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u I P W O O TO CHARLES E. CORBIN REGISTRAR OF THE COLLEGE OF THE PACIFIC Who from 1914, when he entered the College as a teacher of mathematics, un- ceasingly down to the present day has given his love and his devotion to the cause of education, we dedicate this thirty- third edition of the 1938 Naranjado. w w ROM the beginning of work upon the 1938 Naranjado, the aim of the staff has been to present Life in College which will have as much interest when viewed years from now as when its pages are first opened. To accomplish this purpose, we have divided the book into sections of school life, presenting the hurdles each undergraduate must pass. Starting with Registration, we have recorded the events as they have occurred, some oi them overlapping, until Finals, the last section devoted to those who have passed, the Graduates, Lwmtmh Book i . Registration Book ii . Mici-Terms Book iii I. Book- Reports Book iV . Term Papers Book V . Finals M ML! Inlzl LIL! ml JI IM Ill 4. A M24 mt f 1 I Q x -S 'K 1 gd-gg ,xx ,A - :. ,LK rg S. -R54 if -:fy bu?" 42' Y ,1 h . 5 A 5 sa' I 1' g' .551 , 4' 3 , M, . A ,ff wfzzi. W 14, ,. . , ' ,f 51 w N , W, . . N , f Q ,- , . 'H W S ' . H ff as H , - 5' Q' 1 ' 9 ,. Zi ,,- If Y fy' - 'ff n S' E' ' ' ,U . p . -. z ,I ,4 55 1 N Adm 43. 3, , . UM Qzwnm , 3 15,54 ' swf' wwf. z P ' ,. ,, 2-ua A ' LQ.: s- 2 y X. X M .. Y ,V A r ' ' A .... X if 355, mv f .425 x fsmffgfgf K X, .Y W V x 'vm gsm Q, x-fY'Z,, H J 1 ,, . N51 fa 2 M. .az S' gg .Alia , . 5. L gggg. .2 K1 M H X V . M H1 .--A wa 'A ff ,L . i,.. gg . fm .. 55222 2 1 mg, S , J ,.t:: A 515332, . X 'EEE 4-121-1 . www., . gl, .A :gg fl 2 " Ev W I , 4 Liz: Smith Nkmorial Gate . uu urn ' n-u in T imwqy iw iii? I JI UW Li if f N ',N' -fi fiifif' iffy ,Z ""'55""...-TEH A V-M if, K ci-sf'-- : +:1-i ii -wifi Ei ' Y YA-Y Administration Building SX "' ' . ,..1,1.,1,.. L Y, : The Administration Building From the Quad W, l i' H gli FII! . IN FHM ml T W EE wwf, f aw 1, nl l -. .,.. Anderson I-Iall ,x fuk f f 5- If Lkrzaff rl Vrr ' ff' , " grf-raw : qi rv if-fW'31 IH Q: . N , rl ,, ' ... TNMM Big-if 'WIMEL ' M f rf 554 WJ' I' X Ar"-M: . X ,Fi nfawlgm. p E -4- 5 ' is lsgrzmv ' ':." ,,- new brrrrrw WWI I r r i EW lm , HT- ,. ,!FiWg51 X wr, If E-gmmwlm' rr L 2 r . -- Q1 1 ra LFQ fb 7?95K'fML711fWVQ27Mm6Vf gf' L' 1 .vt -fare, if A- rr' r r r r up " ' West Memorial Infirmary - I lay lffllluij-Ugx 1 K 'O I 'Q l IM f ,ij--1 fm - -7 " -Q. - w Can A ,f' f-:...-ji-'-'f""1"-1 21- W, .4 E1 Ll' - -,Zh ---lvsa:5:,.,g,.fpx - - N5 . E. ofig ,M,j ffl'-fi ,X'47Q-5,4 ..,, ,., The Conservatglry---from Smith Gate ,,,...?g,. GQ ' 4 I EMORIAM DR. J. STOWE BALLARD . . '86 MRS. MARTHA R. AMOS BUCK '77 BISHOP CHARLES WESLEY BURNS Honorary LI D '32 ROBERTA BURLAND . . . '37 GEORGE CRANE Jr. . . '3I MERLE ELLIOTT . . 'I9 ALBERT D. FIELD . . . . '29 HENRY C. GESFORD . . '8I GRACE KINNEY . . . 'll EDWARD LIPPITT . . . '82 ARNOLD PAUL . . . . x'35 MRS. JOHN C. WERRY . . '87 3 Z A C Y L',f,, TULLEY C. KNCDLES PRESIDENT COLLEGE GE TI-IE PACIFIC V N A R A N J 1 DWAYNE GR TQN PRESIDENT 1 STOCKTQN J-R. CQLLEGE Y A A D 0 '3 8 DEAN CDF M E N James H. Enrsun Werner Vannuccini 120 N A R A N J .v N V E, 1 A DEAN OF WGMEN Ilpal Berq Nob HO SS F K I le Goleman M. Pease A D O 3 8 CQMPTRQLLER Il. H. Bitter OS BW GH P H B d Hill Breniman v. McCall V Kielcl Wrighf Joac N A R A N J R E G I S T R A R Charles E. llurhin Deering G. Pease ' Breed Colliver A D O ' 3 8 REGISTRAR STQCKTQN JUNIQR CGLLEGE Hubert Wright N A R A N J DEAN CQLLEGE QF THE PACIFIC Fred I.. Farley Brown Wenger n 25 Welch Guliclc A D CD 3 8 ALUMNI SECRETARY Hubert Burns PaHon Carfer Bodley Breeden Crabbe Richards Jacoby Fa 2 ARANJAD CD S T U D E N T G Q V E R N N1 E N T PRESIDENT . JANE KINGDON Vice PresidenT ROY CENCIRULO Treasurer ANN BLUNDELL SecreTary is LOUIS SANDINE A successTul adminisTraTion l4niTTing TogeTher in closer uniTy The senior and junior colleges was ' The ouTsTanding achievemenT oT Louis Sandine, presidenT oT The PaciT' S ic TudenT AssociaTion, and his hard-working cohorTs. PresidenT Sandine, bringing To The all-impor- TanT posiTion a well-balanced experience based upon Three-years oT exTensive debaTing, Turned in a job as chieT sTudenT adminisTraTor ThaT was clear- ' cuT and progressiv b e, oTh as To policy and execuTion. 4 Holding oTher viTal posTs in The sTudenT admin- isTraTive body and lending laudable supporT To The Torward-looking p-rogram oT The chieT execuTive were The Tollowing popular undergraduaTe oTTicers: Jane Kingdom, vice-presidenT: Roy Cencirulo, Treas- urer: and Ann Blundell, secreTar y. These were names To conjure wiTh when The subiecT oT eTTicienT sTudenT governmenT is raised. They Tormed a quarTeTTe oT real undergraduaTe leaders leaving a record oT high eTTiciency Tor TuTure Bengal sons and daughTers To shooT aT. T291 The presidenT's "cabineT" mighT be an appropriaTe synonym Tor The loyal. energeTic group oT sTudenT advisors known as The ExecuTive CommiTTee. ln The pasT year, Through The eTTorTs oT This key commiTTee, The PaciTic STuh denT AssociaTion has beneTiTed greaTly. Among The imporTanT bills and business p-assed on were lil planned alloTmenTs Tor The insTallaTion oT resT rooms in Bax- Ter STadium lrelieving a very uncanny siTuaTionlg l2l seTTing oT an earlier daTe Tor The annual P. S. A. elecTions lThe l938 poll was conducTed a monTh earlier Than OT yorel: l3l TurTher paymenTs on The valuable P. S. A. properTy, The Childress swimming pool. OTher noTeworThy achievemenTs OT The chieT sTudenT governing body were The Third Annual Mardi Gras, PaciTic's biggesT and besT social evenTg The pre- elecTion poliTical rally, marking a new precedenT1 and The sending oT a dele- gaTe, George Bralye, To The NaTional STudenT FederaTion oT America conven- Tion aT Albuquerque, New Mexico. im EaTon. Ripp l h B P k B ly GY .6C,FB6 don, Blund ll V P k C irulo, Farl y P King GHC Ferroggiaro, C Il F y LOUIS SANDINE Presidem' nch, S dine wyer, Thley ornis, an W Sack, Hall The STudenT ATTairs CommiTTee began operaTion in The Fall oT T937 under The chairmanship oT George Bralye. buT be- cause conTlicTing acTiviTies would prevenT his having suTTicienT Time Tor This posi- Tion, he wiThdrew Trom The commiTTee. Ben Alexander was selecTed To occupy The chairmanship Tor The resT oT The year. The oTher members chosen by Presi- denT Sandine are: Alice I-lall, SecreTaryg Mona Bell l-lench, Virginia Sack, Minnie Sawyer, Dick Loomis, Duane Sewell, Jerry KeiThley. Problems oT parking, The library sysTem, special Trains, and STudenT Body dances were iTems oT business in The meeTings oT The semesTer. The mosT rankling quesTion To conTronT The commiTTee This year was The parking problem. When regulaTions conTinuecl To be broken aTTer PresidenT Louis Sandine had broughT Them beTore The STudenT Body, a sysTem oT Tines was drawn up wiTh The cooperaTion oT CompTroller RIT- Ter, and presenTed To The sTudenTs. STill There were enough sTudenTs wiTh deTicienT school spiriT To make The TraTTic siTuaTion a hazard. Finally. aTTer geTTing The permission oT The STockTon Fire ChieT, a sysTem oT blocking oTT parT oT The campus sTreeTs was TormulaTed. The chains and posTs will be seT up This summer, and will guar- anTee To nexT year's commiTTee Treedorn Trom The TraTTic problem. BENSON- ALEXANDER l 30 I Every woman member oT The sTudenT body Tinds a place in The organizaTion known as The AssociaTed Women STU- denTs, oT which she auTomaTically be- comes a member upon regisTering in The college. Numerous Tields oT acTiviTy are oTFered Through This medium, ranging Trom The Big SisTer-I.iTTle SisTer move- menT To managing The Cub I-louse, The A. W. S. Tea Room. Maradean Pease, Big SisTer chairman, was in charge oT The TradiTional parTy given To liTTle sisTers, SepTember sevenTh. during Freshman Week. The aTTair was a Raviola Dinner held in The gymnasium. In mid-semesTer an elecTion was held To Till The places oT PresidenT Julianne Rals- Ton and Vice PresidenT ..laneT Cole who were granTed leave oT absence. The resulTs oT The elecTion were Delphine Fer- roggiaro PresidenT and BeTTy Rae STone Vice PresidenT. A TalenT ParTy was held and each living group on The campus con- TribuTed To The enTerTainmenT. I.aTe in March, a TheaTre ParTy was held aT The Fox CaliTornia TheaTre. Over a hundred women aTTended The evenT, which was in charge oT BeTTy Rae STone. AT The Tinal meeTing in May, BeTTy Anne SmiTh, Genevieve Moran, Jane STuarT. and BeTh Dodds reporTed on The CenTral CaliTornia lnTercollegiaTe AssociaTed Women STu- denTs Comcerence held aT The UniversiTy OT CaliTornia. DELPHINE FERROGGIARO STone Moran Marsh Arbog STuarT SmiTh Dodds i i I Back row. Farley. Griffifhs, WenTz, Fisher, Sfarr V Fronf row: McGhan, Milberry, Childs This year's Rally Commiffee sfarfed ouf wiTh Two sfrikes called on iT. AT The ouTseT of The Tall season, The group was handed a blow when Presidenf Sandine's original selecfion for The imporfanf posT of chairman, Dick Pafriguin, was unable To come back To school. l-lowever, wifh The appoinfmenf of Bob Wenfz To Till The vacancy, Things began To hum and The Rally Commiffee performed iTs funcfion well. No rally commiffee is any beTTer Than The people who comprise and Take acfive parT in iT. To The following is due much of The creclif for The snappy, highly original rallies presenfed ThroughouT The year: Trevor Griffifhs, James Fisher, Pafricia Mil- berry. Laura Lou Childs, Beverly McGhan, Ed Koehler and Phil STarr. These lasf Two, in parficular, did much To liven up The assemblies and generafe plenfy of Thaf old Tiger spirif. ln acldifion To The novel "pep" programs, The Rally Commiffee arranged for special Trains To Los Angeles, Berkeley and Reno for The U. S. C., California and Nevada games, respecTively. V T32 l R A J' D -4 .4 C L A S S E S C OFFICERS O PATRICIA ROBERTS Vice Presidenl' PATRICIA MILBERRY Secrefary PARK WILSON Social Chairman VINCENT PECK Presicleni' The Class of '38, headed by Vincenf Peck, had a lasf year af Pacific whi h c is bound fo remain memory-enfrenched. Pro fh " " ' m e word go, oufgoing seniors made fheir final semesfers af C. O. P. fhe liveliesf of any, from an acfivify sfandpoinf. l-lighspof of fhe year's acfivify, from fhe angle of imprornpfu and unloolced 1C . . or fhrills, was fhe snow frlp fo Pinecresf. A large delegafion of seniors and friend s were frapped by a blizzard and snowed- . 1: . in or a nighf af Cold Springs lnn. The Senior Sneak, an evenf surrounded b h ' y muc secrecy. was anofher irnporfanf class proiecf, successfully carried ouf by fhe execufive commiffee of fhe l c ass, consisfing of Peck, Vice-presidenf Paf R . oberfs, Treasurer Mick Parsons and Sec- refary Paf lvlillberry. Culrninafion of a busy year was reached wifh The Senior Ball fhe annu l , a dinner dance held during fhe lasf weelf of school. T341 FRANCIS Fl NNEY PresidenT Showing a spiriT ThaT promises To make Them one oT PaciTic's ToremosT group oT seniors, The members oT The Class oT '39 carried ouT in Tine Tashion The varied program ThaT was ploTTed Tor Them by Their oTTicers. Headed by Francis Finney. The ediT- ing prexy. The Junior class did greaT Things under The direcTion oT Their execu- Tive board which also included Vice- presidenT Junan Bronzich, Treasurer Jack Roscelli and SecreTary Minnie Sawyer. l-lighlighTing The acTiviTy oT The Third- year men land womenl were The Junior Class l-layride and The Junior-Senior Prom. The l-layride. under The energeTic chairmanship oT Doug Wilson, was a combinaTion oT a Louisiana TesTiyal and dance, wiTh The laTTer phase oT The pro- gram being conducTed aT The Growers' l-lall. Friday. May I3, hoodoo was deTied by The Juniors in sTaging This evenT. The Prom was held aT The l-loTel SToclc- Ton. June 4. wiTh Ed Koehler heading The commiTTee in charge oT arranging The gala aTTair. QFFICERS I JUNAN sizouzicu Vice PresidenT JACK ROSCELLI Treasurer MINNIE SAWYER SecreTa ry 4.1 1.- T351 I I Arbuckle Dougan Greaves Lane F. Richardson Thexfon Ballogdaian Baader Dunlap Duns'ran Grubbs Guggolz Lomprey Lund Rivera Roscelli Til+on Tindall Beckwifh Dunfon Hear Mainard Sack Traberi' Boofh Bower Durs+ Ea+on Hancock Harmon Marfin Mason Saugsfad Sawyer Traver Trembley 36 Boyes Esplen Hedg McDo Shook Vacho 'Q' inzich Campodonico 'ley Farr nch Hepburn ller Nichols mil Shalieen 1Sand+ E. Ward l37l Cardwell Finney Hill Marion Siegfried V. Ward -lf? ,aw ,Q - .fp-5 Cave Gallon Kirkman Noiewe re Squires Wescoli' Childs Gammons Koehler Rausch Sione Wesfon Cooper George Kolln Reese Taiion Wilson Corlceii' Gholz Lagomarsino L. Richardson Taylor Wrighf CDFFICERS ART IRISH Presidenf The undefeafed Class of '4OI Thaf's fhe way proud sophomores felf affer fhe annual Frosh-Soph Brawl in fhe fall. Nof fhaf fhe Sophs won. All fhaf 'rhey gol' ouf of if was a fie, fanfamounf fo a moral vicfory because of smaller forces. The Class of '40 was vicforious in fhe Brawl as freshmen. Officers Arf Irish, Jane Jordan, Ivlaryly Lyons and' Diclc Morrall Icepf fhis class socially conscious all year. Several novel evenfs, including picnics and dances, were promofed under fhe energefic guidance of fhe sophomore execufives. Biggesf single evenf on fhe Soph cal- endar was fhe Graduafion Informal, hon- oring iunior college grads, held af fhe Counfry Club. JANE JORDAN Vice Presiclenf DICK MORALL Treasurer MARYLY LYONS Secrefary I38I JACK COLLINS PresidenT A promising crop oT neophyTes goT oTT To a good sTarT in The Annual Brawl, hold- ing Their own againsT The mighTy sopho- C rr ing The same spiriT Through mores. a y oTher acTiviTies, The Freshman class Turned "T'TT'n in" in a commendable record, in 1 I g To The PaciTic picTure. OTTicers oT The Class oT '4I were: Jack Collins, presidenTg Jean STrong, vice Tar ' and presidenTg Al Kragar, secre y, Glenn Harder, Treasurer. Social evenT oT The year, Trom The Treshman sTandpoinT, was The Frosh-Soph Dance aT The CocoanuT Grove in Novem- b T d ber. The Frosh execuTives colla ora e well wiTh The Soph big-wigs in making The dance a success. Q JEAN STRONG Vice PresidenT GLEN HARTER Treasurer BILL FTNLEY Social Chairman CDFFICERS I , i39l 7 In Memoriam J 0SEPn BLANEY Km, MAE Blsnor X'39 ll0N LINDEEN x'40 VERA SCHMIDT X940 ERIC u700D up Jml. ww ll f Hllffln. lfflffprr-'., I llj g:n1IHlIl, uhm. cs rf ,fi Q. 1-9, I viii. 'Iv lu jf 1 'Qin-7-'j A1-Y ' .' F., - 1 '. N ,aj . "1. . c Z" . E. -C5 'Q fw- :E 6' .,. 1 A SSSISELA . , , T Wi K 'fy .ff '- ' ' QE?- S- WE: ' - 1321 'J' Kimi ,D 2 L1-': mg .. -. D R A M A De Marcus Brown ArT Farey John Crabbo Alumn wn an Ellen Van Vollcenberg- inTernaTionally lcnown Tigures in The TheaTre world-DeMarcus Brown TirsT produced plays Tor PaciTic in I924 Rapidly rowi . g ng response Trom STOcl4Ton audiences soon led To The esTablishmenT OT "Pa 'T' L'TTl " ' ' ci ic I e TheaTre , an Organizahon ThaT has .now pre- senTed IIO major prOducTiOns. PerTOrmance sTandard i ' cl' b . . . s in icaTed by The TacT ThaT ay region reviewers, STOclcTOn criTics, l-lollywood TalenT scOuTs, and OuT-OT-Town Tol lowers are seen among The large audie T nces O STOclcTOn paTrOns and PaciTic sTudenT Tans. PresenTing The Onl re l T y gu ar s age prOducTiOns in STockTon, The OrganizaTiOn has become in realiTy a "college-cOmmuniTy" TheaTre. us OT PaciTic, and sTuolenT OT Maurice Bro d ArThur Parey one OT De lvl B , arcus rOwn's Tormer prOminenT players, reTurned in l932 aTTer advanced work aT NOrThwesTern UniversiT T b y. O ecome business manager, arriv- ing in Time To help prOmOTe The OuTdOOr TheaTre proiecT. This year, John Crabbe experienced on professional and colle T ge s ages. became sTaTT sTage manager. I-Ie recenTly supervised a TheaTr b 'ld' ' e ui ing prOlecT aT Fresno STaTe College, and had been p-rOTessional sTage hand and radio announcer. l-le is bu'ld' ' " ' H1 . . . . . i ing up sTaging TaciliTies and eir eTTiciency, and malcing possible radio developmenTs Tor The LiTTle TheaTre. The l.iTTle TheaTre's l4Th season opened wiTh The WesT COasT premier OT "Excur- sion", Tollowed by "By CandlelighT", "The Silver Cord", and "Dracula". The season was compleTed under The sTars in The beauTiTul OuTdoOr TheaTre wiTh One perTOrm- ance OT lvlilne's inTriguing TanTasy, "The lvory Door". One OT The big hiTs OT The year aT l.iTTle TheaTre perTOrmances was The excel- lenT enTr'acTe music supplied by The TiTTeen piece l.iTTle TheaTre OrchesTra under direcTiOn OT Lawerence ShOrT. Play reviewers mor Th e an Once cOmmenTed On The audi- ence response TO This brillianT music, and declared This year's OrchesTra Tops in l.iTTle TheaTre hisTOry. T461 Mrs. Filchel., .....,... .,.. ..A,,,,....,. E v elyn Barnell Mr. Filchel ,,,.,,... Forresl Greenberg Gilchrisl .,., .,,.,.,.r......., E ugene Minson Aiken ,,.,,.,,.,, rr.., ....,.,..e.,,,e.e..e. J u lian Ellis Candy Boys rr... .. .......,.,.,,.... Bud Meyers Tessie .,....,.,s..,.....,,..,.,,.. A. s,..r.s.. Palricia Milberry Mrs. Loschavio ..,..,..,.r..,s.,,,.,,...,, Faye Lovegren Blackie Magoon ,..l-loward Thurslon Eileen Loschavion. .... .. ,.,,,,.., Marilyn Denloni Lee Pilrman .,... .....4.....,.,, ,....... M a riorie Mainard Richard Piiman sis..,....,.l,.,,..,..ssA,.ss.... Clair Tallon Pal Sloan ...........s..... ,V,sss, R odney Randall Woods A....,.....,,..,.,,,,., .i.........., Ton ..,.a..........,,.,Laila Ross y ,,..,,.,..s,.,oo,., sooois.,.,,.,,r..i.........,.. D an Looney EXCURSIGN Pop ,....,,.... Maison ...,,,., Srevens .....s,sA..... Jonalhan .,,.,,s.,s Mrs. Geasling James Riley Kennelh Siowell .,..,......Forres'f Darby ..,,,.c,,,,l-luberl While .,...,.Nelda Ormislon Mike ,,,.,,.,,,,s,......A.4.....,, .,......i...,. W illiam Kirkman Mac Coleman ....,.....,., ,.,,,.,.. R oberl Woolen Miss Dowdy .,........,.. ....,, .,,...,..,.........., J a ne'r Cole Marlha .......,,.,.... ,......,.s...,.,., J ean Srnilh Lollie ..............s..,..... ,..,,.,..,s... M argarel' George Mrs. Boomer ,.s. .Bobbin Gay Peck Mr. Boomer ,...,........,..,,..............,,..s,s.s.... Max Gobel Junior Boomer ,.s.....,. ., o.,.,.. James Corson, Jr. 47 Caplain Obadiah Rich ....,,.s.. ,,,Roberi Eley Llnlon s,,css..c..,s....c.,...,.....,,.,.,..........,,s Marlin Shearer Y y Smilh, Independent Lasi nigh? ihe acfing, seis, coslumes. direclion, lighlinq d Technical all filled fogefher lo form a balanced whole, a Th g all loo uncommon in 'rhe lhealre where one of The oils d parlmenls is usually inferior or superior +o fhe resl " I i Mrs. Phelps ......,... David ..A,,.....AAAAAA AA Roberf .,.,.,..,... Clurislina .,.,,.....,. l-lesler ...A....,,.. Maid ........... The Silver Cord .l-luberl While ,Evelyn Barnell .,.lv1arion Akers .Verna Dunslan Jean Weslrum Jean Smillw "' John Hobart San Francisco Chronicle: "The performance was smoolh. The aclors were proficiem' and The audience was large. ll may be safely rcporfed lhal drama in Sfoclrlon is in good healihf' I48 l By' CANDLELIGI-IT Mel Bonnell, Slocldon Record: "The College of The Pacific Liifle Thealre veniurecl info The gay, smart and sophisiicaied 'Field of wha? crilics like To call "Coniinenial comedy," in an enlar- laining, if nol brilliant produciion of "By Candlelight" lasl night" Prince Rudolph l-laseldorf-Schlobiilen. .,.,..,.. Kennelh Slowell Josef. his valel ....i.....,.,i,,.......,..,.,,...,..,..,,.............,, .,......,., R oloeri Eley Baron Von Rischenheim .,.,..,...,,,c A,..,,,,.,..,, L alla Ross Baroness Von Rischenheim. ,....,..,.,,..,...... Sibyl Lords Liserl ,,..,.,.. ..4... c .c.. c ..,s,,,, ss..Faye Lovegren Marie ,........... c,.,..............,,,,,.,... ,,,..,,.,,, V a da Ward A Waiier ,A,.,ss..,.,....,...c...,,.,,iw..., ,,v,.,,,,,,, M ax Sobel Koepplce. a chauffeur ......,.,,, ,ui,,,,,,,,, A Iberi Miller. 49 7 Direclor De Marcus Brown Musical Direcfion Vocal ancl Chorus: Frances Bowerman C cl + Horace I. Brown Dancing' Mae Shaw THE PLAYERS Fanclielle ....W..WW V.,.,.,. r . ,r...... Virginia Brown Nanelle ,.,.,,A,,,.., .,,.....c,c,c,r.... .....,,,,,,,, .c,r ....,4r,..,....., . .,.,,. M a r g arel George Bebe ................c,.,.,,.....,...,,,......,.....,...,,...... - .r.,..,.......r......... ..,.,.,...... V erna Dunsian General Le Marquis De Villefranclfie .c,,,,,,,,A,cc ,,ccl,AA,,.A, l-l uberl While Mrs. l-liram Benl ........,...,..,,......,.....,,.......,,..,....,........, ..,......,..,, A nn Blunclell Francois .........,.......... ,.,..,, ...,, .........A...., P i e rce Young Mms. Cecile ...,,.,.,,i,.c....c...cci.,c .ci..,...... Nelda Ormislon Gaslon ..,..............,...,....,,,,,...,,...,.,.,..,,...,,....,.,,.i,.i,,,cc,iiA...,4cciic,.A., . c,icc, ,,i.,...,..,.. W illiam Workman Caplairi Elienne De Bouvray .......,.......r..,.......,,ic..,.,.,.....i...,..... ........,,.............r.... E rwin Ruff l.ieu'r. Rene La Mollre .,.,..................., Douglas Taylor l-lenri De Bouvray .... - ........ William Ramsay Marie Louise .......,aa,,, Belly Groves Norma Benlley l-llram Benl .,......,.,.,........,..,............ l'lOwarol Thurslon i501 T MLLE MCDDISTE Ruih Coward, Peggy Breed, Barbara Siewarr. Helen Arbogasr, Barbara Harrison, Claribel Coffman, Alice Tilron. Beverly Miller, Alice Michelson, Helen Hall, Minnie Sawyer, Frances Richardson, Grace Riiberg, Margarei Lee. Richard Briggs, John Lucas. Philip Srarr. Louis Morse, Alvin Liedslrand, Paul Taylor. William Scanflebury, Eu- TI-IE ENSEMBLE gene Minson, Kennelh Farr, Henry Hobson, Roy Berry. THE FOOTMEN Louis Farone, Harmon Ginn, Vincenl Peck, Russel Aillcen. THE BALLET if rs. . ni,l , iw . 'r-...--.l n--..1.L.. V-II,. I2,...,,rI., RA,-C.I1en nr in.. vnu- ...friv- Lawrence Shorl, Irva Riclrson. Norman Lamb, Ridell, Alberr Miller, Corinne Andrews, Roberi Waller Bells, Jeanne Weir, Shirley Ross, Evelynne Ward, Philip Hood, Genevieve Moran, Alfred Ragerh, Siegfried, Edward Simonsen. Primo Yob, William Peron. Euvalle Enderlin, Burke Broadley, Eugene Roche, Srine, Merle Morlon. Millon Kwale. Yancey Smirh of The lndependeni said: "The se'H'ings-The work of DeMarcus Brown-noi only added a beauiiful background fo 'rhe piece, buf favorably in qualify wifh any designs seen on any sragef' Mel Benneil of The Sfoclcion Record said: ". . . anolher well deserved lriumph for Norma Benfley." . . Anne Blundell nearly slapped rhe show wirh her lfearure number." . . highlighis of ihe chorus were The smashing iirsr acl finale and The male chorus in "The Mascof of The Roberf Gordon, William Howard compare Troops." I Performances given by The Sludio Thealre include: The Tenls of The Arabs ....,.,..,....,.,e..,.A..,.,,e,..A,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,V,,,,,, ,,,..A,4eV,.,.,,,,,, M Ona Belle I-Iengh The Phanlom ......,.......,........... ......,.A.......,.. M arion Akers The Lower Deplhs ,.....,.,.r,eeeA,,,Ae,,,,,,, ,,A,,,4.,,,.AeA,44.,,..,, E d Lyons A Chrislmas Carol ,....,,...,,,e.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, AAAA,AA.A,,,,, P 5+ Millben-y The Second Mrs. Tangueray s..s...,,.,,., The Affairs of Analol ......,...,.....,,..,,,,c,,,,,,,,,, l-leldi .......................,.................................,.rc......... ......... ,...........Nelda Ormislon .-.,,,Bobbin Gay Peclc .Jean Smilh The lmporlrance of Being Earnesr ,.,,,,cAscc,, iiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiilii T V ada Ward Ashes"' ,..,.,.....,.........,,........,...............,...,.....,....,.,.......,..,........, Bonds of lnleresl ........................,....,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,c,4 Scenes From 'rhe Life of Abraham Sweel Sui+e"'," ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,4,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4 " Original play by l-luberiWhi1'e. fiffffffffllliiiberr Whire ...Forreslr Darby LincolnM"'.,. ,,...,.,.,. Evelyn Barnelr Lyons 3' Original musical comedy by Harold Rogers. J' Produced for College ol Pacific Depulafions, and performed for II California Junior College assemblies. The Affairs of Analol l-laid S T Th Lf fAb h L ln. T521 STUDIO THEATRE "Sludio Thea+re," newesl subsidiary lo Pacific Lillle Thearre, designed as a work- shop for sludenl ac1'ors. playwrighls and designers, has presenled a playbill so varied and so well done Jrhal ir has developed a following and repu+aJrion on ils own merils. During 'rhe currenl season, Jrwelve direclors have been given lhe opporlunily of pro- ducing plays for public performance, I3l acling roles have been casl, and lwo 53 Tonls ol 'lhe Arabs The Lower Deplhs The Phanlom The Second Mrs. Tanqueray wrirersnhave had iheir original scripls produced. The Siudio develops acling ialenr for rnalor Lilrle Thealre casling, gives furure direclors ac'rual experience, and pro- vides an imperus To new aulhorship. H is Jrhe mosl acrive s+uden+-operaled campus rhearre in California. Y 9 DRACULA Miss Wells s...,,..... ....,.,.. . ,... B obloin Gay Peck Jonarhan Harker ,,sssssssss as .,... Forresl Darby Dr. Seward ..,.,,,s.,.,,,...s s,.s..,,s . Henry Holoson Abraham Van Helsing... ssss.... . ...,, M, ,,sss Roberl Eley R. M. Remfield ....,,. .,,......, . . ,.... . ...,. Richard Palriquin Burlervvorlh .,,.aa,r, M , M M rss..,..,..s.s Kennerh Sfowell Lucy Seward ..... . ,,.. M c,cHolly von Ehrenberg Counl Dracula is A A ......,s, Huloerl While Mel Bennefl. Sloclclon Record, said: ,, . . Once again Roberl Eley proved 'rhal he is one of fha rnosf lalenfed and versa- iile performers fo Tread The Lilfle Thoalre boardsfl I54 l R J D V M U S I , C JOHN GILCHRIST ELLIOT Dean of The ConservaTory H e Brown, Dean Elliot Percy Grainger SIXTIETH Dean oT The ConservaTory-John Gil- chrisT EllioTT. More Than The menTor OT This organizaTion, he is The Top-pesT oT Top-noTch insTrucTors oT piano here, and a brillianT re- ciTalisT. Mr. EllioTT comes To PaciTic Trom NorThwesTern UniversiTy. l-lis was no easy Task-To Till The shoes oT our Tormer Deans- T-loward l-lansen, now DirecTor oT The EasT- man School oT Music, and Charles M. Dennis, now DirecTor oT music oT The San Francisco Schools. The versaTile lvlr. EllioTT has more Than compeTenTly handled The aTTairs oT The ConservaTory in These lasT Tew years. The enrollmenT in music courses is growing, The calibre oT pericormance is beTTering, The audiences are larger. l-le oT The inTecTious laugh and The amazing vocabulary is pros- pecTive sTudenT inTerviewer, advisor, insTruc- Tor, business manager, correspondenT, pub- liciTy commiTTee, and arranger oT programs. V Percy Grainger, celebraTed pianisT, composer, and conducTor, was broughT To PaciTic in honor oT The SixTieTh anniversary oT The ConservaTory. lvlr. Grainger was mosT enThusiasTically received as piano solo- isT in The ConcerTo wriTTen by his Tamous Triend Edward Grieg, played wi+h The Col- lege OrchesTra which was splendidly direcT- ed by lvlr. Brown. 56 The sixlielh aniversary means more lo Jrhe Conservalory Than a year-mark-il has been a year of abundance for all irs deparlmenls-Slring lnslrumenrs, Woodwind and Brass lnslrumenfs, Voice, Piano, Organ, Conduclring, Composilion, Music Educalion. The performing groups, all of Jrhem, are larger and more prolicieni lhan in The pasl-if has been a year 'rhal will long be re- membered. The program of aclivilies has been Tremen- dously full and varied-lilleen vocal and inslru- menlal ensembles, bi-weekly, Chapel programs, recilals. solo classes, special music for communijry affairs. lhe Thursday nighr dances in The gym. Band Frolic, concerls, praclice-rooms and sludios humming, Mu Phi and Phi Mu, oralories, "Made- moiselle Modis+e". The Conservalory of The College of Jrhe Pa- cilic, besides preparing ils sludenls for profes- sional worlc in The field of music, aims 'ro give lhem a broad baclcground-music for Jrhe enioy- menl of parlicipalion, for The developmenl of slcills and an underslanding apprecialion-music in 'rhe area of Jrhe fine arls. Brown Bodley Gordon ANNIVERSARYMW Daniels Choir al Chapel Peaceful now! e Ordering of Moses" "The College oT The PaciTic OrchesTra has been ap-praised as being unquesTion ably The besT in The hisTory oT The insTiTuTion"--Naraniado I935. This same orchesTra enlarged, and seasoned by Tour years oT proTessional Training under The skillTul leader ship oT l-lorace l. Brown, reached a grand climax in This year's Spring ConcerT. So well synchronized was This group oT sixTy-Tive musicians, ThaT The inTernaTionally Tamous solo isT, Percy Grainger remarked upon This amazing sTudenT orchesTra DirecTor l-lorace Brown is a conducTor oT greaT value-his work is always done wiTh a Tine inTerpreTaTion and Thoroughness Tha+ demands proTessional Tinish l-lis wide experience and splendid musicianship are given To The ConservaTory as a violinisT conducTor, and insTrucTor. DirecTed by J. Russell Bodley, The chorus This Tall presenTed The Tra- diTional "Messiah" oT l-landel. The spring oraTorio was The wesTern pre- mier oT "The Ordering oT Moses" by lNlaThaniel DeTT. The combined chorus, orchesTra, pianisT, organisT, numbered well over Two hundred. and Mr. Bodley hand- led well This diTTiculT work ThaT so Tar has been presenTed only by proTes- sional group-s in The EasT. ll - f A, , ,V-.-U V l58l Ml Q rTeT Barnes Hull Ginn Taylor Aif en The smaller groups oT The ConservaTory play a parT imporTanT Though inconspicuous. The quarTeTs exisTing as separaTe uniTs, make The ConservaTory acTiviTies known TarTher aTield by represenTing The College when They per- Torm. The experience They gain is useTul To The larger or- ganizaTions oT which They are a parT. The STring QuarTeT, coached by Mr. Brown, is broad- casT weekly. lTs members have also appeared as soloisTs. The Brass QuarTeT is The TinesT oT brass groups. They have played publically in reciTal, concerT, and on The air. Coached by Mr. Gordon. A The Tour young men oT The Male QuarTeT are members oT The A Cappella Choir, wiTh which They have appeared as a TeaTure. Their Tine blending is heard oTTen on pro- grams abouT Town. Coached by J. l-lenry WelTon. Y l T ShorT, SheeTs, Weir, Lamb k STine, Gillespie, RuTherTord, Peron T591 The quarTeTs are organized principally Tor The players-Tor insTrucTion in The liTeraTure Tor The groups, Tor Training in musicianship, and,Tor The enioymenT oT making music TogeTher. The numerous ensembles oT The Conserva- Tory, represenTed here by The guarTeTs, are varied in Typ-e and in skill-There are some ThaT are made oT members who are iusT beginning The sTudy oT The insTrumenTs They play, some who sing Tor The Tun oT iT, and some who worked so well TogeTher ThaT They appeared proTessionally aT clubs and organizaTions around Town. College Band I The Band-under The decisive leadership oT The genial "Pop" Gordon. WiTh sevenTy-Tive men Trom which To draw maTerial, Pop has made Three deparTmenTs ouT oT The one. The ConcerT Band numbers six- Typ gives a major concerT each se- mesTer, besides numerous oTher appearances. Mariglggg The Marching Band besides par- TicipaTing in Civic TuncTions, is an inTregal parT oT The aThleTic sea- sons-games and rallys. There are TiTTy men in The marching band. STudio Band The STudio Band numbers TwenTy and includes The TirsT chair men oT The ConcerT Band. This smaller band broadcasTs every Three weelcs, developes The skill oT The players. A CAPPELLA CHOIR The A Cappella of forfy piclced voices is indeed a Tradifion aT Pacific. ln addi- Tion To Their regular choral offerings aT Chapel, The Choir has made many ap- pearances as special enTerTainmenT aT diver oTher programs Throughouf The se- mesfers, and during Their annual week- long Trip, The choir was broadcasf over a coasTal nefworlc from Los Angeles. The Annual Home Concerf on May 3lsT broughT To an end a very successful year of A Cappella singing. J. Russell Bodley. besides being an experT direcTor. has con- Tribufed immensely To The Choir in com- posifion noTably "The Glory Road", and 'The lvioclqing Fairy". LITTLE THEATRE ORCHESTRA The LiTle Theafre Orchesfra fills an unique and valuable place-iT is of The Conservafory, buf funcfions wiTh The Theafre in furnishing The musical seTTings and inferludes for The plays-a parT ThaT is enThusiasTically appreciafed by The audiences of The legiTimaTe Theafre, and wiTh The dance deparTmenT for The annual Dance Drama. This organizaTion is a group of The finesT insTrumenTalisTs in The school: Their conducfor is Lawrence ShorT who has for four years been The concerT-mas- Ter of The College Symphony CrchesTra, and under his very able direcTion. iT has developed inTo whaT is wiThouT doubT The besT Theafre Orchesfra To daTe. I Three recilals have been clevolecl lo six of The Seniors who will be gradualecl from Jrhe Conservalory in June, and who are lo play concerlos wilh The Crchesrra for The Commencemenr Concerl. Rulh Barnes, piano .....,...,,. ............,..,,,,.,,. R imsky-Korsakoff Ann Blunclell. violin ,........,,.....,.....4...,.,. Wieniawsky in D Minor Eileen Daniels, piano .......................... , ........ Liszr in E1fla+ major Rulh Johnson, piano ...............,.,.........,.,.....,.,.... Greig in A minor Lawrence Shorl. violin ...........,... Lalo Symphonie Espagnole Jeanne Weir, violon-cello ..........,....,........,o.,,,.,, Lalo in D minor Wesley l-lull, +enor ..........,..................,......... Flower Song from BizeJr's Carmen Vincenl Peclc will conducl' his own com- posilion "Spring Morning in Sanla Fell Johnson - Sheri- Weir Blundell- Daniels The Recilal series has always been one of Jrhe major fearures of The Con- servarory rhey are open ro 'rhe public and always well alencled. The lirsr se- rnesler is devoled +o Jrhe lacully, and Jro programs by special groups. During The spring semesler. each Tuesday evening. 'rhe series was presenlecl by unclergraduale sludenrs-sixry-'rwo of whom parlicipaled Jrhis year. i621 R J D E B A T 4 E 225 19? -4 , DR. ROY C. MCCALL. Coach Dr. Roy C. McCall has made a place Tor himselT in The minds and hearTs oT many a member oT The PaciTic STudenT AssociaTion during his TirsT Two years on The PaciTic campus. DebaTers, speech sTudenTs, The whole sTudenT body has come To know and respecT his TalenTs. ln coming To The College oT The PaciTic and SToc:kTon Junior College Two years ago, Dr. McCall broughT wiTh him a clear idea oT whaT a successTul Torensic program should conTain. "We should always aim To win Tor ourselves and Tor The glory oT our alma maTerg buT, more imporTanT, Torensics should achieve excellence Tor more Than a selecT Tew. ParTicularly is iT my policy in home TournamenTs To give every member oT The squad an opporTuniTy To meeT sTrong compeTiTion. Thus does The inexperienced beginner develop inTo a clear Thinker anc eTTecTive speaker." Though buT Three TirsT place Trophies were added To The collecTion This year, Dr. McCall regards The year as successTul. STeady irnprovemenT has been shown, wiTh consisTenTly high ranking Tor al members oT The squad in each oT The six TournamenTs enTered This year. No less Than eleven second places were compiled by represenTaTives oT The Two insTiTuTions, wiTh a cor- respondingly high number oT Thirds. Forensic acTiviTy seems To be an opporTuniTy Tor more people Than have Taken advanTage oT iT. This year's record shows ThaT Those desirous OT learn- ing and willing To work can look Torward To going places and winning Things. T641 65 l I -3 nl 'B- Louis Sancline Erwin Farley Anofher season of infercollegiafe forensic compefifion has passed for fhe rep- resenfafives of fhe College of fhe Pacific and Sfockfon Junior College. New laurels have been won in maior fournamenfs from Kansas fo Oregon, new frophies added fo fhe collecfion already compiled fhrough many years of debafe acfivify. Sole loss 'ro fhe squad is fhe veferan debafer, Louis Sandine. For four years Sandine has waged forensic baffle on college plafforms in Maine, Texas, Washing- fon, California, and way sfafions. , A veferan of over fwo-hundred varsify encounfers, Sandine has compiled an enviable record. Two nafional fournamenfs of Pi Kap-pa Delfa have found him splif- fing even in debafe. ln major Pacific coasf fournamenfs he advanced far beyond fhe preliminaries, only fo fall shorf of firsf place. Winner of fhe inframural exfemporaneous speaking confesf lasf year, Sandine wenf high af fhe Linfield invifafional fourney. Af Mclvlinnville, Sandine won fhe firsf men's frophy in Pacific forensic hisfory wifh a second place in affer dinner speaking. Turning fo orafory, Sandine placed second in Pacific's Far Wesf invifafional. Tak- ing fhe same orafion,."lvlisguided Genius," fo fhe nafional Pi Kappa Delfa convenfion in Topeka, he finished sevenfh ouf of a field which included fhe finesf college speakers in fhe Unifed Sfafes. The debafe squad will miss Louis Sandine, nof only for his clear fhinking and brillianf speaking, buf also for his genuine personalify. A iunior fransfer from Bakersfield J. C. provided fhe headline achievemenf of fhe debafe season. Doris l-lancock broughf back from fhe Pi Kappa Delfa conven- fion 'rhe second place frophy in exfemporaneous speaking. 7 C STarTing her drive Toward The Top in The opening TournamenT aT Bakersicield, Hancock won second place in eXTernlOOre and Tirsjr in deba+e. AT Linfield she again Tailed by a narrow margin To bring peek The Tirgf pleee epdfempere Cup, Finally, in The Far WesT lnviTaional pf Pi Keppe DelTa, She Came Through wiTh a unanimous TirsT place raTing in The Final round Tp keep The C0veTecl Trophy aT home. The climax OT TWSF GTTorTs was reached aT The naTionals, where she placed second in a Tield oT sixTy-Tour, LasT year Doris l-lanCOCk COl'T1k3lneCT wiTh Marie Nichols To win The cham- pionship OT Phi Rho Pi. IUFITOF COHSQS honor Torensic socieTy. This year They COr'1TinUeCl Their winning WGYS wiTh TTTVGG sTraighT vicTories over U. S. C. To Take TirsT place aT BakersTield. AT l.inTield They losT only Two dSbaTes ouT oT Twelve, buT Tound Those enough To drop Them behind P6S6ClGna. ln STockTon They Tinished Third. and The low ebb oT Their I937-38 season came aT Topeka wiTh an even spliT in eighT debaTes. PresidenT Louis Sandine had as his colleague This year on The men's var- siTy Team, PresidenT-elecT Erwin Farley. Traveling over Ten Thousand miles represenTing The College oT The PaciTic, They gained honor Tor Their insTiTu- Tion and renown Tor Themselves. AT Bakersifield They Tinished in a Three-way Tie Tor Third place, losing Twice To U. S. C. l.inTield Tound Them wiTh an enviable record oT seven wins ouT oT Ten debaTes. Four vicTories ouT oT six Tailed To carry Them beyond The pre- liminaries in The PaciTic TournamenT. AT Topeka The varsiTy broke even in The eighT rounds. ATTer making The semi-Tinals in exTempore aT BakersTield and l.inTield, Farley barely Tailed To make The semi-Tinals in The naTionals. T661 wi 'T' ' ' c I. . k- . ,, I-Y -55'7f'4-I . lvlar'rin Pulich Gregg PhiTer Perhaps The mosT inconsisTenT oT Those who represenTed The P. S. A. This pasT year was The sophomore duo oT lvlarTin Pulich and Gregg PhiTer. ConsisTenTly deTeaT- ing The besT compeTiTion on The PaciTic coasT, They losT iusT as consisTenTly To The worsT. STarTing well aT BakersTield. They losT ouT To U. S. C. only in The Tinal debaTe oT The TournamenT. In PaciTic's iunior college TournamenT They dropp-ed Tour ouT oT six debaTes againsT relaTively weak compeTiTion. In exTemporaneous speaking The debaTe colleagues Tied Tor Third place. Going norTh To l.inTield wiTh This unenviable record, PhiTer and Pulich proceeded To win seven ouT oT Ten debaTes againsT The besT compeTiTion available. Pulich also disTinguished himselT by qualiTying Tor The semi-Tinals in exTemporaneous speaking. AT The Redlands TournamenT Tor junior colleges Pulich made The Tinals. Dropping only Two "hard-luck" debaTes in The local Pi Kappa DelTa TournamenT secTion B, They seemed on The way up- again. ln ThaT TournamenT PhiTer won second place in exTemporaneous speaking. Turning easTward To The Phi Rho Pi inviTaTional TournamenT in Norman, Oklahoma, The Two boys dropped halT Their debaTes. BoTh qualiTied Tor The semi-Tinals in exTem- poraneous speaking, buT neiTher could go TarTher. The NaTional STudenT Congress oT Pi Kappa DelTa occupied Their Time aT Topeka. The women's sophomore varsiTy Team oT ChrisTina Vanden Akker and Gladys BarTholomew made an excellenT record. Their TirsT noTable success was in PaciTic's junior college TournamenT, where They losT TirsT place by a Two-To-one decision. Bar- Tholomew won second place in exTempore. AT The Redlands TournamenT They losT ouT in The quarTer-Tinals. ln secTion B oT The Pi Kappa DelTa inviTaTional BarTholomew again Tinished second in exTempore. 7 Top row: Grifl'iThs, Russel, Biddick CenTer: Miller, Barfholemew, KienTz FronT: Vanden Akkef Bill Biddick was The sole freshman squad-member This year. ColloboraT- ing wiTh Trevor GriTfiThs in Bakersfield, he succeeded in making The finals of The iunior college division. AT Redlands he and Bill Russell dropped only Two ouT of six. Russell came Through To win The firsT place exTempore Trop-hy for STockTon J. C. Biddick qualified for The semi-finals in exTempore in The home TournamenT. Jean Miller and l-larrieT KienTz compeTed as a Team aT Bakersfield. BoTh enTered exTemporaneous speaking and oraTory There and aT The home Tourna- menT Miller placed Third in oraTory in secTion B of The Pacific Province TournamenT. Individual debaTes Through The year found The College of The Pacific meeT- ing many ouTsTanding Teams from WesTern UniTed STaTes. San Francisco STaTe, The American Bankers lnsTiTuTe, NorThwesT Nazarene College, STanford, and WhiTman were among Those To drop decisions To Pacific debaTers. OThers meT in non-decision discussions included Texas Technological College, Univer- siTy of San Francisco, Nevada, ST. lviary's, The UniversiTy of Wyoming, and SeaTTle Pacific. This year's debafe program included also several appearances before local service clubs and oTher groups. Combined wiTh The exTensive parTicipa- Tion in individual debafes and in six maior Tournamenfs. The forensic season of I937-38 was The largesT ever underfaken by The Pacific STudenT AssociaTion. T681 J P U B L I C A T I G N S TOM RIPPEY, Edifor GEORGE BLAUFUSS, Business Manager di Sfaflf af Work riff 70 Rippey c er Eclllor ..,,,..,..,...........,.........,,Y.. ..,...........,...... Business Manager News Eclilor ....,...., Desk Eclilor .,.......... Fealure Edfror ...s..,...., .AA......,. Sociely Eolilor .s.... Sporls Eclilor ....,.,s Re-wrile .,...,...... STAFF Lillian Bahlhorn Bob Baslian Bolo Broadolus Belly Dixon Ablex Donslser Roy Grosse Al l-larkins Elizabelh Lacy Jerry Lee Lielnman Lee Peck Philer L H PACIFIC WEEKLY .Tom Rippey George Blaufuss Becker Gregg Phifer Doris Wakefielcl Jean Walcoll Danny Gassloerg ........,,,Bob Wilkinson STAFF Phyllis Liebman Faye Lovegren Doris Marsh Janelr McGinnis Janice Morrill Benny Savelli Gail Scheere Prenlice 'Wlwilaker Beverly Wriglwf CHARLES F. FINNEY, Edifor FRED F. BOYES, Manager Sfaff af Work I 72 1 i? , l73i Coffey Compion ausc ' i noo Gill:-:He Lucas M 1' eir Ph f R li V g l W Weniz W l NARANJADG Eolilor... .....,.........,...,........ . ..................,. . Assisianlr Ecliiors .........,..AA.A.,....,,,..........,...,.A............. Arr Ediior ,,,..,,,.,...........,,......,.., Bob Baslin Class Edilor .,.... ............ l-l erilia Rausclw Club Edilor .......4. Erma Ruin Gilleiie Debale Edilor ......A.........A. Gregg Plwifer Drama Edilor ,.V....., Bobbin Gay Peck Facully Eclilors ,,,..,..r.,.,.., May Vignolo Charles F. Finney Glenn Park Wilson Bob Weniz Cailierine Lund Fraierniiy Ediior .... -Kennellfi l-lenclw Mardi Gras Eclilor ..,....A.,...... Al l-larlcins Music Ecliior ,.,.,,,..,...,...,... Jeanne Weir Senior Edilor ..........,....... ..,,.. T om Coffey Snap Ediior ...,.,,.....,.,.....,..s Dick Lomrnis Sororilies Eoliior ..,.,. Pairicia,Roberis Plioiograplwy Ecliior ......c.,.,s..b.,............,.s ....,.c. .b.......,..,c,..,..,......,....,......... C l arence Compion . Bill Becker Sporlr Eolilors... ,..,.. .,,s ......s ,....................,, ......,,... ccc,,. D 6 n n Y Gassberg BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ...,...... ,.i..,,,.,,........s,....,., ...,,.,....,,.... .,,..., ,.s..,...c,,., F r e d F. Boyes Elion Marlin Assisianl Managers ...., .c.,.s..,... T om Gardner l-lowarol Lewis Secrelary ..,....,,......... s........,,.... B arbara I-larrison Under The compefenf chairmanship of Tom Rippey, The Publicafions Commiffee mainfained The sfandard seT by prexious groups and in addifion dropped a couple of precedenfs of iTs own. The Weekly Took on an enfirely new garb, in keeping wiTh mosf modern news- paper Trends. Make-up was sTricTly infor- mal and ediforial policy was confined To a "Through The eyes of The Pacific sTu- denT" viewpoinf. Numerous inferesfing candid "cuTs" were The rule rafher Than The excepTion in This year's Weekly. The Naraniado was offered To The members of The Pacific STudenT Associa- Tion aT greafly reduced raTes. The I938 year book, in color, in design, in novel Treafmenf, speaks for ifself. ll.oudly. we hopell The Frosh Bible or neophyTe's hand- book was published under The guidance of Georg Meyers. lasT year's Publica- Tions chairman. The Bengal Bullefin was edifed by Mary Galfon. Rippey's aides-de-camp on The com- miTTee were George Blaufuss, Francis Finney, Fred Boyes, Ben Alexander, Paf Millberry. Margaref Lefever, Ralph Trem- bley, Elfon lvlarfin and James Wilson. T751 Jacoby OrTon Eiselen McCann Pierce FACULTY COMMITTEE "MusTn'T say ThaT naughTy word"- BuT The lasT word, naughTy or oTherwise, regarding sTudenT publi- caTions. comes Trom The FaculTy PublicaTions CommiTTee. This group, resurrecTed lasT year, conTinued iTs TuncTion Through- ouT This year oT advising and direcTing policies of The Weekly and The Naraniado. The censor-side of The commiTTee's worlc is relafively minor, buT occasionally The Big Four swing inTo acTion wiTh The blue pencil. MosT imporTanT conTribuTion oT The commiTTee Thus Tar is The award- ing oT sTudenT crediT Tor worlc on publicaTions, on a classroom basis. Members oT The group are: Miss MarTha Pierce, chairman: Miss Elinore McCann, Dr. Malcolm Eiselen,'Dr. I-larold Jacoby and Principal Dwayne OrTon oT The SToclcTon Junior College. I as 7-A+' VQHTLV . c, .fi 615 I- 'ml ,T sa 1: fi-L. . L ' Fai :-'+- ".-.ggilsx f'flPv'1- f .U 1 AV Q A dak V V-E l. Y . ..- IG5 - " ' x A 1 . -as"f..2:rf.1f:-"' 454 'i "I - :'?i1:fQi'f1" '- Q' 1 gg. 4:1715 ' ,Tea ,'-ig' 'pp . - " . I if FROSH BIBLE As an aid To The bewildered incoming Treshman, The Frosh Bible is ediTed each year as a prospecTive aid in The diTliculT Task oT orienTaTion. A pockeT size aTTair, The Bible conTains school songs, a calen- dar. prominenT sTudenT leaders, The sTu- denT associaTion consTiTuTion, welcomes Trom PresidenT Knoles and Principal OrTon, and, mosT imporTanT oT all, cam- pus TradiTions handed down Trom year To year since The Tounding oT The school. Georg Meyers, lasT year's PublicaTions CommiTTee chairman, ediTed The Bible This year, aTTer a long sTruggle wiTh con- sTiTuTional changes. IT is probably The mosT aTTracTive book yeT issued, wiTh a compleTe IisT oT campus personaliTies and acTiviTies. Ea .gf -fra rf.,-' Myers 6al'ron DAILY BENGAL BULLETIN To The acTiviTy-minded sTudenT, The Daily Bengal BulleTin serves as a dicTion- ary oT daily campus happenings. Mimeo- graphed and posTed on various bulleTin boards each morning long beTore The average sTuden+ has slapped oTT his alarm clock, The Daily keeps campus acTiviTies TuncTioning happily as a consTanT re- minder oT club meeTings. class acTiviTies, sporT evenTs, lecTures and addresses. Mary GalTon Took over The BulleTin in The middle oT The year aTTer illness Torced Wilbur ScoTT To quiT The posiTion. Under her energeTic direcTion The Daily has achieved an even more imporTanT posiTion as a "rnusT" in The average sTu- denT's daily habiTs. l76l 77 RADIG THE CAMPUS STUDIO ConTinuing iTs policy OT presenTing a varied bill oT enTerTainmenT ThroughouT The school year, The Campus STudio has marked iTs sevenTh year The mosT successful since iTs esTablishmenT on The campus. Added improvemenTs in broadcasTing TaciliTies have been a greaT help in raising The general level oT all The STudio's producTions. Due To The TacT ThaT all broadcasTs emanaTing Trom The campus are released on a susTaining basis, iT remains a p-roblem To keep programs scheduled aT The same Times ThroughouT The season and noT conTlicT wirh commercial programs. buT since SepTember The same schedule was mainTained wirh only minor changes. Under The supervision oT ArThur Farey and John Crabbe, Tive weekly programs were sTarTed and mainTained Tor The year. Again The STudio was proud To bring To iTs lisTeners iTs oldesT broadcasTer in The poinT oT service wiTh PresidenT Tully C. Knoles' series oT inTormal discussions on Topics oT inTeresT in The World Today. This TeaTure conTinues To be The mosT inTeresTing on The schedule. CollegiaTe l-lilighTs, The collegiare newsp-aper oT The air. was sTarTed wiTh PaTricia Millberry as EdiTor, and John Crabbe and AI l-larkins as re- porTers. LaTer The ediTorship wenT To Andy Shook, wiTh Clair TaTTon, Tom French, and l-loward ThursTon rounding ouT The rosTer oT reporTers. Pacific Symposium broughT many ouTsTanding debaTers and speakers beTore The microphone. Under The direcTion oT Dr. C. lvlcCall, These groups presenTed discussions on many inTeresTing conTemporary Topics. Erwin RUTT guided sTudenTs oT The conservaTory oT music Through a series oT musicales wiTh greaT success. l-leard Wednesday aTTernoons, The Pa- ciTic lvlusicale series This year was undoubTedly The mosT consisTenT oT any in pasT years. Dr. Tully C. Knoles World Today NT .- 1 Q 9 5' 1 31. . . lx fi .i T, , 1.1-1 :fd 1 -, . - .. K illiifffj "" ' 1 1 -Page Z T John ArT Fa and C Co-Dir eTs i Friday aTTernoon's Paci- Tic VariTies had more Than iTs share oT up-s and downs. IT weaThered The sTorms un- Til EasTer and Then sTepped aside To make way Tor new programs in The spring series. During iTs Time on The air iT accomplished one noTable TeaT in changing PaT lvlillberry's idenTiTy To l-laTie l-libiscus, The emcee heckling hair-brain. AI l-lar- kins' original composiTions provided The main music bill oT Tare Tor The year. The spring season broughT Two new programs To The air. The TirsT, Radio STage produced by ArT Farey and under The direcTion oT De Marcus Brown, was a series oT Tive halT hour dramaTizaTions. The plays varied in scope Trom a revival oT an old melodrama To a TasT-moving modern comedy, and gave many PaciTic l.iTle TheaTre players an opporTuniTy To branch ouT inTo The field oT radio drama. The second oT The new programs, Answer Me Tnis, an educaTional TeaTure broughT Bobbin Gay Peck and RoberT Eley To The air in The roles oT quesTion- masTers, asking inTeresTing and unusual quesTions abauf various ciTies Through- ouT The counTry. Answer lvle This was p-roduced under The direcTion oT John Crabbe and announced by Bill liams. The STudio sTaTT looks back on The l937-'38 season as more Than successTul, and wiTh beTTer TaciliTies and an enlarged curriculum hopes To make nexT season an even greaTer one. y l73l .TAD T h ic John Cr :L . BOARD OF ATHLETIC CONTROL 80 N A R A N J EDVVARD SIMONSEN Graduaie Manager Luiz--Foofball Parlier-Track Honcl1-Baskefball ATHLETIC MANAGERS X g D-U Ed. Yel YELL I .EADFRS Sfarr Ford Langdon F821 N A R A N J 8 Ql- CQHCHING STHFF The dean of American TooTball coaches has developed Tighlring Teams in his five years aT C. O. P., is ouT To make The world PaciTic-con- scious in I938, his TorTy-ninTh year oT coaching, when he leads his hardy band oT Bengals back To STagg Field in Chicago To meeT The lvlaroons, Nov. I2. VarsiTy baskeTball masTer-mind and "Double Ns" righr-hand man on The grid, Ralph Francis has imbued Pacific aThleTes wiTh plenTy oT ThaT old "iiniger" as well as Turning ouT sTrong casaba aggregaTions and sTurdy lines in The lasT Two years. Newcomer To C. O. P. This year, Earle Jackson led The revival OT Tiger Track and Tield acTiviTy wiTh promising resulTs. Bringing wiTh him a TwenTy-year record as cinder menTor aT Knox and CarleTon, he bids Tair To reiuvenaTe The glory ThaT was PaciTic Track. All-around man oT The PaciTic coaching sTaTT is blonde Scandinavian Chris Kieldsen, who TuTors would-be Frosh linemen in TooTball, Frosh cagers, VarsiTy and Frosh swimmers, VarsiTy and Frosh Tennis rackeTeers, all wiTh good resulTs. PaciTic's Tamous Olympic aThleTe, Jim Corson, has done a Tine iob Turning ouT Frosh grid squads oT a high caliber year aTTer year. NineTeen ThirTy-seven was Jim's lasT season as an acTive coach, as he Turns over The yearling menTorship reins To Earle Jackson This Tall. ! , X9 - , ' N: -gf ' AMOS ALONZO STAGG, Coach DOUG SILVA, Caplain 1937 BENGF-ILS Back row: Sfagg, Becker, Lyons, McWilliams, Wilkinson. Swaqerly, e g Campbell, Adamlna, Grubbs, Persons. Breeden ' T II l1. Alexander, Loomis, Kienlz, George, Bralye, Rivera Middle row: Francis, Benfley, Gaummfz. u oc Tremblay, Polka, Tsunelcawa, Baer. Fronr row: Colley, Cooper, Siegfried, Lloyd, Marrinoviclw, Soper, Green, Bonnifleld, Rippey, Silva Greenblalf, Simonsen rw Keifhley reaches for The fleefing Mr. Schindler, UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 40 PACIFIC ..... 0 I-Iailed as a pofenfially greaf squad, The I937 Bengal Varsify wenf down fo fhe Cify of Angels fo open 'rhe budding porkhide campaign. Pified and maligned as a "minor league" ball club, fhe Tigers came limping back fo fheir Sfockfon lair, burn- ing from fhe worsf defeaf suffered by a Sfagg-coached feam af Pacific. In fhe shorf space of fwo-plus hours. Howard Jones' Soufhern California Trojans, Ied by one Ambrose Schindler, who sef off fhe fireworks wifh a 64-yard fouchdown sprinf in fhe firsf minufe and fhirfy seconds of play. passed and bucked fhe visifors from up norfh info submission. Chief reason for fhe Bengal bamboozlemenf af fhe hands of fhe Jones-boys was fhe weak pass defense. Pacific backs allowed fhree aerials fo go for fouch- downs af fimes when fhe fighfing Tiger Iine seemed fo be holding ifs own againsf fhe beefy Troian forwards. "Iron Mike" Ivlarfinovich gained fhe unqualified admirafion of fhirfy fhousand specfafors wifh his bruising Iine-bucking. Line sfandoufs for a fufile cause were "Firefly" O'I-Iare. Irwin Grubbs and Jack Tulloch. Pacific's offensive display was limifed fo a brief aerial splurge in fhe fourfh quarfer, which accounfed for fwo of fhe Sfaggerers' four firsf downs. Score af half- fime. 2I-O, was indicafive of whaf fhe final fear-ierking fabulafion was fo read: U. S. C. 40, Pacific O. Marfinovich Bralye Rippev I85 I A . 7 SAN JOSE STATE . . . I2 .,fi lf' 7-li f x -2551: S , 455C - L-5' , Y lm 1. A A l 'ln'l 'J , V f'1"'1 ' - 1 . 'T gg. N' .g A M 'll'U 'Q 1- '-we , j"v',"-.- g ,, PACIFIC ..... 7 Displaying new-found spiril, Jrhe Sraggmen made Their Slocldon debul a near-success by slaying off The powerful San Jose Sparlans for lhree and a hall guarlers, only lo weaken laie in Jrhe final period when 'rhe Prune-pickers rallied lwice. Again 'rhe aerial defense was 'rhe prime laclor in deleaf. Aller Al George's brillianl 83-yard punr relurn lo pay-dirl in Jrhe lirsl canlo, The Bengaline, sparked by Tulloch, plus George's laclcling al safely. lcepl San Jose scoreless despile many lhreals. Zimmerman's pilching finally penelraled Jrhe impolenl C. O. P. secondary, giving San Jose The nod, I2-7. lvlarlinovich place-kicked Pacilic's sevenih poinl, while Swagerly blocked bolh Sparlan allempls. O'l-lare Alexander Avery Marlinovich leads Bralye info ihe Troian wilderness. i961 4,11-flffycii' jf .1.,7J'i I- 65-.. . ,,.f. was l in I if .. ,', . .5 V ,, "M .. ' r - I.. . ig.. . , ' " v. --' . gf . "'.q.wy w y ' I , ' fl ' D Ii- . ' Q -' 1: -A 'ff -2 ' -1 W Soper and Koehler close in a pack of Bears. CHICO STATE . . I 0 PACIFIC ..... 7 In anoTher BaxTer STadium mazda-IiT nocTurne, The Bengals walTzed Through a weak Chico eleven To a mild I3-O vicTory. RepresenTing The Tigers' TirsT win oT The season, iT did noT represenT Their besT perTormance. The up-sTaTe WildcaTs Turned ouT To be very Tame upsTarTs, buT PaciTic showed lack oT drive, was, unTiI The Third quarTer, incapable of cashing in on evidenT superioriTy in all phases oT play. Al George was The big noise in The noT-Too vicious Bengal snarl. scoring The TirsT six-poinTer on a swing around end Trom Twelve paces ouT and passing To AI Soper in The TourTh Trame Tor The oTher Touchdown. The odd poinT came Trom lviar- Tinovich's Toe. Doug Silva was The keyman oT The Tiger Torward wall which over- powered The Chico line in The second halT aTTer The scoreless TirsT-halT TighT. Avery and I-ledges Turned in good iobs aT Tackle and end, respecTively, while George's alTer- naTes aT rearback, Bob KienTz and "Kip" Bralye, had liTTle diTTiculTy in p-uncTuring The CaTs' line Tor ample yardage. QuarTerback Joe Siegicried and MarTinovich appeared To oTTensive advanTage, averaging beTTer Than Tour yards per crack. Al Soper's work aT wingback leTT liTTle To be desired, boTh on oTTense and oleTense, where his hard Tackling sTood ouT. IT was The Bengals' nighT To howl Ihowever TainTlyl because Chico had liTTle else Than TighT. B. Parsons Silva Campbell I 87 I I If-A I 1 x CALIFORNIA . . 20 PACIFIC ..... 0 On Ihe basis of early-season show- ings, Bay area spor+s scriveners Iagged Jrhe Bengals "a junior college squad." 'I'haI was before Ihe dog-IighI aI BerI4eIey. Showing Iine sp-iri+ and dejrerminalrion, The Sraggmen held CaI's gorgeous Golden Bears, Rose Bowl champs, Io a respecrable 20-O coun'r. Courageous Iine-play wiih FuIIbacIc Mike Marlrinovich as spearhead of Jrhe defense, forced I3oI+ari, Meek, Chapman, eI aI, Io pui' ouI exlrra sIe-am. Swagerlry and O'I-Iare were sIandouI forwards. AI Soper rnaIched ing Ihe B'ars aI bay. Hedges McWilliams BonnifieId I I TuIIoch and Grubbs reach, bui Chapman maices II good. Ihe redoub'rabIe Sam Chapman booI for boor, a big Iacror in hoId- 88 AI George "Beared-down" on aT Berkeley, UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA . 3 PACIFIC ...... 7 PaciTic challced up Far WesTern conTerence vicTory No. 2 in an alTiTudinous Thriller aT Reno, when The ersTwhile Blue Bombers oT Nevada were knocked OTT by a TourTh- quarTer Bengal march oT 65 yards To sTriped TerriTory and vicTory. Joe SiegTried buclced iT over Trom The Two-yard line Tor The Touchdown, IvlarTinovich converTed and seeming deTeaT was Turned inTo a 7-3 PaciTic Triumph. Nevada's score came aTTer a 94-yard run-baclc oT The second-halT lciclcoTT, only AI I-ledges' magniTicenT diving Tackle averTing a Touchdown. The lanlcy end's TeaT was one oT The season's highlighTs. ATTer The Bengaline sTopped The Wolves cold, EaTon place-kicked a Tield-goal To send The RenovaTers inTo The lead. DespiTe having To come Trom behind, The Bengals consisTenTly ouTmaneuvered The WolT-pack, compiling more Than 200 yards Trom scrimmage and driving deep inTo Nevada TerriTory a halT dozen Times. FeaTuring The game-clinching aTTacl4 ThaT moved 65 yards in Twelve plays were George, SiegTried and MarTinovich. OTher nice ball-packing was done by KienTz and BonniTield. Up TronT, where The baTTle raged hoTTesT, I-ledges. Silva, O'l-Tare, Tulloch and McWilliams were Top-noTchers. The laT- Ter was parTicularly alerT on pass deTense, once almosT geTTing away wiTh an inTercep-- Tion. Thus did The Tigers spoil Nevada's Homecoming. Kei " Swagleljy ' Tulloch wi ST. MARY'S . . . 0 PACIFIC ..... 0 Old grads wandered loaclc To Bax- Ter STadium To see an inspired Tiger Team rise To The peak, play a big, Tough ST. IvIary's eleven To a s+ands+iII Tor Three periods, Then aImosT win in The Tinal sTanza. The enTire PaciTic line performed nololy in TighTing The Gaels To a scoreless deadlock. MarTinovich's line- backing was again The Ice-ysTone oT The rugged deTense. ST. IVIary's never goT closer Than The I I, while in The TourTh period The Bengals marched To The Ivloragans' Tour-yard line, mainly Through The passing oT AI George and Ben Alexander. There Tour line aTTempTs Tailed and Tinal score read: PaciTic O, ST. IvIary's O. Greenblali' Avery Cooper KienTz snags one in The TlaT againsT The Gaels. ci I90I Soper sTops ThaT ST. Mary's and-around. r CAL. RAMBLERS . . 7 PACIFIC . . . 4 C. O. P.'s lasT home game proved To be a nighTmare. The CaliTornia Ramblers, composed oT Bear second sTringers and ineligibles, came To Town and wenT To Town wiTh The lisTless Bengals, who seemed To be suTTering a leT-down aTTer The ST. Mary's pinnacle. BeTore The specTaTors had seTTled in Their seaTs, The Ramblers had seven poinTs by virTue oT a 55-yard gravy sprinT by Eddie l-lopkins plus a conversion. ThaT was all The invaders needed, Tor despiTe TranTic second-halT aTTempTs To equalize The counT, which neTTed only Two saTeTies, The Tigers never really goT back in The game. lT was disTincTly an oTT-nighT Tor The Orange and Black men. AcTing CapTain Doug Silva was The lone sTandouT in The sagging Tiger line, while Al Soper's kicking and Alexander's plunging and Tackling were consolaTion TacTors Tor The backTield. PaciTic's besT ball-ToTing was done by Bob KienTz and Emrys Lloyd, The laTTer making his debuT as a halTback. The pair oT saTeTies, C. O. P.'s only conTribuTion To The scoring column, came in The Tinal quarTer: The TirsT on a Tumble ThaT hopped ouT oT The end-zoneg The sec- ond on a direcT giTT Trom l-lopkins. who inTenTionally ran ouT oT The playing Tield To prevenT a possible blocked kick. AT The end, The STaggmen were raging, buT impoTenT. Final weird Tally: Ramblers 7, Pacific 4. Trembley Lloyd BenTley T911 CAL. AGGIES . . 6 PACIFIC ..... I3 STaying in The Thiclc oT The conTer- ence race, The Tigers unleashed a hard running aTTaclc aT Davis To Trample The Aggie MusTangs, I3-6, in a driving rain. A new running sTar was uncovered in Emrys Lloyd, who averaged 6.5 yards in I3 carries, scored The TirsT Touchdown on a I3-yard gallop. Second score came on a George To Dick BenTley pass, good Tor I5 in The air and 30 on The hooT. MarTinovich added The ThirTeenTh poinT via placement All Bengal Tallies came in The TirsT halT. OTher See- yopee highlighTs were Soper's booming punTs, Grulobs' Tine Tackle play, punT-covering by SwagerTy and I-ledges. Grublas Koehler Siegfried "BuTch" Lloyd swings around Aggie end. Siegfried leading 1 1 S A , , '15 I I A s-152 I I A i - J i , Ti ,jj " :H , f ff-as Rfk -can I92I Lloyd follows Siegfried off Fresno's laclcle. FRESNO. . . . 20 PACIFIC ..... 0 Two leams undelealed in league play mel on Turlcey Day in Fresno lor lhe cham- pionship ol lhe Far Weslern conference and Pacilic was lhanlclul when il was over. The Tigers allowed lhal old bugaboo, laully pass-covering, lo crop oul again and il cosl lhem lhe game, 20-O. and lhe conference crown. Fresno Slale had lillle lrouble regaining lhe lille lrom lhe Orange and Black, as lhe Raisin Cilyiles consislenlly oulplayed lhe Slaggmen aller lhe lirsl guarler. ln lhe second period, Fresno's big gun, Gleason, slarled booming and lrom lhen on lhe oulcome never was in doubl. Passes were direclly responsible lor all ol Fresno's scores, allhough lwo ol lhe lhree louchdowns were scored lhrough lhe line. The Bulldogs led al hall-lime, I3-O. Pacilic never gol closer lhan lhe Fresno 27. allhough Lloyd again showed up well as a ball-paclcer. Up lronl, Swagerly, Tulloch and l-ledges did a neal iob ol holding slippery Toby l-leeb lo exaclly zero yardage on punl-relurns. Ed Koehler showed class as a line-plugger, as did Marlinovich, bul lheir ellorls were nol enough. C. O. P. was in lhe conlesl only during lhe lirsl canlo. Aller lhal, il was all Fresno, and lhe Bulldogs came oul ol lhe doghouse a-snarling. Cold lurkey lor lhe Tigers! Aclamina Soper Kienlz im I U. S. MARINES . . I4 PACIFIC . .... I4 ln fhe season finale af San Diego, fhe Sfaggifes spoffed fhe Marines fwo fouchdowns in fhe firsf guar- fer, fhen came fo life and lcnoffed fhe counf wifh a furious lafe-game charge, led by Lloyd and Siegfried. The former scored bofh fouch- downs, wifh Marfinovich converfing fwice, fo bring fhe final score fo I4-all. "Iron Mike" missed fwo field goal affempfs in The fourfh quarfer, which almosf saw a Pacific vicfory. O'l-lare and Silva closed fheir careers wifh neaf line iolos. The sea-soldier sfymie cornplefed fhe l937 Bengal record af fhree wins, five losses and fwo ,E- draws. Kienfz swepf off his feef by a couple of Gaels L94 9 FirsT row-Roscelli, McElroy. Jacobsen, Pappas, Ivey, OlaeTa Second row-SeiTerT, Fine, T-laycock. Piccardo, Foss, Vieira Third row-Kieldsen, ZumsTein, CollaTT, Myers. Johnson. l-lalberT. Corson Fourfh row-Hill, Folendorf FRGSI-I SEASCDN "Big Jim" Corson's Tinal TooTball coaching iob, The l937 ediTion oT Frosh pig- skinners, was a Tair-To-midlin' aTTair. Going Tormer Bengal yearlings Two beTTer, '37 TigerleT Toojrballers Took on a heavy six-game schedule plus one posT season skirmish. NeT resulT: Frosh 3-OpponenTs 4. The Three Babe wins were arrived aT Through sheer power and superior playing abiliTy. The Cal. Aggie ColTs, brisk rival eleven, absorbed a double ducking. The TirsT deTeaT came OTT in BaxTer STadium surroundings, wiTh Corson's CuTies sending Tullback Dale l-lalberT around end Tor The score and margin oT vicTory-6-O. The second CaTleT win was annexed in Davis, ColT's sTamping ground, To The Tune oT I3 "love". Tom OlaeTa, back, and broTher of Joey OlaeTa, a Tiger greaT, provided The TeaTure oT The Tray by running 55 yards Toa score on an inTercepTed pass. Salinas J. C. was The squad ThaT obliged Tor vicTory number Three. They Took iT on The chin, I4-6. Cub razzle-dazzle was Too much Tor The l.eTTuce Lads. San lvlaTeo Junior College proved a bone-crushing aggregaTion in The sea- son opener by dumping The orange and black neophyTes 20-O. The nexT deTeaT came in The guise oT a hearTbreaker. Leading The Fresno Bullpups 7-6 wiTh buT one play leTT, The Dean's Darlings looked like a casT-iron cinch. l-lowever. The Tough visiTors pulled a "Merriwell" when Bob Quinn, Pup halT who had been a Thorn in The Cub side all nighT, skirTed end Tor six markers iusT as The gun popped. The Tinal Tally, I2-7, saw The Fresnans in Their TirsT vicTory over a Corson-coached eleven. San Jose's Trosh handed The KiTTen crew a I3-O loss in BaxTer STadium, and The Tiger Cubs, playing a posT season inviTaTional, losT To Placer Junior College, 6-O. l-larris Fine, oT Tracy. was honorary capTain. l-le played a bangup game aT guard all season. I r f 4: I, ,T 5 r X. -4 r' Back row-Dunlap, Hedges, Doyle, Corson, Avery, Adam-nina, Swagerry, Marfinovich Middle row-Trembley, Silva. Alexander, Koehler. McWilliams. Campbell, O'l-lara, Tulloch, Parsons Froni row--Rippon, Luiz, Hoffman, Knivelon, Bralye. Kienlz, Rivera, Breeclen, Francis ln I922 The Bloclc P Sociely was organized lo promole clean alhleiics, io acl as an advisory body for any a+hle+ic acrivilies on lhe campus, and lo assisl The Board of Conlrol in Jrhe mainrenance of college lradilions. The varsily alhleles also infor- mally acl as "big bro+hers" lo Jrhe freshman alhlelres. Thursday of each week has been designaled as "leHer day," when each member oi Jrhe sociery agreed lo wear his swealer. Officers are Rudy Rivera, presidenlg lrvin Grubbs, vice-presidenlrg Ed Koehler, secrelary-Jrreasurer. Membership in The Sociely is limired 'ro varsily coaches and arhleres who have earned Jrhe Bloclc P award. ln The Spring, The Bloclc P sponsored The annual Senior Facully Baskeiball Game which was won by The Seniors 26 io 25. The Block P wound up ilrs aclivilies on April 23 wilh an lnvirarional Sporrs Day. The precedenr-selling program was ac+ion-cram- med wilh a foolball game belween Jrhe Seniors and lhe l938 Varsily, inlramural Jrraclc and field evenls, swimming exhibilions, and closed wilh a dinner al ihe l-lolel Sloclclon. l96l 1, mt would vams . ' ' ' : 'witty ical trwnfaformation mme mag . . if!l'fld'llCi'Id in mcnfs ways of lmnking ? IVLIICIDMTXVCS and fhcir fcllosva, no 5 1 vils'xw'hiCh now Clfilblf part of the c ' ' ' it away or rcizzcdy f 5' ll If thx, Ill my 4110:-L Illlt:vl!1glUC21. Y. ' ' -h' 0.liI1iunS I nuns held t 4, g 11 f icnlizs uc . ' ' w that 11 few pivd the pmnt of vu: ' ' 1 wmv do, there f g J'?"' uuihufzxtml pump C ' Q ' ' f zlnuthcfr gr, hkchhood n ,stzmmmg lug no f"l:1bor1u wif A igx rg 1lxc whole problcm 0 d nd attcfmlg ' ' "Ml If'1l"lNl0It'IlC 21 'A 51nimos1I5 'HON f oi 'dns vo h ur ose 8 P P' e6 to public? theory wlth refcrqm resent the facts mth Erather, to 11 . . of public owncrshlp arfd to argue for the pnbhc . ity 01' against it. Out' Chili? 1. fact that ihis or that utxhty 1s the results of such vnth the Comm I x ' lume to li HI Cszs' to be el M ll . ffhm- Qdigt' - Ebfmfd in 411084: .P mcuon must be draw 1 be H0c1a1 b I l f - 4 1? WSE l'lll-NH - I Cf 'Mor of-1ndW1dU'3l8 CST' 4 ,. . Q , ' M . F ' D kzona , rac1aL and ec mmc. and dl HOW 30811 ly tlml- undorln-5 all the fnrrni:!HCS2--and nec-C ' ' . .f ati 'mul lt is the unit - ' ' ' ' ' - . political G ' -3 "hw" "f0DCl1YIdUaI1.stic: et1,i l W A up nlways reveals. As in oachrtlelzfmoral' C must alwaysiglld tlnf. cfm tllruugh Asuccessivc generxpendim d. Safeway the ch flaw-loprncnt reveal a .sing u ,Q . W mf-7 All gl umlity in the members Z9 ssfgfall' 1Hd1Ci-161011 of UW0- mnrlcnt change in thquq pages 31? dtflibtcd, "mf ff -social structure, in 391130 Ibm' U1 H . , . , k CIW:-cf :tutu txons of communityldlffhejp own 'mf development Xie? Cf1p!1blC, on I ""'f" fivlrl of stuclgff others to ch I l.X'l'I'-I1 r1llmras1JqQ-ttntasurc of l yur lf an-71 vml .A--fl' 'Ili Ill bij?-2df12f,lCif1 .S QW' 1 P I P i to , 'jx Y", WSE! .f tl1xSl'?dL L55If,?,kg lltwuxa? l 090 QA l . ifly' l uriluwg gf lmcyrgwwgi W , .. n 1. 91.1 QCUIIUFIXIC W UUE 'X gh f1f10UI . .111 l SC .l'1.Qq.rc51ss bi QA ' W . X. Y!" fm Ream! Illllildfr, 1110? th lb. ldt ', 1 ' in clxmwlallflflm' lll gil l . -dbfwmw. mlitlciill U' W L ., 531311, - ty' . l .f ew fi f ' f.'l ,- L1lllf"fB? Lgblf -1 1 it has idnm lm? llll -...T S N .Lil -X' 41 3 f he QX M I , h. K.. .,V Pr i ' - ai?" .'. ' vw I ' V 1 1' O3 'I Half-Time-Sf. Mary's Band Frolic-Alpha Them Epsilon Barn Dance Paul. Paf, and Jack Manor Hall Dance 9 Ralph. Bill, Margaref-Hungry? Tie 'm up LiHle Swag IO Fores+ and Pai' Archania Xmas Dance ll U. S. C. during half Grubbs and Cafferall Melon Feed I2 Rover boys I M nw., P231 Y 4'1:,,?f., .A, 'IT3 -'N lf X ' r , 1, 11, gd It A Q1 1 fp, - vw A 'iw ' 31, X ,X ix f - X Nz x ' Y x 'xx is ,ei tv " V ' 9 6 X' mv K va . Q, -. 3 ' rw-A ' W? -gg 1 A 'bw' .J QA rf' 7 2. Arclwanla Band Frolic A Cappella Happy Hedda Recessionl Refreshmenls for sophs. 9 Soph Wlwislcerino They pul' up a good fighl I0 "Iron Mike" Archania Tea Il Hold 'em. Phil l.ei'er Boom! I2 Use flwe Hanky, Junan! WISE 7 4 w f l - P33 AW 5 7 , -4- I Epsilon's Barn Dance 2 Buzz 3 Careful! Food-Lou and Toni 4 Pal and Palricia l Esquire IO Jim al' Rl'1izomia's Feed Band Frolic-Omega Phi ll Ma Lynch and Roy Ari I2 Waferfronl Dance-Rlwizomia Epsilon's Pledges I3 FFBSDBHS'-ll'l5llll leach em! "Double A" and Al 7 3 sf kgxlx I -2' Q , , 1 Y 1031 Vim? if .3 1 K .ia A V 61 f .1 J X vw nf, cgi Y ,V -Lv, , ',,,jnV.i - .f .V 'V u-.- -V. nl ..-:,V .' ' v. - .- , . . 1 ,, , - -V 1 n "ln" " ' ' 1 ..- . V b5"I" p .W V1 A 5, I V , .V A I V 'Y 'I I - ' F V A ' V 'Q'-'N " L' N1 'V' '.' Vg' ,-.' .V., '. 11 +. W ff' .f.V V' ,'-2"5',-f 'Va I W 4-.u-A -2 I V V . ,.: A .y. o ,r', ' .sg4,:..q1-T V-:I-it V ,,f,v,.',,4. .- . 'LJ ,W , .. . V,,. .4 .Qt .VNV UVJLJIVI ! Qcgt , ' . . ,v V ' 1 I -. fl V! 1,4-.. .swf f"7 I 1 S 0 R G R T I E S 1 BooI'I1 Bronziclw Cave C Dixon D I1 H d Hawley H II g Legomarsino Lombardi Liebman L q Aberle ar er Morrill Marsh Parker Ranney R h Richardson, L. R In d Fall Semesler Alinde Dolwrmannn Beverley McGI1an reAe,, Jean Weslrum e,,,.,... Nancy Greavesm, Genevieve Moran Oclober 29II1 e,reee Oclober 3O'rI'1 .... November 5II1 ee,e ,L December 3rd ....e ,L OFFICERS Spring Semesler Presidenl .,.. L. L L ..Genevieve Moran Vice PresidenILLLLLLLLL.L L, .Beverley McGI1an Secrelary ,ic,,. Mildred Lagomarsino L ,.,,,. ...... T reasurer L L .........,c Junan Bronzicln House Managera ,.,c....., LaVonne Richardson SOCIAL CALENDAR Receplion for "Excursion" L. Homecoming Pledge Dance Froslw Foolball Dinner December SII1 .....,..c,., LL Tea for Mollwers' Club January 7II1 ....,.i.u,,, ..,,......... .,,...cccccc,..,. L L Winler Formal February IOII1 cicA,....i L ,.c,..i,c .Fallier-Dauglirer Banguer March 6+I1 ,Ac............ ,,,.,, L ...,......... .....,,ccc,,..,...,.,,.....,,, P ledge Tea March Illln .,,l,c, ,ccccc L LL ...LLL L....LL,.,.,L.LLL.,LL.L,LL,.,, .Pledge Dance March I9II1 LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL L .,.,,,L ,L LLLLLLLLL .LLL LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.LL.LL.LLLLLL..LLLLL LLLLLL P a n -Hellenic April 3OIl'i May Isl ,,.LLLLLLLLL.. L..L.L . Formal Dinner-Dance al Del Monle May 27II1 LLL,,,,,,L.LL,,,,,L.....LL,.LLLLL. L LL..,L,LL.L,LLLL,,.,,,,,. ,LLLL,LL L LLTraclc Dinner June 3rd LLLL LLL,.LLLL.L.L. . .. ..... Gingham-Cord Dance If I IO I Greaves McGlwan Wesfrum Wo J Wolf M lIIl,I ,Q ., li .-.W i . r- L Q LLQL 'A 6 : -A -"f'1."1i"F'." 'f , i My .13 i . ii - - - T zz 1 i ' 4 ,L A.. ..,., Y .-. ..... - . , . f ' lf' ., . QR Q. ' I if i r . I' li lgiaiiii ' if lr ,ff l ' x .1 5 gasi Baer Bach B 'rl y B en e ower Chapman Ch Id H lc Jacobs Jordan King Kingdon Lamb L d R lor Robinson Sack Seavers Smiih Squires S+ Fall Semesier OFFICERS Spring Semesler Helen Jean Torvend ,,.e,,.. i,......,.,,4 P resideni .e.i.....eAi...... , .. ........, Marjorie Nichols Marjorie Nichols ....i.....eee . .i.e. V ice Presidenl, ..,. .. ...,.,c......,.A.. Evelyn King Virginia Saclc .....e.,.......c.. is eA,,e.., Secrelary ..,,,c,.. ,.., , L ,.....,..... Alice Tilion Lora Lou Childs ....A.A .,ce . ,. L cci.,...,,c Treasurer .....,,,i .. . ,L c..,.Lora Lou Childs Jane Kingdon ,.,...,. L .,..i...... House Manager., .. , cc....,.,.. ..iJane Kingdon SOCIAL CALENDAR Ociober 9+h ,,,..,....,,..i.......,,,,...,.,..,i.....,.,,......,,,,...,. Fashion Tea Oclober 22nd .c........ ,.,. ,.......ii.. ..,.,.....,.,...e..,....... B a r n Dance Oclober 29+hc seec,cc L .ec.. be c.c.. Homecoming Luncheon November IO+h ..i.. ,.., .....,,,.. .ii........iAii.icc,,,..,..... . T a Fly Pull November Zlsl i,c.,.iece,, c,..... ..i.......i.,....,,..,., P l edge Tea December 3rd ..i,,.,ci.,iicc ,cii,c,i , Faihers' Dinner December IO+h ..,. . ,.,.,. ......,i.,. F ooiball Dinner December l5+h January 22nd, March brh ess., ,, March l8+h March I9Jrhec A March 26+h April 3Olho ...,,, ,L May eih .....c.,..s ,L May I4+h cA..i..,, .. Kid Pariy .ccici.ln1Cormal Dance ,. ....c..i,i., Pledge Dance ,. , ......,........ Faculiy Parry .Pan-Hellenic Dance ,L L, .,i,A,.e.AA,.i. Pledge Dance Brealcfasi Dance clvloihers' Dinner .. ...,,.. Formal Dance lIl2l .-.Q E, EPSILON LAMBDA SIGMA Corlcehl Daniels DuBrulz Elzel Goudy Hepburn Mainard Miller Morgan Morall Morlon Nichols Sfuarl Tanberg Tilfon Torvend Traberl' lII3l Marjorie Nichols Helen Jean Torvend , -i 7 ll, L, 1, ,, ' i IN . . I l r i GQ X , i i , Ball Barneff Baxfer Blundell Breed Cameron Cary Ferroggiaro Ficovich Fliclcinger Fraser Genochio George Hodglciris McCarl McManus Meeslce Mello Millberry Owen Parker Roberis Rowe Saugsfad Sawyer Sfarr Srrong Weslon Fall Semes+er OFFICERS Spring Semesler Ann Blundell .....,...........,.... .......r,,.............. P residem' .,,....,,,,..,..,...,......r,.,................ Ann Blundell Evelyn Barnelr ,.....o,.o,o.,.,r,,,,,,,.,...A.,...,.,.. Vice Presidenr .A..,,A.,..,, .....,,.,,. .,., B o bbin Gay Peclc Bobbin Gay Peck ..........,..r........, Secrelary lRecorolingl .,.,,,,.,.,,,......... Pairicia Roberis May Lou Whifmore .,...,.,,,,.. Corresponding Secrerary .....,....,......... Peggy l-loward Minnie Sawyer .....,...,.i..dd....A...,.i...,.......,...... Treasurer ..,..,........,,.,..,,.,..,,....4.. Julianne Ralslon .4,e,... ......Minnie Sawyer ,,...,..,c,...,l-louse Manager,,s.,,,., ,.,.,......cEvelyn Barne'r+ SOCIAL CALENDAR Seprember I7+l1 ,....,...a,, Dinner for Miss Berg Sep-lember l9Jrl'1 ......,...............,.......,...,................... l-lonoring Minnie Sawyer Ocrober 7+lw .,.. Dinner for Miss Smillw, Miss McCann, and Mrs. Coder Oclober IOH1 s,ss.A.s......,...4.... Opening Rush Tea Oclober 3O+l1 .,,..,...,.. Homecoming Luncheon November 22nd ,.,,,.,.,...... Thanksgiving Dinner December 4llw ss.,...,c . .,c,i,,cscs Clirislmas Dance December I5+lw .,,,si is ,,.,.,,,, Chrislmas Dinner January 2 I sr ,..,, ,,..,.,..... R eceplion for Casl of "Silver Cord" February 2O+l'1s S so ccOpening Rusl1Tea March I2'rl1 ,,,s, ..,s,..c,.,.i.s,...,. S cavenger l-lunl March l8+l'1 ......................,....... Baslcelball Dinner May Isles .,,.s, Molhers and Falliers Dinner May 7'rl1 ss.....,. s.,s,, S Spring Formal ar Rio Del Mar Counlry Club lII4l 'bv ALPHA TI-IETA TAU gl :vi-f. - l gl liiffl Demmon Dennison Dunslan Lane Logerwell Lyons Railsback Renney Rifberg Worlh Woolley lIl5l Ann Blundell Evelyn Barnell' I ' Jjr: "i' , I ' .4A. ffl' i . . 1 ' l y A y L 'a .w f if A Wgxwil r Y Qiy 4 -Situ . 1 i ' 3 .5 'Ei 4. 'T 3 , '. Q' 1 , 4 I . ,,', nz ilk- ' ii ',a,. 5 gg A :Q 5 Q' 5 By Clk Dgl D+ e HIIH Hgfd J .iii Kg LII ar ou as urs ammons ames o nson in Ladd ron ener in a en re sfrd s+g T Tdll v+ Fall Semesler OFFICERS Spring Semesler a W Alina Dursr ..,.,. .,..,... ..A,A,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, P residenr ,.., L ,.,.A. ,, ,,4,, , , , , , ,A. Aline Dursr Edna Clark .,,.,,...,,,,.. .. .,.......... Vice Presidenr .,,,,.,,. . ,....,....,.,..A ,,,,, , E dna Clarlc Myrlle King .............AA... ,A,.,,.,,A.,.,A, S ecre+ary ..... ..,,,,, .........,, B e Hy Ann Smi+l1 Mary Slanford ........ ., ......,... ,.,.. T r easurer A,.A.A .,. ,, , Mary Slanlord Alice l-lall ,a,l..l or ,, ,,... ,,.,a. l-l ouse Manager ,..,....,. .....,.,... .,..,,.a A l ice l-lall SOCIAL CALENDAR Seplember l9Jrl1 .A..e.,A..,, Brealocasl for Olzlicers of P. S..A. Oclober 3Orl'1 ,..,, .,...... ,,a,,.l,...,... l.EalA..e L . A .4., ,, Homecoming November 5ll1 ..,.,.,,....,....,,.,.,........A,.,..,..le......A,.e,eeel,.......,....... ,Doll Tea November 6Jrl'1 .....,..,...,.,,l ,aaa,la L cl-lamburger Dance November l4+l1 ,..,,....c,.,., . .c..c..c,cccc.c.cccc,,,,.,. .,cc 4,.c., P l edge Tea December Illlw ...,...., 4 ,.,,,,lcc.,,......c..,...r...L Clmrislrnas Formal February lO+l1 ,..c...c.ccAc. ,.c.,,.,,,, D eserl Parry willi Auxiliary February l2+li., ,,,.,,c.. .,., .........,.,.....,,. .ii... V a l enline Dance Marclw 6+h. i,cii ..,. ..,.i ....,c,,.,,i Pledge Tea Marclw l9+l'1 .L A ...i . ci.,.,.c,.c,..,.....,, , .Pan l-lell March 2Oll1 ,.,... L . L Open l-louse for Alumni May I4Jrl1 ,,.,,...,....., ....,,....,..,.cc.,.i4.,,c.ic .c,. S p ring Formal May 28+l1 ..c.,,,..,,Y,,, ......,....icic . Senior Brealofasr l. II6l 'FAU KAPPA KAPPA A D O ' 3 8 Blundell Clark Dohrmann Dursl' King Nickels Moran Meehan Peck PEN HELLENIC COUNCU . OFFICERS Presidenl .......,,, ., ...A..A..A.,,,. G enevieve Moran Secrelary-Treasurer ....,.,...,.. Mariorie Nichols MEMBERS Ann Blundell Aline Dursl Beverley McGhan Edna Clark Evelyn King Bobbin Gay Peck The Pan Hellenic Council, which during lhe pasi few years has replaced The iradiiional lnier-Sororiiy Council, includes as ils members lhe Presidenl and Jrhe Vice Presidenl of each oi Jrhe living group-s. Hs iunciions include regulalion of rushing. pledging, and oiher mailers vilal io The individual members. The Annual Spring Formal of The Pan-l-lellenic Council was held ihis year al ihe l-loiel Sloclcion on March I9. lIl8l ARAENJAD :ei-A sf, ' A :el i -..i .,. . 'i , .- . .I A I 1. ,I . I I I iii A r' I I I Neil in I, ., 3' 1 ,JAN 3 . I I' I 'Ii ' , In I 'Mill X . I! F - gg IL' 5 , D 5, , Nig Ill 'ff 2 ":A ' I l. im' .D I I I N I I1 7 iI"'i re' ' f.. c if ri 'I In I . I I N. I V RS!!! ' .. I 'g Ji V. Ci, r Q, 5, I -, C 4 - . - . .9 ii iq 5 5 I 5 EH rip , -I IU? 5 fe I' 77 ,I 1 'ii ,if ., Y I Fm - ' I I V F 1. Fl' . V' A I H I 1 VA:-L: 7-I Y F 1 5' . 1 f Q . ' .4 X xl! . :I i I V ii I, I , . 1 Jax I I 'I K I' I F I I A wx if fn-xg Ig: ax ,.VV ff! 3' ' i f' ' I ' ' - '15 F Abboll R. Alalsoil Akers Barlleli Beclcwiilw Bells Beniley II ns Complon Dodge Ealon Farnesi Gassberg Greenblal M 'rin Marlinoviclw McMillan McGIoI'I1en Norion Olmsled Ray SI' hdee Travaille Tomasini Tremblay Turlcalie Tailon Wlwiie OFFICERS Fall Semesler Spring Semesler Presidenl .,.,,r....A.rrr,r....,,..r,..,,,,... William Carlile Presidenr ..,, .A ........,,.,.,,A.,i.....,.,. William Carlile E Vice Presidenl ........................,.a Marion Alcers Vice Presidenl ....,,.,a.,.,.........a.....i. Diclc Beniley Recording Secreiary ccc. ,. Corresponding Sec'y..... Treasurer ,.,..ic.ccci,.cA....ii.,.,wccci.. I-louse Managera cc,.. ,, cA..,,.,Dale Rose .Marlin Shearer Wade BecI4wiII'i Phil Marlinovicli Sergeanl al arms I i.....,,,.,,,,..,.,.,. Dick Keeble I-Iisiorian ......,,. .c,c.,,ccc I Reporier .cccicc. D .D Bill Scanllebery Ralpl'1 Trembley SOCIAL Sepl. IS. I937 ...c,.,,.,.c.,......,......,., Radio Dance Ocl. I4, I937,aFaII1er and Son Banguei Oci. I8, I937 .A....... I-louse MoIl'ier's Parry Ocl. I9, I937 .CAi,.........,Y,..,...,..,c, Radio Dance Oc+.3I, IQ37,.,,, Tea I-Ionoring I-louse Moilier Recording Secrerarya I-Iarold Dielcman Corresponding Sec'y .,...., Marlin Shearer Treasurer .,,,cicc, , cc,,c.i ccWade Beckwiili I-louse Manager or .,,c PI'iiI Marlinovicli Sergeanl ar arms. ,,cc cGeorge Tomasini I-lislorian ., , me i... I c.,Dwayne Sewell Reporler ,,,RaIpI1 Trembley CALENDAR Jan. I4 .,.......,,. Winier Wonderland Dance Radio Dance Marclw I6, I938 cc4,c ...,.i..,, cccc,c, T I1 ealre Pariy March 24, I938 i.... ., .i,. Pledge Parly April I, I938 D cc..c ,,,.,c,c Radio Dance April 30, I938 .,,, ,. ii,c ci..c.,i S pring Formal Feb. I2, IQ38 c..,,, cci.. D I, Nov. 4. I937 V....,,,,.......,..,,,..,,..,ci.,, .I-louse Srag May 6, I938 ,i,.ic... ,..,,....,i.. .V...,., R a dio Dance Nov. I2. I937 .....c.,. Arcliania Fall Informal May I4, I938ci,, ,,,,,,,,,, c c"FieId Day" Dec. 3. I937 ...,,......,C,,,,..A..... Card Parry May 2I-22 .... .iWeeIc-end al Del Monie Dec. I9, I937 Ciirisimas Parry I I2O I ALPHA KAPPA PHI Boyes Briare Carlile Haney Hellman Lloyd Scanflebury Siegfried lI2Il William Carlile Dick Benilev A iong Aflcins B y B ly Campbell C I C I EFF F13 B enciru o enciru Darby Davis Dean Downs Doyle DuPrau son Hobson C-Baumniiz Grifiilhs Iiams Irish Keiihle h er Scholl Scribner Scoil' Shepherd Siarr Toland OFFICERS Fall Semesier Sp-ring Semesler Presideni .....A,.......,.....,..........,.... Gordon While Presicleni ,........... ............,,, 6 eorge C. Bralye Vice Presiolenl ..,....,,..,,,.,...,,,.. Jerry Keilhley Vice Presidenl .......r,..,,,.......... Dick Palriquin Secrelary .....,...,,.,,.cc ..,.c...,...... B ill Kirlcman Secrelary .,,....,.,c ,..,..,,.,,.,.,,,. Roy Berry Treasurer ........c........ ...... ...,........ E d Koehler Treasurer .,... - ...c...................,,.... Forresl Darby I-louse Manager .....,.... Will Challis l-louse Manager ...,..,...,....,.. Ellon Cencirulo Oci. 5, I937 .........e,e,. ,...,.,.,... Nov. l5, I937 ...A Dec. 5. I937 ,,,,,eer SOCIAL CALENDAR Gambling Parry ..,.....,.............,Pledge Dance ..e..,,WalFle Parly Dec. I7. l937 ...,...,, Chrisimas Tree Parry March 28, I938 .......,.......... Formal Inilialion April 2. 1938 r,..... April 24, I938 ,,,, ......Big Apple I-lop April 29, I938 ..i..i..,.... ,.,,....., S pring Informal May 12. I938 .,.., May 2I-22 ...i....................... ....,,..............Serenade Formal Week Encl I l22 I Codvga Cowl Cooper Farley Frifz Gidley Knivelon Koehler Morall ulloch Wesco+t While Young Cossll' Hanson Rivera lI23l CDMEGA ALPHA lf.. f I. Gordon While George Bralye 7 i we we i ii" ir ly! l it J, . fl-1 ii , .lp .if . ' il I . nil 1' i 4 . ll -' Adamina Avery Becker Bl f Bird Briggs Coliiey F ovich Finley Finney Fisher Foss Grossmiih Hall L mb Loomis Newell Parlier Parsons Peck Pursel S onsen Smallwood Soper Slurrock Todd Van Dyke Yolo OFFICERS Fall Semesler Spring Semesier Presicleni ..A.......,,,,,,,,e,e......... William Siurrock Presideni .l.l...,e., ee.......o.... L ,..eee.. Frank Wood Vice Presideni ........,...,.....,..,..,..... Frank Wood Vice Presideni ....all......, ..l.,, G lenn P. Wilson Secreiary ,,,,,.,.,,.,.,,.l,. rA...,....... W illiam Russell Secreiary ...............l,...,..a..,,.,... William Russell Sergeani a+ arms ....,.,...,. George Blauiuss l-louse Manager .....,.,......,.,.r,.s.. James Fisher Ocl. Nov. Nov Dec. Sergeani ai arms l-louse Manager 4 SOCIAL CALENDAR 3, I937 ,,,,....,..,... Waiermelon Feed 3, i937 .,.......,...s. lVioJfl1er's Club Card Pariy I2, I937 .......,,.,.... Waierfroni Dance l5, i937 ......,.,.,, Annual Xmas Dance ,,,...,r......,Tliomas Colliee James Fislwer April 3, I938 ...,....,........,..r.., Formal Iniiialion May l. i938 ...,.. ,.... Liierary ivieeling May 6, I938 ..,...,,,...... ivlo+l1er's Club Card Pariy May I4-l5, I938 ...rr....,,,, Formal Dance ll24i RI-IO LAMBDA DePuy Devine Dunlap I-Iarlcins I-larfer l-lench Roscelli Russel Sancline ieira Wenfz Wilson Wood lI25l Durham Evans Kienlz King Sandine Seville l ' wi' wi vii.- ,. r ,f I f William Slurroclz Frank Wood 7 V l fi -.ifi 4- all , I ii' A 5,51 i . 'l A if .' V -'V 1 is-A i .13 - fi. , QI' , - I u iii +5 wi ' 5- qi. i : i , ,WI i, W . I . - 'Wi ii ,z -- . ,1,- ii . r in I b cry ,, H ':. . V3- W 1,615- . .14 1. X . ig' ' " 'xiii . ' ' 'I - i - 1' .W .H I Ak rs Beniley Bralye Carlile Cencir F her Keiihle Koehler Mariinovich Slurroc Y While Wilson Wood Interiroternity Council Presideni ..,,.....,. ...... .....AA..........,,,.......,.... W i lliam Siurroclc Secreiary ,......,.,.,, ...,. ,...,..,,.....,,,....,, W i lliam Carlile Spring Oiiicers Presideni ...C,,,,o....,.,.....,,,,.,,..,.,.,....,.,,...,o.,,,,,.,, James C. Fisher Secreiary ,o,.,,.., ........,,..i...... .............,. D i ck Beniley The council is an organizaiion founded for ihe purpose of promoiing a close and friendlier relalion among ihe diiiereni lraierniiies on 'ihe campus. Each year, The council makes ihe rules and regulaiions for rushing and pledging. Rushing slaris early in The fall wiih ihe annual lnleriraierniiy Dance and lasis uniil midwinier, giving each house a crack ai Jrhe new men siudenis. The ouisianding achievemeni lhis year was ihe pulolishing oi-a rushing book, helping io solve many of ihose perplexing problems ihai arise each year. lI26I - . - E - . - --I V- V- --------1 f-- .- -, -. s-A H- s--W--w ,.,,-,,, .,.T,,..f Y-.K - . , 4 fm.. . Baci: row. Jessup, Dowdall, Gilleffe, Meyer, Mason, A. Hall, Turkafie. Middle row: Riveff, Grubbs, Gerhari, Flefcher, Gammons, K. Hanson, Hobson, Frisen. Fronf row: Becker, Rippey. Williams. Pang, Young, Lehman, Elmquisf, Lomprey, H. Hall, M. Han- son, Alexander, McGirk. Co-Gperotive House Oufgrowfh of a growing demand for cheaper living facilifies by a group of Pacific sfudenfs, fhe Pacific Cooperafive received ifs inspirafion af fhe Asilomar Conference of I936. Looking for some organizafion fo help nourish fheir embryonic enferprise, fhis group found fhe Sfudenf Chrisfian Associafion ready fo sponsor if. Heading a small discussion and sfudy group, Karl Hanson foolc mosf of fhe burden of formulafing fhe working plan of fhe coop-, invesfigafing sfudenf opinion and securing fhe consenf of fhe adminisfrafion of fhe college. Affer fhe all-imporfanf posifion of housemofher was filled by hiring Mrs. George McGirlc, fhe Pacific Cooperafive House rang ifs firsf dinner bell Sepfember 7, I937, wifh 28 plafes on fhe fable. Karl Hanson was rewarded by'a whife ballof for fhe presidency. The ofher officers for fhe firsf semesfer were: vice-presidenf and house man- ager, Orvell Flefcher: recording secrefary, Carl Frisenp freasurer, lrvin Grubbsg corresponding secrefary, Paffy Mason. Officers serving fhe second semesfer were: presidenf, Henry Hobson: vice-presidenf and house manager, Orvell Flefcherg recording secrefary, Janef Lehman: freas- urer, lrvin Grubbsg corresponding secrefary, Paffy Mason. Cbligafions of members are worlcing a minimum of four hours a week, paying 'rwenfy-five dollars a monfh for room and board and deposifing fen dollars as a deposif, refurnable upon wifhdrawal from fhe group-. Despife fhe low cosf of fhe Coop, fhe house has been a financial suc- cess: dividends for all members were declared af fhe end of fhe firsf semesfer. il27l I 'M :Fl f I 1 I I I c rv-1' T' ilu , , , ly. , 'l gi!! ' in fsffj afiffi ISJ57 ' T SQ? I ifiussigii I in Dodge McCarlhy OFFICERS Preslclenl ,.,,,,..,,,,,,. ., ,,...,.. ,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,A,, , , ,,A.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Bill Russell Vice Presidenl ...,........ .. llll,.. Bob McCarlhy Treasurer ,,,,.......,,,,.,.. ..r. ee,e,..,,. C I yde Dodge I-louse Manager . ,...,.AAA.r ,.... Arnold Scol'r...... Charles Allen Bob Downs Slanley Miller Phillip Alosi I-larry DuPraw Bill Mills Arl Anderson Jack Anderson Gaines Armslrong George Alkins Ernesr Alkinson Bob Auslin Paul Bishop Tom Bilher AI Blackman Burk Broadley Charles Brock John Bryanl Buford Bush Sam Chaney Jack Collins Ray Cooper James Cordova Roger Cross Norman Davis Clarence DePuy Clyde Dodge Lloyd Douglas I-larris Fine Bill Finely Jack Filling Irving Frilz Frank C-erlinger Max Sobel Ralph I-Iansen Monle I-Iarmon Milchell I-lookins Murray I-lunl Slanley Johnson Kennelh Klass Waller Laederich Norman Lamb Bob Lauppe Jerry Lee Newlon Likens Dan Looney Bob Lyman Norman Medhursl Bob McCarIhy David Minasian Louis Morrill Carl Moore I-larold Obenauer Joey Oleara Tommy Oleala Jack O'Neill Jim Porler Frank Purcel Bob Rhode William Russell William Schedler Arnold Scoll Roberl Silverlhorn Bob Slark Clem Swagerly Richard Swayne Dud Thompson Bob Todd William Toland Todd Willson I-lenry Woodrum G II28l 9 Bollom row: Jane Abboll Jean Arnol i Barbara Baer Roberla Ball Belly Barry Frances Branslead Muriel Brown Elaine Burns Louise Byrnes Jean Caubu Mary Collin Claribel Collman Belly Davis Romaine Davis. Pauline Dallas Jeanne DuBrulz Genevieve De0ng Lois Ellilhorpe Belly Fink Camille Goll Elaine Goold Top row: Barry, Ball, Mrs. G-ranl, Slerner, Tompkins Hood. McCarl. Wrighl, Baer, Shoemaker wo1viEN'S HALL Presldenl .,.A.Ji,.......,.,.i..,eJ. .,..... .............l.... - .....,.e.,. Vice Presidenl .....,,sJ Mildred Gould Belly Groves Evelyn Gusinde Jean l-lales Pauline Hanna Dorolhy l-larlsuck Lovella l-lawley Rulh l-lellwig Doris l-lill Eunice l-lood Helen lngraham Norma James Rulh Jones Olga Kalmin Alice Keehner Florence Kenerelly Edilh Kidder Lois Klass Belly Kreling Dorolhy Lennox Doris Macklin Jan Wrighl Phillis Slerner Florence Malik Vivenne Manary Eleanor Marlin Bellie Myer Dorolhy Mielh Beverly Miller Mary Miller -W Barbara Newman Barbara Newlon Maryellen Nelson Jacqueline Parker Marnga Phelps Dorolhy Phillis Pally Pruyn Winnie Rankin Barbara Reinle Rulh Riqor Toni Rilberg Elizabelh Rochex Marabelle Rodier l-lelen Rolhang Jean Sack Josephine Schillerle Mary Seward Belly Shoemaker Reba Sinclair Liberly Smilh Adrian Squires Wilma Swarls Jane Thexlon Winilred Tompkins Jane Turner Rulh Warren Beverly Wellman Louise Wesl Barbara Wilbur Belly Wood Cornelia Wood Mary Ann Williams Beverly Wrighl Jan Wrighl HCDUSE TRHDITICDNS IT has long been The TradiTion oT The sororiTies To TeTe PaciTic AThleTes aT The close oT Their respecTive season wiTh an annual din- ner. ATTer each dinner The capTains oT The coming season are elecTed and announced. The TooTballers Trek To Epsilon Tor dinner while The baslceTball squad is inviTed over by Alpha TheTa. A Table is seT Tor The Track men by The women oT Mu ZeTa Rho. The bewildered Treshmen receive Their TirsT biT oT rushing when Old Rhizomia holds Their Annual WaTermelon Feed early in SepTem- ber. The men oT Omega Phi ThroughouT The years invade sororiTy circles To lend Their voices in Their TradiTional Song Serenade. Grad- uaTes oT Archania, iusT beTore The end oT The year, are whislced away To The Annual STrawberry FesTival. lI3Ol A RANJADC 1 ' S 1 i l I 21 . K - i . , . V Q iiiil .l .1 ' F la, lL. .' A , x , ' Q lg ' if Abboil Arbuclcle Barneir Breed Cencirulo Daniels F l y Ferroggia ro George Gholz Hobson Kingd Mason O l-l Peck Rippey Sack Sandine Tillon Turlcaiie W All College Honor Society Local honorary iralernily for oulslanding scholarship and leadership. OFFICERS Chancellor .,l.. ....,.....,,,........ll,,....,.........o l,.,.... l-l e nry l-lobson Vice Chancellor . ,. .. ,,...,.,, Margarel Breed Marshall . ,cccccooo.,coccc . Al.,.oo Bobbin Gay Peck Sergeani-al-arms ., ,. .. ,,...c..., l..o F rancis O'l-lare Scribe ,....,......,...c.c. .,,.cl ,cc.....ll . . ., l.l. .... P roiessor Corbin MEMBERS Roger Abbolr Philip Alosi Mary Arbuclrle Evelyn Barnell M. Barron Ann Blundell Margarel Breed Roy Cencirulo Charles Corbin Eileen Daniels Frances Embrey Malcolm Eiselen Erwin Farley Fred Farley Delphine Ferroggiaro Margarel George Charles Gholz William l-larris l-lenry l-lobson l-larold Jacoby Jane Kingdon Lorraine Knoles Tully Knoles Palricia Mason Francis O'l-lare Bobbin Gay Peclc Julianne Ralslon Thomas Rippey Virginia Sack Louis Sandine Ernesl Sranford Alice Tillon Alex Turlcaiie G. A. Werner Virginia Weslon H321 3' i Abbott Bovey Childs Dodds Eaton Farl y Hll l-lgtd Jd Lpy OF aft Om Salton Grubbs a un er or Morrell Michelson Pulich R Sato Student Christian Associctttoh Formed by a union ot the Young Men's Ch ristian Association and the Young Women's Christian Association I934 President ..A......,.....,...........,,,,.. Vice President ,o,,.,, Secretary ..........,..,........,.....t... Treasurer ..........................,........... Membership Chairman 4...,,.,.t Social Chairman ......i......,,..,, Finance Chairman ...,..,.,., Chapel Chairman ......, s,,,,.,,.lrvin Grubbs ,....,.,....l.ora Lou Childs Dodds Eaton .,,,s...Fred Abbott ,.,.Jane Jordan ....., Erwin Farley .,...,..,,s.s,,Mary Lomprey Rooms Chairman ...................,i...tA..... ........ .,..s.,,,,,t A l ice lvtichelsen Public Attairs ...,.......,,..,.........,...,.......,,.,.....,4...... t.,..,.. M artin Pulich Intercollegiate Representative .....,s.,....,. .,,.....,,,... lvl ary Salton Race Relationse, ,....,,ss..,.,,.,,.s..i. ,....,...,.. . .. ,...s, Florence Sato Librarian .......................,...., .t.,.....,.........., ...,..,....sA..,,s,, l-l e len l-lall Publicity ...,,..............,.... Rae l-lungertord Sunday Evenings .,,..,A,, .......,....,,,.,i.,,......,...........,.ttt..,.,.,,,,,,,..,,, B ob Bovey Frosh Club ......,...t,..t..............., .s,.,,...w..vv....,.t,,,.st..,......,,Y.,,s,,ssss,s,,..,t,,,tv, Jean Morrell Frosh Club President ........... ......,...s. l. ora Lou Childs and Rudy Rivera Executive Secretary .t.......s.. .,..,.,.,,,,,,s,,....., ,.,,..s,.,..,,.4,,,t,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,. B u tord Bush Advisor, .......s...,..,..,. . .. Vs.s.....,,,..,.s,,,..,,,,,s,V,t,ssAs,,,,,,,t,,,,.A Dean Corson 51331 7 EUC Ab bie Boyes C irulo Kingdon R S I q Sh d Sl ei epar ' Nichols Rey ld f d Turlcalle Walcf Id BETA BETA BETA Naiional Honorary Biological Sociely lor undergraduales. Local cliapler, Omicron, organized in l93O. Dr. A. E. Noble is lime sponsor. Presidenl ..,.,.,............ ..,.. ..,,.o.or.i N o el Sliaelfer Vice Presidenl .,,.i..i.,... ..,..,,.. .,.c.,..,,, J a ne Klngdon Secly.-Treas. ..,,c ccc, T ,,ccc B elly Abercrombie l-lislorian .... ..,..,,,,. l-l arold Dieclcmann MEMBERS Belly Abercrombie Fred Boyes Roy Cencirulo l-larold Dieclcmann Violel Graves Glenn Harper Alfred l-lolclioll Jane Kingdon Marie Nichols Alonzo Reynolds Rose Lee Rowe George Selig Noel Slwaeliler William Slweperd Mary Slanford Alex Turlcalle Doris Wakefield ll34l 5 Abboii Abercrombie Barlleff Boyes Gerharf Guggolz H H h Ca nion Norfon Noieware Robinson R einric Villarus Ziegler Seliq' Sewell Smiih Wakefield QR'-.FHO META PARA Local lraiernilry honoring scholarship in The physical sciences High Exalled Alchemisi ..,....,, Norman D. Noieware Mosl' Worihy Caialyzer .........i........... Duane C. Sewell Grand Reducer ................,.,.. .....,......r...... J ack F. Ziegler Super Synihesizer ..,.,..,,,. ......,,... H omer C. Hansen Counselor .......u......,,.....r.......,...,...,..r,......,..,.. Dr. A. T. Bawden Belly Abercrombie Roberl Barlleli Dr. A. T. Bawden John Blinn Fred F. Boyes Mrs. lrene Canlon Ellis Elder Kennerh H. Fergusson Glee Gerharl' Raymond Guerney Jack Guggolz D Homer C. Hansen Karl H. Hansen Louis Heinrich AI l-lolcholl Mrs. C. R. Hull Eric C. Jacobsen Prof. J. l-l. Jon're l-laworlh Jonie Dr. Clarence E. Larson Peler F. Madsen Elwood Mollfill Ted R. Norfon Norman D. Noleware Miriam A. Robinson Rose Lee Rowe George Selig Duane C. Sewell Eugene F. Sho:-Jr Charles F. Tarbos William Villaruz Doris Wakefield Dr. Allen W. Waldo Jaclc F. Ziegler -.. 1 - I A b kl Barnell' Bl Breed C l Abb H r uc e SC C p r Dunfon Ferrogqiaro Gholz Newell N lu l P lc Reynolds Sancline Weston PHI GAMMA MU Nalional honor sociely for social sciences. Local clwapler organized Dec. I, I924. FALL Presiclenl .,.LLL.LLl.LLlll..lLl A .l.,.....,..,LLL... .........,.,,,,, L .Louis Sancline Vice Presiclenl ,..A.,,..,,.. , .,....,.,,A...., . LL.,,.lLl Julianne Ralslon Secly.-Treas .,l., ,,... ..,.......L...,,.,L,,.l..L.... M a lcolm R. Eiselen SPRING Presidenl .,,,,L,,,,l,,L,Al., ,VL..,,,,LL L,,,,L . L ,..LLl. Evelyn Barnelrl Vice Presidenl ...L.......... .,....,, ,,.,,... ............... W e s ley Dunlon Secly.-Trees ....A ....,LL.....,......,..,.,...,...A...., M alcolm R. Eiselen MEMBERS Roger Abboll ' Mary Arbuclcle Evelyn Barnell Eleanor Blum Margarel Breed Roy Cencirulo Elmyran Cooper Wesley Dunlon Delplwine Ferrogqiaro Charles Glwolz P. J. Jacobs Holbrook Newell Marie Nichols Rullw Powell Bobbin Gay Peck Julianne Ralslon Alonzo Reynolds Louis Sancline Nell Viclcroy Virginia Weslon Clwesler Winslnip lI36l 7 Childs Flicken er Dernmon Hobson John 9 Laqomarsino Miller Roberls Turlcalle Wes P1-11 SIGMA GAMMA Honorary lralernily for modern languages. Local chapler organized in May, I929. Presidenl ,.,.............o C ., o,oooo.. Frances Embrey Vice Presidenl ,,.,r..V.,o.. , ,.,.,... Palricia Roberls Secrelary ,.r...,.. re.,. ..,ee..... l. ora Lou Childs Treasurer ...,..,.,,...c. ,.,,.,....s..,,., A lex Turlcalle Hislorian ,..,s.,.,.. ,,.....,,,s.,,c..,...,.,rs..... ,,,,c..e ,.... R u + h Greenough MEMBERS Philip Alosi Aileen Buoy Lora Lou Childs Ruberla Demmon Frances Embrey Berry Fliclcinger Rulh Greenough Henry Hobson Rulh Johnson Mildred Lagomarsino Jean Miller Palricia Roberls Alex Turlcalle Virginia Weslon I I. 3-RPI l l . 4,,, 1 iv.: . wr. .,' ' i y , -v. .1 new 1 wr 1 l A . .V V. i 1 ggi' i li , J , i ' i ii, .aiul ' S fi-It 'riff i ,i , X wel 151 - J x H of B ee F, gr, , J .1 .ill ir l ' ' i , i iv: l - ' 'i. 1 lj 11 : Q :J 1 - ' , , , -Y!, , K 4 I 5 . I I A lj, ll. - .X , A ln gasl Barlolomew Dunslan l-lixson Kolln McGlian Miller Morall Ranney Torvend Woodruff ORC-,'Hl:iSlS Orclwesis, honorary dancing sociely. Presiolenl ......o,.........,....o. oA...,...,o l-lelen Jean Torvenol Vice Presiclenl ....,,,...... ., .,...,o,..,,.. Verna Dunslan Secrelary Tresurer .,... , . A eee, Floriene Buoy MEMBERS l-lelen Arbogasf Dorollriy Barllwolomew Joyce Blackman Aileen Buoy Floriene Buoy Verna Dunslran Jean Fergusson Jean Goodwin Eclillw Claire l-lixson Edilln liams Dorollwy Kolln Laverne Laqoria Dorolliy Elmquisl Beverley McC5l1an Jean Miller Jean Morall Mary Ranney Gail Sclweere l-lelen Jean Torvencl Barbara Wilbur Jeanne Wooclruicl Camille Golf, l-lororary lI38l B Enderlin Harmon Liedslrand Y S en Shorl T aylor While O Nalional lralernily honoring oulslancing aclwievemenl in music. FALL SEMESTER OFFICERS SPRING SEMESTER Paul Taylor ,,........... ,...,,.,..SS.,.,......,. S upreme Councilman ...................,,.......,.,,..., Paul Taylor Rodney Randalle ....,..... .,V. ........,....... P r esidenl ....,......,.,...,o, ,...,.,,,,.,, A lvin Liedsrrand Alvin Liedslrand o,,,,o...,.,o .....,.o,..,,.. V ice Presidenl ,......,..... ,,,....AA,,.,,, R oolney Randall Primo Yolo .,...... .....A.....,,... T reasurer ..,..........o .,.,,..,., W illiam Siegfried Eric Alvord .A.... .......l.,.,... S ecrelary ,,.,o......... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. A lberl Miller Ed. Simonsen.. Roy Berry .......... Russell Aillcen Phillip- Alosi Allen Bacon Russell Bodley Birk Broadly Horace Brown Jim Corson Euvel Enderlin l-l I sloria rdenn... ,,,....,..MilJron Kwale .,.,,....s.Laurence Slworl Miller Si gl d Y b W H MEMBERS Jolwn Elliol' Louis Farone Pere Gillespie l-larmon Ginn Roberl Gordon Myron l-larmon Roy l-lemsworllw Wesley Hull Louis Morse Bob Riddell Franlc Smillw Kennelln Vincenl l-lenry Wellon l-luber+iWl1i+e Delberi Wescoll i i ls I . , , 1. n-.2 g.. -:cr ' . in I, r ? I , I f , L-A ,.. , .,,, ' - . I , f.i1.1i- .l': ,l ' B, P3 Barnes Benlley Blundell Brown D I Johnson Rickson Tillon Torvencl W MU PHI EPSILON Nalional honorary musical sororiry. Mu Ela chapler organized in l92O OFFICERS Presidenf: ...o.....,V,,,.A.,,,.o....,,.,o,,V ,,,,, B . ...A. , .... I lrva Riclcson Vice Presidenl .................. o,,,.. ........,,....o.. A nn Blundell Recording Secrelary .............c ,...., ..,. .,,c E i l een Daniels Corresponding Secrelary ,,,.cc,,,,,,....,. ,.... R ulh Johnson Treasurer .c., -...,, . . ., ....,,..., ,,.,,.... . Ml-lelen Jean Torvend l-lislorian ...,, ,eei . e.,. M iriam Burlon Chaplain e,,ce ..c. eee,, N e lla Rogers Warden ....,,, .I..,, . ,I e..,e .Virginia Brown Choisler .c.,,. s........,,. , .. I..... .... ......,,,Y,ss,,, B R ulh Barnes MEMBERS Rulh Barnes Norma Benlley Ann Blundell Frances Bowerman Virginia Brown Miriam Burlon Mary Shaw Coslello Eileen Daniels Rulh Johnson lrva Riclcson Nella Rogers Virginia Sack Marcella Thorp Alice Tilron I-lelen Jean Torvend Jeanne Weir Il4Ol Ak rs Ba rnefl P k 5 fh OC mi Darby While THETA ALPHA PHI Nalional clrannalic honorary lralrernily. Local clwapler organized in I922 OFFICERS Presidenr .......,,...,., ,.V,...aA..,..,.a..A.....A......,.....o.,..,, A rrlwur Farey Secrelary .,A,.,,...A,.,,,.,,. .,,.. -..... .,... M o n a Belle l-lenclw Vice Presiclenr ..,,.l..,,.a. ,,.,.,,,.,.,.... V elrna McCall Treasurer ........,....,...,.o.,...,..,..,.a,,,,.,,,.,l.,,..........,.... Marion Akers MEMBERS Marion Alcers Ar'r Farey I.aHa Ross Evelyn Barnell Mona Belle l-lenclw Andrew Slwoolc DeMarcus Brown Velma McCall Jean Smifh Forresf Darby Roberl Eley Nelda Ormislon Bobbin Gay Peclc Marllwa Pierce Kennellw Slowell l-luberl While 5: , I i . 3 -, fi-L T I , . V V l 5 , ' 5 -4 g 1 ,. pil- ' . l , ' ' lr-s. l 'T V W Farley Griflifhs l-lancocl: Miller Nichols Pl-iifer Pulich Russell Sandine PHI KAPPA DELTA Nalional honorary lralernily lor deloaling and forensics Presidenl .....,........o...,.,....o..,..., .llr.,,..,..r.rr.l..,o,.,.,.. L ouis Sancline Vice Presidenl .,.,.,,.Ao.,. A. ,o..oo ..o.o.l...... E rwin Farley Secrelary Treasurer ,,l.,.. .Gregg Philer Gladys Barlholornew Gregg Philer Frances Embrey Dr. Roy C. McCall Marlin Pulich Erwin Farley Jean Miller Bill Russell Carl Frisen Marie Nichols Louis Sandine Doris l-lancocls Dwayne Orlon Roberl Wrighl PHI BHG PI Nalional Junior College honorary lralernily for deloaiing and forensics Presidenl ....,..,ci,, c,,.i.,,.cc., A c sccc .,ssss.s .......,..r. ..s. lvl a r 'rin Pulich Vice Presidenl ,.,,.................,....,. ,...........,.....,... G regg Philer Secrelary Treasurer .....,,..... Ghrislian Vanden Alrlrer Chrislian Vanden Alcker Gregg Philer Gladys Barlholomew Trevor Grilifilhs Marlin Pulich Bill Biddiclc Dr. Roy C. lVlcCall Roberl Wrighl l I42 QI R 43 Wm. Villarruz Honorio E. Burigsay Marcello B. Umepeg Fausfino F. Daq cl Eusebio N. Ballogdaian Mamerlo A. Revives FILIPINO STUDENTS CLUB P Founded on Feb. l3.V I938 Purposes: To promofe The group as a whole: +o gain recognilriong To solve our mulrual problems: lo eslablish good will and good relalions wilrh ofher groups. Presidenl .......................... .....,....,.. W illiam Villarruz Vice-Presidenl ,........,....,.,.....,...., ,...... l-l onorio E. Burigsay Secrelary-Treasurer ,..,...,,,.,.,.,,. Fauslino S. Daquiado Sargean+-al-Arms ....,,............,..... Mamerlo A, Revives Audilor .....,.. ....,........,.,,........................,....., G ene lvlingming Members: Marcello Umepeg, Eusebio Balogdajan 7 r ui af Abbofl I li l, Dixon Beclcer Marsh Rippey Van Gelder Wood SCRCDLL AND STYLUS An honorary lilerary guild, which slresses crealive wririnq and Jrhoughl, basic arls which are prevalenl in all walks ol life. OFFlCERS Presiclenl c.......,i .ii..... . . i....., B ,c.. ...,,c A .Gladys l-lughes Secrelary Treasurer ,ccc,c cccc ,.i,......,. B ...,,,,,, D o ris Marsh MEMBERS Roger Abboll Florine Buoy Torn Rippey Bob Baslian Bob Davis lngelborq von loben Sels Vernon Bean Bill Becker Bob Broaddus Aileen Buoy Belly Dixon Gladys l-lughes Doris Marsh Elinore McCann Marlha Pierce Dorolhy Van Gelder Beverly Wrighl Waller Wrighl Jeanne Woodruff H441 A Rr ANJA B I HAL KNIVETON Co-CapTain 4 MICK PARSONS Co-CapTain A ' ,-if 'A W ,,,f1f53'fL-I A ,fz"'j: , A M i RALPH FRANCIS VARSITY BASKETBALL Flooring one oT his besT l3aslceTbal quinTeTs in seasons, The besT Ralph Francis, PaciTic: varsiTy coach, could qeT was a deTiciT on The I937-38 season play, winding up wi+h a sTandinq oT 9 won and II losT. From The very sTarT oT The campaign, The Tiger lads looked as Though They would conquer anyThing in casaba duds. They had everyjrhing,-heighT, abiliTy. and speed,-Tor The True virTues oT baslceTball. They ran roughshod over a horde of alumni Top row-Hench, McWilliams, Adamlna, Avery. Dahl, Hoffman, Francis BoTTom row-Parsons, KniveTon. Dunlap, Koehler, Rippon Qwlhc I3 lpn s. . i , A i,.,?,,mf4 :Wi sg . I Y , - r . . , 3 J! I, r A A so L L o o so A in The annual season opener, 63-35, To bear ouT pre-campaign predicTions. They conTinued The pre-conTerence play by drubbing a sTurdy Auburn Town Team. Win number Three was acquired aT The expense oT a barnsTorming l-lasTings College Tive Trom Nebraska. 47-36. The IQ37-38 PaciTic VarsiTy sTopped and looked around aT This poinT, Tor They were becoming world beaTers. BuT They looked The wrong way Too long, iT seems, Tor a big, black ThunderbolT came ouT oT The EasT and bowled over C. O. P.'s hereToTore crack CaT crew. The Traveling Broadway Clowns, a consisTenT negro baskeTbaIl aggregaTion. applied a sweeT sober-up iob To The varsiTy when They slipped Them Their TirsT loss oT The year, 39-35. This apparenTly shocked The Bengal hardwooders To such an exTenT ThaT They "knew noT whaT They did". Given a Tair chance To Tinish higher in The NorThern CaliTornia circuiT Than They had The previous season lPaciTic losT eighT successive games and wound up in lasT place in l937l, The C. O. P. varsiTy prompTly duplicaTed Their lasT ill perTormance in This league. FighTing Their hearTs ouT in all The games, and minus Their sTar guard, l-lal KniveTon, in Two games, The Tigers dropped all eighT conTesTs in The "home and home" N.C.l.B.C. schedule. SanTa Clara, San Jose, ST. Mary's, and U. S. F. each deTeaTed The clawless Tigers Twice. SanTa Clara opened The season in Tiger Town wiTh a 35-24 vicTory over The Ben- gals led by Mick Parsons, corking CaT veTeran, who made eighT poinTs, and Paul Rippon, Tlashy San Francisco J. C. TransTer To The PaciTic varsiTy, who hooped seven digiTs. 5.13 ii l. TF ,,, , l - s 'e i.7,,...- . . - silk l T l l . l-1' ,'.. - H , 'iff E . I '.' - lQf'f ,f'!' M. Parsons 'gi l-l TT i o man McWilliams M W lliams and Rippon mix in mad Aggie melee PaT Dunlap smears an Ag. aTTempT ,i ,il T- fe y -Ziyi 7 I ' -, .1 'f' 4, . - Y x . 1 . ,.f .ln ,IA I I I if 5 ,I 3, " in I!! Q Q , 5. - , 3. . 1 ' H "W If ' Q-' ir, zu n E fst'E 2 ,f s neffed 8 field goals for a grand I6 poinf fofal. l-le was baclced up in fhe poinf-malcing by Rippon who scored IO digifs. The second game was iusf a duplicafe of fhe firsf. Rippon scored IO in fhis one foo. The double win puf Pacific af fhe head of fhe Far Wesf race. The following week, Ralph Francis foolc his men fo Nevada for whaf proved fo be fhe vifal series of fhe conference run. Playing a double header in Reno, The Ben- gals losf fwo fo Nevada U. and slipped info a second place fie wifh fhe Cal. Aggies. The scores: 37-22, 44-34. The firsf affair was a hard one fo lose, ye C. O. P. varsify going fo fhe wars sans being in shape. The second filf was sfill harder fo lose since fhe lead changed hands five differenf fimes. wifh fhe Tigers sfanding high af fhe half. l-low- ever, fhe Wolves had foo much sfuff on fhe ball on fheir own courf. Dunlap's I2 poinfs in fhe second fracas represenfed Pacific's besf showing af Reno. Meefing fheir second place buddies in fhe fhird conference series meanf one of fwo fhings fo fhe Bengal-do or die. l-le did-do. The Francismen easily whipped fhe Aggie Musfangs in fwo games: 46-39 af Woodland, and 27-20 in Tiger Town. This flipped fhe Aggs ouf of Far Wesfern confenfion and gave fhe Tigers a fighfing chance for fhe "win dough." Paul Rippon led fhe scoring in game number one wifh a I9 fofal. l-le came back in fhe second game wifh 8 fo help ease fhe Sfripecl Cafs info undispufed second place. Wifh fhe lasf series of fhe season and conference on fap, Pacific found fhaf fhe end 1.-g-- -v Rippo Wilsa Avery bals one ine-O, Fresno! Hoffman in The air aqainsf Bulldogs. Doy 'S' i - 7 r ful .47 1. L i """gQ5 f . .Eh 115. i .TT - ' . 1 ' if 1-7 i ,N i , X.: I. 4 f J 'lil' fi i "P n le l 7 l . :.: . , Mx fix 1. . . iylffllkf -' N 1 fi 5 f....: .v ,sl 3 - . 1 s f i- ! V 'J 23: ' rg 3 an V 082' L ' , il., was iusT as imporTanT as The resT had been. Fresno had hopes Tor second and perhaps a TirsT. PaciTic lay wiTh The same ThoughT in mind. Qpinio being spliT on The ulTimaTe ouTcome oT The seT-To, The Francis Tiger seT everyone righT by double-dosing a very Tough Fresno Tive. Scores: 50-47, 36-34. This compleTed The season and Tound C. O. P. lodging in The "2 hole," a sTep behind The new champions, Nevada, wiTh six wins, Two losses Taking everyThing inTo consideraTion. The I937-38 PaciTic baskeTbal campaign was a preTTy Tair one. The dismal showing in NorThern Cali- Tornia circles was guiTe expecTed. The second place acquired by The Francismen in F. W. sTandings was a good deal. Mick Parsons was high poinTer Tor The season wiTh l83. IT was The brillianT Torward's lasT year oT college baskeTball and he bowed ouT gra ciously. l-lal KniveTon, capTain-and sTar guard oT The Bengal c1uinTeT, als , --1 Q A sf .Xl if i l said "Tarewell" To his collegiaTe baskeTball days. l-le came Through wiT anoTher mighTy Tine season. The Tind oT The season was liTTle Paul "Rip" Rip-pon oT San Francisco. l-lis greaT ball handling and super-shooTing saved many a Tiger siTuaTion, albeiT noT enough. l-le Tinished The scoring' season wiTh a I76 poinT ToTal. Men like McWilliams, Doyle, Adamina, Dahl, Dunlap, Koehler, and, oT course, Rippon will make up The brunT oT' The '38-'39 campaigner. Dunlap Avery Adamina Parsons iumping Tor Pacific. Mickey T. hawks one oTT The board. 1 MIM nfzlann :urn-una IIEIEJH 7 l .silho- HEJ UU ua Cm JJ UH LH HJ UU IJ Q0 1 om f 4' '0- " S f hs' 'sv--'f"'?-2 ,. .-, ' 1-- ' '.:...-.-..-gig, .agggifw my as '- K ' ff'7f:.fzTiiQ ' 'K ., 55319 7 N -.1 5. , W: ..,., I X At 1. f .A-,, , '!E"',, 3 , M . vm ,4 'a'g,:.H' 5 4 u. x'- '- - K V ug ' ffr 1 1 1'-' -.,.,-,U-1. , .,.., , ., ,. l i ken ' V , L qw: I 1- . 1 ,N A 1 fu-T'-M .JET A-, ,-,.,,. I x YA 'W ' 1 -ri' 'ff' 5:31523 wr'- . .A .,..,:. 1 .. :rg 3.53 wr N1-M: 2 M-gww: L, , . , , Q., L Q '2 ' . 1 tg, , , .. .. .V . 'ir ,Q 1 U' I1 .X J U' . 0 v P 1 .yn .m X 1 - l, I I r T 1 ' 16- V fx QL JJ 183 ' Q. W um.. 1 ugh, 13-5553: X 2 -rw as F A .. - ,., .,..., . .. f f 5 . "flag f ':':" 21 - "1 f 1 3 . -, ip I f 1 2 -F I - 2 - Hn 4, ff A Vi! I, it i e ggi!! Z k -: .,,-:- j 4 I, , ,E .E f J J' 1 ,li , 5, , L , Aw M A 5 A I 1 G 1 R A S Miss Verna Dunstan, Queen of the Mardi Gras in-121 ,n 'J 59? '-4 1 , 3 w ., L' .rf P Ei. H if -lax 1-1--N , -,Dv 119' J .L A 'U 4' 1 1 if '.f,4'.l:,a,5,' -34" ,-5-?'i 21 mi' fu-.'?41 2 A ff mf ling.:-!'.'f1.,'.5 J' lj-rg' J Quqif'-51,1 H151 IH"-LN -'ff .-1-Q1 1. E 1 ,jrfvuu Q-".l , ' K ""k . I"1 7.2: 4 BETTY BARRY MARJORIE NICHOLS JEAN WESTRUM JEAN STRONG Ladies In Xxfaiting ,s "' f-"M--Vi I - 4.9521 6 rw 'wg Nu ur ff-- 1-'NV- 1-u.LLec-B HN t V Qgygfflxc f fp, - U ' V 1 f : ef 1 , 3 K 1 l 2 x ff f , , 'Wm 3 4 4, My 'E,, ,I , Yi , 5 ! B , - i X xii 5 ,:', 3,1 ', L - 1b.C-0 - web - Po-0' 5, f 4 x- Wd? 4 qi 0' Drk W' 5 Y' vw M 'J , l .4 V l A , -nav 5 .- 3 V E . r , V ', a' I' ' ' 7' x .-s-- ' rv- A i .ft , ' "1 'f' ff i hi , -' 'X . --.-.1 - ,- ,, -- L ,, 4 ff ' L ' L x I 2 DL if 'X Q. - 'Y ' -,- 'uffju V , 'ziqwf' ,A -- ' .JV f V , l. y -2 - fx,-.1 ' 'S Q5 if ' -- in f XM- ' :"f, 'uf' 72' a-W .. ,Gi C ,Nag I- I I, 13,1 1' 1 , H , -fir, s --"df - ff - rf- - W - -,fm ,. I F4 x ,. 'fi 5 5? -ry? ' - YV- ' 3 -V V- ,, fjijf H P-Lp: 1-iz.:-'veal-L avwffy r Q5 Q ,eil ,N- 'ff' 1 - ' Ch- 1.44 ml a . A git . NX :OM W' :IU Bax ..xu-1" 1 .., 1 ,Q - 3, . i , sxgsizcn .je . .ff .I x e?.- b 13 - 5 .- , ' :QQ A 'W-1 X52 - , QF- ,.1-1ifl- . A Q . U . 4' ' ' ' be J , we E '1 B y 4 ' " D L 4 277 95 K W.3'!.Zg we We . ' Zig uf- I A' .1 1 B r Q 1 as X' t x 5 QA dr- ,X K 'x fi I 1 4-:Eq- l i v ,, Q A Ymkf .- 'E x , YV .ff:?.'- ,.-2. "v.,..fs-:-, .5 . W fo, fl5f,1 -,-'L-Q22 C 5' f'f-f-'t-ww" if f"'3 ,4'Ff' ' X ',',fW4'Lf'?f 1 L1 'vu " W ' 1- il 'lf Q -- fi Yi n-fe .Ji 'VLIAJN' f f'iii,Y,1'f .,j' kfi we ' ff! im., '4 ll X .. V Ji A , ff 4 , .4 4 I , Qui f 292 -if ' - 17: S4 W '! 3 ff M-Ziff! 5129: f f' .Egg u 'gl sb f . f u 1 , 1111- 1 xv '..', ' .5159 1 F' .fn 1? ' ' 'fl75i"f "rs wa' , 5,-.2 . blink' pfz' - ' ,Ziff 1 X '32 ,ffffs X1 Mi" 'aw',5:5'-5 if-A W g 'I-f: ggahgyfgxw rip ' :3 Q 6,'4'u.::4:xg-.Lf Qlf Af' 1 1. " ' M 2 'M V" 13, I f V' fic: 'I . X 1. 'l'l.,rl1.f'if, A rmifjf gg' f .frfzay z. .1-Q 4 v 0' u , V .K ,L n '1- ' , V I 11 , f I A 1 . jg-K ,VAX QS- -' 1. 7 Q. if - -ua' Ni' '-.4 I Q-in Mardi Gros Pafrons and Palronesses Dean and MVS- J- 6- ElliOli Dr. and Mrs. C. Gordon Pallen Mr. and Mrs. J. Russell Bodley Mr. and Mrs. Arihur Farey General Chairman V I N C E N T P E C K Queen C0mmi++ee Publicify CommiH'ee Tom Coffey Cosiume CommiHee Jean Wesirum Doris l-lill Jane Jordan Marion Akers l-lerlha Rausch Jan Wrighl Joyce Dunkerly Broadcasf CommiHee John Crabbe Finance CommiH'ee Roy Cencirulo Prize CommiHee Erwin Farley Trevor Griiziiihs Maryly Lyons Decorafions CommiH'ee Bob Baslian Dick Palriquin Dick Riddell Les Knoles Bill Mills Roberla Ball Tom Coffey Doroihy Mierh Carolyn Webber l-lerman Gaumnilz Jess Gidley Marion Akers Pairicia Millberry Sarah Cameron Mildred Saugsiad Beverly Siarr Toni Riiberg Henry Woodrum Tom Riprpey Bill Becker Carl Frisen George Meyers William liams Music CommiH'ee AI l-larkins Concessions CommiHee Dick Pairiquin Program CommiHee William liams Bob Basiian Paul Dowdall Ligh+ing CommiH'ee Marion Akers Joe Downey Bob Grady Les Knoles D E A T H V A L L E Y 5 l "WrEnkles"Welsl1 5 Daily News 8 Only While Woman in Deafh Valley 2 On Loca+ion 6 Land Sick 9 Rodenls 3 "Tl1irsTy?" 7 Guggolz IO "Forly Winks" Waldo Caplured II "Never Again" lk 5'-s. Vx. ll X3 I' gs VAL' H" " Yi' 'Y F ,. , . -Y 77 7 L -. ,Af- .9 Wfvvigif g I Poison af Jrhe Hole On fhe Wagon 8 "Thar She Spou+s" 2 Gaumnifz and Smiih by a Dam Sire When Lombardi Smiles 9 Pep Talk 3 Bull Session Hosfess IO Hi Going +o Press l Clean Up 4 Tucl: Loaders 2 Early Risers 5 Ralph and Gil 8 Bog Four 3 Come Gel H 6 Even When Asleep 9 Over 'lhe Lake 7 "Il This Way" IO Cafe de Jonie WA. ,ful .As I' VW l 4 l -11' . C I i l 1 O Mx -s T R A C K I i -" in i :nn i l VARSITY TRACK COACH EARL R. JACKSON Track resumed ils righlful place among The major sporls al Jrhe College of Jrhe Pacific This year. For rhe firsl lime in hall a decade hoslile spikes scarred lhe Baxrer Sladium oval. Called from graduale work ai' Slanford came Coach Earl R. "SJronewall" Jackson lo direc'r lhe lorlunes of lhe Bengal cindermen. Behind him lay an excellenl record of Jrwenly years coaching in The lvlidwesl. Afler five years of Jrrack famine, Jrhe sjrarved Bengals were ready ro go, buf were woefully unprepared. l-lardly a man on Jackson's squad had had inlercollegialre com- pelilive experience, and a large percenlage had eifher no experience or second-rare high school records. Back row: Jackson. B, Parsons, M. Parsons, Calrerall, Bovey, Gardner, DePuy, Parlier Middle row: Dunlap, Hoicfman, Peck, Doyle, Tomasini, Nelson, Avery Fronl row: Scoirr, Alkinson, Hansbrow. Tulloch. McDonnell, Sfarr A ll7Ol l I. r , 'Gm . A ' - Ph er Nelson Tcmasini Hoffman Aflc By far fhe hardesf worlcer associafed wifh fraclc acfivify was Coach Jackson himself. Nearly singlehanded he builf fhe pifs, supervised fhe rebuilding of The fraclc, and fhen scraped and finished if personally. Working consfanfly himself, he drove his men as hard as fhe weafher would allow. Under his occasionally causfic exferior, fhe Bengal fraclcmen found Coach Jaclc- son sympafhefic and anxious fo fif in af his new charge. l-lis big urge was pafenfly fo do anyfhing which would build a beffer fraclc feam fo represenf fhe College of fhe Pacific. To build four pifs and fheir runways, fo reconsfrucf an almosf ruined fraclc, and fo mold a fraclc feam in fhe face of fhe obsfacles he faced, were accomplishmenfs worfhy of fhe more famous "S+onewall" of a generafion ago. ln ferms of meefs won and losf, fhe firsf season musf be called a failure. ln ferms of consfrucfive foundafions on which fufure success can be builf, Coach Jaclcson's season deserves high praise. I-lasfening fo answer Coach Jaclcson's call for frack afhlefes fhis spring came more 'lhan sixfyprospecfive wearers of fhe orange and black, green buf ambifious fo learn. Dogged by misforfune af every sfep and prevenfed from pracficing by rain which furned fhe Baxfer Sfadium oval info a bog, fhe Bengals frained as besf fhey could on roads and bypafhs. ll7ll Tulloch C TT II Then came The TirsT inTercolIegiaTe Track meeT. Traveling To Chico To parTici- paTe in whaT The WiIdcaT Termed "The TasTesT dual meeT in The schooI's hisTory," They Tound a 40 mile gale ancl The Chico varsiTy waiTing. Reams. Campbell. KosTiz and Co. were 93-38 Too much Tor The Bengals. Lewis Ford provided The brighT spoT in The oTherwise drab aTTernoon Tor The Orange and Black. I-Ie erased The school high iump record wiTh a leap oT 5' IO". I-Iis marlc oT I I' 3" in The pole vauI+ was unchallenged. The sole oTher TirsT going To The Bengals was Talcen by VincenT Peck in The 220. This season's only oTher dual meeT Tound The Bengals again on The shorT end oT a big counT. The IvlusTangs 'From Davis came To BaxTer STadium and conquered The Tigers, 87-44. This Time PaciTic's chosen compiled Tive TirsT places. Cordner Nelson won The mile and Two mile, Ford again Took The high jump, Ivliclc Parsons won The pole vaulT. and The Tiger relay arTisTs came ouT vicTorious. ATTer a meeT wiTh Fresno STaTe had been cancelled by The dicTaTes oT JupiTer Plu- vius, The big day came. TwenTy wearers oT The Orange and Black made The Trip To Davis Field Tor The Far WesTern ConTerence MeeT. TwenTy sTalwarT sons oT The original Bengal Tiger wenT norTh deTermined To win Tame Tor Their insTiTuTion and honor 'For Themselves. Fresno STaTe soon jumped inTo an ever-increasing lead. Chico STaTe Tollowed her up Tor a Time. and Then Tell behind. Nevada, hopelessly ouTcIassed. held The basemenT. The real TighT was beTween The College oT The PaciTic and The Cal Aggies Tor Third place. The Aggies were on Tamiliar TerriTory and had already liclced The Bengals in Their dual encounTer, buT-. era . Gardner McDonnell I-Iansbrow lI72l c 1-Q, I Q". D I p M. Parsons Avery Cooper STarr The honor OT winning The TirsT poinT Tor The Bengals wenT To Lloyd I-IoTTman. wiTh a TourTh in The miIe run. Cordner Nelson added number Two in The Two mile. Then George Tomasini blazed himseIT inTo Third place in The 880, running The dis- Tance in 2:0 I .6. Two poinTs were added To The PaciTic ToTal. A roar Trom The crowd signaled Lewis Ford's TeaT oT clearing I3 TeeT in The pole vauIT Tor a new PaciTic record and The conTerence gold medal. Below Torm in The high iump, he had To be conTenT wiTh a Tie Tor second aT close To six TeeT. Seven and a haIT poinTs were added To The PaciTic ToTal, and Ford crowned high poinT man oT The I938 season. VincenT Peck came Through To add anoTher poinT To The Bengal ToTal in a TasT 220. Mick Parsons jumped 22' I" To Take Third in The broad jump, while BonniTieId added anoTher wiTh a TourTh in The discus. Wifh only The mile relay IeTT. The score was Fresno 72, Chico 42If9, Cal Aggies Ib. PaciTic I5If2, and Nevada 8. Fred Boyes, Ernie ATkinson, George Tomasini, and VincenT Peck ran The relay in 3:28 To beaT The Aggies and land The Orange and Black ahead oT Their perennial rivals. Sparked by Ford's dazzling perTormance, The Bengals had clawed Their way Trom The dungeon To Third place in. The Far WesTern Comcerence. School records in The pole vauIT and high iump had been broken, boTh by The sophomore sTar, Ford. Tom- asini had come Trom The unknown To an evenT enTireIy new To him, and had run nearly a 2 minuTe haIT. I-Ie was undoubTedIy, as Coach Jackson puT iT, "The mosT improved man on The squad." AT The Fresno Relays he was. one oT The Tew Bengals To compeTe againsT The class oT The WesT. II73I FROSH TRACK ln Their firsT season of Track compeTiTion in years, The Bengal cubs compiled a baTTing average of .333. Three meefs were held, each found improved performances and lasT saw The Orange and Black vicfory banner raised for The lone Time This year in Track compefifion. MeeTing STockTon High School's powerful Tarzans in Their firsT TesT, The unfried Bengal Babes Tell before l.eichT, lvloore, and company, 74-30. Pracfically a duplicafe performance was regisfered aT Lodi, when They dropped Their second meeT, 77-36. Then The curfain fell wiTh a 70-52 vicTory over Placer Junior College. l-ligh poinT honors for The season were evenly divided befween Richard T-layashi and WalTer Laederich. l-layashi promises To become one of The Wesf CoasT's ouT- sfanding broad iumpers, having leaped over 22' in Two meeTs This season. l-le was one Bengal Taken To compefe in The Fresno Relays. Leaderich won The high hurdles and The pole vaulT againsf Placer and STockTon, revealing himself as a likely prospecf for nexf year's varsiTy. George Fowler was one of The finesf performers for The Bengal Babes, winning a firsT place in a differenf evenf ir? each meeT, The 440 againsT STockTon, The T00 againsT Lodi, and The 220 againsf Pacer. Buford Bush, Vic Meyers, and Glenn l-larTer were The Frosh crack disTance men This year. Bush has a record of 253.5 in The quarfer and 2:05 in The half. Meyers was one of The ouTsTanding men ouf, buf illness kepf him from winning a firsT place. l-lar- Ter's work in The mile and The half showed sfeady improvemenf. Back row: DePuy, Monnie, Lauppe. Bryanf. Klass, I-larfer, Gobel Middle row: STockard, Folendorf, Bush, Meyers, Fowler, Aifkens FronT row: Goodman, MedhursT, Thornfon, Hayashi, Bishop gg-, l T I I74l T E N NAS INW SDI M M I N G VARSITY TENNIS DespiTe losing all oT lasT season's leTTermen, The I938 Bengal Bombers, more gen- erally known as PaciTic's Tennis VarsiTy, won Tour ouT oT six maTches againsT Top-TlighT compeTiTion. Gone were such aces as BrighT, CorTez, Beck Parsons. Taking Their places were hi+herTo unTesTed guT-wielders I-lellman, Sapiro, McBride, and The new- comers delivered sTirringly in The major wars. VicTories were regisTered in maTches wiTh Two oT The ToughesT Jaysee neT squads in The sTaTe, SacramenTo J. C. and San lVlaTeo J. C. Scores were C. O. P. 4, Sac- ramenTo J. C. 2, C. 0. P. 6, San lv1aTeo J. C. l Remaining Two Triumphs were gain- ed aT The expense oT The CaliTornia Aggies in a home-and-home series, 6-I, 5-I. Only seTbacks suTTered by The remodeled KieldseniTes came when The Tigers ran inTo The Tough Tommy Wilson-coached San Francisco Jaysees, 6-I, and when San MaTeo upseT The dope, 4-2. A sevenTh dual maTch, wiTh Far WesTern Comference champs, Fresno STaTe, was called oTT aT The elevenTh hour when The downsTaTe school was unable To send a squad To STockTon. Final TabulaTion revealed ThaT The Tiger Tenniseers garnered a ToTal oT 24 indi- vidual maTches To Their opponenTs' I5, prooT enough ThaT PaciTic, Though rep-resenT- ed by a comparaTively inexperienced squad, more Than held iTs own on The courT. ln The Far WesTern league championships aT Davis, The Bengal rackeTeers were noT aT Top Torm, did IiTTIe To prevenT anoTher Fresno STaTe vicTory sweep. In singles play, Jack McBride, Seeyopee's lone enTranT, Tell in The opening round beTore PeTer- son oT Nevada, 6-I, 6-4. The doubles combine oT Francis I-lellman and I-lerman Sa- piro breezed Through The TirsT round, handing The Aggie Twin sTrokers, Lomkin and WaTerman, a neaT sTraighT-seT pasTing, 6-2, 6-3. In The Tinals, however, The PaciTic Team Tell beTore The neT wizardry oT Fresno's ace duo, Dunkin and Bloyd. Scores, iden- Tical, were swiTT, decisive: 6-I , 6-I, 6-I. H II n Fuller Dahl Pugrnire WenTz Sapiro Moen MaTTh il76l ff-'W-fr' -,,,-5-ah-bl ,g---""" ,rf .,.-'S'-7-i fu ull Pugmire Sapiro Wenfz McBride D VARSITY TENNIS Besf individual record of fhe season was furned in by shorf, smoofh Francis l-lell- man, who won fwo-fhirds of all his singles mafches, as well as feaming up wifh Sapiro fo form Pacific's mosf formidable doubles feam. Thelaffer, freshman ace of fwo years ago, also showed greaf improvemenf, was a consisfenf winner. Pofenfially powerful nefman was Jaclc McBride, whose record was nof so impresive as fhe frail-blazing pace of l-lellman and Sapiro, buf who showed enough fo be delegafed C. O. P.'s besf singles bef in fhe conference fourney. Russell Pugmire, affer a slow sfarf, came like a Red- wood blaze in fhe closing sfages of fhe season, displayed definife promise of becom- ing a fufure nef sfar. These four, l-lellman, Sapiro, McBride and Pugmire, received fhe orange Block P on a whife sweafer, fhe fradifional varsify fennis award. Ofher members of fhe i938 Varsify volley'n'fhunder squad were Earle Dahl, Gene Fuller, Bob Wenfz, Dave Maffhews, Gabriel l-lausladen, Barney Moen. From fhis group should come winning maferial for nexf year's baseline encounfers. Coach Chris Kieldsen did a good iob in developing bell-ringers from fhis spring's green, willing bunch and should experience less frouble in building a conquering crew in l939. lI77l Ili' S1 FRGSI-I TENNIS Showing Tine promise, The Frosh neTTers won Tour, losT only one oT Their meeTs wiTh Top-noTch high school Teams. The wins were accomplished againsT Oakdale l-li, 6-lg Sonora, 7-Og and The Lodi Flames. Twice, by The idenTical scores of 4-2, 4-2. The only Tly in The oTherwise p-erTecT oinTmenT proved To be The Tarzans oT STockTon l-ligh School, who handed The Babes a 5-O shellaclcing. ConsisTenT winners ThroughouT The season and poTenTial VarsiTy aces were Francis Banchio and Murray l-lunT, boTh oT whom breezed To vicTory in all buT Their SToclcTon I-li maTches. These lads, TogeTher wiTh Marcello Umipeg and l-lerberT TouT, displayed abiliTy ThaT marks Them as good VarsiTy Timber. The doubles Team oT Banchio and TouT losT only one maTch during The season, while The combine oT l-lunT and Umipeg had a record almosT as good. Comp-leTe Frosh rosTer included Francis Banchio, l-lerberT TouT, Marcello Umipeg, Murray l-lunT, Rodney l-luclcaby and Roy Tashima. Coach, oT course, was The omni- presenT Kieldsen. Numerals were awarded To Banchio, Umipeg and l-lunT. Umipeg, Hunt l-luclcaby, Tashima aggmun WhiTe, Wilson, ColleTT, Cencirulo, Gidley, Guggolz, Lyman, Shedler, Kries VARSITY SWIMMING The TirsT VarsiTy swimming Team To Take The waTer since PaciTic dedicaTed iTs new pool Turned in a good season record oT Tive wins in six sTarTs, deTiniTely made Bengal sporTs Tollowers acoluaTic-minded. - Led by Jimmy Kries and Verne Kinser, a pair oT lvlodesTo J. C. TransTers, and augmenTed by several oT lasT year's ice-breaking Frosh splash crew, The I938 Tiger churners losT only one meeT, The opener againsT sTrong San Jose, 48-26, Then proceed- ed To win Tive sTraighT as Tollows: SanTa Clara, 35-227 Menlo J. C., 48-273 Menlo J. C., a second Time, 42-33: SanTa Clara's Tinny Broncos again, 38-l9g and Tinally Fresno, To The Tune oT 39 To 35. Jimmy Kries, sTar Tree-sTyler, averaged beTTer Than Ten poinTs per meeT, was un- deTeaTed in The IOO-yard sprinT evenT all season. l-lis besT Time, Tor The cenTury, made in The SanTa Clara meeT and esTablishing a new PaciTic pool record, was 56.6. The Lodi Tlash was also a dependable perTormer in The 220-yard Tree-sTyle evenT and anchor man on The relay Team. Among The oTher consisTenT poinT-garners, Verne Kinser, who seT a new pool rec- ord oT :26.8 in The 50-yard Tree-sTyle, sTood ouT. Kinser won every sTarT buT one in The shorT sprinT. II79l Olher reliables on lhe hislory-malcing Jranlc squad were Ellon Cencirulo, breasl- slrolcerg Jaclc Guggolz, Jesse Gidley, Gordy While, free-slylislsg Phil Slrarr and Lew lvlorrill, divers. The lirsl'-named wasa consislenl "buHerlly" man, was "in Jrhe money" in every rneel. Rounding oul The Kieldsen splash brigade were Dick Collell, baclc-slrokerg Bob Ly- man, back slrolce and free-siyle performer: and Bill Schedler and Park Wilson, free- slyle. Lellers were won by Kries, Kinser, Cencirulo, Collell, Guggolz, While, Gidley. The showing of The l938 Varsily augurs greal Jrhings for lhe fujrure ol Pacific swimming. Only one weakness, in lhe baclc-slrolce, was palpably oulslanding. Wilh The advenl of Fred Van Dyke, Jrhis silualion should be remedied nexl season, when C. O. P. will, from all indicalions, splash on lo bigger and beller accomplishmenls. V I i F Looney Kries Colleif lg 'lil' 111 fern ,ru Z A ""' 3 ef , is , N- L , .4 . .L lI8Ol l 2 Jacobsen, Joenes, l-lunT, MorTon, Looney Faosi-1 SWIMMING The sTory OT Frosh swimming Tor l938 is The sTory OT one Fred Van Dyce. This l3O-Ib. beauTy was noT The whole Frosh Team, buT almosT. BrieTly, This is whaT Van Dyke did during The season: ln every one OT The nine Frosh meeTs, he won boTh The lO0-yard back-sTroke and The 220-yard Tree-sTyle, generally Tinishing abouT a Tank-lengTh or Two ahead oT his nearesT opponenT. l-le seT pool records in Three evenTs, namely, l:06.5 in The l00- yard back-sTrokeg I:43.3 in The l50-yard back-sTroke and 2:22.4 in The 220 Tree-sTyle. In addiTion To These "regular" perTormances, The STockTon wizard oT The waTers appeared in record-shaTTering exhibiTions up and down The CoasT, esTablishing him- sell: as an ouTsTanding WesT CoasT prospecT Tor The l940 Olympic swimming Team. l-lis perTormances were unparalleled in The WesT This year. DespiTe The classy churning oT Van Dyke and Team-maTes Wayne Bird and Les Jacobsen. The Frosh were able To win only Three oT Their nine meeTs. STockTon l-li was deTeaTed, 29-283 Lodi l-li Tell by The same slim margin, and Oakdale was drubbed 43-I4. DeTeaTs came because oT lack oT poinT-geTTers To sup-porT The sTars. STockTon l-li sunk The Freshman naTaTors Twice, 35-22 and 39-I8, while Lodi did iT Thrice, 34-23, 3 I-26, and 30-27. The oTher seTback,came Trom Berkeley, 42-23. Aside Trom pace-seTTer Van Dyke's eTTorTs, sTandouT perTormances were Bird's mark oT :26.3 in The 50-yard Tree-sTyle and breasT-sTroker Jacobsen's Time oT l:l7.7 in The I00-yard version oT his specialTy. These Two men were consisTenT winners in al- mosT every meeT. OTher members oT The squad were Jack FiTTing, Tom Lee, Dan Looney, Murray l-ITTTTT, Joenes, and Charles MorTon. Nurnerals wenT To Van Dyke, Bird, Jacobsen, and Looney. ll8ll Intro Murol Sports ConTinuing To dominaTe The PaciTic inTerclass sporTs scene, The men oT '38 march- ed To anoTher subsTanTial vicTory in Their Tinal year. The Seniors lecl The Tield by a wide margin, by virTue oT Their Triumphs in pingpong, volleyball, Track, baseball and oTher sporTs, including horseshoes, boxing and archery. Runners-up in The inTramural grab-TesT were The Sophomores, who copped in Ten- nis, golf and boxing. The Class oT '40 was The only class To seriously challenge The su- premacy oT The Seniors, coming wiTh a rush on Class Day To give The TourTh-year men a lasT-minuTe scare. The Juniors showed up Third, wiTh a baskeTball championship, archery, swimming and boxing honors giving Them mosT oT Their poinTs. Down in The ruck were The Freshmen, who did well in golT, swimming and baseball. l-lighlighT oT The inTramural schedule was The inTerclass Track meeT, where compeTi- Tion reached high ebb and several new school marks were seT. 0Ther hoTly-conTesTed sporTs were baskeTball ancl baseball, The laTTer seeing Jerry KeiThley's Senior sluggers breezing in behind The sTerling leTTy's TasT-ball chucking. Annual Class Day, lvlay 20, broughT The inTramural program To a bang-up close wiTh boxing TeaTuring The olay's acTiviTy, swimming and All-College Tennis also vying Tor specTaTors' aTTenTion. Under The guidance oT Chris Kieldsen, and The assisTance oT Coach Jackson, The l937-38 inTerclass program saw The greaTesT acTive TurnouT in The hisTory oT C. O. P. Junior Basketball Champs: McDonnell, Finney, Nelson, l-loTlman, MaTTh Senior Volleyball Champs P P g Pong Banchio, Tennis WhiTe Wilson Parsons BarTleTT Challis KniveTon USZWZCDE CMHDUQPUCQ I H l y Meyers Bower S+ H OUSSI' WCDMENS ATHLETIC ASSN. Jane Sruarl ...,...,,.. Belly Rae Slone ,...,,AA. Lovella Hawley ...eeeeee.,. Roberla Demmon .....,,,,., ..a,,Presiclen+ Epsilon Represenralive Women's Dorm. Represenralive Alpha Thela Tau Represenlarive Doris Marsh lalaalalaaaala, ,,.l ..,.V.,.,,,,,,.,aa,, M u Zera Rho Represenlalive Helen Hall ..,,..A...,o, ,,.... ,..,. T a u Kappa Kappa Represenlalive Barbara Bower ,aap........, aapp,, pa,aa....,.aa..,,, , . .p,,aap,,p..p.a..,..p.,,A,,..,....,.,.....,,..,.. S ecrelary ll84l I V -.IT W-q-wg., . -.Mi .rv -" f-"'-'-'av' ' ..- Chrisfian Sfuarf Nichols Richardson Chapman l-'lepb WCDMENS SPORTS The Woman's Afhlefic Associafion comlolefed a successful year wifh individual sporfs clominafing mosf of fhe year's evenfs. This year, in confrasf fo fhe inacfivify of pasf years, fournamenfs were held in fennis, ping-pong, badminfon, deck-fennis, golf and swimming. This year we were forfunafe in having Beffy Rae Sfone's column of women's sporfs in fhe Pacific Weekly. Due fo her arficle, more girls knew abouf fhe W. A. A. evenfs fhan in previous years. During fhe firsf semesfer, The W. A. A. of lvlodesfo Junior College invifed Pacific's women fo a play day of varied sporfs wifh fhe compefirion very keen. lI85'I WCDMENS SPGRTS On April The 23rd, The W. A. A. oT PaciTic sponsored a play-day Tor The lViodesTo Junior College girls. The chieT evenTs carried on during The aTTernoon were individual sporTs. On April 3OTh oT This semesTer The women oT Pacific Traveled To iviodesTo To parTicipaTe in The annual Triangular play-day held on The ModesTo Junior College grounds. Women Trom SacramenTo Junior College, College oT PaciTic, and ModesTo Junior College parTicipaTeol in many evenTs ThroughouT The day. On annual Class Day. May 20, sponsored by The inTramural aThleTic board, The girls Took parT in The swimming meeT and a baseball game beTween The SToclcTon Jun- ior College and College oT The PaciTic. lI86l 7 2 PM I N 1 l l I 5 E' Q i 9 ! + s J v ' I ?I N 5 1 A T 2' 3 Faculty:-'Bula cxnminstions and special shall take the 3119.6 I ncsment the ore omms reports from each inst make a passing grade in having conditons still ed ior in his classes is doing this report the Registrar ed as not passing that such bv the Registrar at this e them. At the he froh their last semestsrj r to -the Registrs. dnte rs. If at the t in not b in gg A lcd wi POLITICAL SCIENCE STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA P H fII NATURAL SCIENCE REIFF,CALlFORNIA HISTORY OENIX, ARIZO M U src MADERA.CALIFORNIA E N G LIS H MODESTO, CALIFORNIA M U S I C NEVADA ClTY,CALIFORNIA +':' "S .14 A- ., 'nit ' " , .. , W ,W n .M I , HISTORY PA. CALIFORN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION LODI, CALIFORNIA MUSIC ARKS, NEVA A RT STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA I, 'R E N G I N E E R I N G SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -'YDS' HIS T O R Y STOCKTON. CALIFORNIA ' H I STORY RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA In , BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA I .44 T ,,, If E N 6 L I S H STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA SOCIOLOGY STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA MUSIC LODI. CALIFORN s P E E C H SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA I ' xI 'iff 5555555551 -'Sh E NG L I S H RED BLUFF, CALIFORNIA S O CIO L O G Y STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA fiijfg s P E E c H ANAHEIM,CALIFORNIA 'I C H E M I S T R Y STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA E C O N O M I C S STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA I , I I E N G L I STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA E D U C A T I O N STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA EDUCATION LODI, CALIFORNIA M u sac I, MERcED,cALlFoRNIA E N G L I S H STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA I. ... , it I .wb , , -M - f If ' i-21 NGLI E SH I OAKLAND,CALIFORNIA A RT ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA 35 E C O N O M I C S STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA STOCKTON, HISTORY CALIFORNIA M U S I C LOYALTON, CALIFORNIA ENGLISH NAPA, CA POLITICAL SCIENCE AND HISTORY COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA ze Saw, LIFORNIA BIOLOGY AND ENGLISH OROVILLE, CALIFORNIA ' .. IU, I I :Ib V '4- 4 In: SOCIAL SCIENCE STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA S O C I O L O 6 Y OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA ENGINEERING SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA C H E M I S T R Y STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA ENGLISH j STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA ,.Y 77 x51- ' . L A III I Ig POLITICAL SCIENCE I"' ,. sTocKToN, CALIFORNIA I E NG L I S H LAKEPORT,CALIFORNIA E N G I N E E R I N G STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION STOCKTON. CALIFORNIA I I HISTORY LOVELOCK, NEVADA I I I Ca I-, I I I STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING STOCKTON. CALIFGRNIA f'-A ECONOMICS PA, CALIFORN IW Qi, I'I' I ,I I A I I BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION PARLIER, CALIFORNIA PHYSICAL EDUCATION OAKDALE,CALIFORNIA HISTO R Y qi OAKDALE,CALIFORNIA POLITICAL SCIENCE N: ,. 'ESX I I 'ik -,Q V4... 4 515-wit. . X t STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA E N G L I S H STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA 55' E N G L I S H STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA M U S I C STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA H I S T O R Y LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA PH ENGLI ENGLISH OENIX, ARIZO 5 ? I x is ,.: I .Q-.-I L , E L 5 I STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA POLITICAL SCIENCE I I I -P AND HISTORY STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA S O C I O L O G Y STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA I I I I MUSIC :feff I, STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA E C O N O MIC S STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA DRAMATIC ARTS PASADENA, CALIFORNIA Q' . I 'I ,A is ' 2 I I , E 'fkzv i f S O C I O L O G Y STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA - Q., -555.5 in V . , PHYSICAL EDUCATION in FRENCHCAMP,CALIFORNIA N AAI- EQ, I ,IL I' M I 1 ,-1, ,, - I- 'V-17. H . V. A R T COARSGOLD, CALIFORNIA ww.,- 'ffl MUSIC CARMEL, CALIFORNIA J .IH sa I - ,ggi . fi IIQQIEIF7 I ,M , M U S I C MODESTO, CALIFORNIA ANCIENT LANGUAGE STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA 1---. ART A LODI, CALIFORNIA I Q: If T' is I I 2- ,. -. ,Iss Q, 25 ,..Wf I CQ! M U SIC I' FAIRFIELD, CALIFORNIA I W Mm , Widsiin A ,' ,,,,v mf E N G I N E E R I N G MARTINEZ,CALIFORNIA ENG LIS H BURBANK, CALIFORNIA H I S T O R Y MARYSVILLE, CALIFORNIA ENGLISH E N G L I S H LOS BANOS, CALIFORNIA - I n--wa-if :lik 1 - fi W sTocKToN, CALIFORNIA I ' E N G I N E E R I N G PASADENA, CALIFORNIA ,Ig .fem . way, L, G Tl-TE progressive anol enTerprising business and pro- Tessional men who have shown Their TaiTh in The college ancl The sTuclenT body, we, The sTaTT ol: The T938 Naraniado, express our sincere Thanks and appreciaTion. Through Their consideraTion ancl cooperaTion we have been enabled To publish The Tine annual we Teel This To be. By conTribuTing To The aclverTising in This boolc, They have earnecl The graTiTuole oT The enTire sTudenT booly oT The College oT The PaciTic and STockTon Junior College. We have enioyeol working on The Naraniaolo sTaTT, ancl To Those who have made iT possible, we again say Tl-TANK YOU. AclverTising STaTT i938 Naraniaclo SIIIDIEIIUIIDN SAXVIINQES ANID ILCDAN IBANIIQ Found cl I867 COMMERCIAL SAVINGS TRUST CAPITAL SI,000,000.00 STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA E. L. WILHOIT CARROL G GRUNSKY PresIden'I' V P CI I cI T I' OFF R L EBERHARDT J F M CLORY E I V' P d I C I1 12:81 R QUALITY PRODUCTS Arif 'T i Prod edsvf"' DN om noun can was-sv 4.3 Iv1anufac+ured by D5, fig MILK PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION OF CENTRAL CALIFORNIA PLANTS LOCATED AT 540 Soufh Pllgrlm S+reeI' 5I0 Nm'II1 Sireei STOCKTON MODESTO Johnnles Waffle Shops OPEN DAY and NIGHT STOCKTON SACRAMENTO Suffer and Marker 8 S'Iree+ be+ween K and L LODI Haghway 99 MODESTO Highway 99 MERCED Corner Highway 99 and I40 Opposife Merced HoI'eI Wl+hm CrI'y LlmlI's III PHOTOS FOR THIS ANNUAL MADE BY I3I Norfh Suffer Sfreei' THE CLHRKSON STUDIU Commercial and PorIralI' Pho+ographer Phone 6634 S+ocIc+on, California re-' '51 ' Nlll neun W. I 1 Anoeeauca . I ' I' L4 I IL- X 3 , ' A ,ty I my -ef--I--1 S1 J W -Inf , ea . loc-.LL -I f I-9-4 9 K - 6 user: L' "+ '- 's 5 "5 T Na L auf' ' I i O O . . . . . . IZI9 :I .2fff"Q:5. ...:.f:Q:2:, '-2:11 -5:52213 ,:5::.l:Q1iQ.. "J" " '-'1:':':-I-':g:g:g. . .i:?:4:-:-' 54:57. gr'-,L z':':-:4:+:-:-.g. '5g.:.:.:.. - .-.g.ts:- -.5 .. ....... . - ,'.3.,.,. , 1' I ':"V "': 2 5 13511 'f'f:2'E:ET: "iii51:.g. - ' fgzj-3141: "', 5 1- Af- ' ' 'iiiifm' 7 5 2 T '- ' ' 2' ' i' ?'1,QQ'lf1fQf'fig,if i "- 21' ig " - 'A - - - O I1 C I I1 9 t5:Z315'.E'l1E:EZQ3 ""f" . T: 'TQZEEEEQTETQTQTEEQEQTQEESQEQTE212121222227 4' A"" TCS men an 2l'lIOl'S Zz' 1 Agree Cn . Golden West Zoric Cleaning WhaT The underlying causes OT aTTracTion are beTween men and women, we are noT prepared To say here. BUT we do Teel The TirsT impression is mosT always . . . neaTness in aTTire. And ThaT's where our Modern Zoric SysTem can be oT such Quick' help l WiTh This meThod- CloThes sTay clean longer l Thorough I CloThes sTay pressed longer Dependable! CloThes mainTain Their original lusTre longer GOLDEN WEST Ins. L!-XLIPIDERERS' CLEANERS SOI N. SIERRA NEVADA - - - Pl-TONE 4334 52201 1 340 E. Main Srreel' Srockfon Phone 3037 Smart Apparel for tl1e College Girl . . . pf 5 - Feafurmg exclusive 'faslwions by A X 75 Mangone . . . Del Monle Hickey . . . Milgrim . . . LeH'ie Lee F 3 . . . Nelly Don . . . and a hosr of orher famous designers : : : JLE XA, 2,3 D lil? XM- COATS - SUITS - DRESSES - SPORTWEAR - MILLINERY fim- SHOES - GLOVES - BAGS - HOSIERY X uf V ay Lmemm-.mwmwv-comms 5 ix' HANDKERCHIEFS y X, W ii 'fl Helen Rubinslein and Elizabeih Arden Beaufy Preparalions c'Cs 9 Qarrrr 1 V ,..r .1331 mdk A as ,j?fl gn. ywdcgfwi 3 4' FQSD 15,5 Aqun 553, Fjiy y, A 3252555553 g fake 4.60127 BANK4AMEnIcA Milk conrains minerals and TRBNELERS UHEUUES sal'I's +l1a+ replace rhose used by 'rhe body, as well as body build- ing elemenls. Thai' is wlfly boil: :'- '-'-' ' " ' ' ' 'Q ' n n 'I - -1 children and adulfs need plenly :I ffcmzgrr -V "'-' :Er "" Vqr5,g,,,5s51-" -1- ga . . . . ? Eli of milk ln +l1e da ily d ref. sl"'- 2 lil i flfi': 'ff'f if'f f j j , A ,-.- f -- f Backed by the fesaurcevs of u billion dollar bgnk Irs d by Bank of America National Trust One I l Wes+'s Lane fl d Savings Association, CALIFORNIA - DCFIAL DEPUEII' INSURANCE CURPOIIATIQN rl ncln i'h I kmc. London, E C 4 2 '3 U 'i!':,fXIFiEQTIU 5 A fb in l - T-e ' 19154 c a t W ws' 5351 K -e455-.4'iN X May Your Future xx ' hx .Q e E X ' Bring You v W . Success and Happiness N N X X X I N K 45631: ,,., 3, gi Sears, Hnehulzk and En. Stockton, California -I'I1e First National Banic OF STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA Conducts a General Commercial and Savings Banic, Trust and Safe Deposit Business 7' - MEMBER - Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COAL Wood F E FERRELLs.CO BIocIcs I I I I'IaY Incorporated Straw I Alfalfa WE GRIND AND CLEAN GRAIN AND MIX FEEDS Chicken Feed AND MAKE MASHES IN OUR OWN MILL Bunding MaIerIaI Phone I002 for Your Order Fertilizers Sprays 730 S. California Street Stockton, California Hunter at Park HANSEL 8a ORTMAN CADILLAC - LA SALLE - OLDSMOBILE G. M. C. TRUCKS 0 Phone 4850 12231 I EL DORADO MEAT MARKET No. 1 TO TI-IE WISE BUYER WE INVITE COMPARISON OE QUALITY AND PRICE WITI-I ANY WI-IOLESALER IN STOCKTON 0 NIELSEN BROTHERS 3I N. EL DORADO STREET PHONE I553 I I lu 4 ' gy -,.' U 1 N., Q5 is C 2 allege Rook Store "On the Campus 'For you". The Official Book Store of the College of the Pacific and Stockton Junior College New and Used Textbooks. Supplies of all kinds. iiifg Ylw- 'YNWVNN Maggy- MK'-E-sigh :wL,,1,1Nfg,"t,'1"u."'1f'i- 3 'Mina ani s' ..'.:EiiEiiiiiii 535 52555225255555-532'-E 1 ii qiiiiaiiiiEii5ii55?E?i.iii5li5 z: ei' gl ,,za55355555555555ggggggiiigggaseissalggisszs522fss5sa5ssessssszes5:si?355E5ffff5f1 ,M U , 55 ':gmmzif-gm:fmmeitsasseess111--21:H111::111:11111fffrrsezssssssssziiiiiiii , f s ut, 5535555555gg5gggg5g5,,,,:,,,,, ....... ..,.... 1 .1.1331:1um1:zum:111rm-1-?5555555555?5555?55? , gggsseasfssw: .. .,.. ""IIII".1 """ , ' ""' ' Satisfy asssf. s sssisss: ess ass 5 .2292 ..., fff...ffff.f:f fff ,, ..,..... fff...fQ ....... Q . , , 9 V 'llllt ESII EV l' DA -'ll I A A A V - ,, , 1 " Y X 1 "' V' X I 47 i 4' , - Q -4 x R sues 52, I 5 5 6 SX-'gl 0 F' 0 s ' ASK FOR VITAMIN "B" BREAD Y! Gravem-lnglis Phone 3077 AT YOUR GROCER Fourteen Perfect Bowling Alleys-Latest ancl Improved Equipment-Coffee Shop-Fountain-Bar "For Healtl1's Sake-Bowl" Stoclcton Recreation BERNIE E. CASSIDY, Manager I39 E. Channel Street Phone' i478 STOCKTON, CALIF. ,., if 5 . PACIFIC AVENUE T H R O N E ' S 5C ' SIQDCR' 15C noslrs 'ruxnno Pm-mMAcY E Ph I89I 2002 Pacific Avenue one COMPLETE LINE OF SI'ocId'on, California N ie A Fi 1 oIIege headquarters for fountain anol IIN LI sioecieI Iuncnes. Delicious Irozen desserts fc mecIe to orcIer. Ice cream. IndivicIuaI molds. ,. L ,m-g pies ' Q 1-H1 Cakes , A In I ' 1928 Pacific Avenue CIHIXAITQJACTIEIR CANIDIIES T I H 1285 eep one . . FUR THE GRADUATE Pacific Avenue Coffee SI1op B E N B U N D G A R A G E Home Cooked Meals E GENERAL REPAIRING Buy A Meal Ticke+ and Save Money IGNITION AND MQTQR TUNE Up ' BATTERIES - STORAGE 55.50 Meal Tickef for 55.00 2043 Pacifie Ave. Stockton 2024 Pacific Ave. Phone I645 SHOPPING DISTRICT 3 IC E C R E A M C A K E E" 9' FRQZEN FRUITS PASTRY ORSI'S, a n d 6 H CI ll VEGETABLES DELICATESSEN, FOR HER MAJESTY THE HOUSEWIFE I9I0 PACIFIC AVE. I PHONE 6II THE MOST MODERN FOODSTORE IN CALIFORNIA . After the dance IS over . . . Eff if C Go vvI1ere students all meet Ior FRIENDSHIP and REIZRESHIVIEINITS I 'XX 2305 Pacific Avenue . C In Jr mc Complimenfs of Omp 'men S O STOCKTON 'TYPEWRITER COMPANY Charles Daniel H0Hig9l'. M- S-I M- D- The place where S4 per monfh buys any make 'rypewrifer Radiologisf and Pafhologisf NO CARRYING CHARGE Phone I '73 S+ock+on Calif. L. P. Monagl13ag1,E?vglsIQSqueaky Eiiensg Cggmpus Agenf WALLACE ROHRBACHER Complimerfrs of DEN-I-IST IRVING S. ZEIMER, M. D. IOO5 Medico-Denfal Building q,m ,eeeie, W LLL 2 ::f- 4" X H Stoclcton X ,,.,.., .L .f.,,,1,...: , ,i,:.,.L. ,J LeeAe 4fL L L Lee i qi-QQQ 423 E. Main St. wma Le A Lee SALJNDERS su PPER SHQP 'M FN V ,111 , X. lt' P. .x f. .I ' 1' ' N' V -H V h ' S -X931 4 f. " f D , ,MWA 4, L -ff: l' Eli S Complifnenlsol R 0 B E R T H, K E E L E R in +he FINEST in JEWELERY. Opfomemsf Before Purchasing Visi+ Successor lo Powell 84 Keller 8: 3I S. San Joaquin S+. Sfocldon, Calif. 339 E. Main S+' JFW-ELFRS1 - - S+ock+on A 4 X mx 6 4 B. C. WALLACE sf soN Q ' ,ax MORTICIANS lx . 'JK ix A -64 . Success to the Class of '38 Phone sfocnon 4651 We wish fo express our apprecia+ion for your pa+- g ronage during +l'1e pas? year. We shall ai' all limes, in 'Phe 'Fufure as in fhe past endeavor fo please. 520 Nor+l1 Su++er Sfreef Weber af Su++er, S'rocld'on Phone I V ' . I , , 9' 1 Y hs ZAXX -111. Lx x, H L. . ff! Fri ' 1 ff 'ii v'f"'L s,-if-1 'f' f 1 .L 4 . 3 m' '21f:f , dn-:yi 1 - "f - my wb Q il The Siore for The Co-ed and The Miss KATTEN 84 IVIAIQENOO, Inc. COLLEGIATE CLOTHES EOR YOUNG LADIES V 535 E. MAIN STREET STOCKTON We Befzbfzfe . . . WE BELIEVE I'ha'r Good Will is worfh geHing, cuII'iva+ing, and perpefuafing by fair dealing, good service and uniform excellence in our producfs. WE BELIEVE in giving prompi' aHen+ion 'ro 'rhe needs and requesfs of our cusI'omers, Ihereby s+rengI'hening Ihe 'Hes of 'Friendly confidence which have exis+ed for so many years. WE BELIEVE in using 'rhe mosf efficieni' machinery 'Iha+ can be obfained, in puH'ing fhe besi' workmanship and ma'reriaI info our iproducI's, and Ihe mosI' rigid inspec- Iion of Ihe finished produc'I'. AND FINALLY: This concern believes ii' can affribufe Hs consIan+ grqw'I'h of 'Friends +o Ihe policy so cIoseIy adhered Io since our beginning-IT'S THE RE-ORDERS THAT COUNT! Only sa'risfied cusromers re+urn. Royensfeel Prmfmg Company, 1116. 625 Easf Marker SI'reeI' E S'IocId'on, Caiifornia I24II I BLUE RIBBON MOLLV SAYS 'E R ULU' 6117715 UBI YMIIIS afier aIIIhaIs whaIYouwani If J DIETRICI-I 84 CO LANDS I-IOMES INSURANCE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT APPRAISEMENTS Eas+ Weber venue oc Ion, 1 f j I 1' "I may noI go Io scI1ooI I ' Or be Icnown for my knowledge Bu+ I can give much Ioe++er milk Than any prof af CoIIege." V A A , 0 I'I ' Phone 577 A S+ I4 C I I I242I We Are Proud... of 'rhe COLLEGE OF THE PACIFIC and Ihe STOCKTON JUNIOR COLLEGE In hrs recenf vu II 'ro Sfocldon Dr von Klein Smld Presldenf of The Unrverslly of Soulhern California pralsed your college very highly and nl' as our cleslre 'ro ass1s+ you Ihaf you may conhnue Io malnlam your hugh slranclarcls We exfend Io Ihe Graduahng Class and all o+her sfudenfs our Congralulahons and Besr Washes Stoclcton Dry Goods Co Sfocldon Complele DeparImen+ Sfore JIM? BOBB INN FOR REFRESHMENTS OR SANDWICHES Qurclc and EH-ICIGHI Curb Servuce Open Illl I OO A M THE BOBB INN CHARLIE DAI-IL Proprlelor Phone 5024 I I47 N El Dorado Sfreef nf i ig X f f Wsyy 6 km ffl! 2 Q Q ds g Ze Experience Jrhe grealesl Teacher of Ihem all has roven fume and hme again 'rhal TRUE economy loeglns wr'rh Qualify S 81 W Fine Foods have a world wlde repulahon of being Conslsrenfly 'rhe Besrl Remember you II never go wrong on S 81 WI SW FINE . l I ' ' ' -. 4 ..-.-:-iififfgiz 'I . If ' ""' I ,ff "ff, ZW 7' , -215 we P "" ,,.1"" 1 gf- lr-s"f ,:.r,. lk 8 ,xx W 75,1 U ,iff I -N gy ew "'- - I 'III' I - p ' n. I I . . . l I I I I - . gl! l243l Covers lor tlwe 1938 Naranjado Supplied by I Silvius C8e Sclmoenbaclcler Boolcbinclers and Manufacturing Stationers SCHOOL ANNUAL COVERS IN FABRIKOID CLOTI-I AND ART PAPER STAMPED AND EMBOSSED JS+ Safeway Stores B ST WIS!-IES AND SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF l938 J C PENNEY CO INC M dCIf I reel Sacramenlo, Call E 5 K 3-Q W S' l A d 'ro Those Who Will Relurn for 'l'l'1S New College YN I I I, I ' ' - ' Slrreefs b S+ ld l244l Since l874 - Hess De Luxe Have Specialized ln - CLEANING MEN'S, WOMEN'S AND :CHILDREN'S WEARING APPAREL: Furs SZOrea'--- Repairecf Relz'7zea'--- Reszjfled VV HESS DE LUXE CLEANERS - FURRIERS A 348 W. Harding Way Phone I I82 PM APPAREL FO R EN AND BOYS WHERE wEEL-DREssED WOMEN eATHER i... ,N , . .- f Y X If mf-ETL ' 'Iii1is.'iii5?i55955::iA2iEiifif1 ' ' V If - ' 1- - ,-1E 53555 - -I fl Il, 225575 'E5EQa.1,y. A"' 1'1 The name you'H hear moslr frequenily menfioned 'V"1 1 ..-' is--1 -'-'1' ' ':'2 is +ha'r of FOR CAMPUS OR CAREER... For Young Men who are looking forward To anoiher year on +he Campus or a new adven+ure wi'rh desks of rheir own on The firsr job, here's a line-up +ha+s hard ro bear-Arrow Shirfs, Ties, Underwear-Ganh ner Swearers-Nunn-Bush. Edgerion Shoes-Knox Hafs -Timely, Hickey Freeman Clofhes BHV5 sf MQKEEANL FOR MEN FOR BOYS 3I3 Easr Main Srreer Smith 84 Lang For +he smarfesi women know Thai i+'s here 'rhey'H find 'rhe mosr disringuished frocks for every occasion-Jrhe mos'r individual accessories-'rhe loveliesjr Things for 'iheir charming homes. We inviie YOUR parronage l2451 NATHAN BARBOUR, M. D. Diseases of fhe Hearf Sfoclcfon Callfornla PERCY B. GALLEGOS, M. D. OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY 908 Medlco Denfal Bulldlng Sfockfon Callfornla F J ODONNELL M D 8I I Medlco Denfal Bunldmg Sfockfon California Office Phone l848 HUDSON SMY-l'l'lE lvl D Pracflce Llmlfed fo Urology Sulfe I205 Mecllco Denfal Bulldlng Sl0Cl1f0rl California Compllmenfs of GEO H SANDERSON M D ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY Sunfe l205 Medlco Denfal Building BARTON POWELL Jr M D EYE EAR NOSE and THROAT Phone I930 Bank of America Bulldmg Complxmenfs of EDMUND FROST lvl D Office Phone 7839 Res Phone 5770 Sulfe 406 Medlco Denfal Building Sfockfon California Complumenfs of DO C T O R L Y N C H Offlce Phone 82 Residence Phone 8667 C A BROADDUS M D EYE EAR NOSE and THROAT Sunfe 950 Medlco D nfal Building Sfoclcfon DR C E STABLER DENTIST Sulfe l003 Medlco Denfal Building Phone 528 Sfockfon Barfon J Powell M D Dewey R Powell M EYE EAR NOSE and THROAT Hours 930a m foI2noon 230p m fo430p m Phgne I67 Medlco Denfal Bldg Nurse ln Affendance Phone 6300 ACME LABORATORIES XRay Laboraforles James Cox Residence Phone 48 J 3 Sulfe 525 Bank of America Building Compllrnenfs of LANGLEY COLLlS M D Sulfe 605 Medlco Denfal Bulldmg Sfockfon Cal TOFUIG FOLTZ AND RENDON Afforneys and Counsellors af Law Sfockfon Savings and Loan Bank Bldg Comolumenfs of NEILL P JOHNSON M D Physlclan and Surgeon Medlco Denfal Bulldmg Complnrnenfs of NEUMILLER 81 DITZ ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS B I: fAm B Sfockfon California . . , . . , ., . . I ' . I 1 1 I I Office Hours: I I fo I2 a. m.-2 fo 5 p. m. . ' ' ' n I . , . . . , . D. I I , . . . . I an o erica uilding l246l - ELECT - WILBUR S. WIIHEISIIII SH ERIFF CORONER San Joaquin Counfy Primary Eleclrion AugusI 30, I938 Cornplumenfs of R M Warren Co WHOLESALE GROCER Sfocklron California HAL A BARNETT REALTOR To You Who WIII SeH'Ie In S+ocId'on We Handle Properfy I 36 N San Joaquin Phone 445 Compllmenis of STOCKTON OFFICE AMERICAN TRUST CCMPANY 24 Nor'II1 SuHer SI ee'r SAVINGS TRUST COMMERCIAL BANKING I-IeacI Ofice San Eancisco B nk ng S ce 54 Membe EecIe aI Depos I Insu ance Corporaho Membe Eede aI Reserve Sysfem I I I r In +I'1e Besf ResicIen'IiaI Disfricfs of This Cify i : r ' a i in I8 r r i r ' - ' r r I247I f 'UQ , M X l 'iiflflf iff hfif milf iooi. :mproiij kigs aiilpefarl L ,-,jf-fi,,-2' ,W-' ance, oo, an now a 1 5' .-TTLTJ -fe wi i an snu wen H. J. a M1pliXJji'b -iJ'M anlofizrixgiliiier foils ailrouliid. i33'.5N-jg-3,5 y Gel our eslimaie. 21 A K if N O W A SAN JOAQUIN Siocldon California LUMBER COMPANY Scoifs Ave. and Madison S+. GOULD'S Binders Oiiice and RESTAURANT and 4,3 0? Facfofv CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 'as lndexes .lu x Forms When planning a dinner pariy, consider lirsi, GOULDS 9 Excellenl Food PHONE 98I 7l9 E. MARKET ' Excelleni Service X 5 Youllilully XS Sophisiicaied . U Fashions Complimenis Oi ' I ""-Til"-...,,1. y xl? V 'L-is O' s. H. KRESS a co. ,. flue college girl M L - DONOVAN'S SMART SHOP 420 E. MAIN sr. - - PHONE94o F4 ln rlwe WHOLESALE GROCERS Of B+ We ,. SEA SHORE Canned Goods, Bacon ' ' Hams, Lard, Flour, Feeds l-loiel, Resiaurani, Bakery and Camp Supplies YOU WILL ENJOY VACATION MORE WITH OUR EQUIPMENT "I+ Pays io Play" BRANCH'S SPORT SHOP i,gif1yi':,.,aii31HyEnS1nESS i Good Tasie Furnishings a+ Modesi Prices LEVINSON'S 321 E. Weber Avenue Slocldon, Calif. l248l STANDARD AND PORTABLE A TYPEWRITERS - , f serif 'l , .-J' .. f ff w g ALL MAKES .Wg 1111, . 7 gy! 'l "l il ...,9'El2:p "5,"- r ,f,- 'i 'i fl I - , ' 211' -.iif - 51.00 Per Weelc Q V RENTALS 3 MONTHS ss.oo 125 y i H W" 'P' Applied on Purchase - 75 'j i' HA SEN-CARTER COMPANY Weber al California-Sloclqlon, Calif. For beH'er business posifions- "HUMPHREYS" Since l896 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Sfocldon Humphrey's School is fully accredifed by fhe Nafional Associelion of Accredifed Commercial Schools i 2- CARL o. cooK - iyffv ' Dealer and Cu'Her of Precious L9 Fi' jlfq. Q. and Semi-Precious ,"l' ' fp.. A ., ffl STONE 5' .':,"fA,if'if JSI fi" i. .:Lf.Ij.ffT5 AI l4n 'i Q21 A 'Jewelry and Waich Repairing ,,, if-g,q'Qii2"9.ilQi1' "f 41 5451 VO Special Work Made fo Order Qi: ff" ai if--g-1' O For appoin'I'men+ phone 4907-M T 'K' 'Z-37139. 4 e 'fg"F'99R'.. A-5151V-iff'-gila,,, Home 330I N. Hunfer S+. "' ""' 51-lf" -. -.T Wi N '-' ' ,, MAIL ADDRESS: Roufe 2, Box 554, Siocldon '-." ' .lga-:H-. 3 ww STATE BUILDING AND LOAN ASSN. Loans - lnvesfmenis Frank L. Williams, Pres. Howard Hammond, Sec. p"',,'r-..'4 ' i -' ' 1f...4L , ' ,' ,-L, 'if .-,:- L , Y P- 1, -ff, .. 7- ""-,, f' ' -. ""'-':-- 4.511 vw ' ' " 'fx'-. ' - f -' 'wer .1-', , RE- we meg hi ,. Y. . 4 Y I - --an -A -'-f . --S. S ' , 2 5 i2l'I 5 il Maha Street. at Hunter PLAY TOGS lor summer spotlights . . . , For sryle conscious co- 3 'ia' eds . . . for beach and h 1 ze campus dips, you'll find Jrhe smarresi selecrion if? of new play 'rogs al The 'HL Q35 A : 1. :51.1--. EE- :EEEn::: . '--f1: jm, :zusii A LZL.. .l , .,,. QQ. .... .. 233 E. Weber Ave. Srocldon OVER Al-LS Sl-ACKS SHORTS PLAYSUITS 1 PHONE I94I ' 0 FIRST FLOOR O s b o r n P r I n t i n g C o . 'TT' eAr-"' A ' "Our Prices Are Always Righ+" ' -.... """' ' l249l THE MILLS PRESS MODERN REPRODUCTION Phone I730 700 E. Markef Sfreef Sfockfon, California Meef Your Friends Here Day or Nighf KODAKS - SUPPLIES KODAKS LOANED FREE WE NEVER CLOSE DAY AND NIGHT DRUG STORE I-IoIeI Sfockfon Bldg., Sfockfon, Calif. PHONE 288 N A T I O N A L Phone 4458 Four Free Deliveries DaiIy D o L L A R STORES YOSEMITE MEAT MARKET IX Exfraordinary Values af All Times We Specialize in , Everyfhing for fhe Enfire Family B A B Y B E E F Including Ready-fo-Wear and MiIIinery - H. T. STEVENS Ii, 4l7 E, Main S1-reef . - STOCKTON 9I5 N. Yosemife Sfreef Sfockfon, California E. W. Suplick R. Goold Czomplimem-S of EDDY ELECTRIC AND MECHANICAL M I L L E R - I'I A Y S C O M P A N Y COMPANY PLUMBERS MOST COMPLETE ELECTRICAL STORE IN THE VALLEY I Phone 85 309 E. Weber Ave. Granf and Weber Phone I6 W. P. FULLER 8: CO. PAINTS - VARNISHES LACQUERS - GLASS 2I8 S. Aurora Sf. Phone 3798 Stockton Ice and FueI Co. 33 S. EI Dorado Phone 47 BURNHAM BROTHERS PersonaIized Service Furnifure, Floor Coverings, Drapes, Shades Sfoves, Radios, Refrigerafors and Washing Machines 4I9 E. Weber Ave. Phone 40 CENTRAL DRUG CO. California Sf. and Weber Ave. Phones 2082 and 3423 Sfockfon, CaIifornia I25OI Don"r Slarl Your Vacalion Wiihoul a Canclicl Camera or a Movie Oullil We carry The Finesi in all Cameras and Equipmenr and will Gladly Demonsirare LOGAN CAMERA SHOP 20 Norih San Joaquin Phone I498 j W I Phone 8904 B O O K S S O L D R E N T E D JL W. Gardner 403 E. MAIN st s'rocKToN. cnur. , I IEARN w swlM I Swimming lessons by 1 f compelenl insrrucrors p A Special Rares ro Parries of IO or More iff eoizoon CORSON,'lWAGU6QGf :iii 5l0 N. Aurora Phone 324 :PP Telephone 8250 RUSE-BLAIR LUMBER CO. 302 Wesi' Fremonf Sireei' Sfocldon California .... .... Corp 'mem of Wholesale Dealers ln General Hardware, Iron and Sfeel M' S H E R I F F S+ock+on California Primary Eleciionz Augus'r 30, I938 I2 The College ol the Pacilic A campus ol conslanlly increasing beauly impresses lhe visilor lo lhe College ol lhe Pacilic, The lilleen red-briclc buildings in lhe collegiale golhic slyle ol archilec- lure, lhe perlecl symelery ol lhe campus plan, and lhe nearly lilleen hundred lrees and shrubs all combine lo make a selling lhal is enjoyed by only a lew colleges in lhis counlry. To add lo lhis selling is lhe lradilion ol nearly eighly seven years ol conlinuous educalional service, lhe longesl period lhal any incorporaled educalional inslilulion in Calilornia has had lhe opporlunily lo serve. Pacific can lruly say lhal il has been a "lrail blazer" and is conslanlly endeavoring lo presenl opporlunilies lhal lead lo a beller lile lor all who enler ils gales. l252l clnevung un The phllosophy of a lnberal arTs educaT1on IT IS The prlmary lnTeresT of The school To fosTer The arT of luvlng among :Ts sTudenTs The commuTTmenT of The faculfy un Thrs Task seTs TT aparT as a specual Type of personalized Tralnung which has as :Ts ends The developmenT of characTer and personaluTy Pacufuc ns noT a un1versaTy a unlverslfy wuTh :Ts vanous schools and research egulpmenT IS engaged ID discover Ing The facTs of llfe whsle The dufy of a college as To puT These TacTs 1nTo The life of The sTudenT Supporhng Thus lnberal Tradufuon are sTrong culTural offerings exemplufued In music and dramafucs The ConservaTory of lvluslc celebraTes :Ts sxxTTeTh annsversary This year and has long been recognlzed as a naflonal leader an :Ts fueld lT has developed con slsTenTly In The number of courses reg1sTraT:on Thoroughness and sTandlng The Pa clfuc l.lTTle TheaTre has more recenfly slcyrocl4eTed To fame as a resulT of :Ts produc Tron schedule and hlgh guallTy of performances occurred sunce 1Ts 1ncepTIon a few years ago Pacific has meT The growing demand on The parT of sTudenTs for an opporTunlTy To prepare for a career ID The field of buslness and aT The same Tame have The beneflf of The culTural background ThaT follows from liberal arTs college Traunung The DeparTmenT oT Educahon has been aufhorlzed since I923 To granT Call fornla Teachers credenT1als The facT ThaT such a large percenTage of Paclfuc Teach ers are placed In pos1Tlons bears ouT The facf ThaT educaTors recognize The value of lnberal arTs work ln a small school where In addmon To specuflc professronal Tralnung an emphasis IS placed on characTer and culTuraI Traunlng ln an efforf To meeT rapldly changmg educaflonal cond1T1ons Pacific has ellml naTed :Ts freshman and sophomore worlc and is now an upper cllvusuon and graduafe school STudenTs are accepTed from Junuor Colleges and four year colleges provuol ed They have aTTalned aT leasT a C average In s1xTy unuTs of worlc Because of The rnsung Junnor College movemenT TT ns expecfed Thaf many colleges parfzcularly In Call forma will choose Thus course nn The near fuTure lT is The presenf polucy of The Col lege To concenTraTe :Ts enflre energies and resources upon sfrengfhenlng and expand Ing The worlc :T has seT ouT To do A phenomenal developmenT of The DeparTmenT of Business Adminisfrafion has T253 ,l fgxclmovvlcdgrnents The EdiTor and his STaTT express Their deep appreciaTion To Those whose willing cooperaTion and valuable assisTance have made possible The publicafion oT The l938 Naraniado. MR- R- M- ROSENSTEEI-1 l-le did more Than prinT These pages. l-le worlced as one oT us, shared our problems, and did more Than his share oT sTraighTening Them ouT. MR- FRANK DUTSCHKEI Whose drive and energy lcepT us on our Toes. MI55 INEZ MORGAN For her courTeous cooperaTion and hard worlc. MR- JIM SEBREE1 OT The CaliTornia ArT Xi Engraving Company Tor his splendid on- graving and seeing us Through To The Tinish by more Than TulTilling all promises. MR. MARVIN BONDS! Who checlced The accuracy oT The Technical deTail in all The worlc. MR- VIC ANDERSON: For his beauTiTul arT worli and sTarTling ideas. MESSRS. BUSHMAN AND RISEN: WaiTing paTienTly Tor a laTe boolc They deserve high praise Tor Their speedy and Tine binding iob. MR. AND MRS. RAY CLARKSON: Whose advice and porTraiTs were wonderTul. MR. CLARENCE CUMPTONI STuclenT phoTographer, Tor his candid phoTos. his Time. and his ideas. This lNlaraniado Produced by The Pacific STuclenT AssociaTion of The College oT The Pacific, and SToclcTon Junior College. PrinTing and Binding: RosensTeel PrinTing Company, Inc., SToclcTon. Supervision: R. M. RosensTeel Franlc DuTschl4e Inez Morgan Typography: C. L. Baysinger Ray S. Yeaman l-larold R. Berg A. K. SmiTh Edgar M. Rowland Fred MiramonTes Pressworlc: George F. C. l-lull Erwin E. Olney Cyril Cochrane Binding: William F. Bushman l-l. G. Risen Engravings: California ArT and Engraving Company, Berkeley. Supervision: Jim Sebree Marvin Bonds ArT Worlc: Vic Anderson PhoTography: Clarkson STudiosg CompTon's PhoTo Shop. l254T Classified Buyers Guide Phone AHornays F0111 81 Rondon.. . .. 150 Noumiller 8: Dilz. . . 415 Aufomobile Dealers Hansel 81 Orlman. .. 4850 Bakeries Gravem-Inglis Balcinq Co. ,...... 3077 M. Orsi 8: Son. . 611 Banks Bank o1Amorica ..., , . . . 8300 Firsi Nalional Bank... ..., . ..,,, .. 173 American Trusl Co. . ,.,,.,., . Sfockion Savinqs 3: Loon Bank W Books Gardner's Book Shop. .. Building 8: Loan Associalion . . 2034 3 .. 8904 Slaio Building 81 Loan Associalion. .. 4028 Cleaning Golden Wesf Inc. Launderers and Cleaners ..,.... ... .,.,.... .... 4334 Hess-De Luxe Dyeing and Cleaning ,,,,,,, 1182 Clofhing Bravo 8: Mclfooqan . ,,,,., 2340 Yosl Bros .....,.,,., , .. 26 Creameries Milk Producers Associaiiori Coniral California . Dairies Blue Ribbon Dairy Farms. C1owe's Dairy.. ..... .. Delicalessen M. Orsi Si Son. Denfisls H. W. Rohrbaclcer. C. E. Sfabler... . Deparfmenf Slores Kaflen 8: Marenqo .. Kress 8i Co... . Nafional Dollar Slore . J. C. Penney Co. . . Sears-Roebuck 8: Co. ,..,. . Smilh 81 Lang .,... . Slerlinq, 1nc...,. ,,,, . . . Slockion Dry Goods Co. Druggisfs Ceniral Drug Siore. .. Cenfral Drug Slore... Day and Niqhr Drug Slore.. Rose Tuxedo Pharmacy ,,... Eleclrical Conlracfors of ,. 1798 . 3013 1261 .. 611 7896 . 528 1703 3017 2105 1800 68 5050 .. 3400 5030 .. . 2082 . . .... 3423 288 1891 Eddy Eleclric 8: Mechanical Co ..... 85 Feed and Fuel F. E. Ferrel 8: Co .....,,... Funeral Direclors B. C. Wallace .... Phone 1002 . ..,,, 4667 Furniiure Burnham Bros. Furnifure Co ....., 40 Levinson Furnifure Co .......... .,..... 1 239 Garmenis Donovan's Smarf Shop .,.,,,,, Nafional Dollar Sfore ,,,,,,,. Slerling, Inc .....,........V..Y.......... Sfockfon Dry Goods Co ..,,,.,, Wonder, Inc .,,..,...,,,,...,....... Groceries C. G. Gall 81 Co ........,.... McGhan's Markei .,,.,,,.. Safeway Sfores ............. R. M. Warren .,,...,..,. Hair Sfylisfs R. E. Poole ....... Hardware Ausfin Bros ...................,... Sears-Roebuck 8: Co..... lce and Fuel Sfockfon Ice 84 Fuel Co .... . ..... 940 2105 3400 5030 3037 585 1781 601 1568 5050 510 68 47 Ice Cream Bobb Inn ....................,.,....,..... ....... 5 024 Della Ice Cream Co .....,,,.,........ ....... I 285 Milky Way lce Cream Co ...,, .. ...,... 5294 Jewelry Carl C. Cook ...,,,........ 49O7M M. Friedberger 8i Co ..... H. J. Kuechler 81 Son.. Laundries Golden We-sf Inc. Launderers and Cleaners .......,..,.........,,. Lumber Ruse-Blair Lumber Co ............. San Joaquin Lumber Co ...,.... M a rkels-Meaf Tuxedo Meaf Markef ,,...,,,,.,,,, E1 Dorado Meaf Marlcef ..,.,.,. Yosemife Meaf Marker ......,.. Oplomefrisfs Robf. Keeler .....,, Painfs A. 1-1. Davies ....,..........,. W. P. Fuller Co ................ Ruse-Blair Lumber Co ......... Phofographers Clarkson Sfudio .... Logan Siudios ........ 12551 2416 2382 4334 8250 548 117 1553 4458 .. 982 . 170 3798 8250 . ..... 6634 1498 Phone Physicians and Surgeons, M. D. Dr. Nafhan Barbour ................... ...... 4 08 Dr. C. A. Broaddus ......... 82 Dr. W. H. L. Collis ......... 4818 Dr. Edmund Frosr ......... ....,. 7 839 Dr. P. B. Gallegos ....... 8046 Dr. Minerva Goodman... 654 Dr. C. E. Holliger ......... ...... I 173 Dr. Neil P. Johnson ......... 2825 Dr. William P. Lynch ....... 242 Dr. F. J. O'Donne11 Jr ...... 115 Dr. Barfon Powell Jr ........ ...... I 930 Dr. J. Barfon Powell ......... 167 Dr. Dewey Powell ..,............. 167 Dr. Geo. H. Sanderson .......... 127 Dr, Hudson Smyfhe ,,,,,,,,,,,, Dr. Irving Zeimer .,.,,.,,,,,,, Plumbing Miller-Hays Co ......... Prinfing Hansen-Carfer Co. ... Mills Press ....................,,,,,,,, Osborne Prinfing Co ......... Radcliffe 31 Julius ..... .......... Rosensfeel Prinfing Co ....... Real Esfafe Hal A. Barnefl ............. F. J. Diefrich 84 Co ...... Resfauranfs i Gould s ......... ...,.....,,,,,,,,,,,,, Johnnie's Waffle Shopp e. ..... .. usiness Schools College of fhe Pacific ........ Humphreys School of B Shoes Saunders Slipper Shop ........ Siafioners I-1ansen'Car1er Co. .... . Swimming-Barhs Olympic Bafhs .......... Theafres Fox California Theafre ....... Fox Sfare Theafre ........... Rrallo Thealre ...,,,,,,,,,,,, Fox Rifz Theafre .... Sierra Theafre ..... Trusl Companies American Trusf Co ....... Sfockfon Savings 8: Loa X-Ray Service Ac me La borafories .... Sporfing Goods Hnrisiiifffff... Diff Branch's Sporfing Goods House ..... .. 1848 2478 I6 2083 1730 1941 981 51 .. 445 577 3605 4877 6231 4134 975 2083 324 1826 2333 6608 1858 630 2034 3 6300 161 Prinhed by ROSENSTEEL PIUNTING CO., lnc Sfocldon, California l

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