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CQ' M, ff' W W V! M jWwj0QfMfj,'fjg'f3pJiPfQf'!3fF'Vfff?,jJQ'u,f5fff!ifjLZf ii. 327+ M WM ff wMM'M'f"Ww vjpjyfzfijwjgg 522321 . J M-f . 3335 .mv f1WwW :f5 Qfiiwwiwfyef r MM M ' M M WSW WV X Uwdx 5 4mi?Yf,fjf , ies? Y Afxffiw v ,BMJ My NM X N IU ,QM . Q D .galxviik 115 E im 'is I I -ff ily ,G 1 , W qi STI if X . vw rf V ' LX x , V X ,REX b X KLIWKXV A fm M XX 'X fbifily Q.: X Q Nw : , 2 N :wg N QU 6 JG fp, ixxx ff 1 X f Q1 QU . N , X5 i . x,-.1 P 1. .E .WM ,. 'J' if L . 'gy 'A 1 K I jj, ' G H A M , 1 ' j""' 2."-jf-"-'- fl----111112. -- -4111 'f ' W 12 i 5?1iifgTTg:'i,,r,,1,,' : x Z F fglmk -'QNAA-A BQJMJCJQA- ,ft L 41l1,1,+-PfJ.X:yl-E34 cr,!..Q.g' 'Z13 JQ,,?W W y?5kg:1aJQ12,,Mr,zJl J ufllacw f.f,,4f1'fff fgff , WM my JC-QA-,v M F OWJWL QAY' j '55 M , WW! o lf Y AM! f ,iwwfwwm fin if Q , xjbvugc - Yfbagflffg Z5 q'?4f3'?2L1f2fL,, QW M f5tgff22532 ' fbi J, pf' Jaya bw" wwmpni Umm AM' 'I Wmq2A'3jffgg,,4 wwf Aj5Wi!Jf f ii JW My 12? 0 WWW W --A--W A ' Md ,JH 1 i" i "j' ' Mlyjfff f QM! X X U I M, W , W MMM ' m: ffLf,fi Qi XS Q f www Wf?fVffW5i7ff QV? A, Q Xfkf-,L-x Q2 5 ,Q K vw fQfaQ'1i?zf VWNVWQW ffk E if 222 nf? 225505 TQWWWQQN Eff? mi p5j J3NisQ29if3 55 Sig Tig JM is EXYELQ gig? Q3 V Qjgy jkwy gi Q X Q . y X- 1 xg .2 ' x X Li H. - 1 El Y X gf . u QQ XX? si? c h XX RJ Yxkx X' U N ' 3' -Xe f Jfgyfi Q? 9225? Ji Rf , ' , , .f , .K ' Lf f QN?,E A T kk? Qfgfxgg J yif. KY ! ,ff X , M xi WWE V SR s EQ " . A 3 1. .ey -zzx u , QE i I L,,U-Xivf'f"5tDQA0,,.w 6ff1?1f'JZfwf1W' xx awww-Sf 7W gL0l,f 3 V, Veffff' Wd ., JJ Q Wx 0 I ,,. " ,a.qq,j ijiff?-iL'A'J ' Va JV? L M ' ' , f . K WM li! ,JP I Y 5. STGCKTON COLLEGE N 3gNQ5NWe0 sTocKToN, CALIFORNIA Q3oX,.,s" 2 'V FX My fx , jnf' Q Mi F Wfgffwfw QV VwW?W A up Q D0 UQQQMZQQQMQ, EDITOR V 9' l' ae' 4.?' f ezfffl or Pi 'ZS' ,f 'AX 'wwf 9 '- an V1 A ff ,,- V l ily,-. . x,s WK, ,, J- f"' jf W I ,f ,fx 1ff,gw, Qal 3 Ag: Z. ' W, ' If Y Q 1 3' 1 4 ai' 1' 1' uhm 4,58 I 4 C X: if 1 L .l X QF ,h'gJ itinskdg qfghfqif ' x ,,,w' 1 4 ff Fwy, QW? fy? fb 1 s - my V Page 2 A1 J f M' QV 9 fy 'H'- . VX M ,v ' fr .X ll Ax fn WJ , 11.1 I HIL j 1 .41 1 f 1 1 x fl, -1 I lb, IV 9,7 j' X ,lfv ,QL Qu? 5 ' Q r x J W f 2 1 f if 1 ff !Q3 x ZL3 ' W MXH' W. n W gf, 3 VN J ,Vg 51 QL :rd an gy X heyy A fl X ' I I U I I J4 iM?f H ffzfallglif J. fmflv af df, ' j MMWWYKQW Q W 6? 3 W mfg Har amsues ,Safe 9 1-J,onO,O:' ?' .Sli-169641 f65"Pd"f- PM wade'- ,ow-.Jpff-!,5' ln+roduc'l'ion ----- I 7 Igifiif Adminis+ra+ion - IZ- 25 Governmeni' - - 26- 35 Graduaies- - - 36- 73 L I f e - - - - 74- IO9 Organizafions - IIO-I33 Afhlefics - - I34-I79 Adveriising - - l80-I97 Qlndex - - - xf y finale - .N M X MP UQ Qfj iM.'R v - - I98- I99 200 Page 3 Y my Sfoclcfon Junior C-ollege was organized in fhe Spring of I935 and fhe firsf 238 sfudenfs were enrolled as freshmen in Sepfember of fhaf year. The school was planned in such a manner as fo falce over fhe freshman year al' College of fhe Pacific fhe firsf year and fhe sophomore year in ifs second season. Since bofh schools used fhe same buildings and faculfy members, many sfudenfs didn'f realize fhey were acfually Sfoclcfon JC sfudenfs fhe firsf fwo years and C.O.P. sfudenfs fhe lasf fwo years of fheir journey info higher educafion. Enrollmenfs climbed fasf. As Sfoclcfon JC enfered ifs firsf semesfer as a fwo-year school, 677 sfudenfs signed fhe regisfer. The fhird year found I,025 a'l' work. The figure reached I,5I4 in I942, buf fhe war cuf fhe I943 fofal almosf in half. Following 'rhe war, enrollmenfs jumped very close fo 2,000. Then came 6-4-4 in I948 and Sfocldon JC was renamed Sfocldon College, moved onfo ifs own campus for fhe largesf par'l' of ifs worlc lC.O.P. confinued fo be a fwo-year upper division college unfil Sepfember I952, Sfocldon College accepfing all lower division sfudenfs in fhis areal, and enrolled fhe sfaggering number of 3,742 sfudenfs. This figure climbed gradually for fhree years, unfil fhe Korean War cuf fhe junior college division, enrollmenf in half, buf fhe high school division, was unaffecfed and confinued ifs sfeady climb. In Sepfember l955, Sfoclcfon College hif ifs pealc enrollmenf of 4,240 lI,604 junior college and 2,636 high schooll. Buf fhis is fhe lasl' year of 6-4-4. Sfoclcfon College remains and Sfagg High School will rise fo accepf fhe high school division sfudenfs. Projecfed Sfocldon College enrollmenf for I960: 3,000 sfudenfsl Dwayne Orfon was named firsf presiden-1' of Sfocldon Junior College in l935 and confinued unfil Dr. Arfhur Bawden foolc over in I942. Dr. Bawden made fhe arrangemenfs for fhe 6-4-4 plan during his fenure, buf Dr. Leon Minear was placed in confrol in I948 and 'rhus was fhe firsf fo cope wifh fhe unique arrangemenf. Dr. Julio Borfolazzo came fo 'rhe college as presidenf in I952 and, in l956, arranged for fhe dissolufion of 6-4-4 and 'rhe reversion fo fhe 6-3-3-2 sysfem. So, for 'rhe firsf 'rime in' ifs hisfory, Sfoclcfon College will be a full junior college on ifs own campus wifh ifs own buildings and faculfy when fhe doors open in Sepfember l956. The college has fruly come of age on ifs fwenfy-firsf anniversary! .. .-s-,,.,-- -,gf STockTon Junior College i935 . . . a college wiThouT a campus! According To The Terms of a mosT unusual agreemenT, College of The Pacific would offer The upper Two years of undergraduaTe work while a new public junior college would be creaTed To assume The lower Two years, buT The Two colleges would operaTe on The same campus, use The same buildings, even use The same faculTy Tor The mosT parT, buT have separaTe seTs of officials. SToclcTon JC agreed To renT building space and oTher TaciliTies from C.O.P. and This arrangemenT conTinued unTil I948 when ST.ockTon swiTched educaTional organizaTion To The 6-4-4 lan. STocld'on had purchased a 43- acre siTe across The sTreeT from C.O.P. in I944 . . . The TuTure iiome of SToclcTon College . . . buT The move did noT begin unTil l948. GovernmenT surplus buildings firsT sTarTed To rise in The Spring of l948 on The "souTh campus" as H- was called for many years. The Barn, buildings O and P, and some of The permaneni' shops were The TirsT sTrucTures To be erecTed. OThers Tollowed so rapidly ThaT approximaTely half of all The SC classes were handled on The new campus in The Fall of I948. The SCl'lOOl'S 6Clmlf1iSl'l'6'fiV9 Offices were moved aT ThaT same Time. The new campus grew fasT, buT sTudenTs and Teachers remember only Too well The lack of The usual .s ssiss 'ffiEii' TQ: .gi U09 U0 0 9 0 0 ff? 5 W-V 3 .. , A ,V .t,,i,.,,3f If ,, I i 1 i E 'V 1,17 l3u3 3 in refin'emen'l's of a college campus . . . sidewalks, for example. ll' was dus'I' or mud depend- ing upon lhe elemenls. Trees, flowers, hedges, and grass exisled only on 'lhe plol' plans. ln l.949, dressing rooms for 'lhe gymnasium and swimming pool were buill, bui lhe big ifems lhemselves were several bond issues away. Nexi' came a permanen'l half million dollar library and classroom building occupied in l953. Then followed 'lhe new million dollar classroom building and cafeferia in I 955. The new science building now under consfruclion will be occupied 'lhis Fall. Anofher bond issue will have lo pass before any more permanenl' consfruclion can 'lake place. 'Bul' l'he plans are drawn lsee lhe proiecled campus plan on page 200l. All 'rhe "+emporary" buildings are slai-ed for removal. ln 'lheir places will rise a live-slory ad'minisl'ral'ion and classroom building, a humanilies cen'l'er including a lheafer arls seclion, a gymnasium and swimming pool, a sl'uden'r union, and ofhers. The growlh of Sloclclon College reflecls 'rhe growlh and imporlance of lhe cily ilself . . . 'furfher evidence 'I'ha'l' lhe collegs's coming of age is an imporlani' mileslone on lhe pafh fo fulure greafness. T T753 "', 1. 1'-A - ..--. 5, if mf 962 Q0 Q u 5 fm l' ffl! X f o ff X!! Q jg! Q ,qjfl auf V N Mfg! ex I cf- 5 , rsykgv A 'w is ff" ff! X ly! , J y , o V I 1,7 aff ,ff ! V gp k Q ,M Q00 X' .y f 'J , IN kr Cn, 1 ,fl dll' , r' xx If, xy , f . ln +he same way +ha'r a house does no? make a home, and 1'he aclivilies of fhose individuals pul' life info ln l935, fhe 'lask of Sfockfon College's oflicials was college work al' College of 1'he Pacific. To fulfill +h In l956, lhe fask was much broader. Now 'lhe colleg ferminal iunior college work and an Associafe of Arf have been high school juniors and seniors. Many c four-year colleges and 'lechnical schools, buf a gre everyday life and a iob. To meer fhe demands of a and lisls 49I courses in i'l's calalog. An apprenlice 'lrade program worked our in connec fhe school. These classes operafe day and nigl-gf, anofher imporfanl' need in fhis rich farming area, The aduli' educafion division of The school now 4-,He munily, a far cry from fhe meager offering of CH- course which graduafes 1'wo classes a year is lhe lai Physical growlh and lhe passage of years make 5 P. on +he frame plus +he naiure of the person's experge has come of age! me JQJQJ ...Q-f Q, Q1 ...Q -f" D' 7 ff, ef 1 :ev 'Z I P V K' ' J'1f'3g ' p., fl. an ,v,, ,WX-I. Page 9 0-0959 Fw. ,, 1 It Ib! LI 0' K ,Lf 1 N "" Q. 1' A . In 3 nigh K, . 1 1. X, LM 1. I I .iff f jr ,IW I P- 5. . . - Tili, N , I I I II I II f IA ' IIA I ' I I- , 1,. ., I I I AIII xx I P + - ' I' I . ' f j ,L.L , 'Q LVLL L .yhyy , 17 ' 7, f ,'-7t I 1 1 i . I E a W A - l , , If g k,-'. , k,,f gx .V'. K V.LkV' Vkl' ' 1, V,i! i . Q Q . i A I IA ,. A I i I ,Q M Q I In XXX I I. .., k X - L3 ', '. . A, I A I f 'Af' I 5Q,g.Q M III Qygf ..., X A ,AI , wfP1"' - .f f f' Y I I +31 fwq ik ' - - - 'QTTZJ-1 'iff A - I' . :fl .,4ge' ?"" .i 'V I DIVA' 9' I o ' F rl' 9 Q I ' 'T 0 ' ', -,x'. 'gy I ,.y,.,..!: it sgjsi S CIIIIUBQ Uw ' . 'f"5"i-my -f-f -A ,V pygzgi -H b If' f -, h - W , 1-225' P5 YM I , , , I - ' Q- '?:di'5 " - - - sfntww- g Y ' . I A 'W I1 I as Q 3 Yfffav a.-fw,-r2Qf.4,4-:- .. ,,. 'bg In I 1 :""""' 1 T ., ' If 'fl-?' I I' I 1, ' -75-SIE ' -2 I v - ef ' Q: ssigf Sf ? ,,Q::2- 'I 'K' QI? - A' sv" 'HH-has-rv 1 N I 9 :QP-x'::'Y??' E151-x U' ' 0 ,.-'J I .- - - '-3? f - g , -' I-IUMANITIES AND DRAMA GYMNASIUM ADMINISTRATION 5 g E9 0 9 .. s G g gi L, J ' z 'TT Q 5, ' v 5 . can . g A ep f ., z, ig: 5 52555 .- '2 1 , ? ' fa if as . if Q- .. in . I ' V - "4-X I A ' - A ' ' 14.13751 ' .Q vf,,,L-k- t Y' -53 f f51,2'E7.'.:.1f S ,O 1' P-ffSr'N -' Q ' T' . if r "ff-'f A 22575 i uf- fig , 5. 'I ug? Wg? ,lr , A 4 --' : H", VL. if 1 ' A a ...sw f s ., :' .' o . u Q .. iff. fi ' . 'J Jl: , V 'L V , ' 5 ,W riff' , ' r I -f ,.,-f. -fy 'Q 5 . A greai many persons have had a hand in planning +he S+oclc+on College campus and buildings. School officials, na+urally, have played an impor+an+ role in 'rhe planning, bu'I' 1'here are o+hers who deserve men'rion loo. The archi+ec+ural firm of Mayo, Johnson, and DeWol'F of S+oclc- 'ron did much of +he early planning including 'rhe library and classroom building. This firm a+ one 'lime drew up a plof plan of ihe proposed finished campus, buf a new masfer plan has been drawn by archi'rec'rs Donald Francis Haines and Raymond L. Wa+son. This la+es+ version is reproduced on page 200. The science building now under conslrucfion is a Haines-Wafson design. Sfudenis Don DeNevi, Lock Huey, and Clin+ Lochridge have all helped in fhe developmeni' plan and building design field. Herb Welch and Charloffe Spal+eholz and members of +heir classes have made drawings and models which have played a par+ in proiecfing ideas. John Dennis was a principal designer of 'rhe landscaping for fhe classroom building. And ceriainly +hese are noi' all. The iob is noi done. ldeas will change. New mas'rer plans may be drawn. Bul evenfually Siocldon will have a complele iunior college of which i+ can be very proud. ' x .xv E QE 9 cwmvf 2,z:?ff6Lf,1,M.7244?4udaffM42f.f! Mdgjwjwfwffw M-QMZZM-Q-Q Z fggfagggj M Maw! fa-Lady? ' 44Wfy,,W If, .. 1 Erfff R u as v . .A ,lr 2 r- a' W a - XX ix X.. V L .ff Vgjkh Hi QR X . --XRS 3 s ' . ' ' s ' y, I , I J. Q I i YA Nl, f X A e I X fy IQ:-ix l . X s V w M ,-1 :el EJ -il 'f f ir' i, I he f..' P 'wi JJ "N ' i 9 i ff W Rig? l ' l f' - zfvw 'xuifsis 'T .. 1 I S V 4 j use y, ,is J s s, ,i i W y I. s 4.5, IA, I - . XX V I ' ' R ' " - .h yi W-mA X, Q Q5 1 we s - 4, H 'W My 5 ff ' of i ,, L ,,,, ,. ix il ?i : 'i'f9?5 A " ' V y, VM, X . , , . fi Wi, T A1 s 1 Sfanding in fronl of a map of Haly, Dr. Julio Borlolazzo Jrurned lhe college over + acli g f Presidenl Dr. Burlce Bradley for Jrhree monlrhs. The Presidenfs special assignmenl in l ly ga e him an inlimafe view of old counlry life and problems. Following his relurn he was 'n gre Jr 'J demand as a speaker. y u I i l v l l l 4 l i fsias N9 As chairman of Jrhe Uniled Crusade for Sfoclclon, SC's championship lvluslang foofball Jream brouglw Dr. Borlolazzo had much To do wilh Hs mosl suc- many happy momenls To such avid sporls lang as cessful drive. John Zuckerman, Dr. Borlrolazzo, and Dr. and Mrs. lg page I4 Bradley. L fo R Julio L Borlolazzo lAssis+an+ Superinlendenl Dr Nolan Pulliam lSuperin+enden1' of Schoolsl, Donald Sheldon Depuly Superinlendenjrl, and Thomas Mc- Candless Asslslanl' Superinrendenll. Wien mb Decioirm Dr. Julio L. Borlolazzo and Dr. Burlce W. Bradley were exceedingly busy men during lhe l955-56 school year. As Presidenl ol Sloclclon College, Dr. Borrolazzo guided lhe school lhrough The mosl dilllicullr year of ils hislory nor only because ol a record enrollment buf also because of Jrhe lransifion from 6-4-4 lo 6-3-3-2. Dr. Borlolazzo also served for lhree monlhs as a Special Consullani' in Educalion for lhe Uniled Slales governmenl on assignmenr in llaly. ln addilion, he did a repeal as chairman ol Jrhe Sloclclon Uniled Crusade drive. Dr. Bradley slepped up from his usual posilion as Vice-Presidenl of Sloclclon College lo acfing Presidenl during Dr. Bor+olazzo's leave of absence. Since February l, l956, his dulies mulliplied as he was named Temporary Principal of Slagg l-ligh School wilh lhe 'raslc of organizing a large. modern high school lor Jrhe l956-57 school year. Considering lhe amounl and nalure ol The worlc Jrhal goes wifh lhe rifles held by Jrhese men, bolh were definilely "Men of Decision." 'wwf Sfocldon S h l XXX' 1 g c oo Officials Li Slocldon Unified School Dislricl board members: Si'Hing: L 'ro R: Mrs. l-lenry Brandslad. Mrs. Ennis Woodruff, John Zuckerman. Sfandingz Alex McRae and Richard Parsons. Page I5 Deana P, ff-f -.44 3.111 05,7 ' ' ' 14 'SW " dk: r , Qb ,V Page I6 Louis Winclmiller Admission and Regislralion Philip Garliniglon Max Barber lnslruclion and Adminislralion Assislranf for Counselors David Greene Allen Waldo Sludenls Adull Educalion Margarel Taverner Assislanl for Women Diuini4mC ' "L' up lrving Goleman xif ,J 5 I Aris and Leilers 5 e-47' Charles Guss Comrnunica+ions Q5 i S' sig H is ' K 1' :": A 1 if a ' i A. . ' WL 1 V Lorraine Knoles V ' ext Social Sciences P W William Niven Business Educaiion Q .2 wh k 11-N .X "'- E fa G wif- of -y.,.i fi?-Q.-M , ' i Mike Garrigan y l Physical Eclucalion Gladys Benercl Assisiani Physical Eclucaiion K c 1-:Q , Z John Arnolcl P Sciences and Maihemailcs '.,?.:7,k Ralph Herring ii Indusfrial Eclucafion ,. Page I7 FX' St chtliu College Faculty l fr ., i ,Q S' Joseph Acosfa, A.B. 3 iw lncluslrial Arls f l ' A i William An++iIa, M.A. f Q Physical Educaiion 3 'S Kafharlne Archer, M.A. B r-lf, is 7 A , English .., V V V ' - g Louise Baer, A.B. f . E 1 WV'f'.1 Myra' Social Sciences "'N , g ' Gladys Balmer, A.B. Social Sciences 3 49 Franlr Balogh, M.A. ' i Business L Q George Barron Driver Training 'YJ Arlhur Bawden, Ph.D. Physical Sciences l X I if i l ' A V f NM' ' James Beardsley, B.S. f is Agriculiural Mechanics A A. 1 'i "'-- lr, 1 fi Kennefh Beighley, Ph.D. yy Ev,-r U- 1.3, C 5 T ' ' f Counseling, Speech l i X 3 L' ' I . Wilder Beniley, M.A. in V 11+ 1' ...H , Y J English, l-lurnanilies . V 'iii A iii: , - I 4' Carl Berr ma M.A , - Y - f..,, 3593- JJ' fy' 4 - Y n- - , ' N' ul, V 1 3 , 7 I V V V Biological Sciences A , ,,,,, 4 ,, V i Z K ' fi: Q' if i f?f5f5 '15 2. '." 2 an 'x 'i 45' P Clarence BiH's, M.A. , Social Sciences i .ZW V Douglas Blim, M.A. "' 4 i " . , Counselin , Business www Q I ' .L P' 5 , f S rg, .B l-lilfls Bloom, ss. 1 ,Y f r ,sg Z Home Economics ' 1 in ii in ' ,W X Mary Bloom, B.A, -iii if i B fe, - , lf,,l f fx Efl9l'Sl1 ' Ji ' , , if "" fi! ' if f A ' ' ' ,gigwimwi 'A i g I . Agnes Boberg, M.A. y U L.:,,g.s A , I AH l i ' V Franlr Boyle, A.B. ' .. Ph ' l Ed l' 'I ,pi ff' sting A YSICB uca lon 1 V W7 Herman Breding Q , ,' 'Z 'f , ' Auio Mechanics l f ' iw y 1 3 V Roberr Briggs, A.B, l l ., A A 'X i English l 'J 4 i x l l gs if X X In H 1 5 i Cecilie Broiby, A.B. h ' Ari' ' ' i Arch Brown, M.A. Q - p Counseling, Social Sciences 4' is P , Franlr Brown, B.S. A '-P h - K ig 1 Radio Elecfronics V if is Veva Brown, M.A. l ' Counseling, Social Sciences W J . - T' , g Page I A Leon Bush, M.A. Social Science 4 Donald Campora, A.B. ' -,ff 1 A ' 2 Physical Educafion ,E My S Elizabefh Carden, A.B. ' vw-NJ' 13,5 Business 4 i' i William Carder ' ,ff i Prinling , f is M 1 N. ,- Q D 1.-'XM Ir cw' I ' "," Ross Carle, M.A. i V Social Sciences ' John Carmichael, M.S. , Y fi , , Business i I 0: if, . 'ii In Frank Clancy, M.A. I ga, i ' 1 , V Fred Clarlr, A.M. V I , Physical Sciences if i I if - l i ,c ff .7 4' ,l 4 ii' if A. i 'Sli YJ if 2 I Counseling, Malhernalics Ward Clubine, Ph.D. A Eleanor Cole, Ed.D. Physical Educafion 'V' f 'W ' " ' ,,. , -. Bernice Collins, M.A. f Social Sciences T Arlhur Corra, B.M. Music Evelyn Crowder, M.A. ' Business Dwighl Curfis, M.A. Counseling, Social Sciences I 2 il Helen Danner, A.M. ,, i Counseling, English R Leslie Davis Prinling , , . ,, ,, ,.Y 1" gif: 33:04 T"-' '- Augusl' Day, A.B. Ari' George DeMange We Plumbing Q f John Dennis, M.A. V English "' aj' V Ellen DeRuchie, MA. 2 W, l Foreign Languages sf Annamary Devlin, M.A. English Edwin Ding, Ph.D. i 'W Social Sciences 'R- 1 Dorris Doherly, A.B. I' Ari Q .W--r Bruce Dulce, M.A. K Ari' 'Z sf vi - l Marilla Dunning, B.S. Home Economics Lilien Eberhard Business Geor e Eb Ed.D 9 Y' - Physical Sciences Leo Esfrada Woodworking, Mill Cabinel 4 2 X 7,9 ' g John Fanucchi, A.B. English, Speech Randolph FiHs, A.B. g English, Speech .8 Eb 7 E2 V 1 sl 'N John Foppiano, A.B. 'sd -, ---7 Foreign Languages V --- ,..- H 'A John Freclericlrson, B.S. , , B "iv"icul1'ure X A iz 'filo 4 x l r i 1.1, , rv-1 V ' Vs, ,I MJ . C I ' " ll 5' ' W t, X' W ,,' fj:, l A W l fi uf F-,dl Q ICP' ,, w::"f:I'i ',. uv vea- A , ,.. F i i - l rs- 'rv 4 ,P .,y George Freeman, M.A. Business A Y , 3 V Grace Frye, M.A, Ns in A ' ' Physical Educalion ff'-sf?" A . ' K Naomi Fuqua, A.M. if " F' ' -A " 5 Business , f , A I f XX V ,. V . fn .X 7 5' ,f Ralph Goebel, M.S. 'V' , ' Physical Sciences , , ,, Charles Gordel, A.B. Physical Educarion 1 James Gorrell, B.S. ' 2 A, 3 1 ,hm Sheel Meial, Welding ef' A William e0++, A.B. fwqgify 9' Physical Educalion P ' J 'P Beairice Gray, A.B. ' 1 ! va !! Home Economics f , f ,fi 39 R, ,. i, 1 ' V , , -,M ' - 1' f A-f aw .fd I J' - X2 '15, fl, ' x 4 ,' Q ,ff -as 'qs iz , ,l S A li 1 -'QQ ,s9a,' -is , ,yy sf h5'oy A fi isri if is ,xg X 2 li .14 . syii , .iil if 3 .,,f w. ,, ,Vk,, .,,,,...., ,. 1-3. 449' G ,f'JI"Q' . Q? 2 , N, v ,,.g +.- W 'S if .3 ' ,I sexi U , Z- 1 Q ' i ' f . l' an 74' J' ,X A if " i , "' J -.AV A ,VKXEA 18, ,T X fi o f V5 I K A "r,r s . ' 1 Q ' ff J is ""' 4 Q 5 4 ,ay ,i I 1 ',. ' 1 . 'N x ar ff.. 'J A , 1 If iff?" , gi" 3 J fs ' s :J -' J ':, ' :tg E' ' is uh 1 wa, 1 ggi il? i K" ' A , -. --. 'J if I " :LT W ' Y . fc ? 'fai l f ,f ,-3,:,f,,qf ' ".. - . M yf f '-if ' fp il Jeanefle Greeb, A.B. Home Economics Joseph Greenwood, M.A. Physical Sciences, Engineering Leona Gross, M.A. Home Economics Helen Growe, M.A. Ma+hemaTics, Adminis+ralive Assisfanl Charles Guliclr, C.E. Engineering, Draffing Donald Hall, A.B. Physical Educaiion James Hall, A.B. Biological Sciences Bohbye Hardin, B.S. Physical Educaiion lrene Harris, A.M. Counseling, Physical Educalion Harry Hibbard, A.B, Business James Hicks, M.Ed. Social Sciences, Journalism Ruih Hoerl, A.B. Physical Sciences Ar-lhur Hollon, M.Mus. Music Reber? Huffman, Ph.D. English Elizabelh Humbargar, M.A, Counseling, English Verna Johns+on, M.S, Physical Sciences Charles Jones Aulo Eleclrics Elizabelh Jones, M.A. Counseling, Social Sciences Harry Kane, B.A. Physical Educalion Rachel Kenisfon, M.A, Maihemaiics Morris Kennedy, A.M. Social Sciences, Business Lena Knox, M.A. Page 20 Counseling, Social Sciences Karl Kraus, Ph.D. Foreign Languages Rufh Kuhn, A.B, l i'fi i Edmund Lewis, M.A. Journalism Jerome Lighf, Ed.D. ' Social Sciences, Maihernaiics Arihur Livingsfon, M.A. Marhemaiics, Biological Sciences .'. . Elizabeih Mackenzie, A.B. Home Economics Elinor Malic Social Sciences Chesier Margason, A.B. Indusirial Arfs lna Marmon, M.A. English Frank Mariin, A.B. Draiiing, Physical Educaiion Marcile Miller, B.A. Physical Educalion Thomas Milligan, A.B. Machine Shop 11, Claud Moberly lnclusrrial Aris Malcolm Moule, Ph.D. Social Sciences Helen Mowaif, A.B. English James Music Prinling TN. Joseph Naiman, M.A. Biological Sciences wav, ,V,A .7 Marian Norman, M.A. Business X N Leonard O'Bryon, Ph.D. Foreign Languages George Olney, B.S. fs 'Agriculiure Clarence Olson, M.S. V 4 ' Counseling ' if ' Q 223' Flora Olsson, A.B. 1 - Social Sciences if X My l Carroll O'NeiII, Ms. J ii Counseling, Social Sciences , V ' L Verna Page, M.A. ii ' , Business W , ' g if ,gli William Parfon, A.B. Pi fi 17 ' Physical Educaiion M ' V ' Samford Pearce, M.A. . ",' f " Business T Wifi ' , ,, ,W -.12 if ,i ,"i J Fm' . Les+er Peregoy, A.B. Physical Educaiion ' Norma Peierson, A.B. Marhemafics i C17 ' J Maxim Popovich, M.F.A, Ii Drama f Milo Price, A.B. . M 5 Social Sciences WaH'er.Rafhhaus, A.B. V, Qgifib Social Sciences Gladys Rhodes, A.B. Business " J Rober+ Riddell, B.A. gg. ' - H -- Maihemafics V " A, William Rundle, M.A. 1 ' ,gf c - X is , Sciences ' . , it 3- ,vu j' 'YZF' .ii . ,Q , D, .3 4 i i, i- 1 i ffl f""' if-'P' i in V at , ,,5, ,4f,g,,, . x aff-5 :F ,i ff, , ff: f 1 1 ,J V w,,a3?- .ca ,, I is ,V WH ? 4, 'fir' 'v' '7':i i A 7 sf an r- --v i ,di ,.4 173.25 - ' gf i A f 5 ' , X f'f i i i i - Q i i S " l i it ,ipfj-5 , I l ,gi i i , 'G' 5 -7' A . .ii 1 , ,vw ' X for i Yds! ,111 i 'o ,i l i ,, I i l l l i -f ll l i li i ll i l l 1 li l l.zi ' H i f F 40 Rulh Saw, B.S. English l, I 4, A Donald Schaeffer, M.A. D H I Counseling, Special Educalion P ' Charles Schilifman, A.B. A r . i Social Sciences Q Harry Schufz, A.B. g Aeronaulics, Physical Sciences Ann Schwab, A.B. Counseling, Social Sciences Qi ,F W ,gm Adeline Selna, M.A. Foreign Languages Alloerl' Sharpe, M.A. Malhernalics, College Tesling Oichcer Reginald Shepherd, M.A. few. ,.,., . A mw- Business ?'r 1. 5 wi: I J '1- ..a1'I ff .- own In i .ish " no yn ' 'f...4..dYi Mariorie Sheridan, M.A. Physical Educalion Virginia Shorf, B.M. Music Franlc Smilh Music .V ,- I NN. E. ,. 9? lf' . , Rulh Smiih, A.M. Foreign Languages James Smylh, B.A. Social Sciences Violel Solomon, M.A. Physical Educaiion Ernesl Spafford, M.A. Physical Sciences Charlolfe Spalfeholz, M.A. Ari, l-lumanilies 4, 1 W- .N M :J ' :E ' fi if' 6 Q 'I ' X L wa.,j,e1m,.leif,cc cf' ,P wwf. 1- :-.-:-gag X- f - vp ,.-,. Ju' ,W i J S' John Spears, M.A. f Social Sciences, Foreign Languages i - Eugene Sfagnaro, M.A. , W Physical Educalion y J George Slaley, M.A. , V , I I Counsel ng Social Sciences V M , ., ,4 Frederick Sleinhauser, A.M. . i i Foreign Languages i if li" A y ff ', 2, Bernard Slelson, B.S. Physical Sciences, Malhernalics Melvin Slewarl Painling and Decoraling 1 fi if it , 2 wwy if , yy: fqQ " Oc. iw' nw' 'if wuz," John Slichi, Ph.D. Physical Sciences Kennelh Sloclcing, Ph.D. Biological Sciences nik: fr -ia? Q James Sloney, M.A. Biological Sciences Evelyn Sluarl, A.B. i Counseling, Social Sciences Sanford Sweel, M.A. Physical Sciences Roberl' Thomas, M.A. English, Speech, Physical Eclucalion Tremain, M.A. Social Sciences . ' , Jean Tully, M.A. - fe Malhemalics 5 G ' SX , ' fi " i ' X ' x 1' w wr , il Alex Turlialle, M.A. gs? . I f W1 A V, Lucas Underwood, Ph.D. '- . J' ei. A Page 22 J Margarel' Vollmer, M.A. John Willehie, B.S. Fl Physical Educalion Charles Wade, M.A. English Eve Wasilchen, B.S. Home Economics Herberl Welch, Ed.M. Engineering, Dralling Henry Wellon, Mus.B. Music Barbara While, A.B., R.N. Nursing Educalion 'Z Warren While, A.M. Malhemalics Phoebe While, M.A. Counseling, Social Sciences r., P--"' 'J ' . , , 85 Y '27 V 'Nil' 911. K N Radio Eleclronics 'f Q' James Wilson, A.M. English, Social Sciences , 1 1 Paul Winlers, M.Ed. 4 , Speech 9 John Wiflsche i X Woodworking " ,J 'ks J x all Richard Wood, Ph.D. Social Sciences Allen Woodall, Ph.D. English Ernesl Woodman Body and Fender Shop Ber+rand Young Eleclriciry Esfher Bu'Hers, B.A. Libra rian Amber Ellis, M.A., R.N. Nurse Allan Laursen, M.A.L.S, Head Librarian Helen Laursen, A.B.L.S. Library Calaloger Howard Pearce, A.B. Direclor ol Business Chrysla Richards, M.A. Librarian , Kafhleen Seagraves, A.M. f L Direclor of , V 2 fu if Admiuiotnatiue surf, ' 1 L? I Occupalional Services A .Virgil . - 'r'xT'1, - , ' f an Warren Smllh, M.S. X f . , rwrre:ndGnCe Counselor ,vi uf V xg' ri-3 S , v .A 'Q Q a "2 S i i q a- 'N -.r ' Q -1 45 X Q, :at A Q . ' .. I Q., if ' N x .5 .f K 6 Fronl Row: L lo R: Peggy Rae Tucker, Olive Gullison, Frances Dixon, Flora Rizzi. Row 2: Jean Geddes, Elna Sandeman, Edna Boyles, Conslance Penn, Nell Wisler. Fronl Row: L lo R: Eleanor Ueloele, lnez Young, Belly Slwimasalci. Row 2: Gwyn Clark, Shirley Delucclmi, Pearl Basllor. Row 3: Lucile Marlin, Elizaloelli Kocln, Leonore Eslalle. ,gel Kc Fronl Row: L lo R' Lois Lower , Arlene Nicholls, Theresa Moreno, Virginia Boall, Margerie Moore, Agnes Duncan. Row 2: Margerie Boccoli Mildred Easler, Alvina Keller, Belly Ann l-lasliell, Jeanne Gusl, Carolyn Meyer, Margarel Krebs. Page 24 Cafe+eria S+aH 5 S l ' A vrd , ' L I .4 4 , Q A 3 :Fl 1 5 , zf"g'E. V. ' f ig, ' A T nl Q uf a Us ,lj E ' jg, - Qwii' 'lf xx E r ix L , X K N 4 3' 2 A HQ Fronf Row: L io R: Barbara Sparrenberger manager La Verne Engle. Jacque Funlchouser, Mary Wrighf, Elsie uasi Esfher Waflcins. Row 2: John Mazzini, Nefa Zimmerman I Eeihel Adams, Carrie Harris, Lois Porlrer. Snack Bar S+aff r ,, hui, ,x ref -?fff:,1.,, , L +o R: Henrieldra Gunderson and June Sfone Russ DeAnda Cus+odians and Gardeners ,L -'sf' ,rm-4 Fronf Row: L +0 R: Erringfon Cheves, William Lovelace Andrew Warheld Lewis Buchanan Wilbur Alexander Virgil Brrqanre Carey Johnson Ocfaf a Jacks n William Sanders, Alberf Lee. Row 2: Dan Olson George McDonald Green Saffold Evans Hall Horace Mahan William Marciano Alfred Schuelkp Sam Anderson, Truman McGill, Ross Sfroud head gardener Sheldon Askew Sam Barbagelafe head cusfodran Qzwfiw wwwmgf iii' HMW Gmwfmment Roberf Perry Sludeni' Body Presidenl' Student Ciwncill Andrene Brooks Secrelary X lr ,, I 5 . S, Bob Perry, a virlual unknown, won lhe sludenl body presidency lor l955 - l956 in a surprising viclory. An alzlable fellow, Bob probably mel more people al convenlions, conferences, and olher rneelings lhan lhe resl of lhe council as a whole. l-loweyer, as The chairman al lvlon- day council nneelings. Bob was a slern chief execulive. 11 E , Q-...ei ' 2 rii' 1 H1 , 5 Pai' Jensen Vice-Presidenl ,, X, Jack Saxon Treasurer Charles Johnson Gail Harfman fR lies S ' l Ch ' Commissioner o a ocia airmen san. IN i it A -'gp' V G i so A 1 . iflffi ,- ' ' '?' 'i 1+ i 'rrf is if" Q l A is A Q-l"if Bob Sullivan Tom Boggs Commissioner of Publicily Fourfeenfh Grade Presidem' Kafhy Wilson Commissioner of Publicafions zfllx 5 in Marcia Johnson m J Kaihie Jacobs Commissioner of Drives ' Q Thirfeenfh Grade Presidenl' p Y V4 Q :fl , ' by L i Vf,,, V , i. , i ,i I if ff'ie.f" fail Vir' ' Q' lfffu' I SLM ia Laurence O'Reilly Represenfafive 'ro The Board of Allilelic Confrol 1 in "in:-f 8... - M ,f K Clifford Harmon Crane Zumwali' Commissioner of Sludenl Alzlairs 1,503 Twelffh Grade Presidenf W Nikki Nosfrand Represenfafive from Women's Allwlefics K., Q.-y M 5. 'kb-'A A R'-1lRl1 C6l:lCffllQ' Dave Melander 'G ,lg 4 is is Elevenfh Grade Presideni' Page 29 an-as-5-4.-..,--1,-...,.- ha-.. . , Fou.1'eenH'1 Grade L fo R: Marcia Jol'1nson,+reasurer: Tom bccgs, president Pai Brooks, vice-president Marilyn Eariey, secre+ary. C A Obbiww i 'Y fi Twelffh Grade 5 L. +o R: 'Pa+ Eddiesfone. secreraryy Margo? Liiiyi vice-president Crane Zurnwalr, president Chuckie? Guerard, Treasurer. 9 Elevenfh Grade L 'lo R: Mary McCullough, secrerary: Joyce Wong, vice-president Dave Melander, president Mary LiHie, freasurer. "7 Thirfeenfh Grade Lfo R: Barbara Heil, Jrreasurerq Kafhie Jacobs, president Don DeNevi, vice-president Pai Shurn, secrerary. Page 30 L +o R Ron Walker, associafe jusfice: David H. Rule, chief iusfice: Palma Polsinelli, associalre iusliceg Ron lsefli, associafe iusfice. Student Cuwmt S+oclc+on Colleges sludenf iudicial sysiem was compleiecl This year: noi only was Jrliere an eicleclive cour+ for lralllic and minor violalions. bul lliere was also a supreme courl. The courl olllicials included four iuslices, Two proseculing allorneys, lliree defense allorneys, lwo clerks and a courl recorder. Q 1 l 5 Bvw1duliP , , t ' W in-,, , 1 M,-L ,f.,, :cw ,f ,+, I, - eip yi. Fronf Row: L lo R: Fred Ramalho, Ka'rhieJacobs, Belly Lowry, Jaci Williams, Gerry Garden, Lindleylhomas. Row 2: Edmund Lewis, Wilder Benlley, John Arnold, James l-liclcs, John Dennis, lrving Goleman. Sludeni Aiclairs Com- missioner Cliff Harmon was in charge of ihis commi'r+ee.Anys+udeni' inieresieol in The work of ihe commiliee was eligible io be a mem- ber. Some ol ihe prob- lems Thai conironled lhe group included mor- al lapses, cleaning up rhe campus, and The irafiic in lhe parking lol. Page 32 swam Abbaifw cwiuuw , The Board of Publicaiions membership was increased ihis year To include noi only ihe edilors of Jrhe sludenl publi- calions and iournalism advisers, buf also four iacully members from Jrhe "ou+sicle." One oi lhe boarcl's prime iunciions is io seleci lhe ediiors of The paper and Jrhe yearboolc. J Fronf Row: L To R: Judy Goleman, Margol Lilly. Joan Silver, Gwen Hinfzen, Jo Ann Moore Janef McGinle Jean Reyburn. Row 2: Bill Maasburg, Jaci Williams, Bob Beardsleel Cliff Harmon, Ron Walker Gary l L, RaUlqC ' On Ground: LTo R: Gary LamberT, Dee LamberT, Rich RoberTs. Kneeling: LTo R: KaThy Wilson, Bev Roberrs, Dona Carlson, Diane Williams, Judy BooTh, Margo Coolures Connie McGraw. Row I: Duncan McPherson, Frank Obien, Barbara Wilson, Gayle SrniTh, Clyde SweeT, Joanne Rushing, Gracelyn Travel, Penny Bloom, Michaela Loy Nancy GuTh, Shirley HusTon, STephene Barosso, Vicki Barosso, PaTsy Paul, PaTricia Brown, Janice Pigozzi, Barbara Heikkinen, Marilyn STanley, Lorma Farley, LoreTTa Ragsdale Row 2: Mary Reynosa, Carmen San AgusTin, KaThy MaTkin, Barbara Heil, Susan Chisamore, Carla Chrisman, Carolyn Chiapale, Marilyn Coil, Jan Schuh, Ted KaTzakian , Sharon STewar+ , Tommy Haley vice-presidenT: Charles Johnson, president ,Ronald Walker, Tre-.assuregg Dale ScoTT, hisToriang HarT Weaver, keeper of The belly Phyllis Coon, Jolene CalesTini Mary McCullough, Helen Gaine, Maryann Mangold, Linda TBarosso, Rosalie Lindquist Row 3: Frank Garibaldi, Phillip Bingham, John Morones Dennis Lindholm, GilberT MaTa, CliTlord Harmon, Janis SmiTh, Arleen Shillingburg, Gwen HinTzen, Geraldine Brown, AnneTT Waddell, Darlene Mills, RuTh Bollinger Marlene BarTleTT, Jeri Henderson, Joyce Dorcey, Julie Ellis, Diane Spangler, Jane Caldwell, Barbara HesTon. Row 4: Ramona Padilla, Ora Harmon, Darlene Gesswein Laura LiTchlield, Arclean OverseTh, BeTTy Balkwill, PaT Adams, Brenda Harris, Jane Layson, Barbara Kay, Arleen ValTerza, Marcella Benavidez, RiTa Franco Barbara Giavdrone, JaneT Ambrogio, MargareT Diienderier, Cecile Cain, Evelyn Bailey, Thelma TarkingTon, JaneT l'larTman, PaT Kizer. Row 5: Grace Wilson Caroline Ramos, JudiTh Mierkey, Rosalyn ScoTT, Mary Wallen, Arlene Higday, Marilyn Burgess, JaneT Jones, Lou Karim, AnneTTe Newell, MarTha Terzakis Chuckie Guerard, Ann Quinn, Julie Wager, Jean Reyburn, Paf Jensen, Glenna Mowry, Judy TeTer, Marcia Johnson, Judie Kenyon, PaT Fuller, Darlene PyeaTT Lorene Pyeal'T, Rosemarie Sgheiza. Row 6: Yolanda CasTillanos, MargareT RusTigian, Sally May, Evelyn Perl, Gail Diven, PaTricia Spooner, CarliTa lsaacs, PaT Sloneker Mary Turley, Mary Mouriski, Judi Hammond, Joyce Owens, Saundra Moden, BerT Heim, Carol Meinig, Mary Lemon, Bill BueTTner, CynThia Surber, BeTh Tremaine Lyle Burgess, Henry Osborne, Barbara Shellcross, Lee Pope. Perhaps The mosT acTive organizaTion on campus was The Rally CommiTTee, wiTh a membership oT 204 sTudenTs. Pom-poms, beanies, and rally blocks were sold To arouse The spiriT oT The sTudenT body. The biggesT proiecT oT The group was The planning and organizaTion oT a Train Trip ThaT more Than 600 guys and gals Took To SacramenTo Tor a TooTball game. "The Trip" was a Tremendous success, and may be well on The way To becoming an SC TradiTion. The Rally CommiTTee was also responsible Tor The drill Team ThaT came inTo exisTence during baskeTball season. ful! Team ,N ,f in Q L fit, V f 3, 1? , as , , is U . 1 L ... f ' " ," V 5' I .T ssl Y Q E . ik 3 'll -T BQQ T H , ff I' v 1.l"V , , ,, it 1 W- it ,T R Q 5 J- ar- Till U M 4 . --4. -.rfae-?'.T1:.'. .B , 4 if Lfo R: AnneTT Waddell, capTain: Nancy GoTh, Ora l-larmon, Marilyn STanley, Ramona Padilla, Darlean Gesswein, Micheala Loy. Edna x!l!:llViE!'!"!!Fg,! 'JQi1fli'l'2 Reynolds. Barbara l-leikkinen, Joann Neugebauer, BeTh Tremaine, Rosalyn Scoff, Jerry CalTon. maioreTTe, Page 33 wfpgllvv- - ---- - ,-.- ., 9nwm-CM: Council---FaIZ2 Froni' Row: L lo R: Kafhie Jacobs, Pal Brooks, Chuckie Guerard, Nikki Noslrand, secrelaryg Par Jensen, presidenf: Margol' Lilly, Virginia Alexson, Joyce Wong, Ramona Garcia. Row 2: Mike Thomas, Ron Wong, Cliff Harmon, Gene Wiss. Jack Saxon, Jess Ferrer, Richard Alvarez. Row 3: Dan Marlinez, Lance Byard, Larry Dealon, Chauncey Kepford, Don Velez, Ruben Bacci, Ron Walker, Bruce Hyman. lnler-Club Council, wilh Sludenl Body Vice-Presideni of all Jrhe clubs served as members. The meeiings Pai Jensen leading The way, formed several concreie provided a line oploorlunify for The organizalrions ideas concerning proiecls on campus. The presidenls lo exchange ideas. . 9nwl-Cllvlr Cmuwill ---Spniug 5 i tkfl' From' Row: L 'lo R: Deanna Daclan, Margoi Lilly, Ramona Garcia, Joyce Wong, Chuckie Guerard, Pal Jensen pregidenf Par Brooks, Nikki Nosirand, secreiaryg Virginia Alexson, Kalhie Jacobs. Row 2: Ari Holland, Ron Wong Bom Dixon Ron Walker, Richard Alvarez, Dan Marlinez, Gene Wiss, Ron Olvera, Row 3: George Firpo, Don' DeNevi, Don Velez Page 34 Bruce Hyman, Richard Laursen, Bob Peny, Ruben Bacci, George McCollum, Lance Byard. -In --1 ' ' A Check an the Exclwquvn The i955-56 school year was one oT The besT Trom The Tinancial viewpoinT in The hisTory oT The school. One oT The largesT budgeTs ever approved by The sTudenT council regisTers The success oT The council in locaTing sources oT revenue. i STudenT body Treasurer Jack Saxon and college accounTanT Olive Gullison give The books a workouT. STudenT body card sales soared To a new high oT l,347. The snack bar was a veriTable gold mine. The apple ma- chines were busier Than ever. A size- able reserve Trom lasT year made iT a brighT season Tinancially. While The budgeT lisTing below is noT inTended To be a compleTe accounTing, iT will show roughly where The money came Trom and where iT wenT. ATHLETICS: 53.00 Trom each sTudenT body card was auTomaTically seT aside Tor aThleTics. All oTher aThleTic Tunds came Trom The sale oT TickeTs To games and were noT accounTable in The sTudenT budgeT. THE COLLEGIAN: The school paper expecTed expenses oT 5I,630.00 mosTly Tor phoTography and engraving. ExpecTed income was esTablished aT only 5630.00. The council seT aside 5l,000.00 To balance The paper's budgeT. EL RECUERDO: The yearbook looked Torward To expenses oT 5I I,555.00, buT income oT only 56,850. Approxi- maTely 5I,000.00 oT The income came Trom adverTising, The oTher 55,850.00 Trom The sale oT yearbooks. The Council voTed 54,705.00 SNACK BAR: The dispensing oT hamburgers, hoT dogs, shakes, cokes, eTc., was expecTed To bring in 52l,000.00 during The I955-56 school year. Expenses, mosTly Tor supplies and The Tood To be serve., was seT aT 5l7,000.00. leaving an expecTed proTiT oT 54,000.00 Tor The year. The snack bar acTually did much beTTer Than expecTed and The Tinal proTiT is now esTimaTed aT near 57,000.00 INCOME ITEMS ONLY: The Council expecTed To sell T250 sTudenT body cards aT 58.00 each which would bring The expecTed ToTal To 5l0,000.00. Since card sales were acTually over l300, more money Than was anTicipaTed rolled inTo The sTudenT Treasury This year. The only oTher iTem in This caTegory was The expecTaTion oT 5l.000.00 Trom renTal oT caps and gowns. EXPENSE ITEMS ONLY: The Council appropriaTed The Tollowing sums Tor acTiviTies which had no source of income: awards, 5I00.00g ColT band, 5l90.00: ColT debaTe, 5l25.00: general sTudenT body supplies, 5550.005 iunior College sTudenT governmenT conTerence, 5500.007 miscellaneous, 5200.005 MusTang band, 5l38.00: MusfTang debaTe, 5500.001 promoTional acTiviTies oT sTudenT associaTion, 5250.005 rallies, song and yell leaders, 5300.001 social acTiviTies, 5500.00. RESERVES AND SURPLUS: The sTudenT body Treasury conTained 58,827.I8 when The year sTarTed. ATTer appro- priaTions and budgeT allowances were made, The Treasurer esTimaTed The surplus would amounT To 5l I,08o.l8, an increase oT approximaTely 52.40000 during The year. Page 35 Qizwim wmgwf iv?" q!"J',,'j1,'fQp,,,,.,4 ,a,...L,a. ,Cla-'C -ffv62-My -PM ff-ff'f-4535954 ? 761,L4a,! 4 -4644,-v a, f4eai7.vv-af vmwmw' wvwwfq fwfa-,,f4qJww.-4 'KN Smwmmgii W WM mW5f41 xx., WM u N ON M6001 www JU Ox MQ and GuadeG X W Hisaye Abe Anifa Adams Joann Adams John Adamson Mar+ha Aguilar Arfhur Akers Gilberl' Amador Roberi' Applegafe Henry Avila Susanne Axfell Ruben Bacci Wayne Bailey Josephine Balanfac Roberl' Bard Roberi' Bauer Jay Baumgarfner Sonya Bea'H'y Marilyn Beniamin Clayfon Benlley George Bishop Gail Boclrmon Tom Boggs Allen Bonnifield Marlene Boss Dave Miller David Bradslreei' Janice BriH'san Pafricia Brooks Ann Buechler William BueHner Palsy Burlce Genevieve Cabaliza Gloria Cabeliza Gilberf Canchola Melvin Can+aloupi Ardelle Carbino Carmen Carido Iris Carfer Davicl Chapman Cliff Smi+h George Chrislu Bar+on Clowdus Gwen Coafes Lois Cogorno Dale Coleman Anfhony Comporafo Donald Cooper An'roineH'e Cosfa William Cowley Dale Crase LaVonne Crismon Kay Cronin Douglas Croy Willard Cummings Deanna Daclan Paul D'Amico ,ISI -- N44 'mtv 44 ,fNl'x Joan Darrah Beverly Davis Donald Davis Richard DeLong Sianley Den'ron Lloyd Dillingham Bill Dodge Marilyn Earley William Edwards CharloH'e Eilers Janice Ekworhell Florence Eroio Juleda Favilla John Fehling Peier Fellows Vernon Fleck Pairick Flenige Harvey Freefly Bill Funk Eihel Fuiamachi James Galle'l' Riia Garcia Leo Gardella Frank Garibaldi Dick Garvey Gary Gasser Barion Gauger Harry Gay Jane Geisler Allen Geyer Riia Giordano Carol Goefz Wayne Goodell lna Graham Lucille Gray Valann Grider Jack Hunfer Lyle Harrison Paul Harrison Don Hawkinson Roberi' Heil Clara Hendrix Mavis Herman Tansy Herpich Anna Garcia Mary Hibbard Kalhleen Hinds Clinfon Hoellworih Jim Hook Gerald Hopper Deverald Hor'ron Kei'l'h Howelh Lock Huey Carol Hulchinson Yvonne Jackson Bill Jenkins Dale Jensen Arlyce Johnson Marcia Johnson Leo Kuamolo Tafsuko Kamigaki Dennis Kane Arlene Kasa Ted Kafzakian Jane Kawanaga Keifh Keppel Belly Kilclcawa Jo Anne Kim Terry Kimble Malcolm Knisely Roberl' Ko'lh Augusl Kris'l'of Carol Lamonica Roberl' LeBeouf George Ledger Benesla Lee Gilberl Lee Lee Leggell' John Lewis Jin Lim Frances LiH'lel'on Esfelle Lommel Ed Lucchesi Charles Ludwig Keilh Lund Palricia Maguire Joan Malloy Gene Mar Francis Marchand Daniel Marlinez Frank Marfucci Julie Maschelc Gary MaHingly Philip MaH'ingly Jerry Ma'H'son Donald Mazzilli WaH'er McKean Rosemarie Meiburg Ron Miller Juanila Milfon Bruce Milchell Roberf MoFfaH' Perelus Moga Henry Molina Lynn Monlgomery Arlhur MoreH'o Jim Morrison Jerry Mouni' Raymond Mow Glenna Mowry Lulabelle Muller Judy Myers Shigeru Nalcaoka Olive Nelson Neil Nosfrand James O'Brien Elsie Olcuna Ronald Olvera Lawrence O'Reilly Bill Owen Duane Owens Frank Paddleford John Padula Frank Panoncialman Marilyn Parenli Elaine Park Don Pellow BeH'v Owen r'- ig, xi' i ,,, , .nd E V i' xg. I ,1 I ef yu an - ,J 4 Q-nf I lbw : ,J . .amiga Ma, . , , Q XR: 'ft' if ,L Y -3 KS. silk 'Z 9 177 S' - 'K 150. 'Eff SJ Q"',V 454 'ra Roberl' Perry Selden Perry Waller PeH'erson Laura Piggee Clemenfene Porier Neil Porferfield Willie Racoma Francisco Ramirez Sue Raney Ted Reyes Lloyd Reynolds Roberla Reynosa Ronald Rhodes Gary Riclcs David Robles James RosseH'i George Sakai Nancy Sakai Jack Saxon Shirley Schamber Vernon Schlo'H'hauer Donald Schmidl' Philip Schreiman Carol Sharp Marie Shinsalco Donald Smi'I'h Esfelle Smilh Billie Speegle Lynn Slevens Judy Sfoclcwell Dawnyse Summerhays Beverly Swain Deyea Swineford Roy Talceuchi Aaron Thomas Joseph Torres Brooke Triclcey George Turner Beverly Tuso Glenn Tyra Juan Ulep Leland Ullmann Francesca Vedova Rod Vieira Allan Voighi' James Vrieling Sonia Vuinovic "!""' Vladimir Vuinovic Doro+hy Wallers Russell Warner Wilber Weber William Websfer Dean Wegner Jack Welsh Charles Williams Burgess Windsor Williams WH-zke Nanci Wong Jacqueline Woods David Woodward Be'Hie Woon Grayce Yabu Sanii Yano Lucio Zavala l 'Q I Norma Aamolh Selsulco Abe Wanda Adams lrene Aguilar Jesse Aguilar Rosalie Aguilar Cyn+l1ia Ahlye Joyce Albenca lv , 1 I i riff if 'l llglilif Dean Alexander Virginia Alexson Pal' Allen Darlene Allenbough Barbara Allman Lillian Alsop Carl Alvarez Berlha Anderson Gary Anderson LoreH'a Anderson Fred Andrews Maxine Angelo Gloria Araniuez William Arbogasl' Marcelina Aring LaVerne Arnaiz Judy Arne'H' Beclcy Asalcawa Don Asher Marlin A'I'ilano Eddie Avila Lily Avila Tony Avila Be'Hy Ayson Michael Baerwald Alfred Baguio Joan BalaH'i Marcia Baldwin Michael Bancrofi' Rosalie Banda Glenna Banse Mary Helen Baralas Day Barnhar'r Barbara Barkhorn Velia Barrera Barbara Barron Marlene Bar+le'H' Sfella Ba'l'res Darrel Baumbach Rena Bayer My berl' Beardslee if k Beclcnell Edward Beckwifh Bruce Beerbower Juanifa Bell Wenona Belrran Marcella Benavidez Roger Benedifo Q 3'-:HV '?,,:,.'?' l NI' ina? X. 'l Mx Q-f" rd X. 'S' 'av-1 IT 49' 'J Y"""P' . .ff ,Rfk -ws. it' ' S 'x fx 'PSI 'T' Bolo BenneH' Bob Benni'H' Donald Bergsfrom Be'Hy Berkenbile Dale Befhel Donald Biancalana Phillip Bingham Sharon Blanchard Margie Blankenship Penny Bloom Tim Blumberg Wallon Bodley Eugene Bogarin Ru'rh Bollinger Suzanne Bollum Lorene Bond Myra Bona Judy Boolh Bruce Bowman ' Janice Bowman Joann Bradley Judy Bradshaw Carolyn Breaklield Novaline Brisco Pafricia Broderick Harold Brooks Allan Brown Glen Dean Brown Miriam Brudernich Jim Brumbaugh Genia Bruno Joann Bryanl' Q-5 CX .1-.5 x l il - ix llul Paaa AR Orland Buclcius Joan Buclc George BueH'ner Par Bulloch Marilyn Burgess Palriclc Burns James Burrows Lance Byard Don Byrd Elena Caceres Sfanley Cain Phyllis Caldwell George Camara John Campbell Ley Campbell Tommy Campbell David Canevari Palricia Carido Dona Carlson Jean Carlson Granville Carnine Donna Carfer Gary Carver Ronald Casagrande Solomon Cas'l'ro Melba Ca'l'leH' Mayme Caianzaro Michael Cavanaugh Ronald Cecil Sharon Ceo Gordon Cervo Frances Chacon . inf 'X ,jgjpv .pw h N 'NJN ,,2,?H f ' kia ffl :QQV f5,, W-'. X 'T if vp1"' uf-' 151' Rauf Ili fi" lui --1 'G'-r ,JV 'Q' W -45 j, Pa'I'ricia Chacon Marie Chaffee Barbara Chan Florence Chan Raymond Chang Alvis Childress Bill Chin Warren Chinn Carol Chrislophers Donna Clark John Clark Maxine Clark Ray Claveran Nina Claylon Pal Cohen David Coleman Karen Collins Geraldine Colfon Janice Combs Don Combs Frank Compo Peler Conway Lila Cook PaHy Cook Margo Coolures Alice Correa Joann Cosmo Doro'I'hy CoHon Connie Covarruvias Ronald Coveri- Ramsay Cowlishaw Barbara Cox Page 50 KJ ,X 17 V' fl ,j77'MfMf Iyxfxryw fiwgiiji 7 K ,J , ral W? fl f f J , W f 4 AA Y V f IJL MJ! I Paone 51 Allen Crandall Dave Crandell Billy Cree Lawson Crosby Norma Croskey Kafie Crowe Carherine Crowell Doro+l1ea Daclan Genevieve Dairo Bob Dal Por+o Laurine Dal Porfo Elaine Dampier Alice Daniels David Davis Joyce Davis Paul Davis Sue Davis Bill Dawson Pa+ricia Day Larry Dea'I'on Eddie DeBol'r Lowell Decko Barbara Deicke Elisa Delgado Aldo Dellosso Alfred Del Prafo Pai' Dennis Elsie DePaoli Rufh De'I'erman Margarel' DeVol Dick Dewey Russell Dill .i -Y if -f ,1 'CL ' x 3 '91 Nd "?' . i X .Kham ,fi ,gg tl . A UI rw XV. J! -wi K.. 1 Gail Diven Tom Dixon Donald Dodson Harold Doll Bill Donahue Virginia Douglas Darlaine Doyle Yvonne Drake Jerry Drew Calhlin Drewry Mary Drummond Marshall Dunlap Don Durham Nelda Duval Leah Early Marfha Easier Olhel Easier Jim Eclcland Pafricia Eddlesfone Bill England Charles Epslein Garry Errecalde Joel Escabar Judi'rh Escobedo Carla Esposelo Kafhryn Evans Miriam Evans Kennelh Ewing Wanda Faughl' Ka+hy Ferguson Donaciano Fernandez -l Manu: Fernandez Page R7 Burke Ferrari Waldene Ferrari Roberi Ferrell Harvey Ferrill y 'f , ,4 , ,. A 4Avy7'-5, Til Jlfib'-N-ffffWw' J Jim Finucane Ellen Fischer Margarei' Fifzgerald Jean Flaig Bob Fleming Carmen Flores Isabelle Flores Kafhleen Fluly Herman Foreman Sfanley Fos'l'er Glen FouqueH'e Cecile Fox Hollis Fox Jerry Fox Sue Francis Rifa Franco Dixie Frazier Virginia Frederico Michael Freeman Shirley Freeman Ernes+ Frosi' Roberi Gagnon Rosalie Garcia Ramona Garcia Eddie Gardea Geraldine Garden Cary Gardner Larry Gariltaldi Virginia Garbiso Jean Garvey Jackie Garvine Adeline Gascon Mickey Gasser Denelda Gaw Joyce Gehman Angie Gemigniani Billie Geniry Ronald Genui'r Bob George Geraldine Gibbs Ru'l'l'1 Gimlen BeH'y Ginbey Kenneih Giorgi Paul GioveneH' Joanne Glasson Dennis Glendenning Henry Go Boyd Godfrey Gayle Goe+z Joyce Goeiz Debbie Goleman Pal' Goligoslci Dwaine Gol+z Allen Gomes Edilb Gong Donald Gonzales June Gonzales Ronnie Gonzales Doreen Goodrich Charles Goodwin Marlene Gorley Nadine Graham Mary Lou Grazianl Vernon Grech Bundy Green Mary Green Judy Gress Resa Grieve Jerry Grosbeier BeHy Grunberg Roberfa Guerard Frank Guerra Charles Rose Louis Gurney Nancy Gufh Bill Hahn L Judilh Hahn Tommy Haley Waymond Hall Myrna Hambly Evelyn Hames Vern Hamilfon Judi Hammond Jim Hankins Nancy Hanks Sandra Hansen Bill Hardin Bill Hardman Richard Harisay Clifford Harmon Rae Marie Harper Kafhleen Harris Bobbie Harrison Be+l1 Harvie Yukiye Ha'H'ori Rulh Hawkins Doyle Hawkins Mifchell Hayashino Diana Hayes Winifred Haysom Mary Hedrick Ernes'r Heininger Gordon Henderson Jeri Henderson Leonard Henderson Joe Hendrix Richard Hendrix Doyle Henry Ronald Hensley Leilani Herpich Palricia Herring Geraldine Herrera Rosemary Herrera Jack Hession EIizabe+h HewiH' Jerry Hieb Dan Higaslii Arlene Higday Ronald Hildebrand Alfred Hill Mary Hill Gwen Hinizen Mike Hirala BeH'y Hislop Don HoFFman Arihur Holland Helen Holloway Greichen Holi' Roberi' Holi' Weldon Hood Jimmy Hooper Roger Hopkins Don Hoskins Carier Hosi'eH'er Wallace House Larry Howell Bob Howell Oscar Howell Virgil Howell Shirleen Huber David Humphrey Johnny Humphreys John Hun+ Janice Huriado Shirley Hus+on Bruce Hyman Carlos lnguillo Carlifa Isaacs Toshio lshihara Gary lshimaru Joann Haya Earnesi' lvy Kafherine Iwamoio Roberi' lzquierdo Wayne Jackson Laura Jackson 5, F' ff ff 45. ffffii -Ziff Lia- gs " Q' fw f , ,V , f, , fig f , ff f ' f rf , I 4Y?42? 3 fy: Y YY 123, y 2. gg 'fd -of x...-1 2 1x-. Dan Jenlcins Eve-reH Jennings Silvia Jeremlcu Bill Johnson Charles Johnson Connie Johnson Beri' Johnson EvereH' Johnson Gerald Johnson Sandra Johnson Denise Jones Carla Jones Donny Jones Edgar Jones Jane? Jones Colene Jordan Peggy Joy Cyril Juanifas Gordon Judy Elmer June Lou Karim John Kawada Barbara Kay Loyal Kelley Donna Kelly Carl Kennard Jerry Ken'l' Chauncey Kepforcl Ben Keyser Donald Kibby Ronald Kibby BeH'y Kiefer p 5 ge 5 8 Larry Kimball Loraine Kimes Carol King David King George King Lonnie King Charlene King Marcella King Gerald Kinlcead Roberl' Kinser Barbara Kilchen Kelvin Kieldsen Lewis Koe Theresa Koger Charles Kohler Coleen Koroclc Jaclcie Kosler Floyd Kramer Alberl' Krause Arvid Krein Ronald Kuehl Marlene Kunderl' Milo Kvidera Larry Lacey Ernesl Lagrimas Helene Laird Dee Lamberl' Gary Lamberf Frances Lamonlica Richard Landis JeaneHe Landucci Barbara Lane LJ Geraldine Langslon Lola Lalimer Carol LaTurner Jeffrey Lau Richard Laursen Rosie Lawson Charles Lay Jane Layson Carole LedbeH'er Bowman Lee Calvin Lee Rose Mary Lee Lawrency LeFevre Ray Leilner Mary Lemon William Leonard Gloria Lepislo Cecelia Lesl'er Henry Lew Johnny Lew Bobby LevereH' Rae Levalley Diana Lillie Margol' Lilly Elise Livingsfone Eslher Loba+o Richard Logemann Donald Loo Calherine Lopez Ernesiine Lopez Lorraine Lopez Nancy Louie Page bl Charles Lowler Docia Lucas Sharon Ludlow Mary Ellen Luevano Warren Lynn Yvonne Mabbell David Macias Laura Macias La Verne Mack Granl McComber Palricia MacPherson Jean Mah Ray Mahnlce Charles Maimone Darlene Makellce John Malanca Juanila Maldonado Jay Malloy Sadao Manabe Wall Marino Ronald Markham James Marquis Angel Marlel Janice Marlin Jean Marlin Lorella Marlin Roberla Marlin Irene Marlinez Richard Marlucci Barbara Mason Gilberl Mala Chesler Malsunaga ps -wwf ,J xi vi 1' if ' ll Wil WW' 11 Sally May Mary Maybeclc Lois Mayer Roberl' Maynard Bill Mazzocco Be'Hy McAuliFFe Alberl McCar'I'y Pal McClure Roberl' McColl Gayle McCoy Johnny McDonald Mike McFadden Truman McGill Jane'r McGinley Sonia McKee Milce McNair Duncan McPherson Darrell Medley David Meier Dolores Mello Jimmy Mershon John Melrovich Barbara Micllhun Charles Mierlcey Carl Miller Charles Miller Darlene Mills Elberl' Miner Doug Mifchell George Miyai Darlene Moland Bill Mongolo Paqe 62 i, eu my Q Marilyn Monfgomery Joann Moore Mary Moore John Morales Earl Moreno John Moreno Rachel Moreno Mary Lou Morgan John Morones John Morris Marjorie Morris Adair Morrison Melvin MoH'o Mary Mourislci Richard Munoz James Murphy Eugene Muzio Coryl Myers Dora Nadlang Frances Nakano Kazuye Nalcaolca lrene Nascimenfo Helen Naugle Wayne Nerland Donald Ness Roberi' Nessler Nancy Neugebauer AnneH'e Newell Beverly Newlon Sharon Nichols Lillian Nielsen George Nishimofo Larry Niskern BeHy Nolen Deanna Nordeen Leanna Norman Barbara Nor'I'l1way Orvil Norlon Nikki Nosfrand Kenneflw Noyer William Noyer Jerry Null William Nunnery Frank Obien 7 Lydia Olimon Ray Olivas Sharon Olson Rochelle Onweiler Claudia Ormsbee Barclay Ospilal Judy Ovarcl Sl1yla Overall Joyce Owens Ramona Padilla Arlon Palmer Fred Palmer Rose Marie Parenli Leona Parsons June Passadore Roy Paul Corene Pearson Parricia Pedersen Janei' Peery Wayne Peirsol Page 65 Luis Perez Evelyn Perl lris Pe'l'erson Bill Pe+erson Pa'I'ricia Peferson Lauren PeH'is Nan Phipps Nona Phipps 1 QM Eil+L11,aeJiifiQ!L9 An+oine++e' Pilon Refugio Piceno Toni Pina Janice Polceri' John Pollock Pauline Po'H'er Ralsfon PoH'er Paul Poulsen Lynn Powers Michael Price Jim Purvis Lorene PyeaH' Ann Quinn Dorofhy Quinfana Don Raemsch Ray Ramsey Ronald Ranagan Elsie Raielle Doug RaH'o Charles Ray Jessie Raygoza Clifford Reed Mildred Reecl -JJ 'AVN YET' VUE T? 35'-5 ,.. 1' .34 'fy - 'P ., if 49 ua ":::' Tir :SP ,Sly if inq- SQ' . 5 af' sv-"'f . A, ,ji x W .4 41' , 114 1 0 , ,K Wanda Reel Joann Reilly Bob Renfro Priscilla Revillqr Jean Reyburn Joan Reyes Jay Reynolds Juani+a Reynolds Phyllis Riberal Jared Richardson Cafhleen Richmond Donna Rideou+ Lynn Rimer Gloria Rinaldi Dean Rifchie Bev Roberfs Richard Roberlfs Shirley Roberfs Jessie Robles Anifa Rocca Raymond Rocha Darlene Rodman Sally Rodriquez Ka+hleen Roessler Roberf Romero Ray Rowley Walfer Rowley Margarei' Rusfigian Sue Ryan Carol Sanborn Gilberi' Sanguine'H'i Linda Sanfillano Page 66 ,i s:,i',,r- Franlc Saragoza Bill SaH'ler Nancey Saunders Larry Scadden Richard Schafz Lawrence Schauer Lore'r+a Schauer Georgianna Schenk Sue Schlegel Sharon Schneider Mary Schuler Ray SchuH'e Dorofhy ScoH' Jim ScoH Terry ScoH Bob Self Donna Semper Harry Seperas Gloria Sepulveda Rosemarie Sgheiza Charles Sharp Sandy Shaw James Shel+on Larry Shelfon Arleen Schillingburg Chiyo Shingu Henry Shishido Mary Siclcels Marcia Sider Joan Silver Edward Simmons Tony Simonaro Ronald Singson Pal' Sloneker Pele Smalley Della Smilh Gayle Smi+h Kennefh Smifh Janis Smi+h Richard Smi'I'h Tom Smi+h Alan Snow Jane Soderbery Farnum Sofo Dale Sorling Richard Sowell Jack Sowers Jim Spangler Eleanor Spencer Pafricia Spooner Sfanly Sfaal' Wendy Slahley John Sfarlc Mary S+. Clair Kennefh Sfeele Vini'ra Sfephenson Gene Sl'ern John Slerni Omer S+eward Joyce Sliles Hugh Slocldon Ollie Slover Gary Sullivan Jane'r Surfus Ronnie Swaim Frances Swan Frances Swinney Doro+hy Swinney Joan Tabin Andrea Tagupa Nobuko Tanaka Roberl' Tanaka Thelma Tarking+on Arfhur Tau Marlha Terzakis Judy Tefer Jerry Theiler Archie Thomas Carole Thomas Michael Thomas Lindley Thomas Frank Thomason Sue Tillery Allen Tinker Eddie Torres Virginia Tow Pafrick Toy John Tracey Jim Tran+ham Pal Treadway Carole Tremper Beverely TruiH' Marlene Tull Mary Turley Merle Turley Anfoineffe Turner Bernus Turner Noel Turner Roberi' Turner Ronald Ulmer Grace Ursainqui Bob Uyesugi Kenl' Valenfine Melba Valenfine Ray Valenline Arleen Valferza Gary Vangundy Emily Vasquez Gary Venable LaVerne Vierra Phyllis Villamor Alice Villarreal LeHy Villareal Larry Vindiola Joyce Viviano Roy Vlaoviclw Ronald Vollmer AnneH Waddell Roy Waechfer Julie Wager Marilyn Wagner Dale Walker Ronald Walker Kei+l'1 Walfers GarreH' Walfher Be++y Wal'l'on Marsha Ward Dolores Warfield Roberl Wardlaw Beneva Warren Kennelh Washburn Michiko Walanabe Jim Wayne Beverly Weaver Harl Weaver Joanne Weaving Carolee Webb Bobbie Weinsloclc Doug Welliver Ray Wells Alexander Wessilsh Sluarl Weslenhaver Deloys Wheeler Leroy Wheeler Barbara Whilalcer David H. While David J. While James While Kennelh While Monica While Roger Wichman Wayne Wichman Barbara Wilkinson Augusline Williams Belly Williams Diane Williams Jaci Williams Mary Williams Michael Williams Vera Williams Wayne Williams Marlene Williamson Bella Wilson Barbara Wilson Marie Wilson Floyd Wilson Ronald Wilson Jill Winans John Winans Joan Wirlh Nadyne WiH' Chew Wong Darryl Wong Dorolhy Wong Magnolia Wong Ronald Wong David Wood Elizabelh Wood Don Woodruff Essie Wrighi' William Wynn Shoji Yamamoio Bob Ye'H' Bob Yip Janice Yoneshige Don Young Sharon Young Waller Yourchek Julius Zaragoza Joan Zasiro Gordon Zuckerman Crane Zumwall' a guvygxr' C February I956 Gradua+es ff? , in , , Wi X , i. Q v if ' V ' 1 I if -4, V 39? , F - ariir G Li A J 3,11 .Bl - f 0 . 7 ' , Y , f ,ff 4 4, l '7' , - 6 gi f V'.' f' 'f-',. , ' 1 F G L ' we Y Fronf Row: L 'lo R: Juanifa Troxell, Florence Sfarlc. Ida Boscheiri, Francis Pelch, Lois Wilson, Nona Rea, Phyllis Brown, Josephine Marfinez, Harrielfa Roberfson, Dorolhy Parren, Pauline Weaver. Row 2: Mary Sanford, Versie Hall, Ruby Williams, Alia Orr, Lila DeWiH, Gladys Coleman, Luella Warden, Margare+ Berganfz, Mary Hughes, Anna Gurney, Barbara While, insiruclor, and Dr. David Greene. Swchhm U r' lflwweo The Vocaiional Nurses are a ieaiure of Jrhe Hospiial and al Saini Joseph's Hospilal. Sloclclon College Acluli Eclucaiion program. For ihe mos'r pari, vocaiional nurses' duries To supplemenr Their classes here, ihey do are bedside nursing and rhe care of The aclual praciice al San Joaquin General chronically ill. Augusi' I956 Graduales , ,, ,M M xi. , " I 51959 '55 0' K . 4+ 1, 4 . ., X , 'av . rw , H .gm wg .. ,,,, . ,s,a y at . , i i If ' ' i 1 . I s 3 2 if , f , , , Q 1 V A -,Z V 2 X. . H1 l.-.1 lei. ' f . 4 A Fronf Row: L To R: Reba Slephens, Aurora Rice, Barbara Taiuma, Dororhy Carson, Anna Cochran, Guadalupe Sanrillano, Josephine Enebrad, Marie Garcia, Ann Jones. Mary Cruz, Francis Fisher, Ann Maslranfuono, insrrucror. Row 2: Hosea Fisher, Molly Baker, Alfheria Cur-Hs, Georgia Scism, Violel' Bryan, Leona Gulick, Rachel Peferson. Carmen Williams, Marfha Ruhland, Esfher Johnson, Barbara While, insrrucror, and Dr. David Greene. page 73 is Qzimfw 0I9WL8.4 pf -- P . yy! A 'U y , ff' X ,JM WW! fwffflfwy IM 0' ZJIQW KV ' W fW7"! H WM! ffilfw fl M! 6' V 91' lv WL W WM jf M ,W W 'XJVWMI mf WM fyffyf YWMWM7 f J W ,. . .y ., if , , 555. " ' ' B ' T Swirl g:.3'.'-If 1- ' " ' L L' 'LT i s 'T 1 . 1, ,,f, JI. i 4. , .I .,. l ilk- A A ,.. 'A f -- ,- .. :.' . .r - f: 'zz' -K .. .,-'.. , 'i-'--'f Y '.'7': ' . " " ,FF " ' ,,'!-C. -. 1 :a :: 1: . -T 1.14 M - 1 1 ,E 1 1 Yi i:5!.sdnfi:T5:,In-s:ELiiffL!- I -1 - ..--A, ,.. .-7 .,, 1- ,, df I l T i T T i i 1 i T l "' ,,. , -A f, , .', .,,,,,X fl .5 T A cheer in SToclcTon l-ligh School gym. i i ' a , 1 I i il Il I u A l Hr 132555 , x .-kc, T Wllwlang Snug .Deadefw 1, 'fa -f7if?4g1ga,i. i r ,j'7' -,ggi v , Q . K , V-A-.i ls. 7-'fi 1, v, is ,. QM- .mv kr.. 'Pl 'J -c 4... -,wiv '1' MV. ig, LTo R: Mary Reynosa, Ted KaTzalcian, and LaVonne Chrismon. lwlvntaug Chwm .Ceadww The cheer leaders and song lead- ers are elecTed by The sTudenT body in The Spring. They begin Their Term The Tollowing Fall. ResponsibiliTy Tor cheering or- ganizaTion, sTunTs, and singing Tall upon Their shoulders. Q1 Y,,,, ,....,, -v -,,,-.-1 . ' ,bn 1 "H-.4"T':-F f ' fun, A ':"',5. , i:vH.W:ff5i:1:.a V 'ff Q , ,T yysr my ,y V, sf, r fiflf, ft 'bf , " -f"'7'a' T751 I f""'h,.:1'Y: ' Fran N- " ffl! "H, AS, '- .' f "' "fn" ' "3-iZ'h-Wu 's"4ft1- i' " fir' 5 'fazwmff s f-.L ja., 1' , ' ,l' X, naw, Tw n1,1r1"' T' g . , 4. f - ,f , l X if A, , , . an 'T f , My--M X I' '- MusTy oT The MusTangs 5 in -WATT: . - , T -TT 7 T 5-JE ,.., i f Zu' . ' M J V,7s QA' ii, jgwg 'Q Jl,ii'5bi iii al . K V ig ' dl - X yu A X ii!-F? TX N 41" lg - I Page I si . 1 . ,. 1-Lv L'l'o R: KaThy Wilson, Connie McGraw, Marcia Bell, and Lynn Pollard. 149 . .4-gg, . T i 76 H f .1-1 A 'Nf- 'f ' ' 13,4..' g., ' , V L , in , ,a,..-A f , ff ,. 1 - iQH,, .9 . .- - K ' 4' "" au-44 H .4 A but ' ' new '-fw..m.,,d J? ., can cum swam xx, -in i ' f fa. H -4-gvfsflzmiuz 'W i V V -I X 'T , , ly , iJ",. -, a or ,fa gg-, l - ff, , K, ,y p , ' Cf, Q iffifilq zf Q if-Lf, , 4 ' 'g,-r ' ' f, 4 ii CM Sung .Ceadww X. '. . Froni' 'l'o back: Rich Roberfs Judy Boo'rl'1 rouses loyal spiril' while erforming one oiljllwe roulines. L fo R: Bev Rolaerfs, Dona Carlson, Diane Williams. Judy Boollw, Margo Coolures. ,A . .Q , x Gary Lambert Dee Lamberfl 'Q Page 77 new I Alison Bruno lleTTl and Mary Fraga bring back The spiriT oT The I92O's wiTh a rousing version OT The VarsiTy Drag aT The Fun FesT assembly. ..- """'M..i ,,,,.pv"r"""W Page 78 A- ' i 0 5 T ,, Ar A BoTh The lvlusTang and ColT songleaders whoop iT up aT a noon pep rally preceding a TooTbalI game. m fy congraTulaTe Richard Laursen leTT and Ron Wong Phys: cal Science and Key Club represenTaTives respecTively cenTage oT sTudenT body card holders in any one club PeTer Seeger, naTionally known Tollcsinger, Traded his guiTar Tor an ax . as he whacked ouT a Tollc Tune. I SCSA Vice-Pre.sidenT PaT Jensen and PresidenT Bob Perry .T K J ' .- on Their clubs winning The conTesT Tor The biggesT per: Tb :fl A shoT oT one oT The dance rouTines by The Choo Rawieo The originaliTy and hard worlc OT all oT The sTudenTs connecTed, broughT abouT Tour oT The besT class rallies ever presenTed. The elevenTh grade did an abouT Tace Trom lasT year when They placed lasT. and won The Trophy, buT The oTher classes all produced good programs and provided good com- peTiTion. elevenTh grade which helped Them win The Trophy. PanTomiming The comedy song "Please Don'T Bring Me Down a Baby BroTher," Marilyn Early acTs The parT OT a liTTle baby girl in The TourTeenTh grade rally. Carol Haynie runs aTTer "Liberace" aTTer she shoT his oTher fans, during The ThirTeenTh grade saTire oT a popular T.V. performer. PaT Phelps sings oT her ideas abouT The opporTuniTies OT SC To Tom Klein, Fred BueTTner, and Mickey McClure during The elevenTh grade rally. fl..r+9xw"' FiTi and her can-can Troupe from Paris go inTo a high lcicl: aT The TwelTTh grade rally. The real names OT The "gals" are ll. To Rl Earl Moreno ArT l-lolland, Crane ZumwalT, and Tom Dixon. Page 79 Us WiTh The band leading The way. The l955 Homecoming Parade began ITS march Through The cenTer of Town. H 'ng 1955 ,.V. , K 1 .. e TTT 1 1 5 TF y , TlTT'r,'.117--PM - 4 To 'T 4 .TTT iii, 'ff f' 5 I ET 4' "ai-a,,43jq gl T W l T T y ww lil I V I, oggvl 3 . ' ' ef 1 . M e , A 5 lg- I H U lB1E'5",f fl T T ,1T' '?":"T.T 5, 'T' a ' aa Tl F3323 212635525 Club envy. ' X e f-A, To 1 1 A+-alfa' T was waged The TirsT place TloaT. alll' A modernisTic ' ' -, ' . . , T , , "Old King Cole" T fa ' , T , T y , was porTrayecl by - A y A T ' T T T Newman Club's TloaT. T ' ' ' ' ' K - 'f T A 1 T v,fV'knv-, n.. ' -K hx The "Old Woman in a Shoe" y was made by The lTalian Club. Page 80 Queen Tami Q 'R During The second hall of lhe Sloclclon College - San Maleo foolball game lwhich Jrhe Tangs won, of coursel, lhe week-long suspense surrounding lhe queen conlesl finally came lo an end --- wilh Toni Bonfilio announced as Jrhe "regal one." l The Queen's Couri' Fronf Row: L fo R: Kay Harris, Pal Phelps, Jaci Williams. Row 2: Joan Malloy. Glenna Mowry, Pal Herring, Evelyn Perl. Row 3: Sally May, Connie McGraw, Sharon Robinson, Margo? Lilly, Annelfe Newell, Jean Reyburn. Judy Gress, Lee Pope, and Queen Toni Bonhlio. Vx' ygbfgiixrl 4 J V fy b ,' 'V gqltwi '- Q lfkgdg 4-l I I . ' 'T ' ,L .,,4:, : A I . :Jul 4, l. , 1 Hg-J-r V ' A, 2' ii 0 5 " "'s' "W "'- -New-M-e-' 1 e---l,,. e x1'e -.s, il s1e,,' s f?'E-P71 ' , Ts l 4 ' ' ' wi ' . . r 's vvew-runs N 7 v R ' - 1 ,V - 'xiii .L ' L 4 V is ' RW f ' ,iff - .-: -H .. Q I l ,, Q , s - , 4 A- Q . I rx , p ang - g ' L 1y,.l r """"' 1 1 . ,l s, . ' 4- YI' A , 'k"' -' . o "' . :Lk ' I ' ' .- , A ,, 1 'O' V 2 Q.. : ' 4' 1 31555 'X 4, ', 4' " K' ' 4 . i YQ 1'-' W. , . r r" L K ' C 4 ' " es..- Q bw' ' ' 3' ""' F ME .l 2 E l WY Rex, ...s is l e ,,.--1 F 1 a.,,w5 in H Q - ' " . ' r' l P "wi ' 'Fi-.,x S l' fl Fil - . l Q n W ui A . .L s ""'s ' N- ' . l 1 dll, . X .K XA - A, 1 X X- 'k, 's - "- l s The Rally Commiflee floal rounds a corner. Page SI V -fvvw.,.,.ws-an , yy, . 1 'ne , f , Cv 1 f, , 'J , .Cf ,kai The annual ChrisTmas danCe, usually sponsored by The sTudenT body, was sTaged by Xi Omicron This year, buT The proceeds were Turned over To The sTudenT body. Page 82 FirsT SemesTer Dances SepT SepT SepT SepT OCT OCT OCT OCT Nov Nov Dec Jan Jan Freshman Mixer Kick-oTT F B LA Club MusTang DebaTe Camera Club CoIT DebaTe Homecoming Key Club Guys and Dolls M Key Club ChrisTmas Ball Rally CommiTTee l-leadliners "Tender Trap" asked Bal' A popular sTudenT dance group, The Lucchesi Trio, provided The music aT several dances during The year. PeTer Lucchesi TooTed The saxophone, Eddie Lucchesi squeezed The aCCordion, and Dale l-lighTower pounded The drums. S. C. EMBA . I I ,J I Q The Guys and Dolls club sponsored a Ivlaslced Ball. Winners were Ollie Slover W IL Io Rl John Vincenl, Barbara Wilson, Charles Newman and . I.,v A ii 'yi if? ' 4,r. , ii... -f V- if 3 514 f I 'Viz' . W , . g -U 3: . g X - 'l ' ,LA- .-... if I-Ieadliners club sponsored an end-of-'rhe-firsl semesler dance wilh I'he infriguing 'rifle of "The Tender Trap." Mosl' SC dances were held in The new cafeleria. Second Semesfer Dances Feb. 3 Feb. IO Feb. 24 Mar. 2 Mar. 9 Mar. I6 Mar. 23 Apr. 27 May II May I9 May 26 June I C. S. F. Muslang Debale Newman Club Rally Commilfee C.S. F. "Sock I-lop" Fun Fes+ I2+h Grade Guys and Dolls Slci Club "Spring Schuss" Luau Gradualion Ball Byliners "Final Fling" Page 83 B1-I 9 ,u -43 x K , H ' ' T L. I ml , 'as Q T , , T essa 1 Q is A Q, ,M frafjiio p' , " .1 Q 'EQ P P M" ' T -TT s my A .T 1. A T T 'fY -HQ 'fflfql lffsa- C li y pau, M A139 ere- we v,. A bl FWF! 3, , . X2 6' V f , if X ,M ee P,-fq 2 T T , Til -f., X, ' l "P'i". L T T' 1 - T gs as M 4' 4 -ya ' ' " , ' as 'Ni .' 15... s " ' . I I 'U .1 ,Q , , , T f25',T XQQKACT fi, A'Q"':-if"-' f - T, "" T in " A .gf 2 fb V 1, .. , This is a general view oT The Fall semesTer Club Day, showing many oT The ' n'e ffr- ,. PY sales sTands wiTh sTudenTs wandering around Trying To make up li TP e:,,q , " Their minds as To The besT buy. 5 e'ie' ' V 'ff. ,ff 1? 4f fs j -1 T ' The Dippy Dogs, f y Y a new TeaTure aT Club Day, i'l-f Q V N were an insTanT success. 7 P V STudenTs waiTed , A all period To buy Them 7 gf and Then came back X 9 Tor more. gx tl? , 'f", X L i T' T X5'j l 7' l iz V Q o o o 0 0 ag T ' V Becfwnb' Clluh 'D W5 1. I, -- W -E A , ' . if ,ah ,F A A new siTe, The paTio oT The new Classroom Building, ,Q , , ,Q dv I was Tavorably endorsed by parTicipaTing organizaTions if D ' 'if in Club Day. The lucious cakes, The French-Tried PronTo y A ' 'Q 'fl T Pups, The carroTs lcarroTs?l, and everyThing else being T 6 Rx T 1 T yi sold ThaT day, barely lasTed Through The Three-hour f l 1 5 selling period. Class oTTicer elecTions were held The I if same day. , f A MR Y- .,.. , T wus,-nnlll An unsuspecTing voTer, Taking Time ouT , 7 Trom The TesTiviTies, places The "X" as " A 2" 5 oTher sTudenTs regisTer To voTe. Vi T y . Q .-4 1 1' T T Emcee Tom Boggs Q ' calls over The PA sysTem ' I, If Tor The sTudenTs To ' gaTher Tor The Club Day l':',,..J MM-7 y . ,,',' f and elecTions rally. j i ,',,'A Page 84 T E ' "5P7?r""' WP AlmosT six hundred SC rooTers boarded The Train Tor a laughTer-and-gaieTy-Tilled Trip To SacramenTo OcTober 29. lT was The TirsT aTTempT by The college aT This sorT oT Thing, buT iT was a smashing success. Everyone who wenT will remember The old poTbellied sTove, The ancienT lounge cars, and The bag- gage car where The public address sysTem was seT up. MS "The Thing" Two Temale On l-larT Weaver rooTers whoop up a song enrouTe To SacramenTo. The reTurn Trip There was Trouble wiTh The lighTs --- mosTly, They were ouT. Page 85 While Dean Waldo prepares To offer his advice on The card To play, 1 glances up aT The phoTographer I wiTh ThaT "2 a.m." look. ,-9' 'rf 1 t gm ' . 'I A A- K 2 ,05 if "MXN -fm Z5 iiffii 'X ' Xt g Q". A . Ni 'T 4' :ii-,A 1 '-NA i Q it-is m .X Q ,' X423-'40 sa-.. A..-,im 1 These Tellows, represenTing Key Club, Radio Club, and Rally CommiTTee, will no doubT Tell you ThaT February 23 was The coldesT nighT oT The year. This an- nual "all nighT sTand" To see which club would geT To sign-up TirsT Tor The Fun FesT booThs was won by Key Club. 1 l li i Fun The Fun FesT Theme Tor l956 was "SomeThing CollegiaTe." This year. Joe and Joan College candidaTes were TirsT chosen by Three ouTside iudgesq Then The whole sTudenT body was given The privilege oT voTing The Tinal choices. An- oTher new policy was The opening oT NorTh Hall in The Civic AudiTorium To accomrnodaTe booThs. l l i l i i l E ri 1 T T 'Tl- ' WW' , - , ,-5--+M 3 elm., I 1 . Q, I E 1 T y Granville Carmine is snapped during one oT his E ' T L 5 I ,,, Tamous panTomimes, aT The Fun FesT assembly. i, , T l l l ' 5 P h T 51" '11 - A 1 2 ' T1 in l T if , l , i , Y 1 1 - X, '.T,.Q.- ,,1:-: 2 , 3 ' I C ,.--2 ,gg A 9 2 " ' f A T I A TuTure "gangsTer" 'iq gqny 4 Tm, -,-, ,,,,,. .....--- . , . A Tries his hand 4 M 7 aT shooTing ouT The candle 6 mga while The soaked vicTim wi , "' Talces iT "on The chin." wb12":.'r:'-"" T c T T ':SFa.-1'-'::5ifT T T' Page 86 Fat The basic color scheme was pinlc and black, wiTh Two giganTic paper mache Tigures, repre- senTing a Typical Joe and Joan College, revolv- ing on a sTand in The middle oT The Tloor. The TradiTional mural Tor The TronT oT The barn was a depicTion oT all phases oT campus liTe by Ben Gonzales. -1, Ted l-lerman's band enTerTained The Fun FesTers Trom 9 To I. The inseT is drummer Sal La PerTch, Jr., who was a big hi+ when he played a drum solo Tor I7 minuTes. Deanna Crumb emerges s Trom The Key Club Dunlcing booTh, where she brolce TradiTion by being The TirsT girl To enTer inTo This acTiviTy. ElecTrics Club booTh. can Two eo le bel managed To geT ry NX il x il - . ., 9 V4,,..,,..'. ,A xx, W f I fs-:, r 1 ' 21 M '... J A beauTy and brains combinaTion, Top ColT debaTer Diana Lillie was chosen Joan College. John Felix, SC Toreign sTudenT Trom l-lolland and sTar oT The MusTang waTer polo Team, was a popular choice Tor Joe College. They received gold idenTiTicaTion braceleTs. l-low luclcy QF' fi, P P This couple boTh oT The prizes Trom The Page 87 Page 88 winbemoet ,fs JS TIT Niki-ky i ,N S , Un., J. ,W-,., ,, - , ' .l ' C a s T Troclc - ---- ArT MesisTrano Shadow - - - - Bob Harlan GarTh - - John Arnold Miriamne - Mary Fraga Esdras - - Ed Cooper The Hobo - - Bob McGee PaT Phelps Alison Bruno FirsT Girl - - Second Girl Judge GaunT - - - Bob Richards Mio ..-- - - PaT Corley Carr - - Bob Ansara Lucia - - - Don Byrd Pgny - - - Andrea Tagupa Policeman - Roger Wichman Radical - - Granville Carnine Herman - - Don Henderson Sergeanf - - - John Mahnlce Man in Blue ---- Jim O'Berg JF if' if' DirecTor - - - - - George Felker STage Manager ' PGT Phelps 49" Maxim Popovich Drama lnsTrucTor The Ringside TheaTre played To Three Tull houses in iTs TirsT producTion oT The season. Maxwell Anderson's "WinTerseT" was excellenTly done by a CGST STG'Fring ArT MesisTrano, PaT Corley and Mary Fraga. The Teamwork displayed by The casT was ouTsTanding. The sTage condiTions aT The "TheaTre in The round" made iT necessary Tor The emphasis To be puT on The acTing raTher Than on The STGqing. and The resulT was very pleasing To The audience. no. WlcThing I 'Pwm L is-gr C a Mrs. Howard V. Laru III Came ------ Sybil - - - - Eva Lewis - Maude Lewis - Grace Lewis - Nelson - - Boy ll-lowayl Chef - - - Virgil - - Dirly Joe - Slinlcer - - in 1' si' - - Jean Marlin - - Evelyn Bailey - - Pal Phelps - - - Sue Ryan - Carolyn Brizendine and Slwerry Wilcox - - Sally Morrow - Ari Mesislrano Billy Grolemeyer - - JerryMalsor1 - - Bill Donahue - Don Henderson Bob l-larlan Poison Eddie Sclwellenbaclw Granville Carnine Mrs. Sclwellenbacli - - - Mimi ---- - Policeman - Ugly Wilcli ---- - Beauriful Wifclw Frances Lucas - Sylvia Morgan - - - Don Byrd Barbara Alvarez Marrlwa Merzler X- DF 14- Direclor ----- - Srage Manager - - Maxim Popovicli - - Evelyn Bailey xt! ll X X XXXXXXKXXW mul urnfii ---fl XXKKKKK XXKX The Mary Chase comic lanlasy "Mrs. McTlwing" was ine second produclion and second smasli lwil for Jrlwe Slocldon College drama deparlmenr. Maxim Popovicli direcled a casr wlwicli included Jean Marlin, Billy Grolemeyer, and Sylvia Mor- gan in llwe srarring roles. Again, llrie Ringside Tliealre was packed wirli deliglwred speclalors lor Jrliree performances. C 6' 'Q I. 4.2 I XS Q A 2? Page 89 winterwet Shadow lBob I-larlanl lhreafens lo kill Troclc Esrrella ifxri Mesisrranol lou+ dies before he can ullill his wish. Below, lvlio lPal Corleyl oraies on his philosophy of life. Wlrw. WlcThing Diriy Joe lDon l-lendersorg, Siinlier lBolo l-larlanl, and Poison Ed ie l6ran- ville Carninel are surprised by a po- licemarfs spoilighr. Right Mrs. Larue lJean Mariinl is offering candy io lhe Lewis girls as l-loway lBilly Groie- meyerl looks on wilrh dislrasie ai Jrhe poor manners of Jrhe girls, Page 90 M A' - -vi .1 e,-w,.Q.., ASN,-nz., ff 1 T u. H lg - l eau ,fini N, jx sv L , s h , T0 ERR IS HUMAN T0 FOR VE DIVINE 1688 UIQ, was Pla L To R: Jean Berry, ClinT Lochridge, Lock Huey, Bob Duran, Else T-lolmsen, Doris DoherTy, adviser: Benny Gonzales. Loclc l-luey and Else l-lolmsen prepare To seT up a display. l Uiopllag Claw Well-deserved praise is in order Tor The crew OT six ThaT is picTured on This page. All The show- cases in The school have, aT one Time or anoTher, been graced wilh The ouTsTanding displays Thal This class creaTed. Ben Gonzales did The huge mural ThaT covered The Barn beTore Fun FesT. ClinT Lochridge, leTT, and Jean Berry oTTer Their advice and assisTance To Bob Duran, who is seTTing u a ceramics display in one oT Thie library showcases. Page 9l 1f"X 'T IN ,P Alex TurkaTTe helps Americans-To-be wiTh Their English in one oT The classes Tor Toreign born. These sTudenTs also learn American hisTory, culTure, geog- raphy, eTc., preparaTory To applying Tor ciTizenship. I-lcluilt The exTensive oTTering oT The AdulT Educa- Tion division oT The STockTon school sysTem rounds ouT an educaTional program Tor The communiTy. A wide varieTy oT courses rang- ing Trom ciTizenship and English Tor Toreign born'To psychology. Tinance, and parenThood classes is oTTered in one secTion while a Tull line oT apprenTiceship shop classes is carried on in anoTher secTion oT The campus. There are also many classes in The "do-iT-yourselT" line such as upholsTery, arT and drawing, driver Training, eTc.. ThaT are consTanTly Tilled while many individuals waiT To enTer a class. Through The STockTon AdulT EducaTion division, many persons find iT possible To 1 l W T A X .iir W "a 4 -T , v , ' ' Iii :VN .N A f- , y -,sf MQ- 4 J i- ' 0-3. TTT :Y-"""X CraTTs For The Blind classes in The STockTon evening school are Tar more Than "ashTray making" venTures. The busT on The Table is illusTraTive 51. d H1 I TL d - HW- d oT The Tine handiwork oT The sTudenTs. Clsfhigig 35358 ZS emggl CE: digwrfei Million Dollar Class One oT The agriculTure classes gave iTselT This nickname because The eighTeen young Tarmers enrolled gross one million dollars a year. They are dairymen, TruiT growers, TomaTo specialisTs, livesTock men, rice and asparagus growers. Page 92 llll" Tur coaT and make a modern sTole Two sTudenTs Trom The "Million Dollar" agriculTure class add sideboards To a Truck owned by one oT Them. This group digs inTo almosT any Topic oT inTeresT To The sTudenTs in The parTicular class. T Sducati n compleTe high school while oThers compleTe reguiremenTs Tor an AssociaTe oT ArTs de- gree. Many sTudenTs who had To drop day school in order To worlc parT Time Tind iT possible To squeeze in a nighT course wiTh Tull college crediT and Thus aTTain Their ob- iecTive. Many oT The nighT school sTudenTs have no inTenTion oT compleTing a degree, buT aTTend merely To improve Themselves and To lead a more saTisTying liTe wi+h Their new knowledge. Since mosT oT The nighT school sTudenTs phoTographed requesTed Thaf Their names noT be used, no sTudenT is idenTiTied on These Two pages. Dr. David L. Greene lleTTl, direcTor oT adulT educaTion, discusses enrollmenT in an insurance class wiTh a prospecTive sTudenT. I J. 'v- George Barron, a reTired sTaTe paTrol oTTicer, direcTs The driver Training program aT STocl4Ton College. The course includes class- room worlc as well as behind-The-wheel experience. This course is one oT The mosT popular in The enTire adulT curriculum. This sTuidenT is working on her Third chair in an upholsTery class workshop. STudenTs bring iTems Trom Their own homes and remalce Them To suiT Themselves. Page 93 4-157 T ri " ' , 1 l 1 Y , ff , 1 Y gurl' --:RW il- 1: 1 si ' ii i' Q ' NNN - T L-f iii 8 ,,,.. - . 'x"l'L,- Vg A f R "'f5lifl5 y gg- by T gl 'F fig 'CAf,,: ,,:f - 'fi f ' f T' ' x I ' "LJ 'lg T i Y I ,l ' ' jg V r ' 'K ,Zvi ""' 1' ",, 1' , T I a- 1 L ' Y ", ' T . D V V Froni' Row: L To R: Juan Ulep lPhilippinesl, Mariano Fagaragan lPhilippinesl, Conrado Bernardo lPhilippinesl. Row 2: Gaudencio Saior lPhilippinesl, Om CuTT Bhardwai llndial, Rolando AnTonio lPhilippinesl. Sam Behic ll-Tawaiil. hienf Fvneigu-Bonn Studeuto SToclcTon's cosmopoliTan populaTion has aTTracTecl oThers Trom all parTs oT The globe. Many of The newcomers have Triends or relaTives here. All oT These sTudenTs have one Thing in common: They have come To The U.S.A. recenTly. The- SToclcTon schools are equipped To help These persons become Americans Through special lan- guage, AmericanizaTion, and ciTizenship classes oTTered boTh day and nighT. Many of These sTudenTs are enrolled in regular classes and iT is noT easy Tor Them To lceep up wiTh The oTher sTudenTs who lcnow The language naTurally. BuT STocl4Ton College has an unusually large number oT insTrucTors who are well-Traveled and who undersTand The problems oT These people. 5 FronT Row: L To R: Marilyn Ye lChinal, Sholco Saiki Llapanl, Yoko Ono Uapdnl. Margo Chinn lChinal, Sherry En lChinal Dixie Chan lChinal, Lillie Soo TC ina. Row 2: Cherlc Quan lChinal, Louie Young lChinal, Chai Chow Chu lChinal, Joinson G0 lChinal, Henry Kim lKoreal. Page 94 Smuth8. we N, ,sa Ceiwwk Amwmica L +0 R: l-lermine Beclcwiili lArgen+inal, Carmen Salazar lNicaragual, Florence Acle llvlexicol, Luis Aclellvlexicol, Maria Chrislina Aclellvlexicol, Evangeline RobleslMexicol. Swwpe 9? Froni' Row: L +o R: Elvia Mazza lllalyl, Renala Migollo lllalyl, Else l-lolmsen lNorwayl, Adamaniia lvlouzalcis lGreecel, Maria Luisa Marco lSpainl, Maria Teresa Yaniz lSpainl. Row 2: Nicolas Kaell lLuxemburgl, John Felix ll-lollancll, Frilz Rapp lAus+rial, Gabriele Porro lllralyl. Page 95 '12-'? Out Landing l H , 1 , ,r r4f,,,,f JOl'lh Adamson: SC Boys' Sfafe Represenfafive: Mayor for Sfoclcfon Youfh in Cify Governmenf Day: Mayor's Youfh Council member: Banldof America award winner in science and mafh: IOOF scholarship: Key Club member: SC Board of Liferary Review member: California Scholarship Federafion and Alpha Gamma Sigma life member: Presidenf of Alpha Gamma Sigma: Vice-Presidenf of Sfudenf Body: Presidenf of Infer- Club Council: Publicify Chairman for I956 Fun Fesf. 695' , , M6rCi6 JOl'1hSOI'I! SC Girls' Sfafe Represenfafive: Commissioner of Drives and Safefyt California Scholarship Federafion and Alpha Gamma Sigma life member: Secrefary of ' Alpha Gamma Sigma, California Scholarship Federafion, Xi Omicron, I3fh grade: 1 :ll i-'. Treasurer of l4-fh grade: SC Board of Liferary Review member: Decorafion Chairman , for Winfer Formal, Fun Fesf, Graduafion Dance: Ifalian Club and Rally Commiffee l i l member. ' 'V L I lllfn, i' -l "f , . E . E jllgf I Y a--f 5' L , 'E Ai "Mg '11 i QF ' il - ' A l, , i i I A, 'WK pf' A . X X srli yliiii :: : David Rule: Chief Jusfice of SC Supreme Courf: Alpha Gamma Sigma member: j N California Scholarship Feclerafion life member: Newman Club member: Parliamenfarian 5 'V of Key Club: Secrefary of Cal-Nev-Ha Disfricf of Key Club lnfernafional. i i if Q 1- Paf Jensen: Presidenf of lnfer-Club Council: Vice-Presidenf of Sfuclenf Body: Col: P i : Song Leader: Pep Club, Rally Commiffee, Guys and Dolls, Round Table, Headliners f l Club member: Delegafe fo California Junior College Sfudenf Governmenl' Associafion A ' g conference, V P' ' S Page 96 S ,Q ' l l -'hp 5 ' 11 Student Tl'1OmaSZ California Scholarship Federafion life member: Presidenf of Califor- nia Scholarship Federafion, Norfhern California Region: Vice-Presidenf of Physical Science Club: Colf Orchesfra member: lnfernafional Undersfandings Club, Camera Club mem- ber: Nafional Merif Board Scholarship: General Mofors Scholarship: Seymour Memorial Awa rd. Marg0+ Presidenf of California Scholarship Federafion: California Scholarship Federafion life member: Vice-Presidenf of I2fh Grade: Bank of America award winner in liberal arfs: Guys and Dolls, infer-Club Council, Sfudenf Affairs Commission, Round Table member. Dave Melahderi Presidenf of Ilfh Grade: SC Boys' Sfafe Represenfafive: Cali- fornia Scholarship Federafion member: Cify Councilman in Sfockfon Youfh in Govern- menf Day: Key Club member: Tennis feam. Mary McCullough: SC Girls' Sfafe Represenfafive: Delegafe fo Governor's Con- ference on Children and Youfh: Secrefary of Ilfh Grade: California Scholarship Federa- fion member: Rally Commiffee, French-German Club member. Page 97 if -1' A I 'Iw"i' -1 K U' 'T ,pnx fvi R. :. ' f 1. , I . , , ,1 1 " . I Q, .., A In n W fan. 4.4 e ' s 'llIn.i VII: , , ,. , A M .fl N':g'7'if-.N . I-Q, " . 'jlffg L. I if . ' 'J .1 H11 li r 1 ,ef , ' .A an V5 gr ljp.: A X ' "'i. X 7 "' .,fH 3 2 A 4: . f., s.. f'X ' 5 J 2' 1 I lx ax If c TQ. K, I l I i -V -.: 1' Wifi Q' " "iz S ' '1 . sf' fl x K xg., I , Ziff' 4 Four new car models were lhe main allraclion al Jrhe Salel Show lhal fhe Collegian slafl sponsored in 'rhe Fall. All oiylhe cars were equipped wilh lhe lalesl safely fea- Jrures and were open lo sludenf inspeclion. fi XM dino si ilfixkmx' Li "i 547' ' is Cambenenceo "W '14 7' X ,I Q. - 5 4 Poinf of order! Or so says lhe iunior delegale lrighll from France af a session of lhe model Uniled Nalions Tha? was in sponsored by lhe lnlernalional Underslandings club. The lvluslang debale Jream, alias "Sweepsialcers," have lillle Jrrouble in smiling, as They prepare lo leave for Pasadena for The final lournamenl of The season. Page 98 423 SC-COP Mu tang Baud Froni' Row: Llo R: Daniel Ramirez, Frank Yorke, Richard Basseil, Ed Davis, Allen Geyer, Nelson Zane, Dick Bruner, Ron Schmiii, Kar Winding, Darrell Marlin, Nick Angiulo. Row 2: Dick Shore, Elaine Blum, Susan Hale, lna Graham, Janei Fairbanks, Kay Scheideman, Alice Beckslead, Larry Clark, Debbie Brooks, Laura Covey, Verne Hoffman, Calhy MacKenzie. Row 3: Janice Rodman, Charlolie Eilers, Mary Babb, Rick Dunaway, Gwen Pearce, John Boslon, Roberl Taylor, Don Driscoll, Neil Newcomb, Bill Saunders, Lee Kenilz, Virginia Vann, Henry Avila, Annelie Granger. Row 4: Sheila Gillen, Fern Osborne, Donald Keller, John Wright Barbara Canepa, Lois Wyall, Frank Panoncialman, Douglas Campbell, Jackie Whilehouse, Alan Reyburn, Jean Avery, Jim Schlegel, Bob Flenige, Sieve Cook. Row 5: Alice Burbank, Barrie Wells, Trevor Kochler, Clifford Carr, Jan Johnson, Wes Hill, Phil Laing, Donald Olson, Roy Henderson. Row 6: Allan Ruck, Jim Durllinger, Doyle Wright Michael Hamilron. Stuclztmn Ciiwege Cult Band QCKT 'X i, 0+ f ' "f ni' .,,',,....,,,,,..,,....,.. WW., .,,,.,,,,,,...,.. ,, f'4.i.E9Q' Kneeling: Lio R: Leilane Herpich and Carol Van Wyke. Fronl' Row: Frank Sisneroz, Lorelia Lorenson, Lynn Rimer, Jean Reyburn, Manuel Beniamin, Marc Janfzen, Eddie Avila, Richard Robbins, Jack Miniun, Roberi Nelson, Charles Miller, Bob Peiers. Row2: Marlene Kunderr, Lorraine Davis, Palricia Carido, Bill Maasberg, Wayne Cox, Porfey Pineda, Manuel Fernandez, Judy Chandler, Joann Eberhardl, Holden WonQ. DGVWY CNUSQ l'lenVY OSLPOVUBI Bob Ford, Row 3: DelmarAdamson, Richard Field, CarlAlvarez, Clinlon Flinr, David Wood, Jackie Baker, Lily Avila, Mary Drummond, Roberl Hull, Eugene McCoy, Harold Long, Lawrency LeFevre. Row 4: Raymond Narbailz, Harlene Seegers, Gayle Moorehead, JoAnn Linker, Lupe Rede, Charles Nisby, Mike Hanlon, Nancy Hanks, Carllon Bear, ViCl'0riv10re'H'0, Raymond Lopez, Charles Marshall. Row 5: Dale Porleriield, Toni Lawson, Elaine Hilliker, Floyd Slokes, Richard Ferreira, Roberf McColl, Elberr King, Roy Chamblis, David Slull, Gary Cox. Henry Hunisbury, Row 6: Bruce Sloan. S1-eve Weegner, Milo Kvidera, Bill Mongolo, Marilyn Burgess, Thelma Tarkingfon, Carl Kennard, Waymond Hall, Tak Ogino, Doug Kizer. Row 7: Jerry Sfahl, Jack Fuller, Louie Aldana, Frank Becknell, Ronald Furlong, Tommy Campbell, David Boals, Ofhel Easier, Fred Mayfield. Row 8: Roberr Brown, Roger Decker, Harold Wickham, James Smifh, Guido Mazza, Curris Frazier, Clifron Norman. Page 99 Onatmnim Cllaoo The Oralorio Class is piclrured above as 'rhey lake parf in l-lanclel's Messiah, an annual evenl for 'rhese fine singers. 1 Tj? 'wi Members of Opera Class, casl as chorus of counlry lads ancl lasses, walch anhcs of Leporello in s'rree+ scene from opera Don Giovanm Page IOO V 5 ,lf 5 f .f Donna Elvira fSandra Meibai warns Don OTTavio fRichard Brownj and Donna Anna fNadine STuhlmullerJ againsT The perifidious Don Giovanni fKeiTh Roparj, who c:raTTily considers his nexT move. Dam G' ' Guards remove The body OT The CommendaTore fGeorge Cooperj who had iusT been murdered by Don Giovanni. BelmonTe fJonaThan Pearcej and Pedrillo fWiHiarn Thompsonj plead Tor mercy aT The hands of Osmin, The Pasha's Overseer Hack Snyderj and a guard fDick Rishwainj. luiuctiw bfwm the Senagkw BelmonTe and Pedrillo ousT Osmin from The Se-ragiiofharemj. Page IO, A .alllll 2, - ,qv Froni' Row: L lo R: Marlene Gorley, Donna Clarlc, Colene Jordan, Elaine Dampier, Lorefla Schauer, Franlc T. Smifh, adviser. Row 2: Lola Larimer, Belle Rimingfon, Diane Bonfilio, Charlolfe Eilers, Elvira Greenwood, Linda Dyke. Row 3: John Arnold, Gordon Henderson, Lewis Van Buslcirlc, Lawrency LeFevre, Frank Obien. Row 4: Charles Pike, Richard l-larisay, Sam Nevarez, Slephen l-lanway. T Quile oflen fealuring soloisls, lhe Troubadors graced many Srocldon slages in guesl appearances. They also have annual acrivifies such as singing in The Chrislmas Assembly and al lhe Childrens' l-lome. Led by Frank Thornlon Smirh, Jrhis line group has builr up a repularion. Mixed Clwnuo P '02 The Mixed Chorus group is picfured above a+ Jrhe Chrisfmas Assembly during 'rheir very inspiring performance. age Swclctmn Cmlkege Omclwotma Semi-Circle One: L lo R: lrene Marlinez, concerl' rnislressg Mary Lillle, Marfha Nedrow, Beverly Rodgers, Berlha Anderson, Sue Francis, Claudia Ormsbee, Carmen San Auguslin. Semi-Circle 2: Wilma Taylor, Loren Mounleer, Al Palermo, George Lucchesi, Alison Bruno, Chrislina Nelson, Pal Daniels, David Allen, Mary Wallen. Semi-Circle 3: Milce Thomas, Ken Ewing, Jim l-lenry, Ron Freelong, Eddie Avilla, Franlc Beclcnell, Milo Kvidera, Bob Pelers, John Perl, Sharon King, Vaness Kuhlrnann, Slandings Dr. Lucas Underwood, Bob Golelli, Deanna Rodgers, Manuel Griialva, Alan Snow, The San Joaquin Counly Sludenl Safely Council, composed of sludenls from high schools all over lhe counly, was very successful in ils lirsl year of exisl- ence. Gerry Garden, pasl presidenl, ancl Berlha Anderson, secrelary, rep- resenled Sloclclon College. The orcheslra, under lhe direclion of Dr. Lucas Underwood, played excellenl- ly al lhe operas as well as olher places in lhe role of guesl performers. swam saw, c li... ... 0 1 L 'lo R: Bolo Marlin, Sl. Mary's: Joyce Shaeller, Franklin, Berlha Anderson, Sfoclclon College: Geraldine Garden, Slocklon College: Nancy Zellmer, Linden: Lesler Srnilh, Franklin: Chrisline Velarde, Franlcling Clilzlord Wrighl, Daniel Weloslerg Franlc Canlele, Sl. Mary'sg George Barron, adviser, Sloclclon College. Page IO3 Wiuotang Debate The MusTang debaTe Team Took parT in Tive TournamenTs. compeTing againsT some sev- enTy schools Trom eighT WesT- ern sTaTes. Placing in all The TournamenTs, The lVlusTangs, became one oT The sTrongesT Teams on The wesT coasT, and worked hard To give us The greaTesT Torensic year in The hisTory oT STockTon College. T. 1. L-, . ,, if Paul VVinTers ff, yi, T ,Q4' DebaTe Coach 13- - Q' 1'fgTf" " rp 2 T' ' ' Z .L,r'i.' ' A E- f ' 'Ll Cekt Debate L4 TN .lm- " 1 f ,sf gh? if siege' PM Q-r I FronT Row: L To R: EsTelle SrniTh, Iris CarTer, Marilyn Early, KaThy Wilson, Barbara STearns. Row 2: Bob Bersi, Dale ScoTT, PaT Corley, Harry Sharp. Row 3: Jim O'Berg, Max Cargay, John Arnold, Richard Amador. lf-A St? vi' . . ,,, 'ga , 945' .ia 5 4 sf X x we E ,j ' -:QQ y N rig 3,332 g353Vv 1-fm X gi' Q. ws 1 3 we R Q F,-onf Row: L To Ry Vonda WhiTe, Frances Lamonica, Janis SmiTh, Diana Lillie. Judy TeTer, Sandra Reed, Joyce Harper, Dixie Surry, Alison Bruno. Row 2: J.ohn Fanucchi, debaTe coach: Alicia Lane, Ne-zzie ArmsTrong, Gloria Rinaldi, Barbara Baron, Ann Quinn, Jane Layson, JaneT CoTTer, Suzanne Kaiser, Row 3: George Fe-lker, Loren MounTeer, Lawrence Chapin, Frank Thomason, Jim RoberTson, Bob Besr. Ken l-lolden, Neil Robin. Page IO4 CompeTing in Tive TournamenTs This year, The ColT de- baTe Team did very well. They broughT home many honors by placing in all oT The TournamenTs. The debaTe Team also made a clean sweep oT The STock- Ton Lions Club STU- denT Speakers Con- TesT, winning Tive TirsTs. iwlww Wlwwsiiw S 4 bt: - 1 A-fa N ri It 1'- rx Froni' Row: L To R: Dawnyse Summerhays, Elaine Park. Marcia Johnson, Margo RoberTs. Row 2: Ralph Ascenciog Wilder BenTley. Edmund Lewis, John Dennis, James Wilson, advisersy Bob Bersi. The SToclcTon College LiTerary Magazine was The work oT many sTudenTs Trom all over The campus. Prose and poeTry selec- Tions were submiTTed by anyone who wished To conTribuTe. The sTaTT and The advisers Then chose The wriTings ThaT were To go inTo The magazine. ,M ,. .Cu Studeute C? . The lTalian Club, all members oT Alex TurlcaTTe's ITalian classes, yearly pub- lish a special message To The lTalian- Americans in SToclcTon. This year I V' They published a newspaper insTead ,,,,,s 1 oT Their usual boolcleT. AlThough The sTaTT was ToTally inexperienced in newspaper worlc, Their issue oT Lo STudenTe lTaliano was a presenTable, inTeresTing iournalisTic producTion. L Siffingz Maralyn Wooclall, edifor. STanding: L To R: Alex TurlcaTTe, adviser: Page 105 DJ,-30 'PA'-Y-'-'li' 'name'-ing ediTorg Beverly Tuso, social ediTorg RiTa Franco. TypisT. Ediiors Tlue lop posilion on "The Collegian" is llwe Jraslc ol Managing Edilor willn llwe job of Edilor ranking second. Edilors are clnosen by llwe Board of Publicalions 'ro serve one semesler. 1 . f-- Q , i f 'ff Z In I It Xa V' Vi ,--k,. V , V V , f ' i'i'i , L A" , Fred Rarnallwo Lindley Thomas Managing Edifor lfalll Managing Edifor lspring Edifor lspringl Eclifor lfalll News Slaff Kneeling: L fo R: Lynn Willrnelle, Joyce Goelz, Jean Carlson, Darlene Mills, Row 2: Morris l-lenson, Adrienne Edge, Lorefla Anderson, Janis Smifh, Clwarlolle Aydeloll, Gerry Garden, Genevieve Lawlon. Row 3: John Vera, Ed DeBoll, l-loward Bazzarre, l-larold Gianefli, Bob O'Lear, Doug Croy, Bob Pelerson, Margaref Paddaclc, Lyne Arniclf. Alilild Lane. Page IO6 The cillllegian The presses in Shop 5 clunlced ouT approximaTely 3,000 copies oT "The Collegian" almosT every weelc. STudenTs obTained Their Tree copies IO a.m. Fridays aT any one oT eighTeen disTribuTion poinTs on The campus. This year's paper was prinTed on coaTed boolc paper ob- Tained Trom a governmenT surplus warehouse. The Tabloid size remained The same and The paper again was prinTed by shop sTudenTs. "The Collegian" Toolc an All-American raTing in naTional iudging Tor iTs Fall l955 issues and sponsored Two exTra- curricular evenTs: a Traclc meeT and an auTo saTeTy show. The sTaTT sTill boasTs of The only kidney-shaped copy deslc in capTiviTy. "The Collegian" received a record amounT oT local adver- Tising as well as considerable naTional lineage. A regular comic TeaTure oT The paper was everybody's Triend, Arnold. STaTT members aTTended Three imporTanT press conTerences during The year, one aT Fresno and Two aT Berkeley. il I PhoTographers by !Oj I T so , L To R: Webber Canepa. Jerr French, head phoTographer7 CliT?lReed. Adviser Ed Lewis Managing EdiTors Kneeling: l. To R: Bobbie WeinsToclc, assisT- anT business manager: Carla Jones, business manager. Row 2: Gerry Garden, phoTo ediTorg Merrill Kelly, sporTs ediTorg Anna Garcia, TeaTure ediTor. Page IO7 PhoTographers Page Ji Richard Yoshikawa Graduafe PorTraiTs L To R: Jaci Williams, producTion manager? AI Crandall, sporTs ediTorg Duncan McPherson, Dave Rodriguez, LaVerne Arnaiz. lO8 EdiTor AbouT deadline Time, KaThie Jacobs Tound ThaT being edi- Tor oT The ElRecuerdo was even more Than a Tull Time iob. Also, she was a member oT The STudenT Council, presi- denf oT The I3Th grade, vice- chairman oT The Board oT PublicaTions, presidenT of The Byliners club, a member oT l-leadliners club, Newspaper Guild, Alpha Gamma Sigma, BeTa Phi Gamma, and lnTer- Club Council. Bob Gagnon, head phoTographer lsTandingl, and Milce Tuclcer. KaThie Jacobs STaFT l S2 Recuendm The IQ56 yearbook is The grandesT producTion ever under- Taken by a sTaTT aT 5TockTon College. The number oT pages was increased To 200, several pages wiTh color were added, and a diligenT aTTempT was made To include more campus iTems in The book Than ever beTore appeared beTween The TronT and back covers oT any EI Recuerdo. The book also conTains more adverTising Than ever beTore. All These "TirsTs" are in keeping wiTh The Theme ThaT STockTon College "has come oT age." The phoTographers moved inTo Their own darkroom in The Barn locker room abouT mid-year. The resT oT The sTaTT was aT home in The old book room nexT To The FaculTy Lounge. The I956 book cosT approximaTely 59.50 per copy To pro- duce. The STudenT Council made a granT oT more Than 54,000 To The El Recuerdo which allowed The book To be sold Tor The usual price oT 53.50 wiTh SCSA cards and 55.50 To Those wiThouT cards. LTo R: Don DeNevi, Nikki NosTrand, Lock l-luey. Be-TTy Lowry. business manager! Rosalind Davis, oTTice manager: KurT Cummings noT picTured. Bu GMM cwwwf it-Y ig Q gg 3 EEEEQREESES QQSTQK ggi N355 RM Q M,-Wg NEJKXZQMK Qi S Mwggmfw Vega NE 5 EW Q bf Mfgwfg if E figggg .MQN fF'?XswM f ' " X35 WW ge N WWW ommwwm A xii? '5 . 6 ' KY ,r5.'l1'.y,Q ' " .Wu Aifllw Guwtlflw Sigma iFALLi Yr, 5 7 fm v 4 1 iii l X Fronl' Row: L lo R: John Adamson, presidenlg Glenna Mowry, vice-presidenlg Sue Raney, corresponding secrelaryg Marilyn Parenli, recording secrelary: Juanila Millon, Treasurer: Marilyn Earley, 'lreasurer-eleclg Jaclc Saxon, publicily direclor. Row 2: Kalhie Jacobs, Belly Lowry, Marcia Johnson, Pal Crumb, Shirley Schamloer, Anna Garcia, Barbara l-leil. Row 3: Jim O'Loughlin, Terry Kimble, Fu- Claylon Benlley, Clyde Sweel, Carl Drennan, Dave Rule. Alpha Gamma Sigma, California Junior College l-lonor Sociely, enioyed a large membership lor bolh semeslers. The club organized a scholarship for velerans Gladys Benerd al Sloclclon College. lnilialion banguels were held in The Fall and Spring. A.G.S. Adviser Allplul Guwiwiu Sigma l5PRlNGl Fronl' Row: L lo R: Deanne Daclan, vice-presiderlli Marcia Johnson, recording secrelaryi Marilyn Earley, lreasurer: Deyea Swinelord, corresponding Secrefary. Row 25 Ann Buechler, Else l-lolmsen, Polly Osborne, Eslelle Lommel, Iris Carler, Pal Crumb, Pal' Broolcs, Janice Elcworlzell, Eslella Cox, Row 3: Kalhie Jacobs, Sue Raney. Barbara Heil, Pal Shum, Florence Beroldo, Arlene Roza, Marilyn Coil, Wilma Yandle, Jeanelle Wong, Anna Garcia, Shirley Schamber, Gwen Coales. Row4: Rila Giordano, Glenna Mowry, Marilyn Parenli, Juanila Millon, lna Graham, Palma Polsinelli, Pa 9 I I2 Jacqueline Woods, Ellen Lawselh, Arlene Kasa, Ida Lavagnino, Marfha Melzler. Row 5: Benny Gonzales, Terry Kirnble, Neil Porferfield, Bruce Milchell, Q Clayfon Benfley, John Adamson, Richard Delong, Gary Ricks, Donald Allari, Norman Johnslon, Ted Kafzaluan, Jay Baumgarlner, Jerry Mount Hull i J ' lFALLl Fronl Row: L lo R: Tom Dixon, presidenl, Berlha Anderson, vice-presidenlg Palricia Eddleslone, secrelaryg Rachelle Onweiler, lreasurerg Judy Goleman, hisloriang Brenda l-larris, Diane Devecchio, Della Smilh, Pal Slonelcer, Arleen Vallerza, Barbara Barron, Geraldine Garden, Yvonne Mabbell, Marlene Seegers, Carolyn Moheng, Rosalind Davis, Nina Claylon. Row 2: Diana Lillie, Gail Diven, Debbie Goleman, Margie Blankenship, Joyce Harper, Lynda Komure, Annie Sigashi, Fujilro Yoshilcawa, Barbara Chan, Nancy Kawada, Barbara Deiclce, Sharon Olson, Carolyn Brizendine, Yulqiye l-lallori. Laura Lilchlield, Cecile Cain. Row 3: Arlene i-ligday, Joan Moore, Barbara Anding, Dorolhy DeLong, Mary McCullough, Joyce Wong, Darlaine Doyle,' Edilh Spallord, Laura Oll, Nancy Newlon, Bonnie Culhane, Jane Semple, Nancy Monlgomery, Slephene Barosso. Adrea Tagupa, Joyce Jacob, Annelle Wong, Adrienne Edge, Anloinelle Turner. Row 4: Sherry Wilcox, Jane Bzoch, Marilyn Marlin, Chauncey Keplord, Richard Laursen, Ronald Wong, Paul Larson, Herman Janzen, David Melander, Frances Lamonica, Dorolhea Daclan, Gayle Goelz, Janel McGinley, Irene Marlinez, Belly Ginbey, Leal Koch, Jaci Williams. Row 5: Floyd Slolces. Bendel Bezzerides, Dennis Lindholm, Karl Minlce, Palriclc Burns, Ronald Yep, Harry Shishido, Gilberl Mala, Gary Carver, Ronald Kibby, Tom Smilh, Mary Lillle, Claire Farey, Margol Lilly, Barbara l-leslon, Ann Davidson, Mary Fraga, Jean Reyburn. Row 6: Denny l-lowse Roberl Nelson, Bill Maasberg, Roberl Besl, Lloyd McClure, Leola Ballon, Genevieve Lawlon, Janice l-lendren, Barbara l-leilclcinen Roberl l-loaglund, Jim Finucane, Crane Zumwall, Bill l-lobin, Don McDonald, William Leonard, Berl Johnson, David Wood, Charles Johnson Michael Thomas. Calilornia Scholarship Federalion, Chapler 4l ol lhe Norlhern Region ol lhe Nalional Federalion, had, as ils main obieclive, service lo school and communily. An educalional lrip was enioyed each semesler on lheir privilege day. Providing lhe school Chrislmas lree is an annual aclivily ol lhe group. Membership is oblained by a minimum 2.5 semesler grade poinl average. Veva Brown alib ' SClwQwwlliPF96lPJu1fi0M l5PRlNGl CSF Adviser ,pr ' 113 IPN 'lb 5 tv-71 5 From. Row: L +0 R5 Margof Lilly' pregidenlg Pal Eddleslone, vice-presidenlg Judy Goleman, secrelaryg Mary Lillle, lreasurerr Arleen Brownslein, hislorian. Row2: Marilyn Marlin, Edilh Spallord, Julie Wager, Bonnie Culhane, Mary McCullough, Joyce Wong, Jane Semple, Cecile Cain, Phyllis Coon, JaciWilliamS. Rochelle Onweiler, Sue Francis, Berlha Anderson, Alex Wessilch. Row 3: Annelle Wong, Fuiilco Yoshikawa, Sharon Olson, Helen Naugle, Lynn Rirner, Diana Lillie, Lila Cook, lrene Marlinez, Claire Farey, Della Smilh, Pal Coolc, Nadine Grahan, Tom Dixon, Crane Zumwall, Anne Ramcher. Row4: PalAdams, Belly Balkwell. Mary Jane lzzerd, Jane Caldwell, Janel McGinley, Marjorie Morris, Debbie Goleman, Toni Turner, Margo Coolures, Barbara Barron, Richard Lauy-50n, Jacque Caudeyre. Bob Besl, Mary Lemon. Row 5: Karl Minlce, Dennis Lindholm, Bandel Bezzerides.. Peggy Joy, Gayle Goelz, Pal McNab. Andrea Tagupa, Chuckie Guerard, Annelle Newell, Charles Johnson, Mike Thomas, Pal Mcl-lugh, Mike Baerwald, Jim Finucane, Ann Davidson, Beverly Rogers f x Page.lI3 i I. . L4 1, g , J fl ie? Q5 fir s ie in 1, i g . ,,4" ' 5 'fi sv 'a X E' L "'-ff 3' l a ti 'S' 1 i R 4 x - :."E""'J X --fguv-3, - 2-- ,',. ,Y 3 yi L3 l'?.1.ff.f?f','-'lt' c Froni Row: Llo R: Marilyn Earley. presidenlg Iris Carier, vice-presidenig Marcia Johnson, secrefary: Pal Crumb, ireasurer: Glenna Mowry, hisioriang Shirley Schamber. Row 2: Elaine Parlc, Kay Cronin, Sue Raney, Joanne Kim, Jacqueline Woods, Joann Adams, Marilyn Beniamin. Row 3: Dorofhy Waliers, Esfelle Lommel, Gwen Coaies. Pal Brooks, Deanna Daclan, Marilyn Parenii, Rifa Garcia. Row 4: Louise Livingsione, Deyea Swineford, Ina Graham, Janef Fairbanks, Anna Garcia, Nanci Wong, Juanila Milfon, Judy Meyers, Grayce Yabu. ii l l -A---.wi . ' , T i .xx ' Sig' ,gl . k " .' 56" W 2 -f iff. 'F 'Fi :lx . 4 ' 'ii sd ly . if l i' L i Helen Danner Edmund Lewis lf Xi Omicron Adviser Bela Phi Gamma Adviser l 1 Beta Pia Gamma Beia Phi Gamma was a new organizaiion io Siocldon College ihis year. I+ is a naiional iunior college iournalism honorary. Gnly siu- denis who had been given an "A" raiing by iheir iournalism insiruciors were members. XiO' Xi Omicron, iourieenih year wo- men's honorary, was made up of girls who had achieved a 2.0 or beiier grade average for Jrheir Jrhirieenih year. The group served as ushers ar Open House in ihe Spring and coniribuied money ioward ihe campus loan fund. The annual Chrisimas formal was sponsored by fhe organizaiion. Froni Row' L fo R' Anna Garcia Kafhy Wilson Page I I4 Row 2: Doiuglas Croy. Kaihie Jacobs., Fred Ramalho, '71, - . . 'inf liz, Xr.': ' ,l ,,.: G 'iii ,l l-fl.:.:w n Ly. ij Phi Rlw Pi Phi Ro Pi, Rho Chapler of The Nalional Forensic Honorary Organizalion for junior colleges. complered Hs second year on lhe campus by hosiing a number of speech iournamenls including The Wesl Coasl' Forensic and Tyro Tournamenl. The Spring Variely Show was also spon- sored by The group. Froni' Row: L fo R: Kafhryn Wilson, presidenl: Fred Ramalho, vice! presidenf: Geraldine Garden, secrerary. Row 2: Joan Malloy, Bobbie Weinsfoclc. Carla Jones, LoreHa Anderson, Jean Carlson, Kathie Jacobs, Row 3: Jerry French, Roberr Gagnon, Roy Chrisl. Lindley Thomas. Ronald Kibby. Anna Garcia. Fronl' Row: L lo R: Iris Carfer, presidenf: Jim O'Berg, vice-presidenlg Marilyn Earley. secrefary- lreasurerg Tom Boggs, business manager: Max Cargay. hisforian. Row 2: Roberl' Richards. Connie Parela, Esfelle Smifh, Roberf Bersi, Charles Ludwig. T, Z in , si . F! :riffs e ii: i V, ?"51i .':-Agia? Z g ,.:,- jj , - L Q E yyi , H: I JZ 'if' A T- T' 1 Paul Winrers Edmund Lewis Phi Rho Pi Adviser Headliners Advise l-leadliners, campus journalism honorary, served ro lurlher rhe causes of iournalism in many ways. Individual members served ai various conferences on campus in a service capaciry. The group planned +o award a scholarship and +o furnish a iournalism library. The annual banquel in March honored former SC iournalisrs. Page II5 4 L . L-ff Fronf Row: L To R: EssiT Lucas, vice-presidenTg Judy TeTer, secreTary: Dale ScoTT, presidenT. Row 2: JaneT McGinley. Diana Lillie, Debbie Goleman, Connie Johnson, Jane Layson, Arleen ValTerza, Della SmiTh, JaciWilliams. Row 3: Michael Thomas, Chauncey Kepford, CliTTord Harmon, GilberT MaTa, Allan Brown, Ronald Wong, Marilyn MarTin, DoroThy Delong, Jane SaTerberg. Row 4: Jerry Marquis, Gary Shealor, William Mackey, John Morones, Jim Finucane, Lewis Van Buslcirlc, MargoT Lilly, Lila Cook, Barbara Barron. l 1 1 ii. ,N A I ll Ter- 411 V , -w 'v l 'Q ,-'- 'gm , i ad Wh Jerome LighT BeaTrice Gray lnfernafional Delfa Mu Efa , UndersTandings Adviser Adviser Undefwlaudiug lnTernaTional UndersTandings club was an organizaTion Tor The purpose oT bringing abouT beTTer in+ernaTionaI relaTions and helping sTudenTs under- sTand The world as iT is Today. A model UniTed NaTions was consTrucTed by The group To demonsTraTe The worlcing of The U. N. tl, y my , -Q Ti ' v--y Dewi Mu Stu DelTa Mu ETa, associaTed wiTh The American Home Economics NaTional AssociaTion, had a membership composed oT sTudenTs who were inTeresTed in home economics. A special acTiviTy OT The group was a loinT Egg meeTing wifh represenTaTives Trom schools T i W2 i.,g Qgillf! in The NorThern CaliTornia area in a Three- F fit , 13' day conyenTion. 'T-JT is TW' l 9 2 Fronf Row: L To R: Arlene Kasa, president Louise LivingsTon, vice-presidenf Page l I6 Hisaye Abe, hisTorian. Row 2: Ardelle Carbino, EdiTh PoTTer, Carol Gogh ,L ,w,,:s a,,,, T V T A ,,,. ogy' W, in Fronl' Row: L To R: KaThy Wilson, Bob Gagnon, Anna Garcia, KaThie Jacobs. Row 2: Douglas Croy, Fred Ramalho, Lindley Thomas. FronT Row: LTo R: KaThie Jacobs, presidenTq BeTTy Lowry, vice-president Anna Garcia, business manager. Row 2: Bob Gagnon. Duncan McPherson, Rosalind Davis, Al Crandall. Row 3: Jaci Williams. Tom Boggs. Dave Rodriguez, Mike TUCLSF- lflewopapvn uikd The Newspaper Guild was a new iournalism organizaTion Tormed This year To acquainT sTudenTs wiTh The requiremenTs needed Tor The work and The opporTuniTies in This Tield. , ' QQ '.',s- ' i' Q. in L iiiii Ti gs rn me , i , f T -l slli Ed m u nd Lewis Newspaper Guild Adviser Bgkirww Byliners club was a social organizaTion Tor The yearbook sTaTT. The lasT dance oT The year was sponsored by The group. PlasTic Covers Tor The yearbook To preserve Them Trom The elemenTs are sold by The club annually. The main obiecT oT The organiza- Tion was To help TurTher The cause oT iour- nalism on campus. or James Hicks Byliners Adviser Page II7 'is Fronf Row: L fo R: Virginia Alexson, presidenfg Marjorie Morris, vice-presidenf: Dorofhea Daclan secrefary: Virginia Garbiso, Mildred Lopez, Diana Hayes, Beffy Villarfa. Row 2: Gloria Burrola Berfha Garbiso, Josephine Aring, Nancy Kawada, Sally Rodriquez, Genevieve Gee, Gail Gadburyl Row 3: Anfoineffe Pilon, Barbara Tenny. Sharon King, Lucy Piclrfhorn, Pafricia Lawrence, Yvonne Dralce Rosalie DeGregory, Genevieve Dairo, Gloria Araniuez, Carmen Cano. Row 4: Carol Kuhl, Anneffe Newell Beffy Ballrwill, Ramona Garcia, Sandra Hansen, Suzanne Bollum, Florence Chain, Shirley Freeman Waldene Ferrari. Row 5. Janice Saclcerson, Shirley Roberfs, Sharlene Renny, Diane Williams Nan Phipps, Barbara Midfhun, Lillian Nielsen, Alice Correa, Vaness Kuhlmann. Row 6: Essie Wrighf Eleanora Nichols, Judifh Mierlcey, Monica Whife, Beverly Franz, Verla Payne, Joyce Gehman Cora Pineda, Mary Helen Barajas, Adeline Gascon. Futwuz lflwweo will ' Fufure Nurses of America was a club for girls planning fo enfer fhe nursing profession affer complefing fheir school- ing. A special proiecf of fhe organizafion was helping ouf in fhe local blood banlc doing offce worlc or filling lcifs. The highlighf of fhe year for fhe group was a frip fo fhe Kaiser Foundafion in San Francisco. 1 . X, ,Fai B , """r Pa e H8 ff Fi- V? if 'K f Amber Ellis Jeaneffe Greeb i' Q 1, 5 Fufure Nurses Fufure Homemalrers I Adviser Adviser l ,,,,z :Q fri 1 B-if A l s,., ',, 1 ' B K -"' " ' l Fubww H ml A a fx ""--"" 5 ,. , - , ,., yysg Fufure l-lomemalcers of America was an organizafion whose purpose if was ,Q 4 1 fg fo promofe homemalcing and inferesf in homennalcing and in family and com- , munify life. The group hosfed a dinner for fhe winner of fhe Homemalcer of Tomorrow confesf. A frip fo Ripon fo fhe regional meefing of Fufure Home- malcers highlighfed fhe year's evenfs. K' fr Fronf Row: L fo R: Ramona Garcia, presidenfg Diana Hayes, vice-presidenfg Suzanne Bollum. secrefary: Sandra Hansen, freasurerg Mariorie Morris hisforian. Lillian Nielsen, publicify chairman. Row 2: Andrea Curfis, Yvonne Drake' Joan Wirfh, Leanna Norman, Judifh Mierlxey, Joanne Glasson, Lee Pope: Jane Layson, Ginger Kimball, lrene Vallecillo, Rosalyn Scoff. Row 3: Sally Rodrigues, Beverly Weaver, Adeline Marrioff, Margarelf Fifzgeraldl Marilyn Kusfer, Mary Sorenson. Row 4: Gail Gadbury, Thelma Lawson, Barbara Tenny, Tahwahnah Coleman, Waldene Ferrari, Judie Kenyon. Deanna Crumb. Futww Teadww mb Amenica FuTure Teachers oT America was made up oT sTudenTs planning To enTer The Teaching profession, boTh on The elemenTary and secondary level. This organizaTion helped To develop a proTessional aTTiTude on The parT oT The members while sTill in college and in Training. Rf va, TE ,rK....,. f ir K Fronf Row: L To R: Miriam Brudernich, presidenT: Marilyn Wagner, vice-presidenTI Mary Lemon, secreTary: Fred Phelps, Treasurerg Layso KumamoTo, reporTer. Row 2: Gracelyn Travel, Shirley Dickey, May Wong, Bonnie Lom, Marilyn Yep, Elena Caceres, Melba CaTleTT. Row 3: Leanna Norman, Barbara Lane, Sandra Brunson, Donna STilley. Darlene Sampson, MargareT Helmer, Anne Darneal. Row 4: KaThy LiTTle, PaTricia SmiTh, Sharon Young, Bonnie BuTarclo, John Pollock, Calvin Lee, Myra Bono. Elsie RaTelle, Marie PSFSZ. 'Y We 1, FronT Row: L To R: BarTon Clowdus, president PaTricia EddlesTone, vice- president Della SmiTh, Treasurer. Row 2: JeaneTTe Wong, Jaclclyn Ehrhar'T, PaT Chan, Sylvia Bradbury, PaTTy Coolr. Row 3: Nadine Graham, JaneT Fairbanks, RoberTa Reynosa, Carol Sharp, Rubena Heyerly, Frances Lamonica. Row 4: JuaniTa MilTon, Beverly Swain, Sue Raney, Glenna Mowry, Shirley Schamber. Peggy Joy. Lena Knox John FuTure Teacher Carmichael Advlser Fufure Busines Adviser Futww Buoiueo Leadww all Ameniw FuTure Business Leaders oT America was Tormed This year as parT oT The nafional organizaTion and granTed charTer number l,285. A Trip To San Francisco To visiT a business concern was The highlighT oT The year. Local businessmen were inviTed To spealc aT meeTings To answer sTudenTs' gues- Tions abouT business maTTers. Page ll? ,W7f4.4,Ua4?"' fit 7 VWKMQT ' I RQlTa.m,m,JlbZf1 TTGQQ-ga Kev Key Club was an organizaTion Dased on The ciTy. communiTy, and school. AcTive in school aTTairs as well as communiTy proiecTs, They sponsored club day, a Tood drive which neTTed more Than a Ton oT Tood, and a bangueT in The spring Tor The school leaders. i Froni' Row: L To R: Ronald Wong, presidenT1 Jim Finucane, secreTary: Phillip Bingham, Treasurer. WalTon Bodley. PaTriclc Burns, John Adamson, ArThur Money, RoberT BesT. Row 2: John Morris, Denny Howse, Larry Scadden, Aubrey Moore, Paul Larson, Jim STone. Bob Ross, Roberl' Nelson, David Melander. Row 3: Allen Waldo, Richard Bianchi, Mickey McClure, Doug Wisler, CliTTord Harmon, John Morones, Richard Laursen, Daryl NVong, KenneTh Nishilcawa. Frank Obien, Ronald Dennis. Row 4: Dennis Lindholm, Jacques Coudeyre, WalTer Yourchelc, GilberT MaTa, Allan Brown, Don DeNevi, John Kawada. Bob Krebs, Richard Park, RoberT Beardslee, Bob Ford. , " 997' -avi. , Q. . ,' A F' i y Q NANO Pdce Leon Bush Key 'Adviser VeTerans Adviser U The VeTerans Club was composed oT Tornner servicemen. The ouTsTanding .M w achievemenT oT The club was The crea- X l Tion oT a sTudenT book exchange on ' campus. They also Toolc an acTive parT in improving condiTions on campus as ,NMR Jfzg gygh , , bg , ,V well as Tinding parT-Time iobs Tor mem- bers. The club also sponsored one oT 1-he many School dances in The Cafeferia, Froni' Row: L To R: Tom Boggs, presidenh Douglas Wilson, secreTaryg Tom Mayo, Treasurer PaTricl: Wilson, sergeanf-aT-arms. Row 2: Gerald Hopper. David House, Joe Sanford AnTonio ComporaTo, Joe TyanT, WalTon Burres. Row 3: Gene Wiseman, John Anderson Donald Cooper, Erwin Wiss, Jack Thornhill, William Pope. Page l2O 1 Newman Newman, a parT oT The CenTral PaciTic Province oT The Newman Club FederaTion, was composed of CaTholics and oThers inTeresT- ed in The CaTholic religion. Mass and communion Tor The group were conducTed Tour Times dur- ing The year. A Three-day weelc- end snow Trip To YosemiTe in The Spring was The special social evenT oT The year. 9 D P- fs PT A ' A Q ,X ig 4+ I as V 91 if fri ' 'i ffaf if V TH" ' i V 1 V Q5 QM 5 Q if--1 FronT Row: LTO R: Norman JohnsTon, presidenT: EsTelle Lommel, vice-presidenT: Ann Ulleberg, recording secreTaryI Mary l-libbard, corresponding secreTaryg Leo Gardella, Treasurerq CarolyneWenger, Janice Canclini, Gail Shepherd, Marilyn Benjamin, Carolyn Chiapale, Carla Chrisman, Janice Pigozzi, Row 2: RiTa Giordano, Marilyn ParenTi, Yvonne Langlois, Deanna Daclan, Beverly Tuso, Anna Garcia, Marilyn Earley, Janine Vauro, Wilma Yandle, Diane GoTelli, Sharon Robinson, Nancy CozziTorTi, Elvira Islas. Row 3: PriTz Rapp, Richard JohnsTon, Don DeNevi, Carl Drennan, Susan Chisamore, Marilyn Coil, JuaniTa MilTon, Beverly Swain, Dosie JuaniTas, Palma Polsinelli, John Ramirez. Row 4: Wayne SmiTh, David Tapia, David Rule, Charlie Noreiga, Burgess Windsor, Don Vieria, Bob Chinchiollo, Barbara BaTT, Ellen LawseTh. Row 5: Al Francis, James Tominaga, Terry Kimball, Dennis Ahearn, Tony CamporaTo, Jim Hook, Milce McCauley. George Firpo, Jim Thiel. 's - ., T 'a i r. gp 13, f aiiiiiif X592 E' x FU?" AF 5' TEE, 1 ii l Veva Brown KenneTh STocHng PJaonn Fuqu Newman Allied YouTh Allied Youfh Adviser Adviser Adviser WMU Allied YouTh was an organizaTion esTablished To inTorm sTudenTs abouT The eTTecTs oT alcohol on The human body. DemonsTraTions and Tilms were used To illusTraTe discussions on The subiecT. Plans Tor The esTablishmenT oT club chapTers aT The Three local high schools were made by The group in The Spring. mf' FronT Row: L To R! Ron Walker, presidenT: Judy TeTer, CliTl Harmon. Row 2: John Morones, Jaci Williams, GilberT MaTa. Page I2l Phqoicak Science Physical Science club was organized lo promole an inleresl in lhe physical sciences and lo acl as an agenl in spreading knowledge of lhe various branches lo ils members. Demonslra- lions and spealcers provided 'rhe slu- denls wilh inleresling inlormalion con- cerning lhe dillerenl sciences. Fronl Row: L lo R: Jim Finucane, presiclenlg Michael Thomas, vice-presidenly Jean Reyburn secrelary. Row 2: Ronald Wong, Don McDonald, Charles Kohler, Larry Scadden. Alexander Wessilsh, Richard Laursen. Row 3. Dennis Lindholrn, Bandel Bezzerides, Jacques Coudeyre, Roberl l-loagland, Clifford Harmon, John Morones Gilberl Mala. V'-,L i Ralph Goebel l-lerberl' Welch Physical Science O'Toole's Draffing Adviser Adviser O'Twlle'o Dnalitiug O'Toole's Dralling club was an or- ganizalion lhrough which dralling sludenls could meel prospeclive employers. Praclical experience in approaching possible employers lor jobs was one of The prolilable lessons learned by lhe group. Page l22 Xx, Fronl' Row: L lo R: l-loward Talraolra, presidenl: Marvin Horn, vice-presidenlg Donald Roek secrelary-treasurer. Row 2: Bill Rolerl, William Websler. John Fehling Norma Aaron Lyle l'l6I'f'l5Of1, Tl1OfTldS l"lOlfT1ES, RQW 3: l-ee Leggeflrl David Cameron. David Robles Larry Weigum, Malcolm Knisely, Clifford Humphrey, Richard Van Nafierll 4""'a Bi-Sci Bi-Sci was an organizalion open To sludenls inleresled in biological science. Speakers represenling various divisions of rhis science made guesl appearances al club meerings. ks'-5--A F,-onf Raw: L fo R: Palriclc Burns, presidenfi l-BUGS Byard, vice-presidenl. Row 25 Cafhleen Richmond, Chauncey Kepford, Jim Marchello, Hollis Fox. Row 3: Jaci Williams, Rosalie Banda, Roberf l-loaglund. Neil Robin, Earnesf Winn, Clarence PSGFFOW- YE!! ' N . - "Mi :ll me we li QA, Froni' Row: L 'ro R: Keifh Keppel, presidenlg James Griggs, vice-president Sylvia Woodall, secrelaryg Terry Kimble, lreasurer. Row 2: Jaclclyn Ehrharf, Jeanelle Wong, Mildred Lopez, Louise Livingsfon, John Dolph. Row 3: Deann Brown, Mary Podesfa, Evelyn Spoonhour, Marie Gonzales, Ina Graham. ,-1: I , y , " s J 3 elf X Dr. Kennelh Sloclcing Ernesl Bi-SCF Spafford Adwser Audio-Visual Adviser udia-Uiouak UP Audio-Visual Operalors club was dedi- caled lo Jrraining sludenls lo serve as operalors of audio-visual eguipmenl and inslrucling Them in The care of lhe eguipmenr. Members ol Jrhe or- ganizalion were laughl 'ro handle all kinds ol movie proieclors as well as lhe melhod of culling phonograph records. Page l23 5'f'i JI Qbmwo Los lberos, composed of sTudenTs Taking courses in Spanish, was primarily inTeresTed in encourag- ing The use oT The language in everyday speech and exTending LaTin culTure. A S550 scholarship was awarded by The club To a high school division sTudenT plan- ning To go on in languages. I X, 0 Wl5ff'l PM ' Fronl' Row: L To R: Chauncey Keplord, presidenT3 AnToineTTe Turner, vice-president Gayle GoeTz DoroThy Delong, Shirley Homolka, Maril n MarTin, Deanna HorsT. Brenda Harris, Jane Caldwell J I I i F secrelaryg Florence Yokoi, MargareT Difenderier. Row 2: CaTherine Crowell, Rena Bayer, fl! L ' Y Barbara HesTon, Louise Williams, Cecile Cain. Row 3: Arleen Shillingburg Joan Silver, Joyce Viviano 1 pfpfl rf W ,ji Yolanda CasTellanos, PaTricia Macpherson, Sandra lhornTon, AnneTTe Player, JudiTh Lieginger,, J ,' Ellen BurkeTT, Franchelle Farrow, Irene Vallecillo, Neverra LipelT, Row 4: Nan Phipps, Lola LaTimer,f!0 i ,s Judy Gress, Sharon Bryer, PaTAdams, Bonnie Culhane, Ginger Kimball, PaTricia PeTerson, Irene Gardea, ' ' HorTenzia Moreno, Jane Semple. Row 5: Richard Sanfos, ArThur Money, Donald Kibby, Barbara Kay, QP Jane Layson, Frances Lamonica, Marcia Adams, Ann Davidson, June Mercado, Jean Fong,Q',j Irene Esguerra. Row 6: Danny Ciampaglia, Monle Davis, Henry Reed. Mike Hanlon, Michael Quinn, ' Toby Sfephens, Richard Young, Roberl BesT, WalTer Yourchek, Bob Uyesugi, ,lf lj, r J Adeline Selna Alex TurkaTTe Los lberos lTalian Adviser Adviser Minn lTalian Club was made up of sTudenTs in lTalian classes and was primarily inTended To promoTe The sTudy oT The language. Among acTiviTies of The organizaTion Tor The year were The publishing of a newspaper and a pro- gram puT on by The members Tor The lTalian populaTion ol The ciTy. Page IZ4 Fronf Row: L To R: Ruben Bacci, president Beverly Tuso, vice-president RiTa Franco, secreTaryq Diane GoTelli Treasurer, Carol Lamonica, class chairman. ROW 23 ROberT Perry, Toni Bonlilio, Marilyn Beniamin, Gloria ChlTi Joanne Reilly, GreTchen HolT, MarTha Tassano, Marcella Benavidez, Rosemary Nelson, Sandra Rodgers, RiTa Giordano Row 3: Mary Mouriski, Shirley Freeman, Jessie Robles, Angie Gemigniani, Sharon Ludlow, Laverne Vierra CaTherine Lopez, STella BaTres, Gloria Sepulveda, BerTha Garbiso, Vicki Barosso, Michael Hubert Row 4 LaDonna Knickerbocker, Rosalia DeGregory, Bonnie Lowes. Diane Devecchio, Marilyn Parenfil Belly Depaoli Virginia Garbiso, Gloria Burrola, Kiyoe Abe, Barbara Giavdrone, Arlene Brownsfein. Irene MarTinez, Palma Palsinelli Row 5: Gabriele Porro, Richard Rodgers, Phillip Nemee, Larry MarTucci, Bill Mazzoggo, Richard Marfuccg Richard SanTos, Bob DalPorTo, Melvin CanTaloupi, Richard Rishwain, Fred Harden, Frank Guidi, French- G French-German club was an organizaTion dedicaTed To sponsor- ing goodwill abroad. All money raised by The group was used To send Tood and cloTh- ing packages To needy Tamilies in Europe. EirsT prize was award- ed To The group Tor donaTing The mosT Tood and money To The campus ChrisTmas Tood drive. f C144 fm Y, , 9f721J.fLqf3 ,hp ...T ' , FN T A A 5 VJ X ,leg "Qs 'Q f , A yi T S gi JEL ii ' 'TT 47 f P- as 1 . A Pr f . T --1, - if i n . , M ,- 4- i i i 1 i'-,i ., , . A P V We 9 ,, T A -Eli rf, ii -' 'iv .3 ,iw ,-, .T P , -r T , .ff .1 .1 ,- " ,VT T. 0. F5 rf L ,. A Q - f ani-S' is . . 'i"1l A P p T 46' ' ' ' P' ,1 i v li, , T 5' V f--'f ,, .ii A , V5 , ,,rV - Mgjgyili may ' ,VJ In Q ivii if r 5 . i A I f rf , I fs, ,L j Q Q 4 ' EronT Row: L To R: Mary LiTTle, Evelyn Perl, Charles Johnson, Ronald Hildebrand, Bruce Bowman, Jim Finucane. Bruce l-lyrnan, GilberT MaTa, Allan Brown, EdiTh SpaTTord, Laura OTT, Vaness Kuhlmann, Michael Thomas, Rosalind Davis, Sharon King. Row 2: Nancy CronkiTe, Deanna Crumb, Andrea CurTis, Carolee Webb, Dona Carlson, Sally May. JaneT McGinley, Marcia Sider, Beverly NewTon, Barbara l-leikkinen, Marilyn STanley, Penny Pahl, Frances Garcia. Jane Semple, Mary Wallen. Row 3: Roy T-lurlburT, Ronald Wong, Richard Laursen, PaTricia Barry, Mabel Hamma, Lou Karim, Wendy STahley, Eleanor Spencer, Wanda Reel, Carla Jones, ev, Rosalyn ScoTT, Sharon Olson, Deanna Rogers, Mary McCullough, KaTherine Peck. Marya . Row 4: Ley Campbell, Don McDonald. Carl Miller, Bill l-lobin, Earl Moreno, RoberT Beardslee, Gary Carver, John Morones, Miriam Evans, Sonia McKee, Penny Bloom, Karla Schmidt Joyce Dorcey, Elaine Spangler, Ann Quinn, Chuckie Guerard, MarTha Maybeck. Darlene Mills. Row 5: Dennis Lindholm, Karl Minke, Gary Bradley, WalTer Bodley, Charles Kohler, Bev Dawson, KenneTh STeele, Richard Melmon, James Marquis, Jeri Henderson, Margo Coolures, Bev RoberTs. Judy BooTh. Rufh Bollinger, Mary Lou WilleTTe, PaT Sloneker, Judy MarTin. Row 6: Robin Neil, John Kawada, RoberT Ochoa, KenneTh BonneTT, Frank Compo, Doug Wisler, Bandel Bezzerides, William Mackey, Dennis Neu, Keifh Sheldon, Eric l"leim, Aubrey Moore, RoberT Rhinefrank, Bob Gafelli, John Perl, Burke Ferrari, CliTTord Harmon, PaTrick Burns. i 5. if C' 'iq -. T ii - i 5 Ellen DeRuchie Maxim French-German Pgpgvigh Adviser Scif, Adviser Dub SciTs. STockTon College lnTramural 'l'heaTrical SocieTy, was organized as a waTch organiza- Tion wiTh The primary TuncTion oT acTing as an adiuTanT To The drama deparTmenT's work. Various members oT The group were oTTen called upon To help ouT on The producTions puT on by The drama classes. FronT Row: LTo R: Barbara Alvarez, presidenT: MaryAnnGarcia.secreTary: Cari Alvarez, Treasurer: Gregory l-larris, sergeanT-aT-arms. Row Z: Eileen Schlepp, Ora Harmon, PaT Phelps, Alison Bruno, Bill Donahue. Row3g Sue Ryan, Carolyn Brizendine. Darlene Gesswein, Ramona Padilla, Willian Nunery. Page l25 'laid Fronl Row: L lo R: Roberl O'Lear, presidenlg Connie McGraw, secrelaryg Diana Lillie, lreasurer: Gail Diven, sergeanl- al-arms: Ronald Rhodes, sergeanl-al-arms: Louise Williams, Lynn Willmelle, Sylvia Bradbury, Carmen San Aguslin Kalhy Malkin, Mary Lemon, William Buellner, Roberl l-larlan, Janice Pigozzi, Ora l-larmon. Row 2: Jean Carlson Vaness Kuhlrnann, Pal Fuller, Judie Kenyon, Marilyn Slanley, Edilh Thomas, Belly Lou McCann, Barbara Giardrone Sharon Slewarl, Jolene Caleslini, Jane Caldwell, Janel Harlmann, Irene l-lubl, Jan Schuh, Bill Rolerl, Kalhryn Wilson Joan Malloy, Evelyn Perl. Row 3: Ramona Padilla, Judilh Mierlcey, Deanna Crumb. Pal Phelps, Bonnie Lowes Deanna Rogers, l-lenry Osborne, Cecile Cain, Phyllis Coon, Margarel Dilenderler, Louise Glasscoclc, Beverly Rodgers Belly Ballcwill, Pal Adams, Geraldine Brown, Gwen l-linlzen, Elvira lglag, Diane l-loskins, Row 4: Barbara Wilson Lorene Pyeall, Darlene Pyeall, Dale Scoll, Edilh Beam. Genevieve Lawlon, Pal Shum, Deann Brown, John Vincenll Larry Weigum, Darlene Mills,QMyra Bono ,Carlila Isaacs, Pal Cohen, Janice Bowman, Joyce Owens, Mary Fraga Row 5: Harold Long, George Alli?oT1f'iB'oT5bie Weinsloclr, Mary Lou Graziani, Tom Miller, Thomas Klein, David Simpson Bill Sword, Wanda Reel, Sally May, Jeri Henderson, Margo Caolures, Margol Lilly, Marilyn Coil, Yolanda Caslellanos Row 6: Al Francis, Ted Kalzalcian, Dennis Ahearn, Joanne Weaving, Belly Kieler, Warren Kibby, Clillord Harmon Guy 8. Daw: Guys and Dolls was an organizalion devoled lo lhe promolion ol dancing and was made up ol sludenls who were inleresled in dancing. A masquer- ade and Chrislmas dance were lwo ol lhe many dances spon- sored by lhe group. An annual lrip lo Sanla Cruz in lhe Spring highlighled lheir group lunclions. Burke Ferrari, Slephen Pereira, Ray Claveran, Frank Reynoso, Barbara Shellcross, Rod Vieira, James Billing, Harold Gianelli, Richard Franch, Grace Wilson, Lee Pope, Sammie Nevarez, Donald Leon Bush Schaeger Chew Guys and Dolls Adwser Q 7 Adviser C Chess club was an organizalion devoled lo building up inleresl in lhe game, leaching inleresled persons how lo play lhe game, and in general lo enioy lhe game. Compelilion wilhin lhe group provided lhe slimulus lor inleresling meelings and chess malches during lhe year. Fronl Row: L lo R: Jim Finucane, presidenlp Phillip Bingham, secrelary: Leroy Johannaber, vice-presidenl. Row 2: Kenii Yoshimura, David Wood, Chauncey Keplord, Benny Woo. Row 3: Bob George, Ramsay Cowlishaw, Roberl l-loaglund, Kennelh Ewing, Terry Scoll, Ronald Dennis. Page IZ6 ki Ski club was made up of sludenls inleresled in skiing, bolh experienced and inexperienced. Group members were olliered lhe opporlunily of buying used eguipmenr cheaply and going on more ski lrips by pooling rides lo lhe snow areas. Dry ski school inslruclion was given lo beginners ai ihe meelings. Fronf Row: Llc R: Jaci Williams, president Ellen Lawselh, secrerary-rreasurer. Row 2: Bob Gagnon, Mike Thomas, Mike Tucker. 11 i From' Row: L lo R: Cliff l-lumphrey, presidenlg Pal' Spooner, vice-presidenr' Bruce l-lyman, business manager: Janice Bowman, Liz Wenfzel, Jeri Henderson Else l-lolmsen. Row 2: Duncan McPherson, l-larl Weaver, Jerry Rocca Gerry McCrabb, Michiko Walanabe. Margo Coolures. Bruce Weylandf Row 3: Jack Hession, Jim Finucane, Dennis Neu, Jim Hankins, Bob Wardlaw Ley Campbell, Dave Cameron, Mike Price. QT ,X Jim I-licks Bernard Ski Adviser S'le'lSOr1 Camera Adviser Camwux Camera club was composed of sludenrs in- reresied in pholography. The principles of pholography, wirh an emphasis on color film, were presenled io Jrhe group by films and speakers. Demonslraiions concerning lhe proper handling of camera equipmeni were given by various members ol lhe or- ganizalion. Page I27 QB L-- Kmwkke-Brwww Knuckle-Buslers was a club made UD of boys planning io enier The auio me- chanics irade as a career. The club served io familiarize iis members wirh ihe acrions oi democraiic governmeni and parliameniary procedure. Fron+ Row: L 'ro R: Gary Venalole, presidenl, Leroy Wheeler, vice-presidenfq Charles Maimone, secrelary: Michael Cavanaugh, 'rreasurery Roy l-ligashi, iineman: Tadahiro Kamigalcipiineman. Row 2: Corwin Graves, Roloerl Baqliello, Jelrirey Lau, Vinceni Maimone, Joe Esirada. Row 3: John Villapanda, Donald Grupe, Teddy Wallace, Dan Thompson, Wayne Peirsol, Sun Chin. Row 4: Leslie Francois, John Williams, Roberl Taylor, Jim Mclvluchan, Thomas Fogarly, Alvin Childress, Charles Kelley. Row 5: Billie Geniry Ronnie Kuchel, Doyle l-lawlcins, Ronnie Domon, Roger Wilds, Roy Wiebe. John Siapp. , "Tl .,, y D 5 Herman Leo Edmada gredgnq Mill cabanef Knuckle-Busiers Adwser Adviser iwaliiuet Mill Cabinel was a seli-disciplinary club responsible ior enforcing saieiy wiihin Their shops and colleciing yolunlary iines Tor iniraciions ol iheir safely rules in Jrheir shops. An annual irip io While Pines saw mills in Jrhe region highlighied -lililelr aci-lvlhes for 1-he year' Fronf Row: Lio R: Ronald Olvera, president Wes Day, vice-president Jim Tranrham secreiary-Treasurer: Roberl' Ramirez, lineman: Reiugio Piceno, assisiani fineman Row 2: Trinidad Ruiz, James Slrrohschein, Ronald Vollmer, Harold Sfaggg 6eOfQe GVGUUCCTI Bill FOX- ROW 32 Jerry Remusai. Elias Carranco, Dan Jenkins John Merrovich, Jerry Kinlcead, Warren Kibby, Ralslon Poirer. Page I28 WMP Woodpeclcers was a club Tor inTeresTed members of The carpenTry classes A 5 T and was esTablished Tor The purpose oT grouping sTudenTs inTeresTed in carpenTry TogeTher in a social organizaTion. l-lighlighTing The acTivi- ' -F W FronT Row: L To R: Richard Alvarez, presidenTg VicTor Ruiz, vice - presidenT: Nash Crosby, sergeanl'-aT - arms: iles O 'F G groip ag an John Padula, Melvin Reames, Bob Renfro. KenneTh Torre, Dennis SmiTh. Row 2: WalTer 6adbuT, annual GGCllUl' GSpf'Il'lQ. Rudy Guinones, Alfred Yada, Leo Agbulos. Ines Rios. Ronald GenuiT, Richard Park, Gerald McGuire, Eunice Warren. Row 3: l-larold Fisher. KenneTh WhiTe, Weldon Hood, Ronnie Rosselli, Jaclr Hauclc, Lonnie Rasberry, l-larold SmiTh, John STolcer, Richard Russell. ,eg 'F . 5, , N 4 YE 1 i 4 qi' mi- Q , ' T 1? K 'L i , I V ll Z X John WiTsche Charles Jones Wood peclrers VocaTional AuTo Adviser Adviser - - ,EJ ' Huw VocaTional AuTo was a club Tor The members oT The auTo mechanics classes. A Tield Trip To The auTomobile show in San Francisco by privaTe bus was one oT The special acTi- viTies oT The organizaTion. Mid-Term gradua- Tion members were TeTed aT a chili bean Teed given by The remaining club members. Froni' Row: L To R: Joe Guzman, president Rex MoquiTe, vice-presidenT: Frank Fulcuhara, secreTary-Treasurer: Billie Speegle, sergeanT-aT-arms. Row 2: David BusTamanTe, Clyde WalTher, ArThur l-lolland. Darrel Baumbach. David Whi+e, Row 3: Tony CasTellanos. Larry McClary. John Moreno, Donald Torre, Deverald l-lorTon, AnThony Sava. Page l29 '-154-of 1 Baldy 8. Fendm Body and Fender club was a club Tor The sTu- denTs enrolled in The auTomobile body and Tender course. A Tield Trip To The auTomobile show in San Francisco and a visiT To an auTo- FronT Row: L To R: Henry Meraz, presiclenh George NishimoTo, vice-presidenT: Ed Armendariz, Treasurer: Nobi Tamura, secreTary: George McCollum, Henry Molina, MarTin OTinino, Floyd Wilson, Russell STewarT. Row 2: Bob YeTT, Ken HamamoTo, Ronald WhiTe, lvan Harlan, Jack Carson, David Franks, HousTon KeTcherside, Manuel Sanchez. Bill Laughlin. Row 3: John Mondragon, Sadao Manabe, Chan Waanen, Ray Walker, Orvil NorTon, Willis Runnels, Roy CasTellon, Andrew Gallegos, Jim Henry, Truman McGill. Row 4: Frank Rosa, Charlie Gonzalez, Don Pullen, Eddie Jimenez, GilberT Fernandez, Gino Cruz, Gene Brew. AlberT Krause, Bob Grimm, Lawrence Drace. ,N as 44' X - ,w .hw 1,s, Z, V g 4 , J f is, I 1 , ErnesT Joseph AcosTa Woodman Body 81 Fender Body 81 Fender Adviser Page l3O Melvin STewarT PainT Splashers Adviser Adviser aint Sphwlww PainT Splashers was a club whose purpose was To conTrol acTiviTies in The painT shop and mainTain Triendly relaTions beTween The boys in The shop. The organizaTion also was responsible Tor collecTing Tines Tor rules in- TracTions in The work area. The annual all- shop picnic aT Oak Park highlighTed Their social acTiviTies. moTive enTerprise were The main acTiviTies oT The organizaTion. FronT Row: L To R: Roger BenediTo, presidenT: Mike McFadden, vice-president Row 2: GerT Geer, Vernon Wlllqingon' Dawayn RoberTs, Napoleon DoTson. Row 3: Darrell Medley, Jesse Aguilar. Domingo Paie, Lewis Turner, Mike Rios, I A A Tinbenders was a club Tor sTudenTs enrolled in The sheeT rneTal classes. The organizaTion had as iTs main TuncTion The disciplining oT The sheeT meTal classes and The enTorcemenT oT Their shop rules. Money collecTed Trom Tines Tor The breach oT Their rules was used A Tor an end-oT-The-year social acTiviTy. Fronl' Row: L To R: Jess Ferrer, presidenT: KenneTh SmiTh, vice-presidenT: Bob Loureiro, secreTaryg Beniamin Andes, assisTanT secreTary, Row 2. William Beach, Richard Burrola, Carl Gibson, WalTer Raleign, Donald Ding. Row 3: Barclay Ospifal, Gill:-erT Orosco, William WalTon, William Arbogash Wayne WalTers. ,nf ,, my 15' pl A -' 'E ' i ' f wi , ,. 5 , fl. -4 +A A Afmgnw -2 , f Y, N J 'T .fi A l ,ii, ' 5 i , T fl 4 Nr J. M. Gorrell Franlc Brown John WilleTTe Tinbenders Adviser Radio Adviser Radio Adviser bb 1- Fronf Row: LTO R: John SchaTz, presidenh Erwin Wiss. vice-president Dave Garra, secreTary: George Young T T Rob T K' orTer RoberT Tanaka Treasurer. sergeanT-aT-arms, Hugh SToclcTon, sergean -a -arms: er mser, rep I I k R lrh Row 2: Alfred Palermo, Sylvesfer Aguilar, Eugene Jensen, Jim Graves, David Yearic s, ap Rirnrner. Gary WyaTT, Jimmy Mershon. Row 3: Daniel MarTinez. Archie Thomas, Dean Willis. LuTher Miller. Sal' Waon, Bob Finlcbohner, Tommy l-laley, David Tapla, Jerry Chandler. Row 4: Burl Treadwell, Bill lflardin Floycl Williams, Bob Wip. Bill Hin, Larry Kimball, Michael Price, Ray Wells, Frank l-lardy, Don PenningTon Michilco WaTanabe. adm Radio club was organized by sTudenTs in radio and elec- Tronics classes. Many of The sTudenTs in The club were in- TeresTed in a career in one or The oTher oT These Tields, and Their meeTings gave Them a good chance To discuss Their TuTure occupaTions. Page 3 im Giwphic Am Graphic ArTs was a shop club whose educaTional obiecT was To acguainT iTs members wiTh modern prinTing eguipmenT and sTeps, Through inTeresTing Tield Trips. ln The spring, Trips were Taken To The STaTe PrinT- ing DeparTmenT in Sacramen- To and To The local Fibreboard planT. From' Row: LTo R: Donald Velez, presidenTg Dean RiTchie, vice-presidenTg Harold GilchrisT, secreTaryg WaI+ Marino, Treasurer: RoberT Beal, Oscar Howell, ElberT Miner, Row 2: Leroy Kramer, STewarT Clark, Dwain Schoclc, Richard Bianchi, Dornaciano Fernandez, Larry Craig, Larry Garibaldi. Row 3: Eddie Wunderliclc, James Raridan, Arlon Palmer, John Erpilla, Wesley Massey, Charles Noreiga. Row 4: Ed Thomas, David WhiTe, Herman Foreman, VlaclrSpelTs, Jerry Null, Bob Greneveld, Bob Self, Douglas Croy. 0- T - I -4 ,Ml i James M usTo Graphic ArTs Adviser 4' 5' -, . ai l 5 Tom Milligan Machine Shop Adviser acluueSluip Machine Shop was a club whose pur- pose was To develop Tellowship among The sTudenTs in Their shop and To en- courage Them inTo enTering The Trade. Group meeTings provided The means oT geTTing TogeTher The boys who had an inTeresT in machine shop. An annual ChrisTmas luncheon highlighTed Their social acTiviTies. Page I32 ,, dy, 4 , K 'T' T, ,f'57i?. 0 if A .., A . ,i iam M, -L Arif Tm ll Y 3' ' T' Y 4 ,J D, fax 3' ' - .,,, , . Fronf ROWI L T0 R2 Roberf Eggiman, presidenT: Larry DeaTon, vice-president Michael HuddlesTon, secreTaryg Roberf Savio, Treasurer, Henry Munoz, Richard Franch. Row 2: Charles Hoffman, Ronald Eichler, Ronald Casagrande Cullen CreWS. DeWayne Miller, Ted Abelong, Row 35 Cirpriano Qalvez ErnesT Heininger, Jess TaTum, AlberT Koolcen, Herman Herrera, Jameg Wilson Fred Wells. FuLwwFwuiww will ' FuTure Farmers oT America, Chap- Ter 258 oT The naTional organizaTion, was made up oT sTudenTs enrolled in The agriculTure program. As a group They aTTended Tield days aT oTher colleges and parTicipaTed in Tairs and conTesTs. The chapTer was a member oT The PoulTry Producers oT CenTral CaliTornia. Q19 5? J 5 X? . . l , ir 0 si 'VT' ' ie . s , 1 '- T T n , 6 ' ' A X, ' - " ,-- - 4 B 1 A illi si .' 1 ' ki X i ,ev D j ' 1 g- 4 I ' I is 275 T l if ' . I - X '43, . aww ".', 1 VN . 1 'A ' ff. ' s TM ' 'g if ' -L f i f .lrr ...Mr se - s if' 1 , fi A-VN ' "' -ff T i H11 , .A.,, 4, 1.. .V ., ..,, -5- FronT Row: L To R: Richard Logemann, presidenh Aldo Delasso, vice-presidenT: Ernesl' Winn, secreTary: Bill Clark, reporTer: Don Belancalana, senTinel. Row 2: Ray Mahnlce, Bill Hahn, ChesTer MaTsunaga, Mike HiraTa, AnThony Muzio, Richard Hoffman, Frederick Bernazzani, Lyle Burgess. Row 3: Fred Webb, Rober-T Bellin, Al Williams, Michael DougherTy, John STarlc, Melvin Runge, Don Durham, AlberT McCarTy, John SpaleTTa, BerT Heim. '1.- -iii-w il i 4 -1'-es F f R 'K , Richard David BerT Young Fufure Farmer ElecTrics Adviser Adviser Uewlico ElecTrics was a shop club organized wiTh The primary obiecT oT uniTing The sTudenTs inTeresTed in elecTrics and oT acquainTing Them wiTh parliamenTary procedures. A Tield Trip To one oT The power planTs in NorThern CaliTornia during The year was one oT The evenTs in which The group parTicipaTed. FronT Row: LTo R: Allan 6eorge,presidenT1 Larry Tupper,vice-president Gordon Judy, secreTary: Jim Bird, Treasurer: Ronald CoverT, sergeanT-aT-arms. Row 2: Tony Sanchez, Don Davis, Eddy Mah, Don Hankins, Chew Wong, Jin Lim. Row 3: Frank Fox, Omer STeward, Cary Gardner, Sam Hillilcen, William Ford, Mike PresTon. Row 4: Tommy Likong, Rudy Sena, Melvin Wood. Paul Hunger, Ray QuiTiquiT, Ed RemingTon. P '33 age Gif ' A 53 ,3:,,,,y,fQ , 2 V. wyyqgamfyw J' ? MUQZW LVM? W Ely, ,M lllhliebico l'G'l""lI9""f ik X Qu 'D L CTE7 'Q' Wlu Lan Sb SEATED ON GROUND: Managers "Peanu1's" Presion, le'F'l', and Gerald Kosdlidl Bob Denfon, Dick Leland, Joy Grills, Bud Mayfield, Bob Cruz, Manual Marli Tom Mifchell, Bob Applegafe, Bob Long, Charles Haggard, Don Hall, head coa' Fred Almendarez, Lou Schmid, George Graham, John Schmidl, ROW 4: Larry Laaclc, Bill Parlon, coach. ROW 5: Don Campora, coach, Frank Reyna A , ' .... V A 'C - - -Q W V :- f - , ui 0 , ' .. ,, -4 V v Q ,gn Team i"Q Q l K 1 'FR fl' j , .C is 'RONT ROW: L'1'o R: Amos Alonzo Sfagg, coach, Manual Simas, Ari' Mesisfrano, ink Marfin' coach, ROW 2: Jim Curfin, Shiro Sasaki, Dan Losee. Don Gwalfney, ROW 3: Jerry Marquis, Jack Sfanley, Tony King, Richard Quessenberry, ingram, Lou Barba, Ron Miller, Leroy Benefiz, Bill Jenkins, Dan Delfa'H'i, Ari' Firmes, b Loueriero, Shun Tamura. Dick Nunes, Jack Avey, Frank Corey, Dave Bender. .ra a watch '.-fa , A sq ui --M 'Nw I 4' sg 7 V I , Y 1 J- "Or if swa- aih f 31. ,O .ul A. we A ,av -1 I v-, Na 'WH .ix by fx 1 .Vt Li u EK I E N D S Kneeling: L Io R: Larry Laack. Ron Miller, Tony Miller. Sfanding: Frank Marlin, coach: Arl Firmes, Don Delfalli, Bill Jenkins, Dick Quessenberry, Bob Mingram, .vs 6. B ,I ,J fs 3 'f -y I 3 V-7 7' I I , K Don I-Iall Head Coach Fullback Lou Barba l35I picks up a few yards againsr Wesl Conrra Cosla as Frank Corey bowls a man oul ol Ilwe way. Wlvotaug Fwthallll S e a s o n R e c o r BIG 8 CONFERENCE Musmgs opp onen +5 I6 Sequoias 2I Fresno 2 Complon 24 CCSF 26 Ivlodeslo 33 San Ivlareo 25 WCC I3 Sanfa Rosa 52 Sacramenlo I3 Oakland 225 HEL? .I ,M E -- ' .. -I - W. . 3 5 fr sll, I E or b I W B ' ,L , A 1 , . I Q A u , , 5.?.,, , K: - I W 7 .1 , - I V . . 5 V' I .' , f Q -. ,J ,, , X ' ,f I , ' . - ' , , e-f Y b s. I yr I , 1 ,xxfwzf ,W , u, Mft ls ' , S L, If .. .I Q., ., il K' V 0+ 'xv I ffv' g, U , If, Q ' 1, V-W A -3357 -jf' 'f'AQ.Ff4.,z ' Ls- I "-' I- if ' kff'f:5J'rff-I L - ,L 'I 'f , F , W .f 5 of 'WIA jfs bl. I2 114,314-5 f 3,,,g1Q3 jifgff d ' Ehuzbqgpg gg ig L 1 - uf, I g ," f "ji-Egg C E N T E R S if f'f?x fv"f4tffS as -:fri 2 - Jag, 1.-f ' 5:5 F fgiss f TEBQQI ' - K .J -, ' AX'-'fffizf M Wk-y' ' -' f it ffflf fsll v L fo R: Bob Appleqafe. f , . . , km ,r.35,5 55 ., , X , A +9 :,,M.., , ' 1,5 , :rl ggi ' Q .c j Jam Curlln, Bob Long B , fi , " 'I'- I " I- ' . ., A.-E B f. ,-Q- Af, ' NI 'fy Dan Losee. 5535+ , kb ' I 'rfr I Fi f, I I f ' I "-4 , " J P 3- 5f "'f1 '?J7533N1' B' ' Vi J1"7i'?Iff4 Seek'.,g,4f-:fw,.ii,- ',mwf:.4'f":-w-3.JW.-af--35' A- ' 6 . 1521 -' ref f.f?fI72f 'i1.'z'ff.sf:,2i,g-V' wx il-14 5' 'UY1 -f 231 , '- ys.3'+,1,-1Qi,,.+S v- Tr'-,w,:ffht.,,rl:-'gflgz5 P6 6 I38 4 Iii sf.-'fr 3" " -' M. ffF"fl..:If:g.:r-1 Q -f-1- .L . v w- : . '.,, 7' f',i'?'-5 -"u-,af .qsfilij j f, fl,-Nh fi on-KH' ' 1 f:wrT'..:-124. aa-.f?s:++"f4.Qf,'2 'fu '-273. bg N fQ?':- F3 ,I-rf' ,.,.,,g' -W.-s..T?m-Q. rr ff' 'Q' r Line Coach Don "Tiny" Campora MusTang Line During The enTire season, The champions held The opposiTion To IS7 neT yards per game while The Tang backs moved Tor more Than 200 yards. ln The opening game, The lvlusTang line held The Fresno eleven To a ToTal oT lc? yards The whole evening. EnTering The CCSP conTesT a Two Touchdown underdog, The Tangs sTopped The Rams wiTh only 57 yards on The ground mainly due To The ouTsTanding perTormance oT All-American ArT lVlesisTrano. ln The lVlodesTo rivalry, CapTain Bob DenTon played one oT his besT games by seTTing up Two SC Touchdowns wiTh his heads-up ball playing. ln The closing minuTes oT The San lVlaTeo game, All-NorThern CaliTornia Tackle Bob DenTon saved The day Tor The Tangs as he Took a bad pass Trom cenTer on a TourTh down punTing siTuaTion and ran The ball back To The Bear Cub's own 44- yard line, The MusTangs were able To preserve Their I3-I2 lead Trom This poinT on. SacramenTo was dumped 52-0 wiTh The Sac backs ending The evening's play wiTh a neT loss oT I2 yards on The ground. The Tangs cinched The TiTle by playing a I3-I3 sTandoTT wiTh Oakland. au. ' I T 'Q GUARDS K l g L To R: Shiro Sasaki Joy GriTTs, Bud Mayfield Row 2' Tom Michell, Don GwalTney. Bob Cruz. Dave Bend Shun Tamura l30l rambles down The sideline as Bud MayTielc l22l dashes up Trom The rear To Take ouT The San lvlaTeo man T A C K L E S Dick Leland, M l ArT MesisTrano. L To R: Manuel Simas, Bob Den ' anue MarTin, Ton, Page I39 Dick Nunes is escorled lo lhe Turf of Baxler Sladium. Arr lvlesislrano l78l and Jim Coveney l8ll are coming up from The background. 'UN refrbilfi-aw HALFBACKS ,N ,,.. 1-i Fronf Row: l. lo R: Jerry Marquis, George Graham, Jack Slanley, Fred Almendarez. Row 2: Leroy Benilez, Jack Avey, Lou Schmid, Dick Nunes. Page l4O Three Tangs cul down a Sequoia back. Backfield Coach Bill Parlon diagrams one ol lhe many plays which pul' lhe lvluslangs af The lop of 'rhe Conference 'For l955. MusTang Backs Displaying polish and precision, The Tang baclc- Tield proved To be one oi The TinesT Toursomes in The conTerence. The speedsTers oT The PorT CiTy eleven rambled Tor an average of 2 I 8.6 neT yards per game. Some highlighTs oT The season are: College of Sequoias: Tangs lose on a IasT minuTe TD pass. Fresno: Bob Loueriero compleTed Tour ouT of Tive passes: George Graham averaged 7.I yards gain per carry. CCSF: Tang secondary allowed only Two compleTed passes of TwenTy-Two Tried. ModesTo: Jerry Marquis gained II2 yards, made Two TD's in The Third quarTer. San MaTeo: Charlie Haggard wenT Tor more Than IOO yards: Lew Schmid made Three Touchdowns. WesT ConTra CosTa: Tangs rolled Tor 25 poinTs in second quarTer. SacramenTo: Leroy BeniTez, Jerry Marquis, and Lou Schmid each exploded Tor Two TD'sg Tangs clinched aT leasT a Tie Tor The crown wiTh This win. Oakland: Lou Barba averaged 6.I yards per carry: lvlus- Tangs siTTing alone in TirsT place. Jim Coveney l8Il graunds a Sequoia back who laTeraled To TeammaTe No.45 as Don GwalTney l62l angles sharply To The righT To pursue The new ball carrier. F U L L B A C K S L To R: Charles Haggard, TEES!! 5512 .JIS . ,L . ,V,,..s1-....fy-m- - ?L1'-gi 9?-'i' IL" ' .. X1 54' V 7"1', , l 1 V' ,M - gf T 5-51, j.. T T T 1 v af Y 1 3 1 NK o Y 'Hn 1 in Fifi,-E'fwc1M , " , ' , f K, ..k, . X +V-,':,. " . , f , ., W, ... ,, 1 , H.. , 'l'.'1,L ',,,.5 . I. . Q-1:0 t . , 1- Mi f Us-YE , ' W,-A 77' vw4'-'f:w. - "HA ff?" f' -V fs. ' .":'ii"4v5' T .4 T : i T 2,1 -U'-s,sf',,,. ,wif-wf' Lf-57 T " ' T f " -J-'savifblff ifklkiiwc 3 . Q' -'-- w . JJ: ian-?if'8.w.'.i-4 A , ,,-Q " , ' K , 'i 1 gl f :Ll 9 K fffillfhx 7 H il ' -'. F' -L" T. . 4,4 . . ,L , ' 5 A if i 1 w - -. ,i c is if N , ' A ., P s..-1' ' ii .Wig 'Tiff . , In L, In , ig .M f -3 1 'V J A, . V I. 4 lx in U1.',1sJ- wi gi . xv .ff - -nf: ,wif .. , a 'Riff 11144-,g4M..,-,fi-f.a .fJp'34'k' f:.:.:4a.'si-.kcii.w. . usgsfixihe QUARTERBACKS L To R: Frank Reynoso, Bob Loueriero, John Schmidt Frank Corey. " elf T , ' ' ,3 ,V , A ii W I! ty , - f T 'li L 6, Qi- - X , as png -g , ,,-gpg ! -A :Jia zz .v1..?' f ., g ' . ' 1 ., T fr 14 ,V--g 74, '- . ugh ,. ,Y l . ,AA , . ' , 1, , , ' ., '..-, Shun Tamura. Lou Barba. J7 jlv f' v-...V 1 C -1- V fr ' j , 'J-A:.iQ'- SQ.- lifmf'-' ' Vi' 'V i ' ' , V "'.i-'L 4 Q. 73,11 ' T ff , - . . AJS". , ,, ,rf , , G Q 352, Q '38 gf 'I V W ' ' , -" 9411-5 .' 2 ' ' - if X " M -ff .1 ,,' -, f, 'z , - lvl' Q'-fy. al ' -Alf.. i , A V 2 T" '- "-5-'.' . -. K. 9 ,Q-a l - .,f, V. . 4. .. -we N in-+ ag - V f'ff1f'm, z,, 1 . V is Q . A af- ' - J-Q'F1f1fs.'i fifw ff 'f'5-T"'f'4L ' 1: 'L 'f" v - 1 - iff. 13' -'e.'5'13"f'l"" 'if -if a3'..1?v- -A , -.-,,,,,1,l-4 M4 , 7 ,-, t, I -if - .Hag if 'U' ,I T , g A -'92-:,,l' ,-.1 5 f " 'A-V1 . jv 5 . ' ' Page l4I Mt Fumthaw fs, ,T i ia' - , Q 7-T " sa ii' 3 ei ' uae L-J s--. r T T T T . - - -, , 4 f 1 N I :1 --el i lv A ,ALF f, 'I as kits ,L -.,,g , , I V ik Q, E ' ,fl f iv ,, B " V ff T' ',A ii '.'FT,'ff f A can F? Y, no ly' 'T . 'y Ti' I fi T ' ... r we +,f 1 Tvs-1 f T T-.. ' v"'iffT 1 , . L A .J an .T wg' T Q ,fr - L V 1,11-, 5, T' X B6 1 I El f asf, T431 iL?f253r f if Bly larsl! '39, 35. Mains- TT-Tl! ff .5 1 K lxilz Y P ' '+L we f' , XXQ Q ks 1 Q i hX FronT Row: L To R: Coach Chuck GordeT, Coach Bill GoTT, Coach Harry Kane: Lauren PeTTis, Charles Lowler. Gordon Henderson, Eddie Torres, Girman ArbeT Row 2: John STock, manager: Earl Moreno, Waymond Hall, Al Crandall, Ray LeiTner, Jim Quessenberry, Ken STeele, Larry ShelTon. Row 3: Ray Ramsey, manager Shoji YamamoTo, Jim Brumbaugh, Ralph Davis. Jerry Fox, Jerry KenT, Chuck NovoTny, Jim Burrows. Row 4: Roger Decker, manager, Gordgn Zuckerman Gary lshimaru, Truman McGill, Doug MiTchell, Bob Williams, Ron Moore, Dave Macias. Row 5: Farnum SoTo, manager: Gary Sullivan, Louis Morvranez John Kroyer, Ken WhiTe, Larry Lacey, Bill Laughlin. Lewis Koe, Ron Kuehl. The STockTon College ColTs ended Their hard-ToughT Sac-Joaquin Con- Terence race in sixTh place. Their Tive won - Tour losT record provided an l exciTing season up To The Tinal gun oT The Lodi game, however, The season was one oT close scores and Tough games wiTh The ColTs only six poinTs ouT OT TirsT place when They wenT down To deTeaT beTore The Woodland Wolves in Their sixTh game. The mosT exciTing game was sTill To come, however. The TradiTional aTTair wiTh Lodi blew wide open in The second halT when The ColTs overcame I3 poinTs oT a I4-poinT deTiciT only To be deTeaTed by a single conversion, Larry Lacey, one OT The besT on The ColT Team. was picked To play in The annual NorTh-SouTh Shrine Game. More honors came To The Team when Jerry KenT, Larry Lacey, Lauren PeTTis, and Bill Laughlin were inviTed To play in The NorTh-SouTh Sac-Joaquin ConTerence Game aT Lodi. A Harry Kane Head Coach Page l42 far CoI+ Foo+baII Season Record SAC-JOAQUIN CONFERENCE cons opp Qnen fs O Balcerslield 20 2 lvlodeslo 6 I4 Downey O 7 Turlock 6 26 lVlcClalcl'iy 6 I2 Sacramenlo I4 6 Woodland I9 I9 EI Camino O I3 Lodi I4 99 85 ,J A-W, 1 : f far, Amos Alonzo Slagg Advisory Coach I J A V wM'u?5' QUARTERBACKS L fo R: Allen Crandall, Waymond I-Iall lwillw balll, Earl Moreno. Eddie Torres demonslrales Iwow I'ie gained 753 yards during 'flue season lo rale lop ground-gainer overall for llwe Colfs CENTERS Llo R: Ron Moore, Truman McGill, Bill Lauglnlin, David Macias, Page I43 " " ' '- ' ' 'K' -' - ' , 0 W - .cm ., .,f. Page I44 Caplain Larry Lacey lwl1i+el'1elme+,cen'rerl, Ray Leilner l75l, Jim Burrows l74l, and Jim Brumbaugl1l8ll gel idenlrical Jrouclwdown signals from llne referee and Coll back Eddie Torres l4Ol. i . ,,.., -iw ENDS Fr0I1'f ROW: Llc R: Jerry Kenl, Doug Milclwell, Roberl Williams. Row 25 Ron Kl-'elil' -lfm QUSSSGVWJGFFY. and Chuck Novolny. Somellwing The officials didn'T see! A Woodland back grabs Gordon l-lenderson's plaslic lace guard in allempl To break free. 1- Ralph Davis, Jim Brurnbaugh, Ken Whife, Louis Koe, Larry Lacey lream caprainl, . gs A " e u A R D s L+o R: Gary Ishimaru, l T A C K L E S L10 R: Louis Monfanez, Ray Leilner, Jerry Fox, John Kroyer, Jim Burrows. Three while-helmelecl Coils, L lo R: Truman McGill, Larry Lacey, and Jerry Kenfl form an iron currain for a Locli back as Bill Laughlin l52l and Gary lshimaru l64l come up as addirional insurance. Page 145 Page I46 5 x ' rj. X . ,ii . Qi. 5, A Q., X ,Q HALFBACKS Fronf Row: L lo R: Shoji Yamarnolo, Row 2: Gordon Zuckerman, Eddie Torres. Gordon Henderson, Gary Sullivan, Girman Arbei, Charles Lowler. FULLBACKS L 'ro R: Lauren Pelfis, Larry Sheldon, Ken Sreele. in ,J 'U ga Q' 1 Elf' wlwa 6 . -A L, . v , Baclcfield Coach Bill Gorr dishes our defensive insrruclions Jro Bob Freeman, leff, and Gordon I-lenderson. P ng uuthaw Zhx I f iwwiio Vg! ai 'ff i ,V , ,-, ' - X ,Q'75P:' Fronf Row: L 'ro R: Coach Chuck Gordel, Pinkslon Smilh, Curl Frazier, Jerry Jones, Bob Cooper, Phil Swimley, Jack Brown. Row 2: Coach Bill Golf, Burch Yasui. Sherry Han, Sunday Leos, Bob Wilson, John Erpilla, Bob Freeman, Frank Marlel, Row 3: Coach Harry Kane, Reggie Ggowa, Pele Schlegel, Ray Fidaldy, Joe Sparks, Bob Moore, Phil Nernee, Bob Munson. Row 4: Frank Pimenlel, Herman Herrera, John Avey, Eddie Jimenez, Ralph McDonald, John Vera, Duke Buckingham. The Slocklon College Ponies liunior varsilyl ran Their winning slreak lo I8 games in Jrheir second conseculive undelealed season. The Ponies do nol have a regular league, bul play an independenl schedule. They could nol seem lo find a Jream lo give lhem a good lighl as They rolled over all lheir opponenls by large scores. The Ponies ran up 304 looinls againsr 33 lolal poinls lor all lheir opposilion. Chuck Gorder Pony Coach Page I47 Pa Kneeling: LTo R: WalT PaTTerson, Dennis Ahearn, Bob Heil. Zack ToTTen. Row 2: Bob BuxTen, Forresf Harrison, PeTe Fellows. John Felix, Don SmiTh, Ed Hinshaw. Coach Bill AnTTiIa. aff wa' Cal JV man scrambles aTTer The ball as his Tellow player Tries To keep an SC man away. The SToclcTon College waTer polo Team won all eighT oT Their league games and walked oTT wiTh TirsT place in The easTern division, buT losT The comference championship To Caliiornia in The pIayoTT. The Tangs came up in second in The PaciTic associaTion Cham? pionship, losing The playoff game in The Tinal minuTe. John Felix, SC sTar Torward, gaThered in mosT oT The awards. He was eIecTed ouT- sTanding player and honorary capTain oT The all-league Team. Guard WalT PaTTerson was eIecTed To The all-league Team also. ge I48 - , ,.3 'NTT 5-7 - 'Wa .- r' - ff' in I' I y 'Y' Y ' " ,..'J,. Wluotaug wawm Parka M u s T a n g L e a g u e R e c o r Muaangs opp onen Ts Musfangs oppomis 2I California 8 24 Arden Hills 20 Cal- AQQIGS I I6 Arden Hills 26 SacramenTo JC I6 l I SaCramen+OJC I7 California I I4 Cal. Aggies John Felix, SC Torward, Tries Tor a goal againsT Arden Hills, milk Cfwoo aunt g The Sloclqlon College Coll cross counlry runners ended up a good season by lalcing a lourlh and lwo seconds in lheir lhree meel pro- gram. EI Camino nol only won each ol lhe lhree meels, bul also cinched lhe Sac-Joaquin Conler- ence lille al lhe same lime. Sloclclon placed second in lhe con- lerence. Coach Bill Goll is also lhe Coll lraclc coach. Meel I EI Camino Placer EI Dorado Sloclclon College lvlcClalchy Fronl Row: L lo R: John l-lallilax, John Pollack, Paul Poulson, Ron Slone. Row 2: Ron Vollmer. Gary Sullivan, Ron Hildebirand, Bill Goll, coach. Meel 2 Meel 3 EI Camino EI Camino Sloclclon College Sloclclon College Granl McClalchy Placer Granl El Dorado Sacramenlo ,wi 'L ti' M. 'Y On your marks! Gel sell Go! .E ifx '5 H .M- Page I4-9 Wluotaug Baolzethakll gif' M ucfff x 4 ronf Row L lo R Harvey Girsh, manager, Ed Humphreys, Dick Nun es, Bob Cena, Bren? Grimm, Bob Chinchiolo, Mike "Peanu+s" Presfon, manage Row 2 Pele Fellows, Gary Ricks, Joe Handy, Ron Mller, Dave Klurman, Dave Chapman, Bryce Coffey, Bob Ghiqlieri. S e a s o n R e c o r d Mugfangg Opponenfs Conlra Cosia Sierra Tax Fresno Sierra Fresno Oakland J.C. Sacramenlo F k B l wr 'GSOMEYQ WCC lvlodeslo Same Rosa The Sfocklon College Muslangs began Their SGCVGVUSUTO l955-56 season wirh virrually a green ream CCSP and landed in sixlh place allen' being handed WCC a series of deleals al +he hands of The slrong- er Big 8 Teams. The Tangs showed some in- Oalland spired play, nolably againsl Oakland in an San Mareo overfime Thriller which They won by I poinr. Modem? The season was characlerized by high scoring San lvlaleo Sanla Rosa on The parr of bolh SC and lheir opponenls. The Tangs won 6 oul of Their I9 league games. Forwards Rewriling The individual scoring record was Jrhe Muslangs slar forward, Dave Klurman. Klurman broke Jrhe record lay scoring 6l8 poinls during The season. Klurman also was selecled The lvlus- +ang's "OuJrs+anding Player." Ron Miller and Joe l-landy bolh showed well in Their reserve rolls for lhe Tangs. Dave Chapman vainly fries To snag a high rebound in a game againsl Sierra JC. X 4 ,Jn ,g . V I ff' Q. N , ' , - 5 nf, , ill if . Xxx, 1' 1 y'f!2,ih2k4KrQ 2 3 'M a 1 K X Qclfa I QCII' a Ja" 1' only-Qi l f' CK X i ,. 4 4' 4 Iso? y is yy im S y As y fai , 4, 12. yy W hm 4211 V' Vg I , "':' , , V 'f'A 'X T ! fi , 3 My 4 'kg ..vA,, thug :-jr! -,, , ,, " f ' , y 4 C' ik lx l ix A 1 ii , if! ,y li , in ,i p - C V A4 ,Mmm , gs 4 - Bm' l .,,, V l I r R . "--e R :F s y R R i fe fi -in-u----fy - .......Y-n F O R W A R D S L io R: Pele Fellows, Dave Klurman. Ed Humphreys, Ron Miller, Joe Handy. Brenl Grimm l2 Il leaps high lo raclc up fwo more poinls for SC. Teammale Dave Chapman ll Il, looks on. Page I5I Guards and Cen+ers Guards Bob Cena, Bob Chinchiolo, and Bryce Coffey all had a share in Jrhe Mus+angs' sfarfing guard. Cena was +he Tangs' second leading scorer. - Cen+ers Dave Chapman and Bob Ghiglieri alfer- nared from cenrer Jro forward posilrions, boJrh doing an excellenr Iob on The backboards againsf Jrheir Jraller opponenrs. Dave Klurman rhe Musfang Jrop scorer, lays in anojrher buckef againsi' fhe Corners Mt Baokethakk Carl Peregoy X, 1 . . ' F'-9 v' .Q - .. A ' .. 1 xc Fronf Row: L To R: Tom Tisdale, Dixie Frazier, Ray Claveran, Clyde Williams. Row 2: Dee LamberT, John Morris John Williams, Phil Swimley, Earl Moreno. Row 3: AlWalcoTT, Wilson Johnson, AlTred Gross, Eddie Davidson, Dale Walker The SC ColTs missed being co-champions wiTh Turlock OT The Sac-Joaquin ConTerence because oT a TirsT game upseT To SacramenTo. The ColTs spliT Their Two games wiTh Coach leading Turlock, placing Themselves second in The league sTandings. The resT oT The league Teams were deTeaTed by The ColTs wiTh relaTive ease. The season closed wiTh The ColTs placing Third in The I2Th annual Aclcer TournamenT in Chico. C o l T B a s lc e T b a l l S e a s o n R e c o r cl CCHS Opponenfs Col+s Opponen+s 47 SacramenTo 53 47 TUVlOCl4 49 74 Lodi 45 70 Woodland 49 62 McClaTchy 47 46 TUflOClC 40 75 Modegfo 36 65 ModesTo 37 4l El Camino 30 69 Grand 35 72 Downey 50 60 Downey 60 52 Grand 47 54 Lodi 37 Page I53 John Morris ll4l and a Flame player Jrangle in a 'lufile aH'emp+ 'ro recover The ball. ls holding hands legal? Dee Lamloerl and Eddie Davidson held down +he regular slarling posilions and Jrheir exlra heighl helped frhe Colfs our-rebound every one of lheir opponenfs during lhe season. Tom Tisdale and Alfred Gross, borh iuniors, saw aclion in several conlresis. e If W 01' ' uf FORWARDS L fo R: Tom Tisdale, John Williams, Dee Lambert Eddie Davidson. Alfred Gross, Clyde Williams Ray Claveran gels oici a shoi in a non-league game in spile of ralher heavy guarding by a Manleca player. Page l54 ' H ""'ff'-7 Guards Ray Claveran, Dixie Frazier, and John Morris Tilled The guard posiTions Tor The ColTs, all doing a very Tine iob. Claveran led The Team in scoring and was selecTed Tor The All-ConTerence Team. Morris, al- Though noT ranlced as a sharp-shooTer, was one oT The ColTs' leading playmalcers. Frazier, breaking inTo The line-up laTe in The season, proved his abiliTy by being selecTed The "ColTs' MosT lmproved Player." X f GUARDS L To R: Earl Moreno, Ray Claveran, John Morris, Phil Swimley, Dixie Frazier. i Wilson Johnson snags a rebound againsT The Lodi Flames as Dee l.amberT reaches Tor The sky wiTh a helping hand. Tl C E N T E R S . LTo R: Dale Walker, Wilson Johnson, AlWalcoTT. Wilson Johnson dominaTed The cenTer spoT Tor The ColTs by sTarTing every ColT game. Johnson was selecTed The "ColTs' MosT OuTsTanding Player," se- lecTed To The All-ConTerence Team, and also selecTed To The San Francisco Chronicle's "All Empire Team." P age ISS mllb " " Baolzethaw , ,Q ,G , ,L7'.v, --w-.....,,, Kneeling: L To R: ErnesT lvy, Bolo Krebs, Willie EasTer, Marvin Young, Don Kibby, Waymond l-lall. Sfancling: De-lberT King, Tom Miller, Denis Willens, CliTTon Norman, Wayne Cox, Bill Bianchi, Coach Bolo Thomas. ATTer winning all oT Their Tour preliminary games, The ColT B's won Tour oT Their TourTeen Sac-Joaquin Comference games. They beaT Lodi, Woodland. and Turlock in league games buT oTherwise showed liTTle oT The spark ThaT drove The Ns To vic:Tory. C o l T S e a s o n R e c o r cl cons opp onen Ts cons opp onen Ts 44 Elk Grove 34 40 Downey 49 32 lvlanTeca 3l 28 GranT 39 54 Sonora I6 47 Turlock 37 55 Armiio 42 49 Woodland 4l 44 SacramenTo 58 45 Turlock 57 47 Lodi 35 39 lVlodesTo 43 39 McClaTchy 42 36 GranT 50 70 ModesTo 53 52 DOWney 64 40 El Camino 48 36 Lodi 38 Denis Willens USL Tips one in againsT Turlock as Team page '56 maTes Roy Cham liss l9l and Willie EasTer ll4l look on -93140 1 ' f WINNERS: LTo R: Champ Hall. Flash ParTon. Whiz Peregoy. Speed Boyle, Krusher Kane, 3I-KnoT EsTrada. Block S - Faculty Game The Block S gang aTTempTed Their an- nual revenge buT, as usual, Tailed by one poinT To down The TaculTy. The TaculTy Team ouTweighed The sTudenTs consid- erably lan impor- TanT TacTor in Tl-llS gamel. Score 47-46. lU.S.l-L - Facukbj Game The gals decided To geT inTo The acT aT The lasT minuTe This year. buT The resulT was The same: FaculTy I7, W.S.A. IO. BaslceTba'll rules were used some oT The Time. ill ThaT's a TaculTy member shooTing and a W.S.A. member wishing she wasn'T. lTwe didn'T Tell you Thar ou'd never lcnow, since The camera didn'T show ThaT one oT Those "doilies" Tied over Their neck is red, The oTher blue. Block S player Bill Laughlin argues wiTh Flash ParTon over a rebound. Those Tancy knee guards on The TaculTy musT have had someThing To do wiTh The score. Page IS7 Page I58 Wluotaug Swimming Kneeling: L lo R: Pere Fellows, manager: Lynn Wallcer, Wally Norman, Bud Randolph, Coach Bill Anilila. Row 2: Bob O'Lear, Lewis Van Buslrirlc, Dennis Ahearn, Laurence Mullins, Rollie Rohnow, James Mcl-lugh. Row 3: Don Smifh, William Conner Bob DeLong, Ed Hinshaw, Bill Websier, John Felix, Wes McKenzie. and have caplured eighr N.C.J.C. championships in Jrheir nine rries. This season was no exceprion as Coach Anriila boasred one of Jrhe besr bal- anced swimming squads in rhe pasr several years. Under Jrhe able coaching of Bill Anrlila, Jrhe Srocldon College lvlusiang swim- mers have splashed ro a very remarlc- able record. In rhe lasr ren years Jrhe Tangs have never losr a Norrhern Cali- lornia Junior College swimming meer, S e a s o n R e c Q r Mumngs opp Qnen +s 49 Univ. of California Frosh 20 Arden l-lills 6O Menlo Junior College 68 Monrerey Junior College 46 Fresno Sraie College ,yd 62 Navy A ii 53 Sacramenlo 'AK- A Tang swimmer comes our of a Turn in a disrance race. Qt Swimming Fronl' Row: L To R: Rudolph Yadao, STeve Pereira, Burlce Ferrari, Dave Crandall, Jim FlinT. Row 2. Roy Barlcer, Gene STern, Jim Graves, Bob BenniTT, Bob Duran, Allan NagaTa. Row 3: Coach Bill AnTTila, Dick Park, KenneTh Blackman, John Crummey, Jacques Coudeyre, Bob Beardslee, Michael l-luddlesTon, John Humphreys, Kelvin Kieldsen, Mickey Sasser. George Young. The SC ColTs had a TerriTic season This year. Their only loss was To Lodi, and ThaT be- cause They were disqualiTied Trom a relay race. ExcellenT men were available To Till all posiTions This year allowing The ColTs To press Their op- ponenTs in every phase OT The meeT. Season Record cons opponem 49 GranT 26 47 EI Camino 28 60 NorTe Del Rio I7 55 Liberiy 20 33 Lodi 40 54 lvlodeslro 20 tl A ColT diver ease "zu-Q 1 s himseli inTo The waTer wiTh hardly a splash. Page I5 Wluobang Baoebakk SiTTing: L To R: Bob Chinchiolo, Ron Laughlin. Bolo Perry, Diclc Nunes, Dave Bender, Bob Loureiro, Sam Behic, Milce PresTon. Sfandingt Bob Wimberly, Joy GriTTs, "ITch" I-lorTon, Dean Iv1arTin, Neil NosTrand, Bob Leopold, Don McDonald, Don Torre, Ruben Bacci, Devere Schnabel, Bob Cruz, Coach Don I-Iall. Winning warm-up conTesTs was a cinch Tor The IvIusTangs, buT, when league play arrived, The horse- power dimmed. Key iniuries, such as Bob Chinchiolo's injured Icnee, were The deciding TacTors in The Tangs's league games. Chinchiolo was hiTTing .425 when he was side- lined. The IvIusTangs had power hiTTers as demonsTraTed by some oT The very high scores They racked up. Then won Ten sTraighT games beTore They losT The lasT game oT a double-header. The remainder OT The season provided many Thrills Tor The Tans, however, and The Tangs won Their share oT conTer- ence games. Page I6O TI r I ' , . 31 ,iii 9 ., I Don I-Iall Coach MusTang Season Rego,- Musfangs OpponenTs MusTangs Opponenfs I3 American River J.C. I 8 Fresno ,ICU '12-8 Reedley J.C. 8-7 I2 PorTerviIIe J.C. 20 E. ConTra CosTa J.C. 7 2 Reedley J.C, TI2-I4 PorTerviIIe J.C. O-6 7 Univ. of Calif. JIVI I2 UNIV. oT 8 7 Sierra "'7-7 College OT Sequoias 6-8 I5 Sierra IC, 3 Fresno IC- 20 8 STanTord Braves '7-3 Oakland O-4 '5-4 Wegl' COnTra Cosfa 7 College OT Sequoias 5 'I Double I-leaders 4 v K l g L To R: Devere Schnabel, Bob Cruz, Don Torr ST cl g B b Leopold. Dean Marlin, Ruben Bacci, Neil NosTrand. 2 S..'9?'M Pifchers and CaTchers: Number one on The Tang piTching sTaTT was "LeTTy" Bob Leopold, Tormer ColT sTar. Dean MarTin, Bob Ghiglieri, and Rubin Bacci, all righT-handed chuclcers, backed up Leopold and goT in Their share oT piTching. Don Torre, The caTcher, was highly praised by Coach l-lall Tor his leader- ship and ouTsTanding playing. ,r "XG V - .,,,5:' ui'- Don Torre ducks iusT in Time as The wildly piTched ball sails over him. OuTTielders: Joy C5riTTs and "lTch" T-lorTon, Two veTeran Tang baseballers, and new- comer Don McDonald held The sTarTing berThs in The ouTTield. This Trio was one oT The besT in The conTerence. Sam Behic, re- serve ouTTielder, was a good man in hiTTing The long ball. Knee in' an in l g LTo R. Sam Behic, Joy GriTTs ST d g "lTch"l-lorTon D M D Id on c one Bob b ly Wim er Page I6I lnfielders: l-lard-hiHing shorisiop Dick Nunes lead The Tang baiiers ihis season. Playing nexi io Nunes on Jrhe sec- ond base side was anoiher fine ballplayer, Bob Chinchiolo. Bob Perry held down Third base, while Bob Loureiro and Ron Laughlin aliernaied a+ firsi base. 5 is Kneeling: Lfo R: Ron Laughlin, Bob Laughlin Sfanding: Bob Chinchiolo, Bob Perry, Dick Nunes, Dave Bender, Mike Preslon L if if - N, L as L as -L ,, 1 ff H! W ie: Ron Laughlin goes high, buf doesn'+ gel down in 'rime Q3 A ' 'gig' ,A V N ' 'K 4 3 X +o pui' oui' +he Sierra player. W if ' L3 7 H n rv N I.. , 4- 115 X ld r '51, - ai , Y iw , , '---f AN , 1 , al 9, w .f.,il.."'5 I' i 1 75. 7 , i , ' A1 1 ,A 1 gy , A . A i ' iw. ,uf Mifviffn l-?"w ,wszxzf - -2 iiffzf? ' -' " "4 . "pi" 1'-2 ' 'M . Q ,i f A T i"li af "" i- ,, M -1 ., i ., ,fs V Wu. , M ,s ,.,f . , V ' in W L B avi - , f ,- - , wi , ,,.W :f:,4f','-M -' ,. f -14 " if J r 'W' . -ff ff if Q, 1 L ,B L VQKV L . 1 ' .r,1:zV:,,v3gfi f I J ii Page I62 Don McDonald gives Jrhe OK sign io Dick Nunes. Wi+h only four leHermen relurning from lhe '55 sguad and few olherwise-experienced players, Coach Carl Peregoy's oulloolc for a league winner seemed ralher dim. The lirsl couple of games, non-league, found lhe Colls playing prelly 'lair ball: however, The hilling was nol as good as pre-season expeclalions. A+ rnid-season, The fellows finally found lhe mark, and Jrhree regulars had over a .400 balling average. Kneeling Bill Cree, Larry Mariucci, Earl Moreno, Al Crandall, Farn um So+o, George Camera. Row2 Coach Carl Peregoy Phil Swimley Bill Laughlin Doug Raffo, Arl Holland, David Macias, Joel Escabar. Row 3: Ron Kuehl, Doug Mifchell Chuck Rose Vern Grech Ed Davidson Colfs O Manleca I2 Oakdale 4 Manleca 7 Norle Del Rio Carl Peregoy I Sacramenlo Coach Col+ Season Re am, Kneeling: L To R: David Macias, Farnum SoTo, ArT Holland Sfandingz Doug MiTchell and Doug Rafo. Page I64 A Downey man almosT geTs Trapped OTT TirsT base as Farnum SoTo Takes The Throw Trom Chuck Rose. we-V. If grimaces could help, Chuck Rose would easily malie TirsT Colt Baueluxkll lnfieldersz Carrying The big ba+s This season were TirsT baseman Farnum SOTO and second baseman David Macias. ArT Holland possessed a sTrong arm and a good glove hand ThaT en- abled him To be The ColT's regular shorTsTop. Doug MiTchell and Doug RaTTo played The "hoT corner" Tor The ColTs. f 4, ,M ,V 1 ,,,, ,ffswf -f "- fi, -JY , ' 1, T an .,,,,,,' . I 1 if . , . In m1...,,,i,,4'gf' jf -' 1 - z is .Sym '15g2'fQwfv 11 fi "':4f2f:ffwfgf 1'.1f..- W rrssr ggi. f1.:.,.. , A ag: fr .cya-, ,,V., ,Wmvvi-Y li' , . ,, . ,.,. f,,.f,Z,A,.,vf,4w5M3:Zw 3 - T isss ., ' fir H, ,. .g- f k 4 ,L iff.-,f1,5.,, K- r 2.4 H f I 'f - - sf-p,:.,:1.,,Q.,,,1,y, 4,15 yy' ,ff , ,, , W, ,,, ,,., ,A ,.., , rw ,f a 1 ' gf! .. ,-- ,L,.-..f- ,. .ww , ,. , , -14 A-, vw- ,Q f, ,, V, hW??zEiZf3z1-12nmff,-iff?-,f?vi2'ff" ' ' I 7 ' T131 , ' v . ,-,, 41.4. jr fl V, - V 'r f' , ,,,: K , I 1 ' , , 'Y 1 - f - 'T f '1 gM'A1,2 ' I. -f" ' gs ,,,' n K - J' 1 'M r fi: " , 4' ' . I r -fi,7??'z'2v ' 1 . was-5 W , , , , A is 'i T fzyf' I I Ou'l'Tielders: Two reTurning leTTermen, Bill Cree and Ed Davidson. pa- Trolled The "ouTergardens" like pros. Bill Laughlin, a con- verTed caTcher, also played consisTenTly good ball. All oT The ouTTielders were adepT aT geTTing ThaT needed hiT. T Kn ling: Al Crandall. STanding: L To R: Joel Escabar, Phil Swimley, R Kuehl, Chuck Rose, Vern Grech, George Camara L To R: Earl Moreno, Bill Cree, Bill Laughlin. d L y M T Eddie Davi son, arr PiTchers and CaTchers: The mound sTaTT Tor The ColT horsehid- ers was led by iunior Phil Swimley. l-lis 3-O mark in early league play kepT him on Top. NexT in line Tor piTching chores were Chuck Rose and Ron Kuehl. AI Crandall, wiTh an amazing .350 average aT The plaTe. was The caTc:her and ouT- sTanding player Tor The ColT nine. Bl' UCCI. The ColT's TirsT baseman lands in The dirT aTTer a desperaTe Try Tor a Throw ThaT hiT The dirT and bounded away lsee ball aT upper leTT of phoTol. Page lb! Wlu tang Tenni ,.3"?n'3, 'A . il. i :"Li ' " 'A'-' f .A win ii A. I ' M A ,,., K E ,yd ,, A F' 4 v i A AA An - " '-' A QA ' l PEI: J' 4 ' i Q ., is 9 - 5 my n v J, Q R V M N A A ' f V,j".3 i - i- all VT! ? A R " V f 11 AA1 j. A in ' F A - are N r i V ASQ.: 'Z V wir i gn., A ,AJ , i in : aifw. i - ' no R 'f i A Z n r - f H as Aff f A ' ' W y il ' "Si A C M 'V i f ,fe .1 - L A - . A a f G U A J A-Ir' .,.: A I l - ..-1" i i,.L Pt x I 3 A- .ff-' . l - f A 1- P A A lv! ' Q v Q v l A 4-4 . X ,llwll v V 'Zi' Y v .gl :lL 1 V 1 J L i -, A AA, "V -1 " ' n +V gp ww wi ,. I A . is . +A :Nfl f Q 'A in A 1.41 A . ' ,gf Y ,arid ,H N l K -' ' 'l any H -W KLAKHI-A. f 'sk riff fi . : in Fic' . ill: sf 'a4..,.V , la VMTN- gf "- I I , , r fi 4, , ,.g,, 'l 'Q ig? . I, , l,A- - v - ' 2 'Vi K 4' c l Q, , r ,ref illii A ' . 'jbjyyj fi-fliillli ,' i .nw A- . ,, A' .f ' ,A ,. ,.f V, i f ..-z.,A'- Q, Us 4 rimiir' '4 , T' 1. ix , 341,-T J Pity" fur' Y X i . 4,-13,3 gf. 1- I WIAFA. .gig if ,Y A.. bu . K. Y Y ,- .L I 'I Q 'iw .e V I A . .' 'I .y will -' r' n ga' 5 i LY R ' Ib ' 1 f Au' 4 gil 1.45153 -f A, f ' ' i C' i ii ' A i . I-LJ -as , 1 r xA. Q , V, I -, NJ, y f V i ' I A, 1 ,M6,l,, fAAV, hy". ' i . f 'J Q' . ' ' , , ' Af A -' ' ,-1f2'V"."' R f ' .v ' V. , s ' ' . A ' . f -f ' -4 ' aff-W"-4'--Ar"1A.-nf" Q 1 ' , ' ' A, I ' 'fqff5". ,lf 4 . , ' - "V -'M ,1 1, f- ,-f ' 1 I s 1 I . , i Mfr, TA- "f 21 A ' +I' ' , y r A , I, Mk my 7 A ,yds -nn! V Lfo R: Charles Pereze, George Reyes, Tom Means, Gabriel Elmiclolan, Ted Kafzalcian, Ron Brown, Bill Burrows. Season Record Opponenfs College of Pacific San Maieo 'z Sierra Musmgs 391. 4 - iz AA, 3x 2 A A I Modeslo me ,Arg ly A 3 Oalcland R V 3 CCSP .A i 6 li 2 2 Travis Air Force Sanla Rosa gi 5 To m M ea n s ru ns Sacramenlo Slaie J.V. 3 5 I M 6 4 4 O 5 5 'fn' -fw- Tlwe SC lvlusiangs had only a fair season This year wi+l1 a 3 win - 6 loss record. l-lowever, llwe Tangs were sparked by excellenl individual play- ing by several members of llwe Jream. .fo fx IJ! 2 Liv ii. -A.A,..,, , .AAN LM ill 3 A ' A 7 Al -gi.. WWW X. A- ' '.,,. R 'AA .,.A I .iffy ly iA fy 1 if 324. ily' ,-will .A i'y1 1. fo caich a , 4 fasl reiurn. Ted Kalzakxan caugl1+a+ rlwe peak of a Serve, .'U'1f'if1yf,fg .7 A " P '66 rrryA A we j mllt Tenni Aller winning all lheir pregarne marches This year, The SC Colls wenl on To an exlrernely suc- cessful league season. The learn slrenglh of The Coils was aboul lhe same as lasl year wilh several good new play- ers Jralcing lhe place of year's grads. 'Inu-..., M? Froni' Row: L lo R: Calhy Poindexler, Don McDonald, Milne l-lugerf Row 2: Dave Melancler, Tom Miller, Bill Reinhardt Norman Hopson. """""Q-.QL Q Bill Reinharr nearly baclchancls a ball over Jrhe ner. xii Q Wgfiyv f-L, Bill Parion Coach Col+ Season Record ' Col+s Opponenfs Colfs Opponenfs 6M Jaclcson 3M 4 Turloclc 3 7M Tracy 3M O Downey 7 3 Lodi 2 3 Lodi 4 4M Lodi 2M 5 College of I Lodi 3 PacificJ.V. 2 Page -Q 63 PZ Kneeling: L fo R: Dale Jensen, Jay Kayser, Bob Moffalf, Les Gini. Sianding: Gene Sfagnaro, coachp Burgess Windsor. Don Vieira, Ken l-lulfgreen, Wayne Srnifh. Burgess Windsor, one of fhe Tang fop fhree, falces careful aim for his approach shof. Page H98 Wluofaug Taking fhe reins as coach of fhe Musfangs and Colf golf feams fhis pasf season was Coach Gene Sfagnaro, formerly a profes- sional golf insfrucfor. Under his able leader- ship fhe -fangs were able fo live up fo fheir brillianf pre-season expecfafions. Burgess Windsor, Bob lvioffaff, ancl Ken Hulfgreen all shof in fhe high lO's proving fo be fhe Jrop nofch Tang golfers. M u s + a n g G o l f S e a s o n R e c o r d Musfangs Opponen+s Musfangs opponems 95 College of Pacific Z IH San Mafeo l3M 8M College of Pacific Z 8 Sacrarnenfo 7 IO Oakland O Sanfa Rosa O 1 I Kneeling: Lfo R: Tim Coais, Bill l-lobin, Pierce Morris, DeWayne Roberrs, Rich Melmon. Sfanding: Coach Gene Sragnaro, Darryl Erlandson. Wayne Cox, Jim McAIpine, Hari' Weaver, Byron Appel, Jim Finucane. G Wiih Jrhe graduaiion of Jrhe compleie '55 Coll linlcsiers, a dismal season seemed insured for The '56 Coils. How- ever, hard work, praciice, and superb coaching gave The ieam a good season. Consisreni low scorers for rhe Colis were Tim Coais, Darryl Erlandson, and Pierce Morris. Col+ Golf Season Record CoI+s Opp onen is cans OPP Onen 'fs IOM Si. lvlary's IM 5M TUFlOCl4 6M ESM Sacramenio 6M f 9M Modesio ZH IO S+. lv1ary's 2 6 Downey 6 I I Sacramenio I EM Lodi 6M .2 W new - ,,,,,, U ,Q ""Hwbw.w Wiv- af 0:2121 W' '. 'I' a an ,T f Q s 5.1. 4' . 4 if if 4 -v , in Ry' 9, Ei is - I ,ge 6 V, ' . W- M -"4 A , M- npr., '-f',3,,5 1" Q , V g ,ay W i , 0 . gifga WM , M .jf 1 I' I g . I ,Q "aw L 'li' " ,.,.,w . . , -. 'N -ff ' ., . Q-3, ,ry me-.f.1 U - 1+-.f ..g ,. A 3' 'T wif , , . 1 171 wwf f 4- L , -L - 1 4 , ' f:'H1?..' - Q ii ,iff lil, I I . - 1.-'f Q . ' " '?P2TIlf, G, -'Q-ffffliiiifk . , - i ff 4 'Y-F-v'x " '11w7ff1 , J' 'ii 91+ if- '. "-' . A f?FjflH1.y?m3xzW,.gi?:.lf,4! 155133, L I A A ,.. gk . wg lx fir' f- ILW7 'N "WV 'i N' H ' ' 5 '. ' -I .l' Y '!-'.- 4'fsf'f'.""'Ji1-' "'. 12.31 ' ' .L xiii 15'-SE1f5fI"4-,'i?35"?f?iff: -".w', 'i V Tim Coais, ace Coll golfer, shows his winning form as he Tees off. Y' f Qc 3 tx ,mfg r 1 "" Fronl' Row: L+o R: Vern SchloHhauer, Charles Williams. Arne Aasen, Russ Lagomarsino, Fred Almendarez, Tony Comporafo Row 2 Bob LaPlan'r. Jim Tominaga, Enoch Coleman, Bill Joslen, Diclc Ferrero Row 3 Don Velez. Roger DeRleux. Lawrence Drace, Napoleon Jones, George Graham, Leonard Salvig, Wayne Diefic Wlu tang T ack , ,f 4, . Q I ' sae. ,-. A I ',,i.s,.,ff- ff- y . gn. ,' f .51 we W ' ,, L , ' ., 1 'V , - -.,w..u.,A -mneng, H.,,,.v,.,v,,f,,-,--'Mm-a., 'Zfihf---fi,-ri-'?5H,f:v,,.u,,-iff, .s,i,,.,-.ifv-1 V fi f aww , V, Wefgzyxzw vgwrfv-5:9,ic,gfgzxgzhslew.-f.14f!5f:5-53551. 1 41, ,. iff "Sw 4 . ,T "H ff,-f:?Pj,1:, ,'Q.,:3,jl5V. it 1.-,1 -f-if 5 af' ' 1i1'f'f2.." a--W ,. 4, I 'B'-ff-2' an me f' A 1- , ,ti , ,. E, : . 41,35-v,1f,,'1.-2 - 4:,,,,,4- fm' , .,,., ffl?-fu' -i'5flf'l'L'igQi,Q"':' "1 -feilyg ,,:,,1w. ,, W 'i2"'4b W 'wif "5 ...MQ "1L2imK125,g:pvyiy-j',f,.'Q'i,-'3gL?lE'i?:n,a H - 1 WH 9,1 i'.A',' f .," W 'W -f '- -Y frZ4v4r'1'?M -.Q.fl'-T'-gm a',h5+'f-riff., 1 '1 qw' :Q 1 .'.x'-:wwrfh '+G 4.1 " ' 'ff' ' " 7 " r Q.!fi:':f',j ?.,,,-..',,1-2. .Tf:i"" The.. .f5,,Q.'?,,.4 '- 'H+ a,-gg tu ,- i , Q +A,f.4,.3,,1,--5i,s,5 iam .rT,,,-'.,1'- ,if,i.m W . ya-w1w'3'Gf:1ig.' .1 5 .21 ' Ign' ' - , w.,f,f, .i.-, 4 Th -qhwx Ejl,'.'fiJ'4f.Q-.'7?M,.,.-F'Z-as Q.:-Hf'wi1,..,f. ". . 1'-.' I l bg- ' .-me .mga ,gs ix f 4 fi i"l1l"y'i'f'f . f .gil Q i1f.J1."i,,5'.2 'W 1-.,"1'.'r'f:"' 53- ' we, sms: j'1'.,g axe: H'-2 L, ,.... A nv' - 9 ' H. -1 Y :1l'X.P.,ff ,. - - s s61,..p.l' . ',...' 4 an P Y , . V l " l.'V' ' Q -. "". "' Wayne Diefic hurfles himself 'lhrough lhe air Page I7O in The broad jump. Dick uessenberry pufs all his sfrengfh S e a s o n R e c o r d Musiangs Opponen+s 37M lv1odesTo 87K 75 San MaTeo 47 64 MaTher Air Force Base 58 47 SacramenTo 75 48 Oakland 74 70 San MaTeo 52 wi ' T . I Under The able leadership oT Coach Frank Boyle, MusTang Track engaged The besT TurnouT in iTs hisTory. The Tangs. Though a small Team, were able To give a good accounT of Themselves in Their meeTs. STockTon was hamp- ered by lack oT disTance runners, buT by consenTraTing on oTher evenTs. especially sprinTs and hurdles, The Tangs were able To overcome This diTFiculTy. ,Aw J , fi 3 Frank Boyle Coach 7 3 v ,, 1 -- rv 1- .- ' ..a- ' . sy- ,fr i viva-I 1 . T lf' KX 1 i i A l in Top picT'ure: A Tang TracksTer goes over head TirsT in The high iump evenT. Middle picTure: BuTch Williams and Don Velez go over The high hurdles wiTh Torm and rhyThm. BoH'om pic'l'ure: Enoch Coleman prepares Tor The Trip down as he eases over The bar. Page l7l K n. ,Q 'T Fronf Row: L 'ro R: Don Kibby, Girman Arber, Alfred Gross, Cliflon Norman. Carl Kennard, John Halifax, Layman Magasky. Jerry Rocca. Row 2: Howard Bazzarre, Paul Paulsen, Gordon Henderson, Henry Coldani, John Pollock, Waymond Hall, Ber'r Johnson, Ken Noyer,Harvey Ferrill. Row 3: John Slapp, Charles Gregory. Jim Slone, Fred Mayfield, Loyall Woolen, Jack Brown, Roger Declcer, Eddie Torres, Jim Purvis. Row 4: Bill Hos+e'l'rer, AI Mafsumoro, Jim Quessenberry, Lauren Pelfis, Jim Folfen, Vern Wilkenson, Cliff McClean, Joe Hendrix Bob Pelers. 5: Franlc Obien, Burch Yasui, Wes Ray, John Ramsey, Rick Hawes, Roberl Hoagland, Louis Turner, Glenn Boclcman, Curlis Frazier 6: Leon Moore, Bob Purify, Clyde Williams, Louie Koe, Ron Vollmer, Gary Sullivan, Ron Hildebrand, Mike Tucker, Wilson Johnson Row Row C o l + S e a s o n R e c o r d ,i k L A' Colfs Opponenfs Coils Opponenfs ,1' 64 Pirrsburg 30 59 Washingron 45 15 i 74 El Camino 30 88 Modeslo 2l W J by 59 McClarchy 45 8I Turlock 23 69 Downey 35 , W, L ri if f ' Bill Golf Page l72 Coach Clyde Williams, Henry Coldani and Berl' Johnson lead ihe way for lhe Colrs in The l6O low hurdles againsl Jrhe C in Downey Knighis. v f .. ll Q f -gvalig Tnach VVHhrnosToThk'55sechonalcham- pionship Team reTurning To The squad and wiTh ouTsTanding perTormers up Trom The lower schools, Coach Bill G5oTVs'56Tracksquad'wasraTed one oTThe hnesTin ChhTonna. Records were rewriTTen in nearly every evenT TorTheC3oHs. Ranked asone oTThe Topsin The sTaTein The 440-yard run was The ColTs' Top man, Gary Sulli- van. Sullivan also anchored The relay Teanm whki1seTa newfschoolrecord oT l:3O:7. Bob Purdy. Eddie Torres and Leon hdoore Tornwed The resT oT The rday Teanh and scored rnany valuable poinTs in The dashes Tor The Czohs. hhgh-uunper VVHson Johnson shaTTered The high iurnp record as he cleared The bar aT 6' 3". WiTh more sTrengTh lying in The hurdles and dis- Tances The Cfohs were supenor To every Tean1ThaT crossed Then paTh. M' W "" "W ,, "M X f,,,Wf4--4fwsupw..,Wwnm' ,N ' line z.......s...,,,, T 1 ., c--U '+-we---7 T jf- M.-..,,,"""'.,,,,,,,f"'2'2fwqvg1Mv . . 4 M i 2W.u,WmW ,0M , 4,12 W :gif ' , ,, ,N ,-. ., V , I ' . ' ' 1. - H f 'mn' :12:fz.,f,v-,f::i' 4 ' 'f ' LL-, 'I' I TW T' f -f'- H A-i . " ,W ,,, 4, .,.. ,.,,,,5-.1 gf , 1 ,Q V A , , -A. -, . as f ' 4151 31 ' I 4 +. ,s:5':,5 1,.1:fm:tf'.'ff"'gf1-:"'-- ""' f -...,. - " ' ' 3' J 1 " ' 1,-ffii'?-w.' 5' . f,',fJF'- ',.Wl.:,? "' -1--.i..i, ,C rw ,ww ,eff ' - ,V T J .'.':'1:1:' , ff.. w41z:.2gj-zjidffi '- ,,- 1 1 rfgi. 4, fly " ,3 zgffjfffffff A: ' Q ',j4,.f., 1 U " ' , ' ,, -...WM T -- ef 'we ave ,u4+. . PTWVL 1 A -M - ,, , ,A V - f ,. .., - -Y , , V I Y 0 A V Sunil , n:-'24 , ,, ,- .,., ., i A' ' I ' - " AJ '- , . H .,,:,.'. , , ,, T T iq- ' 7 i 3 ,, .,,, , .,,,,,.. . ,.,,.,, .,,, QM N ,,s,. ,,.u,..u. .,.,,..,, ,,,,,,, N .,.s , it--I 3 Z : T f 5 .,i' if T ff i i s l f . K y A ' i ga vi T P Mfg?" A 'Y 41 Q ...sf T ' ' , ,J I Y ,W--.,-"- ' "ff "ii 1 .Q ! Top picTure: Leon Moore lleTTl and Eddie Torres lrighTl, gave Their all To beaT The man Trom lvlcClaTchy lcenTerl in The IOO. Middle picTures: LeTT: Gary Sullivan is way ouT in TronT in his record-breaking run oT The 440. Right Vern Wilkinson heaves The I6-pound shoT in The McClaTchy meeT. BoTTom picTure: Wilson Johnson rolls over The bar wiTh decepTive ease. pl I v f A .gl 'fgf ,pun 4 -.aww-1 A y B af'-.S -may '-5 ,, 49 " fav W 0 .pie If 4' 9-1 lu pl, Wx H.. 3 ,,.?4L gg - . , y uw 1 i if Q 'll ui f Q 1 'W 5 ' 'l f- Bla . l A . 1 :" ji get N342 7. Us X vp 1 All ' I Wi? we Y 4,4 , '--,li ' 1121, . n .gl ,Y 1, vii ,f?:.13 i, 7 'TH 'AQ . 4 . '91 5, we we Ji EHL ' -H1. 5, 5-Q 's' 1 . ll f " " X' .fag 415 fit' 5: 5 X K N.. Charles Haggard Musiang Foofball Gary lslwimaru Coll' Foofball Don Torres Musiang Baseball Al Crandall Coll' Baseball S chi n Out Lamlmg Bob Moffalir Musfang Golf Tim Coals Coll' Golf Denis Willems B Baskefball Curlis Frazier J V Foofball Page I74 06 Wilson Johnson Coll' Baslceiball -ZX MJ ff Dave Klurrnan Musfang Baske+ball All melt Gary Sullivan Coll Track i , L sf " ""l"" Jerry Marquis Musfang Track awege I-lthllete Bob Duran Coll' Swimming Jolwn Felix Mus'l'ang Wafer Polo Bill Reinlwarcll Coll' Tennis George Reyes Musfang Tennis Page 175 aa ev - n ,rm 4... f R T gif' "Q ' +" i' li l . lf? lf? W ,. 2 V A 4 S -Q fill-rf I 4 K ' I T W sf!1lllff4 ' v n I 'uf'-A , v .. is f.1..u I ox 1 1 ns Tiff, ' fb' i 'Q Q V "' X l K, W.S.A. CABINET IFALLI Fronl' Row: L +o R: Bobbye I-Iardin, adviser: Irene Marfinez, Nikki Noslrand, presidenlg Laura Jackson, Marcile Miller, adviser. Row 2: Calhlin Drewry, Barbara Thompson, Irene I-larris, adviser: Consuelo Crawford, Virginia Garbiso. Play Schedule --- lFaIIl amen' Spwdo The Women's Sporls Associarion, bel- ler known as W.S.A., was enrolled lo capacily This year. Regular advisers Irene Harris and lvlarcile Miller enlisled The aid of Bobbye Hardin +o handle Ihe increased membership and aclivilies. W.S.A. girls enrolled lor lheir physical educalion in lhis group ralher lhan lake lheir regular gym class work. W.S.A. girls parlicipaled in a wide variely ol sporls: baskelball, dancing, Iennis, archery, hockey, speed-a-way, solflball, volleyball, and swimming. A wide choice ol sporls was offered lo enable more girls lo parlicipale. "Play Days" were splil inlo high school and college divisions. The associalion hosled a "Play Day" November I9 lor speed-a-way and dancing in which olher schools senr lheir girl alhleles Io com- g Page I76 14 Oclocer 8 Swimming al Davis Oclober 22 Individual Sporls al Edison November I9 Speed-a-way, Dancing al SC January 2I Baskelball al Lodi was chosen lhe Donna DeClue, a prerly elevenlh grader, oulslanding woman alhlele lor Slocklon College for l955-56. Superior in all sporls, Donna also rared above average in 9005 SPOFISVUGHSIIIP- w.s.A. MANAGERS: L+.-, R1 senile G-arbiso, speed-a-way, Marilyn Reed M.. peie. The Slrocklon girls also look parl in several "Play Days" ai olher schools in +he area. Nikki Nosirand acled as presidenr for The l955-56 school year. She led rhe girls lhrough a very acrive season in which The W.S.A. Took parlr in Club Day, Homecoming, Fun Fesl and sev- eral oiher non-lililed evenis on campus as well as The "Play Days." Each year Jrhe W.S.A. girls chose a member of 'rheir group lo receive The Sporlsmanship Plague. The recipienr doesn'+ need ro qualify as a good alh- lele, bulr musl have demonsiraled The besl possible good sporlsmanship. The women's physical educarion Jreachers mel To seleclr a girl as "OuJrsJranding Alhlelef' Their choice rhis year was Donna DeClue who was a W.S.A. mem- ber alihough This is noi a reguiremenl. volley ball: Rochelle Onweiler, hockey: Velia Barrera, archeryq Augusrine Williams, baskeiballg and Mildred Reed, Tennis. me F' W.S.A. CABINET QSPRINGI Fronf Row: L+o R: JoAnn Lawler, Laura Jackson, Nikki Nos+rand,' presiderrl lrene Marlinez, Consuelo Crawford. Row 2: G-race Wilson, Earlie Moland, Barbara Thompson. Gayle Smilh, Barbara Wilson. Play Schedule --- lSpringl February 25 March IO April 2I May 5 May I2 Gladys Bansmer, mairon of The women's dressing room, Jrook care of 'rhe equipmen+ and always had a needle and lhread, buHon, or safely pin ready for any emergency. Volley Ball ai xcramemio Volley Ball al 'Tracy Individual Sporis al Shaslra Soflrball a+ C.O. P. Sofrball ar Manieca i Page I77 Hockey All-S+ars L fo R: Virqie Avila, Marilyn Reed, Rochelle Onweiler, Consuelo Crawford, Augusiine Williams, Carol l-laynie, Barbara Ewing, Edna Williams, JoAnn Lawler, Darlene Moland, Barbara Thompson, Barbara Tabler. 4, Tennis Champions L 'fo R: Singles champs Irene Marlinez and Donna DeClueg Doubles Champs Pal Carido and Carmen Carido. will , ,ii ii The All-Siar Team engages in a lirile friendly combai. Fronf Row: L 'ro R: Marcile Miller, adviser: Toni Pilon, Calherine Sairiold, Elsie Washingion Earlie Moland, Auqusfine Williams, Barbara Wilson, Beverly Silva, Rochelle Onweiler Elsie Livingsfone, Angel Mariel. Row 2: Judy Miller, Beneva Warren, Erma Walker Eunice Warren, Mary Liiile, Joyce Wong, Marie Reynosa. Thelma Lawson, Jan Winans Darlene Moland, Karan Lewis. Row 3: Shirley Roberls, Diane Williams, Thelma Tarkingion Nikki Nosrrand, JoAnn Moore, Dale Porierfield, Helena Tacla, Barbara Venable, Mildred Reed Doroihy Moron, JoAnn Linker. Row 4: Velia Ramirez. Sandra Viciorino, Luella Moland Susan Rayner, Monica While, Irene Marlinez, Merle Turley, Mary Turley, Wendy Siahley Gayle Smiih, Rose Marie Sqheiza, Sandra Thornion. Row 5: Anne Ramacher, Annabelle While Juariifa Reynolds, MarieSpillman, Jeanei'ieSimon, Donna Srilley, Pai Robinson, JOAI-me Rugnao Phyllis Villamor, Linda Saniillano, Linda Padilla, George Ann Ogle, Pai O'C0nn0r, Speed-a-way All-Sfars Froni' Row: L 'ro R: Beriha Garbiso, Geraldine Gibbs, Erma Walker, Juaniia Reynolds. Row 2: Paula Hayden, Jo-Ann Linker, Nikki Nosfrand, Carmen Carido. Page l78 ra as Q Smack! Donna DeClue wails in vain for Jrhe ball as Nikki Noslrand gels ir kk" Q' if " Fi eww k.4 'T "k TEN A 11.115 I , 'P - it .el K. z., Y. .Q-, .Arun . ' - , 1 . . - W, L- V- , ..-M ..f'f'.':' W.. 15.-. xiao, M is I 1 I N -1 "Ls-'25 2 ' ii 2-i.m'a3"? Y l in 3' 4 1 i 5' T 3593? ' 1 T f 4' w v- .K 4 W , , . 4 in , 2 ,. A , ' " ' Q e aj' .M 1 . Q 2 f , W S - 1 ra f A f - , . N v J L x 1 I Vi 5 L ff . , Sf ' 1 Q26 I , ' . 3, Q f :L if' ,rally A 5 A R , vr, f . ,,,, Froni' Row: Lro R: Alice Evans, Lula Carmon, Barbara Anding, Anloinelre Day, GeraldineGibbs, Helen Gaines, Carmen Cano, Alice Correa, Beverly Franz, Velia Barrera, Bobbye Hardin. Row2: Suzanne Kaiser, Par Kizer, Lynda Komure, Donna Caruso, Carole Fuqua, Beverly Johnson, Claudia Hill, Geraldine Brown, Gwen Hinlzen, ,M ra Bo T Row 3: Brenda Easron, Virginia Alexson, Berry Gin ey, Vivian Jopson, Linda Barosso. Jane Bzoch, Carole Aunger, Paula Hayden, Linda Holi, Virginia Garbiso, Josephine Crivello, Anne Carneal. Row 4: Gloria Burrola, Olivia Calanio, Mary Helen Baraias, Marcia Heron, Zelma Harrison, Virginia Avila, Mary Chavez, Berrha Garbiso, Gail Gadbury, Kovila Cox. Row 5: Fannie Landers, Eleanor Lanioban, Pai' Carido, Jane Dorson, Gloria F nies, Margarel' Casfillo, Rachel Eslrada, Sandra Brunson, Calhy Drewry, in The back. ,- ,Y -eh 5 Us-,.,., sq .ea " 40 if rl 2 ill ll ll M 2 Vi ll 90 Baskefball All-s+ars Fron? Row: L 'lo R: Virgie Avila, Earlie Moland. Donna DeClue. Row 2: Connie Crawford, Mildred Reed, Edna Williams, JoAnn Lawler, Lynne Amick Volleyball All-sfars Kneeling: L +o R: Carmen Carido. Theresa Su++on, Rochelle Onweiler, lrene Marlinez. Row 2: Earlie Moland. Mildred Reed, Connie Crawford, JoAnn Lawler, Darlene Moland. Page I79 Fronf Row: L lo R: lrene Harris, adviser, Marrha Hidalgo, Par Burrola, Annes Savidge, Marilyn Reed, Beverly Douglas, Lucile Warren, Carmen Carido. Row 2: Belly Lowry, Barbara Thompson, Esrella Cox, Rosemarie Meiburg, Violel Wong, JoAnn Lawler, Barbara Ball. Row 3: Loree Keagle, Mary Podesfa. Carol Haynie, Barbara Tabler, Carolyn Dana, Sandra Rodgers, Norma Glasson, Barbara Nawrafh. Row 4: Edna Williams, Lynelle Newman, Eveline Gross, Marilyn Luiz, Rila Johnson, Rila Haupl, Darlyene Bronke, Donna Spirzer. Row 5: Consuelo Crawford, Barbara Ewing, Theresa Sufron, Rosalee Tiplon. i A i l 1 3 - n nf , 9 9 X i 7-f N GUN Q! 1 5 ff vp JG! ylvwv, W K iyml - M U f wvffpsjk cpu! K QL' 1 if ' QM - 3 ,ff 'ff WM - WMO , Q Qyjv l WMD 1 h 'L , U'-2 ,X ' ff! VQLW - 19 may Cfiqglifi 7 if M w af! W ' W' 'ZZ QLAQJW Nj Y DW , 3 LVN Wofyf' A Y ML M MM WM 2 W ' Z V - ' JCL' yif, W , - by pi MW ,wif L0 51 fy WWl 9 A X K 6 - V0 A 'I M V922 ,Alf ,wL9W - WM BUJPXQTIQM pV0 JU Mid 125: ,f W W jaww LV MOM! XX cp" A L 'a 70,551 'jv Vw! Nbr? J- W f iffl' lgfwf my V pl by 1 , X XV VM' 'W Alf LW f cf f U ' " 00 T14 7 , A JV! ,cw 'A,'x Q dumm- Quiuub Everyfhing for your office or your bookshelf will be found af Quinn's Office Supplies and Book Sfore, 330 Easf Weber. Drop in some- 'rime and browse fhrough fhe book secfion. Q. " f ii . 34 ig ' 'I . , gk, giii rfg , ' A if i lu '. 'IP' ,Sk s r .. , - r i,- j - 'h is 1 - , m? j ,if ,',,5g,. , '.w if l Q ' l.,i,yLy', Lf' 3 'muy u . S. 'Femme jg, Ugg l -, 1 .lf-" , , v .gf .,, 'xc I ', !. .bfk xg gyi Homecoming Queen Toni xt' Bonfilio says: "You can ,'-Q: Q make any girl feel like a ,s- queen wifh flowers from l' arf. . S. F. Floral, 600 E. Main." K , Y, T Q, When words fail you, say 1 11 55: 75 g ,V ifwifh flowers. H0 6-958 I. Q, " j' I i i f fi" . "" it .i,,.' .f ff E M, V, :VV A Myflljllwyy 702 fiilflfyfifwyll Jljvwfklljjwyiilfvjfilyllyi 0 R I Same eedo Bob Perry likes The sporfy cap and Jrhe whife bucks af Ernie Reed lvlen's Clofhier, 2I05 Pacific, while Dave Rule fakes a shine fo fhe sporf shirf he is holding. Ernie says fo come in yourself sornefime. I DISTINCTIVE CLOTHES PACIFIC AT ADAMS The nue affracfed Nikki Nosfrand. Vera's, 2302 Pacific, invifes you fo sfop by for a gef- acguainfed visif some day soon. Free parking righf in fronf. cufesf shop on fhe aye- Page l82 Z ,MW DA V10 . Main and San Joaquin S1'ree'I's Pal Brooks and Mary Reynoso model Jrwo very dillerenlr ouhcils +o emphasize The wide variely lo be found al David LevInson's, 246 Easl' Main. The slore is so convenienlly localed rlghl down Town. Nexl lime you shop, be sure lo see whalr Levinson's have for you. , , v f 4 'H' BHMMBM P O Box an Sheldon' California Home lurnmshungs for lnurle houses lor beg houses Howard 6859' Burnham Bros 4I7 Easl' Weber will have somelhung lo please you Marnlyn Slanley and Annerle Waddell are discussing draperues anolher Burnham servnce f w N T F "' Q-ve ' F' 'Wi i i ii - ii W N , X 'N - - ::: .i: ':::::::::::::::.. ii ii , EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE5 igfE5EEEEE-I-55555555 5171 : 17: ' A 'ESEEEE-"E:-1' iz fs i- -ses: -ea e A' A 2 i I i A i 3 . ii 22" ff ,fyj 7 ff f ff fff ' f A , "' ffiiifixzi' if , 1 ff! ff f Q X f' ' ' XX!! i ,' X, VXKHX V - 407 - yffff 3 "s r M-f I 7! This drawing of 'ihe new science building was furnished 'rhrough +he L man Benneii is holding one of ihe expand d sliiale blocks used in 'rhe consirucfion of The new building. These blocks are available now from The Basali' Rock Company, l-lOward 4-76l9. Planl is locied one-half mile souih of Howe French Camp on Highway 50. B . C i. m ... 8. ., i X . u vol.K- in i K America's MosH s lim ii A T H o R N T o N M 0 T4 5 2 5 1 9 , X I ew" 'it' sqiyp yqqgy A' Wwir L- ' ' L L IIVIINQ l lll ll fj Fe l 5 ' H -aa agfvflo -42 gwdpkul Hhyuajw 'Wg1T1 5 ' W ,,.EEEE lf ..fM:JM4: .. lr'resy of Donald Francis Haines and Raymond L. Wa'rson, arcl1i+ec+s. 3 iv Large job or small, The modern Transil-mix 'rruclis from Sloclclon Building lvlaferials Co., l-lOward E 484 5-5847, are ready lo serve you. We would ,be pleased 'ro help you plan and malce eslimales CALIFORNIA Of' YOUV lob- 3-7437 669 WAGEN fg?iwa l Xxx L aular Imported Car! E I l L ll XX X l U , -v a 'l u i XY xg - L R C O.. S T O C K T O N ' Y llll L oQ ixy 'Q 4 Ar v- Z, 4- ,.,., i is if of ii l Page I86 T PICTURE STORY OF YOUR WEDDING The mos? imporranl phofographs of your life should noi be Jrrusled lo any amaleur. Siockiorfs prize- winning pholrographer is a+ your service +o record on film imporranl momemls which lie ahead of you. A call 'ro l-lOward 3-794i will bring courleous, speedy service a+ reasonable prices. fn-, iff Knuhluj Slwp The beauliful inferior of lhe Knobby Shop, ZOI9 Pacific, is filling company lor The fine and complele line of ladies' garmenls. Barbara l-lesion is wearing one of Their lalesl dressy colions. I ' rrenii ns A' ZimZ7wem2Zfze 25263, Jeanelle Landucci holds 'rhe flash gun Jrhal elec- lronically changes sla- lions on lhe Flash-malic I956 Zenilh TV sels. lvl. Corren 84 Sons al' I2O and I36 Soulh San Joa- quin have Zenilh. 82 Dwwda Bum! Pal Shum knows +ha+ lhe El Dorado Bowl, 725 Norlh El Dorado, is Jrhe besl place fo gel a slrrilie. l'r's handy, loo. il ci .. i A if f f ' . Qlffjj- 1 .Wm num: Www i prawn ' 1 'w,,,,, I , 'ispcwna .W ,5 1 Ragellc Wiuoic Stwu Jean Reyburn noi only looughl her clarinel al' Ragefh Music Siore, 30 Wesl l-larding, loul also lalces her lessons There. A highly qualified siall will serve you. Page I8 Page I88 --ua' V gf xl , f-ff'-v -fxv ," 2 135. L, ' 1 A s fi I. Jnfifff. .H L . ' f is Kendafkb A view of 'rhe parly deparlmenl' on Jrhe mezzanine al Kendall's, 430 Easl Weber, l-lOward 6-6877. l-lere 'rhe hosless will find everylhinq she needs for enlerlaining in Jrhe line of parly supplies. i """' """"" ' 'Fizz ' l llfirll. Junmm An almosl' endless variely of swim suil combinalions awails your seleclion al Jrhe Brown l-louse, I7OO Pacific. Diane l-loslcins and Connie lvlillerborg model al Jrhe C.O.P. pool. mvo 6 Mc Kegan Don DeNevi can'Jr decide which combinalion he lilces. Viclci Barosso likes Them all. And salesman Ralph Moran of Bravo 84 Mclieeqan, 3I3 Easl Main, wan'rs onl Jro see Jrhal lhe cuslomer is salisigied. SPORT SHOP Norman Jolfmslon lies a air of baseball shoes on Coll calcger-sl'ar Al Crandall as Duncan McPherson ollfers helpful lrwinls. lf you're sporjrs- minded, Ward Tyler's Sporls Shops, l45 Easf Weber and in Lincoln Cenler, are a good place 'ro go +0 fill your needs. Cfwwn IMUIM Cu. Liz Wood is all smiles wi+l'1 her new MGA bouglfr ar Crown Moior Co., I847 Norllw Wilson. lmporlers of Jaguar, Auslin- Healey, Renault and Simca, loo. Com- plele service facililies for foreign cars of all makes Page I89 xg. 4 JI. IM. Calling 8 Ca. A complele real eslaie and insurance service conducled by friendly, compefenf persons is available al' llwe l.. M. Curling 31 Co. offices, IZI Nor+l1 San Joaquin. Come in person or call . . . no obligarion. S, gg , un. v Q-'Wil 'Qss' Ny . -nv., ,-277. bib' . 4 l I-M 5 f l i w f 1 '1 ,M ..,, A Q 1... u f ,L-ag A STOCKTON'S ONLY HOME-OWNED DEPARTMENT STORE I" ,V,. ,f ' X I . ff 5 5 QWZW Anowgudk X tu the ?AR,FuLune ff , L lv Mfffqquup ogfm 7 "l4i?F1he-E,,W 4. - V K mwM ' 1:7 , ,,,,45 I ff . A 7- ifxil V' I-.. . ' , 5 , , , s-r , fgwi, wvfmllllvq ,1 J- gy , 4 ll, D DS Wgwy new J f i ' ' ' eDeL1GlRTesS?li- V ,Xf, ii V h i iii if --- M - f Annelle Player is asking Pal 1' J ' Z 1,ff i':j,y-lf I y i Jensen aboul' a seleclion of . ' gif fiifyf ' , ', goodies To serve lwer guesls. ,J ?,,,y' , 'f ,M Webb's Bakery, Pacific al Al- fvlv. .,,, -ii pine, slands ready lo fill all KV V,,- li, , .,,44mw4,,- xt MMM. 5 ygur bakery ryeedg, J C ff . X1 ks i 'Y' 'iv A-L lf' , , l l l i Page I92 N' 7ewz gaze 41 Sam MENS WEAR Nexl lime follow Jrlie example of Dave Dinubilo and drop in al Floyd Gall and Sons,43 lXlorll1Caliiornia, l and lei Floyd Gall Jr., and Jack Gall slwow you your nexl suil or f coalnslacks. I M i.. STO KTON DRY GOODS MAIN Al' HUN'l!l1 You'll be as nappy willw your new ouliil from Dunlap's Slocklon Dry Goods, Main and Hunler, as are Sylvia Bradbury and Margarel Allen. WlcRae Woman Pul yourself in Ross W. Carle's place. Lei Alex J. lvlcRael'1and you Jrlwe keys io your nexl new car, regardless ol make, because if will cosl you less a+ McRae lvlolors, 645 Norlli El Dorado. HARDWARE com PANY MW For parlicular people like Florence Beroldo and Jo Ann Liegeois, i+'s Becl1loll's lv1ix'n'Ma+cl1and Beauiy Salon, 23l8-2320 Pacific. Slop in or plrione HO 5-3497 for an ap- poinlmenl. ER l-larr Weaver and Margo Cool- ures size up Jrlwe l-larr meral ski in Turner l-larclware's slci slnop, Weber and American. Turner's carry a full line of equiprnenl for alnnosr every sporr. ,R 0' Happylwknw Dairy Gail DeCarli holds a glass of Golden Guernsey millc, nalurally richer in loody-building elernenrs. You can have llwis millc delivered To your liome by calling l-lappylmolrne Dairy, HO 6-6709. Page '93 W'i'.w'f,,ff Ayfizll 19 A ' rv , ' ' .Wil i ' 1 - W ,QLQi,1w- - 'I Q , . -I H Sl' N xx-X 4 X i l .Q nw 04, Cauepab 5-ldliuuie Auw wcwh Giuseppe Collegio chals wilh Deloys Wheeler and Elvira Greenwood in a car lhal has iusr received a beaufy 'rrealmenl al Canepa's 5-Minure Aufo Wash, 624 Norlh l-lumler. l'r's fasll Page I94 o . 'rf X I THE . All Jrhe Jrhings Jrhal women like in clorhing can be found al The Slerling, Main and l-lunler. Ann Wilcox and Bev Roberls model lwo oullils while analyzing The qualifies ol a colorful prinled slqirlr. You are cerlain lo find The laleslr slyles and designs a+ pleasing prices in 'rhis long- eslablished Sloclclon slore. Kg' ' 7' -"5-rg., l rum Palm When l'he lime comes for you +0 selecl' color schemes and paint slop in a+ The Fuller Painr Slore, 2230 Pacific, as have Elsie Depaoli and Belly McAuliffe. Wahl You'll agree wilh Dewey Barl- man and Rich Schalz Jrhal Royal Crown Cola lingles your Jrasler. Nehi flavors in small bolrlles and Par-T-Palc flavors in big bollles as well as Royal Crown Cola are all handled in Slrocldon by Jrhe Nehi Beverage Company. Campuo .Cane Sharon Robinson models one of Jrhe many beauli- ful dresses fo be found ar Campus Lane, 3232 , ,W -. ,'-A My rf l fiilvsrs' 'sm -if A by 9, n ,,-W Lg -' , -Fo 'V .' 14MERlf"RP4,P7'Y DRM... , V if , .i,V 5 ,is 2Qs 1si '5 sal gsS,ge. Q sf iizg " af-2 - W W mu :mama A 45 aw- g hung... FERRYS i i X' HRRYS A If SF D ' .N W SEEDS i gm s- n. , 1 - : I EA J Q, on 4 Y -gd, M : ,e Q, Qenneafuw W -wwf saga alfrilii Enligm I If use max sfsf, fi Uv -H- of i lm Y d Q b ' i pi "5-1i .,,5'3l.!EiLw ' our every gar ening pro - , ' .Alf V" ' gn, - lem can be solved af Knox 33111, 1 l F and "AI :S I Seed Co., IOWes'r l-larding. 2453344 John Vincenl is one of Jrhe b K ' friendly persons who can li s-1,11 T serve you. 4 4. 'Q ' 4' G - , i . , fb:-' . f ' . LS., "il K .,. IN:-sf' , ' 5 Pacific. This delighlful shop is The home of Lanz originals also. Page l9! UIIIBDHQ """'1"9""1?"'L-no-wifi his vi ' 1 Dickb Thine-9uu Af fhe corner of Easf l-larding and Ophir you will find your friends al- read munching on our goocffood, Wheel info our large parking area and eaf fhe besf. OQSTYLE STORE FORCJVIEN 0 Jack Copeland and Bob Bux- fon lcnow fhey have made a good buy in clofhing when fhey leave Yosf Brofhers, 320 Easf Main. Sfep in and see for yourself. Page I96 jg B, gif - 1 ,f Wi A . . 9 Reimaub Camwm Slwp If if is sornefhing fo do wifh phofography, Reimarfg Camera Shop, 528 Easf Main, has if. The mosf com- plefe line of greefing cards in fown is fheirs foo. Cnwege Bank Shine Cuslomers Arl Mesislrrano and Marlene Comasliey order some necessary ilems from clerlcs Marlene Soulherlancl and Carl Sanders a+ The handy College Boolc Slore, Sladium and Kensinqlon. : xt Campuo Banlwn Slwp Yearbook pholographer Bob "Scoo " Qagnon is anolher SC sludenlr who lcnows +ha+ lhe Campus Barber Shop on Jrhe COP campus is lhe handiesl place To gel his hair cul. Sud Same Brenda Easlon punches The iulqe box al The End Zone on lhe COP campus as ll. 'ro Rl Johnny Pegues, Gail Gadbury, and Jane Doison chair wilh lbaclcs showingl Zelma I-larrison, Marcia l-leron, and Essie Lena Wrighl. -nm .Ii You can reallg go places at Pacific Telephone Pacific Telephone is a progressive company growing right along with the Pacific West . . . and we need young men who can "go places" with us! We offer a wide range of career opportunities to match your training and interests, from technical work in electronics to sales and business administration on the commercial side. We'd like to tell you all about the advantages of a job with Pacific Telephone. Valuable on-the-job training . . . a good salary that grows with you . . . and fine opportunities that may lead to an executive position with our company. You'll find it well worth your while to get all the facts about a career with Pacific Telephone. Call "Operator" and ask her for our nearest employment office. New jobs are opening up every day at Pagific Telephone ...EARN MURE MUNEY! LEARN TO OPERATE NCR BOOKKEEPING MACHINE Short Course ' Low Tuition wHY STUDENTS CHOOSE NCR scHooL 0 Individual instruction by NCR specialists with actual 0 Free life-time placement service for NCR graduates, bUSineSS experlence- 0 Personal recommendation from NCR School gradu- 0 Morning, afternoon or evening instruction arranged ates now employed in bookkeeping positions. T0 Suit YOU' Schedule- 0 An NCR School Diploma offers the most excellent o Short Course with low tuition, introduction to a business career. LIFETIME FREE EMPLOYMENT D M ' Make Your Dreams Come True ma ' WRITE OR cALL TODAY FOR FREE BOOKLET ' NATIONAL CASH REGISTER TRAINING CENTER 821 MARKET ST., DEPT. x SAN FRANCISCO Exbrook 2-4838 9ndex Abduclion from lhe Seraglio IOperaI - Adminislralion Seclion ------ I2 Adull Educalion - - - - - - - 92 Adverlising Seclion - - - - - I8O Allied Youlh Club ---- - Alpha Gamma Sigma IAGSI ---- Alhlelics Seclion -------- I34 Audio-Visual Operalors' Club IAVOCI - Baseball ----------- I6O Baskelball - - - - I5O Bela Phi Gamma - - Bi-Sci Club ---- ' Board ol Publicalions - Board of Fducalion - - Body and Fender Club - Borlolazzo, Dr. Julio L. - - I4 Bradley, Dr. Burke W. - - I4 Budgel' ----- Byliners Club - - - Caleleria Slaici --------- California Scholarship Federalion ICSFI - Camera Club --------- Cheerleaders ---- ---- 7 6 Chess Club - - Class Olzlicers - Club Day - Coll Band - - Coll Orcheslra - Conferences - Cross Counlry - Cuslodians - - Dances - - 82- Deans- - Debale - - Della Mu Fla - Display Class - - - Division Chairmen- - - Don Giovanni IOperaI - DriIITeam ---- Eleclrics Club - - EI Recuerdo ------ - - IO8 Facully -------- - I8 Facully-Block S Baskelball Game - Facully-W.S.A. Baskelball Game - French-German Club ---- - Foolball ------- - - I36 Foreign Sludenls ---- - 94 Fun Fesl -------- - 86 Fulure Business Leaders of America IFBLAI Club -------- Fulure Farmers of America IFFAI Club - Fulure I-Iomemakers of America IFI-IAI Club --------- Fulure Nurses of America IFNAI Club - Fulure Teachers ol America IFTAI Club - Gardeners - - ----- - - - Golf ------ - - I68 Governmenl Seclion - - 26 Graduales Seclion Fourleenlh Year - - 38 Twellilh Year - - - - 46 Vocalional Nurses - - - Graphic Arls Club - Guys and Dolls Club - I-Ieadliners Club ---- - I-Iislory of Slocklon College - 3 Homecoming ----- - 80 lnler-Club Council ------ Inlernalional Underslandings Club - lnlroduclion Seclion ----- - 3 Ilalian Club - - - - - - - Key Club ----- Knuckle Buslers Club - Life Seclion - - - 74 Lilerary Magazine - Los lberos Club - - Lo Sludenle Ilaliano - Machine Shop Club - Mill Cabinel' Club - - Mixed Chorus - - - Mrs. McThing lPIayI - Newspaper Guild Club - Newman Club - - - Nurses lVoca'rionaII - Opera Class- - - - - IOO Oralorio Chorus - - - Organizalions Seclion - - I IO O'TooIe's Club - - - - Oulslanding Alhleles - - - I74 Oulslanding Sludenls- - - 96 Painl Splashers Club - Palrolmen ---- Phi Rho Pi ---- Physical Science Club - Radio Club - - - - Rallies ---- - - 78 Rally Commillee - Sacramenlo Trip - SC-COP Band - - Secrelaries ---- Ski Club ----- - Snack Bar ----- - - Sporls IAlhIe'ricsI Seclion - - - - I34 Song Leaders --------- 76 SC lnlramural Thealrical Sociely ISCITSI Club ------ Slocklon Vocalional Aulo Club - - Sludenl Allairs Commission - - - - Sludenl Council ---- - - 28 Sludenl' Courl' - - - - Swimming - - - - IS8 Tennis ----- - - I66 The Collegian - - - - - IO6 Tin Benders Club - - - Track ----- - - I7O Troubadors - - - Velerans Club - Waler Polo - - - - - - Winlersel lPIayI -------- Women's Sporls Associalion IWSAI - - I7o Woodpeckers Club ------- Xi Omicron - - II5 8 I 34 II6 I I I24 l2O I28 IO9 IO5 I24 IO5 l32 I28 I02 89 II7 I2I 73 IOI IOO -I33 I22 I75 97 I3O 25 II5 I22 I3I 79 33 85 99 24 I27 25 I79 77 I25 I29 32 29 3I I59 I67 IO7 I3l I73 I02 I2O I48 88 I79 I29 II4 Page I9 QxxxxxxxQ Q Q Q U Q Q Z Q Q X Q Q Q Q Q 0 Q Q Q Q 3 Q QAQ KUDQ GQ S x S N5 W 3 HS dO BONE IDS - 4 -1 EXW -I E as ba lien' J -s.-......-K 4212: fam X 0 swfw M mwuvw -3 450 UQ: il SQ 43 i -V- . 49556 H al Qi SV las 5 QQ f4f No crysfal ball can give you a beHer view of fhe proieded campus. No one af fhis 'Hme can say for sure wherher or noi' ihis plan will acfually be followed. Individual building designs may also be modified before consfrucfion begins. The basic idea behind +he plan- ning is +o have relafively large open spaces in fhe cen'i'er of 'rhe main building area. The permaneni' sfrucfures would form a perimeier along fhe Three sl'ree+ fronfs and, 'I'o a lesser ex'I'en+, seal off fhe afh- lefic fields from 'rhe academic area. This would fend +o keep ac+ivi+ies cenfered in 'lhe main campus. Si'ocld'on College celebrales i'l's 'lwenfy-firsl' birfhday 'rhis year, Many permaneni' buildings, +I-ye conversion 'io a s'I'andard iunior college organizalion, and l'wen'l'y-one years experience all fesfify lo ihe facf 'lhal SC has come oi age. Bui' 'lhe queg- 'lion remains: when will SC approximafe fhis mas+er plan? eww f i 1 1 5 f fx, NM Q ff' 1 - f 4 I ' Y LIES' To 5 , 'lin F to f Jfo ' +42 Hint in 'ff-T .1 5 Mya , M of -N' QQ yy ZW, M ,' S...,Mh vm My Q jaw n' C if Qi' fin. M W 7 UW ,X My f M fm, ww -,gb WW W ff W ,wwf-A M Y! MMA Jgffiiiziiiw ' iff Wibmiwww Zwgmm , X QQM-oQ2,iDDwWfu, Mg ?fMf5fy L f way Q 4' 9 5 A' .gf 0 'f A655 gjfy, 2552522 Q f2fQfQfQf if Kg 5 , B W TE, Q'- E 5 Qfmswa - - 1 M BGGLCJV ., df! MM!! w'lm"'M J' ff! L ",i I -114-,V fy ' ,W A, jawmfif ff Wgaw, 'ff Zim ,-ZZLQf,ffo' b ,E - Q We J my W K 65555 Mfggww ,W W' 35 wfffw Q? ' . JH Xfiiii X M2 X QW 9 iii? W M -QQ. E X x K .gg Wy! J 1 x 2. 2 , , 4 L' ifkba JMX 1y, 5z, qw Q' fi . 5 A W 1 ii, X X L ' h 1' ,, JIM pl- 'IA Xp 'J' T 1 1? 1 B W 1 gy I A YJ! A v AA L xv 4, 23 -W YLQQ 74, A If W - 2724, Q1-MAA ffw MMM MMWMKZM 'M M! W! Z 5 guess mtl. ww E his W he QP 2 SEFZE' 'lb , ' , P gkficj ,kg. f f Q- 2 M-QQ ' 77 K' ff? ZW W2W'XjfW A gfffww wwf I l Jf' 4 1 "Dk ' , ,, , , wk U if Qzifiy - k'li6eJV' Liam? 0gItgi 74 ff? 1?!4jg6LjA W Eff' M MMQQ W M W dwg, ,MM ww M JM' Qfbw Jwxww UQMWMQDW ,l 641441 v , 114 J Q Q ww Nwmmxxs Q 2 , W Wg' RW iv of f ' A 07 J gmgmEQ4g,Qy .W5gfQa6ff595 iivff

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