Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA)

 - Class of 1943

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Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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Wvvsvri Q F' -vf. , A Qy , N l 1? "A. x,.,q6a 'Z'-'H ,Wu W L D ' yy, GJ' Fr L5 K E .-, ,F 555253 QfLW W Y fx K ' A j Y b R vc 43 -A P ,X Q Nj N. ! vii' if pi l? ' x , ,, P - . J , QW: 0 Qi!! 95' X 1,3 xii!!! K fy Wig-V? sv 2 N fa if N gmfwgkw or M I YEJP yn. X , Q ff '-3' , 4: q v rn awww wqfwyivmww T Q L Af Q' 1 3 Sv W Q I ,xi 1 N X! Qgfisbwiyy gg? F5 Q0 N 1 ' 's . 5 'N x , ' . .W ,J ' ' K CF 5? fWiW M M QHXIF for I Q43 flzzfnfislzcfl by llrfz ASSOCIATED S'I'Ul JliNTS of STOCKTON HIGH SCHOOL S'l'oC14'1'cuN, CLNLIFORNIA rm, JANI-3 ,, Effilor JEAN TVIARIE fxRNOl.D, Business Manager lVIARCARli'l' Snnim-IERD, Ar! Erlilor was roiiewoon You iiave in your ioanci tiie 1943 Blue and XViiite. it is iiopeci tiiat as you glance tiirougii its pages it wiii serve as a pieasant remincier of your years al: Stovicton Higii Sciwooi. Like many other timings that iaave iiaci to Ciiange during wartime, the Bitte anci Xviiite tias aiterocif- not as many pictures, not as many pages as we wouici iiice, not as many phases of student activity representect: but we stiii iiave tiwe traciitionai yeariyooii, and we are extremeiy fortun- ate to be aiuie to puiniisid it during wartime. EUNTENTS introduction Leaders Seniors to Freshmen Activities Sports VME DEDICATE THE 1943 BLUE AND XVHITE TO THOSE STOCKTON HIGH TARZANS XVI-IO TODAY ARE IN THE ARIVIED FORCES OF AIVIERICA, TO THOSE STUDENTS AND FACULTY XVHO ARE SPENDING THEIR LIVES FEARLESSLY. DANGEROUSI.Y, AND GLADLY THAT IVIEN IVIAY BE FOREVER FREE. View of west side of the Commercial Builcling 'V amx 2 fi ve Y Pi' ii 15 15 -1 5 ,XYZ f 5 ' 'T M-?f 'S' 4 'K ,g IT. fl -,'r'! ' My fJ,"', JJ i 5511 V -, ' f' 5,1 5 , W my if , GV i 5- . Al H1-ii hi-ua.. nh, 2. F? A f 'MQ x , P View of the easi entrance of the Main Building u QQ 4 w' -1 S 1, 1 fg YE ,..,, A. 3 K Q M. HNUW 513113 P CULTY ii ROW' 1-Mrs. Wl1il,c, Mrs Ablvoi M ROW' 2 N . , iss Humlmrgar, Miss Lovejoy, Mrs. Pele McCain, Miss Nilriic-H f - 'Iiss Hoe-rl, Mrs. H. Yan Vicar, Miss Dunning, Miss Nr-Glolliiin, Miss ffliiclnslz-r. Mrs. li. llunis imrgai, Miss Slicilman. ROVV 3-Mr. Hiiobnrrl, Mr. Corin-ll.. Mr. lluiunicislr-r, Mr. Sw:-ol, Mr. Van Giiclvr, Kfr. Lynda, Mr. Snoolc. ROXV 4-Mr. Cnuikins, Mr, Cave, Mr. Young. Mr. Ellis, Mr. Vain Vlcrnr, Mr. l"i'ccnmn, lifr. Rcorl. ROXN 1-Mrs. Nay, Miss DcRucl1in, Miss gliorl, Nliss Ross. Niiss Grrfvn, Mr. 1.1-wis. ROVV 2-Mr. Evans, Miss Tully, Miss Haggis, Miss Vxfilliams, Miss Kenislon. Mrs. Anricrson. Miss Ccoglian Yumi Yum! The clay after llic night before Slave Driver The Uncxpcclcrll . qmilin' Jim fwwwv V ' fa THREE IMPUHTANT PEUPLE I Z' NV. Fmin ELLIS Principal Al,ICIi Mf-INNES J. C. CAVE Dunn of Girfs Dc-an of Roy. , if ,f,5,,,,v:x,, , N54 ST DET Bn K . ., c son, ustoclian: Mr. Cave, Arlviser: Art l-eClerl. Comm. ol Organi rations: Bill Bianclii, Sturlent Belly Presirlc-nl: Diclc Ericltson, Comni. ol Allilulirs: Tim Minalxc-li, Comm ol Vxfcllarc. cle Row, lull io ricylil' Sandy qanlcr C Front Row: Laverne Bravo. Editor of G. IX. T.: Em Van Dylce, Vice-President: Flo Stranrl, Comm. of Rccorrls: Caryl .lu'lius, Eclitor ol Blue 5' VVliile: Sliirloy Craw. Presiflent Girls' l.:-nguc, Tbe , 4 , i ongressn of tbe scliool, is composecl of tlie eleven active members wluo are cbosen by tlie stuclent bocly at tube semi- annual elections. It was tbe members of tbis last Fallys Stuclent Council wbo encleavorecl to engage primarily in war worlc. Tbcy were successl ul. Numerous clrives were unclertalcen in tbe Fall, one of wliicb was tlie all-important Hrleep A Xveelcn campaign. Besicles numerous activities connectecl witb tbe war ellort, recreation for tbe stuclents was not overloolcecl by tbe members of tbe council in tbeir efforts to bave an outstanding semester. Dances for tbe wbole Stuclent body were sponsorecl ancl belcl in tbe Girls, Gymnasium cluring tlie noon bour, anal mucb was done to stir up scbool spirit cltiring tbe football season. Special acclaim sboulrl be given to stuclent bocly presiclent Bill Bianclii ancl to tlie rally committee be appointecl, as tbe Fall rallies were tbe best in many semesters. - go .. Stuclent Council tlae HC EUU EIL 1 f Q l. C, ffsive--."Xclvisz:r: Holm Gtwrnseyf-Sluxlenl Bocly Pres: lxlarqaret Slieplierfl-X,irc-Presirlenl: Carolyn lense-Girls' League Pres.: Jim Brorleric-Connn. of Xfvcllarez Xvillaur Lenz-Com. of Atlwlelicsz Carryl .lane .lulins-lfrliiur ol liluv fe Vxfliilc: Bill Sltatllcy-Comm. of Organizations: .lulia Cvrider-Comm of Recorcls: I lcrlv Vumlm-rvonri-lfwlilor of G. IX. 'l'.g Coleen Young-Jr. Rell Cross Clmirmang Pliyllis Sticlclanclr-Custoclian, Q l t Council olicl tluis semester that which many a h I The Spring .Luc en . rfounril ancl Class omcer has encleavorecl to clo in tlie past. Beside t e usua artivities of approving laills, passing atliletic awarcls, ancl helping witla tlwe war ellort, tlme council presentecl a stuclent activity in Wlwiclai tlie whole stuclent body not only eoulcl lant woulcl take part. Tluis was fulltlleel when tlwe carnival and clanee, tlie lmig "lJl.1i1lestH was given at tlae Civic lvlemorial Auditorium. Tlmrougli tlie ro-operation of tlae council ancl the different organizations on the rampus, tluo "FunfestH was a lunge success -not only on tlie Financial side lnut on llie attenclanre ancl interest Sluown lay tlie students themselves. The prolilgs ol' tlwe Carnival ancl clanrfe were clonatecl to the Red Cross. Bob Guern- ' "rl t, as well as tlae rest of tlae members f mlale stuclent looclv presi en L FT along tlie Fun- sey. our very a . I ol tlwe counril, cleserves a great cleal of Creclit lor his e 'orts in m llestn a ,great snrccss. - I I ... ff' Gims' S1'un1iN'r Coivruoi.. Group 1, Row 1-B. Manthcy, E. Van Dyke, N. Chiapalc, M. Brooks, N. Dicta- inson, F. Marsh, J. Grisrhot. Row 2-S, Craw, M. Lamar, PJ. Harmon, B, Holines, li. lrrvrich, ll. Boron ll, Slrirlclanct. Row 5-D. Toothacrc, M. Wfillis. M. Marina, NV. Foster, B. Kucchlvr, E. Stephens. Bovs' S'I'lHJiiNT CONTIQOI. Row 1-D. Brown, B. Bianci, S. Sanderson, R. Erickson, I.. Covell, R. Highy. Row QHJ. Hill, XV. Harden, D. Doane, ll. Klinger, H. Ramlolph. Row 5-1. Corren, R. Schneiclcr. J. Minahen, M. Armolea, A. Lectert. Absent when picture was taken: J. Lcllonrl, B. VX7hittingI.on. The Student Controls, one for the girls and one for the hoys, have the joh of keeping orcter on the Campus and the surrouncfting grounds. Each con- trol, consisting of twenty members, is composed ot commercial, vocational, and academic students who are selected every semester. The girls, control is ap- pointect hy the First Vice President in consuttation with the Dean of Girls, the hoys, control, hy the Commissioner of Vxfetfare with the approvat of the Dean of Boys. The purpose of the controls is Hto maintain stanctarcts of con- cluct among stuctentsf, The duties of the controls are to perfomm halt duty, to perform ratty duty, anct to keep order in the Cafeteria. Each control meets once a week, and at .these meetings ottencters of school regulations are sum- monect to explain their side of the question and to he fairly triect hy the Stuclent Control. The decisions of the vontrot are then sent to the Dean. for their approval. ST UE TEUTHUL. .F LL ST UE T EU THUL. .SPHI E The members of this yearys Student Controls proved themselves very capable in attending to their join of keeping orcter on the campus. Conscientious, they treated each offender fairly, and taking their jot: seriously, they have been very effective without using geslapho tactics. The heads of time controls, Emma Jean V an Dyke, Bob Knlinger, Margaret Stweptnercl, and Jim Broderick proved themselves to be very ctepenctaivle and capable teaclers. For ttie most part con- cerned mainly with the stanclarcts of conduct among the student body, the student controls were not without gayer moments as the tai-annual Hstutu con- trol parties were Qliellcl at the enct of each semester. fluff: Rune, lofi lo riyfrt: M. Fniglli. C. Lease, J, Morrison, H. Troller, L. Vassar. E, ixionip Second Row: U. Slalrler. J. Arlaicor, B. Moravik, C. Garibaldi, E, Praia: Front Row: M. Shcptmrrl, J. Taylor, E. Sorenson C. Evans, N, Vxfarc: Absent: C. Hcnnclscn, S. Lewis, IVI. Karim. liucfc Row: B. XVIICCICT, J. Hrilcson, B. Capps, I-I. Molinia, B. Wilson, VV. Lenz. D. Erickson, J. Haines, S. Lilllelmlc, J. Broclricic: Front Row: VV. Johnson, T. Minalmn, D. Doane, B. Guernsey, S. Mcptierson rl. Clouclslcy, A. Rmiciiiiqe, B. Dclucciii. X N v I TI.. 1 F E I ,-,-,, ?l ...-. , , . --N.. .....1-Q lim" u- rl. ,:+'. --' ." i . v i n 1 I U 'x ,,,., -1 4 ig, V win ilu ,-,,' . ' x Aw , .I -t , , T' sei 'Kal l l .ff 4 . .af- .,. if A ea . R , Here are line SB7ZZbf.f ! PEBPIU HY GH UU TES I I , sENioR CLASS i A OFFICERS 6' Iiuft lo Right: BARBARA All TYE Vice Presideiit I-ii.iLiiN BOREN N, Sfcretary A+-4 --- ART IBI2YE'I"I'Ii President AIl'I'I'IUR ADIXIVIS GoIcI Seal Iicrnrer , IIICI IAIQIU BURNS Aff GQILI SoaI Ilenrcr. - - Commencement Sp:-aIecr U? '.lf'ia,.,N : MAISEI. VVONKJ f,ioIrI Sc-aI Iicarvr IIELISN BOREN UOILI Seal Bearer IRIS SCI IRII3NIiIl m en. men .,p a 'c TI1e stucIents who waIIcecI across tIie stage of tI1e Civic Auditorium tIiis February were compIeting a pI1ase of Iife that cannot be recapturecI in the years to come. "CoIcesH at a nearIay foun,tain,' IootIJaII games, pompoms. and Iiot dogs at Baxter StacIium, Iast minute cramming for exams-ttiese IigI1ter, carefree days are to put asicie. The majority of tIie Inoys Iiave joined or wiII be joining tIie armecI forces: tI1e girIs wiII Ine going into cIeIense pIants and the aimed services aIso. But, stiII, to tide ttiem tI1rougI1 some experiences that are I3ouncI to come, are the nostaIgic memories oI Peter Zeitefs jitter-Inuggingg Irv- ing Correnys boogie-woogieg IVIiI4e ArmoIeaIs riotious sense of Iiumorg and tIie extra speciaI raIIies tI1at were given cIurin,q I3iiII I5iancIii,s term as prexy. The activities of the cIass variecI ancI were many. The IiigIiIigI1ts of the Iast 'semester were the Senior Prom anci Senior Supper, Ibotid of wI1icI1 were a great success. NotaIJIe and popuIar students wI1o gracIuatecI in February were Vice-President, Emma Jean Van Dyke: AtI1Ietes, NeaI I'IoImes, rIoI1n Leary, and Art Beyetteg GirIs, League Prexy, SI1irIey Craw: Activity-man, RicIiarcI Burns: ScI1oIar. Arthur AcIamsg ancI I3JancIsman, XVaIIace Craycrof t. -16- 1. I I I ALICE ABOUD I ARTHUR ADAMS BARBARA AH TYE sk. F EPI , fp ... ' I 3 1 " I . x V I IQ' vs -N L .- I I. " Q . AA ROBERT ASTORINO EDWARD BAKER BARTON BAWDEN E J" lg "VCI ' ,Z . .I . A A I I I ' kj ' I 0: I .V 6 :I 1 I . V '5- .O ,I uf, . . ,X A I .,v Age' i . I I ' H Ir: I V ' I Inf- Q 3 A 1 'I I A, I . BETTY JO BLAGG LLOYD BOMGARDNER HELEN BOREN , Y ' 'YT' ' I II - 1' O ,, f -L 'gf "V ' A ' 'T "I E-3? I ' ' D 'I .V V. J L . I I I .L . ' . I ELDEN BULLARD Iv I I ,, .I . I 'UK.. .G-I vi U 'I .L I .I ,X . Wx f FT RUTH CARLSON . Im ,ww I A - EILEEN BUNDY - 1 55 "sf ,W CATHERINE CASSIDY RICHARD BURNS ' the I I I Q EVELYN CHAN 5 RALPH ALAMILLO DOROTHY ALLEN rg nn 5,5 f ff. 22:3 V247 I .-5 VALORA BERNARDI '95 5'- - In r' 1 E' I'- ,, .. ITI PU . 4 E Z ITT B, .. 21 2 3514? O SQ: ,ed G 33' -If U ,J- , , 122515 "' '-l"iv,, I , I . M K K' I ,- " If 4 252 ' I 3 I3 36295 g Im ms! I II f . I ART BEYETT E , . I I ?F .Q I X, f I w I .PA .4 DONALD BROWN MANUEL CALDERON KIRK CAMBELL 45 J ll E' W' ,- N AMARILYN ALLEN B ,In ,Q I J BILL BIANCHI S :I L- " MARY BROWN a. A- EARLENE CANOTE PHIL CHESEBROUGH MARGARET CHRISLU IRVING CORREN T? 57? 412' - b .II , I -. -H .. I ,.... .H . . . mu. MI Q I E, ..,. by 1 IH: x Ip IS 1-A ' E L zz -, . I II: . . 4 J ff V. II' 1 as A ' 1 A . . I I I .L . . I 5 Gl'T,'II: I I' I I I .. 'fu f S' 'Cf -, 1- I 'I WEIIIIII- . f-sm I . J. 1 I AI' I , 'sf II MICHAEL ARMOLEA DOROTHY BIASOTTI Ig.. I I BRUHL LESLEY CAPPS SHIRLEY CRAW JUNE DAVIS BARBARA DEETS' ' -5 Aft' iw V- A. f ' 'Y' H T.: ',.f,.-..f ..., T A+ rN ' ' .fI' ' Iv" QI I ll I .I .A my gg 1. R fi- Ig M up W I 1411328 YVII 5 'A Q? . - 'gg I .- WWII A 1-EEE . -Eff' '- '- - -- ,M EI-1 I 'fb' NIA MELWN cusuose WALLACE CRAYCROFT STANLEY DAUBENBIS I X A 1 6 ' A AI - ' ' I 'E' I Q I I -A ,II A . A - I 09 ' I--1 A I A I A ge' I - I J r I ir I"',' f' I 1 an ' 4 L, N I, , AEI! PAULINE DE LONG non FITZGERALD YOLANDA Fl-OR L .MT H11 PHILIP DELYS 1 gu- -BR 'tr VICTOR DE GANNA CLARA rows MARY FONG soo KEUNG FONG MARGARET Fox I L IW " I ' , , - I . l I I b b V , R . 1 . ' ff' 'Ii-A A -new , ,-. .I Ti 5 . Ig 'Lf' Il, ' 'L W "W IS? 9 V' as ' 'I fc' I ,Rig , """'-'I X 'AW V 'I :P ' I '- A . ' . , .QI i. r V - 'n h I , il -.Ta-' rl., .r . , I ' 1 I F. , .I I X -A 1. 'II A f I ui ,L 'ELL . , 5 II' If iz 3 5 La A L ILLLQ L "'IE'.f'-ji! ' Z. SHIRLEY FRASER 309, FREITAS T' BEV GUIFFRA rw SALLY GODINEZ ' ix. .lr .I -Qs ,-'H it - ww 'P J' 3-I ff Q Im' w I ,ax L,-,L I X7 ,I..Q1, L HI. f , NAQNEUE HAMBLQT ELIZABETH I-IARMAN - " -f f", f ' ' '-fi! . Inj. 'WAV E IJ- I I I A I I 5 - .. 'fi .ii I f' A I Iif ezesf L f'-' I IIIJI-LII A RUSSELL HIGBY ,,., .- Jim- 0' f , bd V BERNICE KALEBAUGH VIVIAN HIGGINS , -A we !M' N 5' I X LISA KASSEL BARBARA KRQAGEN -, A A ' ,iwfii If , - I I tr ' 'BEATRICE KREUDER ,Z-1 71'- 'Q -ROBERT LEMON ' I HELEN LIND BEVERLY FRENCH DULCE G-ARROZOL ... I ' D nv' 'K .- 'fm Q ' 4 LOWELL GATES x f, T. Q-V MALFY GIOVANNONI WILLIAM GUIDICE BARBARA GORMI-EY DAN GOWER JANE GRISCHOTI ANGELO GUZMAN ,MILDRED I-IALI. I H 4:3 'I I S 'Q I 'A 51,75 I Q' L A I I I I f ia, II A II I ' ,I -9' I II K? 3' I I IF' I I F - E- ,A A-, 'P' -fr IQ I ' 'N ' -I ah sw 'Fx h ANI h xy in .2 x I. 0 I "ig 1 I ff- -I IL ? 'W ,Q Hi -'S' ' '- A 9I"'- W Lg I I ISS. A I I ANNA HARRIS WENDELL I-IAwIcINsoN JOHN HELLER 'LOREN HELLWIG CELIA I-IERRERA I .. , E E.. ..,..,.i-. ,L an ,K W :JI 'Y ,I Y- ll : 5.5 "T 'F' 4" I if , ggi - I 'll .74 I D! I . I' ,,1:,' Y, , I 1' ' 4' ' I .QL-5, I I ' I 4 .I 0 f i, I ' ' I L-N ' 3 uf ' 7 I I ,. : :I . ' . I , I' ' "-Iffffffiii,-. I. E. , fx. If i5'i?if:2:5'. N zszv' I B05 I-IISLQP q I ELSIE HOLMAN BEVERLY JEAN HOLMES NEAL HOLMES CARLE JOHNSON - 111 W I A ' A I -. , Q - 't. A I , I szfv-TI ad' ,jg-4,1 ' cn- I ..- l""N ' --I ' " " I I - if I 6 I GI' "':rII ,I I. ' Q , , I l . ' I 'fe' Y I ' I ' I A . I Y "I-!'!'I U NOBLE KEIJDIE ROBERT KIDD ALICE KINGERY CHARLOTTE KLEIN BOB KLINGER . A u N .. f-L F1 -gs, ' 0 V" 9 N J in 'ad F' ,I " '3' ' 5 -, , I Lf 1 .Q L-,Ek 1 E' Q. X A 'V I fi I , W' I ' ". I I, I "" ' M M, E4 A I l f- " I, ,LII Z -- l DAWN KRUEGER GLORIA I-AGORIO ARTHUR LE CLERT MAE LEE MELvA LEEELER IW -, ' ' IA Nrgv I WA 1 Is? 3 I Q-A ff.: ,Q .L 4' A A iii, HMV, I its If L I II Iv. L.,.- -3 'E' IFILM'- XEb-- I ' . X 1. dh, -' I- R I.-Ea' 'I 'E I, ' I 4' - - 1- . 'r-FM' , I 'V ' -'jf I ,gfkf Y 3 irl' ' Q' IQI 1 I " I' I 5 1 I 'I,fI,Tff'H If-' I tx ! r ,QE :LL A X If If I -Q ! 1 :., I 'QL-' I , - I "L - 'y ?7"'1I-51.14 ,P -A I ba ,L - I DARWIN LEWIS JOHN LEWIS JOSEPHINE LOPEZ' EDWARD LOWE BILL, LUIIKEMAN .-Q IW .W . Af3!'.,,.' B03.M1:CARTY EDWARD MCADAMS Downes MCCAULEY 1,5 x Q1 1 Q 5 ' .5111-0' 1 .' , " n i , V! V H ly -1' ,liar , .h ' 'V 5 Jn.. U A STEWART Mae-Aw ESPERANZA mcms GWEN MARGENO. .F V 4 17" " " rl I ,xx 'r ' V ry ' .E--Y . If T wg'-r , .--:A X1 f, , V , xx ' ' 'ug' A in - Y -1.. 5' MAE MARKHAM GEORGE MARKHAM FLOSSIE MAE MARSH MARIAN MARTIN HELEN MATTAS VERNON MERRIHEW -P93 ill' 7 " ily' 1 . W I4 5' ,I F . Kg-J"'A ROBERTA MIERKEY PHYLLIS MORENZONE MARINO MOYA .3 BOB MULBER6 THOMAS NICHLEY 4 BRUCE NICHOLS , wx M, .ILA ll . ' X. .19 R "Nd Nw 55:4 'X h fmfifii li x OHERTELLO A FRANCES ouvmzes PAULINE oLsoN v Y ,U -K -N Y" 'A W FEBRUARY EH UU TES 19 4 3 Soloist of usolomcnslaics Kids" is Bill Bianchi masking his clr-lm! al muy! N 1. 3 . ,I x TH ELMA ORSI Y 4' IAN ,in , AFRANCES PEIRANO ivg, in Q ,il D 'uxx , xi' . I.. I . I. LORRAINE REBOSIO MAX RICHARDSON If ' I I gg., a ' fffx., ' Q I, --1. ,R if 'I if I -' LRIIRMI I IL PJ BETTE SCHWEITZER f-rx lil' 1 I c'4'x if ANITA SOMERS ,Wiz 3' -I.-JI X X MARLYS THOMPSON , Ig, .... ffif QI IRIS SCRIBNER ..,. A .1-I m KA. -ga- ANNA JO PERDUE IH K' i - I LQ. .r N. I L BARBARA POOL BENEVA RACKS TINA RANDAZZO DOROTHY SPALDING an fa ,.,. -gr Sf L- Q xl sms Lou Tomzesuc I IR 3 FI! . M630 8. 4-A v .,. .. ,-I..,.,I,,,.,,............,.....,,... .-I I ' I. .I 4 BOB VALLERGA J'ia"d1- ' A I ""'F,w, - -I x 1 , 'fm ' I LR If 4 W- -vw I. , ' "PI ' .I 5 A.. ' Cv ' I Ai' IJ, ARLENE WALLIS JOE VALTIERRA .. ., ,A , fry vv 'N I L .- ' of 53 ERLENE RATTO N I . Q... F I, I gg. W , Q. '61 X Q an 71 If' II I . , If. ,sf I 'f 1- - I 'I- ' Y ' , Il- f"'-- Y. I I viwlggiygm ?IW A ' '-i.,1I.,',' A , ffl, b. -,f' TQNY RWERA CARLO Ross: gpm-I Rowg RALPH SCHNEIDER FRED SCHULER I A I I- I ' ' 'Q' 'jizz ,i -X - I .. H ' II -'LII I fx . Il ,II ' I, eil, I EI f . I In I75""' ,I I - I-I, 26 ".:w,,I III' f'P f'I I kwI1 134 I-.MFI . V. f I 'VP J, , 4, I , I I ,Cs-7. , , I i I , N QI' 133 Wifi' A . IRA SCOTT JACK SHEFARD TOM SHEPHERD GENERVA SMITH GERALD SMITH W - R I R Ryfaii . I 1 I 'I I I ' I' I I I . , I ' I I . S R- 'R I 11 :vu Q 13 152 1 C, , I ., W- I Y it V HI! . -.. . ,m " ,Ir 1-I I rw. h W ,I,. S AI 'hh N :xi .gin 4- ' 1 - A 3 ' I 1 , - I I I . I I -1 :Q I 5 Jr.,,.u T. - A ' X ,J Liff ' 5745, ' .9 N 5 -LA I -dr - N3 ' BARBARA SPANIEL DONALD R. STEWART NEAL srour FLORENCE STRAND AVERIL THOMAS - f-- - ' -- - Y I w- Y i ff W '- : -. - - f Tr' I I I ' II ,E+ Q 'V ' - EI I v I I , . ,. , I IQLIII-1.7 , V S 3 fr N 6 ,Ll IDLE i I ur- f 'fx ' ' ' ?'I '- FII I' ' ' I- f .-A III " 1-I '-"I ' I 'F' 'LI f 3 IIIEQE-!f'II1fL.ff Iv I 'I II I wi ' B.':5f'1p,QfSA -53:5 , I - I X - l I LIA IL, MARY TOTTEN 3 I ALB E RT TOWLE -ss.-'X DOROTHY TRACHIOTIS EDWARD TPIENKLE ,, I ,W ANWYAT I JIMMY TRIPP - '.'.1.I'- a . ' I ff Ik II Q I I 'et .tx III I Y In nw.. I" .J, ' I I4 " If " I ' A DAVID VANA EMMA JEAN VAN DYKE NORMA VIGNOLO EDITH VORIS BILL VUKOVICK 1 R-f4"'4 "'?L" '11 I I " ' I ' I , I , , I Q.: -A 'L I QLQQ A ' +P- ,L I 4 "' . I ' 6 I1I ag I., 1 .- I -9, 5'-fx f I,L? V fl I, If! If ' mm R" I I ' R I ' 0 I ' I 4 1, Inf .BA 1 vJIM WATSON -- 1 --1 iw, , LI, Y, ,LI , L IXH.. MILT WELSER X LOIS WENSKE MARJORIE WILLIS BETTE WILSON KENNETH WINDELE O I -elif. Q? E .spx .f' 46" BERNARD WINKLE BARBARA WITHROW HERBERT Win ,A N5 v LMA Illk t vi BEATRICE WONG EVELYN WONG WARREN WONG 3 . 3 it ' V , 'G 9 L '. U- V Us in A... - 19 tgill Momma YELLAND versa zensn E J R. - ... 'ici :gi -' 'fit R R fi L it xv:Q4 f.1QI1-QU 1 i . 4 1 FEBRUARY GRADUATES t 943 Rictmrcl Burns giving out witti ttmt accent of IHS I..-li In right, lop In bottom: 1. "New Jun- ilurf' Nom- other than senior Barton Bmw- rtirn in Miss Boswctlvs sections senior garb. 2. two ol X zinnuccini s vctvmns, tom Stu-pticril .tack Shcptucrit talkin nit" ovcr . . . I il tms not yet been ictcntiticctl. 3. Klingef, AIUDCIG SEIU ncccts you!" ,fy. D. Emmie Van D"e '.1 as ' sr llc for ervcrytbodyj and Art Beyetlc Strug- W t"to uSI1O0liLiII'iSU Strand'-Senior Rough Qxt ' V 3L twill twig nt ri Friday noon dance. 6. trv Corrcn itt Bianchi, Tom Stieptwrct, Rictmrrt Burns: Peter Zictcr-"the" quintet at Locti Ratty. 7. ,IOIIR IYIOHCI' IDE'tXVF!"l'l CIRSSCSI tl TSTANBI G SE IUHS . FEBRUARY ADAMS, ARTHUR Academic: Graduated in 5M years: Honor Sclaolarsbip-'Fall '42: University Higb-Oaldand. Calif.: Fall '40-f Fall '42, AH TYE, BARBARA Academic: Vice-Pres. :QA Class'-Fall 1942: Financial Cbairman Cliinese Club Spring .401 Social Cbairman, Fatt 1941: :md Prize Key Drive. ALLEN, DOROTHY Academic: Graduated in 5V2 years. ALLEN, MARILYN CLAIRE Academic: Attended Sequoia Union Higti, Redwood City, Calif. ARIVIOLEA, MICHAEL Commercial: Student Control Fall 242: Won Cross Country, Fall '4o: B-Team Basketball, Fall '4o: Big Four Tract: Meet. Spring '4o. ASTORINO, ROBERT Academic: Graduated in SV2 years. BAWDEN. BARTON Academic: Graduated in 5M years. BAILEY, ROBERT Academic: Graduated in 5K years. BEYETTE, ARTHUR Academic: Graduated in 5V2 years: President 11A Class: President Bloclc Spring '42: Secretary Btoclc Fall '41: Commissioner of Welfare, Spring '42: 1 Year Traclc: 4 Year Mem- ber Varsity Football Team: Member of Troubadours BIANCHI, BILL Academic: Bloclc "S" Member: Student Body President, Fatt '42: Vice-Pres. 12B Class: B Football Bloclcg 5 Varsity Btoclas: Member ot Troubadours: Rally Committee, Fall '4Q.: Member of Solo- mensI4i's Philharmonic OrcI1estra'-'Pitts- burgI1 Rally. BIASOTTI, DOROTHY LOUISE Commercial: Received Penmansbip Cer- titicate. BOIVIGARDNER, LLOYD Academic: B Football, '4o: J. V. Foot- ball, '41: Varsity Footbatl, ,42. BROVO, CARROLL Academic: Graduated in 322 years: Member of Quill and Scroll: Bloclr NSU: Received HB" Bloclc, .I. V. Blorlc, Var- sity Bloclr, Member of Football Team. Fall '40-'42: Student Ijolice, Spr. 'app Sport Editor "GaT". I. .Eff ' 528i el' : Top to bottom. Picture No. 1-Pauline Dclong. Bev. Frencti, Norma Sprague-"NVeIl, are you going or not???" Picture No. Q.-Inlazel Colliver. Sandy Sanderson, and Peter Zeiter jivin' at ttiat usensationat Blue Er Wbite Dance. Picture No. 5-Hxrvliatclia loolcin' for?" 1 BOREN, I'IE.LEN Academic: Ilonor Scbolarsliip 6 semest- tcrs: Quill and Scroll. Fall '4'.z: 12A Secretary, Fall 212: Secretary Round Table Club. Spring '42: Pres. Social Service Club, 212: Cat Business Mrrn- agcr, Spring '42: Representative at Girlls League Conference, Fall '42: CirI's League Advisory Board, Fall ':12. BRAVO, LAVERNE 11I3 Class Pres., '41: Quill and Scroll. Spring ,422 Secretary Girls League, Fall .1111 Commissioner ol' Publications, Fall 212: Associate Editor Guard and Taclde, Spring ,421 Editor, Fall '42: Co-autlior Senior Pday ,431 Rally Committee, Spring '42, BROWN, DONALD Academic: Vice-President 12B Class, Spring '42: Rally Committee. Fall '42: Student Control, Fall 242: Student Po- Iice, Spring ,425 Varsity Football, Fall '4'.z: Traclc, Spring '41-42: Member of Solomenslcfs Pliilliarrnonic Orcliestra. BROWN. IVIARY Academic: Graduated in Syl years: At- tended Visalia Irligb Union, Visalia, California. BURNS. RICHARD Academic: I'Ionor ScI1oIarsI1ip 7 Se- mesters: President IIA Class: President Latin Club, Fall '41: Secretary Irlonor Scliolarsliip, Fall 111: President Quill and Scroll, Spring '42: Editor ot' tI1e Guard and Taclde in Spring '49.: Rally Committee, Spring '42, Fall 41: Student Control, Fall '41 to Spring 'qzz I"Icad Student Police. Spring 42: Copy Editor ol' tI1e Guard and Taclde, Fall 42: Feature Editor of tbe Guard and Taclde in Spring '4D.: First Band 5 years, in Fatt '41 Sergeant: Member of Sotomenslzfs Pliilbamionic Orcliestraz 1st Prize U. S. I'Iistory Con- test, Spring '41: Master of Ceremonies .lunior .Iinx, Spring '41: Cllairman Key Drive, Fall 112: Co-autbor of tI1e Sen- ior Play "Graveyard Sliiftn. Fatt 142: Commencement Spealrer. CAPPS, LES Academic: Varsity Football: First Band, Spring and Fall 211. CARLSON, RUTH Academic: Vice-President .Iunior Music Club, Spring '49.: First Orcliestra, Fall '40, Spring '49.. CASSIDY, CATHERINE Commercial: I'Iigl1 Stoppers, Spring '4o: Fatt '41: Received Penmansliip Certi- ticate. UUTSTANUI E SE IDRS CI IESEBROUGII, PHIL Academic: First Band, Spring '40, I:aII 42. CI-IRISLU, MARGARET Academic: Honor ScI1oIarsIiip Q. Semes- lcrs: Art Editor of the Guard and 'I'acIrIe. I7aII '42: ist and and Prize, Mc- Kee Art Contest, .412 ist Prize in Drawing and Graft Work in McKee Art Contest, '42. CORREN, IRVING Academic: Graduated in 5M yenrs: Honor ScI1oIarship 1 Semester: HA President, FnII '41: Chairman of Rally Committee, FaII '42: Student Controi, FaII '41 and '42: Conductor of S010- mcnsIrl's Philharmonic Orchestra. CRAW, SHIRLEY Academic: GirIs' League President, I7aII '42: Senior Rep. in "Miss Stockton High Contestu: Runner-up in "Miss Stockton High Contest". CRAYCROFT, VVALLACE Academic: Graduated in 55W years: Meniher of First Band, Fail '42: At- tended Arcata High ScI1ooI. '59: At- tended Eureka High, '40-'41, DAVIS, JUNE Academic: Secretary Pan-PaciIIc CIuIv. FIJII '4u. DEETS. BARBARA Academic: Vice-President Tri-Y CIUIJ. Spring '42, DE GANNA, VICTOR Vocutionuig "B" F0otI.mII. 1940. FONG. SOO KEUNG' Academic: Graduated in 5M years. FRASER. SHIRLEY Academic: Graduated in 5Vz years. FREITAS, ROBERT Academic: Secretary BIocIr "S" Society. Spring '4o. FRENCH. BEVERLY Academic: Vice-President QuiII and Scroii, Spring '42: Secretary Pan-Pacific. Fall '4:z: Vice-President Social Service. Fall '42: Secretary GirIs' League, Spring '40: Girls' Student Control, Spring '42 and Fall '42: Chntmmn Program Gom- mittee GirIs' League, Spring '42: News Editor G. A. T.. Spring. '4:2.: Associate Editor, Fall 742. W TN L -.7..,.E,.,.- . 5. ..,., .K ,I j- ,,".:', 4. ,i..i, Ig:-. .,x IIwg.,-:LL.if.I.1','3tE5:3I.S11r'f','i'--1 Ie I i'f3!fLSQ "'I"' 1, I ,,,, . . , ,I 5 . I fd, ,.-gs Picture No. 1-John I,.eury--Basicetiaaii pIayerf-I'Ie's in the Army nowi Picture No. 2-Fatt oIIIcors of Tri-Y-Pres., Em. Van Dyke: B. J. Potter, Sergeant-at-Arms: Sec.. Maggie Shepiterd--AII Iooic SOOOO happy. M. Yost. Vice-Pres., was absent again. Picture No. 5-Oiaservc woII this picture. It is a foot- IonII action shot which maires it rare, indeed. PEBHU HY GIOVANNONI, MALFY Commerciai: Representative Spanish Club, Spring ,412 Received Penmanship Certiiicate. GIUFFRA, BEVERLY Commerciaig Honor ScI1oIarship 5 Se- mesters: High Stoppers, Spring ,4O. FaII '4I. GODINEZ. SALLY Academic: Graduated in 5V2 years. GORIVILEY, BARBARA l Academic: Graduated in 3V2 years: At- tended Ripon High, Faii '59, Spring '4O. GOWER. DAN Academic: BasIcetIiaII in ,412 BIOcIc "S", i422 Attended Sacramento High, Spring 59. FaII '59: Attended Chico High, Spring I4O. GUZIVIAN, ANGELO Vocationai: Track Award 5 years: At- tended Edison High 6 months. HALL, IVIILDRED Academic: Reporter Ski CILIIJ, '42: Re- porter Guard and Tacide, Spring '4z: Giris' League Advisory Board, Fail 41. I-IARIVION, ELIZABETH Academic: Student Controi Fall, ,421 Attended Los Gatos High, Fall 40 and Spring '4l. HARRIS. ANITA Academic: Honor Schoiarship 4 Semes- ters: Secretary-Treasurer Social Service Ciuh, FaII '42: Trouiaadours, FaII ,411 FaII ,42. I-IAWKINSON, WENDELL Academic: Custodian, FaII 159, Spring '40: Staff of BIue and White, FaII ,412 Troutuadours. Spring '4i. HELLER. JOHN Academic: Troubadours, Spring '42, HIGBY. RUSSEL Academic: Member of Block "S" So- ciety. HOLMES. BEVERLY JEAN Academic: Graduated in 55 years: Sec- retary 11B Ciass, FaII '4o: Vice-Presb dent 11A Ciass, Spring '42. I I I I ,,.h UUTSTANDI HOLMES. NEAL Academic: Member of Block "S" So- ciety: HJ. V." Football: Varsity Foot- ball: Troulnaclours, Spring 142, Eall '42. JOHNSON. CARLE Academic: First Orcliestra, Spring '40 to Spring ,42. KASSEL, LISA Acaclemic: Graduated in 5k years. KEDDIE, NOBLE DAN Acaclemic: Gradualecl in Syl' years: Honor Scliolarsliip 1 Semester. KIDD. ROBERT Acaclemic: Quill ancl Scroll, Spring and Fall '42: Varsity Football, Fall '49.: Sports Editor of the Gat, Spring '42. KLEIN, CI-IARLOTTE Acaclemic: Trouloaclours. KLINGER. BOB Academic: Commissioner of Welfare. Fall '42: Varsity Baslcetlmall. '41 and 41. KRAGEN, BARBARA Acaclemic: Treasurer Panrlnacilic. Spring '42l l'li-Steppers, Fall '40, ,411 Attencletl Oakland .Iunior l'l. S., Spring 39. KREUDER. BEATRICE Commercial: l'li-Stoppers, Spring Qin: Fall '.11. LAGORIO, GLORIA Commercial: Graduated in 5V2 years. LEARY, .IOIIN Commercial: Block Bee Baslfelballz Blocl: "S" Varsity Football. LE CLERT, ARTHUR Commercial: Honor Scliolarslaip 3 Se- mesters: Student Control, Fall '42: 111B Secretary, Spring '42: Comm. of Qrganr izations, Fall '42. LEFFLER, IVIELVA Academic: Honor Scliolarsliip 9. Semes- ters: Quill and Scroll 4 Semesters: Guarcl and Tackle, Spring '42: 11B Secretary, Fall '41: Commission Rec- ords, Fall '42: Won G. A. A. Baslcel- ball: Won G. A. A. Baseball Sliielclg Playcralters, Spring '41, Fall '42: Cast Paris Review. G SE IUB5 Picture No. I-l3Cl.0l'C I-ofli Game. Picture No. 1-Alter l.ocli Game. Picture Nu. 5-Tliis is plmtograplii-r, XV. ID. lx'lorrIll4s one anil only arlinn Sl'l0l'-gtllill, liuli? FEBHU BY LUBKEMEN, BILL Vocational: Circulation Manager ol Gal. Spring '41 to Fall liz. 1 MAR-CI-IAN, EVEIJYN Commercial: President Cliinese Cluln. MIIIRKY, ROBERTA Commercial: Cvracluatecl in 3Vz years, IVIORENZONE. PIIYLLIS Commercial: Gracluateil in 5V2 years. I I IVIOYA, MARINA Commercial: Slurlent Control. Fall 'qzz Altenclecl Riclimond Union I'Iigl1 Sclmool, Spring '4'1. IVICAIDAIVIS. EDVVARD Coninic-rc'iaI: First Ijzanrl, Spring '40 to Spring '42, IVIACIAS, ESPERANZA Commercial: Cltl Englisli "S" 5 Semes- ters: Ijresiclent Las Amapolas, Spring 'alll Secretary Amapolas. I'aIl '4o. I IVIARKI'IAIN'I, GEORGE Acarlemic: Presiilent Cliristian Students' Lunclieon Club. Fall '.41: Presiclent Hi-Y, I-'all 112: "B" lfootlnall. '39-240: l1I'0lIlJiltl1ILlI'5, Spring. Fall '41 IVIARSI I. FLOSSIE IVIAE Conirnr-rcial. Sturlenl Control, Fall I42. OLIVARES, I-'RANGES Commercial: Oltl Englisli 5 Semes- ters: Secretary Italian Clulv, Spring '42. POOL, BARBARA A4'a1lcmicf3 Graclualonl in gk years. ROVVE, EDITH Al'iltll'IIIlf'I 'llmulmrlours 6-11 to Fall l-12. SCRIBNER, IRIS Academic: Honor Scliolarsliip 5 Semes- ters: Quill and Scroll, Spring '41 lo Fall liz: Comm. of Organizations. Spring '42: Clulv Ecliior Guarcl ancl Taclcle, Spring '4o: Associate Eclitor Guard anrl rllaclcle. FnII 212: Com- mencement Spealzer. Spring '45. UUTSTANUING SE IDRS SIIEPARD, JACK Acudrfrnicp Mcnzic Corin-z Awards SI IEPI IER D, TOM Academic: Honor Srlrolarsliip Q yr-urs: Quill and Scroll, Spring 111: Prcsirlcrll 11A Class: Vice-President mtl Class: Boys' Scicrnvv Cluli Pres., Spring, Full 'fill Vice-Pri-sitlorit Honor Scliolnrsliip. Spring 212: Assistant Sports Editor Guard and Tuclrlc. Spring '.l9.: Stall' Rllltfiillftf, Fall .11 and tfnll '41, SMITII. QSENERVA Acmlrrinicg Graduated 5V2 years. SOMERS, ANI'I'A Avadcrimirz Tennis Award: Prize in Cali- fornia History Conti-sl. SPALDING, DOROTIIY Commercial: Graduated 5W years. SPANIEI .. BARBARA Commercial: Graduated 5VL1 yours: Atv tended St. Bone-dict's Academy, lfsic. Pa., 'jgg Sacred Heart Academy, x'VHSll., D. C., 'qog Central Higli Scliool, Wfasli., D. C., '41, S'I'ENVAR'I'. DON R. Academic: Atluridrrd Meiilo Iligli '.ll and 212. ZSTRAND, l"I.O Academic: Secretary Quill und Scroll, Spring '42: Viccaljresidcnt Tennis Chili. Spring, 42: Coinrn. ol. Records, I-'ati Q12: Student Control. Spring '.I'J.1 Girls Sports Editor Gal, Spring 112. 'I'I IOMAS, AVERII. Acadrrmicg Second Band, Spring '3n: First Band, Fall .39 to Fall 212. 'l'ODRIiSlC, l5E'l4'l'E LOU Acridcmieg Graduate-it in jyl yours. 'I'OMI.ISON. MARVIN Academic: Adv. Orcli.. Fall 'juz Spring '40 to Fall ol' '41 in First ltnnd: Spring '39 l.incoln lliglr, liincoln, Nivlmrnslza, TOXVLE, AI...I5ER'l' Academic: Graduated in 5V2 years: Soc- ond Band, Spring '59 to Spring '4o: First Band, Spring '40 lo Fall ..1l. TRAC! IIOTIS. DOROTI IY Acudc-niic: Graduated in 5Vz years. Picture No. I'-Slit!! York playing a tcensorodl ma' C une- lU'S in .10 av 7 TIOXV l ' l Il N 3 l c men in wltitofl Picture No. 2-'Hiis toolr place in a play production class. Qur onl' question is "NVl1cre are ilu- PEBRU HY TRENKLE, EDWARD Academic: Graduated in 5V2 years: At- tended Mountain View Higli, Mountain View, California. VUKOVICH, BILL Vocational: Graduated in 5V2 years: "Hero" ol' tlie Vocational Department Motion Picturefopportunities Limited." VAN DYKE, EMMA JEAN Academic: Quill and Scroll: Historian of Playcrafters: Secretary Student Con- trol, Spring '42I Secretary Girls' League. Fall 112: President Tri-Y, Fall '42: Ex- ecutive Committee Round Table Club. Fall ,422 Secretary Social Service, Fall '41, Spring '49.: President of Girls' League, Spring .421 First Vice-President of Student Body, Fall 142: Guard and Tactile Column Editor, Spring '42: Re- porter, Fall 41 and Spring '42: Cast of "Paris Revueu. and "Nc-:igl1lJors". VALTIERRA, JOSEPH Vocational, Graduated in 5 years. Playa ed on Junior Varsity, Fall '40 and Fall 41. WENSKE, LOIS Commercial: Graduated in 3W years. Honor scholarship 2 Semesters. 'WALLIS ARLENE Academic, Graduated in 3V2 years: Old English NVINKLE, BERNARD Academic, Graduated in 5W years: At- tended Manteca Union Higli Scliool, Spring and Fall '39-'4o: Mountain View Union Higli, Fall '41, Mountain View, California. VVONG. MABEI, Academic: Graduated in 522 years: Honor Sclwolarsliip 7 Semesters: Receiv- ed Gold Seal. VVONG, WARREN Academic: Swimming Team Award. NVATSON, VJESLEY Football: First and Second Year Awards in Traclt: Mcnze Gomez Award: Two Second Place Awards. VVATSON. JIM Academic: Graduated in 3V2 years. ZEITER, PETER Academic: Portrayed "Heel Hitler" at Grant Rally. Here are tile Senzbrf ! LIU E GRADUATES SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS MAXINE FAIGHT Secretary VICTOR LYONS Vice-President BARBARA STEPHENS Prcsiclcni. The eight outstaniling Seniors Cho hy Mr. EIIis. VVILBUR LENZ JANET GALLAGHER MARY VIRGINIA POND KING WONG HERB VANDERVOORT CARYL JANE JULIUS BILL SHADLEY BEVERLY BART!-I BuhhIing Iaughter, girIs in IoveIy dresses -yes the seniors hacI their Iast Hing at the prom. The graduates gayIy recaIIecI the time they dared to cut ancI face the Attendance Otiice, the frightening first cIay in Stockton High SchooI, the pre-War trips on foothaII speciaIs, crowcIecI Friday noon dances: hut these activities and the wiIcI dash to the dog house hetween cIasses, the aching aII over from commando tactics, the tomato picking with the vvhoIe gang, and the worries ahout that Latin or Physics test are aII overI Great things are ex- pected from this cIass of June, 1943. Vxfith such shining Iights as Janet GaI- Iagher, BeverIy Barth, and Mary Virginia Pond, aII unsurpassed in schoIarship: musicians, CIara IVIae GiIIcy and XKVBYDS IVIorriIIg journaIist, Herh Vanciervoortg popuIar and earnest prexy, Bch Guernsey: aII around sport, Tim IVIinahen: and Dorothy Toothacre, active in girIs' sports make the June cIass an out- standing one. The cIass is cIottecI with coIorIuI Iigures as Tony Esenaro, Bar- hara Jean Potter, Betty Hanson, Owen Chain, and many others who make the cIass an unforgettahIe one. -26- SHEARL ABOUD MARIANNE AHEARN JEAN I I I I I , 53 1 f ls IIN 1:5 I I I r A 7.1-In I JIM BAILEY W WALTER BANKS 4.7 qfvs LI- f fl WINIFRED ANDREWS W ANASTASIO BANTILLO V xfw I 5'-3 0 R I If' ' I' av. ' I 4 . I . v X V aa. H 1 A A 'Q :I IRENE BECKER RICHARD BEERMAN CLYDE BELEW +I JUNE BENNINGY F Q' I ,I, LAVERNE ARATA 1? Yi .- , kanji,-lv, . in .X , FRANCES BARKMAN 5 ,. I. ff LEW WALLACE BERGSTROM ,aff- xr V 'sg V' I A 'N' 5 , g 53 i JEAN MARIE ARNOLD ARTHUR AULWURM + T.. - ,Q 'I' fl I BEVERLY BARTH ALBERT BAROSSO , I . 5 I :- '51 A L. ' I v' E' .N 5 , 'f' " a I --- r Y flu RUTH BERNOUDE EUGENE BERTRAM " """"" I " TW I - I I, f" .. x ' . L' , .f. S:-nl: PEGGY BLUMENTHAL LAURA BELLE WILMA BOLLWINKEL HENRY BOOKSIN LESLIE BOWEN AUSTIN BRAND Siu. - Q u y " I mica 3' QL Q. A Lx. FRANCES BRAUN noe-qfmo gs. p-L ' 63.-E? any I mix' JSM. ' NELLIE BRITTON JIM BRODERICK , , I ,fs ..-A. aj, X :V I J . A A HAROLD BUCK I . SEI I.-A -,J MARY fm GLORIA BRASSESCO , If A , L f I Qvf I E I 'P ' ' 2-1 . f I GRAHAME BROWNING ROBERT BRUCE GLENN BRUNDAGE A 1' ' .I I I ff, ' I fa 1' I ' , ' ' E: , I. l ,A I . I f- wifi-.ff IQ IIIE: I If QD' KILL -. 'rl :Z I EARL BURDICK WILLIAM BURTON BILL BYROADS ANGELINA CALCAGNO RAYMOND CAMERA 53 aty- JACK CANOTE ANITA CASAZZA EDWIN CERVI 1 OWEN CHAIN MARIAN CHINCHIOLO' EDDIE CHOY 1 JUNE CHRISTENSEN TOM CHRISTENSEN , 1 I , l is E' in ' ,1"i1."' 1 -'a 1 'i:T.wf4'y BETTY COLOMBINI , rig L 8. A GEORGE CUNNINGHA GLO - CLARK MARLA DiCKlNSON L E - .:-uf, .. 1 . if gg- 7'ii:?f' 1 f ff M , l Y L- . ' ' Lx? Ll ' 'sf f '- fffirzv I I ' ' ' A O . O if 'N-,lm O X5 If ,Y , L 1 ,Lx LO -. '-, gi 3.4. O OOO A " .MQA it .O Y L YAY! Q CARMELITA CLARK VAYLE CLARK ' BUSTER CLEMENT5 MARABEL CLEMENTS MARGARET COBLE EARLE COLLINS is ' W. I ' A :gs Q an ' -is - ' , I ' '- . ' ,,:, O ' ,. Q ' ' .'-ix t , Y 5221-7 ' 1 - Gif.-' - E v' '- -' L E L N L -E . . E , OO .. -O i i .- SHELIA CONROY DOROTHY MAE COOK ROBERT COOPER LUCILE COTTON MAURICE CRAWFORD ELINOR CUM 175 Y , Q E P O Q, . in O sh :E V.: ,Q K I ,Y VOA . 5 Wt, . ' 4. ,, . I lv. v - if - . . , L., ,f 1 ' L','.f, ., B ' Y. V O ivy,--f-Q1 .L Q in ,.. Pg X ., 'L' O OOC OO O 1' L EULA CURTIS MARY LOUQSE DAGS GERRIE DELUCCHI JOHNNIE DEMATTEI DARRHL DENTONI ' f 'E EEE ' E ' ' E . 113.3 5. ,OX ' ., -O L O AO-its PBX ' v I ' Lg f G G Q f, Y ,wx fO - -"' X L :A - G, . 5 J - -A Y - ' Y ' ?il'iL-, - XZ. Y G E LL!- DORIS DICKSON JOHN ERICKSON G v cf, --5 - DAVID FERGUSON -A f NU :avg W W' W Qiif' E ' ffm. , . , E: X A E IO GLENDORA FOWLESE JOHN DINUBILO Cyil fi :bfi J . EL?l Ex: 'xr O MARILYN DINUBILO ,115-EI -E-G - - -- - MARJORIE DITHRIDGE RICHARD DOANE JOE ECHANDI TONY ESENARRO PAT EVANS MAXINE FAIGHT JOYCE FARNHAM ANNABELLE FASSETT Q -rn CAROLYN JANE EPROSEN BERYL FAYETTE - -. . .rag 'O O- ' E,l3LfLL'!A O, 4 . O ft I L F45 Lili? '-' , S 'f QF? ,O 'L 31 . Y LEUA EERQQRO' RAYMQND FIGONE FLOYD FIRENZE MYRLTA FLEMING DORISEDNA FORSLUND CRAIG pouuqgg , V A " if Q' ' E . 'A L f' I .g - E' , "5 . ' L " . , ? A E 5 Y fxgx E fu,Y,r1yfL ' ' QL EY E O ' - KO- , ,L LUPE FRANCO O PEGGY ERONEFIELD JANET GALLAGHER EARL GARCIA NOLA GARRISON MARILYN GEBHARDT 4 . GIANEU-1 - CARLEEN GIGLIO I 1 I R n II NORMA GONZALES YVONNE GCTELLI ZADA GILLESPIE JULIA GRIDER BETTY GRIFFING N44 CLARAMAE Q-ILKEY ' "W W I I 'FZ ,9 , II ' .' 5"-1.1 WANDA BRIGGS VIRGINIA GRINER CARROLL GRUNSKY BOB GUERNSEY ELEANOR HALEY ALLISON HALL ALICE HAMEL N Vzm . -, .4 "-2" I ' ' Llp , -I I I " W ,fl II I , 1 Ni- , I L' "I V JEAN HANK5 FRANCES HANSEN ETTY HANSON ANADYNE HARDY RUBY HARMON JU E GPI UL TES 1943 In lIw Springtime il young man's Iancy . . . II'm gning Io IQII Marla, 'I'imI. I 'fi I VJr'. i' ' . R A S5 I . ' - N 4 ,Q 3. ,- ' -fn? I 53 ,.,'-V." f A 'I f ve I f. .4 If I I -.ff I 4- I l if . I I . I Ag ' A I 1 IW f'.-'nf' f I f 5- DAVID HAYDEN wnuaun HENNING uz HICKINBOTHAM JACK HILL rome Houses JACK HODGMAN TS W :J , 33 A 5 I Q I A r I I If , .L I ! A W 57 A . ,L L MARILYN HOLDEN MARY HOLM PETER HOLT MARGARET HOOPER I I gi I I fr 1 I A X II 355 FRANK JEANS JUNE JENSEN WENDELL JOHNSON FRANCIS JONES FH I . , -,,- e, I I I IRVING KAISER 'E LeFARGUE EVELYN LAGORIO JOHN LAMB 15:9 J' g X1 .AL CAROLYN LEASE WILBUR LENZ JACK LeROND CORINNE LETCHER I QI 0 Q 132 I ' RITA HOPKINS TIM JOY C' NIGHT KELLY EUGENE KETCHUM BOB KIMBERLING THELMA KINSLOW ROBERT LAMB JERRY LANGAN EP' A. II, lx FRANCES HUNTER I" V4 I '- 1 . I 5- I L L I CARYL JANE JULIUS II' MAXINE KRIES MADELINE LAPEYRI ,,..-- 'ae' fc 141 JACK LEWIS MARJORIE LEWIS ax 1 -5 ERNESTINE HOIT I Ii I I A. . 4 ERNEST JACKSON ALAN KAHN va uf I BETTY KUECHLER ANNABELLE LEA 4-1' ani' ROBERT LINCOLN I Y' . ...- V an W, 'I b I I G I I . J I U - 'f J ' IQ. r . i ,EI 1 IA I -,g3gE,.IE.W E E I1 'I E I Y V H--A A I 4 I I I ' 1 ' 'F Q .L I I ' , 'I if ra, ' 9 V- ft I 0 I ,-ny, - I 4, ni. is . A' :fx . , ' J I' ff? W , q..N Q Aff? Y X' If . F3 ' ' I I -gg gl, I aw" III.. J,, I f I I I I fm 4 - 5,4 I I ' UQ' - I ' - .I A fp- I Q I X ' I I, f I q M ,th - - I va. xl I - H- ' . ' .I VG' ,- I 'Ii' ,. 1 V , J I J" ZETTA LETTLE CATHERINE LABROVICH JOHN LOCKHART SHIRLEY I-OOSER LOVELLE LOPEZ RUBY LOW V BETTYVJANE LOWE l l "' KY s '11, ' , . A BERRIE LUNDQUIST VICTOR- LYONS SCOTT McALLISTER G- McCAFFREY JUNIOR McC!AULEY IVY McCOLL PETER Mccunov now MQHUGH MARILYN MQQDONALD MADDOX JOAQUIN MADRID ALBERT MAH DANIEL MAH LEONA MAHL Mennu. MANsoN T BETTY MANTHEY STEPHEN MAR BEVERLY MASON DEAN MAY RUTH MAYQ ANPIR MAY MAZZERA I UN GH DLT TES 19 4 3 llcr name if ll. ,l. "always musl ln- rlillorc-r1l" Pollcr. aml slw clocs things lilac llmt all ilu: limo! I, xi f ' , I IL ' '3r .PHIL-I :TI . .-.1 1 I ' MABEL MAZZETTA BARBARA MEDLIN JANE MELTON x s 1 'MTL' I Q 1 .- A W -T ,I BILL MORIAS MARJORIE MORAVEK BERTHA MORENO ,' f-2 LLL A 1' 7.1 I I X CARMQEN MULLINEAUX ' HELEN NG I sn.vuo NICORA INR I - V., 1' .. ' -- 1' ' . fi ,V F I ' g . , , ' Ya Q ' I ' I , I' , . ' N" 'C' ..-1 J:-1' . f I . , It , , , L 1 X , I I- - .-'l 0 ' 1 1. e :N . Igg A, if an I W up I -6. is Q MILDRED MELTON MALCOLM MINAHEN rf:- Q nw- -I '9 , L -,4... 5. . .2 WAYNE MORRILL ROBERJ' MORRIS .vi 'FX T' RUTH OBERST BRUCE ODELBERG ROY ORSOLI ADEEN OSGOOD EUNICE OSTERGARD JEANNETTE OTTO FRANCES PALERMO 323 I 'Y' L DORIS PETTEY MARY VIRGINIA POND N BARBARA POTTER I NX' KL- . 'SPI' is -..--..Y I .... MJT.. In , I -gr , I . I I in I FLORENCE PRATO BARBARA OUEIROLO exam- L : I , I 'I .NIJ .AQLGE I ' 45 .., : , ,: -r 1 ,V 1 X V GORDON RAMSEY BILL RATHKE GEORGE REIMCHE MONTYNE RENSBERGER BARBARA REYNOLDS A . 'E' U BJ, , 1 I '.::Q11! ,:'a I IM ..LT 1 JA ROSE MINIACI AI-ICE MOODY ELEANOR MORRISON JEANETTE MORRISOE I I 3' 5? I ' l,.X I I V gl:-7' riff .- 7 II L f fvrmf ROBERT O'NEIL JEAN ORCUTT 3 P I ELAINE PANTELIOS WANDA I I ag sf' , -.31 r 4 If, , I PAUL OUYLE GORDON C357 -vg- IT K 3 , L 'v LL I 3" MARY ROBERTS JACQUELINE 9 , RUTH ROEK DORIS RQGERS JAMES ROSS! FRED RU550 ' JEAN RYLAND MARY SACCONE JUANITA HILDA SCABHIOLO HENRY W JU E I EH BYTES scHuNK esonee scHNe1peR PRESLEY SCHULER :I Q 4 3 BILL SHADLEY . AUDREY SHOCKEY BRUNO SIMI A E NE SMITH LeROY SMITH BOB SOARES NORMA SPRAGUE KATHERINE som DICK SPENCER DAVID VERNA STANLEY I Lf STEMLER BARBARA STEPHENS EVELYN STEPHENS V IIOIJ CIFLIIC ICEIIIS OH I,OC'?lI I:l'I'IC'C' anrI 5ilI'T'IpIES Z1 DUQ IIousc spcc:iaI IMr'I10fiIc" slripcs on sIc:cvcs- rnlcs IxigI1 in lIorIr5rn Dancing c'IassI. , V! R I -in mn., - 7 E- , . . s' I ' -1. 1- I i' I I Q E- 3 3 ' 1 1 To-A.g"1. I -1 , f.-- .I - .. I I .-C ... I 5, "re - , f V -, ,f 'fhffl 'I 1 'I . '1l.-irzi ii ,K TI, I I .af-M' - A f I , 'T .1 if Mia I a1.g5f:Z:Z 41. , A if lu' I I If To IL M DOROTHY STIER BERNICE STORER BETTY TEICHMAN 4 SILL IHOM SON SEVERA TIRAPELLE DOROTHY TOOTHACRE VIRGINIA TRAHE , - Z A , I I -,fx V I . 1 ' k ' Y , ' rw - P I Q- A, , T ,ie "' X u ' 3 , V .1 I J U x A 7 :V Y i s I I r. ,T A " ' M -ae? Eg Vi A ml .X I' QA i f' b w i 1,1 ' ' . 5 7443, . , I ,.. 'ff' ,mx I X , , . ff ., , ' 11-ff'-' -L, l.9l-,,EgDA. AJQL- X .- ,T 3 .L , T- ..""" , -,. 'I ' f ' T ,Bl-AINE TRAUBE LUCILLE TURNER JACK TURPIN ELAINE TYNDALL WAVALEA UNDERWOOD DOLORES URIARTE X FRANCES VANDERK I V I' fy -.T 1 -, 70' 1 'ITIS 'T 1' HERBERT VANDERVOORT LOIS WATSON JOAN WELTON PAT WERLE BOB WHEELER ROBERT WITTINGTON DQROTHY WILBU I I T' f 'L fy 'Tx 6 -I5 gpg I - T If 1 Q ' ' - ,1 M, , , . Wx,-1 . I A fl 'J' il ' FRANK WILKINSON ROBERT WILLIAMS THOMAS WILLIAMSON MELVIN WILSON NORMA WILSON EILEEN WINCHELL HELENA WOELFEl 4,5 BETTY WOMBI-E HAZEL WONG HERBERT WONG KING WONG LILY WONG ROBERT WOODS QI- - I .f IIf ' I s JACK YEAKEY , I 3 T MARGARET YOST HOWARD YOUNG PETER YROZ ISAAC ZARATE ROBERT zlexe EDITH JUNE GRADUATES NOT PICTURED JUNE GRADUATES Menon Baker vema simon I ,T . -'mes Lew . Edward Ba+l1urs'r Rober+ Globus In al I Scan Hi-.LEWIS Ainsley Bosfon, Jr. Wanda Gorham V' XXX E0 en Mn TY George Edward Briggs Arfhur Hampfon 1 " Hugfne N TC erman Lesler Covell Jeane Hicks ar an e sfm 1 George Oqnno Jacl: Cruz Delberf Daniels Wong Hong S+anley Kennedy Lucille Ruff Twila Valerio Arlene Dou1l1i'l' Howard Lealey El+on Flefcher CARROLL sRAvo MABEL worse ROBERT BAILEY F NOT PICTURED Myrlle Vefier Nick Volpi Jaclr Webs+er Lorin Whi+e Jimmie Wolf Belfy Woodruff Jack Woods Wendell Eggleslon .I JU E GRADUATES 4 1 9 it 3 tyf . .Q Jaclc Le Rond. Wlliddlcxvinla Champion'. poses as a typical athlete! AHEARN. MARIANNE Academic: :QB Vice-Pres. , Fall 242. ANDREOTTI, SUSAN Commercial: Graduated in 52 years. ARATA, LAVERNE Commercial: llonor Scholarship 2 Sem.: received Gold Medal in ltalian. ARNOLD, JEAN MARIE Academic: Honor Scholarship x Sem.: 12B Pos., Fall '42: Bus. Manager on Blue 5 VVhite, Spr. '42 to ,451 Mem- lmer ol' Student Control Spr. '4CZ. AULVVURM, ARTHUR Academic: ist Orchestra Spr. 141345. AVERY, JEAN Academic: Cvat reporter. Fall '41: Pian- ist Girls' Glee. Fall '4if4Cz. BAKER, MILTON Second Band '41: Attended Taton High. Talon. Calif., in 140. BANKS. XVALTER Academic: United States Air Corps Reserve. BANTILLO, ANASTASIO Academic: Graduated in 5M years, HARKMAN. FRANCES Academic: Troulnadours, Fall '42, BAROSSO, ALBERT Commercial: J. V. Bloclc "SU BATHURST, EDWARD Academic: nGat" photographer '42-'43: Blue S- White photographer '42-'45: United States Anny. BARTI-I. BEVERLY ' Academic: Honor Scholarship 5 Sem.: Quill anad Scroll'Spr. '42: Column Editor of Cvat. Fall '42-SPY. '45: Asso. Edlior Cul: Edition, Spr. '42: Cast of "Solemn Pride". I43: First prize in city- wide divsion of National Essay contest. Spr. ,411 Delegate for Girls' State, Spr. '42: Delegate C.S.F, convention, Spr. ,421 Senior play committee, Spr. '43. BECKER, IRENE Academic: Graduated in 5M years. BENNING, JUNE CECIUA Academic: Attended Grant Union High School, North Sacramento. Calif. '39-'4i: Attended Mission High School. San Francisco. Calif., '41-'42. I BERGSTROM, LEW , A. Academic: First Sand, Fatt '39 to Spr. 42. BERNOUDI, RUTH Academic: Attended San Juan High School, Sacramento, Calif. BLUlVlENTl'lAL, PEGGY Academic: Attended Southwest High School, Kansas City. Mo. '40, BOLLNVINKEL. WILMA Academic: Graduated in 5M years. BONVEN, LES Academic: Second Band '39-'4o: First Band, Fall '40-Spr. '42: First Orchestra, Fall '4i: received a Stall Emhlem in Band with 2 hats. BRAND, AUSTIN Academic: memher of Student Control, Fall '42. UUTSTANDI BRAUN, FRANCES Academic: Attended Merced lligh School '59-'41, BRIGGS. EDVWXRD Academic: United States Navy BRITTON, NELLIE , Academic: Graduated in jf, years. BRODERICK. JIM Academic: Com. o.I Vifellare. Spr, 113: Troulnadours. Fall 245: Memher of Stud- ent Control, Spr. 213. BRQOKS. MARY Academic: Sec. 12B Class. ,422 Vice-Pres. of Tri-Y. Spr. ,432 Attended Modesto l'IigI1, Fatt '39-Fall '.1o: Sacra- mento High, Spr. '41: Memlaer of Stud- ent Control, Fall 112. BRQWNING. GRAHAIVIE Academic: lSt Orchestra, Spr. Q13: At- tended school at Portland, Oregon, '4o: Oakland High, Oaldand, Cal., '41: San Leandro High, San Leandro, Calif., 212. BUCK. HAL Academic: Attended Salinas High. Salinas, Calif., '59-'4o: Balcerslield I'IigI1. Balierslield. Calif, ,.:1U',.t1I1 Varsity Ilvloclc Traclc '43, BYROADS. BILL Academic: United States Marine Corps Reserve. CALCAGNO. ANGELINA Academic: Member of Second Band, Spr. 210: First Band. Fall 110-Spr. 215. CHRISTENSEN, JUNE Academic: Attended Lodi Union High, Lodi, Calif., Fall '59 to Spr. Q12. -CLARK. GLORIA Academic: Student Control, Spr. 212: Girls' League Program Committee. Fall 41. CLEIVIENTS. BUSTER Academic: Varsity Baslcetlzall Q yrs.: Attended Grant Union t-hgh School. Sacramento, Calif.. '59-210: United States Marine Corps Reserve. CLEIVIENTS. MARABEL Academic: Reporter Guard 69 Taelcle, Fall '41, Spr. 142. COLLINS. EARLE Academic: Graduated in 32 yrs.: Sec. Quad-C Hi-Y 211-'.12: Pres. Quad-C Hi-Y '.15: Pres. San Joaquin Hi-Y Council ,451 Stockton Delegate to 4th National Hi-Y Congress. Oxford, Ohio, ,432 lSfBEll'1Cl, Spr. '40-Spr. '4z. CONROY. St-IEILA Academic: Copy Editor Blue Er Wliite Fall 112-Spr. '43. COOPER, ROBERT Academic: United States Marine Corps: Attended Balrerslield High '40 at Bakers, Iield, Calif. G SE IDRS Top lo Imilom. 1, Diclc Ijoant' poses sI1yIy Igor our camera man. 1. Some of our "Glamour Girls" talm "time out" allur il Inoul with the tomato Doane, .,IacI4 I'IiII. and I5oIJ XfXf'iISOt'l, "Greens on the Grcc-r1'l at the Hlluy your Blue and Vtlliitel' raIIy. .1. Loading the lruclt to go lar. .I:1r, away into the tomato Iielrls. JU E COVEIJ., LES Acarlr-riiic: Ijootlzall Illock HIS" '.1o: yarsity I"ootIJaII L.-12: Plqracli IlIo'cIt Zlllb' ,111 shot put, Xdfhlly I5Ioc.It 41 112. Student Control, l-all ,12-bpr. 415. CUIQZ, JACK A.-.1114-1111t:: United States Army CUINIINIINCS, IZLINOR W IXt'iHlL'll1tl'1 Pres. Associated Negro Nud- ents. Spr. neil. CUNNINGI IAIVI, CEORGE1 Acadernic: Vice-Pres. Christian Stud- ents I.tIIIl'ItC0l'l Cluh '42, Q13. DAGS, MARY LOUISE fxU.?IlIt'ItttC2 Pres. 11I5 Class. I:aII '.,11: Yin--Ilros. Social Service Clulu. Spr. 212: Ilres, Social Service, Spr. 215: Rally Committee, Spr. 1.15: rllftitllltttlflttfi, I:aII '.11-Spf. 113: Cast of "lVlurder at the Country c.NIttlJ.H DENTONI. IDARRIII, A1'ademir': q,ll'?ltltIilIt?t'l in 3M yrS.: IIo11o1- Svliolarship 1 Sl.'i't1.I I5asI4etI,1aII 2-'. 'L Smrts Editor "Girl", Sir. 25: .I In I 1 , ,I ,I 'N-cowl Orcliestra, SDF. .1o, l'aII 111. I3ll'l'ttICK, ILONAIQD Academic: United Stair-s Ixlarine Corps lQl'St'i'Vl!jl I'rvs. Quail-C Ili-Y ,Spr. '.15: Serigeziiit-at-Arms Quad-C, Fall L12: CI1ar1111ionsI1i1'1 Innter-IVIuraI Baslcetlmall, I-'ntl '.11: I.r-tti-r in Baslcethall: Second I'1:1nsI, I:aII 110: I:irst Ilarid, Spr. 112. I-'att 111: 'lwravlt 'I'eam, Spf. Q15. DICKINSON, INIARLA fXi'Illll'ltllI'I Quill and Scroll, Spf. 't.1'1: Pres. 'I'ri-Y. Spr. 215: Reporter "Cat", Spf.. L11-Spr. '.1'3: IVIemI11-r of Student tfonlrol, I:aII 'i1'1. IJINUISILO, .IOIIN Vorntiorial: Illocli IN'IemIJer: Stud- 1-nt twontrol '.12-'.1'5: 1 I:ootIJaII IIIor'I: Attentled Ifdison Iliqh. '.13. IJINLIIBILO, MARILYN A:'a1Ie1ni1': Sec.-'I'reas. ol' 'I'ri-Y CIuI1, bpr. '43, I JI't'l IItII,JGIf, IVIAIUORIIQ .A.t'ittIl?TUtt'I Atlc-niIe1I Covina I'IigI1 School, Covina, Calif.. I:aII '59-Spf. '.11. IJOANE. IQIFI IARI3 Acailumic: United States'Corps Iles:-rvog Ix'ICtT1llt'i' ol I3IorIc S, I'aII '.11ASpr, 113: Vice-Pres. Illoclc Fall 11113 "Il" I:ootImII I5IorI4, I:aII '.11: Varsity Ifootlmall Illoclc, I:aII 211: First Orchestra 2 years: Mc-111IJer Student Control, I:aII l.1!.'SflI'. '.1'5. I'DOU'l't'lI'I', AIQLIENE Cornruercialg Attended Boise Iligli School. Boise, Idaho, Fall '.12. EPROSON, CAROLYN .IANIf Academic: I'Ionor Scliolarship. Fall UID.. ERICKSON. JOHN Ararlr-1'1'iic: Soc. Latin CI11I1: Irootlmall Illocli "Il", I"aII '.1r1: Student Control. Spr. 413. UUTSTZ-XNUI G SE IUHS . JU E lfSl'lNARNO. TONY Cfiiiinivrvinlp Two yrs. Varsity lfootlnall Full '.ll-'.l2. EVANS, PAT Af'arle1ni1": Attunclcfl Rirlirnond lligli llir-l11'111m1l, Calif. 1f.1xq1c311'1j. MAXINE 4 ' Acarloniivz bots. ol tlfx Llziss, Spf. .1f3Z blblltliffl' ol' Student Control, Spf. 145. I-'ARNI IAM. JOYCE Avail:-rriir: Atteriflurl lVlcNir111villo lligli Scliool. Mc'lX'linnvillL'. Ure., 'SQ-'41 t"AYti't"l't2. IBIERYL. llxcilfllfnlicf I'-,rf'F. rlllfllllt' hflusil' Clulb. I:illl '.1-1: 'l'roulm1lours. Spf. '41-'.1f5: Altonrl- cd Livermore Union tligli. lyall '50- Spf. '4o. FERGUSON. l.7AVlD Acrideriiicx Crnrlurilcrl in '5Vz yrs.: Vive- ljres. Quad-C lli-Y. lfnll 212: Vice-Pri-s. Sain .loziquiri lli-Y Council, Spf. 113: ist llnnrl. Fall '.IU4SIH'. '45. I'-'t3lttttiRO. l.ll.lA V Academic: Stull Typist "Cat", Spf. '.1lI lX'lu1l:1l in ltalinn, Spf. I.lI. l"lUUNIi. RAY Voczitionul: Allcrulvd lfrlison ttipli Scllool 113. tfl .li'l'Cl tljlt. Et .TON lxl'l'lll0I'lllt'i llonor St'lI0lilI'Sllil3 Meinlxer 1 S1-in.: ist lland '41-255: und Band '30-',log 5tl1 place in Culil. llisiory Con- lc-st. Spf. 211. l:UlQSl.UND. DORlSlflDNA A'1.'urlr-niiv: llmrior SClllllDl'Sl1lll 4 Sem. 11A S1-in: Viet-Al"rcs. Girls' Lefrglie l:OUl,.Kl.fS. CRAIG r'Xt'1lKll'l't'tlt'2 United States Meirine Corps Rest-rvrzp Round 'I'11l1la lfxevrilivo Cum- niiltce: llonor Scliolarsliip 1 S1-rn. l'4OXVl-lfR, Cl.lfNl'7ORA Arnflifrnicg 7tl1 place in Calif. llislory Contest. FRANCU, l.ttl'li Commercial: .l. V. lrootlmll l:RUNlfl:llfl.D. PEGGY Academic: Sl?I'."l'l'l?ilS, Tri-Y, SPF. 1.1.1. CvAl.l .Afjl ltitt, .lANlfl' Acadernic: Nlenilnrr llonor Scliolarslrip 7 Sum.: Round Talilc lixeculive Board. Spf. 7.122 Guard Sr Tncrlcle Bus. Mun,- ager. lfnll 212: Guard Er 'lvaclzle Stall. Spr.'42-Spr.'.15: Mcmlucr ll. and VV. Ad- visory Committee. GARRISON. NOLA Acadceniicz llonof Scliolarsliip 4 Sem.: Attended lpolyteclinic Higll. Fall '39- Spf. 'frog Attended Almrnliam l.llll'0lH lligli. San l'1I'IlIlClSCO, Calif., Fall '40- Full 142. GEBHARDT. MARHJYN Academic: Cast of "Solemn Pride". GIANELLI. ROSEMARY Academic: First Orcliestra, Fall '40- Spf. '41. I 1 t N I--if If P4-,M ,..f-A -1m"""i 'A V ' tl l ll l l l 1 1 l Top to lmlloni. 1. Trying to lm ai n1ajofclle?????- Quivls. sign liini upl 2. Bcliiml lliose music stands lurlcs Stanley Snndcrsonls Corn Band. 5. Left to riyfil. 'llic blur is "Ui-1-fry" Osgood witlr Bela Cooper. next is Hlvlziggic Slicpu witlr "VVliizzie" Lenz, Betty Griggs witli Arnolrl Sl'llilH1lJCt"S, and Gerrie De Lucclii willi Dial: Doane--All ut tlic Blue and Yvliite dance. GIGLIO. CARLEEN Commercial: Vice-Pres. Clrfistian Stud- ents' l,4LlHCllCOI't Cllllj, .4'2. GILKEY, CLARAMAE Academic: Sec. of Orchestra. Spf. 'qog lSt Band, Spf. '40-Fall '42: 1st Or- chestra, Spf. '40-,433 Solo Club, Fall '41-Spf. 115: Xvoodwind Quintet, Spf. ,aio-Fall '42: 1st Cliair Music Festival. Spf. ,411 Soloist at Turloclc Festival, Spf. '42. Gll..l1lSPlE, ZADA Academic: Attended Orleans Hi. Or- leans, Neluraslca, Fall '59-Fall '41. GLOBUS, ROBERT Academic: Attended San Bernardino Higli. San Bernardino, Calif. GONZALES, NORMA Academic: First Band. Spf. '40-Fall '45: Second Band Fall '5Q-SPF. ,4D. GORHAM, WANDA Academic: Attended Escalon Higli Scliool. Escalon. Calif. '59-'41 .LL YVONNE ulnadours. Fall '42-SPF. 43- GRIDER. JULIA Honor Scholarship 1 Sem.: Sec. .lunior Music Club, Fall '4o: Treas. Fall '4i: Executive Committee Round Talmle Cluln. Fall '42-Spf. ,455 Sec. F l Academic Girls' League. Fall '42: Commissioner 0 Records. Spf. 543: "Cat" Reporter, Fal 11 1-Spf. '42: Clula Editor Cvat. Fall '42- Spr. 45. CRWFING, BETTY Academic: Attended Mason City lrligli. Fall 'jog Clovis l'ligl'1, Clovis, Calif. Spf. '40-Spf. '42. GRUNSKY, CARROL Academic: United States Air Corps Re- serve: Blocl: Fall '42: Bloclc "S" in Football: Memlmer of Student Control. Spf. l45. GUERNSEY, BOB Academic: Executive Committee Round Talolc Cluli. Spf. '42-Fall '4Q: Student Body Pres.. Spf. 11.151 "Bee" Football, Fall '41: Block MBU: Student Control Spr. ,45. HAHN. LEONARD Vocational: Graduated in 5 years. HANDY, KEITH Academic: "Bee" ,Baslcetlaall Award 49-' 45- HANSEN. FRANCES Academic: Cast of "Solemn Pride". HARDY. NADYNE Academic: Attended Mfcclymancls Higli, Oakland, Calif. HARMON, RUBY Commercial: Attended Ripley Higli. Ripley, Olclalwoma, Fall '59. UUTSTANUI HAYDEN, DAVID Academic: United States Marine Air Corps Reserveg Sec. Latin Cluln, Spr. 40. HENNlNG, WILBUR Academic: Honor Scholarship Memher. Fall '42, HICKINBOTI-IAM, UZ Academic: Girls' Student Control. Fall '41: Rally Committee, Spr. 45. HIGHIET, SIDNEY Academicg Graduated in SVQ years. Hlll.. JACK Academic: Attended Sonora Union High, Sonora, Calif '39-'4o: Member of Student Control, Fall 42. HODGES, IONE Academic: Attended Polytechnic High. San Francisco, Calif., Fall '5Q to Fall '4o: Attended Vallejo High, Vallejo. Calif., Spr. '4t. HOLDEN, MARILYN Academic: Graduated in 'jV2 years. HOl..'l', PETER Academic: United States Marine Corps Reserve HONG, VVING Academic: United States Army HOOPER, MARGARET Academic: Awards in Baslretloall and Basehall JACKSON, ERNEST Academic: Attended Sonora Union High, Sonora, Calif.. '59-41. JEANS, FRANK Academic: Graduated in 322 years: RC- porter "Gat", Spr. 45. JOHNSON, NVENDELL Academic: Graduated in 5V2 yerars: Memher ot Student,Control, Eall 42- Spr. 43. JONES, FRANCIS Academic: J.V. Blocl: Football, Fall '41, JUUUS. CARYL JANE Academic: 11B Vice-Pres., Fall ,411 Sergeant at Arms, Social Service Club, Fall '42: Editor Blue and NVhite, Fall '42-Spr. '45: Blue and XfVhite Staff, lfall '41-Spr. '42: Student Control, Spr. 42. KAI-IN, ALAN Academic: Graduated in 3V2 years: Honor Scholarship 2 Sem.: Attended Fremont High, Los Angeles. Calif, 45. KENNEDY, STANLEY Academic: Blocl: USN: Attended Oali- dale High, Oalrdale, Calif. '40-'42. KETCHUM, EUGENE Commercial: Attended University High. West Los Angeles, Calif., Fall '4o-- Fatt '41, KINSLOW. T1-IELMA Commercial: Won a prize in American Legion History Contest, Spr. '42, E SE IDRS Top to tuotlom. 1. Camera-conscious Sandy Sunder- son gets slapped hy Hazel Golliver. Frances "Stinlry" Hammill smiles on, while Bill Gumpert loolts resigned to his fate. 2. B. J. Potter, Doris Pettey. and the articles that they demonstrated on for their class in public spealring. 5, Black initiation and another man laites the dust. JU E KREIS, h'tAXlNE Academic: Pan Pacilic Puhlicfity Mana Utter. Spr. '42: 5th prize in Calif. llis- tory Contest: ist prize in U. S. llistory Contest: Honor Scholarship memlser 3 Sem. KUECI-it ER, BETT Y Academic: Student Control, Fall '41: Rally Committee, Spr. 213. LAMB, BOB Academic: Attended Central High School, Alaerdccn, S. D.. '59-,41.4 LANGAN. JERRY Academic: Attended San Rat-el lxlilitary, San Rafal, Calif., '39. l.EAl lY, t-IOVVARD Academic: United States Army. LEASE, CAROLYN Academic: Pres, ol Girls' League, Spr. 43: Baslcetlaall, Hoelzey and Baseball Awards: Student Control, Spr. '42- Spr. '45, IJZNZ. XVILBUR Academic: Graduated in jul years: G. S.,l'. Vice-ljres, 'Fall '42: Sec, I-li-Y, lfall 1121 Vice-Pres, of l'li-Y, Spr. '45- Com, of Athletics, Spf, '43g Block For Varsity Baslrethall '42-'45: Ram-C. sentative at Boys' Slate: Student Con- trol, Spr. '42-Spr. 215. LEROND. JACK Academic: Block "S" Spr. '45, Fall '42: 2 yrs. "Bee" Easlretlzallg 1 yr. Varsity Basketball: 1 yr. Varsity Eoothall: 1 yr, Bee. l'oothall: Boys Student Control, Fatt 42: lntramural Baslcethall Cham- pions, Fatt '40-Fall '.:tlj Member of Solomenslci Philhamionic Orchestra" LENV, JAMES Academic: United States Navy t,.IiWtS, JACK Academic: Graduated in 3M years: Honor Scholarship 1 Sem.: First Band, Spr. '41 to Fall '42. l.ENVlS, JOHN Vocational: United States Navy: At- tended Edison High School, Fall '42: Received Eloclc "S" Footlzall, Fall .4101 lfiloclc "SH Bfrslrctlgmll, Spr. '30: ltloclc S' "Bee" Baslcctlxall ,59-'.-101 Bloch HS" Varsity Easlrethall, Fall '40-'41: Eloclr Varsity Eoothall, Fall I42. LENVIS, MARJORIE Academic: Mcmloer of Student Control, Spr. '41, LINDSEY, ROBERT Academic: United States Navy Ll'l"I'l,E, ZETTA Academic: Adv. Band and Adv. Ora chestra: Attended Puehlo High School '4o: Eureka High School '41: Fresno High '42. l..GCKl"lAR't', JOHN Academic: J. V. Foothall, Fall '41 LOWIH, BETTY JEAN Commercial: Honor Scholarship 4 Sem. UUTSTANUINE SE IDRS . JU E t.UNDOUIS'l', CERRlE Academic: Graduated in 5K2 years.: Sec. Pon. Pncilic, Fall '.1o: Vice-Pres.. Spf. '41: "Cat" Cub Reporter, Spr. '.-12. LYONS, VIC Academic, 12A Vice-Pres., Spr. '45: 'llraclt Slice in lntramural Trnclr '41 M1-ALI .lS"l'ER, SCOTT Academic: Attended Portola lligli Scliool '59-'42, MCCAFFREY. JANICE Academic: Member llenor Scliolnrsliip 5 Sem.: Sec. Junior Music Club, Fall '42: First Orchestra, Fall '30-Spr. '4'5: Orcliestrn Trans. Spr. 'itll Orcli. Sec. Fall '41: Member el String Eriseiiible. Fall '39 to Spr. 111: Member ol String Quartet, Fall '41 to Spf. ,452 Member of Music Festival Orcliestra. Spf. '40- Spr. '41. MCCAULEY. JUNIOR Academic: Spanisli Club Vice-Pres. .412 First Band, Second Band Solo Class: 50-piece l'1and-Concert llanrl. Mr-COU., IVY Academic: Reporter on Guard and Taclcle, Fall .42. Spr, '43 Mr:CURDY, PETER Academic: Sergeant at Arms Pan Paci- lic. Spr. '41: Second Orcliestra, Fall '39-SDF. '4o: First Orclicslra, Fall '4o. Spr. 42: Second Band, Fall '40-Spf. '41: First Band, Fall '41-Spr. '4j-3. MacDONAl.D, MARll.YN Academic: Second Band, Fall '59-Spf. '.1o: First Band, Fall '40-Spr. '43. MADDOX. DOROTHY Commercial: First Band, Full '40-'42: Member of Student Control, Spr. bill. MAH, AI..BER'V Ar-rirleniic: Graduated in 5Vz years MADRID, JOAQUIN Vocational: l.inotype Operator for "Gal" 3 Sem. MANSON. MERRII, Academic: Attended Scliool at Ella Creole, Calif. '59-'4zz. MAN'l'I'IEY, IBE't"'l'Y Academic: Scrgenntrat-Arms Tri-Y, Spr. 'ulji Member of. Student Control, Full 42. MASON, BEVERLY Academic: Table Tennis Award in B. A. A.. Fall '59, MAY, MELBA Academic: Awards in G. A. A. llaslcet- Imil and G. A. A. Sliields: Attended l.oc:lcesl1urg Higli, l.oclcr-sliiirg, Arla. MAYO, RUTH Academic: Member l'lonor Scliolarsliip 1 Sem.: Second Orelieslra, Fall '41 to Spr. '42: First 'Orclu-stra. Fall '42 to Spr. 43. MELTON, JANE Academic: and Orclmestra. ,Z- V vmg + 1 -.,. T .:,-v + 1. ' ' A .- 1H:-...- wa, 1.. ': :-La' 'L 1 ' I '., U34 FL1 P.-,,,,v..' 1,1 Q::'.3'Ju.J:, ' ..4 ' xl -, ',f,L:', , r.-4 iz L71 l'- ,. ,. ,. QT .J-' ,' 1' .,'r2-yn '7- - . ' 4 1. ...-. - . -ic . J. ---adam-.-...s L , M , 9,4 Top in lmiioni. 1. Frances Vanderlcooi and Everdene Pierano loolzing over some music before beating it out in orclicstra. Q.. Tliis liappcns every Friday- lfrcsliman reading HGATH 3. Tliis picture depicts tlie great problem on Ilic S.l-l.S. campus-lvlan Sliort- agel 'lwwo to oncllll iVtEt,'l'ON, KULDRED Academic: Attended Slialter l'ligli Scliool, Slxalter, Calif. '41. MlNAl'lEN. MALCOLM Academic: Member Bloclc "S" Fall '42: Pres. Bloclt "S", Spf. '45: Commission- er of Welfare, Fall '42: 1 year Varsity Football: 1 year "Bee" Football: 1 year "CH Traclt: 1 year 'Been Traclc: 1 year Varsity Easlcetlnall: Member of Student Control. Fall '42-Spr. '43. MOCKERMAN, EUGENE Academic: United States lvlarine Corps. MORAlS, Bllsl.. Academic: Pres. 5' Vice-Pres. F. F. A.: Awarded Football Blocl: "Su: Attended Lodi l'ligl1. Lodi. Calif. MORRILL, NVAYNE Academic: Pres. Junior Music Club. Fall '41g Blue and Vtlliite Assistant Busi- ness Manager. Spr. '42, '45: First Band 4 years: First Orcli. 4 years: Played in National Music Educator in Conference Qrcltestra, Los Angeles, Spr. ,40. MORRlS, ROBERT Academic: Attended West Plains Higlx Sclaool, XVest Plains. Mo. MORRISON. .IEANETTE Academic: Graduated in 5Vz years: Honor Sclaolarslaip Q. Sem.: Trouba- dours: Rally Committee, Spr. 112: At- tended Bierced High Scliool: Member ol Student Control, Spr. '4'5. MULLINEAUX. CARMEN Academic: Graduated in 5 years: Hon- or Scbolarsliip 5 Sem.: Attended Ken- sett Higli Sclaool, Kensett, Arlcansas: Oroville Union Higli Scliool, Oroville, California. NELSON. HARLAN Academic: United States Army. NG. HELEN Academic: Honor Sclwlarsliip 2 Sem.: Vicefpres. Cliinese Club. Spr. '43 NICORA. Sllsvlo Commercial: Second Band. O'NEIL, ROBERT Academic: Attended EI Dorado County l'ligl1 School, Placerville, Calif. ORCUTT, JEAN Academic: lntermediale Band, Fall 'jor Adv. Band, Spr. '4'-5: Solo Club. OSGOOD, ADEEN Academic: Attended lvlerced Union l'ligl1 Scliool, Fall '59, Spr. '41 ai: Mer- ced, Calif. OTTO, JEANETTE Academic: l'lonor Scbolarsllip 2 Sem.: Old Englisli Fall '41: Old Englislm HS" Bloclc: First Band for 5 years: Cap- tain of Higlmsteppers for 5V2 years. PETTEY, DORIS Academic: Vice-Pres. Girls' League, Spr. 45. IU E G SE IUHS UI UUTST POND, MARY VIRGINIA Acaclemic: Honor Sclaolarsliip 5 Sem.: Quill S- Scroll: C. S. F. Sec., Spf, 112: Baslcetlzall Awards in G. A, A.: HGat" Reporter. Fall '41, Spf, 112: News liclit- or, Fatt .422 Associate Eclitor, Spf. ,ztji First place in District Lions' Cluli Con- test. 5tl1 place in U. S. l'listory Contest, POTTER, BARBARA JEAN Academic: Sergeant at Anns Tri-Y, Fall 212: Vice-Pres. Girls' League. Fall '42: Won Doulxles in Tennis, Spf. ,422 G. A. A. Baslietlnall 5' Faclclle Tennis Awards: Reporter for "Cat", Spf. 112: Fifth place in U. S. History Contest. RAMMFR. CURDON Acaclemic: NVinncf in Calif. History Contest, Fall '49, RICE, ELLA MAE Acarlemicz Cfildllated in 5W years: Memlaer ot l'li-Steppefs: Bancl Major- ette for 2 years. RUFF, LUClLLE Acaclcmie: Honor Scliolarsliip 1 Sem.: Mfemlner of Troulaatlours: Attenclecl Har- vey Higli Seliool, Harvey, Nortli Dalrota. SCHINGLER. HENRY Academic: Gracluatecl in 5V.1 years: Attenclecl lVlcClatcl1y lligli, Sacramento. California SCHULZ, ANN Acaclemic: Attenclecl Scliool at Balti- more. ttlarylanrl. '42, SHADLEY, BlLL Acaclemic: Gracluatecl in 5V2 years: Honor Sclaolarsliip 1 Sem.: 11A Pres., Fall Q12: Vice-Frcs. of Pan Pacilic Club. Spr, and Fall, .4122 Commissioner ol' Organizations, Spf. ,431 Executive Com- mittee Rounrl 'lwalule Clula, Spf. 113. SQARES, BOB Vocational: Sliop Foreman ol' Auto Electrics Class, Fall '42, Spf. 215: Vice- Fres. of liclison l'ligl1 Scliool Stuclent llorly, Spf. '4l3. SPRAGUF. NORIN-'IA Acarlemic: Quill 5 Scroll. Spf. ,422 HGat" Reporter. Spf. Q12: Troulaarlours, Fall '40-Spf. 215: Faris Revue 1419.2 Sturt- ent Control, Spf. '42, STANFORD, DAVID Acaclemic: Grarluatecl in 5 years: Hon- or Scliolarsliip 5 Sem. First Bancl. Spf. ,.:l1. Fall '41: San ,lose Concert: 1 yr. Awarrl in Banrl: "Gal" Stall. Spf. '45, S'l'ElN'll.l2R, NAlUlNlf Commercial: Meniluer of lli-Sleppers 2 years. S'l'EPl"lENS. BARBARA Acaclemic: Pres. 12A Class, Spf. 113: .Quill 5- Scroll: Rally Committee. Spf. ,452 Stuclcnt Control '4n. S'l'lF.R, DOROTHY Acaclemic: Latin ,ClHl3, Fall '59, Spf. 40, 'l'F.lCl"llVlAN, BETTY Acaclemic: Awarcls in Stoclrton Tennis Clutn, Spf. ,411 Mgr. Girls' Baslretlnall: Typist for Blue 5' Wliite, Fall '41: Assistant Stage Mgr. of Paris Revue, Spf. 212. 'lll'lOlVlFSON. Fxll.l. Acarlemic: rllreas, l'li-Y Vllrojan Cliaptcf. Spf. 112: Vice-Pres. Trojan Hi-Y, Fall 112: Pres. Trojan l"li-Y. Spf. 115: First llancl. Fall '41, TOOTI IACRE, l'7ORO'l'l'lY Acaclemic: Olcl Englisli "S", Spf. 112: Pres. ol Olrl Englisli Fall ',12: Pres. G.A.A.. Fall 112, Spf. 's15g G.A..fX. Sllielrl: lxflerfilzerlpl Stuflr-nt Control, Fa 212. TRAUBIS. I'BI.f'xlNE Acarlemiey lxlemlper ol' Fblorrlc Fall 'alll 2 yr-ars Varsity Foullxall. TURNER, i.UClI.I.iZ Acatlcmic: First Qrclieslra, Fall 2.11, Spf. 45. TURFIN, .lACK Acaclemic: Blue anfl XVliile Stall' 2 Sem.: Copy Frlitor 2 Sem.: S1-ronrl Banrl 1 Sem.: First Banrl 7 -Sem: Music Lyre. URlAR'l1l3, lD'Ol.ORl'fS Commercial: Stocltton l'li-Stoppers. Fall '40, Fall '.11. VALERIO. TNVIIA Acarlemicz Clfiltltlfllftfl in '5V.l years: Reporter "Gm", Fall 212: Vllroulzarlours 1Vz years. VANDERKOOI, FRANCES Acarlemic: Fr1'x13ra1n Cliairinan .lr. lxlusir: Clula, Fall 112: First Qrvlweslra. Fall 212. Spf. Q15: Attenclecl Vtfaslwington ,lr. l'li11l1. Fasarlena, Calif.: Steplien Austin Higli, Houston. Texas. VANDERVOORT. HERB Acaclemic: Gfarluatccl in 5V.1 years: Honor Scliolarsliip Q Sc-ni.: Rouncl lalzle Executive Committee: lvlemlgef ol Quill 5 Scroll: Commissioner ol' l ulilirations, Spf. 213: Feature Etlitor ol :lGat". Fall .4122 First Banrl 5 years: Fxoys' Slate Representative. Vfllsljl. NICK Vocational: Attenrlecl Erlison lligli Seliool 212. NVARREN, CLYDE Acailemitt: Artillery Scliool VxfA'l'SON, LOIS A Acaclemir. Vifevpres. Oltl Englisli '-1l: llistorian ol' Spanisli Clulz. Fatt '11 'f .. NV! IEEIER, BOB Acaclemic: Bloclc Fall '.15: At- lenrlerl l,iverrnnre lligli Scliool. Fall '5ug Camplmell lliggli Sclmol, S1711 '.1o. Slit, 211: lxlemlger ol Sturlc-nt Control, Spf. 43- 'vVl'llrl'E. LORIN Acarleinic: Banrl Lieutenant, Fall 112: First Banrl, Fall 112: 511-pit-ce llanrl SPT. Q15: Attcnrlerl Scliool at Xfvestwoocl, Calif.. Fall '59, Fall 212. Vxtl'll'l"l'lNGTON. lx5Ol'l Acaclemie: Quill anrl Scroll. Fall 212: "B" Baslrctlzall awarcl '.-12. Q15 Report- er GET., Fall 212: Asst. Sport Eclitor Cula Eclition. WlLBUR, DOROTHY Acaclemic: Attenrlecl Moclesto Higli Sclwol. ltoclesto, Calif. NVll,KlNSON. FRANK Acrarlernicp llonor Seliolarsliip 1 S1-m.: Fropman ancl Organizer in Miss SCli'li1'S Fan fXfIN'I'li'ittl Day Fagcaut: llonoratmle Mention in '.15 Haggin Art Galleries Awarrls. NVll.l.lAMS, BOB fXCZtLlCl'ilt1'Z Attcnrlerl lxflurceel Union lliali Srliool. Fall '.15. XN'lI.l.lS. lVl.'XR.IORIIl Acatlemic: Girls' Stuclent Control, Fall 112. XN'lNCI'IiZI.. lTll.IiEN Arfaelernic: Manager ol Fall Q11 Baslcet- lrall: lilinlilerns in llaslcetlmll: Sliielrl tj, A, A.: Nuuierals '.15: Faclrlle Tennis Awarrl: llaslwtlaall Awarcl. Xvfllfl FEL. l iEl.liINlX Acaclernic: fXt,lVilIlCCi,l Qrelwstra, Fall 212: Atlenrlcrl St. lVlary's Scrliool, Fall '59, Fall 212. XVONG. llAZl.fl. Artarloinizig 'l'reas. ol G, A, A,, Fall 'gpg Pres. ol Cliinese Clulm. Spf. 1.4151 Em- blem in liaslcetlaall. llaselpall. lloclcey. Tennis: G.A.A.: Letter Sliielcl: Attcnrl- ccl Santa Rosartllil, Santa Rosa ,Caliln 'a 411. NVONC, l'IIiItIii'IR't' Af'ilClt!ll!tlI1 Cliinesrr Clulr Financial Cliairman: Sergeant at Arins Cllinesr: Cluln. VVONC1, KING A1:a1lemi1:: llonor Sclaolarsliip 6 Sem. XVONG. tlXCflLlCt'!1iC'2 Social Clmirman Cliinese Club, Fall '.1zz. XVOODRUFF, lll'l'l"'l'Y Comn'1er1'inl: Atten1.l1-rl Fliounix lligli Scliool, Flint-nix, Arizona. XVOUDS. JACK Acaclemic: Hlfceu Baslu-tlmll Awarrls y.-ll, 1.121 Varsity llaslmllnall Awarcls '.1a-215: ll'1lI'i'tt'i1lll'fll llzislaetliall 'rl Cliarns pionsliip: lutrarnural lxiaselmall, Spf. 11121 First llanfl, Fall 110, Spf. ,..11. YHAKEY. JACK Commercial: Atten1lerl'S1tl1ool at Mt. Sliasla, Calif.. l'all 111. YUST, NlARGARlj'l' Acarlemic: llonor Scliolarsliip 1 Sem.: 'Fri-Y Club Vice-Pres.. Fall ,42. YOUNG, HOXVARD Acaclemiir: Al.t1:1irler,l San Jacinto lligli Scliool '50, '.1o, at San Jacinto, Calit.: Antelope Valley Union lligll Scliool ,410-,111 at Lancastr-r, Calil.: l'lamillon lligti. Fall ,all at Hamilton City, Calif. YROZ, FF1'l'F.R Araclcmic: Varsity. Baslcetliall Awarrl .12-45. ZARATE, ISAAC Vocational: lllorl: "lin: Fries. ol Cliangs '1'12.: Fres, ol. llclisnn lliqli, Stuclunt llanfl Spf. '.15: Memlnef ol Sturlent Control, Fall ..12. Spf. 115: 2 lllorlr "EHS: 5 Block Hlvlerfsnz Sport Eclitof. Fall ,42 at Edison tligli: Attcntlerl Stoclrton Hi '59-112: Eclison lligli '45, ZIIEKIZ, ROBtiRT Acarlemic: Grarluatcrl in 5 years: At- tenclcrl ltlelfinloy Higli, Cerlar Rapirls, lowa. Fall '58-Spf. 41. ,rx Some people are ' . - "x .lnniur Ollliw-rs, lfnll-li-fl In rigilil-lfvulyn Ncwnmn. MIX .lunior Olllciurs Spring-lvfl lo riglxl-Anila Slcwarl. 11A Vivo-l,i'n-S.: flluru llOSl'lllJl'l'f. iill Si,-r.'.g llill Slmclluy. MA Vice Pros.: Cnrrnol Slruclurmn, HB Pros.: Clare Rosen lines.: Colm-n Young. iill l"rvs.g Polly Lou Peters, lllz lacrg UA Sec.: .laclc Xviclcwarc, IIA Pros.. Corrine Den Vice-lures. zer, ull Vice-Pres.: Mary Egucs. ix B Sec. - - X cyl 8 1 " i , : f 1 5 X l ROXV 1-R. Sxuitnna, M. Stevcns, G. Patron, T. Yzilerin, l'. Vlnvimms, LAV. Simi, A. Scrpzi, R. Rigg, P. O'C0nnorg RHXY ZW-ll. Smith, J. vlnnvicr, ll. Ziunco, M. Mnzctta, ll. Mug, N. lV:n'c, M. Sllulvhcril, ll. Vincent, E. Rule, RUXV 3 -K. RlCCl'ilL'lCCl'I, il. XYl'llfll'l, E. Newman, D. Stnlrlcr, K. l.':u'lccr, li. Slxunlicrcl, U. Pcsetti, T. Jeffery: ROXV 4-I. Preston, E. Rice, V. Smith, V. Penner, D. Cnrlcc, C. Johnston, I, Iiviilen, ll. Slmrllcy: ROW' Si li. xVlll'SllllllCl', fl. Sxunlmnn, R. Wfilson, J. Tully, ll. Sliml- lcy, G. Smith, P. Toy, RONV 6-H. Vnndervoort, VV. Van Vlcnr, l.. XVilson, H. Scliinglcr, G. Slcrulrlcn, H. XVongg ROYV 7-R. Smilli, J. Maxwell, M. Stevens, L. YValters, L. Seifert, S. Sanguinetti. ROW' 1-S. Browning, R. Armolezi, M. Giannotti, Tl. Motto-Ros, C. Bennctsen, R. Miser, T. Bramwell, P. Green, J. llurdq ROXV 2-E. Mori, C. Hawley, I. Cham- berlain, B. Moravelc, D. Moreno, L. Cotton, I. Gregson, 1-I. Fzmshier, XV. Bollwinkelg RONV 3-M. Hodson, H. Nava, N. Britton, H. Merritt, P. Bekoskie, M. Crosgrove, B. Billups, M. Holdeng ROXV 4-C. Gulich, R. Cross, R. Larson, B. Huth, T. Jones, R. Kirstene, I. MCCHIlCllCSSQ ROYV S-B. Meyer, G. Ingram. TOP GROUP'-'ROVV 1'-IVI. Karim. G. Kritz, B. Horst, D. Harris, Puntclios, M. Vellri, lvl. Mills, .l Duarte, R.Vl,cc. E. 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In "'-' . -Y I ' Q.- .r. uf, , , .,,..v ki' -fs 7 I A .f in GIG., 1 -f u- 4. 10' ' Q rm' --. l'ibYV "'4-- 1-I A ., .1, 5' '-L "5 - r U 'al .lr "uQ.,,, Yi f.f"l-he .'- K Zilla ilhr N1 - ' fx .-4 M1 ,5 A K if 151. , 15 ,. . f'-if ' ' f - .1 A .L ,SE , P F- 55 5 V N - x Q ' qw- N A' Q- if 15, A an N' ' L ' - fc - ' ' - vi' 5 N. ,1 -f , - 'iii Q ' W 'L' 3 ' P - "L i. ' f Q A ff I, , f ' V. lr' Z 1 , X W 'pl r vi -' 5- 3 '53 E ' ' f V fi- 3 if ' 4 fl. f nr L -if ' 'XA 1 In W ' .K V H f ff y. 's , 'fs ' 'f v N? ,J x, -K -V 4 f Q 1' " 'W' 3: asf if 'fig -3555 I-41 qrrn " I re,-1 big! z V H WSW 'tif 'A f.-"Qu Q ll. 1 -xx A I ,Nyc-4 .545 .0544 Y" .L ,. S J . V , L1 fi, , L, sf . N ZA! -1- ,Q-" ' ' X ig- , , f fe 3 J? 1 gig? , 1 .1 Ag. 5. ' Q .fi ,T xi in . Q ' , P 3 VWNLY3 W .V 1,4 ' . Ia' afiff-. 5 , V : Q gi '32 "' j 'i ff..-2 if gf- 2 gg ,1 , " Q K"J 'iff-5 , . sf Ni I .-X4 , yy, 433 ..x l 'A W J ,-'f ' ,I r V. 'ill I . , , W' ' , L ' ' K , ' -5 sag mia A V1.4 H 5 ai 3, QL X ' "" ,A Q ' Q ' ' 'NN E. Q15-1 if E 1. wx .Qj-X131 Y . N I .+ ut, gg V ' fi y fr f LMI, 0 ' .J 14 '75 IQ ' "pr ' 4 - 311' f. . T' .2 . P . 1-.f ,Sill h?1?ifff.l " 5 1 JCL 'L g F fwxi! A r 1 Fl? ' -I iq HR- ,AL .it N v 'w pf 'A ag' 4'-1' . ' ' X' ' Mu : I 'A .' bfff- - 37-551-Hwfi.. 'JL r '- A Q Q W f fl 1 3 57 ' FM l t D L? V 2 , ri- U fzf ,I Q: V I' -f ,,41:'-f -'gust-V? J I - f k l it b 1 1i Eiggi , ,, . : , A 5 fd' 5 ' .4wA , ff '3 ' 2 ' 2 ' 1' H A f ,. .1 "' 4 " ,f Y 4, f' 'dl' Q 'Z H , 'if L. Z?-iv-:Q ' 'xii ja H-1 'xy' W :L V 1' - . , M L,- rfvf? W . f . ' W! F gf 5 ' , I ff, .5 'E L k V ld 0 gk 6x M if A Al, Q W If ug FQ -nr , V , .,.,,... -5. 54. . , .. --F I .1 , 2. Q Q! 3. P W , an zmysylsz 'H f 'vi my I KE f 25 I H I X iffy- 3 . af . I 12' I' X + J 1 All Wim f ' w 1, v Egan :iff -., if A 'S Mc 'Rei xw. , , gg., f V Q ifigf ' QA V .W - M12 f K - Q if ' - .Q ' ' 3 - E f 4 ,V Q .V 2 ig!! ,.,.: ,Q 1 ' ' 'WZ I' ..,. v Q Swv f .,., ' ' H Q- .fa H H., ,. , bv, .. I 5 r- ,yf ,-- , ' ws i" ' I 'W Fi, 1, - , - va, -1 Jew my 31 1' 5' v ffl iv- .f 4+ -' .... is J, me-,ga 1 "lub ay. ,N an '21 Hi hu' - 9- -,- pf 'T' -rv Top Group fOpposite 'Pagej Row l+Young, Dotson, Simpson Howell Fanning, Rishwain, Acosia, Groenhlatt, llorelli. Evanhoe: Row 2-Arden naz, Frank, Duffy, lVarrcn, llcrnancl-cz, llcclcncll, Pooluy, Clinton, Vlliley Row 3-Sherrill, llrown, Cairn-, Guthrcy, Spino, XVright, Spencer, Chew Chop Row 4-Cowen, Allen, Anderson, Rahatlie, Dal Porto, llaircl lhlrl win, Abel, Ccrvig Row 5-Clark, Clmvis, Buckhorn, Caulkins llimliclc Row 7-llecrman, Cliapnmn, Ratlo. Scconzl Group, Row l-Kopp, Zictcr, Ritter, Kosta, Ortcz, Sticklancl Suhr, Rorlcg Row 2-Young, Islas, l'if'.' V...'z S , tgps, assir, .utton. Sorensen, Potter, Stirlxtox P' ' " ' - " ' ' " s 1, armsso, Row 3 Xhllvui, lassaclore Malflonado Vargas, Sherwood, Curran, llomingu-cz, Row -l--l''l2ll'll, llevincenzi, Erlily, Freeman, lfransen, llramwcll, liherliarzlt, English: Row 5-lrong, Dunlap, Fannon, ltossett, Ensign, Delllarba, Eihing, Duets. Third Group, Row ls-Tuttle, Ortnmn, Vtiong, l'Icau,, Puga, XVillcinson, Pantclios, Vamlcrlcooi, Pcnrod, Rossi, Row 3-Renard, Roth, Riecliel. Simpson, Rose, Ramirez: Row 2sl.Vong, Taylor, Strnckman, Tucker, Peri, Prince, Sunday, Swanson, Tillinaniz Row 4-Quunell, Rohrer, NVl1ite, Vignulo, Spanos, lvalcs, Totten. Spanos: Row 5-Ernst, Ferrill, Crycler, lleclltolrl. Coyle, llrannon. Cline: Row oallesiarac, Eilcrt, Gillcran, Costa, liehrm Capps Atkiss: R 7-Cl l . . , . 3 . ' ow .ia m-ers, Gumpert, Atwater, Ualcs, Carr. Lower Group. Row 1-llarmlin. llimzins, llorlgins, Kinpston. Nclicr. Henry, l-lcim. Mowry: Row 2-Jones, Kaps, Lea, Johns, Johnson, I-lerrmann, Mayo, Nelson: Row 3--Pleisch, Kecley, Hammill, Hoover, 9- liriare, Wong, llurkc, Row 6-Ht-ll, Colombini, llocelc, Fongl, llfalascog c SUPHUMUHE5 Lewis, Rigg, Stein, Tealdi: Row 4-Toy, Vignolo, Prioli, Thorpe, Price, Price, Ruvlcun, Schamherg Row 5-Zollinger, X-Vonihle, Young, Top Group, Above, Row 1-Rohhins, Tully, Nelson, Schefelbein, Zim merman, Shire, Peters, Mah, Pizzo, Row 2-Sprinkle, Montgomery Smith, Wright, Stewart, XVetzvel, Taylor, Schmierer Vincent' Row 3 1 1 1 P C Row 4-Molina, Noack Malloy, McClory Mah L R ' M , , . , ee, ow J- acRae, Harp, Pezzi, Madrid. Center Group, Row 1-Mcliwin, Moor, Piuma, Pitt, Nance, Perz, Lewis, Maskus, Myers: Row 2-McGuire, Livinson, McPherson, Lee, Petterson. Morais, Mumford, Nikkelg Row 3-McGregor, Moreinq, Milligan, Nielson, Lenz, Loduis, L ' L' ' ' ' ' ' ewls, lT1lllgSlOI'l, Maslen, Row 4-Hong, Head, Harris Jaur, Holmes, Hunt, Johnson. i Lower Group, Row 1-Jaton, Kidwell Knox Gross Caribald' K , , - ly dump, Jonves, Gauthier, Greene, Hooper, Row 2-Fimbel, Herold, Eichelberger, Elliott, Krueger, Hanshew, Johnson, Jessup, Jacobs: Row 3-Peterson R , , . . . ammer, McCaffrey, Mintun, Reasorer, Pxzzi. Oecla. McDonald, Pieli limv .4-Roilriguevs, Palmer. Peck. Miller. Nall. Rexaifzer, Peterson for'-va. Rnw 3-Ng, Mahl, Morris, Remington, Ohm, Messner, McGuire, MacPherson. Lutz, Mclirian, Zingelman, Spino, Risso BI1YZ0lf,lUHg3fCfEl S eedj . , . . - . 5. . . . .f f if-. ' Q fi a. H' W .. 4 3 -is HVIV h. - ' ' . 'Wi' 'Q P ' 63" -gf R1 llxv ', . Q ,, Ljwlf :fy Lf: 'tv'-1, . K I h. .A ' ' 14 gd Y t"m. ., my .F . A ' ' . - ' ' 1" . f . 1 A A' ' ' x ' .--' .1 I . f 1 1 Y Y 1. I V r . 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' v V '. 1.. - . V P' 4- a 5 . 5' F F la- nu. I 5 . ,A L Q N'-f ' ' 1 , . , L ' 'EY ,A V, Q . X " .VV . X- ' .fW - 1 xx . ., - ,, . . . 1 ' H 1-fx , ' .A - - . ' v V is W? ,-Q.--. x A - 11' , ,4 I - V it I - . '51--ff ,.,, ,W ,,,.,,,.,- ,,h,- ,,,-,,.-.,f.,--.,,. W-. ,. -. - -. .-. ,wif M- -.. Q-.iw A fi Row 1-ll. XVong, l. Scrilmer. N. Kries, C. lfprrisen, ll. liartlm, M, Ponrl, ll. Silzwr, A. llaywnoil. Row 2- lx"l, Xvong, lVl., B. Lowe, J. Gallagluer, ll. llnren, l-. Amin. l., Vassar, N. llurms, IX. ljassailore, lf, Nzilulcsta, C. Young, Row 3-A. Clioi. Y. Gong. M. Cluislu, lt. Zcigler, .l. Sunrlersou, .l. lllllioli, ll. Sticlc- lancl, li, ljeirano. Row 4-ix. llarris. l., Rulll, lr. Xvillcinson, T. Slivplu-rrl, ll, .lUlll'5, S. l.illlc-lmle, lf. llburns. .l. Xvirlaware. Row 5-VV, Henning. N. Keclclie. D. Slanlorrl, VV. l.r-nz, K. Xvung, O. llorsl. lfalitnrnia Scholastic Federation lVlemlJersl1ip in tlwe California Selwolarsliip ljecleration, elroppecl to an all-time low tlwis year, witli an enrollment of only 45 memliaers. However, this clip Can be laqlamecl on tlwe slwarp clecrease in tlue enrollment ol tlwe scliool ancl is no relleetion on tlme sclmolarslwip ol tlue stuclents. ln orcler to lbeeome a memlner of tlae society, a stuclent must lwave gracles tlwat are equiv- alent to ten points. An. in a solid suloject amounts to tlmree points ancl one point is given for a A stuclent wlsio remains in tlwe society for six semesters, one ol wlwieln must lne in tl1e senior year, receives a gold seal on liis cliploma, lille memlnerslwip in tl1e C.S.l:., ancl a golcl sclmolarslaip pin. Riclnarcl Burns, Artlwur Aclams, lVlal9el Vxfong, anel Helen Boren l1ave al- reacly earnecl tlaeir points for tlmese lmonors. As tlwe Blue ancl Xvlmite goes to press, it seems liliely tlwat Janet Gallaglmer, lvlary Virginia Ponel, ancl Beverley llgilfllal will also lne eligildle. Due to shortened sclueclules only one meeting of tlue society was lwelcl, at wlwirlm omcers for tlwe Fall semester were electecl as follows: Presiclent, Tom Slweplwerclz Vice-ljresiclent, Wfil- lour Lenz: Secretary, Rutli Ziegler. Tum Slweplmercl-Hljrcsitlent Nvilliur l.enz-Vice-Presirlent lluilx fic-gglur-Secretary ,lil'0llIJitliUlll"S -' Row I - lxnnx, Valvrio, Cruttct- I 'X E. Rowe. Vt. Dagg, XX. ttnoper. Row 2 H I tx, Young, A. Harris, N. Sprague, Y. Gotetti, D. Brown, B. Fayette. J. Mor- rison, TS. Starr. Row 3 -- U. Ernest, D. Crcwdson, B. Bian- fbi. .t. Ohm. P, Smith, A. Beyettc, G. txftartcham, T. Baht. Trnubadnurs The Stoc'kl.on High Trouhactours, uncter the ctirection ot Frantz Thorton Smith, have had a very successful anct active year. They have matte twenty-one appearances, not inctuct- ing their school performances. This year,s appearances inctuctect visits to the Motor Base, Masonic' Teinpte, many hospitats, the Methodist Church, Hotel Stockton, Fox California Theatre. U. O., Stockton Air Fietct, and the Forresters Lodge. They also fottovvect their annual custom ot Christmas caroting cturing the hotictay season. You see them at toothatt games. You see them in parades. Yes, tor the last three years you have seen the Stockton High Schoot High Steppers in their attractive htue anct white unitomis going hristqty through their snappy routines. The High Steppers were organ- izcct in 10.1 o, anct tor three years .leanette Otto, .tune Gractuate, has heen captain H which is a very time rccorct. High Strippers iiigli Stoppers -f Row .7 --' F. Totten, A. Bacon, J. Dcmly, ti. Ncwht-rry. J. Cowan. Y. Alexanrir-r, I. Slroing. J. Otto. Rau' 2 P- C. Johnson, Pr. Buggiurio, J. Ht-nshew, N. Yost, I.. Uotsnn, lr. ttiggins. .t. .livictc-n, P. Horst. i H' Vf 'Y V' BAD Due to transportation ctitjticutties, this year's war time tvanct has not tract the opportun- ities to play at footllaatt games and contests as it has in past years, taut the band neverttretess played at ralties, foottaatt games, anct concerts, Wtiictw it coubtct attenct, with tuetter-ttwan-ever quality. Under Conductor Harold Heisingeifs able directions, the Band performed at June graduation, at speeiat U.S.G. programs, anct at the usual Spring Band and Qretiestra Con- cert. Band Captain Lorin Xvtdite was baritone soloist at the concert this year. Some of the smaiter ensemiotes wittwin the band sueti as the brass choir and the Clarinet trio, has clone eonsicteralate outscte work. UHEHESTHA As ahvays, the Spring concert was the culmination of a year's fine work for the orches- tra unclcr the leadership of Conductor Virginia Short. The soloist at the concert, ohoe-player Ciaramae Gillcey, was one of three orchestra memhers to receive a four-year award for meritor- ious service to the orchestra. an unusual occurrence in a wartime year. violinist Janice Mc- Caffcry and Clarinetist Xvayne Wiorrin were the other memhers receiving these awards. The January commencement, several U.S.0. programs. a Christmas concert. and other outside performances were among the many activities of the orchestra this year. The string-quartet, composed of first.-chair orchestra memhers and conducted hy hfhss Short, has continued its policy ol' fine playing. ir ....- I R. 1. lrving Corrcn, Pcicr Zcilvr, nnil Milam- f"Xrnmlf'n giving mil willi Dnnrinpf. Luft lo riglil-lop io lrollom. Rosie tlic Rivclcrf' P' H 2, Slxirlcy Craw. Mnrgarrl Sliuplic-nl, lfuln Slvwnrl, emrl Nunn Bissell Al' 'l 5 gonlcsiing for "Miss Stoclfclon Hi." lxflflll S 'Z -54-' bi 'iw clft., :ii Llic Sc-nioi' Proin. lit-ic-rs ancl riolln-Q0 maxlvrizil funn in hillfllilll ccnu al Friclriy noon cluncc. r-I--vrPr s Q. E x'- w .Q x V . . . rf W 1 I xy-. HQ .51 S '45 y .4 iii: -I 4' ,nl J , 1 -X, xx . wk 5 Zi 22552 'A if me-hw. wzzflff' H :mix 15 .sum Ilffl In rigllll-'lull In IIOHOHI. l'Ull""'liITH'l'lIl .Ioan Van Dyke, Pc-Q l:r11wnr'Hcvlfl, Nnrgnrc-l Slmoplmc-rd, and 1. Vinny' Ill-rlmiu' XVIIIICIEZYOLZ1 in Wulf rnr Hriclrrs again" at Lorli rally. Beverly Juan Holmes. 1. xoolnxg 51-:hun .nl xg mlnu. ,l. Senna' Rooiirxfg Sevlinn nl snrnc- Big Uunxv. .. J 1 , - V , , - , , , , 4 .. .. - , Avvrnfwn nf lfrv IGH Ixufly Cmrnrnllxc, lop row f4,fl Io FIQIII. Q. Bun Bmncln wins lim Queen Conlcsl, as Corn QUG5IIHOi'lCIiEl 3. Ilun llmmwn, Irv. fimrvrm. Tom Snr-plmr-rrf, Riclmrml Burns. Bollom during "Miss Sloclcton High" rally. EU HU ANU T EHLE La Verne Bravo--Editor, Fall Herb Vandcrvoort-Editor, Spring Hpatriotismu has been the slogan of the Guard and Tackle staff during this past year of continuous warfare. Besides putting out a paper, the Guard and Tackle staff has undertaken to assist in every patriotic activity of the school. This assistance has largely been in the form of sponsoring drives Luft lo riglrl, top to Iiollom. 1. Ruth Ziegler, Marla Dickin- son, Sargent Littlehale, .luanita Bissel. 2. Darrhl Dentoni. Colleen Young, Dave Stanford, Frank Jeans. 3. Beverly Barth, Janet Gallagher, Mary Virginia Pond, .lulia Grider. 4. Bob Alling, Barton Vxfarshauer. to obtain the materials we need to win a lasting victory. Ar the top of the list of drives, sponsored by the "Gat,', was the Stamp and Bond Drive, commonly known as the "Jeep A Week Driven. A special edition of the Guard and Tackle was published for this drive and a program in the auditorium, participated in by soldiers from the Stockton Ordnance and Motor Base, preceded the start of the drive. The Key Drive, another suc- cessful drive sponsored by the paper, won nation- wide recognition. Although not wholly sponsored by the HC-atn, the Book Drive had the assistance of the Guard and Tackle in obtaining many books for the service men. But these patriotic drives are not all that has been accomplished by the Guard and Tackle. For the last llour semesters, the HGatH staffs have made exceptionally line records, the National Scholastic Press Association having awarded the Guard and Tackle three llrst class awards during this period. The editors of the year, Laverne Bravo and Herb Vandervoort, along with their stalls, deserve credit for their splendid work. Because ot' the shortage of rubber and gasoline, the conventions, which the stalls have always at- tended, have had to be cancelled from the "Cats, schedule this past year. Mr. Adamson, adviser, and his co-workers have agreed that these trips can be passed up lor the duration of the war. BLUE I-KN HITE ,I Ahx Ttiis year ttie annuat statt has ctone severat unusuat ttiings, taut. since ttie statt' is Uurnrsuatn anyway, what etse coutct tae expectect? The statt began ttie new year wittm a new actviser, new otticc, anct eight new members. The tirst ttwing the tnrain-trusts of C20 ctict was to sponsor a "Miss Stockton High" Contest. Not content witti ttwe confusion ot ttie Contest, the statt' tietct a STUPENDOUS Btue anrt Xvtwite Xveetc. The usuat scene in the B. gr XV. Penttiouse is ltnrs: "Artist" Merritt, ttirowing a tantrum over nottw- ing: C. J. catmty peeting tier inevitatate orange: Frances Hammitt, tetting tier moron jokes: .tean Arnotct anct Sheila Conroy, giving ttieir mincts a Wortmut toy playing tit-tat-toe: Bev. Beantanct and Betty Poetitman, ptacictty srreaming in one rornerg Bartuara Boyne, rustwing arounct on important tuusinessg Jael: Turpin, rustiing out to avoict wortc: Dottie Knox, trying to tisten to everytoocty at onee: Beta Destrac writing witty stogans: t,aVerne Vassar encttessty ponnrting ttie typewriterg anct Maggie Stiep ctraw- ing Hugs att over the ntace. gerioustv ttiougtm ltie statt tmas wortcectt Speciat ttiantes stioutct toe given to J. VJ. Actamson, Actviser of toottw ttie naner anct annuat, tor twis untiring ettorts in putw- tistring ttwis tuootc. lzvfl lo rigtil,'lop lo twollmn.. i. Stlctia Conroy, Cotter-n N ming. Jack turpin. 2. Xvayne Merritt, Jean Marie Arnold ttmsirivss Manager, 5. Pxotv Destrac, La Verne Vassar. Bev 1-rty Beantamt. 4. Dorottiy Knox, Bartmra Boyne. Caryt Jane Julius. Ectitor J. VV. Adamson. Adviser Orgmzziaiionf . . BLocK "sr The Block is an honor society for those boys who are outstanding athletes on the Stockton High School campus. The purpose of this society is not onty to raise the stanctards in athtelic compeitions, but to uphotct the hest standarcts in schoot tife. The Block HS" tettows constitute a ctepenctahte group of stuctents who are inter- ested in schoot activities. Qtticers this year were as fot- tows: Fatt-President, Art Beyetteg Vice-Presictent, Bitt Bianchig Secretary, Bots Ktinger. Spring otticers are: President, Tim Minatieng Vice-Presictcnt, Dick Doaneg Secretary, Dick Erickson. TRI-Y Uncter the teactership of Em Van Dytce anct tvtarta Dickinson, Tri-Y again 'hact another very active year. A schotarship was given to an outstunnting girl in the February Ctassg cookies anrt catces were sent to the Mecticat Corps at the Stockton Orctnance Motor Base. Other charities inctuctcct hastqets for neccty famities and ctonations to the chitctrens home. More on the Htiiiin sicte were the UGoat Rushn :tance Tri-Y gave after the Locti game. the ctinner-ctance honoring the ctuhys grant- iiatcs. Lcfl lo right are B. Mruzlhy, S. O. ft.: IW. Dickin- son, prcsiflenl: IW. Dinutrilo, secreluryg B. Poller, cliuplnin. ROUND TABLE CLUB Executive Committee-left to right-U. Ernst, B. Shad- tey, IW. Ponct, R. Ziegler, B. Iorclan.. Atthough the meet- ings were tate in starting, the Round Tahte Ctuta, super- visect hy Mr. Young, has had a very active year. Many wett-tcnown speatcers were invitect to attend the meetings in orcter that the members might become Letter informed on war conctitions as welt as civic ctevetopments. The ctuh has aided the tocat rationing hoard as ctericat wortc- ers. As a further service, rubber has been cottectect regutarty at each ot the semi-monthty meetings. :" GIRLS, LEAGUE Left to right-Pat Peters, secretary, Spring: Iulici Gricler, secretary, Fall: Carolyn Lease, president, Springp Shirley Craw,presid'ent,Fnllg Doris Pelley, vice-presiclenl, Springp B. Potter, vice-president Fall, abs. The Girts' League is an organization to which every girt in the schoot hetongs, and is the onty ctutn where att the girts have an equat opportunity to participate. Due to war wortc on farms, which restricted att club meetings held cturing schoot hours, the Girls' League has been tess active than in previous years. The organization, however. continued to he one of the outstancting groups schoot. SOCIAL SERVICE For junior ancl senior girls inIerestecI in cllarity worli, tlwe Social Service CIUIJ was organizccl aluout Iilteen years ago. Tlie main purpose of the clula is to acquaint tlwese gzirls wilzli tlie Itelcl of social service worlc This past year, Social Service sent a girl to tI1c Campfire Girls, Camp, sent Clwristinas anal rlilianlcsgiviug lnasltets to poor Ianiilies, toola part in programs at several clilferent cliarily Iioines, aiclecl in i.I1e Inlantile Paralysis Drive, anrl as usual, aiclcfl Ivy ushering at tlie ggracluation exer- cises. Presiclcnts were: I'IeIen Boron, Irallg anal Mary Iylagg, Spring. CHINESE CLUB Left Io riglii: Herbert Vvong, sergeant at armsg lean Vvong, secretary-treasurer: Rosie Lee, financial chairman, Hazel Wong, presirlerztg Helen. Ng, vice-president and social clwirman. This very active club, sponsored Ivy Miss Geoglxan, lias Iaeen organizecl for the purpose of increasing tlie numlner of frienctsliips ancI social contacts among tlae Cltiinese students. Since scI1ooI time was not proviclecl for the meetings this year, tI'1e group met at tI1e Chinese center. Among tI'ie year's activities was a rousing initiation of tI'1e freshmen ancl tI1e annual Inanquet anfl clance lor the gracluating seniors. I-II - Y Baclc row, lofi Io riglll: Lconarcl Delrick, presirlenl Quacl- Cg Tom, lanes, Treasurer Quarl-C5 Wfillaur Lenz, Vice- Prcsiflvnl Qllflfl-C. Front row: Bill Tlwmpson, Presiflenl Trojan: Harolrl Craig, Secrelary Trojan. The two Stool:- ton Ifligla Cliaptcrs ol tI1e I'Ii-Y, Quacl-C, and Trojan I-Ii-Y completecl anotluer active year. Besifle various ser- vice activities ancl clmarities, IJotI1 cIuIJs enlerecl into vari- ous sports. There were several social events, tI1e outstancl- ing one being tI1c Alolma Banquet. Quacl-C Iwas lunc- tionecl uncler tI1e Iearlersliip of Albert I.,ycIe,' .Ir.g Quacl-C, uncler the leadership of Frank Jeans. JUNIOR IVIUSIC The .Iunior Music Club is for aII who enjoy good music and for aII who wouIcI Iilce to Icnow more about goocl music. Sponsored Iny Miss Short, montI1Iy meetings are I1eIcI. This past year tI'1e theme for several meetings Iwas been music of America, and music which ranged from Negro spirituals to tI1e greatest of our -symphonies was stucliect and enjoyed. At one meeting a minstrel sI1ow was given lay the members. Left Io rigllt: Beryl Fayette, president: Frances Vanclerkooi, program cliair- mang lanice IWcCaffry, secretaryg VV. Morrill, vice-pres- iclent, abs. JEEP - A - NVEEK Through the efforts of the entire stuclent body and personnel, Stockton High carriecl on an exceptionally successful "Jeep A XfVeelc" war honcl ancl stamp clrive starting in January. The goal was to purchase enough stamps anal honcls to pay for a jeep a weelt, but the hrst weelc founcl us with six purchasecl. The goal that S.l'l.S. set for the end of the school year, 52 jeeps, was reachecl in less than four months. At the publication of this lnoolc 55 jeeps have been purchasecl. J. Mitchell Lewis, J. XV. Aclamson, faculty memlaers, ancl Colonel Churchill of the Stoclqton Orclnance Base must he given special praise for their wort: in the campaign. Stockton hugh TREASURY FLAG ln february Stoclrton High School receivecl thc 'treas- ury Hag for over ninety per cent participation of the stuclents ancl faculty in the sale ol lqoncls anrl stamps. The percentage for January was ninety-three percent, lor February ninety-one percent, and for May ninety-one ancl ltve-tenths percent. The percentage was lfept up hy selling stamps ancl honcls each Xvcclnesclay in the 10:55 classes. The Treasury Flag was prescnterl at the last assembly in Felnruary. It is now clisplayecl in the lxflain Hall, ancl we expect to lceep it in the lvlain llall, lor we leel sure that the stuclents will lqecp up the ninety percent. BOGK DRIVE More important than ever luelore, the Reel Cross worlq under the Junior Recl Cross has greatly increasecl cluring the past school year. The war has macle neces- sary various clrives for solrliers, prisoners of war, ancl victims of circumstances. Drives for louttons, lnoolcs, neeclles, ancl junlc jewelry, have laeen among the activi- ties ol: the Junior Recl Cross. The organization also carriecl on its traclitional Penny Day collection and helpecl with the March of Dimes collection. A great cleal of creclit for this very successful year shoulcl he given to Miss Mclnnes, aclviser of the organization. PRE - FLIGHT CLASS ln September, for the First time a class in pre-flight aviation was ollerecl to the stuclents of Stockton High. Extremely valuahle to those stuclenis who plan to enter the air forces, it too interests many stuclents, hoth hoys and girls with an eye for future flying after the war. This pioneer class is taught hy Mr. Elcler, science teacher. who tool: an extensive course in aviation last summer for preparation. The clivision of the pre-flight course are raclio, navigation, meteorology, metallurgy ancl aeorcly- namics. Goes I0 War KEY DRIVE National acclaim and an unexpected total of sixty- thousand lceys were the results of the ten-day lzey drive by Stockton High students in Fall, 1942. The 'AGuard and Taclden sponsored drive was expected to net only ten thousand licys. A line job of publicity was done by the members of the "Gab, stall.. They gave prizes to the highest contributors, supplied collection barrels and the huge Hmeasuriugn lcey. Names ol students who collected more than twenty-live lceys were printed in the school paper. Richard Burns, chairman of the drive, was largely responsible for the great success. I--iii ' OUT IN THE FIELDS Tomatoes, dirt, slaclcs, and bandanas were the most familiar sights seen by students of Stoclcton High from mid-Gctober to mid-November of 1942. Because of the shortage of labor and the great need for tomatoes by the armed forces, we turned out in hundreds to do this worlc. School was dismissed shortly after noon, and stud- ents boarded truclcs to go to nearby farms. Fifteen ranches, or more, were served by 981 students. There were Q5 supervisors, most of them members of our own faculty. Mr. Cave, dean of boys, handled most of the organizing and administrative dutieslinvolved. HERE ARE "W 000 RED CROSS XVORK SHOP "Anything the Junior Red Cross aslcs us to do" sums up the duties of the Red Cross Nvorlcshop. The group doing the worl: is composed ot sixteen girls under the direction of Miss Fowler, Home Economics teacher. The girls, all volunteers, worlc an hour a clay and get class- room credit for their ellorts. Some things that they have done were the malaing ol bedroom slippers and utility bags for soldiers, card-table covers, preparing Christmas paclcages and boxes, decorating Christmas trees at the soldiers, hospital, and executing a successful button and needle drive at the school. SERVICE FLAG Three flags show the service that Stocliton High boys have given their country. In the picture above the 'llag on the left shows the number of boys who fought in Yvorld War No. 1. This Hag was the inspiration of Miss Minnie U. Howell, a member of the faculty at that time. The second flag is the new service Hag presented by Miss SeIna's senior adviser section. It is to be com- pleted at the close of the war when Final Figures are available. Flag number three is also a replica of the First Vxforlcl Vvar. During the last war it hung in the halls of Stoclcton High School with a blue star showing tor each boy in the service. Y X S v " Ai .Mfg .u Fw Q' , 1, : W 4. , nf . k- f X 'lf gyif - 1-I' f I '93 , l "WE aug' 5' 5 A as E ., A in 5 KB! LXZL Py ' D 1 fy' fn Xe Qu 0 1 .ww 4 '- gf. I E K .H X , xr ' -' 1 K' 1, x 1' s li -ff ,ed 2 'I' " -I xx V 1 0 'l-4. ,.,5,5-5. s.i,-,,,-auf" -L .4 mf" " .W 4 ,,,o' aff 1 f ' A?-Ri -, Q , 4-"N" I ,f!.J R QS' in-' il' . L,- 'vn ,- . .Qian-55 'I 'f . , fix H 7' - AI kg.-- ' 'Suzi' x A , N. X v X 2 K' I-'HQ In '--- - .X 1 X, r . .,., Q-,N lil "S 314.1 L 1- in Q I 4 5 4 W 'L Q., N 1-... , L -1 -.X 'Es , :r 23551 T' , yr ,f nP15q I , fm I ,- ,Q -JV In 1 A -I -, K ,- an ef! X 61 A 4+ wk, -A . f K f X 3 'wh M Tm' 3 V' K X- an 'If . z V H knwrlil " If as . Q r"f-k v4l+Q- ' f w 464' -X 4' . 0 Q f- F ' - i gps, 'f"g?g iff! Q r Special Activities Left to right, top to bottom.: Asa Cailcins, Registrar. Miss Giacovoni, Mrs. Wright y Main Qmce Secretaries. Miss Robbins, Miss Scantie- Iuury, Attendance Clerks. Miss Smith, Librarian Mrs. Lrinclblacl, Matron. Mrs. Carmichael, Commercial UFHCC Secretary. P Irs. Martin, Head of Cafeteria. Clarence Schweitzer, Head Gardener. Big Man on Campus! Eandids Left lo right ,lop lo bollom: A small portion of lime jeeps which lhe sluclenls have purchased. More are on the way, Ella Mae Rice, Roberta Vassar, and Barbara Adams, our drum rna- iorettes. Strolling lo class. Pmaslcelbau fwe guess, one never knows the way they play. Nlr. Young takes time out for a photo. They Hnauy look them away. fTomato picking againj. You name it I I WI1Ht,S this? The boss musl have been looking the other way. Barton Bromberg Recitcs I I I We clirly 'em - He cleans 'em. I llllll' ' ' R I W :wif Ulf I- .Q mf? Q ,Qfgg V ' -Q I, --'- f .. N 1: cg, 1 gg , -A 41 ,bw- 1, . ,J A -, . .,, , .,'5-F? , ,. , ., T 5' gik .f W -4V fb " '-9, 1 4 nog .Zn 'J 'l .1 -1 I' .QCVV M, -1-J t Q f ,ff Fw? 1 v f ,Z A da with Miss Stockton High 3,4 . 'Wu 1. "!?"1"z-s"! - io school "ips 3. I- I- .h- snub issuer malze if . good one, ws way, J ,F-51, ,. ,. .fy 47 A 5. 'lallcing il over between classes. 6- Miss S'H'S- glves out foe 901' 8. Playing Volley Ball awards GAsTly Office. 1 'L z. One of ihe B 81 W sfaff slaves 10. H01 gn fha wire ll' Sludymg I2- Affef 5 herd dm! l3. Miss S.H.S.-when she received her bracelel ai The Sensor Prom l ,,, Q- 4 ... . .111-'V Q .M ' my v 1 ' , M N fig I qQ QEDMQIW u -Q! x. Ss X 'S -v . L , - xv , . : N ' q . 9s.'L M. 1 ESC ., 5 ' , " ' N- QQ' E BE - :A Us Y xx 5 235:5- 1 ,'?'Re,1 K: 5 H- " 5 , . LL.,LL WN. :Q tiiffff E ' -I---... on W. L, ,X X ' S, 'W as W mfg,- Q 'Z -f 5 Q .If W ,By - --J .1 - M -1 -Q. ,' -mesa -' ff E , . ifis M--W M sam Q5 mi . 1-.. ' S211 N.. .MN .Z Q52 -Wig ZA '4 WV: 2- , , ul, 23152 ,,,fE""wqf-2 . 5 ' K , A 1' .Q nw- :ggi-L 4 N ,: -W e -gh '. :ij I ' ,,,A. ff- " " H, v. Q 'I ' .fifiv 1:21 'Y 952525 U givin: 1: Q . V.. .gsm v,.. W, Q 2 , W M . JI., . Jil, 3-J . Q3 -M .,g:zl.J' V , FF 'ff mf 155: if ,N x f R182- nz, , , " ' T' V1 W fa? WZ! in z - M W-EMM ww? q-Qs. . agg.,,,.-w: - :Q , JA 'A ,A . ,LA if fp. ,I fm, MEL ,, .. xgsfiw si: we ,Sm-is fhfmx 1-.fy V,," mmf .Wm f',,, .. ,, , agfm I .,i,,wg-S-.-.Q . ,gy mm s., I I -- if it 1 ,A 1 'f 445: 'x :fm . ,N zz," as , .xi k + . 1:':??'1 'z kg .Vw : 'si-if Y nr.: RFE fwwiixzn 5.4. :Q 5.2 k 41 f . .Ng . -f . .. .. ' 1,72 in., na Q AE ,HHH 4 1 PUUTB LL t Row 1-L. Capps, J. Bird R. Baglictto, C. Bravo, XV. Hardin, XVomlJle, 13.1-lead, D. Brown, .l, lmllonrl. llvliherlinrcll, B. Klein, T. Minahcn, B, Bianchi, D.Erickson, L. Covell. Row ZHA. Hoyet- T. Esenarm, .l. Gninza, li. NVlir'vlvr, R. Bef-klifnnr. Absent when te, J. Dcluchi. T. Milligan, B. Trauhc, C. Grunsky, P. Etclic- picture was taken: S. York li. Kidd, S. Kenm-dy, F. Pmomgarilner. herry. N. Holmes, D. Doane, R. Kirstene, R. Highy. Row 3-D. Due to a late start in training loecause ol Autumn harvesting and with only live varsity players returning, the Stockton High Tarzans got oft to a poor start and consequently Finished the season with only one win and several defeats. Modesto lost to the Tarzans hy IQ to 7. Although the team as a Whole did not fare so well, three of the Hrst string players landed on one of the three All-Section Teams picked hy the valley newspapers. These players all Finished their high school foothall careers here this year. Art Pmeyette, ace right end, completed four years of football at Stockton High hy heing picked on the lirst All-Section Team, which is an honor hestowed on only the hest valley pigskin players. .lack Bird, tough and consistent right guard, played one year "Been and two years of Varsity for the Tarzans. He topped his playing hy playing on the second Allvsection Team. Bill Bianchi, veteran. plunging hack and another four-year man, was honored also hy heing named quarterback .on the third team picked hy the newspapers. Neil Holmes, center, although not placed on one ol the All-Section Teams, linished an active four-season foothall career this year. Ray Padgett, starting his fourth year with the Tarz- ans, had his season interrupted when he enlisted in the Navy. Padgctts loss was a hlow to the team as he had heen an autstanding end. At the time of pulmlication, plans for the 1945 season were still in douht. Whether or not the Tarzans will compete against outside city teams next season has yet to he decided. 1 N . W W ' I in I vi IM 'iiidfw 'A N" -. ' ' EH' 'V fxlx 1 'JD 5 ?? i Coach Fred Solomon Art Beyetle Neal Holmes Tim Minahen Bluine Trnulmc Dial: Ericlzsen .luck Bird Les Covell Bill Bianchi Les Capps Carroll Bravo Carroll Grunslcy V Y w FUUTB LL ETIU Xvlieeler, Doane, lseRor1cl, Penero, ancl Head all assist in stopping a Driller on an encl sweep wlwicln gainecl notliing. Minalaen is stoppecl in front of tlae lsocli lnencli wlwile Bircl l32l, Holmes Mol, ancl Bianchi l25J bring up tl1e rear. The referees untangle a pile in tlie "Big Game!! against tlae Flames. Tim lVlinal1en f55J anal Neal Holmes f4oD in tlme act of stopping Russo, Pittsburg ace, in tlae seasonys opener. Beyette gets OHT a forty-yarcler against Balcerslielcl with Bianchi anel Covell laying lnloclcs on Drillers in laaclcground. Minalwen 1351 crosses into Pittsburg paydirt as Don Brown f 655 watclies from tlie rear. , Q , , , - 'Y ,I . Tn.: as -3' su... -1.-. ' , " "1'!f'-"' 'ef' ws- :n1av:,y'.ze-M-1:2efzgsifv.-e.1-fre-1imma.-yrrs.-,rm Seasons Score .'l.S.f-57 ........ 26'-lV1CClatCliy ."l.S.H32 25-Maclera '4l,S-.45 ....Y . ..... 16-Lodi HS.-51 . ..v .... 5 1-Lodi .'l.S.f-44 ..... ,,..Q.. 1 Q-,Lodi .'l.S.-35 ..,.. ,.,. 2 4-Modesto i l,S.-40 .,.,.....,.. 56-Modesto 7l.S.-'57 ...v.... 35-Sacramento 'l.S.H4o ....,. . ...... 25-Manteca 'l.S.-43 .,.,. ..,. 2 8-lvlanteca B SHETB LL Possessing one of the smoothest quintets ever represent- ing Stoclcton lfligh, the Tarzans once again came through with a sensational season, winning four crowns. They won the Northern California, the Southern Division, the hig four titles hy heating Sacramento, and the city crown hy talcing a highly regarded Stephen Cruiser team. The quintet went through the interscholastic season without a defeat. McClatchy was the lirst opponent on the schedule, and lVlcClatchy did not have enough all around playing to cope with the Tarzans. Next, was Madera I-hgh, and this game was one of the toughest on the whole schedule. A close victory resulted. Two games with Vlanteca were easily won lay the reserves. Lodi. was the First league opponent, and this was where the Lenz-men showed their real worth. The defeats which they administered to the Flames will Hhurnn in Lodi l-lighls mind for a long, long time. .Vloclesto was the next victim and was powerless against our well-linitted Five. Right after the Modesto series, three First string players were lost hy graduation. They were Boh Klinger, Dan Gower, and .lohn Leary. However, the second players hlled in well, and victory was achieved over Sacramento. Win- ning the city crown was prolaahly their greatest victory. rlaclc Woocls led the scoring with 74 points in eight games. Varsity haslu-llmll group--Fmnl row, Ii-If lo right-Manager, Roland Bransforcl. Bolo Klinger, Jarlr Xvoods. Dan Gower. "NVliizic" l.i-nz. l.c-nnartl Dulriclc. Nvaync llarxlin. Pole Yroz. Buster Clements, Roy Kirslene, and manager. John Madrid. Uncle row, li-fl lo riglil-.lsuflc lm Ronfl, Tim Minalicn. 'lqorn Milligan. Darrhl Dcnloni, John Leary. Gordon lngram. Xwilliur Van Vlcar. Arlliur Aulwurm, Hola Clarlz, Coach Pele Lenz. 1 i.-v.,-...- 1. :,.. V, ,, . , . . -y ,, , , o"""fce?"f'-'- ' ' .. ' 1- f f f- f--5 V .' , H H BASKETBALL Bob Klingcr Jael: Vxfoods Jack I.cRoncl John Lcury Dan Gower ww., , -o -LA?,Ev:. 4?'4 's.:, ' " " 1....gffT."Q""'LV Tim B'Iil'1i1llCI1 N I r 'Hu f l.cn1 xry :Mmm Unn lruxur lnornrf Dum ln il gaum xxllm llmr- rulllrcrr'-191111 :mlm from or In 1 conlvst ull l l lvhrys xarulv IIN- Sloc lon wlucl: l.c I me hpb om In x ulc- lolm I mry folloxu rom Boce cuilcr around llc opposmg xul1 Excl Nom Bxll llmc rcar. ync I' lnrmlin QW ll gn-an .. F "Bee"4BaskcthaH roup-front row left io right'-John Mccamltcss, Bill McFarland. Howard Cauthicr, Reuhcn Smith, Tom Egan, Louie' Det Hatha, Jack Carr. Back row, left to riglit-George Lactas, "George" XVhittinglon, Hohert Miller, Burl Klein, Keith Hamly. VV'erner.Slrauss, Coacwlvtilce Garrigan. fl! - ,,u ' . ,1 lj. f . ' .f 'L f", ' - '. I ' L fi f , - 'J vi " I V 2 'fir H siattiii LL J -I 5, . -. -- K--"'.4. , X' . . ff t After defeating the Lodi HB,sH three straight games for the San Joaquin HBH haskethalt title, the Stockton High School 'ightweights lost a thrilling two out ot three game series with the Modesto Panther "Bs, for the Stanislaus titie and a crack at the "Big Fouru championship. Com- ing hack after suffering a defeat in the First game hy the score of 26 to 22, the Garrigan-ites over- came the Wlodesto squad BQ to 50 on the Modesto court. The Final game. ppiayeti here, found our "Bs, on the short end of a 27 to 28 score. Earlier in the season, the lightweight Tarzans thrice doused the Lodi Flame HB.'sH, hut hy very small margins. This, hecause of a schedule ctrawn up hefore practice hegun, entiied our hoys to the San Joaquin titte, and the right to meet the winner of the Ntoctesto-Turtocic series, which was Modesto of course. Transportation facilities tact:- ingwctue to gas rationing,-this schedule cauect for a round rohin in Sacramento, and series hy Stock- ton-Locti, and Modesto-Tiirtock. The winner in each section met the winner in another section until one team finally emerged the winner of the "Big Fourn championship, hut two points kept them from a chance at the championship this year. Although only six league games were piavect ctue to the shortened schectute, the HBH team met St. tVtary's varsity three times, Ectison varsity twice. and Manteca twice. AH ot these quintets ten to the mighty mites. Bud Klein Rcuhen Smith John Totten Bill Ncharttinrl Louis DctBarh1 "1 W- 'v' 'll ' - lla ,4i.l...el. ' Y--lr' I i- 159' - -f' ,,., . , Ji ZLL Kx I .-g .-y, X E,-:fwfr ' pw. . g. f, .V 'll U' 5,,.v , n ba WYE HN ,SM Gu , . ' Q . V If AXA? Khaki.:-K y 7 L. ,, -fa ' .':f15f?.!4 , -, ,. .sivfvgg v- , Y .. f' 3' ' -'- - :v3gv ?f"SA-.-f3'.,'- . xi 441.1 4.5 17 Q .L ' . , ,I nl' - 'h fairy-1'7 3,1 .I v. 'J sl. ','- -ff is H, whffll l, ' fa '-,vgr'.,'-plvf. I ,,z351?ag' V 1. . -1,4-1 M HA f . 1. . :.4,,.,1 -'11, - ,IL -35 my 3 fr, .x 1 An f3J.1if5f2'i,:-Ls"'1- 1 - ai:-, A351'-54-,Q-RN:f:'.' ,,-5 - V7.1 v 1 . 1-. . 5. A, L -N4 ,I V ,Y :V 'Q Q' .Z"'r ...2, If 3? E4 fl 'kk .r , 1 r 'E' gi. ..s. E 4, 't-iff-' gg '- . .nf : -Z9 ' -fe.. , -f "'f'.'5:" , . f-. f.,,g' ' ' jgfczil, '- 4-4-'x -G 4 85' ,fanf 'TS Q, A, . F . . i,,os..., , "' 4, T l ff A,,,. K -wx -A ' '13, 4, ' 245' ? 'f-nv. ' Ji it llli 5, 3' J-ep in , ,Q ,, '-EQ, , 1. W 'if y.-.A , QT-H 1 f , '1 .x N uf-r Q"' ' 1 wi A . if - ,L ,, iff? Q all 5..,i 5133169 I -3-g5'L'g'.:. " - 1- -1 pf. 12, ' , ,,..1, . ,-L . Z 3 '1-. .wr ff . 13-Q 11 ,' ak., ,- 0 WI., ' ' 213' 1' ,, WN: 'qv .l'1',..iw Lg, . 11123 ' ' EK ' 'gf --.44 1' ""- -' r u FL . ff 1.1535 X -gvf fx TENNIS .... LGI! Io riglii, lop io lmllnniz-I tlotmrt Mitt:-r. David McRae, George Hessvr, Rirtirct ttruinwvtt, Lon Unrtvrwooct, Burt Giant-tti. 2 Falun Pom-rog 3 Ga-urge Hosscr: 4 tlotaarl. Miller: 5 Davi- MacRnc: 6 lion Umturwomt: 7 Louis Gianetti: S Golf man in wrong: place is Wfuynf- ttarrtin firm insist ii wus ilu' plrolounyiriirh cfs niis!u1cuU GULF .... Pifsliiiw-s lop in lmlloni, lofi lu rigfii:-fl ltuclc rmii, Front Solomon. Sr., Xfvaynie ttnritin, Burt Ktniri: Fruit! Row-tliitt Gumpurl, tjrcrt Solomon, .tr,: 2. Hitt Cumpcrlg 3 Coacti Frmt Solomon. Sr.: 4 Burl Klein: 5 T:-nnis man-Rictrarrt Brnmwc-Hg 6 Tom Mctfccgang 7 Frrert Sotomon. .tin 4.1.4 Xvittr ttwree tiotctovers from tast year,s team as a nucteus, the Stockton High Golfers, uncter ttie coach- ing of Frcct Solomon. Sr., stioutft tuave a banner year. The only player wtio is not returning from tast year,s team is .tactc Temtyy, who was ttae numtyer one man. Tom tVtCKC6gEl1'1, Bud Klein, and Fred Solomon, Jr., are ttwc twotctoycrs, and just VV't'1O Witt emerge top man is ctimcutt to say. The remaining spot Witt protnatpty tue fitted in either tvy Xvayne Harctin or Bin Gumpert. Ai ttxe putptication of ttlis tyootc everyttlinfg points to a better season than last when they won four matcties and tost ttve. Ttiey swept ttie Locti series, tost att four to Ntoctesto, anct tpowect to ttie Junior Cottege swingers. I ' Dftggt SPUHT SHORTS nl- v-5 .Lf ,sw- uli ' -r mf Jr..- L-c.4,f . ..- ,Z 4- Mfwgg., .. .,. , m!BmaH-.--'wid . , .Lug-1" Y. , . . A 231-f , -,Q 1, y. . , - ' - m'-f .. ,r " ' .1-....g..Lf,,gA:L.g'2Y --.. - -qw ' . N 'V'--,- 1 --rzx xg., -4 'WR' 1 1' . 2 'i4'2'4'1 GIRLS' SPORTS fl Kem-. fir... 1 7"' -'ffl y .. 1 'v . I hvlibt ,-, ' M, GW? A ,.-v- i,--r aff! 5.2 ,i-fa .111 J P:-I , 7 ,-. ,, ' ' -- jr 1" - - 1' r -41 11.---1 , ., 4.',L - ' pr, j fin - 4 .442 v- uh. 'V' '15 f n, im 1 U ' r.--,..-.- .,,,,:,W A t I-siiiif 1: I-c ,'a"tf"'x I1 I I in 1 I 1 Y r -L ', E 4 47 ' " 'A WX F , . rl xl 1 I w 1 ' get A' .- .P . A- A SA' T ' Q . ' . W ff "'1rf'- , r ,- nf , . 'E3i51f'E. 'W 1?!' 'f- 2 ' ' !- . 'f 1 X .md 'Nj' lf , 1. 4. 'W I '- , I ov Qi'-L lv' v . ' ' 4, , .. 1 .M 15, 1 4 ' A -.,.. , -N, - f ' 'J V:-. .4 ' 'A' 'Q 'F ' -.-"' E.. A Q . fbffi ,f,,.,l .0 N fffvwfyv. .x 1 . - ' ' 8911- 4 V -ws-f" Y , kb. V . V fx. 11' 1.-,,J. ,mlgvgwqt 5 .QQ if Qt W .T la: . ' .V v A ., : A x -.- A J..- If V :R,,"'Y 5.1 q. , A, A l ji gr gif T -, i' -,- V , -55"-Y V 1 .f 1 ' , V, l , k - ' B ..,Eff?7'i5,,P 1' ,'l.3! 'T ar 5 , ' 7' ' iw J, 1 -tif ' J .. sjkyuxvv . if '93-,L.Av'.' F'I!' A Aff, -. il 1 D I-N , K A Y! in .Q v l,r Q' M' I. . ,Q hy, ,A, ,,g, .. ?1'i..e1 - I -Fu 1: A 1 K ta. , If ' 5:-'-'-9. .". ', . " ' .fL.4gj57I,.1 ' '1 ,.f1'l2,gffz?4,j.lgxff3g.3.?2. . if,-Q-gf L--'X X .,, N . ff F fi. 1, . . .sg f 1 0 -f . ...z ix-'L.-51-.. 2' ' f.,, -'z.- '.51?'.:r:q4-qs.fgii.:. , . " f1."if5l9'fL, -N 'gf AH" ' 8,6 W 5-qi --,ie,'f.L 1 - ,.,.: rlU , ,N ' I .1 X ,fi V V k Q "4 l f. fag . mf r- ' , ..'s:a.-mi 1 -. .'f'-'V ,A wfifm . f- ii .raf1..f"' AMW Q' X 2-7'P5'7':","'A-L73-i7Ti'fV3r ffffc , , A- ' .-.L :hivv 'A .54 'ffl " --', ' ' 'Aff' . .f::.Qi2:1f " -.- ,'.i,-g.-.5 1-r,1fs'P'.z,v-i,,'f1'A w . vi 1 .5 1 -faq..-'-4.- " -' ' A ' , I ' 'N'-fl. Efsffi-1,5 fa it '15, 'fr ni . .Q :ff . da .m - . Y--H ' ' - " "' " "rf" D V A 41:1 - 545513-In 'E ,', '3P'!1Lnff"E 1 .ng -' 1 .,a,fhQ .ew . nrgfff. f'--T -M '- f f:w2.:f-.-.. . w .-Z?"" " -b 2 hr-'lg' 511- , -.11 'J,- a- ' Wi. 'f . 1 in ::f2'F" '-f-' - A 'rffff 2 iv JwfM5f" .f.f 'if ' y, 'f v . -' "l'. F'4- - 'ff ..,.vf'55'2'gT'17-1 - H V 4 'iffYff.f "fQ5.-.'.sf'v7-fi' i?'A-:fi VP' .ES-?"T .--'f' .ii+i5i1fA - " ' v1f"1'fQ. -4rw'fw f'fP-f'-2-vw? s".'V5i7f"-Q ' ' 'i3Af'I'V. I.. "'?f..4 S.. , in . . j- - Q . H 5.-,F . V fllgpa-iq' Q: iw., 'ji . I M gf' . A, V 1... -f.:f.?3l , A -:Q V v . Q A K-gtihf' ,gw..,wa1.vf. 'R H Qi n: it N ,wi ff. 4 va A I, .-., I- . -M , uw. li- V - ' '- : H-,::f,r'rf,,-,g-. T-I-' '--,, :Aw f "' ...E 3:3 :- , JUEQ R4 3, .-U: 'Y 7j,'b'f 'af G' 'sv " ' -. Bi ' " ' - 5' V -"1 .wmv A1 4 372- , :...,rv-w1',,-y,.5 ,f'ffff-N ' -.11-.-2? -. . -. ,W-..'y'f 4 ,gg is iffy' 5 , ,T -. ,. 1 JH'-3 ' 't ' Y ' I . , V 'Aw ' ...,1 M1.--:i"."v'f'1 . .4 yur: uQq"x .-7"v1,x-uf.-' ft'-'ff QL"-'. .' ." P . '- ' 3 - ig, - ' -9 ' Pl ,F IW mfggx' - - , ,.,.-J - '..' 1 :"' -' lf?-5'-4 - '- :L H - ,-n--"fav -r... f H . ' - -. 5"-4-"'f1W 11 -, '. 3'1" 4- . . 1 . Lf-yew.-, - ui sf-.4 Bi -A YQ-Q. W - fam'-'.5,. -fa 'fi -. e A .A . 'st NSY- Q' gg A. -. f - J, ,, "' 1. ,ff g-- A. -.ffvvw -G 17:45, 1 I -ia: 'H-1-A H,f3!f.'.k-V W- Q , -I A .1 AJQQQ I . ',y,p y 1 . . . .. 4 ...vw fi Q.- .Af .'a.f"Lf - -.HP-TW-'-19T', -w ' f -fa' Q" "' ' 5 A1 -1 W, ., 1 'V . J , - -.j.:.1 b f -1'-321' ' 1:.':ilfv:flyf,fi,,'.va.Lcfi,,,.H,r 2: .4 Q-413.1 A ' f aff. - fu ' f:f.L" 5. P 2 'Q A gg! 1,-495, , I'-, 7923f,Q'5'f'f5pf.f1.ffHr y.. ' ' lisp' 1' ylJygrk4V'a,v Ein, f. fi?-V - ' 1-ii. Q.Q " H , . , .V .1.-.H"v:1 1 15" . gl"'7fefI,"f-5'lifif 'E '-11" ' -fi.. . 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Phone waz EE I sToCKToN CALIFORNIA ' ,LAL-L-:,,f::::,:::::.Av-:::::.-,E-::: 1 u.,,,,,,.,.,.,,,,,,: ,,,,,,,::,:,,,,,,Q' Tx: T:::x'Sx::'S::::'-F: 'H I' :::::::::::::: '::x:x:::::::::::' . BEST WISHES FROM 'I 4 ', THE BEST OF EVERYTHING TO YOU 4 K R 5 5 if El. DORADO DRUG STORE 55 I S M 5c, IOC and 25c STORE i . . 4 4 MWATCH 'mess wmpowsn ,I IoI E. MARKET, sToCRToN, CALIFORNIA 1: I 43 4 ::-::::::::---ff-f:::ffff::-::::f- 44- -f-:::::::::::::::::::::::::- Compliments of ..... 4 4 ZMQFZMKMW' 4 "Our Milk Served in the High School Cafeteria" 1 448 West Fremont Street 4 Telephone 8 8613 STOCKTON I N 'I 'I N ----- v---- ----v--------,,,,--::f::J .lllnd LLL DRINK EULA I BEST BY TASTE TEST EEL.-- ....... . .............A.. AA........ - I F ' ' -n ::::::::ff::::: :ff I I 1 1 I YOU CAN BUY EVERYTHING , I S I I In Ihe Eafing Une GI - - - 'E For 87 Years Have Served I sToc:KToN and vlclN1TY . . I I, Gala-Delucchl 8: Co. :g :g , , , , I :I Ip WIII1 'I'I'1e Fmesf of Home Furnishings HC. 'I I 1: STOCKTON 1: I: I :I Main 8: Hun+er .L I Main 8: San Joaquin Phone 8-853I Q' IL ................ ....... ....A :f'::: H ICE . . FUEL . . BUILDING MATERIALS AIR CONDITIOIXIED REFRIGERATORS P I1 o n e 6 -6 9 6 6 830 SoutI1 CaIiIornia St. .Iusl sarrIim-s, lI1al s II . Anol.Iu-r wm-In-r oul in lIw Iic-IcIs . . . Eh.. -L... Phone Sfocldon 2-I307 NATHAN-REIMAN CAM E R A S H O P 528 Easf Main S+ree+ Slockfon, California BLANEY 81 SPECKENS Phone 2-6I I6 27-3I S. EL DORADO ST., STOCKTON, CALIF Congrarulaiions Io Class of '43 Complimenis of . SCHWARTZ u g g a g e SHOP Everyfhing for +he Traveler Phone 2-3I63 5I7 Easi Main Sireei STOCKTON, CALIF. WISHING YOU HAPPINESS FORTY-NINE DRUG CO.. INC SI'ock+on, California "The Babb-Inn" Charley thanI4s you lor your splendid patronage "You're a Great Bunchu Sfocldon Fresno Oakland San Francisco Sacramen+o Sanra Rosa Chico Los Angeles Modesfo Porfland, Ore. Phone 6-6738 and 6-6739 A. H. DAVIES PAINTING SERVICE Q Home Office 3.39 E. Miner Avenue S+ocldon ---- California Disfincfive Furnifure Floor Coverings DRAPERIES BURNHAM BROS. "Personalized Service" 4I7 - 42l E. Weber Avenue Office Phone 9-9038 Siocldon, Calif. DANNY'S BAR B QUE Our Feafure TURKEY IN STRAW JUMBO HAMBURGERS and SPECIAL FRENCH FRIED CHICKEN Tray Service - Coun+er Service A+ 'Ihe Corner of Harding Way and Eldorado SI' 45,777 ,,,,, v,- fOr' "'A """"""' ' "' I SIVIITII 6: LANG 'I Main Sfreef af San Joaquin WOMEN'S READY TO WEAR - PIECE GOODS I MILLINERY - WOMEN'S SHOES I BEAUTY SALON - HAIR CUTTING A DELIGI-ITFUL PLACE TO SHOP IN -AN EXPERIENCED SALES FORCE AND REASONABLE PRICES l CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES OF '43 I M. connfn s. sous Complimenfs of Ihre EEE lbmmas -mwfosfcu' Main af Hunfer Phone 8-86I6 'I.-,,- ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,v, ,rrvf THE HOLDEN DRUG C0. DAN W. MORRISON, Propriefor FREE DELIVERY 345-347 E. Weber Ave Sfoclcfon, Calif. N. W. Cor. Weber and Suffer Phone 4-4744 I "THE FRIENDLY FURNITURE STORE" I I I I 'I I: I36-I48 S. San Joaquin Sf. Sfockfon, Calif. : W-vvv-t----W v I I COMPLIMENTS :I OF I I I QZZFI1 auf ': I, 535 - 544 EAST MAIN ST. , Sfockfon, California :E I,,,,,, :J If :xx:::::x:-::x:::: Q: MILL and MINE SUPPLIES 1: IRON and STEEL Q: HEAVY HARDWARE 'I 'I I WELDING SUPPLIES ELECTRIC TOOLS PIPE VALVES and FITTINGS HICKINBOTlIAM BBIIS., LTD. I 'I I I I I ESTABLISHED I852 lg 536 SOUTH AURORA STREET PHONE 4-4833 STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA I Rza! flohlifcf Dau halib- .Q GUQIIIIILIIIXIIE IE'IfIIR'I . M am mgnrsnu wmv --s-:naman 0 A Zcddozu- 62150 U0n2'14'1uI3T THE ROLLING-PIN WISHING YOU SUCCESS TINY GANSNEDER YEAGEPCS Distinctive FURNITURE Floor Coverings H Draperies DIAL 2-7818 40 N. Sutter Sc. STOCKTON Complimenis of AUSTIN BROS. 30I SOUTH AURORA STREET. Norman Confection Service 3209 North California Street. Telephone 8-8851 9 Fresh Candies FOR EVERYONE Always on Hand at Your High School Cafeteria PACIFIC COFFEE SHOP 2041 PACIFIC AVENUE STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA CLASS OF '43 CIHRELFHLLS C OTHES FOR lTlEI'l and BOYS 43 EJTIRIII ST. STOCKTOII. CHL Stoclcton Dry Goods Co. SI'ock+on's Largesf and Mos'I' Com,pIeI'e Depar'rmen'r Sfore 1 We invife you +o open a charge accoun'r Phone and Mail Orders PrompIIy Filled MAIN AND AMERICAN STS. Phone 9-977I LOGAN CAMERA. SHOP COMMERCIAL and PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS PHOTO SUPPLIES - FRAMES 20 NORTH SAN JOAQUIN STREET -STOCKTON DIAL 2-2I48 A ::::: .-:::: :::::.-.-::: J P ll f I Nzilmlnm Minalwn. You Hgurv it out . . . Anything for altonlionl ' i::: """"""" ::::::::::"::::' : 'r I i SPONSORS 'E I ' THE H. C. SHAW CO. ' THE MEDICO DRUG CO. I LEVlNSON'S DRESS SHOP 4. CALIFORNIA FLORAL CO. 4 L' MALLETT'S ' i 'r r fl Busi-rs SHELL STATION L,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,l fop lo lfoilom:-1 lifary Virginia Pond, Frances Oiivarcs. and articles they demonstrated for publir speaking class. 2-Gut in front waiting for the bell lo ring. 3--Senior Rough Day-One ruggerl senior goes down. 4 F :::::: ---- ::: - -::: - - f A A.-::::.f::.n 5E Rosenstec-sl ' 5: 55 Printinq 1, :E Compan I LE 157 west Adams I 1 '+ at Pacific Avenue ii 4 'I 'i 'n if O P one 2fOS1S if L ,..S S, --- ....... - ...... ---Q xx 1 FQN FD Q W0 I X SK .c9 Jji, 630 4 I x . ' Kg 5 MM A A Q NM w W f 51" Q Mf f N , J if f gf F EXW ff W f . W MWEM pf 5 gk Ugg A C555 A W ,mm A N .x S fdwuwfj ig MQW Q? Q W 5 IU , - Uf5f'7?Q? L ff LQ X M, A I 'Elvis N- an tO' G I K' lib' E . if W ,, !fL4f Mf A ff'-Ki A "fx -- .., 9 ' Q, X ,gl Q QE' Q 'f1S"V 'L Q Q? ' G "'1 Q Q.. In X, QS QNX. V I xx kj IX gn, '-5 I x I ii W X F5023 sa ' , Q H! Vin ,fofxfxg Ci, f-asf . 1 SN V2 '1Q f ,M Q 57 F X ' ' Mi, 0 ' 5.1 x, I J V, .. ,A pf ,gf Kwik' fir? Af! , Y Q m W4,my b M7 fu . 4 ,TU , 'f . . ',,j , gi j I f 'N J! l NMA M H fffgf. - h A fu.g.M.L -mf I . , Q, if N, W -'wif H ww M WAWW Q x AY xg V r 1 ,V tam I , - f ' ' ,f - ,1 - , h - H W 1 1 ' V , 2 1 - v " - 1 - . - . '. f I an ' f -' l' . ' N, W , J il .r ln X V . H., , V , .,. u -- W' 1 ,' ' ' ' ' '- 'Q' , Nj' 1 1h K I ff. 1 5 - u - V - ' H .. V, ' ' "F-.-V-'-1: , -. - X 'LM A if rl I., I .1 ' K'-bf,-,5 ,L -il ,:- Ig flu ' "' . . l X 'X - ' A E 'yi .: ." J. , 5 'F ' i'?'?'? " Q ' " ' ' ' ' A " 1 ' .-. yi- f ' ,N "' Hn., , ' 1, 3 fn '. " 'f '- ' ,. Y ' . 'J--51 1 , W, I 1 1

Suggestions in the Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) collection:

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