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' , 4 1 v I 3 1 in J J ACROSS THE XVEST GLADE ,....... .... ......,....,........,. .,.......,.... , LEILA SANDERS SENICDR MEMORIES Published by the February and June Senior Classes of Stockton High School F13 ii ELIZABETH RAVEN Editor Stockton, California 1935 Foreword Hrs yearbook, like the many others which are published in 1935, is issued for the purpose of creating a permanent record of high school memories, friendships and activities. For this reason and because the book is necessarily small, only the most important events and departments have been selected for recording, and an attempt has been made to insert only the most typical and appropriate pictures, and examples of the best art work. The art department, typing classes, composition classes, the print shop and many teachers have all cooperated with the journalism department to make possible the publishing of the 1935 Memory Book. With the hope that in years to come this annual will revive memories and awaken the pleasures of school days and represent the best of this time, it is submitted to the senior class andthe student body of Stockton High School. Airplane View of Campus' And imrium SENIOR MEMORIES Principai's Message on the most part the four years just end- ing have been most enjoyable. To be sure you have done some hard work, some of you far more than others, but you have formed friendships that will be lasting, and have had a good time in spite of difficul- ties that at times seemed insurmountable. You are going out now equipped, we hope, to face life with the same happy spirit with which you have met your problems in school. All life is not going to be easy with you. Issues will have to be met, decisions made. If what you have learned in the Stockton High School enables you to meet these is- sues squarely and to make your decisions intelligently, we shall feel that our teach- ing hns been successful. You will have to depend increasingly on your own resources, but you will also learn that people out of school are very much like those with whom you have associated the past four years. You will find friendliness, if you express it in your own personality. I wish you joy in all that you undertake which has worth. I hope that you will never attempt those things that are of doubtful value. My heart- felt good wishes go with you. XV. FRED ELLIS. Facult LANGUAGE SCIENCE? W. FRED ELLIS YYYYYQQ Q ,MA--Yw wYY,YfAvYYY- P rilwipal Lillian Williams A53 If-kcguuilns . ALICE MCINNES .,.,,,,,,.,,.,,,... Vice Principal, H1111 M ' Cjwimny' D.,,,, of Gi,-I5 El. b I A d GffffffflSf1fHfv LAURANCE N. PEASE ,,,.,..,.,,,. Vin' Priuvipal, Ofziln e:aiBiliaiis?n J. C. Corbett . ,.,,,,,s,.,,,.,,,..,,,,,,,,..,.,.,,, Hrarl of Comzmvriai My. P C e Head, Pbysirs eeeeeeeea--a-- a--------- I J. HZLHQ. s'T?.?LIZf iii1i,1Q1111ii'.11Q11ii11111Q.ff3i,.?'3' Gabrielle Haggis "M", Bfow I p,.i,,fip,,1 of Nizh, 5,5002 Ralph Hofmeister Arthur W. Everett K Gladys Lukes Emma F. Hawkins ENGLISH . Alice McInnes Ruth H0011 Ovena Larson Ben Lewis Adeline Selna Sanford Sweet Hana' Georgia Smith Nancy Berry Esther Butters Lily Cliberon Ida C. Green Anne L.- Harris L. Lucile Turner Carrie D. Wriglit Lizette Ward Mildred Smith Adelle Howell Libmrim' Elizabeth HumbargarMfS- Incl H- Pond Lucy E. Osborn Asst. Librarian Karin M. Farwell Harold A. Heisinger Amy A. Pahl Louis J- Vannuccini Mrs. Helen S. Abbott Mrs. Myrtle Kerr DRAWING Ralph S. Raven Mrs. Elizabeth Olson MUSIC Hfdff FrankThorntonSmith Howard G. Bissell H9411 Virginia L. Short Six SENIon MEMORIES SOCIAL SCIENCE Wesley G. Young Head Bettie May Boswell Veva L. Brown Eleanor Hancock Alida Israel J. Nvilliam Kerr John S. Landrum Elinor Malic Edna Rinset Walter Rogers Pearl Sifford COMMERCIAL L. N. Pease H cad Elizabeth Carden John Carmichael Vera Cobb Cass Lucy Crosby Mrs. Alma G. Decker Lilien Eberhard Margaret Ferrario George Freeman Mrs. G. H. Tolhurst Harry Hibbard Marguerite Hubbell Jean Humphreys Marjorie Pease A. R. Reelhorn Harold Turpin Bernadine Ungersma Bert I. Van Gilder Ralph XVentz CoM. ENGLISH Winifred Lovejoy Head PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mrs. Agnes D. May H cad Girls' P. E. Grace U. Bliss Kathleen Mitchell Frances Sheltman Helen Stone Persis Whitton Harry B. Lenz Head Boys, P. E. Howard Evans Pete McCain Wallace McKay Fred Solomon VOCATIONAL Floyd R. Love Head Edwin D. Comer John H. Harrison Ralph E. Herring Charles H. Libhart Edwin L. Pister Alan Porter James A. Smith Maurice D. Taylor Ira L. Van Vlear Charles E. Williams Evelyn E. Taylor J. Mitchell Lewis HOME ECONOIVIICS Constance Post Hcml Ada Alexander Marilla Dunning Grace G. Fowler Stella Johnson MATHEMATICS John S. Reed H earl Henry Bradley Edith Chidester Anne Pauline Abrightgggfrigjnlgsgfbargar Louise T. Baer Mary G. Bloom Rachel Keniston Mary McGlothlin Mrs. Laura B. Watson Benjamin Welker Seven Miss Butters Mr. Carmichael Miss Cass Mr. Comer Mr. Corbett Miss Crescenzi Miss Fowler Miss Hancock Mr. Harrison Mrs. G. H.Tolhurst Miss Heggie Mr. Herring Miss Hoerl Mr. Hofrneister Miss Humphreys Miss Crosby Mr. Libhart Mr. Pisur Mr. Porter Mr. Raven Mr. Rogers Miss Sheltman Mr. Smith Mr. Snuok Mr. Taylor Miss Taylor Mr. Turpin Mr. Vannuccini Mr. Van Vlear Mr. Williams SENIOR MEMORIES School Organizations STUDENT COUNCIL HE Student Council, which meets every Tuesday afternoon, sets our dates and bestows our honors. This yea i' the coun- cil has increased our entertainment by mak- ing school dances more frequent. As to bestowing honors, the council decides who shall receive block letters. The council this year donated one hundred and fifty dollars to a swimming meet. One of the greatest responsibilities of the Student Council is to decide whether or not our student desires, if granted, would be constitutional. Those responsible for directing the activities just mentioned are the student body president, Robert Peekler, who presides at the meet- ing of the Student Councilg Jean Swenson, who as vice-president of the student body, occupies the vice-presidency of the coun- cilg and Howard Becker, who holds the office of recorder. A small group of both boys and girls completes the membership of the Student Council, which has termin- ated :i successful semester. STUDENT CONTROL HE STUDENT CONTROL, aiming to de- velop a greater response for law and order and to maintain higher standards of conduct in and about the school, has done much the past year toward fulfilling its purpose. Under the capable direction of Eleanor McCloud, fall semester, and jean Swenson, spring semester, the Girls' Student Control, in addition to its regular activities, worked out a number of regulations for the JUNIOR N STOCKTON High School, as in many schools in the United States, there is a junior Red Cross. This organization is made up of every student in the high school, whether he pays dues or not. In order to make money, one day a month is set aside as "Penny day," where everyone brings a penny for the collection. This year 6,627 pennies were collected for good causes. In December, in order to secure funds to fill Christmas baskets for needy families, an unique Tin-Can Dance was given. Also at conduct of high school girls. These con- cern chewing gum, attention in assemblies, applying make-up, cutting, and smoking. The Boys' Student Control, with Tony Calvelli and Eldred Barnes at the head, car- ried out the usual duties of supervising as- semblies, helping keep up the campus, and improving the general conduct of school boys. RED CROSS this time 217 Christmas boxes filled with toys were sent to Guam, and S00 menu covers were sent for men of the United States fleet in Pacific waters. In the spring 400 dinner-dance programs were designed by art students, printed in the school print 'shop and sent to Wasliington, D. C., to help make the National Junior Red Cross con- vention a success. Monthly meetings, at- tended by representatives of the several classes, are made interesting by student and faculty speakers. Eight IIENIOR MEMORIES I Fear Cl'u1rles Parsons Ir., February Class I fear Wlmen my last long trail is taken, And my soul has come to its end, That I shall leave nothing behind me To be long remembered by them Who live on to their journey's end. I fear XVhen the last prayer is uttered And the last mourner is gone, That my name shall rest on a tombstone And not be revered and thought of Abroad or by fires of home. Only the shadows may know me, Only the well-sheltered glen Wlmere my body rests in eternity, Away from the thoughts of them Who keep in memory forever The titles of famous men. Oh God, let me not falter! Help me to ever be true To the goals at which great ones are aiming, And what all men are longing to do. Nine Door of New Building Samoa MEMORIES Music Department HE orchestra started this school year with more members than it had ever before known. Immediately members of this organization began to work toward a series of programs they were to give, the first of which-numbers played for Teach- ers' Institute-aroused much favorable com- ment. The group also assisted the German Club and the February class at the time when they gave their plays. The orchestra made a total of eight appearances during the year and learned eighteen different se- lections-one of which was the Caesar Frank Symphony. The band appeared at all football games during the fall and lent needed support and enthusiasm to rooters. Another im- portant function of the year was the Pom- ona College Glee Club concert for the bene- Ht of the band uniform fund. At the re- quest of the glee club the band played a group of numbers during the evening per- formance. Two organizations of band mem- Auditorium bers, the trumpet quartet and the wood wind ensemble, were active during the year, as were the boys' and girls' string quartets, composed of orchestra members. Band and orchestra combined to end the year with the Fifth Annual Band and Or- chestra Concert, at which Josephine Mira- montes and Charles Welch were soloists. Another time, May 18, both groups joined with the choral department to participate in the largest May Music Festival. Alfred Hertz, Herbert Clark, and Charles M. Den- nis, outstanding leaders in the country for orchestra, band and chorus, were chosen for conductors of this affair. The Troubadours, the group of singers picked from the chorus, gave performances for downtown clubs and appeared on the Washington-Lincoha program, the annual Christmas program, the Band and Orches- tra Concert, Commencement, and at other times during the year. Ten 62" f"'7! -I IN MEMODIAM DICHAIQD IBLEWETT TEDUC FIJIYANO SENIOR Memoiues February Class History otm Yeaas Aco, in February, 1931, three hundred freshmen-scrubs to you- made their debut at Stockton High. Of this group, almost two hundred survived till graduation. The class had no ambition to leave a trail of glory to inspire future stu- dents, but it came quite near to doing that very thing. In the sophomore year it won the inter-class swimming meet, took second in its junior year, and again won in its senior year. In its junior and senior years it also took the inter-class track meet. This record is a good example of the class spirit in ath- etics. This class was replete with famous per- sonages in every line of activity. Five dis- tinguished themselves in scholarship, Bessie Matsumoto, Alva Russell, Bill Rundle, Sam Abdallah and Beulah Penberthy. In art were Estell Payne, Jocelyn Camp, Nancy Greaves and Georgia Capps. Public speakers were Albert Lynde, our able student body president, who entered the regional Shake- spearian contest, Douglas Wilson, yell lead- er, and Bill Ohm. Charles Parsons, Babara Du Brutz and Robert Ghiorzo were prom- inent in journalism. In music Ralph Tred- way, Howard Stine, Ben Elliot, Harvey Mullen, Clydine Richardson, Jean Robert- son, Gertrude Turner and Clifton Kizer were leaders. Bill Rundle, Sam Abdullah, Nancy Greaves, Jocelyn Camp, Eva Nor- man, Alva Russell, Beulah Penberthy and Caroline Gill distinguished themselves in literature. Alfonso Alustiza, David John- ston, Wilbur Golithon, Archie Jett, Elton Martin, Allan Pearch, Ray Tatum, Tom Dixon, Lou Tsunekawa and Ray Carlisle found berths on the football squad. Verne Kinser and Russell Cook starred for the swimming team. Myron McCormick, Cecil Thirteen Brooks, Chester Fields and Fred F. Boyes were members of the greatest track team in the history of the school. Virginia Amann, Georgia Capps, Rita Folsom, Melita Paul and Annie Fields were prominent in girls' sports. Annely Uchida deserves special mention for her work in dancing. Class politics evolved the following as officers of the class: Earl Dahl, president, Vangie Pease, vice-president, and Alice Yel- land, secretary. Under their able leadership the senior prom was held and the senior play, "A Lady Laughs," was presented. A tradition was broken when class day was put entirely into the hands of the seniors. Instead of the usual speeches, an entertain- ment was given in true radio broadcasting style. A short play was enacted before the "mike," as were numerous other features, but what made the greatest hit with the audience was the impersonation of members of the faculty by the seniors. Commencement exercises were held in the Civic Memorial Auditorium, with A1- bert Lynde and Alva Russell as student speakers, the keynote of their speeches cele- brating the three hundredth anniversary of the founding of secondary schools. The cere- mony was finished only after 192 boys and girls had received their diplomas. Some joked, others laughed weakly, but all were impressed and saddened by the thought that the happiest years of their youth were ended when they grasped those hard earned diplo- mas. The school may forget the February class of 1935 as the years roll by, but as long as a single member lives he will never forget either the class or the school. 'Y X I' , -1 . W IH 5 'si-F , -1f?'!': ' - A it ' e Q2 - , T ' V SENIOR MEMORIES Outstanding Students STUDENT COUNCIL Albert W. Lynde Jr.--Academicg I Semester Honor Scholar- shipg Student Body Pres. Fall '34g First Prize Shakespeare Contestg Third Prize Life Insurance Contest Charles Parsons jr.-Academicg Editorial Board, Guard and Tackle '34, Assoc. Ed. Spring '34, Drum Corps, Hi-Step- pers '31, '32g Cast of Senior Play, "A Lady I..aughs"g Mem- ory Book Staff Barbara Du Brutz-Academicg Z Semcsters Honor Scholar- shipg Art Ed. G. and T. Spring '34, Bus. Mgr. Fall '34g Student Control Spring '33 CLASS OFFICERS Earl H. Dahl-Academicg Pres. February Class: Vice-Pres. French Club '34, Sergt-at-Arms '33-349 Vice-Pres. Tennis Club '32g Cast Senior Play, "A Lady Laughs" Alice Yelland-Academicg Sec. February Classg Sec. Play- crafters '343 G. and T. Staff '34g Cast Senior Play, "A Lady Laughs" Vangie Pease-Academicg Vice-Pres. February Classy Pres. Tri-Y '34g G. and T. Staff '34g Cast Senior Play, "A Lady Laughs" GOLD SEAL BEARERS Bessie Matsumoto-Academicg Gold Seal, 7 Sem. Honor Scholarship, Graduated in 3 H yearsg Japanese Club Treas. '33, Sec. '33, Pres. '34: Chemistry Contest '33 Saml1Abdullah-Academic, Gold Seal, 7 Sem. Honor Scholar- s 1 Alva lgussell-Acadelnicg Gold Seal, 8 Sem. Honor Schol- arship OTHER ACTIVITIES Chester A. Fields-Commercialg Cup in Trackg Z Block "S's" in Track, 3 in Basketball William Pohle-Academicg 1 Sem. Honor Scholarshipg High- est Merit Seal February Classg Cast Senior Play, "A Lady Laughsf' Merit Board '34g Hon. Schol. Service Com. William Ohm-Academicg Gold Seal, 6 Sem. Honor Scholar- shipg Pres. Honor Scholarship '3-'og Graduated in 3 M years fPicture not givenj Scholarship Sealg Merit Seal. Yasuo Akagi-Commercial Charles Allen-Academic Alfonso Alustiza-Academicg Block "S" Football and Basket- ballg Student Control '34 Virginia Amann-Academicg Girls' League Pres. Spring '34g Pres. Tri-Y Fall '33, Student Control Spring '34 Jim I. Arakawa-Vocationalg 3 Semesters Honor Scholarship Fourteen SENIOR MEMORIES Pio D. Arana-Academicg Serg.-at-Arms Spanish Club Fall ' '34g Graduated in 3M Years ' -Nik lil! ....,, 5 Q I K e Earl Bailey-Commetcialg Graduated in 32 Years ' ., , . , ff ,Y 1, J , 1, ' g Q,1,.. ,. 2 L1 1 joseph J. Barkett-Academicg 3 Scmesters Honor Scholar- ' ' . - " X - ' jj 1 shipg Graduated in 3 Years - I ' f ' y K g ' , Q 1 lfglill ' t f C s P" A ' " L,L Ruth Baron-Academic V V i , ' an lg . :lui Elmer Bartholomew-Commercial ,AY ji? R ' ' T Caroline Berkeley-Academic . l - . .' Alice Bishop-Commercialg Circle "S" and Class Numerals W e :U I . . fl . 14 X15- Albert Bitterman-Academic 1 ev . V , , . - , Harriett Blaclt-Academic 41' ' A f- I A ' 1 , V 1 pi. '- . +1 W A .. Q22 aol. l' ' 'L i Cx Fred F. Boyes-Academicg Block "SN in Track 1' ' A ' 3' It Silvio Bozzini-Academicg Cast Italian Play '349 Asst. Stage . - f" ' 'Qi W Mgr. "A Lady Laughs" I i-1 , Tix. f ' ' E Mary Elizabeth Brady-Academicg Class Numerals ffl fyi g! I ,113 . :K rf! , ' V s , I 3 Junan Bronzich-Academicg Girls' League Cabinet '34g Class ' ' . ' V :df ' ' , QQ' ' sl Numeralsg Graduated in 3M Years Ll A if V i s fl Cecil Brooks-Academicg Pres. Hobby Club '33g Rally Com. flff. A ' P ' A L' ., 5 Fall '34: Block "S" Traclcg Winner Toms Trophyg Sec. Q , , ,W ,.., ' Student Control Fall ,33 i It , Eifsgff' Frances La Verne Brooks-Acaclemicg Circle "S," Class Nu- E t i Elf -meralsg Orchestra '3lg Band '32 -. U' 5113 W' nl I Q 'il' C ' 15- F Helen Bruns-Academic ,Qi .g.f2iE3' H Qi I: ' 'Al George Calvero-Acaclemicg Pres. Filipino Club '34-'35, Vice' 5 ff i Q' r' , . N GK' Pres. '33g Serg.-at-Arms '32g Graduated in 3M Years , Rf- ? N .,.QfxC4 Jocelyn Camp-Academicg Asst. Art Ed, G. and T. '34g Or- if -1 Q chestra 35 Yearsg McKee Contest lst Prize Pencil Draw- : '1 K A . ing '34g Znd Prize Water Color '33g Student Control '34 E '-i r L3 K ' ' wr - -i , . .pm P , 3 K k V' 5 1 wi. V. lv 4 ' 'T . , . i -V, ': M' -.s mm, t. -, . r fr 1.24 A is t iggy Bernice Campbell-Academicg Circle "S" J ,' ' K v . 0 g aim? Georgia Ellen Capps-Academicg Class Numerals E l T is I . I , Ray Carlile-Acadcmicg Treas. "T Square Club" Spring '34g 'i " ' U . , lf Football Mgr. Fall '34g Block "S" Football wi 3 - 'LI1 K va ifflfw ,sfrsfi 'QQ Q F . Emmett E. Carlisle-Academicg Graduated in BM Years 46 Aloha Carter-Academic: Class Numerals l-gr,f.... ii ' K' John Changala-Academicg Asst. Yell Leader '32-'335 Serg.- ' I wfffiift E 1 -5- ' " at-Arms French Club '33g Menzies Award '31, '32, '33 V. 'ffl .L ',V' .L P . 7 . . , it 'Q' X ' . .vu ' "C , Fifteen an... A ma... ef: I Il . ., , t if is F5 any 3 if .kg ga Al fn. Neill? nga, 3 An l V. ig EA l . Yagi: lx?-r rw' ' . , F 1 SENIOR Memoiuns Eugene Chesi-Academicg Italian Club Play '34g Stage Mgr. "A Lady Laughs" Albert Compasso-Vocationalg Attended Fremont High, Oakland Russell Cook-Academicg C. I. F. Diving Champion 'BQ Band, Orchestra '3l9 Latin Club Prize '31 Glenn Crampton-Vocational Geraldine Crane-Academicg Class Numcrals Jacqueline Dees-Academic-Class Numerals Sherley DeMartini-Academic Joseph E. Downey-Academicg G. and T. Staff, Spring '34 Verna Dunstzm-Academicg Playcrafters '34g Numeralsg G. and T. Staff, Spring '34g Cast Senior Play, "A Lady Laughs" W. T. Eicke-Academic Bennie Elliot-Acadcmicg Block "S" Trackg Band 3 ycarsg Attended Roosevelt High, Fresno Rose Encinas-Commercialg Two Numcrals Herman H. Felton-Academic Annie E. Fields-Acadeinicg Class Numeralsg Prizes Poster Contestg Graduated in 3M Years Jack Filley--Commercialg june '34 Senior Play, "Believe It or Not" Lloyd Fischer-Academic . Rita Folsom.-Academicg Numeralsg G. and T. Staff '34 Walter E. Freeman-Academicg Circle "S" Anne Genelti-Academicg Red Cross Rep.g Numeralsg Hon- orable Mention Award, Italian '33 Duilio Ghilharducci-Commercial Robert Ghiorzo-Academicg Quill and Scrollg Sport Editor G. and T. '343 Band '31 Gertrude Giglio-Commercialg Class Numeralsg High Step- pcrs '34 Adelina M. Gil-Academicg Numeralsg Orchestra 'Bl-'34 Geraldine Gil-Academicg Numeralsg Graduated in 3 E6 years Sixteen SENIOR MEMomEs Caroline Gill-Academic Roland Giottonini-Academic Evelyn Adeline Giovannoni-Commerialg Numerals Wilbur Golithon-Commercialg Band 2 Yearsg Graduated in SM Years Dorothy Mae Goodrich-Academicg Class Numerals Zora Jean Goucley-Academicg Class Numerals Bruce Graham-Academicg Attended Queen Anne High, Se- attle, Wash. '30-'31 Nancy Greaves-Academicg 2 Semesters Honor Scholarshipg Sec. French Club Fall l34. Emmet W. Griffin-Vocational Elvin Guiliani-Vocational Etna Dora Heirnann-Academicg Sec. German Club Fall '345 Class Numerals Henry Hernandez-Vocationalg I Semester Honor Scholar- ship. Reta Horton-Academicg Class Numerals Dorothy May Jacobsen-Commercialg Class Numerals Archie Jett-Vocational David Johnston-Commercialg Block "S," 2 Years Football Marjorie Helen Jones-Acaclemicg Class Numerals Dorothy Kajita-Commercial Gladys Keith-Commercialg Class Numeralsg Old English "S" Loren Kern-Academic Verne P. Kinser-Academicg Custodian '32-'33g Com. Or- ganization '34-'35g Sec.-Treas. Pan-Pacific Clubg Serg.-ab Arms Block "S" Soc.g 4 Block "S's" Swimmingg Ross Pease Trophy '34g Student Control '32, '33, '34 Clifton Kizer-Academicg Serg.-at-Arms German Club '33g Baseball Umpire '345 Band '32-'34 Austin Klieves-Vocational Nancy Elizabeth Knieriemen-Academicg Class Numeralsg G. and T. Staff Spring '34g Latin Prize Seventeen Ewa-S1 " E . 'E itz: A , I L . . En? t.. 5 9 W iw--Q 5 : , A V 64 l , W uf' 1 A 1 f. 1 f ,tn iliwix ' . . '- A 713, PIU.. I ' 'if A ' '? " af 12 15 7 N53 3? 5, , ' litadri V -fjzkp, f - f .J , A . it ez tt ' I V , . K, ,rf , Q ' ' ' i .. r K, . - - .71 . 1 i ? , . sky? v. , ' l- ' we ,M . sa . -yes, ..... ...,,, 3,535 -45 , ja.: , r K .miurjy a 31?tm 1 Y . ' iffy? 'rl ' !.:.!...' FA' , Tif . F 312, 'E' ' . 'f ifsz M A -r--'xzfz w, . , . .. - 'wee A '- 'QW al 5 5 an ' V ' fu R ' ' f f ' ff 'bt 1. , gg. 4 trgfif. . fig Q 'ag Q, siege. i :tif Q 'z figs" A233 -K, h F 1' Y vi' ' ... ,til tit, W Q I wt. - n 'iiiig ' 2 Z ' , 7 ' if:-'f xg -seg f w W if. oz, A I U., . giiiia n .,..,gA . - eq V e,..iWr I , , .. ,. .gow 'K ai: ,. If' fi n.12iQQg5f.9 'bW ""2:f,1.91v 9 'f li., t ' f.r.715.,. as t ' ' -f ' ljgiz " ' ' J 4 . ? ,..t , , t, , 1 41? C .,,, X W . 321 ,-"' ,f'?ili - in A Q- E 3, , Q I' 5 M rf Q V Q . 'X R 5255? ga' 12 .n.,tne,n. C, A lf 142 4 levefi 35 6' W . v A Q' ' an 1 -415 4' -Q 4" . I- w 1 .4 I t I T 3 5 ' ' M . 1. 4 i ., Q .ln ,, 1 M 1 W H.. 1 al 1 'yu ' ' - I 1 it-Q' if ,f , . -", -JJ- SENIOR MEMoRiEs Marion C. Korekiyo-Acadcmicg Graduated 3M Yearsg Class Numerals Dorothy Lahmeyer-Academicg 1 Semester Honor Scholar- shipg Class Nutnerals Reba Laird-Commcrcialg Class Numeralsg Castlemont High, Oakland, '31 Rizpah Lea-Academicg 1 Semester Honor Scholarshipg Graduated 32 Years Rena Lechich-Commercialg Class Numerals Margaret Lefever-Academicg G. and T. Staffg Cast "A Lady Laughs" Albert C. Le Quellec jr.-Academicg Rally Committee Donald Arthur Liddicoat-Commercial Harry Livezey-Vocationalg Pres. Woodcraftersg Football Mgt. Robert Ross Love-Vocationalg Circle "S" Football Virginia Luttrell-Commcrcialg Glendale High '31g Beverly Hills '31 '33 ' Williard Laverne Lutz-Vocational Myron McCorn1ick-Acadexnicg Track '333 Baseball '31 Teleitha Magnuson-Academicg 1 Sen. Honor Scholarshipg Class Numeralsg G. and T. Staff, Spring '343 Latin Prize '30 Jack Malloy-Acadcmicg Yell Leader '33, '34 Marguerite Nlanaro-Academicg Pres. Old Eng. "S" '33, '34g Class Numeralsg Baseball Mgr. '32 Catherine Mansfield-Academicg Class Numeralsg Washing- jr. High '32, Pasadena '33 Richard Marotte-Academicg Galileo High '32 Elton F. Martin-Academicg Bus. Mgr. Senior Play, "A Lady Laugl-is"g Block "S" Football Camillo William Martinez-Academicg Graduated in 3V2 Years Lionel Massei-Academicg Circle "S" Baslcetballg Graduated in 3 LQ Years Lois Mikel-Acadexiiic Belmont Millet-Academicg Graduated in ZH Years Chamness Mills-Vocationalg Intertype Operator G. and TJ Band '31 Eighteen SENIOR MEMORIES Lawson' Moore Jr.-Academicg Band Awardg G. and T. News Editor '34p Band 3M Years Rosswell T. Morrow-Academicg Menzies Awardg Znd, Shake- spearean Contest Harvey Mullen-Academicg Band '31 to '34g Orchestra '33 Laurence Murphy-Academic K H i Eva Norman-Academicg 2 Sem. Honor Scholar-shipg G. and T. Staff 'Z-43 Castlemon: High '32 Fred Ochsner-Vocationalg Graduated in 3M Years john B. Oliver-Academicg Graduated in 3M Years Melita M. Paul-Commercialg Class Numeralsg Old Eng. "S" Estell Marjory Payne-Academicg Arr Staff G. and T. Alan Pearch--Academicg Block "S" Footballg Galileo '32g San Rafael '33 Wilnma Florence Peck-Academicg Class Numeralsg G. and T. Staff '34g Band and Orchestra 4 Yearsg Drum Major '34g Music Award Eleanor M. Pederson-Acaclemicg Graduated in 356 Years Beulah Penberthy-Academicg Treas, Pan-Pacific Club ,34 Estelle Penfield-Commercialg Class Numerals Verna Piclcard-Commercialg Class Numeralsg High Step- pers '34 Hilda P. Pisenti-Acaclemicg Class Numeralsg Circle "S" Walter A. Quinn-Acaclemicg Lowell Jr. High '30-'3lg Stu- dent Control '34 John Ransom-Academicg Circle "S" Graduated in BM Years ' l"-NM 1 ...1 1 Clydine Richardson-Academicg Class Numeralsg Balnd '33- '34g Drum Major '34g Music Award '353 Long Beach Poly '32g San Jose High '33 May jean Robertson-Academic: Class Numeralsg Girls' Sports Ed. G. and T. '343 Band ,32-'343 Soloist Band-On chestra Concertg Music Award '34 Jack Roscelli-Academicg Block "S" Baslcetballg Bandg Stu- dent Control '34 Anita Clark Rose-Acaclemicg Red Cross Rcp.g Sec.-Treas. Old Eng. "S"g English "S" Awards Latta Ross-Academicg Graduated in 3 56 Years Vieland Rossman-Commercialg Awards, Basketball, Football Ninezee n 1 I.:-'.i.tx'1s.:' 2 I 'Ui 9 .Q an Ja .vs Air 'in W? 4. S SENIOR MEMORIES jack Rule-Acadernicg Pres. Key Club '34g Band '31-'34 Bill Rundle-Academicg 3 Semesters Honor Scholarship Dorothy Ruvkun-Commercialg Class Numeralsg High Step- pers '34 Kyoichi E. Sako-Academic Jeanne E. Schafer-Academicg Graduated in 3M Years Roy Schenone--Vocational john Schone-Commercial William Shepard Jr.--Academicg Band 4 Yearsg Orchestra 1 Year George Smith-Commercialg Ione High '30 John T. Stephens-Academicg Orchestrag Antioch Highg Graduated in 3M Years 'Theodore Stephens-Academicg Block "S" Basketball Howard Arnold Stine-Academicg Joke Editor G. and T. '33-'34g Latin Prize '31 Viola Clare Stone-Academicg 4 Years Band, Orchestra Awardg Latin Prize Evelyn L. Tacldioli-Academicg Class Numerals Walter M. Talbot-Commercialg Treas, Junior Red Cross '33g David Luben Jr. High '31 Shizuko Tanaka-Academicg Graduated in BW Yearsg Class Numerals Mary Ellen Thomas-Academic John Thompson-Commercial Erma Tracy-Commercialg Sec.-Treas. Tri-Y ,343 Class Numeral james Curtis Tredway-Academicg Band '34g Redondo High '32, Sacramento High '33g Student Control '34 Ralph E. Tredway-Academicg G. and T. Staff Spring '343 Band '31 and '34, Soloist Band-Orchestra '32g Woodwind Prize '31 Louis S. Tsunekawa--Academicg Treas. Japanese Clubg Block "SH Football '34 Harumi Tsushima-Commercialg Graduated 3M Years Eldred Neal Tullos-Academic Twenty SENIOR MEMORIES Gertrude Turner-Academicg Treas. Girls' League '34g Exchange Ed. G. and T. Fall '343 Band '32, '33, '34, '35g Solo Annely Uchida-Academicg Cast Senior Play "A Lady Laughsng Solo Dance "Hiawatha"g Graduated ZH Years Ruth Urbani-Commercialg Class Numeralsg Old English "S" Fred F. Walsh Jr.-Commercial Walter Wfalz-Commercial Leslie Weber-Acadexnic Dorothy Elizabeth Whelihan Mitzi White-Academic Patrick White-Academic Douglas Wilson-Acadeinicg l Yell Leader '33, '34g Class Laughsng Student Control '34 Mildred Mae Wolf-Colnnxerci '32-3 3 Daisy Wong-Acadenxic Glenn Vvright-Academic Henry E. Yoshema-Academicg Donald Young-Academic Peter Yroz-Academic I , r Sec.-Treas. Tri-Y '34g Sec: Q , 151 W 'LL 0 . 45' I E ist Concert '34g Music Award j 8 Q jf: 1715 V l ? t . i HU in l - ,F Q Q I f .0 I ' :L . 2 A A L E , -Commercial ' all L ,K M Al .1 . . S , v 'Q Semester Honor Scholarshipg il i. Pres. Spring '343 Vice-Pres. 1 ' ' A Latin Club Fall '34, Pres. Spring '35g Adv. Mgr. "A Lady 1: A 13 . l alg Class Numeralg Lodi High V1 I dn V H ' , -5 E I l X l, 'i if " Graduated 3M Years A " r 1 A i , ...x Q , A 7 '5 7 -- ' - " Fifffi' ' . 'Q 4 1 A ' f ' 2 Ti ., ' C7223-'Ti'-1 M L L M5 -A i - ? af- . - ,.L. L ,nuxmii Millie Deaver-Commercial Tom Dixon-Academic Mazie Fox-Academicg Graduated in 3M Years Nestor Freitas-Academicg Circle "S Basketball: Graduated 32 Years Edward Gauger-Vocational Edith Ghiglieri-Commcrcialg Class Numerals Richard Jeffries--Academic Twenty-one SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES ' Alfred Louie-Vocational Evelyn Nicora-Commercial Bob Norton-Academic Mae Belle Rosensteel-Academic Cyril Stone-Academic Leola Sanborn-Academic Himeko Takahashi-Academicg Graduated in HQ Years Ray Tatum-Vocational SENIOR MEMORIES June Class History HE most outstanding class up to the year 1935. How proud I was to be in it! just because some students set out to be above average, others took it up, and soon we had a record breaking class. It started high school with the largest grou of freshmen ever to enter and ended with the number practically unchanged. Four hundred boys and girls took part in the graduation exercises. Nineteen of those who walked across the stage of the Civic Auditorium were gold seal bearers by the middle of the senior year because of mem- bership in the Honor Scholarship for six semesters or more. One of these, Rose Sakata, graduated in three yearsg three, Shizu Abe, Rose Merchasin, and Jimmy Naka- mura, graduated in three and one-half years. Howard Becker, Edith Chickaraishi, Erma Gaviglio, Bill Gealey, Sylvester Ghilarducci, Hillard Katz, Esther Kim, Wilma Patterson, Gilbert Paulo, Jimmy Powell, Melva Raffo, Betty Raven, jean Swenson, Ai Teranishi, and Alfred Zuckerman were all members of the class from the freshman year on. Of our athletes, nothing much can be said except that among them were some of the most brilliant in many years, with Tony Calvelli heading the list in football. Bob Board, Glynn Johnson, Carlton Peregoy, and Roy Phillips also developed into well- rounded players before the end of the four years. Dave Kerwin contributed to the basket-ball team, while Eldon Kitterman was a Hrst string member of the class "B" swimming squad. Outstand Robert Peckler-Academic, Z Semesters Honor Scholarshipg Pres. Student Body '35g Pres. Playcraftcrs '34-'35g Winner Hodgkins Tennis Racket, Troubadours '34-'35 Jean Swensen-Academic, Gold Sealg 7 Semesters Honor Scholarshipg Prs. Girls' League Fall '34g Vice-Pres. Student Body Spring '35g Vive- Pres. Philophysean Club '33g Sec. Tennis Club In music, too, we had our leaders. Four students, Josephine Miramontes in orchestra, Hazel Earl and Mary Holmes in the Trouba- dours, and Bill Kirkman as an ace pianist, followed this art seriously. Betty Raven, editor of the Memory Book, belonged to the girls' string quartet and was a member of the Quill and Scroll. Bill Gealey, another of the 1935 senior group and editor of the Guard and Tackle weekly, claimed membership in this international journalism society, along with John Nelson, spring sports editor. School officers? We had our share. Robert Peckler was student body president the last semester, Eleanor McCloud was es- pecially outstanding in school government, and Eldred Barnes, Anna Knapp, Jimmie Powell, and Jean Swenson took active part in this branch of school life. In February, the seniors picked students to represent them as their leaders when grad- uates. Carlton Peregoy was unanimously elected president, Marion Akers became vice-president, and Jack Colberg was secre- tary. It was the first year that students had graduated from the paint shop, a new de- partment started in 1931. Five boys began this branch of vocational work and refinish- ed their class rooms in the boys' basement, and by the end of their high school career had enlisted 19 other pupils in the new class. It was also the year in which the seniors had their caps and gowns measured to fit. ing Students '34g Pres. Honor Scholarship '35 and Sec. '343 Old English l'S"g Tollirt Trophyg Student Con- trol '34-'35 Eldred W. Barnes-Academicg Z Semesters Honor Scholarshipg Com. Welfare '35g Treas. French Club '34g Choral Mastery Vive-Pres. German Club Spring '35g A Track Spring '35 Twenty-:wo SENIOR MEMOPJES lSecond Line Picturesj Eleanor McCloud--Academic, 1 Semester Honor Scholar- ship, Sec. Girls' League '33, Vice-Pres. Student Body '343 Sec. French Club '32, Vice-Pres. Spanish Club '34, Class Numerals, Old English "S", Student Control ,34 James Robert Powell-Academic, Gold Seal, 7 Semestcrs Honor Scholarship, Com. Welfare '34, Pres. Latin Club '34, Pres. Tennis Club '34, Block "S" Tennis, Latin Prize '31, Student Control '35 - Anna Kna p-Academic, Pres. Girls' League '35, Vice-Pres. '34, Clgss Numerals, Circle "S," Old English "S", Ex- Com. G. A. A., Student Control '35, Cast "Huckleberry Finn." Bill Gealey-Academic, Gold Seal, 7 Seniesters Honor Schol- arship, Editor G. and T. '35, Assoc. Ed. Fall '34, Sec. Quill and Scroll '35, Latin Prize, Merit Seal Betty Raven-Academic, Gold Seal, 7 Semesters Honor Scholarship, Editor Memory Book '35, Pres. Quill and Scroll '35, Pres. Philophysean '34-'35, Sec. Madrigals '31-'32, Class Numerals, Reporter G. and T. '34-'35, Or- chestra 3 years '32-'35, String Quartet '33-'35, Gorgas Essay Contest Medal in School, First Award in State, Fifth Award for National Competition Hilliard joel Katz-Academic, Gold Seal, 7 Semesters Honor Scholarship, Com. Organizations '35, Vice-Pres. Calif. Scholarship Federation '34, '35, Vice-Pres. German Club '33, Pres. German Club '34-'35, Staff G. and T. '34-'35, Student Control '34 Gerry Gugenheim-Academic, Chairman junior Red Cross '34-'35 Howard H. Becker Jr.-Academic, Gold Seal, 7 Semesters Honor Scholarship, Com. Records Spring '35, Sec. 12B Class Fall '34, Serg.-at-Arms French Club '34-'35, Tennis Team, B Track Spring '35, Chm. Armistice Day Program '34, Washington Program Spring '35 Anthony Calvelli--Academic, Com. Athletics Feb.-June '34, Com. Welfare Sept. '34-Feb. '35, 4 Block "S's" Football CLASS OFFICERS Carlton Peregoy-Academic, Pres. 12A Class '35, Circle "S" Football '32, '33, Block "S" '34, Circle "S" Basketball '32, Block "S" '33, '34, Attended Garfield Jr. High, Berke- ley, '31 Marion Akers-Academic, Vice-Pres. IZA '35, Sec. Club '34, Pres. '34-'35, Reporter Hi- istry Team Sept. '34, First Award Pic: Award Crayon, Honorary Award B Contest, Sacramento High '33 Jack Colberg-Academic, Secretary 12 A Class. GOLD SEAL BEARERS ' Shizu Abe-Academic, Gold Seal, 5 Semesters Honor Schol- arship, McNoble Latin Prize: Graduated 355 Years Edith Chikaraishi-Academic, Gold Seal, 6 Semesters Honor Scholarship Erma J. Gaviglio-Commercial, Golcl Seal, 7 Semesters Honor Scholarship, Sec. Commercial Eng. Club, Student Sylvester Ghilarclucci-Vocational, Gold Seal, 7 Semesters Honor Scholarship, junior Red Cross Rep., Cylinder Pressman, Intertype Operator G. and T. Esther O. Kim-Academic, Gold Seal, 6 Semesters Honor Scholarship, Sec. Spanish Club '34, Vice-Pres. Old Eng- lish "S" '35, Numeral, Circle, Old English "S", G. A. A. Ex. Com. '34-'35 Rose Merchasin-Academic, Gold Seal, 5 Semesters Honor Scholarship, Graduated in BLQ Years Twenty-three 1 ,.I, 2-. 1 5. ,',' . 3 et 1,5113 ' Af SENIOR MEMORIES james M. Nakamura-Academicg Gold Seal, 5 Semesters Honor Scholarshipg Treas. Japanese Club '35, C. M. Menzies Trophy, First Award "D" Class Fall '32, Grad- uated 3M Years Wilma Patterson-Commercialg Gold Seal, 7 Semesters Honor Scholarshipg Class Numeralsg Gold Medal for Italian '33g Student Control '35 Gilbert Paulo-Commercial, Gold Seal, 7 Semesters Honor Scholarship Melva Joanne Raffo-Cominercialg Gold Seal, 7 Seinesters Honor Scholarshipg Vice-Pres. Italian Club '34-'35, Class Numeralsg Gold Medal for Italian '33, Staff "Lo Studente Italiano", Merit Board 34, '35 Rose Sakata-Academicg Gold Seal, 5 Semesters Honor Schol- arship, Graduated in 3 Years Ai Teranishi-Academic, Gold Seal, 6 Semesters Honor Scholarshipg Vice-Pres. Japanese Club '35, Class Numeral, Prize Bread Essay Contest Alfred Zuckerman-Academieg Gold Sealg 6 Semesters Honor Scholarshipg Troubadours Spring '33, Montezuma School '33-'34, Student Control '35 OTHER ACTIVITIES Josephine Miramontes-Academicg Class Numeralsg Orches- tra '31-l35, Soloist Band and Orchestra Concert Leila Sanders-Academic, Class Numeralsg Art Editor Senior Memory Book, First Prize Water Color McKee Contest '35 Glynn johnson jr.-Academicg Block "S" 3 Years Football Helen S. Baba-Academic, Attended Lodi High '32-,339 Highest Merit Seal. Marie Rita Aldazabal-Commercial, 6 Semesters Honor Scholarship, Pres. Spanish Club '34-'35g Student Control '34, Class Numeral Marie Alegria-Academicg Attended Pocatello High School, ,Idaho '32-'33 Godfried Algar-Academic, Pres. Filipino Club '35g Attended Cebu High, P. I., '25-'26, Woodland High '27, Sacra- mento High '27 Audrey A. Allard-Academic, Class Numeralsg Lodi High '33-,34 Georgette Allec-Academic, Attended St. Mary's High School '32-'33 Delbert Allen-Commercialg Circle "S" in Swimming, Grad- uated in 3M Years Frank Amaral-Commercial john Andresakis-Commercial Pearl Anson-Commercialg Vice-Pres. Commercial English Club '32-'33g Class Numerals Anthony Anton-Academic Elsie Arbanasin-Academicg Numerals Albert S. Arca-Academic Twenty-four SENIOR MEMORIES Flora Arca-Acadcmicg Sec. Filipino Club 2 Semcstersg Graduated in 3 Years Dora Archibald-Academicg Prize Gravem-Inglis Bread Con- test, Attended Hollywood High to Feb. '33, Fairfax High, Los Angeles, Dec. '33g Graduated in 352 Yearsg Cast "Huckleberry Finn." Florence Arnold--Commercial, Numcrals Walter Aungst-Academicg Attended Stanford High, Mainex Sept.-Dec. '33 Harold Earl Austin-Academic Mike Badway-Commercial Roy K. Ballard-Academicg Sergeant-at-Arms, French Club, '32-'33g French Club Playcrafters, '32-'33 Jeanne Barnett-Academic, 1 Semester Honor Scholarship: Treas. French Club Fall '35 Rose Bartlett-Academic, Class Numeral Evelyn Bartoli-Academic Artelle Baxter-Academic Barbara Beall-Academic, 3 Semesters Honor Scholarship, Orchestra 3 Yearsg Attended Orestimba High Sept. '32- Feb. '35, Graduated 3 Years Barbara Betty Bear-Academicg Attended Nan-bone High 32- 33 Thelma Beasley-Academicg Class Numeral William Beauchemin-Academicg Band '34 Bob Bechthold-Academic, Graduated 356 Years Virginia Beck-Academic Gerald Beeman-Commercialg Treas. Commercial English Club '33-,34 Marilynn Behre--Academicg Z Senyesters Honor Scholarship, Graduated in 3M Years 4,rt 6 David B. Beharin-Academicg Filipino Club Fall '33, Sec.- Treas. Fall '32 ll Lorraine L. Beltran-Commercialg Class Numerals Bernice Obie Berry-Commercial, Attended Trinidad High, Colorado, '32-'33 Lillian Bevilacqua-Commercial Sadie Blackfield-Commercialg Graduated in 32 Years Twenty-five rp 5541? A egeg , , 1 lf' ,Za , 'C - J A 'J A 1 "' . 3 A 12, , 'al S" 'T Q , , 41, W ' 1 - .5 iizffklg 1' 1 . 44S i 49 t,t, -dd 1- 3 I I. M A if ?i"""? fn ,f 6' ' ' 1 i 1 , A 56 sc t tt? - b Q Q ' A' ' ' 41, , l 7 l ' ' W ff :, h V 'f F'-l i' ' of f' , 'z Y I G -. Y I V- '15 4 . wY' ' 1. ' 1 . , i. , .: 'f as is t ' ,:4,Q tri. , 0, , , ,Li . Q. L. il-2' 3 : ..., . - I V . QQ - Y ,,..s . N .2 if , .Yin 'S' 'ta v bi U ' Fa 4 5.4 3 '47 I I 'al .4 4' - .s lr .12 1 , Nix . SENIOR MEMORIES Bob Board-Academicg 2 Circle "S's" Football, Circle "S" in Baslcetballg Student Control Fall '34-'35 Duane Boether-Academic Reginald Howard Boggs-Academicg Attended Everett Jr. High School and Mission High, San Francisco Edward R. Booker-Commercial Kenneth Boscacci-Academicg Pres. Tennis Club '35g 2 Block "S's" Tennisg San Joaquin County Jr. Tennis Cham- pion '34 Robert E. Broaddus-Academicg 1 Semester Honor Scholar- shipg 4 Years Orchestra '31-'355 Boys' String Quartet '34-'35g Chemistry Team '34 Juanita Brown-Commercialg Sec. Tri-Y Spring '35g Class Numeral Minnie Brown-Academicg Class Numeral Albina M. Budiselich-Commercialg Class Numeral Harvey Burgess-Academic Audine Buthenuth-Academicg 1 Semester Honor Scholar- shipg Graduated in 3M Years Bart Camera-Commercial Florilla Campbell-Academicg Attended St. Mary's High School '32-'33 Constance Campodonico-Academicg 2 Semesters Honor Scholarshipg Orchestra '33-'35g Italian Bronze Medal '32g Italian Silver Medal '33 Lothian Capps-Vocational James Carpino-Vocational Pauline Casey-Academic Vernon E. Cassell-Academicg Attended Burlingame High '34 James Cates Jr.-Academic Cecil Cave-Academicg 1 Semester Honor Scholarshipg 12B Pres. Fall '34g Old English "S"5 Student Control Spring '32 Josephine Chiotasso--Academicg Class Numeralg Circle "S" ae Clark-Academicg Class Numeral Gene Claudino-Academicg Class Numeralsg Guard and Tackle Sta ff Bill Clements-Academic Twenty-lix SENIOR MEMORIES Douglas E. Coggin-Academicg Yell Leader Fall '32g Sec. Hobby Club all '34g Asst. Bus. Mgr. Guard and Tackle Fall '33g Band '3lg Drum Major Fall '3Z5 Orchestra '33 James Luis Cole-Academicg Band '34 Janet Cole-Academicg 1 Semester Honor Scholarshipg Sec. Spanish Club '34-'35g Student Control '34g Cast "Huckle- berry Finn." Richard Cliff Collett-Academicg Band '33-'34 Margaret Lillian Confer-Commercial: Class Numerals Felix A. Contreras-Academicg Football Circle "S"3 Orches- trag Oakdale High '32, Tuolumne '33-'34 Paul C. Contreras-Academicg Attended Summerville Highg Oakdale High Roberta R. Cook-Academicg Girls' String Quartet '34-'35g Orchestra '32-'35 Vernon Corr-Academic Allen Corren-Academicg Com. of Records Sept. '33g Pres. gan-Pacific Club '3Zg Circle "S" Basketball '3lg Rally om. '32 Kathleen Corrigan-Academic Rose Marie Costello-Commercial Betty Covell--Academic Luella june Crampton-Commercial Elayne Cromer-Commercial Merle Curnow-Picture on page 39 Delmar Darrow-Academic Beatrice Ann Deaver-Academic: Oakdale High '3Ig Stu- dent Control Spring '34 Dena D. Defteros-Commercialg Class Numerals Ray Deluchi-Vocationalg Block "S" Football 3 Yearsg At- tended Garfield Jr. High '32 Dorothy Denny-Acaclemicg Medal Gorgas Essay Contestg Attended Springfield High, Missouri, zn Years Lois Marjorie Denton-Commercialg Class Numerals Anne Dervin--Academic Virginia Devine-Academic Howard Dickson-Academicg Serg.-at-Arms Latin Club '33 Robert Dewar--Picture on page 39 Twenty-seven -' wee. ' A 3 if ew, si I it E' " 13' +35-is ' I 3 . -W Pu i , X 1 7. :a l M .lf x ,T the E E A !l M 1 i , - 5 ' ii N .una ti U A A A li . Q3 my I ph . V V X '- Q -f , V - h A Ar SENIOR MEMORIES Wilnia Dobbs-Commercial Bob Donaldson-Academicg Student Control '35 Clarence Dooly-Academicg Attended Placer High '31-'32g Band 'Sl-,ZZ Gertrude Drugg-Academicg Attended Franklin High, New Hampshire, '32-'33 Lawrence Henry Du Frane-Academic Hazel Earl-Academicg Troubadours Z Yearsg Attended Berkeley High '32-'33 Merle Eisenhart-Academicg Attended University High School, Oakland, '33-'34 Dorothy Emerick-Academic Roberta Epperson-Acadcmicg Attended Santa Rosa High 3 Years Emestine M. Erickson-Academicg Attended Modesto High '3l-'32 Lillian Marie Errccart-Commercialg 2 Scmesters Honor Scholarshipg Class Numeral, Circle "S" Tony Espanola-Acadcmicg Pres. Filipino Clul: '325 Circle "S" Trackg Znd Prize Essay Carl Evanhoe-Commercial Orville Farthing-Vocational Joe Fierro-Cqmmer' ialg Asst. Adv. Mgr. and Promotion Mgr, G. and TTY!!-'35g Adv. Mgr. Memory Book '35 Dorothy Loiree Fitzgerald-Acadcmicg Attended Linden Higl-Q31 - Bill Flack-S-vocationalg Attended Continuation High '31, Imperial High '33g California Junior Republic '34 Dorothy V. Flintjer-Academicg Orchestra 252 Yearsg Grad- uated in 392 Years Tung S. Fong-Academicg Attended Winters High '27-'29, '32-'33g Lingnan University Branch Overseas School '30-'32 Erylene Jane Forster-Academicg Alhambra Union Highg Class Numeral Josephine Gertrude Freni-Commercialg Class Numerals Agnes Y. Fujishige-Academic Afton Adele Gaddy-Academic Elwood Gannon-Academic and Vocationalg Winters High 3 Years Twenty-eight SENIOR MEMORIES Tom Gardner-Academic Bill Garrow--Vocational Florence Emily Gaskill-Commercial, Class Numeral Control '33-'34, Italian Night Drama '34 Ida Elvira Ghiglieri-Academic Bernice M. Gilgert-Academic, Class Numeral Rubye Gillies-Academic, Beairer High, Utah, Fall '34 Jugui-tha Walker Glenn III-Academic, Sacramento High l Yearg.Cast " uclcleberry Finn." Bill GISBM- ca Elizabeth Goodman-Academic, Troubadours '31 '32 Eva Rose Gotelli-Commercialg Class Numeral Betty GraceeCommercial Bob Grady-Academieg Serg.-at-Arms Hi-Y Club '34-,35 Helen Louise Graves--Commercialg Attended St. lVlary's High 'ax-'sz Doris Greenig-Commercial, Attended East High, Salt Lake City, '32, Glen Greiner-Vocational Arthur S. Groft-Academicg Block "S" Footballg Student Control ,35g Attended Lodi High '31-'33g Cast "Huckle- berry Finn." Ray Grosse--Academic, lst Band '31-'323 Znd Band '32-'33 Frances Grove-Commercial, Class Numeral Frieda G. Grunberg-Commercial Grattan J. Guerin-Academic: Attended Lowell High, S. F., '31-'34 Lorraine A. Guerrero-Commercial, Class Numeral Bernice A. Hagicos-Commercial, Vice-Pres. Commercial Eng. Club, Spring '33, Class Numeral, Student Control, Fall '32 Mary jane Hall-Commercialg Attended Analy Union High, Sebastopol, 3 Years Harold Hansen-Academic Twenty-nine , l Wi ' " Q- 2115 ' . . A N If AQ ta X, 1 x 4 1- Q. 1 tl ' 4 in lg- SENIOR MEMORIES William Hamu-Cnmmercialg Asst, Adv. Mgr. '33-'34, Pro- motion Mgr. G. and T. '353 Band '32-'353 Graduated 3M Years Virginia Harriman-Academic Jean Loeen Harris-Acaclemicg Pres. Playcrafters Spring '35g 1 Semester Honor Scholarshipg Sec. Student Control '34-'35g Member '33-'35g Delegate to Girls' League Con- vention '34 Eva Harvey--Academic Mitsuko Hata-Academicg Attended Linden High ZW Years Honor Roll in Linden George M. Hatanaka-Academicg Courtland High ,31-'325 Rio Vista '32-'34 Lucy Hawley-Academicg V.-Pres. Social Service Club '34-'35 Eileen Heeney-Academic Kenneth Hench-Academicg Student Control ,35 Lucille E. Hickman-Commercialg Class Numeral Norman Higgins-Academicg Exchange Ed. G. and T. '34-'35 Murray Hill-Academicg American Legion Baseball Team Leroy E. Hixson-Academic Betty Holden-Academic Geraldine Alice Holden-Academicg Class Numeral Edwin W. Holmes-Academic Mary Holmes-Acaclemicg Troubadours '33-'35 Douglas Holster-Academic Ruth Hauser-Academic Neal Howard-Academicg Reporter on G. and T. Weekly June Yvonne Huff-Academicg Graduated in 3M Yearsg Student Control '35 . Shigeru lnamasu-Academic Weston Inglis-Academic Yaeko Inouye-Academic Thirty SENIOR Memories Herbert Isetti-Vocational, Intertype Operator G. and T. june Ishii-Academicg 1 Semester Honor Scholarshipg lst Place Design, Haggin Arc Ccmtestg Rio Vista High '31-'33g Courtland High '34 Grace K. Ishilrawa-Academicg 4 Semesters Honor Scholar- ship, Historian German Club '34 Isami Ito-Academic Everett H. Judge-Academic Margaret Jorgensen-Academicg Cast l'Huckleberry Finn." Muriel Jones-Picture on page 39. Kathleen Loretta Kaler-Academic, Class Numerals Arlis S. Kaneda-Academicg 4 Semesters Honor Scholarship, Sec. Japanese Club '34, Shakespearean Contest Curzon Kay-Academic, Band, Orchestra 4 Yearsg Sacra- mento High '31-'34 Dorothy Kelly-Academic, Class Numerals Marie Catherine Kelly--Academic James A. Kennedy-Vocational Richard Kennedy-Academic, Vice-Pres. Students, Richmond High '3Zg Attended Richmond High '32-Feb. '35 Kenneth Kerner-Academicg Track '35g Attended Colfax High, Wash., '31 Fred O. Kim-Academic, Lincoln Jr. High, Sacramento, '31 Verle Kinser-Academic Hugh Kirby-Academic, Orchestra, Merced High ,32-'34 William Kit-kman-Academic, 3 Semesters Honor Scholar- ship, Troubaclour Accompanist '345 Orchestra '33-'34 Kikuo Kitagawa-Academic Eldon Kitterman-Academic, Staff G. and T., Custodian '32, Mgr. Swimming Team '35, Block "S's" in Swimming Herbert Kitto-Academic, Sec. Science Club '35, Rally Com. '35 Corinne Kluckhohn-Academic, Ames High, Iowa, '32-'34. Ruth Knapp--Academic, Class Numeralsg Hayward High '31 Henry Korekiyo-Commercial Thirty-one - .g g Hill fn!-Al An .4 P 'IK Q. P Q J. ' JUNEEECL SS' .E A SENIOR MEMORIES Ben Kubota-Commercialg 5 Semesters Honor Scholarshipg Pres. Japanese Club ,34 Fred Lagorio-Commercial Phyllis Larson-Commercial Le Roy Leale-Academicg 1 Semester Honor Scholarshipg Pres. Italian Club '33-'34g Cast Italian Playsg Editor "Lo Studente Italiano" Austin Lee-Academic Helen Leisering-Academicg Z Semesters Honor Scholarshipg Sec. German Club '33-'34g Class Numerals Eliser Lebin-Picture on Page 39 jack Leonesio-Acaclemicg Ione High '31 Bill Lester-Academic Carolyn Lister-Academic udith Lovell-Academic Esther Virginia Lubin-Commercialg Class Numerals Margaret Maddox-Academicg Fairfax High, Los Angeles, '32-334 Melvin Lucchetti4Picture on page 39 Carmen Madrid-Academicg Band '35g Orchestra 33-355 Rio Vista High '31-'33 Mildred Marconi-Acndemicg Class Numerals Eunice Marengo-Academicg Class Numeralsg Girls' Sport Editor G. and T. '35, Exchange Editor '34 Angelina Mariani-Commercialg Class Numeral Marylee Marsh--Acaclemicg Class Numerals Lois Martell-Acadenxic Juliet Martin-Academic Rachel Martin-Academicg 2 Semesters Honor Scholarshipg Sec.-Treas. Philophysean Club '34-35 Wilson Mattingly-Vocationalg 1 Semester Honor Scholar- ship Billy McAdams-Vocational' Ransom. McCarty-Academic Mildred McGinley-Acaclemicg Class Numerals Thirty-two SENIOR MEMomEs John McGowen-Academic Ella Mclntire-Academics Class Numeralsg Latin Award Raymond McKee-Vocational Oscar McPhail-Academic George Meeker-Acadelxxicg Sec. Hi-Y at Tranquility '33-'343 Tennisg Class C Football Long Beach Polyg Cast in Oper- etta at Tranquilityg Bakersfield High Sept, '34-March '35g Long Beach Polytechnic '32-'33 Inez Mcnrlaro-Commercialg Class Numeralsg Italian Night Drama Georgia Metaxas-Coxnmercialg Class Numeral Frances Metcalf-Academicg Class Numeralsg Cast "Huckle- berry Finn " Cornelius Meyer-Academicg Band '32-'35 Josephine T. lVliniaci--Commercial Rue Vivian Minor-Commercialg Z Semesters Honor Schol- arshipg Sturges Junior High, San Bernardino, '32 Bettie Moore-Academicg Pres. Tri-Y '35g Class Numerals Sherman J. Moore Jr.-Commercialg Block "S" Presley Moore?Acadenxicg Ramona High '31-'32 Joseph Mor-ones-Vocational Marjorie Morris-Acadelnicg Graduated 316 years Harold W. Moyle-Academicg Sonora High '31 Leslie Moyle--Acaclemicg Alameda High '33 Emiko Nakamura-Commercialg Class Numerals Carl Nelson Jr.-Academic Douglas Nelson-Acaclemicg First Prize Latin, Spring '31 john Nelson-Academicg News Editor G. and T. '34, Sport Editor B55 Drum Major, Band, '34g Drum Corps '32-'33g Quill and Scroll Lois Marie Nelson-Academicg Graduated an Yarra Dessie Newton-Acaclemicg Class Numeralsg Spanish Club Play '33 Thirty-three GQ .A ni? fg WE .Q 3 ww.. . :rl 2, 2 g. ,AH ig., . Y. s 9 JZ . 3' It I N , -0 9 .X SENIOR MEMORIES Dorothy Nichols-Academic, Attended Arco High, Idaho, '31-'34 John N ishimoto-Academic Wilma C. Nollie-Commercial, Class Numeral Virginia Nunley-Academic Harold R. Nye-Academic, Ferndale Union High Esther S. Ogasawara-Academic, 4 Semesters Honor Scholar- ship, Pres. Japanese Club, '35 Jiro Okinaga-Vocationalg Commercial Esther Jackie Ong-Commercial, 2 Semesters Honor Schol- arshipg Sec.-Treas, Chinese Club Spring '34, Pres. Chinese Club '35, Old English "S"g Attended Pittsburg High School '3lg Student Control '35 Lily Oshima-Academicg 5 Semesters Honor Scholarship, Sec. Japanese Club '34, Circle, Class Numerals Jeanne Owens-Academic, Graduated 3M Years Lena Passadore-Commercial Helen Patterson-Academic, Pres. Social Service Club '35 Alice Peirano-Commercial Geno Pellegri-Vocational Roy Phillips-Academic, 2 Circle "S's"g Band '31-'33g Student Control '35 Raymond Pierini-Commercialg Block "S" Football Vicente A. Pinuela-Academic Phyllis Piraino-Commercial, 3 Semesters Honor Scholar- ship, Class Numeralsg Italian Award '33 Hazel K. Poole-Commercial, Class Numeral Susan Marie Predagne-Commercial, Class Numeral Gladys jeselyn Prouty-Commercial 1' Richard Pugmire--Academic, South High, Salt Lake City, '31-'34 Q Helen Purin-Academicg Vice-Pres. Tri-Y Fall '34 Jimmie Rallios-Commercial Thirty-four SENIOR MEMORIES Thelma Rallios-Commercialg Class Numeral Valerie E. Ramoni-Commercialg Z Semesters Honor Schol- arslxipg Class Numeralg Swimming Mgr. '31 Hertha Rausch-Academicg Vice-Pres. junior Red Cross '34- '35g Class Numeralg Student Control '353 Cast "Huckle- berry Finn." Louise Rebs-Academic Lynn W. Reed-Academic Bernice Repctti-Commercialg 2 Semesters Honor Scholar- sl1ip5 Old English "S"3 Class Numerals Noel L. Riffe-Commercialg Pres. Harmonica Club '35 Virginia Rives-Academic Adele Roberti-Commercialg Graduated in Bk Years Boots Roberts-Academicg Graduated 395 Years Eleanor Robinson-Academic Helen Vivian Roclstrom-Cummercialg Class Numerals Eva Marie Rosselli-Commercialg Class Numerals Nadyne Rossi-Academicg St. Max-y's High '31 Dan Rubin-Acaclemicg Z Block "S's", Circle "S" Basketball Maryann Rule-Commercial Vincent Russo-Academic Gladys Sanguinetti-Academicg Class Numerals Violet Santana-Academicg Notre Dame High '31, Santa Clara High '32-'33 Herman Sagiro-Academicg Rally Com. '325 Tennis Team '31-'33g lock "S" Tennis Tamotsu Sato-Academic Yumi Sato-Academic Emma Schiebelhut-Academicg Custodian German Club '34- '35g Sec. German Club '35g Central Union High '31 Wilmer Schroebel-Academic Thirty-five S A. , A JA' r vi U SENIOR MEMORIES Charles Schwartzler-Academicg Band '32-'35 4 Josephine Scott-Academicg 3 Semesters Honor Scholarshipg Lodi High Fall '32g Porterville High Spring '32 Harlow E. Scribner-Academicg Pres. Hi-Y ,355 Circle "S" Track '31 Quido Segarini-Commercial Glen Shaljian-Academicg Drum and Bugle Corps '34 Evelyn Eldora Shankel-Academicg Pres. Stamp Club '34-'35, Sec.-Treas. Spring '34g Pres. Old English "S" '34-,355 Class Numeralg Circle and Old English "S's"g Band 35 Years jean Kiyo Shimasaki-Acaclemic .,. Yukiko Shimasaki-Academicg Graduated in 3 Years Evamay Shore-Academicg Graduated in 356 Years Eugene Short-Acaclemicg Student Control Fall '34: Grad- uated in 3M Years Belle Silva-Commercial Catherine Ann Silvy-Academicg Vice-Pres. Girls' Science Club Fall '34g Richmond Junior High Fall '31 Kathleen Simmonds-Commercialg Vice4Pres. 12B Class '34g Class Numeralsg G. A. A. Ex.-Com. Spring '32 Frances Simpson-Academic Wilson G. Slater-Academicg Circle "S" in Track Bud Smee-Academic Dorothy Smith-Academic Elsie Smith-Commercial June Smith-Academic Tony Spino-Academic Ernest St. Clair-Acadexnicg Graduated in BM Yearsg Albu- querque High '30-'33 Jean Steele-Academic , Dorothy Steiny-Academicg Vice-Pres. Social Service Club '33-'34 Walthea Stene-Commercial Thirty-six SENIOR MEMORIES Alfred Stetson-Academicg Block "S" Football '33, ,341 Stu- dent Control '34-'35 Leonard N. Stetson-Academicg Drum Corps '31-'32 Melvin Stewart-Vocational Sam Stobie-Academicg Circle "S" Foorballg Student Con- trol '35 Russell A. Sykes-Academic Clair Tatton-Academicg 1 Semester Honor Scholarshipg Speaker Armistice Day and Washington-Lincoln Pro- gramsg Cast "Huckleberry Finn." Jack B. Tesch-Academicg Art Editor G. and T. Helen Thanas-Commercial Alber Thompson-Commercial Eleonora Totesani-Academic Thelma Ruth Tracy--Commercialg Pres. Tri-Y Fall '34g Class Numerals Margaret Lee Trotter--Commercial Ben Tsutomu Tsuclama-Academicg Graduated BK Yearsg Sergfat-Arms Japanese Club Spring '34 Mary Tsurumoto-Commercialg Class Numerals Hisalcu Tsutsui-Commercialg Class Numeral: Bill Tucker--Commercial and Vocationalg Z Block "S's" Swimmingg San Jose High ,33 Jack Tulloch-Academicg Block "S" Football '34, Circle "S" '33g Orchestra '34-'35g Oakdale High '32-'33 Gear e K.U eda-Acaclcmicg 1 Semester Honor Scholarshipg g Y Block "S" Football '3-43 Lodi High 2 Years Alma Vachina-Commercialg Class Numerals Oliver Vanosse--Academic Warren Van Vlear-Academicg Z Semesters Honor Scholar- shipg Chairman Scholarship Com. Fall '34 Dorothy Vetter-Academic jess G. Vitek-Academic Iona Voll-Academic Thirzy-seven Alice Athol Vote-Acadclnicg Joseph Voyer+Academic Julia Vukovich-Commercial Mildred Washburn-Acadcmicg Beverly Weaver-Academic Wesley Weborg-Academic Charles Welch-Conxmercial SENIOR MEMORIES Treas. Tri-Y '34-'35 Vice-Pres. Tri-Y '35 Marjorie West-Academicg l Semester Honor Scholarshipg Sec, Madrigals '33g Sec. Spanish Club '335 Vice-Pres. Junior Music Club '34g Orchestra 3 Years Virginia Weston-Acadeinic: 5 Semesters Honor Scholar- shipg Sec. Social Service Club '34-'35 Elsie Wictorin-Acadenmicg 2 Semesters Katherine Wiese-Conmmercial Clair Wilbur Jr.-Academic Owen Wilkinson-Academic Chester Winn-Vocational E. Wolfe-Academic Honor Scholarship Frank Wong-Acadexnicg Vice-Pres. Chinese Club '34-'35 Cyril Wright-Vocational Lewis Yelland-Academic Stella Yonemura-Academicg Social Chairman Japanese Club '355 Class Numerals Tom Yonenalca-Academicg Lincoln High, Los Angeles '33-'34 Masako Yoshima-Commercialg Class Numeral Setsuyo Yoshimi-Commercialg l Semester Honor Scholar- shipg Class Numeral Masao Yoshimura-Academicg 1 Semester Honor Scholar- shipg Attended High School and Commercial College in Japan '26-'29 janet Zichichi-Academic Thirty-nigh: SENIOR MEMORIES Myrtle Ziegler-Commercial Merle Curnow-Academic Robert Dewar-Academic Fred Fulton Jr.-Academic Muriel F. jones-Academic Elise: Lebin-Academic Mel Guy Lucchetti-Academic SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES Simeon Harrington-Vocationalg Attended Manreca High '31-,BZ Jeanne E. Katberg-Commercialg Circle "S"g Class Numerals Dave Ken-win-Academicg Block "S" Baslcerballg Menzies Awardg Traclcg Cathedral High, Los Angeles, '31-'33 Marjorie Kesterson-Acaclemicg Chico High '32-Feb. '35 Hay.-uko Park-Academicg 1 Semester Honor Scholarshipg Graduated 35 Yearsg Vice-Pres. Class '323 Commerce High, S. F., '33g Girls' High to Feb. '35 I Science and Commercial Building Wallace Sharpe-Academic Helen Trulson-Acadernicg Class Numerals Alden White-Academic Thirty-nina SENIOR Miamoruns February Class Play HE HOUSE is packed. Excitement reigns out front as well as back stage. In a few moments the curtain will rise on the first act of "A Lady Laughs," the Feb- ruary class of 1935's dramatic presentation. This year, instead of the usual comedy or mystery thriller, the seniors put on an en- tirely different type of play, the sophisti- cated drama. Leone Renwick's hard, up-hill climb to reach the social position she desired regard- less of anything which might stand in her way is depicted. She says of her childhood, "I was born of reluctant parents on the wrong side of the tracks. The name was Ryan-good old 'shanty Irish' name. I was told by hopeful relatives that the only way out of the 'cabbage patch' lay in marriage- a rich marriage. The only men in my neigh- borhood were the kind who married young and expected their wives to support them- selves." This advice and some experience she had gained along the way led to her ultimate marriage with Henry Renwick, a stuffy banker who lived in a house filled with family portraits and traditions. Her past returns in the guise of Marian Fortune, a visitor at the home of Catherine Crane, a dear friend of Leone. A boarding school romance of Marian's had been wrecked by Leone, who had considered her affair with Larry Court, Marian's sweetheart, as a mere flirtation. Larry, in desperation, had com- mitted suicide. Ten years later Marian, now a settle- ment worker, finds her chance for revenge has come. Leone is having an affair with Geoffrey Trent, a young architect, and she wishes to divorce Henry. Hoping to use Marian for her own purpose, Leone pretends to love Henry above everything. Catherine tries to warn Leone that her plan to make Henry and Marian fall in love will turn out disastrously, but to no avail.. As Leone is exulting because she has discovered Marian and Henry in each other's arms, Catherine enters with a note from Marian, who has left to return to New York. The note con- tains the news that Geoffrey and Marian have married. Henry has discovered Leone's duplicity and leaves her, taking with him the wealth and position for which he stood. Leon's world crashes around her as she real- izes that her schemes have gone awry. A bit of good comedy is introduced by the supercilious butler and the charming French maid, both of whom adore Henry and resent Leone's presence in Henry's home. Music Bill Rundle, February Class I was alone, and it came. Fear! blind, unreasoning fear! Not of life or the future, Not of God or Hell. No, fear of heaven! The worst fear of all: The fear that there can be no happiness- Not even in heaven. Then, a beautiful melody, A rainbow of the soul, And fear was not! I Forty SENIOR MEMORIES June Class Play N MAY 31, the Senior class presented its play, "Huckleberry Finn," in the High School Auditorium. The usual run of Senior plays recently has been mys- teries or comedies, but "Huckleberry Finn" was chosen because of its unusual com- bination of drama, as well as for its suitabil- ity to high school audiences. Mark Twain was originally responsible for the humorous account of youth's strange enterprises in- fluenced by old superstitions of slaves in the middle of the 19th century. One of the gripping incidents in the Senior play, "Huckleberry Finnf, occurred when Huck had fallen heir to some money. His father, a good-for-nothing drunkard, tricked the boy into his swamp home. By beating Huck, he thought he had finally forced him to turn over the money. How Huckleberry Finn, the true American boy, tricked his ignorant father made a story in itself. Robert Peckler played the title role as the prank-playing, fun-loving Huckleberry Finn. His constant companion, Tom Saw- yer, was portrayed by Walker Glenn. John Finn, Huck's father, who was converted from a carousing drunkard to a law-abiding citizen, was played by Arthur Groft. Mar- garet jurgensen played the kind-hearted but "so nervous" Aunt Polly. There was young Aunt Ruth, played by Hertha Rausch, who was courted by the handsome Fred Ray- mond, taken by Clair Tatton. Mary Jane, the youngster who laughed throughout the play and knew everything that was going on in town before any one else did, was depicted by Janet Cole. Melba White, the overly superstitious negro maid of the Wat- son household, was the part taken by Anna Knapp. The Deaconess of the church, a typical spinster named Clara Woppinger, was played by Frances Metcalf. Her younger sister, the irrepressible Amy, whom she dom- Lnages absolutely, was taken by Dora Archi- a . Perplexities Robert Broaddus, June Class I wrote my name in the mist, And it swept on into the steamy morn. I mused under n fog-blurred moon, And a great Wing'd bird swooped out of l its course And snatched up my dream To fix it on a thorn. I wove long shafts of sun Into a blanket to cover me, And I was cheered and warm. Forty-one SENIOR MEMORIES March of Time Scbool Year of 1934-1935 EPT. 4, 1934-Once more familiar sights reached our eyes as term of confinement began. Guides were beseiged by a host of bewildered nfreshiesi' everywhere. Time Marches On. Oct. 3-Our new Student Body Presi- dent, Albert Lynde was presented with the gavel. Oct. 12-With a score of 12-6 Stock- ton proved herself eligible for the C. I. F. championship by defeating Sacramento in a most exciting football game. Oct. Z0-Girls, girls, and more girls were seen on our campus at the Girls' League Convention here. Dr. Aurelia Reinhardt of Mills College was the guest speaker. Time Marches On. Nov. 15-An Armistice Day program by Miss Green's public speaking class was presented with music by Troubadours and orchestra. Nov. 18-Here's a feather in Lodi's cap. In the annual Tarzan-Flame battle, Lodi came out ahead, with the score 19-0. Need anything more be said? Time Marches On. Dec. 18-Ask your ma For a big fruit jar, And then advance To the Tin Can Dance. Rhymes like this heralded the approach of our Benefit Christmas Dance. Dec. 18- The music department presented a Christ- mas program, with Rev. Noel J. Breed as guest speaker, music furnished by the Trou- badours and orchestra. Time Marches O11. Q Jan. 11, 1935-A drama entitled "A Lady Laughs" was the senior play presented by the February graduates-a sophisticated theme with clever lines. Jan. 18-Sacra- mento evened the last football game by walk- ing away with a score of 26-20 in basketball. Jan. 24-Robert Peckler was elected Student Body president for the spring term. Jan. 29-At a clever imitation of a radio broad- cast the Class Day of the February graduates was marked a tremendous success. jan. 30- 192 graduates bade farewell to their Alma Mater at the exercises held in the Civic Audi- torium. Time Marches On. Feb. 21--Miss Green's public speaking class gave a Washington-Lincoln program with music by Troubadours and band. Time Mmfcbes On. March 8-A great success was claimed the Spanish Program given for Scholarship funds. Time Marches On. April 9-Pomona College Glee Club out- did itself at an enjoyable program to raise money for our band uniforms. April 9- Arlis Kaneda and Robert Peckler were chosen to represent us in the Shakespearian contest at Modesto. April 11--Open House-the annual occasion when mother and father be- come better acquainted with Willie's school life. April IS-Easter vacation-how good it felt to us hard working students! Time Marches On. May 18-At the Music Festival directed by Alfred Hertz, Herbert L. Clarke, and Charles M. Dennis, 700 students gave a de- lightful program. May 29-"Sign my book" was a familiar cry throughout the campus when Memory Books came out. May 31- A red letter day of the year! "Huckleberry Finn" the senior play of the June class was presented hilariously and successfully. And that enjoyable fete, the School Carnival, was held in the afternoon. Long may it live! Time Marches Ou. June 15-Class day was held as a tercen- tenary celebration of the founding of public secondary schools in America. June 21- Almost 400 graduates bade farewell to their school at the Civic Auditorium. Time Mnrcbes On. Forty-two SENIOR Mlsmoiuss School Activities GIRLS' LEAGUE HE oldest organization of the school, "The Girls' League," was organized in 1916 and called "The Girls' Associa- tion" until 1927, when the name was changed to "Girls' League." The policy of the League has been to help girls to get acquainted and to enjoy themselves. Under this policy they have given student dances, entertainments, Freshman receptions, and many other programs. One of the most important events of the past year was the Girls' League conven- tion at which Jean Swenson, fall president of the League and also the president of thc Girls' League Bay Federation, presided. The general theme was "The Challenge of Leis- ure," and the round table discussions, the luncheon talks, and the afternoon address by Dr. Reinhardt made it an outstanding event. Anna Knapp, president for the spring semester, has made the monthly meetings very entertaining, among the best being an hour's program given by the faculty women. GUARD AND TACKLE HE GUARD AND TACKLE is published weekly during the school year except after vacations and the first and last weeks of the term. The purpose of the paper is to present school news and to support school projects. This year four Literary Leaflets have been issued. In these, the best compositions and poems submitted from English classes are printed. Senior leaders on GIRLS' OMPARED to the girls' sports programs of other high schools, Stockton High can be well proud of its own, as many more games are available here than at other schools. During the first three years all girls learn tumbling, tennis, archery, volley ball, basketball, speed ball, field ball, hockey, long ball, bounce ball and baseball, besides many games of low organization. Recrea- tional sports, as deck-tennis, paddle-tennis, handball, and ping pong, have been added to the senior girls' list-all of which have prov- en to be popular during lunch periods with boys as well as girls. These senior classes en- gaged in a noon time deck-tennis and horse- shoe tournament the latter part of March, the winners of each class playing off the finals to determine the champions. The F. G. Tollitt Trophy for girls, presented each year the weekly staff for fall term were Charles Parsons, head of editorial boardg Barbara DuBrutz, business manager, and Margaret Lefeverg for the spring term Bill Gealey, editor, John Nelson, sports, Jack Tesch, cartoonsg Marjorie Cunningham, William Harms and Joe Fierro, business staff, Eunice Marengo, girls' sports, and Norman Higgins, exchanges. SPORTS auf- ' to winners of the singles elimination tour- nament, was awarded Jean Swenson. The Wednesday afternoon social dancing group for fifty junior and senior boys and girls has developed very fine dancers under the direction of Miss Frances Sheltman. OLD ENGLISH "S" SOCIETY RIDAY swimming parties at special rates were organized in April at the Olympic Baths under instruction of Miss Persis XVhitton and sponsored by the Old English "S" Society. April 6, ten girls took part in Play Day at Sacramento, and April 27 forty- five girls enjoyed Play Day at Lodi. Games were volley ball, baseball, archery, swim- ming, and tennis. After the sports every- one enjoyed a swim in the Lodi pool. fry., .Forty-four NW , ' A rf - ......,X . ,Lf kx. I X. zQl, - Qfffrka- K ' xx " X f u N z- XX llliif X, Wwylp WI M CB N104 H 'N"lNw 45,44 X f lxkgvx xxtzsgxlx :Ui xxx J' Q X QNX :fx N 1 Xr nrmx x N yu Xhf'nxX xy ig, Axe EQ, 1, 1 Ax ehvbx QNQXHK-l-N13 CM My s XWXN 'Y VT Tx 1- Q N 'N x W 'WX M ' - ' A -, .5 3' - ,. :A Q . .tm - Iv, if U H . lm? . 1' G '1f1I"g I X K' x . , .' ' ",'u',qI'p 41' . , Q, 'LW 11 f -' ., au , x 1-M N Q . , L H -A -,-- . . , . 4. . w -- f- .. .A .1 .1 . ' g ' : , , ' 1' J I ,,, ' ' .. R xqllnftllil lil.. Im A , ,lln N l 4m UA, ll ' gl J 'arid K. ,-ll of EV Iliff. - ' Q. 1 , 'FT V A , QL xl. , .A 1 W - - - , , w ' , w ha - . ' 1 ' . . - I , - f.- , 71 V '--.f::1f,x.,xxx-Mniw A - q V a . , xy, qs em 'wks 0 NX N-'Xxx 5, ' D Q., 1 ' ' xx xu':QXl:.ixb. X .i .QA Avg ' ,, 'Q 1 lv! "sir: Gvvc' -' ' .Y - "' 11 , ' , W' Qzif-A xgymx, my 13330, ,x w w , 3 l -1 1 .1 , . N x -"'1'51'QS'a 4993 '-.x H-'Ngfam Q 'S ' 51 -U.. N51 xx 5 .X 0 .if-IQ. :Y ., x QS,Ix.x'XMs iw: Q Whitt. 'L V I xx, V xxxmw ' Q I hw: .ji-,',lir Y-iT',qA?.,: Y H LEANING PALM .....,.,.,, , , . ..,.,, . .,,,,.. ..., N IOHN Tl 2OMz'Su .lv Alfonso Alusliza Glynn Johnson Jack Tullock Sherman Monte Tony Calvelli James Carpino Archie Jen Bob Board Alfred Stetson David Johnston Alan Pearch Carlton Peregoy Irving Bennett Ray Deluchi Wilbur Golithon Italo Grillo Arthur Graf! George Uyeda Furry-seven A SENIOR MEMORIES Boys' Sports YVEARERS OF THEIBLOCK "S" FOOTBALL A. Pearch G. johnson F. Aniotzlpehere MENZIES WINNERS . C. Peregoy D. Johnston K. Goldsberry I Igrst Year A. Stetson L. Mazzera R. Marsh C F- IEILASSA - 011995 R. Tatum Third Year D. Gniffre - 'lc 5 R- Board I. T ll k . I. J I 1 F. Bonfilio C, ULQQSZ W- PBPPHS 3 lrfolrffff CLASS B B. Carlson E, Martin Fourth Year C. Powers R. Morrow Q CBQFPIIIO. R. Carlile, Mgr.T. Calvelli N. Duarte, Mgr. EQ Gjgfn' second Year BASKETBALL Second YW CLASSC XV. Golithon A. Alustiza First Yell' , f R' Huckabay A. Groft I. Baucom G. Wlells D' Rubm A. .Iett R. Deluchi H. Kramar C- PW9805' CLASSD S. Moore I. Grillo R. Bean I. Baucom L. Lcnahan SEASON'S SUMMARY FOOTBALL BASKETBALL SlockKon's Score Opponenfs Score Stock!on's Score I Opponent's Score 19 . ........., , Sacred Heart . .,.. 0 17... ,,,,, ,. ,,,.,, Poly Tech 18 eeeee qeqn R cdwood City- 1 , 0 29. . ....... f Redwood Cry.- 23 30 .. .,,, Sta ford Frosh , M31 12 ..... . , Burlingame ,.,, , 7 33 ,Arr V Q ---nA-Y ngalileo ,YYYr,- V Y 14 6 ,-,,. Y Vrry Galileo N V r 6 I 28,,, , W ,,,,..,, Cal. Frosh 20 20 ...,.. .. ....,. Sacramento ,..., ......... 2 6 12 .,.. .. L ,L Sacramento ,,,.,, ...... 6 30 Lodi 0 H .,., ,. - , Piedmont ,,,,,. 6 45 ...,.,., ....,.,,, F rcsno .....,., ,x 39., .,,,, ....... M odesto ........ ......... 3 3 6 """" " Balwrsield """ ""' 6 42 , ,.,,,, Sacramento ,,..... 6 , ...,, , ,,.., Fresno ,,,,,,, , , .20 26 ..,, .... ......... . I. Odi W .... ..... . ...2l 19 B- lb O 37 ,,,,,,,, L ...,.,, Sonora ,.,,, ..,.. .......,. 2 0 'vw-Y ' I J oa 'vw' 'nh' . . W... Modesto W... M ---------19 0, .,,., ,,,, L odi ,,,.. ,.,.,,,.. ,,,,,, 1 9 25 ......,.. ...... Auburn ..... ..... . -35 PICTURES OPPOSITE 1. Track Squad 7. Tucker 13. Kimplon 19. Peregoy 23. Rubin 2. Slater 8. Delaney 14. Barnes 20. Eslinger 24. Fields 3. Hanson 9. Cope 15. Zuckerman 21. Lodi President and 25. Girls' Gym 4. Swimming Squad 10. Bertleson 16. Fnppiann Yell Leader 26. "B" Foozball Squad 5. Menzies Winners ll. Becker 17. Catalan 22. Finish of 100, 6. Grille 12. Aniotzbchcrc 18. Kerwin Pacific Fresh For-cy-eight Forty-nine ' "7'5"fI 'A A -' f W un, . a:.H.:'ZQHq?.VZ 4 -jf' 1 , .txgu . JI 5, Mi' A x ' ffiiifi' "sf5'54:i 'f "5 '-A I 5' ., ' A . .ix 1 Wm , AAT 4 1 H. hq x ,., - . , . ' 199- Q, 1 ...M ' " ' .' , f -5,7 X x ,-X1 ?!1!E'ii bi W il il it F R 4 E 14 gh im in 'ia ia i ' 'Ei' Q., ii- Cb 9 " 33' ,L , B 4g,,',f5'2'3X'Q mr . E? 134 a rv-,.p.,..g R , . .gl yi ,-gg " rg. , A-f. v. 1 ,I Y : an 'W il . S 2 h ,. , 5 ,I A - Q ., 5 . 3 4,iN,L, . 6 , I -j Q A pix 'i - .P ff? A I- 3 ,JAY-af' nn 2 Q- -5'- 445' S! A - as iw' W N- ,453 2" - . M ,. . A ,,,I.,fW ' 7 if in" ' f A , f f9"i"s. "2-he "'7b"',' 4 . . -'K if . ' ff -- 1, ,U I 5 , 2, ' fl . X UI, ' .::' riff- ,gf 1, x I L,a:fg'ff'3 .522 3 ST Q-az" f ??+2,w,e 'ze ,fv .ww :uf .V - .4-I' 54 -,f f- Q .. '-'fi Ll". 3 ,U . K' "WH, ' " 'rf ,W 'E' k 4, ' 1- 1' .,.Qfg:aviQ , i?.3Pf , V I--. Eggbkh-tjgugAL Nsggrig .' , . 8131"-...fv' N M wt r V' f Timm VJ ui 4 . .... , , ' vt' llaiig-1. 'fj 5 'N--ff?-f X gvccsmvg. - 'I 'H n wg .Ng , , 3 if mag: uh. C P-Hfrxff-f.2fi'zf3w1,:? Fw I ' Q , D' , Af ' ,. fy' . it- 1. A ,Y ' . V ffff, -'V4"3i'W53i,4"--3':: 'T J. 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Suggestions in the Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) collection:

Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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