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Q-Q.. ............n.. ... ........ , AUDITDIQIIJM JEAN HDACIY SENIQIQ MEMCDIQIES Published by Jrhe February and June Graclualing Classes of Slocldon High School l G -N0'5v,f+15Z+f,, 5 sawed by BURNELL PANKEY STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA 1934 l:Of6VVOTCl Taking the place of a more expensive type of yearbook, Senior Memories is displacing the annual usedin past years. It is the belief of the faculty and those students concerned that this type of publication is a more ap- propriate and satisfactory record of school life than the costlier annual. The staff has tried to represent equally both the February and June graduates, to whom the book is dedicated, and also to pre- sent a relative showing of the lower class- men. This year as much material as possible has been placed in the limited space without an attempt to overcrowd. The book is sec- tioned into four divisions which are devoted to the seniors and various student activities in which they have participated. With this in view the staff wishes to pre- sent the 1934 edition of Senior Memories in the hope that it will prove to be a source of pleasant recollections in the future for all of the students of Stockton High School and especially the graduating seniors. THE EDITOR Through the Oahf "A-wave with Treef, Filtext Foliage for a Dream" B4 "Learning H nth H if Youth Luxuriant and juvenile ' , Q: 'JP-kg", ' fi 1 .- 4. is A A Q. .. V-ffm rr'- - ,f 311 , , Si wkig , . . if -.-.. ,M ,- M f 1 1 il 15' 'fm 2 ,gf-1 Auditorium Colanmzde "M0r1arrl9 Oak . . . The Patriarch of Trees' W. FRED ELLIS, Prinripal LANGUAGES Lillian Williams Head Elizabeth Anderson Olympia Binsacca Mariana Crescenzi Ellen De Ruchie Gabrielle Heggie Ralph Hofmeister Gladys G. Lukes Adeline Selna Louis Vannuccini SCIENCES Asa L. Caulkins Head, Chemistry J. C. Corbett Head, Plvyricf H. Snook Head, Biology 4 Mrs. Helen S. Abbott Agnes Erickson A. W. Everett Emma F. Hawkins Mrs. Myrtle Kerr Anna Lowrey Died, February Ralph S. Raven Sanford Sweet FACULTY ADMINISTRATION W. FRED ELLIS ............... ..................................... P rincipal ALICE MCINNES ..,..,.....,..,............. Vice-Principal, Dean of Girls LAURANCE N, PEASE .......... ...,..,..............,....... V ice-Principal J, C, CAVE ......................... .................. D ean of Boys ASA L. CAULKINS ......... .............................. R egistrar HOMER S. TOMS ......... ........,, N ight School Principal MILDRED SMITH ....... .......................... L ibrarian ENGLISH Ovena Larson SOCIAL SCIENCES Wesley G. Young Head Bettie May Boswell Veva Brown Alida Israel J. W. Kerr Laura M. Kingsbury john S. Landrum Elinor E. Malic Edna Rinset Walter Rogers Pearl Sifford DRAWING Mrs. Elizabeth M. Olson Head Howard G. Bissell Amy A. Pahl MUSIC Frank T. Smith Head Harold Heisinger Virginia Short Head Nancy Berry Esther Butters Lily Cliberon Ida C. Green Anne L. Harris Adelle Howell Elizabeth Humbargar Ben Lewis Lucy Osborn Georgia Smith L. Lucile Turner Lizette Ward Caroline D. Wright MATHEMATICS John S. Reed Head H. A. Bradley Edith Chidester Catherine Humbargar Lucia N. Keniston Rachel Keniston Mary McGlothlin B. L. Welker, jr. HOME ECONOMICS ' Constance Post Head Ada E. Alexander Marilla Dunning Mrs. Martha C. Foley Grace Fowler Stella Johnson PAGE 8 COMMERCIAL Laurance N. Pease H ead Elizabeth Carden 1. H. Carmichael Vera Cobb Cass Lucy E. Crosby Mrs. Alma G. Decker Lilien Eberhard George W. Freeman Mrs. Gertrude Heald Harry Hibbard Marguerite Hubbell jean Humphreys Marjorie E. Pease A. R. Reelhorn Bernadine Ungersma B. I. Van Gilder Ralph Wentz COMMERCIAL ENGLISH Winifred Lovejoy H ead Anne Pauline Abright Louise T. Baer Mary G. Bloom Laura J. Briggs Alice Mclnnes VOCATIONAL Floyd R. Love H ead Edwin D. Comer J. H. Harrison Ralph Herring SENIOR ADVISER Miss Abright Miss Anderson Miss Binsacca Mr. Bissell Miss Bloom Mr. Bradley Miss Brown Miss Chidester Miss Cliberon Mrs. Kerr Mr. B. Lewis Miss Lovejoy Miss McGlothlin Miss Mitchell Miss Osborn Mr. Reelhorn Miss Silford Mr. I. A. Smith Miss Taylor Miss Ungersma -1 E 5 E s E E S E 3 E E E 5, U 2 E E I i ! s I l i l I 3 3 l Charles Libhart Mr' Young j Edwin L. Pister Alan Porter , , J. A. Smith Evelyn E. Taylor PHYSICAL EDUCATION Maurice D. Taylor GIRLS BOYS . Ira L. Van Vlear Mrs. Agnes D. May Head H. B. Lenz Heaa' Charles GIHCG BllSS Cave J. M. Lewis, Agriculture PAGE 9 Kathleen G. Mitchell Frances Sheltman Helen B. Stone Howard F. Evans Wallace L. McKay Fred F. Solomon June Class I-listo LOWING gray robes and serious young faces under tassled gray caps! Gravely, one by one, three hundred and eighteen june graduates will walk across the stage of the Civic Auditorium on june 14. One by one, they will extend eager hands to receive long-worked-for diplomas. In those few moments, just as a drowning man recalls the past incidents of his life, so each graduate will hark back to the day he entered Stockton High as a freshman. "There were four hundred and twenty-five of us, little green gems of the ocean," the thought flashes before the mind, "What a class we were! We didn't wait until we were upper classmen to do big things! Bobbin Gay Peck played an important role in 'Seven- teen' way back in 1931, Truman Smith won first prize in a model airplane contest when he was a freshman. "Our most outstanding athletes started their careers as lower classmen-Norman Nordwick in foo.tball and Mark Parsons in basketball. Henry Stagnaro and Charles Drace began early to prepare for their star- dom in football. Fred Wright and Dick Donnelly stood out for several years as trackmen. Harry Harvey and Charles De Witt swam their way to fame. Tony Firpo distinguished himself in basketball." The six Honor Scholarship students who had earned their gold seals this February maintained high scholastic records throughout the four years of high school. Alice Caulkins, Marjory Currell, Delphine Ferroggiaro, Rose Ito, Delwin Wright, and Louis Billones are the proud possessors of seals. There will be additional seals awarded with june grades. Mar- jory Currell, the youngest member of the class, won fame through her four-year record of straight A's. Other members of this illustrious class also were good students. Ruth Woods, Margaret Breed, Harold Pe- letz, Bob Wentz, Ruth Ikeda, Misao Takayama, Frances Little, Alex Turkatte, George Hasegawa, Josephine Cavey, George Greaves, Naomi Fuqua, Al- fred Schaede, Roger Abbott, Antone Ficovich, john Wong, and Chris Vukovich had high grade averages. Then there were all those students who received little notice as freshmen and sophomores, but who made themselves worthwhile members of Stockton High through hard work and good citizenship. Another honorary society, the Quill and Scroll, claimed several june graduates as members. Martin Glick, fall editor of the Guard and Tackle, june Beecher, spring editor, Bill Carlile, sport editor, Clif- ford jakel, fall news editor, and Burnell Pankey, edi- tor of the Memory Book, belonged to this selected group. Helen Lu Silvy and Alice Caulkins also were awarded membership for their work as reporters on the weekly, Beth Lou won a literary award in 1932 for her short story, "Ah Moy's Filial." An art closely allied to writing-dramatics--is represented in stu- dent affairs by the Playcrafters. Charles Schiffman, Pearl Piraino, Betty Swift, Bob Wentz, and Bobbin VY Gay Peck are the graduates who found an outlet for their dramatic ability through this organization. Bob- bin Gay increased her stage experience further by taking the leading feminine role in the class play, "Believe It or Not." Co-starred with her was Burnell Pankey. The entire cast included Erwin Farley, janet Cox, Dale Higdon, Gladys Hughes, Shirley Pace, jack Filley, Seward Stroud, Ruth Beezley, Ansel Scott, Esther Carpenter, Naomi Fuqua, Doryce Bacon, The backstage side of the production was managed by Dick Donnelly and William Mann. Pearl Piraino at- tended to the business aspect, and Helen Lu Silvy served as publicity manager. Leadership in student affairs was granted to cer- tain of the graduates through Student Body and class elections. Mark Parsons proved himself an able Stu- dent Body president during his term of office in the spring of '34. Eileen Wilson was active at the same time as first vice-president. Erwin Farley headed the Boys' Student Control as commissioner of welfare, and Charles Schiffman filled the position of junior Red Cross chairman. Fred Wright guided the interests of the senior class as 12B and 12A class president. Jay Rolfe was elected vice-president, and Katherine Brown acted as secretary-treasurer of the class. George Ditz served on the Student Council in '33 and '34 as Commissioner of Records, There were leaders too in the musical department. Six members of the June class-Floyd Balsley, jay Rolfe, Israel Sweet, Mike Faraclas, Eileen Wilson and Betty Webb-belonged to the Troubadours. Marjory and Dorothy Currell were gifted with musical talent and played for several years in the orchestra. Ruth Colliver was a valuable part of the girls' string quartet. Dick McCann served both in the band and orchestra and in the brass quartet. Norval Weirich, jack Hayre, and Bill Owens will be missed after graduation by their fellow members in the band. These and many others of the june class took part in the activities of the musical organizations at Stockton High and gained much through the training offered by this department. All this passes before the mind of each graduate as he walks up to receive his diploma, and slowly comes back down the long aisle to his seat. Now the last diploma has been given out. A long, seemingly endless line of gray robed figures files out of the Civic Auditorium on this evening of june 14, 1934. Another Commencement is over. Three hundred eighteen more Stockton High School graduates start .their long trek down the highway of life. Success or failure will be theirs. But whatever the future holds, each knows that always he will be able to look back upon his four years in high school with pleasure, to recall with a happy smile pleasant times enjoyed with jolly companions and faithful friends. Memories of high schoolbdays! Senior memories! May they be always with us. PAGE I0 - -I+ AJ. ,. IN MEMDIQIAM MISS ANNA LOWDEY . ,- Qutstanding June Seniors MARK PARSONS-Academic, President of Student Body Spring '34, Basketball '31-'34, Track '31-'34, Menzies Award-lst Place Class A '33 EILEEN WILSON-Academic, First Vice-Pres. of Student Body '34, Troubadours '32-'34g Member Girls' Student Control '32, '34, Class Numerals ERWIN C. FARLEY-Academic, Com. of Welfare Spring '34, Circle "S" in Track '33g Orchestra '30, '31, Vice-Pres. Latin Club '33, Treas, Hi-Y '34, Cast "Believe-It-Or-Not" BURNELL PANKEY-Academic, Editor of Senior Memory Book '34, Exchange Editor, Rep. G. and T. Weekly Spring '333 Quill and Scroll, Male Lead "Believe-It-Or-Not" JUNE ELAINE BEECHER-Academic, 2 Sem. Honor Scholarship, Editor of G. 8a T. Weekly Spring '34, Associate Editor Fall '33, Quill and Scroll MARTIN GLICK-Academic, 1 Sem. Honor Scholarship, Editor G. and T. Weekly Fall '33, Pres, Boys' Science Club '33, gf, Quill and Scroll, Memory Book Staff '34, Pres, Stamp ub '34 GEORGE A. DITZ-Academicg 1 Sem. Honor Scholarship, Com- missioner of Records '33, '34, Rall Committee '33, '34, Pres. French Club '34, Cast "The Slzy Train" '33 JOHN MCNOBLE-Academic, 2 Sem. Honor Scholarship CHARLEs SCHIEEMAN-Academic, Chairman Junior Red Cross '33, '34, Custodian '32, Editor Buds O' Blue '33, Staff G. and T. Weekly, Quill and Scroll, Sec. Boys' Science Club '33, Vice-Pres. Junior Tennis Club FRED WRIGHT-Academic, 2 Sem. Honor Scholarship, Pres. Senior Class '34, 4 Years Track, Managerial Staff G. and T. Weekly, Attended Inglewood High 2 Years KATHERINE THOMPSON BROWN-Academic, Sec.-Treas. of 12A Class Spring '34, Attended Great Falls High, Montana, '30, '31, Cast "Believe-It-Or-Not" JAY ROLFE-Academic, Vice-Pres. Senior Class '34, Member Troubadours BILL CARLILE-Academic, Sport Editor of G. and T. Weekl g Sport Editor of Memory Book '34, Pres, Quill and Scrol'lg Pres. Hi-Y, Circle "S" in Football HELEN LUCILLE SILVY-Academic, 3 Sem. Honor Scholarship, Staff Memory Book '34, Staff G. and T, Weekly, Publicity Manager "Believe-It-Or-Not", Quill and Scroll, Attended Richmond High '32 NORMAN NORDWICK-Academic, 1 Sem. Honor Scholarship, Member of Merit Board Spring '34, Block "S" in Football and Track MARJORY A, CURRELL-Academic, Gold Seal, 7 Sem. Honor Scholarship, Orchestra '30-'34, Latin Awards LOUIS BILLONES-Academic, Gold Seal, 5 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship, Graduate in 32 Years ALICE CAULKINS-Academic, Gold Seal, 7 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship, Quill and Scroll, Reporter G. and T. Weekly, Old English "S", Pres. Girls' Science Club Fall '33 DELPHINE FERROGGIARO-Academic, Gold Seal, 6 Sem. Honor Scholarship, Member Girls' Student Control '33, Pres. Honor Scholarship Spring '34, Vice-Pres. Italian Club Fall '33, Attended Lowell, S. F., '30-'31 DELWIIBVVRIGHT-COH1mCfClal, Gold Seal, 6 Sem. Honor Schol- ars Ip ROSE EMIKO ITO-Commercialg Gold Seal, 5 Sem. Honor Schol- arship, Treas. Japanese Club '33, '34, Graduate in 32 ears PAGE I3 CLAII' lf R,--.,5.-5 .... ' ' r. . .... , ' R. 'I x if . OTHER JEAL J A X ROGER ABBOTT-Academicg 5 Sem, Honor Scholarship DORA BELL ALDRIDGE-Commercialg 2 Awards in Sportsg Red Cross Representative FRED ALLISON-Academicg Vice-Pres. Spanish Club, '52, ,33 HERBERT ANDREWS-Academic PAULINE R. ARBINI-Commercialg Italian Award ,35Q Class Numerals VALERA ARNs-Commercialg Attended Fort Madison High School, Iowa, '30, '31 FRED AULT-Academicg Vice-Pres. Spanish Club CLAUDE AUNGER-Commercial DORYCE BACON-Academicg Class Numeralg Cast "Believe-It Or-Not" LAURA BAILEY-Academic DHANA SINGH BAINS-Academic FLOYD ERVIN BALSLEY-Vocationalg Troubadours '53g Pres. Woodcrafters '33, '34 PRIMITIVO S. BANIAGA-Academic DELBERT BARCUS-Academicg Attended Madera High SYDNEY BARNETT-Academic BESSIE MARIE BARTHoLoMEw-Academic ROBERT BASTIAN-Acadernicg Cartoonist G, Sc T. Weekly ,33 PEARL BEAVER-Academicg Band and Orchestra '31-'33 LOIS RUTH BEEZLEY-Academicg Editor "Lo Studente Italianoug Cast "Believe-It-Or-Notl' AUDREY BEHRNS-Academicg Sec.-Treas. 12B Class Fall '53g Class Numerals AILEEN VIRGINIA BIRD--Academicg Sec.-Treas. Philophysean Club Spring 345 Class Numerals STEPHEN BLEWETT-Academic ANNE BLOATHNER-Cornmercialg 1 Sem, Honor Scholarshipg Class Numerals ROBERT C, BLossoM-Academic PAGE I4 VIRGIL BONDON-Academicg Circle "S" in Basketballg Attended Dos Palos and Campbell Highs LOUIE BRAGHETTA-Vocational MARGARET CLAIRE BREED-AC3,d6H1lCQ 4 Sem. Honor Scholar- shipg Attended Petaluma Hih, '31-'33 BOB BRISCOE-Academicg Attended St. Mary's 3 Years MELBA BROWN-Academic ARTHUR BUETTNER-Academic JACOBA BUNT-Academic AILEEN BUOY-Academic LOUISE JEANETTE BURDICK-Academicg Latin Award '31 DOUGLAS CAMPBELL-Academicg Band SIGURD CARLSON-Academic ESTHER LOUISE CARPENTER-Academicg Attended San jose High 2 Years LAVERNE CARTER-Academic TI-IERON CARY-Academic JOSIEPHINE CAVEY-Academicg 5 Sem. Honor Scholarship ADELINE LAVERNE CHINCHIOLO-Academicg Class Numeral EDDIE CHIOTASSO-Academic VIOLA E. CLAUSSEN-Commercialg Class Numerals MAMIE A. CODY-Commercialg 2 Circle "S's,'g Red Cross Rep- resentative '35 TOM COE-Academic ELAINE T, COLLIVAS-Comrnercialg Class Numerals RUTH M. COLLIVER-Academicg Orchestra 1 Yearg Girls' String Quartet 1 Yearg Reporter G. and T. Weekly 5 Girls' Student Control Spring ,34 GWENDOLYN CONARD-Academicg Attended Armijo High '31, ,32 HENRIETTA CORDWAY-Academic PAGE I5 CLAUDE CORPENINO-Academicg Menzies Awardg 2 Circle "S's" LUCY R. CORRADI-Commercialg Class Numerals JANET COX-Academicg Vice-Pres. Girls' League Spring '34g Cast "Believe-It-Or-Not" EVELYN JUNE COX-Academic DOROTHY V. CURRELL-Academicg Orchestra '30-'34g Latin Awards ALBERTA LOUISE DASSO-Academicg Pres. Philophysean Club Spring '333 Manager Girls' Tennis Club '33g Lafifl Award 131 LORENE M. DAWSON-Commercialg Class Numeral DOUGLAS DEAPER-Academicg News Editor, Columnist, Re- porter G. and T. Weekly '33, '34 MARTHA DE GANNA-Academicg Manager Girls' Tennis Club '34g Ofld English "S"g Class Numerals PHYLLIS DE GANNA-Commercialg Class Numerals JOSEPH DELUCHI-Commercialg 1 Sem. Honor Scholarship ALICE DE MATTEI-Academic CHARLES DE WITT-Academicg Menzies Award Class C-First Place, Class B-Second Place, Class A-Second Placeg Band '31g Attended Lodi High School '30, '31 THOMAS DIXON+Academicg 3 Block "S'S" in Football ALINDE W. DOHRMAN-Academicg 1 Sem. Honor Scholarshipg Member Troubadours RICHARD DOMENCH-Academicg Cast "Rosina es Fragil" DICK DONNELLY-Academicg "Block "S" in Trackg Track Man- ager '32, '333 Menzies Awards '33, '345 Member Boys' Student Control '33, '34g Assistant Stage Manager "Sky Train" '32 DOROTHEA DONNELLY-Academicg Member Girls' League Cab- inet g lst Prize in Design-McKee Art Contest '33g Class Numeral CHARLES DRACE-Academicg 5 Sem. Honor Scholarshipg Block "S" Eootballg Pres. Tee-Square Club '34 JEAN EDEN-Academic ARTHUR EMERSON-Commercial EMILY B. ENCINAS-Commercialg Class Numeralsg Attended Herbert Hoover Junior High, Berkeley '30 NADINE ESPLEN-Academicg Vice-Pres. Tri-Y, Spring '34g Sec.- Treas. Girls' Science Club Fall '33 MIKE FARACLAS-Academicg Troubadours Spring '34g Red Cross Representative '34 PAGE I6 ANTONE FICOVICH-Academicg 1 Sem. Honor Scholarshipg Member Boys' Student Control '33, '34 DORIS FINKBOHNER-Academicg Treas. Tri-Y Club Fall '33 ANTHONY FIRPO-Academicg 1 Sem. Honor Scholarship ETHEL FLACK-Academicg Staff G, and T. Weekly VIRGINIA FLAMMER-Academic ROSE FLEMING-Academic ROSE FORENTI-Commercial NAOMI FUQUA-Commercialg 4 Sem, Honor Scholarshipg Mem- ber Girls' Student Control '32, '33, '34 RUTH R. GARROW-Commercial MONROE GASKILL-Vocational BELVA GERKE-Academicg Class Numeralsg Attended Fremont High '30 HELEN GILBERT-Academicg Old English "S"g Class Numerals LOLLY MARY GIOVANNETTI-Commercialg Circle "S" FRANK GIOVANNONI-Academic LESLIE GLENN-Academicg Band 1 Yearg Orchestra 1 Year JEAN GOODMAN-Academicg Attended Peoria High, Illinois, 2 Years ESTHER GOODRICH-Academic DOROTHY GORDON-Academicg Attended St. Mary's High 3 Years LLOYD REYNOLD GRAVES-Commercialg Attended Roosevelt and Castlemont Highs '32 GEORGE GREAVES-Vocationalg 2 Sem. Honor Scholarshipg Block "S" Trackg Intertype Operator G. and T. Weekly BERYL GREENBERG-Academicg Class Numerals THERESA GRONDONA-Academic HARRY GUIBOR-Academicg Band '30, '31 CLIFFORD GUY-Academic PAGE I7 RALPH HADDEN-Academic A ELLOUISE HAGENE-Academic PHILLIP HALL-Academic ELI HAMMEL-Vocational VIRGINIA YVONNE HARPER-Academicg Member Girls' Student Control 3 Years, Class Numerals RAYMOND HARTLEY-Vocational HARRY HARVEY-Academic, 1 Sem. Honor Scholarship, Block "S" Swimming '33, '34, Band '31 JUNJI HASEGAWA-Academicg 3 Sem. Honor Scholarship NANCY T REMAIN HATCH-Academic EDITH MYRLE HATCHETT-Commercial, Class Numerals I MARTHA HAWLEY-Academic, Staff G. and T. Weekly, Girls' Student Control '32, '33 JOHN R. HAWTHORNE-Academic JACK HAYRE-Academic, Band 3 Years, Orchestra 2 Years EULAH HEENEY-Academic MILTON HEEFNER-Commercial HERBERT H. HEIM-Vocational MORRIS HENDERSON-Academicg Attended North Central High, Spokane, Wash., '30-'32, and Sacramento High '33 BARBARA DEAN HEWLETT-Academic DALE HIGDON+-Academic, Band 3 Years, lst Prize Oil Painting McKee Art Contest, Pres. Hobby Club '33, Pres. Camera Club '33g Cast "Believe-It-Or-Not" NORMAN HOOD-Aeademic, Band '30-'33 ANNA L. HORTON-Academic, Treas. Spanish Club '32 STANLEY A. HOWELL-Academic, Member Boys' Student Con- trol Spring '33, Pres. Hi-Y Fall '33 GLADYS HUGHES-Academic, joke Editor G. and T. Weekly, Cast "Believe-It-Or-Not" CLIFFORD HULL-Academicg 2 Menzies Awards PAGE I8 HENRY HUNT-Commercial VIRGINIA IGO-Academic, 1 Sem. Honor Scholarshipg Graduate in 32 Years MASUKO IKAWA-Academic, Attended Mountain View High '31 RUTH IKEDA-Academic, 6 Sem. Honor Scholarship TOMOO ITO-Academicg Pres. japanese Club '33, '34 CLIFFORD JAKEL-Academic, News Ed., Exchange Ed., Stall G, and T. Weekly, Editor of "Buds O' Blue" '33, Sec. Quill and Scroll Spring '34 VICTORIA JENSEN-Academic BEVERLY JONES-Academicg Attended Phoenix High '31, Bret Harte High '32 ' MARGARET JONES-Academicg Old English "S"g Vice-Pres. Old English "S" Soc. Spring '34g Sec. Camera Club Fall '33 DAVID JORY-Academic ALICE KAWAMATA-Academicg 1 Sem. Honor Scholarship HARRY KEMP-Academic, Attended Wayne High, Neb., '31 HERMA KLEMEYER-Academic GODFREY KNAPP-Academic BURT KNOWLES-Academic, Band 2 Years HENRY KRAMAR-Academicg Block "S" in Trackg Menzies Awards-2nd Fall '30, lst Fall '32, lst Spring '33, 2nd Fall '33 DOROTHY LANPHEAR-Academic LOUIS LAVERONE-Academicg Attended St. Mary's High and Lowell High, S. F. ALYSE LEARY-Commercial, Member Girls' Student Control '33, '34g Class Numerals A FRANCES ELIZABETH LEWIS-Commercial, Class Numeralsg Cir- cle ..S,, FRANK LEWIS-Academicg Attended Selma High 2 Years GEORGE LEWIS-Academicg Orchestra 4 Years. FRED LIEGINGER-Academic, Block "S" in Trackg Band '31, '32 FRANCES LITTLE-Academic, 4 Sem. Honor Scholarship PAGE I9 7 ff BETH LOU-Academicg 1 Sem. Honor Scholarshipg Member Girls' Student Control Fall '31g 2nd Prize in Short Story Contest Fall '32 KENOW LOU-Academicg Sec,-Treas. Spring '33, Vice-Pres. Fall '33 Chinese Club LUCILLE LUIS-Academicg Class Numeral 3 Attended Livermore High 1 Year, Half Moon Bay High 1 Year EUNICE LYONS-Academic JANICE MCAFEE-Commercialg Class Numerals HAROLD MCBRIDE--Academic RICHARD MCCANN-Acadernicg Band and Orchestra 3 Years HELEN MCCLORY-Academicg Pres, Social Service Club Spring '34 BEVERLEY MCGHAN-Academic MARIE MCLACHLAN-Academicg Ed. Girls' Sports G. and T. Weeklyg Vice-Pres. Philophysean Club '34 CAMILLE MADRID-Academicg Attended Rio Vista joint Union High '31-'33 WILLIAM MANN-Commercial DOTTA RUTH MANNHALTER-Academicg 1 Sem. Honor Scholar- shipg Attended Salinas High '31, '32 NADINE MARINO-Academic WILSON MARSH-Academic GILBERT MATA-Academicg Block "S" and Circle "S" in Foot- ball IDAGAIL MATI-IEWS-Commercialg Orchestra '30g Band '31g Class Numerals ALMA IRENE MAYBERRY-Commercialg Member of Merit Board Fall '33, Spring '34 IRENE MAZZA-AcademicgCircle "S"g Gold Medal in Italian '51 LUCILLE MENKING-Acadernicg Circle "S"g Class Numerals WILBUR D, MILLER-Academic GEORGIA MINAHEN-Academicg Orchestra 4 Years MILDRED MIRIKITANI-Academic O ERNEST MOORE-Academicg Attended St. Mary's High '31, '32 PAGE 20 .ni-Big , ' -AL. IBUNGALOW folio wlzlel-fr 1 A gpm ' - - .., MARY MOORE-Academicg Class Numerals PHYLLIS MORAN-Academicg Member Girls' Student Control 345 Class Numerals JUDITH MORATH-Commercialg Attended Richmond High '32 ANDREW J. MoRRIs-Academic JOHN MOUNTZ-Commercial MAXINE M. MUSSETT-Academicg 3 Sem. Honor Scholarshipg Staff G. and T, Weeklyg Circle "S" g Class Numerals KAZUO NAKABAYASHI-Academicg 3 Sem. Honor Scholarship SHIGEKAZU NAKAEAYASHI-Academicg Attended Mifune Middle School, Kumamoto, japan CI-IIYONO H. NAKAMORI-Academicg Circle "S"g Class Numer- alsg Graduate in 32 Years ROBERT NEssI.ER-Vocationalg Circulation Manager G. and T. Weeklyg Block "S" in Track KAzUKo NIsHIoKA-Commercial HARVEY ODELL-Academic PETER OHM-Vocational MAXINE M, OLIVER-Academicg Old English "S"g Class Nu- meralsg Vice-Pres. Girls' Science Club Spring ,553 JESSE OLNEY-Academic BARBARA M. OTT-Academicg Class Numerals BILL D. OWEN-Academicg 3 Circle "Sis" in Basketballg Band 5 Years CLAIR OWENS-Academic OLIVE G. OWEN-Academicg Class Numerals SHIRLEY ELIZABETH PACE-Academicg Attended Los Gatos Union High '31, Palisade High '32, '35g Cast "Believe-Ib O-r-Not" TONY PAGANO-Academic HELEN MARIE PANoo-Academic JANE E. PARNELI.-Academicg Rep. G.and T. Weekly g Old Eng- lish "S" 3 Class Numerals ELMO PATTERSON-Academicg Swimming Team '33, 34g Block "S" PAGE 23 MARSHALL LEWIS PEAL-Academicg Staff G. and T. Weekly '33g Pres. Stamp Club '32, '33g Sec. Hi-Y Club '33 BOBBIN GAY PECK-Academicg 2 Sem. Honor Scholarshipg Pres. Playcrafters Fall '33-5 Vice-Pres. French Club '32g Feminine Lead "Believe-It-Or-N0t"g Cast "Seventeen" DORA JULIA PEDRUCCI-Commercialg Circle "S"g Class Numeral HAROLD PELETZ-Academicg 4 Sem. Honor Scholarshipg Pres. Honor Scholarship Society Fall 333, Spring '343 Pres, Key Club '34 SADIE PERIN1-Acadennicg Rep. G. and T. Weekly g Staff "Lo Studente Italianoug Circle "S,'g Class Numerals MARY PERRY-Academicg Class Numerals GEORGE PICCARDO-Academic ROBERT PIERCE-Academicg Block "SU in Track '34g Treas. Playcrafters '34g Attended Sacramento High '32, '33 BUELL PIGG-Academicg Band, Orchestrag Ass't Stage Manager "Believe-It-Or-Notn PEARL PIRAINO-Acaclemicg Stan' G. and T, Weeklyg Business Manager "Believe-It-Or-Not" BOB POPE-Academic MARGARET PORTER-Academic JACK E. POWERS-Academic BILL JASON PRIEST-Acadernicg Member Boys, Student Control Spring 334g Coach in Baseball Class '33, '34 THOMAS P. PURINTON-Vocationalg 1 Sem. Honor Scholarship EDITH QUINN-Academic ELLEN REDMOND-Commercial ROBERT REVEAL-Vocational BILL RICE-Academicg Band 4 Years SOPHIE RICK-Commercial 5 Class Numerals MARY RISHWAIN-Commercial PATRICIA ROBERTS-Academicg Member Girls' Student Control Fall '33g Pres. Spanish Club '33, '34g Sec.-Treas. Social V Service Club Spring '34 - FLORENCE ROBINSON--Academicg Sec.-Treas, Girls' Science Club Fall '31 U 1 4 , 3 Q PETER ROBUSTELLI-Commercial PAGE 24 ED ROSASCO-Academic GEORGE ROSEN-Commercial CLARE EVELYN SACCO-Commercialg 2 Sem. Honor Scholarshipg Member Girls' Student Control '33 BERNICE SANDERS-Academic ALFRED SCI-IAEDE-Vocationalg 4 Sem. Honor Scholarshipg In- tertype Operator G. and T, Weekly MARGARET SCHAENEMAN-Academicg 1 Sem. Honor Scholarship ROBERT W. SCHAENEMAN-Academicg Orchestra, '33, '34 LESTER H. SCI-INEIDER-Vocational ANSELL SCOTT-Academicg Band 4 Yearsg Cast "Believe-It-On Not" CHESTER SCOTT-Academicg Cast "Rosina es Fragil"g Lodi High '31 BARBARA MAE SHANKEL-Academicg G. A. A, Ex. Com. '35, '54g Latin Award '31g Old English "S" HARRY SHOUT-Commercial AUDREY SMALLEY-Academicg Class Numerals ALICE MARIE SMITH-Commercialg Member Girls' Student Con- trol '34g Class Numerals HARMON SMITH-Commercialg "Seven Last Words of Christ" DAISY ROSIE SOLARI-Commercialg Member Girls' Student Con- trol Spring '33g Class Numerals MARY JO SOLINA-Commercialg Attended Madera High 2 Years DUANE SOUTIIARD-Academicg Orchestra '30-'33 ROBERT SPEELMAN-Academicg Attended High School in jean- nette, Pa., '29, Pierceton, Ind., '30 DAVID P. STAGNARO-Academic HENRY STAGNARO-Academicg Block "S" in Football MARY STANFORD-Aeademicg Latin Award '31 WALTER STARIN-Vocational WILLIAM STONE-Academic PAGE 25 RUTH STRETCH-Academicg Exchange Ed. G. and T. Weeklyg Sec. Pan-Pacific Club Spring '32g Attended Manteca High .31 ELMER STROPPINI-Academic SEWARD CARLETON STROUD-Academicg Cast "Believe-It-On Not" MEGUMI SUG1-Academic ISRAEL SWEET-Academic BETTY SWIFT-Academicg Circle "S"g Vice-Pres. Pan-Pacific Club 333 M1sAo TAKAYAMA-Academic ROBERT TANAKA-Academicg Band '32-'34g Attended Lodi High '31, '32 Lols THALHAMER-Academic DALE THOMPSON-Vocationalg 1 Sem. Honor Scholarshipg Inter- type Operator G. and T. Weekly GLENN TU PPER-Commercial ALEX TURKATTE-Academicg 5 Sem. Honor Scholarshipg 3 Latin Awards g Italian Award '32g Editor "Lo Studente Italiano" '34 BARTLETT UTT-Academicg Staff G. and T. Weekly THELMA VENTRE-Commercialg Class Numerals JOHN VERKERK-Commercial NELL VICKROY-Academicg 2 Sem, Honor Scholarshipg Latin Awardg Class Numerals PHILOMENA VILLAMOR-Academicg Circle "S"g Pres. Filipino Club '54 VELMA VOSBURGH-Academicg Circle "SQ Class Numerals CHRIS VUKOVICH-Vocational FRANCES WAGNER-Academicg Troubadours '32, '33g Sec.-Treas. Girls' League '345 Circle "S"g Class Numerals ELs1E WALLIS-Commercialg Attended Modesto High 3 Years BETTY WEBB-Academicg Troubadours '32-'54 MARGARET WEBB-Academic JEANNE WEEKS-Academic PAGE 26 JACK WELCH-Academic BOB WENTZ-Academic, Member Boys' Student Control '34g Treas. Playcrafters '33, '34 BERT WICKARD-Academic GWENDOLYN WILI.IAMs-Commercial Ross WILLIAMS-Academic GEORGE WILLSON-Academic, Band 4 Years HARRY WINDELER-Academic, Circle "S" Football '32 WILMA EVELYN WISE-Academic, Attended University High, Oakland, '30-'33 GEORGE WOEHRLE-Academic, Circle "S" Track '32, Pres. German Club '33, '34, 4 Sem. Honor Scholarship, Graduate in 52 Years JOI-IN WONG-Commercial LILI WONG-Commercial, Attended Galileo High, S. F., 1 ear - HELEN WOODARD-Academicg Attended High School in Fra- zee, Minn. RUTH WOODS-Academic, 6 Sem. Honor Scholarship HORACE WRIGHT-Commercial WILLIAM WRIGHT-Commercial LEWIS YIP-Academic SAM YOST-Academic JAMES ZAPPETTINI-Academic JAMES ZILEMBO-Vocational MARIE DOLMAN-Academic WILLIAM G. HINTON-Academic, Attended Eureka High '30- '32 and Manual Arts High, L. A., '35 x June Graduates Without pictures FLORENCE BLACK-Academic, Phoenix High, Arizona, JOI-IN CAZALE-Commercial F51, '32 WILBUR CHALLIS--Academic, Polytechnic High, S. F. '30-'34 NORMA DELPI-IIA-Academic, Tracy High '30, '31 FRED ELsOLz-Vocational WILBUR FUI-IRMAN-Academic, Polytechnic High, San ALBERT GUERRERO-Commercial fLuis Obispo EDITH HOLLINGER-Commercial ADOLPH MOROTTI-Academicg St. Mary's High 2 Years PAGE 27 MABLE JANE MORRIS - Commercial g Old English "S", Band '31, '32 ' ARTHUR NAKASI-IIMA-Commercial, 1 Sem. 'Honor Scholarship EVARISTO QUILENDERINO-Academic, Vigan LOUIS RUVKIN-Academic - fHigh, P, I., '28 NORVAI. WEIRICH-Academic, Band 4 Years February Class l-listory ISTORY! That's it. It's all history now, but what I wouldn't give to have a small portion of it today! Why, our mid-year class of '34 had so many celebrities that the high school auditorium couldn't hold them at commencement, so we established a precedent for February classes and held our exercises down at the Civic Memorial Auditorium." Thirty or forty years from now, this slight bit of bragging on the part of any member of the class-even you-would be greatly offset by just pride, for when anyone looks back through the years, no class looks bigger or better than his own. This was the class which began a "new deal" for freshmen, for this group of frosh showed marked intelligence over those of previous years and haughtily refused to recognize any upperclassmen or sophomores who found delight in tormenting those younger than themselves. There were 326 in this group, and at graduation four years later the class had not been materially changed. Among those who entered at this time were athletes, strong and sturdy, scholars, high and mighty, and just plain people. As sopho- mores they continued the good work started when freshmen, and in their junior and senior years they blossomed out in full. At commencement, February 1, 1934, they still had their share of scholars, athletes, and plain people. Five members of the class, Dorothy Busalacchi, Edith Nomellini, Myron Page, Robert McCormick, and Louis Reghitto, received gold seals on their diplomas, entitling them to life membership in the California Scholastic Federation. Others who attained high scholarship records but fell a little short of the gold seal requirements were Neal GriHin, Peter Zucker- man,' Bonita Neher, Ray Fuhrmann, Melva Belle Savage, Raymond Vitek, and Howard Johnson. These students did not wait until their sophomore year but began immediately' to strive for this coveted honor. In the realm of sports, Al George and Fred Grillo also began as freshmen. Al George stood out bril- liantly in almost every phase of athletics all through his four years at Stockton High School. During his last season as captain of the football team he was hailed by many as the best high school halfback in the state. Grillo was outstanding in basketball, and as members of the swimming team, Bud Reiman, Bob McCormick, Darrell Hull, and Mario Busalacchi also figured prominently. Bud, by the way, was elected student body president. After the smoke of the 12A class election had cleared, the three chosen officers were Louis Sandine, president, Marion Harris, vice-president, and Bob Haas, 'secretary-treasurer. Bob later became the star of the senior play, "The Laughing Guest." Louis and Marion ably took charge of the business side of the play, and reported a seventy-five dollar profit which was used as a scholarship loan for a worthy member of the class. Others in the cast were Lila Cummings, Delma Sawyer, Marguerite Tanberg, Margaret Evans, Bud Reiman, Robert Nelson, Ray Dorcey, Holbrook Newell, Charles Daundivier, and Howard Johnson. jack Ziegler and Ray Fuhrmann were stage managers. Representatives on the student council were many. Louis Sandine, class president, Bud Reiman, student body president, Hart Weaver, chairman of the Junior Red Cross, and Ray Rookard, commissioner of ath- letics, were elected when juniors. Sue Owen was chosen first vice-president, and both Ruth Williams and Ruth Jeanette Hancock headed the Girls' League. jean Noack, artist, was chosen art editor of the Guard and Tackle staff, and she also won a position in the Quill and Scroll society, internationally famous hon- orary society for high school journalists, Many members of this class proved themselves accomplished musicians. The band and orchestra were represented by Bob McCormick, trumpet player, Raymond Dorcey and Ray Rookard, trombone play- ers, Dewey Bartman, drums, and Lawrence Moore, who played either saxophone or clarinet. Bob Haas, secretary of the class, played the tympani drums in the orchestra for two years and accompanied the Boys' Glee club as pianist. He also served on the Guard and Tackle staff as business manager. Another Bob, Robert Nelson, who played the part of the Reverend Walter Smith in the senior play, won a position on the famed Troubadours, one of the most outstanding organizations of Stockton High School. He stood out exceptionally well, however, in public speaking, as did Robert McCormick and Holbrook Newell. In music still another Bob was prominent. Robert Campodonico was chosen accompanist for the male quartette and assistant to the Troubadours. Several members of the class chose to follow a vocational course, and so they enrolled in the various shops of the vocational department, incidentally they entered one of the most outstanding manual training departments in the state. Fred Grillo, Oakley Duns- more, Eddie Bickle, and Luther Adams were promi- nent members of the vocational group. They spe- cialized in machine shop and auto repair work, carpentry, and printing, and during the year they did much to beautify the campus and the high school buildings. ,Some of these have already gone on to college, some have entered business concerns, and some have developed other outside interests. While at Stockton High School they formed steadfast friends among faculty and classmates, and as they enter their new life may they be as fortunate in securing friends of such fine caliber. PAGE 28 Gutstanoling February Seniors BUD REIMAN-Academic, Student Body Pres. Fall '33, Second Vice-Pres. Spring '33, Comm. of Records Fall '32, Captain Swimmin S ring '33, 4 Block "S's" Swimming, Circle "S" "B" Footialli Photographer Memory Book '33, Hi-Y Sgt.- at-Arms Fall '33, Cast "The Laughing Guest" Dec. '335 First Band '31, Ross Pease Swimming Cup '33, Student Control '33 SUE OWEN-Academic, First Vice-Pres. Student Body Fall '33, Student Control Fall '33 RUTH JEANETTE HANCOCK-Academic, 1 Semester Honor Scholarship, Commissioner Girls' Affairs, Fall, '33-'34, Pres. Social Service Club, Fall '33, Girls' Student Control, Fall '33 BOB HAAS-Academic, Sec. February Class, '33, Business Man- ager of Weekly, '33, Pres. German Cliub, '33, Cast of "Laughing Guest," '33, Orchestra, '33 RUTH WILLIAMS-Academic, Pres. Girls' League Spring '33, junior Red Cross Representative, Chairman junior Re Cross Christmas Relief Committee CHARLES DE Voss-Academic, Com. of Athletics '33, Student Control '32, Varsity Football Manager, '32, '33, Sec. Pan- Pacific Club '31 LOUIS SANDINE-Academic, 4 Sem. Honor Scholarship, Comm. of Organizations Spring '33, Senior Pres, Fall '33, Vice- Pres. Honor Scholarship Fall '32, Business Manager Senior Play "The Laughing Guest" Dec. '33 MARION M, HARRIS-Academic, Vice-Pres. Senior Class, Fall '33 and '34 OAKLEY DUNSMORE-Vocational, Block "S" Football FRED A. GRILLO-Vocational, Four Block "S's" Basketball, Block "S" Football, Pres. Auto Club, Vice-Pres. Block "S" Society JEAN G. NOACK-Academic, Art Editor of G. and T., Fall '33, Art Editor Memory Book '34, Reporter, Spring '33, Vice- Pres. Quill and Scroll '33, Graduated in 3M years HOLBROOK KNOWLES NEWELL-Academic, Cast "The Laugh- ing Guest" Dec. '33, Commencement Speaker, Attended Queen Anne High School, Seattle, '30, '31 DOROTHY BUsALAccHI-Academic, Gold Seal, 6 Semesters Honor Scholarship, Class Numerals, Gold Medal in Italian, Stellar Student '32 ROBERT MCCORMICK-Academic, Gold Seal, 6 Sem. Honor Scholarship, Block "S" in Swimming, Vice-Pres. Honor Scholarship Society and Spanish Club '31, Band and Or- chestra 2 yrs., Commencement Speaker, First Prize Tacky Day '31 EDITH NOMELLINI-Commercial, Gold Seal, 7 Sem. Honor Scholarship, Stellar Student '32, Girls' Student Control '32 MYRON E. PAGE-Academic, Gold Seal, 7 Sem. Honor Scholar- ship, February Class Prophet LOUIS REGHITTO-Commercial, Gold Seal, 6 Sem. Honor Schol- arship, Vice-Pres, Italian Club '32, Cast "Cent'Anni" and "Triste Amori" PAGE 29 TADASHI AKABA-Academic, 2 Sem. Honor Scholarship, Student Control '55, '34g Circle "S" Trackg 2nd in Menzies' Award Class B '33 FLOYD ALBRECHT-Academicg Block "S" Track, Orchestra 4 years, Music Emblem ANNABELLE ANDERSON-Commercial, Class Numeral NOMA ANDRES-Academicg Class Numeral, Circle "S" YOSHIO ARAKAWA-Academic GRACE ARMANINO-Academicg Old English "S" HENRY ARMERUST-Academicg 2 Sem. Honor Scholarship IRENE BAROssO-Academic, 2 Sem. Honor Scholarshipg Italian Scroll Award, Class Numerals DON BARTHOLOMEW-Academic DEWEY BARTMAN-Academicg Band 4 Semesters HELEN BARTON-Academicg Class Numerals LEAN BEESKAU-Vocational, 1 Sem. Honor Scholarshipg Lino- type Operator for G. Sc T.g Ex-Committee of Vocational Dept., jr, Red Cross Representative BLANCHE AGNES BELLA-Academicg Class Numerals BOB BERNARDI-Academic EDDIE BICKLE-Vocational DORIS BOGGIANO-Academicg Class Numeralsg Old English "S", Italian Scroll Award '55 DONALD S. BORDEN-Academic, Pres. Key Club '55g Attended Garfield Jr. High '50, Berkeley High '51 AMELIA BOTTO--Commercialg Class Numerals, Vice-Pres. Old English "S"g Girls' Basketball Manager '52, '55, '54 BETTY BRAGER-Academic KENNETH BROWN-Vocational ALFRED BUDWAN-Academicg Sec.-Treas, Filipino Club '53g Attended Laoag High, P. I. and Manila, North High School '26 JOHN M, BURNETT-Academic, Student Control '35g Senior Play Committee MARIO I. BUSALACCHI-Comrnercialg Circle "S", 5 Block "S's" A in Swimming, Vice-Pres. '55, Pres. '54 Turkey Club CLIFFORD CALLISON-AC3ClCmlCQ 5 Years Bandg Castlemont High, Oakland, '50, '51 A PAGE 30 BOBBY LEE CAMPBELL-Academic, Santa Cruz High '33 ROBERT CAMPODONICOH-Academic, 1 Semester Honor Scholar- ship GLEN CAREY-Commercial MARIE CARPENTER-Commercial r LOYD CIC-IAN-Academic, Menzies Medal, Block Trackg Ban EDITH B. CHIOTAssO-Academic ROSE EVELYN CI-IOQUETTE-Commercial, Class Nunneralsg As- sociate Editor Cub Issue '33 EVELYN MARIE CHRISTIAN-Commercial, Class Numerals LLOYD COEEIN-Academic JULIUS Y. COHEN-Academic, Manager Football and Basketball ZW Years, Reporter, Second Orchestra 2 Years WILBUR COMSTOCK-Commercial JEANNETTE CORREN-Academic RUTH FRITZES CRESON-Commercial, Class Numerals CAROL CROUCH-Academic, Class Numerals LILA CUMMINGS-Academic, Assistant Business Manager G. 8a T., Pres. Playcrafters '33, Cast of "The Laughing Guest", Attended Manual Arts High, Los Angeles, '30, '31 CHAS. E, DAUNDIVIER-Academic, Cast of "Laughing Guest" Dec. '33 BURCH DAVIS-Academic RACHEL MARY DENTONI-Commercial, Class Numeral GERALD RAY DE Voss-Academic RAYMOND DORCEY-Academic, Cast of "Laughing Guest," Dec. '33g Band 3 Years WALTER LEONARD DOYLE JR.-Academic, Cast of "Sky Train" '32g Polytechnic High, S. F., '29-'32 WILLARD C. DU FRANE-Academic IMOGENE LOUISE EARLE-Academic, Class Numeralsg Attended Fremont High, Los Angeles '30 ALICE EASTMAN-Academic PAGE 3l EDWARD A. ENDOW-Academic, Latin Prize '29, '30 MARGARET EVANS-Academic, G. A. A. Ex. Comm., Fall 19315 Cast of "Laughing Guest" Dec. 1933 ORLANDO FARNESI-Boys' Student Control 1931 and 1933 MEREDITH MARIE FERGUssoN-Commercial JOHN A. FORENTI-Vocational NANCY A. Fox-Academic, Attended Sacramento High 1932 PALMYRA A. FRENI-Commercial, Class Numerals 1934 IVA FUGINA-Commercial, 3 Sem. Honor Scholarship, Circle "S", Girls' Student Control, Spring 1933 RAY M. FUHRMANN-Academic, 4 Sem. Honor Scholarship, Pres. German Club, Stage Manager "Laughing Guest" Dec. 1933 FERN MEREDITH GARNER-Academic, Class Numerals JOE GATTI-Vocational ANTHONY GIGLIO-Academic ALFRED J. GOEN-Academic MELVINA E. GOTELLI-Academic, Circle Old English "S"g Property Manager "Laughing Guest", '33, Silver Medal in Italian, '33 WARFORD A. GREEN-Vocational, Attended San Mateo High, '29 and '30, Boys' Glee Club '33, Second Band '32, '33 NEAL GRIFFIN-Academic, Attended Deming High, New Mex- ico, '30 BEN JAMIN F. GRIMSHAW-Academic, Band, '28, '29 VIRGINIA GROGAN-Academic MARY E, GUGLIELMI-Academic BETTE GUMM-Academic ROSIE HAGIO--Academic, 1 Semester Honor Scholarship MABEL HAMMA-Academic RUTH HANEs-Academic, Circle Numeral HARRIETT ELEONORA HANsEN-Attended Pendleton High and Salem High, Oregon PAGE 32 LAURINE HANSEN-Academic, Circle Numeral, Class Numeral FRED HART-Vocational A MARGARET HASKELL-Academic, Attended Modesto High '31 and '32 MINNETTE HEIL-Commercial CURTIS H. HENDERSON-Vocational, Attended Oakland High '28 and '29 JEANELLE HESS-Academic, Vice-Pres, Social Service Club, Fall '33 and '34, Attended Dominican High, San Rafael, '30 ARTHUR HISAKA-Academic, 2 Semesters Honor Scholarship, Historian japanese Club, '33 IDA VIRGINIA HOLMES-Commercial, Class Numeral, Old Eng- lish "S" DARRELL HULL-Academic, Two Block "'S's" Swimming JOE H. HUNT-Academic, Attended Woodrow Wilson High, Long Beach, '31 EUGENE HURN-Academic PETER IDIART-Commercial FREDDIE JOSEPH JACOBS-Commercial I JENNIECIE. JAMISON-Academic, Attended Marysville High '30 an 31 HOWARD JEFFRIES-Academic, Two Circle "S's" Football, Treasurer Key Club, 32 DIXON D. JOHNSON-Vocational, 2 Sem. Honor Scholarship, Intertype Operator on Weekly DOROTHY L. JOHNSON-Commercial HOWARD L, JOHNSON-Academic, 3 Sem. Honor Scholarship, Cast of "Laughing Guest," Dec, '33, Latin Prize, '31 MARGARET JOHNSON-Academic ROSE MARIE KASS--Academic, Costume Mistress "Laughing Guest," Dec. '33 LESTER KERN-Academic GWENDOLYN KING-Commercial DOROTHY KIZER-Academic VERNELL LANE-Academic PAGE 33 HELEN LA VEAU-Academicg Class Numeral GEORGE R. LECHICI-In-Commercialg Two Circle "S's', Basketball CECELIA E, LEIsERINCfCommercialg Class Numerals CARL E. LEWIS-Vocationalg 2 Sem. Honor Scholarship BLANCHE R. LIEHART-Commercialg Old English "S"g Class Numerals DOROTHY LILLARD-Academic MONROE LONGACRE-Commercialg Circle "SU in Trackg Class B Winner Menzies Award JAY MCHUGH-Academicg Band 30, '31g Chairman Senior Ring and Pin Committe. RICHARD MARCH-Academic ELSIE MARKS-Academic JEANNE MATTHEWS-Academicg Class Numeral NADINE MEHAN-Academic VIRGINIA MINER-Academicg Class Numeralsg Old English "S" LAWRENCE MOORE-Academicg Band L50 to '345 Music Em- blemsg First Prize "Tacky Day" ,31 HARRIET MORRELL-Academicg Girls' Student Control '33g Sec.- Treas. Social Service Club A33 TOM S. MURAOKA-Academicg Circle "SH Trackg Menzies Award LOUISE NEAL-Commercial BONITA NEHER-Commercialg 5 Sem. Honor Scholarshipg Class Numeralsg Circle "S"g Old English "S" ROBERT B. NELSON-Academicg 1 Sem. Honor Scholarshipg Re- porter G, and T.g Troubadours '33-'34g Band '50g Cast "The Laughing Guesti' Dec. '35g Class Historiang Attended Royal Oak junior High, Michigan VICTOR J. N EWELL-Commercial HINKLEY NEWTON-Commercialg Block "S" Footballg Part Time High School '50, ,31 EDWIN NG-Academicg Yell Leader '33g Drum Major '32g Band '31 HAROLD M. NITTA-Commercial ZELMA NUNES-Academicg G. A. A. Ex. Committee Fall '52, Spring '35 PAGE 34 VIRGINIA MARIE O,DEA-Commercialg Class Numerals DOROTHY E. PENBERTHY-Academicg First Prize Essay Contest Deep Water Project ALICE PERRY-Cornmercialg Class Numeralsg Class Day Speaker FRED A. PETERS-Commercial JAMES POPE-Acadernicg Attended Berkeley High '31, '32 BERNICE PUGH-Academic MARY REPETTI-Commercialg Class Numeralsg Student Control Fall ,33 . ALFRED RICHARDS-Vocational WILKINS ROBERTSON-Vocational ill. , LOIs M. ROGERS-Academic RAY H. ROOKARD-Academicg Comm. Athletics Fall '32g 2 Circle and 1 Block "S" Trackg Orchestra, Principal in Palm Sunday Musicaleg 2nd Prize Instrument Contest VERA ROssMAN-Commercialg Class Numerals GEORGE ROUSH-Academic MITsUO SAKAI-Academic FRANK SALVETTI-Vocational MELVA BELLE SAVAGE-Academicg 5 Sem. Honor Scholarshipg Class Day Speaker Jan. ,34 ' DELMA LOU SAWYER-Academicg Cast Senior Play "The Laugh- ing Guest," Dec. 335 Attended San Rafael High '31-'32 ROBERT MAX SAWYER-Academic DOROTHY SCHALK-Commercialg Class Numerals JACK SCHULER-Academic MARY SHUSTER-Academicg Gretel in "Hansel and Greteln MEDLEY K. SMITH-Commercial GLENN SNYDER-Vocationalg Linotype Operator of Guard and Tackle BERT A. STARIN-Academic PAGE 35 ELAINE STEPHENS-Commercialg Class Numeralsg Circle "S" MARIAN C. STOWELL-Commercialg 2 Sem. Honor Scholarshipg Class Numeralsg Circle "SH LEO SUNDAY-Commercialg Band '32-'34 HIROICHI TAKAHASHI--Academicg 1 Sem. Honor Scholarshipg Honorary Mention in Painting MARGUERITE TANBERG-Academicg 1 Sem. Honor Scholarshipg "Laughing Guest,', Dec. '53 AMELIA TAVELLA-Commercialg Class Numeralg Circle "S" AURELIA TAVELLA-Commercialg Class Numeralg Circle "S" ARMOND T ITHERINGTON-Vocational DOROTHY ANN TORREANO-Commercialg 1 Sem, Honor Schol- arshipg Class Numeralsg Circle "S"g Band four years HELEN TSURUMOTO-Commercialg Class Numeralsg Circle "S" SUYEKI TSURUMOTO-Academic HENRIETTA TURNER-Academicg Vice-Pres. Girls' League, Fall '33g Reporter Guard 81 Tackle THOMAS F. USUI-Vocational RAYMOND VITEK-Vocationalg 4 Sem. Honor Scholarshipg Inter- type Operator on Guard 8: Tackle GOSSIE VUKOVICH-Commercialg Class Numeralsg Circle "S" BEN WALLACE JR.-Academic EMILIA WALTERS-Academicg Class Numerals JACK N. WALTZ-Academic ANDREW L, WEAVER-Academicg Circle "S" in Football HART L. WEAVER-Academicg Chairman junior Red Cross, '32, '33g Circle "SH in Football, ,32 and '33g Student Control '52 FRANCES WHITMORE-Academicg G. A. A. Ex. Committee, '32-'33 EFFIE WHITT-Academic ROY WILKINSON-Commercialg Band three vears MURIEL E. WILLIS-Academic PAGE 36 l 3. BETTY WIRTH-Academic ALBERT W. WONG-Academic, Chinese Club, Sergeant-at-Arms '30, Secretary and Treasurer '31 HENRY WONG-Academic MAE WONG-Academic FRANK C. WOOD-Academic, President Key Club '32, Treasurer Hi-Y Club '32, Vice-Pres. '33, Circle "S" in Football LILY YAMASHITA-Academic . LILLIAN MAY YEARIcKs-Commercial, Class Numerals, Circle "S", Old English "S" JACK ZIEGLER JR.-Academic, Editor of Freshman English Class Paper, Electrician for "The Laughing Guest," Dec. '33 MARJORIE E. ZOLLINOER-Commercial, Class Numerals, Ex- change Editor Cub Issue G. 8: T. '33 GINA ZORZETTO-Academic, Class Numerals, Circle "S", Bronze Medal in Italian '32, Special Honorary Mention '33 PETER ZUCKERMAN-Academic, 1 Sem, Honor Scholarship February Graduates Without Pictures LUTHER ADAMS-Vocational ERNEST BROUssARD-Academic CHRISTOPHER ALFREDO CEccHIN1-Academic WILBUR C. CHURCI-I-Academic DANIEL CORKINS-Academic ALBERTINO GEORGE-Academic: Four Block "S's" Football, Three Block "S's" Basketball, Block "S" Baseball, Captain Football 1933, President Block "S" Society, Boys' Student Control, 1931 and 1932 EDDIE JACOBS-Academic CHARLIE LAMPERTI-Academic, Band and Orchestra, '30, '31, ,32 CEASER A. MERLO-Commercial, Drum Corps DANTE ANDREW PEIRANO-Commercial EUGENE D. PENNINI-Commercial, Circle "S" HARRY L. SBRAGIA-Commercial, 2 Circle and 1 Block "S" Football EDDIE CHARLES SEOARINI-Commercial, Circle "S" Ain Football and Track, Drum Corps GEORGE JOE SEGARINI-Commercial, Circle "S" in Football, Drum Corps SYDNEY TAGER-Academic, Band or Orchestra '30-'34 JEROME TUcHsEN-Academic ROBERT ULDALL-Vocational ALFRED WARREN-Commercial ' GLENN PARK WILSON--Acadernicg Circle "S" in Basketball, Drew School '34 PAGE 37, The March of progress FEBRUARY CLAss POEM Across the desert of time There winds an intriguing road .Bordered by ancient palm trees- Spirits of leaders old. Magnetically drawn-not driven- Madly we dash toward the end, But the rooms seem always to lengthen And ever beyond to extend. But, still, on the distant horizon A gleaming city stands, This mirage of the moving goal Our ebbing courage fans. The weak have faltered and fallen, With banners the strong marched before, Now, we are the hope of Progress, Oh, Class of '34, Fmnrir Whitmore June',,CIass Play IME-May 25, 1934, at 8:15 P. M. Place-Stockton High School Auditorium. Occasion--"Believe It or Not," presented by the June senior class. Those bare facts hardly tell the story of the three acts of laughs and hilarity which constitute the June class play, "Believe It or Not," by Charles Caldwell Dobie. Imagine a love scene between Bobbin Gay Peck and Burnell Pankeyl With Burnell, as Norman Follis, being shy and demure in skirts, and with Bobbin Gay fNancy Hamiltonj wearing the trousers! Picture buxom Mrs. Pottle, nee Delia Havens, in real life Gladys Hughes, throwing herself into the arms of poor old Uncle Silas, played by Erwin Farley, and say- ing, "Let us fly, beloved! Take me in your strong arms and Hy with me to the end of the world." "Be- lieve It or Not," those are actually two of the comical scenes of the play. The circumstances responsible for such incredible actions are really simple enough. Harriet Follis, who wears horn-rimmed spectacles to hide "the tough deal nature handed her," finds herself in a most perplexing situation. She has a note for two thousand dollars coming due, her Uncle Silas threatens to disinherit her if she is not married before she is twenty-twog the dead-line approaches, and she is without suitors. An impending visit from Uncle Silas doesn't simplify matters at all, so Harriet places a matrimonial adver- tisement in a local paper. By obtaining a fiance in this way, she hopes to delay her unclels demand for an immediate marriage. When the suitors arrive, how- ever, 'she finds that her problem is far from solved. Burnell Pankey and Dale Higdon, as Cuthbert jackson, arrive and with them come the mass of com- plications which make the senior play the grand mix- up that it is. Burnell, discovering that he is in the house of his own sister, Harriet Follis, sends Cuth- bert off and disguises himself as Harriet's maid. He then proceeds to convert the home of his sister into a mad-house, Through his remarks and actions he brings the health department and the police force into the play, and destroys the peace of mind of everyone. In his part of Norman Follis, Burnell Pankey well portrays the too conceited, devil-may-care brother of S. janet Cox who takes the part of Harriet, Dressed as her maid, he scandalizes the household by having a smoke with the plumber. His vast ignorance of the art of cooking furnishes a good deal of merriment. His appearance alone is laugh-provoking, and coupled with the coy attitude he assumes makes him a truly comical figure. Bobbin Gay Peck, who wears masculine attire dur- ing a good part of the play, has a chance to do some splendid acting. With all her bravado and show of authority, however, she fails to impress Uncle Silas, for whose benefit she is masquerading as Harrietls fiance, as other than an effeminate "milk-sop." jack Filley seems made for the role of the drawl- ing, lazy plumber. When he is not on his way back to the shop for tools, he is pounding ineffectively in the kitchen, or loafing in the parlor. Lena, the maid, comes into the play at several points. Shirley Pace ef- fectively takes the part of Lena. Mrs. Pottle, sentimental dowager and the mother of two fiippant daughters, is excellently portrayed by Gladys Hughes. Doryce Bacon and Katherine Brown are her two caustic otif-spring, Gladys and jane. Erwin Farley, as Uncle Silas, groans continually, and some- how manages to survive the violent and gushy love- making of Mrs. Pottle. Ruth Beezley enters and holds the spot light for a few minutes, as Bridget O'Hare, decidedly Irish and in need of a job. A health inspectress intrudes in search of a bubonic plague victim, plagues the mem- bers of the Follis household with questions and Hnally is denied her prey. Esther Carpenter performs as the inspectress. Seward Stroud takes the part of the de- tective who comes looking for murderers, is stuffed with rice, and never discovers the real plot on hand. Ansel Scott enters into the action briefly as a process server. The managerial stafi' of the play has attended to the necessary business and technical operations. Dick Donnelly, assisted by Buell Pigg, is the stage man- ager. William Mann is stage electrician. Pearl Piraino and Sadie Perini have looked after the business and advertising aspect of the play. Ruth Mannhalter is property mistress, and Delphine Ferroggiaro is cos- tume manager. Helen Lu Silvy has been responsible for the publicity given to "Believe It or Not,,' the june class play. QG S Z 5 l PAGE 38 GYMNAIIUM CUIQDIDOID JEAN NDACIK 14 .4..l.. I:-Zbfbldfy CIGSS HE MOCKING laughter of a ghostly visitor, the comical antics of two cockney servants, the farcical seriousness of a young minister, and the investigations of a pompous detective combined to make the February senior class play, "The Laughing Guest,', a true mystery farce- comedy, which was given December 15. A week-end party in a haunted mansion furnishes the setting for the action of the drama. The house guests of Mrs. Van Horn, society matron, are terror- ized by the devilish activities of "The Laughing Guestn, who, according to the Guard and Tackle, is an "elusive, ghostly creature who writes baliling notes, plants bombs, steals, kidnaps, but who is never seen." The following news item, read in the play by Alice Van Horn, explains in part the presence of the "Laughing Guest" at the Hoyt Mansion: "Mrs. Catherine Van Horn has purchased the Hoyt Mansion, and is opening the delightful home by giving a house-warming to a party of close friends. Madison Hoyt, former owner of the property, was an eccentric millionaire, who spent a considerable sum exploiting the realms of the departed. Spiritual- ists claim that some of the spirits he invoked still insist on gamboling about the house. In fact, Mr. Hoyt died under circumstances never satisfactorily explained, and it is said that his spirit appears in protest whenever a new owner occupies the premises? Although at first she calls such superstition "non- senseu, Mrs. Van Horn is forced to admit before the end of the first act that there must be some ghostly power at work in her household. When a threaten- ing note arrives mysteriously, signed by the "Laugh- ing Guest", she decides it is time the police took the situation in hand. As a result, Richard Farrell, brave young hero, telephones for a detective, who arrives later in the person of Dubeck, unequaled master mind and sleuth. Through his clever attempts to untangle the mystery and discover who is responsible for the eery laughter of the unseen visitor, Dubeck manages to produce a turmoil so complicated that the "Laugh- ing Guest" is able to carry on his diabolical plotting almost without interference. Always with the mocking laughter of their ghostly tormentor in the background and amidst the bluster- ings of the wary Dubeck, the house guests instigate plots among themselves and make love. Richard Farrell plans to elope with Alice Van Horn, but Dr. Williams also desires the hand of the heroine in marriage. Consequently he seeks to inoculate one of the party with so-called beauty serum, finally he per- suades jenny, the cockney maid, to undergo the PAGE 4l treatment, and when Jenny breaks out with a danger- ous-looking rash he quarantines the house for scarlet fever, All of the young doctor's attempts to postpone the elopement, however, fail to dampen the ardor of the two principal lovers. Love-making is also going on in several other quarters. The Reverend Walter Smith assumes a saintly attitude, deplores, with choice excerpts from the Bible, the unholy craftiness of the "Laughing Guest", and, on the side, makes love to pretty Florence Winters. Randall, the cockney butler, has a special place in his very English heart reserved for jenny, the maid, The love scenes between these two furnish much of the comic element of the play, The moments when the spotlight is especially focused on the lovers are greatly enjoyed by the audience. Dubeck, in spite of his profound seriousness and air of self- importance, proves a chief source of amusement. The Reverend Walter Smith manages to involve him- self in several ridiculous situations, so that even the respect due the clergy is lost in laughs. At one time the saintly gentleman is suspected by the entire house- hold of being a drunkard, and when he is caught red-handed with the champagne bucket the comical effect is perfect. Laughs and love-making, however, do not help in solving mysteries, and so the final solution is left to Dr. Holmes, who blusters in during the last act. After a brief investigation he makes an astounding accusation. Taking Dubeck into custody he an- nounces that the supposed detective is an escaped Lunatic, the son of Madison Hoyt, who tries to drive out each new tenant of the mansion by taking the role of a mocking, diabolical "Laughing Guest". Ray Dorcey deserved special mention for his por- trayal of Dubeck. Bob Haas gave an excellent per- formance as Randall. Robert Nelson was properly saintly as Reverend Walter Smith, Alice Van Horn was played by Lila Cummings, Mrs. Van Horn by Marguerite Tanberg, and Jenny by Margaret Evans. The two rivals were Bud Reiman as Richard Farrell, and Holbrook Newell as Dr. Williams. Delma Sawyer took the part of Florence Winters and Charles Daundivier was the blustering Dr, Holmes. L. J. Vannuccini, teacher of Italian, director of the production, was aided by Ray Fuhrman, stage manager, and jack Ziegler, stage electrician. Louis Sandine, business manager, and Marion Harris, pub- licity manager, worked effectively for the success of the production. Profits from the play were used for a scholarship loan fiund. l.ONG Er2 HOURS LE SHONE WCDPXK 6 . F ITN! ' f'ff 'ANL4f L X S X W me --q , h f sf' - mem mm , Q 'i- E . S" 'f N 5 .J xx ,B S , : 5 gl M. V7f pi KS PQETEQ5, Nu O EDWI N MAFWHQM ICAUFORNW DGET ff 5 mms BEPOREAQHQ STUDENTS Q9 03-f'1 Q.: M RZAN ' . N. SUBDUES 4 " ' QQLEQQTHER5 X' , xxs 4 - " l8'0 W A ff 1 , ""-" . -gi i 0' OCT, I3 Y , V LO LJ! FOFPCEU 'TS UIQ GQFIE ' A , N F-V13 FOonB,qLL GoED VHE WAY OPAL yy iff? Lf ff? EDS!! ET EAI? MCE MORE WE H!-WE - vvriqmem PARSONS if ar W' JAN. I7 ELECTKJN SPEEQHES M DWZ i AND '- ' CAME CJLKQDUATION 219 STLJDQNTS LEAVE 'CD ! ' x A 'B f f ' x X fm 5 T X Oo Z X K U ,. I 5 ,, K. 9 if --4 ' N N1 ,K D ' , f '3 N Q P 40 if J D n K XG K Xfbjf' N131 LC U X1 f, oi xr ' 0 - I lx YE- 'xf af' Q I Qs X '- SQ X 1 K Q- X Q . 3 A Q1 fh -- lf- 1 QNX 9 SEQSONS ff lf' ff 6 'P x If L X xx 7 I X Q ' N K Q3 0 X v X- r' X N15-xr If E 'CR M Q ,f XA 5,1 E K 'think i X s ' XQ lfvjf W Q f XX! w . x f Q ,Z TH LN RYK Lf? xxfl ""'-1-.xt 'V' , ' 1 ' V ' ' 'fi . A ,, , V. , , ,e I t I I Q, , ..- I 1. 4 - " . A .I ' 4 .4 ' , , - ' ' V .ix ALMA IYIPQTE if P diff, I ,ttf him' - I ' l " H 1, he I 'Y Nj, , v . , Q T-1 g 51192 gig U EZ, SN "-'XS Pd -f - MQDESTO x 41 WELCQM ' Fx Q 15-44 - L T60 12346 LO D1 f A E X' ' ' , ' 39' ., ' . FEBWZ' ' 2 ' QQ VALENTINES J , -' J 5 , - sm X E N 3 - V 3f -30 XQX , L'.-f::::'- ' ' . - 7! FEB-J6 ' 4- '- ., F - .N .ARIQUH ? 57' SQN 4 S LCT'QfML ARMSTPON f fi .V z -JOSE X rl ., 1 R 7' KSQOQ F nr Nj---f , i 1 '19 Ax U, M X. 'lg 2 J, X R i ill' 3 x X Q ' 13 U' -B X54 L ww ?-E! M JL '43 f L X V U k f!rl' 135 f C - E' f K fl-1. 4 ' ,J 5 Kr EAR , Qiiami? J 2 -' 'L IW LMA ,.1, UQ A 1 494 ISEBJQ N X - -- wma 'WLPHESSIUN -3 - p?ffUAXf,,X53vqG00DX .4ZJQQ122A,H9f2'?ll?7u7 OE H O A .. f F9062 Qmeht Q 09 O O44 HCAT SRENK X f fff Og FHM : D zivmh SMH A H FQOQQQQXAY 1 Zxo X X gf X Q rm ll ::l V-' A1 "N, Q O ' u...xw ' QQQSXQ QYQQXQ EE Loss WALKER, f.- M . 5 ' .i I X A . ' N9 4 -96644 NRA. CRUSADE STUDENT WOR its -" Q UISPLAYED " gox X ., A Xl DIRECTOR TALKS MANY PDARENTQ Q Y'4'Li A+- N TO STUDENTS A View SCHQOL nj- ff F 'N fo Y 518 enemy ' ' Sim WS C2155 ff BELHEVE IT QR 1 f T K I MOU j 135216 1 N- 4 I A X X K is 1.5 Boasm saga PECA PLQLVE- X JUNE13 1 L . 'SUNRNELL PHNYQEY 5 gb A ET x . DALEESESON ww 25 SPEECHE5 N Wi 2, -I A ' NN PK Student Government USINESS affairs, student government, and the conduct of the students of Stockton High School are cared for by the two governing bodies of the school, the Student Council and the Boys' and Girls, Student Controls. The Student Council constitutes the members of the cabi- net, and the duty and purpose of the Council is to contract and authorize the payment of all bills, super- vise and control all student organizations, direct the Guard and Tackle, grant Block "S's" and other awards, and arrange for other activities and elections. Bud Reiman and Mark Parsons, fall and spring term presidents of the student body, were the Student Council heads during the past year. However, the conduct of the students is taken care of by the Student Controls, who supervise in keeping order at assemblies, rallies, and other school func- tions. Miss Alice Mclnnes, Dean of girls, and Mr. Cave, Dean of boys, are the faculty advisers for the two groups. Sue Owen, February graduate, held the office of head of the Girls' Control from September until February, and during the following semester from February to june, the group was headed by Eileen Wilson, prominent member of the Trouba- dours. Another duty of both Student Controls is the consideration of disciplinary cases which came before them. Students are given fair trials and are judged tl ls HE GUARD AND TACKLE weekly has served the students of Stockton High School another, its nineteenth year, advertising stu- dent activities and giving out information as to what is happening in the classroom and on the campus. For eighteen years it was a magazine, issued quarterly or monthly. This paper gives sup- port to all extra-curricular activities, such as special lectures, programs, plays, contests, and sport competi- tions, through its news stories and with the aid of cuts and cartoons. For fifteen years, it has been a four-page, six-column paper with two pages devoted to general news, one page entirely to sports, and one page to editorials, features, and jokes. It has always hadxa generous supply of linoleum cuts and cartoons. This year there has been less art work than in other years because the paper had to be run with particular economy. , Much outstanding art work has been displayed in the Guard and Tackle. A new type of work, tried this year for the first time and found to be quite suc- cessful, is the chalk plate' which is cast in the print- shop. Other cartoons have been on linoleum. In the Columbia Scholastic Press Association rat- ing, the Guard and Tackle achieved the honor of being put in the second place group. About eight hundred high school papers from all parts of the United States were entered in this competition. K Members of the staff have at various times entered the group contests sponsored by Quill and Scroll, the accordingly. In some cases it is necessary to refer the culprit or culprits to the faculty Discipline Commit- tee. Heads of the Boys, Control for the fall and the spring semesters were Bob Dixon, track star, and Erwin Farley, student leader in the cast of "Believe- It-Or-Not." The following students served on the' Girls' Stu- dent Control during the fall semester: Sue Owen, president, Virginia Harper, Delphine Ferroggiaro, Patricia Roberts, Lesla Dennison, Harriet Morrell, Erma Gaviglio, Mary Repetti, Rosie Giacovoni, Alyse Leary, Adele Idiart, and Ruth Hancock. Bob Dixon's group consisted of Bob Carlson, Italo Grillo, Tad Akaba, Orlando Farnesi, jack Burnett, Mark Parsons, Antone Ficovich, Bill Wright, Dick Donnelly, George Ditz, and David Goldwater. Under Eileen Wilson's direction in the spring Girls' Control were Jean Harris, Phyllis Moran, Alice Smith, Ruth Colliver, Virginia Amann, Vangie Pease, Beatrice Deaver, Dorothy Vigna, Alyse Leary, Betty Lou Tucker, jane Carter, Mercedes Perkins, Adele Idiart, and Naomi Fuqua. The spring Boys' Control was made up of the fol- lowing: Erwin Farley, Head, Bill Priest, Antone Fi- covich, Bill Pohle, Jimmy Johnston, Leslie Knoles, Italo Grillo, Bob Wentz, Tony Firpo, Dick Donnelly Bud Tredway, Larry Conti, and George Ditz. 5 International Honorary Society for High School jour- nalists. In every contest the Stockton entries were given at least honorable mention. Students compete in writing feature stories, news articles, editorials and headlines. Also they are given vocabulary tests. Dur- ing the past year, staff members have attended press conventions at Modesto junior College, Stanford University, and the University of California. The Guard and Tackle is almost entirely a senior activity since most of .the staff members are seniors, the junior reporters being members of the high junior class. The editor for the fall term was Martin Glick. His principal staff members were June Beecher, asso- ciate editor 5 Clifford jakel, news editor, Bill Carlile, sport editor, and Bob Haas, business manager. All of these are members of one of the graduating classes. For the spring semester june Beecher was editor, with the principal members of her staff as members of the February 1935 class. Charles Parsons jr. was asso- ciate editor, Lawson Moore, news editor, Robert Ghiorzo, sport editor , and Barbara Du Brutz, business manager. No 'iBuds O' Blue" was issued this year, but in- stead, up until April five Literary Leafiets have been published, with plans for two more during May. Each leaflet is arranged by different students, with a number of linoleum block prints by art students for decoration. The leaflet contains stories, essays, and poems written by students in the various classes of the school. PAGE 44 PAGE 45 I. Boys' Sluclenlf Conlrol 4. Troubadours 7. Memorial Tree Planling 2, Girls' Sludenl Conlrcl 5. G, and T. Weelcly Shall: 8. Business Shall Senior Play 3, Memory Book Campaigners 6. Casl "Believe-H-Or-NOT" "Believe-I+-Or-NOV' BdDCl Grid CDVCIWZSUG HE BAND and orchestra were a very important factor of the Stockton High School Music Department during the past year. Under the direction of Miss Virginia Short the orchestra was developed into a most active organization, participating in concerts, plays, and several major events which required the services of the instrumental group. The outstanding member of the orchestra was Marjorie Currell, youngest member of the june graduating class. As concert mistress of the orches- tra, Marjorie devoted her four years in high school to study of the violin, and as a result she was chosen to play in -the girls' string quartet, in various instru- mental duets and trios, and was also a member of the Madrigals. At commencement exercises in june, Marjorie will receive a Gold Seal on her diploma, leading the class in scholarship with a perfect record of all A's. Marjorie's sister, Dorothy Currell, has equaled the musical achievements of her sister, but her talent lies in the ivory keys of the piano. At Teachers' Institute, the senior plays, and the band and orchestra concerts many have enjoyed the orches- -I-fOUbdClOUFS TOCKTON High School's Troubadours, a group of twenty selected singers, are not only representatives of the fine vocal work of the music department, but they also truly represent the entire school. Since the beginning of the organization six years ago under the able direction of Frank Thornton Smith, the Troubadours have always been ready to cooperate with other departments in various types of programs. This fine spirit of co- operation in achievement prevails throughout the music department, and the Troubadours endeavor to spread this friendliness through their excellent pro- grams. Troubadours are not chosen solely on their musical ability, as is commonly believed, Character and scholarship are taken into consideration by Mr. Smith as well as singing ability. Each September enrollment marks the influx of a small group of new Trouba- dours, chosen to fill the gaps left by those who graduate. Coveted entrance to the organization is gained through tryouts. Students trying out are required to sing selections of their own choosing in the hearing of Mr. Smith, and afterwards they are tested as to their ability to read music. After scholar- ship and character are checked, those best qualified are duly inducted into the group as Stockton High School Troubadours. V Not orily do the Troubadours entertain for school activities, but they are also in demand elsewhere, tral entertainment. Another graduating member of the girls, string quartet is Ruth Colliver, celloist. At the Palm Sunday oratorio, Ray Rookard, February graduate, was selected as trombone soloist. jack Hayre also played the trombone in both the orchestra and band. The most marked improvement noticed in the music department during the past year has been the rejuvenation of the Stockton High School band under the very capable guidance of its new master, Harold Heisinger. Beginning as a practice teacher from the College of the Pacific, Mr. Heisinger was made a member of the faculty, due to his outstanding charac- teristic of leadership. Many graduates stood out brilliantly during their last year under the direction of Mr. Heisinger. From the February class the band lost Bob McCormick, trumpet player, Raymond Dor- cey, trombone player, and Lawrence Moore, who played either saxophone or clarinet. A first class tympani drummer, Bob Haas, was also lost to the orchestra in February. downtown luncheon clubs have invited them innu- merable times, church socials delight in their attend- ance, and they have appeared many times at civic functions. During the holiday vacation between Christmas and New Year's day, the Troubadours were a very active group. Clubs, churches, and carol- ing filled the week's program, but they did find time for an initiation party at the home of Mary Ruth Marnell, an alto member. Other important events in the life of a Troubadour are the out-of-town trips. The KPO broadcast in San Francisco, the Manteca Union High School program, the trip to Montezuma School for Boys, and the appearance in the Stanford Chapel all aid in spreading a spirit of good-will be- tween .the various cities. The outstanding production of the year was Samuel Coleridge-Tayloris "Hiawa- tha," in which the Troubadours rendered the cantata, "Hiawatha's Wedding Feast." Of the present group, seven will be lost through graduation. Commencement exercises in February and in june have claimed Betty Webb, Eileen Wilson, Mike Faraclas, 'Israel Sweet, Floyd Balsley, jay Rolfe, and Bob Nelson. Two members, Roy Godfrey and Harmon Ginn, were post graduates at the beginning of the semester, Others who will return next fall are Adelle Briones, Florence Boyes, jean Walcott, Hazel Earl, Augusta Bengs, Mary Ruth Marnell, Dorothy Bladh, Mary Holmes, Dick Daley, Louis Ford, and Claude Dew. PAGE 46 Sport Calender 1933-34 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE STOCKTON OPPONENT 6 ..,4,,,,......., Sept. 9-S. F, Sacred Heart ................ 6 0 .,.................. Sept. 15-S. F, Mision .................... 6 12 .......... ......... S ept. 22-S. F, Poly .......... ..... 6 0 ...,...... ....... S ept. 30-S. F. Galileo ........ ..... 0 13 .......... .,,....,. O ct. 6-S. F, Balboa ....... ..... 0 18 .......... ....... O ct. 13-at Modesto? ........ ..... 0 59 .......... .......... O ct, 20-St. Mary's .......... ..... 0 6 ..,.,,..,,........ Oct. 28 - at Sacramentox ......,.......,... 12 7 .,................ Nov. 3-S. F. St, Ignatius .......... ..... 7 1 ....... .....,....... N ov. 18-Lodit .............. ..... 0 CU League Games TRACK SCHEDULE A, B, and C Meet at Escalon-Stockton 1772, Sonora 862, Manteca 40, Escalon 28, and Linden 19. Modesto 382 and Stockton 772, at Modesto. Martinez Relays-Stockton placed second. All Stars-California Frosh-Stockton placed three men-tie for first in high jump, tie for second in pole vault, and third in 440 yard nun. All-Stars 55 and Frosh 57. Lodi 26 1f3 and Stockton 86 2 f3, at Stockton. Annual Davis Picnic-Stockton 45, closest rival 27. First Annual Sacramento Sub-League-Stockton 802, Sacramento 38, and Lodi 332. Modesto 36, and Stockton 77, at Stockton. Modesto Sub-Sectional Meet, May 12-Stockton first, Stockton makes live records of the seven made. Northern Sectional, at Gridley, May 26. State Meet, at Berkeley, May 26. Alumni Meet, June 1. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE STocKToN OPPONENT 29 .....,.......................... Denair ................................ 20 35 ...................... Turner Hardware Co ..................-.... 31 29 ........ .......... A t Modestod' ........... ....... 2 5 23 ......., ......... S t. Mary's .......... ....... 1 8 3 3 ........ ....... S acramentox ........ ....... 1 5 39 ........ ............ A t Lodir .......... ....... 2 O 12 ........ ......... A t Stanford Frosh ....... ....... 2 9 26 ........ . ............ St. Mary's ........ ....... 1 5 1 5 ........ ............ M odestoq' ............. ....... 1 4 31 ........ ...... A t Sacramentox ....... ....... 3 0 31 ........ ......... C al. Frosh ,......... ....... 2 4 30 ........ ........... L odirl' ........ ....... 2 2 62 ,....... ........ A t Tuolumnei' ......... ....... 1 7 0 ........ ............. A t Denaira' .............. ....... 1 CFD League Games SWIMMING SCHEDULE Interclass Meet, March 20-Seniors 63, juniors 38, Sophomores 59, and Freshmen 42. North vs. South, April 3-North 69 and South 48. Stanford Relays, April 13-Placed in Semi-Finals. San jose State College, April 14-San Jose 45 and Stockton 33. Stockton vs. Lodi, May 2-Stockton 71 and Lodi 47. Sequoia vs. Stockton, May 5-Stockton 61 and Sequoia 35. Palo Alto vs. Stockton, May 11-Stockton won 49 to 25. San jose State College, May 12. Lodi vs, Stockton, May 15. Alumni vs. Stockton, May 19. Northern State Sectional. FOOTBALL TRACK A. George 4 M. Parsons 3 Cavelli 3 Fields 2 T. Dixon 3 F. Wright 2 Guerrero 3 B. Wright 2 Stagnaro 2 I, Grillo Papas 2 Rookard Rosen 2 B. Dixon Morotti Donnelly Firpo Nessler Drace Greaves Newton Nordwick L. Mazzera Pierce R. Delucchi Brooks G. Johnson Guyman D. Johnston M. McCormick Alustiza R. Carlson Nordwick Firpo I. Grillo Kerwin Pierini Lieginger A. Stetson Corpening Quan Boyes J. Cazale Gagle Baucom F . Grillo Mata Dunsmore Sbragia C. DeVoss, Mgr. PAGE 47 Wearers of the Block "S" BASKETBALL SWIMMING F. Grillo 4 Reiman 4 A. George 3 V. Kinser 4 M, Parsons 3 Cook 3 Firpo 2 E. Kitterman 3 Fields 2 M. Busalacchi 2 I. Grillo 2 D. Hull 2 Alustiza Delaney 2 Dentoni McNabb 2 Rubin R., McCormick Peregoy Tucker Richmond Hokholt Board Pope Severs Cope Baucom Harvey, Mgr. Kerwin R. Garrow, Mgr Ruvkin, Mgr. Basso, Mgr. BASEBALL A. George M. McCormick Morotti TENNIS J. Powell Stroppini Nessler PAGE 48 -tif ,sw- ,Qs- ' yu QU E . ,Ez 9 2 , Hi: F: Q' f 4 1- CAMDUS Tufts IZDED WEIGHT 4 A'-.44 , , H Amir- A 'li PAGE 52 PAGE 53 ,. NEW IUITI I. Audiforium--Easl' 4. February Class Day 7. Scene al Cal. Press Convenlion 2. Troubadours al Tree Plarrling 5. California Press Deleqafes 8. More Weekly Sfaff 3. Prinl Shop Boys al Work 6. Sfanford Press Deleqales PAGE 54 PAGE 55 Main Building-Wesf Modeslo Press Deleqafes Red Cross Clwrislmas Packages June Seniors-Caps and Gowns We Two-al Woodrow Wilson 9. Black Cal Squadron-Models . A Place of Much Labor IO. Band ai Sacramenio Game Spring Edifors al' Work ll. Muscle Lady I934 Memory Book Slaff IZ. G. and T. Business Slalf up I. February Seniors 4. Velocipede Row 7. Auio Shop-Special Racer 9. S+ari' of fhe IOO Yard Dash -Caps and Gowns 5. High and iviighiy Seniors 8. Thai' Tough Grind- IO. High Sieppers ai Sac. Game 2. Speed Visitor in Siockfon 6. Foreign Visifor--'Joei Sn-iyfh Spring Training ll. Band and Sea Scours- 3, Campanile-U. C. Conveniion Sac. Game PAGE 56 Monikers Monikers 1-as ----1 4-shura-L -ar----1-1 ,.. -L -- " THE DUME HQUMAN SMITH

Suggestions in the Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) collection:

Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


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Stockton High School - Guard and Tackle Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


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