Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA)

 - Class of 1939

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Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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'Fl' 91" 'li' ,LCNA-H-:I i wi X ...Q JE, if Z' + 2' Q AQ X is K k wgfv , . R Vw- - ' U- 5 If i F J - 2 V, J 5 Y 1 f I . KF? f D gif' QF ff " -. X n ' I' ' 3 1.x E ,fl if A X f 1 l L' o ' U ,, ,if W wx KX 5 , QF X Y X - X Tm fix D f I L 'VMC 3 J' 1 .UJ1 - f pu' K M 130' ' 1-1 , ,,f f V A J, , f fl al V6 AJ Dr F. 'ww Aj'2',!, W- ff . k hu I , ff ,iff ,in ' 1 x f N. x -"X, X Xb X! 2 N J . ZA hi, . -'xr I lp 5 , JE 'S . 1 J ,J C , , if 1 6 fi - ,J 4. Y Jig, L 'fc k . if 2 4 f' r f Q rw qu I! 3' A 49-rf, A ,tl va: if 1 ? x .' ,I ... 1, I mx 1 :M 4:6 ' , V is 2 2-'f F H3 iff .ue ,, 4? 'hi .41 cf iw 4: K-,X v E .4 .4 s ,242 if -if" if S 5 3 .L all v I 2,46 ' x 0 1 J '. 1' 6 Q .,,,4 4' I xx 'Q . if 4 E Lf 3 .-L' II- 1.. '.f,, 2 Hg, 7.p.,m a ., ,Wig - . ' -ov' ' , .jf , gn i xg a "'-x U x f ,- . " f ,. ' X ' fi, U N U "1 ,Twp -1 r , W if if as gp Q W K- v l-psf' f - I f X if ' W EQ '2 IC 1. 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S--...fl e dedicate tlwe second volume ol tl'1e Blue and White to our llrst adviser oltlwe new annual T E Connolly, r lor l'1IS ellorts ID creating tlmls new yearbook lor us S , , . s ,. . J., Z EWS ZPHW MISS MINERVA HOWELL Former FacuH'y Members EMIL CARLSON Cusfoduan MRS. MARY MINTA RECOGNITIONS BERNARD ETCHEVERRY Chosen as lhe oulslandmg boy cuhzenshup KOICHI INOUYE Chosen for his unusual abululy as publnc speaker FRED HOLDEN Chosen for his prominence In dra mahcs GONG YUT Chosen for has leadershnp of e yearbook BOB HOLLAND Chosen for has abnlny nn mecham cal clrawung EUGENE LANCELLE Chosen as lhe oufslanclmg music nan of S l-l S K 'Q' JACQUELYN JUDGE Chosen as lhe oufsfandnng gurl nn clhzenshlp LOUVAN KOLHER Chosen for her leadership un pub A llc speaking MARTHA METCALF Chosen for her promunence In clra mahcs DON JONTE Y' 3? Chosen for hls oufslanolung wor an lournalnsm MARGARET WILLIS Chosen for her arhshc abnlnly FERN HERMAN Chosen for her 'ralenl' as a vocalnsf BOB TOUT FLORENCE SOLARI Chosen for has skull un 'rennls Chosen 'ro represenl 'rhe gurl afhlele JOHN BEANLAND Chosen for has brllllanllrack work HARMON SCHMIDT ED SANDMAN Chosen for hrs skull on lhe Chosen for has ablllly as loofloall held Swlmmef J TOMMY FORD Chosen for has dexlernly on lhe baskefball courl , in . . . Q Ig' T,-C A . . . a ' xxx I I . . - ' L 1 ' n n n Q ' ' - I - ' B -.M ' Q I . A i ' ' fh rg ' i ' ' k ' s T . ' T .Q . . .. I L - 3 ,isps - 1? . . . . . a e - - 14 mini t qtion ' 1 XS - P: -R 'L ' ' v f gisssswswm 'X VX! ,lust as a captain guides lns slno our sclmool patrolman olrrects tralllc -llwe lormer cloes tlwns to protect lus passengers, tlwe latter lus lellovv stuclents ? I .P I 4 'QI 4' A . .- Tifgffl 'L 'K' " . . ' y:,:t+1,1ff"rr 'QQ 'S '- 11-,wg , .,, EfQ:3Ql-ig,g,l..j-31.-sl.:-5.17 af:-'-.' ' " X ' -'J ' : e l s' Q- " ' ' for N'L2,3.'df ssh :,:p11 'P..L 'g-fr,-',5,-1.1-ff ismfif' 1211, ,A 1 +5 - 5- - ' ,1 3' 'lg '12, ' ' Sf' -34. ' 3 , F 1 1 ' si 2 A Q sf , . -5 ff W , I 2 ' ' ' ' 2 ' i ' Z " .-V ffl 1 V 3: I in 5: 1 5 , 2 g 5' Q -Q 1- 4 : s , ' 5 . - ir, ' V .- 4 . 2' : , Q g - ii ' - If' 2. 'Q f 5 2 . f 43g,Ag1m5.qg 5igy,,,15.1s,.j-351gf.1,,?,ss.. . .... f. A,.,..,,,-i-,fry W -I -1, qc: . - V , ' f A ' I A -1-,K 'g. te- --43 iff. is . t , - ,, .4 sg. 'ff ,p -g, Y 1, A V.. ff,-1-' Agn. ' . . . . . . if. iarf,-45151. - 155- K -. - t I, . ij- xfi f"?g',, 1' 4 . Fcour-Izney GAIN Tl-lE ANNUAL RECORD oT The acTlvuTles oT The STockTon l-lugh School as seT TorTh un Thus second edlTlon oT The Blue and Wh1Te Your enloymenT1n The book keen now while The evenTs are sTnll Tresh w1ll be greaTer sTnll In The years To come Tor This will be The medium Through which you wall live over and over agam The pleasures whach you and your Truends have enloyed In school WheTher you graduaTes go on To oTher schools Tor more advanced sTudy or conclude your Torrnal Trannmg wuTh your grad uaTnon you wull always reTaun Tond memorles of your acTlvlTues In Thus school This Blue and WhlTe will ever remaun a precious book To you W Fred Ellus Prmcupal n- , 'x- ku, I ' . Qzk w - P' ' I I I I - . .... . . . I . , . BOH Row ow Row ow ow OW X n 1 'ga' AixX ofhlun R Kemsion L 3 arneff R Hoerl J H Row 4--W Ellis A C R R R R R R 5 R 6 LAURANCE PEASE JIM MCCARTY Council Adviser Comm oI WelTare Spf ELMER HARVEY JIM CAVE Comm oT A hleTics Council Adviser BOB RAVEN GEORGE MOELLER Comm of Records F Comm of OFQGFIIZGT on Fall LUANA FORKNER MARY ELLEN FULLER Comm of Records Spf Lomrr of OroanizaTan SI GONG YUT DONALD JONTE Edlfor of Annual EdiTor oT Weelrly Fall JACQUELYN JUDGE DEE SPARROW FALL BOB BUOL-Slud-:nf Body Presidenf. BERNICE ALTREE-Sfudenl Body Vice-Pvcsidenl. SPRING BERNARD ETCHEVERRY- SIudenT Body President Comm. of Welfare Ifalll JERRY BRYAN - Siudenf Body Vice-President nsTiTuTed abouT l9l5, The sTudenT body governmenT oT SToclcTon I-ligh School has TuncTioned wiThouT Too many upheavals Tor more Than Twen- Ty years. STudenT oTTicers have come. reigned Tor a shorT Time, and gone, year in and year ouT, yeT The govern- menTal sysTern has remained The same. ln Torrner days one incenTive Tor being a sTudenT body oTTicer was The proTiT which The oTTice-holder enjoyed during his Term, buT since Then This sysTem has been discard- ed' yeT The holding oT an oTTice is sTill cherished an soughT aTTer by many sTudenTs Nearly all The s u denT body oTTIces are held by capable popular s u denTs who have shown Their worTh scholashcally an socially in previous school acTIvITIes All oT The oT Ticers are Tor a semesTer excepT The edITorshIp oT The Blue and WhiTe and The Jr Red Cross Chairman which are held Tor a con'ipleTe Term STUDENT ADMINISTRATION Jr Red Cross Chairman EdiTor cT Weelcly Spr ,,, EDITH GATTI CLAIRE MARTINELLI TERESA CASTALDO MARGARET NICHLEY 1 Annual Business Manaoer Weelrly Buslress Manaq .3 BETTY ANN HICKMAN TOM HOGAN :ls League PresIdenT Fall CusTodian Fall DONNA FERGUSON RAY BASCOM JG' 5 A ,ff HF- -L49 had :uw Wm' GIVE League Pr sderT So CusTodIan Spf, Q N' Y' 41" I d . T - . I 1, - . nf . I . d I ' . . l' 'TA' I II,riiiiii T L ' , I vb ,N N 3 . I GIII , ' I I I A I l I ' I X ,. II 'H -' I, 4: 5 . 4? I 'E ii 'I A IGH' A --Q es. I - .. . I .I 6 I , I ' II S I III "' 5 I I 7 55 . . I I I Iii' L I I H it -A I N55 ' 5 . ,Qs I-fl fy I I. ,I I I Annual Business Manager Weelcly Business Manager Ilfallj K ,I I ' I ' I I ' I I T I I 2 ,, v, I 6 ' , ,V 'I' e 5 I l I l .l Y' I A ln, -.D Y FALL SPRING ow efT To A C unc uoo Br an Ro B Or- w ru Brv N Sorn D Ferg Kanegaye C MarTun B AlTree c man B odbeT er N Chalmers I R Ma ws I-lor T n Ro r son Cas a do a Tu Sa man B o cu L B ol ruer D De o Van Dyke B Coher E Drake D ah 2nd Row J Harper o egson ou oguua E I-la' L Van lsT Row leTT To rughT G YuT P ChrusTopulous s o Osh ka u ua O Row G Kamal M P leTz J Luccuardu B Guern B Thornp n wara P ChrusTopulo s D JonTe J McCarTy H WuTT L French Zn Ro J M a Har ey M BraoTed B McCru'n 3rd Row B ETcheverry D JonTe B Rubn I. Condy D La Moune CaTes C Gard oof- B Rubun l. French J Malloy E Sandman B l.uTTle E Perkuns C Gardupee STUDENT CCDNTRQL urung Thus lasT year abouT every oTher Wednes day aTTernoon a crowd oT sTudenTs was seen gaTher ung un C23 IT was The gurls sTudenT conTrol Thus small group oT sTudenTs had The unTorTunaTe Task oT Turnung un boTh Truends and enemues as school law breakers because beung responsuble Tor The conducT oT sTudenTs on The campus The conTrol has always Trued To keep uTs eyes and ears wude open As mosT members oT The organuzaTuon Tound uT duTTuculT To be conTunually reporTung good Truends They were glad when Theur Term was over and They were looked upon as ordunary sTudenTs To The many sTudenTs who were conTunually cuT Tung causung dusTurbances marung school properTy louTerung un The halls smokung or breakung numerous oTher school laws The boys and gurls sTudenT con Trol were a dreadTul nuusance When sTudenTs were reporTed by The conTrols TursT oTTenders Treshmen or breakers oT munor laws were all TreaTecl lenuenTly wuTh The hope ThaT un The TuTure They would remember To obey school laws DemeruTs were The usual punushmenT recommended by The conTrols and un almosT all cases Theur decusuons were upheld and carrued ouT by The deans Besudes The duTues already menTuoned The con Trols perTorm many oTher Tasks Keepung The halls quueT durung The Three lunch hours us one oT Theur mosT umporTanT uT noT hardesT duTues Tor sTudenTs are conTunually Tryung To run un or ouT oT The buuld ungs The members are also sTaTuoned aT all assem blues and rallues To see ThaT sTudenTs remaun quueT and aTTenTuve Durung The TooTball season They are oT sTull greaTer beneTuT To peace lovers Tor They are on duTy aT all games NoT only do They preserve peace and order buT They durecT specTaTors To Theur seaTs and are oT general assusTance To all All Thus lasT Term The members oT The Two sTu denT conTrols worked unceasungly To beTTer our school Theurs was no easy uob IsT R II uighTl: . h' h' l ,J. y ,A, Th, , .g, B, lsT Ro llefT To 'ol"Tl: J, lan. . mers, . uson, B. A. , , ', , ,, I-li k , .L. T , . , . . TThe ,E s, B. 2 d w: M. C' eg ,T. T l ,E 6 TT, J. nd. , J. r wn, Ong . occ I, B. Tuf. , . S To. L, , ., , , ,D l, 2 . W - , J. Br wn, M. Gr ' , L. K lher, J. RaTfo, E. Tr l' , . ch, , Dyke. I ' jg , I . ' , I T R w lleff To righf : E. Y .u' wa S, Ye, J. L'cc' rdi, K. gas- Znd Z . , , . e , . ' ' ', . ' I , 4 so , , . ' U, . . , , , ' , , , d w: , QC rf, E. v , . 'i l , . u , I-I. I . , . , . u , . , , . . . uy ,, . , , . . , . . I I I I ' 1 C1444 en lf fa X fs-,,,,,-Vx N in SENIOR O1-'HCE S-FEBRUARY f is 'GT iv lr I , , 33 T u Vg, 'V 4 fc -: GEORGE KAPEL, Pres. FRED HOLDEN, Vlce-Res. DON LA MOINE, Sec. or February graduaTes TheIr lasT year on The merry old Tub has been excITIng and InspIrIng ATTer all They spenT Three long years beTore aTTaInIng The POSITION oT TIrsT class saIIors and They InTend To en Ioy Themselves when They become hugh and mIghTy When They sIgned up as apprenTIces so long ago They were a moTIey crew comIng Trom a varIeTy oT places Tor example one came dIrecTly Trom Japan BuT Thelr Tour years TogeTher have molded Them InTo a soIId group loyal and ready To cooperaTe wITh each oTher As The largesT sTrongesT and mosT experIenced members OT The crew They have Taken ouTsTandIng parTs IH The many GCIIVIIIGS durIng The lasT year aT sea They ve waITed Tor ThIs opporTunITy and They ve uTIlIzed IT To The Tull There was hardly an acTIvITy on The shIp durIng The pasT year ThaT dId noT draw on The In+eIIIgence and TalenTs oT The TIrsT class seamen I-Iowever IT has noT been all play and no work IT seems ThaT The older one geTs The more IS expecTed oT hIm and The work cerTaInIy pIIes up durIng The lasT crowded year IT makes The Tasks asslgned dur Ing The oTher years seem IIke kIndergarTen work The group had ouTsTandIng workers Inke -IamoTsu Shl buTanI Ray I-IammeT EIsIe Bussemer I-Ierb Bowman I-larmon SchmIdT and many more and Then also Iofs oT Those conscIenTIous workers doIng Thelr besT and consTanTly sTrIvIng Tor ImprovemenT Some OT The TourTh year saIIors wall board anoTher vessel Tor anoTher Tour year cruIse aTTer The summer IS over oThers wall launch ouT InTo The seas oT IITe buT none OT Them TorgeT The happy days oT The TrIps Taken durIng TheIr experIence on The good shIp STockTon I-Iugh IT IS True ThaT The old boaT needs paTchIng up and perhaps IT IS raTher crowded All oT ThaT wIlI be Improved In TIme and The saIIors merely had To make The besT oT a dITTIcuIT sITuaTIon Thus Iearnlng To be paTIenT and cheerTuI under TryIng cIrcumsTances In The near TuTure They wIII be among The CIIIZGHS who decIde maTTers oT poIIcy and They wIlI be ready To Take an InTelIIgenT InTeresT In TheIr Alma IvIaTer GOLD SEAL BEARERS ATILIO MUZIO DORIS MERZ RAYMOND HAMMETT Q 'EN' 3 ELSIE BUSSEMER TAMOTSU SHIBUTANI tv I 6 . ' ""'-"' va str, 'A M - ,f ,gy xi' i k, Ji Ag .J -:"g.-Q 'FT'-If-'-'-,'., -:E f 4' 5 ,Q , les 'x 1' F' ' "W pgs " A ,..,.f,-I W , Q G X .. 5 s 41' 4-1 ,vl ',.lF.4f- rt, - S 'H , 1 ,ix , 4' ' " 5 1 sg. Vx? , . , M, f 2-1,5 -gg. .34 ,nfl ApA'A r,4,z'2W ,Ani A3EANt-y'. fi ., E A .fTRrC-' 1' M JL 9-'Nil'-.U f..d'J ,., ,mf 4- gnrfzzdf pwxt g,m.KL,4:.'. +:."f F-I-AW n, :EARN 9751 J , PJAQ' :.vnA 1 FLW' BLHNPY J ,.,- ,qnrmzzf Emily fx fv- f.E v',b.Y u ..-7 Mov iiHmQH!OLO sp T ,,,, . .J je , jf., - ,I7 Q I ' , 'vt I, Mesa fx ffiifi -' , 1: .,.A . Lvl I .A ,A k,,,, :A 1 f fy, --,. . n M , www' ea 3 av 1 A 3 ff my 2 , 6 . A A Y A I 5 1 'vary ' F 5 ' I JJ .- 4 1 , J" K? G si . 1 'iff , ' '-f' X4 -- iz , N I is 5 aa. ,:-M..-,, .Lx gyvvni 51, -,Vx fy- Liu! -rg " 5' P' I4 ' "' x-'E 5 35'-45" sv wb Q? 13. 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WW-'WE "'1 EEVY V2-'L A L Ms2 f53r5zSa-, fm Qi? 'C-?REt' :CCY .EAM 75,4 3 Ggwf .J ' - ww , -i W." A1 F3 fr Q , ,J 7 Q " gg i ff' S 'IFYYVL 14 P-1. w rw nf +1 A,r.1r.4E 2 H- ff ak, f 'f","+' A .gf . he Y -S an 1 KCPUMNE-4JE5A1, f. MEM f , W 17 5552563-E KAPIL A,-v , CDF TI-IIRTY-NINE ,412 4' 44? ,pus -1- 4 ,X 7' f 3 1 L. M54 , ' X . N Mn. Q.. 5 . J 5, ':,,.'- F' 1 -: 4:1 , 4 s D f if """ ' x ly ,h Y... I .Q Q IQ PYWA - 1 -5 f ' N5-Y -,,. 1 ,gk L Mx fy . x 1' A095 2413-'fx Lf, ' Q1 pts . '- J-rw VP' ral . me '. K MI- N R 'Z F5 '-Z: , . I r , , I grae' ' , ' ,, xvv' 1 'if' 11' paul - -V ww ,AI- , if s I : , x .. ' W -, 91 fa aa .3 5' ' . ' A , 5 ""'A an M, ' 3 W Q " 'nv n Ln: 'f : Zkjfzfh f : T if 3' 1 x ,Fair ,il ?gl,jA .k? K gl..-Kisvjnx ,Q mf A1- ff-n' We ff,1EMim1 n 1 ' ' 'A r "SE K,4-'ALL JL" , I V - i JT 5 n 3- -3 1 W" 5, -nj . , I L ',4' 1 -Mg., v r. - m' 2 'X zyfrnv N N 3- f' , ,, ' 1' 'Q - f f LA' e -f Lx J vfillk " 1 .1, I Q . V AA. 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' - . 2 . I I ltaI'I '3 7 I er Ie I in lt I- ' - - 1 3 , ' , I . I I n I37. ' " - Z . lf ' 1 ' : 2 . ' I 7 II I U' ' -' ' a in f rs.: . . , - ' i ' ' ' CI b ' -' : I. I. I oss - , I - - I I I I 7 .I I - Sp . ' 7 I . ' 1 B I- I I . ' "' ' I I I I I I - nes . . Fall ' 7 Old - '- - I I I' I I I II .. '. .Zi 2 I I- . ' l U . i .' . B ' I . I ' I trol . I . 6 I38. pre I ' ' ' U38: 2 ' .' I ' .' ' 1 . I , ,- . Cu I ' ' ' ' ' F Ou. - - ' - , - ' Q 'L b llg 2 Ci I " I b llg I I . -I: I I ' ' f F I I . - - EM . - ' - I I . . ' ' . X -T I I I ' -' . I ci l. I I I I. I . . -I. I . -, ' Z I It gl I I 1 1 . ' . D . I I I . ,fx . . ' : ' . . .' . f 'N - - ' : - - - F I f -: . . ' - ' S- T.: ' ' ' . '3a. . Z . ' I ' . . ' I : ' , P . u i ..Th . -. -- I 7 I III I Sp. ' X . ' : H " B ' Ig ' 7 . I East Side of Auditorium I . ' Sp I I 3 O I IITI1 I I ' I 1 A I I 4 . 2 . - ' . . 5 . . 2 2 'Ct - , gl: ., 1 u L . . I . f D: .. . . 1 I , . . . . .- - 5 ' ' -' . . - ' : r . 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' ' ' I 0 . : ' . dernuc Graduated un 3' 2 yrs BEHNEY BETTY Academuc Gurls League Advusory Board 37 Sec enush Club 36 Cast t e Yankee Kung BELL JESSIE Commercual BELTRAN MARGARETJ Commer cua BOGGIANO LAURENCEI Voca tuonal G 8: T Intertype Operator BONESTEEL CLARENCE Commer cua BORELLI PAUL Vocatuonal BOSCH MELVIN Academuc BOWMAN HERBERTH Academuc 2 Sem Honor Scholarshup Block S Socuety Band 35 38 BOYD CLIFFORD Academuc At tended Manteca Hugh 35 37 BOYES B A R B A R A Academuc Graduated un 3 2 yrs BROOKS EDYTHE Commercual BROWN BETTIE EVELYN Academuc BROWN NANCY LYNN Academuc BUOL BOB-Academuc Pres Student Body Fall 38 Jr Rotaruan Fall 38 Student Control Fall 38 BURNS TOM Academuc BUSSEMER ELSIECATHERINE Aca demuc Gold Seal 6 Sem Honor Scholershup Gurls Lbague Advusory Board 35 Audutor of 38 Blue X1 Whute 2 I CHINCHIOLO ANDREW Ace defT1IC CHINN KENNETH Academuc CHRISTIE JUNE MARJORIE Aca demuc Graduated un 3' 2 yrs Cast ot A Murder Has Been Arranged Attended P lo Alto Hugh 35 37 COHEN EUGENE Academuc COHEN LILLIAN Academuc Gurls League Advusory Board Spr 38 Typung Award Spr 38 Student Control Fall 38 COMASKEY GEORGE Academuc CONDY LESTER Academuc Pres c S S cuety II 38 an 35 38 Student Control Fall 38 CORNELL KEITH Academuc CORNING MERVYN Academuc Attended St Marys Hugh 35 36 Modesto Hugh 37 CREVELLI MAE Academuc 2 Sem Honor Scholarshup Gold Medal un Ita uan 37 CROMER WENDEL Academuc Block S Socuety 38 CUSICK BOB Academuc Gradu ted un 3 2 y Cartoonust and Reporter G 8: T CUTLER DARRELL Academuc Cast ot A Murder Has Been Arranged EVANS ALLEN Academuc FIRMERY VERA KATHRYN Ace demuc Tennus Trophy 37 Exchange Edutor Award un Typung 38 FISH PHILLIP U Vocational Vuce Pres Vocatuonal Club 38 FISHER BOB Commercual 2 y s l F Champuonshup an Tennus oc S Socue y an 36 37 FLOR CATHERINE Academuc FOOTE FORREST E Academuc FORD JEAN Academuc Reporter G 8: T Sp 38 Typung Award Spr 38 FRASER DORIS Academuc ISem Honor Scholarshup Old Enqlush S 37 38 Bronze Medal un Italuan FUGAZI BOB-Academuc Tued Furst Place U S Hust Contest 38 GARCIA ANITA A Commercual GARVINE ANNA Academuc GHIGLIERI HAZEL Commercual GHILARDUCCI LEONARD A V catuonal 2 Sem Honor Scholarshup Cylunder Pressman and Intertype Operator tor G 8: T GOODBAN BOB-Academuc GOSNEY GWENDOLYN Academuc GRAHLMAN HAROLD Academuc HUBER JACK Academuc Curcle S and Block S un Football Trouba dours 37 38 ISHII HELEN KIYOKO Academuc Gra uated un 3'2 y Cave! cade Attended Polytechnuc Hugh San Francusco Spr 38 JACKSON JAMES JOSEPH JR Academuc JENNINGS BOB Academuc Foot Mqr C e S a Block S un Football JOHNSON EVELYN Academuc At ten ed Escalon Hugh Spr 35 F 7 JONES GERTRUDE Commercual Attended Manteca Hugh Spr 35 KANEGAYE BETTY Academuc Stu dent Control Fall 38 KAPEL GEORGE Academuc Pres Hu Y Fall 38 Vuce Pres IIA Class 37 Pre IZA Clas Fa N ws Edutor G 8: T r Sports Edutor G 8: T Fall 38 Cast ot The Yankee Kung Stage Mgr A Murder Has Been Arranged Cast ot Varuety Show Spr Speaker Washungton Luncoln Pro gram 38 Thurd Pruze Calut Funals ot Luons Club Publuc Speakung Con test Student Control Fall 38 KEYES BETTE Commercual KEYES LES Commercual Graduated un 3' 2 yrs Student Control Fall 38 SENIOR LOG FEBRUARY CLASS LAGORIO RAY Commercual MODLIN KARL Academuc LA MOINE DON Academuc Cus MOELLER RAY GEORGE Aca loduan Spr 36 Com of Records r 7 c I2A Cass a Pres Playcralfers 37 38 Curcle S n raclc Spr Cas o e Yankee Kung Cas? of Varuely Show Spr 38 Sluderul Conlrol 36 38 LEANDRO BERNICE Commercual LEONARDINI ROSE MARIE Com mercual LEYVA URIEL MILTON Commer cua LILLARD WILLIAM GEORGE Aca demuc Blue Rubbon Cross Counlry R n Fall 37 LILLYBRIDGE ELEANOR RUBY Commercual Advusory Board Gurls League 37 LITTLE ROBERT Academuc 2 B Blocks and 2 Block S un Baslcelball Block S Socuely Fall 38 S+udenr Conlrol Fall 38 LOWRY DANIEL F Academuc Crce S un Traclc and Foolball LOY FRANCIS B Academuc Graduafed un 3' 2 yrs LUBKEMAN MARY Academuc Re porler G 81 T LYONS LOUISE Commercual McKINSEY HOBART ELMER Aca demuc Gradualed n 3' 2 yrs AI rended Gonzales Hugh 35 MCLAUGHLIN ART Academuc McNAMARA ED Academuc Pres German Club Fall 38 Allended Covnna Hugh Fall 36 Casl of A Murder Has Been Arranged MAKISHIMA TOSHIKO M A RY Academuc mercual MANSFIELD VIRGINIA Academuc Alfended Wes? Campus Pasadena Jr College Spr 35 Spr 38 MARTINELLI CLAIRE Commercual 3 Sem Honor Scholarshup Gurls League Advusory Board Spr 38 suness Mgr G 8: MATHEWS LOUIS E Commercual Sfudenf Conlrol Spr 36 MAUSER HAROLD Vocaluonal Vuce Pres Vocaluonal Club Mem ber Vocaluonal Cabunel MAZZERA ROLLIN Academuc MERZ DORIS Academuc Gold Seal 7 Sem Honor Scholarshup Sec I2B Class Spr 38 Old Englush S 37 38 Rally Commullee all Lubraruan lor The Yan ee Kung METCALF MARTHA Academuc Lu braruan for Kund Lady Casf of The Yanlcee Kung Casl' of A Murder Has Been Arranged MIDDLETON MARGARET Aca demuc Sec Gurls League Fall 37 Gurls League Advusory Board Fall 37 Troubadours 38 Hughsleppers 35 Busuness Mgr The Yan ee Kun Casl of A Murder Has Been Arranged Sludenf Conlrol Spr and Fall 38 demuc Cusloduan Fall 36 Com of Organuzaruon Fall 38 Rally Com mul ee Fall 38 Band 36 38 MONTGOMERY OPAL Commer cual Gurls League Advusory Board Fall 35 Sludenl Confrol Spr 38 MOORE HELEN Academuc M UZIO ATI LI O Commercual Gra ualed un 3'2 yrs 5 em Honor Scholarshup Bronze Medal un llaluan NG FRED Academuc 3 Curcle S acl: Curcle S un Baslce a NISHI HITO Academuc Gradualed 3' 2 y I Sem Honor Scholar s up NOLAND ROBERT Academuc OLIVER TOM Academuc OTSUKA NELLIE Academuc ROSS JANICE E Academuc ROSSI PAUL Academuc ROTH ADELIA Academuc 5 Sem Honor Scholarshup Sec and Treas German Club 37 38 Place Calul Husl Conlesl 36 Sludenl Conlrol ROZI ER ROBERT Academ uc RUNYAN WILLIAM Academuc Ban Spr 35 Fall 38 RUSH WILBUR W Academuc RYLAND MALVA Academuc SALA MARIE Academuc 4 Sem Honor Scholarshup Casl of The Yanlree Kung SAMUELSON EMIL Vocaluonal Pres Vocaluonal Club Spr 38 SAN DBERG GENEVIEVE L demuc Aca Wesf Enlrance of Maun Buuldung PEASE ROY Academuc 2 Bloclr S S Socuely 38 PEIRANO FELECITA Commercual PELETZ MARVIN Academuc Treas Club Fall C un n a mural Tennus Sludenl Conlrol F 8 PERRY EVELYN EDYTH Academuc Allended Manleca Hugh Spr 38 PERRY LORRAINE Commercual O Englush S Fall 7 PETERSON ROBERT J Academuc G 81 T Reporler PILLSBURY FLOYD C Academuc rce S un Baslcelball Band 38 Orcheslra 38 UIMBY BOB Vocaluonal RAABE JACK Academuc Curcle S Bloclc S un Traclc Band 35 READ PATRICIA Academuc Casl of A Murder Has Been Arranged RITTER DOROTHY Commercual 4 Sem Honor Scholarshup Sludenl Conlrol Spr 38 ROCHFORD EDDYE Academuc Alreruded Lodu Hugh Spr 36 ROHRER CLASON Academuc ROSENBERGER DON Academuc urcle S B Bloclc and Bloc un Foolball ROSS BETTY Academuc Gradualed un 3' 2 yrs Calaveras Hugh Fall 35 S r 7 SANTINI LEONARDINA Commer SATTERBERG WILLIAM ROBERT Academuc SATO KAZUKO Academuc SAWEDA YUKIKO Academuc SCHEURER RALPH Academuc SCHMIDT HARMON Academuc Treas Block S Socuely 2 Block S un Foofball 2 Block S Baslcelball 3 Block S Swummung 2 Block S n Track Menzue Awards Awarded Gold Foofball SCHMIDT RUTH Academuc 4Sem Honor Scholarshup Gurls League Advusory Board Spr 38 Sec IIA ass Spr Vuce Pres O Fnglush S Fall 38 Sludenl Conrrol SCHMIDT WILLIAM Academuc I S m Honor Scholarshup Affend e San Leandro Hugh 35 an Casllemonl Hugh Oakland 36 SCHWARZ LAURA MAE Commer cua SHAW ZOE Cornrnercual SHIBUTANI TAMOTSU Academuc 5 Sem Honor Scholarshup SHORT ALAN Academuc SISTING ROBERT Commercual SMITH JIM Academuc SONI ANTHONY Academuc Sgr al Arms Spanush Club Spr 38 SPENCER VIRGINIA C Academuc SPRAGUE IR VIN E Academuc Graduared 3' 2 y Affended Eurelca Hugh Fall 35 Spr 37 Gold un Journalusm ar Eurelra 36 STANGLAND JEANETTE Academuc STEWART NOREEN Commercual Sgl al Arms Spanush Club Fall 37 Sludenl Conlrol Fall 38 STRIKE BILL Academuc Crcle S un Baslcefball B Block un Football and Baslcefball TAKAHASHI JUNZO Academuc Gradualed n 3' 2 y s TELLES MILTON Academuc TERRY NORINE MILDRED Corn mercual THOMPSON KATHLEEN J Aca demuc 2 Sem Honor Scholarshup THORNTON JEAN DORIS Aca demuc Troubadours Fall 38 TOKUNAGA FRANK Commercual Gradualed 3' 2 y S TOKUNAGA KAZUMI Academuc TOUGH JACK EDWIN Academuc TOUT BOB Academuc Pres Spanush Cu Spr 38 Sgl af Arms arun ub Fall 34 and Spr 3 2 o Tennu Srudenf Conlro UNDERHILL BERYL MARIE Aca demuc Allended Alameda Hugh S r 5 VAN HOOREBEKE BETTY Aca VAN VRANKEN Academuc VOYER KATHRYN ALICIA Aca demuc WALTERS MERCEDES Academuc WARD H MILTON Academuc WARE JUNE Academuc Trouba dours 36 38 Il and Scroll 38 WARREN BOB Academuc Casl of The Yanlcee Kung WATANABE SEIICHI Academuc Gradualed un 3' 2 yrs WERLE WILLIAM Academuc Cur an B Bloclc un Baslce a WEST WELDON Academuc I Sem Honor Scholarshup Vuce Pres Ger man Club Fall 38 Vuce Pres Boys Scuence Club Fall 38 WILLIS MARGARET Academuc Treas Spanush Club C sf of A Murder Has Been Arranged WISDOM CLIFFORD Academuc WOODRUFF TOM Acaclermc I Sem Honor Scholarshup Phofog rapher for 39 Blue and Whule YASUI TOM T Academuc YELLAND GEORGE Academuc Attended Casflemonl Hugh 36 22 SP. '3 1 SIe . I II F ll '38: I' I ' : I I - . -- I 1 . I I-I I I . I -I : I ' I 'I ' 3 ' -' . I : . . , - I Z I T . I37: I I IITI1 1 - I -I 7 I, In f rs.: . ' , I ' 1 . I I I I I , FsIlI'3e. I Quuuu ' ' I I I I . '- fu' ' 1-.u sf d'.'- -T ' 'T IQ ' u. . 2 U 2 I I - '- y - ' - . T i . . 'II ' - inI Tr : ' ' fb Il. I g I I. U ' I ' i 2 I u i 0 - I U . . 1 I I' ' ' I - I , I I I I - . ' ' 1 . - . T . '-' I I ' , In f r . y : ' If .I . I I 1 . : I . ' I b . I I .- - L I I , ' . Cl I . I 7: Bl cl: I ISI in Is: I - -' , 1 I - Fall '36, I - p . . MALLARD. HENRIETTA A. - com- and 'Q curl us- In rolsubsuuf auocu Qual. ' T I demis- ' 'I ' 'I' U I-Ii-YI Beg uup'Iuuff ' " I- ' 2 . I U ' u I' I suu '3 . I ' T Q I - . Bu' . . T. Paul '3sI u ,- , I I I - - I - . , - , .- I : u- I D - I I I I I I I -I 7 Qui ' . ua '3. . - -. . ' .1 , T . I , g u H I b H . i- Q I I 1 ll . ni ' -i U DI: l ll X . 1 Q ." If . . O . - ' y . U CI 2 .37: 2 I I' ld Cue 's' fu ' ' - ' 'us uuI . . I. -. : ' I . F and I 'I I I -'37. Fall 38' I ' T I - I I -37: - - " li I - - : ' - . x . 2' . A' , I - ' I -, . - h ' : d I I ' I' I , Q 'H I I . it I 1 I . L I l T . .1 'z' zc' - INS' . I '- I I ' . Ii ' ' q": H " I . - ' :- l t- . ' '- - I X -I ' I I , -- I g . ' . p. '3 . , .. ' , - u I SENICDR QFHCE S JUNE ROSS BEWLEY P BILL BIGELOW V HELEN SHADLEY S enIors TIrsT class seamen' The lasT TrIp oT The Tour year voyage' Many oT These saIlors wIll agree wITh Joseph Conrad who wroTe Ah' The good old TIme The good old TIme YouTh and The sea Glam our and The sea' The good sTrong sea The salT bITTer sea ThaT could whIsper To you and roar aT you and knock your breaTh ouT By all ThaT s wonderTul IT IS The sea l belIeve The sea ITselT or IS IT youTh alone7 Who can Tell7 BuT you here you all had someThIng ouT oT lITe money love whaTever one geTs on shore and Tell me wasn T ThaT The besT TIme ThaT TIme when we were young aT sea young and had noThIng excepT hard knocks and someTImes a chance To Teel your sTrengTh ThaT only whaT you all regreT7 ln our book ThIs year The school IS a shIp and The sTudenTs are The crew Many a SSDIOF lookIng back over hrs Tour years oT hrgh school IS lIke a saIlor lookIng back over several years aT sea l-le came To The shIp as a green apprenTIce worked Through The pGFlOdS oT ThIrd class and second class seamanshIp and aT lasT aTTaIned The sTaTus oT TIFST class seaman And he ThInks oT all The hard knocks and hard work The hours oT ToIl aT nIghT The hours of sTrugglIng wITh dITTIculT Tasks durIng The day And he also ThInks oT The pleasanT Tumes spenT wITh Those oT hIs own age The sporTs The groups The dramaTIcs and oTher ac TIVITIGS WhaT senIor regreTs The TIme spenT on ThIs Tour year TrIp7 NoT one' They have grown Trom raw youngsTers InTo capable adulTs ready To Take care oT Themselves ID The cold hard world A Tew hard knocks have Toughened Them Tor rough weafher To come and pleasanT TImes have QIVSH Them happy memorIes oT days gone by DurIng The lasT Tew monThs oT The TourTh year TrIp The saIlors who are leavIng The shIp Tor The lasT TIme naTurally look Torward To new experIences and sur roundIngs Are They IusT back where They sTarTed Trom ready To Try someThIng new'7 NoT all all' For They are Indeed dITTerenT persons decIdely dITTer enT Trom The raw youngsTers who sIgned up Tour years ago WIser huskIer and InTInITely more maTure They are ready To Tace The Troubled seas OT The mod ern world May They be as successTul In TheIr new work as They have been durIng The long TrIps oT The pasT Tour years GOLD SEAL BEARERS DONALD JONTE AMY CHOI ELAINE HISAKI NEVADA CHALMERS BEN CHIKARAISHI BERNARD ETCHEVERRY HERBERT WITT JIMMIE WONG 23 l. - s Y , res. , ice-Pres. , ec. 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I ' 1 SENIOR LCG IUNF CNT A88 ABE AGNES H Academuc Sec Teas P n P culuc Club F II 8 Allended Luberly Unuon Hgh un Brenlwood Calul 36 ABE KAORU Academuc ABRAMS GENEVIEVE Academuc s Old E glush S Fall 38 res Talenr Club Fall 38 Treas Musuc Clu Fall 38 AGESEN EDWARD JOHN Com mercual Gradualed un 3' 2 years AH TYE JUNE BLOSSOM Aca demuc I Sem Honor Scholarshup Sec Spanush Club Spr 37 Chunese Club Spr 37 AKABA JIMMIE F Academuc Gradualed un 3'2 years ANDREWS BETTE Academuc ANTHONY MARY LOU Academuc Sec Jr Red Cross 38 39 Casf ol Peg O My Hearl Sfudenl' Con Ir Fall 36 APPLING MARY E Commercual Allended Fresno Technucal Hugh S r 37 ARAO HIDEAKI Academuc 4Sem Honor Scholarshup ARCHAMBAULT MELVIN L Aca demuc BABA LOUISE Academuc Gradu aled un 3' 2 yrs Allend d Courl land H gh 35 36 BABA MASARU Academuc Grad ualecl un 3' rs Alfended Courl 2 Y land Hugh 36 38 BAILEY EMILY MAY DORIS Aca demuc Gradualed un 3' 2 yrs Band 37 38 BAIRD THOMAS MURRAH Com mercual BAISHIKI TERUO Academuc BARNES JAMES GORDON Aca BAROSSO BENITA Commercual BARTLETT BILL Academuc Trouba dours Spr 39 BEANLAND JOHN JR Academuc 3 Block S un Track BEATIE BARBARA Academuc G 81 T laucl BELL BETTY Academuc BENSON WAYNE ALFRED Aca demuc Alfended Coyle Hugh un Mass and Berkeley Hugh 35 BERNARDI JACK Academuc BEWLEY ROSS Academuc I2A Class Spr 39 G 8: T Orcheslra 37 38 Aflended leca Hugh 35 37 BICKLE BETTE RAE Commercual Sluclenl Conlrol Fall 36 BIEDERMAN WILLIAM JAMES Vo cafuonal Gradualed un 3' 2 years BIGELOW BILLY Academuc Vuce Pres IZA Class Spr 39 2 B Blocks un Baskefball and Track Orchesfra F 37 8 BILLUPS JEANNE Academuc BISIO MARY Commercual Gradu aled un 3' 2 years BLACK WALTER Academuc Pres TSquare Club Spr 38 Curcle S un Track BLOECHER RICHARD Academuc BLOOM CHARLES H Academuc Pres Slah' Man BLOSSOM LOTUS Commercual G 81 T Slalzl 38 Troubadours 38 39 Cavalcade Gurls League Advus ory Board 36 37 BOLOGNINI ANGELINA Commer cua BOSTON MARGARET Academuc Gradualed un 3' 2 years BOTHWELL DARYL Commercual BOTKIN VERNAL Academuc BOURNE GORDON Academuc A+ lended Easl Hugh un Denver Coo rado 35 BRADFIELD MELVIN Academuc Crce S un Baskelball Siu enl Conlrol Spr 39 BRANDT EDNA Academuc 4 Sem Honor Scholarshup BRANN FRANCES Commercual BRAU CLIFFORD Academuc T Slafl Band 38 39 BRISCOE HARRY Vocaluonal CERUTTI OLAF A Academuc Af 'rended Dos Palos Hugh 36 CHALMERS NEVADA Academuc Gold Seal 6 Sem Honor Scholar shup Sec Honor Scholarshup Fall 36 Sludenl' Confrol Spr 39 CHAPMAN DUFF GORDON Aca demuc Pres Travel Club 36 Pres Debalung Club 37 Pres Sku Clubs CHARLESWORTH BETTY Academ uc Aflended Mason Cufy Hugh un Iowa 35 CHASE HARVEY M Academuc CHIKARAISHI BEN TSUTOMU Academuc Gold Seal 7 Sem Hon or Scholarshup Sgr al Arms Japa nese Club Fall 36 Treas Spr 37 ePresFll37PsSr lnlramural Awards CHOAT EDYTHE Commercual lended Valleuo Jr Hugh 35 Cour Be+ween Commercual and Scuence Buulclung BROADHURST CHARLES Academ Band 36 39 Casl of Peg My Hearl BROWN GEORGE Commercual B Block un Baskelball and Foolball BROWN GERALD M Academuc Block S un Foolball and Baskelball Allended San Felupe Hugh 37 38 BRYAN JERRY Academuc I S m Honor Scholarshup Vuce Pres Slu denf Body Spr 39 Vuce Pres Phulo sean Club Spr 39 G Sfafl Sludenf Conlrol Fall 37 Spr BRYSON ALFARETTA Commercual BURDICK BETTY Academuc BURGESS BOB-Academuc BUTCHER ARVLE W Academuc Allended Brawley Hugh 37 38 BYBEE JUNE Academuc 2 Sem Honor Scholarshup Vuce Pres IIB ass Fall 37 Old Englush S a 38 Allended Tracy Hugh 35 36 CAMPODONICO VICTOR Com mercual CASTALDO TERESA Commercual 2 Sem Honor Scholarshup Busuness Mgr 39 Blue 81 Whule Sludenl Conlrol Fall 38 CAVALERO JOHN Academuc Cur a un Tra B c and 2 Block S un Foo ball c S Soc 37 CAZALE ALFRED Commercual oo ball Mgr 37 39 Bloc Baskelball CHOAT ELEANOR Academuc Al lended Valleuo Jr Hugh 35 CHOI AMY Academuc Gold Seal 6 Sem Honor Scholarshup CHRISOS JOHN Academuc 3 c S un Track Block S oc 38 39 CLARK ASA M JR Academuc Troubadours 37 39 CLARK CARROLL JACK Academ uc Band 38 Cas? of Peg O My Hearl CLARK CLARENCE THAD Aca d6fTIIC CLARK GEORGIA MAE Academuc Troubadours 38 39 COGGIN DICK Academuc ISem Honor Scholarshup COHEN NATHAN Academuc 2 Sem Honor Scholarshup Band 35 39 Orcheslra 37 39 Allended Bakerslueld Hugh 35 36 COLLINS PAT E Academuc Or cheslra 36 38 COLLINS VIRGINIA Academuc c Old Englush S G Slafl CONCHETE CORSIGLIA COURTNEY Arl Edulor COU RTN EY MARION Academuc LOUIS Commercual FRANCES Academuc 39 Blue 81 Whule PHYLLIS Academuc COVELL BARBARA Academuc Pres German Club Spr 39 COWIN NORMA JANE Commer cual Gurls League Advusory Board COX BEVERLY HOPE Academuc Casf of The Yankee Kung COYLE JEANNE Academuc Masc 8: Fem Revuew Fall 36 CRAMER JACK Academuc Affend ed San Jose Hugh 36 37 and Car son Cury Hugh un Nevada 38 CRAW MARJORIE Academuc CRAWFORD DOROTHY Commer cual Vuce Pres Old Englush S Fall CRAWFORD HAROLD J Aca demuc CZERNY JACK Academuc I Sem Honor Scholarshup Sec Debafung Club Fall 37 Band 36 38 Orches Ira Spr 38 Alfended Modesfo u-uug 35 36 DAGG ROBERTA Academuc I Sem Honor Scholarshup Sec Phulo physean Club 38 39 Gurls League Advusory Board 37 Gurls Sporfs Edulor G 8: T 38 39 DALBEN PETER Academuc Sgl' al Arms Ilaluan Club 38 39 Curcle S and Block S for Track Mgr DALBEN REINO Academuc Band 38 39 Orcheslra 38 39 Caval ca e 37 DAUGHERTY MARVIN Academuc Sec IZB Class Fall 38 Pres Span ush Club Spr 38 Rally Com Spr DAVIDSON HARRIET Academuc Properly Musfress of The Yankee Kung DAY HAROLD Commercual DeANGELIS DANIEL Vocafuonal deGANNA JACQUELIN Commer CIS demuc DEVINE BILL Academuc DEVOE JACK Academuc B Block and 3 Block S un Swummung Casf of Peg O My Hearf DIETRICH EUGENE Vocafuonal Band 35 DIETZ JANICE Academuc Band 36 39 Orcheslra 39 DIETZ JUNE Academuc Band 36 39 Orchesfra 38 39 DOHRMANN BARBARA Academ muc Sec German Club Fall 38 DOHRMANN VIRGINIA Academuc DONALDSON JEAN Academuc DUBRUITZ LUCILE Academuc Qull and Scroll 38 39 DUNDORE BILL Academuc Affend ed Puedmonl Hugh 35 38 EAGAN ROSE MARY Commercual Aflended Sl Marys Hgh 35 38 ECHANDI LUCILLE Commercual EDWARDS JOAN LAURIE Aca demuc uull and Scroll 38 39 EHLERS FREDDIE MAE Academuc ELLIOTT BETTY ANN Academuc Vuce Pres Pan Pacufuc Club Fall 36 Vuce Pres Debalung Club 37 38 G 8: T Slafl Quull and Scroll Spr 39 Casl of The Yankee Kung 34 - I .1 I K. L1 rl . a a a '3 . I ' 3 -I ' J' I -T ' . I - ' 7 I' I ' w ' I ' i ' " ": ' ' '- - . I 'as . - . I I I II . " ' I I: . I I I I - I'I I b ' . , - ' . ' ' 7 . ' ' ' -' - - I I 3 I I ,39I . . . . I . I . K I I - I I I I I- I I - I I nd I I 2 h I I I . I I . . . I I I ? I I I . I ' I . ' Z Sec: I. - ' I , ,- ' , '38' I - I - I I ' ' ' 5 d I u - 1 ' . . X - I - I I-I . I I : I I II: I . I -I I . I I I I 7- - I , I I - ' , Vic ' . a ' re .I p .I '38l I. In I -I I ' . . I ' -' 5 I - - ' I G- 31 ' ' h ' -' .I " ' "I - . Q I - . I T ' I A+- - . I ol ' . , - ' , ' . ' ' . I' ' I I ' - p I I . V -A F VI WV YM7 . I a I 'I a I XI I I S - - - . u - , ' , I I 'I 7 I : ' S '39. ' ' I I n ug I 7 K I 7 . 'II Iv i - I I II 1 ' demic: Foolball Mgr, '37. , , ', -',, O1 ' . -. , I ' DENUIT, NATHALIE WARREN-Aca- . uc: - g . . - ,1. u -- 'I .- In Blok"'s' "s. ,, 'I ' SI ' I I . - ' : - e . I ' I-' I ' I. -7 I - I' C .- phy I I. ' .I 8: TS I I .u I I H I I -I I I I , . - 'I -'37. ,WI - ' - II - , - I 1 ,- I I T I I , - ' g - I . u I - I ' I u 1 I I I- , - , -- cu 'u ' ""'ruu 'rl :I -I -. , -' '- - , - .U '.-'u-.ui GII I 'I3 ' I . I' : ' Se . I ' ' ' '38: . 8: TI . - ' . I I - . I I I ' u I I ' I - . I . I O . . S X . . - ' : '- - - . - . I cle 'S' nd Block 'S' ' ck: 'B' ' ', ' - ' - ' . . .' . 1 lo k ' ' ' + u . ', -. V . - ' : . I ' ' Blo lu ' ' .' 139. - I - . , -- ' , . - F +I .' -THB' kin . I - 'q I. .- .4 : ' I ELSWORTH KENT Academuc 5 Sem Honor Scholarshup P s IIA Class Spr 38 ENNIS EARLE EDWARD Academuc Orchesfra 36 37 Band 38 39 ETCHEVERRY BERNARD Academuc Gold Seal 7 Sem Honor Scholar s B ck S Soc Spr c Bl ck S Soc Spr 38 es rench Club Spr 37 Fall 38 Block and 2 Block S In Foolball Pres Sludenl' Body Spr 39 Comm of Welfare Fall 38 Pres IIB Class Fall 37 Sludenr Confrol Spr 38 Spr 39 Merul' Seal EVANS DOROTHY NADENE Com mercual EVANS HELEN Commercual EVANS MARIAN Academuc FAXON C CHARLES Academuc Aflended Pallerson Hugh 35 38 FELIX HELEN Commercual FERGUSON DONNA RUTH Aca demuc Pres Gurls League Spr 39 Accompanusf for Troubadours 37 39 Casf of The Yankee Kung and Peg O My Hear? Sludenl' Con fro Spr 39 FERGUSSON MARIAN Academuc FERGUSSON ROBERT E Aca demuc Band 35 38 FISH MARJORIE LOUISE Commer cual Gurls League Advusory Board 35 36 FITZGERALD JOHN Academuc FONG DUN Academuc Pres Chu nese Club 38 39 Allended Pul Yung Muddle School un Chuna 35 FONG PATRICIA ALICE Aca demuc FORBES QUILLEN Commercual FORD TOMMY Commercual Curcle c oc Baskefball B Block un Track Inlra mural Awards Block S Soc FORRESTER CLARA Academuc AI Iended Barflesvulle Hugh un Olrla 36 37 FORSYTHE EDNA ELLEN Aca demuc Allended Turlock Hugh 35 FOSGATE MARC Academuc Pres Pan Pacuf3c Club 38 39 Affended Shasla Hugh un Reddung 35 37 FRANKE CONSTANCE Academuc FRATTA ADELINE Commercual FREDERICKS FRANK Academuc FRENCH RAY Academuc FRENI ANTIONETTE Commercual I Sem Honor Scholarshup FUJII KIMIKO Academuc 5 Sem Honor Scholarshup FUJII MITSUYE Academuc FUJIMOTO MITSUKO Academuc FUJISAKI JAYNE Academuc FUKUYAMA JACK Academuc FUKUYAMA SANJI BOB-Academ uc I Sem Honor Scholarshup FULLER LORRAINE Academuc 2 Sem Honor Scholarshup Allended Mussoula Hugh un Monfana 35 36 GARDEA FRANCES Commercual GASKILL MAXINE Academuc 35 SENIOR LOG IUNE CLASS GATTI EDITH Commercual ISem Honor Scholarshup Busuness Mgr 39 Blue 8: Whule Srudenl' Conlrol F 8 GENUIT WALTER Academuc Pres Boys Scuence Club 38 39 Treas c S oc Swummung GERKEN BERT GRANT Academuc B Block and Block S un Foofball Bock nd ock un Tr c Bloc S Soc GIAMPAOLI PAULJ Academuc GINN ELBERT Academuc 2 Sem Honor Scholarshup GIORZA MADELYN Commercual GOFF GORDON HENRY Aca demuc 7 Sem Honor Scholarshup Ban 36 39 Affended Walla Walla Hugh un Wash 35 36 Whuf uer a unas an Tracy ug Schools 37 38 GOGNA THERESA ANN Commer cua HARVEY ELMER BOSTWICH Aca demuc Comm of Alhlefucs 38 39 3 Curcle S and Block S un oof ball Curcle S un Swummung Block S Soc 39 Sludenl Confrol Spr HAYASHI ELSIE AYA Commercual HAYNES BEVERLEY GAY Aca demuc Pres Socual Servuce Club 38 39 Arlended Ames Hugh un Iowa 35 36 and lmmaculafa Hugh un Leavenworfh Kan 37 38 HEALY CLARENCE Academuc Cur ce S and B Block un Baskelball lnframural Awards Wunner Class D Cross Counlry Run 37 HEATH LINDEN Commercual Vuce Pres Chrusluan Sfudenls Club 38 Troubadours 36 39 Cavalvade HEDGE LORRAINE Academuc HEIKENS MAXINE Academuc Sem Honor Scholarshup Sec Treas Jr Debalung Club 37 38 Gurls Gymnasium Sou'l'I'u Sude GONZALES JOSEPH N Commer c I Band 37 39 Cavalcade GOODWIN FORREST C Aca demuc Vuce Pres IIA Class Spr 38 Senuor Edulor 39 Blue Su Whufe Sludenl Confrol Fall 38 Merul ea GORDON JANE Academuc Band 37 39 Orcheslra 38 39 GRAY VIRGINIA Academuc GREEN CHARLES Commercual AI lended EI Runo Hugh 36 GREGSON MARIAN ROSALIE Academuc Sludenl Conlrol 38 39 GREINER ERLINE Commercual AI lend d Wesl Jr Hugh un Lansung MIC 35 36 GRINER MARY PHYLLIS Aca demuc Gurls League Advusory Board Fall 37 GRIVETTO ELINA Commercual GROSS ESTHER LUCILLE Com mercual GWYNN MARY ELIZABETH Aca demuc I Sem Honor Scholarshup HAHN MADELYN Academuc HANSEN VIRGINIA CAROLE Aca demuc HARRISON HELEN Commercual HELLER BEVERLY Academuc I Sem Honor Scholarshup G 8: T Sa Q II Xu Scoll 38 39 Pres I2B Class Fall 38 HERBST NORMA LOUISE Aca demuc 4 Sem Honor Scholarshup G 8uT Iaff HERMAN FERN Academuc G 81 T Sfall Troubadours 38 39 Orches lr 37 8 HICKMAN BETTY ANN Academuc l Sem Honor Scholarshup Pres Gurls League Fall 38 Troubadours 38 39 Sludenl Conlrol 38 39 G 8: T 'laff HIGASHI MOTOSHI Academuc Japanese Muddle School 35 38 HIGGINS JACK Academuc HILL DORIS Academuc Graclualed un 3' 2 ye s HILL THOMAS W Academuc Drum 8 Bugle Corps 34 HINCHEY ROBERT Vocaluonal HINTON BOB-Academuc HIRSCH JACQUELYN F Academ uc Aflended Sanger Hugh 35 37 HISAKA ELAINE EMIKO Com mercual Gold Seal 6 Sem Honor Scholarshup Vuce Pres Japanese Club Sec IZA Japanese Club Spr 9 HODGES BILL Academuc Aliend ed Suffer Creek Hugh 35 HOERL BOWMAN Academuc HOLLAND BOB Academuc Pres TSquare Spr 39 HONDA TERUYO Academuc 2 Sem Honor Scholarshup Treas IZA Japanese Club Allended Galuleo Hugh un San Francusco 35 37 HORTON JUNE Commercual Ten ms Leller HOSKINS BIRDIE Academuc HOUSH MARDEL LUCILLE Aca demuc I Sem Honor Scholarshup Sec French Club 37 38 Sec Tal em' Club 38 39 HOWETH LAVERNE Academuc HUCKABAY ROBERT Commercual HUFF RUBY Academuc HUGHES CONNIE Academuc HULL DOROTHY Academuc Pres TruY Fall 38 HUTCHESON T JEWETT Aca demuc Treas Pan Pacufuc Club 36 Sgr al' Arms TSquare Club 38 rce S and Block S un Tr Sfage Mgr 'For Kund Lady The Yan ee Kung and Peg O y Hear? ICHIKI STANLEY Academuc 2 Cur cle S and B Block un Track IKAWA KIKUJI Academuc I Sem Honor Scholarshup INMAN DOUGLAS Academuc INOUYE KOICHI Academuc Pres I2A Japanese Club Spr 39 B Bloc un Baskelball 2 B Blocks un Track 2nd PruzeN S G W Publuc Speakung Conlesl 2nd un Reguonal ISHIMARU AKIKO Academuc ITAYA TOYOKO Academuc O SUMI Academuc O VICTOR NOBUYUKI Academ Gradualed un 3' 2 yrs B Block Baskerball lnlramural Awards O YUTAKA Academuc JACKSON PATRICIA Academuc JAMES EDWARD G Academuc F ofball Mgr 36 37 Bl ck S Foofball JATON KENNETH Academuc 2 Sem Honor Scholarshup JEUNG WILLIAM Commercual 4 Sem Honor Scholarshup JOHNSON VIRGINIA MAE Aca demuc 3 Sem Honor Scholarshup G 81 T Sfafl Orcheslra 37 39 P T A Scholarshup Award 38 JONES EDNA MAE Academuc JONES GUSS G Jr Academuc Pres TSquare Club Fall 38 JONTE DONALD Academuc Gold Seal 8 Sem Honor Scholarshup Pres Honor Scholarshup Spr 39 Pres HuY Pes uull and Scroll c S un Baske al Bloc Soc Edu'rorG 8fT Fall 38 Sporfs E or G 8u T Spr 38 Sfu en? Confrol 38 39 Merul Seal JUDGE JACQUELYN Academuc 5 Sem Honor Scholarshup J Red Cross Chaurman 38 39 Rally Com Fall 38 Pres Lafun Club 38 9 Vuce Pres Debafung Club Fall 37 38 2nd Pruze N S G W Pub luc Speakung Confesl Sludenl Con Iro Spr 37 . I -': re., I - ': 'I ':' . ' '-' I ' 'J .'. ' m ' " F - I .. -, - -I all '3. : ' ' ' I - -. I '-'g '-' .I -III I: ,39I ' ' ' - .'. II 3 ' j Buau"s .wrzuauoek 's' an I - -I I- '.I I- shipq Pre . Io ' l . . '39: ' , I - . I ' Se. o " . .' :Pr. II ' I '5 , ' ' ' ' ' '-' -A F I- - u :vu 7 , I. I . . 1 . I I B. 'B' u s BI 's" ak: I . . ' ' II I . -I 'I . I,-, ,.'. 'I ,I I -,I ,, - -, +',SI'. d' -Il'-I'h . - '. 'I -' -I ' ' -' . '-'. , -I A u I - -, , ' - ' 'u. ' - I .' ' ' 3 ' ' ' - Q ' : " ' " I Ci 3 I ackl u .'. I ' u " " M . - w . 1 u' I u 'j '35, 3 Crusaders' Conlesl, I ' - .I " ' - ' ur, - '. ' - .I . I uTI, I -II - 's', 'B' Blo k, and 2 Bl I! 's' in IGI 'u , " ' .' - - , , ' , If . I I , I I II ,, ,I 7 ' I Hg ui r ' -' g Vlce IT - I ' ,' .I I ' I 'I 'll ' .I o I .l -'IT o "ln ' s u. - -5 - . II -T I I .I I 'II I u - I aI,.I3I - , .I 'It . II , - ,,A, I, - -.s'. "' ' " '. " I - Z. I '-- - '.: '. I I - , ' f ar. 7 - A ' ' I' I . - -7 '-: r I . - A ' I - Blok ' ub ur k 's' u H ' -j - - ' - due' . 1 .I 'I .I '. 3 I - 'I ' .I ' '7-- I- 7 I. - ': rl . - '. , - '. .l3, I I .' . I 3 SENIOR LOG I UNE CLASS JULIUS IRVING Academuc KAMATANI NOBUKO Academuc KAMIBAYASHI FRANK Vocaluonal KASA HATSUYE Academuc I Sem Honor Scholarshup KATO SHIZUE Academuc Allend ed Lunden Hugh 35 KATO YOSHIE Academuc Allend ed Lunden Hugh 35 KATO YUKIKO Academuc I Sem Honor Scholarshup KAUFMAN HAROLD Academuc KEDDIE GEORGE F Academuc Sec Aeronaulucs Club 37 38 KENNEY ARTHUR LEROY Voca luonal KESTIN HELEN BEATRICE Aca demuc Cavalcade KING FRANCIS Academuc Won Cross Counlry Run Fall 38 Esca lo 5 KISHI YU KI Commercual KOLHER LOUVAN Academuc I Sem Honor Scholarshup Sec IIA Class Spr 38 Pres Lalun Club 38 Treas Debalung Club 37 G Xu T Slall Old Englush S Sludenl Con lrol Spr 39 Gurls League Advus ory Board 38 KOMURA JANE Academuc 5Sem Honor Scholarshup Sgl alArms Japanese Club Fall 36 Sec Jap anese Club Spr 37 KOREKIYO DOROTHYY Academ KUBOTA CLARA Academuc Sem Honor Scholarshup Sec Jap anese Club Fall 36 Rep Red Cross Coruvenluon un San Frarucusco 38 KYNASTON CHARLOTTE Academ uc Old Englush S LAGORIO EVELYN Academuc Gradualed un 3'2 years Pres Pro Musuca Club Band 35 38 Orcheslra 37 38 LANT EUGENE H Academuc Al lended Bouse Hugh un Idaho 35 36 Romona Hugh 36 37 LAWRENCE ANTONE Commercual Crce S and B Bloclr un Bas el ball 2 B Bloclrs un Foolball LEDBETTER BETTY JUNE Academuc Sgl al Arms French Club Sgl al Arms Tru Y Gurls League Advusory Board Sludenl Conlrol Spr 39 LEE HARRIET ISABELLA Academuc Gradualed un 3' 2 years LEONG GONG YUT Academuc 5 Sem Honor Scholarshup Sec T Square Club Spr 38 Pres Camera Club 37 38 Sec Ouull and Scroll 38 39 Pholographuc Edulor 38 Blue 81 Whule Edulor 39 Blue Xu Whule Rally Com Fall 38 Sludenl Conlrol Fall 38 Merul Seal Sec Treas Travel Club Fall 36 Spr 36 LEWIS ARTHUR JAMES-Academuc Vuce Pres Lalun Club 37 39 Yell Leader 38 39 LEWIS MARIAN Academuc LEWIS NORMA IRENE Academuc LEYVA RAOUL Academuc LINZ NATALIE VON Academuc 2 Sem Honor Scholarshup Trouba dours 38 39 Cavalcade LITTLETON MERRYLEE Academuc LOFLIN LERA ZELLE Commercual I Sem Honor Scholarshup Gurls League Advusory Board LUNDBLAD JOHN L Academuc Allended Los Galos Hugh 35 37 LUNDBLAD E LADD Academuc LYNCH JAMES J P Academuc MCADAMS LEE TINEN Academuc McALLISTER JOHN H Commer cual Allended Harlshorone Hugh n Olcla 35 MCCLOUD JANICE Academuc I Sem Honor Scholarshup Vuce Pres Gurls League Spr 38 Sec Treas Tennus Club Spr 38 Sec Treas ru Club Spr 37 Sec Treas Spanush Club Spr 38 Vuce Pres Spanush Club Fall 37 Sgl al Arms Tru Y Club Spr 39 Awards un Ten n MENDERSHAUSEN LAMBERT GLENN Academuc Troubadours F 8 MEOOUI EMELIE Commercual MEYERS VERNADENE Academuc MIKASA FUMIKO Commercual MIKEL VIVIAN Academuc Masc and Fem Revuew MILLER BARBARA Academuc Sec Tennus Club Fall 35 Tennus Awards MILLER EUGENE Academuc Block S un Traclr Allended Orland Hugh 35 38 MILLER FRANCES-Academuc MINAHEN CAROLYN ANNE Aca demuc MONASTERIO EDWARD Commer Curcle S a B lc Tr c Block S Soc Inlramural Awards Bungalow Enlrance McCLOUD JEAN Academuc I Spanush Club Spr 37 Pres Span Club all 38 Pr s TuY Club Fall 38 Pres Tr lub Spr 9 Pres l2B ass Spr 38 Awards un Tennus Sludenl Conlrol Fall 37 MCENENY ALICE JANE Academuc MclNTOSH LUCILLE RUTH Aca demuc Sludenl Conlrol Spr 37 MCKINSEY DONNA ROBERTA Academuc McLAU6HLIN MAX Academuc Bloclc Ss un Basluelball MAFFEI NAT Academuc Gradual ed un 3'2 years MAKISHIMA GLADYS MASAKO Academuc Allended Lodu Hugh 35 MALKOUN ALBERT 2 Curcle S and 2 Bloclc Ss un Foolball Boclr S oc MALMGREN CLIFFORD Academ uc Allended Greenvulle Hugh 35 37 Vuce Pres Spanush Club 38 MARCH HARRIETA Academuc MARTIN WINIFRED Commercual MAUCH LE BERNICE BARBARA Academuc MAYO JOE S Academuc Band F 7 MEAD EMELIA ALICE Academuc Allended Sandpounl Hugh un Idaho 35 37 MONDON ERNESTJ Academuc lended Tulare Hugh 35 38 MONTE VERDE ROLLAND Aca demuc Vuce Pres Pro Musuca Club 38 39 Orcheslra 38 39 MOORE FRANK Academuc Sgl al Arms T Square Club Fall 38 MOREAU DORIS Commercual MORRIS MARGUERITE L Com mercual MURPHY KATHERINE Commer cua MYERS MAROUID Academuc I Sem Honor Scholarshup NAGATA YOSHIKO Commercual NAKAWATASE LILY TOSHIKO Commercual NASON IRENE Academuc NAVE ANN Commercual NEAL ROY Vocaluonal NEWELL GLENN Vocaluonal NEWTON DOROTHEA Commer cual Gradualed un 3'2 years NICHLEY MARGARET Commer cual Busuness Mgr G Xu T Spr 39 NIELSEN FREDERICK JR Academ uc Allended Trunuly Hugh Shasla Hugh and Alameda Hugh 35 Fall NIIZAWA GRACE TOSHIKO Com mercual NISHIMURA KIYOKO ELEANOR Academuc Allended H q as 36 NISHIMURA NANCY Academuc Allended Hug 35 36 NISHIMURA TOSHIO Academuc Allended Elk Grove Hugh 35 36 NOGARE SAVERIO D Academuc Pres llaluan Club 38 Slall ol Lo Sludenle llaluano 38 NOJIRI HIDEKO ROSIE Academuc NOMURA EMILY Academuc I Sem Honor Scholarshup NUNES PEARL Commercual N UNOKAWA SUMIKO SALLY Academuc NUTT GUYNN Academuc G 8: T Slall Casl ol Peg O My Hearl O BRIEN BERNICE-'Commercual OBRIEN TIM Academuc I S m Honor Scholarshup OCONNOR DEAN Academuc B Bloclc un Baslcelball ODELBERG JACK Academuc OHASHI HANNAH Academuc Masc and Fem Revuew OLIVER JACK EDWARD Academuc OLIVER KENNETH Academuc Sgl al Arms French Club Fall 38 ORVIS BETTY Academuc Orcheslra 37 38 OSCHNER MAY ALVINIA Com mercual OTO GEORGE Academuc OTO YUKIYE HELEN Academuc PARK MARIKO Academuc Sgl al Arms Japanese Club Fall 38 PAULO RAY Commercual Curcle S and B Bloclc un Foolball PEDROLI VIRGINIA MARIE Com mercual Slall ol Lo Sludenle Ilal uaruo 36 37 PEIRANO JOHN WILLIAM Aca Elk Grove SHIZUE Ellc Grove demuc llaluan Honor Award PERKINS EVAN K Academuc 2 m Honor Scholarshup Pres French Club 37 38 Sp0rlS ECIIIOF 39 Blue 8: Whule Orcheslra 35 38 P T A Scholarshup Award 38 Sludenl Conlrol Fall 38 PERKINS SHERMAN Academuc Band 38 39 PESCE VIVIAN Commercual Grad ualed un 3' 2 y6dfS PETERKIN DOROTHEE Academuc PEZZI EDITH Commercual PHILLIPS MARTHA RUTH Aca demuc Sec Treas TruY Club Casl ol Peg O My Hearl PHILLIPS SHIRLEY Commercual Pres Old Englush S 39 Sludenl Conlrol 37 PICKARD DELPHA Commercual Gradualed un 3' 2 years PODESTA EDNA DOROTHY Aca demuc PODESTO ANNE M-Commercual POLLARD CHESTER Vocaluonal Allended Calaveras Hugh un San Andreas 35 36 PONSO FRANK Commercual Gradualed un 3' 2 years POOLEY YVONNE Academuc PORTILLO CRUZ Vocaluonal 36 ' 1 .' . -II suu'3.- ' au1'.'I, -- I I I I I I I I I- I I . II . -u' I ' . "'.I I' uI.'-'3a. I ' II. - I I II ." I T .IY I' . I' ' . I : I' ' I I I YI ' I I : I -- -I I cial: ' I ' nd 2 Ee 'S's in ' I - ' g Ie . V1 I3 - I- .' 1 I - a lc: ' ' .5 ' . I - - I us. . - I - - I - I lc. I I I u - I ' I . -- I I 3 ' - I ' u , f I ' i I I .1 I . u -u . LANCELLE. EUGENE-Commefflali Sem, Honor Scholarship: Vice-Pres. MONTANOI JANE-Academic. A+, . I ' . I- I I II I -I - I ish F Fall ' Ig Vice: I I . - ' I I 7 I I- ' I . e, r'- ' 3 . I- . I . ' .- I Se . 7 I - -'- YC Q31 . cu ' , a I - ' u 1 - - - '- I ' - . ' ' .I " ' .I I . I : ' .'I I I - I ' . X I I . I . I I I . - I 1 2 I' , - I - ' ' f T I . - I I . - ' - I ' T '- - . - I : I f ' ' "' I ' ' -I . . '- 1 ' 'H .. -I ' --. .j ' ' -1 "1 . I I I I I II I I : . .- . I ' . X I . I I . - I . all I3 . I- I , ' I' . - I "' I 7 I - - I I - - I '39, f - SENIOR LOG I UNE CLASS PRATO LENA Commercual Grad SCOTT VIOLET Academuc Aflend uafed un 3'2 years ed Lodu Hugh 36 37 Round Valley PREECE JACK Academuc Allend Hug 37 38 ed Needles Hugh 36 and Gallup SETNESS MATHIAR BRADFORD Hug 36 38 Academuc PRIVAT FRANK Vocaluonal SHADLEY HELEN MAE Academuc Pkoru-lens LLoYo THOMAS Aca Sec 'M Class SP' 39 demuc Band 36 39 su-uAu.JuAN esru-usa JANE Aca PROTHERS NADINE Academuc RABY ROMA VIRGINIA Commer cua RALLIOS SOPHIE Commercual RAVEN BOB-Academuc Comm I cords Fall 37 al a Com Fall 38 Yell Leader Spr 38 REINKING ELOISE Academuc REMBOLT MARY BERNYCE ANN Academuc RILEY MERLE H JR Academuc Aflended Polylechnuc Hugh un San Francusco 35 36 RISSO DAVE C Vocallonal ROBINSON CHARLES DON Com rcual Band 35 36 37 38 cheslra 36 37 Allended Oakdale H g 35 as RODRIGUEZ KATHERINE Commer cual Allended Jackson Hugh 36 ROGERS MARY LOUISE Academuc ROSSI CATHERINE PAULINE Aca demuc ROWLEY GILBERT J Commercual RUBALCABA RAOUL Academuc RUBIN BOB-Academuc Pr s Cass Fall 38 Sec Block S oc Block S un Foofball Sludenl' Con I 38 9 Honor Scholarshup RUMRILL ALBERT Academuc 2 Sem Honor Scholarshup Sql al arms Spanusl-u Club 37 Treas Span ush Club 38 Band 36 37 Allend ed Manleca Hugh 35 37 RUSSELL CHESTER Commercual RYUTO MASARU Academuc Pres anush Club 36 3 C cle S Track SAATHOFF VELVA Academuc SAKO LILLIAN SHIZUYE Aca demuc SAMUELSON CARL Vocafuonal SANDMAN ED Academuc Sec T S uare Club 38 B Block and 3 Bloc Ss un Swummung Sludenl Conlrol Spr 39 SANTELLA JOSEPH Commercual SATO TAKAKO CAROLYN Aca demuc SAWREY LEONARD Academuc Gradualed un 3l2 yrs Affended Lewus and Clark Hugh un Spokane Wash 36 37 SCHURR EDWARD EARL Aca demuc SCHWALL ALFRED Academuc SCHWARTZ JANET LORRAINE Academuc Graduated un 3' 2 yrs 3 demuc SHIMASAKI JOHN Vocaluonal SHIMASAKI KIYOSHI Academuc Treas Japanese Club Fall 38 Block S un Baskelball SHINMOTO GEORGE Vocaruonal SHRIVER JEAN PHYLLIS Aca demuc Troubadours 37 39 SILVERA EVELYN Commercual Graduafed un 3'2 years SILVY TOM Academuc Vuce Pres T Square Club Fall 38 STRAIN LYDELLE Commercual Al' lended Commerce Hugh ID San Francusco 38 STREET JUNE Academuc Alfended Eldorado Hugh 36 37 STRETCH BILL Academuc Gradu e un 3 2 ys 2 Sem Honor Scholarshup Casf of Peg O My Hearl Sfudenl Conlrol Fall 38 SUGIMOTO HIDEMARU Academ TAIRA FUMIKO Commercual 4 Sem Honor Schalarshup TAIT GILBERT Commercual TAKEDA LILY YURIKO Academuc l Sem Honor Scholarshup TAKESHITA LILY Academuc TANAKA JIMMIE M Academuc Sgl af Arms Japanese Club Curcle c B c Track Curcle S un Baskefball Memorual Oak SIMPSON DORIS MAE Commer cual Tennus Awards SINGLETON ELISE MAY Academuc SJOOUIST RONALD HOWARD Academuc SMITH HELEN Academuc SMITH RANDOLPH K Academuc B Block un Foolball and Baskelball Ban 35 37 SNIPES DORIS Academuc SOLARI FLORENCE L Commer cua res n us r Pres l+aluan Club 38 39 Busuness Mgr Lo Sludenle Ifaluano 38 39 SOMMERS NADINE Academuc Pres Phulophysean 38 39 Sludenf Conlrol Spr 39 SOUTHARD GORDON C Voca luonal SOUTHARD RALPH HAMILTON Academuc SPANOS HARRY ARISTODEM US Commercual SPARROW DEE Academuc 3Sem Honor Scholarshup Edufor G 8u T Spr 39 uull and Scroll 38 39 STEEL CARLTON Academuc STONE BARON Academuc STOVER JUNE Academuc TATEYAMA JOYCE MITSUKO Academuc Alfended Oe Gurls Hugh un Japan 33 37 TAVELLA EMILY Commercual Vuce Pres Old Englush S 39 TELLER VEDA Academuc TEMBY BARBARA Academuc G Xu T Sfaff TENER BETTY Academuc THOMPSON BOYD Academuc Cus o uan 36 urcle un rac Menzies Awards Yell Leader 38 39 Rally Com Fall 38 Slu en? Conirol Spr 36 Spr 38 THOMPSON CARL W Commer cua THOMSEN WILHELMINA Com mercual 2 Sem Honor Scholarshup TOMINAGA MARIAN Academuc I Sem Honor Scholarshup Attend ed Elk Grove Hugh 35 38 TROTTER ALMA Commercual TRUEX WENDELL Academuc TSUDAMA MASATO Commercual Sgr al Arms Fall 38 TSURUMOTO ROSE Commercual TSUSHIMA EVELYN M Commer cual I Sem Honor Scholarshup TUTTON MARSH Academuc UCHIMOTO TADASHI Academuc Alfended Commercual Hugh un Ja p n 32 6 URRIZOLA PETER JOSEPH Com mercual B Block un Foolball framural Awards UYESUGI AGNES MASAE Aca demuc I Sem Honor Scholarshup VANDEWARK GERALDINE Aca demuc VANDEWARK WADE L Academuc VANDEWARK WAYNE Academuc VAN PELT JOE Academuc VASSAR FRANCIS Commercual Band 36 39 VIAL ALBERT Commercual B Block un Track VOTE DEAN Academuc VOTE JEAN Academuc Vuce Pres T Square Club Spr 39 WALKER JERROLD JOSEPH Aca demuc News Edulor G 8u T 38 WALLER JAMES B Academuc Al Iended Lodu Hugh 34 35 WALTON LEMOINE Academuc Yell Leader Spr 38 Casf of The Yankee Kung WATSON JANE Academuc WAUTIER DORIS Commercual Graduafed un 3'2 years WHETSTINE GLEN Vocaluonal WHITE CARROLL N Academuc 2 Sem Honor Scholarshup WILEY NELLIE Commercual WILKINSON JOYCE Commercual Allended Soulh Kulsays Hugh 34 WILLIAMS DOROTHY Academuc Affended Shasfa Hugh 35 36 WILLIAMSON EUGENE Vocaluonal WILLIS LOIS Academuc WILLIS REX Academuc Alfended Twun Fall Hugh un Idaho 36 WILSON JANETTE Academuc WISEMAN ALICE MAE Commer Cla WITT HERBERT Academuc Gold Seal 7 Sem Honor Scholarshup Vuce Pres Hu Y Spr 39 Siu enf Confrol 38 39 Meruf Seal WOLTERS ELINOR Commercual WONG DORIS YING Commercual WONG JIMMIE Commercual Gold Seal 7 Sem Honor Scholarshup Sec Treas Chunese Club 37 Merul ea WONG PEGGY ANN Commercual 2 Sem Honor Scholarshup Sec Treas Chunese Club Spr 37 Pres Chunese Club 37 38 WOODS A JUNE Academuc Graduafed un 3l 2 years NVYMAN GERALDINE Academuc Vuce Pres Gurls League Spr 38 YAMANAKA MARION H Aca demuc YAMANAKA NOBORU Academuc YARDLEY PATRICIA Academuc YOSHIMI LARRY HISAO Voca fuonal YROZ ALBERT Academuc Sec Boys Scuence Club 38 39 Orcheslra 35 3 YROZ LYDIA Academuc ZAPPETTINI RALPH Commercual ZEITER JOSEPH Academuc .I X- ' 1 - .l ' z - . - . .. - r -:Ina - .r - 'lu' .'. ' '. . .hu .u 1 I-, I ' ug' 'I Ig . I. . - .- Q n . . md.. V-'ri - -' ' 'II - I ' "' I ' ic. I -I I . I - I5 . I: .o , I I II 'I .- I Re ',Fl'3auRuly y , - ', - .- u . I1 If - I ,' " - 'I' . - , I ' . - I 'u ' - . 'sy 'B' suou, and 2 lo uuI's's in 4 ' ., meI:I I-I ,I -'I-:Ori ' - I' U uh' I f -- '37.I I ' 7. - I '3s. I , A e. u2B l . - '. l I: . IIS -i l iii I ... ': ual' -'3. I - - '. RUGANI- RAY-ffusademlff 2 Sem- WINDELER, MARIAN-Academic. I T .I .: . l . .,': ' V . , 1 - . , ':. I'-ig A .I 1 I - u-- ' I. Ii :,: d . Spf If - '- 5 . - 3. j -fu ' . a' I - -z - , U ' Y: - -, , - -, fd' ' uc' 's" T uu .- . ' ' u ' ' ' , -. S u. . - - . -- - 'u . 'u d - -, -, 'uuP .ouaEgu'hsp.'3au y, ' .. Q ' T . ' . I I-I . I I-7 I -I 1-ui I I I q I I 1 -' 73. I - A - '. ' If k... . .y . I . n f , ' .I 'f.-5 I T -T Il I - -', .- -' uuo' I n '. I-4I 'I - A - . '36:. ' a-'39, III I f - . - I. a I -'3. I , - ', I 7- 'r'r T'IK TTKNTN FW gen: FALL SPRING qhf JIM M CAR I BEULAI-I T ghT EDNA MAY MO RE I VA ONG IIA S R 2 GEORGE RAAB IIBS AR M IE GENUIT IIA V P KEISTER I BARA SHAW IIB V P LUANA FORKNER IIB P econd class seamen' Such are The lumors on The shup Thelr Tour year Iourney Three TourThs over They Teel conTIdenT oT saIlIng home wITh Tlylng colors naTurally Many oT Them echo The senTImenTs expres sed by John MaseTIeld In Sea Fever I musT down To The seas agaun To The lonely sea and The sky And all I ask IS a Tall shlp and a sTar To sTeer her by And The wheel s klck and The wlnd s song and The whITe saIl s shaklng And a grey mIsT on The sea s Tace and a grey dawn breakung I musT down To The seas agaln Tor The call oT The run mng Tnde Is a wIld call and a clear call ThaT may noT be denued And all I ask IS a wIndy day wITh The whITe clouds Tlymg And The Tlung spray and The blown spume and The sea gulls cryung I musT down To The seas agaln To The vagranT gypsy e To The gulls way and The whales way where The wnnd s Irke a wheTTed knITe And all I ask IS a merry yarn Trom a Iaughlsng Tellow rover And quIeT sleep and a sweaT dream when The long Truck s over OT course a modern TreIghTer IS somewhaT dIT TerenT Trom The romanTIc saIIIng vessel ThaT so en chanTed Iv1aseTIeld lusT as The modern school dITTers Trom The IITTIe red schoolhouse BuT The second class man Teels The call down To The seas agaln when The summer vacaTIon IS over he may grumble a lITle abouT golng back To work again buT he really IS pleased To agam hear a wuld call and a clear call In SepTember In every acTIvITy oT The shlp he knows he IS needed and ImporTanT I-Ie knows ThaT nexT year he wIll be a TIrsT class seaman so he musT make The mosT oT ThIs year Perhaps hes noT quITe as promInenT as The TourTh year saulors buT he s almosT The second class seaman has conslderable hanr on hns chesT probably a TaTToo or Two and an exTensIve vocabulary oT The sTronger words In The Englush language I-Ie can TIghT hIs own baTTles and knows hIs way around The world OI more ImporTance he has acquured a good many skulls and a greaT deal oT pracTIcal knowledge durung hus TIrsT Two years aT sea one as an apprenTIce and one as a Thlrd class sea man The older sallors and The OH'-ICGFS know ThaT They can TrusT hum and delegaTe To hum conslderable responsIbIIITy aTTer all IT wonT be long unTIl hes ThaT mosT gloruous creaTure oT all a TIrsT class saIlor So he does hus work conscIenTIously and wullnngly realuzlng has ImporTanT posITIon on The shnp 38 I I is uvww' Row I lleff To rl' I: c TY, I A Pres.: lLeT To ri I: O , I A Pres.: E , ec.: ow : , ec.: B - AR , ice- res.: JIM , IB Pres. , ice- res.: , res. i - - I . . . Q . -1 . I . . - ll ' ll - - II - I! H ' ' H , T ' . . . I I ' ' ll ' ll I - - I I ' . . , . ' I ' ' . . I ' I I . . . . l i . ' ' . ' , - ' - . . . . , , , . . I c . I - I . . IIT . - - - - - ' I u I ' ' - . . . I . I . g ' . I . - . u ' I . . Q I n q q I GROUP A Read from lell lo righl and bollom To lop Row l-M. Nishimura, J. Mikel, B. Miller, M Nishimura, M. Nomura, H. Morila. Row 2-J. Salo, V. Rodoni, E. M. Moore M. Guzman, V. Murphy, E. Salmon, M Rogers. Row 3-R. Newlon, E. Powell, G. Miller, S. Schwarlz, A. Rozmarine, J, Pierson, H Chrislen. Row 4-B. McKinnon, P. Bean, L. Momi, B Mosman, J. Rudebaugh, C. Reichmulh, A Prall, H. Monii. Row 5-T. Kubola, H. Nagala, E. Sanqui- nelli, F. Malsumolo, L. Monegan, J Owens, R. Miller, R. Main. Row 6-V. Laqorio, O. Rowley, M. Rippy L. Holman, M. Michels, E. Schroder, E Oshima, R. Schaenernan, B. Shaw. Row 7-B. Milligan, L. Sanguinelli, B. Ross- man, H. Menking, T. Pierce, C. Marchanl T, Manuel, F. Mackey, K. Mar. GROUP B Row l-M. Takehiro, J. Ulsumi, M. Valencia F. Laughridge, L. Lee. Row 2-J, Slerlino, D. Toy, L. Verduqo, R Slanger, A. Thomas, T. Panlelios. Row 3-D. Lee, N. Kimmel, V. Kolez, L Volpi, M. Lopez, R. Tuchlenhagen, L Sparkman. Row 4-E. Viviano, L. Rangle, L. Schmidl J. Oclear, W. Weil, J. Shand, A. Sanders Row 5-V. Rames, B. Richichi, M. Oshila, J Mehan, E. Morrison, M, Kendrick, L Thomason, L. Johnson. Row 6-A. lserl, A. Luporini, D. Miller, J Sloul, M. Swanson, M. Pashoula, B McKee, I. Solari. Row 7-J. Jacobs, G. Huey, P. Webb, J Walls, B. Viqnolo, D. Yellner, V. Searnans M. Passadore, B. Searinq. Row 8-B. Murphy, M. Smilh, E. Shoop A. Walkins. GROUP C Row I-M. Ballilana, W. Remonda, R. Con ard, S. Welzel, M. Choal, l. Malleoli. Row 2--G. Walanuki, L. Conlreras, D. Caler H. Reqaliz, M. Bona, J. Barr, T. Takernolo Row 3-F. Ballilana, D. Capilanich, L. Allen- holl, M. Bascom, N. Bonino, C. Beau- chernin, E. Comer. Row 4-N. Thomas, L. Carler, N. Cook, D Berry, P. Clyce, M. Brown, C. Baker. Row 5-B. Balleu, P. Claudino, E. M. Bruhl J. Paqano, V. Brill, B. Piraino, B. Balalli B. Bell. Row 6--N. Peselli, B. Dow, F. Scanavino, L. Pochini, H. Rulloni, H. Roberlson, L. Volpi Row 7-D. Sharpe, J. Noyer, G. Ruqani 39- .1-9 JUNIORS , --i"" JUNIORS lf, fp GROUP A Read from leff lo righf and borfom To Top Row I-M. Kiyo+aka, B. Inamasu, K. Ogala M. Okamolo, S. Oshila. Row 2-B. Ong, N. Nelson, H. Mellon, C Gudmundsen, E. Laqorio, S. Louie. Row 3-M, Maggs, B. Joy, M. L. Nunan A. Marlefre, D. Pease, H. Lee, E. Mar leucci. Row 4-A. Perkins, M. LaCare, J. Miller, P Chrisfopulos, M. Phillips, E. Kinqery, L Nowak. Row 5-E. Carlos, J. Gehriq, B. Giles, H Cafes, V. Ghiorzo, W. Hallori, V. Brown mq. Row 6-B. Hams, J. Dinubilo, B. Dorcey J. Akaba, G. Hara, D. Bowden, S. Bush M. Baba. Row 7-M. Fox J. Bisbikis, M. Church, G Darico, E. Caldera, B Davidson, B. Han- sen, L. French, C. Gardipee. GROUP B Row I-G. Schweilzer, H. Webb, E. Ng, E Gardea, B. L. Graves. Row 2-K. Panfelios, J. Schwarfz, M, Willson F. Newlon, E. Puqliese, M. Macias. Row 3-J. Schwarlz, N. Schwarfz, J. Tomba V. Oschner, A. Jefferson, L. Traverso. D Newlon. Row 4-M. Voiqhl, H. Hickey, P. Tillman J. Tranfo, B. Turner, C. Gonzales, L. Prafol D. Pickard. Row 5-M. Refzlall, D. Waufier, B. Warren, T. Sarmienlo, G. Soufhard. E. Tanberg, N, R. York, J. Thresher. Row 6-E. Troglia, T. Schleqel, E. Ingram, D. Hill, F. Wilson, A. Morelli, V. Pesce. D. Parne. Row 7-E. Halch, l. Lehn, G. Ruqqles, E. Macias, J. Raffo, E, Whife, L. Hines R. Vickroy. GROUP C Row I--l. Hakeem, G. Ferguson, W. Skad- den, C. Espinecla, G. Davis. Row 2-N. Burfon, B. Presfon, D. Grahlrnan. V. Goodnol, D. Bilso, R. Sanquineffi. Row 3-K. G-iuffra, E. Giannecchini, B. Roof, H. Shinrnolo, M. Roberlson, J. Sweeney, R. Rehner. Row 4-C. Pond, M. Parso, M. Greeniq, M. Henry, N. Belluomini, D. Bloom, B. Garrow. Row 5-D. Renwick, S. Chrisfensen, G. Davis, M. Golifhon, B. Bloom, M. Chor, D. French. Row 6-F, Polelfi, J. Peri, G. Parroll, D. Fisher, D. Bluell. A. Guerrero, S. Saiki, G. Raab. Row 7-J. Roek, B, Peferson, K. Saga, R. Rasmussen, A. Scoll, N. Prince. B. Sfronq. H. Smylhe. -40 GROUP A Read from leff lo right and botfom to Top Row I-H. Kawano, L. Koo, S. Hayashino, J. Hiqashi, L. Johnson. Row 2-F, Axner, G. Oro, P. Lacey. C Loduca, V. Hirsch, A. Freifas. Row 3-M. Johnson, K. Koqa, J. Kiraqawa T. lnouye, A. M. Calcaqno, H. Oshila R. Holsfe. Row 4-B. Halverson, B. Firpo, G. Johnson L. Krames, W. Hill, A. Lee, B. Lewis. Row 5-G. MacDonald, J. Ladd, R. A. Jack son, E. J. Huber, B. Forresler, L. Mallin 6. Kroh. Row 6-J. Malloy, B. Holden, B. Lewis, D Liffle, S. Filippone, A. Fornaciari, S. Nishi kawa. Row 7-A. Corradi, B. Canofe, A. Gaqe, R Hudqens, E. Bofhwell, N. Henderson. Row 8-B. McDerrno'rf, B. Mckeeqan, E Harden. GROUP B Row I-R. Doi, H. Arala, V. Ellis, M. Eva s J. Abboff, M. Elo. Row 2-E. Fenlon, V. Flack, G. Akimolo, E Drake, B. Goodwin, J. DeMar+ini, W. Donis Row 3-F. Fujii. H. Foppiano, M. Emerson, L Forkner, E. Chinn, A. Diaz, K, Fuiishiqe Row 4-R. Chase, H. Hamilion, J. Calderon S. Baishiki, A. Gilmore, H. Hadden, J Daqq. Row 5-Z. Dye, G. Dal-Porlo, E. Horsf, B Formafi, E. M, Genuif, E. Gilmore, F Equinoa, E. Holman. Row 6-J. Correia, C. Coomes, J, Fuqazi W. Forney, M. L. de Arrieia, N. Gllberf M. Davis. Row 7-D. Dickey, B. Fallon, H. Crawford J. Friend, A. Charles, P. Birkes, G. Dick- man, C. Folherinqham. GROUP C Row l-Y. Ifaya, D. Kaneqaye. M. Lewis G. Harriman, K. Kaneda, C. Kalo. Row 2-T. Holla, D. Hackeff, J. Kasa, D Ghiqlieri, W. Kaplan, J. Granl, l. Tsufomi. Row 3-D. Giles, R. Kinq, R. Kosich, R Greenman, T. Ka'ro, T. Jeunq, J. Gomez Row 4-M. Hayakawa, B. Huneleld, S. Jones, M, Lilfle, C. Marlin, J. McFarland, L Huqhes, B. Gipner. Row 5-D. Lyons, E. Kruqer, D. Lucas, V. Maqqini. Z. Holmes, E. Hill, B. Hulson Row 6-Z. Jackfon, S. Kornicker, G. Good- way, R. Haugen, H. Kendrick, D. Holm J. Herrero, D. Harnilfon. Row 7-B. Fish, J. Hachrnan, P. Johnson R. Hironyrnous, O. Grosshad, W. Halen. W. Holden, D. Jackson. 4I- JUNIGRS JUNICDRS GROUP A Read from leff +o righf and boffom fo lop Row I-M. E. Fuller, V. llo, G. Berrell L. Gomez, L. Baba. Row 2-T. Kimura, E. Eckgren, A. Giqlio J. Freeman, S. Naqai, R. Livoni. Row 3-H. Kusama, E. Bailey, M. Dick M. Ausfin, E. DePugh, N. J. Dahms, B Pellalon. Row 4-B. Johnson, A. Curran, N. Hoque D. Lee, B. Cohen, B. Conradl, P. Green- berg. Row 5-J. Gardner, M. Boslon, N. McGurk J. McCar+y, B. Salazar, D. Hill, S. Ahearn Row 6-J. Bealon, J. Hess, G. Medlin, J Lillard, B. Pierucci, D. Higgins, B. Carle-r Row 7-B. Hoffman, E. Miller, C. Lesfer L. Levinson, S. Deifh, B. Henry, J. Kenyon GROUP B Row I-E. Avansino, H. Furuyama, J. Board L. Carey, C. Eberle. Row 2-J. Garner, B. Wallace, G. Smifh, P Spanqle, B. Wilkinson, E. Yoshikawa. Row 3-M. Andrew, E. Brown, M. Bisio, D Denloni, E. Franck, L. Belforf, D. Robbins Row 4-M. Loy, R. Bennell, N. Brown, J Busalacchi, M. Brescia, J, Bulch, L. Boc coli, P, Kelley. Row 5-N. Maflei, A. Hammond, J. Giaco- voni, B. Harrold, E. Schmidl, F. Ponso E. Aqesen, J. Walshe, P. Leonardini. Row 6-D. Mills, J. Smilh, C. Thomas J. Cleland, E. Slewarl, D. Rosenberg, C Schweifzer, D. Moore, E. Reqhillo. Row 7-F. Barr, L. Sawrey, H. Vereqge, T Tucker, J. Sanguinelli, B. S+re+ch, D Wade, N. Verkerk, L. Daniels. GROUP C Row I-M. Tomila, A. Tsuchida, K. Shima- kawa, A. Walanabe, R. Toy. Row 2-K. Yamada, E. Sueyasu, H. Wiley D. Uyeda, L. Walson, N. Upwall. Row 3-L. D. Young, T. Tanaka, J. Takala F. Yoshimi, G. Tenio, B. Yip, R. Teranishi Row 4-E. Weinslein, A. M. Vickroy, V Thurman, B. Somervill, Y. Yonemofo, R Walanabe, W, Tracy. Row 5-B. Sonberq, G. Wong, M. Towle B. Smifh, M. Takala, H. Tripp, l. Teller Row 6-E. Sforer, R. West F. Walson, B Sibbald, P. Viqlienzone. D. Willmeier D. Williams. Row 7-P. Williams, D. Widney, B. Zeller F. Turpin, A. V. Camp, L. Van Dyke B. Sullivan. Row 8-H. Tsulsui. M. Warwick, M. Warner L. Tully, L. Warner, G. Traphagen, B Whilney, G. Wolfe, W. Tolle, -42 SCDPHOMCDRES Row I-D. NorTh, F. Lee, M. Murano, M Niizawa, E. Oschner. G. McElhany. Row 2-B. Mead, S. NakawaTase, M. Noiiri, G. Muraoka, A. Mikasa, B. Mifchell. Row 3-E. Muzio, L. Olivares. E. Passadore . oriwaki, . N , F. NiTTa, M. M C M D g waki, S. Morodomi. Row 4-D. PeTerson, J. Navone, I. Mo Piazza, M. Mendoza, M. Oshifa. V. Pizzo N. Muzio. Row 5-S. Nishimura, T. Mayeda. H. N O. Pelleqri, M, Nixon, M. Mich Row 6-L. Mccorlrel, D. Larkin, R. Mafens, , A. MarcheTTi, A. MaTTice, J. Leary, E. i Marchiiyi L Lemon H Murphy. vii Nunes, L. bsferdock, Milligan. I i II aboard for The second Trip! The sailors who were mere apprenfices lasT year have had a few monfhs leave and are now reTurning To The ship as Third-class seamen. l-low much larger and more mafure They are! WiTh how much confidence do They swing aboard and sTarT Their work on The good old Tub! During The firsT few weeks much of Their leisure Time is spenT in feeling and acTing superior To The green apprenfices, and perhaps They give a few momenTs To speculafion on The facT ThaT They were iusT as inexperienced and awkward a year ago. l-low The Time flies along when aboard The boaTl And how much one learns in a year! The Third-class seamen are beginning To enTer inTo all The ship's acTiviTies, and gone are The days of feeling small and insignificanT. Now They will have a chance To show ThaT They can conTribuTe Their share To The life of The ship. SporTs, dramaTics, or- ganizafions-all of These acTiviTies are enTered by The sailors. Affer all iT won'T be so very long before They'll be The largesT and oldesT members of The crew, second-class sailors, and The following year, firsT-class sailors! Of course The capTain and The officers feel ThaT They should give These seasoned "salTs" considerably more work Than is doled ouT To The apprenTices. WhaT a loT of polishing of brass, scrubbing of decks, aTTend- 43- ing To The engine rooms-and so on-and on! The Third-class seamen may complain now and Then las The nighT work geTs heavierl, buT They' are really pleased wiTh The exTra work, for iT proves ThaT They are growing maTure and reaching posifions of re- sponsibiliTy. The officers no longer have To give deTailed and elaborafe insTrucTions when The orders for work are given ouT To The sailors who have already had a year on The ship. There is a greaT Thrill in feeling accusfomed To The ship, The officers, and The work, buT iT Takes abouT a year To "geT inTo The sTride." During The second year The sailors are feeling Their own sTrengTh and glorying in iT. Some of Them are a biT cocky, buf ThaT's To be expecfed-everyone goes Through The experience of feeling assured and confidenT where once he felT ignoranT and awkward. No longer are They green around The gills when a sTorm comes up: no longer do They feel blue and homesick. The ship is really Their second home: They feel as naTural and happy There as when under Their parenTs' snug roofs on The shore. A kind word from CapTain Ellis now and Then, friendly hours wiTh The officers lsTern buT iusTl, good-naTured fun wiTh Their fellow sailors, and a greaT deal of good hard work-whaT could be beTTer? Of course, iT's rafher hard To give up some of The evenings To so much work, buT afTer all, The Third-class seamen have proved ThaT They can "Take- iT." GROUP A Read from left Oo righf and bottom to lop Row l-M. Yamashifa, D. Curlis, M. Yabu mofo, M. Hungerford, D, Earl. Row 2-Y. Terashila. M. Salrai. S. Tabuchi G. Echandi, F. Coyello, O. Garcia. Row 3-E. Cavagnaro, Y. Cafaffo, E. Capa russo, L. Camicia, E. Befhards, H. Ru balcaba. Row 4-R. M. Busalacchi. L. Bowen, C Powell, D. Snoolc, P. Johnslon, H. Toy V. Adams. Row 5-S. Garciacelay, M. Smifh, E. Sand- berg, J. Pugmire, B. Schuffe, J. Yoclcey J. Pleau, E. Sfrand. Row 6-B. Archambaulf, V. Villanueva, S Whiff, G. Schmidf, M. Balmer, J. Willeff M. A. Zichichi. Row 7-B. Hopkins, J. Schurr, B, Bailey E. Baldwin, 6. Del Corso, D. Bundy, B Chernoclc. Row 8-A. Warner, E. Vaccarezza, B. Arm- slrong, J. Armsfrong. J. Horton, A. Tolle J. Brown, D. Brown, L. Aboud. GROUP B Row I-A. M. Ng, l. Muralrami, D. Lao A. Head, G. Onweiler, F. O'Connor. Row 2-S. Howland, L. Maesfrale, F. Mc- Bride, C. Nishiolra, B. Kampschmidi, l Kromann. Row 3-l. R. Mafhews, E. Lincoln, M. Kalz J. Oliver, H. Linker, M. Pedroia, H. Harris Row 4-V. Kinser, G. Jeflry, E. Landricci R. M. Johnson, J. Hendrix, M. Pelefz D. Kern. Row 5-B. L. Ingram, P. Johnson, J. Morse B. Pelerson, D. Miller. F. Mayo, C. Keys E. Parsons. Row 6-J. Keisler, K. Oni1ul:a,W. Heimann B. Lim, E. Hansen, R. Holden, G. Ng C. McGeorge. H. Ko. Row 7-B. Mason, A. Mineffo, J. Page, S Moberly, L. Johnson, B. Ogden, A. Knight K. Kazuo, R. Luian. GROUP C Row I-M. Young, Y. Shinoda, M. Macias . Nomellini, I. Padgeh, B. L. Shaclrelford nn' F yllow 2-M. Mafsumura, L. Peres, J. lnfelise T . Rishwain, G. Pizzi, F. Doi, D. Grahlman Row 3-M. Bird, B. Bradley. B. Chinchiolo B. Coale, T. Breganle, A. Cosfa, J Glasner, Row 4-B. Cola, B. Tealdi, F. Pelligri, J Asforino, L. Gwerder, G. Fousf, T. Aflrins Row 5-E. Gilgerf, H. Rowley, V. Laguna M. Navarro, B. J. Johnson. D. Suzuki M. Murphy. Row 6-J. Small. L. Mazzera, D. Weslfall J. Sandman, B. Yescas, F. Ferroqgiaro V. Pierce, E. Sanfelli, E. Frazier. Row 7-C. James, L. Niguo, E. Seidel, M Sigrisl, E. Rebs, B. Dillon. Row 8-J. Benfz, B. Clarlc, G. Alverson L. DeMaH'ii, C. Cornielus, L, French, H Crowden, T. Churchill. -44 GROUP A Read from lei? lo righl and boffom lo fop Row I-M. Arao, B. Burns, W. Bailey, A. Davis, D. Elliofl. Row 2-B. Bascom. C. Bassinqer, B. J. Mills G. Belluomini, L. Babcoolr, M. Meyling. Row 3-B. Cassell. B. Miller, A. Arbanasin M. Abdallah, G. Kaneda, S. Adams, P. Brill. Row 4-E. Bolhwell, M. Bahl, B. Berlingen B. Hersom, J. Champreux, D. Scherer, M Burgin. Row 5-L. Baciqalupi, D. Cosla, L. Esfalle M. Bahrenfuss, D. Brolhers, B. Downs. Row 6-J. Cooney, J. Churchill, V. Carroll M . E. Craig, N. Meyers, W. De Whirl, J. Cannon, L. Boyden. Row 7-J. Garibaldi, N. Aldridge, J. Archi bald, D. Vial, F. Solina, V. Traveioli, A Ahern. Row 8-T. Ah Tye, G. Sellcirlc, B. Hilchcoclc J. Murray, T. Gammon, J. Monfqomery L. Chrisman. Row 9-P. Araquisfain, S. Andresalris. GROUP B Row I-J. O'Brien, M. Nomura, J. Kong T. Murakami, F. Olo, B. Nolan. Row 2-W. Wong, E. Sala, C. Looser, A. Rodgers, J. Price, J. Ogden, S. McAllen Row 3-F. Reichmulh. E. Rolh, T. Nalcashima R. Safo, E. Salro, G. Permann. Row 4-P. Meraz. S. Nolcafsui, N, Talremolo K. Roach, K. Yamaqishi, D. Saflui, R Tsufsui. Row 5-l. Scoff, J. Sugimolo, J. Sanders A. Marrello, A. Palmer, G. Marlinez, E. Schmidt Row 6-H. Fuiihara, L. Schneider, E. Nelson E. Nicholson, J. Phillips, W. Salmon, l Piclcrell, D. Fujii. Row 7-E. Monlano, P. Parker, L. Nadofli B. Raisch, D. J. Rehnerf, B. Reilley, R Ogden. C. Walther. Row 8-T. Takahashi, M, Sanlos, W. Murfy T. Raby, E. Ladd, M. Wriqhl, W. Barrefl H. Fallon. GROUP C Row l-Y. Hallori, R. Bascom, L. Morrison M. Servenli, L. Fuiisalci. Row 2-M. Hirafa, F. Fujii, D, Hinlcle, M Halfori, C. Hoil, G. Pardini. Row 3-R. Fong, R. Rodriguez, P. Spanos Y. Hisafomi, B. Prafo, A. Graves. Row 4-M. Gardella, D. Errecarl L Hawley E Gormle L She ard, H. Gud: . . y, . p mundsen, U. Barnelf. Row 5-A. Gardella, G. Balmer, V. Pagano L. Grondona, J. Harper, C. Halfori, A Spanos. Row 6-B. Anderson, L. Hiclrey, G. Gari- baldi, J. Goodman, M. Tessier, O. Har+in C. Fanshier. Row 7--D. Sfewarl, G. Hammaclc, R. Sle- vens. L. Graham, E. Wagner, P. Fuhrman M. Marchelli, L. Harrell. Row 8-H. Clolilda, R. Barlich, A, Garoipee. G. Hahn, B. Fanelly, V. Hahn, J. Balsley, J. Balcao. 45- -Q' we bu-'X 5 ,G SCDPHCDMQRES if . SGPHCDMCDRES Hal .qv 'T Row GROUP A Read frorn lefl To riqhf and bovorn fo fop I-R. Malrishima, B. Tomura, S. llayo, K, Suqi, J. lshirnaru. Row F. Row C F. Row M B. Row M ch Row so P. Row 2-M. Uyelrubo, J. llcawa, D. While, lnouye, F. Jones, S. Uyelcubo. 3-D. Spanos, M. lwala. R. Yip, . Kanernolo, H, Kifaqawa, K. Louie, Kanemoro. 4-E. llo, M. llo, M. Tsudarna, C. ac Graryie, D. G. Maqnuson. F. McGee. Werner. 5-W. La Rocque, D. E. Magnuson. . Ki J. Waddell, E. Lyon, T. Tsu- ida. Womrnaclr. 6-N. Yamaquchi, F, Kimura, L. Jaclr- n, L. Jones, J. Teasdale, M. Klinqer. Weil. 7w-D. Taylor, J. Wallrer, F, Worceslei. D. Young, F. Marlin, R, Wilson, W. Ziq- neqo. Row 8-B. Marhews, R. Tinsley, E. Maqqs. H. Tifchenal, R, Troqlia. Row GROUP B I-R. Kornura, M. Kalo, C, Heilres, C. Delqado, E. Cole, M. Doi. Row B. Row R. Row B. L. Row B. in Row T. P. Row 2-B. Hooper, R. Keslin, S. Hewlell, Beere. D, Greco, M, Correia. 3-K. Hisalsune M. Head, T. Hirose Carfwriqhf, R. Dellarnaria. H. Clark. 4-C. Kelley. K, Alrira, S, Hiqaslni, Chrislen, M. Brown F, Gallagher. Freifas. 5-G. Jaclrson, G. Hoopes, J. Herzoq. Besofes. M. Carey, D. Bonini. B. Bill- qs. D. DeSofo. 6-M. lshisalra, A. Durnas. A. Fnqler, Axf, A. Garciacelay, M, Devonshire. Kesfin, J. Herdon. J. Clririslu. 7-F. Jones, T. Hoqan, E. Krafll, C. Jaclrson, F, Ishii, T. Javere, T. lke- rn Row olo, I. Masao, H. Kiefer. 8-B. Keller, H. Hedburq, H. Goodman, J. Brewer, F. Blaclr, T. Boyer, A. Go. D. Casfaldo, B. Brolhers. GROUP C Row lfT. Piper. M. Tuflle, H, Refers. B. Weaver, J. Shirnasalri. Row 2-M. Triolo, A. Shimizu, A. Wonq M, F. Turner, A. Tanalra, J. Trahern. Row 3fV. Simmons. J. M. Solo, J, Smith S. Ufsurni, N. Talrahashi, M. Van Sandi Row 4-J. Srniih, M. Zell, J, Vandewar l. Salo, Y. Yonernofo, H, Shimasalri B. Viels. Row 5-M. Tanalra, Y. Tanalra, F. Taniquchi, L. Robinson, R. E. Turion, E. Wernyss. L. Seibold. Row 6-B. Pores, G. H. Rohrbacher Jr., E Vi gnolo, E. Sernenza, A. Viclcroy. H. Viclr- roy, H. Vereqqe, L, Pralo. Row 7-S. Pasco, V. Price. L. Turnelfy, A Van Leeuwen, L. Shipley, V. Tesch, A Seayer, H. Shiroiyalra. Row 8-H. Preece, D. Raflo, R. Silber, A Sandman, P, Waugh, L, Towle, R, Rieber B. Schneider. - 46 GROUP A Read from lei? io riqhf and boffom fo lop Row I-E. Fleming, R. Evans, A. Marsden D. M. Kinq, S. Goodman, T. Espineda. Row 2-G. Howell, Y. Mafsuda, R. Hopkins E. Laqomarsino, P. Froelioger, B. Halan aka. Row 3-C. McFadden, D. Juchau, E. Hinder lifer, F. Hoffman, D. Hazelbaker, L. Ger main, E. Lapeyri, R. Free. Row 4-R. Helpenslel, D. Karim, K. Kaiila R. Kopp, B. Hanley, M. Gesulqa, D. Hol land, F. Eliab. Row 5-M. Marsden, M. Marsh, M. Jordan A. Goniani, D. Holcombe, E. Lee, B French, G, Frioux. Row 6hD. Lloyd, D. Harr, B. Haskell, E Hannay, H. Elliorr, W. Gaulhier, L. Lee D. Jewell, E. McConnell. Row 7-M, French, B. Laniohan, W. Gomes L. Harfley, A. Krall, W. Hasfen, G. Jenks C. Georqison. Row 8-B. Fawcell, L. Green, J. Franks R. Hansen. GROUP B Row I-J. Calhoun, J. Doi, D. Bruns, S Wafanabe, Y. Ramirez, M. Rollins. Row 2--A. Barnes, E. Bearh, B, Beafie, M Terrazas, E. Wenrzel, M. Tail, M, Xenos Row 3-L. Dion, L. Schon, M. Sallah, D Smifh, W. Campadonico, D, Blair. Row 4-L. Criswell, G. Diaz, B. L. Roe A. Tadlock, L. Remonda, M. Rossmann Y. Solari, N. Sisfinq. Row 5-W. Burke, E. Telornani, L. Vanolri R. Wells, J. Sowders, M. Risso, J. Thomas. Row 6-D. Bell, J. Deaver, H. Behney, D Turner, M. Smifh, L. Smallfield, H. Spanos D. Devonshire. Row 7-A. Bevilaqua, P. Gonkle, G. Brandon H. Conaway, B. Conard, H. Dryden, L Beanland, S. Baysinger. Row 8-B. Chamberlain, H. Avery, B Dressel, B. Bonham, J. Cerri, H. DeYounq T. Clark, F. Clark, D. Beauchemin. GROUP C Row I-M. Haqio, E. Choi, S, lguchi, N. Endow, M. Calderon. Row 2-B. Yoshikawa, R. Sakaye, L. Pohle, H. Sciaroni, J. Terra, S. Puqa. Row 3-P Brownin L Halk J Ellis W Gesler, S. Yanari, S. Ye, V. Gaia. Row 4-F. Baker, V. Eilerf, H. Boehme D. Goodway, D. French, J. Franke, S. Dobson, S. Rosen. Row 5-V. Bader, M, Esplen, B. Dillard, J. Gehres. G. Hadden, T. Anderson, B. Ganeles. Row 6-B. Reminqlon, B. Roberfs, B, Rohrer, E, Aldridge, B. Fowler, G. Goss, M. Filzqerald. Row 7-V. Schreiber, D. Smyfhe. B. Spears, J. Torre, S, Poffer, J. Voqel, W. Vanosse, J. Wonq. Row 8-G. Walsh, L. Torlai, J. Saccone, G. Vereqqe, W, Schmidl. 47- SCDPHOMCDRES PRESHMEN reshmen are fhe young apprenfices on our ship-, and fhey have signed up for a four-year iourney. As fhey are green and inexperienced, fhey have a rafher hard fime becoming accusfomed fo fhe new life and finding fheir "sea legs." Af fhe beginning come fhose ferrible few days of fhe firsf year's frip, and some of fhe apprenfices become desp-erafely sea- sick, and homesick lhow much simpler and less confus- ing was life before fhis fripl. Buf wifh a liffle insfrucfion fhese newcomers rapidly adiusf fhemselves fo fhe new life. They rea- lize fhaf fhe capfain is a friendly soul and fhaf he has had many years of experience in guiding his ship fhrough fhe whirlpools and sforms fhaf every seaman musf accepf. They learn fo revere and respecf fheir capfain, and fhey gradually realize fhaf fhe officers are decenf and kindly. And-mosf imporfanf of all -fhey learn fo cooperafe wifh fhe fhird-class, sec- ond-class, and firsf-class seamen. Nafurally 'lhey fake some kidding af firsf, for such is fhe way of life-on land or sea. Buf affer a few weeks fhe iok- ing is over, and fhe apprenfices realize fhaf fhe older sailors are really very helpful and kind. During February of fhe firsf year's frip fhe boaf comes info porf, and a new group of apprenfices is faken aboard fhe vessel. And now fhose greenhorns of fhe fall can look down on someone a liffle humbler and more inexperienced fhan fhemselves. l-low awk- ward fhe new apprenfices seem-and how scared! Nafurally, fhe Sepfember group enioys seeing fhe "boners" and assorfed misfakes fhaf are made by fhe February enfranfs. By fhe end of fhe firsf year's frip, however, bofh groups are working fogefher harmoniously and feel definifely a parf of fhe ship's acfivify. They can look back fo fheir firsf few days af sea and smile af fheir own misfakes. Of course, many apprenfices are nof very acfive in fhe many acfivifies enioyed by fhe crew, buf some of fhem "make fheir mark" during fhe firsf year. They realize fhaf when fhey are older and larger fhere will be a more imporfanf place for fhem in fhe calendar of evenfs on fhe good ship: buf every- one has fo sfarf af fhe beginning, and every imporf- anf firsf-class seaman was once a mere apprenfice. Of primary imporfance is fhe spirif fhaf is de- veloped among fhe apprenfices during fhe firsf year. Every ship musf have a cerfain morale fhaf is essen- fial for ifs very exisfence. Loyalfy, pafience, coope- rafion, enfhusiasm-fhese are qualifies fhaf good seamen musf learn, and fhe firsf year is of vifal im- porfance. On our ship fhe apprenfices have develop- ed fhese qualifies, and fhey have demonsfrafed fhem fhroughouf fhe year's frip. As fhe firsf year's voyage draws fo a close, fhe "gobs" fake sfock of fhemselves and look forward fo fhree more long frips-we are sure fhey will be happy and successful ones. And fhey nafurally look back on a crowded and evenfful year, full of some hard knocks buf a greaf many hours of fun and hap-pi- ness. They can say farewell fo The ship during fhe summer fime, buf nexf fall fhey'll be back as fhird- class seamen! ...Q Row l-Y. Wafanabe, E. Yoshimi, M. Sugi- mofo, B. Thompson, R. Swan, J. Teshima. Row 2-K. Yabumofo, M. Warren, B. A. Williamson, R. L. Wile. M. Wifi, M. Y Windmiller, B. Sfover. Row 3-G. Tsushima, O.J.Zinck, N. Tupper, J. Warwick, B. L. Thornfon, J. Tofh, G. Toal. Row 4--R. Tanaka, J. Weese, K. Takamune, M. J. Yardley. K. Yoshida, T. Wafanabe, M. Wight G. Smifh. Row 5-V. Wakefield, B. Wray, P. Terry, F. Whife, K. Sucloko, D. Sfewarf. Row 6-P. Wrighf, D. Van Slyke, M. Soufh, T. Yanagi, Y. Umino, S. Wright R. Smifh. Row 7-P. Van Vranken, B. Sonberq, Z. M. Walbridge, T. Wilson, L.UIdall, L, Ton, A. Vannucci. Row 8-V. Vassar, E. Ware, R. Whiff, L. Storey, L. Takafa. J.Smiih, R. Wrighf. Row 9-J. Temby, G. Wafanabe, K. Wrighi. --48 GROUP A Read from lei? io riqhi and boffom io lop Row l-C. Willoorn, W. Morrison, J. Viavi- anos, M, Sanfella, S. Lowe. D. Marrello. Row 2-J. Jones, E. Fonq, S. Fuiimura, J. Schemlcel, M. J, Pirnenlel, O. Osborn. Row 3-C. Fonq. K. Welzel, C. Warwiclc, B. Palmer, C. Washinqfon, E. Spinelli, H. Moniqomery, Row 4-A, Mello, B, Rocco, C. Verlcerlr, H. Moor, L. Orr, M,MiIani, B. Thomas. Row 5-M. Yosl, T. Massocl, Y. Kenmofsu T. FaFaber H. Webb, J. Gardella, R. Ra+lil3i L. Weaver. Row 6-A. Alimbini, J, Cvuyon, L. Airola, M. Poqqi, V. Ginanini, A. Tilcvilza, F. Marlin, J. Guerrero. Row 7gY. Monqa, V. Speelzen, G. Fonq, L. Hunfer, B. Willis, B. Leno. R, Uharriel, J. Uharriei. Row B-l.. Elbilr, J. Weslon, W. Johnson. S. Hull, B. Moreau, S. Dunbar. GROUP B Row I-A. Banrillo, A, Colliver, L. Cline F. Fish, T. Aulf, A. Jones. Row 2-L. Jeunq, C, Rolhenbush, M. Pal- ermo, N. Delmonl, E. Giovando. J. Barry, E. Aqari. Row 3-F. Chesi, N. Savaqe, F. Grider, D. Fonq, F. Kumamaru, F. Bocelr, J. Calvelli, C. Choy. Row 4--W. Callison, C. Schihfman, B. Schwarlz, W. Herbsi, L. Zimrners, M. Sell- ars. J. Herrinq, Row 5-J. Pofler, M. A. Ernsi, C. Ralhqeb, H. Archambaulf, F. Zimmerman, M. Rer- lrins, l-l, Heiland, M. Ellis, C-. Sala. Row 6-J. Pinasco, M. Allen, G. Slarr, D Rendon, L, Chinn, K. Boolcsin, J. Sibbald, M. Pleisch. Row 7-G. Freeman, L. Fields. H. Jenlrins, F. Fonieneau, R. Caullrins, B. Fuller, B, Annsworlh, B. Fwerfsen, R. Callinson. GROUP C Row I-B. Brownfield, C. Chrisly, H. Hirsch- lrorn, J. Barflefi, N. Boolh, D. Freund. Row 2-E. Buclrley, J. Arbanasin, E, Miles, S. Davis. B. Enqler, E, Fono. Row 3-J, Bussemer, B, Floyd, J. Cummings, C. Frilsche, D. Dean, E. Doe, L. Bresciani, F. Garciacelay, A. Maleer. Row 4-L. Mefzqer, W. Baldwin, K. MC- Mullin, B. McKee, J. Maisumura, D. Avery, V. Childers, F. Davini. Row 5-V. Hanrahan, L. Barlupi, B. Fuller, M. Balcao, A. Asman, R. Fish, F, Masai, F. Horiia, D. Conroy. Row 6-M. McKillop, N. Holi, L. Girarcli, R. Cleghorn, L. Faccin, E. Andreaili, F. Cvenfile. Row 7-B. Chapin, D. Cerra. Cv. Fofinos. J. McKnelly, R. Mayecla, J. Carri, M. Gio- vannovi, D. Bonini, Y. Ghiorso. Row B-D. Ah Tye, R. Gionelli, H. llcemoio, C. Luiz, W. Monell, H. Chang, E. Adams, D. Bowden. Row 9-E. Farros, K. Funayama, B, Fravel, L. Fisher, B. Brown, M. Bowlinq, L. Duval, N. Cheo, W. Howley, F. Holi. 49- l 3- FRESHMEN X GROUP A Read from Ieff lo riqhf and bolionn To lop ouchi. 2-L. Lincoln, J. Kirslen, E. Kearney Row T. Ladd, N. Wirrh, F. Villanueva, M. Mar by, J. Jiriden, J. Kramarski, H. Lenz, L Latham. 4-V. Lopez, M. Slagle, W. Whipple, A OiConnell, D. Thompson, E. Wiseman, S Venlelli, E. McQueen. Row Marlin, M. Swenson M. Waller, M. Silva Row 5-M. Weisl, J. M. Perry, S. Srniih, berr, N. Mulholland, Row 7-B. Haufler, J. Lauqlwead, J. Miller, K. Shirali, M. J Stephens. T. Koqa, B. Hanson Jacobs, H. Nev, B kins, K. Johnson, L. Wesf, M. Merrihew A. Marlowe. Row 9-D. Hiqhiei. GROUP B Row I-H. Nave, K. Kaiiwara J. Lopez, S Orfiz D. Jordan, H. Lawrance. 2-B. Neyrnan, A. Xenos, T. Yarnaquchi Row M. Hairori, E. Silva, I. Monlqomery. Slreel, A. Lawrance, C. Nielsen. 4-J. Isbell, L. Noqare, N. Hulchison Y. Marla, A. Kofoed, E. Lane. Row 5-F. Malalei, L. Lawrence, S. M. Holi Row J. Lind, A. Morrison. 6-D. Robbins, M. Sparkrnan, L. Raye J. Voiqhl, M. Nowak, E. Guerrini. Row Row 7-L. Joaquin, G, Norqaard, B vone R. Monlanez. GROUP C Row IAR. Conner, J. Miller, P. Gehres, M Brown, M. Berqer, O. Billones. Carler, S. Chikaraishi, E. Clark. rnan, G. Collinson, A. L. Anderson, L Campbell, K. Furukawa. M. Calanio. J. Abe, J. Bauer, J. Ferroni 5-J. Hansen, G. De Mille, A. Capron Row N, Beanland, D. Conanl, M. Brorherlon J. Naldridqe, M. Berlin. 6-P. Bennell, E. Bucliselich, V, Alkins D. Greenberg, B. Hislop, R, Gebhardl, G Harvey, F. Hirsch, N. Coe. Row Row 7-B. Collins, B. Chapman, J. Correia Coleman, G. Abourezk, H. Hoffman. De Whi++, G. Drury, L. Cosranza. .,,,,,. -50 Row I-I. Hisalsune, D. Naqel, W. Mar, H. Kniqhr, A. Lao, L, Leyble, R. Yaman- Row 3-H. Hayashino, T. Nishimura. J. Hiq: Row 6-W, Marciqan, D. Harnillon, J. Hare Row 8-B. Holrnes, V. Miramonles, 6. Hos- Row 3-F. Lillard, M. Graves, S, Greco, D. Kounlz, N, Luporini, E. Manqini, L. Na- Row 2-D. Smilh, W. Hall, J. Molini, V. Row 3-D C-iollonini, D. Gipner, B. Cole- Row 4-D. Hiraoka, T. Flercher, M. Bollero, J. Banchero, L. Brannon, P. Arbauqh, E. Row 8-B. Harry, K. Erickson, B. Ferqusson, R. Cvolelli, B, Garner, L. Devonshire, D. GROUP A Read from lei? fo righl' and bollorn fo Top Row I-L. Loolc, V. Sanders, H. Moraign Y. Uyelcubo, B. Roof, A. Tacchi. Row 2-l.. Padula, J. Uyesugi, H. Reynolds J. McCraney, J. Urrizola, D. Marlinez. Row 3-J. Razo, C. Torolc, B. Rienharl, J Uyeda, l.. Roe, N. Wilkinson. Row 4-L. Yaclrill, E. Pama, J. Pearce, L Ravo, W. Woo, C. Wirfh, G. Piombo, B. Rendell. Row 5-M. Orr, G. Uriarle, T. Karnibayashi B. Nalali, L. Toy, B. Smilh, R. Toy, L Serpa. Row 6-L. Ruqoni, J. Schmierer, B. Roe B. Ulm, F. Rahfo, N. Passadore, P. Owens N. Paolelli, L. Raley. Row 7-W. Mallcernus, K. Krarn, M. Sanfini J. Sabbalini, F. Moreno, V. Squires, P Thanas. T. Sanfas, R. Kenney. GROUP B Row I-K. Shinqu, R. Robbins, H. Russell J. Rishi, D. Kanelro, K. Kawano. Row 2-A. Prafo, T. Ogawa, L. Pleau. S llo, F. Hinlcle, K. lnouye. Row 3-C. Orr, J. Ng, A. Nicholson, S Rosenberg, L. Lusiani, B. Lloyd, D. Howell B. A. Lewis. Row 4-E. J. lqo. B. Lewis, F. Heil, E. Kurlz R. Sanguinelfi, K. Oshila, C. Pierce, J Nishirnolo. Row 5-D. Robinson, C. Holman, N. Kaiser B. Magnuson, M. Kenl, P, Hoskins, J Keslar. Row 6vB. Rerninqlon, M. Sailci, G. Parson J. Sinui, V, l-lerrnan, J. Saccone, L. Oliver C. Sawyer. Row 7-J. Lyons, B. J. Laila, E, Long, V Maxwell, G. Keely, l. J. Laughlon, B Kruger, M. Hewill, W. M. Honnold. Row 8-J. Kuechler, E. Loclcmiller, J. San chez, D. Raab, G. Pappas, N. Naqaolca M. Pefers, R. Newell, J. Slcyers. GROUP C Row I-M. Gabba, T. Caine, D. Farley, A Conradl, M. A, Calvelli, M. Esposilo. Row 2-L. V. Eulsler, K, Cuslidge, L. Gri veflo. B. Blackford, L. Anderson, D Fclcgren. Row 3-J. Cafes. D. Balcer, A. Gin, K Chiyoko, F. Kazuye, L, Kusama, A. lguchi Row 4fR. Denser, G. Brassesco, J. Dinlcel A. Andresalcis, P. Collins, L. Avilia, M Bowers, B. Compoclonico. Row 5-D. Amo, M. Blanchard, E. Bailey W. Fender, B. Bollon, D. Aqesen, H. Foli nos, M. Gerberding. Row 6-B. Carpenler, P. Bush, R. Bahnsen C. Davis, M. Fogel, B. Bellencourl, G Dunlap, S. Dominguez, D, Dunbar. Row 7-H. Chan, R. DeVere. C. Collier, E Gibbons, B. Camini, R, Evans, L. Biller man, M. Corren, J. Delaney. Row 8-N. Field, N, Beckman, R. Torben sen, J. Genlile, R. Bealon, P. Fowler, A Davidson. B. Gilrnore, R. Fleming. Row 94V. Anderson, R. Gales. 5I- FRESHMEN I - mv- 12-4- GROUP A Read from lei? fo righ? and bolfom lo lop Row I-C. Smyllwe, D. J. Ng. G. Nunez, N Oil, K. Walenabe, L. M. Reed. Row 2-P. Rosenberqer. E. Smifh, A. Peal M. Salco, J. M. Morgan, A. M. Prafer l-l. Shimizu. Row 3-D. Shauer, S. Meyering, A. Nalxalsui B. E. Smilh, R. Shand, E. Scheire, B Mollilf. Row 4-S. Melz. R. Robinson, J. Pla++, N Niclcols. J. Simons, D. Nickerson, B Pierce, H. Nalmao. Row 5-D. L. Nolen, J. Scoll, W. Manninq J. Raimondo. E. Marlin, A. Reed, J. Shin molo. G. Salo. Row 6-D. Miller, J. James, L. Monegon l-l. Livinqslon, E. Ladd, A. Ohm, B. Smi+h Row 7-F. Kalune. C. James. W. Johnson. B Fumelly, R. Lundblad, J. Romero. Row 8-T. lshihara. R. Houllon, C. Lucas S. Kowano. J. Kanelc. GROUP B Row I-N. Arala. A. Barnes, N. Boflnin, L Andrew. B. Curnminqs, B. Crouch. C Erwin. Row 2-H. Choi, F. Adams, M. Coslello, B J. Hansen, Slella Dal-Porfo, A. Giarn- basliani, V. Davis, J. Broclrman. Row 3-B. Black, D. Baldridqe, W. Gardella S. Godinez. B. Fuiisalci, B. J. Counls. Row 4-B. Burnham, C. Brenchley, N Burcham, E. Chamness. F. Anlen, L. As borno, A. J. Hansen, L. l. Guy, C. Juii mofo. Row 5-E. Cllnlon, R. Boren, D. Bissell, J Billups, J. Burns, l. Delaney. J. Haines F. Genovese. Row 6-D. Allen, E. Carnesao. S. Balmer, J Casenave. K. Freqqiaro, R. l-l. Garner, D Elsner, J. Gaul. Row 7-B. Alcaraz, F. Bulfon, L. Gianelli J. Green. Row 8-D. Dolby. R. Burnell, F. Dale, L Criswell. B. Edmislon, M. Fuller. M Haines, O. Giese. GROUP C Row I--S. Pisler, J. l-lall, P. Jelferis. E Powell, M, Menlcinq, T. liuin. Row 2-J. Tsulsui, D. Pedersen. B. Lovqren J. Miller, G. Spanos, D. Slred. Row 3-J. Toy, N. Shimalcawa, D. Rowland V. O'Connor. Row 4-M. Quenzer, P. Schediwy, G. O'Con- nor. B. Russell, E. Sanquinelli, S. Slone H Row L. R. Row Paya. B. Williams. 5-K. Smifh. W. Sfronq, W. Selness Maslel, R. Preslon. T. lwala, B, l-loqan Madden, M. Morgan. 6-P. Mugqe. R. Smi+h. E, Luian. P Lauqhfon, K. Wong. F. Lewis. Row 7-l-l. Puqa. E. Powell, L. l-laberle. W Hoerl, E. Murray, D. Oliver, E. Schmid? Row 8-A. Tolrunaqa. R. Penberfhy. B. Verzi J. Ray, D. Schroebel, J. Yorlc. J. Sfillman -52 GROUP A Read from left fo righl and boffom fo lop Row l-F. lnfelise. G. Buyclr, F. Caslanon R, Garcia. J. Axner. F. Spino. Row 2-H. Madrid, T. Fulrano, L. Turner, W. Niffa, F. Kamibayashi, B. Marlin, J Shimesalci. Row 3-T. Scrimsher, E. Minion, G. Tuchlen hagen, F. Blake, J. Serpa, S. Fuiimura J. Brescia. Row 4-H. Berg, G. Shinmolo, Y. Hisao K. Hoclring, R. Madrid. B. Feninger, B Pierce. Row 5-H. Vollrerfs, F. Lyons, C. Porlillo, V Mosher, H. Hammond, H. Dunfon, J Perry. Row 6-R. Munoz. A. Pierce, J. Maliinqly C. Faselli, G. McClurg, J. Radiloyich, D Roop, J. Freifas. Row 7-J. Acosfa, A. Besloes, E. Diefrich B. Burl, H. Ogles, R. Shaeliler, D. Bach- man. R. Hoppe, W. Newman. Row 8-B. Quick, T. Carmichael, A. Kenney J. Alherfon, W. F. Forsfer, H. Viqlienzone T. Kopping, B. Phillips, N. Clarlr. GROUP B Row l-J. Hamplon, G. Cos+a, J. Holbrook R. Seher, M. Fousf. Row 2-R. Laughridge, R. Goff, C. Blan- fon, F. Traverso, H. Garcia, T. Sudolro. Row 3-B. Dunn, R. Dudley, J. Garcia, E Bloecher, H. Raffo, Y. Hoshio, M. Munoz Row 4-F. Lani, L. Lavin, J. Beclrnell, T Rich, G. Baba, C. Pierce, B. Clark, J Soares. Row 5-R. Herrera, F. Hungerford, S. Gon- zales, B. Green, J. Hysinger, L. Tirapelle M. Avila, J. Jarvis. Row 6-B. McCrum, J. Kasfell, O. Tuchfen- hagen, M. Goudou, B. Rice, D. Slemler J. Hernandez, M. Samuelson. Row 7-R. Azevedo, E. Gufhrey, D. Guihe rey, W. Meade, L. Cacoulidis, D, Ross, G Johnson, E. Reece. Row 8-F. Madrid, R. Mayer, E. Calcaqno U. Bufclrer, G. Taffon, R. Richards, E GROUP C Row I-E. Baumbach, G. Ross, F. Aldo A. Milchell, E. Sadler, J. Simmons. Row 2-H. Briscoe, J. Beyer, L. Cuslidqe P. Borelli, G. Arnold, W. Hedsfrom. Raielrin. Row 3-S. Novaresi, C. Perino, F. Guifer- rez, G. Schaefer, D. Andrews. G. Woocs Row 4-J. Nessler, G. Buffs. G. Morrison J. O'Neil, B. Herrera, N. Deflereos, A Giovannoni. Row 5-B. Masai, D. Frederick, D. Kelly, B Sfevens, J. Roias, R. Muny, L. Elias. Row 6-J. Huey, E. Williamson, W. Pal- ferson, F. Priva+, V. Tupper, V. Galassi F. Walker, L. Williams. Row 7-L. Lulce, H. Ghormley, C. Reed, C DeAlbar, C. Samuelson, D. DeAnqelis, R Anfonucci. J. Smi+h. Row 8-K. Beyer, T. Ealon, F. Rule, A Kounfz, V. Byroads, E. Diefrich, V. Mayer R. Neal, C. Lund. Row 9-O. Morgan, R. Agesen, A. Isaacson J. Fisher, 6. Newell, F. esugef, H. Mel Cluny, C. Pollard, B. Snyder. 53 - VCDCATICDNAL dc tiaIitieA 9 'As Jitmff- fn y'4"fjE'7 A-av? 'X' ."?hs-. fQC9u.f'sr12yjfZ As officers are shooting the sun to chart the ship s Course, our students are charting the grounds around our hugh school I.--I' SLI-I2 I "J "I hw 1 ' Im' A" C 2. Top af-nIf'v CIwar'coaI Pogv' ,-.Ph Iimos 'Mod IIw'mI11hCu' "ww de-wmv nor If FIM-Imnfl Iwwxwinfl CIA-I Bf"f'v ff 'V-'-WAIT qw-' 1- "' dir-1 I L" I-I :i I" PM-flwaro Cwfhnz I T"x5 II.1 ,SMI W wir., 11,.wI-C1 A' fl" 'al IT"6sw, F1 CIq15:. Br-'fum 111:-'f--Po5Im gfwfwrl Dcvgpamfw dun- WTI? L 'pw pfdm, 'rv F . , 'f'ffImmc'I IIIDWIVTZJ CIaf.u I. I L I A qnQ4'.ii54'ylIqgf-'isgigfdied and praciicec daily an fn., gf+'fJas2ni"QifikiplQ:I-.b. seocnem HigI School. Ifypfpfi is Qiign in fhe classes "0"9I"9 Qrgslaiilg-ifilfiillgh Iffii hand drawing fo .ff 55pfQ6i53iQgLj'j. ' I ' jig- fi . Q X I as-1 A -' ' '- ' TIIQ QR dQQQfQminf Of-,hi hid! fchbhl, Iiijinry Ifnporia' I phase Qf'sg:IIgdIiIifn. gif .qi Ohe siqns and Pofsff PIQYQIIDIJ fhere. TIN M057 Iesf year was The drawfifiiidd 'gjpfifliiijelynqone hundred banner! fo be Uizhafhh pqrgdg ,,,, K' SJ ,, k , fi r H 5-..1 'lp .' A' Vg!" H QA L - f' ' I if I ff 70 , Q, i ,Q . ' I I - ' I A f If T I Q ' x 910' I -X - Q, , . . in I .5 ,, R ., . I! rl : r gx A I, f, I , iq, I I 1 ., I lfrxxyzf R A- - - - - . .Lung ' T ', - I1Ak'f:f,TyVEYfl'5f'-'hmm' . I r 'A ima, I' 454. MISS PAI-'IL FREEHAND DRAWING COMMERCIAL ART. M RS. MAI-IAFFEY ART APPRECIATION HISTORY OF ART FREEHAND DRAWING MECHANICAL DRAWING. MISS MONTGOMERY DESIGN 81 CRAFT, FREEHAND DRAWING MR. BISSELL MECHANICAL DRAWING. LcIIfIC:,IiI'I Immyf: dvawhwfy is SIIII IIS- 'vw fha' r,0aI In Fwfwhamd I.3rav.I"1 Cha-,I 3. Ton VIf'1"' SIT! WIP: dine NIIIT dn b' I Fw-chant: I"af.Ir-1 Cham 4. BQUCN -I':InIff-D+--,hr Qivfnn mf-' " dmrf- If Fw-I-hand Uma-f.Ir'1 Chu, 3. 'Mtn 1 I I 4 I X , ' , 1.38. if .. XI, ' - . ' , ,V . o mom ny of +L. 343331: on ma. page, if is essary lor a fo luv lifica fiom. Tho' owm HENt5vQDll Jqly for ber ship inio in journalism, he - """xA ' of Quill and Scroll headquariers, 9 iuradefgigld English 'S' Sociefy-record of beffer verage in gym and parfici- pafion in an a'H'er-school ' . R 'S' Sociefy-ownership of a block 'S' and of a gym insfrucfor. Thus, fhe members I ' ' ' usually fha leaders of fha school. fan grade p 1 ' V libdlfug work Isl Row llefl in '73F+l: S. Plglev, E. M. Mccve, B. A' Tye, S. Lowe E. Clwol, l-l. Morlla, E. Nofnura, L. Takeda, A. Ba'TaElna, R. Fonn, A. Cncl. 2nd Row: F. Taira E. Long, A. Uesul, D. Fonq, T. lwala, M. Swenson, M. Kali, D, Marrello, E. Passadore. 3rd Row: E. M. Genuil, M. l-laqlo, E. Ho, M. Baker S. Garciecllay, N. Har- berl, A M Nil M L de Arrlele B Forrnali lvl Gerberdln D J nle . , . . o , . V , . q, . o ,. Mn Row: E. Asad L. Forlmner, K. Fulil N. Talfwashi L. Gvdor, E, J. Huber, A. ROW, L. Z. Lollln, S. Fulruyarfa. 5'h Row: 6. Yu' E, Powell, M. E. Fuller, E. Come-' N, Clnalniers, F. Olo, L. Sanqulnelll, B. Ong, V. Clwilcavdislnl, C. Gardipe-e. bln Row' D Gralwlrnan N Ho K Ko e J Jud c N E Cral D S avvow .. ,,,.q.q:V,l..q,.p", A. Olnm, H. Yolcoi, B. Canole. N. Mulholland, E. Reqlnllfo. 7flv Row: H, Wivf, J, Fowler, E. Wl1i'e, l-l. David-,cv B. J. Carfer F. Mace key, D. Pederson E. Perlwvs, G. GGL J, Czerny, 5, Slrelzn. QUILL AND SCROLL IQ+ Row llefl To riqlwll: P. Clwlyopulous, E. M Mcofe G. Yuf, M. E. Fuvlef. Scawcw G. Davis, OLD ENGLISH S M. Gewlf, F. Solari L. Lee, S. Clvlslensen D Ca I Ci V Collins E.Ta.ella. la'es llell lo flqlwll E. Pcwel E. M. Moore A. Tfcver, M. Balfer. BLOCK S R J Malloy B. Jennings, H. Rugorl J. Cnflzab J, Walsne T. Fora V. Kinser, D Snafoe B. Gevken, B. Rubin K. Ogaswavo J Dems: B. Efcheverry. d Row: H. Foppiano, G. Goodway. L. French V. Gilcfzo, P. Clvlslooulcus, W. Genuil A Ma low G. Davlco, S. Dunbar J, Licciardi J Ca.fele': J. Lelclwf, V. Judge. ol Row: L, Du Brufz E. Pcwell, J. Dag? D 1: Pew: B. Elllcll D. Jzrwe F.Iv1aclcey, D. Lee Pklllcs B. Vignolo, L. Cafev B. lnarnasu. E 1115.4 9 I 1 dl L V g W l son, Bill McCrum. 'Q ROBERT W. CLARKE. LEONG SONG YUT EDNA MAY MOORE TOM WOODRUFF Adviser Edilor-in-chief Associafe Edifor Phofographic Edifor FRANCES COURTNEY FORREST GOODWIN EVAN PERKINS VERA RODONI Arf Edifor Senior Edifor Sporf Edifor Sales Manager or many years our school annual was lcnown as fhe "Guard and Tackle," being edifed in coniuncfion wifh fhe school paper. From i933 fo I937 inclusive fhe name "Senior Memories" was used. l-lowever, in fhe fall of i937 if was decided fo develop- a year- boolc fhaf would picfure fhe life of fhe enfire sfudenf body: so fhe "Blue and Whife" was creafed, fhe fifle being suggesfed by fhe school colors. A year ago fhe firsf issue of fhe new publicafion appeared. The pioneer sfafl worlced diligenfly un- der fhe supervision of Mr. Thomas Connolly Jr. and fhe resulfs were very safisfacfory. ln facf, lhe book won a Second Class l-lonor Rafing in a confesf spon- sored by fhe Nafional Scholasfic Press Associafion, a unique honor for so young a publicafion. Wifh fhis baclcground on which fo worlc, fhis year's sfaff has spenf a long, hard lbuf pleasanfl year of worlc on fhe "Blue and Whife." From fhe firsf day of school lasf fall unfil fhe presenf fime, fhe edi- for, his sfafl, and fheir assisfanfs have spenf many hours affer school, fo say nofhing of occasional Saf- urdays and Sundays. "Dummies" were made, pic- fures falcen, phofographs mounfed, lay-ours planned. copy wriffen, proofs correcfed, adverfising solicifed, drawings execufed, and sales promofed. The sfaff hope fhe readers of fhe "Blue and Whife" enioy reading fhe boolc as much as we enioyed edifing if. -58 n March, I896, The Guard and Tackle was born, in fhe form of a monfhly magazine which consisfed of news of sfudenf and school acfivifies. The "Gaf" was privafely owned by a small group of sfudenfs and operafed wifh money from adverfisemenfs, buf affer a few years fhe paper was faken over by fhe sfudenf body and made info a confrolled class proiecf and school asfivify. ln l9l5 if became a four page, five column weekly and was nof changed fo ifs presenf size unfil l9l8. Ever since fhe California Scholasfic Press Asso- ciafion was formed, fhe Guard and Tackle has been a member. lf has received firsf-class honor rafing in fhe Nafional Scholasfic Press Associafion and in fhe Columbia Scholasfic Press Associafion numerous fimes. The California Scholasfic Press Associafion has awarded many cups and medals fo fhe paper for ifs wrifing and confenf excellence, all of which may be found in fhe frophy case in fhe main hall. The Guard and Tackle has always covered high school news, and ifs purpose is fo promofe sfudenf acfivify. The sfaff members have always carried ouf fhe fheme of fhe fifle, "Guard fhe Besf-Tackle fhe Resf", and have sef excellenf examples for fufure edifors and sfaff members fo live up fo. The sfaff members can be commended for fheir excellenf work in safisfying bofh fhe sfudenfs and fhe faculfy fhroughouf fhe semesfer. The Guard and Tackle has progressed wifh fhe years and is a modern up-fo-dafe paper of which all The sfudenfs are proud. LUCILLE L. TURNER DONALD JONTE CLAIRE MARTINELLI GEORGE KAPEL Adviser Edifor lfalll Business Manager lfalll Sporf Edifor ffalll DEE SPARROW PAUL CHRISTOPULOUS MARGARET NICHLEY JERROLD WALKER Edifor lsprinql Sporf Edifor lspringl Business Manager lspringl News Edifor lfalll 'K TAA 1 '41 Q . f - 4 Q 3 ii ,qqufgn-dnequwvvwhm-W 59- I ? R B Beafie, B. Ong, . , uller. , Nuff, G. avis, , io , , Dagg. J. Bryan, N. Herbsf, 2nd Row: D. Lee, G, Barreff. L. Kolher, V. Johnson, B. Hel' ler, 3rd Row1J.SanguiV1ei- i . . a a er, , avi son, . Mc rum, . Perino, F. Hungerford. fi, J. Licciardi. C. Brau, B. H gby J G Il gh B D d B C C m.i',,.,,. . GRGANI GIRLS' LEAGUE Mr, Ellis, L. Condy. This organizaTion was creaTed wiTh The idea oT cuI+ivaT- ing a democraTic spiriT among all The girls oT The school. The Girls' League encourages and supporTs all girl acTiv- iTies. IT Tries To develop breadTh oT vision and Tiner sTand- ards among girls oT The school. Among The programs presenTed This year was a highly enTerTaining speech by Dr. ReinhardT, PresidenT oT Mills College. HI-Y IsT row: D. Jonfe, M. Pelefz, G. Kapel, G. Moeller. 2nd row: H. Werner, D. Pedersen, D. Hanner, C. Gardipee, H. WITT, D. Robins. 3rd. row: L. Handy. The Hi-Y boys are inTeresTed mainly in building Tine uprighT characTers and sound bodies and minds. Through inTormaTive meeTings, various sporTs, ceremonial orders, and oT course good rousing Tun, The boys accomplish Their purpose. Their slogan expresses all oT Their high resolves: "clean sp-eech, clean sporTs, clean scholarship, clean liTe." Their work is carried on TurTher aT "Y" camp during The summer. TRI-Y IsT row: J. Ware, J. Gardner, D. Dahl, M. L. Noonan, K. Thompson, J. McCloud, J. ChrisTi, E. J. Shaliian, M. Phillips, B. Temby, B. Baxley. 2nd row: E, Drake, B. Cohen, B. Haynes, B. Sullivan, B. LedbeTTer, D. Hull, ll-Iidderl, P. Jackson, D. Ferguson. NoT To be ouTdone by The boys The girls oT The school Tormed The Tri-Y. AT Their monThly meeTing The girls have inspiraTional and worThwhile programs in accordance wiTh Their purpose oT characTer building. The group is primarily inTeresTed in chariTy, and They help ouT some needy Tamily each year. They had Their Tun Too, wiTh a dance in The Tall, a snow p-arTy, and rousing iniTiaTions each Term. SOCIAL SERVICE IsT row: J. BeaTon, M. L. Noonan, J, McCloud, IC. Thompson, M. Maqqs, B. CarTer, J. McCloud. 2nd row: Miss Quinn, E. WhiTe, B. Cohen, B. Sibbalcl, B. Haynes, J. Gardner, E. Powell, E. Drake. ThaT high school girls don'T spend quiTe all oT Their Time on Themselves is shown by The Social Service Club wiTh iTs high ideal oT helping oThers. This is carried TurTher Than The usual ChrisTmas and Thanksgiving baskeTs, Tor The girls Take Turns working in salvage shops on SaTurday morn- ings. Each semesTer The girls usher Tor graduaTion. Each member musT have a B average and promise To puT in Ten hours a semesTer in chariTable work. -60 ZATIQNS lLeff lo rughfl: E. Powell, J. Judge, M. L. Anfhony. Friendship among children of all nafions in spife of race, creed, or color is fhe ideal of fhe Junior Red Cross. Work- ing on fhe fheory of imparfialify, fhe organizafion sends supplies fo any nafion in need of fhem. The school chapfer sends Chrisfmas boxes every year fo children in China, Japan, and fhe Culion Leper Colony in fhe Philippines, and menu covers and fray favors fo fhe men af fhe naval hos- pifal on Mare Island. CIVIC Isl Row lleff fo riqhfl: E. M. Moore. M. Fuller, M. E. Fuller, G. Miller, C. Pond, N. Campion, M. Roberfson, R. Preslon, F. Turpin, B. Presfon, N. Cohen, Sponsor, W. Young. 2nd Row: G. Raab, A. Van Camp, F. Mackey, J. Peri, S. Konilrer, C. Marchanf, T. Manuel, W, Forney, N. Prince. Seven sfudenfs gof fogefher, asked Mr. Young fo be fheir sponsor. and presfo-fhe Civic Club was formed. The organizafion deals chiefly wifh civics, as ifs name im- plies, sfudying all forms of governmenf, nafional problems, cify insfifufions, and any vifally inferesfing or imporfanf phase of currenf evenfs. The original membership has been increased fo fhirfy. The adminisfrafion dufies are accom- plished by an execufive board which is elecfed every se- mesfer. PAN PACIFIC Isl' Row lleff fo righfl: C. l-larf, F. McGee, J. Churchill, L. Shippley, Y. Yonemo o, . u'ii, . u'isa i. + K P, J F, r 2nd Row: V. Price, B. Werner, J. l-lorfon, M. Tuclrer, J. Billups, 6. Jackson. 3rd Row: J. Waddell, B. Thompson, H. McKinsey, R. Free, P. Bark- man, J. Shrieber. The Pan Pacific Club's acfivifies go deeper fhan fhe an- nual banquef fo which are invifed fhe Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino Clubs. The club gafhers valuable maferial abouf fhe Pacific area and whenever possible visifs inferesf- ing insfifufions such as Buddhisf femples and l-lindu churches. The club hopes fo inferesf more people from fhe high school in fhe Pacific Area and fo bring abouf greafer undersfanding among ifs peoples. CAMERA lsf Row lleff fo righfl : J, Franlr, L. Malfin, M. Windmiller. 2nd Row: T. Nishimura. K. Ellsworfh, S. Pasco, M. Bradfield, A. Dominguez, H. Fallon, T. Churchill. Phofographing means geffing a camera, snapp-ing fhe picfure, and hoping if will furn ouf righf fo mosf p-ersons. The Camera Club was formed fo give fhose inferesfed in phofogenics a beffer lcnowledge and undersfanding of fhe arf. ln fheir meefings fhe boys learn abouf differenf fypes of equipmenf and inferesfing facfs abouf phofography. During fhe year fhe group fake several field frips on which fhey exercise fheir learning. bl- .I .rf L' ORGANI IsT RCN lIeTT Io ricihli l.. Takeda, E. Kinqci-,, B. Dolnrmanr, R. Smilh, B, Co-veil lkneelingl B. Slrelch lcapToil. 2nd Rcw: C, WIniTe, H. Kusama. Flashl Mock vengeance is wreaked on Bobby Covell by Bill STreTch. The German club, represenTed by The sTal- warT group, holds merrimenT, good Times, and a pleasanTIy inTlicTed knowledge oT Germany as iTs chieT claims, and iT combines all Three in iTs monThIy meeTings. These claims are upheld all Through The year, and The crowning glories are The ChrisTmas parTy and ThaT grand geT-TogeTher-The Tamous German club picnic. LATIN M. Swenson M. Yarnashi'a E. Fish, G. OConnor, N. Wiilh, S. Pisfer, J. I-Iall, D. Faile , B. I-Iogan, K. Booksin, R. Pieiucci, R. Y Preslon, B. Johnson. I.aTin may be a dead language To some people, buT iT is very much alive To The I.aTin club. The club meeTings are made very inTeresTing by such Talks as ThaT given by Dr. Price oT The UniversiTy oT CaliTornia on ITaly. Because oT The club The LaTin sTudenTs learn much more abouT Rome and Romans ThaT They probably would wiThouT iT and also Tind Their LaTin more inTeresTing because oT The knowledge. ITALIAN J. Licciaroi, F, Solari, L. J. Vannuccini, I., Volpi, E, ReghiTTo, M. Ser- venTi. "Lo STudenTe lTaliano", The monThly paper puT ouT by The ITalian club, has The honor oT being The only ITalian newspaper published in any high school as a class proiecT. As The purpose oT The "Pro-CulTure ITaliana" is making ITalian and ITaIy inTeresTing To sTudenTs, The paper conTains news oT lTaly and shorT biographies oT greaT ITaIians. Many high schools in The UniTed STaTes subscribe To The IeaTleT monThly. SPANISH lI.eIT To riohTl: M ,lolle R. WesT, J. McCloud, D. Kern, H. Rubal- caba I. Ramirez, A. Dial C. Diaz. The Spanish classes have The unique disTincTion oT hav- ing Three Spanish clubs-Los Gauchos, Las Cucurachas, and Las Amapolis. All meeTings are conducTed in Spanish wiTh Talks, plays, and oTher enTerTainmenT perTaining To Things Spanish as programs. Each year The clubs have ChrisT- mas parTies, when The PinaTa, shown in The picTure, is broken as iT is aT ChrisTmas Time in Spain, and a picnic in June where The sTudenTs leT OTT a Ii+TIe oT The penT-up sTeam. -62 ZATTGNS FRENCH lLeTT To righTl: A. CosTa, J. Walker, M. A. Lewis, L. SanguineTTi, H. Jenkins, W. Thompson. "Parlez-vous Trancais?" is The exTenT oT mosT oT The un- iniTiaTeds' knowledge oT French, buT noT so wiTh sTudenTs in The French clubs Les CadeTs and Les MousqueTaires, whose pride and joy is Their puppeT show. Besides knowing Their French, These sTudenTs have enTerTaining and educaTional meeTings abou+ everyThing French. The clubs go Their own ways unTil someThing big comes upg Then They ioin Torces Tor a double success. FILIPINO IsT Row: C. Humbargar, F. Eliab, L. Lybley, A. Bonfillo, C. Delgado, G. Neinez 2nd Row: B. Marcigan, G. Tenio, S. Pasco, M. Gesulga, D. Bilar. ParliamenTary law is a compIicaTed sTudy, buT The mem- bers oT The Filipino Club could Tell anyone a greaT deal abouT iT, Tor They are sTudying iusT ThaT in Their meeTings. Some oT The TalenTed members oT The organizaTion have Tormed a very proTicienT quarTeT oT sTring and wood-wind insTrumenTs. As a Token oT Their appreciaTion The sTudenTs gave Miss CaTherine Humbargar, Their sponsor, a book abouT The Philippine Islands. JAPANESE SeaTed: B. Chikaraishi. IsT Row: E. Hisaki, E. Hayashi, L. Kusama, T. Taira, T. Honda, K. OgaTa, B, lnamasu. 2 d ' n Row, D. Fujii. R. Teranishi, S Saiki. H. Kusama, E. Yoshikawa. M. Tsudama, K. Shimasako, M. Park. WiTh an enrollmenT OT over 350, The Japanese Club can really do big Things. The organizaTion sTarTed OTT The year wiTh a Treshrnan recepTion-a new experience Tor The group. The mosT ouTsTanding acTiviTy oT The year was The TormaTion oT a Japanese I2A Club whose purpose is To help sTranded sTudenTs aT The annual Japanese ConTerence and To hold a parTy each monTh. CHINESE IsT Row Ile-TT To righTl: W. Woo, S. Yee, G. Fong, D. Lee, B. Yip, D. Fong. 2nd Row: A. Wong, G. Wong, P. Wong, B. Ong, D. Ng, L. Lee, S. Louie, D. Lee, S. Lowe, B. Ah Tye, E, Lee, L. Chinn, M. Chan, D. Wong, D. Loy. 3rd Row: H. A. Bradley. H. Ko. E. Chinn, K. Mar, G. Ng, B. Yip, L. Jang, A. M. Ng, E. Fong. HighlighTing a year oT pleasure, progress, and proTiT Tor The Chinese Club was The Thanksgiving dance. This was voTed a huge success as was The ChrisTmas parTy and The senior banqueT. Besides honoring high school graduaTes, The club enTerTained The incoming Treshmen aT a recepTion boTh in The Tall and in The spring. During The year The club held several candy sales, one oT which TeaTured Those mosT mysTerious oT all candies-Chinese TidbiTs, ranging Trom ginger To cocoanuT sTrips. 63- CDRGAN TALENT Isl Row lleTT 'o righTl: V. Browning, P. Browning, N, Fields. 2nd Row: N. DelmonT, E. ChrisTy, M. Marsden, A. Marsden, B. Weaver, N. DenuiT G. Abrams. 3rd Row: M. Perry C. SchiTTman, J. Judge, M. L. AnThony, M. E, Craig, R. WriglnT B. WhiTney, E. Harvey. "Where can be Tind any enTerTainmenT?" is The usual anguished cry heard abouT The campus when any rally or program is planned. The newly-Tormed TalenT Club hopes To remedy This lack oT enTerTainmenT by lisTing all sTudenTs wiTh any TalenT, so ThaT They may be called on To parTicipaTe in school programs if needed. This noT only lessens The chore oT The everlasTing search Tor school TalenT buT, iT is hoped, will provide bigger and beTTer programs aT The assemblies. CHRISTIAN STUDENTS lLeTT To righ'l: W. I-IedsTrorn, B. Harris, Z. Jaclrson, E. Powell, W. B 'I D M'II Th aiey, . is,L.I-lea . STarTed lasT year by a group oT sTudenTs, The ChrisTian STudenTs Luncheon Club was insTigaTed To promoTe ChrisT- ian Tellowship on The campus. The group has enlarged unTil aT The presenT Time an average oT 20 sTudenTs aTTend The weekly Thursday luncheons. Various speakers Trom The SToclcTon churches oT ChrisTian Businessmen's AssociaTion give The group valuable lessons in ChrisTian living. A plan Tor a diTFerenT meeTing has been discussed by The club members. TENNIS lsr Row llefT1o righTl: E. M. Genud, B. Root B. Kounfz, L. Jones. M. Triolo, L .Babcock S. Oalrs, S. Godinez, N. Tupper, D. Howell 2nd Row: L. M. Boyden, R. Dennis, J. Srnilh, M. Relzlarcf, A, Chin- chiolo, J. McCloud, Cv. JeI'Try, E. M. Moore, B. Miller, D. Miller, E. Powell. 3rd Row: G. Davis, B. Goodwin, B. Cohen, J. Raho, A. Prafer, J McCloud, M. SmiTh, L. Carrey. 4Th Row: E. lNI1iTe, B. CarTer, J. I-IorTon, L. Hines, L. Nowalr, G I-Iadden, M. PeIeTz, L. CarTer. 5Th Row: J. Van PelT, B. I-Ianson, G. WeinsTein, W. Kaplan, D, Bilar, K. Yama isni, C. Pond, O. Swan, M. WiTI, B. Flemin , N. Prince Q 9 C. Covy, I-l. WITT, B. Mead. "Zing wenT The sTrings oT My RaclceT" mighT well be The Theme of The Tennis Club. ATTer an inacTive TirsT semesTer because oT The absence oT Miss MiTchell, The sponsor, The club really did Things in The spring. Singles and doubles TournamenTs crowded The calendar, and championships were won righT and leTT. As There are a large number oT Tennis addicTs aT SToclcTon I-Iigh, The club has an acTive membership. T-souARE lLeTT To righTl I-T. Bissell, G. Jones, T. Silvy, E, Sandman. "We draw everyThing buT salaries" is The byword oT The T-Square Club, and The varieTy oT drawings made by The group prove The sTaTemenT. STudenTs in advanced engineering and archiTecTural drawing classes malce up This enTerprising club. The mem- bers learn more abouT drawing Trom pracTical engineers and archiTecTs. IT They lceep up The good worlc aTTer grad- uaTion, They will draw everyThing-even salaries. -64 ZATICDNS PHILOPHYSEAN ll.eTT To righflz J. Bryan, N. Sommers. The charT in The picTure To The righT represenTs The six branches oT science sTudied by The Philophysean Club. One meeTing is devoTed To each oT The Tollowing: asTron- omy, physiology, biology, boTany, chemisTry, and physics. ln This way The girls in The club geT a well-rounded know- ledge of The sciences. Trips and movies bring ouT inTer- esTing poinTs given in The meeTings and give The members inTormaTion in an enTerTaining way. BOYS' SCIENCE TLe'iT To righflz A. Yroz. W. GenuiT, W. Wesl. Science seems To The average person as some unreal arT enTirely beyond reach. One acepTs The radio, synTheTic diamond, and laws oT physics buT could noT explain Them if his liTe depended on iT. The Boys' Science Club was Tormed To bring This mysTical knowledge down To earTh by illusTraTing special branches oT science wiTh plain, clear ex- planaTions and by several Tield Trips Taken during The year. AERONAUTICS lLef+ To righTl: W. Kaplan, B. Hanson. Aeroplanes are modern: STockTon High School sTudenTs are modern. The AeronauTics Club was organized so ThaT modern youThs inTeresTed in heavier-Than-air craTTs and The makings oT These ships could advance ThaT learning un- der school sponsorship. Much work is done in making model aeroplanes, and in explaining The mechanics oT The Things. MosT oT The boys hope To go TurTher in aeronauTics aTTer high school and are sincerely inTeresTed in This Tield. MINK Is? Row lleff To righflz D. Lewis, B. Bradley. 2nd Row: J. MiTcheIl Lewis, B. Harrison, D. La Moine, E. Harvey, B. Thompson, M, Myers, C. Lewis, J. Ladd. NOT many people own a mink coaT or ever see one. BuT anyone aT STockTon High who would like To observe a coaT in The Tlesh can see choice specimens oT Yukon mink aT The high school Tarm. IF one waiTed a Tew years, he would Tind a veriTable herd OT These expensive animals abouT The place, Tor The Ten charTer members oT The club plan To es- Tablish a Tirm TooThold in The promising business oT mink Tarming. ss BAN D EUGENE LANCELLE Isl Row llell lo righll: E. Belhards, J. Pleau, E. Bailey, F. Anderson, A. Palmer, H. Clarlc, N. York M. Maggs, M. Ballilana. 2nd Row: B. Ruyon, L. Grondona, A. Davidson, J. Dieiz, E. Ennis, J. Gordon, J. Dielz, A. Charles, R Dellamaria, L. Lincoln, M. E. Craig, C. Harrold, W. DeWhiH, W. Slcadden, N. Campion, L. Bifler- man, N. Piazza. 3rd Row: A. M. Viclcroy, D, Berry, J. Herzog, F. Mayo, L. Cline, B. Weaver, D. Robinson, L. Osferdoclc J. Gonzales, G. Sfeel, G. Golf, J. Mawrey, B. Ewerfsen, G. Wolf, M. Wright M. Bascom, C. Brau L. Mclllvain, R, Evans, R. Wright B. Hanley, E. Lancelle. 4+h Row: R. Kosich, D. Fisher. D. Bilair, C, Broadhursl, M. Herman, R. Dalben, N, Cohen, B, Davidson P. Spanos, P. Kelley, J. Lane, D. Hanner, F, Vassar, A. Rumrill, C. Clarlc, D. Pellingil, R. Trogla, H Keifer, P. Johnson, W. Tolle, J. Gehrig, R, Bambas, B. Adams, J. Yorlc, L. Sawrey. HEN one 'rhinlcs ol loolball and baslcel ball games, one nearly always lhinlcs ol lhe Sloclclon High School Band, for if occupies an imporlanl place in all lhe games. The band plays ar every game and accompanies 'rhe leam inlo enemy lerrirory, 'rraveling on 'rhe special rrains 'ro Turloclc, Sacramenlo, and even as lar as Fresno. The eighly-one piece band, led by Harold Heisinger, is such a line group 'rhal il is acknowledged as being one of lhe besl high school bands in 'rhe Uniled Slales. School acrivilies are nor 'rhe only 'rhings in which 'rhe band plays, as il'is fealured al The Counly Fair every summer, al 'rhe Lodi Grape Feslival, and il also plays in combinalion wilh lhe orchesrra ar lhe California Crusaders program held every year. along wilh many olher engagemenls. . HE schedule oT The SToclcTon High School OrchesTra was very Tull This lasT year, as They Took a prominenT parT in all The school acTiviTies. They provided The music Tor The senior plays, "A Murder Has Been Arranged", given by The February class, and "Peg- O-My-HearT", given by The June graduaTing class. The orchesTra furnished The music Tor The Two play producTion dramas presenTed in The audiTorium. Also, The orchesTra held an imporTanT role in The graduaTion ceremonies, Tor, accompanied by The orches- Tra, The June and February graduaTes said Their lasT good-byes To good old SToclcTon High School. The mosT unusual oT all The orchesTra engagemenTs were Their radio broadcasTsq one over KWG, where They also made phonograph records. and one over KOA, when They represenTed The wesT on The American YouTh program, April 23. The orchesTra raTes as one oT The TinesT high school orchesTras in The sTaTe. IsT Row lleff To righTl: N. HarberT, S. OverTon, P. Magnuson, K. French, G. Fchandi, G. Pezzi, H. Neu, P. PreisT, J. Gardener, V. Johnson. 2nd Row: C. MarchanT, W. Forney, M, WeisT, M. YamashiTa, M. E. Turner, J. Smifh, J. BeaTon, J. AbboTT, K. Kaneda, G. Brandon. 3rd Row: K. La Moine, F. Turpin, V. O'Connor, F. Pillsbury, R. Dalben, J. Gordon, J. Dielz, J. Diefz, A. Domenguez, M. Magqs, D, Widney, R. Ogden, G. Hahn. 4Th Row: S, Puqa, V. MiramonTes, E. Lincoln, F. Talcaouga, C. Kelly, R. Srnifh, D. PeTTingil, D. Renwick, B. Weaver, R. Evans, H. Puqa, F. Lancelle, E. RoTh, H. Day. 5Th Row: A. Grey, M. Lewis, E. Vacarezza, D. WhiTe, E. WhiTe, D. Snoolc, F. BaTTilana, D. Puller, R. MonTeverdi, B. Guerin lmiddlel, Miss Virginia L. ShorT, conducTor. CDRCHESTRA CI-ICDRAL Isl Row 2nd Row Row Row Row ow Isl' Row L Tk TROUBADOURS lefl 'fo rrghl M Mlddlelon J Shriver R Schaeneman J Ware N Lmz B Sfrong B Croclcer D Ferguson F Herman A Shorl L Blossom J Thornlon J Shrlver A Clarlc B Adams G Wong B A Haclcman V Browning A Gray L Healh R Holsle F Carr M Cormng J Basley L Turner GIRLS GLEE a eshula A Valerlo P Jehlrnes D Sfreef M Gaslull L Hedge E Sueyasu E Young S Smllh M Halforl M Wilson N Nelson M Calvallr A Davls M alco Row 2 C Washungfon M Yanamola M Howell W DeWhl++ M Lublcernan J Woods ens J Gulberf M Sherwood E Tanlserg M Allen V Meyers L Jaclr 3rd Row M J Arbanasln H Mellon A Gardella J A Chnnchuolo B Downs H Vere M Hahn W Hoerl M Henk son F Whale Green V Pedroll M Aushn M Zell L Hawley M E Craig gge l Nason G M Clarl: E Murray M Tanalca puanusl Nancy Brown X L 4 , , V . V 4 l I X . A l I ll B' Y' ' x 5 XE .l ' 0 , l 3rd :l .1 , I. l , .l I . .l 'V . l 4+h : . , . , . . . . ' . 5+h : . ' , . . . . . A . 6+hR : . , . ' , . . . . I MJ 1lQa.LSrefson as an early pioneer in fhe musical paqeani Rapsody in Six Rap presented by fe music deparfrnenf Jeanne Marie Marblesione, Dixie Traub, Mary Edna Craig, and Georgeffe Schmidt Karl Ross Pos? maiorefies. pause during flweir fancy gyraiions af a Sfocldon High foofball game. 69- b '24m4ticA ef ii N W WX sd js XL A The Senior Play is to the students who are graduating as the Father Neptune ceremony is to landlubtaers who cross the equator for time First time gg 5, . , f-ff M xg ' if ,,.V 2 N HP 9 Alf. Q s 41 Q gk f- 34 li ff, X fm. ,S ' Q' W ii F, '5'5"3Qs. ,, .M wi' , , 42 . I , 1 5 I I X .. .'!, mags ml? QI' , V.-Mb ,WL W gf 41, , f:.1' -if - , w,f2gi: J ,g 2 x L4,, i A 3 A5 Y .A E Q 5 aww FIFTEENTH CANDLE Mr Vederh Carroll Clark Rose Vederh Conn L Hughes :fella Vedelf: Clwarlolff Kyfaslon M455 Robervs L e ly o Mass Gvoldsrcm Lvuynn Nun DREAMY KID Dreamy Knd Bradford Sefness Cealy Ann Saunders Dcrorluy Hall Mammy Saunders Allce Prafr Irene Donna Ferguson One-Ac? Dramas presenled al Drama Fesiival, Slockfon Civic Audiforium April I7, l939. FIFTEENTH CANDLE o pa V dw' I 1 av +.r M aenfvd dauqlvqr Rgsr f mop l' ar usons and u m a ac cry se s s ' rx a Q ls ar na mug 'hc my for fl-e ar' su-s flu Rose car- becomn a real arhsl f socr- kccorms apparent tha? because o r rgnorarf qrom dy a l' r U-Hn Land on Rex xf krrilndsy c 1 r- w M 'amz sfcac w r 9 L ado Lu onnm Huqlwns symp-all' Us r llla o e Kynasfo o mal as a on wr n V a o ecome a great arhsr a n y p ea W a a Vcdchn Carroll Clark 9 c rec sc lf s er ar? lessons and srarf tr worm ilu vacfory DREAMY KID o Aflcr murdcrmg a ma Dreamy K Q pursued y p me remrns lo s ylrq mammy oo yi s s eellne-arf pleads wl rm 1 c-avr' lv ,vw mommy lu'-cp callng Hum bad - l-fsiafvs Sc lang Q a Le pollce are pounding on ,l1C'dCWY wlwc-n he dolcrmlrws malnc a sla u ru Lrv' lm Dcnna U uson and va y f' crc'l'1y lr u ar ue atom oamy K d 5 adf Ufess 3 Dm my d a n I or c :cc fo rlurv 0 Olurouqlh Qhe ocr rcamy warm r A y Ann 1 N Il Mamrr' w u coo rr 0 man- an Clay nn wa'clw ammy slcwlv Pass away 7 uamy argurs aqnmsl 'cl In amrn cl l1 5 Cflfff a 3 w 9l'1 Drcamy io 9 b lore flu cc cc com rc and Cf-aly n arrcl aboul hefl-cr Dreamy should amy o we s ws, r .55 1-A 4 A 4 A 4 as :va ,,,, X, vvw 1, Evan-,,,,,, nav 1-rv Spain w X .r wf1'u,1hl-.IYJej,,,1f :av my Q lv X. 1 I xx y' 'kv V' 5. M .ji 45 J h Jflirwiw TWVVVVVMWWVQV lp Exif! 3 4-qNyZfaqx 99" 'C Ii. vw? e .1W?'f,f1,:' ffm 1 Y Am fqk: fy I E w .1 W xaafi'-firlifwxfdyb ll' Fvbfrmqsm S' at W ,."'r79P79"" 4 ,J W'-S92 '35 445 LW., ' , Jr J: J we M' .ywix 7 lfmk "3""5k5b'4l'l'f W 4 -w-w,gsfq :qw 'f .fu V W V: QM 4 r A A .M N N I ,, 2? , Q PM ffzwfff 4 4 A Mlav WY' tflsll' .L zzfixlg I -I V"Haqf,,,f'v1uW 'Fark 1.1 1 " Qmylwr l x Y Mig . w va. Jr A -lg 4'-I ,A iff!! v 'W 50.41A ml J M13 N lvl l' A .17 +7 " 4 A nw F Allan ,wan nf had 3 f WQVW' J ln Q X X, FAQ A , ,r' 1 A 19.11.-.Vqv:u+" V' 'S,Q2lr.9Vxf,:'4',K'17! J 'N' -ffwaavfm Q ,Wm wi we Vq W ..V.,xf"l3'fif5fgV N il -v' wall we 1 ff I r w vt .N fl v ll-2 :Fr 'N ..4,w5's L 4, 14xNtL2ggsE!i':lfiiW,x J ME -' fgyivig, 'Inf ww, :Ex K4 'F .wif e ff r tk! , Jw If L rp Hr J if m'1V,Vf- XVJ-'Hifi .px 's...Aj All worlc and no play mal4es Jaclc a dull boy No one game can be more suitable lor playing anyvvlwere tlwan cl'1ecl4ers, Wlwetlwer be It on a slwxp or IH a class room - 11 , f I ' V I x - 1 ff I f Q O 1 lf'r-'jwaiifil "5'fF':5" 1, 'f m , 'V , 1 'V Qi -1+-t13rP'2:sVe lf' '1:fL-.1-Fil' H. . rf. ,-4.f,.,. -1 I. A-,X,V4,,3 j1K7:.V.3,,.l.:qN- , w, A 1 , ' .. ,. -jf ' "V--Q,-".r .1 '.,' .5159-Tr, 5, , , ,V ,, M1 ,V . A ...,,v,,.- , , ,K ff ., ,.V g,- ., ,,: ,..,,-V1fag . ,g V, H-E:,,g:Q,f '-g"' ffnlrfff-'--'V:f 1:Za5'.1' ': Q, .,H" ' V, . AV, 1g:.Q1'.-1:-, ,,,,: , ,. , 4: -1 ,' ' - ...hx J,"-y eq, 5 ,4V. -1-3 .qw in Y' . J .J,.b- -'A-,V::.':mV fi.--f'::.., : 1 L 5 V A -:ig - w w '.f..'f:.f:.V, lggkfsji-!,VLQ7 'T:'lA1-.- Y-I 5214 6.fx.V.. 'L-"M H7 Q. '14,-.215 1: ' 'A M197- A'-" ' 'f'Vf"C,,,,," ,'.""" ' A.. . ,,4 .,,3gy.-4l:1nf,'T. "W . V - V, ,l.,?-'-?"'5" -1,12 V 'f ' .fame AW H 'led'-f,., "P.lQ55'5Y' "Y-24'-'ff -' -"'1'f:f: "'f:1:.f- , -if ,-i':- ' 1. ', .,ij,.,1 V ML,-3,31 ,. ,v'k'-1'-iff-',f ff, A h. -N ', .1..vV'-514,514-FVr-'L',g3gEu,'-.--:'MWg! "' f A , i,, , ' ' I V ' 4 , 1 A J:3f:j:4g:Zg,f1f:L'11:Q ,1E'f:gi.l, - -f ,A wr' ,, :-: -.. -. 1, fw- '-f-'iQ',.:,'l1iZJQKTQ-ici3 'a:i:,VV,, :',.vQg5Q.Q - .QU-.5 M-:f..:,'. L V A. - - x'-,, vrgnfj uv A, cm -, -'-if ,13.!,,,, ""Z ' 'fn' ff-, . 'A - " V" WAV 5 ' VV 431137 ' f' 6 ,Rvws ' . . V , , 1 P, V- rw N PV:-J,ijff5' ' 'L A 'T M Ji as aim I .. .. -. 11. gg lj. ,gli-f!'1?gf If I 'y, .3J4 ,wa f,,54i,.,--' - ,k"'V.Vv,.,'-J.-'V -4 , ,',,5gpf' V w wf,-V mL?1Qa1..ez. -..wsP6? -6 y- Z h. -4 . "'--:---'v-w' ,-e', 'rf , -.V,. ,- FEQQWZ V, ,--f,',,4.g,,qf.,-19. we K l Vp 'f " X ' - - " wx - ' . ' A 5"?'11f'i .V 5 '13-' F",?.w -,vgy-V, ,',' - , ,-T-7:11 Q fd. -rf' . --,- -, ..- lg' . 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Va 4, V- ,L--M f Lfsigl 1: iii?-Rennie , X Q. afwaggsmmf . .M . K.M, . ST TW .M Mh M WLM GYM INSTRUCTCDRS HE TacT ThaT There are Th1rTeen unsTrucTors In The SToclcTon Hugh School physucal educaTuon deparT menT does noT spell load luclc as one mlghT Thlnlc buT nnversely :T spells good luclc as The producTs whuch The deparTmenTs Turn ouT are very saTlsTacTory The meThod oT Teaching used In The dnvnded de parTmenT as very eTTecTave as each 1nsTrucTor Teaches The sporT In whlch he or she excels ln The poys de parTmenT Coach Solomon handles The Teaching oT TlrsT and varslTy TooTball and golT W L McKay Teaches hygiene and handles Tennis Team and ladder also being In charge oT The lnTramural sporTs Mllce Garngan Takes care oT B TooTball and baslceTball whale Hap Evans handles Traclc Coach Lenz handles The varsuTy baslceTball and also acTs nn The capacuTy oT head oT The boys deparTmenT whale PeTe McCann us IH charge oT The swlmmung Team All oT These In sTrucTors have regular classes oTher Than The special sporTs They Teach Mrs May ns head oT The gurls deparTmenT and Talces Incoming Treshmen as her spec1alTy Mlss Harrus ns In charge oT aTTer school sporTs and Mrs Young specualuzes ID dancnng classes Mass KaThleen MuTchell as In charge oT The Tennus ladder TournamenT whale Miss Blnss Muss ShelTman and Mrs Crane handle The lower classes They do noT speclallze In any one sporT buT are slcullTul In all oT Them 78 T s 5 lveneJ Harris 4 Fred F Solomon 3 Grace U Blvss A K 2 Harry B Lenz , ' 'TT' ' y J' L I Agnes D ay l r T 7 T3 6 PeTe fCaln 7 Frances hel man c allace L cKay cgi 9. KaThleen 6. iTc ell T T IO, Howard F. Evans I II. Helen B. Young T' IZ, Michael A. Garrigan l3. Lucile T. Crane Group PlcTure lleTT To righTl Mike Garrigan, Fred Solomon, PeTe cCain. . . cKay. V PeTe Lenz, 'Hap' Evans. , ., .' 'O ll , , . VARSITY M VJg CI SECOND STRING G W I-I THIRD STRING N d I-I UNDEFEATED UNTIED AND THE HIGHEST SCORING TEAM IN CALIFORNIA HIS OF COURSE was Ihe record achneved by ou'rran Ihe Iwo safely men for 87 yards Io score un Ihe I938 Blue Thunderboll Toolball Ieam Through molesled Thal was Jalce s Iasl game for has alma Ihe able coaching of Fred Solomon asslsled by Pele maler and he drd Indeed end has prep career In a McCann and Dom George Ihus Ieam was able 'Io hang up such a splendid record The mosl valuable play of Ihe enhre season came In Ihe annual Bug Game wllh Lodn Ihe season s Innale As Ihe Iourlh quarler golf underway, wI'rh Ihe Tarzans pulhng Ihe ball In play deep In Ihelr own Ierrrlory, Jake Lenchl Ioolc a snappy pass from cenler, oulsmarled Ihe Flame Ime. ouldodged Ihe IeII de fensuve Iullbaclc, and Ihen Iunally 79 VARSITY Sloclclon Sfocldon Sfocldon Sfocldon Sfocldon Sfoclcfon , Slocldon 34. Slocldon 28, Sfocldon 7, 230 SCORES Mlssvon Pllfsburg Auburn Balcersfueld McCIaIchy Sacramenlo Modeslo Turlock Lodu blaze of glory Bul Ien olher men plus Iwo olher Ieams comprised Ihe whole squad They compiled a grand Iolal of 230 dnguls unsurpassed by any olher prep school In Ihe Golden SIa+e Ou? of Ihe Blue Thunderboll s mne opponenls, fave Ialled Io score agamsl Ihem whale Ihe ofher four Ieams ran up 34 pornls Members of Ihe I938 Blue Thunderboll Team, Ihe Asocualed Sludenfs of Sfocldon Hugh School Salule You Line-J. Cave, r.e.: A. allcoun, r. I.: K. " W I T7 'NA Ogasawara, r. g.: B. Rubin, c.: . ud e, - , I. g.: H. Schmidt I.: E. Judge. I. e. ' Baclcfielcl-R, Pease, r.h.: R. I-Iammelf, .: ,V , L . J. Leichf, I. h.: J. Cavalero, I. X. K I ,H A' ' f ly-'tyfxav .Q N., ' W ' ' ' 5 -ji-vp,ff'x'j L f A-2 1 fl ...Q fsia-'Y T4 :A -sl -rf Ti rw Line-B. Fisher, r. e.: L. Condy, r. I.: D. Rosenberger, r.g.: R. Anfonucci, c.: E. Harvey, I.g.: G. Goodway, L+.: J. Mal- Ioy, I.e. Backfield- . Darico, r. h.: B. Elcheverry, q.: . Fosfer, I. h.: D. S arpe, I. T ...-77 -4"..':f.r -'T' I A A I 'C :""' Line-G. Ishimura, r.e.: S. An resalcis, Y r.I'.g . Foppiano, ng.: J. Licciardi, c.: A - V. Ghiorzo, I. g.: J. Runcle, I.I.g J. San- ' guineffi, I.e. Baclrfleld-I-I. Rufloni, r.h.g B. GerI:en,q.: J. Huber, r.h.: J. Bisbilcis, I.: A. Minel- Io, I. h.: E. James, q. I I . . I I . I . . . . 25: ' ' . 2 . ' ' ' . . 27: ' I9 ' ' I II ' II ' 'I I V I -U Y O I ' I . . 20: ' . . 7 A ' . . VIQ: 0 . . . . . . C pq. E 0 . . N Q N ' 5 as 51Z'5'ffa if , I gg a'ka?5' - K A ?' I 2:2 ,h . J Sf ifigez E 'Y' .1 V , j if i 512 " 4,6131 fi' 'S ' : f 10 4.1 254 - 1 3, . A? k vi If N, . Q' ' L. Wg , Si! ii! 11 32 K Q4 66' Q ,fy CNA N 1?1fkr5'f S-ff JR. VARSITY JR. VARSITY R lfC. Cosmos, q.: G. McClufg, hp R. Mayer, In B. WheIsIine. I.: B. French g.: E. Julius, I.: J. McCarIy, rngr. R 2-A. Gvuiliani, c.: E. Parsons, I.: F. Rule, e.: J. Radilovich, h.: l-l. Grahlrnan, q.: M. Werner, g,g L. Casenave, g. R 3-J. I-lerrero, g.' l-l. SrnyIhe, I.: S. l-lall, I.: C. WhiIe, h.: E. BoIhwell, e. 4-J. I-lowley, I.: J. Rojas, ln.: R. Main, q.: B. Bonha'n, g.: W. PaIIerson, e.: J. SmiIh I IN ACTION l Jackson Game-D. Grahlman carries ball and breaks away Irom Jackson rnan 2 S I reek ame- . a HovHch Idesin vam Io hah a uIer ree mn. . cson I C G J R d S I C k 3 Ja G e-F. Rule Iollows in close pursuiI aIIer Jackson player. 4. Jackson Game-W bI Iln d I a d J k I I kI 6 US V1 GC SON DTSVCH S G S OC Ol'1 SCOF8. k Rush FCDGTBALL nder Ihe supervision of RoberI SIone, our Junior VarsiIy sIring were vicIorious in four ouI oI eighI possible encounIers. The main purpose oI Ihe Junior Varsify is noI, however, Io win games, buI Io Irain and develop Ihe players for Ihe VarsiIy Ieam Ihe Iollow- ing year. Among Ihese promising men, who will nexI season go Io make up a porIion oI Ihe VarsiIy sIring, are Ger- rero, French, Main, Guliani, Coome, BoIhwell, and Rule. OuIsIanding among Ihe accomplishmenIs of 'rhis year's Ieam was Iheir vicIory over Ihe cham- pionship Ieam oI Ihe lv1oIher Lode, SuI- Ier Creek. The squad Iraveled by bus Io Ihe Lodi and Oakdale games, Ihe remainder of Ihe maIches being play- ed on home ground. Mr. SIone re- porIs IhaI aI Ihe beginning of Ihe IooI- ball season his Ieam consisIed oI inex- perienced players. buI by Ihe Iime IhaI Ihe year was over Ihe players showed greaI evidence oI eIIecIive pracIice and as a resulI showed more polished playing. The posiIions on nexI year's B squad will be Iilled Io some exIenI by Ihe same players as in l938. This Ieam was also aIIecIed by Ihe consIi- IuIional amendment which was voIed upon and approved by Ihe sIudenI body Ihis year, and as a resulI Ihese players will receive a special block S wiIh Ihe leIIers J. V. sewn on Ihe award. l-lowever, Ihey are awarded no service sIripes unIil Ihey receive a VarsiIy block. -82 B TEAM FCDGTBALL he record of The B Team was an exacT duplicaTe oT The J. V. Team's record, Tor under The coaching oT "Mike" Garrigan They won Tour ouT oT eighT possible game. The TacT ThaT These boys played againsT an A Team Trom Vacaville handicapped Them Trom having anoTher vicTory. Among The groups vanquished by our boys were The B Teams from Turlock, ModesTo, SacrarnenTo, and Oakdale. The closesT and mosT specTacular game oT The sea- son was played wiTh The ModesTo boys. The obiecT OT a B Team is To give Tellows, especially upperclassmen, who are maTure buT yeT lack The varsiTy qualiTicaTions Tor size a chance To play TooTball. Wifh The excepTion oT Tera- hishi, nexT year's B group will be made up oT enTirely new players, The cus- Tom being To change The line-up each year. The maioriTy of The B boys will undoubTedly move up inTo The J. V. and VarsiTy Teams. The awarding oT sTripes To The B Team is based on a 2X3 raTio wiTh The VarsiTy group. Thus Two years oT B work and one year oT varsiTy playing enTiTles The p-layers To Two service sTripes. An innovaTion was broughT abouT by an amendmenT To The school consTiTuTion which provides ThaT The members oT The B squad be awarded a block S wiTh BEE inscribed on The leTTer To disTinguish Trom VarsiTy awards. 83- KEB LL f nw 5 1 .. , - U i. if . J 4 gh " ' f 1 if l 1 . -- f f, X '- 155' .1 ' iii: 5 4 'Z XL! - X' ., gi A.-pswif W ,V if 4 il A gg QQ 4 'L iff 2 'W A' J 2 iv X f ,. ,MN QEQQEQL 1E3wWm M ', ' fav Saw - ia' ' x' 'VV "JV . - 'Q - i 4 ,I VK 353 in x J 1 3 W ,A H .. .awww - 6 S' . 9392? Y Qs l . l'h' E X if S 5 , W Y Q , '59 ww? .XX v, . , V fd K, :Mya ,M my 3 'FW 4 ln- 4 s 1 y f-z.KKXixfi Y- ,sf - I 1 'I e ,K x J 21QX? ,-P,-5 and ,- 2 -12 : 1 1, .Af . . -mx . . ' A 1 ..1,,' 1 . , A' 202 , fx . f ,fi ,wx ,z I 1 A - ffl 4 Q 5 . F ,I r,5?f"'.: . X I! ., ' -g ' . ,. ' ' ' .' N7 - X YI: V -, ' :hw v , - ,faqsfA.:L,3' ' 3f1"ff'..f 5 ' ,, -,W . T1 :l.:52l:Ftw F ' u ' N- 'fi iii A ,. Q 'Su -11 , : -r W 1- v ,,.k f - EE--K' ' ' -. 1 Kg 75 ' '31 1 Q ,X . X -x . A ' Y' gh 'IAS frxmijr , '-. I .. f -ff 'J-:lv b- .1 . K, aa.. . g Ll-4 ' he x L- 7 . ' Qn,"L4jif". 'fjgk 'H 'Q 'gf' ' 5- Y , - -,S ,ii V av. '59, 1 ',, -. ' , ,I - 5 KJ We 1--205' w his at 'Wim f--.',1', fi f 'Vg :ww x d ' 5 1 11531 W '-1. gli . f --L. ' . -- ., 'Rf' .u ' ' ' - V- .. f- 'fn .Agana 5 1 ,Q AQ A ' 15'-SQ' 'J' v' .I if - 'Q at if 'I 1 'fn 4 k. " , -i -V p 1 1 ry A . A ' . 1 M N ff '1"zf,?a, H " f' 'R 5+ '1 -4 b, ' ' ., P n K ff- . b, f - , , . . , , ,1,. , , f , . , K, my 1 . f fa--va - ,f "vfi:.:,A9 4 , f , ' 4 'fr T. . ,T-' 1, H , , y' -l .V Q . Q I ' Q ' , 1 .fr , 5 . -w w w ' W 2 IR ' ' "fa in 1 a 64-:iefr :GFI , il ., 1 fn i ' f ' Q, , Q K W " " - if 1 Wy- .A ,f "wx-iss? ,. v , A A fd - . H E ' fl' ' f ' , 2 f f F . ggwgs Lg N h W1 I, -P . -MJ! g?5iV,, . xg " - I .ug .ufyf. ,f - 1 - ,ff2.',,.,?.'f'-P 1 Ar. .5 7, 4 -,fc-i.Y' r ' N-.ig 3-1 5' 1- . X I 1 g ,N sm A- V VSe'g'5?ci'j3Lf . 4 'H y - L ' 54 ' Y 5451-1:j:,4 ,g :,ii95i.13,-"if in H, , "- Q ., 'L' .' . L- 5- -2 I f f' , ' ' a.. V ,. an-fav' 'M'-Lwx xx n P - fr - ' 11 - ' ' pil ' , , 3' 4, -Avgfw 4 mA -' 1: ' ' H" " ' UM? r ' ' L A 3' l ii . ,: . -.. 3 A R. . Sacramenfo Game--Farrell makes 'W covery from backboard. L. Sacra- menio Game-Ford fzj and Nelsor U51 lump for ball. 3. Lcd! 'Sa'-re-Li+f'e U35 emerges Q Hom fangle fc rr-aka recsvefy 'fc-r Sfdcvcn. 4. Lodi 6 U ','TQ?,, V' -in-'f-'f' . E p,,,,J Game-Shake :caps for bel-. S. Sccrernenfc Game "-' ' , . Shimlsaii l22j W67CL'6'S ME!!er U3j eHemp+ vc recover ball. 6. Wbodfand Sam-3--Maier: UZ, ,sizes bali from vane K Q 1682. 7. Woodifsnd Game-Mason makes, one hand re- f covery. 8. Lodi Game-Liffle wrenches ball from fumped by opponent !?'f aff? I W scoff Q27l.Q Q. Lodi GdmC-SChU1id4 my fips ball '0'Sfr5ke. 50 Mcclafcny Game-?v1e:covifchU2l " 5n Qhle SC? gf passing ball fc, pumam 123jg Mason uardmg Rogers I5 Cafes 5 Fd , on cour Mcclafchy came Mabor 11,5 ? n A" .1 ou? 1W"x. I if X1 ' '- W A . , 1 a,,j'1V -, 1 n ,,, s ,. , , , , 555 A .JH f ' 'aj ,A ri -4' V ,aw ' " 'ff 6, Q '- i A . Q5 I' " 1 5 , Y gi . sg 51203 T 3 'F' Y: . 'Y A 5 IX 12,59 f ,A ,f V ' A ' ni' , f at -' Q, -,YA ff V A," ,. 5 E Iggifaji :H I VI ,I ' H ' 5' 1 SF' 1 L f kfff! . t , . , - I ily N., ' g I 5 NM A rf me fs- 5-"is ,A A Y ,-PS' Ffcf' fcw: leTT Tc ii:1FT- DOCQ-H31 3- P, Lggr-ai-ding T- QA Bmw, I. A Cazaie .. D- Hammers i l VARSITY he championship Team oT The C. l. F. T ThaT is The TiTle conTerred on This year's l VarsiTy baslceTball squad, coached by PeTe Lenz. Organized Teamworlc on The l parT oT The enTire crew, insTead oT in- dividual worlc is responsible Tor The Tine showing oT The blue and whiTe sTriped cage Team. IT is believed ThaT had iT noT been Tor The unTorTunaTe TacT ThaT parT oT The Team was losT due To mid- Term graduaTion, ThaT SToclcTon T-ligh's '39 squad would have been The besT in many years. This is guiTe a signiTi- canT sTaTemenT when iT is remembered ThaT Tormer Tarzan Teams over a period oT some years have been The proud possessors oT Tour sTaTe championship TiTles. Among The players who gradu- aTed in mid-season were L. Condy, B. Fisher, B. LiTTle, R. l-lammeTT, B. STril4e, B. Werle, Fl. SchmidT and D. JonTe. OT his own voliTion, D. JonTe graduaTed in Tour and one-halT years, and ThereTore leTT The Team in February. To com- pensaTe Tor The loss oT The graduaTed players, Lund, Murray, BoThwell and Shimisalci augmenTed The VarsiTy crew in February. The hardesT ToughT and mosT disasTrous game oT The enTire sea- son was played againsT The C. K. Mc- ClaTchy T-ligh School's Lions on Their home courT aT SacramenTo. The un- TorTunaTe resulTs oT This maTch were due To The TacT ThaT The aToremenTioned graduaTed players leTT The Team The nighT beTore The TaTal encounTer. The whiTe and purple clad SacramenTo Dragons gave The Tarzans Their closesT sTruggle oT The year. lT can Truly be said ThaT iT was a pleasure Tor The coach Bw VA i---T HT R B --R s------c H lyl-JG-Y--.iUi, ,TW :J an ,. Q rig 7, adv gf I ,, xy ' ed Y ' M C Vardewaik, T, M " mile' I ' To worlc wiTh This crew in Training and T. Sazisdgen+a2eaFZ-sgufiaufagi by Dvaacnsf J. euym iisi Wave. Tc qsi his hands on acTual games because The players were "9 5 - - 0 T GFS' UTl:'3'i l6l GT Lodi reTrieves bal Ticm R S Tln T221 d ' ' ' ' as' pneriod. B.KMcCiaf:Ty Game-vD. O'Ccnnor l2Ol vcweis cver his cpconenT aTJFTlFT3 lnverlably. puncxliual On. all Occaslqnsi 4. Lcdi fave-44-few ' Q 'feb cf Lam CCCOSiliCr' R. sw- one in The bgigheh WiTh Their championship colors Tlying B TEAM ln The same manner as The oTher Two groups oT Tarzan hoopsTers, The B baslceTball under The direc- Tion oT "lvlilce" Garrigan dropped anchor aT The end oT The season wiTh a championship TiTle To Their crediT. Because This Team has been The besT in years, iT has Talcen on an unusual amounT oT imporTance in SToclcTon l-ligh aThleTic courTs. ParT oT The gualiTy oT This year's Team is aTTribuTed To The TacT ThaT The players, especially P. Leonardini, J. Guyon, C. l-lealy, high, The TiTled Tarzan hoopsTers closed anoTher successTul season. D. O'Connor, and R. SmiTh, each excelling in a dif- TerenT phase or division oT The game. ln praise oT The subsTiTuTe players iT can be said ThaT They im- proved more during The year Than The sTarTing men. The obiecT oT a B group is To give upperclassmen who are deTicienT in gualiTicaTions Tor VarsiTy service a chance To play in a league, and also To give sTudenTs oT Tewer school years The necessary Training needed Tor advancemenT To The VarsiTy squad. norThern cenTral CaliTornia secTion- CCDUNTY BASKETBALL A TEAM osed ouT by Lodi by one poinT- lcepT our CounTy A boys Trom winning The counTy championship. Coached by Pefe Lenz and under supervision oT Dom George wherever They played, This Team won all league games excepT Linden and Lodi, losing boTh by a sin- gle poinT. M. McLaughlin and D. JonTe, bofh members OT This group, were unique in ThaT They played boTh Tor The varsiTy and CounTy A Teams. ln Feb. J. Murray, K. Lund, and K. Shimasalci, wenT Trom CounTy A class inTo The Var- siTy Tield. To counTer-balance This loss, F. MarTin, and J. Guerrero were added To The Team in Feb. As Tar as individu:l worlc is concerned, A. MineTTo showed himself To be The mosT aggressive man, while W. ForsTer made an excellenT guard. S. Andresalcis's shooTing abiliTy made him high p-oinT man Tor The season. The hardesT Tussles were wiTh our arch- rival, Lodi, TirsT oT which we won by one poinT in The overTime period. C TEAM The sTudenT body oT STockTon l-ligh agrees wiTh Coach Dom George when he says ThaT This year's Team was The mosT ouTsTanding in many years. B. Coale was high poinT man oT The Team: B. Chinchiolo, mosT dependable player: S. Teranishi, mosT agressive Tloor man. P. UharrieTT and F. Ferroggiaro were ouTsTanding guards. C. Brenchley, F. lshii, J. Moore, and B. Bradley should develop inTo an excepTional C Team nexT year. ln February, J. PoleTTi and D. Schroebel moved inTo CounTy A ranlcs. The Team's record was I8 vic- Tories and no deTeaTs, and no oppo- nenTs came closer Than 4 poinTs To van- quishing The Tarzan hoopsTers. Because oT The laclc oT compeTiTion, This Team enTered inTo maTches wiTh Ten ouTside crews oT B sp-eciTicaTions and emerged each Time vicTorious. The ha rdesT-ToughT game and The deciding TacTor Tor The championship TiTle was played againsT Auburn, resulTing in our Team gaining The NorThern CenTral SecTion champion- ship TiTle in The C. l. F. League. 8 A TEAM l. FronT Row: K, Shifriisalci, T: M. McLaughlin, T7 G, Walsh, T. Baclc Row: J. Mu y S. Andresalris, T1 W. FosTer, gg A. MineTTo, g. 2. Linden Garne4S. Andresalcis sT T h an arm To grasp Tor ball. 3. Escalon GamefS. Andresalcis pushes one in The basl: T G Walsh and F. Marfin lbacli TurnedT wafch anxiously. 4. Fscalon GamefA, MineTTo l p wiTh F. MarTin in aTTempT Tor recovery oT ball. 5. L' d G J, Guerrero 6 d Q Walsh lbaclc Turnedl do Their besT To prevenT a Linden sco C TEAM bk. FronT Row: D. Schroebel, T: B, Clninchiolo, T: Ferrog C B hl y g P riAeT, g. Bacl: Row: B. Bradley, Tj J. Ishii, T: B. Coale T J P l TT g S T hi, g in en ame-B. Chinchiolo malres a successful shoT d Th T ST kT 8 L d G Fscalon Game-F. Ferroggiaro, covered by Fscalon man T T g l 9 L d G,- C ghTbT T Ld L B B dly IO F l G BC l TT pT GU e Ween WO In en TOTTS TS , ra Q , a running Toss aT baslceT. . SCG on OWS . O6 e 6 VARSITY n The opinion oT STockTon I-Iigh's Track coach, "I-lap" Evans, This year's group of Track men was The sTrongesT in his experience in coaching here. Too much can noT be said in praise oT The aTTiTude oT The Team, Tor They have worked diligenTIy in Training, and have been serious-minded all season. The meeT aT SacramenTo proved mosT ex- ciTing and Tense because we played a losing game unTil The lasT evenT, The relay, buT by a scanT margin oT 5 yards our Team scored The needed poinTs To win The meeT. Individual perTormance on The parT oT I-Ienry RuTToni who shoT- puTTed Tor The TirsT Time in compeTiTion was also a deciding TacTor in winning The SacramenTo meeT. Because liTTle menTion was made oT lasT year's class A Track group: crediT is now given To Les Lenahan, p-oinT-maker in The pole- vauIT, Jack Moore, consisTenT TirsT placer in The mile run, seTTer oT a new sTaTe record lasT year, and menTioned in SpauIding's handbook as The Third besT high school miler in The UniTed STaTes, and I-Iarmon SchmidT, shoT- puTTer. Because oT a bad break, The STockTon TracksTers losT The NorTh- ern CaliTornia SecTionaI TiTle by one- guarTer oT a poinT lasT year. A new- comer To The squad This season is Gail OnsToTT, a TransTer Trom Oakland Technical I-Iigh School, who special- izes in The broad-iump. ATTer being a sprinTer Tor Three years, John Giaco- voni was recenTly converTed inTo a 440 yard man. Dick Mills, Two year Track manager, is now holding his own in The 880 yard evenT. From Oakdale came anoTher newcomer, Don Robinson, who placed in The high hurdles. Since Lodi's A division Track Team has come To The TronT, compeTiTion has been especially keen This spring. The ulTimaTe goal oT This year's enTire Team was The sTaTe meeT aT The Colliseum, Los Angeles. I. J. Beanlamd clear high iump, 2. J. Chrisos Takes hurdle. 3. R. Mills Tinishes an easy lead over ModesTo man. 4. J. Gia- covoni passes baTon To D. Robinson. 5. B. I-larry Tears down The sTreTch. 6. Look ouT, here comes BenTz. 7. J. LeichT geTs away on a TasT sTarT. 8. B. Gerken pacing an easy gaiT. 9, M. RyuTo makes successful hurdle. IO. H. RuTToni Takes baTon from G. OnsToTT, I I. D. Robinson goes over The Top. I2. F. King in Tull slride. IJ. J. Runcie opens up. .. 9 5 ,. . S ,xi ' nj 1 I if 5 . Q ir 5 3 fu-if If 1 "L !-,,,.- F2 M in anefwf' ., .Q"-'if ' ,b,,,' H-if fa e -. ",. preparing shof pu? J. Giacovonu 7 B Geriren places firsi G. Medug,,,,.w'i 4.--Flying VD! asures a S+ockfon broad jump. 9.--B. Bige- ,K , pui. 80-Here comes E. Monasferio. I l.- .....,,:,- .. w ,""v i2.--J. Giacovoni nosed oui by Lodi. 1 u rack. I4.-F. King +ries +o over 1 A 9 I3 B .5 fake Pope, Lodi. A 1 ..- J. Oliver and J fhrow by T. Ford. 16. ready for 440. J -X iv.-J. Leacm wang 1oo-yd.da5h. ua.- iysfarfing mile event, F. King, J. Runcie, K 'N - B. Geriren, Qwhi+e sfripesi. , flux . My .497 F' .-l-.- gtfitki lvl' Bow: G. Kanedu C. Key: K. Kerr. F. Ishii L. Asboino, H. Avery, D, Steward. G. Hosk n J. Krarnarski. I in 2nd Row: H. Shinmofo M. OshiTa H. Nishi J. HarberT H. EllioTT, D. MarTinez, T. Ah Tye, H. Conoway. T. JaveTe, P. Meraz. 3rd Row: "Hap" Evans. K. Erickson, H. Sherinaka, T. Hirose. F. Ferroggario, L. Robinson, MarTinez. J. Hernandes J. Miller, P. UharrieT. C. Hooe. G. s,,.g.:AV .. he highlighT oT The Tarzan B class Track squad was Their Taking a second place raTing aT The CenTral CaliTornia High School AThleTic League sub-sec- Tional Track and Tield meeT aT ModesTo. Coach "Hap" Evans, reporTs ThaT his B boys suTTered a weak sTarT aT The ouTseT oT The season buT ThaT They have sTead- ily and gradually improved To an above average group. L. Asborno, H. Avery and B. Conoway are The Team's ouT- sTanding 440 yd. men. The 880 yd. run holds a Tavorable prospecT in J. Miller. T. Ah Tye saw acTion in The IZO yd. low hurdles. OuTsTanding in The shoT puT was D. STeward. J. Hernandez Took The l32O yd. run. while H. Shiranaka masT- ered The TooTball Throw. Since The em- phasis on Training is upon The A Team, The B group is aT a disadvanTage. IT is exTremely diTTiculT Tor a C class Track Team To esTablish and mainTain an excepTionally good record Tor Them- selves because STockTon has no gram- mar school Training oTTered Tor Track and Tield evenTs. Again The C's suTTer a handicap due To The lack oT a junior high school program. In The high- iump evenT. C. Brenchley and P. UharrieT are developing rapidly. A. TikviTza has proved himselT capably gualiTied Tor The shoT puT. In The low hurdle, T. JaveTTe accomplished a con- sisTenTly saTisTacTory record. T. Hirose mainTained an enviable score in The broad-jump evenT. and J. Kramarski also worked TaiThTully in The same evenT. J. lv1arTinez showed sTeady improve- menT as an 880 yd. runner. 2. F. lshii geTTing up rnomenTurn Tor a broad iurnp. 3. P. UharieTT grasps relaynbafcn from J. Moore. 4. Hurdles hold no Tear lor J. Krarnarski, 5. G. Hoskins leaves ground Tor high lump. 6, H. Avery geTs baTon Trorn H. Conway and carries on. 7. H. Conoway lrT.l Takes up relay where E. KraTT leaves og, 8. Up and over The hurdle goes T. JaveTTe. 9. P. Meraz pacing aT The Lodi meeT. IO. T. Hirose abouT To land aTTer a broad iurnp, II. WiTh a slighT lead over Two Lodi men, J. Hernandez nears The end of The I32O yd. evenT. -90 S ls? Row: D. lvlonoohan, L. Werner, C. Faxon, B. Clark, R. Wrighl, J. Devoe. TockTon l-ligh mainTains a swimming Team mainly Tor The purpose oT arous- ing and sTimulaTing an inTeresT Tor This sporT in our viciniTy, especially since The ouTlying disTricTs around STockTon are geographically well siTuaTed Tor swimming. This year Ralph WrighT, ouTsTanding merman, has egualed The UniTed STaTes record Tor The IOO yd. breasT-sTroke evenT. The squad is jusT- ly proud oT The Medley relay Team, who have broken The NorThern CenTral Sec- Tion C. I. F. record, and also oT Ed Sandman, who Took honors Tor shaTTer- ing The backsTroke record in The same secTion. ln The B class, J. O'Neil has beTTered The breasT sTroke record Tor This disTricT by I I seconds. Coach PeTe lv1cCain's Team. as a whole, were Tar sTronger and beTTer balanced Than pre- vious Teams and no man power was lacking in any evenT. During The pasT Tive years, The Tarzan splashers have consisTenTly kepT ahead oT adiacenT schools' Teams in spiTe oT our handicap oT noT having Training TaciliTies siTuaTed on The campus. l.isTed among The ac- complishmenTs oT The local mermen is Their winning oT a NorThern CenTral SecTion C. l. E. class A swimming meeT. ProspecTs Tor nexT seasons' plungers are especially hopeTul despiTe The TacT ThaT Jack Devoe, Ed Sandman, Ralph WrighT, and Bob l-lenchey are grad- uaTing, because The B men show bouy- anT promise oT becoming exceIlenT A swimmers. 2. Locan French in Tree sTyle swim. 3. Bill Cofa churning waTer in bullerfly breasl slrcke. 4. Eager for The waTer, Ralph Wrighl plunges in. 5. LesTer Warner shown in AusTralian crawl. 6. No iT isn'T a new marine species. iTs iusT Jack Devoe execulinq backsTroke. 7. Bill Cola shown abouT To hiT pool. B. Springing Tor a dive is Donald Monoghan. 9. Smilin' Ed Sand- man breaks Through waler in backslroke. 9I- Znd Row: E. Gufhrey, C, Clark, C. Burgin, l.. French, M. Tullon, E. Sandman, B. C TENNIS o make iT possible Tor eligibles To enTer The Tennis classes, The Tennis ladder is mainTained The year around. By playing and deTeaTing any esTablished ladder man. The recruiT is ad- ded To The ladder. IT he conTinues To play, The beginner is auTomaTically placed in one oT The Tennis classes which occupy The courTs Tor Two periods a day. LasT year's Team succeed- ed in Taking The championship TiTles Tor singles and doubles maTches in The NorThern CenTral CaliTornia C. l. F. secTion. and our school has always had a winning Team in eiTher The singles or doubles secTion. GOLF STockTon High can iusTly be proud oT iTs golT Team Tor iT has produced a champion Tor The NorThern CenTral SecTion, George Traphagen. LasT year, The Tarzan golTers ran second only To Lodi in sharing honors Tor The championship TiTle. Under The TuTelage oT Fred Solomon. The golT Team has been accorded such enThu- siasm ThaT iTs number oT players has iumped Trom six To sixTeen in a single year. Possibly The reason Tor The inTeresT maniTesT Tor This sporT is ThaT iT has more value as a carry-over game Tor years To come aTTer school. INTRAMURAL The purpose behind The popular inTra- mural sporTs is To Turnish compeTiTive games Tor sTudenTs who are unable To qualiTy Tor VarsiTy work, and also To provide pre-Training periods while The player maTures Tor TuTure acTion. STarTing in The Tall, These sporTs geT under way wiTh a baskeTball league composed This year oT sixTeen Teams. BaskeTball holds The spoTlighT unTil Thanksgiving when Training begins Tor The TirsT oT The Gomes-Tv1enzie's evenTs. Beginning in February, inTerclass Track is developed, and Tollowing This come Tennis and Twelve soTTball Teams. During The laTTer parT oT The TirsT guarTer oT The school calendar. The cross-counTry run, a mosT popular and en- ThusiasTically supporTed evenT, is held. The second running-oTT oT The Gomas-Menzie's evenTs appears around The TirsT oT June: when The I00 yard dash and 40 yard swim are in- cluded in addiTion To The 220 yard run, 20 Toul shoTs, broad jump. and TooTball Throw. F T, ,L r ': K sry! sf? 3 - 1? 'i 1 -Q14 .N-1, S Line-up-J. Van PeII', O. Swan, D. Bilar, D. Robbins, B. Mead B, Fleming, C, Covey, K. Elsworfiw, B. Kaplan, H. Wifi. I. D. BuIar. Z. D. Robbins. 3. J. Van Pelf. Lineeup-H. Ca+es. Vanoose. I, W. Vanoose. 2. G. Traphagen 3. J. Benfz. B. Mason. G. Traphagen. J. Bentz, W Menzies Evenfs Winner Line-up-Isf Row Ileff fo riqhfi: T. I-Iirose-class C' J. Waddeli-ciass D: J. Kramarski-class D3 F. Ferroggiaro-ciass C. 2nd Row: J, Leiclwf H. Rufzioni- class A7 J. Devoe, R. Munoz-class B. S+ar'rinq Line-up of class C cross-c:oun+ry run. I. J. Devoe in a broad'iurnp eve-nf. 2. J. Kramarslci Ieapinq Ihrouqlw air. 3. "The GreenI'iorns," champion inframurai B class fearn, vs. "The Chumpsf' 4. Resfinq aifer inframural cross-counfry run are Joe Her- nandez. RoIand Sioquisf and Francis King. 5. "The Dwarfs" pIay aqainsf "The Greenhorns in inrramural compe+i+ion. TENNIS LADDER I. B. Fieminq. 2. K. EIswor+F 3. C, Covey. 4. B. Mead. 5. N, Prince. 6. D. Bilar. 7. B. Johnson. 8. J. Van Pelf, 9. D. Robbins. IO. NI. Wifi. II. M. Dauqherfy. I2. J. Spangie. I3. E. Weinsfein. I, G. Traphacen 2. J. Beniz. 3, W, Vanoose. 4. B. McKeecgan. 5. G. Bourne. 6, J. Temby. 7, B. Mason. Hanson. Yarnaqisini. Maurer. Ogden. Wifi. Kaplan. Warwick. Poffer. Tsudama. Brenciwley. I-Iaifori. Manuei. Isinisaica. Raby. Caies. Sioquisf. Charles. Lenz. Sanquine++i. Fogei. GIRLS' SPCDRTS irls' sporls have been an imporlani par? oi educafion for many years in Sloclc- Jron High School. which offers Hs girls modern and inieresling sporls. Though lheir physical educarion is very dillierenr from +ha+ of The boys', il is iusl as much fun. Sporls ranging from ping pong To hockey are laughl, buf girls who are physi- cally unable ro lake regular gym are given a milder form of arhlelics, such as cro- quei and shuffle board. Because of lhe crowded condilions, 'rhe Physical Edu- calion Deparlmenl cannol vary rhe girls' sporis as much as il would lilce, buf lhe 'reachers do a fine iob now and should be given due credir. Page 94A-I. l wonder if Thats a ringer. Thelma Panlelios and Erma Viviano in The bacli, 2. Gym class learning how to pifch horse- shoes-lbaclrl Helen Webb, Byrle Conradi, Jane? Schwarfz. and Lu- cille Boccoli llronrl Mary Voighl and Margery Sherwood. 3. Girls lceep bench warm while Beulah Ong bars and Norma Dalcsm carches. 4. Freshmen playing in- door foorball on shady lawn. 5. These girls are learning 'rhe funda- men1als of rhe game of tennis. 6. Whafl Noi as ambifious as lhe beginners? 7. Playing a sprinoy game of declr tennis are Anloinel- le Freni, Wilhernina Thomsen. and Roma Raabs. 8. On overcasl days classes play bounce ball on The Tennis courfs. 9. Gennie Abrams and Mary Lou Anlhony compefe againsi unseen cornoelifors in this game of declr Tennis. Page 95--I. Florence Solari lin whifel iighiing for puclr againsf Lodi girls in spirifed inler-school hoclrey march. 2. ln a scramble over puck, Calherine Rossi, Karh- erine Firrnery lbaclcl and Elisa Grivefro rnafch wiis. 3. Was fha? a home-run, Lorraine? 4. Noi happy in fheir play-Eda Pezzi Pearl Nunes, Jacqueline de Ganna. 5. Guynn Null, Dee Sparrow, Jeane Coyle. Jerry Vandewarlr lbaclcl performing fhe lighr fan- laslic in 'rhe special dancing class. 6. Louise Carler and Jean Rude- baugh pirching horseshoes. 7. lean Schwarfz and Beulah Ong rally for puclc. B. Velna Safhofi, Lydia Yroz, and Marian Ferqusson have a game of declr fennis. 9. Oliva Ailrins lbaclfl Lorraine Perry and Leorndina Sanline play a good game of lable rennis. IO. Lorus Blossom and Doroihy Craw- ford have a game of declc lennis. ll. Horfence Rubucala, Elsie Vac- cazzera, and Edifh Aldridge in a slow game of paddle fennis. INDIVIDUALS-Page 95 Paddle Tennis: Elsie Vaccazzera receiving. 2. Horseshoes: Jean Rudebaugh pirching. 3. Table Tennis: Leola Holman receiving. 4, Declc Tennis: Dororhy Craw- ford refurning quail. 5. Nine- courr Barrel-ball: Florence Waf- son falcing free shor. 6. Hock- ey: Gladys Soulhard shoofing puclc. 7. Soilball: Nadine Hill barring. 8. Tennis: Frances Dale serving. 9. Special Dancing class: Vernadine Meyers. IO. Bounce Ball: Shirley Oalcs serving, ll. Indoor Fooiball: Mildred Spark- man hiclring, IQ. Baslrelball: Nadine Aldridge alfempfing ro ring one. ,,. 53 ' V . A' A '- .., ' ,Vg Y ' fn. ' . V-F' 1 x ' ' 4 .' ' .A ' V 1 P -'ff , 2 ' 1 ' 355. I s-mhffrj' 1' -A , .rijr .,-3 .J-., A' . V I' ' . X 'vi-.R 71" Q11 , 2f.:'52'i2if .QT-, - .- 'F X , J , A I -1-.1111--av L -110 - 2 Ve 4 L, -A A-"7 A ,V . f"'V-Y 1 '- Vw: -Q-' -.1 ins: . ' - A , -A , f N. . W 1 . , ,- ' I-ff --14 ,f ,: Q. . ' ' i 4 -' If 4 A . fr . f -. 15 ,- F Y 5 W J, I r I .1 A .x 'W' " L gl ' , ' ' . . A, W - Q t 3 Mk- 1 4 ly A- - , . Wy S V- -: ,V A , - wA""'in" A VVS'-'5 '75, J mf -,ia W ,-v -531334 V., L- . ' 'Q K "' LJ? FP1'-'mwww mf' -J V , Q I' J 'xi E , , , 4f4:f2'L-9' 'H--f-1 ' ., 'V - V5 'S' . ' k .Q ,V .L .K L4 Q. N . Z, ,,Va, ,xL :,,. . J, firing-il I - .Vw-. ir W Hg'.fs- A -. V ri... ' , -ff' A -ive, sf ' X W 3 , A Af- " :A A AA V Sf z , - V -V . A Q 32?-'iiiiegaatxin .LU A' ' L Alf, "0 J, --1i?f.',i A- 1-'L 'f HKQQTTSEQ X "mix YQ 0 Hi ,-" ' ' gif- kr, A ,g- -A ,,..... 1 q' f ,K ,,, . V- f B. , -, :A 1. , ,Q .- fV. f 'rs' Q x x " V --'BA . V - fl K Q 1 . F: Qs, I 'V , i E E - 'Akasa AA A "f I V ' ,. LA'-! I K 'iifgfggv I , V - . , - ....,, 5 I!...L. ' , 'A 'D' :X , .- -.V V --sux-s 1, f 3 , V , gg -V - A . -------" . - "1 , 'N-v--w.4Q lg' L 351 if A - - . w. '11 A , sm ' - -T-' :.A A -'ffw 5g A -Ae t 'WV -,535 I ug A 951, - - 'I' 'M - ' ' A 1 , 'AM ' A. , It my , V V,,.," 1 W, M I 'Ww- L K I A- . 0, - V 1 t' vV X - - ' 1- , J: 2, XX- .sal b -- KM, ,- i . N a, ' , QA" I. ,I L. N X , V. A' A .,, ,A 'AA --. ' :lin 4, , ai 9,,,5,-.T - I Q .W ,?.AlAv-Qi, if ,fl -,. ,4 wr' f V ' + Y. 1 A "-gil N, is. Q--L 1 K .rw V. , A 'E-. , J , 4' , ' ,' ,' in , . f 4 'ww .v nf'-i'f, , ' ' " ' A ,I a. ,P 5 . : QR -fi-5'A"?V Q, L- ' V. I 1 'ii i 4- V. , 'E . . Wx' I ,ff 'P' ' A j gy I . - - . , , r." 'A ' V.-', 'A f f ' ' W ., ,- ' rw- A - ' ' A A ,cf . .. " . ' 4 . Pg .x H ? . y-1 -- ' ' ,2-A - , . " ""' A' f W ' A -f ' 5' ' - ' ":'ig' A. Y. , ' P- 'QE . ' 'fl'-f.f1Vfl1."' AP' .1 LH GAT, '+A' 1 - . 'fs V 6 - ' - Q' NYT" A - no , 1 - Q1 A , N Am--., W 4- ----- , , A ..-- A --r - ls' ' ' , . ' '- :-m...,, . NVQ' . . t 'A S ---. 4 " 1 g I , " AA if Q' " f '-M41 If ""i ' ' f I I f ' , I , ? 1' 4 A ,', 'f-:-1,-gp V' A 'P 4--V-my ' A . V Q-TA, f, 'A' . ' Af V . V ', iQ'3.s2g,, Q q - 3 f 'M if pg. psf 1- , ' 6.3: -f?:'Qfl3'L 'f'l:T',Q: 5 if . ., Q L 'L'- YM - i-A1 'YW 'Af fs? 5 'hQ:j-' . , ,W , fp .5 - - . ":AA,.'L'? - A .V , . :-4..L....1-A H---1,4-Y LLL- A VV Q yi' ,V 1 Y LQ? 6,3 P K ' L id X ,xA V5 I 2 . KV 3 95 Vi- A- 4 J ' . A q:,aV.gv- A.. a- runny. .....-.,,,,,,,,, ' F - ' ,yn-V...-...l ' -A -SAF' ft.. '-',1-.qv 1- w I' :."'?.?-- f-fx '-if , ,, I ,gf ., an-.A -, .gr ' Jrxwgfg. ,mx N 'Xa v NY' ,W ww, ... ig , vo- .QW v ,--W A2152 L ' A. " Tfii X551 5 '- T x' P ln ,H .-r"-" . .Y"'i 1625 'X 3' v ' k ,-gr r l W if ' 1, M ,ti-f 1 t X I fx ........... 1 :dvi J J ,ad ,fig rf K t Q? B , A 5 X- 7,4 Q X . P x -4 1 , . 1 g- A' - , J 6 x 5 Hy 1 3 N, , 4 a ,,3 as , Q Q ,, , 'nf' .L ig W2 1, Qi, V V,- ,' P .nfifgl R avfzjg'-"' Hd ' v .rv K., ff7'Qf:'1.l iA. - wr- , ?'x',f," l -' ' 4 4 L.,' J' - gy' 1 ,-Qzsv? 9, gf -L -J V x ,H-VJ "fa -- 9, . .1 I, . , .V A -5. ' f. 42" lag? A V..j. ' " 3'Afi.3 Af ""1"'-. V N I , - . wi x p, ,fg Vf x"l. ,P 1-11.9 --. 'A I f I M , . I ts, V, I5 V iq V V . f , A. ,V V . - ., , -A-, aa -- .I .VF 'l . . 4 , 8 f E ,I U, ' " M 5 ' -Vf . ' f .F 15 9-AVA: . N- V 7"-M ,-1 - ' ' .ft fl ,. , ,H 1'-Jx'Q',,Qw' " A ' A, '- V .. A f 3 F1 I -I I L! Fur' V . t s 1 X L by .1 K. s 4 1 -Aw 1. V ,- 1 , , .V A 4, A 3- ' , V 32. U19 Q 1' 3 ,Q ' ' FT -' 4, 1 F' " '-.- :A Q. HY -' Y- ' .12 Af: af' '13 L Q, '-gg,' Ziff A - -N ' 'Z' M E ,, ,H , 'w ,,... A , ,. ., N ,ag ' A ' V 1 ' :I mix 1 1 ,Q , 5 4' - V 4 1,4 - ' , , H '? ,V -1 -' - 2 Elf- ' I , ! V ,t ' -- 1 riff, 3 . 1 1 , Y - - A 2 L, V J. . ? - O - .,V . - , . 3 2 K M l"l ANF' Th besl'-sloclred candy case in lhe San Joaquin Valley. Sfeam lable lines form quickly af bofh ends. Wh e +he leachers enioy lunchinq in quier, friendly seclusiof' A sfudenl cashier checking each fray on ifs way. Dog House"-ouiclr, ouldoor service oi foods born solid ard gwf-f-f Mounfainf, oi buns io saiisfy hamburger and hot dog hung GALLEY UR school should be proud of The facl fha? rhe Sfocldon l-ligh School Cafeieria has been acknowledged as one of lhe besi- equipped cafelerias in lhe Sfafe of Cali- fornia. Managed by Mrs. James Melcalf, Jrhe cafeleria serves food and conieclions ro a large percenlage of rhe sludenl body every school day. The sfudenls are served in Jrhe large dining hall, while a smaller din- ing room is provided for Jrhe leachers who wish lo enioy privacy and guiel during iheir noon meal. Lunches are served al' II o'cloclc, I2 o'clocl4, and I o'cloclc. The guanfilies of food served daily are lcepl fresh and wholesome in rhree huge re- frigerarors, lhen ir is sanilarily prepared in lhe spacious kirchen which is equipped wifh a new S500 dishwasher. Mos? of 'rhe help in Jrhe lcirchen and behind Jrhe counlrers is srudenr labor, wirh a capable sfaici of women employed lo supervise lhem. 'H U QHQIHEQTIU 5 Dlav lour lulure Bring You Sum ess and Happiness 5ea1's, and En 7 Y O ' , f 1 .0 D l 0 O ' I M .4 X f 1 +I ,Z X 5 T. sl MIX 1 .5 3,4 K Xikmwf ww ' N . S :ij f I If Y Q K wx' 7,77 . x, JL W .y X1 ' ' 1 o 5 1 1 L , p, k p L. Ing I 0 Q Q Stocktons Leading Business School FORKNERS COLLEGE of COMMERCE EXCELLS CERTIFIED TEACHERS STOCKTON S OLDEST EDUCATIONAL STANDING BUSINESS SCHOOL MODERN EQUIPMENT PLACEMENT RECORD BUSINESS REPUTATION CURRICULUM CONTENT ALL I938 GRADUATES EMPLOYED U KNER CSHIEEECUI FGIIZLZZZT IIS n Suffer SI Phone 6 6867 Sfockfon Calif Phone 8 8 I 34 Where Your KocIaIc Fllms Gef Individual AH'enhon I h a wh+ I3l N Su++er S+ Sfocldon CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CIass of 39 Phone SI'ocI:'Ion 2 I307 NATHAN REIMHN CAMERA sHoP 528 Easf Mann S+ S+ocIdon California FROM ,Bluefl M my M U8 I YMIIIR affer aIIIhaIs what Youwanf 448 W Fremon+ SI' TeIepI1one 8 86I3 STOCKTON CALIFORNIA mg QGQPQDQI -UQIUQCIHHQOQGQDQDQIMDUQHUQBQMlml'u0QOQl5QOQDw0,u 10151 I QT. , U I . . . . I N " ' ll I . . . . , . 'pf-1:11 111 1.11 11 11 11 1 1 111010101-v101:1 10111 1 1 101 141 11 11-.011-pf-qm:1:1:1 :,:1.f1,11,1u1-I1-1 11.1 2 1 1 221:-1515: 1 :"",?. 5.1.0111 1111111 1 11:1 1 1 1 1151111151 , I - I I g . I I II , THE CIIHRKSUN STUDIO I I II I I ' II I Omcia P oiographer for Blue an ie , II . . II I I II Do1o1o1:1 191:11 1:1-n1u1o1n1n1:s1:1 1 1n1n1-0:4 .1 11111 1 1:-.I1 1 1 10-N1.1,111e.. 1 1-1 1..g. i II i 5 I I ' II a ,o 9 9 U e i I ' 3 I Q rs ' - -' I I I i U i II 2 ' ' ' I ' Q ' I . . . I Q - - - u I I 101.1 1 ,101-.111 1 1 1 1 1 10101:101n1.1n1nq'4' ':0'i01f'101041ND 1011 'DDC' 1 101 1 i9iV'il0i0i9i swf' - ,f Xiang. i J 45 Q11 The Dayllghf Sfore Arr Condlhoned Throughoui' SMITH Gr LANG HAIR CUTTING BEAUTY SALON READY TO WEAR MILLINERY SHOES Every'I'hung In Ihe Dry Goods Lune Mann aI' San Joaqum Tel 5 585I NN CLEANING 8 DYEING WORKS 'ww' FOR CAREFUL CLEANING CALL ON US Phone 8 8509 Sfocldon Callforma D6 BOIWO S For a 'Iasher hamburger or drunk crisp appehzmg salads give us a I'rnaI Tray Servuce Counier Servuce a+ I'he corner Hardmg and Eldorado S+ree+s Also 324 Easi' Mann S+ Q 9 U I1 Z S W1 ul -n 5' -a I 1 Q 6 Ln 63 91 3 Q2 93 5 E3 6 50I NorI'h Slerra Nevada Sfreef S+ocId'on Telephone 5 5788 YOU CAN BUY EVERYTHING In Ihe Eahng Lme af Gala Delucchl 8: Co Inc JUVENILE SHOP 328 E Mann Sfreef Phone 4 4I3I New Arrivals or Junuor and Muss II Io I6 years FORMALS TaFFe++a Nefs Organdy Marquusde Sporf SIur+s Jackeis In and ou+er Slack Sul+s Hop Saclung Crashes CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES In College or sn Busmess The Fnrsi Impression Counfs STOCKTON DRY GOODS COMPANY IOO 1 ivioininini 11:1 1 1 1:1411 1 ininini 11111 3 1 191110119 1 1 1 iniuini inininxssioinininqeo 0 Q a u H Q u vu , Q . . f' - - -,- .,- II 0 v s Q 9 - - . - u i'1'i'1'i 1 1 1' 1' 1 1' 1011 '11 1- 'i 1101 I 101011 101011101 11111 ioiwinizie lu:-. 1:1 1 1 1 riot: 1-111 1111111111111 v 1-V1 1 1 clvn1n1-v1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111.1151 .i.,1..1,-,1,1,,1,,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,-,1,,1 1 1 1 10-4, I I Il .- qyx - L J, L - ' : I- I - n vs, N ' gn " Y- 111- I W n , , ' . 1 , Ii 5 - R v .1..,,--:.II QQ X I i ll . 5 N u i ' e 2 : I II . I 5 ' ' II . . I I , . . i H ' e H D - 6 3 11:1 1:1-I1-11 11,1-rn.:-I.: :ez 1:1 1 1-1--11:1-uanozo 0,019-Iiuifz-.15,, ,ann10:11--10.1010-1010: : 1- :nz 1-4,110.0 01- 1 :ni1,101-I1-I1-I-101-5-I.:-I1 .: 1-11,1 1 an-I-1.-in-nz. nz'-.-if-1-.1 1 4-p -.01-1 1 .: 1 -1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11'I1-402' - - II II II ' : : : . . . . II ll . . H 1 n : : ' - I : ' II II II . . 2 : : II l . . U - - I u, n - II II II 110-1 -1 1 1:11-:I-znzuzsmzn101--101 1 zviuznzuzwfq ,f,,14.,::1 I:-ngs::1::l111 :::.- .1 1 1- 1 1 1 1 1 1-0.1-uqszq I: : I : :nz..:.,:..:..:.I:..:.,:1.:H: 1- : -N: :.I..g. .g..1.,-.. : - - :.: .-0.1.-:::i: : 1- : 1- : : : -.1-.,-.:. . - ! i ! ! ' 2 , I I . . I 4 - Q - ' I I - - I . . e i i ! S G . . I I I . : i i znioininxnxuxuin1nxuzf'11,101-nxuinininxu1014020 P:'.,,1.,gn1 1 1 1,1-uxnisrxoiuiuxrxu 1111101 'Iwi-viwzv or Better Posztzons Tram or Business U M P ll B E Y S Since I896 SLll00L 01+ BUSINESS CALIFORNIA AT WEBER STOCKTON Secretarnal Accounting Civil Service Business Admumstratuon lncllvldual Attention Expert Placement Servuce We Know What Ha Boys Want We Graduated .STYLE STORE ron cm L v 320 EAST MAIN STREET Exclusive Sale ot HART SCHAFFNER 81 MARX and STYLE PLUS GOOD CLOTHES Stockton Hugh School Graduates Now Work at Yost Bros THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK ot Stockton Calltornla Conducts a General COMMERCIAL SAVINGS TRUST AND SAFE DEPOSIT BUSINESS ee st s Copoatn REFRIGERATED FUR STORAGE Our modern refrigerated cold storage vaults protect your Furs agamst Fare Theft Moths Heat Pun Relzned Reftjfed f 4 WWII' 4 is sl.-2' llnss DE LL us CLEANERS FURRIERS DYERS 348 W Hardmg Way Phone 8 865I FOR GRADUATION Choose a Dependable Watch From CI ICK fit SO Jewelers Smce IB76 326 E Mann Street Stockton Callt Convenlent Terms COMPLIMENTS KIITTEII 8. MIIBENIIO Stockton Calntornua FOR 82YEARS DEPENDABILITY IN OUALITY ICE CREAM Telephone 4 4626 :..-..:..-..:..:.,:..:...:..:..:..1-0:1: :U-.-..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..-...:..: : : 1 : : : - :1.:..:.: :..: F . . . f . . ' . . . . , T I W 1 TY I O :.-:..:.,:.,:..:.,:..-.,:.,:..:.,: 1- : : :ez :gl-2:f:e:..:.: :::'--..--.U-U-..:-..:-.-..-.-..-.:-..-I.-.:...-.,- -.U-.Ig :n1u1n:n1u:.-anzniniuinzniuinniffiuvinvimlinnz 1 11020 nzonni-1 4-1 1010111inin1u1:I1n1n:u10iu- v -.1101 . - ' i E L.-11 I ' -J I .1 - IL - N ! Gi . , 7 I I I ' - - . . . I .: :fzezezf:eznzuz-I:IQ:I::e:.,::zzz 2 1 :ein-.fn ,:,::,-.,-:- Z -1, -Y,:-,::-:-,:-U-0- 2 -2- - In-.0 I.: : : : Il: I I I I I I - I.: : .- : - -wg. .:.,,,:,: : Y - Ii- -,,-1: I I - - - :::-,A - :az . . i H I 2 C C : ' . . ! C T Member ot F ct ral Depo I In urance r r io I I : : :.:..: 1..:.,:.,:..:.,:.2: : :.,:.,...,:..: - :..-.f. ,3,,:.,- ::- -,,,:,.,,-,,,,,,:,: - - : : I ,, -.- -0 :.: : :nz 1- -..:..:.,:.,:.,:..:..:.,:..:..: :U-4.1. ,:,-.,:,,: :Z : : ,207 ... : : : : -1- .. :IZ I :,: G i I' tg- H I I -- "1 v : e "'ul':'3583ez ' ' 5 ' F'r 1 we nf, ' : g ' 245.517 ' Q -, 3 I .- . R-1 . 4 SH:-T5 , - ' ,, ,, ,,,,,,,, W H,-M, ,A -S "W I ll 12 35.. 5 , ' I II - - - A a - - I II T ' -.-- I t: 5 1 1 I v Y I no I 4 i E ' II . . g , - 5. i QllQlYQO,UQOQ1l,0,UlUQ ill M li ilZ'l4IllIlllQlPl4lQ O QJIQUQ QOQi,lQllQllallQUi0Q C Q QIIQIHKIQUQIIQQPQOQI w hy X wq ., ..fLi,sh. 1 x x RV 'af 1,'- v1 I PQgQ n gf D' i. K E K H'JQ,'Xt,f. 1 v 55:5 ,Qlaiq fi! A Q! N.. fem V N nk in I . is L: J ff .. . g - if wh y fx Y, g , ji if .f 3' H 1 4:1 5+ ff f Q1 Y If ? .fi 5 3' . ,sf . N .. fi ,,-,xgk ,U . . N 11 n5xN KM ky A . 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LTD Esfablished I852 536 Sou'rI1 Aurora S'rreeI' STOCKTON CALIFORNIA Phone S+ocId'on 7-703I ACKNCDWLEDGMENTS ln fhe malcung of fhus edufuon of fhe Blue and Whlfe a success many facfors were unvolved No one person could posslbly do fhus worlc wlfhouf fhe asslsfance advice and fume of ofher people Therefore I wush fo express my deep apprecnafnon for all fhose who have confrub ufed fo our success Mr Marvin Bonds and Mr Vucfor Anderson should be guven creduf for fheur help and fume spenf on helpung us layouf fhe boolc Their suggesfuons were unvaluable Creduf as hereby given fo all fhe sfudenfs who have assnsfed us only fo menfuon a few Beverly Bsllungs June Sfover Bully Bell Marfha Zeff Jerry Muller Jenny Abrams Jacquelyn Judge Bob Raven For our much needed publscxfy we are zndebfed fo fhe Guard and Taclcle ofher faculfy members foo numerous fo meenflon l also exfend my slncere washes fo Rosensfeel Prnnflng Co Mr R M Rosensfeel Mr Franlc Dufschlce and fo Fred Mlramonfes for helping us an fhe mechanucal execu faon of our boolc To Mr Ray Clarkson and Mr Talberf Reuman l wash fo exfend my suncere fhanlcs for fhe servace fhey have guven us un phofography To each and every member of my sfaff I wnsh fo express fhanlcs for your worlc un fhe developmenf of fhus boolc lf has been a greaf pleasure for me an worlung wnfh such a resourceful and con scuenfuous sfaff GCDN6 YUT, Edrfor STUDENTS ln order fo publlsh fhus annual uf was necessary fo have fhe cooperaflon of fhe fown and nfs merchanfs lf IS fhrough The generoslfy of fhese merchanfs fhaf we are able fo gave you your yearboolc Therefore The Sfaff urges nfs readers fo pafronuze fhese adverfnsers IU our annual whenever posslble TERESA CASTALDO EDITH GATTI Business Managers Thanlcs are exfended fo Geraldine l-lammeff, Elena Giaconvoni, Mary Fuiifa, and GQIVWJV1 Km 1 44 t 1 J 1 L, , J . 'N A .1 nl , ,v-'V' . STOWAWAYS ff ,fy , . , , I Q., 'Adftc !Cfffr1fcL 'Z-A Af C ' xx X ff lf! 'mxcifyfxl v X fzm. ., .lf fv f Nj MPC: . x - -fw .ff f ' fyfy Lf! P f ' N h.Uj.f" .Q ,X K, J X4 A , fir!!! Y' 1 Q, yf q 1 P xx n k x X 1 ' 1 X A WA I X 7 1 I I N I , X 1 V Y N X I i lfx W I j fd W F f ,wf WX I L lv S A fix C 49 N x, in R If V , s ! . STCDWAWAYS "ui 4 . MW 1 -' ,fxvfxm 1 X ix I iq' V , Q Ln ht K x ,V A L - V82-X ' . fn Q V 'W xi XX - x xx . l R xx. 'V X -5 ,X I xl 1 , Y Ax X 'fy Pr' x-NX V ,V - X 1 . W J , M' x , ' Xl . tl' J X . ' c I X , A if A f ,XIFWJ

Suggestions in the Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) collection:

Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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