thine own self be true." DAVID WALL, 19 Wilson Rd. MICHAEL WALL, 19 Wilson Rd. DAVID WALLACE, 6 Beacon St. Creative writing club 3,43 Film club 2,43 Interact 3,43 Literary mag. 3,4. Happiness is: fresh powder at waterville valley. I'll never forget: clubhouse 4. Comment: those who cannot change, cannot change anything. SHARON M. WARD, 99 Franklin St. Co-ed volleyball 2,3,43 Na- tional honor societyg Newspaper 4: Yearbook: Basketball 2,3,4g Var- sity scholar 2,3,4g Student gym leader 4. Happiness is: no silly rules, and a p.a.l. Suppressed desire: to drive the wrong way on a rotary. Comment: "the majority isn't silent-the government is deaf." JOSEPH WARREN, 16 Greenway Circle. SCOTT WEBBER, 5 Richardson Rd. Boys' glee club 43 Spartan cho- rale 2,3,4, Literary mag, 3,4. M-isery is: looking out the back window during activity and seeing mr. rowell at the tracks. Suppressed desire: to stop working at the car wash. I'll never forget: plum island, summer "7O." TOM WHATELEY, 96 Pond St. Basketball 23 Sr. class playg Audio visual 3,4. Happiness is: being free within the boundaries of sanity. Misery is: "when everybody's going out and having fun, and i'm the fool for staying home, and having none." Suppressed desire: to ride down mt. everest on my racing bike. NANCY WHITING, 25 Congress St. Happiness is: having total free- dom and knowing what to do with it. Misery is: coming to school and learning how to conform. Quote: "you're just a human, a victim of the insane." john lennon ROBERT WILKES, 6 Keene St. Chess club 43 Interact 3,43 Basket- ball 23 Intramural weight lifting 3. Happiness is: june 11, 1972. Misery is: 4 studies on a monday morning with nothing to do. Com- ment: yesterday will never be today but tomorrow can be. DENISE WILLIAMS, 560 Main St. Future secretaries' 33 Office aide 3,43 Pep squad 2,3,43 Yearbookg Gym leader 3,43 Jr. prom comm. 3. Happiness is: being with paulie, may 25, 1973, having friends that are always there. Misery is: a hospital bed and chinese food the fol- lowing night. I'll never forget: bathroom and the ptb's, thanksgiving '70, leroy boy. DONNA WILLIS, 18 Lee St. JAMES WILSON, 38 Nowal Ave. Band 2,3,43 Interact 2,3,43 Car- nival ball 2,3,4g Orchestra 3,4. Happiness is: privileges. Misery is: opening day of school. Future plans: music school. DEBBIE WOOD, 62 Newcomb Rd. Madrigals 35 Girls' ensemble 43 Spartan chorale 2,3,43 Literary mag. 43 Yearbook: Gym leader 4: Gymnastics 2,3,4: Varsity scholar 33 Sr. class play. Happiness is: swimming in october. I'll never forgetg sunday morning at 11:00. Comment: when so many seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone. ELLYN WOODS, 65 Park St. BERNARD YOUNG, 8 Janice Lane. Chess club 4. Suppressed desire: to own a porsche 911. I'll never forget: aug. 21 and 22, 1971. Com- ment: i'll show you sometime. RICHARD V. ZAMPELL, 111 Collincote St. Film club 2,3 CPres. 413 Interact 2,3,43 Latin club 2,33 Newspaper 43 Football 3,43 Basketball 2,3,43 Gym leader 3,43 Sr. patrolg Carnival ball 2,3. Suppressed desire: to be a master poiltician and lawyer, also president of s.h,s. I'll never forget: led zeplin, 823 scrubs, all the people who run and attend this menagerie. Comment: when you go out that door for the last time take a good look around at your friends, especially the girls be- cause you might not see them for a while and they probably won't look as good as the next time, CHRIS ZANI, 30 Waverly St. Chess club 43 Interact 4. Misery is: an e block auditorium study. I'll never forget: clubhouse 4. Future plans: college. PAUL ZUREK, 11 Walnut St. Chess club 43 Soccer 2,33 Hockey Z,3,4: Cross country 23 Winter track 23 Spring track 23 Golf 2,3,4. Happiness is: weekend parties. Misery is: 128 bridges, b.a. I'll never forget: april 31, 1969. 1 1 4 Q 1 9 1 A1 AL 1 1 1 3 .L X .1 1' J 1 7.-L' 4 X 1 X-xg L 1 4 X '1. 1 ff ff 1 x . . 0 N 1 1 1 f 1 J 2 1,

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