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i Ar-M -Y -f 2 .f .w- -- ,-,. , wJ. y ,,., b ,A uh, .-.- Z V. Q EG!-50 Student Life ..... ...... 6 Music ......... ...' . . 52 Clubs ...... ...,. 6 6 Sports ..., .... 9 2 People .... ,.,. 1 18 Ads ..... .... 1 71 An Echo Staff Production Released through Stone High School, Wiggin, Mississippi: V I 15 0 ume S Student Discretion Advised Cast Of Characters 1 Paige and Cindy ............................................ Annual Editors Mrs. Holly .................................................. Annual Sponsor Randall, Monisa, Don, Kathy, Paula, Candy, Angela, Tim, Marlin, Millie, Robert, Harriet, Joe, Carmen, and Juanese ..................................... Staff Members Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors ..... Stone High Students Mrs. Cain, Mrs. Webb, Mr. Chambers, Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Yeager, Mrs. Jones .... . ........................................ Stone High Faculty L . jg ll ,of-is M- ., M , I ., I ,-.,Q, 1 . W , . WWE! nag Once again the Science Falr was a success with over 200 projects. Students, teachers, and people from the community enjoyed visiting the Fair and viewing the projects. Scene One Big Level, MS, July 11, 19785 Mrs. Holly's small house. Annual staff members are crowded into the living room. The television is blaring. Mrs. Holly: The purpose of this meeting is to choose a theme for this year's annual. Kathy lstraining to hear above the TVB: What? Mrs. Holly: Turn off that TV! Marlin, Joe and Don lin unisonlz No! "Three's Company" is coming on. Mrs. Holly: I said, TURN THAT TV OFF! lDon reluctantly reaches over and turns off the TV.J Now, we need to think of a theme for the yearbook. Something that really fits our school. Any ideas? lTotal silence falls over the room.J Paige: Come on ya'll! Think! Cindy: Yeah, nobody leaves till we think of a theme. lSilence.J Mrs. Holly: Well, at the rate you're going I hope you brought sleeping bags. lMore silence.7 Harriett ltentativelyir How 'bout "Echoes of Stone"? Joe: Nah! "Stoned Echoes" sounds more like us. Mrs. Holly: No, Joe. Paige: Okay, maybe this will help. We're thinking of using big, fat arrows in the opening. lHolds up layout showing large arrow running across top of page.J ff ,I Monlsa: Arrows? Having had no dinner, Mrs. Webb tears into an apple, while students Joe: Indians! work on their science projects. Paige: Shut up, Joe. Yeah, Arrows! You know, like on a traffic sign. Paula: Okay, how 'bout "One Way Do Not Enter"'? Monlsa: "Enter at Your Own Risk." Carmen: "No U Turn." Juanese: "One Way, Our Way." Candy: "I Got It, You Want It." Marlin: What's that got to do with arrows? Paula: Speaking of arrows, did anybody see "Whlch Way Is Up"? Marlln: I did, Boy, it has some "nice" language. Randall: Well, lt's rated R. Paula and Paige: It ought to be rated Z! Randall: Let's use "Rated S"! Kathy: That's what I was just thinking. Candy: Rated S? Paige: Yeah, Rated S, like Superior. Everybody: Yeah! That'd be good. Mrs. Holly: Okay, you like "Rated S." So now how are we going to carry that out? Any ideas about that? Palge: Well, we could use S words for all our headlines. Cindy: All of them? Paige: Well, maybe just for division pages. Kathy: What do you mean S words? Paige: You know, words that begin with S. Mrs. Holly: Ithlnk what Paige means is 35 . ..,f. Q . 4 J'-er" SK uslng S words to describe our school - like l R is . ' ff' A K t the SPIRIT that's there even though our kiln, """'g f , X it ' V football season is less than SENSATIONAL: A " . the SUPERIORS the band and choir win: N The smllln faces of these winners show that the 9 annual Math Fair was a huge success. Homecoming week was a little wet but it dldn't many students away from the traditional bonfire 5 ff? The night before the Math Fair, Holly Young gets some last minute help from Mrs. Sellers. af.- the STUDENTS who are SUPER, SILLY, and SPECIAL, and SCHOLASTIC classes that are often STRANGE, yet SATISFYING. Palge: Yeah, that's exactly what I mean. Joe: And we could make our title page like a movie poster or marquee. Cindy: Maybe we could use a filmstrip. You know, draw one on the division pages. Paige: And we could write the opening and closing like a movie script. Mrs. Holly: Okay, "Rated S" - S words, movie scripts - kind of a non-moving picture story starring the students of Stone High. I like lt. Scene Two Stone High, August 16, 1978, 8:13 A.M. Students are milling around outside, near and on the breezeway. Freshman Boy lshylyl: Where's Coach Klrker's room? Sophomore Boy lsarcasticallylz Hrrumph, You must be new around here. Senior Boy lto Sophomorel: Aw, leave hlm alone. lto Freshmanlz Go through those doors, turn left, and it's the flrst door on the left. Freshman Boy: Thanks! Junior Boy: Hey, that was really nice, you just directed him to the girls' bathroom. lEverybody laughs. Then the 8:15 bell rings.J At the South Mlsslssippi Livestock Show, Susan Swilley and her cow, Beauty, proudly pose with their trophies. As the Homecoming Court is presented, the volcano, on the far side of the field, erupts. Q F . 'a -Q .'-:' 'A A i T X " 'W -Q. -- g ' N-1 , f, f ..,. il, ' " f':f'n ff' 22,4 n - Q r 1 M35 'r .7 ,'.f!' ' ' 1' S 'I iq Yi M . M,-,W .ii vii i rf ' ' n 2 JU"'0" BOY lwlth a d'5P""ted 5'9m3 Well' there Proud of their class rings these guys examine them with smiles. goes the bell. I guess we have to go in, huh? lEverybody mumbles as they move slowly toward the doors.D Sophomore Girl: I can't believe it. Summer's over. Junior Girl: It's too hot for school. Senior Girl lsarcastically cheerfulb: Well, look on the bright side. Just nine more months and we'll be out. Everyone: Aw, get out of here! Scene Three Mrs. Simpson's Math I class: October 10, 1978. Students, laughing and talklng, come into the room, the tardy bell rings. Mrs. Simpson: Get out your books and home work. lThree people have books, a few, homework 8. pencils, the rest, no books, paper or pencils.J Where are your books? Freshman Boy: Somebody stole mine. Freshman Girl: Mine's in my locker. Can I go get lt? My locker's right out there. Mrs. Simpson: No! Just pay attention to the board. I'Il work the problems on the board so you can check your papers. lAs she begins to write on the board, three boys in the back find paper and pencils and begin to copy the problems.l Mrs. Simpson lturning from the boardlz What are you boys doing? Copying your homework from the board? Boys: Oh, no, Ma'am! Mrs. Simpson: Zeroes for you three. Vg, 4. "f!f-4 QT" N""" if""1 , "Throw me a football," is a famlllar refrain at Stone's games. After she dropped her rifle during a routine, Phyllis Breland's face registers self- disgust. No one is tougher on a band member than he himself when he makes a - " mistake. Student Life is a bore, a complete bore. I mean, in the morning, ho hum classes and in the afternoon, sleepies - they're all boring. And since Student Life is just classes, lt's a bore. Right? Wrong! Student Life takes in all aspects of a student's life: academics, sports, the prom, summer, homecoming, pep rallies - I could go on and on. And if all those classes are so boring, how come we have so much to talk about? Like distilling alcohol in advanced chemistry, dissecting sharks and frogs in advanced biology, holding a mock election in American government, going on field trips in various classes, cooking and eating goodies in home ec., and discussing everything under the sun in English. I guess I don't need to say much about extracurricular activities or summer. Nobody can call conventions, summer camps, ballgames, bonfires, or banquets boring. So maybe the best way to describe Student Life is to say that it's the things students do together - working together, learning together, and kidding around together. After finding his ring size, Norris Armstrong stops to give a wave. 5,- Significant, Silly, Super, And While searching for the perfect science project, Mike Nliller and Tammy Wiggins discuss their findings. X AJ Even after putting on a half time show, the band keeps on su ortin the te Student Discretion Advised pp 9 am' 6 Student Life Division Sensational Homecoming Queen Rosa Lott wears a pretty smile during the Fair Parade. f" , Wwe- ! -m lilxfxs 1- ibiza ,J-5 JH' Accepting a congratulating hand shake from Coach Farris S.imon Wilson proudly takes his award at the football banquet 'Fc Roman Romance The mood was romantic: the setting, seductive. Golden grape clusters adorning stately white columns, Cleopatra crowns, a mirrored moon, and glittering gowns transported us in spirit to ancient Rome - although our physical beings were actually in the Grand Ballroom of the Coast Coliseum. Preparations for the '78 Prom, on May 6, actually began in September, '77, when the juniors launched their magazine sales campaign. And what a campaign it was! They easily reached their original goal of S4,000, went on to a super goal of S5,000, and topped that with a final tally of 57,178.70 - the biggest magazine sales total ever. With that foundation on which to build a prom, the juniors with their sponsors, Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Webb, began to build in earnest. The Prom Committee chose a theme, secured a ballroom, hired a band, and ordered decorations, invitations, and favors. As Spring approached, excitement mounted as the seniors tried to break through the barrier of silence erected by the Prom Committee to keep the theme a secret. Finally the big day arrived. The girls had their dresses. The guys had rented their tuxes. The Decorating Committee left early Saturday morning to transform the Grand Ballroom into a Roman triclinium. Their secrecy about the theme paid off when at 8:00 the doors of the ballroom were opened and the seniors gazed in appreciation at the grandeur of ancient Rome. Delicious Roman delicacies were provided for those who were hungry or thirsty, and tables scattered throughout the room afforded a place to rest for Those who retired from the dance floor that was big enough to accommodate all. However the tables were not overused as the terrific music of Papa Joe and the Riverboat reverberated through the room. Midway through the night, the traditional program began with a welcome to the seniors and guests from Junior Class President, Ricky Stone. Gifts from the Junior Class were presented to Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Shaw, and Mrs. Cain for their tireless efforts in making the prom a success. Senior Class President, Jimmy Moore responded to the welcome address on behalf of the Senior Class. The music of Papa Joe and the Riverboat kept everyone on the dance floor. 8 Student L ifelProm David Jetton and Scott Strickland congratulate Flint Johnson on being elected "King of the Prom." s Wx ..-1" 4...- Returns in '78 L .gf C' W. mum Sitting out a dance at a table covered with prom paraphernalia, Paul Bacon and Paige Baucum laughingly relax. Rosetta Wash, one of our lovely hostesses, stands at the door to greet the guests. Debbie Coker and David Jetton enjoy a slow dance. Then came the presentation of the Prom Court: King Flint Johnson, Queen Susan Dunnam, Dukes David Jetton, George Redeemer, Scott Strickland, Don Vernon, Brian Warren and Ladies-in- Waiting Alisa O'NeaI, Darline Morrison, Theresa Chandler, and Articia Boggs. After the Court Dance everyone took to the floor again and danced the night away. Before we were ready for it, the witching hour had arrived and we drifted away to continue dancing at various spots along the Coast, to walk along the beach, or to drive home to bed. Another magic night had ended. But as the doors closed behind us, we knew our minds would never close to the memories of our night of Roman Romance. The 1978 Prom Court. Student LifelProm 9 Summer Dreams . Section leader, Sylvia Strickland, tries to get the low brass section ready for marching season. On the last day of camp the Basketball Cheerleaders try to show off the spirit they've got. E '5t,,i,QE,x..s wt. ,.,., ' "Summer-time was here again, The days outside were hot again, No more homework to turn in again, Summer-time was here again." I-7 I7 if f v., -, av W ...AJ- ef haws 1 t ff' M11 For most of us, summer meant just H A r'Q,g.Q ., ,,, relaxing under the sun - no more tests to study for, no more homework, no :,,' hassles. For some who managed to find a summer job, it meant extra spending B fi . money for lazy weekends. For others, ,,.jfff1,, jfii' ','L5?'jTf?"l summer meant long hours of hot, a-'i 'l'h tiresome practices to get ready for 2,23 r various camps we attended. For those of ii us who were more lazy than others, " V a l V summer was the time for relaxing under the air-conditioner watching our favorite "soaps". Then there was always r ., a ball game going on. Wiggins hosted the Senior League Baseball Play-Offs ,... and defended our state title by beating Harrison-Hancock 6 to 3. But mostly summer meant swimming, skiing, flshlng, picnlcking, or just "laying out". And with the Reservoir and Red Creek so close, we did just that. However, all good things must come to an end and so summer took its turn. But we'll always remember our summer fun. 10 Student L ifelS um mer , , .,. ,wf...,,,..4,:i.d-v-an-s..wLv ggg?-3: essa 1 H 1 Mr. Baucum flnds shrimping ln the Gulf of Mexico a good way to relax. Steve Buckley enjoys a game of tennis at the Perk courts. Soaps And Softball I After beaching their canoes Beau Carpenter and Leslie Baucum get ready to make camp for the night. At summer camp these Football Cheerleaders relax during lunch break. " l U I - I Billy Fiels is congratulated by his team- mates after hitting a homer inthe All-Star Game. During the trip to Europe this summer a couple of our Seniors spent some time in the sun. Student L ifel S um mer 11 One Way Or Another Time seems to fly by on a school night and we can never get enough sleep. Just as we close our eyes and fall into a deep, deep sleep, a thunderous noise awakens us - the alarm. Begging our - f mothers for just five more minutes is Q A useless. They just won't go away. Turning on the light, they tickle our toes or drag us bodily from our beds. When we finally manage to get up and find the bathroom, one look at our faces in the mirror shocks us wide awake. Frantically searching through our closets we finally find something to wear and finish dressing. A hurried breakfast, and we're on our way. Today we are going to get to school on time. Tearing through the house snatching books and papers, we burst outside just in time to see our bus disappear around a curve. We tell our moms the bus missed us and we just have to take the car. As we settle behind the wheel, we smile to ourselves - this morning turned out really good. The breeze-way serves as the site for recalling yesterday's events, relaxing or finding out about the test we have first period. if 4 kits-gs, . ' Lorinda Ladner manages to give a smile as She Staffs he' Walk fo schod' Lisa Alexander and Terri Ruggles find the morning before school a time to relax over root beer. 12 Student LifelIn The Morning Before School We All Make It Pat Carter arrives at school in the morning ready to go ft ff ,, 1 'g gee. Mary Spring and Paige King find the morning before school a time for clowning around. A as x , V- fu-4 Vfiiwf' 0 my A SCHliOl 'fs ea-Q 'X 4-,, I ,. . X sl ,Y g'L,h its ' . s- " U """ Q X lvwnvirx K X . , V 4 .4 M is ,yy X , wg ,gg S ' W X E 1 . s.-- JLK1-gd X wg .4 2 -, i This small group of students arrive early, ready to get the school day over. Aaron Gilliam arrives on the scene just in time to catch the bus. -I M l C Student Lifelln The Morning Before School 13 What Did He Say? 25 Timmy Roberts and Ronny Meadows find homeroom a good time to catch up on each other's news. Chemistry lab is not the ideal place for a homeroom with its limited seating space and all that interesting lab apparatus. M X "Did anybody watch 'All My Children' yesterday?" "Yeah, Donna caught Chuck at Tara's and " "What do we have for homework in English?" "Homework? Are you kidding? We've got a test!" "Hey, who are ya'lI voting for?" "I think I'm voting for " These are just a few of the conversations that get interrupted during homeroom to call the roll, get the lunch ticket count and hear the devotion which sends us on our way to 2nd period with a smile. Marlin Smith and Susan Swilley use homeroom time to visit Mrs. Saia's homeroom to pick up their Beta Club candy. 14 Student LifelHomeroom During magazine sales, juniors turn in their magazine money and subscriptions to Mrs. Shaw. Brian Coole and Karen Cochran wait patiently for the bell. ll rn ' .11 -: i-55 A f "M I n ---Q-.-. i J . f vrxrvq-xt NW M4 ' 190 9- 4 , I .V if l X -I After roll call, these sophomores relax and chat while waiting for second period to begin. Some students use homeroom to finish homework, while others just sit. Student LifelHomeroom 15 Flrst we start off with that good ole general science in the ninth grade - the same old stuff we've had since the fourth grade. For example, Question: What is gravity? Answer: I don't know. One thlng's for sure, with answers like that it doesn't take Mrs. Wesson long to average her grades. After we flnally pass with a C- we're on to dissecting over-sized worms and even frogs! We might even learn a thing or two about the cave men with big teeth or the ever frightening pteradon ln biology. We might even have had a chance at a D+ if it hadn't been for the endless notes Mrs. Webb gave. Now it's on to Mrs. Cain and bigger things, like blowing up the school. Well, maybe not that far, but taking chemistry can get expensive. Let's face lt, after buying us three new shirts in a two week period, our moms just can't understand how we could possibly spill that much acid. Oops, dropped down to a D-. Well, lt's our senior year and we can't decide what to take next - advanced biology, physics, or advanced chemistry. That's right, we're true scientists! A timed test on naming the parts of the frog really puts the pressure on Nellie Bond. Interesting things are always taking place in the lab Here Joey Rouse After the dmramas were bum Edwin C prepares to chow down on some boiled possum ?I?SmTOm Williams spent a 'ot of time 16 Student LlfelAcademics 7 Q 4: Water, That's Easy - H02 Wil' i ' lvv-Q, -P -fA .. 1 V -a Ev. Before the Science Fair the lab was open to students after school hours. Here Blake Davis comes eye to eye with his mouse. Our health teacher, Coach Farris, explains to the biology classes how to treat a snake bite. In Mrs. Wesson's class, Mary Jo Davis works on some homework. These students listen very closely as Mrs. Cain explains a physics problem. -il , ' K1 '-Sl V 'Q 3 +0-. E 2 ul! Student LlfelAcademlcs 17 Brringg 10:20 Morning Break. Students jam the halls, jostling each other in their efforts to squeeze as much time as possible out of their ten minutes. Many rush to the breezeway to talk with their friends or see that special person, while others fight their way through the hall to get milk tickets at the office. Long lines of hungry students await their turns at the drink and candy machines or crowd into the cafeteria to get a carton of milk and maybe candy or cake if some club is having a bake sale. Teachers also enjoy morning break. Some hurry to the lounge to get soft drinks or coffee and discuss the morning's events, while others struggle through the crowded office to get supplies. Of course there are always teachers patrolling the halls or remaining in their rooms to write up a test to be given later in the day. Then Brringg 10:30 Third Period. Students reluctantly re-enter the confusion of the halls to grab their books and slide through the doors of their third period classes as the tardy bell sounds. Standing in their usual spot, these guys enjoy their ten minute break. 18 Student LifelMorning Break Deserve A You Students crowd the breezeway during morning break. The wait in line to get a snack seems to take forever when you only have ten minutes. lv' Q -9 fi l 5 5, 1-. 'tr , I, 1 ls ,gif ' - . . . J' s is . rs K I ,J - s hx ,g. - Nl Rise s W. s , .t.z..4 ' Lili. . ,f I Faye Husband, Edwin Cowart and Troy Cobb wait in line in the office to buy milk tickets, their faces reflecting the Monday morning blahs. A Break aff nn' ,1 'V ag, rkk Today ,'4,, Y, Even though the bell has rung, a spicy bit of gossip - N 29 keeps these girls from hurrying to their classes. i M if Ak tm, it-s' ' .f Y- Z r if ...-.--ni'-'f--- .lm In need of a mid-morning snack, Sharon Breland and Marlin Smith decide to try chocolate milk. Early in the school year, morning break was a good time to get reacquainted with old friends. Student LifelMorning Break 19 I Ain't Got None What ls language arts? Why, it's the art of using language. Does that sound In Mrs. Davis's English II class while some work others let their attention f l ? W ll, b thi lll h l ' ' Zfgaripligs ui' may e 5 W e P wander to all kinds of things. The Language Arts Department at Stone .Q - ,un lj 4 '- High includes Latin, French, speech, drama, journalism, reading, and of course English. Everyone is familiar with at least one part of this department because everyone must take three years of English. Freshmen are initiated by Mrs. Sala and Mrs. Wood. Sophomores become acquainted with Mrs. Davis or Mrs. Hollingsworth, whlle juniors get to know Mrs. Yeager. Besides the required English courses, students who are interested in the study of language and literature may elect to take Mrs. Breland's Latin or French, Mrs. Wood's speech and drama, or Mrs. Holllngsworth's English IV. Then there's journalism, where the annual gets put together, and reading at the little house, where Mrs. O'Neal helps you improve your reading skllls. s ls... 'hEf,!"'i. 753 ' F sl N' VJ -sfffl .-.5 After finishing her mld-term exam in English IV, Patricia Durln French Mrs Breland calls her students attention to TOYYGS checks 0Ve" he? PaPef- g . some work on the board. 20 Student L lfelAcademics Giving a demonstration in English, Deloris Dalrymple wraps f--, 5 Don Scarborough like a mummy. Having trouble with her work, Errica Brown gets help from Mrs. O'NeaI. fi , . ,ffkuyg , , - 1' N J 5 A 1 - exile A' -1 if if ig Demonstrations are always fun: but for some reason, Vince Pachel doesn't want Lisa Alexander to put lipstick on him. ,W jf' ' During English Marcus Turmon is busy at his work Student LifelAcademics 21 Close Encounters 0f Kenneth Johnson hurries to finish his lunch before he has to return to class. Lunch can be fun when you're sitting with friends. While eating his lunch, Mr. Jones keeps a watchful eye on the long line of hungry students. It's hard to eat with the wrong end of a fork. 22 Student LifelLunch . . .f 'I l' The Lunch Kind Joey Rouse and company share some last minute conversation before having to go back to class. During the last lunch period these students all gather at one table to catch up on the latest gossip. . These girls seem to enjoy their lunch break. , I A . ' a Af ,Q X, ', .sp H-.-. I ,a 3 'Y g J A., Time: 11:25 Date: -August 17, 1978 Day: Thursday Temperature: "Hot" Stone High starts its first day of lunch with an excited crowd of students. Everyone is eager to find out what is to start the year off - hamburgers and French fries or hotdogs and French fries? Mr. Jones stands with watchful eyes on the crowded line of students, ready to send to the end of the line anyone caught skipping. It is so hot in the cafeteria that the wait ln line seems endless, but finally we make it, only to find what we had already suspected - hotdogs, French fries, apple pie, and milk. Some things never change. Then on we go into the mass of humanity trying to find a seat by a friend so we can exchange some gossip, discuss our classes, or just stuff our faces in pleasant company. The rest of the year goes much the same. The temperature varies from hot to warm to cool to cold to cool to warm to hot as the seasons change. The menus remain the same with only an occassional surprise as we close our cafeterla's school year with iYou guessed itll hotdogs, French fries, apple pie, and milk. Student LifelL unch 23 Two + Two I Five Let's see If you can guess the subject by these great clues. It glves you an Excedrln headache: lt makes no sense at all: you make a lot of mistakes, and you say a lot of things you shouldn't. If you guessed math, you're right. Our Math Department with a wide varlety of courses offered never lacks for students. Mrs. Sellers' advanced math, Algebra II, and geometry classes held the flrst Math Falr Stone has ever had. Each student was requlred to prepare a math project and present it at the falr. She also has an Algebra I class which dldn't participate ln the falr. Mrs. Slmpson also teaches Algebra I and then has a fundamental math class, where students enter the world of math. Mr. Knight takes on the rest of the fundamental classes while Mrs. Martin holds down the little house and its remedial classes. We are proud to have these remedial classes for those who need extra help in math. Advanced math, the hardest math course offered in hlgh school, takes a lot of hard work. Here Joe Draughn gets some help on an equation from Mrs. Sellers. 24 Student L IfelAcademics .413 va: THF muw 'WFJBMRLH' Confused by a problem, Leslie Baucum receives help from Scott Waits and Mrs. Martin. During one of Mrs' Simpsonls Weekly These students seem to be struggling to remember how to work the problems on tests, these students are really Mr- Knl9ht'S test- concentratlng on working the problems. Y Y Q 1 , 1 v L ver" -.4 3 d 'uv Whlle Coach Roberts works some problems on the board, Sarah Hickman gets a little shut eye. Taklng business math will help Glenda Wells understand problems in a business world. Student LifelAcademios 25 "What time does the bell ring?" lI1:40lI "Well, what time is it now?" "1:2O." "Ugh!" "Twenty more minutes!" Fifth period has got to be the longest period of the day. Students and teachers find themselves counting down the minutes until the 1:40 bell. Once released from the "longest hour" however, the time flies. While most of the teachers relax in the lounge, most of the students gather on the breezeway to talk with friends, or dash to the machines for a snack or attend a club meeting. Those Involved in sports report to the locker rooms to dress out so the coaches can get an extra few minutes of practice. The same ls true for band members. For the lucky few with sixth period study hall, activity period signals the end of their school day as they are excused to go home. For the others activity period is over all too soon and lt's back to class with a grumbled, "That can't be the bell?" Take 20 Activity period is used by most people to catch up on gossip and to tell a little themselves. . 1 ,g.f .-5 I V -Afvbsrwk- V j 3 ' 1. ,QQ ' .- ig K . sjiffi-A P- T Q K , . it it if-'T 5 , . af T s Q - za" if gx 1 A N -i . K' S' Ev Xe 5 AX 1 I - , x J N I X' 5 5. N PM ., 5 " V X Q ' X . W .XFN-A T , ' 3 1, 4'b si N- is , A . ' . Q -PIL- Ls --, ' -.. Q-.-ar. X' V '95, :wr -, Q . W-F, ,N1f.,,M Rita Davis and Rosetta Wash debate about who wlll win the spirit chain. During football season spirit signs appear around the school. 4 26 Student Llfe!Activity Period More often than not, you find this group of boys standing around the pecan tree rehashing the day's events. Jil' F Not wanting the Freshmen to get a chance at winning the Spirit Stick, the Seniors really outdid themselves during the Homecoming pep rally and gained a double victory. Tired of waiting ln the long line to the snack machine, Linda Evans seeks out a familiar face. On most Fridays from August through February, the gym comes alive with music, skits, and spirit. Friday is Pep Rally Day and during both football and basketball seasons the classes battle for the spirit stick until the gym seems to explode with sound. For the remainder of the year Friday becomes Assembly Day with various clubs, homerooms, and even classes presenting programs such as plays, the Keesler Band, guest speakers, and choir concerts. School just wouldn't be the same without the fun filled twenty minutes of activity period. Student LlfelActlvlty Period 27 In 1942, Columbus Sailed Student: Snore Teacher: In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Student: Snore Social studies is the all time favorite of most students. If lt weren't for the required clvlcs, Mississippi history, American history, and American government, some wouldn't even take any social studies. But then there are those who enjoy learning about the past and the present: therefore, they take all of these subjects and go into sociology, economics, or world history classes. To make all these classes more fun and enjoyable, each teacher has his or her own special gimmick. Mrs. Shaw has her vlclous dog, Rusty. He should wln an attendance award, he shows up for class more often than the students. Then Mr. Rouse has his great jokes. Well, let me rephrase that. He has his jokes. Mr. Chambers invites you to ring his Big Bell, while Coach Klrker and Coach Georgian tell you to be quiet. But no one can top Coach Roberts' famous, "Let's shut 'er down." s Mrs. Shaw pauses a minute before starting one of her "famous" lectures. A .. .. -.-au-E., Social studies requires a lot of reading and class work. These students certainly seem to be busy. Mr. Chambers' room provides Betty Wilson with a great place to take a llttle snooze. 28 Student LlfelAademics fbbew ,.,..--1-' l L1 ,Wi I -v--...xx I 1 E Y! 11-1-n The Ocean Blue -o---I 5, ,Q Qin S 1 It looks as though the Sandman has dropped a little magic sand over Mr. Rouse's room. Durlng world hlstory, Stewart Smith concentrates on a homework assignment. ffl' I 'F 'ni I ,,r-.-. QQ., ' r say," ' -nb. - Cn"9.:" i il . nil' Ii -- .-a--" f x't 'a ,QA-, - A Working together ls the best policy for these students. Glenda Wells really gets down to business on her sociology test. Student L lfelAcadem ics 29 S.H.S. After School Special I PfhA 5 P-' w.. ...Ml The public llbrary Is a good place for Dorene Schult to spend a few qulet moments alone and catch up on her reading. Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Hollingsworth, along with their children, stand on the slde and watch all the floats go by. 30 Student LlfelAfter School These glrls make an after school stop at Alnsworth's to look over the charms. After hours, Gia Sekul ls found trying to find some data on the llfe of wlld monkeys. l-ll vi l i 2 ' 4 . 'Ng V' ii o -1.3 : 2:55 p.m. Within two mlnutes, the halls are deserted. It's funny how students drag themselves around all day, but when they hear that last bell, thelr blood flnally starts to clrculate. Then lt's off to the Mug, Kwik Stop, or Sonlc to get somethlng to drlnk or munch on. Then there are those who floor the petal so they can get home In time to see the last few mlnutes of thelr favorlte soap opera. After nlght sets ln, most Stone High students can be found up town, or lf they have a llttle money, they spend a blg nlght on the coast or somewhere along the way. Then there are the faithful few who stay at home and study or just watch TV wlth that speclal someone. Whatever the case may be, lt's safe to say our favorite time Is after school. Whlle servlng thelr customers, Kaye Whlttlngton and John Campbell glve servlce wlth a smlle. After school you can always find Holly Cox ln between all the goodies at Kwlk Stop. 2 Student LlfelAfter School 31 The List Of Attlred ln the latest below the knee skirt, high fashion boots, and a smart vest, Llsa Johnson borrows some typing paper from a classmate. S-Club jackets, Insulated vests, T-shirts, levls, and cowboy hats seem to be the favorite dress for guys here at Stone. This year startling new fashions hit the public. Today's fashions have certainly become more - how would you say - ah, yes, Interesting. Blazers wlth padded shoulders, long sklrts, bobby socks, and splkes or saddle oxfords are reminiscent of the '50's. Then there's the Annle Hall look wlth lts baggy pants and the all American tle. And if you're Into western styles, this year is for you, pardner. The simple dress wlth frills and lace are now made to wear wlth your favorite cowboy boots and hat for the "way out" western look. Along with the "Disco" craze has come the "shiny" look - satin pants with silk shirts and to make the shiny effect even shinier, stick pins or scatter plns or both. Candles made the fashion scene this year, too - not candy as in sweets, Candles as in shoes. This new style of shoe ls very popular with straight legged pants which have made a comeback. Leon Warden wears a flannel shirt, cowboy. hat and levls - a comfortable outfit for school. 32 Student LIfelFashions 8. Fads A very blg ltem ln the clothing stores thls year is the quilted vest. Kitty Parrlsh models thls one for us. Satln pants, sllk shlrts, and baggy pants are also on the fashlon llst for men. But our guys seem more comfortable In flannel shlrts, Insulated vests, levls, tennls shoes, and thermal underwear. Other fashions that we can't overlook are blg velour sweaters, the layered look, Ieotards wlth sklrts, clutch purses, hats, belts, and those good ol' standby jeans. Wlth warmer weather we'll be ready to wear our cutoffs. Sorry, but cutoffs are not on the llst of the latest. Remember those shorts that go down to the knees? Well, folks, Bermudas are the latest. Lucklly, along wlth them, gym shorts made the llst as dld the blklnl which wlll always be fashionable. Dlsco dancing, by far, ls the biggest fad of the year and has led to the lesser fads of plastlc clothes, body glltter, platlnum fingernails, green eyelashes and dark, dark llpstlck. Other fads Include "Mork" handshakes and language - Na No, Na No, Shazbot - and toga partles. . -tb Q-bg. aan' iii? Sportlng an obvlously orlglnal halr . , r. 53. Qui: 5tYlef Eddie Ramey patiently waits Belts, stralght leg jeans, gathered sklrts, and splke heels are worn by all of the f0" the Class Peflod to end' fashlon conscious, as Gall Berry and Glenda Wells show. Student LlfelFashlons 8. Fads 33 Homecoming '78 - A Tropical Paradise Durlng the Homecoming pep rally, the cheerleaders do their traditional "little people" dance to Notre Dame. Aloha, Kanakas and Wahlnes! Come wlth me to the Paradise of the Pacific, where brllllant flowers, flery volcanoes, green valleys, warm blue seas and gently swaying palm trees - not to mention the gently swaying grass skirts - entice and intrigue, where the colorful and exotic are commonplace and the humdrum and dull are unheard of. Pause with us for a while in the Land of Enchantment while we weave a little magic and tell you the Legend of Homecoming Week. The annual staff started the festivities by selling Spirit Chain Links. Even though on Monday everything started out slow, the cheerleaders tried to get everyone "fired up" by coming to school dressed like Tomcats. Tuesday had a little more bang, as Ugly Day went over really good. Some of the students knocked themselves out trying to be the ugliest. Nobody at Stone High ever thought it would be hard to get any of our football cheerleaders to talk, but everybody had second thoughts Wednesday on "Make a Cheerleader Talk Day." At noon when the contest was over, there were still 3 cheerleaders out of -10 who hadn't talked. Thursday everybody was looking forward to the bonfire. Even though it drizzled all day, we dldn't let that dampen our spirit. That afternoon the Homecoming Court, escorts, band, and cheerleaders went down to Perk to rehearse the pregame actlvltles. After practice the court went back to the Ag Building to work on their float. The longer they worked, the more lt began to take the shape of a tropical paradise. Who but Mrs. Caln would have believed they could turn newspaper into a volcano, coconut trees, and even exotic birds. It took patience and a lot of hard work, but it pald off. The volcano topped the blcentennial eagle. Cutest, Marcia Meadows, gives Wendy Walts and Lorese Taylor a run for their money at being ugliest, too. Aided by Troy Cobb and a little gas, the bonfire reaches its peak. 34 Student L ifelHomecomlng 1 u , an-. , .-,..:w1.-V. S ,lt X 't I ,. I . Homecoming Freshmen Maids And Escorts - W it My egg WY W was in X M E1 M Q -s M or my in l x 1, Y K I S V.. NJ , , ' f,, fly X22 - - X 5 A H wget,-. 1--Q2 if m 'Q L' ' f N fv: A X ', 'L K ix- -Wig 6 J L 1... . , X V f ' A M , ilk -' 4' V-new-. 4, X A D Y by -7 it. Y' '. ' 'S W gr ,ff 7 M 93 . 3 . xr! j X L is . , ' gi 1 g 1' , ' 'v-. ' " f 'M if L , 5 " 31' , V. U 'J 4 N 3 ,ez -1' Ka , ' 'Q f X' . K K- , ,' f V . ri f V 1 -A . - All ,., - " . 1, , .'- L . K 1 5 I 14- S L YE , f N Ft--S f 1 ' . S l f 5 .E E55 ' . XX. f S l . U gg 55 ,, Tj :fo ' H .H H .I V? L. -3 K A " K VX 1 1 It W. ,: 5 ly . Q--:V :FV h. M S M ll it , I fe W r XP? , S Emir Qld, gj U . Q n o . X -idx.. . ,jx ' sz' , -- 21: . "fUu3." '-5 f 'sg 1' Q Q A" ',.sQ9'. 1 , -il ,T . A, L ,W r Patty Baker ' ' L nda LeBlanc ' fvf Angela McDonald ,. Brian Smith ,Q ,ig ,J Vmcent Pachel 4 md, A Steve Grady 'CJ' Q' 'A ' """"' Q "xi"-. 'ur 'RM v-1 2 t9wTf"'f":2,.:'1s ,,. . fwi ' Sophomore Maids And Escorts Phyllls Breland Paul Clinton Darlene Campbe Marlin Smith H it Win.:- , ...,-., '44 Anltha DeJarnett , Eddie Ramey 'z11"' -.. . ,J Student L lfelHomecom Ing 35 Homecoming Junior Maids And Escorts Jan Ainsworth Beau Carpenter Senior X 2525-two.. 'N' 'I Q J""1f',,' ,fy 4 ,J 6 'QA , . Harriett DeJarnett -Q R bert Earl James mf " f o J or rt 5 v 1 1 n gr- .229-.ww-gc K4 !1.:- KQ '1 .Mm .Chief .' 36 Student L IfelHomecomlng Q... -, V Kathy Duckworth Don Taylor , ' faerie gm viii? i t - W Q? 0 X' ' ' 1' R "M 4 'V . 2 . tm x . i ' i ' ' A . kk ,-, 4, 4 SQ, sci 1' q i er If -4- xi. A' - X 4 ,'LY,"'x'- '-'I' N , I A fftai Q' .7 - 5,1 .'f f. ' . , K", ,. nl 'km '- i , it 'f ff- . ,R . .fri N' 1-1 9 1 0 F X ' J' I ' ix ' ' , ' I' -Ki 1. if C, V 'V gr 3 X ' 'A'- 5,1 1' l 4 1 x V ,-.. K N ,I . ...X Q acuity Q, x' f X rf . -f-.:' ' X ' Y "'rr1,-. Q , va Jn Q - i n., E w 4' .--Will.. If llnnrhf :JQ".v ' 'ff' "' . ' lf' 1 r 'HT 5. Q T: , ,rr Cookle Falrley Steve Johnson ' ew'-ji ' f P51 Vx A , fyw 'il If I' Maids And Escorts ' 1. . v 5 ,Af xi , X W.. -gh , A N ff A A. X 'ilfff' ' ' gg' 42-,L NS K' X , b if fs 0. Y K 'F Q V gig we 5 N1 Jeanine Redmond Randy Prescott ' :fir -fo ' 1 1 M. so J Marty Dravls M Clndy Scarborough fit, ' Homecoming At seven o'cIock Thursday, bluejean clad students started showlng up at Pickle Fleld. The raln was comlng clown pretty hard by then, so a lot of people had umbrellas. The flre was hard to get started and the splrlt even more so. A lot of people gave lt up and went home. That's when the water balloon fights started. Everybody figured since they were wet anyway, they'd join ln the fun. And joln they dld! There was hardly a dry thread on anyone by the tlme the crowd started dwindling away. It was definitely a unlque bonfire. Thursday's rain brought a slight chlll for our big day. Even though Friday was "Sock It To 'Em Day," only a few people rolled their pants legs up because of the sudden change ln the weather. Rain, Rain Go Away Annual Staff members walt patiently for the signal to start unwlnding the splrlt chains. .39 .i X 5 QQ. X v' 'K N..-. . SPR ff Y at .awp 1, ., Student Body Maids And Escorts X' 5 3- 'WM all Carmen Johnson Russell Jarvls Lorese Taylor Randall Anderson Student Llfell-lomecomlng 37 Homecoming Homecoming Queen And Escort 78 Senlors and freshmen were really havlng a close race in splrlt chalns and noone knew who had won until the pep rally. When the annual staff rolled out the links the seniors' chaln looked longer, but everyone had heard the rumor that the freshmen had won. Mr. Baucum called out the totals starting wlth the class having the fewest llnks. The juniors were on the bottom, followed by the sophomores. By thls time freshmen and seniors were standing and screaming like crazy. Everybody in the whole school was caught up In the battling mood. Even though the freshmen had more people on their side, lt dldn't help them too much because they still came ln second. The seniors had preserved tradltlon by wlnnlng agaln. After the vlctory cheers, the judges announced the seniors as double vlctors by awarding them the splrlt stlck. Wlth Mr. Baucum's famous words, "You have ten mlnutes," everyone dispersed from the gym and moved on to slxth period, where they sat anxiously awaltlng the 2:55 bell which put us a little closer to the ballgame. At 6:15 those partlclpatlng ln the Homecoming ceremony began arrlvlng at Perk. At seven sharp the band flled on the fleld, flanked by the flags as hula girls wlth Hawallan flowers ln their hair and around their ankles. As the cheerleaders passed the stands on their float, they threw mlnature footballs to the crowd, trylng to get them fired up for the game. Then came the Homecoming Float, a tropical paradlse filled with exotlc birds, lush green plants, a grass shack at the base of the volcano and the lovely Queen wlth her Hawallan maidens. Durlng the Falr Parade, Rosa Lott and her Hawallan maids smile for the crowd. 38 Student L lfelHomecomIng x, ts, A Wy. 5. is 44' ,ar Rosa Lott Ricky Stone ,ff-f""' is 3-4- Homecoming And So It Ends As the spirit chains are stretched along the gym floor, The hula girls await the beginning of Timmy Roberts holds aloft the sign of the winning class. the music. 2 e SENIORS. -g---P ,,..g.--l---' H Whlle the band played "Salute to Hawali," the court crossed the fleld. The hula girls swaying gracefully ln their grass skirts tantallzlngly told a Hawaiian story. Mr. Baucum crowned Rosa Lott queen and presented her with a Hawaiian koscaque. The flower girl was Candy Fountain and the crown bearer was Jason Rouse. After the queen was crowned, the flre god of the volcano erupted as a fitting climax to the Homecoming Ceremonies. Wlth the start of the game, the scene changed completely. The Tomcats were looklng good at half time with a 6 to O lead. But by the end of the game our team had been overpowered again, loslng 12-6 to Pearl Rlver Central. And so another Homecoming Week came to an end with the nlght's actlvltles culmlnlatlng with a dance at the Country Club. Wlth time running out, everyone pitched in to flnlsh the Hawaiian flowers for the Homecoming Float. Student LlfelHomecomlng 39 Floats, Rides, And Cotton Candy The Falr, a sure slgn of fall. On September 12, despite the fact that there was not a hint of fall ln the air, fair posters began popping up everywhere as Dolph Alexander and Garvin and Harry Weaver braved the rain to tack up signs announcing Fair Week, October 2-6. Although the fair was three weeks away excitement was already rising. Girls began slgnlng up to enter the Falr Queen Contest and various organizations began to throw around ideas for floats to enter In the parade. Those who were planning to exhibit animals in the livestock shows or the pet show lntenslfled their training and grooming to get their animals ready. Others started looklng around for canned goods, handicrafts, or plants they could enter ln the fair exhibits. And everywhere there was talk of what rides would be available and who would win a stuffed animal or dunk a fireman. On September 26 at Malone Hall, the 48 Falr Queen contestants nervously awaited the judges' decision. When it finally came, the audience applauded with approval as Patti McDaniel was named Queen with Denlse Taylor, First Alternate, Barbara Wells, Second Alternate, Harriett De Jarnett, Third Alternate: and Lisa Morgan, Fourth Alternate. Monday morning found most students discussing the rapidly approaching Fair Day. All week creative ideas were put to practical use as floats began to take shape. And everyone was excited about getting out early Friday. And then Frlday dawned bright, beautifully sunny, and COOL. Fall had came and so had Fair Day. Everyone scurried around putting finishing touches on floats. Suddenly it was 12:00 - time for the Fair Parade to assemble at the Courthouse. At 1:00 all the floats were llned up and the parade began. With the Stone High Band leading the way, the parade moved slowly down Third Street to College and on up the hill to 1st Street. A left turn on 1st and the parade passed ln front of the throngs of people llnlng the street. Then all too soon floats disappeared from view and the parade was over. 40 Student LlfelFair Fair Queen, Pattl McDaniel, concentrates on throwing a piece of candy to a bystander. if 27'-,,, ,.,,,,,.. is .M '11, , U Q L tn. 'ni- 2 4 I IVR ,S .Vu These students enjoy getting out of school early to go to the parade. After the parade, students clamored to the fair and on to one of the popular rldes, the Tilt-A-Whlrl. ...-ni" ,J f 1' .1 l Ut! 'flak 5' X ffuktf i 1 v X . . 'tu' if L E ., .N ' -A xv , Riding floats can be monotonous but not with Debbie Freche around. She ls one of those people who can find something funny about anything. Participating In the parade ls Stone County's Junlor Miss, Cindy Hill. Most people then moved on to the fairgrounds to vlew the exhibits, eat cotton candy, popcorn, hotdogs, and candled apples, try out the Tllt-a-whlrl and Merry-Go-Round, or try their luck at the various game booths on the strip. Others dismantled the floats or went home to get ready for the ballgame wlth Harrison Central. Saturday night brought another Falr Week to a close, leaving behind a Ilttered falrground of happy memories. Student L lfelFair 41 SHS Special A championship game is always exciting, but the battle with Hancock for the Class A State Championship was Now 5f0l'19 County Can finally GUIOY 5 YGCYGHUOH Center especially heartstopping with the outcome of the game ln Conveniently locafed next to 51009 High- question for several minutes. Ricky Stone both laughs and , ny . : -- 1. - O. ah! N I I. f 'ft'-f' ' 4' . e , i Xb' Q .. -1 ,N wg? . ' ,. s ' 'rv 4 1 , Rf- . L . ,. 4 Q J Q .r- - E:,g,,,: qw?-:ui gi' I - it - --IL. 1 S N S S E-' A '-:Hee it Lt.. an if .t , i X it ' a tw . R IT: S it 'QL -.W S . , . f ' ' . . "Q jg -',fff.e.".. ex , , ...HQ-an V f'+f ii?"-' VY 1 T' S' 1 - 'u .43 A A. t g . f Y-.QfT"": i g ' idiiivl ' - f' ' ' 1 I. ,, -rp-ae. v. :A-7 X .1 .- 5 tr ' , 1 at if X. ,M s C I, 3 fffprli ttitt illllfl ct e l i was y I-, it is J' sv ttt, M. ,,,,', 'm""""TT."'3 f C ff- ff H ,KF 4-V. I. P A 2 nt- 'S Lucklly a pay phone was Installed for all the students' benefit to make all their Important calls. Recently Star Chevrolet has moved out on Highway 49 where they have enlarged tremendously. 42 Student LlfelCurrent Events Q isle aa. fi 5 cries as Stone is announced State Champs. tu Tk News Report Many nights are spent slttlng at the Sonic, just watching the girls go by. ' 'f r 1 are 'v'1'wa- . '.'.' 1 . J S , , 7 ' J" an 1 4,4 , 'lr' x, A 'Q '. M J . ' f' Qeslxfmii . '-- . N - x "x-gf. X , ' " 'f' Nffr- "i 1 " .jglgu .1 735.32 ,.,4 . .. V1 ' .wrfff ,A,, ,.-.. ....... M.-M-f .,-J-'-s-s-- R W f ,,,,s' ... .... ........---5' aw L ir. ' ' ' . .,.,- N" K jk Z fl ff p Q ., , P? ez 'YA "':' . ses? - g . .wtf . - ,................--,...,, A.., ........,. .. , . ., On warm afternoons, Terry Parsons can be found on the new tennis 1 court trylng to lmprove his forehand. On the national and international scene, this has been a year to remember. President Carter established diplomatic relations with Chlna and continued the losing battle against inflation. But perhaps the biggest news item was the murderlsulcide of 911 members of the People's Temple In Jonestown, Guyana, which shocked and grieved the nation, as did the death of former Vice President Nelson Rockefeller. For the sports enthusiast, Pittsburgh became the flrst team to win the Super Bowl three times: Muhammed All regained the World Championship, Afflrmed won the Triple Crown: Wlllle Mays was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, and Woody Hayes of Ohlo was fired for hitting a Clemson player ln the Gator Bowl. In the entertainment field, "Mork and Mlndy" and "Vegas" were the most popular new TV shows, while "Elght Is Enough," "Soap," and "Three's Company" remain favorites. The top movies included SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, GREASE, and ANIMAL HOUSE. Again this year, Andy Gibb had the number 1 song, "Shadow Danclng." Others with songs at the top of the chart were the Bee Gees, Linda Ronstadt, Donna Summer, Barry Manilow, Earth- Wlnd-and Fire, and Willie Nelson. Here on the local scene, some Interesting changes have taken place. The addition of a thlrd stop llght makes it impossible to make It through all three red lights without getting caught. And we no longer have to stop our "tour of the town" at the Kwlk Stop: why now we can circle around the Sonic before we restart the cycle. In addltion, we even have two new places to recreate. The clty repaired the old Wiggins Hlgh School tennis courts after both it and the old elementary school were demolished. Then there's the new park beside our school which consists of basketball and tennis courts and playground equipment. It even has the beginnings of a baseball field. Here at school, students campaigned for Thad Cochran or Maurice Dantln during the Senatorlal race to replace Senator Eastland, who retlred. Dantln took Stone County, but Cochran took the state. Mrs. Webb was selected as one of the top two biology teachers ln the state, and ETV has been added as a teaching ald. Student LlfelCurrent Events 43 Rlcky Stone, the 18 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stone of Silver Run, was the president of his junior class. As president, he , made the welcoming speech at the '78 Junior-Senior Prom. In the past four years, Ricky has been active in basketball, baseball, the French Club, FCA, FBLA, Beta Club, and Science Club. He was elected a class officer for three years and has also been in Who's Who for the past three years. He's interested in skllng, swimming, playing tennis, and girls. Rlcky Stone and Wendy Waits, Mr. and Miss Stone High. 44 Student LifelWho's Who 1978-79 Mr. 8: Miss Ricky, a starter on the basketball team, shows his skill by dunklng the ball. Ricky and Wendy discuss the morning's events at morning break. Stone High School Ricky and Wendy examine their advanced biology notes. SV g.: l..,X. . .'-fl Even though the team is losing Wendy keeps the spirit going. Ricky Stone and Wendy Waits, Mr. and Miss Stone High. Wendy Waits, the 17 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Waits of Big Level, has been active in all aspects of school life during her four years of high school. An honor student, she has served as a Student Council Representative, a class officer, and a football cheerleader. She has also been active in Y- Teens, French Club, S-Club, FBLA, Beta Club and Annual Staff. Well-liked by her classmates Wendy was elected class favorite and a member of the Homecoming Court. Some of Wendy's favorite pastimes are water- skiing, horseback riding, reading, dancing, and listening to WXEL. Student LifelWho's Who 45 Best Dressed Being dressed well isn't just the clothes you wear, it's how you wear them. Tracy Hall, Glenda Wells, Lorese Taylor, and Simon Wilson are fine examples. Whether in dress clothes, jeans and sweatshirts, or something in between, they all come looking their best. Tracy HallIGlen2laWelfs,+Lorese Taylor, and Q' Simon Wilson ' , 0 J. A -Aid ai Hall, Freshmen Kim Fairley and Marcia Meadows, sophomore Tracy Hall, and senior Stevie O'Neal just may be the envy of the school. There is usually a crowd of students around these four, and no wonder. Their charm and personality are just two reasons they were elected cutest. " Who's Who Most Versatile Versatile truly describes Paul Dorsett and Cindy Scarborough. Super-sport Paul not only plays football, but enjoys baseball and golf too. Some of his hobbies are hunting, fishing, and drawing. Cindy, an honor student, is co-editor of this year's annual, plays the trumpet, enjoys tennis, and is an active member of the Devotions Committee. ,K,,',, L. if Watch out World' Here come four from Stone High Kelly Smith Harriett DeJarnett Ma ty Dravis and because of their outstanding achievements Kelly is President of the Student Body Harriett is a member of the band and annual staff Mike is a star of the football team and Marty manages to maintain high grades while holding down a Job These four should make our school proud Most Likely To Suceed Student LifelWho's Who 47 , . . - Mike Breland were elected Most,-Liltely-to-Succeed I . . Most Athletic Basketball is big here at Stone, and Debbie Coker and Ricky Stone are just the ones to show it. Both Ricky and Debbie are first string basketball players and both were selected All Gulf Coast Conference, All District 8, and All South State. But basketball is not their only interests. Ricky also plays baseball and tennis and Debbie enjoys summer league softball. Coker and Ricky Stone X st Wlqixl we 1 . Eta . kr! SCHUUFBUS -,,4,f-1 gl .YV-.N 3. --....,.-f ,- Bryan Roberson and Missy Buckley both exemplify the spirit of Stone. A losing season doesn't dampen their spirit. They're always ready with a big GOOO TOMCATS! Missy has been a football cheerleader for two years, while Bryan was elected the most spirited person during Homecoming Week this year. Most School Splrlt F rlendllest In the same way that coke adds life to everything nice these four students add life to Stone High Last year Jan and Danny were both elected friendliest while Rosetta and Mike were class favorites Y- Sgxssgfh-v iw . - s I Q x . X I J1- Q B' 6 .g , L' t ' Being talented is Steve Johnson's and DeSha Breland's specialty. Steve is a member of the basketball team and was most valuable offensive player last year. DeSha is the drum majorette for the Stone High Band. She also plays the flute and piano Student LifelWho's Who 49 Most Talented Who 5 2 5 , se l t I 1 1 1 7 I I I 1 I 1 . 1 7 1 Jeanine Redmond b 7 "f Hifi The Setting: Thursday night, November 16, 1978, Malone Hall, Perkinston Campus. The Set: Senior Beauty and Beau Pageant. The Cast: Larry Rouse, Emceeg 67 seniors, three judges. The Crew: Stone High Annual Staff. Technical Advisors: Mike Cain, Mary Webb, Nina Shaw, Betty Hollingsworth. Tension was high as the 7:00 curtain time for the third annual Senior Beauty and Beau Pageant neared. Nervous laughter and excited whispers could be heard from backstage as the contestants lined up. Suddenly it was time to begin. Mr. Rouse welcomed the audience, introduced the judges, and explained the procedure. Then the curtain opened and it was too late to back out. After the parade of contestants, the judges left to confer among themselves and decide on the semi-finalists. Backstage everyone pitched in to clear the stage for Angela LeBlanc, who provided entertainment with a jazz dance to the music "Rocky," Then it was hurry up and wait backstage as the trellises and plants were moved back in place. 50 Student LifelWho's Who Senior Beaus Il! ff X 4 ff 94 Danny Fountaln Angela's dance relieved the tension for a few moments, but it soon began to rise again as the minutes passed and the judges failed to appear. Finally they returned with their selection of semi-finalists: Kerry Buckley, Kevin Vanderbilt, Donald Lomax, Ronny Meadows, Russell Jarvis, Mike Breland, Kelly McKenzie, Len Swafford, Danny Fountain, Randy Williams, Lorese Taylor, Rosetta Wash, Rosa Lott, Eloise Balley, Teresa Walker, Jeanine Redmond, Millie McDaniel, Shelia Fore, and Pam Fairley. After viewing the semi-finalists several times, the judges went into their final consultation and the winners were announced: BEAUS - Donald Lomax, Russell Jarvis, Danny Fountain, and Randy Williams, BEAUTIES - Teresa Walker, Jeanine Redmond, Rosetta Wash, and Pam Fairley, MOST HANDSOME - Ronny Meadows and MOST BEAUTIFUL - Shelia Fore. Then amid smiles of dellght, squeals of excitement, and applause of approval the curtain closed. Student LlfelWho's Who 51 SHS Sound During the Christmas play, the Choir helps the Devotions Committee out by singing "Joy to the World." Throughout the past few years, both the Stone High Band and Choir have boosted the reputation of our school tremendously and have continued to do so this year. Both have participated in various contest and have brought home superior and excellent ratings with trophies to prove their winnings. To play a musical instrument or to carry a musical tune is harder than you think. It takes many long hours of practice and doing things over and over. But most of all it takes determination and patience, and Stone High's Music Department has what it takes. The Choir's many hours of hard work L paid off during their Christmas Concert. 'VJ These band members nervously wait their turn during the Christmas Concert. Student Discretion Advised 52 Music Division These band members are always ready to give a supporting hand whether the team is winning or not. x 'V S. 3 s ,A :ff . :W .Li""'w i K W - , swf f.s.ffiQ1 -tv W A 5 V w.: "4 'Q ey, "K "Arc 7' abr' , xx ,IH ,q ul 'fwfr . 1 ,, v V ff si Q b ,f 'V N CF, ,iq Q f W f' f ,. xx -. ch' c. I h , : . g ax . A A S I X 4 .1 '5 , ibfmshx 1 . , f, if 1? LK K , L xg -1.5 -55? -NX .1 4: Q .W F9 4 'Q .UA Hardwork, Pride 8g Determination Front Row: Kenneth Brown, Janathan Nall, Henry Bond, Millie McDaniel, Angela LeBlanc, Roan Smith, Phyllis Breland, Valerle Smith, DeSha Breland, Richard King, Diane Spicer. 2nd Row: Sylvia Clayton, Johnette Davis, Tammy Wiggins, Harriett DeJarnett, Patty Baker, Lynda LeBlanc, Candy Reynolds, Paige Baucum, Debbie Freche, Carolyn Breland, Tamlyn Patton, Keri Clement, Debra Bond. 3rd Row: Fred Brown, Tim Bond, Thomas Johnson, Kirk Johnson, Tim Purvls, Carmen Johnson, Faye Husband, Tawnya Weber, Roger Moore. 4th Row: Len Swafford, Mark Hall, Kim Parker, Jane Overstreet, Patti McDaniel, Bruce Coole, Jeff Murphy, Melanie Mallett, Sylvia Strickland, Preston Carpenter. Back Row: Pam Fairley, Rita King, Alice Anderson, Cynthia Bolden, Jeanine Redmond, Karen Breland, Melanie Parker, Kitty Parrish. 4- f'3f!ll"'l'Wv, Band Director - Ron Wllllams 54 MuslclMarchlng Band f Band Result In All Superiors Waiting for the band pictures to be taken, Diane Drum Majorette DeSha Breland directs the band with true vigor Spicer appears bored with it all. and pride- . xx The early days of August brought the SHS band members out of their alr conditioned homes into the sweltering heat for many hours of band practice. The new members, the Freshmen, started at 9:00 every morning with "Rookie Practice" where they learned how to march. Then the rest of the band came at 11:00 to sweep the field lmarch up and down the yardllnesl, go over all the marching procedures, and start learning a show for the flrst ballgame. Lunch break came at 12:00. llf you live in the country, you either ate with a friend or grabbed a bite in town. Then it was back to the band hall at 1:00 to go over old music and sight read new music until 3:00. At 3:00 unless you had to hand out uniforms, or pick up one, you were free to go home and relax until the next morning when the routine started over. Even though we only went through this for about three weeks, we thought lt would never end. And lt dldn't. When school started we continued to work on our show perfecting lt for the football games and band contests wlth practice from 3:00 to 5:00 almost every After another superior performance, the band comes off the field at afternoon. attention. MusiclMarchlng Band 55 Band Band Council The Fair Parade is just one of the many activities in which the band participates. Mark Time March Up 1,2,3,4 Halt! These are familiar words to the Stone High Marching Band. Hours of hard work, muddy fields, sore feet, and long bus trips are also familiar to band ifr- members. Not only does our band put on Y a halftime show at every football game, but also competes in marching contests and participates in various parades. 4-X vvf But the hard work, pride, and determination of a small band - only 51 members - can make all the difference. At both the Mobile and 1 Plcayune Marching Festivals, Stone High Band was rated All-Superior. Also rated superior were the Auxiliary Corps, the Drum Majorette, and the Drum Corps. The Council 'xi X L 'U' 1 T 5 rf, .-+4 l .1 - We ,ff Aawwg-pl1.w we vm Il ,591 f .3-"M, l ,Z fan-Avail-fr Rig Harriett DeJarnett, Patty Baker, Rita King, Phyllis Breland, Millie McDaniel, DeSha Breland, Roan Smith, Sylvia Strickland, Angela LeBlanc, and Tim Purvis. 56 MusiclMarching Band VJ 3 Band Leaders Of The Band f '- 324'-5 . . .x - f. , V ' -41 if - 19 ff' i Q53 ' ,it -' lligfxi . 'jafgll " . V M sg... . :ij A.: - L .u X af V U1 , 3 5, -'j', ,.,:v , f l A 9. 7 TT -, 8 ig? ' df' "QE f"N rt - ,swf ' R n -'Nl' 4 ' -A-, c 'L ,P "W'g le iff 'se jiv ' 4 1 5' 4 Q- Ir A- xll h i ,ith 1 E , K I V . . ng ,' Q W K x f Q' l 5 ' lf K N . , jixvj NEf,. . 1 . 'y.s,M X-JAM, -- ...:,t. hi 5.15 1 x . .-f 4 ,ry ,NX r-1, 1 5 'uf'.J . ug. ..-- v -lf , . .acne I K In V .1 ,:.-, gr. ,'-Wu' t J- 'j Vjfye """g-' . Front Row: Len Swafford, Harriett DeJarnett, Paige Baucum, Henry Bond, Candy Reynolds, Carmen Johnson, Tim Purvis. Back Row: Pam Fairley, Cynthia Bolden, Karen Breland, Millie McDaniel, DeSha Breland, Roan Smith, Jeanine Redmond, and Alice Anderson. ay., ,,A,.--v.,,,. . I "Gopher" Sharon Breland, with Performing during halftime at the football games, the. b-and is also practicing assistance of Gay McDaniel, helps for the different marching contests in which they participate. the band in many ways during the football season. MusiclMarching Band 57 Rand All Superior Auxiliary Rifles: Millie McDaniel, Angela LeBlanc, Roan Smith, Captain, Phyllis Breland, Valerie Smith, DeSha Breland Drum majorette. Flags: Pam Fairley, Kitty Parrish, Alice Anderson, Rita King, Captain, Cynthia Bolden, Jeanine Redmond, Karen Breland, Melanie Parker. ,Q Relieved that one more show is over, the flags leave the field. Phyllis Breland executes a difficult routine with precision. 58 MusiclAuxiIiary Corps Addlng to the spirlt, our rifles and flags perform for the student body during a pep rally. As the band plays the National Anthem the flags and rifles salute "Old Glory". ,1 f , 5 sg ' K W . ' - 1 fl' 'L .-:V-LUi" ' ,. , KY., T4 , Lf :dL'sE'j:f"'f 1, .. , ? r,L ,c- ,I 36. V I I M W in A a :- .U 5 f mag". AL 5 if .- l-JA it X '.,"! ng "I 'ff K . A - -fa - ,f.?i' 1 r,, Sz M4- ia, at 'fs ' " if '9 ,Jil -f ' 5 . , ffl S 5 i my . if :P :Q - R .f 4 3: ,,,f, A' I ' " ' -aff!! Hula glrl for the night, flag Cynthia Bolden stands at attention as the Homecoming float passes by. Rifles Roan Smith, Valerie Smith and Angela LeBlanc walt for the signal to begin their routine. MuslclAuxlllary Corps 59 Qanrl l We Wlll . . . We Wlll Front Row: Kerri Clement, Angela LeBlanc, Patti Baker, Johnette Davis, Harriett DeJarnett, DeSha Breland. 2nd Row: Debbie Bond, Roan Smith, Valerie Smith, Lynda LeBlanc, Tammy Wiggins, Sylvia Clayton, Diane Spicer, Kirk Johnson, Faye Husband, Tim Purvis, Jeff Murphy. 3rd Row: Millie McDaniel, Karen Breland, Tamlyn Patton, Carmen Johnson, Paige Baucum, Len Swafford, Melanie Mallett, Sylvia Strickland, Tawnya Weber, Fred Brown, Patti McDaniel, Tim Bond, Jessie Walker. Back Row: John King, Johnathon Nall, Ken Brown, and Rita King. The band learned a lot from Student Teacher Practicing for Solo and Ensemble Contest, Angela LeBlanc and MVS- Tally, Who in fum learned 3 lot ffom the Keri Clement are really working hard. band- 6O MusiclConcert Band Band Rock You Having a very few minutes to look over the music, these band students are really concentrating hard. frat, 51 Looking over a piece of music, these girls are discussing the high and low points of the piece. While DeSha Breland is practicing her solo, Harriett DeJarnett assists by turning the pages. 4:00 p.m. "Let's make this the last time we go through it. If you get it right we'll go home early," said Mr. Williams. 5:00 p.m. and we're still here. Concert season is here. Practice for state contest and the spring concert is in full swing. At 2:55 while most students are headed for their cars the band members have just settled down for a long hard practice. The month before contest home for band members is the band hall. Many long hours are spent on marching, keeping their instruments in tune, and sightreading. Competition is tough and the judges are hard but for the last two years the Stone High Band has come out on top. After the long trip home from Mississippi State Contest practice isn't over. Approximately two weeks after State Contest the spring concert takes place, where once again the band puts on a superior performance. After all the work that's put in and your body's so tired you couldn't play another note or march another step, it all becomes worthwhile when the judges rate you all superior or an audience claps in approval. MusiclConcert Band 61 I Believe In Music 1:6 pn, , S I L nf. EF 1 - - , , s 5 A A ! f 2 . 2 S 9 V -f '4 g Ina, 4- Ia ,, f v X ,V .gy . ff Front Row: Belinda Breland, Carolyn Walters, Deidra Tullos, Myrna Bond, Dena Naderhoff, Delicia Sellers, and Hazel McDonald. 2nd Row: Sherri Fairley, Denise Breland, Bernice Lott, Teresa Rouse, Rosa Lott, Keri Clement, Dorene Schuit, Renee Hill and Rosetta Wash. 3rd Row: Deloris Dalrymple, Lisa Johnson, Shirley Arrington, Grace Walker, Sandra Evans, Cassandra Blackwell, Juanese Joyner, Donna Graves, Stacey Parker, Carol Rogers, Teresa Hosey and Nancy Lott. Back Row: Debbie Bond, Cindy Hill, Claudia Pachel, Rita King, Betty Strickland, Sylvia Henderson, Donna Breland, Laurie Taft, Dolly Perry, Cindy Nations, Susie Walker, Tonia Sellers, Janie Prine, Christine Wells, and Cheryl Bond. 1 an gf" r w x f. 1 - A 4 'I r , V .3 -,,. Q .QM . ' v , I ' e l ,Q s,n.1S'-gl .Q f 1.3 ' Under the direction of Mrs. Jerelene Jones and accompanied by ' John Breland, the choir sings a Christmas melody. As the fund raising rummage sale comes to an end, Deloris Dalrymple and Deidra Tullos count the hard earned profits. 62 Music!Choir Choir ,J- L T7 Ml an--f "H Zia Breland, Rosetta Wash, Claudia Pachel, Juanese Joyner Mrs. Jerelene Jones ' .gov- V Q1 Excellence is the name of the game for the Stone High Choir that rated excellent at the Gulf Coast Tri State Festival in November. Willing to settle for nothing less than excellence, our choir usually does a superior job. Throughout the year the choir has worked very hard rehearsing many new songs for contest and preparing for their Christmas and Spring concerts. The choir did an excellent job of bringing the Christmas spirit into each person during the Christmas concert by singing favorite Christmas songs. Even with all the ordinary rehearsals and times they spent learning new songs, the choir spent many hours raising money through bake sales, garage sales, and candy sales, to earn enough money to go to Nashville in Nlay to compete with 49 other choirs. They also hope to go to Opry Land while there. Overall the choir has done an excellent job, under the direction of Mrs. Jerelene Jones. She has helped them win many outstanding awards. MusiclChoir 63 Dknlv That's Entertainment The sextet and ensemble, a select group of the Stone High Choir, has done an outstanding job during their concert performances. Last year the sextet and ensemble had the honor of performing at a Valentine Banquet in Biloxi at the Broadwater Beach Hotel. They also performed on the "Good Morning South Mississippi" television show during the week that Stone High was saluted. In the spring both groups will attend the District Choral Festival in Biloxi, where they hope to receive superior ratings which will send them to the State Contest in Vicksburg. The girls who make up the sextet and ensemble are a very talented group, and they work very hard to prepare for their performances. Preparing for state takes a lot of long hard hours as these choir members show. 64 MusiclChoir Dalrymple, Carol Rogers, Rosetta Wash and Claudia -Fri' I I 5 s. 4 f . with a laugh. f 1 nfl Hard at work on their state numbers, the altos go over their part. While practicing various songs the choir stops to break the tension , I 'Ns H x I NL xt '91 v ,,,....-Y f ,' ,,.b4: i nfili 'lif- V3 . jx ig, --M .77 N--rs ri: 4.4- , . V, is ' f Front Row: Cindy Hill, Keri Clement, Delorls Dalrymple, Carol Rogers, Rosetta Wash, Claudia Pachel. Back Row: Cassandra Blackwell, Janie Prine, Susie Walker, Tonia Sellers, Grace Walker and Rosa Lott. MusiclChoir 65 Serving, Sharing, Specializing, Mr. C.R. Stuckey Jr. contemplates a question from a student concerning A his computer. The Paper Staff works frantically to get the paper down to Perk for the final printing. X, . r' , if ,S ,x ., in , 'I I K t X ap ,w .4 1- 1 ,ssc ggi ., .f .r 2' X :Q ."' N " f 555.-3 Hf rx ' " xx., X X ' f gi , ' A ' ' 15.3 fs: 1 .XIV f 5 , ' W S ' j V I x , Sr X ,S ' , x 1 1 A : w e :g rf, R I ,I V 1' f K . ' , Xe X , ,, 4' if Clubs at Stone High all have one thing in common, working together. But that's where the similarity runs out. Some of the clubs are service clubs, while others are formed to learn more about or become more involved ln a subject. Many people are involved in clubs which keep them busy at all times. If its not one meeting it's another. Sometimes we have to decide which to attend or run from one end of the school to the other in the hope that we'll make both. Whatever the case may be, we all enjoy the challenge and fellowship of the clubs to which we belong. 1 1" I A - -.- 'sis +5 Listening carefully the FHA learn the step by step 3 prlocess for making ceramics. 66 Clubs Division and Sporting 'ST' L . V xr. Fir ' i A X. Q jx' . X, 5. -......j.v...fA..-...-...-...WWE . X 'H Eikiiff A 5""'W Q 5 After building a bookshelf John Scarborough and Jon Nall add the last coat of paint. ,j r VICA Han While cutting a board in carpentry these students carefully watch their fingers. After hls work is done Kevin Fairley cleans up his mess. lu' 68 ClubslVICA Grease Guns, ma 'mai ' Front Row: Randy Seals, James Walker, Mike Butler, Bruce Shaw. Beau Carpenter, Don Taylor. 2nd Row: Brian Bond, Len Eley, David Walker, Ken Eley, Randy Meadows, David Wedgeworth, Luther Guyton, Billy Denning. 3rd Row: Curtis Sellers, Edna Whittle, Terry Parker, David Bankston, Keith Edward Cooper, Russell Dedeaux, Arthur Rhodes, Doug Allen. 4th Row: Corlis Fairley, Darlene Whittle, Jimbo Shrewsbury, Curtis Potter, Sidney Bond. Back Row: Wayne Marshall, Darryl Monroe, Lynn Bond, Jocko Angle, and Rickey McDonald. Greg Smith demonstrates his welding ability. And Goggles Jimbo Shrewsbury makes sure that all the tools are kept in their proper place. Sllll HHS 1 nv ti 55 NM! in ll fggui Much practice goes into learning the parts of a car Here Johnny Gibson checks Hard at work, Terry Parker brushes up on his welding . gzigfif 4, Q, 'QQQ 5 12. .Q ' if - ...., ,, Vocational Industrial Clubs of America is a national organization for student interested in vocational classes such as welding, auto mechanics, and carpentry. Our VICA consists of the students who take these classes at Perk. The members compete in state and national contest. In these contests, members must demonstrate their skills. For example, in auto mechanics members compete with other clubs from other schools in fixing parts of cars, or in carpentry they must place their building skills against the skills of others. ClubslVICA 69 Co-op Earn While You Learn Members of Co-op are students who earn while they learn. The Co-op program offers two academic courses and a class of Co-op in the morning. Students spend their afternoon hours working at various firms and businesses around town. This provides students with an opportunity to learn a trade while they are getting paid for their work. Formerly, only seniors were offered this opportunity. This year juniors were also given a chance. To Co-op students, school is more than just hitting the books: it's a valuable experience for the future. Maurice Ra burn and Elaine Hickman Kaye Whittington is busy checking out groceries at the local Piggly Wiggly. 777' WTF Il TV". up . su t' 'L 1.000 4 v "7" .EA TX Y discuss their plans for their next job at Sherwood's Custom Woodworking. 70 ClubslCo-op L. gi 'iv Here Ben Hunt carefully watches the gas as it reaches the customer's order. .dt Bryan Hancock concentrates on counting the change for his customer at the Cabin Store. 'S J ,. " LXHWJ4 - ?'1's,s Seated: Barbara Wells, Shelia Fore, Sarah Taylor, Dorothy Fairley, Glenda Wells, Cathy Lott, Liz Loper. 2nd Row: Russell Jarvis, Steve Grady, Kelly McKenzie, Randy Williams, Julie Harriel, Kaye Whittington, Carl Breland, Gary O'NeaI, Mrs. Roberts, Sponsor. Back Row: David O'Neal, Bryan Hancock, Hollis Cooper, John Walker, Maurice Rayburn, Ben Hunt, Joe Fairley, and Jeff Gill. lf? Glenda Wells takes a break from her typing job at Hard at work, Randy Wllllams fills Southern Office Supply as she hears her name called. out an order form at Sears. ClubslCo-op 71 Science Setting up the possum diarama, Brian Coole and Patricia Torres try to decide what looks best. Til li, 'MW' 1312,-is f 1...- Putting together the dog skeleton took Stevie O'Neal and Rita Davis quite a while. Getting ready for the paper drive, Tom Williams and Paige Baucum tie up bundles of papers. 72 ClubSlScien9e Science Fair, Paper Painting the science museum was just one of the jobs the science club has taken on this year. Here Roan Smith demonstrates her expertise. its Xi-ff. l if Q69 il lf Science Drive And The Little House . Trying to get the fawn to look at home, Tom Williams and Edith Bond add new foilage. JQY-312 ,'b. .4 1 4 436- The clatter of bursting test tubes and chairs being scraped across the floor, staying up till all hours of the night, cursing the day you ever signed up for chemistry and the never ending two word phrase, "Mrs. Cain!?!" which can be heard echoing through the halls is a sure sign the Science Fair is near. The Science Club sponsors the Science Fair, and also presents demonstrations and projects. Another project of the Science Club is the paper drive. The money made from the recycled papers goes to help the museum, known as the "Little House" to most students. They've added a lot to the museum since last year - like an insect collection, snakes, lizards, and several new diaramas. All of the exhibits in the museum have been made by the students. One of the most fascinating projects of the museum is the turtle pond which was dug and stocked by the students. All of the animals have been taken from Stone County. The newest addition to the museum is the trailer donated for more exhibits ln the future. , l'--ni. f Concentrating on controlling the world, these science 4' , students operate the energy environmental simulator. ClubslScience 73 FFA Old McDonald Had A Farm During National Safety Week, Randall Anderson shows the proper way to use a fire extinquisher. Front Row: Raymond Loper, Mr. J.S. Foxworth, Advisor, Kimble Brooks, President, Glen Ray Stewart,Secretary5 Randall Anderson, Vice President: Kevin Bond, Treasurer: Homer Rogers, Ronny Meadows. 2nd Row: Russell Jarvis, Larry Ladner, Laurie Warden, Robin Bond, W.L. Walker, John Parker. 3rd Row: Russell Amacker, Daniel Ballman, Galien Morrison, Tammy Whittington, Teddy Moore, Sharon Breland, Stewart Smith, Howard Danzey, Monte Breland. 4th Row: Leslie Baucum, Arthur Rhodes, Aaron Clayton, Todd Hatten, Scott Waits, Wayne Simpson, Donna Dedeaux. Back Row: Brian Hancock, Nelson Hunt, Hollis Cooper, Jeff Gill and Len Eley. FFA is not just your ordinary organization. It covers everything from a fair queen contest and selling oranges to judging cattle. FFA stands for Future Farmers of America and is a nationally recognized organization made up of students between 13 and 21 years of age who are interested in agriculture. Its main purpose is to encourage the development of leadership, citizenship, and cooperation of its participants. Many of the 1978 members attended the State Falr In Jackson, showing livestock and participating in judging contests. The judging team placed first ln beef judging, and one outstanding member of the team, Jeff Alexander, placed as highest individual scorer. Stone H'9h'5 FFA a'WaY5 makes After winning the State FFA Beef Judging contest, team members are proud to a good showing in the many show their trophy. activities in which members participate. 74 ClubslFFA V ex -. ., .. tx ne ij ,545 1 Aw- . 3 .X . N s i. . After unloading the crates of oranges Mr. Smith and A 2:-5 X. i,, Homer Rogers check the quality of them. These members settle down while waiting for an FFA meeting to start. -.-1-ntl 2 W After taking a break Mr. Smith works on the grinder. Mr. Smith and Mr. Foxworth discuss the Livestock for the fair. CIubslFFA 75 Council The Stone Hlgh Student Council is the official volce of the student body. The foremost purpose is to improve our school. Students can submit requests, suggestions, and problems to the Student Council for discussion and possible actlon. Working to improve the school, as well as promote school spirit, the Student Councll has done many things this year. They participated in the County Fair Parade, sponsored the Klss-a-Frog Contest, and put up a bulletin board outside the office to keep everyone Informed of school events. They also tried to improve the parking lot in front of the school and wrote the school board concerning the lnvitlng of outside dates to the prom. At Christmas, they sponsored a door decorating contest to get everyone ln the splrlt of Christmas. The Student Council deserves the support of the student body, since everyone ls adequately represented on the Council. Representatives are elected by each homeroom, while the president and vlce-president are elected by the student body at large. Vlce-president Jeff Murphy shares his ideas with other members. You Want Me Realizing it was only a fire drlll, these students walt patiently for the word to return to class. Fame-Xwawmwu V...-.....,..,,S,.,,,,,,,, . I S 1 .-S, J P' Front Row: Jeff Murphy, Vlce-president, Kelly Smlth, President: Patrlcla Torres, Secretary. 2nd Row: Tina Owen, Michelle English, Paula Gates, Myra Davis. 3rd Row: Brian "i'w,.,. Smith, Cindy Hill, Jan Ainsworth, Donnie O'Neal, Dee Dee 76 ClubslStudent Council Evans, Cindy Nations. Back Row: Leonard Strickland, Marlin Smith and Blake Davis. Not Pictured: Mrs. Rabby, Sponsor. Council To Kiss A Frog?! As the wlnner ofthe Kiss-a-Frog Contest is announced, Student Council Vice-president The Student Council meets to discuss problems concerning the school Jeff Murphy stands by with the frog. and the students. - Q 1 'ff v "U-ut g .1 l xxx- Fx i ' 1 s ' 1 I J bwfulx A L s Nb i 4 'fi L' nl Tlme and hard work paid off for 12D, the winners of the door decorating contest. As winners they enjoy a party with the Student Council. The Student Council President has many responsibilities. Here Kelly Smith writes announcements on the memo board. ' ClubslStudent Councll 77 'N l .'t. z Latin Bastlng the apples for the Christmas Party is Paige Baucum's job. Iuwmm' t,,....,............s........L..-.Q 5' ' gf The Latin Club has been active here at Stone for many years with their Roman festivals, which Include partles, plays and the tradltlonal Roman banquet. Prior to the banquet, Latln I students are auctioned off to Latln II students to serve as "slaves to their masters." Everyone of course ls dressed in the tradltlonal Roman togas and stolas. The masters not only enjoy working their slaves but also enjoy the elegant meal that ls prepared by those slaves. Last year Latln students went to the Misslsslppi Foreign Language Falr at Wllliam Carey In Hattiesburg. They saw many Roman exhibits, conslstlng of dances, music and plays. Some of our Latl-n students ran for offices ln the State Latin Club at the Foreign Language Fair. Jeff Murphy was elected State Latln Club President and Sylvia Strickland, Secretary. 78 ClubslLatln ni-.,. lax". .-ew' 5' Sodalitas Latina . . Front Row: Mary Evans, Reporter, Patricia Torres, Secretary President, Claudia Pachel, Treasurer. 2nd Row: Wlllle Gillette Tamlyn Patton, Carolyn Breland, Tawnya Weber, Paytha Wllllams, Sharon Breland, Nellie Bond, Cindy Hill, Melanie Parker, Rosetta Wash, Mrs. Breland, Sponsor. Back Row: Dorene Schult, Monlsa Coole, Leona Seals, Cherry Young, Terry Parsons, Kelvin Sherman, Linda Lott, Vincent Pachel, tk S and Paige Baucum. Q-xt! I 'TZ f-fr Af These students Ilsten attentlvely as President Sylvla Strickland speaks of plans to communicate with other Latin Clubs. and Historian: Jeff Murphy, Vice-president, Sylvia Strickland, I French Bonjour, Everyone turns to Sarah Hickman as she ex I IIIIIIYL Q . ' .. .5 -" L Tout Le Monde plains her idea for a project. .I- Bonjour, tout le monde! In case these words seem unfamlllar to you, the French Club greets you with a slmple, "Hello, Everyone." k 9 .AA " -who .Q H .-,,, qimw 5' L. . 4' ,,, fs., -f This year the French Club . -1 gf . "iii,-J 4 ' continues worklng on new 9' ' si- -- .. 'fa projects, planning trips and 9 Al f- n Y s " .rm do - tw af , ,va -..M so .Q , Q-A 4, fb nivstxv, ,'l' X. . ..---ees. . , 1.-sa.: .am . - . W- se iz. .1 Durlng a French Club meeting, these members put their mlnds to work on a new fund raising project. "xv fr havlng annual dinners. While the year appears to be flylng by the members try to accomplish as much as they can. On thelr calender of events, most of the members partlclpated ln a French Club dinner at the home of Mrs. Breland, our French teacher. French culslne was naturally on the menu and varlous dlshes were made and served by the students. gn nina? j 3 if Hopefully the year will slow Its pace and the French Club can search for more new and Interesting events. U 3 l ,nr V ie -4-ff ' re fe Front Row: Gla Sekul, Treasurer: Angela LeBlanc, Vice- presldentg John Breland, President: DeSha Breland, Secretary. 2nd Row: Shella Hull, Lynn Mansfleld, Jelta Breland, Melanie Mallett, Monte Breland, Sarah Taylor. Back Row: Mrs. Breland, Sponsor: Raymond Loper, Homer Rogers, and Rlcky Stone. ClubslFrench 79 Beta Help Beta Help You Stone High Beta Club is made up of students with a "B" or better average. These students put together are a community service organization. They work to raise money to improve the school and community. This year's school project is to build an enclosed garbage disposal area near the back of the cafeteria inporder to remove the garbage .cans from the breezeway. declares, "she is the one. A new project this year for Beta members is sponsoring a Bilce-A- Thon with all proceeds going to the St. Jude Chlldren's Hospital. One of the annual events is the State Beta Club Convention, where Beta Clubs from all parts of the state join together and elect state officers. This year Angela LeBlanc is running for secretary. If everything goes as planned they are going to have a successful campaign and a sure win. f' . - , i , , I , Front Row: Keri Clement, Debbie Freche, Susan Swilley, Paytha Williams, Sarah Taylor, DeSha Breland, Angela LeBlanc, Sylvia Strickland, Treasurer, Paula Gates, Secretary, Phyllis Breland, Vice-president, Joel Vernon, President. 2nd Row: Shelia Hull, Patricia Torres, Carol Rogers, Myra Davis, Holly Cox, Kitty Parrish, Ricky Stone, Wendy Waits, Blake Davis, Myla Parker. 3rd Row: Teresa Hosey, Pat Carter, Tim Dravis, Pam Crochet, Joy Billingslea, Don Davis, Paige Baucum, Terri Ruggles, Cindy Hill. 4th Row: Mrs. Saia, Sponsor, Kelly Smith, Kelvin Sherman, Roger Taylor, Donnie O'Neal, Paul Clinton, Marlin Smith, Jay Crochet, Dennis Rozier. Back Row: Willie Gillette, Thomas McKerley, Jeff Murphy, Joe Draughn, Sammi Buckley, Johnette Davls and Mrs. Wood, Sponsor. 80 ClubslBeta Describing her campaign to fellow Beta Club members, Angela LeBlanc III WI 'WW I faq ' 3 -. f 2 if . . V The annual candy sale is a big part of the Beta Club's fund raising. Here Dena Naderhoff eagerly waits on a customer. Rehearsing the campaign skit, Sarah Taylor yells, "Give me an A!" l . QQ: During one of the Beta Club meetings, members offer suggestions. I ii " Q E N K ' A' A ,. . "' r ri 1' f l . f s -Q va P ,fi Il Fl 'E .. Trying to concentrate on a campaign for the Beta Club Convention, President Joel Vernon tries to get Mrs. these members put their heads together. Wood's attention. CIubslBeta 81 Annual E941 8t Call Me In The Mornl Don Davis hangs precariously on a ladder All fun and games? Hardly! The annual staff begins work on while putting up a sign announcmg the Bazaar After the frenzy of the first ballgames, Mrs Holly's face shows relief for the sparse crowd at the last game. the yearbook on the yearbook during summer vacation. Staffers sacrifice some of their hours of fun in the sun to sell ads, make things for the Christmas Bazaar, and have brainstorming sessions to choose a theme and think up ingenious ways to make money to finance the annual. After school starts, work becomes more regular and intense. Writing and rewriting COPY, drawing and redrawing layouts, and typing and retyplng copy to meet those inevitable deadlines takes up all of fourth period and many hours after school. Then there are always pictures to schedule, to take, and to develop. The addition of a darkroom has helped on that score, but the plaintive cry, "I can't finish this layout because I don't have any pictures," can still be heard at least once a day. A lot of work goes into producing a yearbook and lots of work concerns financing. With no money budgeted from the county, staffers must pay for the annual through the sale of advertising space, subscriptions, and various fund raising activities. So for members of the annual staff, the work does not stop at the end of fourth period. Members handle the concession stand at football games, sell spirit chain links during Homecoming Week, put on the annual Senior Beauty and Beau Pageant, and this year added a Christmas Bazaar. Staffers take on many responsibilities and sometimes get discouraged and frustrated, but when the annual arrives in the Spring all agree that the work is worthwhile. 82 ClubslAnnual Staff Carefully watching her fingers, Harriett DeJarnett cuts spirit chain links. When in a jam, staff members get together, hoping that three heads will be better than one. Q, lv. ix.. "" '--W JCL? R. 'if' P31 - K 'a Q As the crowd slims down Paula Gates and Kathy Duckworth take a breather. During spirit week staffers work hastily to complete the spirit chain links before the Homecoming pep rally. ,Em .e4e, I H Wai.. H...-ug 1, '- '1-.-1-- ' X . ,Y- . .4 - l - ' ,bf Front Row: Randall Anderson, Paige Baucum, editor: Mrs. Betty Hollingsworth, sponsor, Cindy Scarborough, editor: Angela LeBlanc, Kathy Duckworth. 2nd Row: Carmen Johnson, Monisa Coole, Paula Gates, Candy Reynolds, Joe Draughn. Back Row: Tim Purvis, Marlin Smith, Juanese Joyner, Harriett DeJarnett, and Don Davis. C IubslAnnual Staff 83 BLA FBLA Means Business project. Everyone listens carefully as Mr. Willison explains their next .gi g A xg ,.t.. K , .,'3.s5? -n --2 , s 1 - 'Mb' jf! A ., , ,fs ,Ni tu f- 4 f ri. 1 ' X , gn 1 r ,I 1 ,V ,Qmx . e-L ..-i Mrs. Jones, Sponsor: Ina Moore, Reporter: Edith X j W., ff. .-s, N X Bond, Treasurer: Brlan Coole, DeSha Breland, fs sfsfs '4 ' p can I Sandra Langley, Michelle English, Cassandra 'V F i,..,,..Qf-1, f W We A Blackwell, Deldra Tullos, Rita Davls, Lorese ' Q ii"iA X H '-" is Taylor, Candy Reynolds, Vonda Wllllams, President: Wendy Waits, Shelia Fore, Jan Ainsworth, Parllamentarian: and Mr. Willison, Preparing for the meeting, President Vonda Williams gets 5POI'1S0r- some last minute advice from Mr. Willison. Future Business Leaders of America is a club for young people interested In career in business. Students who have taken a business subject or who are currently taking a business subject are eligible for membership. FBLA Is planning to send some members to the South State Conference this year to compete ln different categories such as speed typing tests and shorthand tests. They have also discussed projects to raise money to buy equipment for the business classes such as type writers, calculators, adding machines, and other equipment which is needed. 84 ClubslFBLA Y-Teens Young Christians Susle Walker and Deidra Tullus find time to do a little paper work. Y-Teens is a Chrlstlan organization of young women dedicated to serving ,Cf 5 My the school and community by helping 5 those less fortunate than themselves. This year's Y-Teen projects are decorating rooms at the convalescent center, sponsoring a "School Citizen of the Week", and sending a Christmas box to the Columbia Training School. A few members of the Y-Teens discuss their plans for the following meeting. ,.-l. 3 - Front Row: Erica Brown, Alice Anderson, Cindy Hill, President, Susie Walker, Secretary, Deidra Tullos, Treasurer, Michelle Bond, Tonia Sellers, Vice-president. 2nd Row: Betty Wilson, Cynthia Bolden, Wauline Hickman, Cathy Bolling, Ann Vreeland, Rita Davis, Candy Harriett DeJarnett receives a citizenship Reynolds, Paula Gates, Carol Rogers. 3rd Row: Sandy Langley, Debbie award for being chosen "Citizen of the Bond, Janie Prine, Harriett DeJarnett and Carmen Johnson. Week." ClubslY-Teens 85 F.H.A. I Wanted Toast. Not Charcoal Front Row: Harriett DeJarnett, Reporter, Susle Walker, Secretary, Tonia Sellers, Treasurer, Theresa McQueen, Vice-president: Juanese Joyner, President. 2nd Row: Shedee Williams, Lori Williams, Suzette Cannon, Cheryl Bond, Jeanine . Redmond, Mrs. Baucom, Sponsor. 3rd Row: Cathy Bolling, Michelle Bond, Lorinda Ladner, Carol Rogers, Theresa Rouse, Delicla Sellers, Wauling Hickman, Renee Hill, Denlce Prine and Debbie Bond. FHA stands for Future Homemakers of America and is a club for students who have taken one or more years of home economics. The FHA has had several speakers come during the year to demonstrate various areas of homemaking not covered in class. Some of the demonstrations covered ceramics, make-up, and Christmas decorations. The FHA also took part in selling cookbooks to raise money to buy new equipment for the Home Economics Department. Other activities in which the FHA participates include a sprlng banquet each year with a guest speaker and the State Convention ln Jackson. 86 ClubslFHA These guys practice the correct cooking methods. t. y t" nf X 'R : :9 1 '39 ' l an wx mu 3'l"- l, xg.. . , 1 Listening to an interesting lecture on ceramics, Cathy Bolling and Michelle Bond are spell bound. Meow I Didn't Hear A Car Meow These paper staffers get busy after getting their assignments. l l AY As-fi 5 1 1- F K Q, 4 4..'?""-'P-f--.. "--s......,, Mum KW 'l'!'L, Q2 'Wh' t X s Pointing out the things that need to be done, Editor John Breland gives instructions. Have you ever stopped to ask why our paper is named the Cat's Meow? Well, it's better than being named the Cat's Bow Wow. Well, whatever the name, the Stone High paper carries human interest items such as gossip, sports, poems, and stories written by Stone High students. The paper also prints items from other newspapers and magazines that may be of interest to the student body. Most of the information needed to make up the paper is gathered from the gossip box and reports from the local organizations and roving reporters. After all the data is collected, the editor, along with a few members, eases on down to Perk to the printing press to run off the copies that are to be sold to Stone High students. Front Row: John Breland, editor, Phyllis Breland, Mary Spring, Holly Cox, Kitty Parrish, Shelia Fore, Lorinda Ladner, Gia Sekul. 2nd Row: Mrs. Jones, Sponsor, Susan Swilley, Carol Rogers, Kelvin Sherman, Mona Tubbs, Susie Walker, Mr. Willison, Sponsor. Back Row: Mary Evans and Harriett De Jarnett. ClubslPaper Staff 87 Linda Lott reaches new heights During the scene inside the church, Susie' Devotions A Prayer A Day This year the Devotions Committee has worked extra hard to spread the good news of the Lord. Members have accomplished this by a regular devotion every morning during homeroom. Then when the Thanksgiving spirit came around, they plastered posters telling of the different countries and how they celebrate Thanksgiving all over the school. To top it off they arranged a basket, filled with food, to give to a needy family. But, wait folks, that's not all. The Devotions Committee continued its hard work by performing three Christmas plays during assembly. They also had a live manger scene on the corner by the public librar and ut their la s on for while portraying an angel in the Christmas play. yr P P Y different groups during the holidays. As the year came to a close the Devotions Committee had their annual Religious Emphasis Week. Members can look back on all their successful attempts to bring the good news to everyone and be joyful that they fulfilled their job. A- ,A During their off periods and after school, Candy Reynolds and Monisa Coole make leaves for the palm tree. Trying to get the props completed before the program, committee members carefully put together a doll trunk. 88 C lubslDevotions Com mittee Walker gives her offering while Jeff Murphy portrays a preacher. Devotions Keeps The Devil Away All of the members dramatize a live manger scene, gathering Drawing letters on the toy chest was time interest from the public. fs, 4? if ,f consuming for DeSha Breland and Patricia Torres. 59,5 i t . Ativan ,gf J 1' A fl -. 1 ' .Lg .' N' is f ' Q"4'-'1 as P Q If .,,,,,. t y , -Etta -,I Front Row: DeSha Breland, Cindy Scarborough, Candy Reynolds, Karen Breland, Patricia Torres, Cindy Hill, Kelly Smith, Chairman, Paige Baucum, Co-Chairman. 2nd Row: Mrs. Cain, Sponsor: Susan Swilley, Ann Vreeland, Carol Rogers, Michelle Bond, Debbie Bond, Susie Walker. 3rd Row: Angela LeBlanc, Paytha Williams, Debbie Freche, Harriett DeJarnett, Monisa Coole. Back Row: Jeff Murphy, Vincent Pachel, and Millie McDaniel. C lubslDevotions Committee 89 Math Mu Alpha Theta, chartered last spring, is a new club here at Stone High. It is an honor club for students with an average of "B" or above in math. Last spring five of the charter members and their sponsor Mrs. Sellers went to Jackson to the State Mu Alpha Theta Convention. While there they went to workshops and listened to talks concerning math and math projects. They started off this year with a trip to Southern to the computer center where members learned a lot about computers. The club's project this year is to raise enough money to buy a computer that can be used for long mathematical problems. To raise money, Mu Alpha Theta members handled the concession stand during the Homecoming game and sold raffle tickets on a Winchester 30-30. - 1 I 1 Mu Alpha Theta members look on as Cindy Hill draws the winning raffle ticket. .5 J - -4 kg.: 'V f e ggak, K . At Southern's computer center Monisa Coole and Marty Dravis learn how to type a program into the computer. 90 ClubslMu Alpha Theta fx s 4,...... Q E Sitting: Donnie O'Neal, Jan Aisnworth, Patricia Torres, Jeff Murphy, Tammy Overstreet, John Breland, Secretary and Treasurer, Kelly Smith, Carol Rogers, Dorene Schuit. 2nd Row: Mrs. Sellers, Sponsor, Leonard Strickland, Monisa Coole, Julie Naderhoff, Cindy Hill, President, Debbie Freche, Blake Davis, Keri Clement, Marty Dravis, Sylvia Strickland, Paytha Williams, Joel Vernon, Danny Ballard, Lynn Mansfield. Back Row: Marlin Smith, Mary Evans, Vince Pachel, Joe Draughn, Mark Mills, and Thomas McKerley. ., Q, 8t Drama All The WorId's A Stage '25 Front Row: Eloise Bailey, Ann Vreeland, Sarah Taylor, Teresa McQueen, Anita O'Neal 2nd Row: Susan Swilley, Denise Prine, Tammy Dale, Michelle English, Teresa Walker. Back Row: Betty Wilson, Roberta Turmon, Teresa Hosey, and Sandra Langley. Another Robert Redford or Raquel Welch here at Stone? Who knows? Members of the Speech and Drama Club are all students in Mrs. Woods' speech and drama classes. Giving speeches and studying drama are daily activities in class. Out of class, members participate in such activities as the "Powder Puff" football game lThe "Bad News Bears" defeated the "Stone Stompers" 24-16.1 and a play to be presented in early spring. ,111-1.-l. R ' n ss-Si ' F'-'I 1 L 'uit , . , ,.,...., n 1, ,5 528' . I ',. A .4 . Q '1 7 ' f tsl 1 .Qr - Qsffj-..j. 5 1 ' -xiii. I. Books, Books, And More Books Mrs. Madden, Sponsor, Mary Allen, Kim Parker, Wauline Hickman, Janie Prine, Deidra Tullos. ,iq Running a school library is almost impossible for one person. So the Library Club assists in the management of the library. During their study hall period these students perform various duties, including working behind the desk, repairing and processing books, and taking inventory at the end of the year. While tending to the library Wauline Hickman takes time to read a few pages of a book. The Tomcats take tlme out to plan their strategy. Joey Rouse awalts the pitch whlle playing "pepper" at baseball practlce. . """' 1 x ' I I ' A I e. 4 .1 b. wi' . 1 N f wa...-. ' Q1 . was-.,,,.,,v -X ' A ' ., .,, 'X , .Ml Q . - Ma ., ,Q . or . , r . V-.,, I N . K . Sports at Stone Hlgh have always been a vltal part of student llfe. The different sports here at Stone lnclude football, basketball, baseball, track, tennis, and golf. Stone High athletes spend many hours on the court, field, or couse preparlng themselves both mentally and physlcally for their next game or meet. Student support at our games Is also very Important. Without support from the students our sports would not mean a thlng. Although there was much support at our football games, we were a little less than superlor. But basketball made up for thls. For the thlrd year, the Tomcats captured the Gulf Coast Conference and the Dlstrlct 8-A tltle. The boys also took the South State Champlonshlp and are now headed for State on March 1, where they hope to capture the State tltle. Baseball, track, tennls, and golf won't start untll early spring. But they have started practlces and are looking forward to successful seasons. , .J ,,., , Sweat, Swing, Shoot f , 1- .4. :P u -H ' - sf ' D S :Il " X ,,, . H l ' . is he -sl ff ll , X-1' ' S s X, Us . .f 2? Q H f -:1 f gh f ' . r lr if S X v ta. .M ' ' . X 'ry LZ 4 S 3 . 'vs -we S -f ,- ' . ? t P ' f',g,.... ' :1 .. -, . 3-as.. . -X ff. S k my , k '. xi 'S 'L' X W ,gy - Q ' . 5 EQ- i i i lx i 'wg . wr-s 4 Before the game, the Junlor Varsity takes tlme for a Student Diggrefign Advised prayer, hoping this wlll get them through the game 92 Sports Dlvlslon safely. And Score we "' of' "xx f Q N X 'uf 5 f' Q4 iA4,oiw ' 'W Mi 'xf . S I pw . I . .N i s 'Q mi-Xb- i 0' 5, igg' V 3:30 U' N ' ' 7 I f 0' I 1" . . X f Q - ff 'Q . f I 4 I x , : -. 9 I 1. X 4 Trying for two points Debbie Coker goes in for a layup. L A H, ..f,, .. bf,- X ' ' VY ' Q' ,V v 2 f T: AJ, .til ... ful' "H X ,. 4, ,un ,K K v A WV, 1 M- L' I- 1 Q 1 'U' . K .4 lx r Nsi-..,,yNr5 M 2- -- . of-Q-fr. 4 V ,o.,,,,. -E-I n w' " vw '78-'79 Stone Tomcats -i,, Q' Front Row: Lance Baucum, mgr.: Jerome Galloway, Tracy Hall, Stewart Smith, Jeff Ladner, Donnie O'Neal, Barry Brooks, Gailen Morrison, Jerry Miller, Steve Buckley, and Bobby Cobb. 2nd Row: Charles Fairley, Kevin Preston, Nathan Jones, Don Scarborough, Danny Corbett, Hank Harriel, Ronnie Meadows, Raymond Loper, Charles Galloway, Mike Breland, Daniel Harris, Blake Davis, Wendell Patton, and Kenny Morris, mgr. 3rd Row: Howard Danzey, Mike Lyons, Thomas McKerley, Lennis Taylor, Brian Coole, Johnny Gibson, Joel Vernon, Jerry Campbell, Mark Baxter, Wayne Temple, Malcolm Mclnnis, Leslie Baucum, Coach Jimmy Webb, Coach Doug Smith. Back Row: Coach Cooper Farris, Paul Dorsett, Chuck Evans, Edwin Cowart, Jimmy Spring, Joey Rouse, Troy Cobb, Timmy Roberts, Billy Breland, Roger Taylor, and Simon Wilson. x N Hoping Tlmmy Roberts will be able to return to action, Coach Farris checks his knee. 94 SportslFootball The Tomcat defense is cocked and ready to fire in this homecoming play. In the George County game the Tomcat offense takes its turn. Even though the 1978 Stone High Tomcats didn't have a banner year in the won-lost column, the team put up a gallant effort. The 'Cats faced many tough opponents and no team, regardless of their reputation, was able to run over the hard luck Tomcats. The 'Cats offense, a little sluggish in the early going, came through and started strokin' later in the season. From the defensive side of the line the Tomcats really showed their toughness. The total yardage yeilded was not reflected on the scoreboard, as the 'Cats suffered many tough breaks. Games were lost in the last few seconds and key players were lost with injuries. S 'G A Malcolm Mclnnls waits patiently for Coach Webb to call the next play. v-3: , ..9.- 2 i Coach Webb, Coach Smith, and Coach Farris try to decide on the next play with a little help from Coach Kirker in the A Pressbox. I S In this homecoming game Roger Taylor and Daniel Harris Y W execute an option play with precision. """"lQnd .A 1"-gig f sporfs1Fo0fball 95 ,ex ,N amd f ,T ew 5' -+..JjX f' ,N vt ' X ' 'cr 'fe ' X5 .pri !,.,f With visions of glory and facing their most hated opponents in the opening game, the team had their physicals and immediately began two-a-day practices in early August. The 'Cats had to get ready for their tough schedule. Endlessly running over plays, agility drills, calisthenics, blocking drills, and countless wind sprints make up a tiring practice session. It seemed like one practice had barely ended when another began. All this strenuous activity helps to make a strong team, physically and mentally, and sharpens each player's own football skills. Even though these sessions are very demanding and tiring, each player will tell you, inthe long run, they all pay off, whether you lose or win. 96 SportslFootball Quarterback Paul Dorsett hands off to a fullback during a practice session. 'Y -At - N 'NLS .5 -. . 4. , N5 . ' -iffypfg, V , V " ' 'ti .Q!r1l51'2'I:s7g'i?Qi5 Running back Don Scarborough shows The iil'eSf B new drill fl'1iS Yeah his power by blasting through the tires. tO'-19h football PIGYGYS- Football Warmup - Scrimmage 9- Sprints iloey Rouse concentrates on his follow through while practicing his place :ic cing. Stone O Brooklyn - 13 Stone 7 George County - 8 Stone 7 Lumberton - 8 Stone 8 Long Beach - 26 Stone 6 PRC - 12 Stone 13 Harrison Central - 21 Stone 13 South Pike - 20 Stone 21 Poplarville - 14 Stone 7 Ocean Springs - 27 Stone 7 Tylertown - 13 47, -3 41 These linemen spend much of their time on blocking drills by hitting the seven-man sled. - eixiifll' 'I if s Q.. .xx sf- - -X Y E .s.l ,xgict L... if While some players look on, Coach Farris shouts some special instructions. Coach Kirker makes sure the players don't drink all the water while Barry Brooks turns to look at the camera. SportslFootbaIl 97 Football SHS Friday Night Football Joey Rouse and Billy Riels lead a fired up Tgmcatlg team into an exciting Third down and a big five yards to go, the 'Cats make a great effort to game, get them all. X..- ....l, I g no W. ' fag R4 ' 98 SportslFootbaIl The 'Cats and the Blue Devils clash near the goal line in the homecoming game. Sophomore Tracy Hall attempts to cut up field and find daylight as he scoots around the end. Front Row: Charles Galloway, Timmy Roberts, Raymond Loper, Joey Rouse, Ronnie Meadows. Back Row: Edwin Cowart, Slmon Wilson, Wayne Temple, Paul Dorsett, Mike Breland, Troy Cobb, and Brian Coole. s 'i' ' if Amr 'll f-,mv KA 1 I f I ' T rsfimw' ,, ' a ff H'f R if 45.43 . ' fg' llow 7,255 2' Vs' f "V ' . '-, ' f 'W ,sr. , T, W i f T . Wil -'-7A 1 ,.. ilitflf ' ,,' ,,f.. I 'W Wi yy Q . f A 5 t W if at s r ,T or i fifg A a I " T 5' fl , , l',- sl "f. g W A ' 155+ if V If S ,.,r.. . ' 'V 114 lrlr fy 5' T , 'f'4 , .A W, 4, -g f, ',., ,, "e' , g ,W ,V . XE ,S - eff R ' wrsr , T Y 1 wwf T S X. 'GTS-E521 qc' is i g V A N V M s K' L 6, -W .. r cl o cl ,ff 59 58 .Y , . i fsf'f.iir- ' Even though he's wrapped up by two defenders, Daniel Harris lunges forward for a few extra yards. 3, 2, 1, 0 The Stone High section of the stands show their excitement. This is the high point of the season for the Tomcats. After seven long weeks of disappointment, the 'Cats finally come out on top. The Poplarvllle Hornets came into their Homecoming with a 1-6 record, and hoped to defeat the Tomcats, but the gladiators from Stone had different ideas. The game was close all the way. Stone's offense came alive and strutted their stuff by generating twenty-one points, a hlgh for the season. The 'Cats hard hitting defense controlled the line of scrimmage and allowed only fourteen points which broke the lock of the Poplarvllle team. One could hear the shouts and cheers of the Stone players and fans almost to Wiggins. S portslFootball 99 Football "B-Team, what's that? A team of bees." Many at Stone High asked just that when questioned about the junior varsity. Well, junior varsity sports usually plays second fiddle here at Stone. But, after just a few games this "B-Team" made their mark. With early wins over George County, Oak Grove, and East Central, the junior varsity became pretty well known. Composed of juniors, sophomores, and a few freshmen, this shows a promising future for the 'Cats. With their performance, they became known beyond just the reviews on the bench. Truly the "B-Team" is a very important part of sports at Stone. B-Team Makes A Brian Coole and Ed Jackson look on from the side lines hoping the 'Cats will break one. Harvey Harris looks up to Coach Farris wondering what the 'Cats next move will be. .fa ...tx . 1 .3 . .qw k Coach Smith and the Tomcats leave the field after a tough battle. The defensive team looks on while the offense takes its turn. 100 SportslFootball S j ,,,,.wa . .en in .mf wg, -,.sMiii , . Rs, X gficig X K, S 'Q Quarterback Roger Taylor listens while Coach Farris tells him the next play. . . Name For Itself Even though the "B-Team" had a good year, only a few loyal fans attended the games. Managers Kenny Morris and Lance Baucum faithfully serve the Tomcats at all their games. Stone Stone Stone Stone Stone 13 George County - 12 Harrison Central - 21 Oak Grove - 19 East Central - 8 George County - SportslFootball 101 F.B. Cheerleader Shout, Shout It Out! It all started one Saturday last Spring when a bunch of girls tried out for the 1978-79 football cheerleaders. The girls worked very hard learning new cheers for the Try- outs. Nine cheerleaders and one alternate were chosen. Starting that day the cheerleaders began preparing for football season. They attended a cheerleader camp, June 19-22, where they learned many new cheers and stunts and received one red ribbon and four blue ribbons during evaluation. On Thursday of the camp they dressed up as cats and were chosen as one of the squads having the most spirit that day. After school started the cheerleaders continued to work trying to boost the sagging Tomcat spirit with such things as "Ugly Day," "Spirit Day" and original skits during pep rallies. On top of all they did at school, every Friday night found them on the field cheering for the Tomcats. After their first day at camp, Rosetta Wash, waves their red ribbon, with open pride. ,N During the fair parade the cheerleaders did their thing and threw candy to the crowd. V 3 NJ n pw if ra x .K f ,, W , es We . i'v'H,. W. as .X ,px at ra "f"T"l' Y . - Z, Y tt 1, 0-QI .- fy, ' Q Yi - ra , V C L. Little person, Mary Spring, tries to do her routine dance to Notre fmsgpv ' ,, Dame. 102 S portslCheerleaders S, , .,,9 -- .x, , ." '-, ya 55589K T .v ,fu .x. W . . LV, ,N LI .X.y,,pAg', , - f 4 Q-N-'ee."4Q A . yfewi . ' vf ,- , A ,z...,w'sx, .. . .-2, .V hx! My e.1U Q v',v8-- ,Q fu. Q-If H f XX . . V X' , . K' , 3.10 5, r ,fir , 'hi ,ff-at . , , , . , 1' .aw ., .WL -. 1' . A . u' ' " -JG'-v'. f' "fx ,, . . .- . ,- . . -V b, 4414,--'-'y ' -. K'- Y ,, 2 " '1 -"' W ' ' ' ,e 4 'fgufq' -'4."' agp. vu I A 1 4. j.- ,. ' " '- .. , 4 Fw, ., , .Q 'K 4 4s:..?'f'. D it Q ul v A we " A A,x4' f - .4..,--. .-i. , .f f i fm V ' k k N , 3 'r"j el ., A Q , I Q X ' h 0 ,1"7:3fiL':f'i 4 Q. A.- ,N' The cheerleaders seem to be having a hard time deciding " 13 what cheer to do. During the last few minutes of the Pearl River game, Missy takes time out for a prayer. 1-W 1-'ii iff?-. L i fe 1 D S portslCheerleaders 103 ... - .vw 'Na f ' -iii Football SHS Hall Of Fame In the huddle, the 'Cats prepare to do battle with the opposing team. Quarterback Paul Dorsett lunges ahead for extra yarda during a home game. X 1 F I . 'wa ' " gn. I ,A 'A In Y? 3 M. 'WTI Ei .Q :eg 4-3c'?f?5'f4 R jf' 1 man W . RHI 1 3 ii? Mivwipi, All Gulf CORST- C0f1f9Y9f'lC65 JOEY Rouse, Timmy Honorable Mention GCC: Donnie O'Neal, Charles Galloway, R0beYtS1 and TI'Oy Cobb. Daniel Harris, and Paul Dorsett. Not pictured, Mike Breland 104 SportslFootbaIl Honors Tennis Look Out Wimbiedon Starting tennis practice early this year, Sharon Hickman and Angie Batson get as much practice as they can. Golf Front Row: Lynda LeBlanc, Candy Reynolds, Coach Georgian, Angela LeBlanc, Holly Cox, Debbie Freche, Randall Anderson. 2nd Row: Anita Dedeaux, Kelvin Sherman, Paul Clinton, Steve Buckley, Kitty Parrish, Patty Baker, Cindy Nations. Back Row: Vincent Pachel, Terry Parsons, Joel Vernon and Sharon Hickman. Look out Wimbledon! For a young team, the Stone High Tennis Team, is a suprising group of competitors. Last year our team visually impressed teams from Long Beach, Moss Point, Ocean Springs, Harrison Central and Bay St. Louis with their good sportsmanship and athletic ability. We expect another good showing this year since there is a good deal of new talent on the team. As our singles player, Holly Cox needs to keep her swingin arm in shape. All Teed Off Are you teed off? Is your life filled with traps and pitfalls? Do you feel you spend most of your time chasing insignificant objects, only to have them fall into a hole somewhere? If that what's troubling you, then maybe the Stone High Golf Team is for you. The golf team, organized last spring, is already making a name for itself. The team came in fourth in its first tournament, but captured both second and third places in the second tournament, the A team placing third and B team, second. This year members are planning to host a tournament at Pine Burr.Front Burr. Front Row: Terry Parsons, Don Scarborough, Tim Purvis. Back Row: Paul Dorsett and Vernon Bunch. SportslTennis 84 Golf 105 Baseball We Deal In Diamonds The 1978 Stone Hlgh Baseball Team, under the leadershlp of their new coach, Cooper Farris, a four year college letterman - two at Mlsslsslppl Gulf Coast Junior College and two at Delta State Unlverslty - complled an lmpresslve record of thirteen wlns and nlne losses, defeating such teams as Big Elght Conference Gulfport and Pascagoula. During the season, the 'Cats won four games by a spread of ten or more polnts and batted .325 as a team. Although they had a fine season, the 'Cats were edged out ln a tle breaklng game agalnst Oak Grove In the Dlstrlct 8-A Champlonshlp. Though they have lost four starters, lncludlng two pitchers, the 1979 team hopes to have an even better season this year and to go as far as state. Before baseball practice, these v X 'tt players do the exercise, "choppln' ' V wood." ,, 310- I Barry Brooks concentrates on a good swlng whlle taklng hls turn at I' -1 battlng practice. " 1' Y .., as O 'O " ' ' in Sl! ' ,- ' ." "' H T M. +G- fs-AL Vi' wk- t t" ' :'f5"'f A' 51' 4 " iv " w' 'ydf' " fwsl, 3.5 S' kgf'13,5f.':.l ' .:: - fp" 'fn 2-5,3 195.7 , -' ff- - ,m...,,., -, 5 'ifffl -- gf-'f ' T'--' 'ff :1':?'Zf:'L' Whlle playing "pepper," Charles Galloway gets set to fllp the ball as Af?-g'f'E4 g ' . 1'7" Don Davls and Joey Rouse stand by to catch lt .g,f,q.,-igyf-g.1.f,s,Ly f'-j "' " ' ","' 106 SportslBasebalI Track Fairley Sets State Record Front Row: Betty Wllson, Rosemary Jackson, Allce Anderson, Cynthia Bolden. 2nd Row: Shedee Williams, Marilyn James, Anltha DeJarnett. Back Row: Sandy Parker, Phyllis L. Breland, Mary Sprlng, Lorese Taylor, and Phylisa Stubbs. S-Club jj The S-Club ls a club for Iettermen. Any student who has lettered ln varsity football, basketball, track, baseball, tennis, golf, cheerleading or managing ls eligible to join. ' Front Row: Steve Grady, Eddie Ramey, Russeil Jarvis Back Row: Roger Taylor, Steve Johnson, and Kevin Vanderbilt. Track ls not just running, it's hurdling, pole- vaultlng, shot putting, dlscus throwlng, broad jumping, hlgh jumping and relays. Last year's track teams did very well. At the South State meet, the boys captured second place In the high jump, and George Redeemer placed thlrd ln the 220, whlle Cookie Fairley took first place in the broad jump. The girls were the Gulf Coast Champions and took flrst place at the district meet. Cookie Falrley broke the state broad jumping record with a jump of 20 feet, 3M inches. Thls was the flrst time that anyone from Stone Hlgh has ever broken a state record. Cookle also brought home second place ln both the 75 and 50 yard dashes. Front Row: Edwin Cowart, Kim Hester, Ronny Meadows, Missy Buckley, Billy Stone, Wendy Waits, Mary Sprlng, Troy Cobb, Rita Davis, Todd Davis, Lorese Taylor, Jerry Miller. 2nd Row: Donna Graves, Vonda Wllllams, Ina Moore, Darlene Campbell, Tammy Lott, Tammy Overstreet, Bob Weathers, Simon Wilson, Ricky Stone, Kevin Preston. 3rd Row: Donnie 0'Neal, Stewart Smlth, Angela LeBlanc, Marty Dravls, Cindy Scarborough. 4th Row: Paige Baucum, Kitty Parrish, Howard Danzey, Debbie Coker, Sandy Parker, Cookie Fairley, Steve Johnson. Sth Row: Roger Taylor, Joel Vernon, Jonathan Nall, Brian Coole, Don Davis, Mark Baxter, Kenny Morris, Zela Johnson, Tony Whlte. 6th Row: Holly Cox, Lisa Alexander, Leslie Baucum, Vince Pachel, Lisa Johnson, Roberta Turmon. Back Row: Kevln Vanderbilt, Angela Evans, Coach Smith, Sponsor, Mike Breland, Harvey Harris, Nathan Jones, Daniel Harris, and Mitchell Hart. SportslTrack 8. S-Club 107 Defense, Defense, Stone - 57 Vancleave - 20 Stone - 30 George County - 42 Stone - 28 Hancock - 50 Stone - 40 Purvls - 29 Stone - 44 Long Beach - 33 Stone - 37 Laurel - 33 Stone - 37 George County - 48 Stone - 41 Hancock - 52 Stone - 32 Pass High - 37 Stone - 52 Purvis - 25 Stone -- 69 Ocean Springs - 25 Stone - 38 Harrison - 60 Stone - 52 Poplarville - 18 Stone - 41 Long Beach - 17 Stone - 34 Vancleave -- 18 Stone - 51 FCAHS - 30 Stone - 37 Pass High - 38 Stone - 41 Harrison - 50 Stone - 38 George County - 67 FCAHS Tournament Champs George County Tournament Runner-Up As Zela Johnson takes the ball down the court, Cookie Fairley is on the look out for the opponent. Practicing ringing the basket is a daily event for the varsity girls. ..,.. .A ,its J' ws ,,1 14 'is sri, Ni H 11 , I mf f ,wjzis L, , 3 .,.. , ' 8 g V, K 'kV. U 2' t SIIUES 'iw 955 108 S ports! Basketbal I g Before the game starts, Debbie Coker and Cookie 8 Fairley meet the opponents and go over the rules of the game. Basketball Defense, Defense "Marvelous" Mitchell Hart once again outclasses his opponent on the tlp off. Steve "Iceman" Johnson sets up for a free throw against George County gf' -" 3' ,- S 9 , - Ng gvoxwi me , . . ,S CC Q' -I 4: 3 vu... As the Tomcats get ready for a game, Coach Georgian glves a little pep talk. Stone Stone Stone Stone Stone Stone Stone Stone Stone Stone Stone Stone Stone Stone Stone Stone Stone Stone Stone Vancleave - George County Hancock - Purvls - Long Beach -- Hancock - Pass High - Purvls - West Monroe - Redemptorlst - Moss Point - Ocean Springs Harrison - Poplarvllle - Long Beach - Vancleave - FCAHS - Pass High - George County FCAHS Tournament Champs George County Tournament Champs Gulf Coast Conference Champs Dlstrlct 8-A Champs South State Champs SportslBasketbaII 109 54 64 76 35 55 50 51 58 39 58 69 61 12 42 47 46 53 47 61 Basketball Shoot The Hoop sank?- Kneeling: Jan Ainsworth and Kelvin Sherman, Statlstlcians. Standing: Pete Georgian, Coach, Zela Johnson, Debbie Coker, Cookie Falrley, Susan Cooper, Sandra Parker, Anitha DeJarnett, Marilyn James, Brian Smith Manager and Clay Walden, Manager. When people think of basketball at Stone, they usually think of the boys' team. But, not only have the girls reached respectability, they have become a threat in the Gulf Coast Conference, as well. Under the leadership of Coach Georgian, they led a balanced attack and played a spirited game typical of a Stone team. The girls started the season off with a bang with an early win over Vancleave and by capturing the Brooklyn Tournament. Although they suffered a few disappointments along the way, the girls' team also conquered many opponents and finished their season with more wlns than losses. While tr in to recu erate from injuries, Y 9 P Susan Cooper and Sandra Parker watch the action from the sidelines. 110 SportslBasketbaIl fifa 3 A At the tip off of the George County game, Cookie Fairley gets her feet high above the ground. Before a game, Coach Georgian wraps Susan Cooper's ankle to give it more support. ri O, as tk iumnutlll VL' I . .Kareem .et , 3? X W. ooeoe fper' The Lady Tomcats prepare to get their picture made during a practice -....,.,-N session. SportslBasketbaI I 111 Basketball GCC 8. District Champs The gym ls filled wlth excitement and antlclpatlon. Suddenly the fans break lnto applause, as the Stone Hlgh Boys' Basketball Team trots onto the court. With the success of last year's team, this year ls sure to be a good one. After all, Stone has four starters returning. Wlth the tlp off the season officially began and the boys dldn't let the school down. Stone took an easy win over Vancleave and then went on to take the Brooklyn Tournament. After a few more outlngs, Stone came home and lost a close one to Hancock North Central by one polnt. Stone then traveled to the Coast over the Christmas Holldays to compete in the Jaycee Holiday Classic, where they broke even at 1-1. Against his Hancock opponent, Mitchell Hart "gets up" to make a two point play. i '-'W-W "Fw Ha I ,,. 'S's':gg" ' ki' 1 M112-t" "ua A The 'Cats show their pride after capturing the title at the George County Tournament. l 1 E rn suoes - len on I 5 ww Ricky "Rebound" Stone gets set for the rebound as Mitchell Hart takes a shot. Basketball Three Years In A Row Kevln "Perk" Vanderbllt succeeds in out- jumplng his opponent In the Hancock game. 3 5 r uoue wssr Q M l4ff....l XJ 5-,Tilly 15 5 I L- -4' QR' ' T' Kneellng: Jan Ainsworth and Kelvln Sherman, Statistlclans. Standing: Pete Georgian, Coach, Clay Walden, Manager, Stanley Ramey, Mlke Falrley, Kevln Vanderbilt, Arthur Woodward, Todd Cobb, Rlcky Stone, Bob Weathers, Steve Johnson, Eddie Ramey, and Brlan Smlth, Manager. "Easy" Eddle Ramey prepares to set up a play ln the George County game. A1 After sweeplng the rest of their regular season games, Stone flnlshed wlth only four losses and went lnto the post season tournaments wlth a full head of steam. Flrst, Stone captured the Gulf Coast Conference for the thlrd straight year. Next, Stone lald lts clalm on the Dlstrlct 8-A tltle, also for the thlrd consecutlve year, by defeatlng Hancock North Central. Then lt was on to South State, where Stone defeated dlstrlct rlval Hancock North Central for the champlonshlp. Now, lt's on to State for the second year In a row. lThe annual staff ls sad to say that our deadllne caught us at this polnt, and we are unable to follow the 'Cats any farther.l From these achlevements, both the team and fans know that all the work and tlme were worthwhile. S portsl Basketball 113 Basketball - Y it Off To A. 5XUN :swf 4 6 I G 'Z .. 'L' 3? Kneellng: Tammy Shrewsbury, Angle Evans, Pam Wllson, Inlta Dedeaux, Phyllsa Stubbs. Standing: Coach Georgian, Kent Johnson, Ben James, Stanley Ramey, Clay Walden, Tlm Dravls, Brlan Smith, Jeff Evans, Renee Seaton, and Lamar Johnson. At Stone, a basketball game Is a blg event. Even the freshmen games draw a crowd. Although much emphasls ls not on freshmen basketball, the team has the fans' support, slnce the freshmen are the future varslty team. Both teams, boys and glrls, under the leadership of Coach Klrker play a splrlted and hlgh scorlng game. All ln all, the freshmen put on an enjoyable performance worthy of the fans' support. Durlng a game at the Junlor High, Kent Johnson goes to the foul llne to attempt a score for Stone. 114 S portsl Bask etbal I 1 ' 1 :I-"ff ,J,l-v Lamar Johnson goes over the head of opponent for a rebound. Basketball . Good Start rebound for the team. ,.., G , ... 'fgpmy .,,,. 443 Eddle Ramey looks on whlle Bob Weathers lays one up during a warm-up session. Cookle Falrley shows fatlgue durlng a break in the George County game. During a break ln the game against George County Coach Georgian dlscusses some strategy wlth the girls. The Freshmen 'Cats llne up at the llne and prepare to get the paw- S portsl Basketball 115 I B.B. Cheerleaders R-o-w-d-i-e, Thats The Thls year was an exceptlonally great year for our basketball teams' but we canw forget those Donna Graves and Palge Baucum encourage the crowd to pick up their splrlts. flve splrlted glrls who ke t the P fans cheerlng. The 1978-79 Basketball Cheerleaders started thelr season by attending the Gulf Coast Cheerleaders' Cllnlc ln July, where they recelved a superior rlbbon and the splrlt stick. When basketball season started, the glrls stayed busy promotlng splrlt through fun and Interesting actlvltles such as "Name the Player" and "Blue and White Day" and cheerlng at games two to three nights a week. Pep rallles were also held to arouse the spirit of the players as well as that of the student body. The support and hard work of these cheerleaders contributed to the success of our sax teams. N' 'X' '1 HOME ' ' rmnu ' ' Palge Baucum, Captain, Donna Graves, Melanle Mallett, Roberta Durlng the last pep rally, the cheerleaders Turmon, and Llsa Johnson, Co-captaln. present mlnature basketballs to all of the players 116 SportslCheerleaders B.B. Cheerleaders Way We Spell Rowdy At camp last summer, these cheerleaders show they're number 1 by Durlng a pep rally, the senior cheerleaders holdlng up thelr superlor rlbbons. lead thelr class ln a basketball cheer. M r -'1-' Q og gk : x K '. X Q 9 Y ,l , W Q R sat- .. .-' ,X - " , Clapping their hands and stomplng their feet ls all part of the job for these three cheerleaders. Ldliiiiml filth. li 1? U f' '. - yn'Ti -.gl12l.:"'5 , A r, 4 ' rp-3 ,4 I u Getting caught ln actlon, Palge Baucum, Roberta Turmon, and Lisa Johnson show thelr splrlt. SportslCheerleaders 117 Spirited, Special, Strange Six hundred eighty two people make up Stone I-ligh's population - people who have different lifestyles, dlfferent likes, and dlfferent dislikes. There are those who live in town and those who llve in "the sticks." Our people come from dlfferent races and from dlfferent parts of the country. Some have even come from other parts of the country. To get to school, some people drive Camaros, Trans Am's or four wheel drives, while others get stuck with bunged up VW's and 1966 Dodge Darts: still others walk or rlde the bus. There are people who lead: people who follow: people who participate: and people who spectate. There are sincere people, shy people, I e outgoing people, strange people, talkative people, and quiet people. But no matter how dlfferent we are, we all manage to get along because we all have one thing in common -- we're all speclal. We're the people of Stone High. g ga , 1 me te The flre drill provides these students V Q V with a few minutes to talk and rest. T 'A ... ,J-an oh... wg l l,, 4 , i, 'Neff 1 ir l 1 . t E . ,ff I Q A ,exe-ev-f' , Many of the students find the breeze-way a captivating place for a little chit chat. President Sylvia Strickland gets everyone in the mood for the annual Latin Christmas party. Student Discretion Advised 118 People Division nd Sincere En'o in their break Tammy Whittington and Johnny J Y 9 Gibson share a laugh. six' S f no 4' ' - I X . I V Q . 1 ' w K x .,.....--. Q wa? 2 1 s w i swf xnnuqpy + Q 9 is i '+I S' QQ 'rf' "4 I ' 0 slxbiq Arm 'huns gbbffv NV' Where Are You Coming from the junior high, Mr. Baucum walks hurriedly into the building to attend his duties. Principal Lester Baucum spends many hours working at his desk. W, r,i, M E'iTmug" f i 1 . 1 .1 i l i I w X 1 I I I xx. Pictured in their new conference room, Board of Education members are as follows: Dr. Woodley Lott, Mr. Jerry Alexander, Mr. Donald Waits, Board Attorney, Mr. Charles Williams, Chairman of the Board, Mr. J.A. 0'Neal, Superintendent: Dr. Walter Davis, and Mr. Ras Davis. 120 PeoplelAdministration Supposed To Be? ,......,.., 111 1 X 61:1 . . 'DH 3 1 fit-'al' Ea 'H 'l U 'J xl ll, HN' With a smile on her face, Mrs. Rabby issues a pass. Even though they're always in a hurry, they get the job done - like Mrs. Lott answering the phone and keeping up with the school money, Mrs. Rabby keeping the students' schedules straight, and listening to problems of both students and teachers. Mr. Jones taking care of the announcements and running the candy machines and last but not least Mr. Baucum running the school. These four people are a big part of our school. What would we do without them? Mr. Jones awaits the arrival of the hungry students during activity period. Mrs. Lott finds her secretarial duties include taking tickets at the gate. PeoplelAdministratlon 121 It's A Two Cups Of Coffee Morning Eugenia Baucum - Home Economics, FHA Sponsor. Vlrginla Breland - French I, II, Latin I, II, French and Latin Clubs Sponsor. J.B. Brown - Carpentry. Mike Cain - Chemistry I, II, Physlcs, Devotions Committee, Science Club Sponsor. Jesse Chambers - American Government, American History. Bette Davis - English II, Y-Teens Sponsor. Cooper Farris - Health, P.E., Football, Baseball. J.S. Foxworth - Agriculture I, II, III, FFA Sponsor. Pete Georgian - Basketball, P.E., Clvlcs, S-Club Sponsor. Betty Hollingsworth - English II, IV, Journalism, Annual Staff Sponsor. LaDrena Jackson - Special Education. Jerelene Jones - Choir Director, General Music. Myrtle Jones - Typing I, Paper Staff, FBLA, Senior Class Sponsor. John Klrker - Mississippi History, Samuel Knight- Mathematics. 122 PeoplelTeachers Hall Duty Club Meetings, Fredna Madden - Librarian Library Club Sponsor. Inda Martin - Remedial Mathematics. Kathy McKay - Special Education. Jewel O'NeaI - Remedial Reading. Betty Sue Roberts - Co-op. W.P. Roberts - Business Law, Business Math. Larry Rouse - World Hlstory, Amerlcan Government, Economlcs. Mlrlam Sala - English I, Beta Club Sponsor. Bllly Jack Scarborough - Carpentry, VICA Sporpor. Carolyn Sellers - Algebra I, II, Geometry, Advanced Math, Fundamental Math I, Mu Alpha Theta Sponsor. Nina Shaw -- Amerlcan History, Sociology, Junior Class Sponsor. Eva Ruth Simpson - Algebra I Fundamental Math I. Doug Smlth - Drlvers Education, Football, P.E. Leonard Smlth - Mechanlcs, VICA Sponsor. Rlchard Smlth - Agriculture I, II, FFA Sponsor. PeoplelTeachers 123 Teachers s A ndA Jimmy Webb - Drivers Education, Football, S-Club Sponsor. Mary Webb - Biology I, II, Junior Class Sponsor. Elaine Wesson - General Science. 'V' if so 2 -Qu..-1... ' L47 N1 l ' L Jharles Willison -- Typing II, Nw' Shorthand, Secretarial Office V I s 'rocedure FBLA 8. Pa er Staf: Xe i - P Sponsor. Ron Williams - Band. Gloria Wood -- English I, Speech and Drama, Beta Club Sponsor. if I K ,.,,,,,..-:Qs ws ss f ' Carolyn Yeager - English III, N Teens Sponsor. Not Pictured - Laura Breland, Bonnie Boggs. I i ' rs "' wv.. 7 -.1-.fdP"E"' Cafeteria Workers: Dorothy Littlefield, Pearlie Carter, Ruth K99PiU9 the halls Cie ' wi-4... -ML ' YA, l ,W 1 , i l ' f -r '51 . . , , . 1. an is a never ending job for Dearman, Mary Davis. MHKY 519499, .lal'1ii0f- 124 PeoplelTeachers Short Timers .Z-I if A - 31 A lf, Q- kfgwrw- Alf.-1,1-.ivy "J, Senibr Glass Favorites: Breland, Rnd Cindy R. 1- orsett -is : 5 I I Il gxx 1 Q trw-,,,,:" , J f A .4 K 7 bg' My fp 6. ' ' 'Q 'f' " ,Q49f .5 A5 iff X T Q IQ ' A3 V' Y ,Aj 'TJ ' I 2 i Q 33: TQ' 2 wg -'W fffflf.- ,a . L5 I ,a ,B n started' x ,'?' '-gps'-' Qnnahxve Pachel And Torres Star Student And Teacher I1OI'S folk' O x""'r I I Front Row: Belinda Breland, Harriett DeJarnett, Paige Baucum, Cindy Scarborough, Elaine Hickman. Back Row Brian Coole, Joe Draughn, Ricky Stone, Joey Rouse, Sarah Taylor, Candy Reynolds, Terri Ruggles and Ina Moore 126 SenlorslHonors AI' m Seniors Take Top Honors folk. -5 High Front Row: Wendy Walts, Shella Fore, Rita Davis, Rosa Lott. ps, t Back Row: Kelly Smlth, Roan Smith, Simon Wilson, Joe Fairley, Debbie Coker, and Julie Harrlel. Highest Honors 1 Patrlcla Torres, Claudia Pachel, and DeSha Breland. Achieving the rank of Valedlctorlan or Salutatorlan is the highest scholastic honor that anyone can receive here at Stone High. The Valedlctorlan has the highest grade point average of the entlre Senior Class and the Salutatorlan, second highest. These averages are not taken just from the Senlor year but are derived from the average of the first seven semesters of high school. To receive highest honors, one must have an average of 95 or above, for high honors, 91 to 94, and for honors, 88 to 90. Those not pictured in the honors section are as follows: Highest honors - Edith Bond and Cindy Hill, High honors - Mary Allen, Marty Dravls and Mark Mills, Honors - Karen Breland, Dora Fairley, Dorothy Fairley, Sandra Parker, Denlce Prine and Glenda G. Wells. 127 PeoplelSenlor Honors Seniors JEFF ALEXANDER FFA - 1, 2, 3, 4. KIMBERLY ANN ALEXANDER Latin Club - 1, 2, FBLA - 3, Science Club - 1. MARY CATHERINE ALLEN Choir - 2, , FHA - 1 Science Fair -- ALICE FAYE ANDERSON Bascetball 1 Track a o r 2 eens 1 2 4 HA French Club 2 Speech and Drama Club 3 4 Science Club 1 RANDALL HORACE ANDERSON Football Basketball Stat 1 Baseball CA District Officer 3 4 Speech and Drama Club 4 Annual Staff 3 4 LUCY ELOISE BAILEY Basketball 1 FHA 1 2 FBLA 2 3 Speech and Drama Club 4 JAMES EDDIE BALLMAN Football 1 Speech and Drama 4 FFA 2 3 4 Student Council 3 PAIGE BAUCUM BB Cheerleader 2 3 4 Captam 4 Band 1 3 4 Paper Staff airman 3 4 Beta 1 4 Regional Science Farr 3 State Science Fair 3 Annual a f 2 Editor Sunday Essay Contest' CYNTHIA ANN BOLDEN Bascetball 2 3 Track 1 a our eens 1 2, FHA Speech and Drama 3 4 Who' W o 3 EDITH ANNETTE BOND Latm Club 1 2 Mu Alpha Theta 4 FBLA 4 Science Club English Award 3 Science Fair 3 HENRY LEE BOND Football FFA 1 Whols Who 2 VIVIAN LOUISE BOND Student Council 1 Latm Club 1 FHA Seniors Do It Better Q, A I f 3 , 1,2, , 3. I -, -2,3, Fl g-3,4,Chl -1, ,Y- T 1 I I IF '-1I2l4l -1, ga 1,F -1, FFA -'1, 2, 3, 4, 1 I ' L I X 2, 3, Dexgtiolnsl-12, 3, 4, co- - Ch. l I I T l2I3I szf-,3,4, '-L4, Il I,-3. I T I I i I Fl g-3,4,Ch ' -1,2,v- T -, -1,2,3, -T I I S h -. I i L-,I . AI Z1, -, -. J I l I 128 PeoplelSenlors Qaninre Q "For Girls Q. A KX Q x i ., . L .t,W:v,: ,.xL nw'-g 19 h .s ms ae'-,ss , f , Y 9 .., TN N, 1. .-- . A -1- t BELINDA JUNE BRELAND Track holr 4 Y Teens 1 FHA 2 4 Speech and Drama u 1 Science Club CARL THOMAS BRELAND cnence Club o p Annual Staff 3 CHARLOTTE DeSHA BRELAND Band 1 2 3, 4 Rifle 3, Drum Majorette 4 Student Councll 1 2 4 Devotaons Commnttee 2 3 4 French Club 3 4 Alpha Theta 3 4 Beta Club 1, 2, 3 4 President 3 Science Club 1 2 3 4 Who's Who 4 Homecoming Court 3 A macho football player makmg clothes for himself and his famlly'7 Unbelievable" Not so for Mike Breland a senior here at Stone Make enjoys sewing and has made several outfits that he wears with pride He started sewmg last year an Home Ec I and found himself lakmg lt more and more He crednts Mrs Baucum for his success at sewmg and says she ls a really good teacher He ls presently takmg Home Ec II plays both football and baseball D he sees nothmg unusual about his interest in sewing an art usually reserved "for girls only " At this time Mike IS seriously considering majormg m clothin design He also hopes to play college football Mike a umque mdlvldual who succeeds where others fall wall probably do Just that DAVID WAYNE BRELAND FFA 1 2 3 4 KAREN LYNN BRELAND Flag 4 Paper Staff 2 Devotnons Commattee HA eens atm Club 2 Speech and Drama Club 3 clence Club 1 2 3 Annual Staff 3 MICHAEL WAYNE BRELAND Football 1 aseball Clu 1, 2, 3, 4, Who's Who I I I " 11 21 C . 1 1 ' 1 I CI b- ', ' ' -1. S' -1,3,C-o -4, - 1, 2, T, lVlul I An outstanding athlete, tMlke U. . . . 9 T I u l I s -T 2, 3, 4,F -3, 4, FBLA-3, Y- T - 3, L ' - 1, , 3, S ' T I I IE I 2,3,4,B -1,2,3,47S: b - - 1 2 3 4. PeoplelS eniors 129 Seniors WALTER KILE BROOKS Co-op - 4, FFA - 1, 2, 3, 4, President - 4, State Judging Team - 3, KERRY LEE BUCKLEY Football - 1, 2, Track- 1, Vica - 2, 3, President - 3, MARGARET ANN BUTLER FFA - 3, 4, Speech and Drama Club - 3. JOHN CAMPBELL TROY EUGENE COBB Football- 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4, Track - , - ub-,F -1,2, ea Clu - 1 2 KAREN E. COCHRAN Choir - 1 Y-Teens - 2 3 French Club - 2 FHA - o- p - DEBORAH DENISE COKER Bas etball 3 4 S F 3 4 W o's Who 4 Class Offlcer 1 BRIAN LEE COOLE Football 4 Band 1 2 Student Councll 2 French Club 3 F A 4 Scuence Club 3 4 EVANELL RENEE COOPER Whlle everyone else ns taking the weekend easy Teresa Walker IS on a bus headed for another kind of school Of the 2000 girls lntervnewed Teresa was one of the lucky 200 chosen to attend Barbnzon Modellng School m New Orleans She attends slx classes consisting of hair styling physncal fltness polse and appearance and clothing The school sets the standards for make up and clothes which Teresa must supply on her own Assured of a Job by the school Teresa plans to pursue a modeling career after graduatuon A Model Student I I X l 130 People!Seniors Class Of 79 HOLLIS LAMAR COOPER Vlca FA o SUSAN ROBERTA COOPER Basketball 1, 2 3 4 Y Teens b 4 EDWIN B COWART Football RITA LEE DAVIS FB Cheerleader 4 Ca tam eens 1 , CA 4 Sclence Club 2 3 4 ROBERT TODD DAVIS Football 2 3 2 FFA 2 3 4 Speech and Drama Club 2 HARRIETT EDWINA DeJARNETT Band 1 2, 3, 4 Student Council 2 3 Paper Staff 2 3 4 Devotions 4, FHA 1 2 3 4 Annua Staff 4 Homecomnng Court 3 4 Falr Queen Alternate 2 4 PAUL JEFFERY DORSETT Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1, Baseball 1, 2 3 4 G If b 2 3 4 1 FFA 1 4 Who's Who 4 JOSEPH ELLIOT DRAUGHN Paper Staff 2 Mu Alpha Theta 3 4 Sclence Club 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Beta Club 4 MARTY W DRAVIS Basketball 1 2 Student Councal atin Club u 1 2 3 4 Mu A a eta 4 Beta Club Speech and Drama Club 3 4 Science Club 3 4 Who's Who 4 Scholastic Honors 2 DORA FAY FAIRLEY FFA 1 2 DOROTHY MARIE FAIRLEY rench Club 1 2 FHA 1 , A 3 4 Scnence Club Co op 4 JOE R FAIRLEY Mu Alpha Theta 3 Co op -3,F -2,3,4,C-op-4. -1, S-CIF-3:41 FbA- 3, L 1, 2, 3, 4, s-club - 4. -1,2,3, , p ' -4,Y- T -3,4,s-club- ,2 3, 4,F -2, 3, 4, FBLA-2, 3, -1, 2, 3, s-club- , ,FCA Committee 1 31 41 Y'-Teens - 2, 31 1- I I I I I "" Q- I LI Il 1 I 0 -3,4,s-cm -1, , , ,FCA '-" I I . 1 I I 4 , , ' ' -1, 2, 3,L -1,2,3,4,S- Cl b- , , , , lph Th -3, , -2, 3, F T l I l I2 FBL - , , ' -3, - '- ,' - -4. PeoplelSeniors 131 Seniors PAMELA ANN FAIRLEY Track - 1, Flag - 4, Choir - 1, Who's Who - 1. CAROLE GAY FIRTH FHA - 1, 2, 3, Speech and Drama Club - 4. SHELIA FAYE FORE JV Cheerleader - 1, BB Cheerleader - 1, Paper Staff - 1, 3, 4, Y-Teens - 3, S-Club -- 1, FBLA - 3, 4, Co-op - 4. FERYL DANIEL FOUNTAIN FFA 1 2 3 4 Who's Who GWENDOLYN VENICE GOINS Cholr 1, Student Council 1 Teens HA CRAIG STEVE GRADY Track 1 2,3 4 Student Councul Co op 1 Who's Who WILLIAM BRYAN HANCOCK FFA 1,2,3,4 Coop 1JU E ANN HARRIEL Basketball 1 Student Council 1 Y Teens BLA Co o 4 Class Officer 2 Hnstory Award MELISSA ANN HATTEN Flag 2 FHA 1 Speech and Drama Clu 4 Annual Staff 3 CAROLYN ELAINE HICKMAN IR 2 Vlca 3 Co o 4 SARAH ELLEN HICKMAN Y Teens 3 French Club 4 F 3 FBLA 4 Science Club 3 CYNTHIA NELL HILL our 4 Sex e 4, Ensemble 1 2 3 4 Stu ent Council 4 Devotions Committee 3 4 Y Teens , 4, atm Club 1 2 Mu Alpha Theta 3 4 Beta ub 3 4 Science Club 3, 4 Annual Staff 2 3 S ate Honor Choir 3 Sectnon Leader 3, rio 1 1 1 1 1 1 31 4' 2.Y-- -1,F -1,E4l 1 1 1 . T 11 - - , -1. - , - - . LI 11 F 1 41 T pit- 1 1 ' - , ' - 3. 1 b i-'I 1 1 . CHO - 1 ' - 1 ' P - HA :I 1 - I T I ch'-i,2,3,, ff-3, 'T' 1 1 1 1 d . L 1 1 " 1 11 2, 3 L ' -- , , 3, 4, Cl - , , ' ' ' - 2, I T I I t .- 2, 4, T L 4. p l 132 PeopIelSeniors T.G.I.O Thank God It s Over BEN A HUNT Basketball 2, Vlca 2, 3, Co op 4. ROSE MARY LAMINGO JACKSON as etball holr 3 4 Y Teens 1 2 3 Speech and Drama Club 1 2, Who's Who 1 ROBERT EARL JAMES oo ball 2 Track rench Club ub , o o Annual Staff 4 RUSSELL JARVIS Football 3 rack 4 S ub 2 FFA HA o op CARMEN DENISE JOHNSON Band 3 4 Ensemble Teens 4 French Club 1 4 S Club 4 Speech and Drama C u 3 Who's Who Annual Staff 4 Homecoming Court 4 DERRICK J JOHNSON KENNETH JOHNSON Track French Club 2, Speech and Drama Club 3 STEVE JOHNSON Football ub Who's Who 4 All Conference :struct 3 State 2 3 JUANESE MARIE JOYNER Choir 1 2 3 4 rench Club 2 FHA 1 4 Offlcer 4 Beta Club Annual Staff 4 Gulf Coast Trl State Festival 3 DEBORAH ANN LEE FHA 2 4 DONALD LEE LOMAX RAYMOND DOYLE LOPER oo ball 3 Baseball Student Councll 1 French Club ub A 1 2 3 4 B a u 1 Sclence Club 4 B k -1,2,C -1,2, I I " 1 I I 1 F 1- L1, ,3, -2, F -2,5-Cl -2,3, FFA-1,2,3 C - p-4, T - , -cl - , -' 2,F -2,C - -4. 11121 I I 13lY' lb-T ' -4, -2, - , -1, Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4, Track - 4, S-Cl -1, 2, 3, 4, FHA-2, -2,3,AllD' " -2, ,An F -f ' 'J 12,3, I . l I ill -',4. 1 l3I F t T1l2I I 141 -4,5-cl -3T4,IFCA-1, 2l3l4lFF 1 I I I I et Cl b- , ' - - PeoplelSeniors 133 Seniors CATHY LOTT Band - 1, 2, Co- op - 3, 4. ROSA LEE LOTT Choir - 1, 2, 3, 4, Sextet - 2, Ensemble - 2, 3, Student Council - 1, Paper Staff - 2, Latin Club - 1, 2, 3, 4, Beta Club - 4, Sclence Club - 3, 4, Annual Sta f -- 2, 3, Class Officer - 2, Homecoming Queen 4 MIL LIE R McDANIEL Band Rlfle 4 Band Captain 4 Student Conductor 3 Ensemble 2 3, Devotions Committee 3 4 Latln Club 1 S b 4 Sclence Club 4 Annual Staff 3 4 Gulf Coast Band nlc KELLY McKENZIE Latln Club 1, 2 Speech and Drama Club 2 3 Co op 4 THERESA MCQUEEN Y Teens 2 Speech and Drama Club Co op 4 RONALD DEWAYNE MEADOWS Football 2, aseball ub 3 4 All Conference 1 MARCUS L MILLS Band 2, 3, Mu Alpha Theta 4, Beta Club 1 2 3 DAVID LEE MOORE Baseball 1 2 3 S Clu 1 FFA 1 INA FAYE MOORE Basketball 1 2 3 4 Pa er Staff 2 3 Y Teens 2 ub A A 4 Sclence Club 2 GARY EUGENE O'NEAL French Club 2 Mu Alpha Theta 3 o op 4 FFA 2 Sclence Club 3 STEPHEN FERRIS O'NEAL Basketball Mgr Student Councll 1 Speech 84 Drama 2 Sclence Club 3 F 2 3 Who's Who Class Officer 3 French Club 1 CLAUDIA ANNE PACHEL Band 1 2 3 Section Leader2 3 Cho r 4 Sextet 4 Beta 1 3 4 Devotions 3 Latln Club 1, 2, 3 4 Mu Alpha Theta 3 4 GC 84 Lumberton Band Cllnlc 1 2 3 Sclence Club 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4 Academic 81 Algebra Award 134 PeoplelSenlors College Can Wait 1 Ready For Take-Off SANDRA FAYE PARKER Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4, Track - 4, Y-Teens - 2, 3, S-Club - 1, 2, 3, 4, FCA - 2, 3, 4, Science Club - 2, 3, 4. TERRY L. PARKER Vlca - 1, 3, 4, FFA - 3. JESSE EARL PETERS FFA - 2, FBLA - 2. BEATRICE POUGH FHA - 1, 4, Choir - 1. PHYL LIS ANN POUGH Choir - 1, 2, 3, Ensemble - 1, 2, Speech and Drama Club - 1, 2. SHARON DARLENE POWE Cholr - 1, Y-Teens - 1, Speech and Drama Club - 1. GEORGE RANDAL PRESCOTT Student Councll - 3, Mu Alpha Theta - 3, FFA - 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2, 3 4, Class Offucer 3 FFA Officer Homecomlng Escort CYNTHIA DENICE PRINE FHA 2 3 4 Speech and Drama Club 4 DEBRA JANE PRINE Choir 3 4 Ensemble 4 Devotions Committee 4 Y Teens 4 For Wendy Walts Rita Davls, Stevle O'Neal and Slmon Wilson a European Tour turned out to be a sure cure for summer boredom Leavlng New York on June 25 they toured Rome, Spaln Afrlca, Paris and London Wendy especially liked Spain while Slmon and Stevle seemed partlal to the belly dancers ln Africa Rnta's favorlte place was Torremolinos a resort on the Mediterranean Sea They arrlved home on July 23 Although happy to be back ln Wlgglns all have expressed a deslre to vlslt Europe agaln PeoplelSenlors 135 Seniors Slnglng "I Could Have Danced All Nlght " Cindy Hill danced her way into the hearts of the Judges and emerged as Stone County's 1979 Junlor Miss Chosen from 14 contestants, Cindy scored enough points ln two of the three categories ln which the gurls partlclpate to capture the crown She dld not participate In Youth Fitness because her religious and moral beliefs would not allow her to wear the costumes used for that category In addition to the crown Cindy walked off with the Posse and Appearance Award the Talent Award and the Scholastic Award The Judges selected Paige Baucum as first alternate to Cindy and Rita Davis as second alternate Paige also won the Youth Fitness Award The Junior Mlss Program designed for high school senlors affords contestants the opportumty to wln scholastic and monetary awards TIMOTHY DAVID PURVIS Band - -C - 4 - 4 Annual Staff 3 4 Band Councll - 3 4 Band Ensemble - 3 EDDIE LEE RAMEY Basketball -1 2 3 4 Tr ck - MAURICE WELTOITRAYBURN oo ball - - - o-op - RUTH JEANINE REDMOND Flag - 4 Y-Teens - 1 2 3 French u - , HA - FBLA - 3 Homecoming Court- 4. CANDACE KAY REYNOLDS ennls - and - Flag - 3, Devotions Committee - Y-Teens - 3 4 S- - 4 FBLA - 4 Annual Staff -- 3 4 Class Officer - 3 Solo an Ensemble - 1, 2 TIMOTHY POWELL ROBERTS Football - 1, 1 1 1 " 1 1 21 31 41 T I I -1 I I I I Scholastic Honors - 2, 3, ost Improved Player ln Football - . 136 PeoplelSenlors And The Winner ls . . . Vo .fb 'bi f y '-11-r You Made What On Your A.C.T. CHARLES JOSEPH ROUSE Football aseball Basketball 3 Student Council FA 2 French Club u 3 4 Science Club e a 3 A TERRI LYNN RUGGLES Tenms eens a Science Club 4 CYNTHIA KAY SCARBOROUGH Band 1 2 3 ouncll 1 Track 1 2 S b 2 Reguonal Sclence Fair 3 Annual Staf 3 4 Edltor 4 Science Club 4 Class Offlcer 3 Who's Who 4 Homecommg Court 4 Devotnons 3 4 KELLY ANN SMITH Student Council 3, 4, President 4 Band 1 2, 3, Captaln 3 Class Offncers eta 4 Devo Ions Chalrman 4 Mu Alpha Theta 3 4 Who's WHho 4 ROAN ANNIS SMITH Band 1 2 3 4 Councll lfle 4 Ca am Lam Club 1 Beta 2 3 Offlcer 3, Scholastic Honor 2 FREDERIC A STONE Basketball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 French Club BLA eta Science Club 1 2 3 4 Who's Who 3 4 Class Offlcer 2 BETTY LORAINE STRICKLAND Cholr 1 2 3 4 Sextet 3 Ensemble 1 2 3 FHA 2 RONALD EN SWAFFORD Track Band JIMA LORESE TAYLOR Basketball 1 2 Track 3 4 FB Cheerleader o Captain 1 ag eens 3 4 b FHA 3 4 Officer 3 Who's Who 1 2 4 Class Officer Homecommg Court 1 2 3 4 SARAH LEONA TAYLOR Band 3 Flag 2 3 Captam 3 French u a 3 Speech and Drama 3 4 Science C u 3, 4 Co op 4 Science alr 3 Band Councll 3 A PATRICIA TORRES Choir 1 Student Council 1 2 4 Paper Staff 3 Devotlons Committee 1 4 Y Teens 3 Latln Club 1 2 3 4 MuA ha Theta 3 4 Beta Science Club 3 4 Annual Staff 3 Sclence Fair 3 4 ROBERTA LOUISE TURMON Track 4 BB Cheerleader 4 S Club 4 Speech and Drama Club 4 1,2,3,4,B -1,2,s,4, - 1 1 .111 2,F -1,, -3,s- clb- ,, ' -3,4, at -1,2, ,4,FC -1,2,s,4. .-4, Y-T -1,z,3,4,Bet -3,4, c '-, -,f'-c'lu- lf1 1 1 ' 1 1 'I 3lB -2,3,T' t' -2,3j1, 2,4,R' -Zsf f 'pi' -4,- t. 1 1 1 1 1 . 2, 3, 4, Sillub L'2, '3, 4, FcA - fa, 3,4,F -3,4,B -1,2,3,4, 121 1 1 - I., 11,11 13- tll II I 2 . T I L 'T -4, -4. 1,21C- 'fi ,Fl -2,Y- T - , ,s-clu -1,2,3,4, -1 I Ill, ' i1l2l 1 1 1 LJ-'21 CII b-1,2',3',4,Bet izf ,4, lb- , - ' F' - 1 1, III 1 IP, T I I ?1l2l3I4I People S eniors 137 Seniors KEVIN ONEESE VANDERBILT Basketball 1 2 3 4 DANNY W DDLE Vlca 3 FFA DONNA WYNN WAITS Student Council 2 3 Y Teens rench Club 4 S FBLA 3 4 ea u 3 4 Class Officer 2 Homecoming Court 2 Librarian Award 1 JOHN R WALKER Basketball CA Co op 4 TERESA DARLENE BB Cheerleader 1 2 Latm Clu 1 FHA 1 Speech and Drama Club 4 ROSETTA WASH FB Cheerleader 2 o Captain 4 Choir 4 State Cholr 2 Sextet 4 Ensemble 1 2 Paper Staff eens Club 1 2 4 Speech and Drama Club 4 Science Club 2 Who's Who 1 2 4 GARVIN WEAVER Football 2 FFA - 1 2 3 4. BARBARA WELLS Co-op - 4 Fair Queen Alternate - 4 Homecoming Court- 2 GLENDA GAYLE WELLS Co-op - 4 Who's Who - 1 2 Homecoming Court - 1 GLENDA JEAN WELLS Choir - 1, FHA - 1, Speech and Drama C u - 1, Who's Who - MONA KAYE WHITTINGTON o r - , , , o- - DWIGHT WILLIAMS Band - , , , hoir - . A 7 L-' ,' ' - 3. , "' 1 1 " "' 31 41 F - 1, 2, 3, , -Club -4, -l , , B t Cl b - I. I 1 . 1 if 1 31 2, F L 3, FFA - 1, 2, 3, 4,- WALKIE FB Cheerleader - 1, 2, b i I T ll I ' " 11 1 31 4, C - ' - , ' - 1, 2 1 Z 1 T 21 L 1, 2, Y-T- '-' 1, 2, 4, s- - 1, 2 I I 1 I b 1. Ch l 1 2 3 C op 4. 1 2 3 C 3 138 PeoplelSeniors Future State Leaders Over the summer three of our students, Mrllle McDaniel, Rlcky Stone and Snmon Wilson, were chosen to attend Girls' and Boys' State Rncky and Simon were selected by our local Amerncan Legion and Rotary Club Mlllle was sent by the Gulfport American Legion Auxlllary The purpose of Glrls' and Boys State is to gave high school students an opportunity to operate as self governing cltlzens Eliglbillty as limited to students in the junnor year of hugh school Although academnc standang rs Important most important ls abllnty an leadership Durlng the two weeks ln Jackson each person had a chance to run and take the responslblllty of a state or local office Rlcky ran for mayor of has nmagmary town Simon was appointed to the House of Representatlves and Millie was elected to the Senate All agreed at was interestmg and hope that more Juniors from Stone wall be Invited to attend DAVID RANDOLPH WILLIAMS Speech and Drama 3 Co 4 SheDee ENISHOVANNE WILLIAMS Track 1 2 Choir Teens 1 HA Speech and Drama Club 1 THOMAS CULVER WILLIAMS La nClub 1 2 3 4 Scne ce BETTY DENISE WILSON Bascetball 1, 2 Track C or 1 2 3 Y Teens FHA 1 2 3 Speech and Drama Club 1 SIMON PETER WILSON Football 3 Bas etball 1 Baseball 1 2, 3 4 Student Councll 1 French U b 3 4 Be a Club Science Club 3 4 Who's Who 3 4 Class Officer ' I 1 I -op, -1,Y- - TF' L-1,2, fl T- I I I I .n Club-3,4, FFA-2, 3. l - , -11 hi "" I I 1 " -1, .11-121 I4I k - , - , Cllb-1,S-Clu -T ,'FcA -1,2,3,4, t -2,3, 1 I I I 111. PeoplelSenlors 139 RQYQ! tqvl if A 9iv'k'4 .E ,CTBQQ fb, ,N K. 15" 'g'H.?3. Q 5 I' 'J . ,gzlw fit, an K" 'fx .mx- Q' ,ag G +3 1. 1,4 8' M Q s i f aw if -Q' 3 5 . ,Q gyfy. z . 'Q I it k is .. . ' :ifn , , r QQ. , ,sg1v- V+. . affix: ,:i?,,5zr1jg , . k '- Q -' ' ,, 1 'e 4 zsfff. XV f e 2 - , , , Q, 1 m ,L b Q 1 6 Aka X mms . T 1 A fl is-'SIKA nk, if 44: Q . 'P nf - x na ' 9 -Q K g iwe'refxh5f '61a'sf3 ' y that 'really Shines., We're the class of ' 79! 'X i , W as . - , W1 . pg .iwa gg, Q . ' Q .,' S S S A 'K Q X . .ye .J in V 5 V .L , a fiyigfsfib ' V' f ' 7 ' 2. Us 25 fx '-f s , f 5 ,si i gs' f . f ,wfrf1f6 x U Q X ' M. 5, . X X Q51-sb x 1 4 .Z'Qg'5. 1- K 1-3"""f: ' 1- ' -1- t, ...A , -, m Second String With obvious excitement, Wauline Hickman and Susie Walker examine their new class rings. 11 l I -. Catching the camera's eye, Lou - .Ngo L li. and Be X' ,1Pough pose for a pictur .- ff,-gri r f -wr Lx -1, ' gg 'A ' ag, , ff N fr Q 16 ,mi tt55':Q.-In Peg, 5- - .. ,et W., 1 Ni Junio Dolph Alexander Lisa Alexander Jlmmy Anderson Norrls Armstrong Danny Ballard Davld Bankston Leslle Baucum Jeff Baxter Gall Berry Cassandra Blackwell Donna Bond Myrna Bond Bnlly Breland John Breland Mike Breland Monte Breland Sharon Breland Erica Brown Kenneth Brown I Jan Ainsworth 142 PeopIelJuniors Juniors 4--g ,JZ Models, Models, Models i .- ,, ., ,.w- , If - I 4 3, X I A M BECK. Eli cn, k'QQ f- 1 P , sep t , , t at Q C LT I gi Q ,. I. 1 -9 x X ' v . fx Q r f 5 f up-4 XL' - Q .li ' ..e..4s.aZiV " Want a model of a plane, tank, jeep, car or building? Call Jocko Angle. He makes models of almost anything. Jocko's hoppy is not only interesting but also lucrative. He builds models to order with the price depending on the size. Jocko's interest ln model building came from watching his father, who used to build them. Starting at the age of eight, Jocko built qulte a collection of models which were unfortunately destroyed when his family moved. The models were taken to a junkyard and Jocko was unable to recover them. Building models is time- consuming, but Jocko was so anxious to rebuild his collection that he sometimes built a model a week. And now he has a collection of models. So If you're interested in models to purchase or to build on your own, you might talk with Jocko. Missy Buckley Clark Byrd Nathan Byrd Greg Cobb Monisa Coole Joe Copeland Betsy Crochet Beau Carpenter PeoplelJunlors 143 Juniors Delorls Dalrymple Howard Danzey Don Davls Donna Davis Kathy Duckworth Michelle English Chuck Evans Tammy Dale John Breland says he has been drawing as long as he can remember. He feels his talent may be hereditary passed down from hls father and grandmother. John's drawings range from landscapes to portraits to houseplants. He particularly enjoys drawing with pastels and lnk. Although he has worked little with it, he enjoys drawing with charcoal. In John's junior high years, he designed the covers for the school newspaper, called the Rolling Stone. He has also done art work for the junior high yearbook. Other honors John has received with his artwork include designing the patch for the Stone County Bass Masters Club and wlnnlng 1st place in the art contest at the science fair last year. 144 PeoplelJuniors To The Future Sandra Evans Cookle Falrley Tony Farmer Belinda Flrth Jeff Gill Aaron Gilliam Walter Graham Errol Grlffln Donna Graves Hank Harrlel Daniel Harrls Dylan Hart Mitchell Hart Donna Hatten Sylvla Henderso Mitchell Hinton Klm Hester Waullne Hlckman Renee Hlll X. PeoplelJunlors 145 Juniors We'lI Make It Yet Teresa Hosey Becky Howell Cassandra Husband Cynthla Jackson Thomas Johnson Rlta King Jeff Ladner Lorlnda Ladner Sandra Langley Angela LeBlanc Llz Loper Bryan Lott Llnda Lott Wayne Marshall Llnda McCall Glen McDaniel Pattl McDaniel Ricky McDonald Malcolm Mclnnls Alan Mltohell AW 146 PeoplelJunlors I 3 x J 7 1 , , 7'i?Slf- l V. tl -l- -J M -'Z Bill Moon Jeff Murphy Mary Myers Darryl Monroe In February 1978 whlle the rest of us were slttlng at Stone Hlgh taking slx weeks tests, Missy Buckley, Nathan Jones, and Malcolm Mclnnls were In Jackson serving as pages In the State Leglslature. Besldes getting pald for thelr work, they got to mlss a week of school excused. Pages are asked to serve by leglslators or state offlclals. Nathan was chosen by Rep. Wade Smith. Missy was asked to be a Senate page by Lt. Governor Gandy, a relative of Mlssy's famlly. But Malcolm had the best connectlons of all. Hls dad ls Rep. Mack Mclnnls. Pages answer telephones, take messages to the legislators, run errands and bring in bllls. In the House a red llght appears when a page ls needed. The Senators just snap thelr flngers. All three readlly agree that it was a rewardlng experience and would like to go agaln. Anita 0'Neal Davld O'Neal Donnle O'Neal Lou Ann Nlx PeopIelJunlors 147 niors 1 Tammy Overstreet Vlnce Pachel Melanie Parker Myla Parker Terry Parsons Wendell Patton Tammy Pelto Curtis Potter Nena Preston Melinda Reid Annette Renot Arthur Rhodes Bllly Rlels Bryan Roberson Don Scarborough Jlmmy Scruggs Clndy Seals Curtls Sellers Kelvln Sherman Jane Overstreet 148 PeopIelJunlors Almost There -. , 0, L .2T.- do gli is f wwe sssff ' S 'ttm rx A x S I H V 1. , ' f K' I I 1,1aw9 , XZ: was - F ,Q f ,ul Mfg . N E112 Fl , ,'7f3"'f5' ""f 2 fi. , -1 , ,m fr 'asf f' f ff "' V'f't..,,e1Qi,S1i?55L.ELH- 1- , . -2,35 ffil1',ftsfg:g,j,fl. X E fx' f 4 i i S ,, lfxx . ,L , V . 1 . , H g ' , I 5 S 'fl 'fix I All ' A N ' A Y xt kj 3 lx ViVA .V g 'X fs my .1 or q if X 1 ff M N," gb fx XX: f 4 'F il 'X ef f 33+ g gi in 1 ' Q:,ii49agg1b1g4:fs W' ' he Qriz S tg 4 -e. ,iff - ., M A X . A s A , I Q QW - 2 1 f y .. t A 35: 4 .'t J 't ' rf 'f m A P 3 ' A Y ,X 1 . I y , KX V I K 'lx Y . N' , J as V 3 Q 41 S lll 5 l' t 3 S ,f S Abs. 5 Q . A y .f 'bt 3 'S Us ff "- TT 'P X . Q I 'li It Juniors Let's Dance , .L ,, tl tl Hazel Slngleton " ,"' T ' l " Stewart Smlth 5, S , L S :Q Jimmy Sprlng ' 5 -5, S Glen Ray Stewart X gs gt tyk. N g A , I1-1 y S We . -Q I S15 Q a ,?.'6 xl' lj 'K S V x , 5- 4 5 V xl, Bllly Stone S i 3 S-"1 --S g T f ,. if S'tl' Leonard Strlckland sg 48 fl' l k X N I - Sylvla Strlckland . X ' 1 Don Taylor 1 s or gl X ,S . , 4-1 NS l S SS S N Orlglnally lnterested ln gymnastlcs, Teresa Hosey turned to danclng and now flnds lt "a beautlful art and a great way to express one's self." Teresa took her first danclng class - tap, ballet, jazz and tumbling - when she was ln the 4th grade at Marlon, North Carollna. After Teresa moved to Forest, MS., she studled under Georgia Budlnlch for three years and really became Interested ln the art of danclng. Slnce movlng to Wlgglns, Teresa has continued her study under Delta De La Fuenta at MGCJC. Durlng the summer Teresa performed ln a recltal where she danced in jazz, tap and ballet routlnes and performed a solo routlne whlch was a comblnatlon of jazz and acrobatlcs. At a dance workshop on the Coast, Teresa learned new techniques from Callfornla and New York Instructors. PeoplelJunlors 149 Juniors Wayne Temple Mona Tubbs Joel Vernon Ann Vreeland Jessie Walker Susle Walker Leon Warden Sheila Warren Bob Weathers Harry Weaver Paytha Williams Vonda Williams Holly Young Roger Taylor NOT PICTURED Russell Amacker Jocko Angle Hollie Buckhalter Joe Cobb Todd Cobb Laura Dearman Allen Douglas 150 PeopIelJuniors Class On The Go fir it J A-Wi 'fqlwy , i ,I iz, . Y! ' X "ext ., 5 -S fi Q fix l -"jf, X W----"......"L'-'E Ken Eley Kevin Falrley Luther Guyton Jackie Hill Connie Ishee Bobby Johnson Nathan Jones Blll Leonard Mark Parker Kathy Sanders Curtis Scarbrough Mag Thompson David Wedgeworth Tony White Darlene Whittle li, fi M" jf, -li A A Class Officers President: Jan Ainsworth Vice President: Jeff Murphy Secretary: Rita K ing Treasurer: Don Davis Reporter: Tammy Overstre et Second Step .fly ! 'MM aff- Football managers Charles Fairley and Thomas Rayburn must watch the action closely to be ready to supply a dry football, a towel, or a helping hand. Sophomores Ronald Alexander Shlrley Arrlngton Davld Baker Lance Baucum Mark Baxter Darrel Berry Cathy Bolllng Debble Bond Debra Bond Kevin Bond Lynn Bond Mlchelle Bond Nelly Bond Robln Bond Jelta Breland Pam Breland Phyllls L Breland Phlllls R Breland Scott Broadus Barry Brooks 152 Peoplel S ophomores Sophomores Send ln The Clowns .N 'T X55 g S' Q .fu , yt 'H' K' fm- -ew- X 1 f .lgqwx . Z I "' 'CW + W , N, x X X X qi K, - k d"'1g , Clownlng around ls Kltty Parrlsh's favorlte pastlme. She dressed up as a clown during the summer on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at the Gingerbread House. She played games and performed puppet shows for the chlldren. The llttle klds really enjoyed Kltty belng wlth them and they even named her "Tweedle-dum". To keep the chlldren from recognizing her voice, Kltty, as the clown, used faclal expressions and pantomlme. When Kitty, as Kltty, put on puppet shows she told the klds that the puppets were too shy to talk to them so the puppets whispered to Kitty what they wanted to say and she related lt to the klds. Kltty really enjoys working wlth the llttle klds and she plans to do lt agaln next summer. Steve Buckley Todd Buckley Vernon Bunch Jerry Campbell Suzette Cannon Aaron Clayton Kerl Clement Darlene Campbell if, , 1 .l. 4 'X se 0 'W " T gl i ' ' A ia n 'ii s f ' St-v ,' 'S M' I PeoplelS ophomores 153 Sophomores Paul Clinton Bobby Cobb Debl Cody Trlna Crockrum Malcolm Coker Bruce Coole Kelth E Cooper Jamle Cowart Holly Cox Pam Crochet Blake Davls Keith Neal Cooper During the past two years, Mary Sprlng has been busy representing South Mlsslsslppl as the C.Y.O. Representative In the Hattiesburg deanery. Mary was elected at the C.Y.O. Convention ln Blloxl at the Buena Vlsta. C.Y.O. ls Chrlstlan Youth Organization, an organlzatlon that brings young people from dlfferent churches together to partlclpate ln varlous activltes. Last year Mary was secretary of the board and this year she ls chairman of recreational actlvltles. 154 Peoplel S ophomores ff Spring Represents CYO of 5 I 'L t. . A g ,t.b , 3 Sw yi Johnette Davls Donna Dedeaux Russell Dedeaux Bllly Dennlne Lynn Eley Melernea Evans Patrlcla Evans Charles Falrley Kevln Falrley Mlke Falrley Demetrlous Fountaln Debble Freche Jerome Gallowa Paula Gates Johnny Glbson Tracy Hall Joy Harry Todd I-latten Norman Hendrlx PeoplelSophomores 155 So homores Edith Hennls Philip Hughes Shella Hull Nelson Hunt Robert Jackson Marilyn James Deborah Johnson Kelly Johnson Klmberly Johnson Lisa Johnson Kevln King Seneca Knight Danny Lott Tammy Lott Mike Lyons Melanie Mallett Lynn Mansfield Thomas McKerIey Jerry Miller Lew Miller 156 PeoplelSophomores ,, Lots Of Fun ,. 'L L L . fig, 'X , . , J X ' sf de U n h 3" 4 ' x A tg Q J 1 1 N lr x , if X .N .. . gk' "' X ggss xx? as X . XI . -h,, 'x L aislig 1-S-5 P. ligne? J: 1. A' . ,fu V:-'gg' F, 4' if is a 'tl ' ? . - " 13 - T Q39 . ,J A KEY ,N wt-Q , ,l 1 .z sl' I l x uk , Beg I 1 1 Z xxcln -1- 1 I n X L f --L QQ! iw '-' My ,.- ,- - 'Y .1- " ' 2 F- 2 f , xx xx So homores L 1 if Saws- Q 'SKS NsR, ii Q' is M, 5 ii? tx' - Snowball Fights ln June gtg , . at st Af' X .in V 6 we is I K t K X, x . v- ' A V an X Y,,l'1 I . J Alex Monroe Paul Monroe Gallen Morrison Teddy Moore Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico, is 215 square miles of rugged mountain terrain. The Philmont program takes young men in crews of 10 on a 12 day trek through this rugged wilderness, stopping at specialized camps. While on the trail crew members backpack everything to be used for the entire 12 days except food. A ranger stays with the crew for the first 3 days, then they are on their own. Lance Baucum, of Wiggins Troop 18, attended Philmont last summer. At specialized camps Lance and his crew did such things as pan for gold, pack burros, fish, ride horses, and climb up and repel back down mountains which Lance liked the most. Lance climbed the Tooth of Time, an important landmark on the Sante Fe Trail, and Mt. Baldy where he and his crew induldged in a snowball fight. During the 12 day trek, the crew hiked a total of 76 miles. Jon Nall Yolanda Nix Tina Owen Julie Naderhoff PeoplelSophomores 157 So homores Justln Page Jonathan Parker Klm Parker Kltty Parrlsh Dolly Perry Kevln Preston Beck Redmond Tara Roberson Carol Rogers Homer Rogers Teresa Rouse For Tlna Owen, rldlng ln horse shows ls a pleasant way to use her spare tlme. Tlna discovered horse shows ln August, 1977, and has been rldlng regularly at local shows ever slnce. To traln her three show horses, Tlna usually works them two hours a day three days a week. She ls tralnlng them for the barrel race, 75 yard dash, arena race, and the poles. Her horses are Mack, Leo and Rebel. Leo and Rebel are just gettlng started, but Mack has won many prlzes for Tlna. And she ls sure that In time Leo and Rebel wlll do the same. 158 PeoplelSophomores Y Delorls Redeemer Ride 'Em Cowgirl! wx-sax is Ns f . N X N E WP 54 E Ns' QP ,- .. Ll la Il l - 1 Y .f ix , x at 1 rv : .,,. Ts. . r W X Ui. fx 1 ea '5 A Q 4. , 'P -55- , Nxt 'Q r ex , 1 lt. K X ,fx f Qt K X l S 'V 30,5 XX Q 'ax EE t ' get ae I, X X X ...H K Wa X vc 5 T' ax! ills U' E '54, 1 . Qi W? :E tsaaff We Thmk We Can Make It Dorene Schult 6 Gla Sekul Dellcla Sellers if ' Tonla Sellers vu I Ns Y, ' - Bruce Shaw x we X Wayne Simpson Ml 'W Conley Smlth -L, Helen Smith XX x .,Wv x L7 is Marlin Smlth , ' Richard smith Stephanie Smlth Valerie Smlth SQ? v- A ' f " " Mary Sprlng vs ' Susan Swllley p f Dora Thompson J M Deldra Tullos Q. wg , 'rl"A M ., I Scott Waits W.L. Walker S Laura Warden V Becky Weeks X PeoplelSophomores 159 So homores Sophomores Have Spirit Edna Whittle Kathy Williams Lori Williams Cherry Young s 4? NOT PICTURED Robin Bond Bernadine Bostic ' or r .- . I s. s 6 x Willie Mae Bostic Pam Breland Willie Brown Rotten Butler Danny Corbett Anitha DeJarnett Ralph Diaz Mary Evans Sherri Evans Bonnie Holliman Marcus James Anthony Simmons Bill Snider Lennis Earl Taylor Shirley Tollar William Walker Victor Williams During the first pep rally the Sophomores really got fired up and ready to take on the Aggies. Johnny Gibson and Vernon Bunch seem to something other than the football game. 160 PeoplelS ophomores ? AJ have their attention drawn to Class Officers President: Phyllis Breland Vice-President: Paula Gates Secretary: Darlene Campbell Treasurer: Blake Davis Reporter: Paul Clinton Stumbling Starters Freshman Kirk Johnson and senior Ken Brown hurry back to the stands after band break at a football game. - 1 2 t 3 Qi E 4.-mam J mov ,, hi'M'f W Wg, ., 59"-'Nw F -ff an Na Freshman Class Favorites: Lynda LeBlanc, Randy Fountain, and Angela McDonald. Not Pictured: Mike Breland. A 4777 ww r Freshmen Terrance Alexander Cynthia Armstrong Hope Atchison Patty Baker Chrls Ball Danlel Ballman Eddld Bardwell Jeanette Baxter Melody Belk Joy Bllllngslea Peter Bllllot Vanessa Bolden Brian Bond Cheri Bond Janette Bond Jeff Bond Kim Bond Martha Bond Robln Bond Sarah Fae Bond Tim Bond Carolyn Breland Dannette Breland Danny Breland Denlse Breland Donna Breland Jerry Breland Rhonda Breland Fred Brown Mamie Adams 162 PeopIelFreshmen Wait Till Next Year , '- ,,,. -,... ,,,,...,s 1 ::-P X ,, A J. by z Q ., kkk. A .i 3 ..:: 'f M ' 's,s Q v A ssstt 1 i-E:-:gag-iizsifri ' f asss ' 35222221122 t s A s.ra , .,, t ' 'J f , N ,A Va A E a if N I r . A P S 'NX A A :ski n ii A l .5 ' '- 123 . AXE NW 'H -sf my O ,a 5 115 nu I Qt ,f r X X "W .N 5 Eg -4-4 We , A ,. ,s.e.,..r """i' Q f Q FJ ., 5' ,'i, 2 - fp 4 r,er r X xr A if 'Y M9 g 5 to Freshmen A-one Condition sm K s 'ft N hz. xx -LL- a H m y , . .f . K :ski N 8 fr... , Q A ,vga Xxelo ,f I l .lx I 'Vx S 3 K Q C iw 1 Q , i 'A ' , L' X L X ,Q . Q. W X i.- ix ,S Q-"1.,agi5g" X .zu Aug-451, Xt t 1 Y - A - Qvfl, N- F-'f' S' 334'-' l g. s Q95 ,:'q3fq?,,,'.j f X " 15133 1 vlivdgflf if I f to ln , C al. ,C C sy nn n an :fr r 3 C . , C- s , aw A ts K A ' - X .Q N- , ,yr - C , ' -as ! Q?" V fl. g f Qffiiffil vl1A:'j"'M'l'wx. at BuQ.,,slM . . X . xg, M- X sl H. ff X . - t -""' ...... .1 s- - . - 3 I I ,wi ,Zh Q , K MVN-:Ll . 9, 1,4 lj V 1 . C ' 3 , so ..,-'12 'N f C J if . I Q fl. f is bi? any T -..J . . 'NlG..s. -Sq Q ,. Sammi Buckley Lynn Byrd Todd Byrd Randy Cofleld Joyce Calloway Wlllle Calloway Wanda Caul Preston Carpenter Pat Carter Lolita Chandler Grease Was not only the word for movles thas year lt was also the word for Brian Pelto auto mechanic Brlan's Interest In auto mechanlcs was sparked by a mechanic at a gas station Brlan and his dad work on their cars ln their spare tlme, keeplng them In A one condltlon Brlan's dad ls presently teaching him everything he knows about auto mechanlcs Brian plans to take auto mechanlcs next year and pursue a career as an auto mechanic Brian already has been learning for the past 3 years and you can bet when lt comes time for hlm to get out on his own, he won't have any trouble getting a Job with the experience he's had his father who used to be PeoplelFreshmen 163 Freshmen Sylvla Clayton Ramona Coker Russell Coulter Edwln Cooper Rhonda Loper Jay Crochet Dennls Davls Glennls Davls Myra Davls Sam Compston r Most people have to have a sheet of muslc ln order to play the plane but not Samml Buckley. One day she was "bored wlth everythIng" so she sat down at the plano and started playlng a melody of chords which led Into the composltlon of part of her song. Tlme after tlme she added addltlonal parts untll she flnally completed It Samml plans to wrlte lyrlcs and hopefully record "Evenlng Sonata" She ls presently composlng another song which she hopes also to record Samml has taken prlvate lessons for about four years and has come to enjoy classlcal muslc She plans to mlnor ln general muslc but ls not planning to make a career of wrltlng songs It's just a hobby 164 PeoplelFreshmen ': I Write The Songs as , Q 5 ie 1 r A at ' jf 1 wr VS X sl. 3. l Freshmen .s n Z" Class Of '82 X I' s l., K ,,-" .s -x " Ty K' I 9 gg- Y r ,. I X 4 U Q 3 . X 0 g i' l . X . as 1 s. x f ' '- ai. fi . I. ' 'luv ' 4 , Inlta Dedeaux Robert Dedeaux Slmon Delaune Denlse Dennls Susan Deters Michelle Dlamond Tlm Dravls Angela Evans Ben Evans Dee Dee Evans Jeff Falrley Klm Falrley Bllly Farmer Wayne Flurr Carla Fore Randy Fountain Randy Gates Wlllle Glllette Mark Hall Klm Hammons Quent Hatten Vlckle Hendrix Angle Hester Donna Hickman Sharon Hickman Alice HIII Camilla Holzer Patrlola Husley Ed Jackson Ben James N X! X A l , N X KX l A , fa , AIM' K ' , Q v 1 X, 4 . F X 2 f X ' M S." - XY R ! 4 i th: V fb N E1 0 xx X ar- .SW R 'X .1 .lx Y I Q M M ""?'t. A K" XY Q m N, .- f All a X A X M 3 U X Q X x 3 f PeoplelFreshmen 165 Freshmen Good Beginnings Allen Johnson 'I-lg ll ' - f' 4, M Antlonette Johnson JL: 4 tg - 9 Janlce Johnson ' -Q' f 'ff Julle Johnson 3 M ,K Kent Johnson Q' V... ' J , g Effg yi, 'hw V J V WL H ' 5? - X A - k X 3 qi " l A ki I f' K ' ' Klrt Johnson .4 5 -J Q97 '- 1 Johnny Kahl ,J " If " Sonja Kennedy M ' -1- Morrls Keyseear 1 V 'Q aw , Shlrlyn Kllgore lj 1 V - LV Vw' YJ . . M1143 'Q ., , e 1,, , t My 'VK W W: I ri' ,. A V sg f :V v l I . Y V .V 5 . , 4 - , ,g a . V, Q -, ' . - ' Ag, ' f .3 Palge Klng ig gs. lg fl, - 5. is Richard Kln9 -14, A ' My l V 9 4. s . ,Q Rose Marle Klng J "e. 3: , g V ' V " V, N . Ellen Kirkland ' X I E U, 'f Larry Ladner x X li? A 5 if , Jig . iwzzb-+?t' Q K TQ , g 'E' :lui . if" ' ,K if -ilffmd J - J V. X. JL X Lynda LeBlanc -3 'fY'1'3 L- "A - U a Fracnls Loper eyifnw -5' - 711-:rv E 5 Q1- Bernlce Lott f ' Donnie Lott A Y V W XR Mlnnle Lott j . , , is 'TN' X. J ' , 7 Lf Q2 -A" fm ,E Vg q,re - W1 A on +1 mm 1 .V Sie, Nancy Lott J y Ps s, A . 34 Angela McDonald ,y - ' V- 'Q Vp 3 Hazel McDonald ga., ' J? HV 5' 5 :dead McQuagge -, , Q ,' ' fl X N 'I 5 arcla Meadows 1 7X ' , 'A .1 v f. S, V g g! ! . 6353 "-1X?11..0 A Q N x Q S, jw ., ,, ., , Sufi K' ..,5"...,,p 1- V f-V Q K ,...1'..":- ' s'sg 'o A' . - Vr e. V N 4 .L:.A '-"' - '..,h. 4 1 . 7 V . -.mia-,. t D , - V+ , Vw gV V , 2 Y if N .,! t M v a? ,f . Randall Meadows 1 .- ,f ' W ' 13:75 f ,QQ-5, .S Q , Mlke Mlller -5 L. .4 5' "' Jlm Moffat Q, 1 . ' " V. ' " Tlm Moffat l J " X , . " A, Terence Monroe R x, , 'Xf 3 5 X fix .. il ,X 1 Nj in Y h fa I 1 twig X K2 ' 4 1 L 3 4 L, z 'V V J A all f 5 gage? 166 PeoplelFreshmen Freshmen .Fx E t8 .1 Y r 4? R , . , , ..- g,.. E A .ME . .4 ,... ,.., ,www a alla' .f Ql- A Family Hobby 1' Q ,l-vw I as L' 8 8 Q? 1 Lisa Moore Roger Moore Kenny Morris Nancy Myers Dena Naderhoff Buddy Naramore Clndy Natlons Sharon Nix Robin Norris Jeff 0'NeaI Randy Fountain has been maklng ceramlcs slnce he was nine years old He learned from hls mother who owns her own ceramlc shop ln Blg Level Randy says that ceramics has become a family hobby because making them ls so relaxing It takes Randy about five days to complete an ltem uslng the stalnlng method which he prefers to the undercoat method which Is faster The flrst step ln maklng an ltem ls to pour the mold Then the mold must set for a full day After that the flgure ls cleaned and flred Now lt ls ready for stalnlng Randy palnts flrst the areas he wants llght, then sprays the flgure wlth a protectlve coatlng before applying the darker stains. Randy entered his ceramics In the County Falr and won 2 blue ribbons and one red ribbon. . V f ' ffl! L I t s P an st s W V' ' - rf ----s, 5 Q 'lj ,Q ,A V I' . I-5 .' , I ri x flglqlv ANZ 3 5 F f W -.1 F ' W' Q- 33,3 Ks .. al .. . s ' gr ' g - 2 'N Emi.. " ' y rr 1 ' gat Q' Z1 . f . If al K A ' , fffw V .W -",f 4f'f I ' 4' Peopl elFresh men 167 Freshmen Two phllatellsts are alive and well here at Stone High What's a phllatellst'7 Why, a stamp collector of course And two of our freshmen are actlve phllatellsts They are Brian Smlth and Grace Walker Brlan got started on hls collection through the encoragement from a cousin who gave hlm a most of hls stamps from bookstores and hobby shops He collects stamps malnly from European countrles such as East Germany and Poland Brlan has amassed a collection of about 3500 stamps Some of them are valuable, but Brian ls not sure of their exact worth Grace was Introduced to stamp collecting by a friend Collectlng most of her stamps from old letters Grace has about 55 different stamps Most of her stamps are from South American countrles Len O'Neal Mary 0'Neal Brltt Parker Lisa Parker Stacey Parker Tommy Parker Tamlyn Patton Bryan Pelto Gennle Pough Tracy Ramey stamp album. Brlan buys 168 PeopIelFreshmen Freshmen 'Civics' - Yuk! l ,hi xg m bg . N., , ,Yu Q , ,.,,,, Satellite: ' Q 5 s A XLCZ i ' W' F il - Q. ' Q ' 1 sw ' ..." Thomas Rayborn 3: . Q, Sci , J "7 Sambo Redmond S s N N, S M r vt Wendy Renot Y 'if gl. fm. F ' S ' ' " W' ' Jeff Rhodes ,f Q, 2 A 5 , ww., Ken Roberts ,.s 4 E u 1 sw Y u-f E1 5. an S W F h , . ' I D - - - "' ,Q ' ,555 4, ,I Eugene Rogers N s , , Dennls Rozler 3 . K X 'V "' fp ' A SX Fellcla Rutledge m g fm : Cynthla Sanders yd ,5 Leona Seals AEE! 5' l-S-el e R t ' ,gss W, t If -Q , "y ,rs Q " ' l . " ?? i I it W Kenneth Seaton f. .1 ag. . vi, -M S ' 5 47'-1 Karl sekul '. is, . J K ,- Paul Shannon A f - X' g ff' I' ' Jlmbo Shrewsbury -M f ' IS Q r I, 'J s I , Tammy Shrewsbury 1 X '1-f ' K 7 f l : 3 in X A Yr ' I ,ix A Q' at -S .,., noner 1 'PQZ Q , .kin g .. ' V., V' vii, , . 2, M , few' f N ,Lx 1 ' R .-.A S ,v Q, W .. R Shirley Simpson ' 'C -Ti. In Bradley Smlth ' Q 5 4 g N , Brlan Smlth g V Y 'Q - R' ,r A W at Ronnie Smlth s G x X 'Ni -, 'S Wayne Smlth Q. t . . S R .Se e-""' e .gf at or Q .8 3 ' 1 ' r , . f 21 5 X 'gn l 9 ctr' V Z , '. ' W .I-!'-.1. '5"' A V, I ', 5 Liv Xl -K F V f 'Q X Diane Splcer 'iw N r l 3 u Rachel Stewart ' Q 'L Jack Strickland I 1 ,Q 5 k A 1 X 1 Phlllsa smbbs ly P, 1 I Laurle Taft 1 if A I I . 1 Y 1, 4 f J "Q , ,J " l. f- W W We S f ' S ' S A 'R ' .. Q ily? Joyce Tollar . rg . ' L, Marcus Turmon ' R It 'Ll Clay Walden if N no W get . '-- Y x fx Davld Walker N NX g f, W - P, 'V l X Grace Walker S -'-rt X - X Q K :Q N X-T 1 S 7' , 'QV ,Y 'T 1 -L1QJZli il 'ff ' ' P f PeopIelFreshmen 169 Sherri Walker Carolyn Walters Tawnya Weber Christine Wells Gerald White Tammy Whittington Taml Wiggins Tom Williamson Pamela Wilson Jackle Woodward NOT PICTURED Grlff Adams Aleatha Allen George Alllston Eddle Arrlngton Joseph Arrlngton Lawrence Arrlngton Robert Avery Larry Bodle Herbert Boggs Joe Bolden Wllllam Boring Thelma Bradford Michael Breland J.C. Brown Freshmen One Down Three To Go A 6, ,ja ff , bill E wr, Q.. ,A l, . , , l A S I 3 jr 4 .. at i ' ' ' - F' . l 'l X A ...J A - :lf 2 'S s s a at . V V X A 2- Q g A I i xt Sy fx i ' L 1 X U' J qw , in If ,D 1 T - g sa f - 1 Barbara Buckhalter Clay Carllsle Nancy Cochron Rlcky Cuevas Jeff Evans Llnda Evan Charles Falrley Mlke Farmer Evelyn Flurry Rlcky Gllner Arrlca Green David Green Harry Harris Mark Hays Jerry Herrlen Russell Hickman Cynthia Hill Leodls Howze Brenda Hughes Vincent Hughes Tlmothy Ishee Aaron Johnson Sylvla Johnson Glenda Jones Derrell Kennedy Roy Kilgore Richard King Carolyn Land Kimberly Loper Melanle Lovett Robert McCray David McDonald The Freshmen prove to the other classes that they have spirlt. Nil SMUMIXJE 7Tnx,, ietggamaagnrlg.. Donald McDonald Renee Meadows Jane 0'Neal Tlmothy 0'Neal Ronald Ramey Gloria Rayburn Lewls Rhodes David Seals Randy Seals Ruth Slnglltary Gregory Smlth Ronnie Stephens Edward Warden Class Officers Presldent: Patty Baker Vlce Presldent: Joy Bllllngslea Secretary: Dee Dee Evans Treasurer: Preston Carpenter Reporter: Tlm Dravls Supporting Sponsors 3 CD MP SQ ENTER STONE COUNTY 1420 WIGG Communlty Broadcasting Co Inc Wiggins Ms 39577 Real Estate 146 West Pine Wiggins Ms 39577 Bllly Stamps Office 928 5411 Home 928 4834 Compliments The Stone High BETA CLUB DAVID WHITE Like a good neighbor State Farm IS there State Farm Insurance Co Home Offices Bloomington Illinois Compliments of CONNER CAIN Compliments The Stone Hugh Football Cheerleaders Rlta Capt Tammy Rosetta Co Capt Mary Wendy Tara Mlssy Tami Stephanie K m Susan Lott Sponsor OFFICE SUPPLY 320 Third St Wiggins, MS 39577 of of I P.G. P.G. P.G. 5famPS SOUTHERN P.G. P.G. P-G Burger Hut "Good food and fast servlce" Department McHenry, Ms T,W,L, store Dan O'Neal Ownef H-I-he Best Your family clothing For Less.. and shoe store. We fleet. ,fx S" M.M. M.S. C.K.S DICK ROBINSON M. SaIIoum's Toggery Store for men 14th Street and 25th Avenue Gulfport Ms AND SON WK COSMETICS A Complete Skln care program Llz RoLand 928-5339 PLUMBING R.E.J Karen's Beauty Shop The place for a Hair Affalr Super Cuts For Guys and Gals 116 4th St Wlgglns Ms Phone - 928-4501 73V1iQ''1h:,al?A:oiE9a5?7 STORE 222-2222 Book sHoPPE Perkinston, Ms Parsogeilzgfping 2 PARTS Ggacezges, 124 sgcopd st. S.:-Z. P53151 Hwy. 26 East Wwgms' Ms Small Hardware Poplarville, Ms 39470 BIBLES o BOOKS o CARDS 795-6116 C.K.S. C K S H.D. McDANIEL'S In 2 GENERAL Compimen S MERCHANDISE CHARLES G. EVANS LOGGING CO. Phone 928-7452 Compllments MCI-lenry, Ms 39561 angwiirgtg h7li:?Dr.:ri?eIs cHEvRoLET 2 2 COMPANY INC. 1,5 A Complitments xr WIGGINS FEED . X-3.25.3 MILL Magnolia Drive i" Wiggins l l ... O 0 M.S. M.M. R.A. Specializing in off-road Front end alignment for accessories: all 4 wheel drives Cibie Ii9I'IiS Tommy Krass warn wenches KX and more... OWI'I9I'S final?-CENTER Roll Bars 195 Paradise Ave. Grill guards Brush guards GUIfP0Yf, MS Fender flares Tires Wheels Rough country Suspension Kits SIW L D WALKER AND SON WELDING AND REPAIR SERVICE Phone 928 4831 Rt 2 Box B 39577 Compliments of BURTON EQUIPMENT GARDEN GIFTS 123 Pine Street Brenda Tice - owner Phone 928-3778 Alexander' Garage General Auto Repair 105 N Parker Street Wiggins Ms Phone - 928-4250 . . S 218 Wiggins Ms ig! lx ,I PG C.K.S. R.A. DONNIE S HOMEPLATE open 24 hrs - 7 Days Hwy 26 West 928-9611 Formerly the Dizzy Dean Museum l C 81 A DISCOUNT CENTER Records Tapes Stereos T-Shirts and Clothes DORSETT FLORIST 124 West Pine Wiggins, Ms Phor.. aa HD 928-45 '-.1 A..-..,....a e s 1gx.xcR4,h 6 'P 09 9' 1. 5' G " -4 4 0 176 v w I, , ,.o' C.K.S. STONE COUNTY INSURANCE "For All Your Insurance Needs" Phone: 928-4691 Congratulations to the Seniors of 1979 J.F. Miller Timber Co., Inc "Timber Dealers" Buyers of pulpwood and other Forrest Products Phone - 928-7288 Wiggins, Ms 39577 P.G PURVIS ENTERPRISES INC. Radlb .fha Ii DEALER THE NATIONAL SUPERMARKET OF SOUND 159 lst St. Wiggins, MS. 928-4821 WIGGINS SAW COMPANY SALES AND SERVICE CHAIN SAW AND SMALL ENGINE REPAIR SHOP All Snapper mowers meet A.N S I safety specifications. I FUGUA 1591st SI. Wiggins Ms 928-7525 KWIK STOP I DAVIS BROS TIMBER CO Thad Davis Jr Charles Davis Wiggins, Ms. BATES ELECTRIC owned and operated by Jack and Ricky Bates 5 Qi ogxl OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK C.K.S. L .. WM., -1-f .Nh Ross-King-Walker Inc. Fire, Automobile, Accident, Health, Life, Commercial and Boat Insurance Bonds 928-5208 M.C l 4 W 'fm 5 5. Compliments of Pinewood Grocery Hwy. 495 928-4051 Ken 84 Jackie Lott- owners I . , r +1 ' NIMH is 51 C.K.S. OTASCO ASSOCIATE STORE 436 Magnolia Drive Wiggins, Ms. 928-5202 BURCHFIELDS First Street Wiggins, Ms C.K.S. .4,' 'W FIRST NATIONAL BANK WIGGIN S, MIS SIS SIPPI 39577 ..v, it J 4 -a , 4, .L 4 X-, , , ,.I , .tk , 1,".'-' A rf , X , , 4 , ,. . 1 f .f. 1 . I , .- Ji ,.., ... MA I "" g M1 H.. A 4 wwf Lb MEMBER YOUR FRIENDLY FDIC HOME OWNED BANK C.K.S STONE COUNTY ENTERPRISE OFFICIAL ORGAN OF STONE COUNTY MEMBER MISSISSIPPI PRESS ASSOCIATION NATIONAL NEWSPAPER ASSOCIATION Published Every Thursday STONE COUNTY ENTERPRISE, INC. EDITOR 84 PUBLISHER BEVERLY YINGLING ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Vicki Y. Rabby P.O. Box 157 FRONTIER THEATRE C.K.S. EDWINA TAYLOR BEAUTY SALON CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS That means us! lFrom Sarah? C.K THE FRAME SHOPPE Custom Framing LET US FRAME THAT FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPH OR ART PRINT FOR YOU FREE ESTIMATES ,..... --- new Compliments of JIFFY MART 539 S. Magnolia Drlve W' i , M NNSWORTHS BOND cnocsnv 'gg ns S JEWELRY H' h 49 N th and Gift Shop Ig way or Owned and Operated Stone High Class Rings by Gilbert 84 Sue Fairley 'F ifrssrw- Q P.G. P.G. P.G EMPIRE FINANCE 120 S. 2nd Street I I Compmments Wiggins, Ms. Wlgglns O Cllnlc FANTASY . FABRICS Your Professional We make all types Friends of 'Cans 154 Pine sf. Wiggins, Ms Carolyn Bond - Mgr. P.G. P.G. P.G. Edgar Bates - Jimmy Gammage All forms of Insurance 173 lst Street Wiggins Phone I601l 928-4997 Compliments of A Friend YOUR depelldfllf lnsuranc AGENT SERV SY U FIRST if P.G. P.G. DEES BUILDING SUPPLY CO., INC. Everything For the Builder Bill Alexander Phone 928-4682 C.K.S. Compliments of YEAGERS and down D I e a WIGGINS COOPERATIVE Forrest County Branch Wiggins, Ms 928-4442 P.G COUNTS HI-WAY 26 CAFE CATFISH 6 NIGHTS A WEEK , , l, X 5 WiIson's Pharmacy Rexall Prescription Specialists phone 928-4446 PG CKS CONGRATULATICNS On Completing Another Milestone In Your Education And Continued Success In The Future International Paper Company Wzlgginx Wood Products Plant Q DD Roger Odem and the staff of Dunnaways Crlspy Chlcken wlsh the Graduating Class of 1979 a prosperous and rewarding life. Compliments Of MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS Connie Smith HART S APPLIANCE SERVICE Frigidaire and Admiral Appliances Services on all Appliances heating 8g Air Conditioning 126 N Parker Street 928-4252 A D 81 Lois Hart LOTT'S GROCERY Cold Beverages Students Welcome Highway 49 Saucier Frosty Mug " ackmg the Cats" a and Bettie Roberts Owners 1 8- M.s. B . PI - Cactus Succulents Foliage Compliments of 0Leo Acres Nursery Pearl River Valley Electric Power Arvld 8. Juanita Association - serving over 17,000 Coole Rt 2 Box 207B member - owners in S.E. Ms Phone - 601-928-5318 Perkinston, Ms 39573 M.C. R.E.J BANK or WIGGINS ff f-A-V , ,K M- LXNK I. KX H ,L Mp, .'4 '.n'.lff..' 1 01 Our employees are always willing to help you with the following services which we have to offer Loans Checking Accounts Saving Accounts Traveler Checks Safe Deposit Box Bonus Checking Money Orders Direct Deposit Drive-up windows Member - Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation PIGGLY WIGGLY if 28 REJ The Ranch Building Supply Co Inc 9 S th Wgg M 39577 928 5277 H Duck Mulford Real Estate Broker 24 h 99 928 4396 HALL S FIRESTONE P HERSHEL S GULF SERVICE y26W t WAG BAG LARRY TAYLOR FORD INC E Hy 95 l I , I, I Hwy. 4 ou i ins, s Satisfaction is a Phone: - Silent Salesman P.G. I ' Compliments of Hw es our Answering Service 'A' Wi ins, Ms P.G. . 7 Congratulations Seniors of Il79Il 401 ine Street w .4 . . M, , , yr, I w, I s liilll Q 'fn lf Ordering class rings is a highlight of the year for the junior class. Taking a little time out from his coaching duties, Coach Georgian is caught clowning around. Scene Four Mr. Chamber's economics class, December 8, 1978. Students are staring at Mr. Chambers in disbelief. Senior Boy: That's not fair! You're just kidding, aren't you? Mr. Chambers: I'm not kidding. Senior Girl: But, you can't! Mr. Chambers: Oh, I can. Senior Boy: But we start exams Tuesday. You can't give a test Monday! Mr. Chambers: Be here and see. Senior Girl: But how will we know if we're exempt? Mr. Chambers: I'Il tell you at the end of the period, Monday. lEverybody mumbles and grumbles in protest.J Now, your test will cover Scene Five Mrs. Yeager's English III class, February 12, 1979. Students are sitting quietly in their desks, waiting for the tardy bell to ring. The bell rings. Everyone immediately starts talking. Mrs. Yeager ltapping pencil on podiumlz Students! Students! lEverybody stops talking and looks at Mrs. Yeager.J Today we are going to discuss your term papers. lGrumbling protests break out.D Students! Students! lThe grumbling dies away.J I have put some information about your term Sidelined with a chest injury, Simon Wilson saw no action in the George County game. 1 papers on the board. You need to copy it. Now, you may write your paper on a topic of your choice, but it must be approved by me. The paper must Junior Boy: What if we don't write one? Mrs. Yeager: You'll write one. Junior Girl: We can write about anything '7 we want to. Mrs. Yeager: Within reason, of course. Junior Boy: I'm not going to write one. Mrs. Yeager: Yes, you are. Boy's Voice From Back of Room: I've already finished mine. Mrs. Yeager: That won't work. So don't try lt. Now, your papers will be due Scene Six The Science Lab: 7:30 P.M. February 14, 1979. The room is noisy as students clamor for Mrs. Cain's and Mrs. Webb's attention. Junior Boy: Senior Girl Senior Boy Senior Glrl Senior Boy: Where's the microscope? Where're the test tubes? I need a bunsen burner. Where are the test tubes? I can't get this thing lit. Mrs. Cain: Don't hold your head over the bunsen burner when you're lighting it! lWlth a loud WHOOSH, flames shoot up from the bunsen burner.7 Senior Boy: I singed my hair! Islnged my u hair. Mrs. Cain: I told you not to hold your head over the bunsen burner. .lf A daily event for Bryan Lott and Arthur Woodward is working work sheets in math. Junior Boy: Hey, Mrs. Webb, how does this look? Mrs. Webb: Super! Fantastic! Sophomore Girl: What about mine? Mrs. Webb: Super! Fantastic! IA crash is heard. Then two boys come running out of the chemical room.l Sophomore Boy: Hey, Mrs. Webb, they just spilled a liter of hydrochloric acid! Mrs. Webb: Super! Fantastic! Senior Girl: Mrs. Cain, Mrs. Cain, my flies are dead! Mrs. Cain: On, no! You're kidding! iThinking for a moment! Hey, maybe you can find some more at the dump. Senior Girl: It's too cold. Mrs. Cain: Well, try the cafeteria. Un the back of the room, two seniors are working at the same table, painting the backgrounds for their projects.D Senior Girl: I can't believe the Science Fair is tomorrow. It seems like just a few weeks ago we were decorating the Homecoming Float. Senior Boy: Yeah, I know what ya mean. I thought school would really drag this year, but it's flying by. Football season was over before we knew it. Senior Girl: Yeah, and basketball, too. Senior Boy: Then suddenly it was Christmas, and now I only have this semester left to pull up my grades. Senior Girl: Hey, we better get busy. We have to have these ready by tomorrow morning! I real :git Homecoming Queen Rosa Lott is one of the key workers in putting the Homecoming float together. mlfhpplng through the spirit sign, the Tomcats rush onto the ie d. ze fi' ' i ' ' Scene Seven Mrs. Jone's Typing I class, April 5, 1979. The only sound in the room is the clicking of typewriters. Mrs. Jones: Stop! lThe room is suddenly silent as everyone stops typing.! Count mistakes and figure your words per minute. Sophomore Boy: Good Gosh! I'll never get 40 words per minute. Girl: How many did you get? Boy: I'm not gonna tell ya. Girl: Aw, come on, tell me. Boy: lalmost inaudiblyl: 10. Girl: What? Boy lloudlyl: 10! Girl: 10! You're kidding! Boy: Oh, shut up. Ready for your second timing Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore N Sophomore Mrs. Jones: test? Everybody ready? Go! lThe room once again is filled with the sound of clicking typewriters.! Stop! Count your errors and figure your words per minute. Sophomore Boy lwadding up paper and throwing it across roombz Aw! Crud! I only got 9 this time! You stupid typewriter! lIn total frustration, he begins to beat on the typewriter with both fists.J Mrs. Jones: Stop that! lwrites out a pink slip! Here take this to the office. BULLDOI 'll In general science these girls learn the parts of an earthworm and how to make clay models resembling the worm. 'ali' MH' Students in the Devotions Committee play put on a a show for the student body. Typing is a versatile subject. Students not only learn the keyboard, but also learn how to type and correctly punctuate all sorts of business forms, legal forms, and term papers. i 2 M- we W,-W-Mqy vm... ..,. S Q df Kevin Vanderbilt excels in sewing as well as basketball. Scene Eight The breezewayj May 4, 19795 Activity Period. Students are standing in groups, laughing and talking together. Senior Boy: Just one more week and we'Il be out of here forever! And if I never see this place again it will be too soon. Junior Boy: Man, I wish I was a senior. This place is like a prison. Senior Boy: Yeah, I thought this year would never end. Senior Girl: Well, I don't know. Senior Boy: What do you mean? Senior Girl: Well, the year didn't drag for me. I mean, I'll be glad to get out, too. But this is my senior year and it's almost over. It kinda makes me sad. Junior Girl: Sad! You gotta be kidding. Senior Girl: No, I'm not kidding. It is kind of sad. I mean, it's our last year together as a class. After graduation, we might not even see each other again. And we've been through a lot together. Senior Boy: I think I see what you mean, but I'm still ready to get out of here. Senior Girl: Well, Iam too. But somehow I feel like this year went by too fast. M" 4 "WW hw 'JH' V 'F WWFHFH1 During homeroom, students like to crowd around the teacher's desk. Here Mrs. Simpson is almost obscured from view. ff ev Aw, ffni NK J Ev 14. 4' p Q, n, ,uf Wig Vw X ,. 'ar X 6, 43 ff? , . M74 34 5 Q , f' Z Y, ! mf' ,W s53 :X if . 1 mn. 'I . .1 I I ' v A Q Stars In Alphabetical Order Adams, Griff: 170. Adams, Mamie: 162. Ainsworth, Jan: 36, 49, 76, 84, 90, Randall: 37, 74, 83. 110, 141, 142, 150. Alexander, Dolph: 40, 142. Alexander, Jeff: 128. Alexander, Jerry: 120. Alexander, Kim: 128. Alexander, Lisa: 12, 21, 107, 142. Alexander, Ronald: 152. Alexander, Terrence: 162. Allen, Aleathea: 170. Allen, Douglas: 68. Allen, Mary: 128. Alliston, George: 170. Amacker, Russell: 74. Anderson, Alice: 54, 57, 58, 85, 107, 128. Anderson, Jimmy: 142. Anderson, Bond, Bond, Bond Debbie: 60, 62, 86, 152. Debra Lynn: 85, 89, 152. Donna Sue: 142. Bond, Edith: 73, 84. Bond, Henry: 54, 57. Bond, Janette: 162. Bond, Jeff A.: 162. Bond, Kevin: 74, 152. Bond, Kim: 162. Bond, Lynn: 68, 152. Bond, Martha Ellen: 162. Bond, Michelle: 85, 86, 89, 152. Bond, Myrna: 62, 142. Bond, Nelly: 16, 152. Bond, Robin: 74, 152. Bond, Robin: 162. Bond, Sarah: 162. Bond, Sidney: 68. Bond, Timmy: 54, 60, 162. Bond, Vivian: 128. Angle, Jocko: 68, 145. Annual Staff: 82, 83, 200. Armstrong, Cynthia: 162. Armstrong, Norris: 6, 142. Arrington, Joseph: 170. Arrington, Lawrence: 170. Arrington, Shirley: 62, 152. Atchinson, Pamela: 162. Avery, Robert: 170. Bailey, Eloise: 91, 128. Baker, David: 152. Baker, Patty: 35, 54, 56, 60, 162, 170. Ball, Chris: 162. Boring, William: 170. Bradford, Thelma: 170. Ballard, Danny: 90, 142. Ballman, Ballman, Danny: 74, 162. James: 128. Bankston, David: '68, 142. Bardwell, Eddie: 162. Baucum, Mrs. Jean: 86, 122. Baucum, Lance: 94, 101, 152, 157. Baucum, Leslie: 11, 24, 74, 94, 107, 142. Baucum, Mr. Lester: 10, 39, 120. Baucum, Paige: 9, 37, 54, 57, 60, 72, 80, 83, 89, 107, 116, 117, 126. Baxter, Jeff: 142. Baxter, Jewel: 162. Baxter, Mark: 94, 107, 152. Belk, Melody: 162. Berry, Darrell: 152. Breland, Belinda: 62, 63, 126, 128. Breland, Billy: 94, 142. Breland, Carl: 71, 128. Breland, Carolyn: 54, 162. Breland, Danette: 162. Breland, Danny: 162. Breland, David: 129. Breland, Denise: 62, 162. Breland, DeSha: 49, 54, 55, 56, 58, 60, 61, 80, 84, 89, 127. Breland, Donna: 62, 162. Breland, Jelta: 152. Breland, Jerry: 162. Breland, John: 62, 87, 90, 142, 144. Breland, Karen: 54, 57, 58, 60, 89, 129. Breland, Michael: 170. Breland, Mike: 47, 49, 94, 99, 107, 125, 129. Breland, Mike: 142. Breland, Monte: 74, 142. Breland, Pam: 152. Breland, Phyllis: 5, 35, 54, 56, 58, 80, 87, 107, 152. Breland, Rhonda: 162. Breland, Sharon: 19, 57, 74, 142. Breland, Mrs. Virginia: 20, 122. Broadus, Scott: 152. Brooks, Barry: 94, 97, 106, 152. J.C.:17O. Berry, Gail: 142. Beta Club: 80, 81. Billingslea, Joy: 80, 162, 170. Billiot, Peter: 162. Blackwell, Cassandra: 62, 65, 84, Brooks, Kimble: 74, 130. Brown, Erica: 21, 85, 142. Brown, Frederick: 54, 60, 162. Brown, Mr. J.B.: 122. Brown, 142 . Bodie, Larry: 170. Boggs, Herbert: 170. Bolden, Cynthia: 54, 57, 58, 59, 85, 107, 128. Bolden, Joe: 170. Bolden, Vanessa: 162. Bolling, Cathy: 85, 86, 152. Bond, Brian: 68, 162. Bond, Cheryl: 62, 86, 162. Brown, Ken: 54, 142, 161. Buckhalter, Barbara: 170. Buckley, Kerry: 130. Buckley, Missy: 48, 103, 107, 143, 147. Buckley, Sammie: 80, 163, 164. Buckley, Steve: 10, 94, 153. Buckley, Todd: 153. Bunch, Vernon: 153, 160. Butler, Margaret: 130. Butler, Mike: 68. Byrd, Clark: 143. Byrd, Lynn: 163. Byrd, Nathan: 143. Cain, Mrs. Mike: 122. Calloway, Joyce: 163. Calloway, Willie Earl: 163. Campbell, Darlene: 35, 60, 107, 153. Campbell, Jerry: 94, 153. Campbell, John: 31, 130. Cannon, Suzette: 86, 153. Carlisle, Clay: 170. Carpenter, Beau: 11, 36, 68, 143. Carpenter, Preston: 54, 163, 170. Carter, Pat: 13, 80, 163. Carter, Mrs. Pearlie: 124. Caul, Wanda: 163. Chambers, Mr. Jesse: 122, 126. Chandler, Lolita: 163. Clayton, Aaron: 74, 153. Clayton, Sylvia: 54, 60, 164. Clement, Keri: 60, 62, 64, 65, 80, 90, 153. Clinton, Paul: 35, 54, 80, 160. Cobb, Bobby: 94, 154. Cobb, Greg: 143. Cobb, Todd: 113. Cobb, Troy: 18, 34, 94, 99, 107, 130. Cochran, Karen: 15, 130. Cochran, Nancy: 170. Cockrum, Trina: 154. Cody, Debi: 154. Cofield, Randall: 163. Coker, Debbie: 9, 48, 107, 108, 110, 127, 130. Coker, Malcolm: 154. Coker, Ramona: 164. Compston, Sam: 164. Coole, Brian: 15, 72, 84, 94, 99, 100, 107, 126, 130. Coole, Bruce: 54, 154. Coole, Monisa: 37, 83, 88, 89, 90, 143. Co-op: 70, 71. Cooper, Edwin: 164. Cooper, Hollis: 71, 74, 131. Cooper, Keith Neal: 68, 154. Cooper, Renee: 130. Cooper, Susan: 110, 111, 131. Copeland, Joe: 143. Corbett, Danny: 94. Coulter, Russell: 164. Cowart, Edwin: 16, 18, 94, 95, 107, 131. Cowart, Jamie: 154. Cox, Holly: 31, 84, 87, 107, 154. Crochet, Betsy: 143. Crochet, Jay: 80, 164. Crochet, Pam: 80, 154. Cuevas, Ricky: 170. Dale, Tammy: 91, 144. Dalrymple, Deloris: 21, 62, 64, 65, 144. Danzey, Howard: 74, 94, 107, 144 Davis, Ms. Betty: Davis, Ms. Betty: 122. Davis, Blake: 17, 76, 80, 90, 94, 154, 160. Davis, Dennis: 164. Davis, Don: 80, 82, 83, 106, 107, 144, 150, 189. Davis, Donna: 155. Davis, Donna Kay: 144. Davis, Glennis: 164. Davis, Johnette: 54, 60, 80, 155. Davis, Mary: 124. Davis, Myra: 76, 80, 164. Davis, Mr. Ras: 120. Davis, Rita: 26, 72, 85, 107, 127, 131, 135, 136. Davis, Todd: 107, 131. Davis, Dr. Walter: 120. Dearman, Ruth: 124. Dedeaux, Donna: 74, 155. Dedeaux, Inita: 114, 165. Dedeaux, Robert: 165. Dedeaux, Russell: 155. DeJarnett, Anitha: 35, 107, 110. DeJarnett, Harriett: 36, 40, 47, 54, 56, 57, 60, 61, 82, 83, 85, 86, 87, 89, 126, 131. Delaune, Simon: 165. Denning, Billy: 68, 155. Dennis, Denise: 165. Deters, Susan: 165. Devotions Committee: 88, 89. Diamond, Michelle: 165. Dorsett, Paul: 47, 94, 96, 99, 131. Draughn, Joe: 24, 80, 83, 90, 126, 131. Dravis, Marty: 36, 47, 90, 107, 131. Dravis, Tim: 80, 114, 165, 170. Duckworth, Kathy: 36, 83, 144. Eley, Ken: 68, 74. Eley, Lynn: 155. English, Michelle: 76, 84, 91, 144. Evans, Angela: 107, 114, 165. Evans, Ben: 165. Evans, Chuck: 94, 144. Evans, Dee Dee: 76, 165, 170. Evans, Jeff: 114, 170. Evans, Linda: 27, 170. Evans, Mary: 87, 90. Evans, Melernea: 155. Evans, Patricia: 155. Evans, Sandra: 62, 145. Fairley, Cookie: 36, 107, 108, 110, 111, 115, 141, 145. Fairley, Corlis: 68. Fairley, Dora: 131. Fairley, Dorothy: 71, 131. Fairley, Jeff: 165. Fairley, Joe: 71, 127, 131. Fairley, Kevin: 155. Fairley, Kim: 46, 165. Fairley, Mike: 113, 155. Fairley, Pam: 40, 54, 57, 58, 132. Fairley, Sherri: 62. Farmer, Billy: 165. Farmer, Mike: 170. Farmer, Tony: 145. Farris, Mr. Cooper: 7, 17, 94, 95, 96, 97, 100, 101, 122. FBLA: 84. FFA: 74, 75. FHA: 86. Firth, Belinda: 145. Firth, Carol: 132. Flurry, Evelyn: 170. Flurry, Wayne: 165. Fountain, Danny: 49, 51, 132. Fountain, Demetrious: 155. Fountain, Randy: 161, 165, 167. Fore, Carla: 165. Fore, Sheila: 50, 71, 84, 87, 127, 132. Foxworth, Mr. J.S.: 74, 75, 122. Freche, Debra: 41, 54, 80, 89, 90, 155. French Club: 78, 79. Galloway, Charles: 94, 99, 106. Galloway, Jerome: 94, 155. Gates, Paula: 76, 80, 83, 85, 155, 160. Gates, Randy: 165. Georgian, Mr. Pete: 110, 111, 114, 115, 122, 188. Gibson, Johnny: 94, 119, 155, 160. Gill, Jeff: 71, 74, 145. Gillette, Willie: 80, 165. Gilliam, Aaron: 13, 145. Gilner, Ricky: 170. Goins, Gwen: 132. Grace, 145. . Grady, Steve: 35, 71, 107, 132. Graham, Walter: 145. Graves, Donna: 62, 107, 116, 145. Green, Arrica: 170. Green, David: 170. Griffin, Errol: 145. Guyton, Luther: 68. Hall, Mark: 54, 165. Hall, Tracy: 46, 94, 98, 151, 155. Hammons, Kim: 165. Hancock, Bryan: 71, 74, 132. Harriel, Julie: 71, 127, 132. Harris, Daniel: 94, 95, 99, 107, 141, 145, 193. Harris, Harvey Lee: 107, 170. Harry, Joy: 155. Hart, Dylan: 145. Hart, Mitchell: 107, 109, 112, 145. Hatten, Donna: 145. Hatten, Melissa: 132. Hatten, Quent: 165. Hatten, Todd: 74, 155. Hays, Mark: 170. Henderson, Sylvia: 62, 145. Hendrix, Norman: 155. Paige King Hill, Cindy: 41, 62, 63, 64, 65, 76, 80, 85, 89, 90, 126, 132, 136. Hill, Cynthia: 170. Hill, Renee: 62, 86, 145. Hinton, Mitchell: 145. Holliman, Bonnie: 156. Hollingsworth, Mrs. Betty: 30, 82, 83, 122. Holzer, Cam: 165. Hosey, Teresa: 62, 80, 91, 146, 149. Howell, Becky: 146. Howze, Leodis: 170. Hughes, Brenda: 170. Hughes, Phillip: 156. Hughes, Vincent: 170. Hull, Sheila: 80, 156. Hunt, Ben: 70, 71, 133. Hunt, Nelson: 74, 156. Husband, Faye: 18, 54, 60, 146. Husley, Patricia: 165. Ishee, Timothy: 170. Jackson, Cynthia: 146. Jackson, Ed: 0, 165. Jackson, Mrs. LaDrena: 122. Jackson, Robert: 156. Jackson, Rosemary: 107, 133. James, Ben: 114, 165. James, Marilyn: 107, 110, 156. James, Robert Earl: 36, 133, 171. Jarvis, Russell: 37, 51, 71, 94, 107, 133. Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, 83, 85, 1 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Aaron: 170. Allen: 166. Anti onette: 166. Carmen: 37, 54, 57, 60, 25, 133. Deborah: 156. Derrick: 133. Janice: 166. Julie: 166. Kelly: 156. Kenneth: 22, 133. Johnson, Kent: 114, 166. Johnson, Kimberly: 156. Johnson, Kirk: 54, 60, 161, 166. Johnson, Lisa: 62, 107, 116, 117, 156. Johnson, Steve: 36, 49, 7, 109, 133. Johnson, Sylvia: 170. Johnson, Thomas: 54, 146. Johnson, Zela: 107, 108, 110. Jones, Glenda: 170. Jones, Mrs. Jerelene: 62, 63, 122. Jones, Mrs. Myrtle: 84, 87, 122. Hendrix, Vickie: 165. Hennis, Edith: 156. Herrien, Jerry: 170. Hester, Angie: 165. Hester, Kim: 103, 107, 145. Hickman Hickman Donna: 165. Elaine: 70, 126, 132. Hickman, Russell: 170. Hickman, Sarah: 132. Hickman, Sharon: 165. Hickman, Wauline: 85, 86, 141, 145. Hill, Alice:165. Jones, Nathan: 94, 7, 147. Jones, Mr. Needham, 22, 121. Joyner, Juanese: 37, 62, 63, 83, 86, 133. Kahl, John: 166. Kennedy, Darrell: 170. Kennedy, Sonjia: 166. Keyseear, Morris: 166. Kilgore, Roy: 170. Kilgore, Shirley: 166. King, Kevin: 156. King, Paige: 166. Richard King King, Rlchard: 54, 166, 170. King, Rita: 54, 56, 68, 60, 150. King, Rose: 166. Kirker, Mr. John: 95, 97, 122. Kirkland, Ellen: 166. Knight, Mr. Samuel: 122. Kinght, Seneca: 156. Ladner, Jeff: 94, 146. Ladner, Larry: 74, 166. Ladner, Lorinda: 12, 86, 87, 146. Land, Carolyn: 170. Langley, Sandy: 84, 85, 91, 146. Latin Club: 78, 79. LeBlanc, Angela: 37, 54, 56, 58, 59, 60, 80, 83, 89, 107, 146, 161. LeBlanc, Lynda: 35, 54, 60, 166. Lee, Debbie: 133. Library Club: 91. Littlefield, Mrs. Dorothy: 124. Lomax, Donald: 51, 133. Loper, Frances: 166. Loper, Kimberly: 170. Loper, Liz: 71, 146. Loper, Raymond: 74, 94, 99, 133. Loper, Rhonda: 164. Lott, Bernice: 62, 166. Lott, Bryan: 146, 190. Lott, Cathy: 71, 134. Meadows, Renee: 170. Meadows, Ronny 99, 107, 134. Miller, Jerry: 94, 107, 156. Miller, Lew: 156. Miller, Mike: 6, 166. Mills, Mark: 90, 134. Mitchell, Alan: 146. Moffatt, Jim: 166. Monroe, Alex: 68, 157. Monroe, Darryl: 147. Monroe, Paul: 157. Monroe, Terence: 166. : 14, 51, 74, 94, Moon, Bill: 147. Moore, Ina: 84, 107, 126, 134. Moore, Lisa: 167. Moore, Roger Earl: 54, 167. Moore, Teddy: 74, 157. Morris, Kenny: 94, 100, 107, 167. Lott, Danny: 156. Lott, Donny: 166. Lott, Linda: 88, 146, 178. Lott, Minnie: 166. Lott, Nancy: 62, 166. Lott, Rosa: 7, 38, 39, 62, 63, 65, 127, 134, 190. Lott, Mrs. Susan: 121. Lott, Tami: 103, 107, 156. Morrison, Gailen: 74, 94, 157. Mu Alpha Theta: 90. Murphy, Jeff: 54, 60, 76, 80, 88, 89, 90, 147, 150. Myers, Mary: 147. Myers, Nancy: 167. Naderhoff, Dena: 62, 90, 167. Naderhoff, Julie: 157. Nall, Jonathan: 54, 67, 107, 157. Naramore, Buddy: 167. Nations, Cindy: 62, 76, 167. Nix, Lou Ann: 141, 147. Nix, Sharon: 167. Nix, Yolanda: 157. Norris, Robin: 167. O'Neal, Anita: 91, 147. O'Neal, David: 71, 147. O'Neal, Donnie: 76, 80, 90, 94, 0'Neal Lott, Dr. Woodley: 120. Lovett, Melanie: 170. Lyons, Michael: 94, 156. Madden, Mrs. Fredna: 123. Mallett, Melanie: 54, 60, 116, 156. Mansfield, Lynn: 90, 156. Marshall, Wayne: 68, 146. Martin, Mrs. Inda: 24, 123. 107, 147. O'Neal, Gary: 71, 134. O'Neal Mr J A ' 120. , Jane: 170. O'Neal, Mrs. Jewel: 21, 123. O'Neal, Len: 168. O'Neal, Mary: 168. O'Neal, Stevie: 46, 72, 134, 135. , Tim: 170. O'Neal Math 8. Science Team: 25. McCall, Linda: 146. McCray, Robert: 170. McDaniel, Glen: 146. McDaniel, Mlllie: 37, 54, 56, 57, 58, 60, 89, 134, 139. Overstreet, Jane: 54, 148. Overstreet, Tammy: 90, 103, 107, 148, 150. Owen, Tina: 76, 157, 158. Pachel, Claudia: 62, 63, 64, 126, McDaniel, Patti: 40, 54, 60, 146. McDonald, Angela: 35, 161, 166. McDonald, David: 170. McDonald, Donald: 170. McDonald, Hazel: 62, 166. McDonald, Rickey: 68, 146. McInnis, Malcolm: 94, 95, 146, 147. McKay, Mrs. Kathy: 122. McKenzie, Kelly: 71, 134. McKerley, Thomas: 80, 90, 94, 156. McQueen, Theresa: 86, 91, 134. Meadows, Marcia: 34, 46, 166. Meadows, Randall: 166. Meadows, Randy: 68. 127, 143. Pachel, Vincent: 21, 35, 89, 90, 107, 148. Page, Justin: 158. Paper Staff: 87. Parker, Brent: 168. Parker, Jonathan: 74, 158. Parker, Kim: 54, 158. Parker, Lisa: 168. Parker, Malanie: 39, 54, 58, 148. Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Terry: 68, 135. Parker, Parrish I Myla: 80, 148. Sandy: 107, 110, 135. Stacey: 62, 168. Tommy: 168. Kitty: 39, 54, 58, 80, 87, Science Club: 107, 153, 158, 189. Parsons, Terry: 43, 148. Patton, Tamlyn: 54, 60, 168. Patton, Wendell: 94, 148. Pelto, Brian: 163, 168. Pelto, Tammy: 148. Perry, Dolly: 135. Peters, Jesse: 135. Pough, Beatrice: 135, 141. Pough, Gennie: 168. Pough, Phyllis: 135. Potter, Curtis: 68, 148. Powe, Sharon: 135. Prescott, Randy: 36, 135. Preston, Kevin: 94, 107, 158. Preston, Nena: 148, 151. Prine, Denice: 86, 91, 135. Prine, Janie: 62, 63, 65, 85, 135. Purvis, Tim: 54, 56, 67, 60, 83, 136. Rabby, Mrs. Margie: 121. Ramey, Eddie: 35, 107, 115, 136. Ramey, Ronald: 170. Ramey, Tracy: 168. Rayburn, Ann: 170. Rayburn, Maurice: 70, 71, 136. Rayburn, Thomas: 151, 169. Redeemer, Deloris: 158. Redmond, Becky: 158. Redmond, Jeanine: 50, 54, 57, 58 86, 136. Redmond, Sam: 169. Reid, Melinda: 148. Renot, Annette: 148. Renot, Wendy: 169. Reynolds, Candy: 54, 57, 83, 84, 85, 88, 89, 126, 136. Rhodes, Arthur: 68, 74, 148. Rhodes, Jeff: 169. Rhodes, Lewis: 170. Riels, Billy: 11, 98, 148. Roberson, Bryan: 48, 148. Roberson, Tara: 103, 158. Roberts, Mrs. Betty Sue: 71, 122. Roberts, Ken: 169. Roberts, Timmy: 14, 39, 94, 99, 136. Roberts, Mr. W.P.: 122. Rogers, Carol: 62, 64, 65, 80, 85, 86, 87, 89, 158. Rogers, Eugene: 169. Rogers, Homer: 74, 75, 158. Rouse, Joey: 16, 23, 92, 94, 95, 97, 98, 99, 106, 126, 137. Rouse, Mr. Larry: 123. Rouse, Teresa: 62, 86, 158. Rozier, Dennis: 80, 169. Ruggles, Terri: 12, 80, 126, 137. Rutledge, Felicia: 169. Saia, Mrs. Miriam: 80, 122. Sanders, Cynthia: 169. Scarborough, Mr. Billy Jack: 123. Scarborough, Cindy: 36, 47, 83, 89, 107, 125, 126, 137. Scarborough, Don: 21, 94, 96, 148, 189. Schuit, Dorene: 30, 62, 90, 159. Science Club: 72, 73. S-Club: S-Club: 105. Scruggs, Jlmmy: 148. Seals, Clndy: 148. Seals, David: 170. Seals, Leona: 169. Seals, Randy: 68, 170. Seaton, Kenneth: 169. Sekul, Gia: 30, 87, 159. Sekul, Kari: 169. Sellers, Mrs. Carolyn: 4, 90, 123. Seller, Curtis: 68, 148. Sellers, Delicia: 62, 86, 159. Seller, Tonia: 62, 65, 85, 86, 159. Shannon, Paul: 169. Shaw, Bruce: 68, 159. Shaw, Mrs. Nina: 28, 123. Sherman, Kelvin: 80, 87, 110, 148. Shrewbury, Jlmbo: 68, 169. Shrewsbury, Tammy: 114, 169. Simpson, Mrs. Eva Ruth: 123, 192 Simpson, Shirley: 169. Simpson, Wayne: 74, 159. Singleton, Hazel: 149. Singletary, Ruth: 170. Sledge, Mrs. Mary: 124. Smith, Bradley: 169. Smith, Brian: 34, 76, 110, 114, 168, 169. Smith, Conley: 159. Smith, Mr. Doug: 94, 95, 96, 100, 107, 123. Smith, Greg: 68, 170. Smith, Helen: 159. Smith, Kelly: 47, 80, 89, 90. Smith, Kelly: 47, 76, 80, 89, 90, 127, 137, 193. Smith, Mr. Leonard: 123. Smith, Marlln: 14, 19, 35, 76, 80, 83, 90, 159. Smith, Mr. Richard: 95, 123. Smith, Richard: 159. Smith, Roan: 54, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 72, 127, 137. Smith, Ronald: 169. Smith, Stephanle: 103, 159. Smith, Stewart: 29, 74, 94, 107, 149. Smith, Valerie: 54, 58, 59, 60, 169. Smith, Wayne: 169. Speech 8. Drama: 91. Spicer, Dlane: 54, 55, 60, 169. Spring, Jimmy: 94, 149. Sprlng, Mary: 87, 102, 103, 107, 154. Stephens, Ronnie: 170. Stewart, Glenn Ray: 74, 149. Stewart, Rachel: 169. Stone, Billy: 107, 149. Stone, Ricky: 38, 44, 45, 48, 80, 107, 112, 126, 137, 139. Strickland, Betty: 62, 63, 137. Strickland, Jack: 169. Strickland, Leonard: 76, 90, 149. Strickland, Sylvia: 10, 54, 56, 60, 80, 90, 118, 149. Stubbs, Phlllsa: 107, 114, 169. Student Council: 76, 77. ,Swafford, Len: 54, 57, 60, 137. Swilley, Susan: 4, 14, 80, 87, 89, 91, 159. Taft, Laurie: 62, 169. Taylor, Don: 36, 68, 149. Taylor, Lennls: 94. Taylor, Lorese: 34, 37, 46, 107, 137. Taylor, Roger: 94, 95, 80, 101, 107, 150, 189. Taylor, Sarah: 71, 80, 81, 91, 126, 137. Temple, Wayne: 94, 99, 150. Thompson, Dora: 159. Tollar, Joyce: 169. Torres, Patricia: 20, 72, 76, 80, 89, 90, 126, 127, 137. Tubbs, Mona: 87, 150. Tullos, Deidrea: 62, 84, 85, 159. Turmon, Marcus: 21, 169. Turmon, Roberta: 91, 107, 116, 117, 137. Vanderbilt, Kevin: 107, 113, 138, 192. Vernon, Joel: 80, 81, 90, 94, 107, 150. Vica Club: 68, 69. Vreeland, Ann: 85, 89, 91, 150. Waddle, Danny: 138. Waits, Mr. Donald: 120. Waits, Scott: 24, 74, 159. Waits, Wendy: 34, 44, 45, 80, 84, 3, 107, 127, 135, 138. Walden, Clay: 110, 114, 169. Walker, Davie: 169. Walker, Grace: 62, 65, 168, 169. Walker, James: 68. Walker, Jessie: 60, 150. Walker, John: 71, 138. Walker, Susie: 62, 65, 85, 86, 88, 89, 141, 150. Walker, Teresa: 50, 91, 130, 138. Walker, W.L.: 74, 159. Walkers, Carrolyn: 62, 170. Warden, Edward: 170. Warden, Laurie: 74, 159. Warden, Leon: 150. Warren, Sheila: 150. Wash, Rosetta: 9, 26, 49, 62, 63, 64, 65, 102, 103, 138. Weathers, Bob: 107, 115, 150. Weaver, Garvin: 40, 138. Weaver, Harry: 40, 150. Webb, Mr. Jimmy: 94, 95, 96, 124, 193. Webb, Mrs. Mary: 3, 30, 124. ' Weber, Tawnya: 54, 60, 170. Wedgeworth, David: 68. Weeks, Becky: 159. Wells, Barbara: 40, 71, 138. Wells, Chrlstlne: 62, 170 Wells, Glenda G.: 71, 138. Wells, Glenda J.: 29, 46, 138. Wesson, Mrs. Elaine: 124. White, Gerald: 170. White, Tony: 107. Whittington, Kaye: 31, 71, 138. Whittington, Tammy: 4, 119, 170. Y-Teens Whittle, Darlene: 68. Whittle, Edna: 68, 160. Wiggins, Tami: 6, 54, 60, 170. Williams, Mr. Charles: 120. Williams, Dwight: 138. Williams, Kathy: 160. Williams, Lori: 86, 160. Williams, Paytha: 80, 89, 90, 150. Williams, Randy: 51, 71, 139, 178. Williams, Mr. Ron: 54, 124. Williams, Shedee: 86, 107, 139. Williams, Tom: 16, 72, 73, 139. Williams, Vonda: 84, 107, 150. Williamson, Thomas: 170. Willison, Mr. Charles: 84, 87, 124 Wilson, Betty: 28, 85, 91, 107, 139. Wilson, Pamela: 114, 170. Wilson, Simon: 7, 46, 94, 99, 7, 127, 135, 139, 188. Wood, Mrs. Gloria: 80, 81, 124. Woodward, Arthur: 190. Woodward, Jackie: 170. Yeager, Mrs. Carolyn: 124. Young, Cherry: 160. Young, Holly: 4, 150. Y-Teens: 85. " .a , , . v-vw-nv fu- f H'-wif-.xv --Af Q-ffsfafyrr-if '-M M-, -W , Ax w -, , , 'A , 'Y ' 1 ,.gq.g.r,. :w,..':-ui' n:.,-+i -11:1 W- -3- ' ww-. wx , V'-mfg-e--wwf f .A .V M.. qp , ' J Wi ' . , 0 3' .,' - .4-...., -- .. , N,..........., , ,. -.-.,..4....-, JUu0n0:-V- 492, , ,, -vw-., -V3'Nmu.Nf.,,L..-vm:-1 1 aww 'ww--dc' NJ. asf'--vw:-ierf-47:7 ..,.--... .... .-..,,-.,..-.... ,W ...W ., ll a ' i '200-M -' , . A ' 1 ' ' ,, '0".' ' lkXr5fff'2 wif 53520 1 A' WN 2 , . QP In F 'K X' -. 5 x e As Ap M 'r N y-15, . 35' ' ,,, ' + Lg3,af1r , ' . , 45,54 0 su , - , ,f' 5 A ' 'M . 5' -1- .. . 'Auf 1A,:"f,f,Oa. if I . H Gs-PM 'NM :::F,,,..f f:,: ,q 0 2 0 fC , ,QWQXQ9 911' O V A , . 2 V auf' r lx' . M, W , . . , -Q YQ L 'gf 9 'A A H im, '.' 1 Q.. dat.. .-f llr :?fxg3 "J -' M +?I T5E vo-0 1+ P93 I gf, U J l J' . ,vm U hai C - Q 0' 336 Ky' , 53.791 . fEiAIblfINlG Qs' x NEg4 I F irjgn V .W 6 . W' H W5 WN? ww 19 O .4 ..,.3.......,...-x, -V . I .N . ,. ,. ., ,..,.u,,i.'.. e ' . , . X. r f --.- --u5-,-'- M - Q-, , Q ." . - : . fs , 1-f,,-1. -1-sub.-obuvism - ., ,. ., -W , -nw-,M I I l1 fi! , .Ma ' x hrw A , S k X I Sorxfqlli 'A 'Z Q 5 X -A'-ah-1--wr -sw mv -vvsodrw' M -ff fe-mwunvwnaufarno 4 1 r 1 I 4' ' 2 I , V . J - wi ,. 4' 1 , CJ -..D ' ' Q35 7 F 4 x 5 F- ' ,x v ,fb " - 5 D 7 J wifi' G U' - -4 Q33 -A W . if 3,4 'C Q Q rv x 3 f .I -.., , Q . K F u XX " C ' 4 CN . , f 'N - ' x - . L R-M"6'w, 45,1 7 ,554 ' if? ' , I v . G V K V ax " Q I D! 0095 yd X . t I ' 0 U l nr WM W M, n , 1 Ms 6 I. v : 'Jggg ', A ' ' fi X .Q r A ' 9 'J R-:Q ' f S. ' 1 ., V 1 W X .5 : A 'W' c . Q4 x .fx J I ' ., XY' .A ' SAY 'Rx T M 1 f lj K awp!-at in I W VV wil , J' VA C VI.. H . K A W , -1' ' ...-. 'af Q. 'Q ,A 4' . ff- 'W + 1 ' ll f f' " , ' - , , ' 4 9' 4 r Q A , fig? 1A-- . f f 'fra "' ' .f A ' Q, , f . 'Q ul f . 'N' t A A I V The Following Have Furnished . iff. 1' g .I I ...,,.. swx-... , qztvgl. Producing a yearbook ls both time consuming and nerve wracking. Without the support and help of many people, it would be an impossible job. The followiing deserve special thanks: Mrs.. Mike Cain for our cover artwork: John Breland for our division page artwork: Mr. Frank Spring for printing copies of our division page artwork: Mr. Charles Willlson and Mrs. Myrtle Jones for the loan of their typewriters: Mr. Larry Rouse for emceeing the Beauty and Beau Pageant: Mrs. Mary Webb, Mrs. Mike Cain, and Mrs. Nina Shaw for their valuable assistance with the Beauty and Beau Pageant: Mr. Ernest Yeager for letting us use his building four our Bazaar: Mrs. Ann Scarborough and Mrs. Juanita Coole for donating plants for our Bazaar: Mrs. Vlrglnla Breland for donating Christmas bells for our Bazaar: Mr. J.S. Foxworth, Coach Pete Geoglan, Mrs. Jean Baucum, and Mrs. Vivian Spiers for helping us in the concession stand: Vernon Bunch and Scott Waits for taking pictures for us: Mr. Lester Baucum, the faculty, staff, and entire student body for being cooperative, supportive, and most patient with us. The annual staff would like to extend a very special thanks to Mrs. Betty Hollingsworth, our sponsor, who supported us and had the tolerance to endure us. Most of all we would like to thank her for the many hours during and after school she gave to us. Thanks.

Suggestions in the Stone High School - Echo Yearbook (Wiggins, MS) collection:

Stone High School - Echo Yearbook (Wiggins, MS) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Stone High School - Echo Yearbook (Wiggins, MS) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


Stone High School - Echo Yearbook (Wiggins, MS) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


Stone High School - Echo Yearbook (Wiggins, MS) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 7

1979, pg 7

Stone High School - Echo Yearbook (Wiggins, MS) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 156

1979, pg 156

Stone High School - Echo Yearbook (Wiggins, MS) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 150

1979, pg 150

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