Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA)

 - Class of 1946

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Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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,f"7 Q! ggi Sfmiflz if 5 f ? QM M A X QQJMQQJ 19 ww Xgw wg Xa-.,i, -2? W 3 QW' QW X Qglfrfgf bvfvs my X315 hx mfs - 6 x n , N MQW M NM gwww I A3 . f EL , 'WW if 3 En! O35 Gb ' rf K WJ Q M gn Q QW of WM' ? QS ,S w r Blue and White '46 IVIARIAN SIMPSON, EDITOR CLAUDIA VAN DYKE, BUSINESS MANAGER CARNEY CAMPION, PI-IOTOORAPI-IER J. W. ADAMSON, ADVISER PUBLISI-IED BY TI-IE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OE STOCKTON I-IIGI-I SCI-IOOL, STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA AT IS STOCKTON We wanl, 'For lhe lirsl lime, lo reveal iusl whal MAKES Sloclclon l-ligh. We have prepared for you an annual, enlirely diiclerenl from any Jrhis school has ever before produced, hoping To piclorially answer Jrhe perlinenl gueslion . . . "Wha+ is Sioclclon l-ligh?" .wiv Fronl' of main building HIGH? Wesi' side main building and wesf glade looking from ironi of audiiorium LET'S TAKE A L LET'S PEEK AT OUR CAMPUS New building from easf side THE SETTING FOR TTUR STORY Commercral-science bulldung from front X Fron'r of audiforium. T T T Eas+ side of audiforium from wes+ glade Wes? glade FromL view of bungalow Easf glade BUT WHAT ABOUT OURSELVEST T n HERE IS THE BACKBONE OE STOCKTON PicTured below are The members oT The Board oT EducaTion. SToc4- Ton schools owe a greaT deal To These members Tor The many Things They have already done Tor educaTion and Tor The Things They have planned. A new insurance policy which covers all schools in The disTricT Tor a number oT Things has already been adopTed. AnoTher Thing which has already been done in connecTion wiTh The grammar schools in SToclcTon School DisTricT is The consTrucTion oT good, high meTal Tences enclosing play grounds and TaciliTies. Besides maTerial improvemenTs, The Board has done some invesTigaTion oT Tinances and oTher Things. A cenTral Treasury Tor all money TransacTions oT all schools in The ciTy oT STockTon has been esTablished, and HIGH Mr. RehnerT, M T l M H lvl T-lll M l eTTicienT, accuraTe records musT be lcepT oT all money maTTers concerning The schools, no maT- Ter how small. We, The beneTiciaries oT all changes made by This group, appreciaTe all which is done by Them and wish Them The besT oT success in Their Term oT oTTice. Andrew P. Hill, BOARD OF EDUCATION: THE FACULTY IS BEHIND AND SToclcTon I-ligh is iusTly proud oT iTs exTremely capable and ever- pleasanT adminisTraTive members. Always willing To do anyThing and everyThing requesTed oT Them, They are True Triends oT all who have come in conTacT wiTh Them. This year Mr. Ellis, principal, was honored wiTh a life membership To The ParenT-Teacher AssociaTion. Miss lvlclnnes, dean oT girls, was missed around school Tor much oT The spring semesTer because oT illness. lvliss Loveioy very adeguaTely Tilled her posiTion during her absence. Yes, our adminisTraTion is our pride and ioyq we will never TorgeT Them. W. Fre lv1r,J. C. Cave, dean of boys. Ci Ellis, p p i ON MUCH OFTHEW L guage Teachers-Mr. T-loTmeisTer, Miss Heggie, Mr. TurkaTTe, Miss WiIIiams,h d T Miss De Ruchie, Miss Selna, Mrs. Anderson. Language DepaT T The TaculTy has increased by leaps and bounds The pasT year. Among The newcomers are: English deparTmenT, Mrs. Camp, Mrs. Chope, Miss l-loTFman, Mrs. WesT, Miss Archer, Mr. DeiTz-who TaughT aT Schneider VocaTional School beTore going inTo The service Trom which he was re- cenTly discharged-and Miss Green-who reTurned This year aTTer a leave oT absence: Mr. Turl4aTTe oT The Language deparTmenT: Miss Collins, Mr. Drury, and Mr. Schepman oT The Social Sciences: MaThemaTics, Miss Elsie Dunn, Miss Emelyn Dunn, and Miss Canessa-a graduaTe oT STocl4Ton l-ligh: Mr. McLaughlin-who reTurned To his Teaching posiTion in The science deparTmenT aTTer being in The service: Miss l-loenisch and Miss McDaniels, boTh Tormer grammar school Teachers, oT The ArT deparT- menT: Mrs. Erye and Mrs. DeLap, Girls' P.E.: Miss WrighT, l-lome Eco- nomics: Mr. Arbelbide, Mr. Cooper-who TransTerred To Edison aTTer a shorT sTay-and Mr. Solomon-who reTurns aTTer a Three year sTreTch as a commissioned oTTicer in The Navy-all oT The Boys' P.E. deparTmenT: Mr. Rundle, an honor graduaTe oT SToclcTon l-ligh, in The Science deparT- menT: Mr. Chance, Social STudies deparTmenT. Those leaving school were: Miss KaTherine l-lumbargar, who is now dean oT girls aT Edison: Miss ElizabeTh l-lumbargar, Mrs. Sheridan, Mr. Greenwood, and Mr. Nevin all oT whom are now Teaching aT SToclcTon Junior college: and Mr. Cooper, who was TransTerred To Edison l-ligh. in appreciaTion Tor his coaching a winning baslceTball Team This season, 'PeTe' Lenz, oT The P.E. deparTmenT, was awarded a gold wrisT waTch by The sTudenT body aT an assembly in The early spring. The sTudenTs and TaculTy were all shoclced aT The unTimely passing oT Mr. Ellis Elder, Tormer science Teacher, who leTT To ioin The service Three years ago, and was expecTed To resume his Teaching nexT Tall. ORK Home Economics Deparfmenl-Miss Alexander, Miss Fowler, Miss Dunning, Mrs. Mr. J. M. Lewis, Agriculfure Lonquisr, Mrs. Marlin, Miss Wriglwl. leacher. Mr. Adamson, Journalism English Teachers-Mr. Riicliie, Miss Devlin, Mrs. Wesl, Miss Green, Mr. B. Lewis. feaclier. English Teachers--Miss Berry, Miss Saw. Mrs. Weeks, Miss Miss Larson. English Deparimenf Howell, Miss Harris. Miss Archer. head. Mr. Reed. lweacl of Mailwemaiics Mailwemarics Teacl'iers4Mrs. Cripps. Miss Eisie Dunn, Miss Ciiidesirer, Miss Tully, Deparimeni. Miss Kenision. Maihemaiics Teachers-Miss Emeiyri Dunn, Miss Pease. Music Teachers-Mr, i-ieisiriger, Miss SCOH, Mr, Smiiiw. Mrs. May. head of Jriie Girls P. E. Girls' P. E. Teachers-Miss Miicheil, Mrs. Solomon, Mrs. DeLap, Mrs. May, Miss Deparirneni. Biiss. Mrs. Frye. Commercial English Teachers-Miss l-loflman, Miss Lovejoy, Mrs. Commercial Teachers-Mrs. Schuler, Mr. Van C-ilder Camp, Mrs. Van Vlear. Miss Cass. Commercial Teachers--Miss Eberhard, Miss Powell, Mr. Krebs, Mr. Mr. Wenlz, Commercial Deparl- Reelhorn, Miss Carden, Mr. Freeman. menl head. Mr. Blim, Commercial Teacher, counselor. Arl Deparlmenf-Miss Slanclerfer, Miss l-loenisch, Miss McDaniel. OTHERS OO SPECIAL WORK ON CAMPUS iTop To boTTorn, leTT To righTl-Mr. Caulkins, RegisTrarg Mrs. Pond, librarian: Miss Robbins, Miss ScanTlebury, Mrs. CarTer, aTTendance oTTiceg Mrs. Lundblad, maTrong Mrs. WrighT, Miss Giacovoni, main oTTiceq Mr. Greene, nighT school oTTice: Miss Giogna, Mr. Carmichael, commercial oTiiceg iainTors Taking iT easyq caTeTeria workers making preparaTions Tor lunch-Time rush. MosT cerTainly our TaculTy and adminisTraTion are imporTanT, buT The school could noT TuncTion properly wiThouT The services oT The group oT people who do The "special work." Included in This caTegory are The librarians, who serve The sTudenTs TaiThTullyg The ATTendance OT- Tice, keeping "Tab" on The sTudenTs: The Com- mercial OTTice, handling The Tinances OT The school: The Main OTTice, The secreTarial parT oT The school: The NighT School OTTice, in charge oT nighT school coursesg The RegisTrar, who per- Torms The challenging duTy oT scheduling classes: and The MaTron, Taking care oT Those in need of TirsT aid or medical care. Keeping The campus and buildings clean and in good condiTion and ianiTors. The oT preparing and Teria each day. We have Tried oT all The above are noT picTured porTanT duTies. are The duTies oT The gardeners caTeTeria workers meeT The Task serving The meals aT The caTe- To give a represenTaTive view groups, There are many who TDUT WTTO perT0rm equally STUDENT BD DY OFFICERS AND Supporling all worlhwhile school aclivilies . . . ll 'rhe Fall Council . . . passing laws . . . paying P S bills . . . worlcing hard . . . sponsors of many V sluclenl body dances . . . many aller-loolloall games . . . slimulaling school spiril' . . . our highly respecled sluclenl legislalure. lTop fo bollom, lefl' fo righll'-Mary Renard, Bill McFarland, Nona Bissell Elwood Wong, Pal While, Hal Scon yers, Sue Bonner, Don Sliles, Marian Simpson, Louis Wenlzel, Charla Lyons ERS RUN Spring Siudenr Council . . . performing reg- ular du+ies . . . plus . . . ine King and Queen Coniesi . . . Jrlie Fun Fesi . . . colorful decora- Jfions . . . preseniafion of aflileiic awards . . . council dances . . . a liiile fun along wiilfi work . . . advised by Mr. Cave. 'N-. 'WF :H--...M Hop to bofiom, ieff fo righfl-Don s Sue Bonner, Gerald McLachlan, Dick Gaedfke, Marian pion Sue Bran lcagno Sfiie , Charla Lyons, Simpson, Carney Cam , don, Norma Livingsfon, Ray Ca Esfner Molina. The Boys' Srudenr Conrrols . . . mosr conscienlious . . . successful . . . in many years . . . under leadership of El- wood 'Wong for rhe fall . . . Ray Calcagno, spring . . . car- ried oul' lheir many dulries . . . however difiicull . . . very la- vorably Fronl' row-lvlarqarel Sullles, Sue Smilh, Claudia Hickey, Sue Bonnar, Barbara Grubbs, Mary Renard, Corky Harrison, Verna Gianunzio. Back row-Nona Bissell, Duane lvlarheny, Marian Simpson, Norma Livingslon, Florence Busalacchi, Alice Eiselen, Nancy Lee Denlon. Fronl row-Carney Campion, Tunky Ken- dall, Bob Lease, Russ Shepherd, Ray Henney, Curlis Lewis, Hal Sconyers. Back row-Ray Calcagno, Bob Minahen, Alberl' Bianchi, David Ofis, Don Slrires, Rod Delrick, Dick O'Connor, Dick Gaedlke, Delbert King, Jack Holmes. STUDENT CONTROL On The job al all rallies . . . programs . . . hall duly every orher week . . . helping keep lhe campus clean . . . lhese were some ol The jobs . . . lhe Girls' Sludenr Conrrols . . . headed by Mary Renard, Tall . . . Sue Bonnar, spring . . .suc- cessfully conquered Fronl' row, lefl lo righr-Claudia Hickey, Sue Bonnar, Mary Renard, Nadine Harms, Lucille Linkerl. Back row-Norma Doug- las, Lillian Mayer, Florence Busalacchi, F1-alririel' Harper, Alice Eiselen, Alberva I er. Fronl row-Elwood Wong, Russ Shep- herd, Bob Sfaudenraus, Perry Ah Tye, Carney Campion. Second row-Hal Scon- yers, Bob Lease, Fernando Mirarnonles, Bill McFarland, Ray Calcagno. Third row Jack Gi-anelli, Sheldon Nichols, David Olis, Jack Holmes, Delberl King, Bob lvlinahen. SENIOR CLASS Gradualing classes ol I946 . . . advised by Miss Mclnnes and Miss Brown . . . Iors ol exciremenr . . . co- operalive comrnirrees . . . planning and worlcing 'rogerlier . . . Fred Risso, I'IaI Sconyers . . . hard working presi- denrs . . . Senior Calendar . . . many doings . . . Ilme all- imporlanl Senior Prom . . . Class Day . . . Iradirional lay- ing of flue plaque . . . Class Dinner . . . Senior Rough Day . . . "peculiar cliaracrersu . . . rlwe Senior Play . . . rehearsals . . .and Jrlien . . . GRADUATION! . . . climax- ing a very successful year Top, Iefrz Fall 'IZA officers-Doris Lee, vice-presidenfg Fred Risso, presidenrg Marge Bocolli, secretary. Borfom, Ieffz Spring IZA officers- Hal Sconyers, presidenfg Nanelfe Hallinq, secreraryg Roland Susicn vice-president Right column: Top, lefl-Nona Bissell, senior candidare and win- ner of queen of Sfockfon High coniesf. Top, righf-Hal Sconyers, senior candidale and winner of king of Srockron High contest Middle, right IZB fall officers-Claudia Van Dyke, secrefaryg Mary Lou Hal, vice-presidenlg Norma Livingsfon, president Bolrom, right IZB spring officers-Carol Hanshaw, vice-presidenfg Mary Helen Agnew, secrefaryg Por Giollonini, presidenf. lllighfl Top-Miss Junior Class, Helen Vossos. lRighiI .BoHom, lefl'-Mel Schmid, candidaie lor king of Slockfcn , 'High. Right-Jeanneire Allec, candidale for queen of Slockfon High. . - - lLef'r columnj lop picfure-Junior commilfee,-fallf Meredilh Neumiller, Ralph Pedersen, Lois Garibaldi, Alan Talk. Picture 2: Spring IIA officers-Blanche Moore, secrelaryg Pai Black, presidenfg Jane Wheeler, vice- president lLei'r columnl Piclure 3: Spring officers-Nancy Lee Denfon, vice-presidenfg Harrier Harper, presidenfg Mil- dred McKay, secrerary. ILef+ columnj Piclure 4: Fall Junior Class officers- Joan Schediwy, secrelaryg Alan Tall, presidenig abseni, Joanne Warren, vice-president. JUNIOR CLASS Always lunclioning . . . Ihe Junior Class . . . co- operalive . . . new ideas . . . hard-working Junior Calainel' . . . amlailious presidenls . . . Alan Tall, Pal Blaclc, Harriel Harper . . . lirsl' Junior Prom in hislory of SHS . . . "Miss Junior Class" . . . vivacious Helen Vossos . . . Ihe Junior Carnival . . . "S'ra're Fair" . . . big success . . . concessions . . . novel decoralions . . . lun . . . coke guzzling conlesl . . . all under capable supervision ol lvliss Jean Tully . . . Junior Class adviser 22 lliighil Spring Sophomore Class officers-Belly Lucas, secreiaryg Ray Henney, vice-presidenfg Joan von Berg, president lLefT columnl Top: Fall Sophomore Class officers-Doris Whitehead, secrefaryg Angelina Revillar, president. Middle: Sophomore canclidales for king and queen of Slocklon High- Dolores Eslep, Jerry Griffen. Boffomz Freshmen candidales for king and queen of Sioclcion High- Don Sfone, Sue Billups. SOPHOMORE CLASS One of ihe lirsl' sophomore classes io gain recogni- lion . . . presenling successful shows . . . hard worlc . . . everyihing 'rypical of an aciive class . . . coopera- live members . . . special commillees . . . Angelina Revillar, Joan von Berg, ambilious class presiclenis . . . ihis is our Sophomore Class . . . under The helpful direclion of Miss Green and Mrs. Van Vlear, class advisers 23 DENTS GET INTO STEP Machine Shop . . . Mr. Milligan . . . vocalional suloiecl . . . slruclenls learn ma- chinis'l's Trade . . . learn To operaie machines . . . clo work for deparlmenls, learn To operale ancl repair machines, learn names of Tools . . . work To an accuracy of IXIOOO of an inch 24 EARLY AND WORK HARD Physics . . . ivir. Spagorci . . . one year course . . . upperciass subieci . . . fhe of why machines work ihe way Jrhey do . . . heaf ieffeclr of expansion and conrracfioni . . . picfure shows slrudenfs waiching a demonsfrafion of generafors and mo+ors Jrurn- ing mechanical energy info elecfrical energy . . . visa versa 25 -J...,.I., DIULJY Modern l-lislory . . . Mrs. While . . . polili- cal, social, and eco- nomic movemenls in Europe up 'ro I9I4 compared CLASSES Public Speaking . . . Miss Larson . . . laughl by head ol English De- parlmenl' . . . senior subieclr . . . correcl pronuncialion and ba- sic principles of speech slrudied . . . valedic- lorian is annually cho- sen from one of fhe Public Speaking classes l Advanced Drawing and Painling . . . Miss l-loenisch . . . class con- sisfs of semesler in wa- 'rer color and a semes- ler in oil . . . slill life porlrails exhiloilred in halls . . . siudenls are ar'r majors . . . arf schol- arships given Jro one sludenf 26 CLASSES Basic Drawing . . . Miss McDaniel . . .one year course . . . draw- ing and painfing fig- ures . . . landscapes aloslracf composilion . . . models from sludy and class used . . . re- quired lor any arl' course Clofhing I . . . Mrs. Marlin . . . required suloiecl for all girls . . . sludenfs in p i c Jr u r e sludy color wheels and color harmony . .. make lop sewed palches 27 Merchandise Co-op ...Mr.Krelos... sI'uden+s gel' credil for working as sales people in slores oulside ol school . . . slore lech- nigue sludied . . . indi- vidual inslruclion given for individual iobs . . . four hours of school . . . four hours ol: clerk- ing CLASSES P l a y Produclion I and 2 . . . Mr. Rirclnie . . . class in producing plays . . . loeiween I5 and 20 plays a semes- 'fer . . .all sfudenfs par- Jricipare . . . inleresled classes invifed 'ro see plays . . . gelding up and expressing oneself willwoul' lriglfr siressed Foods . . . lvliss Wriglil . . . required lor girls for gradualing . . . semesrer course . . . srudenrs planning and preparing luncheon . . . learn grades and culs of meal . . . fo ser Table properly. . . vira- mins and minerals slud- ied . . . prac+ic:e in planning well-balanced meals ,GUM Prin'r Shop . . . Mr. Comer . . . vocalrional rracle course . . . in- slrucfion carried ou+ by demonshalrion and ac- Tual praclice in produc- ing prinled forms . . . Prinf Shop eguipmen+ is used To prinl Guard And Tackle . . . Prinl Shop worlcers do ad composilion and fold- ing for "Gal" CLASSES Algebra I . . . Miss l-lumbargar . . . a+- fended moslly by fresh- men and a few sopho- mores . . . course rec- ommended +o all aca- demic sruclenls . . . lirsl malhemafics' course for college, showing equa- Hons and graphs CLASSES Newswriling I . . . lvlr. Adamson . . . s+u- denls learn lundamen- lals of newspaper work . . . assigned lo regu- lar bears . . . pul oul' one edirion a semesler called Jrhe "Cub" . . . also do regular English work . . . book reporls . . . second semesfer sludenls aclually work on paper Slenography 3-4 . . . Miss Carden . . . senior commercials l u d e n Ts . . . lies Jrogelher Typ- ing, Slenography, and English . . . preparafory lor a secrerary . . . slu- denls praclicing 'raking diclarion for Jrranscrip- lion Painr Shop . . . lvlr. C. E. Williams . . . lour year vocarional course . . . as in eleven voca- rional courses, sludenls go lo school six hours a day . . . Three hours are spenl in Jrhe Voca- lional Deparlmenl . . . lhree hours ol relaled suloiecls . . . repainr- ing and redecoraling done . . . all new con- slruclion made by cab- inelworlcers. . .in pasl have redecoraled pro- ieclion room for Main and Commercial Build- ings and painled ceil- ing of Audirorium in foyer CLASSES O iii c e Appliances . . . Mrs. Schuler . . . sludenls are laugh? lo run calculalors, +o du- plicare on rnulligraph, mimeograph, and dillo machines... IZA class 'Finishing course Economic G e o g ra- phy . . . Miss Cass . .. lwo semesler sopho- more subiecl' required lo r a II commercial graoluales . . . lhe Uni- 'red Slales from sland- poinl ol resources is sfudiecl lirsr semesler . . . second semesler resl of world is sluclied, especially our foreign + r a d e wilh various counrries Auio Repair . . . ivlr. Liloharl . . . course in incluslrial arls . . . an eleclive sulaieci' . . . loelore aclually being able To work on auro- mobiles in shop slu- denls musl' have a year ol aulo eleclrics . . . Three year course 3 I CLASSES ChemisTry I . . . Mr. LivingsTon . . . pre- Terred college course . . . limiTed To iuniors and seniors . . . phoTo- graph shows simple chemical union OT zinc and sulTur . . . Chemis- Try is The sTudy oT The chemical composiTion and behavior OT rnaTTer -5070 oT chemisTry is laboraTory worlc where sTudenTs conducT own experimenTs Mill CabineT . . . Mr. Van Vlear . . . regular Tou r-year vocaTional course . . . boys don'T inTend To go To college . . . prepared Tor iobs in mill work . . . every year many pieces OT TurniTure builT Tor vari- ous schools oT The dis- TricT . . . boolccases, chairs, deslcs, Tables, cupboards 'l'rigonomeTry . . . Miss ChidesTer . . . Taken by maTh majors only . . . senior subiecT . . . ToundaTion Tor en- gineering, aviaTion, and science Cu rren'r European . . . Miss Brown . . . siudy of world alilairs . . . basically Uniied Sraies' relaiions wi+h Europe 1 "1:- 3 4:1 K Eimmm CLASSES Physiology I . . . Mr. Snoolc . . . second year Biology course . . . sirucrure and working of human body sfudied . . . phoiograph shows sfudenl poinfing oul' various bones of "Ma- bel," 'rhe slceleron Mechanical Drawing . . . Mr. Kline . . .one semesler +0 six semes- Ter sluclenis in same class . . . individual in- slruclion given . . . learn To draw and read plans . . . do orihogra- phic proiecring . . . 'rhree dimensional ob- iecls from difierenr an- gles . . . do archirec- rural drairing, floor and elevarion plans in ad- vanced course . . . ma ke paper models from 'rheir plans CLASSES Music Work Shop . . . Miss Scoii . . . siudenis shown making a Souih American insfrumeni' called a caracas . . . lafer will learn io play ii . . . folk music from differeni counfries siudied . . . s'ruden+s can learn io play oiher insirumenis . . . class mosiiy for siucienis who have had no musical experience Spanish 2 . . . Mrs. Palacios . . . sfudenis siudy grammar and verbs and 'rransiaie siories . . . ouiside oral composifion required once a week CLASSES P. E. 7 . . . Mrs. Frye . . . sludenfs shown pracficing arlificial respiralion . . . all sludenls musr Jralce firsl' aid as a parl' of llieir regular gym course . . . one period a week is devoled To firs+ aid Carpenlry . . . Mr. Arflmur Srnilrlw . . . Edison l-ligli School carpeniry boys 'roolc on a real iob Jrlwis year . . . 'rlwey learn +o build by aclually building . . . class planned and did all +l1e carpenlry worlc on lwome for an Edison High employee THEY WORK HARD IN BAND The Slocklon l-ligh School Band . . . plays al all alhlelic evenls . . . rallies . . . programs . . . under direclion ol Mr. Harold Heisinger . . . parlicipales in lhe yearly Music Feslivals . . . an oulslanding musical organizalion Fronl row-Elinor MacKenzie, Meredilh Neumiller, Barbara Roberlson. Second row-Mr. l-leisinqer, inslruclorg Charlsa Crall, Darlene Mall, Darlene Drury, Belly Salzsiedler, Gloria Marlin, Melba Chrislian, Elsie Roberls, Dorolhea Yanes, Paul Slovall, Leolamae Crocco, Floyd Gall, Marilyn McMichael, Marian Nicora, Richard Perez, Ray Paular. Third row-Al Pecchenio, Berl Drewes, Jeanne Marlin, Ronnie Pearle, Billy Rose, Peggy Pickering, Slanley Jacobs, Janel McOmber, Geneva Soulherland, Dorolhy Courlney, Max Burlon, Joe DiBarlolo, John Richey, Bill Pallon, Charles Monk. Fourlh row-Wade Loveday, Alberl Jung, Bud Behrens, Renaldo Rallo, John Beiarano, David Lewis, Paul Sanguirielli, Gene Lillle, Ray Sleele, Cyrus Hickinbolham, Jim Orr, David Somers, James Ensign, Dick Luna. Back row-Ronald Knighl, Ray Sisneroz, Peler Sanlana, Adelberl Pallerson, Allan Jones, Paul While, Bill Heryford, Don Lillle, Bob Conner, Jimmy Riley, Marvin Wiqley, Lyllon Lewis, James Mullins, James Newman, David Lawson. SCH OOL ORGANIZATIONS ORCHESTRA Most certainly an asset to the school . . . the Orchestra . . . directed by Mr. I-Iarolcl I-Ieisinger . . . played at graduations . . . some members performing at tI'xe Music Festivals . . . a few with the Stockton Symphony Orchestra . . . giving concerts . . . pleasing everyone Front row-Mr. I-leisinger, director, Roy Patterson, Edna Vigna, Ethel Pilgrim Harriett Platt Jenny Lampitok, lla Moore, Lois Wilson, Lucy' Perez, Betty Williams, Evangeline Godinez, Earl Jennings, Pat Dolores Wells. Stout, Joan Menlring, Natalie Smitlt, Eleanor Platt, Second row-Frank Yorks, Wilbur Lown, Dorothy Witt, Irene Huston, Beverly Roessler, Shirley Isaacson, Maxine Osborne, Evelyn Max, Judith I-lolybee, Sid Carlin, Wayne Work- man. Third row-Gary Gray, Bill Storm, Bob Ryland, Alan Mer- chant. Ernen Torell, Jane Lawson, Alice Eiselen, Tommy Evans, Don Roberts, Lillian Walcott, Betty Salzsiedler, Walter Paullin. YELL LEADERS lTop groupl Yell Leaders-El wood Wong, Marvin Wigley, Per nanclo Miramonles SONG LEADERS ary enar , ue onnar, Pa Nassoiy, Pal Smith, Norma Liv- ingslon, Claudia VanDyke. lBol+om groupl Rally commit lee: Fronl row-Sue Bonnar, Nor- ma Livingslon, Carney Campion, Mary Hauser, Shirley Arlhur. Back row-Nona Bissell, Bob Minanen, Roland Susich, Dori Sliles. Absenl, ,, Howard Rehnerl. RALLYL ,QOMMITTEE lMidclle groupj Song Leaders- M R d S B f A ll if' fx . MS. N as TROUBADOURS Fronl row, leff lo righf-Marian Danska, Ivlarquerile Snniln, Thlrd row-Paul Barnelch, Joe Padilla, Raymond Chrlsfie, Joe Charlolle Evans, Marian McKelkIe, Rolaerla Young, Una Belle Sunserl. Back row-Dan Ballalana, Bob Spencer, Mac Winchell, Dagg, Wilma Teslu, Shlrley Arllnur. Second rowADIane Claussen, Sanford Sweer, Del King, Ralph Pedersen, Kenny O'Dougherfy. Pal Ernerson, Pal Ireland, Mary Lou Daniels, Geraldine Hanranan. The Troubadours . . . Slocldon I-liqI'1's grealr choral group . . . direcled by Mr. Frank lnornlon Smillm . . . sings al annual Clxrislmas and Easler programs . . . gradua- Jrions . . . performs lor many civic, sclfwool, cnurclm orqanizalions . . . well-lcnown . . . excellenl array of singers SPRING FESTIVAL Whig - QMQQWEQQMTGCJSLW STOCKTOKI CAL APR 5 1946 Music Festlval to be Presented p.m, wso- Tac- from t he e of the Febru' been Tac - affairs of the presi- Composition Contest May be Entered By French Students A r'fx must to on n-aH mage the Sindy of Fra-huh ir bonu nn 1- omni H10 ax from 1000 x rcxiew, or current vx-on Science or any aspen hanguagu. Ile-gulxmt ions C5533 Amorivnn tions must 18415. to purlmem n California, Rach az me my name of th dress. Full used, or Its and NON 1"rem"x to Angus In a notive is announced thai rxnrm Eight nar, Simpson, Photo Contest Open , To S.H.S. Students For the Each year outstanding students are chosen by members of the fa- culty and administrarion upon the bases of scholarship, 1-aadership, activities, and dependability. youtlfs Leadership Was Blg Success As you know Lhn Grunt and "Mfg Ccxezfnf inn came wx nm M.,nd.,, dur QP pi 0 mg the V' 15 penod and ll caused ijnifgnthixfwglyl qune 4 few cflxunkiee among stu- dvnts and teachers On use whnlo the was Athle cs n outstanding athlete at high school for four years, Delbert King, former commissioner of athletics, as been president of Quad Cpand fx member of Block "S", Trouba- cf s, and Round Tabie. Deikplans U.S.C. and become a phy- education teacher. ' - Ac riviz les Prenthlmrd tm IIA Xhouilhi and :cc Broker, former associate -of tho Guard and Tackie, has u. member of the,Ca1i.forn3a Koncinued on Page 31. .S. Group Discuss Q :sing Conditniins Radio Program ht studvnls of the soda! :ms class were participants of IES Anmri:-on School of the sterdzxy on the rogular pta- , 4-vcr mation KGDM from p, nz. discussion was hold sludents on the topic "Housing, Quincy news conunentzswr rho subject and spoke first part of the pm- gmm The Inttcr night minuteti n u tu our Q L ry n an exclusxxelv hckle was Ewen were dn-voted to thc discussion in vm K u lol lfrcz Luv Ins con- Uf Sea M ,,..l.,wy,.w GUARD AND TACKLE STAFF: Leif column, Top-Pal Wnute, fall ediror. Middle-Dave Lema, sporfs edifor, spring, Carol l-lanshaw, co-associale ediior, springj Evelyn Gulhrey, associalc business manager, spring. Borlom-Dudley lgo, associale edilor, fall, Riglwl column, Top-Sue Brandon, editor, spring, second, Marilyn Clark, Mary Renard, Nona Bissell, columnisls. Third piclure-Earldwin Long, assisranf edilor, fall, Belly Lou Weborg, special reporfer, fall. Boffom picture-Dee Dee Belinfanfe, business manager, fall, Wanda Johnson, associafe business manaqer, spring. I1 t 46 BLUI: AND WI-lllE STAFF: Leif column, lop-Sanford Sweef, sporls edirorg Cnarla Lyons, ad plworoqrapner. Middle-Marian Simpson, ediior. Bolfom-lvlarlyn Robe-rls, associaie business man- ager' Gary Gray, ar? edifor. Righr column: Top-Claudia Van Dyke, business manager, Sue Smilh, classes. Middle-Mr. J. W. Adamson, adviser Guard and Tackle and Blue and Wliife. Bollom-Belly Lou Weborg, senior ediforq Marilyn McKay, sludenl government Cenler-Carney Carn- pion, phoiograplwer. C. S. F. lUpper leffl: C.S.F. fall officers-Mildred McKay, secrefaryg Phil Pisfer, presidenlg Carolynne Isaacson, vice- presidenf. fUpper righfjz C.S.F. spring officers-Nona Bissell, vice-presiclenfg Ralph Pedersen, presidenfg Mary Renard, secrelary. lMiddle leffj: High scorers, spring- Earldwin Long, Wanda Johnson, Bruce Becker. lBoHom Iefij: High scorers, fall-Lloye Ellis, Roland Jordan, Ronald Kidd, Richard Aulwurrn, The honor socieiy . . . California Scholar- ship Federaiion . . . open 'ro sfudenls achieving len grade poinis . . . many good limes had by members . . . slcaling par- +ies . . . picnics . . . sponsored by Miss Silliord and lvliss Elsie Dunn . . . irip 'lo Universily ol: California . . . respecied, honorable, worfhwhile club . . . wiih high principles and ambilions 42 VARIETY OF CL PRESS CLUB lTop groupl Fronl row, lefl lo righljBeH'y Lou Weborg, Dee Dee Belinfanie, Nona Bissell, Claudia Van Dyke, Sue Brandon, Dave Lerna. Second row-Carney Campion, Lloye Ellis, Pal While, Sue Smilh, Charla Lyons, Marian Simpson, Back 'row-Marianne Paddock, Mary Renard, Dudley lgo, Sanford Sweef, Earldwin Long, Ralph Pedersen. lllighl columnl: Top, Press Club officers-Carney Campion, vice-president, Dudley lgo, presidenfg Marian Simpson, secre'rary'lreasurer. Middle-Press Club Chrisl- mas parly, singing carols. Bolfom-Dinner al fhe Press Club Chrislrnas parly. Fun . . . Fun . . . Noi a care in Jrhe world . . . lhe Slrocldon l-ligh School Press Club . . . wilh lvlr. J. W. Adamson al Jrhe helm . . . goes merrily on ils way . . . up- holding The higher slanclards ol journal- ism . . . producing Blue and Whiles yearly . . . Guard and Tackles weekly . . . bull sessions daily . . . a group . . . oblaining from life . . . all il orlers Fall officers-Jane? Thienes, Sue Bonnar, Una Bell Dagg. Spring officers-Norma Livingslon, Lois Garibaldi, Barbara Jordan, absent GIRLS' LEAGUE Sponsors ol hilarious Girls' Jinx . . . inleresling speakers . . . Girls' League . . . organizalion ol all high school girls . , . aim, lo promole unify among girls . . . To furnish helpful advice To +omorrow's aclulls Top 'lo boifom, lefl lo riqhf-Talking if over on Senior Rough Day. Whal are you adverfising? Modern iransporfafion To school. Tri-Ferese - Tri-Ver-He "Silver Snow" dance. A Smile prelly . . . huh? Whal scared ou? Mr. llurbi is houndecl for aulographs. ly nj Y WN ' Queen of Sl-oclclon l-ligh, Nona Bissell. COP de-bale leam has healed debale al' Round X 4 Table meeling . . . and our King, l-lal Sconyers. if lnleresling spealcers . . . healed debales . . . picnics . . . parries . . . scavanger hunls . . . meelings every olher Thursday . . . advised by Mr. Young . . . honorable organizalion . . . Round Table Club . . . a club for civic minded sludenls . . . mem- bers suggesled by counselors on basis of scholaslic abilily, personalily, and hislory inlreresls . . . elecled inlo lhe club by execulive commillee of club . . . a well-balanced mixlure of lun . . . food . . . and valuable well-rounded colleclion ol informalion con- cerning civic problems ROUND TABLE CLUB Fall officers. Fronr row-Howard Rehnerf, Spring officers. Front row-Don Stiles, Carney Carney Campion, Don Sliles. Back row-+Alice Eiselen, Nona Campion. Back row-Alice Eiselen, Marian Simpson, Shirley Bissell, Marian Simpson. Arlhur. 1-. ' C X x .i A.xn,.' FRENCH CLUB French Club officers - Pal' Nassoiy, presidenlg Mary Hau- ser, vice-presidenlg Alan Talf, club represenlafiveg Frances Colliver, secrefary-freasurer. GERMAN CLUB .German Club oHicers-Earld- win Long, president Jimmy Choy, secrefary. Lislening lo French records . . . singing French songs . . . observing French holidays . . . ealing French food . . . yes, il's lhe French Club . . . open lo srudenls who have 'ralcen or who are now in advanced French . . . advised by Miss Lulces . . . sends food and clolhing ro lhe needy French people . . . a club Jrhal combines a good Jrirne wilh worlhwhile aclivilies Organized lale in Jrhe year . . . 'rhe German Club . . . under rhe direclion ol Miss DeRuchie . . . a small group . . . consisling only of German sludenls . . . plans an aclive social calendar V 46 CHINESE CLUB lTopl Lefl-Chinese Club offi- cers, fall: Wing Jew, Eslher Lee, Kinman Gong. fTopl Righl'-Chinese Club offi- cers, spring: Edward Toy, Violef Toy, Henry Ng, David Wong. STAMP CLUB lBoIlom groupl Slamp Club ollicerce,-Man Tall, Melxin Hoff- ri-n Fichard Aulxvurm, Alberl Phillips, "Slamp collecling is my hobby" . . . lhal is aboul lhe only gualilicalion for membership info 'rhe Slamp Club . . . a group ol sludenls . . . banded Jrogelher for lun and educalion . . . monlrhly meelings in bungalow . . . auclions . . . slamp Jrrading . . . parries . . . advised by Mr. Tall . . . Jrrip lo big San Francisco auclion . . . olarl concession al High School Fun Fesl . . . Jrhree members also members oi American Philalelic Sociely, lo which The lale Franklin D. Roosevellr once belonged . . . aclive organizalion . . . capable leaders Organizalion ol Chinese sludenls ol high school age . . . advised by lvliss Elizabelh l-lumbargar before her lransler lo Slocldon Junior College . . . barn dance . . . senior banguel' . . . inilialions . . . Jrhree closed dances . . . raffle for Red Cross . . . parly for freshman members . . . raffle lor Youlh Cenler conlribulion . . . high- lighling a year of enioymenl' in service and social evenls . . . meelings held lwice every monlh al' lhe Chinese Chrislian Cenler , . . purpose lo creale unily among young Chinese people and lo be of service lo rhe communily and school 47 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION lllighfl fop group, Disfribufiye Educafion Club offi- cers--Cveraldine Morris, Mary Casula. A new club on campus . . . rhe Disfribufive Educafion Club . . . made up of sfudenfs in Refail and Merchandise Co-op classes . . . Mr. Krebs, adviser . . . closely affiliafed wifh adulf and sfudenl' groups of Berkeley, Tulare and ofher California cifies . . . meefings held during class fime on Fridays C-SOLF CLUB Tournamenfs and more fournamenfs . . . fun and seriousness . . . coached by "Pop" Ransom . . . aim fo promofe fhe game of golf among fhe beginners . . . carried ouf by infra-mural fournamenfs . . . acfive socially as well as physi- cally . . . an inferesfing club . . . lofs fo offer lRighfl boffom group, Golf Club officers, fronf row- Russ Shepard, Sfan Song-err Back row-John Ellioff, Pefer 3rown, Sfanley Dinkel. BLOCK 'S' lLeffl fop group, Block "S" fall officers-Perry Ah Tye, Howard "Morf" Rehnerf, Dick Gaedfke, Dick O'Con- nor, Del King. lLeffl boffom group, Block "S" spring officers, fronf row-Scoff Jenkins, Bob Sanguineffi. Back row-Howard Rehnerf, Mel Schmid, Charlie Herring. The afhlefic club of Sfockfon l-ligh . . . com- posed of boys who make leffers in any sporf . . . genial Mike Garrigan af fhe head . . . ushers af foofball and baskefball games . . . candy sale af Fun Fesf . . . hayride . . . swim- ming parfy . . . raffle . . . every week has fun nighf in fhe gym . . . fhe Block "S" BULLDOG HI-Y Lafe slarl' in organizing . . . advised by Sam Clayfon . . . presided over by Bud Jones . . . organized baslcelrball fe-am . . . real compeli- +ion in volleyball . . . already organizers of swell pariy . . . nail-driving concession al Camp Car- nival . . . a lilrrle behind in social funcfions . . . neverlrheless, a line group of boys wi+h real spiril Top group, fall olilicers-Rudolph Arnaiz, Presfon Gar- mim. Boflom group, spring officers, lronl row-Ray Fisher, Les Geigieq baclc row-Mauro Sanchez, James Mullins, Rudolph Arnaiz. MENCIUS HI-Y Champions of Norihern California Hi-Y Bas- ke+ball Tournamenl' . . . coached by Edmund Loy, adviser of Jrhe club, and Bill Choy . . . caplrained by Howard Fong , . . whole Team given gold baslcelballs by YMCA . . . given dinner al' Cenfral Melhodisl Church in Honor of championship . . . aciive volley ball Team or- ganized . . . full social calendar . . . fif+h anni- versary banquel' dance . . . roller slcaiing parly . . . picnics . . . colce boo'rh a+ Camp Carnival . . . sponsors of annual closed carnival . . . an- nual picnicgin Lodi . . . a group of young boys . . . having a good lime and upholding Hi-Y sfandards Top group-Howard Fong, Jim Mah, Wing Jew, Frank Fong. Bolfom group-Shew l-long, Frank Fong, Wing Jew, Harold Young, Kinman Gong. RAMBLER HI-Y Fall olzlicers-Bob Sanguinefli, Jack Gianelli, Wil- Spring ohlicers-Ralph Pedersen, John Ellioll, John liard Cummings, Sanford Sweet Fred Risso. Gardner, Jim Brown. Progressive dinner . . . speakers . . . foorball game wifh Acmy Hi-Y . . . baske?- ball Team . . . volley ball ream . . . hayride wirh Tri-Arriba . . . acfivilies backed by Mr. Sweei, adviser . . . acrive organizaiion . . . always doing somerhing . . . many able leaders A The very aclive Quad-C club . . . advised by Fred Wollum . . . ioini' parry and hay dance wiih Tri-Avanie . . . Marsh Creek picnic . . . baskerball and baseball reams . . . BB gun concession af Camp Carnival . . .cake raffle ar Fun Fesi . . . high spirired group of boys QUAD C HI-Y Fall officers-Del King, Dick O'Connor, Jack Milleg Spring orlicers, ironl row-Louis Wenrzel, Carney Dan Morrow, Don Sfifes. V Campion, Don Sliles. Back row-Dan Morrow, SCOTT Jenkins, Jack Marks, Del King. Wing l-long, Kuo l-long, Frank Low. Ging Wong, Wing l-long, Alvin Lee. LOACIUS HI-Y Anorher Chinese l'li-Y . . . Jrhe Loacius club . . . excilring Jrimes . . . skaling parly . . . co-ed parly . . . swearer dance . . . banquer af Cenlral lvlefhodisi' Church . . . baskelball and volleyball 'reams . . . played baskelball a+ Sacramenlo wilh lvlencius l-li-Y . . . dar? lhrowing af Y Carnival ACMY HI-Y AMECAE TRI-Y Under able counselling ol Dick Pedersen . . . Organizarion for freshman girls . . . counselled Acmy l'li-Y . . . YMCA spelled backwards . . . I Q had a swell 'rime Jrhis year . . . progressive dinner by Mrs. Camp - - - lale QGHINQ Siafied - - - In On . . . closed dance . . . snow Jrrip . . . visilr To Sikh Temple . . . barbeque . . . visif +0 S+. John's church . . . organized compeliifive games nighl lor Acmy members . . . winding up wi+h a dish- many "Y" aclivifies . . . aciive while an organi- zaiion . . . disbanded because of dililiculfies on breaking concession ar The annual Camp Carnival meeling dares and olher complicalions Acmy otclicers, fronl' row-Joe Dierrich, Roberlr Tri-Amicae officers, fron? row-'Jackie McPherson, l D B ' h . B k -J' C S G ,Sue Billu 5. Back row-Beverl Ford Ree horn, on urn am ac row im orson, ue uernsey p y . Kirby Robinson, Bernard Berg. Saralee Ford, Helen McCloud. FERESE TRI-Y One of mosl' acrive Tri-Y clubs . . . iniliares carrying books lo school in buclce-rs for a week . . . "Huba Huba Hop" . . . successful sporl' dance . . . Chrislmas parry . . . Rummage Sale . . . Thanksgiving parly . . . co-sponsors of "Silver Snow" . . . 'iormal dance . . . am- loifious group of girls . . . equally ambirious counselor . . . Mrs. Malspino Top group, fall officers-Bonifa Keiser, Eleanor Craw- ford, Lynn Behrens. Second group, spring officers-Joyce Rogers, Belly Lou Weborg, Frances Hinlcel, Lynn Behrens. ARRIBA TRI-Y Two year old club . . . advancing rapidly . . . Jroolc in all graduares from Tri-Odaka ar Edison High . . . gel-acquainred Tea . . . buffer dinner . . . iniralion . . . ioinr rneering wirh Rambler Hi-Y . . . progressive dinner . . . ioinr parry wirh Ramblers . . . supervised by Helen Grinrod . . . graduafe members in- vired fo meering early in rhe year 'ro discuss college wi+h olher members . . . an in'reres'l'ing variely offered in acrivifies . . . organized volleyball Jream Third group, fall officers-Mayblene House, Berry Jean Rilchey, Marjorie Boccoli, Par Brillon, Par Ohm. Fourlh group, spring officers-Dorolhea Yanes, Bobbie House, Gloria Hudson, Dorolhy Bonnifield. 52 OREEN TRI-Y Ano+her club for underclassmen . . . ioin+ meeiing wi1'h Tri-Creama, and Tri-Verire To hear lvlrs. Newby, beaury specialisr, speak . . . gave parly 'ro a group ol grammar school girls . . . visired Carholic service . . . insfalla- lion of new officers ai' l-lorel Wolf . . . promis- ing volleyball ieam . . . lvliss Elsie Dunn, counselor . . . always good group a+ "Y" poi- lucks, parries, and oiher large galherings wirh orher "Y" members Top group, fall officers--Doris Cain, Peggy Pickering, Evelyn Busalacchi. Second group, spring officers-Peggy Pickering, Norma Busalacchi, Eloise Busalacchi, Beverly Fefsch, Beverly Brooks. AVANTE TRI-Y Slumber parries . . . ioinf barn dance wiih Quad C . . . doughnul and cider concession al' Fun Eesr . . . Chrisrmas parly for children's home . . . senior dinner . . . formal ini+iaJrion . . . oufsranding baskerball 'ream . . . ioini meefings wirh Quad C . . . ioinf parly wi'rh Quad C . . . counseled by lvlrs. Fred Feary . . . cookie, ice cream, and sucker concession al' Camp Carnival . . . responsible for clever decorarions al Aloha Banguei in February . . . meefings every iwo weeks . . . group Thai' likes +o combine fun wi+h duiies Third group, fall officers: Fronl' row-Joyce Lewis, Mary Lou Hall, Sue Smiih. Back row-Nona Bissell, Norma Livingslon, Claudia Van Dyke. Boliom group, spring officers-Mary Hauser, Nanefie Halling, Elsie lvlikkelsen, Claudia Van Dyke. VERITE TRI-Y The winnahl . . . champs of baskefball confesf among Tri-Y clubs . . . gold baslqef- balls . . . confinuous fraining . . . real feam worlc . . . highlighf of year of fun . . . movie concession af camp carnival . . . ioinf spon- sors of successful dance . . . formals swishing . . . "Silver Snow" . . . Chinese dinner parfy . . . followed by show . . . Thanksgiving parfy for Mexican Mefhodisf Church . . . fruly a represenfafion of fun which can be had by any "Y" group Top group: fall officers-Blanche Moore, Grace Knox, Marilyn McPherson. Second group: spring officers, fronf row-Floy Mc- Kee, Donna Briffoh. Back row--Jean Madsen, Marilyn McPherson, Nadine Odleberg. CREAMA TRI-Y Progressive dinner . . . cookie sales . . . backwards parfy for new members . . . dance wifh Rambler l-li-Y . . . highlighfs of a suc- cessful year . . . memories of good fimes . . . fellowship . . . found in Tri-Creama . . . under supervision of Mrs. Crossley Third group: fall officers-Beffy Taif, Sylvia Kaplan, Damey Meyers. Boffom group: spring officers, fronf row-Irene l-lusfon, Dolores Wells. Back row-Joan Menlcing, Lois Harrison, Shirley Douglas. Somebody drop a cube of buffer? -Shhlw . . . On 'rhe air . . . Safeiy program. -Mary Huber receives Safe+y Posfer Award. Big sl'1o+s of Safefy Week. . . . and anofher one is Jranked. 55 THE Y PUT MUCH TIME AND W FronT row-Jack l'leaTh, Warren Adams, VeTO Ramirez, Perry Ah Tye, Andy Anderson, Jack Brown, FriTz Denzer, Mel Schmid, Louie WenTzel, Bob Sanguineffi, Ben Waller. Second row-Bill McFarland, Bob WaTanabe, Don Baerwald, Dick O'ConnOr, ScoTT Jenkins, Wes Parsons, Gus Hakeem, Bob SToner, Cyril Gonzales, Roland Susich, Don Medcarf, Ozeer Ford. The Tarzan FooTball Squad OT i945 Tied lvio- desTo Tor The TiTle OT The Sac-Joaquin League, SouThern SecTion, in regular league play, buT They were edged by The PanThers I8-I2 in The Tinal playoTT game. The varsiTy TooTball Team This year had a TasT, Tricky backTield, and a big, hard-hiTTing line. They ran Through Their early season pracTice games wiTh PiTTsburg and GranT wiThouT a deTeaT, al- Though The PiTTsburg Bucs did Tie The Tarzans I3-I3. ln TirsT round league play, They dumped all The oTher Teams in The SouThern SecTiOn OT The league. The Turlock Bulldogs Tell TirsT, by a score OT 44-O7 Then The Lodi Flames were deTeaTed 22-O. The STockTon oleTeaT OT The lVlodesTO Pan- Thers, i4-I3, ended The TirsT round. ln The second round They again ran over Tur- lock and Lodi by scores OT 20-O and 38-O. The second lvlodesTo game, played on The lvlodesTo gridiron, saw The PanThers deTeaT The hard-TighT- ing Tarzans 20-7. The Tinal game Tor The cham- Third row-Coach Mike Garrigan, Joe DieTrich, Terry WaTTers, Sheldon Nichols, Jerry Griffen, Bob Croce, Doug GrexTon, Carl Carlson, Dick GaedTke, Jack Holmes, Jim Wise, Bob Minahen, Don STiTes, Coach G-arreTT Arbelbide. pionship OT The league was played in BaxTer STa- dium, buT The PanThers also won This one. Jack l-leaTh, The sTarTing quarterback, and re- serve quarTer VeTo Ramirez shared The passing chores in The varsiTy backTield. EiTher Mel Schmid or FriT2 Denzer and Bill Mclzarland Tilled The speedy halTloack pOsTs, while Gus l'lakeem did The power plunging Trom The Tullback posiTion. Bob SanguineTTi someTimes Took over The iob OT eiTher lvlclzarland or l-lakeem. Dick C5aedTke and Don STiTes handled The end posiTions. Ozeer Ford replaced GaedTke when Dick broke his collar- bone in The middle OT The season. The guards were ScoTT Jenkins and Wes Parsons. The Tackles were Jack Holmes and Terry WaTTers or Bob SToner, while Dick O'Connor rounded ouT The line aT The cenTer spoT. The Tarzans had a good Team This year. They were unscored upon in league play excepT by The ModesTo PanThers. A successTul year was Theirs because OT The eTTorT which They puT inTo making Their Team one OT The besT. ORK INTO THE FOOTBALL SEASON The head coach oT The varsiTy TooTball Team This year was Mike Garrigan. l-le was ably assisTed by line coach GarreTT Arbelbide and The sTaTT OT managers, headed by DelberT King. The coaches were in The process of making a good TooTball Team each aTTernoon, when They could be seen puTTing The squad Through callisThenics and pracTice drills. The varsiTy spenT several hours each aTTernoon geTTing in shape Tor The Tough season ThaT lay ahead. ATTer play sTarTed, pracTice conTinued as beTore. To coaches Garrigan and Arbelbide Tell The Task oT puTTing Them in shape Tor a successTul season, a iob which They did well, The managers Took care oT all The equipment aT prac- Tice and aT The games. SomeTimes Their imporTance To The Team is overlooked, buT a large amounT oT The suc- cess OT The season is always due To The managers. op g a managers-Dale Dunningham, Richard Orr, Del King, Johnny TaranTo. o C ach M e Ga rigan. CenTer-AssisTanT Coach G-arreTT Arbelbide. Lower IeTT- Th b k F la d cle s Th wa Th o h The Turlock deTense. Lower righT- eas as carn ar e y rug Ha een plows Th 0 gh To few more yards againsT Turlock. Hopi-McFarland is sfopped on 30-yard line. ice-nier, ief+J-Ford, O'Connor and i-ieaiin ioin pile-up of Lodi player. iCen+er, rigid,-Jenkins prepares io dive on big pile-up ai Modeslro game. iBo++omJ-Whiie handkerchief is dropped as penalfy is calied in i+ha+'s righii Lodi game. 58 Jack Heallw Frilz Denzer Bill McFarland Don Slifes Dick O'Connor Dick Gaedllce Wes Parsons Jack Holmes Gus Halceem Scoff Jenkins Bob Sanguinelli Terry Waffers BeTore a crowd esTimaTed aT l2,000 specTaTors, The Tarzans edged The lvlodesTo PanThers I4-I3 on The nighT oT OcTober 26. A pass Trom l-leaTh To Dick GaedTke, who laTeraled To McFarland, was good Tor The TirsT Touchdown. From The lVlodesTo 35 yard line l-leaTh passed a perTecT sTrike To McFar- land, who ran The ball over Tor The lasT Tarzan score. The l"leaTh To lvlcizarland combinaTion worked Tor boTh poinTs aTTer Touchdowns, which proved To be The winning poinTs. The lasT game on The season's schedule was The Tinal champion- ship conTesT wiTh ModesTo Tor The Sac-Joaquin League, SouThern Sec- Tion, TiTle, which was played in BaxTer STadium on The evening oT November 30. The Tarzans scored Twice beTore The PanThers even ThreaTened. McFarland scored The TirsT Touchdown Trom The one yard line. Hakeem ran The second score over Trom The Two yard sTripe. Go- ing inTo The TourTh quarTer, The Tarzans were leading I2-O, buT Then lVlodesTo exploded Tor Three quick Touchdowns. No oTher scores were made during The resT oT The game. The Tinal score was I8-I2. On November 22 The TooTball squad dumped The Lodi Flames 38-O in a second round league game. This win Tor The Tarzans marked The sixTh sTraighT Time in The lasT Three years ThaT a STockTon High Team had dumped Their To- kay CiTy rivals. The Tarzans made 462 yards Through The air and on The ground To The Flames' I43 yards. Bob SanguineTTi and Bill McFarland each scored Two Touch- downs and added one conversion To The Tarzans' ToTal. OTher Touch- downs were made by lvlel Schmid and Jack l'leaTh. This win gave The varsiTy a league record, up To ThaT Time, oT Tive wins and no losses. 60 iLef1', fopi-McFarland infercepis and scores in firsr Two minufes of Lodi game. Hop, riqhfj- Hea'H1 goes around lef+ end To score anoflwer six poinlrs for Hie Tarzans. iCen'rer, Ieffj-Sfoner, Anderson, Carlson and Brown pile up Lodi man for no gain as Ramirez looks om. iCen+er riqlrfrl Hearn is broughr down on Hwe I5-yard line as Wafffers comes 'ro his assistance. iBo'Hom, leffi- Siifes goes our for a pass wiifh Vxfafiers blocking Lodi man. iBoHorn, riqlwii-Lodi man is s+opped by powerful Tarzan iinemen. 6 I i BASKETBALL ALSO IVIEANT Kxifi Wkmiiff' FirsT row-Bill McFarland, DelberT King, Bob SanguineTTi, Phil PisTer, Second row-Don STiTes, Hal Sconyers, Sanford SweeT, Jack l-leaTh. Third row-Coach PeTe Lenz, Jerry GriTTen, Howard RehnerT, Rod DeTrick, Bob Minahen.. The l945-I946 varsiTy baskeTball squad, The unoTTicial sTaTe champions, undeTeaTed in high school compeTiTion, spenT many hours oT pracTice, geTTing in shape Tor Their long schedule. They played The usual pracTice games againsT oTher high schools, and Then sTarTed play in The CiTy League. They were undeTeaTed in TirsT .halT play, and Took The Tinal league championship. Sac-Joaquin League play saw Them Take six sTraighT vicTories, Two each over Turlock, Mo- de-sTo, and Lodi. Then came The Tinal game Tor The champion- ship oT The enTire league. Woodland came To STockTon Tor The game. Four Thousand cheering specTaTor's Tilled The Civic AudiTorium. Wood- land Took an early lead aTTer The TipoTT, buf They could noT hold iT as several Tarzans sTarTed geT- Ting The range. The Tarzans led I7-5 aT The TirsT guarTer mark, and 29-I5 aT halTTime. The Wolves could noT maTch The Tarzans' quick baskeTs dur- ing The second halT, and The game ended wiTh The score 48-33. All oT The STockTon men in uniTorm saw acTion in The game which gave Them The championship oT The Sac-Joaquin League. A dinner, gold bas- ke+baIIs, and many awards climaxed a successTul season. The Lenzmen swepT Through Their regular league schedule wi+hou+ a deTeaT. They dumped Mo- desTo 49-28 and 60-27, gaining revenge Tor The deTeaTs oT lasT year. The hardesT games came wiTh Lodi. The TirsT one was played in The STock- Ton I-ligh Cracker Box. STiTes and McFarland combined Tor 28 poinTs and The Tarzans won 43-37. The nexT Lodi game was played on The Flame courT. Lodi Took an early lead, and The score was Tied Tour Times in The TirsT guarTer. In The second quarTer The Lenzmen Torged ahead. The Flames never caughT up'wiTh Them again, and The game ended wiTh The score 40-32. This game gave The Tarzans The souThern halT TiTle OT The Sac-Joaquin League. Long weeks oT pracTice, days oT planning- 'fbreak behind ThaT man," "hurry back on de- Tense," "geT down courT TasT on oTTense"-iT all paid oTF well. The high poinT man Tor The enTire season was Don STiTes, The Tarzans' big Torward, who was named To The All-Comcerence Team. Runner-up was Rod DeTrick, high iumping cenTer, who made The second All-Comference Team. STiTes scored I79 poinTs and DeTrick made T65 digiTs. AGREAT DEAL OFPRACTICE 'VT ' YN V 2 Don Sllles Howard Rennerf Rod Delrick Del King Bill McFarland Jack Heafn Bob Sanguinefti Bob lvlinaiwen Jerry Griffen Sanford Sweef Phil Pisler Roland Dean 63 Gxhif- ' Www OUBTS F IRLS' Of FrOnT row-Jack Boggs, BerT Swenson, Nick Chiarchianis, Blendon Beardsley, Jerry ClemenTs. Second row-Jack Meyers, Jack LamberTy, Willard Cummings, Garold Singer, Vic Segarini, Ray MarTineZ. Third row-Coach Garrigan, Phil SmiTh, Tommy Klinger, Louis WenTzel, Don Leonardini, Charlie Herring. The Bee BaskeTball Team Tied Tor TirsT place in The regular league play This year, buT They losT To The lvlodesTo PanTher Bees in The Tinal play-OTT game. They had a league record OT Tive games won and one losT. The besT game OT The season was The second lVlOdesTo game, when They edged The previously undeTeaTed PanThereTTes in a close, hard-TOughT, exciTing game. This win gave Them a Tie Tor The TirsT place in The regular league sTanclings. The Bees dumped The Lodi, Turlock, and Linden lighTweighTs Twice each, and Grant Tracy, and ModesTo once each. The lighTweighTs pracTice every nighT aTTer The Ns have Tinished using The gym. Aspiring bas- keTball players geT Their TirsT chance aT real in- TerscholasTic compeTiTion on This squad. As mosT OT The varsiTy players are graduaTing This year, nexT year's Team will be made up largely OT This year's Bees. The Team has a record OT excellenT Toul shOoT- ing. Each year a Trophy is given To The player having The highesT Toul shooTing average during The season's games. The Trophy This year was awarded To Charles l-lerring, who was also The highpoinTer on The Team. Runner-up in The scor- ing column was Louis WenTzel. The Bees are coached by Mike Garrigan, known Tor his Tine personaliTy, and Tor being iusT an all-around "good Tellow." The Cee Team is composed OT The lighTer, younger boys who wanT To Try Their abiliTy aT baskeTball. They learn The TundamenTals OT The game and play several pracTice games wiTh Teams such as The Edison and ST. lvlary's Bees. The Cees are coached by PeTe Lenz, who Takes some Time Trom his acTiviTies as VarsiTy menTor To Teach These boys someThing abouT The game OT baskeTball. MosT OT This year's Cees will be play- ing Bee ball nexT year, as The Team is composed mOsTly OT underclassmen. 280350 is Coach Mike Garrigan Louis Wenlzel Charlie Herring Tommy Klinger Jerry Clements Vic Segarini Nick Chiarchianis Berl' Swenson Don Leonardini Ray Marlinez Jack Lamberly Phil Smilh Second place winners . . . Soulhern Seclion, . . . known 'rhroughoul lhe league . . . a hard Sac-Joaquin league . . . The Bees . . . always lighiing . . . never slopping squad . . . lheir coach, praclicing . . . always improving . . . learning Jrhe Mike Garrigan . . . a good 'ream . . . a fairly good sporl of loaskelball . . . building lulure champions season . . . The backbone of lulure varsilies -66 Way up reaches l-lal Sconyers . . . rerrieving anorher off +ha+ backboard . . . playing heads up ball . . . as every member of Jrhe grear Tar- zan baslcerball leam did all year . . . high poinr man Don S+i+es . . . wailing +o Jralce 'rhe ball down rhe courl . . . fo score again . . . as Lodi is firmly defeared . . . and in Modesro . . . Bob Sanguinelri is ready 'ro Jranlc anolher . . . ready, willing and able ro do his parr in Jrrounc- ing fhe Panlrhers . . . ready as every member of rhe championship ream was ready . . . in bring- ing vicrory alrer vicrory 'ro Jrhe Tarzans . . . making Them Jrhe 'rop high school baslcerball Jream in all California! BASEBALL HAD A WINNING TEANI, TOO The varsiTy baseball Team sTarTed ouT Their league season wiTh a vic- Tory over The IvIodesTo PanThers. The TirsT league game, wiTh Turloclc, was played on The Bulldog diamond, buT was called in The TiTTh inning because of rain, wiTh The Tarzans leading 4-2. In The ModesTo game, Ramirez, a Two-year veTeran oT The Tarzan hurling sTaIT, seT The PanThers down wiTh Tive hiTs and sTrucIc ouT I4 opposing baTsmen wiThouT issuing any walks. The squad, deTeaTed once by Lodi, waxed Their long-Time rivals wiTh a winning score of 5-I in Their second game. Turlock and IvIodesTo also bowed down To The Tarzans in The second games played beTween The squads. ITop picTureIfGarreTT Arbelbide, coach. IMiddIe group, FronT row-Jerry McDonnell, Tony Jardin, LyTTon Lewis, Jim GebhardT, Marvin BargagIioTTi, Ray MarTinez. Second row-Tom Klinger, Don. Leonardini, Bob SanguineTTi, Bob Zunino, Bud Lo an, Don Percival. Third row-VeTo Ramirez, Bob Crow, Howard Rehnerf, Gus Hakeem, Carl Carlson, ArT WrighT, Charlie Herring, Coach .ArbeIbide. Junior VBFSITYQ FirsT row-Jerry McDonnell, Bob Knighf, Tom Klinger, LyTTon Lewis, Bob Zunino, Ward Tyler, Jr., Joe Frioli. Second row-Bill Wright, Roland Dean, Vic Segarini, Don Leonardini, Carl Carlson, BerT Swenson, Jack Sandman, Jack Grimes. ,fx , i , Velo Ramirez Howard Rehnerf Bud Logan Bob Sanguinelli Tony Jardin Gus l-lakeem Carl Carlson Charlie Herring Jim G-ebhardl Marvin Bargaglioifi Lyffon Lewis Johnny Taranfo, Wiih such velerans as Ramirez, "Mori" Rehnerl, one of The liinesl' calchers seen in many a dayg Bud Logan, lasi year's regular on second base: and Jim Gebhardl, ouliielder on lasl year's ieam, lhe hardballers were looking forward lo a fine season as 'rhe annual wen+ +o press. 69 AND DON'T FORGET THE ENTHUSIAIVI FronT row, leTT To righT-Norman Crossley, Henry Okamura, Fank G'll'a G'lb T C J k LamberT F'Tz D e r I I m, I er arver, ac y, TI enz r, Melvin Schmid, RoberT Holmes, Earl Williamson, Ben Waller. Second row-Ray Harr, DelberT King, Bob Kinser, Al Pecchenino, The largesT number of Track signups in The his- Tory OT The school greeTed Coach "Hap" Evans This year. Over IOO sTudenTs Turned ouT To see whaT They could do in The way OT Track and Tield evenTs. This year's dual meeTs are being held by The schools Tor The TirsT Time since I943. Dur- ing The war The Track Team operaTed on a cur- Tailed schedule, buT is now on The way back To The normal number OT meeTs. All compeTiTion wiTh o+her schools This year had To be held away Trom The Tarzan oval, as iT is noT considered in good enough condiTion To con- ducT meeTs. ln Their TirsT dual meeT OT The season, The Tar- PeTer Raggio wins l2O low hurdles in Big Four meeT. ClayTon Krein, Joe Alvarez, PresTon Garmire, Joe Cecchini, Gordon PeTrequin. Third row-Coach Evans, Harold Burch, Harding KoTez, Tom Freeman, Jack Holmes, Jess Thompson, Dick GaedTke, Laurence Peirano, Manager Phil PisTer. zan Thinclads ran over The Turlock Bulldogs by a score of 71-33. Dick C5aedTke Took highpoinT honors by placing TirsT in The 220 yard dash, TirsT in The shoT puT, and running The TirsT lap on The winning relay Team. FirsT places were Taken by GaedTke, Kinser in The IOO-yard dash, Garmire in The 880 yard run, Alvarez in The mile run, Lam- berTy in The high jump, and Okamura in The broad iump. The STockTon relay Team is one OT The besT ThaT has represenTed STockTon High in The lasT Tew years. IT is composed oT GaedTke, Denzer, Kinser, and Schmid. Alvarez leads around The Turn wiTh PeTrequin aT his heels aT Big Four meeT. DISPLAYED BY OUR TRACK TEAM UL- lTop groupj From' row, lefT To righT- Ernesl' RoberTson, Bob Allec, Glenn BurTon, Dave McOrnber, Burley Howe, Paul Signorelli, Donald STone, Don Pelky, ScoTT MaThews, John Beiarano. Second row-Coach Evans, Evan Gillespie, Frank- lin WrighT, Frank Confreras, Thomas MarTinez, Lelan Davis, Walfer Paullin, AlberT TroTTer, PeTer Raggio, John Wallis, Orden Davidson, KenneTh Pra- Ter, Travis GoldsworTh, Man- ager Phil PisTer. lBoTTornl FronT row, leTT To righT--John Borelli, George Royce, George Donnell, PaT GunTer, Alberf Phillips. Sec- ond row-Coach Evans, ChesTer WrighT, Bob Lindsey, Joe Es- coTl'o, Managers Travis Golds- worTh and Phil Pisfer. Top To boTTom, leTT To righT -"Flying DuTchrnen," FriTz Denzer, Bob Kinser, Dick GaedTke, Mel Schmid, Jack LamberTy clears The bar wiTh inches To spare, Ben Waller pracTice l2O-yd. high hurdles, pradices Tor big meeT. Ben The Tape in Big Four meeT. The Bee and Cee Track squads were Taced wiTh The same diTTicul- Ties This year as The varsiTy Team. They also had no home Tield To compeTe on. AlThough each oT These Teams was unsuccessTul in Their TirsT early season meeTs, They hope To improve as The year progresses. On The Bee squad, Waller and Raggio looked good in The hurdle evenTs, and lVlcOmber was consis- TenTly placing TirsT or second in The IOO yard dash. EscoTTo, Royce and TroTTer seemed To be The besT oT The Cee boys aT This poinT in The season s running. TENNIS AND GOLF WERE ORGANIZED Firsf row-Paul Bram- well, Paul Sfovall, Alan CrolT, Richard Konig, Dick Chinchiolo. Mid- dle row-Pefe Brown, Phil Korbholz, Marvin Wiqley, John Jenkins, Kirby Robinson. Back row-Coach Wallace McKay, John EllioTT, Donald l-lolT, Gerald MacLachlin, Ray Cal- cagno, Alan Merchanf. The Tennis Team has also iusT been organized. AT The Time This copy was wriTTen, The TirsT Tour on The Tennis ladder were Marvin Wigley, Philip ln Their TirsT meeT, Wigley won his singles maTch, while Korloholz and EllioTT came Trom behind To win Their doubles maTch. Korbholz, Louis Wenrzel and John EllioTT. The neTmer1 had such a large TurnouT ThaT some oT Them had To pracTice on The Oak Park courTs as well as The STockTon l-ligh courTs. l-liqh. Wallace McKay, who coaches The Team, is also The direcTor oT inTramural sporTs aT STockTon ye lToD To boTTom, lefT To righfl -Phil Korbholz, Pele Brown, Marvin Wigley, John EIlioTT, Kirby Robinson, Ray Calcagno, John Jenkins. AND HAD IVIANY TOURNAIVIENTS FirsT row - STanley Songer, Andy Ander- son, Russ Shepherd, Wall' McGillvar . Back Y row - Rex BaTchelor, John Ellioff, STan Din- kel, Edward MalleTT, Bill Solomon, AnoTher one oT The spring sporTs which has iusT sTarTed is golT. The boys inTeresTed in This sporT go ouT To The greens each aTTernoon Tor Their pracTice. The golT Team is coached by PeTe Lenz, l3aslceTball menTor and head OT The P. E. DeparTmenT. So Tar The golf Team has had Two meeTs wifh The lvlodesTo PanThers, and alThough They losT boTh meeTs, They did beTTer in The second meeT Than They did in The TirsT. STan Dinlcel is numlzaer one man on The Team. OTher golTers are John EllioTT, Andy Anderson, and Russ Shepherd. lTop To boTTon'1, lefT To righTl-STan Dinkel, Andy Anderson, John Elliofl, Russ Shepherd, Walt McGilIvary, Edward MalleTT. GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION INCLUDES Ig I A valuable physical educaTion program is seT up M v To include all girls. NOT only do They play games, buT They are TaughT rhyThm, grace, poise, and co- operaTion in exercises, dancing, and Theory classes. A 1 ff-ii if Freshmen girls geT inTo The swing oT Things by learning To play games such as volley ball, bounce ball, kick pin, kick ball, besides Tolk dancing, moTor abiliTy TesTs, and regular Theory classes. When They become high Treshmen They learn To play Tennis. Archery is The chieT acTiviTy during The second year oT girls' PE.: yeT The girls manage To Tind Time Tor baskeTbaIl, volley ball, baseball, bounce ball, Tolk dancing, and Theory classes where The girls receive diagrammed insTrucTions on how To play Their games more inTeIIigenTy. "Jolly Juniors" experience several new games. They play Table Tennis, shuTTIe board, deck Tennis, paddle Tennis, and horseshoes. Since more indi- SPORTS, DANCING AND THEORY CLASSES vidual skill is required in These games, The girls gain coordinaTion, more Than They do in Team games. Senior girls are required To Talce FirsT Aid Twice a week Tor one quarTer oT school. AnoTher quarTer is devoTed To Theory classes and discussions. Mod- ern dancing, given only To seniors, is parTicularly valuable Tor girls wiTh poor posTure or Tor Those lacking grace. OTher Than This new Type oT dancing, The senior year is a year OT review OT Team games, now played more skillfully, wiTh a real spiriT oT cooperaTion combined wiTh Tun Tor all Those parTicipaTing. We cannoT conclude our secTion oT girls' sporTs wiThouT menTioning Frances Rembold. "Franny" has won The TolleT Trophy Tor Tennis every year since her enTrance inTo high school. This is Truly a record To be proud oi, and aTTer seeing her in acTion on The Tennis courTs, we are noT sur- prised aT her record. AND NO W WE REACH THE END NADINE HARMS Three semeslers member ol California Scholarship Federalion . . . IIB Class secrelary . . . pleasing, congenial . . . Nadine Harms . . . only commercial slu- denl' labeled "ouIsI'anding" . . . and righlly so BILL McFARLAN'D Our 'lall prexyl . . . oulsranding in loolball, baslcelball, baseball . . . four slripes lor pilcher and oulfielder on Karl Ross Junior Legion baseball Ieam . . . Jralenled arl sludenl' . . . Bill Mc- Farland . . . aclive in all four years of his high school career . . . admired by many a lass E A L L ELWOOD WONG Commissioner of Records . . . Jrhree years loolball manager . . . Bloclc 'S' . . . yell leader . . . CSF . . . Commissioner ol Welfare . . Menzie Gomas Award . . . responsible worker . . . quier . . . good humored . . . Elwood Wong . . . well lilced by everyone OF OUR STORY FERNANDO MIRAMONTES An oulsiancling sludenl' in many ways . . . Fernando lvliramonles . . . chairman of lasl lall's successful Rally Commiflee . . . parficipanf in many rallies and programs of previous years . . . Troubadour . . . yell leader . . . 'Gal' reporier one semesler . . . well lilced by all . . . because of will- ingness +o do anylrhing requesred of him LEADERS JACK HEATH Also an oufsfanding alhlele . . . a member of S'rocl4+on l'ligh's baseball, baskelrball, loofball Jreams for +wo years . . . played cenler field on Jrhe Regional Champion Karl Ross Junior Legion Jream . . . mem ber of 'ihe Block 'S' . . . Jack l-leafh . . . lakes his place as a school leader REED SORENSEN Reed Sorensen . . . music maior . . . Three and a half years in The Band . . . Jruba soloisl' al' Band and Orcheslra Con- ceri iasr fall . . . aclive in Sea Seoul worlc . . . on Senior Dinner program l I l i l i PAT WHITE A+ 'rhe 'rop in a variery of school acrivifies . . . Pal' While . . . Top scholar of her graduaring class . . . life member of CSF . . . science award winner . . . member of Tri-Avanre for 1'wo years . . . reporrer, Business Manager, lasr sernesJrer's ecliror of The Guard and Tackle . . . Par, a person Jrruly qualified 'ro be a leader . . . mosr surely an assei while alrending Sfocklron High School DUDLEY IGO Willy . . . reporrer, associare ediror Guard and Tackle . . . Press Club prexy . . . CSF . . . gold seal bearer . . . Blue and While . . . Rally Com- mirree . . . Dudley lgo . . . sparkling personaliry . . . clever sense of humor . . . chosen for our- sranding abiliiy in Jrhe field of iournalism 78 FALL GRADUATES AH TYE, PERRY Academic, J. V. loolball one year, varsily loolball Iwo years, Bloclc "S" secrelary ARATA, NICK Academic, 3V2 years lo graduale BAKER, LEA Commercial, 3If2 years 'Io graduale BOCCOLI, MARJORIE Commercial, IIB vice-presi- de-nl, Tri-Arriba Treasurer spring '45, vice-presidenl Tri- Arriba fall '45, IZA secrelary BRITTON, PATRICIA Academic, llA presidervl, Tri-Arriba presidenl' BROOKS, IVIERLE Vocalional, 3V2 years 'ro graduale BRUECKNER, DENNIS Vocalional, 3lf2 years lo graduale BU RTON, JACKLYN Academic, Tri-Ferese member, 3V2 years Io graduale CASTIGLIONE, DOLORES Commercial, 3lf2 years lo graduale CATES. RUTI-I Academic, Tri-Ferese member, Sludenl' Conlrol 'fall '45 CLAUSNITZER, IRENE Academic, presidenl Dislribu- live Educalion Club lall '45 CLEIVIENSON, CORINNE Commercial, 3V2 years 'lo graduale COFFELT, JACK Vocalional, Rally Commillee lall '45 COLFELT, BETTY LOU Commercial, Edison l-liglw paper edilor, Troubadours fall '45 CRAWFORD, ELEANOR Commercial, lreasurer Tri- Ferese spring '45, fall '46, 3V2 years lo graduale CUMMINGS, HENRY Vocalional, Edison High minis- 'fer of vocalional arliairs, secre lary of Aulo Eleclrics Club, Bloclc "E" member, EHS Slu- denf Control, El-iS'foo1baiI fall '45, El-lS Bee lraclc '45, loolball manager al' El-IS '42, '43 CUNDARI, ANGELO Commercial, 3V2 years To graduale S Qtxa- wr'-f' -H939 ,sv-59 -HCV Tom Aboud Don Babcock John Belessis Merle Brooks Ruflw Cales Barbara Cliles Perry Ah Tye Lea Baker Helen Besofes Jacklyn Burlon Jimmie Chan Lillian Cloos Nick Arala Doroll-ny Barham Mariorie Boccoli Susan Caballero Irene Clausnilzer Jack Coflell Calherine Arenf Joe Barkell Pal Briffon Dolores Casliglione Corinne Clemenson Belly Colfell' 55' Eleanor Crawford Richard De Vol Lloye Ellis Frank Fong Val Frombolo Paul Garcia Henry Cummings Bob Dickerson Belly Evans Rudolph Franke Bill Frcsl Rachel Garcia Kennelh Rosalie Lucille Jerome George Barbara Darby Dennis Deed Dinkel Barbara Douqhiy Ferdman Pal Flaninqam Frehn Tom French Fuiii Belly Mae Gall Garrelson Florila Gascon FALL GRADUATES DARBY, KENNETH Academic, 3lf2 years lo qraduale DEVERAUX, GAYLE Academic, Navy, IIB presi- denl, C.S.F. member, 3V2 years lo graduale DE VOL, RICHARD Academic, 3V2 years lo graduale DICKERSON, BOB Academic, member ol Rambler I-li-Y, Rally Commillee, Troubadours DINKEL, ROSALIE Academic, orcheslra, Slamp Club member DOUGHTY, BARBARA Commercial, member ol Tri- Ferese, 3V2 years lo graduale ELLIS, LLOYE Academic, C.S.F. member, Junior Class secrelary, Blue and While slall, Sludenl Con- lrol, Press Club, German Club, Guard and Taclrle reporler, 3 years lo graduale EVANS, BETTY Commercial, Sludenl Conlrol '45 FERDMAN, LUCILLE Academic, 3V2 years lo graduale FLANINGAM, PAT Commercial, Tri-Ferese member FRANCO. RUDOLPH Vocalional, vice-presidenl EI-IS Aulo Eleclric Club FREHN, JEROME Academic, 3V2 years lo qraduale FRENCH, TOM Academic, 3V2 years lo qraduale FROMBOLO, VAL LORA Academic, presidenl IIA Class, Guard and Tackle re- porler, Blue and While slall '45 FROST, BILL Academic, 3V2 years lo graduale GARCIA, PAUL Vocalional, secrelary and lreasurer ol EHS Aulo Eleclric Club, 3lf2 years lo graduale GENETTI, ATHALIA Academic, IIA Class secre lary, Guard and Taclcle re- porler lall '44, spring '45 FALL GRADUATES eERLoMAs, eraoizee Vocalional, presidenl ol EHS Key Club, presidenl ol Sparlan Hi-Y, presidenl ol EHS Aulo Shop, secrelary ol Block "E," loolball lellerman al EHS, presidenl ol Aulo Eleclric Club, C.S.F. lwo semeslers, EHS Sludenl Conlrol GESU LGA, ROSE Academic, Commercial, 3V2 years lo graduale GIANELLI, JACK Academic, presidenl ol Rambler Hi-Y GlLLlS, FRED Academic, 3V2 years lo graduale' GRAVEM, BILL Academic, 3 years lo graduale GRINER, JANET Academic, Play Produclion HAMLOW, BETTY Academic, 3V2 years lo qraduale HAMPTON, JODY Vocalional agricullure, presi- denl and vice-presidenl ol EHS sludenl body, King EHS, secre- lary ol EHS Key Club, presi- denl ol IOA English Club, secrelary, vice-presidenl and presidenr ol Edison High F.F.A., 3lf2 years lo graduale HARMS, NADlNE Commercial, C.S.E. lhree semeslers, llA Class secrelary, voled Oulslanding Senior HARNER. IMA JUNE Academic, BV2 years lo graduale HEATH, JACK Academic, varsily baslcelball, loolball, baseball lellerman, Bloclr "S" member, voled Oulslanding Seni-or HENDERSON, GRAHAM Academic, Troubadours lall '45 HERRERA, ROBERT Vocalional, "B" lraclc, varsily lraclc, varsily baseball, J. V. lcolball, member Block "E" Club l'lOSKlNS, BETTY JEAN Academic, 3V2 years lo graduale HUEY, GEORGE Academic, 3lf2 years lo graduale IGO, DUDLEY Academic, presiclenl ol Press Club. associale edilor ol Guard and Tackle, C.S.F. mem- ber, Rally Commillee, Blue and While slalf, Gold Seal bearer, voled Oulslanding Senior fibgfi 0, Alhalia Genelli Fred Gillis Jody Hamplon Jack Healh Harriel Herrmann Dudley lgo George Gerlomes Bob Greenberg Jeanne Harmeling Graham Henderson Belly Jean Hoskins Armenler Jones Rose Gesulga Janel Griner Nadine Harms Lila Lee Henney Eslher Hunl Roland Jordan Jack Gianelli Belly Hamlow Ima June Harner Roberl Herrera Louise Hunl Rulh Kingery Tommy Koslas John Lawrence Roberl Loberg Earl Loveday Elcuise McKee Edwin Macon Conrad Mar Dorofhy Markham Charlene Maxfield Beiiy Mazzera Elizabelh Meyne Laura Miller Doris Lee Blanche McAlpin Josephine Madrid Edward Marfin Dorsey Meyer Fernando Miramonles l Virginia Lee Bill McFarland Muriel Manning Joanne Mailioll Dorolhy Meyering Gloria Mori 1 FALL GRADUATES JEFFRY, BRAD Academic, 3V2 years Io graduaie JORDAN, ROLAND Academic, C.S.F. member, Round Table Club member, golf Team, 3V2 years 'ro graduaie KAN EKO, HARRY Academic, 3V2 years Io graduale LAWRENCE, JOH N Vocalional, ad make-up Guard and Taclcle LEE, DORIS Commercial, C.S.F. one semesler, Sfudenl Conlrol, IZA vice-presidenr LEE, VIRGINIA Commercial, C.S.F. Three semeslers LOBERG, ROBERT Academic, 3V2 years 'Io graduale LOVEDAY, EARL Vocalional, 3lf2 years 'Io graduale McALPIN, BLANCHE Commercial, 3V2 years Io qraduale MCEARLAND, BILL Academic, presidenl of slrudeni body, Siudenl' Conirol, "B" baskelball '43, '44, varsily baslcefball '45, '46, varsiiy baseball '44, '45, varsiiy 'Fool- ball '43, '44, '45, voled Ou?- slanding Senior MACON, EDWIN Vocalional, EHS foolball, baseball, lraclc MAH, MUN Academic, C.S.E. member four semeslers, Round Table Club member, Chinese Club member MAR, CONRAD Academic, Confucious Club member, 3V2 years Io graduafe MARKHAM, DOROTHY Academic, 3V2 years +o graduaie MARTIN, EDWARD Vocalional, Rally Commillee, J. V. 'foolball MAZZERA, BETTE Academic, Guard and Tackle reporler, Play Produclion MILLER, LAURA Academic, 3V2 years Io graduyale 82 FALL GRADUATES MIRAMONTES, FERNANDo Academic, Rally Commiliee, yell leader fall '46, Troubae dours, secrelary-'rreasurer of Sparran I-Ii-Y Club, Sludenl' Conlrol fall '45, Guard and Tackle reporier, vored Oulslanding Senior MORI, GLORIA Academic, 3V2 years Io gradu- a're, Tri-Ferese member NEWBERRY, LORLEI Academic, High Sreppers fall '42, spring '43, Tri-Arriba mem- ber, 3V2 years io graduale NICKOLS, SI-IELDON Academic, varsily foofball '44, '45, Block "S" member OI-IM, PATSY Academic, Ireasurer of Tri-Arriba OWENS, BEVERLY Academic, 3V2 years Io graduafe PADDOCK, MARIANNE Academic, Guard and Tackle columnisr '44, '45, Tri-Arriba member, Press Club member PARSONS, EDSEL Academic, C.S.E. member four semeslers, Round Table Club member, 3V2 years fo graduare PIEPHORN, CLEO Academic, 3V2 years +o graduale PRICE, VIRGINIA Academic, 3V2 years Io graduare RAFETTO, CLAIR Academic, J. V. foofball, varsily baseball RASMUSSEN, DONALD Vocalional 3V2 years io graduafe REED, WILMER Academic, C.S.F. member five semeslers, 3V2 years Io graduaie REVILLAR, ROSALINDA Commercial, band one semesrer RICKS, MARY Academic, 3V2 years Io graduare RISSO, FRED Commercial, IZA Class presi- dent vice-presidenl' of Rambler I-Ii-Y Club spring '45, secrefary fall '45 RITCHEY, BETTY JEAN Academic, Tri-Arriba chaplain fall '45, spring '46 SALLAH, GABRIEL Academic, 3V2 years fo graduaie Barbara Mulfhauf Cora Munoz Lorlie Newberry Sheldon Nickols Pai Ohm Beverly Owens Marianne Paddock Edsel Parsons Cleo Piepcorn Noreen Pogqi Virginia Price Clair Raffelfo Don Rasmussen Wilmer Reed Rosalinda Revillar Mary Ricks Fred Risso Befiy Jean Rilchey Gerald Roek Eddie Rose John Rosek Jeaneife Savlor Marvin Schwoerer Joe Senn Marqarilie Senn Reed Sorensen Stanley Sfeele Mariorie Vinceni Ariha Mae Wells Elwood Wong Jacqueline Silva Mary Spino Berry Sirub Mary Ann Vulcich Pal While Kay Yanaqi John Sisiinq Leslie Spurgeon Bob Thieman Lore+ia Walker Alice Williams Pa? Snider Bob Slaudenrause Bruce Van Slyke Roger Wallis June Winslead FALL GRADUATES SE SE NN, JOE Academic, 3V2 years io graduale NN, MARGARITE Commercial, C.S.E. member 'lwo semeslers, 3V2 years 'lo graduale SILVA, JACOUELINE Academic, 3V2 years 'lo graduale SISTING, JOHN 'Voca'rional, EHS foolball, baslcelball, lrack leilerman, presidenl of EHS Key Club, l-lonor "E" member SNIDER, PAT Academic, band 'rwo semeslers, Tri-Arriba member SORENSEN, REED SP ST ST Academic, band seven semes- fers, 3lf2 years lo graduaie, vofecl Oulslanding Senior URGEON, LESLIE Academic, presidenl freshman class af El Cerrifo l-ligh, vice presidenl' sophomore class, EHS newspaper sl'al3F AU DENRAUS, BOB Academic, Sfudenl' Conlrol, 3V2 years fo graduale EELE, STANLEY Academic, 3V2 years 'ro graduale Tl-llElv1AN, BOB Academic, J. V. foolball, ' 3lf2 years 'ro graduale VAN SLYKE, BRUCE W W W W W Vocalional, EHS siudenl' body vice-presidenf, 3V2 years +o graduaie ALKER, LORETTA Academic, Guard and Taclcle columnisl, Junior Class secrelary ALLIS, ROGER Academic, 3V2 years io qraduale l-lITE, PATRIClA Academic, Tri-Avanle member, business manager of Guard and Tackle. edilor of Guard and Taclcle, C.S.F. six semes- fers, voied Ouisfanding Senior ILLIAMS, ALICE Commercial, 3lf2 years lo graduaie ONG, ELWOOD Academic, Bloclc "S" member, C.S.E. member, yell leader, commissioner of records, com- missioner of welfare, Sludenl Conirol, Menzie-Gomes award, Rally Commiilee, foolball manager six semesfers, Round Table Club member, voled Ouislanding Senior YANAGI, KAY Commercial. 3V2 years lo graduale SPRING LEADERS MARY RENARD "The gal everyone knows" . . . Mary Renard . . . Cuslrodian, fall '43 . . . Commissioner Rec- ords, fall '44 . . . Vice-presidenr sludenf body, fall '45 . . . song leader . . . Sludenl Conlrol . . . 'Gal' slraff member . . . CSF . . . Round Table . . . Press Club . . . Tri-Avanle . . . has fha? "E'Ffervescen+ Smile" ,,. 4, xx Q, ,ia it DON STITES Well-liked . . . spring sludenlr body presidenl . . . Don Sfiles . . . baslcel- ball and foolball 'whiz' . . . Commis- sioner of Organizalions, fall '45 . . . member Quad-C . . . Block 'S' . . . Round Table . . . exlremely popular young fellow 85 gf, 'X SUE BONNAR Sue Bonnar . . . song leader . . . rally com- miiree . . . Siluoleni' Conirol . . . Girls Jinx Iasi' spring . . . Girls League Prexy, fall '45 . . . Vice-presidenr siudenr body . . . Round Table . . . aclrive parficipani in school aclrivi- +ies . . . has +ha+ "school spiri+" DELBERT KING Delberf King . . varsiiy fooiball manager and player . . . varsiiy and bee baslceiball . . . varsily Jrrack slrar . . . Commissioner of Aihlelics, spring '45 . . . Block 'S' . . . Round Table . . . Quad-C member . . . Merii' Award , . . 5+uden+ Confrol . . . Troubadours . . pleasing personalify BRUCE BECKER Bruce Becker . . . life member CSF . . . asso- ciaie ecliior and reporlrer 'Ga+', spring '45 . . . member Advisory Board, Siudeni Life Magazine . . . successful, well-liked srudeni' . . . wifh high hopes and ambiiions 86 SHIRLEY ARTHUR Wonderful gal . . . oulslanding music sfudenl' . . . IIA vice-presidenr . . . Sfudenf Conlrol . . . Rally Commiflee . . . CSF Three semeslers . . . Trouba- dours' accompanisf five semeslers . . . sang one semesfer . . . Tri Avanfe . . . Round Table . . .a credil . . . and pride . . . To SHS . ..Sl'1irley Arrlwur .MV da? we MARIAN SIMPSON Marian Simpson . . . Edifor ol Blue and VVl1i're . . . Guard and Tackle reporler one semesler . . . Press Club and Round Table execufive . . . Tri- Avanie . . . Sludenr Conlrol . . lwiqlwly aclive ir siudenlr affairs 87 CARNEY CAMPION Aclive in school affairs . . . Cusfodian and Commissioner of Organizalions . . . Sfudenlr Con+rol . . . Rally Commilfee . . . Sporls Edilor . . . Press Club . . . Round Table Prexy . . . l-li-Y clubs . . . plwolroqraplier for annual and 'Gal '... pleasani fellow . . need we say more? Grace Adams Belle Almeida Shirley Arihur Paul Barnelch Bruce Becker Carol Benelisha Yvonne Alexander Marian Ariff Fred Aulwurm Ann Barrows Lynn Behrens Wilma Benlon Larry Alldredge Gladys Armanino Richard Aulwurm Barbara Bauman Dee Dee Belinfanfe Eleanor Biggs SPRING GRADUATES ANDERSON, CARROLL Academic, Golf Club, J. V. baskelball, Block 'S' ARNAIZ, RUDOLPH Academic, C.S.F. Ihree semes- iers, Bulldog Hi-Y member ARTHUR, SHIRLEY Academic, IIA vice-presidenl, C.S.F. Ihree semesiers, Sludenl Conlrol, Troubadour accom- panisl' five semeslers, Tri- Avanle member, Round Table Club, Rally Commiliee, vofecl Ouisfanding Senior AULWURM, FRED Academic, band four semeslers AU LWURM, RICHARD Academic, C.S.E. member sev- en semeslers, Round Table Club, Slamp Club BARNETCHE, PAUL Commercial, C. S. F. seven semesiers, Troubadours BAUMAN, BARBARA Academic, Troubadours, Rally Commiiiee BECKER, BRUCE Academic, C.S.F. seven semes- Iers, associale ediior Guard and Tackle spring '45, advisory board member of Sludenr Life Magazine, voled Ouisianding Senior BEHRENS, LYNN Academic, C.S.F. member Iwo semeslers, Round Table Club, Tri-Ferese member BELINFANTE, DEE DEE Academic, C.S.F. Iwo semes- Iers, business manager of Guard and Tackle, Blue and While slaff, EHS newspaper columnisl' BEN ELISHA, CAROL Academic, Guard and Tackle columnisl BISSELL, NONA Academic, secreiary C. S. E., Round Table Club vice-presi- dent Siudenl Con+rol, com- missioner of records, band seven semesiers, IIA Class president Rally Commillee, Tri-Avanfe member, Guard and Tackle columnist chosen Queen of Slocklon High spring '46 BLAIR, BOB Academic, Round Table mem- , L ber Jacqueline Allen Rudolph Arnalz , Ellen Baker Vocalional, 3 years Io gradu- Kenneih Beal ale gjggingsiil' Bizooks, LETTY Academic, Guard and Tackle columnist Tri-Avanle member SPRING GRADUATES Bouum, SUE Academic, vice-presidenl Oi sludenl' body, Sludenl Coun- cil 'rwo semeslers, Sludenl Conlrol, Round Table Club, Girls' League presidenl, song leader, Rally Commillee, yol- ed Oulsiandinq Senior BROIN, .lOl-IN Academic, J. V. foolball BROWNING, PAULA Academic, BVQ years lo gradu- ale BUSALACCHI, FLORENCE Commercial, Sludenl Conlrol, orclieslra BUTTS, DOROTHY Commercial, 3V2 years lo graduale CALCAGNO, RAY Academic, commissioner of welfare, Sludenl Conlrol, band CAMPION, CARNEY Academic, cuslodian, commis- sioner ol organizalions, Slu- denl Conlrol, chairman Rally Commillee, vice-presidenl' of Press Club, presidenl and sec- relary oi Round Table Club, plioloqraplwer for Blue and While and Guard and Taclcle, sloorls edilor of Guard and Taclcle, secrelary Trojan l-li-Y Club, Quad-C Club member, voled Oulslanding Senior CARLOCK, MARY Academic, 3lf2 years lo gradu- ale CARPENTER, MARY Commercial, band CARVER, GILBERT Academic, C.S.F. member one semesler, lellerman in lraclc and foolball Cl'lAlVlPl0N, Sl-llRl.EY Academic, 3V2 years lo gradu- ale Cl-lO, CHUNG Academic, C.S.F. six semeslers, 3V2 years lo graduale Cl.AlR, TED Academic, C.S.F. member, 3V2 years lo graduale CLARK, MARILYN ' Academic, C.S.F. member, Guard and Taclcle columnisl, Tri'Arriba member, 3V2 years lo graduale COATS, JANE Academic, Troubadours COMER, EDWIN Academic, Round Table Club , 4, X Q if rf? , Q E X y , Ricnard Blacow Sue Bonner Carlyle Broderick Priscilla Brown Ray Calcagno Mary Carpenler Bob Blair Myla Bradford John Broin Paula Browning Carney Campion Gilberl' Carver Tn ey Champion F nk Copp M y Lou Daniels Chung Cho Roberf Clark Lenora Conner Roberl' Croce Dorollwy De Rodney Derrick SPRING GRADUATES coPP, FRANK Academic, 3lf2 years Io gradu- afe CROCE, ROBERT Academic, varsily foolball, Block 'S' CURRY, WINEIELD Academic, C.S.F. one semesler DANIELS. MARY LOU Academic, Troubadours DETRICK, RODNEY Academic, Siudenl Conlrol, Block 'S', yarsily baslcefball DEIVIICI-IELLI, LOUISE Commercial DENNIS, BETTY LOU Academic DE SHAZER, ARLENE Commercial DEVENCENZI, SUSAN Commercial DOI, GEORGE Academic, 3V2 years Io gradu- ale DRIGGS, BARBARA Academic, Tri-Arriba Treasure Play Producfion ELIAS, TRINIE Commercial ENSIGN, JAMES Academic EVANS, BILL Academic EGE, GILBERT Vocafiorial, 3 years 'Io gradu- ale EAIRLESS, BOB Academic, J. V. foofball, Iraclr ELODIN, AL Academic, member Modeslo ice lwoclcey 'Ieam FORD, MARY ANN Academic, German Club, 3V2 years Io qraduafe EIOONE, LEE Commercial EITZSIIVIIVIONS, JEAN Academic, C.S.E. member ELEMING, DARRELL Academic EOSTER, LA VERNE Academic, Tri-Ferese member FRANKS, JACK Academic, C.S.F, member EUKUSHIMA, ISAO Academic K. Q W A I R F 1 ' 'f V K. --if ZX-.F 3. 35-3 wif: fx Sf il 1 'si Q X? 3 4 E uv ga fi x aw , 'is X 1 Rh A X.-.1 , B 4- I 'i a A x QQ Q an , 54 3 X - , Q? ' f-g fb, . , . if ' 2 SiQ,,u .mari 'I Beffy Bonds Arlene Braunberger LeHy Brooks Fforence Busalacclwi Lail Carde Angelina Casfellanos Bill Bonfoey Elsie Brisfer Kennefh Brown Dorofhy BUHS Syfvia Carmean Mary Casula . . WV ,,,, . N A M - ..'- Q WW Jeannie Caffrone Anna Cnrisfensen Beffy ClIne Clinfon Cook Donald Curnow Louise Demicheln 90 Joe Ceccnini Ted CWair Jane Coafs Larcene Cooper Wlnfleid Curry Beffy Lou Dennis 4 SPRING GRADUATES Foien, OZEER Academic, va rsily ioolball EORlNlAClARl, ROSAl.lE Academic, Play Produclion FRANZON E, RAYMOND Vocalional, v i c e - p r e sidenl Sparlan Hi-Y, 'B' baslcelball al EHS, Block 'E' member FROELIGER, l-IAZEL Academic, 3V2 years lo gradu- ale GARCIA, CARNATION Vocalional, C. S. F. member 'rhree semeslers, leflerman al' EHS in foolball, baslcelball, and fraclc, Honor 'E' member, Bloclc 'E' member, Key Club member GARDELLA, JOSEPHINE Academic, Edison newspaper columnisf, Lalin Club GARRISON, JACK Academic, C.S.E. member, 'ren- nis leam al Eurelca, 3V2 years lo qraduale GEBHARDT, JIM Academic, varsily baseball '45, '46 GODINEZ, EVANGELINE Academic, orcheslra GOERING, DOLORES Academic, C.S.F. one semes- ler, 3V2 years lo graduale GOERlNG, DORIS Academic, 3V2 years 'ro gradu- ale GONG.YONG Commercial, 3V2 years lo graduale GOSSER, MARIAN Academic, French Club GRAY. GARY Academic, Guard and Taclcle siafi, Blue and While arlisl GRAY, MARY Academic, 3V2 years lo gradu- ale GRIFFEN, JOE Academic, 3V2 years GRlSCl'lOT'l', BARBARA Academic, secrefary-lreasurer EHS Sludenl' Conlrol, column- isl' Edison High newspaper, Spanish Club, Round Table, C.S.E. member five semeslers GRUBBS, BARBARA Academic, secrelary Girls' Sludenl Conlrol, Tri-Avanle member 9l 'Qs ' af' -f' ,z as ' E 1.7.33 1 lk 5-is NT s.-s,,ii- As, Susan Devencenzi Trinie Elias Jean Filzsimmons Ozeer Ford Raymond Franzone Carnafion Garcia Mary Dickson James Ensign Darrell Fleming Rosalie Fornaciari Hazel Froeliger Josephine Gardella Barbara Driggs Bill Evans Al Flodin La Verne Fosler lsao Fukushima Geraldine Gardner Gilberl Ege Lee Figone Mary Ann Ford Jack Franks Jack Gaggero Jack Garrison ,., , Louis Garlner Sally Gibbons Dolores Goering Marian Gosser Mary Gray Barbara Grubbs ,,r,,, ,,,V ' 1 ' I ,im r s Jim Gebliardl Jerry Gilberl Doris Goerinq Mollie Golo Joe Griffen Bill Haqan Qi Sus. Q- ,I Phillip Gehman Frank Gilliam Ernesl Gogna Lydia Gracie Lorraine Griggs Maureen Hagio :G Sue Gerling Evangeline Godinez Yonq Gong Gary Gray Barbara Grislnoll Mary Lou Hall SPRING GRADUATES HAGIO, MAUREEN Academic HALLEEN, MARl LYN Academic HALVORSEN, MARlLYlNl Commercial HARBERT, BETTY Academic l"lAGAlNl, BILL Vocalional, C.S.F. lwo semes- lers, Bloclc "E," Honor "E," Key Club, Sparlan Hi-Y, EHS varsily baslcelball l-lALL, MARY LOU Academic, vice-presidenl Girls' League, Sludem' Conlrol, vice- presidenl IZB Class, Tri-Avanle lrreasurer HALLING, NANETTE Academic, secrelary IZA Class, band, secrelary Tri- Avanle HARRIS, FLOYD Academic, C.S.F. 'lwo semeslers, lraclc HARRISON, LOIS Academic, C.S.F, lliree semes- lers. presidenl and secrelary Tri-Creama HAUSER, MARY Academic, Rally Commillee, vice-presidenl Frenclw Club, clmaplain Tri-Avanle HERNANDEZ, FIDEL Vocalional, EHS commissioner of awards, 'rreasurer Key Club, presidenl Block "E," varsily baseball, loolball al EHS l"llCKEY, CLAUDIA Commercial, Sludenl Conlrol HOFFMAN, MELVIN Academic, C.S.F. six semeslers, secrelary Slamp Club HOLM ES, ROBERT Academic, lraclc lellerman, Quad-C member HUDSCN, GLORIA Academic, secrelary Tri4Arriba IRELAND, PAT Academic, Troubadours, Play Produclion JEXV, Vlfllxls Academic, secrelaryirreasurer, vice-presidenl, and presidenl ol Clwinese Club, secrelary- lreasurer, vice-presidenl, and presidenl' of Mencius Hi-Y, C.S.F. four semeslers, 3V2 years lo graduale JOHNSON, MAXINE Commercial, Sludenl' Conlrol SPRING GRADUATES KALLGREN, ALVIN Academifl KARIIVI, EVA Commercial KATO, IETSUYA Academic KI RSTEN, WARREN Academic KEISER, BONITA Academic, presidenl, secre- Iary Tri-Ferese, secrelary Hi-Y, Tri-Y Council KIDD, RONALD Academic, C.S.F. seven semesfers KING, DELBERT Academic, commissioner of allwlelics, presidenl Bloclc "S," Bee baslcelball, varsily foolball, baslcelball, lraclc, Round Table, Troubadours, Sludenl Conlrol, vice-presidenl' and president ol Ouad-C KOGA, DAVIS Vocalional KRAFFT, BEVERLY JEAN Commercial KOSICH, KATHERINE Commercial, C.S.F. member KU KERT, RUTH Commercial LAIVIBERTY, JACK Academic, lraclc lellerman, "B" baslcelball LAWSON, DAVID Academic, band, Acmy l-li-Y member. 3 years lo graduale LEE, ESTHER Academic, presidenl' Chinese Club, Junior Council, 3V2 years +o graduale LEMA, DAVID Academic, sporls edilor of Guard and Tackle, yell leader, Press Club member, Troian I-IieY member LEWIS, JOYCE Academic, Round Table Club vice-president secrelary IIA Class, Tri-Avanle member LIVINGSTON, NORMA Academic, vice-preside:-Hr IIA Class, presidenl l2B Class, presidenl Girls' League, Slu- denl Conlrol, Rally Commillee, song leader, presidenl Tri- Avanle LOGAN, WILLARD Academic, varsily baseball 93 'Q Marilyn Halleen Nanelle Halling Silva Hardesly Floyd Harris Alice Heino Fidel Hernandez Helen Hilliker Frances Hinkle Tom Horila Gloria Hudson Pal Ireland Sam lshihara I I Marilyn Halvorsen Lois Harrison Claudia Hickey Melvin Hoffman Jacqueline Hughes Billy Jaggars Belly Harberl Mary Hauser John Hickey Roberl Holmes Juanila Hughes Daniel Ja+on I Z Wing Jew Don Johnson Norma Johnson Myrile Jones Eva Karim Telrsuya Kalo Delberf King Warren Kirsfen Beverly Jean Krafll' Rufh Kukerl Jack Lamberly Bob Lawrence 94 Marian Johnson Maxine Johnson Palfy Joy Bonita Keiser Davis Koga June Ladd David Lawson Alvin Kallgren Ronald Kidd Kalherine Kosich Ben Lagrulfa Eslher Lee SPRING GRADUATES LADD, JUNE Academic LAGRUTTA, BEN Vocalional LAWRENCE, BOB Academic LEISSE, DELORES Academic, Tri-Ferese member LEW, WAYN E Academic LIBI-IART, JACK .Academic LI Bl'lART, NQRMA JEAN Commercial LOBROVICH, GEN EVI EVE Academic LOVEDAY, PEARL Commercial LUTSKER, EARL Academic LONG, EARLDWIN Academic, vice-presidenl' C.S.F., assislanl edilor of Guard and Tackle, "A" aver- age during 'four years of high school LOU I E, ANNETTE Commercial, 3lV2 years Io graduale LOWN, WILBUR Academic, orcheslra LYONS, CHARLA Academic, Junior Red Cross chairman, band, Guard and Tackle slalif, Press Club mem- ber, Blue and While pho- rographer, Tri-Avanfe member McKAY, MARILYN Academic, Junior Red Cross chairman, Guard and Tackle slaff, Blue and While slaff McKEE, FRANCEEN Academic, Play Producfion MCNABB. JIM Vocalional, Block "E," varsily baslselball, 'rraclc al El-IS McNElLL, GEORGIA Academic, German Club MacKENZIE, ELINOR Academic, band, Tri-Ferese member MARCI-IETTI, JANET Academic, orcheslra MARKS, JACK Academic, secrelary Quad-C MAYO, JOHNNIE Commercial SPRING GRADUATES MANCHESTER, RUSSELL Academic MARENGO, LLOYD Academic MARTIN, BARBARA Academic MARSH, NEAL Vocafional, 3V2 years Io graduaie MARTIN, BETTY Academic, 3V2 years Io graduafe MATHESON, JESSIE Academic, Play Produclion MAYFIELD, MARVIN Academic, band MCMAHON, GLORIA Academic MERCADO. JOE Vocalional, Block "E," varsiiy foolball EHS MILLER, ALBERTA Academic, Sfuclenl' Conirol MORROW, DANIEL Academic, vice-presideni and secrelary of Quad-C, 'rraclc Team MOSQU EDA, GEORGE Vocalional, C.S.F. Iwo semes- Iers, Key Club, 3V2 years Io graduaie MIKKELSEN, ELSIE Academic MITCHELL, CLARA Academic MITCHELL, DENA Academic MORLAN, BETHEL Commercial MORRIS, DICK Academic MORRIS, GERALDINE Commercial MOTOIKE, BEN Academic MUNS, CLAUD Vocaiional MURANO, TAKEKO Academic MYERS, DAYM E Academic. Tri-Creama sqpnb Leisee Norma Livlngsion Delores AnneI'Ie L Charla Ly Jim McNa Jane? Marc e David Lema Wayne Lew enevieve Lobrovich Willard Logan Pearl Loyeday Wilbur Lown arilyn McKay Frenceen MCK eorgia McNeill Elinor MacKenzie oyd Marenqo Jack Marks orma Lblw I' ldwin L g l Luizk loria M M I1 Il M h I Ma I I W W: wi'-I. Barbara Mariin B ly M I Johnnie Mayo Joe Mercado Dena Mifchell Bellwel Morlan Daniel Morrow George Mosqueda Takeko Murano a me ers K Thryn Nelcilos Jess ie Malheson Marvin Mayfield beria Miller Clara Miichell ick Morris Gerald M ekif en Mofoike Claud Muns Pal Nassoiy Helen N Vonnee Neuverf Lois Neville SPRING GRADUATES N EKITOS, KATI-IRYN Academic NEUIVIILLER, ROBERT Academic INIEVILLE, LOIS Academic NESHIKAWA, KAZUYE Academic NESHIMOTO, JOANNE Academic NOGUCI-ll, KINYA Academic NEUVERT, VONNEE Academic, I-Iiglw Sleppers NASSOIY, PAT Academic, song leader, Tri-Avanle member O'CONNER, BESSIE Academic OKAMLI RA, FRANCES Academic OLSON, DORTHY Academic OSHIIVIA, FRED Academic, C.S.E. member O'DOUGl-IERTY, KENNY Academic, Troubadours, Rambler I-Ii-Y member OGDEN, JEAN Academic, Glee Club PADI LLA, JOE Academic, Troubadours PARISOTTO, GEORGE Academic, 3V2 years Io graduaie PARDINI, GEORGIA Academic, Tri-Creama member PARRIS, PERNILLA Academic, Tri-Arriba member PEACH ER, ERIC Academic PALACIOS, ANITA Academic I PEMBERTON, NEIL Academic PESETTI, IVO Academic PIACENTINE, JOSEPHINE Commercial PI ERCE, JACK Academic PIERCE, KEITH Academic POPE, Cl-IARMAINE Academic SPRING GRADUATES PARTRIDGE, HELVETIA Academic, 3V2 years Io graduale PETERSON, JUNE Academic, Tri-Arriba member, 3V2 years Io graduale PETREOUIN, GORDON Academic, varsily Iraclc, 3V2 years fo graduale PICCARDO, MICKEY Academic, Round Table Club PISTER. PHILIP Academic, presidenl C.S.F., band six semes+ers, Merir Award, varsily baslaelball, Block "S," Iraclc manager POLLONI, JOSEPI-IINE Commercial, EHS Sludem' ConI'roI PUTIVIAN, SHIRLEY Commercial, 3lf2 years Io graduare RAIVIIREZ, FRANCISCO Vocalional, Honor "E," Key Club RAUZI, ROSEIVIARY Academic, High Sieppers REED, BETTY Academic, 3V2 years Io graduale REELI-IORN, ROBERT Academic, C.S.F. one semes- Ier, vice-presideni' Acmy Hi-Y, 3 years 'ro graduaie REHNERT, I-IOWARD Academic, Rally Commiilee, presidenl' Block "S," Round Table Club, varsily baslcelball, baseball, Rambler I-Ii-Y member REM BOLD. FRANCES Academic, S'Iuden'r Conlrol, vice-presidenl Tri-Avanie, Tollii Iennis champion 'Ihree years, band four semesrers RENARD, MARY Academic, cuslodian, com- missioner of records, vice- presidenr of sI'uden'r body, Sludenl Conrrol, C.S.F. mem- ber, Round Table Club, song leader, Guard and Taclsle slarf, Tri-Avanie member, yoled Oulsranding Senior ROBERTS, MARLYN Academic, Guard and Taclcle sfalli, Blue and While slaff, Tri-Avanre member ROBERTSON, BARBARA Academic, band ROBERTSON, LORRETTA Academic, Play Producfion Kazuye Nishikawa Jean Ogden Joe Padilla Helveiia Pariridge Gordon Pefrequin Josephine Polloni Joanne Nishimolo Frances Okamura Georgia Pardini Neil Pemberion Josephine Piacenline Charmaine Pope Kinya Noguchi Dorfhy Olson George Parisoiio Ivo Pesefli Mickey Piccardo Shirley Furman Kenny O'DougherIy Fred Oshima Pernilla Parris June Peierson Philip Pisfer Francisco Ramirez wmuw, 'QR iffy '-Ba...n.l'.A- Don Raney Howard Rehnerl Mary Rishwain Lorraine Rocco Helen Jean Ross Belly J. Russell 98 Rosemary Rauzi Belly Reed Frances Rembold Mary Renard Marlyn Roberls Barbara Robertson Helen Rodey Joyce Rogers Karl Ross Viola Ruiz Bob Ryland Bernice Salcurai Roberl' Reellworn Ruin Rincker Lorella Roberlson Roberl Rose Bobbie Jean Rusk Mauro Sanchez SPRING GRADUATES Rooms, Joyce Academic, Tri-Ferese vice presidenl ROSE, ROBERT Academic, 3V2 years 'lo graduale RUIZ, VIOLA Commercial, presidenl of Dislribulive Educalion Club RUSK, BOBBIE JEAN Academic, 3V2 years lo graduale RYLAND, BOB Academic, band eiglwl' semeslers RANEY, DON Academic RINCKER, RUTH Academic RISHWAIN, MARY Commercial ROCCO, LORRAlNE Academic, Tri-Eerese member RODEY, HELEN Academic, Tri-Creama member ROSS, HELEN JEAN Commercial ROSS. KARL Academic RUSSELL, BETTY J. Commercial SANCH EZ, MAU RO Academic, J. V. ioolball, baslcelball, baseball, lreasurer ol Bulldog l-li-Y SANGUINETTI, ROBERT Academic, varsily ioolball, baslcelball, baseball, vice- presidenl Block "S," vice- presidenl Rambler Hi-Y SANTANA, PETER Academic, band SCONYERS, HAROLD Academic, commissioner of alhlelics, Rally Commillee, IZA Class presiclenl, varsily baslcelball, Quad-C member, 3lf2 years To graduale, chosen King ol Sloclclon High spring '46 SHAPIRO, RUTH Academic, 3V2 years 'ro qraduale SHERMAN, BETTY LEE Academic, Blue and While slaif, Tri-Ferese member SILVERS, BEVERLY Academic, Play Producllon SPRING GRADUATES simpson, MARIAN Academic, edilor of Blue and While, Sludenf Conirol, Press Club secreiary, secrelary Round Table Club, Guard and Taclcle slaff, Tri-Avanie mem' ber, voled Oulslandinq Senior SUSlCl'l, ROLAND Academic, vice-presidenl' IZA Class, Rally Commiliee, Block "S," Quad-C member SAKURAl, BERNICE Academic SATO, BERT Academic SCl'lMlD, DOLORES Academic, Tri-Ferese member SCl'llVllD, LESLIE Vocalional SCl-llVilDT, GERALDIN E Commercial SCI-lULZ, ELSIE Academic SHELTON, JOYCE Commercial Sl-llVELY, RlCl-lARD Academic SHOLER, MEADY Academic SlLSBY, JACQUELYN Academic SlNGER, NADINE Commercial SMlTl-l, ALVIN Vocalional SMlTl-l, FRANCIS Commercial SlVilTl-l, LOlS JEAN Academic, Tri-Creama member Slvl lTl-l, LESLIE Academic SOLA, EVA LYNN Academic SPARKS, BEATRICE Commercial SPARKS, FRANCES Commercial SPERRY, GLADYS Commercial SPEE6-LE, MAISIE Academic' Trl-Creama member Roberl' Sanguinelli Peler Sanlana Leslie Schmid Geraldine Schmid? Elsie Schulz aro conyer Rufh Shapiro Joyce Shellon Befly Lee Sherman Richard Shively ommercla Meady Sholer Jacquelyn Silsby Beverly Silvers Marian Simpson Nadine Singer Alvin Smilh Francis J. Smilh Leslie Smilh Lois Jean Smifh Marguerile Smiih Palsy Smilh Philip A. Smifh Academic X Susan Smilh Doris Mae Sousa Kalhryn Spayd Donald Slifes Margarel Sullles Alice Takumune Velma Smirh Geneva Soulherland Maisie Speegle Lorraine Slone Sanford Sweel Kazuyuki Takeda Mary Smyfh Beairice Sparks Gladys Sperry Roland Susich Arlene Tabacco McClellon Terry Eva Lynn Sola Frances Sparks Belly Squires Ray SI'ull Belly Tail Josephine Trislam' SPRING GRADUATES STITES, DONALD Academic, presidenr sludenl' body, varsily baskelball, fool- ball, commissioner of organiza- Iions, presidenl' Quad-C, C.S.F. five semeslers, Ireasurer Round Table Club, Block "S," voled Oulslandinq Senior STONE, LORRAINE Commercial, maiorelle, Tri-Creama member WEBORG, BETTY LOU Academic, Guard and Taclcle slafl, senior edilor Blue and While, Press Club, Laiin award, Tri-Ferese member, Play Produciion WELDON, BOB Vocalional, EHS varsily baseball Wl-llTE, PAUL Academic, baslcelball WILLIAMSON, EARL Academic, 'Iraclc WINSTEAD, JEANNE Commercial, 3V2 years 'Io graduale WISE, JIMMY Academic, Slamp Club, fool- ball, 3'f2 years +o qraduale WITT, DOROTHY Academic, orcheslra YOUNG, ROBERTA Academic, Troubadours, Sludenl Conlrol SMITI-I, MARGUERITE Academic, Troubadours, Round Table Club, Tri-Avanle member SMITI-I, PATSY Academic, song leader, Tri-Avanle member SMITH, PI-IILIP Academic, baslcelball SMITI-I, SUSAN Academic, vice-presidenl Girls' League, Siudenl Conlrol, Blue and While slalll, Guard and Taclcle columnisl, Tri-Avanle chaplain SMITI-I, VELMA Academic, reporler Edison High newspaper SMYTI-I, MARY Academic, 3 years Io graduale SOUSA, DORIS MAE Commercial, Glee Club SOUTH ERLAND, GENEVA Academic, band SPAYD, KATHRYN Academic, Play Produc+ion li SPRING GRADUATES SWEET, SANFORD Academic, C.,S.E. seven semes- lers, Press Club, sporls edilor Guard and Tackle, sporls edilor Blue and While, Trouba- dours, 'rreasurer Rambler Hi-Y, varsily baskelball, Lalin award TABACCO, ARLENE Commercial TAIT, BETTY Academic, Tri-Creama chaplain TAKAMUNE, ALICE Academic TAKEDA, KAZUYUKI Academic TERRY, lvlcCLELl.ON Academic TOAL, H UGO Academic TRISTANT, JOSEPHINE Commercial TURNER, lRENE Commercial, Tri-Creama member TRUMBQ, CLAUDEAN Academic, band, Play Produclion TU PPER, NELLIE Commercial, edilor Edison High newspaper, Honor "E" VAN DYKE. Cl.AUDlA iAcadeimic, secrelary IZA Class, business manager Blue and While, song leader, Press Club, presidenl and secrelary 'Tri-Avanle, reporler of Guard and Tackle VANNUCCI, LOLA Academic VARGAS, HAROLD Academic, Quad-C member VA'JGl-lN, AUDREY Academic VERBER, DICK Academic VLAVIANOS, JOHN Academic WALKER, MARGARET Academic WATANABE, BOB Academic, varsily loolball, Block "S" member WEAVER, MARGARET Academic, Tri-Ferese member WEEKS, ANNABELLE Academic lOl Nav ITN . J . V 4 i b' E , , :A fi.1i..wi ' Q.. SQ, 4 me ,. .e X .- . Q . .i A 5, i if x - A A , ,, - L -- may A E 'Q i gt? .fx W Claudean Trumbo Reid Van Noale John Vlavianos Belly Lou Weborg Paul While Jeanne Winslead Nellie Tupper Lola Vannucci Margaref Walker Anabelle Weeks Richard Williams Jimmy Wise lrene Turner Harold Vargas Bob Walanaloe Bob Weldon Earl Williamson Dorofhy Will' Claudia Van Dyke Audrey Vaughn Marqarel Weaver Rosella Wenlzel Dolores Wilson Pal' Woelfel R b I Y g Sh rIey Young Donald ara Wong Doromy wong Haru Yagi Yfurri Vicior Zeifer H go Toal Dick Verber CAMERA-SHY FEBRUARY GRADUATES Lea Baker Mun Mah Dennis Brueclcner James Mowrey Tom Burduclc Don Neu Clarence Carlos Velma Cooley Roberir C. Cornell Angelo Cundari Frank Darnell Gayle Devereaux Bird L. Dyer Geriha Cross Marie Cross Harry Kanelco OTHER Miriam Allen Carroll Anderson Mary Carlock Connie Cordova Jacqueline Crow George Doi Bob Fairless Earl Higgins Lloyd Norman Harold Eugene Joe Ramirez Joseph E. Razo Gabriel Sallah Roberl Singer Marie Slape Roberi L. Siein Royce Valk Verna Wagner Gene Wodlcins JUNE GRADUATES Waller Huber Bob Huneield Jack Libhari' Elsie Milclcelsen Bessie O'Conno Aniia Palacios Eric Peacher Jack Pierce Keilh Pierce SPRING GRADUATES WENTZEL, ROSELLA Commercial WILLIAMS, RICHARD Academic WILSON, DOLORES Commercial WOELEEL, PAT Academic, Tri-Eerese member WOLFENBERGER, NOLA Commercial WONG, CLARA Commercial WONG, DOROTHY Commercial YAGI, HARU Commercial YOUNG, SHIRLEY Commercial YTU RRI, DONALD Academic ZEITER, VICTOR Academic, C.S.E. member OH Y' I-Iarrie'I' Harper and Dave Olis enioy Hnernselves wi'rI'1 lheir S+. Mary's dales al Junior prom. Wl1al's Iluaf . . . on campus . . . oh . . . musl' be anollwer Senior on Senior Rough Day. Lilce grandma's . , . only more so. Mr. Chance gels 'fired of 'reaching liislory inside . . . class enioys oulside discussion. THIS IS STOCKTON HIGH II' is nol' only Hwe spacious campus . . . wonderfully landscaped . . . nol only +I1e offering Io all The opporlunily of a well-balanced educalion . . . never-Io-be-Iorgolien dances . . . successful allmlelic evenls . . . highly spiriled rallies and programs . . . nol' only Hwe forever helpful and gracious Iacully and adrninislralion . . . loul' if is YOU . . . you make Slocldon I'Iigl'1 . . . you ARE Sloclclon I'IigI1 . . . you are Hs am- bilions . . . ils accomplislimenls . . . Hs only hope lor survival . . . and you slwould be proud of Hwe resuI'rs IO3 - DELTA . . . hang-our of high school, college, and grammar school slu- denls . . . main olllice of Jrhe Della lce Cream Company . . . always ready lo serve ils palrons . . . liriesl qualify of foods and linesl service . . . luscious sodas . . . hol fudge suridaes . . . mol hard on lhe purse IO6 l-lAZEL'S . . . a name on everyones lips when a lop +o lhe evening is de- manded . . . prompf and ellicieni service . . . de- licious food . . . fhese combine io make This a super drive-in . . . a pop- ular place wiih Slocldon l-ligh co-eds and looys in ?Gi.JNTAlNW'g E3b'eFT!r3L'LUi, , YOSTS . . . pausing 'lor a few minules al lhe lounlain in very comforlable lo o lc i n g clolhes . . . found only a+ Yos+'s . . . Louis Wenizel . . . looking his besi in Yosi Broih- er's levi's and iaclqef . . . ideal for school and clulo meelrings . . . Yos+'s . . . The place lo go when a line selec- lion of clolhes is io be made IO7 N T51 W'f2: '? V ga., W EQ- W Tl-lRELFAI.l.'S . . .campus shop for looys . . . cloihes for all occasions . . . Wiih prompl, courlreous service . . . precise failoring . . . Bolo lvlinahen wears flashy Tilden swealer . . . Carney Campion wears unique "shacke+" . . . combina- Jrion sporl shirf and iaclaer . . . fwo very popular numbers FRIEDBERGERS . . . class rings . . . club pins . . . Pal Smilrh and Rolanol Susich . . . look- ing over possible grad- uafion gills . . . wrisi' warches such as Jrhese shown here are exam- ples oi Jrhe line qualify jewelry Frieclloergens has +o offer IO9 Tl-lE WONDER . . . "you don'1' really wanl To sil' This one our!" . . . Gary Gray laughs +o Nancy Levy al' The Senior Prom . . . of course she doesn'+ . . . i+'s much more fun To go dancing To a dreamy rhylhm . . . dancing in a whirl of sweel and mislry nel' . . . a formal from The Wonder's exclusive colleciions llO Tl-IE WONDER . . . for Jrhe San Joaquin summer sun lvlargarel Hayes loves a larillianl casual play dress wilh cule shorls un- der ifs prinled skirl . . . Nona Bissell chooses a basque-iaclcelred blaclc sui+ wiih smarl whi+e slifching . . . ils red-sfriped collon blouse crisp and cool . . . Jrhese from The Wonder sporlrswear shop . . . say Nona and lv1argare+-va- calion, here we come! BRAVO AND MCKEE- GAN . . . cloThiers Tor more Than TwenTy years . . . sporT suiTs . . . casual cloThes . . . Tormal wear . . . school Togs . . . Tunlqy Kendall and lVlarTin Lyons . . . dressed in The heighT OT Tashion . . . TurTher proving +ha+ Bravo and lvlclieegan is Tl-lE sTore ROSENSTEEUS . .. prinTers oT Tormal inviTa- Tions . . . announcemenTs . . . prinTers oT our year- boolc . . . as well as year books Tor The high schools oT ManTeca, Angels Camp, San Andreas, Es- calon, Elk Grove, Ray- mond, Linden, BrenTwood, Rio VisTa, Sonora . . . Col- lege OT PaciTic's Nara- niado Tor The pasl' Twen- Ty-one years . . . OTTice and business Terms . . . locaTed convenienTly near The shopping disTricT on PaciTic Avenue . . . repu- TaTion Tor puTTing ouT Tine worlc BOBB-INN . . . drive- in . . . main Slocldon office for l-lappyholme mills . . . good food . . . friendly service, a swell place To "rneeJr The gang" . . . clean . . . el-licienl . . . rneel- ing place of many S,l-l.S. sludenls for lunch and ailer school STOCKTON SAVINGS AND LOAN BAN K . . . loans . . . deposils checks cashed . . . for a loiglime social exisl- ence or day-lo-day liv- ing on allowance or paycheck . . . Slocldon srudenls find ihe Slocic- lon Savings and Loan Banlc eager and capa- ble ol handling linan- ces . . . senior Sue Srnilh is seen here de- posiling a check in preparaiion for n e xl mon+h's acliviiies II2 HOWELL'S ROOT BEER . . . pick-up for aller school snack . . . l-lowell's . . . locally produced soil drinlc . .. enjoyed loy Jreen-agers during leisure hours . .. safislies wanfs of al- ways Jrhirsly high school crowds II3 BORDEIXVS . . . deli- cious sundaes . . . made wi+h delicious Borden's ice cream . . . slrudenr body prexy Don Sliles and Charla Lyons . . . enjoying one of lhese sundaes afler school in Jrhe High School Phar- macy . . . Borden's . . . name of dislinclion . . Borclen's Ice Cream . .. ai' 'rhe firsr Jrasfe you lcnow H' is Jrhe besi SMITH AND LANG . . . a new idea in Tee shirTs . . . Those clever Trick shorTs and sT4irTs . . . a very smarT, sTripeol iackeT . . . righT in sTyTe in These ouTTiTs . . . Sue Bonner and Elsie Iviilckelseh . . . dressed Tor spring and summer iri The TaTesT sTyTes . . . Tor Timer wear and Tiner sTyTe . . . iT's SmiTh and Lang II4 SEARS AND ROEBUCK . . . vacuums . . . home furnishings . . . rugs . . . and clorhes can be ob- Jrained from Sears and Roebuclc . . . 'rhe friendly slore Thai' provides Jrhe farmers wiih Jrheir Jrools . . . provides mechanics wilh equipmenf . . . when hunling for somefhing new and of good value . . . go +o Sears and Roe- buck II6 SEARS AND ROEBUCK . .. a slrore rhar has everyfhing . . .a real friend of 'rhe high school loorball games lasr fall . . . providing The sla- dium al +he college wilh a public address syslem . . . enabling more people To fol- low rhe close and excifing games wilh lvlodesfo and Lodi . . . below we see a lew Sfocldon High srudenfs buying candy in Jrhe Sears and Roebuck sfore . . . prov- ing Jrhar 'rhis sfore DOES have everylhing NEHI . . . refreshing . . . Jrhirsl-quenching drink . . . bolllers of Par-T-Pak . . . Morl Rehnerlr and Bob San- guinelli . . . killing a couple of bollles of lhis delicious beverage . . . an ideal drink 'For parlies or barbecues . . . a good idea +o keep a few looH'les in Jrhe ice-box on summer days P- KITTY MILK BAR . . . delicious ice cream . . . huge scoops . . . 'rry one of lheir "KiHy" specials . . . economi- cal . . . sodas Jrhal really lasle good . . . delicious sundaes and ice cream dishes . . . a swell place +o meel lhe gang aller Jrhe show . . . a swell place +o ea+ lunch when you are working . . . clean ...modern . . . prompl service . . . Truly Jrhe "VJ fn +A MJ' rcuavx, lu x-ju II7 ROGERS . . . a loeauliiul hand . . . a beauriful ring . . . a cornloinarion made for one anorher . . . The diamond is one ol The many beaurilul s Jr o n e s Roger's has To offer . . . iewels of grear value . . . laracelers . . . necklaces . . . jewelry any girl would be proud To have NEWBY'S . . . 'frozen oranges . . . a Jrruly de- licious drink . . . milk shakes . . . cokes . . . good hamburgers . . . Newl:y's . . . a "mus+" a'H'er a show or dance . . . good service . . . good food II8 BRUENERS . . . modern de- parrmenr . . . everylhing 'rhar is new for 'rhe home . . . lhe place lo go when re-modeling your home . . . Norma Living- sron and lvlarlyn Roberls . . . loolcing over wall paper and color design in Jrhis deparlr- meni' . . . Bruener's has all This and many oiher highly com- mendable 'rhings Jrhal make if ihe srore +ha+ if is . . . for lhe besl of qualify in lurnilure and home decorarion . . , if is Bruener's H9 BRUENERS . . . music deparl- menr . . . where record col- leclors meer . . . hor music for iazz lovers . . . alluring melo- dies lor concerr lans . . . music and appliances for all occasions . . . l3ruener's . . . new locafion for shoppers' convenience ROSENSTEEL PRINTING COMPANY, INC. STOCKTON -'

Suggestions in the Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) collection:

Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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