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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1941 volume:

ass Of 1941 Two Stoneham High School Year Book ’ 94 ' TJear 35ooL Published by the senior class of the Stoneham High School, Stoneham, Massachusetts EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief DONALD DOUGLASS LILLIAN REID Assistant Editors ALLISON MOORE Faculty Advisors Literary, MR. REED Business, MR. HOYT Sports Editor (Boys) GEORGE SAUNDERS Assistant Sports Editors KENNETH HANCOCK, GEORGE TASHJIAN Sports Editor (Girls) ELEANOR LITCHFIELD Business Manager THOMAS SMITH Advertising Manager ROBERT MOODY Assistant Advertising Managers GEORGE PARSONS, GORDON BLANCHARD, ROBERT KLEINSCHMIDT Art Editor CHARLOTTE BRUNDAGE Assistant Art Editor CHARLES DUFF Exchange Editors ROBERT BOWSER, ROGER SMITH Gossip Editors MARJORIE LITCHFIELD, EVELYN MacKENZIE Publicity Department KATHERYN McLAUGHLIN, GERTRUDE HURLEY, HELEN CANDAGE, PAUL RYAN Circulation Department MINERVA KENDALL ROBERT DAY, GEORGE GERAGOSIAN 1941, RICHARD LENT CLASS EDITORS 1942, ROBERT ALWARD 1943, STANLEY COLBURN WRITE UPS 12C1 PAUL RYAN, JEAN SWITZER 1 2C2 JEAN GILLESPIE, CHARLES DONAHOE 12G BARBARA BATCHELDER, CHARLES DUFF 1 2B HELEN GREEN, RUTH McCALL zz)ton (iam cJ-ficjh cSafioot f %aduation £Zxz t ici±z L ( 2 tci±± of 7947 Z Jouju cJ-fatC, tJ ton Piam, j a6.6.a.cfiu6.ztti J r LiAaij, tfiz tfiixtzEntfi PROGRAMME Entra nce of Graduates — " March of the Priests” (from Athalia) Mendelssohn (At the request of many parents, the audience will remain seated as the graduates enter the hall) Class Mar shals Dora M. Kenney, Class of 1942 Richard B Cook, Class of 1942 Graduation Hymn 1 Faith of our fathers, living still In spite of dungeon, fire and sword, O how our hearts beat high with joy Whene’er we hear that glorious word! Hemy-Walton 2 Faith of our fathers, we still strive To win all nations unto thee; And through the truth that comes from God Mankind shall then indeed be free. (the audience uniting) 3 Faith of our fathers, we will love Both friend and foe in all our strife, And preach thee, too, as love knows how By kindly words and virtuous life. Refrain Faith of our fathers, holy faith We will be true to thee till death. Prayer Rev. Ira J. Roberts Saint James Methodist Church Speech of Welcome Milton S. Rich, Jr., Class President Address — " Faith in the Future” Donald W. Douglass, Class of 1941 Selection — " The Bohemian Girl” Balfe Junior-Senior High School Orchestra Mr. Rolland Tapley, Conductor PROGRAMME Presentation of the MacDonald Medals To Lillian M. Reid, Charlotte A. Brundage Robert P. Moody, Jr. Miss Katherine M. Fox Class of 1891, Stoneham High School The MacDonald Medals, in memory of James Wallace MacDonald, Principal of Stoneham High School from 1876-1892, are presented for scholarship, character and good influence in the school. Announcement of Other Honors and Awards award Donor Massachusetts Society, S. A. R. Washington-Franklin History Medal for Boys History Medal for Girls Mathematics and Science Medal Carrie S. Ireland Citizenship Award James W. Hibbs Music Prize Eliza Carruthers Lister Award in Art Prize for Excellence in Business Studies Dramatic Arts Prize College Scholarships Scholarship Award Special Scholarship Stoneham Woman’s Club Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute American Legion Auxiliary Stoneham Grange Stoneham Grange High School Commercial Club High School Dramatic Club Parent-Teacher Association Stoneham Teachers’ Club Blue and White Club Howard W. V atson Principal, Stoneham High School “Greeting to Spring” (“The Blue Danube Waltz”) Strauss Senior Girls’ Chorus Miss Helen M. Sawyer, Music Supervisor Award of Diplomas Mr. Charles E. Varney Superintendent of Schools, Stoneham “Star Spangled Banner” Entire Assembly “Zouaves” Orchestra Huff - GRADUATES - ANGELO ANGELOSANTO RICHARD E. ARNOLD SALLY ANN BADAMO BARBARA MAE BATCHELDER MARION BINGHAM DONALD BLINN ROBERT STEVENS BOWSER RUTH HELEN BRADLEY WILLIAM E. BRIDGMAN, JR. VERA MAE BROWN PATRICIA ANN BRUCE CHAR LOTTE A. BRUNDAGE ALBERT K. BURDITT AUDREA P. BURNS THOMAS W. BURR ETHEL MARGUERITE CAIN HELEN ANN CANDAGE E. JANE CHAMBERS DOROTHY RUTH CHYNOWETH BARBARA LEE COLBURN ‘LORETTA GRACE CONLEY ANN RUSCILLA COOK MARILYN ELIZABETH COOMBS ERNEST A. CROCETTI KATHLEEN A. CULLETON DANIEL JOSEPH CULLINANE HOWARD CUTTER ROWENA MARGARET DAMON ROBERT F. DAY ELIZABETH GARDNER DEWHURST WILMA DODGE CHARLES FRANCIS DONAHOE DONALD W. DOUGLASS GEORGE ALBERT DOYLE CHARLES J. DUFF FRANCES ALBERTA DYSON FRANCES E. EVANS JOHN JOSEPH FOLEY JOSEPH P. FOTINO LOUISE E. FRENZO BARBARA KATHERINE GALLAGHER GEORGE GERAGOSIAN GLORIA JEAN GILLESPIE ROBERT JOSEPH GINIVAN ERVIN EDWARD GLOOR HELEN L. GREEN fMILDRED ELIZ ABETH GREENE 4 DOROTHY EVELYN GREENQUIST KENNETH R. HANCOCK, JR. ETHEL HERBERT M. ELEANOR HIGGINS FRANKLIN EDWARD HODSON LEON ROBERT HOUGHTON GERTRUDE ELLEN HURLEY ‘MINERVA L. KENDALL GENEVIEVE C. KENNEY WILLIAM P. KING EDWARD J. LANDERS EDWIN FRANCIS LANDERS AXEL N. B. LARSEN FRED WILLIAM LAWSON RUTH EVELYN LEET RICHARD WHITING LENT ‘ELEANOR BARBARA LITCHFIELD MARJORIE HOPE LITCHFIELD RICHARD WILSON LYNN ‘ROSALIND A. MACDONALD EVELYN LOUISE MacKENZIE ‘VIRGINIA B. MAGHAKIAN ‘CAROL ELINOR MANSER MARGARET M. MASI RUTH FRANCES McCALL ‘ROBERT C. McCORMACK MARY A. McDERMOTT ROBERT WILLIAM McDONOUGH JOHN FRANCIS McGRATH KATHERYN ROSALIE McLAUGHLIN DONALD McRAE ‘HELEN MEEHAN MAYBELLE S. MEISTER RUBY HILDA MEISTER ‘HARRY WINTHROP MELLETT, Jli ANNA MARGARET MICALIZZI ‘VINCENT MILANO MADELINE MARY MINGHELLA JOSEPH MONKS ‘ROBERT PAUL MOODY, JR. ‘ALLISON H. MOORE HELEN KATHERINE MURRAY SUSAN FRANCES MUSTONE CHESTER LEON ONEILL ROBERT ORSILLO RUTH L. PARKER LLOYD JOSEPH PATTIE MARGARET MARIE PETERSON tHARLAND ROSCOE PRIESTLEY, JR. ‘LILLIAN M. REID WILLIAM ERNEST REYNOLDS MILTON SCOTT RICH, JR. ERMA LORETTA RINALDI RALPH Q. RUDD DAVID WILLIAM RUGGLES PAUL FRANCIS RYAN ELEANOR DOROTHY SAMSEL NORTON CHARLES SANCHEZ ‘GEORGE C. SAUNDERS LOUISE JOSEPHINE SAVELO MARGARET ANN SCAVUZZO ROGER EDWARD SMITH THOMAS GLYNN SMITH ROBERT STETSON tRICHARD IRVING STONEY DOROTHY MAE STOWELL ROBERT DANIEL SWEET JEAN RANDLETT SWITZER GEORGE E. TASHJIAN PRISCILLA BETH THOMPSON RACHEL TRAEGDE ALBERT WILLIAM TRITES HELEN R. TRUEMAN RICHARD A. TRUESDALE ANDREW J. TUNEY FRANK STORY WINCHESTER, 3rd ARTHUR VANCE WOODWORTH Post Graduate Course MARIA JEAN THORNTON Class Colors — Maroon and Gold Honor Group t Diploma to be awarded upon the completion of work in the summer DEDICATION Because of the interest he has shown in our class and his determined efforts in behalf of his " boys, " we respectfully dedicate this issue of the year book to Karl P. Elerin. I Four Stoneham High School Year Book rt j i ' ll T jy njw 11 kJm KLIP f V 1 AUTHENTIC First Row: Left to Right — K. McLaughlin, H. Candage, G. Hurley, T. Smith, D. Douglass (editor), A. Moore, R. Moody, E. Litchfield. Second Row:- — K. Hancock, M. Bingham, C. Brundage, M. Kendall, E. MacKenzie, M. Litchfield, F. Evans, R. Lent. Third Row: — - R. Bowser, C. Duff, W. Bridgman, D. Blinn, R. Smith, G. Tashjian, R. Alward, P. Ryan, G. Saunders. The S H S. Authentic under the editorship of Donald Douglass was defin- itely marked this year by its change in form. The staff planned a newspaper form in place of the magazine of previous years and although the road was rough since the idea was so new, the endeavor was fairly successful. Stoneham High School Year Book Five ANGELO ANGELOSANTO " Shooty " is a little package ot dynamite who is constantly a whiz on the gridiron and extremely pop- ular with his classmates. Activities: Football 2, 3; Bas- ketball 1; Honor Roll 2; Blue and White Club 3; Graduation Committee 3; Senior Banquet 3. RICHARD ARNOLD " Whiffer” is very popular in his class. His jovial disposition has dis- tinguished him and earned him many true friends. Activities: Football I, 2, 3; Traffic squad 2; Dramatic Club 3; A, A Activities 3; White Club 3; Carnival King 3; Graduation Com- mittee 3. SALLY BADAMO Vivacious " Sal " can be heard laughing in any room, any time of the day. Few have seen her serious side but we know she will succees in the business world.. Activities: Honor Roll 1; Com- mercial Club Officer 3. MARION BINGHAM " Bing " is a carefree girl whi is the life of the class. She is always ready to laugh herself out of a difficult situation and is very de- pendable on the athletic field. We wish our fun-loving classmate the best of luck in her art studies. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Field Hockey 1 ( 2, 3; Glee Club 2, 3. BARBARA BATCHELDER " Barb " , a cute little miss of 1 2G, is always pleasant and friendly. Her contagious giggle can always be heard in the class room. Activities: Basketball 1; Field Hockey 1; Year Book Staff 3. DONALD BLINN " Blinker’ ' is the best known char- acter of the Senior class. " Blmny " will always be remembered for his class room pranks. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3; Ice Hockey 3; Yearbook Staff 3; Authen- tic Staff 3; Executive Committee A. A,; Member of Blue and White Club. ROBERT BOWSER " Bob " is a carefree individual. When things get gloomy he is always on hand to cheer things up. Keep smiling, " Bob. " Activities: Soccer 1, 2, 3, Authentic 3; Blue and White Club 3, Traffic Squad 2. RUTH BRADLEY " Butch " has long been the bright- est spot in our classrooms and her happy disposition has never failed us. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Field Hockey 1; Dramatic Club I, 2, 3; Glee Club 1; Blue and White Club 3; Ring Committee 2; Tennis I, 2; A. A. 1, 2, 3. Six Stoneham High School Year Book WILLIAM BRIDGMAN " Red ' s " winning smile and ath- letic ability has served to make him one of the most popular boys in the school. He cannot help but be suc- cessful. Activities: Baseball 1, 3; Foot- ball 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Cap- tain of Basketball 3; ' I raffic Squad 2; Authentic Staff 3; A. A. Activities 1 , 2, 3; President A. A. 3; Marshal at Graduation 2; Member Blue and White 3; Graduation Committee 3. PATRICIA BRUCE " Patt " , whose cute smile and peppy personality have won her many friends, is sure to find happi- ness and success it she maintains this policy. Activities: Basketball 2, 3; Field Hockey 2, 3; Dramatic Ciub 2, 3, Usher at Graduation 2; Blue and White Club 3; Attendant at Carnival Ball 3. ALBERT BURDITT " Joe " is the classroom lawyer of 12C1. May we one day see you in the Supreme Court, " Birdy. " Activities: Orchestra 1, 2; Mem- ber of Blue and White. THOMAS BURR " Tom " is best known for his par- ticipation in school athletics and his dancing. Keep up the good work, " Tom.’ ' Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3; Captain Ice Hockey 3; Ice Hockey ], 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3; Captain Football 3; Usher at Graduation 2; Officer of Blue and White 3. VERA BROWN Vera has always been one of the quiet girls of her class but under- neath we are sure there lurks a personality which will cary her successfully through life. Activities: A. A. Activities 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3. CHARLOTTE BRUNDAGE We are proud of " Chardie " and her happy-go-lucky manner. She has proved herself a true friend and a jolly companion. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Field Hockey 1; Traffic Squad 1; Authentic Staff 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; A. A. Activities 1, 2, 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Cheer Leader 2, 3; Class Officer 2; Usher at Gradua- tion 2; Officer of Blue and White Club 3; Ring Committee 2; Tennis; Vice-Pres. of A A.; Attentant at Carnival Ball; Usher at Dramatic Club Play MacDonald Medal Winner. AUDREA BURNS " Sis " has a happy-go-lucky dis- position and she san be serious when occasion demands. Her humorons giggle echoes through the corridors long after she has left. Activities: Commericial Club. ETHEL CAIN Ethel is a quiet girl but likable and good natured. She is always ready to share what ever she may have with others and we are sure she will be well rewarded for this trait. Activities: Commercial Club. Stoneham High School Year Book Seven HELEN CANDAGE Helen is an active member of 12C1 and has proven her worth to her class. Her friendliness will aid her in attaining her goal. Activities: Field Hockey 1,2, 3, Traffic Squad 2; Yearbook Staff 2; Authentic staff 3; Dramatic Club I, 2, 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Class Officer 3; Usher at Graduation 2; Officer of Blue and White Club 3; Class Historian 3; Usher at Dramatic Club Play 2. JANE CHAMBERS There should be more people like Jane. Always sweet and unassuming with a pleasant smile for everyone. Best of luck, Jane! Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Field Hockey I, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 3, A. A. Activities 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Blue and White Club 3. DOROTHY CHYNOWETH Everyone recognizes " Dot " by her sweet smile and charming manner An able musician, we wish her the best of everything. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Field Hockey 1; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Tres. 3; A A. 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Blue and White 3. BARBARA COLBURN We have never seen " Barb " in anything other than a happy mood We know that with her generous nature she can hardly fail to suc- ceed. Good luck, " Barb. " Activities: Field hockey 1, 2, 3; A. A. 1 , 2, 3; Glee Club 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Blue and White Club 3. LORETTA CONLEY " Chicky ' s refreshing personality and willingness to cooperate have won her many friends. We know she will gain success. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 2, 3; Blue and White 3; Graduating Committee 3. ANN COOK Whether in class or out, Ann is known for her sweet cheerful smile. Her part in the Dramatic Club play made her one of the class favorites MARILYN COOMBS Marilyn has a constant and bub- bling laugh that sounds at the slightest provocation. She is good natured and always ready to make everyone happy. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Field Hockey 2; Officer of Com- mercial Club 3. ERNEST CROCETTI " Tinker C. " is an amiable chap who lets things came as they may We are confident that he has the ability to get ahead. Activities: Football 1, 2; Dra- matic 1, 2, 3; A. A. Activities 1; Member of Blue and White; Manager of Ice Hockey 1. Eight Stoneham High School Year Book KATHLEEN CULLETON Kay is a shy, demure Miss, well liked by her classmates. Her sweet disposition will lead her far in the business world. Best of luck! Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Honor roll 3; Member of Commercial Club 3; Member of Glee Club 3; Blue and White Club 3. HOWARD CUTTER " Howie ' ’ is always willing to argue but shows tact enough to admti when he is wrong. You should succeed with these qualities, " Howie. " Activities: Football 1, 3; Ice Hockey Manager 3. ELIZABETH DEWHURST Elizabeth is the most outstanding girl in her class. We marvel at her answeres from nowhere. Best of luck in your career. Activities: Commercial Club 3; Glee Club 2. CHARLES DONAHOE " Charlie " is one of C ' 2 ' s scholars He has a keen interest in the scien- tific field and we think he shollld go far. Activities: Year book 3; Honor roll 1, 3; Golf team 3. DANIEL CULLINANE Danny has set himself aside as one of the more politically minded gents of the class. His manner and style should net him a bright future. Activities: Blue and White Club 3; A. A. Activities 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1. ROBERT DAY Bob is very athletic especially in soccer and skiing and has won many awards in the latter. Bon voyage on the ship of life, Bob. Activities: Soccer 1, 2, 3; Cap- tain of Soccer 3; Honor Roll 1; A, A, Activities 2, 3; Usher at Gradua- tion 2; Skiing 1. WILMA DODGE Wilma ' s sense of humor has always distinguished her among those of her rlass. For her, we wish the best of everything. Activities: Basketball 1, 2; Field Hockey 1, 2; Blue and White Club 3. DONALD DOUGLASS Don ' s genial character has earned a place for him in the hearts of his classmates. He is due for huge success in life. Activities: Yearbook Editor 3; Authentic Staff 3; A. A. activities 1, 2, 3; Graduation Address 3. hlm£ Stoneham High School Year Book GEORGE DOYLE Even though he has not partici- pated in many school activities, George is a dependable worker. He has formed many close friendships and will have na difficulty in meet- ing the big problems of life. FRANCES DYSON Although " Fran” has not par- ticipated in many school activities, she is well-liked and well-known among her classmates. We hope she has many happy days ahead. Activities: Basketball 1, 2; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Commercia Club 3; Glee Club 3. JOHN FOLEY " Sim " is the snappy dresser with the uncontrolable black hair. He is a ladies man if not watched closely.. Good luck, Sim! Activities: Ice Hockey 2; Base- ball Manager 2. remains on the quiet side of life. BARBARA GALLAGHER Although she has not participated in many school activities, " Barb " has made her presence in the class room felt. Good luck " Barb. " Activities: Basketball 2, 3. CHARLES DUFF Good natured and fun loving " Chuck " has found many friends and good times in his athletic achievements. His wit and humor are his great qualities and we wish him every bit of happiness. Activities: Baseball 1, 2; Foot ball 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Soccer 2, 3, Traffic squad 1; Yearbook staff 3; Authentic staff 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2; Usher at graduation 2. FRANCES EVANS " Fran " is an honor student with plenty of initiative. Her eagerness to help at all times has proved out- standing. We will always remember her pleasant disposition. Activities: Basketball 1, 2; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Authentic staff 3, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Commercial Club 3; Graduation Committee 3 LOUISE FRENZO Louise is the " little girl " of our class. Only 4 ' 1 1 % " tall. She has made us realize that " good things are found in small packages. ' We hope she has her share of suc- cess in the future. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Field Hockey 1, 2; A. A. Activities I, 2, 3; Commercial Club Member 3; Commercial Club Officer 3; Glee Club 3; Blue and White Club 3. GEORGE GERAGOSI AN " Blacky " is a fellow who can really take it. His cheerful smile and ready wit should bring him a bright future. Activities: Football 3; Authentic staff 3; Member of Blue and White Club. Ten Stoneham High School Year Book ROBERT GINIVAN " Fuzz " is the fair haired boy who has his own technique. He is one of our )uke box jitterbugs. Bob wins us all by his pleasant smile. Activities: Football 2, 3; A. A. Activities 2, 3; Member of Blue and White Club 3; Social Committees 3. ERVIN GLOOR Although a new comer this year, " Erv " has gained many friends. He is noted as the mystery man of 1 2GI Activities: A. A. Activities 3, Member. DOROTHY GREENQUIST " Babe’ ' is the silent partner of the Bradley, Brundage, Greenquist Corp. Her friendly smile will be greatly missed. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Field Hockey 1; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; A. A. Acti v- ities 1, 2, 3; Cheer Leader 3; Mar- shall at Graduation 3; Glee Club 3 officer in Blue and White Club 3; Graduation Committee. ELEANOR HIGGINS Eleanor is one of Helen ' s pals but also the friend of every student in her class. We hope that with her pleasant disposition and ' ready smile she will win future success. Activities: Commercial Club Member 3; Member Blue and White Club 3; Basketball 2; 3. JEAN GILLESPIE " Jeanie with the light brown hair, " our class star, has set herself aside as an outstanding actress and we know she ' ll be successful in the dramatic, as well as musical comedy field. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Field hockey 1, 2, 3; Traffic Squad 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; A. A. Activities I, 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Usher at Graduation 2; Blue and White Club Council 3; Dramatic Club Play 1, 3; Social Committee 3; Riding Club 1; Tennis 2, 3; Car- nival Queen Attendant 3; Christmas Pageant 3; Prize Speaking Contest 3. HELEN GREEN Helen is the brilliant star in the sky of the business course. Her charm and sincerity assure us she will attain any goal for which she sets out. Activities: Basketball 3; Dra matic Club 3; A. A. Activities 1, 2, 3; Cheer leader 3; Class Officer 1 , Usher at Dramatic Club Play 3; Member of Comercial Club 3; Usher at graduation 2; Member of Blue and White Club; Carnival Attendant 3; Class Statistics. KENNETH HANCOCK " Ken " , better known as the " prince of wit " of I2C1 is best known for his stellar work on the ice last winter. We hope that he will go far in life! Activities: Baseball 2; 1, 2, 3; Soccer 1, 2, squad 3; Yearbook 3; staff 3; Member of Blue Club 3. Ice Hockey 3; Traffic Authentic and White ETHEL HERBERT Ethel is always ready to sing Wish she could go further along in this line, but her generosity and joy- ous spirit reap her great rewards. Activities: A. A. Activities 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3. ' uAfti Stoneham High School Year Book Eleven ROBERT HOUGHTON " Hote " will always bring to mind the thrilling moments of the court Te is very quiet and amiable. Activities: Baseball 1, 2; Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3; Usher at Graduation MINERVA KENDALL " Bunny ' ’, is a capable and efficient person and her initiative will take her far. Yours will be real hap- piness, " Bunny " . Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Field Hockey 1; Traffic Squad 3; Yearbook Staff 3; Authentic Staff 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; A. A. Activities 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 3; Blue and White Club 3; Riding 1, 2; Tennis 1, 2; Dra- matic Club Play 2, 3. WILLIAM KING " Bill " has a deceiving manner. Although he has a quiet appearance, his intimate friends will assure you that this is not so. We leave him with heartiest wishes for a prosper- ous future. EDWIN LANDERS " Red ' s " cheery disposition should aid him in his zeal to be a second Willy Hoppe. Good luck to you. Activities: Ice Hockey 1; Foot- ball 1; Soccer 2. GERTRUDE HURLEY " Girlie " a vivacious, popular member of our class will certainly be successful as a nurse with that mag- netic personality. Activities: Basketball 1; Field Hockey I, 2, 3; Traffic squad 1; Yearbook staff 3; Authentic staff I, 2, 3; Dramatic Club I, 2, 3; Pres. 3; A. A. Activities 1, 2, 3; Cheer Leader 2, 3, Captain; Class Officer I, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Blue and White Club 3; Graduation Com- mittee 3; Senior Banquet 3; Ring Committee 2; Head Usher at Grad- uation 2; Attendant at Carnival Ball 3; Social Committee 2, 3, Riding Club 1, 2. GENEVIEVE KENNEY " Gen " has a sunny disposition and a ready smile. She is a good companion and classmate. We sin- cerery hope that she will be suc- cessful os a nurse. Activities: Basketball 1; Field Hockey 1; Blue and White Club 3; Glee Club. EDWARD LANDERS " Ed " took part in many sports and played most of them with great skill. His most outstanding talent was shown on the hockey and golf teams. Activities: Ice Hockey 2, 3; Football 2; Soccer 1; Golf team 2, 3; Senior social committee. AXEL LARSEN Axel is one af those fellows who is new to the school but who has highly distinguished himself in the class. His ready wit and flashing smile will be an asset to him throughout life. Activities: Football 3; A. A. Activities 3. Twelve Stoneham High School Year Book FRED LAWSON Fred is another quiet member of ) 2 G, but he is a good sport and a true friend. May luck be yours, Fred. RICHARD LENT " Dick " is one of our more serious minded classmates. His sincere efforts will win him a worthy place in the world. Activities: Soccer 3; Orchestro 1, 2, 3; A. A. Activities 3; Blue and White Club 3. MARJORIE LITCHFIELD " Margie " is certainly a born comedian. Her amusing antics and wit have brightened up many c dreary class and we don ' t know what we ' d do without her. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, (Captain), Authentic Staff 3; Dramatic Club 2, 3; A. A. Activities; Officer in Blue and White Club 3; Senior Banquet Committee. RUTH LEET " Ruthie " is our shy, unassuming classmate. Her witty answers at all times have caused many a quiet giggle. We wish her success in whatever she may undertake. Activities: Basketball 2, 3, Field Hockey 2, 3; Commercial Club 3, Glee Club 3. ELEANOR LITCHFIELD " Ellie, " full of fun and congenial has made a lasting impression ir 1 2 C with her winning smile. She is cell on the road to success. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3 Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Authentic Staff 3; Honor Roll 1; A. A. Activ- ities 3; Glee Club 2, 3; Blue and White Club. RICHARD LYNN " Dick " is a lad who has always been one of our more carefree class mates and one whos winning style will bring him inevitable success Activities: Ice Hockey 3; Blue and White Club 3. ROSALIND MacDONALD Rosalind has already started her career and we wish her the best of luck. Her musical fingers have en- lightened many of our lunch periods and her jitterbug steps have delight- ed all of us. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Traffic 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3; Honor Roll 1 2, 3; A. A. Activities 1, 2, 3; Cheer leader Commercial Club 3; Glee Club 3; Blue and White Club. EVELYN MacKENZIE " Mac " is one of our fun-loving girls. Wherever a laugh may be heard, she ' s almost sure to be con- nected with it. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Field hockey 1, 2, 3; Authentic staff 3; Dramatic club 3; A. A. Activities 3; Commercial Club 3; Blue and White Club 3. Stoneham High School Year Book Thirteen VIRGINIA MAGHAKIAN " Veenie " is the girl with the light brown hair. She is very business like, but has a ready smile for all. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Traffic 3; Dramatic club I, 2, 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; A. A. Activities 1, 2, 3; Officer Commercial Club 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Blue and White Club 3. CAROL MANSER Carol is a very shy girl, but she showed us that she isn ' t as shy as we thought when she left school to work in an office. We give her a lot of credit, and know she will go far Activities: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Commercial Club 3. MARGARET MASI " Peg " has a quick smile and a greeting for every one. She will always be remembered as a likable classmate. May success come to her in whatever she undertakes. Activities: Basketball 2, 3; Field Hockey I . RUTH McCALL " Ruthie " has the pep and vigor which will carry her a long way. We hope that she will have the success that she deserves. Activities: Basketball 1, 2; Field Hockey 1; Commercial Club 3. ROBERT McCORMACK " Bob " is one of the best-liked members of his class. " Mac " has proved himself to be a congenial, dependable, good-humored fellow He is sure to attain success in the engineering field. Activities: Yearbook staff 3, Authentic staff 3; Honor Roll 1; Usher at graduation 2; Golf team 2 3. mary McDermott Mary is quiet but when she does speak it is the voice of authority Her quiet wit and sense of humor are an attractive asset. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Field Hockey 1; Commercial Club 3; Traffic squad 3; Yearbook staff 3; A A. Activities 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 3; Blue and White Club 3; Tennis 1, 2; Attendant at Carnival Ball 3. robert McDonough " Mickey " is 1 2G ' s clown. He is a happy - go - lucky lad who is known from past actions to be the teacher ' s pet! Activities: A. A. Activities. john McGrath Jack and his trumpet have won great popularity in S. H. S. May he go far in his chosen field. Activities: Ice Hockey 1; Traffic suad 3; Orchestra 1 , 2, 3; Dramatic Club 3; Blue and White Club 3. Fourteen Stoneham High School Year Book KATHERYN McLAUGHLIN Vivacious " Kay " is a fun-loving, athletic type of girl. She has con- tributed much to her class with her quick and ready wit. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Yearbook staff 3; Authentic staff 3; Dramatic Club ), 2, 3; A A Activities 1, 2, 3, Cheer leader 3; Glee Club 1, 3; Usher at Graduation 2; Blue and White Club 3. HELEN MEEHAN " Meanie " is our class office gir and should go far; she is well liked and has a grand disposition. Activities: Commercial Club 3, Basketball 1, 2 , 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3. MAYBELLE MEISTER Maybelle is one of our ambitious girls ho knows that the secret o success in her chosen field as a flyer lies in study and practice. Activities: Honor Roll 1, 2; Blue and White Club 3. ANNA MICALIZZI Anna, though rather a newcome to S. H. S has certainly made a place in the hearts of her many friends Good luck, Anna. Activities: Basketball 3; Field hockey 1; Commercial club 3. DONALD McRAE " Don, " our class big boy, is one of the best known and best liked fellows in the college course. Always ready for a good time, he has a greal future before him. Activities: Football 2, 3; Basket- ball 1, 2, 3; A, A. Activities 1, 2, 3, Blue and White Club 3. RUBY MEISTER This member of the famous Meister family is a cute addition to 1 2C2. Always keep smiling, Ruby! Activities: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Blue and White Club. HARRY MELLETT Harry is a new member about the old S. H. S. corridors. He is c fellow who is always ready to co operate. His quiet appearance and soft manners are his virtues. Activities: Baseball 3; Footbal 3;Honor Roll 3; A. A. Activities 3, Member of Blue and White Club 3, Ski team Captain 3. MADELINE MINGHELLA Madeline is that jolly little gir ' who is liked by everyone. Her chosen profession is hair dressing and we ' re sure she ' ll succeed. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3 Field Hockey 1, 2; Commercial Clut 3; Glee Club 3. Stoneham High School Year Book Fifteen ROBERT MOODY Our MacDonald Medal winner ha:, distinguished himself as one of the most ■ itelligent members of out Clast He is sure to attain great i. , ,gs in any field he may enter Activities: Soccer 1, 2, 3, Traffic 1, 2, 3; Yearbook 3; Dra- matic Club I, 2, 3; Honor Ron 2, 3, MacDonald Medal 3. HELEN MURRAY Helen has a smile for anyone and everyone. She is the sincere lrie..d of ah. We wish her the best of luck. Activities: Field Hockey 1; Blue and White Club 3. CHESTER 0 NEILL " Chet, " his ' .tile, and his noisy jalopy will be greatly missed. His sparkling personality has always brightened the classroom of old S. H. S. Activities: Baseball 1; Football 3; Basketball 1. RUTH PARKER A quiet, shy, cute miss is Ruthie. But, you remember the saying about quiet waters running deep. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Field hockey 1; Dramatic Club 3, Blue and White Club 3. ALLISON MOORE " Allie " is good company and an ardent friend. She may not be vivacious, but she seldom misses her cue. Activities: Basketball 2, 3; Field hockey 1, 2, 3; Traffic squad 2, Year book and Authentis Staff 3; Honor Roll I 2, 3; Glee Club 3; Carnival Queen 3; Graduation Com- mittee 3. SUSAN MUSTONE " Little Susie " is well liked by all and has already started working at the trade of serving the public. Best of luck. Activities: Basketball 1; Field Hockey; Commercial Club 3. ROBERT ORSILLO " Ozzie was always on the look out for his old pal, " Fuzz. " Together they led the class in humor, and Bob has found a warm spot in all our hearts. Activities: Football 3; Basketball 3; Chairman Social Committee 3, Blue and White Club 3. LLOYD PATTIE Lloyd is one of the members of 1 2 G who is planning a career in the cavalry. He is heading for an en- viable position and should be a credit to Stoneham High. Sixteen Stoneham High School Year Book MARGARET PETERSON Margaret is our idea of a perfect nurse. Cheerful, and considerate. She ' ll certainly progress and succeed along this line. Good luck to you " Marg’ ' ! LILLIAN RIED Everyone knows " Li I " by her cheerful manners and snappy wit An excellent student, she ' s sure to go far. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, Field hockey 1, 2; Traffic squad 3; Yearbook staff 2, 3; Authentic staff 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; MacDonald Medal Winner 3; Glee Club; Usher at Graduation! Blue and White Club. WILLIAM REYNOLDS " Billy-boy " is one of the best natured lads we know and has found a well deserved place on our list of favorites. Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3; Soccer 1; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Cheer leaders Class Officer 1 ; Usher at Graduation 3; member of Blue and White Club. RALPH RUDD " Tip " , and his jolly smile have forever gladdened the hearts of his classmates. His interest in drum- ming should lead him a great career in the swing of life. Activities: Ice Hockey 1, 2, 3; Football 1; Soccer 2; Yearbook staff 2; Usher at graduation 2. ROSCOE PRIESTLY Rosco although calm and quiet in actions should realize a great future. Good luck! ERMA RINALDI Not with us such a long time, Erma has fast risen to a high place in our class. A fine girl, she should enjoy life to its fullest extent. Here ' s hoping you do! Activities: Glee Club 3; Blue and White Club 3. MILTON RICH " Milty, " our class president, is one of our most respected members. He has been very active during his school years and his good-nature J- ness and outside interests should take him far. Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3; Ice Hockey 1, 2, 3; Captain footbaM 3; Traffic squad 2; Class officer 1, 2, 3; Head Usher at graduation 2; Blue and White Club 3; Graduation Com- mittee 3; Football 1, 2, 3. DAVID RUGGLES " Dave " is a genial chap who ac- cepts life ' s situations as they come and then makes them over to his own demands. This quality should pave his way to prosperity. Seventeen Stoneham High School Year Book PAUL RYAN Owl, one of the class funnymen is the sort of fellow we are all bound to miss. Maine can well be proud of her loyal son. Activities Yearbook staff 3; Authentic staff 3. NORTON SANCHEZ " Nort " is the class cartoonist and a regular fellow. We hope to see his name on some great cartoon in the future. Activities: Football 2; Basket- ball 2; Authentic staff 1. LOUISE SAVELO " Si " has a jolly disposition that would be difficult to match. She can always be called upon to bring laughter to the classroom. May your path in the future be traveled as merrily as it always has been. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Feld Hockey 1, 2, 3. ROGER SMITH Roger has been one of the bright- est spots in our class and has shown his ability in many fields. His hard work will reward him with the taste of success. Activities: Soccer 1; Traffic squad 3; Authentic staff 3; Dra- matic Club 3; Blue and White Club 3; Graduation Program 3. ELEANOR SAMSEL " Ellie " is the card of the class. She is always ready with a slow drawly answer which draws a laugh from the whole class. Dainty Eleanor, we wish you success. Activities: Basketball 2, 3; Field Hockey 2, 3; Member Commercial Club 3; Glee Club 3; Blue and White Club 3. GEORGE SAUNDERS George, our smiling scholar ath- lete has proved himself a worthy member of our class. Best of luck always. Activities: Football 1,2; Hockey 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1; A. A. Activities 1, 2, 3; Blue and White Club officer 3; Authentic and Yearbook Staff 3; Chairman Graduation Committee 3; Senior Banquet 3. MARGARET SCAVUZZO " Marge " is one of the best liked girls in school. She is always doing something kind for her classmates and deserves the best of everything. Activites: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Traffic squad 3; Dramatic Club 3; Member of Glee Club 3; Blue and White Club 3. THOMAS SMITH " Smitty " and his curly black hair will be greatly missed around the corridor of S. H. S. His experience in Authentic work should be of great value to him in his study of pharmacy. Activities: Soccer 1, 2, 3; Year- book 1, 2, 3; Authentic staff 2, 3; Blue and White Club 3. Eighteen Stoneham High School Year Book ROBERT STETSON " Bob " and his big smile will al- ways be remembered by the class of ' 41. We hope his work on the trombone will not go unrewarded. Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3 Soccer 1, 2, 3; Blue and White Club 3; Manager Football 3. DOROTHY STOWELL " Dot " is the girl with a likable personality. She is a good sport in the classroom as well as on the athletic field. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Authentic Staff 2; Honor Roll 1; Usher at graduation 2 . JEAN SWITZER Jean has the unmistakable qual- ities that make for success. Her frank manner has made her a de- cided favorite with all. Good luck Jean. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Field hockey 2, 3; Yearbook staff 3; Dramatic Club 3; Blue and White Club 3. PRISCILLA THOMPSON " Prissy " is a very easy going member of our class with an engag- ing giggle. We hope that he friendliness will always bring success Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Field Hockey 1, 2; Yearbook staff 1; Dramatic club 3; Glee Club 3; Blue and White Club. RICHARD STONEY " Pop " is a happy-go-lucky sort of individual who has had his troubles with Mr. Thibodeau. We hope they are all over now, Pop. Activities: Ice Hockey 1; A. A. Activities 1, 3. ROBERT SWEET " Bob " is a real credit to our class for he never wastes his talents through idleness. Good luck for the future, Bob. Activities: A. A. Activities 1 , 2, 3. GEORGE TASHJIAN George is interested in the field of aeronautics. With the world as it is today there is a wonderful opportunity for this work and we wish him all the luck in the world. Activities: Authentic Staff 3; Manager of basketball. RACHEL TRAEGDE Rachel is one of the few in the General Class who believes in letting the world find her. May she achieve the success she deserves. Activities: Basketball 2, 3; Field hockey 3; Glee Club 3. Stoneham High School Year Book Nineteen ALBERT TRUES " Al, " small of stature, is a quiet lad, but his presence is felt just the same. Activities: A. A. Activities 2, 3; RICHARD TRUESDALE " Dick " is one of the hard work ing boys of the class and is to be complimented on his initiative. Activities: Baseball 1; Basket- ball manager 2; Member of Blue and White Club 3. STORY WINCHESTER Story is known by every member of the Senior class as the blond giant of the corridors. Good luck, Frank! Activities: Orchestra 3; Member of Blue and White Club 3. HELEN TRUEMAN " Trudy " is the girl with the great personality; she will go far into the business world. She is known foi her bright and congenial smile. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, Commercial Club 3; Field hockey 1 , 2; Dramatic Club 3. ANDREW TUNEY " Andy " always seems to be sitting on top of the world, but underneatl it all he is very serious minded. Activities: Basketball ); Orches- tra 1, 2, 3; Traffic squad 1; A. A Activities 1, 3 Cheerleader 1; Ushei at graduation 2; Member of Blue and White Club 3. VANCE WOODWORTH " Vany " has always been a wil ling worker in the affairs of the class, you will lose nothing by it, Van. Activities: Ice Hockey 1, 2, 3; Member of Blue and White Club JOSEPH FOTINO " Joe ' ’ is one of those fellows who His sincerity and willingness should net him great things. ROWENA DAMON Very little is heard from Rowena in the general course but she always has a friendly smile for everyone. May success and happiness follow you on you way, Rowena. Activities: A. A. Activities 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 2. FRANKLIN HODSON Frank is one of those lads who will be greatly missed by Mr. Thibodeau, they spend so many sessions together. MILDRED GREENE Although Mildred ' s interests seem to be outside of school, she has a grand personality which we know will carry her far. Best of luck in your nursing career. Activities: A. A. Activities 3; Member of Glee Club 3; Member o, Blue and White Club 3. VINCENT MILANO " Vince " is a worker. He has always been quiet and very serious He has a very pleasant disposition which we hope will always remain with him. Activities: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3 JOSEPH MONKS " Joe, " although not too skilled in the scholastic field has won a great deal of recognition for himself in his many athlefic activities. Activities: Football 2, 3; Basket- ball 2, 3; Usher at Graduation 2; Member of Blue and White Club Stoneham High School Year Book T wenty-one FOOTBALL First Row: Left to Right — R. Ginmvan, E. Knight, R. Arnold, M. Rich, T. Burr, D. Blinn, R. English, D. McRae. Second Row: — Coach Miller, A. Angelo, R. Hodson, W. Bridgman, J. Monks, Asst. Coach Gordon. Third Row: — R. 0. Orsillo, T. Mellett, C. Kerrigan, A. Larsen, W. Jefferson, G. Geragosian, CHEER LEADERS First Row: — Left to right. C. Brundage, H. Green, H. Adzigian, E. Cassidy. Second Row: — D. Greenquist, K. McLaughlin, R. MacDonald, L. Winton, G. Hurley. T wenty-two Stoneham High School Year Book HOCKEY SQUAD First Row: Left to Right — R. Lynn, R. Rudd, T. Burr, V. Woodworth, Capt; D. Blinn, K. Hancock, G. Saunders, G. Wallace, E. Landers. Second Row: — Coach Gordon, H. Downes, D. Seymour, H. Meegan, D. Dillon, C. Kerrigan, R. Hodson, W. Allin, R. Riley, W. Cockerille, J. Connors. Third Row: — Manager, Towse, E. Nazarian, R. McKay, K. McCaleb, R. Anderson, F. Howard. W. Freeman, W. Doherty, Manager, Cutter. GOLF TEAM First Row: Left to Right — Robert Riley, Robert McCormack, Edward Landers, Charles Donohue. Second Row: — Mr. Davis, Guy Wallace, Arthur Trodella. Stoneham High School Year Book Twenty-three ORCHESTRA First Row:- — Left to right. D. Hovnanian, R. Lent, A. Finnegan, S. Winchester, A. Tuney, J. McGrath, G. Tashjian, C. Burns, G. Cardinal. Second Row: — E. Proodian, R. Wisehart, M. Morse, I. Jaques, A. Warren, Mr. Rolland Tapley, M. Sisson, D. Chynoweth, F. Austin, L. Fillmore. SOCCER TEAM First Row: Left to Right — Robert Bowser, Donald Dillon, George Parsons, Kenneth Hancock, Robert Day, Charles Duff, Ralph Rudd, Arthur Bridgman, Richard Jenkins. Second Row: — Don Towse, Thomas Smith, Robert Moody, Richard Lent, Walter Cockerille, Albert Seward, Don Towse, Harold Downes, Harry Seymour. Third Row: — John English, Santo Limbo, Leonard Worthen, Richard Cook, Albert Penta, Coach Elerin, Rudolph Rotundi. Twenty-four Stoneham High School Year Book BASKETBALL SQUAD First Row: Left to Right — R. Jenkins, L. Geremonte, Copt., W. Bridgman, J. Maghakian, R. Cook, A. Bridgman. Second Row: — Manager, C. Evenson, R. Houghton, J. Monks, D. McRae, C. Duff, R. Orsillo, Manager, G. Tashjian, Coach Elerin. Third Row: — Mingletta, H. Mellett, F. Angelo, S. Babson, R. English, Savello, Kehoe. COMMERCIAL CLUB First Row: Left to Right — S. Mustone, L. Frenzo, H. Meehan, L. Savello, M. Coombs, R. McCall, V. Majhakian, H. Freeman. Second Row: — R. Leet, F. Evans, H. Green, K. Culleton, E. MacKenzie, E. Samsel, M. Minghella. Third Row: — C. Manser, A. Micalizzi, R. MacDonald, E. Cain, E. Dewhurst, F. Dyson, E. Higgins. Stoneham High School Year Book Twenty-five FIELD HOCKEY SQUAD First Row: Left to Right — F. Dyson, F. Lebrun, E. Curran, K. McLaughlin, H. Candage, M. Sisson, M. Bingham, M. Litchfield, M. Severance, H. Meehan. Second Row: — - D. Parsons, G. Hurley, I. Landers, J. Borthwick, M. Scavuzzo, J. McCormack, B. Colburn, H. Adzigian, K. Culleton, E. Litchfield. Third Row: — R. Leet, L. Waterhouse, P. Hastings, E. Sullivan, P. Thompson, J. Peterson, P. Bruce, B. Tuney, L. Conley. TRAFFIC SQUAD First Row: Left to Right — J. McCormack, M. Kendall, M. McDermott, H. Adzigian, J. Gillespie, M. Scavuzzo, R. MacDonald, B. Thomas. Second Row: — G. Sanders, K. Hancock, R. Moody, J. Shuttleworth, S. Babson, J. McGrath, R. Smith, D. Towse, M. Rolli. Twenty-six Stoneham High School Year Book BASEBALL First Row: Left to Right — H, Mellett, R. Hodson, M. Rich, C. Kerrigan, Co-Captain, E. Richardson, Co-Captain; T. Burr, W. Bridgman, D. Dillon, W. Freeman. Second Row: — A. Bridgman, M. Jordan, A. Weeks, W. J. Connors, E. Knight, R. Amo, P. Crafts, W. Brown, A. Minghella. Third Row: — S. Seward, R. Evans, L. Worthen, S. Cram, J. Knight, C. Flicks, Coach Gordon. DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS AND COUNCIL First Row: Left to Right — J. Gillespie, Librarian; C. Brundage, Miss Dunning, G. Hurley, President; D. Chynoweth, Treasurer. Second Row: — D. Towse, H. Adzigian, H. Candage, Secretary; A. Seward, Vice-President. Stoneham High School Year Book T wenty-seven BLUE AND WHITE CLUB Officer and Executive Committee First Row: Left to Right — Gertrude Hurley, Helen Condage, Charles Kerrigan, Richard Arnold, Jean Gillespie, George Saunders, Dorothy Greenquist, Charlotte Brundage. Second Row: — - Thomas Burr, Ruth Dewhurst, Eleanor Cassidy, Helen Adzigian, Arthur Bridgman, Marjorie Litchfield, Katheryne McLaughlin, James McLaughln. Third Row: — Robert Orsillo, Robert English, Andrew Tuney, Milton Rich, William Bridgman, Doc Gordon. The creation of the Blue and White Club by " Doc " Cordon was received very enthusiastically by the students. The officers of the Club are as follows: Pres., Richard Arnold; Vice-Pres., Charlotte Brundage, Charles Kerrigan, Arthur Bridgman; Sec., Dorothy Greenquist; Treas., George Saunders. A grand program for a winter carnival was planned which included sports events and a ball. The sports included a hockey game, various skating, skiing, and snowshoeing races. Prizes were awarded to the winners. The Carnival King and Queen were Richard Arnold and Allison Moore. The success of the Winter Carnival was due largely to the work of " Doc " Gordon, and we hope the students will continue to support the Blue and White Club in the future. Twenty-eight Stoneham High School Year Book PRESIDENT’S ADDRESS OF WELCOME by Milton Rich T is with great pleasure, in behalf of the Class of 1941, that I welcome you to the exercises which bring to a close our high school days. To our parents whose unceasing patience and encouragement have brought us to this graduation, we are deeply appreciative. To the faculty and School Committee we express our gratitude for their part in broadening our know- ledge and developing our powers of reasoning. To the many friends of the graduating class, we extend our heartiest welcome. Today we are faced wth a great challenge as we leave school to pursue our various courses in life. That challenge is the preservation of Democracy. We in school have been inclined to say merely that we live in a democracy and take it for granted. Events of the past year, however, have made us more thoughtful. We recall that Lincoln in his Springfield speach spoke of the United States as " the last great hope of earth; " and that he closed the Gettysburg address with the words " Shall not perish from the earth. " He did not say " from this soil. " That feeling is still deep in the American heart. A popular journalist has expressed the American concept of democracy as one " based on the belief in the sanctity of the human personality, on the immense value of every individual, and the right of every individual to make out of himself the very best human being that he can. " In our different fields a year from today we will do well to remember this concept of American democracy. Tomorrow, we shall prove our worth in the world; today, we share our pleasures with you as we welcome you, our parents and friends, to these graduation exercises. GRADUATION HONORS THE MacDONALD MEDALS For Scholarship, Character and Good influence in the School CHARLOTTE BRUNDAGE ROBERT MOODY LILLIAN REID Class Historian HELEN CANDAGE Graduation Address DONALD DOUGLASS Preliminary Honor Group (B average or higher for four years) ANGELO ANGELO CHARLOTTE BRUNDAGE HELEN CANDAGE LORETTA CONLEY ELIZABETH DEWHURST FRANCES EVANS DOROTHY GREENQUIST MINERVA KENDALL ELEANOR LITCHFIELD ROSALIND MacDONALD VIRGINIA MAGHAKIAN CAROL MANSER ROBERT McCORMACK HELEN MEEHAN HARRY MELLETT VINCENT MILANO ROBERT MOODY ALLISON MOORE LILLIAN REID GEORGE SAUNDERS Class Prophecy THOMAS SMITH Class Will MARJORIE LITCHFIELD and ROGER SMITH The following awards and prizes will be announced at graduation exercises: History Medals Mathematics and Science Medal Grange Art Prize Grange Music Prize Dramatic Arts Prize Commercial Club Prize Carrie S. Ireland Citizenship Award Parent-Teacher Scholarships Teachers ' Club Scholarship Blue and White Scholarship ANGELO ANGELO RICHARD ARNOLD WILLIAM BRIDGMAN LORETTA CONLEY GRADUATION COMMITTEE ELIZABETH DEWHURST FRANCES EVANS DOROTHY GREENQUIST GERTRUDE HURLEY ROSALND MacDONALD ALLISON MOORE MILTON RICH, Ex-Officio GEORGE SAUNDERS Stoneham High School Year Book FFatth FJn CFhe Future By Donald W. Douglass URELY no class has ever graduated at a more critical time in the history of the world than this class of 1941. Today, the people, the community, and the country are faced with, not mere emergen- cies, but rather emergencies that demand a definite acceptance ot respon- sibility by the citizens of America — her youth in particular. Too many of us feel, perhaps, that to accept these responsibilities to our land and our way of life is useless. Useless, because of an impression — even though false, fortunately — that the forces of evil are tearing down the foun- dations of democracy, its institutions and its varied opportunities. Useless, because it would be easier to stand aside and let things take their own course. But moreso, useless, because such people lack faith in the future. One may ask, " But how can we accept these responsibilities and how can we see them through? " The answer to such a question may readily be found in our own souls if we Put search for it. These responsibilities can be accepted and these same responsibilities can be carried through if we all have a strong, undying and unyielding faith in the future: a trustful faith that those men who have de- voted their work, their time, and even their very lives to the cause ot democracy shall not have struggled in vain. But faith is of little value if it is not sufficiently substantiated. And to tind that needed verification for faith in the future, we have only to turn to the time-worn pages of history. The history of democracy as contrasted wirn that of destruction and totaletarianism. All through the ages it has been strongly born out that the forces of right have overcome the destructive ideals of evil. Genghis Kahn, Atilla, Alexander the Great, Caesar, Napoleon, and hosts of others who sought to rule rhe world and enslave its people have passed on. And their evil thoughts and dreadful ideals have wasted away just as surely as their bodies have decayed into the dust. The teachings of Christ, the struggles of the pilgrim forefathers; the ideals of Washington, the trust of Lincoln; and the victory of science and tne arts, on the other hand, have withstood the test of time, as compared with the ideals of those whose minds were so contorted that they could realize nothing but destruction and slavery to further their own cause. Some none-too-thoughtful persons seek to divert the faith of youth in its own future by stating that anyone graduating from school in this era is too strongly handicapped at the very outset to ever succeed. Unfortunately, this is a policy that is too wide-spread, since time, again, has proven such a statement to be utterly false. If these self-styled prophets were preaching fact, then the yellowed pages of history would read very much different from what they do. Beethoven would never possibly have become a great musician if these prophets spoke the truth; for Beethoven was eccentric and deaf at the very height of his career. Pope, if he had listened to such trite Stoneham High School Year Book Thirty-one Faith In The Future — (Continued) talk and falsehoods, would have died unknown to the world; he was a hunch- back. Byron could never have succeeded with a club foot. And, to modern- ize the facts, the late George Gershwin could never have become one of America ' s greatest composers because of the tumor on his brain. No handicap can thwart success no matter how great that handicap may be. On the contrary, it is the lack of faith in overcoming that handicap that tends to blur the future. Perhaps Marcus Aurelius presented the greatest argu- ment when his Stoic philosophy prompted him to say: " If anything external vexes you, take notice that it is not the thing which disturbs you, but your notion about it, which notion you may dismiss at once if you please. " We live in a world that has literally gone mad with jealousy and power. The youth of the world — and particularly the youth of these United States — are taced with tremendous odds. Odds that will seek to halt the march of freedom and the ideals of democracy. But with faith in the future, these odds will be overcome just as the responsibilities will be carried out. We have been so disillusioned by stark realistic tragedies enveloping us that some of us forget, at times, our duty in such a world. Let us pause and refresh our minds. Fortunately, we are far enough away from the turmoil across the seas to pause at times and weigh all of the given evidence. However, under the strain of geared up industry and the anxiety of national defense, we all get excited and bewildered. The youth — the American youth, especially — of today, nevertheless, must, above all, think clearly and thoroughly before making even the slightest move. We must have faith, yes, but that faith must at the same time be backed by clear, cool, undisturbed thinking. If we are to have any faith whatever in the future, that fait h — since it is faith in democracy and not in totalitarianism — must be supported by sturdy and unyielding foundations. In that way, our trust and confidence will be strong enough to overcome all odds, since the firmer the foundation, the firmer the faith. , No matter how dark the future may seem today, war and chaos cannot and will not endure; and there will come a day when peace and reconstruction will boldly face the youth of America. But if we have, as Lincoln put it, . faith that right makes might; and in that faith let us to the end dare to do our duty as we understand it, " we will succeed. America today is truly " the last best hope on earth. " Within its boundaries lie the hopes of the freedom-loving people of the world; and on the shoulders of its youth lies the responsibility to keep it so. If any one of us fails to keep faith in the future — his own future, the country ' s future, the world ' s future — he has fallen and failed all that is right and democratic. When the people fail to have faith in an ideal, a goal, or even a dream, that ideal, that goal, and that dream will most certainly never be realized. Therefore, in the light of all this. In the light of all the teachings of history and religion; in the light of our responsibilities to ourselves, our country, and even our responsibilities to the entire world; the greatest duty America demands of its youth — the graduating class of 1941 among them — is to have faith in the future. A faith backed by fact and firm foundations. Faith in America! Thirty-two Stoneham High School Year Book Glass Gilsiorif by Helen Candage Good evening, classmates. It was indeed a surprise when Don Douglass breezed into my office one busy morning in May. How good it was to see him! He hadn ' t changed much, ex- cept that he had grown a little taller. What was uppermost in his mind was not his most recent musical success, which his friends had been following with such interest, but rather a reunion for the tenth anniversary of our gradua- tion. He had dropped in to see Ken Hancock at Sounder ' s Music Hall and Paul Ryan who was entertaining at Scavuzz ' s Salad Bowl and find- ing there were more of his classmates around Boston than he had believed possible, he began plans for this meeting tonight. I am sure you are all as delighted as I am for Don ' s inspiration in getting us together. He suggested that my special part in the evening ' s festivities would be to help recall the highlights of our four years in high school. On a rainy Sunday afternoon from old " Authentics, " memory books, and newspaper clippings I pieced together a part of our history. Doubtless other events will come to your minds as I go over these. Is it possible we were ever thirteen? Yet didn ' t we feel grown up? The Freshmen social was the most important event in our lives. Will you ever forget it, I don ' t know which were more scared — the boys or the girls. I never saw a more bashful group in all my life. Can you see the gym as I do? The charming little debs were all lined up on one side and the young men of tomorrow were all on the other side. But what a mad scramble there was when the call for refreshments was given. We did study, too. At least we thought we did In the dim future we could see diplomas and the faculty was starting us on our guest for them. Like Caesar before us ' ' we came and saw ' and we ' re still trying to conquer. How eager we were to convenience ourselves and everyone else that we were grown up. We attended upper class functions — yet remained as inconspicious as possible. And after a summer ' s vacation, we were Sophomores. Now we could engage in senior high activities. We were looked upon as a promising young group. Some of us joined the Dramatic Club and showed budding historic ability. Although we had no dance of our own that year we dressed ourselves up and hopefully attended the various other functions. In the spring, Miss King conducted one of her successful A. A. Shows in the gym. Since ' ' many are called but few chosen, " and all our talent wasn ' t yet discovered, we were represen- ted by only two dancing girls. The year had quickly sped by and we were now to be upper classmen. With eagerness we waited for the Seniors to vacate so that we could move up a peg. Didn ' t we appreciate the recognition that we received as Juniors? Many of our boys were becoming " regulars " on the athletic teams. Miss King put on another A. A. Show which was very appropriately called " New Town Hall Tonight " since it was our first school affair in the new building. The coach, now more aware of the talent in our class, selected a num- ber for important roles. Do you remember Ruth McCall as Heliotrope, Don Blinn as the chef, and Jean Gillespie as Ruby Wheeler? Also some of us sang in the Glee Club and some played in the orchestra. When the Dramatic Club presented " What a Life, " our own " Girlie " Hurley was one of the stars. We were really getting into the swing of things. What a gala time we had at the Junior-Senior prom that was held in the State Armory. The committee worked for days on decorations, making the hall attractive in- deed. Every girl wanted one of the brightly Stoneham High School Year Book Thirty-three Class History (Continued) colored balloons for a souvenir. I still have mine. We were growing up; our Junior year was about at an end. At last we were to play a part in the Senior Class graduation. Do you recall our lovely Dorothy Creenquist and our dignified Bill Bridgman as marshals; and " Girlie " Hurley and Milt Rich, two more of our most popular classmates, as head ushers? After many arduous rehearsals the day finally arrived when the month of graduating class of 1941 fell from their shoulders upon the shoulders of the class of 1941. It was so hard to realize that at last we were Seniors. Weren ' t we busy as Seniors? In athletics our football team, led by Tommy Burr and Milt Rich, played in the game at the dedication of the new Recreation Park. We had an unfort- unate football season with illness and injuries. The team had many bad breaks, the worst one being the breaking of Captain Rich ' s col- larbone. Even the weatherman was against us; he sent a blizzard just before the Thanksgiving Day game. But the players who were not to be discouraged, along with Mr. Miller and " Doc " , too, of course, worked until late the night before shoveling the snow from the field so as not to disappoint the fans. That ' s what you call real school spirit! Sitting on snowbanks and ice- covered bleachers the spectators proved by their enthusiastic cheers that they still had faith in the boys. What a boost it was for the soccer boys to receive leters that year for the first time. Led by Captain Bob Day, the team had one of the most successful seasons on record Soon Senior Class elections were held. After the soap boxes had been carefully tucked away we found that, following in the footsteps of his brother who had led his class for two years, Milt Rich had been re-elected president of our class. Congratulations were in order. In the fall, Miss King presented her last A. A. Show. We regretted it was her last and I ' m not so sure that she didn ' t. Many of our Class- mates contributed to the success of the show. With the help of the other classes again we made history that year by reviving the winter carnival. " Doc " organized his Blue and White Club and got things under way. We had a royal ball featuring the coronation of our car- nival king and queen, Dick Arnold and Allison Moore. Our hockey team, captained by goalie Don Blinn, had a fair season, as did our basketball team led by Bill Bridgman. In the opening we had as Co-Captain of our baseball team Ed Richardson, a Junior, and Tommy Burr of our class. Within a short while Mr. Davis began to count the days left and post the number daily. Graduation began to seem more real. We were rightly proud when Senior honors were an- nounced Lillian Reid, Charlotte Brundage and Robert Moody were awarded MacDonald Medals for their excellence in scholarship, character and leadership, and some poor un- fortunate was named Class Historian. Weren ' t we proud of the Dramatic Club ' s presentation of " Smilin ' Through " with Ann Cook and Jean Gillespie starring for our class? With festivities and work, our year rapidly flew by. Gayly yet somewhat sadly, the four happiest years of our lives were being brought to a close. Can you ever forget our Senior banquet and then the long-waited graduation? And now after ten years we ' re back again renewing friendships and cherishing memories, memories which are to be dealt upon until, perhaps, we meet again. Thirty-four Stoneham High School Year Book Highlights of The Class of 1941 September, 1937 — Entered High School. November, 1937 — Freshmen Class Officers Elected. President, William Batchelder. Vice-President, Helen Green. Secretary, Gertrude Hurley. Treasurer, Helen Candage. January, 1938 — Freshmen Class Social Held. September, 1938 — Entered Sophomore Year. November, 1938 — Sophomore Class Officers Elected. President, Robert Orsillo. Vice-President, Robert Day. Secretary, Gertrude Hurley. Treasurer, Richard Arnold. April, 1939 — A. A. Show Held in Gym. Participants: Eleanor Culleton and Jean Gillespie. September, 1939 — Entered Junior Year. November, 1939 — Junior Class Ofncers tlecred President, Milton Rich. Vice-President, Charlotte Brundage. Secretary, Kathleen Culleton. Treasurer, Robert Orsillo. November, 1939 — A. A. Show New Town Hall Tnight " Presented. Participants: — Ruth McCall, Donald Blinn, William Doorly, Albert Warren, Jean Gil- lespie, orchestra and Glee Club members. APRIL, 1940 — Dramatic Club Play ' ' What a Life " given. Only participant: — Gertrude Hurley. Senior-Junior Prom in State Armory Hall. June, 1940 — Dramatic Club Officers for 1940- 1941 Elected. President, Gertrude Hurley. Secretary, Helen Candage. Treasurer, Dorothy Chynoweth. Librarian, Jean Gillespie. Senior Class Graduation Held Junior Mar- shals: Dorothy Greenquist and William Bridgman. Head Ushers, Gertrude Hurley and Milton Rich. September, 1940 — Entered Senior Year. Football team led by Go-Captains, Thomas Burr and Milton Rich played first game ar dedication of Recreation Park. October, 1940 — Senior Class Elections Held. President, Milton Rich. Vice-President, Gertrude Hurley. Secretary, Helen Condage. Treasurer, Richard Arnold. A. A. Officers Elected — President, William Bridgman. Vice-President, Charlotte Brundage. Secretary, Dorothy Greenquist. Treasurer, Richard Arnold. November, 1 940 — A. A. Show " Frolics of 1 940 " Presented. Participants — Ralph Rudd, Ruth McCall, Charles Duff, Evelyn Mac- Kenzie, Katheryn McLaughlin, Robert Day. January, 1941 — Blue and White Outing Club, Election Held. President, Richard Arnold. Vice-President, Charlotte Brundage. Secretary, Dorothy Greenquist. Treasurer, George Saunders. Carnival Ball in Town Hall Held. Carnival Queen, Allison Moore, Carnival King, Richard Arnold. March, 1941 — Soccer boys led by Captain Robert Day received letters. April, 1941 — Senior Honors Announced MacDonald Medal Winners — Lillian Reid, Charlotte Brundage, Robert Moody. Class Historian, Helen Candage. Dramatic Club Play " Smilin ' Through " Presented, Participants — Ann Cook, Jean Gillespie, Barbara Colburn, Kathryn Mc- Laughlin, Kathleen Culleton, Minerva Kendall. June, 1941 — Senior Class Banquet Toast- master, George Saunders, Class Will, Marjorie Litchfield and Roger Smith, Class Prophecy, Thomas Smith. Our Graduation and Reception. Stoneham High School Year Book Thirty-five •■i Glass of tg fo Statistics Favorite Singer Ray Eberle Favorite Sports Hockey Favorite Period Lunch Favorite Teacher " Doc " Gordon Favorite Office Boy Robert McDonough Favorite Subject History Favorite Sandwich Western Favorite Maestro Don Sheehan Favorite Orchestra Woody Herman Favorite Radio Program 920 Club Favorite Movie Actress Bette Davis Favorite Movie Actor James Stewart Favorite Song Writer Donald Douglass Class N umber 13 Class Ui nknown Tiger Girl Boy Best Looking Evelyn McKenzie Ralph Rudd Best Dressed Dorothy Chynoweth John Foley Best Dancer Ruth McCall William Reynolds Most Popular Gertrude Hurley Milton Rich Most Athletic Marion Bingham Thomas Burr Most Likely to Succeed Dorothy Greenquist Robert McCormack Best Natured Margaret Scavuzzo Paul Ryan Best Politician Jean Switzer Albert Burditt Best All Around Charlotte Brundage William Bridgman Most Thorough lady or gentleman Kathleen Culleton Harry Mellet Most Capable Elizabeth Dewhurst Kenneth Hancock Best Actress Jean Gillespie John McGrath Most Helpful Dorothy Stowell Donald Douglass Most Respected Allison Moore George Saunders Most Witty Margie Litchfield Roger Smith Most Poised Ann Cook Donald McRae Most Modest Loretta Conley Richard Arnold Most Likable Helen Candage Robert Orsillo Most Business Like Rosalind MacDonald Thomas Smith Most Original Katheryn McLaughlin Daniel Cullinane Best Student Lillian Reid Robert Moody - — Helen L. Green, Class Statistician Thirty-six Stoneham High School Year Book CLASS PROPHECY Thomas Smith In the year 1953 I decided to visit my old home town. I was amazed to find I could get booking by plane right to Stoneham, for the town fathers, George Geragosian, Sim Foley, and Mickey McDonough, had built a great municipal airport. Woman can do most anything yet I was as- tounded to find Miss Maybelle Miester as pilot of this great transport plane. When we passed over the rocky summit of Bear Hill I became air sick and I called for the stewardess. When she came I thought I was delirious but it was Girlie Hurley. Miss Hurley sympathetically administered Smith ' s Sure Shot Se rum to cure air sickness. Smith ' s Sure Shot Serum was made at the Smith Pharmaceutical Laboratories. When the plane gently landed I looked around for a Taxi. A cab owned by the Black and Blue Cab Co. pulled up driven by Bob Day, faithful servant of the Stoneham public. I asked the driver to take me to the best restaur- ant. He stopped before a well lit store. Scavuzzo ' s Salad Bowl was the name of this place managed by the great connoisseur of fine foods, Miss Margaret Scavuzzo. The timid waiter, Dave Ruggles, came to take my order. As I was eating my delicious meal I heard Scavuzzo ' s first violinist, Owl Ryan busily scrap- ing the gut. Behind this din I heard the strains of the rest of the orchestra coming in pitifully late as usual Tip " What do you say " Rudd was the drummer, Dick Lent playing the French Horn, George Tashjian playing the trumpet, and Bob Stetson was mercilessly sliding the trombone. I was suddenly slapped on the back and when I recovered it was " Tinker " Crocetti, the head waiter. " Tinker " showed me out when I had finished and I saw Al Trites, Bill King, Fred Lawson, Vincent Milano, Chet O ' Niell, and Lloyd Pattie, who all held the enviable position of assistant head waiters. George Doyle and Dick Truesdale had the high stations of second assistant head waiters. When I reached the door Mr. Robert McCormack, millionaire playboy owner of the Bear Hill Golf Club came over to see me. He asked me if I would like to see the rehearsal of a show. Delighted, I went with him to his car and was amazed to see him clamber into an old 1941 blue Plymouth convertible coupe. I realized then that Scotch blood still ran strong in his veins. We drew up before the Music Hall, owned and operated by Howie Saunders. As I walked down the aisle I saw Salty Hancock busily dusting the chairs for the evening performance. That famous composer and star maker, Don Douglass, was lounging in the front row with a 35c cigar in his mouth, shouting orders at Milt Rich, the dance director. Milt was beat- ing out time for the chorus and yelling, 1 -2-3- kick! 1 -2-3-kick! The name of this opera was " Sueze Susie " , the modern version of that old hit, " Panama Hattie " , starring Gloria Jean Gillespie, who was busily rehearsing the hit tune of the show, " A little Bit North of West East India " , in her traditional southern style. Miss Gillespie, the Great Douglass ' s latest find, had just returned from a successful European tour. Stoneham High School Year Book Thirty-seven CLASS PROPHECY — (Continued) Our little star looked ravishing in one of the new creations dreamed up by the celebrated designer, Mme. Langille Kendall. Under the able guidance of Milt the chorus was the best in the country. The beautiful show girls were Pat Bruce, Kay Culleton, Ann Cook, Rachel Traedge, and Priscilla Thompson. That famous Hollywood comedy trio, Orsillo, Litchfield, and Cinivin, were rehearsing their adagio act which consisted of Fuzzy throwing Litchie up, and Ozzie catching her sometimes. Suddenly there was a terrific clamor outside and the stage hands, Robert Sweet, Howard Cutter, Eddie Cloor, Roscoe Priestly, and Red Landers were attempting to stop six determined little men who said they just had to see the stage director. After listening to the six men, Mr. Richard Lynn announced that the men ' s costumes would be made at a great saving by the Six Little Tailors; Vance Woodworth, Tommy Burr, Robert Houghton, Norton Sanchez, Chuck Duff, and Eddie Landers. With my head bursting, I left to get a room for the night. Bob McCormack again obliged and I was tossed around three more blocks in his car when he swung into a gas station. But lo! There was Dot Chynoweth hanging out clothes in the back yard and Jark MrCrath came to the car. Checking the water and oil was Jack ' s able assistant, Storey Winchester. We drove out in a whirl of smoke and drew up before an imposing structure which bore the name, Bridgman Hotel. Upon entering, I was impressed by the artis- tic paintings on the walls. Inquiring about them I was told Mrs. Bridgman, the former Miss Charlotte Brundage, was the master artist. , When I went to sign the register, genial Dick Arnold was behind the desk. After signing the register I glanced up the page and such prominent names as Andy Tuney, Police Com- missioner; Erma Rinaldi; socialite; Harry Mellet, inventor of Mellots Motorless Mowers, Angelo Angelo, internationally known wrestler; Robert Moody, movie magnate; Dot Stowell, Sally Badamo, Louise Frenzo, and Barbara Batchelher, managers of Stoneham ' s foremost employment bureau. Having secured a room from Dick, I took the elevator which was run by Ethel Herbert. I spent a comfortable night, until I was rudely awakened at ten o ' clock the next morning by a loud banging on my door. Dressing rapidly, I hurried to the door. Five chambermaids with mops, dustclothes, and pails, confronted me. The efficient maids were Genevieve Kenney, Margaret Masi, Helen Murray, Wilma Dodge, and Vera Brown. After breakfast I called up the Burditt Bus Company to arrange for a sightseeing tour. I had no sooner hung up the receiver when there was a loud honking outside Rushing down the steps I saw a huge bus with the slogan on its sine " See Stoneham in five minutes " . Burdy Burditt, the racing champion was in the driver ' s seat. " Get in! " he shouted I had just barely sat down when we went whizzing through the sub- urbs and into the country. As we continued on " Burdy " shouted " On your right is Donahoe ' s Dairy Farm. As we zoomed past I caught a quick glimpse of Charlie ' s two assistants, Roger Smith and Robert Bowser being chased by a group of pretty milkmaids, namely, Ruby Miester, Jane Chambers, Margaret Peterson, Barbara Gal- lagher, and Francis Dyson. When we passed the driveway, I saw " Pop " Stoney climbing into the company ' s new milk trhck. We swung back to the city and " Burdy " Thirty-eight Stoneham High School Year Book CLASS PROPHECY — (Continued) stopped before a group of ivy covered buildings. Al told me that the school on the right hand side of the street was the Reid ' s School for Young Girls. Miss Lillian Reid was the dean and she had kept her school-day chums with her for Allison Moore was the dietitian; Miss Eleanor Litchfield as head stenographer, Carol Manser, Anna Micallizzi and Helen Meehan were secretaries to Miss Reid. Miss Candage had her own office as Director of Admissions. The list of the faculty members was made up of the following prominent names: Ruth Parker, Biologist; Mary McDermott, head of the History Department; Ruth Bradely, Social Director; Loretta Conley, head of the Science Dept; and Jean Switzer, Economics Instructor; Elizabeth Dewhurst, Francis Evans, Ruth Leete, Helen Green, Rosiland McDonald and Eleanor Higgins, were in charge of the Business Department; while Barbara Colburn, Helen Trueman, Susan Mustone, Madeline Mingella, were the heads of Culture Training. Eleanor Samsel and Ruth McCall were Dancing Instructors. I went across the street to see Professor Cullinane ' s Establishment for Young Men. I saw the professor busily dictating to the Misses Evelyn MacKenzie, Virginia Mahakian, and Louise Savelo. The more prominent members of the faculty were Donald McRae, Director of Sciences, and Bill Reynolds, famed Sports Coach. When we reached the airport, the plane was just about to leave and " Burdy” wished me goodby for all of Stoneham as I climbed aboard. The motors roared and I sped to rest and quietness. Stoneham High School Year Book Thirty-nine ICast Will anil Sratament of tljr (ttlaos of 1941 We, the Class of 1941, of Stoneham High School, town of Stoneham county of Middlesex, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty- one, being in full and complete possession of our faculties of mind and body, do hereby declare and proclaim this document to be our last will and tes- tament and do hereby divise, bequeath and bestow our gifts and possessions in the following manner: Item I — The Class of 1941 wishes to donate neces- sary funds for complete renovation of the assembly hall, provided any balance remains in the treasurury. Item II — We, the Class of 1941, withdraw from the treasury the necessary money to purchase two oak " occasional " chairs to replace the two worn, plyboard ones outside the office door. Item III — For the Juniors, we are installing a 1941 model elevator, thus insuring a non-stop ride to the top floor in order to prevent the ac- cumulation of so many tardy slips in Rooms 18 and 15. Item IV — We, further bequeath the following advice: (a) To the future inmates of Room 18, ap- preciate Miss Johnson, because you ' ll never get another teacher like her. (b) Juniors, heed the wise philisophies of Miss Dunning, for they ' ll be of great benefit to you in later years. In witness whereof we hereby set our hands and seal, this thirteenth day of June, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and forty-one. Class of 1941 Witnesses: Fannie M. Spinney William Miller Luella M. Dunning Roger Smith Our Reward as Official Photographer for the Class of 1941 is in knowing that the Stoneham High School has received the finest in photographic Service. In Years To Come we would enjoy working with the gradu- ating class and yearbook staff as much as we have this year. Next Year let us assist you. THE Warren Kay Van tine Studio, Inc. 160 Boylston Street, Boston, Mass. CONGRATULATIONS ! S. H. S. 1941 Each year we take space in The Authentic to extend greetings and best wishes to the graduates of Stoneham High School. It has been our pleasure to watch their progress over the years. The successful men and women scattered in various parts of the country, who received their early education here, make us proud of Stoneham schools. The graduates of 1941 are entering upon a life filled with per- plexing problems. We are sure they will meet the challenge, whatever it may be, in a manner that will bring credit to their homes, their school, and the Town of Stoneham. Wherever you go, whenever you see " Patch " products in the ' ' corner drug store " , may you be reminded of the old home town. The E. L. Patch Company BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS RAY BUCK SOCONY STATION Corner Main and Summer Streets Compliments of BENT SQUARE SPA 121 Franklin Street Stoneham FRANKLIN STREET GARAGE Albert F. Lane, Prop. Garage Service, Repairs and Auto Supplies Pontiac Authorized Sales and Service 41 Franklin Street Telephone 0994 SOCONY SERVICE STATION Car Lubrication, Specialty Corner Main and Elm Streets Compliments of STONEHAM FIVE CENTS SAVINGS BANK CHARLES SANBORN SUNOCO STATION Corner Main and Summer Under Ms know ns for what we are And we know our Under-Grads and what they like in the way ot smart, new campus-styled clothe . That ' s why Under-Grads have oosne to know Kennedy ' s Under-Grad shop a the New England headquarters lor the most up-to-date clothes lor high school men KENNEDY’S UNDER GRAD SHOP ANNOUNCING THE BEST PLACEMENT RECORD IN OUR HISTORY Malden Business School 6 Pleasant Street — Malden 0256 Founded 1903 Co-educational A Class " A” Business College preparing young men and women for responsible po- sitions in business. No previous commercial training necessary. SUMMER SCHOOL BEGINS JUNE 30 and JULY 7 FALL TERM BEGINS Free Placement SEPTEMBER 2 Service to Graduates Send for Day, Evening, or Summer School Catalog BELL HARDWARE COMPANY The Complete Hardware and Paint Store Where You can Usually Get What You Need For the Home " Trade At Bell ' s " 413 Main Street Stoneham BEAD WHITE MEN ' S and Wli MEN ' S FORMAL CLOTHES RENTED FOR ALL OCCASIONS QUALITY ALWAYS ' 111 SUMMER STREET, BOSTON, MASS. W00LW0RTH BLOG., PROVIDENCE, R. I. Ciftwares E. W. SCHAEFER Newspapers Greeting Cards Stationary Recordings McCarthy Simon, Inc. Established 1912 Manufacturers of Academic Caps, Gowns, and Hoods Choir Vestments, Pulpit Gowns and Judicial Robes 7 - 9 West 36th Street New York City JUST OFF FIFTH AVENUE Northeastern University College of Liberal Arts Offers for young men a broad program of college subjects serving as a foundation for the understand- ing of modern culture, social relations, and technical achievement. Students may concentrate in any of the following fields: Biology, Chemistry, Econom- ics-Sociology, English (including an option in Journ- alism,) and Mathematics-Physics. Varied oppor- tunities available for vocational specialization. Degree: Batchelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts. College of Engineering Offers for young men curricula in Civil, Mechanical (with Diesel, Air-Conditioning, and Aeronautical options,) Electrical, Chemical, Industrial Engineering, and Engineering Administration. Classroom study is supplemented by experiment and research in well- equipped laboratories. Degree: Batchelor of Science in the professional field of specialization. College of Business Administration Offers for young men six curricula: Accounting, Banking and Finance, Marketing and Advertising, Journalism, Public Admin- istration, and Industrial Administration. Each curriculum provides a sound training in the fundamentals of business practice and culminates in special courses devoted to the various professional fields. Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. School of Law Offers three-year day and four-year evening under- graduate programs leading to the degree of Bachelor of Laws. A minimum of two years of college work, or its full equivalent, required for admission to under- graduate programs. Case method of instruction The School also offers a two-year evening program open to graduates of approval law schools and lead- ing to the degree of Master of Laws. Undergraduate and graduate programs admit men and women. School of Business Offers curricula through evening classes in Account- ing, Industrial Management, Distributive Manage- ment, and Engineering and Business, leading to the degree of Batchelor of Business Administration in specified fields. Preparation for C. P. A. Exam- inations. A special four-year curriculum in Law and Business Management leading to the Bachelor of Commercial Science degree with appropriate specification is also offered. Shorter programs may be arranged. Co-educational. Evening Courses of the College of Liberal Arts Certain courses of the College of Liberal Arts are offered during evening hours affording concentration in Economics, English, History and Government or Social Science. A special program preparing for admission to the School of La w is also available. The program is equivalent in hours to one-half the requirements for the A. B. or S. B. degree. Associate in Arts title conferred. Co-educational. Co-opeartive Plan The Colleges of Liberal Arts, Engineering and Business Administration offer day programs for men only, and are conducted on the co-operative plan. After the freshman year, students may alternate their periods of study with periods of work in the employ of business or industrial concerns at ten-week inter- vals. Under this plan they gain valuable experience and earn a large part of their college expenses. NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Director of Admissions Boston, Massachusetts For Catalog — Mail this Coupon at once Please send me a catalog of the □ College of Liberal Arts □ College of Engineering □ College of Business Administration □ School of Law □ Evening School of Business □ Day Pre-Legal Program □ Evening — College of Liberal Arts Name.... Address. THE MIDDLESEX DRUG COMPANY " The Prescription Drug Store " Elbert R. and Elizabeth C. Boyd Registered Pharmacists " Where Friends Meet Friends " Central Square Stoneham Compliments of STONEHAM THEATRE STONEHAM PHARMACY F. Bracciotti, Ph. C., Reg. Ph. 409 Main Street THE PRESCRIPTION STORE □ BEAUTY CULTURE □ A VOCATION OF DIGNITY Offers young men and women a life of refine- ment, security and Prosperity. WRITE TODAY Our entire building is devoted to Day and Evening Classes con- ducted by Renown Style Creators. Complete sys- tematized courses. Most modern equipment. MODERATE TUITION CONVENIENT TERMS FREE PLACEMENT BUREAU For further information or for free booklet write or visit our Academy without obligation WILFRED ACADEMY of Hair and Beauty Culture 492 Boylston St. Boston KENmore 0880 Booths Drugs Soda Fountain Compliments of Compliments of Wilfed Graduates are in daily demand Back Bay Electrotype and Engraving Company DOCKAM’S STONEHAM AND BOSTON EXPRESS HARRY R. DOCKAM, Prop. BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS Forty-six Stoneham High School Year Book BURDETT COLLEGE WL eve THE TRAINING MEETS THE NEEDS OF THE TIME for the immediate demand for the future opportunity One- and two-year courses. Well- qualified faculty. Extra-curricula activities. Day and Evening classes. Previous commercial training not re- quired. Courses meet the needs of business and government. Calls for graduates exceed the supply. Cata- logue contains full information. BUSINESS TRAINING SINCE 1879 BURDETT COLLEGE Telephone HANcock 6300 156 STUART BOSTON LOUIS MILLER Modern Fine Quality Footwear For the Entire Family Reasonable Prices DR. COY 346 Main Street Stoneham Chase Building Stoneham W. J. FALLON SONS Marble Ridge Dairy Milk and Cream Farm Products Telephone 0154 303 Park Street Stoneham Candy at Wholesale for Schools, Scouts and Social Clubs JOHN SKINNER SON 138 Winsor Avenue Watertown Tel. Middlesex 2778 -M r Mademoiselle FINDS HER CALLING • “I’m going to Fisher School!” A wise decision for a young woman — for she has selected a business school of charm and efficiency. Unu- sual facilities, up-to-date courses, new methods and a well-balanced program of cultural and technical devel- opment prepare Fisher girls for the exacting needs of modern business . . . place them on employers’ pre- ferred lists. One and two year Execu- tive, Secretarial, and Busi- ness courses. Particular emphasis given to personal- ity expression. The Fisher Plan offers opportunities for individual advancement; students progress as rapidly as they are able. BOSTON 118 Beacon St. SOMERVILLE 374 Broadway FISHER SCHOOLS V Compliments of RICHARDSON ' S VARIETY STORE Compliments at MELLEY GRAIN CO. Compliments of A FRIEND DR. A. L. JONES DENTIST Franklin Street Stoneham Compliments of W. T. GRANT CO. Known for Values 318 Main Street Tel. 0130-W Compliments of DR. FRANK E. HARRIS W. W. FISKE CO. Coal, Oil and Coke Telephone 0264 42 Pleasant Street Stoneham DR. HORACE E. BELLOWS Optometrist Tel. 0253-R for Appointment Theatre Building Compliments of STONEHAM FRUIT COMPANY Stoneham Square FRED ' S STORE Home of Quality Butter, Tea, Coffee, Eggs and Groceries Fred McLaughlin STOP AND SHOP Call us for fruit and Vegetables Free Delivery 405 Main Street Tel. Sto. 01 1 8-W Compliments of STONEHAM FOOD MART Free Delivery Stoneham 0472 Compliments of WHITNEY ' S DRUG STORE J Compliments of Stoneham Independent PRINTERS 4 CENTRAL STREET STONEHAM Compliments of DR. A. L. TAURO Compliments of ALBERT P. ROUNDS CONTRACTOR Compliments of T. J. MURPHY Milk and Cream Farm Compliments of IDE’S FASHIOM SHOP Products A.J. BOWERS CO. OPTICIANS 489 MAIN STREET Telephone STONEHAM 0755 For an Appointment It Will Save You Time Enlargers — Printers — Motion Picture Equipment ROBERT CROSS PHOTO SHOP 352 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. Telephone 1297 EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC DR. GORDON W. REYNOLDS Optometrist 465 Main Street Phone 1 166 FELLSWAY PHARMACY E. A. Dearth, Registered Pharmacist Telephone 1008 497 Main Street Stoneham james a. McDonough GROCERIES — PROVISIONS Telephones Stoneham 0297—0299 Deferrari Block CENTRAL SQUARE Let ' s Follow the Crowd to the STONEHAM SPA " Where You Get the Best of Everything " 385 Main Street Compliments of C. F. EZEKIN The Only Ladies ' and Gents ' Custom Tailor and Furrier in Town 6 Franklin Street Stoneham R. F. BRESNAHAN D. M. D. Stoneham Theatre Building Compliments of A. DEFERRARI SONS Established 1885 Compliments of CHARLES W. MESSER SON Compliments of HALPIN ' S ESSO SERVICENTER Corner Main and Middle Streets Stoneham STONEHAM MOTOR MART Ford Cars and Trucks Mercury and Lincoln Zephyr Sales and Service 45 Franklin Street Telephone 0490 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS

Suggestions in the Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA) collection:

Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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