Stockton College - El Recuerdo Yearbook (Stockton, CA)

 - Class of 1954

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Stockton College - El Recuerdo Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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l 1 1 ,fx J 51 I- "1 I ' ' Leis? uf 1 R 3 Q . 1' 1,11 Jaw 'J fjfdw' Y iwfw 1 J, 460,11 ,, 6 -ew 1U3,'M?f11N 2 ,ly ' ' E J 521,53 1 3 nV!1!M - 1 4 w ' jpg tg. , 'WO J 1fNf W ' WWMNVME 1 I' ' D451 1 Lg,1fwUJ9i,w,mw'dL1f?z if 0 1 1 0 l 1 Aff .'1W11f ? 55: ' yzf x 11 WWW -1 5 1 1 V I i . .1 I 1" - f U 'igki 1 ' ' ,cs t JE 1 5 I, ,P A el: 11115 1'f"1. W J 1 1 1 W 11 2323 4,W.BfW QJr3,r1f 21 11 , U K PF V1 Q 63 Q 1250 wiv? 1 2 : H E 1 -L1 ryffy if 251 114f1Q1g by 4 4' AJZ'7""77"'?-'92"' ll .13 A 'Lx QN3 4 ' ' 7 X K-3 " W YC' 5 "W, C75 ' .1 1 1 f +1 g MP5 ' - I " Vx 4 5. . I 'fm 1 wig 44.1 1 1 1 1 lhn' " 1" 1 1 1 W , . . .Z Y V--V Y W ' ' I k .. , . . .-T.- , Y . Y Y A -4, - 1 -1 I F :-- 1-.- V--,- -f V - -- - --v-V-.W fw- V - . - f - -:QM 1.--1,. 1,i,,,.? 1 1 5.:f?J1lffL 4: .E 55 H., , in - , , 1 Ugf4QyQ,,4QL 72 0, bw! mf! vfZ'Qf.,o?" , K gl n M AWWQ QSM wgoism Hfff Wi Q? M W 2,2 Qffff pfkpiig cf Z wwf QQ 1 ' - ', -'nw' fw 5 Nikki A E 'f My My "b'0"f35":?"" Sw My if za f5fW y my Q iffizijiw J fm If ' 1590 A KM az UW! JMD NF' KW gy wkyiiw M W Wmiww f' I QQWMMW-Z Wnqw WML . - 411.4 , ' W Q N Wy W QW UM Q My Ex xxkgssggifa WM P fffgwffwxddg' ,ful Y- Y V' ' Au-E i - - - - ' .'.f I . f wb Zim f W5 QW45W W ?WLi6QZdQfyfM4fW! iiwyg 453954 UW we ff N EK ww WWJWW Yr TFWYZJWQ JW IWW W ' ff'QM' Qs X? 1flPW jW Ex W gl? giwfmhgd mf 'ML , W h fl I W 52 Ss W Nwggi QSEEEESS KM fW F R5XQQMX lww 'wi FW? P X. Q Sw , X0 ,521 is 13? fiigg fb XXQ ig ag Qsfxx 52523 222525 u - 69 604' 79 n 4 WW XG i - ,af X41 5 T 44 R5 t O J' n fc A 81959406 f - - W if I J-ffff A Xb C0076 n W Jn, .eff . IW! JV Wy n yjzfgffvf WW ,W . QW? , t n 1 f,j4'j7 VQ,f5"f" ' Q30 0 ,W :iff N . n ,Qi 4 M4n4v" lx -.J J n J 9 X A 5 '35 Lf,-f JL- " X Y' .Ju at ff Aw ff' t 43? 55:7 tiff' A,,Mf' Aj S' , QQ' 56? -K' 37' U UWMMIJ Qffcf ffm 1 QJ . QPF' 'L W t .K In SM, W EI Rec ,Z ' f , f Dm, ffwwg fe? OOM 1 ,ff 1705! f 'f Volum. JW 'X W-,M MJJW Nineteen ,. eklffbwol 03, J4 e fo! 'Maw ljw sf' 75 M ' f Associated 2 WW My We Stockton M it Stockton, ,WW ck . NVQ Editor: .lac t L 44.3- rf- 1, 4: ,, -- 4 -ee.g,u?.,.-g- ..--.-.-.-Q., , ,W -.v ::.'e.,,,..,,u,,9,ef., ,e Ac of Publishef I :W ' Miewyile QW W CM, MM W VMMM HMM AN' ,ff Q 4 Lf 'K M, up C- ' fx M 1' ' M ,. ,kk ll!! il, 1 5 5 2? 5 1 1 Table of Contents lnlroduclion. Adminislralion Facully... Gracluales. Sluclenl' Governmenl... Slocldon College al Work Slocklon College al Play.. . Clubs . . . Sporls . . Adverlising . . . nww ef 9, M3 y 7 ' if fjffvyv' ,wif W gb y' W 0 uvwyq Sfockfon College from 'rhe Air 7- .lung ..,e..,,g,, The 'rheme 'For 'Phe year was sei' by rhe presidenf of Sfocldon College, Dr. Julio Borfolazzo, during 'lhe firsf rally as he opened his address wi'l'h fhe memorable s+a+eme'n+, "This is +he year!" This +hough+ has repeafed irself inumerable rimes wi+h such evenis as 'Phe opening of +he new Library and Agriculfure buildings. The ereciion of a million dollar classroom and cafeferia building was also begun. As we look info +he furure we wonder aboui' 'ihe success, 'I'emp+a+ions, failures, promises, piifalls, and laughfer ahead. And as we reminisce, indeed, lei us recall 'rha1'--- fhis was 'ihe year! j0'lWy lfazvfef FF 140165 .M Cow 611 W W6 15f',fV'fUQVW W0 f, ou fwml,l,4WX5fQ M ova ,imdb 6 new 6 QM? 14 1 07 Qj31fS,f,wv+ L1 ' Keep y H we zfmfpff Huw ffffpgyaf W KZ? 01112912 . n f UN?b ff QM Amit Alrer lwo years as presidenl of our college, Dr. Julio Borlolazzo has eslablished cily- wicle fame for Sloclcron College. His friendly smile and cordial hello has creal- ed an allilude of cooperalion in srudies and exlra-curricular acliviries. Wirh an expanding curriculum Jraughl by an experienced facully under lhe guidance of a well-lcnil adminislralion. our sludenls are wasling no lime in developing independenl Jrhinlcing and leadership abilily based on a firm foundalion of liberal arls. By lar lhe moslr popular rnan on campus. he Jralces a personal inleresl in The sludenls, lhe facully. and The school. 1 ,.,-hi' il: f.- 1 T l e. . .W 'F ' 1 "2 :r 3 I" ,AV L .pm , ,- ii Q f f' -. i z I Q-rv l-lere Dr. Julio Borlolazzo as The family man poses wifh his Three sons, Gerald. Paul and Richard, and his wife Alyce. Louis L. Windmiller Dean of Admissions and Regisiraiions Nimble wilh words and endowed wilh a sly humor, Louis Windmiller is Dean of Admissions and Regisfrafions af S'rocld'on College. ln 'rhis capaciry he parficipaies in formulaling and adminisrering and formulafing college policies. His responsibilifies include mainfenance of academic records, confacf wi+h universiries, commencemenf, and edifing of 'rhe college ca+alog. W Burke W. Bradley Vice-Presidenl and Execuiive Dean As Execu+ive Dean of Srockfon College, Vice- Presidenl Burke W. Bradley is a busy man, for wilh him resls The adminis+ra'+ion of The college. However busy he may be, he finds lime 'ro meel' 'rhe s+uden+s and calls many by name as he carries ou+ his varied fasks. L f. nnmu1znnm1mnnumnn Margarel B. Taverner Associale Dean of Sludenls --- Women ln charge of all social life al Slocldon College is Jrhe Dean of Women, Miss Margare'rTaverner, who supervises everylhing from s+uden+ body dances 'ro class and club aclivilies. She is also an advisor 'ro Jrhe Sludenl Council and makes up lhe weekly campus calendar. Max Barber Associale Dean of Sludenls --- Counselors A+ lhe beginning of each semesler Max Barber can be found dealing palienlly wi+h many sludenls' program changes. His posilion as Associale Dean of Sludenls puls him in charge of supervising pre-regislralion, scheduling, and counseling. Philip Garlinglon Associale Dean of Sludenls --- Men Back al Sloclclon College aller 'lwo years in 'lhe Penlagon is quiel' and well-liked Philip Garlingion, Dean of Men. l-le is known for his prowess on 'lhe 'rennis courls. l-lis dufies include supervising lhe Sludenl Courl' and s+uden+ discipline. Allen W. Waldo Acling Dean of Sludenls Working wilh all phases of sfudenf aclivilies from 'rhe Personnel Cenler, which houses counselors and iob-placemenl, is Allen Waldo, Acling Dean of Sludenls. l-le is a facully advisor ol lhe Sloclclon College Sludenl' As- socialion. Bolh he and his harmonica are well- known on college field Trips. r X , 6, M 9 Ralph Herring Chairman of lncluslrial Eclucaiion Benedicl' Ray Dean oi lnsiruciion and Aclminisiralion This is Jrhe firsi year a+ Siocldon College for Benedici Ray, Dean of lnsfrucfion and Adminisiraiion, whose duiies include supervising fhe division heads, curriculum and guidance, ancl 'rhe conlrol of fhe IBM monsier which holds Lorraine Kngleg llie School in H5 QVGSP- Chairman of Social Science ..... Tv- , . . 'J ,lirlil 'li W W , A 'xi wx' V F A' IMA J ,l 'H Q I Jt as .. if M ' iii i s I M II! QHXW or lass i P 'li if -425.2 X llll in 'F N . John R. Arnold Chairman of Science , T -- V U"-, : , . -ff: H: . Li ' . f ' . V- j Charles M. Guss C I E X 9 ,Al Chairman of Communica+ions r i Harry Lenz Coordinafor of Afhlefics Irving Goleman Chairman of Arfs and LeHers Gladys Benerd Assislanr Chairman of Physical Educarion William Niven Chairman of Business Educarion Mike Garrlgan Chairman of Physical Eclucafion l J'-if ' I' f: , : . F I 5, ,sf . l Q i V' if "1 1' , lil-i 15 iff 4- :I ' ,' , 'A 'fl'f'if:'lM'1 4 is 1 v will - ,rf . fi." . in ii- AA xi ' 'Q 1- 'fififisi + 5 'rf i --Q , ., 1, ei: il -- ' X , . 1 5:-. ' YE ll i. Snnlrg i V A ' if lm E 2 .- All is in -L 41 A ig S 3 . Jig i - 5 i - ' " - -. Hafiitk 1 ug" -1 25-Q H T . L-.ell il 'i 1,rL1.,l"' ' ef-F' il " L 1' X David Greene Howard Pearce Max Barber Warren Smifh Dean of Adull Educalion Direcfor of Business Associaie Dean of Sfudenis Aifendance Counselor Amber Ellis Alberf Sharpe Kafhleen Seagraves Nurse Tesfing Service Direcior of Occupalional Services 527' . JJ' - ' r M' '- ' '. zu ' ll fl ' ii., Helen Growe Mildred Easler Research Assisfanf Head Clerk, IBM Lucile Marlin Mariorie Boccoli Secrerary lo Dean of Siudenis Sec. 'ro Dean of Adm. and Regis. l l Consiance Penn Leone Swariz Eleanor Uebele Delpha Mooberry Secrefary 'lo lhe Presideni' Secrelary lo llwe VicesPresiden'r Secrefary fo Dean, Adull' Division Secrelary lo Direcfor of Business 11- - .s ,x-. , xn i . .xl 1, Barbara Geddes Lloyd Wilson Barbara Sparrenberger Clerk, Business Office Clerk, Business Office Cafeferia Manager Managers a n d Gean Gosnell Louis Goody Policeman Policeman Secrelaries Ken Wrighl Sam Barbagela'I'a Head Gardener I-lead Cusfodian Joseph Acosia Aulo Repair Arlhur Bawden Chemislry Mary Bloom English Esfher Buffers Assisla nl' Li bra ria n Arfhur Corra M usic William Anflila Physical Educalion It , ,X . Qi ' . z ' EA' A V L Q Kennefh Beighley English Agnes Boberg Ari Elizabefh Carden Business ig? Evelyn Crowder Business i Kafherine Archer Louise Baer Gladys Balmer English Social Science Social Science Carl Berryman Clarence Biffs Hilda Bloom Biology Social Sluclies Home Econ., -5, ,Y,.J ,1 v 'A-'A li - J William Boyer Arch Brown Veva Brown English. Soc. Sludies Social Science Social Science 1' A ' l Q 4 3 Frank Clancy Fred Clark Eleanor Ari Physics Physical 1 H ', .. ' L I . WW , - if Dwighf Curiis Helen Danner Leslie Davis Social Science English Prinfing DeMange Ellen DeRuch1e French German - .1 i fl 1 Eberhard George Eby Chemislry George Freeman Business 'i K 'i- i f iii!! 'Earl Greenwood Donald Hall Physical Educafion erna Johnsfon ology. Zoology ,vp -. LJ' 119 izabefh Jones ' ac el 1 sf :cial Science 'Mal 3 , Y fi ' . Q1 -f' . .lr " - i -ilii l .3 N:-! .e!:, ,ix UQ, y .Fi-:ut fl- lr +V, ll BA'-5 -51+ W 5.1 ' ' J FLT il i""iA1'1I all X la a.' s H In I -J Annamary Devlin English sci 'V ,, John Fanucchi English Grace Frye Physical Educafion Irene Harris Hygiene. Phys. Ecl. Morris Kennedy Social Sci.. Business Bruce Dulce Marilla Dunning Ari' Home Economics 1 f iq ' F-.. 1 S4 f Q" -'-.- S1 , ' William Fifls English, Humaniries 4 ' ' JF ' QI , . sl l f Ralph Goebel Chemisiry Roberf Henderson Social Science Earl Klapsiein Physical Educaiion I. John Foppiano Spanish i up ,, 1 f f ' if if X 'X 1 I ', - 4lc--.g, James Gorrell Sheer Meral ,, 1 i s 1 Q 4 A, Q i. , .5--l ' :,.l: l Arihur Holfon 1? . figs WWW Lena Knox Psychology, Hygiene Karl Kraus Lalin, French. Germa Jerome Lighl' Mafhemalics Gene Marlin , AL I'l Hygiene, Phys. Educ. ill f A. ,, 1 'Eff Lesfer Peregoy Physical Educalion William Rundle Physical Science Harry Schulz Aeronauiics, Chem. Allan Laursen Head Librarian Arrhur Livingslon Mafhemalics Torn Milligan Machine Shop Maxim Popovich Drama Rufh Shaw English - Ann Schwab Social Science Helen Laursen Acquisilions Librarian Chesfer Margason Carp. Rel., Mech. Dr. Marian Norman Business William Ramsey Radio Broadcasling Donald Schaeffer Malh., Gen. Shop Adeline Selna Spanish Edmund Lewis . Journalism. English Ina Marmon English Clarence Olson Couns., S.HaII. Soc.Sl, i 1 K Chrysfa Richards Librarian Elizabelh Schuler Business Educalion -..',-L Virginia Shorf Music John Spears Doris Spencer Hisiory. Spanish Business Melvin Sfewarl' Kennefh Sfocliing Pain+ing. Decoraiing Bofany F , Ella Trussell Ira Van Vlear Physical Educafion Woodworking Phoebe Whife John Willefie Social Science Radio Eleclronics Richard Wood Social Science -u Violei' Solomon Physical Educaiion Eugene Sfagnaro Hygiene, Phys. Educ. Evelyn Sfuari' Social Siudies Margareffe Volfmer Hyg.. Phys. Educ. James Wilson Social Science Allen Woodall English Ernesf Spafiord Physical Science Frederick Sieinhauser Spanish Sanford Sweef Chemisfry Henry Welfon Music Paul Winiers English Bertrand Young Eleciricify M252 M rf " If A 1 7 M fgiilnlffju M' 0 jf L .J lj' A !'qj!1CfU fl W 0 ' My y nnv gb WJ DV ,JL JW xfvwfa 'W U 'QAM f'77VZL7 pvfffc' M205 ,Vg UW M! V5 wavy if E M U if W 0 N W J vggjyfp wk M, J QM L I S Q5 5 9X1 S W J NV 141,11 K WW , nigga F ourieenih Grade Graduaie iq 4 Daniel Abeyla Roberi Alameda Sandra Alberii Barbara Baldwin James Barron Jose Bernardo Roberi' Berndf Shirley Beroldo Duane Blasl Joe Augusiine Donald Azevedo Orley Balclren ji 3 Jaclc Devincenzi Jaclc Dolrey Marlhann Dragoo John Fernandez lrene Firenze Wray Fleming xk.,,s- ' U Lowell Brennan Thomas Chan Roberi' Euslis Shirley Fong Gloria Burfon Kirby Canfrell Barbara Chappuis Imelda Cumming James Evans Coralera Feary Deloris Fuller Frank Galindo Four'I'een'I'h Grade Graduaies 'S. -,J W Beverly Graham Dorofhea Grasham 3 ,5. Charles Gibson Ellenor Gioffonini Arlen Gray Charles Gray Dora Hansen Douglas Hanson Bill Henfon Claire Herring Sherman Hollingsworih Susan Hom Roy Kanbara Koomei Kaio Saul Gong Leo Guicli Ernesf Harclig Gary Hill Phill Huff William Keller Ossie Gooden Maureen Hallinan Wilma Heclcenlaible Wesley Hing Cli'FForcl Johnson John Kim Judifh Johnsfone Hirollo Kamigalzi David King Lula King Fourfeenih Grade Gr ati Carol Lowe Melanie Bandy Aulhur Roberson , -If For 15" ,I 5' Edward McDonald Eleanor Meizler Nadinne Meyer Angie Moreno Claudene Moresco Patrick Murphy Shirley Porfer PaHy Ramos Barbara Richards Andrew Leonardini Alice Meyn Maxine Ownsby Mary Richards Mary Jayne Krebs Paul Louie Wilford Miller John Paxson Fred Riffer I adua ies 1 l -is 'Du Jim Kleinfelder Don Lafimer David Lucero Kazumi Mizuno Elvin Peeis John Rossi Carl Klenlc Richard Joan Al Molina Donald Pleau Frances Sage Four'l'een1'h Grade Graduafes , Y, , V1 , , r " 'ln 1.5 Elsie Sailri James Sanfana Carol Selwig Frances Sanfinoni Harold Schimpf Milo Terzich John Sfanley Dan Sfone F 1 Norman Shumway Lee Torigoye Delores Vasquez Hollis Whiflle Ken Yamamoio L wud Alan Smifh Nils Trulsson Phylis Wallcer Jeannine Williams Virginia Zambra 'LQ' Mario Solari Allery Weisf Ruby Uyemura David Wong Roberi' Websfer Margarifo Zarafe Beverly Wolfe Roberi' Zaneffi TweIf'I'h Grade Graduaies , . g , Y'-44 'r n, 1 " 51 'T fi .L 1 I l n ijfl' Lin: n J i .tile " ' -- 44.1 Mil , A flag all Z 1 , .4 . E gl I .3 'A l M. . N. N I ff- 1. . .ik Anila Adams Lorraine Agiular Bob Allari Hisaye Able Jesse Aguilar Nancy Allan Joann Adams John Adamson Sylvia Agbulos Jeff Adams Joy Alexander Beverly Allison 4 it an 'l all -'iffy P Carol Aulwarm Henry Avilac Consuel Avila Richard Amador Barbara Andrea John Arnold Shirley Barker Gilberl' Barron Eugene Barron Corine Arfiga Merle Aflcinson Mary Afhans Sue Axfell Delores Balcerr Marvel Baraias Wayne Beach Norman Beilby Marilyn Beniamin T weIf'l'ah Grade Graduaie Clayfon Benfly Jean Berry Pauline Blond Richard Beyefl Elizabeih Benerides Marlene Boss Howard Bird George Bishop Mary Ann Bonuccelli Nancy Borba U Z Virginia Beriolli Ed Besf Beverly Bierly Carl Bellops John Bloom BeH'y Boaz John Bo'H'ini Roberfa Boyden Marlene Bradley David Bradsfreei' Pai' Brealrfield Beiiy Brewer mi' L rv- -- SH' W Gail Boclcmon Cleveland Bradley TweI'f'l'h Grade Graduaies 1 i , Sl-nirliey Budgford Keilh Buinson Gary Burk Myrna Caldwell Joan Capifanich W, lx lf. S f P June Brifler William Buellner Palsy Burke Calvin Callaway Arclelle Carbino 5 4 Roberl Broderick France Burgess Bill Burrows Breyer Calverl Carmen Carido ' ,4 ,. - I.. ,,-f- 13" .'-x .fy V. 4. -rl! V .Q 4 I i -V , N x Q . -, u 1 e-A L. v 5 A, f 1 , , - . .. " Q l" Vw 1 4 Clair Bromberg Pal Broolrs Jeannene Brown Palricia Brown EH.: Mae Byers Genevieve Cavaliza Alan Caldwell Roberf Campbell Don Canlaloupe Melvin Canialoupe Analou Carlson Jacqueline Carmishail Virginia Carranza Mary Carreno Iris Carfer Yvonne TweIf'l'h' Grade Graduafes emaree Cashelo Marlene Corelli Joe Cerri Carmel Cerruh 1-1 1 4 r is 1 if lkly. ful li V Lorraine Chipman Donald Cima Janei' Clark Diana Clegg Roscoe Clowes Lois Cogorno Norma Coleman Ronald Collins Reyburn Collis Norma Carson Dino Corfopassi Frances Correa - 'Urn-1 li .W . 4 Tl n es of g Angelina Chacon Yvonne Chew Ken Clark Jim Coifo Pafricia Comsfock Elaine Chain Sidney Chew Philip Clark Benny Coleman Carolyn Cooper Hannon Chan LoreH'a Chipman Alan Clarke Dale Coleman Pafricia Coplin TweIf'I'h G ,p rude Graduaies FU, Shirley Cosfa i i I Jim Courfney LaVonne Crismon Barbara Cowen w Kay Cronin Dolores Cummings Nancy Craig Eddie Cronlt Susan Cudney Don Davis Anroinefie Cosfa Janef Crawford Charles Curiis Beverly Crawford Douglas Croy Beverly Davis Margaret Crofhers Richard Dampier Norma Dean Deanna DeCIan Sonia Davis Daniel DelfaH'i Leonard Davis Grace Delaney ' John DeCicco David Davis Joan DeCarli Leanne Denioni Gloria Dean Jean Delzell Richard DeLong we ra raduaie M: ...... Jean Dooley Donna Drake PaH'i Dyer Maxine Edmond Donna Esposato Twelfih Grade Graduaies James Faucer Palricl: Flenlga Irma Fosfer Michael Freeman Durwood Gaines Evelyn Faulkner Mary Ferraiolo Alberl Ferrare I l -1 Donald Flynn Eugene Flynn Laura Richard Fosler Ronny Fosfer Nancy Fulion Roberl' Gail Evelyn Galbreaih ' 21 V... L, 'N lm " i, r .L-P V - Ted Finucane Colleen Flaclr Mary Fonles Shirley Fox " l' , W 'S' ' .X ,1 ,, . -1 I IW Deanna Fish Joan Fleming Charles Foreman Marie Frazier Mary Fisher Jeanne Bill Forfino Dick Freed Anna Garcia Palricia Garcia Rila Garcia Twelf-l'h Grade Graduaies 'lm 511 . G Q l I x,'1:N::Si M' .fm ltr. , X ' 1x f viii' ' lj 17 'y Dick arvey Lucy Gascon Gary Gasser Barron Gauger 1 1 , 1 1 1 I I. l 1 -.a l , 1 my l ,E x if X L fi N5 l l f f 1 1 1 l 1 Rufh Garcia Leo Gardella Marilyn GarreH' l Lawrence Geary Allen Geyer JoAnn Gibson Wayne Giefzen Velma Gilsfrap Carol Goefz fs. :ara Gonzalez Opal Goodwin Beverly Goold I' J Beiry Grasmicl: Carolyn Graves Paula Grech Chris Greene Emma Gomez Hayman Gong Tommy Gong Mariorie Goshorn Gloria Goslowslry Roserfa Gosnell Ted Goss Sharlyn Goif Ina Graham Ted Greene Mary Lou Gregson Gaye Grenfall -rf ' 1 lTweIf1'h Grade Graduaies al' r. .. , A 5 1' il .I , ui W JoAnn Grimsluaw Terry Gunlferf Pafricia Hamillon Jess Haro Sharon Grever Val Ann Grider Lula Gross Arlene Hallam Duane Hanson Barfon Guerfin George Hames Don Hardie Rodney Heilrlrinen Breni' Heisinger Colleen Helion Nora Hernandez Fill, My:-Ht. vi ' A in no ,f al, A . -'W , 1 ,- lf ' 5,3 l . . 4 n L. V. Guyfon Lynne Hammer Foresi' Harrison Masalri Haffori Don Henderson fi -A-win Avg' - "nh 'J l H" g , 1 L ylfgj llSi".l I ' ci if .,.. va- : f-1' 1, fi ' M l-51 H ' 5" , .N 5 .I, . ll':?l - .v'.. f f.,,1.5 x v I Ml'-k.',l' 1 T Dolores Haase Bill Hanks Roberf Hari Don Hawlcinson Clara Hendrix Cleaia Hagern Neldeanne Irwin Randall Hays Beffy H ' T , i n y, weIf'I'h-1-Grade Graduaies l I l A , , 1 l l 1 x lf W M . , ,I 3 -4 .,, 3 Kaflmleen Hinds Roberf Hoffman Richard Horn Jim Huey Bill Hun+ Marlene Hinclley Franlc Hinojos Joan Holcl: Zelda Holclr Wavah Horsl Deverold Horlon Lock Huey Hazel Huffman Mary Hunl' Norma Hunf ffl, ' 1 H , Joe Henry Tansy Herpich Blanche Hill Meilxo Hiraia John Ho Warren Hobbs Harrier Hollenbeclc Jean Holmes Carleen Horn William Hosic Roberf Howell Keifh Howell! James Hunfer Dolores Hurfado Dora lrguillo Daniel lnosanfo T welfih Grvade Graduaies 5,-1 if ' '21 2 f. f 1 ' iii-"'r:'fjEfi-n'ij1: 51? , "1 . iii? l -, -Iwkiffz -1 ,i '. 4 , '51 .IH AZ: fl ' K. .' ,..'- .1 Ann lnouye Leroy Jeffries Lewis Johnson Dosie Juaniias y Marion Jacobs I , its y . Richard Jackson Mildred Jines il' L Il enora lvery ' Delberf Jennings Marcia Johnson "-Q? in 5 r'K.f , V I, w I V my ' nd if ffffl ' ' L gy ' if, ,li J A ',, is 3 is ' f ,W Q fr ,. liAQi'1'1 nfilliu. 'lil KA ' "H-T -'JJ "- if J l Keilh Keppel Roberr Kavanaugh Barbara Junqueiro Gloria Kiesz Thomas Kelly Jean Kiklrawa Sandra Johnson Taisulro Kamigalni Kafhryn Kellogg Buddy Kilburn I Arylce Johnson Barney Jones Belly Kamp James Kennedy JoAnne Kim Diana Jaworslti LeRoy Johnson John Jones Arlene Kasa John Kenl' Jerry Kimball T welfih Grade Graduaies BE. , .. X ' llilullxglf glial l '31 lll ll ' I' - i i , Ruih Kimble Richard Knudsen Carol Lamonica John Lea Richard Leland Shirley Linkerf 3 fo Max Koa Dale Landucci Roberl' LeBeouf Laureffa Lenci Loreffa Lihinger ., ' ' If ' , . if sl- Terry Kimble 1 ' 5 'fi - . 1, i Garreil' Kinser l -4 Mickey Korbholz . 6 Uv. Kenneih Klenne Arfhur Kuwano Roberf Laughlin af I V Q'.,.,l-'ir V Q omg ,f,,',f1lfff ir i - e." if .f-f?, , . Wg, . '- il is mc.- 1,,,F,,.,-e.,e.....-. - ' f F ' If . of :- ' Inf, 'wi 4 l 1 Av I L, . Ag ' gi , V jx.. ' fi gn . '-' fl F CL ' D' 'fifiglll Zhi! ' 'Hg .Qf m l. Q' " ' Mary Lalimer Faye Lee Sfeve Lindsay Esielle Lommel Marfha Ledford Alex Leos Bob Logan Frank Leonis Gwyn Loclrmiller Barbara Locke rd ri: . 5 M "Wagga:-L4 l . fe- "1 ,J -Vx L X V ?f' 4 4 an r ' 1 'I' r, .ld .,-L1 Ll , .Ji , 1 A fm 1111 11. Lai' U, .FET . fn h I 78 i H, 4 234- 'L 211153, mi--f i Hy. i Malcolm Knisely David Lam Frank Lavoralo Marlin Lee we ra ruduaie Loss Lowery Ted Lowe Ed Lucchesl Vucfor Luckey Delia Marfin Ernesf Marfinez Frances Massey Jim Mayfield weIf'l'h Grade Graduafes McClenahan Ken McConnell Diane McCoy Bob McDonnell Y 3 F Wayne McNeal Gene Migliori Janef Mifchell -Jerry Moeclrel Nancy McRae Barbara Meador David Miller Halcyon Miller Jane Mizuno Carl Moccafiche Ruben' MoFfa'H' Perelus Moga James Tom McDonnell Barbara McElroy Ronald McGraw Phyllis McKee Carlene McLeis+er Dewayne McNeal Beverly Meador Dennis Mearh Frank Mendoza Ronny Miller Juanifa Milfon Elvin Minarre I -1 BeH'y Moore Ernesf Moore Twelfih Grade Graduaies J 1 l,A X Richard Moore Virginia Moore Keni Morrill ' Emma Mora Susan Morrill Gene Mounleer W 1 'CU Jerry Mouni' Cleo Murray Roberi' Neep Jerry Nowlin Elizabeill Mullins Shigeru Nalraoka Neil Nosfrand George Nagala Vicfor Nishimoio Joan Nessen Roberf Moremg Bob Morris Daniel Mow JoAnn Murrlson T , rf- Arfhur Morelfo Jim Morrison Glenna Mowry Jim Myers Olive Nelson Donna Morgan Juanifa Bobbie Lee Judy Myers Sally Nelson Glenda Nunley Twe lf'I'h G - 4 . , . . .iii-1 Ljrxhk.. V v e . ' +7 "v gi. ,-1 ' r 1 '.,l' 1 ll ww w. H-1 .fi gn "r ye gr, L-1 . Elsie Olruna Duane Owens Virginia Padilla Richard Parra Eleanor Pearce Loren Percy Bob O'Lear Helen Owens John Padula Ada Passadore Bennie Pearrow Roberi Olney Marlene Owens Frank Panoncialman JoAnn Passaglia rd de G raduaies V l Bill Owen .. W' f I :. v , mf. i""l ' a- U Y w .. Josephine Oriega Mary Lou Orr Frank Padilla Elaine Perl: I Franl: Padilla FLG? H' r. 'gi I ,l - ' il ' . i-I V 1 , 4 :I , .O il . l - n ' I , B F irq T , ' iffy A Sli'-Ls rdf,-. ' y,nT-M A: -,An-f' V l qi f , 1 eo, Q ,- "Qi: v - l David Perez Donna Pearson Waller Paiferson Lee Parlrer Quinfen Perez Connie Peirsol Henry Pafion Jewell Perry Sammy Penrod Ted Peferson T Geraldine Prall Pafricia Quinn Barbara Raielle Ronald Rhodes Gary Ricks weIf'I'h Gra ru e Q -twai- L Hggf. T' l V5 , V .1351 ', K ',.f .,l, 4 . - .N A M ll., ,Kali ,JETI William Presfon Merna Raines Jerry Redman Lola Mae Richardson Alex Rios T lice Rodriguez oel Rosenfhal enry Sanchez nne Savidge 'ill f'J"' " T Scofi welfih Grade Graduafes 4 li jul Judy Lee Ronfal Mary Rosas Eva Royal Virginia Rugnao Janice Sanchez Jerry Sands Jackie Saxon Roy Sayles Susan Seaman Richard Searcy Jack Seibold g George Sakai Lorna Sanderson Jack Schaal Marilyn Schlabs Aurora Seica i Nancy Sakai Royce Sappenfield Lucille Schaffer Lorraine Schmid? Louella Seidl Lily Salcamoio Angelina Saragoza Shirley Schamber Joyce Schroeder Howard Seligman Twelfih Grade Graduafes 1 r l I 2' d 4 Anila Shoolr -I Sadalro Shishiclo Joan Siegwari ' Barbara Slnellcross Mary Shuman Be'H'y Smifh S Ernesl Shamberger Barbara Shumaller Kennefh Skaggs Donald Smlih 'l Alfred Sgheiza Marcia Shulman Phillip Simpson Don Smi'l'l1 Marilyn Smiih Jacqueline Semper . Donna Soraparu Mary Smifh Donnie Smith Gene Sholwell Mary Sofo Sfella Snelling Vida Silvera Pdf SP5ll9H" Clifford Smilh Jim Smifh Mary Jean Soper Carol Smifh l Eerma Smiih Nancy Snow Hermie Spaling T Lynn Sievens Mark Sfuarl Theresa SuHon vlasalco Tanaka .W FT.- ,fn welf'l'h Grade Graduafes X , Bill Speegle Shirley Speighfs Delanie Sfanley l ,f ei Q ll , J Audree Spillman John Sferr Sfeven Sfiles I JI l Mary Sfuarl Kimi Takeshifa Arlene Teague Deyea Swineford Jay Taylor John Taylor 7 Leland Spiro Franlc Slegmiller Judy Sfoclzwell Ola Mae Siubbs Fred Spiva Billy Srephenson Sfephen Sfone Dawynse Summerhays Roy Talceuchi Charles Spoonhour LoreH'a Slevens Drexel Sforer Kennelh Suilon Kunio Tanaka Reggie Teichman weIf'I'h Gra r e ."rw. . ! , w w 1 1 , Orvls Terwlllagher Ted Terzakis Carol Tefer Mac Teverbaugh l,.l"'nI, Gilberf Torres George Turner Russ Van Handel Allan Voigh+ Tw WTF" """ ,' :WT F' " " "W vp'-. 'Vande Wagner Clin! Waring iishige Wafanabe nrbara Weisinger Daniel Whi+e L li A51 Mb ll l 1 I Sally Walker Janef Waring ' Marion Wariel Beverly Weisinger Enna Whife U elfih Grade Graduates .-Ti, Bonnie Waller Russell Warren Wilber Weber Janice Welch Richard Whifesides Charles Walsh Doroihey Waliers Kenneih Walfer Clyde Waliher it N i v ' i 'alll I E i 14 f- 2- L- Vri"'Ai- J' ' wk I 4 1 . ,.f...-1. - :M 5 i V 3 . I . -m i w-'ii-f i- q v iii. .f J-L ' ':"n., wa gv 'QI 4' 'iv , 1, f K , y. 1 ' ir p e " - ,::..-nf It lr I I- ., , if , ,I 'I1,I F , ' FQ QQ' li '. J 'Az' " -H' ... ,A . LAI, -, , 1 ,. I l l if 1.5, 559 ,ng N V , II, If I 1 I- ' I .ge 'I 1 , , 1. Geneva Websfer Jessee Welch Ediih Wilburn Johnie Williams William Websfer Adeline Wennhold Charles Williams Ken Williams ' rt all p'if'us5fA f f I , I wr., ,rw-'. Q. - II - , I lf I ,IAQ ' " la, - ' v 4 1' U . . , It E If I SEUII, 9' Q ik ,1 " ....,,,i I n,.'-Ia. l55.:Q,tlin..5f,.1iagaZrf y- 1 ,Ig Y 'wi 'iv "' .l .. 3 1 :TF nl J J , 'f ,pdf 1 j Ji gf f I , w-.'lJ' Sylvia Weesner Arnold While Gloria Williams Mydies Williams v Alice Ballinger Diane Luchesi Jeanne Wilson Bob Wingo Gary Gay Danny Wilson Tom Wilson John Wolfe David Wilson Kennefh Wimberly Manford G r a d u G f e S Burgess Windsor Gary Wirfh Graduafes Mee Ling Wong Jacqueline Woods Nanci Wong Verlin Woods Gary Yeps Reggie Wong BeHie Woon Janei' Yearicks Helanie Yopes Herman Woodruff Sandra Wrighf Alice Yokoi Pefer Ziggis QM.: . 1 ' ,ikifg V , "tri '31 2491 'ff ' .ICF 124, , :T .-1: U 593 'A x ,uri ,. xrn. :Jn -1 1 i QA 1 1 , Ny. m a-'ga-pp . ..., ,A l, V ,y . .. VI .I ,Yr ' a 4 H. , ,.., x Q wa - ,!GggJg31. - . ..- -V, .. . 415. x QR, :.:.,.1i':--v 1-..1,..p .1-..4.-.v . ---1 - Al Molina Sfudenf Body Presidenf AI Molina is sTudenT body presidenT and sTudenTs agree ThaT he's been The besT and mosT popular The school has ever had. ThaT's why The sTudenTs have elecTed him Tor Two years in a row. Al is The only person To have received such an honor. Besides being acTive in The sTudenT gov- ernmenT. he is Tond OT swimming, which is his TavoriTe sporT, camping, dances and oTher social acTiviTies, and his car which he calls "BeasT." When Al leaves STockTon, he will aTTencl l-lumboldT STaTe Teachers College To obTain his Science Teaching Creden- Tials. BeTore he Teaches, however, he plans To work Tor The sTaTe, in a posiTion perTaining To wild game preservaTion and managemenT. Expressing his philosophy oT liTe, AI said, "Any person who is doing near To ex- acTly whaT he wanTs To do is in my esTimaTion a success. impressing people or being well known is noT nearly so 'imporTanT as Tinding The saTis- TacTion and peace oT mind one geTs upon accomplishing whaT he has seT ouT To do." STockTon College has changed much since Al came here Tour years ago. "The biggesT and mosT imporTanT change ThaT l deTecT is The erecTion oT our new buildings. NOT only do These buildings beauTiTy our campus, buT Their presence will in Time bring abouT a new aTTiTude in The sTudenTs here." STockTon College has changed because OT Al, Too. Ask any sTudenT. "IT noThing else," said Al, "l've learned how Democracy can work. l mean, in a place like This where peo- ple are iudged Tor whaT They can do raTher Than by whaT race They are, whaT background They have, or where They live." Take The whole school and iTs sTudenTs Tor an example. Al swimming aT C.O.P. Pool. Al wiTh "BeasT." ,' 1 , f 1 , ,ff ffl W I v 'X' VJ QW Af! Q I 1 AFV gl gk. Ujllf nl' iw l Q5 51 Al Molina Arl' Godi Claire Herring Bill Mafhewson Presideni Vice Presidenl Secrelary Treasurer , C iv W ,, , . V 2, ' ' i - .1 1 . .M . - , 23? H ' -5 Mary Jayne Krebs Joe Garcia Henry Avila Pal Hobin l4ll1 Grade Presidenf l3ll1 Grade Presideni' l2ll1 Grade Presiclenf ' llll1 Grade Presiclenl' -r 'ES-" -1 lrene Castillo Mary S+uar+ Tom Earley George Mofon I W.S.A. Represenfafive Social Chairman Sludenf Affairs Comm, Block "S" Represenlafive 'Im 'E Shirley Williams Barbara Reyburn Breyer Calveri' Ed Besf Comm. of Publicafions Publicify Commissioner Rally Commmi++ee Chmn. ,. Eleclion Commissioner l4Th grade officers: John PaxTon, rreasurerg Mary Jayne Krebs,'presiclenT: James SanTana, vice-presidenT: Beverly WolTe, secreTary. Sl'ockl'on College Class Officers The Class olllicers are The people who are responsible Tor The welfare of The SToclcTon College STuclenTs. Through These people iT is possible Tor any sTu- denT To presenT his problems as an individual. l3Th grade oliliicersz Joe Garcia, grade O'l:l:lCel'S3 Joel RosenThal,secreTary: Pal' ComsTock, Treasurer: Joan Malloy, vice-president Henry Avila, presidenr. i ,,, , president Bill Kobus, secreTaryg Joyce Young, Treasurer: Shirley Williams, vice- presidenT. ll'l'l'l gl'6Cl9 O'llFlC9l'S2 Mary Reynosa, Treasurer: Pal' l-lobin, presidenT: Jack McDonald, vice-president Diane CusTer, secreTary. ln1'er-Club Council Vice-Presidenf Arl' Godi is an acfive person around campus, keeping busy wifh school and social acfivifies. l-le is cordial and is a mem- ber of Alpha Gama Sigma, Round Table, and ofher organizafions. Nexf semesfer Arf will 'rake over as sfudenf body presidenf. Siudeni' Cour'l' Sfocldon College Sfudenf Courf prose- ' cules and punishes sfudenfs who dis- l regard school rules. Any sfudenf has fhe righf fo defend himself or be de- fended by an afforney. Dave Wilson, Danny Marfinez, and Tom Earley, advisor. Moclc defendanf is unidenfified. 61,-Q-.-A. Row I: Jessie Welch, Gilberf Barron, Roberf Campbell, Charlie Pilon, Kozo Abe, Don Riley, Danny Marfinez, Ken Lane, Dave Wilson. Row 2: Joan Malloy, Arlena Kasa, Mary Reynosa, Paf Comsfock, Enna Whife, Barbara Trisna, ,Paf Doyle, Mary Jayne Krebs, Miss Margaref Taverner, Sandra Alberf, Arf Godi Row 3: Eddie Fernandez, Glen Shellcross, Norm Shumway, Fred Mondragon, Tom Earley, Bill l-lunf, Dave Maffson, John Taylor, Bob Gibson. Infer-Club Council is made up of represenfafives and presidenfs of all school clubs, over which fhe vice-presidenf of fhe sfudenf body presides. The social chairman also is included in fhis group. All acfive clubs have fhe chance fo voice fheir opinions fhrough fhis organiza- fion. lnfer-Club Council also helps fo raise funds fhrough acfivifies. Donald Denevie, . 1-L il' . Row I: Beverly Goold, Cookie Surryhne, Sally Walker, Marvel Baiaras, Tansy l-lerpich, Pai' Brooks, Lavonne Crismon, Joan DeCarli, Julie lviachek, l-larriei l-lollenbeck, Marlene Alvas, Susan Ede, Pal' Afhans. Row 2: Paul Winiers, advisory Breyer Calverf, Dave Wilson, Bob Alari, Bob l-larlen, Dino Coriopazzi, Frank Panoncialman, Ed Besf, Bill Bueiner, Henry Avila, Danny iviarfinez. Rally Commi1"I'ee The Rally Commiiiee is concerned wilh The planning and execulion of all school rallies. ll also runs The Public Address syslem. This group does much 'ro promole school spirii. , Bob Evanhoe. Sue Raney, Danny lv1ar'rinez Row 2: Dave Smiih, Bill Bue++ner, Carl Drenon, Dick O'Day. Row I: Jim Cornelius, Dave Wilson, Dave Sears, Jack McDonald, Tom Earley, Tom Earley Tom is an ac'rive member of The sfudeni council and supervises The siudeni couri. I-le plans io 'reach afler finishing school. Siudeni' Affairs This busy commiliee handles disciplin- ary problems of ihe school in general. They palrol picnics and olher evenis walching for oicienders. This worlh- while group also handles The s+uden'r courl, in which siuolenls may be de- fended by an aiiorney, or prosecuied by a proseculring aiiorney. This or- ganizaiion, of which Tom Earley is commissioner, is +he conscience of 'l'he school. vv- i -il i I Srocldon College, Hail all Hail! Banners of Red and Blue. We pledge our 'Fai+h and endeavor, forever 'I'o be +rue! May our colors proudly wave, and our loyalfy never fail Praise +o our Alma Marerl Hail! Hail! all Hail! Q0'ah1'F.Gf!q J ,1- u I. x...f,'., ,nag , , Y1 up o 1 . u QI' 'yds-.Ig ' . W .T -A: 1- .3 tn Arts and --- Dr. lrving Goleman has been wiih The college since i937 and is division chairman of Arls and Leilers since l938. l-le is also connecred wilh College ol The Pacific as a professor of English and religious educalion. Dr. Goleman is among Jrhe mosl ouisianding men of philosophy in lhe couniry. D r a m a . . . Dr. lrving Goleman Home of ihe Thespiansl Under lhe capable direclion of Maxim Popovich, Slocldon College has been able io carry on The high Jrradifion of drama which is one of ihe Jrrademarlcs of Jrhe school. Mixed C-horus... The popular and Jralenied Mixed Chorus parlicipaf- es in many school aclivi- lies and programs. l-lere ihe singers are preseni- ing lheir annual Chrisi- mas Assembly. Letters Humani+ies... I The wide sludy of humaniiies is in ils general sense. Jrhe sludy of man and his civilizaiion. his aiiiiudes and beliefs as expressed lhrough cenluries of lileralure, ari, music. and drama. World Liieralure and Ari, Auiobiography of Civilizalion, Liieraiure and Sociely. and Exploring Siage and Screen are represenra- live ol Jrhe fine l-lumanilies program offered al Slocldon College. Ari.. 'iff lr 5 r' rj 1 - 2 X , ., - . Originaliry and new design are char- acierisiics of lhe Ari deparlmenf. Some ol lhe many courses offered in lhe Ari deparlmenl are weaving. painl- ing. sculpiuring, lellering and layoui. iewelry making and ceramics. A sure hand. pafience, and a knowledge of ma- Jrerials are Jrhree asse'rs an ar+ sludenf rnusi' have. Language... Cusfoms of foreign Counlries are learned in addilion To 'rhe funclamenials of lan- guages in Spanish, lialian, French, Ger- man, and Lalin classes al' Sioclcion Col- lege. v wwf-"fsc 's William Niven A high degree oT accuracy and aTience is essenTial in The book lgeeping classes, as any business sTudenT will aiiiirm. STenography... Business --- William Niven has been division chairman of The Business DeparTmenT Tor Two years. He Teaches classes on boTh This campus and The College oT The Pacific. Niven has a MasTers degree in Business AdminisTraTion and eighT years oi business experience beiore enTering The Tield oi Teaching. Bookkeeping... SecreTaries are Trained --- noT born. The course aT STockTon College helps The sTudenTs To prepare Tor enTering The Tield of business. Communications Siudenis in +he Business Maih classes review everyday maihemaiical prob- lems Jrhai come up in +he business world. Boih speed and accuracy are i slressed. Business Mafh Typing Typing courses are designed for slrudenis inleresl- ed in learning To Type proficienily. The siudenis Office Appliances.. :Ll A Y ' 2' Ygfl. '- learn +0 Jrype various forms and leiiers used in Sludenis enrolled offices. in Office Appliances are irained io operaie machines commonly used in Jrhe field of business. Some of 'rhese machines are 'rhe mimeograph diciaphone, and adding machine. Charles M. Guss ,-,,.,. Concenlralion on basic skills is slressed in The English courses al Sloclc- 'ron College. A wide curriculum of lileralure and crealive wriling classes enjoy greal popularily among ad- vanced English sludenls. Communications Mr. Guss has been division chairman of Jrhe Communica- lions Deparlmenl since I9-49. Before coming 'ro Sloclclon College, Mr. Guss Jraughl al Selma l-ligh School. He received his educalion af Pasadena College and a+ 'rhe Universily of Soulhern California. EngHshn. Speechn. EEEEE2m '--QA-.. . in ll"---i ,, -w ii r -- QW 1 I I l The many speech classes offered al Slocklon College give s+uden'rs Jrhe encour- agement confidence. and opporlunily To express lheir ideas 'rhrough public speak- ing. Among Jrhe speech classes laughl are Debale and Speech lmprovemenl. The laller class is available To sludenls who have minor speech problems. Division Radio and TV.u 'You're on fhe airin five seconds!" These are fa- miliar words fo sfudenfs in The Radio and Tele- vision class. lf is one of fhe few courses af SC and COP in which fhe sfudenfs acfually learn while doing. KCVN is fhe popular radio sfa- fion operafed by SC and COP sfudenfs. , . 1-... l.-..,,, ,... .1...'..i... -Y -..... ff' The Collegian. Sfockfon College's weekly news- paper, has sfacked up for ifself guife a lisf of accomplishmenfs fhis year. some of which are a iuvenile delinquency campaign and a safefy campaign enfifled "Crusade for Safefyf' This publicafion holds in ifs hands fhe pulse of Sfockfon College and ifs office, fhe day before deadline, looks like one of any ordinary news- paper, wifh edifors. reporfers, copy-readers, and adverfising sfaff all working fogefher fo gef fhe paper ouf. "Deadline or dead duck" is a familiar phrase heard around The Collegian office during fhis Time. Anofher ifem familiar fo sfaff members is Sainfs and Sinners, "edifed" by Advisor Ed Lewis. This credifs individual sfudenfs for ouf- sfanding work and poinfs ouf fheir misfakes made in fhe preceding edifion of fhe paper. The Collegian was given firsf class honor rafing during fhe fall semesfer under fhe ediforship of Mary Jayne Krebs. El Recuerdo.u Producing fhe I954 El Recuerdo was a fedious iob af fimes, buf sfaff members have memories of many good fimes shared by working fogefher fo meef deadlines. innumerable hours have been spenl' on Safurday affernoons working --- and drinking cokes, which progressed fhe annual fo- ward ifs complefion. The EI Recuerdo office is known as a "home" on campus fo fhe sfaff members and is a place fo do homework. spend free periods, and even is shelfer from a sudden downpour. Trade and --- Ralph Herring ln The AuTo Mechanics shop. sTu- denTs may be seen busily working To repair various parTs oT The car. Shop demonsTraTions are given To help sTudenTs learn The common causes oT car Troubles and how To repair Them. Body and Fender... Ralph E. Herring has been division chairman oT lndusTrial and AgriculTural EducaTion since The 6--4--4 plan began in I948. He was acTing chairman The TirsT Two years and Then was appoinTed as The regular chairman. He is a graduaTe and Tormer Teacher of SToclcTon High School. AuTo Mechanics . . . i WiTh The highway accidenT raTe mounTing sTeadily. iobs are assured Tor sTudenTs Trained in The Body and Fender Trade. "CusTom iobs" are also a specialTy in The Body and Fender shop. STudenTs work on Their own To cusTomize Their cars. Industry Ill .li Slocklon College's prinl shop is one of ihe besr equipped in lhe siale. This lvliehle press runs oil Jrhousands of copies ol: school pub- licaiions during The school year. Machine Shop... Hec+Hc Shop Looks complicaledl Edison miqhl have been con- fused a+ The maze of wires. allhough This member of lhe Eleciric Shop seems +o know whal he's doing. PHn+ Shop... This shop serves as a laboralory for sludenis who are inleresled in working wilh machinery. Hs pur- pose is +o help siudenrs gain skill in lhe use ol various machine Tools. 1- House in i'rs early srages. .nf .w,,' ,- SM I r '- 'i . 11" . -' QL.,-M: 'wiuiv Some+hing new has been added +o Jrhe campus! Several shop classes have combined and are building a live-room house Jrha+ will be auclioned off afrer if is compleled in November. .L.H'7fTf':3j1-?:Fr:f'T-Tw,r1'E7'fT'5I:Ei'2w!q"-""',.I,:q?g-:L?,f571??F iYj-. , --.,i 1. fb?-E!!:,,Yvi,.j Tri-f .51 i- r ' --" lv!--fi-' - '--f "I, 'Q-' f ' '11 M - -' '.- -:-. - ' . - - H' f ,'-Agfni ' ' - -. ., . . ,iii '-.i'. .,,1 X-,H ., , . - ii ,- -'cw 1 gig: . , :eww ,, .6 4, . . f ,-u W . ii..- ...- fq 5 .,, I f Sludenrs 'raking pains 'lo gel' everyfhing iusl' righf Parricipaling in The proied are lhe carpenrry. cabinet eleclrics. plumbing, painr and sheer me+al shops. School proiecfs of 1'his nalure aid slrudenfs in readying rhemselves for fulure employment Agriculture The new agricullure building erecled 'rhis l953-54 helped lhe agricullure deparlmeni greally in developing ils fa cililies. Sludenls praclice shearing sheep. Among The many Jr es of a ri YE 9 ' cullure classes al Sloc lon College are crop produclion, livesloclc pro- duclrion. specialized livesioclc, and specialized crops. l-lere is an example of 'rhe modern conven- iences available for 'lhe use of sfudenls The sludenls in The agricullure classes learn how To raise and lake care of diiierenl animals. The agricullure sludenls used bolh sheep and chickens on The campus ihis semesler. Science and --- I . .WT John R. Arnold has been division chairman of The NaTural :A Sciences and MaThemaTics deparTmenT Tor Three years. l-le received his Ph.D. Trom Cornell UniversiTy. He also "" T Qql' Teaches classes in Zoology and enTomology. ' "sc , 'ii Els- . A -.--. i T M. AsTronomy... John Arnold 1' , Gazing aT The sTars --- Through a Telescope --- can be Tun. STudenTs in The AsTronomy class learn abouT The solar sysTem. Once a monTh ll The class has an evening meeTing wiTh The SToclcTon AsTronomical SocieTy. The SocieTy usuall has a well-known asTronomer ive a 4 Y Q lecTure To The class. The asTronomy class also l oTTers sTudenTs The opporTuniTy To make use il 3 oT The Telescope Tor sTudy oT The sTars and l planeTs. ChemisTry... The science oT ChemisTry. which is The science oT The elemenTs and Their compounds, is TaughT Thor- oughly in The several courses oT chemisTry aT SToclcTon College. Mathematics Siocldon College offers slu- denis a wide choice of Home Economics classes. Among The classes olllered in lhis deparl- menl are Clolhing, Foods and Nulririon, Clolhing Conslruc- lion. and Foundalions for Home Living. Bolh male and female s+uden+s can enroll in mosl of Jrhese classes. Mafhemafics... Home Economics... Srudenis in ihe maihe- maiics classes learn lhe basic fundamenlals and how +o apply Jrhem To marhemalical problems. Some of The classes offered are algebra, geomefry, calculus, and Jrrigonomelry. gi, QQ Miss Lorraine Knoles The STudy oT Economics has become viTal and highly prac- Tical in This day and age. The main principals oi economics are TaughT in The course oT The same name. Personal Econom- ic and ProiecTs in Personal Economics are also popular courses. Social --- Miss Knoles is chairman oT The Social Science deparTmenT. She has been chairman since l945. While aTTending Col- lege she maiored in lndusTrial ArTs. She is a charTer member oT STockTon College. and has TaughT l-lisTory and PoliTical Science. Economics... Philosophy... PoliTical Science... Y i .S Hi STudenTs in philosophy classes sTudy, Basic American ideals and insTiTuTions discuss. and analyze The greaT ideas oT are sTudied in order To apply Them To The world. A sTudy is also made of The undersTanding and analyzaTion oT eThics and meTaphysics in Their aspecTs problems of The presenT. of philosophy. Science v Sodologyu. Sludenis in sociology sludy individual and communiiy problems in our ever- changing world. Sociology is one of The many courses lhe San Joaquin Gen- eral l-lospiial nurses ialce ai Siocldon College. Hisfory... .5I..'i'Q Psychology... The science of human behavior and ils background and impor- Tance is iaughi in psychology as an aid for lhe greaier undersiand- ing of man and his sociely. X ML 'El' A survey of The social, economic, and cullural forces Jrhai coniribuie To The progress of America is Jraughl in Jrhe U. S. l-lislory courses offered a+ bolh lower and upper division levels. The U.S. Consiilufion is siressed in ihe upper division as well as California hislory. A sludy of 'rhe hislory of Wesiern Europe lhrough ancieni civilizaiion 'ro The preseni is also laughin A A , ,w,4. .lv I .1 x fl L V Wil- T' 5. i Q, :1f,1gii::'.2. V., . I J--. w ,,. 1. Da' w. b. Qzmm. .ceq . ..1.,H ,, , .,. k-- , . n- JL: - 6' 'J "fi-' :. .gun .,1 ' U..-' vu, 1. Ax x 1 .:v' . 'nf X- . r!,,. . Q...vk. f . , 451-: CC ' .,13:.. E., ,4 -',..,- , , 1 , K 4. 1 . 9127- 7' IJ. -KT' . . zz-,Q ,, 4 , .mu1'I-f:.'.-- f' - . -'ff'-.-1 .. - 5j,,L.l-f :J V. , 'V .,... 5, X ,. , ,J wk. dy! al-, , - -in ., 1 .-3, r. .P -1---13:11 351. A ' 'ff 1-?E5r'iIViY- "' 5,f'v7G.'5 . - 11 1f:,5,g1yf-A ' ' . L31 f5.Y?r.:'f ' T' - .-6 . X' . I -L x. .1 '. ' . -IT Gp 355.-. Hs. f. 'Z'-7, if ,131- .z" ' 2. . fe Sr -4 A li 'Q 117, . . . - -:.' 1' 4.L-I-,af ii wr -' r . rpyx Q. 1. in .:,- JL42' 'L' , .., -3155? V Win or lose, rain or shine, Marla BarreT, DoroThea Surryhne, and Bobbi Burke are always on hand To cheer up The cusTomers and The Team. The popular Trio reign as MusTang Song leaders. Song Cheer The pep and energy puT TorTh by The cheerleaders can someTimes make or break a game. SpiriTed Jim PorTer, Beverly Schock, and Ivan Isaacson lead. The Tans wiTh loTs of pep. Leaders Leaders The Coll song leaders, Joan DeCarli, l-larrielr l-lollenbeclc, Julie lvlasheclc, and Marlene Alvas, wifnessed many of Jrhe vicfories as well as losses of Jrhe Coll 'reams and were always ready 'ro le? The reams know we were roofing for fhem. 'r Lf Beverly Goold, LaVonne Crismon and Breyer Calverf display a rouline familiar Jro fhe roofing secfions, whose presence and spiril' a+ The alhlelic confesls helped lhe col'rs capiure many viclories 'For Slocldon College. H- Hg' it +-SU X Sfockfon College presidenf Julio Borfolazzo warmly welcomes visiring Bob Malrhias. Three happy Jubilee Queen linalisfs chosen a+ The Colf- McCla+chy game: Ann Copeland, Tansy l-lerpich, and Judy Lee Ronlelle. Don"l know if 'rhey can wriie, buf who cares? These Collegian - EI Recuerdo s+a'Fl members display +heir Jralenls al +he parade. The 1953 There is always a feeling of excilemenl during ihe planning and execulion of Slocldon College's annual Jubilee. This year's celebraiion commenced wiih a rally lealuring slar Olympic alhlele. Bob lvlalhias. who gave his inspiring views on good sporlsmanship. The affernoon following The Coll-McCla+chy game, crowds lined Weber and Main slreels lo see The annual Jubilee Parade wilh ils comic-boolc characlers Jrheme. Pholrographer Jim McClelland pauses in mid-air-U probably couldn'+ resisl' 'ripping The cameraman. Jubilee ll was a hard decision, bul iudges finally agreed lhal 'rhis dark-eyed beauly was iusl lhe girl 'ro represenl lhe '53 Jubilee. The winner: Ann Copeland Expecfanf couples line up lo join in 'rhe Jubilee Dance fun. The dance was The highlighfing climax 'ro anolher successful Jubilee. Prominenf S C personali'ry Jim Porfer shows his dale The lafesl' sfep. "!:n6Lg 1 l 4 'K Vw Q' ,l M 1" 'lil r.. Q W 1" 4 W fa 611, n VA, 1. EQ 'E' 5:1 l L Sf Qu 1 4, I A Q' r It Fe: -ff L, X' . f I , A z - X 1 N xtyl L I L. : T 1 A f 67 54 J I . A jf u 4 I. Q - 1. Q- I . 55" ' Q,-.Q X 'F f E' , L f A Q , 1 if J Nh.. at 1 f Ui: f R 'I is .A ' 04-if Gala, 5 . 4" Q-'I ,M4,?" """ :qv- 5' x ,. -fm.. vc '-?e.,, I Q' 1 ' 117 Rallies Bob Harlan doing one of his panlomimes in 'rhe Jrwelfih grade rally. A campus iuariei' sings some of iis own rendilions ar an enfer- Jrainmenl' ra ly. Joe Garcia, John TeSelle, John Guirao, and l Glenn Shellcross harmonize on Jrhis one. L Siocldon College band comes Jrhrough wiih a iasie of Hs raleni and livens spiriis ai a rally. "The Persian Cai," presenied by 'rhe fourieenih grade class, was based on The days of King Darius III, of Persia, bui feaiured some very up-io-dale "ca'rs". Phil Silver siarred as The king wi'rh 'rhe roving eye. The Winning Rally Will boys or girls of The audience sing louder To save Their sex Trom The doom oT a pie in The Tace? Looks like iT was a Tie. l'-lelen Kappos and Alex Linker are The vicTims. -ll Chuck Bloch, deTecTive in The skiT, "Murder," Tries To solve The mysTery OT a sTolen class ring. OThers in- volved are Bill Kobus, STeve Thines, and Dick Dander. I I . 'w , X T ATTer The presenTaTion oT a rally by each oT The Tour classes ll lTh, I2Th, l3Th l4Th graclesl, The Thir- TeenTh grade class received a plaque from The Rally CommiTTee Tor The besT performance. Joe Garcia, ThirTeenTh grade presidenT, accepTs The plaque on behalf oT his class Trom Breyer CalverT, Rally Com- missioner. above. Garcia, Liz Foley, Glenn Shellcross, Charmaine EllsworTh. Mary AThans, and Bloch conclude The rally wiTh a comedy song and dance number, "Life Upon The Wicked STage." This was ceriainly a curiain raiser and an eye opener. Aflanfic Ciiy has noihing on "Our Miss Taverner" Siariing off wiih a "gorgeous gam" coniesi, The faculfy assembly was a roaring success This year. H was highlighieci wiih comedy when Dean Margaref Taverner received ihe "grand prize." Winner Jrakes all, and here's fhe prize. Faculty The Men's Physical Eclucalion Deparlmenf masquerading as "Spanish A+hle+es" in 'rheir produclion of "Carmen," ssembly Local girl makes good. Carmen's magic allure caplivales The boys "Wha+ do I clo now?" faculfy member George Delvlange aslcs Mrs. Kay Seagraves. 9 from "Raggmoppecl" "Sam Spi++oon" els Jrhe lowdown Arch Brown. Maxim Popovich Direcfor CAST M Mrs. Manningham - Mr. Manningham - - Nancy ---- Elizabelh - Rough - - Is+ Defecfive - 2ncl Defecive - - Peggy Dewar Michael Percy JeaneHe Sullivan Mary Lou Hall - - Bob Euslis - - Jon Smi+l1 - - Ed Gen+ry Gaslight The Silver Whistle Back slage scene CAST Mr. Beebe - - Mrs. l-lanmer - Mrs. Hoadley - Miss Trip - - ReverenclJWa+son Mrs. Sampler - Mr. Cherry - - Mrs. Gross - - Oliver Erwenrer Emmelnl' - - - Bishop - - Fafher Shay - Mr. Beach - Mr. Reddy - - Policeman - - - - - - -DonRile - - - Par Comslocll Ba rba ra Guenrher - - - Cynihia Pfeifer - - - - Rickie Fosler Jeannine Williams - Willa Jean Srevahn - - - - John Vincenl Larr Angelo - I Miguel, De Toro - - Jerry Hardig - Michael Percy - John Arnold - - Vicfor Luckey - - Ed Genlry "You're in Jrhe Army Now" was presenled by lhe Rally Commillee and gave some ideas on whal could happen when girls join Jrhe army. .,, -V - , Y ,..4 ,.. ,Y W N..-,il .,.,.:..-- -fi-. "Show of Schnnoosu was done by ihe drama deparlmenl, which feaiured a journey To anolher planei wilh myslrer- ious happenings. They look firsi place. Key Club did a lake-olll on Spike Jones' version of The Opera. "Carmen" in panlo- mime. Here are some would- be Spanish dancing girls. Sec- ond place wenl lo This group. The Variety Show A group of sTudenTs represenTing The ThirTeenTh grade aT The evenT give Their version of an old Tashionecl "school of The dance." Al Fields, as "TonTo" brings The "Lone STranger" his "shooTin' irons" in Alpha Gamma Sigma's presenTaTion aT The VarieTy Show. Members of The T'ourTeenTh grade class placed second wiTh Their pre- senTaTion of "The Persian Cat" The ploT cenTered around King Darius lll of Persia, and was an original. Mary Jayne Krebs Edifor lFalll ,vs , A.:-f L Bill Cook Eclifor lSpringl The Collegian Bolo Euslis Managing Edifor lSpring Roy Sayles, Frank Romano, Jerry French P h r s ofographe Nancy Fullon Business Manager The Collegian S+a'Ff ,U I5 Circulalion S+aFF --- Helen Ross Marion Desrosiers, Diane Business S+aFF --- Jackie l-looe, Joan Malloy, Bev Lawlon and Pal Aihans. "s 5.32256-W-zmrwhy Aziz' Campbell, Bob Pelerson, Mike liuhlmann, Pall Comsiock. SPOHS Sianin' Bob Oil-San edllori Dennis Bowman- Clin Cl-pf R Id . Reynolds, and Fred Ramahlo. I GYDO S The Collegian Sfaff --- Row I: Bob Eusfis, Jean Dooley, Bill Cook Row 2: Joan Malloy, Shirley Williams, Jan Roberls, Helen Ross, Diane Campbell, Ozzelsie Williams Row 3: Jerry French, Marion Derosiers, Kaihy Wilson, Bev Lawlon, Pal' l-lamilion, Jackie l-looe, Pall' Com- sfock, Bob O'Lear Row 4: Roy Sayles, Fred Ramahlo, Cliff Reynolds, Bob Pefer- son, Ted Harris, Bob Allari, Dennis Bow- man, Mike Kuhlmann, Ed Lewis, advisor. The Fun GSI' Royal honors adorn king Norm Shumway and queen Claire Herring as +hey pose logeiher afler lhe coronaiion. The royal couple was seleclred from among 32 candi- dales. Afler wailing in suspense, Jrhe winners were announced ai midnighi by 'rhe Fun Fesl chairman, Dave Wilson. lla.. :M 55. UE Gnly one Jrhin dime, ihe ienlh pari oi a dollar! Take a chance!--- everybody wins! maybe. Bu? i+ is gaiely Jrhai aciually reigns as a few Fun Fesiees pause from Their srrenuous celebralions for refreshmenls ai 'rhe sidewalk cafe. il Transformed To a Paris sTreeT scene, The barn is all dressed up Tor The Fun FesT. The splendor oT The mural was only Tem- porary Though, when aTTer only one day an unpredicfed downpour drenched whaT reTlecTed hours oT painsTaking work. The arTisTs were Barloara Reyburn, GarreTT Kinser, and ForesT l-larrison. This year's Fun FesT, wiTh a "Gay Paree Theme aTTracTed a crowd oT 2.500 people and caughT SToclcTon College In a whirl oT TesTuve galeTy capTurIng The lighThearTed spiriTs oT The whole sTudenT body The decoraTions proved To be The cenTer oT aTTracTxon aT The gay aTTalr wlTh The gl1sTemng ErTTel Tower occupying The middle oT The dance Tloor, Talcmg all The honors Tor or1gmallTy and craTTsmanshlp Stockton College Band Colt Maioreftes These sparkling maiorelles added a lasie of glamour To lhe Coll foolball games. Their able and skillful lwirling was always a lreai during halfrime acrivifies. Lelr ro righl' are Marilyn Benjamin, Mary Dowell, Ann Robinson, Anifa Adams, and Tansy Herpich. Nor piclured is Judy Dodgen. jjKTg 'Q 1. db ULLE Anifa Adams, Sallie Alexander, Carol Avery, Henry Avila, Palsy Balmer, Marvel Barajas, Mar Beniamin, Barbara Canepa, Joan Clark, Leonard Collon, Jimmy Courlney, Bobby Craig, Ja Drummond. John Edens, Janel' Fairbanks, James Faucelr. Palriclc Flenlge, Barbara Fox, Cha Gardner, Allen Geyer. Leslie Gini, Ina Graham, Ted Greene. Bob Greneveld, Don Hardie, J Hardig, Bob Harlan, William Harris, Winifred Haysom, Bran? Heisinger, Tansy Herpich, J Holck, Helen Huffman, Hazel Huffman, Leroy Johannaber, Oscar Johnson, Buddy Kilburn, Susie Charles Lorenson, Pefer Lucchesi, David Marshall. Larry Marlin, Lulher Miller, Gene Moccafi Joe Moir. Glen Money, Pal Moresco, Joan Nessen, John Newell, Charles Newman, Hazel Odg Roberra Odgers. Roberi' Olney, Frank Panoncialman, Rex Proper, Wayne Rayner, Mike Reyno Adrian Sims. Gerald Simpson, Bill Slandley, Lynn Slavens, lvy Teverbaugh, George Thomp. Bob Vigario, Joan Villavicencio, John Walker. Lewis Washinglon, Charles Williams, Kenn Wimberly, Judy Wolll. ,. .4 The Coll' Band? lf' The Sloclcion College Coll Band. under lhe direclion of Arfhur J. Hollon. swings down Kensinglon Way in a praclice session. This year's band again look lop honors in conlesls 'rhroughoul The slale. Sweer music comes from Jrhe 'ralenled members of Jrhe combined Srocldon College - College of Jrhe Pacific Orcheslra, under 'rhe direclion of faculry member Horace Brown. SC - CO P Orchestra SC Members of 'rhe Band are: Lois Cogorno, Marvin Ellenberg, Ina Graham, Phil l-lardiman Randall l-lays, Raymond Lipperl, Joanne Locke, George Nagara, Joyce Schroeder, Mary Sheridan Marilyn Srarr. David TeSelle, Lee Ann Vanderlorcl, Russell Warner, John Wright Frances Zdarslci 'l' Troubadors Row I: Carol Ballin, Barbara Yelp, Marguerile Rapp, accompanislg Genevieve Cabaliza, Rila Garcia Row 2: Marlene Long, Jean Dagleish, Gw n Flowers, Glenna Mowrey, Jean Dooley, Susan Seaman, Landra Mooberry. Row 3: Delberl' Simmons, Charles Craig, Ella Byers, Donna Pearson, Shermaline Cooper, John Guiroa, Don Farrell Row 4: Emerson Sullon, Richard Rishwain, William Dodge, Ben Savage, John Arnold, James Tomlinson, absenl: James Sanlana. A Cappella Row I: Jane Tornquisl. Carmelila Caslro, Judy Johnslone, Nancy Carlson, Phyllis Ball, Pauline O'Brianl, Elaine l-lowse, Connie Cooper, Nancy Sad, Diane Breene, Shirley Trump Row 2: Lois LaBonl'e, June Dielz, Helen Germain, Verna Brolly, Frances Kelly, June Hook, Elizabelh Whillle, Palrly Lloyd, Sheila Gillen, La Vonne Sielken, Joan Winrermanlel, Jean Crawford, Carol Agaian Row 3: Bruce Shore, Phil Laing, Darrell Crawford, Dick Rea, Vernon Shinn, Ar? Lewis, Fred Lossman, Rudy Sun, John Wenlz, Warren Lilflelon Row 4: Larry Wells, Lee Nave, Tom l-lull, Keilh Roper, Jon Pearce, Claylon Smilh, Don Cunningham, Dick Roberfson lmanagerl Row l: Esrella Gibson, Robin Locke, Marilyn Benjamin, Pal Terry, Sharon Eggerl, Wilma Ori, Janel' Porlker, Rulh Adelson, Mary Kyle Row 2: Joanne Wild, Nadine Meyer, lna Flemming, Gloria Burlon, Yvonne Jackson, Marlha Dragoo, Nancy Gray, Opal King, Janice Tarke, Chrisline Roberls, Calalina Repollo Row 3: Annelle Granger, Marilyn Mainard, Marlene Mikslell, Jeiclerlene Piero, Gloria Cahliza, Faye Barnes, Calherine MacKenzie, Mr. Flollon. Women's Choir Mustang Debate 'David King. Mervin Hoffman, Joyce Albright, John TeSeIle, James Peale, Paul Hubbard, 'Phil Silver, Roger Good, Paul Winters, coach, standing. Colt Debate Row I: Don Henderson, Rodlyn Seivers, Dona Summerhays, Don Cooper Bill Nietman Row 2: Keith Davis, Phil Clark. Clayton Bentley, Jack Freeman Vahl Clemenson, Leonard Corren, John Fannuchi, coach. Jackie Semper Class Acfiviiies Edifor Y' Dorollwea Graslwam Graduaies Ediior H61 'G Janel Crawford Sfudenf Governmen+ Edifor Adminisfralion Ediior Chuck Bloch Sporls Ediior EI Recuerclo -paw" Pa+Jri Dyer Co-Curricular Edifor Jackie Dubois El Recuerclo Edifor Belly Lawsefh Clubs Edi+or I ...l- MQA 'EQ Mr, Edmund Lewis Faculfy Advisor Ba rba ra Clwappuis 'l Nancy Fullon Bob Gibson Adverlising Edilor Circulafion Manager I' FJ GarreH Kunser C0'A'l Edna' Miss Doris Hoenisch Ari Advisor l-larolcl Schimpi' Co-Ari Edifor ,,,.-1-"""' '-'fs " l E 'r-'713,- r.'I', . Frank Romano Pai' Nrhans, Frances Barron, Kalhy Wilson Sfaff "Pal" and Head Photographer Copy Sfaff Z Jerry French Assisfanf Phoiographer . Row I: Chuck Bloch, Charmaine Ellsworlh, Elizabelh Foley, Par Afhans, Ka+hyWilson, Jerry French Row 2: Anna Lou Carlson, Belly Lawselh, Mary Olher pholographers who helped in 'rhe produclion Arhans, Janel' Crawford, Jackie Dubois. Nancy Fulron, Frances Barron, Ecl of +he yearbook are Dr. George Eby and Bob Eusfis Lewis,. advisor. Noi' piclured are Mary Jayne Krebs, Dorolhea Grasham, Barbara Chappuis and Bob Gibson. U California Scholarship Federalion Row I: Jackie Reeves, lrene Guinn, De Anne Leong, Jeaneile Wong, Dianne Campbell, Ozelie Williams, Yvonne Walker, Lorelia Leong Row 2: Pai Hobin, Roberl' Yasui, Jack McDonald, Esfella Cox, Yvonne Meyer, Diane Cusier, Jean Pereira, Darlene Marsland, Maud Teverbaugh, Ann Yoneshige, Berlha Deming, Judy Wollenhaupl Row 3: Tom Gondo, Carl Drennan, Margarer Rose, Beily Lowry, Sylvia Bradbury, Connie McGraw, Marilyn Siarr, Mariha Mallery, Joan Nalcawafase, Beverly Lawron, Shirley Duncan Row 4: Kazuo Masai, Benny Gonzales, John Dolph, David Rule, David Sears, LaVonne Reed, Mary Wever, Verdella Nicholas, Jean Hisaka, Miss Veva Brown, advisor Row 5: John Lee, Kenneih Nishikawa, Sieve Sfocking, Harley Rolh, Charles Ledger, Bob Evanhoe, Noel Walden, Don DeNevi, Jim Morrison, George Roberfs, Keilh Gosnell. "Scholarship for Service" is lhe mollo of California Scholarship Federaiion, or- 3 . 1, A Lai CSF lnilialion Banquel Miss Veva Brown, sponsor, speaking aiier The iniiiaiion ceremony. Also picrured from lefl' +o righl are Mary Sluarl, vice presideni: David TeSelle, our-going presi- denl: Marcia Johnson, secreiary. ganized for sludenis who have a 2.5 grade average. Three our of four semeslers in Jrhe club eslablishes lile membership. Members serve as guides for new slu- denls and visiling groups. Bill Malhewson Presidenl' if- 3' G. l KJ 1 SEM . E Q Miss Veva Brown Sponsor ..g11,m:..g4..,'. is Row I: Megumi Tomimalsu, Marcia Johnson, Mary Siuarf, Beverly Goold, Darlene Lucchesi, Ola Mae Slubbs, Glenna Mowry, Arlyce Johnson Row 2: Shirley Fox. Dawnyse Summerhays. Nancy Sakai, Deyea Swineford, Juanila Milion, Mary Larimer, Jac ueline Woods Row 3: Elizabelh Bezzerides, Jane Mizuno, Aldene Kasa, Hisaye Abe, Jessee Welch. Don Cima, Howard Seligmen, Frank Lavoraio Row 4: Anna Garcia, Donald Thomas. Ted Finucane, Maxwell Freeman, Jack Saxon. Russell Warner, Keilh Keppel, Eslher Jen Row 5: David Wilson, Mickey Korbholz, John Adamson, Miss Veva Brown, advisor, Garreli Kinser, Phil Simpson, Bill Malhewson. Row I: Willi Heclmenlaible, Julie Devecchio, Barbara Chappuis, Mary Richards, Ruby Uyemura, Claudene Moresco, Barbara Richards Row 2: James Barron. George Karo, Deloris Fuller. Yvonne Engle. Eleanor Mefzler, Joan Marciano, Norman Shumway Row 3: Saul Gong. John Paxson, Phil Silver, Jack Dolcey, Don Smifh. David King, Horace Lealce. Jose Bernardo. AGS was formed ro inspire scholarship and ro prepare Norm Shumway members for higher levels P'eSlde"l I of work. Membership re- ,JL 'E -. y Misseladydenerd qulremenl is a 2.0 grade Q V Z " Sponsor average. Dr. Arnold Porrer, COP Professor, Q -3 addresses members ar 'rhe AGS inirialion banquer li lg-x J i ' cz? "l ,, - I V X, 1 .5-1' sw ' 7. kk -.LF :if L .1:!:a'Q gp Alpha Gamma Sigma Row I: Harrier Rolhsfein, Bobbi Burlce, Gerd Else l-lolmsen. Franca Vedova. Adele Canfale, Mariorie Simmons. Charmaine Ellsworfh, Margarer Moore. Linda Herrmann, Marie Sfagnaro Row 2: Marla Barrelr, LaVona Hansen. Doris Spencer, Frances Barron, Joyce Young, Beryl Bradley. Shirley Williams, Amilda Tollcmir. Sally De'la'Riva, , Balbina Garbiso, Marcia Simmons, Lena Gogna, Dena Canepa Row 3: Tom Earley, Glenn Shellcross. Arr Godi, Jesse Bafres. Bill Kobus, Loren Mar. Frank Lee, Joe Garcia, Ed Zamrilc. x Alf L I Row I: Arlen Gray, Deloris Fuller, Judy Johnsfone, Claudene Moresco Row 2: Mary Jayne Krebs, Sandra Alberfi, Barbara Baldwin, Claire Herring, Shirley Beroldo, Joan Marciano - Row 3: Wilma l-leckenlaible, Doroihea Grasham, Yvonne Engle, Jeannine Williams, Dora Hansen, Helen Danner, sponsor. Fourieenih Year Women's Honorary Seleclion of ouislanding siudenis for 'rhis service organizalion is based on a sysiem which 'ralces in'ro accounlr scholarship and leadership. Sponsoring The college's annual Chrisrmas dance is one of Jrhe major proiecls of This group. Main purpose of Jrhe Audio Visual Club is To help 'rrain srude-n'rs 'ro run proieciors and ofher audio A Vigualgquipmenfn Row I: Lula Mae King, Maxine King, Elizabeih S1'ewar+, Berry Smifh, Beverley Lawlon, Verdella Nicholas, Leona Nelson Row 2: George Roberis, Jim Azevedo, Jim Myers, Warren Clark, Ray Wiebe, Sylvia Woodall, Ernesi' Spafford, advisor: David Tapia Row 3: Ed Brown, Bob Farihing, Ken Lane, Roberi Kelley, David Yearicks, Larry McClary, Roberf Warner. l Sfandingz Bill Curfis, Chuck Gib Bi- Sci his club is designed or sludenrs inreresied in learning more abour careers and various aspecls. from medi- ine, den+is'rry, and clinics reg- vislr and speak rhe club. Barbara Jacobs, Marla Barrefr, Ernesrine Primm lun 'Row I: Maxim Popovich, insrrudror: Barbara Treece, Jeanerle Sullivan, Linda Edson, Jean Boyde, Evl n Gonzalez, Marilyn Monrgomery, Willa Jean Srevahn, Ruby l-leikkinen Row 2: John Arnold, Calvin Callaway, Jerry l-lardig, Miguel DeToro, Larry Angelo, Rickie Fosfer, Colleen Cross. Flying Club xviarion-minded srudenis be- Jng 'ro The Flying Club. which a designed ro promore infer- s'r in aviarion and parricipa- 'on in flight Sfanding: Bill Curiis, Chuck Gibson, Charles Gray, Ralph Jones, Jim Smirh, Duane Hanson Kneeling: Warren Kibby, Mr. Harry Schuh, advisor, Dan Abeyfa Row I: Mrs. Adele Sharpe, labora+ory Jrechniciang Harrier Rorhsfein, Marlene Merrovich, Charleen Morrell Row 2: Bob Craig, David King, Arr Godi, Jim Barron, Norm Shumway, Mrs. Verna Johnsron, advisor Jessie Pigg, Maxine Primm, George Kaio, Mary Johnson, Carl Berryman, insi'ruc'ror: John Arnold, insiruclor SCITS Srocklon College Inrramural Thearrical Sociery was organized To give members a beHer knowl- edge of ourslanding 'rhearrical produc+ions and ro promoie en- ihusiasm for drama. if il ls ill i , ll", ' J' . 'ZW ,VC Row I: Dan Marlinez, Dave Harrison llcneelingl Row 2: Bob G-renveld, Brenl' l-leisinger, John Taylor, Buddy Kilburn, Ari Godi, Henry Avila, Jim Byers Row 3: Roberi' Kirby, Jim Newberry, Troy Vales, Jessee Welch, Bill Dolillemyer, Warren Kirby, Keiih Gosnell, Roberl Sohnrey, Tom Barron, advisor Row 4: Ken Lane, Lawrence Alcoi, Marvin Alcoi, Dale Scolr, James Brinkman, Franlc Pahoncialman, Jay Lane. Key Club Key Club's obieclive is service lo 'rhe school. One of Jrhe high- lighls of lhe Slocklon Key Club's aciivilies Jrhis year was lo play hosl To The annual California- Nevada - l-lawaii convenlion. Headliners j 5., il -. 6 ., ,.fi,IjA ' ". "' Headliners is devoled 'ro 4 l furlhering publicalion ac- riviries on campus and promoling ideals of jour- nalism. Ideas and words pour from Jrhe Collegian slafl. Mary Jayne Krebs, Pa'r Alhans lbaclc 'ro cameral, Pa'r Murphy, Gary l-lill, Bob Eusiis, and Bob Allari lrearl, prepare +o meer a deadline. .law . ,l, Row I: Jean Dooley, Nancy Fullon, Mary Jayne Krebs Row 2: Pai Murphy, Janel' Roberls, Jaclclyn Dubois, Frank Romano, Bob Euslis, Ed Lewis, advisor, i I - -,., ,- wr Row I: Carla Lindsey, Dosie Juanifas. Esfelle Lommel. Adele Canfele, Evelyn Frosf, Mary Lou Smiih, Janice Casfeline. Peggy Davenporf, Nancy Borba, Nora Hernandez Row 2: Richard Vavrik. Deanna Daclin. Mary Siuarl, Mary Ann Bonuccelli, Marilyn Smifh, Frances Sanri- noni, Shirley Benedict Marvel Baraias, Shirley Cannon. Sonia Vuinovic Row 3: Ralph Aguilar, Miss Veva Brown, advisor: Leo Gardella, Sue Chisamore, Rodlyn Sievers, Barbara Andreae. Jane'r Casfiglione, Barbara Jacobs. Mary Slella Polsinelli, Ann McCauley. Beverley Meador. Ruih Kimble, Barbara Meador, Jeanne Fleming, Anna Rose Fornaciari. John Andreae Row-1: Prenfice Rushing, Charles Beriuccelli, Charles Ledger, Tom Safes, Gary Kinser, Tom Earley. John Somers. Carl Drennan. Bob Kavanaugh, Don Denevi. Phil Trau, Don' Pleau. Wesley Silvani. Faiher John Glasky, chaplain. Made up of Caiholic s+uden+s only, Newman Club slrives io develop a Newman wholesome personalify in each mem- ber by aciivilies based on religious. social. and inlelleclual values. of snow, pleniy of fun, plenly of laugh1er-- ihe Newman snow +rip 'lo Yosemile Na- Pdfk- Colleen Gd"dQl1e'Si+S+"iS one Gul- Round Table is a club for elevenih and 'rwelflh Round Table grade siudenis who enloy lislening To speakers, viewing movies or 'raking parr in discussions of school and communiiy problems. Row I: Sally Walker, John Adamson, Charles Curris, Richard Diamond. Sally Nelson, Bill Kobus, Par Jensen Row 2: Peggy Dewar, Pa+Shum, lna Graham, Margare+Allen, JerryGrHz, Glenn Shellcross, Jack Freeman, Alberr Ferrari Row 3: l-lermi'rSpalinger, Clayion Beniley, Bill Marhewson, Ar+Godi, Max Barbenadvisor: Foresf Harrison, Garrehl Kinser Row I: Sieve Sione, Roy Takeuchi, Pere Slone, Hayman Gong, Charles Ledger, Pal' Hobin, Don Ferrari, Gary Kinser, Russell Warner, DeWayne Osborn Row 2: Kazwo Mosai, Yoshiaki Murano, Dick Osborne, Jack Avey, Sharline Davis, Josephine Oriega, Linda Edson, John Newell, Allen Geyer Row 3: Roberl Kirby, Shigeru Nakaoka, Wesley Norris, Donna Esposaio, Gaye Grenfell, Sally Nelson, Nancy McRae, Joanne Kim, Mee Ling Wong, Loraine Erpilla Row 4: Beverly Allison, lris Carier, Saul Gong, Wilber Weber, lna Graham, Frances Zdarsky, Marlha Mallery, Judy Wollenhaupf, Beverly Lawion Row 5: Laura Swinney, Carol Ann Wildberger, Par Crumb, Pal Hamillon, Jackie Reeves. Willa Jean Sievahn, David H. Rule. George Turner, Claylon Benlley, Hermie Spalinger, Tecl Finucane, Alberi Ferrari Row 6: Kuruko Yozi, Leona Nelson, Carla Lindsey, Donna Spradling, Jane AbboH', Margol Seymour, Sylvia Bradbury, Miss Ellen DeRuchie, Maud Teverbaugh, Yvonne Meyer, Lee Ann Vanderford, George Nagala Row 7: Reyburn Collis, Clinron Waring, Harvey Derne, Dave Bennallack, Roger DeRieux, B-ob Evanhoe. Le Cercle Francais French and German Club By corresponding wilh foreign counlries, sending clolhing packages lo France,Germany, Auslria, Czechoslovakia and Korea, members of Jrhe French and German Club hope i promole greaier undersland of America from abroad. Le Cercle Francais l'l'he French Circlel offers siudenls a chance 'ro praclice Jrheir French knowl- edge in everyday conversalions and club aciiviiies. Row I: Bob Websler, Arlen Gray, Jack Doke , Adele Canlele, Miss Rulh Smi+h,sponsor Row 2: Liz Foley, David King, Marlene Melrovicli, Bobbi Burke, Ann Buechler, Mrs. EH'a Haucly Row 3: Bob Dessaussois. Gary Hill, Bob Pinol, Roger Linn l ,,,,,, ,nn ,. 1 5, If if L L Ib OS EYOS X i s lberos meels formally To dis- and .par'rici- in Spanish s+oms and nces. The oup is com- fl of Miss ne Selna's classes. I Darlene Blumberg and Conslance Courlwrighl' enieriain club mem- bers during fha Chrisimas parly by demonsrraling a Spanish dance. i i The acrivilies of ihe Pep Club, formed in l953, are based on promolion of school spirit Row I: Donald Schaeffer, advisor: Mary Jayne Krebs, Barbara Junqueiro Row 2: Carol Ealon, Charmaine Ellsworrh Row 3:..Gary l-lill, Barbara McEleroy, Row 4: Darlene Erion, Pal Afhans, Row 5: John Paxson, Joyce Young, Row 6: Norman Shumway, Edlzamrik, Tom Earley, Foreground: Eugene Barron, Jim Cornelius lblindfoldedl Row I: Amelia Roman, Dora lnquillo, Glenna Mowry, Mary Larimer, Earma Smilh, Opal Goodwin, Shirley Duncan Row 2: George Thompson, Angie Ruiz, Consfance Courlwrighl, Darlene Blumberg. Barbara Loclcard, Gail l-larrman, Sonia Carlson, Karen Dahl, Miss Adeline Selna, advis- org Belly Lowry, Leora Joy Denny, Deann Brown, Mary Roman Row 3: Marie Williams, Deanna Daclan, Joan Nalcawalase, Jean l-lisalca, Carolyne Cooper, Halcyon Miller, Gary Drake, Ari Bass, Theresa Gaboiero, Richard Hubbard. Pep Club Bobbi Burke Barbara Tryzna Mar Alhans Breyer Calverl' Row I: Gary Drake, Dick Diamond, Alan Caldwell, Sieve Sliles Row 2: Bill Malhewson, Claylon Benlley, John Jones, Jim Hunler, David Miller, Mac Teverbaugh. Phalanx Thirleenlh and lourleenlh year male sludenls compose lhis club whose inleresls cenler around civic problems. Lefl' 'l'o righl: David Smilh, Leo Guidi, Hank Eilers, Bob Roseck, Al Molina, Frank Baldwin, sponsor: Charles Walsh Tri Terces Lancers Hi Y Lancers Hi Y is a club for elevenlh and 'rwelllh gra male sludenls, and requires a "C" average or bell for membership. Their chief purposes are parri palion in World Service proieclrs and a model le islalure al Sacramenlo. This girls' club operales fro -. The local YMCA. Promori of service and social work a ils main goals. Row I: Ada Langenbach, Barbara Trzyna. Diane Price, Mary Reynosa, Elaine Sulrlon Row 2: Miss Wilma Ambrose, sponsor: Linda Edson, Anil'a Green, Claire Herring, Dorolhea Grasham, Parr Comslock, Frances Barron, Mary Jayne Krebs. Sn'-ack-I-on voca-I-ional Au-I-0 Parliameniary procedure and beiier driving I habiis oi members are siressed in Jrhe Voca- iional Auio Club. Row I: Mr. Herman Breding, advisor: Gene Talley, Ed Zamrik, Sieve Chacon, Leroy Goularr, Anihony Savio, Ivan Dill, Joseph Aiilano, Frank Grande, Manuel Caruso, Ray Lopez, Leroy Jones, Budd Klingensmifhe, Delberi' Jack, Richard Newman, Gonsalo Villapondo, Thomas Wilson, Simon Zambra, Kenneih Bard, Charles Jones, advisor ' Row 2: Rex Moquiie, Masami Shingu, Telesforo Guirerrez, A. V. Grounds, Mike Consrancio, Donald Canialoupi, Richard Caballero, Duane Willingham, David Scorien, Clyde Walfher, Gar Wirfh, Alfred Sgheiza, Fred Lee, Hong Huey, Jerry Riggs Row 3: Paul Curry, Kosei Maisushira, Herman Woociiuff, Leadell Traylor, Alden Spencer, John Hermosillo, Clifford Bradfu+e, Elgene Ghan, Larry McClary, Jerald Zimmerman, Bill Weese, John Marble, Gilford Palmer, Richard Brown, Ron Laughlin, Tom Smifh, Rober+ Smirh, Benny Coleman, Billie Speegle, Walier Pafrerson, Bob Dusiin, Carl Schweiizer, Tom McElhinnie, Oliver Clark. Body and Fender Promolion of cooperarion and leadership are as imporiani io SC Auro Club as The rechnical Training for auio repair. l . Row I: James Banks, John Regalia, Quinfin Perez, Gabriel Elmidolan, Sen Akaba, Eddie Fernandes, Bob Heckenlaible, Abelardo'Escalen+e, Allen, Paul Holdren, Tony Cuevas , iRow 2: Mark Whiiney, George Hames, Henry Ju, Ronald Lawrence, Don PoH'er, Arihur Owens, Joseph Acosia, insirucror: Ernesf Woodman, insfruciorg Ted Peierson lin carl, Cleveland Bradley, Leland Waliers, Wayne WaHs, Darrell Franklin, Sieve Lindsay, Bob Wingo, Dick Guinasso, Richard Parra Row 3: J. Durwood Gaines, Bob Morris, Don McDonald, John Hermosillo, Donnie Smiih, Verlin Woods, Bob Lindsey, Billy Srephenson, Ronald Finley, Joe Oriega, Leroy Herrera, Bob Moore, Jerry Nowlin, Henry Pine, Gilberl' Barron. Row l: Paul WiTTeman, Kozo Abe, Ralph Rimmer, James Kennedy, Jerry Kimball, Charles JacopeTTi EIec'l'rics Club PromoTing inTeresT and broader undersTanding elecTriciT is The ol The cllub. is open To sTudenTs esTed in elecTriciTy. The organizaTion's are Trips To iniTiaTion dinners, and a day. Row 2: B'erT Young, advisor: Fred Mondragon, RoberT DuBois, my 'j Samuel Moeckly, Don Davis, Melvin Gin l..lA. -i" "lv, Row 3: Cary MarTin, Royce Mayo, Ronald Boone, Richard Knudsen, Barney Jones. T Sl'ockl'on College Chapl'er i--e ' " "AI VN' R L of 'rhe Bob DuBois and Melvin Gin working on The . maTic sign made by The boys in elecrrics ., lg.4Sr"" Pl.-.Q' lg," Yan llgglw H L ' Fu'I'ure Farmers of America DevelopmenT oT AgriculTural leadership, cooperaTion. and ciTizenship in members are The goals oT This group. Row I: Ronny FosTer, Frank Padilla, Phil Friis, Zack ToTTen, Glen FouqueTTe, Arlind FonTes, Gary Shealor, Bill ForTino, George PraTo, Eddie Piazza, ErnesT Moore, Bruce l-lampTon, Franklin Edson, Darryl ClaggeT, Brock SmiTh, Lee SchulTz Row 2: John H. Fredericksen, advisor: Elvin MinaTre, John Padula, l-lollon Moll, Leroy Hughes, Joe Cerri lon TracTorl, Jim Myers, Al MinTun, KenneTh Ambrose, Charles Burkner. Phillip Berger. MaTThew Pless Row 3: KenT Morrill, Kunio Tanaka, George Newsom, George Bishop, Fred l-laase, Bob Logan, David BradsTreeT, Roscoe Clowes, Allan VoighT, Clarence SaTTerwhiTe, Frank STegmiller, John Lea, Dean CorTopassi, Charles Davis, Donald SmiTh, JeTT Adams, Bob Warren, VesTen Laird, Jay Sorensen, Wayne Wilson, Ted Goss, Joel Mauser, James T-l. Beardsley, advisor. SHOP Ju One of Jrhe oulsianding acriviiies of 'rhe ewly formed uiure Nurses of America was a field irip io 'rhe niversiiy of California Medical Cenier. Fu'I'ure Nurses 'iii of America 0 I Row I: Marcia Eaion, Amber Ellis, school nurse: Colleen Flack, Sadalco Shishido, Beicly Shoiwell, Roberf Mar.. Delores Balcerf. Virginia Rugnao, Jessie Delgado. Sylvia Agbulos, Corrine Carmon Row 2: Barbara Ewing, Darlene Lincoln, Earrna Smiih, Leofa Green, Elaine Parlc, Clara Mizuno. Barbara McElroy, Saundra Sollars, Kanoui Ding, Lacy Diclcerson, Pa'H Comsioclc. Eva Lee Robinson, Lucile Warren, Eileen Schlepp, Inez Norman. Cora Pineda. Marlene Parlei. Barbara Canepa Row 3: Mildred Lopez, Opal Goodwin. Leanne Kroh. Shirley Albright Allyne Evans, Loreiia Sfevens, Phyllis Walfers. Thelma Yeii, Eihel Adams, Lou Anne Lawson, Carole Hanlcins, Anne Savidge. Mary Lou Palmer Row 4: Jane Mizuno. Leiha Turner. Elsie Mae Hempsiead. Mary Ann Bonuccelli, Elizebeih Bezzerides, Beairice Ponies, Megumi Tomimaisu. Marie Williams. Eveline Gross, Marge Ginbey. Lavonne Crismon, Pai Brooks, Balbina Garbiso, Margie Goshorn. Fu'l'ure Teachers of America , I' . sa Discussing 'ihe nursing profession al' +he firsi' Fuiure Nurses of America meeiing are Mrs. Eric Rosenberg, member of fha Women's Auxiliary of ihe American Medical Associa- 'i'ion: Marcia Eaion, 5.C. sludenh Miss Amber Ellis, S.C. nurse: and Collen Flack. S.C. siudenf. T- 2 .' r , Row I: Judy Siockwell. Loreiia Willems, Julie DeVecchio, Mary Rosas, Glenna Mowry, Mary Aihans, Jeannine Williams Row2: John Paxson, Charlie Bloch, Marvin Ellenberg, Bill Dodge, Keiih Gosnell, Juan Ulep, Mrs. Lena Knox, sponsor. Furure Teachers of America sirives 'ro culrivaie qualifies necessary in ihe make-up of a good ieacher. Hopeful ieachers-io-be can learn more aboul' 'rhe opporluniiies of lhe leaching profession in +his organizaiion. Graphic Ar'I's The Graphic Aris classes learn from firsihand exper- ience ihe ins and ours of ihe priniing irade. Row I: Jim Braicher, Warren Hobbs, James Tomlinson, Rey Vasquez, George Sanche Lanny Wells, Lucio Hernandez, Harold Gilchrisi, Leslie Davis, advisor Row 2: Mr. Cliff Geddes, advisor: Phil Brome, Mr. James Musio, advisor Row 3: Doug Croy, Lee Parker, Dick Davenport Wesley Massey Row 4: Jack Calkins, Bill Kenoyer, Earl Troiier, Kenny Walier, Wayne Bogar Row 5: Floyd Sievens, Jerry Gregerson Row 6: Troy Vales, Gerald YeHner, Lesier Wagner, Ray Lozano. Here fwo Graphic Arfs sfudenis are l I serfing up 'rhe 'rype 'For The Collegian Ma Row I: Reggie Teichman, Reno Righerre, Jack Presio, Ray Berkenbile, Larry Waiie, Dave Mafheson Row 2: Bill McNeer, John Lewis Row 3: Tom Milligan, advisor: Roberi' Eggiman, Chuck Pilon. Bob Campbell, Jessee Welch, Carrol Thomas, John Taylor Row 4: Howard Bird, Roberi' Savio, Eldon Tiiheringion Row 5: Richard Fideldy, Bud Ellsworfh, Donald Reule, Richard French, Bill Dofilemyer, Charles Walsh, Carl Hansen, Earl McCann chlne Shop g Helping siudenis 'lo gain a beiier undersianding of The mechincal 'rrade is Machine Shop Club's main obieciive. Hs biggesi' ouiside aciiviiy is an annual shop picnic. v-,V Mill Cabinei' Siudenis gain a sense of personal pride and saiis- iaciion in iheir work, as well as lraining in Mill Cabinei Club. Kneeling: Roger Mariani, Don Hawkinson Row I: Frank Mendoza, Buzzy Barbieri, Peie Caileif, Tom Robusielli, Warren Kibby, Nick Garcia, Dan Whiie, Bill McDaniel, Rosario Herrera Row 2: Conrad Anderson, Jim Devincenzi, Mel Paiien, Bill Powell, Jim McClure, Ken Lane, CIii1FRuIleII, lra Van Vlear, advisor O'TooIe's Drafiing Club Sifling: Herberl' Welch, advisor: BeH' Klein, Jose Bernardo, JaclcWl1ipple, guesl' speaker, Dann Abeyia, Leroy Beniiez, Claudia Wilson, Simon Zambra Sian ing: Duane l-lanson, l-lowardTakaolca, Leeiorigoye, Charles Dudley, David Woodard, George Fisk. l-lard al' workin ilwe midsl' of a drafiing problem is Bill Ross, a +l1irieen+l'1 grade siudeni. Guesi speakers, coming from ihe drailing profes- sion, are usually ieaiured ai ihe O'Toole's informal club meeiings. Row I: Tony Orlega, Bob Bennell, Manlord Wolgamoll, Ray Paie, Larry Huchaly, Delberl Simmons Row 2: David Perez, Leonard Hill, Bill Hunl, Fred Burnes, Joe Benson, Leo Howard, Melvin H. Slewarl, inslruclor. Among The aclivilies ol lhe Radio Club are 'rhe operalion ol an amaleur radio slalion, and faking field lrips lo radio and TV slalions. Painl- Splashers The Painl Splashers develo skills in painling and decoral ing as well as parlicipaling i social and educalional func lions. Here lwo members ol lhe Splashers are busy compleling job. The spray gun is a big saver compared wilh a brush. Radio Club Row I: John Schalz, Kennelh Curlis, Bill Harper, Clive VanCleave, Norris Chealham, Jim Azevedo, Fred Palmer, Dan Marlinez, Jim Newberry, Roberl' lvloreing. Reyes Garcia, J. L. Willell, advisor. Row 2: Bob Annefl, Don Colli, Galen Chase, Roberl McKay, Roberl Kelly, Sylvesler Aguilar, Viclor Nishimolo, Dean Jew Row 3: Gerald While, Edward Genlry, Roberl Way, Eddie Heiberger, Joe Carler, Gerald Aamolh, Ray Hirshleld, Irwin Hal'lield. ,EJJ iBI : an' Row I: J. M. Garrell, advisor: Frank Grande, John Redhorse, Joseph Kaufman, Gloyse Holland. Richard Burrola, John DeCicco, William Elsholz, Danny Wilson, Arne Aasen, Simon Aguayo Row 2: Nels Anderson, Harold Brandt Rober'rSohnrey, Richard Horn, Norman Davis, Wayne Shor- well, Bill Granadoz, Bobby Wills Tin Benders Tin Benders' main goal is To provide cooperaiive ac+ivi- fy ihalr will enlis'r +he voluniary sup- ori of each mem- Eer. Sheer melal shop sludenis compose This club. l Row I: Lupe Serrano. Don Miniaci, Manuel Corfes, Marshall Diaz, Ronnie Rasber , Henry Sanchez, Woodpeckers Donald Green, Donald Ferrari, Roger Kolba, Richard Alvarez. Leo Agbulos, Richar Beyefie, Ray Peek Row 2: Jack Cox, John WiH'sche, advisor: Dennis Mea+h, Gilberl' Torres. Garry Burk, James Faughl Wal+erSanborn, DonTroHer, Dale l-lighfower, Melvin Canlaloupi, Ches+erMargason advisor' FrankRoman Row 3: Joe Schenk, Raleigh Morrow, Jerry Freeman. Michael Preslon. Service 'ro +he school, praclical learning in line of car- Working On 'fhe HOUSS FS peniry. and social aclivilies are Woodpecker aciiviiies. E1LCJPhZ'4w53g'j:l fk3f'glffg I 1 QM 1'1'7N"!s' Q.-01-1 , -1 + wyTgi4,'j.' 537755- . 'mf nlfgglizq , 1,4 T , .. l L L 1 - Rowl: Mervin Sears, Alan Caldwell, Jimmy Owens, Ossie Gooden, John FreneHe, Jim l-loll, Ken Yamamofo, Alberr Fields Junior Frazier, Gene Campbell, Doug Small, J. B. Girarcl. Row 2: Fred Janerioe, equipmenr man: Jim Evans, Ed l-lilcler, Lloyd Zorrozua l-larold l-lurs+. Neal Amick, Bob l-lilder, Bill Kobus, Frank Galindo. Jack Harrell, Al Molina, Boyd Carrer, Coach Gene Marlin Row 3: Vernon "Du+ch" Triebwasser, Trainer: Dick Fowler, Jim Kessel, John Lalor, Nick Garcia, Alex Linker, Ben Parks, Cecil Pearson Howard Jackson, Clarence Freeman, Junior Reynosa, Andy Misener, Coach Don l-lall. Row 4: Joe Boggs, Frances Kirk, Don Azevedo LeRoy Smilh, Phill Huff, Dick O'Day, John Nisby, Bob Zanelri, Jud Smilh, Joe Moore, Roger Lehr, Angelo Galindo. i953 Musfang Record "Foo+ball plays an imporlanl parr in The inlercollegiale Sfockfon -Visifors a+hle'ric program as well as in The overall exrracurricular Sept I8 7 Bakersfield arhlelic program of The college."--- Earl Klapslein "53" sept 26 47 L. A. c. c. Oct 2 59 Sacramenro Ocr. IO 27 Compron Oc+. I5 25 Modesro Oc+. 24- 24 San+a Rosa Ocr. 30 I3 Wesr Conrra Cosra Nov. 7 52 S. F. Sfafe J.V. Nov. I3 I3 S. F. C. C. Nov. I9 38 San Mafeo Torals 303 Ass1'. Coach Gene lvlarfin, Head Coach Earl Klapslein, Asst Coach Don of F o o T B A L L ff ' . Al. .ll Ahnos This is a picTure Dick O'Day and STockTon College will always remem- ber lT musT be menTioned ThaT The popular Dick O'Day was noT menhoned as an ouTsTanding player because he suTTered a broken arm and was ouT mosT of The season. STockTon College proudly claims Mr. Amos Alonzo STagg as ColT-lv1usTang TooTball coach. Mr. STagg is The mosT Tamous name in FooTball. He is known naTionally noT only in gridiron circles buT To The general public as well. His name and TooTball will always go TogeTher. Mr. STagg aTTended Yale UniversiTy and played TooTball Two years aT +haT insTiTuTion --- T888-I889. One year he played RighT-End and The oTher aT LeTT-End. lmmediaTely aTTer he graduaTed Trom college he served as TooTball coach Tor SpringTield College H890-I89Il. He coached aT The UniversiTy oT Chicago Tor 4I years. AT Chicago he was ProTessor OT Physical EducaTion and AThleTics as well as TooTball coach. Because oT a compulsory reTiremenT plan aT Chicago he moved To C.0.P. aT sevenTy years oT age in I933. He was head coach aT PaciTic Tor I4 years. He served six seasons aT Susquehanna UniversiTy where he coached oTTense and planned sTraTegy while his son coached The deTense and line. AT presenT he is advisory coach aT STockTon College. Mr. STagg was named on WalTer Camp's All-American Team in l889. This was The TirsT All-American Team in The hisTory oT TooTball. While aT C.O.P. he was ProTessor oT Physical EducaTion. In I947 Mr. STagg was named FooTball Coach EmeriTus aT The College oT The PaciTic. Amos Alonzo STagg, well known as "The grand old man oT TooTball,"is a loved and respecTed Tigure in The FooTball world. STockTon College proudly hails him as "MR, FOOTBALL." noT only Tor I954. buT Tor all Time. Alonzo Stagg NeiTher rain, nor mud, nor wind can sTop The sTampeding "Tangs" Scheduled Tor Ten games in l953, The lvlusTangs carried away six wins and Tour losses. Final sTa- TisTics showed The lv1usTangs Tar ahead of The opposiTion. Leading ground-gainer was Gene Campbell wiTh 843 yards in 96 carries. Following in yardage gained was Jim HolT wiTh 770 yards in 92 carries. T E.. , 1 1" I . Y .A 1 1" . ,J-.ff-T .Q-'ia-i ' Charlie Munn 1' v 1 Pefe PraveTon Gene Campbell. J. B. Girard, Phil HUTT and Darrel Haynes were named as The ouTsTanding players of The year. Huff, Haynes. and Girard were named TirsT sTring All-Conference. Gene Campbell and LeRoy SmiTh were named All- Conference in The second sTrong. , Elise?-I was Head Coach Earl KlapsTein 1 , 4, 5 , Howard Jackson Don Azevedo , , U 1 ' 4 ., . ' ' - ' lv 'Z-fi '4' 15? ' ' -5 '- v V b A 'I K: , -Q--'J X. 53215.11 gl . .,, .,., , . .A -.Y , , , -'mr-.f '-'4-if-5 . ' , A 4 -- -I 4, V J- H 77. Ikfiffqigimiuf F l , ', I .4 I:,:i,. .1. - 'fvzg-J.4:'i -. -Ah ., f --. E . 'i ', K'm4giY1z4af..2-:af z a -.-1 1 . 'df K X I 3-,-1.0-,-" 5.5" - . A . img' V ' ' I' . . lvyfi 'ffl 3:55?'Ilii'h!.Lf.'E,fzifk3:i"S1".lA " '-www T:f.'.5..3S LeRoy Smilh Nick Garcia Phill Huff John NiSby Magis! .i ,'-of-r.,,,,,, l, . ,i Doug Small Neal Amick Jim Evans Ossie Gooden Ben Parks Headless horsemen J. B. Girard U41 langles wi+l'1 a Sacramenfo man ivy, V Line Coach Don Hall lx lxlk' ea Q Alex Linker I Coaches Earl Klapslein and Don Hall, and feam sfanding in an anxious momenl' of Hwe fourfh quarfer Bob Zane'H'i Jim Holi Gene Campbell A Jim Kessel Angelo Galindo Boyd Carfer Bob Hilder Frank Galindo John FreneHe J. B. Girard A in f' WT' AI Molina Bill Kobius 5 Qxgw .,.-- ,, . 1. ' 'I ,i.,.. 4,-1 L, 415 9, I' iq? fy. Q-'wi gm bf -4:1 1 54 L .. fi'-fri'-'15 V "whip, 4. ., f-'ffP"b.1-1 .ff-' '- ,. n-'. . A high? gil L r A I ., ' . .. LH -' 531-- L . 44551 - 402311 Ken Yamamofo Junior Frazier Twisiing Frank Galindo rambles for yardage H 4' Jud Smlih QR I!- Floyd Zorrozua Rodger Lehr Digging deep for exfracrardage a driving Tang resis+s dogge offense L Junior Reynosa Joe Moore Harold Hursi' Jim Owens draggin' him clown Joe Boggs Ben Parks Ed Hilder Dick Fowler Nick Garcia Backfielcl Coach Gene Marfin ie -if 1, . f . r I E 3 GQ ni A l :Q ll - Row I: Ronald Smiih, Alex Leos, Roloerf Sfanley, Don Miniaci. Jim Devencenzi, Les Wagnes, Romer Derr, Jim Morrison, Paul Lewis Schmid, Ben Savage. Richard Burrola. Row 2: Gene Siagnaro, Seamon Gray, Ronnie Fosler, Don Delfairi, Gene Sl Bill Jenkins, Cleveland Bradley, Jim Monk, Dick Knuclsen, George Cosgrove, Dave Malheson, Chuck Vernon, Jack Schaal, Don Amos Alonzo Slagg, coach: Carl Peregoy, coach. Row 3: Phil Clark, Bob Mingram, Jack Avey, Don Torre, Pele Calleli, John Alberl Sanguinelrli, Dennis Mealh, Dick Turner, John Mack, Danny lnosanio, Tony Malfeoli, Fecldie Almenderez, Phil i Wayne Johnson, Leadell Traylor. li , ,, C L J W Col+ grinds offense +0 The Turf Coach Carl Peregoy "We los+ several games ihal were close and 'rhey could have gone 'rhe olher way." --- Carl Peregoy "53" lnosanfo goi' H' anyway Q. 'I P 031. . L U '1 ,X-FH! 'H - EW LY 1 YS ' "va- ,lf a,:fv. w .af ... Q, ,,,,, Ls? A za. wif? 0 wa 'Mpg x v-Jafhw ,, F 5' uh' F J wg I 254' s Tony Ma'Heoli Ron Fosfer Dave Mafheson B. J. Reed X291 .Q f . , 1 1 . el 11 ,X 'rw-:QA ut, f'5fke',B-f .: F5 1 A p I' Nftfif' No Cn in A ' " 5 ' X Wh J 0, 'fi " sy? 4, ,es +1 Exim 4 N- ' 1 " ff . 4 J . - -4' . 1. , -1435 - ,,,,W- A ... - 2-, ' 7.3.1. A ' 1... Biff" ' . 4 -I:a,,.-"f ttf., ,. K -- , seffw, ' ,L-, ,Ju A - , yw 1- -V - ,J - fs I'- - - - ,, , -I 'fl L3.,1.'2'fg9' 515, ' " X, X, " f -3 if ' ak 'f Q-Q'-1' aim 1- ' J'- ,QA 'lf' -, f.- " " I 'f1',-14.15, l -f., '-J:-ty f --5. ,gl-'13, -.m ,F Jinf - " 19 1 .,', . 1,,I.g:Mg51 ,, .A s, gi, rg f b. 1 Q41 4 i ' f.'g41f-4? f 515 1 --J-:-.uf .1 .i " V' 'Z .,:,,. ,J ' .V ,.-.wr 5.-W ,, , 'Zim 'lzirtf y -fu i 1 Q , eb V V jjiff .4-' -v . - , ',,' -.','2' . ' -,fm :v. .. . .M 'QQ J :'g4q5i2w .,,' '- QQ- W. ,. - ' 24 14. .V V. "'-- -ff'f7 es' ,GM ,xf u lf? I J.- .' -. 5-.5 A 'Y PWM 9 ,FP 'U W an 15 Stiff' x r . ,, P3- .. 1 n ' A 1 I Vi' w r 1,4 'rp ' V . . A : J , , ,- fi 1 ' V an.. ,Crf9gjv'g. Y ' " 1:' b':f-'F' L .,j'7.'..:3. . , . gag S r 1 r . 1 EQQQ' fs O ' 915 z L' C burn. K, f 1? . - 4. .V 2 -v ,Pa -A diff' , il ,EBSQ 'ffff KFKL' .yi- .I ' 'Pr' vi vl . N, 'X x .1 4 y Y ' Q--fy 'R ,v 1 .,.-:J-L, I X ...C-',,,-N ' 4 u1.f3,.'4 V W E A X 4, 'I up .1 . . . ' -- "' I fl W ff . A , if v- ' A r- .Wk . fi? '43 H A ':'3' P i . . V.,--.. . . M1 A QSM L14 , , 4 , 4-,A if , 25: ,:fQg.M1:f, r NJ A! XL 1 - ' ,fu kr J.. 1 s gp.. ,ff-m:,,.' 44? ,AY Qs, H' W ite .A W UC' :.,,. ' ,f 'N' ,,gix.f-T.1, 4, T EGM? f 5, I -3. . , x N K ' 'QQ Y .egg-W K+ p 1 ff ix l X fn! 'Ki 7 - r - y. -if 'vs A 1 ' l "' i, f , wif x 25 ff A - nw. ii' 1 - x 1 1, A711 ' K, Q jhf- , - yy V J, 1 V V -, , M ' . " V' audi, 324' . Ya ' Jn? f-'1 4. 'J' x :fi . .Q V' ,' 31. ., fi - 12- , ,, -" an . . "ju , A 1 :r ' 5-'L -Q ai Z1 551'-st'-Q: -fc' , . . ff' he . I he , . ,. SAVF. ,x L, 2, K -!- is :L viz, ,. , . Don'+ look now, you're gonna be clobbered! Don Torre -.-- ,- f-- , -, -, . .ewan-'ff 1-A ' -iw:-W 1- F, if E51-i'.ff'f'iW k ' , ' 1 irfr".:" "1 "T" ' l l Les Wagner Paul Curry Bill Jenkins Don DelfaH'i I953 C Sept I8 Sept 25 Oct 8 Oct I6 Oct 23 Oct 30 Nov. 6 Nov. I3 Nov. 20 Totals o l 'I R e c o r d Sfockfon Visifors 7 Berkeley O 6 Vallejo 2I I3 lvlodeslo 20 7 lv1cCla+chy 40 I8 Turlock 7 O Sacramento 27 7 Woodland I3 I3 Gran? I2 O Lodi 25 7I l65 Jim Morrison Freddie Almenderez John Moreno Richard Turner Gray hiis low and Derr hilrs high as a Turlock Bulldog l1i'rs a Coll' iron wall Don Smilh Cleveland Bradley Bobby Mingram Leadell Traylor f I W' r ,fi w. X Aka N lf'-5' Xl lwx 15.6 5' YV' 4 ,. If , ' P99 7 'sw 9 , 9 W 2 x 2. R w, ...Q i A x a 'PA' 5 L' 1. uv ,-, i' Qi 1 6, - fr f. 1' A ,L L Z i 2 ' A :Va ll 870 'o--vi wi 15, , :W -I Q, .g,-lf' f W Sfandingz Duane Blasl, Lowell Brennan, Jim Choale, Arl Erickson, Dick Dancler, Don Lalimer, Bob l-largis, Coach Boyle Kneeling: Orley Bakken, Marvin Fosler, Jack Cheney, Don Brownfield, Lloyd Can+on, Gene Coyle, Mike Symons. T e a m R e c o r S.C. Opponen+ 82 Sierra 63 Fresno 6I Granl 66 Conlra Cosla J. C. 57 Sierra 63 Sequoias 77 Gran? 75 Fresno 79 Fullerlon 65 El Camino 80 Venfura 50 Long Beach 58 Sanla Rosa 48 lvlodeslo 82 San lvlaleo 60 Sacramenlo 6I C. C. S. F. 56 Sacramen+o 63 Wesl Conlra Cosla 6I Sianford Braves 70 Sanla Rosa 60 lvlocleslo 63 San lvialeo 64 C. C. S. F. All muscles +ense, Cheney sfrains for a vi+al 'l'wo Coach Frank B I 'K ' Mwfj gv WTQM 4? Mwigfw - ! Orley Bakken Downcour+ razzle-dazzle as Ar? Erickson maneuvers againsf Sanfa Rosa Lowell Brennan Bob Hargis Llpyd Canfon All clear as Duane Blasl sefs 'rwo poIn+s Jim Choaie S.C. Opponenis S.C. 72 Oakdale 47 48 63 Downey 49 63 4I ST. iv1ary's 42 67 68 ' Oakdale 36 3 8 57 Downey 47 48 45 Oroville 43 26 34 ShasTa 45 52 45 McClaTchy 46 57 4l GranT 5 I 3 l Coach Gene MarTin The STockTon College ColT VarsiTy was loaded wiTh sTandouTs To spark a Tensely Thrilling I953 -54 season. lvlarTin sTaTed ThaT iT Doerr and Fellows had noT graduaTed as mid-Termers we could have Taken on anybody and given Them a good "run Tor Their money". The Team was led by The cool. sTeady playing oT The cenTer, ClinT Waring. Waring was named as The ouTsTanding player of The year Tor The Cold hardwood arTisTs, "An ouT- sTanding Team wiTh a lineup oT ouTsTanding players." Q X16 grip, T' f ,f f a for fr ColT VarsiTy Record OpponenTs Turlock ModesTo Lodi SacramenTo Woodland Turlock ModesTo Lodi ST. Mary's Row I: Jesse Haro, Dave Reid, Lloyd Dillingham, SylvesTer Aguilar, Bob Mingram, Charles CheaTham, Owen SaTTold, Rayburn Collis Row 2: DwighT,Doerr, Roger Warrick, ClinT Waring, Chris Greene, PeTer Fellows, Neal NosTrand, Ron Miller, Coach Gene MarTvn Harvey Derne. manager. Phorographer Jerry French seHin u Dwi hr Doerr 9 P Q for an El Recuerdo Special Chris Greene Phil Smiih Lloyd Dillingham Dave Reid W r 1 1 I I 6 """ X VGQN . , 'G . ,. - A 'Y 9 Xl , QQ .0 N.. Q 32 N. A 4 "W:-:4 E ww I we x I? 'I f Qi" ' ..,:,4 L q 4 1 gif , I A If ' n 'S 'Q 5 151 . . 4 , .4 Pl 511- -. f 5 , 2 is ! Us rf ill ivylfi' 1- L Lewis Wasl1ing+on Sylvesier Aguilar Collis drives Sleady Clinl' Waring fires '- . .ul f? Jess Harro I Coll Bees Season Record S.C. Opponenfs 48 Oakdale 34 55 Downey 36 33 S+. Ma ry's 32 42 Oakdale 38 37 Downey 42 4I IvIcCla+chy 26 29 Grani 32 46 Turlock 42 55 Iv1odes+o 38 36 Lodi 43 33 Sacramenio 38 30 Woodland 43 38 Turlock 46 63 Ivlodeslo 62 42 Lodi 49 55 S+. M ary's 3 I If I had Ihe wings of an angel! Dwighr Doerr sails for The Ioucker as Clinr Waring l32I looks on. Barely in Ihe black Iells Ihe Tale of Ihe I953-54 Coll Bee baskelball season. The Bees won 9 our of Jrheir I6 games. Like Ihe Varsily. Ihe games Ihey losl were close. A slump in Ihe final half of Ihe season s oiled Jrhe possibililry of a Eelfer record. COLT BEES Row I: Danny Inosanro, Brenf Grimm, Charlie Williams, Ken SuHon, Pele Carlelf, Tom Means Row 2: Louie Lovo'r+i, Wayne Brunson, Bill Gandall, Bolo Evanhoe, Bob Gordon, Wayne McNeal. Harvey Derne, John Edens, Coach Cary Peregoy Sensalional, record-making Bob Gaughram, "The mosf valuable player of The year," is piclured above. In The words of Coach Anhhila, "lv1os+ of The credif for our highly successful year musl' go To Bob Gaughramf' The previous record sei by a Srockfon College siudenl' was 33 poinrs. Gaugh- ram se'r a new mark of ISO, which. says Aniiila, "Won'l' be broken for a long lime fo come." Bob was named "All Norihern California" and mighl' receive "All S+afe" and "All Na1'ion" honors. , l-lere I come, ready or nor. Elfon Nighswonger in The black cap, who received The "Mos+ Improved Player" 'rroph , is piclured churning for The ball. WATER POLO "l953 has been lhe mosl successful season we've ever had," slales Coach Bill Anllila. The lvluslangs won I2 and los+ 5 compared wilh lasf year's record of IO wins and 5 losses, which sel' a mark in '52 for Slockfon College. AnHila molded a complelely green leam in'ro an oulsland- ing winner. l-le slarled wi'rh Two rerurning leflermen and one experienced man, Bob Gaughram. Under The guidance of Coach Anilila, Wafer Polo has a brighl Tulure of fame and recogniiion. -lv ,V Coach Bill An'H'ila Come fo Papa Bob Prifchard 125, Doug Hansen l32l, Glenn Shellcross l34l. Wray Fleming l33 Gordon Kennedy l27l, Joe Reed l3ll, Larry Gibson, Co-Capfain l22 Don Remingfon l24l, Jerry Zimmerman l3Ol. EH'on Nigl'1swongerl36l, Bol: Gaughram f29l, Jim Lanlz, Co-Capfain lnof picluredl. Thar she goes! 'i J , i r I 1 is . X ' xii Duane Ludlow 13' . Duane Ludlow and Cross Counlry were synonymous al Slocklon Col- lege in '53. Ludlow, in his ca acily as sludenl coach, produced lwo winning leams. Ludlow was lirsl in lhe lviodeslo Slee lechase, lhe Pacilic Championship, Big C, Lake Merrill and Louis Park. l-le placed second al Walnul Creek. Duane was selecled as one ol lhe lop live runners on lhe All-Slar leam. ln lhe lower division lhe Colls won all ol lheir dual meels and placed sevenlh in lhe seclional. The Colls were led by Charles Curlis, Lupe Serrano, Ed l-lenshaw, Dick Davenporl and Gene Sholwell. The lviuslangs were undelealed in dual compelilion. They were sparked by Ludlow, Wesley Massey, and Ruben Fields. Teaming logelher, lhe Colls and lviuslangs won al lhe Modeslo Sleeplechase, lhe Pacilic Championship, Big C, Lake Merrill and Louis Park Meels. According lo Ludlow, lhe sporl is relaxing and conlains a greal deal ol personal salislaclion. Looking al lheir record, lhe runners can be well salisliecl. Special lribule is paid lo lhe boys in lhe words ol Pele Lenz, who lurnishecl lhe leam's lransporlalion, "They're a clean bunch ol boys. Every man as an individual is a credil lo Slocklon College." Muslang - Coll l 9 5 3 Cross Counlry Team Row l: Arne Aasen, Gene Sholwell, Lupe Serano, Eddie l-lenshay, Charles Curlis, Dick Davenporl Row2: Ruben Fields, Wes Massey, l-lenry Tovar, Duane Ludlow. I. Musiangs warming up Henry Tovar, Duane Ludlow, Wes Massey, Ruben Fields Long sfriders Gene Shofwell, Dick Davenporf, Arne Aasen. Lupe Serrano, Eddie Henshaw, Charles Curiis . 3 A f , Row I: Jack Cheney, Junior Reynosa, Don Srevens, Alex Linker, Don Freed, Charles Grilis, J. B Girard John Snuffy Schmldf Cur+ Ru Row 2: John Adamson, manager: Wall Payne. Mike Symons, Fred lvlondragon, Ozzie Gooden, George Chrislu Bob l-largis Jack Devence George Moron, Carl Klenke, Lloyd "Rookie" Canlon, Coach Don Hall. Mustang Baseball Spirit l-lusjrle. lnlelligence. The l954 Musiang Baseball Jream. They played for fun and Jrhey played To win. Earnesl sporlsmanship followed Jrhe Jream Jrhroughoui +heir rigid I954 schedule. The boys exemplified Jrhe lype of Team Slock- ion College is consianily frying lo produce. Buill' around a firm pilching siaici, consisling of George Melon, Wall Payne, Carl Klenke and John Schmidt lhe lvlusiangs compiled an Oul- slanding record. Mus+ang Scores S.C. Opponeni' 4 C.O.P. O 7 Fresno J.C. O 7 Gran+J.C. V 2 7 Sianford J. V. O 8 Easr Con+ra Cosfa J.C. O 7 5 Granf J. C. 7 Camp Pendleion Marines 4 Curr Ruby husfles home George Crislu Lloyd "Rookie" Canfon Alex Linlcer Carl Klenke Don Slevens Rookie" Canlron slides Charles GriH's Mike Symons Curl Ruby Musfang Scores S.C. Opponenl' 5 Reedley J. C. 3 6 - 4 San Francisco C. C. 3 - 2 F 7 Alameda Naval Air Base 0 3-I0 San IvIa+eoJ.C. 2-3 ,aQc'fg?, 8 Concordia J. C. 5 7 Casile Field 5 I - 7 Wesl Conlra Cosla J.C. 9 - 5 I5 Mac. Field 7 3 Casfle Air Force Base 8 I9 San Francisco Marines 3 I6 Alameda Air Force Base 2 I Idaho Falls 7 4 Sanla Rosa2J. C. 6 4 Malher Field 2 5 Easl Conlra Cosla I I Modeslo J. C. 2 I0 Sacramen+o J. C. 4 3 - 6 Mariner Field 2 - I George Mofon Jack Devencenzi Hold up! Wali' Payne John "Snuffy"Schmid+ I , ... A gy Jack Devencenzi pulls away on a wild pifch Junior Reynosa iii , L f Jack Cheney J. B. Girard Bob Hargis Row I: Ron Rhodes, Louie Lovolf, Bob Mingram, Alex Leos, Dick Freed, Ken SuHon, Del Simmons Row 2: Willie Dillingham, Ken Clark, Jim Devencenzi, Mel Canlaloupi, Gary Herbsl, Ed Ramirez, Ron Laughlin Row 3: Coach Peregoy, Ken Kleine, Bob Leopold, DeVerrold l-lorlon, Ron Miller, Phil Smilh, Neil Noslrand, Manager Bob Howell Colt Baseball Q A Tha+'s 'rhe ol' eye! Gary Herbsf ,..1 , if 1 Dean Marhn Wayne Geizfen Dick Freed Bob Leopold Deverrold Horfon Niel NOS'I'l'BI'ld Heiberger LEE if ,f ff Ken Clark 54 ffm' I n ...K Ron Rhodes 1 . tr Ron Miller Ken Clark blas+s a line drive ..--ni oll Baseball Season Score Opponenfg Granl Gran? Downey Oakdale Modeslo Turlock Manleca S.C. 5 5 6 4 5 6 II 3 9f Pele Ca+le'H' 'H 4u:5f. 1 'V ,VL ,IV 14,f'L. Edward Ramviez Willie Dillingham ,Mx Aly, . Opponenfs Oakdale S+. Mary's Woodland Sacramenfo McClal'cl1y Turlock Mocleslo fl A L :' l Row I Jim l-lolT Duane Ludlow, Wes Massey, Bill Kobus, AlberT Fields, Bob McCray, Henry Tovar, Reuben Fields, Lupe Serrano Charles CurTis Rpw 2: Coach Frank Boyle, Alan Caldwell, manager: Craig Moore, Gene Campbell, Glenn WhiTson, Ralph Kendley PaT New, Jim SmiTh, Dick ODay, Ted Finucane. STanding as a greaT improvemenT over lasT year's Team I954 has seen The build- ing oT a powerTul Track machine. ln The NorThern California Junior College con- Terence championships, The MusTangs placed TourTh ouT oT a compeTing TwenTy-eighT schools. Glenn Woodson, The high-jumper, and Duane Ludlow and Charles CurTis, The long disTance runners, were menTioned by Coach Frank Boyle as The season's ouTsTanding Trackmen. Tony OrTega Mustang Gel lhe poin+?? T r CI c k Boyle ancl his slar lraclcmen are: Duane Ludlow, Charles Curlis, Gene Campbell, Glenn Whilson, Crary Moore, Ralph l-lenclley Lupe Serrano, Bob lvlcRay, Jim Smilh Angelo Galindo Row I: Charles Williams, Clifford Hahn, Bob Dorville, Jim Newberry, Arne Aasen, Dwighl' McCarroll, Gerald Griiz, Don Riley, Bob Quick, Dan lnosanro, Frank l-linoios, John Edens Row 2: Max Koe, Barron Ganger, Lewis Van Buskirk, Bob Jamieson, Ed Hinshaw, Dick Davenport Jim Tominaga, Richard Diamond, Bill Gibson, Sal Baires. Richard Moreno, Jean Akaba, Tom Romero, Fred Almendarez Row 3: Veoiis Glasgow, Wayne Shoiwell, Gene Shoiwell, Dick Leland, Dave Reid, Jack Schaal, Dan DelfaHi, Ron Fosier, Bariin Gueriin, Don Velez, Clarence Saflerwhiie, Ben Savage, George Thompson, Gene Marfin, coach Colt Track On your marks . . . Ge'r sei' . . . - -w- g-- V- ' '---- - w -r- V Nj ffqfvfi-5--'-9 -- Zu- -5-q-1'---'P f---------+f4- ---- ,- , Y 1 I ll u V1 i 1 U I J H r Dave Reid and Bar'ron Guerfin in relay againsf Lodi. Bobby Calverf sfraining for high jump. Jim Newberry clears Hue bar wi'rh plenfy Jro spare. y , arc- f.5 -- - Jerry Zimmerman UndeTeaTed in NorThern California Junior Ccllege compeTiTion, The MusTangs Tinished The season wiTh 9 wins and 3 losses. MusTang lcsses were suTiered only To The UniversiTy oT CaliTornia and The SacramenTo Elks club. For The sevenTh Time in eighT years The mermen placed TirsT in The NorThern California Junior College AssociaTion Championships. In The sTaTe championships The lv1usTangs placed TourTh ouT oT sixTeen Teams, using Tour swimmers. ln This evenT The Team won eleven medals. Bob Gaughran won The sTaTe championship in The IOO-yard backsTroke. l-le was awarded The mosT valuable player spoT on The lv1usTang Team. Doug Hansen was chosen as The mosT improved player. BriTT Vail was elecTed honorary CapTain oT The Team. Five oT The MusTang swimmers were elecTed To The NaTional Junior College All-American Team. They are: Bob Gaughran. BriTT Vail, Don SmiTh, WalT PaTTerson and Doug Hanson. "WhaTcha looking aT?" BriTT Vail Mustang Swimming Three of a kind --- champs alll S.C. Presicleni Julio Borlrolazzo, Coach Bill Aniiila, ancl Musiang swimming sfar Bob Gauglwran Talking H' over. Row I: Rienhari l-leiniz, manager: Ray Fleming, George Hughes, Wall Paiferson, Glenn Shellcross, Alan Reyburn Row 2: Jim Allman, Brill' Vail, Don Smi+l1, Douglas Hanson, Bob Gaugiiran, William Anffila, coach. Nof pic+ured: Jerry Zimmerman, EH'on Nighwonger. Chris Green. sfroking in full s'ryle. New Record! Ji- v-..,.,-H 'UE 4' Col? relay sfandoufs, Chris Green, and Breni' Heisinger. 2 n Owgincz This 1954 El Recuerdo cover design, an original by art editor Harold Schimpf, has the distinction of being the only hand silk screened yearbook cover produced in California this year. The present-day silk screen process, otherwise known as the seri- graph, is derived from the ancient silk print process developed by the peoples of the Orient. This process, "rediscovered" in the contemporary manner, has been approached with a fresh and vigorous attitude. Silk screening has been so successful that leading national museums have ex- hibited prints frequently, thus establishing the silk screen print as one of the fine arts. There are numerous Ways of producing a print-the silk screen stencil method being the one most commonly used. Following is the printing procedure in brief: Silk or organdy is stretched over a frame. Because of its sheerness and finely woven quality, silk permits the ink to flow through evenly, giving a sharp impression. The design to be printed is cut from a specially prepared stencil film. The film is then adhered to the silk with an adhering liquid. No ink goes through the film. Only the exposed silk will permit a design to register on the material placed between the frame. A squeegee or rubber roller is used to force the ink through the silk screen. Any number of prints will not destroy the original design. It was necessary to use two separate stencil films for the light and dark grey areas on this yeuris cover. I954 challced up The mosT successTul dual meeT season in ColT hisTory wiTh IO wins and 2 losses. The ColTs placed second in The Sac-Joaquin SecTional League aTTer a close baTTle wiTh Lodi Tor TirsT place. Chris Greenf broke The league record in The breasTrolce by l:O6.6. He was named The mosT valuable swimmer on The Team. MosT improved swimmer award wenT To KeiTh Davis, The ColT's Top backsTrolaer. BrenT Heisinger was Team CapTain and raTed as The besT all-around swimmer in The individual medley. Heisinger won The individual medley championship. ln The secTional championships, KeiTh Davis, Chris Green and Bill WebsTer finished The season by break- ing a record and winning The championship in The medley relay. SWIMMING ,iff f-,i -M. V ..i , , Richard DeLong and Gary Cahill working hard on The kiclcboards. Row I: Chris Green, BrenT l-leisinger, Bob O'Lear, GaryNCahill, EoresT Harrison, Breyer CalverT, Richard DeLong Row 2: Gary Lund, Wayne Beach, Eugene BarTon, Bill ebsTer, Romer Derr, B-ob Warner, Ed Olfson, manager Row 3: Bill AnTTila, coach: Douglas EberhardT, Al SanguineTTi, Reyburn Collis, Keifh Davis, Ed Pfeiffer, manager 14521 u f-fI..f.,, ,. HEI: QiJFw'ff . 2'-5' . ,U 1e- ' V,,',,I,f,d: . . :J fig!! I . -7'1" - uf'-C":'1.'-.-" ufgfsgiglf ":?' . '-v ,'T .,h - " " " "'5T"'i-" "H 111-" ' - iq we ,ze-V "' guy, 'qw 'qi f , .uf-.,. i w.. 1' if far-' aging' ,1-K ag-W Tiki? ih- vgg LY ... - 8-I, A 44,54 1 ...r K Q J" "1 'NR E'x1 Aildjfnvql X5 14 'xv- 4 V221 'lb H 'A 4' nhl' ng ,VX A. fi, aw-5? s-.H vw ,li- W -' Q'1.- 4514 -,L l JL Q A65 f..4.- ' -- Zta " ' -' 4 in ' ,-5 J -.' ' " 1' , , L-.5 V1 .J V '-:ip r- -3'r 1 I" 1 p., -AwQ.1""5'A" i, ""w5f 1 E-i'fg:,:..t,4:'..-.Q 4 ' -. 34"-iii, 1. 7fy,.fEi.?1', -Q---. - , - ,z 'U--ra, if -4'L'7ltf',': ' uf" f-.- ""f ' Al HF- ., ,- -' ' -We ,is ',o:-1.3, -5 1 , ze. 'Q' ' '-. "T?"iJ:e' 1- 1 - .' it-' 'sf -QV -xv..'-9f- 'T P-,5-f"." -1 Q ' i ' ,, ' ' - 5 -x 1 1 fre. ss,"i1-7:..,' 'fs' -,QS if - f ' ' J, J . , in -.R 1' WP, F 2 ' ' - -wi I ' - Tszfm ,1,-- -v A gm:..,. .' Q . 5 - 15 QL., 'A --23-' L-sa.P:.,..:31 :v.g' . ' f P - f'53f'f.71 1- ' gh , , 5,1 Q -in . ,. 53, , , - - U ,: wr., 4-41, " gg- ,,-.uv A Ri ga: V , 4 f"f'f-:fpS2??.4f.31'fA,-:f'2'ESq1' 4 , 2'f"Nr'?f7f'F,"4f',,is-.ff-"Tvs 32714123-,"1'! , . :J -yi. , . "rg gif- Hug, -sg, :pw AL jig.-.:'4:'-9 Q, .. . -3 ?,1.',' .Y ' 4 - ' -. ',f,f"' 12225.'ffl-f.'5f.ff?,"?iff"izwji',Q?""1.f 3J,1.ErfQ.ii1 'I - WH 7 ...f Bob Oliva Bob Buxfon Lee La Plan? Mu tang Craig Moore n.- Golf Andy Leonardini ..3.- ,,v Pai Hobin hs - , Ill Breni' Grimm Tom Qumnn ' . L'-:T-'.W" ' 4 Q , .., Q .-.W Jerry Ball Bob MoFFa+ Colt Golf Mickey Korbholh Ronnie Smlih Y,Q""'W I 1 ah.. ,iz Q .4 Q, r-...Q -...Jil E' 'L-2-4-asf -any '--4, ,., -2..,.q'l' Q' J JN,-YZ! .4-AA: S-Zu: 43... wpgwghnws X Q. 'P'-4 zfiys 443' W 'SPP' Mar -"'v-5,'r:-f'e:n- its '.-x -Q G I '3-23, -' fe ., -if xr L 6' ajft! ia m., 'lim abr PH vi 'bv +4 A9153 'a w-Y -v ggng.-,134 sm :.., an .Q Y -If 'gf7rE::g x .. , V FL-1 T at , ' ,:- ?h,1' f-' ' 4 .. - L5-'an' 'Sift ef-.L -11' . " " --1 .s,,: . J 2' N. - lo p: ' 7:1 g,"c-3L- , A M . y d., .-lk, . ,bv . 1-1 f' - - .P .1-L..'. 1 1- -V-er-Q,-r3E':1 Egg , ' , -T, -frgtf-,gs-q'S,4g-,.:.' 'Q ... , .- -.--.. . ,.,.,.-, V. . ,. -V .,,...,.. Q... 'di .-1,1 .V 7-v,:...q-V4 Q, . ,Y . MS... ,,4.3-1,.-, 1. , jf: 24-L f ,Lan f -t 5 ' r: -1- c, .uf fffg' ',j2Af.1f .?F"'1'.t, , wif .v.S'I.:gf Aw ! 4, ,vp-.:.i.,1f, ' X , ' 114 3 gh- - 1 mule . - 1 ,' .-Q. :".-pi. ,: 1 Y"-1 : w1ev9g,.f.gmaG - f - 2.9 13? ig' -fr 11. -amg :?5+:r?+AA I Q grf' 'fn-,i,,L -'.:'.l- - 4' 3.3,-N'--.' . 1. 1 1-?P:f5X:yg.f?1'M , " " g5SL1,.w-bf-3' ryan, f ggii V, ,Ar my ,V 31.4.7 - L Q 'T 51 ,--'- , 1' ' 'K .ff am. -9.2. ' J , f1,i":i:1sf" 5,1 " "fl-5- 5 :T-.'21-Y----FQ ' - A g" W' Q Y M. mf, ff 1-5: . . , ' - 'w '- ., .' ,'.ifi.if'13vr L-, ' . . x ',,i+l, 'E L, .. 'R' -- -1--752-4 -if " -- g W . ",.,. 4--2:3 .1 .nf ' ,, 54 . A V-, A:-fm' , " V , 5... ,A .,,,,,:. A' ,. ,'L,1.:.:-if.3:N.::'-,, 37.255 LA lg, XQLQ. H -5- "nfl 1" N .4 ' .. f' - A 'L fairs f3'sfQ.1a,s:-.5 'fm-:fav ,.-1 '-4. 'L P .I Ronnie Brown Jaclc MacDonald Ima V , - 1' fm .. ffl! .Q x., Tom Means ' , ' ' Q N: ij' l Y l X n - ,ai-Th'-Q Lie. f :L vn ,, .g i gpg 'gall llul. 'f 1, -' ,' 'L-IJ, ,,:,. , W, i v Dick Whifesides Bill Ward Slarling wilh a lineup of inexperienced players. Coach Eleanor Cole buill a Team which ended in second place in Jrhe league. Third man Jaclc MacDonald was lhe spark which fired lhe leam. l954 gave birlh lo a learn which slands in 'rop conlenlion for Jrhe '55 league championship. ' ' RB 'BYYXVX XL! V 'Nix .1 rf. ,, ' lr :' m t , "W , mg 'U , nl? A1 1 F LL' AN-4-RWE ' xqswiffh 'If' HMENHE 14 uracil 25+ gg' xijil H3153 T l rllbjaui' ,' 4 ez ILWJEWZ I pnfvmcwfl' H'+11',, Q-121 I V: .A ,,,,,.,., Row I: Jack MacDonald, Eleanor Cole, coach: Ronnie Brown Row 2: Tom Means, Larry Wiegam, Bill Ward. John Guiroa John Paxson I 2 s 1 up, John Guiroa, John Paxson, Dave TeSelle, Bob Websfer, Norm Shumway, Charles Bloch As an underdog 'rhe Muslrangs chalked up a season of close scores. Despife many handicaps, Jrhe nefmen kep+ 'rheir spirifs. H' was a figh+ing Team wi'rh a big heart Dave TeSelle John TeSelle I - Bob Websier Bob Gau lwran 9 Water Polo - Swimming ' 5 Bob Buxton Golf lnot picturedl Darrell Haynes Football John Guiroa Tennh George Moton Baseball Cross Country Traci: Outstanding Athletes 53 Lloyd "Rookie" Canton "Athlete of the Year" Basketball - Baseball C o I 'I s Romer Derr Barton Guerton Clint Waring BONNIE lvllllef Football Traci: Basketball Jack MacDonald TOPO Quinn l E H Charles Curlls Clms Greene Tennis Golf Cross Country 5Wlmml"9 Don Delfa++i shuns camera's eye as Howard Pierce follows Jrhe ball. Alan Caldwell leaps for rebound as Carl Peregoy baHles from behind. Tensely looking on is Bill Kobus, Gene Marlin and Don Delfalfi. BASKETBALL acul+y - Block IISII "l-ley, look, 'Ref' l1e's hurl." Miss Gladys Benerd sympafhizes wi1'h KeeverJanlcovicl1 as Carl Peregoy fries 'ro convince referee Mike Garrigan fhaf H' is no smiling mailer. Modern Dance Modern dance is designed nol only lo give 'rhe sludenls physical developrnenl bul To leach lhem lo use dance as an arf form. They are encouraged lo express Jrhemselves freely, and evenlually are able Jro do Jrheir own choreog- raphy. Advanced groups are conlinuously appearing in operas. recifals, and rallies, and are available lo help or- ganizalions presenl programs in which dancing is fealured. Many sludenls are so well advanced lhal They are called upon by Mrs. Mariorie B. Sheridan, dance insrruclor, To Jralce over beginning classes. Several have gone on +0 pro- fessional careers on slage and screen, as well as leaching. All modern dance groups are under Jrhe direclion of Mrs. Sheridan, who has sludied professionally in New York. as well as abroad. Nancy Shanabroolc., Gail Gomes Howard Buckner Nancy Shanabrook, Wilma l-leclcenlaible, Ivana Thompson, l Julie DeVecchio. i'L'5'-3 : .S ...'- fu'-4..1.,.--j' 344, ag? ig' ' Ti' 'ga' .., .apes-7--Y ,P Tu,-,.. .. :W 4.4, U- WSA I Row I: Norma Corsen, Mary Larimer, Barbara Meador, Ruih Kimble, Gloria Williams, Jean Delzell, LoreHa Chipman, LoisJones, Mariha I-Iildalgo, Carol Avery, Judy Roniel. Sandra Ball, Grace Bafes Row 2: Ann Savidge, Linda Edson. Barbara Lochard, Consuella Craw- Q' N 1 'F Q Qi Miss Ella Mae Trussell. Miss Irene I-Iarris, sponsors: Miss Pal' Doyle, presidenr 'HA' 31-FU1 Block !! 7 7 Mr. Carl Peregoy, sponsor I H35- ford, Sally Gale, Virginia Rugnao, Ann Roberlson, Barbara Shellcross, Clara Hendrix, Pai' Burrola, Beairice Davis, Frances Carrea, Pai' Break- field Row 3: Miss Harris, advisor: Irene Casfelli, Vigrinia BerI'olIis, Esfelle Cox, Lee Ann Vanclerford, Barbara Thompson, Maxine Pearson, Ballrina Garbiso, Ru'rhieJackson, Willa Johnson, Sally Dela Riva, Mary Jayne Krebs, Joan I-lolch, Evelyn Galbrealh, SI'eIIa Snelling, Jeaneife Kesfer, Pai' Doyle, Miss Trussell, advisor. Row I: Alan Caldwell, Jim Morrison, Bill Kobus, Ron FosI'er, Max Koe, Bob O'Lear, Danny Inosanro Row 2: Phil Simpson, DeVerroId Horion, Ken Clark, Don Miniaci, Jack Schaal, Bill Jenkins, Bob Mingram Row 3: Mr, Carl Peregoy, Fred Mondragon, Gene Shoiwell, Pele Ca+leH, Breyer Calverr, Bari' Guerron, Foresi I-larrison, Richard De Long, Don Smiih, George Moron, Barron Gauger, Ben Savage. I I MW u.' nj ' 'K J . .1 '.'- . 4-R. . , '. 1 ' . 4: . ,v.', 'QQ- M' J' -Y,-f-35" f 14,3512-,r f -' '39 .' 1, -. 1 1 ff, 33 ' O I . ! . f ,- E X 2 F S warg., ' ffl 'KC sf LJ , , ,,,.,, . ,.... ,,,..,-- "' 3 x 4 x ' - PU All it-.194 .5 ,. .P -. Qi- E., Wink up .K ,NI- .gtg V . A,,- .. H f , f . Y , ,:,.L:Q:. R.. ,,, .- ,..,.V. --. - t A 1 N, ' T vfr- -1 2 T -' ' ' ',,QS"Q Q, . ,--gi :-4-?fT'-'LU 1' " ' " Crown Molors The Jaguar, a sleek sporls car favored by many college slu- denrs, is driven by Mel Nicker- son and obrain-able al' Crown Moiors. .fa - f- .-Y,..-.:a:.s-.-aff:-f V., 2-. M - - 1. .- V. , - ,. The S+erling Blaclc and While pollca clors pailern lhe smoolh Jraffeia slcirl' and weslcil ensemble worn by Claire Herring. The scalloped hem of lhe slcirr and scoop neclc of The weslqil' macle lhis an ourfir for spe- cial occasions lwwy. L ' nil, xii?-i " 'vu-.2 ' 52? 7:5 Q-11,-H -5, MEF ,X ,U - 5 'Q .ini f f m7 A ,,-,mf WP' "Hn, 'r ,QI U-. M.-,X x3f"' I a" p, FTW .- 4 ax Z7 , 7- 1 . -., , . .f F- gm 1, f- '1 -- i X X Q., 4 . w 11 .P As, , 0 Q -. N Y. ' h-ff-- MTL, 55.5 T -fx ' 'Q . 1 -fl If f ' Tag' 1 'I 1-if 5-'Q-:ul J, gf-'f d ...F-:-A.. I , . 7.1-. 15 ' 1 92412 7 -1' 91 -SQ! , . w"'.s .t 1, ' , 1 1 ' X71 -- ' . f . X ,V N f M , ' - vj1Q'3,iff',. , 4 - " 4 1 ' . -- '-L .-,u.,J'vx , ,,. ., 5:15.-1 E 5 1 . ... Q, 'Q , , K U. : is 'E li Y ,.wx' 'Q-"Jeff ff- .- ggL'3",. 25,5 551 I 1 max- . -, ,151-:vi'XgA'....-Sv. "' 'F ' 'xg' f' -M ,-- 51 555 5. . S, -::- -ws-H X vu.. :-:aw N. , -:- M, 'ay a1gm1a14:Ez: - Y! 55533 my - '..'. -1:5:5::Q::::z jim. sr H . . Q .ah ,Celaye+a's Noel Walden models a snappy sporls ouifii from Celaye+a's on Main Sfreef. The while wool iackef is a popular slyle and he deloalres whelher 'ro buy H' or ano+her of 'lhe excellenf suils hanging on +he racks. Campus Lane Diane Jacobs prepares +o open 'rhe door for her dale To a summer's evening dance. She wears a beau- Hiul while organcly froclc wiih a irailing cucumberbund of navy and while Jralilefa. Red roses nesile in +he perky bow of The dress from Campus Lane on Pacific Avenue. Quinn's Jane Wesl selecis a curreni lilera- 'rure novel from 'rhe well-sfaclced shelves of Quinn's Book S+ore, where you can find anylhing in books. Turner Hardware Co. Bob Eusiis 'fries our a puller for his favoriie sporl, golf. Turner Hardware Co. em- ployee, Jim Nikilwas, approves of Bob's golfing form. Silva-Fox While modeling a coal and dress, Marlene Moris looks over one of 'rhe many cool Summer Oulfifs +0 be seen a+ Silva-Fox. Ward Tyler's Ward Tyler's sells everylhing in sporfs alfire. lrenemaree Casfello selecfs a new air of 'rhe po ular whi+e bucESpal- clings found in lhe shoe de- parfrnenl of Jrhe slore. Eclc Jewelers Norm Shumway agrees wilh Mr. Lloyd Eck Jrhal bolh sels of rings are beaulilul. Now To choose +he one. Mr. Eclc is always 'there 'ro help you make your seleclions In any rype of jewelry. ..'qW,.i-ri Ka'H'en 8: Marengo Upfown and On fhe Avenue Three misses become six as lhey are mirrored in lhe en- Jrrance of KaH'en 8: Marengo on The Avenue. They are showing off 'rheir smarl new shirl-dresses. From lell To righl' in Jrhe mirror are Tansy l-lerpich, Joan Malloy, and Deyea Swinelord. nunv KJ uonucis Diclc's Drive lnn A place fo go every nighl' of lhe week for a 'rasiy Jrreai. The prices aren'+ high: 'rhe food is fine---+ha'r's Dick's Drive Inn any old lime. V . Happyholme Dairy Proclucfs Mr. Dean DeCarli, The manager of I-lappyholme, is seen here holding a liJr+le calf. This lirlle Guernsey's moiher is one of +he many cows which give ihe fine milk Jrhar makes up Happyholme. 'EIFLL .1 D o C.O.P. Campus Barber Shop Bill Kenoyer Takes advanTage of The convenienT Campus Barber Shop, where he is sure To geT The besT in haircuTs. YosT Bros. Besides being a YosT Bros. employee, David Davis be- lieves Tirmly in Their suiTs. l-le and Jim Brumbaugh model sporT suiTs and perky bow Ties from The many To be Touncl in The sTore. BEVERAGE Bravo 8: McKeegan George Henderson, an employee oT Bravo 8: McKeegan, Talks over gracluaTion wiTh Bill MaThewson, a IZB Bill Tries on a sporTs coaT, hoping iT is iusT The Thing Tor The big nighT. ,4Ml-'UCAS PARTY oxefmff.. Nehi BoTTling Co. Mike Kuhlman and John Allman puT Their besT TooT 'Forward Tor Nehi. WiTh a boTTle OT Orange and a smile on Their Taces, They will TET in anywhere. Webb's Delicaiessen Marlene Boss chooses s agl'1eH'i for an economical and delicious lunch 'ro be bouglfr al Webbs Delicaies- sen. Halian and American delica- cies are Weblis specialfies. M. Corren 8: Sons Barbara Hail and Leonard Corren approve a new Zeni'I'l1 TV se'I'. Come in anylime 'ro M. Corren 8: Sons and see for yourself wlwal' a fine sei il really is. EL Dorado Bowl Peggy Dewar lalces a shorl re-sl belween frames, loul she agrees +ha+ bowling wilh The gang is always lun al' Jrhe ElDorado Bowl. Reiman's Bucl Reiman shows Jerry French a new camera from The wicle seleclion olllerecl a+ reasonable prices in Reiman's Camera Shop. xx , X, X 1 fi N411 yr: Sfoclclon Holel The Delia Room for Fine Food Besl of Luclc To All of lhe Graduales from Sfocldon Holel David Levinson's Carol Cruze is going 'ro be cool 'rhis summer in her swim- suil and siraw haf from David Levinson's. Darlene Marsland doesn'1' wanl' 'ro gel a sunburn so she wears a marching beach 'aclcel 'ro go wilh her suir. The hol' weafher won"r gel lhese girls. 1 1 1 1 , . v 1 7,1 4 , -. x L " Ae' 1 " K 1 X 1 1 f Y r K 1 1,- . 1 1 ' 1 1 . M 1 . Jr S. H. Kress 81 Co. Besl' Wishes 'ro ihe Graoiuaies of Siocldon College. Complimenis of S. H. Kress 8: Co. Severi Siudio Here is lvir. Dino Severi snap- ping a piciure of lovely Miss Shirley Beralolo. He also look 'rhe picfures of Jrhe graduaies and 'rhe 'faculiy in 'rhis ear- book. A poriraif is a gig for any occasion. Come in any lime. And so we've gone 'Through +he I953- l954 school year. We've 'l'ried +o presenl S+ocld'on College wifh picfures and words, bu'r ihe real S+oclc+on College is 'lhe siudenis who make up 'lhe school and ifs aclivifies. The pas? and lhe presenf we have seen, buf now 'Phe fufure . . . The l954 graduafes will go on +o +he fufure, fo become adulis. Buf back a+ fhe campus of Slocldon College 'lhere will be a new million dollar classroom building for ihe up and coming sfudenis. This was +he year in which a new library and agriculiure building were added fo +he campus. We hope Siocldon College will keep on growing and become +he finesf Junior College in California. Bu-i "This was 'rhe year" for growlh. + 'v 'I YQ ,, fl - mx 15 A ,Q 4 I I ,7!Xf5f!7jf? ikfffrlf 'YQ H S!MZ',U 3 M M MGM 'p12U"YCLKKcu.m.J Modv KLM 6367-if LQ ' f f5E'C.O'N!Jx.X!x"iVx?xJ had EWXQ bkvgifyfflwe .fm FWCLQMME BXLGAGXA-Dr:-.vmKi?QMovvxE, x ' ' ' YXgwE'S Jw Mage x.m5+ 40,6 WW Qt! SES'-fxesxrsx-5 luke have Niko wk . ' OUKEO-.'UNOs'xAEL"1', Qv-,Sly Skluitej QSW5 9. xwmek- of bee! wlhm Woo SAL: owkfl LH -l-Mai Q04' Am MXH if Al ,W fff M D Avvu I fiziziw MM My ,WM WW M, MQMMMJM M myfggffff .wugwmf W ,f J miviggxy ,,v ,, ,, -.W ,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,..... , V-----.4-.H .- . fWiW"'n' 'fi WWW Mawgmf ' 'f aff? X, xy. ? fivf ' L wi VX! ,MJ ff fm? Wi, f iWffW55flf'j 'Jz 72 e V WU'-4 Cl Q 0' fm W QW, WW a :M V UL Q Z 4 1145711014 i"'1I 'YJ 0 4- H- vvzf Q4 QP' if 5003! and Si'h,!Pj,Q' Q gi Cofwr ing evilf' , 27 A X .. I 113115 1 I CRMQ. ve.-Q ig? ' X Yr? 'Lv'-rf ,411 P - . fm. -!-v1+!L- - -1-fr L .,u-wr ' ' K M., ,-. .,,,,....,:S.,..,...-,,,z.l ' W!-Im. I' 1 '-M Y-,L M- - '-F - '.f ' . .-ig. ,,,, " ' """'R- -,v..f,,.,.L K 0 MM -,---, ,,.,,....-,-z M in An.. , J 1 'Y V - im-, if -.,-.- .A A.,,,,..M nm-Mm A K -up----U ---4 M, .. " - ,, H--i - .mg--f' "L"'2"'A fi-""""" ' ,. -. 'P -:1 if ,-1.-'---n---I., - . '4 A ' 1 f e . Y , , -, :.- - ' - 1 - F . A , .. "Hia '-4.791 ,,.v:.S"' Z" ,gif N5 15 f . . ,H ...... .....-.-'.,.-..-- ..V. -. .. ,A-, - . fu, Au ' ' v ' . "'Y5+!5zb.' v- . L t- , lr ,, Z . ' fy P ., 4'-i , I' ' . K "I N :' --- .-, -,.-,. MMM-FAWAI' Ln Y an '!MM,b,-A, YW V-,,,. WY- , -, --,f:f,.'. - .--- N. -H-W WMA 1 . 4: -fre , " m

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