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W wW U . A A ' w ' H5 ,mx , "f - J W wg, A Q ' S J y , . -4 , .' '. W J , X ZW I ' f J uf 0 lx B N. ,wif 131 1139 7 W yi? Qp QW fcovp-rVd,7 --'F-',Fh - I ' ' " . bw Dwi? WWW Qs Q 3 W Wgfgwfz W ,QQ BGUJWQC Q 1fWL QMW'A A 5 W Wiif M 'X Mg, J Nj! W mfwf W , lil sjf N may kk? It EQYEX Q? 11710 VWW i HPS ,I Y. 'Iii E , 5, 41 its an E n " 355 ju, Z'-' -I J Y' ur I .Its x x, 1 -5' Ak r ,A K, 4 i f . FH gf Y if L -fu 4 I .QL X , n ruzh. 'L ,lwl . ' ' V l' 1-I PUBLISHED BV THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OE STOCKTON HIGH SCHOOL NANCY KAISER. EDlTORg DAVE POWLAND, ART EDITORq JACK BURNS AND STARK PISTER, PHOTOGRAPHERS: JEAN MARIE ARNOLD, BUSINESS Iv1ANAGERg ERWIN G-IBBONS, COPY EDITOR. 3' " qi- Above is +he picfure of fhe main en- hance fo Sfocidon High School where siudenlrs gaiher before and offer classes every dey. A+ The righlr is Jrhe audiior- iurn parfly hidden behind Jrhe foliage of ihe frees and shrubs. Campus Views ,' v Q- 'T M. 1, 1 v"gI4N , I' ' "fi , ' Q - -.,, 1 , V ,V ' .A Qu 4' 1. '-'iw Lv, .1 1551 f , 'gg-v6,. - 43. - ' 53? f 'f ' :lf ' ' J , L 42" L Q.. -1, .M hm' -ver. .1 -, , Q' i?I,,4-A -VAL -, A , ry .:,g.,, A . 544, K I ax . fa, ,mv .y 3.54, ,L Skaggs, 'YU-. I K-16 W ',v Aa. 'gt ' fy N -, ,,, -' L , ? V , ,'fr2f"'f35Q,d.- 44, - -,w ' J. W w,fT" f" 7' ' W.. "Sidi 4. 4,1 ,K-4:5 A ' 'V -- , dx. V Eltwv K Z 3 I una i , -..f. . Axe, Q I K , 1 ff 6'2" ,fax J QV ' 71' fi ,, .wr ,-4. , , ' ' - 'l 4 3 NJ W-:W L",-'I 2 wif .' , " L 1' 1 A. ff , f f' S' - I 'ml 'f ' A ' if ' fe. "'wfg'?'5WP-war '1 - fa' ' .ww ff' ,- .,-,.s s,f.,, 4 .r 1, I V 1 , . ww +L f. ,. , f4,,4"f:.sf 4 Aix. s M. iq Q' .' f Q, ,Q A. - ik ,Q 5 V ' ' f ' fi- ' 4 M' Q., van . - F' ' 5 - Av A ,Q - j- vi! , Y V5 pa -. ii ,A A s G 1 Y M-cn' , ,, X M, ' ., 5-,Y Y. .nys I 1 ,R N , , , WK , VA A l 1 I ., V: I , 454' gf ' -- 1555-44 fb A . A QQ. ,fi :V .Qs ,5e'.f": ' I 'gy 7 " L' ,ff L 9' 'Q , if V f- 5,5 .nv . R ,, in , . me in n. N a , ,, , f1'.,."w,,, , " "9 nf 4:34459-' Q a ' ' 3 an t 'V V' QF . Y .X Q Jrfl.. ' F Ig. ' ' vi ' v . ""A A V, Q k 'gift V "K V X if Q it 'Q-if. as V ,R K. X Sy K yyff' Q , :vi :xg I AV I H 'f Q , 55 M- Y 4 5 4 'N A . Q . ,fy , ' ,live-1. - . V ' R A-f A A' ,. n ,ALM may ' I K . .fy RQ K ,xv VV, WU ,J ygzfq V ,. Q A , ' ag x S pi, ' '4 VL ,Y n Kb - Mun, D' 4 'l2?v, FOREWORD This yearbook is published Tor you sTu- denTs oT STockTon I-Iigh School wiTh The hope ThaT iT will aTTord you. The sTudenTs, many pleasanT memories oT Those days of Tun and work which made up your years ThroughouT your high school career. NoT only will This book remind you oT The school, sTudenTs, and TaculTy, buT we also hope ThaT iT will remind you oT The men in our armed Torces. AlThough iT is impossible To caTch every phase oT sTudenT acTiviTy and organizaTion, The sTaTT has Tried To presenT The high spoTs of school life. We, The sTaTT, hope ThaT many youTh- Tul memories will be recalled as you look Through These pages. -The EdiTor. CONTEN INTRODUCTION c ADMINISTRATION c, CLASSES ..... C. cccc ,,,,.... . I ACTIVITIES c c Q SPORTS . c ccc. .. TS I-5 6-I I I2-43 44-67 68-83 IINI IVIEIVIORIAIVI E D I T I-I B A I L E Y MRS. ADELAIDE V. METCALF DEDIQATION This picfure represenis one of Ihe many men in our armed forces. We dedicafe Ihis book Io Roberf CIarIce, our pasfannual adviser,who Ieif his work Io enIis'r in Ihe armed forces as a Iirsf cIass privafe. As Mr. CIarI4e Ieff earIy in The year, we missed his guidance during Ihe spring semesfer. Good IucIc Io you Mr. CIarIce wherever you may be. As +he high school sludenls have an ad- rninisrralion 'ro guide 'rhem on 'rheir way, so do lhe soldiers of 'rhe Slocldon Air Field have an adminisfrafion 'ro guide fhem. A+ 'rhe righl you will see lhe ad- minislralion lower where a close guid- ance is lcepl on all soldiers in flying planes. ADMINISTIQATICDINI ' .uv 1 dpi 'If Q! ESQ A lr! 5 X 59 EM ww " 'SBK ak 1 1 4 uf. SFA 4-6 mg i"'4l X A I O 35 "NAv-,.fJA wx,-A W, FRED ITLLIS W PRINCIPAL J. C, CAVE A DEAN OF BOYS ALICE MLINNES -- DEAN OF GIRLS FACULTY gwssfx-w'ws -- A--" ,, 4. we fn-u-ssl!!! xi -' i f "V T' 43- Upper Group-Firsi Row: Mr. Lanciiurn, Miss McGioHniin, Miss Rinsei, Miss Seine, Miss Lovejoy. Second Row: Mrs. Abboii, Mr, Van Gildor, Mr. Wenfz. Miss Brown, Miss i-ioeii, Mr. Snooic, Miss Luices Third Row: Miss Palwi, Mr. Younq, Miss Slvori, Lower Group--Firsf Row: Mr. Harrison, Mr. Peierson, Mr. Pisier, Miss Wiiiiams, Miss Biiss, Miss i-ian cock, Miss Pviderson, Miss Hubbeii, Second Row: Miss Green, Miss Hoqqie, Mrs, Anderson, Mi. M. Lewis, Mr. J. Srniiin, Mr, Hoiimeisier, Miss Siiiord. Third Row: Miss Posi, Miss De Ruciiie, Mi, Van Viear, Mrs. Sfuarr, Mrs, May, Mrs. Kerr, Miss Cass, Mr. Wiilifams. Fourih Row: Miss Bainffii, Miss Lamson, Miss Ross, Mr, Evereii, Miss Harris, Mr. Hibbard, Mr. Sweei, Miss Maiic, Miss TulTy, Mis. Wliiie, Miss Wriqiif, Mrs. Decker. Fiiih Row: Mr. Carmiciwaei, Mr. Raven, Mr. Vannuccini. Mi. Corbeif, Miss Hunwbarqer. YI W1 .1-4.4 WI 1.1 .1 L rvnvvv- ly tllfi B SPRING lvvml lfrvw, N ,.i . dn lfiav-.1-v, ST rr S vlrlvvcl. Sv-c rind R 9 Y ullv- nw, Avl B1-yrflle, Tfrvvvvva lv-an Van liylre, Uv Tmvv L v rv s l, Dave: l Vmnee V1 fb i,Tl1ivd Rrvwi Nlnvy 'lcv Alhf-mn, Rn Ti nv-v TVT4-l Mi J, C UHTU, V0 lvvS S' vlb Lulllm, . Cqlvt:. FALL LCTT Row-BoTTom To Top: John Miller, Jaclric B u rd, Mary Jean ATheav'n, Na- oma Pervy, Nancy Kaiser, Howard Lenz, BoTTy Hogan. Sec- ond Row:Jeanne l-Tall. Bob Hanson, Reed Robbins, Bill Bianchi, Dave Con- nelly, and Mr. J. C. Cave, STUDENT CCDUINICIL The STudenT Council is The "Congress" oT The school consisTing oT eleven acTive members who are chosen by The sTudenT body during The semi- annual elecTions. Mr. Cave, school vice-principal and dean oT boys, spon- sors The group, while lvlr. Carmichael is Tinancial adviser. This lasT year has been a busy and evenTTul one Tor The STudenT Council. STudenT dances have been given TreguenTly, and The STudenT Police PaTrol which we now have on duTy aT all rallies originaTed in The STudenT Council. Ap- proving bills, and passing aThleTic awards were oTher acTiviTies oT The "Congress" AlThough There is no reward Tor Their labor excepT honor and a Tew meriTs, The sTudenTs worlc willingly To make our school a beTTer one. Upper Group--Row I lBoTTom To Topl: SanguineTTi, I-I a r b e r T, O'Connor, PisTer. Row 2: Raab, WiTT, Boren, Connelly, Ware. Row 3: Sulherland, Burns, Brown, Mill- er. Row 4: Robbins, Brenchley, Fowler, Beckham, Oliver. Second Group - Row I: Orsi, Lewis, Hall, Morais, Turner, Row 2: Sheperd, Clark, Macpherson. Row 3: Anderson. HickinboTham, Shauor, I-Ioqan, RaTTo, French. Row 4: Andresakis, Passadore, Long, AThearn. ErnsT. Third Group--Row I: Sprague, RaTTo, Davis, STrand, Billones. Row 2: FleTcher, Marrello, Julius, Her- iing, Arnold, Row 3: Van Dyke, AThearn, Boren, Lease. Row 4: Kaiser, Perry, French. Row 5: Jen- kins, Ohm. Fouifh G-roupellow I: GebhardT, Umino, Burns, Miller, Robbins. Row 2: Vassar, Holmes, Bianchi, Bird. Row 3: SuTherland, LaTham, Ladd. Row 4: BeyeTTe, PadgeTT, Boren, Lenz, STUDENT CCDNTIQCI. The purpose oT The STudenT ConTrols is noT To punish The sTudenTs buT To warn Them and help Them obey school rules. There is a ConTrol Tor boTh girls and boys headed by The FirsT Vice-PresidenT oT The STudenT Body and The Commissioner oT WelTare. Each group consisTs of TwenTy members composed OT Com- mercial, Academic, and Vo- caTional sTudenTs. The girls' meeTings are held every Wed- nesday aTTernoon while The boys' are held whenever They are called TogeTher by The Commissioner oT Welfare. AT every meeTing each sTudenT Turned in Tor violaTing a school rule is given a Tair Trial by members who aim To TreaT all oTTenders Tirmly buT Tairly. n. H., N , J f I 'I' 1 2" ' ...J -HY ., J ,r K -1' , 5 Y 4:49. As Hue high have many Qnffmm 'so db +h. sovase,-5 of hh field. Their idlhsses ih cibssrooms ds at Z3-E 511+ many fimes an-6 held I An lfih A+ fha fighi' you will of fha many clasies which is MH, buf-doors. . th :bl lx! , . 11 1 V, , . 12:-. ' - - , V . -L - 31 . - Q 41, 1 -. V V - 1 --A '.. ' ' . '1' f 'V V :. .L V , . , 1 . 1 1 " " "A I'+5'.f'.1 . ff ,- 'f' . 5 X!-1:'." . .1 -Vn 1'1.1-J V ' - x -:V '1' 1- 4 . 'f"-1- 'V, , . .-V .- V 1' .mi . .w1.-1'-A L. IV' I - V , 1. 11. 5 .. ,V V , , . -V 1-.' - . . . , , .., A-I A., r , -5 . W, ,V .- -.I 11 7.,.VV,',u'. -. X ,j,w..V,g ., R V -V ,X N 1 414-, , A. ,,y,, ,u W. . . .MV ,i'1,, ., V. -Q A .L .- ' , . '. -ol -X. , 1 1 5 .2"m11fHV 3 'EWS 1 U- .411 ,ggi -i Y X I J: 1. YQ ' 'LQ'1'fl-- ' if Q f , img E1 V. U' -, 1-Y, HE"l "1 'U x , , A -11 S K 1 Y . 9 Vv 3 V rm? h fff' 15 .14 Y F dl' .1 1 A w f 0 1' A Sv : gs fun L A S ' 'X , +1 i we EM FN 'iii 1 ar al' FEBRUARY-1942 AGESEN, RICHARD-Vocalional. ANDERSON, LAWRENCE A.-Academic: Vice Pres. of Boys' Science Club Fall '40 Spr. '4l: Firsl Orch. Fall '39 Fall '4l. ANDERSON, VERNON-fAcademic. APIDRESAKIS. ANNIE--Commercial: Base- ball awards. ARAQUISTAIN, CLAUDIO-Commercial. AULT, TEOLA-Commercial. AVILA, LURDES-Commercial. AVILA, MANUEL--Vocational, BAHNSEN, BOB-Academic: Won 4Ih prize in Calil. Hisl. Conlesl Spr. '39. BAKER: DONALD-Vocalional: Linolype operalor of G. 8: T. Fall '4l. BANTILLO, ANGELINA-Academic? 5 sem. Honor Scholarship: Pres. Filipino Club Spr. '4I: Sec. Los Gauchos Spr. '40: PFSS Fell '40: Nalional Clerical Boolclreepinq Tesl Cer- Iificale Spr. '4I. BARRY, JANICE LEE-Academic. BAUMBACH. ELDEN-Vocalional: Gradu- aled 3lf2 years. BEATON, RODERICK-Academic: Bloclc "S" Spr. '4l lo Spr. '42: Bloclcs in "B" "JV" and "VarsiIy" baslrelball: lnframural baslrelball award: gold baslrelball: First Orch. BECICHAM, NORMAN--Academic: Bloclc "S" Fall '40 lo Spr. '42: Bloclr "S" in lool- ball: Pres. Bloclc "S" Fall '4I: Sludenl Con- Irol Fall '40, BECKNELL, JOHN-Vocalional: Gradualed 3'f2 years. BELLI, LENO-Commercial. BETTENCOURT, BEVERLY-Commercial. BLACKFORD, BILL-Academic: 2nd place in High Jump Spr. '38. BLANCHARD, MARGARET-Commercial. BOLTON, BARBARA-Commercial. BOOKSIN, KATHRYN - Academic: Sec. Girls' Science Club Spr. '40: Vice Pres. So- cial Service Club Spr. '4l. BOWERS, MARION-Commercial, BRASSESCO. GLADYS-Commercial. BUSH, PHILIP-Academic. CALVELLI, MARY ANNE - Commercial: GAA awards in baseball: Sec. B. 8: W. Slall Fall '4l, CAM PODONICO, BETTY-Commercial. CARMICHAEL, Tl-IERON-Vocalional: 4 sem. Honor Scholarship: Swealer and gold baslrelball awards. CASENAVE. LEON-Academic: 2 JV Bloclrs '38, '39: Varsily loolball Bloclr '40: Trouba- dours Fall '40. CAULKINS, RUTH-Academic: Ass'l Drama Edilor B. 81 W. Fall '39 Spr. '40: Spr. '4l Firsl Band: Porlrayed Mrs. Cluclc in Feb. Sr. Class Play. CHAN, HANNON-Academic. CHESI, EVELYN-Academic: Sql.-al-arms ol Ifalian Club Fall '40 Spr. '4I. CHOY, CONSTANCE-Academic: 4 sem. Honor Scholarship: Nalional Clerical Boolc- lreeping Tesl Cerlilicale Spr. '4l. CLINE, LORRAINE - Academic: GAA award in baseball: Firsl Band '38 Io '4O: Firsl Orch. '40 lo '4l. COLLINS, PATRICIA-Commercial. CORREN, MELVIN-Academic. DAVIDSON, ALVIN-Academic: Firsl Band '39 lo '4I: Caplain of Band Spr. '4I. DELMONT, NADINE - Academic: GAA baslrelball awards. DENSER, ROSEMARY--Commercial. DE VERE, ROBERT E.-Academic: I sern. Honor Scholarship. DINKLE, JEANNE-Commercial. DRYDEN, HAROLD-Academic. DUNLAP, GRANT-Academic: Bloclr "S" in baslcelball: Bloclc "B" and Varsily Block for baslrelball. ECKGREN, DONNEL-Vocalional. ELLIS, MELBA-Academic. ERNST, MARGARET ANN-Academic! I sem. Honor Scholarship: Ouill and Scroll Fall '40 fo Spr. '42: GAA baslrelball and tennis awards: News Edilor of G. 8: T. Spr. '4I: Girls' Glee Spr. '4O: Sql.-al-arms So- cial Service Clulo Spr. '4I: Sec. Sludenl Conlrol Fall '4I. EVANS, DICK-Academic: Firsl Band '38 Io '4O. EWERTSEN, BETTE-Academic: Firsl Band Fall '39 lo Fall '4I. FARLEY, DAVID - Academic: Vice Pres. Quad C Hi-Y Spr. and Fall of '4I: Comm. of Records Fall '4O. FASELLI, CARMEN --Vocalional: Gradu- aled in 3If2 years. FENDER, WAYNE-Academic: 3 Blocls in Varsily Foolball. FITZ GERALD, GERALD-Academic. FOGEL, MARTIN-Academic: I sem. Hon- or Scholarship. FONG, DORIS-Academic: 7 sem. Honor Scholarship: Social chairman of Chinese Club Spr. '40 and Sgl.-al-arms Fall '4l: Pres. Spanish Club Spr. '4l: American Le- gion Calif. Hisl. Conlesl winner '39: Na- lional Clerical Boolclceeping Tesl Cerilicale Spr. '4l. D. BAKER A. BANTILLO B. BLACKFORD M. BLANCHARD T. CARMICHAEL L. CASENAVE M. CORREN A. DAVIDSON M, ELLIS M. ERNST D. FONG J. FORRESTER J. GARDELLA R, GATES an . , I Wil 5 sa. s . -.,:5f-.,- ., ..g. .. E .zun y , . gl , 521 Nw., -. .5 . w 5 'iff - ' W e I , e f w' fi ' ' - ,. , l f' Y .2:ui1."rg,. . er r: fi? f Q.. W' if ffl- 1- - sir , .. i ,, . iw -1 - . 1. ,I lr. ,, , A :. fr, X av 4 ' ' . , -.1 A' 1 J S I W ,.,: :ij .l., Ay .51 V. ANDERSON A. ANDRESAMS J. BARRY C. ARAQUQSTAIN T. AULT L. AVILA M. AVILA B. BAHNSEN E. BAUMBACH R. BEATON N. BECKHAM J. BECKNELL L. BELLY B. BETTENCOURT R l N. DELMONT R. EVANS W. 1 L G? B, BOLTON K BOOKSIN CAULKINS N fb - -.' .. Q. , 9 L... 6 li M, BOWERS G. BRASSESCO P. BUSH M. CAVELLI B. CAMPODONICO E CHESI A. CONRADT H CHA . C, CHOY L. CLINE P. COLLINS R. DENSER .DE VERE J. DINKEL H. DRYDEN G-. DUNLAP D. ECKGREN B. EWERTSEN .FARLEY C. FASELLI W. FENDER '. FITZ GERALD M. FOGLL r x"" gs . Ak H 'ff ' ' H. FOTINOS P. f'OWl.ER A. FRANK D. FREDERICK 1. FUJI1 S. FLJJIMURA M. GABBA M. GERBERDING V. GIANNINI E. GIOVANDO A D, GOLDMAN E. GRIDER J. GUERRERO J. GUYON x -- 2 L fu- ' I ' .a1Wf7w'!!!" - lx- . -0' f f'H f-'IQ - FEBRUARY-1942 FORRESTER, JEANETTE-Academic: A+- fended Barlleville Hi School, Olclahoma '35 lo '37, FOTINOS, HELEN-Commercial. FOWLER, PAUL-Academic: 3 sem. Honor Scholarship: Bloclc "S" Fall '40 To Spr. '42? Vice Pres. of ll B Class Spr. '40: Sec. Hon- or Scholarship Spr. '39: Vice Pres. German Club Fall '40: Treas. Block "S" Socieiy Fall '4l: Treas., Vice Pres.. and Pres. of Hi-Y: Varsily Bloclr "S" in foolball: Sludenl Con- Trol Spr. '4I lo Spr. '42. FRANK, ALDO-Academic. FREDERICK, DANA-Vocalional. FUJll, ICHIO-Academic: 5 sem. Honor Scholarship. FUJlMURA, SHlGERU-Commercial. GABBA, MADEUNE--Commercial. GARDELLA, JACK-Commercial. GATES, RALPH-Academic: I sem. Honor Scholarship: Firsl Orch. Spr. '40. GERBERDING, MARGARET-Commercial! Gradualed in 3lf2 years: I sem. Honor Scholarship. GIANNINI, VERNON-Commercial: Grad- uaied in 3lf2 years. GIOVANDO, ESTHER-Academic: Gradu- aled in 3lf2 years. GOLDMAN, DONALD-Vocalional: Gradu- aled in 3lf2 years: Allended Galileo Hi, San Francisco, Fall '38 To Fall '4O. GRIDER, EDITH-Academic: Slrinq Ensem- ble Spr. '39: Firsl Orch. '39 +o '4lI Allend- ed Modeslo Hi Spr. '38. GUERRERO, JlMMlE--Commercial: Bloclr "B", Bloclc "S" in foolball: lnlramural Base- ball awards. GUYON, JlMMlE-Commercial: lnlramural Baslrelball: "B" Baslcelball: Varsily Baslcel- ball awards: lnlrarnural Baseball awards. HALL, JEANNE-Academic: 2 sem. Honor Scholarship: Pres. IIB Class Spr. '40: Vice Pres. Tri Y Fall '40: Jr. Red Cross Rep. '39: Vice Pres. Sludenl Body Fall '4I: Tennis award: Porlrayed Lucille Marcy in Feb. Sr. Play. HAMILTON. DONALD-Academic. HANCOCK, KEVIN-Academic: Allended Manleca Hi School Fall '37 lo Spr. '39, HANLEY, BILL-Academic. HANSON, BOB-Academic: I2 B Sr. Pres. Fall '4l: Sec. of Tennis Club Spr. '4l: Treas. of Playcraflers Fall '4l: Troubadours Spr. '40 lo Spr. '42, HARBERT, JOE-Academic: Bloclc "S" Fall '40, Spr. '42: Troi. Hi-Y Sec. Spr. '4l: Sec. German Club Fall '40: Pres. Boys' Science Club Fall '40 lo Spr. '4l: Blocl: "S" in fool- ball: Sludenl Conlrol Spr. '4l lo Spr. '42, HAUFLER, BILL-Academic: Firsl Band. HAYASHlNO, HENRY - Academic: Pres. Japanese Club Fall '4l. HERNANDEZ, JOE-Vocalional: 3 years lraclr Runcie Trophy: Briones Trophy: Cross Counlry Record holder C.C.S.H.A.L, HIGBY, JACK-Academic: Spr. '4l Sec. of Siamiles: Sql.-al-arms Spanish Club Spr. '39. HIGHIET, DAVID-Academic. HOERL, WINNIFRED-Academic: Trouba- clours Spr. '4l. HOGAN, BETTY A.-Academic: 5 sem. Honor Scholarship: Quill Xi Scroll '401o '4l: Pres. Lalin Club Fall '40 lo Spr. '4l: Pres. Girls' Science Club Spr. '4O: Execulive Board of Round Table Club Spr. '4l: Sec- Treas. Tri-Y Fall '4l: Jr. Red Cross Rep. Spr. '4l: Comm. ol Publicalions Fall '4I: Con-im. ol Organizalions and Sludenl Con- lrol Fall '4l: Reporler G. 8: T. Spr. '4l: Edi- lor ol "Daily Cal" for a day al Calif. Spr. Press Conference: Firsl place in edilorial di- vision lor field lrials al Fresno Slafe Press Conference: Commencemenl Spealrer al Feb. Gradualion Spr. '42, HOLMES, ROBERT - Academic: Sql.-at arms of Spanish Club Fall '39. HONNOLD, WlNNlE-Academic: Gradu- aled in 3lf2 years: Adv. Board '39 fo '4l: Firsf Orch. Fall '40: Woodwind Ouinlel '39 lo '4l: Music Feslivals '40 lo '4l: played flule solo af Feb. qradualion. HOOPER, BlLL-Academic. HORITA, FRANK4Commercial. HOSKINS, GAYLE-Academic: Firsl Band Fall '39 lo Spr. '4l. HUEY, JACK-Vocalional. HUNTER, LARRYfAcaclemic: Block "S" Fall '4I. lGUCHl, ASTER-Commercial. lJUlN, TOYO Q- Academic: Hislorian of Japanese Sludenls' Club June '40Z Social Chairman Feb. '4l: Recording Sec. Sepi. '4l. INFELISE, FRAN K-Vocalional. INTEMANN, HAROLD-Academic. lWATA, FUMI-Academic: 4 sem. Honor Scholarship. IWATA, TOSHlKO - Academic: 6 sem, Honor Scholarship: Girls' League Advisory Board Spr. '39. Jivioersi, Mcic JAY-Academia Sql.-at arms of Spanish Club Spr. '38: porfrayed Don Culler in Feb. '42 Sr. Class Play. JOE, HELEN-Academic: Gradualed in 3lf2 years: Aflended Girl's Hiqh School, San Francisco, Calif. in '38 and '39. Sr I 4.24. N X sh nv- 4"" K HANCOCK B. HANLEY W, HOERL B. HOGAN Q 1' .-slr T. JJUON F. INFELISE JURAS L. Y. KENMOTSU .W sm . 5 , Q Q 3 1 luv F P. LAUGHTON F. LEE K. MCMULLIN B. MQQNIDER ,D fm 6 J . . . A 1, - Y 1 A T. MASSOD J. MATSUMURA V, MIRAMONTES Y, MONGA -UL Q ' . O 'Sl B. HANSON J. HARBERT B. HAUFLER H. HAYASHINO J. HERNANDEZ B. HOLMES W. HONNOLD F. HORITA G. HOSKINS J. HUEY 68, H, INTEMANN F. IWATA T. IWATA J. JIVIDEN H. JOE P KESTIN H. KNIGHT J. KRAMARSKI L. KUSAMA A. LAO -no 1 ' 15- kws M Q' Q' 5 r A15 Q 'dh H. LENZ F. LEWIS V. LOPEZ B, LOVG-REN S. LOWE V, MAQPHERSON R, MADDEN M. MAR W. MAR A, MARLQWE in I. MATSUOKA A, MELLO M. MENKING M, MERRIHEW M. MILANI H. MONTGOMERY O. MORGAN W. MORRISON V, MOSHER P. MUGS-E NJ l FEBRUARY-1942 JOHNSON, EDITH-Academic: Graduaied in 3lf2 years: Girls' Glee. '4lI AIIGNCIGCI I-Ii School ai Rifle, Colorado Spr. '38 ro Spr. '40. JOHNSON, KENNETH-Academic, JONES, JIMMIE-Commercial. JURAS, LOTTIE-Academic: Graduaied in 3lf2 years: Aflended Defroii High lMich.l in '39 and Galileo High, San Francisco, in Sepl. '39 fo June '40, KENMOTSU, YOSI-IIO-Commercial KESTIN, PHIL-Academic. KNIGHT, HAROLD-Academic. KRAMARSKI, JAKE-Academic: yell leader Fall '38 'lo Spr. '42: finals in Banlrers' Public Speaking Coniesl on "Whaf American Ci- 'Iizenship Means io Me." KUSAMA, LILY-Commercial: Sqi.-ai-arms of Japanese Club Spr. '39: RGCOFCJINQ SGC- Fall '4I. LAO, ANNIE-Commercial. LAUGHEAD, BOB-Academic: I sem. Hon- or Scholarship: Bloclc "S" Fall '40, Spr. Si Fall of '4l: Head Manager of fooiball Fall '40-'4l. LAUGHTON, PATRICIA-Academic. LEE, FRANK G.-Academic: Sgf.-ar-arms Spr. and Fall of '39: Pres. Chinese Club Spr. '4I. LENZ, HOWARD-Academic: Sql.-ai-arms of Laiin Club Spr. '39: Officer of Spanish Club Spr. '4I: Pres. of Hi-Y Spr. '4II Comm. of Records Fall '4l: Sfudenf Conrrol Fall '4l, Spr. '4I: Block "S" in Baslrefball and Block "S" in Golf. LEWIS, FLORENCE-Academic. LOPEZ, VIRGINIA-Commercial. LOVGREN, BARBARA - Academic: Vice. Pres. Pan Pacific. Fall and Spr. '4l: Trouba- d-ours '4l, '42. LOWE, SHIRLEY-Commercial: 6 sem. Hon- or Scholarship. LUJAN, ELOISE-Academic: Sec. of Span- ish Club, Fall '39. LUND, CARL--Vocaiional: 2 Varsiiy Lei- Iers for A Baslcelball: I Ieiier for J.V. MCMULLIN, KEITH-Academic: Graduaied in 3V2 years: Firsr Band Spr. '4l: Firsf Orch. Spr. '4I. MacNIDER, BARBARA-Academic: Sec. of Pan Pacific Spr. '40. MacPHERSON, VIRGINIA - Academic: Member Rally Commirree Fall '4I: Sgr.-at arms in Tri-Y Club Fall '4I. MADDEN, ROSE-Academic: G. X1 T. re- porler Spr. '4l lo Spr. '42. MAR, WING-Academic: Social Chairman oi Chinese Club Spr. '4I: Vice Pres. Fall '4I. MARLOWE, ALBERT-Academic. MARRELLO, DOROTHY - Commercial: Graduaied in 3If2 years: 6 sem. Honor Scholarship. MARTIN, HOWARD-Academic. MASSOD, TONY-Commercial. MATSUMURA, JULIA-Academic. MATSUOKA, THOMAS-Academic: Grad- uaied in 3lf2 years: aiiended Manieca Union High, Fall '38. MELLO, ALICE-Commercial. MENKING, MARYLEA-Academic. MERRIHEW, MERVIN - Academic: Vice Pres. Las Palomas Club Fall '39, MILANI, MARGUERITE-Commercial. MILLER, JEAN-Academic: Vice Pres., Sec. of l2B Class Spr. '4I: Vice Pres. of IZA Class Fall '4-I: Tri-Y Pres. Fall '4l: Feafure ediior of G. 8: T. Spr. '4l. MILLER, JOHN S.-Academic: Vice Pres. IIB Class Fall '4O: Siudenl Body Pres. Fall 4I: Comm. of Afhlerics Spr. '4l: 3 "B" lei- fers: I Varsiry Ierrer in Baslceiballg Sludenl Conirol Fall '40 Io Fall '4l, MIRAMONTES, VICTOR-Academic: Trou- badours Spr. '40 io Spr. '42, MONGA, YVONNE -- Commercial: Girls' Glee Fall '4I. MONTGOMERY, HELEN-Commercial: 2 GAA baslcelball awards. MORGAN, OLIVER-Vocaiionalg Gradua- 'red in 3V2 years. MORRISON, WESLEY-Commercial. MOSI-IER, VERNON-Vocalional: 2 awards in B ioolball: I in Varsiiy. MUGGE, PI-IYLLIS-Academic: ariended Woodrow Wilson Jr. High, Oakland, Calif. MULHOLLAND, NORMAN-Academic: 7 sem. Honor Scholarship. M U R RAY, ELIZABETH--Academic. MYER, JOHN CHARLES-Academic: B iooiball '38, '39, NAKAO, HELEN-Academic: Graduaied in 3V2 years. NEU, HAROLD - Academic: Firsl Orch. Spr. '38 'ro '4O. NOVARESI, SIDNEY-Vocalional: Linoiype operaior G. 3: T. Fall '4O. O'CONNOR, GEORGE-Academic Pr , es. IIA Class Fall '40: Pres. Hi-Y '4'l: Yell lead- er Fall '38 fo Spr. '42: "B" Block for bas- lreiball Spr. '40 io '4I: Siudeni Conirol Spr. 81 Fall 4I. 4 WA vw M Hi N. MULHOLLAND E. MURRAY O. OSBORNE M. PALMER M. PLEISCH M. POGGI D. ROWLAND M. SAKATA C. SCHIFFMAN D. SCHROEBEL W., .-. .. ' .. f--nn-ne PFIJHARRIET S. VENTELU gs 4' 4 Q' -'V '-f"'ii 'I SVI' 7 A, I- 'WWE V2E?3'lWzfSW.- ' YV' '1L"l3- I - I. le f if 5 I. ri I- I '. Q - - FEBRUARY-1942 O'CONNOR, VERNON-Academic: Firsl' Orch. Fall '39 io Spr. '42. OLIVER, DALE-Academic: Sec. Pan Pa- cific Club Fall '40: 3 Block "S's" in fool- ball. ORR, LUCILLE-Commercial. OSBORNE, OPAL-Commercial. PALMER, MARY-Academic. PAULUS, ELEANOR-Commercial: Allend- ed Linden Union Hi School Fall '3B: Speak- er on Armislice Day Program Fall '4l. PENBERTHY, BOB-Academic. PERKINS, MARY-Academic. PERRY, MARJORIE-Academic: Old Eng- lish "S" Fall '40 fo Spr. '42: GAA Shield Fall '4O: Awards: Soffball Spr. '39, '40, '4I: Baskelball Fall '38, '39, '40:,Mgr. Baskelball Fall '40: Girls Sporl edifor of G. 8: T. Spr. Bc Fall '4l: B. Bc W. Spr. '4l. Pl MENTEL, MARY-Commercial. PINASCO, JANE - Academic: Awards: Soffball Spr. '39, '40, '4I: Hockey Fall '40: Baskelball Fall '40, PISTER, STARK-Academic: 7 sem. Honor Scholarship: Sec. of Lalin Club Fall '39: Vice Pres. Hi-Y Fall '4O: Pres. Hi-Y Fall '4l: Comm. of Afhlelics Fall '4O: Comm. of Wel- fare Spr. '4I: Phofographer for B. 3: W. Fall '40 Spr. '4I: Sludenl Conlrol Spr. 81 Fall '4-I: Commencemenf Speaker af Feb. Gradualion. PLEISCH, MARILYN N-Academic. POGGI, MARIO-Commercial. POTTER, JEAN-Academic. POWELL, ERWIN-Academic. PRESTON, RALPH - Academic: Quill 8: Scroll Spr. '4I 'Io Spr. '42: Ekecufive Corn- miflee of Round Table Club Spr. '4I: Re- porler of G. 81 T. Fall '4O: Sporl Edilor Spr. X: Fall '4l. RATI-IGEB, COLLEEN-Academic. RENDON, DOLORES-Academic: 2nd Vice Pres. Jr. Music Club Fall '40 Io Spr. '4I: Program Chairman Fall '4l: Troubadours '39 lo '42. ROCCO, BERNICE-Commercial. ROTHENBUSH, CARYI.-Academic: 2 sem. Honor Scholarship: Sec. IIB Spr. '4O: Pres. I2A Fall '4l: Vice Pres. Tennis Club '40 Io '4l: Sec. Playcrafiers Fall '40: Pres. Social Service Spr. '4I: Jr. Red Cross Rep. Spr. '38: Sludenf Conlrol Spr. '4l: Girls' League Adv. Board Spr. '39: Troubadours '39, '42: Ass'l Properly Mislress in "Passing of 'Ihe 3rd Floor Back" Spr. '40. ROWLAND, DAVID-Academic: B. 81 W. Assoc. Ar? Edilor Spr. '40 'ro '4l: Ari Ediior Fall '4l. SAKATA, MINORU-Academic: Allended Fukuoga Ag. Hi School in Japan '39. SAKAYE, ROY-Academic. SALA, GERMAINE - Academic: l sem. Honor Scholarship: Sludeni Conlrol Fall '40. rn-IPPICJ L15 Jldlf Ffrfll lffgfyy SANGUINETTI, EUGENE-Academic: Block "S" in foofball. SANTELLA, MARY ANN--Commercial: 3 GAA Baseball awards. SANTINI, MARINO-Commercial: Gradu- afed in 3V2 years. SAVAGE, NADINE CLAIRE-Academic: Affended Bancroft Jr. Hi, Hollywood, Fall '3B. SCHEDIWY, PHIL-Academic: Treas. Quad C Hi-Y Fall '4I: Rally Commillee Spr. '4I: Block "S" in Varsily Track Spr. '4l: Repor- ler G. 8: T. Fall '40: B. 81 W. Ass'l Fall '39, SCHIFFMAN, CHARLOTTE - Academic! Vice Pres. Talenl' Club Fall '39: Firsl' Band Fall '39 Spr. '42: Drum Maiorelfe from Fall '40 Io Spr. '42: Sociefy Malron in Senior Play. SCHROEBEL, DAN-Academic: Quill 8: Scroll Spr. '40 'ro Spr. '42: Block "S" Fall '4l Spr. '42: Block 'S" for B Baskelball: Gold Baskelball for lnlramural: Sweaier for Var- si+y Championship Baskerball Team: Sporf Edilor of '4I G. 81 T. Cub Edifion. SCHWARTZ, BEVERLY-Academic. SETNESS, WILFRED--Academic. SI-IIMAKAWA, NORMAN-Academic. SLAGLE, MAXINE-Academic. SMITH, RUSSEL S. Academic: 2 sem. Hon- or Scholarship: Member of Execulive Com- millee of Round Table Fall '4I: Speaker on Armislice Day Program Fall '4l. V SPANOS, GEORGE G.-Academic: Sec. of Hi-Y Club. SPEETZEN, VIRGINIA-Commercial. SPINELLI, EMMA-Commercial. STEVENS, WILLIAM--Vocalional: 2 Varsiiy Lellers in Swimming: I year B Foolball: I year Varsily Foolball. STI LLMAN, JACK-Academic. STRONG, WARREN-Academic: Vice Pres. Troi. Hi-Y Fall '4-0: Pres, Board of Direclors Pan Pacific Club Fall '40 +o Spr. '4l: News and Copy Edilor of G. 8: T. Spr. 4I: Re- porfer Spr. '40: Troubadours Fall '40 'ro Spr. '42. TOKUNAGA, ATSUSI-ll-Academic: Trou- badours Fall '4l lo Spr. '42, TOKUNAGA, FRANCES-Commercial: So- cial Chairman Japanese Club Fall '4I: Orch. Fall '38 fo Spr. '4O. TON, LUM-Academic: Graduafed in 3V2 years. TSUTSUI, RALPH-Vocalional. UHARRIET, JOHN-Commercial: "B" Block in Fooiball: 2 "B" Blocks in Baskefball: gold baskelball: 2 year award in Varsiiy Basker- ball: 2 gold baseballs for Inlramural Base- ball. UHARRIET, PETE-Commercial: Baskelball awards: Block "S" for C Team Fall '38: B Team Fall '40: 2 gold baskelballs for Cham- pionship C and B Teams Fall '38 and '407 2 Block "S's" for C and B Track Team Spr. '39 and '40: 2 gold baseballs for lnframural Spr. '40 and '4l. VENTELLI, SYLVIA - Academic: GAA awards in Iennis. baskelball and baseball: GAA Shield. VERKERK, CLARA - Commercial: Ass'f Audi?-or of B. 81 W. Fall '38, VERZI, BO B-Academic. VILLANUEVA, FIDELA-Academic: 2 sem. Honor Scholarship: Sec. Los Amapolos Fall VLAVIAN OS, J I M-Commercial. WALTERS, M I LDRED-Academic. WASHINGTON, CONSUELO - Commer- cial. WEIST, MADELYNE-Academic: Firsf Orch. Spr. '39 Io Spr. '42, WEST, LAURA-Academic: Sec. of Jr. Mu- sic Club Fall '4l. WHIPPLE, WILMA - Academic: Girls League Advisory Board Fall '39. WILLIAMS, BOB-Academic: Pres. Play- craflers Fall '4l: Troubadours Fall '39 Io Fall '4l. WONG, KAYO-Academic: Fin. Chairman Chinese Club Fall '4l. YAMAGUCHI. TERUKO - Commercial: Gradualed in 3V2 years. YAMANOUCHI, R U BY-Academic. YANAGI, MASAYOSHI-Academic. YOST. MARIAN-Commercial: I2 A Sec. Fall '4l. SENIGR OFFICERS FEBRUARY The class oT Freshmen who enTered SToclcTon l'-ligh in I938 was The be- ginning oT a grand class. This Eeloru- ary This same class graduaTed Trom high school sharing wiTh each oTher The many Iaurels which They had earned d u r i n g Their high school career. Among The ouTsTanding sTu- denTs oT This class were STarlc PisTer in oraTory, BeTTy I-Iogan in journal- ism, Winnie I-lonnold in music, John Miller and George O'Connor, boTh in sporTs and school leadership, Caryl RoThenbush in social aTTairs. This lisT could be conTinued, buT in This lim- iTed space The Tew names already menTioned should provide a sample oT a grand class. JUNE CLASS The smallesT June class in many years graduaTed Trom S To c lc T o n I-ligh School This year. OT The ouTsTanding sTudenTs oT This class were Aloha Ohm in scholarship, David Connelly in oraTory, Louis CosTanza in drama- Tics, Melvin WiTT and STeve SuTher- land in boys' sporTs, Naoma Perry in girls' sporTs, Mary Jean AThearn and Verne Vassar in school leader- ship. Ah Ns Midi GOLD SEAL BEARERS Row I: Angelina BanTillo, Shirley Lowe, Doris Fong. Row 2: Toshilco IwaTa, Norman Mulholland, DoroThy Marrello. AT RighT: STarlc PisTer. AlThough noT picTured here are class oTTicers Caryl RoThenbush, Presi- denTg Jean Miller, Vice-President KaThryn Boolcsin, SecreTary. CLASS OFFICERS PresidenT DoroThy Shauer Gold Seal Bearers 21 Aloha Ohm JUNE-1942 ABE, JANICE-Acamedic, Rec. Sec. Japan- ese Sludenl Club Spr. '42, ADAMS, ELODIE-Commercial. ADAMS, FRANK-Academic, Sec. I2B Class Fall '4l, Vice4Pres. Spanish Club Fall '4O: C, B Varsily Traclr Blocks, Menzies-Gomez winner. AH TYE, DICK-Vocalional. ALLEN, RICHARD-Vocalional. AMMON, PATRICIA-Academic: Music Fesliyal Spr. '4l, Oralorio Spr. '42i Allefld' ed John Muir Jr. Hi Fall '38 lo Spr. '39. Los Angeles Manual Arls Hi. Fall '39 To Spr. '4O. ANDERSON, ADA LOUISE - Academic: Sludenl Conlrol Fall '4I: ISI Band Spf- '39 lo Spr. '42, Isl Orch. Fall '4I, McKee ar? winner '4l, Band Feslival '4I. ANDREOTTI, EVA-Commercial. ANDREW, LESLIE-Academic. ARATA, NOBORU-Academic. ATHEARN, MARY JEAN -- Academic: 2 serns. Honor Scholarship, Sec. G.A.A. Fall '40, Pres. Girls' League Fall '4l, Vice-Pres. Sludenl Body Spr. '42, Sludenl Conlrol Fall '4I lo Spr. '42, Allended Lodi Hi, Fall '38 to Spr. '39, Slocldon l-li, Rep. lo Salinas Rodeo. BAKER, STAN LEY--Academic. BALCAO, MARY--Commercial. BANCHERO. JOSEPHINE-Academic. BARLUPI, LENA-Commercial. BARTLETT, J U N E-Commercial. BAUER, JOSEPHINE-Academic, Isl' Orch. Fall '4I. BEAN LAND, NORMA-Academic. BERGER, MILDRED--Academic, Treas. and Red Cross Rep., Isl Orch. Fall '39 lo Spr. 42. BERLIN, MARILYN-Academic. BILLONES, OLGA-Academic: 3 sems. Honor Scholarship, Ouill and Scroll Fall '40 io Spr. '42, Treas. Quill and Scroll Fall '4l, Sludenl Conlrol Spr. '42, Winner Girls' Dou- bles Fall '4I, G. 81 T. reporler Fall '40, Spr. '4I: Arf Ed. G. 8: T. Fall '4I, Spr. '42, Hon- orable Menlion McKee Conlesf Linoleum Bloclc Prinl Spr. '40. BIRD, CHARLES-Academic, Gradualed 3If2 yrs., Isl Band Spr. '40 lo Fall '4l, Isl Orch. Fall '4l to Spr. '42. BISSELL, DON-Academic, Pres, l2A Spr. '42, Isl Orch. Fall '39 lo Spr. '4l. BLACK, BILL-Academic. BLANTON, CHARLES-Vocalional. BLOECHER, ELMER-Vocalional. BONINI, DELMA-Commercial. BOREN, BOB4Academic, 2 sems. Honor Scholarship, Sludenl Conlrol Fall '4l, Spr. '42 BOTKIN, NORMAN-Academic. BOTTERO, MARGARET - Academic, Al- lended Renlon Sr. Hi., Wash. Fall '40, Bal- boa Hi., San Francisco Fall '4l. BOWDEN, DORIS JEAN-Commercial. BOWLING, MARY-Commercial, Baseball award G.A.A. Spr. '40. BRANNON, ALETTA-Academic, Baslrel- ball Award G.A.A. BREEDEN, BOB - Academic, Gradualecl 3V2 yrs., Vice Pres. Trojan Hi Y Spr. '42. BRENCHLEY, CLARE-Academic, I sem. Honor Scholarship, Quill and Scroll Spr. '39, Sec. Boys' Science Club Fall '40, Sec. Round Table Club '4I, Sludenl Conlrol Fall '4I, Bloclr C Baslcelball '38-'39, championship Gold Baslcefball, Varsily Bloclc Baslrelball '40, '4l: Block C Traclc '39, Bloclc B Traclc '40, Bloclc A Traclr '4I3 Dr. Dozier Traclc Award '4I' Reporler G 84 T '40 '4I' Calil Hil Aw'a rd '4O. ' ' S ' ' S ' BRIGGS, YVONNE-Academic, Aflended Whealland Hi., Whealland, Cal. Spr. '40. BROTHERTON, MARILYN-Academic. BROWN, BERNICE-Commercial. BRUNK, LOIS-Academic, Allended Mc- Clymonds Hi., Oakland, Fall '38, BUCKLEY, ELTON-Vocalional, lnlramural Gold Sollball '40, '4l, B Team Gold Bas- Irefball '40, '4I, C Bloclc S Baseball '38, '4O. BUDISELICH, ELEANOR-Academic: Old English "S" Fall '40 'lo Spr. '42, Pres. Los Gauches, Sec. Old English "S", Tennis awards Spr. '40, Fall '40, 2 baseball awards Spr. '39 lo Spr. '4O. BURCI-IAM, NEIL-Academic, 3 sems. Hon. or Scholarship. BURNETT, RICHARD-Academic, 3 serns. Honor Scholarship, U. S. I-lisfory Award 2nd, place Spr. '4I. BU RN HAM, BOB-Academic. BURNS, BETTY-Academic, Allended Ber' Iceley Hi., Berkeley. Ali. D, AH M BALCAO J. EANCHERO L. BARLUPI J. BARTLETT G' NR fl' Cf. BYRD D. J. BOWDEN J. BAUER N. BEANLAND :fag PM X E. BUCKLEY T, CAINE E. CAMESAO L. CAMPBELL S. CAMPORA f QW? QD N . Qfb-. -Q! 1"'? A 1K 4 H CHO! L ONNH R Q ONNU? '54 5 , ', av ., . Y. 5 A ' JUNE BURNS, JACK-Academic, Sludenl Control Spr., '41, B. Sf W, pholoqrapher '4I and '42 annuals, Slaqe Mqr. Paris Review Spr. '42. BUSSEMER, JOE-Vocafional. BUTLER, ROGER-Academic, Allended San Jose Hi,, San Jose, Calif. Fall '38 'ro Fall '4I CAINE, TOM-Academic. CAMESAO, EUGENE-Academic. CAMPBELL, LORRAINE-Academic. CAMPORA, SIDNEYgAcademic, Alfended Linden Hi. Fall '381o Spr. '4O. CARTER, VIRGINIA - Academic, Treas. G.A.A. Spr. '39, Allended Sl. Mary's Hi Spr. '40 fo Spr. '4l. CASTANON, FELIX-Vocalional. CATTERALL, CALVIN-Academic, Allend- ed King Cily Union Hi., King Cily, Calil. Fall '38 lo Spr. '39, CHAMNESS, EARL-Academic. CI-IIKARAISHI. SATOMI - Academici 5 sems. Honor Scholarship, Sql.-al-Arms Jap- anese Club Spr. '40, Rec. Sec. Fall '40, Corr. Sec. Spr. '4l fo Spr. '42. CHOI, HARRY-Academic. CHRISTY, CARL-Vocalional, 2 yrs. lraclc, mgr. and pole vauller. CLARK, BILL-Vocalional, Bloclx "B" Fall '40-'4I, Bloclr "S" Fall '4l-'42, 2 Gold Bas- Irelball Awards lor championships. CLARK, EDITH-Academic, IIA Sec. Spr. '4l, I2B Pres. Fall '4I, Vice-Pres. Los Gauchos Fall '40, Sec. Tennis Club Fall '4I, Sludenl Conlrol Fall '40 'lo Fall '4I. CLEGHORN, ROSALEE-Commercial, G. A.A. baseball award. CLINTON, EDWARD-Academic. COLEMAN, ETHEL JANE-Academic? Vice Pres. Chrislian Sludenls' Luncheon Club Fall '4I, Pres. Spr. '42. COLLINS, BARBARA-Academic. CONNELLY, DAVID - Academic, 6 sems. Honor Scholarship, Pres. Lalin Club Spr. '42, Fall '39, Vice Pres. Fall '4I, Exec. Comm. Round Table Club Fall '4I: Vice-Pres. C. S. F. Fall '4lg Red Cross Chairman Fall '4I, Spr. '42, Aflended I-Iunlinglon Park Hi., Hunlingfon Parlr, Calif. Fall '38 lo Fall '39, Poinl Loma Hi., San Diego, Calif. Spr. '40, Glendale Hi. Fall '40, 5+h place U. S. His- lory Conlesl, Paris Review '42, Armislice Day Spealrer Fall '4I, Jr. Rolarian Rep. Spr. '4 . -IQLIQ CONNER, RAY-Academic, Pres. Aeronau Iics Club Spr. '4I. CON RADT, ART--Academic. CORREIA, JULI ETTE-Academic. COSTANZA. LOUIS - Academic, Sql.-at Arms Play Crallers Spr. '42, Producer of Paris Review Spr. '42. CUMMINGS, JAMES-Commercial, Block B and C in fracln. CUSLIDGE, KENNETH-Vocalional. DAL PORTO, STELLA-Academic. DART, BILL-Academic. DAVINI, FLORA-Commercial. DAVIS, FRANCES-Commercial, High Slep- per Fall '4I-'42. DAVIS, SHEILA-Commercial. DeRlCCO, LAWRENCE - Commercial, Graduated 3V2 yrs., 2 sems. Honor Scholar- ship. DOBSON, SMITH-Academic, Isl Band Fall '39 lo Spr. '4I. DONALDSON, ILA MAE-Commercial. DOWNER, ALFORD-Academic, Block "S" Spr. '42, I Varsily Block "S", I J. V. Block "S" lor Ioolballg Allended Fremonl Hi., Oakland, Calif. Fall '38 To Spr. '4O. DUNN, FLORENCE-Commercial. DUNN, GORDON-Vocalional, B foolball in '4O. DYI-IRE, JACK - Academic, Pres. Play Craflers Spr. '42, Block B Fall '40, Spr. '4I, Block A in baslcelball Fall '4I, Spr. '42: A+- lended Modeslo Hi. Fall '38 Io Spr. '40. EBNOTHER, CARL-Academic, Allended Wyandolfe Hi., Kansas Cily, Kansas Fall '38 lo Fall '4l. EDISES, JANE-Academic, Allended Gali- leo Hi., San Francisco Fall '39 To Spr. '40, EDMISTON, BONN IE-Academic. ELSNER, DORIS - Academic, Sec. Red Cross Spr. '42, Pres. Isl Orch. Fall '4l, Treas. Spr. '42, played in Sloclclon Sym- phony Orch. Fall '4l, Spr. '42, Allended Nalional Music EducaIor's Conference Spr. '40, Isl Chair award for San Joaquin Music Feslival Spr. '4I. ERICKSON, KENNETH - Academic, J.V. awards in Tennis. FACCIN, LOUISE-Commercial, I sem. Honor Scholarship, award in baseball, Hiqh Sleppers Fall '4I and '42. FIELDS, GEORGE-Academic. X - S. DAL PORTO . B, DART L. FACCIN 2' G. FIELDS M. FONG R. FONG A. GIAMBASTIANI M C3 f ' Y' L DL RICCO B. QLJMLSTON QCP' FLOYD D. FREUND vi in-cw, D. GIOTTONINL D. C-BIPNER L. GIRARDI 'M' 'qv E GUERRLNL D. GENTNER E G-ENUIT 5.41 ,Q L L' ilqff ' LLL 'gfy Lf". as- .-. A DOWNER K. ERICKSON ll 1s '-s 'L ww gplr FS! .M g . L. .5 4. X - . . 'ru 'wx . fix 1' A , X L. 9 V' wvj V 5 E. FONG "" " E. FONG L. FONG C. FUJIMOTO B. FUJISAKL M. LLJLLER ? 'C- 'kv' .ann- H. GHORMLEY 'Uv "' 4-..., 'Q' sf L. HALL V. HERMAN R. HERRERA J. HERRING M. HEWLTI -AO? 1 L L K ,MM L , 4 L I A 'Uk k DPA. - JUNE FISHER, LAURETTA-Commercial. FLETCHER, ROBERTA-Academic: 6 sem. Honor Scholarship: Allended Dunsmuir HI. Fall '38 lo Spr. '40. FLORES, PER FECTO--Vocalional. FLOYD, WILLIAM-Commercial. FONG, ELAINE--Academic: Allended True Liqhl Hi., Hong Kong, China, Fall '37 lo Spr. '4O. FONG, ELLA-Commercial: Sludenl Con- lrol Fall '4I. FONG, LILY--Academic: Allended True Lighl Hi., Hong Kong, China, Fall '37 lo Spr. '4O. FONG, MAY-Academic: Allended True Liqhl Hi., Hong Kong, China, Fall '36 lo Spr. '4O. FONG, RAYMOND - Academic: Troub.: Allended Kern Counly Union Hi., Balcers- field, Calif. Fall '38 lo Spr. '39, FOTINOS, GUS-Commercial. FREGGIARO, KATHERINE -- Academic: Corr. Sec. G.A.A. Fall '4I. Spr. '4-27 Numer- als in baslcelball. baseball, lennis and hoclcey. FRENCH, ROSEMARY - Academic: Vice Pres. Girls' League Fall '4l. FREUND, DIAMOND-Commercial. FUJIMOTO, CHIYO-Academic. FUJISAKI, BETTY-Academic: I sem. Honor Scholarship. FULLER, MABELdAcademic: I sem. Honor Scholarship: Quill and Scroll Fall '40 lo Spr. '42: Exch. Ed. of G. 8: T. Fall '39 lo Fall '4-Og Reporler 6.81 T. Spr. '4I. GARCIACELAY, FERMIN-Commercial: C Baslcelball Lellers Fall '39, C lraclc Spr. '40. B baslrelball Fall '4I: won Menzies Award Spr. '40 lo Fall '4l. GARDELLA, WINIFRED-Academic: Music Rhapsody Fall '39. GARNER, BILL-Academic: Bloclx "S" Spr. '42: I Varsily Bloclr S, l J.V. Bloclr S lool- ball. GARY, BILL-Academic: Sql.-al-Arms Play- crallers Fall '4l: Allended Hamillon Jr. Hi., Oalcland, Calif. Fall '38-Spr. '39. GEBHARDT, DICK - Academic: Bloclr "S" Spr. '4l: I Varsily Block "S" foolballg l B Block "S" lraclc. GENTER, DELYLE - Academic: Allended Lodi Hi. Fall '38-Spr. '40, Lodi Academy Fall '40-Spr.'4I. GENUIT, EMELINA-Academic: Gradualed in 3V2 years. -l94Q GHIORSO, YOLANDA-Commercial. GHORMLEY, HOWARD - Academic: I sem. Honor Scholarship: Isl Orch. GIAMBASTIANI, ANNETTE - Academic: Reporler G. 81 T. Spr. '40. GIANELLI, LOUISE-Academic: Sec. Play- crallers Fall '4l: Hislorian Spr. '40-Fall '4O: Isl Orch. Fall '38-Spr. '4I. GIBBONS, ERWIN - Academic: Sql.-al- Arms Quad C Hi-Y Spr. '42: Copy Ed. Blue and While Spr. '40-Spr. '42. GIESE, OLIVE-Academic: Rhapsody Fall '39: Music Feslival Spr. '40, '4I: Isl prize McGee Arl Conlesl Spr. '42, GIN, ALBERT-Academic. GIOTTONINI, DON-Academic. GIPNER, DAVEN-Academic. GIRARDI, LOUIE-Commercial. GOLITHON, VIRGINIA-Commercial. GONZALES, SALVADOR-Vocalional. GOTELLI, RAYMOND-Academic. GOTT, RUDY-Vocalionalg B loolball '4O' Pressman for G. 8: T. '39 and '42, GRECO. SARAH-Commercial. GREENBERG, DICK-Academic: Bloclr "S" Fall '4l: Bloclc "S" swimming Spr. '4l, GUERRINI. ENES-Commercial: Vice Pres. Ilalian Club Spr. '4l: Isl degree Cerlilicale Ilalian Class '38: Penmanship Cerlilicale. HAINES, JOSEPHINE-Academic: awards in G.A.A. Baslrelball, lennis and lable len- ms. HAINES, MARJORIE--Academic: Quill and Scroll, Old English "S" Fall '4I lo Spr. '42: Sec. G.A.A. Fall '39, Spr. '4I: Pres. Old English "S" Spr. '42: awards in baslcelball, lennis and lable lennis: Exch. Ed. G. 31 T. Spr. '4I: Ass'l Business Manager ol Blue and While Fall '40, Spr. '4I: G. 8: T. Reporler Fall '40I Sluclenl Conlrol Spr. '4I. HALL, LOUISE-Academic: Allended Ma- dera Union Hi., Madera, Calil. Fall '38 lo Spr. '4I. HAMMOND, GEORGE-Vocali-onaly Grad- ualed in 3If2 years: J.V. Bloclr "S" loolbal'. HANSEN, ALICE-Academic. HANSEN, JAY--Academic: Pres. Quad C Hi Y Spr. '42. HARRY, BILL-Academic: 2 Varsily Block "S" lor lraclr. 'QG9 T in D. HIRAOKA S. IGUCHI LJoAoum afar ' J. HUGHES F. JAMES n s ff! ew "J: . K 35" 1 ' cm fy- 4100, Am H. L. JENKINS Sv 8' HT'scXL+neRYAsHT' - D. KANEKO E. LON -QQ' dx if 0. MANN Y. MARTA S, MEYERING D. MILLER fa 3" 2 ,L 5' Q buff SQ 5 'Q F. X JUNE HEILAND, HELEN -Academic: Isl Band Spr. '39 lo Spr. '42, HERMAN, VIRGINIA-Academic: Troub, Fall '40 lo Spr. '42. HERRERA, REUBEN-Vocalional: G. 81 T. Pressman '38g Inlerlype operalof '4l. HERRING, JEAN-Academic: Old Enqlish "S" Fall '40, Fall '4l: Vice-Pres. IIB Class Fall '40: S.H.S. Rep. lo Girls' Slale, Sum- mer of '4l. HEWITT, MARIAN-Academic. HINKLE, ELSIE-Academic. HIRAOKA, DENICHEfAcademic. HOLBROOK, JIMMlE4VocalionaI: G. 81 T. Inlerlype Operalor lor Spr. '4I3 Spf, '42. HOOTS, VENITA-Academic: Allende-d Ml. Diablo Union Hi., Concord, Calil, Fall '38 lo Spr. '4-0. HOSKINS, PATRICIAgAcademic. HOUSTON, JACK-Academic: Allended Presidio Jr. Hi. Fall '38, Spr. '39: Burlingame Hi., Burlingame Fall '39, Spr. '40: Reno I"II-. Reno, Nevada, Fall '40. HUFF, JACK - Academic: Allended SI. Mary's Hi. Sloclclon Fall '38 lo Fall '4I. HUGHES, JOYCE-Academic: Troub. Spr. '42: Allended Pasadena Hi., Pasadena Fall '39 lo Spr. '40, HULSEY, LUCILLE-Academic: Allended Modeslo Hi. Fall '38. HUTCHISON, NORMA-Commercial: Sec. 9A Class: Cerlilicale in Penmanship. IGO, EMMAJEAN-Academic. IGUCHI, SUMI-Academic. IKEMOTO, HENRY-Academic. INOUYE, KAYOKO - Academic: I sem. Honor Scholarship. ISHIHARA, TOSHIYUKI-Academic. ITO, SACHIE-Academic: 5 sem. Honor Scholarship: Sql.-al-Arms Japanese Club Fall '39. JAMES, FRANCES - Commercial: 3 sem. Honor Scholarshis: Allended Thomas Jeller- son Hi., Los Ange es Fall '39, Spr. '4l. JENKINS, HELEN LOUISE-Academic? Old English "S" Fall '40 lo Spr. '423 Program Chairman ol Sloclrlon Jr, Music Club Fall '40 lo Spr. '4I. JEUNG, LlLI.lAN-Academic. JILLSON, JUNE-Academic. 4942 JOAQUIN, LORRAINE-Commercial. JOHNSTON, BETH - Academic: 2 sem. Honor Scholarship: Tennis Shield Fall '4I: Allended Sierraville, Calif. Fall '38 lo Spr. '39, JONES, ALVINA - Academic: Ouill and Scroll Spr. '4I lo Spr. '42: Exch, Ed. G. 81 T. Fall '4I lo Spr. '42, JORGENSON, GERALDINE-Academic: I sem. Honor Scholarship: Allended Birming- ham Hi., Birmingharn, Iowa, Fall '39, Fall '4I, KAISER, NANCY - Academic: Ouill and Scroll Fall '40 lo Spr. '42: Moonbeam in "Lillle Abnef" Jr. Jinx '4I: Exch. Edilor ol G. 8: T. Fall '39 lo Fall '40: Cuslodian ol German Club Fall '40 lo Spr. '4I: G. Er T. reporler Spr. '4I: G.A.A. shield awards in baseball: Edilor ol Blue and While Fall '4I and Spr. '42: Sludenl Conlrol Spr. '42, KAMIBAYASHI, TED-Commercial. KANEKO, DOROTHY-Academic: G. 81 T. reporler Fall '4l. KANEKO. JIRO-Academic. KENT, MARY-Academic. KESLAR, JANE-Academic. KESTIN, LORINE - Academic: Gradualed in 3V2 years, Isl Band Spr. '40, '42, KING, MARVIN-Vocalional. KISHI, JEANNE--Academic. KLUMP, WARREN-Academic. KRAM, KENNETH-Commercial. KRASNOW, SHELDON -- Academic: Al- lended Manleca Hi. KUECHLER, JANE-Academic: Vice Pres. Tri Y Club Spr. '4I. KUMAMARU, FUMIKO--Academic. LADD, ERNEST-Academic: Block "S" Spr. '42: J.V. Foolball Fall '40: Varsily Foolball Fall '4I. LADD, TOM-Academic. LAGORIO, LEONTINE-Academic: Grad- ualed in 3V2 years. LATHAM, BILL-Academic: Bloclc "S" Fall '4'-SPH '42: Pres. IIA Spr. '4I: Chairman Jr. Jinx Spr. '4l: Vice Pres. Slci Club Spr. '42: Bloclr "S" lor Swimming Spr. '4l: speak. er in Armislice Day Program '4I, LATTA, BETTY - Academic: Pres, Los Gauchos Spr. '4I. LAUGHTON, IVA JEAN-Academic: Old English "S" Fall '40: G.A.A. award for base. ball. 'W' A. MITCHELL T. MIYATA F. MOR ENO J' J. NG N. N. NICHOLS A. OHM PEAL A. REED i L. M. REED 5 ""-N L -if ' , 4 ,W x . I .f-Nw ' in r I KU., X f ...W A L A , -V If .I I D, MOBER6 B. MOFFITT J. MOLINI F. MONASTERIO R. MONTANEZ I. MONTGOMERY R. MORAIS R. Y. MURANO A, NAKATSUI H. NAVE l.. NAVONE B. NEYMAN D. NG .Q Q. O. P A A A ,, ,R .- 34 17' . S 4..,... , ,Q V if A Q A YI , 'isdn-G qi v . .I QL . . Q A . 'f 'N vw "" ..:,.. ' X Q C7 +35 2 5 " if . .. 'Miki' I V , ' Q df' .. ' ' i M I .M .Ai A. NICHOLSON C. NIELSEN L. NOGARE D. NOLEN G. NORMINGTON W. NOTEWARE M. NOW'-K L. OLIVER A. OMURA S. ORTIZ K. OSHITA P. OWENS V. PALLARD i . .. f 'T Q' 'fig "Z," 54, .. 'Q '25 AQ," Q' V M' kk' I 1' J. IWARCE F PERONDI N. PERRY W, PHILLIPS M. PICCARDO C. PIERCE 6. PIOMBO P POWELL A PRATO H PUGA F. RAFFO J. RAIMONDCI qs.. 'K- A 1.2.5. -'I' '12- -8. REMINCQTON II REYNOLDS L, RIDLEY A R RISHWAIN D. ROBBINS R, ROBBINS D. ROBINSON L. RUGAN' J SABBAIINI ' J. SACCONE M SAIKI M. SAKO V. SANDERS E. SANDERSON HAI-if X553 Q Y X ' A T I IIRIPI -.f. . ..,-' ' S zrl -N IA' wr O ' V n W7 .1 K I . f- - , I O K 1 , RJ If 13 I, , - ' g . '1" . L... f x 1... ' Q ,. uv , 'H -Q Ezv. I' K eng. . w - .,....::- if I """'.. Q I ,,, 2 . - T fx ,ff , 'f . L ,ff ' I-ff' Han-If I -Q . I .qpw 9 , 'AW .., .- wg ef ---- - JUNE LAWRANCE, ADA-Commercial, Baseball and hoclcey awards. LAWRANCE, HARRIETTE - Commercial, Baseball and hoclrey awards. LeBLANC, FERRIS-Commercial. LEWIS, ANITA-Academic, Alfended Gall, leo Hi., San Francisco, Fall '40, Berlceley Hi. Spr, '4I, Tulare Hi, Fall '38 lo Fall '40, LEWIS, BETTY ANN--Academic: Vice-Pres, I2B Class Fall '4I, Sec. Social Service Club Fall '4I, Pres. Spr, '42, LIND, JUNE-Commercial. LITTLE, STEVEN - Academic, Blue and While slafl assisfanl Spr, '42, LOCKARD, TOMMIE-Academic: Allended Shaffer Hi., Shaffer, Calif. Fall '38 lo Fall '4l LONG, EMELYSE-Academic. LOPEZ, JACOUELINE-Commercial. LOUIS. LANGON-Academic. LOVELL, WILLIAM-Academic, Allended Polylechnical Hi., San Francisco. LUCAS, CURTISA-Academic. LUNDBLAD, RICHARD-Academic, Vice Pres. Jr. Music Club Fall '39-Spr, '4O: Troas. Fall '40-Spr, '4l. LUPORINI, NORMA-Commercial, I sem. Honor Scholarship, Penmanship Cerlilicale. LUTZ, CHARLES-Academic, MAGNUSON, BEVERLY-Academic, Troub. Spr, '42. MANGINI, ELMA-Commercial. MANN, OLIVE JEAN-Commercial, A+- lended Sl, John's Calholic Hi. '38A'39, Kern Counly Hi. '39-40. MARTA, YOLANDA-Commercial, 2 sem. Honor Scholarship, Business Mqr, Blue and While Fall '4I, won 3rd place in penman- ship conlesl Spr, '39, MASAI, FRED-Academic, Treas, Japanese Club Fall '4l, Pres, Spr, '42, MATEER, ALAN-Academic, Pres, IIB Fall '40, Lefler in "B" Foolball. MATSUMURA, JIMMIE-Academic. MATSUOKA, KIYOKO-Academic: 3 sem, Honor Scholarship, Treas. Japanese Club Spr, '42, Allended Manleca Union Hi, Fall '38 'ro Fall '39, MATTES, MARIAN - Academic: Allended Manleca Union I-li. Fall '38 lo Fall '4I, 3 sem. Honor Scholarship, Sec. Lalin Club Spr, '39, MAYEDA, ROY-Academic. METZ, SARA-Academic. METZGER, LELAND-Academic, MEYERING, SHIRLEY-Academic, MILLER, DENNIS-Academic. MINAKATA, VIOLET-Academic, Gradu- aled in 3If2 years. MITCHELL, ANGELO-Academic. MIYA, EDDIE-Commercial. MIYATA, TOYOKO-Academic. MOFFITT, BERNIECE-Academic. MOLINI, JACK-Academic. MONASTERIO, FRANK-Academic, Block in Traclr, Allended S+. Vincenl Hi., San Rafael, Calif. -T942 MONTANEZ, ROSALIE-Commercial, Sec. Los Amapolas Fall '40, MONTGOMERY, IRENE-Commercial, MORAIS, ROSE-Academic, G,A.A. awards in baslrelball and baseball, Allended Lodi Union Hi. Fall '38-Spr. '40, MORENO, FRANK-Commercial, Vice Pres. Los Gauchos Spr, '40, Pres, Fall '40, Vice Pres, Spr, '4l, MORGAN, JEWEL MAE-Academic. MURANO, ROY-Academic, Gradualed in 3If2 years. NAKATSUI, ALICE-Academic, NATALI, BEN-Academic, NAVE, HELEN - Commercial, Penmanship Cerlificale Fall '38, NAVONE, LINDA - Commercial, Siudenl Conlrol Spr, '40, Penmanship Cerlilicale Fall '38, IXIEYMAN, BETTY-Commercial, NG, DOROTHY-Academic: Sec. Japanese Club Fall '40, NG, JOHN-Academic. NICHOLS, NADYNE - Academic, 4 sem, Honor Scholarship, Pres. Old Enqlish "S" Fall '4I. NICHOLSON, ARTHUR - Academic: Isl Orch, Fall '4I-Spr, '42, NIELSEN, CLAIRE--Commercial, Perlman- ship Cerlilicale Spr, '39, NOGARE, LUCILLE-Commercial, Isl prize Perimanship conlesl Spr, '39, NOLEN, DOROTHY - Academic, 5 sem. Honor Scholarship, Old Enqlish "S" Fall '40 lo Fall '4I, Sec. Spanish Club Spr, and Fall '4I, G,A,A. shield for baseball, NORMINGTON, GEORGE - Academic: Gradualed in Ziff? years, 2nd prize Calil, l-lisl, Conlesl. NOTEWARE, WARREN-Academic, Grad- ualed in 3If2 years, 2 sem, Honor Scholar- ship, Ouill and Scroll Spr, '42, Sec. IIA Spr, '4l, Sec. Troian Hi-Y, Pres, Spr, '42, G. 81 T, Assl. Copy Ed. Spr, '42, NOWAK, MARGARET'-Commercial. OHM, ALOHA-Academic: 7 sem, Honor Scholarship, Sec. G,A.A, Fall '4I-Spr, '42, Sec, Spr, '40, Pres. C,S.F. Fall '4I: G,A.A, shields and numerals in baslceiball, baseball, and hoclcey, Sludenf Conlrol Fall '40 and Spr, '42, OJI, NAMIYE-Academic, OLIVER, LELAND-Academic, Bloclr "S" Fall '40 lo Spr, '42, Vice Pres. 9B, Pres, Bloclr "S" Spr, '42, Sql,-al-Arms Block "S" Fall '4I, B Bloclm in foolball, 2 Varsily Bloclcs in loolball, 2nd place Spr, '4I in Menziesa Gomas Evenls. OMURA, ALICE, - Academic, Allended Granile Hi., Sall Lalfe Cily, Ulah '38 lo '4O. ORR, CHARLES-Academic, ORTIZ, SABINA-Commercial. OSHITA, KAI-Academic. OWENS, PATRICIA--Commercial. PALLARD, VIRGINIA - Commercial, Al- lended Wells Hi., Newell, Wesl Virginia '39 lo '4I. ... A R. smeuinmi J. sean A. SARRIS E. SILVA P. SPANOS M. SPARKMAN Drs 'Q I Tm , , Q' ,dw . -9 g Y, UMINO Z. WALBRIDGE ' 1 1 Q J, TEMBY I A J. URRIZOLA M. WALLS - T' f-ak 7' f 5, ,gr-1 - ua fn.-'gh as T -Hp' 'iff' 0 I-6 4? G SA O R. SHAND -aff AAN D SHAUER Qui. T B 2 E SCHEJRE E. SCHTLLING J. SCHROEBEL B, SCHULER M. SEFFER H. SHYMIZUN kkhw It K. SHINE,-U J. SHINMOTO V. SHULL J SHYERS ff. . vl-..1i. .p ,-., lb QA :R-' 1-A :vu -V, M ' 0 -:U LM -'U nw Q ,JB 'lvl 7 'V 15- , R.. x 'air ,' i-A A W eq A- 9' ...W my g V I l W X J " 1, J. STNAI D. SKED B. E. SMITH B. SMITH J. SMITH R. L SMITH J. SOARES 5. STOVER K. SUDOKO M. SUGIMOTO S. SUTHERLAND S. SWEET A. TACCHI T. TAKATA , w ' -Q ,, an -s JP" 35 -R S K? 'rx vf 'N "' 3 Q m ' G 1 'dy Av' nm , . -5- A-Q , f' L, .... .., let' X no-Q. 'An' qv. v " Qian P. IHUQY R. TOY ,M- -x ev . va i hiv J UYEDA E WARE A. . f,. f'N nur "VXfvx vamp J, TESHIMA B. l. THOMPSON 'P' P TRAVERSO G. TSUSHSMA N. TUPPER R. TURNER ajw "Q, ID? 'Gp' 195 ..oa-- 1 JVM 6, TOAL R. TUVEY "Ya un 'U QP' Qg 4-.nv M 3' -us.. ' . , 'bw A. J. TOKCHIA B. ULM .A .V 13,5 V939 4,nw 9--5 'Q' gag. 1 D VAN SLYKE VAN V. VASSAR . J. VOIC:-HI K. WAUA G WATANABE Y, WATTANABE B. WATSON B. WHKTSON R. WHITT E. WIEFEL .Aww ,'- ' . fv' "Wi" 8 rn avvfw' we dr ""'v' . wg- .. ...M . R f . Q .A T 5 'jg " f V ' .. J ..'1A 1 X X if . - A " A W' I I ' A V' 'CN XT -. .ui -T? JUNE-1942 PASSADORE, NATALIE - Commercial: 5 sem. Honor Scholarship: Old Enqlish "S" Fall '40 lo Spr. '42g Sec. Ilalian Club: Sec. Old Enqlish "S"q Sludenl Conlrol Fall '40. PEAL, ANDREE-Academic: PEARCE, JOAN-Commercial. PERONDI, FRANCES-Academic, Alfended Sl. Mary's Hi Fall '38 lo Spr. '40. PERRY, NAOMA--Academic: Pres. G.A.A. Fall '4l, Spr. '42: G.A.A. shield, numerals. circle "S" lor hockey, baseba'I, and baslrel- leallg Allended Conoqa Parlc Hi., Conoqa Parlr, Calif. Spr. '38, Wellinqlon Hi., Well- inqlon, Missouri Spr. '38, PHILLIPS, WENDELL-Academic! Gra'II'- aled in BVQ years: Sec. Boys' Science Club Fall '4l. PICCARDO, MARY-Commercial. PIERCE. CHESTER---Academic: Block "S" Fall '4I, Spr. '42, Bloclc "S" for Varsily Swim- ming Team Spr. '4I. PIOMBO, G-ERALDINE--Commercial. PLATT, JUNE-Academic? l'IICll' SISDPGVS Spr. '4l lo Spr. '42. PLEAU, LAWRANCE-Academic: Isl Band Spr. '40-Spr. '42, POWELL, PAULINE-Academic: Gradualed in 3If2 years: Allended Cenlral Hi., Kansas Cily, Missouri. PRATO, ANGELO-Academic. PUGA, HARVEY-Academic: 2 lellers in Varsily loolball: Isl Band and Isl Orch. Fall '40 lo Spr. '42. RAAB, DONALD-Academic. RABY, LEO-Commercial. RAFFO, FRANCES - Commercial: 2 sem. Honor Scholarship: Sludenl Conlrol Fall '4Ig Tennis Cup lor Doubles '4l. RAIMONDO, JOSEPHINE-Academic. REED, ALEEN-Academic. REED, LOIS MAE-Academic: Isl Orch. '4I- '423 Isl Band Fall '40-42: Tympanisl in Fesli- vel Band '4lg Vice Pres. Orch. Fall '4lg Band Serqeanl Spr. '42, REMINGTON, BILL-Academic. REYNOLDS, HELEN-Commercial. RIDLEY, LA VERNE-Academic: Hiqh Slop- pers Fall '4lf'42g Allended Hoover Jr. Hi. Fall '38 lo Spr. '39, Hayward Hi. Fall '40, RISHWAIN, RITA-Academic. ROBBINS, DOROTHY-Commercial. ROBBINS, REED-Academic: 5 sem, Honor Scholarship: Quill 8: Scroll Fall '40-Spr. '42: Sec. C.S. Fall '40: Vice Pres. Spr. '4Ig Sec, Round Table Club Spr. '4lg Comm. ol Wel- lare Fall '4I: News Ed. G. 81 T. Fall '4lg Slu- denl Conlrol Spr. '4l lo Spr. '42, ROBINSON, DON--Academic. ROBINSON, RUTH-Academic. ROSENBERG, SAUL-Academic. ROSENBERGER, PEGGY-Academic, Al- lended Chehalis Hi., Chehalis, Wash. Spr. '40. RUGANI, LORRAINE-Commercial, Grad- ualed in 3V3 years. SABBATINI, JOE-Commercial. SACCONE, JOHN-Academic. SAIKI, MASARU-Academic. SAKO. MARY-Academic. SANDERS, VERNON--Commercial. SANDERSON, ED-Academic: 3 sem. Hon- or Scholarship, Isl prize American Legion U. S. Hislory Conlesl Spr. '4I. SANGUINETTI, RAY-Academic, Isl Band Fall '39, Spr. '4O. SARRIS, ANGELINE-Commercial: Gradu- aled in 3V2 years. SATO, GRACE-Academic. SAWYER, CLAUDE-Academic: Troub. Fall '40 lo Spr. '42. SCHEIRE, EMILEINE-Academic: G.A.A. baseball awards Spr. '39. SCHILLING, ELLEN--Commercial. SCHLEGEL, BOB-Academic. SCHROBEL, JOAN-Acadernicg Gradualed in 3 years. I SCHULER, BOB-Academic. SEFFER, MARIANN-Academic, Allendcd Manual Hi., Peoria, III. Fall '38 lo Fall '4i. SERPA, JOHN-Vocalional. SERPA, LUCILLE - Commercial, G.A.A. awards in hoclrey. SHAND, RUTH-Academic. SHAUER, DOROTHY - Academic, Vice Pres. IIA Spr. '4Ig Sec. l2A Spr. '42g Vice Pres. Les Mousquelaires Fall '40, SHIMIZU, HISAKO--Academic. SHINGU, KENZO-Academic. SHINMOTO, JEANETTE-Academic. SHULL, VIRGINIA-Academic: Cvradualed in 3If2 years: Old English "S" Fall '4-O: Award in lennis. SHYERS, JACK-Academic: Isl Band Fal '40 lo '42, SILVA, ELAINE-Commercial. SIMONS, JEANNE-Academic. SINAI, JOHN-Academic: Sec. Les Mous- quelaires Spr. '4l. SKED, DON-Academic. SMITH, BETTY-Academic. SMITH, BLANCHE-Academic. SMITH, JIM-Academic. SMITH, ROBERT-Academic: Isl Band Fall '39 lo Spr. '42g Isl award in Spr. Music Fes- lival lor Trombone '40, SOARES, JIM-Vocalional. SPANOS, PETE-Academic: Vice Pres. IIB Spr. '40, I2A Spr. '42: Vice Pres. Spanish Club Fall '4I, Pres. Spr, '42g Vice Pres. Play- Crallers Spr. '42: Sec. Hi-Y Spr. '42g Isl Band Fall '39 lo Spr. '42. SPARKMAN, MILDRED-Commercial. STOVER, BOB-Academic. SUDOKO, KAZUTO-Vocalionalg "B" Bloclu Foolball. SUGIMOTO, MIOMARU - Academic: 3 sem. Honor Scholarship. SUTHERLAND, STEVE-Academic: 2 sem. I-IOr10r Scholarship: Comm. Alhlelics Spr. '42g Sludenl Conlrol Spr. '4l lo Spr. '42g J. V. and 2 Blocles in Baslcelball: Allended Monlrose Hi., Monlrose, Kansas Fall '38 lo Fall '39, JUNE SWEET, SEYMOUR-Academic: Gradualed in 3'f2 years: Quill 81 Scroll Spr. '4l: Exec. Board Round Table Club Fall '4l: Vice Pres, Boys' Science Club Fall '4l: Sec. Honor Scholarship Fall '4l: Copy Ed. G. 81 T. Spr. '4l: lsl place -ol Nalionwide Currenl Science Magazine Conlesl Fall '4l. TACCHI, ANlTA-Commercial. TAKATA, TIM-Academic. TANAKA, RlCHARD-Academic. TEMBY, JACK-Academic: Bloclr "S" Spr. '4l: 2 "B" Blocks in baslcelball. 2 Block "S" in Goll. Gold baslcelball 'For lnlramural Bas- lcelball. TERRY, PHYLLIS-Academic: lsl Orch. Fall '39 lo Spr. '4l. TESHIMA, JAMES-Academic: Hislorian ol Japanese Club Fall '4I. THOMPSON, BILL - Academic: Vice-Pres. Quad "C" Hi-Y Spr. '42. THORNTON, BARBARA--Academic: Troub. Fall '40-Spr. '42. THYRET, LORRAINE-Academic: Allended Della Hi., Colorado '38 lo Spr. '40. TOAL, GEORGE-Academic: Isl Band Fall '39 lo Spr. '42: Isl Orch. Spr. '40 lo Spr. '42. TORCHIA, JOHN--Commercial: Allendecl Columbus Hi., Kansas Fall '38 lo Spr. '39, TOWNER, CHARLES-Academic: lsl Band Fall '40 lo Spr. '42: Allended Paso Robles Union Hi., Paso Robles Fall '39 lo Spr. '4O. TOY, LILY - Commercial: Soc. Chairman Chinese Club Fall '4l. TOY, RUTH-Commercial: Finance Chair- man Chinese Club Spr. '42. TRAVERSO, FRED-Vocalional. TSUSHIMA, GENEVlEVE-Academic: Sql,- al-Arms Japanese Club Spr. '4Ig Isl Band Spr. and Fall '4O. TUMELTY, BOB-Academic. TUPPER, NINA-Academic: Old English "S" Fall '40 lo Spr. '42: Pres. Spr. '42: G.A.A. awards in baslcelball, baseball, hoclcey. TURNER. RUTH--Commercial: Gradualed in 3lf2 years: Sludenl Conlrol Fall '4l. TUVEY, ROBERT - Academic: Arl Edilor Blue and While Spr. '4l: Allended Escalon Union Hi., Fall '38, '39. ULM, BARBARA - Commercial: G.A.A. awards in baseball and hockey. UMINO, YAMATO, Academic: Sgl.-al- Arms Spanish Club Spr. '40: Vice Pres. Jap- anese Club Spr. '42: Sludenl Conlrol Spr. '42. URRIZOLA, JULIAN--Commercial. UYEDA, JANICE-Commercial: l sem. Hon- or Scholarship: lsl Orch. Fall '40 lo Spr. '4?. VAN SLYKE, DARLE-Academic. VAN VRANKEN, PEGGY-Academic. VASSAR, VERNE-Academic: l sem. Honor Scholarship: Block "S" Spr. '42: Sludenl Body Pres. Spr. '42: l year B-J.V. and Var- sily loolball awards: Isl Band and lsl Orch. '39 and '40. -T942 VIGNOLO, lRENE-Academic: Gradualed in 3lf2 years. VOIGHT, JOSEPHINE-Commercial. WADA, KElJl-Academic: Gradualed in 3V2 years. WALBRIDGE-ZONAMAE-Academic: lsl Band Spr. '39 lo Spr. '42. WALLS, MELBA-Academic: Gradualed in 3V2 years. WARE, ERNEST-Academic: l sem. Honor Scholarship: Ouill and Scroll Spr. '4lg Cus- lodian German Club Spr. '4O: Sludenl Con- lrol Fall '4l: Pholographer G. 81 T. Spr. '4l. WATANABE, GEORGE--Academic. WATANABE, YURlKO-Academic:Armis- lice Day Spealcer Fall '4l. WATSON, BOB-Academic: Bloclc "S" Spr. '42: Blocl: "S" in loolball: Sludenl Conlrol Spr. '42: Allended Piedmonl Hi.. Fall '38 lo Fall '4l. WHlTSON, BETTY-Academic: Graduated in 3V2 years. WHITT, ROBERT-Academic. WIEFEL, ELAINE -- Academic: Allended Flower Tech. Hi., Chicago, lll Fall '38 lo Spr. '4O. WILEY, BARBARA LEE-Academic. WlLSON, BETTY-Academic: l sem. Honor Scholarship: Allended Lincoln Hi., Porlland, Ore. Fall '39 lo Spr. '4l. WlLSON, THELMA-Academic: G.A.A. award in baseball. WINDMILLER, MARSHALL - Academic: Ouill X: Scroll Fall '40 lo Spr. '42: Vice Pres. Boys' Sludenl Conlrol Fall '4l: Pholographer for Blue and While Fall '40-'4l, G. 8: T. '4l-'42, WIRTH, CAROL-Commercial. WITT, MELVIN-Academic: 3 sem. Honor Scholarship: Pres. Tennis Club Fall '4lg Var- sily Tennis Team lor 3 years: 4lh prize in Legion Conlesl lor Hislory ol Calil. Spr. '40, WOLFF, PAULlNE - Academic: G.A.A. shield and awards lor baseball, and lennis: Allended Modeslo Hi. Fall '38. WRIGHT, KENNETH--Academic. WRIGHT, PATRICIA-Academic: Vice Pres. G.A.A. Fall '4l: G.A.A. awards shield and numerals in baslcelball and hoclcey. WRIGHT, STANLEY-Academic: 3 Bloclc "S" for Swimming: Troub. Spr. '42, XENOS, AMELIA-Commercial. YABUMOTO, KIMIKO-Academic. YABUMOTO, MITSUKO-Academic: Grad- ualed in 3lf2 years. YAMAUCHl, FLOYD-Academic: Allended Tracy Union Hi. Fall '38 lo Spr. '42. YANAGI, TADASl-ll-Academic. YOSHlMl, ELLlS-Academic. YOUNG, DON-Academic: l sem. Honor Scholarship: Allended Ceres Hi., Ceres, Calil. '38 lo '4l. ZIEKE, BETTY JO - Academic: Allended McKinley Hi., Cedar Rapids, lowa. ZINCK, OROJANE-Academic. my E 5 f 3 gif 'gi RE? 'fc 3? .gf ij Q . Q bc! Jr. ., ., 7f if M!! 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Q A sf 2 f 1 ?f Hr ggi A Q 5 'f I K'L' Z ' 1 gi L V. x A I' . g, Q I 'A fl Qs? VQ. if b A 4. Y I I 1 n :- , vu. K xv! 1 ' x r. 3.1 H r if , , MAQ fhq high school s+Hden'I's parficipafe invsbdcial affivhies 'shth asischool pqh- licgfipns. clhbs. bends. drill foams. and the mm. wrdgfrhe Soldibrs G+ me Sfock- fon special ac+iQi+ies. A+ +he righf you wifi se6 drillingywhich is one bf fheir ac+ivi+ias. ' fn Q 65 N' ' . 1. is I 'M VA Y i . 'v l ' 4' ., sq. . X -Q it 16 rf 9 L 4 4 ' M rf-'fr V ' I xx x " , ' A- JW ' 'V' , F' 4 5' A nl -Vlir 'F A', 5 7 f, A rf, ' Y 1 URN .L-' . , .. .ll 'Jak 5 ' +1 'YK . . Q 1' 1? RMK' -osnihs' cb EM FNS Q93 Y? 3' i HVBNOR SCHQLARSHIP Row I lBri1Tom inw, ieTT To righTl: Mc- Hisaka, Shepherd, Wickware, Shadley, Baldridge, SuTherland 1TTiny Silmi, Pond, Knbaia, lwaia, Ng, Kiwis, Takahashi, Arala, ROWITTZ Le Cls-rT, BurneTT, Sanderson, WTTT. 6l'OVml0Y- Cofmel Flifii, Puiinaki. Pow 7: .luaniTa'i, Taniguhhi. Lowe, Scribner, Ziegler, lv' p'5T9r' Robbms' Bolml' l unfli Gallarzhar, Srhior-br-l, Arnold, BaiTh Billones. Row 3: Han- QUILL gi SCROI-I-7ROW I: Scrabneyy Brava Shand! Le Her n, Qkamuia, Pasnaonir-, Forslund, STorklar'd, Peirano, Boron, Harris Jnnpsu ROW 2: Pliner' French. Billonesl ROW 3: VAN Dyke paTlr+. Pow 4: T',uT',iii, Fiiiimfdo, Hall, Wring, Qkarnura, Holman, cmd' Kaiser. Hoqanv perry. ROW 4: J- W- Adamson- ad B -r-rlrrn lllinll, Tlfllfhm, Qhni. Raw 5: WfiHf'i, Crewdson, Padilla, ,idqg-A Kidd, Bums, Raw 55 Schroebel, SweeT, Robbins, Shep erd. l-IQNORARIES STudenTs who excell in sTudies, journalism, or sporTs are poTenTial candidaTes Tor membership in our honor socieTies. During The year The Honor Scholarship senT a delegaTe group To a conclave held aT SanTa Rosa High. The socieTy also gave a Tea Tor graduaTing sTudenTs. The Quill and Scroll, an inTernaTional honor so- cieTy Tor high school iournalisTs, conducTed a deTense sTamp drive which neTTed almosT SLOO0 over The desired 52,350 goal in Two weeks Time, For This deed The high school received a IeTTer oT congraTulaTion Trom The SecroTary oT The Treasury, Henry MorgenThau Jr, FurTher work by The Quill and Scroll was The book drive oT some 2600 books Tor The STockTon Field. AlThough The Quill and Scroll kepT very busy aiding in deTense work, The members also Tound Time Tor Two skaTing parTies. The Qld English 'S' is an honor group oT iunior and senior girls who have aTTained an A average in gym Tor Two semesTers. This socieTy gave a breakTasT To The graduaTing seniors during commencemenT week, handled The Treshmen recepTion, and waiTed upon The Teachers aT Their TaculTy meeTings. Probably The mosT appreciable deed accomplished byThe Block 'S' This year was iTs well-conducTed auTomo- bile saTeTy campaign, Block 'S' boys arresTed reckless drivers around high school and made Them pay The penalTy" by giving Them demeriTs and puTTing Them on probaTion, SporTsmanship was also TosTered by The Block 'Sf CJCK Rfiw li Girir-nbfiiil, Cllivrii 1 Tvimebf-l, TI-iviby Bianrhi, Milleis Row Qi S lirsdiwy, Lf-nf, Hiiilni-il, Ffiwlf-i Row T: OLD ENCUSH "S" Row I: Srhull, Macias, QTTo, Qlivares, TooThachre, WaTson nminri, Br-ynlfn, laiifiihead HunTr-i, Row Perry, Wallace. Row 2: Nirhols, Perry, Haines, Passadore, Tupper, Nolan, Bu use 4 Pif-:rr-, Lalham, Tliinlap, Beckham, irh, Jenkins, Lauqhmn AThearn. .ff ., f ' . , . ., . Q., YQQQQ ,x ,Yf flllbes M 'bo . .- L.-' M v. ,, . Q L- , , X' S . 1: J' fs s . . - , . L' :LL , 0 f ' . i . ."' 5 W5 A iw ' V in A iq S hw M . Q .. gi .. ,. , 7 . P-X IV .. ,. , f: f z .V 5 , V. 1. Q- 2' S' . - : K' , f A A ' '- N . 5 .r 5 ,kkkr . . K D ,L A ' ' V . 3 . A ' ' ' .. E ' Qi QE E- f, Vg., . as 1. ' Mg XL K EM Y F4 y 'X if ' J i Q7V5' yfwifa?9if wwMffQf yf w' ww ,ri A T awk bk ,K 5 , NSE. . ,,,f f A In :,m . . . A X , - 4 . x ig., I 4 ' NX-A ' LA X x ? Egf? L R a 9 . . . . 2 .. NS, 5 , A -fn: in VA In . I A A , , 4 ' A -V. ' , kr kr . 1. I . www , 2 . ' 2 +4 3 f if k Q rf ' V 1 if -'T 3 . g as F 3 A I . i ff x 3. ,xi . ' if 5 . A I :Il K5 X K kgii kg 5 2,9 ...KL . . 1 4 Q. g Y N.Qk,i5 Q - mfg 1 4 g x. iii Y ,wg UW . 2f','P f H W W . . . . M sky? SMR Q W1 .5 I I s .1 Q' . if 1' ,K ,N-1, . we Z 435 in ,im , W ,fc .ar in- Q Qxg' - D 1 . 2 s-H ' Tu ig 5 'l i Z, .. :Q f Qilfl V1 fem.w555Y1f'4?i?w --Wy 5' F :H A I K K ,1 S ...v .,.,, ., L,.kk. 4,..g,,.,. , .K . ,-.'j1S1?f1fvj:2:g1:7'Pi2??4figQ3f,g5.gi2'2v.g?jfYsQ3l?,y35Zffillggg' GQ' k . if is - ' S V -A f- ff- Via.:-.Q-Wggw, - 2 . , , ,,,. ,.1 " 'w a . , ' 's.z:'.i-We r I k""'x'V"k ' r +54 My 0 N, . 7 , Ng? f'-wh.-'2f?:':' , 51 ,,xc'AJwv-B - iff' -1 Qi '1ilP..'.1. L 'P .- ' -, 9 'ku 5 " . f- S- v N 'X .ff Sf Q? " as ,QQ 3 :si in M Q ff' x H!! , , i 3 , , fs' LL Q - 1 .:., A r - If , 8 - Q . ,L Q, L IV 'mf ?kqwmff... g,irQ jg? 4' "' 2 5' -s 1,45 A gang? li A K L . T 4.1. Mmz, ---f fy. W., ,,,, .im A ,Y . M, ,, .. .V . f.w,.,Mz.iaf,:..,..L-xwwlgwix , :MMS-'MES'-Piffw V, . -K V f- X. . k e1.Lsf,,--.wrwnifix :Mfg-1 , K , N. fr M: ,WX ' 1 Q ' 32 , Wm I I 5?f5'f14.fl0iw+wWWfWs'3S . x W , x x X Finin Bnllom LMT, Up and To Riqhl: Richard Burns, Spring ediTor3 BeTTy l-logan, Fall edilorp J. W. Adamson. advisor: l-lelon B B' M 1l'TlBlCl'r'l1 dLV B' 'T d'T T Shpcl 'TTpTd'T FlSTrd filfifl, ll'slV'YfT's', HUHVVWQ 50 H fl F0 GU G CUTE? IBVO, GSSUCIA 0 C I CVS: OVW! G PF ,ASSTS dn S Ol' S P I Ol: IW IBVT , fgiilf nriorla r-dilor: and Bob Kidd, boys' sporls cdilor, Grains Pifluuev Row l: Rirhard Burns, Row 2: Scribner, Shand, Jones, Perry, Billones, Row 33 Van llylrry Pienrh, Rnw 4: Bald- iidixr- Mi, Adamson, Kidd. Row 5: Windmiller. Row 6: SwccT. The Guard and Taclcle This year, besides iTs regular program oT publishing The paper, has underTalcen To sponsor The VicTory STamp Drive and The SToclcTon Field Boolc Drive in coor- dinaTion wiTh The Quill 81 Scroll, and has also aided oTher groups in The Tield oT publiciTy Tor Their various programs. The "GaT" sTaTT aTTended The UniversiTy oT CaliTornia College oT PublicaTions, and The Fresno Press ConvenTion, besides enTering several NaTional Press Asso- ciaTion ConTesTs. For Those inTeresTed in "l.iTe inside The GaT OTTice," The worlc Tor each weelcs ediTion begins wiTh The assignmenT oT picTures and The planning oT pages on Wednes- day. Cn Thursday and Friday acTual copy Tor The paper is wriTTen and correcTed, and The picTures are Talcen. Cn Monday worlc really begins wiTh The Tinal correcTing oT all copy, and malcing up The pages Tor publicaTion is done in The aTTernoon. On Tuesday and Wednesday The paper is prinTed3 Then The process sTarTs all over again. GUARD and TACKLE BLUE and WI-IITE "A lillle somelhing lor everyone," has been lhe slogan during lhe year around lhe Blue and While olllice. This year lhe annual has again made many changes. Sludenls have asked lor lewer pages ol boresome copy-so lhis year our annual is comprised ol more impersonal pic- lures and less wriling lhan ever belore in lhe book's hislory. Mrs. Schuler, who replaced our pasl adviser Mr. Clarke, has done a splendid iob in direcling lhe slall in publishing lhis year's yearbook. l-ler pleasanl personalily and her greal inleresl in lhis underlaking have won her deserved recognilion. The annual slall has conslanlly worked lasl and hard lo pro- duce lhis book. Allhough lhe work somelimes became lough, lhe slall would willingly do il all over again, il has been lun. Group Piclure: B. Teichman, N. Kaiser, Mrs. Schuler, T. Sullon, W. Morril, J. Arnold, C. J. Julius, l. Kobayashi, J. Turpin, S. Lillle, E. Gibbons. From Top Righl, Down and lo Lell: Mrs. Schuler, advisor, Jean Marie Arnold, business managerg Nancy Kaiser, edilorg Jack Burns and Slark Pisler, pholographersg Belly Teichman and Erwin Gibbons, lypisl and copy edilorg Sleve Lillle, Carole Jane Julius, lris Kobayashi, assislanls. -Y ---Y -i'i:SsKll Q -r 'MZ,liL.NN5hii url, A 1 51? 2 :Vg Kseiff , fi ,pfkggg 51 2 w . :P,.-f-HMM tx. . r 157 A 74. 'i gf by 'QQ W. w. J: VK. -,fi L93 sw- .V . 414.1 1. n X fr, , , P 11 ,Q ,f f VN J Q. 1. , A '14, fn 31" Q.,-yf'if"'f Jlfhvi -Q X S: fl .N x, ', .,f-Q ,M Q, 4. ,A PM .41 ,i , Q 1 4 D-ff X fy z at X1 qgH,4Z?gim my V Egg -1 jx Q ' J 1 ' , 'fi ,V 'X I 1-j JL, 'X 5-'4 ra' gg -Q " W3 5,1 fi 1 'li 54 5' E05 gb Vu.f'4'-we '., VN, ,qw MUJZMX? , V A . , .V 4 u. y Q, 412 N, V ,,x X1 , A .Y 'V A, x ,, QV sf V,V,rpQ V V V. rf Qaf X' -al X Q 1 V V' at V- VV , , 4, , L V V4 .4 , N .L X , 1 4, V f 1, ' Q ,. -' 3, ,I P .. Y if Y K i 43 A K ' ' 4 -V fag ,. V. , N V, as 3252 ',. 1 ' s' nf 'r Q, V ., V 1 4 . ' 4 1 59 'G , 7 +55 lk E Q ill 4. e, F I . A g 5.1 8 1 V1 ' i, ' , 3 A - 7' l ,+V V ' ' ' fiaigxf, X If Y, ' T I ' ' f "' vi W " A W Q2 f v , 5 Sv . -1 N' Q1 fb X gf - jg 9 J 3 5? Q A ,..nx,- 2 ' L ' K ' -" -4 ' ' ' ' " u 5 Ad Nh Q .,. kv' V. lf? 9? fa" Ti ff Q-3 :ri 'wi 'ef if f ff f f Vii ' ws pg QV " - QV Q. .- 1 gg is 35' E4 if if: Ni 92 13' xii E? 534 if Mr 171 S- H4 Eff ai? af: if v- w .pf fw V ,Jia 545 555 fr V Vf ,f 5.2 as as Q2 E' - 5,2 gg QQ Sf? Q5 if: LQ 7 f rn, , S tm gn f, . 'Ag ff ,xv 11-V aw A X sw: tv M K, . W, 'gg 5 Q a .V X V V. 1 f Mf sc f.. V -A .9 Q1 44 fp V f-f'nfiLxx ft' L' QA 5-'EA 55 A-Q il 23 f 'AN . as 53 as 233 gl? l . ' V - - it 'Zi Q1 f" 'B ' W , 3 gh VY K VV 3: J, .L J, ht ig gig j ' -' " " 3' A fi 1 fx fb '5 K bv .V . A ,V 'V W V -Q ,. 1: 'f ' , QA ' 1 J' Y V 9 .nc ,AQ 1 V7 1 .1 NV A ii' Z 5 X, QVC N 5 'Jia . H3-4' ,V ,J 'D' w , , M , My.- . '-fm. : . ff 1 G ma '18-Q '51 we we 'A NW? 'Y 1' 1 V '65 , . mvfgu- fir V 1 . .. -:v -4- . K' , .. .V-4,..g' M- - WW V , V, -' 1 up-H , ,gg A uv' - . f V nV '- f Q lf: A f -'wr . 1- - fmf . x , , wk , QM 0 -gy 3--V 2 V, new ff vg g..-Q., HV. ...,, My V: V 1 .T,,j,iuXk,f1 h "' 'i!5w'- Fr - -f., V -- . .- '.f"aV,!f . , , Vw K , V ,.-. . : ,, ,, ,MM-.V , ,fwq A-V 4-TE, Y V U - V , 'if fy :h w y 5-N Pie? paris Revue Produced by LOUIS COSTANZA ! .A . , - 1 4 -..- ii. x , X1 ,ww 4. V -ag. . fr Y 'f+ff.L.'i D Above are some piciures of Louis Cos+anza's Spring producfion Paris Revue which includ- ed a casf of over fiffy Srockion High sfudenis. Upper group-Leif ro righi-Joyce Hughes, Em Ven Dyke, Lorraine Thyref, Ada Anderson, Ramona Thyrei. Lower group-J. Huges, M. L. Dagg, P. Peiers, N. Sprague, L. Heli, L. Thyrei, T. J. Jeffery, O. J. Zinc, M. Lewis, T. Brernwell, J. Edises, F. Sirand, FL Skivingron. Upper righr-Thyre June Jeffery. June Senior Play MJ Row I: B. Black, P. Ammon, J. Hughes, L. Heli, M. Berger, C. Towner, J. Burns, H. Jenkins, A. Lewis, P. Wriqhi, J. Kessler, M. Nolan, L. Gianelii, L. Cosfanza, R. Robbins, D. Greenberg, B. Lafham, C. Ebnorher, E. Sanderson, 'A ifxxg' LJ 2 At.. . ' .w-. 'mx '15,"YA!V A f .4 ,- ' .. 1, .1 9 . gf A 'Q X1 My Qqx g .1 , H. ' . MN 'K ' t ,s ev. s 'Jw " 4 1- y A v' wg ff wr x , 'bg . I Y . 4. ff : - I .C-' 1 zf, '- 1, "' .. V f iff f"g ':' M A 1 'f' YY-9 'WWA "L'f-'3- .3 X Ii Af x Q, Q- 5 fa an K ,aw ' V . 4 5 in Q V5 r ' . , 'v lf ' P' , A ' X r Y? ,Q 'Q 3 1, .f N 'M Ln 5 ,gf "W ' K A my ,xt K 2 k 5 Q, Q I I if lf: Q . -A S E . 3 r I g Q .rl . .r i .Q KA A A .1 kV,,x. W A . 3 -. ' 4 ' , 51' , , ZF? I 1 I , f 'A - i I N K Q -- , fi 1 P -.L. is ,.....,ff Aizgtw "' M 'S X - gifxg 5.4 V r : "'b K fr. , F i 4 " ' lhklil 3 ' 9 gzgg-af: j'?"."'f'f,--f T' L Q37 f iff ' 4 ' iff Wy: -xl.. 'W .uh A ny' l,.sgi - 4L4 f34.f'Zg ,.,-sq ' We in 4: +uu. C ' by . 1 1 - ' fo . .. V 6 we , , W ,Q ,g 'y - . flsi 9' ' N,- "5.".'.,.a,.w:':..'. V Q 5 1 Q X 5 S51 Q A n ifiw " 1 X - 3, :LL its ggfigi, 3 if 55? asw 2353555 , Wg 4' fx' Q eggs, 22 5 S Am i 5 E f , Mk. Hi Mlm. , 9 , ,211 k iii! .---- 'Xre ', ,pm r, , ,.f -fx 4- A 15- '45, 'f fs ii' ,N i!Eii!i 133 fu -7-T1 11.241 x .-r"li",jmx Ev , 'V ii .as .Q V F' 13' 6' ...Q . - 'Q' L ..,-, , 8 A ' if SWfg5!!5H!!g?H-'a .ML 'use . I Q ' x 1 f M S55 1' W s , P -L I 1 My X, N , 4 .... A-.WW .- 5 j 5 . I , I, ', , ig? 'W "' 'gal A , W ill gg, ,Lk 341 .51 g 11 ., f . -. ..r .ff , 1- , V Q L , .. SLE-tg: I1 ,E 3.3 , . f Q,.fgf,?,1-:M A 1 ., - f..-gg ' U' 5 3 1' ' bw I 'T' "1" Q' ' " 1" , Nu A ' Q W.. gnf., L , ' 9 5 . ' -L it 'UN 4 V xg: S65 ff Ji-2+ ff' H' 'fi' I' f .1 ,- aux :--L "S f -, , -- if . 1.14, g -i....- Q ,A xa?',f,7 'Q fi' .. "f w-- ' 'V' N " 'f-Q 1- arf,-fa . -., V , - Q , 5 2 .h K h 1 7- 1 M" .vs , Me- L .- ' Lf -:if"'4.4, ' 4 ' 1 f 4' r Sv.: P . , 7 Q Q A1 :sf-4 , 'Q 1 A E NQ , A , 4 . , rg, A. J Q1 ,,, VH- sf' 1: Ly: J 'Q Q' , r , 'ik , 19 A l Q ,L , F l i M, A. Q is wr O A ,A at 'G Q V 'H H pins e I Q Q ' - fl 'Q -. L 1' 1- N, ' mmsamanmk., . as 4 A --.M .JS 1 'N - ..., A V , ,, 1 ' A - L , 'i - . Al""r I g 455. 1 k:.k gi 5 t , i m TW LW., J K V -'J-H f m ...ll .1 " ' -. -. f I J A -M -Nkmhq .,. , , M V A . pl , N W ! gg. ml . , .1311 .-.51 --'ck ' m ':','1 N. C ' QOH 0 , I 4 4, Uh. 4974 4. fi ,- gnq ,f Q - . . lu... fi ,li rf I if as h li, . 1 1 91.41 ' f l i f f 5 i i 1 , .. .., .. if X Miss Cass, Dale Baldridge, Lois Squires, Vivian I-Iansen, La Verne Vassar. Lila MaThews, CynThia GaIioTTo, Grace Oka- IYIUIG, GEOGRAPHY CLUB The new Geography Club has as iTs aim The increas- ing oT knowledge abouT and undersTanding oT The counTries and peoples oT The world. MeeTings have consisTed OT Talks and moTion picTures. Each mem- ber has a proiecT or hobby oT his own choice on which he works, such as maps, scrapbooks, minerals, sTamps or ag coIIecTions, and Tiles of geographic maTeriaI. Social acTiviTies consisTed oT a SouTh American Tea and a luncheon meeTing. Is geography inTeresTing7 We Think so, SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB ChariTy work is The main TuncTion oT STockTon I'-Iigh's Social Service Club. Each year The girls work as assisTanTs in The P. T. A. Salvage Shop, and aT ChrisTmas and Thanksgiving give Tood and cIoThing To needy Tamilies. A silver Tea is given once or Twice each year Tor The TacuITy members To raise Tunds Tor chariTy work. The membership is IimiTed To TwenTy girls who musT have a B average in Their school work. Sealed: Kay Booksin, Caryl Rofhenbush, BeTTy Lewis. STand- inq: EdiTh Rowe, Mary Louise Dagg, PaTricia I-Ioskins, Virginia Macpherson, Barbara MacNeider, Em Van Dyke, MarqareT Ann ErnsT, Doris Eorslund, Jeanne I-Iall. FILIPINO CLUB This year during The Tall semesTer The Filipino Club TrequenTIy Turned iTs monThly meeTing periods inTo social occasions, enjoying luncheons and playing games in The Bungalow Tor The haIT hour. During The Spring semesTer The girls of The club kniT squares Tor a Red Cross aTghan. The reduced membership caused all meeTings To be inTormaI. F. F. A. CLUB EuTure Farmers oT America IF. E. A.I is a naTional organizaTion OT boys enrolled in The various high school deparTmenTs oT vocaTional agricuITure. A chapTer has been organized This year, made up OT sTudenTs oT The new VocaTional AgricuITure deparT- rnenT. IT has a Tine bunch of members and officers. The moTTo is: "Learning To do: Doing To learn: Earning To live: Living To serve." Richard Beckam, CI1esTer Davis, STanIey Dominguez, Bud Gil- berT, Darwin Lewis, Bill Morais, Bob McCarTy, Bruno Simi, Tim TakaTa, KenneTh WrighT, KenneTh KraTT, Dan Delarm, Jess Powers, Mr. PeTers. Fronf row: Jay l-lansen, Bob Breeden, Erwin Gibbons. Sfand- Loren Hellwiq, Bob Breeden, Warren Nofeware. ing: Bill Thompson, Fefe Spanos. QUAD c HI-Y The Quad C chapfer of fhe Hi-Y organizafion has complefed ifs proiecfs fo fhe besf of ifs abilify. Each meefing a very falenfed spealcer fallcs wifh fhe members abouf Chrisfian insighfs and convic- fions and whaf fhey have fo do wifh fhe war on hand. The Quad C puf up fhe fire sficlcers in The various rooms fhroughouf fhe school. The mem- bers of fhe organizafion also offered fheir services fo fhe cify defense council so as fo do all fhaf fhey could in fhe war efforf. PAN PACIFIC CLUB The chief acfivify of fhe club fhis year has cenfered around fhe building of fhe Pan Pacific Library. The club has also endeavored fo bring nofed speakers before school assemblies-nofably Julian Arnold, re- fired U. S. consul fo China, and Galen Fisher, di- recfor of fhe Pacific Relafions Council. Ofher prom- inenf affairs were fhe Pan American confesf and fhe lnfernafional Dinner. Addifional acfivifies in- cluded slcafing parfies, evening round-fable meef- ings wifh prominenf guesf-speakers, and an Orienfal dinner. Bill Shadley, Barbara Kragen, Paf Green. Carolyn Bennisfen, Pefer McCurdy, Maxine Kreis. TROJAN I-ll-Y Service, educafion, and religion are fhe fhree prin- cipal facfors of fhe progress of Troian Hi-Y Club. Composed of fhirfy iunior and senior boys, fhis club has as ifs slogan: "Clean speech, clean sporfs, clean scholarship, and clean life." The club donafed mirrors fo fhe boys' gym as a service proiecf. and fo raise money for ofher proiecfs, if held a co-ed ice slcafing parfy. There are four faculfy members of fhe high school as advisors besides lan Hufcheon of C.O.P. PLAYCRAFTERS The Playcraffers in fhe pasf have given plays for fhe sfudenf body in fhe audiforium and in A-6 for fhe public. This year fhe Playcraffers gave "Mayor For a Day" in fhe aucliforium for fhe sfu- denf body. Wifh fhe proceeds, properfies for A-6 were bouqhf and fhe annual picnic was given for fhe members. The Playcraffers hold fwo meefings a monfh, a social meefing and a business meefing. Jaclc Dyhre, Joyce Hughes, Louis Cosfanza. UE JAP SI I2 Army Navy Called Out r. .,,.. . ., , . 41 ..,-X ,,, I k,,.5,. by 'TTAC S ' ' "MT 25 A Q ' M - wsmpm a EN-I ron cmxmu. cALmonN1A rmoru: ORNIA-SUNDAY, DECEMBER 7, l94I if A - , if 1 'NITED STATES NAVY IS READY FOR ACTION N BULLHINS LOS ANGELES-All of- ficers and men of fha Hfh Naval Disfricf. corn- prising Soufhern Califor- gs 1 g at L. .V i in ., Y. 45. - -2 -1-.. -Qi? .3 ---' --A-,. ,...M,. ,W . , in 0 , nv- ' 5-4 SEIZEI v fx , 1: . - rf. 1 i N if? A k 'Y ' - ,, l' W Z-ww ,. ,W xg , Y? 'X .. . A X . . .-qu. N'1,.A.Nur L5 1 3. an L A I M qi , 9, 5 ,If If ith . 'Aux 4,3 - Q I , Q I I X, 5 K AW ,A 9, , , Q wg., x H - if v"?gL V 'Z ' 4 "9 wx sv, ' x fi 1 ' wg . un xu1..,: s5-2.5 f if Q M fmms.. vi., . mm.. MS Q- 1 Q . .W V QNX W.-...undl'Pv ,Nw 'NX X umm.. me Special Activities CUSTODIANS-No doubl you are all familiar wilh These faces. Yes, lhaT's righf, These are The men who keep our school spic and span. Row I: Mr. Hough, Mr. Turner, Mr. Wolfe. Row 2: Mr. Finkbohner, Mr. Ford, Mr. Schweil- zer. Row 3: Mr. l-loll, Mr. Cross. Mr. Mull- hauhl, and Mr. Bowman. SECRETARIES-Al lhe riqhl you will see lwo ol The busiesl secrelaries in Slocklon l-liqh School. Al The riqhf lop is Miss Wrighl wlro works in The Main O'Flice. A+ The lower riqhl is Miss Dennison who works in The Commercial Office. Miss Dennison has been very helplul ro The Blue and While Slalif and we would like To lake This opporlunily lo thank her for her help. w-1- STUDENT POLICE-These are The group of boys chosen by Richard Burris and Warren Noleware lo acl as Sludenl Police al our rallies. These boys have done a swell job and deserve recoqnilion. Good luck, lo you boys and keep up The good work you are doing swell! Fronl Row: Clare Brenchley, Bob Boren, Tom Shepherd, l-lerberl Vandervool, George Norrninqlon, Bob Kidd, Verne Vassar. Back Row: Don Bissell, Carroll Bravo, Bob Breeder-i, Seymour Sweet Richard Burns, Jay Hansen. Leland Oliver, Warren Noleware. 1 if 45 L il I " ' ' ee ,ffm x 3, w fl 'H-Ifj, ,, A311 L xl, J we, iii 11.5 2,529 A Vim! Nl k , 3, ,X f W mf "' ,'I'!"- 1'-'Ea 53? 1 y'z.d'00' , all ,,,w,n,,,ffff.., 9?-'A fif W ,ff A T Y -ef. if 1' 'W' R v.,,.. ,, , Wg ----Q., --14 n.Q'N' 9 . I if E. -n . . 1 V259 I -. 'flrf U- U 5.3,-'if s I -r J , 7k an ws, L .fb 7I'Jgy ' ' Q1'w:-f'wi'v--w- 1 4' lk f 1 23-A19 Xa gf Y'- ,S M. FN x+ Q , W. .. ,J K- if 4- 9? 30 f Q s . if -5 1 H . 2 W, n g 3 .f. 14, wg . ax ,Q -HI 'N - Q 'W 11 ky W 4-E' 'Q M 1 5 , f Spf 7 EY .L ,JW Lff , y ' if . if"zW2?a,2, Ji? A Q M 'wwdkwiv .M Texju . - N f - If ,Q A ff, 5' ' yi i,m,j,,,w5,N,'U' ls 4 , - S A Lf, .. .. 2: 'S' 29-nf 9 4 'QW 5552 ' my Ki f A g AU: 5 ' u A ' 5 : K ia 1 t , W f V 53.2 A HV. , A 5 sk-fa jk- z-a 3 I V 4, b,,.L,,. ,1f , H-1" A W A A -L A w 13- f1f..j'kli , V- K LE A -V gl. 2 'fl , ' ku-3' t- iwj' U ... 'L fs f. 1' mi: 1 lv X - NA ,W E V his . 99' v x by 12 H 1-"X ,uw B i - Q I f f. A , .' I V iw , ,El gg Q . 9, N ig . ff -M w f ' . . , 345 - nun .,,- ' "" 4 .Y 1' 5 . A ,M F, T' Qffi ' ' Q 1 'I' vi" tn y 'W ,E 1. , 1 .,+.w , A I . I2 . 1 Y . I I my V NF 4 I 4. Q 1 .. ' 5 1. 1' ' I sf? ' 'H . Y .. Q -Q, Il if t- 9 xg! Q,., i ,,,, A m f Q . 7' 'Y ' ? ' Q f r U U .MY 9 ' . A , M1 ., i 'g fa-gait' D. '33 ' mf -an-...N I f N- ' I I . 1. ft O 0 . .wa KW ,,,f, , V. .N 3. if , I i wir i ' V , - 1 f Q 3, X W, . "Nix, W'f',ffi fm. ' - X " QV 'ii" . 1 1 ,. . X rx, ' 9' 1 K , X 4. . , 5 f . I N, s Z'-H' x yykx Ax' Syd' M th '-'a . s 1 K 1, Q. M M g 1 k f 'iff 1 A . fp M l , . "Jai K 5 I! ii f , A . 1 ,H PM ' Kuff N iff?- , . i , I l i - A w i V , H, e lr ' fl, : . ' 1:1 t wi' 1, '. K ' AY - H -If : L 'TN Q' QA 7 A ' f a i QA X R If K. . '5 3 lk ff I4 2 T. ,-is 9 9 3 'QQQIUZ -av, -M wa HJ-NM , 41 Af' qs-wh , F I 1 1 u As 'Phe high school sfudonfsi are gcfive in..spor1's such as 'f0OfBbH-"and bdskif- add fha like. sp ardfiha soldiiars. Q11 sfoekfof. Field. They .L-3 'mme in v . and alsdfin mporfoff XFX " fy ihh WriQh+ YQUISNMASQB +ho '.- 1, 1 TY - I S 3' 1 sgldkri puriscipnaag ,in main 'fmfsve j , 'X . 1 '- , .. , f7""fV! "N :Q ' 5, s ix dv , lag 1 rf l ff . V f ,N I A 4 n,. l 1 mf l 3.4-Sm K u 6' fx, if f ,., .Mk -xii, x J 1 . V- MM m w 1!kf' f '-f Q V F M ..M 1- X fr- xx Lf? kfffz f - ., -ff-W . ,A VAIQSITV FGGTBALI. Group Ie---Gulslancling players ol The season: Row I-Arr Beyelle, Verne Vassar, Norman Beclcham, Neil l-lolmes, John Serpa, Wayne Fender, Ray Paclqerl. Bow 2-Leland Oliver, Bill Bianchi, Jimmie Guerrero, Eugene Sanquinelli, Joe l-larberl, Paul Fowler, Larry l-lunler, Diclc Gebhardl. Group 2-Fullleam: Row I-Mosher, Garner, Beclsham, Oliver, Gelohardl, Bianchi, Fowler, Culler, l-larberl. Row 2-Kram, Guerrero, l-loullon, l-lolmes, Serpa, Bird, Yorlc, Sanquinelli, Russel, Trauloe. Row 3-Coach Solomon, Fender, l-lunler, Beyelle, Down- er, Vassar, Esenarro, Lacld, Padqellr, Walson, Puga. f fu, E i. 6 . -' 1 - k'w'h 1--Q-fisif 'N N ,I 11 iw QM f , 1 '13 635 ' gf " os sg U in 'fx' 39 o-1 ,Q ,ag v, Q ? Q 3' x ,f I X' ., . 1 .1 A A - A, ' 1 ,-Q - xi .vi L Sp -wg qi 2+ 5 A., w -,,..--n ...4 ,1--a ,,-1.1-vm. ,, ...-. K3 'C Fx A . if A gg s I x: wg I F f 12 Q Z. Z M X b 'QF' O - . 4- X K - if 'I Q1 W2 , F? 4.1 Q 9 " ' ff ' M is ' F' ' 712 , J M as - cg " ,, .V Lf? " H V A' ' Y -13' Q! ,gl xg Z 9-lilijgg. v J --"',-w F'-'- A f W3 19 '- P 'ir V 8 'WS -,, ,tx x Q nan- t ur Q as 'l'-8 - -. f..m-3,5 gi- L A M. QW N, ,.,k -- ew, a FronT Row I: M MaIdornadO,C Moody, J. Ferrill, G. Thompson, D. Mar- leTTe. A. Giannini, D. Jones. Row 2: F Delleuva, B. Kidd, B Morals, J. LoclrarT, C. Bravo, B. SmiTh D. Evans, J. ValTiera. Row 3: L. Franco, L. Baumqardener, J. Penero, A. Scham- bers, B. I-luTh, C, Kuhl, A. Thomas, P. NeodiTTi, B. Borosco, D. W o m b l e, G. Abrouslne. . fx. . ,A .. ,. 'rl JUIXIIQIQ VARSITY The Junior VarsiTy eleven, which scrimmaqes whenever needed vviTh The publicized Tarzan VarsiTy deserves a greaT deal oT crediT Tor Their"TorgoTTen" season oT hard work. These grid' sTers learn The vveelcly varsiTy opponenTs' deTe nse and oTTense and use Them againsT The Var- siTy. NOT only do They help The VarsiTy, l3uT They also play Their own games againsT varsiTy elevens oT The small schools of This region. Because The main purpose oT This squad is To Train and develop These boys Tor VarsiTy nexT semesTer, many oT The players will be advanced. Some acTion shoTs aT The Lodi game, LeTT Io RiqhT: Lodi man Tackling STocIcTon. A mad scramble! I-leaded Tor The qoal. Q -u Fviml :ww llull lm riqhll' llyvi lJf-- X liafl, Gilsuri, llfmn Malloy, Maisi, lwa f 1, shi, K Madrid, Klamarslri, Smnlo-., Sfirfxli, Mier lfvy Oiconnvr, l Guevnnny, Gai n za, Bifiwnlizfld, Baqlrfltie, Tvllm, R0w3IBrOwI1. Bild, Snllfah, Harvis, Ah Tye, Eviflrnon. H fa I d i n, Brmlrham, Flinf-u, Pr-Tino, Ma- lfem, Row 4: Slifer, Rwbmlnon, Kavnm, Lf: lfrfnd, Covell, Tolrun xigu. iv',lunt:. Row YI , - K f - X" " X --' ' aaibsz..-r . - I "B" FOOTBALL TEAM This year's B Team was mosTly composed oT sophomores, many oT whom will be promoTed To malce a sTrong varsiTy Team Tor nexT year. Because oT iTs remarlcable passing aTTacl4, The B Team scored many poinTs. The closesT ToughT game was wiTh SacramenTo. The ModesTo game was raTher odd because lvlodesTo scored TwenTy-Tive poinTs againsT our TirsT sTring3 buT on The oTher hand, our second sTring scored nineTeen poinTs in The lasT Tiye minuTes oT play. One grand achievemenT by The B Team This year was Their good spiriT which made a more pleasanT and inTeresTing season. B1-lfiw .nv ,fivvw B lf-am in Timm MliOl',wlWiCl1wUVPldli+?rT al The Lodi game. Allhough The score was 26 lo 6 in Lodi! lavoi il was ll Tllflrlfi 'ltillYlT'. K' iff Q ' 1 '- s Q ww . : if li? 4 ww S S 3, ' s F s , X N 3 'J M. A Q -- f Nui ' ' 1 7 v 'NN ,A , l 3if'E!yfffv ,. Q fm may NWN N.. WN fi' . Q -:NX --:fr .25 I Q ,fy lg, a Saga wjf , 'E HN S -is ff 1 lf - ' -1 1 ' L' 'vi'- Tmp To Bolfoni' Srhiorxbrl Clailv SuThirland Lf-ary, Olivf-i, Carrniflwael, Thiirnam Lewis. Gif-up R-uw I' Bri-nflilf--y Gowr-I Cnrrviichaeli Mill.-i Uharrir-T buyon Lewis Lvaly Dyhie. Tlwrimu. Pow 2, Coiirh Pfiv Linz, Qlivei, fxlf-rvwriln, Giliir-IT, Oinilini, Bi-all-n, Smhrzrland, Clark, L1'n1, Sfhrfwf-lJf'l, Kliriiiffi lfrinffacifi, Man' fS'l"i. Varsity Basketball Once again The Champion SToclcTon High School BaslceT- ball Team won The Big 4, SouThern division oT The San Joaquin ConTerence, and Then wenT on To deTeaT GranT Union Pacers, winners in The NorThern division. The deciding game Toolc place aT The local Civic Memorial AudiTorium wiTh The score oT 50-27. Showing excellenT Team play and wonderTul individu- al perTormances The Tarzans garnered I2 wins and only I loss ouT oT I3 conTesTs. The Mid-Term graduaTion Toolc iTs largesT Toll in hisTory. Leaving us were The Tollowing players: Rod BeaTon, Theron Carmichael, Jimmy Guyon, l-loward Lenz, John Miller, Dan Schroebel, Bob Thomas, and John UharrieT. The loss oT These men was severe To The Team, especially wiTh Guyon and Thomas gone, boTh oT whom were ouTsTanding during The lasT couple oT years. However, wiTh STeve "The blond bomber" SuTherland as a nucleus, The Tollowing players: Bill Clark, BusTer ClemenTs, Jaclc Dyhre, Dan Gower, Bob Klinger, John Leary, John Lewis, and Leland Oliver, were able To build a Team which was To come Through wiTh Tlying colors. '40-'42 marlcs The 23rd sTraighT season ThaT a "PeTe" Lenz coached Team has won or Tied Tor a championship. LQTT To Righf: Klingei, Miller, Lenz, R l Gy Cl T Ol Dyliro, R 2 G B lily Ol Y z l -ef Willi Dylires assislarice Lewis slwools from The loul-line. Bill Clark makes ariollwer poinr for Slocklori al Turlock game. Klinger, Lewis, and Sullierland liglil lor corilrol ol Jrlie ball againsr Balboa l-ligli. Row 2-A grand scramble on llwe foul line as Bill Clark assisls from llie side. Surlwerlarid baffling Jrlie Flames willw a Jrricky sliol al Lodi game. Sleve Sullwerland lwaving a good lime liglwling oll llie players ol Balboa I-ligli. " " Basketball The unconguerable Sloclclon l-ligh 'B' baslcel- ball Team successfully defended ils Sac-San Joaquin lille by defealing Sacramenlo l-ligh School by a score of 49-35. Showing brillianl leamworlc and oulslanding individual per- formances lhe boys once more rose lo lhe lop of The ladder. Fermin Garciacelay scor- ed highesl in his foul shols for lhe season wilh an average percenlage of .466. For l'his honor Fermin received a cup, given each year lor lhe high poinl man in foul-shooling. Runners-up were Gordon Ingram, Ellon Buclcley, and Franlc Adams wilh a .400 per- cenlage. e Ly Cl lc lg L R d Woods, Adams. 1 V ll-Row l: Garciacelay, lnqram, Woods L y. 'C r, Le Rond OConnor, Buckley, Masai, Garcia- l y T b ' TT T T pl y Th T b 3 The rivalry belvseen The New Edison l-l igh S HCI! -l-Zolm The C Team, composed oT lighTweighTs was coached by C5ranT Dunlap, Tormer VarsiTy player, was very successTul winning every game ouT oT eighT excepT The championship game wiTh SacramenTo. STanding leTT To righT:Dunlap, l-lannamyer, Luian, Franlcs, Thompson, Carr. FronT row: Fuiimore, Ken- moTsu, RaTzzo, Slqadden. l:I'ZSl'1lTIdI'1 The Freshman Team began hisTory This sea- son when They played The TirsT game wiTh Edison T-ligh. They won Two games ouT oT Three and Tied The lasT one They played wiTh Edison. Freshman Team composed oT Tresh- men boys was coached by Rempel. STand- ing leTT To righT: Rempel, Solomon, Sinnoclc, Willis, Abel, Clein, Dunlap, l-laines. Row I: lwahashi, Taylor, Del Barba, Buckley, Peclc, KirsTen, l-lenning. chool and SToclQTon. Our Freshmen warm-up Tm Edison. W. , U T d F h h Ts a seT-up. Row 21 l-lenning passes To illis, Dave Dunlap aTTempTs one-handed shoT Trom The Tai T TT T L Del Barbra wresTle:s Tcr The ball while Dunlap assisTs from The sidelines. VARSITY TRACK Li 5.1 - ,.-Nfgkii VARSITY TRACK-Group Picfure-Froni row-Lefi +o righ+: A. Guzman, R. Boren, D. Ah Tye, P. Efcheberry, R. Gebhardf, F. Monas+erio. Row 2: I-lap Evans, D. Brown, G. Flores, D. Kendrick, J. Cummings, D. Miller, W. Wafson. Row 3: C. Cooper, S. Rosenberg, W. Van Viear, C. Brenchley, H. Buck, R. Kring, R. Smifh. Leif? row - Jrop To boHom: Smiih going over. Kendrick in The home sfrefch. Ah Tye going over The hurdles. Cerner fopz Cummings. Brown and Van Vlear ge++ing ready. Cen+er boiiomz Kring and Brenchley-+his year's besi' pole vauliers-Kring made The I2'6" mark wiih Brenchley righi behind him. Righi row-Top fo bo'r+om: C5ebhard+ on +he run. Cooper doing a high one. Buck going over for a high one. 'N 4 g Lightweight TRACK Cenler row-Top lo bolrlom: Slein, Garcia, and Yanes, on The run. B Traclc leam-Lefl To righl: R. Smilh, E. Tolcunaga, B. Slein, B. Berchel, L. Drummond, R. l-ligby. Fronl row: W. l-larcly F. Garciacelay, F. Lee, M. Garcia, R. Yanes. C Track leam-Leif lo righ'r: E. Wahl, F. Chavis, E. Macon, B. Vigna, l-l. Ralio, l-l. Gaulrhier. Leif row-Top fo bollomr Wahl and Raifo al Jrhe slariing line. Macon and Chavis on ihe home slrelch. Gebharcll lries hi-iump- ing-he broad lumps 2O'6H. Righl row-Top lo loollomz Smiih running along smoofhly. Vigna going over. Gaufhier going over loo. SWWNWNG This year's swimming Team was coached by Ralph Wrighl. Slanding, lell lo righl: R. Wrighl, D. Pxlher- lon, T. Sullon, S. Wrighl, J. McCandless, R. Young, T. Talcafa, D. Doane. Crouched: F, Parsons, J. Ferrill, B. Sleel, W. Wong, B. Sullon, T. Male loy, G. Walanabe. Candids -- Lelf lo righf: l-le's olll Full speed ahead! Coming up! CEOLF Lelf lo righl: Fred Solomon Jr on The follow lhrou h . g . Jack Temby gefling ready. ni, Group piclure-'Leif lo righlz Mr. Solomon, ll. Sol- omon Jr., B. Klein, J. Tcmby, T, McKeegan, Klein making a pul. Mc Keegan abouf lo swing. TENNIS This yeans fennis leam was guife good, wifh Mel Will as lop man. Group piclure-Leif 'ro righl: Mel Will, John Penero, Hobarl Miller, David M C R a e, Don Young. Candids - A send off. A rally in a double sei. wadavf -'Q Uh... -Ci PTW F Vg . . . . f ' TGAAbalcb. GAA This year The Girls' Alhlelic Associalion has been rnore aclive lhan in previous years. The girls allended a hockey playday in Chico and Slanford and inviled schools lo 'rheir own hockey play day. They also allended baslcelball and baseball playdays of differenl schools and inviled girls To Their own. The GAA pro moles a more general inleresl in girls' alhlelics and Toslers The highesl ideals of good fellowship and a spiril of loyally and cooperalion. Awards are given 'ro every girl who parlicipales in aflerschool sporls. The Shield "S" Award, The highesl award a girl can oblain in GAA, was awarded To Naorna Perry who earned a lolal of over 50 poinls-The shield requires 45 poinls. Naoma was lhe Tirsl girl ever lo receive lhis award. Top Row: A ood l Bolfom ow: GIRLS' SPORTS Q H v P Q P Q A game ol r'nq v ll y F T I T0 THE CLASS OF 1942 Our Bes+ Wishes for Your Success I. C. PENNEY C0. S+ock'ron - California I e inAon fd FURNITURE . . . RUGS DRAPERIES Shop Here 'For GOOD TASTE FURNISHINGS AT MODERATE PRICINGS PS ' only by Pspsl cola WI' ll0.U.l-IALDII. paw- Lo 'I Aufhorized BoI'IIer'-I5I4 Eas'I Marie? SI I In I f f., , ' - QQQe.Qf2fif1fs,qe,.fga1f-1:4151 may ' ami-, omflwrwx L THE ROLLING PIN Conqrafulaions Seniors WISHING YOU SUCCESS TINY CAUSNEDER 'Maui mlm naar sim ASK FOR , WITH THAT GOOD OLD A A FASH'2:::,,f:::2x if nsuclousz 21135 LARGE CME TRY A BOTTLE ' fox wfsr com THEATRES J Mr. Clar Ire-I1e's in Ihe army 'I - 0 Q 1 nllsllnd my N Y NORMAN CONFECTION SERVICE 3209 North California Street IT 'S GOOD Telephone 8-8851 -1---1-11 -11-t1111111-1 111111-11-11111111 F R E S H CANDIES FOR EVERYONE Always on Hand at Your High School Cafeteria BEST WISHES 4 from If N , I' N N A R N 9 , 1, 5c, 10c and 25c Store "wA'rcl-r Knsss wmnows' ff ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::J F ..,. ,...A Q ' N D S M Hhmg ' aw Q all Ti A Ji E-fell? -QVWMM7 ' 'WMQWMQ : 4 I This store is headquarters for everything the band or orchestra player needs. See our big stock of instruments and accessories. FU H RMAN Music Company --""--------""-'---"""' 1 BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF '42 ll SIERRA THEATRE U U U U I +I J JEWELRY OF QUALITY ROGERS JEWELRY C0. Blue White Diamonds Gruen, Elgin, Bulova, Hamilton, Waltham and Longines Watches Main at Sutter Stockton Dial 5-55I0 Jack Simpson "A Square Deal All Ways" QZAIYIES . . DASTIQY . . DfllCA1'ESSEN "-for hfjl' A111-j'f,'.I'fJ1' fhv H0I1.I'L'ic'ff'n',, Let Us Take Care of Your Requirements for that Phone 6-6384 Q SPECIAL PARTY - Ag, . E ' 3 Graduatlon' All A'lumn11.r ofSl0ckl011 High School S BIrtI1day or as .H W' Wedding CBICCS- N1 Gwner sTocK'I'0N, CALIFORNIA :.-:.-J::::.A:.-::::::.-::::.-.A:::.-:JJ:::-,, F.-::::.-:.-::.-: -.-::::::::::.-:::::::.-:- THE HOLDEN DRUG 50- msso snos. MARKET DAN W. MORRISON, Proprietor A COMPLETE STOCK Free Delivery OF COUNTRY PRODUCE :I AND . . . IT'S ALWAYS FRESH 345-347 E. Weber Avenue Stockton, Calif. N. W. Cor. Weber and Sutter Phone 4-4744 23I4 N. CALIFORNIA ST. PHONE 8-8655 I I -, .... - - ---- : :::::--::,:::,,::: J L-::,:::::::::::::::::--:::::::::::, --,,-::- .-::::: -::::: ::::.-:::::: -J.-:::::.-:::::::::::- -.-.-:.-:::::::: ICE . . FUEL . . BUILDING MATERIALS AIR CONDITIONED REFRIGERATORS Phone 6-6966 830 South California Street "This is no bull." The producer himself Mr. Young looks on! 'fJIIJ::::::::::::::::::: -::::::JJI-,i 'ff'iii-'JJJJJ:IJJJIJJJIIJJ-455555555553:51 4 li I, 'I ll 1' NOT HOW CHEAP---BUT HOW GOOD .I I Pacific Coffee : I MIL'-ICAN,S '- I I I I " s. EVANS MILLICAN I, 1: I I: ' ' 0 ,g I c L E A N E R s 1 ' 2041 Pacific Avenue .l HBME' HARDING WAY ll If Stockton, California If if DIAL 4-4801 Stockton QL Lx, eeeefeeeexexeev-..:,,,J E.,,,,,,,,,..,,,,O -,,,:,,e..f -ei "" """"""'"""""" "' F""""""'""""""""""""'U 'll F IE 'l We Know Whaf Hi Boys Wanf-We Graduafed II 'I lr li I 4 'I 'I 'I l ll I lf l 'STYLE 5TORE FORQJMEN o I 1, I I 320 EAST MAIN STREET l You'll Like 'fhe Wide Choice of ' , , ' Cameras We Carry , :L Exclusive Sale of ,Q I Whegher hif's adnew liodak for' occasiingl Ehofsii or I In HARLSCHAFFNER 81 MARX and YOSTYLE 1 f 1' , ' n 'f , ' Il argyozf pixel Ilgrgppino :Elalllocn fffrm clver.l Yoillill ll ' 'H many mo as lo Your ilng' ll ll - Sfoclrfon High School Graduafes 'I ll LOGAN CAMERA SHOP ll li I Now Work af Yosf Bros ..... 11 Lg 20 N. San Joaquin Sfreef "Everyihing Phofographic" J II A A A A- AA Q After Graduation . . . --vv -----n I I I 1 ll 3 ll Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Donovan 1' ' ' 7 EE DISTINCTIVE APPAREL ' S . MODERATELY PRICED Harding Way at West Lane 336 E. Main S+. S+ook+on,Calif. if L .... ..... eee.... .... eeee.e ........... I T H. .ee........... .....eee....... J T Compliments of . . . ASQ? "Our Milk Served in the High School Cafeteria" Telephone 8-8613 448 West Fremont Street STOCKTON 'I T I YOU CAN BUY EVERYTHING ' In the Eating Line at . . . I I I Gaia-Delucchi 8: Co. I .1-.. Inc. 1: "The Bohh-Inn" CIIarIeytI1anI4s you Ior your splendid I I patronage STOCKTON H I N I Youre a Great Bunch ,rj t ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, xx? F ,u,,,,,,,u,,,,, J, 55, 5m.pA!G 25 " COMPLIMENTS . OF StocI:ton's Largest and Most Complete DEPARTMENT stone Corner ot Main and American Streets II PHONE 9-977I I I We Invite You to Open a Charge Account if II I, II 1, L -:::.-::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::J Lu- Y QMMWM H 535-544 EAST MAIN ST. Stockton, California F T- 355' 5- -- 1 F--:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: II II II Compliments ot UECHLEH Ig I I I I II II 447 E. MAIN smear STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA CONGRATULATIONS Tothe Cla.r.r'.3Z2 May Your Future Bring Success and Happiness SEARS, ROEBUCK and CO. STOCKTON. CALIFORNIA LI- :::::::::::::::::::: J Ii.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::, J SMITH 6 LANG WOMEN'S READY-TO-WEAR - PIECE GOODS MILLINERY - WOMEN'S SHOES BEAUTY SALON - HAIR CUTTING A DELIGHTFUL PLACE TO SHOP IN AN EXPERIENCED SALES FORCE AND REASONABLE PRICES WeII, B. J.!!!! F ffff-' ff-'::: :f:::::::::fff:: 'I IRON and STEEL WELDING SUPPLIES HEAVY HARDWARE ELECTRIC TOOLS MILL and MINE SUPPLIES PIPE VALVES and FITTINGS HICKINBOTllAM BIRDS., LTD. ESTABLISHED l852 536 SOUTH AURORA STREET PHONE 4-4833 STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA I I I L :::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::: J Best Wishes to Graduating Seniors of 1942 ' o cu STRBD rv?" cu STOCKTON LODI FOUNTAIN IIIIIIIII M elI9i's ,Delicious y Dillerentu IIIIIIIII LUNCH COUNTER u. - -.---A- - ---------A A---- - ------ - ----.I Sfocldon Phones 6-6738 Fresno and 6-6739 Oalrland San Francisco S Sacramenfo A' H' Sama Rosa PAINTING SERVICE Chico Los Angeles Home Office Modesfo 339 E. Miner Avenue Porfland, Ore. Slocldon ---- California DisI'inc+ive Furnilure Floor Coverings Draperies Bl.IllNl'lAM BROS. "Personalized Service" 4I7-42I E. Weber Ave. Office Phone 9-9038 Sfocldon, Calif. lb- v - Y ------- ::::::::::::::::::::::::: F" """""""""""""" ' -v ICE CREAP1 9 Delicious Individual Molds. Pies. Calzes, Cenler Mold Bricis and Puddings made wilh your Favorite ICE CREAM Haven. -ASK FOR OUR CATALOG- g'F:r a Variely of Ice Cream Flavors and Founlain rm s. ll'-f ffle D E LTA l928 PACIFIC AVENUE PHONE 7-7095 F "' " """ """"A" F ""A"I TODAY'S LESSON 'Oranges No preservative 'I' No Artificial Flavoring I I-IEALTI-I I BlRELEY'S ORANGE TELEPHONE 8-8507 Lf A A I L , J? I I l30 WEST HARDING WAY C,.,.,..-, ::::::.- ,-:::.-::::::,-:f ,-,- ,- .-:.-ff: ff J U.:.-:- ------ D RIN K I E IJ LA I Q BEST BY TASTE TEST I "ln +I1e Bravo 8: McKeegan Manner" HICKEY-FREEMAN and TIMELY CLOTHES INTERWOVEN HOSE-ARROW SHIRTS KNOX HATS - NUNN-BUSH SHOES SPORTSWEAR BRAVO R MQKEEG N Fine Apparel For Men and Boys """"""""" ""9, CompIimenI's of Main ai' Hun+er Phone 8-86l6 'I 'I 'I 4 I 'I 'I II I J MILK, BUTTER and EGGS POULTRY, FRESH and SMOKED MEATS I HIVEPI' MEAT MARKET S'I'ocIc'I'on, California DIAL 6-6723 I I49 E. MARKET ST. W!0!f5Alf' 5 WI f"' "'A"" --'T -----'--'--'- """' T '- "'"""""""""""' "" """"Il SPONSORS BLANEY 81 SPECKENS HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS Phone 2-6I I6 27-3I S. EL DORADO ST., STOCKTON, CALIF. Congra1:uIa+ions 'ro Class of '42 SHAW'S 5' LEvlNsON's DRESS SHOP I MEDIOO DRUG OO. MALLETT'S CLARKSON sruonos . CALIFORNIA FLORAL OO. ig OKEH FLORAL OO. 1' , , -::,:,,,,,,::::::, J 'W CONGRATULATIONS TO THE : CLASS OF I942 , STAR LINEN SUPPLY CO. ' THOMAS B. CARROLL ' JI "W F """""""' F I R S T I N II Com,pIimen'Is of . . . F A S H I O N S WITH A YOUNG POINT OF VIEW Sweafers . . . Shir+s . . . Slaclxs . . . SIcir+s Suirs .... Dafe Froclzs .... Formals Three Forfy Easl Main . . . Sfocldon SCHWARTZ U g g 3 g 9 SHOP Everylhing for The Traveler Phone 2-3I63 5I7 Em Main S+. STOCKTON, CALIF. CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES of '42 M. CORREN 81 SONS "THE FRIENDLY FURNITURE STORE" I36-I48 S. San Joaquin S+. Sfocldon, Calif. Phone S+ocId'on 2-I 307 NATHAN REIMHN CAMERA SHOP 528 Eas+ Main S+. S+ocI:+on, California BEST WISHES FOR CLASS OF '42 O CIHRELFHLLS t OTHES FOR ITIEH and BOYS 43 E. mmn S1 srocnron. cm. De BONO'S For a Iasrier hamburger or drinlc, crisp, appefizing salads, give us a Irial. Tray Service - Coun+er Service A+ fhe corner Harding Way and Eldorado S+. Also 324 Eas+ Main S+. Telephone 3- I 782 THE HANSON STUDIO HARRY LOVETT Phofographer 2l4 S. SAN JOAQUIN ST. STOCKTON, CALIF. Complimenfs of AUSTIN BROS. 30I SOUTH AURORA ST. ' 'M 1-52, 'Q T1TX:nG1'J'21'Cl'Zhi2f' - va, A-rgvevwf.-'i7'i1 wabadx . .v-.iwnmvf-zscrlaarx.-. ' ' ' " wlfzum-:X,r..':.-n-.f-,spfaaisy-:.:.'.'g'.':-f, " ,, ' '.+z.-.7 :.:.'LLLx , " :.. ....

Suggestions in the Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) collection:

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