Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart - Ridge Way Yearbook (Bethesda, MD)

 - Class of 1957

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Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart - Ridge Way Yearbook (Bethesda, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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pjjvi MWC S Q XV t U-5Sv1sL'N'NQ53 QQ uk Q pq VM MMA' fb fxawkxi Mg Q56 QQ ,jx CHU X C Cks c w VM QV 'T QXLQQX -K X, D X5 uf dxdlxw 3 C N9 Y x U19 IXEX yi 99" C QXTT K Ft XGA' :X Ab 0 XL 3 X LU LXZSL HNUQ Dx Seb K LYN U. LQ W3 C Gjwkx Lil ,LSLF X55 YXLXXQWILQ J'x4,LX Vp QJJQ Q5 Www Y 3 kxf-Mlliil. WWE N 5' ,. Q' xx 'C QI - 4 Q Q- Q, x N 1 V , , . .SU x v xx -4 4 Q Q' ' g 2 xbiy X , Q 3 5? A ' L 'L b, V N , XX N Qvolf' - fwwffxx X , Nl 1 0 ' jf, . ., X KY Q9 W ,X , fx' 7 V ' " -' TJ ' U' X N . ,X x X WX 1 , mb Ok WW W M 1 V NXWX k,.Q fi-QLLKQ Q iN , 5Q5JKV EJ 3 . 30 . J , mgwggx x ,, Ly O C Y A ' T' "3 1:2 'Q Lag V f Y- r if X 5 R U X ' N ' 3 jv I Ki 7 - -y A Q ni -vrk h J --H Xb ' ,w V F "X Ji If K- ' AH 4,1150 ' Q 1 P -QL .f it I , - .fl 5 " " ' ,f ' A H qi, . ?R 1 QQ 1, W I W1 aj . 1-14 -D X " 'ix N TJ A x if V, 4 Q63 .f I' H 4 In W x P' " - , ' A , l ' -fr t if sl? , w - , Q .,., y",m L in , A ,Db ff- ,X t' , fbi . 354, -If in ' v -- .1 ,, Stone Ridge Convent of the Sacred Heart 9101 Rockville Pike Washington 14 DC 1957 Rveeenb 620511 et' Bqvggj Sup JCE? iL9cr5l'zuQcfCDtz Q7Lecrt'm,crL'e 32 5? U55 'we bebuecrjc-e' .Clue 1957 Rbge ZJCI3 an vang Svcckdcubejot long -H2 'lacrklfzs gl hugh tofceue iuci if btocnb .Spheres if P1 e 42:3 Us Haelfixhw otarzs -mags cg th be cto 1ebmoEE'o"F5u:'e5f.-flanejbc' Bm crnbgfoe be 4:3 sit-cne C-blbr-engfjcb Sec:-eb-5'ecrr-jc' Co eeioc uecn' :nab Sutaer.-Lot' one 6 ' 1 . to . . A . . U5 ' cn e' ' e Lo4:et-e5'c5, gl bee? bevoicion Jco bug, CIC?-6 ' c: ct L e e new fo us, -we cue not as 1' gf-ten e ec: e , ' T ' e e vc-ni f-f cc L e e . Senior Class Sodality: E. de M. Aspirant 4,35 Angel 23 Aloysian 1, Blue Ribbon 4,33 Green Ribbon 2,13 Pres. of Student Council 4, Class Pres. 2,1g Yearbook Literary Editor 33 C.C.A.C. 2, Glee Club 4,3,2,1g Liturgical Choir 4,3, 2g Christ Child 2,15 Dramatic Club lg Debating Squad 3, Capt. 3, Hockey J, V, 3, Basketball J.V. 1. Dignity befitting the true leader . . . deep insight into real human values . .. her poetry gets to the heart of the matter . . . Mardi Gras Queen . .. she has caught the spirit of the Sacred Heart and spreads it every- where. MOA aaneal on q ,QQ C2-LA-4 "Way Down Yonder in New Orleans " T MJ Dawn Du, qjgz eau I . 1 x 4114 I' fi "' 1 4 'lfwal ,,,0J2f 440 ww 'Wiflbff 'aW we gJM'L!lJt9f 0, f fha! Barbara Boggs 1947 1957 K You Are My Sunshzne Sodality L dc M Asp1rant4 Angel 3 Aloysian 21 Class Treasurer 4 Clce Club 4 3 Liturgical Choir 4 3 Christ Child 1 Hospital C,-roup 2 Cheerleader 2 1 Hockey J V 3 Varsity 4 Basketball J V 4 3 2 JLLAJL f.2av.z,q,t,f ,lavl CJ4co'!o,Zec+a,L Xcafvf Xaaf 024, due! 1.41 JZZFCULI-bQ.Q J lfuiefzt f.jc1.z! fmfefslldllh louise Ca or ffxfnacfj VAN 24141950 I957 5 QLQDO Ability to make others happy bubbling over with 1 t voice high and soft loves astronomy knows latest developments in most modern sciences good sport everyone counts on her a quips at the right time 4 0 ' 1 Ii Ldbil LJV . 'ill V t,.1 ,tl 5 A A . 4, " I I 4 V f 4' 4 . fx. g I ' L' , , Y A lv cw" J '. I I . 'YYKIX I ' 5.31 4+ S so - 1 W H , ,,, .0 54.1, A7 'I .Di 1-- , A -J ,x'-i '.::.' x., ,fi , S' .Q - I " ' A 7-45 ' ' , h 'Q fi, Y,-f' V 'E?" MW W Zyifjabfyw 4 V L Blue Ribbon 4g Green Ribbon 2,1g Christ Child 1 Social Group 4,3,2g Dramatic Club 4,3,2,lg Pres. 4 Cheerleader 2,1. All the charm and dignity of her native Greece . . strength in gentleness ... at home with everyone .. . warm manner . .. helping hand in sweet silence shining brown eyes . . . petite . . . a true woman with a woman's heart. 'Sunshine of Your Smile' Kauna Comnungs f IQQ3 I9a7 Happg G0 Lucky We ad C0-lla-Q2 Lovely to look at delightful to know quick mind nonchalant air glint of mischief in her eyes Harvard horses dogs lovc oflife never hcar ing music without urge to direct high aims working for their accomplishment 1956 I957 Q1 I z ' f rl ' . M, lf! ' 8. ! A ' v - i I t I u I. ' J g ty e xg, " P . 'N K Sodality: Angel 45 Glee Club 4. - Q, 4' iq E! t 5 f! 699 Wefufq' Myra 195 9 Abu Aaaugfilaauat SOd8l1Iy E de M Asp1rant4 Angel 3 2 Aloyslanl Rtdglan Trcas 2 Class Trtas 3 Glee Club 4 3 2 SLC Treas 3 lxturgxcal Choxr 4 3 2 Chrlst Chxld 2 1 Commlttne of Cames 4 3 Vxtt Pres 4 Hockey J V 3 1 Baske.tbal1J V 4 3 2 Capt 4 Baseball 21 Faxthful standby of every actlvlty effxclency fxnancur of class manager of team sees thmgs through w1ll1ng to do hlddtn and hard tasks real humor C of L, p1n courage 1n the face of dxfflcultxes W Thou Swell X4 wdi-if U 9 Jo wjivf W R059 dy sffsyyfk COW 0 Q CCS?-L UCS? AC! b ojxj LOC! VX '7 x Pl 091.2 Qi xy Jana? l950 I957 milf Mlll u5tqHU We-xlltrt uxcf Cl Cond x ,MLM Ugl- Ou Fd QF 1 15 all G wxl F Lb 3:1 ffofaf Lua X14 3 H AHunl1ng e :IIC I '-4' '45 Q i li' Art Club 4 Dramatlc Club 4 if a,n,Aa,6f.'Q,,UML5r. if 5444. v.fQC,u.OL Fmt mmd and lovv. of beauty undtrfunlovlng txttrlor C h Kmy a flalr for modern poetry btautx ful rldtr htr love of horsts and poetry sum up her Louragt and lI'lSlgl1I lnto all that IS noble I956 1907 e n A -A4: ing. HL'-L ,L , ,ba In . ' . I' H ix. rj? RSE? xx ,' I, ky'YVgpA . Jo Anne Costello -Qgsfgg Wy BC, . by 1 X L Rf I K X 'liflfl' ' tg A 4' .1 A .xtlff ,tl if VIVYC ww 4 , 4 , all - gVtTl"A PM H ' miracle C l Y . ' x lc' +55 5 ' ' . Zig-,,RfK4 , - I.-U i' ' 1' D ' 1'- P Sodality5 E. de M, Aspirant 45 Angel 35Class Pres. 45 Yearbook Business Manager 35 Driving Council 35 Debating Squad 35 Home for lncurables 25 Social Group 4,35 Art Club 4,35 Treas. 35 Dramatic Club 45 Vice-Pres. 45 Golf Squad Captain 45 Baseball 2. A true Bostonian through and through . . . Christopher cheers herself hoarse at games shiny black Ford . . . nothing to do? Annie will find something . . . beaming smile and ready exclamations . . . full of life and always giving it to others., 5441. -fa 04.1.06 "Youve Sensational ' Georgia Farwell 1953 1954 1956 1957 Q 4 Q.n.a.:.Qn.a., A-A""'Q-4 P'-raJZ.n.1'C. l"uo..Aocr:.A.,LL Lg..s-JU. o.'-t-k.u.rxLm.n.,Cx t...,4.'-H- E t.,-mJx..L.51-kiln' h.Q.l.JL u-t.,e.t.+q, k1rgl'Lt.Y-J'LD'W-4.5 uv-KAJOQA, o.n.d.i-WND-I Laful QA4-v-nx1A5'LlJs Ann Cunningham 1954 1957 Carolma In the Mornmg 4 CQ!-LLY ,Qi di:-LAQKDQ Class Vice Pres 1 Glee Club 4 Social Group41 Life of the party always giving spirit and encour agement part of every endeavor sports school work or just fun marked determination and self giving a person you want to know better adapt ability and ready wit that s our George 9:7 .55 K as 9' L, . 1 'C' 7 Sodality: E. de M. Aspirant 4,33 Angel 23 Aloysian lc Yearbook Photographer 33 Ridgian Sports Editor 23 Clee Club 4,3,2,1Q Librarian 33 Christopher Treas. 43 Liturgical Choir 4,3323 Pres. 43 St. Anne's Group 13 Christ Child 23 Committee of Games 4,33 Hockey J.V, 4,23 Varsity 3' Basketball J.V. 4 2. if' 3 Hers is the shy quiet way of the unassuming... Sherry smiling and sincere frankness and consideration . . Come on Goldsl likes lke best of friends most fun never unwilling to help steadfast loyalty. Xnu1aoaezxcLeCfeLa.C0Lb. if iid 2'Yv4-A efa.c,u.ot Afasoet, X". . Friendly Persuasion A, - J W' A0 VII v 1 'la 3 W Jioyey 5 Susan Fields 1954 I95z I 'ff x e J ' " 'x I J xv G' U L5 C 'i ti! .l 'x LGA' X -ef" unity l hwy' Q, V 419' QJN JI ,Vi Sharon Ann Ferguson 1946 1957 ! , I' na ,J Green Eyes Sodality E: de M Xspirant 4 Xngel 3 Xloysianl Ridgian Distribution Manager 2 Hospital Croup 4 3 Z Pres 4 Lilee Club Z Xrt Club 4 3 Cheerleader 2 Hoekev .I V 3 Faithful nurses aide shining green eves e optimist ready for good things to eome gentle and serene Susu s flaming hair disguises her even temper helping anvone from a sick patient to a lost freshman seeing onlx good in others penetrating thoughtful comments in elass 6 Y tx ,LI F exjxi' v xlX '15, 3 3 . Mkt? l 5 J JV 'X 'J Q MXL .3 g WND' In :Q X535 elndl W ' v 3 i f ,K K x, 1L vnu ll ldv if 'iuincl f x del ' Y,-gifs' l N A . 63 V x DI' Lux Dt- . we " 'Q ' iv s Ti 'x Ju. MW X -Q Y' Cqlxw a MX I . .s ,Qlpx ,qu L LO. ?u N .4 5 , I i 5 1 .g.'iv, . 1 J' igiij-rlmjls., 'gl 3 'L . .. , 2 51 - 51016 K, fy M 9' I -- ','' QL, 0 ,- -3 at - H ef Sodality: E. de M. Aspirant 4g Art Club 45 Social Group 4. Almost a boarder holds to her ownconvlctlons much traveled eager to share knowledge of dis tant lands goes out to all sense of humor although flrst vcar a real Stone Rldgcr record 1n maklng new friend WM W e :Ei WN Sara llarle Gould 10,41 QM , ,YV 'QP-"! 'ix 192161994 J' W ll L rdf' we Wd me 1-4, mambo A we C vo 714' 3X L fu J Cgi,jUJ U30 5' f klefny ,V uv 49-9 l we D51 0,1191 A by 'WW MQN fr-4' QD Lyq,-,BIND L U" CQ dj Sunny LN! ANNO X 31 4? f J 'H U' J JL ,255 'YWCA e D .L Qwxvsf 20 fx'-9.25 Class V1ce Pres 4 R1dg1an Reporter 3 Glee Club 4 UCXL' yf 3 2 1 Soclal Group 4 1 Pres 4 Hospxtal Group 3 2 Cheerleadmg 2 1 Hockey J V 4 3 X 47 Genu1ne mterest m everyone and everythlng capa cxty for fun far exceedmg her s1ze lexsurely axr and graclousness fashlon shows hostess su preme red ha1r and a sunny smxle you know xts Cathy 9 Lf ls Cathleen B Hlser i948 1957 Ay V D . .u I' l : sw l w - 4' , . 4 W' 3 . -. VA vi ' i I A' f K I 1 0 0 lf 5 uf 4 ' s fx -- ee I " - "' 1' , SJ-' J at - V 1 N . -if 1 L' I cz f of f 'N xx 'f ' 6 1 ill n ell 4 "" Y 'J 51 A tak' 'il .1 'QU k3,L'L -tc ,rx Ck 1 , A in , L, N s . Q ch' in f V, ' K ,-tlglifl ..-. 1 - Oflux tak -fu , tic I A ' 'yd A , 1 'J l' Q ,OW O ,441 -S K r , Q, C . X4 V A . . Q --'N' -rf l W W ffmz 4 Q 1 vm ,pqqff U C. -C ffl P71 . C' 'PL L36 " li, .1 kd , 1' Lfi A , .xr ' K X - 4 - J l ' - . 1 ' ' 1 .L 4' 'Ki . . 5 . 1 s ' .': ' , .. ..,. U may 70 l ' Le? . 1 ' - Kr 6' . k-Lf I uns A .-.-.1 ' I K yy K , . fl' Cy .N ' 1 WMV' Q W nur' linda Ann Jenks 0519! - V Sodalityz E. de M. Aspirant 4,33 Angel 2g Christ Child . f ' 25 Home for lncurables 4,3g Pres. 43 Art Club3 2 ORG Pres. 35 Dramatic Club 4. X l A gentle way sacristan faithful and devoted N Cl artist rare . .. serenity characterizing her manner "Clunk" is silently helpful, true and trusted deep and flashing dimples . . . quiet dignity .. . givin her best in everything. y6J.xJ'1. Alai 'Y0u'll Never Walk Alone' iiif ei? ,exe M94 1954 1952 My Vigifvefw X ,, 5, ff LQQQ fjxgff iff Sodallty Child of Mary 4 E de M Asp1rant3 Angel 2 Aloysian 1 Blue Ribbon 4 .5 C,-reen Ribbon 21 Pres of Student Council 4 Class Treas 2 Yearbook Art l ditor 3 Ridgian 'xrtl d1tor2 Pres of the Christ opher Club 4 Clee Club 4 3 Z 1 Liturgical Choir 4 3 2 Social Croup 2 Christ Child 1 Hockey .I V 4 2 l Varsity 3 Baseball 2 The typical Stone Ridge girl devoted leader everywhere smoothing the cogs holding high her principles talented artist her spirit her frxendlme ss her goodness make everyone love Kathie 10 Katherine Keogh E e 1940 19:14 X. 5 I 1 -w sy Af X dt' V-. ' X l X, a . X 9 ,e x , Q! C? '- - 5? - ' ' . V 4' W ,. K. 1 . , X fl 1 1 A 1a k ' V X Ex .f fl k N' ' J W , - J 1 ff? fx pg r EK m , 4' . Q 4 9 : '9 M f 4,3 'A Prelly Girl is Like zz Melody' ' 1 ' m 1 ' ,' - - F Sodalxty E de M Asp1rant4 Angel 3 xloys1an2 Chr1stCh1ld 3 2 1 Pres 3 Dr1v1ngCounc1l4 3 Com m1ttee of Games 4 3 2 Gold Team Captaln 4 Hockey J V 3 Z 1 Varslty 4 BasketballJ V 4 Baseball3 2 1 Splfll sh1nes forth 1n all she undertakes leading the Gold Team on cheerlng for Stone Rxdge or Mary land dI'1Vll'lg puddle Jumper wearmg C of G pm proudly beneath her laughmg eyes and blond curls hes a deep sense of reallty Blues Slay Away From Me -'Q' X373 www! I wyff WWW Mm W W WWW MWA 3 NW '-S Helen Bell llcllullen 1953-1954 1955-I957 Sleepy Tzme Gal Sodalxty Angel 4 St Anne s Group 1, Soclal Group 4, 3, Dramatxc Club 4,1, Vlce Pres 4, Art Club 4,3, Debatmg Squad 3 At the serv1ce of any who ask of her marvelous mathematlclan absent mlnded ommvorous reader can sav m one sentence what takes another two pages . headmg for a sc1ent1f1c career , ' . t J J A .. Y ,, xx pq ' ' xl ,w fb , 4 'A , it ,gifs pawn ' 3 B My 3 'WJ ' f 1 ew all A A W 9 t IW 4 l - 52' Elf ,at 3 4 Wg? U W ds' T f 4 3 X A X H - 1 X2 D n Sodaliry: E. de M. Aspirant 4g Angel 35 Yearbook Art Editor 33 Glee Club 3g Liturgical Choir 33 St. Vincent Home 45 Home for lncurables 2g Art Club 4,2g De- bating Squad 3, Gentle artistry in everything she does . . .intelligence flowing into her writing .. . always lending a willing hand . . . she is the gentle, quiet friend to all . . . her keen blue eyes shine with understanding and goodness. -5. O o R 'S Q.. 5 22 rm Zh Q1 e o wu- B lllllll SSSSSSS 43, WW. Clare D Morris QB DQ QS Q53 I954 I957 Mary Katherine Pike 1954 l957 Fab 0108K S9954 sf tw aria M5 aj? I-ix GFQQ-3269 X i fe? urk 05 Pywwgb o 9559-ik P6791 Calzfornza Here I Come GXGJI-104.06 flnpoxao Sodality Angel 4 3 2 Green Ribbon Z Yearbook Ed itor in Chief 3 Ridgxan Editor in Ch1ef2 C C A C 4 Glee Club 43 2 Liturgical Choir 32 Hospital Group 2 Committee of Games 4 3 2 Pres 4 Blue Team Captain 4 Cheerleader 2 Hockey J V 3 Bas ketball Varsity 4 3 2 Captain 4 Tennis 3 2 High principles coupled with a love of fun keen rapier like mind interested in all that is worth while a Christopher in action superb actress C of G and Blue Team leader Middies ap prove of her O wx N., N - A x 5 'V . ' 5 ,-L, C - 0' N y ll 60 Z IK 010 if A ' ' - Q , 4 Q' Q ll , , ' A .VC 1 f X' . X 0 af y ee we 259' ff I , ,V , 12 Cv S9 Y . f , 3 r , Sodality: E. de M. Aspirant 4,33 Angel 23 .Xloysian lg Blue Ribbon 43 Green Ribbon 23 Yearbook Literary Editor 3g Ridgian Reporter 25 Glee Club-4,3,.Z,lg Pres, 4,31 Liturgical Choir 4,3,2g Christ Child 2,lg Pres. 2g Debating Squad 35 Hockey J.V. 25 Varsity 4,35 Tennis 3,2. Never lets go a difficult task until it's conquered gives much to Stone Ridge sings like a nightingale Liturgical Choir and Glee Club her voice loved by all mind logical and quick ...heart understanding and true spirit reaching high "Moby" makes all feel more than welcome. wmaamaffiia gg:+fJ.gf2OJ Cab! 'Heart and oul " d Diiir R W M - bt xii 1 iv tiwrv Qnbuilwfiqld Q21-069' Qwjgtj lrfiifwwn jotttn l'w2f ,L have, 4, 9395 AZ" " M1914 unih qeni The. kiss Liiiamgigimqllqekwx l 'E Lim 'LQ 58 how' Much lewelwuas D9 "1 CD '-3 El .qw ul in X1 Suv'- il gf' Lf? Jgflu tiuueovxb Sodality Angel 4 3 Aloysian 2 l Class Treas l Quarry 4 3 Glee Club 4 3 2 1 Liturgical Choir 3 2 Pres 3 Social Group 4 Home for lncurablcs l bating Squad 3 Hockey J V 3 Tenn1s3 2 1 Capt 2 1 Baseball 3 2 1 alto pride of the Glce Club talented composer and pianist St Patrick s Choir m ic in all "'7' fine student timely bell ringer drv Wll er cakes in demand tennis champ straight thinking strong will of a dynamic characttr 1950 I957 ' A, ff - tm LK' l 4 f ' l - t ' . '--0 Q lx WV' 1 1 . f - f " of - '- ' f ' . ' 1: ' ' ' . , . 1 y . Cl P it ., l95l-I9 V. 3 3 g 'All the Things You Are' ff 13 s-. f Sodality: Child of Mary 45 E, de M, Aspirant 35 Angel 2g Aloysian lg Blue Ribbon 4,3g Green Ribbon 2,15 Class Pres. 3g Class Vice Pres. 2g Glee Club 4,3,2,lg Liturgical Choir 4,3g Christ Child 2g Home for In- curables lg Cheerleader lg Hockey J.V, 2g Varsity -4, 3g Basketball Varsity 4,3,2,lg Baseball 3,2,l. 'Stone Ridge all the way" lots of pep hard work but always good times . .. a friend to everyone and everyone is her friend all-around girl winning way and contagious smile leading the school to reach high goals. . sQmmLQcu.4lO1iQ. Q6-LLL?-Q. ' 'Wondevjul One' 'Da H 1 ' , n L s -sg., C5 3' 'W 3 Q2 Z Z CD i gm CD QSC: i 5 Sw 'GZ 1 2- CD 2 ffffflf ll Learnm My Latm fsfi 'cf f LZQWAVU XA f 1,17 Art Club 4 Dramatic 4 Debating Squad 4 514944, Has won a lasting place in our hearts in less than a year Nan is straight from the land of Shamrotks. reads Latin like Lnglish rare scientist led her Class at Boston Latin penetrating mind a quick friendly smile 1 1 , r 4 lu- QYUQQQ5 Q7 Margherlta Phllomene Shellds 1956 195 f- V I . , I .51 '- Pa.dc-,ctbfrcacuy-1 14 Sodalxty Angel 4 3 Quarry Staff 4 3 Glee Club4 3 2 Llturglcal Cholr 3 2 Home for Incurablcs 3 St Vm cent s Group 4 Art Club 4 Dcbatlng Squad 3 Wrxtcs wlth a touch of gC.'llUS ctcrnal why always a friendly smxlc sevns a fxnc scam Mother SESSION s rlght hand man lovcs classlcal musxc rellable soprano harmomns around the plano Dozn What Comes Na urally E5 , rgfwax L61 CM :X A 4 , 227' MW U. f sive' Q, W 'X fg- mf yd 4? Xmly' S LN ewsbeef Eve Marne Solzbacher llfms 3 J N,.w-+ 44:32, Uffv, -,OU oQ,JtxuILi., XLUZSL .l..xL,XNTCzf 4:fr:!L A-we-PJ C,Q,,.L ,Lu-he 0-1:LAA.mJ3 ... Lmwfwwfff an M,-, Ox outing,-,ie Carol Sweeterman I950 1957 X-x9Ej.4,,,,c,fD-Affbg, QXDWLAJYD x X..-Cc"-"Qf Qi: -n-LQ, 7 0 A9 k The Hostess Wzth the Mostest on e Ball SQACQ4, ,gg-A0 A1424 G2'65j 4- Sodalxty E de M Asp1rant4 3 Angel 2 Xloysxanl Blue Rxbbon 4 3 Green Rlbbon 2 1 Rxdgxan Socxal Edltor 2 C C A C 3 Clee Club 4 3 2 l I lturgmal Choxr 3 Chrxst Chlld 4 l Pres 4 Socxal Group2 Hockey J V 1 Varslty 4 3 2 Captain 4 Basketball JV 3 2 Varsity 4 l Walklng wlth assurance leadmg wlth quxet examplf. her sp1r1t mspxrmg others shmmg at hockey playing rlght wmg Captamlng to vxctorv Belle of the ball chlc sweet soprano calm loyal steady 15 3 3 3 flf be fa to 4 ' 2 1 ' . W A Z 4 n MEWX ' . - K. 1- v I I Dil". A-..Y D 1 . I I- 7 N wg- UN- A , . - . - fx , , 3 J , JC ,L - . ... . . . - if I .. if Lf? ' W. xv' F . K H, D 'KJ . i V U O 0 .GY X :SQ M. is 'IX 'F ' . N NIX 9 fd, H ,Q ' .uma-gpm MHA sms. l955-1957 4: ' X W: Y L1 A I A" V K- 4 Cn. A V , ' A 1 1 ,Yu I ' r 4 3 Q-31-L,. J '- A I' I-2-ie' A N Y ,V Y- - V I Sodality: Angel 4,33 Co-editor of Ridgian 25 Glee Club 4,3,2g Hospital Group 3,2g Social Group 45 De- bating Club 3g Cheerleader 33 Basketball J,V. 3. Eyes that sparkle and a bright smile . . .that's "Katie" "her Skip' carefree step capability and first rate home-maker hostess of many parties . . . shares experiences of Portugal . .. class interest at heart . . . cheerful even on the gloomiest day. xeiibkuww J in I .J ee .V cyl A . bi ees, XOQQX., Qeyai .jr U 3, .3 ,JA cj'-"IL-5, 5691, rex ' , ,JN Eff' ' wap -af' su JDJ, AJP? :SM f- X-N9 f' K 1 ' ' VXI K I fy -5 W GJ ' Lylfy swf vs-Quay . n ,, , Q! V 96.411 vox . bd, P gb'-' ,JK W' XJM ,eebl f . eip 'I ,X A1 fa Q uQ,7"'XoQ! ,' 3 ai- x e ee M C. -- X D,D0,D - - .bpm JN 5 0 0 C3572 7.3 0.25, XO NJQ -75 .nupv Harrlet l Welch I953 1954 L91 V gem l Katherine lens Wanless I954 I957 Only An Irzshman s Dream MJ-fzlbgff' Sodallty E de M Aspirant-1 Angel 3 Xlov-.1an2 Social broup 43 Hospital Croup 2 St xnne s broup l Dramatic Club 4 3 2 l See 4 Cheerleader l Basketball J V 1 VHISIIV 4 3 2 Irish red head with the envied pony tall outstand ing unswayable principles aecompli'-.hed pianist tranquil appearance belies sparkling eharacter loyal utterly dependable and filled with Christ ian courtesy 16 l qv . . if' Z 5 or are new W '50-Y' Sodality: Angel 4,3g Liturgical Choir 4,35 Social Group 4, St, Anne's Group 3, Dramatic Club 4,35 Debating Squad 4,35 Hockey J.V. 4,33 Basketball Varsity 4,35 Tennis 3, I . Flashmg eyes a swxrl of a ponv tall Landon 11kCS orange and black famous hook shots an earnest and def1n1te character plquant dare to debate Dee VIVBCIIY whatever she attempts she does to her fullest capac1ty When the Red Red Robm Comes Bob Bob Bobbm Along ,, Alo-Claw Co-CLLQJ. Mary dl Zerega 19:15 1957 FlllLTl Szltmg MISS Whalen Mrs Rlch Sfandzng MISS Watson Mrs Jaccard M1ss Pearson MISS H111 vslznbfli 11" I S '4 gig, x if, 9 X ' l K ' ' KV f at - , , ' I Pl T eu . , , ' ,. gi, 3. V- .Ti Q37 1 K . :k ' -316 l,?'i3gA.',,ff 9.-.hgh 'iii-35' ',, kiln' C l 1 ,, - 5 ', N' ' . t 1 ,V e - -,af :lam , , I .f A . A I K A W 'N fa' V - T GQ w h, , ,Q ' I v .5 , If An t, uf X! V, ,sa-'N QV' N ' Mix N - , , ' it ax l X V3 ' ., .s . " f 1 . ' . v . ,Q I U4 , , - Y . . I. . ' . 17 C Q 9 . lag 'fax' 43 ' . -' . ix'?.!f H , K ' If - ' "Thr litw UDV' "Now where is that book?" "Strenuous, isn't it!" Cathy and Kathie, Clare, lzdith, Elaine, Liillian, Joxnn and Sharon Lizzie co-operation charts .hflhristopher groups ... moving Tobin's Feast 'The Lost Princess' snowballs make big Christmas candles "The Big Switch' of Mistresses - Mother to life in class projects . .. a display of our varied acting abilities we tour N.l.H. Marian Year - "Shrines of Our Lady' departure ... Mother Whalen returns ... Eden Hall visits and beats songwriting for Seniors mock tests, mock tests, and more are no longer the youngest in the Senior School! Clunk, Marta, and Mary Join us - Susy returns as Lizzie, Kate, into our stubborn heads fashion show at Mayflower shows off ... Hockey Round Robin in Philadelphia with Overbrook, Eden Hall 'Television - The New Orleans member of the class makes the .Xil- contests - turning points in History and Literature ... Mother Choir begins Elmhurst visits us and we beat them in basketball again we write songs for the Fourth . . . The "on trial " members "l've got a piano lesson." MSGCOTNJS. 3UY0nC7' look forward to our last two years at Stone Ridge. us - Helen returns - Marta leaves .. .we welcome Reverend Mother Mother Florance, guiding light of yearbook We travel to first Alumnae Dance Study Hall finally completes "New Look" ation triumphant ... Ma Mere's Jubilee, time of joy for all ... we we capture Essay Trophy ... our thoughts turn to serious matters: Flupe' becomes "The Magic Flute" with Vladimir as mascot that we're finally Seniors as we proudly show off our class rings. Georgia returns Eleanor, Kitty, Nan and Sara bring our total business of leading the school Mother Gorman helps us battle of every shape, size and description are filled out Mother Tobin of self-demotion as the number of crutches phenomenallyincreases boarding school at last! trip to Philly brings hockey victory, draws us closer and 'Constamusn rings more true "Trial by begins fulfillment one by one we count off the list of never Concert ... Primes ...First Friday Procession . . .orals . . . essay Madeline Sophie-'s Feasts . . .conges . . .the May Procession .. . The things that made real our Life at the Sacred Heart. - Alice , , . "l'm fdlllllg, lxm falling Ifavgfitfg haunt 'l kid you not." "lt's not so farl' lirown and White hound-dog . . and then he said .,," T 94 K rg, . as-48.44 Front Row' Barbara McLaughlin, Carolynne Seeman, Linda Jenks, Margherita Shields, Clare Pratt, Eve Solzbaeherg Second Roux- Katherine Keogh, Sara Gould, Georgia Farwell, Barbara Boggs, Cathleen Hiser, Katherine Wanless, Jo Ann Costello, Mary K, Pike, Sharon Ferguson, Elaine Sanz, Katina Commings, Mary di Zeregag Third Row: Edith Caylor, Helen McMullen, Harriet Welch, Clare Morris, Ann Cunning- ham, Eleanor Constable, Susan Fields, Carol Sweeterman, Absent: Katherine Cummiskey. F0 HTH ACADEMIC CLASS You are many and different. Tall and short, dark, red-haired, blondg Lovers of music and song, of art, of play, of books, of word. You are many, yet one. One in your striving, seeking for-- As yet you know not Whom. Many in your laughterg many in your hopes, Yet one - for underneath those frail and fickle hopes As one, you seek but Truth and Love - unknowing. You are many lives - each full, intense, uniquely yours. You are One Life - His Life. Uniquely His - uniquely yours. As many - give the world your many gifts - Your life, your song, your laughter. As Christ, give your vision of His Truth, your share in His great Love. Give and keep your unbreakable trust in His unbreakable Love You are many - here - in Time. You are one -in Him - in His Heart Hic et Nune And for the Oneness of all Eternity, 22 The 'lhird Academic began this year in fear and trembling of Vicariates and College Boards, but with a firm purpose for having a good time, too. Mother Syran became their perpetual consultant and aide scholastically and otherwise, for before the first class games she even made their squirrel mascot. The Juniors won or went down "fighting' as proved in hockey, but they fought all the way which was half the battle. Firm resolutions were made that the Red and Grey maintain the basketball championship. And with the other classes challenging them, the uephelants' went to work. Even when the going was rough their spirit ran high and smooth. Literature took on a new light as "poetic" ones delved into the depths of English literature. Then as we started to work on the yearbook, a Halloween party was given to raise funds for a very "needy" cause. Meanwhile, first glances were taken at psychology. As the year grew, also did the realization that we had 'to go deeper than a glancel' Busy Christmas time was followed by Mid-Years and Col lege Boards. Then the end of the year came after real in the Vicariate literature test and graduation tea. With kaleidescope of personalities and qualities falling into a more perfectly colored whole, the Juniors took their places as head of the school - Fourth Academic at last! THIRD ACADEMIC CLASS First Row: Rosemarie Leonardo, Margaret Hickman, Mary Hearne, Frances Call, Eleanor Hancock, Diana Pyle, Eleanor Nealon. Standing: Elizabeth Langdon, Adele Keogh, Ann Higgins, Marijo Diggins, Sheila Burke, Alice Steffan, Olga Wilson, Paula Scheid, Alma M. Hardy. Absent: Olga Hutchins, 'Vhomasine Schreier, Frances Nee. Katherine Berthoff, Jean Carrico. t'2H.v'W3 First Row: Mary V. Dunn, Carolyn Swingle, ParticiaO'Donnell, Jo Ann Cantrel, Anne Mather, Mimi Mather, Judy Wueste, Sheila Nee, Barbara Truland, Cornelia Eakle, Constance Chatard. Second Row: Linda Hiser, Julie Huguley, Mary Ann Chase, Elene Commings, Ann Didden, Sarah Linderman, listher Cantrel, Jacque- line Wimsatt, Patricia Hickman. Standing: Cornelia Paddack, Vanessa Hamilton, Clothilde Jacxsens, Livia Averhoff, Sophie Benegas-Lynch, Mary Kelly, Margo Nolan. Absent: Mary Vergara. ECO D ACADEMIC CLASS The Second Academic was a further step up the ladder to graduation. They left behind memories of moving "gruesome" chairs. With each year holding new experiences to be lived, this was no exception. The Sophomores were the Green Ribbons, with a crisp air and sense of duty. From Mother Mouton they learned to live up to their "Noblesse Obligef' and to "under- stand" logic. Efficient journalists set to work on the "Ridgian" and found the school avid readers. New ideas were uncovered and put into practice to make the Stone Ridge paper bigger and better than ever. We will always remember this class as doing first things first and seeing a thing through. Never give up! Yet we always saw a smile on a Sophomore's face - voila, their school trade- mark. This was the largest class in the school and possessed proudly yet humbly the title for the most names on the Honor Roll. Their "intellectuality" was openly acknowledged, even teasingly. Their renown has further spread since the best bermuda parties were attributed to them, and those, together with conges, were considered their favorite activities. 'lhere was a whirl of class parties to work on the Bazaar projects. The school had justified pride in the resulting stuffed animals - just "precious", The Creen and Grey went on through the year, carrying out each task with responsibility and cheerfulness. 24 The First Academic - our new members of the Upper School! They started out the year with a wonderful picnic to welcome the new girls - now no longer new. Their entertainments were proof of fine, previously undiscovered "talents." For the first time they had the privilege of carrying chairs for the school as their special and devoted duty. "Freddy the Teddy' cheered the First on to the hockey championship while his class wore 27 of the 54 Brown and Cold pennants they made. They believed in encouraging a large cheering section! After beating the Second, they hopefully challenged the Fourth. Hopes were realized. Victory smiles beamed from ear to ear. High School opened new vistas and new work, for example - term papers. They never knew "it was like this,' but they learned from Mother Kondolf. And there was always time for fun, even while first tries at Latin and were made. The First brought their interminable energy and life into the Upper School. There was never a dull or unoccupied moment if a Freshman was in sight. Everything was undertaken with complete en- thusiasm. You could be sure they were the first class to have their classroom decorated at Christmas. In this class, with their outstanding and dedicated athletes, we foresee future undefeated seasons for Stone Ridge in hockey, basketball, and in baseball. They not only have the ability to win, but the spirit. Lovable impulsiveness and continuous vivacity belong to the Freshmen. FIR T ACADEMIC CLASS First Row: Pamela Taylor, Catherine Keppel, Diane Sherwood, Gladys Aguirre, Kathleen Nealon, Anne Sweeterman, Elizabeth Buchheister, Carolyn Saccardi, Lynn Prescott. Second Row: Marthal.angan, Lucinda Pratt, Denise Murphy, Catherine Wimsatt, Elizabeth Morris, Patricia Peyser, Susan Forster. Slandirlgi Marlia Mundell, Robin Holtwick, Bernadine Moore, Nancy Richards, Josefina Ruiz-Morales, Joanne Copley, Gail Ryan. I f .iff-gf , ,.f,.,- si, GA A404 pf ff" -P' -..JV ,9. gf 'L an-fprvf' ""'- . . -- ' 4f-- -,nv g' 'LI .- f 'I fr gay jx, ,G Y' The Middle A 1 , W. n Q2 ,..., ,. 1 Q, . 4 ..- .0 , ,-m I V 3: S fi HJ . f 9 .wif yg3'Y wil' 'M . P' . 51' -.t. 11 5 F1rstRou M Wilkins C Ruiz K I 'Vloralcs night M Walsh N1 C Car penttr D Gri b n lz Miller Standing C I-lam Ol'l 'X S05 Cardenas Bach X Leonar do C Coolidge ibtii K Olxttft A K Hardy A I D y S Reid N Harrington 1b Sen M Llkins V bill FIFTH IL IS lY" .. Vkillingntss joxousntss friendliness art tht lvrits ofthe song lived by the Middle School Their song was vsritttn in manv parts X dailx visit to tht Chaptl Stl tht ktynott for tath dax I ath tlass had a sptcial missionarv for whom to offt-r thtir sacrifict-sz tht- Fifth class was in Jamaica tht Sixth s in Chile tht Stvtnth s in .Xlaska tht liighth s in Formosa. ln addition to sacrifict-s a spiritual bouqut-t and a box containing clotht-s and med- icints was st-nt tach month. In stutlits tht tunt was ont of conctntrattd tffort, 'l'ht Ntw Dtal or inttrtst problems the intt rdtpend- tnct of plants and animals or fractions inttrt sttd tht classts in an academic way during the ycar. First Hou:- Rottmund, S. Ills- U ' S. Walsh '. Nannutti, C. I., Ferguson, M, Muir, R. Yeager, D, Sullivan, M, Cofft-y. Second Roux' M. Cavan- agh, F. Cannon, M. Smith, ID. Did- dt-n, P, McCul- lough, IU. 'l'owt'1's, K. Mallt-y, M. Kcppt-I, Standing.- Il. Nolan, M. Zla- tin, M, I-lynn, I., Iligtlon, Absent: M. Mundtfll. qs First Row: M Robinson, S. M. Renchard, l. Sied- enberg, C, Ales ez,-.. fi-.,2g5Li'2t.i, -e ff' lenz, l.. Sevilla Sacasa, E. Cool idge, M. J. Hardy, F, Von Stade, Se cond Row: K, Linderman, R. Mc Granery, A. Day D. Watts, M. V Kamons,B, Bruns J. Brokaw, J S t u r m. Standing. M. Hogentogler N. Hiser, J. Yuill S, Harvey, E. El- kins, C. Corcor- an, S. Gardiner, M. A. Hopkins a-4 W-N 'Y' Ar, V, ,M V , Absent: A. Vill- f' ff' Q . H "' . 4- fi.. ' ' T"i'!gf' '9 ' """' 'abit ' Z '- '- moare. -Q, W V mv! A 9 ' ' ,. x f s auf. fs, l . g l l 'El'lll'l'H fl, ll' "When the Blue and Gold fall into line . . applied just as strongly here. ln hockey, the team had an undefeated season and the Blue and Gold teams each took one of the color games. During the winter the basketball games were well fought and baseball took over in the spring, For harmony there was social life. Pink and Green Ribbons were chosen on the basis of loyalty, help- fulness and obedience to the school rule. In December the international members, dressed in their native costumes, participated in two televised fashion shows and cried "Merry Christmas' in their own languages. For their Christmas entertainment the Middle School offered a traditional Christmas play. Yes, prayer, work, fun . .. quietness, laughter knees genuflecting, heads bent over desks, hands grasping hockey sticks . . . these all make the song of the Middle School. EIGHTH l'I.lSS First Row: C, Foster, M, Wil- kins, J. Foley, J. Sperapani, S. Mc Glothlin, C.Mc Mullen, .X.Aguir- re, M. Taney, D. Gonzalez. Second Row: Z. Bolles, T. Di Maio, C. Areilza, M. l-. Hickman, Carr, M. l.. Hog- an, M, Peteritas. Standing: B. Shan- ley, L, White, C. A. Cusick, C. An- tosz, F, Kamons, S, Flynn. Absent: J, Herndon. 'X L. fP,f5 if ,avg .Ls Y ia. . I NINTH fLlSS First Row: B. A. Higdon, C. Hungate, A. Foley, C. Cone, D, Me Cambridge, C. Herndon, J. Rob- ertson, L, Gilles- pie. Second Row: J. A. Saccardi,M. Guerrero, K. Fen- ton, H. Donahue, D, Scully, C. Suro, K. Burns, S. Neff, Slanding: M. Sosa- Cardenas, K, Dav- is, M. Miller, M, J. Pardo, E. Hop- kins. Absent: C, Fox. "Sacred Heart of Jesus, set the whole world on fire with your love!"Yes,the love of the Sacred Heart was the motivating force behind everything said or done in the Lower School. The children learned all they could of His love, and studied the examples of lt in the gospels. They tried to spread His love by help ing the missions through prayers and acts and the collection of stamps. In the Infant Jesus Sodality they saw His love as He expressed it to Sister Josefa. Under His loving eye they explored the exciting world of knowledge. The things Cod has made werv. wonderful to learn about. They learned all the numbers and what they mean to each other and how they can be added and subtracted. They learned all the letters and how they make words and can be read and must be spelled. TENTH fLlSS Fi1'stRow: R Carr, C. Daly, M J, Frieson, N Collins, S. Green- - way, D. Cribbon M, Pereritas, L Himiob, D. Hous- ton, B. Smith Standing: C. J Cannole, V. White li,Sevilla-Sacasa C. Reggio, R Renchard, M Galloway, S Walker.Absent S.Gill. if' wif " ., , V .-- ,A L " X 4, , :li , :.'L",La7k .K R ' 1 ' X if ' x ,. : - 1 ." Jn," f ., , ' ,. 55 is 'Q 'J 3' .gfix oi ' . ft: f . 1 .gi W TQ. N Y ., 5 To - - 4 9 : i .. ' V Y YW' 'Kgs SEYUND ELEHElTlRl FirS!R0u': L, Sevilla - Sacassa J, Sevilla-Sacasw sa, C. jtverhoff, K Sevilla - Sacassa C. Averhoff,K Foley, C. Hol- comb, L. Flana- gan, W. Shea. Se- cond Row. IL. Bra- dy, M. Salvati, M K ramm, A. Fos- ter, M, Clayton Absent' J. Rob- ertson, 'I'. Neff, S. Samoza, A Thurn. me I ' x 4 ry - ,f .. ff I I.-,, t , fi val- ,. 1, vw-Y-Q - ,Il , fe, 5 2. aaa? S vm Muni. ,, . v, 1 1- .- -..- K 4 ' .1- -- 1- -. x ' 'ov-5 ' 4' ', fl Q di! -Q Vfggi klfj 2? 'A up ' 3 .tffnff v1f?"x . " B- hifavfv . nv' When they played they learned the important lessons of playing together, of co-operation, loyalty and unselfishness. They saw Christ in every other child and treated her with the respect and love with which they would have treated Him. ln everything they did they gave all they had. Their spirits overflowed into running, shouting, laughing In their school work they gave all their attention, all their minds to listening and learning, and all their eagerness came to the fore when they showed what they had so earnestly learned. Everything went to God for they love Him and they know that He loves them. Z N i I Q ,X A-Q .'7 l v. al :J A13 f- 5 " ugly FIR.T ELENElTlRl FirstRow: J Mattingly, K. L Schaffer, C.Pass- man, A. Salvati M. K, Bergson, F Stanley. Standing C. Almon, ,F Dunn, M. E Walsh, M. L. Al- mon, B. J. Graves C. Sturbitts, Ab- sent: B. Brand, L Manning, F. Gill Rf 4 u ' ' Qi? f' ,. -655 1 1 , , - 5 ,X ' f J l '- x Rf KXL ML 17 ,4 -X 'jilffif L, ff Ya ,H Il f 1' C Av L I The odalitie Hymn 0f l'HII,IlIlEl 0F llllll' First Row: Edith Caylor, Rosemarie Leonardo, Kath- erine Keogh, E. de M., Carolynne Seeman, li. de M., Second Row: Clare Morris, Sara Gould, Frances Nec, Paula Scheid, Third Row: Carol Sweeterman, Barbara Mcl.augh1in, Clare Pratt. Fourth Row: JO Ann COS- tello, Susan Fields, Barbara Boggs, Sharon Ferguson, Linda Jenks. Absent: Harriet Welch, Ann Cunningham. First Row: Marijo Diggins, Margaret Hickman, Elizabeth Langdon, Mimi Mather, Patricia Hickman, Ann Didden, Eleanor Constable. SeC071dR01l'f Helen McMullen, Olga Hutchins, Judy Wueste, Cornelia Paddock, Alice Steffan, Eve Solzbacher, Mary di Zerega, Mary Hearne, lilaine Sanz, Eleanor Nealon. Standing: Anne Mather, Alma May Hardy, Jacqueline Wimsatt, Mary Ann Chase, Clothilde Jacxsens, Patricia O'Donnell, Katherine Wanless, Diana Pyle, Thomasine Schreier, Adele Keogh, Ann Higgins, Sheila Burke, Frances Call. Absent: Mary K. Pike, Constance Chatard. HQ Are The lLlll'SIll.' Prai Q 9 ' A J First Row: Lynn Prescott, Kath- leen Nealon, Marlia Mundell, Martha Langan, Elizabeth Morris, Cath- erine Keppel, Beradine Moore, Den- ise Murphy. Second Row: Patricia Peyser, Corinne Boggs, Anne Sweet- erman, Mabel McLaughlin, Carolyn Saccardi, Gladys Aguirre, Third ' Row: Lucinda Pratt, Susan Forster, Gail Ryan, Pamela Taylor , Joseph- I' . X ina Ruiz-Morales, Bettie Buchheis- : ter, Katharine Ryan, Sheila Nee, O 1 Margo Nolan, Absent: Alice Rich- ards, Dianne Sherwood. A child of the Sacred Heart looks to her spiritual and character development as well as her intellectual and social development. The Sodalities are groups organized to study, develop and increase the prayer life and character training of the members. Each group, though vitally important in itself, is a stepping stone to a fuller consecration and way of life. The first of the three Sodalities is the Aloysians. Members of this group place their efforts in the spiritual life in the hands of Saint Aloysius. They turn to him to learn the primary lesson of fidelity to duty. He becomes both helper and teacher, and under his patronage his outstanding virtues are studied and imitated. The next stepping stone is the Angel's Sodality. The Guardian Angels and all the Heavenly Court become the models and friends of this group. A deeper prayer life and a more intense character development is achieved under the Angel's guardianship. The Children of Mary, the ultimate goal of all the sodalities, aims at the growth of an interior life by prayer and imitation of Christ. A Child of Mary assumes the full responsibilities of a true daughter of Our Lady striving to lead a perfect Christian life. The privileged duties given her from her Mother's hands not only concern herself, but, are 'to make known to the world the immense love of the Heart of Jesus." 35 lllli llllllizillw llll Ill l 1' f ' ' fi -seief, ,,g5wa-V 4 g, VVLK A ,A g,,,,M5, Maggy AN BLUE RIBBONS: Silfing: Linda Jenks, Katherine GREEN RIBBONS: Sitting: Patricia Hickman, Minii Keogh, Barbara Boggs, Carol Sweeterman. Standing: Mather, Jacqueline Wimsatt, Anne Sweeterman.Stand- Carolynne Seeman, Katina Commings, Clare Pratt. ing: Anne Mather, Linda Hiser, Judy Wueste, Berna- The Ribbon Are The Harmony The Blue Ribbons are the Stone Ridge Student Government. 'lhey are elected triannally by the votes of the student's, ratified by those of the Religious. True leaders in the school, the Ribbons set an inspiring example of generous service, loyalty, love of duty, courtesy and cooperation with school discipline. Wher- ever they are, they can be counted upon to represent the school, to hold the Stone Ridge ideals high, and to contribute to the good spirit and success of all activities. d The Green Ribbons assist the Blue Ribbons in maintaining school spirit, cooperation and devotion to uty. .Xt all times the Ribbons are "our big sisters" ready to help with any problem. lzach week they have a Ribbon Meeting to keep us posted on the Cooperation Marks. On special occasions, they plan the Conges, the traditional and much enjoyed holidays at school. On such days, clever games and interesting entertain- ments help everyone to enjoy the Mother kieneral's, Reverend Mother's or the Mistress L3eneral's lfeast. One day a year, the Feast of Saint Madeleine Sophie, the Ribbons replace the Religious for all activities of school life, including special Feast Wishes for the Community. find, from time to time they hold Student Government Assemblies to clarify our goals, to help the school understand that "Cooperation" means everyone pulling together, faculty, school and Ribbons, toward the one aim, the spirit that makes true Children of the Sacred lleart. 36 The Christopher Organization directs, encourages and helps each one to be a Christ-bearer in the world today. This year our special efforts have been centered on spreading the knowledge and love of the Sacred Heart through studying the encyclical and His Message of Love. Each one endeavored to know Christ better, to love Him more, to serve Him more fully, and to carry this love and knowledge to others in the form of service. The Christopher Groups carry on their work quietly, faithfully and devotedly. At the Christ Child Convalescent Home, Christophers work as receptionists, teach catechism and help entertain the children. At Christmas they give a traditional play and a gala party to bring these little ones closer to the Heart of the Infant Christ. Christophers interested in nursing offer their loving service as nurses' aides at Suburban Hospital. Their quiet and efficient accomplishment of small jobs frees the nurses for more important duties. ln the Catholic Co-operative Advisory Council, a city-wide organization, Christophers can help to spread the ideals of Catholic youth. Two representatives report in the "Campus Crier' column of the "Cath- olic Standard' each week about the activities at Stone Ridge. Devoted Christophers write letters, run errands and talk to the patients at the Home for lncurables each week. This loving service brings joy to the hearts of the sick and aged and carries on the tradition of Sacred Heart work in this home of charity. 'Die Social Group keeps the school informed on the importance of Christian ideals and principles in our social life. Treating the small orphans from St. Vincent's to an outing at the Zoo or an automobile ride enables Christophers to show these little ones the love of His Sacred Heart which overflows for all men. The Christophers in the Liturgical Choir "sing in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in their hearts to the Lord.' The Chritopher Ara The Lyric CHRISTOPHER HEADS: First R0w:Cathleen His- er, Barbara McLaughlin, Margaret Hickman, Katherine Keogh, Pres. Second Row: Clare Morr- ris, Sharon Ferguson. Third Raw: Carol Sweet- erman, Susan Fields, Linda Jenks. LITURGICAL CHOIR CHRIST CHILD 4 V 0' 637 09 e. fcf?CfgsZ6N?5,'fL-' -630 . N009 N Zee' -Y"Q3rbY" Q.'d9Q'C'JrQqbZg.o'NW',1:. 3. 0 S Q S 649' Q7 ' ,Epox - Q2 QSQF Qld? oe. GLEE fLlH Melody filled the halls each Wednesdayafter- noon when the Glee Club utuned upf During the fall their practices under their exacting vet fun loving 'Mae-stro," Mother White, were spent in preparing for the annual Christmas concert. The audience was quickly captivated by the Christmas spirit of traditional carols and some special arrangements. "Trial by .lury,' a ro- licking comedy by Gilbert and Sullivan, the of- fering in the spring, was full of gay songs and tnuch laughter. lhus, the musical members of the school had much fun in the course of the year while giving a great deal of enjoyment and pleasure to others. ,ZS 0 4, 5345, QV' 5 .x ' XOQ Xibqxcj' -NX x- . B' QBQF gbobev' fb Q so val-60 'oocfxfbg ska xy . Q' 00 Q5 ' 'fp 1 ' asswfr lHT .0 -Q . fz? -sc' i J' sf sz-QQ4 Qt Q7. 'EV -SOX! Cr' in qv an Q' 52' xo U- 4 .- , S . oo X Qxgoffb ,Q gr 90? Q- QW' 9' O Qc 4' 'UECVJ' Qrbioeqa- coxvoa Cfefb YQ, Q. C: Geqfzsroqy 09 qjf' Q - G55bc't'?'4,42PoQ7 QL-- 6 . ae. . .QZcU9Q,,69e QV O89 Q! QVCJ. so- Q 38 First ROILH' Katherine Wimsatt,Josef1naMorales, Paula Seheid, Patricia O'I3onnell Sefond Row: love Solzbacher, Sara Gould, Margherita Shields, Katherine tlummisky, Ann Cunningham, Third Row: Helen McMullen, Constance tlhatard, Diana Pyle, Susan Fields, ,-Xnnlligginslfourth Rouuxlulie Huguley, Cornelia Paddock, Pamelalaylor, Mar- tha Langan, Fifth Row: Denise Murphy, leleanor Nealon, Olga Wilson, l-ivia Averhoff. Absent: Sheila Burke, Margo Nolan, Clare Morris, Sophie lienegas-Lynch. Xmong the oil paints and water colors in the cottage basement the ftrt Club "dabbled" under the skillful direction of Mother Putman. Using oils they painted portraits, and in water color their favorite dreams became realities on the canvas, lo make pottery, they learned the in- tricasies of the potter's wheel and the kiln. Finally in June all the creative "attempts" were displayed-hard work had gone into them but so had talent and true enjoyment, As the curtain went up on the Dramatics Club for the year, they were preparing to enter various oratorical and speech contests. Stone Ridge was well represented by this group for they captured second place in the citywide :om- petion. Their success was inspired by the able direction of Mrs. Mary Kelly, the dramatics coach. The high point of the year was the present- ation in early May of several exerpts from "Alice in Wonderland' The scenes given were Wflie Caterpillern, "The Duchess and the Cook "The Teapartyn, "The Croquet Came", "The Mock 'lurtle', and "The Trial". The production rendered a clever adaptation of l,ewisClarroll's nonsensical fairytale to the enjoyment of all, And so the curtain was rung down amidst great applause after a year of successful dramatics. DERVHNG fLlB Standing: Margaret Hickman, First Row: Rosemarie Leonardo, lglizabeth Langdon, Corinne Boggs. Second Row: Diana Pyle, Frances Nec, captain, lileanor Neal- on, Paula Scheid, Standing: Clothilde Jacxsens, Eliz- abeth Morris, Carolyn Swingle, Patricia Hickman, Mary di Lerega, Patricia Peyser. 1 5..- Seated: Barbara Truland, Margherita Shields, Helen McMullen, Alice Steffan, Linda Jenks, Katherine Cumminskey, Mrs. Mary Kelly, Cornelia Eakle. Standing: Bernadine Moore, Elene Cummings, Eliza- beth Morris, Vanessa Hamilton, Eleanor Hancock, Katina Cummings, Patricia Hickman, Sheila Burke, Eve Solzbacher. Absent: Julia Huguley, Joanne Can- trell, Diane Sherwood, Denise Murphy. UHlMlTHlfLlH "Resolved: that the federal government should sustain the prices of basic farm com- modities at not less than 9042, of parity." Stone Ridge participated in four debates on this topic during the year. They debated with the other schools in the area who belong to the Washing- ton Catholic Forensic League. The record of the debating squad was excellent. For the first time, this year there were both a junior and a senior team in the debating squad. There were twojunior teams: one affirm- ative, one negative: and three senior teams: two affirmative, one negative. In addition to having a fine record for the year, the girls on the squad have learned much about the plight of the farmer and they all have definite ideas on agricultural aid. Those who like a "friendly argument' cer- tainly put their aptitude to a practical purpose. 451143 5 4 'ft K ' 1 i QA " fi A .55 x lui QQ' A kg, m -E 4'k"w-"rf x -ff vu ,F Q! sv! ' E Q J M 1, gffxfjf W ' 4" K f ' f: 4 5'e 'xf-6, nf' 4 lx 5 gn 4 j' 4, ff I 1 O f - x X my E. Jevv Ju., CY 17Ca4e,Z2ch1a.,!7'aJl1-c Zeb-a1,7aw 'Mi 27, ins 94" FHEERLEADERS 'Where there's a will, there's a way": that is the spirit that began the 1956 hockey season under the able direction of Mrs. Wueste and the skillful assistance of Miss Bourguardez. An undefeated season was the GOAL, so they set out to build a powerful defense and an aggressive forward line. The defense pushed their opponents back and the First Row Frances Call Alma M Hardy Mary Hearne MaryK Pike Capt Standing Sharon Ferguson Barbara McLaughlin Jo Ann Costello Elizabeth Langdon l 0 0704 '?'f- 2 y, A bfefz 2 'Z Rn 46 o 04. eo Ziff fljf 4 . -2 o '6g'47v ?p Q .51 . '90 I -1 QXVGYQQ 'Q"?f '7-6 C5 ox! .- 1. Q 9 f. ff?" 42- 'fe,'Pi'. rs 6 Q9 fb 2 J 46 ' f-U 'SQ Q qv K' V,- f' Z' . 15- '. if fy- . . Q ff' offense drove, flicked, scooped balls into the goalie cage. There was always stick work tobe mastered, dribbling, passing, attacking, flicking, all found their places in the 'skill tests", an added chal- lenge and incentive to the squad practices. 'When you feel you can't go any further, go a minute more,' was the daily cry. Daily practice brought its reward. The first games of the season for the Varsity were in Philadelphia, The team came home with stories of their "fabulous" weekend, although the one defeat by Overbrook balanced the victory over Eden Hall. Then, backed by the school, led by the cheer- leaders, the Varsity and J.V. strove for Victory with good-sportsmanship, spirit, and Fight Team Fight. lik lTl Stores Opponent Madeira Madeira Ursuline Immaculata Coolidge Holton Arms Friends Eden Hall Visitation I I , 1 x V L ' I 1' 1 U J su V1 ,Q 1 Jlll0R lik ITl C'orvS Opponent lmmaculata Coolidge Holton Arms Friends Visitation , lx QxQ .. . 99 44969 ti YVDTQQ , Sd 1:3 D 'Q'x Qc +G' Aa' ' ' ' Q T4 x qs V at L . s3lZ43i5bO Q 'A' :Q Q' J? rib' . SNS? 52' Qi ' O - .xg f H Qi? - Q S x .ge gg 6-Q Oefzf -5' 4 l'IIEEllLEAllEll.' "Are you satisfied? Really satisfied?" At Stone Ridge, after a very successful basketball season, they "are satisfied!" Two victorious color games with Madeira got the ball rolling and the Ursuline contest kept it going. The Varsity victory over lmmaculata was hard won but worth the effort. Although they fought well, the J. V.'s drew the short end of their score. The competition was not quite so stiff against Coolidge and in the Holton Arms games the teams split-one victory, one defeat. The one loss of the Varsity season was the game with Friends in which both teams succumbed. Afirst time victory over Vistitation crowned this suc- cessful season, although the J. V., after a fierce struggle, was again defeated. The highpoint of the season was the week- end visit the Eden Hall team spent in Washing- ton. After arriving Saturday afternoon, they went sightseeing and then met for dinner at the Villa and a party. A fitting climax for the fun-filled weekend was an exciting game Sunday morning- a Stone Ridge victory! Although the team spirit and co-operation was high throughout the year, the able coaching of Mrs. Wue ste brought Stone Ridge to V-I-C-T-O-R-Y. "Remember 7 " l"' 43 ,f',, -,,, M stu Jvmwg XWWWWM wxwwh f bk To Thee dear Sacre Coeur Now and forever We ll honor Thee and hold Thy standards true T e standards of the deepest Gold and Blue nd all they szgngfy when our happy days are here no longer The memorzes offrzends so fond and dear nd all the Truths that have been taught us here Wzll lmger m our hearts T 'W T , ky, x ,V gf E31 ', 'WI NLD? y ' 'F' ' .u 1 INWA K L OW A 'xv' 1 1 X , ' , N1 , ' , t h I A ' A . And . . ' A. 1 . 1 Y 44 3523 Sn, if fefi 581 K tl iqrv 52: MJVCAH H? 5 F' 22-537 gh Q mmm JQMA Q P fix ff -S:"w,,RQ, -Jpwjgfwimi .fs-'T Cfdvmff ,WL W0 ay qDf"WVA' -i3'3"EjiQ::i:i I gfdlrlkge' 7w12Wf T1 4 if-2 '2 if Know 1 LXJUL MM l52,cv1 ho-Aff W Qjgfdx-Jfcgff OJ lolz, Uwe, Ulf KJV '-426 ww lilulif rg? gfxifxzfi Q K9 MM ,JZM2 . 21 E f X f P s ' Us Q . rf . .J 'U' " f A .pp JR if 4 - 12.291 ,J kv :E .l1' A Q - , J . A N 'Ax 2' gpm I 1 MJ ' ' ' Il I ul , . , ' ' . 59 , NA-S VS f3"+12'-" ' A' Q 3 If 1' CK ff, Y - W W 41 'A' vyfi' If 3 V s if ,V .V ' If' I , .5 V Hui? H ' ,wif x M U E M., ' V .n 5 . Q Il: 55.15. J x ggi. .QU E .V . W1 HE Igwfi 'Aim QCP -Fx G' ' , ' , abi- r 3 wi fda x MK' pk Wtvv? W W x we 'if "C yx T X 'rwwvgffx ,'4'Jiy0Q41H'f5

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