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The memories of this book are told through stories and pictures. Many of these people and events will fade from your memory in the years to come but you can always look back on this possession to recall this year. Within this book you will find that the theme " hands ' displays a perfect emotion that is present every¬ where always. Many students are taking advantage of their high school days and are grasping for knowl¬ edge. Opportunities presented by the hands of the faculty, principals, superintendent, school board as well as by the many parents are in abundance. MARGIE COSGRAY, OUR ARTIST All division pages and art work in our book is credited to her. We have endeavored to include all of the activities, organizations, sports and classes of which you have been a part. It is with pleasure, we present to you, your 1969 yearbook. This is your book — treasure it always. 2 In Memory v CHERYL GAUSS Daniel Webster defines tragedy as dreadful, calamitous, disastrous or fatal and this year our school has been faced with many tragic events. In just such an event we lost a very dear teacher on February 26, 1969, in the person of Cheryl Gauss. Mrs. Gauss came to us in 1967 from Freeborn, Minnesota. Although she had been with us for only two short years, we had come to know her as a very lovely person. She was a very dedicated teacher and the students had learned to respect her and enjoy her classes. She, in turn, had all of their interests at heart. In spite of a full day of teaching she found time to do extracurricular activities which included being one of the senior class advisors. We, at Stockbridge High are going to miss her gracious ways and feel a deep loss of a fine teacher and friend. This yearbook has been dedicated to her memory. fl Table Of Contents Title Page.1 Foreword.2 Dedication.3 Table of Contents.4 ADMINISTRATION.5 Superintendent and School Board.6 Principals.7 Secretaries.8 FACULTY.9 Faculty pages.1 0-21 Service People.22 SENIORS.23 Senior Pages.24-42 Senior Honors.43 Memoriam.44 JUNIORS.45 Jun-ior Pages.46-50 SOPHOMORES.51 Sophomore Pages.52-56 FRESHMEN.57 Freshman Pages.58-62 EIGHTH GRADE.63 Eighth Grade Pages.64-67 SEVENTH GRADE.68 Seventh Grade Pages.69-73 Candids.74 ORGANIZATIONS.75 Honor Society.76 Advisory and Assembly Committees.77 Junior High Chorus.78 Junior High Band.79 Glee Club.80-81 Senior Band.82-83 Junior Varsity Band.84 Pep Band.85 Future Teachers.86 Future Homemakers.87 Future Farmers.88 Student Council.89 Forensics and Debate.90 Library.91 Spanish Club.92 Science Club.93 Paper Staff.94 ACTIVITIES.95 Homecoming.96-97 Hootenanny.98-99 Junior Play.100-101 Senior Play.102-103 Prom. 104 Latin Banquet. 105 Phil Harris Page. 106 ATHLETICS. 107 Tennis. 108 Track. 109 Varsity Baseball.110-111 Junior Varsity Baseball. 112 J.V. and Junior High Cheerleaders. 113 Varsity Cheerleaders.114-115 Varsity Football.116-117 Junior Varsity Football. 118 Wrestling. 119 Varsity Basketball.120-121 J.V. and Freshman Basketball. 122 Junior High Basketball. 123 Varsity Club. 124 ADVERTISING. 125 Advertisers Pages.126-139 CLOSING and Yearbook Staff. 140 School Board And Superintendent STANDING: Mr. Elwin Bremser and Mr. Dwain Dancer. SEATED: Mr. Duane Ford, Mr. Almon Lathrop and Dr. Edward Weddon. MISSING: Mr. Tom Campbell and Mr. Olin Wild. The school board is faced with never ending tasks. These men spend a great deal more time than the public realizes working on school affairs. Once again much credit and thanks goes to them. Mr. Batchelor is always very busy keep¬ ing the schools running smoothly. Although we seldom see him or hear him we know he is here working quietly behind the scenes. MR. BATCHELOR Principals Mr. Howlett is a truly kind and warm-hearted man and is a sincere and dedicated principal. His job is overwhelming but he handles it with finesse. His most important aim is a desire to educate. His work day lasts longer than average because he has to take care of many minor de¬ tails. We, at Stockbridge High are very proud of him. RICHARD HOWLETT Fowlerville High A.B., Kalamazoo College M.A., Michigan State University PRINCIPAL " Mr. Boyd, our assistant principal, has a job that is also extremely hard. His duties are many and he handles them all very well. As his title in¬ dicates his job is assisting Mr. Howlett with the many tasks and problems that arise. In addition, he is a coach and devoted teacher. ROBERT BOYD Detroit South Eastern High B.S. and M.A., Eastern Michigan University Sociology ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL 7 ■1 Secretaries ANN HEENEY Stockbridge High School welcomes Miss Heeney as the new bookkeeper this year. She does the general accounting, payroll, internal accounting and general bookkeeping for the entire school system. tary includes many regular secretary, cements, finds lost collects fines, fills ie child accounting iigh school. THELMA FRINKLE Besides being Mr. Batchelor s secretary Mrs. Frinkle s duties include keeping track of text books and lockers. She answers the phone, makes and marks report cards, writes letters and duplicates stencils for faculty members. Art Livonia Bentley High B.A., Alma College COUNSELOR English Art JAMES LAWRIE ANOTHER CALL! The art classes provide training for the talented students. They acquire the ability to communicate both as a group and individually. Emphasis is continually placed on the development of talent and skills necessary for self-expression. The advanced students under the supervision of Mr. Ramsdell have become acquaint¬ ed with many art medias and forms. These students have produced some very fine art projects. Stockbridge High B.S., Northern Michigan Art Life Adjustment Freshman Class Advisor EDWIN RAMSDELL YOU MIGHT TRY SHADING THIS AREA 10 Commercial Donovan High, III. B.S., Western Michigan Bookkeeping Junior Business Typing Coach WE WILL CHECK THIS W-2 FORM. Leslie High B.S. and M.S., Eastern Michigan COUNSELOR Business English Yearbook Advisor The commercial classes give the students an excellent working background. They are introduced to the many office machines as well as to the skills of typing, short¬ hand, and bookkeeping. Business English is coordinated with all the phases of business studies. RACHEL CASSIDY Leslie High Cleary College B.S., Eastern Michigan Shorthand Typing Secretarial Practice ANOTHER PASS TO TYPE. NELLA O ' BRIEN Crystal Falls High B.M. and M.A., Mich State English Advisory Committee English Dept. Chairman WILLIAM MYERS Stockbridge High B.A., Kalamazoo Jr. High English Coach JEAN ANDERSON Cadillac High A.B., Central Michi English Speech MARIAN RAMSDELL Stockbridge High B.S., and M.A., Eastern Mich American Literature Economics Librarian English is a required subject that helps students to understand the value of good liter¬ ature and realize the importance of the English language. It helps develop skills required in writing and composition as well as producing a basic foundation of grammar. Two new members, Mr. Myers and Miss Tinney, joined the department this year. Al¬ though they add a contemporary angle to an age old subject we must not discount the wisdom and experience of the teachers who have been on the staff for some time. The two factors combined provide a well balanced curriculum in this department. JANE TINNEY Fremont High B.A., Michigan State English Communication Skills MRS. O ' BRIEN 12 MISS TINNEY CHARLES COLEMAN Charlevoix High IMT B.A., Michigan State lll American Government American History Advisory Committee Senior Advisor JOSEPH DONNELLY St. Joseph ' s High, South Bend B.S., Michigan State Social Studies History Junior Advisor RONALD DRISCOLL South Lake High B.S. and M.A., Eastern Michigan History Coach History An understanding of the past provides us with the key to the future. With this thought in mind, history sets its goal. It provides the student with material essential to understanding government and people. A proper background in history equips the student with the material to contribute to society and be an effective world citizen. MR. DONNELLY CHECKING THE TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE. MR. DRISCOLL TELLS IT LIKE IT IS. 13 Sparta High School B.A., and M.A. Michigan State Reading and Spelling American Literature World Literature Driver Education Junior High ROBERT BARRY HOWARD JOHNSTON East Lansing B.A. and M.A., Michiqan State Social Science Coach Lamont High, Iowa Washington State University Special Education Eaton High, Indiana B.A., Ball State Reading and Spelling Jr. High Spanish Journalism LESTER PROPST LLOYD SNIDER A lot of credit should be given to our Junior High teachers. They help the novice students ad¬ just to the complicated rigors of future high school life. They also show a great deal of pa¬ tience and understanding of the young students. Some of these teachers also have high school classes as indicated. MR. PRC%T LISTENS. 14 Languages I HAVEN ' T SEEN THIS ISSUE YET ANN BOGART Sandusky High School B.A., Albion College English Latin Freshman Class Advisor The Language Department has two qualified and enthusiastic teachers. Each has her own style of teaching not only language but the culture which originally brought about the widespread use of the language. The Latin Classes learn more than just the lan¬ guage, they also learn about the lives of famous viri and feminae of Rome. The Spanish Classes learn the language plus the customs and life of the Mexican people. The first year students learn the vocab¬ ulary which they will use for their conversational Spanish. DuQuoin Hill, III. B.S. and M.A., Southern Illinois University Spanish Junior High Math Future Teacher Advisor Sophomore Class Advisor PAULA HOMANN HOW ABOUT THE MEXICAN HAT DANCE? 15 Mathematics CHERYL GAUSS Freeborn High, Minn. B.A., Central College Math Algebra I 12th Grade Advisor FREDERICK A. NASH Litchfield High B.A., Hillsdale College Algebra I and II Geometry Senior Mathematics LARRY WHITE Stockbridge High B.S., Michigan State Junior High Math General Math 8th Grade Advisor Stockbridge High School can be proud of its out¬ standing mathematics department. Mr. White, a for¬ mer Stockbridge High School student, has returned as a teacher to prepare Junior High students for the future challenges of higher math. Mrs. Gauss lightens the load on the Senior High and Junior High by teaching Algebra 1, General Math, and Junior High Math. Mr. Nash has the exclusive job of teaching geom¬ etry, Advanced Algebra, and trigonometry. He ex¬ tracts great satisfaction watching students grow and learn and helping them find solutions to their prob¬ lems in math. The Student Council, recognizing his great teach¬ ing ability, presented him with a plaque, establishing the Frederick A. Nash Math Award in 1 967. Jim Rick will receive the award this year for scoring the high¬ est in the Michigan Mathematics Prize Competition from Stockbridge High School. MR. NASH EXPLAINS. 16 Music THE MUSIC IS PUT AWAY ONCE MORE. ONE, TWO, THREE. The music organizations have had a very fruitful year in performances. The band had a new director and under his leadership participated in halftime shows at the football games as well as doing concerts. Miss Stephens has kept the Girls ' Glee Club moving smoothly. They, too have par¬ ticipated in different activities. Miss Pryor has had a very busy year directing the Junior High Chorus and teaching elementary music. The music department has been very much a part of the activities and students wel¬ come the contributions of the bands and vocal groups. CHARLENE PRYOR Grand Ledge High B.M., Michigan State Junior High Chorus Elementary Music NELLIE STEPHENS Clarkston High B.S. and M.A., Eastern Michigan LIBRARIAN Girls ' Glee Club CHARLES VAN SLUYTER Lansing Everett B.M., Western Michigan Bands 17 Physical Education The physical education teachers have unique knowledge and expe¬ rience. Mr. Hora and Mr. Passink teach young students the fundamen¬ tals of physical fitness with the hope that these people will maintain these qualities in the future. Mrs. Heiligmann teaches all of the girls ' gym classes. In addition she coaches the three cheerleading squads. She takes great pride in the outstanding cheerleading groups. LYNN HEILIGMANN Columbus North, Ohio B.S., Ohio State Physical Education Health Cheerleading Coach PHIL HORA Berrien Springs High B.A., Albion College M.A., Andrews University Physical education COUNSELOR Coach PETER PASSINK Battle Creek Lakeview High B.S., University of Michigan Physical Education Jr. Hiqh English Health Coach MR. HORA RELAXES. Science RONALD HOFFMAN Stockbridge High B.S. and M.S., Michigan State General Science Drafting Junior Advisor ALLENE NOBLE Jefferson High School B.S., Mississippi Physical Science Reading and Spelling Jr. High Math Chemistry CARRICK L. REMALEY Ann Arbor High B.S., U. of Michigan Physics Jr. High Math BARBARA M. THORNBURY Parma High, Parma, Ohio B.S., Michigan State Biology Sophomore Advisor The Science Department has its full comple¬ ment of qualified teachers. Mr. Hoffman lays the foundation of scientific principles for the eighth grade students. From here Mrs. Noble takes the reins and helps the students realize the important role that Science and chemistry play in everyone ' s lives. Mrs. Thornbury has charge of the Biology De¬ partment. Here students learn the basics of life and ecology which are contained within the broad scope of biology. This year an advanced biology class was tried and will be added to the curriculum next year if the results of this class are satisfactory. Mr. Remaley has control over the senior phys¬ ics class. Students have learned and have been exposed to a great deal of the ideas and forces which comprise the study of physics. He has done a fine job of explaining the concept of col¬ lege physics. MIKE LEHMAN AND MR. REMALEY DETERMINE THE PERIOD OF A PENDULUM. 19 MR. RADOWSKI WITH HIS PRIDE AND JOY - A NEW PODIUM. Mr. Radowski teaches young stu¬ dents the proper techniques for work¬ ing in a shop. Students learn safety rules and common sense in the han¬ dling of power tools. These boys make many useful attractive articles. Mr. Woodman has more special¬ ized classes in motor mechanics, elec¬ tricity and farm shop. Students learn some of the basic skills which they will find useful for jobs in the future. CHRIS BAILEY AND MR. WOODMAN CLEAN THE SHOP. Jackson High B.S., Western Mich Shop ROBERT WOODMAN 20 Vocational MRS. FOX SUPERVISES THIS PROJECT. The vocational departments of our high school play a big part in training students for future occupations. The home¬ making department teaches all the basics: sewing, cooking, meal planning, entertaining, decorating, child care and the things girls need to know to keep their own homes some day. Agriculture presents many courses. Throughout each course there is the opportunity to develop leadership and cit¬ izenship skills. Every member enrolled in the classes offered by this department has the opportunity to learn by doiihg. DONOVAN CRONKHITE Oakfield High, N.Y. B.S. and M.A., Michigan State Vocational Agriculture FFA Advisor THIS COMPOUND INTEREST MUST COME OUT RIGHT. 21 Service People Our custodians endeavor to keep our school clean. In addition to their job of cleaning, they do many other varied jobs that are beyond our imagination. We all appreciate the hard work that they accomplish, which probably seems to them as an endless task that will never be fin¬ ished. Pictures not abailable: Lawrence Riggs and Mildred Kelley. FRED WILSON and LESTER MUSHBACH 22 HERMAN HACKWORTH PAULETTE SHEW FRED WILSON 23 TERRY ACTON — Seventh Grade Class Of¬ ficer; Football; Paper Staff; Junior Play; Science Club Picture Not Available WANDA ALLEN - Pep Club; Glee Club; Band; FHA Terry Acton DONALD ARNETT - Junior Play; Track LAWRENCE ARNETT - Honor Society; Baseball CHRIS BAILEY — FFA; Pep Club; Spanish Club; Track EARL BAILEY — FFA; Football; Track WILLIAM BAILEY — FFA; Football; Junior Play; Track; Varsity Club KAREN BALDWIN - Pep Club; Class Queen; Glee Club; Cheerleader; Student Council Member; Honor Society; Class Offi¬ cer; Junior Play; Band BRUCE BARBOUR — Pep Club; Spanish Club; Student Council Member; Honor Soci¬ ety; Football; Junior Play; Band; Baseball; Basketball; Forensics; Boy ' s State; Varsity Club; Tennis; Assembly Committee; FTA JOAN BOYCE — Pep Club; Spanish Club; Glee Club; Junior Play; Band STEVEN BRAINARD JOHN BROWN - Wrestling; Paper Staff; Baseball 24 Bruce Barbour Donald Arnett Earl Bailey William Bailey Kay Baldwin Wanda Allen Lawrence Arnett Steven Brainard Joan Boyce John Brown 1 FAYE CAMP — Pep Club; Glee Club; De¬ bate; Band; Science Club; Forensics; Year¬ book Staff JANET CARPENTER — Pep Club; Paper Staff; Senior Play; FHA; Library Staff MICHAEL CHRISINSKE - FFA ; Football; Baseball; Science Club; Student Director of Junior and Senior Plays; Varsity Club DAVID CLARK — Pep Club; Honor Society; Junior Play; Band; Science Club Faye Camp CHRISTOPHER COLLIER Science Club; Forensics — Baseball; JUDY COLLINGS - Pep Club; Paper Staff; Junior and Senior Plays; Yearbook Staff MARGIE COSGRAY - Art Club; Honor So¬ ciety; Yearbook Staff CAROLYN COWAN - Pep Club; Band; FHA; Library Staff; Yearbook Staff DAVID COWAN Chris Collier NANCY COWAN — Paper Staff; Junior Play KATHRYN COWAN — Paper Staff; Science Club ELEANOR CRAFT — Pep Club; Paper Staff; FHA David Cowan Jan Carpenter Judy Collings Nancy Cowan Dave Clark Carolyn Cowan Eleanor Craft Mike Chrisinske Margie Cosgray Kathy Cowan ELIZABETH DOTY DANCER - Pep Club; Spanish Club; Band; Science Club LINDA DUSZYNSKI — Honor Society; Band; Science Club; FTA TAMMY EWERS — (no Picture) KATHY FLETCHER - Pep Club; Glee Club; FHA ROB FORD — Junior Play; Baseball; Science Club ROBERT FOSTER — Spanish Club; Band; Baseball ANNETTE FRAZIER - Transfer from St. Pe¬ ter ' s High School, Cleveland, Ohio JUDY FREER - Pep Club; Spanish Club; Glee Club; Science Club DENNIS GIBNEY — Honor Society; Junior and Senior Plays; Basketball CINDY GROSSHANS - Pep Club; Glee Club; Class Officer; Junior and Senior Plays; Band; FTA ROGER HACKWORTH - FFA THOMAS HAMLIN DONALD HANNEWALD - Pep Club; Spanish Club; Class Officer; Football; Es¬ cort; Band; Boy ' s State; Track; Senior Play; Varsity Club; Assembly Committee,- Student Council President 28 Doty Dancer Robert Foster Cindy Grosshans Rob Ford Dennis Gibney Don Hannewald Judy Freer Linda Duszynski Kathy Fletcher Tom Hamlin Annette Frazier Roger Hackworth » YVONNE HARDT - Pep Club; Glee Club; Junior and Senior Plays; Band; Class Officer PHIL HARRIS — Pep Club; Spanish Club; Football; Paper Staff; Basketball; Track; Varsity Club MARK HARTSUFF — FFA; Pep Club; Spanish Club; Band; Football; Paper Staff; Junior Play; Escort; Track; Basketball; Tennis MARY HARTSUFF - Pep Club; Senior Queen; Cheerleader; Class Officer,- Junior and Senior Plays; Band RICK HARTSUFF — Wrestling; Spanish Club; Football; Boys ' State; Track; Varsity Club HOWARD HAWKINS - FFA; Pep Club; Spanish Club; Paper Staff THOMAS HEINZMAN - FFA RONALD HOLLISTER - FFA; Paper Staff DAN HOLLOWAY — Football; Queen s Es¬ cort; Varsity Club THOMAS JAMES — Pep Club; Spanish Club; Student Council Member; Honor Soci¬ ety; Debate; Junior Play Student Director; Band; Science Club KATHERINE JARRELL - Class Queen; Glee Club; Class Officer; Band; Forensics ROY JOHNSON Yvonne Hardt Rick Hartsuff Dan Holloway Mary Hartsuff Mark Hartsuff Ron Hollister Thomas Heinzman Howard Hawkins Roy Johnson Kathy Jarrell Tom James Phil Harris JOAN KESTER — Transfer from Northville High, Sophomore Year. Pep Club; Glee Club; Junior Play KEITH KOTHE — Senior Play; Band; Science Club STEVEN KRUMMERY - Pep Club; Honor Society; Junior Play; Baseball; Science Club; Yearbook Staff MICHAEL LEHMAN - Pep Club; Honor So¬ ciety; Football; Band; Science Club; Boy’s State; Varsity Club SUSAN LEHMAN — Pep Club; Paper Staff; Band MARLENE LOWE — Transfer from North¬ west High School LINDA MACKINDER - Pep Club; Band; Glee Club MARGIE MAYS — Paper Staff; FHA JOAN McGEE — Glee Club; Paper Staff JOHN MESSER - Football RAYMOND MIKELONIS - Pep Club; Science Club; FTA; Yearbook Staff JULIA MORGAN - Pep Club; Glee Club; Band Joan McGee Joan Kester % A Sue Lehman Steve Krummrey Linda Mackinder Mike Lehman Margie Mays Keith Kothe Marlene Lowe John Messer Ray Mikelonis Julia Morgan 33 STEVE MURAF - FFA; Art Club; Paper Staff; Yearbook Staff LINDA MYER — Pep Club; Science Club; Li¬ brary RANDALL MYERS — Pep Club; Spanish Club; Class Officer; Football; Paper Staff; Junior and Senior Plays; Baseball; Basket¬ ball; Varsity Club MICHAEL OTIS — FFA; Wrestling; Football; Varsity Club CINDI PATRICK — Pep Club; Junior Play; Li¬ brary; Yearbook Staff RHODA KAY PRATER - FHA LISSA PRICE — Pep Club; Spanish Club; Class Queen; Glee Club; Honor Society; Class Officer; Science Club JEANNE PUCKETT - Pep Club; Class Queen; Glee Club; Cheerleader; Paper Staff; Band; Senior Play; FHA; Library; Yearbook Staff SUSAN RACHOW - Pep Club; Glee Club; Library SUSAN RICHARDSON - Pep Club; Library JAMES RICK — Pep Club; Honor Society; Football; Junior Play; Band; Baseball; Vars¬ ity Club JERRY RISNER - FFA; Football; Baseball 34 Cindi Patrick Sue Rachow Mike Otis Jeanne Puckett Kay Prater Lissa Price Linda Myer Sue Richa r dson Jim Rick Jerry Risner 35 fl RICHARD RISNER - Class Officer; Football; Paper Staff; Basketball; Track; Varsity Club JOHN ROBINSON - Pep Club; Football; Junior Play; Band; Science Club LYNN ROWSE MARY SAMULAK — Pep Club; Junior Play; Science Club DARL SAYLOR - FFA JEFF SCHOOLER — Wrestling; Band; Foot¬ ball CAROL SCHOONOVER DUANE SCHOONOVER - FFA; FFA Offi¬ cer DIANE SCHUBERT - FHA SUSAN SCHULTZ — Transfer student from Richmond High School. Pep Club; Spanish Club; Glee Club; Honor Society; Band; Sen¬ ior Play; FTA JAMES SHEELE — FFA; Paper Staff EUNICE FAITH SHELDON - Debate; Paper Staff; Science Club; Forensics; FHA Richard Risner Dari Saylor Diane Schubert Carol Schoonover Duane Schoonover Jim Sheele Faith Sheldon Lynn Rowse Jeff Schooler Mary Samulak John Robinson Sue Schultz RON SHELDON - Wrestling DAVID SHELLENBARGER - Pep Club; Jun¬ ior Play; Band; Baseball EDWARD SIMONDS FRED SINGER — Wrestling; Pep Club; Honor Society; Football; Baseball; Junior and Senior Plays; Varsity Club; President of Honor Society RONALD STEFFEY - FFA; Football; Varsity Club; FFA Officer THOMAS STEPHENS - Pep Club; Football; Paper Staff; Junior Play; Baseball; Basket¬ ball; Track; Varsity Club RICHARD STEVENS — Football; Junior Play RUSSELL STOWE - Band; Baseball; Science Club; Boy ' s State JACK STURGILL — Spanish Club; Honor So¬ ciety; Class Officer; Football; Paper Staff; Forensics KARL THEEUWES — Transfer from Linden Community School. FFA; Band PAUL TIBBITTS - FFA; Football; Varsity Club ROBERT TRAPP — Football Ron Sheldon Ron Steffey Jack Sturgil Dave Shellenbarger Tom Stephens Ed Simonds Fred Singer Rick Stevens Russ Stowe Karl Theeuwes Paul Tibbitts Bob Trapp 39 KATHERINE WALLO — Transfer from Sa¬ line High School. Art Club; Paper Staff; Jun¬ ior Play; FHA; Library JUDY WEITLAUF - Glee Club; Band GERAL WHITAKER - FFA ; Paper Staff; Baseball; Basketball; Varsity Club SALLY WHITE - Pep Club; Glee Club; Cheerleader; Honor Society; Band; Junior and Senior Plays; Forensics; FTA DARRELL WILLIAMS - FFA ; Pep Club; Paper Staff; Queen’s Escort; Basketball; FFA Officer ROBERT WILSON - FFA; Pep Club; Foot¬ ball; Baseball; Basketball; Science Club; Track; Varsity Club ROSE WILSON — Pep Club; Debate; Foren¬ sics; FHA 40 Rose Wilson Geral Whitaker Sally White SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS SEATED President .Randy Myers STANDING: Student Council Member .Bruce Barbour Student Council Member .Tom James Student Council Member .Kay Baldwin Secretary . Lissa Price Treasurer .Kathy Jarrell Vice-President (missing) .Cindy GrossFians Judy Weitlauf Robert Wilson 41 Senior Honors jk J ■ m 1 SALLY WHITE Top Honors SALLY WHITE Betty Crocker Award DAR Award Sally had the unique honor of coveting the awards given to members of the senior class. As well as being a top student scholastically, she earned the Betty Crocker Award and the DAR Award. The class, faculty and administration are proud of Sally and her fine accomplishments. SUSAN SCHULTZ Top Honors 1969 HONOR STUDENTS 1. Sally White 2. Susan Schultz 3. Thomas James 4. James Rick 5. Margie Cosgray 6. Dennis Gibney 7. Bruce Barbour 8. Lawrence Arnett 9. Fred Singer 10. Lynn Rowse 1 1. Kay Baldwin 1 2. Michael Lehman 1 3. Lissa Price 14. Dave Clark 15. Steve Krummrey 1 5. Jack Sturgill 42 Senior Autographs ? C5N-n OJ V? A Memorial PFC. JOHN M. DONOHUE USMC 3rd Marine Division Company “E” Battalion Landing team 2 26, 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade. John died in action 16 September 1968, Quang, Tri Province, Republic of Viet¬ nam by hostile mortar fire while in defensive position. He entered the Marine Corps 6 February 1968 and completed basic training at MCRD in San Diego, California, as a member of Honor platoon 341 of the Third Battalion. His active duty awards consist of Honorable Service Certificate, Purple Heart Medal and Certificate, U.S.A. Republic of Vietnam Service Medal and Battle Star, National Defense Service Medal, and Republic of Vietnam Medal. At Camp Pendleton, California, John’s advance combat training consisted of advance infan¬ try training, jungle warfare, helicopter and amphibious instruction. He was born 4 August 1950 and attended school at Gregory and Stockbridge where he participated in band, football and FFA. He was a member of 4-H, 4-H Service Club, and St. Mary ' s Church of Pinckney, Michigan. Interment 2 October 1968 in St. Mary ' s Cemetery. Juniors Abbey, Edward Adams, Carmella Adams, Duane Allen, Debbie Arias, Esther Arnett, Debbie Arnett, Paul Asquith, Lynn Austin, Dorothy Bailey, Melvadine Basinger, Mildred Baum, Jackie Baum, James Bennett, Benny Biehn, Dan Biehn, Donna Black, Wayne Bradin, Jim Bradley, Doug Brady, Charles Brown, Sharon Byrd, Debbie Carpenter, Ted Castle, Henry Catt, Larry Caudill, Mary Ann Chrisinske, Charles Clark, Ronny Cobb, Richard Collier, Debbie Collier, Terri Collins, Jim Conley, Sherry Crockett, Linda Dancer, Lois Elam, Barb 46 Juniors Flannery, Clarinda Fletcher, Rick Ford, Tom Frayer, Beth Frazier, Louis Frinkle, Jerry Picture Not Available Glenn, Nate Glover, Barb Goodlock, Bruce Greene, William Hackworth, Larry Hannewald, Garth Harris, Mable Hart, Dorothy Hartley, Dennis Harvey, Becky Hazell, Diane Hertzler, Linda Hoffman, Bob Howard, Don Howlett, Chris Hughes, Larry Hughes, Ricky Humrick, Linda Huston, Cheryl Ibbetson, Joe Jacobs, Lori Jarrell, Dennis Jenkins, Gary Jock, Greg liilii Johnson, Jim Johnson, Karen Johnston, Sharen Kemplin, Brenda King, Archie Knott, Norman Picture Not Available Juniors Kramer, Dale Lindberg, Steve Lohrer, Brenda Lukenich, Theresa Malan, Karen Marshall, Dorwin Marshall, Lome Marshall, Orne Mcschke, Bev May, Francis Meyer, Brent Mays, Cathy Myer, Ralph Myher, Bob Oakley, Gary Otis, Chris Outwater, Craig Owen, Dave Parks, Jane Parks, Tom Petosky, Ella Porter, Tom Prater, Doug Prater, Carol McKim, Becky Messner, Maureen Mikelonis, Joe Millar, Greg Millhouse, Julia Mills, Tom Minix, Darla Moeckel, Sue Mullins, Gary Muraf, Risha Murphy, Mary Myer, Marifaith Juniors Schubert, Marty Shepard, Nancy Shiver, Pam Shortz, Kathy Singer, Pat Smith, Don Smith, Greg Stephens, Frank Stevens, Rosemary Streets, Robin Terell, Judy Thomas; Joann Prater, Karen Price, Judy Push, Janet Randolph, Kaye Reyna, Ed Rich, Linda Richmond, Judy Richmond, Warren Risner, Paul Risner, Willis Rosher, Roger Russell, Terry Topping, Judy Valenti, Mary Ward, Dee Ann Webb, David Weddon, Patrice Wetzel, Bonnie White, Cynthia Wild, Doug Wild, George Wild, William Wilson, Brad Windrim, Dawn 49 Junior Girls Raise Their Voices in Song. Juniors CLASS OFFICERS: Patrice Weddon Student Council Member Judy Topping Vice-President Hank Zeitz President Chris Howlett Student Council Member Garth Hannewald Student Council Member Terri Collier Treasurer Wright, Tresia Zeitz, Hank Zick, Ed 50 Sophomores Adams, Jennifer Adams, Larry Allen, Gary Allen, Juanita Allen, Roger Alsept, Gwen Arias, Sally Arnett, Dan Ashbaugh, Flora Bachelor, Marcia Bailey, Gary Bailey, Judy Baldwin, Mark Barker, Kim Barnett, Barb Baum, Martha Bebee, Robert Biehn, Diane Biehn, Tom Bradley, Donn Brown, Bascom Carr, Jennifer Castle, Robert Catt, Jewell Collins, Craig Conley, Gary Cowan, Sue Craft, Judy Curtis, Kathy Dancer, Coy Dancer, Melissa Duszynski, Joann Duszynski, Tom Flannery, John Fletcher, Charolett Fletcher, Debbie 52 mupm Fletcher, Ralph Flint, Howard Frayer, Sue Freiermuth, Dan Frey, Doug Frinkle, Marvin Frinkle, Ron Gibney, Pete Glover, David Gould, Jack Greene, Glenda Grosshans, Lynette Hackworth, Rita Hamlin, Bob Hartsuff, Joye Haverty, Don Hawkins, Dick Heinzman, Jim Herring, John Hertzler, Charles Hillis, Emma Hodges, Melanie Hoffman, Barb Holt, Deborah Horn, Tom Howlett, Dan James, David Jones, Thelma Kester, Fred Kilgore, Robert Krummrey, Barry Kunzelman, Kenny Lawson, Joyce Lewis, Bill Lewis, Gary Loftis, Dick Picture Not Available ■ J ' W ' t % ® 4 . .km « ' ■£ ' - 1 Loso, Rick Ludtke, Gary Marshall, Kathy McClinchey, Rod McConeghy, Dan McConeghy, Sharlene McGlothen, Glen Messer, Delmar Minix, Debbie Minix, Sharon Morgan, Rita Mosier, Gary Picture Not Available Owen, Linda Owen, Rod Page, Don Parker, Dennis Parks, Mary Porter, Helen 54 Sophomores v ’ . A Prentice, Wayne Prescott, Margie In Price, Ben Radowski, Sue K Rhines, Bill Riba, Phyllis V T W f I I ml A Him PR, - 33 V Mullins, Roger Muraf, Becky Myer, Tim Myers, Bob Nagley, Beckie Nichol, Lauri O ' Keefe, Mary Jo Osborne, Larry Osborne, Loy Osborne, Mike Ottoman, Chris Outwater, Joan V 0 ' v ' . v. Scribner, Ron Sester, Dennis Sheldon, Hope Singer, Nancy Steffey, Shirley Stephens, Judy Sophomores Richmond, Bill Richmond, Tom Rickman, Doug Rob, Becky Robu, Ted Rowley, Jim Rubert, Rebecca Rudolph, Peggy Salow, Mike Samulak, Mike Schertzing, Chris Schultz, Gary Tillie, Calvin Titus, Mary Walz, Lionel Whitehead, Dick Williams, Fordine Wilson, Dave Windrim, Renee Worden, Brenda Wright, Edna Wright, Howard Zeitz, Peggy Stephens, Pattie Stevens, Diane Stevens, Janet Stoffer, Debbie Sturgill, Mack Theeuwes, Jim 55 In Memoriam ROGER PELTON BOBBY CROCKETT The Sophomore Class experienced a double tragedy this past spring and summer. Two members of the class, Roger Pelton and Bobby Crockett, lost their lives in separate accidents. We, the Yearbook Staff and Advisor, wish to submit this Memoriam to these two boys. There is an open gate at the end of the road, Through which each must go alone, There, in a light we cannot see Our Father claims His own. Beyond the gate, our friends Find happiness and rest, And there is comfort in the thought That a loving God knows best. 56 Freshmen Freshmen Cobb, Larry Cole, Linda Cole, Rick Cole, Sharon Conley, Brian Cosgray, Sharon Crockett, Chuck Delong, Leon Denome, Mark Dixon, Cindy Fay, Kathy Feldpausch, Donna ft Bishop, Donna Black, Shirley Bloxom, Sheryl Boyd, Debbie Brooks, Edith Bruder, Rhonda Campbell, Jesse Campbell, Tom Carpenter, Judy Caskey, Jeff Cavender, Debbie Chrisinske, Dave Allen, Angela Allen, Steve Asquith, James Atwood, Barbara Bailey, Ann Baker, Elaine Baldwin, Jill Barbour, Karen Barbour, Kathy Barker, Barbara Barker, Todd Batdorff, Steve 58 Freshmen Fitch, Sandra Fitzpatrick, Rotha Fletcher, Ron Fletcher, Terry Frank, Carl Freiermuth, Debbie Frinkle, Ricky Gauss, Randy Gladstone, Margene Glenn, Cinnie Glenn, Kris Gould, Judy Grob, Keavin Hackworth, P nda Hannewald, Nancy Hartsuff, Dawn Hayes, Bill Helmick, Nancy Hill, Pat Hollister, Steve Horn, Marie Horst, Betty Howard, Connie Hughes, Tonuah Humrich, Carol James, Robert Jarrell, Jeff Jarrell, Libby Jenkins, Lynn Kintz, Penny Kothe, Greg Kothe, Karen Kramer, Mike Krummrey, Jerry Krummrey, Larry Landis, Norman 59 Freshmen Lindstrom, Spring Mackinder, Richard Marshall, Hank Marshall, Jack Marshall, Larry McAlister, Joan McAllister, Pam McConeghy, Marilyn McKune, Debbie McKune, Jim Messer, Robert Mikelonis, Tom Moffat, Perry Mote, Robin Mullins, Bonnie Mullins, Rosemary Myer, Kenneth Myers, Todd Myher, Danny Otto, Nancy Ottoman, Larry Outwater, Dan Page, Connie Parks, John i Patterson, Sharon Pena Greg Proctor, Kathi Rhines, Dawn Riba, Esther Richmond, Glenn Richmond, Robert Richmond, Ronnie Risner, Donnie Risner, Ellen Robinson, Debbie Robu, John 60 Freshmen Rudolph, Polly Salyer, Lenora Salyer, Linda Sampeer, Renee Samulak, Gloria Satela, Rosalee Young, Martha Samond, Carol Picture Not Available Slusser, Roger Smith, Kenneth Smith, Leslie Smith, Sue Snay, Cherie Southern, Phil Summers, Kitty Terrell, Cynthia Terrell, John Topping, Gary Vogel, Ruthann Ward, Jodi Saylor, Denest Schertzing, Mark Schrader, Beth Schubert, Carol Schulte, Tom Shackelford, Jan Weddon, Alex Weddon, Amy Wild, Mary Woodman, Sally Wright, Nettie Wright, Ronnie L Freshmen Dave Chrisinske 62 Mark Denome and Alex Weddon Donna Bishop, Cheri Snay, Tonuah Hughes, Kitty Summers, Ann Bailey, and Rotha Fitzpat rick. Eighth Grade Adams, Candy Adams, Ken Adams, Linda Allen, David Allen, George Allen, Larry Alsept, Steve Atwood, Donald Bailey, James Baldwin, Mary Jo Barry, Natalie Barth, Wayne Batdorff, Dawne Betzing, Diane Bowdish, Mike Bradin, Sue Bradley, Sharon Breniser, Mary Brown, Debbie Camburn, Patti Carr, Sally Castle, Chris Catt, Winna Cavender, Donna Picture Not Available | Cavender, Joe Cheek, John Churchill, Buddy Clark, Julie Clemons, Betty Clemons, Terry Cole, Woodrow Coleman, Kirk Collings, Mike Conley, Sarah Cosgray, Carlie Cowan, Allan 64 Eighth Grade Johnson, Randy Kennedy, Tommy Kilgore, Jewell King, Donald Kitley, Patricia Kowal, Kathy Craft, Robert Crisp, James Cummings, Cindy Dancer, Susan Dancer, Paul Denome, Anne Diefenthaler, Tim Duszynski, Joyce Duszynski, Tony Elam, Mike Elliott, Teressa Fitzpatrick, Wilma Holbrook, Imogean Holt, Mike Howard, Holly Howlett, Diana Ibbetson, Charlotte James, Mary Picture Not Available Gibson, Linda Gladstone, Phillip Hamlin, Connie Hayes, Charlene Helmick, Billie Hoffman, Evelyn Fletcher, Gary Fletcher, Ricky Fletcher, Sheila Freiermuth, Kay Flint, Judy Gibney, Margaret Krummrey, Harry Lawson, Tom Leatherberry, Robbi Lehman, Kathy Lewis, Bobby Lindsay, Larry Mantos, Patricia Marshall, Cindy McAlister, Larry McAllister, David J McClinchey, Cheryl McGauley, Russell Eighth Grade Messner, Roger Mikelonis, Peter Millhouse, Linda Minix, Chris Minix, Debbie Minix, Donna Mullins, Sandra Munsell, Robin Nagley, Jeff Osborne, Rick Otis, Craig Ousley, Rick Patrick, Kathy Pena, Steve Powell, Roxanne Rautiola, Sue Rhines, Richard Richmond, Bonnie Richmond, Steven Risner, Glenda Robinson, Carol Rowley, Denise Rudolph, David Salisbury, Peggy 66 Eighth Grade L -j fj ir ' At IN V i V Sal ow, Patrick Salyer, Ruth Schultz, Mark Shellenbarger, Ruth Shiver, Diana Smith, Kathy ' IfMl WA » Stanley, Donnie Stanfield, John Stech, Patty Stephens, James Stevens, Jeff Stevens, Mark Stoffer, Bobby Switzenberg, Don Thomas, Nancy Victorian, Janero Ward, Brad Webb, Judy fWi y Warn Welch, Mike Williams, Joe Whitaker, Gary Whitaker, Clyde Windrim, Rory Wright, Charlene t k t-m A Wright, DuWayne Mayer, Bruce OFFICERS Roxanne Powell. Treasurer Diana Howlett. Vice-President Patti Camburn. President Sue Bradin. Secretary Mary Jo Baldwin. Student Council Member [St. is-- m f 67 Seventh Grade Byrd, Marsha Carley, Donald Carpenter, Danny Carpenter, Jackie Carpenter, Vickie Carr, Mary Adams, Carol Adams, Gary Adams, Martha Adams, Melody Allen, Connie Allen, Denzil Allen, Dudley Allen, Linda Allen, Ronnie Arias, Marisela Bailey, Dan Barber, Peggy Castle, Christine Catt, Rachel Catt, Thelma Challender, Gene Cipta, Cindy Clark, Daniel Clark, Tim Clemons, Phyllis Coleman, Gene Collings, Mark Corwin, Tim Cosgray, Gary Bebee, Steven Biehn, Beverly Biehn, Kenneth Boyd, Jeff Bruder, George Butler, Renee ■r v • 69 Seventh Grade Fillmore, Ann Fletcher, Janet Fletcher, John Fletcher, Sherrie Fletcher, Vonetta Freiermuth, Judy Cowan, Deborah Craft, Bonnie Craft, Kathy Crockett, Neil Curton, Brenda Dancer, Amy Davis, Mark Duszynski, Jeff Elam, John Elliott, Cathy Elliott, Morris Emmons, Viola Golden, Teresa Greenamyer, Kelly Greene, Gary Gutierrez, Frank Gutierrez, Yolanda Hackworth, Terry Haines, Mathew Hannewald, Rex Hartsuff, Hope Hartsuff, Irene Hertzler, Pamela Hill, Julie Frinkle, Steven Gauss, Cathy Gibney, Mark Gibson, Rose Glenn, Becky Glover, Tom Moeckel, Roxann Morgan, Kathleen Mullins, Beverly Mullins, Richard Musbach, Pamela Myer, Doug Nott, Peggy Nott, Sherry Olson, Gary Osb orne, Karen Parker, Linda Parker, Terry Holloway, Cheryl Hoover, Delana Hoover, Phillip Howard, Deborah Hunter, Joyce Jackson, Wendell Kemplin, Howard Kintz, Dan Kowal, Diane Kramer, Steven Lake, Sheree Lathrop, Joe Malan, Andrew Manns, Martha Manns, Mary Marsha, Gary Marshall, Lucille Marshall, Magal Marz, Evamarie Marz, Kenneth Massey, Phyllis May, Christine Mays, Lori McConeghy, De 71 Seventh Grade Parks, Robert Poe, Cletis Powell, Linda Price, Danny Puckett, Curt Randolph, Clair Rautiola, Robert Reyna, Felix Riba, Reginald Richards, Robin Risner, Eddie Risner, Thomas Robu, Timothy Roepcke, Duane Rogers, Lynn Rubert, William Rudd, Earl Salyer, Mark t ! I Salyers, Linda Saylor, Robert Shiver, Charles Slusser, Kathy Snay, Barbara Smith, ‘ Kim Stanley, Ronald Stef fey, Mary Stephens, Martha Stephens, Nancy Stevens, Roger Tibbits, Jacqueline Tinlin, Keven Titus, Barry Townsend, Janice Triplett, Sandy Van Slambrook, Don Walz, Charles 72 Seventh Grade Ward, Jim West, Melanie Whitaker, Juanita White, Barbara Wilcox, Thomas Wild, Roger Wireman, Deborah Witt, Dale Workman, Joe Wright, Jacqueline Yerks, Bethany CLASS OFFICERS Diane Kowal. Student Council Member Becky Glenn. Secretary Linda Powell . Treasurer Rex Hannewald. President Jeff Boyd. ' . Vice-President 73 National Honor Society FRONT ROW: Kay Baldwin, Fred Singer, Mrs. Thornbury, Dennis Gibney, Sally White. STANDING: Jim Rick, Dave Clark, Linda Duszynski, Lissa Price, Mike Lehman, Steve Krummrey, Tom James, Lawrence Arnett, Margie Cosgray, Bruce Barbour. Sue Schultz was absent when picture was taken. Admission to the National Honor Society is the greatest honor that can come to a high school student. It stands for excellence of achievement not only in one field, but also in every field of endeavor. Scholarship alone will not admit a student to the National Honor Society. To scholarship must be added Service, Leader¬ ship, and Character. A student may, therefore, make the highest grades and still not be admitted to the Na¬ tional Honor Society if he does nothing for his school or if he shows traits of character that are undesirable. These students who have attained this high standard and who have been chosen by the faculty to become members deserve the highest praise and congratulations for their excellent record while in high school. Seventeen new members were inducted this year. They are: Lynn Rowse, Patrice Weddon, Chris Howlett, 76 Dorothy Austin, Clarinda Flannery, Mary Ann Caudill, Greg Millar, Garth Hannewald, Larry Hackworth, Joe Mikelonis, Lois Dancer, Elizabeth Frayer, Barbara Glover, Bruce Goodlock, Diane Hazell, Don Smith, Judy Topping. Advisory Committee The Advisory Committee is made up of four rep¬ resentatives of the faculty and the principal. Their purpose is to discuss school problems and try to find solutions for them. Usually this committee meets in advance to the teachers meetings to help prepare suggestions for the agenda. From left to right: Mr. Charles Coleman, Mrs. Nella O Brien, Mr. Robert Barry, and Mr. Edwin Ramsdell. Mr. Howlett was absent when picture was taken. Assembly Committee The Assembly Committee plans a year in ad¬ vance all the assemblies for the following year. They usually have four each year, given for both Junior and Senior High. This year we were fortu¬ nate to have had five assemblies scheduled. SEATED: Chris Glenn, Kay Baldwin, Mrs. Gauss. STANDING: Donald Hanne- wald, Mr. Driscoll, Chris Howlett, Mr. Boyd. 77 Junior High Chorus fp FIRST ROW: Joe Workman, Tom Risner, Phyllis Clemons, Lynn Rogers, Charlotte Ibbetson, Linda Salyers, Robert Rautiola, Reggie Riba, Mark Salyers. SECOND ROW: Dawn Batdorff, Pat Camburn, Diana Howlett, Carol Adams, Glenda Risner, Connie Hamlin, Debbie Brown, Natalie Barry, Anne Denome, Patty Stech. THIRD ROW: Robbie Leatherberry, Patti Kitley, Kathy Kowal, Mary Breniser, Roxanne Powell, Melanie West, Linda Allen, Jackie Tibbitts, Peggy Salisbury, Kaye Freiermuth, Ruth Salyer. FOURTH ROW: Cheryl Holloway, Holly Howard, Cindy Cummings, Beverly Biehn, Kathy Smith, Debbie Minix, Lori Mays, Peggy Nott, Amy Dancer, Wilma Fitzpatrick, Bonnie Richmond, Joyce Duszynski. FIFTH ROW: Diane Kowal, Sue Rautiola, Debbie Wireman, Donna Cavender, Carol Robin¬ son, Charlene Wright, Rose Gibson, Pam Hertzler, Linda Adams, Beverly Mullins, Cheryl McClinchey, Christine May. SIXTH ROW: Sue Dancer, Mary Jo Bald¬ win, Kathy Lehman, Sue Bradin, Margaret Gibney, Barb Snay, Betty Clemens, Juanita Whitaker, Cathy Gauss, Linda Millhouse, Sharon Bradly, Sandra Mullins, Joyce Hunter. SEVENTH ROW: Julie Hill, Melody Adams, Debbie Howard, Theresa Elliot, Mary Carr, Pam Mushbach, Vickie Carpentar, Debbie Cowan, Lucille Marshall, Carlie Cosgray, Jackie Carpenter, Judy Freiermuth, Marsha Byrd, Viola Emmons, Miss Pryor. EIGHTH ROW: Ann Fillmore, Sheree Lake, Bonnie Craft, Hope Hartsuff, Linda Parker, Janice Townsend, Philip Gladstone, Tim Corwan, Beth Yerks, Martha Manns, Julie Clark, Mary Manns, Eva Marz, Delana Hoover. 78 FIRST ROW: Becky Powell, Janero Victorian, Bruce Mayer, Richard Mullins, Becky Glenn, Cathy Morgan, Rory Windrim, George Bruder, Kelly Greenamyer. SECOND ROW: Tim Corwan, Allen Cowan, Marcia Byrd, Christine Castle, Pam Hertzler, Pat Salow, Lynn Rogers, Roxanne Powell, Linda Millhouse, Kevin Tinian, Roger Wild, Donnie VanSlambrook, Eva Marie Marz. THIRD ROW: Joyce Hunter, Irene Hartsuff, Connie Allen, Robin Richard, Joe Workman, John Stanfield, Kathy Elliot, Sharon Fletcher, Janet Fletcher, Patty Kitley, Donna Minix, Pam Musbach, Phyllis Massey. FOURTH ROW: Hope Hartsuff, Rex Hannewald, Mark Salyers, Curt Puckett, Denzil Allen, Linda Parker, Peggy Barber, Martha Stephens, Ann Fillmore, Kathy Lehman, Mary Steffey, Joe Lathrop. FIFTH ROW: Jeff Nagley, Jim Stevens, Buddy Churchill, Tim Workman, Chuck Welch, Matt Haynes, Tommy Glover, Donnie Carley, Timmy Robu. SIXTH ROW: Beverly Bi ehn, Karen Osborne, Teresa Golden, Cheryl Holloway, Barbie White, Sherrie Lake. SEVENTH ROW: Brad Ward, Tom Risner, Steve BeBee, Reggie Ryba, Robin Munsel, Clyde Whitaker. Junior High Band Girls’ DIRECTOR: MISS STEPHENS FRONT ROW TONUAH HUGHES KATHY PROCTER KAREN BARBOUR ROSEMARY STEVENS MARIFAITH MYER JILL BALDWIN SUE RACHOW JUDY GOULD MELISSA DANCER KAREN PRATER JUDY TOPPING LINDA MACKINDER SHERYL BLOXOM JOYE HARTSUFF FAYE CAMP KATHY BARBOUR BECKY NAGLEY WANDA ALLEN NANCY HANNEWALD CINNIE GLENN NANCY OTTO MIDDLE ROW JOAN BOYCE KAY BALDWIN DAWN HARTSUFF LOIS DANCER JEANNE PUCKETT PHYLLIS RIBA LORI JACOBS DEBBIE COLLIER JANET PUSH KAYE RANDOLPH JOAN KESTER CINDY GROSSHANS SALLY WHITE TERRI COLLIER LINDA HUMRICH pam McAllister DIANE HAZELL ROBIN STREETS DEBBIE BOYD BARB GLOVER RITA MORGAN MISS STEPHENS BACK ROW SHIRLEY BLACK MARY ANN CAUDILL DOROTHY AUSTIN DIANE STEVENS BETH FRAYER KATHY JARRELL ANGELA ALLEN SUE FRAYER YVONNE HARDT LYNETTE GROSSHANS CLARINDA FLANNERY LINDA HERTZLER LISSA PRICE KATHY FLETCHER KAREN MALAN NANCY SHEPARD JUDY FREER MARCIA BACHELOR MARY HARTSUFF SUSAN SCHULTZ ESTER RIBA DEBBIE STOFFER BRENDA LOHRER LAURI NICHOL Pres. - KATHY JARRELL Treas. - DAWN HARTSUFF Sec. - MARCIA BACHELOR absent when picture was taken: Vice - BARB GLOVER The Glee Club spends four days of the week learning the fun¬ damentals of music and singing. They have taken part in the Thanksgiving Assembly and gave a Christmas Concert. Each year they work extremely hard getting ready for the Choral Festival in April. In the spring they give another concert. If possible they attend a musical in one of the larger cities. Glee Club ACCOMPANISTS SALLY WHITE DIANE HAZEL YVONNE HARDT SUE FRAYER DEBBIE STOFFER LYNETTE GROSSHANS DAWN HARTSUFF KATHY BARBOUR KAREN BARBOUR NANCY HANNEWALD CINNIE GLENN CINDY GROSSHANS KAY BALDWIN OFFICERS 81 ■ wm in mii i ii iiiii wmmmmmwm Varsity Band i ■ m 1 SHHHHi FIRST ROW: Linda Duszynski, Cheryl Bloxon, Rose Stevens, Mary Hartsuff, Lynette Grosshans, Joann Boyce, Barb Glover, Faye Camp. SECOND ROW: Wanda Allen, Julia Morgan, Karen Prater, Shirley Steffey, Becky Muraf, Russ Stowe, Becky Nagley, Joye Hartsuff, Steve Batdorff, Kathy Jarrell, Jody Ward, Cinnie Glenn, Peggy Zeitz, Jeanne Puckett, Kathy Curtis, Linda Mackinder. THIRD ROW: Mary Valenti, Bev Maschke, Mary Titus, Carolyn Cowan, Kay Baldwin, Hope Hartsuff, Marvin Frinkle, Norman Landis, Rita Morgan, Janet Push, Barry Krummrey, Phyllis Riba, Marifaith Myers, Sally White, Yvonne Hardt, Ben Price, John Robu, Linda Owen, Eddy Abbey, John Robinson. FOURTH ROW: Tom Campbell, Bruce Goodlock, Chris Glenn, Flora Ashbaugh, Sue Schultz, Jeff Schooler, Mark Hartsuff, Dennis Hartley, Jim Theeuwes, Bob Foster, Mr. Van Sluyter, Brent Mayer, Wayne Prentiss, Dave Shellenbarger, Jeff Caskey, Norman Knott, Cindy Grosshans, Bruce Barbour, Mike Lehman. 83 Junior Varsity Band FIRST ROW: Betty Horst, Tom Biehn, Diana Howlett, Holly Howard, Patty Mantos, Nancy Hannewald, Jill Baldwin, Margie Gladstone. SECOND ROW: Ruth Shellenbarger, Joe Cavender, Tim Diefenthaler, Amy Weddon, Carol Humrich, Mary Jo Baldwin, Tony Duszynski, Glenn Richmond, Tom Lawson, Wayne Barth, Dick Rhines, John Cheek, Mary Breniser, Dawn Batdorff, Leslie Smith, Pam McAllister. THIRD ROW: Carlie Cosgray, Denise Rowley, Alex Weddon, Mike Collings, Patty Steck, Mary Wild, Gary Topping, Dawn Rhines, Dave McAllister, Ester Riba, Debbie Boyd, Susan Dancer, Patty Camburn, Kay Freiermuth, Kathy Procter. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Otto, Paul Dancer, Charles Hertzler, Joe William, Mr. Van Sluyters. The Junior Varsity Band has also been working under the direction of Mr. Van Sluyters this year. They played in the concert and are working hard for a position in the senior band — some next year and others in the years to come. 84 Pep Band m " ■ ' ioS .... „„ Mm TOP ROW: Gary Whitaker, Jeff Schooler, John Robinson, Jim Theeuwes, Flora Ashbaugh, Chris Glenn, Nancy Otto. THIRD ROW: John Cheek, Esther Riba, Mark Denome, Alex Weddon, Dawn Hartsuff, Denise Mullins, Marvin Frinkle, Mary Jo Baldwin. SECOND ROW: Steve Batdorff, Bill Rhines, Tony Duszynski, Nancy Hannewald, Margene Gladstone, Jill Baldwin, Debbie Boyd, Linda Owen. FIRST ROW: Bob Foster, Linda Duszynski, Betty Horst, Jodi Ward, Wanda Allen, Julia Morgan. The 1968-69 pep band was an idea as¬ sembled by Mr. Van Sluyters. The band was composed of band members willing to donate their time and effort. The main purpose of this band was to play at pep meetings to help pro¬ mote school spirit. BAND IN ACTION 85 Future Teachers FIRST ROW: Terri Collier, Martha Young, Carol Prater, Ray Mikelonis, Gary Schultz, Debbie Holt, Marcia Bachelor, Janet Push. SECOND ROW: Rhonda Bruder, Jill Baldwin, Sue Radowski, Debbie Boyd, Cheryl Bloxom, Kathy Barbour, Mary Titus, Tom Duszynski, Phyllis Riba. THIRD ROW: Karen Barbour, Cinnie Glenn, Kay Baldwin, Nancy Hannewald, Sheri Cole. FOURTH ROW: Bruce Barbour, Sally White, Mrs. Homann, Nancy Singer, Lynette Grosshans. Under the supervison of Mrs. Homann, the F.T.A. members have been quite busy. One of their projects is selling paperback books to the students, and another is working with the elementary teachers. This year they have adopted a new constitution based on a point system, which enables the members to earn a F.T.A. pin. 86 BOOK RACK Future Homemakers SEATED: Dorothy Austin, Eleanor Craft, Mrs. Fox, Carolyn Cowan, Maureen Messner. FIRST ROW: Judy Bailey, Bonnie Mullins, Jayne Parks, Donna Feldpauch, Mary Valenti, Donna Bishop, Cherie Snay, Beth Schrader, Rotha Fitzpatrick. SECOND ROW: Gloria Samulak, Judy Bailey, Edith Brooks, Marie Horn, Becky Muraf, Chris Ottoman, Dawn Rhines, Kitty Summers, Rose Wilson, Dorothy Hart. THIRD ROW: Faith Sheldon, Barb Hoffman, Kathy Fletcher, Bonnie Wetzel, Linda Hertzler, Sue Smith, Sally Woodman, Ann Bailey, Karen Kothe, Connie Howard. The Future Homemakers of Ameri¬ ca had a busy Christmas season bak¬ ing cookies for the local boys ove r¬ seas. They made gifts and prepared a Christmas dinner for a needy family. To raise money for these projects the members sold fruit cakes, and hot dogs and cakes. Plans are being made to send three girls to the State FHA Convention in Kalamazoo in the spring. CHRISTMAS PROJECT: Gifts for a needy family. 87 Future Farmers FRONT ROW: George Wild, Mike Salow, Mr. Cronkhite, Duane Schoonover, Bill Wild. SECOND ROW: Robert Richmond, Ralph Fletcher Bill Greene H h Bar rn r Ah S nry u n hl ?, head ' Lionel Walz, Mike Samulak, Glen Olson, Rick Cole, Donnie Risner, Anthony jenkms. THIRD ROW- Larry Hughes, Garth FfannewaId, Doug Brad ey Roger Allen, Steve Hollister, Dan Freirmuth, Mack Sturgill, Jim Baum, Dennis Saylor, David Webb, Dan Out wa er. FOURTH ROW: Rick Hughes, R,ck Fletcher, Bob Hoffman, Jerry Frinkle, Bill Haines, Carl Frank, Dick Hawk,ns, John Terrell, Ron Fletcher Paul Tib¬ betts, Greg Kothe, Ron Clark. Each year there are over a half a million boys in America who belong to the Future Farmers of Ameri¬ ca. These members are learning to become better agricultural businessmen, better citizens, and better leaders in their communities. Through the FFA activities boys gam practical experience while they study courses in farming. They also develop leadership and learn to cooperate with others. The official motto of the FFA expresses its entire program: ‘Learning to do, Doing to learn; Earning to live, Living to serve.’’ 88 Student Council DON HANNEWALD PRESENTS MR. BOYD WITH A CHRISTMAS GIFT. The Student Council is a very active group. They worked on many projects this year. The projects included moving all the class pictures of former graduates to the new building; contributing to the Nancy McKim Collins Memorial Fund; having an exchange day with Perry, and updating the dress code. One of the biggest projects was establishing a Stu¬ dent Court. They also sponsored a raffle of a tur¬ key at Thanksgiving. SEATED: Tom James, Don Hannewald, Mr. Boyd , Bruce Barbour, Kay Baldwin. STANDING: Kris Glenn, Marcia Bachelor, Garth Hannewald, Kathy Kowal, Chris Hewlett, Mary Jo Baldwin, Fred Kester, John Robu, Patrice Weddon. 89 Due to a snow storm the foren¬ sic team was unable to partici¬ pate in the Regional Forensic Contest. The team did perform for several English classes here at Stockbridge. The team was divid¬ ed into groups of orations, decla¬ mations, humorous and multiple readings. Roger Pelton was also an active member of this team. Forensics SEATED: Lynette Grosshans, Nancy Singer, Coach Mrs. Anderson, Diane Hazell, Rose Wilson. STAND¬ ING: Dorothy Hart, Patrice Weddon, Faith Sheldon. Debate This year ' s debate topic was Resolved: That the government should adopt a program of com¬ pulsory military service for all cit¬ izens. Although the team does not belong to a league, they have traveled to Chelsea and Leslie for debates. More debates are being planned for the spring contests. SEATED: Faith Shelton, Rose Wilson, Dorothy Hart, Coach Mrs. Anderson, Jenny Carr, Mary Titus. 90 Library Club BACK ROW: Linda Hertzler, Darla Minix, Carol Prater, Thelma Jones, Bonnie Wetzel, Theresa Wright, Jeanne Puckett, Sue Rachow, Miss Stephens. FRONT ROW: Robin Streets, Carolyn Cowan, Judy Bailey, Rosemary Stevens, Kathy Shortz, Sharon Brown, Mrs. Ramsdell. The librarians are chosen by Miss Ste¬ phens each fall. These sixteen girls make up a Library Club. Two of their duties are helping students with research work and checking out books. Under the direction of Miss Stephens and Mrs. Ramsdell the library remains a quiet place for students to study. STEVE KRUMMREY USES LIBRARY FACILITIES. 91 Spanish Club : iW i H ' J M FIRST ROW: Sharon Cole, Patrice Weddon, Mrs. Homann, Advisor. Sheryl Bloxom, Jim Theeuwes. SE COND ROW: Barbara Atwood, Karen Barbour, Rhonda Bruder, Donna Bishop, Spring Lindstrom. THIRD ROW: Gary Topping, Tom Duszynski, Donna Feldpausch, Kathy Barbour, Mary Titus, Jill Baldwin, Marvin Frinkle, Ruth Ann Vogel. FOURTH ROW: Debbie Boyd, Diane Hazell, Dorothy Austin, Ann Bailey, Sally Wood¬ man, Kathy Fay, and Nancy Helmick. OFFICERS: President — Susan Schultz 1st Vice — Rhonda Bruder 2nd Vice — Sheryl Bloxom 3rd Vice — Diane Hazell Secretary — Jim Theeuwes Treasurer — Sharon Cole The Spanish Club has had several bake sales and hot dog sales. This fall they had a Box Social and dance. At Christmastime they held a party at the Smith Elementary School. Mexican food such as enchi¬ ladas, tacos and tostados was served. A Pinata ended the party. Members may work for a pin by earning points which may accumulate from year to year. A cer¬ tain number of points is given for projects. In the spring there will be an installation ceremony for newly elected officers. Pins will also be awarded to those who have enough points. 92 Science Club LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Lehman, Tom James, Jack Gould, Cindy Dixon, David Glover, Mark Denome, Mrs. Noble, Tom Mikelonis, Steve Batdorff, Charles Hertzler, Alex Weddon. ABSENT: Ray Mikelonis. Science Club Officers are: President — Ray Mikelonis Vice-Pres. — Tom James Secretary — Steve Krummrey Treasurer — Mike Lehman Advisor — Mrs. Noble For the most part the club has been work¬ ing on individual projects. They are hoping to go on some field trips including a visit to the University of Michigan’s Observatory. TOM JAMES HELPS STRAIGHTEN THE LAB. Panther f P J j ■1 Activities Homecoming Miss Linda Wright, 1 968 Queen Linda gives the crown to Mary. The Queen has the crown. The Queen leaving the field. Homecoming 1 968 was a night to remember. The spirit began to rise high at the end of the school day when the student body assembled in the new gym for a pep assembly. A rousing game of football be¬ tween the Varsity and J.V. Cheerleaders and four members of the football team took place. The annual parade started at 6:1 5 and the band, cheerleaders, queens, and escorts were out in all their glory. After a parade around the field at half time, the queens, and escorts were announced. The freshmen were presented the best float and trophy award. On the field the team took over to present the fans with a hard-fought game which ended with the score Stockbridge 7 and Perry 33. 96 Theme: Cartoon Characters Miss Linda Crockett, Junior Queen Miss Jeanne Puckett and Miss Mary Hartsuff, Senior Queens Miss Peggy Zeitz, Sophomore Queen Miss Libby Jarrell, Freshman Queen Freshman s queen accepts the trophy. Freshman Class has the winning float. 97 Varsity Club Attractive tattoos — Bill Bailey 98 Sponsors “The Laugh In” Exciting chorus line of Varsity Club members; Dan Wilson, Frank Dusyinski, Chuck Wisman, Tom Ste¬ phens, Jack Marshall, and Ron Mead. Sophomore Daisies; Mar¬ yann Caudill, Pat Weddon, Robin Streets, Debbie Col¬ lier, Kaye Randolph, Rin Flannery, Sherri Conley, Becky McKim, and Lori Ja¬ cobs. Local band " The Concussion " ' to entertain 99 Junior Play ‘Ask Any Girl, " a comedy in three acts was written by Winfred Wolfe. Meg, is a pert attractive girl of twenty, filled with the All American desire to move to New York, have a career, and find a handsome and wealthy husband — all of which she does. We had the misfortune of the weather not cooperating with us on play nights. Despite the bad snow storm the turnout was good and the profits were satisfactory. We would like to thank Mrs. Osterman, for her patience and faith in us, and her fine directing ability. Also a special thanks to Tom James and Mike Chrisinske for their help in Student Directing. MRS. OSTERMAN BACK ROW: Bill Bailey, Mary Hartsuff, Cindi Leatherberry, Cindy Groosshans, Joan Kester, Jim Rick, Yvonne Hardt, Fred Singer, Sally White, Dennis Gib- ney. FRONT ROW: Nancy Cowan, Joan Boyce, Kay Baldwin, Jeanne Puckett, Judy Collings, Kathy Wallo. 100 “Ask Any Girl” Sally, Dennis The leading lady: Sally Fred, Sally Judy, Kay, Fred, Yvonne Mary, Bruce, Joann, Bill Jim, Cindi, Joan, Cindy Mary, Jeanne, Judy, Kay, Joann, Sally, Fred Senior Play FIRST ROW: Larry Cobb, Jeanne Puckett, Dennis Gibney, Sally White, Don Hannewald. SECOND ROW: Sue Schultz, Keith Kothe, Randy Myers, Yvonne Hardt, Jan Carpenter, Judy Collings, Mary Hartsuff, Cindy Grosshans. SYNOPSIS: Everyone in town is excited about Larry Benson re¬ turning home since he had been reported missing in ac¬ tion three years ago. He is expected at any minute and people are drop¬ ping in with messages and gifts. The reunion-to-be is not all joyful because his father had left the family to shift for themselves. However, he returns when he hears that his son is coming home. The young soldier who comes is a stranger but he amazes everyone by his knowledge of his home sur¬ roundings. After all the build-up of tension the moment of truth brings the play to a climax. The family realizes that in his own mind he truly believes he is their son. Mr. Myers and Mr. Ramsdell did a fine job directing the play. 102 ADVERTISING MUST BE DONE The Death And Life Of Larry Bensen " WHY, I DON ' T KNOW THAT BOY! " " WHY CAN ' T I STAY HERE? " HELLO BUD ' " WHAT ABOUT YOU? YOU ' RE A STRANGER IN THIS ROOM! " 103 Prom The Junior Class very cleverly and skillfully decorated the gym in the " Wizard of Oz " theme. The many guests danced to the music of the Al Knoll Quartet. Several eighth grade girls served refreshments throughout the evening. A delightful evening was had by those attending. Off To The AL KNOLL QUARTET Fred Grosshans and Julie Millhouse follow " THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD " DANCING: Phil Brooks and Linda Crockett DINING IN THE ENCHANTED FOREST THE MUNCHKINS — 8th grade girls Wendell Jarrell and Diana Frinkel visit the EMERALD CITY THE TIN MAN guarded this area 104 THE TABLE IS READY MASTERS OF CEREMONIES John Flannery and Roger Pelton The Latin Banquet Under the direction of Mrs. Bogart the Latin classes presented their biannual banquet. Chicken was the main course of the typical Roman Feast enjoyed by the classes and their guests. For the program each class gave a skit and the alumni sang “Auld Lang Syne.” THE WINE CEREMONY Rick Stevens, Bruce Goodlock, Chris Collier, Tom James A TOKEN OF OUR AFFECTION Clarinda Flannery, Mrs. Bogart, Patrice Weddon THE NEWLY WED GAME Edward Abbey, Clarinda Flannery, Charles Brady, Beth Frayer 105 Phil spent many months in the Ann Arbor Medical Center after an accident that left him seriously injured. The students wanted to go all out to help Phil, so the Varsity Club sold cushions to raise money for a television set; and the Senior Class held a chicken-bar-b-que and dance to raise money to help defray medi¬ cal costs. In October, friends and family planned a surprise birthday party. ■ Tennis Dave Owen, Steve Lindberg, John Curtis, Jerry Kunzleman, Dennis Owen, Ed Zick, Chuck Wisman, Coach Laurie. WE THEY 0 Howell 5 0 Waverly 5 1 Holt 4 2 Waverly 3 1 Ypsi Roosevelt 5 0 Holt 5 0 Okemos 5 1 Ypsi Roosevelt 4 108 John Curtis, Jerry Kunzleman Chuck Wisman, Dennis Owen Track FRONT ROW: Rod Owen, Richard Risner, Dennis Parker, Phil Harris, Ben Bennett, Lynn Asquith, David Wilson. BACK ROW: Brent Mayer, Dan Howl- ett, Dan Wilson, Paul Arnett, Bill Bailey, Tom Stephens, Barry Krummery, Coach Hora. WE THEY 60 Leslie 57 40 Northwest 78 33 Chelsea 85 35 Dansville 84 25 Boys Training School 89 42 Williamston 41 1 2 48 Ann Arbor Univ. High 71 48 Pinckney 26 37 Napoleon 81 PHIL HARRIS RICHARD RISNER, ROD OWEN BILL BAILEY 109 Varsity FRONT ROW-. Jim Hanson, Brian Boyce, Jim Rick, Mike Chrisinke, Fred Singer, Dave Shellenbarger, Chris Howlett, Russ Stephens, Coach Driscoll. BACK ROW: Ron Mead, Don Howard, Chris Collier, Mike Conley, Chuck Chrisinske, Bob Price, Jack Hamlin, Bruce Barbour. SCORES Dexter Williamston Dansville Pinckney Fowlerville Williamston Dansville Dexter Pinckney Leslie Leslie Fowlerville Chelsea THEY 2 8 7 4 5 4 0 10 1 6 5 3 6 RUSS STEPHENS Baseball Jack Hamlin and Russ Stephens were All County selections. Hamlin was named for pitching and Ste¬ phens for outfield. Though this year was not a very successful one for the Varsity, they are hoping for a better one next year with the new recruits from the Junior Var- Coach Driscoll with Co-Captains, Jim Hanson and Mike Conley MIKE CONLEY JACK HAMLIN J.V. Baseball IH V- ' f». I. . ' • s -svV’ 4 ' - ' •. Sri ?», ia T- u y-v FRONT ROW: Rick Hughes, Ron Frinkle, Bill Rhines, Gary Mosier, Bill Lewis, Mark Baldwin, Gary Schultz. SECOND ROW: Bob Myers, Bruce Goodlock, Pat Singer, Norm Knott, Archie King, Ted Carpenter, Gary Ludtke. THIRD ROW: Coach Brown, Duane Adams, Jerry Frinkle, Ben Price, Orne Marshall, John Flannery, Willis Risner, Lome Marshall, Doug Bradley, Ted Robu. SCORES Dexter WE 5 THEY 3 Williamston 2 4 Dexter 3 9 Dansville 6 2 Pinkney 7 2 Leslie 13 11 Fowlerville 4 5 Williamston 8 5 Dansville 1 0 Pinkney 9 6 Chelsea 19 7 Leslie 16 12 Webberville 12 4 Webberville 18 0 Fowlerville 9 5 This year the Junior Varsity had a new coach, Mr. Brown. Under his guidance they were victorious twelve out of fifteen games. The team had two exceptional batters, Jerry Frink- el and Howard Wright, both batting 1000. The strong infield consisted of many freshmen who will be returning next year. 112 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders TOP: Peggy Zeitz, Shirely Steffey, Flora Ashbaugh. BOTTOM: Carol Humrich, Sue Frayer, Becky Rob. Junior High Cheerleaders TOP: Mary Breniser, Charlene Wright, Debbie Brown. BOTTOM: Diane Howlett, Dawn Batdorff, Sue Bradin. 113 Jeanne Puckett, Kay Baldwin, Rin Flannery, Sally White, Mary Ann Caudill, Mary Hartsuff (senior) (senior) (senior) senior The Varsity Cheerleaders worked hard last summer collecting pop bottles. This campaign raised enough money to buy essential items, such as pompons and cheer¬ leading jackets. The girls felt that the season was a complete success. Interception SEATED: George Wild, Ralph Myer, Richard Risner, Tom Stephens, Rick Hartsuff, Fred Singer, Randy Myers, Bruce Goodlock. STANDING: Mr. Driscoll, Mr. Boyd, Henry Castle, Craig Outwater, Don Howard, Garth Hannewald, Doug Bradley, Bruce Barbour, Paul Tibbits, Brad Wilson, Ed Zick, Chris Howlett, Dan Wilson, Willis Risner, Jeff Boyd, Randy Johnson. Missing when picture was taken: Benny Bennet, Jim Rick, Roger Rosher, Bob Trapp, Captain, Dan Biehn, Ron Steffey. Kick-Off Touchdown Cheer WE THEY 7 Chelsea 19 13 Pinckney 13 9 Dansville 31 0 Fowlerville 32 7 Williamston 13 7 Perry 33 0 Leslie 7 12 South Lyon 41 Varsity i FRONT ROW: Tom Stephens, Bob Trapp, Fred Singer, Dan Wilson, Robert Hoffman, Brad Wilson, Ron Steffey. BACK ROW: Chris Howleft, Bruce Barbour, Bob Vogel. 117 The Starting Offensive Line Thinking Football Coming Through . . . Junior Varsity Football FRONT ROW: Mike Salow, Loy Osborne, Gary Lewis, Tom Biehn, John Flannery, Dan Howlett, Gary Ludtke, Bill Lewis, Bob Myers. SECOND ROW: Mr. Hora, Ron Wright, David Wilson, Mack Sturgill, Robert Kilgore, Jesse Campbell, Tom Horn, Ben Price, Dave Chrisinske, Mr. Passink. THIRD ROW: Tom Schulte, Craig Pena, Dan Outwater, Richard Mackinder, John Terrell, Bill Rhines, Kenneth Myer, Jim T ' heuwees, Tom Campbell, Pete Gibney. BACK ROW: Larry Osborne, Rod Owen, Rick Loso, Robert Messer, Carl Frank, Perry Moffat, John Robu, Bob James, Bill Hayes. Absent when picture was taken: Dave James and Bob Bebee. I The Stockbridge Junior Varsity wrapped up their first undisput¬ ed league championship in over eight years. The only blemish on the Panthers ' record was an opening game loss to Chelsea ' s J.V.s. They finished with a 6-0 league mark and a 6-1 overall. The J.V. s deserve a lot of credit for coming through with a fine season. It was teamwork in every game that gave them their fine record. We hope they will continue with their good attitude and spirit in the years to come when they play the varsity teams. Scores . WE THEY Chelsea 7 13 Pinckney 31 0 Dansville 28 0 Fowlerville 26 6 Williamston 7 0 Perry 25 13 Leslie 20 7 118 Wrestling KNEELING: John Brown, Robert Kilgore, Mike Otis, Don Howlett, Brad Wilson, Rick Fletcher, Rick Loso, Pete Gibney, Jeff Schooler, Pat Singer, Howard Flint, Bascom Brown. STANDING: Marty Schubert, Ben Price, Dave Wilson, Bruce Goodlock, Ralph Myer, Paul Tibbitts, Coach Myer, Gary Schultz, Jim Theeuwes, Dennis Parker, Rod McClinchey, Ken Myer, Marvin Frinkle. MATMEN Mike Otis — Pete Gibney John Brown — Bascom Brown 3rad Wilson — Dan Howlett 119 FRONT ROW: Bill Lewis, Chris Howlett, Richard Risner, Bruce Barbour, Don Howard, Russ Stowe. BACK ROW: Mr. Hora, Ed Zick, Geral Whitaker, Jesse Camp¬ bell, Chuck Chrisinski, Dan Wilson, Tom Mills. WE THEY 62 Dexter 48 67 Pinckney 50 70 Dansville 60 55 Chelsea 60 68 Fowlerville 60 57 Dexter 60 55 Brighton 58 71 Livonia Churchill 55 73 Williamston 80 67 Perry 80 72 Leslie 75 57 Pinckney 41 67 Dansville 47 76 Fowlerville 53 55 Williamston 63 85 Perry 89 70 South Lyon 49 -61 Leslie 72 k (K „„ ' 4 JBBl rA 1 120 J.V. Basketball Bob Myers, Gary Allen, John Flannery, Craig Collins, Don Smith, Coach Brown, Gary Ludtke, Dave Chrisinski, Fred Kester, Rod Owen, Tom Campbell. WINS -15 LOSSES - 2 Freshman Basketball Coach Passink, FIRST ROW: Alex Weddon, Ricky Frinkle, Todd Myers, Gary Topping, Larry Cobb. SECOND ROW: Tom Campbell, Mike Kramer, Ted Robu, Jeff Jarrell, Jan Shackelford. THIRD ROW: Glenn Richmond, Norman Landis, Jeff Caskey, John Terrell, Dave Chrisinski, Steve Batdorff. WINS - 8 LOSSES - 3 122 Junior High Basketball SEVENTH GRADE TEAM: KNEELING: Doug Myer, Jeff Boyd, Jim Ward, Steve Kramer. STANDING: Matt Haines, Tim Robu, Gary Olson, Gary Cosgray, Joe Lathrop, Drew Malan, Tom Glover, Dennis McConeghy, Curt Puckett, Gary Adams, Mr. White. EIGHTH GRADE TEAM: Mike Collings, Tom Kennedy, Tim Diefenthaler, George Allen, Paul Dancer, Donny King, Bob Lewis, Chris Castle, Rogin Munsell, Buddy Churchill, Joe Williams, Brad Ward, John Cheek, Allan Cowan, Matt Haines, Coach White. 123 Varsity Club FRONT ROW: Howard Flint, Mike LeFiman, Phil Hairis, Garth Hannewald, Randy Myers. SECOND ROW: Mike Otis, Brent Mayer, Dojg Bradley, Mike Chris- inske, Paul Tibbits, George Wild, Robert Kilgore, Dave Wilson, Don Hannewald. THIRD ROW: Ralph Myer, Tom Stephens, Dan Howlett, Brad Wilson, Chuck Chrisinske, Dan Wilson, Ed Zick, Chris Howlett, Bruce Barbour, Richard Risner. Under the guidance of Mr. Boyd the Varsity Club has the following purposes: 1. Create a good fellowship among varsity athletes. 2. Promote a high standard of athletics. 3. Promote a good feeling between the school and varsity letter-winners. 4. Create better sportsmanship in games and everyday living. Compliments CASKEY’S of the MUNITH LIONS CLUB Funeral Home and Furniture BEST WISHES SENIORS LEE’S EGG HATCHERY Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-2755 Stockbridge, Michigan HOWLETT’S HARDWARE Gregory and Stockbridge Frigidaire Appliances Siegler Heater Simplicity Lawn Tools 126 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Homelite Chain Saws Allis-Chalmers and New Idea Farm Equipment L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY KNOWN WHEREVER THERE ARE SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES “Jewelry’s Finest Craftsmen’’ Class Rings, Pins, Commencement Announcements and Personal Cards, Diplomas, Trophies and Medals CENTRAL MICHIGAN DIVISION 807 Seventeenth St. Jackson, Michigan 49203 Telephone: 517-784-3904 BROWN’S DRUG STORE Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-2572 Hy-Flash and Bulk Delivery HAROLD MARZ Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-2955 FELPAUSCH FOOD CENTER 1001 S. Clinton Stockbridge, Michigan STOCKBRIDGE STATE BANK V ' mum uk ; Gregory Branch Gregory, Michigan Phone 498-2070 60 YEARS OF BANKING 128 Best Wishes Class of ' 69 Compliments of KAYWOOD PRODUCTS CORP. DIEFENTHALER FARMS Jackson, Michigan Gregory, Michigan ROEPCKE AGENCY Congratulations, Seniors Insurance Service 4488-M 52 Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-4481 PATTERSON BROTHERS SPADAFORE’S SWEET SHOP Best Wishes, Seniors HEROLD W. LUDTKE LIFE INSURANCE Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-3125 Phone 498-2793 Gregory, Michigan SILVEUS EXCAVATING PRESCOTT’S LOCKER SERVICE Phone 787-0075 Munith, Michigan Phone 851-3215 Stockbridge, Michigan 129 DICK GILMORE Phone 436-4193 DICK’S DAIRY FARM SERVICE DELAVAL SALES AND SERVICE Napoleon Michigan Best Wishes Class of ' 69 Shoes and Dry Goods Gifts and Toys ROB’S DEPARTMENT STORE Gregory, Michigan Phone 498-2683 M M COAL COMPANY COAL DELIVERY Phone 851-2047 or 498-2866 Stockbridge, Michigan TELEVISION AND RADIO SERVICE WE’RE KNOWN FOR TV KNOW-HOW PORTER’S TV Phone 351-381 7 Stockbridge, Michigan Best Wishes SCHAIBLE’S LAUNDROMAT Stockbridge, Michigan FRAN’S DRESS SHOP Ladies Ready to Wear 1 40 South Clinton St. Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-3520 30 WHY? . . . PHOTOGRAPHY AT ITS BEST AT . . . THE H. A. POWELL STUDIOS BECAUSE THE PERSONNEL IS THE BEST A profit-sharing organization. Insurance programs are provided. A Five day work week. A good place to work. A good place to buy. Five locations in Michigan and Ohio DAYTON DETROIT ‘TOLEDO KALAMAZOO LIVONIA Ford — Mercury — Falcon — Sales and Service — Call — Stockbridge 851-4715 BOB’S FORD, INC. 1 009 S. Clinton Stockbridge Best Wishes from the BEST WISHES PANTHER QUEEN WENDELL A. BARBER SON Ice Cream Products 410 N. Main Street Stockbridge, Michigan i Stockbridge, Michigan 851-2325 F. M. LINDQUIST, D.V.M. S.A.A.I. Stockbridge, Michigan Ambulance service provided for all high school football games by the S.A.A.I. ! If ' Congratulations, Seniors i STOCKBRIDGE ELEVATOR PATRICK’S SERVICE Feed and Seed Fertilizer and Chemicals i Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-2245 Stockbridge, Michigan Compliments of D C STORES INC. HOME OFFICE Stockbridge, Michigan Throughout Michigan SOUTHERN BOY TAKE-OUT Phone 851-4213 Stockbridge, Michigan | 132 Congratulations to the Class of 1 969 DANCER’S DEPT. STORE SIDNEY A. BECKWITH, M.D. IN MICHIGAN Stockbridge, Michigan Good luck, Seniors PATRONS GORDON’S BARBER SHOP Farmer’s Elevator — Gregory 1 Breniser’s Garage — Gregory Clark Nottingham — Stockbridge Bradshaw’s Grocery — Stockbridge Congratulations Graduates “The Bank Where You Feel at Home” FARMER’S STATE BANK A FRIEND Munith, Michigan Member of FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Compliments of Best Wishes NORTH LAKE STORE COLLINS CONSTRUCTION SCOTT AND JANE FREEMAN Chelsea, Michigan Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-7176 133 Congratulations Seniors Compliments of ABBOTT AGENCY ROSS TANK Real Estate and Insurance Fuel and Gasoline Tanks — Any Size WENDELL ABBOTT MARJORIE ABBOTT RONALD FILLMORE Phone 596-2987 1 Munith, Michigan 49259 Phone 851-7777 Stockbridge, Michigan i CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS BOOS PRODUCTS KRUMMREY FARMS Gregory, Michigan Stockbridge Michigan i . Compliments of TfirfCoitfn (tui£B i j FRINKEL HARDWARE 1 16 N. Main St. Munith, Michigan “YOUR HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER” PLUMBING AND HEATING BOTTLED GAS i 1 The Stockbridge Panthers and CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS the Graduates of ’69 FITCHBURG GENERAL ( STORE y GOOD LUCK SENIORS Fitchburg, Michigan | 134 J Compliments of AL’S MARATHON UNADILLA STORE Munith, Michigan HAROLD AND LILLIAN BATES Unadilla, Michigan Best of Luck, Seniors Best Wishes Class of ’69 MARGUERITE’S RESTAURANT H. E. MUNSELL SONS Groceries, Meats Drugs, Dry Goods Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-4865 Phone 498-2643 Gregory, Michigan GARNETT’S BEAUTY SHOP Compliments of 9640 Huttenlocker Rd. Munith, Michigan 596-2954 BRIGG’S HEATING COOLING Stockbridge, Michigan Owner - GARNETT PUCKETT 851-2631 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Congratulations Graduates MUNITH BARBER SHOP L A GROCERY BILL REYNOLDS Munith, Michigan 135 Compliments of POST 510 LEGIONAIRES AND LEGIONETTES .. $• £ ' 3 ? • « ■-%. Stockbridge Michigan H F SALES SERVICE Munith, Michigan Phone 596-2255 Congratulations Seniors Best Wishes Seniors! DORIS DONOHUE’S GREGORY BEAUTY SALON Gregory, Michigan I . CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS A. FRIEND K D KITLEY COMPLETE SANITATION SERVICE GARY AND WENDELL GEE Specialty — Melons Stockbridge, Michigan Phones: Jackson 787-0152 Stockbridge 565-2129 Phone 296-2186 or 596-2273 Munith Michigan CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS RAMSDELL RE AL ESTATE Stockbridge, Michigan Phones 851-2675 or 851-7480 MARSHALL EQUIPMENT JOHN DEERE SALES Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-4650 Compliments of JUNE HONAKER BEAUTY SHOPPE Stockbridge, Michigan Compliments of Your Friendly Harvester Dealer C. G. LANTIS AND SONS Stockbridge, Michigan D D BOWLING LANES Stockbridge, Michigan GARNETT’S FLOWER SHOP AND GREENHOUSE GARDNER AND JEANETTE OTTO 4905 E. Main Street Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851 -371 5 BEST WISHES to the class of 69 WILLOW CREEK GOLF COURSE Stockbridge Michigan 137 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS RURAL TELEPHONE COMPANY Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-2100 Compliments of PRICE BROTHERS AUCTIONEERS RANCK’S GREEN MEADOWS INC. 406 West Main Years of Experience Stockbridge, Michigan 851-7700 FARM SALES A SPECIALTY Phone 851-2127 Stockbridge, Michigan JACK AND HELGA RANCK Compliments of LYNN AND VICKIE VERL BALDWIN SONS Phone 851-4745 Stockbridge Stockbridge, Michigan Phone 851-2300 138 l m C. W. GLENN AND SONS Chevrolet and Buick Dealers SALES AND SERVICE Phone 851-3225 Stockbridge, Michigan Without the cooperation and contributions of our advertisers it would be virtually impossi¬ ble, financially, to publish the Panther Year¬ book. Their loyal support year after year is appre¬ ciated. Our sincere thanks go to each of them. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES To the Seniors of 1 969 HICKORY RIDGE FARM DAIRY N. S. TOPPING J. G. TOPPING 139 I With a sigh of relief the yearbook staff can look back on the year of hard work that it took to prepare the 1 969 Panther. Only the people who have worked on the staff know the work that goes into a book of this kind. It takes a great deal of diligence, patience, time, planning, and understanding to work on the many details involved. Every picture, name and writing has to be put on a rough draft and then proofread before being made into final triplicate copy. It is a rewarding experience to receive the printed copy. We sincerely hope we have captured many lasting memories for you. i STANDING: Ray Mikelonis, Lynette Grosshans, Darla Minix, Linda Crockett, Carolyn Cowan, Steve Krummrey, Judy Codings. SEATED: Margie Cosgray, Mrs. Cassidy, Advisor, Diane Hazel, Faye Camp, Jeanne Puckett. Yearbook Staff ' O j 3! 5 X7 ,3 ; M (

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