Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA)

 - Class of 1956

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Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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'f3c"L?'h:'gx'5-5-10vD,.fj3A,.,xO7,,,,, 'yggy U fwwffw 5 , '10 5351 ,Q X gf gg W WQQQSN E3 R if ff X? Q W , ff QQuaxMyw f5AXM W 519 S ' lufo is AGWXJ ,aux k NL in " ik - . , - . A. '.-hm, , 5 ', F. W A M 7,14 E ,. 1 t X -hi ua'-'bil g 1 . . W M M ZZ Q2 Wd ' ,ff Wiz 7MJ f ,Z MZ6QQT?Q ii ,QW '42, Wy Mjm, gi-'gfm 'Www w5za,,,ffz0"f"e 'gif by WQQEQQ 4' 3 J J, Q QQQM W wpgiw if M X- ww? Rig JMJ WAT. gf 'Q . ,. wi www 92I2'Jkf'b1 gym' fl? ,digwfw X 320055 f f.f I ' 5,01 A A--- 553.1 L gf- l - .2 -- .: . ..fd!fiwFiv. , 3VJ JMJI wwf, 227510 fx ,, , ' "sb 9' f, ff' , - i' x A 5 05' f NPN W WW 53? W MW' ! X 1 N My 1 WW All of us have shared many lively hours at Stockton l-ligh School. Each building brings back memories. Remember the GYMNASIUM when its seams narrovvly escaped bursting as a loud cheer arose from the excited rooters . , . the CAFETERIA building where we enjoyed good food and friendly conversation , . . the NORTH building, the home of the "Frosh' '.,. the noisy whirr of machinery from the SHOPS , . . the packed bleachers at the football games . , . the hurried activ- ity around the offices in the MAIN build- ing . , . and how many times an enthus- iastic audience filled the AUDITORIUM to the brim, each assembly ending with our voices joined in our "Alma Mater," cha! 7756 f5'31?5 45 ,iff 'L ff ' 1 Q .z ..., Q , 4 ,Q is R2 ' Six 4 r . .. N 8 4 - w S ml Stockton Soho! prese t the gina 5 704612 l956 STOCKTON CALIFORNIA afzeauafwl wife Did you ever stop to think thot some dciy you vvill recoll IQ56 os "the good old doys when you were ot Stockton l-ligh School?" Your chil- dren ond grondchildren vvill smile potiently os you reminisce hovv you "lived it up" ot the Funtest, or morched in the bond, They'll find it hord to believe you yelled your lungs out ot o Torzcin gome, thot you were o vvhiz in geometry, or thot you were quite the hepccit in your mony petti- cooted skirt vvhirling goily os you ond your denim-clod portner "bopped" to o "rock ond roll" tune. Then is one ot the mony times you'll bring out your Blue ond White to shovv them, cind to remind you, ot the troditions, the vvork, ond the fun you hod ot Stockton l-ligh School, IQ56. of Qalealc DEDICATION 5 ADMINISTRATION 6 SERIOUS MOMENTS 9 MOMENTS TO REMEMBER 41 TIME OUT FOR SPORTS - 55 ADVERTISING 65 . gf" A 5- t 3,,.q,f5sng r 2 A ' Mr. Young presides at a faculty meeting. S.H.S. was awarded the George Wash- ington Honor Medal from the Free- dom Foundation at Valley Forge, "For outstanding achievement in bringing about a better understand- ing of the American Way of Life." Coach Young and his Faculty Five. WESLEY G. YOUNG ln l924, Wesley G. Young came to Stockton l-ligh School as a faculty member in the social science department. Four years later he was appointed department head. This year, l956, completes his tenth year as Principal of our school. Equipped with the experience that only years of unselfish service can build, he has guided Stockton l-ligh School policies and traditions into the democratic pattern we all know and respect. l-lis good-humored counsel, his office door always open to all who would see him, his familiar greetings as he strides about the campus, his ob- vious pride in Sl-l.S. - all these little things we'll remember as we dust the cobwebs of time from our memories. But most of all we'll remember Mr, Young as our friend, "Mr Stockton l-lighf' 1 I 9 lill 2113 2910 5 6 I1 I3 N20 M11 gc BOARD OF EDUCATION The members of our Board of Education represent the city ot Stockton. Their policies and decisions are made to benefit each student. Row I: John Zuckerman, Mrs. Ennis C. Woodruff, President, Mrs, Henry M. Brandstod. Row 2: Alex J. McRae, Richard Parsons, resigned, Not pictured: Donald R. Stewart. Left to Right: Wesley G. Young, Principal, Howard L. Johnson, Director of Curriculum and Guidance, Mrs. Barbara l-lembree, Vice-Principal and Dean of Girls, Miss Edith Chidester, Assistant Director of Curriculum and Guidance, Frank F Watson, Vice-Principal and Dean of Boys Our many school tunctions and activities are made possible by the co-operation and support ot our Administration, ADMINISTRATION was FACULTY The day does not end at 3 o'clock for most teachers. Many hours are spent sponsoring clubs and activities, correcting papers, chaperoning dances and parties, preparing lessons and tests, and giving friendly and helpful counsel to students. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Not 'I 2 3 4 5 6 72 Mr. Young, Principal, Mr, Faulman, Common Learnings', Mr. Maher, Common Learnings, Mrs M. Ritchie, Music, Mr. Loye, Basic"", Mrs. Larson, Home Economics, Miss Chidester, Mathematics and Assistant Director of Curriculum and Guidance, Mr. Prince, Driver Training, Miss Lukes, Foreign Language, Mr. Watson, Vice-Principal and Dean of Boys. Mr Pankow, Common Learnings, Mr, Bragdon, Art, Mr. Johnson, Director of Curriculum and Guidance and Registrar, Mrs. Raleigh, Com- mon Learnings, Mrs, Hembree, Vice-Principal and Dean of Girls, Mr. Carpenter, Boys' Physical Education, Miss Rommel, Librarian, Mr. Robb, Industrial Arts, Mr. Rumsey, Industrial Arts. Mr, Bahnsen, Basic, Mr. Sallady, Science, Mr. TeSelle, Mathematics, Mr. Tarchia, Business, Mrs. Devitt, Business, Mrs Arbios, Nurse, Mrs Snider, Common Learnings, Mr. Stockwell, Industrial Arts. Mr. Draper, Art, Mr. Meyer, Mathematics, Miss Judd, Music, Mrs Jones, Basic, Miss Sheltman, Girls' Physical Education, Miss Mitchell, Girls' Physical Education, Mrs, Camp, Basic, Mr. McBride, Industrial Arts, Mr. McLaughlin, Science, Mrs Siders, Business, Miss J. Anderson, Basic, Mrs. O. Anderson, Foreign Language, Miss Heggie, Foreign Lon- guage, Mr. Ritchie, Basic, Miss Mellgren, Basic, Mrs. Hill, Ar-t. Mrs. Bryant, Basic, Mr. Hafmeister, Foreign Language, Mrs. Kerr, Science, Mrs, Clark, Mathematics, Mrs. Renshaw, Girls' Physical Educa- tion, Mrs. Johnson, Science, Mr, Stonehill, Basic. Mr. Adams, Common Learnings, Mrs. Staley, Mathematics, Miss Bliss, Girls' Physical Education, Mrs. Messick, Common Learnings, Miss Diestel, Home Economics. Pictured: Mrs Buckingham, Common Learnings, Mr. Cunha, Music' Mrs. Devitt, Business, Mr. Guilfoyle, Boys' Physical Education, Mr. Lewis, Mrs. Martin, Common Leamings, Miss McAndrews, Library, Mr, McCabe, Ritchie, Art, Mr. Rogers, Boys' Physical Education, Miss Scott, Common Music, Mr. Szyper, Boys' Physical Education, Mrs. Van Vlack, Common Learn- Basic, Mrs. Lipsey, Library, Mrs. MacLerie, Common Learnings, Dramatics, Mr, McCarthy, Music, Mr. O'Connor, Basic, Mrs. D. Learnings, Mr, Steel, Boys' Physical Education, Mr. Swearengin, ings, Mrs. West, Basic. 'Common Learnings includes English, Social Studies and Mathematics in grades 7 and 8. "Basic includes English andfor Social Studies in grades9and IO. CLERICAL PERSONNEL Most ot us take for granted the vvork that is being done behind the scenes by the secretaries, attendance and business ottice personnel, so now is our chance to say "thank you." Row 1: Miss Elena Giocovoni, Mrs. Vivian Mastermon. Row Z: Miss Liberty Sorris, Mrs Fern McDevitt, Miss Lois Scontlebury, Mrs. Dorothy De Long. Not Pictured: Miss Gertrude Robbins. yas 3' ' F-tire X 5 .l 1' r V .V A to . I ' . .....,. . if 1 r 3, , M S in A a t. f5...i,,, : .l5Jr'5's1 .... Row I: Angelo Cappella, Theresa King, Albert Fogler, Row I: Mrs. Emogene Cope, Mrs. Mary Thorpe, Mrs Pauline Cooper, Mrs Paul- Olive Niblock, Roy Disch, John Bragg ine Meinig, Row 2: Jack Musto, Arnold Olson, Henry Pritchard, Row 2: Mrs. Linnea Carlson, Mrs Olive Azevedo, Mrs Thilrna Guthmiller, Mrs Jesse Hawkins Pauline Fields, Mrs Mary Wilson, Mrs Margaret Culbertson Row 3: Elmer Rudot, Leslie Sheehen, Nicholas Bronson, Joseph Singer, Elmer Stewart. MAINTENANCE STAFF Our clean campus and buildings are cared tor by this statt. They work "round the clock" so that we may be proud of our school. CAFETERIA STAFF Our cafeteria is very capably managed by Mrs. Margaret Culbertson. The group ot ladies under her direction work long hours preparing the nourishing and tasty toad served to the students and teachers. l e euacca Wiameaw ln our dduly sedrcn lor knowledge Our lWCITldS lldve Qduned skulls l,l. Gur minds ndve sought new ldeds . ll '+a..w ' gr ki ,, .I ...- .Li-agp, lu. :Rx 5 y ' 4 ,ffiliffj l ' x A "lx I 1 V. y v lil A AAA T.: '4Q l . '54 el . -M5-,il 0 l V 5 'fs EY, W v V . M- -.. , 5' 'E 5 d 021 'Z l es lb E . '. gi 5 L , . g. I . .- n -, 'f v TV lx -'-'-: 1 A ,Q - ', , - X -l l, - , . " ,- Y, "ZQY5f:Eg.f:.z., ' -z -34 f, f ljfxlyxw rf n ' 1 f1fU " V fd 'Q A 15 N" , V 5414 L' 4, A k ghf g- 2 n, ' , Z.: iwff -- my . n j -if - A 4 -T11 A f Ex . , ' A . N g,3,v ,, -E . . , . , ,... ,.,.:...,Q- x ,,,w.b,N,.. ., . 7 1 . I., xx Y ., B fl A ,A V f -. , . 4 - 1, . . X . . . ., , W ' We- ,gym :ifkllf gf 4 T12 V win 1 W +5-W. -. sl 3 qv lgx, ,A in xg? . UVKLL dist , H .I z::. -:ru , M x.1,fA 1, if X .xigf wxgai V? A . .L V 4. J . . ' P lf 1 F542 - lf f 'W 'VNV if " V x Q' "ff W , 5 1 X A X ll ' 'GZ' ' ' l :A ' ' nl -sl iswfiaw 7 A x '7 ze, n , eggs-,e Il I, V -W" 'vs - - 2 ff .,V,,, -df ,M ff,am-- W .,,3,lwf , I A, ,A , W V , 9,2 , e e l f ' 5 w i l li , Wvfl.,?zJM We 'W' ' f Z - ' -135 ' I " 'f F, ' .2109 a sf' ' wif '::,- . ' ' mini.: x ' ' '-V5 'l ":.5"f: " Ei- 'Vw V'f 'l . A ' Y - ' A. 5 l ff? . rn e ,gag - 'yn' - 'H S Q 'fi-ll b q i:-if 42524 rg l f -2- M l f l el V l -ai 1 W ' ' - -' 'iw-, LY 7 , gre: Q-me P ' W' L ' H558 4 - qligQ-Xl' " 'fl' ' ' ff W if" l if i . "pw ww. Q Q W- f' fi " 2 ,, 1. f n 'W -5 New .- Xflzfv, .L f lf. A ua, Q . ,s . . Wx . VL, 1' ef, 9 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE-Fall The Executive Committee is made up of the student bociv otticers and a repre- sentative tram each grade, This group tunctians as the "mainsorina" ot our student government. Reclining: skip Brooks President Row I: ihirivv Waiter, Commissioner of Organizations, Que Spooner, Commissioner of Records, Barbara Graham, 9th Gracie Representative, Rose Gibson, lOth Grade Representative, Judy Bollo, Vice-Resident Row Z: Mr Watson, Adviser, Ea Clovves, Commissioner of Weifare, Joyze Fairalt, Commissioner of Publicationsg, Jim Davis, Commissioner of Athietics, Linda Huffman, Refi Cross Representative, Bill Ewnhce, Sth Grade Representative, Michaei Primrose 7th Grade Repre- sentative Sitting: Frnie Ferrero, President, Row 1: Qhirlev Waaer, Commissioner af Records, Sharon Sharp, Commissioner of Organizations, Cheery Hnwse, Gth Grade Representative, Pauta Surber, 7th Grade Representative, Carolyn Cowger, Vice-President Row Z: Mr Watson, Adviser, Tony Sevmiyur, lOth Grade Representative, Linda Huffman, Red Cross Representative, Jim Davis, Conimiss untr of Welfare, Kathy Austin, Commissioner of Publications, Ed Rihie, Commissioner at Athtiitics, Bit Fvanhov, Sth Grade Representa- tive, EXECUTIVE coMMiT1'EE-spring Row Row Row Rcw Row STUDENT COUNCIL-Fall Our Student Connell rs o group ot student drplomots elected to represent ns ln tne Cooperottve torm ot government we enyov ot Stockton Hugn Sclwool. ffl C'ov.c2s, Zlurlm' Nkrp Brooks, Jtm Dovrs, Jam Olkon, Potty Hansen, lrnckt Dun, Kev Wous Hdrrrnglton, Geroldlnc Jolt Pdt l301jjfk'SS, Storr Trtlex Cltormcnno Wc,It:, llmor r, lnrlv Bollo, Soc Spooner, Joyce Foiroll, Rose Glbson, Borboro Grohorn, Lindo Huffman, Blll lvunhov, Mr WcztSon, Adviser Elizobeth Fong, Cnoorv Howie Corolxn Covvuer, Bobluo June Nevvnum, Peggv Covert, Fronces Beoclw, Potnlo Surlwr, Gvnvlle Movflt-Irl, Pmytlv nston, Lois Rlclwordson , Lon Fnlfei, Lmdfz Smltlw, Jewell Freeman, Mollv Flcntgc, Ed Rnblc, Lorrv Golsfortl Hwnlfms, Leon Rttdmon, Scplw- Tlrrcpoos Row I: Ffl Rrltlf-, inrrlezv Vvorgrtr, Jlm Dovls, Snoron Snorp, Corolvn Cowger, Kotnv Austen, Paulo Qtlrber, Bull Evqtnlwoo, Cllr-orv Hnwsr-, Lando Huffman, Frnm Fertoro Tom 91'-grnzwtnr, Mr Watson, Adviser Row Z: tmsqn VVllllGVTlS, Jnrlv Bollo, Jtrrlt Helton, Potty Honsvn, lllzolneth Fong, Krls Nelson, Lmdo Hrlvcwro, Petlttv Htrrrmtlton, Mwrr lr:-:los Row 3: lllfly Pertm-lp:1l.t-r' Row Krltpson, ,lo Ell-'rr Slotv, Frances Beoclv, Judy Unrult, Cav fwdvvwr, Clrrlstcllo Huffmirn, Dtlt' Honsmcwr Row 4: Drug fvttrtllorr, Lllllllm Plot! Mtclu:-'-l Prrmroso, Morslwu Motto, Joonnr- Hotnovvov, Peggx Covert, Vero Wlnto, Pun! llc-lvl-rr, Hnptnv lltrnpprls, Vlclr Rorlrrqtwg, l-if-ny Klulrlsen STUDENT COUNCIL-Spring HONOR "S" Honor "S" is a society madc up ot students vvho have a grade average of "Ag" or better in all their subjects excluding physical education, The main purpose of this club is to halp students become more interested in scholarships and good grades. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Rcw Row Row Row Row I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 I0 II I2 I3 Mr 'lelwllrg Advisor, Kris Nelson, Laura Zeller, Judy' Weiss, Judy Brown, Mary Gillespie, Carol Benson, Melanie Purrx, Patricia Minka, Cheery Howse, Faye Tipshus laura Aclams, Barbara Keeler, Batty Lori, Dorothy Crowell, Fllon Thompson, Helen Webster, Larralcnc Podanti, Vera Yanclarpol, Sharon Coleman, Jayco Smith, Gayle Wevor 'sue Npoonvr Marilyn Spraauo, Carolyn Cowaer, Sandra Moorrz, Peggy Bloyhl, Lon Eakvs, Kathy Austin, Marsha Motto, Mao Bolts, linda Huffman, Rirharll lladrlock Susan Noland, llamcla Ciastina, Rachollc Knieriernen, Judy Pottcr, Fvolyn Porsch, Backv Boswell, Kax Crowl l3rnrl.gvr Mrlchull, Pat lacrfhari, Gworaia Jacobson, Maryella lvrrrs, Carolyfnnv Cook, Carol Etchoyorry, Judy Hanson, Barbara Habin Rowr Barron, hm Nixon, Sandra Leo, Mr-rrlann Cruse, Kathie Pollock, Kathorine Martel, Gwondalynno Cook, Judy Franioi, Elaine Frangos, Joanna Sider. Rolwrt Wana Linda NCiII.NL'lI'IliIOF, Victoria Karelrs, Gretchf-n Woohrlo, .loan Eadrlio, Judy Hightower, Judy Gilliam, Mario Huston, Linda Hauschildt, Richard Blowott iflwrwo Cotiorna, Joanne Hathaway, Jani: Slanaker, Darryl Frnbrrwr, Anetto Holmson, Barbara Johns son lanica Mathcna, Claria Gazota Frnest Dun Bill Ball, Ne-lsan Davis, Dale Hcisingfrr, Joyce Fairall, Carol Loo McColIyf, Carol Chatham, Shirlrry Fiold Waxna King, Robort Shaw, Jac West, Tim Hachman, hm Davis, Ernio Ferrcro, Judy' Wood, Stuart Safina, Bob Powers, Dayicl Vllnaman, Paul Hclwar, Kvnneth Pratt, Mickey Pugmiro, Don Brand, Marsha White, Suolettc Davenport, Bell Rawlfx Dennis Williams, Frank fillflillil-llIl'llO, Allen Dal Porto, Darroll '-lhillinahura, Kfinnath Barber, Norma Tiotien, Jayco Rolwhinc Ztoyo Smith Clinton Crcrior lxarl Waiclhofvr, 'lirn Fntoricl. Fran. ljassarlorc Bob Anrlrvss Bob Doscher Krnny Kiolllsen, Ralph Laurnii. FALL OFFICERS 23"- TRIP TO U.C. SPRING OFFICERS it 4' , ,QW Q.. ROUND TABLE CLUB The Round Table Club is a service club tor students with a "B" average or above. It is sponsored by the Stockton Knights ot the Round Table. The main purpose is to mote interest in civic affairs and foster citizenship and character growth. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Mr Johnson Advisers Ernest Dun Rose Gibson, Gretchen Woehrle, Lon Eakes, Joan Spooner, Cheery Howse, Ellen 'Thompson Beverly Pblanich, Gwehdolynne Cook, Kris Nelson. Roy Brassesco, Stefan Folkendt, Gary Di Mercurio, Judy Helton, Linda Lobenbcrg, Helen Webster, Skippy Brooks, l Gayle Wever Sue Spooner, Joan Goold, Shirley Wager, Kathie Pollock, Lynn Parlier, Barbara Johnson, Pam Gosting, Ann Summer- hays Steve Smith, Dennis Williams, Sue Thomas, Judy McGinley, Laura Adams, Barbara Keeler, Judy Bollo Frank Guadaqnolo, Mickey Pugmire, Jane Sloneker, Carolyn Cowger, Janice Mathena, Marianne Yip, Carolynne Cook, Elinor Hankins. Roger Barron, Allen Dal Porto, Nelson Davis, Dale Heisinger, George Martin, Joyce Fairoll, Linda l-lauschilttt, Karen Hansen. Darrol Shillinaburg, Cary Norman, Ken Kieldsen, Valerie Stalnaker, Gloria Gazeta, Linda Linow, Sharon Sharp Jim Hitchcock, Mike Clites, Larry Gaisfora, Ed Clowcs, Jim Davis, Ernie Ferrero, Pat Boggess. Ken Barber, Ralph Loomis, Karl Waidhofer, Gary Mazzera, Tony Seymour, Frank Passadore, Georgia Jacobsen, Jim Nixon. Tim l-lachman, Starr Truex, Sandra Moore, Marilyn Sprague, Kathy Austin, Don Brand, Richard Paddock, Bob Powers Bill Schuldt, Mike Willis, Gene Cogorna, Richard Blewett, Bridger Mitchell. SPRING OFFICERS CH RISTMAS PROJ ECT GIRLS' CITIZENSHIP COMMITTEE Girls' Citizenship Committee is made up of girls who are interested tn the vvel- fare ol the school. They assist the PTA, in the membership drive, serve as guides at open house and graduation, and perform other services needed by the schoal. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Mrs Hembree, Adviser, Carolyn Covvger, Wtlma John, Betty Ferreira, Judy Bolle, Joan Goold, Sue Phillips, Rayane Palmer, Jeanne Williams, Mattie Falkner, Joan Spooner, Judy Weiss, Julie Holt, Ruth Anderson, Cheery Hovvse, Melanie Parry, Alice Cray, Laura Adams Delana Ross, Barbara Keeler, Beverly Palanich, Darlene Denzar, Jackie Bruce Judy LaBerQe, Luanne Lovdal, Carla Hansen, Judy Helton, Kris Nelson, Mary Arrabit, Rochelle Gibson, Mary Gray, Carol Wheeler, Christina Grimm, Gail McCovvn PSQQV Henke, Linda Schweinitzer, Joyce Fairall, Sue Spooner, Joan Dovvell, Barbara Mackey, Hennrietta Wandelt, Nancy Duchardt, Mae Betts, Judy McGinley, Gretchen Woehrle, Eleanor Nessler, Marvlin Searle, Shirley Field Lucretia Denhardt, Merriann Cruse, Sandra Moore, Sue Thomas, Marfvn Sprague, Laura Zeller, Beverly Lawrence, Rose Gibson, Linda Huffman. Pat Wadley, Sue Noland, Pauline Dunlap, Vic Karelis, Kathy Austin, l-leler' Vvbbster, Barbara Graham, Fllnor Hankins Maryella lvers, Georaia Jacobsen, Rebecca Strayer, Lynda Anderson, Valeize Stalnaker, Marilyn Bovvrnan, Joan Hol- zem, Sharon Sharp V Linda Smith, Judy McClure, Evelyn Persch, Robin Niemann, Lynne Parlier , Marianne Yip, Virginia Grunberg, Beverley Gust, Sandra Adams, Rochelle Knleriemen, Henrietta Banuclos Joyce Smith, Patricia Givens, Mickey Farrell, Beatrice Wilson, Jane Horton, Janis Horton, Sharon Wright, Char- lene Nelson Joan Eaddie, Darlene Hunger, Yvonne Anderson, Cay,Savvyer, Charmaine Waltz Margaret Pankey, Ann Collins, Joanne Hathaway, Shirley Wager, Pat Bogaess, Starr Trurfx, Linda Plavx, Carol Bouska FALL OFFICERS HALL DUTY CLEAN-UP CAMPAIGN SPRING OFFICERS ,A my S A e ,ar lj BOYS' CITIZENSHIP COMMITTEE The Bays' Citizenship Committee was tlrte originator and entlriasiastic backer at the Cleanfiiit Carnpaign this year. Its members are always Wiliing ta nertarrn school services. Row I: Mr Watsan, Adviser, Lam Drrvan, Ray Brassesco, Ratiert Straw, Date Hmsinacr, Lon Fakrts, Kenny Pierce, ikip Brant-s, Ernest Dun Row 2: latn Qailctiari, D.rt Cavcmgnara, Stefan Falkrbnrtt, Ban Quinn, Frank Guadaannki, Ken Hranavino, Dan L00 Row 3: Witliarn Bi-ti, Jann Jactsan, Ierrv Mctsinrie, Frank Passadare, Ronnie Williantsan, Fd Riblv, Jae West, Frnic Forrc-ro, Kvnnnttt Wyrnain Row 4: Brirtrier Mitcnnll, Marc Frnitas, Larrv Gaisfarrt, Ed Ciavxes, Jann Weaver, Jirn Davis, Garv Mazzera 4191-r 1 , F BLUE 81 WHITE STAFF GUARD 8. TACKLE STAFF YEARsooK BUILDERS DissEMiNAToRs or News Left to right: I-mn triirait, ta-,tint irtitai, '-tin ipnancr, Pip- Sitting of desk: Starr Traex, Feature Editrir, Britiic-r Mitdivll, lttitnr, tint' lilitni iirntriiii- Wnt-tirlii triitar, Mrs Hiriers, Adviser, Marilyn Nprniiiiu, Assistant Frtitar WIA MM, A"WHNH'5 MMM' CHM' N RWM, Awgmut Hmm Around desk: tleft to right! Goarriia ltirnlvsan, 'ecnnrt patio Ettitnr, lirn Nisiin, Sports Frtitar, Mr O'Cnnnnr, Advisor, Handra Mnarv As s-stant Friatiim Fclitar, Kathy Austin, Assistant Frfcitiirw Frtitnr, Ran rtv iiaruv, Assistant Sports Fditor, Rifitard Bit-vwtt, Business Manaaer, liwttit Cniirirrin Assistant Biisintiss Mrinariar N.- .1 g., x '10 ff XF i if Q 3, DONNA ADAMS LAURA ADAMS BARBARA ADKINS WILLIAM AGNEW MAYNARD ALBERTSON JEAN ALDRIDGE PATRICK ALLAN STARLENE ALLEN RICHARD AMAN KAY ANDERSON LYNDA ANDERSON YVONNE ANDERSON ROBERT ANDRESS MARY ARRABIT LEON ATCI-IISON WAYNE AURAND FAYE AUSTIN KATHLEEN AUSTIN CHARLENE AZEVEDO DARLENE AZEVEDO GEORGE BADWAY FRANK BAILEY GROVER BAKER LEE BAKER VIRGINIA BALBI EDWIN BALLARD CAROLINE BANDY KENNETH BARBER MADELINE BARBIERI ROGER BARRON STANLEY BEASLEY HANS BECK WILLIAM BELL MARY BENISI-I RODGER BENTZ JAMES BERRY BERNICE BETTENCOURT MITZIE BISHOP RICHARD BLEWFTT PEGGY BLEYI-IL DAVID BLOOM PATRICIA BOGGESS mm , mv ?""'9' " I I T, F .,.,. E: ,I HP WN cz dag 66444 of 5 .-.av .1-'Y funn, if ,mf-wb ai if K' an 3 an 4 -...J I7 JUDITH BOLLO ROBERT BONFILIO MAUREEN BORBA REBEKAH BOSWELL LUCILLE BOUNDS CAROL BOUSKA ROBERTA BOWERS MARCIA BOWMAN BETTY BOYD DONALD BRAND ROY BRASSESCO LEE BRAUN MARTA BREWSTER LEONARD BRIDGES RUSSELL BROOKS CLIFFORD BROWN DENNIS BROWN JUDITH BROWN LeROY BROWN SHEILA BRUNFR JUDITH BRYANT GEORGE BUCK GERALD BUNDA GENEVIEVE BURNS THOMAS BURTON BARRY BURTZ ROBERT BUTTS NANCY BYRNE KENNETH CAIN ROXENE CALESTINI CLAUDIA CALL DANIEL CALLAHAN JOHN CALLEGARI RICHARD CALLISTRO SAM CAMPBELL CARLTON CANAGA DAVID CANCLINI DELAINE CAREY GAIL CAREY KAREN CARSNER LUCILLE CARUSO LEWIS CARVILLE MARLYS CARY NANCY CENBRANO ALFRED CHAIN JAMES CHASE CAROL CHATHAM IRNEST CHILDRESS LINDA CHRISTIANSEN TIMOTHY CLARK RONNY CLEERE RONALD CLEGG BARBARA CLIFTON MARION CLITES EDWARD CLOWES BARBARA COFFEE GENE COGORNO SHARON COLEMAN ANN COLLINS JERRY COMBS NORMAN COMER CHARLES CONWAY CAROLYNNE COOK CWENDOLYNNE COOK SANDRA COOLIDGE IOYCE COURINEY CAROLYN COWGER MARILYN COX MARGEEN COYLE DAVID CRADDOCK RUTH CRAPPLF CAROI, JEAN CRAWFORD CLINTON CREGOR LESTER CROSBY CHARLES CROWDER MFRRIANN CRUSE DONNA DABADIE JUDY DAHL VIRGIL DAHL ALIEN DAL PORTO LINDA DOMASSA AILEEN DANIELS HOWARD DARBY SUEZETTF DAVENPORT JAMES DAVIS NELSON DAVIS LEO DEL CARLO MICHAEL DeLURY GARY DePAULl BETTY DER DALE DeSHAZER MARILYN DeVOL NORMAN DIAL HOWARD DICK JEROME DING WAYNE DOERR DFANNA DOESCHER JOSEPH DORAN ROBERT DOSCHER HAROLD DOUGLAS JERRY DOUGLAS JOAN DOWELL ROBERT DOWLING JAMES DRAKE RAE DRENNAN LAURENCE DRIVON NANCY DUCHARDT LAURA DUGGER PAULINE DUNLAP SANDRA DURL'NG WILLIAM DUSTIN JOAN EADDIE WALTER EAKES ANN EBERHARDT CHRISTINE ECCLESTON LOREN ECKHARDT DONALD ELDH TIMOTHY EMERICK VERN EMICK PETER ERDMAN CAROL ETCHEVERRY MARILYN ETHEREDGE PATRICIA ETIER MICHAEL EVANHOE JOYCE FAIRALL MATTIE FALKNER MAUREEN FARRELL COLLEEN FERNANDES JOHN FERRAIOLO JOHN FERREA BETTY FERREIRA ERNEST FERRERO SHIRLEY FIELD CAROL FITZGERALD HAROLD FITZSIMMONS MOLLY FLENTGE SANDRA FLINT SHARON FLORENCE MICHAEL FORBES EARLENE FORD DENNIS FOSS MERLE FRADES ELAINE FRANGES JUDITH FRANZOI JEWELL FREEMAN MARC FREITAS THOMAS FRIEDLE LARRY GAISFORD BARBARA GALLEGO BERNADINE GANNON GLORIA GAZETA RAYMOND GHIO JOANNE GIBSON LOU ANN GIBSON ROCHELLE GIBSON ROSE GIBSON JAMES GIFFEN ALLEN GILLESPIE WAYNE GILSTRAP ALFRED GIOVANNONI PATRICIA GIVENS ALICE GLEADLE LEONARD GOAD ROBERT GONZALEZ JOAN GOOLD BARBARA GORDON NORMAN GORLEY PAMELA GOSTING GERALDINE GOYETTE SYLVIA GRAHAM MARY GRAY FRED GREENE WILLIAM GRITZ SANDRA GRUNBERG VIRGINIA GRUNBERG FRANK GUADAGNOLO LINDA GUERRERO LUPE GUTIERREZ TIMOTHY HACHMAN VIRGIL HALVORSON DAVID HAMMOND ELINOR HANKINS MARTHA HANLON CARLA HANSEN KAREN HANSEN PATRICIA HANSEN DOLORES HANSON JUDITH HANSON DAVID HANWAY EDWIN HARGETT WILLIAM HARMON RUTH HARRIS WENDELL HARRIS JOHN HARRISON PATRICIA HARRISON SHARON HARRISON KENNETH HATFIELD JOANNE HATHAWAY ALLYCE HATHCOCK LINDA HAUSCHILDT KAY HAWKINS LEILANI HEIKES MARY HEININGER PHILLIP HEINLE DALE HEISINGER SEDELLE HELLER MARJORIE HELMICH JUDITH HELTON PHYLLIS HELZER DORIS HEMPHILL 1 'YS ii., Q 5555. vw K K, wk gk? I f at b Q V' f v n " , V 3 -3 'L 7 m 4, m .--A , K, , ww ll, I -.A ' if , ffl, 2 ,Q iff - ' 9 - -f W3 " ., MW' , if .,.. ,. ' , 2 Q ' kr -M X M-.:.:.:, -, J-3-. - W iii fi , xii 3 X A Vx A ' ffm K 53 ww- WWW' A mi-Q 15 ' A I H LQ I f i Q ' A 9 i QE vi SW X' X' it 'w'Sl"2i 0' iff? ' F. ij. 1 A- fm ' V 13 f S , .V , N V'-MQ. ' 'J f .-2 fe "iw . X W ,W ' f S l w"'1'9 Vw-, . A , . X 3 xx' 'fzggi-y i GN P' Q' MXH 1, lf. J L 21. ' .11 f QA as wg -5, - 1, N Aj , f V 5,35 L3 Q' , I A ' J WZJ Q 5 - - . . WM, P' ff ,3 4 1 ' fam 1"'1if'9 A f 3 'W Q .. ya f W Q 4 w ff' X f QP ' 5 . ' ,. Mfg, g :QQ ww . L his . ' sq' I ' L iq 5 ,Fifi n M- A li, KY' fr' +A vs ALICE KEITH THOMAS KELLOGG KAREN KENNEDY SUZANNE KEZAR JEAN KIEFER DOUGLAS KINSER LARRY KINSER DONALD KITTS KENNETH KJELDSEN CASE KLOOSTER ARITO KOMURE KAREN KRAMER JUDITH KREBS JOHN KRESKY MARGARET KUNDERT DONALD KVASAGER JUDITH LGBERGE LESLIE LQFRANKIE PETER LAKATSAS RALPH LOMAR ERIK LAURSEN MARY LAYTON BETTY LEE ROBERT LEE SANDRA LEE MARVIN LEFOHN JAMES LEHMANN CAROL LEIDECKER PATRICIA LEIDECKER JACK LEPISTO DANELLE LETICA LYDIA LINOW JOAN LITCH MARY LITCHFIELD SHIRLEY LOBDELL LINDA LOBENBERG KAY LOCKWOOD RALPH LOOMIS JOANNE LOVE LUANNE LOVDAL ROBERT LOVELL WILLIAM LYONS afff A x V, Mm, ,, 1,L.w.'Q gh?-Q '52 QR ' X ,. AN lv , ws., 3 ww if 4 1' A 1 ,,-0 5-9 F lf? , fy 91, A , 1.4 :' 34 7 1 j . - , Q , WMF' - . .Q W af u N? V, ,W .. , sr' 5 AW ., ,, ,N My W 1 , -:E-limagf., ,V l, 131 1, P ,nf 1 M! 1 H. ylam.. 1 w .M ,ll " 12421, V 1 ' ,Lg .:. 5 B 'iw Q , Ii ' gg. 5 Avg 1 51 f my W iilfif . h y I, i-WM Y 1 I Q 231535. A N E' Fflffw a-9,211+ :. ,K V 14531- M., gf ,uit ,. 1 W . , ,. Q .v K A ,xx W .- A 7 . . L, , Y .ff K , V , gg . In ."1f',gk2 J 'WX ig ,' 5 4 . W ,I fzsgbgg ?5f5i?i5L l 2 . .A va SWK f ,- J! J, N M.: ,W X 4 If R 'Z L xi? ' 5' V H' y 3- , K, W, L.. f G L' W ' M 4 ' ' ry i ie f H343 ' f ,Y -' ww ,ww ' YQ.. in 3 HE 4' gg P 'X Fi Q ' fm, , , ie f 'Q w P V an M ,, Q: ,fu " if -N. ,gn 32? f 2, if , I V Q 5 W, 'A 1 QM. Sf W, ' - X K Q- ,ig X L x H ,, iw 'M H. V' 1 , , -'Z ayiiglrk, . JMS., ' A,,j,e5:g:. ,xgl -L 1, :if Q xwgij-S4 2 x ' 5 1 ' 2 ' ' . sm. . m, 1 . , iw kt 3 , ' 3 V ,, w?5'p,. if L QL 5551 . W ,J U "' ff W' 'X 3 4 X' ,, ,E 3 M AAA, . X ff? amy- Swap HQ ax ,, is .Q www' X xx x GX ., '-s-' 1 L ,yy glpggvi- x ag--Hfw 1 f 1 svn x x M im M 3 Q . W' ' fy Q , '::... . N5 , 4 1 2 X M A X , , 'Q' Q W Q2 'A -X Q , SNS fk5'?i M1 , w, , x , Q-ir 3 3. if V, A f ' IS. 1- 5 6 , girl T X 3? , 1 gps , K if V my - WSE! :. . W I Nagy? Q 2 ff ' f i-W Y f ,yr L " . , f wr- gi . 5 Vg' It LX , yr W5 I? sg Sim? lil gi? fx h - gy QA , 33 WL! M 5 . U .igfl-if E25'i. ' E . ww f .P if Sq, My 5 A 'v m qi.. ' f x X - gl, QE iw P 'A 5? ig -ff wig? N W5 . a M, .V if fm A V LJ , M? K A . x wi' Vx fy V wxq I A 1 gf 1 if wif .Q ,iffw Q? Haw 1 W 'mf A f LL L ' jiEE'Nu.,'35E::if'Z2. , : : 1 A J Y Q, gg .Q Q. xii 'fx ' ' 'Q WL , ' - wk A :mg I ,,, ,V MV I :MAL mf 'S f N 4 4 x . K, N 1 2 if if :ggi 5' ,,,. W ,W - YI. -3. A S+ 1 AM 1 1, ., .ai K Hahn! Sh fit ywikwrinf A P A '15 .J LILLIAN RULE HELEN RUSSELL STUART SAFINE JEANNE SAIZ FRANCIS SALADY ROSALIE SANDERS CATHERINE SAWYER KENNETH SCANAVINO PAUL SCHLATTER WILLIAM SCHULDT BARBARA SCHULER LYNN SCHWARTZ LINDA SCI-IWEINITZER JACQUELYN SCHWOERER ARLITH SCOTT MARYLIN SEARLE RITA SEPULVEDA ANTHONY SEYMOUR SHARON SHARP ROBERT SHAW KEITH SHELDON KENNETH SHELMAN DARROL SHILLINGBURG NANCY SHUTT JOANNE SIDER JOSEPH SIMARD JO ELLEN SLATE JANE SLONEKER CHARLOTTE SMITH DOROTHY SMITH IDA MAY SMITH JOYCE SMITH LYLE SMITH RICHARD SMITH STEVEN SMITH SUSAN SNOW CLAYTON SNYDER ROBERT SODERBERY WILLIAM SOUTHWICK HOWARD SOUZA MADELINE SPANOS WILLIAM SPOON --1 w 5 ' A J X u 'rn Nr. k . 'S if 6.4- ,-W--1 f MARTIN VARELA - JOSEPH VENNE GARY VOCHATZER PATRICIA WADLEY ROLAND WAECHTER SHIRLEY WAGER KARL WAIDHOFER GAY WALKER STEPHEN WALKER EVERETT WALTERS GLENDA WALTERS CHARMAINE WALTZ DELORES WANNER IRVING WARNER PHILIP WASTE RUSSELL WATTS JOHN WEAVER HELEN WEBSTER JUDITH WEISS GEORGE WESSITSH .IUDITH WESSITSH .IOSEPH WEST GAYLE WEVER BARBARA WEYAND JERRY WI-IEATON CAROL WHEELER JUDITH L. WHITE JUDITH M. WHITE MARSHA WHITE DAVID WILDERMUTH DANIEL WILES BARBARA WILKINSON DUKE WILLIAMS HARRY WILLIAMS JULENE WILLIAMS SUSAN WILLIAMS RONALD WILLIAMSON SHARON WILLIAMSON MICHAEL WILLIS BEATRICE WILSON WILLIAM WILSON RONALD WILSON STEVEN WILSON JENNY WINDSOR DEANNA WINTER GAIL WINTERS CHARLOTTE WITTSCHE GRETCHEN WOEHRLE BRENDA WONG JOHN WONG JUDY WOOD JACQUELINE WORKMAN DONALD WOXBERG JUDY WRIGHT PHILIP WRIGHT KENNETH WYMAN JADINE YEE MARIANNE YIP WILLIAM YOUNG HERMAN YOUNG SYLVIA YOUNG TERRY ZOLEZZI IRWIN ZUCKER CAMERAfSHY GRADS PETE ARANA LEE BENNETT THOMAS BENNETT ROBERT BLACK JEROLD BRANNON SAMUEL BROTHERTO JAMES CARTER LYNN CHAEFIN' DOROTHY COTHRAN EDWARD COTTRELL JERRY DANIEL SUSAN DAVIS RICHARD DURHAM JAMES DYER DORRYI. EMBREE PAULA EITZPATRICK RANDOLPH ELOREY DWINDELL EORFMAN MICHAEL GLENNON RICHARD GROSS BARBARA HARRISON CAROLINE HAWKINS JUDITH HAWKINS DENNIS HERNANDEZ JOETTA KAY JENNIE LEE LARRY MARTIN DARLENE MARTIN JOHN MCG'LL BENJAMIN PARKER ADRIENNE PARKS VINCENT POWASER DONALD RASBERRY WESLEY REDFERN RUDY REYNOSA JUDY ROSENBERG STEVEN RUSSELL DOUGLAS SANBORN GARY SHAW IRENE SIEVERS EDDIE SMITH MILTON SMITH RAYMOND SMITH CALVIN SNOW DONALD STOVER DAVID TISDALI HOWARD TODD JAMES TODD KENNETH VICKERS VERN WAI I. ANNETTA WARWICK RAMONA WEBBER LOROY WEBER JILSON WHITSITT GARY WINANS EUGENE WRIGHT LARRY YOUNG 5 I 6-6 vii, 7 -. IIZQJQ- IN MEMORY OF SAUNDRA HARRISON who passed away January ZI, V756 II 061154 daldaan, Three years ago, under the direction ot Dr, Katherine Bishop, a consultant from Walnut Creek, an extensive program was started to improve reading ability, ln the beginning only the seventh grade classes vvere used, but it has expanded to include grades seven through ten. A student is placed in a class according to reading ability, and the materials used are geared to the various levels. Teachers are given special "in-service" training to further coordinate the work, This year, several tenth grade classes received o "Pilot" course to increase reading speed and comprehension. lThis is the same course tor which many progressive business executives are paying S3CO to enable them to better handle the ever-increasing day-to-day papervvorlcl Because of the success ot our reading program, similar vvorlq is undervvay in mathematics, spelling, and hand- writing, READIN' 'RITIN' 'RITHMETIC Miss Hooper demonstrates the "pacer." Shirley Lobdell and Sue Noland Mrs. Hill presents a new angle. S.H.S, winners in "I Speak for Democracy" essay conlest. GRADUATES OUTSTANDING IN SCHOLARSHIP HIGH I0 STUDENTS WITH "A" T0 "A-" AVERAGE BRIDGER MITCHELL CAROL CHATHAM ,,.. BARBARA KEELER .,.,.. ,....,. SANDRA MOORE JOHN PLATT ..,, MARILYN SPRAGUE MARSHA WHITE ,.,,, NELSON DAVIS ......... ELAINE FRANGES .,,, ..,,,,. LINDA HAUSCHILDT PATRICIA IACCHERI JAMES NIXON STEVEN SMITH ,,,,, ,,,,, CAROLYN COWGER ,,., LON EAKES . , JUDY HANSON , ,. . JANICE MATHENA , LINDA SCHWEINITZER DARROL SHILLINGBURG JOANNE SIDER ,,,. . LAURA ADAMS ,, KATHLEEN AUSTIN ..., RICHARD BLEWETT REBEKAH BOSWELL MERRIANN CRUSE , JOYCE FAIRALL TIMOTHY HACHMAN BILL ROWLEY ,, , ROBERT SHAW JOYCE SMITH , GREIG SULLIVAN ELLEN THOMPSON .,.. JUDITH WEISS ., . We S4456 guild Um mime 111.1 CJI1111-11,11I1'1111'N'11"1, 11115111111 11111111-.111 11113111 1111 111111 T1111111 111 111111.11 11111 I1111I111FK1CI 111 11111111 11111 1 1 11111111 93111 11 111'-111'l11.1-11111 111111 11111111 1111111 111111J11,1w1C1111i111i11,111111111111111,11111111111111111111111111111111'11.1111111111111 1 1111111J111,111'1 11111111111111111111111111111111111,11111i111x 11111111111 11111111 1111. 0111111113111 1111111111111 111111111 R111 11-111 CLOTHING METAL SHOP JOURNALISM ,459 A ADVANCED BAND OFFICE PRACTICE AUTO SHOP ! ll: ,su ART WORKSHOP LIFE SCIENCE TYPING x -s"If .gl fl! Igcgw YI' .u STX' ' 11 nw if gr S Rik ww 3 A 'WEE fi Se A .. 13 QE' 1 i . 915 Qmale MRS. O. ANDERSON Sixth Period Row l: Mrs Anderson, Kothloen Lwlenn, Brworly Meyer, Koy Adoms, Lenoro Klovon, Dolores Deondo, Prisclllo Whitman, Dorothy Klcrnlnc, Donno Pelrono, Forth Corlson, Freido l-lordlson Row 2: Moryln Coote, Clvorlotte All:-n, Rlworon Tornell, Moroe Schwinn don, Georoxo ilwelyerton, Borboro Bender, loner White, Mor- giorot Holrnon, Dennis Whitoker Row 3: Tom Hotmrlers Don Gllstrrzp, John Worren, Edword Filler, lorin Lewis, Don MrCroo-en, Dodd Domes, Dove Robinqer, John Wollr-r Not Pictured: Ioxce Dentoni, from Borgcs, Shrrilo Eddy, Dennis Miller MRS. BRYANT Four B Period Row l: Mrs Bryont, Bull Clovton, Inoortilci lou liitnlnwn, lmllo Prlllllll, Pot Nr'-lson, Iono Horton, Krlstint- Nelson, lticly Puller, lrlcxu Coslxrw, Gerry l-lornrlcl, Doyld Cilinrumtn Row 2: Ernest Dim, Jofl: Dlilliulixy Ricllrirll lkicltltlcl lrrinl. Mull, lolmnno Holron, Lorna Allen, fwllsvllv Donrwll, fillllllllf' fillfll c-ron, Mory Fllo ltr-is Row 3: Dulloe Mrilicli, lllrivue Morrow, lorry lmilli, Rnlwvrt lolrrs, Lurry Oilworn, Bill lll'lSlOV, lvcin Nclwuli, llillllfle is-rm-tyrvry, Wi-Q lex Perlflns of ri W lil ,---.. -,.-- . ., . . MR, LEWIS First Period Row l: Mr Lewis, Betty lrlonsen, Corol Wills, Morre King, l-lrznrielto Bonuelos, Fronces Booclw, Kotltx Stomp, Potrlcio Albin Row 2: Robert Hoos, Alfred Doyoli, Russell Crovlford, Bobby Will, All'-n Knovylond, Mori Strolwl, Edvxorrl Von Aspern Row 3: Ronnie Lynn, Lorry Holt Elmer Irion, Jerry Verstl, Freddie Clorlg, Riflword Rode Row 4: Donold Gooch Joe 'llvnmus Georfge Wells, Robert Smith, Drivlrl VVc1ll.r-r MR. LOYE First Period Row l: Chewy Hfwwsv, Anltu losllvr, Irion Ypru-rw-r, Sliriron Wririlmt, Morolyn Vlltt Loliro fwllmrr, Pcilzlo Km Dr--vlrx, Yyonnv De Cicco, Mr low Row 2: Potriiio Minlw, Nllurun louis, letltti Row, lomirivu- 'nwlei Alice Crox, Moz- Bolts Row 3: Orson Loom Allen Test, lows Horton Beyorlt trust Llvrlsf time Nordwlcla, iwondro Adlirns C'lv.irlonc' Nelson, li-in litinu-Ju Morty Joiwti Row 4: Rlfllfllll llriltl, Rolwcrt Lorlyltl ldvm-A. llvlrllrnrl. lltilwrt 'Lott Roclqer Wolters, lorn Voltg lolln l-.vllx Row 5: Voter Milvllcyr, l'l1v'll-r liixonpltrl wintry llolr, Intl llnilrx Dowd Lerw, Rower Mrlirirtln 35 ww 5 .41 ,gm Nm. r 15 4 A lf - ml Q fxw Q Q A ,H K Pk as W. my gli SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE ACTIVITIES l. Eighth Grade Volleyball Champs. 2. 1, 2 and then ROCK 3. Keep your eye on the ball. 4, After the ball is over - - - 5. Spell Hantidisestoblishmentarianismf' lour spelling chompsl Pontomime: "Mama, Mama Rumsey's Letter Men. Roughing it out-of-doors. "Hail Blue and White" rf M Q v v 'WK ,,,. r i -G ?.z'Mif i, . Q 5 5 I 6 X ... X. S 3 rt gi, 45 we Af . W Q Q ff' iq. 5 if f . 5 W . . 232.3 j 1' R Q. WU vb ,Y 'Q - si ,K Q . 5 LV .. xnsk n x al v 1 Wg. ' ' L Lf, w 1 'il Q 4 Q 5 2 -mf. . S .my rw, um - 2, .A,: Q Xi Q :gf Zig? W hx Q 2 5 V' 'wk MQQ. .iv X: .M S Q 1 me 3 3 Q +44 Wy ,jx ' E43 if 2? if si fi gg, 4 . qw, i ...... M -wwf-. 4 Q, mc fi -if X Sv 132 Q5 2 if . .. E W E ff 5 Y E 2 ' J V' M 501 'im n: .1' fum 53 Slay '15 4:fQ'-Li: em rw ,Q 2 Q, 2 mp it M Q A2 i mf? Q. i E5 if xg w " 't My - if 55 C , C. '. ,s,,,. 2 R: I ac A . ,W , VL ' ,,, Tiff M' fifxi ' vig: - xi? K3 l. 1 i 1 M il gvgxanwl ' V ' 55, . Q . 21 ff. 5 jg if N2 . " xi.. Lil ff., r M PU" I3 SYQA I: .,.L'." , xv?- , , ,,-A l" Nx Aw gig . af .r-9 1 K .--13' Wa- , A ,Nw W , . Q-1, , gf'1"1a Sf w -.1 'lu A , 4 ,. X A jg Z D XM? h A V Q I WH X M Lge- R L13 tip 52 'F , ,Ne gl' A Tr ' ' ' eip F' I Wu N -Q- AR. PANKOW Seventh Grade .RS. RALEIGH Seventh Grade tRS. SNIDER Seventh Grade MRS. SNIDER Seventh Grade MRS. VAN VLACK Seventh Grade MRS. VAN VLACK Seventh Grade 'U' Wiameala Za fememfefz Friemdshups cmd memories qw hnmd H1 lmnmd uf' I 'eff i mv, 1 'LQ ' Q fgxgx NX? I C L A S S C L U B S MISS ANDERSON Studious Sophomores Row15M.w Amfvrxuvw Afixwwv' Lfwimiu Ross Km f'Xrwde2w,vy Jucfitbi XM-iw Mun' mmld Rvwrw, Pmrrcr Murwixri Nproqwo fNArJn'1slmu ikl'H'N Wim BMW! Yqimim Lu' w Rm-vm Nwtrmiwj Row 2: Iiwkp Wir N11 iuimiif' Bmmds, Niurmpm Curley -:Marr Yruox, VIII Bu! miss infix Hcmxmi, Lmrin Hiiffmfm, Barlmm Asikms, me ,Nistw vmriv. HM, lui, Krslns Row 3: livwhi Hiemcrwslnii BLIVIWIVLI GMU, ,lvmiiwu Dum, F41 Clmxws, Lmvvvxl ,Nmrifw wfiwfx AXAOHXKIVINIS Kurwvw Kevwedx Row 4: Rutwwrf wr-Ln-., Cimn--v Hmdvr, Ronnie VYVWILEN Dnmcf: ii F Wiiiiumxom Marc wsrcrmw, Ever!-:HQ Heiivr, BMI Youvm MR. BAHNSEN Belligerent Brains Row Row Row Row Row 1: Mr BLINUSCYNV Adwsvr, XXVWTM' Hoimwri, Mmiw L, iv. I-If QiGDHiNC'ULl, Beth Der, Kmthx !Xi1s1:'w, MLITCGKJ Bw,rw:'. 3.11-H Fiuiurvul, him Vundelpol ' w 2:Lmr1fm Efcmqirzit, Bob Donwm Rwmirni Timm 'fi lim BOD Qumzw, Kvri Prmft, Yum Cfcxvwip:ioM 3: Joe Vvnsr Morqoret Puvwkcy, Murw Hwrm --.m1:.. fV'Mwf 'lhirivv Wfmvr, Lorrx Kmser 4: Morsho MOTTQ, Potrwcmu Giwm whoruvi Cs-'milf' BWP' Won-4 Goxlff Vwver, Tim Emcrwqi. f 5. Jim Nixon, Joumw Hoiiwomux, Finn? -,wnisifiulrwvw flww, khllii Row 6: Bridger Mifchnll, Barbara Gorriimy Hriclm Rm iwxim Mmm Jim Duws, Jerry Mdiivwzic- MRS. CAMP Stupid Qipids Row Row Row Row Row I: Mis lump Aclxiwr! '-xiiirwriu McCn:rrwm? Linfid Nfi'Wxff!UNTIl M51 XM,1n1Efm wmimm Wwe!! Muiirvmw Fcxrri-N1 I-rctcbwu Wnwsiiwviv Nlwlm Muivl Eivuvwr Ncsilmr 2 "XrNmv Pmliirtr, Mvrrwwm Qruw, Mmvrw Low, Put Micrlwri, Xmtumi Kairwim, Nnrrim 'liotivvv mi-fegviu Duw3r'gwr1, Cciml Lcvfm mir 3 '-imrnw Pimm Gin-iw Cwwgvr, lmfu Rfvhlwwk, Mflfifl Brw, vm Hhs Mm' Vrwliips ffiiwrif, ilfilr-Tc: Bfirldclrfi Ciwfton 4 ihiiiiim kmwr BiirIui,Lu,1 Ko-'wr Jmix BUHU, MMD VVDLJ'.'zr k.wrvrw'M wfwlrizurv limivw wtfmfurzi 5:imxm H.1M'r Rimil-. Hwy-X lrnmi PL1w1dwrL' Vwrri Frmd Rwfhfirif C'.1His tru imvrmrcl Emi im MR. O'CONNOR Bashful Boneheads Row Row Row Row Not I: Mr Ofrumwor, Adviwr, Kjcvwewir-xo Bmw Daria Q Nw.-.v' " Muiv Bvmsh, Judy Brown, lfmm !Xd11vw. Mmm Hifi iitd' field, Hoiew Russ?-ll, Q-uuciro Moms 21 June: Siomcior, Cfnrwio imuww Dorf-A iriitwruw MJ" Kwai Dick Hmisim, Vmm Zlifiwr Stxiuri :wfww 3: Cfimriortv Wiffsdw Ridwmui TP'on'ris mm Mrifmv' '-'ri Ioiezzi, Rox' HOHTI, Don Kxusqgcir Kathi, Awww 4: Kem Kyeidsem, Stow wilson Bm!! Wwwfw Pvtm lwriww 5' Jem-S, AN Giiisfspie Pictured: Iflrrx Comms, Tum we-mwfr MR. Row I Row 2 Rcw 3 Row 4 Row 5 Miif, li,,ti,n, W-,iris Hdriiry Eiiiifv Fu Row I: 1 Pliivmi Mr.'-vmvw'1s lwdv. F'ii.1r1wL- luuum' lmriui, Cum! Row 2: 1 Viv, lbwwi f'xi'vvw Dui Pcirm Mflrxm Lvfcvim, Drirvwx' VVHQK Row 31 Matchless Misfits MR. STONEHILL Dragg Mopps trirwiwr- ilfmi-im D-Mfxw Vxviuvwr, limi! Win-I-Viv! Arwvwtfig VVc1rv,wH, lciciw VVUYLIIVLIYN, Hrlrivilvu Plums- Hmmm- Mnlvkivnlif Kumi Nislvm, Wwimnl Iowa, Mr 'lim-hill Aiivw-,vi : H4V,'!l1i Dwi, BMI Dustin, John Nutt, Hun-, Wliilvfiiiif Row 4: Cluliclm LUN, lxrwfu !X:n1i'lswu, Ccxrul Crfmfurfl, Mu!-iw Nwdwulix, iw Mrlzlrlri Rurrvcfrm Wi'lwIw:'r, fXiIvvvw Durvwl-. WilliamBCH,fvuvVv'c1H-.-'r,FlLw!Pw Hmris, Mm' ulwvmvv, lviulii Miwrtwvwl Hmm Iiwmsiw Mcuxm i'Kliit'V'xU!l Run 'imitty flwvw Cfminrvvu, luuwx Umlv ffhaiivni fwtivi-ii Umriws Himtiw Um Wwiwm lc-ww Purtiv MR Row Row Row Row Row Not MRS Row I Row Z Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 . WEST Naughty NIfWIfS Ruth irupgmlf lliwvrvcl fmliivm iflxi- Imp-Jw: ilivu imvrvipswv Wim Nvssfvr Hfirimrl fiwlvr, Aiixw iliiiuml Mm Wvs! ,"XfivNl Diirif-rw Hurwur Umor Hum nw, 'iii jximrwwr, Nami, lbuciumit if-nw. Wlrwriwr Kin, Mimi Wx lim I4-ui mx Lurrx Drwm- lvrxx VVi'i'CliUVT Urlxwl Hxliiiiilivlili, Mrirtim Him Nou imriri Vliiv. Curul Firm-wrm X'ir.1miz1 Bulb! Rwc'51L1rr1 IHA".-,"'! Mil-1' i'vL1HiVrf' im' Hwruflfcl Rm Hrnxsi-su' Lwrwml' Murtm Rinimrrl Mmm-Prmiri imw Iinlxhvmm lwid fruxxrlvr Kurlifwv lszvm iii, i-:vim tum i Cum Ns-mmm YNMM- Mwliix DM 1- Wiilmmx Not Pictured: Cumimm- Com Mui' Furruwsx Hiirlmm Mwlws Hula Mui if-vw Jud Murmu Miss ANDERSON Happy Hoboes Row Row Row Row Miss Anderson Arlsiser, Rirlwrta Bowers, Linda Guerrero, Doris Holland Haridiv Flint, Mitxie Bishop, Jean Kiefer, Eddie Har- riett lahn Fvrrainlo Lilittaia limnn lrxini: Warner, Silvia Graliarn, Margaret Brad tara, ilern Burton lot Courtney June Olsilba, Chip Braal-,sy Rnwerit: Calnstini Dennis Foss Xirail llaltorson, Aral Hughes, Ken l-latfleld, lun: Whee'er' Pat lerleflmr, Ken Scanayino, Darlene Martin Lam Martin Leo Del Carlo, Jirn Berry, Mike Hutcheson, Mike Nnraclier, Don Ntowr, Bah Cier, Robert Moore, Ed Rilile MRS. BRYANT Phenomenal Freshmen Row 1 : Linrla Bonclan, lionniv liaely, Dorothy Caswell, Vera White, Melanie Parrx Ruth Anderson, Diane Bell, Ann Nilrnmerhaxs, Mrs Bryant, Aayiser Row 2: Cayagnaro Richard Atiniier Brian Ritchie, Shirley Row 3 Dietrich, hharan Alclriaiqxi, Linda Hall, Barbara Hohin, Kas Crawl, Hill Merritt ' George Seaarini, Bill Polacls Georgie McConnell, Earnest Clax- lpeol, Carol Benson, Betty Cotner, Mary Gillespie, Pat Evans Row 4: Howard Bennett, Ea Adkins, Don Lee, Ted Kilpatrick, Jirn Foster, Peter Cornaslex, Milse Tammy Not Pictured: Lillian Asalsawa, Arlene Boulton, John Galaiani MRS. BRYANT Diligent Demons Row 1: layon Wisenirin Kat Mariscli, Jody Ruff, Sondra Blimgarnei, Mnlha Kinarct Darla Clark Ernestine Staaiis, Jackie Bruce, Ras Baker Mrs Bryant, Aclyiser. Row 2: Dennis tiitiliori lleiizx Covert, Linda Dare, Janet Gioyenotti, lfliwn Boiler lttciy Gilliam Nancy Aqnew, Linda Johansen Row 3: lorry Harmon Frlyiarrl Johnson Jim Patsch Fred Bianchini livralrl Filler, Rifharrl Patterson' Gale Lolseyl I MRS. BRYANT Hep Kitties Row 1: Daxacl Jordon, Jolie Holt, Royana Palmer, Jeanne Williarns, Row Z Row 3 Row 4 Not P Shirley Stover, Ann Asher, Jirn Harrison, Richard Thompson, Mrs Bryant, Adviser :Daxid Denier Diane Doliyrlle, Carolyn MCClLlUZV1, Sharon Titus, Jeanettt- Car-ii, ,loxce Thomas, Bill Clayton, Stefan Folkenclt, :Larry Field, Charles Nato, Joanne Coleman, Kay Lucchesi, Glenrlon Copeland, Rath Keith : Jack Naxer, Sta-ye Movie, David King, David Williams, Jimmy White icfured: Kenny Harmon, Ronnie Mays, Viola Roland, Delbert Wells, Richard Coolnerly, Sandra Cope MR. O'CONNOR Earth Angels Row I: Vat ltivr, Lnfilfe Caruso, Christelle Hoffman, Wilma Jackson, lim Chase, Raymond Jarado, Martin Varela, Mr. O'Connor, Arlviser, Row 2: Marylyn Searle, Darlene Azeyedo, Susan Snow, Jewell Free- man, Did Dwirltam, Marvin Roland Row 3: Dan Prater, Darrell Phillips, LeRoy Weber, Eddie Herro, Ben- nie Parker, Richard Aman. Not Pictured: Timothy Clark Howard Todd, JUNIOR RED CROSS Row I: Margaret Able, Polly Drivon, Jucly Ruff, Francais Heath, Yu ginia Stagiis, Alex Pelon Row 2: Joyce Thomas, Joan Eacldie, Lynrla Anderson, Joan Kiaalrl, Linda Huffman, Marilyn Bowman Row 3: Peaay Honlce, Joanne Hathaway, Ciretrlwn Woehrle, Maryolla lyers, Don Lee Not Pictured: Mrs Hill, Adviser, K. 4" fr -r..mfrL,i.wvX, .mire-.. ' I.: . 'ffm-.441-.Hl.l'!l'fi!ll SCIENCE CLUB TEN Row I: Marty Silyas, Lester Crowel, Allen Patterson, Polly Driyon, fvelyn Beasley, Sandra Scott, Catherine Winq Row Z: Ronald wane, Mrs Johnson, Adviser, Elaine Waidhofer, Donny Robson, Michelno Falaiyama, Greta Eisbrenner, Larry Pickering. Row Row Row Row Row TH GRADE CABINET I: Larry Gaisford, Dale Heisingier, Joanne Hathaway, Cary Nor man 2:Christelle Hoffman, Carol Wheeler, Judy Helton, Linda Christiansen, Yyonne Anderson, Jean Kiefer, Barbara Miles, Beatrice Wilson 3: Arlith Scott, Dorryl Ernbree, Barbara Keeler, Jackie Schwoerer, Katherine Martel, John Jackson, Loon Redman, Kr-nny Pierre, Sao Spooner 4: Janice Mathena, Virginia Granbera, John Platt, Nelson Davis, George Reynolds, Miss Mellgiren, Adviser. 5: Barbara Ohm, Gloria Gazeta, Lucille Bounds, Marsha Motto, Norman Barnett, ,Ronnie Williamson, Ken Sfanavino, Jnrolcl Brannon, Duke Williams 45 TRAFFIC PATROL AUDIO-VISUAL OPERATORS' CLUB Kneeling: Bill Jones, David Vandre. Row 1: Mr Meyer, Adviser, Steve Smith, Vice-President, Jim Saco, Row I: Mr Mahler, Adviser, Barbara Huckaby, Gail Begly, Roger Ray Caldwell, David Guardino, Kenneth Musto, John Wright, Snyder, Beverly Harrell, Clarin Lewis, Mr. Pankow, Adviser Allen Knowland, Dennis Whitaker, Lewis Kelli, Leonard Row :Jim Parsons, David Jewart, Garland Casey, Mike Delapin, Bridges, President Richard Malmgren, Ronnie Yarnell. Row 2: Jerry Myers, Secretarylreasurer, Alvin Smith, Richard Malm- Row : Kenneth Judson, Ray Pierce, Raulin Mendoza, Johnny Quin- Qrem, James Burns, Donna Anderson, Barry Siders, Richard ones, Paddock, Howard Darby, Row : Robert Stroud, Nicky Keaton, John Fletcher, Vincent Powser, Row 3 Torn Saunders, Dennis Williams, Jim Patsch, Ernest Childress, lrwin Langer Andrew Laird, Bridger Mitchell, Bob Hooper, Fred Bianchini, Doug Sanborn, Richard Moorehead INTELLECTUAL BOOKWORMS Row I: Miss Rornrnel, Adviser, Ruth Anderson, Georaia Jacobsen, Barbara Mackey, Shirley Stover, Barbara Bender, Gerry Goyette Row 2: Gerald Bunda, Mike Clites, Dennis Williams, Faith Carlson, Lillian Asakawa, Lois Richardson. SAUCY SECRETARIES Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Mr. Torchia, Adviser, Rose Gibson, Sue Phillips, Karon Kram- er, Judy Ourdoune, Laura Zeller, Tricia Caskey, Delores Wan- ner, Mrs Masterrnan, Adviser Sharon McNamara, Ruth Crapole, SueZette Davenport, Evelyn Madrid, Mary Torres, Joan Dowell, Mrs Siders, Adviser John Jackson, Elinor Hankins, Elinor Northup, Lillian Rule Mary l-leininger, Barbara Adkins Not Pictured: Charlene Azevedo, Alice Croy, Deanna Doescher, Sandra Darling, Patricia Etier, Sandra Flint, Margaret Kundert, Carol Parrott, Janis Pippin, Joyce Stone, Deanna Winter. ,-4 7"eQe6ag Wand in of WEEK! S . ,Anil W Q' 52 1, nnllkmvw- E f MQ! x w f inf 4 . " was A 1? df , f 1 laik :WK .mi I N X 1 ,gmf if 'fy N ,f z . ' N ' f Aw gzmws , Wg A i 5' K - f' W QM f M fe N AV' W m , m sf? SB Q 'kk X' fffawx gkakv .gf L it 3 ,W 'gig 5 Q x X , ' 'il ' Qi. H 3 Q W wi 3452, 'V f " Spb ' Sim vi Wm Se ,1 is X Q .. 5235? ug, my ixvx.. J Q k iigm , Vgaiv, -,,:w,f,x. ' 5532352 - 5 M. , ORCHESTRA wwe-Lzzfdme. Row It 11 1. 1 211 1 11 1111111 11111. 111111 M11111111 1'1111. f1,111f1'X11111i1-11-,111 1111.11-111111 M111, 111111111111 111 11 1 1 '111' 111 1'1 1111111111111111 1'1.1111- V111111. 11!111,11-11111111 M1 111111111 1111111111 Row 2: '1 ' 11' 1 111111"1 11111111 11,11 11 11 1111111 11.111 111111111111 11111 11111111 111111111 111111111111 M11111g 11111. 11 1 Q1111 11,111111,11 1 11'11:. 1 1111 1311111 M11111111 11111111 .'1 111V, Row 3: 1111. 1 1111111 !-11111111 11111, 1'1-111111111- 1' ,11'11111 11 111.11111 11111 11111 11111111111 15111111111 1111111111 M111111 1 111 11' 11' .1 ,'1 '11 11,11 .11 17511.11 111111111111 1-'1111,1111'111f11111l Row-1: -1 ,1111 1l11.1' 1111'1.1111111 1i1111111M'1111111 121.11111 1 11111111 111111111511 14111 1 15111 D11s11111 1311111 11111-111111-1 1111 IX 1 59 1 1'.'1 111111 111111111 1 A CAPPELLA CHOIR fe.1.,.,,M,,4,m Row I: 1' .' 111 111111, 1111-:.1 11111'11111111 111111 111111111 M1111 11111l1s1 1111111 1111111111 '111:111 11.11111 1111 1 1111 11' 1-11, 1-1 1. 11 111111 1 M1f1.1111. 131111111 Row 2:11:11 .11 11 '1 1 .1111 11,111111 1.111111111'111111 11111111111.'.111111 L111.11111111111111111x '1A11111:11111-1111111111 M111111111 1.111 1 1 1 '11111' ' 1 11111111 M.1'11 V111 fx11"11 Row 3:12 1 1 11 11.1111 13111. 111'1f N1111. 1. 11111, X'115g111 1 111 11 111 1'11111111111i111 111111111111-.1111 11111111 1.111 11111 111.11161111.1.11. Row 4:1'1'11'11 111' 11 111111 11'x1111-11111111'1.111- M1:111111 1 111111111 1111 M 1 1 111 111-11-1, 111111111 111.1111 M11 1 ,1 ,. Row 51 111111"1.1 11" 1 111..1 111.1l1f111- 11111111- 1111111.11 M111111-1 1'.111x W111111111 H111 1 1111111111111'111 11111111.1111-1 1 1 1 Row 6: 111 1 '1- 1 1 11.-. 1-1 11.1111 111-1111. 1.111111 1113111111 1'1r1111111Y11111111 '11111: 1 1111 1 l11 1111 1. 111 Row 7' 1111111 14111211 1 1 '111111111 1311.111 W11111'1 1111 1'1g1' 1121-1.1111 1111111 2 ,nd- .mr 7, sv-'MU 'STV' I .,-,KW ' YH MISS STOCKTON HIGH JUNIOR MISS, S.H.S. Roxen: CALESTINI JUDY UNRUH Q81 CZ? MR. AND MISS RED CROSS FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD PATRICIA IACCHERI -JERRY comes WIZARD OF THE CLARINET RALPH KROCKYI LOOMIS me Usa' fam ?Zczq Their first love. Our 'SUPERIOR' orchestra. Terry Goldsworth-Photographer of Miss S.H.S. The decorations were terrific. Ramona Weber, Gail McCawn, Barbara Miles, Rose Gibson Cheerleaders. "Satisfied - - - real SATISFlED." A willing model - Mr. Watson. Preparing for the future. Shirley Wager, Carlo Hansen, Judy McGinley, Joyce Fairall Sharon Purcell-Songleaders. Another Model-Mr. Carpenter. Our peppy German band. FOOD. Some more models-Duke Williams ond Elinor Honkins. FOOTLIGHT FAVORITES KTOP HALF! Charleston, Charlesfon . . . Roaring 20's perform for "Spring Spin." Starr Truex, Jerry Douglas and Carol Wheeler in a scene from "My Sister EiIeen." "Gene" he'ping with production. Curtain time. THE MIKADO KBOTTOM HALF? Mercy, your highness! ! Davis, Pugmire, Stanford, Willis. Three little maids from school aie we: Leidecker, Pennebaker, "Mac" rehearses with the class. Katisha, I beseech you to marry me! Hathaway, Davis. Oh! please you sir we much regret . . . is iii 46' ti. 5 . .w 3. dme alfa ,hae 4 Game time 15 more thcm the QGITWC ITE Qcmod sportsmqmshup, :TB excwtenwmt It! Turion Spmt' ' VARSITY FOOTBALL Tying the Mid-4 Football Championship in the '55 season, the Tarzans made their first big win by taking Franklin l-ligh, l-lovvever, Edison l-ligh didnt prove to be ' such a pushover and Sl-l.S. suttered a big defeat. But just in the nick ot time Frank lin came through and saved the day tying the Mid-4 when she topped Edison 1955 FOOTBALL RESU LTS S.H.S. .,.. . ., ,28 Tracy 0-here S.H.S 0 Turlock ,,,,. ........ 1 8-there S.H.S. ...... ,,l8 Franklin 0-here S.H.S. H ,...,,, I3 Galt O-there S.H.S , ,, O Edison .... .... I4-there S.H.S , 20 Downey .... ,. . 0-here S.H.S. .. , H33 Modesto 7-there COACHES: Ken Rogers, Adolf Szyper, Bob Steel MANAGERS: David Rogers Dodd Davies Russell Quast Row I: Vern Emick, Leon Redman, Randy Florey. Row I: Manuel Retamoza Ernie Ferrero Steve Walke Row 2: Wayne Gilstrap, Al Gillespie, Allen Dal Porto, Duke Row Z: Lester Crosby, Larry Gaisford Cary Norman Marc Williams Freitos. is pagfncwf 6 . 1 .3 , gfenffw' 6 jm- pugf! .. wel., , Dwifdlf We 'Mn F plan! W -A:.:1', ,.E:q h, ,., y fcdnd who " 6 1a4e72lb?Cfi0 3 7 , C 5 egg? P dm bell fdfffg VARSITY BASKETBALL-Mid-4 Champions Row 1: lua falls NllQlllCl'Jl'V, .lvrold Braaaaa, lllll Davrx, le.rx Mflilajw Jerome DW J, Eralr' Ferre-ro, Cllarlrw Sullles, Kea SCLillLlKllTU, Marla lvl Ro S.H.S S,H.S S.H.S S.H,S S.H.S S.H.S S,H.S S.H.S S.H.S S.H.S S.H.S S.H.S S,H.S S.H.S. 44 w Z3 llwvriuo Wllllcwwn, Larrx Cwavsfarrl, Rarwx Cllklrl lilll Halma-2 Plul Hr-lalr' Kun Kltllfl9Gll Bali Hara Mmm l-rvlfas CaazlwRcr1vre SCORES . 36 Tracy . 38 Lincoln , 38 Tracy . 52 Lincoln . 45 Downey . 56 Edison . 42 Franklin . 58 Modesto . 38 Franklin . 51 Edison . 46 Modesto . 62 Edison . 48 Downey Franklin The SH S Basketball Team lwacl a sflff buf Successful seasaa, sufferlaa only one defeat al flue lwarlcla af Franklin Hlglw, Af flle Clase of llwe season SH S. fauauerecl Fra I t l here here there here here there here there there here here there there here nklla 55 a l lXlOllll mar lil arlcl faalc flwe Mlfl--l Clwamplaaglwllv. The toss-up Kenny tries for the extra point Time out for a conference S.H.S S.H.S S.H.S S.H.S S.H.S S.H.S S.H.S S.H.S S.H.S. S.H.S S.H.S. S.H.S S.H.S. 5. "On you TARZANS SCORES Trocy Lincoln Lincoln Downey Edison Franklin Modesto Franklin Edison Modesto Edison Downey Franklin VARSITY BASEBALL-Mid-4 Champions Sl-lS. has good reason To be proud of the members ol lTS Varsrly Baseball Team, The Cornblnallon of good Sportsmanship and Terrific Slclll nas produced outstanding resulls. Row I: lrruxvr Baker Dlflx Parenlr, Jerold Brannon, Jann Formal' Lu' Palau Toni Barron Kon Nianavlno lvrrx Mililnrue Row 2: Cuaclv L1llllfUxlC, Cllarlwa Nllllai, Jorrx Combs, Daw Cfinill-11, lfiin !XfClrR:,n Errw' Verrfrro Jlm Daxlk Marc Frollaw Rnnnv Vvlllmrnwn NW' Row Row Row Not lllcnnon Loon Redman, Manager I ff? HJ? so Ss vw Sl . 1 7 ' - . o,,., .... . yi X P- ...J few M... fxx, i. -1 JUNIOR VARSITY BDASEBALL I: Roller! lxln.,1, Manaavr, Dodd Dawes, Davld CllIT..ll'TTUU, Carx Nellverl, Wayne Klnd, Rolfn-rl Scott Lerax ilrolvlell, Rohvrl Fclae' Z: lnnmo Mcimro, Manaavrg Dowd Lees Douglas Holsle Jack Nayer, Larry Osborn laseolr Tnoma: Duane Is:-Trl 3: CQUKJCV Nzxpor Grower Blalr, Robert Smlfh, George Wells Carl Beck, Blll Clwaffrn . Pictured: Alfred Davoli, Ernest Dan, Dennis Lloyd, Dave RLJDHWQQFI Allen lest, Jem Versll, Jrmmy Wnlle ...wawks iff 451 - vgv Q Q-,ug ff- T'M??""b','67'4' wmfw FM fx- E 3" 54 35' 'isflimfff 5 Q ffl? f A A , Q if G " Fl www N I ' " il 5 gs V , S iw? lfiif I wg X-xx' f tl. 4 A 7 lkk, x ,I Y xg , V - - f 1 Q1 X ' ' K , '-X1 ,A 5 5 ew sr - Q as W -, " M 4,5 . , 7 . -3 41 , Q ff 5 , H 'H' W W' ' ' ' I ' ' 4 1 313325 ' WL- -ff N 1 -A--. fi ww ' W 1 n:.N. -,. 1-mln, Q i ,,.,3:.iR iff . -nr! fv ,. V .M 'AW' , .1 j ,,-'aff K 1 X Al , W 'wi ' , Q fm, is wish Q ., .Y5:,9f,gg ,ff . , - ST- ,". Q ' -,W -,: . V ,L .qv A N, i-, 'I 5 Avis w.vW'L jj I r ,'r-- 1 .,f.,mwf ' sl me L.. - f ...-:ann GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION i Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row I. FALL OFFICERS: Row I: Beth Ferreira, .lliclv Bollo, Linda Sclmein Row Z3 Kim Walker, lanis l-lortan, Janice Malnsna, 2. G.A.A. SPONSORS: Miss Slreltrnan and Mrs Renslwavi 3, THE LINE-UP 4. SPRING OFFICERS: Row I: Xanilra Adams, Wilnu Taell, Betty Ferreira, Row 2: flax Walker, lanice Malliena, Gayle WexC', Beverly Polanrcli, Jaan Goald, Sire Williams, Sue Phillips, Earlene Ford, Yvonne De Occo, Barbara Mlzsla, Belly Corlrin, Anna Lasiter, lrene Mala, Hennella BanaeloS, Lucille Caruso, Sharon Snare Madeline Spanos, Jiirlx Ballo, Jaan Spooner, Clalrrlla Call, Sylvia Peaiies, ,laax Wrralil, Carol Niskern, Betrn' Ferreira, Darlene Newman Marsha Vvlnte, Patsy l-lall, Jovce Frades, lean McLain, Sherri Rivara, Rachelle Knierienwen, Paula Kay Drewrp, Barbara Keeler, Clieerx Hawse, Marilyn ipraaue, Krisrrne NelS0n Marxclla lwrs, Sandra Adams, Rebekah Boswell, Luanne Lovaal, Sliselre Donnell, Laura Adams, Laura Zeller, Jeanne Snyder, Lvnne Varl er, Clirlsline Norclvvlck, Wllrna Tlle'l Mainland Yerkvx, Beverly Gust, Robin Niernann, Frankie Reanlen, Linda Srnitn Gayle Wever Ge-arala Jafobien, Mao Bells, Jani' Harlan Janis Harlan Marilxn Bauman, Bcverlx Lawrence, Cliarlene Nelson, Limla Scliw-snilzer, Snirley Wager, Linda Huffman, Carol Cnallwarn, Linda llttileralcl, Janel Hlclxi lla! Boaraesi Barbara Redlngilon, lady Dahl, Shirley laolnclell, Valerie Sralnalcer, lanicc Mallnena, Marv Benislw, Judy Sanderson, Slrirlex' Field Barbara Ohm, Cav Walker, Gloria Gazera, Starr Trilex, Ann Collins, Clwarlafle Wirlscne, Sandra Moore, Linda Haasclwilal, Karnx f'XllSlrn Wlwrle, Genevieve Barns, Marv Arclier, Slwaran i1:er, Gayle Wever Clweerx l-lovise, Starr Traex, Barbara Olwrn lilclx' Bella, Linfla QCITWCWIIIZPV Sandra Moore, Barbara Ohm I, -P! Aga 19! 5 l - 1 4 STRICTLY SPORTS l. Aren't we fit? 2. Co-education, 3. lntra-mural volleyball. 4. Gym dondies. Gym leachers-Miss Bliss and Miss Mitchell Varsity baseball practice. More co-ed. Cogeboll. Ackngwledgmenfgg A Gift Your Loved One Will Treosure . I The Blue ond Whale Stoll wishes To express its . . . CI PORTRAIT of YOU . A . by IREINIE oppreiuotuon to oll The wonderful people who gove gen- erously of thelr rirne ond Tolent to help with the V356 PIIIUIL' IIN' IIUPIIIIWSS WI' IU" QM' WW I'IL"IflS WI IIN I AHMUGI ones this your by Qlvlng YOUR pllnlogruplr In-nv wlll A you or your Ioyulrest to rotlh thu rllorrn thot ax you PRINTER. MULDOWNFY PRINTINC COMPANY III? North Colnfnrnlo Sm-ot HOvvord 2-FUIS OFFICIAL PHOTCGRAPHER: IIIINIS Polarrwr sruolo I37 Llnfoln Center Ill! 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EL DORADO STREET '4 '7ce 229 EAST ALPINE AVENUE STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA if I D R E S S S H O P pacific at adams dm ho 3-7659 -- stockfcn ' A I lsnl Iliol n lovely qrodiiolion dross IUIJY HOLLO is modeling or Verok 'GOOD WISI-IES FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE" EII III III II fi L 41.1 Ellis IW III 111--I 1" Distinctive Furniture iff Floor Coverings PI-' Droperies if Applionces FO0TE'S 5-10-15c STORE 2026 PACIFIC AVENUE Stationery - Crepe Paper V Parfy Supplies School Clothes - Notions - Ribbons - Sewing Supplies Toilet Articles - Candy - Toys SIIICIIIIIII IIIIIIIII CIIIIIPIIII BEST IN FLOWERS 0 SII EAST HARDING WAY STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA DIAL HO 5-5308 WYATT L. MITCHELL I I ffuemce 'yfawm S 2365 PACIFIC AVE. - STOCKTON - HO 2-6550 'ON TI-IE MIRACLE MILE" Flowers for every occosion --WFINE GIFTWARE- Jerry Hyske - Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hyske E5 The Ewnest ln Beouty Core For The Drscrrrnznotlng Women ' HO 2-6895 -, 4 F . -. ?:. 5 Qtr' fr tI1o."MIRACLEMEN" Q BEAUTY SALON , On the Mrrode Mule TGBY ACTIS TED HERMAN - SANDY SENDEROV 2206 NORTH EL DORADO - STOCKTON 53 PACIFIC AVE4 Phone H0 34536 ' Speclolmsts In Hour Slwopmng, Styling ond Permanent Wovlng Q' , f ! C yes It's nere ogoin 3Ll4fl!7.i0lfl A KWH by 0l44,!!f7Ill47 ' HOME OT GRADUATION LOVEBRIGHT DIAMDND RINGS A MIGHTY IMPORTANT EVENT 324 East Main Street -ere A A A A I I CONGRATULATIONS 'n AND BEST WISHES - CLASS or '56 tor T PARTICULAR PEoPLE 5 I 5-6013 23I8 PACIFIC AVE. STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA M A I N G f H U N T E R Phone H0 4-9275 Nes Freifus - R E C O R D S ' FREITAS MUSIC CO. IOI S. Son Joaquin Stockton, California The yeorbook stoff hos stopped off or the BLUE ond WHITE for refreshments ofter o hord Sotur- doy's work on the yearbook. BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES , CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES . . I .4- STOCKTON DRY GOODS me H0 6.9111 Blue Sz W inte Fountam Hamburgers - Foot-long Hot Dogs - Shoe String Potatoes MAIN STREET at HUNTER STOCKTON 2 4 8 E. H A R D I N G W A Y BEST WISHES RISSO BRCS. MARKET TO GRADUATES CE '56 GROCERIES, FRUITS and VEGETABLES Phone HOword 6-8655 TT 2314 NORTH CALIFORNIA STREET fuzzy Walters 4 San +FARMS+ PAINTING D E C O R A T I N G Milk-Buttermilk-Cream PAPERHANGING I805 WEST LANE PHONE HO 3-I87 4 4 8 W. ' F R E M 0 N T STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA 6! P- We plan for The future We yearn far the past And meanwhile the present Is leaving as fast," - -frarn R. MCCann's "Cl-IEERFUL CHERUBS ' -A QX ' ' 'ffl' I - - iiXAY'V-WU' Law W1 1 f20S" 1 9 Eff f' f J my , 1 4,s,ffy,4 Wig, t qsfffiu , b- -X,: X75 f L7 J ' ,Nw L ,xv Q4 pp ' 352359 my H0 ,fm JCM, X W , Q3 Zgfwiijjfdw MW . My KQWWWW? 5 J Cf fwjffwiw W- me Q ,f15xwgQ W 3 ww f V, . K, t '-1 i it 3v.,e,.: V my . ' 5 - ' .V-Q if f' Y ' gg W. W6 ! W V V t Y vii.. -I A vu. M . .A . Y "

Suggestions in the Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) collection:

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