Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA)

 - Class of 1938

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Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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MM- ..- In Klqe and White Published By The ASSOCIATED STUDENTS of STOCKTON HIGH SCHOOL Dororhy S+egaIl fix. Edifor Gong Yu'r . . Pho+ographic Edi+or Fred Yonemura .... Ar+ Edi+or Jack Moore .... Spor+s Edi+or Jack McNabb . . Business Manager Elsie Bussemer ...... Audi+or FCDREXEQCDIQD wa have hvefl each eax v ell rnalflhg eae oay paved a wappy dream Te renal these a e rr ments an ereQ ar ID ha e rw ave tried w eve v ay Q r Ie t0 Qhow vou these rr eldehts of the bd t IU me IU orma Nay rm xh eh they lw rape e I v0 oo The Edrtar ! var m rw e e r X 1, N - I - W F d d 10 5 e d r r ah wo rn' ds S 5 e the chief subject :rw Qubhihmg this annual. We h ' if rr W r Ciilb . e r r X W A h X 5 ' r . ' F lr ' wf i a m d. This 'S ur hh 14. 11" va- as-.Q X' . dy' -ZS 'ffwfw is 5 'Vs' y 4 xxx A 'Q' sxfixf- fit .. ' f 1 I 4""3Qg QN- s. 4 Q s my iw' fn ig sf: I fi ' we -'f""ff'p.2 DU1l'-1.953 DFDICATE cl Pulte to I. Lucllie the Blue an st n TUFHZI' be dfld love Cause of Her mtere for our sc ool fy x "'LiG1Q :gg ki 'lm K K ,gi 4 J Xp R -W A 1 kg L A A X, 5 45g - I . if sw , f W fy 'mv ' , wg A 'cv Q ?"fi,e1 4 ,Msg xlgmh P' 'Q XG' g - ' Q ', 1 1 U . ' ., o " - - V I - .'v."' Q Q .3 KA 7 N 'Q Vivsx If Iykgivg-gg 1 , K Qx A J QQ! ff 1 1 .3: ', ' .W Rfk: Q , .' 12' - ' ' ' Q-'if?M.W 51? f w Ak' - 3, in we x 44 " E' s, ., -. 1 1 NS, . 'Q' Yugi f - ., vf W Wi , , A "X '-is-v'f any If ,N X 'gg gp I . 1- ,,' I . -'MS . x 'M , 1' ' " iffy- A Y .Qi ' 'F' ,L ' I 'J N: ly "NAU Q: 'J ' I I + O90 v :JL C mg coo Q Q SUQ WC Doss QL CN 1 HUG J C u f V rj N WC QVYTT CI lgmfw J 4 l 1 W HM 1 wish V Hwami' wh Pa, 'Meir ' P 'f'c35 pam Tfzw, "n Ygycal , 'pod luxe rfiace 5 'HQ V . I, NO. I fi: wk ww, 'am 9 FTLL'HMF,P'Pf 'FO'AiiN1hC 5+ dcmis of S'3C'1OIW High Schooi. Sf H5f'VC'L,IQlW1Xf did H10 Ssplrif of 176526317 OVW-' nm? Wulf, iuwezev QUQW H if Mer-f W bw mf QTL" Qllc VJ fduwf, Qnccgrvc' www 'f H is bfwlz. . . Booli 0 N E Anwxlmnsrafvrn or Tarzan truly portrays the :pmt 0 our leader: both unafraid but fanr and just . . I Dy- student and faculty. Strong, .7 "NUR 4'-aaallulifww osoph e d a d es f d e F ed s a ou d Stockton H qlw loolc t d Wh e a T left qht Do o all ed to D se ap stude 'r body vc p es dent and James Van e dent tn dy p s d nf am glad to Welcome tlwns llrst Issue ol tlme Blue and White a Wortlwy successor ol tlme Guard and l'acl4le Annual and Senior Nlemorles Not only does tl'1ls lDool4 bear a new name,tDut we expect It to be tlwe llrst ol a wlnole series ol successful pulbllcatlons -l-oday you are Interested In It because It portrays tlwe actlvltles ol you and your lrlends ln tlwe years to come It will lwave Increasing value for you un recalling pleasant memories ol your l'1lSl'l scl'1ool days l am sure tlnat tlwls wull be one ol your most treasured mementos of your llle ID Stoclcton l'llgl1 Sclwool W Fred Ellis Principal ar K .F c tx Af f xXx f' I . qlplmll er,fri n n b t pal o stu nts. Principal W. r Elli, head man r n I . s oy r he Blue n ite wilw l to ri l r thy Sfeq , I r, eni Z V lwerson, n I e- r l Dylc stu 0 rel' e . l . . . . , is 'egg' 5-'f Az! 'wwf 4 'WF 54 JM- wif -r' FACLIL ff' l.-f"Q Q s F T Srnnrn ConnoT y Second row MC arn row qess Clrbercn HoerT PowelT Decker ca fnnn BL. re A Sm fn Kerr Frffn r a 0 oo fo borrow Fu sr row B wxs ven nsxnqer e r ook Lauqlnlxn as au T 5 an I er and urn av rnse ave on our ron nrffon ours ns v G S nh Tuner Mrlbradr Gvuacovonu Harvrnerf Mc a' Map baraa Rrrcrre Ward Wrrqnf W Tk H wlr s Kerr Oson Pan! Snorr Crane Crosbv Monfgornery Unqersrna BTccv R ed Mclnnes Nexander Ba + Berger' Bnss Bramey Corner J M L ws Lxbrarf ve Mk el? Pos? and H Youn rPverTeacners Are L son Devlun Harm Howe! erson Lauxen Selna W Younq Bswen L en op fo bofforn F T ow r rnr as er C a ar ea Carrnucra Evans Lenz Garrrqan Solomon Second row Vannuccmu Turpin Freeman Sweef J A Snnrrn BsseH Ha rson Corberr Third row Reelnorn Wenfz Baer a a ey Dunning Wrwfe Main A rn nr Hn ar Four? row L Pase Sword Brnsacca Wuliuarns mnn Harden fTeRucT'ue Heqczue Abbofr Frffn row Ebernard Robbnns Lukes C Hu baroer Tully Cass Carden Loveloy M Pease HubbeH Snxrn row Sfuarr Brown Cnndesrer R Kenusron FowTer Hump eys F rraruo Wafson Taylor Porrer I 1 I I A 's I .A ,W 2 T121 4'+"L fx' ' 4 RW.. If www meme: H 5 efwie -Rx. 5: 5,451 V511 5.-if I . 9 if if is an f Q T . ' , Q f ij Aiigii V J, o fb 'f I 2-553155, ' W I I f vu 5-yi 9 Q . f VL 5 T Y... 4 Y ,1 l I , Y 3 ., M. V-4 " v 'A ' KT 'r 2 , Le ', Ra He" , Hofrneisrer Rozer , , ' T . 2 C ' Ev ref Sn Mc ' , EIL, C Hen V G'Td , L 'r . Trir: ' 1 Bu' , , A . , , ,, M R' f C T is. F in X : , V. Y ,1 Jon on Qreen, M 'Tis' ' , rf rs . I . . 4 ow: Berry . 'W r, ' , ' ', ' ', rr C I ez H 'C ck. O , 2- ar , ', ' T E. P-and 4 r, ' " , ' , And. , , . V, o r, . K, Refi' e. er a 'n , I , , -, I . , , ' e , r- ne,+, , ' , " r , , . e I ' , L.: , ir P , . q. IT r T- Irs r : Elde, He 'q, PW , M K y, V VT f '-r el, , , ' . . . : A ', ' . , ,.., ' , i , . ' : . , , M rw 3 , ', , f , 'c, b 'Q' , 'bb d, Pr : . e , , ' , ' A ,Q " , , H T G STUDENT ADMINISTRATIQN Q 4? gil fr 44 T GORDON CAPPS JIM VAN DYKE Sludenl Body Presudenl Feb ucenl Body Pvfsud l Jun On Tuesday allernoons one oulcl slep rnlo The sludenl councrl room and fund The sludenl body lecled officers discussing school problems which were for lhe good of 'rhe school we hope New a rnlereslung nlemsw e broughl' before lhls group for de cusuons lhal would lasl' 'lor lhe years lo come ln general lhrs sludenl council lypucal of srnnrlar DENISE ZAPHERSON Sludenl Body Vrce Pres augusl bodies always declded somelhang every fume If mel which by The way as whal ul' as supposed o o o as Thus group wall long be rernern bered for nfs faurness +o each and every sfudenf IH lhe sludenl body These boys and gurls were advnsed L N Pease who has an peruenced way of underslandrng sludenl councrls Laurance Pease Mary E Kenyon Roberl Rafen Elouse Sm Th Dorolhy Sleaall oun rl Advrser Corn of Organnzallons Co'n ol Records Girls League Presudenl Annual Edirol' Claude Hogan Jess Krnser B rl Nelson Ed Yoshrlcawa Com of Wellare Corn of Alhlellcs Corn of Publucalnons Cuslodlan Anleen Brolcau June Bollrnaer Jarlc Llcclardx Bernice Allree Rob rl bfevenson Red Cross Chanrrnan Corn ol Organnzallons Com ol Records Girls League Presldenl Busvness Manager John Guambashanr George l-lerre o Roberl Conaway Francrs Mackey Com of Welfare Com of Afhlehcs Corn of Publrcahons Cuslodran .41 rg 45: 41 at 'Nr' U31 I l S? l f ' OU l ul 1 . A ? ' . . . e ' ' ' l d ,- r' if? Y.. . at . . nd ' ' ' er A ' . ' ' by . . . ex- if w 7' I - Y V 1 K A V I . sr a ., " -- ' . 4 A '3 Xa N K lt l' V' 'T' "' 9 2 2-' K ' Y c W LN g 3 y To I , h Li K ' .. 3 H If W. i, , .I .' K gy rr, Q A , hx , I V X xx W ' STUDENT CONTROL Fall, TirsT row, leTT To righT: Chinchiolo, Bryan, Comer, TomiTa, Gallagher, Zapherson, Young, Robinson, MarblesTone, Campbell. Second row: MiddleTon, l-lagio, SmiTh, Hammill, Dondero, Parson, Hopps, Ellis. OR Tl-lE SECOND TIME in The currenT school year, a group oT boys and girls have disbanded wiTh a sigh oT relief. The sigh was caused by The +i+Ie "Member OT The STudenT ConTrol" which each boy and girl carried. NOT ThaT They didn'T enioy being on The conTrols, buT iT did geT a liTTle Tiresome Turning in your Triends or being on The consTanT waTch Tor school rule breakers. The sTudenT conTrols have always been a pain in The sides OT many sTudenTs who like To smoke, cause disTurbances, cuT, eTc., and This year They were a liTTle biT more so Than ever beTore. DemeriTs were recommended by The conTrols and wiTh The always assured cooperaTion oT The deans, The culpriTs usually Tound a liTTle slip Fall, leTT To righf, Top row: Robinson, Noble, McClory, Guili- ani, Hogan, Egbert Themme, DeHaan. BoTTom row: Moore, STeTani, Page, Capps. Diefz, Guia, Berve. coming Their way aT one Time or anoTher. ConTrary To belief, The conTrols were noT hard hearTed. Minor inTracTions, TirsT oTTenses, and erring Treshmen were all TreaTed lenienTly wiTh The hope OT TuTure good behavior. SomeTimes The hope was Tulfilledx oTher Times The sTudenT came back, and This Time he or she received some nice liTTle demeriTs. The members oT The conTrols have more To do Than The aToremenTioned. They have, Tor insTance, The dubious pleasure oT geTTing inTo games Tree in order To keep The sTudenT spec- TaTors orderly. Many Times They were Tangled up in a TighT which was noT Tor The dear old alma maTer. Spring, TirsT row, leTT To righT: Zapherson, PeIIaTon, Elana- Spring conTrol members are, leTT To righT, Top row: gan, RiTTer, AlTree, Comer, Dondero, Bryan, Chinchiolo. STeTani, Nelson, Simpson, Bundy, Kelly, Johnson, Second row: Dahl, WhiTe, Van Dyke, MonTgomery. Fred- Egbert BoTTom row: ETcheverry, Licciardi, ChrisT- ericks, Olson, Nomellini, Gregson. opulos, Moore, Peregoy, G-iar'nbasTiani. L14 ll00K TWO G RAD UI-X'l'E'-.S As always ready una raxd walling and sure another grad ready to follow lifes nmdmg travis f"4 i 'f Y, F4-7 Y vi ln a , ,- , f Q, Y uating class moves forward X A .. v x +4-,, 9.1 4. E s SENICDR CLASS FEBRUARY in MOR AN NOBLE ROSS BER R INN F D eno Class Pes enT NQTFTER mllesTone on The educahonul road was reached by The February Sensors CloThed ID Theur regal caps and gowns They received The reward Tor Tour years oT con scuenhous sTudy ln February OT 34 approxumaTely 250 Fresh man reglsTered aT SToclcTon Flrgh School Tull oT deTermunaTaon and enThusuasm The number gradually decreased however and There remann d Those whose deTermnnaTlon was undaunTed OuTsTandlng an Thelr endeavors were Those who anlced hlgn In scholarship sTandung meruTs aTh leTlcs socval service and who In general Toolc an acTlve parT In varlous school acTlvuTles durlng Their hlgh days MargareT Gallagher l dung The class cholarshlp was one oT The CommencemenT spealcers Abel Delclaan was The o+her spealcer Morgan Noble became presldenT oT The class and ably led The meeTlngs wlTh vum and vigor The Tave sTudenTs aT The boTTom oT The page secured lTe membership n The Calnfornua Scholarshlp Federahon Through Their mannTenance oT superior scholarship AlmosT every Tleld has been or wall be reached by some oT These graduaTes ln DramaTlcs many TalenTs were losT ThaT The school missed greaTly n ne e ruwry cass dy l'a Fever no acTors wlll be remembered Tor The years To come Journalasm can noT be TorgoTTen enTher The Guard and Tackle mlssecl several valuable mem bers whose services were no longer avavlable due To graduahon Some were also Taken Trom Tne Blue and WhnTe ln TacT an all deparTmenTs and organ: aTuons sTudenTs were greaTly mnssed by Teachers and oTher sTudenTs These boys and glrls were seT OTT Trom Tne oTher sTudenTs by Therr royal blue Sen or sweaTers wuTh The whuTe emblem on The leTT side guvung Their year oT graduaTuon lvlany gaTherungs were held ThroughouT Thevr hugh school lnTe buT The one Thal will always be remembered us The Sensor Prom whrch Toolc place aT The PhllomaThean Club l-louse AlmosT every Senlor aTTended Tor hs lasT chance To see hs classmaTes beTore They wenT Theur own ways Qne reason Tor so much enIoymenT aT Thus dance was The lnTormal1Ty oT The parTy Everyone Tell aT ease and happy over The aTTalr l-lavung conTrubuTed In upholdlng The sTand ards OT The school These graduaTes have passed on lnTo oblivion perhaps noT ToTal obllvlon Tor They wrll be heard Trom again as being success Tul an Theur endeavors Some oT These boys and gurls have grand possvbuluhes ahead OT Them and wlll be TuTure leaders oT our counTry GOLD SEAL BEARERS lvlarga eT Gallagher a Ter T ng W CW lac c o Ts u p-F 'wk as S L ' ' ' fx J - 1 " T Ea A F I G f L VT' l l fl, FEC Tll,l,l S ir r id Vlce Pnesider' S-M"-Tory ' ' C a fl F sc I plc ll ly fl , ea ' in ' E 1 S ' . I . I . . ' W l ' emme Irvi ITT cf ,lc Whip e Frul, uTs I .Z I r my V1 ,5 f LQ f 7 R f f T M ' 'F fu lumix' A w 1' 11, r J I , L' ' Q ,, . -4' K It I' T ' K I A, ,D 4, l I9 l fi. ,. 1' ,I R I 1' "' " J-A an' 'rf ' ABRAM5 ALBERTSON ADAMS AMESTOY ALIMBINI ANDREWS AMEND ARISTIDE ABRAMS, MARJORIE JANICE Academic. ADAMS, GLADYS Academic. ALBERTSON, BARBARA JEANNE Academic: Gradualed 3If2 years: Rally Commillee Spring '37: Girls' League Advisory Board '35: Var- siiy SI1ow'37, Casl ol "Hay Fever". ALIMBINI, DORA BARBARA Commercial. AM EN D, BOBBI E GROVE A'a'Iei-ii" Trriubadours '34-'V-' Drum and Bugle Corps '34, '35: Varsily Snow '37: Playcraflers Siege Slalzl '37, '3B: Musical Producfion "HiawaiI'1a" '35: Cas? of "Hay Fever". AM ESTOY, WALTER Commercial. ANDREWS, KENNETH Academic: Affended Sacramenio I-Ii '36. ARTISTIDE, ALBINA CLAIRE Commercial: Secreiary Ilalian Club. Fall '37. BEHARIN, JOSE FAVORITO Academic: Presideni Filipino Club, Spring '37: Aflended Huniingfon Beach I-Ii. ":. 3 g aj. 1 BEJARIN BOLAND BERVE BRAGHETTA BISIO BRCWNE BOALT BUCK BERVE, RICHARD R. Academic: IZA V. Presidenl: Pres. Boys' Science '37-'38: Sec. Boys' Science '36-'37: G. and T. Sialii '36-'38: Sfudenf Conirol '37. BISIO, JOHN Vocaiional. BOALT, WARREN Academic: Band '35, '36: Music Award. BOLAND, CECIL Academic. BRAGHETTA, DOROTHY MARY Academic: I Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: IZB V. Pres. '37: V. Pres. I'aian CI iw '35-'36: Troubadours '35-'38: Old English 'S' Sociefy '36-'38. BROWNE, STEWART C. Academic. BUCK, LILLIAN MARC-ERY Academic: Girls' League Advisory Board '37-38: Playcrallers '37-'38, BURGIN, EARL O., JR. Vocalional. CAPPS. GORDON Academic: Pres. Sludeni Body Fall '37: Pres. Bloclc 'S' Fall '37: Cap. '37 Varsify Fooiloalli 2 Bloclc 'S' and Circle 'S' in Foofball: Isl Band '34, '35: Sfudeni Confrol Fall '37. CARPINO, LOUIS Vocalional: Block 'S' in Foolball. I20I - ve . 'F ' ar 'sr gi '. " u COOPER DE HAAN COPE DITZ CROWE DIO DAVIS ESTRADA CROSGROVE, JAMES 6. Academic: Circle 'S' Foolball '35: Aliended Hoover Jr. High School, San Jose. COOPER, ARTHUR Vocalional: Inlerlvpe Operalor. COPE, RAY Vocalrional: 4 Bloclr 'S' in Swim- ming: 3 Bloclc 'S' in Eoolball: Mem- ber Block 'S' Sociely '34-'35. CROWE, THOMAS K. Academic. DAVIS, LORRAINE LILIAN Commercial. DE HAAN, ABEL Academic: 5 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Pres. Boys' Science Club '36- '37: Gr. and T. Reporler '36-'38: Member Sludenf Conlrol '36-'37: Sec. Sludenl Conlrol Fall '37. DITZ JACK Academic: I Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Com. of Organizalions '37: Com. oi Record '37: Pres. Spanish Clubs '37-'38: Sql.-al-Arms, Lalin Club '34-'35: Sludenl Conlrol, Fall '38: Rally Com. '37-'38: Casl' of "Hay Fever". DIO, YOSHIKO VIOLET Commercial. J x ll hi RUISS 4' 'JL' A f 3 . 'at f r k 1...-F C: A A it Iii :l- t I . , , ., - 4 ' 3 ' I 1 I 'r ' 1.254- . I . . JJ P X EIELL FREDRICKSON GANNON L. GIOVANNONI GOTELLI GRISCHOTT HANSEN FIRMERV FROELIGER GARDNER GIPNER GRABFELDER GLJTHREY HARVEY FITZGERALD FRVE GIOVACCHINI GODINEZ GRAHAM HAMNER HASEGAWA FONTAINE GALLAGHER A. GIOVANNONI GOODMAN GRILLI HARRIS ESTRADA, ERAN K M. Academic: G. and T. Slafi: 2nd Prize in Spanish Club Lilerafure Confesi. EZELL, RUSSELL K. Academic: Allended Si. Marv's High '35. FIRMERY, NELLIE MAY Academic. FITZGERALD, DOROTHY Academic: IZB Sec. '37: Librarian "DoubIe Door". FONTAINE, LILIETA JEAN Academic: Alfended Lodi '35-'36. High EREDRICKSON, BERNARD Academic: Band '34, '35. EROELIGER, BERNARD Commercial. FRYE, I-IERSI-IEL Academic: Pres. German Club '37, 38. GALLAGHER, MARGARET MARY Academic: 7 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Gold Seal: Ediior of G. and T. '37: Pres. Quill and Scroll '37: Sec. Lalin Club '35, '36: Edilor Cub Edilion '36: Jr. Reporler: Reporler: Award Legion U. S. Hislory Con- lesl: Sludenl Confrol '37: Advisory Board '35. C-ANNON, EI LIEN PERSON Academic: Reporler O. and T.: Troubadours '36, '37: Orcheslra '35-'37: "Cavalcade". GARDNER, BETTIE E. Commercial. GIOVACCI-IINI, BRUNO L. Vocalionalg Foreman of Machine Shop. Advance GIOVANNONI, ARMAND Academic. GIOVANNONI, LORRAINE MARIE Commercial. GIPNER, ALICE JANE Academic: Quill and Scroll: G. and T. Slail: Casl of "Double Door": Sludenl Conlrol '36. GODINEZ, TRINIDAD Academic. GOGNA, ERNIE Commercial. GOODMAN, DONALD B. Academic: Cv. and T. Reporter: Drum and Bugle Corps '36. GOTELLI, RINALDO Academic: I Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: IZA Sec.: Block 'S' in Foo?- ball: Block 'S' Socielyg lfalian Award '35: Sporl Edilor "Lo Slu- denfe Ilaliano". I2'l C5RABEELDER,VERNA Commercial: Old English 'S' '36. GRAHAM, HEN RIETTA MAE Academic. GRILLI, RITA LILLIAN Academic: Sec. Ouill and Scroll '37: Yearboolc Slalf '37: Cr. and T. Slaif: llalian Award '35, '36, GRISCHOTT, FRED 6. Vocalional: Bloclc 'S' in Eoolball: Block 'S' Sociely '37, '38. OUTHREY, NORMA JEANNE Academic: Pres. Old English 'S' '37, '38: Small and Large Old Eng- lish 'S' '36, '38. GUYON, BOBBY Commercial. HAMNER, MAXINE Academic. HANSEN, THEOLA Commercial. HARRIS, EDWIN Vocalional. HARRISON, JAMES Academic. HARVEY, OTIS A. Academic: Masc. Eem. Review '36. A55 Q Q' Y 04 X A fs ' -I gp u 1 x , 'Q' - I fm. ga- W! X .ge- ,X 3 :Q X' S We HEIMANN ITO KENOTSU KOCH LEDGER LEWIS LOW HIGGINS JANN KENYON KUHN LEINENGER LIND MC CLORV HOGAN JOHNSTONE KING LANEN LEONARDI LIPSCOMB MC DORMAN HOPFS KELLIHER KINSER LEASE LEONESIO LITTLE MC KILLOP I-IASEGAWA, SUSUMU Academic: G. and T. Reporler. HAY,SHERMAN Academic: Allended Berlceley Hi '35-'37, HEIMANN, ARMGARD Academic. HIGGINS, ALFRED C. Commercial: Block 'S' in Track and Golf: 2nd in Cross Counfry: Isl Place Menzies Awards. HOGAN, CLAUDE Academic: 4 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Com. of Welfare, Fall '37: Rally Com. '37: Sludenf Conirol '37: 2nd Place in U. S. Hislory Coniesi HOPPS, GLORIA LORRAINE Academic:SIudenI Conlrol Fall '37. ITO,TAKASHI Academic: Pres. Japanese Club '37, JANN, MILDRED Commercial: 2 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Sec. of Chinese Club '35: Girls' Leaque Advisory Board '35- '37. JOHNSTONE, JANET Commercial. KELLIHER, RAYMOND Acadefnic. KENMOTSLLTOMMY T. Academic, Treas. Japanese Club '36I Pres. '37. KENYON, MARY ELIZABETH Academic: Chairman Jr. Red Cross '36-'37: Com. Organizaiion '37: V. Pres. Social Service '37-'38: G. and T. Sfailg Quill and Scroll: Casl of "Hay Fever". KING, ROY Academic: Troubadours '36: AI'- icnded Escalon High '34. KlNSER,JESS J. Academic: Com. Afhlelics '37: Cusfodian '35: Com. of Records '36: Pres. IZB Class: Block 'S' in Swimming: Troubadours '36-'38' Bloclr 'S' Socieiy '36-'38i Casf of "Three Cornered Moon": Publicily for "Newspaper Bride": Annual Slahf '38. KOCH, ALICIA Academic: Graduaied 3If2 Years Casl of "Double Door". KUHNARLINE Academic, Commercial: Allended Modes+o High '34. LANEN, WINIFRED PAULINE Academic: I Sem. Honor Scholar- f-hic: News Edilr-r, Cub Edifionz Crew ol "VarsiIy Show"and"Charm SchooI": S+udenI Conlrol '36. I22I LEASE, DOROTHY IRENE Commercial. LEDGER, NORMAN P. Commercial. LEINENGER, MARVIN L. Academic: Band 2 Years. LEONARDI, ERMA Commercial. LEON ESIO, BETTY ELEANORE Academic: G. and T. '37, '38: Cub Reporler '36: Red Cross Rep. '37, LEWIS, FRANKLIN A. Academic: Drum and Bugle Corps '36: "CavaIcade". LIND, GLADYS Academic. LOVOTTI, ALBERT DOMONIC Vocafional. LIPSCOMB, ETHEL MAY Academic. LITTLE, NORMAN E. Academic and Commercial. LITTLETON, EUGENE Academic: 3 Years Band, 2 Years Orcheslra. LONN, HING MIN Academic. LYTLE, DICK Academic and Commercial. 1 . V . I N K fa ,A .4 ' Y - I - -ail ' Y MC PHEETERS MARLATT MAASEERG MARTIN MACEDO MEHRTEIN MARBLESTONE METZ McCLORY, ROY E. Academic: Band '36, '37: Orchesfra '37, '38: Band Award: Sfudenl Con- Irol '37. McDORMAN, LOIS Academic: Graduafed 3lf2 Years: I Sem. Honor Scholarship: Old English 'S' '36-'38: High Sleppers. McKILLOP, NORMAN Academic. McPHEETERS, CHARLES Vocalional. MAASBERG, HAROLD R. Academic. MACEDO, MAN UEL Vocafional: Red Cross Allended Gall' High '34. Rep. '37: MARBLESTONE, JEANNE MARIE Academic: I Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Crew of "Double Door": Slu- denl Confrol '37, '38: Casl of "Hay Fever". MARLATT,ARDEN LEORA Commercial: Graduale 3V2 Years. MARTIN, JOE Vocafional. ff' Bl -1. , fri MICHAEL D. MOORE NAKAMOTO NUNES MILLER H. MOORE NEYMAN ONWEILER MITCHELL MURPHY NIEMAN OWENS c. Moons NAGEL Noacz PAGE MEHRTEN. DERYLE M. NAGEL, LILLIAN Academic. Commercial. METZ, FLORENCE Academic. MICHAEL, JOSEPH Academic. MILLER, GUS, JR. Academic. MIN, LOW HING Academic. MITCHELL, MARGARET Academic. MOORE, CATHERINE JANE Commercial. MOORE, DELM ER G. Vocafional. MOORE, HENRY E. Academic: Pres. T-Square Club '37- '38: Siage Manager of "Three Cor- nered Moon", "Newspaper Bride", "Varsi+y Show"'37,"Charm School", "Double Door", "Hay Fever": AI- 'rended Manieca High '34: Sfudenl Conlrol '33. MURPHY, EUGENE J. Academic: American Jr. Legion Baseball '35, '36. NAKAMOTO, ISAMU Academic: Japanese Club Publicily Chairman '37' G. and T. Sfafi '37- '3B. NEYMAN, VIRGINIA Commercial' Troubadours '35-'3B. NIEMAN, EUNICE LORRAINE Academic. NOBLE, MORGAN Academic: 2 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship Sociely: IZA Pres.: Pres. Hi-Y '37: Sgr.-al-Arms French Club '35: Baslcelball: Bloclc 'S' Junior Rolarian '37: 2 Block 'S' Sociefy '37: Masc. Fem. Review '37: Sludenl' Confrol '35-'37. N UNES, MARIE ELIZABETH Academic. ONWEILER, ALLEN Academic. OWENS, JOHN R. Academic. PAGE, JOHN MARTIN Academic: Masc. Fem. Review '36: Sfudenl' Conlrol '36-'37. I23I OWERS PRUEIT PEIZI POOL PAHL PEASE QUICK REBS POWERS, CLAUDE Commercial: Baslcelball' 2 Bloc S irce ': Mem er Boc Sociely 35- 37. PRUEITT MARY ADELINE Academ'c' Allended Lindsay H 34- 37. PEZZI LENA Commercial' Girls Sudenl' Con Ir 6. POOL WILMA FRANCES Commercial' I Sem. Honor Scholar s ip. PAHL, WARNE Academic. PEASE, MARYANNA Academic: Casl' of "Hay Fever" OUICK MERVIN Vocalional, REBS, DOROTHY Academic. ROGERS, KENNETH W. Academic: Member Bloclc 'S' Soc- iely '37: Block 'S' in Traclc: 2 Bloclc 'S' in Baslcelball: Drum and Bugle Corps '34. SALTER, ALICE Academic: Alfended Berlceley High '35-'36, Q ROGERS SALTER ISSO SAN JULIAN vc SATTUI T. SCHMIDT SHEDD SKED SNYDER STOCKWELL TERRY SCHMID SCOTT SHEPHERD E. SMITH SPINO THOMPSON TAJIMA A. SCHMIDT SEGALE SHINODA J. SMITH STEALEY TAKAHASHI TOWELL TSUDAMA SHALJIAN SIMMONS U. SMITH TEMME STEFANI TSUTSUI RISSO, DOROTHY Commercial: Ilalian Club Medal '36. SAN JULIAN, FANNIE JEAN Commercial. SATTUI, BERNICE Academic: Adverlising Manager of "Lo Sfudenle lIaliano". SCI-IMID, HARRY, JR. Academic: Sec. of Hi-Y. Fall '37: "B" Foofball: Sporls Edilor, Fall '37: G. and T. Reporler '37, '38. SCHMIDT, ALBERT Commercial: 3 Years Bloclc 'S' in Track. SCI-IMIDT, TOM Vocalional. SCOTT, ARLEE F. Academic: Bloclc 'S' in Baslcelball: Block 'S' Sociely '37: G. and T. Sfali. SEGALE, AUDREY Academic. SHALJIAN, DONALD JOSEPH Academic: Traclc Team '36, '37. SI-IEDD, ROBERT ALVIN Academic: G. and T. Slaii '36, '37: Cas? of "Double Door." SHEPHERD, JANET LEE Academic: G. and T. Slahf '37, '38. SHINODA. HIDEO Academic. SIMMONS, BILL Academic. SKED, EARL J. Commercial. SMITH, ELSIE Academic. SMITI-I,JAMES S. Academic: Musical Produclion "CavaIcade." SMITH, UNDINE Commercial. SNYDER, MERLE Academic: Band 3 Years. SPINO, MARY Academic. STEALEY, TOM ASHTON Vocafionalg "B" Foolball 3 Years. STOCKWELL, TOM Academic. I24I TEMME, WALTER Academic: Gold Seal: 7 Sem. Hon- or Scholarship: Pres. of Honor Scholarship '37: Pres. of German Club '36, '37: 2 Bloclc S "B" in Baslcelball: Block 'S' in Foolball: Sporls Edilor G. and T. '37: Re- porler G. and T.: Orchesira '34. '37: Bloclc 'S' Sociely '37: Ouill and Scroll: Junior Rolarian: Rally Com. '37: Siudenl Conlrol '37, '38. STO LTZ. JOE Vocafional. THOMPSON, HENNING J. Commercial: American Legion Jr. Baseball '36. TAKAHASHI, SHIGERU Academic: Gradualed 3V2 Years. STEFANI, IRENE Commercial: G. and T. '36: Siu' denl' Confrol '37. TERRY, GORDON F. Academic. TAJIMA,YOSHIO Academic: Allended El Monle Union Hi '35, TOWELL, ARTHUR Vocafional: Inlerfype Operalor for G. and T. VOGELSANG TURKATTE VERKERK ULMER VANCE VICKLAND URRIZOLA WEBER VETTER VICK TSUDAMA, JACK HARVO Academic: Sgl.-al-Arms ol Jap- anese Club '36, '37. TSUTSUI. ERUKO ELSIE Academic: 4 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship. TURKATTE, VICTORIA Academic: Red Cross Rep. '36. VERKERK, ROBERT E. Commercial: Treas. Block 'S' '36: Bloclc 'S' '36, '37: Block 'S' Baslcel- ball: Block 'S' Swimming. ULMER, CAROLIN E Commercial. VANCE. DUANE P. Academic: Band '36, '37: Chair- man Senior Prom: Award in Band: Casl of "Hay Fever". URRIZOLA, MANUEL M. Academic. VETTER, ALBERT O. Vocafional and Academic. VICK, VIRGINIA K. Academic: Allended Roosevell' Hi, S+. Louis. Mo., '33-'36. VICKLAND. JUNE Academic. WELLS WHITSON WHITNEY WITT VOGELSANG, HAROLD A. Academic: American Legion Jr. Baseball '36-'37: Annual Sfaff '38. WATKINS, LOWELL Academic. WEBER, VIRGINIA DORIS Academic: G. and T. Slalil '37. WELLS. GEORGE A. Vocafional: Pres. Vocalional Depl.: Block 'S' Sociely '36-'38: 3 Block 'S' Foolball and Baslcelball. WESCOAT, THOMAS Academic: Orchesfra '34-'38: Solo- is+ of Commencemenf Jan. '38: Boys Sfring Ouarlel '35, '36: Boys Trio '36, '37. WHI PPLE. JACK F. Academic: 6 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Gold Seal: Vice Pres. Jr. Music Club '36, '37: Vice Pres. Ouill and Scroll '37: Asso. Edilor G. and T. Spr. '37: News Edilor Fall '36: Orcheslra '35-'37: Sei de- signer oi Playcraflers: Variely Show '37: Isl Prize Calif. Press Conven- lion '37. WHITNEY, JACK G. Academic: Drum and Bugle Corps '36. WHITSON, DONALD V. Academic: Band '36, '37: 4 Medals in Rifle Club. i251 3- 14 1 1 G. woNc wlsDoM WESCOAT wElNs'rElN wll.l.lAMs .1.woNc wA1'KlNs WRIGHT WHYTE, THOMAS C. Commercial: Rifle Club: Band '37, '38: Allended Roosevell Hi School in Oalcland '35, '36. WILLIAMS, WAYNE Academic: Vocalional V2 Year. WITT, IRVING Academic: 7 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship Sociely: Gold Seal: V. Pres. Hi-Y '37: Pres. Lalin Club '37 Fall: Winner Menzies Cup Fall '34: Edi- for ol "Lo Sludenle llaliano": 2nd Prize Legion Hisl. Conlesl Spring '3S: Isl Prize Legion Hisl. Conlesl Spring '37: Siudenl Conlrol '37. WONG. GEORGE B. Academic. WONG, JOHNNIE Academic. WRIGHT, DORIS Commercial: Sludeni Conlrol for Spring '37. WEINSTEIN,ADELAlDE CARLA Academic: Sec. Tri-Y: Troubadours '34-'38. WISDOM, RUTH Academic. YOCKEY. JACK Academic: 2 Circle 'S' Foolball. YOSHIKAWA, SHIZUO Academic., N WHVTE VOCKEY WHIPPLE YOSHIKAWA IQECGGIXIITICDN ERHAPS fhe greafesf disfincfion fhaf has ever come fo a sfudenf in our high school was fhe honor conferred upon Rufh Ellis when she was chosen fo speak for fhe 8,500,000 members of fhe Junior Red Cross in San Francisco on May 2, I938. I-Ier falk on "Molding Ideals Info Service" was fhe highlighf of fhe morning session af which people of infernafional repufafion and nafional prominence were presenf. Nof only did she achieve honor for herself, buf she broughf added recognifion fo our high school chapfer of Junior Red Cross. Many sfudenfs have deserved fhe righf fo be recommended for oufsfanding work in fhe various fields in fhis school. The boys and girls have been chosen by a represenfafive commiffee from all graduafing seniors and fhis space is given fo fhem. They are: Rufh Lea and George I-Ierrero-Cifizenshipy Aileen Brokaw and Abel DeI'Iaan-Public speak- ing: Eloise Smifh and Jack I-Iolmes--Dramaficsy Margaref Gallagher and Berf Nelson-JournaI- ism: Doris Guernsey and Fred Yonemura-Arfg Eugene Mann, Sherry Earl, and Dick Ulrey- Music: Reva Abrams and Dorofhy Bragheffa- Girls' sporfs: Jack Moore-Track: Lawrence Sfefani-Tennis: Louis Chiccone-Eoofballq Wal- fer Temme-Baskefbally Marguerife Luian- Gorgas Essay Confesf '38q Jack Whipple- California Press Convenfion Confesf '37. RUTH ELLIS N ORDER fo make fhe I938 Blue and Whife a successful publicafion, many differenf person- alifies were needed. Several odd iobs were necessary before fhe book was prinfed. Firsf- fhe sfudenfs who worked on fhe ediforial sfaff, arf, business, and bookkeeping sfaffs, gef all fhe credifs possible. They are of all imporfance- Bob Adams, Beverly Billings, Ruby Parson, Allan Onweiler, Clara Verkerk, and Rufh Schmidf. Those fo be fhanked for publicify are fhe Guard and Tackle, public speaking classes, and fhe rally commiffee. In fhis same field are 'I'he prinf shop and fhe gym insfrucfors who are fo be fhanked for fhe use of fhe gym and equip- menf for fhe dances. Ofhers equally as imporfanf buf Iiffle noficed are Elena Giacovoni for faking care of senior picfures and ringing fhe bells when class pic- 'rures were faken, Geraldine I'IammiH for caring of all Annual money. June Bybee, Mariorie McGregor, Bob I-Iolland, and Lloyd Miller for helping wifh fhe class picfures and fhe salesmen for selling fhe annuals. Thanks are also exfended fo Rosensfeel Prinf- ing Co., Mr. R. M. Rosensfeel and Mr. Frank I 26 Dufschke, California Arf and Engraving Co., and fo Mr. Marvin Bonds. Clarkson sfudios, Hansen sfudios, Logans, and Reimans cannof be forgoffen eifher. Wifhouf fhis help fhe Blue and Whife would nof have succeeded. Thanks fo each and every one including Mr. Tom Connolly, faculfy adviser, for his guidance, pafience, and helpfulness fo fhe sfaff. The Edifor IN MEMORIAM D AV I D H A N N A N FLOYD WALDVOGEL SENICDI2 CLASS, JUNE lrl EA. ,425 i D N LAWRENCE STEFANI RUBY PARSON ELEANOR JACOBSEN Pres denT Sennor Class Vuce Pres denT SecreTary T LAST we are The graduahng class The leaders The Tops In oTher words we are The Seniors We have worlced hard Tor Tour long years nn order To be able To conquer The many very unTeresTnng and varled problems ThaT we will have To conTronT aTTer we have leTT our old STocl4Ton Hugh School The nmporTanT duTnes oT The Sensors are To be The leaders among The lower sTudenTs IH The school We Teel very cerTaln ThaT Thus parhcular lass oT Sensors IS exceedungly capable oT holdung This dugnnhed posuhon Even when we TnrsT enTered as Freshmen we TelT sure we were Tar above The average brand OT enTerung classes Possibly we have made a Tew oT The usual blunders and showed IusT a lrTTle oT The usual greenness oT The TlrsT year Scrubs buT cerTalnly only To a very sllghT degree Tor even Then we were ouTsTandnng and sTarTed ouT wnTh a deTermunaTnon To become a br1lluanT class Thus deTermlnaTuon has sTayed wlTh us durnng our enTure course Leaving The Scrub TnTle behind us we ad vanced along The road Toward bulldnng up an even greaTer class ThaT OT The Sophs We were lookrng ahead To when some day we would be Juniors Sensors and Then The people who malce up The ouTsrde world BuT asude from Thnnlcang how greaT we would be some day we were also The mosT amaznng nnTeresTlng and mTellngenT group oT Sophomores ThaT has been on Thus school s record Tor some Time aT leasT ThaT was how we considered ourselves and OT course we could noT have been mnsTalcen Then as anoTher year wenT by we Took one more sTep up our ladder oT ambrhon and scholar shup We were a very ambuhous class oT Juniors realizing now ThaT our sTudles were noT some Thnng To dread buT raTher someThnng To enloy And besudes our sTudres we Tound oTher Thlngs oT nmporTance In our school lnfe and we showed up very promunenTly In aThleTlcs music and oTher acTsvlTues And as Tar as The soclal lfTe oT The school was concerned we cerTaunly were very busy and our popularxTy as Juniors was one of The hrgh lughTs oT our Hugh School career Now we come To our Sensor year Ths s The goal Toward whrch we have been worlung We have wholly enloyed our class work and we are convanced ThaT The Sensor year ns The besT year oT our school lnTe We hope we have seT a very Tune example To The lower classes an The ways OT dugnuTy In scholarshrp In worlc and In PGY y K F Ru Ell s Eleanor Jacobsen Lous Arch bald Edgar Robinson Les le Lo Saburo Osh Ta Dorofhy Comer Knlculco Mor Ta RoberT HamnlTor- A ur l aTa Edwa d WhnTe Jessie Hannay Anna J lvlarT n Auleen Brolca Helen Flanagan 'Wh 4 ll SGT 2 i ' ' l . - . . . I . - I E. ' . ' . l . Mar . uller Th I ' I ' l' , w l ' I ' . rTh w r ' ' , l ' w ,W 4. - ' f- r,., s. Y -1 . Q .:s-., L ni Ag A :ad , 'aww v W mug . ,H my L -4,- lb- .V y I., N' sa , A' " f N , 1 l M - 4 Q X T A T'5'."-A T- t sy K ' A , I ' Yi U I ' ' 4 1 A . XX 'T .,,- l 7 l 115 . ' ,,, 3' ' . if WQQQ 5 1 Q: ,A f V ' Qh' fc Q .. .,.. 3 y A .,.. 7 S 2 X . r, 1' . .. 5 36 , fi- .,,,, -. 'Y , . 2 , ,. 5 ABDALLAH ALDERS ARMANINO BECKWITH BERRY ABRAMS ALVORD BAKER BEDFORD BERTELSON ACOSTA ANDERSON BASCOM BEHRNS BIGHAM AGUILAR ARCHIBALD BAXTER BELLUOMINI BIRD AKABA ARDANAZ BECK BENNETT BLACK ABDALLAH,ADELAINE Academic: Old English 'S' '37-'3B. ABE, TOSI-IIKAZU Academic. ABRAMS. REVA Academic: Old English 'S' '36, 38: "CavaIcade:" Affended Sanla Bar- bara High '36: Vice Pres. Sludenl Body, Sania Barbara. ACOSTA, ONESIMO Vocarional. AGUI LAR, FRANK Commercial. AKABA, GEORGE UTAKA Academic: I Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Hislorian of Japanese Club Fall '36: Pres. of Japanese Club '3B: Gradualed in 3lf2 years. ALDERS, ETTA ANN Commercial. ALVORD, LAWRENCE W. Vocarional: Red Cross Rep. I yr.7 2nd place C Division Cross Coun- fry '36: 2 yrs. Inlerlype Operalor on G. 81 T. ANDERSON, JUNE ELLEN Academic. ARCHIBALD, LOIS Academic: Gold Seal, 7 Sem. Hon- or Scholarship: Sec. Honor Scholar- ship '36, '37: Pres. in '37, '38: Win- ner American Legion '36: Firsl Prize Insurance Confesi '37. ARDANAZ, THOMAS Commercial ARMANINO, DORIS ERLIENE Academic and Commercial. BAKER, DOROTHY Academic: Ailended Visalia '34- '37. BASCOM, EUGENE Academic. BAXTER, ANNE Academic: Alrended Fresno High '35-'37. BECK, WILLARD ADOLPH Academic: Alfended Monfezuma '35-'36: Baslcelball, Foolball, 81 Track Moniezuma: Aflended Mira- monle Hi '37: Sfudeni Conlrol, Miramonie '37. BECKWITH, CLINTON Vocalional: Circle 'S' in Foolball. BEDFORD, BERNICE Academic: Ailended Berkeley High '35 I28I 9' . as in if 6 if ' .nf fi l I1 'Q BLAKE BOLTER BLAKELV BOZZINI BLYTHE BRADFORD BOALT BUDIN BOLLINGER BUDISELICH BEI-IRNS, BILL Academic. BELLUOMINI, LILLIAN Commercial: I Sem.Honor Scholar- ship. BENNETT, WALTER Academic: 2 Circle 'S': I Bloclc 'P' Phoenix in Fooiball Phoenix High '35, Fall '37: Sludenf Conlrol '3B Spring. BERRY, JEANNE Academic. BERTELSON, IRENE Commercial: Old English 'S' '37-BB. BIG-I-IAM, PEGGY C. Academic: "Cavalcade": Airended Fresno High '35-'36. BIRD, JAMES Academic: I Bloclc 'S', Gold Foo?- ball in Foolball: 3 B Bloclc 'S' for Baslcelball: Menzies Award Spring '37: 2 Circle 'S' for Foofballg 2 Bloclc 'S' for Traclx: 2 Circle 'S' in Baslcefball. BLACK, JIMMIE Academic: Exchange Ediior Guard 81 Taclcle '37-'3B: Graduaied 3lfQ years. ' G I QX, E, ,- 1 , . . S ',. 4 ' 1 E' I T 3 'Q ' a' - s r , ' , 2... V , V ,Z ' ' i .ar Q A ..., I 'is . 5 . S V 'D A 4 -, , I X 4: 'as . I, - A, gy 5, 5. , ,A Q i I ' , LX ' ' . .f 3044'- P 3 ' ' so In ' ' A ,, ' , I Q an-. , , , W - -' X f.- . X ' A Q.: r I -Q '-I , , ... X., P , ' .gs K , ',.' " 1 , ' I f . ,. r a .iv l, h . g 1, Y.. ff," 1 xx :A ,M i., K.. " GL.. ' A A g I i - . v A A . gg Q- .0 gr, A, -W' Ag i H g .uf 5: . ., K . L . -4 is 4' , if h I" E . P' - rn' . , ' K. A - f ' sz- ' SJ -bf ri ,z . V - ng -ya, - A g . - I 1 f . 4 qs ff. s I, eb- , . l "-. A i . I ,Q 3 ' ' ll ' ' ' BREED BURNSIDE CAR BERG CHANCE S. CHINCHIOLO COCHRANE CONAWAY R. COOK BROKAW BUTLER CARPENTER CHAPMAN CHURCHILL CODDINGTON CONNOLLY COOLURES BUCHMILLER BYRNE CASTLBBERRY CHAPMAN E. CLARK COLLINS CONTILLO COONEY cAMlc1A CALDERA CATES cHlccoNE M cuinxs coMER H. cook cowEN w. D. BUNDY w. M. BUNDY CHALFANT J. cHlNcHlol.o cLAwsoN CONARD I, COOK B, cmiwrgpp BLAKE, FRANCES ANN Academic: Sec. Spanish Club Fall '37: Annual Slaff: Allended Ripon High, Pres. Frosh. Class '34: Vice Pres. Soph. Class '35, al Ripon. BLAKELEY, LELAND Academic: Orcheslra '36-'38: AI- 'rended Glide High School '34-'36. BLYTHE, BETTY JEAN Academic: Band '37-'38, BOALT, VIRGINIA Academic: Vice Chairman Jr, Red Cross Fall '36, Spring '37. BOLLINGER, JUNE Academic: Com. of Organiza- Iions '38: Accomp. Girls Sexlef '35- '36: Troubadours '37-'3B: Orcheslra '37: "Cavalcade": Jr. Red Cross Rep. '36-'37. BOLTER, AILEEN MARION Academic: Pres. Social Service Club '37-'38: Queen of Isl Masc. 81 Fem. Review. BOZZINI, YOLANDA Commercial: Silver Medal-llalian NighI'35. BRADFORD, GEORGE ALICE Academic: Sec. Old English 'S' '37: Member Old English 'S' '36-'37. BUDIN, HARRIET Academic: Casl of "JusI One of Those Things": Casl of "Kind Lady". BUDISELICH, HELENE DIANA Academic: Gradualed in 3V2 years. BREED, ALLEN Academic: Assl. Yell Leader '36-'37 -Head Yell Leader '37-'38: Treas. Hi-Y-'37: Pres. of Hi-Y-'38: Circle 'S' in Basluelball and Tennis: Or- cheslra '34: Producfion Slalf '3B: Casl of "Kind Lady". BROKAW, AILEEN Academic: Gold Seal: 7 Sem. Hon- or Scholarship: Chairman of Junior Red Cross '38: Sec. Honor Scholar- ship '36: Vice Pres. Philophysean Club '37-'38: Sec. German Club: G. 8: T. Reporler '37-'38: Vice Pres. Quill and Scroll '38, BUCI-IMILLER, LAURETTA Academic: Allended Lodi High '34-'37. BUNDY, WAYNE M. Academic. BUNDY, WENDELL D. Academic: 2 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Sec. 'T' Square Club '37: Circle 'S' Baslcelball, American Le- gion Baseball '35-'37: Member of Sludenl' Confrol Spring '38, BURNSIDE, WILLIAMS ROBERT Vocalional: Alfended Inglewood High '34. BUTLER, IRENE LAMEL Academic: Allended Edison Tech. School in Fresno '34. BYRNE, JACK Vocalional: Sgf.-af-Arms Block 'S' Sociefy '37: 2 Block 'S' for Swim- ming: one Block 'S' for Swimming Manager: 2 Circle 'S' in 'B' Fool- ball: one Block 'S' in Junior Var- sil'y Foofball: 3 Circle 'S' in Coun- +y 'A' Baskelball. CAMICIA, JOHNNIE MARTIN Academic: Block 'S' in Baslcelball, Foolball, 2 Championship Bloclc B 'S', 2 Circle 'S' in Fooiball, I Circle 'S' Baslrelball, I Block 'S' in Traclc, I Gold Foolball, American Junior Legion Baseball '37, 2 Gold Baseballs. Awards in Baseball. I29I CALDERA, NANCY Commercial: Gold Medal ian '35, Academic Allended Lacfo U CARLSBERG, WALTER ' c High '36-'38: Pres. German '36 CARPENTER, HOWARD Academic. CASTLEBERRY, NORMA JEAN Academic. CATES, NORMAN Academic. CHALFANT, ADRIAN Academic: 5 Sem. Honor Scho ship: Allended Queen Anne I- in Sealfle, Washinglon Esc High. CHANCE, BERT Double Door Pasadena Tou Academic: I yr. Foolball Cas ' 'F menl' Play 38: Produclion Sla "Hay Fev CHAPMAN, Academic. CHAPMAN. Academic. er": "Cavalcade 3 LAURENCE LOIS ...I in .r- , 1 img: ,3 -f ' an ,, 2 .i f - f f ffxx '52 I 5 L xg, " - P '....' s' ' 'TMS DELUCCHI DISTIN DU FRANE ELLIS FASELLI DONDERO DENTONI EARL EMERSON FAY DEPAULI DOUGHTY EDWARDS EPPERSON FERRETTI DEONIO DU BOIS EGBERT ESTALLE FIELD DUCHANEAU ELIAB FAIRBANKS FISHER CHICCONE, LOUIE Commercial: 2 Circle 'S' Fooiball, Bloclc 'S' in Varsify Fooiball: Mem- ber Bloclr 'S' Sociely '38: Sludeni Conlrol '38. CHINCHIOLO, JIM Academic: Treas. Hi-Y-'38: 2 Cir- cle 'S' Foofball: Block 'B' in Foo?- ball. CI-IINCI-IIOLO, SALLY Academic: I Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: award on "l1alian Niqh+", '37: Girls' Advisory Board '36-'37. CHURCHILL. JACK Academic: 2 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Serq.-ai-Arms, French Club '37, CLARK, ELEANOR Academic: 4 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Vice Pres. Tri-Y '37: Pres. Tri-Y '38: Sec.-Treas. Social Service '37-'38. CLARKE, MARGARET VIRGINIA Academic: Aifended Dos Palos and Marysville '36. CLAWSON, VIRA FRANCES Academic: Troubadours '36: Italian Club Award: Casi of "Kind Lady". COCHRANE, CYRIL F. Vocalional: Vocalional Council '38: Sec. Vocaiional Club, '38: Circle 'S' Fooiball: Cylinder Pressman: Infer- Iype Operaior G. 81 T.: Firsl Prize "Union Label Commifiee Leiier- head" Coniesi, CODDINC-TON, PHIL Academic: Orcheslra '34-'38: Boys Slrrinq Trio '37: Casi of "Kind Lady". COLLINS, DARYL Academic: I Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Band '36-'38: Music Award '36-'37, COMER. DOROTHY Academic: Gold Seal: 7 Sem. Honor Scholarship: Pres. Honor Scholarship Fall '37: Sec. Spr. '37: Girls League Sec. Spr. '3B: G. 81 T. Reporier '37: Siudeni Conlrol '37-'38. CONARD, ILENE Academic CONAWAY, ROBERT Academic: I Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Com. oi Publicalions, Sprinq '38: Pres. "Las Cucharachasut Block 'S' in Traclc '38: Asso. Ediior Fall '37: Prize U. S. Hisl. Conlesl. I30I FLANAGAN FREITAS FONG FUJII FORMATI FUJIMURA FORTNER FUKUSHIMA FREDERICKS FULLER CONNOLLY, ROBERT Academic: Gradualed in 3lf2 yrs. CONTILLO, FELIX BETONIO Academic: Pres. Filipino Club '37: Serg-ai-Arms '36: Afiendecl Narva- can Mililary Academy, Philippine Islands '32-'33. COOK, HAROLD Academic. COOK, IRENE DOROTHY Academic. COOK, RALPH WILLIAMS Academic: Sec. "Las Cucharachasn Spring '37. COOLURES, LEO Academic. COONEY, HAROLD WILLIAM Vocafional: Vocalional Council I sem.: G. 8: T. Pressman and lnier- iype Operaior. COWEN, BONNIE JUNE Academic, Vice Pres. Pan Pacific '36. CRAWFORD, BERNICE Academic: Ridgeway Senior High in Harrison, Arlransas, '33: Fruil- land, Idaho, '37: Vancouver, Wash- inqlon, '37: Delano, Calif., '37. .Y ei fl eg, .. -., 5-X , rr a fra -3 4- Q5 kj X . sr 1 -9 ,, , at A I "Tl . 'I i id , ,, QSEINF' ' f 4 i' rvizgk I . A Q? an , , I Q F at Q 3 avi :f A ra.i raal 2 ii 41. teh Xt K' . K K + ,U 3 'G' ,i Q ' . iv - , .M '. " T 5,1 gi. , l' , 47? I ' 1 w,r"" S f -2' W' F 1 -' A i -Q ,R ar . X "Ti I Y ' I sr . ' ' I tv I 1 .V , g- ' I V 4 X Ng? W - f . "1" ' . ' as 'v .. ,K an . D.. ,gg ix, .LJ-i if 1,67 I I W . g 535 f- f 455W -H -qw - gfgifffi . . , lg Vvv- K 1 . ,Y 1' Zhi 1 , Q! , .ng A I P' -. f . 'rim --- 4 4 , ,A-If -'cr ' ' , I GAIA w. GILGERT snsxow Gmscuorr HAEERLE HAMMILL. HARRELL Houanoox GARVEY Gnuczv souaswon-rHY cnovs HAGENE HANNAY HATANAKA Hov.MEs GIAMBASTIANI sioRDANo einem Giafwmi eff!-'S'ffN Zfififiiv HAHJSCST H"AAp'l':'2f'.f "fl'.l'if::g" HS'SZ'ifiZs J. GILGER1' c.iovANNoNi GRATER Guv'roN HAMILTON HARPER HESKETT Horr CRAWFORD, PHYLLIS DISTIN, NAOMI EGBERT, FRANK FAIRBANKS, ALLEN Academic: Allended Ridgeway Commercial. Academic: I Sem. Honor Scholar- Academic: Pres. Spanish Club Senior I'lIQl'l in Harrison, Arkansas, ship: Pres. Aeronaufics Club Fall Band '35f'37: Orcheslra 35 '33: Fruilland, Idaho, '37: Vane DENTONII ROSE '37, Spring '38: Modesro High sic Award '37-'38: Allended Lu couyer, Washinglon, '37: Delano, Commercial. School-Fall '35: Boys Sludenr Con- '34-'35, Calif., 37. COPE, DOROTHY Academic: Arlended Anaheim High '34-'35. CROMER, LORRAINE Commercial. CROWELL, IRENE Commercial. DAVIDSON, FLORENCE Academic: Alrended Pellerson High School '34: Lemoore High School '35-'37. DELUCCHI, LOUIS Academic. DONDERO, ELEANOR Commercial: Sludenl Conlrol '37- '38. DEPAULI, MARJORIE Commercial. DEONIO, MARUO Academic. DOUG-HTY, JEAN Commercial: I Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Sludenl Conlrol Fall '36. DU BOIS, BOB Academic. DUCHAN EAU, JACK Academic: Serg-al-Arms 'B' Bloclr Sociely: Circle 'S' and 2 'B' Bloclrs in Baslrelballg Isl place lnrerna- Iional Baslcelball '36-'37: Allended Livermore High School '34, DU FRAN E, JEAN Commercial. EARL, SHERRY HELAINE Academic: Vice Pres. Old Eng- lish 'S' '37-'38: Large and Small Old English 'S': Band '354'38: Ore cheslra '34-'37: Slring Ouarfel '36. EDWARDS, JACOUILYN Academic: Troubadours '37-'38: Alrended Ellcs Counly High '34- '37 Irol Fall '37, Spring '38. FARRELL, JOE ELIAB, PACIFICO Academic: Pres. Filipino Club Spring '38: Liberry High School, Brenlwood: Courlland High School, Gall High School. ELLIS, RUTH Academic: Gold Seal: 7 Sem. Honor Scholarship: Sec. Girls League '37: Pres. French Club '37 Sec. Girls Sludenr Conlrol '37: Casl of "Double Door", "Hay Fever", "Varie'ry Show", "Jusr One Commercial: 2 Awards mural Baslcefball: I year I year Varsiry. FASELLI, JOSEPI-IINE Academic. FAY, EDWARD . . Y Academic, Gradualed n I2 Serg-al-Arms French Club 3 FERRETTI, MADELYN MARIE of Those Things": Shakespearean Academic. Conlesl Winner '37: Srudenl Con- rrol '35-'38: Casr ol "Kind Lady". FIELD, EUGENE Academic: Graduaring 3 2 y EMERSON' C"A'RE JANE Arlended Hayward Union Higl Academic. EPPERSON, JOHN Academic: Band '35-'38: Aflended Sanfa Rosa '34. ESTALLE, ISABELLE FRANCES Academic: Serg-al'-Arms of Las Amapolas. I3lI '34-'37, FISHER, BEVERLY JAN E Academic. FLAMM, ROBERT Academic: Band '37 38 Award '38: Arlended Lodi FLANAGAN, HELEN GUERNSEY, DORIS STARR 113' 4195 P .-af 'ii Q. ff if... ,. . ... - " 2? - T ' A ' ' - Q ' ii, ,. ,""' ff... ' .VV " . ' A . -0. ,s , - 5 k "Fr . Q i -5. ,' ' - . I 1 i I ' Q , " C. HOWELL S. HUTCHEON ISHEYAMA JACOBSEN L. JOHNSON P. HOWELL HUTCHESON ITAYA JAMESON W. JOHNSON HUDSON IRWIN ITO JAUREGITO JOURNEAY I. HUTCHEON ISHIMARU IWATA JENKINS M. KAJITA Academic: Gold Seal: 6 Sem. Honor Scholarship: V. Pres. Girls' League '37: Old English 'S' '37-'38: Bronze Medal, llalian Club: Merit Seal. FONG, DAVID Academic: I Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: V. Pres. Chinese Club, Fall '37: Gradualed in 3V2 years. FORMATI, HARRY Commercial. FORTN ER, ERN EST Vocalional. FREDERICKS, KATHRYN ANN Academic: Siudenl Conlrol '38. FREITAS, ERNEST L. Vocalional. FUJII, MIKIO Academic: Gradualed in 3f2 yrs. FUJIMURA, DOROTHY HARUYE Academic. FUKUSHIMA, BETSY SHIZUKO Academic: Orchesfra '35-'38: A+- 'fended Courlland '34, '35: Rio Visfa '35. FULLER. KAREN JEAN Academic: 6 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Gold Seal: Meril' Seal. GAIA, CAESAR L. Commercial: Sfudenf Confrol '37- '38 I GARVEY, JACK, JR. Academic. GIAMBASTIANI, JOHN Academic: Com. ol Welfare. Spring '38: Block 'S' Sociely '38: 2 Bloclr 'S' in Foolball: G. 81 T. Slaff '37: Sludenl' Con+roI '37- '38. GILBERT, JUNE Academic. GILGERT, JOYCE Academic. GILGERT, WALTER Academic: 2 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: U. S. Hisfory Conlesl Prize '37 GILKEY, WALTER C. Academic: Band '34-'37, GIORDANO, LOUISE Commercial. GIOTTONINI, LOUIS Academic. GIOVANNONI, MARIE ALICE Commercial. GNEKOW, RAY Academic: Bloclr 'B' in Swimming. GOLDSWORTHY, POLLYANNA Academic. GOMES, FRED Vocalional. GOODMAN, JOY Academic: Alfended MI. Hope, Kansas. '34-'36. GRATER, HELEN ISABELLE Academic. GRISCHOTT, NELL ORINDA Academic: I Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: llalian Prize. GROVE, HENRY Academic. I32I S . KAJITA KECK KAMATANI KEITH KANEMOTO KELLEY KASS KELLY Academic: 2 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Rally Commillee '38. GUILIANI, RICHARD Commercial: Block 'S' in Foolball: 2 Circle 'S' in Foofball: I Circle in Baslrelball: Bloclc 'S' Sociely '37 '38: Sludenl Conlrol '37-'38. GUYTON, HELEN Academic: Allended Tippah Union High in Collon Planl, Mississippi, '34-'37. HABERLE, CHESTER Academic. HAGENE, CHARLES Academic. HAGIO, GRACE Academic: I Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Serg-al'-Arms, Japanese Club: Meri? Seal: Girls' Srudenf Conlrol '37, HAMBLET, DOROTHEA Academic: Gradualed in 3lf2 years. HANHAM, DONALD Vocalional. HAMILTON, ROBERT JAMES Academic: 6 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: V. Pres. l2B Class: Gold Seal. HAMMILL, MERVEL Academic: Sec. IZB Class: Pres. Philophysean Club '37-'38: Guard 81 Tackle Reporler and Columnisl '36-'38: Girls' Sfudenf Confrol '37 '38: Sec. Girls' Sludenf Conlrol '38: Merif Seal. HANNAY, JESSIE GLADYS Academic: 6 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Gold Seal: Jr. Red Cross Rep. '38, 'irff I ... , C ... I -Q 4. 5' -. Tk - - N A KENDALL KNIEPER KENDRICK KOLHER KERN KOFF KIRKPATRICK Ll. KOWATCH HANNER, JACK Academic and Vocalional: 3 Sem. Honor Scholarship: V. Pres. Honor Scholarship '38: ln'rerI'ype Opera?- or: Aflended Kif Carson Jr. High in Sacramenlo '37. HAPPELL, CLAIRE Academic: Variely Show '38. HARPER, ELIZABETH JANE Academic: San Joaquin Valley Es- say Confesl Winner, '36-. HARRELL, BOB Academic: Casl of "Double Door": Casl' of "Kind Lady". HATANAKA, TAEKO Academic: G. 8: T. Reporler. HENDERSON, VIRGINIA Academic: Band '34-'38: Orcheslra '35: Allended Marysville '34: EII: Grove '35: Lodi '37. HERRERO. GEORGE Academic: I Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Com. of Alhlelics Spring '38: Pres. Block 'S' Socielyg 2 Block 'S'. I Circle 'S': Block 'S' Sociely Spring '38: Sludenl Conlrol Spring '38. HESKETT, FRANCES Academic. HILL, EILEEN ANN Academic: Treas. Pan Pacific Club '37-'38: Orchesfra '37-'38. HISLOP, BRUCE JR. Academic: Band '35-'37. HISAKA, HARRY HIDEYUKI Academic. -if 5' ' of .Ir ,, -1 w 2 Y 'Ev E 'fi , f in Tr ga 25 ff' n v. Kg' ff? if 1. tl? 'HX LU. KOWATCH J. KUBOTA KRAFT T. KUBOTA KREUDER LADD KROMANN LAGORIO HODGKINS, TOM Academic: G. Xi T. Reporler '37- '38, HOFF, GOLDEN MARIE Academic. HOLBROOK, BARBARA Commercial. HOLMES, JACK Academic: Rally Com. '38: Pres. Playcraflers '36-'37: Vice Presidenf French Club '36: Casl' of "Three Cornered Moon", "Double Door' "Knives of Syria" for Pasadena: Variefy Show '37: Playcraflers Pro- duclion Siafl' '36-'38: Casi' "Kind Lady". HONDA, MASAKO Academic: Alfended Galileo High '35-'36. HORN, MILDRED Commercial: Graduaied 3V2 years. HOWELL, CECIL ROY Vocalional: Allended Grant Union High '31 HOWELL, PATRICIA ANN Academic: Calaveras Union High '35-'36. HUDSON. DON . Academic. HUTCHEON, IAN Academic: Allended Alleghany High, Cumberland. Md. '34-'36: Eldorado Counly High, Placerville. HUTCHEON, SHEILA Academic: Affended Alleghany High, Cumberland, Md. '34-'36, LAMBERT LENAHAN ER V C. LEWIS J. LEWIS LIARY LECHICH HUTCHESON, ANN VIRGINIA JEWETT Academic: I Sem. Honor Scholar ' ' U. S. Hisfory Prize 35' irs League Advisory Board '37' Casl of 'Kind Lady'. IRWIN JEANNE Academic' Allended La Jolla High S n D'ego 34- 36: Galileo an Francisco 36. ISHIMARU SHOJI Academic. ISHEYAMA TOARU Academic. ITAYA SAM MINORU Academic: G. 81 T. Sfali ITO, ELSO K. Commercial: I Sem. Honor ship: Gradualed 3lf2 years Scholar IWATA, ARTI"'l UR A. Academic: 5 Sem. Honor Scholar ship: Orchesfra '35-'38 JACOBSEN, ELEANOR Academic: Gold Seal: 7 Sem. Hon or Scholarship: IZA Sec.: Vice Pres Old English S, Spring '37: Old Eng Iish S '37-'38: Small and Large Old English 'S'. JAMISON, IDA ELIZABETH Commercial. JAUREGUITO, ANNA JEANNE Commercial. JENKINS, MARGARET Academic: Variely Show '38 l33I M LEWIS ICCIARDI LIVEZEY LLOYD 4? 4' tl 5.1 :Qing P1 LUNT LONG LOPEZ LOW J LOBOSSO LYONS L LYONS JOHNSON LEO JR Academic Vice Pres Bloclc S So y 38 2 oclc S 2 Circ Gold Foofball Block S Sociely 37 38 Sludenl Conlrol Spring 37 Spring 38 JOHNSON WILLIAM Academic Serg al' Arms Spanish u 37 Circle S Bloc Gold Foolball Block S Socuely 38 JOURNEAY JOE V Academic Band 38 Allended Fremonl' High Oalcland California 35 36 KAJITA MASAO Academic KAJITA SHIGEKO Academic KAMATANI JOE Academic KANEMOTO. FUMEO Academic and Vocalional KASS SYDNEY M Academic, Drum and Bugle Corps '34 KECK, DOROTHY Academic KEITH, GEORGE Commercial, Circulahon Manager G 81 T '38 KELLEY DOROTHY Academic, Alfended Fruulland Idaho, Leganon Oregon, and Ar genline, Kansas KELLY, BUD Academic 2 Circle 'S' in Baslief ball, Sludenf Conlrol Spring '37 '38 7 13. bn 1 - ' 'X .. ' . "'. 7 s A .. ."' f 42 I .ff i: IS. I -- I Tm, 'N 4 3 Q r . Jr., i j a 4 .wry g-:Cf if , :W F N 7 ' ' 5. ., .A S . fy 'A 3 23 5 A . Q' ' , 'P ' A 6 M . If . .Q o , - ' S 'i.' ' . ' I ', . . ' A , A . ' ' . I ix I Y LIA Ll L i LU AN J. A cie+ , ' 1' BI ' ': ' Ie. Ship, ' , G I , -, . I . , ' a I ' ' ' I S ' CI b.' : 2 1' ' l':I I h Ic"S': of ' - ,- Mc AFEE Mc NABB MADEIROS MARRACCINI a. MATHEWS MI-:van MINIACI Mc CARREL Mc NAMARA MADSEN A. J. MARTIN I.. MATI-IEws MEVLING MISASI M. Mc FARLAND J. MAcooNAI.n MANN c. M. MARTIN MAZZA MoN'rGoMsRv MIxAsA o. Mc FARLANI: J. A. MACDONALD MARCELLIN G. MARTIN MEOQUI MILLS MITSUDA KENDALL, WALTER Academic. KENDRICK, YEATMAN Vocalional. KERN, JACK Academic. KIRKPATRICK, EILEEN Commercial: Allended Oalcdale High '34-'37, KNIEPER, RICHARD Academic: Troubadours '37-'38: Al- 'lended S+. John High, Sl. John, Kansas '34: Greal Bend High, Greal Bend, Kansas '35. KOLHER, ALLEN A. Academic: Pres. IIA Class '37: Re- porler G. 8: T. '37-'38: Orcheslra '35-'37. KOPP, LOUIE Vocalional: Member Vocalional Cabinel: Treasurer Vocalional Club. KOWATCH, LILLIAN Academic: I Sem. Honor Scholar- ship. KOWATCH, LUCILLE Academic: I Sem. Honor Scholar- ship. KRAFT, CLEO MARIE Commercial. KREUDER, KENNETH J. Academic. KROMANN, LOIS G. Academic. KUBOTA, JAMES K. Academic: Serg.-al-Arms ol French Club '37. KUBOTA, TAKESI-Il D. Academic. LADD, JACK Academic: Pres. ol Swim Club '37: Circle 'S' in Foolball. LAMASNEY, RAY Commercial. LAGORIO, JOSEPHI N E A. Academic. LAMBERT, ELOISE CLAIRE Academic: Vice Pres. Tri-Y Spring '38. LEA, RUTH Academic. LEARY, ROBERT Academic. LECHICH, ERMA LUCILLE Commercial. LENAI-IAN, LESTER Academic: Yell Leader '36: Bloclc 'S' Sociely '36-'38: Bloclr in Baslrel- ball '36-'38: Bloclc in Traclr in '36- '38: Circle 'S' in Foolball, Baslcel- ball, and Traclc: Vannuccini Award Pole Vaull IZ", '37: C. M. Menzies Isl Fall '34: Isl Spring '35: 2nd Fall '35: Isl Spring '37. LEVER, NORMA JEAN Commercial: Old English 'S' So- ciely Fall '37, Spring '38. LEWIS, CADMAN Academic: Pres. of Turlrey Club '36. LEWIS, JOY Academic: Allended Le Grand High School '36-'37: Yell Leader Le Grand: Pres. Tumbling Club, Le Grand: Lead in Junior Play, Le Grand: Sludenl Conlrol '37: Al- lended Escalon High '35-'36. l34l LEWIS, MARY LOIS Commercial: Old English S 36- 37: Sluden? Conlrol ol '37. LICCIARDI, LENA ELIZABETH Commercial: Junior Red Cross Represenlalive. LIVEZEY, ROBERT Academic. LLOYD, OWEN I-I. Academic: Cheer Leader al Ble- wilh High, Sl. Louis, Mo. LUNT, WILLIAM H. Academic: Rally Commilree Spring '38. LONG, LOIS Academic: 5 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Treas. "AmapoIas" Span- ish Club, Fall and Spring '38. LOPEZ, FRANCES Commercial. LOW, LESLIE Academic: 7 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Gold Seal: Pres.Chinese Club '37. LUJAN, MARGUERITE Academic: 3 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Pres. "Las Cucarachas" Fall '36: Sec. Ouill and Scroll Spring '38: News Edilor G. 8: T. Fall '37: Columnisl Spring '38: Reporler: Senior Edilor Annual: School Win- ner Gorgas Essay Medal '38: Slale Winner Gorgas Essay Conlesl: 2nd Prize Spanish Lilerary Conlesl '36. LOBOSCO, LENA L. Academic. 57 A wi I an Q if 'sv " - R35 'Q W P - ,jf "ME ' my X fr 'T irq F. ri! ' gy 12:1 " MITCHELL Morrrsno MULBERG Nsssi.ER NOMELLINE No-rEwARs MONAGHAN J. MOORE MUSTO NEWBERRY NONAKA OLSON Mom v. Moon: Muzio Nici-ILEY NORGARD oss-m-A MoRrrA Monovrl NELSON NIELSEN NORRIS OSTRANDER LYONS, JAMES P. MADSEN, ADELINE MAZZUCCHELLI. LEO Academic: Vice Pres. Swine Club Academic. Vocalional. '37: S .- I-A T I: CI b '36: 3 ciffilfi ian Fbzibalili ei' Blouck -s-. MANN' HARVEY EUGENE JR- MEOQUI HELEN Commercial. Bloclc 'S' Sociely '38, LYONS, LOIS Academic. McAFEE, JEANNE N. Academic: G. 81 T. Reporler Fall '37: Spring '38: Girls' Sporl Edilor Fall '37. McCARREL, MARGARET Academic. MCFARLAND, MARGARET Academic: Alfended Lone Pine H. S. May '37. MCFARLAND, OLIVE Commercial. McNABB, JACK Commercial: Bus. Manager Annual: Alfended Palo Allo High '35-'37, McNAMARA, PATRICIA Academic: I Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Sec. French Club '36: Sfudenl' Confrol '37, MACDONALD, JEAN Academic: Band '34-'38: Orcheslra '36, MACDONALD, JOHN ALLAN Academic: Circle 'S' in Foolball: Reporler G. 81 T. '37-'38: Band '35- '38: Orcheslra '36-'38. MADEIROS, AUDRIE Academic. Commercial: Troubadours '34-'3B. MARCELLIN, NORMA JESSIE Academic. MARRACCINI, LOLA C. Academic: 4 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Asso. Ediror of "Lo Sfudenre I+aliano": Old English S '36-'38: Gold and Bronze Medal llalian Award. MARTIN, ANNA JEAN Academic: 5 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Highesl in Scholarship 2 Con- seculive years: Cuslodian German Club, '37-'38. MARTIN, CLARA MAE Academic: Aflended San Jose High '35. MARTIN, GULLY Academic: Casf Masc-Fem Revue '36: Aflended Menlo Hi '34. MATHEWS, BETTY LEE Academic: Secrelary Philophysean Club '37-'38, MATHEWS, LAURASANNE Academic: Casl "Three Cornered Moon": Award in Spanish Lilerary Confesl '36: Allended Cloverdale Union High '37. MAZZA, GENEVINE P. Academic: 2 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Vice Pres. llalian Club '36- '37: Edilor "Lo Sfudenle lIaIiano": Meril Seal. MEYER,TINA Academic: Honorable Menlio Arr. OTA PANERO OTSUEO B. PARKER OVERMYER P. PARKER OWEN PARSON MORI, CHARLES Academic: American Legion B ball '37-'38: Band '35-'38 MORITA, KIKUKO Academic: Gold Seal 6 S . Honor Scholarship. Fl In MEYLING, BOB R. Academic: Ariended Mariposa Hi '35. MONTGOMERY, MARGARET Commercial. MILLS, DON S. Academic: Rally Commirlee '37: Block 'S' Foofball '37: BIoclr'S' Track '37-'38: Gold Foolball '37: Traclc Awards '37-'38. MILLER, EDWARD F. Vocafional. MINIACI, JOSEPHINE ROSE Academic. MISASI, ERMA Commercial: Second Prize in Pen- rnanship: Penmanship Cerfificale '35: Gradualed 3V2 years. MIKASA, TADAOT Academic. MITSUDA, NETTIE H. Academic. MITCHELL, PATRICIA ANNE Academic: Orcheslra '34-'35, MONAGHAN, HAROLD Academic: Bl-oclc 'S' in Traclct Circle 'S' in Foofball: Troubadours '37-'38: Masc. X1 Fem. Review: "CavaIcade" l35I Academic Boys Glee Club MONTERO, ANDRES ' H Allended Salinas School '36. Union Academic Pres II and S GS O 8 Cap? B Trac 37 Reporler G 81 T Junior porler G 81 T Cub Edifor News Edllor Spring 37 Sporls :Tor Fall 37 Blue 81 While Sp Edifor 38: Sludenl Confrol 37 oclc S': " Blo S' in BRIONES TROPHY for Oufsl ing Traclr Man '36-'37: Holds C. I. F. I32O yd. Championship MOORE,JACK R. ' : . Qui c '38: Pr . "B" BI cl: 'S' '37: ' Hi-Y '3 : . " " lr Te I BI ' 2 B" ck' Tr e N I Record '36-'37: Holds N. S. C 2lf2 Mile Cross Counlry Run ord: Jr. Rolarian '37-'38, MOORE, VIRGINIA Commercial. MOROTTI, BEA Commercial. MULBERG, RUTH Academic. MUSTO, EVA ELVIRA Academic: 2 Silver ian. MUZIO, FRANCES Commercial. Medals in Q-. iz? X , f 0 , 2 ' 3 7'1- .f ,. ' vc , WP, . . ' VV 5 "A ' 2. . I -41" 1 4, G2 in i 9 rr? . I A , - 2 is y' 4 A : .5 ggi . il -,": I ix 1-5 ,,. , 2 I. A - Y I , I if N f. X Q. f . PEI.I.A'roN PI-IELPS Plzzo PRICE RICE ROBERTSON RILEY PENEERTI-Iv PII..I.sBERRY PORES RAMIREZ RICHMAN R. ROBINSON RODGERS PEREGORY PIPER PRATO REA RIDOLFI E. ROBINSON ROGERS PEREIRA PIzzI PREVITALI REED RIFFE J. ROBINSON ROSSIER NELSON, BERT Academic, 4 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship, Com. Publicaiions, Fall '37, Pres. Honor Scholarship, Spring '38, Vice Pres. Ouill 8: Scroll, Fall '37, Circle 'S', B Block 'S', Block in Track, Holder of School Track Rec- ord, 660, '37, News Edilor Guard and Tackle, '37, Reporler, Prize Calif. Hislory Conlesi, '36, Prize U. S. Hislory Confesl, '37, AI- Iended Chemawa Jr. High, River- side, '34, Srudenl Conlrol, Spring '38 NESSLER, LUCILLE Commercial. NEWBERRY, FLORENCE G. Academic, Troubadours '37- 38, Casl' of "Kind Lady". NICHLEY, WILLIAM G. Academic. NIELSEN, CHRIS Academic. NOMELLINE, SUE Commercial, Sludenl Confrol Spring '38. NONAKA, IRENE M. Academic. NORGARD, DOROTHY Academic, Serg.-al-Arms of Span- ish Club '34, Troubadours '37-'38. NORRIS, LESTER JO Vocational. NOTEWARE, IDELLA Academic, 2 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship. OLSON, ILO LORRAI NE Commercial, Sludenl' Conlrol Spr. '3B. OSI-IITA, SALBU RO Vocalional, 7 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship, Gold Seal. OSTRANDER. DAN R. Academic: 2 Circle 'S', I "C" Block 'S', I B Block 'S', Block 'S' Track, Norihern Calif. High Jump B Championship '37, Orcheslra '35- '36, B Block 'S' Socieiy '37. OTA, HARRY Academic. OTSUBO, AKI RA Academic, Gradualed in 3V2 yrs.: Band '37-'38, OVERMYER, EVELYN Commercial. OWEN, BOB Academic, Vice Pres. ol Block 'S' '36, 4 Block 'S' for Swimminqi 2 Block 'S' for Baskefball, Block 'S' Sociely '34-'38. PAN ERO, MARY AGN ES Academic. PARKER, BETTY LOU Academic, Aiiended Geo. Wash- ingron High and Fremonl High in Los Angeles '35-'36. PARKER, PAUL Academic: Circle 'S' in B Fool- balli 2 Block 'S' in Foolball, Block 'S' Sociefy Spring '37, Allended Chafley High, Oniario, Calif. I36I PARSON, RUBY LORRAINE Commercial, l2A Vice Pres, Blue Xi While Sfall, Sludenr Conlrol '37. PARSONS, NAOMI ALMA Academic, Serg.-al-Arms Spanish Club, "Cavalcade", AIIended Fol- som Union Hiqh '34. PAULSON, ART Academic, Eoofball 2 Blocks '35- '36, Block 'S' Sociefy '36-'3B. PECK, ELLA MAE Commercial: Orchesrra '34-'38, "Cavalcade", Music Award. PEDIGO, OPAL EILEEN Academic, 3 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship, Hi Sleppers '35. PELLATON, BETTY JEAN Academic, Sludenl Conlrol '38, Allended Wesllake High in Oak- land '34, PENBERTHY, IRVING E. Academic, 2 Block 'S' and I circle 'S' in Baskelball, Troubadours '35- '36, Block 'S' Sociefy '37, Masc-and Eem. Review '36, Pres. Luncheon Club '38. PEREGOY, BUZZ Academic, Circle 'S' Eoolball, Bas- kefball, Golf, Reporfer Guard and Tackle, "Double Door", Sec. Slu- denf Conlrol, Spring '3B. PEREIRA, AMARO Commercial, Holder of Doubles Handball Championship '37. PHELPS, ALICE KATHLYN Academic, Hi-Sfeppers '34-'35, G. 81 T. Reporfer '37-'38. fi-eff . : 534 " , all? -r I ROSSMANN SAKATA SAWADA SCHWING ROUSE SAKO SCHAENEMAN SCHWEDHELM RUDEBAUGH SALVETTI SCHMIDT SCOTT RUSSELL SANDMAN SCHWALL SERVENTI PILLSBERRY, EDWARD D. Vocalional: Circle 'S' in Foofball. PIPER, JANE Academic. PIZZI, ENRICO Academic. PIZZO, BETTY ROSE Academic. PORES, MILDRED Academic. PRATO, ALBERT J. Commercial: Jr. Red Cross Rep. PREVITALI, JOE Academic. PRICE, VIOLET Academic. RAMIREZ, JUANITA SOFIE Academic: Isl Prize Spanish Lirera- fure Conlesl. ROGERS, DON Academic: Co-Capfain of Varsily Baslceiball '38: Circle 'S' in Baslcef- ball '34-'36: Inlramural Baslcelball '36-'37: Bloclr "B" in Baslmelball '36: Bloclc 'S' Baslcelball '37-'38: Traclc Manager '37: Foofball Manager '35. ROSSIER, SHIRLEY Academic: Second Vice Pres. of Sfoclcfon Junior Music Club '36-'37, REA, EDWARD Academic: I Sem. Honor Scholar- ship. REED, MARIJANE Academic: Vice Pres. Girls' League '35: Casl of "Kind Lady". RICE, BILL Academic. RICI-IMAN, IRENE Academic: Affended Suffer Jr. Hi '35. RIDOLEI, JUNE Commercial. RIFFE, KENNETH A. Academic. ROBERTSON, WILLIAM THOMAS Academic: G. 81 T. Reporler. ROBINSON, RICHARD Academic: U. S, Hislory Prize. ROBINSON, EDWARD EDGAR Academic: 5 Sem. Honor Scholar. ship: Sludenl Confrol '37, ROBINSON, JEAN CLAIRE Academic: Sfudenr C-onfrol '37, RILEY, VIVIAN Academic. RODGERS, LES Academic. ROSSMANN, ANNA BELLE Commercial: Gradualed in 3lf2 yrs. ROUSE, HELEN KATH RYN Commercial. RUDEBAUGI-I, ALICE Academic: Cas? of "Double Door". SHANKEL SHRIVER SILVA SILVEIRA RUSSELL, THOMAS Academic: Airended C. U. H. S. '34-'35. SAKATA, SUSUMU FRANK Academic: Circle 'S' in Traclc. SAKO, ALICE Academic: Gradualed in 3If2 years: "CavaIcade". SALVETTI, AMERICO Commercial: Serq.-af-Arms Ilalian Club: Circle "B" in Eoolball: Sporls Edilor "Lo Sfudenle lIalian0": Slu- denl Confrol '37. SAN DMAN, GEORGE K, Academic. SAWADA, KENNETH Y. Commercial. SCHAENEMAN, RUSSEL JAMES Academic. SCI-IMIDT,JOSEPI-I Academic: Allended Sl. Vincenls '34-'36. SCHWALL, GREGORY J. Academic. SCHWING, CHARLOTTE LORRAINE Academic: Small and Large Old English 'S': Orcheslra '35-'38: Old English 'S' Sociefy '36-'38: "CavaI- cade" '37: 3 year Award in Or- cheslra. SCHWEDHELM, VICTOR Academic. SCOTT, ADRIEL H. Academic: Sec. "B" Block Sociely: I Block and 2 Circle 'S' in Baslcef- ball: Masc.-Fern. Review. l37I Q3 Q . SIMPSON A SOLAR! STEGALL E. SMITH F SOLAR! STEGMAN J. SMITH SPALDING D STEPHENS SNIDER STEFANI S STEPHENS 40 I ' 4 i no i , 'H .4 f- .. A4 T g T' . IA l it ' A l . L SURPLUS TAIRA SUZUKI TAKESHITA SWAN TALBOT SWEET TANAKA SNIDER, GEORGIA Commercial: Allended Tracy High School '34. SEHER, WALTER Academic. SOLARI, ANTOINETTE Academic. SOLARI, FLORA Commercial: Orcheslra '34-'35. SPALDING, LEWIS D. Academic. STEFANI, LAURENCE Academic: IZA Class Pres. Spring '38: Pres. Tennis Club 37338: Block 'S' in Tennis: Block 'S' Sociely '38: Masc.-Fem. Review '36: Sludenl Conlrol '37-'38, STEGALL. DOROTHY Academic: 2 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Blue and Whife Ediror '38: Sec. Pan Pacific '36: G. Xi T. Re- porler '37-'38: Junior Reporler '36: Old English 'S' Sociely '36-'38I Large and Small 'S': Meril Seal: Ouill 81 Scroll '37-'38: Variefy Show '37: Produclion Slall Playcraflers '37-'38: Allended Modeslo High '35: Salinas High '36. STEGEMAN, BERNARD Commercial and Vocalional: Circle 'S' in Eoolball. STEPHENS, DICK Academic: Vice Pros. T-Square Club '38. STEPHENSCLIEEORD Commercial: I year Counly "A": 2 years Varsily Baslrelball. :Q 1'2- 3' TERANISHI 1'HoMsEN TRAPHAGEN 'rRul.ssoN uTsuMl L. 'rEs1'o TOMITA TRAUBE TUPPER VALLE M. 'rEs1'o TOMODA TREMAIN -rumurrrg vAN ovxa THOMAS TowLE TROTYER ULREV voyzn STEPHENS, SYLVIA Academic: Serq.-aIAArms Tri-Y '37: Girls' Sexlelfe Member '35: Mascf Fern. Review '36: Slaii "Hay Fever" STEVENSON, ROBERT Commercial: Assl. Bus. Manager G. 81 T. '36-'37: Bus. Manager G, 81 T. 37- 33. STOETZER, ROBERT Academic. STONE. CLAYTON Vocalional: Vice Pres. Vocalional Club: Bloclr 'S' in Foolball: Allend- ed Fresno Tech. '35A'36. SULLIVAN, TED Academic: Casl of "Double Door": Slage Crew "Hay Fever": S+age Manager of "One of Those Things" SURPLUS, BOB LESLIE Vocalional. SUZUKI, FRANCES Academic. SUOI, MASASHI Academic. SWAN, CAROL JEAN Commercial: Troubadours '36-'38 Sexlelle '35. SWEET, LESTER Academic. TAIRA, KIMIKO Commercial: I Sem, Honor Scholar- shio. TAKESHITA,JOE G. Academic: Serq.-al-Arms Spring '35: Allended Bellevue High Fall '36, Bellevue, Washinglon. I38I TALBOT, ROBERT Academic 2 years: Commercial 2 years: Band '35-'38: Orcheslra '35- '36. TANAKA, HEROYUKI J. Academic: Winner of Japanese ln- lernalion C. E. Oralorical Conlesl. TERANISHI. JACK Vocalional. TESTO. LUCY Academic. TESTO, MARY Academic. TI-IOMAS, RUBY Academic: Allended Wallins High School in Kenluclry '35-'36. THOMSEN, OLIVE FRANCES Commercial. TOLLESTRUP, RALPH Academic. TOMITA,TOSI-IIYE 4 Academic: I Sem. Honor Scholar! ship: Member ol Sfudenl Conlrol '37-'38. TOMODA, MICKO MARILYN Commercial. TOWLE, CALVIN Vocalional. TRAPHAGEN, WILFRED Academic. Q ,als IP' Ts J ' gn- l : fy E3 w 165' 'qv 1 , ,A,. , V is X ,N 0 :l'Q'a 'll a u u , , ll . pi 10 "' tl fl af .Q fi 3.4! A , ,sf ...- :. . 1- J: 5 ' I e . if' 'f P- ' 5, '- . lr 4 f , . .I .Q . . , x E. WALSH T. WATANABE WEST WHITLEY WILDERMUTH WILSON WATANABE C. WALSH WESTPHAL wlcx a. wlLLlAMs woNG WARD WAY E. WHITE WICTORIN V. WILLIAMS WOODS WARREN WERELIUS B. E WHITE WIDNEY WILLIS E. WYMAN TRAUBE, DIXIE Academic: Allended Olympia High School in Washinglon '35: Manleca High School in '36. TREMAIN, HARRY Academic: Senior Swealer Com- millee. TROTTER, ELVA LUCILLE Commercial. TRULSSON, BERT Academic: IZB Pres.: Casl ol "I-lay Fever", "Double Door", "Kind Lady". TUPPER, BETTY CLAIRE Commercial. TURKATTE, NINA Academic. ULREY, RICHARD Academic: 3 Sem. Honor Scholara ship: Orcheslra 3 years. UTSUMI, LOIS YUKIKO Academic. VALLE, BERNICE VIRGINIA Commercial. VAN DYKE, JAMES Academic: Pres. ol Sludenl Body Spring '38: Swimming Team '37-'38, VOYER, VERA Academic. WALSH, BETTY EILEEN Academic. WATANABE, KOI-INICH B. Academic and Vocalional. WARD, ROOKSIE LORRAINE Commercial. WARREN, ALBERT JAMES Academic: Allended Palierson Union High '37. WATANABE, TOMIKO C. Academic. WALSH, CECILIA Academic: Exchange Edilor G. 81 T. Fall '37: Slalil ol "Hay Fever", "Charm School", "Varie'ry Shows", and "Double Door". WAY, WILMA IRENE Commercial: I Sem. Honor Scholar- ship. WATKINS, LOWELL Academic. WAVEN, ALBERT Academic: Allended Pallerson Un- ion High Spring '37. WEBER, VIRGINIA DORIS Academic: G. 81 T. Slalil '37, WEAVER, RALPH Academic: Circle 'S' in Foolball. WERELIUS, YVONNE VIVETTE Academic: Old English 'S' '374'38: G. 8: T. Slall '37: Small English 'S': "Cavalcade": Orcheslra '35-'38: Music Award. WEST, ROBERT Academic: Circle 'S' in Traclc. WESTPHAL, LOIS Academic. WHITE, EDWARD Academic: 5 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Gold Seal: Vice Pres. Boys' Science Club '37-'38: Menzies Trophy Fall '36. WHITE, BERNICE ELIZABETH Academic. WHITLEY, FRANCES Commercial: Allended Pallerson High '36, WICK, RALPH Academic: Circle 'S' in Foolball. WICTORIN, CLIFFORD Academic: I Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Sec. Boys' Science Club '37- '38: Vice Pres. I-Ii-Y Spring '38i Prize U. S. Hislory Conlesf. WIDNEY, MARGOT ELIZABETH Academic: Orcheslra '36-'38. WILDERMUTH, ARNOLD A. Commercial. WILLIAMS, BEATRICE Commercial. WILLIAMS. VIRGINA CARYOL Commercial: 2 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship: Girls' League Advisory Board '37: Sludenl Conlrol Spring '36. WILLIS, BUD BRYANT Commercial: Alfended Twin Falls High School, Idaho. WILSON, BETTY Academic: G. 81 T. Reporler '374 BB: Orcheslra '344'37. WONG, GEORGE P. Academic. WOODS, LILLIAN BELLE Academic: Allended Quincy High '344'35: Band al Ouincy High '34. WYMAN, ELLEN Commercial. WYMAN, HELEN Commercial: Winner in Arl' Cone Iesl '36. im H . WYMAN YAMAGUCHI YAMASHIRO YAMASHITA JUNIGIQ CLASS OFFICERS FirsT row: IIB, V. P. June Bybee, Sec. Mardel Housh, Pres, Bernard ETcheverry. Second row: IIA, Sec. RuTh SchmidT, Pres. Allan Kohler, V, P. George Kapel. ATCH IT, Treshie, we're nearly seniors, and would love To Trample on you!" So has run The Teelings OT The juniors OT The pasT year. These boys and girls, who are so eager To become sen- iors ThaT They hardly know which end They are sTanding On, have-iT They're lucky-now become The "high and mighTy" seniors, exalTed rulers OT highschooldom. By aTTaining This high rank, The TOndesT dreams OT every beginning Treshman has been realized. Some OT These Treshman have aTTained Their goal, oThers have Failed. As seems To have been The cusTom OT pasT years, The Treshmen have advanced To sopho- mores and Trom sophomores TO juniors. These juniors have seT up a record OT which They should be, and are, jusTly proud. They have pro- duced some brillianf sTudenTs, some OuTsTanding aThIeTes, and above all, a group OT yOuThs who will be well TiTTed To be The ciTizens and voTers OT Tomorrow. When These juniors enTer school again nexT SepTember, as seniors, They will be able To look back and say, "Our junior class was one OT The besT ever To be in The STOckTon High School." These words will have a ring oT pride in Them, and well They rnighT, Tor when These same sTudenTs enTered The awesome sancTuary OT knowledge. The high school, They were Timid and aTraid To speak Or acT Tor Tear They would say Or do The wrong Thing. They were Told They had To buy Their "eIevaTor TickeTs" in order To use The "elevaTOrs", which seemed TO have an awTuI habiT OT nOT be- ing where They were said To be. ATTer a shorT Time, They OuTgrew Their gullibleness and wOuIdn'T believe anyThing They were Told. For This They were called "dumb scrubs". They had nearly 40 FirsT row: Sec. Louvan Kohler IIIAI, Sec. Jean Gardner IIIBI. V. P. EdiTh Whi+e ll IBl. Second row: Pres, KenT ElsworTh IIIAI, V. P. ForresT Goodman lIIAl, Pres. Charles Garclipee lIlBl. discarded This aTTiTude when They became sopho- mores. As sophomores, They looked down upon The poor Treshmen and up To The juniors. They hardly noTiced The seniors Tor They were Too Tar above Them. COnTinuing along as sophomores, They became more and more learned in The ways OT being educaTed. Tales OT Terror were Told TO The Treshies while They Themselves wondered whaT was in sTore Tor Them nexT year. By keeping Their heads up, They managed To survive and aT lasT- became juniors. Eureka! They were upperclass- men! The world was Theirs. Only a "Tew" sen- iors were leTT above Them. ATTer Two years OT hard work, The impossible had happened. Now, as juniors OT The pasT, They look back wiTh mingled emoTiOns upon Their junior year, a year OT comTOrT and ease, Tree Trom upperclassmen who could boTher Them, alThough They, as upper- classmen, could and did boTher The poor under- classmen. Looking Torward as They do, These seniors-To-be will no doubT be a class ThaT will live long in The minds oT The Teachers, Their par- enTs, Their Triends, and Themselves. The world is jusT opening iTs arms To Them as seniors. They have in The pasT shown so many admirable quali- Ties ThaT Their TuTure as seniors is pracTicalIy as- sured as one OT happiness and success. IT They TOIIOw in The TooTsTeps OT The many senior classes ThaT have graduaTed Trom STOckTOn High, The school oT learning, inTo The World, The school OT experience, and do as well as Their predecessors have done, They have a brighT TuTure ahead OT Them. Juniors OT The pasT: seniors OT The TuTure, we saIuTe you! From The STockTon High School as a whole, congraTulaTiOns on The pasT and good luck in The TuTure! 5 , 1 .5 N., .4'3+ir:fE?Q'fi1?bYi3E65v' T' 1 f ... 2 ff. ,ge er .. ,.. ,J -rf arf' .QI- IW! . . 4 ' ' I., .- .. AQ .kt A - ,ru . , -. ' - FTF-"1-3?--Ts 1- c.. - 'Q ,'.",-"arf Qi -":ff7C53', 'V . u, -x. --4.--i f' -Q, A -f 'ff-r?"+ iff f g swf- i ,i .I T. GROUP A Read from lei? to riqh? and bofforn Oo foo Row I-Garcia, Lechich, Ericlcson Bell, Basso, Leandro, Lyons Davis, Keyes, Lopez, Jones Brooks, Aflcins, Buyck, Appling O'Brien, Leonardini. Row 2-Tonql, Telles, Sawfelle Pefersen, lfo, Bellran, Horn Fassell, l-lall, Holmes, Avila Caldera, Lillybridqe, Alfree. Row 3-Ward, Truex, Schmidt Pillsbury, Pease, Werle, Yasui Wesr, Ulrey, Woodruff, Rohrer Raabe, Weaver. Row 4-Van Vranken, Soni, Rubal caba. Pelelz, Tolcunaga, Yelland Runyan, Rossier, Saflerberg Wallelc, Sleel, Touf, Schmid? Shibulani, Sfrilre, Rosenberqer Weems, Rush. GROUP B Read from lefl lo riqh? and bottom lo lop Row I-Modlin, Mendershausen Fujii, Field, Jonle, Bowman, Evans. Barber, l-lammell, Burns, Lilfle, Bulhenufh, Alcaba. Row 2-Cufler, Goodbar, Cohen Cornell, Bosch, Harris, Doyle, Fuqazi, Fay, Connolly, Bambas, Barlcman, Fifzqerald. Row 3-Huber Cornin Mazzera i Q- i Kolher, Darrow, Lysler, Gray, Comaslsey, Dominguez, Black Geablman, Buol. Row +wLa Moine, Kapel, Lillard Moeller, l-lolden, Jennings James, l-laqlo, Cromer, Kopp, Fong, Chinn, Condy. GROUP C Read lrorri leff lo right and boffom to 'top Row I-Kajila, Furulcuira, Biclcle, Firmery, Barlholomew, Slewarl, Perry, Way, Allan, Baloqnini, Shaw, Choalc, Felix, Frem, Bar- osso, N. Evans. Row 2-Budisilich, Brann, Terry Gordon, Servenli, Bachman, Behney, Mallard, de Gannd, Echandi, Kimiho, Santini, Camp- bell, Bussemer, Crevelli, Fraser Cohen. Row 3fSchwarz Avila, Bryson Casfaldo, Ford, Rilfer, Kane- qaye, Flor, Cowin, Marlinelli, Schmidt Monfqornery, Dahl Hislop. Row 4-l-laney, Lublciman, Eiclce, B. Brown, Gosney, N. Brown Crawford, Blossom, Fish, Fraffa, l-l. Evans, Rossrnann, Perry, Perrano. s- . r .'. i . 5141: 18051-PZ My is ,ww JM' 1 , 4 ' ,- v Q JUNICDIQS 1 4 GROUP A Kei: 'CW elf fc riff? ana z:o+fcr'i la '50 Row l-lwao, Dornic. Tsudarna, Wriqnf, Campodonico, Vassar Baird, Ufrizola, Ruqani, Tlwornp- son Laurence. Row Qfllowley, San'ella, Keyes Tail, Huclcabay, l-leallw, Vial Spanos, Carsiofia. Row 3fBrown, Paulo. Muzio, Blaclc, Choi. Gonzalis, Jeunq, 'iolcurfaqa Wallis Arafa. Row 4fBybee, Beaver Abrams Bill, Beal. Day, Mallcoun,lv1CKee- qan, Monaslario, Cararnilco. Row 5-Cnadurclc, Campbell, Bil- lups Anderson, Boyes Arbana- sin, Burdiclc Abe, Lancille. Row 6-fBlossonn, Anllnony, An- drews, Brandf, Bryan, Zappel- lini. GROUP B Rui ironv l-:fl fc rignf :ns bofforn to 'co Row l-Tlncrnpson, Plwillips, Roflw Profrers Middlelon Tliornlon Slangland, Snniflw. Spencer Sandberg Ross. Sala. Row 2 4 l-lerbsl, Salco Sale Sawada, Ja, McCloud, Willis Miniaci Voyer, Je. McCloud Underhill Read. Row ZA-L.'les'o, M.Tes'o Olsulca Ryla'd Ware, Van l-lcorebele Sluqes Weslpral, Moore, Mel- calf, Wal+ers, Weslerlund. Row 4-Servenli Dinubilo. Sislinq Kerr Laqoio, Fisher, Mallwews Uowi-Qnfl' Andrco'li Alegria lvlailfey. Cayalero. GROUP C R5-33 from lei? lc figlnl ru bollonr f: 'TD Row lfl-lelle-', l-lansen. Gwynn Irwin, Gaslcill, Islwii, Ifo, l-londa llaya, lkeda, lslnirnaru. E. Jones l-leilcens, l-ledge, l-lucglnes, E. M Jones. Row Qfl-leiman, I-lall, Hull, Hern Holl Jolnnson. Howe-ln, Greg son, l-lalin, l-loslcins, Hickman Griner, Housln, Judge, Harlin l-lilliard. Row 3fFloyd, Ennis, Darling Frencln. Gerlcen, Devoe, Genuil P. Ualben, R. Dalben, Elclwe yerry, Elsworlln, Gipner. Row 4--Foroala. Dauqlwerly Goodwin, Gianwpaoli, Fergusson Doi, Fulcuyarna, Ginn Ping, Gil lol, fx A 'li ff' A-.50l'v-4-,iff f ' fi v 2 l i. -iii L, GROUP A Rrrn 1 Frnni Iefl lo riqnr and bofforn lo lop Row lwMclnlosl'w, F. Miller, B Miller, Mikel, Ledbeller Linz Keslin. Kolner, Layallcy, Lillle Kalo. Row 2-Mead, March, Kynasfon McKinsey, Meyers, Koch, Mc Eneny, M. Lewis, N. Lewis, Lilflelon. Row 3+Manomol, Karnalani Kalo, Kalo, Kasa, Kornura Kubola, Karekieio, G. Maki slnirna, T. Makislnima Mcfkllisler. Row 4aMQGraw, Mawrey, Nishi Olwin, Orr, Oro, Marlei, E Perkins, S. Perkins, Neal. Row 5--Mondon, Miyasaski, Mc Adams, O'Day, McKinsey Mayo, Monleyerde, Noqare. O'Connor. Row 6-Yul, Odelberq, Niskiirnura Q'Brien, Malrnqren, Clwikaiaiskwi Mplaaufqnlin, Peirano. GROUP B R1-nfl from lol? lo riqnl aim borrow fo Top Flow I---Tayella, Taira, P, Wong D. Wong, Serninario, Niclwley Wollers, Sivwpson, Thonnsen, So lari, Podeslo, Naye. Row 2-Tsuslwirna, Nakawalase Niizawa, Naqafa, Teururnolo Passo, Osckner, Nunes, Pezzi. Row 3-Slrain, Wiley, Troffer Ernoqene, Mikasa, Rodriguez Plwillips, Murphy, Clark, Rallios Row 4-Morris Moreau, Moron zoni, Raby, Pedroli, Rilez Raven, Sclwwall, Sandrnan Rubin. Row 5-Silur: Sefness, Prolkwers Ryulo, Sclnurr, Rowley Sioquisf Rurnrill, Suqirnolo, Slnirnasaki. GROUP C Read fryn 'eff To riqln? ard Lndlorn fo leo Row l-l-layaslni, Gardea, Giorza Greiney, Lancasfer, Kearney Harrison, Gross, Gomez. Row Zfl-lisaka, l-lorlon, Meoqui MCC-rr-qor, Marlin, Goqna Gufnrey, Brown, Clwikaraiskwi Clwrisos, Row 3fLoflir, Galli, Crriyello Broadlnursf Auger, Blocrn, Bene- dicl, Berrardi Beanlard, Arao Row 4-Burgess, Crawford, Barl- lell, Cohen, Bowe, Cerulkw Allen, Abe. Row 5-Cassell, Arcjlnarnbauil Bewley, C. Clark, Bigelow, T Clark, Baislwiki, Spanos, Bloeclwer Row 6-Czerny, Chapman Cleukworn Bolkir Black Crowder A. Clark Brad- field, Crofly, Kislvi. Row 7-Coqqin, Barren, Cue -,ii k Blau, Clwase, ,VK 1:46 'Q I C I -A wb' -r Wig., -iii '41 My QF ,ms W fix: 5 :avi f- ,Liu ff. ff . - ., w.. ...Q F, , , x, . Zf'.Q'jx v s' . ,., , 1. W , Q A-v 5 :' "V 'Lx , ' ai ' ,f A ,..,' - ' ,gf Mag, K -e',y.,' yi af 'Y' ws a 'H .N ,. 9 ,ev ad I44! JUNICDRS H." "5"v' f ' , fn ' ,'.., Q K -., 41,174 , ,A ,A V 1' an 'Xf'Lg',ff yt lwxifw. ff ., ,M Q, . My , ,-'Igiv.f7.f'J g, my A F' , ev f QA. F, . x.v,5"iN,.gfy',q . ,Q V, fda-e V , .1 A ' f' ii-'Q K ,, fp -S 5 55 M 34, Q, pf, , if , -5 H jf 4 1 G X, GROUP A Rf'.11fv'Q" 0" 'f"1n' 1 ba":" ' 'r RQ.-, N-SI'ns Vanai-wark, Wa - fran, Wy'nan Taiino Uyosuqi, Yanwanaka, Sielvcinf, Sfanfon, Sofnnnms, Windc1Q", Toner. Raw 2fFra'z'f'an Yvcz, Smifn, YafdNey. Snee' Sinqlefcn Scarrow, Stover Sr-Ines, TeVNer, Ymrri, Talcesnifa. Row 3-Nnouye Jafon, Lynch, Harvey, Lundbiad Hinfon, Ked- die Jonnscd Lane, Julius. RC.-. 4fW:Hld Wana WO, HC!- ianc, Jones Heaiy KInq lsnl- Lava, Hood Lindsey Hufcneson. GROUP B R-Jlgrgn' a:"ifj"f AAU Cf "R 'QL Ria. NfOPnasni Nascn Fewquson Fizncv, June DiQ'f J, Dlefz F, Cmufney, P. Ccuwnefv, M. FMU ML.fa'n0?a NisPi'nwa. Rf.-. 2-Sake Piss Padova F,TR'nc'm K, FLEX F..'isakR P'cnoy,Dora1:1scr Orvis Fefe'- kim Row 3-V. Donrfnann Nuff, Da- vidson, Edwards Snanan Cc' uid FuUef M?naH"' Safe 5'l3"uv'3, Fong. RCW 4-B. Dcivmann Forsyfne Sinadky, Reirkinq, Noferi, Rossi Saaffaff, Ofc, Park. RCW 5-Tuffon, COX, EVUOH. CQWPS Rogefs, Nisnirnura Nwokawa, Ong Pnnentil. Raw 64TalanasH Yroz, Franke Cfaw, Daqq, ENe's, P. Colnns CoyNc, Davenport Van Pen. Ran 7-Yarnanaka, Wi'?, Tofnna Tnompson, J. WaVlef, B. WaHcer ZQUDV Vande-.',afP Vandcwaflc, RQW 8fWnife, WEVNES, Taydor Waianabe, Tanaka. ff' AA. Y' L NE SIDE PLEASE: here comes 'rhe Sophsl" Thus, lhe browbealen despised Freshmen al' lasl' assume fheir posilion among fhe upper classmen. From our enlering day we had looked wilh greaf longing upon lhe wonderful dignify and perleclion of fhe able seniors and now we have faken one big slep lowards 'rhal goal. We are sophomores. We no longer had fo inquire hesfifafingly from some more advanced sfudenrs which way we were lo go lo reach our various class rooms or ofher achvihes now we were +he ones who poinl ed fhe way wifh grear pride and condescensnon lo any and all who were bewildered or looking for and Nelfher did we any longer feel obligaled +o answer when we heard lhal obnoxious Hey Scrub Tha? we so ollen knew in our freshmen days buf wi+h whal greaf roy did we exfend Thar same greeling +o all enfering classes W feel fha? in rhus shorl fume we have chang ed IH many ways We have learned many lhlngs bolh from our books and from our experiences and we +rus+ we are wise enough +o profil by 'lhe wisdom gained CAFETERIA SCDPHCDMGRES Cerlainly, we are well slarled on our road 'ro dignify and fame of upperclassmen. The following quoled poem well expresses our willingness fo do and our delerminafions +o suc- ceed: When all lhe resi' are weary And leave fheir work undone, The sophomores will hum along And do I+ lusf for fun If ever 'rhere s a mission Thar no one else will do Jusf serve il 'ro us nice and ho'r And walch us wade righf fhrough Wl en lafer we look back again To 'rhose days of fhe pasr Well always see our dear old class Jus+ as we saw if las? Ye lulure classes fhaf will gaze Upon These lines and sigh Keep fhus among your 'rreasures J say I will an ry BEVERLY BILLINGS Sfocklon Hi School Cafelerua one o e in Californa Here lhe imporianf problem of healihful mud day nourushmenl s solved by lhe serving of f appelizing well balanced foods al moderafe cosf lfs cleanliness accuracy and quick service makes 1+ a w c ed place for all +he sfudenls al lunch . . ... i. . . . . . I - . . 1 ' . .. . .. . . , . e . . . - 1 . . . . , .. . .. , us'r , , dl . . . . u v . . V ef S . . i . . . t i ' . ' ' , - . I - ' . l S ' is f 954, 3125,-1 ffm 95 2 ' fl -ez ,i 'Wahl ' - ' i fi!! H5279 fizgffqi S ,glxajglf ,ti ' . ggi. , ' 1 ,J ,fr , ,3.,,.s4:2V1v A I' 1 xii: ' W iii V Q ,g-bf?" U .. Q -4722, ' 'fic ,3.-S1-ij ' ll fi-, ri, W , -1 126212 i 46 T3 1 1. ' 'tv- "e .Y X SGPHGMORES GROUP A Read from 'eil fo right and borryn lo lop Row I-Fornaciari, Piraino, B lzvans, Pohini, Nalcalsui, Hal- verson, Tsulsui, Bell, Harden Buckley, Reqalia, Kilaqawa. Row 2-Tanaka, Walanulci, Take moro, Claussen, Johnson, Paq ano, Freiras, Holsle, Craig, Ax ner, Canofe, Firpo, Rernondif Calcaqno, Mafleoli. Row 34DeMills, Goodwin, Dralfe Grunslcy, deArriefa, Gosser, Daqq, Flack, Gilmore, Gilbert Davis, Formali, Grarer, Golelli Hadden, Benner. Row 4-Pesefli, Sanquinerli, Des iardin, M. Evans. hquinoa, Elo Fuiii. Harnilfon, Follnerinqliam DeMarTirii, Diclrman, Forlcner Emerson. Row 5-Gage, Scanairno, Rulloni Hudqens. Fonesler, Bofliwell Slnarpe, Orsi, Noyer, Volpi Ruqori, Corradi. Harold, Filip- pone, Scanavire. GROUP B Reac from left ro right a'd borrorn to foo Row I7Birrerrnar1, Silveira, Wau- Tier Board, Axl, Andrew, Avansirwo, Panielios, Denloni Sclnweirzer, Sclwvvarlz. Row 2-Vilaron Parne, Pesce l'ran'o Turner, Traverse, Troq- lia Prafo, Bisio, Piclrard. Row 3-Webb, Relzlall, Rozier Carey, Belforl, Asclmer, Gud- mundsen, Eberle, Puqliese, Ruq- gles Trulsson. Row 4-Wilson, Furuyama, Rallo Boccoli Busalazclni, Colfer Brescia, Brown. GROUP C Read iron- lei' fo riglnr and bovforri To lop Row l-Goldsworfln, Giqlio, Bran- non, Adarns, Hill, Gomez, Free- man Colwen, Alwearn, Gardner. Bealon. Row 2-Fuller, Barrell, Conradl Curran, Carler, Dalwrns, Boslon, Canadav, Ausrin, Bailey, Diclr, Harrison. Row 3-Hoque, Greenberg. Giles. Bowden, Ballew, Curnow, Gelif rig, Cafes, Dorcey. Row 4-Clwurcli, Davidson. Gliior- zo, Gardipee, Frenclw, Clwrisfo- pulos Browning, Darico, Dow, Harlcefl. Row 5--Caldera, Fisli, Busln, Han- sen, Hallori, Bisbilris, Hara, Fox, Dinubilo, F Jigs .xg L? .,, . -r' ' -i 'Lis l 4: .ii Pi flip Y: ry .ri ,P .:'f5g,Q. I A ,wir-.15 be 3. fi-,fi-E' lm X " , '-if Z-W' Ear ,, Q51 ,. e ,, Q, ' . , 111311 -- '11 . .f f jmkzzt. 4, m g. ,A , 2512.4 ':?i+1?. f ' ffl I ri-V. -. H ,La , gxgfzsfge fx: -V r Bmw fl -' 41-'fggf ' if 3i,:i7l 9 iv? Li- 1.,,-W, :sign Tfifii 1 ff' 3:-..w ,r .if if , 'z . GROUP A Read frorn lei? fo rigril and bofrorn 'ro 0:1 Row lflfiundy. Desilva, Abboll, Tefsiune, Alcirnolo, Fuiu, Dal Porlo, Alherlon, Fugazi, Freund Campion, Forney, Fallon. Row 2-Murphy, Michels, Schro der, Owens, Roush, Rogers, No well, Nomura, Morila, Nishi rnura, Payne, Miller, Rolh, Mus lelr, Rodoni, Shaw, Schaenemen Row 3-Murano, Prall, L. San guinelfi, Powell, Milligan, Mos- man, Royrnarin, Paya, Mikel Schwarlz, Rudebaugh, Pierson E. Sanguinelli, Rossrnan, Miller Moore, Nishirnura, Salo. Row 4-Buclrollz, Diclcey, Birlces Chinn, Calderon, Fuiishige Diaz, Baishilci, Correia, Chase Crawford, Charles, Donis, Fop piano, Arala, Doris. GROUP B Read from left ro righf and bofforn io foo Row I-Ong, W. Kubola, T. Ku- bola, Ogasawara, Salazar, Nishi lrawa, Malloy, MacDonald, Mc Derrnofh, McKeegan, Lewis Monaghan, Kroh, Root Row 2-Laverone, Melzger, Ladd Maggini, Jackson, Lewis, Hune- lelcl, Harriman, Jones, Hill Hayashino, Johnson, Lillle, Mar fin, Huber, Tueas, Jenkins Holmes, Row 3-Koo, Kalo, Lasey, Mal+os McFarland, llaya, Kruger He-inzrnan, Kawano, lnouye Koga, Kaneda, Kanegaye Higashi, Davis, Lucas. Row 4-Klein, Kincher, Manuel Newlon, Monii, Mallin, Mar- Chanl, Malsurnalo, Oshiia Mannhaller, Miller, Nagala Maclcey, Kranes, McDaniel Menlring, Lovell, Lagorio, Oshi- rna, Nello. GROUP C Read from lei? lo righ' and bofforn To row Row I-Renwick, Sweeney, Robert son, Preslon, Parso, Shinmola. Raalo, Polelli, Saga, Sladden Runcie. Row 2-Goliihon, Henry, Davis Garrow, Chrislen, Belluomini Bean, Chrislensen, Giannecchini Horsl, Horiia, Greenig, Grahll man. Ferguson, Halliday, Espi- nida, Guzman. Row 3-Calalan, Guillre, French, Goodnol, Hoernan, Bluell, Fish- er, Burlon, Halceern, Genuil Holrnan, Guerrero, D. Bloorn, Bl Bloom, Clarlr. Row 4-Rasmussen. Pelers, Prince, Roelc, Peierson, Powers, Renner, Silva, Schilling, Pond, Sailci, Tur- pin, Slrong, Srnylhe, Peri. 1 n ,aa 1, ,. 1 , ,Q A .-M4 'i I K F .f 7' r:""" 'ff Aa ' bJ'I-- r if ., I ,-,Q -' - 2 A .saw ing 4 - . A A. .fi ' ww L. 1938 l47l l48I SQIDHCDMCDIQES GROUP A Flea: l'j"i E" 'C ' 9 af: EQ 'C 'CS Raw l4lnafnasu Kevo'are Qqala, Qkannolo, Jcy, Puaa Myer, Laqorio, lv1alleuCci,Oriq Kinqery Pease. Row Zflxlelson Marleve, Mille' Oliver Lee MCGeor:ge, Pef'in- qell, Maqqs Nunar' Melwn Janes. Row 3-Wiiqnl, Yoskikawa, Slew art, Tkiornplon, 'lkiomas Slrelclv Spanqle, Wilkinson, Robbins. Row 4-J. Srnilln Sakafa Smkei- larvd Wilbui' G. Sfnilln Rivell Wade Sa"qui'e++i Rcserbeigz Tucker, Row 5-Sawrey, Vanllever. GROUP B Reazz 'fem 'ei' 'Q We Row l-Cook Carfei Bene Berry Bonino, Carle' Comer Barr, Bales, Cowen. Alcorn Claudino. Row 2fBasca'n Balalfi Award Coriafd, Coburr Ba'filarwa Bfukl, Beaucfennin Baxey Ckiru cl-iolo Caoi'anicl'. Row 3--Bfewn Gfcsskaf' GH-f-F man. Kogick Holm Kino l-luqkes Hulsor' Holden, l-lof'a Row 4--L-Bavilana Bakef Kend iick Kaolan k'lGY'V6"C Jenn sen l-lavakawa Kasa Graf. RCW 5---Hafner Giles Jews Glviqieri, Gomez Hackman Goldberg Hyman C5Vf2SSl'VGf+. Row bel-lalen Goodway. Kalc' Kin. GROUP C Real ":"' ef' ': ' ana :cfm 'L 'C Row l--Tsuclvida, Panlelies Yofe rnclo, Tornila Lauqlnfdqe, Ja Cobs, Wong, Snfifl' Ycimq Skriver Sueyasu. Row 2fQski'a L. Lee D Lee Snivialiawa Daslfcula Rarnes, Wesf, lwin Warren. Row 3-Upwall, Miller, Yamada Walanabe Passadore Uyeda Wiley Payne, Pierce, Ralwlw. Pow 4-L. Walson Okawiofc, Son befq, S'orer, Williams. Melian l-luey, Odear, Kendrick, Lupcr ini, Miser. Row 5-Kimmel, l'orni'a, Toy Ranqle, lserl, Murphy Kennon Jolnrscn, McKee, Luis. Row 5-F, Walsor Kd-ez, Mor risen, Lopez Tfelheway Wil llama, Sibbald, Var Dyke, Wid ney, Tindell, Row 7--G. Walson Wakelied Sullivan, Vickroy. GROUP A Read from lefl lo right and botforn to Top Row I -Weil, Tucldendahen Valencia, Ufsumi, S a n d e r s Woods, Troffer, Shand, Viqnolo Solari. Row 2-Yeflner. Seamans, Webb Walls. Toy, Wrighr, Verduqo Slellalino, Srnilh, Sparlcrnan. Row 3-Yoshimi, Thomas, Volpi Sferlino, Slouf, Wallcins, Shoop Searinq, Viviano, Swanson. Row 4-Tanaka, Vancamp, Trap haqer, A. Talcara. J. Talcafa Williams. Warner, Wiffmeier. Whifalcer. Row 5-Yip, Weinslen, Warner Wakefield, Teranishe, Wolle Tully, Zeller, Tripp. GROUP B Read from Ief? lo right and bollorn fo lop Row I-Hickey, M. Macias, l-lar ris, l-lines. Jaclrson, Young Valerio, Lang, Inqrarn, Hill, Till nor, Slelson. Row 2-E. Macias, Ng. l-lalch Conioles. Gardea, Woods, Jef ferson, Lehn, Viclcroy, Schwarlz, Row 3-Newlon, Voiqhl, Soulh- ard, Sherwood, Marlin, Sar rnienlo, Warren, While, Tornba, York, Schleqel, Thresher. Row 4-Loy, Benneff, Ponso, Moflei, l-lillerbrand, Meiwfon, J. Schwarlz, Belb, Hemmer. Row 5-Garner, Viclculc, Pierucci, Reqhirlo, Harrold, Mills, Aqe- sen, Doe, Daniels, Schweilzaq. Row 6-Greco, l-lamrnond, Adams, Barr, Wallace, Cleland, Leon- ardini, Oereqqe, Giacovoni. 'N A X , u,.,x.,.J .ya 1938 ,WAl:.,,wi ., . as ..'x,s,., s , 555 . -if 'f. tb x 'Q K' 'Ns Alu af. 49 B4-sg . a S F' ""i3'-W3 ' A FRESI-llvlEN O YCU seniors remember when you firsf came upon fhe premises of good old Sfockfon Hi? Can you remember fhaf firsf day when you appeared on fhe campus wifh sfarched shirfs and preffy dresses? Of course you remember. l-low could you forgef fhose names fhaf were immediafely pounced upon your ears such as l'scrub'l, Hfreshiew, and Mchildll? You probably wondered iusf how fhey knew you were new in fhis insfifufion. Your clean clofhes, shined shoes, and combed hair was a dead give away as fo your greeness. The elevafor "gag" soon wore off fhoughAdidn'f if?-when you learned fhaf no elevafor was fo be found. Anyway fhe day wenf on and so did you New friends fo make new feachers fo know and new rooms fo find Didnf your hearf Iusf abouf break when one of your favorife feachers spoke harshly fo you when you didnf believe fhaf she should have done so7 Oh well fhaf is WORKOUTS school life as you probably found ouf lafer. You mosf likely felf ouf of place when fhe dances, assemblies, and ofher school doings came aoouf, buf neverfheless you managed fo lef your feelings leave you and you enfered info The fun wifh fhe resf of fhe sfudenfs. The con- finuous fhoughf of nexf year was always in your mind. Buf how offen did you wonder if nexf year was ever going fo come around so you could do fhe same fo fhe incoming freshmen. Of course you wouldn'f be so mean fo fhem as fhe upperclassmen of fhis year were fo you and of course you weren'f as mean fo fhem eifher-were you 7 And row you ar af lasf one sfep above fhe low fresnmen Buf waif unfil you see whaf is in fronf of you now for you are sfill a lower classman Your freshman year has oassed buf fhaf is nof all anofner year is coming up 50 7' 4 92 W4 - S , i - I i - I . . ' i . ' . . . - - i 3.3, LQ -943 ,131 , . 13 ,sw ' .-.J 2 - 4 .5 , aria N V, -ill-"' T2 7'1" Hz. ,145 s hit. ,if fgfwzie if jf Alf? ii' 1 EY, fig' .. ,gn-,fm ,: fx 3-qv M. 'i P2 "'1i,,',, - mi' i 1 . I fl A-3 1 V- -5-T155 ui: "'.."f 4 J 4512. "fs, . .I 'IMA ' :A - ,Q fsfixi-' . ff A. " A . if ,sy- 'QPP -Zi ' is GROUP A Read from lefl To riqnl and bofwnz To lop Row l-Andrews. Barrell, Econ- ome, Wriqlil, Paqano, Shepard I,-iorrison, Takemolo, McAllen Pialo, Qffonnell, Ladd, Erre- carl, Spanos. Row 2--F. Lee, Looser, Calcaqno Meraz, Green, Sims, Marlinez Marrello, Servenfi, Troller, Seq- irnolo, Hacker, Gomes, Sanlos Yarnaqislii, Rodriguez, Wong. Row 34Jenks, Hendesliler, Jewel Hopkins, Kaiila, Lempares, King Holland, Haskell. Hoflman Marsh, M, Marsden, Juekau Laqornarsino, Haslen, Harlley Karim, Harr, G. Lee. Row 4+Tomura, Hirakawa, Jor- dan. Leandro, McFadden, Lape- yri, Lloyd. Helpenslel, Howell Low, Malsuda, Kopp, Hol- combe, Tusaye, E. Lee, A Marsden, McConnell, Row 54Bonlnarn, Barllnolnrneu Cameron, Rafikin, Srnilli, Bal- cao Pardini, Marclwelli, Hol- quin, Tsufsui. Permann, Pralo Fallon, Takahashi, Pralo, B. Park rell, Puiii. GROUP B Row I-Hisafsune, Herndon, Kel- ley, Kesfin, Kafo. Komura. Her- Zoq, Herman, Hooper, Keller Head, lsnisala. Hiqaslni, Kraft lkemolo. Row Ze-lsliii, Bollnwell, Brollners Bourcile. Doi, Baciqalupe, Clwam- preux, Carroll, Bowman, Craig Arclwibald. Burns, Eslalle, Ber- Iinqen, Brill, Balwrinfuss, Row 3-Colby Alberlson, Bmrqin Bascorn, Belluornini Downs, Car'- non, DeWlwifl, Arckambaull Bassinqer, Cassell, Bail, Don- sker, Triolo. Row 4-Cvoney Boyden, Dennis Jackson, Hewlell, Jolwnslon, R Jackson, Keslin, Hirose, Ho l-ledburq, Kiefer, Hogan, GROUP C Row l-Ulzman, Sandi. Miclwel Norllw, Palmer, Passadore, Orn- slead, Tullle. Weaver, Orliz Pelerson, Viels, Wong. Row 2--Morodomi, Navone, Oli- vares, Vandewark, Sniolev, Vin- nolo, Snimasake, Lakalwaslwi, Shi- mizu, Ulsumi, Nilla, Nalfawa ae, Merooka, Trewliefl, Wauqli, Moll, Solo, Smiflw. Row 3gTesQlw. Turner, Moriwislwi, Piazza, Mendoza Srnilln, Nobis, Kenvon, Peira'o, Nixon, Tunnel- 'ry, N. Muzio, Zell. Row 4-Sfocker, M. Moriwaki, No, Milclwell, Osclwner, E. lvluzio, Wemyss, A. Tanaka. Taniquclrii, Y. Tanaka, Wliile, Tuflon, Van Leeuwen, Tral'ern, Vickray, Pel- leqri. GROUP D Row I-Holley, Holden, Hiv- by. Sandman, Piper, Semen- Za, Kent Mclnloslw, Pella- lon, Jolnnson, Saio, Silber, Preslon, Lesler, Pasco. Row 2 Raly Noqai Pierce Pelers Ronrba 52 FRESHMEINI GROUP A Rf Hd from lefl lo rlqhf r hollow lo nv Row I Mallwews Mc ee Iawa I. Jones l.aRoc ue rouye Isnrmaru P ke ell ra qawa llaya Makus rrna R w 2 Bar s Meyers Beahe Bruns Broussard Blanr Bascorn Blaqq Meylunq Jackson xr Ga cuacelay w 3 F Jo Cullwber son Younq Carnpodonwco Dx T ark waz oorn L on Mulls Langdon Marlun w 4 Mn s Asano Base B lwney Dernarus Casenave re rn Barlrck Cassldy a smqer Bea+h Row 5 Beyrlaqua F Kanernofa lwala Dressel Manquson Magqs MacGaryue Kung K 'wma M lro C Karerno Row 6 Abda la Burke Ba es Avery Browers errx rnswell Brandon Dryden Baker w 7 Be Devons ure ean an eauclwernrn ar C rard Conaway GROUP B x rror' lefl ro ru n uni bollorr To Too cw ewls Garnfncn ld S lk k Monlqornery Kar-e a Hensom McClunq Ardresakns Brescla ow 2 aporusso arl el ards Baker Aboud Arclwarn Asnslronq Burrxs Bundy CUVllS Ow3 Guocannonu Trayuol aculslarn Franco Murray ucncock Oqles S l Sclwerer Garxbaldu Row 4 Brown l-lunqerfcrd C yeo Carnwcua Eclnaror a Ca Clwernock Baldwr' w 5 Adams allxo A usa acclm Canaqnaro e Corso Brown Garcuac lay Row 6 Clnrlsrnan Anrye ow Hopkrns l-larlon Calaqc GROUP C dd lrorn leff lo rlq and borlorrv lo lop Row I Rarnrrez Wenlzel Small' Roe Tadlock Scnellrn Telo'nanr Tanf Terrazas Turner Sclwor Row 2 fomarl Sleyens Sevnner Slshnq Takarnune Walanabe Solar: Rossman Veregqe Re rnonda Tlvornas Row 3 Tlfclwenal Xenos Rolluns H Spanos Sl'YTIll'W S"1al1ed We-lk Russo Venables Vuncenf Vanollrr w 4 We Sprln er panos Yanaquclm Wkule Tad me Sallan Scnerre Sa one R w 5 Yomq Wnlson Wlvnlall Uyekubo Waddell ose Well Tsudarna Talbo+ Werner w 6 Uyeku o Tnnse u l Teasdale Walker I Wrlson Wesf Row 7 Walflwer Yanasaku Y rnaoa Troqlsa Sudoko Zng nego Thompson and Tcl s T G T k E. lm. . T q IT T ' T lc f T K+ . T T ' lm' . o f ne T T ' 'T ' T' ' T A T Ro ' - . ' nesT T VT ' T o'T . Cl T D' T Bl T' y T J Ro 48. 'H l T l l y BM T' ' T ' ' T B yl T r T.T. T ra. ' - l lr, T yr T T C 'T C' Ro -' HT ' H 'T B - l dT B 'T F. Cl kT Read ' Tw 'Q r R lil- ' T T . T V' l. e Tr T T T d R Qc T E B r, baullT L. Arrnslronqd BalleyT J re ' - ' ' 5 r, Ari Tl-l'+ ' T 'T o in a 7' I 'V W C. Ty T . V G ,- T T I . Ro - T C 's T kageT B l ', T D lT Q T ' ' T B' em RAC ' rl Qs T T ' ' ' T - T " T 'T Tr Ty Ro Q is, ' g T AT S X .I N. d' T T ' T ' ' . o - I T ' T ' T S. I T T J T Ro '-M. ' b T' ' l yT 5 93 r T Yr -.- W 'V 5. , vi- GROUP A Read fron' lell lo rlqhl and bollonn To lop Row l-Breqanle, T. French, Gil qerl, Conery, Ferroqqlaro, Dil lon, Ferrlll, Grahlrnan, Bradley Bradshaw. Row 2-Bird, Allclns, Dardenelle Doloson, Boehrne, l-ladden, Ellls Dillard, Fausl. Row 3fEsplen, Goss, Fowler Franke, K. French, Gesler, Benlz Coale, Chinchiolo, Dol. Row 4-Wilerl, Anderson, Choi l-laqio, Fndaw, Calderon Gehres, Field, Gwerder, Aslo rlno. Row 5-Clark, Cornellus, Gon Zales. Aldridqe, Crowder Churchill, Galli, Thrasher. Row 6-Cola, Goodway, l-lallc Filzqerald, Evans, Gaheles, De Maile. Forschler, Garalilo. X GROUP B! ,J I Read from lelf lo rlgh' and boflorn fo foo Row I-Halen, Kinser, Parsons Page Keisler, l-leimann Nuller l-larper, Lulan, Head. Row 2-Miller. Karnldoi, Johnson Kerr, Harriman, Low,'n, Lao, Rubalcaba, Slrancl. Row 3-R ufo Yabumolo Ueda y , Salcal, Terashila, Talnuchi, Tolle, Schmid, Villanueva, Yavwashela. Row flfzichichi, Shulle X-Vhile. Smilh, Sharp, Vaccarezza, Warn- er, Powell, Snoolc, Yoclcey, Pug- mire. Row 5AKazuo, l-lolden, Johnson Pelerson, Milllqan, Teal, Schullz Sandberg, Pleau, Row 6-Isbell, Onizulca, Ko, Kern Moberly, Oliver, Mason, l-lane sen, Moore. GROUP C Read from lefl lo rlqhf and bolrorn ro lop Row l-Johnson, Niqro, Mazzera Sandman, lnlelise, Perez, Nason Rebs, Johnslon, Whill, Row 2-Plzzl. Pierce, Rossl Non'lel4 lini, Maclas, Laguna, Sraclrel- ford, Srnall, Sflllwell, Rishwaln. Row 3-Murphy, Pellaqri, Tealde, Seidel, Yescas, Shlbuya, Young, Lyman, Navarro. Row 4-lvlafsumura, Rowley, Mar- lln, Moslcovllz, Toy Shinoda Murano, James. 4 m "5 Ni ki X S- FRESHMEN GROUP A ri Org V irc rxd1 Lyrr C rr i"4bO1d urn Ma, vm Mfrs John nm rn 'vz GV an N sh a s rmdf Pedrold Kro arm Mas raWe Isaacson VT Varcss and M rw ws r Mura arm Ng Jf, r 1 0 a u mers cars mx Tcrva V 0 W7 Smyfhe WGNSR Ruqa Torre GROUP B a A ca af F sfacxo D vnar an fa A a Fuis GVWVN L"T Pram Fkmmq cffw LA as a Hafara 5 fi LW I fs!! sow 15 Hamh 1 a H 1 GROUP C ara 5 ve iow awnor ash S 'vu of w Sake Mme x O id S Vw r Lnv Pr v C1 Wx s R adv a a Saffw Roaqcrs + PM O wr Nonmv HGV' W 4-New ana N P Ma? we 'Vi ' ear rake May d Now ur V a fm ,casa u cvufr- a am mar Mm J 3 Nures Osfprdodc Ma rx a d nr a Moa Mar N Raimi' " 1elT'c ur' Rv. N---SF'X,f W ,: Ecllfi, MfB' Nzmki, M -X 2, O' , fw' Onnwwf, R R' Llnkw Of.-.gl5cr. Rzs. 2---T 12' Yee, Rfssfin 'N K1 yn, s, , Utuin, P90 M WP. Rcf. 3fY:s'Ilf5wa SM44' L - d,cci Jchson E 'ole K 'fp' cb ' , N , 'f' , Heil ' .. RC.-. 4fRe"I'q'orw SC' feibif' ,f Q, Han' , a"P , WFQ am, ' ', , iffy, KAI. Rfff 5-Toafki Pa?"Q Rcfwv, Vi" quo, Sli 'Oni SCR? VCV, Sw ' , Sp , S WP, ' RCF er. Rm, 6-Tuf'3f Rob v's, Tcmoda Saccowa Vase, 525' is f, R'1J:4', "" 39151 V1 5" L01 1'f,"C"' To iw? Rm-. W-DF? A- TD BUIVCS Av- Eras? Bm,-.' b ' 'fw- r-fshife De-STC, Ca I QW' C fa. R'f, 2fCVvYA,f. AW-'P Def: If BMW-,-vt, GAAUMJH Cie AM-f Plzzw Cswia Cl fir, ' M , Rfh' 3--Prmkkf B " D: az fi fclio Gel ajvf' BC'l'N'f'S Ca'-2, CNET' Gvecc Bc,Qr'. RCN 4- 5 W ' V G Qs, Genafd Klef GVH Hi Ger- 'faif CNP faislni, Shirts Faw- cf-L+. RAW 57FvIr,1 Q, Gym!- fw' F3r'v'H Psh, Fuwigef, EN- 'SHW E 'fix .y. R 6fGfm.'f'e" PC-'fn Fw-w Hqnv y frscr, Hn:-Q' BMW. 1 1 R-'f11"T" GUM "UM GA: IKEA' M: '11 RCW N75 'ef O ' S R,Ogder Na? 'Ma :V 'Ci' S: ' Nsvfis PP'Vios ianf 'c. RAW 2fJ, O em, Rake? C r Phe' CVJQFEU, RC 1+ i SQ, -Qdef, Na 3 Nidclor Rfw 3-Sl ', ' R0 H. , ad BVJ, "6 Nd , Pvko. Ra, VZ is I, fx, , X Nor Mefaff, Le y Ncvvwi r Ns 'e as Jai Q Rfw 5-Mafdimi, M my H ' M " , MQ' , L bf ' X, J ' M fkin M Q4 MIUM . La fre Refs, i Rwf 6'-Qwubo, NISHMN rf , . , d 'd ' RMP r , OCR . . d K f-MV Mi.,'f,f M1 F Vgnmil GROUP A Read frorn lei! fo rigri? and bollorn lo 'op Row I-Kernnar, Brannon, l-larne rnond, Dunlon, E. Burqin, C, Burqir Blake, Woods, Pe-'ino l-lunqerlord, l-ledslrorn, Belle' reos. Row 2-Sclnaeler, Teranislni, Bog- qiano, Williams, Giovacclriini, Kendriclc, Masai, l-lerrera, Burn' side, Slernler. Row 3flaylor, Rey, Rnonernus, Bella, Guilerrez, Galassi, De- Anqelis, Quimby, Oneil, Loren. Row 4fCoCl'irane, McBurns, Ernoriclc, Porliilo, Rozier, Mau- ser, Sarnuolson, Quiclc, Glwilai- ducci. Row Sgcooney, Macedo, Samuel- son, Anlonucci, Cope, Olrey, Norris, Mallinqly. Row 6-Tuclilenlnaqen, Treluino, Griscliofl, Miller, Bryne, Deil- ricli, Fislrw, Andres. Row 7-Alyord. Towell, Cooper, Srnilli, Sclialler, Sparqo, Green GROUP B Read fro'n lei' 'C ri gli? and borrow' fa lop Row l--Marlin, Fulcano, Glwornn- ley, lupper, Ballard, Madrid, Sclnarnlwursl, Perry Munoz, Dud- ley, Pierce, Acosfa. Row 2-Beyer, Nilla, Turner, Perry Sadler. Borelli, Vefler, Beclcwilln. l-lood, Kirrclien, Bacli- rnan, D. Guflirey, G. Gullwrey. Row 3-Oslwila, Mayer, Fisher, Slone, Ledqer, Neal, Wiley, Kirnrnel, Clarlc. Row 4-Kounly, Kelly, Rusfell Triyal l-lowell, Surol.s, Die'ricl', Aurand Vasoli. Row 5-Besloes, Vollcerls, Lulre, l?ule,Willian15on S'ollz, Neffol, Gauqer Snyder, Briscoe. Row 6-Cuslwdge, Mcplrieelers, Pollard. GROUP C 9ea'1fror'alQ:r'9 flqlwl aed Dollow' fo lor: Row I-Forsler, Morrison, l-lolsler, Bulls, Yoloi, Ross. Sclirnuelson, Kolil, Wallcer, Walanabe, Jarrus. Row 2-Wlielsline, Risso, Belluo- rnin, Gesulqa, Roland 5'urdi- yaril, Dealbar, Fersli Ne-sslfgi, Row 3-Munoz, Srinasalci, Kermi- lsoyaslvi, Beyer, Morino, Ken- rnolsu, l-lalles, Souflnard, Axngr, Kanernolo, Row 4-Freilas, Marlin, Baba, Acosla Mcclurq, Ealon, Slain- rno'o Yesliini l"larr's Allrf-r fy 5----'map Biff sins- S+ef1e'ian,i Pliillsbiiry Kenney Bigdervan RlC,liO'fIL. .........-,3.1-y ax L. VCDCATICDINIAL 5 PU BLICATIGIXIS 4. I Y Q gf!! F W. bs. Top 'ro bolfom and lef'r +o riqlwfz T. E. Connolly Jr., adviser lirwsell, Dorollrmy Sleqall, edi+or, Bob Adams, Francis Blake, Clara Verlcerk, Elsie Bussemer, Jack McNabb, Allan Onweiler Marquerloe Lulan, Jack Moore, Ruby Parson, Gong Yuf, Fred Yonemara BLUE AND WHITE STAFF GUARD AND TACKLE STAFF Top fo bo++om lelf +0 ruolwl Kenyon Co +rell Clwrlsf Mcfxlee Phelps oallaoluer Temme Grelln Slevenson Hammxll Clmsfooulos Gupner Correr Bolraw Jonle Sfegall Kapel Srmllw Lublcerwan Ware Cochrane Cooney Moore Coma way N lson Lulan Alvord Towell l-lanner Hanlwam Cooper Wilson Berve Blossom Whipple Pelerson Fnrrrery l-lasself Walsh Black Eslraca 56 J B- , 19 ll Q-' .Ig 4-,gl . U A . ,. . . . fm . I A I 1 i . .CL A 3-AQ: . rs Q, fail , V, .Wa :T I1 , J Q1 1743 T , lffi: T: gin fn ,., "M, .f Alf: ,, IfS,5.?- N Pr. ii. , v , Eg r g . 241 Q' l l . rw- 3:4 T- T 3 e 'e Q". Qs, eh ff IQ.. lv .fum ., T- - ,H , N f,13?H'a -+P fbi k i A -2 tL..,,4' V, f -' 'ii Q' ' f"' .,14 w, tix- . - -r:!5b3'i'ife ,ll 5 V' .,'..- ff "mi ,L -f 1- is ' ,' ' A E " ' ' 'I 3 aiu ,, 1100K THREE QRS 'XN ILAIION J 1 'I F I P Yrs- 'Q Ansavermg the call of ellofv shxp we gather together an our respectwe clubs and orgamza tions each drjerent m orm but all mth a common par 9 N. 5 N1 5 Q fd, x . f t ,J . , . . . , J Y pose .......... I 1 1 I Y SGCIAL UNITS F Helen Fa aga Sec Spr Ja uce McC ou a r n Wu ec Sp Jaclr Moore res re a o se mu res Spr Be nuce A ree a organ Noble Pres en re Sec Falll MargareT MuddIeTon Sec Spr DoroTl'uy Sp CI Ilford W cTor ru Gorne GIRLS LEAGUE The Gurls League us maunly Tor The purpose oT unuTung all The gurls oT The sTudenT body unTo one large Tamuly Many unusual programs were pre senTed To The gurls some whuch were very amus ung and unTeresTung Gurl sTudenTs and TacuITy members prause Thus organuzaTuon Tor uTs abuIuTy un holdung The gurls TogeTher un SToclcTon I-Iugh School TRI Y These gurls are very popular among The sTu denTs oT The school because oT Theur abuluTy un runnung Theur club Several Tamulues were sup plued oT necessuTues durung The year CharacTer buuldung us The udea of Thus club Speeches on characTer and udealusm were engoyed by each gurl ThroughouT The enTure year I-IY To creaTe maunTaun and exTend ThroughouT The communuTy hugh udeals oT ChrusTuan Iuvung us The slogan Tor The wude awalce I-lu Y Club of The STocI4Ton I-lugh School IT us composed oT ThurTy Three hugh school sen ors There are Tour members of The hugh school as TaculTy advusers besudes Mr Wood oT The Y M C A who s The durecTor JUNIOR RED CROSS Thus us The oldesT Junuor Red Cross ChapTer un CaIuTornua havung sTarTed as a IcnuTTung club un OcTober IQI7 Sunce The war uT has auded un The esTabIushrnenT oT Iubrarues playgrounds and clunucs un Europe and senT ChrusTmas boxes abroad To aud un creaTung InTernaTuonaI Truend shup ChrusTmas boxes have also been dusTrubuT ed locally V P Eleano Clarlc Pres Mary EluzabeTh Kenyon Sec Bern ce AITree Cha rman A Ieen Brolcaw s A I I V. P. I alll I ru n, . I ru' I d, V. P. IF III I vI Q 'IL S . I r.I , P . P .s. IF III EI I S 'TIL P . I r ' IT , IF III M . . ISDIZI All B ed, V. P. . I , ' . . I .u I nu u u I . V. I I- ' ' ' ' ' ' . .... , u 114' 1 . . . . ' . . . . V ' . . '. . . . . . iflsffsr. . . - if., . . r , , ' , , I , I I . I Izsu I .L SCDCIAI. UNITS Fall-Sec. Ed STewarT, V. P. ArThur Lewis, Pres. Irving WiTT. Spring-Pres. Louvan Kohler, Sec. Jeanne Dagq. TENNIS SporTs were noT TorgoTTen by The sTudenT body This pasT year. The Tennis club Tound a name Tor iTselT among The Top oT The lisT OT organizaTions. Tennis games were TrequenTly held and The Tennis TournamenT ladder Tor sing- les and doubles was The main TuncTion oT The year. The enTire group claims iTs club as The besT. Miss MiTchell is The club sponsor. LATIN MeeTing under The direcTion oT Miss Williams, The LaTin club has been one OT The mosT acTive Sec. BeTTy Lee MaThews, Pres. Marvel T-lammill, V. P. Aileen Brolcaw. AERONAUTICS Guided by Mr. Elder, The AeronauTics club has shown iTs worTh To The school by lceeping The inTeresT oT iTs members so consisTenTly alive ThaT The meeTings are always a source oT Tun and inTormaTion. By sTarTing early, These boys will have an advanTage over oThers who are inTeresT- ed in aviaTion buT did noT become members oT The club. PI-IILOPI-IYSEAN Girls enioy science as much as boys and This was proven by The Philophysean club This pasT in The school. By puTTing on inTormal sIciTs, The War' Speakers an? movles emiedalned The members are Wen O Ormnmes +0 demon- girls aT monThly meeTings, besides many Trips and g pp ouTings. One has To malce The grade average sTraTe Their acTing abiliTy. This club also has in Order +0 become 5 member of HHS organiza- The disTincTion oT having had some OT The smair- fiom. I+ is quife an honor 1,0 belong +0 +555 esT sTudenTs in school as members. group. Sec. Janice McCloud, Pres. Lawrence STeTani. Pres. Frank EgberT, Sec. George Keddie. I62I SCCIAI. LJ Sec Eleanor Clark P s Eleen Boller V P Mary EI a Sec Barbara Baxley Pres Don LaMo ne V P Elo se Sm Th beTh Kenyon SOCIAL SERVICE Devohng uTselT To The helpung oT oThers The Socual Servuce club has had an ullusTruous pasT and To all appearances wull conTunue To make a name Tor uTselT as one oT The more successful cu s oT STocIcTon I-lugh IT To be saud Muss uunn s creduT ThaT she has always had The club ToremosT un her mund ETIQUETTE Manners are someThung every sTudenT should have and Thus us beung emphasuzed by The newly organuzed ETuqueTTe club The proper Tume place and manners are demonsTraTed by These boys and gurls Thus club wull go Tar un uTs Tueld uT us belueved Pres Mel un ServenTu Sec Emuly Passadore PLAYCRAFTERS A group oT TalenTed sTudenTs made The Play craTTers beTTer Than ever beTore WuTh pro ducung excellenT dramas and enTerTaunung novel Tues as Theur aum They wenT Tar un Theur Tueld The acTung abuIuTy was a huge success buT The sTage crew was equally as umporTanT TogeTher They made The school proud To lcnow Theur club was hugh un school luTe GERMAN Under The able durecTuon oT Muss DeRuchue The German Club has shown uTs value To The school Composed oT German language sTu of enloymenf and pleasure Besudes guvung The members someThung To brealc The rouTune school hours uT gave Them someThung oT educaTuonal va ue CusToduan Anna Jean MarTun Sec Adelua RoTh Pres BeTTy Haney 'N-uf INIITS . , re. I , . . iz - . , , i , . . I I . l b ' . is ' To - D l I ' ' l ' denTs, The club has given sTudenTs many hours A I - I ' I T 3 , , -'I' g I V l l 63 l SCDCIAI. LINITS V. P. CIiTIord WicTorin, Pres. Ross Berve, Sec. Ed WhiTe. BOYS' SCIENCE The Boys' Science Club meeTs once a monTh. IT is composed oT pupils who have had a year oT science or are Taking science aT The presenT Time. MeeTings are always educa+ionaI. New scienTiTic invenTions are discussed or a movie shown. Mr. SweeT, chemisTry Teacher, is The sponsor oT The club. JAPANESE AnoTher naTionaIiTy club ended iTs year wiTh Tlying colors. This was one oT The mosT acTive in The school wiTh parTies, banqueTs, and many candy sales. The annual Japanese club con- Treas. Mildred Jann, V. P. David Fong, Pres. Jimmie Wong, EnTerTainmenT Chairman Dunq Fong, Sec. Peggy Wong, SqT.-aT-arms AlberT Lee. CHINESE In This club much was done To promoTe new ideas Tor The school. Chinese sTudenTs Tound a place in S. I-I. S., Through This organizaTion. A banqueT was held aT The end oT The semesTer. WiTh candy sales and Chinese chariTy, This club ended up wifh a very successTuI year. EILIPINO The Filipino, like all oTher naTionaIiTy clubs, is Tor The Filipinos only. Social parTies and oTher gaTherings Took up mosT OT The school year. The monThIy meeTings had very inTeresTing pro- Terence was also held. BaskeTbalI games were OT unusual inTeresT To The enTire group as was grams Om The progress of The lslands' These The oraToricaI conTesT. Miss E. Humbarger was 5TUdePI'5 GVIIOYPCI This Club immensely and all are The club sponsor. looking Torward To nexT year. SgT.-aT-Arms IFalII Kaname Fuiishiga, SQT.-aT'Arms lFaIII I-Ielen Ishii, Treas. lFaIIl Fred Yamaguchi, SgT.-aT-Arms ISpr.l Jimmy Tanaka, Sec. lFaIIl Clara KuboTa, V. P. ISpr.l Ben Chickaraishi. Sec. Mary Caliso, Pres. Felix ConTeIIo. T641 SCDCIAI. UNITS fes T 5 S 5 6 U G VYTIS SC Ma 9 9 VYTGH B9 Clegho ru Pres Pan Paclcl Francus Mackey Sec P EII ol Pac c and Tra el A lo elle Ch nch olo Treas Tra el Dull' Chapman SPANISI-I There are lhree Spanush clubs un Slockfon r-lugh Los Gouchos headed by lvluss Anderson Las Amapolas headed by lvluss Selna and Las Cucarachas headed by Muss Bunsacca The lundamenlal purpose ol lhese organuzaluons us lo expede 'rhe speakung of Spanush Pucnucs parlues and all kunds of gel Io gelhers make up lhe socual program PAN PACIFIC Pacufuc and Travel clubs enloyed a very pleas anl' year Banguels were lrequenlly held lor all lhe members These clubs are lhe producls ol an enlhusuasluc membershup Oulslandung speak ers were a parl ol lhe regular programs wulh members allernalung From pasl performances lhese clubs wull have a happy Iulure ahead of lhem V P .lea McCloud Sgl al A s Robe I Mclieeqa ec r Io cl T eas S Ir-al s nq S y eAr era a Bo S o FRENCH Thus year somelhung new was slarled e French club The advanced sludenls were u unlo one club called lhe Les Mousguelaures an lhe begunnung sfudenls club was called lhe es Cadels French playlels and enlerlaunmenl was had al 'rhe monlhly rneelungs Thus language group ranks hugh wulh lhe olheu' school acluvulues DEBATINC5 formed and has proven lo be a huge success The correcl way of debalung was laughl' lo each sludenl Several debales were held and seem ed lo be very enloyable Thus club was organ uzed by lhe sophomore sludenls and us under The Ieadershup ol Ben I-I Lewus ec Ad O oa A cuaeruape ec M del oush es ans res ra cl Elche e P , I r v II Barb r S Illvan, Sgt- IAA ITraveIl Bill S . xine I-I ik ns, Pres. Dull Chap , V. P. Ile r , . I - I' ' , . I an- I . III v I n Inl I I I , . I v I ' ' ' ' in 'rh ' ' . . ' I . p I I . I . . d I . . . . . u L ' . In S. I-I. S. Under lhe able hand of Mr. Kerr, lhe Pan A new, bul very lnleresling organlzallon was . . n , .- - rrn r n. S . S . I v,I I-Iarck lvl fir , V. P. I dv.l ir p Il, Jarulce lvI.C. u , r I e Lol Lo Sec. I elnal S . ar I-I Pr . Ev Perkins, P , IAdv.l Mar I.. d ri , Pres. ISeIn I b lr ng. Ber. r v rry, I 65 I Kirk -LF 1 4' 12 Q.. rw TH' 4. SCDCIAI. UNITS a Duck STevens Pres Spr WaITer Blaclc ec Seq Allqe MU and P95 Gong YUT Il:aIIl Wendell Bundy S c Spf Gong uT T SQUARE The club cons4sTs oT The advanced members oT archnTecTural and englneerung drawing classes IT IS sponsored by lvlr Bissell drawing unsTrucTor Ihe club has a membership oT abouT 40 boys and gnrls MeeTlngs are held once a monTh wITh a soealcer Trom some deparTmenT oT cuTy plan nrng The purpose oT These meeTungs as To show sTudenTs whaT has been accomplnshed by archITecTs and engrneers PCRI4 PRODUCTION The young Tarmers are presenT here T SToclcTon I-Iugh School also and They show Theur slull Through The Porlc ProducTuon club These boys made several Traps To various londs oT Tarms In order To learn The good and bad poInTs oT Tarmnng lmprovemenTs and new ex perumenTs were Trled and proved To be mosT helpTuI Tor These TuTure agrlculTur1sTs Sec John Grambasbanu Pres Paul Parker V P Rlnaldo GJOTQIII CAMERA Besrdes a pIcTure conTesT The Camera club had many unTeresTung prolecTs In The developing oT pncTures The darlc room process was also sTudued by each sTudenT AT The general meeT Ings soealcers gave valuable nnTormaTuon Types o cameras uses and The operahon oT em lvlr Landrum us The sponsor oT us cu ITALIAN LusTeo among The mosT popular clubs ID The school The lTalnan club has Mr Vannuccunu as :Ts sponsor and an hum They have one oT The mosT acTrve sponsors IH The school The plays puT on by The club are always exceedingly popular A paper prrnTed In lTalran IS also publushed by The sTuoenTs SgT aT ar-ns Roland Mazzera Sec MargareT Caldero Pres Saveruo Nogare SqT aT arms Jaclr Luccuardn re ?'3Qm"yT s 57? Tffzfi Tiff' :fi J . ref- a J Q17 .Dbl-?f1 'sf M . - f 1 2' -K 4 Ti-ALE? 5 1 1.37,':'.gi:-ff ,qu . :fi r14?i.E si, V,I3.IFIIl' , Y ,S. ,' r ,r. . I , 9 , , . I I I I ' ' ' V ' ' . . i . - I I I ., . . 1 . I . , on ' ' ' ' I I I I ' Th . . ' Th' I ' ' . I b. . 6 . , . I 66 I ll00K FOUll Af-" wr VK NX if ,if Txme may wear but not e ace the happy hours the joyous triumphs or the thmgs we dad 3,0 rr did not do m thc name of school actwztxes 1-1 v N J- EIN , X R I I ' fi f' ' . N 4- -,T1.i...T7-V HONOR SCHOLARSHIP This group corisisls ol Il'ie mos? inlelliqenl sludenls of Ilwe sclnool. Many sclnolaslic adivilies were leo by Bert Nelson presidenl, Jaclc Flan- ner, vice presidenl and Eleanor Pow- ell, secrerary. OUILL AND SCROLL Members ol Ine Quill and Scroll are: Alice Gipner, Mary Elizabellw Kenyon, Marqaref Gallaqlier, Waller Ternrne, Aileen Brokaw, Berl Nelson, Dororlry Sfeqall, June Ware, Mar- querilre Luian, Donald Jonfe, Fflme Kyle Srnilln, Rila Giilli, Lenovo Col- Irell, Roberf Conaway Jack Moore. BLOCK "S" Merrbers of tlne Bloclc 'S' Sociefy are: Jaclc Byrne Bernard Elclieverry Roberf Fisher, Jolwn Giarnbasliani, George I-Ierrero, Leo Jolinson, Wil- liam Jolnnson, Vernon Kinser, Jalce Leiclnl, Lesler Lenalian, Jarnes Lyons Edward Monaslerio Bob Owen, Paul Parker, Arflwr Paulson, I-la'rnon Sclirnidr, Laurence Sfefani. OLD ENGLISH "S" Members of Irie Old Enqlisn 'S are: Adeline Abdallah, Reva Abranes, Olive Aflcins, Irene Berlleson, Doro! +I'wy Braqlnelra, Georgia Bradlorol, Slwerry Earl, Helen Flanaqan, Doris Fraser, Norrna Jean Gullirey, Elearcr Jacobsen, Lois Lewis, Lola Marrac- cini, Lois Mcllorrnan, Clriarlorlo Scliwing, Dorollwy Sleqall, Yvonne Werelius, Genevieve Abrarns. Lois Archibald, June Bybee, Doroll'-y Crawford, Louvar Kolwler, Norwia Jean Lever. Doris Merz, Ruth Sclirnidl, Florence Solari, and Ernily Tavella. :fn if Fife Ulf? is 3.4 'Wi-T? 9 '41' Cl-IQRDS Members oT Band are Bascom Ross Ferguson WrnqnT Journeay M er Nourey Lancel WrlohT Farbanlcs Hanl STeel Gonzales OsTerdoclc Herzog Weaver Raabe SawTelle Adams B ance-Tord Sawrey OTsubo Gehruq Sadler Troglna Tolle John MacDonald Barley BeThards Jean MacDonald Y rlc Knzer Kosuch BaTTrlana Vassar Rumrlll Condy Han ner RaTTo Snoolc Lane Shanlrel Epperson Cleqhorn Davndson Cohen TalooT Fnnls Flarnrn Fnsher BroadhursT Flsher ann Gordon H rrls Darlrnq Hende son Charles Slcadden KensTer WIT r H arn ron une a Jannce D TZ Moeller BlyThe Carllse Thomas Morr uny Co THE BAND The band consusTs oT abouT sevenTy Tuve ambnhous sTudenTs who wanT To learn more abouT musuc and xnsTrumenTs Some oT These pupuls are hopung To make music Therr luTe worlr Under The dnrecTlon oT Harold A l-leusunger The band has done a good 'ob nn helpsnq The school Wm Friends and lnTluence People They play and march aT all The TooTball games and They play aT rallues and concerTs aT duTTerenT places an Town AT The STaTe conTesT nn San Franczsco The band won a supernor rahng Tor Two years In successaon Thus as a greaT honor Tor SToclcTon Hugh School THE GRCHESTRA Under The durechon oT Vurqunua S ShorT The OrchesTra has played Tor many programs They played For The February graduahon class For The las Two years They have gone To San Fran cisco o play an The OrchesTra ConTesT and They have placed very hlgh un The raTunqs Mass ShorT has done a Tlne 'ob In music and deserves a loT oT crednT Some oT The OrchesTra wenT up To Sonora To play aT The Musuc FesTuval They have played over The raduo a Tew Tlmes IH The pasT year Personnel oT The OrchesTra consus s oT AbboTT Brewley Bnqelow Blarely Carllsle Cleghorn Coddlnqlon C llnns C evny Echandl Forney French Gardner HarberT Harrns Herman Hll lwaTa Johnson Koppunq Lancelle LaMoune Lewls Magqs MerchanT Marsh MuramonTes MacDonald OverTo'1 Pclr Plsbury Pnzzu Puoa Ross Schwunq STanaer Tea nnshl Turpln Werellus Whuppe WhnTe Wldney YamashlTa York Yorlr Lancelle Perlclns , no sl T721 CHGRDS O U B A D O U R S Under lhe dlrechon of Frank Thornlon Srnllh lhe Troubado s lop plclure Compleled anolher banner year In enlerlaunmenl The members of +h s qroup of selecfed slnqers are June Bolllnoer Doro+hy Norqard Jean Shnver Lols Wesfphal Jean Swan Bess Smlll' Florence Newberry Jure Ware Rulh Schaeneman Jacquelln Edwards Marqarel Mldolelon D nna F rquson Gr orqn Mae Clarlr Bob Adams old Monaghan Lunden l-lealh and Ernle Kenoyer Y S G L E E Shown above second prclurel a e lhe members of The Sloc lon l- gh Glee Club for The oasr year They are George Alcaba James Balsley Bull Bavres Jaclc Blan hard Leon Casenaye Thad Clark Charles Colluer Bob Conard l-larold Crawford Bob Dow Wayne Fender Paul Froehqer Rene Grlbeau l-larold Fusher Harley Holley Ray lmlolsler Koichi nouyl Talceshl Kubola Tom Manuel Jonn Marlln Edqa McNeill Arl Mcl.auohlur' Andrew Monlero John Charles Myer Rcberr Noland Joe Olnyer Da Osrrander Kennerh Rhe Clason Rohrer Fra lc Salcafa Allan Shorl Lewls Spaldmq Joe Talceshula Gelaus Talcahashr Jack Teasdale Andrew Tlclcvrlza Lysle Turn beauqh June Vlclcland Merle Marsh Bob Weaver Arnold Wllcl r'Twu1h and Kelll' Snurl' Four gurls who are also memb r ol lhe orches fra composed lhls years slrlnq quarrel e From lell lo rlqhl lhey are Nancy l-larberl Shlrley Oyerlon Vnrglnua Johnson Kalhleen French 73 my xx if xv! f T XTX r fi: T ra ,Q v ' l ' , x l 4 5 ' l r R ' r J J T ff 1 ' 1 T I , A l , ' l N . l ' ' , lo . e l , e I 'a . l . Eugene Mana, Asa Clarlr, Roberl Slronq, Richard Knelper, Jaclq Huber Roberf Auger, Allan Gray, Wendell Shivcr, Har- B 0 ' 1 A , f J V L aa K has . fqanf A-se" WHPGW If y J 4 NS i- Q55 N65 fdi' W Paw 5 ART ACH YEAR finds fhe sfudenfs of Sfoclcfon High School more inferesfed in fhe differenf phases of arf. This means a greafer enrollmenf in fhe deparfmenf and more courses offered fo fhe sfudenfs. The Arf Deparfmenf is proud of ifs looms for fhe weaving clases. Sfudenfs in Design and Craffs may now weave maferial fhirfy-six inches or more in widfh. A medifafion on fhe pre-Easfer fheme given by fhe music deparfmenf of Sfockfon High was considered a huge success. This is fhe mosf oeaufiful of Easfer canfafas ever given af fhis school. Wifh The sfage beaufifully sef and fhe CANTATA The Commercial Arf and Freehand Drawing classes have creafed some splendid examples of modernism in adverfising and in fhe finer arfs. Sfudenfs in Arf Appreciafion have been busy consfrucfing and furnishing a miniafure modern home. Some sfudenfs modeled clay obiecfs. The beginning sfudenfs of Mechanical Drawing are drawing geomefrical figures and ofher simple obiecfs. Drawings of machinery and houses are made by fhe advanced sfudenfs. 4 1 :of singers and orchesfra in black and whife a grand sighf was seen, as fhe curfain rose on April IO for fhe beginning of "The Seven Lasf Words of Chrisfu. Those who affended, fhose who sang, and fhose who played will never forgef fhe effecf if gave af fhaf fime. C, S BO0K F IVE SPORIU 1 F X X No eat o skull no matter even hal the domg unless nt has the :deals and ethxcs o thas earlxest of sportsmen ff!-' ff--.1 ,i 2 if ,504 Z' L-.0 f f ' 1 x how great the ejfort, is worth f . . A . O O I , i r 3 tv X v J J L 1 4 x I FQGTBALL FIJXSI-TES bf Bmw T Sega R S T E GaThered around Coach Solomon Tor 1 Tew lasT lnsTrucTuons are The members oT The TnrsT sTrlng Tw zan vars:Ty oT l937 This sguad which so ably represenTed lTs school us composed OT The Tollowlng boys as pucTured above leTT To rlghT 6rzschoTT e Parker T Capps g Carpnno T l.erchT Taulback Chlccone c John varsuTy Tor The TursT Tlme Thls dudnT hamper Thelr ablllTy however as They wenT successTully Through a Tough season wuTh only one Thang To arger Them They losT T L du Tho gn Thus loss To The grape sgueezers was noT Thelr only one :T was by Tar The buTTeresT A a smal Token oT :Ts appre claTlon The school awa ded TwenTy elghT oT The players wuTh gold TooTballs C O N D T E Composed oT The boys who Take The TursT sTrnngs bumps and brulses The second sTrnng varslTy has proven lTselT invaluable To The souad T-lere TT IS prcTured durlng a nrghT game lusT beTore Coach Solomon senT Them rn To Take The place oT a Trred TnrsT sTrlng Their eagernes To geT nnTo The game TS apparenT by The expresslons on Theur Taces Thus squad as pscTured above IS composed OT The Tol lowrng members leTT To rlghT Cave IH Tro'uT 'lemme Cavalero Malcoun GoTellu Camucla on ground Coach Solomon SchmndT Johnson D nbar M lls Sllveura IU TronT Besides me ely Taking The brunT OT The TnrsT sTrlng s pracTlce These boys learned sepa raTe play and had To use Them agalnsT oTher Teams Qs N, rc.,, 1 s - g I VM fx, A' v A I T Y A M A l C j ' son, Judge, eq Giambashanil, hi: Cope,l Trl Herrero, lg. PracTTcallly all IoT Theselboys were on The ' . ' I l . l 5 To '. L. I l S E A M A A ' i ' ' l Sy" ' .QV ' v'U ly' 1 .' .1i.' '. lr - .' l A 1 C K y v l 3' l FCDCDTBALL FIJXSI-TES N I Q R VA RSITY Above us pucTured The Junuor VarsuTy coached by Dom George From leTT To rughT They are Byrns Lyons Anderson Foppuano Coach Solomon VarsuTy Coach Yockey Brd Sharp Mulls ETcfueverry and Ghuorzo ConsusTung oT The players oT The Thurd sTrung varsuTy Thus squad had a very good record Tor The season Theur sched ule conTauned 6 league games and 4 pracTuce games OT These They won 4 league and 3 pracTuce games Losung To SuTTer Creek and Oakdale un league compeTuTuon by The scores oT I2 O un boTh games The Junuor VarsuTy compleTed The resT OT Theur sch clule wuThouT TurTher losses Included The schedule was Lodu whuch bowed To STockTon 6 O NexT year Thus sguad w ll un all probabuluTy Torm The second or maybe even The TursT sTrung Coach Garrugan Row 2 Warner STone STruke Mackey ShaTTer SanguuneTTu ATherTon Row 3 Chunchuolo ScoTT Murphy Herrera Mason Gomes Laurence Row 4 CaTes Luccuardu Paulo Thomas Andresakus Ogasawara STealy Under The coachung oT Muke Garrugan The STockTon B Team played seven league and Two non league opponenTs STockTon losT O 9 To Turlock and Tued Vacavulle 7 7 The league games Turned ouT well STockTon wunnung 4 Tueung 2 and losung I Unluke The varsuTy The B Team beaT Lodu 7 6 The members oT Thus Team who are noT graduaTung wull Try To make The Junuor VarsuTy nexT year and conTunue up The ladder unTul Tunally They mughT reach The varsuTy I 8 Z . . . 9 . u I ' in "B" T E A M Row I-French, Urizolla, Rosenberger, TvlineTTo, lvloneghan, Malloy, Guiliani, 2 l i L? I. VARSITY SCORES Sfockfon 73 Piffsburg 9 Sfockfon l9g Mission 6 Sfockfon I4q Sacramenfo 7 Sfockfon 61 Berkeley l9 Slockfon 203 Bakersfield l3 Sfockfon 28: Fresno O Sfockfon 33g S'r.Mary's of Berkeley 6 Sfockfon 261 Modesfo O Sfockfon l43 Turlock 6 Sfockfon I 21 Sfockfon 71 Picfure ill Coach Solomon, McCain, and iov Galileo 7 Lodi 14 Solemn, ever cynical, Happy-go-lucky "Pe+e" ial W. Fred Ellis view ,fx Q 'I s- fi 1, W W -.w sn b I x ' 5 in wa, L WW! 1 K rf-"1 M- . i ,X x J r A 'C .sgl"3-'iii'-, one of fhe nighf games wifh varying degrees of enfhusiasm l2l Gordon Capps gives John Giambasfiani a him- ble l3l Fred Grischoff, Louie Carpino, and George Herrero on +he firing line l4l Paul Parker and Louie Chiccore ready for acfion l5l "Go+ if" grur-fs Fred Grischoff, and lbl "Here we come" says Jake Leichf, failback, as he sprinfs down fhe field l7l "All righf, fough guy, come on. We're ready" is whaf Paul Parker, fackle, is fhinking l8l "There," says Giambasfiani. "You've gof fhe ball. See whaf you can do wi'h if" l9l "Come fo me. my liffle pig- skin," croons Johnny Camicia ll0l "Toss if fo me, pal, I'Il fake care of if" seems fo be fhe affifude of George Herrero as seen here llll Umplrl! grunfs Gordon Capps as he pulls Giam- laasfiani fo fhe ground ll2l Oh-oh, lock who's here, Gordon Capps, guard, ard Capfain ll3l "Even if l don'f lock fough, l am," says Louie Carpino ll4l "Up high, Baby" appears +o be Judges idea as he goes up fo snag a passing ball ll5l "Heh-heh, fhoughf you'd gef away wi+h if, huh?" growls Ray Cope as he glares af fhe enemy llbl "Mo+he-', mofher, may l come home fo fhee7' pleads Gordon Capps in a momenf cf woe. To assure himself of a feam ihal' ncf only knew how fo give fhe hard knocks, buf also fo fake a few in refurn, Coach Solomon has spenf long hours fo gel' fhem in +he splendid condifion fhaf 1-hey are picfured in above. Q 'x 'K Q-. 9' , l 1 F as A :iii , -is 5, ik I 4 , 54 '1 C ,.,, r , ,na I C ' V4 QT sr W an 'T eg A '1-beiuwgw ,, ,is gi y V, X. 3,5 W, Qfii rf e . i 1 ar ,,,, I,,. 'HAWK QR , -tx is V: Vx 13.1, W r 4 , , sg' f A 'waz'-s a. f y i. f . L Q ,, iii 71. 1. gi. ...ff ,I .. ' ef ,ms i , Qia- Picwre ill A spill in 1l1e Armis+ice Day game wifh Galileo a+ Baxfer Sra- dium l2l Capps, S+oclx+onq Ha-del, Lodi' before annual game a+ Slocvdon l3l Jalme Leiclwi carrying ball, Handel, I7, ci Lodi and Cave, 32, of Silo: comi-g up l4l Help! Help! l5l zan sfoogesug lel+ +o rigl1+, Cazal Carfly, Jennings lbl Armis+ice r:+on Tar- 'vic- i-i udy game facing Galileo sfancls I7 Si. Marys of Berkeley feam cl1a'ging flrirougb l8l Le+'s go, Jalie! l9l bool: ou+, S+oclc+on, here comes Lodi! 'lOl Gian'oas'iani: Here I come, you uclcy peope llll We'll llmow 'em c:wn" lI2l Clearing fhe declns during rhe- Galileo game ll3l As Tarzans foiglwf Galileo Lions and Johnny Giambaviani carried ball, Sfocldon men leff fo rglwfz Paul Darlcer, 247 Louie Carplno, 287 Swan' ley Dunbar, IS, Fred Grisclnoll, 23' Ray Copa 22, Louie Cliiccone, in fro" of Cope' Gordon Capps, 20, George -ler- rero, sliowing face and armg Jcwnny Gviamoasfiani will! ball, Jalre Leiclv I2, in background ll4l Solomon: "Now see bow easy i+ is, Ray? Jusf . . -fl o as 4219: 'f M " a Mdfq J- F, wi' W , 1' e 1 ,L I 3 K' 'frix I' ' i I 36. ' 11 f Y- if is lea 171 rr' lfX 'x -x 4 ff Y l r 1 1 x 5, as -JI. K IQ? FQ. ,QU if if, I g. li .ie all in 39 S Kill? tt, r 1' '19 I l ' 'aw r X zu ' ' ' ' wx if I fi. Q 1 ii' ug - i eq YY r axlg fl 35 , ' z l i 'X N ' i fl ' 3 ' a L A XXX . Q95 n 1 V' 1 4 w Fi 3' 1 1 l .i I E fir" 'fn 1 4 , 25 ae if ' 24, lll Coach "Pe+e" Lenz l2l Tommy Ford l3l Lesrer Condy l4l Kenne+h Rogers l5l Bob Verlrerlr lol Harrron Schmid+ l7l Jimmy Walshe l8l Wa"er Temme l9l Coach "Milne" Garrigan Coach Dom George llll Johnnie Carni- cia ll2l Les+er Lenahan ll3l Joe Far- rell ll4l Bob Li+4le lI5l Morgan Noble llbl Don Rogers ll7l Clifford Sfevens ll8l Manager French ll9l Tarzan 'B" +eam coached by "Mike" Garrigan lzop Counfy "A" ieam, backrow, and 'B" feam coached by Dom George llll K. Rogers l22l D. Rogers l23l Condy l24l Camicia l25l Lenahan l26l Lenahan l27l Sfevens l2Bl Owen 1291 Ford l3Ol Walshe l3ll Noble 1321 Schmidf l33l Farrell l34l Verlcerlc 1353 LiHle l36l Verlrerlr l37l Terrime. These boys are all members of 'he l93B learn +ha+ losf only +hree garres, one +o Auburn and +wo fo Lodi: +"us losing fhe league championship +o 'he boys from "Grape-Squeezers Juncfio"." Only a handful of ihese boys will be back nexr year, bur fhe o+her +eams had some mighry good prospec+s for nex+ year's varsify. x , 27 9 3 29 'rf Z8 A 1 v fxg x xxx i T3 'Q s i 35 im? 1 I7 J igfi K- JW Q 5 may Lsgg fy Q 'hi 3 L 3s 37 VA 4 Ji .I 'W 1 T , 5 H6 Y A 7 1 - ww QM ,Q ."i", .1 Q . v 1 1 . , Q ' W Ml ,f V 4 'M A 5 .. - x , w.,f,.,f3e .xg F HQ -A--6' -as-Q-L HN- , , PENN! H -1 . k 4 U- .,-..,,.,w W. 53 4 ma A ' - ' L IKUYJ-Q,.,gL ,, f 6 M, 1. , z . .. . . ,. .Q .. ,A 5 f f s .S ,si - Y 2, r' x S, -4 A a , . n n QA m ,- x' 4 A' ' 1, . 1,1 Q? :xx ff -'35 gi 53 K 2 Q Y' Q was i 'NK S I 2 3 ,JZ K li I B W N I1 ' .1 fi it lg 'W Z I W I , . 4 f ,., , D 1 we Q .v tn' " ff .U 55 i 5? k fl :K 1 MU: ' 'Q' X 1 is-' yx 5 5 I! A Q,-D Q xx X 4 I 1 5 6 6' '1 I Q :ni 9 A v , l e f wwf I 12 ' 'Q gf? Q K 1 2, Q , 995 3 'ml I xx 1' 5 0 539' H Z., ', 1"- ' x ' 554 K . Mf iff' V 3 '- 'Q W1 P 4 ' I 0 b aa." 2 Auf Y' M--M -WJ w iff ?f g J AA"' T ' r 5 A I tiasimih '- , I 5 4 iv 3 ' 2 ' 9 I4- J , 'iv 5 ..f,,, sf 'F' 5 M. - , M 11 ,W LmA, ' wi H .4 1 vs' Q, x 4 K , , v P P' 4 - I as 34 'ini lg Q- I3 ' 1 ' 1 , 4, EA If' Q A 1 ., ., - - ' QR l ,, 'fif f 5 ff HW ' 'Gs' "Af, 1 51"e2gb'5Es! - 1.1 hz 3, :Jay ...,,4-:'- ..--.gk ?'l-92-rd' '- Y N 13.11-i Q..-M 1-wi 9 Sm-Q1-Uf'9"" -'si L, .. L,,, , -f-- f Mg w 'K'1"', T ,S as-N.. . 'L ,.,.g gQ-, " A 2. 735 aww' ,W ffwy' f w W 1?-"sw V? ' K rl +V' . . 5-,Q y , U 4: ,I ""1-"" Lundagnr- 'L'-f Qmvmranx Hmm 'li , llivlpll 4' ...fxx A H1.,K"xli , .....a1 , rw. "N 'W V - I . i ,. 'ff -X -W 4 it 9 ., J iklifizf. If A Q.. ,ulnmsih Jin: ., 9 6 F 6 4 ZF M I7 I rx? W,-Q-A , ,I V , X X ,S " H' wh 'f 1 'pw':AgxL'1?'? ?z"' 5 EV Q 1 V+' x 'fl 'ips f ,,d,.... V if Q! LQ, Q il! vi A sf -eg --11-an Q. .N .." w,-r ' - wx, . . fi 1' -, x 5' JGT '. ,'1i,,U'ii4, . L-wi ., . '1.C X '95 . I -., , 1 Q """"5-... in --4 up 'bw fm., gy,-i n -. JA 1: 5'-J ,zF'7'7 we-,m E 21 ' s1Jg"' A ---1.1- ww wig W ei- . . lflag A x 1 L K , wi-. flank . 1 sul ...3f3, 11, -.. 1 ' 2 N.- ' "" s' :. fa 'D 5. t-4 -' i hs: gi ,gjii . . 4 ' a 1- I 3 rr .A 2 s , Q-lg ' X 1- hp, , -sq U ' 4' a ,...,-we :3.+i3gg,M,, M , -W., l EU GHATUIATIU 5 My 4 5 7 in F May Your Future Bring You Success and Happiness Sears,SEiQFkEi:E and En I f y e QD M' "W Xu TX e Y4,pQY" J, k - A gli K 3 N ' J ,:L:l ?Y9x K X 5' if vii' 4 I I7-QT: O QQ? 5 Ki:31""'hu-' if Ox I 9 O C Stockton's Leading Business School COLLECE of COMMERCE Excels In . CERTIFIED TEACHERS EDUCATIONAL STANDING MODERN EQUIPMENT PLACEMENT RECORD BUSINESS REPUTATION CURRICULUM CONTENT 307 JOBS FILLED DURING I937 S mme Te m Opens T esday J ly 5 Fall Term Ope Mo day Augusl' 29 STOCKTON COLLECE of COMMERCE A H Forlcnzr, Manager II5 No Ih SuI"Ie Sfreef Telephone 325 Sfocldo Cal fo 5 CI FOUNTAIN AND SPECIAL LUNCHES DELICIOUS FROZEN DESSERTS MADE TO ORDER Cenfe Mould B clcs Edy s Character Cand1es d I O Ca a Phone I285 I928 PBCIIIC Ave CONGRATULATIONS Ton-IE Class of 38 FROM ' UIQ' 6117115 U8 I Y afier all Ihais whai You want 448 W Fremonl' S+ Telephone 30I3 STOCKTON CALIFORNIA no u r r u , u ns, n , r r n, I rnia I-Ie d uarlers For ' Ice Cream Pies, Cakes, Individual Moulds r ri 0 ' ' ' ' Q H ' - -' O Fealure n ur ndy Dep rlrnenl .A, 5 N 'Ns' 1 it Eh , ' .wif-' 113' 5 -vs gg 5 eg, Q wk ., Awmi A 5-. x .xx 2, x - Q -:J '. X ... ...,... V W ' -1 . 5 -- A. .' .f'vMf- f- -sql 7 'rr z +3f5i:'f+ii:f25'7 pf V X 'W , l ,nw S 4,6 I ni QW bl EL DORADO CENTER Omplzmmfs row QUALITY Vegetable Dept D 6 B O rw O S We supply you wlih fhe freshesf and +he be? 'Io be had In Vege+ables and Frulrs TRY US -I-ZFTIITIZ S DELICATESS N Phone 992I when you are In need of our speclalhes of SALADS COOKED FOODS and IMPORTED and DOMESTIC DELI CACIES For a 'I'as'l'ler hamburger or drmlr crisp appehzmg salads give us a frlal Tray Service Coun'I'er Servuce a+ fhe corner Du BOIS QGTTZTS Phone 3020 Pxclc up and deluvery service dependable and prompf BERTS BEAUTY SHOP BERTHA SANTOS Prop Complele Beauly Servnce Phone 3794 ERNIES BARBER SHOP ERNIE SANTOS Prop New and Modern Equnpmenl Phone 3794 Grocery Dept Only +he hlghesf qualify Gro cerles are sfoclced Good qualify and guaran+eed fo sahsfy TIP TOP MEAT MARKET Choice of Mears 92 7 O S . . I .I l I Phone 9958 Harding and Eldorado S+ree+s l . E C l Fine Aeparel For Men and Boys HICKEY-FREEMAN and TIMELY CLOTHES KNOX HATS - ARROW SHIRTS NUNN-BUSH SHOES BEV5 sf MQKEEQAN ' PEACOCK ' SELBY ' RHYTHM STEP ' ACTIVE MODERNS ' Fashnons Smarfesl' Shoes Saunders Slipper Shop 432 Easl' Mann Sfreef We Know Whaf Hu Boys Wanl'-We Graclua+ed :STYLE .sronc FOR:JMEN 320 E MAIN STREET Exclusnve Sfyle of HART-SCHAFFNER 8: MARX and STYLE-PLUS Sfocldon High School Graduafes Now Worlr af Yosf Bros CLOTHES - 7 .... FOX CALIFORNIA THEATRE DIFSCIIOD FOX WEST COAST THEATRES S+ocld'ons Greafesf Enferfammenl' Phone Sfocldon 5349 NHTIIHN REIMHN C A M E R A S H O P 528 Eas+ Mann S'Iree+ Slocldon California Phone 6634 Tlll CIJIRKSON STUDIO Where Your Kodak Fulms Gel Indnvudual A+'ren+lon I3I N Su++er S+ S+ocIr'I'on T93 Phone I858 STOCKTON S MOST INTIMATE THEATRE Always 2 Bug Feafures Real Pofalo Doughnufs Dellclous Calre Doughnufs 90I N Wrlson Way Sfocldon Congratulations Semors May gradualrng be Ihe larsl accomplushmenl In your Inves and may fhe resf of your happy Inves be fulled wlfh much success TINY GANSNEDER I . . . I I 4 I I. n I . . . . ' I ' I u so n I . . I . . . ' I I ll JEWELERS I SILVER'S CREDIT .Baaly qBulo BULOVA'S LATEST I7 JEWELS I 5 ,..,,, 29 , fn 'efll'?' 121711, neomgx 4' Main and Hunfer ' Phone 2876 .. a I7 JEWEL B u L o VA 2 fm X AMERICAN S ff ' 'III ' .Y X .umvhi ' 5 O L0 - MI I' V "I CLIPPE . f ' A4,- I I 3 I VI Q ' f II X040 Q Ce A. , , AIA, '. 0 ugxowp I I "" Amerie.-o'sg,e R :'QQ:?"i! est value inog' "W 4' V 50c Weekl 4 mQh'5 17 6 WV- Y E war hl ewel CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES In College or In Business The Farsi' Impression Coun+s STOCKTON DRY GOODS CO Tl-ll! FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Sfocldon Callforma Conducls a General COMMERCIAL SAVINGS TRUST AND SAFE DEPOSIT BUSINESS Member of Federal Depos1+ Insurance Corporahon FOR GRADUATION Choose a Dependable Watch From J GLICK 8g SON Jewelers Smce I876 326 E Mann Sfreel' Sloclvlon Calif Four+een Perfecf Bowling Alleys Lalesf and Improved Equlpmenf Coffee Shop Founlaln Bar For I'IeaI'fh s Sake-Bowl 'F 1-JH" S toc Icto n Recreatlon BERNIE E CASSIDY Manager I39 E Channel Sfreef Phone I478 STOCKTON CALIF I9 4 J C Penney Co Mann and California Slreefs Sfocldon W HOSIERY Z may-fm, J zzz, 1VIlnSt 7111 -'I.. L '. - . I , '-i , ' - ' o BO d s, 7 A-' j Ummlnq ll' I I ' ' 'I . N 11 I ffl ' I I J e ' + . I I xg 0 l I I 1 I I . a, ree: at Hunter I 3 For Better Posztzons Tram or Business at IIUMPIIBEYS ff-"E-R' m"'Bm"" 4007? Slnce I896 SCll00L 01+ BUSINESS 'G an Secretarsal Accountung Clvul Service Business Admlmstratnon Individual Attentson Expert Placement Servuce COMPLIMENTS OF BURNHAM BROTHERS I PERSONALIZED sERvlcE Furn ture Floor covefmgs D apes shades s+o es K Radios Appl ances Retr gerato s 535 544 EAST MAIN ST 4I7 42I E WEBER AVENUE Office Telephone 40 5'f0CIlt0n Stockton Cal forma BLACKSMITH SUPPLIES IRON AND STEEL HEAVY HARDWARE HARDWOOD LUMBER ELECTRIC TOOLS WELDING SUPPLIES IIICKINBQITIIADI BIl0S Ltd Established I852 536 South Aurora Street STOC KTON CALIFORNIA Phone Stockton 5600 STOCKTON FOOD PRODUCTS, Inc. Canners of Finest Quallty Fruits and Vegetables Telephone P O Box IOI9 STOCKTON. CALIFORNIA I 95 I Calpaclc 4 6 6 Sales and General Otfnces C 0 d e . . . f . . . ' ......, ,. ' ' ' i f, Qyf K . J ,N I sc . . K T- ff , xqx VI!! uyglm 1 1 N K 1 1 1 L 1 !ITciznI5 I I ll ll I . ' . r . . v . ' , I , I r i . I I - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 09 0 I I Telephone 2660 Russo Bros Marlcet A Compleie Sloclc of A J lRoyI GAULT COUNTRY PRODUCE Sales Serv ce And If s Always Fresh Channel and American Sfreefs 23I4 N Calnforma S+ Phone I293 or I294 FOR 81 YEARS DEPENDABILITY IN OAULITY STOCKTON CALIFORNIA REFRIGERATED FUR STORAGE Ou modern e'frlgera+ecI cold sforage aulfs p o+ec+ you u s agarnsi' Fur 5 Refined R4 .frm fed 'CE CREAM Hess DE Luxe CLEANERS-FURRIERS DYERS Telephone 348 W Ha d ng Way o e 82 -Q4 D""" FOR CAREFUL CLEANING Lb QQ-Ik Full Quan CALL ON Us E Pho e 44I S+ocIdon Cal forn a 0OLDc.N WE.S'l' Inf .Nl-rr rgifsir- ru-Q -4-X..IIIJ..rInrio -...r.rXIIr.ri 5OI Norfh Sierra Nevada S+reeI' Sfocldon, California Telephone 43 34 I 96 I I 6 .. f"' I ly A aaaa my I I .Wy . all Fixrel- Thefli - Ivlorhs Hea+ 640 . ri - - Phn II 4 I Q Q 625 " xl .. 'I 10C I I T I I 1 P ' F 95 I I I. I' X A N 9 The Dayhghf Sfore Alr Condlhoned Throughoui' SMITH dc LANG READY TO WEAR MILLINERY SHOES HAIR CUTTING BEAUTY SALON Every+hmg In +he Dry Goods Lane Mann S af San Joaquin Tel 5050 EVERGREEN DRUG STORE 309 N EI Dorado Sfreef Phone 4433 O Ph Ph 9650 W HOWARD J McCRABB GENERAL INSURANCE The Prudenhal Insurance Co of America B Bdg ROSE S TUXEDO PHARMACY 2002 PaclfTc Avenue Phone I89I SI'ocIdon Callfornua Telephone 4570 Ophcnans STOCKTGN JEWELRY C0 CREDIT JEWELERS 440 Easf Mann SIree+ Sfocldon Callfornla C-3 E DAVIS ST C DEVEREAUX DAVIS MEAT MARKET Wholesale and Re+anI Phone 522 II49 E MarIre+ S'I'ree+ STOCKTON CALIFORNIA SIERRA THEATRE T97 urs MEA re Q EE? ff? we-W jx? Going IQQIPAAE -'en-nm, STOCKTON S FINEST BEAUTY SALON ofwa ouse of Haauwly Hardlng Way ai' EI Dorado Phone 866 YOU CAN BUY EVERYTHING In Ihe Eahng Lune a'I' Gala Delucchl 8: Co Inc STOCKTON - - - - - - - - - 2 - .5 11 . . .-.. Q1-2 'nf ' 'Q R 1 -- 5 . -I-j."f52,lr '1I5'1f35,-N' Q' ', 15.31. ' -I -- We -I I I div.,-.V I. ?t.E,ER..E.A.m .H 14-V, gwgj I V , , ,P V ., ,,l. . ..h,-,Q , HQ?-Qu I , ' Disfricf Represenfafive XX ' 725 ani of America I . Sfochfon, Calif. I I RR "Wiki 1 I ' I . . J o I Q I ' . I I . . . O O - ., . We Believe THAT Good will IS worth gefflng CUIIIVBIIUQ and perpefuaflng by falr deallng good ser vnce and umform excellence ln our producfs IN gnvlng prompt affenflon fo the needs and requests of our customers fhereby sfrengfhen mg the fles of frlendly confidence whlch have exlsfed for so many years Phone 5I 625 E Market Sfreef WE CAN affrlbufe our consfanf growth of friends fo fhe pollcy so closely adhered f since our beginning IT S THE RE ORDERS THAT COUNT I Only saflsfied cusfomers refurn ROSENSTEEL PRINTING COMPANY The Babb Inn Charley thanks you for your splendid patronage You re a Great Bunch CONGRATULATIONS Graduating Students I Before tack Img fhaf new an relax In fe sun HE OLYMPIC BATHS 5I0 North Aurora Sfreef Phone 324 Special rafes fo groups of I 0 or mo re CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES May we share wlfh you fhe fhrlII of commencemenf day marlung the compleflon of one happy chapfer and the beginning of anofher Immel Motor Parts Co I30 E Miner Avenue Phone 27I7 'Q-. e l'lanSon Studio 9 2 I4 S San Joaquin one 3707 I-IAR RY LOVETT Phofographer The Wzse Graduates and Students Purchase Thelr Wafches Rings Pens Pencils and Jewelry Wanfs af M FRIEDBERGER 8: CO JEWELERS 339 E Mann Sf Sfoclcfon a l . Q I . . 1 o 1 - INC. ll II io? - SWIU1 3 X3 ST + r-ss 1 Sfreef h - af T T ,AF PII .5 . lm 'v I 98 A Stepping Stone Between High School and the Business World tli Hgfgml Goodnchs Academy of Beauty Culture 4I8 E M t P 9589 THE WGN DE R Ph 3037 NC EM s + 1 fx I XUXB l SMART APPAREL g- l L.,- coLLEeE GIRL XFQ COATS SUITS fl x DRESSES SPQRTSWEAR MILLINERY HOSIERY LINGERIE ROBES GLOVES BAGS JEWELRY W Helen lhbenste n and Eluzabeth A den Bea ty Preparato s l9 Pen prints CQMWJZMJQ, LZWQMW 4 fowcfb 'CMML41-+ 2 PM S4-bpfl-QA.-V llaww-vvl"4-N' ffmfffvlc fdwyo-WU 100.01 :7w4f-1 pmfz 071 QM Q-'ff ,6,0ffi61,p4.f4-0'71J Lx7l'1 QQQLZ Satan, M0464 Zfffwffgywu Lwwjmwnw im Maggie SMA W, may le Ch Connell 51 ,nazi 37 ,hlvls ngggi g, St - uf A ' if ei .XI qQL-fwMfLlf""'- 'lf Q3 l rye' I I f 1 K K J Th hl rlcl' igp't dy 'll h tt"hy t"gtplyy pt ll. . B ty lt ' t th t p ' ' g - ln ' ' ' Mu Students may enroll any time. ' f U 9 , s . ain Stock on, Calif. hone S - If J, - l . 340 . ain, toclc on 4279 . B l ll Jifli n aa Ll .lf ' U I ,SXXXDZ M? Tal.. i . for me 5 j U if f lf X-or X A . l ,L ff A .. . l s 'dd 09 f A' A -- ' X Loo' T' 'M' . . . . . . X ,l 1 "'f- XP' J I WMA ' i ' r . . . u i n . . . 1 1 1 ' ll Y a 9 l jf'-' Z f .1 e-' . r U -149,9 - -I ',g:'rM,4 f fl 'wwf - 9' -' --'3.fg?fT . ,f 4. Q, ' ' ,EE . - in " e uni BI Gif+s For Gradua+es . . . O , 'VQPIILQ I 511 QW In Li-'fvvvv VK-12 7,7 ,ua l4IZ1Lf'L vizfff' . Sigh-A . j.:vr'iEy 4:1 -me ,I '-gf-. xiiiiii' V' U Q K I "K EMQQLQN ldmmzc, fill! 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Suggestions in the Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) collection:

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