Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA)

 - Class of 1940

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Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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WMM E w f M2 M SN M95 Jj,f1w5 .wxygf . Q22 fl! WY NN 1 W Sf 0 , JN 4 EEN? ' Jxwf . 'X fifffx Fling? ESM' ' Yr' SEL YL f ri'- me anal wife STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA J JL J of JJI9 - ff- U0 l J Skov! fkid gear of Quin clara! may Wooreg guaineaa mane wid 600A ofzifuclenfd... wkaf fkeg Me mJwl,af flwg JO MMLQ, wllaf file, Jo am! Wim flue? Jo ff, lww rim, EW ww! Low flzeg mmf, . . . id ,,,,m61W1 4, tile ,4mfaf,,,,1 .gyfuclenfd of .gyfoclfon .irligk en Aurwlrecl forfg: glclifor, glclna Kuff jialz, puflz .gyclzaenemalu 0l'2lfUOI" This yearbook is published for you slu- denls of Slocldon l-ligh School wilh lhe hope lhal il will furnish you many hours of pleasure and enlerlainmenl. Allhough if is impossible lo calch every phase ol sluclenl aclivily and organizalion, lhe slalil has allempled lo presenl lhe high- spols of school life. We hope +ha+ many youlhlul memories will be recalled as you loolc lhrough lhese pages . . The Edilor Introduction Administration Classes Activities . Sports . Confmfs . 1-'I3 . 'I4-'19 QQ-65 . 68-83 86-'IO8 EDITH WHITE -To Edie: Your smile, your sweef voice, your beaulilul music, your brilliance, and The Jrouch of your hand -Jrhey will always be lo us The memory of a lovely soul. .911 Wemoriam 30 ULU' pafelltzff To our parents, long-suffering souls, This boolc we dedicate, This little tolcen ol esteem May show them how they rate. Perhaps we never show our lollcs Just how we really leel--- But home means much more to us Than just a bed and meal. So we dedicate this bool: To you, dear Mom and Dad. For we lcnovv that you're the cause Of all the best We've had. lecbca fion KGHQIOMJ MQW5 X amloud iewd ,.i,,My V suwail , Lb' ' .K 'W' '4""fT,,, . V' "',,.gu.Q 1 J-N'f,g,2 . 7v'w.,,v,g.- 1 G,l'l'l,9bL5 iewa amiaud iewd ,3 ' H wa, .xdvlminififrafion .n Q, Y 5 a x , , - ,,., 7 swim. 5 , nj 'I 1 39 .if -,XX ., I f x ' Q ' ,A-, X X .. xm,-V U I ,vw 4 QL .f ,- f 4. .gf -v-u..M,,,Wq XM, .-,k L x Wm! l if . -. I K" W ' , , 1, ' . -. I 1 . 5 'J . . A b 4 1 tgp, . A, 4' .AiAAL.,A.....--n i4,,,L?Qt 4 ff" iw W I 4 L. Wh- ,Ll ' ' 4 Q ' 'V 1 '---L ' ' 9' .-r,: ,. -vb" gf x P9 7' V , , .' 15 , H ' . 1 4 1 .f X . 1 .'1 4: "1 'fre gf ' avg- fb ,. ,W fa . 5-sig? W ' .JL - 2 .M an 5 u F-a...,,, l V A ,I 1 , A 'x X I 5 r Q A R ', Q. ' ' Z3 4 1 Q' s ' 1 Q . 5' M ...ov-H.. '4 ...M Q A -- 8 :Tok I , ...- uw- ' ' ,. - A '-1 , -- - br Vg 9 -P -N. A' 'L A M., YQ '- ' :XX , ,, ML , , A ,X .r ,' ,Qu . ' ' -"':!f'1""f. "' its H -,.,. .- 1 ' . ff- . ' I. 5 ' Ri - , wwf' MLM :W ', -v , V ,, - me--W -f. M , -'-34" AW ""'M- - x ' , ...rrp-,bf . 7 ' ffl?-'M I I ..- - .pg gn' L ' ' "CZ-11 1 -A ' -a,L.Q as W' ' , , -g , Mbfwi. ei- -!jl:,Tf " ., V A H' V,-uf .rbynig ,.5'g,,,s.-49' -1 iff-2'i,' ff- L , . - - - - r' ,, - gi., 573, ,.-.- , ,Xa-04,9 ,, A Q .e. . - .' A - '-6' - , , .... - 'Q ' Q ' A mmwv- ,. -A Ti:- .i C-in W. FRED ELLIS Prlnfipd Wx: w 555 .,gu"""" ALICE MCINNES Dean of GMM J. C. CAVE Lie-an of Boys U41 4 fi 2.52 Row 4- Miss A. L. Har rin, Mrs, A, L Mahaf- foy, Mrs, E. H. Drake, Mr. J, S. Landrum. Row 5-Miss E. B. Rin- suf, Mm, P. O. Whifrf, Misa F. A4 Carden, Mi" ra. M Q ' . UIUU Row 6-Mrs,.H. S. Ab- bmtr, Miss L. T. Bae: Miss M, E. H ubbell, Mr: P. K, McCain H51 C0l'ltl"0A5 l Fron+ Row - Ida l-lakoern, Mary PashauTa, MargareT Anne Lewis, Grace Harriman, Jeanne Hall, Geraldine JeTTry, Angelina Garciacelay. Back Row-Pearl Webb, Jean Boa- Ton, RuTh Schaenernan, BeTTy l.ou lngram, Eleanor Powell, Emmy Jean Huber. Mary Dev- onshire. Luana Forkner. "To mainTain sTandards oT conducT among sTudenTs" is The purpose oT The sTu- l T b Tl Th 'l and bo s, headed by The FirsT denT conTrols. There is a conTro or o n e girs y Vice-PresidenT oT The sTudenT body and The Commissioner oT WelTare. Each group . . . d h TwenT members made up oT The commercial, academic, and vocaTlonal sTu enTs. as y The members are To perTorm hall dury and rally duTy and are To Turn in The name oT anyone Tound cuTTing, smoking, riding a bicycle on The school grounds, or oTherwise Back Row-Lawrence French, Charles Qardipee, Jim Mc- CarTy, John Malloy, Bill Dor- cey, Frances Mackey, Dick Robbins, James Sanguine-TTI, Koiichi Ogasawara, Bob Adams, George Darico. Fron+ Row-Alden Hammond, Henry Kusarni, Eddie Yoshikawa, Jack Liciardi, Paul ChrisTopulous, Skipper YC. lf-i, Oi1uufimii.1, Tlufqlws, Pop' 5 Y ,airing Confro A Baal: Row - Daqq, Forlcner, Magqs, Rehnerf, RaTTo, Guer- X roro, Mayo, Boehme, Passadoro i FronT Row-Baciqalupi, Bona, Lewis, T-lrinefeld, Harriman, Navone, Pashoula, Haines, de Arricfa, Halreem. iiihihqihq on The rules. The girls have Their meeTinqs every Wednesday aTTemoori3 Tho boys hold Theirs whenever They are called TogeTher by The Commissioner oT Wel- Turo. AT The meelings any sTuderiT broughT up has a chance To give his side oT The quesTioh and is ehTiTled To a Tair Trial by The members. The sTudenT conTrols are noT Tormed primarily To punish The sTudenTs buT To warn Them and help Them obey school rules. They aim To TreaT all oTTenders Tirmly buT Tairly. Baclr Row' Rnnb. Fmnrh, All-ii ffiloh, Smylhn, Morioqhan, B, Fll'rlf,ll, HYV'lYf'l'm, Fron+ Row Malloy, Loo, Keis- 'ilv' v, fx .SQMGIQH Back Row-Pay Bascorn, Jeanne Dagg, Paul Chris- Topulous, Charles Gardipee, Jimmy Billups, Neal Campion, Edna May Moore. FronT Row-Mr. J. C. Cave, Luana Forlcner, Jim McCarTy, Skipper Ye, EdiTh WhiTe. The STudenT Council, acTing as The "Congress" oT The school, con- sisTs oT eleven acTive members who are chosen by The sTudenT body clur- ing The semi-annual elecTions. Mr. Cave, school vice-principal and dean oT boys, sponsors The group, while lvlr. Carmichael is Tinancial adviser. This lasT year has been a busy and evenTTul one Tor The STudenT Council. STudenT dances every oTher week were insTiTuTed in The Tall and meT wiTh increased success ThroughouT The winTer and spring. Two oTher imporTanT inovaTions were The amenclmenT To The consTiTuTion malcing J. C. Cave Jaclr l-lerrero ounci Sandy Allwerfon Skipper Ye Edna May Moore Neil Campion Wendell l-lawlcinson flue edilor ol flue Blue and Wliile a member ol llwe Sludenl Council and llie voling ol llie prinling ol a small boolclel lo lalce llwe place ol 'l'l'lS biographies in llie annual. Approving bills, passing alhlelic awards, and planning a Spring Carnival were llwe ollier aclivilies ol llwe "Congress". ln January and again in June llie semi-annual Sludenl Council banquel is lfielcl. Al llwese llne governing body ol Sloclclon High lels oll a lillle of ils penl up slearn. Alllwougli lliere is no reward lor llweir labor excepl lionor and a very lew merils, llie sludenls pilcli in lo worlc lor llie scliool. V M I I .v .- u s v v vrgflk Vvyvyy. 1' QYEATW ,f 'Y' 6 WMWLQMM M MW 4' EJ., x 1 MMM? in WX W3 , K, K .wah mfs ,a . -u.g,,,wEx . - . . I . ' f' KM Q-if JIM' YI 2 W e A--g.. . H . ' Vi" "Ulf f"'..' f' . J. -' ,iw :...,'+gQ:u' ... Q.. ., - N W ww A ' 1 - M ' ,f '. ,- LY 1 , , " . . ' 'D F . " - 2 - X ,A Q. x e ' ' if , Q' ' 71ffsf1'ff'1.v , f 19, , . --A, A mv' ," "'fp.rQSt" x , f ,l 'YQQLLQYQ I W V T 1 , V .59 15 xfej L , , ' I ,I , L E-:,'l,,5i f' r H? 3,1 -, 'Ing . - " ' aff' - 4 f 'H Nw I , U - Q ' ' f , P 6 A. ', , ,gg w' 2. fn-- , .'-.- H V- ' iebrll--WE! 1' h f . R - - ,ii . -5.3 .4 'A - 1' . f. , lf- ' A J.. ff' l A f .: - , -, f 52, ,swat-EA K K' Au - .. M ,rs-15,,, gg 1 3'Qi'l2j?,YFiii, V enior Fall Semesler Officers: Diclc Robbins, Norma Jean Dahms, Bill Dorcey jegruarg Throughoul lheir four years many honors were added lo 'rhe name F II Semesier ol The February class. Back in IQ36 They enlered Slocldon l-ligh as green fizlrirffal lreshmenq on lhe nighl of February l, l94O, They marched across Jrhe Hemel, Ong audilorium slage as conlidenl seniors. They had gained laurals in sporls, Ellen Fuller having such illuslrious members as Wesley Forsler, Ralph Wrighl. and EmleLulijqg,eCl:eZ l-larold Cafes. They had oulslranding scholars in Emil Reghillo and Buelah George Mamma Ong. Edilh While and Bob Adams came lhrough wilh musical dislinc- gligleivifgdlpee lion. As sludenl body presidenl and class presidenl, Jrhere were Jim Ram, McCar+y and Bill Dorcey To pul enlhusiasm inlo lhe class. June A601445 f. Spring S Anil ' emesler Officers: na Rozmarine, l-len' ' ry Foppnano, Vera Rodoni June is lhe monlrh of weddings and gradualions. This spring Slock- 'ron l-ligh had one of 'rhe largesl gradualing classes in The school's hislory. Yel lhis group was nor known only for ils numbers. There were lhose who sfood oul' from fhe crowd. In scholarship Eva Marie Genuil, Eleanor Powell, and John Peri led lhe lisl. Jack l-lerrero and John Malloy gained recognirion on lhe gridiron. School leadership was elleclively sho by Luana Forkner and Francis Mackey D ' made a place l wn . aniel Lee and D l or Jrhemselves ' ' 'lh ' oug ass l-lanner in arl and music ' ' e graduahon of . This June is lhe lime of a grand class. MHC' Spring Semester Gold Seal Beerers Eleanor Powell rancis Mackey arry Tsulsui Eleanor Comer l-laruko Morifa l-loshio Yokoi F H Eva Marie G-enuil John Peri Dick Grahlman Bob Canole Roy Teranishi -P R Q 2 as -S m -S 'fa -3 G 3 E 5 3 R 4 N BOB ADAMS SARA AHEARN LEANOR BELFORT ANGELO BESOTES DONNIE GEORGE BOYCE BEV BRENCHLEY RAY ANTONUCCI MARYLYN AUSTIN ERMINIA AVANSINO JOHN AXNER FREDERICK BARR BILAR JOHNNIE BISBIKIS JEAN BOARD MARY ANN BRESCIA EDDIE CALDERA BETTY CARTER HAROLD BOB CURNOW ALYS CURRAN NORMA DOROTHY DENTONI MADELYN DICK JOHN DI M U RRAY FOX ELSIE FRANK NAOMI BROWN VERDINE CATES PAUL CH RISTOPU MARVIN DAHMS LUCILLE BOCCOLI DALLAS BOWDEN BROWNING JEAN BUSALACCHI SIBLEY BUSH LOS CHURCH JERRY CLELAND BERYL CONRAD GRETA DAVENPORT BILL DAVIDSON NUBILO BILL DORCEY BRACE DAVIS NICK DEFTEROS ELAINE ECKGREN LAWRENCE FRENCH FUSAKO FUJII SATORU I24I BURT FISH WESLEY FORSTER FUJIMURA MARY ELLEN FULLER HELEN FU RUYAMA bm J I rj 7 Q- 3 Q37 Q3 'Q Vvn 'N hr' 'Qr '53 C5 'N ff. A flu. 'SR' ns Off, inefeen 26 PCL Mat 'V Cl fu QL JOHN GALLAGHER EUSTOLIA GARDEA CHARLES GARDIPEE VERNON GHIORZO PETE GIANNINI JACK GARNER FRED GAUGER ANNE GIGLIO PHYLLIS GREENBERG WILNA GUTHREY GEORGE BOB HENRY BELLA HERSCHEL JOHN H LILLIAN HINES DOROTHY HILL BOB GILES JOHN GEHRIG JOHN GIACOVONI MAXINE GOLITHON HATA LUCY GOMEZ BECKIE LOU GRAVES ELIZABETH HATCH WILLIAM HATTORI ESS HELEN HICKEY SETSUKO HAYASHINO NORMAN HENDERSON SHIGEKI HIGASHI BILL HODGES ALMA JEFFERSON BILL JOHNSON NANCY HOGUE BILL HIGBY DON HIGGINS TOSHIHARU HOTTA BARBARA JOY ETHEL KINGERY ELMER JUDGE BARBARA INAMASU EVELYN INGRAM VERNON JUDGE MIYAKO KIYOTAKE MARY KOBARA TOM KOPPING BILL KELLY TARO KIMURA STEPHEN KORNICKER I26I RAYMOND KOSICH AKIRA KUBA fi ,,,, S 'Y-If X 4:52. 5 14' 5 5 K. L- Q F' 'TG R ,,, cv- .x' HENRY KUSAMA ALBERT LEE ISABELLE LEHN 5 PETE LEONARDINI .LQ CHARLES LESTER g LEON LEVINSON Q JACK LICCIARDI JOE LILLARD SYLVIA LOUIE JIM MECARTY 2 BILL MECRUM N LuCILE MECEOROE Q NORMAN MEOURK is WARREN MACKEY 2 CATHERINE MARTIN .Q GEORGE MATSUOKA EVELYN MATTEUCCI COLEMAN MEALLEY GORDON MEDLIN HARRIET MELTON GERALDEEN MILLER Q JANET MILLER ig LILLIA MONI S ANNIE MORELLI BOB MULLINS 3 EAYE NEWTON ERMA NG S LILLIE NOWAK 3 MARY OKAMOTO KATHLYN OGATA JANE OLIVER BEULAH ONG 5 CHARLES ORR g vIOLA OSCHNER S SETSUKO OSHITA 3 KATY PANTELIOS g THELMA PANTELIOS Q SAM PAPAS Q DORIS PARNE DOROTHY PEASE MARGARET PHILLIPS BOB PIERUCCI EMIL REGHITTO JUNE RAFFO WILLIAM REMONDA MARIAN RETZLAFF DICK ROBBINS DAN ROSENBERG GERTRUDE RUGGLES I28I pn. Q. W sa G A n. ski ' 'avr-'vo y. 06 fs- ,-5 41- fs tv 'i xa Y -, Nw ' .f. S? L- qv-w 'ix L iq- Q1 Mm mix 'S' Q Q? as I 3 Win. .Q-X Q-wus ax was 05.6 "1 Wsos QR IT up-1, lf ,452 if YW jk mf' H2 3:11 -EF a o S -.2 N -S -5 G s 5 Ea 3 R 4 N GEORGE SAKATA JAMES SANGUINETTI TOOFELA SARMIENTO JEAN SCHWARTZ NADINE SCHWARTZ GERALDINE SCHWEITZER MARJORIE SHERWOOD GERALD V. SMITH JACK SMITH GLADYS SOUTHARD ALBERT SCOTT JUNE STETSON EMMET STONE EILEEN TANBERG PHYLLIS TILLMAN JOSEPHINE TOMBA JUNE TRANTO TANAKA TERUO EVELYN TROGLIA BETTE TURNER CHARLOTTE VETTER MARY VOIGHT DONALD WADE EDITH WHITE ' PAT WILBUR BILL WILKINSON LAWRENCE WILLIAMS MARGARET WILSON FLORENCE WILSON RALPH WRIGHT KIMI YAMADA EDWARD YOSHIKAWA I30I JOHN VAN DOVER I-Our girIs swing if ou'I' a+ +I'1e Senior Exfravaganza. 2-Spring is here and so are senior garbs - Remember? 3-Jack Herrero and Henry Foppiano digging up dir'I'- as usual. 4-Traveling sales- man? No, iusi Noel Prince. 5-One more plaque is add- ed 'Io Ihe row by Class Pres- ideni' Bill Dorcey. 6-WI1ewI I'II be+ you're glad +ha+'s over, Paul. ug wr' 1 1 Iv- fv- Q f, Q .ms , '-'T 6 V C4 .- K Q7 f'v. ak W '13' 'wx 'K .oy 53 fi? -v ., l mx o-4, QSPQ2 53'-i xg! 'wx ,SLK SF' 1' A ,Q-Q, . X - 3. - : w 3 l, ..p 8-is. N .Qi X ii 'ri A x xx X Af X-'.X n ' .S M-,7 'Wm 5, ff' U, Qu I QQ? if ' V N5 Q Q it W"'L . .5 .. fffifsfflxj -N . x.,,.. Agn - .5 ,X ' RN g .L .N Off? inefeen ra ua fea lille JOHN ABBOTT JOE ACOSTA BARBARA ADAMS BOB AUGER FRED AXNER GEORGE AKIMOTO DOROTHY ALLEN MARJORIE ANDREW HENRY ARATA GEORGE BABA FRANCES BATTILANA SADAO BAISHIKI CONSTANCE BAKER BERNICE BALATTI MARJORIE BASCOM MARCELYN BATTILANA BARBARA BAXLEY RAY BENNETT JIM BENTZ JEAN BEATON CATHERINE BEAUCHEMIN BILLIE BELL NORMA BELLUOMINI DORIS BERRY DORIS BLOOM MADELYN BONA JACK BEYER KENNETH BEYER FRED BLAKE DOROTHY BLUETT NORMA BONINO WAYNE BUCKLEY EUGENE BOTHWELL EILEEN BROWN MARJORIE BROWN ELODIE MAE BRUHL CLIFFORD BURGIN NANCY BURTON DOROTHY CAPITANICH LOUISE CARTER ATTILEO CALCAGNO JOHN CALDERON BOB CANOTE NEIL CAMPION MILDRED CHAN ALBERT CHARLES ROBERT CHASE ANTOINETTE CHINCHIOLO ELLIOTT CHINN I 32 I 0 Q.. -gym Q,-.V 'll A 'aawzq 1--f-I , an ' 9 I -EJ , 'If K -., , x L 5,5 42952 5. jg? ' gi' 4' ggef , ,, 'f ' Q g' ' f .-. wr x.-,rv N? .D , ,.-..,, I 1 sw . -an "' AQR' . .Q 5, 6- i 5 A " N' f as -Q - -vi -A ww " Q M , ' vg nik 1- 5, ' x WM? f W , ff fm 1.8- nn. 3 Ii" if 5 ids' K? 7.5 A J' ' .5 77 T9 . 1 L ,z .-,f 315 'iz , 'mfff 4 I, . 4 4-7 V D D Q vs had f"N L...1,x -. . p at r' W 3 .ag - I v- i - f P .qg xf Xzig , , x N - f L ,r ' I ll 9 f 1 i f xK-L " 5. I an .N , Aa Q 9, fi Off? inefeen ra ua fed lille MARGARET CHOAT LEROY CHRISMAN HELEN CHRISTEN SHIRLEY CHRISTENSEN PAT CLAUDINO CHARLYN COBURN BARBARA COHEN ELEANOR COMER ROBERTA CONARD LOUISE CONTRERAS NADINE COOK OLWEN COPELAND ALDO CORRADI JOE CORREIA CHARLES COVEY HARLEY CRAWFORD FRANCES CROWE JEANNE DAGG GUIDO DAL PORTO VERNON DARLING BILLY DAVIS BRUCE DAVIS GLADYS DAVIS GWENDOLYN DAVIS MARILYN DAVIS MARY LOUISE DE ARRIETA JOAN DE MARTINI GRACE DICKMAN FRANK DOI TETSUWO DOI ELEANOR DRAKE BILL DUNCAN TED EATON FRANCES EGUINOA VIRGINIA LEE ELLIS MARGARET EMERSON I CONCHITA ESPINEDA MERLE ESPLEN MIEKO ETO MARGARET EVANS SILVIO FILIPPONE BOB FALLON BOB FIRPO DOROTHY FISHER HENRY FOPPIANO LUANA FORKNER BRUNA FORMATI AL FORNACIARI WILLARD FORNEY I 34 I fo 49 pf ': Fx fi ia -" A+? r -34 W- A aa' 'J 0.- '7 T 0 3"MM,."u 1 ' if W' K u ' i 'Y' 1? ,, K N, s- .0 Qin ' by Li,- 1. if v it . -.,-,,..,,- - -. S W? . Q .,-. :QQ nu- x N.. . .. II: 9 K DID A p-5 A., .fn ,V ,,,, .4-sr .. ,X '0 ' , X Q K kg M X A fb F kk 11 Xl , fy -f. ., -, "lf, fx an , -var v x "7 '1' W QA , ,-. ,, , F J l 1 ..-, R XA N .v 'sn ny, ...N ,,, H., -J '27 13- cr '4' A as , , fl 'Ei ' Xa f . ' J 1 f ' L A fx' K 9, L-: N . 1 'Lf mf. ag 7: sf: Ga. .-maui ki A aw F9 T? . -N . 1: F 1 - xx. Lv -J 6 "1 '7' N . :fic I xxx X 1 N .H f 5 ff :L 1 0 5, ' R: fy, Uv f is 'T-T' Q A M' ' -on , za" 'J ' 2' -3 'ar ,ff ,. 1 .. V 1-5 . , . , N 4: Al BILL FORRESTER CLAIRE FOTHERINGHAM JANAROSE FREEMAN DAISY FRENCH KANAME FUJISHIGE JACK FRIEND JACK FUGAZI TANEO FUKANO EVA MARIE GENUIT X JEAN GARDNER 'IE BERNICE GARROW O Clteff Llleteell 5 9. E S2 Z G5 r m.: Fo '- EE Q Z O II' Omr- '41 WW Z0 Em 22 Z 1,25 f-CD Em 39 5:6 52 U1 mrn 92? O6 S53 5 2-' B W o ll Fa HARRIET HADDEN IDA HAKEEM WALTER HALEN DOUGLAS HANNER EUGENE HARDEN Lille BEN HERRERA JACK HERRERO JANET HIGASHI WILMA GESLER DENO GHIGLIERI ERMA GIANNECCHINI CAMILA GONZALES DICK GRAHLMAN DOROTHY GRAHLMAN GORDON GUTHREY JOHN HACHMAN MARGARET HAGIO BOB HALVERSON DARWIN HAMILTON HAZEL HAMILTON BAYARD HANSEN GRACE HARRIMAN ROBERT J. HARRIS RUTHERFORD HAUGEN MASAMI HAYAKAWA MARGUERITE HENRY ROBERT HIRONYMOUS VIVIENNE HIRSCH WARNER HOLDEN DONALD HOLM 1 36 I 2 0, O I -. I c 5 7 f . X., A' 3 'zjw .5 ,JT :dag-y. Q' ,' -3 .-1911.1 -9' y ..u urls-UW , -J , s . Ltr -7. tn' It " g 1, -. q . JK I1 " 'fr Y AQ sd Av ' ik ISL I BY.: ,p5f'3fffefv z UIQ. mf? tn-xg! -2Q:0,QP4sy C'2.dL'fQ1,' X ravi flxk' I., N v n 1' 1 "' . 7 J , ' lv: "' ri I .1 r ' 'mi .1 P QV. 'J'-. ,g.3i -I , 'lu' ' 17 YT? M V' ,K . . 5. ,. . W I i . 3- 3 1 w , ,, is .h ' K f XX fzeef , 1 X, 41 w e f 4. 1 -. 1 ' 95' a .eff . i.1.rfm13w:gi,!f w 5- -,' A 1..- q v '-4" V if . v w .tis MH? fffi ,ca-1:-, f"'7' ,Nr-v X ,L,.. f ' I? -rf 5 I -- .45 4:-' ws. . 'w-W, " 1 KN ,rf "" ' g ff, 'f' -- 'M if X ?F',4.i - k ' ' .el ' R an 1 V A' f ww' au L- , Q. nr AS Z' Q A 5 ' . ix fir' fu, f f .a5XKiawf' -.t 'M' Q ff' -'Y Q . "gif Q-.K 'v. T5 54.1 vga p- -M-, -X fv uv Q ,J A.- rf? '-0: Gr ,. .QQ 5 Ni 5 1' X - ' ,mii,y3. ,913 ll 1 L W YY 'N .N 5' R ,. I' Qs., I if me 5 fr 5 W1 if 31- Y in 'i 15? 1' ,en 1: - ,- aan- V v- N :X u- 'Q"5 mm ' ear Rf' av-" ""fP w-4' f fs ' mfzief QS? f A., K 1,03 ,ao s . Q N, s "l""',7' Off? inefeen I"6l Hilfe!! Line ELENOR HOLMAN LEOLA HOLMAN ZELL HOLMES RAY HOLSTE BILL HOUSTON EMMY JEAN HUBER ROY HUDGENS LAVELLE HOOD MITSUKO HORITA ESTHER HORST LEONARD HUGHES TSUTOMU INAMURA TOKIE INOUYE ALICE ISERT BETTE HUNEFELD FRANK HUNGERFORD BOB HUTSON YOSHIKO ITAYA RUTH ANNE JACKSON ZELDA JACKSON JUNE ITO BOB JACKSON DONALD JACKSON THEODORE JEUNG PATRICIA JOE NEWELL JOHNSON PHILIP JOHNSON SALLY JONES GLENN JOHNSON LORA JOHNSON MAY DELL JOHNSON KIYOKA KOGA WILLIAM KAPLAN CHIZUKO KATO TETSUO KATO KAY KANEDA DOROTHY KANEGAYE JUNIOR KASA HATSUKI KAWANO FRANK KENT JOHN KENYON ROBERT KERR PAUL KELLY DICK KELLY GEORGE KENMOTSU NADINE KIMMEL ROBERT KING JACK KITAGAWA JACQUELINE KLEIN I38I fs fv- TS 4. L n ""' , nm? ff- H. 3 113 'I xv-vw, V? 'nu T5 he 5 'V Xt - 4' Q? A QR lx. L! ,v.. ...J 5 . L V JV . -V . . ,' .ff 1 ,ff .fm -J AX A' z fs '- ,fb v nv. Q g A 'K' X Ax 2, 2 fu' K is Hi, 1 , H A 1 v ik I Y. if Rb .p. . 1 ' ' 0 N,- M- i vs v..,..Q if' N rf +s v. A-mx K 1 ,Av g, "' LS.. Q, 7, W N 1 -- , , K 3 . 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LEE DOROTHY LEE MARGARET LEWIS JACQUELINE LOWDER JOY LOWRY BARBARA MCKEE MILTON LOY MARIAN LITTLE CHRISTINA LODUCA RALPH LIVONI DOROTHY LUCAS ROBERT MCKEEGAN BILL MCKINNON ANITA LUPORINI DOROTHY LYONS JEANNE MCFARLAND EVA MACIAS KATHERINE MALCOLMSON JOHN MALLOY BILL MARTIN TOM MANUEL FRANCIS MACKEY VIOLA MAGGINI MARGERY MAGGS KEN MAR CAROL MARTIN BEN MASAI CURTIS MARCHANT LAWRENCE MARINO ALICE MARLETTE ROBERT MASON FRANK MATSUMOTO JANET MEHAN ITALO MATTEOLI I 40 I fn 'Il fl aw 0' "" ' A in 9521 '9 Est' x' iv' A lb. -vi' 4... v " A Q 1' -f "' ' if i 5 : n P 'AB N I 0' 'NP' X X -v'-7 h """ 1 iq 7 ga x .3 -6 .,. .rl 1 ,, 6 N .irf"ff, li 'V f' A '5 'TX Q M M P K: vx 8 x 'T Q Q Q "" i ,. -x fv- WL 'f' tf . -1155 O i:.1,f fx V ,' M ' A . A 4 2 ' l .. , K 55' , S2553 A if- 1 . gn I 'Q M nj y fx Y --VV Q ' A' 145'-v..+u - H" 5 M -1 Q ' L. f1Mfi4f 'rfg-52. , , nw B A , Ti' iz: 'sv ,., T N 9' II. f A 3- . . f' ' if D .112 V fi s. ff lI5x"'VJ' r m 1 fmemf ,m n-A H Q . : ,,,,. h'V',' A-5. 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PETERSON JEANNE PIERSON BUD PELLATON BOB PIRAINO I42I LEO POCHINI if 4"v s-N ,.. 1' 95 .4 -2: h L. r L, 435- ,vw 9 of x..-1 l 1 .n. .5 A Q -4- uv' QW , px 'c . ,, ' 1 .. - f EF! ' , I ,VY , . tv. - , K f ., ., , . .JJ SQ V :as fc: "' , ff? if-1 .. K K .,- -.w K, vf g... f"'5- -p . A - W V ' Z '54 if r, 3 'f ,Q 5' A ' ,W5lfffg'f2- , , fafiiis -' ag f , ni .v- ,-o fa 1: o-y if 2 1 2 U " .Vg - l v ryvlf' Jw u audit n 0- ns .en Rfk.. b ann- ,giv- V QI lv. 1 ,U 'U X x ' Q hm C7 0 Y.-T 4- Qu' ,J--lu Q , - ,gy X ? 2 K- 4, -" V 2 ,Q " X X Y 'KEY' 6 Q 3 g A ww , 'U jj 'V . 5, 1 U 'gif-11, ,, X x Po A 'Cr - Vt- 2,1 dis , 21126 W WH I ' x .- , 1 , :A 'Ia J' bm! l - Q 7, 7, Q vp- 'ur -I-7 f:-5 , ,X M-'I if , 4 fb F U, ... v K .,. K .Q X gf! ' G' ' " ., I 'Tm' x . ' 1 , 3.1 L' 'fl f 15il?.F.g"8 1 ' K- w gzwrq i 4 . 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Olaf? inefeen I"6l 1161, t85 Une HIROSHI SHINMOTO EISIE SHOOP JESSIE SHRIVER WAYMAN SKADDEN HUDSON SMYTHE JIM SPANGLE PAUL SPANGLE JOAN SMALL BESS SMITH IRMA SOLARI DARIS STEMLER JOSEPHINE STERLINO ELSIE SUEYASU ROBERT STRONG ESTA STORER JEAN STOUT BARBARA SULLIVAN ARLISS SUTHERLAND MIEKO TAKEHIRO TAKEO TAKEMOTO MYRTLE SWANSON JAMES SWEENEY ATSUSHI TAKATA KENICHI TAMURA MASAKI TAMURA SHIGEKO TABUCHI NEY THOMAS JANE THRESHER IVAN TELLER ALYCE THOMAS ROY TERANISHI WILLIAM TOLLE DAISY TOY ROSE TOY MITSUE TOMITA LEONARD TORLAI MARILYN TOWLE GEORGE TRAPHAGEN LORRAINE TRAVERSO RUTH TUCHTENHAGEN MARJORIE TUCKER TOM TUCKER ALICE TSUCHIDA HARRY TSUTSUI OMER TUCHTENHAGEN LES TULLY CALLEN THOMAS FRANK TURPIN NORMA UPWALL I46 I .-Q q. 1. r -r Y KK 1 A f' i 0 s' K Y' s rm R 'Q F iv n v o , 5 Q4 'n 1 pf'-'.' 'UPU auf , -u 'J N., , . 1-fn' I 'U -v-'rv . "f .1 A , ,vt ,wg 'xv I N . li M .. f"'N .F A. -. 4?- U1 -cr .4 Q 'UN 454 lin .own-xxx lj. nv hi - V --. V 7 Q W ,-ff? ..kL J . H ,Q fx " K 'S 4' 'N 49 I? 2 .V -.fav Rx ' , 4 -'-X3-. av gp-ff T 2'-tij 14", 'W Y P 'KJ X. if l 22' Q. 9" f H' fun. 5 fi V,-, 1,14 ' tvrd x i . 1 R .-M, 'Qt 'vzlfln 7 . Q L 1 B. :fm .1 f Q X A V if ns., Olaf? inefeen Pa lfi6lt25 une JUNE UTSUMI DAISY UYEDA MARY VALENCIA ARTELLE VALERIO ALVA VAN CAMP NEALY VERKERK ANNA MAE VICKROY PIERINA VIGLIENZONE LENORE VAN DYKE LENA VERDUGO BERNICE VIGNOLO Y VINCE VI LILLIAN VOLPI ROBERT WAKEFIELD LLAMOR ERMA VIVIANO LEO VOLPI MARY CATHERINE WALLACE JIMMY WALSHE LA VERN ANNE WATANABE ROSE WATANABE GEORGE WATANUKI ARLENE WATKINS E WALTH LESTER WARNER MERLE WARNER FLORENCE WATSON GLENDENE WATSON WILMA JAYNE WEIL EUGENE WEINSTEIN RUTH WEST LA VERGNE WATSON PEARL WEBB SHIRLEY WETZEL DAVID WILLIAMS DONALD WITTMEIER GLADYS WONG GLENN WOODS DELPHINE WIDNEY HELEN WILEY SAM YANARI DOROTHY YETTNER YURIKO YONEMOTO FRED YOSHIMI EVELYN YOUNG LA DEAN YOUNG BING YIP HOSHIO YOKOI MAY YOUNG BILL ZELLER I49I LETITIA JOHNSON WALTER DONIS NL f 6 'Q mxfin ,- 12' nf' Qu- J' 6. v 5,- K?- nm 3-SC " vs V . M. Q 5 Z4 Q5 T 2 S' - ,fa fuk N -a A Q n "3 fa a 9 in v' P i f I 111 gm. Q", y -Si' Q55 'xv' fi rl N51 sf ps... 3 you an w -C A - x. Z 'nn g?. I' 3- -Fili- ,ifwm - . ,N ggfgy 1 M -S A., . , VH I1- x -Q. - f"'v A 131 1 I N -:fl fi Y A Num Q Dv l ,QS ' 1 fn. fu. -A f'7b v .1 1 I., ig w.,.. C our .- A A ,- ' Q, ' up ' ' 1 N51 gf 15 ga ffmx Sli ru. pn QS'- 'W is 3 Ts. X 4 . N 5 4 hw 's 'Q' ff' 'I Y, E ' Ev- G. Q 'ff' Fw Ni X nw Q X M y , uf K K 45 vi I Aa uniom Row I-B. Marrens, J. l-lall, B. l-laslcell, E. Nicholson. Row 2-J. Miller, P. Fowler, J. Keisrer, B. L. lngram, N. Sisring. Read from lefr io righi and bolrorn ro Top Lower Group: Row I-O'Brien, Rodgers, Talcernalo, Nomura, Sarrnienlo, Yamagishi, Nolan, Ogden, J. Row 2-Savio. Pulich, Sugimolo, Wong, Salco, Murakami, Rodriguez, Salo, Sarlui. Row 3-Sanders, Nicholson, Pralo, Norris, Nakashirna, Servenli, Olo, Rorh. Row 4-Roach Schmidt Pardini, Reilley,Schurr, Shepard, Reichmulh, Nelson. Row 5-Privar, Ogden R.L., Wright Phillips, Salmon, Takahashi, Palmer, Scolr. Row 6-Parlcer, Rehnerl, Wallher, Schneider, Neil, Rainy, Raisch, Nadolli. Upper Group: Row I-Kong, Fuiisaki, l-linlcle, Forresler, l-lalrori M., l-lisolorni, l-lallori Y., Fuiii F. Row 2-Nalcalsui Morrison, Fuiihara, l-lirala, Graves, Gardella A., Garibaldi, l-loir, l-leilces, Row 3-l-larberr, Marrello, Gormley, Gudmund- sen, Gomes, Hawley, Gardella M., Marlinez. Row 4-Gibbons, Pagano, l-lorfrnan, l-lahn V., Looser, l-lafrori C., Gron- dona, Fuiii D. Row 5-Fanshier, Balcao, l-linman, l-lill, Marchelli, Gale, Fuhrman, Fallon. Row 6-Graham, l-lahn G. l-larrold, Barrelr, Gardipee, Farrell, l-liclcey, l-lelron. 3 .4 va mr -Q r r f' .l --.P Apu-an 1 .Y an 4 Upper Group: Row If-Fionlifmr, Cfillqy, Evans, Bassinqei, Goodman, Elissondoberry, Brown, Davis, Bascom. Row 2- C,i.iiq, Cjfriinain, Dennis, Gosulqa, lllifil. lliinf O1"',Ol'l, Flominq. Row liiriiix, Arfhihalrl, Fnrrill, Hansen, Middle Group: Row I -Komuia lf-r, iinilh, Ki-nlin, Txirllofglf, l-loopfvr. iiirimld, lflmnrlfiri, Rnwirmnn, l-liar 6 lYillll',lfiV'l F., Spfirifiu. ,lflllnson Lower Group: Row I 'Kano-flea, infinrl, Row 2 'E' liii 1-f, Vfinqiiil. ROW3 lrirmlffi, Qui, Z'-ll, Slwflf fiinilli, ll1-iufnv, S1-nw-i, lffwlv- il ligllf-ri, fiiiilirilfl, fvfivnnfin, lrifilxigi Wfilirili, C.1r'l.iilil, li."n-lly, Vim l. l5'l Blafcw, Halayala, Bolhwell, Espineda. Row 3-Alberison, Fril, DeWhiH, Hanncy, Downs, 4 ----- Eslalle, Gomes, Cooney, l-lancoclz, Churchill, Fish, DeWhi+f, Guiliani. Row 5-Fawcell, Boydon, Gaulhier, Ghormloy. Vlfnnlzol, Kafo, Tail, Kassel, Waianabe, Herman, Ramirez. Row 2fJaclcson, Turner, Kel- Row 3fl-lawlcif, Sallah, Ishii, Srnallfield, Kelley, Schon, Jones. Row 4-Theron, Re- zrl, 'l'f,lmmani, l-loopes. Row 5---Kralll, Risso, lio, Vanoli, Jaclcson, Wells, Hemolo, Row W., Thomas, Johnson G., Sislinq, Kiefer. Vandfiwark, Weaver, Tulfle, Turner, Shimizu, Harn- Sl'i'na+,nlri, Yonfernolw, Ulsumi, Salina, llonq, Wonq, l ni, Anuiusalis, lriola, Takahashi, Row 4--Tanalca A., Q l-, Sinilh. Row 5-Simmons, Salo, Monlczorneiy, n, Vinlnioy. Row 6-Sc-llcirlc, l-lilchcoclm, Vial, Shipley, ufmiwrmiu, Murray, lrcwhill, Vereqqe. H5 iw gvig, 7. Q fi , 5 'www xg 1 ,i ggi! ia .L Lx K ,Mir Li ,hx N L. 15, , 5 vw 5 ' rf , ' f . 'TAT' 'hi-5 4141 - 6 ' exp My 42. -a f Qiuyk ' B 024 + ' M 311,21 gf Ki--' Y W km W 46 . ,TQ ,1- 5- ff' HIM 1 Upper Group: Row I--Delgado, Doi, Aroa. Row 2-Yanoro, Bonini, Terra, De Sola, Salraye, Gibson, Ye, Beers, Pohle. Row 3 -Rerriinfqlmn, Gallarihcr, Wonq, Brown, Arloanasin, Dellarnaria, Dumas. Carreia, Sciaroni. Row 4-Vanosse, Billinqs, lrrilli-r, Robffrls, Somew, Goodman, Scheurer, Torre. Row 5--Chrislu, Rohrer, Devonshire, Speare, Rosen, Schreiber. Row 6 Walsh. Fnqlfei, Srnylho, Carey, Spears, Garciaelay, Veregqe. Row 7--Torai, Boyer, Saccone, Voqel, Caslaldo. Brolhers, Snliiriicll. Middle Group: Row I--Calallo. Macias, Suzulci. Young, lnlolise, Pizzi, Carl, l-lunqerlord. Row 2-Johnslone, Carnicia, Cnyaqnam, Whill, Curlis, Echandi, Rishwain, Belhards. Row 3-Garciacelay, Navarro, Mazzera, Fealdi, Nornellini, Busa- Iafrlii, Thinrxdn, Rowley, Row 4---Aboud, Pelleqri, Lyman, Adams. Yescas, Archamloaull, Slwalcellord, Padqell. Row 5- Arrriglrfmrr B,, Arrnglronq J., Hopkins, Horlon, Che-rnoclc, Balmer, Small, Baldwin. Row 6- '-Bailey, Brown D., Brown J., Seidel, Niqro, Del Corso, Murphy, Pierce. Lower Group: Row I-Gonmles, Calderon, Doi, l-lallc, Bayhon, Browning, Choi, En- draw, Breqanlfe, Galli. Row 2--Arlcinqs, Anderson, Gwerder, Dobson, Gilbert Gaia, . 6 Grahlrnan, l-laqio, Cosla. Row 3-Coale, Franlre, Ferroqqiaro, Gesler, Bradshaw, Ganelus, Forschler, French, Aslorino. Row 4--Hansel, Chinchiolo, Gehrcs, Cola, Goodway, Crowden, Boehme. Bird. Row 5-Eilerl, French S., Filzqerald, Allwerlon, Evans, Collon, Hadden, Bradley. Row 6-Bader, Cornelius, Esplen. Churchill, Fowler Crawford, Aldrich, Clark. Upper Group: Row I-Berlingen, Bailey, Deaver, Abdallah, Crawlord, Babcock, Blair, Burns, Bealie, Row 2--Dryden, Bell Cossell, Cosla, Callerall, Dion, Brill, Abdallah P., Conaway. Row 3--Carroll, Brandon, Behney, Beanland, Bonham, Cerri, Aldridge, Crawford, Barlich. Row 4-Cannon, Anlouxl, Clark, Bradley, Chamberlain, Beyelozua, Cook, De Young, Burke. Row 5-Adams, Conard, Dressel, Franks, Bascorn, Beauchemin, Bahl, Clark F., Baker. Middle Group: Row l-Shimasaki, Makishirna, llaya, lwala, Shean, Mills, Kanennolo, lshinnaru, Pasco. Row 2-Pelers, Ho, Kifagawa, lkawa, Jones, Maruki, lnouye, Piper. Row 3-Sensney, Merrill, Marsden, Magnuson, Kennelly, llo, Kimura, Shironaka. Row 4-Pores, King, Kanemofo F., Meyers, Johnson, Magnuson, Lewis, Sabislon. Row 5-Price, Ladas, Jones, Magnuson D., McGee, MacGarvie, Lyon, Robinson, Row 6-Rallo, Klinger, Sandman, Maggs, Kesler, Langdon, Schnei- der, Mcllvain. Lower Group: Row I-Noiiri, Toy, McElhany, Terashila, Niizawa, Yarnashifa. Row . 2-Mayeda, Nakagawa, Sako, Nishi, Tabuchi, Marchelli, Lee. Row 3-Malfice, Pleau, Mead, Sfrand, Olsubo, Willell, Marlena, Rubalcaba. Row 4-Larkin, Sandberg, Mar- lin, Yockey, Marchini, While, Oshila, Toal. Row S--La Moine, Powell, Leary, Srnilh, Lemon, Schufle, Nunes, Pugrnire, Womrnack. Row 6-Maurer, Vaccarezza, Milligan, Tlle, Osferdock, Warner, Miller, Murphy. ,Adv Q. iw' 5 q2'?'l -'E' N US- W Upper Group: Row I-Shirnalcawa, lnouye, Kishi, Kanelro, llo, Kawano, Kumamaru, Tsulsui. Row 2-Lalla, Lonq, lqo, Jollson, l-linlrle, Jones, Lusiani, Howell. Row 3-Maqnuson, l-lerrinq, lvlalsuolca, Slronq, Maxwell, Paya, Kelly, Jeunq Williarns. Row 4-Lewis, Kenl, Sclileqel, Srnilh, Hoslcins, Hewill, Lauqhlon, Scheclwing. Row 5iJenlcins, Kuechler, Schroe- bel, Sfillman, Kaiser, l-lonnold, l-lerrnan. Slalnalcer. Middle Group: Row I-Monlanez, Lopez, Greco, Lawrance, Chesi, Lawrence R., Mawson, Jordan, Loop, Lawrance A Row 2-l-lulchison, Calvelli, Cline, Aqari, Barry, Giovando, Fish, Navone, Chinn, Row. Row 3-Malfei, lvliser, Fong, Kounlz Marla, Colliver, Chow, Kaiewara, l-larrori, Delmonf. Row 4--Ewerlsen, Grider, l-lalr, Morrison, Noqare, Lind, Nave, Law- iancfr: L., Guerrini, Manqini. Row 5-Lillard, Monlqornery, Koloecl, Nowalr, Neyman, Bocolc, Ernsf, Joaquin, lsbell, Lu- porini. Row 6-Fields, Freeman, Nielsen, Coolc, Fuller, Ellis, Boolcsin, Norgaard Fonlcnrrfxu, Caullcins. Lower Group: Row I5-Lanqou, Sanders, Rienharl, Salo, Shimizu. Row 2-Selmer, I Reed, Razo, Shinmolo, Urrizola, Loolc, Woo, Taylor, Howard. Row 3-Uriarle, Smylhe, Ah Tye, Shauer, Simons, Torchia. Row 4-Smilh B,, Moreno, Squires, Smilh E., Reveal. Row 5-Torhensen, Scofl, Smilh B., Rosenberqer, Sanlini, Rishwain. Row 6-Sabbalini, Shand, Wight LeBlanc, Ridley, Malkemus, Romero, Rallies. A IB- Upper Group: Row I--Robbins, Calvelli, Fulcui, lquchi, Klsama, Kaiiwara, Eusler, Gabba. Row 2fPleau, Nicholson, Campodonico, Nalnanishi, Aqesen, Oqawa, Aulr. Row 3-Pierce, Blanchard, Anclresalcis, Orr, Bailey, Nq, Bellensourr, Pralo, Oshifa. Row 4-Nagaolca, Bolron, Pe+roni, Avila, Pappas, Denser, Raab, Brassesco. Row 5-Roach, Bowers, Oliver, Ger- berdinq, Reminqlon, Collins, Newell. Middle Group: Row I-Berger, Yarnanouchi, Savage, Chilcaraishi, Yanari, Palermo, Venrelli, Perry, Smilh, Row 2iZirn- mers, Banchero, Arbaugh, Calanio, Collinson, Abe, Closson, Rendon, Poller. Row 3-Beanland, Brunlc, Aurand, Coleman, Bollero, Bellones, Clark, Carler, Correia, Row 4-Chapman, Anderson, Brannon, Campbell, Alhearn, Slephens, Briqqs, Budiselifh. Row 5fConani, Allcins, Brolherlon, Berlin, Slagle, Wallers, Palmer, Wear, Ralhqeb. Row 6-Sloner. Lower Group: Row I-Temby, Rolhenlsush, Villanueva, Zimmerman, Walanabe, Tae nalra, Teshima. Row 2-Slarr, Windmiller, Tomlinson, Kozuhiro. Row 3-Suqimolo, Ware, Young, Wirlh, Yanaqi, Thompson B., Umino, Walanabe. Row 4-Pleisch, Ta- 6 lrala, Pinasco, Wrighl, Weisl, Toal, Smilh J,, Whill, Row 5-Purvy, Whipple, Slewarl, 0 Smilh Cu, Thompson D., Schillman, Vannucci. Row 6--Vassar, Perkins, Turnelly, Wriqhl K., Sala, Wiseman, Swenson. T561 l i Upper Group: Row I- Revo, Uveda, Revnoids, Siiva, Soiari, lwafa. Row 2vOrfiz, Mafsurnura, Menkinq, liuin, Mafeer, Vfiifgivf, Madden. Row 3-Hail, Lnvqren, Morgan, lwafa, Pearce, Yamaguchi. Row 4--Ulm, Barbara, Howell, Hansen, Hmgqe, Macphovson, Hui5ey. Row 5A--MCNarnara, Luian, Piornbo, Lauqhion, Hogan, Miller. Row 6-Jarvis, Masnider Hnail, Lewis, Rose, Paolufii, Murray. Middle Group: Row I -Kenmofsu, Padula, Uyelcubo, Wiliiamson, Tacchi. Row 2-Fong, Orr, Warwick, Srnifh, Wilboen Pwbbina, Morrison, Sparkman. Row 3-Massod, Fuiimura, Werzel, Blaqq, Weaver, Webb, Rafliff, Fong. Row 4-Beiii Owens, Avaquisiain, Tackifr, Coqqi, Toy, Ulvarriei P., Passadore. Row 5-Buckley, Raffo, Thomas, Serpa, Guerrero, Ru fqani, Maviin, Roziei. Row 6--Fong G., Airola, Tickviiza, A'imbini, Pad, Guyon, Grannini, Ulwarrief. Lower Group: Row I -Fuller, Garner, Fuiimoro, Genovese. Row 2-Daie, Araya, Gifmf, CiNOYI1UIt55, Freqqiara, Baldridqe, Fuiisaki, Chang. Row 3-French, Burham, Hainw., Carnosao, Giarnbasfiahi, Brealrfield, Haines J. Row 4-Dalby, Cafierall, ii'.Uf?F, Adams, Denuif, Clinfon, Hansen, Punerf. Row 5-Boren, Brenchley, Biilups, Buiion, A-borne, Baker, Anfon, Burciiam, Burns. W l57l Upper Group: Row I-Maleer, Lulz, Krasnow, Blaclclord, Masai, Molini, Cafes, McMullin, Conradl. Row 2-Melzqer, Jamison, McKee, Lundblad, Bush, Caine. Row 3-Bahnseh, l-loullon, Brown, Anderson, Mayeda. Row 4-Lalham, Balmer, Collier, Bealon, King, Camini, Malsuolca. Row 5-Anderson, McBee, Miller, lkemolo, Kayolake, lshihara. Row 6-Chan, Lea, Seruso, Lucas, Mafsumura, Kaneko, Beckham. Middle Group: Row I-Barlles, Funayarna, Uyesugi. Boolh, Genlelli, Davini, Freund, Braga. Row 2-Davis S., Xenos, Ghiorso, Dean, Giovannoni, Davis F., Childers, Bresciani, Row 3-Sanquinerli, Brown, Balcao, Paya, Engler, Farrell, Barl- lefr, Doe. Row 4-Pisler, Fisher, Powell, Andreorli, Russell, Fish, O'Connor G., Faccin, O'Connor V. Row 5-Ray, Bowl- inq, Oliver, Bouden, Penberlhy, Barlupi, Powell, Brown, Sfalnalcer. Row 6-Puqa, Bonini, Pedersen, Anderson, Presron, Chapin, Rowland, Duren, Golilhan. Lower Group: Row I-Nishimura, Evans, Davidson, Lincoln, l-layashino, Kniqhl, De- laney, Kramarslci. Row 2-Meyer, New, Jacobs, Fogel, Mulholland, Mar. Row 3- Dunbar, Dorningoez, Marcigan, l-liqby, l-loslcins, l-larberl, Miramonres, Lauqhead, 0 l-liqhier, Johnson. Row 4-Kearney, Marlowe, l-lauller, Miller, l-lolrnes, Gilmore. P Row 5-Kirslen, Dunlap, Gibbons, DeVere, Fowler, Lenz, Fleming, Hunler. Row 6- Fender, Karim, Merrihew, Nagel, Jividen, l-lamillon. l 53 l 3 'unusual- r fl' U Upper Group: Row I- Leyble, Sanlella, Osborn, Lao, Marrello, Lowe. Row 2+Sawyer, Milani, Monlqomcry, Moor, Millllfl, Mai, Slwinfqu. Row 3'--Richards, Waslwinqlon, McQueen, Rosenberg, Mello, Sailci, Rocco, Sanquinelfi. Row 4-Orr, l'iwunlnl, Sacconc, Vf:flif'lli, Robinson, Spinelli, Sinai. Row 5-Roop, Yosl, Sanderson, Soeelren, Ross, Monqa. Row 6- Sliynrs, Sfnnclmz. Middle Group: Row I' Hirsclilcoin, Floyd, Nunez, Clirisly, Oli. Row 2+fPierce, Arbanasin, Melz, Bussemer, Nickerson, G,,if,i,1mIay, Mollllh Row Billolinos, Plall, Cummings, Nichols, Buyclc, Nalcafsui, Buckley, Ng. Row 4-Kelly, Morqan, Convoy, Prater, Prilsahe, Peel, Kamibayaslwi, Oaks. Row 5-Gianelli, Nolen, Ferroni, Nalcao, Hungerford, Raimondo. Row 6 Clark, Olirii, Krarn, Meyorlinq, Sanlos, Reed. Lower Group: Row If-Yaburnolo, l-liraolra, Yoslmirni, l-lall, Tomila, Genres, Wala- rmlw, Connrw, Walunabu Y, Row 2-Harry, Wolli, Geblmrdl, Wiley, Gipner, Tlnornf lun, Gnrlulnad, Warren. Row 3--Elrncss, Wriqlil, Dari, Wellman, Golelli, Wiclcman, llivzrlx, Von Vranlfun. Row 4fF0rqussrm, Walrolicld, Garner, Soulln, Gary, Wray, ZM. 0 omorea l59l l Upper Group: Row l4Holl, Heskefl, Henning, Murano, Kaneda, lshihara, Hayashi, McGaw, Heikes. Row 2-Jong, Hisalomi, Guernsey, Grunsky, Hayden, Kelly, Hom, Hood. Row 3-Johnslon, Holi, Huey, Hong, Kaiser, Jones, Kamila, Hall. Row 44Lirrle, Hughes, Maa, Keddie, Hicks, McCarly, Holla, Mulberg. Row 54Lowe, Johnson, Kunemolo, Kidd, Miller, Lucchelri, Hughes, Klinger. Row 6-Kroh, Kimberling, Hawley, Lechich, Markham, Lindsey, Marry, Hunfer, Lew. Middle Group: Row l4Bloom, Bailey, Belew, Beerman, Booksin, Allirig,1'-Xslorino, Cahill, Canola. Row 2-Banks, Bafhursl Anderson, Chain, Andrade, Agee, Choy, Berfram. Row 3-Nickols, Fallon, Bawden, Nakamofu, Rogers, Gergslrom, Cal- verr, Bosron. Row 4-Noleware, Perkins, Oloerrello, Bruegman, Bailey R., Burdg, Nichley, Phillips, Row 5-Nelson, Schu- Pearce, Rice. Row 64Serr, Schmidr, Schneider, Causey, Benfz, Aulwuum, Norrninglon ler, Rich, Beyelle, Serafine, Byaedo, Champlin. Lower Group: Row I-Turpin, Daubenbis, Dryden, Woon, Volpi, Tanaka, Tanii Thompson B., Thaxler. Row 2-Alarnillo, Whillinglon, Train, Zarale, Triolo, Towle Wolf, Woods J., Toy. Row 34-Elkins, Craig A., Craig J., Calderon, Chinchiolo Campbell, Wong, Wong J., Toy W. Row 4-Thompson R., Bernsfein, Vukovich, Bom- gardner, Wilkinson, Erickson, Brown, Wilson, Woods B. Row 5-Baker, Underhill Wong F., Wellon, Traube, Burns, Choale, Capps, Takeda. Row 6-Tripp, Bird Williams, Chesebrough, Washinglon, Weaver, Breedin, Bianchi, Theriaull. Upper Group: Row I Ifvamfw Ferrari, Diydnn, MfPxdams, FIor, Canofo, Recd, Davis, Radio. Row 2-Aboud, Dyer, Phil- lip, fviif,fIifiII, IIf'IjIlif1IT,ClIVII'., Bfiinaifii, CniIf,rw, Loy. Row 3---Bravo, Girard, AromIia, Green, Gvnser, B'aqq, Crew, BrmIIif-i, WiIIIf1iii',, Row 4 IIN'-In, Hnwbiiwi, Iarwrwo Gwmiii Boicm , , , ' , riqqs, Ah Tye, AIIen, Bolfoi-I. Row 5-BruI1I, Ronq, If-f'If+iI, GfiiiwfiIii, Lf-my, Emi, IifiiwfIw, Ili- Lfunfq, Fiariro. Row 6-De Riccc, Del Barba, Fox, I-IaII, FincI1,Spe9Izer1,CI'iri5., Iii, IJwiif4Ifiz, C1fiIiiiifi'.. Middle Group: Row I MiiIIiffr, Lfwinh, Mfklaiwiaia, I-Iaqio, Louis, I-Iawkinson, M ,I I , R 23M I-I or oriwan ow c UQIW, IvIorIino, Irifiiiyf-, I'If1iiIfi, MfCmiIr:y, LibIiar'I, NizIwioIn, Row 3-fNi5Iwi,, I-IaIIori, MaIsuo, Mosbarh, Gil, McCui'dy, Lyorw Row 4- Miiiiihy, Mfimi, MrIIIl'IIfW, Lim, JriIwn'.mn B., H0IIwir1, Loads, Row 5--I.aFarque, MuIIwoIIand, Guidico, Lewis, Gordon, Mina' Iiiiii, MfinIIf1iI, Row 6 ,I'iIiri'.firi CH Mi'-Iboiq, I:iQiIas, I:Ioi05, Hauqe, I'IeIIOi. Lower Group: Row I NiiIriiImia, Maia'-nf1o,Wonq K., SaI.4ado, KamI:JayasI'ii, Iakvda, 5.1-iii, Wviiifi Ii, Iliiiirvir-if-yiii, Iiiinf-v, Row 2 Fdmiidi, Rnboaicw, Mai, Te-i'anisI'ii, Valdez, Wf-rwii I., Ififmf-, Miifim., CIiii',If-nwn, Row 3--NaInw.iIn',f-, Iwo, Loosor, Clivnrvs A If'u'.',fw, IMIIII, ffivlffiu, Ifipw, Comma, Taiifbiria. Row 4 -Hodriiman, Marsh, SiIvn, ImiifivIf1, IIiiiriiy1',f1ri, SIINM-iI,'fii, BrIIfU'i'-VV, I'afIiIIa, Mlirrav, Ioy, Row Sf-Ronsi, Poidiii-I MiiIuiifI4x, ffiiii-,, Simi, IvIfiIIaf., Nil wifi, Buirf'IifIc, TfwIIf1n, Miiiif-, Row 6 --Weav0i', Moya, Imiiif-Ii., Mfivif-II, Tiii-nfv-, WiIIiifiAN, Iufennrifw, NmInIIi, IvIai'Iimoz E., MaiIiriU1 C, Upper Group: Row I-Hogan, Lefclner, Lowe, Karnidoi, Meizawa, Hansliew, Carlwriqlil, Fisher, Bunn, Row 24Kale- bauqlw, Casazza, Lapeyri, Laqorio, Mierkey, lvlorenzone, lvlazzera, Orsi, Kinslow, Haley, Awbrey. Row 3vMurpliy. Giqlio, Colornbini, Ellioll, Allnerlon, Eslrada, Moreno, Morodomi, lvlonlano, Lawlon. Row 4-Curlis, Kaslell, Maddox, Filzsirnons, Oslerqard, Marlin, Laqorio, Cerra, Brorlwerlon, Kaelia. Row 5-Novak, Cook, Fasself, Suelarad, Allsup, Chamberlain, Lol pez, Hopkins, King, Byrd. Row 64Hesser, Low, McCarlliy, Howell, Jarvis, lvliniaci, Arala, Brassesco, Holden, Carnini. Middle Group: Row I-Coble, Clark, Godinez, Haflori, Forlner, Garabilo, Doi. Row 2-Forslund, Eproson, Esenarro, Fronefield, Goodyear, Basso, Geblwardl. Row 3-Faiqlnl, Fleminq, Faqundes, Barlli, Arnold, Eulsler, Gregory, Faqundos. Row 4fGonzales, Gianclli, Andrews, Barkman, Ferrero, Gilkeys, Keys, Jones. Row 5fBriner, Hansen, Avery, Gaul, Brock- man, Fickel, DeSl1azer, Curnrninqs. Row 6-Fraser, Harnel, Grider, Bolelli, Conroy, Herzog, Allen, Harnmond. Lower Group: Row lfSunday, OH, Slorer, Olwsulno, Suqi, Slwockey, Odelberq, Slniqa, Silva, Rossi, Row 2-Snell, Ramsey, Sclnlink, Slnilromizu, Slanley, Oqino, Penderqrass, Sclner, Ramirez, Porler. Row 3YSuzuki, Rarnrner, Sleiner, Quyle, Srnilln, Spencer, Roberfs, Reimckie, Sanlos. Row 4-Snyder, Penero, Sprague, Snyder J., Scgkvroebel, Roloerls, Slier, Scolr, Sakala. Row 5-Oqasawara, Pallerson, Stevens, Slrockcr, Slepli- ons, Silva, Sleplwens E., Slevenson, Schneider. ph?" rv' 4-I Y U .1 Upper Group: Row l Sfilo, Sf.-fimilliyiy Siwrnnr, Pon:-l, Pyland, Smillier. Row 2-Rogers, Robinson, Rensberqei, Robe-rls, Pfiin '--A f. Sum S., Wall.-i, Row 3 Sfiibnf-i, Rowe B., Rown E.. Queirolo, Reynolds, Saccone, Pralo, Row 4-Ueda, Roy, l'fif,I. Pi-f, Sfliilliniq, Shand VlllilV'lLlPV5. Row 5-Wales, Wlnilson, Willis, Wheeler, Porler, Van Dyke, Thompson. Row 6 Foil, Yi.-llurirl, llifiri'ip'."in M.. lfudol, Wa-ll,, Sliull, Robeclc. Middle Group: Row I Nfq, Mill vf,f r, Paloirno, Ricnlwarl, Yolwoi, Rodrigues, Surqlielli, Thompson, Willis. Row 2-Orcull, Miifllfiiifilrl, Mfinllw'-y, liiliiiiifnlii, Piilleqvi, Milsuda, Nalcalsui, Mason, Saniolla, Mccallrey. Row 3--Vollor, Uriarlc, Polar' win, Biiifn, Sfiiliw., Sgnilflirm, Uimmlce, Simpson, Obcrsl, Pallerson. Row 4-Williams, lirapolle, Slemler, Parkinson, Scala- lnfilii, Mf-yor, lfinflifl, Lfiluiciviflx, llizlluy, Row 5-Moody, Millol, Lundquisl, Moravolc, Reasn, lndufa, Olln, Olson, Malwl, Mnillin. Row 6 Mfnii-mn, Mfllanali, Miller, Marlowe, Sandoval, Mellon, Mayo, fY,lI1lf'llflll, W1-nw v. Lower Group: Row l Zniloi, Bf-nlii-, Villaiiur, Wolser, Driscoll, Van Sant Row 2- - lfili-fl-1, Uvnr-flu, Anfli-i',f-in, Wind--lr1i', l7i1slavaC,Wl1llQ, Wada, ROW 3fW0nQ, Claflm G., Will. Slif-pniil, Clail A., Sulainrilo, Row 4-fSlwrwood, Baba, Sovel, Tsudarna, 6 Yml, Sliiiimnnlri. Row 5 Worm, Slnwail, Anderson, Yorlm, Snnillw, Tlwomas, Vane. Row 6 B nlfginnfm, calY'i3lV7'., Qfiiliuil., Cnlwf-ii, Swor-l, Avciy, Taylor. l 63 l . ,. . 256. nilsxal ,W sn. Upper Group: Row I-Kinqery, Kreis, Hooper, Lira, Leybile, Lilcong, Flo, Delys, Everifl, Dinubilo, Dunbar, Row 2-Ki' mura, Kassel, Dowd, Kale, Dundore, Kobayashi, Keunq, Kobaya, Cross. Row 3-Derrick, Doane, Hirara, Cunninqham, Ho, Clemenls, Kushida, Foullces, Lewis. lwala. Row 4-Hoerl, Cosfanqo, Lama, Gemiqniani, Lehn, Espinosa, Jeunq. Fuiii, Jen- sen, Fukushima. Row 5fHiqqins, Garcia, Julius, Crawford, Holmes, Fisher, Hiclcinbolham, Crawford R., Kuechler, Fisher. Row 6-Kelley, Derlcsen, Holm, Corren, Lea, Tanning, Lease, Lelia, Conchire, Hunler. Middle Group: Row I-Yamada, Ueda, Terashira, Tanaka, Tsuqawa, Yoshida, Walnabayashi. Row 2--Walanobe, Yuki, Ta' nalca S., Taniquchi, Wood, Underwood, Yonemolo, Row 3-Chinchiolo, Todresic, Aheaxn, Talramune, Talcala. Yeilner, Turner. Row 4-Diclfson, Diclcinson, Wilson, Wong, Wong L., Young, Trachiolis, Cohn. Row 5-Werle Wornble, DeLucchi, Teichrnan, Yeznaq, Tyndall, Dinubilo, Turner. Row 6-Wallis, Toofhacre, Childers, Calcaqno, Winchel, Weaver. Wriqhl, Daqg. Lower Group: Row I-Fulcui, Miyala, Hayashino, Herrira, Keslin, Calleqari, Kale' bauqh, Chan, Lauqhridqe. Row 2-Blyrhe, Ray, Malloy, Randano, Ma ino, Pruzzo, Holman, Oshila, Holllman, Kafo. Row 3-Koiima, Minakala, Harmon, Morris, Middle' lon, Leiller, Giuflra, Kinser, Hoil, Fond, Row 4-l-liqqins, Peirano, MrCaulny, Fisher, Kreuder, French, Brown, Killeri, Aboud, Laqorio. Row Sflfrueqor, Marlin, Horrf-I'0, Bundy, Kraqen, Marlcham, Beneva, Dailey, Biasoili, Johnslon. Row 6 Bonnelr, Bren' neil V., Del Rio, Ferrari, Cassidy, Hill, Olson, Kinqery, Harris, Dabl-2, Lind, Parse Klf-in. Row I Herrera, Graft, Has' lull, Aldfr, Sadler, Demol- lrsi, Arnold, Copeland. Row 2 Hrzdalrom, Diinn, Slev- nnu, Traverse, Guzman. Mitchell, Elias, Blamfoz, Row 3 -Sparqo, Novaresi, Ar- nfquislain, Lyle, Dann, Cus- liclqo, Salicoler, Gonzales, Row 4--Tuppor, Huey, May- er, Aurend, French, Lund, lladqell, Nigro. Row lA-Graves., Rirli, Wallc- er, Halverson, Kln, Nessler, Bnurnbach, Freeman, Row 2 Green, Odurn, Madrid, McClunq, Morgan, Thomp- prm, Brown, Cesslidqe, Re- qnlia. Row 3-Ferguson, Lcuqlwridqo, Ogesen, Gri- voilo, Perry, Soares, Sanlos, Amvedo, Row 4 --Meade. Hysinqer, Vallerqa, Serpa, Pnninqer, Foselli, Samuel- son, Fiilmuno. Row 5-Allen, Ealon, lirapelle, lsaacson, Hill, Rueil, Felr,li, lJrvAllJai'. Row I -Rivera, Darwin, Marie. Row 2- Rffwrr, Burns, l.nrf.rwn, Head, M n d r i d, Muriril, Gurrirl. Row 3- Sudolro, Halliday, William- son, Sqlriwnrfzler, Madrid, Wilhnr, Garcia, Row 4-- DeGanrif1, Perinn, Blnoflru. Sudrzno, Lenl, Row 5- 7-Clal, Madrid, Buflcm, Lrutlcliarl, Beclrnell, Ficlrel, Pina, Row 5---Burqess, Lubkrrinan, Oi- solwni, Plrillips, Rir,l1icli,Slier- wood, O'Neil. Row I--Calcaqno, Brescia. Pinasro, lnfalise, Scrimslwer, Zarnie, Russell,Tucl1lenl'1ag- en, Row 2-Clark, Rogers, Tuilas, Spino, Percival, La- maquc, Baba, Pierce, Row 3"Vlf135if7U, Quick, Madrid, Burriin, Gvullirey, Baclimen, Lyrmnn, Meslwr-r, Row 4- lfallon, Weavr:r,C5ull1r0y E., Mnllinrily, Dunlon, Cer- rrii'liar:l, Balirrrnluss, Hoppe. l65I if 1 ld Y JF ocafiona .!4CfiUl:fi85 'U l Q, 1 , 2 HI e W" .Ari --a4nuq.q,,1Qw. ,WMF M09 Top Leif-Janel' Thresher worlcing on a "s+ill life." Top Cenfer--Eureifa Sanguinefli and Elsie Vac- carezza worlcing on a block prinf. Top Righf-Jane? Harper crilically surveys a model. Boflorn Leif- Norma Marfen, arf-crail' sludenf, weaving on lhe hand loom. Bollom Cenler-Model, Sally Jonesg sculplors, Janef l-larper and Dan Lee. Boliorn Righfflhaclicing lree-slyle Japanese brush worlc. ls anyone arlislic? lf so, he can find somerhing 'ro appeal lo his rasle in our high school Ari Deparlmenl. Ari is noi confined lo drawing and painling. Allhough lhese are imporranr. no one should feel discouraged. Even if you can'+ draw a slraighl line, lhere is somelhing you can do. Maybe lealher looling or weaving slrilqes your fancy. Perhaps you have always wanled lo make linoleurn culs or bloclc prinl some arlicle. These arls are very useful as well as lun. For lhose mechanically-minded boys lhere is mechanical or archileclural drawing. You can do wonders wilh a lee-square and a slraighr edge. Las? buf noi leasr, lhere are various courses in arl apprecialion and hislory lhal are worrhwhile for any- one. Whalever you wanl in lhe form of arl, you can lalce il quile painlessly in our Ari Deparlmenl. l 63 l fl Or 4 .-. u- -1 -. Q A f I A ' V , A, .n.. it ' ,Q lf JW V- .W if ' A Q - X -1 .4 - , .':. 4 Jw X: ww -, 'U 0 :nb ' A sf is A" 'H y Q Q .f 5.5 , as 1 ' 3 f 'I 75 ' .f,.- - o ,' 454 v Us, s Q . ' . "P - vin ...JA H 1 ,., sf L. ,1 ' Sl ' " ' 1, 5 1 - s . v XJ4, +4 ii W , '-rim YQ X .li ' I :il K 6 .L E p N' tl' YF ,fxffd I M - -, . l gg -. 3, 1 if ,QW - . ' lp 4' I XV 1 it M X "V .qv -- H 4 Q ' 8 : 'k ' ' A , ,, , br I 'T Y :Ev V' .2 u- ' Q A - f I 1 4' f Q 41 3 5? Q -. y . ' 4 S J-, ,kjvglfn , V 3 1 K xg - h T 4 l 5215 Sw , ,v ff gr I Q . IQ :W f '11 XV ' 4" - I In Mix: R C EQ ! N , 'r W . X! V f '4" Q ' - X , ..', K J '--2' hM ' f 5' Lv if , 4, , 1 3 ,, A Q ' 5 i.-Q fn. ".nnnnv.., .. X. . . ' K' A"k' - I 'S' 2' 9 . cn ,4 f-Jw :S ' ,E+ ' , QV , M, 'M W V4 1' Q. 29" r ' QQ Q?, g i W l! g'Tf f . f J. ,A Back in I936 lhe annual grew up. From lhe cocoon ol lhe "Senior Memories" emerged lhe "Blue and While"-ready lo lry ils wings. a year-book lor lhe inleresls ol everyone in lhe school. This year lhe book has changed again. No longer are lhere pages and pages ol senior biographies or solid doses ol slraighl copy, bul more piclures-piclures ol lresh- men, snaps ol sophomores, pholos ol iuniors, porlrails ol lhe graduales, and views ol lhe school. Il "a good piclure is worlh a lhous- and words," lhe "Blue and While" speaks volumes. "A lillle somelhing lor everybody" is our mollo, and whal you and your lriends are doing make up lhe year's record. We hope you can look back on lhe book len, lwenly, or even lilly years lrom now and recall iusl whal you did during lhe year. Well, here il is. We've had a lol ol lun and a lol ol hard work in gelling oul lhe year book, bul we'd do il all over again. We give you our Brave and Willing Oller- ing-lhe "Blue and While." Nole: Sluclenls who worked on lhe book, bul who are nol in lhe piclures are lhe following: Publicily Edilor, Bill Dorcey: Pholography Edilor llalll, Bill McCrumg Copy Edilor, Eleanor Powell. Mae anal miie June Owens Adverlising Manager Dan Lee Arl and Sporl Edilor Rulh Schaenamen Burl Fish Business Managers l Lell lo righlhlpeggy Haines, Frances Bo- cek, Margery Perry, Mary Calherine Wal- lace. Adolph Mar- cnelli. Fdna May Moore Fdilor Jim Franks Pholographer Vera Rodoni Senior Edilor l70'I l.eTT To righT: Paul Chrislopulous, M a r y Ellen Fuller, Daniel l. J D g D anne eq, J clcson, Eleanor Pow ll ncis Maclcey, Beulah q, William Kapl n Wafanabe. F ll Edl p Miss Lucille Turner 3 Adviser Sp q B Daniel Lee M q Spring EdiTor J U lq Eleanor Poweglj A T Edt AssociaTe ilor F M lc Bruce Bradley e f Spring SporT EdiTor T FT q ld Bill Kaplan Sp q N Edl Fall SporT EdiTor Back in The l89O's some enTerprising sTu- denTs wiTh an eye Toward business sTarTed a rnonThly magazine-"The Guard and Taclc- le." This periodical grew so popular and so large ThaT The owners Turned iT over To The school. This was The sTarT oT The presenT day "GaT." While iTs policy oT "guard The besT. Taclc- le The resT" has never changed, The paper iTselT is consTanTly adapTing iTselT To modern Trends. FirsT, innovaTions in Type were made: laTer came modernizaTion oT wriTing sTyle, and This year The Torm oT The paper iTselT was sTream-lined. lnsTead oT Tour large, unwieldy pages, There are eighT small cornpacT ones-iusT righT Tor reading behind The cover oT a bool: or sorneone's proTecT- ing head. New and diTTerenT, also, is The worlc oT Miss Turner and The sTaTT. SomeTimes a good sTory Talls in one's lap. Then again one has To go ouT and drag one in by The hair. SomeTimes malce-up whips righT inTo shape. BUT oTher Times sTories can'T be Tound, won'T TiT, or iusT aren'T wriTTen. BuT whaTever iT is, every weelc's worli is diTTer- enT, and every week is exciTing. Such is The liTe oT The "GaT"-noT lceep- ing up wiTh The Joneses. buT keeping up wiTh The world. Alec, George, and Danny Spanos Paul Kelly, bruni oT a sTunT, pass- Margo Marsden, Beverly W Twirling al a Trumbull game. ad ouT Trrzrn carrying The bra and Pxudiy Marsden, band i i drum. r:Tlc's.slr.J7Tir.f1The-iv be-sl. Big daTe on The band calendar This year was The huge music TesTival ThaT was spon- sored here on April 20 by The Music DeparTmenT, which inviTed many oTher ciTies To Talce parT. Led by PrescoTT, a noTed EasTern band leader, The group made The horns and drums really boom ouT. They TooTed Their besT To malce iT a gala occasion. The perTormance was repeaTed in May when The school gave iTs annual music TesTival. lNlexT red leTTer daTe was The Lodi game in which The Tumblers, maioreTTes, and Tlag Twirlers vied wiTh each oTher To puT over a good halT-Time show. All The oTher TooT- ball games and rallies, baslceTball aTTairs and any oTher rousing school TuncTion Tounol The band in place, ready To give all They had. Early in May Mr. l-leisinger laid ToundaTions Tor a reviving oT The l-li-STe1obers, a corps OT maioreTTes ThaT used To be a viTal parT K oT every TooTball game. lNlexT year The girls will be ouT on The Tield cl' again, sTruTTing Tor S. l-l. S. I 72 09" gf gm ji f is J, 34 ,Q Q 2 !? , Q3 versa, 1: L , l N D., y, ,.m , f .- y Q?-xxNKf2if AM "Y f f , if , , W ' X 1 Q F 'f' I., I, f ' . my lri N Q wr ML 5 P5- X V X + w,,i.. . N , N wg , :Ai it -'J . BNI i 6 ,X A x 'V 'LLL' "1'L"' ' . N it SQ X '1. ..1- - s- " '. . 'n 5 L25 iff. 'Viv .1 I W H8 f N ill ni a s x 1 x Q 'xqx i S' qi? b 43' ',,v1 N x , 1 S' xg fx ' , A 4 - ,,yvN, nmmfww x X 5 QEW 22- 5'Q TROUBADOURS Firs+ Row, lei? To righi-Frank ThornTon Smiih, Dolores CosTa, Bess SmiTh, ArTelle Valario, Caryl RoThenbush, Jessie Shriver. Second Row, le'FT To righf-NaTilee AlberTson, Dore oThy Webster, Dolores Ren- don, Barbara STocker. Third Row, lefT To righT - RuTh Schaeneman, L e n o r e V a n Dyke, Jeanne l-ielTon, Mary Jane Nowell. Fourfh Row, lefT To righT-DelberT Roop, New- ell Johnson, Bill CoTa, Skipper Ye. FifTh Row, le'fT To righf- Jim STalnaker, Bob Williams, Bob Auger. Sixih Row, lefi' To righT-Bob STrong, Francis l-ToiT, Lawrence OsTerdock, Vic- Tor MiramonTes. GIRLS' GLEE Row I-Tucker, Jackson, BroTh- ers, Sprague, Jenkins, Thomp- son, MicldleTon, Van Dyke, Mugge, Spalding, Young. Row 2-Hungerford, SmiTh, Maes- Trale, KaTo, l-loiT, Gonzales. McCauley, Rowley, Laugh- ridge, Vickland, LeTcher, Kin- di, Schroebel, Dagq, Seibold, man, Con radT, MaTTeucci Dabb, ErnsT. Row 4-Gan rozola, Broihers, Hill, Davis, Ellis, Gaia, Mog, Wenske, Grider, l-loerl, Avery, MarTin Always willing To serve, The Troubadours This lasT year sang aT TorTy-Two diTTerenT churches, organizaTions, and luncheon groups. MosT imporTanT engagemenTs were The school chorus conTesT aT The UniversiTy oT CaliTornia iTrom which The Troubadours re- Turned The vicTors in everyThingl, The Music FesTival in April iillusTraTed opposiTel and The Band and 0rchesTra concerT aT The end oT May. A new inTeresT Tor The group This year was The Troubadour Alumni Club. FirsT The presenT chorus gave The "old grads" a ChrisTmas ParTyg laTer on an Alumni Club was Tormed To perpeTuaTe The group Through The years. This year The Girls' Glee made iTs iniTial periormance beTo re Pro Musica aT ChrisTmas Time and Turned in a Tinished iob aT The May concerT under The direcTion oT AI SmiTh, pracTice Teacher. OTher music groups deserving praise are The boys' and girls' choruses. They are always on hand when needed To raise Their voices in song. l 74 l ser, MoTTiTT. Row 3-Garibal- VincenT, Schwing, i-lall, Free- Mierkey, Green, Rowe, Cal- caqno, Seaver. Row 5 -- Kromann, Reynolds, Brannon, Clark, Brockman, Morenzone. 1--gn-.,. N.-,-,.- .,., .,,., n ff. ' , 1 Fa .'. if ' . ,L Vt s bw ' -- . -A 11:1 ra-' ' ":Q1e-'QF' V ,W ' fx fy! .. ,, V ,. ,ik Win ' Y . ,L 1 .. , , 1 ' I 'Www miami "Wg: Aix .Az 3 A N3 N' -r I ' ix W ' i as V A a fir' w 51 ' 2 - :Aff , 2+ . t. ,ml QT' l 'L ' is Q X, i .X X YK X i ig Q X 5,25 k X 'T 55,5 - gg, X N xg ., 'R ki M 7 ' G 'Riva 4' A OA.,- Q . "r f 4 Y .',- 1 L it s fi ig . 'Y Q P' 5 as fi? if .-.. fb W 2 A my 1. 5 1- -K X ' SQ: 5' - -ig 5 , H ,f 3 t n,:-szvgkwf 3,9 -"Ai ' W W ' if A . .ga , , . M g -' - , .Ir few W Ni 7 - ,li ff?l.,fQ--5 , . f , . ,, . H gr, Q 1 2 iv: 33 ' in b 'G rf 55? -.z,.,.h 'w--...N CAST OF HOUSEPARTY Bob Auger Allan Jaclc Friend Ronnie Sylvia Schwarli Sally Barbara Baxley Florence Marcelyn Ballilana Horlense Bess Smilh Helen Warner Holden Darrow Len Hughes Eddie Viola Paya Doris Jr. Schrieber . Chiclc Eleanor Powell, , . Marion Bob Harris . .. Bob Audrey Marsden . K, Edilh Joan De Marlini Bealrice Leila Shipley Mrs. Rulherlord Bob Slrong Prof, While Jeanne Dagge Mrs. While Clair Folheringharn Belly Bill Hironymous Sleward Allan Bradford, a sludenl in an easlern college is inviled during a college houseparly by Florence Milli- gan, an unscrupulous woman, who allempls lo black- mail him. in an ensuing slruggle wilh Allan, Florence lrips and is lrilled by hilling her head againsl lhe fire- place. Allan is acquilled bul is so despondenl he allempls suicide which is foiled in lhe lasl acl by Ronnie. l. Playcraller boys lined up lo greel huge lhrongs coming lo "Houseparly". L. lo R. Len Hughes, War- ner Holden, Bob Auger, Jaclr Friend. Bob Slrong, Bob Harris. 2. Toni Chinchiolo cen'l conceal lhe devil in her eyes: Sylvie Schwarli wonders whom her philandering sweelhearl is kissing now. 3. Jack Friend gives Bob Auger advice. 4. Rehearsing lor "House-:parly" on Sludio Thealre slage. l.. lo R. Marcelyn Balfilana, Bob Auger, Barbara Bexley, Vernon Schrieber, Jr., David Will- iams, Warner Holden. I sf' XY? X r. A - lx. 7 vga f' p -l l .F"li?w. .F9f.... ... ,,.,,,,, vf 1 Wm " f. W xg. S ry will ' -xl XYW 4? '. if . -5 ,wiht Wfigs, 1- ..: glvkfu-ri.-4 it 'fb s ' - tw!! V L 112 . I 4 . J. , .I-kbsipge' fi wg Q 35' L f L .- J ,Ji 4 I i 5 5 w ' 5, f Q , ' Y I M ' ,-1'f-2 . W 8 if if is rganizafiond JR. RED CROSS ll.eTT To righlrl-eNeiI Campion La Verne Schon As big as The world and as small as The youngesT child is The Junior Red Cross. Through This organizaTion The school gives relieT To The Chinese reTu- gees, The Philippine Leper Colony, The veTerans in The Mare Island hospiTal, and any oThers in disTress or need. No lines oT race, creed, or color mark The boune daries oT This inTernaTional socieTy. PHILOPHYSEAN ll.eTT Tc righTl --- Noreen Wiislh, Anna! b ll T l B in e e oa, ar ara Chapman, JaneT TreTheway, BeTTy T-logan, Eileen Tanberg The girls in The Philophysean Club noT only Take science in school, buT acTually see iT in The making on Their Tield Trips. l.asT Tall The members sTudied The sTars aT The College oT The PaciTic Conserva- Toryj and This spring They Took a boTany excursion. Any girl who Takes science is eligible Tor The club. PRO MUSICA ll-cTT To righTlfRaymond Kosick, Jesse Shriver, Douglas Planner. Pro Musica means "Tor music" in l.aTin, which is a TiTTing TiTle Tor This club oT musicians. Members oT every parT oT The Music DeparTmenT are broughT To- geTher Through The organizahonieach learning someThing abouT The oTher's work. The club also sponsors school music programs whenever possible. G. A. A. 3rd Row lleTT To righTl--Frances Baci-k, Marlys Swenson, Winanno Thompson, Marie PeleTZ. 2nd Rowehladino Alrich, BeTTy CarTer, EdiTh WhiTe. lsT RowfLil- lian Oliveras, Peggy Haines, Barbara Cohen. Larger Than eiTher The Block "S" or The Old English The G. A. A. Takes in all girls inTeresTed enough in sporTs To puT in ouTside Time on Them. Aside Trom aTTer- school evenTs oT hockey, baseball, baskeTe ball, and oTher group sporTs, The girls give or aTTend play days where Their skill is piTTed againsT ThaT oT oTher schools. rganizafiond LOS AMAPOLAS 7nd Row llefT To riqhfl-Bob Holmes, Lnland Robinson, Barbara Sullivan. lsT Row-H Fidela Villanueva Eva Marie Gen- uil. Frolic and Tun, and some+hing done Till The schedule oT Los Amapolas, Miss Selna's Spanish club. This year The "some- Thing done" was observance oT Pan America Day in April. The club inviTed The Japanese, Chinese, Pan-PaciTic, and any oTher group connecTed wiTh The Pa- ciTic area To ioin in muTual observance. Undersranding was The lceynoTe OT The day. LATIN 7nd Row llefl To riqhTl-l-Toward Lenz, B,lly Lou lnoraham, John Friclcson. lsT Row -David Hayden, STarlr PisTer, David 1. Farley. LaTinus ConvenTus has someThing new and diTTerenT aT every meeTing. Some- Time during The year each class Trom QB To I2A puTs on The program. This year enTerTainmenT has varied Trom a guiz game on LaTin Terms Through guessing diTTerenT personaliTies To a debaTe on The CaTiline conspiracy. LES MOUSQUETAIRES TLUTT To riqhll-CurTis Marrhanh Luana Forlrnur, l-lurgh Milligan, Lois Tumulfy. FveryThing is French in The Les lvlous- gueTaires Club. The meeTings are con- ducTed in French, and The club sings French songs. The puppeT shows, wriTTen by a sTudenT or a French auThor, are an unusual TeaTure OT The club. Several OT These shows are given every year, wiTh The members manipulaTing The sTrings. LES CADETS TLOTT To riqhTl-JaneT l-larper, RoberT Kinibm-ling. Carolyn Smyfhe. AlThough only 9 B's and 9 Ns, The mem- bers oT The Les CadeTs accomplish a greaT deal in Their meeTings. They have guiz games, programs, and songs abouT France. SomeTimes They hold a ioinT meeTing wiTh Les lv1ousgueTaires, The ad- vance French club, where They see sound movies on France. rganizafionzi PAN PACIFIC lLelT To righTl--RoberT PeTers, Barbara McNider, PaT Vlfilbur, Dave OTTelman. The Term Pan PaciTic means union be- Tween all The counTries oT The PaciTic area, and The purpose oT our Pan PaciTic Club is To bring abouT such a union. The mem- bers hold bangueTs and meeTings wiTh The Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish clubs To learn more abouT These inTeresTing neighbors. AERONAUTICS lLeTT To righTl-Leland Robinson, Phil Johnson, Frank Lee. SToclcTon l-ligh Airmen malqe Their sTudy oT aeronauTics proTiTable. ln April The Club held a conTesT Tor cabin planes and sTicl4 planes, boTh divisions resTricTed To IOO square inches Tor wing areas. Prizes were SI.5O, SI.OO, and S .50 in each division. lvluch sTudy and experi- menT by The members was baclc oT The conTesT. BOYS' SCIENCE lLeTT To righTl e- Neil Campion, John Peri, Roy Teranishi. To TurTher acguainT boys wiTh The Things of science is The purpose oT The Boys' Science Club oT STocl4Ton I-ligh. ln iTs meeTings some phase oT science noT covered in school courses is given. Prob- ably The mosT ouTsTanding Thing ThaT was done was a Trip To The Bay Region To in- specT several large indusTrial planTs. GIRLS' LEAGUE lLeTT To righTl-Jean Gardner, EdiTh WhiTe, Barbara Cohen. EveryThing Trorn The arT oT applying makeup To The Travels oT a woman iour- nalisT has Tilled The varied program oT The Girls' League This Tall and spring. This club is Tormed oT The girls oT SToclcTon l-ligh, by The girls oT SToclcTon l-ligh, and Tor The girls oT SToclcTon l-ligh, and TulTills iTs purpose in presenTing programs Thar will inTeresT and educaTe iTs mem- bers. rganizafiond TALENT llr-ll Tw rifihll -f Ralph Wiiiqht, Lola ruhiplv-y, Tvrna 0'Connor, Gr-oii1vOlCfWf nf-r, llfinny Symnfv., G1-ordv Spnnrm, Al-rx 4 ypariffv, IT anyone wanTs an enTerTaining pro- grami he needs only To call on The TalenT Club Tor help. The club has organized The TalenTed sTudenTs in SToclcTon T-Tigh so ThaT everyone who can sing, dance, play an insTrumenT or do anyThing else ThaT is enTerTaining can be on hand Tor school programs. HI-Y lJ-lT To ri hi WBLNT Chinrhirflo. Felix . . . , l i l l'filiATTi, T'i.1nri', lvlarlffy, VVlilnid Forney. T-li-Y membership is open To all iunior and senior boys, regardless oT race, naT- ionaliTy, or religion. The boys hold Their meeTings aT The "Y" where They can also parTicipaTe in sporTs. The club symbol is The Triangle, represenTing healTh, per- sonaliTy, and service. Building up all Three is The purpose oT The club. TEE-SQUARE WHT Pow llr-TT Tw iiqhii B'Tv Zvllfl. Vim Cfxriip, lliiviz Willifx'ril,, Bfzb Q. Clixil, lul Pfww Ffirhfiirl Yip llfinald Blair. The Tee-Square Club noT only pro' moTes sTudenT inTeresT and abiliTy in are chiTecTural drawing buT is oT real help in The communiTy. Maps oT Tlooded areas oT San Joaquin CounTy in IQ37 have been made and Torwarded To Federal Engineers To aid in deTailed sTudy. A parlcing sur- vey oT SToclcTon business disTricTs was used in a reporT made To The CiTy Coun- cil on The problem. CHRISTIAN STUDENTS lnsTead oT The original score oT sTu- denTs, aTTendance aT The ChrisTian STu- denTs Luncheon Club has iumped To 60 or 70 aT each Thursday meeTing. The luncheons, held in The FirsT CovenanT Church, are primarily Tor sTudy and ChrisTian Telowship. QuTsTanding spealc- ers This pasT year have been Dr. ArThure Brown oT Vancouver and CarlTon Null, home evangelisT. rganizafiond JAPANESE 2nd Row lleTT To righTl-George Aki! moTo, Elko Kimura, Sus Saiki, MargareT a io, inoru su ama. s ow - H q M T d IT R Haruko MoriTa, SaTomi Chikaraishl. Sum: UTsumi, June Ishirnaru. Freshmen recepTions in The Tall and spring, a Thanksgiving dance, The IZA Club, The NorThern CaliTornia Japanese STudenT ConTerence aT Salinas, a social Tor The graduaTes, and awarding oT Their SIOO scholarship have made This year a busy one Tor The Japanese Club, one oT The largesT in STockTon l-ligh. TRI-Y 2nd Row lleTT To righTl-Jane Thresher, Barbara Sullivan, Persis Johnson, AniTa Rozmarine. IST Row--JaneT TreTheway, Barbara Baxley, Sally Jones. Work and play are delighTTully com- bined by The Tri-Y Club. The girls This year gave a Thanksgiving and a ChrisT- mas baskeT To a needy Tamily and conTri- buTed TwenTy-Tive dollars To The Boys' BroTherhood Republic. For Tun, They had a dance aT T-leiney's Barn, an ITalian din- ner, and a TheaTre parTy. CHINESE ll.eTT To righTl-Helen Young, Gladys Wong, Ken Mar, Rosie Fong, Doris Fong. A program, given by The Treasure Island Tumblers To raise money Tor a scholarship, crowned a Tull year Tor The Chinese Club. ln April The members also held a dance imprinTed wiTh The saying- "ConTusius say, Girl who live in glass house make poor mark Tor Dan Cupid." GERMAN lLeTT To righTl - Beverley Brenchley, KieTh La Moine. Rolicking Tun and a liTTle learning, Thrown in Tor good measure, equalize The meeTings oT The German Club. AT each gaThering They have some skiT, movie or songs oT The FaTherland. The Club eaTs well, Too, wiTh reTreshmenTs aT Their ChrisTmas parTy and Their annual picnic. rganiza fiona SOCIAL SERVICE lid Row llrffl To riqhll-Jean Gardner, Barbara Cohan, Nancy Davis, Eleanor Vowfill, Eloanor Magqs. Barbara Sullivan. Pnd Row-'fMaiiorie Maqqs, Jean Beafon, Br-Hy lou lnqraham, Jane Thrasher, Mary Lou Nunan, Luana Forlcnor, lsT Row Y Geraldine Jeffrey, Eleanor Dralfe, Mar- ian Smith, llla Rulh Mafhews, Wilma Gfrsslzri, Joan l-lall. SaTurday mornings Tind The girls OT The Social Service Club aT The CiTy l-lall helping The P. T. A. disTribuTe cloThing To needy children. ln This way The girls puT Their lessons inTo pracTical use. As TurTher chariTy worlc, each year The club sends some deserving girl To The Camp- Tire Girls camp. FILIPINO lLr-T? lo liqhll f Rola Leyblo, Vinconl Villzinrii, Pafila Braun, Cfnlila Delgado. The Filipino Club has greaT prospecTs Tor nexT year. The membership has al- ways been small, buT This Term The Tresh- men ouT-number The graduaTes, giving The club a larger number To worlc wiTh. To give The seniors a real send oTT and have a good geT-TogeTher, The club gave a Senior BangueT and a picnic This spring. LOS GAUCHOS 7nd Row llnfr lo ririnllf- Frnnlr Moreno, Paul Chiizliipulon. lul Row--Ray Rasmus- '.f2n, Belly Ffivvli-r, Dial Prfdeisfm. "LeT's geT acguainTed" seems To be The moTTo oT Los Gauchos, Spanish club. The members conducT Their meeTings in Spanish, play games, sing, break The pi- naTa aT ChrisTmas, and climax The year wiTh The Spanish club picnic in which all The groups geT TogeTher. ITALIAN lLrell To iiqhllgljorolhy SaTTui, Henry d T I F l P l Tl Foppmno, Lrsonai oral, elx oe l. l S ll .iiini-4. anquine i. "lTalian lNlighT" comes as a climax each year To The worlc oT The lTalian Club. ln This exTravaganza plays, slciTs, and novelTy acTs are presenTed by The lTalian sTudenTs. For a Tew hours lfaly is especially honored. ThroughouT The year The main proiecT oT The club is The publishing oT a paper-oT, Tor, and by The lTalian classes. .gpnorfa 9.1 'N ,bd K. if ,Sf I NA.: O Cl,l'lagel"5 FOOTBALL MANAGERS BASKETBALL MANAGERS Top Righf: Top Row-Jim McCarfy, Lawrence Frenclu, Top Leff: Top Row-Bill McGee, Keeiii Ogasawa Bob Laugluead, Bill Jolunson, Boffom Row-Verne Vassar, Fred l-lirsclu, Boffom Row-Jol-in Erickson, Calvin Perkins, Pefe l-lolf, 'll' YELL-LEADERS TRACK MANAGERS Eoffom kkeff - Dick Briggs, George O'Connor, Jake Boffom Righf-James Sfalnaker, Leland Robinson. lf is nof af all unusual fo see flue aflulefic managers being flue firsf ones on flue field, sfadium, or courf preceding a game or meef and flue lasf ones fo leave. Tlue work of fluese boys is imporfanf and a necessify fo flue differenf aflulefic feams: yef, - fluey never receive any recognifion for flueir sfrenuous work. Tlue largesf managing job is luandled by jovial Jim lvlcCarfy, wluo wiflu six ofluer boys, fakes care of all flue foofball eguipmenf, including B, JV, and varsify. Keeiii Ogasawara and Jim Sfal- naker luead flue baskefball and frack sfaff respecfively. ln refurn for flueir labor, managers are awarded similar aflulefic awards as fluose of flue players-blocks wiflu "Mgr," inscribed upon fluem or any special award wluiclu flue feam may gef. ,V Anofluer group of "forgoffen" men are flueiyell leaders-George O'Corunor, Jai? Kramarski, and Dick Briggs. Tlue former is flue lkad leader. lf is flurouglu fluese boys fluaf muclu of flue swrif and color is added fo flue aflulefic confesf and rallies. 0, L 'il lasu ' r Pele Lenz, head ol lhe boys' Physical Educalion Deparlmenl, and Agnes D. May, head ol lhe girls' Physical Educalion Deparlmenl, lead lwo very ellicienl slalfs ol in- slruclors, accorded as being some ol lhe besl in lhe slale. These inslruclors, be- sides leaching lhe regular gym classes, lead sludenls in special aclivilies, in which lhe coach excels. ln lhe boys' deparlmenl, Coach Lenz handles varsily loaslcelballq Pele McCain is in charge ol lhe swimming leam: Coach Solomon handles lhe leach- ing ol lirsl aid, varsily loolloall, and gollg W. L. McKay is in charge ol lhe leaching ol hygiene, lennis, and inlramural sporls: Milce Garrigan handles B loolball and baslcel- ball, while 'l-'lap' Evans handles lraclc. ln lhe girls' deparlmenl, Mrs. May specializes in lhe incoming freshmen, Miss l-larris is in charge ol aller-school sporls. Mrs. Sheri- dan handles all lhe modern-dancing classes, and Miss Milchell is in charge ol lhe lennis ladder lournamenl. The lower classes are handled by Miss Bliss, Miss Shellman, and Mrs. Crane, who do nol specialize in any. bul are adepl in all lhe sporls. Leff lo Righl-Pele McCain, Wallace McKay, Harry Lenz, Fred Solomon, Howard Evans, Michael Garrigan. Lofl lo Riglll-lrene Harris, Mariorie Sheridan, Lucile Crane, Kalhleen Milchell, Agnes May, Grace Bliss. Frances Shellman. f ,f.5Z5iii5" i . .75 iw - - - , , onli x, . ,i 5 g, , ' ,if SU . V 'V' A 4 mx. . 4 J' . , iv , 1 -ff - AIU K . , X . 4 X .y F rf 5 - oac ea rf 4 4 ardifg goofgaf lk S Row I-Smylkse, Lewis. Runcie, Glwiorzo, Goodway, French, Boflwwell, Werner. Row 2-Guerrero, Ailwerlon, Alverson, l-luslon, Smillw Marlin, Padqelf, Rufloni, Cola. Row 3-Yarnasaki, Bonliarn, Darico, Forsler, Orsi, lvlinello, Kniglnl, Roop, Bird. Row 4-Solomon, Malloy, Andresakis, Oqasawara, Licciardi, Foppiano, l-lei-rero, E, Judge, McCain. COIIAFGHCZ? 3 Corej Team Won Losl Tied Pclg. Slocklon Pillsburg ,,,, Woodland . 5 , ,,7,, O Y O Y ,,,,, IOOO Slocklon Mission , TuFlOCl1 H H 3 2 1 0 Vrrrfrr, -600 Slocklon Berkeley ,, MCCl5lCllY 3 f 3 O - 500 Slocklon Sacramenlo l-Odl f 3 r 3 f O H H 'SOO Sfocklon Bakersfield Modeslo ' "" " 2 ' " 2 ' ' O """" 500 Slocklon lvlodeslo Granl , ,, 2 , , 2 Y O , ,.5OO Siocldon ' 2 K 3 O V .400 Sfocklon Turlock Sacramenlo 2 ,s,, 3 , O , .400 Sloclqlon Mcclalclw Auburn O 3 O .OOO Slocklon Lodi , , l9l FYLVJ F. Sflzflfnfi Hr,-ad CVD FT We3f.fcy Fmsirev Jack Licciardi adn Fullbaclc CE3D+0I' Vmuhi Ofgomwzmm Avmandc Mlneffrv Riqhf Guard LQH Halfbacln Homy Foppiano Loft Guard John Malloy Riqhi End Georqe Davic 0 Rrqhf Half had .Joh ' rw Orsl Quarferbark Jack Hcrroro Leff Tackle Ser won Andresak' I Rnqhf Tacklf- Hmer Judqe Leff End 0 uf? . T, -As A we K' . Wx 6. Emi- fr x , - 16953 5 f 9 JL m 2 v A NV':f 'Q :1' Q, - Ey- 2 5 L All - I 5? 3 ' lr 5 Q ' ' - , 7 S 4 Q 3: i ki- K f 0' 'filfweifkf' 1 , A fw- I i ,,.. ff' 95: fu 'W ,ff""'h , .?,, R .i'--E'.V ,ff 4 ls -Q .Q A - , I A ' is ,A M ' Mx. . rug a 3 S fb ' , , " 2. .1 J if RQ fi , A 1 A 0 Q Us Q fl 5 Sl ' Q .1 5 D Q E I 6 Q ll 5' ax f v 'I fi Q5 I ' 'I I x, Q I' 1 n ff . 1 4 ' x ' Q X "-N' I ,Q A . my V .J .J ,x NN is J' . .. i Y - Y 1 - A O 14 Lef+ Top-A pep l Ik ' a is de- iivered by Coa h C Garriqan beiween lhe halves, ln lhe foreground is O'Neil and Marlin. Lefl Cen+er-Sanii Terran- ishi carrying fhe mail around his own riqhl side of the line. Top Cenfer-Bill S+ evens carrying lhe ball for a size- able qain, Ari Beyelle is in baclc of The Lodi man ready lo lalce him oul of lhe play. Top Righf-Te hand low circli Top Row-Leff +0 R' h rranishi wilh nq his own rrin is spill- und iusl in leli end. Bill Ma ig f: Coach Garri- ed on rhe qro gan, John Myers, George Markham, Ver- froni ol him, non Mosiei, Manny Munoz, Bill Bianchi, Lelil l'Owe'f"'ROdqe" and l-larold Rodgers, Bill Sieve ' ' Beyelle frying hard 'ro rake S lhe pass, while a l. d' O I mam slands bel-fveen Them. ns, Leland Oliver, Manuel Gesulqa econd Row--Lefl lo righ+: Jim O'Neil, Bill M ' ' ranishi, Gene San u' ' ' arciqan, Sanii Teri q ine-liz, Bill Marlin Ge old rief Bill Mo , r Srnirh, John Uhar . rgan, Serhio Parco and I Row Leff Srocldon Sloclclon Sloclcron ,,,,, Srocldon Sroclcron, Sfoclcfon, Slocldon, Slocldon Season's Score ,, 6 Vacayille ,, , 7 Manreca, , 27 Sacramenro 6 Modesro , , Bakersfield ,,,, ,, I8 Mcclalchy .,,, , ,, 20 Turlock, ,, ,, ,, O ,, I3 l.Odl,,,, adm s , ssac Zarale. BoHoni - +0 Righf: Ari Beyeile, Don Slewarr, Carman Perino, Fred Masai, Roberl Munoz, John Gehriq, Verne Vassar, Gordon Medlin. Conference Sfanding Team Won Loslr Tie Lodi. , , ,,,, ,,,, 4 O I Sloclclon s , 3 l l Modeslo ,, ,. 2 2 I Turlock, , ,, 2 3 O Sacramenro , ,, ,, 2 3 O McCla+chy ,, oO 4 I . eam Season's Score STockTon J. V. I2 Vacaville. . . 6 STockTon J. V. . . O SacramenTo J.V.. . O STockTon J. V. . 6 Roseville . 26 STockTon J. V. .. .. 7 SuTTer Creek . . I2 STockTon J. V. O Gall' . . 6 STockTon J. V. . I8 LivingsTon . O STockTon J. V. I3 LivingsTon ..... . 6 STockTon J. V. . . I2 ManTeca I4 STockTon J. V. O BreTe I'IarTe .. 6 The Junior VarsiTy eleven, which scrimmages whenever needed wiTh The publicized Tarzan var- siTy, deserves a qreaT deal OT crediT Tor Their "TorgoTTen" season ol hard work. These gridsTers learn The weekly varsiTy opponenTs' deTense and oT3Fense and use Them againsT The Solomon-men. Besides Their baTTering work each week, They are maTched aqainsT varsiTy elevens oT The smaller schools oT This region. Behind The Mccainers is a record OT 3 wins, 5 Iosf, and I Tie. Many OT The players on The J. V. will be advanced To The varsiTy for nexT semesTer, Tor The main purpose oT The squad is To develop and Train Them Tor The TuTure major season. Righf Top-Coach PeTer 'op Row III:-IT To riqhll-Coach Pele McCain, Felix Lewis, Bob Weaver, MCCGIHI llle head Coach Ol 'elor Thomas, Jon Bolco, Leon Casanave, Manager Vernon Judge. Sec- Ilia ll-'lure SIN, PIGYQIS of and Row-Bob Pierce, Wayne Fender, George Selkirk, Neal Holme STOCITIOIIIS V ihir Ali Karim, Norman Beckham. Boffom Row-P T Vhooler, Gcorqre Kanada, I-len 51 er ecfo Flores, Jack ry I-Iuqhes, and Howard WashingTon. arsiTy. Leff Lower-The line opens a large h I hall-back George S lk' V . oe Tor sTar e irk To plough Through in The acaville game. Righl' Lower-Karim is downed by five Orange-clad qridsTers while Felix Lewis re- mains helpless on The side. RighT nda. rn and F The Va reTurnin C enTer-George Ka- idqeT STockTon back, elix Lewis is aTTer caville s T' a eTy man, q a punf. .laclc Murray Bill Farrell George Trapliaqen Pele Leonardini Sleplwen Sullverland Bolo Walzelield eadonii C Slocldon Sclfiool Score 33 , Granl 7 3l , Modeslo , , 39 512 lvlaryls 29 Auburn , 29 Fresno , , 3l lvlcCla+cl1y , 27 Sacramenlo 3l Woodland H 20 S+. Mary'5 35 Lodi, ,, 3l lvlcclaiclwy 40 Woodland l-larold Cafes Bruce Mason Bud Cliinclw olo Tlweron Carmichael Fred Ferroqqiaro Jimmy Guyon Carl Lund Rod Bealon Leslev' Werner Baslcelball Class A I939-40 Slocldon School Opponen+'s Opponenys Score Score Score 23 , Lodi , , , , , 28 23 I6 ,, Sacramenlo I5 H I8 25 , Granl 7 ,. 2l , I5 i5 , 27 one erence cormg 33 Team Won Loslr Pd. I3 Sloclclon H , , 6 2 .750 -if 22 Lodi , ,. 5 3 .625 H I7 Sacrarnenlo W 4 4 .500 I7 lVlcClaicl1y , , , 4 4 .500 V 21 Woodland , , , . l 7 .I25 20 Tolal Games Won M I3 Tolal Games Losl 2 l94l uzrdify Zgariefgaf Coac e year. Sfanding. Lefi fo Righl-Bruce Mason, l-larold Cafes, and Bill Farrell. Kneeling, Leff +o Righf- Jaclc Murray and Bud Ch' ch' l In IO O. on's c h Harry Pefe Lenz, headman of Sfocln- f hampion baslcefball feam which ed lh C C H S I . copp . . . .A.l.. fifle for fhe second sfraighf Cenfer Group : Pele Lenz, Bill Farrell, Les Werner, Top Row Jack Murray, Rod Beafon, Bob Wakefield, Bruce . Hom ow: u nc o o re Mason Bo R B d Chi hi l , F d Ferroggiaro, Carl Lund, Jim Guyon, Slephen Sufherland, Theron Carmichael. The Convicf-clads of Sfockfon l-ligh School successfully defended fheir Norfhern California C. l. F. fifle by de- feafing fhe Granf Union Pacers af fhe Norfhern Sacramenfo courf 25-2l. Showing brillianf feam play and ouf- sfanding individual performances fhe Tarzans garnered fhirfeen wins and only fwo losses ouf of fiffeen games. The Mid-ferm graduafion foolc ifs usual foll from fhe Lenz-men. Graduafed from fhe squad in February were Cafes, regu- lar forward, and Leonardini, reserve forward. Loss of Cafes was a blow fo Sfoclcfon, for he was a good leader be- sides a good player. Fred Ferroggiaro filled fhe vacancy and did a very good iob af if. Graduafion on June I3 foolc from fhe squad an addifional four, Mur- ray, guardg Traphagen, guard: Wake- field, forward: and Werner, forward. Mason and Lund also played fheir lasf season of prep baslcefball fhis year: fhey will be uneligible nexf season due l'o fhe sfricf age resfricfion. The for- mer deserves much credif for his greaf playing in fhe lasf fhree years for Sfoclc- fon l-ligh School. For Coach Pefe Lenz fhe '39-'40 'rifle is fhe ninefeenfh in his season of prep baslcefball fhis year: -1 Qx. 3 4 1 .S SW , wi - Q 5 S 1, f KA 3pK3sgW Q E - K N ' gum , 7 " A, A 'W": L , I L ' gi Zf-: K ,Lf I - VZKA K imA QW ,VW i., ? 95 Arn' K, . i -,k.. fx -R K 3 , :Q .Q ks :LJ . L, M 4 ll, , . -V i 'QDW ., if t X ., NA N J u ' V, j .., M J 5 f . 1' K i 9 K , s-" f " K r A V - ,..3 Izl E... M 'V qi V x '15 Q 13, . gg f' A is " ,,f,, x 1 A , WM ,gm 59 M Q x X ,Q A L g E K Jn A 'A ".' 9? f 1 S: W . X is ' Sf H we SE , KW Mm V . X 3 N 4 N Z .. k - L Q A J, kv kk Q 'wi' k W Ari - 5: ',' 3+ J v"Af , :is y xi S R IEW E 'ff ff 554 WN X511 J W 5? 'N.'-ff XA' A W, W ,Q A X 5 44" -Q 47 Nu. f 'Q w S , L , as S. Ni, ' ' f mg fa? E, M3 ..- ,- .1 -4 I I divx Q -,ir 'fi' 1 I 'gk gy q . - 1. Q ' .fn YL I-on -Q xx I f' Ll 'ix' - -1. W-' 03 tf, if A , ix 4 1' I i 4 lu-ur i im f fm, XA . ' n , ' , l A7 FARM C M ,!,1 . ,, ' ' ' Q5 ...v fam-.:..,,iff ,- ---- . -T W v ' :QS f - kuulqdi- A is ' . ff-w'f. . k .ff h 'N K L' "iv X 4 ' w.,iu ,, F MWQKH l ' , dy: ' ,mf-T ., . L ,x . a,A,:.,,- A f. -ll X i 6 . uv' ' - YM, ,4""' X I Q 'gf' V if I ff 1 5 1 P I Z Q 4 I 5 f""f?fff'Q M 5' H' I Q' 'fa W ff ' Q ST x 4: ,F QW' Kayo 'Wong is ouliurnped by a Lodi man, while Dick Shirnasaki 'fries lo recover lhe los? ball, Michael Garrigan. popular Arlhur Sandman sei lo pass 'rhe B learn baskelball coach, ball lo Bobby Coale, who is whose learn placed lhird in breakinq in from lhe cenler. lhe league. Ka o Won lls u Y Q PU P on his dribble on Lodi's horne grounds. Dick Shirnasaki is wifh Wong. George O'Connor, Tiny cenler, gels rid ol lhe ball as lwo McCla+chy men close in on hirn. Conference S+anding Team Won Losl' Sacramenlo .,7, ,, 6 2 Lodi do 6 2 Slocklon u,o, ., H 4 4 McCla'rchy , 3 I Woodland l 7 Lefi' 'ro Righf, Top Row-Coach Mike Garriqan, Felix Polefli, Danny Schroebel. Granl' Dunlap, Arlhur Sandman, John Uharrief, Bobby Thomas, and Minoru Oqasawara. Boffom Row-Bruce Bradley, Dick Shirnasaki, George O'Connor, Sanii Teranishi, Elliof Chinn, and Kayo Wong. Season's Score Slocklon School Opponenfs Score Score Slocklon Granl .. Sloczklon Modeslo ,,,,, , Slocklon S+. Mary's ,,, Slocklon Auburn ,,Y,,,, , S+ock+on,, McCla+chy L Slocklon ,Y,,,, . Sacramenlo ,,Y,,, ,,,,, Slocklon, ,,,, ,,V7 W oodland . ,. Pclg' Slockfonn S+. Mary's , ,, .750 Slocklon. .. Y, , . Lodi .,L,,, , ,, . .750 Slocldon, Mc:Cla+chy , , .500 Sfockfon, Woodland , 3 75 Siocklon I 25 Slocklon Sacramenlo Lodi . . . anal C Bain The STockTon Cee and Junior VarsiTy baslceTball Teams oT '39-'40 were noT publiciz- ed as much as usual due To The lack oT compeTiTion and remaining as an independenT Team respecTively. In The Cee league opponenT schools used Their maTerial Tor eiTher The Bee or varsiTy squads, and ThereTore did noT have any organized FlyweighT Teams. ln represenTing The cenTral secTion oT The C. l. F. aT The play-oTTs, The local Team was smeared by The Auburn midge+s 4l-I I. The Junior VarsiTy is a Team composed oT boys who need acTual experience be- Tore enTering in varsiTy compeTiTion. Games wiTh various smaller schools oT This disTricT were played. The highlighT oT The Tive was deTeaTing The Schneider Red- men, whose Team was considered The besT in iTs hisTory. Many oT The Ce-e and Junior VarsiTy men will be advanced up To The Bee or even The varsiTy Tor nexT semesTer. C TEAM: Top: STandino lleTT To riqhTl: Coach M Momi, Bob Klinger. SeaTed: Claire Bren "C" Scores SToclcTon School OpponenT's Score Score STockTon . 32 Schneider ., IO SToclcTon, , ,,,.. 34 GalT ,..., .,,,, , I2 SToclcTon u,u... . ,u,. I' Lodi co,u,.... ,,...,. .,., O SToclcTon ,,,. ll' SacramenTo O SToclcTon ,,,., ,, ,, . I I Auburn . 4l 'ForTeiT. lc Garrigan. Franlc Adams, John Lewis, John Leary, Harry chley, Jalce Kramarslci, WalTon Buckley, Jimmy Shimasalci. J.V. TEAM: Lower: lLeTT To righTl: AssisTanT Coach Mike Garrigan, John S. Miller, Adrian Clarlc, STeve SouTher- land, Francis l-lolf, Joe Balcoe. araif jfacl' ? g',,M1l llowaril "llap" livans. Danny lialanos anil llarry fun- Yernon Sclirc,ilwr. scaling halter 'l'ht- star hiinmlrcml anil two-twtfn "Top Sarge" of Stockton lligh away. The former is a :lash inan, than ten feet in his spa-cially, thc ly' incn, llill llarry :nu " z School's truck anfl fiehl squatlf. while the latter, a quarter miler. pole vanlting event. Rnhfoni. The three DEQ, Donald Dickey, llonahl Jackson, aml Dale Oli- ver, lining up for the 880. lion Kl,OIlIl,ll'lIlll'IlIlll John Mal- luy :nhl gonie pmnts to thg' scores with their tnothall tlirowing. John Rnncic and lfvlix Lewis, mile rnnnvrs. Rnncie is the cliainpion inilc man for this Sec- tion. Top Row Cleft 10 riglitjffoauli Evans, llols Fawcett, l'larvncu Carter, -lim llvntz clt-aring 1hc liar in liill Harry, Henry Rnffnni, Leland Olivcr, Holi Ugrlen, llnn l.. Stewart. the high jump. llc wax a ro- lluilsun Smythc. Second Rowflfelix Lewis. Tom Ah Tye, lilwin liralift, wiinivr al thc l"i'vmu Rclzivf, junior Sclireilivr. Nick French, Ilnn Mhiiziglizxii, ,luhn Malloy, ,lim llnyrni, ' lingciic falcagnn, liottom Rowfllan lialanus, jfihn Runcie, Rohcrl Vliilllllllj' .Xh Tyr' is thc Stncltlun lfrcitas, lfrucl lfcrroggiziro, Dale lllivur, lion jackson, Dun Ilickvy, Harry l'l'lJI'C!-t'lllZlllYlS in tht' high lnzirriui' L'onaway. ravi-F. lfreil Ferroggiaro and Rolmert llolm llgclcn high jlllllllllljl. llv lion l.. Stuwart. who put-4 tht- lfrcitas arc thc Stockton low ,tied llcntz at thc Fresno Relays flint, is the lt-ailing weight man lznrmllers. for first place at 3 fvct ll',Q on tht- '4Il fqnxul, inch:-M oglgaffveigkf j"6lCL ,Xmlrvw 'lu-lxvi1m, Nlgn- wvigllt lirnrr llrmlluy, tmrllmllllllrow:-r, lanylur llmxllxu. NSU, l.:mrvm'v l.uui- .X-lmrnu, :L lun point man num of SllN'l4lUll'N 1lllll-Clilll lulmrl llzlw ll L'oln1u-Iltmn lun Yznlxlrz, -Htl, lNIlU Sain, NSU, mul nn ilu' li 'lm-:un runf llu' lllll Nquml, ix mn- of l'u:u'ln livzum' Illillll xmyx. ff' .,-ff" S- 'I'lurm-z- q1l:u'lz-rflnilvr- liul ll:m nav, fiillwrl Nlnrllm-f, :mfl ,luv ll1'l'lY1llllll'l. -lm' IN llmlx-lm':m'ml. Alnllu XK':ulrl1'll ls -llmwn lzmvliuu ull:-r :A gmnl In-up In Illn' lrromlf jmnlf, l'r:mlx .Xalsnnx :null lin-L .XII lx-v, Ulllslilllllllllq 'T' pl-rfurxm-rs. ' qlmwl me I.1 l'I' fl-N'I'l-,Rh A V Vlurr lll'rm'luluy, ' lf' lIlHll-jl1ll1Ir- rr :xml lmln-fv:ulll4'r. can-g su llc wan prurlmtcml In lllc Iulm Nlillcr. NYU. .uul 220, vnrQity. ' TUV 4iRUl'I' "ll" Tcznmz Tlnirml Ruw: 'lllylm' 'l'Imm.1s. l'L1v llumlnrv, Clnrc llrvnclllvy is the possessor ll:u'l:m Nclwll. Smith linhwn, llnil Ruas, .lzwk lliglmy, K'0lll'll livnns, llill of thc lu-at lligll-jumping form Ilgrnmls, linzum Smlukn, Arrlxir fruig, .lukc lirznuzuxki, l'clL- Llll1H'l'lK'l. in1l1v school. Sccmul Row: l'urfa-cto l"lorcs, l'l1ili1r Sclluliwy, 'furno Sudoku, Cirsulqgm' linm-flu, Alm- lll'I'llJlIlIlk'l, llruu- llmmllcy, llnrry Mumi, llunnlcl llruwn. Rirllnnl Gclsllamll is nmking :1 flurc Iirunrlllvy, .'xI'lllllI' Iluyvltc, First Row: l.:m'rv.-llcc Yulrlvz. liill :ln-xp:-x':11vullfm'l lolr:wm'lnilwlcm'l1 liznry, Amlrvw Tickvitlan, Ilnlr llcntz, Ilirk Iivlxluxmll. 'l1llk'fllI1 hlzwvtlc, fm-cl in thc lrruzul-jump. .lnlm Nlillvr, lmuiv Aelmrnu, vlllllll XY:ulmlcll, llillncrt NliH'flIlCZ, lam: Sato, licl ll:mn:ny. IR-lc lvl1ill'l'll'l is llllfllllfl' of thc Flaw I! lmiggll-junmpcrs, l!U'I"l'URl KQRUUI' -"lm 'l'c-nm: T011 Row: .-Xinflcy liuslnn, jim Dm. lluminic l'm-rinu, Mika' .-Xrnmlvn, l.L-my Szmtaw, Rnlwrl Ilniluy, ll--rnmn ilmwlcu R11:ll'1' fl-NTI-10 Gulfllwcrg, Russell Triolo, lfclix KQZISIIIIHIII, Rnssvll llighy, .Xl llluom. llcury All-rznz, jzuucs Cumming-. Ilnttom Row: .luck SllClr1lI'Il, Ilick All Tyc. hlzuuvr- 1-lllllllllllllh, llrnry :md Stark Vistvr, :lll of 1lI:' Mcruz, lfrnnk .-Mlnrmw, llimla-wlli Nzlkuwutzlsv, Angl-lu llllllllllll, Stark l'ix- "l"s". tc-r. Nlznlcolnm Nlinnhcn, Drmulll Hauser, Cari Klmpe-1'. .W ,f-if 3 5 Q ' A 5 ? .V M f ,p ' A .y,.w I ln- + -f3'W's 1- Q dsx K 3 K 1 . fm K K , ....A 5. 4, .W If f 4 -, ' L . . , , law Q x 94 'S' L-. Wu P . 51 L X A 1 I , inn 8 YQ' J L V . Haw.- M 'QQ .- YQ TS. , fi: ,, J, ,, H3-A fgiik f . ff" -219: fy, .rk"+f. 'fig ' L ' f -'U .-v"' X A' LM. , ff W4 f Q Q In S Q ia 1 4 Nw - 1 x T5 32457 . ,A -xr ,Wx ,MB f:1.-mf, V kqtvx- - , smirk -- 1 vi J A 41 .,, K' I 1 B53 1 e Y mi ,W sw, ,? -Q xiiwfm , . - ' P fgggflffsw ,if ..-,..:::?1- ,, , ' gsgg j' Wff,fj.f"?'SWifQ?f7JQ1. mg.: ,. wiv , K, Fig' V, f wfiiif 1 1 fi 1 4:-SQI . . 1 '- Y f 1 " ' 1 P17?"A' ,E ,TT k5,:', W-'7,'f"'S:, riff" , S':--Tlxi f wQLj1XSgQvg4'?ffk A T5 In f - wi, i f ,ff A. "'fM,.' X 1- W ,.gi'i.fP:vw2if:5.,2f. A iw-3 L f1?ffx:f1f' . 7 'Wfgkj-gi' 'V'Q2.vq,,f ' ' ' ,,., A ' ' .,, A .iff wfwffffrif filth I 3, ' y Mg vfkf W7-T' 9, ,vi-, A , .f A ,- 1.5, 1 f W f , N aw A 'W 4' K ' ff lwf, ' iw Q' 'fig,'1w Q Nr... X 5 ,V ennia Noel Prince Reiurning a Sho? Bob Fleming Firsf Man Chef Covey Low Forehand Volley Bill Mead Third Man Coach Wallace McKay Noel Prince Fourlh Man Bill Mead Low Forehand Charles Covey Second Man Bob Fleming Finishing a Serve Varsily Tennis Team llell lo righll -Melvin Will, Bob Fleming, Bill Mead, Noel Prince, Charles Co- vey, Coach McKay. Junior Varsily Tennis leam lleff lo righfl-Bill Kaplan, Dave Sabision, Kennelh Ericlcson, Melvin Wifi. QW Bob McKeegan Wayne Vanosse George lraphagen Coach Solomon Jim Beniz Bob Benlz lio3l ff' 'X l'l fl"al'l'llfl,I"6l Menzies-Gomas Winners: Top Leif-Slandingz l-lenry Ruf- foni, lirsl' in Class A: Don L. Slewarf, Tirsl in Class B: Frank Marlin, second in Class A. Kneeling: Jack Shepherd, firsf in Class D: Frank Adams, lirsl in Class C. Absenl from Jrhe picrure are Jim O'Neil, second in Class B, Richard Komura, sec- ond in Class D, and Manuel Munoz, second in Class C. Top Righl'-Vic Legorio, pifching for +he l'leadman's Clown in in Tramural baseball. Third Row Lefr- Dan Galanos, ready +o swing al +he ball. l-le plays for The Kosimoflos. Third Row Righl-Square Shoof- ers, Class B in+ramural baslcel- ball winners: Slandingz John S. Miller, Bruce B r a d l e y, Dan Schroebel. Kneeling: Clare Brenchley, George O'Connor Second Row Lef+-Mason's Zupes, Class A inframural baslcerball winners: Slandingz John Leary, Bob Coale, Bruce Mason. Kneel- ing: Jim O'Neil, John Malloy. Second Row Righl'-Dick Shima- salqi, Green Peas pilcher, pirch- ing a lasl ball. Boflom Leif - Lesler Werner, member ol lhe B-R's, misses lor a srrilce. Boflom Righl-Cross Counlry winners: Joe Hernandez, A, Tay, lor Thomas, B, Gilberl Marlinez, C. 11041 . , i ii' Tl" 'if f I' 4 ' r lj rl I 1 u vi 119 2 I R :sq 1 ' sis- ' PEW 'E C- "JJ t 5 fir ' ' fx- A xuaf ' ' rf 4, , b .gg THQ' f xft. 1 ' v . J X 0' A gg W !.,, k rfxzfyti ,Q--3 5 H f Yrs tain ' in wp, iii'- 1 . W ,I Q nba .vb Q-.4 Vx 15 I' PM . ' n ,F 9- -K Q, in Q. if K . Q1 qs 1 Q E Q F v ' H pn E1 1 ul -Y 'SS 'Ph J "bdrm W 'S S' ,635 " , ' xg? n K' 4 ., 7 . - 4 H, W " gl' 'S ffuf. - 3 1' .-.Q X i E , N 4 !5 V 'W ' wx ' ' . " Q". 4. '-ff ff A ' Z N - 'XX x " - ' h Q x n- -.5 -Q gi .W -. ., 1. 5. vm K XNS w ii' 3: X f fb' X vu iN Q. 3 Q, ,ri :QI A ,,.-T 1. an is .s, ' , x V A... ,?lufmxQSv4nm1fv 1 ' Ns K 'X .Q ,,... My , Q Q Af K T .W-:, ., Q 3 . .ff V 1 A X ' ig f Q ffl Q fi!! .f Q i :JK , +,.. 4 QM Y W . Es w5,? g.g,Q.i, TS? Q H111 Av' -HW -ur, c ' , ' '7 ,W ,ff . Y ,, mt D U A .h r 8.13 :.,k , r 7 K I S ig, 4 . V' Q I ai I -tv, . ,A M V , fr' 4' 1 lt A A - fi. -- . ,EQ-M ,Ju ' A r 1 if-3, ' lg! Q h-.,,,rwmm-M :aw A ', ' ,HM -5 i' '-K, :l,,i9W., :L r ., N W' -ff'-N mir! lf? '. T' fl A !y:f.E,iAS--1, 54054: , gf.. :gp ,- x s,KN I "' . . x ' Y f' xxxfk 'w ' 0 1. . ..L'X,,. 5 I 1 .ax -I 1, ' VP :JA U' .P . .K -R 4 Ag.. Q .A 3 . L xo. J- X XNMASKI X- 5 .-a ?x+"'+g...i.,. 1 4 1' ' X ,, fx ,' A .. I xg-s-'f -1+'S , .ar-Ks., , -X sn," W X g A 'vu ' x 77 I M , S' Will' 4 V 4-??Af '4'f'r 2 ak, 1 i Q! - f - R? 'rwgg-? ' x N H f -Q-.. . -vi... - f,! ,iw -TI W.. 1 K l WW x ai , Q ,,pur" irgi lgzaorfd viii' . 1 l 1 1 R " 1,- X .Q if' Top Leff-i-iorseshoes. Cenier Lefi'-Archery. BoHom Leff-Bounce Bail. Top Righf-Deck Tennis. Cenfer Righf-We wish This were The High School pool! Boffom Righf-Hockey Technique. Cakferia Besides salislying youlhlul appeliles wilh body-building food, lhe con- slanl aim ol lhe Caleleria Dielician-Manager, lvlrs. Adelaide V. lvlelcall, is lo provide vocalional lraininq lor sludenl aids. Says Mr. Henry Hansen, ol Richmaid Ice Cream: "Mrs, lvlelcalls 6-poinl Soda Founlain Course is prac- lical and valuable, equipping lhe sludenls lor employmenl al soda lounlains and drive-ins." From Mr. Haines, ol Della Ice Cream: "This praclical lrain- ing prepares The sludenl in large measures lor lhe mosl available vacalion- lime employmenl-al soda lounlains-and lor conlinuous emplovmenl follow- ing gradualionf' Top: Left 'lo Right- Claaf, w h ir h has 'riinplarllrd Mrs. lVlUlfz1lliS 6 - po i n l Founlain course. Pulling inlo prac- lirr- lhe expcerllrain- infq if-rnivnd al lhf- Call-lurIa's slandard ,adn lriunlain, l-l 1- i 1- ' -. lhu basl ulrif lu-cl randy roun- lm in San Joaquin Cfiunly, -,nllinfqmmc lliim IOO vain-lies ol f .1 n fly, ilhr- lllpflll llriuuv-," wlif-in alu- rlr-nl'. in fi hurry are quinlrly arrived, Thr- rririrle-1 n Calieleria lvilrlif-n, where the lar--,l ml loorls are .lilllully prepared lm' a well-balanned 'lir:l. "The dishes mr- drinrell' Elf-Lliic flif.l'iwnsher used by lmlrsll. and realaur- rinlh. l l '3UN'ilE.,fIH!:m,TIU 5 ,s 'ln yffx ' 1 ,mm fmffi .1 w jf' ' W N KK 3 NJ xi 171' 'Vfyj' Q May Your Future ' D l 9 ' Bring You X t Success and lla incss , PP 5 b 1 W N - 5 -"hw wpfilf U' 5eJ1's,HnHhul:k and En. Stockton, California I-That Sacramenio "special Hain" game was ceriainly +iring for our Billy. 2- R dy fheir ergograph nigh+ of open house. FOR GRADUAUON Choose a Dependable Watch -1- From l J. G1 .mi 51 SCN 326 E. Main S+ree+ Sfocldon, Calif. Convenienf Terms THE WONDER 340 East Main SIOCKTON Phone 6-6871 "E,r1116,'9'.-flu! in 1694" Stocldonls Finest Shop EOR MISSES and WQMEIXVS APPAREL Compfz'f1zenls Qf . . SCHWARTZ uggage SHOP Everything for the Travelar Phone 2-3163 517 East Main St. STOCKTON, CALIF, 5 ----- A -.-.. -- Phone Slocldon 2- I 307 NHT!-IBN RIIIMHN CA M E R A s H o P 528 Easf Main S+. S+ocldon, Califcrm "ln +he Bravo 8: McKeegan Manner" l' HICKEY-FREEMAN and TIMELY CLOTHES INTERWOVEN HOSE-ARROW SHIRTS KNOX HATS-NUNN-BUSH SHOES v A SPORTSWEAR 0 wr' BRAV6 sf MQKEEG N Fine Apparel For Men and Boys L J ii The ll. c. snnw co. ' HARDWARE, IMPLEMENTS, HOUSEHOLD Cor. Weber and California SILVERS CREDIT JEWELERS Phone 6-675i I29 Easf Main Sfreei' Q. A,-::::::,-:::,-:::::::,-:::::: 5 :::: :::::::- T h e :- Telephone QE COMPLIMENTS or 3-1782 ii r EIITSOIT T rr s. ll. IIIRIBSS a em. s T U D I 0 ..,, 214 South .T san Joaquin HARRY Lovfrr :g 56- 'OC' 250 5'f0'e Street Photographer li Qllff ,,,.ov..v.. 1QQQQQQQQQQfQ :m::,::,,:,,:,,:: W nunmlnm nnos. fi GARDNER'S::-- "Personalized Service" i J. W. GARDNER BOOKS SOLD AND RENTED 4I7 -42I E. Weber Ave. 'e Phone 00000 Smckion' Cam' I6 N. San Joaquin S+. Phone 2-8863 ---- -------- ------A--A-----J M.:::,-::,:.-:,::,:-A::::A---.---:.-,-:,-::- TIIZT IRON AND STEEL BLACKSMITH SUPPLIES HEAVY HARDWARE HARDWOOD LUMBER WELDING SUPPLIES ELECTRIC TOOLS llICliINBOTllAM BIRDS., LTD. Established l852 536 SOUH1 Aurora Sfreei' STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA Phone SI'ocIc+on 7-703l No. nd' 0 Eghi'--gusf S" inifllfion. We II1ougI1+ is was funny: wl'1a+'s wrong wifh you, Jim? ' 4""""':::::::::::::::::::::::::::::'l ff:fff:f:f::::::::::::::::::::f:::f:: :1 I1 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES D B 9 of '40 A ' e O n 0 S For a +aa+iai hamburger or drink, crisp, M. 8, 5: 5 appe+izing salads, giva as a +riaI. ., . "THE FRIENDLY FURNITURE STORE" I' Tray saiviaa-caunfai sa-iviaa "' QI A+ +he aarnai Harding Way and Eldomia S+. I36-I48 S. san Joaquin S+. S+aak+an, Calif. I Also 324 E-15+ Main S+- ::::,.-::::::::::- -::---:::::: -::::::J U-:-- ::E-::::::::::::::,::: 11131 l l u xffff ---- v-vvv-v-------------------f--f 'f , ,T ---- ------- I l ll YOU CAN BUY EVERYTHING l TH: ' 1 FIRST NATIONAL BANK I In the Eating Line at . . . l of Slocklon' California 1, . . Conducts a General 1: Gala-Delucch1 8: Co. , ' COMMERCIAL-SAVINGS-TRUST ' ' + AND SAFE DEPOSIT Business , STOCKTON ,, lt yt Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Lx- ,x l.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,v ,,,,,,,,,,e - -555555555555 7-f 'T Ff'I.AIJJIIIIIIIIIJIIIIIIIIII ffv 1 4, COMPUMENTS lf The Wise Graduates , and Students OF 1: Purchase Their 4 Watches, Rings, Pens, Pencils and :V KATTEN R Mnmzuno : Jewftfv W-WS al - - - tt , 535 - 544 EAST MAIN ST. 1 , JEWELERS 8: CO, ly S1-odd-on' Califomfa ,' Have Your Watch Repaired by an Expert lr lr 'r fi 339 E. Main Street ------ Stockton l L,,, ..... ----- F ll Congratulations from . . ICE CREP ffl 3 l7l2 Pacitic Avenue M, A--- .A.. gf "'- "'- ' " "' :u I lr ' Austin Studios 24 S. Sutter Street Phone 2-8246 lj Special rates on stuclent's photographs 't ll Highest quality work at lowest prices 'r f' """"""""'A' A 'A'A' ----"' ' ' Best of Luck to 1940 Graduates F'- '--""" '-'-""""""""'- - ' A Stepping Stone Between High School and the Business World Q1 We sincerely hope your commencement marlcs :u 5 ll the completion ot a happy chapter, and is ' I li the beginning ot another. il Ble enough lo Tram You " Qt T, SMALL enough to Know You N 29 fx STRONG enough to Place You if I mmel Motor Parts Co 2 J ll ' T, GOODRICH'S ACADEMY OF I30 E. Miner Avenue Phone 5-569I BEAUTY CULTURE U-ff-:::::: -'ff :: -::::::: feb M.:,,, : ,::,,,:,,::,::, 7 Y, J lII4j I-Harold Menlring and Bob Ballew survey our 'fair" grounds. 2--Old English "S" girls play leap frog during inilialion. 3-Direclor David Rifchie and Aulhor Dave Williams crifically walch Exfravaganza rehearsal. r J:I:::::ff:"f::::::::::":::::::::::::::::::' ::: ::::::::::::::: ' eesr wus:-les TO no-ro GRADUATES . . Q HUMPHREYS ,1 Business ' AT- UMPHBEYS Trainin9 ' lSince l896l is al 'ls 1 SlIll00L or BUSINESS 2395+ 1 A ' CALIFORNIA AT WEBER STOCKTON U, ,.-,,,,:::::: ..::: :fx xxx: :ff::ff::f:f:s :xu f ,..:::: :-:::::::--- '::::'l f:ff::f--f::f:f:ff:f::::::::::f:f:f::- l l l if 1' l The Sterling Lb A-A::::-::::::: - -::::::::::::J U. Silver Leaf Ice Cream Made Fresh Daily Gianl Milkshakes Sandwiches lce Cream lor parties and to -lalce Home Phone 2-343I 22 S. California S+. :::::::::::::..N.- i-Susumu Saiiri. Jane Higashi. Manuel Gesuiga. Bess Smiih, and John Sinai at 'Phe Pen Pacific Banquet 2--Margarei' i V W Fihgeraid. Jeanne Daqq. and Eleanor Pow-li faking i+ easy a+ The Press Con- vanfion. 3--The "Wearing of the Green" by Dick Evans and his band. f v-------- - ---- --'- --'----' ---- - -Y--ni Fa Best Wishes .... For Continued Success '26116kXfU'LXi'i6ils' TO THE CLASS of '40 to the Graduating :E , b O FROM clan Cf 1940 QQ Blzwfillv-QL my mm ' .QU6iiiY afier all ihais whai You wanf' :I it 448 W. Frem n+ S+. Tele hone 8-86:3 MONTGOMERY WARD :E :E srocicciom, CALIFERNIA -:::,,,:,,:::v.,:,,::::,,,-,-:,,,,::::,,l li.:::,-::::::::.-::::.-::::::::::::::::: .. gi Ei B rW'h F l'3lCIflCClIn'l!l!sIl1lll ii 11 QS 'S as O' 204i Pacific Avenue .-v-., Siocidon, California i -A a-:J 4i.,,-- CLASS OF '40 C CIHRELFHLLS CIBOTHES FOR ITIEI1 and BOYS 43fLE. mf-iln ST, STOCKTOH. CHL If '--'------- ' '--'-" Q The DayIighI' SI'ore Air Condifioned Throughoui' SMITH 6: LANG HAIR CUTTING :-: BEAUTY SALON ' READY-TO-WEAR :-: MILLINERY :-: SHOES I I I Everyfhing In 'Ihe Dry Goods Line Main a+ San Joaquin TeI. 5-585I f -....v. ....... .......... .--- -vvv. - - - q ' We Know Whai' Hi Boys Wanf-We Graduaied IQSTYLE STORE FORCJVIL v 0 320 EAST MAIN STREET Exclusive Sale of IC I: HART-SCHAFFNER 8: MARX and STYLE-PLUS GOOD CLOTHES - Siocidon High School Gradua+es I If I Now Work a+ Yos+ Bros .... II u,,,,:,,,,::::::::::::::::::::: aww 0 If II. Q: 'ii Phone 7-7248 :E 27 N. Su'H'er F -"""" ' """"" ""' ' "" Stocgon Je-v-vLeI-ry Ci sTocKToN LEADING CREDIT JEWELERS 440 E. Main S+ree+ CongraI'uIa+ions Io Gradua+es For an accura+e s'rar+ in life buy an accura+e waich I " Phone 8-8303 'I 'I U.:::::::ff::::::::::::::::: : f -v-- -- ---- - - 'I II Donovan's Smart Shop Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Donovan Distinctive Apparei IVIoderateIy Priced EE 336 E. Main S+. s+ock+on, Calif. I7l.e13e1f4 DELICIOUS FOUNTAIN SPECIALS AND LUNCHES I QV Imwwmfhh I I I I Ig I928 Pacific Avenue Phone 7-7095 I-I. ISDDNSUDS Eden Fashions Clara BiIIe++er Shop Rose's Tuxedo Pharmacy - Levinson's Dress Shop California Floral Co. 1: CIarIcson's S+udio Levinson's Furniiure Co. I., ............. --- ....A.....A.... - -L U71 I s Ab f::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::"""::: To the Class of 1940 ..... Our Besl Wishes for Your Success , Y i .l. C. PENNEY Co. 9' ---""""""'------f--"'-'-----' FOR Years--Depenclabilily in Qualiiyf ICE CREAM Telephone 4-4626 i Sfocldon - California il,,,,,,,,,,, ,cvs-,,::,,,i ii.- -:,'-'- 'iffii57775555-A5555555:-'If' "'J5I:: Rag pawn I ' grim? M 'i+ocld'on resno - minimums mum sssa S O H d I M EHXNAQNLSUN wav--srucvwuu a an ll ,plfitfdly C2152 g0LZIg'!llfiT San Francisco , Sacramenlo if San+a Rosa P Congraiulaiions Seniors Chico ' Los Angeles , WISHING YOU SUCCESS Modem, 'l'l.X'l' LII! ',Y.N'lfl?fflC Porfland, Ore. Phones 6-6738 and 6-6739 A. H. DAVIES Home Office: 339 E. Miner Avenue Siocldon ---- California ,x ,. . I-Kaplan, lying down on Hue job as usual. 2-The usual scene al 'the Nor+l'1- easf corner of flue Main Building. 3- Wlio forgo? io peel flue apple for Miss Turner? Q Q l fi 513 Iv W lfwm .k-Aijiijx -1' 0 Dance and Parfy Bids . . . Personal Cards . . . Personal Sfarionery . . . in facf any Social Prinling . . . correc+ly handled . . . modesfly priced . . . 9 Type Prin+ed . . . Tlwermography Ar+ Poinf . . . Genuine Engraving OSENSTEEL . . . ' PRINTING co., inc, 0 S I o c kt o n, , Callfornla "Time i Babb-Inn" ul - Clmarley tlwanl4s you lor your s pl e n cl i d patronage 1 ll I I Youre a Great Bunch? A T ""' 51 . 2' L 'V ,E X ff 91 ab as we M Y N5 N S ggi r :tg wliiixfli , --,. :.., , W am, Npxllu W" Pia ,fy ? X xx 'L xxx x Xxx 'C Y X 1 -I 1"S-TP"?44'fI'-YWQ4'3"-1,-,9'h4' ""fvZ"f-Z",-Z1vtQ'f4'1-ljf,?' "' -'I'-I Lfflrii ""t'3""Y7j,T'6:1322115325f"'l'Ci3"?T'fF'ZS'4T'f7?'Y'3T'-C?6Qff "C z'f:5,g1y."1, v ' 9-f. ir gg- 1. 4' jf: C5 -' rf' Zfi' " Q5 :fir Z l:'K?u,--' 1- -L: fgf 175 ff F'z'17'k'I'f' ',,:.-7-tg--.:.,:-,J-::f-1:31 2:-11.41542 2-1' "1-Z5,'-.',L:::"f,:1,."4-"',- -. 3371- ' 2-fe - 4-,.-'Q' ,.4,.gg,.:l'--5:-Pa 45 4-:ii-save 2 144- .1411-'csfm 1--152 ar? iftrffu--..' 5 z-- :sf -,.'E3'?:i 521- -:V if Nhgjrk-1 L-:1Af::'-Lp, 'qs--.zugbfp-211211 f:-.t-f..p-::- 2:-i4f-f5.'f,'1- :Qc ivzfzurzgz. ff Q, Xxy, ,-,5,f.. E2 EJ , 1-H ,. ff.--.L, 1 v ff ,Q-4 , ,". 1 rf . f ' .1 Q - A V : L if ,f -f ':fE:g::-U-Aznzfaifi nw ,,- - -,-. , ,MQ - .4 VJ f1'3.g.1:m.. T.,-r -fa-11:774'-f-xizgv-gnig.-.. 1- , -. 11. -f Q-"' 4.7. in 'U , - 1.1:- , . 1 1 -Ft - f 1f f - J r 1 k: ,, gg? Lgk V '

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