Stockdale High School - Brahma Yearbook (Stockdale, TX)

 - Class of 1959

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NI' -1 fl. Q 'iff' -me . I f. 1 , 'if , . QxE?f'?2 f 3... .. ,... +1 . . i H. nb H Z. ' W iv ww Q . lf g + ' w v jig' , ' m N, . ,aw , , 5. . , W" ,mr-1 ge, , , 'O 1, 1 Q41 ,?1Ii, ., ,. m'fmmw54ky7-',4a ' 36134 wM1,:,! . -,V 5 T5 ' . X '- we , N1 G xl x X 0X -.'- I I I I ' I I I X Q? I .E - BRAHMA ANNUAL STAFF Sponsor-Ar chie Wilder Janice Gee Co-Editor Sharon Akin Co-Editor Lacretia Akin Man. Editor ANNUAL STAFF,DEDICATION Editing a yearbook is not all peaches and cream. Trials and tribulations are rnany as the months slip by. Writing and rewriting copy, taking and retaking pictures, making layouts, mounting pictures, counting char ac te r s, and measuring copy---all add up to a full-time job. But when the deadline has been met, we heave a sigh of relief. All our worries and problems seem to be forgotten, and we only hope that the students of Stockdale who read our book will feel as we do--that it is a' lasting reminder of our happy school days. We the staff of the Stockdale Annual wish to de di c ate the 1958-59 'Brahma' yearbook to Mrs. Lulie Lorenz. She has devoted years of her life to continuous hard work and sincere loyalty to Stockdale High School. Therefore, to show our deep appreciation, we dedicate to you, Mrs. Lo r enz, the 1958-59 'Brahma'. B0 RD OF EDUCATIO 5 X ' . u i ,. . LY.efl X. Joe Meyers, Wayne Rutland, E.L. MCG1-ew, Arnold Larnbeck-Sec. R.B. Bauman, Eugene Stoever-Supt. Lloyd Taylor-Pres. Hubert Tornerlin QNot Presentj . AIIMINISTIRATIIIN 'I To the Annual Staff: It is indeed a pleasure to congratulate the Annual Staff for an excellent job performed on the 1959 Stockdale Brahma Annual. May you long continue to remember your school and the student body of Stockdale High School. Every annual is like a history book of teachers, students, and events in your life. Thanks for the annual and the work that you have put in to make it a success. Sincerely, Eugene Stoever . .Lv 1 To the Student Body of Stockdale High School: I am grateful for the opportunity to off e r my congratulations to the students and faculty members of Stockdale High Schoolg to the stu- dents for their wholesome attitude and energetic effort in their workg to the faculty members for their devoted effort in guiding the students over the "rough spots" they encountered in the educational process. To those of you who will continue in school either here or elsewhere, I commend your best efforts to the "job of learning" and to those of you who do not continue in school, I commend your best efforts to the "job of living." Sincerely, Thomas Miks ch Principal J'--f J Arthur W. Freeland L. Lorenz O. Luker M. I-Iosek Y M. Martin T. Miksch M. Neil B. Smith A. Wilder E. Williams . vafmw 'fp N- , b . .B . . if CLASS OFFICERS Jackie Jackson Bobby Garner Elbert McGrew Margie Stahl Margaret Lopez SENIOR FAVORITES Joyce Lynn Ted Akin NINA LOUISE DACY Band '55-'58 Band Reporter '58 Basketball '55-'59 Typing '57-'58 Football Sweetheart '57-'58 Homecoming Court '58-'59 F,H.A, '56-'57, '58-'59 F,H.A. Secretary '58-'59 Annual Staff '58-'59 voueybau '55-'59 Pep Squad '58-'59 Senior Play '58-'59 Nd? P V? CALVIN ADCOCK Senior Play '59 VERDIE ARLENE ADCOCK F.H.A. '55-'59 Shorthand '59 W BOB GARNER Mgr. Football '55-'56 F.F.A. President '57- Q.-sits TED S. AKIN F.F.A. '55-'59, Reporter '56 F.H.A. Sweetheart '57 '58 Football '55-'58 Co-captain '58 All District '58 Class Favorite '58-'59 Senior Play '59 Homecoming Court '55- '58 '58 X bn Debate '58-'59 Class Secretary '57-'59 Senior Play '59 gy .K i 4,9 le J' FRED JACKSON Slass Favorite '55-'56 Declamation '56-'57 Poetry Reading '59 Senior Play '59 5 N. gi RODNEY GARNER F.F.A. 54 Senior Play '59 JESSIE MAE GIMBEL Band '54-'55 F.H.A. 54- 59 4 JACK JACKSON F.F.A. '55-'56 Declamation '56-'57 Slide Rule '58-'59 Externp. Speaking '58 Annual Staff '55-'58 Class Secretary '55-'57 Class Vice-president '58-'59 Class Favorite '55-'56 Student Council Secretary '58-'59 One Act Play '59 Senior Play '59 K as, 4 PAU LA YOLANDA GUS MAN F.H.A. '55-'59 Pep Squad '56-'57 Volleyball '55-'56 Senior Play '59 I s MARGARET LOPEZ F.H.A. '55-'59 Pep Squad '55-'59 Alternate Cheerleader '56 Class Reporter '58-'59 Senior Play '59 ROY MILLS Football '56-'59 F.F.A. '55-'58 F.F.A. Secretary '56 Treasurer '57-'58 Annual Staff '57-'58 Basketball '55-'57 District, Regional Slide Rule '58-'59 Senior Play '58-'59 "l',allf.',55z 'f ' .Q Miss wg .Q . L f V.4,a?aA::?V' f .V J A , M 1 r 9, 1 ' . OLETA JOYCE LYNN F.H.A. '55-'59 F.H.A. Club Sgt. at Arms '58-'59 Class Favorite '56-'57 '58-'59 Class Reporter '56-'57 '57-'58 Homecoming Court '57-'58 ELBERT L. MCGREW, JR Football '55-'59 All District '58 Basketball '56-'59 Captain '58 Track '56-'59 Volleyball '56-'58 All Star Cast One Act Play '59 Extemporaneous Speech '58 Student Council President '58-'59 Class Favorite '58 Class Treasurer '56 Class Reporter '57 Class President '59 Band '56-'57 Homecoming Court '56-'59 'AP-'hi' -uni' RAYMOND SAM PENNARTZ M DNZALO RAMIREZ ,F,A. '56-'57 Jotball '56-'59 isketball '56-'59 ind '57-'58 :onorary Mention District Football '58-'59 Jmecoming Court '56-'59 FXNIEL ROCHA ,F,A. '55-'56 Jotball '57-'59 ide Rule '58-'59 arnecoming Court '58-'59 CONCEPTION REYNA F.H.A. '56-'59 Spelling '56-'57-'58 Senior Play '59 Shorthand '59 Ready Writing '58 DORIS LEVERNE SMITHEY Band '55-'58 Band Sergeant-at-arms '57-'58 F.H.A. '56-'59 Senior Play '58-'59 Annual Staff '59 - WOODIE R. ROBINSON F.F.A. '55-'59 F.F.A. Treasurer '56-'57 F.F.A. Secretary '58-'59 F.F.A. delegate to state convention '58 Lone Star Farmer '58 Class Vice-president '57-' Representative to Student Council '59 Senior Play '59 Livestock judging '56 .f LARRY STAGGS Basketball '55-'59 Football '57-'58 Annual Staff '55-'58 Senior Play '59 Volleyball '56-'59 All District Basketball '59 Band '55-'59 "ILT" MARGARET FAYE STAHL Basketball '55-'57 District Tennis '56-'58 Pep Squad '55-'57 1 F.H.A. '55-'56 Ready Writing '56-'58 Class Treasurer '57-'58, '58-'59 Student Council Treasurer '58-'59 Senior Play '59 '27 m MARGIE STAHL i - Valedictorian JACKIE JACKSON Salutato rian JOSEPHINE TAYLOR Pep Squad '56-'59 Cheerleader '57-'59 Head Cheerleader '58-'59 Volleyball '56-'58 Basketball '56-'59 Captain '59 All Zone '58-'59 All Tournament '58-'59 X- wr Homecoming Duchess '56-'57 Princess '58 Queen '59 Class President '56-'57 Class Favorite '56-'58 Typing team first place '58 Declamation first place '56 Annual Staff '56-'58 F.H,A, Club '56-'59g Senior Play '59 is CLASS OFFICERS L cretia Akin Nan Roberson Janice Gee J L ttl mesie T rrell Mill S JUNIOR FAVORITES Nan Roberson Terrell Mills ri- 13: Lang-llc Baurnan Jack Brigman Janice GCC aww- Kilt ly!!! is 1 - H. ,, QM' l' ff 9' 'fi '4, ,An A, Ag Lacretia Akin Sharon Akin Johnny Baldwin 4 ,J 'wi' gs xr dlp S.-:nj f .v 1 fi vi Glenda Goodwin Felix Guerra Jeanette Hassrnan w .ynn Johnson Iarl Lambeck esse Lerma ? 'ik lv' .P--K, -'Q M X .-v gh 4 if Z ,.-H if 'f'n't?' Lonnie Hastings Patsy Hastings Ola Jean Howe K .X ,xlw Q. , Q ,.. Q --A if 'WM M ' ' f Y, James Little Lupe Lerma Jerry McGuffin s, 1' . 4 1 , rf u Charles Placker Nan Rober Son Beatrice Silva e KSN --ug 'T '50- Q' ex if Terrell Mills Sarah Pearson Dorothy Pennartz --f..,,!',w ICH: 'Qs pf: ,-,:..'Jv ..- tr- 'Nasir X ,gg . fig .15 had il 'suwqi Josephine Sanchez Lester West Filous Wirnberly -'ss Q CLASS OFFICERS Jackie Pope Freddie Martin Bonnie Richter Hazel Wehmeyer Frank Riley SOPHOMORE FAVORITES Betty Jo Lorenz Richard Stahl iff "1 'cry uni Arthur Ables Betty Adcock Barbara Bird William Brown John DeLeon Terry Dibrell Adolph Felux Kathryn Freasier Lester Gann Margie Gonzales Edward Jackson ag. 'X X . - I Q: if Q Betty Lorenz Freddy Martin Don McFarland Jack Pope Robert Quinney Daniel Quintanilla Colla Rayburn Lee Rethaber Bing Rice Bonnie Richter Frank Riley Qs. L7i'ffLw , 1, Antonia Sanche z Kathy Springs Jes se Vela is ,i ,, ,L me 'QQ Sue Setliff Mary Shaver Katherine Smithey Hazel Wehmeyer .4 f, in M' J G ff? 'D 'Ui- Richard Stahl X 5 Q Armando Tamez Virgil Wiley i 4 J . . , A A l yv , Q... -gs N f 5 rl ' v. ,. 5 Q gl u in 3 SQFESVFEAKW gl Yi if xr .. ' We ai has ff' E 5 s ge ,, 6 9' az QL QS Fa f .. -ffx . .. ,-Nu... .. ,,,.k ,,,M,,u. M. K , ,V ,F , K, K, .E,E5: MQ f f -ff-W-M... ,.., ,,,..,,kw R,..n,,k A : . -ad f:QQ-v.fQ21:ff:e1-'Mfa- - f ..,,.. , ..., . k.., :,,,.,,:,,,b,w:L Q4 ' . - .fa--w:,6,11,f:, A .qi CLASS OFFICERS Judy Staggs Marilyn Martin Rebecca Byrd Nancy McGrew Stella Palacios ,, .. ., ,..-,k ,:5.,...,kx. FRESH A FAVORITES Judy Staggs David Bauman ii' , '-Us s f Faye Adcock George Aubin David Bauman 1' K, 'I-Qi i 'G' m'C357 !'M 4' 'Nr'1V rQMHfi1g f fl z . Rebecca Bird Mark Carter Faye Crisp Barbara Dacy " Mark Johnson Mary Johnson Louis Lerma Ray Lerrna Marilyn Martin Nancy McGrew Tommy McGuffin IM' A I .I ' X v is Stella Palacios Margaret Reyna Elpidio Silva 'TX f-RF' Judy Staggs Jere Taylor Patty West Billy Smi they ni.,-'A-I, V 1 VF A Q 1 - . 52, 1 sw - Q A ' ' Ernest Young I CLASS OFFICERS Brenda Odom B1lly Jarotowitz Lorene Lamza Carolyn Taylor Russel Brown gfggjm i :.:',9:szf:m 5? 'UT '10 4 ' lb gb 2 "5 Harvey Baker T.J. Bird 'K ' Silk K N' Mary Cannon Wayne Carr l I ' ."'-- 1 ,. , b h David Crisp Pauline DeLeon 44 Wanda Bird Russel Brown ,G 2 X xx ' w r ' ,5f,i,":2'.Zh'n!..e Tommy Champion Raymond Chavez is Maurine Dixon Edwin Felix 1 Q , - 'B .D fig-Q12-P K, ,gy ff' 41" rkkkk i at Eddie Galan Jackie Garner Faye Gimbel Billy Jarutowitcz 5 C C l L Yvonne Keeton James Knobles Lorena Lamza Albert Laskowski 'K W Alvin Laskowski Betty Lopez Delores Lopez Norvel Lynn tub Janell Meyers qs Qs. - Sc is T X W Q if . it-Q M Bobby Nicholson Brenda Odom Josie Palacio 'Y' . ' L -ni I Ji' AK i 'V "1 1 -l W4 '. ,Mx S high f ,K 'I SRX , Y 'li ' ' bx . , X Chico Parks Rodger Propes Lethia Quinney Clara Quintanilla X QQ . ,F x E4 i it X N Lfif-1 Pk k T Marvin Quinney Consuela Reyna Victoria Rocho Minnie Russelle P 1 ,,., fr' N " se Q -an - yp, ,11. ' . - ,fr -. , M l Y Salvador Urrabazo Jane Sandoval Lucky Seidel Lee Singltary 'Q Carolyn Taylor f:6fp,,,x V5 if Roy West A ':' au' X P ,Q . 4' NY' 5 N Helen Tyer Henry Sandoval L.Hc West Q- ,cs Q-. 1"'i A ' iai. - L1 ....,,, it Q 0 Y ab i , Q Ji' A x B111 Wileyt Betty Wimberly Elizabeth Woods J : R exx-vggzgxl '- ...W , Wifi: Mil hi Q wie A 2 at wi , P f ik . , - a .mu L 4- Y' CLASS OFFICERS Jerry Staggs Jane Cape-rton Jimmy Chandler Roland Gusman Mike Akin Charlie Jordan V -NL- f Q 4 2 TH-sm S A Q- xg ,,M,,. EVENTH GR DE FAVORITES Barbara Odom Jimmy Chandle r fi 'WW' ' 1-W uv Alice Adcock r vi ,J 4 Q I ' all ARF J-T Y x Af P Wayne Byrd J V Wsifiiggfl "A' L' 'TSY Willie Doran ,,. ,p It It -fi-,,v,- ,.., .MU ,l.w,,,,,,.. - ,-.., - W L -lk f Q..-1-5 v- 5 m'i' f'fjk:Eff':lifi i ,k . ,sg-,off :si .X ,..L we Q' Qi i J s H fix Q 5 J J ,Q Johnny Mike Akin Akin ay, is "W sway Jane Jimmy Cape rton Chandler ,.-1 Roland Bauman sg ' dvi? A .1 1 . NA, K ll J e r ry C r ou c h A,-at - S 5 1? Hayes Glenda Patty Ellison Freasier Garcia J. F -si' Y J Q if J, J 'Q' V ' h Wvyil ' Q 1 J x .fi , " KK f' 'W Zi xt J Roland Wayne Barbara Gusman Placker ' Odern ...ff A" 1 .- -- , K .. Q 1-.iff af- 1-in-533. 'e o J 1 'Q ,, . J K 1- -.a- X . , A no p L :fn gi 11 YBDM ,. 5 . J ,A x J. -. 1, N-so J N J N Q za Louis e Bird 9? X'-V-auf Mary Dixon ,WAX ,F Henry Gusman Joan Smi they Www' . i f X ig, N h J Ytkkk .qi X-X ,Q f . .... 352 'why' Jimmy Springs 4-up M, A l 9 Tommy Luker C3 1 ,ww J ik' 3 - qt: 2.3 -, 'L N f-,lf , 1, Oran Edelia West Trevino l2 J 3 me x Robert Higgins Jeanette Haney 2 ,Q 12-an 'U' H ...N 'X Nm Q , V af- 4.61 Lucy Robbie Quintanilla Rethaber Odlil' Kathy Tome rlin g cg , " Charlie Jordan -qmeav Joyce Robbms K -if is Peter Elizabeth Sanchez Smithey ,,1. i ,iyy X A if J e r r y Sta g g s ,wwe , zzh Q df' 1 f 3 Linda J ua re z Juanita Rodreguez .. ,.. an MI r... GG A 4,-.,.. . ku aww' ', ':1y::.f 'fn , . , 4 -ik ,3 1 ,nw . wx 'Y' yi fav Y N 0 If 1 1' "pf 1 n,455f' Your life in the Stockdale School willsoon be ended. Most of you still have a long road ahead. Therefore try to make it a success and keep your chin up high. Look to your future years as great years in your life, for you determine our future America. Good Luck to you all. Sincerely, Herbert Royal Elementary Principal Domingo Garcia Jo Ann Ables Juan Guerra Suelema Trevino ggdmy Slaughter Elroy Haverlah Adolfo Urrabazo Vera Mae Williams George Martin Linda Mints Geraldine Alderman Terry Bird Margarita Palacio Shedrick Jones Ronnie McGuffin Jose Flores Adela Serbine Sarah Bain Delois Goodwin Armando Lerma TEACHER--H. D. Royal Franciso DeLeon . Olga DeLeon Donnell Cannon Clint Wilkinson Bill Cannon Viola Adcock Antonio Vela Jimmy West Baslia Salinas Linda Kowolik Bonnie Dacy Maurice Dixon Sherlene Doran Harry Hassman Mary Quintanilla Theodore Rangel Louis Longoria Anita Sanchez. Owen West Connie Mills Richard Oltmans Roy Seiler John Chavez Weldon Seeliger Henry Albarez Joe Bird Jessie Champion Inez Chavez Joy Crisp Betty Felix Marjorie Freasier Linda Hastings Jesse Hawk Mary Hernandes Joe Laijas Laura Lorenz Robert Lynn Gilbert Macias Eddie McGuffin Weldon McFarland Susan Myers Perez Josie William Quinney Linda Richter TEACHER- -Mary Lea Pearson Yrael Radriguez Randy Rutland Larry Seiler Dora Silva Linda Springs Mary Tewes Kenneth Tamerlin Jimmie Wehmeyer Erasrno Villareal Diane Pullen Linda Rice Jerry Kluth James Freasier Larry Wiley Adelina Soto Colleen Dacy Eddie Casanova Frank Quintanilla Marilyn Oltmanns James Freasier Rickie Denning Maureen Guthrie TEACHER--Jessie Mae Ables Ronald Bohman Dennis Wiley Isabel Chavez Estella Perez Sharon Seiler Thomas Freasier Donald Rice Margaret Wehmeyer Pauline Perez Rosalinda Trevino Guadalupe Soto Joe Morales Lucy DeLeon Manuelita Flores Geronimo Garza Patsy Richter Lori Wiley Rnitha Dixon Linda Ann Harless Kenneth Richter Matt Fathe ree TEACHER- -Mrs . Mary Dettman James Ramzinski Emelio Casanova Jimmie Trevino David West Kenneth Knobles Linda Lynn E.E. Person Giegoria. Perez Julia Casanova Jane Chavez Teresa Zerda Santos Chavez Kenneth Galan Joe Berrera Ava Mims Mary Serbine Kathy Jo Hemby Lydia Johnson Alberta Dixon Tom Crouch Joann West Jerry I-Iores Judy Crisp TEACHER--Mrs. McGee Johnny Gloria Lerrna Trevino Jo s ephine Gimine z Robert Robert Connie Anita S Claude Ramzinski Bird Richter oto Drzymala Gary Childress Cornelio Morales Valentino Garcia Janice Garner John B. Freasier Paulette Crisp Gloria Rodriquez Annie Vidal Victoria DeLeon Caroline Dugi Rudy Quintanilla Addie Freasier Kathi Cannon Eugene Stoever Joe Sanchez III Geraldine Caperton Mary Lou Zerda Edward Lopez Gracie Lopez Joe Silvas Mike Arthur Betty Felux Gary Mills Susan Wiley TEACHER- -Mr S. Lea Martin Richard Baumann Richard Lerma Steve Williams Joe Perez, Jr. Ray Stahl Michael Rodriquez Kenneth Martinez Manuella Mendez Jesse Perez John Stahl Marilyn Guthrie Allen Champion Corina Casanova Saragoso Villarreal Gail Russell Thomas Bosanko Philip Phillips Jesse Laijas Alice Trevino Roy Gene McGrew Kenneth Smith Gloria Martinez Loretta Hassrnann Alice Martinez Johnny Macias Mary Ann Casanova Ginger Gann Domiana Mendez Pantaleon Longorio Charles Wehmeyer TEACHER--MYSN Wiley' SUBSTITUTE TEACHER--Mrs. Webber Glen Mills Perry Rutland Lorenzo Garza Peggy Rice Mary Lou Rangel Yolando Trevino Sharron Hawk Roy Mints Bill Fatheree Gloria Garza Eugene Barnhart Edward De Leon Rudy Garcia TEACHERL-Mrs. Leroy Haverlah Delores Soto Anita Serbine Veronica Richter Gary Albertson James Jackson Anastacia De Leon Maria Pantoja Sally Sanchez Soila Flores Susan Harless Linda Schwanke Alfred Houseton Shirley Dugi TEACHER--Alta Ray Soto Antonio Pere z Patsy Lerma Diana Garza Jo Ann Bustamente Alene Lynn Mae Cook Lynn Johnson Larry Lopez Johnny Trevino Adam Lerma Linda Sue Williams Joyce O'Neal Mike Alderman Billy Knobles Alice Lerma Nimfa Mendez Ronnie Quinney x Kathy Hawk Shirley Odom Jane Lopez Manuel Pantoja Donald Wayne Martin Patricia Bosanka Ray Freasier Sandra McGuffin Beatrice Barnhart TEACHER--Mrs. Pearl Carr Albert Girnenez Robert Sanchez Sylvia Quintanilla Arthur Laijas Rayrnond Rangel Doyle Wilson Gary Gann Mike McGee Martin Longorio - . , ,. M Iggy-qw-fl-A-: .,,,.:,, A V- ae- -:.f 5 -file-if 1f' 2 ,i I .,..7k,,.. Qaavzi., ,J 'g N. r , wx . Q. 9: F 4 vs "-' 1 I --we: -.n..J,.:s,. .I sfs.,,.J,.., ,...,, ,K 4. , A I I I K mg Q5 "-'-'llnunqqqg Se 4. M.. ,... xt." on z pi, -- 2? ' 3 -if f STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT .... . . Elbert McGreW SENIOR REP. . VICE PRESIDENT . . . Jack Brigman JUNIOR REP, , , SECRETARY .... . . Jackie Jackson TREASURER ......... Margie Stahl SOPHOMORE REP, FRESHMAN REP. SPONSOR--Mrs. Orlena Luker EIGHTH REP, , , SEVENTH REP. . Woodie Robinson Terrell Mills QNot Present, Bonnie Richter Judy Staggs Janell Meyers Joyce Roberson F.F.A. SWEETHEART--Sarah Pearson SPONSOR--Melvin Neill Freddy Martin Terrell Mills Lonnie Hastings Carl Lambeck Woodie Robinson William Brown Daniel Quintanilla George Aubin Mark Johnson David Bauman Ted Akin Chico Carter Billy Smithey Terry Dibrell Ernest Young Tommy McGuffin Armando Tomez Louis Lerrna Elpedio Silvia Bing Rice Jack Pope Charles Placker Richard Stahl Frank Riley Adolph Felix Virgil Wiley Lee Ratheber Don McFarland Robert Quinney Jack Brigman Jerry McGuffin Ray Lerrna Jesse Vela Lester Gann SWEETHEART-- Sarah Pearson Nina Dacy Joyce Lynn Nan Roberson Judy Staggs Lacretia Akin Hazel Wehmeyer Beatrice Silva Jere Taylor Mary Johnson James Li ttle Margaret Reyna Faye Adcock Marilyn Martin Barbara Dacy Rebecca Byrd Nancy McGrew Kathy Springs Mary Shaver Josephine Sanchez Sharon Akin SPONSOR--Luli Doris Smithey Josephine Taylor Patty West Glenda Goodwin Colla Sue Rayburn Stella Palacios Betty Jane Adcock Betty Jo Lorenz Lynn Johnson Conception Reyna e Lorenz Lupe Lerma Margaret Lopez Jessie Mae Gimbel Verdie Adcock Barbara Bird Jeannie Howe Lanelle Baumann Dorothy Pennartz Jeanette Hassmann Kathryn Freasier Kathryn Smithey ' 1 V fi s 5 if ,,os.,:.m Larry Staggs Jerry Staggs Sarah Pearson Linda Mints Mike Akin Sharon Akin Louis Longoria David Bauman Nancy McGrew Judy Staggs Kathy Tomerlin BAD William Freeland Marilyn Martin Betty Lorenz T . J . Bird Jo Ann Ables Bobby Nicholson Barbara Dacy Jimmy Knobles Janell Myers Delores Lopez A if ' ix n Q Q Orleana Luker Sharon Akin William Freeland DEP SQUAD SPONSOR DRUM MAJOR BAND DIRECTOR Q ggfy A i N I -'gi I CHEERLEADERS Lynn Johnson Jo Taylor Janice Gee Jere Taylor is . an A ,Q 35-ws-H' Jeanie Howe Barbara Bird Dorothy Pennartz Lanelle Baumann Orleana Luker Joyce Robbins Helen Tyer Margaret Lopez Janice Gee Mary Shaver Carolyn Taylor Yvonne Keeton Glenda Goodwin Nan Roberson Betty Lopez Minnie Russell Stella Palacios Kathy Springs PEP SQUAD Juanita Rodriguez Nina Dacy Elizabeth Smithey Brenda Odom Lucy Quintanilla Jeanette Haney Katherine Frasier Glenda Frasier Patsy Hastings Mary Johnson Wanda Bird Colla Sue Rayburn Barbara Odom Jane Caperton Lynn Johnson Jo Taylor Jere Taylor STOCKDALE 4.11 CLUB 4 Y S HOMECOMING COURT Queen--Josephine Taylor Escorts--Ted Akin--Elbert McGreW Princess--Janice Gee Escorts--Larry Staggs--Gonzalo Ramirez SENIOR REPRESENTATIVE Nina Dacy Escorts Roy Mills--Terrell Mills SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES Betty Lorenz Escorts Jack Brigman--Armando Tomaz Bonnie Richter Escorts Freddie Martin--Jack Pope JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVE Sharon Akin Escorts Lonnie Hastings--Felix Guerra FRESHMEN REPRESENTATIVES Judy Staggs Escorts Daniel Rocha--Frank Riley Marilyn Martin Escorts Carl Lambeck--Dickie Stahl .rl 1 f f V :- PURT ,J : . x G57 1 If ,X d ! -4 Xl ', ., Ill!" , Q - '..,:i:,g,1 I N f 1 1 ri' ,f X d f K - 1 NUM ' L Y' f"'ff' 'f . I ' ,ri "B .. I, X P- Q- 'GJJAQS 'f ,egd -I ,Qui ,I I, J LQ?-X ' Mage- rf 73,5 4 y Y ,IQ lwllx . X I, 77,0 " 'V IQ! Wfy f iff" EM 5 1 -fx A5 x , f ',f-,YQ-1ff55yzi E31 f , I4 N - ,ff ,.'f fff ,Ip 31X , ff' ' ff 1 1. 'I ii f fl A Xx ' ff ' I xx 'U A Q .F l A, ' " ' y ' X ' f' ,saw ' , g ' , 'j 4 X fl' ow ' f 1 ' 'F , K fffff 7 ,f ,f :Q A 9 f 7 1 px X . A 1 I 2 11 If x 'MAX If I f fy 'lf' ,Eg X M r I . WH' W" 3 V 7 v ' if ' N 0 .fr - X Wa ,fy Sw 'YZ' fi? ' K' fl' ' ""Q-.iwff N "V Y " I 1 I 'uw' fy QM f 'ffmil K ,-:xx flu ,J.y'2,, WR! A V gfxl 'fn -1. Mark . Elpidio Johnson Chico Billy Carter '1 S1 va Armando Tomaz Smithey B111y Brown--Mgrs . --Bmg R1ce David ' Bauman Charles Placker Daniel John Quintanilla DeLeon Richard Artglul' George A Stahl e S Aubin Jack Pope Felix Guerra Carl Lamb eck .- Q Roy M111s Daniel Rocha 1 Terrell M1115 Ted Akin- - Captains - -Elbert Ted Akin Jack Gonzalo ' Brigman, Ramirez ' 'lu Frank R11ey McGrew Elbeit Mc Grew W Lar ry- Staggs . Lonnie? Hastings w- - 4 F :- -2 ' Si - Y ' NR ,fs ' ' ' ff ? 1 I 'L 9 ' ' W " X - s X W had V , 4... New M .M-nfw.faea I A a a I. - ' I1 .n uw- Sh. A ,J ix X X ! m A A A A A A -f , . f A 1' 5- 5 K..,..,,, .341 .1 n,,.m A A If I I x n A A A of ft 11 X A . ' 43 QA 'Z mg 3 E4 BOYS BASKETBALL SQUADS A Coach Mr. Weldon Seeliger 81B le" i N -s A. ww-QM QYHHNYR MQW ensures' Elbert MCGrew Larry Staggs Gonzalo R Lmirez Jack Brigman Lonnie Hastings Carl Lambeck Arthur Ables William Brown Vi S.. .,., Freddie Martin Edward Jackson Jesse Vela George Aubin 2? W 1 , W wiv 'MJ - alba , - fy 1. Ip Gigi? t 'gs t S e r' 1 F 4 ' 'Q-1' ,' 1 , 1 ' V ,,, P 4 ' 1 , n 1' ' 4 v . , Q ' -f C' tw. N as 31' , 411 'W 73 is .7 M xg-at N :J A W Lettermen Jeannie Co-Captains ,-:FFFFM-"AN --.--n-.-........... up 'v U W up .W .. .x . N,,.M. , - -rm-., Ellis- ..,,, A-qw --IJ.. fi Basketball Squads A 81 B Coach Mrs. Orlena Luker Q Q1 N A., 6 ., W NM R 922.2 -fL' :1 'Sn . . - W 5..ff " 1 ff, www A 1 H138 rf ,gin Q7 X' N , in Coach James Arthur Frank Riley Terrell Mills Jack Brigman District Mile Relay--First Place Jack Brigman Elbert McGreW Freddie Martin Terrell Mills 82.0 yd. dash 440 yd. dash First Place Terrell Mills 100 yd. dash--First Place Freddie Martin CK TE TEAM AWARDS Manager Arthur Able s Freddie Martin Elbert McGrew Daniel Quintanilla Regional Mile Relay--First Place Jack Brigrnan Elbert McGreW Freddie Martin Terrell Mills 220 yd. dash 440 yd. dash First Place Terrell Mills a tt , A . K 4 " V' I I 4 ' E ' 'E E S A 1 i ,E A ' 5 N 'V ug ii: '-X xx N 1, st 4 ' Q' I 3' I it z' A k I SENIOR HIGH BOYS VOLLEYBALL SENIOR GIRLS VOLLEYBALL 5 I f EY :- 1- 523 ICQ , I I Fil?-X' 4 JR. HI. BOYS VOLLEYBALL JR. HI. GIRLS VOLLEYBALL '1- 5, ii! I Q- wh U A V -Al 4 .., " -f 3,455 Q Q. .. I . I ,g l ri ,I , . .I ul tk .,,- 'g i f g . V ,av fi 'Sv' A 2? dg 2 7 L., 5 X .6138 1- .4 2 X af, 4 I A I i I '1 L N 's X. L Q 3' 0 I . E1 Q 'E 5 cf P f. , , Q Q .f I I fx If be 'K XXX XX' who LaVernia Blues S H S Beautles Tlaguana Ja11 Faculty OOPS ' Hog Calhng i. QQ'j,,.1 S H S. Pebblecrackers af, , f, :rqgff-' Lg' xv . J ff " 4x wg, ' I if I 1351 41: , , a 5 ,3 TZ. K h' L grgifgxa 1,4 :fi A 'Q 5 f. Ki f ,Q niz ' 4' " 4' ' v' fb ' 5 ,: if nfs K .ff 3 Lb s -- 1 "'. " Qyjki. mfwks' 3 f , m y 4 4 --' it 525 E az Q V 414 .A x S., vm Qlixfb Am 1 5 fin a gp? ii J Q .x U ,K,. Rx Mi' an mr fm ' Y' 4- R 'ig . .W ii. .. w .XF av! f fn, Lgfgrw- . L If H5 S ff If F' r I Q i 4 ,fa Gobblings W. Q S. Jackson B. Henry Riley P. Myers The Winners 9, f' x. A Q 3 YQ J, 4 , Qs I L Band Trophy Q5 jg? ,ee Q h v Xavier 5, P I Easy Jo The Queen E Mlss Umverse Mrs. Hosek! W 'i Step High X Hard at Work , j erilaw i f' . 0' f 1 l N X j , . B' B, A Q kk J, v" Qu if ,J j Q fr SHORTHAND TYPING DEBATE Verdie Adcock Sarah Pearson Bobby Garner Lester West Sharon Akin ,..a-d ZW T' ONE-ACT PLAY B. Dacy McGrew J. Jackson Little J. Gee Akin ...,......- H 'aa , 2 W ' Qi1gu!l fu-lQ""" 1 l l I ' m A- DECLAMATION W. Brown C. Taylor J. Gee MATH Wehmeyer J. Jackson Lorenz B. Mills Brown D. Rocha Lamza R . Rethabar A wnamnmmgnnuu READ YW RIT ING Mar gie Stahl Lorene Larnza SPELLING Margaret Reyna Jane Caperton Roger Propes ' 4 . y x 5- Gs 9 T- Q." Ks 25 hx: - h 1 . X 3 in NN Q W LL Q'-it Eiw k .Y , if .2 is , . SQ Q af he lee A Q I Lettermen V f FOOTBALL SWEETHEART Lynn Johnson -....Q....,., , ,, . ...- BAND FAVORITES FHA 8: FFA Larry Staggs Lacretia Akin SWEETHEART5 Sarah Pearson James Little 1i!.l5f'f?3S?3i!il!lI!!,ii!lli!!!3!J!11115411 - if FIRST NATIONAL BANK STOCKDALE SMITH PONTIAC AND APPLIANCE CO . IGA SUPERMARKET Floresville, Texas Phone EX 32244 Butane - Propane Gas I-u Compliments of the Seguin, Texas The Friendly Bank Member FDIC S.. ,Q Rafe-we Harry and Jonnie Staggs x"' bm w PLA SMH. JL Call Us Anytime Ph 4251 Prompt and Courteous Service S is S S SEEXTTT e SSZQ SEQRES? ess Compllments ELITE CAFE Mr Sr Mrs R'-ymond Wright Owners Phone EX 3 2141 Floresvllle Texas Co ngratulatmns Semors SHERIFF DEPARTMENT DON CARNES SHERIFF OF WILSON COUNTY IVOR S SMART SHOP Floresv1lle Texas Be Smart Look Smart Buy Smart A Small Shop Wlth Large Town Select1ons Watches Dlamonds Jewelry BAUER ZUNKER JEWELRY llO E Court St Segum Texas Chma Crystal SIIVGI' Sta1nless I 1, ity l of lv lr ll FLORESVILLE ELECTRIC LIGHT 81 POWER COMPANY ls ls "Serving The Entire County of Wilson" I 5 9 5 5 9 5 P I n U P P r Flore sville , Texas L -X .fetsfisfsysiiitii-K! if ii!!! K if flttiiiixiilii. - ' LKQKJJJJ! of , . . . .. by ' I 1 I I I I ' - .- 3 X 1 0 a 1 ffy . I 0 SPSSSEESQESRSSTESEQQESEEESSSSE Rexall Drugs D FLORES DRUG CO Over 50 Years Dependable Service Dial EX 3-2525 Floresville Texas Compliments of DUKE 8: AYRES INC Seguin Largest 5 gl 1035 Store CITY CLEANERS Phone 196 Stockdale "Good Clothes Deserve Good Care" Wizard Appliances Wizard Batteries Davis Tires--Vita Power Oil WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Home Owned by E L Tewes Stockdale Texas Compliments of MRS. ARREN ROBINSON and Compliments of RANCHITO CAFE Seguin, Texas WOODIE R. ROBINSON Compliments of Y HAIDUK JEWELR Floresville, Texas Phone EX 3-2606 Compliments of LIVESTOCK COMMISSION CO Floresville, Texas lf!lllllllllIlllllll!lliflI1iiiSfsiss -ssssilflsiig . 13355385 1551iJliii13!!liiiiiJJfiSfiiX cc a I.. . ' I I i 3.Xifeif i!ete Sse esssusis Established 1877 Flore sville Chronicle-Journal C omplime nt s of Sam Fore Jr Owner-Publisher I-IEGER BARBER SHOP WILSON COUNT Y'S LEADING Your County Paper Floresville Texas Seguin , Texas Compliments STOCKDALE STAR Trade at HEWELL FOOD STORE "A Habit That Pays" Phone 2551 Nixon, Texas Complime nts of MATTKE I NEWSPAPER of Compllme nts LUMBER COMPANY SPRING PULL IGA Phone: SP 9-2661 LaVernia, Texas Seguln Texas Complime nts of LA VERNIA STATE BANK La Vernia Texas Members of FDIC Sexeseisleeisssesxs :er - Q s of I D C NX! xxx? Q ss? ii? K 1 5 iii 1 isfliii J S 2 Compliments Compliments of of NOLTE NATIONAL BANK LIEBERMAN'S DRY GOODS -Seguin, Texas Seguin, Texas HORMUTH'S SERVICE STATION Compliments of Local Hoheim Insurance Dealer ORTS LUMBER COMPANY Texaco Gas Dealer Nixon, Texas LaVernia, Texas Compliments HOLMES FOOD CO. INC. of Dealers in "Chickens and Eggs" MCGREWS AUTOMOTIVE SHOP Pioneer Dressers and "Your Friendly - Shippers Ford Dealer" Texas Turkeys and Phone 4511 Broilers Stockdale Nixon, Texas Texas S .Ef.,i2,11-1f Q X SECURITY STATE BANK Stockdale, Texas Member of F, D.I.C. e Want to be Your Banker, Too," THE DALE CAFE Owned and Operated by Rena and Archie Wilder Prompt and Courteous Service Air Conditioned HOME COOKED PIES Stockdale, Texas Ph. No. 6331 MARGIE'S STYLE SHOW r Distinctive Fashions Nixon Texas Compliments COU CH MAHAN MO TORS Authorized Dealers or Dodge Plymouth Dodge Trucks Oldsmobile Phone 3381 Nixon Texas GOODWIN FOOD STORE A Complete Line of Everythlng Good To Eat" Your Home Merchant Who Appreciates Your Business Our Every Day Low Prices W1l1 Save Your Money Stockdale Texas Ph No 4131 'of HF-O ' ' ' ' nu I f ,I I ll ' ' I se33 SS!ESESx.sfesses S ESQSQQIQEESSSESSQQEESESSSi SANDERS SERVIC E S TATION Judson Moote, Owner Texaco Products Accessories-Groceries Junction Highway 87 8: 97 STARCKE FURNITURE COMPANY Big City Store Small Town Prices Seguin, Texas Free Delivery Any Point in Texas Free Demonstration MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS Plaza Hotel Seguin, Texas Compliments of BIRD'S DRY GOODS Stockdale, Texas SEGUIN FEED STORE Quality Service Ph FR 9 4888 Seguin Texas P O Box 374 B 8: D CHEVROLET Sales 8: Service Phone 5171 Stockdale Texas MERIMAC MOTEL Stockdale Texas Phone 127 Highway 123 Block South Highway 87 A1r Cond1t1oned Vented Heat E E PERSON GROCERY AND STATION As sociated Grocers Independent Gasoline Easy Parking Open6 30 A M -10 00 P Stockdale Texas I . - , I Tftlwwwl .. f 1 -.,. I 1 ' " 2 . . Z .M. I 2 K S E K X e . 1 J . Q u Q 3 n 3 - . , I - A TESEISSQSQSSAQSSSQSQQQSS3S5I?f2SfEs??AAl,,The ,uxi A Assss ss -' " f '- Ss isirxxisxxis Compliments SEGUIN STATE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Seguin, Texas Meet your friends Compliments at the MAGNOLIA CAFE A Declicious food and pleasant LORENZ' FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS Service Complete Locker Service Mr. and Mrs. West Stockdale Texas C omplime nts of NAU MAN NS VIVOUIX HARDWARE CO Super Market Segu1n Texas Seguln Texas Call On Us some time SOUTH TEXAS PRINTING Comphments of COMPANY DR G A SUMMERS JR CHIROPRACTOR Box 368 Phone FR 9 5761 Seguln Texas 209 W Court St Your Royal Typewrlter Segum Texas Representatives Phone FR 9 3821 S S L I of Member F.D.I.C. of R. C. LINKE Staple On Fancy Groceries Phone 4881 Nixon, Texas Congratulations Seniors MCGEE RED 8: WHITE FOOD STORE Stockdale , Texas FORD DEARBORN TRACTOR FARM EQUIPMENT EWALD TRACTOR CO. 1010 E. Kingsburg QHighway 90 Eastl Phone 1565 Seguin, Texas NIXON PHARMACY The Rexall Store "Where Your Health Comes First" Nixon, Texas STOCKDALE LAUNDROMAT Coin Operated Machines Owned and Operated by Deed1e 8: Bobbie Denning Stockdale Texas Let US Fill Your Prescriptions HEWELL DRUG STORE Dial 2131 Nixon Texas Compliments BAENZINGER FOOD MKT Seguin Texas GUADALU PE LOCKER STORAGE CORPORATION Manufacturer s of All Types Meats Lard--Bacon and Hickory Smoked Hams Seguin Texas : I ' of ' of .7 I! . I n -ff sssssss r2,s1's:sssx1 ssssx lc 1 Sis! xv I P 3 S S P iTff5Xii11JfiI!ll!Jlli!iT!!!lllllllllIllllllllli L 3-SSX!! i fx! E I "You Name It, We Do It" Compliments I W' W of WARE PLUMBING AND GUADALUPE VALLEY ELECTRIC WORKS CREAMERY W I M AW M lllf W W Phone 6161 Stockdale, Texas Seguin, Texas Compliments Floyd Hutton, Owner of sTocKDALE SUPPLY COMPANY I BUILDERS SUPPLIES A K NIXON STATE B N HARDWARE Nixon Texas Phone 4031 ' Stockdale, Texas JoHNs - TELTSCHIK Compliments " DRY GOODS COMPANY Floresville, Texas Phone 22.3 ZANE B LAWHON of a if N Texaco and Firestone Wholesale I Most of the Best for Less Phone 385 Floresville, Texas I I I I Leading Exclusive Dry Goods Store KOEPP'S WESTERN HATCHERIES Experience Chevrolet Sales 81 Ser. and Southwc-st's largest.. . : Friendly Magnolia Dealer Theres 3 reason' La Vernia, Texas Nlxon' Texas K I -g glx: CHAS. H. MCDANIEL Wilson County Lands Ranches-Farms-Town Property Telephones: Box 383 Office EX-32131 Residence EX-36296 Floresville, Texas Compliments of C.H. BROWN 8: SONS Nixon , T exa s AKIN SERVICE STATION Your Friendly Magnolia Dealer" Phone 5 641 Stockdale, Texas -1 -,.. HEWELL BROS. JOHN DEERE "Stop By And See Us" Nixon, Texas BIRD'S FEED 8: SEED Frank Bird Owner Phone 5131 Stockdale , Texas SM1TH'S DRUG STORE Drug 81 Gift Headquarters Phone 4231 Stockdale, Texas . ' ' 'T K 4ii'1aEYifgb3r.' X ' f " '

Suggestions in the Stockdale High School - Brahma Yearbook (Stockdale, TX) collection:

Stockdale High School - Brahma Yearbook (Stockdale, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 5

1959, pg 5

Stockdale High School - Brahma Yearbook (Stockdale, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 73

1959, pg 73

Stockdale High School - Brahma Yearbook (Stockdale, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 21

1959, pg 21

Stockdale High School - Brahma Yearbook (Stockdale, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 24

1959, pg 24

Stockdale High School - Brahma Yearbook (Stockdale, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 83

1959, pg 83

Stockdale High School - Brahma Yearbook (Stockdale, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 85

1959, pg 85

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