Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA)

 - Class of 1944

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Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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WM W QW! J Aww x 2,7 'N B if A4 N if we ,fa M 54 R NX: .Al jx WMQQQQ QF? 7 hfwf Qdmhjww 5 ik aww 44442 wg 5 5 Mal! X10 lsbfw X5 EK S N W1JZ?fjfff qE W QW Wy WNW! M gif! 9 43 , 'Y gap? fx ff 3? W? ':ffb'Q ,. 1 ssh b I 5 L 71 I' L57 . If 65 3 , . Q 5 , 17 C fx 4 GA 'X A xii, ! I Af O01 , by X7 Q, If 5 G wk ' , f f x C I ' X X5 U Y - Y ,NE Q .-6 y P KN -'M -' 'Ryu X6 'Kofi H H E ', , 5 Q Q9 C - -1 ' v i xx ,fl A U I' 5 1 wk ' ' F A' X t A I P u ' . I KV.Y A ,V X W I xxyj .P jj,-f I My if ,xgb jjj f Q 5 H51 mg' . A x Y Y, A - . ix K X A ' Y 9511 A ' X xx . . 1,1 W , ,Q 1 X , 1' , 1 , pf A TQ ! f " '50 Z AR IFJ- - Ax THE I944 gfue ana! wife I I PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS STOCKTON HIGH SCHOOL - STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA EDITOR PI-IOTOORAPI-IER BEVERLY JORDAN BOB ALLIN6 BUSINESS COPY EDITORS FRANCES HAMMILL RUTH ZIEGLER MARIAN JACOBS BETTY OR-IOC-BS OPLUOI' l-lere as lhe I9-44 Blue and While pre senled lo lhe srudenl body of Slocldon l-hgh by lhe Blue and Whale slall We are proud of Hwus boolc ID splle of Hrs many delecls and llmllahons We are proud ol Hr because nn Jrhe face of numerous handrcaps Imposed upon us by The ex1gencues ol war we have managed neverlheless Jro pul Hr our Many limes lhrough lhe year we lhoughl lhere and pholrographuc dncllculhes Bul lhanlss lo a hard worlcmg slrall and a good pholo grapher we have managed lo gel ll lo you We hope 'rhal when you glance lhrough ll' years from now Hr will serve as a pleasanl re mlnder of The happy carefree years you spenlr In hugh school before you venlured our lnlo a world al war Comfmfd Draltlng l.ay:n3 Keel Building Launching Battle Engagements Sponsors would be no yearbook, because ol bindlwg -..,, i-nkf-QL The memory of lv1R.JOl-IN S. LANDRUM will long remain wi'rh Jrhe s'ruden'l's and facully of Sfocldon High School. The 'friendliness and unfailing good humor which he showed io his sludenrs during ihe I8 years he spenr here as a hisrory 'reacher made him a friend fo all who knew him. His unlimely dea+h leil' an unfillalole void in 'rhe halls and classrooms of our school. We will long remember Mr. Landrum 'For lhe many years of service he gave +0 Siocldon High School. .911 Wemoriam TI-IE BUILDING OF SI-IIPS FROM SMALL LANDING BARGES TO MIGI-ITY FLOATING DRYDOCKS I-IAS BECOME STOCK TONS OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO TI-IE WAR EF FORT TWENTY FOUR I-IOURS A DAY TI-IE MANY YARDS ARE FILLED WITI-I I-IARD WORKING MEN AND WOMEN ALL WITI-I TI-IE VITAL MATERIALS TI-IAT ARE NEEDED TO WIN TI-IE WAR AND BRING PEACE AGAIN TO TI-IE WORLD MANY STOCKTON I-IIGI-I STUDENTS AND TEACI-IERS I-IAVE BEEN WORKING AFTER SCI-IOOL AND DURING SUMMER VACATIONS IN TI-IESE BUSY YARDS O ALL TI-IESE PEO PLE WE DEDICATE TI-IIS TI-IE I944 BLUE AND WI-IITE DOING THEIR LITMGST TO SUPPLY OUR FIGHTING NAVY .ibeckcafzon Where EAST CAMPUS AUDITGRIUM A W? 3Il -6- 4 S Work DUDE SCIENCE BUILDING NEW BUILDING -7.- DRAFTING A AUMINISTH TTU This has been an evenTTul year. We have seen many oT our boys leave Tor war service, eiTher upon graduaTion or on reaching The age oT eighTeen. Some sevenTeen-year-olcls have enlisTed in special services. Teachers and sTudenTs have made a disTincT conTribuTion To The war eTForT by working in war indusTries aTTer school and on week-ends. MosT have omiTTed The usual vacaTions and have worlced in agriculTure or in commun- iTy acTiviTies such as The RaTion Board. SToclcTon is loolcing Torward To The improvemenT oT iTs schools which will come as a resulT oT adopTing a new Torm' oT organizaTion. While iT will Take years To bring This To compleTe TruiTion, we can be assured ThaT all changes will be made in accordance wiTh plans careTully worked ouT. and +ha+ new buildings will be consTrucTed in which we can give The besT educaTion possible. The year has broughT The loss oT Two oT our mosT beloved Teachers, John Landrum and Alan PorTer, men who made a deep impression upon The lives oT The sTudenTs in Their classes. Their inTluence will be TelT in The lives oT men and women in The years To come. T -io- P IIULTY Mr. Lyncle Miss Rinser Miss Sifford Miss Snell Miss Kenisfon Miss Brown Miss C. I-Iumbargar Miss Boswell Miss Malic Mr. Young Miss Chidesler Miss I-Iancoclr Miss McGIoI'hIin SOCIAL STUDIES MATHEMATICS Mr. Reellworn Mr. I-Iibbard Mr. Van G-Elder Miss Geoglnan Mr. Blim Miss Loveioy Miss Abriglii Mr. Freeman Mrs. Decker Miss Powell Mr. Carmichael Mr. Wenlz COMMERCIAL Fronl Row- Mr. Adamson Miss Mrs. Miss Miss Mr. Back Row- Miss Miss Mrs. Miss Miss ENGLISH AND HOME ECONOMICS Larson Van Vlear Dunning Alexander Lewis E. l-lumbarqar Berry Weeks Posl' Cliberon Fronf Row Baclc Row- Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Q PHYSICAL EDUCATION Milchell May Paulman Conover Bliss Sheridan Lenz Evans McKay Garrigan F EULTY ,, l LANGUAGE MUSC SCENCE Mr. Spafford Mr. Smifh Mr. I-leisinqer Miss Heggie Miss Williams Miss Seine: Mrs. Anderson Mr. Everefi' Miss DeRuchie Mrs. Abboff Mr. Snook Miss Hoerl Miss Shori Mr. Sweei FUR 1943-44 N . uv-VIR 5, I Herring Comer Libhari Van Vlear Milligan Williams VOCAUONAL l 5' M4 Alan 5 gm MD INV I O ' My M Wi!llV1H'a' IM , R AW fq , fm' N Szra-5145521. 25 .Q gl- x ' f f ' f' J' ' LW I 'bf fh-5- V . 4 1 lf' r"1"1',.-W, f4 llll 34 may iii -455 W9 mn 11I"MvA Mi ,im Mi " wing Nl- A - V I . -: V "ry A ,gf - all fa 3451? .,,g,s- Ja- f wp V1 W- ' X , , , HMM A' A ' if , Sbfiiim N415 b-- S lllldl 'pi ---JVI' 'v,l I-nm nn go 1-dl-I 4 --SIN., Laying Heel i - as . X . Fall Council STancling - Mary Renard, cusTodian: Dick Erickson, presidenTg Jack Ferrill. commissioner of aTl-ileTics: JuaniTa Bis- sell, vice president Kneeling-Betry Griggs. commissioner of organizaTions: NaTalie Nowell, Junior Red Cross represenTaTive. SeTTing + Beverly Jordan, ediTor of Blue and WhiTeg Claire Rosenberg, pre- siclenT Girls' League: RuTh Ziegler, com- missioner publicarions. n . Under The able leadership oT popular Dick Erickson. Tall sTudenT body presidenT, The STudenT Council had a very successTul Term. Organized yell- ing in The rooTing secTions and plenTy oT rallies wiTh sTudenT TalenT were TeaTured during The TooTball sea- son. ExTra special acTiviTies oT The Council This year were The TooTball dances held aTTer Three games in The Armory and Civic AudiTorium. The dances were well aTTended and were counTed by all as a success- ful TeaTure oT The Council's Term. The acTiviTies oT The Council also had Their lighTer momenTs Tor, besides The usual business oT approving paymenT oT bills and presenTing aThleTic awards, The Council had iTs own dinner aT The end oT The semesTer aT AlusTizas. The members composing The STudenT Council, presidenT, vice-presidenT, commissioner oT welTare, commissioner oT records. commissioner oT organizaTions, commissioner oT publicaTions, ediTor oT The Blue and WhiTe, commissioner oT aThleTics, and cusTodian are elecred by The sTudenT body oT The school and compose The ruling body oT The school. -16.- .J Spring ljuunml The spring Sludenl Council headed by popular Preslcleni George Malloy broughl To The sludenl body ol Slocldon High anolher successful Fun Fesl al The Civic Audilorium. Paflerned alier The Fun Fesl of The year before This years affair was pul on by and for lhe sludenl body of Slock- 'ron High. Under 'rhe general di- reclion of lhe Sludenl Council. boolhs and concessions were held by many of lhe clubs and organ- izaiions of Siocldon l-ligh. The combinafion carnival-dance was a greal success. Lefl' lo right lop fo boflom-Pal Pelers, Bob Alling, George Malloy, Mr. Cave, Ray l-lewilf, Bob Jones, Beverly Jordan, John Toffen, Milford Piel, Nala- lie Nowell, La Vonne Johnson, and Car- ney Campion. W Girls: Top Row, leTT To righT-Corrine Garibaldi, Joy ce LivingsTon, PaT Nelson, Marie Longacre, Sally MonTgomery. l.iberTy Sarris Second Row-Jean Sanderson, JuaniTa Bissell RuTh Ziegler, DoroThy Gross, Thrya June Jeffery, Mar- gareT Chiapale, CharloTTe Johnson, Beverly Jordan, Third Row-Maurene FosTer, NaTalie Nowell, Eveline Crudeli, Sharon Lewis, PaTTy Lou PeTers. Claire Rosenberg. Boys: Top Row, leTT To righf--Louis Del Barba, Bob l-lunefeld, Don Enberg, Bob SrniTh, Vernon Hellwig, Second Row-JoevDeluchi. Jerry Haines, Alfred Sanderson, Jack Ferrill, Dick Erickson, Bill Capps Third Row-Sargem' LiTTlehale, Hugh Cox, Bob Jones, Bob Wilson, Jim Sandman. The waTchmen oT The school, The sTudenT conTrols, are given The job of keeping order aT rallies, in The halls, and on The campus. Also, following The principles of democ- racy, They conducT Trials oT sTuclenTs caughT breaking The rules oT The school. The mem- bers oT The conTrols are chosen Trom among The upperclassmen oT The school by The vice-presidenT oT The sTuclenT body and Thecornmissioner oT welTare, who are heads OT The girls and boys conTrols, respecTively. There are TwenTy members on each conTrol. 118.- GIRLS CONTROL, Spring-Row I-Madge Evans, JacquelineTaylor, Elaine Malalesla, Eveline Crudeli, Roberla Slcadden, Joan Tuille, Rosie Lee, Hazel Colliver, Belly Griggs. Row 2-Pariy Lou Pefers, Bev. Jordan, Liberly Sarris, Eleanor Slarlcey, Dorolhy Brown, Anna Passadore, LaVonne Johnson, Marilyn Nelson, Pal Nelson, Joann Ellioir. Jean Sanderson was absenl. BOYS CONTROL, Spring-Row I--Arnold Schamber, Jack Ferrill, Urban Ernst Bob Srnilh, Frank G-illeran, John Tollen. Row 2-l-lobarl' Miller, Donald Jackson, Bill Capps, Jerry Haines, Bob Jones, Dick Willis. This year Jrhe sludenl conlrols, headed by Juanila Bissell, Sargenl' Lilllehale, Pally Lou Peiers, and Bob Jones, carried our lheir oflen lhanlcless iobs conscienriously and fairly. The problem of sluclenls smoking on or near lhe campus was laclcled in Jrhe spring wilh much success. Also in lhe spring lhe sludenl conlrols aided in lhe plan ori- ginaled by Mr. Ellis lo clean refuse off Jrhe grounds and lawns. The annual sludenl conlrol parries were nor held Jrhis year because of The laclc ol lime. -IQ, i :i i i 1-1 V - fs. ff' Sandman Shepherd Mclfeegan Wilson Silzer Cox Bennefsen Erickson Van Vlear Fall Leadermen As fhe leaderman is fhe super-skilled worker and fop man in fhe shipyard, fhe senior is fhe learned and highly respecfed scholar in Sfockfon l-ligh School. The February class did nof lef fhis facf cramp fheir sfyle as fhey wenf abouf making fheir lasf year of high school a very busy and gay one. Eoofball games, wifh a championship feam, dances, Chrisfmas parfies, and many school acfivifies made fhe lasf semesfer a full one. Espec- ially acfive was fhe lasf monfh, when fhe senior class had fhe usual graduafion acfivifies. Nofably successful were fhe Senior Prom, fhe fheme of which was "Af Lasf," and fhe bids fo which were finy diplomas, and fhe Senior Dinner, af which much hidden falenf was revealed in fhe senior class. The class officers, Jim Sandman, presidenf, Tom McKee- gan, vice-presidenf, and l-lugh Cox, secrefary, gof fogefher and made fhese and ofher acfivifies successful. Ofher nofable graduafes were Dick Erickson, sfudenf body p-residenf and afhlefe, Sargenf Lifflehale, commissioner of welfare and chairman of fhe unofficial senior "difch day," l-lerfa Silzer, scholar and commencemenf speaker, and Taye Marie Bramwell, Senior Prom, and Senior Dinner planner. Making fhe days lively and inferesfing for fheir feachers and schoolmafes were Bob Wilson, Margaref Shepherd, Russ McGee, and Thyra June Jeffery. Many of fhese sfudenfs are now in our armed services, doing fheir parf foward winning 'rhe war. Wherever fhey are, fhey will always remember fhe days when fhey were mighfy seniors af Sfockfon l-ligh School. -20- ROCEI L AHLES . 'MWERLE BALDWIN P vm ,yn 2 , if V f 2 X 4 '75, - , if .. 'GERALDINE SEVILAQUA g sos BROWN V'3", Wi. , Ss Wea ew f ARMOLEA JIM BEEMAN ssvemev sm.uPs ' MAE .x gfillf r 1 .:., I 1 4-:, .-:' R' ,- . .: , .. HUGH cox HAROLD CRAIG' CONNER DICK ERICKSON GROVEE1 ' JOHNTHAFLIGHHVW BRYCE HAMILTON ' WILBUVR HARDY HILARIO HIKRO f H ss ?::: L . E ss .1 ss a B H ss SS B A EB vw 2 H W w E w E ss is mx an ss www ss if 2 N ss W U sf 5 w .5...Z,x ...,,f4 Y .. . 3 EL. W' ... 1-1 " 5 E- g df Q I H E ... .:::-1i,: "wf Q .. fi 5 Q 5 G -- E xr J .1 . .. W 5 2. - nz H 1 5 'N Si H E V 1 n N H gm- 5 gf. 5 U Q :..:.,.,.., '. . . M ., M . F '39 E we X :S 5 .. ,.L,,,Q,' :"' Y N5 ,. , , s , 1 EYLH , FXJQQNNE JIYIDEN 1 X z lm ELLEN MARTINEZ Mlmneo Mums- MAWLEY, VERNON HELLWIG: 5mbij3?iriiEsfHSuQr2'f H E ? - .. VA E I if '-A " , :., JACK 'HIGGINS DONNA HILDERBRAND MARJORIE I-IODSON DALE HOGAN A Q I zzz K E 2 H E E. iii, :': ' 2 H .. :" ':': . . A ::' H W W 2.3 II: . . :':' . . :-: 1 :ii?iZZEEE - H. 5' " H H E J 4 9-"-fl' - 1 'Zi LESLIE' HCRSTMAN ROBERT HOSE JACQUELYN JANVIER THYRA JUNE JEFFERY ,,,, E ww? if 'X 1 .. . 5 :" , . N A -. .4 :-- 1 . W ' ' -7- .4 1 .,,. - I 3.5: If 5 :-: Y 'H 21 4-V Q E if, vm XP "' , X 4 mfg? ' 12 ' ' I ..::- ' - 'E ET " 'R ,fs -VA R: ffl: A AA': ...W . , H if ,.... .., . iw JSP? ME, QL, fx. gl 'Q'-'1 ' W ."-'--' 1 .-. 1 :': ,KK 1-1 . I MARY KARIM , JEAN KINDIG CHARLES KUHL ' ' -mf :E gg 2 , Q 'fm 2:2 -I: ., ,. 2. -I "" f ...-N . .....- , H rg 9 1 5 .N , J amgfm RUSSELL Musee Tom Mcxeee-AN . sp W ... ...qi H-H A E' SS H Bi E an .. 2:21f:- .4"'. ' V , K., -' 5 RS in M Q.. . , ss BILL LANGHAM K . . .f ' '. f '94 ORIN MALLETT MARSHALL MOFFITL UQANNE MOG BETTY MOTTO-ROS GEORGE NEAL ,-- ,N M ,,,, ,-H ,,, AA... -,,.., .,, ...,.,. M- ..,....,.. .......,,.......,14 . Y .-MA--H --- 1- - -- T ..22... T'e.y?!S'.TT"4I57'L . .gym f-1 -' II 3- atm ' PAT NEESE EVELYN NEWMAN MARIE NYE .N 4 v-'-,.EE.:: E ARTHUTT OAKALEY une? T, Lf, :': Lf"'ffQ ' ' ' I, I II: ai, 'T fy H2 w f M 2L2ifQ2L.2Li2L. L , ii W " Z - T- QQ- QT.: ,pg I 3 T E E A N . -4 ' 4 - -fig I as I- , L :EE - . Ex ff- , ' T H ,fps Qg Q ' img 5 r MIL.. ?Q4y1" fn eh , - ., E' If I I - .Ig if A N, T.. TT QI I Q '1 A if EF' f 2 LAMAR PARRISH F. I? -1'0" I . ,. JJ . T 3 i ELSIE Pano T T I ., :.: . E II 1 .W ,.. .., , ,., .Y 6:2 A-L+, In :.: . .3 S I LL L. ,,.. 3 L :Qi - -1 Q E .K ay 1 I ELAINE Rosams JOHN PENERO , . ,.,.. , l... . 4-------W -- --A 74- -- - -Y---1 ,T :., .. 3 . YI A - KATHLEEN PARKER' GERALD PERCIVAL LYDIA PEREz BETTY LOL! ECSEHLQQAAN BEVERLEY POIRIER J A f A L 9 3 M I, EZ KE, ff- 'f l . T T Y 'its llw I . f 'QE '- f' QI X N' T . Xfvv A LA.: fi' J :L f A Q ' 'K H Tn fa, . Nw: , Nr "T AESVIQS f E . ., . I T, N N E mf 3 - ..... asa T sw I II, it , ' T isfzff ,I ' . 'wmmT-11H-+f- I f ' ' E W -Ea.v:s.s 2.51. .31 !'H,szv.'f,T T 6 - 27 if JUNE PRESTON A JTHELMA OUENZER- ASHLEY RADCLIFFE I , .YY : 5 , E , 'Q T J X , Lf. E 3 - - T., LI . ' .j: 1 -1 T ., .gi . . .. L.. T -,.,, " :Lear -2- .' ' TE E ., ' Q sm A E E 'fx T Q 5 -I.: :fl T F M ,fie-ff , Tin' H RICHARD' TUCKS BERNICE' RILEY 1 .,, I - ff . . .,. , ------+--f----AH ' " -T f'TfQ-. .I . ' '. 'T ,' . X I Ji . A .. .... .. . I I L L - E EI if - Q II" ' " ' ' -I: I.. 5 ,VZ gi E M " - T - H 6 H :':':': :3' ':' : 1: g:: -' Y T Q E E T Q 1515. I 'jj I .:. K I ' . ' . ' ' La ' 'Q . V ,M - . T if " .,... ' is I., III -T3-.Tn -- I f . .:.-.T . , . -., f- .qv -I3-Eg E M 'EE ' , - -. an ,pg-,ps . Ta.. 1 - 5 v 2' S1 ' W ' - ., 2 . AHEAE A - 1 A - wig , - igi T A If -E T M :EE L V E .,.y.:.:. 3 .E ,EI I.: ., ,L T, ' -QE! I A -gig Q TI W- 'j L 'LTI Zi QIQQEI . " 1 I 'V if -TT , sw Q E EEEEEWEI Q- Ilwmnmm, IA if Q TN - BW H E55 'QEER I I.,,'1EwE,m I I qw - ,LE- W . VTEMQE Egzvzg . . E T " . 5, 'wa - wa '- My W- ffm-Rm-fi? 1 ,L T I I I L E if H Lf N A .aa 'M i .- I : ' , -lnmgw " EVELYN RULE - II,nM SANDMAN I T g-1? WTS BETTY i - up I .ka X , T , .,,, HERTA SILZER4 R 6 L4 .. Q. 'ig ,L an 55' as X Q Um FRAN SiN E JE :": l hi, - . ' E Q ' .ATT vf T.. -' . :- , Lfbmflnillw .-.. , JANE SIZELQVE 'T -'GENE SKADDEN T. 5:- 'QZQH ELSIE SEATRALIS2' ,f 4' MARTHA SANDMAN fs1IsI,gINc5g4fENETTl . ROSEASANTANA f N MARGARET U :,. - :-: :V I W an ' Am LT: . .I:.: ' A F N5 .fl-:LU ., . . In S M JF 'gg ' :.: , L I V 1 X Q I -, , ENE . WI, E BETTY J. SMITH . SHIRLEY QSMITH ' AIYIRGINIA SMITH -23- " r""""r-'-'--'------ W-M' --- ---A--W -----'------- --f-1,----.V-V-in if f--.-...-,..., i.,....-,-.-,,, i ,. vlzl 45 I 2 .2-- may I: guy A . Q fx , ,.,, . A .-.-.,:,.,T. , . 1 R A A N I If 'R ':'A :.:.: P . Wi? 7- " - E - ,. H! ' .:,. gif, my -A I 5924 I-l.w - - ,' .Zi Wi' KVI" H --:- EIN- ' - l V A ::: 1 g ?a. Y .1 y - 3 ' R :': A ' R I 75? R- .:-W f' . :.: e f ' V- f ' ' , . 'R 1 - :isis I- If? I . .Q A--:A::' -f x I - .AR I Y' Q ' DEQNNA STABLEIR MERYL srevensul DARLAINE STEWART I Tom SUTTON PAUL Tov ' NANCY TRENIKLE I 1 Y, AR F-I I 'uzn - -- ' I - 5 55:45 .Q - - - - I gig Ri. . LI xl E wvg- . Q ' ' 'N six . , V Zak A if mfg , Vim, , ,.,.,. ,,.,., A I I I Vllwjg' 55? ESRC- ,"::: It Id R 5 , A .:. -:- - :-:- ' f A ,., - ,., JQHN TRIOLOL WILBUR vAN VLEAR LA VERNE vAssAR I MARY vsum BARBARA vmcsm PAuuNE vLAvlANos ' f if E I E . EE: 1 , 1 5. Q-ff 14 fr? X 'I' IR '-is A - 1 W .. - , W S: is .. .:.-Lf, l , inn- . E .., B- :,.:i:,. ' I ' i A . E .. , .-I M lk -Is, ' -- , . R' wif xg, -g It I R- ., xi. ,.,. 5 . H ' - half? , . gm, I Bw -RR R L ,, . if .. 5, ,F A :fi I .. B Q :fifff 3: -. zzz 9 Z .- jmg Him A f f -:':.-:- :':' HELEN ZIGNEGO , .f,.,m- Wai ANNETTE ANDERSON DAVID ARMSTRONG RICHARD BACIGALUPI PARKER BAKER ANASTASIO BANTILLO PAT BELL IDELE BRAVO JACQUELINE BURD CARL CAMESAO ROBERT CHISHOLM CARL CHRISTY BOB CLARK JACQUELINE CLEMO .XEJADINE WARE BARTON' WARSHAUER' BEVERLY WEILBURG' 'sos WILSON CHARLENE wnLsoN LEE w'n5oN Uther Graduates MAY COFFI CHIRLEY CONWELL CARL COOPER WILLIAM CULVER CHESTER DAVIS BOB J. EVANS JAMES J. EVANS JACK FAWCETT BETTY FORD GRAHAM FROST FRANCES GARDNER JOHNPERRY GIANELLI JOHN GIANNINI MICHAEL GONZALES PAT GREEN JOYCE GREGSON MARIE GUZMAN VIVIAN HANSEN DICK HARRINGTON RAYMOND HASKELL BOB HOFF DON HOOK JOHNNY INFELISE LORRAINE KALEBAUGH JOYCE KEATON BETTY KNIERIEMEN JOHN KOTEZ MIKE MARIANI DON MARLETTE RAY NAKAHARA PETER RISHWAIN AUDREY SHOCKEY GENE SMITH JUNE STEISKAL FRANK TOWLE JOE TOY HAZEL TROTTER JERRY TULLY EUGENE WAHL DON WALLACE LOWELL WALTERS HAROLD WEBB DON WEBSTER BILL WOOD KEITI-I WYMAN -Q. PaTTy o BeTTy Griggs Jaclc Wickware PaT Jones IZA Pres. Anifa STewarT Sec John TOHSU Rufh Ziegler Mildred Rernbold Vice-Pres. L u PeTers Bob Allinq NaTalie Nowell Urban ErnsT Sprmg Leadermen Truly a warTime class was The graduaTing class oT June IQ44 wiTh many oT iTs l-ligh School CadeT Corps. The sighT of many boys in uniform marching ual Tamiliar scenes on our campus. The June graduaTes PaTTy Lou PeTers golden voice, Cecil hi h in The acTiviTies oT oThe members in The in TormaTion was added To The us will in laTer years also remember such Things as Rendon's roving eye. and Bob Alling's clicking camera. Figuring g The class and school were Jack Wiclcware. BeTTy EberhardT, PaT Jones, and many ouTsTanding sTudenTs. -25 .. F I . , I f A E7 Y X 3 ,, . 1 . ,L ,. ' ,Jn-I f , V W, 1 ,+ I . A T I 4? Ag I' , . I ., X Q 0 .. ,ft ' . - I --vm ',23 Qi'-' A W -FE le I ' F' I I . ' If ,- , I , , Nlti A'A"' I I 1 ' 5 . i f I I , , I' I M , , ..?5.E,:fg3:j,gi.g :..,:, E 1. , , , ,, ,5 - i .I 4 . A- 1 .,. -.-- - 'L ..: 1. -49 .... L. A 4 ...4 f - x ,V ,f .. , MARY ANN ALLEY BOB ALLING BETTY ANN ALTENHOFF BILL AMMON IRENE ANDERSON THELMA' ANDERSON l , I i f 'JANET ANDREWS JOAN ARATA JEANNETTE ARBICOR CARYLMAE BACON STANLEY BACON OPHELIA BACUS ' wwf L Ar 9: L ,. I 'Q -'Z .,.. rl' ' 1 1 x ix 'ERNESIYMAE BAKER CLARENCE BALES KATHLEEN BANSMER NORMA BANTILLO DAVE BARNES OWEN BARTON I LEIROY BATCHELOR ' BEVERLEY BEANLAND MARY BISHOP JUANITA BISSELL GLADYS BOCCADORO DORENE BONE I . .IL A ' L... Yzlzu- I X :IM 1 -'f.A ' Q: if 1 4? , , Q 5? M I' xg? R u I V 'Q L' E I -- I im 'K W I . -i:' . " 5? I N IW f ' I L' cl F' MARY LOIS BREEDEN CARMEN BRITTER ' BARBARA BROWN' DOROTHY BROWN LAWRENCE BROWN MARILYN CAINE I ' , . . . , fm 1 ' ' ,,,. 2 I I ' 5 I I , ET I I fa, KY I . - I - 5 I s f I I I In ' I I 'VI I I' 2, ...- I . . W - , -.., - 41' 5 -7 - 1 I s 'I - . ' 'A . ' I ,X . . ' , I 1' Qi . I A U ' V J V lllll .I . -' za ' - Q ----- :-: .- ':. 1:-I - ' " . -- : - , , I I . Ik .ms --.- , , , W f ,Z ' , I I U , I , . . ' , ' - ' V 'WILLIAM CALDERONZDOROTHY CALLEGARI ' DON, CAMPBELL . gMARIEfCiLANp3'E ' MARY G.CARTER FRANK CHANCE A g X be , I .... .. ., .X X Q f I .,: in A- . :5:5.,: I Z - J A ,F - A xr. V Aix A Y Lqvn 5 I A li ,- A 74- V Q I 711- , , - H, ,-PWA-L41 Q ' ,T J -26.- , , -S.. ...-, . H I ig- .ffl sas-fm-1 -', ' Em Jjff' - ' ,. 'in 4- .:. nj ' ' V, 5751553 if . I ' ggi ' 6 3 W3 ' 'xl gig, - 5 Yu M frm wg , lf L.," ' 1iIf fjI, -:-' I4-',-VQEAAI ' I i Iw kifiigf J qigi. "5.-X agus I ,, yy, - 2 , In .Q X 1 , M I Q , if 1 ' , xr 9 .. 'IN I W lui' 5 ARB' 3 E A L ELSIE CHAUDRON BETTY LOU CHEW BETTY MAY CHEW ALICE CHOI W. CHRISTENSON BM " ai" ', Az ff fi xv I. 'N 'N 1 I Q I U' M 1 R I 's 'TI , .,.,f:.1 I 2 Ig f I ll Z .1 I . I vi' S IRENE CLARK VIVIAN CLINTON JACK CLOWDSLEY HAZEL COLLIVER BETTY LOU COOK PHYLLIS CH RISTIE DALE COOPER DOROTHY COOPER . ..., 'JI as 3 ' 1 ROBERT DAVISON Ii i I ' Iv? 5 NORMA DRAGOO if f -. :II mf V DICK EILERT 7' "- ef ELVA CRUDELI EVELINE CRUDELI CARLTON CRYDER BETTY DEAVER JULIETTE DE CICCO 'K la, 3. . - r in 5-. 2 .,', ' f I M -II' 9, .ILL E-f' A M EDIT' 'Z R ' 91 I , - . Tek Eg I LV 1 T1 A DON DUNCAN BETTY EBERHARDT fx xg., Im. E JEAN EMMENEGGER DON ENBERG PAUL DEVENCENZI ' 4 WvwL..l..1 Q sm I . 5 L Bi .2 Digi, if " mg", VIRGINIA ECKER URBAN ERNST ROSEICUNDARI - . L I f:,: T ' is . fr -. Q Qi ' -F" "' f f 1' - A In Hi avg-5 S' KNEE? W EVELYN DEVENCENZI fi as ,, I II 'YA F I :.' sem emsss ,. 19 if-I gb.. 1 ' I t 'AILVICQQEAUTSLER .41 ,,.IAm,y,... , , , N 4,5 if 'X x , I " H5 is 55.2, 324 1' 4 I4 DORIS DANSKA Q' - -- 'T I E455 Y ek ELSON DICKSON TOM EGAN MADGE EVANS -27- ENLANS PAULINE FACCIN LESTER FAIRBANK JANICE 21? ROBERT FIELDING L, GERALDINE: ELEMING :im :H r .1 .mms Rm gmg wx .-j.- H ww H L BLANCHE FONG MARIE FREDERlCK ALBERTINA GARDEA HOWARD GAUTHIER s : WM- L' L MQ E ?L1LL1AN GIANNINI I HENRY L. JULQA FORENTI MARY FORENT JAMES 1 FLORENCE FRENCH LILUAN Fnemls BETTY Fneucn K . w H Q ,J SF Q90 W . Ii , , ..., - Y V D R R RR RRR ANGELO FORNACIARi NORMA FOSTER 9 , fl RK , 5 '5 JOHNNIE GAINZA CYNTI-HA GALIOTTO V wiv? MM, if A Kb--1 W si.: ,.,., . f Nl: E, H .,,,, ' , L - .H K X -A--I by , . F11 A ,, ? pl :-f': ---- vm fg A - - -2 .. . ,2:5:5:5' W - fb E- B ' :::'d'. f:f fg5i, -Q: Ki . A M ,S " M 4 H ' X ., .,,Tf. i- 4-2, "QI: ' Q L 4 ALVIN GENINI V JOE GENTILE GEORGE GIOVANDO MARY GIAMPAOLI . ,, E I , W , 'uk-Qwglfx' A v:4:,.i4f . S is QIQQM' , HE E I VL N 4 f- I E if H , . Q .' '15 "'v if-1 , I " V I ,li f - R? 'E 1 JANIS GIBBONS RICHARUGIBSON J ilRYlNEv.GlLELERT LORRAINE GIUNTOLI LODEMA GOERIN6 QW. M . -.v3--7- - 1 YIN SONG A GLORlAlkGOdDNOL HGIQENN GOODWILL' LLORRVAINE- GOSSER JOSEPH!NE GREEN -23- 1 I I. ., if 5 4 1 QI BETTY GRIGGS ROGER GROSS ELEANOR GUALCO CHARLES GULICK EILEEN HARMON JEANNE HARRIGAN I I NL DOLORES HARRIS MARJORIE HARRIS -, ILEEN HARRISON BETTY HASKELL ' WINONA HAY ATHA J. HAYWOOD fi -2 I ., -- 5 . ? 1 I ff., VR ik 1 L , . Q ' I I J A554 E 1 ROBERT HEAD ELODIE HERMAN MARGARET HERZOG RAYMOND HEWITT FERN HIGGINS DORIS HOFFMAN 1' wwf" T -'Q in-1 "I ' 1 IX 447 'iw I -. EWAL., IX GEORGIA HOLMAN CLARA HOLMES ERNA HOOP , BETTY HOOPER JOYCE HOPPE A .WILLIAM HOWARD- ,faii-,I fc .-mf A QI -' .7 'Q I 4 RUBY HUNT GORDON INGRAM ANNE JACOBS JOSEPHINE JACOBS BUD JILLSON LA VONNE JOHNSON 'S I.. I - 1, fgq II F-I Kylix ei 1 if ff Y' I?f'..LY I, L N I MARIAN JOLLY BOB JONES PATRICIA F.JONES TOM JONES BEVERLY JORDAN' BARBARA KAPS J -29- I , YAY I -. . ,. , BETTY KAVANAUGH LESTELLA KAY A nov EARL KCE1N VALERIE Kors' GLORIA KRETZ I ,2..?liL,3f 7' ' ,,.:. , T- QT A:-: A ,,.,:. A ffffifk :':', EQ "" :.:1 . AAA ETE 'J . T I' 1-- "'1':: 'Q -'f' "" ,,,, fb :Ap .. " L L 'AAi' ' " Lf- , , Z,,, A I L L L ,,.,,V . ,I A 5 lg ERMA KRISTENSEN MARY .LKRISTENSEN MARION KROH GEORGE LADAS ROLLAND LARSON ELEANOR LAWRENCE 'QE BETTY LEE BETTY J. LEE GRACE LEE f. wwf TH ERESA LOCASO MARGARET LAWRENCE MILDRED LAWRENCE EDNA LEA U 'A di S V ROSIE LEE SHARONKEEWIS . JACK LIBHART CAROLEE LINEE ESTELLE LOCATELLI MARY LOUIE JIM McBRIAN JOHN McCANDLESS KATHLEEN McDONALD KENNETH McDOWELL GLORIA MCLEISTER W FRANCES MACK ROBERT MACKEY A nosem' MAH ELAINE MALATESTA .lov MANNQNG Jusrm MARSHALL I 130.- CLIFFORD MARTIN CARL MATTLY H 6 MAYFIELD CAROLYN MENKING HARRIET MERRITT BYRON MEYER ,gil ROSALIE MIRAGLIA ROSALIE MISER HUBERT MOLINA 1. SH HEY MORGAN BARBARA MORAVEK DON MORRIS EUGENE NEAGLE SHIRLEY NELSON BARBARA NICHOLS THELMA NILSEN I --I 'iw-'E' ima SL I BILL MAZZERA TONY MEDEROS JOHN MENDIOLA av'-N, RAY MEYERS I-IOBART MILLER WILMA MINOR B'- EVELYN MONI DOLORES MORENO LOIS MORESCO R-5 COLLEEN MOSHER BILL NASON HELEN NAVA BARBARA NOBLE NATALIE NOWELL I LPEGGY O'CONNOR ANNA MARIE OHM JEAN ORR JOYCE ORR NED ORR EDNA OSBORNE L I- .I Emma 3 ,K . I' 3, -If jhf ' :- I I A 1 I I II- . - M ,, M f -I M - , K I I. M I - I - I I I I - I -, I -- M - ff. . -1- V ..,, -,., M , I . M- ,. , - , ff-S 5, -- H -,- f' U if :B I I I 'f 'f f I - -viii 23: W: I f - 5 , f -A f H M M' ' I H H E I H I ' W 5? I sf f .'-2 w w f e . M ' - J H ,I L. . V-M - - - H Q 2 HE, f ' ' U ' Y' M . M if ' " ,.,.,I., H "- I ' . "' . .:g.::.: W M " L 3 ji . M T " ' M 431' ..:.skf . -I f W ' if " RI ,. - . 1' 1--rl: f.' '- : -- ', 'I'..'f'8. Wil M ' ' - L :':'-5: my 'I' 3 ' T- i 'IM '?'f5.-.-- .- E-"' M ' Im NYY ' ' 35 " A - '12 " -' . .r. "'-""7:: "'i1 I " ' ' 'S' I? ' .- - '. . - Y I M, M , , -.-"E-:4':' " 1 ss . 3 - Q 2- w - ss - 5 w - - - -.-...Q :-: - -f- : - M x M ' ' , - - . f - A if W .M M M . -I .g. '- . ' f' f s :M - x W - - H ' 7- - '. 4 . - 2 ., . ,I -- ,I . f ., Q., .. G - .1-.:. K I , 1 -4 H - 4 2 - , M f ,.,1 ,.I.5:--I-I-.Ii :,. L M -: fs iv. II - - ,.,.,.I.,.. - - 2 If - 23 .' M M - ,-:,:,::., -:W :z.:5:-e:-:-,1, - 9 g I' A M ' 5" 2 I 1 If L ' - Iggg :g If , r:s,-g,-5-r:- I.45:au H -+""f"1 -:-1-:-:-:. :-: ' f : ::-:- 5- ii 25: H- v1 ' ff' .5g1:f:'fi" "1 :-: g -1' 2- . '? 'T "fx II I I I I, -'-- - ,,. Vit' " -I 1 If' 'I' ' 'l ' -" ' I In - . . M A - I , I A f . - 1 I I,-f 'O' ' I - ' I I - I I I M M- , I I a I N ss I ' ,x f 5 D I 4. ' , ss Y I ' ,I N ' ,. M E 2- ' S f . H ' I . -EVIL Q: I Q 3,33 MIM-' I - ,III Q amp- WYE, Ly : . "ILL " Mg 1 , www my - I wa- Q E -Ma H- - FI--II Q-I-, 'ri f I .5 if uf H If--I ww Ip- " --' H X I' In X I a E xx :V W - A - w I ss I Bl gm - , M ' L I ' M ,J , - ' I I ' w , I - 4 - .I - ' E Q . ,I I - I I .. E ' B HZ WS I , B .- IL! Ei """ - ' E M ' , R, - f ' - I ,I ,I M ""' 'QQ .IEIl:.:x . ' H K' , Q I I . 5f-:::-f.zIy-:- -I 5 Q If , . ,.,,,., I M, ,,,.,.:, . . I . . - ,-, zzf.. I .:.:,., -f - I E Y M -Z 5' ' -32 I - - W - 1 'Z' fa,-.-Lx. M ' ' H H ' . 'D :2jf3'?43l,:fI 252: L . H - ' B' H Q X EH ,. W . H I ss :I 'L -if N E E - I ., ' ,:.gI.:. :-: V- H .- H . ' SS :. 4, H :Si 4 - U 13-5:-:-:-:I 1 ISS, -A 5 - - . M 1 ww 3. 5 H - 4 A - I I I H M - H ff v- I - In s E f, " IE: 152' E I :I X- I I I x w V V gg :I -- ' ' . -H ' - 1 M ' 'fir ' : ' "' 555 -I - I- I ' N . ' Y " 2:2-2-' ' ss If-'I-I-pai, ,":a1 - W H 1' -' - ,L M ,I , . - -I 9 M NM - ' - M HH gsz. : gs: , . M I my -U ' -I -I - H H ' - H f If 2 Q - - Q .... H A M WQIIIIM I ,.,:,:E CIIIDIIMM .,.,., ,.M. I ,.,. . M . Y, I M M .. -.,-- A B- M , ,., - -., --, -.- - M I M . ' I-3 , 5 -9' M I I Y I ' i:j':i7ff- W -Q -1 sz L M II ,f 5' "fig -a5r,-:- ., --S5 ff 'I' IQ' I H I Z S E I I y M I 1-i igi , I .5 f - ,Ig -1 f- . - If - ' II .- f I ' I Q I I j H I E I 33 ,Y ' , .. E' Q . 'Z 5 Ii 25 Y II II E -- - I M -I I - I M -I , - . - -- ' 1 . ' ' , .2 I 'E 11 , 4 T Q A :Q A K I . " I, A a H a V ' ' 'I - I I ' . ju H SI .. A: . -, I B I Y ' H -A rv E A r, I N : My - K "A I x . ' T :Z . W JEAN Wsgrmensown Y 1:5 :5: sa I W 2- : P' ....: 1-.f L f. . . E, E ,, V 2 v- ,:- nln- EE " A S- gf, .., .....:.: Q: -1-iv --- W Q ' A . .gs VNS., . - E -f Z 1' Q, M i " m 1 --:Ea-me llll Q- if 'L ' Q1 Q-I2 - . L Ten -PARKER OLGA PESETTI JESS POWERS 7 7? E E - , -..,. ": ', :':' ' :.: alms. U T i V 1 ':' LZL 3.1 W B , - 'E . E 'W .1557 , E ' ' :fl '12EI2':': 'Q T ' + ,, . fsw ' f::: ' E- FLOYD PARSONS LA RAE PARSONS A ANNA PASSADORE BEVERLY PATE GENEVIEVE PATRON nm mia Ex an ' as E Na WK y 4 w' ' w " 4.,.,""f' ' 1 I, E- lx X 1 Q 1 ww PATTY LOU PETERS MIRIAM PETREQUIN MILDRED PETTEY MARLA PLATT MAXINE POWELL JEAN PULLIAM 'BARBARA QUENELL HAROLD RANDOLPH HENRY RATTO PETER RATTO COLLEEN REED MILDRED REMBOLD VIOLET RETZLOFF RITA RISC-BS RUTH RIGGS SHIRLEY ROBERTSON A H S NANCY ROHRBACHER CLARIS ROHRER CLAIRE ROSENBERG BERTHA RUBQO ' LEJEAN RUGGLES BRUCE SANDERSON in nv- Y uasarv smzms HENRY -SQRIMSHER PAULINE SELBY -ALMA seam GLORIASHEPHERD -32- A 'R ' 13 RICHARD SILVER JOE SILVEIRA LA VERNE SIMI JACK SKADDEN PATRICIA SMITH RUBEN SMITH xiii 9 'L 51. mm' aw BETTY SOUTH MARY SPANOS STELLA SPANOS HORACE SPENCER TOM SPRAGUE ELEANOR STARKEY gg mai ANITA STEWART ELAINE STOLOFF LEONA STOLZ WERNER STRAUSS IRENE STROING KEITH SOUTHARD I+ GEORGE TI-IIBEDEAU MARILYN THOMAS UTH THOMAS SHIRLEY THOMAS MARJORIE THURSTON JOHN TOTTEN -DFW BILL TOY LUCKY TOY BARBARA TRELUT DOLORES TRETHEWAY MANGELITA' URIARTE HILARIA URRIZOLA 18 W 5 CHRISTINA VALTIERRA HELEN VANDERKOOI ARA JEAN VICKROY EDWIN WADE Aj GEORGE WADLOW DOROTHY WARE -33.- ..: 55: .1 w I x , I A-sos WEAVER Meng weAvsn MAXINE wensx-:AAR aiu. wELLs JACK wicncwmze Rum wuev BETTY WILLIFORD LUCILLE WILSON GLORIA WISE JESSIE WOLFF CHRISTINA WONC-3 JEAN WONG KEITH WONG ROSEMARY WON6 EARL WYNN CORINNE YOUNG COLLEEN YOUNG RUTH ZIEGLER JOE BENBOW BOB CHINN DICK CLARK WILLIAM CLEGHORN ERNEST COOPER IRENE DAHLHAUSER BOB DELARM ORVAL ELLIOTT DIRCE FRANK DONALD FREEMAN Uther Graduates NORMA GIOVANETTI RAYMOND GODBOUT WAYNE HARDIN CHARLES HURST BARBARA HUSSEY BOB HUTI-I L. CHARLES JUCHAU MARDEE KIDD ANN LEWIS LYMAN LEWIS DOROTHY McALISTER RALPH MCALLISTER ALICE McCORMICK ELVA MAE MATHEWS JIM MEDER TOM MILLIGAN ELMO NOVARESI FRED PARTAIN HAROLD PRICE CECIL RENDON ROBERT ROGERS PERRY SAMUDIO ALFRED SANDERSON CHARLES DEILER SAM SHARP RICHARD SI-IRYOCK STANLEY SMITH EMMA TINNIN ELENORE TOLLE ROSE URIA ED WENTLAND HOWARD WONG ul' .-Y-f 1 'Nice lookin' fearnl Jus? relaxing. Dollecl-up seniors. Larry seems happy. Bench sifiers. ' Our JGSPS. 'Where ya going? ...35... Clarence Hmows 'em down Soaking up some sun. Full dress. Cufe, huh? Well "in hand". Froni' lawn brigade. ,- 'X ,444 14,44-4' 1 xg, in QT' -, 'J F0 C U 0 I A I f I , "Q, ,-X . .. 'qt f, Y 5 e O A. ' f "1 v., I QQQQ W f q -V f --"s . 5- ANXXX 2, . l N 0 Si X 1 R x ., 1 . ' U ,AL " , ' nu4-..- 4.4 ka -4144.1 '- ' 4 "' ' n "9 Q qgq-Qvxs-w.wnv1 ..- -. -. -.-- --xxxw Q- - ---. . Q 3. V -- BUILDING 1 l Fall Officers-R. Caullcins, G. Mallo , H. Molina, C. Lenz B. Ahearn, C. Denzer. Y Spring Oliicers-l. Rammer. M. Simpson, P. Brillon, M.Boccoli. JU IUH5 You who have been here al school lor a year or more will remember lhe lall Junior Class and lhe good limes sponsored by ilg lor you who have iusl been here since lhe pasl semesler or have recenlly come lrom anolher school, lhe lollowing par- agraph is wrillen. lnslead ol lhe usual "Junior Jinx" lhis year, lhe class presidenl, l-luberl Molina, decided il was lime lo do somelhing original. To plan lor lhe coming evenl, lhe Junior Class held a meeling in lhe high school audilorium, wilh lhe resulling idea ol an ice-slcaling parlyg lhus was born lhe "Ice-l-lop". From lhen on plans developed inlo aclualily and lhe iuniors became a busy group. Commillees were appoinled lo deler- mine cosl ol renling lhe rink, cosl ol prinling liclcels, and lo decide lhe besl nighl lor lhe "hop". Wilhin a 'Few weeks everylhing was complelely arranged, lhe dale sel lor lhe evening ol January I4, immedialely following lhe Sloclclon-Turlock baslcelball game. Skaling was lhe lavorile sporl lhal nighl. lor lhe rink was lilled lo capacily. Bolh slud- enls and leachers came lo see lhe lun, and no one was disappoinled. The "Ice-l-lop" had been a success! Fall I IA class ollicers: l-luberl Molina, presidenl: Corrine Denzer, vice-presidenl: George Malloy, secrelaryq Fall l IB class ollicers: Bonnie Alhearn. presidenl, Richard Caullcins, vice-presidenlg Carolyn Lenz. secrelary. .-38... fgi, w 4 1 ,4.l T, SQ .f LVM' . ,.,,,-X: ,V QQ JU IDRS Row 1-Reva Jane Greenblatt, Celia Ortiz, Olga Zeiter, Frances Duffy,- Bertha Horst, Mary Borelli, Beverly Evanlioe, Dirce Frank. Row 2-Lorraine Dotson, Caroline Islas, Maxine XVagner, Josephine Ardanaz, Bethel Ritt-er, Mayrina Pcrasso, Q. Loun -Cho, Joyce Howell. Row 3-Gene Prioli, Joe Potenti, Robert Zollinger, Richard Vignolo, XVilliam Russell, Jean Kosta, Mary Janice Godfrey. Row 4-Sydney Ruvkur, Arnold Schamber, Ben Reames, Harold Price, Peter Rodriguez, Dick Shyerzs. Row 1-Marilyn Ne-lson,Frankie Hughes, Vivian Mayo, Barbara Lalierge, Lila Lee Henney, Carol Johnson, Elaine Kingston, Pat Mowry. Row 2-Anella Herrmann, Virginia Mills, Effie McKe-e, Charles Holmes, George Lee, John Madrid, Dick Hunt. Row 3- Clifford Johnson, Dale Harmon, Bob McCrary, Shew Nom Hong, Frank McClory, David Mac Rae, Louis Lechiuh. Row 1-K. Chiarchianis, Jacqueline Taylor, Carol Anne Cox, Melva Fox, Numa Gormsen, Joan Tuttle, Beverly Hodgins, Lola Galli. Row 2-N. Belew, M. Platt, J. Hoover, Margaret Bran- st-etler, Erleue Bradshaw, Emily J. Alcorn, Opal Cox. Row 3- Claywortll Rosamond, Norma Giovanetti, Jacqueline Cotterell, Phyllis Peri, Georgia Pantelios, Gladys Vignolo, Margaret Chiapale. Row 4-Bill Gumpert, Pete Chalmers, Paul Bell, Georgie Calestini, Jack Ferrill, Frank Gilleran, Jack Carr. -39- - 1 1 4 N ,, , , gn -' X 5 A . , -40- rf f"' x l, ,Y . .... P. " " N au. g JU IDRS Page Forty-Group One Row l-L. Saylor, II. Ryland, L. XValkcr, E. Meliee, D. Kelly, l'. Kelly, L. Rodriguez, ,l. Mah. Row 2-1. Robbins, P. Snider, I. Yant, P. Ohm, R. Lind, G. Peterslen, M. Lee. Row-3h'l. Peters, S. Marzolf, M. Longzicre, S. Montg'on1ei'y, E. Meyn, V. NVagner, P. Vl'hile, M. Vincent, Ii. I. Ritchey. Row 4+M. Swift, B. Stephens, V. Lewis, M. Paddock, M. jones, R. Loveday. Row-5 ll. Ratto, R. Pizzo, V. Risso, M. A. Vukich, 13. Mazzera, E. Schulz, II. Smith, C. Smith. Row 6-A. Sanderson, J. Solari, P. Smith, F. Solomon, B. Smith, C. Schmid, I. Rammfer. Row-7 II. Scott, T. Sommerfeld, B. Remington, G. Sinunck, G. Schlink, S. Sanilelins. Row 8-T. Rodriguez, l'.4Reasoner. Page Forty-Group Two Row l-li. Feis, S. Caballero, A. Genetti, V. Fronibolo, ll. Golden, A. Hooper, P. Gardner, I. Houston, L. Hunt. Row 2- R. Robertson, j. Fisher. F. Fusife, J. Grincr, C. Chavis, ll. Kris- tensen, I. Carson, ll. Clites, R. Dinkel. Row 3-,l. Fowler, E. llomhrowski, K. Lee, P. jones, ll. Crane, T. Jaton, A. Mazzetta, L. I. llevilaqua, V. Jessup, D. Kidwell. Row 4-M. Klopping, H. Herrmann, I. Clnusnitzer, P. Herold, M. -lacohs, E. Eicliel- herger, R. Fimhel, l'. Britton, E. Greene. Row S-A. Frederick, R. iiII'IH'i5l2',', G. Kline, I. J. Kaiser, j. Elliot, J. Lundhlad, Il. Gauthier, '. Garibaldi, A. Klurnp. Row 6-C. Iisqnes, M. VTDIIFISOI1, E. Hunt, H. Johnson, O. Krueger. B. Gillan, D. Gross, D. Knox. Row 7-D. Perez, 0: Hidalgo, V. Hewitt, P. Grover, B, Garretson, R. Cates. J. Harmehng, IJ. Barham. Page I-'ortyaGroup Three Row 1-A. Olson, M. Leach, M. Moor, J. La Roche, B. Meyers, P. Lee, Il. McGregor, P. Lodnca. Row 2fH. Lewis, E. Marsh, C. Paulson, A. Maslin, C. Lenz, J. Livingston, J. A. McEwen. Row 3-B, Muller, E. Lee, Judy Piepkorn. E. McPl:-erson, Ii. Lange, S. Levinson, P. Nelson, NV. Milligan. Row 4-C. Morais, M. Maskus, F. Malpasso, E. Lewis, H. Lapcik, Y. Owens, Il. Steel. Row S-A. Wise, L. Underwood, L. Sutherland, D. Under- wood, I. Tucker, G. Van Vlaek, J. XVatters. Row 6-J. Xhlarren, A. Tucker, I. Stoltz, J. XVillett, J. Von Husen, J. Yost, R. NVeelcs. Row 7-G. Vlfodkins, VV. XVillis, E. Stitfes, Kim Yip, D. XfVoods, F. Valenzuela, E. NVay. Page Forty-One-Group Dne Row 1-G. Hocking, V. Latino, L. Martin, C. Munoz, A. jones, R. Garcia, L. Cloos, V. Gonzales. .Row 2-li. Multhauf, D. Meyvira Colfelt, .. ing, P. Flaningam, K. I-Iuntalas,"'BJ, Brown, Il. L. Burruel. Row 3-I. Cardoza, H. Ilesotes, V. Lee, J. Madrid, D. Lfee, B. M. Gall, Il. Evans. Row 4-MffManning, N. I-Iarms, M. Clayworthll Boccoli, M. Johnson, P. McLaughlin, D. Reed, I. Row 5-B. Dickerson, J. llarklcett, P. Ah Tye, G. Henderson, G. Chelli, J. Gianelli. Row 6-L. XViIliam, S. Hill, B. Hromhcrg, J. Ingram, R. Hanson, IJ. Brown. Row?-F. Fong, C. Forbes, B. Fitzgerald, 1. Health, F. Darnell, D. Delaney. Row 8-J. Fetzer, li. Gardner, M. Autry, A. R. Allan, I. T. llelessis, ll. Davenport. ROW 9-G. Adams, ll. Igo, II. Hull. Page Forty-one-Group Two Row 1-Il. Strulm, A. M. lVells, L. Tillman, NN". Stewart, Il. Savage, I. Perkins, G. Pappas, S. Rodriguez. Row 2-N. Poggi, M. Spino, J. XVinstead. P. Powers, L. Rovera, I. Smith, A. Seuovin, I. Rosek. Row 3-S. Moore, M. Pimentel, Il. Ieffry, IJ. Stone, E. Ros-e, S. Setzer, G. Martin, C. Raffetto. Row 4- D. Marshall, F. Miramontes, 15. Rippey, R. Valk, D. Trachiotes, F. Madden, G. Rock, 1. Chan, Row S-F. Uomini, D. Meyer, F. Risso, H. Stevens, I. Veehrock, C. Wong, E. Wong. Row 6-M. lvinchel, M. Schwoerer, R. Young, S. Nickols, F. Vllong,-L. Fong, T. Kostas. ....4l.- JU IUHE Row 1-Nadine Thomas, Carmel Santella, Elvera Santella, Jessie Valdez, Betty XVagenxnann, Adrienne Smith, Alice Silva, Maxine Tully. Row 2-Pauline Schwartz, Donna Mae Vincent, Sybil NVright, Betty Singer, Lois XVetzel, Alma Ungaretti, Ramona Spino, Eula Stewart. Row 3-Bill Fagnant, Harry Low, Vkfesley Johnston, Otto Horst, George Leipelt, Myron Latham, Evelyn Schefelbein, Doris Sanders. Row 4-Stanley Gniliani, Bob Ghi- lotte, Bob Lahrnsheire, Stuart Floyd, Bradley Sells, Ernest Lehn, Merle Harrison, Johnnie Gomes. Row 5-Reuben Klinger, Bill Isaacson, Bill Harper, Thomas Holmes, Virgil Lown, Jim Klien- stin, Bob Jackson, Donald Ste-el, Jack Mariani. Row 6-Don Earl l l l W'omble, Jerry Haines, Donald Crewxlsun, Bill Kirsten Robert Henning, Frank Lopez, Leland Lutz, Frank Solari, Row 7-Burl Klein, Frank Ranzi, Bruce Goodwill, Clyrle Byers, Joe ll-enhow. Row 1-Essie Elsego, Eris Hall, Florita Godinez, 'Delores Eliab, Nellie Davini, Virginia Faselli, Marcelina Consiglieri, Pam Gomez. Row 2-Marjorie Hamhow Geraldine Garibaldi, Daphne Copeland, La Verne Broker, Margaret Broker, Dorin-e Berry, Isabell Azeveclo, llabara Alameda. Row 3-Betty Hcrmance, Bev Brown, Iacqnlyn Huston, Melvina Camera, Dorothy French, Josephine Christensen, Dorothy Angermeier, Row -L-Bill Dal Porto, Bob Anderson, Ralph Cowen, John Bills, jim Brown, jack Costa. Row 5-Tom Burdick, Hillard Corren, jack Pierce, Don Earl XVomhle, Gerald Chesebrough, ,Tack Bartlett, Steve Arzaga, Kenny Adams. Row 6- Bob Beerman, Robert Chapman, Eugene Balsley, Frankie Baldwin, Jim Abel, Frank Briare, Frank Bocek. Row 7-Fred Blei, lloh Burke, Clyde Dabadie, Ed Bingham, Richard Caulkins. Row 8- ,Tolm Colombini, Robert Beckham, Clyde Byers, Rich Bramwell. UNIUHS Row 1-Margaret Coleman, lletty Avey, Verna Canote, Bertie Broderick, Rose Ducaro, Betty Davis, Mary Lu Bush, Flora Adams. Row 2-Annis Cress, Dorothy Cusick, Phyllis Balduc, Gladinc Baker, Jay Deady, jerrie Cowan, Miriam Allen. Row 3-Pat Adams, Bonnie Athearn, llarlmrzi Adams, jackie Berlingen, Donna Allen. Dorothy lleatie, ,lean Cassidy. Row 4-Mae Criclrlle, Dorothy VVofl'orcl, llarhara Rayne, Les Baxt-er, Rowena Barquist, Sophie Chiarchianis, Alive Faye llacon, lletty Carpenter, Row 5-- Carl Palmer, jerry Paulcen, james Mimms, Milford D. Piel, Ray Morris, Glen Pierce. Row G-Daniel Ng, Bob McDonald, jim McTeer, jim Ohm, Karl Naynarrl, Edward Ceck, Ronald Pezzi, Gerald Preeo. -43 Row liPeggy Rea, Herma Lie Rich, Jeanette lViIl4inson, Ellen Marie Sorensen, Roberta Skadrlen, ,lean Rose, Doris Roth, Ardell Turner. Row 2-Alberta Vassar, Ella lViley, Betty Lou Thorn, Pauline VVhite, Renee Sprinkle, Florence Totten, LaVerne Pooley. Row 3-Dorothy Seversen, Ramon Sherrill, Marcella XVil5on, Frances Vogler, Edna Riggs, Maudellen Stagg, Doris VVarren. Row 4-Lois XVright .Tuncttc Swanson, Bette Russell, Shirley Tillman, Inn-e Vklilhnr, Barbara Sutton, Virginia Spino. Row 5- Bernhardt Fransen, Lou Del Barha, Albert Fong, Ray English, Jim Gallagher, Budd Gianelli, Landon Gibbs, Row 6-XVillis Fan- non, Frank Eihing, John Flodin, James Ensign, George Dolby. Row 7-Dave Dunlap, Vifalter Deets, Roger Dossett, Pat Formhy, Everette Eutsler. I f W V SUPHUMUHE5 Row l-M. Simpson, C. Van Dyke, P, Smith, M. Smith, J. Siinpson, V. Scott, A. Vznnqlin. ROW 2-J-. Silva, li. Spnyfl, Il. I.. Sherman, L. J. Smith, li. Tait, I. Sullivan, XV, L. Votaw, Il. Silvers. Row 3-S. Smiih, A. Weeks, IJ. Schmid, III. Xklezivcr, IT. Stoke, ll. L. XVehorg, J. Sears. Row 4-E. Corner, Il. lllnir, C. Anderson, lf. Anlwnrm, IJ. Cnrnow, C. CIlTI'IIJl0l'I,li. qlfosln. A. Ilcers. Row 3-R. Cnlcznzno, ll. Becker. A. Aulwurm, G. Carver, I'l'. Chan, K. IJarhy, R. Allan. Row fi-l'l. llnwdcn, E. Alling, R Derrick, P. loncs, IJ. Iinhcock, G. IJcv-crcanx. J. L.I3CCllIII'l, N. Aram, II. livliglilli. Page lrorty-Four-Ciroup Two Row l-A. Louie, R. lVong, E. Lee, lf. Jung, L. Wong, li Florita, B. Navzi, E. Gonzales, E. Ilregunle. Row 2-L. Ulm, G, lrlcsketf, ll. Teloinznii, IJ. Iinlts, IJ. Passarlorc, M. IJowIer, IJ. llrassesco, I-l. Fri-crlrick. Row 3-E. Clemens, P. Conwull, Alvarez, M. Elhzirdt, Y. Morotti, IJ. Ivers, ll. Hazellmker, A. Mendez. Row -I-C. Cho, G. Hitt, L. H. Gibson, P. Garmirc. If. Calvelli, X. Chiarchirinis, IS. Crow, IJ. IJiuIiI. ROW 5-IJ. llurns, ii. Fitzwziter. E. Hash, K. Gong, H. lionu, Ii. Higgins. lf. Cupp, Anoto. Row 6i'l'. Clcur, IJ. llrown, XV. Choi, J. lrlililcrliraml, J. Griffen, R. Gacdtlie, IJ. Allen. Row 7-S. Dunn, C. Ilouglzis, fl. Evans, R. I'l-cad, K. llrown, IJ. Douglas. Page l"orty-Four-Group Three Row 1-J, Marchetti, L. Rocco, A. Pnlacios, J, Rogers, L. Mewlierry, V. Neuverl, A. l':ipp:is, IJ. Nichols. Row 2-M, Ricks, V. Price, E. Mziclienzie, F. Malice, J. Matheson, G. Rodriguez, E. Mercer, IJ. Olson. Row 3-P. Parris, P. Nzissoiy, M. Roberts, M. lN'lCKay, IJ. Mz11'klmn1, I. Rice, C. Pope, fi. Parclini, D. .lIIyers. Row Llill. Owens, M. Renard, R. Rauzi, J. Rogers, C. Pelpkorn, H. Nekitos, K. Nikitos, G. Mori. Row 5-Il. Nowell, L. Masephol, M. Price, lf. Price, F. Reinhold, V. Marsli, C. Moore, M. McCune, R. Rowland. Row 6-P. Smith, G. Thonms, C. llrorlerick, T. Lira, B. Grc-en, R. Johnson. Row 7-J. Phillips, A. Cundori. Paixe Forty-Five-Group One Row 1-I. Ellsworth, IJ. Petersen, S. fiomas, ll. Fairlcss, C. Mar, ll. Hailey, .l. Gaggero, G. Frehn. Row 2-P. PisLer,.H. Rehnert, A. Murphy, J. Marks, L. Marengo, M. E. Rishwazn, C. Reed, J. Robinson. Row 3-L. Francois, ll. Frost, P. Nicholls, E. Par- sons, J. Franks, R. Manchester, .-X. Flodin, B. Grc-:nherg. Row -I- E. Eggleston, F. XVilliam, J. Genzisci, O. Newton, P. Ezistliai-1, M. Piccardo, IJ. Morrow, J. Risso. Row S-ll. Poulin, T. French, ll. Fisheo, l". Gilles, C. Gonzales, XV. Orr, G. Gray. H. Hanna. Row 6-ll. Neumiller. R. Merchant, ll. firziveni, H. Hayes, G. Mfencarelli, J. Gzililiardt. Pai:-e Forty-Five-Group Two Row I-.-X. Christensen, L. Iiigone, R. liesuln, L. Griggs, H. Hillikcr, XV. Johnson, A. I-lferno, Y. Alexzinfler. Row Zill. Han- nnmeyer, IJ. IJel Rio, L. Demichelli. Row 3-G. Armanino, S. Devcncenzi, R. Capurro, L. Baker, M. Halvarsen, P. Brown, J'. Gilhert, ll. llevilacqna. Row sl-A. IJeShaze1', R. Douprhty, IW. llonds, lf. Ilusalacchi, ll. Alnnieda, G. Gardner, IJ. Dinkiel, K. Kosich. Row S-L. Goetz, U, Gonzales, L. lJingway, O. Brown, Il. J. Kraifft, II. l-lnhhell, M. llaker, M. Johnson. Row 6- R, Horstkodzi, Il. McCall, J. Lzunhertv. Il. l-lutcheon, IJ. Lenin, Ii. Crawford, C. Hickey. Row 7-G. Huey. li. Johnson, XV. Huber, E. Lutztscr, R. Kidd, M. lrloffman. R. Holmes. Row 8-R. Knox, IJ. Jaton, E. Long, IJ. King, A. Kallgren, G. Lannb. Row 9-R. Lohehy, ll. I-lunefelcl, R. Jordan, XV. Long. W w k SUPHU UHE5 Page Iorty Six Group One Ron 1 A Ixragen II Ihker C Benehsha R Dunn M Marin I Burton C Dunn M Bradford C1 IJIVLIY Row 2 C Hanslrm I Glottonnu X Canger M Dxckson I Devmcenzl S Arthur ,I Coats L Behrens ,I 'Xpperson -X Nloor Ron 3 M Stoekflalv. C Borcham I Peterson I Stout L Carde B Bmunnn R Tornacncn B Dennis C -Xr t I Storer Row 4-M House. D Goerlng Doris Goerlng E Lee Il Ng S Dunn,NI TllOU11lS0!l S Pappas, A lllarden I Barth, Row :1 E Guthrey XX Xllan -X Forrest S Sahny 'NI Gtnffinr, ll Chandran ,I Martin Row 6 C Clemnnqon, S Bonnar C Car mg B Ixelsfer D Goldsworth, I' I-Imkle B Lamb C, lxtnjkunlall NI Cosser Row 3 'll Halleen M Hull R Iarvxs D Hanshew C Lobrovxch ,I Hughes I Hussey B Harhert R w 4 N1 Hauser P Ireland G Parr-aotto R Snnth 1' Toy E Roberts Row J I Stewart I VVadlow C Petrequm I Pedersen B Stark R Rose Row 6 -X Sapana M Vereggo NV Sangtunettx T Shumway I Thompson Row 1 M Rlshwun B Rannru I Starr R Solari H Seonyers I Wise Page Iorty Seven Group One Rowl C Spurgm B Morlan M Slnre G Morris P Loveclay N Sxnger C Sperry C bCl'lII'l1dl Row 2 V Melton C IVonL., B Squxres I Mayo NI Senn M Suttles, H Sheppard S Young Row 3 F Sparks B Sparks NI Xost, I Talncco C Wolfe R NVentzel IN Llhlnrt I Zola Row 4-W Ien I Oneto, NI Logan Ix Lee III Ilfah S Hong E hopping II Mephaln Row J I Isnox R Mxnges G McCauley D Iackson H lxotw I Orr C Morris Row 6 I- INewman H Lee Il Orle. 1 May ova Nl' Daniels L Ierdman R Slnplro 'K Barrows Page Forty Su. Group Two Ron 1 L B-mtxllo C Estcp B Lvsnn, I Bromnmg, M 1"orfl B Carlson Row drews D Clauesen S Champion P Cowxn on I Davison R w 3 V Zeller Dang P Black C Cunxuug,l1'm1 M xI.,I'll.ilV C Ross R Harr P Santana R VVlll1m1s C Evans II Collet N Clark, C Ill Il Emerson S Bran Izllls L Brooke U A Dllheclx Row 4 Il Shaxffer T Stun lrrecl er S Steele M Favlor B Rytmcl Row 5 R Van Noah Senn R Leh K Row R Slnvcly I' Snnth B Sullivan anguxnettl D Tonex R w 6 B Snowrlen I IV1llxtts Xlavxanos R Sorensen I Smith I Towle P Ivlnte D Stltw Row 7 XV Zenz, ,I IVonp, B Stauclenraus S Sweet D Tyrell R NI alll: H Vargas D XX augh R Stultz Page Forty Sn Group Thru: Rowl E borlmez A Lee IN Iolmston C Lyons N LIVIIIIBS ton I Lew1b,G Hall L Harrxson Ron 'P B Gruhhi N Hall 47 FRESHMEN Page Forty Seven Group Two Ron 1 D Lrra, 1' Luna B Jacobsen C Ixnox 1-I Martxn Ixaplan B Lynch M Roo Row " D IIIJYUII M Mlrcelhn Ixlemme. I Madsen I3 Moore B Iorrlan C Lamb S I1 ll Haah Row 3 E Molma L Moran I' Morrnson J Menkmg, Morrow VV May P Marie C Iohnson Row 4 I Morne Iolly C Isaacson Maqenohl B Moore M McPherson F Ixelley T Douglass Row 5 R Mclxmley A Leer NI Locluca I Laughlm W Iohnson D Crxffin D Harnolrl Row C L Haines E Earlv D Guenther B Dominguez J Ellvott R Gian necchun B Henretty R w 7 B Drewes R Edgerton Glllespxe A Cotelll D Gallagher H Cnlwson E Ialrs.st1r,R Hay Row 8 B Heryford I Dietrich lx Geottman I Gardner T Gehr B Bay R Ehlers A Hawk ,I I . I I I. .I ..I I . II I ., I I II. ,1 : .I -I . , . 1 , . I ., . - 1 1. , . 1 , I. .1 , . . o '-I . ' , . . , . . , . , I . I , . .. .-. . , I, , ,1. , x. " ' I , I. ', . . -. . L1 1: , . I ' , I . ' I . . ', . . -'. Q z , . ', I. I -.I . , ,.I -. .- ,. , . , . , I. . . ' 1 . 1 '. 1 ' 1 - I I 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 T 1 .. , . , . I. I . . I . 1 .. .' 1 ', . , :. I , 1 - 1 - S' ' ' ' ' - . . . . , . , v I -I 1 1 I II1 - 1 - -1 1 1 J- 1 - Iv I ' I gl ' " ' I J' J. , 1. , 1. . -- . ' , ,. ' V, 4' 1 - - I ' 1 " , ' -' . ' ' ' . ., . ,I.. , 1 .. J . 1 ,e. '. .. . . - ,un , 1 . . 1 1 . 1 . . . .. - , . . . , , , 1 Iv I jI . I . ' ,I , .' I ' .I I , . ., 1 . . I . 1 , . , . . .. . . . ,. . - 1 , . . I ' I ' . ' ,I . 1 , . I . I. I , I. 1 . .' 'R' I','I ' ' ' I '. I'-'1. II I v 17 . 1 .I 1 - '1 . 1 . ' I. 1 ' ' ' . '- ' ' 1 I ' - ' 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 - . 1 1 '- .- . 1 . - . . . .. . - ' ' 7, '. d If , I I I , . II Y I ,II,1. . . 1 , . , ,. , . , -1 A ' -1 - - ' - ' 1 ' A' R. INIEISCII, F. Hose, I. Holmes. rl .I"-1 Y - . 1 , . .. , . ' "', . .', . , '. ' '. ' , . , . . 2M.l. 1 ' . X - , ", .I I ' , C. . . I. , I.I x ' , ... 1 d , I. ' 5 . o I-. 1, L. .',I . '., . I If -. 4. 'I , . 1 ,I1. I ', . 1 I, .I, .. ', .. Y. , .rf ,.. '. ff- S. , . , . . 1.-. ' , '. -1 - , 1. '.', .I , .I 1 ., . I .', ,I .L ' - L. . ' , . , ..I . .I 1 ,.. 'eg Q , ..I' , . , , . I . . I .- . I :, B. 4. -. ,I . ' ,.. ' Q , . ' I' I, I, , , .'., . ,I.. , ,B. I. . . , . .., ., . . -. ' ,, SI I , . o I - . ., , .,I I. D. . . , . . . , ' ', '. , . ' ., . .. ' . , .1. . , 4. ' , I. ' ', . . x.. , .I II C. 1 . I , . . ' , .'. , , 1 7 1 . 1 T I . . , . , . , . , I. , . I , . .1 , . ,. 1-'. , I, , . . I I . . - -1 - 1 - 1 1 - I..I . ., . 1 . , , . , . E- . . . o - . 1 1' .. 'T .1 1 .I 1 ,. I' ,'. , I ' I I I I I , 1 . 1 , . I I , . , . ' 'S . 1 . 1 I. . , . ', I . I , . .', . 'J' - . , . , . ' , I. ' , , , . . 1 , . 1 ,. ..- . ., . - , . , . , I . '. Q -48- FRESHMEN Page Forty-Eight-Group One Row 1-C. Harrison, G. Foppiano, F. Filippini, A. Eiselen, I.. Graber, E. Herrera, C. Gibbs, B. Henry. Row 2-M. Huber, G. Hanrahan, B. Frietas, L. Fechner, M. Eberhardt, B. Hess, I.. Garibaldi, I. Finkbohner. Row 3-D. Glynn, N. Fetzer, I. Gun- tert, 1. Huston, D. Evans, M. Herring, V. Hunter. Row 4-M. Burton. M. Bonds B. Beardslcy, V. Fergusson, V. Harris, M. Gray, N, Hillious. Row 5-I. Bertaina, D. Burnham, C. Curnow, I. Boggs, R. Bergstrom, D. Dcvegpgio, L. Bernard. Row 6-D. Anthony, L. thll4il"?.lfiC,-BTBIBY, M. Cannon, A. Bianchi, R. Browne. Row 7-A. Aliearn, H. Burch, N. Crossley, G. Bertucelli, S. Borehardt, I3. Bebo. Row 8-P. Delucchi, I. Alvarez, 12. Ray, B, Bennett, ll. llaerwald, A. Busalucchi, T. AuCIair. Page Forty-Eight Group Two Row l-B. Pope, M. Myers, I. Seifert, P. Patton, ll. Sollars, L. Perez, L. Peil, Rawlins. Row 2-D. Porsch, G. Peters, A. Novotny, XV. Nannan, I. Schediwg, E. Pearson, B. Owen, M. Neumlll-er, M. Murphy. Row 3-S. Oeck, M. Smith, A. Scott, I. Phelps, L. Singer, K. Ncsmith, N. Odelbergz, O. Shaeffer. Row 4-I. Ixlemme, L. Iob, R. Lease, T. Kosta, R. Lagorio, I. Mah, N. Powell, M. Nicora. Row S-M. Lyons, B. Howe, L. Iohnson, I: Mah, F. Low, R. Konig, N. Manning. Row 6-A. Higgins, P. lxorbbolz, IJ. Lazzarescln, C. Iacmto, D. Iones, C. Krein, A. Innes, Row 1-I. Holhger, E. McMahan, D. Lindsey, C. Lewis, D. Howell, S. Ienklns, A. Little, R. Isaacson. Page Forty-Eight-Group Three Row 1-M. Coblentz, B. Berlin, L. Buchwaller, M. Burnett, A. Banovitch, D. Courtney, A. Dalonzo, F. Colliver, D. Archer. Row -49 2-N. Augustine, 1-l. llentoni, li. Davidson, R. Aquistapail, L. Bart- lett, L. Bradford, A. Brown, D. Duhig, N. Dieke, M. Connolly, Row 3-M. Duke, N. Alexander, L. Dupuis, Il. Daves, NV. Barber, I. Basham, L. Balsley, L. Bravo, B. Brick, L. Capra. Row 4-L. Peirano, I. Newman, G. Parrott, H. Ng, IJ. Monasterio, S. Masl-en, Matthews, E. Myall. E. Sandelius, I. Rushing, C. Moore, S. Row 5-M. Simms. E. Richard, T. Paulson, B. Minahen, F. Marks, D. O'Connor, R. Reelhorn, I. Rasmussen, E. Rice. Row 6-I. Perez, R. Owen, A. Nuss, Ci. Oliver, M. Sanchez, XV. Rothach-er, B. May, O. Roberts, R. Moresco. Page Forty-Nine-Group One Row 1-L. York, A. VVillis, V. Nance, B. Randolph, P, Trelut, L. Smith, T. Soudor, ll. XVoodruff. Row 2- L. XVilliams, B. Muthart, I. Peterlnan, M. Sherwood, M. Traversa, C. Rotert, A. Rowley, B. Snttles, K. Rodhouse. Row 3-L. Wfarren, M. Onito, M. Riley, L. Osborn, I-. Teleua, P. Murray, H. Taylor, B. Tons. Row 4-G. VVeill1urg, IT. Turney, R. XVright, A. Utter, T. Smith, E. XVoodruff, M. Tretheway, B. Vignolo, E. VVoody. Row 5- G. Swan, T. NVatters, G. Talbot, M. Sayge, T. Selfridge, C. Stock- ton, L. Shroyer, H. Stewart, F. Toad, R. XVhite. Row 6-L. Thomas, A. Talt, R. Schneider, S. Vlavianos, D. XVomble, R. Zim- mer, Il. XValler, XY. XVendel, K. Strungfelloue. Page Forty-Nine-Group Two Row 1-M. XVunderlick, C. Quinn, D. Schultz, B, Lagorio, G. Sievers, I. Lyman, M. McKay, H. Kessel. Row 2-I. Rose, S. Yost P. Carlile, C. Remington, E. Stone. M. Schwartz, I. Sandberg, I. Lampitok. Row 3-G. Thomas, Mangley, N. Ng, R. NV:-ilcs, P. Stautcxboraugh, M. Miller, L.. Shanks, E. Mar, I. Choi, Row 4-V. Silva, D. VVells, M. XValcott, K. Klein, L. XVilliamson, M. M'oore, L. XVelIs, G. Avery. Row 5-S. Carlin, I. Fong, R. Drury, R. Barsi, XV. Anderson, A. Gauthier, G. Chan. Row 6- F. Uo- hales, S. Callon, I. Costa, D. Brinkman, R. Ehlers, D. Battilana, D. Bargagliotti, A. Gainza. Row 7- C. Evans, I. Bodz, R. Free- man, I. Dilfiartolo, I. Fernandez, R. Dessaussois. Row S-C. Cronon, H. Barone, R. Correno, M. Duggaror, L, Chclli. I FHESHMEN Page Forty-Eight-Group One Row 1-C. Harrison, fi. Fopniano, F. Filippini, A. Eisclen, L. Graber, li. llerrera, C. Gihhs, li. Henry. Row 2-M. Huber, G. Ilanrahan, ll. Frietas, L. Fechner, M. liberhardt, ll. Hess. L. Garibaldi, bl. Finkholincr. Row 3-D. Glynn, N. Fetzer, J. Gun- tert, l. Huston, D. livans, M. llerring, V. Hunter. Row -l-M. Burton, M. llonrles ll. lleardslcy, V. lfergusson, V. l-Iarris, M. Gray, N. llillious. Row 5--,l. liertaina, D. Burnham, C. Curnow, ll. Bogus, R. llerestroxn, D. Dcv-eggio, L. llcrnard. Row 6-D. Anthony, L. Al1drade,'lK.'llley, M. Cannon, A. liianchi, R. llrowne. Row 7-A. Allearn, l-I. llurch, Crossley, G. lierlucelli, S. llorehardt, ll. lleho. Row 8-l'. Delncehi, ,l. Alvarez, ll. llay, ll. Bennett, ll. llacrwalml, A. llusalucchi, T. AuClair. Page Forty-Eight Group Two Row l-ll. Pope, M. Myers, j. Seifert, P. Patton, D. Sollars. L. Perez, L. l'eil, A. Rawlins. Row 2-D. Porsch, G. Peters, A. Novotny, NV. Naiman, j. Scherliwg, E. Pearson, B. Owen, M. Neumill-cr, M. Murphy. Row 3-S. Deck, M. Smith, A. Scott, I. Phelps, L. Singer, K. Nesmilh, N. Odclherg, O. Shaeffer. Row -l-J. Klemme, L. Joh, li. Lease, T. Kosta, R. Lapzorio, I. Mah, Powell, M. Nicora. Row 5-M. Lyons, ll. Howe, L. johnson, ,l. Mah, F. Low, R. Konig, N. Manning. Row 6-+A. Higgins, l'. Korhholz. D. Lazzarcschi, C. Jacinto, D. Jones, C. Krein, A. jones, Row 7-J. Holliiqer, E. Mchlahan, D. Lindsey, C. Lewis, D. Howell, S. jenkins, A. Little, R. Isaacson. Page Fo rty-Eight--Group Three Rove l-M. Coblcntz, B. Berlin, L. lluchwaller, M. Burnett, A. Ilanovrtch, D. Courtney, A. Dalonzo, F. Colliver, D. Archer. Row --49 2-N. Augustine, 1-1. Dentoni, D. Davidson, R. Aquistapail, L. Bart- lett, L. Bradford, A. Brown, D. Duhig, N. Dieke, M. Connolly, Row 3-M. Duke, N. Alexander, L, Dupuis, li. Daves, XV. Barber, I. Basham, L. Balsley, L. Bravo, B. Brick, L. Capra. Row 4-L. Peirauo, J. Newman, G. Parrott, H. Ng, D. Monasterio, S. Maslfen, E. Sandelius, J. Rushing, C. Moore, S. Matthews, E. Myall. Row 5-M. Simms. E. Richard, T. Paulson, B. Minahen, F. Marks, IJ. O'Connor, R. Reelhorn, J. Rasmussen, E. Rice. Row 6-I. Perez, R. Owen, A. Nuss, G. Oliver, M. Sanchez, XV. Rothachfcr, ll. May, O. Roherts, R. Moresco. Page Forty'Nine-'Group One Row 1-L. York, A. XX'illis, V. Nance, B. Randolph, P. Trelut, L. Smith, T. Soudor, ll. lVoorlruff. Row 2- L, NVilliams, B. Muthart, J. lleterman, M. Sherwood, M. Traversa, C. Rotert, A. Rowley, ll. Suttles, K. Rodhouse. Row 3-L. Warren, M. Onito, M. Riley, L. Oshorn, L. Telena, P. Murray, H. Taylor, B. Tons. Row 4-G. Hieillyurg, D. Turney, R. Xvright, A. Utter, T. Smith, E. XVoodruff, M. Tretheway, B. Vignolo, E. XVooily. Row 5- G. Swan, T. Wiatters, G. Talbot, M. Sayge, T. Selfridge, C. Stock- ton, L. Shroyer, H. Stewart, F. Toad, R. White. Row 6-L. Thomas, A. Talt, R. Schneider, S. Vlavianos, D. l.VomlJle, R. Zim- mer, li. XValler, XV. XVendel, K. Strungfelloue. Page Forty-Nine-Group Two Row 1-M. Nkiunderlick, C. Quinn, D. Schultz, B. Lagorio, G. Sievers, J. Lyman, M. McKay, H. Kessel. Row 2-I. Rose, S. Yost P. Carlile, C. Rfemineton, E. Stone, M. Schwartz, I. Sandberg, I. Lampitok. Row 3-G. Thomas, N. Mangley, N. Ng, R. lValcs, P. Stautexboraugh, M. Miller, L. Shanks, E. Mar, I. Choi, Row -l-V. Silva, D. XVells, M. XValcott, K. Klein, L. VVilliamson, M. Mfoore, L. VVells, G. Avery. Row 5-S. Carlin, I. Fong, R. Drury, R. Barsi, NV. Anderson, A. Gauthier, G. Chan. Row 6- F. Do- hales, S. Callon, I. Costa, D. Brinkman, R. Ehlers, D. Battilana, D. Barqagliotti, A. Gainza, Row 7- C. Evans, I. Bodz, R. Free' man, J. Diliartolo, I. Fernandez, R. Dessaussois. Row S-C. Crofton, H. Barone, R. Correno, M. Duggaror, L. Chelli. F' 'mf 41' w 'ibn , ' X -- 41 T, A . ,.- , , .,, , gf-Aagafw f Y ' , . A - , ' F ,f .. 1 'g,,,! uv I, ' , '- "'fgHf, , 'J - -,,, .. ' -' 9' ' C' .wr 1 I " 9 ,,.f 'f .Sag A , V ll .f "'5O.- -.iv ,xt-1 'J ai LAUNCHINE ' 1 PHESHMEN Page Fifty-Group One Row 1- F, Gualco, J. Schcnonc, A. Rcvillar, A. Lee, ll. Stewart, D. Hubble, XV. XVest-enliaver, C. Zeitcr. Row 2-,l. Toso, P. Hickey, T. Chamness, J. lloyd, IJ. Setzcr, M. llirdwcll, lf. Klamm, S. Rowe. Row 3-H. Rocha, P. Carlile, M. Schnailvlu, ll. Pierce, N. McConnell, V. Hunt, G. Blorcsieo. Row 4-M. Shanrla, R. Foppiano, M. XX'unrlerlick, E. Dyer, S. Clinton, M. Mayorga, .lJ. Fernandez. Row S-j. Blowry, F. Kamp, G. Krutsinger, fl. Golrlon, XXf. Halverson. D. Miller, R. Kal-chainzh, M. Larson. Row 6- A. jorclim, R. Honman, T. Golflsworth, G. Huntalas, ll. Mazzcllc, H. On, XXV. Hong. Row 7-R. Guerrero, XX'. Parsons, H. Pacheco, I. jenkins, S. Pearson, L. Moresco, G. Kirby. Row 8-K. Pomeroy, I. Peterson, Ql. lieigley, H. Onithon, B. Norman. Page Fifty-Group Two Row l-B. Steplnzns, A. Foturos, B. Dickson, Fish, li. Fran- COIS, M. Brown, V. Gianunzio, M. Baiham. Row 2- XXV. Church- hill C. lJcVere H. Corrfen . Bennesten C. Cruz H. Har :er , . , J . , 1 . ll. llurstein. Row 3-F. Xvade, LaR. XXlchorgf, L. Thomas, S Douglass, T. Callegari, M. Fields, G. Flores, M. Encbrad. Row 4- ll. XVhitson, E. Tellier, F. Sperry, N. Denton, F. Spoonamorc, ll. Hamilton, E. Johnson, P. Ellis. Row 5- A. Stabaugh, T. XX"ari'-cn, I. XVhceler, I. XVarrcn, I. Thienes. D. XVhccler, M. Chalmers. lb. Chcrrington. Row 6- J. XVoorl, XV. XX'atts, N. XX'ilhur, P. XVcin- stein, I. I-Ienforfl. E. Davies. N. Clfcrncnts, E. Vigna. Row 7- C. Ceclas, F. Smith, T. Martin, I. Gong, R. Kinser, M. Urrezola. Page Fifty-Group Three Row 1-XV. Leslie, j. lloyd, C. Burns, A. llrccht, I. Duncan M. Calvert, S. Dchloss, C. Gibson. Row 2-N. Metzler, Ml Guthmiller, G. DalPort0, L. Linkert, XV. jon-es, M. Fox, Ql. Bru- ton, D. Burdick, D. Marks. Row 3- N. Douglas, L. Mayer, Del. M. McCown, F. llailcy, ll. Garihahli, ,l. Early, xl. Fox, Xl. Manning, M. Gallcgo. Row 4- R. Shepherd, ll. Smith, ll. XXf'alus, ll. Stev- ens, XX'. XX'iefel, O. Thompson, IJ. Thorp, S. l-lcrhurl. Row 5- R. XVcavcr, H. R-enrich, j. Wickham. j. XX'alIis, G. Uuhclc, l.. Valentine, ll. XVurley, 1. Soria. Row o- E. Sweeney, Xl. Schmid, -l'. Pram, j. Richey, F. XVrighl, C. Shafer, ll. Spencer. UE TIUNZX Page Fifty-Oni:-Group One . Row l-ll. l-Iallick, C. Commons, G. Ellsworth, ll. Slcinc, R. Smith, R. Tenhrook, G. llurtnn, A., Schxnizlt. Row 2- C. XX'1l- liams, G. Duncan, C. Gchncrt, li. Xlchlullin, lb. Ryan, l'. junkcr, D. Blake. Row 3- li. Martin, ll. Turner, ll. Lagrut'ta, I. Law- rence, R. Ehrin, E. Marino, A, Gardner. .Row 14-ll. houzalez, E. Phillips, I. Spears, E. Roehl, IJ. Chiapale, E. Hall, I. Lgrrfleston. XI R Qt l l' l Xlill l P Row S-I. i aclrlcn, . . cvcnson,. V.. earce, .. .' rx, -. cr- kins, K. llilligmcicr, R. Giannccclmn, lXl, Hughes. Row 6-ll. Hallich, P. Etchehcrry, R. Gohbi, R. Salisbury, M. Almurczk, R. Sanchez. Row 7-P. Hoff, 'l'. llorclli, T. Munoz, ,l. Harvey, R. Searing, I. Nidiffer. Pace Fifty-One-Group Two Row 1-I. Olconwndy, T.. Silva, I-l. llurg. V, flrijalva, lf. Loverlay, C. Ellis, E. XVheelcr. Row 2- D. Hatch, L. llolhwcll, L. Rubino, I. Coffclt, J. Marsh, l.. Digiuro. Row 3-,l. Nichols. H. lXlahalTey, R. XX'int-croff, E. Euckley, F. lllakc. ,l. M:-nrlifila. Rr-w 4-U. Mandick. M. Alverson, J'. Oxnard, T. Tlcal, XV. Stoss, F. Lawrence, Laklarr, D. Riggs. Row S-K. lleal, S. Smith, V. XVyman, E. lXlarlin, A. Smith. A. Islas. Row 6--X-Y. larvis, V. Lawrcnv:-c, li. Thompson, ll. Marsh. lf. Gonzales, li. flvuna, ll. Illacol, Ii. Nagel, G. Passegi. Row 7-ll. lirookncr, J. Arinstcafl, A. Lluckcls, O. Bailey, J. Gainzzi, ll. XVitt, XV. Farrow, XXX Mc- Cabe, E. Molini. -5i- , I L l The Year In Preview Top. lell 'ro riqlvr- Soldiers enlerlain Rally Foolball awards Army speaks College show Navy speaks Left Top 'ro boHom- Junior Ice Hop Band al game Gradualion Bloclcbusler campaign II. S. F. Acriviiies of The Siocldon High Chapier of rhe California Scholar- ship Federarion were greally cur- railed Jrhis year due lo rransporra- 'rion diriicullies and rhe lack of lime. Main evenls of rhe club's year were 'rhe meefing and pro- gram held in lhe Bungalow for all srudenis who had ever belonged To The club. Membership foials of C.S.E. remained al lhe usual high siandard wirh 49 members in The fall semesrer and 56 in The spring. Highesi sludenr in fhe club for The whole year was Yin Gong, who had a grade lolal of I5 poinrs. Srudenis wirh I4 poinrs were Rob- er+ Mackey, Richard Gibson, Mary Lois Breeden, and Kaiherine Kosich. Officers for ihe year were Ruih Ziegler, presidenlg l-lerla Silzer, vice-president and Belly Eberhardf, secrefary. Row I-Yin Gong,Virginia Lee, Helen Vanderkooi, Alice Eiselen, Mary Breeden, Colleen Young, Q Loun Cho. Row 2-Beffy Griggs, Alberla Vassar, Marie Long- acre, Shirley Arfhur, Anna Passadore, Joan Arafa. Alha Jane Haywood, Pal While. Row 3-Virginia Spino, Elizabeih Renard, Janer Thienes, Pearl SiFFord, sponsor: Kafherine Kosich, Pal' Adams, Nona Bessell. Barbara Newell. Row 4-Urban Ernsl, Phil Pisier. Richard Aulwurm, Earldwin Long, Ronald Kidd, Melvin Hoffman, Eu- gene Early. Row 5-Viclor Zeiler, Wing Jew, Chung Cho, Chas. Guliclc, Roberf wckey, Donald Sliies, Edsel Parsons. Row 6-Paul Barneich. Miss Sifford Rufh Ziegler ...55-.. For fhose who have read and en- ioyed fhe pasf year's "Gaf", and also for fhose on fhe sfaff and in News ll, we dedicafe This page. Lasf fall fhe "Gaf" office gave birfh fo a new idea. SHS sfudenfs raising 5872.43 for a 2-'ron bomb fo help in fhe war efforf. During fhe Bloclcbusfer Carn- paign raffles were held., fopped by a college program from COP. Af fhe end of a few monfhs, fhe goal nof quife reached, fhe "Graf" sfaff furn- ed fhe enfire amounf over fo The Red Cross. Shorfly before April l, a spe- cial "Razz" edifion beffer known as Rufh Ziegler Bob Alling fhe Grunf 84 Tickle carne ouf. con- faining a scoopful of gossip abouf P sfudenfs and feachers alilce. Feafure Vvri-ie,-5-P5f-yy Lou pefers' Sharon Lewis' and Columnisf Helen Lapcil: checks fhe new edifion, Business Hazel Colliver loolc on while Frances Harnmill prefends Manager Marian Jacobs lYPe5' and Wlllls Fannon and +0 work. Bob Chapman, sporfs wrifers, read exchanges. Huberf Molina, Lynne Jones, and Urban Ernsf-hard ai Marilyn Nelson and Beffy Griggs sfand behind Juanifa wor lissell and George Ladas. HU ITS UU E Columnisf Barbara Bayne has a 'rip on a "ho+" s'rory and she's checking a news source from 'the Guard and Tackle office. The sfory breaks and Asso- ciafe Ediior Bel-fy Griggs does a rewrile iob on il. Albin Bucholz sels lhe sfory on 'rhe Inferlype. Earl Klein is "rolling" on 'rhe old cylinder press. Reporier Marge Simpson dis- 'rribules papers. Exchange Edilors Edna Riggs and Georgena Kline look over a couple of "Gals" iusi off rhe press. Girls' sporls wrifer Yvonne Owens seems +o be enjoying somefhing - probably her own column. The "boss", Fall Edifor Ruih Ziegler. relaxes - 'rhe paper is our for anofher week. Adrienne Klump, Belly Griggs, Beverly Jordan Leland Luh. Marian Jacobs, Frances l-lammill ANNUAL REPORT ..-58... jab nl-lelen Lapcik, Pal' Pefers, Rulh Zeigler Bo-b.Allincj,' Mildred Pelfey Beselr by 'fhe war-Time grennlins was lhe hard- working slaflf of 'rhis year's Blue and While. Film and pholographer shorlages made rhe lale of lhe annual very precarious and unprediclable. Many limes passersby heard groans of anguish issuing from 'rhe nolorious Publicalions Office when news came 'rhal 'rhe film had been double exposed or lhal il had rained inlo 'rhe camera. Bul liH'le incidenls like +hese served Jro make life more inleresling for +he slaff, and by hook or by crook They managed lo gel The book lin- ished. Special credil is due Bob Alling, Rulh Ziegler, Helen Lapcik, Belly Griggs, John ToHen, and Marian Jacobs. The "real burden" of gelling oul 'rhe I944 Blue and While resfed on lheir capable shoulders. i J 1 J l-ln a Tense spoT behind The eighT ball. 2-S. B. PresidenT George Malloy and Bev Jordan Try ouT The floor while Three bashful boys loolc on. 3-Urban ErnsT is sTarTled by The preTTy girl. 4-Charles Gulicl: geTs ready To smash one across. 5-Modern day sTag line. 6-Sharon Lewis and Jack Wiclcware show Their TeeTh Tor The cameraman. Ylfl TH EE TEH FirsT oT iTs lcind in SToclcTon, The YouTh CenTer opened lasT March To all sTudenTs beTween The ages oT ThirTeen and nineTeen, men in uniTorm excluded. LocaTed on 320 E. Channel, The CenTer has become one oT The TavoriTe spoTs oT enTerTainmenT aTTer school and also in The evening. On school nighTs iT is open Trom 3:30 To 9:30, Trom 3:30 To I l:00 on SaTurdays, and 3:00 To 6:00 Sundays. Membership cards cosT 3.25 Tor Three monThs and enTiTle The holder oT The card To parTicipaTe in any oT The Tollowing acTiviTies: ping pong, pool, games, and dan- cing. SoTT drink sTands are also provided Tor The convenience oT everyone. lnTerior de- coraTions consisT oT a lcnoTTy pine Tinish, yellow Trimming, wall murals, wiTh TurniTure and Turnishings acquired by conTribuTions and donaTions Trom several clubs and sTores in Town. lvluch oT The worlc done in renovaTing The Tloor was done by sTudenTs working volunTarily. ln The laTTer parT oT Ap-ril members oT The Tri-Y Club Tools Turns in going down To The YouTh CenTer and working on improvemenTs in The resT rooms, while The proceeds oT The raTTle sponsored by The Chinese Club were donaTed as parT oT Their conTribuTion. The laTesT improvemenT oT The CenTer is The P. A. sysTem added in April. Giving up Time To acT as hosTs were Mr. W. Young, lvlr. Kerr, and lvlr. R. BriTTon. -60- E UET5 UN BIVUU!-X SomeThing new was inauguraTed This year aT SToclcTon l-ligh School when The CadeT Corps was Tormed under The supervision oT Coach l-l. E. Evans, CapTain in The NaTional Guard.The Corps was organized wiTh The idea oT Teaching The boys Tunda- menTals oT drilling, TargeT pracTice, and map reading as preparaTion Tor regular army Training. The main evenT in The calendar oT The CadeTs' year was The Three day bivouac held aT The Lange Ranch eighT miles ouT oT Town aT which acfual baTTle condiTions were simulaTed. The Corps was organized according To regulaTion army Torm, wiTh medical oTTicer, signal oTTicer, quarTermasTer, and engineer oTTicer. Sleeping in TenTs, sTanding guard duTy. and doing K.P. were parT oT The program. AT The end oT The loivouac, The Corps was inspecTed by a group oT Army oTTicers, who accorded high praise To The Corps, and To iTs commander, CadeT CapTain. since promoTed To lvlaior, Leroy BaTche- lor. OTher commissioned oTTicers were Fernando MiramonTes, Lee ATwaTer, Andrew Nielson, Lawrence Brown, George Thibedeau, James lv1cBrian, AlTred Sanderson, and Darrell Nall. McBrian ReporTing The Oicficers Company STreeT lnspecTion Reveille Officers' Mess More lnspedion Field KiTchen l-leadquarTers Big Shois af Junior Ice Hop Swimrner Bob Sieele Frances Takes I+ Easy Anoiher of Our Jeeps We swiped iheir banner. -.,,,, Soldiers have fun. Bev and Elaine Capiain Bafcheior. Noonfime. Priniers faking if easy. isa .w"l juli 4, .qi s , -.62... .., ss sf I ff., i U gf.-L - V ML, f:--. N - 1 ' ,. - ,, Y A ' .9 w ss ms v: sm ms s ss a ss 5555 ss sw ss an mm E I, wa ' :iw ss Q amass W mms-na ' an mx :img H . vs wig am wifi , Q, H H25 W H mmf ss 535 ' Q ' Page We Leff fo righfg Firsf Row-A. Ohm, M. Plaff, B. Adams. A. Vassar, S, Spanos. Second Row-B. Deaver, L. l-leim, J. Slcadden, T. Pleisch, E. Pefers, J. Genasci, J. Ensign, C. Guliclc, G. Shaclcelford, F. Bocelc, C. Lyons, B. Drewes. J. Onefo, P. Snider. Third Row-D, Perez R. Riggs C. Pleau, l-l. Merriff, N, Bissell, B. Sfarlc, M. Wiggley, E. Richard, L. Gibbs, C. Arenf. M. Maslcus, P. Parris, B. Griggs. Fourih Row-D. Peferson, F. Rembold, N. l-lalling, R. Barquisf, R. Klinger, P. Pisfer, R. Calcagno, A. Jones, J. Newman, A, Sepra, B. Eiselen. Fiffh Row-J. Yosi, C. Wilson, F. l-lose, J. l-lolmes, C. Gonzales, l-l. Rehnerl, F. Bald- win, R. Myers, R. Sorenson, P. Whife, J. McCandIess, T, Parlrer, B. Sells. L. Towle, C. Broderick. "Pop" l-leisinger and his band deserve a considerable amounf of credif fhis year, nof only for playing in numerous school acfivifies buf also for being such swell sporfs af all fimes. Af each foofball game, rain or shine, fhe band was always fhere fo play before and during halves. Through fhe efforfs of each member, fhe enfire band was able fo perform af fhe game in Lodi. Nexf came fhe season for baslcefball games, school rallies also, and again fhe band furnished music for bofh. lf was during fhis fime fhaf arrangemenfs were made fo sfarf a small band, and 30 members from fhe enfire band secfion were chosen. Because of Mr. l-leisinger's persisfence, fhe "liffle band" was organized and, before long, played ifs firsf performance af fhe USO. Very shorfly fhis small group was aslced fo play ouf, OTNIG al' Polloclcs during a ship launching, and once af fhe Mofor Base Depof for a bond ra y. Cerfainly fhe highlighf of fhe season for fhe band was The Music Concerf of May l2, acclaimed as one of fhe finesf ever presenfed by fhe S.l-l.S. music organ- izafions. The band will also play af fhe June graduafion exercises. -54- Urcheslra, Truuhaduurs TROUBADOURS Lell Group-Rex Young, Ralph Cowen, Jim Ohm, Pele Rea- soner, Hillard Corren, Ernesl Lehn, Dorolhy Knox. Jane Coals. Righl Group-Frances l-lamrnill, Alma Troglia, Perry Easlrnan, Ralph Pederson, Phil Smirh, Don Duncan, Don Crewdson. Middle Group, around-Charlolle Evans, Belly Smilh, Arlene Hooper, Rulh Cales, Shirley Arlhur, Barbara Adams, Elva Creudeli. Evalme Creudeli, Belly Collell. ORCHESTRA Firsl Row-Mary Clark, Mary Jane Krislensen, O'Loun Cho, Alice Eiselen, Norma Banlillo, Janel Marchelli, Evange- line Godinez, Jackie Fowler, Rosalie Dinlcel, Shirley Douglas, Euginie Tellier, Florence Busalacchi, Robin Wales, Belly Eber- hardl, Eunice Eichelberger. Second Row- Miss Shorl, Hazel Colliver, Joanne Ellioll, Carolyn Menlcing, Marilyn McPher- son, Sidney Carlin, William Calderon, Slanley Bacon, Carle- lon Cryder, Palricia Sloul, l-lelen Vanderk-ooi, Dorolhy Will, Joan Lundblad, Eunice McPherson. Third Row-Caryl Mae Bacon, John Ellioll, Bob Ryland, Marvin Wiqgley, Ben Slarlc, Gary Gray, Paul While, Fred Aulwurm, Donald Neu, Charles Wilson, Belly French, Everdine Peirano. Mary Jo. Schwarlz. Fourlh Row-Frank Baldwin, Maurice Duggan, Douglas Craig, Bob l-luneleld. Smaller lhis year lhan usual, lhe orcheslra has neverlheless mainlained ils usual vigorous schedule. Their lirsl engagemenl was played al lhe USO less lhan a monlh aller lhe beginning ol school, eller lhal sellling down lo hard work. Trouloaclours also deserve a greal deal ol credil lor lheir share in in-and-oul of school performances. Main evenls lor lhe currenl year were lhe Chrislmas carols sung for lhe Lions and Rolary Clulo, lhe Easler Sunrise Service held al Sloclclon Field, and also lhe program lor men in l-lammond l-lospilal, nol menlioning various olher perlor- ITIGDCSS. 165.- UBB!-TN TRI-Y Sealed leff +o righl-Barbara McGregor, sgf.-al-arms: Rurh Ziegler, sec.: Norma Jane Fosfer, pres.: and Na+ Nowell, lreas. Tri-Y has become one of 'rhe mos? aclive clubs in school, slarling Hs busy season wilh a dinner dance a+ 'rhe Counlry Club for 'rhe February gradualres, followed by "Spring Fever," a sporl dance held al 'rhe Pylhian Caslrle. ln +he laHer parl of February The Tri-Y and l'li-Y held a ioinl convenfion al COP wifh orher groups from Modeslo and Linden. CHINESE Wilh an aclive membership lis+ of over fiffy, +he Chinese Club, under 'rhe sponsor- ship of Miss Geoghan, again began a year of acfivify. Firsi on 'rheir lis'r was l'he barn dance given soon afler school began. A banquei for SHS and Weber oufgoing sen- iors concluded 'rhe shorl fall semesfer. Early in spring a raffle drawing was held, and 'rhe money was donaled fo 'rhe Youlh Cen+er. A club social and senior ieasl' climaxed +heir affairs of ihe season. SOCIAL SERVICE Represenling siudenls inleresled in charily work, ihe Social Service Club members con- lribufe much lo 'lhe welfare of 'rhose nor so loriunafe. Lasl fall +hey helped in l'he Infan- 'rile Paralysis drive, worked on making ioke- books and Scrapbooks for Red Cross and men in Hammond Hospilal, and. lale in May lhe girls had a silver lea for 'reachers in order To beH'er acquain+ 'rhem wifh lhe girls, Officers are Claire Rosenberg, Miriam Peirequin, and Norma Jane Fosfer. JR. MUSIC Sfanding, lei? lo righl-Caryl Mae Bacon. program chairman: Frances Mack, sec.: Elaine Slolofli, vice-pres.: and Sfanley Bacon, pres. This club was organized for +he purpose of lurlhering lhe knowledge and inleresl of i'rs members in music. A comical presenlafion of "The Barber of Seville" was presenfed lasl fall, and since Jrhen, some form of musical en- +er+ainmen+ has been provided a+ each of 'rhe meelings. The club's adviser is Miss Frances Hogan. ZTIUS GIRLS' LEAGUE Afier school work and +he laie opening oi school have been reasons why +his year's aciiviiies have been curfailed 'ro ihe minimum of acfiviiy. The program lasl fall, which con- sisied of enferiainmeni from four Spars, was arranged by Presidenf Claire Rosenberg. The Junior Jinx given in 'rhe spring was one of fhe highlighls ol Jrhe year. The spring officers were: La Vonne Johnson, pres.: Beverly Pale, vice-pres.: and Miriam Pe'rrequin, sec. ROUND TABLE Alihough handicapped by 'rhe laie open- ing of school, 'rhe Round Table Club soon adiusied iiself and succeeded in scheduling for ifs members speakers wiih ropics of varieiy. Meeiings were held in ihe evening once every iwo weeks, wifh members of +he execuiive commillee presiding in furn. During ihe spring quarier, a group piciure was lalcen a'r 'rhe expense of 'rhe Senior Knighfs of rh-e Round Table, who are aiciiliaied wiih This club. HI-Y Pursuing iheir purpose ol exiending high siandards of Chrislian characfer ihroughoui 'rhe school and communily, The Slocldon High School Hi-Y has had a very aciive year. ln cooperaiion wilh 'rhe Tri-Y girls, Jrhe l-li-Y's held a por-luck dinner and program once a mon+h a+ ihe Y.M.C.A. Olher aciiviiries were 'ihe 'rwo Aloha banqueis held by and for ihe boys ai The Y. Officers were Urban Ernsl, Ramblers: Louis Francois, Trojans: Tom Jones, Quad C. BLOCK "S" Leif To righr-Rex Young, secre'rary-+reas- urer: Tiny Campora, sergeanl-ai-arms: Jaclc Ferrill, presideni. This spring's iniriaiion was "one of ihe besl'," according 'ro ihe presidenr. This club, lo which only boys oursianding in aihlefics can belong, hasn'+ had irs usual round of acliviiy, buf whai i+ lacked in quan- iiiy was made up in qualiry. The main evenl of fhe season was rhe dance given May l2. Gordon Ingram, now in ihe service, was vice- president fd ,NBATTLE ,Q ENEAEEMENT5 - V . . --.-- xii -.- . . YY 1 f J EJUQMOJEJ 9l++ 0+ ppe +nq 6u+L++0u pgp penbs 9ugLuJQ++9g SLI-L 'suezml 9L++ 0+ +s0+ 0s+9 9s0f- uQS +0 g+.+ 9u+LuJQ++99 pue ++.+ H99 isuaznal bupuefxpe 9L++ 9+o+9q ++9+ sl.uQ9+ 9n6Q9+ 9L++ HV 'swQ9+ d9+cI +9L++0 9L++ 0+ +3 GAOJd 0+ p9p9900Jd pue u.lQ9+ .1+9L++ +0 s9g+g+gc++ss0d 9L++ M9ua+ uQEJ+J.199 puQ 6U+J9LU9!S s9L+090f-3 'SLUQ6 +sJ++91++ .19++V 's+ug0d OZ +0 91005 SLUQ5 +s.1++ 9l++ SQM s9++L+NX pus 9n+g 9L++ Aq p9+9+s+f09J 9+00s +s9M0+ 9l++ SQ u.1Q9+ 9A+su9++o +su+QEJQ n.u99+ 9A+su9++0 +0 9u0 9q 0+ bugob sem SIE-D6I'1J+S .190QC+-u9zJ9i 9l++ +Ql++ p9AOJd SGLUQ5 EUIUSA -J9+Ul 'bl 0+ -pg +0 9.1005 9L++ Aq 9++++ 90u9+9+u00 u+nl090p-095 9L++ 400+ suezml 9l++ USLIM sJ90Qd L+f5++.+ +uQ+9 9n++ L+++M +s9+u0:J d+l.ISUO!dbl.IQL+1D 9L++ Aq p9x9l,u++0 SQM SLUQ6 +sJ++ 9L++ ug uM0m+s .19M0d 9l+l 'O 0+ GZ +0 9+0:as 9u++ Aq sbopllng xpolml 9l++ JSAO 6u+++0+ Aq +9 -Mod EJugu+00L++J0+ ++9u++ +0 MS!A9Jd Q GAQ6 SUQZJQ-L 9L++ SQ u.nn+p9+S J9+x9g ug 8 .19q0+0Q uo p9u9cI0 A++Qp+++0 u0sQ9s SLU- 'penbs uezml 9L++ +0 SJSQLUSUJ SQ s+99.xQ0 ++9q+00+ .1+9L++ UQ69q SQAJSSSJ 6u+s+u.10Jd Auoyq '9u+u p9+9c+Lunu A9m++ SQ 'JQSA s+L++ s+9A0-ploq l+++M p9x+3Qd 9J9M suezml S,L+EJ+H u0+m+00+S ,,'s+00L+0s d9Jd 9L++ +0 SUJQG 9J+.ON,, 9L++ SQ 'upeoo 0+s9p0yx+ 96109 9+u.1E+ Aq p9u+99p 9.19m A9L++ l+5I'lOU9 A+9+9+JdoJ0IdV 's9++++ ++0q+00+ .ln0:+-bgg pus ugnbQ0p-:neg 9L++ doo 0+ s+Q9+9p ou pue suyvx u9+ +0 96QJ9AQ SAISSGJCILUE UQ dn f5u+++0.1 Aq SJQSA 9A++ ug u0s99s sn0gJ0+:J+A +s01,u ++9L++ p9L+s+u++ penbs ++Q0++00+ u9z+9i +00L+0S l+Eo++.+ u0+s+30+S 9l++ '6LI!J9L,lJS!S AJJQ1 'L+0909 M914 Q +0 d+m+s+0+n+ 911+ Jepum TI HLUUJ XLISHVA '+c+o::n+9Q 'L+og++Q+.+ '++9L+0ugM 'sddsg 'zpelg 'Euaqug 's9+g+g 'modweg 's9uQp '9u9+sJgy+ 'uabgllgyq 'ugsm-M03 PJ!!-Uh uappeqg 'ezuleg '1++gu.1g 'p+9++9u1uJog 'uosappg 'AQHQW 'm+esu.u SDH 'QIAO3 'UQJSIIQQ 'gqqog 'Jeqweqag-M03 puoaag 'A++9q9l+o+3 '9+E:Q9N 'uosllgf' PUQIJQPW 'SICVUOM 'IIE-'Jed 'UOSZWQSI 'OPUQAQES 'HGIIEM 'Ml LN 'PI9iaunl'l "'9!'H"99'+'15!J 04 Hal :MOH +5J1:l F-'Q 'rp . U, PTT- 1' gg 115531 "-1'1cf".Jdif! Q-:Li s " . L AfTer having been wifh STockTon High for many years, Mr. F. F. Solomon, fooTball coach, lefT our alma maTer To ioin The Navy as an aThleTic insTrucTor. The posiTion vacafed by Mr. Solo- Larry Siemering. assisTanT coach aT The College of The Pacific. Before coming To STockTon High, Mr. Siemer- ing had coached excepfion- ally good Teams aT Manfeca High School and aT The STockTon Junior College. ln- cidenTally, he is a producT of our rival ciTy, Lodi. AssisTanT coach Michael "Mike" Gar- rigan, who has been wiTh The coaching sfaff aT STockTon High for many years, was in- valuable To Mr. Siemering. number of poinTs run up by The Tarzans. Com pleTely helpless in The hands of our home Team. Bellarmine furnished The Siemering boys wiTh Their largesf score of The season- 35 To O. Many of The valley schools had good Teams This year, buT, for a change, STock- Ton had a beTTer one. Twice The Modesfo PanThers failed To halT our winning sfreak. Lodi similarly Tried Twice, bu+ sTaTisTics show how fuTile Their efforTs were. The Two game ToTal score revealed ThaT The Flames were Thoroughly doused 49 To 6. League conTesTs wiTh SacramenTo and McClaTchy high schools we re played. GalT High was The lasT opponenT To face The Tarzans before Their championship conTesT wiTh The Pacers. The GranT game. played in The Granf Sfadium, was a hard foughT and biTTerly conTesTed game. Numerous penalfies were called againsT STockTon, buT Granf didn'T have The "sTuff" To knock over The Tarzans. Final sTaTisTics revealed ThaT The Blue and WhiTe machine scored 28I poinTs To 65 for Their opponenTs. Individual Top scorer was Dick Erickson wiTh 76 poinTs. Close behind him wiTh 74 digiTs was Bud Klein. Erickson, wiTh Two years of fooT- ball behind him, Turned ouT To be one of The besT prep passers produced aT STockTon High in a good many years. As a punTer, he held his own wiTh any oTher one in The lea- gue This year. Ofher backfield sTand-ouTs were Bud Klein, big and rugged fullback, "Texas" Gene Neagle, small buT powerfully builT quarTerback, and Tom Milligan, fleeT halfback. Perhaps The mosT laurels should go To The mighTy Tarzan forward wall. Time afTer Time, They opened up The proverbial hole "big enough To send a Truck Through." Tackles CapTain Johnny Gainza and Joe DeLucchi were The main cogs and They were very ably assisTed by Don Womble and Don Cam pora. Roy Kirsfene, Don Enberg, and Jack Ferrill round ouT The resT of The line. -71- mon was very ably filled by f EEEISUHIS Scores SIOC Sfoc SIOC SIOC Sfoc S+oc Sfoc SIOC Sfoc Sfoc don ,..,.., .,........ :Ion don don don don don don don don 20 26 35 39 25- 2I 26 28 26 34- O Turock 6 IVIoc:IesIo O BeIIarmine 6 Sacrame-nIo 7 IVIodesIo 6 Lodi I7 McCIaI'cI1y O Lodi I4 GaI+ I9 Granf ,fi-iii IF. , ,":":,- -', an J. G-I-AINZA T. MILLIGAN G. NEAGLE D. WOMBLE EET the Champs msa i-fs-.s .. e ,Q rs- ' ' ' ' ...iff Row I-Egan, GauThier, Haines, Van Vlear, GilgerT, Wade, Way, Devincenzi, Brown, Sinnock, Willis. STrauss, Ladas, Clark, Klein. Row 3-Coach Lenz, ToTTen, Ricks, lngram, Lecnich, S'liTes, Row 2-lviinahen. Milligan, McCanclless. SanguineTTi, Bramwell, Fransen, Harper, Gross. VARSITY B SHETB LL AlThough They losT ouT To The lvlodesTo PanThers Tor The Sac-Joaquin BaskeTball League TiTle, The STockTon l-ligh Tarzan baskeTball Team came ouT on Top as The winner oT The Big-4 League-STockTon, Lodi, SacramenTo, and lvlcClaTchy-and as The besT prep Team in The ciTy by virTue of Their wins over Edison and ST. lvlary's high schools. Coach l-l. B. "PeTe" Lenz' boys, aTTer dropping Their TirsT non-league conTesT To The SacramenTo l-ligh Dragons by The score oT 3l To 28, Toppled all league opponenTs, including a second game wiTh SacramenTo, unTil They encounfered ModesTo on The second round oT league play. WiTh Bobby Lee. ModesTo all-league cenTer, hiTTing The buckeT Tor TiTTeen poinTs. The Red and WhiTes Trom lvlodesTo easily overcame The home Team. Since one mishap is usually Tollowed by anoTher, The STockTon varsiTy succumbed To a reiuvenajred Lodi guinTeT on The Lodi courT by The score oT 36 To 28. War Tor a second Time aTTecTed The schedule oT The prep schools, since Traveling had To be kepT down To a minimum due To gas raTioning. The Sac-Joaquin League had To be spliT inTo NorThern and SouThern sec- Tions. The schools in The norTh were Those siTuaTed in and around SacramenTo and The SouThern half was comprised oT STockTon, Lodi, lv1odesTo, and Turlock. The Tinal league sTanding oT The SouThern halT Tound lvlodesTo aT The Top, STockTon, Turlock, and Lodi Tollowing in ThaT order. Gordon lngram, Tall guard Tor The Tarzans, besides being high scorer Tor The season wiTh I63 poinTs. was picked as one oT The TirsT Tive besf ball play- ers in our league. John ToTTen was nexT highesT scorer wiTh l6I poinTs. .-74... WE uf? ' in-' -., F --4 ,.,.. "fu-..J R Jo L za ' if 4' df 75- The Pla ers BOB CLARK JOHN TOTTEN JOHN M. CANDLESS TOM MILLIGAN GORDON INGRAM TOM EGAN LOUIS LECHICH BUD KLEIN JERRY I-IAINES The Eames A Baske+I:aII League Scores SIoccIon.,,29 Sacramer1Io,,.32 SI'oc4+on...33 SacramenIo...2O SIoccIon...33 IvIcCla+cI1y M28 SI'occIon,.i32 Turlock ,A. A..,,. .25 SIoccIon...36 Modeslo . ...... .3I S+occIon,..39 Lodi .,,..A.,,...,AA..... .26 SIocc+or1...35 Turlock ,,.,,...... .30 S+occI'on...33 Iviodeslro .....,. .38 S+occIon.,.35 Lodi .,.....,...A..... .40 SIoccIons,.44 SI. IvIary's ...28 Won...7 LosI,..3 Clark and Haines go high in The SI. Mary's game Io 'rake The ball off 'rhe back- board. Egan 'Iries desperafely Io keep a Flame forward from scoring. An unidenfified Tarzan vain- ly allempls 'Io sfeal +I1e ball from Iwo Lodians-Clark look on. McCandless goes up Io pass ou'r of danger. Ingram retrieves from fha backboard. l-Iaines blocks and Clark Tosses a one-hander from Ihe side. SAC-JOAQUIN LEAGUE BIG FOUR W L W L Ivlodeslo ....... ........... 5 I Slockfon .........,.. ........... 3 2 Slocklon ...A.A. ,......,,.. 4 2 Sacramenlo ..,........ ........... 2 2 Turlock ......... .......A.. 2 '4 McCla+chy ........... .......,.., 2 2 Lodi ......... .......... I 5 Lodi ........................ ........... I 2 - 76 - Q BEE BASKETBALL L S+ocIcJron O Lodi 2 IVIocIesIo 3 Turlock 6 Bee Season Scores Sfoc cIon.L.3 I I 9 S+occ+on 44 3I SJrocc'ronm28 40 S+oc4Ion...34 I3 Sfocclron 45 22 SIOC C'I'Ol'l.,,4I I 8 S+occ+on...3 I I8 SJrocc+on..,32 H9 S+occIon.,.46 I7 Sroc c+on,,.43 I4 Sfoc kIon,..23 I4 Won..,II LosI...I Firsf Row-BiII McFarIand, Lou Del Barba, Jack Carr. Roberl' Sanquineffi. Second Row Merrill Aufry. Marion Tay- Ior, PeI'e Chalmers, Harold Sconyers, Van Lawrence, Rodney DeI'ricIc, Phil Pisier, Third Row-Coach 'Miko' Garrigan, Rob- erI Ramirez, John Madrid, Don SII+es, DeIIJerI King, Howard Rehnerf, Robe-rf I-Ienning, Jack I-Iea'rh, Roberi' Minahon. Picfuro Io riqhI'. IefI Io righf-Del Barba. McFarland, Lawrence, Carr, King, Rehn- er+,Sanguino1'H, Ramirez, I-Ienninq. l l vando. P. Devencenzi, G. Chelli J. Carr, L. Del Barba, P. Chalmers B. McFarland. R. Bramwell. eTTi, R. Pezzi, T. Egan, E. Traverse Row 4-D. Baerwald, B. Mina- Giannichinl, J. Madrid. Haines leTs a TasT one go in The TirsT COP game. Willis makes TirsT easily on a single over second. Carr Takes a high one. "Mojo" McFarland warms up. Willis-"all dolled up" in his caTcher's Togs. Klein sTarTs To "lay one down" in The game againsT The Tigers. VARSITY H SEB LL ATTer a lapse oT Ten years, baseball was resumed This year as a sporT aT SToclcTon High. lnadequaTe playing TaciliTies in The near viciniTy oT The high school campus has lcepT The game away Trom our doors during This Time. Due To The greaT number oT ball players who pracTically insisTed on The sporT, a Tarzan nine Toolc Torm and The TaciliTies oT Oalc Park and VicTory Park were used. Local games wiTh Edison and ST. lvlarys and ouT-oT- Town games wiTh SacramenTo, Turlock, and oThers were played. Mr. H. B. "PeTe" Lenz, baslceTball coach here Tor many years, has Taken over The coaching iob. -73- , Row I-M. BargaghoTTi, G. Gio- ' Row 2--J. SmiTh, B. Crow, J. Haines. B. Klein, D. Willis, J. Gainza, R. Ramirez, C. RaTeTTo. Row 3-R. Lease, Coach H. B. Lenz, T. Munoz, R. GauThier, S. WhiTe. D. Brinkman, R. Sanguin- hen, H. RehnerT, B. Beckham, A. Beer, D, Compora, T. French. B. Harper, G. Sinnoclc, D. Candle, R. QW' ' tu 'n I' .. 'lv 5 aff, Q sl ,GJ A ,. . Jack Clowdsley Slanding, Back Row - Dunlap Jackson, Jones, Huber, Bacon Lehn, Bell, King. Morrow, Gau ihier, Romingfon. Kneeling-Kir sien, Schmid, Gilliam, Adams, Hx' ' A ', L-Lf I . ' - of . .a ,. -.',,,,,-,I-.1 4 35 , ,,, 4- Malvin Schmid Reuben Klinger Francois, Aufry, Pisier, Senn Klinger. Isaacson. Sifiing-Amos Viebrock, Krein, Waller, Crossley, Lamberfy, Shelion, Harr, Clowds lev. How Gauihier Delberf King Paul Bell S+anley Bacon Don Jackson Bill Isaacson Showing lols of sirengih in i+s early T H E H season win over The Lodi Jrrackmen, Coach "l-lap" Evans' cindermen are looking 'Forward io a greai season. On April 4 lhe Tarzans deiealed lhe "Flames" 65 lo 38. Don Jackson iurned in The good lime of 5l.9 for Jrhe 440, while C owdsley showed fine form in winning lhe IOO, lhe 220, and Jrhe broad jump. Greai ihings are expecied of rhe following boys: Jackson, Clowdsley, Isaacson, Jones, Gaulhier, Simoni, Klinger. Dunlap, Alvarez, King and Campora. -79 .- Firsf Row: lell 'ro righf- John McCandless, Bob Sleel, Jack Ferrill. Howard Gauthier, Rex Young, Carl Cooper. Second Row-Jim Och- sner, Hugh Hayes, Fillmo 0 Marks, Fred Solomon, Bill Mahalloy, John Gardner, Dick Hunl. Elwood Wong. Coach Wriqhl. Coach Slanley Wrighl Rex Young, lreeslyle ace Jack Ferrill, breaslslrolze champion John Mcffandless, back- slrolner Howard Gaulhier. relay man Bob Steel, sprinler Diclc l-lunr, breaslslrolce Hugh Hayes, ulilify SWIMMING The l943 champion Tarzan swimming leam, has again rounded our inlo cham- pionship lorm, bul under a new coach, Slanley Wrighl. Slanley. a swimmer for lhree years al S.H.S., has 'ralcen over lhe responsiloililies lell him by his brolher, Ralph Wrighl, lorm- er Tarzan coach. Coach Wrighl has live lellermen relurning all buf one ol whom have had lwo years experience Jack Ferrill ace breasl-slrolcer lor lour years is again a mem- ber ol 'rhe sguaol. Freeslylers, Bob Sleel and Rex Young, wilh back-slrolcer John Mc- Candless are The lwo year velerans while Hugh Hays is lhe orher member ol lhe squad. -30- Two relurning lellermen. Three iunior varsily players, and one newcomer form Jrhe Sl-lS IQ44 Jrennis Team. l-lobarl Miller, number one man lhis year, and George l-less- er. number lwo, are lhe 'rwo velerans while Richard Bramwell, Bud Gianelli, and Lon Un- derwood are lhe JV players. The orher mem ber is Roger Gross. Since Jrransporralion difficullies have allecled all sporrs This yea r, lhe schedule for Jrhe Jrennis Jream had +o be arranged accordingly. l-lome and home meels wilh lvlodeslo, Lodi, and Sacramenlo high schools were played wilh The finals being held ar Modeslo. The Tarzan fennisers al so mel The COP junior varsily. Isl' Row-Roger Gross, Richard Bramwell. 2nd Row-Lon Under- wood, I-lobarf Miller, George Hesser. Bob Anderson. Bramwell Miller Hessen' Anderson Gross V Underwood 3 GULF lsT Row-Bill GumperT, BranT Drown. 2nd Row-Mr. Lenz, Fred Solomon, Roy Kir- sTene, Bud Klein. Klein Solomon Drown Brinkman C5umperT Beckham BolsTered by Three reTurning veTerans, The STockTon l-ligh golT Team looked Tor- ward To a vicTorious season aT The Time The Blue and WhiTe wenT To press. l-loldovers 'Trom lasT year are: Fred Solomon Jr., who holds down The TirsT spoT, Bill C5umperT, second on The ladder, and Bud Klein, holding down The Third spoT. Dean Brinkman, a promising newcomer, rounds ouT The Team. The Tarzans came ouT even in Two early season maTch- es, losing a pracTice maTch To The powerful PaciTic Tour, and Tying ModesTo l-ligh, lasT year's NorThern CaliTornia champions. Coaching The boys is PeTe Lenz, replacing Fred Solomon Sr., who enlisTed in The armed services. -32- Ph I-Bud Klein looks on as a Tarzan man makes a near laclcle. 2-Paul Efcheberry is on his way lo a Touchdown. 3-l-lighsreppers give lhe foolball ' crowd a lreal. 4-"Dir'ry Work!" says lhe official. 5-Fooiball runner sprinls around leff end. 6-We hope 'they finally found ou'l whaf happened here. We don'l know. 7.-Gym boys pull a fasl play. 8-Some of ihe boys doing fheir road worlc. 9-Easy does if ovor lhe obslacle course. IO-A very messy 'rime was had by all, Il-An exciling game of +wo- man baslcelball. I2-Panlinq down The home slrefch. I3-A fighling Tarzan breaks lhrough a hole. I4-Score for lhe clay: fhree bull's-eyes. I5-These girls have nolhing buf pep. I6-Jackie Berlingen and Mary Lou Bush fake lime oul in gym. I7-Female William Tells. ' f N' f 4- I D N K , Z - Q 2' 1 ,GR Qqep ' , X 41 5 Q C' 9 MH- . G 6 b 7' 6 s u L . K , M .Q ., LG' X l lc t j VGA . ., nfs It . 4 H j I SPUNSUHS H! 0 f-.--u- .gn-v 5 mf NOON REST OUT FOR A STROLL NICE AUDIENCE 'f"I"" "" " "' "" " "" " "" ' "" ' "" ' "" ' "" ' "" " ' l"' 't""' E"' ':""I"I' Rheem Manufacturing Ccompeumy 1 FABRICATED METAL PRODUCTS L Telephone 5-5654 5 bll Wesi' Fremoni' Sfreei' i STOCKTON 29, CALIFORNIA L.- .... - ..., - .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - ..., - .... .. .,.. - ..,, - .... - ,... -- .... -I 'gn' "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - 'I" - "" -' "" '- 'I" '-' "'1 -' "" -' "" '- 'I" "' "" '- "" "-f"'-' I"' -f' I STORE FRONTS SS',?f,',fQ's REFRIGERATORS SCHOOL and CHURCH FURNITURE T boo wesr FREMONT STREET I STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA 1 ofa.I1IIII-IIII-IIII1III:1IIII1IIII1IIII-.IIII1IIII1IIII.-IIII1IIII--IIII-IIII-IIII1 -IIII1II 5' 1 - Crescent Showcase 86 Fixture Co. ,.1IIII1:III1III,1 1 1 1 1 1IIII1IIII1:,,,1IIII-.:II.1g.,,1,,I,1113, YOU CAN BUY EVERYTHING In I'l'Ie eafing line a+ . . . CGIaIiaIeIDJCIlILIICCIlI1Ii 61 QCII. IIIIIICI STOCKTON ,,1,,II1,1 1,41 1 1,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1m :I--IIII1 1 I1IIII1IIII1IIII1IIII1IIII-IIII1IIII-IIII-IIII1IIII-IIII1 1: 1IIII BRIEIUNIEIRIS For 87 Years Have Served STOCKTON and VICINITY Wifh fhe Fines'I' of Home Furnishings Main 8: Hun+er Main 8a San Joaquin Phone 8-853I ,g.,,-,.,.1...,-II-I..-..I-....1....- 1 - - 1 ...I.-,.-...,-,..,-.... qc ,,1,,,,1,,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1IIII1IIII1uII1IIII1Im1Im1,,I,1m.1IIII1IIII1,,I,1 1 1 141 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1II,, DRINK ROYAL CROW I COLA Best by Taste Test .!.,1III.1..1 1 1 1 1 1,,.,1...,1.,1..,.1.,I.1..1....1....1.I.1 1,.,.1.,,.1.III1.III1...,1,,,.1 1.,..1I...1.,..1.,..1,.,,1I.,I.- 1 1 1 1 1.1,.. 5. .-un 1Im1nn.1nu-am1 1nn1nn-unn1uun1 I1mminn1mn-nn1uIu-lun-unix CAKES . . . PASTRY . . . DELICATESSEN "For Her Maiesfy +I1e Housewife" Lei us Ialxe care of your requiremen'Is for Ihaf 66324 "s SSEQW Graduafion U10 Pulllc Avo Bmhday or M onsrs ' Wedding Cakes An Alumnus of Sfockfon High School-"Ni" Orsi, Owner --un1nu1nn1un-urn-uu1unirg 1nun1un1nu1nn1nn-uu-nn-un-ann--1 1uu1un...un1lm1uu1nn1un..,m1.uu.1m,1m....un...nm...m.-11.1.1 -4,411.1 To the -Class of 1194141 Our Besi Wishes For Your Success ir JI. C. Penney Co. STOCKTON CALIFORNIA 1,m1nu1mI1,,.I.-m,1nu1. 1 1 1 1.m.1lm-ml.-01.1,m1.,..,1.nn...,, 1nuinu1nn-uu1nu-un1111:-lun.-un-uninn-lnI1uu1nu-nu-1nu-1uu1:' THE BEST OF EVERYTHING TO YOU EL DORADO DRUG STORE if I0l E. MARKET, STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA -nu1nn-un1un1nu1nu-nu-uu--uu-un--nu--un.1nm-inn-lln1un-nn1u TIHIQIE WONDER THREE-FORTY EAST MAIN FOR FIFTY YEARS Only 'I'he Loveliesf Fashions . . The Mos+ Exclusive Colleciions . . . of Millinery, Suifs, Coafs, Dresses and Accessories for Girls and Women . . . -I III .hmmm I ,. , . . .. . , , H Y, ,,1mn1nn1l1. 1 1 1m....m..... 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,,,,1m, GRAND ICE CREAM n1nn...m1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ...nn u1nu-nu-. 1 1 1 14m BEST WISHES FROM D I EI '5 ' J I T If 5c, IOc and 25c STORE MWATCH KRESS WINDOWS' 1.m.. 111411141 1 1mi1,m1,.,,1ml1.,,,,1un-,,,,1 1 1 1nllu1,,!, ,PM1IIII1W1,HI1nn1ml1ml1,,,,1nn1mr1M1,,,,..,m1.m.1.m1nnn1.,.,1lrl gin 4.-H..- - - - .. - .. - - - - - - - - - -,.,.-....-.r..-,.,,-..........-....-,...-.,..-,.. .. .. .. - .. - - - -,...- 4. Complimenls of . . . 5 ' 'E' "Our Milk Served in 1' Telephone 8-86l3 ,1lm...uu1-in1un1un1nn...nn..nn..i.:1 -,gg1,,,1 1 1 ,1 1 1.. he High School Cafe'I'eria" 448 Wes+ Fremon+ Sfreef Slocldon, Calif L l 1VIII1llII1IIll1lIIl1IKlI'1'lllI'l llll 'TUIIT llll lllllillllillllTllllilllli llll "1 llll Till? Q? U?lllimT llll 'T llll T llll l' llll '1' 'illli llll T' il1llillllT4lll""llll1-' T Twill il. CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES - A EEHTRBEEI " OF '44 I T C 0 ' nn M, CRQTTTQH K SQQMS ' ' Charley Thanks You "THE FRIENDLY FURNITURE STORE" l for Your Splendid Z ' pafronage. I36-l48 S. San Joaquin S+. S+ocld'on, Calif. - ' YOU RE A GREAT BUNCH 1 ,,.. ...mg14m11m1nR-11111nu1nn1nu-nu1un1m11- nlll -IIII1 rlll 1 Illl -1lm1u0i0 yi 1 ylg, 1 .1my1m41lm1qm-nu.- ixiq 1uu1vm1mx-nm-uu1nn-IIII1 I-II 1 ll., 111- 1 nnnn 1 nnnn 1 nunn -f luuu 1 nu1nn1un 11--1 lvfl 1 vb? 2.u1.lm1my1lm1m1 ilii 101.1 iinn 1iy1 1 1 nnxn -nm--m1uu1 -- 111i I CQMPLIMENTS - Disfincfive Furniiure Floor Coverings gp - ' DRAPERIES 622211 dltqfmxfyygw f f Burnham Bros. - ' "Personalized Service" 535 ' 544 EAST MAIN ST' - 4l7 - 42I E. Weber Avenue I Slocklon' California Office Phone 9-9038 Sfocldon, Calif. ofa 11141114111nu-1nn-nix-mx1nu1nu1un1nn1u 111111 un1uoio Oil 1 Iilf 1m:1Ilu-f ill: 1 Ilwl 1 lllr - IIII lVIHTllll-'NII1 llll -III'1""1"U1IIl'1""1'l WATCHING THE PARADE CRAMMING HEY, GlRl.Sl -33- H1 ...nn.-- 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 11:1nn1n-I1nn1nn1uu1mr1m m-11111nm-un1nn-nm-mn-un-un-Im1un-un-nn.-m- 1 nina' Congrafulaiions Seniors 190330 I , " M83- - Q iQ.qQQ ,QQ9s1 M- Zcdkiolu-0zfoDa:7lf1uE' WISHING YOU SUCCESS TINY GANSNEDER n1i 1 1 1m,1u4n1im...m.1M1,m1ml1.nn1.nn.1 1 1.11.41 n-1 1uuiuu--un1um1uuinn1un-lnn1un1nu1nnv.-nu-nu1'u-nn Y IE A 'G IE IR ' S Dis'rinc+ive F U R N I T U R E Floor Coverings - Draperies DIAL 2-78I8 40 N. SUTTER ST. STOCKTON - I-nn.1nn-nn-un-nu-nn ,1m,1,u:1 1 1 .1,m.-.nu1,,,,1wi ,,1m.1..,.1 1 1 1 .1m.1m.1 1 1 1 1.1,,,,1,,,,1 1un1 Logan Camera Shop Fred and Geo. Schneider COMMERCIAL and PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS PHOTO SUPPLIES - FRAMES 20 NORTH SAN JOAQUIN STREET STOCKTON DIAL 2-2I48 11M1uux1nu1,m1.,m....m1,1 1 1 g1 1 1nn1m,1u,,1,,,,1.m-.... ,!.,,..,,.,1,,H.... 1 1m.1Im1.,,,,1m-1m.1,,,,1:,,,1,,,.1,.,1 1 1 1.1111 Complimenis of Schwartz Luggage Shop LADIES HAND BAGS AND LEATHER GOODS Everyfhing for Ihe Traveler Phone 2-3 I 63 5I7 E. Main SI. Sfockfon, Calif. I1-un1nn-un-ull-nll--n:l-un- 1 -nu1nn1nn-nu-uniun-un1nn- u1nn-un1 1nu-uninn-uninu1nu-nu1uxn-lm1nn1nll- -1 11111- WISHING YOU HAPPINESS IFo1r'1I:yaNi1mo Drug Co. I NC. Cor. Poplar and Yosemife Avenue S'I'ocIdon, California 'Crispie IP'-ortautco CIhuip Co 648 w. FREMONT STREET I . . . DIAL 2-I785 I 1 'P' I gg,-f4f1jf- jr Ask for Ihem a+ your I high school cafeieria. I +I- --.. - .II- - .-II - .-1I - Illx -u--- IIII - --lx - -'-' - ---- - -f'- - --f- - ---- - 1--I - f-" -M--v 139- 1.m1.m,1 1 1 1 1 1.,u1 RUSH ON DOGI-IOUSE IS IT GOOD? HI. ALBERTINA! .11 --nullvnu-unizxn-un1nu...nnLslnnTnlll1,mi,lnT -,..,-,,,,..,,,.-.,..-Hi, ,!,,,....,,-.m-Im- .. - -,,-..,,.......-,.........-.,.,-...U-ml-..,.- -...,-. Rissco Br-os. Market A COMPLETE STOCK OF COUNTRY PRODUCE AND . . . IT'S ALWAYS FRESH 23 I4 N. CALIFORNIA ST. PHONE 8-8655 4- -..I-....-....-....-..,.-....-.......,..-....-....-....-........,.-....-....-...............g. Q4 -HI'-II ------- ------ - - -Im-...QQ ,limi 1 1H1nu.....u1m...un1nnnni,,,,1nun1,,,,1nnn1,1 ... -I e imon lf FURNITURE . . . RUGS DRAPERIES Shop Here For GOOD TASTE FURNISHINGS AT MODERATE PRICINGS :-uninn-nun-:ann-uninu-nun1un1nn11:11-nn-nn-nu-nun-nn-nu-uni We Know Whaf Hi Boys Wani-We GracIua+ecI ' D 0:STYLE .STORE FORQVIEN l ' 320 EAST, MAIN STREET Exclusive Sale of -um. .m. n. HART-SCHAFFNER 8: MARX and YOSTYLE GOOD CLOTHES Auihorized Bo'HIer S+ocId'on, California 7 Sfoskforw-Iiih i110":IB6radua+es OW Ol' a OS TOS .... Cour+esy PoIIocIc-Stockton Shipbuilding Co. sTocKToN, CALIFORNIA af:,,-,.,,1-----1.-.I.1--.-..--1-,...-.,.,-,,,, -QQ.. ln- .1 ,ig impiu .1 1 -nu-nn...nn..nuQHUTHU1uln1.m, .1 .1,.1gmT-4, ' FOR GRADUATION CHOOSE A DEPENDABLE WATCH -FROM- JI. 'Ghinch N Son JEWELERS SINCE I876 326 E. MAIN STREET, STOCKTON, CALIF. CONVENIENT TERMS -n,:..I:'- I:-. ,1...m:-mI-un-un-nn-nn-nn-um-nn-- - -- uinn--1 -un-1 1uIl1nu1nu1un-nn1nuiuniun1nn1un1:uu1:IuI1un1m1,,,,1' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATION CLASS OF I944 High School Pharmacy I50l Norfh CaIi'fornIa S+reef Phone 2-334I 1m11I.L1 1 .- ...,,1.m-ul... 1 .. - 1.4,-...I-q .-.lm-,,,,1 .-.ym-m- -. .-.m,.- -. .. ... ... -.11 .-I..-lm.-.H 'Gaur'dIom1o1r's Book Shop J. W. GARDENER BOOKS SOLD AND RENTED I6 Norfh San Joaquin Phone 2-8863 1111:1nm1nu-uun1nu-un-nn,nn- .- -. -unilmtuu-un1nnu1un1luvu1m.1nu-w,1nn1n1uu.,lun-. 1 1.1.1.-u Imam-' mlm H007 aim Asn Fon V WITH THAT GOOD OLD 1 ronnvzmucvr 24 nsucrousl La Vida RCE EXTRA LA N- f BoHIing mv A BOTTLE 5 C0mPa"'Y EAsHloNEn ELAvoR Q u-nn-.uniun...nn1un1un..uu...xlu1 -. SMILE PRETTY! IT WAS THIS WAY, BOYS n-nu-nu11111-1nu.-un.-nn-un-nu-un--um-mu--nn-Inn-nn-nu-1vuu-v NORMAN CONFECTION SERVICE 3209 N. California S+. Tel. 8-885I .......II"sGood IFRIESH CANDIUES ' FOR EVERYONE Always on hand af your high school cafeferia uiInua1,,,,i,,u1un-ull, .1.m1,,,,1,.,,.-uun...un1lm1m,1 ...Inn-..m.... BEST WISHES FOR . CLASS OF '44 HRELFHLLS C OTIIES FOR min and BOYS 43 EJTIRIII ST. STOCKTOII. EIL 'I' --M1un-un-nu--nn--nu-lul-nll-nll-nu-lm-uulun-sul-llu-nn-nu-mic Qui-un1 1 11IIII1-nn-nn1-nu-un-nn-uniull-nn-1lnx1u 1 -- in his ' -9I- iii-'iii-.111111111,111111111.. YOILILAND TUE N IFIUIEIL COL. ICE . . . FUEL. .. BUILDING MATERIALS AIR CONDITIONED REFRIGERATORS Phone 6-6966 1..T,1mx1Tm1..,,.1,m1..m.... 1 -1 H1 .,- 1, 1 .1 ,1, ,1 1 ,1,u,1,.,,1,. ...-T... ----- I -, -I -I -. ------ ...f-...g- a YW o'Ib 'E' I Q I 'S+ . ITIIIKII I . Phone 7-7248! 27 N. Suffer T 'I' ,,,1T::T1T:n1Tm1m:1-m1 1 1 1 1 1 1...1.,,.1,,,.1..,,1,,,,1. m1nu1 1ui1.un1nn11:14-un-nu-nu-nu1nn1uu--: 1 1: -xiii-:gp - MAUDE CORNWELL I School For Secretaries T Announces New Classes Monday, July 3 Tuesday, Sep+ember 5 830 Soufh California SIree+ ..1..T,1 1 1 1 1.0,1m,..-Tm1nn1mT1um1un1.,,,1nn1m11nn1I. ,.1::i.1,..1 1L 1 1.,..1:,,,1Tm1mT1mT1nn1nn1 1 1, 1:T1T1 COMPLIMENTS OF Kuechlers Jleweilenrs C 447 E. MAIN STREET, STOCKTON PI1one 5-5859 1 1 1 1 ,1nu1 ...mT.-,m1.mT1 1 1 1 1,,,1, 1 1 1un1uu1.nu1nn1.nn.1.nu1nu1nu1nn1:w1 11111, ALWAYS THE NEWEST In COATS - SUITS - DRESSES a+ I David ILevim1som1's Regular Secre+ariaI and Shori' War+ime Courses I I 25 Nor+I1 SuI"Ier S'IreeI' I 530 W. Vine S+ree+ Phone 2-4384 ,P ,,,,1,,,,1,,,,1,,,,1 ,,,, 1 ,,,, 1 ,,,, 1 ,,,, 1,,,,1.m1 1 ,liq 1 llil 1.m1mT1. iiii - iiii -mio vit:-n-I-11:1-un1:1 ulll -- lllx -Illr-nIl1Ilu-Iwi Ivll -'III--1IIl11IH1IHI1H111 Hows THE ice CREAM? A CAR BUT NO e-As WAITING FOR FOOD -92- v NEW PAINT SHOP MEMBER? PIPE THE HAT! l,,11111111111.-:1g1,1,1,,,, Fred W. Moiore OPTOMETRIST Room 205 Bank of America Bldg. Phone 2-2746 Slocldon, Calif. n1rm1nn1um--mi--mi1m1 1 1 -11m-im-un1nu1nu1nu1m m1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1nn1uu1uu1uu1mx.1nn1I:,,1.ym QQI11Iul1nn1nu-nu.-nu1nn1un1nn1nu1-nn1un11m1nu1nu1un1un1nn1 4. CONGRATULATIONS To ihe Class of '44 ' - 5? ' g Yr ' A MEX Yogr Fu+ure 5 I I rang ucoess Q , J an BKPPIDSSS X I I f QSEARS, ROEBUCK and CO. Sfocldon, California .I1mu1un1un-nn1nu1nu1:1111nn-un--m1uu1nu1uu1nn1uu1im1nu-1 ,,1,,,,1 1 1un1mI1 1 1,,1.,,,1 1Im1,,,,1,,,,1 1 1:,,,1..,,1 Knox Seed Col. EVERYTHING FOR THE VICTORY GARDEN Phone 2-OI44 509-SI I E. Weber Avenue S+ocId'on, Calif. :I1uu-nn,....Im-m:.1uu-mi1nn1m1 11 1 1m-uu1nn1 i1nn-un1 ,,1im1 1Im1m.1im1un1nn-nn1un1uu1nn1,,,,1uu.- 1:1f,,,1uu... "In 'I'I1e Bravo Mclfeegan Manner" HICKEY-FREEMAN and TIMELY CLOTHES INTERWOVEN HOSE - ARROW SHIRTS KNOX HATS - NUNN-BUSH SHOES SPORTWEAR BRAVQ a MQKEEQAN Fine Apparel For Men and Boys ,I1m,1 1 1im.1,.1m,1...,1.m1 1.1.41 1,,,1uu1,m1 1.m1nn1 .11I1:II,1,,,,11:ri1xirv1,:,,1nu1 - 1 1- 1 1 1 1 1 1Im1I. S M II T H AZ IL A N G Main Sfreel' a+ San Joaquin WOMEN'S READY TO WEAR - PIECE GOODS MILLINERY - WOMEN'S SHOES BEAUTY SALON - HAIR CUTTING A DELIGHTFUL PLACE TO SHOP IN I AN EXPERIENCED SALES FORCE AND REASONABLE PRICES 11.411 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1,.,,...,m1nu1,,,,1..,, I 4. -....-....-....-....-....-I..-...,-...I-....-....-..,.-....-....-,...-..,.-....-....-.... 4. 1m,1un.1 X 2. . SNOOTY, HUHI OH, BOY. LUNCH! IS THAT NICE, MAURENE? IIIITIIITlllllllllTIIIITIIIITUIIIITIIII Tliiiil I 'iIIllTIIIlT'? Ql""Illl'1IlIIC1 illll11IIII1IIIll1IIII1IIlY1lIll1lIIl1lIIl1lIll1IIlI1Illl1f'll1II1111 I I CONGRATULATIONS FROM CompIimen+s of y 1 D IE N T 0 N Il S 7 -J 'L -f E 2 5c- I0c - I5c STORES . J I lBornznnUFufe1' I I i Q I I47 N. Wilson Way 430 E. Charfer Way I I 9I4 N. Wilson Way 2230 E. Main Slreel Main a'I' Hun+er Phone 8-86I6 5 2026 Pacific Avenue -.,,.-. 1- .. - ,- .- -..-,...- -..,.-,...-....-..i. .g.,-,,,.- 4- - ....,-,,..-,...-. -....-.,,.-..- - - - .. ,-....- IIl"1'IIIIlIIIITiIII Tiiil I T 7 T iil' TIIIIlII'TIIIITIIIllIII7 'gg billl1IlII1IIIlillll0"'!IlI'1'IIIITIlllTIIIITWINTIlllillllillllllllllilll'TlIIlTIIIIlrIIITull? s+0ck+on Phone 6-6738 i 7 I Oakland I Mr. ancl Mrs. J. F. Donovan 5 F ' Q Q E Sgzrargflfo A H DAVIUES DISTINCTIVE APPAREL sam Rosa PAWING SERVICE M o D ERATELY PRICED Chico Home Office Los Angeles . I f Modesto 339 E. Miner Avenue l Porlland, Ore. S'l'ocId'on ---- California 5 336 Main S+. S+ock+on. Cam. m1m.1 iiiz 1:1111 niui 111- I u1uu1 1 1ml1nu1 llli 111111 llli -ni' lll' 1 lil: 1 llii 1 Ilvv 1 Iili 1 vllr - IIII -I121 - I"1 1 "'I 1XIII1""'-"""""1"'I"" MILL and MINE SUPPLIES WELDING SUPPLIES IRON ancl STEEL ELECTRIC TOOLS HEAVY HARDWARE PIPE VALVES and FITTINGS HICKINBUTHAM BROS., ILTID. ESTABLISHED I852 536 SOUTH AURORA STREET PHONE 4-4833 STOCKTON, CALIF. Q11 -nn-nn--nu1uu1 uxin -nu-nn1uu1 llli -.,1wl1lIu 1111 IHI1 llln -ull1uu1lnl-1ml-11 11111111 IIII1 IIII -'H111IW-'UH'-"4'1"""""'-' 'I' -94- 4, 1,,,. .---..-. ------ .- I-...I-.I 4, I GIFTS FOR THE GRADUATE IFIRIlIEIDIB5IEIRI.GrIEIR'S DIAMONDS WATCHES 339 Easi' Main SI'ree+ Telephone 2-I778 1IIII1mI1IIII1IuI1uII-IIII-IIII1IIII1IIII1IIII-IIII-nm-:III-IxII1IIII1IIII-IIII-In 1IIII1 1 1III1IIII1II,I...I.,,1I,,,1I,,,1u,,1,,,,1IIII1m,1 1 1,,1,,.,1,f QIUIINN'S B O O K S OFFICE SUPPLIES FRANK S. QUINN S. H. S. 'I7 I20 E. 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Suggestions in the Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) collection:

Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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