Stockbridge Valley High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Munnsville, NY)

 - Class of 1959

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Stockbridge Valley High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Munnsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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,, . fps? M9 I-111V 1. nm.. " 1. -e ,. w Y. . 'w f'l'--,- . , 1. .. 4 lx. .5vm1W1F1,H.T,x f "fH1!'-'1 5 H' E,:'.Q." 411. 'JL V 2 'ff Lw--fly-ffmfismff-h y-5235,-A: . ,".,.gf .- r ,QV 44. , Aw -U . fn I Q 3 E 5 2 3 The Chieftain Prlsclllo Putman Editor X5 .xxx nk izyifhii f 5? 'g 1,'- my xx '39 , fa -, r ' , I t 2 ' I' E SM' ji Q15 i " xx I I . y , 9 J, . ' gm pn" 'X ' . 1,1 , lr f -6 rf 1- X ' . L E 1 1 - A 5 .f- 1 Q EM ,lumix '-"N J .xxf ., ,Q - 1 N1 Q51 H 7 X' . STOCKBRIDGE VALLEY CENTRAL SCHOOL K I ' 0 fl 0 X Munnsvulle New York HIV? ---g,..,. Chieftain Staff EDITOR ................. ASSISTANT EDITOR ..... ADVERTISING MANAGER . CIRCULATION MANAGER BUSINESS MANAGER .... SPORTS EDITOR ..... ART MANAGER .......... PHOTOGRAPHY MANAGER TYPING MANAGER .... ADVISOR ......... PRISCILLA PUTMAN . . . . BEATTA BLOWERS . . . . RUTH SCUDDER . . . BILL CHEYNE . . . HENRY KAMPF . . . . CHARLES SNELL . . . MARGARET LOWE BILL ORCUTT KRYSTOL WARD, JANICE DRAKE MR. REYNOLDS Dedication We the class of '59, dedicate this issue of the Chieftain to our parents and those who have guided us through our most important years Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs . Mr . Mr . Mr . Mr . Mr . Rev . Mr . Mr . Mr . and Mrs. James Blowers and Mrs. George Cheyne and Mrs. Clinton Collins and Mrs. Bernard Conklin and Mrs. John Drake Helen Ferszt and Mrs. Chris Grabow and Mrs. Byron Greenlaw and Mrs. Walter Howlett and Mrs. Kenneth Judd and Mrs. Micheal Kampf Lilla Lowe and Mrs. Percy Nichols and Mrs. Howard Orcutt and Mrs. Harry Hollenbeck and Mrs. George Platten and Mrs. Myron Putman and Mrs. Russell Scudcler and Mrs. Fordson Seeber and Mrs. Addison Snell and Mrs. Daniel Ward Miss Ellen Gregg It is a rare occassion for "The Chieftain" to honor a woman who has spent so many years in the teaching profession. We are proud that it is our class that is able to do so. Miss Gregg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Gregg, was born in Oneida. She attended District I3 School and graduated from Oneida High School. She graduated from Hamilton Training Class for teachers in l909. She has attended summer school at Syracuse University and at Buffalo State Teachers College. ln l9l8 she enlisted in the Nurse Corps and was sent to Camp Jackson, Spartansburg, South Carolina. She contracted the flu and returned home with an honorable discharge. She then returned to teaching taking a position at Bridgeport School. Miss Gregg has taught at the West Road School, District I3 School, District 9 School, and Bridgeport School. She has spent the remainder of her teaching career at Stockbridge Valley Schools. She supervised the school bus from the Stockbridge Grade School to the Stockbridge Valley School for three years when the district became centralized in l928. Miss Gregg has been very active in the Red Cross in Oneida and in the Junior Red Cross at Stockbridge. She has held offices in the Parent Teachers Association. She is a member of the New York Teachers Association and the National Education Association. Miss Gregg is now going into retirement. We extend her our best wishes for happiness and every blessing. Names of the Board Of Education LEFT TO RIGHT: Curtis Harrington, Walter Englebrecht, Glen Lyman, George Gostling, Leland Marshall, Veltan Smith, John Drake As another year passes and another graduating class goes out from our school, it is a pleasure to offer the congratulations of the Board of Education. We hope the things you have learned here continue to be of growing benefit to you as you go through life. We extend our best wishes to all of you. Glen L. Lyman President Board of Education l3rincipaI's Message I wish the members of the class of l959 every possible success, not only because I would derive some element of professional pride from your future successes, but also because l have come to know you individually and thus have a sincere personal interest in the future well-being of each of you. Renwick C. Arnott 1- Vlce Principal s Message To the Class of I959: Congratulations. How fortunate that you are completing the initial phase of your education at the beginning of the space age. Unlimited opportunities are there for all of you--either in continuing education or in helping your country meet Russia's challenge. My best wishes to each of you. May you be suc- cessful in any vocation you have chosen. Howard J . Reynolds .-QQ ..,.-.V High School Faculty Baldwin, L. Hickox, A. Broberg, M. McCarthy, L. Montonorelli, H. Reynolds. SECOND ROW: C Judd, A. Bortl-uolomoy, C. Widger, D. Murphy, J. Nichols, H. Niel, B. Poquin, R. Averson. FIRST ROW: R. Arnoff, H. Heli, D. V 45? , . ft tk -4 Grade Faculty FRONT ROW: B. Leuchlord, A. Ballusnilc, M. Smiih, E. Schmolz, H. Ferszt, D. Clurk. SECOND ROW: B. Snyder, B. Lcngberg, J. Tomlinson, E. Gregg, R. Scudder, H. Matteo. lv FIRST ROW! lLeft to Rightj Don Miller, Elton Cromer, Jerome Loomis. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Stone, Mrs. Hortshorne, Mrs. Gord M . Housemon. Lee Love . . Glen Franklin .... ---- Pete Kampf George Burgdoff Stuart Chopin . . Dorothy Looft . Burel Love . . . Lester Chapin . Art Love .... Doris Cook . . Bus I4 Bus l5 Bus lb Bus I2 Bus 19 Bus I7 Bus 22 Bus 20 Bus 21 Bus 23 .Z Q QQ XJ 2 xv JS , W4 gf. iitgf 541 U Q, gig? N1 ,xi W4 1 " 3 117 77,7 gqfgg ' 7 7 af 'J 'X 6 U jf lr ! ax CQ! W O I 1 'N-f' I X F ,X , 'X Valedictorian RUTH SCUDDER "Here is a woman like a dewdrop, pure than the purest." Vice-President MICHAEL CONKLIN "How sad and bad and mad he was, but then, ah, how sweet." 43 Class President GAYNOR SEEBER "All the really great men are dying and l don't feel so well myself." +.....f Sclutatorian Class Secretary PRISCILLA PUTMAN "l can use up a lifetime supply of anything inside of two weeks. " "You going Treasurer SUZANNE FERSZT can hide the fire but what are you to do with the smoke." BEATTA BLOWE RS "Blessed be those who go around in circles for they shall be known os wheels." JANICE DRAKE "One today is worth two tomorrows." WILLIAM COLLINS "He's tough ma'om, tough and devilishly S hy ul I I A I I f .1 V, . lg .J WILLIAM CHEYNE "There is great obility in concealing one's obility." BRADLEY GRABOW "l do what I have to do, after I've done what I want to do." 'fx fa, q ROBERT GREENLAW "Genius does what it must, talent does what it con. " HE NRY KAMPF 'I's wicked I is, I's mighty wickedp uny- haw I can't help it." Q W ERNEST JUDD "Keep smiling. It makes people wonder what you 've been up to. " DAVID HOWLETT "He smiles with an intent to do mischief MARGARET LOWE "Where the stream runneth smoothest, the water is deepest. " QQ' I l I fr. 3 1'-' 117 SANDRA NICHOLS "Accidents will occur in the best regulated fomi liesl " CHARLES SNE LL "The only way Io get rid of femplafion is to give in." I WILLIAM ORCUTT "I wonder who! I would do if I were sure no one would find our. " KRYS TOL WARD "lt is not enough to be good, if musf be done the right way." nv- ROBERT PLATTEN "No mon ever become extremely wicked all of once." I f S I 5, I J! I5 0,0 "9 4- e'2 ff lr Y F e R' J 1 S. so f- Y ,wi F eff has 24 NORMAN FHANEUF "Tis not what he does that exalts him but l what he could do." Class History When we entered high school in l954 we had an enrollment of thirty-five students in our class. They were: William Cheyne, William Collins, Micheal Conklin, Richard Durant, Kemeth Frost, Bradley Grabow, David Howlett, Ernest Judd, Henery Kampf, William Orcutt, Robert Platten, William Roundy, Louis Rowe, Gaynor Seeber, John Shafer, Louis Smith, Charles Snell, Jack Snell, Roger Snyder, James Zeller, Donna Bacon, Elaine Bishopp, Beatta Blowers, Janice Drake, Shirley Durant, Suzanne Ferszt, Nmcy Frost, Muriel Greer, Margaret Lowe, Dorothy Myers, Sondra Nichols, Priscilla Putman, Carol Urben, Krystol Wand, Marie Wright. We became Sophornores and Carol Mcllvenna, Dorthy Fredricks, Frederick March, Edward Miller, Russel Thorpe, Leonard Tomlinson, and Richard Haslauer joined us. Unfortunately, Richard Durant, Louis Rowe, Rover Snyder, Donna Bacon, Elaine Bishopp, and Dorthy Fredericks left us for various reasons. In our Junior year Ruth Scudder ioined us from Madison. Nancy Frost, June Roberts, Carol Urben, Marie Wright, Carl Griffths, Edward Miller, John Shafer, Leonard Tomlinson, and Gary Davis left us. Norman Phaneuf and Robert Greenlaw ioined us in our Senior year. Our graduat- ing class numbers twenty-one now with the loss of Shirley Durant, Muriel Greer, William Roundy, and Louis Smith. BEATTA BLOWERS F.H.A. , 4 years, 3rd Historian, 4th Treasurer, Student Council 4 years, Valley Breeze, I year, Valley Breeze Girls' Sports Editor, I year, Band, 2 years, Chorus, 2 years, Library Club, 2 years, Bowl- ing, I year, Home Economics Award, Drivers Educa- tion Awad, Dranatics Club, I year, Boys' 4-H, I year, Assistant Editor Yearbook, Cafeteria, 2 years, Major: Homemaking, Business. WILLIAM CHEYNE Basketball, 2 years, Baseball, 2 years, Football, 2 years, Track, I year, Safe Teen, I year, Boy Scouts, 4 years, 4-H, 2 years, Major: College Entrance. MICHAEL CONKLIN Basketball, 4 years, Football, 3 years, Class Vice President, I year, F.F.A., 2 years, Sentinal I year, Student Council, I year, Dramatics Club, I year, Library Club President, I year, Valley Breeze Sports Editor, I year, Major: College Entrance. WILLIAM COLLINS F.F.A., 4 years, Treasurer I year, Major: Agri- culture. JANICE DRAKE Safe Teen Club, I year, Library Club, 3 years, Bowling, I year, Valley Breeze, Club Editor I year, Chorus, I year, F.H.A., 4 years, President 2 years, Dramatics Club, I year, Yearbook Staff, I year, Cafeteria, 2 years, Major: Business md Homemaking. SUZANNE FERSZT Safe Teen Club, I year, Dramatics Club, 4 years, President I year, Chemadon League Play I year, Library Club, 3 years, Class Treasurer, 4 years, Bowling, I year, Band, 2 years, All County Band, I year, J.V. Cheerleading, 2 years, Varsity Cheer- leading, I year, Football Cheerleading, I year, Valley Breeze Personal Editor, I year, Prom Court, I year, G.A.A., I year, Major: College Entrance. BRADLEY GRABOW F.F.A., 4 years, Secretary I year, Vice President I year, Library Club, I year, Vice President I year, Dramatics Club, I year, J.V. Basketball, I year, Cafeteria, 2 years, 4-H, 4 years, Boy Scouts, 2 years, Major: Agriculture. ROBERT GREENLAW Dramatic: Club, I year, Varsity Basketball, I year, Major: Science. DAVID HOWLETT F.F.A., 4 years, Secretary I year, Major: Agri- culture. EARINEST JUDD F.F.A., 4 years, Safe Teen Club, 2 years, Major: Agriculture. HENRY KAMPF Valley Breeze General Manager, I year, Baseball, 4 years, Varsity Basketball, I year, J.V. Basketball, 3 years, Student Council, I year, Major: Business. MARGARET LOWE Dramatics Club, I year, Library Club, I year, Valley Breeze Staff, 2 yeas, Chorus, I year, G.A.A., 2 years, Bowling, 2 years, Major: Business. SANDRA NICHOLS Band, 4 years, Chorus, 2 years, All County Band, I year, Boys' 4-H, 4 years, Secretary 4 years, Girls' 4-H, 4 years, Dramatics Club, 4 years, Valley Breeze Class News Editor, I year, F.H.A., I year, McCalls Homemaking Award, Major: College Entrance. WILLIAM ORCUTT Football, 3 years, Baseball, 4 years, Track, 2 years, Student Council, I year, Library Club, I year, Dra- matics Club, I year, Safe Teen Club, I year, Major: College Entrance. NORMAN PHANEUF Basketball, I year, Track, I year, Baseball, I year, Major: Science and Business. ROBE RT PLATTE N Major: Mathmetics PRISCILLA PUTMAN Class Secretary, 4 years, D.A.R. Award, I year, Delegate Citizenship Conference, I year, Band, 4 years, All County Band, 3 years, Chorus, 2 years, Dramatics Club, 2 years, Library Club, Library Club Award, I year, Valley Breeze, I year, Bowling, 2 years, G.A.A., I year, Prize Speaking, I year, Yearbook Editor, Major: College Entrance. RUTH SCUDDER Chorus, 2 years, Band, I year, Dramatics Club, 2 years, Bowling, 2 years, Prize Speaking Award, I year, History Award, I year, Algel.-ra Awcrd, I year, G.A.A. , I year, Yearbook Staff, Assistant Valley Breeze Editor, I year, All County Chorus, I year, Major: College Entrance. GAYNOR SEEBER Class President, 2 years, F.F.A., 4years, Sentinal I year, Vice President I yea, Prsident I year, Foot- ball, 4 years, Basketball, 2 years, Track, 2 years, Amateur Athletic Union, Library Club, I year, Valley Breeze Editor, I year, Major: Agriculture. CHARLES SNELI. Football, 4 years, Basketball, 4 years, Baseball, I year, Bowling, I year, Track, 2 years, Boys' State Delegate, I year, Citizenship Education Delegate, 2 years, Student Council, I yecr, Boy Scouts, 3 years, 4-H, 3 years, Valley Breeze, I year, Major: College Entrance. KRYSTOL WARD F.H.A., 3 years, Secretay I yea, Drum Majarette, 4 years, Dramatics Club, 4 years, Chemadon League Play, I year, Library Club, I year, Valley Breeze Staff, 2 years, G.A.A. Treasurer, one year, Major: Business. W ,XDWIS VM 2853 Qkffikyp XE.. xx N W n Q wg, W wwf igggiiwii ,ffxfmlfx fx- fN gt- l J I1 '.lxx ' 1 I AF d' n 6 ,j A QD-3 9 S X L Junior Class FIRST ROW: fLeft to Rightl Carolyn Burleson, Nancy,McKenna, Jill Mitchel, Patricia Harrington, Jane Cameron, Mary Lou Koen, Nancy Bartlett, Edna Judd, Marlene Nodeclcer. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Lois Hichox, Mary Colcough, Marcia Baldwin, Janet Fairchild, Patricia Haslauer, Diane Greene, Connie Putman, Dawn Miller, Martha Gregg, Nancy Lindlcamp, Prudence Carswell. THIRD ROW: James Fearon, Roger Arnott, Fred Snell, Jim Geisler, Robert Havens, Kenneth Frost, William Schroedel, Charles Love, Ed Erdige, Jack Snell, Ross Smith. ABSENT: David Drake and Micheal Cameron. X if OFFICERS President . . . ........... Jim Giesler Secretary ..... ...... J ill Mitchell Treasurer ....... .... M ary Lou Koen Vice-President . . . ...... Ross Smith '? Z l Sophomore Class FIRST ROW: fLeft to Rigl-ntl May Jane Seaman, Martha Lamb, Hilda Youngs, Ruby Weismore, Kristeen Ward, Lorene Rogers, Suzanne Seeber SFCOND ROW: Charles Putman, Karen Snell, Pamela Mitchel, Mary Clark, Rose Marie Kampf, Margaret Kiehn, Joan Gasior, Ora Snell Wm. Paquin. THIRD ROW: James Ready, Charles Durant, Tom Ash, Stanley Blowers, Marie Wagner, Sharon Snyder, George Hoch, Wm Hovener, Bruce Nemeck, Mrs Nichols. FOURTH ROW: Mike Chapman, Jerry Strains, Douglas Haslower, Nick Kampf, Kenneth Smith Clive Smith, Larry Love, Arthur Stratton, Peter Geer, Douglas Houseman, David Hoffman, Lewis Graham, Jack Smith, Hugh Wilkie OFFICERS President .,........ ..... C live Smith Vice-President . . . . . . Marie Wagner Treasurer ..... . . . . . Pam Mitchell Secretary ..... . . , Charles Putman o Freshman Class FIRST ROW: fLeft to Rightj Agnes Havener, Mabel Stevens, Sue Clark, Joyce Rowe, Betty Paige, Frieda Kiehn, Bonnie Ano, Karen Braendle, Nancy Richmond. SECOND ROW: Bonnie Snyder, Barbara Ready, Delma Dibble, Joan Hatch, Andy Durfee, Faith Fargo, Karis Ward, Bonnie Virgil, Kathy Smith, Joan Urben, Donna Haslauer, Lynda Houseman, Penny Popquin, Mr. Paquin. THIRD ROW: Mary Gregg, Mickey Franchell, Newt McFarland, Alan Harrinton, Don Landers, David Schmutzler, Jerry Newell, David Greenlaw, Ernie Reynolds, Don March, Douglas Thorp, Jim Baltusnik, Jim Nichols, Ruth Rowe. OFFICERS President ............... Bonnie Virgil Vice-President .... .... P enny Paquin Treasurer. ...... ..,. Bo nnie Ano Secretary ..... .... J oan Hatch an 3 3' Eighth Grade FIRST ROW: lLeft to Rightj Sue Geer, Barbara West, Sharon Snyder, Betty Houseman, Suzanne Henricksen, Jean McFarland, Kathy Kennedy, SECOND ROW: Miss Montanarelli, Larry Chamberlain, Nelson Schmidtlra, Mary Ellen Grill, Melva Frost, Alice Sicilia, Irene Snell, Donald Bilcawslri. THIRD ROW: Gary Anderson, Gary Wilson, William Durfee, Peter Nodecker, Gary Drake, Dwight Love, John Coleman, Edward Englebretch. an yy .4 Q7 QQ 47 'E' 8-2 FIRST ROW: ILelt to Rightl Diana Roher, Mary Putman, Shirley Wilkes, Emmy Lou Smith, Donna Eddy, Kathy Rogers. SECOND ROW: Mr. Bartholamay, Ernest Snyder, Wm. Sicilia, Joy Wilson, Elizabeth March, Carl Davis, Leland Durant, THIRD ROW: Daryl Smith, David Greene, Richard Lester, James Eaton, James Russell, Lenard O'Herian. I-.SU l'. Q! Q1 1 Grade 7 FIRST ROW: fLel't to Rightl Jane Coleman, Linda Wilson, Jeanne Nodecker, Sheila Hyland, Annette Bartlett, Maxine Bishopp, Edna Stannord, Sue Thurston. SECOND ROW: Janice Hendrickson, Carol Wilson, Sandra Looft, Brenda Russell, Lois Day, Sharon Bradley, Brenda Cook, Linda Hoch, Linda Snyder. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Baldwin, Douglas Greer, Suzanne Youngs, Jane Zeller, Jean Reed, Nancy Lamb, Sherry Gostling, Melody Kampf, Mary Kiehn, Bernard Landers. FOURTH ROW: Peter Stanncrd, Clarence Rowe, James Waldron, Daniel Garbry, Floyd Stevens, Gerald Jones, Gale Durant, James Mason, Thomas Geer, Roland Shea, Ernest Reynolds. ABSENT: Daniel Haslauer, Jerry Feorin, John Mathey. 3 53? 5 1 Sixth Grade - Mrs. Snyder FIRST ROW: iLeft to Righrl Lindo Roher, Velma Smith, Joyce Smith, Vivian Burleson, Joyce Moot, Marlene Blowers, Carolyn Jones. SECOND ROW: Lynn Curtis, Nancy Widger, Roberta Putman, Shirley Miles, Bonnie Smith, Jane Feldman, Virginia Frost, David Menning, THIRD ROW: Mrs. Snyder, Douglas Wolzak, Gary Durant, Earl Hardendorf, Martin Green, Bruce Burdick, Donny Wells, Timmy Bilcowslcy, John Backus. ABSENT: Tommy Hollingsworth. Ei 2 , us., , r , 1 ,I in-.1 6th Grade - Mrs. Smith FIRST ROW: fLett to Right? Sandra Russell, Mary Ellen March, Yvonne Temple, Susan Ash, Linda Curtis, Linda Wiesmore, Ida Newcomb. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Smith, Mary Downs, Martha Pudlis, Beverly Hull, Leila Stone, Jeanne Snell, Janet Ortman, Terry Langbotham. LH:RDdROW: George Schmidtka, Donald Havener, Edward Ferszt, Wayne Durant, Alvin Wagner, Ralph Newell, Richard Looft, Ronald y an . l . gf 1.7 x L B I Q QQ ,ev Q7 Miss Schmalz - Grade 5 FIRST ROW: lLeft to Rightl Terrence Wilkes, Robert Chairs, Frank Wilson, William Collins, Robert Snyder. SECOND ROW: Wanda Newcomb, Mary Thurston, Constance Engelbrecht, Shirley Rood, Paulette Waters, Eileen Koen, Virginia Stannard, Cherie Davis. THIRD ROW: William Jones, Karl Haslauer, Mary Jane Reed, Sheila Snell, Esther Ward, Elizabeth Mury, Mark Chamberlain, Gary Eastman, FOURTH ROW: Perry Suits, William O'Herien, Frederick Snell, Joseph Lust, Brent Burdick Jack Durant, Ronald Murray. Fifth Grade - Miss Langberg FIRST ROW: lLeft to Rightl Ronald Collins, William Meade, William Boylan, David Brewster, Garry Wilson. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Love, Mary Lou Stevens, Sharon Snyder, Linda Ready, Barbara Lamb, Shirley Henriksen, Linda Havener, THIRD ROW: Mrs. Bessie Langberg, Sharon Coston, Dawn Roher, Maryrase Mason, Alice Griff, Beverly Wilkes, Katherine Cameron, Linda Franchell, Kathleen Snyder. FOURTH ROW: Michael Kampf, James Strain, Robert Schmutzler, Charles Wright, George Wright, Milford C. Smith, E. Mark Lynch, Peter Greenlaw . me K? 22 Miss Gregg - Fourth Grade FIRST ROW: iLeft to Rightl Harry Eastman, Carl Braendle, Larry Ortman, Frank Burleson, Harry Roberts. SECOND ROW: Linda Kampf, Sally Bartlett, .loan Mennig, Lila Roher, Donna O'Herein, Judy Anderson, Evelyn Whitford. THIRD ROW: Douglas Snetsinger, Kevin Kanpf, Susan Smith, Cordelia Wilson, Karen Halstead, Kathy Geer, Bruce Hannel, Gary Hollenbeck. FOURTH ROW: Miss Gregg, Robert Miles, Thomas Tucker, Ervin Kiehn, Robert Durant, Mark Garbry, Thomas Henriksen, Douglas Goff, Par Mury. ABSENT: Dana Malloy F up or ,, C 'x .Sidi Mrs. Matteds Third and Fourth Grades FIRST ROW: lLett to Rightj Lori O'l-lerien, Edna Reynolds, Marcia Green, Linda Robins, Cindy Low March, Martha Nodecker, Nora Thurston, Shyrl Hannel. SECOND ROW: Clinton Reynolds, Nancy Youngs, Jeannette Kiehn, Loisieanne Mason, Judith Myers, Gayle Greene, Linda Mae Chaires, Amelia Curtis, Henry Havener. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Matteo, Otto Mitchell, Ray Backus, Robart Ortman, Harold English, Glen Mason, David Goff Jr. , Douglas Bikowsky, Tommy Popple, Danny Cole. ABSENT: Marlene Durant, Faith Cook, Judy Ryan, Terry Arnold. i vw- Q. ,Af C9 Mrs. Baltusnik's Third Grade FIRST ROW: ll.elt to Rightj Ricky Eastman, Micheal Wilson, George Stevens, Ralph Collins, Freddy Ortmon, Rigincld Bartlett. SECOND ROW: .krrette Miles, Marcia Roher, Linda Wad, Karen Malloy, Sally Russell, Cheryl Murray, Elaine Hallingworth, Ethel Hyland. THIRD ROW: Steven Kompi, David Paquin, Betty Lou Myers, Carol Frost, Jody Parmeter, Dona Gastling, Ruth Coleman, Peter Hanczar, Paul Newcomb. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Baltusnik, Richard Stieeter, Howard Love, Lyle Schmidtka, David Jones, Carl Wright, William Lust, David Wood, Freddy Henriksen, Lou Wilson. ABSENT: Amber Thurston. ff -P W., wr NJ-I C737 2 37 i nv 'var W-ur Kindergarten FIRST ROW: QLett to Right? Douglas Jacobs, Steven Ready, Roger West, Clyde Highers, Phillip Tucker, Danny Russell. SECOND ROW: Linda Reed, Debra Lou Wesseldine, Jeriou Morris, Mrs. Tomlinson, Sally Harrington, Linda Chamberlin, Jaqueline McCormic. THIRD ROW: Peggy Burke, Beverly Orcutt, Diane Boylan, Carol Miller, Kathy Myers, Rita Christene Arnold. FOURTH ROW: Charles Stevens, Richard Parmeter, Roger Putman, Craig Longbotham, Charles Sicilia, Mark Goff, Billy Looft, Charles Smith, Billy Geer, James Bortle, Michael Road. Q4 xl yifsv-' -we 5-v 4-iv 'Uv Kindergarten FIRST ROW: fLeft to Rightj Danny Choires, Christopher Baker, Ronald Kennedy, Brod Burdick, Hugh Griffin, Ernest Kiehn. SECOND ROW: Margaret Thurston, LuAnn Downs, Sherry Ortman, Mrs. Tomlinson, Sherry Bennett, Denise Robins, Bonnie Rood. THIRD ROW: Peggy McKeraghen, Sally Woods, Patty Nhch, Debra Jean Snell, Claudia Richmond, Pamela Akins. FOURTH ROW: Diana Wilson, Kristy Kampf, Mary Lou Bartlett, Brian Durant, Tommy Strain, Fredrick Jaquays, Robert Taylor, Suzan Honozar, Gayle Landers. 4:3 Us-B5 dv- ,nv Q? 4 '.' vu Q' 6 1 Mrs. Scudder - 2nd Grade FIRST ROW: Ronald Ortman, Robert Marshall, George Mason, Jerry Snell, Mike Boylan, Richard Henrikson, Todd Heller. SECOND ROW: Sharon Tucker, Diana Munz, Heather Snetsinger, Mrs. Scudder, Diane Cole, Kathleen Popple, Gail Wilsan. THIRD ROW: Therese Mury, Brian Kroneck, Viclci Durlee, Kathleen Stuart, Jimmy Wells, Jimmy March, Alton Stone, David Curtis, Charles Waters, Rand Marshall. ABSENT: Gertrude Arnold, David Myers, Clifford Weeks, Randy Thurston, Dennis Ryan, Nancy Delanie. 'FMR i R Q34- 106' . nm.- 1" -rf' i ha- YXJ 1' Grade 2 Miss Luetchford FIRST ROW: iLeft to Rightj Michael Chaires, Edward Jacobs, Kenneth Thurston, Larry Youngs, David Streeter, Dale Harrington. SECOND ROW: Lois Murray, Dorothy Reed, Barbara Snetsinger, Kathleen Mason, Christa Logwoy, Patricia Brewster, Susann Stevens. THIRD ROW: Jerome Morris, Edward Kampf, Daniel Malloy, Fred Lamb, George Pease, Miss Luetchford, LcNita Stone, Patricia Durant, Belle Cook. Donna Ward, William Marshall. ABSENT: Debra Love, John Anderson, Rosalie Relyea. sq - I qv 5 We qv 5 T' sg... First Grade Munnsville - Miss Clark FIRST ROW: ILeft to Rightj David Cole, Tommy Bennett, Olin Collins, Ricky Miller, Timmy Burleson, Bobby Putman, Richard Wood. SECOND ROW: Emma Mason, Sandra Bump, Debbie Paquin, Cindy O'Herien, Karen Carpenter, Joan Chaires, Joyce Wright, Rose Marshall, Mary Beth Green. THIRD ROW: Joseph Stone, Bobby Pease, Addison Greenlaw, Eugene Lewis, Michael Viril, Miss Clark, Holly Cramer, Nancy Schmutzler, Jackie Wesseldine, Beth Ann Griffin, George Warner. ' "3 "5 .3':'.' M vnu- Q 'tr ,?,, an v- 3 in Q' Mrs. Ferszt - Grade One HRS! ROW: Skippy O'Herien, Mark Wilson, Francis Moot, March Rauscher, Terry Bennett, Michael Eastman. SECOND ROW: Paula Wilson, Vicki Ortman, Elaine Lewis, Valerie Gala, Mr. Ferszt, Melodye Morgan, Anne Meade, Mary Mason, Mary Lou Jacobs. THIRD ROW: Bennie Collins, Jimmy Reiyea, Susan Watkins, Caroline Wright, John Miles, Duane Phillips, Jimmy Taylor, Jimmy Snetsinger, Philip Bikowski. S x Merrillsville Grade School FIRST ROW: Douglas, Peter West, Charles McCormick, Scott Rogers, Douglas Ecldy, David Burke, William McCormick. SECOND ROW: Eddy, Janice Highers, Charles West, Thomas Elford, Michael Mower, Colleen Rogers, Cynthia Richmond. THIRD ROW: Timothy West, Eddy, Douglas Elforcl, Mrs. Shaver, Cheri Elford, Linda Highers, Sheila Burke. ABSENT: Kevin Watkins, Michael Callahan. r f I - Beulah Gerald R XXxx --...CX .XV4 ' Grade School Chorus 'talk Ml FIRST ROW: fLet't to Rightj L. Kampf, C. Love, M. L. Stevens, L. Ready, W. Newcomb, K. Geer, L. Havener, L. Robbins, E. Whitford. SECOND ROW: D. Mcloy, K. Snyder, C. Englebret, P. Waters, L. Roher, V. Smith, S. Costen, G. Green, E. Hollingsworth, S. Snyder. THIRD ROW: B. Snyder, R. Backus, B. Jones, R. Hendrickson, B. Strain, D. Wells, J. Lust, B. Burdick, R. Murray, J. Bakus, D. Garbry, C. Brondle, T. Wilkes. FOURTH ROW: L. Weismore, K. Smith, C. Jones, S. Ash, M. R. Mason, R. Putman, M. Pudlis, A. Wilson, L. Stone, B. Hull, S. Snell, T. Murry, J. Smith, Y. Temple, I. Newcomb, S. Russel, M. E. March. -W21ff1a'ig,Q?g-i"Q?fQfeQQ?M2f9?i2?4'5iG'J32Zlg,iE?Q Q 1PwQQ5fOJ.JQ:QQfg iQwwaQ ' '4'v9w4X w'?5U-4?-4w:fff,0-fcfibff' A L"fQ-ii'l'52Zf3iCi?a'f'5f5'f35'1 L ' f X X, L 1 '9- 446' six 'gngvwg ,gon F ngvtv Q0 ox 399539524 -awww Mimi' A .ZPL na WWW: 3 Q0 A-v as 4Wf55Fg75::. fHH:Ill5ii::. 15?fiif::55' ll ii ll I Y 41- xq 91 - 41 ,, ,f 1,1 11,1 1 11 1 11 IH I. 1 1 ffsivu'-2 fvgwi' 1 W!! vii! iizii www I Q 1 5 4C IU5 'hm B I: GX 'B as -4 LAA xAf"X,.,, K Xi Kqdugmwmm 1 0 9599 5255.900 00.95 '90 .- .. ' ' . ' ' 4 ' ' .- 1 , v r- 9' 4"'K'W'Q'x W 9' 6' -we-' Os 1 ,V va 5 ' , ' ,v, 0-,mu ye I 1 " 'V+ f 'z-Q'-'ww So .'e:: .. 1-1: 5X .5 N.-+9 asyt 1 . ' 'N' 39939 'Q ' " N' +"N1..5s5b?2.9 uxv4 0' Om .fa .ve - - was-.J x x N .QW FQNQ 9 9 V- 1 C . I R 11 1 11 ' I ff 1 V 1 1 1 111 1. 1 1, 1 I Y Low X 1 I 11 1,1 1 1 1 11fAWW, X s 1 .tu A J .y . 1 T O 2 X 1 1 . Q 2 M , x Qu X X 1h j X 1 ...M '59 1 . 4 1, M kk , I E f X I X f .1 Q5 1 Y' X K , H I 1 J X n , I, I I X I , K ' 1 ' 11' -1 , 1 X . 1 1 O Q X S ' os ' - V v vp...-. 'f-NW . 1- -f ' '.. .- 1 ' 'Q A ,f4x'?:W" V' .v'7' f' " -' - 'GK ' ve -' M' 'wx ' ' X -1 1 ' 1 Q N X f 1 X1 1 1 l 1 1 f 1 I J' never 1 I f 1' 11 1 11 1 UW1 NM 'WW W1 XX HMM 1 , 1 1 111 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 sz K I 'lllli 1 HH U1 I 211 .Z N ..-- . Student Council FIRST ROW: lLeft to Rightj Shirley Wilkes, William Paquin, Sharron Snyder, Jane Cameron, Mr. Reynolds. SECOND ROW: Barb Ready Beatta Blowers, Janet Henderickson, Melva Frost, Jim Fearon, Charles Snell, Ed Erdige, Newton McFarland. Student Council The Student Council is the most important organization in any school. Our Student Council has had many projects this year. We sold banners with school initials on them. We ran a contest to select the best design for our banners. We had many entries but it was decided Charles Snell's was best. Oneida Community has agreed to present a plaque to the school. Each year the names of the outstanding girl and boy will be engraved on this plaque. These students will be chosen on the basis of sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and citizenship. The officers of the Student Council for the year are: President - Jane Cameron Vice President - Charles Snell Secretary - Sharon Snyder Treasurer - William Paquin Our advisor is Mr. Reynolds. , . , N-1V Library Club FIRST ROW: fLett to Rightj Suzanne Seeber, Beatto Blowers, Patty Harrington, Jane Cameron, Karen Snell, Prudy Carswell, Ruby Weismore, Larcne Rogers, Marlene Nodecker. SECOND ROW: Mortha Gregg, Pam Mitchell, Janet Fairchild, Mary Clark, Sharon Snyder, Diane Greene, Sue Ferszt, Marie Wagner, Janice Drake, Connie Putman, Nancy Lindkamp, Mary Lau Koen, Margaret Lowe, Advisor Richard Avcrson, THIRD ROW: Jill Mitchell, Roger Arnott, Eddie Erdige, Douglas Haslauer, Gaynor Seeber, Brodly Grabaw, Bill Orcutt, Larry Love, Charles Love, Mike Conklin, Clive Smith, David Hafimon, Bill Paquin, Nancy Bartlett, '1 Dramatics Club FlRST ROW: fLeft to Rightj Carolyn Burleson, Bonnie Snyder, Barbara Ready, Jane Cameron, Penny Paquin, Patricia Harrington, Bonnie Ano, Susan Clark. SECOND ROW: Ruby Wiesmore, Mary Lou Koen, Mary Clark, Prudy Carswell, Donna Haslauer, Margaret Lowe, Pamela Mitchell, Martha Gregg, Sandra Nichols. THIRD ROW: Joan Urben, Andy Durfee, Krystal Ward, Connie Putman, Koris Ward, Marie Wagner, Sue Ferszt, Diane Greene, Sharon Snyder, Faith Fargo, Kathy Smith, Bonnie Virgil, Dawn Miller, Mr. Richard Averson. FOURTH ROW: Bill Poquin, Roger Arnatt, Michael Chapman, Douglas Haslauer, Michael Conklin, Robert Stratton, Bradley Grabow, Clive Smith, Peter Geer, Edward Erdige, David Hoffman, John Smith. ' I L E ' -5 , .,.. ... ----. - .fs-V-4 - Future Homemakers of America FIRST ROW: CLeft to Rightl Mrs. Kenneth Judd, Chapter Mother, Beatta Blowers, Treasurer, Janice Drake, President, Karen Snell, Vice- President, Krystal Ward, Secretary, Mrs. Lois Hickox, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Mable Stevens, Suzanne Seeber, Joan Gasior, Edna Judd, Hilda Young, Martha Gregg, Sandra Nichols, Martha Lamb, Lorene Rogers, Marlene Nodecker, Nancy Richmond. THIRD ROW: Ruby Weismore, Kristeen Ward, Marcia Baldwin, Margaret Kiehn, Faith Fargo, Sharon Snyder, Marie Wagner, Muriel Greer, Rosmarie Kamph, Janet Fairchild, Ora Snell, Frieda Kiehn. ABSENT: Carolyn Burleson. I - .I sg. S it f I lf! F. F. A. FIRST ROW: fl.eft to Right? Carl Widger, Wm. Collins, Ken Frost, Gaynor Seeber, Bradley Grabow, Edward Erdige, Doug Houseman. SECOND ROW: Bruce Nemick, Doug Throp, Micheal Chapman, Donald March, Clive Smith, Pete Geer, George Hack, David Howlett, Allan Harrington, James Nichols. THIRD ROW: Ernest Judd, Hugh Wilke, Ernest Reynolds, Nick Kompt, Arthur Stratton, Robert Havens, Jerry Newell, Lewis Graham, Ken Smith, Stanley Blowers, Charles Durant. ABSENT: Mike Carneron. 35 Band Picture FIRST ROW: fLeft to Righty David Greene, Delma Dibble, Mary Putman, Andy Durfee, Nancy McKenna, Sue Clark, Sandee Nichols. SECOND ROW: Bernard Landers, Penny Popquin, Priscilla Putman, Bonnie Virgil, Diane Greene, Micky Franchell, James Baltusnik, Diana Rohcr. THIRD ROW: Dwight L. Murphy, Director, Jack Snell, James Russell, Wm, Havener, Walter Geisler, Ruth Scudder, James Ready, Charles Putman, Tom Ash. ABSE NT: Gary Drake, Martin Greene, Mary Ellen Griff, Kathy Smith, Ron Snell, John Nathie. in i - T Q' . in -n l ,fc ... x . 'rx X . X . C E tw Chorus FIRST ROW: lLeft to Rightj Nancy Richmond, Mabel Stevens, Lorene Rogers, Martha Lamb, Hilda Youngs, Sue Seeber, Bonnie Ano. SECOND ROW: Barbara Ready, Donna Haslauer, Ruby Weismore, Dwight Love, Lynda Houseman, James Baltusnik, Joan Gcsior. THIRD ROW: Mary Clark, Faith Fargo, Sharon D. Snyder, Marie Wagner, Ruth Scudder, Andy Durfee, Krystal Ward, Pam Mitchell. 1 -W UIQ! Boys' 4-H FIRST ROW: iLeft to Rightl N. Youngs, B. Hannel, R. Hyland, J. Moot, N. Widger, D. Goff, P. Murry, D. Cole. SECOND ROW: E. Englebret, C. Rowe, G. Wilson, B. Durfee, S. Nichols, D. Love, D. Garbry, L. Chamberlin, D. Bilcowslci. THIRD ROW: G. Mason, D. Morris, T. Longbothem, R. Looft, M. Green, A. Wagner, B. Burdick, E. Hordendorf, D. Wells, D. Goff, B. Jones, Mr. Widger. FOURTH ROW: D. Reynolds, R. Shea, B. Nemic, F. Stevens, N. Lamb, H. Wilke, B. Havens, S. Blowers, D. Green, S. Youngs, T. Geer, J. Waldron. wr Hari Valley cms' 4-H Club FIRST ROW: iLeft to Rightj Lilo Roher, Jane Coleman, Mary Thurston, Sue Thurston, Trudy Koen, Virginia Stannard, Wanda Newcomb. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Lois Hickos, Marlene Blowere, Sandro Looft, Betty Mury, Carol Wilson, Sheila Snell, Annette Bartlett, Jane Feldman, Mrs. Cara Roher. THIRD ROW: lda Newcomb, Sandra Russell, Virginia Frost, Velma Smith, Joyce Smith, Edna Stannard, Vivian Burleson, Linda Wilson, Mary Jane Reed, Mary Ellen March, Carolyn Jones, Linda Roher. FOURTH ROW: Lois Day, Linda Weismore, Diana Roher, Joy Wilson, Joan Hatch, Edna Judd, Nancy Lamb, Beverly Hull, Jeanne Snell, Janice Hendriksen. l 3. . l K E G.A.A. FIRST ROW: CLr-lv Vo Rightl A. Havencr, M. Nodecker, F. Keihn, D. Eddy, M. Kiehn, K. Braendle, B. Ano, L. Hach, K. Rogers, M. Bishop, SECOND ROW: L. Snyder, L. Roher, K. Ward, S. Ferszl, P. Mitchell, M. Clark, J. Mivchell, L. Wilson, C. Wilson, E. Stannmd, S. Loft. THIRD ROW: J. Wilson, S. Nichols, J. Bradley, P. Paquin, N. Barilefr, M. Love, S. Hendrikenson, B. Snyder, M. Lamb, S, Clark. FOURTH ROW: S. Snyder, K. Ward, M. Gregg, O. Snell, D. Haslauer, J. McFarland, J. Fairchild, A. Sicilia, J. Hahlw, L. March, M. Gregg, M. Putman, B. Ready, R. Weismore, K. Snell, S. Geer, S, Youngs, L. Thurston, Miss Heli. FIFTH ROW: l. Snr-ll, S. Wilkes, D. Miller, M. Griff. J. Urban, M. Lamb, M. Wagner, S. Snyder, F. Fargo, M. Kiehn, R, Scudder, B. Virgil, A. Durflrw, R. Karvpf, K, Smith Valley Brezze SEATFD: M, Greer, P. Puiman, B. Blowers, J. Drake, H. Kampf, G. Seeber, R. Scudder, C. Snell, M, Lowe, S. Ferszl, M. Conklin FlRST ROW: R. Coleman, D. Garby, W. Newcomb, Ida Newcomb, J. Mood, M. Pudlis, D. Roher, K. Ward, C. Rowe, J. Feldman, L ' . C Il Roher, D. Waters, G. Hollenbeclc, S. Russell, L. Robbins. SECOND ROW: C. Burleson, A. Slrallon, E. Judd, N. McKenna, P a-rswe D. Haslauer, M. Griff, D. Greene, M. Wagner, M. Chapman, S. Snyder, M. Clark, P. Haslauer, K. Smith, M. Kampf, P. Harrungfon C. Smith. I A Z" Www i' 11' G V010 .QJ ffjxh N , QE: 'r :I I " ,Q ,rql N N 1 I .,: 7 9 -O- -5 -' o o o o L, o o 0 0 if? 5332? ' .if-'-" 1 5 A X f1 L u 11!1!1 I P XX as " 1 x 1 1--ki- wx X ff 1 - fi? f xg ' I x X iq 4 ' X 11 1 1 .4 F f X X 4 A-Z I it fx XXV. A I 'W vx J, N l,, 1 1 j u ' 1 1 lf l I 2 1 lm' V4 Q 1 X 1 1 Nfl' 1 I ji.. 1 1 i 1 il 'Q ' ' 1- ff 1 Lit! -X X 9:3 --33 , ' ng., X 4 ,N A A XX. ! If Q A xTRN', 1 1 11 O 0 ! 9 W W 1 1 X 'I I N 1 X u A X' .64 V M f ' V .7 1" 1 1 , 11 :in 1 1 5:i2 IE, .1 , X r:'---,--' W ' 1 7 I X! 'ff 'I1 I W- 'fi X , 2.1 5' N V A fft1?:gX.wl1 mu V5 4: 52341 Tr II lfcgqk 1 XX 9,2 'fffljl if IL1 1 1 A-N ' P fini? XX 1 ' r"4"'4 L' ww' 4 11 N 2- Q. 1 11 1111111111 1 ,J - 2 .qf MAX 5.,' 1 4 QQ:-fr, 'ff 1.1521 1 .111 1 40 Jpgw-JK We began the season on a successful note. We won our first three games against Waterville, Morrisville and Madison. We suffered our first loss to Earlville. This defeat was no doubt partly do to the fact that several key players had sustained injuries. After this the tide seemed to turn against us and we were unable to rally. The scoring of each game is as follows: S.V. C. S....l9 S.V. C. S.......9 Waterville .... 13 Earlville ...... 33 S.V.C.S...25 S.V. C. S.....13 Morrisville... 20 W. Canada .... . 33 S. V. C. S .... 45 S. V. C. S. ..... 13 Madison ....... 7 Westmoreland... 52 s.v.cZs ...... o Oriskany ....... 25 Individual scoring: C. Snell ...... 10 T. D. 8. 2 P. A. T. 62 M. Conklin .... 3 T. D. 8. 2 P. A. T.20 J. Giesler ..... 2 T. D. 8. 3 P. A. T. 15 B. Paquin ..... 2 T. D. 12 G. Seeber ..... 1 T. D. 6 B. Cheyne ..... 1 T. D. 6 D. Hoffman .... 1 Safety 8.1 P. A. T. 3 124 Next years squad will be missing such players as Mike Conklin, Gaynor Seeber, Bill Cheyne, Bill Orcutt and Charles Snell, all who are seniors. But first string material such as J. Giesler, R. Smith, F. Snell, C. Smith, E. Eridge, B. Paquin, D. Hoffman and J. Ready, will be on hand to take their place. Track records which this years track team hopes to better: Charles Snell . . .100 yd. dash . . . ..... 10 seconds Gaynor Seeber. . 220 yd. dash ....... 22.7 seconds Bill Orcutt .... 440 yd ....... 1 minute, 2 seconds Doug Houseman .880 yd ....... 2 minutes, 8 seconds Bill Roundy .... Mile ........ 5 minutes, 8 seconds Jim ready ..... Broad Jump .... 16 feet, 8 inches Bill Orcutt .... Shot Put ........ 30 feet, 3 inches Bill Roundy .... High Jump ....... 5 feet, 1 inch Varsity Basketball News With five lettermen returning and in bringing up five men from the J. V. team, we won seven games and came close to winning many more. Our leading scorer was Charles Snell, who naw holds the school scoring record. Consistent scoring by Bill Orcutt, Jim Giesler, Mike Conklin and the play making of Bill Paquin made the Stockbridge Indians a constant threat. Scores of gatnes: S.V.C.S. Visitors Morrisville -SET' -I7".4T5' Georgetown 64-75 62-69 Madison 71-65 66-83 Earlville 50-50 52-55 Brookfield 60-82 47-77 Deruyter 59-53 67-59 S. Otselic 66-50 67-62 S. A. A. 58- 66 Westmoreland 57-62 49-73 Individual Scoring: C. Snell ..... 331 L. Love ...... 62 B. Orcutt ..... 221 B. Poquin .... 4-4 J. Geisler .... 165 G. Seeber .... 31 M. Conklin 160 H. Kampf 19 'R' The second S. A. A. game and the play-off scores are not available at this time. J. V. Basketball News The J. V. 's lost many of their last years regulars, as they were moved up to varsity. But as the season progressed the J. V. team began to take form. With Charles Putman and Louie Graham oorrbining with Jerry Newell, Mike Chapman and Jack Smith the J. V. 's seemed to show marked improvement in each game. Scores of games: S.V.C.S. Visitors '3T33"' - Morrisville 5 -4-117- Georgetown 31 -37 39-55 Madison 40-39 55-45 Earlville 44-40 46-49 Brookfield 61-51 54-61 Deruyter 48-45 39-44 S. Otselic 47-46 42-44 S. A. A. 42- 23- Westmoreland 30-21 46 -41 ....fae1..y . Football Team FIRST ROW: fLefl to Righlj Dave Schmulzher, Ed Erdige, Jack Smith, Dave Hoffman, Bill Paquin, Ernie Reynolds, Jim Ready. SECOND ROW: Coach Stevens, Mike Colkin, Louis Smith, Ross Smith, Bill Orcutt, Jim Giesler, Coach Paquin. THIRD ROW: Fred Snell, Bill Shrodell, Charles Snell, Bill Cheyne, Jerry Newell. J N 1 ,, E 2 , 1 y . f' L. in i 'ii' 11 ,Q , Q9 , ' z. I xi ' l Q 3 if S li , J , ,TH 'u ' X Y . X - HA i -, - Q .J Q Football Cheerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy McKenna, Nancy Ba1lelf, Muie Wagner, Ruby Weismore, Jill Milchel, Lorene Rogers, Mary Clark, Pom Mitchel, Dime Greene. if l l 1 a ' a S Varsity Basketball FIRST ROW: fLeft to Rightl Bill Poquin, Henry Kompf, Bob Greenlaw, Mike Conklin, Ed Erdigy. SECOND ROW: Coach Stevens, Gaynor Seeber, Larry Love, Bill Scliroeclel. Bill Orcutt, Charles Snell, Jim Geisler. Varsity Cheerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT- Nancy Bartlett, Nancy McKenn0, RUBY Weslmofef Slwfof' 5nYde'f Jill Mifdvel, Mdrie Wagner, Lorene Rogers. I I 2 l J. V. Basketball Team FIRST ROW: fLeft to Rightj Mike Chapman, Jim Baltusnik, Newton McFarland, Jim Ready, Charles Putman, Doug Throp, Mikey Fronchell, Jim Nichols, Bill Hovener. SECOND ROW: Coach Barthomay, Don Landers, Jack Smith, Jerry Newell, Lewis Graham, David Greenlaw, David Schmutzher, Gary Hull, Ernie Reynolds. , l , 5 . . J. V. Cheerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT: Sue Seeber, Bonnie Snyder, Jane Cameron, Pam Mitchell, Kathy Smith, Andy Durfee, Diane Greene G 4 3, 'fw N,- Baseball Team FIRST ROW: CLeff to Righfl Charles Pufman, Tom Ash, Ross Smith, David Hoffman, Wm. Paquin, James Fearon. SECOND ROW: Coach Banhomay, James Geisler, Charles Love, Wm. Schroedel, Bill Orcuif, Henry Kampf, Jack Smith. vw- QQ qi.. ,J Track Team FIRST ROW: fLefi to Righfj Doug Houseman, Dave Hoffman, Ed Erdige, Jim Ready. SECOND ROW: Coach Stevens, Charles Snell, Gaynor Seeber, Bill Orcuft, Mr. Neil. The End K nm Qs WXNXX K Y ' f M22 Z! 0' 92 X fg j, , 2 ,I L :aa I cu H cz. 'C co cu qi W I' cu U' O 'l , .r Agn., .., Q x A . EFS? 1 1 g I 4 'v' 4 ia'-'. ' .WA , U s .., 4 I rn ' ' -. .Q 1 " 'f I 1 4 w . w ! 5 1 , ff K1 , '41, V 1 I 1 BGA Y. if ,V f x ' I' ,Ir 11 Q E II f 1 I I' A L ,fs -4: 1 eg M ' r l ig . Lx lv ,W I 1.1, 'V H ' ' Y ., . N I X. L ,,- N 1 .5 . . , ,.. ,af f - , . -. .vii xl- - , P 93.5, . , - .fn jjj ,wail ,,- - 5 -. xg, C- ' ' 'Fri "Sk 'i ifl , , ' - , ' .Q " ' H' , . -. .gi ' wfwvf 1 '- pi .' - , Q ' gulnmusn - M , ul -, . T M y -5. YA I 1 Q N, , I N " " -' Q ' f" -1 - I , .Q .- -. u - - 4-, ' 1 -ni V W H . . ' .. - - -K ,- f- ' -- '- 'P zu... Q. -4. .. 'Mme mf V 'K 1 1'- J 1 .1 W -rn- x 1. ,Qu- 'f 'r. F-wb 1,151-. .w . ri. - i J ,, "'f ' ...,..l!.-1113.1 'fl 'HQ 1 ,-V... 1 A1-E. ,.. . A ' ml .5-5 liw-V-:1,v.,-QA. ..., ..- 4 - l V. -3 9-1. 34 .- fminfjiq' . .E -14: .V, 1 3 N' '1f?'-C'- .. .r'V,,1, - A I i" " . 4 1 l Jo , K E32 1 '21 Vnf.-+. 1, I lr- 4 W L 5. V Lx . I -2 'Y -,lk , -T51 . 'Af 1 " .1f?'fr:.w'2'H, 'E'-wi ,1,r,,,4'15' P Hr 1315-i.. 1 .,x'J 'LEE , IL- -. ,1 ,vpxg any hc DJJ lu.,- - V.-I.. . Y V' -'Y"'V'fR31f''wefwifzm -1 1 .1 ., . 1,-3-wr" ,, . H- .M-gc-3 'djijgi' v .. 1 X tw' A V.-11 . .ii I".-QV", .,i:f'f:i?7ewv1"I-V an L, ikf 551311. fa , . fi 3 -ar ' "Mini: -41 1 -I -1, -9 ,vying . .M VN .,1, 1 x 1,1- ,Ff T' I A Q' -P 1 E. . 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Suggestions in the Stockbridge Valley High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Munnsville, NY) collection:

Stockbridge Valley High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Munnsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Stockbridge Valley High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Munnsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Stockbridge Valley High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Munnsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 8

1959, pg 8

Stockbridge Valley High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Munnsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 31

1959, pg 31

Stockbridge Valley High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Munnsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 6

1959, pg 6

Stockbridge Valley High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Munnsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 37

1959, pg 37

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