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Published by the Senior Class of the Stoneham High School Stoneham, Mass. A Deitiratinn ROBERT ALWARD GEORGE HANSELL Army Air Corps U. S. Navy ROBERT LAYMAN CARL MARCH U. S. Navy Marines HENRY MEEGAN NORMAN SPENCER U. S. Navy U. S. Navy JAMES LEONARD U S. Navy To these members of the Class of 1942, who are now fighting for the cause of Freedom in the armed forces of their country, we dedicate our Yearbook. We, the first " war class " of World War II, dedicate ourselves, our minds, our bodies and our very lives to the cause our classmates are fighting for. In the home, in schools, in industry and in the armed services, the Class of 1942 will fight unceasingly until final victory is won. " WE ' RE IN IT AND WE ' LL WIN IT! " Glass Officers President DOUGLAS SEYMOUR Vice-president JAMES SHUTTLEWORTH Secretary IRMA LANDERS Treasurer DONALD DILLON Chairman of the Social Committee ROBERT ENGLISH Editor-in-Chief DONALD TOWSE Business Manager Advertising Manager Publicity and Circulation Assistant Advertising Manager. Layout and Printing Literary Editor Feature Editors Art Editor Photo Editor GEORGE PARSONS IRWIN GARFINKLE ISABELLE JAQUES RICHARD FRENCH JOHN COWLES ALBERT SEWARD LOIS WATERHOUSE, MARJORIE SEVERANCE DANIEL TOWSE DONALD DILLION Sports ROBERT ENGLISH, MARJORIE SISSON Exchanges Personal Write-ups ROBERT MacDONALD EDNA SULLIVAN Mr. Howard W. Watson, gentleman and educa- tor, the principal of Stoneham High School, stands in the minds of graduates as symbolic of their school. Friendly, courteous and soft-spoken, he truly re- flects our school ' s atmosphere. It ' s a small school — an informal school, a friendly school It has given us much more than we can ever return. In Stoneham High School, we have grown into young men and young ladies, we have spent the most formative years of our life here. Here we have formed lasting Ideals, attitudes and interests. Here we have built a foundation upon which our future and that of our country may well depend. What our generation accomplishes will be deter- mined by the education and inspiration given by principals and teachers like ours to the many clas- ses of 1942. They have done a fine job. HELEN ADZIGI AN As Carnival Queen she ruled o ' er all. The things Helen did, we ' ll always recall. Her joyous smile, those dark, dark, eyes Will help her to the top to rise Activities: Basketball, 1, 2, 3, field hockey, I, 2; A. A. Show, 1, 2, 3; Blue and White Club officer, z, 3; Dramatic club play, 3 Usher Carnival queen, 3; Traffic squad, 2. at graduation, 2; Cheer leader, 2, 3; Carnival queen, 3; I raffic squad, 2 . WILLIAM ALLIN Serious? No! Just the other way, Bill never had a serious day. He starred in sports and brought much fun, We ' ll never forget the things he ' s done. Activities: Football, 1, 3; Hock- ey, 2, 3; Blue and White club, 3; Usher at graduation, 2. ROBERT ALWARD His great ambition is now ful- filled; As an air corps cadet he will be skilled. Good luck, Bob, and happy landings too; " Keep ' em flying, " we ' ll be rooting for you. Activities: Football, 3; Hockey, 1, 2; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Dramatic club 1, 2, 3; Dramatic club play, 1; Prize Speaking Con- test, 1 . RUTH ASHBY Duffy has, we all agree, A wonderful personality. Her winning smile Her dimples deep. In our memories we ' ll always keep. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2; Field hockey, 1, 2; A. A. Show, 2, 3; Blue and White Club, 2, 3; Drama- tic club, 1, 2, 3; Usher at gradua- tion, 2; Glee club, 1, 2, 3; Class officers, 1, 2; Riding club, 1. AZERLEA ATHERTON Even though she ' s on the quiet side, We ' re sure to the very top she ' ll ride. For while in school she ' s done her part. To endear herself in every heart. Activities: Basketball, 1; Field hockey, 1; Blue and White c ub, 3. SPENCER BABSON So tall, so blond, however shy; We all know that he ' s a grand guy. His class mates, friends, and asso- ciates too, Will wish him luck and success anew. Activities: Basketball, 2; Blue and White club, 3; Usher at graduation, 2. WHITEY HENRY BATCHELDER He ' s a grand guy we all agree. The fellow we know as Whitey. May your life be rich and worth- while And may Dame Fortune upon you smile. Activities: Blue and White club, 3. FREDRICK BLAISDELL Determination has brought Fred far. And may no mishaps his future mar. His good aspects are more than one. We know his luck is yet to come. Activities: Hockey, I; Blue and White club, 2. ELLIS BRADSHAW A delightful grin, grand personality Has won for Ellis deserved popularity. Eai iy success! We know you ' re su : to win If you will stay the way you ' ve always been. Activities: A. A. Show, t ; BIu; and White club, 3. PAUL BURDITT Good luck, Paul, in years to come May they all be filled with enjoy- ment and fun. In all you do, may you find success, We know you will, for you ' re one of the best. Activities: Blue and White club, 2, 3. ALFRED CARBONEAU In classrooms he has made fun for all We hope his good humor will never pall. For a friend like you we heartily hope With every problem you may easily cope. Activities: Blue and White club, 2, 3; Football manager, 2. JOSEPH CARROL Joe is quiet, though liked by everyone. Many are the friends by loyalty he ' s won. Wherever you go, whatever you do, May good fortune always be present for you. Activities: Baseball, 1; Soccer, 1; Blue and White club, 2, 3; T raffic squad, 3. ELEANOR CASSIDY An asset indeed, her value is rated; A wonderful girl, everyone stated. To know her is to like her, we all agree, “Cass " is the girl with the A1 personality. Activities: Basketball, 1 , 2, 3; Field hockey, 1; A. A. Show, 2, 3; Blue and White club, 1, 2, 3, of- ficer, 3; Dramatic club, 1, 2, officer, 3, play, 1; Usher at gradua- tion, 2; Graduation committee, 3; Glee club, 1, 2, 3; Riding club, 1, 2; Cheer leader, 2, captain, 3; 3. Orchestra, 1, 2, 3; Traffic squad, WALTER COCKERILLE Walter has ambitions great. The world will never catch him late. We all believe he has the stuff To gain rewards and joy enough. Activities: Football, 3; Hockey, 1, 2, 3; Baseball, I; Soccer, 2; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Drama- tic club, 2, 3; Usher at graduation, 2; Graduation committee, 3; Dramatic club, play, 3; Honor roll, 3. RICHARD COOK Cur Casanova — so full of fun; We sure have kept Speed on the run. In " Si n i I in Thru " Speed was a star; In this world he ' ll travel far. Activities: Football, 2, 3; Base- ball, 1; Tennis, 2; A. A. Show, I, 2, 2; Marshal at graduation, 2; 3; Dramatic club, 1, 2, 3; Play, 1, Graduation committee, 3; Classwill, 3. ROBERT COURT So tall, so blond, so good natured too, Lot ' s of good times we ' ve had through you. As you take your place in the world today. May every success come your way, Activities: Football, 2; Blue and White club, 3. JOHN COWLES Your steadiness, loyalty, good humor too Has made us like and appreciate you. In years to come may you enjoy happiness Good luck John and every success Activities: Authentic staff, 3. FLORENCE CULLEN To Flo and Limy the best of luck, Thru thick and thin they ' ve surely stuck. In classrooms Flo ' s never ending fun For her a good many friends has won. Activities: Basketball, 1; Field hockey, 1, Blue and White club, 2, 3; Glee culb, 2, 3. EILEEN CURRAN Some like classmates slow and sure. Who always watch their step; But as for us, we ' re choosing you Because you ' re full of pep. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2; Field hockey, 1, 2, 3; A. A. Show, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Glee club, 2, 3; Usher at Dramatic club play; Honor roll, 1, 3; Spring con- cert, 2. ZOA CUTTS And Zoa surely is a lot of fun. The best in little bundles come. Her nice red hair, her sparking wit With all who know her she makes a hit. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Com- mercial club, 3; Glee club, 2, 3. WINFIELD DAY Winnie is we know as nice as can be A better fellow, we hope never to see, Good luck! May all your hopes come true. To win for you success in everything you do. Activities: Hockey manager, 3. RUTH DEWHURST Sweet, pugnosed, and not very tall, Dewey is well liked by all. With charming smile and eyes of blue. May you always keep " Smilin Thru. " Activities: Basketball, 1; Field hockey, 1; A. A. Show, 2, 3; Blue and White club officer, 2, 3, Dramatic club, 1, 2, 3; Usher at graduation, 2; Glee club, I, 2, 3, Class officer, I, 2; Cheer leader, 3. DONALD DILLON Pop is so very quiet as a rule, But we confess, that ' s only in school. May you go thru life with undimin- ished zest, Good luck, Don, and all the best. Activities: Hockey, I , 2, 3; Baseball, 1, 2, 3; Soccer, 1, 2, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Gradua- tion committee, 3 Baseball captain, 3; Class officer, 3; Honor roll, 2. MARJORIE DOWNES " Happy " describes Marge pretty well For her nature is perfectly swell. Keep that smile, Margie, it will help you each year Your friends will remember you were always sincere. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Field hockey, I, 2, A. A. Show. 1, 2; Commercial club, 3; Glee club, 1, 2, 3. V T V, T ' T Cl BARBARA DUNBAR Barg ' s so jolly — so I i ke lab I e too, She has so many friends, both old and new. Barb, may you always face life with a smile, That always makes life seem worth- while. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Tennis. 3; A. A, Show, 2, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Dramatic club, ], 2, 3; Glee club, 1, 2, 3. ALICE ECCLES Though quiet and not well known An asset to our class Alice has shown So good luck to you from all the class May your good disposition always last. Activities: Basketball, 3; Blue and White club, 3; Commercial club, 3. KATHLEEN ENGLISH Kathy is the musician of our class; T ' is true she is the most talented lass. Entering the future full of confi- dence. She ' ll surely go on thrilling her audience. Activities: A. A. Show. 2; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Dramatic club, 2, 3; Play, 2; Prize speaking contest, 3; Glee club, 2, 3. ROBERT ENGLISH Here is the lad that is so full of vim, No, we ' ll never forget that Bob English grin. At football he gave us many a thrill. Bob, may happiness your whole life fill. Activities: Football, 1, 2, 3; Basketball, 2, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Dramatic club, 2, 3; Prize speaking contest, 2; Class officer, 3; Cross country, 1; Au- thentic staff, 3. CARL EVENSEN Here ' s our Gildy with his famous laugh. What fun we ' ve had on his behalf. Carl, " Keep Em Laughing " , always, We know that it ' s good humor tnat pays. Activities: Blue and White club, 2, 3; Dramatic club, 1, 2, 3; Usher at graduation, 2; Dramatic club play, 1, 3; Class prophecy. RICHARD FRENCH In Dramatic Club, he ' s done great work, And never a given task did shirk. Dick ' s giggle ' s been heard thru-out our class, And we know through life he ' ll happily pass. Activities: A. A. Show, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Dramatic club, 1, 2, Officer, 3; Play, 2, 3; Usher at graduation, 2; Traffic squad, 3; Authentic staff, 3; Manager of Baseball, 1. WILLIAM FREEMAN Willy to us is never ending fun, We have to laugh-tninking of things he ' s done You ' re really grand, we all like you so May your friendships and successes aiways grow. Activities: Hockey, 1 , 2, 3; Baseball, I, 2, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Usher at Graduation, 2. DOROTHY FAMA In years to come, when school is thru, Dot, you know, we ' ll surely miss you. You ' ve been grand to all and a wonderful friend; May your successes in life never seem to end. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2, 3; A. A. Show, 1, 2; Commercial club, 3; Usher at graduation, 2; Glee club, 1, 2, 3; Traffic squad, 3. IRWIN GARFINKLE Here ' s our boy with the dramatic flair. Talent and ability exceptionally rare. Here ' s laurels to add to those he ' s won. We know he ' ll do even better than he ' s already done. White club, 2, 3; Play, 2, 3; Prize Activities: Football, 3; Blue and speaking contest, 2, 3; Traffic squad 3; Authentic staff,, 3; Honor Roll, 2, 3. IRENE GEREMONTE This solid sender of 12cl, Spreads laughter and joy to every- one. May your good spirits reach out to all, And many fond memories of you we ' ll recall. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Field hockey, 1, 2, 3; Tennis, 2, 3; A. A. Show, 1; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Dramatic club, 1, 2, 3; Usher at graduation, 2; Prize speaking contest. 1; Glee club, 1, 2, 3; Horse back riding, 2, 3. MADELYN HART A quiet girl with a smile for all, A charming way in this world so small, Wherever she goes, whatever she may do She ' ll always find friends that will ever be true. Activities: Basketball, 1; Field hockey, 1; Tennis, 3; A. A. Show, 2; Commercial club, 3; Glee club, 3; Class spelling champion, 2. PHYLLIS HASTINGS Always neat and with stunning dress, Phil is rated one of the best. A friend to all, with manners serene. She is a girl we greatly esteem. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Field hockey, 1, 2, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Glee club. 3; Honor roll, 1, 2, 3. ROBERT HODSON Admired by all is his flashing grin, His likeable ways many friends will win. In sports he excelled ' tis very true, We know there is much for him in view. Activities: Football, 1, 2, 3; Hockey, 1, 2, 3; Baseball, 1, 2, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Usher at graduation, 2. DOROTHY HUNT Those who work will always find success And Dot we know will meet happiness. Though very quiet, and shy, she ' s true To every friend both old and new. Activities: Blue and White club, 3; Commercial club, 3: Glee club, 2, 3. ISABELE JACQUES She studies hard in moments spare, In silence or in din; Her lessons are her greatest care. For she is out to win. Activities: A. A. Show, 1, 2, 3; Glee club, 1, 2, 3; Dramatic club, 3; Honor roll, 1, 2, 3; MacDonald medal, 3; Orchestra, 1 2, 3; Riding club, 1, 3. CHARLES JAMIESON Charlie is quiet; we hear little from him. But still we know what a friend he ' s been. May you have success in all you do. We ' d like that Charlie; here ' s good Luck for you. Activities: Blue and White 2, 3 . WILLIAM JEFFERSON CHARLIE KERRIGAN On the football Jeff ' s won acclaim; We know he ' s deserving of this fame. Keep fighting, Bill, in years to come And raise the score you ' ve already won. Activities: Football, 2, 3, 4; captain, 3; Hockey, I; Baseball, 1, 2; Golf, 3; Blue and White club, 3; Usher at graduation, 2; Gradua- tion committee, 3; Class officer, 1, 2 . MARILYN JOHNSON Rather quiet — but still lots of fun; When one job ' s finished — another ' s begun; With her charming way, her artistic ability, In whatever she does, a success she ' ll be. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Field hockey, I, 2, 3; A. A. Show, I, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Dramatic club, 2, 3; Officer, 3; Prize speaking contest, 1, 2; Honor roll 1, 2, 3. ROBERT KELLY Bob ' s loyalty has won for him many a friend. Friends you could count for days on end. His generous nature and good humor, too. Has made everyone like him — in- cluding me and you. Activities: Blue and White club, 2, 3; Usher at graduation, 2; Traffic Squad, 3. DORA KENNEY A grand girl and lots of fun; She is liked by all and everyone. She is one we all will miss. Do you know who we mean? Of course it ' s Sis. Activities: Basketball, 1; Field hockey, 1; A. A. Show, 2, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Marshal at graduation, 2; Glee club, 2, 3; Cheerleader, 2, 3. On the football team — in the Gardens too — Charlie surely proved his skill As class officer with work to do. And will succeed by strength of will. Activities: Football, 2, 3; Flockey, 1, 2, 3; Baseball, 1, 2, 3; A A. Show, 1 , 3; A. A. officer, 3; Blue and White club officer, 2, 3; Usher at graduation, 2; Gradua- tion committee, 3; Traffic squad, 3; Class officer, 2. ROBERT KLEINSCHMIDT Klink ' s the master mind of atoms. For him every solution easily comes. In the field of science he ' ll surely shine And we ' ll always find him on the foremost line. Activities: Blue and White club, 2, 3; Dramatic club, 1, 2, 3; play. 1. IRMA LANDERS Irma, I ' m sure you ' ll agree, Is just as sweet as she can be; She ' s always there enjoying the fun And is liked by each and everyone. Activities: Basketball, 1, 3; Captain, 2; Field Hockey, 1, 2, 3; Tennis, 1, 3; A. A. Show, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Dramatic club, 1, 2, 3; Prize speaking con- test, 2; Glee club, 2, 3; Class of- ficer, 2, 3; Honor roll, 3. FRANCIS LeBURN She ' s really very quiet, So many people say, But when you get to know her She ' s just the other way. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Field hockey, 2, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Commercial club, 3; Dramatic club, 1, 2, 3; Traffic squad, 3. SANTO LEMBO A more likeable fellow is hard to find. A smile and a grin will bring him to mind. Latin warmth and native zip combined To make a nature that is really fine. Activities: Hockey, 1; Soccer, I, 2; Blue and White dub, 3. DOROTHY LENA Your heart ' s desires be with you In everything you do. Su n a loyal, true friend indeed We know that it ' s Dot when we ' ll ulways need. Activities: Basketball, 3; Blue a ' d White club, 3; Dramatic club oil cer, 3; Glee club, 3. EDNA LOGAN A personality charming and sweet, W th a winning way that can ' t be beat. Cairn and demure, gentle and shy. We know happiness cannot pass her by. Activities: Basketball, 1; Field Hockey, 1; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Commercial Club, 2, 3; Usher at Graduation, 2; Glee club, 1, 2, 3. ROBERT MacDONALD In the mechanical field his interests lie. He ' s quiet, studious and oh so shy. But you can ' t deny, Robert will succeed. For he has all the qualities he ' ll ever need. Activities: Authentic staff, 3; Peace essay. JOHN MAGHAKIAN Johnnie lots of friends has made. Good luck to you from all the rest. Memories of him shall never wade. May whatever you get be always the best. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Usher at graduation, 2; Traffic squad, 3. DOROTHY MASI School has held no worries for Dot. Her studious ways have much praise brought. She ' s been so quiet and rather shy; But this big world won ' t pass her by. Activities: Basketball, t; Field hockey, 1 ; Blue and White club, 3 JEANNE McCORMACK Jeanne ' s the girl with clothes so neat, She ' s quiet, smart and very sweet. In hockey and in basketball too She ' s won the respects of me and you. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Field hockey, 1, 2, 3; Tennis, 3; club, 2, 3; Dramatic club, 3; Usher A. A Show, 3; Blue and White at graduation, 2; Glee club, 2, 3; Riding club, 1; Traffic squad, 2; Honor roll, 1 , 3. DORIS McETTRICK Her fiery red hair — the twinkle in her eye, Her good spirits we ' re sure can never die. Good luck Doris, in whatever you may do And may all your dreams and wishes come true. Activities: Basketball, 2, 3; Field hockey, 2, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Commercial club, 3; Dramatic club, 2, 3; Glee club, 2, 3. helen McLaughlin ELMER OUTRAM Not one who shows her joy outside, Helen is more on the quiet side. But she is really lots of fun, And many true friends she ' s surely won. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2; Field hockey, 1; Blue and White club, 3; Commercial club, 3; Dramatic club, 1, 2; Glee club, 1 2. MILDRED MEUSE AA illy is quiet but liked by all. Our estimation of her will never fall. In her nursing career may she find success And a life just filled with happiness. Activities: Blue and White club, 2, 3; Honor roll, I, 2, 3; Gradua- tion committee, 3. MILDRED MONSON AA illy with the golden hair, With a smile so sweet, so shy, and rare. Best of everything AA illy, through every year. May your life be filled with every good cheer. Activities: Basketball, 2, 3, 4; A A. Show, 2, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Commercial club, 3; Dramatic club, 3; Usher at gradua- tion, 2; Graduation committee, 3; Glee club, 3, 4, A. A. officer, 3; Blue and White club officer, 3; Commercial club officer, 3; Class statistics. BARBARA MURRAY A very nice girl is Barabara Murray, Always dashing and in a hurry. Around to all the rooms she trips. For she collects all the absent slips. Activities: Basketball, 1; Blue and White club, 2; Usher at graduation, 1; Glee club, I; Traffic squad, 3. Elmer is one grand sport. And shines upon the tennis court. He ' s liked by everyone around And a better friend cannot be found. Activities: Hockey manager, I ; Tennis, 2. GEORGE PARSONS Snuffy with his cartoons clever Will make our lives a joy forever. Always laughing and full of fun, George is among our most popular ones. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2; Soccer, 2, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Dramatic club, 1, 2, 3, Play, 3; Authentic staff, 2, 3. EDWARD PATTERSON Pat, we ' re all sure, has made us laugh, And miss him we will, but that is ' nt half. If he spreads his laugh in life, This world of ours will have less strife. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2; Soccer I, 2; Blue and White club, 2, 3. GIRARD PATTIE Girard is a friend we ' re glad we knew His friends are many, loyal and true. Good luck! May you find true success Coupled with a world full of happiness. Activities: Baseball, 1 ; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Orchestra. AL8ERT PENTA BARBARA POOLE Al is the trickster of 1 2c2 You have to watch out or he ' ll nab you too! “Daddy and Jack ' s " have made their profit. And the class has suffered because of it. Activities: Baseball, 1 ; Basket- ball, 2, 3; Soccer, I, 2, 3; Tennis, 1, 2, 3; Blue and White club, . JOYCE PETERSON She ' s very pretty, has blond hair. Whenever you need her, she ' s always there. Joyce, vv e admit, has got what it takes And a piace for herself in the world, she ' ll make. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2; Field hockey, 1, 2; Blue and White club, 2. 3; Usher at graduation, 2; (jraa.,jiton committee, 3; Glee club, 3. JAMES PETRONI Jolly, friendly, with a winning smile, Jimmy must go many a mile. His humor, his strength, his winning ways. Will carry him far in the coming days. Activities: Blue and White club, 1, 2. EDWARD PHALON Though Eddie is rather quiet and set. He ' s a hard working classmate, and smart, you can bet. We enjoy his presence and think he ' s swell. Good luck in the future, we wish you well. Activities: Blue and White club. 2, 3. To the pompadour girl of ' 42, A serious side but friendly too. A steady friend with a loyal heart To everyone good feelings you impart. Activities: Basketball, 1; Field hockey, I; Tennis, 1; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Usher at gradua- tion, 2; Prize speaking contest, 1 , Cheer leader, 3. DOROTHY POORE Nothing is impossible to fortitude and skill; Dot, we know, has a place in the world to fill. We wish for you all the |oy in the land. For we know you ' re a person that is really grand. Activities: Blue and White club, 2, 3; Commercial club, 3; Glee club, 3. MARGUERITE POWERS Honey is friendly, likeable and pretite Wherever she goes, good friends she ' ll meet Knowing her is liking her — that ' s very true Honey — we know there ' s happiness in whatever you do. HELEN PRICE A sweeter girl there couldn ' t be, She ' s known as Helen by you and me. Always keep up your happy trend, And we ' ll never forget our delightful friend. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Field hockey, 1, 2; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Commercial club, 3; Graduation committee, 3; Glee club, 1, 2, 3. EDWARD RICHARDSON Ed is famous on the mound. His name is one or great renown. We admire him for his handi- craft Good luck, Ed, on the Big League staff. Activities: Baseball, 1, 3; Cap- tain, 2; Blue and White club, 2, 3. BERNARD RILEY We think of Bernard with thoughts sincere. Of how we ' ve liked him for many a year. With a loyal .ieart, and a friendly smile, We ' ll remember him, surely, all the while. Activities: Bide and White club, 2, 3. ROBERT RILEY Curely-headed, grinning, always in " dutch " , Bob ' s the boy who ' s liked so very much. So keep that nature and keep that smile, I ' m telling you, Bob, it ' s worth the while. Activities: Football, 1; Hockey, 1, 2, captain, 3; Baseball, 1, 2; Golf, 1, 2; Tennis, 1; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Usher at gradua- tion, 2; Graduation committee, 3; T raf f ic squad, 1 . KENNETH ROBERTS From Medford to Stoneham he came. To win for himself so much acclaim. In face of difficulties he never stopped. For Ken ' s the boy who will rise to the top. Activities: Blue and White club, 3; Dramatic club, 3; play, 3; Prize speaking contest, 3; Gradua- tion address; Honor roll, 3. OWEN ROESSLER Owen has furnished a lot of fun For me and you and every one. His friendly spirit and jovial ways. Will be remembered by all in future days. Activites: Blue and White club, 2, 3. MICHAEL ROLLI This dapper member of the senior class Has won the praise of lad and lass. In life ahead, thru years to come, You ' ll have the respect of friends you ' ve won. Activities: Football, 2, 3; Cap- tain 3; Hockey, 2, 3; Baseball, 1, 2, Blue and White club, 2, 3; Usher at graduation, 2; Traffic squad, 2. RUDOLPH ROTONDI He ' s always tried; he ' s always come through, He ' ll always succeed in all he may do. Perserverance and will are among Rudy ' s traits, And with his class he certainly rates. Activities: Baseball, 1; Foot- ball, 1; Soccer, 1; Blue and White club, 3. AUSTIN ROUNDS Ozie ' s the boy who ' s always ready and there, We ' re sure good luck with him will fare. He ' ll always keep smiling, he ' ll always come through, Here ' s wishing you success in all that you do. Activities: Football, 2, 3; Base- ball manager, I; A. A. Show, 3; Blue and White club, 3; Usher at graduation, 2. PHYLLIS RUGGERI MARJORIE SEVERANCE This tall and smiling miss. Is known to us as Phyllis. Always with a grin and kindly word, We ' re always glad when Phil is heard. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Field hockey, 2; A. A. Show, 1, 2, 3; Blue and White club, 3; Drama- tic club, t, 2, 3; Glee club, 1, 2, 3. HARRY SAMOUR Harry is quiet and industrious too. Like him in our class there are but few. We wish the best in the years to come. And we ' ll never forget the things he ' s done. Activities: Soccer, 1, 2; Blue and White club. 3. ROSE SAMOUR With always a smile for everyone, Many of our hearts she has won. In school as a scholar she rated high; The best in life cannot pass her by. Activities: Blue and White club, 3; Commercial club, 3; Glee club, 1, 2, 3. DOROTHY SAXBY Dot has chosen the nursing field; We knew success this career will yield. In school she ' s tried and always come through. Good luck. Dot, in all you do. Sevy is dark and so athletic, And her personality, is certainly magnetic. To top all this she ' s so very smart! Sev — may every success be yours from the start. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Field hockey, I, 2, 3; A. A. Show, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Authentic, 3. ALBERT SEWARD Al, the fatalist of 12cl, All our admiration he has won; A perfect world we hope he ' ll find Where all his cares he ' ll leave behind. Activities: Blue and White club, 2, 3; Dramatic club, 1, 3, Dramatic club, 1 , 3, officer, 2; Honor roll, 1, 2, 3; Authentic staff, 3. DOUGLAS SEYMOUR As President Dougie twice has served And our ruly ways successfully curbed He ' s popular, good looking and one of the best. In whatever he tries, he ' ll meet the test. Activities, 1, 2, 3; Tennis, 1, 2; A. A. Show, 1, 2, 3; Blue and White Graduation committee, 3; Class of- ficer, 1; Senior class president; club, 2, 3; Usher at graduation, 2; Cross country, 1 . CONSTANCE SHERIDAN Bright as the sun, her person- ality strikes And shines with friendship upon everyone alike With winning ways and gracious smile. She ' s nice to everyone all the while. Activities: Basketball. 2, 3; Field hockey, 2, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Dramatic club, 2, 3; Glee club, 1, 2, 3. JAMES SHUTTLEWORTH WILLIAM SMITH Harvard cut, and grin so true With Jim around we can never be blue Always a pal and indeed a friend To Jim all the luck in the world we send. Activities: Basketball manager, 1; A A. Show, 2; Class officer. 2, 3; Cross country, 1 . MAJORIE SISSON Marjie, our talented field hockey star We know will succeed and |Ourney far. At Hyannis ' may you further raise The score you ' ve won in the many past days. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2, 3; captain, 2, 3; Tennis, 1, 3; A. A. Show, 3; Blue and White club, 2. 3; Dramatic club, 3; Prize speaking contest, 2; Glee club, 1, 2, 3; Authentic staff, 3; Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, Riding, 1 . ROBERT SMITH Butch is his nickname, fun is his word; Bob is always where laughter is heard. Joy he has spread to his classmates it is true. May you find good luck in all you do. Activities: Football, 2; Hockey, 1, 2; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Baseball, 2. VIRGINIA SMITH Happy, athletic, and full of fun, Ginny is a friendly one Whom everyone just thinks is grand. In life she ' ll surely make her stand. Field hockey, 1, 2; Blue and Activities: Basketball, 1, 2, 3; White club, 2, 3; Dramatic club, 1 , 2, 3; Glee club, I . 2, 3. Bill is a new member of our class. And his admirable qualities can ' t be surpassed. In aeronautics his interests lie, And we all are sure he will fly high. Activities: Blue and White club, 3; Dramatic club, 3 play, 3. NORMAN SPENCER Good luck, Norm, may your luck be the best, In the navy may you find success. These wishes are sent with thoughts And may they hold for many a year, sincere, PHILIP STONE Flip is fun, his pals will say. And we all know that come what may, Phil and his friends will come through. In fun and frolic and trouble, too. Activities: Football, 2; Base- ball, 2; Blue and White club, 2, 3. ALBERT SULLIVAN Sully ' s known as our ' life of the party; With a smile so catching and laugh so hearty. Sully, from the bottom of our heart, We wish you luck in whatever you start. T T T ' i EDNA SULLIVAN Here ' s the " Miss Hollywood " of the class, 0 very, very, pretty lass. She has a charming appealing way, Yes — you ' ve guessed right it ' s Edna Mae. Activities: Basketball, 1; Field hockey, 1; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Dramatic club. 3; Usher at graduation, 2; Prize speaking con- test, I; Cheer leader, 3; Authentic staff, 3. JOHN SURETTE To Johnnie, a really swell friend, We ' re wishing success right up to the end. We know your sunny disposition, your cheery smile. Will help a lot and prove worth- while. Activities: Blue and White club, 3, 2; Football, 1. BETTY SWEET She ' s very friendly, she Betty Sweet; She ' s awfully cute, she ' s so petite. We hope, as she passes thru life; Her way will be easy and barred from strife. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Com- mercial club, 3; Glee club, 3. MARILYN TARBETT Marilyn has a way with all, That in later years will recall. All through high school she did her bit. In any walk of life she ' ll fit. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Blue and White club 3; Glee club, 3. ESTHER TASHJIAN She studied, she worked, she did it right. She did her work without a slight. With such a record and such a start, Esther and success will never part. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Blue and White club, 3; Com- mercial club, 3; Glee club, 1, 2, 3. DONALD TOWSE As we gaze, we wonder — stand aghast. But then our realization comes at last. It takes hard work — our admiration grows, That one small head can carry all he knows. Activities: Hockey manager, 1 ; Soccer, 2, 3; Cross country, I ; Blue and White club, 2. 3; A. A. Show, 3; Dramatic- club, t, 2, 3; Of- ficer, 1, 2; Usher at graduation, 2; Editor of Authentic, 3; Honor roll, 1, 2, 3; MacDonald medal; Drama- tic club play, 1; Peace essay, 3; Class spelling champion, 1, 3. BLOIS THOMAS Sweet and shy, with smiles for all. She ' s always there whenever you call Keep smiling Blois, and of these you may be sure Good will and happiness you will always secure. Activities: Basketball, I, 2, 3; Field hockey, 1; A. A. Show, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Glee club, 2, 3; Traffic squad, 2. DANIEL TOWSE Dan ' s the boy we ' re surely glad we know. He ' s surely kept us laughing and Is he serious? To that we say no! whatever he may do He ' ll always be ready to keep us smiling thru. Activities: Hockey, 1 ; Manag- er, 2, 3; Soccer, I, 2, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Dramatic club, 2, 3; Traffic squad, 2; Authentic staff, 3. ARTHUR TRODELLA What we know of Art Trodella, He certainly is a very fine fella. He ' s made our s chool time a lot of fun. We ' ll remember him, yes, and the things he ' s done. Activities: Golf, 1, 2; Blue and White club, 2; Officer, 3; Traffic squad, 2, 3. BARBARA TUNEY Who ' s the pretty blond with such a ready grin. Who ' s always there to make the fun begin? With dancing eyes and ready wit? That ' s our Barbara — you can be sure of it. Activities: Basketball, t, 2, 3; Field hockey, 1, 2, 3; Tennis, 1, 2; A. A Show, 1; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Glee club, 3. VICTOR VACON Victor is our track star great. We know in life he will not wait; Because his merits far outshine The rest of the ones on down the line. Activities: Hockey, 1, 2; Ten- nis, 1, 2, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Dramatic club, 3, Play, 3; Crosscountry, 1, Captain-elect. FRANK VALENTE Here ' s our humor all in one, Frankie Valentie, who ' s lots of fun We sure will miss you when you ' ve gone , ' ' Keep ' em smiling ' ' . Lib, so long. Activities: Football manager, 1, 3; Basketball, 1; Blue and White club, 3. ELEANOR VISSOCHI Eleanor Vissochi ' s beeh lots of fun A girl that ' s liked by everyone. Her quiet nature and easy-going way Will help her each and every day. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2, 3; A A. Show, 1 , 2; Glee club, 1,2,3. NATHANEIL WADE ' Jake ' is the boy everyone knows, For he ' s always smiling wherever he goes. At Stockbridge, next year, he ' ll surely make good; What we know of ' Jake ' , he certainly should. Activities: Baseball, 1; Blue and White club, 2, 3. GUY WALLACE The seven seas are yours to sail. In the Merchant Marine we know you ' ll not fail. In hockey you raised high the score. To win popularity then, now, and forever more. Activities: Hockey, 1, 2, 3; Captain, 3; Golf, 2; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Usher at graduation, 2; Carnival king, 3. ALBERT WARREN His musical ability has made him known And his fame, every year has grown Good luck, Al, in your chosen field. We know prosperity it will always yield. Activities: A, A. Show, 3; Blue and White, 2, 3; Orchestra, 1, 2, 3. LOIS WATERHOUSE ROBERT CRONIN Nothing common is worthy of you, You rise above all in everything you do. You walk in beauty. A beauty that is sweet. We ' re sure you ' ll find a friend in all you meet. Activities: Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Field hockey, 1, 2, 3; A. A. Show, 1, 2; A. A, officer, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3; Dramatic club, 3; Usher at graduation, 2; Prize speak- ing contest I; Glee club, 1 2; Traffic squad, 3; MacDonald .edal, 3, Authentic staff, 3; Honor roll 1, 2, 3. LETITIA WINTON Her blond, blond, hair — her blue, blue, eyes Fairest as the fairest skies. " T " you ' re grand, we all agree. We ' ll certainly miss your company. Activities: A. A. Show, 3; Blue and White club, 2, 3, Dramatic club, 1, 2, 3; Play, 2; Glee club, I, 2, 3; Play, 2 Glee club, 2, 3; Cheer leader, 2, 3. CHARLES YOUNG Charlie ' s a very likeable lad — And many a good time he has had. In chemistry he does excell. And all through life, we wish him well. Activities: Traffic squad, 3. MARJORIE COBB We don ' t hear much from Marjorie ' s way. But wherever you go you can hear people say, " She ' s so very nice and a grand person too. " We know there is joy in this world for you. There lives a dapper on the east side of town. What we know of Pa ' , he surely gets around. He ' s really a grand person, to that we agree, Liked by all, we know he ' ll be. Activities: Hockey, 1, 2, 3; Baseball, 1, 2; Blue and White club, 3. GEORGE HANSELL The first of our class to leave the roost Has returned to give his class a boost. We welcome him with open arms, And hope he eludes this World War ' s harms. Activities: Soccer, 1; A A Show, 1; Dramatic club, I ELLEN LUCE To be a nurse is Ellen ' s desire. In this she ' ll climb high and even higher. May all your hopes and ambitions come true And bring peace and joy forever to you. Activities: Basketball, 1; Glee club, 2. EDWARD MIN ASIAN Eddie joined our class this year. That he ' ll make good we have no fear. As he leaves our portals high and wide. The world will welcome him outside. JOSEPH O ' MELIA Your smile will always win good friends. May your good fotunes ever find no ends. Whatever happens, still we know, We ' ll always remember ' Smiley Joe ' . Activities: Football, 3; Hockey, 1, 2; Baseball, 2; Blue and White club, 2, 3. ALLEN REYNOLDS He ' s had a job. He did it well. Himself he ' s never had to sell. His showing has been good enough. Good luck to Allen. He has the stuff. AUTHENTIC STAFF First Row: Left to Right — M. Sisson, I. Jaques. D. Towse, L. Waterhouse, E. Sullivan, D. Towse. Second Row: — A. Seward, R. French, J Cowles, G. Darons, R. MacDonald, I. Garfinkle. BASKETBALL First Row: Left to Right — R. Jenkins, Louis Vacca. Second Row: — Coach Elerin, A. Bridgman, R. Cook, J. Maghakian, Manager Storey. Third Row: — F. Angelo, R. Mercer, A Minghella, R. Truesdale. ; v HOCKEY First Row: Left to Right — R Hoason, W. Allin, W. Freeman, W. Doherty, C. Wallace, R. Riely, C. Kerrigan, H. Downes. Second Row: — Cronin, Connors, Ccgan, Cockerille, Rolli, Nazarian, Dillon. Third Row: — McLaughlin, McCaleb, Howard, Alward, E. Knight, McKay. Fourth Row: — Coach Gordon, Manager Amo, J. Knight, Sullivan, Finnegan LeMoine, Manager Day. FOOTBALL First Row: Left to Right — F. Angelo, McLaughlin, Garfinkle, Cockerille. Second Row: — Jordon, Kerrigan, Hubby, Connors, D ' Annolfo, J. Knight, Allin. E. Angelo, Rolli, English, E. Knight, Jefferson, Hodson. CHEERLEADERS First Row: Left to Right — R. Dewhurst, G. Guttadauro, E. Cassidy, G. Sheehan, J. Holmes. Second Row: — L. Winton, H. Adzigian, J. Borthwick, E. Sullivan, D, Kenney, B, Poole. FIELD HOCKEY First Row: Left to Right — J. McCormack, L Waterhouse, M Sisson, I Landers, E. Curran, B. Dunbar. Second Row: — P. Miller, K. Watkins, B. Manley, S. Thompson, E. Smith, V. Smith, Coach Lawson. Third Row: — M. Johnson, H. Baxter, D. Saxby, C. Sheridan, E Leary, H. Bean. BLUE AND WHITE First Row: Left to Right — W Allin, R Dewhurst, M. Monson, E. Cassidy, C. Kerrigan, A. Bridgemen, H Strombehs, R Anderson. Second Row: — M. Roberts, L. Winton, J. Borthwick, E. Sullivan, L. Waterhouse, M. Johnson, B. Murray, S. Moore. Third Row: — J McLaughlin, D. Seymour, H. Adzigian, P. Miller, G. Sheehan E. Richardson, Sponsor — H Gordon. Fourth Row: — R. Truesdale, W Cockerille, J Connors, B. FHubby, R. Hodson, D. Dillon, R. Cook. DRAMATIC CLUB First Row: Left to Right — R. Dewhurst, D. Lena, I. Geremonte, E. Cassidy, R. French, H. Adzigian, M. Johnson, S. Costa, L. Winton. Second Row: — - B. Dunbar, I. Landers, R Ashby, E. Sullivan, L. Waterhouse, J. Hale, G. Chase, V. Smith. Third Row: — J. Carlson, M. Sisson, C. Sheridan, D. Olson, G. Sheehan, J. McCormack, T. Strambelis. Fourth Row: — M. Monson, R. Ruggeri, J. Rollins, I. Jaques, C. Shaw, H. Strombelis. Fifth Row: — D. Monson, R. Kleinschmidt, K Roberts, R. Alward, R. English, I. Garfinkle, D Towse. Sixth Row: — J. Clemens, R. Sorensen, R. Cook, V. Vacon, C. Evensen, W. Smith. TRAFFIC SQUAD First Row: Left to Right — M. Hart, D. Saxby, B. Murray, E. Cassidy, B. Heinlein, S. Moore. Second Row: — - R. Gloor, I. Garfinkle, C. Young A. Trodella, F Angelo, Sponsor, E. Thibodeau Third Row: — R. MacKay, C. Kerrigan, A. Rounds, R. French, F. Howard. BASEBALL TEAM First Row: Left to Right — A. Bridgeman, W. Allin, R. Hodson, D, Dillon, C. Kerrigan, E. Richardson, W. Freeman, J. Connors. Second Row: — W. Meegan, R Holden, A. Minghella, J. Knight, M. Jordon, W. Brown, Coach Gordon. jflll ffiast Hill attit Scalaumit of THE CLASS OF 1942 We, the class of 1942, of Stoneham High School, town of Stoneham, county of Middle- sex, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty-two, being in full and com- plete possession of our faculties of mind and body, do hereby declare and proclaim this document to be our last will and testament and do hereby devise, bequaeth and bestow our gifts and possessions in the following man- ner: Item I — To our janitors, Mr. Flynn, Mr. Land- ers, and Mr. Lund, we leave a full measure of gratitude and hope that the classes to follow will show their appre- ciation for the help so willing given. Item II — We, the Class of 1942, withdraw from the treasury the necessary money to purchase two large waste baskets for Miss Dunning and Mr. Thibodeau who have requested them as depositories for the gum chewed in their classes. Item III — Plans are now being drawn up to soundproof the assembly hall in order that the classes on the third floor be not diverted from their studies by the warn- ings of the Glee Club. Item IV — For the Juniors we are installing a chute to extend from the third floor to the lunch room counter. They may not be as lucky as we who have barely escaped breaking our necks in the noon " dash " . , Item V — For our faculty members we have purchased kiddie cars. Now they may not suffer unduly from the lack of gas and tires. Item VI — To those who follow we leave the great opportunity to be of service in maintaing the principles of our demo- cracy. May they help in extending to all men the benefits of our great free- dom. In witness whereof we hereby set our hands and seal, this twelfth day of June, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and forty-two. CLASS OF 1942 Witnesses: Fannie M. Spinney Earl Thibodeau Luella M. Dunning Ruth Dewhurst Richard Cook Ye iclent Ad are o By DOUGLAS SEYMOUR f w, e i co me As president of the graduating class of 1942, I am very happy to extend to our parents and friends here tonight a most cordial welcome. To us, graduation is an accomplishment made possible not only by our own perseverance but by the patience and encouragement of our parents and teachers. We attribute our success to those upon whom we depend the most. We wish to express our appreciation to the school officials for ful- filling their duties so ably and to the faculty for not only teaching us but for developing our character. As we leave our school we face a grave situation. What tomorrow will bring us we do not know. We join with the thousands in hoping that the present conflict will soon have a brighter outlook. In any event, we should not allow it to darken our hopes and ambitions, or hinder us in accomplishing our purpose. This brings to mind the birthright and privileges that the founders of our great nation have given us. War has caused us to ap- preciate our democracy. It is our duty to preserve it by accepting the re- sponsibilities which face us in the future and by serving our country in whatever way we can. As we chose our course in life, let us remember Joseph Gilder ' s " The Parting of the Ways " . cTl e (Partincj of cJlie CJYays Before thy feet the ways divide: One path leads up to heights sublime; Downward the other slopes, where bide The refuse and the wrecks of Time. Choose then, or falter at the start, O choose the nobler path and part! Be thou the guardian of the weak; Ot the unfriended, thou the friend; No guerdon for thy valor seek, No end beyond the avowed end. Wouldst thou thy godlike power preserve, Be godlike in the will to serve! We have indeed come to the parting of the ways, but tonight we join in welcoming our parents and friends to the graduation exercises of the Class of 1942. GRADUATION HONORS 0 THE MocDONALD MEDALS For Scholarship, Character and Good Influence in the School ISABELLA JAQUES DONALD F. TOWSE LOIS WATERHOUSE Class Historian MARILYN JOHNSON Graduation Address KENNETH ROBERTS Preliminary Honor Group IB average or higher for four years) HELEN ADBIGIAN WALTER COCKERTILLE EILEEN CURRAN DONALD DILLON PHYLLIS HASTINGS ISABELLA JAQUES MARILYN JOHNSON CHARLES KERRIGAN IRWIN GARFINKLE JEANNE McCORMACK MILDRED MEUSE JOYCE PETERSON KENNETH ROBERTS MARJORIE SEVERANCE ALBERT SEWARD DONALD TOWSE LOIS WATERHOUSE Class Prophecy CARL EVENSEN Class Will RICHARD COOK and RUTH DEWHURST The following awards and prizes will be announced at graduation exercises: History Medals Mathematics and Science Medal Grange Art Prize Grange Music Prize Dramatic Arts Prize Commercial Club Prize Carrie S. Ireland Citizenship Award Parent-Teacher Scholarships Teachers ' Club Award Blue and White Scholarship ELEANOR CASSIDY WALTER COCKERILLE RICHARD COOK DONALD DILLLON RICHARD COOK GRADUATION COMMITTEE WILLIAM JEFFERSON JOYCE PETERSON CHARLES KERRIGAN ROBERT RILEY MILDRED MEUSE DOUGLAS SEYMOUR, Ex-Officio MILDRED MONSON MILDRED MEUSE DOUGLAS SEYMOUR, Ex-Officio Class Statistics By Mildred E. Monson MOST POPULAR BOY Robert Riley MOST POPULAR GIRL Eleanor Cassidy BEST LOOKING BOY Robert A! ward BEST LOOKING GIRL Edna Sullivan MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BOY Donald Towse MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED GIRL .. Isabelle Jacques MOST DIGNIFIED Kenneth Roberts MOST TEMPERMENTAL Irene Geremonte CLASS MAN-HATER Dorothy Saxby CLASS HEART-BREAKER Dora Kenney CLASS POLITICIAN Irwin Garfinkle CLASS WIT Carl Evensen CLASS SHARPIE George Parsons CLASS ANGEL Lois Waterhouse BEST BOY ATHLETE Charles Kerrigan BEST GIRL ATHLETE Majorie Sisson BEST BOY DANCER Victor Vacon BEST GIRL DANCER Letitia Winton MOST VERSATILE BOY Douglas Seymour MOST VERSATILE GIRL Ruth Ashby BEST SCHOOL CITIZEN Richard French MOST INTERESTED IN OPPOSITE SEX Barbara Tuney LEAST INTERESED IN OPPOSITE SEX Madelyn Hart MOST COOPERATIVE Marilyn Johnson MOST BUSINESS-LIKE Mildred Monson BIGGEST TIME KILLER Daniel Towse BIGGEST LINE Richard Cook SHYEST Joseph O ' Mel ia MOST STUDIOUS Maiorie Severance FAVORITE BAND Glenn Miller FAVORITE SONG Jersey Bounce FAVORITE SPORT Football FAVORITE SUBJECT History FAVORITE TEACHER Miss Johnson CLASS HISTORY By Marilyn Johnson Time — Spring of 1952 Place — Stoneham Scene — Dedication of new Stoneham High School (So illustrious was the Class of 1942 that their history has been immortalized in the murals decorating the walls. The class members have returned for the event and are chatting over old times as they admire the murals. These bits of conversation caught here and there may be of interest to you The numbers refer to the figures in the panels.) Irma Landers — Why hello, Blois Thomas, How are you? Isn ' t the new high school wonderful? Blois — It certainly is. Hurry, let ' s go inside. Oh look! The first mural is all about our social affairs in school. There is Mike Rolli (1) leading the first freshmen dance. Weren ' t we excited and thrilled. . . . Say, there ' s Ruth Dewhurst waving to us. I believe she was treasurer that year. Here ' s our Henry Aldrich (2). Didn ' t Bob Alward portray the part well in " What a Life " ? Irma — And wasn ' t Cassidy funny with her one speech, ' Good morning ' , striding across the stage in bloomers down around her knees. Blois — The next year Speed Cook, Irwin Gar- finkle, and Dick French had their chance in ' Smilin ' Thru ' . I didn ' t attend but I heard ever so many comments on how lovely it was. Irma — ' Captain Applejack ' was the play in our senior year when Kenneth Roberts turned pirate and Helen Adzigian became an alluring spy. Blois — I see Helen McLaughlin ahead. . .ex- cuse me, I ' m going to run up and speak to her a minute. Irma — Certainly. Well, if it isn ' t Dorothy Lena! How are you? Dot — Just fine. You know it ' s beginning to feel like old times, I ' ve met so many of our classmates. I just went into the auditorum. How modern the stage looks, but I doubt that they ' ll have any more fun than we did when we remodeled the old assembly hall. With Dick French at the head, the Dramatic Club did much to sponsor the venture. I ' m so glad he received the club award. Irma — Here is. . why it ' s Isabel Jaques (3) from the orchestra. Did you attend the concert in the Town Hall when the orchestra, under Mr. Tapley ' s direction, surprised all of Stoneham with its excellent music? Dot — Yes, I did. What wonders he ac- complished with the group and how they admire him. Irma — And what have we here? 5 One of our graceful, petit ballerinas (4). A star of ' 41 Fiesta ' . From a robust football player to a dainty toe dancer. . who would have believed it? Oh, look, a king and a queen are crowned, our charming Helen Adzigian and our ever popular Guy Wallace (5) at the gala Winter Carnival. That affair was sponsored by the Blue and White Club when it was still young. Dot — Yes, I believe it was. That was a worthy organization with its ideals in sports- manship and scholarship. Irma — Isn ' t that Willie Freeman in the front of that sports muraP Hello, Willie! Don ' t you wish you were back in school! 5 Willie — Oh. . no. I ' d just like to be playing baseball with the old crowd. Dot — Say, Willie, will you ever forget that memorable day in April when our Blue and White nine made league history? Willie — Sure, we were defeated 32 to 22 at Reading (6) despite our talented shortstop, Don Dillion. Speaking of defeat didn ' t the senior girls basketball team get sadly beaten by the Juniors! 5 Irma- — I ' d rather we didn ' t mention that. Anyway we couldn ' t help it, Mrs. Lawson said that old age was creeping on. Willie — Look, girls, a basketball player (7). Didn ' t Speed Cook and Johnny Maghakian display good basketball sense when they helped to win the second place cup ot the Lower Merrimac Valley Tournament? Dot — There ' s Margie Sission (8) defending our field-hockey squad. No one could equal her as full back. Irma — I wonder if Coach Harold Poole still carries that quizzical look on his face, wondering what happened to his team when the underdog Stoneham skated off with a 3 to 2 victory. Poor Melrose (9)! Dot — In our senior year didn ' t our hockey squad finish second highest in the league? CLASS HISTORY (Continued) Willie — Yes, and Co-Captain, Guy Wallace was the League ' s highest scorer. The other honors were taken by All-Scholastics Bad Man, Bill All i n, All-Scholastic Co-captain " Hot Dog " Rielly and All-Scholastic " Squeaky Junior " Kerrigan. Irma — Football — now tha s what I call a sport. I was so nervous wondering if Bud Hodson (10) would catch the bullet pass thrown by that studious student, Bill Jeffer- son. Dot — He caught it all right and we won the Thanksgiving Classic 6 to 0. Willie — Bob English was a spirited player, especially in the Johnson High Game when he sprinted down the field to score the touch down. Irma — Willie, tell us about the snake dance they had in the square after the Reading- Stoneham football game. . .why Dot, Willie seems to have disappeared! Oh. .oh, I understand this next mural is entitled ' Scholastic attainment ' , a tribute to our deligent students (11). Dot — How often we chided them for their long hours of study and yet how we admired them. Irma — Ha Ha! Has ' Hamlet ' got Bus Par- ons (11) down, by any chance? Or is it Irene Geremonte crying, ' I can ' t. I can ' t, I can ' t! ' Dot — Hello, Betty Sweet. How ' s the business world treating you? Betty — Fine thanks. Irma — That pin you ' re wearing, didn ' t the Commercial Club sell them when we were seniors? Betty — Yes, and I ' ve kept it all these years. I wonder if Miss Regish collected all the money from the poor innocent students who, some how or other, chewed gum in class? Dot — Isn ' t that Franny LeBrun (12) typing? Betty — Ugh-uh. She and Joe Carroll were the first students to find positions in the busi- ness field. Pardon me, I ' m going to run along. Irma — For goodness sakes, they ' ve preserved good old ' Muzzy ' (13). How hard we labored to pass those history exams. I bet Mr. Thibodeau is still with the ' fighting minority ' . Dot — French, (13), we just didn ' t mix. Every time Miss Spinney started to explain a conditional verb she ' d decide to bang the eraser against the ventilator, upsetting all thoughts of knowledge. Irma — Hello, Edna buinvan, i iow good to see you. Do you remember how furiously Mr. Miller shook the yard stick at our front row of girls? Edna — He always had his hand out to collect money for broken flasks and test tubes. Irma — Our first chemistry class was really quite terrifying with Mr. Miller simply glaring at the whole lot of us. Dot — Sugar and gasoline rationing, re- member? Edna — Yes, we had most a week of extra va- cation (14) while the teachers struggled from morn till night. Irma — I wonder if there are any more murals? Certainly there ' s one dedicated to Gradua- tion. Oh. . . what a lovely reception room. Dot — Over there is the Graduation week mural! The senior song birds (15). . we finally opened our mouths and gave forth with quite a volume. Irma — I distinctly remember how happy we were about practicing during a Biology and an English period. That ' s adolescence for you. Edna — Donald Towse, Isabel Jaques and Lois Waterhouse were announced as the Mac- Donald Medal winners. Didn ' t we feel proud of them, . .yes, and even a bit envi- ous. Irma — Gloria Baxter and Ray Anderson were the two juniors who led our class to receive diplomas. Dot — When we were juniors, Dora Kenney ond Richard Cook were marshalls. Irma — It ' s Douglas Seymour (16) giving the President ' s address of Welcome. Didn ' t he make a nice president? Dot — He certainly did! Irma — Our class orator, Kenneth Roberts, made a lasting impression with his gradua- tion address. Edna — I can still remember the strange sad- ness that stole into our hearts as we gathered together as a class for the last time. We were faced with a fighting world, diseased by hatred and grasping power. As we looked into the future (17) we firmly resolved to help restore peace and harmony to a war-torn world. Class Prophecy By Curl J. Evensen I was making a routine instrument flight from Baltimore to Portland on June 9, I9p2. You see I was delivering a new " Cosmic Ray Chaser " to our show room in that city. Sud- denly the sweet purr of my 2500 H. P. engine changed to a sound similar to that of a dying cow. I began to scan the mushrooming earth for a likely spot to slip my ship into when a large clear area with small white strips caught my eye. Oh, Daisy June! Was I in luck! It appeared to be East Boston Airport. As my plane rolled to a stop near the Municipal Building, a mechanic came over and asked me what had happened. After I had taken a good look, I decided that I was correct in assuming that this grease-monkey was none other than " Snuffy " Parsons, my old schoolmate. As " Snuffy " and I rolled fhe ship into the hanger, I caught sight of his old familiar cartoons all over the place, even on the doors of his new airmobile. i asked " Snuffy " where I could stay for the night and he suggested that I stay at the Powers Arms, a hotel under that able manage- ment of Margeurite Powers. Before I was out of the Municipal Building, Jake Wade and his taxi service surrounded me. Jake, in his over- sized uniform, told all of the other six-foot cab drivers that I was his customer, and so I was (much to my surprise). It suddenly occurred to me, as we were driving, that this was not East Boston but the city of Stoneham. Jake told me that I had just made a forced landing af Sfoneham ' s new million-dollar airporf. My! My! what ten years will do for a one-horse fown. A large factory looming up on our right sustained the name of Petroni ' s Swamp Soap Works. Jim was now employing many of his old chums, John Surefte, Art Trodella, Butch Smith, Santo Lembo, and Eileen Cur- ran. (Whoops! how ' d she get in here?) Large posters throughout the city advertised the command performance of Roessler Rol- li ' s circus, featuring Harry Samour as the aerial artist. Bob English, the most anemic man alive; Edward Minasian, author of " Blen, Blen, Blen " ; and John Cowles, the shortest tall man in the world. Further on, nestled in the hills, was Walt Cockerille ' s " Ducky Waddle Farm " and Bob Court ' s dairy. I guess Bob remembered his friends because we saw these gentlemen driving his trucks: Edward Babson, Henry Batchelder, Joe O ' Melia, and Albert Penta. As we neared Spot Pond, I was informed that Barbara I uney was keeper of the Black and Orange fog horns needed now because of the many canoes plying o ' er these waters. A large black limousine occupied by the now re- tired Mr Thibodeau and his chaffeur, " Shog- gler " Valente, whizzed by. I guess Mr. Thibodeau just could ' nt get along without Frank. Jake ' s taxi was running kind of low on water so we pulled into Vic Vacon ' s filling station and were greeted by Chief Windshield Wiper, Bob Hodson; his assistant, Elmer Out- ram, and ace speedometer checker, Charles Young. We arrived at the hotel and Jake gave me a dollar bill for being his first custo- mer. I went to the desk and who should look up at me from his high stool but our former Class President, Doug Seymour. Doug had bell- hops Pat Riley, Gerard Pattie, Rudy Rotundi, and Bill Smith carry my overnight razor to my room. Greeting me from the stairs, as I passed to my room, was Phyllis Hastings, wearing the latest thing created by Marilyn Johnson, international designer. The elevator was operating under the able assistance of Norman Spencer, who has never gone higher than the top floor. Eleanor Visocchi came to my room, within a few minutes, with clean linen and the evening papers. Bob Kelley, John Maghakian, Edward Phalon, Paul Bur- ditt, Joe Carroll, and Anthony Carboneau have pooled their brain trusts to form " The Broke Brokers " , so I was told by Ikey Freeman, the hotel dick. According to the papers, Bill Allin, Pa Cronin, Pup Dillon, and Ken Roberts were forming a terrific offensive for the Boston Bruins. Irene Ceremonte, Bullet of the Silver Blades, is rolling the people in the aisles during intermission of the Bruin ' s games with her superlative figure-skating. Albert Seward announced through a column in Don Towse ' s " Daily Blast " that the Mudguards would hold their annual tea under the front steps of the old high school. Al had talked his way up to a Staff Sargent and was now bellowing orders to privates, Fred Blaisdell, Winfield Day and George Hansell. Irwin Carfinkle is being CLASS PROPHECY (Continued) murdered nightly at the Stoneham Play House as " Hamlet " . He is being supported by Helen Adzigian as " Ophelia " , Azerlea Atherton as " Gertrude " , and Marjorie Downes as prompt- er. The eminent scientist, Robert Klein- schmidt, was busy inventing an eleven foot pole to touch objects that couldn ' t be touched with a ten foot pole; while Professor Pat Pat- terson was still trying to improve his Yo-Yo art After I had finished looking over the paper I decided to find some place to eat Doug, the desk clerk, suggested Duffy ' s Tavern run by Miss Ashby. The refreshing Stoneham air aided by all of the surrounding dairies, in- duced me to walk to Duffy ' s Tavern. As I strolled under the new skyway, engineered by Dick French, I saw the chief of police, Ellis Bradshaw, talking to Jim Shuttleworth, Head of the Public Works Dept. A small curio shop, opened by the wood sculptor of our class, Edward Richardson and his partner Ozzie Rounds, attracted my attention; so I ventured in to see Doris McEttrick, Edna Logan, Helen McLaughlin, and those two inseparables, Betty Sweet and Zoa Cutts, waiting on a rushing trade. While there, whom should I meet but the trio of eminent concert pianists, Kathy English, Isabel Jacques, and Marilyn Tarbett. They informed me that Lois Waterhouse was Dean of Men, Marjorie Sisson, coach of foot- ball, Bill Jefferson coach of checkers and chess at Reading Sub-normal. The faculty of that remote school consisited of Dot Fama, ace-typist; Franny LeBrun, short- hand expert; and Milly Monson, head of the accounting department. Upon leaving the shop I was carried away by the onrushing crowd which seemed to be heading in the direction of Ye Olde Smoke Shoppe, a combination smoke shop and gum emporium, operated by Al Sullivan and Marge Severance. The cashier of this refined joint turned out to be Dot Hunt, who has never passed a wooden nickel. Suddenly, out of the smoke filled room, rushed Madelyn Hart. During the course of our consversation I found that she, too, was headed for Duffy ' s Tavern During the course of our conversation I found almost developed a bad case of fenderitis as the old yellow terror of our rapid transit came whizzing along, driven by Charlie Jamieson. As we entered, we were hurriedly relieved of our outer garments by the head Dounc io, Joyce Peterson and Dot Masi, who handed them to Dot Poore and Helen Price, the hat- check girls extraordinary. Scarcely had I pu. my wallet back in my pocket, after paying the exorbitant sum which the hatcheck girls de- manded, when we were accosted by the three singing Chesterfield cigarette girls, Sis Ken- ney, Dewey Dewhurst, and Barb Poole. After having shelled out a few more shekels, I was shown to my table by the headwaitress, Rose Samour, whose able staff was comprised of the assistant waitresses, Mildred Meuse, Barbara Murray, Jeanne McCormack, and Dot Lena. The view afforded me by my table showed that Robert Riley was still keeper of the dogs at Duffy ' s Grill. Our meal was served to us with bicarbonate of soda to ward off any possible billious attack caused by Edna Sullivan ' s cooking. As the staccato of Albert Warren ' s accordion pierced our ears, Dick Cook speedily took his place at the mike as M C. First on the program was Miss Infor- mation starring Barbara Dunbar, and her veiy able assistants, Mary Fitzgibbons, Connie Sheridan, Flo Cullen, and Virginia Smith who bent everyone ' s ear with their chatter. Among the choice tidbits related to us was the facts that Charlie and Cass, now Dr. and Mrs. Kerrigan, were heads of the Shady View Rest Home. Their staff consisted of nurses Irma Landers, Dot Saxby, Esther Tashjian and Ellen Luce. We also learned that Choo Choo MacDonald was now demonstrating Lionel trains in the kiddy department at a local store, and that Dan Towse, in desperation, had finally joined the Spot Pond flotilla as captain of the swan boats. The finale was afforded by the Four Monotones, Blois Thomas, Ti Win- ton, Phil Ruggerri, and Alice Eccles. As the evening wore on and my eyes started to droop, I visited the Milk Bar, where Flip Stone and Bob Alward were jerking Lindy Loops for the gullible public. I palletted a Lindy Loop and returned to my hotel room where I reviewed the events of my first visit to Stoneham in 10 years. You have all heard my prophecy of your future fates, but don ' t believe it. Members of the class of ' 42, you face a world of chal- lenge. You will meet it with courage. Our Birthright - Democracy My fellow Americans, let us keep our birth- right — Democracy! Words like patriotism, unity, allegiance, and democracy are apt to receive scant attention by the rank and file of Americans who are sometimes prone to leave their thinking to others. Democracy is not something to be dusted off at every spring housecleaning time. It is the vital spark in America today. In these days when instead of a world made safe for democracy, we have democracy desperately seeking to make itself safe in the world, it is well for us to analyze this system of government which we so glibly take for granted. We all know that democracy is a form of government, through which the people rule through a system of representation and which guarantees to the individual certain political rights and civil liberties. To a professor of political science, such a definition would doubtless be satisfactory, but the American people must search farther for the light. Fo those who tear at the bowels of the earth, to those who wrest a livelihood from the soil; to those whose working hours are spent in feed- ing a ravenous blast furnace, in catching the denizens of the ocean depths; to all Ameri- cans, Democracy is a way of life. It gives the inestimable right to people to read the latest thriller, or to absorb a volume of scientific research; to devour mince pie and cheese and other indigestible morsels at mid- night. It makes it possible for youngsters to build castles out of blocks, and young men to construct them from air and clouds; for every- one to worship in storied splendor or sylvan simplicity. Democracy offers laughter and tears, joy and sorrow, pleasure and knowledge, yes — life itself; not a mere existence, but a full, ric,h meaningful life such as those who live under another system of government do not know, rior ever can know. A way of life must of necessity have a foundation. Every nation, just as every busi- ness enterprise or organization must have a framework, a set of bylaws, if you please, in order to exist. Thus Communism is based upon the reasoning of Karl Marx. Nazi Germany is led, at ‘east in part, by the mad dreams of a ruthless man, dreams expressed in Mein Kampf. The English point with pride to their heritage in the Magna Charta which was the foundation for future development in the democratic way of life in the British Isles. Our own nation is not an exception to this general principle. One bleak day in early fall, almost three hundred and twenty-five years ago, within a tiny, stuffy, over-heated cabin nearly one hundred courageous men gathered to aftix their names to a document that was to have them abide by whatever laws should be passed. — the Mayflower Compact. It is significant that even before the stalwart Pil- grim Fathers trod upon the soil of our land, plans were made to obtain that freedom which is dear to the hearts of all true men and for which so many have given even life itself. Through the years that followed, that spirit grew and waxed strong until it burned and gleamed from the barren New England Shores to those of the southern most states, and pushed back across the broad Atlantic, all vestiges of tyranny. In due course of time the Constitution of the United States of America was drawn up by individual states ' 2ary of wrangling under weak government. It has served its purpose well, indeed nobly. Many scores of years have passed; still it abides. It remains a living document, a symbol of our unity, growth, development, wealth, and rights, attained ends which it strove to make realities by its very existence. Every generation of Americans has yielded in time to another bearing yet more illustrious names. George Washington, Patrick Henry, James Otis, and Samuel Adams passed on oniy to be followed by Daniel Webster and Abra- ham Lincoln America has produced states- men, soldiers, artists, clergymen, inventors — leaders in every walk of life comparable to any in the world Democracy in America is an ever enriching, self-regenerating force. Yet today, democracy approaches a new crisis. The Americans of today face a new challenge, a call to action. As to what Pro- portion the present conflict may take, we may only surmise. Yet, of one thing we may be sure if we are to continue to exist as a living vital nation, that America must and will press on, and in the act of proceeding preserve for the world a vision, a dream fulfilled of the rights of people and the individual dignity of man. The swelling whirlpool of despotism is ever widening and increasing in rapidity and force. The situation calls for determined ac- tion. We must consistently refuse to view it with complacency and resignation. It is OUR BIRTHRIGHT— DEMOCRACY (Continued) our duty to cling to a faith in the eventual triumph of fhe principles of human freedom, as expressed so admirably in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is an inescapable fact that human society is undergoing fundamental changes. The forward strides in science have been transforming life the world over. As a result difficult situations, the necessity for serious adaptations have arisen. It is because of these conditions that lacking in leaders of sanity and goodwill, much of the world has turned to dictators. They have risen to power simply because of the comparative instability of the age. When the institutions of genera- tions tremble, people instinctively turn to their leaders for help, and should these prove in- capable of removing tension, there arises a mental condition which makes possible the advent to power of a dictator. It is this situa- tion of social crisis fhe world over that presents to us, the citizens of the United States, the greatest challenge of our existence. Can we meet this challenge - 5 Can we bring under complete control this new force - 5 We can if we remember that our land was conceived by men of destiny, courageous, strong, possessed of indomitable will. They preferred to rot in dark prison cells rather than live in comparative ease under despotism; to brave the terrors and hardships of a New World in preference to conforming to hateful principles. By such men it has contrived to be strengthed through times of adversity. In the struggle between despotism and de- mocracy it is imperative to the welfare of our land that not only do we organize to uproot the one, but that also by a determined effort, we attain a more worthy democracy in the pro- cess. To destroy tranny is a noble purpose, yet to do so at the cost of our democracy as a way of life would have empty consolation. The American people can determine to uproot the seed of dictator ship and bring to fruition the American ideal as expressed in the Con- stitution. Yet the pathway of the defense of democracy is burdened with difficulties. The achievement of the necessary military and economic strength may prove to be the easiest portion of our task. The chief difficulty seems to lie in the continuance of the ideals of democratic faith. Warfare entered un- advisably may foiecast its overthrow. The totalitarian state is the militaristic one. War is as desirable to such a state as it is destruc- tive to the ends of democracy. In attaining military security, we must guard against abandoing the basis of our government. Our only hope of real victory is constructing at once spiritual embattlements for the defense of our democratic faith. Should we fail in this, even though we should be masters of the world. We will have cast aside our birth- right in the Constitution. In order to counteract this danger, it is the duty of every Aemrican to develop that within himself which aims at the destruction of exist- ing social injustices; to strive for freedom and distribution of abundance to avert unemploy- ment while we have adequate resources and men ready and in need of work. To see that the catch phrases pertaining to democracy do not lose their truth; to redress just grievances when presented; in short, to perform the duties which our forefathers strove to carry out. Democracy is not, as Facists would have us believe, a synonym for unemployment, hunger, depression, weak capitalism, or prejudice. These indictments of the dictators merely reveal weaknesses yet unsmoothed in our way of life. We must produce leaders to remove these discrepancies. We must give to youth a sense of the purpose of life. There must be an element of heroism and idealism presented comparable to the blind fana ' icism that is instilled by the dictators. Democracy must continue to present to young and old an ennobling goal toward which to strive. The leaders of Democracy must truly lead and the people must keep their birthright. We face a crisis. Yes! It is a serious one indeed! Yet, America, under the Contsitution of the United States can go on! In the Words of Whittier: " God and our Charter ' s Right, Freedom forever! Truce with oppression, Never! Oh! Never. Wake Up AMERICA! Kenneth Roberts. Our Reward as Official Photographer for the Class of 1942 is in knowing that the Stone- ham High School has received the finest in photographic Service. In Years To Come we would enjoy working with the graduating class and yearbook staff as much as we have this year. Next Year let us assist you. THE Warren Kay Van tine Studio, Inc. 160 Boylston Street Boston, Mass TO THE SENIORS The fellow who tries to do something and fails, is infinitely better off than the one who tried to do nothing and succeeds. The greatest mistake we can make in life is to be continuously fearing we will make one. BUT — Work with the Construction Gang and not with the Wrecking Crew. W. W. FISKE COMPANY Compliments of T. J. MURPHY Milk and Cream Farm Products Compliments of KAY Jewelry Store 47 Pleasant Street Malden DR. RALPH BAXTER Dentist Chase Building LOUIS MILLER Modern fine quality footwear For the entire family — At reasonable prices 346 Main Street Stoneham Compliments of MELLEY GRAIN CO. Groceries Provisions John Fortini ELM STREET MARKET Tel. 1204 — 1205 — 1206 90 Elm Street Stoneham Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of W. T. GRANT CO. Known for values 318 Main Street Tel. 0130-W For luncheon and ice cream visit THE STONEHAM SPA You get quality plus service Good Luck Seniors!! From G S DRESS CO. 190 Main Street Stoneham STONEHAM DYE HOUSE Candy at Wholesale for Schools, Scouts and Social Clubs JOHN SKINNER SON 1 38 Winsor Avenue Watertown Tel. 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There is a shortage of experienced operators. Day and Evening Classes begin each week. Visit our classes in session and see our em- ployment records. Compliments of STONEHAM THEATRE Always a Good Show H. E. BELLOWS Optometrist Write for 1942 Catalog H WILFRED ACADEMY 492 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. Ken. 0880 I heatre Building Stoneham Telehpone 0253-R CONGRATULATIONS ! S. H. S. 1942 Again we take space in The Authentic to extend greetings and best wishes to the graduates of Stoneham High School. It has been our pleasure to watch their progress over the years. The success- ful men and women scattered in various parts of the country, who received their early education here, make us proud of Stoneham schools. Today, her graduates are scattered in all parts of the world. You are entering upon a life filled with perplexing problems. You will be called upon to make sacri- fices in the service of your country. We are sure you will meet the chal- lenge, whatever it may be, in manner that will bring credit to your home, your school, and the Town of Stoneham. Wherever you go, whenever you see " Patch " products in the " corner drug store " , you may be reminded of the old home town. The E. L. Patch Company BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of at PARKS AIR COLLEGE If you rank in the upper two-thirds of your class. Parks Air College offers you an opportunity to equip yourself for a suc- cessful career in commercial aviation, and, at the same time, prepare for exceptionally valuable service in national defense. Parks offers you a college education majoring in aviation — four courses lead to B.S. degrees in Aeronautical Engineering, Aviation Operations, Professional Piloting, Maintenance Engineering. Parks is U. S. approved as a Commercial Ground and Fly- ing School and is cooperating with U. S. Army Air Corps. Accredited by the State of Illinois Superintendent of Instruction. 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