Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA)

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Stoneham High School - Wildlife Yearbook (Stoneham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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YEAR BOOK Ston Cham Scl TOO Oass o 1940 Two Stoneham High School Year Book ig o year J ook Published by the senior class of the Stoneham High School Stoneham, Mass. 01 Editorial Staff Editor-in-Chief ANNA CASSIDY Assistant Editors FRED MacDONALD MARILYN FULLFORD Faculty Advisors Literary, Mr. Reed Business, Mr. Hoyt Literary Editor COLLEN CRONIN Literary Editor DOROTHEA MacKENZIE Boys ' Athletic Editor STUART MacNEIL Boys ' Athletic Editor DONALD HANSON Girls ' Athletic Editor SHIRLEY BAXTER Art Editor JANE BRIDGEMAN Assistont Art Editor CHARLOTTE BRUNDAGE Proof Editor EDITH HOWARD Humor ALBERT CULLEN, ARLENE SMITH Alumni Editor SHIRLEY BUCKLER Business Manager BILL HENDERSON Advertising Manager THOMAS SMITH Circulation Manager HOWARD DEAN, RUSSELL GARDNER Gossip DOROTHY JACKSON, VIRGINIA McLAUGHLIN Exchange Editor GRACE ROLFE Poetry ELLEN KLEINSCHMIDT Printing Editor JOHN DEWHURST Literary Critic IRENE WALLACE Continued Story MARJORIE McLAUGHLIN MARILYN FULLFORD FRED MacDONALD, I 940 GLORIA BAXTER Class Editars GERTRUDE HURLEY RALPH RUDD, 1941 JAMES McLAUGHLIN 1943 BEVERLY BUCKLER, 1942 JIMMIE SHUTTLEWORTH (Junior High) Clerical Cammittee ANNE GIRARD MARJORIE BERGMAN MARJORY PLUMAAER JEANEFFE DIZZAZO Write-ups 12CL DOROTHY JACKSON 1 2C2 JUNE LYNCH 12CL DOROTHEA MacKENZIE 1 2C2 GRACE ROLFE I2G WINKIE JUDGE RUTH ANDREWS BETTY DUNBAR I2B MADELYN DOHERTY 12B MARJORY PLUMMER Cover by JANE BRIDGEMAN DEDICATION We respectfully and affectionaly dedicate this issue of the Year Book to " Doc " Cordon, He has been friend, teacher, and counsellor to all of us and especially to " his boys " to whom he has given, without reserve, all his time and effort both in class and on the athletic field. Four Stoneham High School Year Book FACULTY Back Row: Mr. Mr. Lamson, Mr. Reed Gordo n, Mr. Miller, Mr. Hoyt, Mr. Davis, Mr. Herrick, Middle Row : Miss Johnson, Miss Eastman, Miss Miss Smith, Garland, Miss Miss Leavitt, Miss Dunning Spinney, Miss Marsh, Front Row; Mr. Thibodeau, Miss Regish, Mrs. Lawson, Mr Watson, Mr. Varney, Mr. Nadeau, Mrs. Baker, Mr. Dalgish Stoneham High School Year Book I ' I VC CAROLINE ADAMS " Cary " is a lot of fun as most of you well know. She has also the valuable asset of being able to get along well with everyone and this will take her far we ' re sure. MARION ALLIN " Marion " though quiet and de mure makes her presence in the class room felt. She also makes an in- teresting friend. Best of luck, Marion. Activities; Usher at Graduation. RUTH ANDREWS " Ruthie, " the petite miss of our class, with her grand personality and studious nature will make some lucky boss a wonderful secretary. She has already started on her road to success. Activities; Year Book Staff 3; Dramatic Club 1; Authentic Staff 3; Honor Roll 1,2, 3; Class Officer 1, 2, 3; Commercial Club 3; Social Committee 1, 2; Traffic Squad 2; Usher at Graduation 2; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Tag Committee2. JOHN ANGELO " Johnny ' s " ambition lies in the aeronautical field. We wish him " high " success. He will always be remembered for his bright nature. Activities; Football 2, 3; Honor Roll 3. MARJORIE ARNOLD " Margie " is one of our shy girls, the baby of 1 2C. She has a quiet unassuming smile and is good fun when you really get to know her. Hers may not be a brilliont future, but It will certainly be a worthwhile one. Activities; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 3; A. A. Activities 3. ESTHER AVELLINO Esther ' s interests seem to be out- side of school but she was an essen- tial member of 1 2G2. Activities; Tag Committee 1. VIRGINIA BARNES Credit must go to " Ginnie " fo.- having done so many things during her school years and for having donj them so well. As a co-sharer of the MacDonald Medal we wish her every success. Activities; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Honor Roll I, 2, 3; Athletic Nights 2, 3; Prize Speaking Contests 1; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Riding Club I, 2, 3. Six Stoneham High School Year Book SHIRLEY BAXTER The class glamour girl is “Shirl " Baxter. Because of her " stick-to-it- iveness " and her grand sense of humor, we know she ' ll succeed, come what may. Best of luck, " Shirk " Activities: Glee Club 2, 3; Year Book Staff 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Authentic Staff 3; Honor Roll 2, 3; A. A. 2, 3; Athletic Nights 2; Cheer Leader 2, 3; Field Hockey I, 2, 3; Riding Club 1, 2; Junior Social Committee 2; Dramatic Club Play Committee 3. MARJORIE BERGMAN " Margie ' s " quiet wit and sense of humor have been greatly enjoyed by the members of her class. May you obtain your goal. Activities: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Commercial Club 3; Authentic Staff 3; Year Book Staff 3. ROBERT BINGHAM The Athletic talents that Bob has gained on the hockey and football teams have made him a credit to our class. There is no need to wish you success, " Bob, " you ' ll get it. ELEANOR BLANCHARD " Ellie, " who is very quiet, hasn ' t participated in the usual rush of senior girl ' s life, but those that are intimately acquainted with her, see her as a very likeable companion and a wonderful cook. MARJORIE BRETEM PS " Marge " has a sympathetic, loyal, helpful nature. We know these ex- cellent qualities will carry her far as a nurse. Basketball — I, 2, 3. JANE BRIDGMAN ' Janie ' has great artistic ability not only with the brush, but m handi- work also. She is a steady cheerful worker, and we know these traits will carry her far. Activities: Glee Club 2, 3; Sec- retary of Glee Club 2; Year Book Staff 3; Dramatic Club I, 2, 3; Authentic Staff 3; A. A. Nights 1, 2, 3; Class Officer 2; Prize Speak- ing 1, 2, 3; Usher at Graduation 2; Dramatic Club Play Committee 3; Field Hockey 1, 3; Riding Club 1, 2, Dramatic Club Officer 2; Sophomore Social Committee 1 ; Tag Committee 2, 3. BETTY BROWN " Brownie " is one of 1 2G ' s happy- go-lucky girls. She always has a pleasant word and smile for every- one. With her sunny disposition she should go far. Activities: Basketboll I, 2, 3; Field Hockey I, 2, 3; A. A. Activ- ities 2, 3; Tag Committee 1, 2, 3; Social Committee 1. MELVIN BROWN " Mel " is o Happy-go-lucky stu- dent of 1 2G. He will alwoys be remembered as a good friend and sport. Basketball — 2. Soccer — 1, 3, 3. Stoneham High School Year Book Seven GORDON BUCK Among the best looking and best- like members of our class is of course " Bucky. " His easy going per- sonality and his ready smile have made scores of friends for him. Manager of Ice hlockey — 3, Social Committee. SHIRLEY BUCKLER If all girls were as attractive as " Shirl " what a wonderful world this would be. Besides her good looks she possesses grand qualities which have made her very popular. Activities: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Authentic Staff 3; Honor Roll 2, 3; Year Book Staff 3; A. A. Activities 3; Cheer Leader 2, 3; Marshal at Graduation 2; Social Committee 2; Riding Club I, 2; Dramatic Club Play 3. WARREN BUSHWAY " Bushy " is a bright spot in any and all classrooms, and the person- ality backbone of good old C2. We hope that he never loses his sunny disposition and that his smile is always as happy as it has been since we have known him. Activities: Basketball 2, 3; Soccer 2, 3; A. A. Activities 3; Athletic Nights 3. SHIRLEY CARNES " Spike " is a quiet serene girl who IS seldom seen without a crochet hook or knitting needle. We sin- cerely hope that the pattern of her life is as lovely as the work that she fashions with such nimble fingers. Activities: Honor Roll 2, 3. ANNA CASSIDY Anna is a grand girl, good sport, and lots of fun. She has been a leader in many things during our High School years We are very proud of our MacDonald Medal win- ner and know that she will go far in the scientific field. Activities: Basketball I, 2, 3; Orchestra I, 2, 3; Glee Club 2, 3; Editor of Year Book 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Treasurer Dramatic Club 3; Editor of Authentic 3; Honor Roll I, 2, 3; Social Committee 3; Traffic Squad 3; Usher at Gradua- tion 2; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Dra- matic Club Play Committee 2, 3; President Orchestra 3; A. A. Activ- ities 2, 3. PASQUALE COSTA Although " Pat " has not been with us long he is now " one of us. " It is seldom that we have seen him without that happy-go-lucky smile. Keep It always, " Pat. " Activities: Baseball 3; Football 3 ALFRED CROCETTI " Al " can always see the humor- ous side of a situation. He seems to take things as they come, but he has the ability to go ahead. GoocJ luck to you. Activities: Soccer 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Honor Roll 2; A. A. Activities 1 , 2, 3; Social Committee I ; Usher at Graduation 2; Riding Club 3; Treasurer of Dramatic Club 2; Dramatic Club Play Committee I, 2, 3. COLLEEN CRONIN We need more girls like Colleen in the world today. She ' s always been cfieerful, always ready to help. We know that she will keep these fine qualities tliroughout life. Activities: Glee Club 2, 3; Dra- matic Club 2, 3; Authentic Staff 3; Honor Roll I, 2, 3; A. A, Activities 2, 3 ; Graduation Committee 3. Eight Stoneham High School Year Book RICHARD CROSS " Dick " is the " strong man " of I2C2, He is always in the center of the excitement. His pleasing person- ality and good humor will be a decided asset if his ambitian to be- come a physical director is realized. Activities; Football 3; Basketball 1 , 2; Cross Country 1 ; Orchestra 1 ; A. A. Activities 1; Athletic Nights 1. ALBERT CULLEN A likeable personality and a jolly disposition have endeared " Al " to all of us. May you always be as lighthearted and carefree. " Al. " Activities: Authentic Staff 3; Year Book Staff 3; A. A. Activities 3; Social Committee I . DONALD CURRAN " Don " is liked by eyeryone. He is quite studious and excells in French and History. He loves to have fun and is alw ays joking. His love of fun has brought many good times to all of us. HOWARD DEAN " Mason " is the Clark Gable of 12C2. His antics have brightened many a dull day far his classmates and his recent success as " George Bigelow " in " What a Life " has proved his dramatic ability. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3; Soc- cer 1, 2; Dramatic Club 3; Authen- tic Staff 2, 3; A. A. Activities 1, 2; Cheer Leader 2; Marshall at Grad- uation 2; Traffic Squad 3; Social Committee I, 2. ATTILIO DEL ROSSI " Del " proved his importance to Coach Gordon during football season. " Del " has many fine characteristics and we wish him luck in the ayiation f leld. Activities; Football 3. JOHN DEWHURST " Jackie " is our class hermit. He would be perfectly content, alone, with a place to fish and dream. To this good-natured and easy-going lad we wish every success. Activities: Cross Country 1, 2; Year Book Staff 3; Dramatic Club I, 2, 3; Authentic Staff 1, 3; Honor Roll 3; Track Meets 1, 2; Dramatic Club Play Committee 1, 2. DOROTHY CUTTS " Dot ' s " attractive appearance and sunny disposition together with her ability to make one feel at ease have mode her a friend that we will all miss. Activities: Commercial Club 3. JEANETTE DIZZARO " Jennie, " the jitterbug of 1 2B, has already started on her future career. May your success last for- ever, Jennie. Commercial Club — 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3. Stoneham High School Year Book Nine. MADELYN DOHERTY Madelyn Is always to be found m the middle of o fun-lovmg group. May it always be so, Madelyn. Activities: Basketball 2; Year Book Staff 3; Authentic Staff 3, A. A. Acfivities 2, 3; Athletic Nights 3; Cheer Leader 3; Commercial Club 3; Officer of Commercial Club 3, Social Committees 3; Field Hockey 2, 3; Tag Committee 2, 3; Chairman .lewelry Committee 2, 3. WILLIAM DONAHOE " Bill " Is one of our more soft spoken fellows. He has many friends who believe him a fellow worth knowing. Activities: Cross Country 2; Track Meet 2. PAUL FRENZO Paul, one of the bright spots in our class, lias shown his ability in nu- merous ways. His broad smile and kind disposition make him welcome anywhere. MARILYN FULLFORD " Tommie ' s " prowess os a tennis player Is her password to the courts. Her determination and sense of humor will always be with her no matter what field she chooses. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Year Book Staff 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Authentic Staff 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Assistant Editor of Year Book 3; Dromatic Club Play Com- mittee 3; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Tennis 2, 3. PHYLLIS DUFF " Pete ' s " outside activities kept her so busy she couldn ' t join in many school activities but her cheerful greeting and flashing smile will be missed never-the-less. Activities: Commercial Club 3; Field Hockey 1. ELIZABETH DUNBAR " Betty " Is the musical member of 12B. Her willingness to help and her dependability will aid her in becom- ing a success whether It be In the domestic or business world. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 2, 3; Year Book Staff 3; Dramatic Club 3; Authentic Staff 3; A A. Activities 1,2, 3; Commercial Club 3; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Cap- tain of Field Hockey 3. FRANCIS GALLELLA " Fran " is the strong silent type. Those of us who have gotten be- neath his exterior realize that he Is a person worth knowing. Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3. RUSSELL GARDNER " Russ, " though somewhot retiring Is very popular In our class. His athletic accomplishments are many and we are sure he is someone of whom we shall be proud in the future. Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3; Hockey 1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3; Cross Country 1 ; Soccer 1 ; Year Book Staff 3; Authentic Stoff 3; Class Treasurer 3. Usher at Gradu- ation 2. Ten Stoneham High School Year Book EDWARD GEARY " Ed " IS a quiet, nonchalant fellow who seems headed for success in any coreer which he undertakes. Our best wishes are yours. Activities; BaseboH 2; Foot- ball 1, 2, 3; Honor Roll 2. RITA GEREMONTE Rita is the scholastic student ofC2. She has also taken part m many of the school sports. Rita is planning on becoming a nurse and we know that she will succeed. Activities: Honor Roll I; Field Hockey 1, 3; Dramotic Club I, 3; Dromatic Club Play Committee 3. GEORGE GIBBONS " Pidgie " is one of those " Big things that come in small packages. " He hos a sense of humor which mokes him an amiable sort of fellow. His one ombition is to study aeron- autics ond we all know that he will go " sky high " in his future work. ELIZABETH GILSON " Betty ' s " beautiful complexion and ready laugh mode her a welcome member of our class. We hope you ore a success m whatever you attempt, " Betty. " Activities; Commercial Club 3; Usher at Graduation 2. DAVID GINIVAN " Dove " and his happy-go-lucky attitude go hand and hand with each other and seem to lead to the right road. Loads of Luck, " Dave. " Activities: Football 1, 2, 3. ANNE GIRARD Anne ' s flashing smile, bright eyes, and good sportsmanship made her a popular leader m school activities. We will sincerely miss her. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 2, 3; Year Book Staff 3; Dramatic Club I, 2, 3; Authentic Staff 3; A. A. Activities 2, 3; Class Officer2; President Commercial Club 3; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club Ploy Committee 2; Tag Com- mittee 2, 3; Year Book Committee 3. CHARLES GRAHAM Alas! Poor Charlie hasn ' t any nickname, although " freckles " would fit him perfectly. He ' s rother a bashful boy buf is full of life when with the boys and sincerely liked by one and all. MINERVA GRAHAM Helpful, friendly, and cheerful is Minerva. Her sincere personality is known to all. Activities: Field Hockey 1 . Stoneham High School Year Book Eleven WALTER GRANT The corridors of old S. H. S. and Mr. Thibodeau ' s special agents (traffic squad) would be lost without Buddy ' s famous smile to make a dark day bright again. Activities; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Basketball I, 2, 3; Soccer 1, 2; Honor Roll 1,2, 3; Traffic Squad 3. DONALD HANSON What would we ever have done without " Smiley " in class? His easy manner, friendliness, and spirit of fun have made him very well liked. May your sense of humor never fail you, Don. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; A. A. Activities 3; Social Committee 1 ; Year Book Staff 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Cross Country Manager 3; Cross Country 2; Authentic Staff 3; Usher at Graduation 2; Dramotic Club Play 3; Jewelry Committee 2. ALICE HAPPANEY " Al " is a newcomer to our Class. With her sunny disposition she has made many friends, and should be a great success in her career as a nurse. Activities: Honor Roll 2. MILDRED HEATH " Milly " is one of our fun-loving girls who is fond of a good time, but can be very serious at the proper time, lots of luck on your way to the top, " Mil. " WILLIAM HENDERSON Bill, the master speller of our class, with his genial and up and coming manner should achieve great things. Good luck. Bill, in years to come. Activities: Class Officer 3; Year Book Staff 3; Authentic Staff 3; A. A. Activities 2, 3; Social Com- mittees 2, 3, Usher at Graduation 2; A. A. Committee 3. HELEN HYNES Although quiet in class, " Hynesie " has a likeable personality. We hope you find success in your under- takings. Activities; Commercial Club 3. EDITH HOWARD Many compliments to our Class Historian for her outstanding work, both scholostically and in the field of sports. Her exhilarating person- ality and childish giggle are read for one and all. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Year Book Staff 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Authentic Staff 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; A A. Activities), 2, 3; A. A. Nights 2, 3; A. A. Secretary 3; Prize Speaking Contest I, 2, 3; Social Committee 3; Traffic Squad 2, 3;, Manager of Field Hockey 2; Dramatic Club Play Com- mittee 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club Play 2. Officer of Dramatic Club 3. ROBERT HUNT " Mike " is a happy-go-lucky sort of fellow who always wears a smile on his face. His unusual type of humor is enjoyed by all who know him and he has proved a friend worth knowing. Activities: Basketball 2; Manager of Baseball 2; Authentic Staff 1 ; Traffic Squod 2; Usher at Grad- uation 2. T wel ve Stoneham High School Year Book CLAIRE HURLD Clone is the petite brunette mem- ber of 12C. She ' s odded mony o bright spot to the doss ond we certainly appreciate it. We ' ll be thinking of you when you ' re woy down in Connecticut, Claire. Activities: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; A. A. Nights 1, 2, 3; Usher at graduation 2; A. A. Committee 2, 3; Tag Committee 2, 3. JOHN HYNES Although he has not been able to participate in any school activities, " Ace " is always ready to enjoy an amusing incident. Where you find Bill Rush, you ' re sure to find " Johnny, " Best of luck, " Ace! " DOROTHY JACKSON " Dot " has given us many laughs with her Joan Davis antics. Her ability to get in and out of trouble delights us all. Don ' t ever lose your good spirits, " Dot. " Activities; Basketball 1, 3; Dra- matic Club t, 3; Year Book Staff 3; Authentic Staff 3; Field Hockey 1, 2; Dramatic Club Play 3; A, A. Activities 3. ALICE JEFFERSON " Jeff " always keeps C2 in sus- pense wondering just what she will do next. She is well-liked by us all as she is full of fun and has done much to add cheer to our classroom. Activities; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 2; Tag Committee 2. DOROTHY JELLEY " Toots " has a grand personality and a winning smile. And she isn ' t as quiet as she seems either. We wish for her nothing but the best in the future. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Riding Club 1, 2; Dramatic Club Play Committee 3; Year Book Staff 3. AUSTIN JENKINS " Ozzie " is known in the field of sports for his ability in tennis, and in the classroom for his blush that appears on the slightest provocation. We wish him success at Oxford business School. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Tennis 1, 2, 3. DAVID JENKINS " Good things come in small pack- ages " is applied to this little fellow. " Dave " certainly deserves credit for his sportsmanship. We wish him a future worth talking about. Activities: Ice Hockey 2, 3; A. A. Activities 3; Officer of A. A. 3. ELEANOR JUDGE " Winkie " can be classified as a real pal. She is one of the most ogreeable girls we know. Activities; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; A. A. Activ- ities 1, 2; Junior Roll Call 2; Ath- letic Nights I, 3; Glee Club 2, 3; Social Committee 1 ; Usher ot Grod- uation 2; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Riding Club I, T a g Committee I, 2, 3, Stoneham High School Year Book Thirteen WILLIAM JUNKINS ' ' Wel-I-I " this distinctive member of our class, always ready for a good lough, with his carefree manner has endeared himself to our class. Activities; Baseball 1; Orchestra I, 2, 3. ELEANOR KUHN " El " is the girl who takes things very seriously. We wish her the best of luck with her nursing. Field Hockey 1, 2, 3. ELLEN KLEINSCHMIDT Some girls are just naturally every- body ' s " pal " and this is Ellen. We are also proud of her ability to write poetry and we hope she will con- tinue this at Radcliffe. Activities: Basketball 2, 3; Glee Club 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Authentic Staff 3; A. A. Activities 3; Traffic Squad 3; Dramatic Club Play Committee 3. MARY KNOWLTON Mary is another of our " seen but not heard " girls. She is very quiet but always ready. She will reach the top in the outside world. RUTH LAWSON " Ruthie " has excelled in every sport in which she participated. She ' s a good sport and a nice person to have around. We wish we had a few more Ruth Lawson ' s in the class. Activities; Basketball I, 2, 3; Glee Club 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; A. A. Activ- ities 3; Cheer Leader 3; Prize Speak- ing Contests 1, 2; Usher at gradua- tion 2; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Riding Club 1, 2; Dramatic Club Play Committee 3; Traffic Squad 1. ELIZABETH LEACH We have always admired " Libby ' s " sweet simplicity and unsophisticated poise. Her twinkling eyes and beau- tiful hair have betwitched us all. She will leave a host of friends be- hind her when she goes. Activities; Basketball 1, 2; Glee Club 2; A. A. Activities 3; Cheer Leader 2, 3; Social Committee 1; Usher at Graduation 2; Field Hockey 1 , 2 . STANLEY KONAPACKA " Stan " is a genial chap who lets others take the glory while he does the work. We hope he can con- tinue in school as is his desire. Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3; Hockey 1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3. NATHALIE LcDUC " Nat, " the sincere friend and de- pendable worker that she is, has been an enjoyable classmate and friend to all of us. Best wishes for the future. Activities: Commercial Club 3; Traffic Squad 3; Social Committee 3. Fourteen Sfoneham High School Year Book GORDON LEEMAN Gordon is Q congenial fellow who accepts all puns with the proper spirit. This IS a quality that can be made into something very de- sirable. Good luck in the future, " Gord. " Activities Football I, 2, 3; Basketball I, 2, 3; Soccer 1. ALEXANDER LIRAKIS " Alex " is a Jolly fellow liked by all. He has a set of sparkling white teeth which tend to set oft his smile to perfection. He excells m all sports and has received many athle- tic awards. Activities; Baseball 1; Ice Hockey 1, 2, 3; Football I, 2, 3; Authentic Staff 3; A. A. Activities 1, 2, 3; Athletic Nights 2; Usher at Gradua- tion 2; Usher at Senior Play 3; Junior Graduation Exercises 2. EMERSON LOW " Lifer " is a quiet lad with a win- ning smile for everyone. It isn ' t olways those that moke the most noise that we think the most of and this is certainly true of " Emmie. " JUNE LYNCH June is a " handful of joy " in any classroom. She has big brown mis- chievous eyes ond whenever a laugh may be heard, she is usually connec- ted with it. She excells in sports and her sunny personality has won her many friends. Acfivities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Honor Roll 2; Social Committees 2, 3; Field Hockey 2, 3. FRED MocDONALD The class unanimously agrees that Fred certainly deserves the Mac- Donald Medal. Enough for his serious side; many a laugh in class was due to Fred ' s " Will Rogers " wit. When he goes to Tufts we know he ' ll succeed in the engineering course. Activities; Cross Country 2; Dramatic Club 2, 3; Authentic Staff 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Assisfant Editor of Yeor Book 3; Traffic Squad 3; Dramatic Club Play Committee 3. DOROTHEA MocKENZIE What a dull doss it would have been without " Mac, " who is so profficient at laughing at the wrong time and is always at the Public Library no matter what time you drop in. Her vivacious personality will carry her through thick ond thin, we know. Activities; Basketball 1, 3; Year Book Staff 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Authentic Staff 3; A. A. Activi- ties 2; Traffic Squad 1; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club play Com- mittee 1,2, 3. HERBERT MAHN ' Herb " is trying very hard to turn our " " Toonerville Trolley " into a " Flying demon. " In our opinion he is a second " Casey Jones. " Although he is rather quiet he has made many friends and will certainly succeed. METTA MAHN Metta never makes much noise; but she has a friendliness about her which is o decided asset. Good luck Metta! Activities; Tag Committee 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2; Field Hockey I, 2. Stoneham High School Year Book Fifteen ELEANOR MARCH Although " El " tries to make one think that she is the quiet sort of " gal " we, who know her best, agree that she is a lot of fun. Activities: Commercial Club 3. BARBARA MARTIN " Barb ' s " quiet unassuming man- ner has made her a friend to all and has won her many friends. We know with this quality she will be a success as a technician. Activities: Commercial Club 3; Glee Club 1 . MARY MARRONE Ready, Willing and Able is our " Mary " when there is any work to be done. These qualities and the fine personality that she possesses will aid her greatly in her classes at Burdett ' s, Activities: Glee Club 3; Com- mercial Club 3. MARVELL McCASHEN Marvell, although very quiet, makes her presence in the classroom felt. She has pretty blonde hair which we all secretly admire. She has proved a sincere classmate and friend during the time that we have known her. GERALDINE McETTRICK Busy! Hurry ' Bustle. That ' s " Gerry. " Always on the olert. This talkative damsel is the shadow of I 2C2 and was voted by Gronge, as being most popular girl in Stoneham. Activities: Glee Club 1 , Honor Roll I; A, A. Collector 1; Field Hockey 1, 2; Manager of Field Hockey 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3. ROBERT McGAFFIGAN " Bob " is a quiet and unassuming lad who excells in United States History. His ambition it to travel. His friendly disposition and per- petual smile will be an adequate passport to any corner of the world. Activities: Cross Country 2. MARGERY McLAUGHLIN " Margie " is very loquacious and friendly. Everyone enjoys her ready wit and, certainly, we will all miss her as she goes on to college. Activities: Basketball I, 2, 3; Glee Club 2, 3; Dramatic Club I , 2, 3; Social Committee 3; Traffic Squad 3; Field Hockey 1, 2. MARY McLAUGHLIN Mary is one of our quiet girls, yet we always know that she is there. She has character and understand- ing. We wish you happiness, Mary. Activities: Glee Club 2, 3; Dra- matic Club 2, 3; Honor Roll 2, 3; A A. Activities 2, 3. Sixteen Stoneham High School Year Book VIRGINIA McLaughlin " Ginnie-Mac " is very popular and IS always active in social affairs. We hope she will continue to have good times as well as serious moments. Activities: Glee Club 2, 3; Dra- matic Club I, 2, 3; Year Book Staff 3; Authentic Staff 3; A. A. Activities 1, 2, 3; Cheer Leader 3; Prize Speaking Contests 1, 2; Social Com- mittees 1 , 2, 3; Usher at Graduation 2; Field Hockey I, 2; Dramatic Club Play Committee 2, 3. WILLIAM MEEHAN ' Bill " has made many friends among his classmates. He lias a pleasing smile and wit without equal. With his disposition " Bill " is wel- come anywhere. Activities: Basketball 2, 3; Soc- cer 2; Social Committee I, 3; A. A. Committee 1 . FRANCIS McMURRAY Here is a fellow with one of the best dispositions in our class. " Mac " is ever willing ta do a good turn for his many friends. We shall miss him a great deal when he leaves us. Activities: Baseball 2; Ice Hockey 1, 2; Football 2, 3. CLAYTON MEUSE " Claytie ' s " profound whimsical notatians are the source of many pleasant moments for all including the instructors of our class. This no doubt will be a worthy attribute to his prosperity in the future. Activities: Football 3. STEWART MocNEIL " Stewie " is 12GI ' s gift to the ladies. His winning smile is known far and near and is a bright spot in any dull day. Activities: Track 1, 2, 3; Base- ball Manager 1; Hockey I, 2; Au- thentic 3; Year Book Staff 3; A. A. Activities 3. ROY MEUSE Roy is one of our more soft spoken fellows. He has many friends who believe him worth knowing. His main interest seems to be the grid- iron. Activities: Football 3. MARGUERITE McNULTY " Peg " is the quiet member of 1 2B but we have heard it rumored dif- ferently on the outside. Either way, she is popular with her classmates. We wish you all kinds of success in the future, " Peggy. " Activities: Basketball I, 2; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Commercial Club 3; Officer of Commercial Club 3. JANET MUNROE I2B will never forget Janet for her excellent work as co-editor of the " Commercial Star. " Such a person is sure to find success. Activities: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Commercial Club 3; Co-editor of the " Commercial Star " 3. Stoneham High School Year Book Seventeen DONALD MORRISON “Don " seems to be a " Jekyll and Hyde " - very studious in class, know- ing all the answers, and yet being full of fun and the best of pals. Because of his studious nature, and likeable personality we know he ' ll succeed as a pharmacist. Activities: Cross Country 2; Dra- matic Club 2, 3; Honor Roll I, 2, 3; Traffic Squad 3; Riding Club 3; President of Dramatic Club 3; Grad- uation Committee 3; Graduation Address 3; Dramatic Club Play 3. MARION MORRISON " Morey " is a star athlete as well as being an accomplished artist. We will certainly miss seeing her charge down the hockey field or jump un- believable heights to prevent a basket. Activities; Field hockey 1, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; A. A. Acti vities 3; Contest 1 ; Tag Committee 3. JOSEPH MUSTONE " Joe " is ever able to argue him- self out of a difficult position. He quickly makes friends with fellow students and olways has a smile and good word for everyone, a quality that leaves pleasant memories with everyone. Activities; Baseball 1; Ice Hockey 1, 2; Football 1, 2, 3. ARTHUR NELSON " Art " never takes life or it ' s pro- blems too seriously. We hope that he will continue to see life through those rose colored glasses. MARIE NORTON For Morie ' s personality we have much admirotion. She expects to start training next year and it will certainly be a valuable asset. Activities: Basketball I; Usher at Graduation 2; A. A. Activities I, 2. LAWRENCE ORSILLO An unselfish nature, a kind heart, a ready smile, the finest of pals to everyone, and captoin of the best basketball team we know, that ' s our " Ozzie. " Activities: Football 1, 2, 3; Basketball I, 2, 3; A. A. Activities I; Graduation Committee 3; Social Committees 1, 2, 3; Traffic Squad 3; Chairman Promotion Committee 3. JEAN PERRY Jean is one of the " seen but not heard " girls of I2C2. She has a pleasing personality and is always well dressed. She could be classified as being " petite " and also as a friend well worth knowing. ALAN PETERSON " Pete " has a cheerful grin and an even more cheerful nature. He is a true friend and lots of fun. Our best wishes will always be with you. Activities: Cross Country 2, 3; Dramatic Club I, 2, 3; Honor Roll I, 2; A. A. Activities I, 3; Dramatic Club Play Committee 3; Riding Club 3. Eighteen Stoneham High School Year Book ANGELO PETTO Angelo has a deceiving manner. Although he has a quiet appearance his intimate friends will assure you that this is not so. Activities: Football 2. HELEN PHALON Although she is a fairly new mem- ber of the class, Helen has certainly made her presence known by her very successful work as Co-editor of the " Commercial Star. " We know she will fulfill her ambitions. Activties: Honor Roll 2, 3; Com- mercial Club 3; Co-editor of " Com- mercial Star " 3. MARJORY PLUMMER " Margie " is a very capable mem- ber of 12B.. Her genial up and coming manner and likeable person- ality assure her of a successful future. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Year Book Staff 3; Authentic Staff 3; Class Officer 3; Commercial Club 3; Field Hockey 1, 2; Riding Club 3; Graduation Committee 3. JAMES PREADIAN " Jimmy " is a friendly fellow with a keen interest in photography. He has kept secret his plans for the future but may he be successful in whatever he undertokes. SERENUS PREUS How can we forget Serenus and his debonair manner? He has kept his plans for the future a secret but we wish him luck in whatever he does. MARGARET RHOADES " Peg, " I2B ' s clever punster, is always ready with a quick comeback Miss Smith found that out in Short- hand. Best of luck, " Peggy ' . ' Activities: Basketball 1, 3; Com- mercial Club 3. ARTHUR RICH " Art " is one of the most popular boys in the senior class of 1940, being our " Football Hero " as well as an outstanding player on the other athletic teams and everybody ' s pal. We extend to him our sincere wish for the best life has to offer. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3; Base- ball 1, 2, 3; Ice Hockey 1, 2, 3; Authentic Staff 2; A. A. Activities 2, 3; Class Officer 2, 3; Social Com- mittees 1, 2; Traffic Squad 1, 2; Head Usher at Graduation 2; Junior Committee 2. GRACE ROLFE " Gracie " is a blond beauty liked by everyone. She has a very pleas- ing personality and is in the center of all activities. Her eagerness to be of help to everyone is only one of her many fine qualities. Activities: Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Year Book Staff 3; Authentic Staff 3; A. A. Activities 2, 3; Social Com- mittees 1; Field Hockey 1,2, 3; Tag Committee 3; Year Book Committee 3; Basketball 1. Stoneham High School Year Book Nineteen MARY ROTOND Mary is quiet and unassuming but IS a great sport. We hope her desire to be a hairdresser will be fulfilled. Carry on Mary. WILLIAM ROUNDS Bill is the rosy cheeked lad of 12CI. Though he has a quiet and unassuming personality, yet he ' s a true friend. " A friend in need is a friend indeed, " certainly applies to our " Willie. " Activities: Dramatic Club Play Committee 3. WILLIAM RUSH " Bill " is the blushing, bashful boy of 12B. His grand disposition has won and will win him many friends. Good luck. Bill. JOHN RUSSELL " Johnny " has an unusual type of humor, yet one we all enjoy. On the Athletic field, " johnny " put all joking aside and despite his diminu- tiveness, won his place on the teams. Activities; Baseball I, 2, 3; Foot- boll 1. 2. 3; Ice Hockey 1, 2, 3; A. A. Activities 1, 2, 3; Social Com- mittee I, 2; Officer of A. A. 3. JOHN SALERA John is quiet and studious. We wish him all the breaks upon en- tering his proposed occupation. We will miss this shy but likeable fellow. DONALD SHEEHAN " Don " is another one of C2 ' s am- bitious lads. He specializes in am- ateur radio and also plays his new recording machine at our school dances. Sometimes we catch him unawares, singing over the mike at the dances. ARLENE SMITH " Smitty " has a sparkling origin- ality and ready wit. We wish she would develop her talent for writing. However, may she have luck in the business world. Activities: Year Book Staff 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Authentic Staff 3; Honor Roll 3; A. A. Activ- ities 3; Social Committee 1 ; Field Hockey I, 2; Riding Club I, 2, 3 Dramatic Club Play Committee 3. DONALD SMITH " Don " is a boy liked by every member of fhe class. We leave with him heartiest wishes for a prosperous future and much happiness. Twenty Stoneham High School Year Book CAROLYN STARR Carolyn is one of the sweetest girls we know. Her cute laugh and her " little girl " personality will al- ways win her many friends. Activities; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Secretary of Dramatic Club 3; Honor Roll 2, 3; A. A. Activities ), 2, 3; Dramatic Club Play Committee 1, 2, 3; Tag Committee 1, 2, 3; Usher at Graduation 2. ALBERTA STEVENS This blond-haired girl of 1 2C2 is very ambitious. She has a fine voice along with being on artist. We have found out that she has a job all planned for this summer and for this she deserves much credit. Activities; Glee Club 2, 3; A. A. Activities 2, 3. ROBERT STOREY " Bob " IS another of our quiet members and appears to be very ambitious. We wish you the best of luck " Bob. " Activities; Cross Country 3. DOROTHEA STOUMBELIS Dorothea came back from a visit to Greece two years ago and became a welcome addition to our class. Those who know her certainly value her friendship. Activities; Orchestra I, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Field Hockey 1, 2; Dramatic Club Play Committee 3; Secretary of Orchestra 3. GEORGE SULLIVAN " Sully " is the recognized punster of 1 2G. His wit and humor will always be a great asset to him. If " Sully " can regard the proper things in this light he will be a big success. Activities; Baseball 1; Ice Hockey 1, 2; Football 1, 2, 3. CURTIS SURRETTE " Curt " will always be remembered for his determination to succeed in whatever he undertook. We predict a good future if " Curt ' s " pluck means anything. Basketball 1; Soccer 2. GLORIA THOMAS Ask Gloria about anything, and she can expound upon it with the best. No matter what she under- takes, her ability to talk will carry her through. Activities; Basketball 1, 3, Field Hockey 1 , 2, 3; Riding Club 1 , 2. WILLIAM THORN " Bill ' s " quiet and unassuming manner has made him everyone ' s friend. We wish him happiness and success. Stoneham High School Year Book Twenty-one JEANETTE TUNEY Jeanette is not os quiet os she appears. You can always hear her giggling in the class room at the proper time. Activities; Tag Committees. KENNETH VANDERHOOF " Van " is the curly haired boy of C2 who has, to say the least, an original conception of U. S. History. Unfortunately it doesn ' t coincide with Mr. Thibodeau ' s " Bible, " Elson ' s " History of the United States. " Activities; Ice Hockey I, 2; Orchestra 1, 2; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club Play Committee 1, 2, 3. HAROLD VARNEY Harold is good natured and agree- able. He is not very talkative, is perhaps the slightest bit bashful. We will miss a fine fellow when he goes on to Tufts. Activities; Basketball 2; Cross Country 1, 3; Orchestra 3; Dra- matic Club 1, 2; Honor Roll I, 2, 3; Track Meet 3; Traffic Squad 3; Usher at graduation 2. RICHARD WILBY " Dick, " though quiet and un- assuming, can be depended upon as a sincere classmate and friend. Activities; Football 1. HEDWIG ZELETSKY Hedwig is new to our class, but she has won oil of us by her shy friendliness and quick, sweet smile. We hope we hove made her life richer as she has ours. Auf Wieder- sehn, Hedwig. DOROTHY FiTZGIBBON " Dot, " though she did not par- ticipate in many extra curricular activities, made her presence known. We will miss her a great deal. Activities; Commercial Club 3. IRENE WALLACE Here ' s a studious, athletic, dram otic, friendly, sincere, and fun lov- ing girl. She really possesses all of these qualities and even more. We will miss her a great deal. Activities; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Authentic Staff 2, 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Prize Speaking Contest ], 2, 3; Traffic Squad 3; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Officer of Dramatic Club 2; Social Committee 1 . T wenty-two Stoneham High School Year Book JAMES CULLETON " Jimmy” is an amiable chap whc takes things as they come. " Jimmy " has taken part in school activities and is well liked by both boys and girls. Ice Hockey I; Football 1; Basket- Sail 1, 2, 3; Soccer 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1; Social Committee 1; Golf 3. WILLIAM GALLAGHER " Bill " came to us recently from East Boston but has already made many new friends. His many class- mates wish him all the luck possible. WILLIAM KNIGHT " Bill " certainly deserves the ad- miration of his fellow students. He has been a night telephone operator in a hospital for two years and plans to become a doctor. Such ambition will not go unrewarded. Activities: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3. SAMUEL MICALIZZI " Sam " appears quiet but those who know him realize this is not olways the cose. A new comer to our school, he has proved himself voluoble in the doss room and we hope he enjoyed his stay as much as we have. Stoneham High School Year Book T wenty-three f 06YY I Ylg T wenty-four Stoneham High School Year Book ATHLETICS Well, Seniors, it looks like our days in High School sports ore all over. We had a great crowd ot fellows on our teams this year even if we didn ' t do so well as far as being winners, Let ' s go back and take a peep at our records for the past year. Faking them as they come, we will start with football. This team was led by our class president, captain Art Rich. I hey started out the season with a bang by tieing the Belmont outfit. The second encounter was on the Stoneham gridiron, .where they took a much heavier Maynard team by a score of 12-0. They then went over to Lexington and took them 20-0. In their fourth encounter they lost to Woburn at Woburn. However, on the whole they had a good season. Football co-captains for next year are Milt Rich and Tommy Burr. In the same season come cross country. This team was led by Capt. Stuart MacNeil, The boys had bad breaks all season. Maybe it was be- cause they had thirteen members on the squad. Next comes basketball and hockey. In hockey we were led by Johnny Russel. We had a fine team this year and their work is especially com- mendable. Captain Johnny Russel and " I rusty " Gardner won positions on the oll-Scholast ' c first and second team respectively and each con- tributed a goal to the winning score. The under classmen are very promising and we look forward to another fine team next year. Hockey co-captain elects were Bill Donahue and Don Blinn. In Basketball we were led by a great little fellow, Larry Orsillo. They dropped their first encounter to Wakefield despite a last period game. The decision was 2 1 - 1 9. They then took the Alumni 30-28. They lost their next game to undefeated Reading by a score of 34-20. Dean was high scorer in this game by chalking up 7 points. Hanson followed up with 5. The boys then beat Belmont 28-24. Don Hanson was the star of this game, shooting bas- kets from all over the court with omazing accuracy. It was the fine teamwork of the whole Stoneham Club that brought home the bacon. In a battle for the championship with Reading, the boys lost by one point, the final score being 28-27. This also lost them their chances to play in the Tech Tournament. Cap- tain elect for the next year is the well known, " Red " Bridgemon. Well, that ' s enough about basketball. Now to spring and baseball. This team is led by Captain " Trusty " Gardner. The boys started the season with a bang, winning from Concord. The score was tied at b all until the last of the ninth when Houghton singled, sending a runner home to win the game, 6-5. In the second en- counter, Stoneham eked out a victory over Woburn by the score of 7-6. Bridgemon flied out with Costa scoring after the catch. Reading was the next opponent and won by a score ot 31-21, a new record in runs scored in a single game in schoolboy baseball. In the next six games the boys, through a streak of bad luck went down in defeat. The scores of these games are as follows: — Wakefield 6-1, Lexington 18-1 1, Belmont 14-2, Concord 4-2. In this game Bridgemon pitched. 4 hit balls but received no support at bat or in the field, Stoneham dropped their next game at Wakefield 6-0. The Winchester score was 5-3. In this game Gardner pitched 4 hit balls, but five errors lost the game. The Reading score was 6-5. Don Dillon proved to be the hero, sending Rich home from second in the last of the ninth to bring victory. In the eleventh game Melrose ' s much talked about baseball team took a lacing from the locals 12-2. A big six run, sixth inning, featured by a flock of errors plus a home run clout by Capt. Gardner sewed up the game. With four games to go we have hopes of seeing our team victorious. Ed Richardson, slight sophomore twirler has won all of Stoneham ' s four victories. Much credit should go to him and he is sure to help the team next year. We can certainly be proud of our athletic teams. Their fine spirit both in defeat and victory has left an enviable record in the annals of the school. — Stuart MacNeil Stoneham High School Year Book T wenty-f ive FOOTBALL TEAM Coach, Miller Captain, Art Rich Back Row: J. Carr, W. Donahue, W. Cockerille, J. Surette, W. Bridgman, R. Lynn, C. Adams, J. Monks R. Rotondi, D. Arnold, D. Ginivan, J, Rees, W. Thorn, A. Petto, R. English, J. Knight, Angelosanto, D. McCrae Coach Miller, E. Geary, N. Sanchez, R. Gardner, R. Cross, A. Del Rossi, H Davis, M. Rolli, R. Anderson, R. Hodson G. Leehman, M. Rich, T. Burr, C. Meuse, Art Rich, J. Russell, G. Sullivan, L. Orsillo, J. Costa, D. Blinn, J. Mustone, J. Angelosanto CHEERING SQUAD Back Row: R. Bradley, D. Greenquist, S. Baxter, V. McLaughlin, M. Doherty Front Row: S. Buckler, (Capt.), E. Leach, G. Hurley, C. Brundage, Ruth Lawson T wenty-six Stoneham High School Year Book HOCKEY Back Row: Monoger, Outram, Burr, Davis, Saunders, Landers, Manager Towse Middle Row: Coach Gordon, Jenkins, Wallace, Rudd, Kerrigan, Lynn, M. Rich, Cockerille, Woodworth, Manager Buck Front Row: R. Bridgmon, J. Russell, R. Gardner, Captain Art Rich, W. Grant, P. Costa, S. Konopacka FIELD HOCKEY SQUAD Back Row: E. Judge, A. Cassidy, G. Rolfe, D. Jelley, J. Bridgman Middle Row: G. Hurley, Mrs. Lawson, (Coach) R. Geremonte, M. Sisson, M. Doherty, V. Barnes, I. Wallace, G. Thomas, M. McLaughlin Front Row: M. Fullford, M. McNulty, R. Andrews, B. Dunbar (Captain) J. Lynch, A. Girard, M. Morrison, H. Candaga Stoneham High School Year Book T wenty-seven BASEBALL Back Row: R. French, A. Rounds, N. Wade Third Row: B. Allin, B. Cronin C. Kerrigan, R. Arnold, G. Cogan, D. Dillon, R. Stetson Middle Row: K. Hanhcock, B. Freeman, M. Rich, B. Reynolds, R. Hodson, E. Richardson, M. Rolli, Doc Gordon Front Row: R. Bridgman, J. Russell, R. Gardner, Captain Art Rich, W. Grant P. Costa, S. Konopaka BASKETBALL Back Row: Mr. Elerin, Coach; R. Houghton, D. MacRae, W. Bushway, Manager R. Truesdale Front Row: W. Bridgman, G. Leeman, D. Hanson, L, Orsillo, Captain; W. Grant, H, Dean, E. Patterson Twenty-eight Stoneham High School Year Book ORCHESTRA Bock Row: R. Wlsehort, E. Proodlan, H. Varney, S. Winchester, A. Jenkins, G. Pattie Middle Row: W. Junkins, G. Toshjian, A. Tuney, A. Finnegan, G. McGrath, R. Lent, G. Hansell Front Row: M. Sisson, D. Chynoweth, V. Barnes, A. Cassidy, V. Bratton, D. Stoumbelis, I. Jaques, Instructor C. Buono TRACK TEAM Back Row: D. Towse, Coach Davis, D. FHanson Front Row: D. Seymour, H. Varney, S. MacNeil, V. Vacon, R. Storey Stoneham High School Year Book T wenty-nine YEAR BOOK AND AUTHENTIC STAFF Back Row: D. Morrison, D. Hanson, S. McNeil, R. Rudd, H. Dean, A. Culleti R. Gardner, J. McLaughlin. Second Row: J. Dewhurst, E. Kleinschmidt, S. Baxter, S. Buckler, M. Doherty, M. Plummer, D. Jackson, J. Shuttleworth. Third Row: E. Howard, B. Dunbar, A. Girard, E. Judge, B. Buckler, G, Baxter, I. Wallace, A. Smith, C. Brundage, D. Jelly, G. Hurley, L McLaughlin Fourth Row: J. Bridgeman, D. MacKenzie, F. MacDonald, M. Dunnan, A. Cassidy, W. Henderson, T. Smith, M. Fullford, C. Cronin Thirty Stoneham High School Year Book TRAFFIC SQUAD Back Row: Mr. Thibodeau, F. MacDonald, D. Arnold, D. Morrison, H. Dean, H. Varney, M. Rich, W. Bridgman, W. Grant, L. Orsillo Front Row: I. Wallace, N. LeDuc, M. McLaughlin, A. Cassidy, E. Howard, A. Moore, E. Kleinschmidt, D. Greenquist, H. Condage COMMERCIAL CLUB Back Row: N. LeDuc, H. Phalon, M. Plummer, D. Fitzgibbons, M. Bergman, H. Hynes, D. Cutts, M. Marrone Front Row: B. Martin, J. Monroe, R. Andrews, J. Dizzazo, Ann Girard, M, McNulty, M. Doherty, P. Duff, M. Rhoades, B. Dunbar Stoneham High School Year Book Thirty-one PRESIDENT ' S WELCOME ODAY is our graduation day and these are the exercises that mark the end of our high school days and the beginning of different careers far us. It is with genuine pleasure that, as president of the class of 1940 of the Stoneham High School, I welcome you to our com- mencement exercises. To our parents, we extend a special gratitude for their many sacrifices and their encouragement and interest in our achieve- ments. To the School Committee and the faculty we express our appreciation for their help in preparing us for the future. To all our friends, we extend a hearty welcome. This afternoon as you see us receive our diplomas you will realize, as we do, that we have come to the end of one period of our life and are ready for the next. What will it be? Surely no graduating class has stepped into a more upset world than the present. We cannot look lightly at the serious state af a war-torn world; but we can keep our hearts tolerant and our minds alert to the situation before us. Our tasks will na doubt be difficult; But with the spirit of youth, we are eager to find our place and to do well our work. We should consider it a privilege to be faced with problems, so that we may show our strength in the solving of them. I think our feelings in this respect are well expressed by the poet who said — " Labor is given us. Let us give thanks! Power worketh through us Let us give thanks! Not for what we have Not for the garnering. Gratefully we sing. But for the mighty thing For our tasks and our strength; For the journey and its length; For our dauntless eagerness; For our humble weariness; For these, let us give thanks! For these, O Mighty Father, Take thou our thanks! It is with thanksgiving for knowing our tasks and high hopes for the future that we graduate today. I am indeed happy to welcome all of you now to the Graduation Exercises of the Class of 1940. — Arthur Rich Thirty-two Stoneham High School Year Book Graduation Address O almost everybody the names of Pierre and Madame Curie repre- sent outstanding figures in the world ot science. Outstanding because of their contribution of radium, the element which has added so much to the store of scientific knowledge. I he Curies had an idea, a desire, a goal. And working againsr inconceiv- able odds — frail healrn, poverty, and scarcity ot material — they continued in their struggle until tney reached their goal, the isolation ot radium. I he Curies attained success. Let us pause a moment to ask ourselves, " What is success? " We use this expression with considerable treedom, seldom stopping to think what we mean by it. Perhaps the best detinition ot success was given by M. U. Wells when he said; " Wealth, notoriety, place, and power are no measure ot success whatever. I he only true measure ot success is the ratio between what we might have done and what we might have been on the one hand, and the thing we have made and the thing we have made ot ourselves on the other. " Only if an individual has conscientiously used his physical and mental abilities toward the betterment of himself and his fellowmen should he consider himself successful. Only through hard work, self-denial, and will-power can one know the inner satisfaction of keeping faith with his ideals. Undoubtedly we all have an urge for success. In some the urge is weaker than in others, but nevertheless it is there. Of course, we are bound to to have failures among us, because there will always be those who will not exert themselves in an effort to succeed. This weakness is probably due to the fear that success cannot be attained. On the other hand, it takes effort to fail; and should the energy used in the process of failing be directed into the right channels, he who would have failed, will have succeeded. One of the greatest errors committed by us young men and women of high school age is in the placing of our goals. Too often are they nestled among the loftiest clouds, tar beyond our reach. We fail to realize that we have certain limitations which we must recognize and accept. Then, taking into consideration these limitations, we must exert the greatest caution in planning our lives and in setting our goals. We must at all times keep before us two goals. The first, our immediate goal, should be that which we are trying to accomplish day by day and which should lead toward the ultimate goal, the purpose for which we are living our lives. The ultimate goal should be placed high, at a level that will keep us constantly working and achieving, but not at a level that we are not capable of reaching. Many of you will remember the story of " The Great Stone Face " by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Here we find a youth growing up in the midst af the New Hampshire mountains, coming face to face each day with a rock that time and weather had shaped into a strong profile. Day after day he studied that profile — until his face came to resemble that one of stone. In his character had grown the principles and ideals which the Man of the Mountain seemed to represent to him. Thus we see that by keeping his ideals and goals in mind each day, he finally attained them. Stoneham High School Year Book Thirty-three GRADUATION ADDRESS — (Confinued) The Fruits of Our Labor In any contest, there are certain pitfalls which we must guard against if we are to avoid defeat. And so it is with our lives. In the grind of daily routine the star, our ultimate goal, often loses its brilliancy. It is easy to become discouraged at the end of a day when we have apparently accomplished nothing worthwhile. But we must try to clear our vision with the aid of confidence and faith; confidence that we can reach the star, and faith that we shall reach ' t. Too often are we prone to make excuses for ourselves and for our failures. Many times excusing our way out seems an easy means of escape, but this tendency only serves to retard our progress. If we make an error or fail for a moment, we must admit it and not attempt to blanket our shortcomings with excuses. The self-mastery in overcoming these tendencies toward discouragement and rationalization will prove substantial progress in the attainment of our goal. Just as there are certain pitfalls which we must avoid, so there are certain objectives toward which we must strive if we are to attain that which we seek. The power of concentration, although one of the most valuable, is also one of the rarest. A surgeon who nervously paces the room a half hour before an operation will, when the time comes, enter the operating room and perform his work, in which the slightest slip might mean death, with the greatest of calmness — because he has learned how to concentrate. He has learned the value of, being able to keep his mind on the thing he is doing, forgetting all else. We do not realize the heights to which we might rise if we could but concentrate. Most people naturally follow the crowd, always doing as it does, never stepping out of line to attempt something out of the ordinary. Fortunately there is a small group which dares to leave the crowd when their ideals beckon them. Florence Nightingale defied all conventions, put aside the advice of her friends, and went where no other woman had ever dared venture — to war. And because she had dared to be different she succeeded in comforting and saving the lives of hundreds of men and in founding a new profession. Perhaps the greatest of all virtues is patience, especially in our modern life. I say in our modern life because the high speed of civilization which surges around us today has keyed our nerves to so high a pitch that it has become difficult for us to wait any length of time for what we want. One man gave an apt illustration of our present day impatience when he said that our grandfathers were not greatly troubled if they were forced to wait in a town overnight after missing a train, but today a man becomes disturbed if he misses one section of a revolving door. As soon as we can cultivate a feeling of patience within ourselves, the path leading to our goal will become brighter. Some, no doubt, will question that the rewards of success are worth the hard work, self-denial, and will-power necessary for its attainment. But let them be assured that they are worth a hundred-fold the price paid. For true success brings to an individual a deep inner satisfaction which can come from no other source, and our lives are worth living, if only that we may, at some time, experience this feeling. — D. Morrison Thirty-four Stoneham High School Year Book GRADUATION HONORS THE MocDONALD MEDALS For Scholarship, Character and Good Influence in the School ANNA CASSIDY FREDERICK MocDONALD VIRGINIA BARNES Class Historian EDITH HOWARD Graduation Address DONALD MORRISON Preliminary Honor Group (B RUTH ANDREWS MARJORIE ARNOLD VIRGINIA BARNES SHIRLEY BAXTER MARJORIE BERGMAN SHIRLEY BUCKLER SHIRLEY CARNES ANNA CASSIDY COLLEEN CRONIN MARILYN FULLFORD WALTER GRANT EDITH HOWARD IRENE overage or higher for four years) CLAIRE HURLD DOROTHY JELLEY WILLIAM KNIGHT RUTH LAWSON FREDERICK MocDONALD MARY McLaughlin DONALD MORRISON JANET MUNRO HELEN PHALON ARLENE SMITH DOROTHEA STOUMBELIS HAROLD VARNEY WALLACE Class Prophecy DOROTHEA MacKENZIE Class Will VIRGINIA McLAUGHLIN and ROBERT BINGHAM The following awards and prizes will be announced of graduation exercises: History Medals Mathematics and Science Medal Grange Art Prize Grange Music Prize Dramotic Arts Prize Commercial Club Prize Carrie S. Ireland Citizenship Award Parent-Teacher Scholarships Teachers ' Club Scholarships GRADUATION COMMITTEE SHIRLEY BUCKLER DONALD MORRISON LAWRENCE ORSILLO COLLEEN CRONIN JANE BRIDGMAN DONALD HANSON WALTER GRANT WARREN BUSHWAY MARJORY PLUMMER HELEN PHALON ARTHUR RICH, President Stoneham High School Year Book Thirty-five Class History ' The Class of 1940 was graduated this after- noon in the Stoneham Town Hall. " That is the last entry in my diary. It has been such fun keeping a record of the activities of our class during the past four years that I should like to read portions of this diary to you. September 9, 1936 Dear Diary, Today we officially started our Freshman Year. We all came to school with eager antici- pation of something great and different. Well, I ' ll tell you the truth. Diary, I was just a little disappointed. I had rather expected to feel the change, but I don ' t feel any different from what I did when I was in the eighth grade. December 15, 1936 Dear Diary, We held our first election of class officers today. After we were initiated into the mys- teries of parlimentary law, we started balloting. The results of our election are president, Robert Bingham; vice-president, David Jenkins; sec- retary, Shirley Miller; treasurer, Ruth Andrews, and chairman of Social Committee, Donald Hanson. January 4, 1937 Such excitement today, dear Diary! Two platoon system a thing of the past! We go to school at eight o ' clock now like real high school folks. Everyone is all confused. Many of our class rooms have been changed. We try to forget where we are supposed to go each period so that we can be late for class and have a good excuse. January 27, 1 937 I ' m so thrilled, dear Diary. This afternoon we held our first Freshman Social in the gym. It was a great success. I almost won the spot dance. We danced right underneath a light all the time, but it turned out to be the wrong one. We thought they would pick the middle light and instead they picked one at the end of the gym. February 9, 1 937 Dear Diary, We held our second class meeting today to choose our class colors. There were many com- binations suggested, and, would you believe it dear Diary, some one even suggested orange and purple! Blue and silver won out though. September 8, 1 937 Dear Diary, I ' m afraid I ' ve neglected you for quite a while; but now that school has started, you don ' t need to worry so much We have all new teachers and different sub- jects this year. Now things do feel strange. It ' s rather bewildering here with all the older stu- dents who seem to know where every room is and never go up the wrong stairs or behind a monitor when they should go in front of him. October 27, 1937 Dear Diary, We had a class meeting after school for elec- tion of class officers. John Russell is president, Arthur Rich, vice president, Ruth Andrews, secretary; Marie Norton, treasurer; and Albert Cullen, chairman of Social Committee. September 7, 1938 Well, today, dear Diary, we became Juniors, and we certainly feel the change! I suppose the teachers want to impress upon us the seriousness of the eleventh grade. Any- way we were immediately presented with an armful of books and an assignment book with two pages filled. October 31, 1 938 Arthur Rich moved up from vice-president to president. He must feel rather surrounded by girls. Every other class officer is a girl except Edward Patterson who is chairman of the Social Committee. Jane Bridgman is vice president; Ruth Andrews still secretary; Anne Girard, treasurer; and Madelyn Doherty, chairman of Ring Committee. Thirty-six Stoneham High School Year Book CLASS HISTORY — (Continued) March 17, 1939 Dear Diary, I ' m so tired but gloriously happy. Tonight was the Girls ' Basketball Tournament and we Juniors beat both the Sophomores and the Seniors. Confidentially, Diary, those Sopho- mores were pretty hard to beat We ' ll be doing well if we keep them from beating us next year. The boys go into a fit of laughter whenever anyone mentions a girl playing basketball Still they all came to the Tournament, though most of them said it was more fun to listen to Dot Jackson yell than try to figure out who was winning the game. September 6, 1939 Dear Diary, At last we are Seniors. This is to be our busiest year. We certainly have a class to be proud of. There are so many students prominent in social and scholastic affairs. September 20, 1939 Dear Diary, We had our final election of class officers today. Arthur Rich received the honor of being elected president again. Ruth Andrews should feel proud too, for she has been a class officer throughout her four years of high school. The other officers are William Henderson, Russell Gardner, and Lawrence Orsillo. September 27, 1939 One of the most important activities is the Athletic Association. It is the honor of the Seniors to be elected as the officers. The re- sulting ballot was John Russell, president; Lawrence Orsillo, vice president; David Jenkins, treasurer, and Edith Howard, secretary. November 29, 1939 Dear Diary, Last night the Athletic Association presented in the new Stoneham Town Hall, one of its most successful shows, " Town Hall Tonight " under the tireless skill of Miss King. I didn ' t get a chance to tell you about the night of the dress rehearsal because I got home so late. Our group had to skip on the stage eight times until we made our entrance cor- rectly; then we had to skip on eight more times until we started our act correctly. By the time we finally got to really doing our number, we couldn ' t sing! A hectic dress rehearsal is assur- ance of a good show and in this case it certainly was. March 8, 1940 Dear Diary, The Athletic Association held its second dance of the year in the gym tonight. The officers, with the enlisted help of a few others spent all afternoon decorating the gym and it looked the best ever! I can ' t say much for the color scheme we used though because the boys bought the crepe paper and they just took what came first. 1 hen they looked hurt when we gasped at the colors and said, " Well, we don ' t see anything wrong with them. Nobody will notice the colors anyway. " But it turned out all right in the end. With the red paper we covered the lights and made the hall rather dark so that dancers wouldn ' t notice the other colors too much. When we asked Mr. Nadeau his opinion of the decorations he said, " Wonderful ' I didn ' t think you had it in you. " We didn ' t know if we should be really compli- mented. April 5, 1940 Dear Diary, The Dramatic Club scored its biggest suc- cess tonight with the Henry Aldrich Play " What A Life. " Even Mr. Thibodeau said it was the best production he ever saw, and, dear Diary, you know what that means. April 17, 1940 Dear Diary, We had an informal class meeting at the close of school for the preliminary announce- ment of honors. Frederick MacDonald won the MacDonald Medal for the boys; Anna Cassidy and Virginia Barnes, for the girls; and I was appointed Class Historian. An exceptionally large number of students in the honor group was announced Five of these were chosen to serve on the Graduation Committee. April 26, 1940 Dear Diary, Tonight was the Upper Class Dance. That sounds simple enough but I just can ' t find words to express how I feel. The paper called us the " practical minded seniors " because we had it in the State Armory, but that is a wonderfull hall for a dance. It was the nicest formal our school ever had. June 14, 1940 The Class of 1940 was graduated this after- noon in the new Stoneham Town Hall. Tomorrow? " Tomorrow to fresh woods and pastures new " — Edith Howard Stoneham High School Year Book Thirty-seven CLASS PROPHECY About a month ogo, I was present, with several of my classmates at a television dem- onstration at Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology. On the way home Fred MacDonald, who will someday be a great man in the scien- tific field, was talking with me about the progress of Science. A few days later, at his invitation, I went to see his especially equipped, laboratory where he showed me a large square, box-like arrangement. " This, " he explained, " is what I call a ' Futura- Telex. ' It is built on the same idea as television sets, but instead of picturing only present scenes, it pictures that which will happen in the future. " I was amazed at this invention of Fred ' s. Why, it must be a wonderful instrument which would make millions of dollars and bring about startling changes in the world. I said as much to Fred but he shook his head sadly. " No, " he explained, " it will only run a certain length of time after which I shall never be able to build another. But, if it will be of any help to you in writing our class prophecy, you are welcome to use it. " It was the very thing! What better way could there be of looking into the future of the class of 1940? I accepted gratefully; and after Fred had tinkered around the wires and other paraphernalia, we sat down to wait. At first the vision was blurred; but as it be- came clearer, I found I could see the outline of a building. As it grew larger, I recognized the school building — a bit the worse for wear, perhaps, but with a new addition on the right side. The picture flashed by quickly until we were finally gazing upon a scene in the office. Who should we find as principal but Bill Meehan, and as vice-principal his old crony. Jim Culleton. Could they have been aiming at these positions when they spent so many periods in the office during our school days? Also on the staff were two attractive secretaries, Peg McNulty and Nathalie LeDuc. Anne Girard, the gym teacher, bounced in on the heels of John Angelosanto, the football coach. Anna Cassidy and Donald Hanson had formed a partnership whereby Anna teaches chemistry and Don washes out test tubes and other in- struments. On the second floor Jean Perry, the librarian, was talking to a book salesman, Francis Callella. Down in the Domestic Science room, Minerva Graham and her assistant, Marjorie Bretemps, were helping some girls cut out dresses while Edith Howard, supervisor of the lunch room, gossiped with Bill Rush, salesman for Peterson ' s Pretzel Company. Finally we reached the basement where the janitors Bill Donahoe, Curt Surette, John Solera, and Herb Mahn were playng pinochle. Here suddenly the scene changed and we found ourselves traveling along toward the square. A fire engine sped out from the fire house and it was driven by Fire Chief Virginia Barnes, her aides being Eleanor Blanchard, Melvin Brown, Edward Geary and Jeannette Dizazzo. At the police station. Policewoman Esther Avellino and Metta Mahn had brought in a criminal to face judgment before Chief of Police Don Curran. It was Dick Cross who had been accused of making moustaches on billboard faces. Before we found out what happened to him, the scene changed to the street again — just in time for us to catch a glimpse of Johnny Russell, a super-salesman, who was selling a new machine requiring no effort to operate. (What it was to be used for no one knew.) Finally we saw the square and what a trans- formation hod taken place! The stores have Thirty-eight Stoneham High School Year Book CLASS PROPHECY — (Continued) become extremely ultra-modern, perhaps the most outstanding being Monsieur Bushway ' s Beauty Salon. Inside this Palace of Petrifying Pulchritude, Alex Lirakis had Winkie Judge trying to put a wave in his hair while Madelyn Doherty was giving Dick Wilby a manicure. Harold Varney was having his toupee sham- pooed and Monsieur Bushway himself was curl- ing the hair of Phyllis " Fifi " Duff ' s pet poodle. On the second floor of this building Caroline Adams and Manon Morrison had a dancing school, teaching the waltz exclusively. Gloria Thomas and Helen Hynes occupied another room for they were leaders of the L. U. S. S. (Let Us Stay Single) club of which they seemed to be the only members Next door to this building was the Bingham Block, named after Robert Bingham who had done such charitable work by establishing a home for stray cats. Here was located Dean ' s Emporium. We saw Howie wandering around the Ladies ' Dress Department where salesgirls, Margaret Rhodes and Marvell McCashen were showing the latest Paris creations made of spun chewing gum and modeled by Ellen Kleinsch- midt, Mary McLaughlin and Rita Ceremonte. We noticed big brawny Larry Orsillo, evidently the store detective, come in and gesture wildly. We then discovered that the scene had changed to what must have been the store ' s tea room. Here, the Chief Dish-Washer, Stan Konopacka, was chasing the Chief Bottle-Washer, George Sullivan, to the evident disgust of Attilio Del Rossi and Joe Mustone who were daintily dunk- ing doughnuts in their tea. W ' th the help of shef Arthur Nelson, the difficulty was straight- ened out. After this we recognized the House- hold Department where Janey Bridgman was painting chairs and tables to demonstrate Five- Minutes-To Dry Paint, a product which Ozzie Jenkins mixed up to sell. At this point something went wrong wth the Futura-Telex, for it had been sputtering a bit. But, no, the difficulty adjusted itself and the next scene seemed to be a huge theatre. The lights announced a vaudeville show with " The Bouncing Bettys on Parade " (Brown, Dunbar, and Gilson, respectively) managed by Alfred Crocetti, that Connoisseur of feminine beauty. Also on the program were Bob McCaffigan and Emerson Low, " The Nosey Noises " The film for the evening was " Back With The Breeze " starring Shirley Buckler, Fran McMurray and Carolyn Starr. Next door to the theatre, fat women and thin men were hurrying in and out. Oh, it was the Gentleman ' s Gymnasium, run by Al Cullen and Dot Jackson, who tipped the scales at whar must have been a hundred ninety pounds. (My, times certainly Have changed.) Their able assistants included Dave Jenkins and Irene Wallace, Olympic tennis chumps — er — champs. Here, Marjorie Bergman was playing a terrific game of badminton against Mary Marrone and Charlie Graham. This machine certainly ran things off at a rapid pace, giving us only a bird ' s eye-view of what was going on. Our next stop was the In- dependent-Press office where Editor Dewhurst was fly-casting into the goldfish bowl while his secretary, Marian Allin, pasted stamps in her album. What a surprise to have found Pat Costa as editor of the Advice — to — Lovelorn column and still more surprising to have found Margie Arnold setting type and running off the papers. Coming in with the news was Alice Happaney, Polly Kuhn, and James Praedian, while newsboy Roy Meuse was returning back papers. In front of the newspaper office Bill Hender- son on a soap box was selling tooth paste filled toothbrushes. Just push the end of the handle and — presto! — the paste is on the brush. Bill was assisted by Bill Junkins and Claytie Meuse who were demonstrating. On a corner farther along, the members of the Stoneham Bird Club were gathered, ready for an afternoon tour. This group included June Lynch, Gerry McEttrick and Alice Jerferson and was being directed by Shirley Carnes. Stoneham High School Year Book Thirty-nine CLASS PROPHECY — (Continued) The machine then flashed on Buddy Grant and his wife, the former Millie Heath, on the street just before we entered Hurld ' s Pharmacy which had been completely modernized and was now run by Claire. At one of the ice cream tables Serenus Preus, Sam Micalizzi, and William Thorn were sipping ice cream sodas. Don Morrison, the registered pharmacist, tried out one of his own prescriptions on Janet Munroe, (woe to her) who had long since mar- ried her boss in order that she might run his business. Helen Phalon helped her with the task. Oh, we saw next a small store which we had missed before and which was run by Rufh Andrews. She employed Mary Knowiton, Johnny Hynes, Bob Storey and Grace Rolfe, among others, who took care of babies, ran errands for old people, broke in new shoes and did many other things for which people would pay. Mary Rotundi and Barbara Martin an- swered all personal calls while Pigie Gibbons was the official door-opener. Here the scene shifted abruptly and as the vision had been clouded for a litfle while, we had to wait until it became clearer. Then, we made out a huge estate situated on what was formerly Minof Street. An afternoon tea was in progress and the hostess was non other than Arlene Smith now married to a millionaire (with one foot in the grave.) Margery Plummer, her secretary, ushered in Miss Alberta Stevens, world-famed opera star, who was to honor them with a selection; and Colleen Cronin, distin- guished senator, occupied the seat of honor. Also Hedwig Zeletsky was another famous guest Working for Arlene were Bus Barwood, who was Ihe gardiner in charge of the window boxes, and Ken Vanderhoof, who took her pet pekinese for its daily walks. Evidently Ruthie Lawson and Libby Leach were now happily married, for we caught a glimpse of a couple of small bungalows behind which the two were hanging out just lines ond lines of clothes. It didn ' t seem possible that there could be much more left to see and we were afraid the ' Futura-Telex ' might not last much longer. But another picture was reflected on the screen This time it showed the future gay life of many of our classmates. We were shown the Bingo Ballroom owned and operated by Russ Gardner with the aid of his henchmen, Stu MacNeil and Dave Cinnivan. Don Sheehan and his Short Wave Syncopa- tors were playing a week ' s engagement and it had drawn a big crowd. Playing with the orchestra were Paul Frenzo, Don Smith, Angelo Petto, and Dot Stoumbelis. The blues singer with the orchestra was non other than Dot Cutts. Dot Fitzgibbons made a charming host- ess and Bill Rounds was a genial headwaiter. Stoneham ' s mayor, Arthur Rich, Esq., a pom- pous looking gentleman with a Van Dyke, had one table and in his party were Cordon Leeman, a great oil king. Toots Jelley, designer of Aunt Nellies Nightcaps; Shirley Baxter, well-known socialite horsewoman, and Bob Hunt, inventor of Tinless Tin Cans. Cigarette girls, Eleanor March and Margie McLaughlin stopped at a table which was oc- cupied by Cordon Buck, man about town, and Bill Gallagher, writer of many popular songs. They were entertaining three visiting chorus girls, Cinnie McLaughlin, Marie Norton, and Jeannette Tuney. Wait — something had gone wrong with the machine again. The pictures grew dimmer and sparks flew from fhe confrapfion. We gof one last glimpse of Marilyn Fullford and Bill Knight doing on adagio dance, before the ' Futura- Telex ' wheezed its last and went completely dead. — Dorothea MacKenzie Forty Stoneham High School Year Book East Mill mtb Srstamrut nf tlir (lIlaBS nf We, the Class of 1940, of Stoneham High School, town of Stoneham, county of Middlesex, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hun- dred and forty, being in full and complete possession of our faculties of mind and body, do hereby declare and proclaim this document to be our last will and testament and do hereby devise, bequeath and bestow our gifts and pos- sessions in the following manner: Item I — In appreciation of the many things the faculty has done for the Class of 1940, we withdraw from our treasury the necessary money to enable them to spend their va- cations at a good Health Resort. Item II — We, the Class of 1940, wish to leave to the Junior Class the ability to follow in the footsteps of our pupils and athletic heroes of whom we are so proud. Item III — To the Junior girls we are leaving a roll of sandpaper with which to smooth the rough edges of the chairs thus preventing those so much dreaded stocking runs. Item IV — For the Physics students of future years we have a fund sufficient for cushions on the backs of the chairs to eliminate the after class massages. Item V — The Class of 1940 wishes to donate the necessary funds for the painting of the gym where we hope many successful games and dances will be held. Item VI — To the future hopefuls of Mr. Thibodeau ' s classes, we are attaching locks to the windows to prevent the poor unknowing victims from catching that formidable disease pneumonia which we the healthy class that we are, were able to withstand. In witness whereof we hereby set our hands and seal, this fourteenth day of June, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and forty. CLASS OF 1940 Witnesses: Fannie M. Spinney Ruth Finn Thomas Flynn — Virginia McLaughlin Stoneham High School Year Book Forty-one Glass of ig o Stalls lies 0 Favorite Pastime Dancing Favorite Singer Bonnie Baker Favorite Social Event Upper Class Dance | Favorite Sport (pleasure) Swimming | Favorite Sport (orgonized) Football ] Favorite Maestro Glenn Miller Favorite Orchestra Glenn Miller Favorite Magazine Life Favorite Subject Sciences Favorite Radio Program 920 Club Favorite Movie Actress Bette Davis Favorite Movie Actor Clark Gable ! Favorite Sandwich Ffam Class Unknown Yahooti Girl Boy Best Looking Carolyn Starr Gordon Buck Best Dressed Shirley Baxter Francis McMurray Best Dancer Virginia McLaughlin Alfred Crocetti Most Popular Anne Girard Lawrence Orsillo Most Athletic June Lynch Arthur Rich Most Likely to Succeed Anna Cassidy Frederick MacDonald Best Matured Shirley Buckler William Rounds Best Politician Virginia Barnes Willram Henderson Best All Round Ruth Lawson Donald Hanson Most Thorough — (lady) Colleen Cronin (gentleman) ' — Donald Morrison Most Capable Ruth Andrews Walter Grant Best Actress Jane Bridgeman Howard Dean Most Helpful Mary McLaughlin William Knight Most Respected Dorothy Jelley Russell Gardiner Most Poised Madelyn Doherty Donald Sheehan Most Witty Dorothy Jackson Warren Bushway Most Talkative Geraldine McEtterick Alexander Lirakis Most Modest Hedwig Zeletsky Emerson Low Most Likeable Irene Wallace " Pot " Costa Most Business Like Jonet Munroe William Rush Most Original Dorothea MacKenzie Robert Hunt — Ruth Lawson — Alfred Crocetti Forty-two Stoneham High School Year Book Everything for Every Sport The M N MacIntyre — Nelson ATHLETIC COMPANY Wholesale Outfitters to Colleges and Schools 99 Chauncy Street Boston, Mass Compliments of DOCKAM ' S STONEHAM AND BOSTON EXPRESS Harry R. Dockam, Prop. placement Service Provided Free to all Graduates m jirla Tf ttjna uninii n Previous Commercial Training Not Re- quired for Entrance Where Success Stories of Tomorrow Begin to Take Form For 61 years, Burdett College has been offering specialized business training to the young people of New England. In its five-story, con- venient building in downtown Boston, the success stories of tomorrow begin to take form. Here young men and women acquire solid foun- dations in business fundamentals, in skill subjects, and cultural- social studies. They learn to think for themselves, and to think straight. Carry hope into achievement by deciding now to learn more about Burdett College ... its experienced faculty ... its enviable reputation among employers. Burdett College Fall Term Begins September 3, 1940 Send for Day or Evening Catalogue 156 Stuart Street, Boston, Mass. HANcock 6300 A.J. BOWERS CO. OPTICIANS 489 MAIN STREET Telephone STONEHAM 0755 For an Appointment It Will Save You Time Compliments of STONEHAM FIVE CENTS SAVINGS BANK Stoneham High School Year Book Forty-three Compliments of A. DEFERRARI SONS Established 1885 R. F. BRESNAHAN D. M. D. Stoneham Theatre Building Compliments of DR. A. L. TAURO Compliments of DR. HENRY E. LEAVITT Let ' s Follow the Crowd to the STONEHAM SPA " Where You Get the Best of Everything " 385 Main Street Compliments of DR. FRANK E. HARRIS BELL HARDWARE COMPANY The Complete Hardware and Paint Store Where You can Usually Get What You Need For the Home " Trade At Bell ' s " 413 Main Street Stoneham Compliments of CHAPMAN ' S OLD KIBBY GINGER ALE Telephone 0480 86 Spring Street Stoneham 1 - ' 1 Compliments of CHARLES W. EVANS Compliments of DR. RALPH F. BAXTER DENTIST j Chase Building See Me First HAMILTON REAL ESTATE Real Estate Sales Rentals Over Theatre Stoneham 0291-1013 ELWOOD B. ELLIOTT Insurance — Real Estate i Auctioneer — Appraisals Office: Wills Building Tel. 0261 Residence: 60 Pleasant Street Tel. 0388 Stoneham | STOP AND SHOP Call Us for Fruit and Vegetables Free Delivery 405 Main Street Telephone Sto. 0046 Compliments of ALBERT P. ROUNDS ! CONTRACTOR RALPH F. ANDERSON RADIO SERVICE Agent for R. C. A. Tubes Repairing and Service 120 Summer Street Stoneham 0118-W BEN MARSACK SHOE REPAIRING Forty-four Stoneham High School Year Book AL HOLMAN ' S Friendly Socony Service Corner South and Main Streets Compliments of C. W. HOUGHTON | Heating and Plumbing Agent for Malden and Melrose Gas Co. 422 Main Street Telephone St . 0139 RAY BUCK SOCONY STATION Corner Main and Summer Streets C. A. HILL CO. Master Electricians Telephone 1297 352 Mam Street Stoneham Devoe Paints Plumbing and Heating Supplies STONEHAM PAINT AND HARDWARE CO 346 Main Street Tel. Stoneham 1216-W LOUIS MILLER Modern Fine Quality Footwear For The Entire Family at Reasonable Prices 346 Main Street Stoneham 1 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Tel Malden 4220 BAKER CLOTHING COMPANY Furnishings — Clothing " The Apparel Shop That ' s On the Square " 440 Main Street Malden Square Compliments of CHARLES W. MESSER SON IDE ' S FASHION SHOP 149 Main Street Compliments of STONEHAM FRUIT COMPANY Stoneham Square DR. GORDON W. REYNOLDS Optometrist 1 465 Main Street Phone 1166 DR. A. L. JONES Dentist 3 Franklin Street Stoneham Compliments of ALBERT P. ROUNDS Contractor i Compliments of ' C. F. EZEKIN The Only Ladies ' and Cents ' Custom Tailor in Town 6 Franklin Street Stoneham STONEHAM MOTOR MART Ford Cars and Trucks Mercury and Lincoln Zephyr Sales and Service 45 Franklin Street Telephone 0490 Sfoneham High School Year Book Forty-five W. W. FISKE COMPANY Cool, Wood and Coke Range and Fuel Oils ' 42 Pleasant Street Telephone 0264 THE MIDDLESEX DRUG COMPANY " The Prescription Drug Store " Elbert R. and Elizabeth C. Boyd Registered Pharmacists ' " Where Friends Meet Friends " Central Square Stoneham M. A. ATHERTON I Optometrist REAH WHITE ME V ' S and WO VIEIV ' S FflRM IL lilm READ A WHITE R 1- Hi T F H Jllim ncmicii 41W4VS ' III SUMIMEn SinEET, BOSTON, MASS. WOOLWOBTH BLOG., PBOVIDENGE, B. 1. Groceries Provisions JOHN FORTINI ELM STREET MARKET Telephones 1204-1205-1206 ' 90 Elm Street Stoneham George F. LoPointe Telephone 0260 GEORGE HAIR STYLIST For Individual Goiffures 485 Main Street Stoneham, Mass. Compliments to HALPIN ' S ESSO SERVICENTER Corner Maine and Middle Streets ; Stoneham Compliments of GRAY— ROOFER FRANKLIN STREET GARAGE Albert F. Lane, Prop. Pontiac Authorized Sales and Service 41 Franklin Street Telephone 0994 THE WILSON SCHOOL Prepares students for career positions as Medical Laboratory Technologists, X-Ray Technicians, Physiotherapists, and Sec- 1 retaries to Doctors. Co-educational day and evening classes. Limited enrollment. Free placement. Write for catalog. THE WILSON SCHOOL 285 Huntington Avenue Boston, Mass. Compliments of DR. WILLIAM S. COY Chose Building Quality Flowers GAY T HE FLORIST Telephone 02 1 7 45 Spring Street Stoneham Forty-Six Stoneham High School Year Book Our Reward as Official Photographer for the Class of 1940 is in knowing that the Stoneham High School has received the finest in photographic service. In Years To Come we would enjoy working with the gradu- ating class and yearbook staff as much as we have this year. Next Year let us assist you. THE Warren Kay Vantine Studio, Inc. 160 Boylston Street, Boston, Mass. Stoneham High School Year Book F-orty-seven PLAYTIME IS HERE AGAIN Everything in the line of Vacation Wear and Playtogs ut your favorite stote Compliments of BACK BAY ELECTROTYPE AND ENGRAVING COMPANY Boston Moss. Phone 0615 Stoneham, Mass. T. J. MURPHY QUALITY MILK FROM OUR OWN COWS Bottled on the Pa rm f resher By A Day STONEHAM THEATRE The Home of Good Entertainment for High School Students for Mony Years William H. McLaughlin, Manager STONEHAM PHARMACY F Bracciotti, Ph. G., Reg. Ph 409 Main Street 7HE PRESCRIPTION STORE Booths Drugs Soda Fountain Compliments of W, T. GRANT CO. KNOWN FOR VALUES 381 Main Street Tel. 0130-W DR. HORACE E. BELLOWS Optometrist Telephone 0253-R for Appointment Theatre Building JAMES A. McDonough GROCERIES PROVISIONS Telephonies Stoneham 0297 — 0299 Deferrori Block CENTRAL SQUARE Forty-eight Stoneham High School Year Book The E. L. Patch Company EXTENDS GREETINGS TO S. H. S. 1940 For many years The Patch Company has advertised irt the S. H S. Authen- tic, not alone for the value it may have in extending the sale of Patch products. We believe that experience in publishing such u school paper gives un opportunity for self-expression in literary effort and in business training that is of great value to the students Many " Patchworkers, " including a number of executives of the company, received their early training in Stoneham High School Of course, any use of Patch products by friends of the school helps to support a local industry which has given steady employment to many Stoneham people since 1 888. The E. L. Patch Company STONEHAM, MASS. Stoneham High School Year Book F-ot ly-nme Fifty Stoneham High School Year Book Falk’s Studio, Inc. 177 TREMONT STREET BOSTON, MASS. Regardless of size, reputation or [jost performances in photo- tography as in anything else, it is the immediate result and satisfaction you receive year in and year out that counts. So it is, that although our reputation is unreproachable, we are not resting on our laurels but have a definite purpose — to continue our high quality of work and guaranteed satisfaction throughout the future. THE UNICORN GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB, INC. 490 William Street, Stoneham Mass. is now taking Reservations for Bridge Parties, Wedding Receptions, Banquets and other Social Functions during the Fall and Winter season. We invite your consideration of Unicorn as the place to hold your next party. Telephone Stoneham 0941 or call personally to see our excellent facilities for entertaining Compliments of CONNORS BROTHERS Fuel Oils THE ENOLA COFFEE SHOP 204 Main Street Luncheons — Dinners — Afternoon Tea Reservations Tel. Stoneham 1077 W. J. FALLON SONS Marble Ridge Dairy Milk and Cream — Farm Products Telephone 0154 303 f ' urk Street Stoneham Stoneham High School Year Book Fif ty-onc invite intelligent comparison Malden Commercial School 6 F’leasant Street, Malden 0256 [ Founded 1903 — Co-educational FALL TERM BEGINS SEPTEMBER 3, 1940 Summer School Begins June 24 and July 1 A Class " A " Business College Preparing young men and women for responsible positions in business. No previous commercial training necessary. F ree Guidance atid Placement Service to our graduates Send for Day, Evening, or Summer School Catalog RSHiTGmLS -.Ct Hoeca m ■ ' ThuMma M 21 CENTRAL STREET • STONEHAM , MASS Toys and Games Congoleum and Armstrong Linoleums and Rugs Zenith and Emerson Radios General Electric Refrigerators Free Checking of Radio Tubes Kitchenware, Tools PROMPT DELIVERY McCarthy simon, inc. MANUFACTURING SPECIALISTS 7-9 West 36th Street New York Specialists in Choir Vestments, Pulpit Gowns Caps, Gowns, Hoods Just off Fifth Avenue For All Degrees Outfitters to over 1500 Schools, Colleges, und Churches Oldest in U. S. Gregg — Speedway HICKOX SECRETARIAL SCHOOL Day and Evening I nil Secretarial ond Intensive Short Courses 12 HLintington Avenue Copley Square Kenmore 6040 Giftwares Stationery E. W. SCHAEFER Greeting Cards Newspapers Recordings Compliments of T. A. PETTENGILL FELLSWA Y PHARMACY E. A. Dearth, Registered Pharmacist Telephone 1008 497 Main Street Stoneham OLYMPIA SHOE REPAIRING John N. Baduvakis Shoe Shine Parlor FRED ' S STORE Home of Quality Butter, Tea, Coffee Eggs and Groceries Fred McLaughlin Fifty-two Stoneham High School Year Book J eaulif Gull Lire THE IDEAL PROFESSION THE IDEAL SCHOOL Sound, proven principles ore correctly interpreted and applied by our master-instructors in the individual training of our students. Spacious modern classrooms are thoroughly equipped for funda- mental and practical training in every phase of modern Beauty Culture. A personal visit will convince you that WILFRED is the ideal practical school of Beauty Culture. Recjuest Booklet El. WILFRED ACADEMY 492 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASS. Telephone KENmore 0880 MAKE-UP WORK IN ALL HIGH SCHOOL SUBJECTS SUMMER PREPARATORY SCHOOL July 1 to August 16 Individuol Instruction in Difficult Subjects Morning Classes Experienced High School Teachers COEDUCATIONAL 25.00 a subject — Send for circular THE FISHER SCHOOL 374 Broadway SOMerset 1800 THE STONEHAM PRESS I is recognized as one of New pqigland’s Outstanding Weeklies I I NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY College of Liberal Arts Offers a broad program of college subjects serving os a foundation for the understanding of modern culture, social relations, and technical achievement. The purpose of this program is to give the student a liberal and cultural education and a vocational competence which fits him to enter some specific type of useful employment. College of Business Administration Offers a college program with broad and thorough training in the principles of business with specialization in Accounting, Journalism, Banking and Finance, Public Ad- ministration, Industrial Administration or Marketing and Advertising. Modern methods of instruction, including lectures, solution and motion pictures of manufacturing processes, are used. College of Engineering Provides complete college programs in Engineering with professional courses in the fields of CIVIL, MECHANICAL (with DIESEL, AERONAUTICAL, and AIR CONDITIONING options,) ELECTRICAL, CHEMICAL, INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, and ENGINEERING AD- MINISTRATION. General engineering courses are persued during the freshman year; thus the student need not make a final decision as to the branch of engineering in which he wishes to specialize until the beginning of the sophomore year. Co-operative plan The Co-operative Plan, which is available to upperclassmen in all courses, provides for o combination of practical industrial experience with classroom instruction. Under this plan the student is able to earn a portion of his school expenses as well as to make business contacts which prove valuable in later years. Degrees Awarded Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science Pre-legal Programs Available FOR CATALOG— MAIL THIS COUPON AT ONCE Northeastern University Director of Admissions Boston, Massachusetts Please send me a catalog of the I I Pre-Legal Program [Z1 College of Liberal Arts I 1 College of Business Administration r 1 College of Engineering — Name Address H-106 L==

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