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NSmMm4w+ EEQEEEE fwmwwww COP Vlgllantes nvade Our Town To Boost LeBaron Caravan of 96 Automobiles Storms Nqgwspaper Offices! Q 9 X1 0 ,J 0 aronutes Invade The News Office o ical QW C3 fx?-6,000 Q c-UH 008 0.I. ':l 'S W49 NOV 9 VH 31 F ' av TUESDAY NOVEMBER 8 l949 j1 0 o o 1 'M 3 yearbook Ev S W N 5 neteen l ell th ll I' the eollege of the paezfze and stoeleton eollege earolgn young, editor . . . art venable, business m nage "The success of 'rhe Siudem' Sladium Drive is ihe deiermining faclor in assuring us l'ha+ lhe 49-50 Federaied Sludenis will go down in hisfory as one of ihe finesf sfudenl' bodies in lhe one hundred years of 'rhe College of fhe Pacific." These words by Pacil'ic's Presidenl' Roberl' Burns 'iillingly climaxed a greal' year of spon- faneous spirif and endeavor by a sfudeni body ihaf liferally lified iis school oul' of a small school sialus fo nalional recogniiion. H' was a kind of spirif 'lhai led io an unescorled IO0-car caravan of 500 sludenls in a l60-mile round +rip +o The Bay Area newspapers demanding recognilion for +heir school and all-American candidafe Eddie LeBaron. ll' was 'l'ha'l kind of spiril' which broughl' 'rhe caravan 'rrip honor and preslige for +he organizaiion and enfhusiasm 'lhal marked if one of 'ihe fines? s'ruden'l demonsrraiions in collegiale hislory. lf was 'rhal' kind of endeavor i'ha+ slimulaled lhe same s+uden+ body +o ioin 'lhe Sludeni Siadium Scrip Drive and 'rurn a cily upside down in 'rheir eFfor+s 'io raise 23,000 dollars and siimulaie a lale ci'ry fund drive 'ro a successful conclusion in meeiing a financial goal for a new 45,000 sealing capacify sladium. lf was +ha+ kind of spirii 'lhaf kepl lhe year alive and produciive and gave 'Fu+ure slu- denf bodies a high level of achievemenl 'lo aim for. H is 'rhal kind of spirif fhal' will be laken from 'lhis campus by 'lhe school's largesl' graduaiing body and broughi oul +o lheir respeclive communifies lo be channeled inl'o conslruclive parlicipalion. H is precisely 'lhai infangible spirii 'rhal manifesls iiself on ihe Pacific campus 'lhal places C.O.P. in a high niche wiih ihe nafion's academic gianls. The name of our college doesn'l have 'lo pale under ihe mighly shadows of -the leading universilies. For we have someihing lhal cannol' be erased, someihing fha? is growing sfronger every momenl. I+ is +ha'r inlangible force 'lhal breeds principles and slandards which, in 'l'urn gives birih +o sirong conscieniious communily ciiizenship. I+ is lhaf 'force which slimulales a heal+hier environment menlal and physical, for ourselves and 'iufure genera+ions. Whal' good is all our advanced academic knowledge when such a force which combais lhings like bigoiry, infolerance, and greed is very much lacking in our presenl day sociefy? ln our eagerness 'lo grab for a degree 'lhal places us aufomaiically in a higher social level, loo many siudenis and colleges neglecf +o emphasize ceriain basic qualifies of characfer which will wilhsiand weak and warped principles and sfandards defrimenlal 'io +he welfare of a communily, a people, a nalion. Weak are 'lhe filles of Engineer. Lawyer, Scieniisf, wi'rhou+ such sfandards as a foundalion 'ro build on. Pacific can 'rake pride fha? such a foundalion is l'he very essence of i'rs lhinking and +he very core of ils 'I'eaching. ll' has inslilled wilhin ils s'luden'rs fhe belief of responsible cilizenship and consiruciive leadership and lhus has done service fo i'ls charges, ils couniry, and fulure generalions. ln doing fhis our school s+ands sfrong and firm wilh lhe many universilies of unlimifed 'Facililies and facels of inielligence. For here moral obligalions and spirifed ciiizenship is. given lo +he liHle man of American main sfreeis, 'ro be used in ihe forging of a will of 'rheir own: 'lhoughfs of 'lheir own, ideas of lheir own and noi +0 be relegaled fo puppel- like masses. Paciiicl Remember whal' if slood for --- i+'s your schooll DAVE GERBER 'L -1 I 1.121 11'Q1!?1-g.'- F- 11 ' ' .1 1, .11 X. 1 iu . F :-1 .r 'i wav , 1 ,.! . 1 -1-almjlnzg-1' 3.11,- . - IJ, 1.. . .,. 1. 1- -1Jf'.1'fg 311 13' 1 111- ., -,Lrfl-v aa .417 11' ,-11 .. X. 1 - .5 ' 311k"'F1," 1, 1 11 Q1 4,11 1-Q. -,. 1- lzezjl .1 f ' 1 .E.f!1f,-.ig.3G,,?',5gf 5.111 1:1".1.1 uf:--'gil-' ' J.: "W 1- T1 1- ,. r1-'1.r711'- -1 ,-,- g.'-5-135.13113 , L1 X .A , 1 1 .-.-1 - - 1,11 1.,'-.-4,1 .. Q , ,. r. 1 , 11.. ..A.,,L,. - 411' ' LTA '1Yr .11 'J:!..1'.1 ,cj 1 .,'H!.'A1W M1 1, -Ji. 1.1! .1 -1 :1 zz--1 ' V 4 1 1 1 , , . V . 1 1 1 ,my 11,1 11112-111 ,11,....L ,,. .-1 .-Us - A r- 1:1 .f-'3 L 1 . . 1.11, 1, X 1 ufjvf 1 ":'1 V . .MF ' ' 1. . . B., .,,..- 13 . , .L F' Y, Eddie Lellaron . . . acificis All Amerwan lgsx A limi - ""5'f"uti 012 V S I1 berg and BeHy Nissen --- Secfion Edii' X Pima O it N J. Dr. Burke W. Bradley Dr. Leon P. Minear Vice-Presidenf Presideni' S T O C K T O N C O Dr. David L. Greene Vice-President L L E G I F 1 1 iv 6 A iiflfg 5 I ' ni vefnme ni G0 Snwle I E Ann Mc:Eniry - Seciion Ediior i ' ' 1 i : 3111 5 ig L, - i 5 ,H 'ip R. 7,51 gi if 'gli i ii i ' '1 .. --X is-:Q ii XX.. Miss Margarei' B. Taverner Associaie Dean of Women Mr. Phillip C. Garlingfon 'A' , Associafe Dean of Men 'F Dr. Tully C. Knoles Dr. Roberf E. Burns Chancellor Presidenf LLEGE OF THE PACIFIC 5.lJ. Administrative Directors Lloyd M. Befiholf, Ph.D. Dean of flue College l -f W .X l 1 v O. I-l. Riiier, A.B. Lorraine Knoles, MA. Execurive Vice-Presicleni and Coordinaior for College of ihe Pacific and . Compiroller Siocldon College 519' J. Marc Janlzen, Pl1.D. Dean of 'rhe School of Eclucaiion, Dean of fhe Summer Session l , . Fred L. Farley, Ph.D. Dean of Graduaie Sfudies Ellen L. Deering Regisfrar I l 4 l , .5 F? Ellioii J. Taylor Direcfor of Admission, Direcior of Placemeni College of the Pacific Department Chairmen George H. Collivar. Ped.D. Richard H. Reynolds, M.A. Harold S'ranleyJacoby, Ph.D. Bible and Religious Ecluc. Ari Sociology rf, ul,-,-.773 , . Hu .. yi v Y i ' .lr ,.. 2-'I ' I 'h,. FI.. .L X. i V i .ifwi - I Edna P. Gehllnen, M.S. Claire C. Olson. Ph.D. Emerson Cobb, Ph.D. Home Economics English and Journalism Chemisfry r X , W Fredericlc E. Sieinhauser, MA. George Warren Whife, MA. Modern Languages Maihemafics ?fi. . Al . I. M -1 . -1. f J AL . , W 1 ' . 4 H l 0 .4 , 1 ' J 5 in A ,QJFWQN 'iff '77. 'Ff1"fL, 1. .h I n if Malcolm Rogers Eiselen, Ph.D. Hisfory and Poliiical Science gt William D Nieimann Ph D Ernesl Elwood Sianiord Ph D Howard L Rumon Ph D Philosophy Bofany .vu .... 1 V.. -nl s..,'A , , 4 V wh., .- LEIIHE' "" l -1' l.l+:?1E!,l.Qf"A -- Alden E. Noble. Ph.D. Allan W. Waldo. Ph.D. Zoology Geology Speech Fred L. Farley, Ph.D. Ancienl' Languages K if Fred J. Clarlc, A.M. Physics 'Uv' ...QPR J. Marc Janlzen, Ph.D. Educafion and Psychology O. H. Rliier, 13.8. Business Adminisfraiion l. g X 4.1-NJ: .Q ,II E1..1i ,J :lr " 1' 5' 42-2, ,' if 12115-3, , t-W V f 4' ,iwr QW' ,Wig , gfl. HW, .-, . . , .MQ y 1, ' ...Y 5, L ni 'N Q.,- Q' . Va"--,. 'Ir W' I u,,,,,,,,m..,,.:,-1.-fu - lr- r" ' A . 'wi M ' , Nd ry ' x 45 xi it W nr .J-A ,gun , , - ' s N Administrative Directors for Stockton College 4 '1 1 L1 1 ,, 'I Jerome T. Light Ed.D. Reuel L. Pick, Ed.D. Louis L. Windmiller, A.M. Regisfra r Dean of Curriculum and Guidance Aciing Direcfor of Counseling .... . ,...- , V r ,, 1.4 1 Alber1'G. Sharpe. M.A. Kafhleen L. Seagraves, M.A. Direcfor of Tesfing Direcfor of Occupafional Services Stockton College Division Chairmen and 0ther Administrative 0ffieers t l-. Allan R. Laursen, A,M.L.S. John W. Adamson, A.B. Llhrarlan Dlractor of Puhllclty Ralph Wentz. M.S Dlv. Chmn.. Business Education FQ Harry B. Lenz Allan W.Walclo.Ph.D. Coordlnator of Athletics Div. Chmn., Natural Science lrving Goleman, A.M. Dlv. Chmn.. Arts and Letters Charles Trowbridge. M.A. A. Douglas Blim, M.A Sub-Chmn., Physlcal Education Placement and Work Exllerlenca In Business Educatlon John H. Carmichael, M.S. Student Govarnment Flnanclal Aldo Earl R. Jackson, A.M. Asst. Dlv. Chmn, oi Athletics Elizabeth Malson, M.S Asst. Dlv. Chmn.. Physical Educ. 1:3- Franlc J acobs, B.S. Placement and Work Exnerlence In Vocational Educatlon Charles M. Guss. M.A. Asst. Dlv. Chmn., Arts and Letters 613 Eleanor M. Cole, MA. Sub-Chmn., Physical Education 'ivi f 4 'WY pl f 1 X 4? 1,-gfzgff 5 ,5 1 h . "ill Lorraine Knoles, A.M Dlv. Chmn.. Soclal Science. and Coordinator Between SC G. COP in --5' "ai . raft - ' Wx dill 1 'E ': 4' A .E l V1 R VL - "N . - all 'ix Amber Ellis School Nurse Ralph Herring, B.S. Asst. Dlv.Chmn.. Vocational Educ. William K. Anftila. M.A Actlnn Asst. Dlv. Chmn, Physical Education The Senate -'A'-2 r-'f . - fveffi' -T 'r ir -.lmpmri i A -.15 1 : i 1' 4 '. 19fQf.,,.f " A , - 11" ,W AM" '- l 2-Tlifl., i ' 75" 1 f i f-,fa -, -fin I - ' "Wt V . ' b. . I ' 4 . --N ,:i"'1'iiiei'f 'l',,tjl':,- J Liilr-.-14 E- -' V n'FI.,gi,- lik:-,fbglr V - l' life. , '. ' , 1 ":'+f"'i'la1R' 'fir--' . Seaiecl fleff io righfl Sianding ileff 'io riglmi, Doclee Shannon Kane Harry Kane Social Chairman, Unii ll Senior Class Presidenf Dan Naloli Alice Bell Commissioner of Organizafions. Unif Ill Mary Lue Slwanley Frances Colliver Commissioner of Drives, Unii lll Secreiary, Unif lll Joyce Brooks Pai Rohbourg Social Chairman, Unii' lll Dean Tyrell Mary Ann Ferguson Director, Unii ll A.W.S. Represenfafive Nancy Bailey Dave Gerber Secrefary, Unit ll Publicefion Commissioner Bill Cunningham Monroe Hess Finance Commissioner, Unii lll Direcfor, Unii III BrilSmi'l'l1 Dean Garlingion Finance Commissioner, Unii ll Associafe Dean of Men Bob Warren Mori Green Sfucleni' Affairs Commissioner, Uni+ 2 Yell Leader Lloyd Sankowich Dean Belz Commissioner of Organizafions, Unif ll Dean of Men ' Jean Sosniclc Dean Monroe Freshman Class Presideni Dean of Women Lee Aiwaier Sfucleni' Aiieirs Commissioner, Unii lll Dean Taverner Associafe Dean of Women Clinf Arbuckle ' Junior Class Presideni l-lal Culier Yell Leader 2 ,Lv X ,...,- Mo Hess ,QRWJ4 R x X , ii. ,. xl-,,,. -.4 'ki ,ig M N fs. 5 V ly ,,,,.L.!iw:,.S-3 .Tw-hxygntp Q -a,.i ,','-',,-'x4Q- H-.f5'1,, . . j 4-fs, , , P -',. ju l -,,--.Q ,,., H i 'Mo' l-less, rhis year's presidenl of The College of The Pacific - Sloclcron College Federa'red S+uden+s Associalion, engages in a variely of exrra-curricular acrivilies as piclurecl above. A man who can 'roorle on a lrombone, guzzle a+ Jrhe End Zone, sneak a loolc al Esquire, be 'lcind' To lr-alernily pledges, and be a lraclc slar doesn'+ always lil as lhe serious head of a sludenl' body ol over 3000. 'Mo' did 'lhis so well ihal he yearned a place in Jrhe All-College Who's Who and membership in 'rhe Senior Men's Hon- orary Socief . A philosophy major from San Francisco, he quided +he Senale smoofhly Jrhrough 'rhe difficulf raslc of se+'rinq up 'rhe new sluclenl organizalion for nexf Jrerm. Oh, yes, he is lisfed on 'rhe rolls of Alpha Kappa Phi and College of 'rhe Pacific as Monroe l-less, noi' Moses or lvloriarly. 1 -c Associated Women Students v Q34 -M, I, 3 f,, 5 lTLfj'l':ll f., 'll r A.W.S. CABlNET The Associalecl Women S'ruden'rs is run by and for all +l'1e women al-lending College of flwe Pacific ancl Sloclcfon Col- lege. The main purpose Is 'ro promole behler feeling among campus women and build a brighler college career. SOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS BANQUET A AA Womenfs Honoraries K N O L E N S Senior Women's Honorary Sophomore Women's Honorary 04 X 1:-. .i Alice Q, Q j 0 n S 'S -V . ,V NI Q' M9 QW 4 iz- , X k . X nU,!x Q 'N-if gg, ,fir '1 Y Whal is college wilhoul fhe old Rah, Rah slullf? Our "Splri+ Promo'rers" were righf on fhe job +0 cheer LeBaron and Company in 'rheir phenomenal season. We had everylhing buf a drum majoreffe. Bul even C.O.P. can'+ have everylhing. yef, lhal is. Rally Commissioner Bolo McLaughlin y ,s Yell Leaders l-l. Kuflner, M. Slroh, R. KuHner Rally Commlllee Song Leaders Jane Haskell, Suzanne Thorpe, 'Andy' Anderson, Wanda Rineharf Mary Bell Taylor and Ken Wahronbrock Tuesday Chapel Commillee Chapel Committee Throughoul lhe year The Tuesday and Sunday Chapel groups have worked conlinuously lo bring loeauly 'lo Morris Chapel services. Their conslanf elzforl has been lo presenr services suilable 'lo all denominalions and creeds. Sunday Chapel Cornmiffee Gr Ch mln dies I M S E d Who 'S Who in American Colleges Marcia Lou Brown Peie Devanis Mary Ann Ferguson Xl . ,V x 4 , David Gerber Monroe l-less Eddie LeBaron Bob McConnell Rex Mull lnof picfuredl Shirley Anderson Mary Lou Crump Bill Cunningham Mary Lou Dearing Dorofhy Ealon Phyllis Finch Chuck l-lolsf. l-larry Kane Bruce Orvis John Rohde George Slokes 'Tai' " w- -r 'mum L1 5-1 '41-311' HHN' Johnson Klein, H Klein, R Lamb, J Lynn, I.. McDonn . P 40s. Q' Skid' is X ,ib- 17--' Marcopolus. E. Pedroffi, M. Miller, S. Peiersen, W. Miniaci, J. Poulin. B. Mifchell, N. Prince. C. Murphy, D. Richardson, B. Nauman. E. Rose, J. 5 mel' 'Sv' Sims, E. Smifh, G. Smi+h, G Solomon, J. Speck, D. Spiess, E. Spry, B. S+ k G o es, . S'ruTzman, C. Toy, P. Vassar, F. Waldorf. L. 1 Wesf, B. Wilson. R Young, R. Q- w . xi . ,-a "-Q.. Addinqfon, D. Ball, B. Benson, V. Arfhur, S. Bandelon, T. Benard, R. Afweder. L. Baf'ren, K. Blakely, R. Avale, T. Bell, A. Beauchamp, H. Awe, S. Bell. D. Bobson. E. Badaracco, J. BenneH. J. Borror, E. Boschee, E. Buck, H. Boyd, J. Cha. C. Bravo, C. Chrisfensen, T Brown, B. Church, M. Brown, J. Clarke, R. Brown, M. Collins, R. Q.: x-ff '95, '54 'X' 5' QW"-v ,KA ev-5 lil i Cope. C. Crawford. H. Crump. M. Cunningham, Curfis. D. Daley, H. :Edd . 'i Q-A Damilano, R. Danna, M. Daugherfy, W. DelCarlo, W. Derrick, L. Devincenzie, P. lb' , if-, " ' WF? .f"' F""'Q F16 . vs., 7' we -I Q,-. frfr A ' ra W' II' .10 Dickerson, R. Edises, B. Field, D. Diefrich, W. Edison. M. Finch, P. Douglas. L. Egan, T. Freeman. D. Drew, P. Evans, W. Frey. P. Drigqs, D. Fannon, W. Fulcher, M. Duncan, J. Ferrill. J. Furquson, M. Cs... "N -1' Gagos. V. Garber, R. Safes. M. Gehman. P Gerber. D. Gibbons, E. i i' I ,eg Hodson, J Holler, L. Holmes, C Holmes, R Holmes, R Holsi, C. y .v . H., ' - 1 1 . f J' 13 pgs- I... fn , 4 1 'QS' X, q...,-.,. ... .. .H-, T 1 Q . . flu A 9- Q Q ' ' 'D CTT, , " ,, - 5- T-? " W 4 ff' - K Isaacson, W. Jones, C. Kirsfen, R. LeBaron, E. Long, E. Jefford, W. Kane, H. Klein, E. Lemke, J. Lowe, D. Johnson, B. Kaneko, J. LaMar, J. Liffle, M. Lush L. Johnson, D. Keck, M. Lapachef, J. ' Liminq, D. Lyon, E. Johnson, V. Kenf, M. Law, G. Livingsfon, J. Mcflandless, J. Johnsfon, W. Kiesz, W. Lee, K. Lonergan, K. McConnell, B. q-qi-ffm ff.-.. ' H ---'1'-rw-' l ' - ' " V ,. , . . Ng , .,-4. , . s Mull, R Mullins Murray. Neill, E. Nelson, Nickels Tl-M . V-,l . I . V Y WV . .:.-ug 'Q iw f Nilson, R. Noid, B. Norman. P. Noifoli, D. Oberlello, J. Ohm, P. if , - -Av 54 'Z' S' 79' sv. 4 Eff ir .,... Parkinson, Parrish, H. Paffon, C. Poucher. F. Payne, D. Pelgen, J. Pinio, W. .pm 'Ie Gb -x 'S' L Reed, W. Reeves, C Rernbold. Rohde, B. Rohde, J. Richey. B. .r ,Al no- 3-117 Sfahl, V Sfanley. Sfark, J. Sfesl, B. Sfeel. J. Sfevenson D Tee! V 39 'Hui' 41 41. iw"-" Ei, 4-lm Waldorf, A. Waller, R. Ward, J. Warclwol, M. Waulwab. D. Wayne, B. 'dl 1' Webb, D. Wells, W. Wesffall, J. Wheailand Wheeler, L. While, P. Whiflow, B. Wilson, V. Winkler, B. Wymer, W Young, F. X ' .c.N fir- -XV . v . Q", w A Beckwifh, K. Brown, T. Burfon, C. Chan, M. Chrisfensen. T. Colleff, M. Q . wt "fb, TFT! , 1 A .i . , .xl l Q W 1 v t- ll' Cofferal. J. Dunn. D. Graffis, M. Criglar. J. Edger. S. Hardy, D. Crowell, C. Feisch, B. Harmon. L. Cunningham. G, Flaningam. S. Hoar. H. Cunningham. M. Flefcl1er,G. Hodge, L. Devine, W. Garber. P. Hong. H. J Y Hoskins, M. Hull. R. Jacobus, D. Johnson, P. Jung. T. Kern. J. 1-ng-1--.1-1-N A X-.- 7, . .-.C- ' x f I -Y 4 w N lv, r n A ,.,, YE." ' ' ' - vv ' 'Y-. f.. ix- 5 ,S i . .4 . N 'Z ' ' 1 - I 1. 5 - ,q'.'1'f'-7- L ' ' . W' 6' . . .21 . f,,h:. Q., 4 ' 5, 4" ' '5 . L" 1 1 - V' A 22:3 ', ' , V - w 1 J f' . 4 ' A King, D. Luman, C. Ng, M. Rosek, J, Kingsfon, B. McCabe, J. Omura, M. Sanford, B. Kosfal. M. McDonald, C. Pe+erson, G. Sawyer, C. Kreis. J. Miller, M. PiH'man. R. SchaFFer. K. Lee, A. Moore, G. Ritchey, J. Scheuner, M Lewis, D. Murano, Y. Rose, J. Schueinforfh wr: , L, Shinrnofo, J. Shorf, W. Smifh, l. Smith, L. Sfackhouse, J. Sfuhlmuller, N. I 4 Sunio. E. WakeHeId, E. Woock. B Sweeney. E. Waliers. G. Thafcl'1er.G. Welch. M. Trifenbcclr, D. Wellingfon, B. VanVlee+, R. Whyaif. B. Waggener, J Wilson, C. W'-'v x , . .' A liizfczli I Y 'A"i"13!n . v . N fi " "'-C-'IP' Abrew, B. Akifa. K. Allinger, G. Angerina. D. Baum, W. Beggs. L. Bogie, A. Bowyer, B. Briche++o, N. Burch, H. Cannon, J. Colvin, B. 3 ' fi as I .. X , f 4. riff-Q. Y., gg. ,iv Twins. 'v'rr-"P in. L 1 1 I Corner. E. Condos. E. Coy, M. Curnow, B. Daniels, V. De-Parsia, F. Duncan. C. Eafon, A. Fincher, E. Francis, J, Groffone, Heirs, B. V. Haley. P. Hammond. W. Harper, M. Hari, D. Haskell, J. Hicks, F. 'Y -1 ' iff , - i a ' H G' E 1 .- Vvf 'E' U Q 5 fl ..u av' L'?fxQuz' ""' ' ' 'ix "' T' 3k . V 14, 7,72-f L, ,,7,... , u .-1,5 -A r ,:' .L y .E . , Y. ,Me sr' - - "J - . -,,,.- 4, L' ' . V 1'Z' ' I? A .f,:1:. D ' L Qf., 1- , , . . , 5 - j '12 . f . . U ,J , V l 1 ' if , '-fiI- ' '-WQ5 2" - ' '- Qihjnbfgiw 'N 0 1 . 21? fn . N 5 .::,- S - W W4 M K , vp HQ ' -v E' J. ' x. Y 5? lid .L IP' I. Hori,J. Howard, B. James, B. Jones. N. Kirshen. L. Kroeclc, L. -'W 'W J ,L I Krury, D. Liffle, V. Mark. L. Pollack, A. KuHner. H. Lone, C. Marks. M. Sanders. L. Lazzareschi, D. Lyon, P. Merrill, J. Schmidt L. Lindhorsf, L. Deparsia-Owen, B. Molander, P. Schulfz, N. Li1+Ie,J. McKim. D. Nagel, A. ScoH, N. Liffle, V, Marquis. J. Nevis, C. Sfanley, B. N s 'r o c K T o N C O L L . E G E J U N E G R A D U A T E ' Sfebbins. J. " Tassano, I. Ton R II Tula , l ffl if 1' 9 5 , S NP" . an ami" Frank Wolfe ancl Sally Waclde --- Seclion Edilo Delfa Mu Era National Home Economics Club California S'ra1'e Teachers Associa+ion Meeling Bela Befa Bera Nafional Biological Honorary Thefa Alpha Phi Nafional Honorary Dramaiic Sociefy ,iii 41 ..1 :A 3 'f.- .5 FK' - - -r. 4.5 r at -1 Alpha Phi Gamma W b Na+ional ' f 3 Journalism is " f-J lil, Fra1'erni'I'y l Y ' Sociely of Engineering S'ruden+ Majors Blue Key lformerly Sigma Lambda Thelal Senior Men's Honorary Pacific Clnapier insrallecl on April Zlsi, wiilw Dean Beiz iniiiared as iaculiy advisor oncl I2 srudenrs as cliarier members. Bob McConnell receives Blue Key Chaprer Charrer from Mr. Beverly Barneii of LOS Angeles. The onlookers, lefi io riglwr, are Bruce Orvis, Joe Rhin, Dean Beiz and Harry Kane. All-College Honor Socieiy Local Scholaslic Honorary Phi Mu Alpha Nafional Men's Music Honorary Mu Phi Epsilon Nafional Women's Music Honorary Mixed Glee Club ' . .5 ' Q fy ,. A. A , , , bf-+V -- rp!-,.1:i'D"l -'-.V uv! V' "' uf, 7 Churchmanship Council Men's Frosh 'Y' Freshman Men Men's 'Y' 'R - ,U .cs-' I lnlernafion Club Siudenls inieresfecl in lnfernafion Affairs Philosophy Club For Philosophy Majors land Olhers lWho Are lnferesfed Psychology Club A Club for Those Who Are Making a Siudy of I+ .M 'QM 'iff 'lar ig,,' ' n. Q. : ,sv ' lax' 3 4 - Physical Educa+ion l Maiofs Club - '11 , ' ' .gk4Qf?'lf1ie. ' 1 fsq . ' . 'X f ' -'V' 'Q .I -Ay, ' .. F L if ' ,: 1 H- l V - .Q -' N- ,,,f ,cw , N 'Y vsljif' ,Y 14 YA F",,f f . r -. -Img-mf ffl . ,X f- f ful .. X wr I .1 lvl ' 1 D' ,HL Ns NK Slci Club Acquafic Club -ia Gamma Gamma Epsilon Local Men's Fraferniiy Block 'P' Sociefy Men's A+hle+ic Honorary Tiger Twirlers Local Folk Dance Club Orchesis Nafional Dance Honorary C . Red Cross Campus Unii' Conducfed Red Cross Membership and Blood Donalrion Drives Newman Club Caiholic Sfudenfs' Organizaiion f M ,ws 4 arcia Lou Brown --- Theafre Tim Brown --- Conservafory Frank Wolfe --- Ari Depf., Debafe, Weekly, Radio .37 X xi V , X. . 7 Q W ' t ,g":.z- ssa1s1xf5.f,fr.2s:q. . 5 in -' V li., 3 .ueawzggirrffi , 5 V I azszggw QQ ' 'HH Y! .iv , ,,"5..I kt, aff. R fe .,, , . flair. ' 514 5 elif' ' AmqE91Q':w.33.:9ff5'1i' --:GQ 3 C ' Q., f"'gg2 'Q' ng 5 . .-fag-an -- ' ' --" .134 ' mi, , -bl? ,I 1 H., -1 sf, . . fs n f".f, '-1, ,Tj 'iff' au- . A ,I:1P7f' . ., -15-3515--.f f4:,.'1f" v '35- .,.,g5f. ' mr?- Q. .,-1. ., ., '11 .-' .L K Wg? 'X ' 19, X. ..,-' 'Tf-,,'P..1.- ' "QT, F ,',q.:N,.,L ""1. H ,A Q .1 p.,1,. .f-H.. -45fnL,.'J:aL.,1,,.,- . L' :pki . . . I, , .,r .- ,g 1,35 4 'N 'fx 'Q' 1' -L' Q' 'i:.:'Q1L" 4 N . .'.,...i ' ' xx 'L 1 1 1 . 7. .la-: Q THE CA Ronnie Winslow Violei - - Arlhur Winslow Grace Winslow Dickie Winslow Calherine Winslow John Walherslon Desmond Curry Miss Barnes - Fred - - Sir Reber? Morlon ' Danofes membership in lhe California Gamma Chap- ler of Thela Alpha Phi, Nalional Dramalic Fralernily inslow' oy The Slory of rhe Case... I+ is based on one of the mosr famous rrials of modern limes. This rrial, slemming from an incidenl which in irseli seemed relalively unimporranr, soon developed info a spec- lacular and significani slruggle on lhe oulcome of which cerlain fundamenlal principles of democracy were al' issue. A pleasanl young English boy, on seemingly conclusive evidence, was discharged from an English Governmenl school. The boy's farher, be- lieving implicilly in lhe youlh's denial of guill, slarls To invesligale lhe procedure by which lhe lad was allegedly deprived of his righls as an individual. The faiher puls 'lhe case inlo lhe hands of an eminenl lawyer who considers lhe issues involved iusl as im- porlanl as does 'rhe plainlill. ST. in order ofappearance - 'Rob Dickerson - Belle Gall Willard Clark - Alice Call 'Chuck l-lolsl Barbara Rowley 'Joe l-linman Harry Shelby Mary Rhodes Paul Viergge John Crefan if Direcfor - - Technical Direclor Business Manager Box Office Manager THE STAFFa fl CREW De Marcus Brown Anlhony Reid Rob Dickerson Chuck Holsl Sfage Manager Assisfam' Slage Managers Elecirician - - - 'James Jewell - - - Beverly Wallers and Paul Viergge 'William Slrorn Assislani Eleclricians - John Madrid and Roger Wiesl Sound - - - - - George Barreff Properfy Manager ---- 'George Hall Assisi. Prop. Mgrs. - Don Kampe and Richard Moody Wardrobe - V Darlene Wise, Dolores Yescas. and Carla Tourlilloh' Librarians - - Janel Thienes and Jana Wheeler ' Denores membership in 'rhe California Gamma Chap- ier oi Theia Alpha Phi. Nalional Dramafic Fralernily Shadow and Substance The play deals wilh +he Cafholic Church in Ireland. Irs 'rheme lies in lhe ramiiicaiion of faiih 'rhat for all iis sinceriiy, has drified from i'rs deepesi' moorings, and lhe manner in which a irue, sleadfasr, innoceni, and unselfish believer, a young girl, brings The conieniious oihers baclc lo lirsl principles. The role of The young girl, a liH'le carelalcer in lhe house of 'rhe canon, is here flavored wilh such finesse of spiril and resirained genrilify ihair she is awarded The privilege of seeing lhe Sainl Brigid. T H E S T A F F a n d C R E W Direclor -4---- - De Marcus Brown Technical Direclor - Anlhony Reid Business Manager 'Rob Dickerson Box Olihce Manager 'Chuck Holsf Sei Designed by 'William Slrom Sfage Manager - - Sherwood Goozee Elecfrician - - Charles Hess Assisfanl Eleclrician - - Jaclc Jones Properly Manager - - - Don Krarnpe Assisfanf Properly Manager ------ Ronnie Hull Wardrobe - .... Darlene Wise and Dolores Yescas V Denoies membership in fha California Gamma Chap- ier of Theta Alpha Phi, Nafional Dramalic Frafernily THE order of appearance ' Brigid ----- 'Marcia Lou Brown Demo? Francis O'Flingsley - 'Glen Huling Tomasina Concannon - 'Penny Filzgerald Fafher Corr - - - Paul J. Vieregge Falher Kirwin - - - - Frank Smiih Miss Kaly Cooney - - - Joanne Bernard Very Rev. Thomas Cannon Slcerriff - Thomas Rosqui Marfin Mullahone ---A 'George Hall Rosey Viola? ---- Virginia 'Graham " Denofes membership in fha California Gamma Chap- fer of Thefa Alpha Phi, Naiional Dramafic Frafernily ulius Caesar The characler of Thelirsl Roman diclalor has been lascinaling lo wrilers and play- wrighls from Plularch 'ro Thorron Wilder - from Shakespeare lo George Bernard Shaw. The inlerprelalions of his life have been many and varied wilhoul in any way losing lhe essenlial lascinafion of fhe man. ln Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar," however, 'che mosl inleresling and slrongesl characler is lhal' of Brulus - misguided buf sincere - idealis- l'ic bul lreacherous-lhe loving execulioner. His is 'rhe 'rragedy of lhe man who slew a dragon lesl il' harm his people and found, lo his dismay and sorrow, a grearer dragon rising in ils place. The benevolenl diclalor, Caesar, is supplanled by fhe inlinirely more dangerous Oclavius, Anlony, and Le idus, who speedily pul down l'he rebellion and incidenially, paved lhe way for 'rhe clealh of 'rhe Republic and a long line of Roman Emperors. THE STAFF and CREW Dlreclor ------- - - De Marcus Brown Technical Direcfor - Business Manager - Box Olilice Manager Sfage Manager - - Assisfanf Srage Manager Eleclrician 1 - - Assislanf Elaclricians - Properly Manager - Wardrobe - - - Wardrobe Assislanfs - Librarian - - -' Music Background - F K Anfhony Reid ' Rob Dickerson Edifh Moore - 'Bill Sfrom Beverly Wallers 'James Jewell Marcia Lou Brown. Paul J, Vieregge, Pal Malloy Carolyn Reiss Darlene Wise - Dolores Yescas, Barbara Blaue ' Mariha Pierce Penny Filzgerald Denoles membership in 'rhe California Gamma Chap- ler of Theta Alpha Phi, Nafional Dramaiic Frafernify THE CAST... Flavius - - Firsf Commoner Marullus - - Second Commoner Julius Caesar - Casfa - - Calpurnia Anlony - Soolhsayer - Brufus - Cassius Cinna - Lucius - - Decius Brulus - Melfellus Cimber Trebonius - Porfia - - Ligarius - - Servanf 'ro Caesar Publius - - Popilius - - Servanf lo Anfony Servanf lo Oclavius Third Commoner Fourlh Commoner Lepidus - - Ocfavius - Pinclarus Tifinius Poel - Messala Clifus Volumnius Sfrafo - - O appearance - Jack Jones - Harry Hursi' - Bob Wasson - Max Huber Sherwood Goozee Larry Berscheid Carolyn Reiss 'Glen Huling Paul J. Vieregge Thomas Rosqui - John Crefan Arnold Evans Charles Hess Willard Clarke - Frank Smifh James La Mar - Bellie Gall Don Robinson Waller Duncan George Nunn Harry Uhlenberg - Jack Jones - Ronnie Hull Paul J. Vieregge - Arnold Evans George Nunn Don Robinson V Max Huber - Jack Jones George Nunn - Frank Smilh - Ed Davies James LaMar Harry Uhlenberg Senalors, Citizens and Olhers Roger Wiesr. Don Krarnpe, Herb Allen. Bob Durham. Darrell Husum ' Denoies membership in lhe California Gamma Chap- fer of Thela Alpha Phi. Narional Dramalic Fraiernify Green THE CAST.. IH Eldon Berry - Shade Sfokes - Sarah Thomas Mamie Cooley - Ruie Thomas - Prim STokes - Tinker SmiTh - Tobias J. Everheel Lonesome Berry Marlha Meers - Granpaw Berry - Granny Berry Calhoun Berry - Jeb Berry - Ransome Berry - Eva Friese - - Prudence Berry - - SeTTlers and oThers Ol' alley der oT appearance Willard Clarke 'George Hall - Darlene Wise - Barbara Blaue - - Ronnie l-lull 'Marcia Lou Brown - ' Rob Dickerson - Thomas Rosqui - John Poulos T' Penny FiTzgerald Sherwood Goozee - Molly Levine - Ronald Pilegard - George Nunn - Max l-luber - Francis Lane - - 'Barbara Rowley - - Gin GraTTone, PaT McNabb. RoberT O'l'-lare ' DenoTes membership in The California Gamma Chap- Ter of Theia Alpha Phi, NaTional Dramafic FraTerniTy THE STAFF and CREW Direcfor - - - Technical Direcior Business Manager - Box OlTice Manager - STage Manager - - Assisfanf Sfage Manager ElecTrician - - - AssisTanT Eledrician - ProperTy Manager - AssisTanT Pro erT Mana er p Y Q Wardrobe - - - Librarian - - - DeMarcus Brown - Anihony Reid 'Rob Dickerson - Edi+h Moore Beverly Waliers Robert O'l-lare - 'Bill STrorn - Max Huber Gin GraTTone Pai McNabb - Darlene Wise - ATha Haywood AssisTanT Librarian ----- Gin GraTTone Music Background ----- Marion Cramer ' DenoTes membership in The California Gamma Chap- Ter oi TheTa Alpha Phi, NaTional DramaTic FraTerniTy An original Toll: comedy wiTh music, "Green Valley" is The TirsT play OT a young drama Teacher, Frank WaTron. SeT in The CenTral Valley of CaliTornia, The playideals wiTh The Tarcial and TanTasTic eTiorTs OT Eldon, The cenTral characTer, To refain The incredibly lush and TerTile valley leTT To him by his ancesTors, The original seTTlers oi The area. ln addiTion To his eTforTs To Toil a Tenacious, land-grabbing promoTer, Eldon has To cope wiTh Two very lovely ladies who are noT easily eluded, Green Valley is Tull of humor which ranges Trom a warm rib-Tickler To an uproarious belly laugh - a splendid beginning To whaT promises To be a Tine playwriTing career. l Pacific Studio entre P I' Scene from "The Sunken Bell" Marcia Lou Brown Direcfor "THE BONDS OF INTEREST" C A S T Leander Don Robinson Crispin - Jaclc W. Jones The lnnlreeper - Pele Duncan Servani - - Ronnie Hull Harlequin - Fred Broolcs The Caplain - Diclc Moodey Dona Sirena Norma Niclcelman Columbine Pal Gioilonini Laura - - Babe Dix Risela - - - Eileen Russel Palichinelle - - - Max Huber The Wife of Polichinelle Barbara Baglini Silvia - - - Nancy Chapman The Docfor - The Sec reiary - Willard Clarlce Reber? Durham B88nt8 "THE SUNKEN BELL" Heinrich - Magda - Child - The Vicar - The Schoolmasler The Barber - Old WiH'ilcin Raurendelein Niclcelmann Wood-Spriie - Neighbor Woman Firsf Elf - - Second Elf - Third Elf - A Sherwood Goozee Virginia Graham Rosemary Sfuiz Harry Uhlenberg - Don Robinson - Jim LaMar - Molly Levine - Carolyn Reiss Laurence Berscheid - Ronnie l-lull Clara May Duguay - Eileen Russell Marion Cramer Norma Niclzelman Scene from "The Bonds of ln+eres'r" Joe Hinman Direcfor Studio Theatr Scene from "The Man Who Married a Dumb Wife" Jerry M ullin Direcfor Rob Dickerson Direcfor l Scene from "The FaTher" "MAN WHO MARRIED A DUMB WlFE" CAST Giles Boiscourfier, Secretary Alison. Bofal's Servanf - The Chiclcweed Man - - Masier Adam Fumee, Lalwyer Masier Leonard Bolal, Judge The Waiercress Man - - The Candle Man - - Cafherine, Bo+al's Wife - A Blind Fiddler - - - Masier Simon Colline. Doclor Masier Jean Maugier, Surgeon Firsl' Docl'or's Ailendeni - Second Docior's Aifendani' Fefe Duncan - Bobs Dix Bob Durham James Curley Dick Moodey - Ronnie Hull - Roger Wiesf Mary Rhodes Charles Hess Jim LaMar - Bob Wasson Vernon Shinn Roger Wiesl Masier Serafin Dulaurier, Apofhecary Madame de Ia Bruine - Her Page ---- Mademoiselle de la Garandiere Her Page f--- "THE FA CAST The Capiain - - - The Orderly - The Pasior - Nocli - Laura - The Docior The Nurse - - - Berfha ---- Mofher-in-law lnoi seenl - Harry Uhlenberg - Jean Hardie Don Krampe - Eileen Russel - David Ofis THER" Bill Cunningham ' Rod Kling Willard Clark ' Ronnie Hull Belfie Gall - Max Huber Virginia Graham Marion Cramer Eileen Russel Scene from "The Cherry Orchard" :wi W ,. Paul J. Vieregge Direcior "THE AFFAIRS OF ANATOLH C A Analol - Al Comaslcy Max Larry Berschied Cora Jane McBride Wailer Everelf Tavares Anne Joanne Bernarkl Valef - Bill Sibley Ilona Caryl Heyde "THE CHERRY ORCHARD" Dunyasha Lopalchin - Ephilnhodof - Firs - - - Madame Ranevslcy Barbara - - Anya - - Leonid Gayef - Charlolfe - Simeonof - Yasha - V Peler Trophimof Tramp - - A - BeH'y Benson - John Crefan Pele Duncan - Jack Jones Alice Call - Babs Dix - Eileen Russel Don Robinson Norma Niclcelman - Bill Sibley - Ed Davies - James LaMar Bob O'Hai'e in si Scene from "The Affairs of Ana+ol" Glen Huling Direcfor . Conservatory A Alleg,-P136 moderato M.M.J:112 o'W"l""' , Arr- by Ruth,Bampt0n 5 :J I ! , v 'i .f 16114711 0 Q . ,i QW ES!! K , , . . . Y-f ,, - . - '.' f Q. ,L I F BQ -3 Y Wi. I P p 1 3 r C . . L .S - - V . . f , ,,--,w,'- I' U 1 J J I Q. 93-1-IIII - 3 I XX '- V 'I V 2 r' 3 Q X- X 3 I XML. + A . 2,-fl ff ? '. Q In : I ? . n O :Q ' . fs 2 x : X. 5 V"' 1 xi M ui 1 SE V" I at f V i i .7-hh-V WV W-.MW f Y V RE D. Q- "ix av 574, o p ' wf li " I Q9 ""'-'E' 5 1? C . Hi? ,L v Z - W , f 16 V n -- I ' SX-f ' swf 1 7 g1fB," ','?g7gi-gi F '- - 1 - aff'fI4,f'2'f . 10PVYifIhl 10454 by Theodore PITASEFC V N Y British Copyright 54gcn,.,.d Nm' 1r1'1.f, 5' Dea John Elliofl' of ihe Conser 1' y 1 E W1 X -12' .1 1 W. I fl - 11 11' ill, .., ,1 '11 1. , I .I,,.. J! .ui 11 1 1 1. .1 A . ..i Av Of 1 ,1 r1 -11, 1111- 1 1 1 11-.ig':-35.11.15 -' 1,1 1 2 ll ','11- v ,W '.','-'J QVVA 1 1 1 - , :ln 'Q ' ' 1 -5- V V V554 442-'51 11,72 Q . s 5 f --Ll . I-I' ,f, ' 1 .Jlgzezflf 'yi' 1f 1" ' VVV VM V, ..lVV'V,V....V 1, . ,V f : D.: c ' 1. 1 '15 ..-:ix-.L If H- I.: PV -11' ,.ENfpQVi'a1'.la1V1, 5 -1 ' .' .1 V 1 ., Vg -V 1 I 1,1 1 . 1. , ,.f 1 ' 1 1' 1 11 , ,1 'g E if 21 .. 51 112: 1? 1 1 '1 1 'If 1' if. 912115 fr 1122 11-11 3:55312 1-I1 ' " . . 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' 1.1, 1,- '- 1 ' PM H"T"1':V: -- 3 FV: 1' i' 'u:1:1l.:1 13- ' --11' 1 11" 51551211 1 Lr1.1 1 1 - . ,IV 1-,V .1.A35V.111. V 11 .- ' V' "gang Q" , V',, ," 5 V , ,VW W. .' 1' ,., i'g.111i5iir'111,13 111' , 1 :hw 111i -Q gf 14- 1 1.z1 ?111K1' - 1 "tg: 'ii'51 1 1 1 . .- ' 1 1.11 " 'i .g. .' ' ,S .11 1 -1 fi ,P1 ' 1 ' I- '1'1r 1',l 11' - 1 1 ::1".' . '-2, 3:7 . Q11 'FI 255421311151-111 1- 1. 123 .111 1 'l ' ' 111'1f QI 'fd '. :LV 31-1 , V V V xw.Mwmvfv4H12 1 -yW11M.11f1g.g41Ny,. y 11 1 r4.1-, " T: g,'11:Z,.1,.'-g,- yu" "',1 , , V."' ' V37 V' ,' 'r1rV 1.Vf,5f1'VZ:u1 V1 ' V, , . '1 fw? 1Hwmm'M15+f .+1ER3EQQEiAHiumQx55-'11-U11 -r mv I 1 ffl' ' ' Vf'.?V!1V:'fVV'11" 1'ViW,l1' ' " "" 'H-" V' "1 ""' 'saga -5" "'7V"""1f I ' 1 1 ' Q ' E' ' 'ft If-LW. :Y-,wir-QQ'--.iz nj , . hi? " ' 11 1 ' -1 1.1 -J" 1 "C 11 -'XJ 1 1 1' .9 - 11 1 x 1- 11 5 " 161, 61" -gi' ., . 1 if 1 1 1 A' 1 , 'fs ""'iV- liffatgr vw- 1 Wif5fY"'6511'S1 tag! 1 ,1 .gtg 1 Q 5 1, Nd! ' I1' f 1' 1 F1 V . ' ' 5 'E' "1 . , 1- ' x Y I ' . V ' ' 1 f . I - - xx" sg '.' 'T' A ' 1 ' ' Q Q '15 - 1 11 qv V L- 351 V , 1 - 3 ' - ' , Q . ' , x J ! 1 Y 1' ff '33 ' 1 ' 11 V ' as 'KE5 ' 1 Q, ' 2 - f 'U' 9 - - ' ' 0 Q V 'f Q 1 v g r . 1 0 Q v V 1 1 'I' 1 . I f 1 1 1 M E IE Q In V T V f It 1- N, r .1 A A ,fl l ter aiu 'IA ' Q 'J- 1 M V . . 1 .u.W.,..M.......N 1 , V V 1 A V '7' : V ,.....................-.-.--- '1 4 1 ' 'H .A 11lI11fQ!! ,,1?1,,,"' V V, ,,,..,,--.- .. . ...--5 i I '., 'IV 11 ..,L.- , E i 1 m ., 6 ,Q Q4 YV 1 1 V1.1 1 17 GVQ ,J 1 - . 11 ., , . 1 +1 7.1.1 - .- '1'L '1!x '- !111'H1 M9122 111111 1111-1 1 1 Z ' 11' .1 'a. 1 1 f1 'lk ' D 1 1 1 sff- 1 1 1 1 ' 1. J ! .L ' ' il ' 9 1r111pg1 , 1 ,V 1 1.4 V1 V g 3 B gl' 5 W ' ' J' M 5. g B 5" Xa' va 21 wiizl V -V N' ".1' i"J ll 1 ,1119 . t H I!-5 M' 'QU' 511' 11-1 111,111-' '1'11g,.in"11111'211-1' 'ij 51111 .119 , 111 11' 1 1 1 11111 1 1 11 V, 111 1.1111 1.1 1 131' 1 -GV' 1111 V .Z kv r 'XP 9 .1 1 Vlp-r 1111 I, ,,, ,lf . . . .1 IT, IT.. ll Sb-sl Tu if . -. 1 1 ' . - .-,M -ln 1.11111 1111- 1 .. 1' - ' ,. ' 1 111.11 ' 1-:-. .1 1 .sw ...-Y..-.. .,.... ...1-1--. A-11.1 - - 1 4 . VV V 1 .V .VTV Jw, V,4:,n N1-.1715 -1-. :,zzz1,11 11114-1-F 1 1-.,f1.1.",1- ,Ln ,,1 -. -if-L " " 1. 7713 4121? ' 1111 rfkfz A 'x X K Xx X X xx ' 35 I 5' X G 5 A fp ef it at G if-'w V J '1- 1 -A W 93 " - a'Xi?5X 9. 3' 'G A' -' fi x ' - 3 .3-5 ffQ? Q ,M . , V 15, x gg 4 in 1.11. -fig -:ii :ii--' .rg A-'Ugg 1 4, :isp-f"f , -5:15 Q-'fi J -S' 4 Yzfff. J?g"'g,f ,f f '-- 5 LQ W3 Q :bf -gy ,Q VL, 'Y . IN f 1 . a - ff, 5' 'vm jlf ',,, L 'F ,mf -'-ff! .Vi 3 'f f HG' '-13" '3q?'5'f -fm.. 5"'??f X 1 ,. 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Corra Ervin Boschee X 4.4 Solne of 0ur Musiciarzs 'I :-qf 'j f " Y of' Leland Brewsrer Sfanley Beckler John Nasfarl Monre Edison Marv Trapp JY: -4 Ugg? M Ann Ragus iff gi Nancy Jones Jon Pearce Elk P 5 . , . Bob Corra Fred Tulan 4. 1 .S.,.- ' Margie Jeclmson Dave McDonald '1'..s?" Gene Law and Jack Keifh George Willis and Ed Zuchelli and Roy Sforey inferview Al Levy Barney Hanks Harry Uhlenberg Jerry Mullin and Worley Evans Roy Sforey and Worley Evans A 0.9 0.0 0,0 0,0 '.l 0.0 '.0 0 o 9 0.0 ' 9 '.' 0.0 ' 0 0 ',' 0:0 0,0 g Q o "0 0., ' ' 0 . 2 0 u DlckNence'H 9.0 0.0 0 ' 0.0 0 0 0 0 .' v'0 0 Q 1,0 ozo U 0 0 A I . 'UNA .0 O.: 0 0 , , 9 D -. Herb Markell ' Rudy Mlchel Ed Hunf Bob Woods Jam Hodges. KAEO Sfahon Manager STaTf - STanding, Mr. William Ramsay, James Jolly, Maralyn Livinqsfon, Direcfor John C.Crabbe. SeaTed, lris Spoonenrnore, Barney Banks Don Rodewald al the Conirol Board of ' - LN. ., X F., f' 4 , ii 'vi Q l if ' Y 11,51 "i , jl' X A ' 1 I 1 .t 1, 1 T Mr. John C. Crabbe Rudy Jensen wiTh Annual Mr. William Ramsay Direcfor of Radio, Sem-5 Radio Award Plaque Assisfanf DirecTor College of The Pacific From modesT beginnings, KCVN, The College oT The PaciTic PM sTaTion, and KAEO, The AM "Campus STaTion," have grown inTo The TinesT college radio seT-up in The wesT. Mr. John C. Crabbe, DirecTor oT Radio, is ouTsTanding in The commercial as well as collegiaTe Tield, being The re-elecTed Chairman oT The WesTern Radio and Television Conierence, which includes The commercial sTaTions oT The I I wesTern sTaTes. The Training given Through The acTual operaTion by sTudenTs OT boTh KCVN and KAEO is recognized as The very besT in The wesT by all The naTional chains. KCVN's remoTe conTrol Truclc Tollows COP acTivi- Ties everywhere in aThleTics, and This year wenT on The DeaTh Valley Tour. The hisToric broadcasT Trom Bad WaTer, lowesT poinT in The WesTern Hemisphere, was heard as Tar away as SeaTTle. KAEO, The "Campus STaTion," is owned and operaTed by Radio FraTerniTy AEC and serves all The campus living groups wiTh news, varieTy shows, music, dramas and special TeaTures. Jim l-lodges, Senior Radio Major, is Manager oT KAEO. 'f H--- - -,--,.,,...--, ,. f ,T . r I 'M ,a Yi . c J C 4 X T, 47 . Y , , ,x 4' I ' fin The A.W.S. Show, a regular TeaTure The KAEO STaTT Talks Things on KAEO, gives The feminine angle over in The weekly meeTings ..3:,'4 A tl, . - e, . - .......g ......N.-M - MEGACYCLES LI CHANNEL zur Dick Claus giving ou+ from +he KCVN Remofe Confrol Truck John Poulos. Don Raichle. Gene Law. John Wiiherspoon. Dick Claus, ancl Don Chamberlain geiiing sei' for "WHIRLPOOL," a regular dramaiic ieaiure on KAEO. I I - II KCVN C I B d 'I I III "Even'r of 'rhe Week." regular KAEO feaiure, ready 'ro go wiih E?OII?IrgIEJ EIj:1ZSIi2T.yiSiI,IOOIS. Oniro Oar io pup' 5 O e Bob Sieres, Daveivlcllonald, John Wiiherspoon, Ecl l-lun1', Dick Nanceii, Dave Niles, Don Chamberlain and Phil Chalmers. !ll.A Qltgx Rudy Jensen, Bob Sfereg and Gene Lew Jfelk ever Sgripf Wifh Jack Keifh and Gene Law working for crediis in 'rhe "End Zone." Jen Shearer' KAEO Segrefary, Nice work when Barbara Barih and Carol Heyde furnish ihe "personalii'y appeal." Ginger Prince Frank Valenline Enid Scovil Bill Smilh Stockton College Art Department and - College of the Pacific Art Center l-lal Buck H+ ' D , 'E' ' 1, ' ' QF . L1 gf ':' .Q 1 .A l ' . il 1 " ' ' Y . - I 'I ' I ,i 1 I ll 4 Mr. Richard Reynold Mr. Earl Washburn Bob Van Vranken of CO P of CO P i J 1 f -in , f f ,C .A -H. 54 W' ,, - ., V M5 - an 'Q B B. ti . q " 'align 5 A 'Y-'ul' X :fl C' in B il B ' ll 5 . Q A lf I , 1 ' N -VV. f ' X Q- , To . . ,Y A. z . we 1 ,f 1. N L. . 3 Q-If 8 Xi V , fee .f I "Q, 4 ' ' 1 4 1 g " 1 xi ,- f x'..'fgb,,..---l lf 1 Mr. Carmine Sena Mr. Frank Clancy ofSC ofSC 'Q . 4, if VJ as Wes Walson Margarel Pelerson Bob Clark Marcia Gilberl Donna Travellmg Debafe Team Debafe Team Our Top Debafers Doris Riggs RexMuH Forensics W? Z- C7 Pi Kappa Delfa, Honorary Forensic Fra+erni+y Rex Mull, Pi Kappa Delfa Preside-n'r arunjado .N ,,!,,, , T- I Compfroller, Flefcher Young and Edifor, Carolyn Young 1 Frank Wolfe Ari Venable Associafe Business Manager Business Manager Associafe Adverfising Manager Adveriising Manager I Adminisfraiion Living Groups Belly Nissen Vivian Sclwomberq Shirley Rhode Dollie Eafon Section Editors lf. Q -of gn-,V-.P' 'Q 6, 5 Q51 'ff ,I l Y S P O R T S Sfudeni' Governmenf Myra Kaulra Dick Hari' Dean Wendi Margaref Hayes Ann Mcifniry The Arfs Orgalnizaiions Graduaiion Marcia Lou Brown Tim Brown Sally Waddell Frank Wolfe Marilyn McCrum Jack Russell I Naranjado Production Staff Doris Johnson Lucky Toy Assoc. Ari' Edifor Ari Edifor F r a n Ic W o I I e Boy Phoiographer .4 .' I-I u g o T o a I Phofographer B u d J ills Phofographe fi' I. ReporTer checks The assign- menT sheeT. Don'T look so glum. kid, iT may be a scoop aTTer all. 2. GeTTung The mTervuew. And you can quoTe me as say- ing . . . " 3. Checking The spelling. The q is silenT as in Tish, buT iT musT be puT in. 4, A kabilzer heIpsI?l wiTh The acTual wriTing of The sTory. acific eelely The Pacific Weekly may noT be The besT newspaper in The college world, buT iT can legiTimaTely claim To be The mosT Tree. COP PresidenT Burns asked To be quoTed as saying, "IT is The Tixed policy oT The adminisTraTion To allow Tull freedom oT expression To The Weekly, even if iT opposes The acTions of The adminisTraTion." On These Two pages is given a picTorial sTory oT how The Weekly Tries To iusTiTy The conhdence oT The adminisTraTion by careTul preparaTion of sTories and minuTe checking before publicaTion. From ori- ginal assignmenT on Tuesday To final LinoType correcTions on Wednesday every eTTorT is made To see ThaT a sTory as iT Tinally appears on Friday is correci' TacTually, readable, and perTecT as To seT-up and general appear- ance. Follow The gal reporTer Trom picTures I To IZ. Doug Brodie, Fall EdiTor. The cares oT oTTice seem To have IiTTIe eTTecT 5. All copy ediTors are born 6. l-low abouT The women s an wiTh a scowl. "Try again and gle? ReporTer wenT To The TighTen iT up." End Zone during This conTer SVIC8. . Anim mem vs ualnnu mum X, Jmxfw .ewhlg L I2. The cusfomers seem fo approve +he final copy. Il. Weelcl dislrilouled lo crili- cal puhlic on Friclay. f . . .N ,, ., Hill!! I . - IO. Final Linolype correclion. Jack lF'a"jC'f3 SPf'n9.Ed'l0"- Fumble is no? spelled wilh no edulorlallslng In hrs news 5 'phj 7. Reporler, forlifiecl by End 8. The galley proofs ge+ a go- ' 9. This sliclf needs a reselr and Zone Coffee, pu+s if over ing over. Lasl chance for Thal head oughl' lo be in 24, wilh fhe Edilor. correclions. , no+ l8. Waller While -3 Ogden Nash 1 Pacific Lccturc Scrics Sponsored by ine Federaiecl Sludenls Associarion, iliis year's College of 'l'l'16 Pacific Leclrure Series presenled a brillianr array of speakers from five widely divergenl fields, Clifford Kamen 's 1 I X, John W. Vandercoolc lLl wiilw l-lisiory Professor Eiselen Adolplie Meniou AUP Z DQ- CIN +- P QQQLL' VAT'- LLQANQRS Y .A 1. g Q 4 cafkkilkf , UIFIRNMY , QEHQRSL Fon Q I MAI- PH oToq - TICKKTS pnouoq-xW ADVAwC'L 41-1-ovVAN fiw Barra NH'.i,'l"lNq 3- 44 K0 9' 'HI OUT. f Houqg f iving GI-ou s ' di+orS . 1, --- Sechon E ShirIeY Rhode and DoHle Ea on if .fu C ss 1:- .c '1 5 9,1 ,ilfgw p ,-, ., N- 'Sf-. s 9 xr. . s ' 1. Yay, l. f 4- ,1- Ei 'fn , , f v- OP . fi? 'i -1. r,,g,5,,,, 9' ., .-- V -, - Y we-.-A mfr, .sei r F .., .1-fqvwg Lvl 115 F" ,I l ' la 'Q rl ' .fs L - ' . ,A ' L' i iii' , l Q wily? -' xg! I l l 1 4 - ,. . l Xjvlgk W , ,V - ' , fm - Q ', i ,-'Y 4. L , ff ' , L rf,-..' . Z Sigh 117 , , L .,,:'9 X' .Yr i 1 . i " 3 L few lm 1: Ev r ,, Q' hz, ,' M r he ' s -' ' sr., fe' i . , -.' -, s- f by " E. wr' l 4,64 tts' , . "Y i' a -gP'f'f M ' " ' , f" ' g A " .Y '., A " -' .. L' fi l L. 'hrs ' - 'm era, .. ' 'WF' Q , 3' "' i - A -. I Q7 , , ,, my I .4 .' ., -Q-' . " ' --Q ' 'J : I L L it L L A l L L if ' ' iv X J ' T K I' I iq' - Zi' i i : ii' Qi., V 6' If g ' Q? 'S' ft' ri- - ' W., .3 f 'Ti' , A I ' " A , Y- L 1 - yi 0 K? . X-f , 1 J . , 2 V .. 9 ,Q i V ,L R -.. ,, ,A - 32. Qi VJ, - r ve fi 1 if -y.ft..'-' Lina' C' 2- ,197 3 jr' ". - , ,37 ' 1 .X 1 44 ill ' NJ' l l, , ' f' fr ,f -1- 0 - 1 Q If - Q 5 7' i - -C i-mx +:+ Q. , L .2 1, -s K 1' 1:- " , xr A ' l ' -. 'li , . F '- L U .I my ' -lx xx ' f. 2 1' K. , ' ' .-, "fi nv -' 'L' fd ,, N - "' ff- ,ga I ,,-if -P lv AQ A xg., G X 2, vsf K- 1 Q J , U . ,W ' if-Q. 4 'D af" ' ' 4 V 1 . ' ' gi 2 -:. A 5 'D' G ' nr 6' 'G fa- 7 - . , y, i , f' x. ' i 1 fig ,L ,g Q1 , . V. 1 .1 , v. fl 4 5 4: -, ,1- Q , . ., -1- ' ,g i l cf! 1-'SP Allinger, Gayle Balmer. Virqinia Balabania, Nancy Barner, Norma Bereffa, Marlene Borror, Beverly Brooks, Joyce Buhler, Cecille Burron, Carolyn Burarbauqh, Dona Byram, Dorolhy Cannon, Jeanne Capillo, Felisa Carsiens, Esiher Cha, Chaisoon Chan, Maclelene Chapman. Gloria, fall pres Coombs, Lois Cordeiro, Margaricla Coy, Mariorie Crowell, Cecelia Crump, Mary Lou Cunningham, lone Cunningham, Margie Cunningham, Ruih Danna, Margarer Dealey, Joan Dinapoli, Connie Duarr, Dolly Dursr, Isabel Du Vall, Marilyn Edgar. Shirley Ensor, Rurh Farris, Suzanne Ferrari, Ernesfine Forbes, Shirley Fridley, Belly Gange, Marilyn Glass, Carol Gray, Leslie Gray, Lois Haley, Joan Haley, Pal' Ham, Doreen Harrison, Joan Hari, Joyce Heafon. Joyce Helgeson, Irene Hendry, Ellen Johnson, Doris Jue, Fon Jacqueline Kaulca, Myra Kayser, Gladys Kennedy, Clara May Kirshen, Lorna Koslal. Mariha Krull, l.aVerne Lenfesf, Jeanne Lewis, Bonnie Lien, Grera Lynch, Shirley Marlcs, lrene Marks, Margarer Marquis, Jerry Marr, Marilyn McBride, Rurh McCrum, Marilyn McFadden, Par McGhee, Belly McGinnis, Joyce Mcllirn, Doris McKinnon, Barbara McMasrer, Mary Mewhirler, Sharon Miller, Rulh Milne, Joyce Moore, Jane Nichelrnann, Norma Orr, Marilyn Osborn, Marfha Jean Palmer, Janie Paulson, Barbara Gail Pinkharn, Lois Polloclc, Ann Proffifl, Naclene Ralph, Gwen Reiss. Carolyn Rhode, Shirley Rolwrbougli, Pai Roy, Sue Ryerson, Lucy Sawyer. Colene Scorl, Harrie? Smiflw, Pai Smifh. Shirley Snide. Barbara Spellenberg, Pal Sfeninqer. Marqo Sfevens, Carolyn Taylor, Mary Thorpe. Suzanne K' . ,x , . Q' -Y x ' . f:-lg . fi' l l 9 ' 7 ,-TJ, l - " l ' 4 V, VJ' Q L ., 1 YA ,K 'WR FEP, Vanlfonynenburq, Adrienne t Van Vleei. Rosemar Vowel. Bev Velfer. Ardeili Waddell, Selle Wag ner, Joyce Wendrnalcer, Jane Weigum. Ru'rl'1 Wesifall. Jane Wilcox. Marilyn Wilson, Celia Wise Bell Y fizj' l ' '- A- 1 . . f-71" :.xg'.,,, ' l 6' H. vi . "l-,YF Q' .N R , - 'i 3-9 : gf , --A L, ,A W le -L., - why. r :I-v .,.A f X v Y Wyrner, Wanda Clirislmas Tea 1 rm iv l 3--sr rf ninja. N . l W W wi re may W Informal Dance Mall Cal' Doors Decorared lor Open l-louse South all . ,. 0 ., 'V ., Ev' A I ml M li ,. r IL' ' . , --1' 1 , , ' '1Q'2r'l171.i.'.' .wa Barnell, Velma Bonclshu, Belly Boyd, Barbara Burlcs, Shirley Burns, Delcia Burlon, Royella Campbell, Marie Joan Carllon,Vor1da Comslock, Janice Cushman, Kay Darnerow. Joan Deparsia, Bev Donegan, Mary Jane Dunn, Dorolhy Ellioll, Belly Eslep, Diane Federspiel, Eleanor Finch, Phyllis Flanagan, Shelia Frey, Phyllis Friedman, Naomi Gallagher, lnez,spring Gillberl, Marcia Gisl, Jeanne Gold, Gloria Gollz, Mildred Graham, Helen Hacker, Barbara Hardy, Jean Heller, Joan Hoar, Helen Hodge, Lois Holly, Lila Howard, Belly Hughes, Marlha Hunler, Carol Jaclcson, Mariie James, Jackie Jensen, Belly Jewell, Eslelle Kenney, Sue Kessler, Hazel Kimura, Florence Lemlie, Jean Linden, Dorolhy Lillie, Joan Lillle, Velma Lillie, Viola Loomis, Belly Luedemann, Marlha McKenzie, Dorene Moore, Jean Naill, Evelyn Pedrolli, Mary Pollard, Dorolhy Quick, Alicia Ramer, Kalhryn Rhode, Rosalie Riclcman, Emma Riggs, Doris, lall pres. Riggs, Margarel Schaller, Kalhleen Schcuner, Marjorie Schneclaenbergcr, Helen Shelley, Helen Simi, Connie Simmons, Carol Smilh, Edna Mae Smilh, Eva Spinelli, Connie Slarlc, Joan Slauss. Naomi Slriclcland, Belle Summers, Ann Taylor, Jane Taylor, Joyce Teel, Vivian Thalcher, Georgia Thomas, Pal Thompson, Jan Thompson, Sue Thoringlon, Joyce Tibbels, Donna Tollen, Peggy Tourliloll, Carla Van Horn, Evelyn Waldorf, Caroline Waggener, Jan i Ward. Jerry Whyall. Barbara Winerolh, Helen Winkler, Bev Wyall, Sue Luiz, Kailmy Wendels. Polly Wunderliclc, Hilda limi Chruslmas Decorahons for Tea e s t a l l EH Yi? as X N 'l orth all Acldinglon, Dale Anderson, Leroy Barren, Richard Bell, David Cofreral, Joseph Diefrich, Wally Donlin, Lee Easfus, Tom Ellis, Lyman Gales. Kennefh Goodale, Don Harker. William Hill, Howard lspring presiclenfl Jacolous, Don Jefforcl, Waller Kayser, Les Kayser. Marvin Kern. Jacl: Knapp, Ed Marlcall, Herb Marker, Floyd McAbery, Richard McConnell. Rober+ McMahon, Roberf Mifchell, Norwood Murphy, Elfon Nelson, Bruce Pelerson, Wells Poulin, Berval Rudisill. James Sanford. Bill Sl1orf,Verl Shorrridqe. William Silva, Dave Sislc, Ralph Spry, Bill Sfevenson, Don Walfers. George Roberf Anderson Bill Axley Fred Dixon Leo Moore Joe Nicholou ,. 4.3 i...1,4 I . 'ln , Douglas Null Richard Sianger :Muff X' .-if.-ily? " I ' .L Y- ,LM 3 ' ' , 3.1" 7 - A 1 A .Q ' 1. 1 Q li?-,gl ,v 'c '- -' ,grgfg-I 1 . 'f P 62' H. A x I f 1.:"r": . 1, : 2 ,,., . ,wg T - , W 34 . ,,,',' ,, ' , 'l-. U! Q- ,Jf"X1f f. 'L-,. "V -r' ' , 'Q' 'Jv:T.?+f:.., Q ,-,C'Ii'!9un, Qifkgf . lil Us r al' r-A Lg I 1 X THE HOME OF THE RUGGED INDIVIDUALISTS T! 1 - 1 r..,, .v . 1 . . 5, - " S Looks peaceful, doesn"r H? Man Power vs. Elec+rici+y uonset uts S+ric+ly 'For Men Only H seems 'rhey read The Pacific Weekly, buf can Ouonsifes read? 6. Bowman, Coll and Nancy Cope, Clemanl and I-larrieH Hess, Charles and Donna Ll iv Scovil. Douglas and Enid 'I in l 3' " 1' ' TNI." 'T"f"',"'.'-"T':f'Tl ' A ' ' ' 11 V "1f,11J:.::1' i' ' - --aa ' ' ' , fl , ' J T I ,-T55 ' - . f ,W , ,. A 3:-'51-3, ' "NV 'V-fl 9, A Walters, Bob and Pai Winlerberg, Roberi' and Pai 5--, Owens, Fred and Beverly Rilln. Jean and Joe Fl .l sc if f i. . ,, . N 1- 0 +3 as. H .Ji Kf- Q' L J l A i -,4 Soulsby, Richard and Hazel Sleel, Bob and Jane i ,A ge Manor all Coward, Louis and Hazel Hardin, Wayne and Palricia -es! Seley, Russell and Jean Walderf. AH and Loi Kenf, Donald and Marly S ' 1 Fraternities and Sororities fm? I . .. 1 ff, L. ' x ' 3.52 ', ' -' -,fn ,Y f 52 4 A Fi? , ,EB wig? f 5 fkr vw :dh -1-. 7--- Q 14. E Vi f-131 AD? 1 :.-or ' , 'Q N 'J , 1.1 'Q "if gif ,,.-W1 Qi? , Tx ,X 75 if ' Q -v "' V' ,., 's f ' 1 ','+- J' C u W., il ,. , 5 r ' 4' . gf' -, 'n :LIP , 1' , 1 lphu Kappa Phi Alpha Kappa Phi, beller known,-as lhe Arbhiania Eralernily, had a busy lime during lhis, ils 95lh year. The oldesl college lralernily wesl ol lhe Mississippi led oll in lhe fall wilh lhe l-lay Hop, open lo all sludenls. A lradilional evenl is lhe choosing of lhe "Belle," one lor lhe Tall lerm and one lor lhe spring. During lhe pasl year lhe "Belles" were Jeanne Gisl and Belly Burke. The lra- dilion of Chrislmas serenading was carried oul lhis year wilh Jerry Parodi direcling Archania's men in singing Carols lhe week belore Chrislmas vacalion. During lhe year the Archiles eslablished lheir new kilchen. ll slarlecl lo funclion al lhe beginning of lhe lall semesler under lhe direclion ol Ernie Haas. When Ernie lell school lor a business career in Lodi, Arl Nies look over. Archania look in eighl pledges in lhe lall and lourleen in lhe spring. Aclivilies ol lhe house included lwo lorrnal dances. lwo pledge dances and one ol lhe sporl variely. The enlry in lhe Band Erolic was enlilled "Going Home." a musical lealure ol Civil War days. For Mardi Gras lhe oulside decoralions. lilled "Old King Cole" look second prize. During lhe year, Archania was in If Al Tea honoring lheir housemolher, lhe gals slull and lhe lellows squal charge ol Chapel Services lwice in Morris Chapel. Archiles always pull logelher I wig. . I A . . ' u , ,. Is . r- , ,A 1 I ,-,o" :X ,4. . ,V i - i,,' . ,i i Al l-lobo l-laven everybody gol righl inlo lhe 'Spiril' ol il all :li Time oul lo enio lhe l-lay al lhe l-lay l-lop, Memb6fSND+Pff+ufed1 Mo and "Belle" inee Jeanne - B II, Cl F ,B b Kenl, Don Soulsby, Dick - - - i all bul lhe gal on lhe rnghl. Could be hay lever? BZnne+:'jg:is Ffgsiefjr. Lew Prince' Dave Spencer' John Gisli show em how il s done Berck. Bill Haas, Ernie Rose. John Sullon, Charley Carfe, Tom I-less, Mo Ross, Ferris Toney. Bob Belle of Archania Each SemesTer, Archania has a secreT commiTTee which selecTs The ouTsTanding pledge from The Tour sororiTies on The campus as BELLE OF ARCHANIA. JEAN GIST, Epsilon pledge, was Archania's Fall SemesTer BELLE. She was crowned in The hisToric evenT while sea+ed on The Throne re- served by The ArchiTes Tor This one occasion each semesTer. ln keeping wiTh TradiTion of The oldesT social TraTerniTy in America, Presi- denT McDonnell of Archania placed a crown of whiTe roses on her head. TZ? BETTY BURKE, ouTsTanding Tau Kappa Kappa pledge, was The choice of The ArchiTes' Spring BELLE commiTTee. The unique evenT, in which only The pledges of The Tour campus sororiTies are considered, is one of The high spoTs of The social season. One of The TradiTional honors To The winner is a sTanding inviTaTion To all Archania funcTions. i . , . 'if' Anderson, Bob Anker, Wally Arbuclcle, Clinl Avale, Tommy Avilla, lbsen Badaracco, Jack Bar1delin,Ton'1 Bobson, Ernie Bondshu, Bolo Breien, Douq Busl'1er,Garelh Coburn, Jim Carnozzi, AI Cohn, l-lowie Coilo, John Comer, Ed Cruz, Diclc Cullenward, Richard Cunningham, Bill Collins, Roberl Damilano. Roy Douqherly, William Deparsi, Frank Eclelslein, Morrie Engrahm, Milo Fallen, Niclc Fernish, Ted Fisher, Clarlc Giovannoni, Leroy Guillel, Jim Gulhrie, Phil Greene, Cliff Green, Morrie Gross, Roqer Hall, Bob l-lamillon, Don Hardy. Don Hari, Diclr l-laun, Corky l-leclc, Bob l-liclcs, Bill l-lulchinson, Tom Jewell, Jim Johnson, Ralph Kullner, Hal Kullner. Rollie Lipslcy, Garlh Lundslrom, Lloyd Marks, Fillmore Marlin, Don Mcfhllasler, Alan McCandless, John Mclnlyre, Jack McKil3loen. Roberl Monicln, Milne Morlc, Ken. lallpres. Nelson. l-larlan . 5- i'4i'gI. Qc. i:V.L,',:,l Q - 6 l 6 .A F B at -3 s l- ,lb , Y i, i' gf A fi l 41 iw, if -' - le- -l A 209' ' 4 T l 'Q 4 l f S' .,.. - , , 1 .532 ' --iq,,-33,31 . .- fy N 13 - 4 ' y ,, , T55 ' ' ' ' , ,,,, X -' 1 ' l i il ' 4- af I flfwf' I 5 r ' ,.- .. V r -, 1 , . 1 'il , A I 6 I' ,. ren A, .-' Q1 A A in '- .2 A Q. , ' L V. ,...x -xi iii l g',- Q fl , E r . Ll TLA? lk X' or 5- "f, I,-in A C J , .. M61 If 43' 536, ' 7 - G 1 .W - , vw, , Q, I y .. , v. K ' H l 0 1 J , . ,Q I .llyjr-Rego? knew 131 l Vial. "' if 'ny 1 . - . ., L 6 In Ame.. l A yy Lf, 1 ' l ll? can fi' ' 'ri Pt" B' . T ly 3 :gas gf' at .-,L ' .. ,R-:fr X X 1 , ire. fire, A B an J' Q lQA1 .Q ,,j- "- ' fr I .Q LA as 'ST A 4: fe G li, 'Qi i' Y 'ifwff' -za:-7 U ng, A ' I - U' - . if 1 i ' X, E l t I - "DL" . L . A A- ra A 4 4 V 4, Ik :N U 4 ui Al at A A1 . FW" jf' l-'M l wa , fr- +113 . A ll Q A A, an -J r-4 1 es Q- F AQ- ' V Q.-E15 , AQ-,x K -if-D ,Q r F Q f 5? is . 1- I - ' LX " fr 1, G" X i fgf, ' ' -,lr WCW R l ' Q l y ,Q 1 X i ,i X ,X if g Q an E vs 4 fnlf PM F 'X l ' B, 4 ily . . . i if G- f. J . lf, e eff ,Q J . B 1 ' 1 if X 6 A V 'BA ' 4 ' ' db I XC" ' , Hs' 'mm' ' 'sf xl V'-iz, 1. ' , y, L,-2 , ,ig ' X. vw l ii f l sv. A f J . S . g nh " if- 'HP Ig' xy .I Nilson, Ray Nyquist Gene Orvis, Jirn Owen, Fred Pearce, Howard Perri, Paul Poulos, John Prall, Deane Rohde, Bruno Rush, Robin Sanlcowich, Lloyd Schlinlc, George Seavy, Craig Sells, Gil Srnilh, Douq Smilh, Ernie Smi+l'1,Jaclc Srnilh Les Sorensen, Reed Slroh, Malen Slroh, Millard Slrom, Bill Tempen, Ed Turner, Roberl Wendi, Dean Weslphal, John Whilney, Bob Wilde, Dan Wilsey, Carl Winrich, Darell Wood. Wilbour mega Phi lpha LasT year aT an evening bull session, Omega Phi broThers were lamenT- ing Their succession of close seconds in school compeTiTion. House PresidenT John Rohde passed The word ThaT seconds in evenTs was noT enough Tor The house wiTh The largesT enrollmenT of all. So during The year ThaT Tollowed Omega Phi Alpha won iirsT in Band Frolic, Homecoming, Mardi Gras lFloaTl BaslceTball, Volleyball, SoTTball, Bowling, and W.S.S.F. Carnival. ln The ST-adium Scrip Drive Omega Phi alone sold SI l,0OO worTh, iusT SI,OOO more Than The quoTa Tor The enTire college. IT is wiTh confidence in The TuTure of The house ThaT Twice-elecTecl PresidenT Rohde, Vice-Presidenl' Eddie LeBaron and The graduaTing class leave, Tor The spiriT will always remain of a greaT year in Omega Phi's hisTory. House PresidenT John Rohde and "daTe," Shirley ArThur wa rd Le Bo ron Members NoT Picfured: Campora, Don Hayden, David Orvis, Bruce Seley. Russ Turner, Bob HiTT, Gene John Rohde Kano, Harry Limb, Dick Rihn, Joe Kirkpahick, Jack Gallagher, Jim e. fx ,L v ij l g . . 'I' F 4 i Y PJ T TJ' Food!! Bob STeel Comer, Ed Huff, Alden LaValle, Wayne MarTin, Don Poucher, Frank WaTson, Frank Television, Too X T 41, 1 W 141 A '4 :I 3' P' f 1 Q' :L 1 ar X W' r vi? 5 1 A 'fl 1 V C L f + x 1' ,,-',- x 1 E , .yq X44 . if , ,I . , 058' C ,,.., ho Liimbda Phi The pasr year, which has broughf Rhizomia 'ro Jrhe ripe old age of 92, has been one of fradiiion and accomplishmeni' for fhe members of Rho Lambda Phi. They have welcomed iwo new pledge classes info +he group who musi carry on +he 'rradirions in place of ihe broihers who will go our in+o ihe business and professional world, always re- membering lheir days in college .and in Rhizomia wiih pleasure. This year found Them consisienily faking second place in all Their ven'l'ures--- Homecoming, Band Frolic, Mardi Gras and inira-mural baslcefball. Win, Place or Show, however, +he sense of achieve-men+ comes, noi from a gold cup, buf from lcnowing Thai no ma1"rer whai' is called-for, Rhizomia members can always be counied on To pu? forlh Their besl eliloris, and recognize The decisions of ihe iudges in good spiril. The yearly classic, 'rhe Liierary Meeling, ai which parenls and wives mee'l'+he Rhiziies and see fhe house, was one which will never be forgoiien. Exremporaneous speeches which would malce a veieran speaker sl'u'Her, serious ora- 'rions which broughi Tears +o ihe eyes of m-any, and 'rhe A usual Rhizomia spirii of friendliness combined lo make +he , Y A Liierary Meeling a success. Yes. Rho Lambda Phi had anolher wonderful year, and as Q! 4m iuiure years come and go, Rhizomia will coniinue booming. .-I' Il? c c Q " , f?"4v4 Champ and Friends l-louse presenfs Wedding Cake io Jusr-Weds, B. A. and Kemo Boyd 1' 'L 1 ANS ...- , , .A , .4 , Afier-Meefing Sing M J Refreshmenrs during Fall Fashion Show Rhizolnia 's Annual Watermelon Feed The Walrermelon Feed. held each year in +he early fall, is a lradifional Rhizomia fealure. All men sfudenls are inviled and enlerlainmenl' is furnished aflerwards. Exlra walermelons lil anyl are cheerfully and charilaloly donalecl lo 'rhe women's living groups. ln 'rhe groups plclurecl can be found Presidenf Burns, F.S.A. Prexy Mo l-less and olher campus nolables. E 41 ...tri '- Barflw, Barbara Baysinqer. Aurine Benard, Joan Blackburn, Nance Bricherfo, Nyla Caldwell, Joleen Caslagnole. Irene Ellis, Pal' Ferquson, Carolyn lfall presidenrl Ferguson, Mary Ann Ferreffi, Pal Fox, Ruflw Haire, Barbara Hammond, Nancy Hammond, Wendy l-leyde, Caryl Holsfain,Marl1nelle Huberfy, Mary Huisll. Jean Jordan, Barbara Levy, Nancy McEniry. Ann McFarland. Merrillyn Molander, Par Noalces, Marilyn Oehm, Donna Owen, Belly Pappas, Irene Paris, Par Pearson, Ellen Raqus, Anna lsprinq presidenrl Reynolds, Nancy Seale, Millzie Shanley, Mary Lue Shorb, Raye Snyder, Karine Van Noale. Melissa lpha ' Theta Tau Alpha Thefe's year was one of achievemenf in many fields of endeavor. Open Houses, Dances and Picnics were scaffered fhrough fhe fwo semesfers so as fo provide fhe needed social relaxafion. ln 'rhe fall fhe girls foolc an acfive parf in organizing fhe 'On 'ro San Francisco' caravan which did so much fo publicize Pacific in fhe Bay Area. ln fhe spring, Alpha Thefe was among fhe leaders in fhe Scrip Drive fo make possible Pacific Memorial Sfadium. ln fhe Mardi Gras parade fhey fook firsf prize for fhe floaf skif. Alpha Thefes held fhe presidency and vice-presi- dency of fhe A.W.S.: 5 members were in fhe Sophomore Women's Honorary Sociefy: 2 members were in fhe Knolensg 2 were members of Mademoiselle College Board: and 3 were prominenf in fheafrical producfions. "My Alpha Thefe Girl" has reason fo be proud of fhe pasf year. , . , . , " ' a , . , ls, -ii fi . -A , i. I. 1 . . . - .i l N , - 1 .- I 5 1 '7 Couples af Dance . . . E r . 4 . I l , ' 3 x 'L v' ' Q ' 4. v ll . ' '. I Couples on fhe Porch Well, Alpha Thefe favors Couples l 4 .any i ' 1- awk 6- .1 " I li ye,-A : i , .L Jimi wi-1 ph 1 A 31: ,PN X ix. i X .- L n ,K J ' 1 W il F II ' Q x ' , ' 1 ' s l M W Ya' F ASV' ' sf J 6- ii ' 1 ' D l i li i i R, H rl ,,K 1- ij 9- S- ?"'S. cuff-4' 'j -T " , -ip ' V -1. F5 l ff 4 4 eh - , rg. ... .J . 1 .. K L, . +., l . .. . 3 i ,,. n 4" 'sf x .- 'Xi XJ -mv' My Allowsron, Barbara Anderson, Shirley Anlrer, Anne Bailey, Nancy Ball, Bev Bennalsen, Joan Benneff, Jill Bislwop, Peggy Bogie, Alice Chapman, Nancy Cox, Carol Curnow, Barbara Driflill, Lois Ellis, Marqarel Hall presidenfl Ely, Pal Fincher, Edillw Fincher. Jo Fraser, Ba rba ra G-ioflonini, Pal Gisf, Jeanne Graham, l-lelcn Harris, Larrie Holler, Louise Johnson, Barbara Jolmsfon, Bev Jones, Nancy Lawler Pall: McBride Jane McKay Mildred McKee Franceen Michels Slwrrley Morhouse Alice Nagel Arla Nauman Evelyn Nelson Mary spring presiden Null Virginia Parkinson Joan Parry Jean Rembold Frances Ross Jacquelyn Rose Jean Salam Shirley Schedlwy Joan Scovll Enid Seeman Joanne Shannon Dodee Simon: Carol Sums Jerrio Smiflw Marquerile Tourhllofl Carla Tennanl Joan Tlwines Jane? Warren Joann Wesl Bev 0 0 l Epsllon yyLuInbda Slgma This year fhe Epsilons have had a full schedule of evenfs. House dances and picnics were a big par? of The social year. The year was highlighfed by a Fashion Show which was planned 'ro raise money for The Scrip Drive during fhe spring: 'rhe annual May Breakfast and 'rhe informal spring dance, "Shipwreck," which was The besr dance of ihe year. In campus affairs, Epsilon fared quiie well. Nancy Bailey was crowned Queen of Mardi Gras by 'rhe '49 Epsilon Queen. Pai Giofionini, and Epsilon came ihrough wifh iirsl place honors for Mardi Gras house decoraiions. ln Band Erolic lhe girls received 'rhird place. The year has been a full one for Epsilon, exciring and Jrremendous. 5 'E37 Jane Steel Members Noi Picfurecl: Colliver, Frances McGinnis. Marilyn Owsion, Barbara Sfeele. Jane Ferrari, Ernesiine Open l-louse Jackson, Mariory Marks. Margaref Moore, Jane Thorpe, Sue Windmaker. Jane Dinner QQ. fry. ,LN On Sun Porch Bailey, Florence Beggs, Lucille Blakely, Roberra Bowyer. Belly Bucl'1olz,JuneHa Finlcbohner. Jane George, Mary Alice Hammond, Janice Johnson, Pal Kaplin. Sylvia King, Isabella Lewallen, Margie McGoldriclr, Margaref Puliclw, Margarel' Reilly. Fern Hall presiclenfl Sanders, Luarmae Shearer, Janice lspring presidenfl Tassano, Irene Welch, Marianne Wilson. Beverly Woock, Bev Ewing, Barbara Members Noi' Piciured Hu'lcl'1ins,Ellanor Nicholas, Mary Jane McKim. Doris Allinqer, Gayle Kirshen. Lorena Mu Zeta Rho Allhough Mu Zefa Rho was ius+ reorganized on campus in May of I949, many fhings have been accomplished. The members moved info 'lheir new house af 2I2 Fullon Slreel' during ihe Fall semesler and slarlecl lheir dining room during lhe Spring ferm. Under +he capable leadership of Fern Reilly and Jan Shearer, lhe Mu Zefes have given several successful dances and parlies and have been quife ac+ive in campus affairs. a"il H A6 I '. i , Pledges fake over K.P. a+ Archania Safurclay Nrghl' Social .J 5.149 fc rs ff' -i'31"""f' fp: iSI.1EC!f 4f " ' ea Beffen Kaihy Bell Alice Brooks Joyce Chapman.. Gloria Criglar Joan E Boyd, Beiiy Anne Cummings, Doris Drew, Peggy Ann Graham, Virginia Grimm, Lucille Groves, Frances Harby, Nancy Haskell, Jeannie Hill, Jeannine Jarvis, Par Knox. Grace Lindhorsi, Barbara Linclhorsi, La Rae Lifrle, Moss' lfall presidenll Mahoney, Shirley Masi, Wilma McCabe. Jo Merrill, Janice Moore, Helen Nissen. Belly Cliver, Yvonne Padcloclc, Mary Ann Prince. Virginia Rhodes, Mary Rico, Dolores Rinehari, Wanda lsprinq presidenil Rosenfeld, Roberla Rosenlhal, Anneiie Schomberq, Vivian Walceham, Rulh Walfers, Bev Wauhab, Dale While, Pai Wriqhl, Dorofhy Wilsey, Roleyn Carson, Billie Havens, Hilda Members Noi Piciurecl Anderson, Carol Brown, Jean McKay. Marilyn Wendels, Joan Wood, Carol S'rinne'H', Jackie Bodman, Nancy Lirile, Joan Holly. Lila N Tau Kappa Kappa The Fall semesTer, under The presidency oT Moss LiTTle, began wiTh an Open House and Tea inTroducing Tau Kappa's new housemoTher, Mrs. Mabel Hendrickson. An Alumnae BanqueT and a ParenTs' BanqueT were held, as well as exchange dinners wiTh The TraTerniTies. The Pledge Formal, "Deep FaThoms," was preceded by a dinner aT The Pump Room, wiTh The dance "Below The Ocean" Tollowing aT The sororiTy house. The gayesT parTy of The season was The "Roaring TwenTies" when members and Their daTes donned Tlapper cosTumes and reverTed To The days OT The CharlesTon and H23 slcidoof' The Spring semesTer, under The leadership OT Wanda RineharT, TeaTured The adopTion oT new house TradiTions and an increase in house spiriT. New songs were wri'Hen and every oTher Wednesday nighT was seT aside Tor "SpiriT NighT." A dinner was given To honor The pledges. "BrealcTasT aT Sardi's" was a humorous Take-oTi oT The radio Sardi's. Dances held were The pledge Tormal, "A Preview oT Spring," a "Holiday Dance," and an informal dinner dance. The annual SporTs BanqueT, honoring The swimming, Tennis and Track Teams, was held laTe in The semesTer. A breakTasT was given by The iunior members oT The house in honor oT The graduaTes. The new TradiTion oT The Rose Ring ceremony, held in The garden OT an auxiliary member, was begun. Engaged girls sTepped Through a ring oT roses, announcing The daTe oT Their weddings, and a Tashion show oi The bride's Trousseau was combined wiTh This. - Tea Roaring TwenTies Dance S fl il fqir-,pl',.,c',"' a Dinner Time R T I TKK BirThday Dance Wall-ers Susan Members Nol Piclured: Wrighl Dorolhy Anne Awe, Shirley Cunningham. Marge Edgar, Shirley McGhee. Belly Wheeler. Lois Miller, Rulh Kennedy,iClara Mae Balmer. Barbara Borror, Elizabelln Brown, June Burbank. Jeanne Crawlord,Call1erine Cunningham, Gloria Collell. Mary Ann Ealon, Dorolliy Erickson. Lois lspring presidenll Geddes, Belly Grallis, Marilin Gray. Lois Guslafson, Mary Ann Harker, Rulli llall presidenll Kaulca. llima Kingslon. Belly McKenzie, Bonnie Ohm, Pal Papazian, Glaclys Penn. Elizabellw Pelerson, Grela Richardson, Belly Rilchey, Belly Jean Schaffer, Kalhleen Sclweuner, Marioris 7 '1 eta T hi WiTh The close of The school year of I949-50, ZeTa Phi has TorTy-Two members represenTing iT in various exTra- curriculum acTiviTies aT C.O.P.g Who's Who in American Colleges and UniversiTies, OuTsTanding Senior Women, Women's Honorary SocieTy, All-College l-lonor SocieTy, Spurs, Mu Phi Epsilon, A Cappella Choir, Orchesis, Alpha Epsilon Omicron, W.A.A. and The Anderson Y. LasT year our MoThers' and PaTronesses' Club was organized, and an annual Tamily barbeque is given every spring Tor Them in The ZeTa Phi gardens. The Alumnae Club was also Tormed lasT year. AcTiviTies included The pledge Tormal given every semesTer: parTicipaTion in The W.A.A. BaslceTball TournamenTs in which we have won The Trophy Tor The lasT Two years. One OT' our proudesT achievemenTs of The pasT year has been having The highesT grade-poinT average of The women's living groups. .,' Qi Music Time Tea 53 ll' 5 1 K N It t f 1 f T -' as x 4 1 F r' f ei Readin' and VVriTin' -. ': 'Q ' .fvfif T' ff" Silli Looking over The Scrap Book , , . .l Interfraternity Council and Pan-Hellenic Council -4 Q '...'l.. r- .,- la l: A L L S S R l N G Sambo McDonnell John Tolfen Ken Morlc Chuck l-lollz John Rohde Swede Warner Archania Rhizomia Omega Phi Alpha Rhizomia Omega Phi Alpha Archania ff? QP ,7 ra fy F A L L S P R I N G Isl row: Margarel McGoldriclc, Ann Raqus,'Dolores Rico, Mary Nelson Isl row: Dorolhy Deakin. Mary Shanley, Roberla Rosenfeld 2nd row: Fern Reilly, Mary Ann Ferguson, Moss Liille, Marqaref Ellis 2nd row: Mary Nelson, Ann Ragus, Wanda Rineharl, Janice Shearer The llther Days Rally at the Fox To slrarl' 'rhe fall Term off wilh a bang, lhe campus decided +o le'r The Town of Siocklon know Thar summer was over and Tha? we were back lo slay for a while, Main Sheer was quier and peaceful fhal Sepfember nighl when oul of nowhere lhey came in every mode of fransporfajrion available fheir des- Jrinalion---The Fox Cal-0 for 'rhe big rally and maybe a show, if you hadn"r already seen The piclure and whalever else +he evening had lo offer. E Tickers are bouqhf in advance, so 'rhe main idea is gelfinq Through +he door TERRY ORCH M COLLEGIATE The delegalion from lhe Rhi- zomia Lirerary Fralernily arrives s Once inside, 'rhe show begins-M Looks as Jrhough everybody came H 'fakes a rally lo fill +he Isl 4 rows Some people are jusl nalrurally camera shy The Velvel Smog and friend helped Dan Terry's Orchesfra along wifh a songl?l No words To describe This Rally at the Fox . . . Jusl a bunch of happy people il The music depl. senl along a represen- lafive --- and 'rhey read music. loo! More people -5-ig.. Don'+ feed if and maybe l+'ll go 'way vw - , .u nik A , X ,Q my. ' . ,fx-:5?2x E. Sf ' ' -N W In A f ' f -ffl: '- ' , fb- ' -f ff' Q . fr' -. f 'Halal iff, I 4 , .1 N- 4' X .iy,:?I,..,. by 4 ' , rx " , ,QQ . as QA .. '. 5' -X Fa -x..,A X f E Q . , Y "9 ,.fa"" 7 iff x f ., j Q A if- f"f'12 f'Ai 1 " Q we 4 p1gifT,'If1" I 6. , f 'ik H - .3 . Q, ,N , x , I 3' . M x W wif, 1 s ,5 f '1 fr ' ' ff ,, -31 A 5 4 I- - Si! '- f ' Hs? . x kiwi' '2 ' f f 5 ' - 1 , la I ',-f' I -1'r-' W ' 7Q."i.'L '- -:JL . ' as i ALI ' ' ' ffigzfikf ri' xx T xv' ' I my f - Kg? ' f 7' llQ, 1 - :L 'vw :fi f P W.. ' w L , X . A Tw "ix in M ,. . it Tia 1 1 , ,..f"',+f .6 2.4. 3 9'9" - -,.o .N T r " 4 'St -w, . ,, ,--, ,pn . Q .- f 1 ,. 5. ,,-A - x . N33 A M1 ' ' - J lp' V7 v L.. x f Q - 1: . -mf - E! xz v Y 31 1 3 Q Ai 5' N N NX Q a X If A, I -. .u A . , , 1 I if: ie, ,, .r'.n, . -'Y t "'n'--f-.y,.,, ' J f J , p , '-J-:,. ' 'F I 's 2 H DU'p1+? li ici' 'E' 3-1 Q 'L li' YA. Presidenfs Reception Anderson l-lall is Jrlwe scene of +l1e Presiden+'s 'Gel-Acquainlecl' Receplion, Siudenls meel' members oi ilfie Adminislralion and Facully. An annual affair which is one of 'flue high spois of College of ilfie Pacific's sclwolaslic year. lvleeiing llwe Faculiy I-vi' S Presideni Burns in Receiving Line ,tl L. ' "f . i .i I . , i L A I. 1 i .5 ' L A f s 4 , , I x si'-L1 Line wailing +o enier Anderson l-lall Receiving Line from across +l1e Room W-Y . ,a -x p 's. wary S -. 7 -,.-Q., iv A 5, M D 9 N va P 4 -Q 3 5 V iff ' ' ' ' " xx V . - . nsuw. 'f'n.53? V i Q 2' 'W ff ,om rr , .9l1, 1 M It 'I 0-. 4, 1 wffjj ,Q If 'f ls Fi 4 -1 --,, .,, .. . an! She seems Vi .-. 14 he reservafion fig, 5 3 1 Q 6 ' if GV "X ff-...1,i'.f,'f: , 1 ' ' ,-.sw y 1 x , ,ax E Round-Up A comparaTively new school, wiTh Tew TradiTional evenTs, STOCKTON COLLEGE is rapidly supplying This need Tor The TuTure. Tl-IE ROUND-UP, held OcTober I3Th and I4Th, was TeaTured by a parade Through downTown SToclcTon, a rodeo, and a bonTire. The l3Th year sTudenTs added Tuel To The Tlames by Tossing in Their 'dink' caps wiTh appropriaTe ceremonies. A greased pig conTesT beTween The TaculTies of STOCKTON COLLEGE and COP is expecTed To be a TeaTure OT This annual celebraTion. This year's TesTiviTies were happily climaxed by The deTeaT OT The l-larTnell College Cowboys' Eleven. TJ Dr Waldo rolls up his sleeves To begin An unTorTunaTe l-larTnell College wanderer geTs a close shave The ludgung oT The candidaTes Tor QUEEN which didn'T sTop aT The hair line. Such TreaTmenT oT a guesT. yeT' Rl-IIZOMIA S TloaT won TirsT prize. The liquid, They TKATTCT-lAN.lA seems To Te-el perTecTly regreTTed To say, was noT as poTenT as iT looked aT home in Their delap1daTed Truclr Ylllli' Gerling ser lor Thrills ar The RODEO , S 1. , 1"'.1f""1' ' ., ,- I. l 9 1. The Cowboy and 'rhe Lady, buf NOT Garry Cooper I! U ll 'x Rodeo Oueen PAT HUNTER in The cenfer lnol counfing rhe hossl TWLVAK l .WWI Even Dude Minear knows you c:an"r fell 'rhe horses wi'rhou+ a program He Wem. Jfhaf al Way l'rn an old cow hand---or is if I-li-Yo, Silver? Nope, Hopalong Knoles! I? v 1 P fag W KM mfg, Qs rs L wQfQ?Q T gf. M ' sa- i . vm . S? . - , . , J . f , MM . y ' .. I A ol' . E, If Awglvn , f 4, '- V W-, ' bf if AQ, .-if -, Tlg ' '. V"-""'-'-L"L ,g 'H - x:,. 5 1 .I H it , r ff jj I Z' , 4 VA X xxx-I .gf 2117 .if m 1' a Q2 ', 1 'W 1 n'. ' rf' l Q ff!!-i 'f , g2., wg.- F- ,I :,n I . I tif 'r P? .71 V ' W 'Ks K' m 'iii I, Jhsyil .3 -44 ar , -' , M... Wm a- ' ' 1' ' S 4' 'mlb SCENES FROM THE BUILDING OF Sears Hall This new building for use by Jrhe 'jx - Religious Educafion Depar+men'r was donafed my Mr. and Mrs. Sears and was cornpleied for use during +he Spring Term. Engineering class inspec+s ihe sfeel work. I '.-i 4 V, Nearing complefion f 5' -5' '-xy -134' I . E .bw 1 - "wx 'L -milf 'JF-2? ., 14315 h w gg ' 5. . n. gg 34, v-,N i if '55-. 1 ' A 1 i . l i J.. "Jia , ,. By hand and machine Reddy for USS , g K 5 A .53 he Tigers alse a rip "A liffle school fhaf 'wasn'f capable of pro- ducing an All-American' crowded foreign news and elecfion refurns off fhe fronf pages of San Francisco's newspapers when some five hundred College of fhe Pacific sfudenfs in- vaded fhe bay area in an all-ouf efforf fo publicize fhe COP foofball feam and ifs All- American candidafe, Ed LeBaron." --Phil Gufhrie The irnprompfu rally of Thursday nighf ended as mosf fhings do. af fhe "End Zone." I-lere, organizer of fhe caravan, Dave Gerber, gives a lasf minufe pep fallc fo fhe excifed sfudenfs. Early in fhe evening of Thursday, November 2, fhe word was passed around fhaf a rally was being held in fraferniiy circle. Af fhe rally fhe organizers, Bill Ross and Dave Gerber, under fhe effigy of Mr. Lieser, came forfh wifh an idea. lA few seconds affer fhis picfure was falcen fhe plafform and scafold fell aparf.l A few quiclc-minded sfudenfs re- covered fhe baffered face of fhe effigy, placed if on an innocenf bysfander, Briff Smifh, and boosfed him afop fhe sign posf in fhe "circle." The nighf before fhe caravan, an imprompfu band from various living groups on campus invaded all fhe houses fo insfill "P" Day spirif. Place now under siege is Soufh Hall, liferally shalcing under fhe loud cheering and playing. House mofhers were nonplussed. ' Af 8:00 a.m., afier fhe cars were lined up along Sfadfum Drive, a mass meefing was held in fhe Greek Theafre fo give ouf full insfrucfions for fhe ninefy-mile frip. Bill Ross, in charge of car movemenf, gave everybody fhe good word. .,- , I , ll" T, QUT' ,f . The Caravan slarfs al' 9:30 a.rn., going down Main Sireel' of We're ollf To The big cily. One hundred slrong, as Tar as eye ' Slocldon. Al righl is Fonfaine Russ who helps direcf lrallic can see. Unescorfed on This 90-mile Trip, we had no accidenls and no Trouble. Piclure is on l-liway 50, Slocldon +o Oakland A closeup of The huge LeBaron drawing as The caravan rnalces Els way +0 The Chronicle Dave Gerber, head of The commiflee, and Phil Gufhrie quesrion Call-Bullefin sporfs edifor, Jack McDonald. He was popular as he was in Ecldy's camp ELER Firsf slop of day was a+ Oakland Tribune during lunch hour. We disembarlced and cheered luslily while our represenialives were upsiairs Jrallcing To Tribune sporls edifor, Alan Ward. Traffic sfopped slighlly. bu? we direclred our own deparlure QR A I Inside lhe offices of The Call-Bulleiin, Sporfs Edilor Jaclc Mc- Donald is inlerviewecl on wire 'rape by radio majors l-lerb Marlaall and Bob Bandelin. All in+erviews were recorded and edi+ed info a radio program for ci+y and campus consumphon The Tigers Take u Trip . . Ou+side 'rhe Call-Bullelin, lhe Pacific ihrong was addressed by William Randolph l-learsi and Sporls Edilor Jack Mc- Donald. The paper ran a Celeri - LeBaron con+es+. LeBaron won. +he lasl countgave Ed over 2000 voles 'ro Celeri's 879 The Examiner, in lhe business seciion ar Marlcei' and 3rd, aHrac+ed 'rhe larqesf crowds of well-wishers. Busi- ness people hung ou+ 'lheir office windows and ioined in LeBaron cheers and dropped paper slreamers ou? windows Our Tiger ell leaders organize a bix six for LeB-aron in from of +he CalliBulle'rin. Sporfs Edi'ror Jack McDonald had ius'r announced 'rha'r LeBaron was leading Celeri by one hundred voies in 'rhe people's choice for All-American Leaving The Examiner, fhe gallanl 500 walked 'rhrough busy Merkel Slreel' enroufe lo lhe S.F. News. On lhe way we were ioined by many San Francisco LeBaron enlhusiasis Ou+side fhe San Francisco News, song leaders Wanda Reinhar+ and Jane l-laskall show frue Pacific form while +he imprompfu band blas+s away wilh an accompanymem' Oulside The S.F. News lhe Pacific sludenis give oul wilh a big cheer lor Roger Williams, pro-LeBaron wrilerg reserved a roar of good nalured boos for l-larvey Rockwell, pro-Celeri wriler Office workers lake lime oul lo walch 'rhe leslivilies in lronl of The Chronicle. l-lere we wail word from queslioning com- millee inside The office whelher Mr. Leiser will see lhem or nol .When Mr. Leiser claimed he'd back Pacific for a major bowl game he gol his firsl cheers from weary bul hearly Pacilficans The big game of lhe day was Bill Leiser, Chronicle Sporl Edi- lor who lirsl reversed his choice ol Ed LeBaron for All-Ameri- can al lhe Norlhern California Foolball Wrilers and inilialed a reversal vole for Bob Celeri of Cal. l-lere wrilers Joe Wilmol and Leiser are queried by lwo of our commilleemen omecomlny . . . 1949 ln spile of a rained-oul bonfire Homecoming was The usual success The campus was Transformed info a Paradise of Arabian hues and mohfs in carrying our l'he Theme A Thousand and One Tales lf was a week end To remember. Chuck l-lollz, chairman. presenls roses and a cup lo "Sweelhear+" Janice Comslock Homecoming Swee+hear'r Candidales +op --- Sweefhearl Janice Comsloclc, Belnly Sfanley, Lois Driflel, lvlary Ann ColleH, Pal Rohr- baughg below --- Mary Jane Nicho- las, Lola Vannucci, Mary Rhodes A couple of informal shols of Presicleni Burns al Homecoming Rally collechng a bel on fhe number of cars in The parade +o San Francisco Some silly soul bel a hal lrhere woulcln + be 50 cars Our alerl head man didn + fake a risk if was a sure fhing .Jil-.I-I , ' - 'FH ,rn A ,Jag I U SG ,Af K. ' .avi ' some 1 V " xx L54 ., 5 fi l"'1 ' , ... --JN ffs, I K I W!! 2 '12 'U , H' t, ., 721'- .Ns-545 1 gig ,, '-4 Q 13 f fm an . .4 -'v h 1 3 ,A . 4 . F' 'Q X " Vx ,f' Q 3 J , ff ' , X' 2 it "Q m 76.55, Aff-N -, 57" .IN-. 'fi-.hxtig .fv 'N ' J . L' ..f , X '. ,avgggxf ' I .w , - Args' -, , -""ibX 'VW lx ' x 'fks -, "'.' .3 T - ' ' " "H ' 5 mi R: L' mx", " ,Q I , ,LIN Sa' - Qfumwx V, " -wi x . M Zac! , ,U l' Arcllanla loiesenis Mille Foggy' Foglgy This poor Arab is condemned +o pre- Dew ln Arablc' or Someihmg pare Slwish-Ka-Bob for Arcl1ania's guesls Wesi l-lall's coniribuiion. Bui, Girls, we've gol news for you: Tigers clon'+ roam 'rhe Arabian sands Homecoming House Decorations . . Noi' conieni' wiilw Ali Baba's cave, Epsilon pre- senied ilie music of his creaior in "Scl1alwarizacle" Piclorial Represeniaiion of "Pacific Hail" brighfenecl up fine Lobby of Soufli Hall " Ji-4.1.14 ' 1 il,-ll 9' , e. L Q .- rs-, .Pal-cl ' A , . cf 'fs ., .Ei ..i 1 -23 "-m I'AClfilC mvinrs ww ARLIH lim Q0 CAR Ull?M'All li! Alpha Tl'1e+e dug up old Homecoming lssues of 'lhe Pacific Weekly. Enlarging Them 'ro king size made an efilecfive display H MON lfllf UI! klf'-Vx "J Cl 7 Tau Kappa's Tigers are shown licking llweir chops over 'rhe luckless Cincinnafi Indians. Score: COP 34. Cincinnafi 7 Zefa Phi wenf nosfalgic wifh The old COP Trolley, libelling Hue moformani by subslifuling +he Tiger Farsiglwled Mu Zela offered a sad looking Cal Bear 'lor COP +0 measure for size. ln a couple of years, maybe, huh? ig Little Sister arty Clollwes modeled were from Jrlwe Brown l-louse FA L L ... The even? usually draws quile a crowd Whal llrie besl dressed coed will be wearing To her nexl formal dance Cloihes were modeled for every occasion ? M V .. 'fd' 'Jil' 'i i - Q Aly Q 1 Jlzlw-3 :ff-false: ' E 1 " '1"w- '-226'-i' -i ,, q-fb ',, O? :X 4, ' , "Lille :Z v i 'R' . hm Over a ping pong Table and colces 'rhe gals discuss Hne evenls of+l1e evening ,yf-'-. .',f2-"'7j. ,,, " ,. ,152 's ' 1.4.3 M lm 1 ff .f- , B If ,QR 'VN' .. 4' wish: .... Y' , , I I T' '53 . A.. x 1- -4. x -YA ,,,, , w . Nt' .xr NR: .J . g X13 - J 3' I av 'I N .rl Q' 'Y .wx L Nyj' Q ,-C I , x 1 ,ln ' 'I1' IJ' 15 Q ,,c . ,as l..'.-ls. " , . .J Q ,,."J ..,' ' .A 1 nn' ' 1 L 'M Y -l.'!' A -V9 .'. 'HY K X Q 'Y :F 5' . 4 ,amd E 1.69575 , " .cvs - J ,.-?'.'.' ."-S5 .if ,. , km ,erlf 1. ' is .uni- J. W PRELIMINARIES - - MARCH Is+ 0 and ..... 3,6 Frolw BAND FROLIC, The annual iarnboree lo raise money for lhe band, presenled shows of all sorls. Omega Phi, wilh "Sahara Zed" look iirsl place, Rhizornia, complele wilh Head Office, second: Epsilon's lan- lasy "Dreamers Holiday," Third. 'Y ff Exlra arms sprouled from all direclions in The No. I Band Frolic Show. Omega Phi claims lhese exercises are helpful on dales Omega Phi s Darllngs came back again This year in Bloomers no less! . N? Willie Snarqk iq is silenl as in Rhizomial poses before his inner "All 'the Dean's Men" coppecl 2nd spof, wilh applause sanclum, which a momenr laler disgorged a disgrunlled consliluenl from Snarqlc, fhe slar. and his lailhfull?l l-lol Garlers. No, lhey hadn'l been in a hassle, iusl looking narural 'ing F hi' lf Mi, : ,- lx w K- 1 J,.. ", !'9" :ff 15-A -'ht JW .. , if . 10' P! . ffimv I 6 X I1 K li E Q R as 9 . l ' lvl.: Us "' 5 L :Ct '45 ' jf . 1-1" iw 4" - SQL gy 1 , I gm Stadium Scrip Drive PACIFIC MEMORIAL STADIUM BeTTy Burke and STan STeeI sign up a willing cusTomer in The door-To-door campaign Greek TheaTre Rally shows, IeTT 'ro righT. Bob McLaughlin, IvIasTer of Ceremonies: Dave Gerber Ikneelingl, Scrip Drive Di- recTor: Frank WoITe, Parade DirecTor 5 The STadium Scrip Drive on March l5Th was an aII4ouT aTTair wiTh all organizaTions doing Their parT. The goal OT SI0,000 Tor The sTudenT body was more Than doubled by a house To house MI' canvas Trom 7 To IO P.IvI. Radio coverage by The campus sTaTion was a rnaraThon aTfair IasTing Trom The II a.m. rally in Baader S'Tadium To The I I p.m. sign-off in The End Zone. A ToTaI of over Sl50,000 was raised and The new sTadium will be ready Tor use nexl' Tall. Archania and Tau Kappa Kappa combine forces. Remarkablellllll 'nl F ' 5 M- - . 1 Talking iT over in The End Zone I i Four l-louse - Drive Chairmen Barbara Lindhorsf and Beverl Wallers of Tau Ka Y P' pa, and Frank Wolfe and Del Holm of Archania Presiclenl Burns and his son af lhe rally in 'rhe Greek Thealre 1. Del Holm gives oul The Scrip Books al' Archania Turning in Scrip Books al +he F.S.A. Office al The close of lhe evening Pres. Burns in l'he End Zone congralulafing lwo salesgals A E.-X ." . ,fQ'.J. I 4 P, w' 2 'nw ,: -1. 3: vskqx v- ,,..w... . ., fg,e.,'.+.- Q -- .... .-, x. - ' . 1, 1 1 1 1, -4. .-Q, if 'rf vu' 1 H . ,I ,eg -5- if , . L ueen of +he Mardi Gras --- Nancy Baile Y Queen Nanc and Prince Charming, Chairman Eddie LeBaron, Queen Nancy, x-QM 2?'Q,y fv ir, fl 'by Beiiy Sirickland Nancy Bailey Mariiyn Rasmussen Nancy Hammond Zefa Phi Epsilon Tau Gamma Sigma Alpha Thefa Tau - -firmly. z- ,,'.,,-, ,:.,v.,- I- V 3,411 , ,.-' r ij .-.05 , - A 4.1 The ueen and Her in Court Y Mike Mannich and '49 Queen Pai Gioifonini ' C7 QP w Doi Duari Gloria Chapman Juneiia Bucholz Barbara Manberi' Soufh Hall Tau Kappa Kappa Mu Zefa Rho Wesf Hall 2' Ilouse Decorations . . .XX l '.l Xe -In Q I I fsniiiii .il I Archania Second Place Winner Alpha Them '- I -.IN-u , 4-1. . f5'f,f4'ai f Epsilon --- Pirsl' Place Winner Soulh Hall Zeia Phi Omega Phi Alpha Third Place Winner Mardi Gras Parade FT Il I 1 Omega Phi Alpha --- Firsf Piece Winner x Lzifxh 4 Mardi Gras Costumes l Red R1 ding Hood and Wolf 3rd Prize Winners TT l i "mv, lr. i ,FH f . X - Wf, i'1lRY' as-N TDBUOH 1 Slrawberry and CREAM CW Fairy Tales The Dwarfs 5 Herve OZ Tin Man and Scarecrow Bugs Tubes, l-lor and Cold A lu. y e s '? Special Prize Winners Turkey in The Slraw Aquacmle Girls Pacific Cheesecake Bul don? go near 'rlwe wafer Hang your clolhes on a hickory limb Wha'r's Hollywood gm' +l1a'r fops Jrlwis? 1 It's '30' for '40, Eddie and His Moiher and Larry A Lu ' e- -,I Eddie and Spor+s Magazine ff' Celeri, Governor Warren and Eddie Represenfafive Eddie receives Sfudenlr Bod Tokens Y of appreciafion from Bob McLaughlin Eddie and Larry Siemering refiring Number "4O" L i Death Valley Expedition Four busses, lwo Trucks and several smaller vehicles wind Their way lhrough an assorrmenl of mounlain greenery and valley sand, cold nighls and hol days, high wind and slaqnanf calm, rolling on lo cover some l3OO miles of scenic beauly and desolale amazement April first l95O, Jrhe College of lhe Pacific commenced ils annual Dealh Valley Expedirion. Headed by Dr. A. T. Bawden and Professor J. H. Jon+e, 'lhe Dealh Valley lrip proves lo be a neverending source of wonder 'ro The 'Deserl Rals' llsl yearersl and anolher wonderful vacalion for lhe 'Chuclca- wallas' and 'Sidewinders' lmore lhan one yearersl. Dealh Valley, aboul' one hundred and filly miles long and from len lo lhirly- live miles wide: Dealh Valley, conlaning Jrhe lowesl poin+ in 'rhe Weslern Hemisphere: Dealh Valley, home of rhe Devil's Golf Course and Furnace Creek, Red Rock Canyon and Sco'r+y's Caslleg Dealh Valley, +he slarl for some, and The end for olhers. lPho'rography and Caplions by S. David Saxonl X- YH l.. P A+ washup, even Ed Belz liar lelll wails in line 1950 1'-xg fv,-,, ,. Scol'ry's Caslle, a jewel in The deserl ...ii kv, . - ff 43+ .h , , Well, well: well wishers al The wishing well Sco++y's Caslle 7 ,,...-.4-fr.. Mess produchon in Herb Jonle s scrambled egg business - - - bu+ if s so far from lhe wal-er , w ' .5 fp Q '.. 1 Eiff- 4 J W' gf ,, . " fl Eff' 3 riff' B iv A ' V I I I xi. " 5-11:52 4. wi, -. 'Q .L f ' . 9 a Death Valley . . . ' g ev' 1 . F ...1 fri., 'Jimmy an-'r5T?f:'a'- 'J-" ' V-5' . wq, . 'rjip ', 1-V' ' V. E . f , K 1 4 L' s . avfijguq -. .. Needless fo say, Joshua Trees More femeie Jfhan mail A L, 41'L..... i I .., I .af ,. . P J 5 ',3- 1 :4jg-Cdm- J. k " 1, ' - , Af, in - . -.4-. H- ,Q 5 ,Nfl .4 1. . , 1 '- .HMV ' V 4-V . . leg Inspired "And on your righf you see 'rhe famous - - - A PICHSCI FGHIGSDCWG. SGSY 'fO handle Guardlan over Deafh Valley --- Mounf Wl'u+ney Pacificis urine Station AT DILLON BEACH, 50 miles norTh OT San Francisco, College oT The PaciTic's "oTher campus" is devoTed To The sTudy of Marine LiTe. The sTaTion is in session all year 'round, and, as The picTures show, a life OT iTs own is oTTered. "Bios PaciTica," The boaT owned by The college, dredges up The specimens which are Taken To The laboraTory Tor classiTicaTion and sTudy. As The picTures show, all liTe aT The STaTion isn'T research -- Marine, ThaT is. And all The characTers shown aren'T specimens: some are human. MeeT Dr. l-ledgpeTh, visiTing Professor Trom Texas - -N .f v..-., 'X ..,,,. F?-4 ATldT Th T Tl TIIT Ie mp WI we er Convemen Y U O Specimens Examinahon of specimens picked up by dredging liT says herel 'riil l' - Dispensary - a necessary adlunci' Marine Station . . . .,JiI,,- 5, ,J Dr. Noble, Direclor of Pacific Marine Sfalion I, L Over llwe bounding main in 'rhe 'Bios A Pacificaf dredging for sand dollars Looks like +l'1ey're eafing +l'1e specimens. They oflen do Men's Dorm. Yes, Hue women have one loo 'i W l 1 Co-operalive Cooking. If you clon'+ co-operale, you don'l eal X 3' 3 S 0145 Dean Wendf, CCP --- Dick Hari, SC Margaref Hayes, COP Swimming and Wa+er Polo Myra Kauka, WAA '1 5 Terrific Pacific College of fhe Pacific's Tifanic Tigers of fhe I949 foofball season will probably go down in hisfory as fhe greafesf gridiron aggregafion in C.O.P. annals. Undefeafed, Unfied, and Uninvifed were fhe bywords af fhe close of fhis greaf season. Eleven fimes fhis feam sfepped onfo fhe furf during ihe season, and eleven 'rimes fhey emerged vic- forious and fhen were shunned af fhe close of 'rhe year when fhe commiffees sfepped forfh fo choose parficipanfs for fheir respecfive bowl games. This was an excepfionally colorful feam, feafuring fhe double-spinning of ifs diminufive All-American quarferbaclc, "ExceIIen'r Eddie" LeBaron1 fhe breakaway running of Don Brown, Eddie Macon, Walf Polenslce, Don I-Iardey, and Bruce Orvis: fhe viscious defensive play of I-larry Kane: fhe pass-snagging of John Rohde and Phil Orfez: and fhe greai line play of anofher score of players. Buf fhe amazing fhing abouf fhis feam - wifh all of ifs greai sfars, if played as a single, precision fimed, mechanical buzz-saw. Many records were sef by fhis scinfillafing ballclub which fromped over eleven opponenfs. Wifh if, Pacific landed in fhe firsf fen in 'rhe nafion for fhe firsf fime in ifs hisfory, They were 'rhe highesi scoring collegiafe foofball Team in fhe nafion, wifh 575 poinfsg had fheir firsf big-fime All -American in Eddie LeBaron: had fheir firsf fwo represen- fafives in fhe Annual Easf-Wesf All-Sfar Shrine Classic in Eddie LeBaron and John Rohde: had a record breaker in Bill McFarland, fheir conversion experf who boofed home 54 conversions, an all-fime collegiafe marlc - iusf 'ro menfion a few of fhe new records. S e a s o n R e c o r d Pacific 7 Universify of San Francisco 6 Pacific 45 San Jose Sfafe College Pacific 52 Universify of Loyola Pacific 45 Universify of Ufah Pacific 34 Cincinnafi Universify Pacific 45 Fresno Sfafe College Pacific 47 Universify of Nevada Pacific 88 California Polyfechnic Pacific 75 Porfland Universify Pacific 75 Universify of I-Iawaii Pacific 62 San Diego Sfafe College TOTALS- Pacific 575 Opponenfs 66 S c o r i n g TOUCH- - TOUCH- PLAYER DOWNS P.A.T. POINTS PLAYER DOWNS P.A.T. POINTS Eddie lv1acon,Ih IO O Eddie LeBaron, qb 4 2 I Bruce Orvis, rh 9 O Don McCormick, Ih 3 O Don Brown, Ih 9 O Don Lipelf, fb 3 O Bill McFarland, In O 54774 Ernie Bobson, fb 2 O Paul Williams, rh 8 O 4 Doug Smifh, Ie 2 O John Rohde, le 7 I Doug Scovil, qb 2 0 Don I-lardey, fb 7 O Phil Oriel, re I O Jim Price, rh 6 O Ken Johnson, Ig I O AI Smifh, Ih 6 O 1 Joe Rihn, Ig I 0 Walf Polenslce, rh 5 0 'H' ' The Brains.. PicTurecl here are The brains of The TiTanic Tigers. Back row, leTT To righT: Hugh McWilliams, end coach: Dean Richardson, back- Tield coach: Wayne Hardin, assisTanT backfield coach. FronT row: Larry Siemering, head coach, and Ernie Jorge, line coach. WiThouT so able a sTaTT, none oT The wonderful TasTes of glory oT The I949 season could have been accomplished. All of The menTors have worked TogeTher Tor one and The same achieve- menTs successfully Tor Three seasons and have broughT The Tigers Torward To draw NaTional acclaim in The TooTball world. Wi+h These coaches back in The Told, iT looks like iT could very well be a niTTy-TiTTy Tor The College of The Pacific on The gridiron. The Brawn .. 'C 5995147 40 g4aY'r5M..f 45MfI"Zf4,W It 4251... GA.--A 6291.f..xLfO-www 58-1641.-iC....1c. iZ.....:e ea A424-ff .582 so -cw ww! Em-M 10... ve 54, ILM. se :Le GJ... a., 79 Q-1 f"""9"" si d9,.7zg,,,4,,, 3352-e+N!y"" 72 Bam.-. GL-J-.J Meme WMM 54 ,smfll-1-. gs Sana A+... QL: e ' fum S CJ? mme. 48 MM 69 pc Purrzm ve HAM se 624.-A1 ss A..vp7..4...z, ao ,gwvill T 74 63a....4 R.74f-41,-f an fn.Q.777w-J, 59 46 Wmfwde ea AAA? e5'K,,0uii9. h7L!l.Q.., 4nyx:.,4n-w 64 ZJMAQA Q1 MQW 7I ,iiqafvim 52 QMMM , 67 Qc ,Lula 73 gg? O593.,JfmP,.r. 57 Esau 5-117-U 70 AC H--y'ufen MJ--'AJ is l Pacific 7 . . . U.S.F. 6 i Bob Klein 1 'Y Game Capfain i ii , J i Harry Kane X Player of fha Week , - - . . . Q . f .n.. :.,w,.,-V -W4 Downed fhe Dons Coach Larry Siemering's charges opened fhe I949 season wifh a convincing 7 fo 6 win over fhe Universify of San Francisco's Dons in fhe Lodi Grape Bowl. Bruce Orvis scored fhe lone Tiger fouchdown early in fhe firsf period, going over on a line plunge from fhe one-yard line affer a susfained drive. One Tiger score, coming on a pass from Eddie LeBaron fo Jim Price was nullified by a rule infracfion. Bill McFarland kicked fhe exfra poinf which sewed up fhe ball game. Plenfy of fireworks ensued befween fhaf score and fhe final gun, however, wifh fhe Tigers puffing up fwo fremendous defensive sfands deep in fhe shadows of fheir own goal posfs. Jimmy Ryan, U.S.F. quarlerback, scored for fhe Dons from four yards ouf on a sneak lafe in fhe fourfh period, buf linebacker Harry Kane broke fhrough fhe Dons' forward wall fo block fackle Joe Wozniack's fry for fhe exfra poinf, which proved fo be fhe winning margin. Kane's greaf defensive play won him fhe Player of fhe Week honors. Greaf rock'em sock'em defensive play sfole fhe show for fhe evening wifh John Rohde, Don Campora. Duane Pufnam, Bob Franceschini, and Bob Klein. Price hifs paydirf fo no avail. Affer faking a LeBaron foss early in fhe firsf "Gai ouf of my way," says Bob Franceschini fo all Dons as he paves lhe period Jim Price boomed info 'rhe Don end zone on a 32-yard play. buf way for Don Brown on anlend sweep fhaf. gained I2 yards early in fhe fhe Tigers were penalized for holding and ff.e play was called lr-ack. game againsf fhe Universify of San Francisco. U P . -Hawk, ,V-.,, Q.. . .43 fi.,-me i A . ' Q 'J.fisjqgk'v2w,. 1t5ii",,.,L '.:2,-v4i,"g-Q5 v "---.,-.maggf .2--inn -A.. ,, ,, -- v ..f. .,..'..' f..,,5g '-,,sgFg,.L yi u Pacific 52 . . . Loyola 0 Don Campora GameCapTain 2. -- , . .. J ' JT' Ifrq,'-LV, ',- T i'. "ki ii" ' B r u c e O r v I s 'gig' " -- :iai3.,,,.g1,rLE5g'fhpg,g Pr., ..E..f.Jg -, .J Player of The Week ,, gg- W- 'Qv ,fy.,5j.-zr,-:4V,. --r- -, ,I - -' ff+sa,1,:5'r:'- . ' -, .R -fi 1. .,,,:-ggfjg ,mov K iz-:drfif 52715.2222151-1'-'.Qg5S1?i'fw..'ff"4-'G' " A lf "'f'1iiigE l - -1 Kffdexlsw.-..,f,f,5'?12f13 T 'gs fs-f'f1,L" , 1, F W, , ., .. ,, - . . ' --r ' -"' .' " r -'f 45, .rs -,.-. .. ' ' ' ,i ' - L- -T we l f. 4 . Licked The Lions Loyola IvIenTor Jordan Olivar, coaching on The Pacific CoasT Tor The TirsT Time, aTTer leaving Villanova, ran inlo a whale oi a ballclub in The College of The PaciTic Tigers in his inaugural TiIT in This area, dropping a one-sided 52 To O TEIT. Olivar had This To say of The Tigers: "They were The besT Team we 'faced all season, including The Orange Bowl Champions, SanTa Clara." Los Angels Tans had much To say also aTTer waTching This machine-like aggregaTion go To work To avenge a I4 To I4 deadlock gained by The Lions in I948. Bruce Orvis scored from I4 yards ouT To mark up The game's iniTial Tally. OTher scores were had by TleeT-TooTed AI SmiTh who goT Three, one on The lasT play oT The game, Eddie LeBaron, Don Brown, WalT Polenske, and LeBaron's undersTudy, Doug Scovil, who impressed in his firsf real Tesl' by engin- eering half of The Team's scores. Scovil hiT SmiTh Tor The only aerial score oT The conTesT, a 40-yarder on The final play. Terrific line play by The gianT Torward wall paved The way Tor seven of The scores, which incidenTally came on The ground. Harry Kane, The CoasT's number one linebacker, played his usual sparkling brand oT ball and was assisTed by The greaT play oT CenTer Bob Moser, Guards Joe Rihn, Ken Johnson, and Bob Franceschini, Tackles Bob Klein and Don Campora, and Ends John Rohde and John Poulos. Bill McFarland hiT Tour Tor eighT Through The uprighTs. I' "i4'2ei1 s fs Booming Bob Franceschini l49l again leads The way for Tiger backfield aces as he cleans Three Loyola would-be Tacklers oul' of The way wiTh one vicious block To pave The way for speedsfer Don Hardey l63I who picks up I9 yards on The play. , Pacific 34 . . . Cincinnati 7 Wal+ Polenslce Game CapTain and Player of The Week ' r J l ,f .N ln Ni D o n B r o w n 1. OuTsTanding Tiger Halfbaclr Blas+ed The BearcaTs One oT The besT games wiTnessed in BaxTer STadium lasT year was The beginning oT a new inTersecTional rivalry beTween The College of The PaciTic and The UniversiTy oT CincinnaTi which showed The Tigers blasTing Their way Through a well coached, hard TighTing BearcaT eleven, 34 To 7. The BearcaTs simply couldn'T maTch The power puT up by The SToclcTon uniT and aTTer iusT Three minuTes had passed, LeTT l-laliback Don Brown sprinTed over Tor The TirsT oT Tive Pacific Touchdowns. A beauTiTul caTch by John Rohde oT a pass Trom Eddie LeBaron which wenT Tor 34 yards To seT up The score. Brown also wenT over Tor number Two and Then Rohde snared anoTher LeBaron Toss in The end zone To puT The Tigers ahead 2l To O aT The half. Fullback Don l-lardey scored number Tour Trom eighT yards ouT and Then LeTT l-lalTback Don McCormick Tallied The lasT one on a brillianT caTch oT a LeBaron Toss behind all oT The CincinnaTi secondary. CenTer Sid Hall, Tackle Bob Klein, and End John Rohde all played ouTsTanding games in addiTion To l-lalfback WalT Polenske who was named The Player of The Week via his greaT oTTensive and defensive performance. "MoJo" McFarland banged Through Tour more conversions during The encounTer. WalT Polenslze l4-bl and Robin Rush l58l puT The pinch on a BearcaT de- NoT so TasT. Tella, says Big John Poulos To This CincinnaTi back as he is Tensive bacl: as Don Hardey l63l rips around his own righT end Tor eighT nailed To The ground,on a' play ThaT losT Two yards. Don Halrdey 63 yards and a PaciTic Touchdown. righT on The play while Dick Breien l7Il is coming up To aid. Pacific 47 . . . Nevada 6 K e n J o h n s o n GameCapTain ,',.x . Q- Eddie LeBaron Player of The Weel: Walloped The Wolf Pack Probably The greaTesT oTTensive and deTensive show TogeTher came againsT a bewildered UniversiTy of Nevada eleven who leTT The TurT on The shorT end OT a 47 To 6 counT. Marlcedly high Tor This +iI+, The Tigers rolled up Their TourTh sTraighT win oi The T949 season againsT a highly-TouTed Reno aggregaTion which couldn'T seem To caTch up wiTh The Pacific Team. ATTer being held scoreless Tor The TirsT period lThe only Time oT The season This happenedl, Coach Larry Siemer- ing's charges broke loose Tor Tour Tallies in The second sTanza in a ripping, charging, and blasTing Tlurry oT offense. l-lalTback Jim Price wenT over from eleven yards ouT early in The second quarTer aTTer a passing show by Eddie LeBaron had seT up The score. ThaT sTarTed The fireworks. WaIT Polenske inTercepTed an Eddie Jessie Toss and ram- bled 47 yards in a beauTiTul exhibiTion of broken Tield running To score number Two. Then The amazing Mr. Macon wenT Tor 6I yards around end behind Ken Johnson's vicious block Tor The Third Tally. Number Tour was really -a whopper. WiTh TourTh and Twelve To go aT midfield, LeBaron Talced a punT and passed ouT To John Rohde in The TlaT who looked like a halfbaclc hipper-dippering iT Tor paydirT. Bob Moser and Bob Franceschini paved The wa wiTh Two slashing blocks. Bruce Orvis was nexT wiTh a Tour-yarder and Then Jimmy Price hiT paydirT .again on a dazzling 82-yard iaunT. The lasT Touchdown was also a whopper. Player OT The Week l.eBaron inTercepTed anoTh- er Jesse pass and weaved 84 yards Through half oT The WolT Paclc To sew iT up. WhaT happened? says a Nevada pass receiver as "ExcellenT Eddie" grabs ForgeT iT. Budl Warren Brady, Nevada quarTerbacl:, Tries in vain To geT oTT an Eddie Jesse aerial. Wal? Polenslce lparfially hidden --461 speeds pasT John Rohde lhead hiddenl and Harry Kane l77l and is really up To block Tor l.eBaron on his eighTy-yard reTurn of The inTercepTion. nailed. WalT Polenslce T4-bl comes up from The back To aid. I ,R 1 l . . Paclfw 75 . . . Portland 20 T-larr Kane T Y .f-MQ?-in Game CapTain ff- .3 i- 5 a S ,filiiss 'V ii Paul Williams Player o'fThe Week Veil PasTed The PiloTs College of The PaciTic's Flying Bengals noTched Their TiTTh sTraighT Triumph by overwhelming The UniversiTy oT PorT- land Pilofs 75 To 20, an all-Time school scoring mark 'Til The Cal Poly game came along, wiTh "Tennessee" Paul Williams having himself a Tield day, scoring Tive oT The Tigers' eleven Touchdowns. - Bronco Bruce Orvis punched over The TirsT score early in The TirsT quarTer To sTarT a Tiger scoring spree. Orvis Tallied Trom The one-yard line aTTer pass inTerTerence had been ruled on an Eddie LeBaron To John Rohde pass in The end zone. Eddie Macon came nexT wiTh an eighT-yard romp around leTT end, Tollowed closely by WalT Polenslce who wenT OTT-Tackle Trom six yards ouT aT The end oT The TirsT period. Then AI SmiTh bulled his way six yards Through The cenTer as did liTTle Ernie Bobson Trom The one. Don l-lardey ended The half wiTh anoTher romp around The end Trom I7 yards oul. Then came The Williams spree. Eive Tiger scores were racked up in The Tinal sTanzas, and each oT These Tive was Tallied by Williams. Over The cenTer Tor Two, oTT-Tackle Tor seven, around The end Tor eighT, olT-Tackle again Tor a dazzling 64 yards and Then The curTain closer on a pass Trom Doug Scovil Tor 23. The PiloTs iusT couldn'T caTch up. Lool: al' Thal' line, and where's The ball? JusT a unique view of The Tre- Don LipelT is piled up aTTer a shorf romp in The Porfland game aTTer Th h d TTT Do Sco il l80l Also picTured are Bob mendous power and decepTion of The Tiger uniT as They peel off a play geTTing e an o rom ug v . agannsf The Pilofs. Kleinl54l AI SmiTh l47l. and Paul Williams l44l. V il Pacific 62 . i. . San Diego State 14 Ernie Bobson l Game CapTain SF:-. X .f ' " i'-59.8 Eddie Macon - , Player of The Week Anchored The AzTecs A weakened San Diego STaTe eleven leTT STockTon in sad shape The day aTTer Their 62 To I4 loss To The Bengals who showed Them no mercy. San Diego was a sadly ouTclassed ballclub which never goT sTarTed againsT a TasT-charging Tiger line and an even TasTer Bengal backiield, which romped inTo The end zone nine Times. Walf Polenske broke The ice early in The TirsT quarTer, scoring Trom nine yards ouT aTTer Player of The Week Eddie Macon inTercepTed a pass ThaT seT up The score. Don T-lardey sprinTed around The end Tor 52 yards and anoTher score behind some beauTiTul blocking. A piTch-ouT To Al SmiTh was good Tor The Third Tally as he sped 47 yards inTo The end zone. Don Brown came nexT wiTh a Ten yarder oii The Tackle sloT. Williams broke Through The line and ouTdisTanced The secondary Tor 33 yards and number Tive oT The evening. Game CapTain Ernie Bobson bounced over from The Two and Macon swivel-hipped his way Through pracTically The compleTe San Diego clan on a Tre- mendous 6l-yard punT reTurn ThaT had all eyes gaping. Doug Scovil, capable LeBaron replacemeni, Tossed To Al SmiTh To The Three Trom where Bruce Orvis wenT over unscaThed. "Tennessee" Williams ripped oTi eighT yards for The final score of The evening, seven in Two games Tor him. Doug and Dick Breien blocked a San Diego punT which wenT ouT of The and zone Tor an auTomaTic Two digiTs. Bill McFarland added six exTra poinTs To compleTe The scoring. Move aside, l'm coming by." ThaT's whaT Eddie Macon, sensaiional Give The ref an assisT. Doug "Snarky" Smifh is shown on The, receiving Tiger haliback, says To Two San Diego men as he leaves one lying on The end of a Doug Scovil pass Thaf picked up I3 yards againsf San Diego ground and passes The second on The lesT leg of his bl-yard punT reTurn. Sfafe. ' ohn Rohde Ken Johnson Pacific 45 . . . San Jose State 7 QQ- 'a M-sf ,'w-- T X5 N, 7 yi T . . C K, A Lf P' ' H A l A , Qi: I ' Y fd' ' 1 " f sl- Q ...qi - V S, Qi Game Capfain Player of The Week P h f I 0 r f e Z Player of The Week Speared The SparTans And They didl The Sorcerer's ApprenTice, pinT-sized Eddie LeBaron, spun his way Through The San Jose STaTe de- fense To lead The TiTanic Tigers To Their overwhelming 45 To 7 vicTory over The SparTans. LeBaron's Triclcery, added To The Tremendous spiriT of The cornpleTe Tiger uniT, broughT The worsT deTeaT To San Jose in The Two schools' arch rivalry. There was noThing 'slow abouT This win, eiTher, as LeBaron s un, handed The ball OTT To l-lalfbaclc Don l-lardey who wenT 49 yards To score on The Tigers' TirsT offensive play. The crowd gasped, buT There was more To come. Eddie Macon, TleeT l-lalfbaclc, scored The second Touchdown Trom Tour yards ouT aTTer rambling 53 yards around The end To seT iT up. Don Brown Taked his way over Tor The nexT score as he sTucl4 ouT a hip and drew iT back leaving Two SparTan defenders TlaT on Their Taces as he scrambled over Trom I8 yards ouT. WalT Polenslce coun- Tered nexT on a pass from LeBaron in The end zone. Passes To Polenske and Phil OrTdz seT iT up. Brown goT anoTher one on a slcirT around righT end Trom Ten yards ouT. BoTh San Jose players in The Tiger Told, End John Rohde and Guard Kenny Johnson goT Their TirsT Touchdowns againsT Their home Town Teams. Johnson's came TirsT when PeTe GambeTTa blocked Gene Menges' pass inTo his arms on The SparTan 30 where he legged iT over. Rohde saved his score 'Til The end. LeBaron Tossed a 47-yard aerial inTo his waiTing arms in The end zone. This was sweeT regenge Tor lasT year's I4 To 7 seTbaclc. All alone To be my own . .- . Donnie Brown skips merrily over from I8 WalT Polenske Talres a LeBaron Toss and goes over sfanding up yards ouT againsT The SparTans as he leTT all oT The defenders bewildered againsT The San Jose eleven To score The TourTh Tiger TD as Phil w1Th his l::eauTiTul Taking. Orfez l70l was also looking for a pass in The end zone -S 1 r 4 M 'P , 3' l Pacific 45 . . . Utah 6 gs.. Z T .--ll , -...z .,', 'a "3 ',-is ,' ".g , , -f'.',i .- ,Mf,v,- . Oriel Don -l-lardey DON Campora ,me Calalaln Player of ihe Week Pl"Y9r of fl-ie W G eek Undid +he Ul'es Universiiy of U+ah's Uies had To come all ihe way +o Lodi io lake iheir worsi rrimming of ihe season, as ihe College of The Pacific Tigers rolled on io 'rheir 'rweliih slraighi viciory and iheir eighlh slraighl Triumph of The I949 season in a walkaway, 45 +o 6. "Excellen'r Eddie" LeBaron again engineered 'rhe Bengals io a win, lhrowing lwo iouchdown passes, kicking, like Frankie Albert going 28 yds. himself, and playing his usual greai defensive game. Don l-lardey scored firsir from ihe one, afrer he had rambled I8 yards io sei if up. LeBaron rhen passed diagonally io End John Rohde who made a sensarional caich in ihe end zone. LeBaron lhen hir l-laliback Jim Price on rhe goal line for anoiher Tiger ially. Eddie Macon opened ihe second half by our-spriniing ihe whole Uie aggregaiion for 36 yards and score number four. Bruce Orvis again broke info ihe scoring column by finding a hole ihrough The middle for I I yards and pa dirl afier a LeBaron 'io Al Smiih pass had sei il up. Paul Williams gol lhe nexl' ially from 44 yards oul as he sliced oil-'rackle and cur back behind beauriful blocking. Fullback Don Lipeh' scored ihe lasi TD on a plunge from lwo yards oui. The Tiger linemen were superb in lhis confesi, especially John Rohde, Harry Kane, Sid l-lall, Don Campora, Ken Johnson, Bob Franceschini, Bob Moser, and Duane Puinam. Don Hardey goes for IB yards io sei up The lirsl' Tiger score in The Ufah LeBaron lakes ihe bail for Il yards againsl' ihe Uies E game as Ken Johnson l79l and Phil Orrez l7Ol are well our in 'fronl of celleni' Eddie" is piclured romping around his own righi lhe play lo block for fha Fleer back. end as The Tigers demobilized lhe Universiiy of Uiah L1 Y Pacific 45 . . . Fresno 0 J oh n R o h d e Player of fhe Week Bob Franceschini GameCap+ain Bounced lhe Bulldogs Bowing our in a blaze of glory in fronl oi lheir home audience, lhe College of Jrhe Pacific Tigers laid a 45 lo 0 shuloul' on 'rhe Fresno Slale College Bulldogs who really huslled fheir way lhrough lhe game, buf iusl didn"r have The power or speed lo march Jrhe Tanlalizing Tigers. An Eddie l.eBaron 'ro John Rohde aerial Jrallied lhe iirsl counler early in lhe firsl period. "Peanuls" Brown came nexl on a 36-yard ramble lo pay dirr. Then came lwo more LeBaron aerials for scores, one 'ro Don l-lardey from eleven yards oui and 'rhen again lo Rohde from sevenleen yards. Bruce Orvis shol oil righl lackle for 46 yards and anolher score and Then Al Srnifh pushed one over from Jrhe one. Don Lipell galloped over for lhe nexl one from 27 yards our and lhen Eddie sneaked over from lhe one-yard line for fhe final shol. 22 seniors played Their lasl game in fronl ol The home crowd as a represenlalive College of rhe Pacific unil. Don l-lardey hiffing 'rhe furi afler a shorf ramble againsf 'The Here's fha? man again. Eddie Macon goes for sevenfeen yards Bulldogs while ,Robin Rush l58l and Ken Johnson l79l are before being pinched off af fhe sidelines againsf Fresno Sfafe. bofh showing 'lheir mourhpieces To Fresno faclclers. Pqeific 88 . . . Cal Poly 0 J o e R i h n , GameCapfain B o b K l e i n Player of ihe Week Massacred +he Musiangs Going info 'This game The College of ihe Pacific Tigers had a season Jroial of 4I2- poinis and needed 88 digiis 'io reach +he charmed "500" circle, having +wo games Iefi 'io do ir, buf amazingly enough ihey reached if wiih an overwhelming 88 io O win over 'rhe California Polyiechnic Musiangs. l-low exacf can you gei! ln an unbelievably offensive show, The Tigers boomed across I3 iouchdowns. Don McCormick, Don Lipeli, and Doug Smifh each garnered iwo rallies apiece, while single iouchdowns were had by Joe Rihn, Eddie Macon, Bruce Orvis, John Rohde, Eddie LeBaron, Jim Price, and Don l-iardey. Tremendous, charging line play again feaiured Jrhe Bengals' offense as Don Campora, Sid Hall, Duane Pufnam, Bob Eranceschini, Kenny Johnson, Robin Rush, Bob Klein, John Rohde, Bob Moser, Dick Breien, Doug Breien, Peie Gambeiia, Phil Oriez, and Doug "Snark" Smiih all played greai games. Too bad Peanufsl Don Brown was nailed from behind while Ken John- He's off again. Eddie Macon on anoiher ianializing run. 'this 'lime agalnsi' son 83 and Bob Moser l8ll are ready To peel off blocks on 'ihe Cal The Musfangs. Behind The blocking of Phil Orfez i70l, Bob Moser BI Poly men who mighi gel in fheir way. and Bob Franceschini i49l, while LeBaron, Hardey and Campora look on Pacific 75 . . . Hawaii 0 Eddie LeBaron fn and 'fini'-"?' Bill McFarland A if Conversion Experfs .. T A 1, 1 X i , x A,.,....--X . np: f"' i Eddie LeBaron in Game Ca pfain PlasTered The Pineapples The Universify of Hawaii's Rainbows sfuclc Their necks ouT and goT Their heads chopped off by anoTher College of The Pacific offensive onslaughf beifore The largesf crowd ever To wifness a gridiron fracas in The Hawaiian lslands, 75 To O, running The season Tofal of Pacific poinfs To 575 in eleven games for a 52.3 average per game. Eleef-foofed Eddie Macon, brillianf baclcfield speedsier, led The parade wiTh four long Touchdown runs, Three of which were over 35 yards. Macon ran wild on punT refurns and had The lslanders ouT of Their seaTs during mosf of The fracas. The oiher Touchdowns were had by Jim Price and Don Brown, who each hiT pay dirT Twice. and Bruce Orvis, Phil Orfez, and Doug Scovil. Greaf defensive play was feafured by WalT Polenske, Kenny Johnson, Harry Kane, Sid Hall, Duane PuTnam, Jim -Price, and Eddie LeBaron. Thus ended Pacific's greaTesT foofball season. Long remembered will be The TiTanic Tigers of '4-9. lT's nice, buf bring The ball back. bub. Rohde scores a Tiger Wilbur Sifes wide oben affer receiving an Eddie DLSBGFOU TD alone on a Le Baron aerial in The Hawaii TilT, buf To no avail A aerial againsf The Rainbows. This parhcular play picked up as a penalfy broughf The ball back To The line oi scrimmage. 24 yards' and sei' up a Bengal score. "LeBqrons 9' 7 . . . "Celeris 99 6 J o h n P o u l o s Oufsfanding End . dis -5-1' 'Eff' I J I m P r r c e Oufsfanding Halfback Shackled fhe Celeri's Foofball in February, who would have believed if? Seffing a complefely new precedenf for foofball all over fhe nafion, fwo represenfafive 'reams from fhe Universify of California and 'rhe College of fhe Pacific mel' on fhe gridiron fo answer fwo greaf quesfions . . . which was fhe beffer feam, fhe I949 Tigers or fhe Rose Bowl Bears . . . and which was fhe belfer quarferback, Eddie LeBaron or Bob Celeri? Acfually neifher quesfion wascomplefely answered. The LeBaron's annexed fhe 'rilf 7 fo 6 in a sfellar defensive baffle which saw a sogg furf holding mosf of The vaunfed run- ners in check and keeping fhe expecfed -aerial baffle down fo a walk. Celeri fhrew plenfy of passes, some of which were dro ped by his flankers and LeBaron had an iniured shoulder which allowed him fo foss ouf only six pass- es, 'rwo of which were caughf. Celeri had more complefions buf if was fhe fremendous line play of bofh aggrega- fions fhaf was The fine poinf of The game. The Celeri's probably fielded a sfronger defensive unif in fhis game 'rhan 'rhey were able fo musfer in fwo Rose Bowl games, adding such defensive sfalwarfs as Frank Van Deren and Norm Pressley 'fo fheir rosfer from 'rhe '48 Bear eleven. Bronco Bruce Orvis scored The LeBaron fally affer seHing up fhe score wifh fwo rambles which led fo fhe one-yard line. Wayne Hardin converfed our of LeBaron's fingerrips earl in fhe firsf period, giving fhe Sfockfonians a lead which fhey never relinquished. The Celeri's scored in fhe finalhalf buf were unable fo converf, fhe difference be- fween fhe fwo unifs. Lil Ed comes fo fhe rescue. Eddie LeBaron moves in fo block a possible Bob Celeri, vaunfed Bear quarferback, shows his defensive prowess as he gap in his All-Sfar line as Harry Kane l25l and Kenny Johnson move hauls down Wayne Hardin of fhe LeBaron All-Sfars affer Hardin refurned over fasf on fhe play. Number 53 for fhe Celeri's is End Dan Bagovich. his kick 3I yds. behind blocking of Rohde, Franceschini, Johnson. Poulos Tfulfg' . 7 ' 'Jn gl- Til,-I'-V 5 I- . TT" ini' ' 'ffilf 1 Es rcrTeIsiJuTsTandlH'-3 Player a LeBaron Shrine Game Stars College of The Pacific's firsT Two parficipanfs in The Annual EasT-WesT All-STar Shrine Classic, Eddie LeBaron and John Rohde, came back To school full of glory afTer carrying The Tiger banners well To success. The former being awarded The William Coffman award for being The game's ouTsTanding performer. Li++le Eddie compleTeIy sToIe The hearTs of 62,000 fans as he ran from The double-wing formaTion, sTrange To him since high school days, and provided The only offensive show for The WesT aggregafion which suffered a 28 To 6 defeaf aT The hands of a very powerful EasT eleven. LeBaron carried The ball I7 Times and amassed IO8 yards, failing To gain only Twice on which he IosT I3 yards To have a 5.5 yard per carry average. LeBaron Threw I8 aerials, connecTed on I I and had Three infercepfed, which was due To The fasT-charging EasT line which saw such greaTs in iTs forward wall as CIayTon Tonnemaker of MinnesoTa, Leon l-larT of Nofre Dame. Jim MarTin of NoTre Dame, Don Mason of Michigan STaTe, Ed Bagdon of Michigan STaTe and many oThers in addiTion To greaT name backs such as Arnold Galiffa of Army, Lynn Chandnois of Michigan STaTe, ArT Murakowski of NorThwesTern, WalT Teninga of Michigan, and also many oThers. On his firsT offensive play of The game, LeBaron skirfed IefT end behind The blocking of Dick McKissack of Soufhern MeThodisT and John Rohde for six yards and The WesT's firsT offensive flash which was greefed wiTh a Tremen- dous roar by The crowd. Eddie Then proceded To engineer The only WesT score of The afTernoon. AfTer a pass was inTercepTed on The EasT 37-yard line, LeBaron wenT back To pass buT was hiT immediaTely and IosT eighT. Then he hiT Rohde for I7 yards, and Then goT four more himself and a firsT down on The 24. Ernie Johnson of UC LA failed To gain and LeBaron Tossed one To Ken Rose of STan- ford for eighT and Then rambled To The I0-yard line by himself. Eddie goT four more and Then on a beauTifuI fake, handed The ball off To Don Paul of Washingfon STaTe who wenT over sTanding up. ThaT was all of The WesT scoring for The day, buT ThaT wasn'T all for LeBaron and Rohde. Rohde nailed Two more LeBaron aerials and played a fine defensive game, even Though he was made a linebacker on The WesT's odd 4-4-3 defense. LeBaron sTayed in The EasT's hair The resT of The afTernoon and was given a Thunderous ovaTion every Time he TroTTed on and off The field. None of The ballplayers who had been using This sysTem for Three or four seasons showed up as well as The Pacific parTicipanTs. LeBaron was also inviTed To The All-Sfar Senior Bowl Game in Jacksonville, Florida, in which he performed aImosT as ably. I-le Threw nine passes, compIeTed six and Threw one for a Touchdown. I-le also helped To seT up The oTher score made by his Team, and was one of The ouTsTanding players on The field on defense. I-le Twice made The sTops ThaT sfopped an enemy ThreaT inside his own five-yard line. Two finer represenTaTives from The College of The Pacific could never be chosen. BoTh on and off The field, These men Thoroughly waved Tiger banners high and drew The praise of all concerned for Their abiIiTy, personaIiTy, sporfsmanship, leadership, and performance. Jghn R Ouf5f,nding0E:1dd G College of the Paeifie Basketball Coach Chris Kjeldsen's varsiTy cage squad, hampered by injuries all season long, wound up Their I949-50 campaign wiTh a noT Too impressive seven won and TiTTeen losT record. AT The beginning of The year iT looked as Though Kieldsen would produce one of The Top noTch ball clubs on The CoasT, buT Then CenTer Howie Pearce sprained an ankle ThaT laid him up badly Tor seven weeks, and slowed him down all during The Tirsl' parT of The campaign. ThaT shoT The double-posT sysTem ThaT They had been working on so hard during The early pracTice sessions. NexT came Bill WirT. high-scoring Torwarcl, and The oTher halT oT The double-posT, who broke a leg during ChrisTmas vacaTion while vacaTioning in The snow. As iT This weren'T enough, BriT SmiTh suTTered a broken bone in'his hand aT The same Time which leTT The club minus The regulars and wiTh no reserve sTrengTh whaTsoever. All buT one of The wins were aT home, ThaT one being The 6l To 54 deTeaT of ST Mary's in The Cow Palace aT which Time "STicks" Pearce joined The selecT "2l" club by regisTering 24 markers againsT The Gaels. Shining lighfs oT The quinTeT were Pearce, who was The Team's high scorer: Henry "Bones" PTisTer who was always here. There and everywhere husTling his way in Tor lay-ups, sTealing The ball, and hiTTing Trom all over The courT: Phil OrTez, big Tiger forward who always ToughT his way Tor rebounds and hiT Those long one-handed push shoTs from The side of The courTg Team CapTain and The defensive sTalward of The club, Jim Enos: Jim DenTon, sopho- more guard who showed greaT improvemenT during The season buT also losT his greaTesT asseT in The double-posT offense: Bill WirT, hurT righT aTTer he played Tremendous ball againsT The Hamline Pipers, several Times NaTional ln- +ercoIlegia+e BaskeTbaII AssociaTion champions: BriT SmiTh, Don NoTToli, John McCanaIIess, Doug Scovil, Don Mifchler, and Len DeTrick, all oT whom ably assisTed when called upon. Chris Kieldsen Head Coach WalT JeTlord Manager COP Basketball . . . Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific S c o r i n g PLAYER GAMES FG FT Howie Pearce, c 22 8I 78 Hank Pfisfer, f 22 88 6l Jim Denfon, g 22 6I 33 Phil Orfez, f I3 46 I8 Jim Enos, g 2I 39 2l Bill Wirf, f-C 8 37 I5 Bril' Smifh, f 2I 25 28 Don Noffoli, g I7 I2 I0 Doug Scovil, g I4 I2 4 Don lv1ifchIer,f 20 I I 6 Len DefricIc,c I4 6 O John McCandIess, g I2 3 I S e a s o n R e Sfanford Universify 75 Pacific Sfoclcfon Amblers 48 Pacific Y. M. I. 5 I Pacific California 68 Pacific San Francisco Sfafe 66 loverfimel Pacific Sacramenfo Sfafe 49 Pacific Sfewarf Chevrolef 59 Pacific Hamline 49 Pacific Olympic Club 52 Pacific Nevada 69 Pacific Nevada 55 Pacific POINTS 240 237 I55 I I0 99 89 78 34 28 28 I2 7 cord AVERAGE IO.9 I0.8 7.0 8.5 4.7 I I.I 3.7 2.0 2.0 I.4 .9 .6 Sf. lv1ary's Fresno Sfafe Sfewari Chevrolef Olympic Clulo Sacramenfo Sfafe Chico Sfafe San Francisco Sfafe Fresno Sfaie X Sf. Mary's San Jose Sfafe San Jose Sfafe I Hank Pfisfer l28I a++empfs fo drive around "Buddie" Burly Jim Enos l43l drives in fo score aqainsf San Jose Proulx f4l, ex-Tiger in fhe Amblers' game as anofher ex- Sfafe as Hanlc Pfisfer ll3l sefs a block on San Jose s vaunf Bengal, Bob Klinger lI2l looks on. ed Sfu Inman lI3i' COP Basleetbdll . . . Forward Don Milchler l24l fires a shoi' againsi' Sacramenfo il Jim Denfon lI4l Takes a defensive rebound off The boards Slafe while Brif Smiih lI5l looks for a possible rebound. againsl Nevada as Howie Pearce l33l and John lv1cCand- less l25l help clear 'rhe ball. Howard Pearce slruggles wi'l'h Dean Giles l8l and Junior Bill Wir+ l44l drives in for +wo againsi 'rhe San Francisco MorEan U41 of San Jose Slale while Brif Smoih looks Y.lv1.l. as his opponenl fries desperaiely 'ro sfop Jrhe sho+. shoc ed abouf The whole Thing. Don Mirchler l24l and Len De+riclc l45l wafch in+en+ly. "f v' :X if 4 x K 1 v.vEi"f- .+ ' 1 f "Rx ne' . . ,. -.1 ,, ,1 A. ffl." 7. Q1 L . .fx . J, A , ,. :,-I, .f mx I K 1 1 5 I n iz X X 535 L -g XLY' ws. ,.u. .1 ' 1,7 f '.',, 1 ,Q .L 'W ,-ff f ,J Eg 1 -ar s ,gif of A fi- Q L X . Vw :SCX 7 K i' -gf U N S' m 115' ff I 3 if :NL ,r-, '55 'ms Ui., .J l " 1 nlifi- f 9 :Q- r-' s ST Y 4. ,,4y,.1 7245? 'ffh?'k I , .-:- 1-, 'g : F 3 af,.,,. College of the Paeifie Baseball College of The Pacific's varsify horsehiders have had Their ups and downs This spring, winning seven, losing Ten and Tieing Two. Coach l-lugh "Jo Babe" McWilliams has had his Troubles, mosTly wifh The mound sfaff, buf Jerry Griffin and Jack Sandman, sophomore prospecfs, have been The shining lighfs and show much promise for The 'SI Tiger nine. Bob Grunsky has been The recipienf of bad breaks Through poor fielding and did noT have quiTe as good a season as was anficipafed. Sam Wesf and Dean Wendf rounded ouT The mound corps. Big sficlcs of The Tiger club were wielded by Ouffielders Ken Rose, Jim Enos, and Chris Mooney, Shorfsfop Buddy Jones, Firsf Sacker Sonnie Adkins and Cafcher Lloyd Chelli. Adkins, Enos, Jones and Rose were all over .300 wiTh Jones clubbing a healfhy .367 average. The second base slof was held by Ray Whife, who also puf in quife a bif of Time in The ouffield, Bobby LeighTon, and Maff Equinoa, while Wally Defrich cavorfed The ground around The "l'1oT corner." In all probabilify, Adkins, Enos and Rose will be seen in The professional ranks, as many scoufs have been hoT on Their Trail, and Grunsky, Too, will be an oufsfanding prospecf in The pro ranks. Jones and Defrich are undecided as To which paThs To fake, buf Their names may also be seen on professional rosfers. Scoring C O P OPPONENTS C O P OPPONENTS Pacific Alumni Pacific Klamafh Falls 6 Pacific Sanfa Clara Pacific Sfoclcfon Porfs I2 Pacific Sanfa Clara Pacific ST. lvlary's I4 Pacific Sacramenfo Sfafe Pacific Sacramenfo STaTe 7 Pacific Fairfield A A B Pacific San Jose 3 Pacific Fairfield A A B Pacific San Jose 6 Pacific ST. Mary's Pacific Fresno Sfafe 5 Pacific U. S. F. Pacific Fresno STaTe 2 Pacific California Pacific Sfanford I I 0. A . Jim Enos, of fffgfrl. ,gnu 1 ,V V I I. l. .l COP Baseball . . . -rm q?""l1'- .,,W'g'wi-. 2. nl . .v - --v',,u'!'f4 - -, ' '-'if' vw-H . I , ..,. K 1' , 7? sf F I J A '7f"39"1'f,n 4, ,, , Bud Jones, ss Sonnie Adkins, Ib 1 UF, , ,...j ,. W hwrifrg-,V V .V -i Z l v Jerry Griffin, p Lloyd Cl1elli,c Bob Leiglwfon, 2b ,:Ti?7,,,,.,,., ., .., ,....-.i.-.xii ----.--- - --- --f1-- --' -17--v 3 V - . -V -'-1: -fznfl I ll' lf Ken Rose, of . V - H ll t I ' 1 ' - ' -.- F- -1 Q, 'I I , l ll lx r l i 1 i l , l l l l MGH- Equinoal 2b Wally Defriclw, 3b px , I ri ig 42 .f. - P Q- 1 XX Don Madden, of Jack Sandman, p Dean Wendt p U," ' -Jr all V- -Q-., Ray Whi+e, of Rich Ramos, c Bob Grunslcy p Jim Denfon, of Chris Mooney, of Sam Wesf, p l C 0P Baseball . . . Pg Jim Enos --- hard l'iiHing cenfer fielder Sonnie Adkins slugging iirsjr sacker Bud Jones -- slellar shor+pa+cher Jerry Griffin --- ouislanding mound ace Lloyd Chelli ace receiver Big Leiihander Sonnie Adkins blasis our a long double Oli The righf field boards againsi The San Francisco Dons Kenny Rose, sfar Tiger ouifielder, beafs our an in- Sonnie Adkins husiles back 'ro firsf base +o keep hope alive againsl 'rhe Slocldon Porrs, however, if was +0 no avail as The Bengals were bounced field hil Thai scores a Tally in The Tigers' 4 +o l dumping of fhe California Bears Third Saclcer Wally Defrich gels sei io blasr oul a single againsf The Dons. The Tigers narrowly losf +his one, 2 'ro I Jaf-lhson 3 r X Coach The Squad Tiger Track College of ihe Pacific iracksiers had one of ihe mos+ successful spike seasons in many a year during fhe I950 season under Jrhe fu+or- age of Head Coach Earl Jackson and 'rhe very capable aid of Boyd Thompson, l-lead Track Menior of Sfockfon College. Eddie Macon and Rayce Mason, Don Brooks, Jack Kirkpairick, l-loward Siokes. Dale Keyser, Duane Puinam, and Ken Bu+ler are 'rhe leading poinr geHers. ln a quinfuple meei' wifh lhe Universiiy of California, Universi+y of San Francisco, Universiiy of Sanra Clara, and S+. Mary's College, 'rhe Bengal Thinclads look a sfrong second place, far ahead of 'rhe res? of +he pack, wi+h 'rhe excepiion of Cal. which had iusi foo much deplh. Don Brooks was Pacific's ou+s+anding performer, winning boih hurdle evenis and losing The IOO-yard dash by iusi four inches. Eddie Macon manipulafed 'rhe quarier in 48.3. while Don Mahaney copped 'rhe high jump, and The greai' Mile Relay quarlei scampered home far ahead of The resf of 'rhe pack. The greai relay Team, composed of Eddie Macon, Rayce Mason. Clem Cope, Howie Siokes. and Ken Builer will represeni' 'rhe Siockion school in ihe famous Drake Relays and siand an excepiionally good chance of coming info +he winner's circle. .. . 1 ' .N - 'L ...x .. d ff", lt.,K'vI!'! 4 Don Brooks U00 - LH - HHJ Howard S'rokes fLH - 440 - Relayj R E L A Y Q U A R T E T Royce Mason Clem Cope HowardS'rolres Eddie Macon COP Track . . . 1' ' I K5 it AN I ' , .11 v . 1 A i v x .3 n' Eddie Macon f22O -440 - Relay, Rayce Mason f88O- Relay 1 -f,r T , . L. 5- YA . N' QJEEFQ JUfnpef'S Ha, Buck and Don Mahaney I+, if COP Track . . . Shof Puffer DU ane Pufnam 'g., 1 .. 4, .il 'Z . .AL "5"Z:' Pole Vaul+er Dale Keyser N K N 1 Dis+ance'Ace Jack Kirkpafrick S P R I N T E R S DonBrooks Jack Ross BobHeck AlSmi+h ff' All Rayce Mason hils lhe 'rape for a close win in lhe 880-yard run in 'rhe annual lnler-Class meel COP Track . . . Howard Slolces comes home all by himself To win +he low hurdles as l'he Tigers walked all over Fresno Slale lhinclads Eddie Macon, blazing Tiger quarferrniler. Don Brooks, Tiger sprinl and hurdle ace, leads The pack over grabs lhe balon from Kenny Bufler and wins lhe lasf hurdle +o annex fhe evenr, also in 'rhe Fresno meel +he Mile Relay going away F arsity ennis Under fhe 'ruielage of Coach Frnmeiri Shofiner. ihe College of +he Pacific fielded one of 'rhe srrongesi ne+ aggregafions on lhe Pacific Coasr, led by Henry "Hank" Pfisier, iis number one ace, who annexed ihe Norihern California lnlercollegiale Championship by downing ihe Universiiy of San Francisco's Conway Caiion. Pacific has already defeaied The U.S.F. Dons 5 +o 4 in a dual meei in addiiion +o dropping Cal 7 'ro 2. Slaniord 7 +0 2, and San Jose Siare 8 'ro l. The Tigers have yei io face ihe Universiry of Souihern California Troians. led by Earl Cochell and Sfraighi Clark, and also Jrhe sirong U.C.L.A. Bruins paced by Herbie Flam and Gene Garreii, bu+ are given an excellenf chance of dumping U.C.L.A., even fhough 'rhey rare as underdogs io 'rhe Souihern California crew. ln 'l'eam compeiifion in The Norihern California lnfercollegiaies, 'rhe Tigers and 'rhe Dons each annexed IO poinis +o 'rie for rhe 'ream 'rifle as Piisirer and his ersi- while pariner, Don Harnilion, were edged in ihe finals of ihe doubles by Caiion and Harry Roche. The 'ream irophy will be given 'ro Jrhe winner of +he reiurn dual mafch beiween Jrhe 'rwo schools and Jrhere is no reason io believe 'rhai if will noi lie here. Clini Arbuckle, flame-+ha+ched swinger, and Darrell Winrich have been al'rerna'r- ing al 'rhe nubber Two and Three singles posiiions wiih Arbuclcle a shade ahead of his capable ieammaie, while number four generally finds Hamilion, and five and six usually are Bob Hall and Don Jacobus in Thai order. Besides Piisier and Hamilion, +he doubles posifions are had by Winrich and Hall, and Arbuckle and Jacobus, which also fall inio 'rhai order. . The Team.. q . ' A5 Coach Emmeii Shofiner, Darrell Winrich, Clinr Arbuclcle Hobari' Miller, Don Hamilion, Don Jacobus, Bob Hall and Hank Pfisier 'F T MT COP Tennis . . . 'Zf'fpv1'ri7?"-"" T' w --I v Tc:TT'frf:rv-'rf'-I yvi, ,, , l I, ., . ,..,.... ,J , i .w Hank Pfisfer Don Hamihton Clinf Arbuckle A ,W ,4 1 11 'r I gg . I' D O U B L E S Gjai Champs U Q iff -1. 41 cis! Darrell VViFIl'iCh BOYD Don Jacobug P Swimming fop row: LaVelle, Moore, Sfeele. Driggs, Nyquisf, lvlaclviillan, Sfebbins boffom row: Coach Kieldsen, Mork, Sherman, Poucher, Brown, Cullenward March lsf sfarfed off fhe firsl' swimming meef fhis season wifh Coach Chris Kieldsen's unbeafables faking fheir number one vicfory over San Jose Sfafe, 59-I6. Cufsfanding performances of fhe meef were fhose of fhe medley relay feam-Frank Poucher, Jon Sfebbins and Wayne LaVelle, which esfablished a new C,O.P. record, and Jon Sfebbins, sensafional breasfrokeer, splashing fo a new 200-yard C.O.P. breasfroke record. From fhere on in, fhe Bengal mernnen's season has been sfricfly vicforious. They made a frip fo Beverly l-lills, faking fheir only second place of fhis season. In fhe P.A.A. meef af San Francisco's Olympic Club, Coach Kieldsen's men won fhe meef over such pressing compefifion as Sfanford's, California's, and Olympic Club's besf sfars. And fo fop if off, Pacific was able fo send four men, Bob Sfeele, Dick Cullenward, Jon Sfebbins and Frank Poucher, fo represenf fhe Bengals in fhe Nafional Championships in Ohio, where Dick Cullenward placed in fhe l5O0 mefers. The big meef of fhe year was on April 28fh againsf Sfanford Universify, and when fhe poinfs were added if was Pacific all fhe way wifh several new C.O.P. records for fhe rosfer, The medley relay feam of Frank Poucher, Jon Sfebbins and Bob Sfeele, dashed off a new C.O.P. record of 2.56.l wifh fheir usual dispafch. The four-man relay, Don Driggs, Wayne LaVelle, Bob Brown and Bob Sfeele, furned in a new C.O.P. record of 3.39-and breasfroker Jon Sfebbins added his five poinfs fo fhe meef wifh a very fasf new C.O.P. record of 2.22 for fhe 200-yard breasfroke. Frank Poucher, baclcsfrolcer, won his evenf for ISO yards in 'rhe very speedy fime of I.38. The lasf oufsfanding performance of fhe day was sprinfer Bob S'reele's showing in fhe IOO-yard dash when he churned fo vicfory in 53.8-only fhree-fenfhs of a second off fhe pool record. Wifh records falling af every meef. Coach Chris Kieldsen will have a hard lime fo ever equal a feam as sensa- fional as his Bengal wafermen of I95O. Bob Sfeele and Don Driggs were elecfed co-capfains for fhe season. C 01' Swimming . . . Breasrroker Jon Srebbins made oursiandinq lime of 2.22 for The ZOO-yarcl breas+roke 5537 7: ' 'f ff' TEQTT' j"""ffT1 fell" '.."" w'l1il'.A ' ', 'Z , ' ' leg. fb V' Y f Q13 UL. 1 V . , ,, was A . - "r 4 ' '- ,, ..,,.. V. A f o'ii'5"r ' .,, . . v 1 -,S . , 1 , km- , A .4 i C.. 7. V , -',-' 1" . , . fi" Sprinrer Bob Sreele, disrance man Dick Cullenwarcl, breasrroker Jon A Slebbins, and backsrroker Frank Poucher represenled Pacific ar The ' Naiional championships in Ohio. Cullenward placed in I5OO meiers The medley relay leam, Frank Poucher, Jon Sfebbins and Bob Sreele kepf breaking 'rheir own recods, Jrheir las+ being 2.56.l Divers Morrie Green and Bob Sherman The relay feam, Don Driggs, Wayne LaVeIle, Bob Brown and Bob Sfeele, sei a new C.O.P. relay record of 3.39 Dick Cullenwarcl and Don Driggs, 220-yard and 440-yard winners M. If n. ., -,Q ., 1 f . Breasrrokers Chuck Moore, Jon Sfebbins and Maclvlillen Backsrrokers Gene Nyquis+ and Frank Poucher . . . a balIe'r7 C 0P Water Polo Top row: Bill AnTTilla, Cullenward, KenT, PolenTz. Morlang, Johnson, T. Shumacker boTTom row: McCandless, Brown, Poucher, ChrisTie, Driggs Coach AnTTilla This season was waTer polo's second year aT PaciTic, wiTh Coach Bill AnTTilla waTching his Team make an ouTsTanding performance by winning six oT The eighT games played. ln The P.C.C. waTer polo TournamenT aT San Francisco, The Tiger waTermen proved Themselves To be The second besT Team on The WesT CoasT. bowing only To U.C. AT The end oT The I949 season, senior John lv1cCandless was elecTed as The mosT valuable player. John was also capTain oT The Team. Frank Poucher was again a runaway winner oT individual honors This year wiTh 25 poinTs. Dick Cullenward wiTh IO poiriTs, and Don Driggs wiTh 7 were runnersup. High foul honors wenT To Ralph Johnson, who came Through wiTh 22 miscues. Tom Shumacker was The Tearn's sTu- denT manager. All TogeTher, The Tiger naTaTors were able To amass a ToTal OT 57 goals as compared wiTh 38 Tor The opposiTion. WiTh wins over such Tormidable opponenTs as STanTord, The Olympic Club, and even one over The mighTy Golden Bears, The season could deTiniTely be con- sidered a mosT successTul one. C.O.P C.O.P C.O.P C.O.P C.O.P C.O.P C.O.P C.O.P 01' Golf V . i ,J ,Iv i A ggf Y 'iff ji lan.:-u Coach Bob lvlonagan's Tiger Links crew, allhouqh having a prelly fair season, were forced fo relire during 'rhe season for lhe laclc of men on fhe club. Andy Blossom, Their ace, wenl all Jr e way info l'he finals of The Norlhern California lnlercollegiale Championships a+ Pasaliempo. and nofched an impressive upsel' win over Nor+hern California Open Champ Ken Venfuri. The Tigers plan To lake +0 fhe course again nexf season for a very successful year. i-,i.iiili if A , pins' Ag . 1 " '- 1 " I' . , ' . fi N f f --eg . y" , H 5 I ' z ,F xl I it ,i ' ,.t 1 i 4 V, ,. A'! 5 Fred Solomon. "Red" Huff, Andy Blossom, Russ Shepherd and Wayne Vanoose L? N gCOP Gymnastics back row: Rav l-lurlburf. Dale Kevser, Fred Ardis and Chuck Saunders middle row: Dick Shelfon, Bob Holmes, Jack Skadden, Joe Roberfs and Don Adams 'fronf row: Manager Vern Haas, Millard Slroh, Malen Srroh, Hal Kulner, Coach Szypher Under fhe lufelage of Adolph Szypher. The College of lhe Pacific gymnasjrics ieam parficipafed in a couple of meefs and very willingly gave of Jrheir +ime for an excepiionally fine performance +o raise money for The lrack leam early fhis spring. The crew pur on a very capable performance and raised lhe bulk of 'rhe funds received for 'rhe supporf of rhe Drake Relay fund. Oursfanding members of 'rhis aggregafion were Dale Keyser, Malen and Millard Sh-oh, I-lal Ku+ner, and Joe Roberls. 111 .71,4.- -44- 3.3.8 - 1 .. . , ' ' Yi- i Pyramids performed upon 'rhe appa- l ralus wilh fhe whole ,group in aclion Dale Keyser performing a froni gian'r swing up on Jrhe high loar I Women 'S Athletic The Women's Alhleiic Associafion under 'rhe leadership of Presidenf Hilda Wunderlich and Advisor Miss Harrier Sheldon enjoyed a year of sporfs which included hockey, baskefball, rennis, badmin+on, golf, baseball and volley ball. W.A.A. members also afrended play days af various colleges, including Yuba J.C., Sac- ramenlo J.C., Cal Aggies, Sfanford, and were hoslesses a+ fheir own. Helping +0 make +he year a success were Vice- Presidenr llima Kauka, Secrefary Velma Li+He, Treasurer Velma Barnell, Corresponding Sec- refary Myra Kauka, Publicily Direcfor Elizabefh Deen, and Sporfs Manager Marge PraH'. Stockton College Football S+agnaro KIaps+ein Kidwell Dequine Asif. Coach Head Coach Asst Coach Trainer .-.Y-.-+,i.-. , , 1 Jim Fairchild Co-captain Wes Pa rsons Co-capfain SC Football . . . A hard working, highly inspired STockTon College TooTball Team had To seTTle Tor an average season OT Tour wins and six losses, due mainly To green maTerial, considerable injuries and bad breaks ThaT handicapped Them ThroughouT The season. The MusTangs, ably coached by Earl KlapsTein, who was assisTed by Gene STagnaro and Collie Kidwell, goT oTT To a slow sTarT as They Ios+ To SacramenTo and SanTa Rosa in Their only Two pracTice games, and Then were de- TeaTed by San MaTeo in Their opening conTerence encounTer. The SacramenTo game could have gone eiTher way as boTh Teams ToughT The Tull 60 minuTes, wiTh The CapiTol Club Tinally eeking ouT a 6-2 vicTory. Going inTo The SanTa Rosa game wiTh noTiceable lack oT maTerial and depTh due To injuries, The Orange and Black losT 48-7. San MaTeo, who finished second in The conTerence race above The Third place STockTon gridders, rolled To a 28-O win: The MusTangs, developing as The season progressed and mold- ing Their previously green maTerial inTo a TighTing grid machine, came back To dump l-larTnell I3-6, and ModesTo 28-6. They Then Traveled SouTh and losT To a highly TouTed Pasadena eleven, I3-O. MonTerey Tell vicTim To The MusTangs by a crumpling 44-6 decision, buT conTerence champions Menlo proved a liTTle Too much compeTiTion, Though The Oaks Trom The Peninsula College had no easy Time in winning, I4-7. Trailing I9-O aT halTTime oT The San Francisco game, The 'Tangs came ouT oT The Tog To TighT back in The second halT, being deprived oT vicTory by a close 26-I9 score. Vallejo had noThing To be Thankful Tor as They losT 28-I4 on Thanksgiving Day To STock- Ton, who TeaTured a sTrong running aTTack along wiTh a powerTul deTense againsT opposing running, noT only in This game buT ThroughouT The season. Jim Fairchild, who shared co-capTain honors wiTh Wes Parsons, received The mosT-valuable player award, playing his posiTion oT Tackle like a veTeran. Coach KlapsTein is looking opTimisTically Torward and expecTs To show a Tew surprises and pull a loT of upseTs in league compeTiTion in I95O. , . 2- -.f,, , ii- I V. ..v.-.....-..-...-,...,,....-s-.-....-..,4-.-..- -,.... ..Y ,, .Q , 7 7I - a boTTom row: second row: Third row: TOP 'Dwi h Berdue, John h T-leraT , Mike De uine, Del Trainer STagnaro, Gene coac Brown, Jim c Cima,yJohn E Nicqolau, Joe T Welch, Henry h Cobb, John h Mendonca, Ed c WashingTon, Chas. T Sullivan, Charles g Wheeler, John g Morgan, Ray c FluTy, Bill T Beadleson, Gene T Deed, Dennis h Aubrey, Bill g Gardner, Gene e Aqullar, Connie e Dughi, Wayne h Parsons, Wes g Jones, ClinT q Beffldi. Hdflan Ci RoberTs, Joe g Triebwasser, "DuTch" e Kreis, Jack e Case, Ted T Gum, Francis mgr. Fiori, Jack e Salmon, Don e BuTTerTI6ld. BOTD G Funk, Earl h Wilkenson, Darryl g Fairchild, Jim T EasTus, Tom T Diero, Bob g CosTanza, Rocco q -Brumm, Leroy T KlapsTein, Earl coach Geary, Skip h Kidwell, Collie coach i Gallagher, Jim h Kendelly.ARalph h a S C Football C C C FK n ' 5' "ff, Z ' ' 't"i'3' ' F . ' ,gli gi . ' in F- if Q ,Bas K A' t, t I Y:..A:,xHfl.. QL. I -1- .. A Q 1 ts w A v. , --, I 5. 1' a -- , , . .- ' if P' 4 at Lb' W . :P ?v-f-19: 4:1 , ' ' - Q "T - -A Q, ,, - , ,, it .1 F ! jx ' . lb 8 ' ' ' K X av.-,A . A ' - , " ' .ffm Reeling off yardage in fhe Menlo game Whaf is fhis, foofball or fumbling? Menlo men fry fo sfop Berdue Wifh fisf clenched Berndl moves in 'ro slop Monlerey runner Speed Merchanl Cobb picking up more yardage S C Football . . . A hos+ of Muslangs chase 'rlwis Vallejo man down The Mustangs in maiQri+y Hard-running Cobb off on anofher end run lf's Cosfanza faking off around end This block helped Who has 1'he nexf dance? An open field awaifs Duqhi Wifh deferminaiion Berdue and Salmon bring down a would be ground-gainer Firs'r a hand -'off and fhen Through 1'he middle for a TD Stockton College Basketball Van Sweet R. Ra++o, M. Toomay, L. Peefs, J. Ward, R. Defrick D. Hart L. Maffeer, P. Jacobs, L. Kaupke, H. Bernd+, B. Swain, R. Orr G. Thomas, D. Morrow, D. King, J. Ursainqui, R. Del Corso L . Del King Capmn Vag SWE-ef OGC . I f S C Basketball . . . Wifh expecfafions high for a successful season, Coach Van Sweef opened pracfice in fhe early fall wifh an assem- blege of fop grade baskefball players, composed of former high school cagers from all over fhe sfafe. Known as fhe hard luck ball club, fhis aggregafion losf five of fheir games by one or fhree poinfs, buf neverfheless garnered I5 vicfories ouf of 27 oufings. Losing all buf one conference game on fhe road and winning all buf one af home, fhe Sfockfon College casaba squad complefed fhe season in fhird place in fhe Soufhern Division of fhe NCJCC. Paced by 'rhe feam's high scorer, lengfhy forward Rod Defrick, and liffle Gene Sosnick, ball confrol arfisf and long shof scoring fhreaf af guard, fhe feam qualified for fhe Sacramenfo fournamenf and a chance fo represenf California in fhe nafionals. Placer College puf fhe damper on fhe hopeful fire fhey had kindled as fhey pushed fhrough a baskef in fhe clos- ing seconds of fhe opening nighf of fhe fournamenf fo 'rake fop honors in fhe fhrill-packed fussle, 33-32. Sfock- fon fhen enfered fhe consolafion brackef of fhe fournamenf and came home wifh The firsf place frophy. Del King, fhe only refurning lefferman on fhe feam, manned fhe ofher guard posifion and acfed as capfain, fill- ing his responsibilifies experfly, finishing fhe season as fhe 'ream's second high scorer. Harlan Berndf, who showed considerable worfh as a defensive man and was also quick fo accounf for poinfs when fhey were needed, played one of fhe forward spofs, while Paul Jacobus, who has considerable fufure promise, played good ball af fhe posf posifion. Topping fhe reserve personnel and offen fimes in fhe sfarfing lineup were Lee Kaupke, a home-producf guard wifh driving power and disfance accuracy: Ray Moser, a husfling guard who shows a lof of promise for nexf year, Leigh Meffeer, a rebounding forward fhaf Sweef could always rely on: and Geoffrey Thomas, a ferrific ball handler and passer af fhe guard posifion. Rounding ouf fhe wealfh fhaf Coach Van Sweef had fo call on was Renaldo Rafio, Lanvin Peefs and Norman Harris. The Musfangs capifalized on ball confrol in winning fheir games, which meanf 'rhey had fo make a good per- cenfage of fheir shofs. Sweef is looking opfimisfically forward fo fhis year's feam developing info a fine squad in I950-5I, as mosf of fhe leffermen will be refurning. S c orlng Musfangs Amblers Club 70 Musfangs 33 Harfnell Musfangs Amblers Club 62 Musfangs 48 San Francisco Musfangs Fresno 27 Musfangs 68 Monferey Musfangs Squire Clofhiers 39 Musfangs 62 l-larfnell Musfangs Gram' Tech 45 Musfangs 36 Menlo Musfangs Armsfrong 32 Musfangs 48 San Mafeo Musfangs Placer 51 Musfangs 45 San Francisco Musfangs John Muir 37 Musfangs 36 Modesfo Musfangs Fresno 45 Musfangs 67 Modesfo Musfangs Menlo 48 Musfangs 56 Modesfo Musfangs San Mafeo 58 Musfangs 33 Placer Musfangs Visalia 62 Musfangs 40 Granf Musfangs Armsfrong 40 Musfangs 5l Sanfa Rosa Musfangs Monferey 3 I Mudge E? od Defri high-scoring forward S C Basketball . . man willw his friclcy dribbling and' Ball coniirol FG Rod Defricl I3I Del King 91 Harlan Bernclf 72 Lee Kauplce 70 Gene Sosnick 42 Paul Jacobs 30 Ray Moser 25 Leigh Melleer 23 Geoffrey Thomas I2 Renaldo Raffro Lanvin Peels Dick Hari' 0 Norman I-larris O Bernof and King IO "Thar ball is mine," says King AVER I 1.8 7.4 6.8 6.7 9.7 3.5 2.4 2.4 I.2 I.7 .7 .5 .O GAMES 27 27 26 25 I I 26 24 23 22 IO 7 2 . 3 S C Basketball . . . A balancing ac+ by Delriclc ll3l, and Dunlap Sosniclc, Moser and Jacobs ll ll, look lol, as They 'fighl for conlrol of l'l1e ball on as lvlocleslo men reach for The ball A Hp-in by Melfeer lI4l, as Kauplce lol, looks on A famed De-'rriclc jump slwol Stockton College Baseball Wifh a depfh of good maferial af every posifion, lhe Sfockfon College baseball feam. ably coached by Van Sweef, had one of fheir mosf successful seasons. When The pifching sfaff is compos'ed of such sfandoufs as Gene Gardner, Jim Donnelly, Frank Bevilaqua, Norville Maffos, and Ted Case, who fhrow fo able cafcher Bob Graziani, a refurn- ing lefferman, fhe squad can'l' help buf have confidence. If fhe offerings of 'rhese pifchers are af all opposed by com- pefifive bafsmen, fheir confidence is shiffed fo fhe excellenf fielding of Bill Sanford af fhird, Frank Bouza af second, Clarke Neuverf af shorfsfop, and Lou Harrigan and Leigh Melleer who allernafe af fhe inifial sack. Pafrolling fhe oufer gardens are such Sluggers as Jack Fiori, "Rocco" Cosfanza, Gene Clarke and Leigh Meffeer, who are also capable of pulling down fly balls and rifling fhe pegs info fhe infield wifh uncanny accuracy. Filling oul' fhis unusually well-manned junior college ball Team is a group of reliable reserves, made up of infielders "Dufch" Triebwasser and Pele Pefers: ouffielder Ed Pegramg and pifcher Jim Brawley. The Musfangs looked impressive 'rhroughouf fhe season, win- ning eighf ouf of fheir fwelve league encounfers. LQJQ Gardner, Triebwasser, Pefers, Melnleer, Sanford Harrigan Bouza Sweef, Graziani. Maffos, Brawley, Donnelly Bevilaqua Orr mgr Coslanza. Case, Fiori, Neuveri' Plgram M 'vf ' 1 S C Baseball . . . Frank Bouza second base veit. Gene Gardner pifcher Bill Sanford Lou Harrigan fhird base firsf base Bob Graziani cafcher Gene Clark Norville Mahkos Jack Fiori ou1f7eld pifcher ouffield I Clarke Neuver+ shorlsfop ls il l ,W Jim Donnelly Leigh Mefleer Frank Bevilaqua' plfcher ouffield pifcher 'ff-rm -ke- ,. ,W r ,. xi , l,"T.q.i ff ,x rgini -- vpn Bob Hudson Na+ O Neal 'sprinfs 440 -ii-nv... John Cobb Bob Jones Stockton College Track -nur" . - , 14.1 Y - .I ,.r . i,v,,f.,.. M I, - -I :TI .T1 'x:' , in , - 11-'fl' , Q of - - V Y ' . . 51 ' , ' - Z-xx - , ' Sfewarf, Seavey, Roberfs, Fifch, Toffelmire McCormick, lmboden, Shumaker, King, O'Neil, Sfone Be+o, Brooks, Hudson, B.Cobb, Loughran, Cerf, Jones E. Arris lmgnj, F. Arfis, Robinson, Sfouffer, Coach Thompson, Eas+us, Mifchler lastcoachj Schill, J.Cobb, Hurlbert Warren, Davies, Opper, Bu'r'rerfield, Cooper i Boyd Thompson Coach Ray Opper disTance 9 .4 5-. . IT was anofher successful season for Coach Boyd Thompson's Musfang Track Team as They complefed Their Third consecufive undefeafed season and finished second in The big conference meeT. iusT five poinTs behind firsf place ModesTo. ' WiTh such ouTsTanding men as Bob Jones, naTional junior college champion and J.C. All-American selecTee, who Threw The discus I52 feeT 5 inches To beHer by IO feeT The previous school record, and whose besT Throw of The season was a remarkable T59 feeT 6 inches: Bob Bufferfield and Fred Cooper. who were among The Top iavilen men of The sTaTe and who consTanTly Took Turns breaking The school record: Jim Fairchild, whose heave of 49 feeT V4 inch broke The school shoT puT record, unbroken since I94O: undefeafed John Toffelmire, pole vaulTer, whose pole vaulfing heighT of I2 feeT 6 inches has been Topped by only Two oTher J.C. men in The nafion, Coach Thompson's field evenf men could always be depended upon To make a good showing. Capfain Ray Hurlberf compefed quiTe successfully in several evenfs. He was a vifal parT of The relay Team, ran The 440-yard evenT along wiTh NaT O'Neil, and was The Top man in The high iump and broad jump. Running The IOO- and 220-yard evenTs were Bob Hudson and John Cobb. Hudson was conference 220 champ. OTher dependablue poinf geTTers for The Musfangs were KeiTh FiTch in The high hurdles and Roger BeTo in The low hurdles: Ray Opper and Ed Davies in The disTance runs. The MusTangs, Though lacking depfh in running evenfs, capiTalized on Their unusual depTh of maferial in The field along wiTh The Top men in The races To TerminaTe The year wiTh one of The school's besT Track seasons. Ed Davies John Toffelmire disfance pole vaulf Ray Hurlburf broad iump l X SC Track . . . FW- 'FITFTTF 'ITL' '1 Fr ,X ? w ,,l .V U' Alfw' Roger Belo and Fred Ardis hurdles A 2' Keifh Fifch Ray l-lurlberl hurdles l1UI'dl6S ,I V 'l n Bob Buflerfield and Fred Cooper l-lurlburl, Schell, Hudson, Cobb iavilen relay feam l-lurlburf and Roberls shof pu? hlgl' lump Stockton College Swimming Coach Anffilla, Rose, Murphy, Carmassi, Gillin, Lighf, Fisher, Jung imgr.l Boyd, Ball, Nugenf, Baun, Sfackhouse By winning five ouf of seven dual meefs, fhe Sfockfon College swimmers sfrefchecl fheir oufsfanding record fo a fofal of 39 vicfories and 6 losses over a four year span. Coach Bill Anffila had anofher dream feam as he and his mermen successfully defended fheir N.C.J.C.C. championship for fhe fourfh consecufive year, in addifion fo placing second in fhe nafional J.C. meef for fhe second year in a row. The Musfangs regisfered wins over Vallelo, lvlodesfo, Monferey, Sfockfon Tarzans and fhe Olympic Club. Their only fwo defeafs, againsf San Francisco Sfafe and fhe California Freshmen, came af a fime when fwo of fheir oufsfanding swimmers, Jack l-lumphrey and Ray Carmassi,- were in fhe hospifal. Carmassi, who received fhe "mosf oufsfanding swimmer" award, came home from fhe conference meef wifh a fofal of I6 poinfs and high poinf honors, affer winning bofh fhe IOO- and 220-yard evenfs and placing second in fhe 440-yard freesfyle. In winning fhe 220 wifh a fime of 2 minufes and 28.6 seconds Carmassi broke a former conference meef record held by Pacific's Dick Cullenward. Gordon Gillin, a consisfenf poinf winner who in fhe conference meef garnered a fofal of I2 poinfs by winning fhe 440, placing second in fhe 220, and fourfh in fhe IOO, was chosen as capfain of fhe feam. l-lis I2 poinfs in fhis meef gave him fhe second high scoring honors. The mosf valuable swimmer award wenf fo Jack l-lumphre on fhe basis of his re- sponsibilify in placing fhe Musfangs in second place in ffie nafionals. Humphrey scored I0 of fhe feam's fofal of 25 poinfs, and was a member of fhe nafional cham- pion medley relay feam along wifh feammafes Al Lighf and John Nugenf. Lighf, who won fhe 200-yard breasfroke in fhe conference meef, was vofed "mosf improved swimmer." l-le, along wifh Carmassi, l-lumphrey, and Gillin was picked on fhe Junior College All-American Swim Selecfions for fhe year. ' John Nugenf was a mainsfay in fhe 50- and IOO-yard sprinfs fhroughouf fhe season. l-le was a new swimmer who wifh no previous compefifive experience developed remarkably. Diver Jim Sfackhouse was defeafed only once during fhe dual meef season, and placed second in fhe conference meef, being nosed ouf of firsf place by a Modesfo man in fhe final dive. Rounding ouf fhis dream feam of Anf+ila's were sprinfers Jim Boyd and Dave Niles: breasfrokers Paul Rose and Jack Murph 1 disfance men Walf Baun and l-lal Ball: and relay feam members Gillin, Nugenf, Baliand Tony Fisher. Coach Bill Anffila SC Swimming . . . Carmassi, Gillin, Nugenf, Boyd sprinfers Carmassi, Ball, Baun, Gillin disfance Rose, Light M urphy breasfroke Jack Humphrey, one of 'rhe ou'r- sfanding swimmers, was hospifal- ized a+ The Hme picfures were 'rak- en so his picfure couldn'+ appear in +his space as previously arranged 1" Sfackhouse diver Giliin, Nugent Bail, Fisher relay Ieam Stockton College ennis - i - I-T Ei . ,, ' Fi?-V 3 'F '- 1' 1 N Tucker, Locke, Taylor, SweeT, Haley, Flegel, Nelson, BlumenTield, Cole ATTer geTTing OTT To a slow sTarT, The MusTang Tennis Team, coached by Miss Eleanor Cole, Tinished The season like a ball of Tire To TerminaTe wiTh a six won, Three loss record. Yuba was Their TirsT vicTim, 4-3, buT They bogged down and losT To San MaTeo 4-3, ModesTo 6-I. and The CaliTornia Fresh- men 7-O, Three oT The Top-ranking Tennis Teams in lower division colleges in The NorThern CaliTornia area. They came back To beaT l-larTnell 6-I, MonTerey 5-2, SacramenTo 6-I, Menlo 6-I, and Sacra- menTo again, 6-I. Rich l-laley, holding down The number one posiTion on The Team, is a reTurning leTTerman who is rough compeTiTion Tor any of The oTher junior college confer- ence neTTers. Also among The Top neTmen are reTurn- ing Ieffermen Lee Tucker and Van SweeT, boTh consisTenT players: while Bud Blum- enfield showed a loT oT promise aT The number Tour posiTion. Rich l-laley and Lee Tucker Team up in The doubles compeTiTion as do SweeT and Blumenfield. Rounding ouT The Team is Bob Taylor, Dick Locke, Earl Flegel and Vance Nelson. Miss Eleanor Cole Coach x rlil rrri Rich l-laley No. I Man I r w T T T ccccc P 'A SC Tennis . . . 1. Van Sweef No. 2 Man A 1 Ll I E' No.4 Men Qi Dick Locke No. 6 Man L, Haley and Tucker S' v Doubles Team , . V T , ,-Ai-1' Lee Tucker No. 2 Man Tfile. 5 Man I K M0540 ff -AMERICA DRIVE CDP Vigilantes nvade Our Town To Boost LeBaron Caravan of 96 Automobiles Storms Newspaper Offices 0 Q 0 j' aronites Invade The News Offigizlyb xw fu en ff' 'il Q 3 2 I-' H1 T P 5 . 3 i

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